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No. 1769476

If you’re new, please make sure you read https://lolcow.farm/info and https://lolcow.farm/rules before posting!

Last Thread: >>>/snow/1743708

The Basic Rundown:
>Jonny craig has a well-documented history of drug abuse and physical/sexual abuse towards his exes. pretty much any woman he comes into contact with, he influences in an overwhelmingly negative way
>before his relationship with Sydney England, he had a toxic and drug-fueled relationship with and helped with the downfall of pettuber & fellow cow Taylor Nicole Dean - jonny is her so-called abuser, though it sounds like they were equally toxic in their own ways
>after Taylor was forced into rehab, Jonny made it seem like they were going to be back together ASAP. as soon as Taylor broke up with him in rehab, he got with Sydney and started bragging about her, then got her pregnant immediately.
>enter SYD, Aka sydsosmall/minnieskins. overdramatic groupie clout chaser who got pregnant with jonny’s heroin baby because she was feeling “old” & felt her biological clock ticking… totally mentally stable choice
>since syd gave birth there has been a steady stream of milky shit/stupid drama, warranting her and jonny their own thread, though now they’ve separated, so their threads becoming separate may be inevitable. until then…
>Goiter continues his delusional behavior. Cheating on Layna before love bombing her back into submission.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l/?hl=en
Twitch: https://twitchtracker.com/thepearlboy4l/clips
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/minnieskins/?hl=en
"Art" Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/skinniemins/?hl=en
OF: https://onlyfans.com/lilthiccghost
Instagram: https://instagram.com/wigglewip?igshid=NmNmNjAwNzg=
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lazybani?lang=en

Old Milk:
Can be found in previous thread comment (body text limit hit)

New Milk:
>Goiter continues to prove he's completely void of nuance or self-awareness. Continues to pose like a Dollar Store sports wear model >>1721599
>More proof provided via the comments on one of goiters latest interviews >>1725361
>Goiter poses on instagram with what looks like rent >>1727864
>Goiter and Layna have fights and break up like they have the mental capacity of a wooden spoon. Vague posting begins >>1728833
>Goiter flexes a bunch of other bands crowds as his own at a popular emo night >>1730002
>Goiter talking the big man >>1731409 after starting beef with a well known cow.
>Goiter takes a bath in shit, puke and piss. >>1731427
>Copies and pastes a photo of his son to virtue signal >>1731868
>Goiter and Layna break up finally >>1732084 Layna spills milk >>1732109
>5 mins later, Goiter has love bombed Layna back into submission after cheating, and drags her to his moms house.
>Schizo-chan continues on their tirade of personally invested vitriolic shit which no one is interested in.
>Goiter talk incoherently about his choild >>1739432
>Goiter shows his age by being a bitter broke old man and hitting out at others doing exactly what he'd be doing if he had the chance. >>1741447
>No new news regarding his pending felony charge for child endangerment except that he's doing parenting classes so virtue signal that he's doing about 1% of a normal parents role.
>Ex band mate of Jonny follows Layna post breakup, sparking questions >>1749641
>Layna confirms schizo poster to be Syd >>1754625
>Syd retaliates with a slew of harassment >>1757057 >>1757058 >>1757068 >>1757097 >>1757098
>Confirmation Layna still cams >>1758416
>JC on a misogyny arc post break up >>1760131 >>1764476 >>1764854 >>1765999 >>1768017
>Anons find Layna has a role in JC's server, assuming they are back together in private >>1766301
>Retarded schizophrenic spamming of camwhoring ensues.
>JC tattoos his sons name on his face instead of being a decent father and person >>1766818
>JC buys a piece of shit car with his vast riches >>1768200 >>1769210

Previous Threads:
1-17 can be found in previous thread comment (body text limit hit)
18: >>>/snow/1677115
19: >>>/snow/1720005
20: >>>/snow/1743708

No. 1769482

Thanks for the new thread nonnie.

Just wait for the retards who don't make threads to pop up to tell you know you should of made the thread.

Last thread was also only like 20% Goiter material. Hopefully Syd has found some bubbles to play with. kek.

No. 1769484

it's my first one hopefully it's alright

No. 1769486

NTA but you did good. If anyone complains just try to ignore them. Nice thread pic too!

No. 1769494

Kek nice thread nonnie. Got a chuckle out of me

No. 1769498

thank you nonny, you did a great job

No. 1769513

Girl stop reposting old milk. we don’t need to see her butthole for the hundredth time especially if it’s in previous threads jfc. You’re so obsessed with her butthole you should be a shayfag.

No. 1769515

sniff….hmmm….I can almost taste it my dear…..yes….just…sniff….a little whiff more if you please….(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1769520

find god

No. 1769524

File: 1676565803991.jpeg (123.86 KB, 671x641, 836E42F4-78A2-4C25-B2A6-A4E08F…)

Reminder kekkk

No. 1769525

Syd your level of obsession is worthy of a deep psychological study with peer review. Before being published in the academic journal "Being a retard online for dummies"

No. 1769529

I hope when Layna gets a new man, Syd bombards him with asshole photos, ruining any future happiness Layna could have.

No. 1769530

JC sure attracts some weird schizophrenic people. >>1769525

Kek why do you hate this dumb camwhore so much? Are you her ex boyfriend or something?

No. 1769532

Samefag I wonder if JC’s new girl would get this much hate Kek. Syd is truly terrifying. itd be funny if she was a Mexican mom too just for the weird Mexican mom-chan.

No. 1769533

>Are you her ex boyfriend or something?
KEK. Wouldn’t touch the bitch with a 10 foot pole. Jonny was above of her league, don’t know what he was doing with the ugly nobody.

No. 1769537

>Jonny is above her league
girl are you really saying Jonny is a prize kek? Are you skid?

No. 1769538

>whiteknighting syd and Jonny
>vehement butthole posting
>skid is so much prettier than Layna hurr durr (last thread)

sus af

No. 1769541

>Implying Syd wasn't also an ugly nobody

No. 1769544

The irony is goiter poisoned her baby, abused and injected women with heroin…. Layna at most has been a stock boring cam girl.

Love that Syd thinks Layna is the one who deserves dragged through the streets. Not the rapey, junkie, pedo, scamming, baby poisoner.

Jonny could yeet storm into a river and Syd would still go after Layna for breathing.

No. 1769547

I never WK Skid in my life. They’re both below JC tbh.

No. 1769548

Schizochan… I need you to open your eyes and realize Jonny is below both of them in reality kek

No. 1769549

It’s prob that guy she flaked in for goiter he used to post on here

No. 1769551

Do you ever stop and think for 3 seconds? Addiction is a disease. It probably eats at JC every moment of his life that he selfishly put drugs before his child, and has since changed his life for the better. He’s more well spoken than he’s ever been, and the worst he did to that boring Layna was dm girls prettier than her. Boo boo.

No. 1769553

Ahh yes, the creepy, rapey, pedo, scene-junkie who scams his fans, sexually abuses women, drinks, gets arrested and pumped fent into his babies veins…. yeah you're totally right, so much above her league.


No. 1769554

Lol like a abusive, fat, dead beat dad, washed up has been is above anyone I don’t think so. He’s ugly scum inside and out. He should try to spend time with his son instead of lurk this thread

No. 1769555

Well spoken?? Do you smell burnt toast? His ebonics trap gibberish is so incoherent that nobody even knows what he's saying any more.

No. 1769556

Samefagging to add I’m not talking about his retarded instagram speak, but any interviews he’s done recently you can tell he’s really changed.

No. 1769557

Do you ever stop and think for 3 seconds that you are a complete fucking retard?

I'll run over your family drunk in my car and then demand sympathy because I'm an ex addict and now well spoken?

Staggering retardation levels.

No. 1769558

No. 1769559

kek nonnie my sides. Stop wking this faggot. I really can’t wait for you to slip up and reveal who you are… unless…

jonny has been posting this whole time wking himself and posting Layna’s butthole pics..

No. 1769561

Jesus titty fucking christ.

Is this how people think these days?

No. 1769562

Kek it would match his recent misogynistic kick, bitter the camgirl wouldn't let you cheat on her and have your baby momma bully her? Who would willingly participate in his retarded life.

No. 1769563

It’s a joke kekk but it’s interesting that you’re wking this moid so hard when Syd and Layna are above him in their own ways.

No. 1769565

Kek for real. I wonder what friend of JC this is. Or better yet if it isnt Syd, what fangirl who wants this piss-smelling man? Jealous that Layna and Skid are prettier than her and got picked over her?

No. 1769567

If it was a fangirl I doubt they'd be WK Skid like this, they would be calling both of them dumb ugly bitches.

No. 1769569

imo Syd is on the same level as Jonny, she let Jonny poison her CHIOLD and clearly still simps for him. shit mother, shit people overall

No. 1769570

Jesus Christ no one is jealous of those crusty bitches. He’s coming back sober for the first time ever and they can’t stand that the only reason they were picked in the first place is because he was so drugged out he couldn’t even see straight. Not his WK but this is reality for anyone with a brain.

No. 1769571

Kek whatever it is it makes sense with the recent shit and butthole posting to try and ruin the thread because we have a JC Stan here and wants to derail any convo about him. We should ignore the butthole / JC WK.

No. 1769574

Is this thread just all teenaged twitter fags? I can't even read the infighting as fast as it's getting posted. The people responding to the schizo are just as retarded as the schizo at this point. Congrats on contributing to the petulant infighting, it's a lot better when you just don't give the attention hungry faggot the attention they're fiending for, but I guess that ship sailed.

No. 1769575

His new girlfriend will be the hottest one yet since he picked her sober. These sad cunts will be sorry.

No. 1769577

From this point ignore the retarded JC white knight kek. She/he is a lost cause. Report all their posts because she/he is purposely trying to derail the thread with bait.

No. 1769580

It's a joke you think he's a good person cus he sounded nice in an interview? What's the joke?

No. 1769581

The thought of you keeping this photo in your “favorites” folder next to pictures of your cHiOlD is wild. I bet your son is absolutely terrified of you.
Though I’m sure you’re so happy you’re back in the thread, skidney.

No. 1769582

a troll is hardcore baiting them and they’re falling for it so hard kek. who’s the actual retard here?

No. 1769583

Supposedly all Syd needs to do is sound nice in and interview and all her sins will be forgotten kek.

No. 1769585

My bad anon. Replied to the wrong person.

No. 1769587


Do you hear yourself? haha shut the fuck up

No. 1769589

Tbh I don’t think it’s Skyd rn. I think it’s a male fanboy posting >>>/meta/53102 to derail on purpose. Just report schizochans posts.

No. 1769590

Kek. Technically she talks about/posts Laynas butt hole more than she speaks to her own child. And simps the man who almost killed her child.

It's a wild wild world kek.

No. 1769591

I’m the JC “whiteknight” (I’m not wking) and no I’m not the same anon that posted the nasty bitches asshole. You know there’s multiple people that think Layna is a nasty bitch right? And it’s possible we are in the thread at the same time?

No. 1769592

They think they are causing global chaos, but it's just a few posts on lolcow. Sorta like Goiter thinking his career matters, when actually it's just auto-tuned runs over royalty-free trap loops.

No. 1769594

And how is JC not a nasty bitch? You can read the threads nonny kek

No. 1769596

Sure he was but everyone is capable of change

No. 1769598

He’s not going to fuck you

No. 1769600

Maybe he already has ;)(;))

No. 1769601

Thanks for giving us more info to figure out who you are, schizochan.

No. 1769604

Its funny that, as much as she “despises” this site she has warped it into a tool to collect arguments for custody, stalk the shit out of Layna’s asshole, and self post terrible selfies to stay relevant. Shes learned how to post and pan evade as well. Skid does not deserve custody. She deserves a straight jacket and no wifi. Its so pathetic, she needs to touch grass.
If only we could see the full scope of her obsession… imagine how many non-related people shes stalked and obsessed over since 18. All this energy and none left over to fox her eyebrows or take meds.

No. 1769607

are you the one that keeps tagging the wrong posts? i see it all the time in JC threads. you have 30min to delete your post and fix it.

No. 1769615

I noticed someone keeps doing that too and it’s annoying as fuck.

No. 1769619

I’m so sorry

No. 1769640

Wasn't he just as sober when he started dating Layna as he is now? Kinda ruins that whole sperg about getting the hottest one yet. I know its just bait, but its bad bait thats not even accurate except for Skid.

I hope you got tested and are going to therapy to learn to love yourself more, anon.

No. 1769642

I think one of the 9 women he's texting is getting a big head about it and stumbled her way onto these threads kek. Or maybe he's giving Athena another shot.

No. 1769646

>9 women he's texting
Genuinely tragic if there are that many willing to get with Big Boy Pimpins stunted (both mentally and physically), flabby ass. I'd sooner kill myself.

No. 1769648

Keek. Sure Jan. You will be his most hottest girlfriend in the whole universe. I believe in you.

No. 1769649

Kek I wonder if they fell for his lies. It’s so funny watching her/them WK him so hard when he will leave every single one behind in the dust after he fucks.

No. 1769650

Just look at his instagram comments. He seems to have quite a few willing participants.

No. 1769651

>”look honey I’m defending you from the evil lolcow farmers!!! I’m a good girlfriend right?”
> JC in the middle of texting another girl, then about to start dozing off on drugs or his own stench wat?

No. 1769653

Well, I wont feel bad for them when he does what he always does.

No. 1769657

Maybe he'll do a better job at hiding this one.

No. 1769658

Whoever she is isn’t good at hiding herself kek.

No. 1769659

I doubt it. And I doubt she'd be trying to hide too.

No. 1769661

I'm already obsessed with NewSyd- another raging bpd internet drama queen who talks shit online all day and thinks she's going to race off into the sunset with this fat little has-been. It's annoying right now but if she sticks this is going to be milkier than OldSyd.

No. 1769662

When they’re with big boy pimpus they won’t want to hide they’d love to show him off, kek we even have one in here fighting for her life for him even though he wouldn’t do the same for her.

No. 1769666

Samefag, and she already fucked up because all things get revealed eventually. She just showcased how psycho and retarded she is KEK.

No. 1769667

Exactly, which I don't know why you'd want to show that off but then again I'm not broken enough to want to get with someone like Jonny in the first place.

I'm not convinced the sperg is a new girl, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't hope so.

No. 1769695

what does the new girl thinks of goiter still calling layna her bitch on discord?

No. 1769702

You're probably the only person on the entire planet that gives a shit.

No. 1769754

File: 1676580453977.jpeg (102.77 KB, 576x576, BF54568D-78D6-42A5-B2F4-CE8360…)

No. 1769782

Surprising since he seems to get rejected a lot too kek hence the posts about “bitches with filters” etc etc. Even layna said he was being turned down by other women. Which is so funny and pathetic to me.

No. 1769786

Male whores just cast their net to 100's of women because that's where all of their self esteem comes from. Some women take the bait and some reject.

No. 1769792

Kek still fighting for your life here huh

No. 1769793

NTA donno if you tagged the wrong post but that anon is correct.

No. 1769796

Didn’t tag wrong. Clearly some Goiter Stans would care.

No. 1769799

Probably just one. maybe, and thats a big maybe 2. Unless the brain damaged girls thirsting for BBP are here and in that case there are better looking abusive junkies they can go after since they're into that.

No. 1769800

*thirsting for BBP on IG

No. 1769847

Skid is legitimately insane

No. 1769864

File: 1676590754143.jpg (51.14 KB, 700x700, cutelilretardedslug.jpg)

lelayna caldwell exact hemorrhoid location kekkity kek kek kek keeekk

No. 1769878

kek. imagine, syd and goiter in a room, no wifi for 24 hours. they'd end up like apes flinging shit.

No. 1769885


i wonder if your friends knows your standards are lower than the mariana trench. defo the type to give Weinstein "the benifit of the doubt". kek. Moral compass spinning faster than your grandmother in her grave. Goiter is a smelly junkie scene-pedo, always will be. No matter how many "nice" interviews he does gaslighting all yall retards into a frenzy of moral posturing on lolcow. kekkaroni pizza get the fuck out

No. 1769887

even Mao got pussy

No. 1769900

File: 1676593897380.jpg (105.83 KB, 575x575, Untitled.jpg)

No. 1769903

Almost 100 replies in and not a single one of them is anything other than cancerous infighting spam. i guess all the real farmers are gone. I’ll miss being able to share my stupid JC edits with someone, rip JC thread!

No. 1769922

I don't disagree but please for the love of God stop Reddit spacing everything you post. You're supposed to blend in we're anonymous.

No. 1769931


No. 1769970

Kek. Poetry.

No. 1769995

And not Dove soap my friends, we would never.

No. 1770034

File: 1676605561444.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1284x1731, 9266D1E0-FB23-40E8-BD09-5FBAD7…)

jonny’s ex room mate/chauffeur got the crappy “u fail me” tattoo covered up

No. 1770043

KEK, that’s actually too funny they had a falling out… JC really can’t keep friends can he.

No. 1770046

What was their falling out

No. 1770062

Who knows. Probably some trailer trash shit like they swapped turbo aids with the same woman.

No. 1770083

File: 1676613824688.jpeg (621.57 KB, 1170x1175, A87609F4-B7AA-4346-8339-3E40C3…)

Kek she’s really moving through the DGD singers ain’t she. Groupie hoes all the same.

No. 1770150

Ew, disappointing of Kurt Travis. He was the “good guy” for dgd fans since Tilian and Jonny are both gross. I guess he likes random fans? Unless she’s been talking to him about Jonny “being a toxic relationship” for her or something. That’s how the men in this scene are I guess.

No. 1770157

Samefag, this OT but reminds me of that Smolgirlmikaela person who was planning to sleep with Kurt after Tilian I believe, another groupie whore. The fans in this scene are so retarded and have low standards…(derailing)

No. 1770161

Rumor is that Mikaela did hook up with Kurt a while before Tilian but idk because so many rumors were going around about everyone at that time. And she joked that Tim’s “grieving brother” was her next target kek. That chick is a huge cow

No. 1770178

Kek Sydney, mikaela and Layna all have that retarded alt white basic girl look. It’s funny that all these band cows love those type of women for some reason.

No. 1770192

I know! I thought Kurt was chill. I'm seeing a trend here. People really wish to become colostomy sacks for ex-DGD members cum?

Goiter (ex-DGD) - Syd
Ian (worked with DGD) - Syd
Goiter (ex-DGD - Layna
Kurt Travis (ex-DGD) - Layna

No. 1770232

Sorry if its spoon-feeding but is the u fail me tattoo any relation to goiter? Seems like all his pics with goiter are still up on his page?

No. 1770263

I thought it was supposed to be some music collab they were working on but could be wrong.

No. 1770305

How are you surprised? Like if they were ever once friends with Jonny spoiler alert: they’re probably not a good person.
I’m not sure why your fan worship makes you think that you know these people or what their intentions are but I can near guarantee that if they have ever associated with Jonny they’ve turned a blind eye to his bullshit at some point. Jonny didn’t just wake up as a bad guy one day. Turning a blind eye and not holding other men accountable is culpability.

No. 1770321

File: 1676651913155.jpeg (303.82 KB, 828x954, 1B1FE073-5AD3-450C-BB4B-96445D…)

Kurt Travis has gf. any of you would know that if you took less than 3 seconds to look at his page. you’re all going after syd for being crazy but your acting just like her
>he liked her selfie??? omgggg he’s must be dating her!!! what a monster!
seriously get a grip

No. 1770325

I like Kurt, but you really give these scene-bois way too much benefit of the doubt. They all be sneaky if they got the chance. The list is endless of examples.

No. 1770334

never said he’s not cheating. I said using him like liking laynas selfie as proof he’s dating/flirting with her is being just as crazy as the cows you’re making fun of. it’s hilariously ironic. not that any amount of logical will sway you keek.

No. 1770340

I think what the nonnies mean is that there is a little irony that she's moving onto the next DGD singer, and he's reciprocating. It's not proof of anything, but speaks to a pattern. Just relax man.

No. 1770378

we all know this, it was already posted on last thread.
also having a gf/bf never stopped anybody.

No. 1770382

Out of all goiter ex Layna seems the most nice and Kurt seems the nicest DGD singer. Is it weird this makes sense to me.

No. 1770386

He's certainly not nice if he actually is flirting with Layna and has a gf. Not that liking a picture is flirting, just saying if something was actually going on, I wouldn't call him a nice guy.

No. 1770413

I agree with >>1770386
Even just following her is weird. I don’t trust Kurt in this tbh. I think he let everyone being against Tilian and Goiter for their allegations get to his head or something. It’s retarded too that he’s clearly liking her selfies because it shows he’s interested in groupie whores

No. 1770427

One of the drummers in Kurts bands, Joseph Arrington got kicked out (or “left the industry permanently”) midtour last fall.he deleted all social media too.
Blog but I ranted about this in the confessions thread today about the skeeze and doing more reading into it, the drummer was major creep to me, but to a lot of young fans while being married with kids.
Just goes to show you, they are all greasy creeps just waiting to be caught for shit like hitting on instagram fans.
Dont trust any of em.

No. 1770430

Moid musicians are all the exact same and there aren't exceptions just because they appear ""nice"".

No. 1770434

Exactly, don't know if he was ever outted for this and I have no proof anyway so take with a grain of salt but even Skid's favorite Anthony Green is guilty of being a cheater. This was a while ago and he may have been on drugs but thats still no excuse

No. 1770435

Kek I clicked on her last.fm profile on her link tree and she's a bigger Kurt stan than goiter, she listens to all of Kurts bands religiously. Guess you aren't speshul JC.

No. 1770437

He's still probably just seething though haha. "Fuckin KURT!!"

No. 1770505

How in the world did this get redtexted but this >>1769507 butthole spam of the same image for the 100th time did not.

No. 1770511

Wtf Im usually on mods’ side of things but you’re right nonny. Guess mods like seeing Layna’s butthole too.

No. 1770512

I'm no WK but that's just bizarre.

No. 1770533

The fuck is so special about the dumb bitch

No. 1770537

JC has been unusually quiet lately. Relapse?

No. 1770551

she’s a camwhore kek

No. 1770552

Not like anyone but farmers knows that though.

No. 1770863

Who knows if Dillion and JC had a falling out, he's about to drop a solo track featuring Jonny, and was on one of Jonnys new tracks but anything could have happened. Kekkekkek derail derail you're all so fucking cringe.

No. 1770889

File: 1676714293235.jpeg (874.84 KB, 1170x2289, 24C145DF-56A8-4799-95E4-F7A225…)

Trouble in paradise with Skid and her bf?

No. 1770916

File: 1676722089785.jpeg (430.89 KB, 828x1426, 7A6842D2-0819-4946-B075-72472C…)

Love how this idiot posted his whole car plate of his shitty car.. hope someone key it, break his mirror and thrash it when they see it around their neighbourhood

No. 1770920

Holy shit haha is this true? I know she cheated on him with a vans manager but didn't know about the HIV…

No. 1770923

LOL no fent was pumped into a baby's veins you need to calm down. That's some psychopath shit. Jonny is just a irresponsible dumbass and smoked in the room near him

No. 1770927

Hopefully. Her karma is overdue

No. 1770928

>it’s okay guys he was just being silly lol endangering a child

No. 1770936

How does he have an Utah plate instead of California?

No. 1770971

He probably bought it off someone and this is a pic from the listing is my guess. Pretty rude to put someone's plate out there but I could be wrong.

No. 1771003

Utah emissions are much more relaxed than California emission requirements. That’s probably why it needs a bunch of work. Probably can’t pass smog. I’d be surprised if he ever registers that shit kek

No. 1771038

There is no consistency. They ban for mexican mom jokes but leave up buttholes, cowtipping, doxxing and telling people to kill themselves. Change your IP and move on.

No. 1771044

it's called hyperbole (exageration for effect). Relax.

No. 1771052

Sometimes mods don’t see what’s going on unless you report the post. And also not everything is red texted.

No. 1771090

It's his new side piece in the thread defending him again kek.

No. 1771124

>Kekkekkek derail derail you're all so fucking cringe.

First part of the comment was informative, you ruined it with this part though.

No. 1771128

because some of these are against the rules and some of them aren’t, it’s easy.

No. 1771351

If the unhinged posting in this thread doesn't stop, we're going to put this thread on autosage. It's clogging up the report queue and wasting moderation time.

No. 1771354

Cool so people are reporting rule violations but mods are just ignoring them.

No. 1771356

Nothing is being ignored. Bans don't always come with redtext. Farmhands don't go into every single thread, so if you see people breaking rules please report and state the rule they're breaking in the report. We are going through every single one, don't worry.

No. 1771357

Word thanks for clarifying.

No. 1771358

File: 1676770917098.png (167.06 KB, 535x459, F33BBEA8-D565-4477-AEAF-AB0CA9…)

No. 1771360

Is that real?

No. 1771362

Yes kek

No. 1771398

kek nona are u blind?

No. 1771478

I doubt he even has a driver's license tbh

No. 1771577

He does Not have a license that’s why he had Dillon riding his dick for so long being his Uber driver until Dillon stopped giving goiter what he wanted. Ufm tat covered up cause goiter and gang ganged up on dillon

No. 1771632

wow i cant believe goiter was hot once upon a time..addiction is such a shame

No. 1771645

nona…love yourself
I say this because I had a bff with a ginger-man fetish and they always were stinky weird manchildren. must be the bullying
I will say fuck men hit the wall hard. can't we give them the wall? people shilling leo and george clooney as hot also get the wall
not alogging I promise, just hypothesizing a better future

No. 1771682

Kek nonny really? I won’t judge others’ tastes but he really does look bloated and gross there too

No. 1771687

Samefag I’m so retarded I’m dying of laughter now bc I didn’t realize hes in a fur suit kek. Love JC edit nonny

No. 1771703

File: 1676808946226.png (1.59 MB, 1080x1813, Screenshot_20230219-043403~2.p…)

My pussy is throbbing

No. 1771726

I had a stroke trying to read this. Good job nonny

No. 1771746

File: 1676814560215.jpeg (217.88 KB, 1170x2080, 8D8FDB10-9621-4D76-B0D2-7E7DF9…)

does he think this is in any way attractive or appealing kek

No. 1771750

Grandpa bod

No. 1771800

Every time I see him shirtless I am reassured all these women have to have such self hatred
and low self esteem to flirt… let alone touch him. Hes ugly, gross, and smells like cat piss with a personality to match.
All these women need to respect their pussies more and hold higher expectations for dating. Washed up and aging terribly, yuck

No. 1771817

Couldn't agree more, anon.
I know mullets are the style right now but god damn he should have left that one alone. Hes white trash though so I guess its fitting in that regard.

No. 1771825

It’s giving white trash turbo aids.
Glad to see he got a haircut that matches his 1999 bucket.

No. 1771862

He looks like bacteria

No. 1771875

File: 1676828626264.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1057x1888, B455CD9B-B9F8-41DE-B4B3-902203…)

JC stays posting gross “thirst traps” to reel in more women with low self esteem instead of spending time with his son who now lives in Sacramento. Sad.

No. 1771877

Syd is so hideous

No. 1771882

She looks great

No. 1771898

She looks like mr potato head here. The angel bites aren't doing her any favors.

Sad Jonny only uses his son to try to look like he's a decent guy now but it ends at social media posts.

No. 1771900

He dumped the mom yet again, he'll never be a good father or person. This was his chance at redemption and he completely blew it

No. 1771909

I never expected anything better from him, but he and his white knights love to insist hes "sober and changed". This proves at least the latter isnt true.

Heres a tip Goiter: Even if you're sober, it doesn't mean that much and wont last unless you're actively working on yourself and becoming a better person. Usually with a professional. I have absolutely 0 hope of you ever taking that advice though so I'll continue to watch you be an embarrassing piece of shit.

No. 1771969

As much as Sydney is a horrible person, at least she seems to spend a lot more time with their kid lately? Idk I dont follow her but I have to give her a tiny bit of credit for seeming to be semi present and not having many major BPD meltdowns lately

No. 1771977

She lives with Storm now.

No. 1771978

Now I'm on *drugs

No. 1772023

This made me kek

No. 1772083

I agree. They way he speaks proves he's a thinly polished turd. A father posting stuff like that is cringe.

No. 1772282

Gee I can’t imagine who posted this. Classic guilt trip from an obsessed manipulator

No. 1772327

Nta but maybe you guys should peruse every thread/page wether you’re a fan or not. I report dumb shit on threads I don’t follow that pops up all the time it takes no effort.

No. 1772331

Tbh skidzo is cringe as fuck but I agree at least she’s trying to be a mom for storm, idk what Jon is doing.

No. 1772353

Buying shit cars and breaking even doing tiny venues with his butt buddy.

No. 1772453

Jeeeeeesus christ, he just looks so dirty. Like he’s in a fast food bathroom washing up real quick because he’s homeless.

No. 1772487

Ah I didn't realize, that makes sense, I assume she's back at her mom's place then? It's obviously easy to look good in comparison to someone like Jonny but at least it's somewhat of an improvement

No. 1772573

the best he can do is stay away from him, he’s no good. he’s a terrible father figure. i think the 50/50 deal is part of his delusion tbh

No. 1772622

Are you saying they got back together? They haven't been together in two years. She's been with Ian.

No. 1772624

No I'm saying he dumped the mother of his first child, and he did it again with his second.

No. 1772700

There’s a reason storm didn’t stay with Jonny when skid went to visit Ian. Skidneys clearly allowed to be alone with him, but it really doesn’t seem like Jonny is kek

No. 1772718

So did Skidmark move in with her mom when she got custody? Or does Storm live with her at Meg's?

No. 1772721

Skid never posted anything about moving or said she did. It looks like Storm went back to Sacramento and now lives with Syd and Meg. Probably why JC said "HE CAME HOME!! I DID IT" meaning he came to the same city, not JC's actual house kek.

No. 1772761

Ohhh I was confused and didn't know Meg even lived in Sac, idk why I thought she lived in San Jose by Syd's mom's. Jonny lives in Sac too so anons were confusing me saying storm is "all the way in Sacramento. But I feel like even if she did move back in with her mom she wouldn't announce it, that's not something to be proud of. Poor storm. His mom can't ever hold down a job because of how crazy she is (according to A), and Jonny isn't going to be making music for the rest of his life and touring like he thinks. He's pushing 40. What kind of life is this child gonna have with neither parents having a normal job? I figure that'd be a requirement from the courts. I feel so bad for storm. He's better off with a loving stable family who can't have kids to adopt him, so many people have babies and just aren't ready for motherhood. Skid thinks she's the world's best mom because he's back in her care and she posts a picture every now and then, but how the hell does she provide for him? Poor thing probably doesn't even have health insurance.

No. 1772770

all of this. I pray to god shes doing stuff behind the scenes to get her life together because there’s no way any sane person would give custody to the bpd syd we itt know and love. if she’s really so consumed by her emotional outbursts that she can’t hold a job, imagine how she might impulsively react if storm upset or frustrated her. so yeah, let’s hope she’s in therapy or medicated or something

No. 1772773

Cue JC posting a random photo of Storm he took 3 weeks ago to PrOvE the hAtUrZ wrong

No. 1772776

because last time he was left alone with Storm he managed to fuck it all up and got his son intoxicated.

No. 1772784

Yet I continue to see people defend this man all over the internet.

No. 1773123

File: 1676963016798.jpeg (249.52 KB, 1170x2080, BD753460-0EE9-4828-A713-329C3F…)

Kek is JC drunk? He posted this on his story a couple hours ago.

No. 1773159

maybe he’s high

No. 1773166

That’s his new tattoo

No. 1773211

>>1772761 agreed.
sadly, trashy couples see kids as commodities to be used to barter within a relationship. They plaster the poor kid all over social media to enhance their own online image. That is so so so so sad. I really do think these goldfish brains plan anything and instead react like retards to every situation involving an ounce of critical thinking.

No. 1773214

Just a theory… goiter has been posting stuff like "don't tempt me when I'm on tour." But when he's in the UK, he will be out of jurisdiction of any parole officer etc. So maybe he plans to have a bender in the UK kek. But also how is he able to get a touring artist visa whilst on parole/investigation?

No. 1773226

He wont get a visa, he will just be a “tourist”. I agree with the tinfoil. However, Stalker Syd will be stalking his actions and this thread, so shes ready to report it.
Ive said it before, but she leaned so hard into posting here and stalking him and any girl he interacts with. This thread is the tool to use in court against him in every way. She gets story ss and he gets a call from his PO.

No. 1773229

Sounds like a classic retarded goiter move. The UK promoters all work for fairly reputable companies so wonder how they will navigate that.

I didn't realize you could apply for a Tourism Visa whilst under court ordered probation/parenting classes.

No. 1773235

Doubt he applied for any visa.

No. 1773243

You can't leave a US airport without one. Just like you can't enter the USA without an ESTA. This is why I'm wondering how his tour is being managed. Things like not booking a Visa is full sabotaging the tour and fucking over every venue, promoter and fan.

No. 1773254

Yes but if he’s trying to show it off, no one can tell wtf it is lol.

No. 1773269

Yes you can. You need a work visa, yes, but just to leave the airport as a tourist that's flat out wrong. I've flown from US to UK multiple times, if you are a tourist you do not need a visa, same goes for EU/Schengen. Instead at border control in the UK he will be grilled on the purpose of his visit, where he is staying, how much money he has, and his plans while in the country. He probably thought he could use the tourist exemption, and UK border officers are some of the strictest I've encountered. He's not gonna have an easy time.

No. 1773293

Exactly this.

No. 1773370

>They plaster the poor kid all over social media to enhance their own online image. That is so so so so sad.
you know what’s sad? not being able to see your son because you fucked him up on fentanyl

No. 1773430

In addition, if they have proof that he's there to earn money while on a tourist visa/visit, there's always the possibility of being banned for [x] amount of time as well. Don't want to give ol' Jonny Craig any benefit of the doubt, but its something he'd have been aware of while travelling with his successful bandmates.

No. 1773463

Oh he’s fully aware. He’s just a narc and thinks he’s above necessary/logical steps like that.

No. 1774090

File: 1677062460576.jpeg (407.58 KB, 828x1519, F0834EE3-4549-4281-8644-370CD3…)

Baiting a reaction from skid?

No. 1774139

I know I’m in the minority when I say this but Skid has a boyfriend. I doubt she’d care. I think she was only triggered over Layna since that was soon after their break up, Skid was single and the wounds were still fresh. Then Skid just held a grudge because it’s Skid.

No. 1774210

Oh I’m sure it got under her skin considering she believes she’s a talented singer and probably begged him to record a song with her. Even her ex who came here claimed she said she’d “give anything for people to hear her voice”. Maybe her new man will put her on a track lol

No. 1774237

she’s well behaved now, i wish she still care so we could still get these breakdown post kek

No. 1774254

>she’s well behaved now

No. 1774351

is this satire or did you miss the part where a month ago she legit threatened to send jonnys gfs asshole pics to his mother… ? lmao???

No. 1774368

One person itt thinks it was a big conspiracy of JC lying to Layna but in my opinion that anon is probably Syd trying to damage control. Is goiter posting her asshole itt and blaming Skid to keep up the conspiracy? Doubtful kek.

No. 1774408

no proof so still a “she said, he said” like when layna said she got fired and that she and JC broke up but whati mean was that she used to have public meltdowns, now she doesn’t do that.

No. 1774411

Hmm I wonder where she's having them if not public.

No. 1774416

Or maybe she magically decided to get therapy and she's cured of her BPD now kek.

No. 1774418

She must have to obsess privately and she spams the thread when shes by herself. I believe she self posts her selfies often. Absolute tinfoil but crazy recognize crazy. I just hope Storm is adjusting well and he's happy.

No. 1774442

sometimes i think i expect a lot from people being posted on lolcow so maybe shes really self posting and other shit but i get called syd frequently just because i got and unpopular opinion on topics so anons got a hate boner for her too and shit talk for what happened like 2 years ago.
i hope she got help and is taking her meds, maybe she did it because it was part of the agreement to get Storm back or something.
when they first split and syd was acting all careless about her son i thought she was going to leave him and live her life so its nice to see that at least one of his parents is close.

No. 1774506

Back in her jonny days he said she's against medication didn't he?

No. 1774526

yes thats why im telling that maybe it was mandatory because i don’t see another reason

No. 1774579

The part about the asshole pic may very well have been made up, but the dms between layna and the autistic cow tipper about syd being a nightmare struck me as true. She didn’t know they were going to be released so she had no real motivation for lying. And trying to control your ex by threatening him with custody is manipulative bpd behaviour even if your baby daddy is a gross monster.

No. 1774582

In order to travel to the UK with a criminal record you need to apply for a Standard Visa.
If he enters the UK to work "cash in hand" and doesn't get a Visa for his criminal record, he will have HMRC and border issues.

No. 1774704

there’s something called “gaslighting” and i wouldn’t believe a word coming from Ginger Shrek but Layna turned out to be a liar too.
but i believe in him putting the crazy ex narrative to hide his bullshit.

No. 1774712

We have documented proof Skid is crazy. It’s not a narrative JC made up. Now quit shitting up the thread Skid Stan. (Skid Stain?).

No. 1774734

File: 1677119909928.jpeg (505.48 KB, 1170x1887, 2E21C3A1-5362-4454-B7BB-67D6A1…)

Sorry y’all but in the car community, an automatic, front-wheel drive, 130 horsepower, BASE model ‘99 integra shitbox is some sad pathetic shit. An engine swap?? On a car that he paid maybe 2k for ? Ya ok… I mean I’m all for it please proceed this has goiter written all over it

No. 1774736

File: 1677120166502.webm (10.69 MB, 888x888, FullSizeRender.webm)

Here’s the full vid btw. It’s bleak, be warned.

Also tag yourselves nonnies. I’m cobwebhead’s wizard sleeves when he pushes the dead car off the road

No. 1774747

File: 1677120782965.webm (6.27 MB, 720x1280, IMG_9383.webm)

Samefag sorry— after I saw the integra shitbox nonsense I realised this parody is literally BBG—the typical Honda douche. The “hahaha’s” at the end send me.
(An integra is a luxury Honda fyi)

No. 1774875

engine swap and he lives in cali? no wonder the car is registered out of state. no way in hell he’s getting it registered in CA unless he does it illegally. and even then….

anons i for some reason can’t see the video. pleaaaase tell me did he do an engine swap but it’s an automatic car instead of manual?

No. 1774891

My favourite part was looking at his turkey neck in his side profile

No. 1774979

File: 1677151427481.jpeg (90.25 KB, 874x1600, fefefe.jpeg)

smelly boi goiter out here looking like a sex offender with his public masturbator knit wear and gentrification haircut. looks like he's about to swap you his fake gucci sliders for a bump of coke.

No. 1774981

I know people throw K20s in the old tegs… but again alot of money and effort for 198bhp. I love how he's ticking every single Honda bro box. He is a walking "starter pack" meme.

No. 1775107

File: 1677167611065.jpeg (477.09 KB, 1170x930, F14A4081-8E37-4A8C-973D-58D311…)

Nah the vid is just the car breaking down in the middle of the road while our Honda bro goiter was trying to drive it (you bet it’s automatic). Then they all push it off the street into some parking lot. What a flex. He’s on top again for sure.

No. 1775160

Goiter trying to be a ricer with an automatic 1999 Acura is killing me. I’m actually starting to feel pity towards goiter.

No. 1775226

Lmao what an ugly muck

No. 1775246

Honestly at least the nose chain is gone.

No. 1775247

Are his parents siblings?

No. 1775259

from a year ago? we are having a nice civilized discussion nona there’s no need for that stick to be on your ass
ewww he looks so gross and like 3 years late

No. 1775280

File: 1677182577233.gif (1.23 MB, 384x288, 1ACF6CC2-CEAD-4DBC-8946-C6E25A…)

Nta but Syd has years of documented psychosis. She’s been civil online because she has pending felony child endangerment charges. A quiet year doesn’t mean she’s suddenly changed and it’s weird that you believe that.

Kek he looks like the autistic photographer from the movie Orgazmo

No. 1775282

Yeah I think the only reason neither of them are publicly shit flinging is because their lawyers advised them not to. Not even for the felony charges but for CPS decision making. Storm may be in Skid's care but that doesn't mean everything is over. It's very hard to shake CPS once they're aware of your situation.

No. 1775309

Oh its not gone anon.. it was just blur from the ss, its still there and I m glad it highlights his ugly face

No. 1775318

CPS doesn't do shit, I'm sure this will be a closed case in no time. We WISH they would have to go to prison, we WISH that CPS would do surprise visits, but that's just not the reality. They lack the time, employees, pay, and general resources to even crack a dent; it's a huge failure.

No. 1775321

>we WISH that CPS would do surprise visits
And how would you know that they aren't doing surprised visits? It's not like Skid or JC would post about that shit. "Oh look! CPS is here for a visit! Check it out guys!" You sound completely retarded.

No. 1775325

Because they don't fucking do that lol. You were probably one of the anons who was like HE IS GOING TO PRISON FOR A LONG TIME because you're 12 and don't read the news or understand how shitty the system is.

No. 1775326

They absolutely do surprise visits nona.

No. 1775329

I just watched it, you're right kek. That thing is going to turn his nose green.

No. 1775331

>You were probably one of the anons who was like HE IS GOING TO PRISON FOR A LONG TIME
You clearly don't know how the court system works because he is STILL facing felony charges. They have not been deemed innocent yet. He could absolutely face prison time for this still.

No. 1775335

Ok courtfag, we'll see.

No. 1775396

i respect the audacity to confidently act like you know everything while not even putting in the effort of a very basic google search kek

No. 1775401

Obviously JC and Syd aren't going to post about it IF they had surprise visits from CPS. But very clearly either that didn't happen or they didn't find anything unsafe, because Storm is magically back with Syd now.

No. 1775408

are you slow or what. no one said otherwise. and learn to tag the person you're replying too.

No. 1775487

I don’t need to tag every retarded response when you stalk every comment waiting for an answer, you saw it girl, chill. Idk why it matters so much to you that I don’t think he’s going to prison for this and that CPS isn’t going to creep up outside their windows every week. It’s fucking facts, CPS SHOULD do the things you say (and I’m not even disagreeing that I wish they would here) I’m just saying they won’t because this is small beans compared to most of their other cases, they don’t have time, lack employees/genuine care, and they certainly aren’t trolling back through years of lolcow documentation. To them they’re like
>Learned of domestic issue
>Had reason to test child for exposure
>Exposure to fent confirmed
>Charge parents
>Insist parents complete parenting/safety courses and test negative for drugs
If CPS did surprise visits (which again, I doubt in this case- yes they’re able in life but in this case I highly doubt) it doesn’t matter anyways because STORM IS BACK IN PARENTAL CUSTODY.

Some of y’all get the weirdest hope boners for JC getting locked up for life lol he’s a fucking wasteful useless embarrassing fool and Syd is spectacularly retarded, but if they test negative and courts show improvement, none of that matters.

I’m literally on the same side as you I just don’t think he’s going to be stalked by CPS.

No. 1775673

imagine your lawyer asking you to not be a retard. i can almost see it play out…

Lawyer - "To keep your kid you need to act like civil adults and use a little common sense"



No. 1775686

Pending felony investigation for child abuse, trying to travel to the UK to "work", broken down honda, cat piss everywhere, sex offender mullet, making jokes about women online, desperately trying to convince everyone he's got money, fake flexing like a child….


No. 1775691

i think some people (rightfully so) want to see someone who almost killed a baby put in jail.

No. 1775793

sorry for blogging but i have seen a lot of goiters and syds in my life, even some laynas when those goiters bring them along, i used to work on a family court and i live on a third world country and they all seem to have some online feud, shit talking and come’s and go’s so since they’re always quick to tell “but they’re harassing me on ig!!!” that’s one of the first things they’re told by their own lawyers even prior to court because all that public shit talking can be used against them.
i have seen some really fucked up syds i would love to tell you all the stories and how similar they are but this kind of couples and cases are so common (not the fentanyl shit we dont have that here yet kek)

No. 1775816

i agree - and here social services/cps really try to “rehabilitate” parents to keep the family together or the kids with the parents. so as long as they stick to all the check ins mandated by cps, it’s easy get your kids back. despite the pending charges the children can go back with the parents as long as cps seems the living environment doesn’t pose any threats anymore. so most likely this means jc staying relatively clean (clean piss tests during check ins), and limited contact/no longer together so there’s no more domestic disturbances between them. cps can show up unannounced, but they normally reserve that for families who are actively abusive/violent.

also as a jdm carfag i’m shrieking at his pathetic run down acura. engine swap for what tho lol! on an automatic. and it’s clear he knows nothing about working on cars. he’s just going to be one of those obnoxious dudes in a honda hoopty with a loud exhaust for no reason. makes sense it’s registered out of state, no way he can get that registered in CA legally so he’s fucked if he gets into even a fender bender, insurance isn’t gonna help his ass.

No. 1775825

my guess was K-swap with the 6-speed manual box out of the EP3 UK Type R, but since he's in America it's likely a K20a3 swap. If he's talking B-swap, that's some big money. Either way he won't be pushing more than 200bhp for alot of money.

No. 1775829

oh i can only imagine the number of goiter, syds and bystander laynas you've seen haha. i see them in my country too, guy usually drenched in tats and speaks fake street and the girls are all copy paste e-girl droids with "i CaN fIx HiM" martyr complexes.

No. 1776008

Ya actually I agree w you, he was prob planning to get a new transmission too.
Even so, that thing is bone stock with the topcoat peeling—to make it look half decent he’d need new suspension, new wheels, a paint job, new seats that don’t smell like cat piss, etc.

AND ALL OF THIS WITH WHAT MONEY? the millions he’s gonna make on his world tour? Actually I can already guess what he’s gonna do, he’s gonna post more “ayyyy any mechanics wanna work for free for THE ONE” stories until some sad clout-chasing clowns hop on this train to nowhere. I bet you he’ll also try n get people to give him free parts.

I’m actually enjoying this idiotic Honda goiter era, I love that for him.

No. 1776019

Probably the money he used to spend on Laynas flights and gifts kek. Can’t find a new woman so has to pour it into this shitbox car.

No. 1776104

File: 1677285303216.jpeg (119.39 KB, 1242x1146, C3EC07E5-4D29-4190-84C8-4887AC…)

@ JC

No. 1776503

Skidzo tier tbh

No. 1776508

idiotic Honda goiter era, this made me kek anon

No. 1776852

File: 1677372902403.jpeg (781.9 KB, 1057x1310, E80BA472-63C5-433A-B2E2-DE8E55…)

What is BLT? (her caption)

No. 1776870

She looks so much like holly conrad

No. 1776905

it’s actually uncanny

No. 1777241

Hey turtlemom, go get laid or something. I love shooting hot loads of rope on tittays but not yours. KEK LEL(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1777246

Hi goiter.

No. 1777312

Kek I thought this was Syd for a second because I stg she said something very similar after it was outed she cheated. Something about how JC didn’t want to work things out and be a family together.

>how do you do fellow kids

No. 1777452

mmmk as delightful as that image you just painted is, after 20 years of heavy drug and alcohol abuse I seriously doubt goiter is even capable of getting his little shrivelled candy corn to stand up…let alone "shoot hot loads of rope".
And no, a can of silly string doesnt count, BBP.

No. 1777525

File: 1677396753783.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1170x2070, 8A7315CA-41FF-4396-86AB-370176…)

Does this mean she’s part of the clown orgy with her constant self posting and layna butthole spurging?

No. 1777526

File: 1677396887129.jpeg (972 KB, 1066x1862, 4D122F74-3EC1-48C0-837A-49FF8C…)

Lolcow isn’t even close? What does that even mean.

No. 1777540

I’m surprised it doesn’t say

She’s just mad we call her out on her schizo posting and acting like we have no idea what we are talking about. Even tho we figured out they lost custody of their kid despite the fact they denied that fact and lied about it constantly. Saying we have no idea what we are talking about cause her son totally loves her and lives with them and had a bookshelf.
Doesn’t take a genius to add 2 and 2, skid.

No. 1777549

Keek at least hemorrhoids go away. She can't fix that heinous personality.

No. 1777607

Kek I love how she thinks being discuss here as a cow is some kind of badge of honour. Skid, this is not something to be proud of, getting knocked-up by an junkie and getting dump before your baby turned 2 is not an achievement..

No. 1777622

Telling on yourself is not a good thing; you just confirm your terrible selfie posting and skidzochan posting.
Get a life Skid; take your meds.

No. 1777663

You mean to tell me her bf is well aware of this forum and is unbothered with her obsessing over her ex she clearly isn’t over, along with obsessing over her replacements butthole? He must be some kinda desperate to see all that and be like “this is the one for me” kek.

No. 1777670

Who’s the 3rd player? Did they take poor storm bowling and turn it into a “show up the haturz” photo op?

Bacon lettuce tomato. So profound.

No. 1777679

He was well aware she lost custody of her child to the state with charges when they started dating and that didn’t scare him away. He also knew she kept up the facade of still having her kid since he knows them irl. Dude has to be more fucked in the head than she is. At least Syd has mental illness as the reason behind her irrational behavior

No. 1777704

i definitely need to go back because i didn’t remember she was charged too like she wasn’t the one who smoked fentanyl in the same room as his child but as we do here, they’re both responsible for going to parenting class and work on their own issues when custody involved but i do think she was being neglecting, is it 100% confirmed that she wasn’t on fentanyl too? i will never understand how she was still with him after everything that happened and he was the one who ditched her, she’s so fucking stupid.

No. 1777735

File: 1677427493756.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1170x1929, 855AACFC-9B63-46CE-B0DE-488E85…)

“Full room”? There’s literally 10 simps at the front of the stage and then a row of unimpressed people leaning against the back wall.

No. 1777744

File: 1677428076696.jpeg (351.15 KB, 1169x2067, 505CC046-FEA0-4343-B195-9792A6…)

To paraphrase his ebonic rant: “don’t play with me and my slits for eyes because a few dozen people were at my show”

No. 1777753

File: 1677429379843.jpeg (400.29 KB, 2101x2101, 0F7D8C85-3C51-481D-B710-D5B51B…)

Can we just…
I feel like this unhinged chick and the large dude beside her pretty much sum up Goiter’s current fan base kek

No. 1777773

If you leave your child with an alcoholic who is drinking constantly and drunk, and that child gets hurt or dies, you are responsible because you willingly put your child in danger. Leaving your infant in the care of a using junkie is no different. She knew he was on drugs and using yet left their infant in his care. There was a mom in my area who was charged with endangerment when she allowed grandma to pick up her toddler from school while intoxicated. She hit a post office box and got stuck. Baby was fine but mom was also charged because she knew her mom had a problem.

I don’t think her bf is even there bowling with her kek

No. 1777809

Her bf was there, he posted a story of her throwing the ball.

No. 1777814

Donut, don't deny him donuts.

No. 1777815

File: 1677435686158.jpeg (819.14 KB, 1170x2080, BDD79CD8-7E05-4D4C-ACC7-2B79B2…)

No. 1777825


Pretty sure the only time you were ever even tangibly "up next" was like 10+ years ago, you know, prior to blowing up your entire life/career with your junkie antics and horrid personality. Now you're a 40 year-old grown man with a '99 Acura that don't work, multiple roommates and felony child abuse on your rap sheet. But by all means keep chasing that rainbow, you're definitely got everyone convinced.

No. 1777851

What a totally sane and fixed person. That Nona was right.

No. 1777858

Anyone who thinks syd and her saggy eggplants are capable of anything more than bpd bullshit is more delusional than Jenny Craig kek

No. 1777875

File: 1677440440637.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1381, Screenshot_20230226-113216~5.p…)

Pure autism here but I'm familiar with the venue he was at. From point A, which appears to be the person in the last row of the people around the stage, to point B, which is the people hanging out closer to the bar area, there is a good 15-25ft of space. The turnouts at this place aren't always great so ofc they have everyone crowd around the stage to make it appear full. That is not a full room by a long shot.

No. 1777887

i like to believe that people can get better and get their life back, i have seen it plenty of times and im impressed that she got custody back in a really fucked up situation. she must have done something good, right?
guess thats about the amerifats life.

No. 1777901

Looks about half full by my autistic estimates given the depth of field as well as angle coupled with their being likely more space to stage right where the crowd is no doubt thinner. Once you've seen the trick pulled off it becomes easy to visualize a more accurate angle as opposed to a commercialized angle. Even full houses will still use these angles but the density of the crowd never changes, here it thins out in the back a lot.

No. 1777941

I love how goiter has been “coming back” for the past like what… 4? 5 years? Kek. Long comeback.

No. 1777942

I think deep down he knows his career is over but he uses that to manipulate whichever female(s) he’s talking to into thinking he has anything to offer.

No. 1777943

it’s like she saw anons saying she seemed more sane lately and had to show up to prove she’s still completely unhinged. she’s trying to act unbothered but is just proving she can’t even go out for a cute date with her boyfriend without being consumed by thoughts of lolcow and her thread kek.

No. 1778031

Anon, she did the absolute bare minimum as a mother to get her child back, the bar is REALLY low for her

No. 1778080

Second image looks terrified Goiter is going to stage dive and crush them

No. 1778106

File: 1677464741429.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1170x2059, 3228DD26-45AE-4899-98E1-EA1465…)

He gets more and more hideous with every story he posts

No. 1778108

Does he think he looks anything else but geriatric kek.

No. 1778109

I would have loved to have seen the unhinged poo flinging between this woman and Syd.
“He has a cHiOlD you BITCH you’ve ruined our perfect little family!”

No. 1778181

Did he take a selfie on the way to the food bank?

No. 1778205

File: 1677482132287.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1128x1555, 02B2F95B-5928-4F98-9131-AE11A2…)

Special Ed.

No. 1778218

File: 1677485253128.jpeg (1.02 MB, 861x1756, ACA30873-758A-4D16-8024-608713…)

Special Education class photo.

No. 1778235

This manlet looks like a caricature of himself

No. 1778341

this is great. thread is back to ripping on goiter as it was meant to be. i prefer when lolcow is lolcow, and not a portal for the mentally ill to scream into.

classic goiter. his cope with being such an utter scum bag is to relentlessly try to convince us he has money and clout when literally no one asks him to. it's so cringe and desperate.

No. 1778344

fresh off the little yellow school bus and ready to misspell their own names.

No. 1778345

Losing the weight just makes him look more like a junkie now

No. 1778347

He’s basically a ginger singing Joe Dalton. Complete with small man syndrome.

No. 1778351

Ladies, who's next up for our eligible bachelor goiter!?

- Trailer trash look
- No custody of first child
- Pending felony for child endangerment of second child for smoking fent in same room
- State mandated parenting classes
- Acts like scum online
- Assault charges
- Scammed fans
- Tweeted he'd ra*pe women with face tattoos
- Potentially injected his exs with heroin
- Lack of real interest in either children besides posting photos online
- Generally an awful person with no sense of humor
- Will cheat on you
- Is fully retarded


No. 1778371

His tongue is always so gross and coated yet he feels so comfortable sticking it out all the time. I really hope that he's one of those scrotes who is adamantly against performing oral sex because no woman deserves the yeast infection that would most definitely soon follow.

No. 1778402

File: 1677512776857.jpg (47.18 KB, 1170x2080, 333315676_725238125737773_9079…)

In Layna's stories, I'm glad she sees it now.

No. 1778403

You left out some important stuff nonnie:

- crazy af baby momma who will obsess over your butthole
- ‘99 Acura that doesn’t run

No. 1778412

File: 1677513655872.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1170x1822, 790B3479-746B-410E-B448-B6D1AD…)

I know we joke about the Mexican mom fans or whatevs but why must they bring innocent children into this!???

No. 1778416


This bitch is getting fat again lmfaoooo

No. 1778426

kek nonnie you're right, thanks for adding. maybe the white tongue issue too haha.

No. 1778429

careful. vendetta posting buttholes and doxxing is totally allowed, but making a genuine observation about a demographic can get you banned.

No. 1778435

Kek to be fair she doesn’t look Mexican.
God he looks like a creepy child molesting uncle. This is not an isolated thing with goiter I’ve noticed this trend with the mustache, pedo glasses and mullet. Just why.

No. 1778522

KEEK. Fat Mexican moms love him.

No. 1778534

File: 1677523722881.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1170x2018, 5134B005-2816-4E37-9354-6C5BE7…)

“Jonny said I have a fat ass sooooo”

No. 1778546

This applies to her too though. Zero self awareness

-ventriloquist dummy teeth he swindled out of an ex

No. 1778595


oooo this is fun!

- Undeniably broke but lies about it constantly
- On Vivitrol
- No drivers license, is almost 40
- Lives with multiple roommates in a dump of an apartment in glamorous Sacramento, again is almost 40
- Bingo Wings!

No. 1778598

- limp dick
- talks like a 14 year old wanna be tough guy

No. 1778600


- Will spoil you rotten with $300 Yeezys and act like he copped you a lambo
- Dresses like a teenage YouTuber circa 2016

No. 1778602

- No plan for when his tiny amount of scene clout wears off, that barely pays the bills as it is.

No. 1778604

Did he already lose some of those veneers that Taylor paid for? Looks like he’s missing one on the top and the bottom.

No. 1778606

He has a couple gold teeth because he thinks it makes him look like a thug. But yes it makes him look like he's missing teeth like a hillbilly.

No. 1778609


- hEs Up NeXt tho
- Is such a massive piece of garbage that he's burned every bridge in the music biz, an industry that is notoriously forgiving and enabling of horrible behavior. Plays to overwhelming crowds of 20-25 remaining fans maximum in half empty suburban venues

No. 1778618

Jfc.. his last remaining fan base really out there letting him hurl misogynistic insult and call it a good night.

No. 1778626

I love seeing this loser play at these tiny little tavern venues and broom closets and then boast about having a sold out show. This shit writes itself.

No. 1778627

Idk whats funnier, the fat mexican mom meme proving to be true yet again, or his fucking carnival game teeth. Looks like someone chucked a softball at his mouth to win a prize.

No. 1778630

Kek the overweight latinas really love this man huh.

No. 1778666


No. 1778668

lil fella

No. 1778779

Two sold out shows in a row ain't enough for you hoes?(wk)

No. 1778781

referring to people as gardening tools is kind of a dead giveaway, goiter. go study for your driver's permit.

No. 1778798

Kek you would think that’s enough since you pull low IQ women

No. 1778823

No. 1778824

bowling alleys have very limited standing room it's not exactly madison square garden lmao try booking venues that don't host children's parties on the weekend

No. 1778860

File: 1677554210250.jpg (107.42 KB, 1031x486, Jonny teeth .jpg)

it will be up to 3 after next week in new mexico, tiny venue will be absolutely loaded with moms

No. 1778878

I love that he came here only to debate his 'sold out shows'…and not the literal laundry list of the other 100 things we call him out for. kinda telling kek

No. 1778880

and ALL their kids, apparently. probably like half of those venues are just Mexican children.

No. 1778881

Maybe chill. Sydney is part hispanic so his son is a Mexican child too.

No. 1778902

I guess it’s just not as impressive when in his peak he used to actually sell out real venues but whatever, he’s obviously past his prime so local bars are the best he can do

No. 1778907

I hope goiter finds his next pick-me on tour because I'm getting bored without someone to bully.

No. 1779013

Has anyone tried to email these venues to get his shows canceled? I looked up this last 2 shows the the venue cap was under 150

No. 1779018

NTA, she has literally said that she isn’t Hispanic/Latina but ok kek

No. 1779118

That’s wasn’t him, look at the grammar and syntax. Jonny couldn’t write a sentence that makes sense to save his life.

No. 1779120

>she doesn't look Mexican
Is this a joke?

No. 1779136

correct, it ain't enough. to convince anyone of a real "come back," you have to do more than 2 dive bar shows in a row.

"Enough" would be:
- Seeing your children, both.
- Stop being a retard online.
- Attending your parenting classes and shutting the fucking up about it.
- Learn to use basic grammar.
- Not abusing, scamming and injecting people.
- Spending less time in jail and court.
- Stop flexing small amounts of cash and save it for Storms future.
- Moving out of your cat piss trap-partment.
- Stop hanging out with lobotomized retards like Mayor of Spooky
- Stop dressing like a sex offender.
- Get off social media and be a role model for your kid

But no goiter old boi, 2 dive bar shows have not redeemed you.

No. 1779139

File: 1677590336868.jpg (155.55 KB, 1024x886, cringe.jpg)

No. 1779304

>Seeing your children, both

Hopefully not, considering the mother didn’t want him anywhere near his first kid. Having goiter knock on the door is probably the last thing she’d ever want. Good on her for dodging that bullet early on.

No. 1779394

you're probs right

No. 1779533

Probably Mayor of Spooky town.

No. 1779534

It would be amazing if Skid ran with the kid. I'd want to rip my hair out if the father of my child just used him for photo ops for instagram but never actually acts like a father.
She would never do that though because it's a smart decision.

No. 1779806

File: 1677649435572.png (6.27 MB, 1170x2532, C8A1E660-C47D-4AB2-9DFF-613B18…)

The girly ass pose he’s making kek

No. 1779819

Sometimes I forget he's 36 and not 57 kek. The wrinkles are so bad even through the filter.

No. 1779927

i genuinely think (tinfoil) he's so emotional stunted that he doesn't actually care that much about his kids. having no custody of one, and getting fent into the blood stream of another screams that he finds them inconveniences. Storm is often just used as a prop for his online virtuosity campaign, usually followed by retarded/spiteful/misogynistic ramblings. i've seen people take more pride in there pet guinea pig

No. 1779937

File: 1677674581496.png (862.93 KB, 1284x2778, AB8B9A3C-71E3-4E9D-AF2E-9035FD…)

No. 1780002

I don't know who's more delusional, JC or all the people that believe him. I'm tired of seeing all the dick riding in the DGD community lately. Forever thankful I never got that dgd tattoo..

No. 1780090

File: 1677694688254.jpeg (178 KB, 828x1716, 14D7B608-D3ED-4CE7-86A9-53584E…)

Kek anyone want to race goiter to be a washed-up junkie who poisoned their child, living in an apartment with 8 other dudes in your late 30s?

No. 1780101

File: 1677695237975.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1170x2082, C788EAA1-4CFD-4920-B513-4E9FED…)

Tbh I’m glad he’s got his rancid tongue hanging out all the time. It’s his only method of birth control at this point.

No. 1780108

I’m thinking you stopped developing at 15… both mentally and physically.
But go off I guess.

No. 1780135

Does anyone know If he got the child or not?
Is Syd still pretending that she has custody of him and actually sees him?

Hope the child is ok, but I'm wondering If people are gullable enough to believe Syd is a loving mom.

No. 1780183

This video was so upsetting. I judge all of his exes so hard for thinking something like that is hot and letting him DO that to them. Puke, puke everywhere.

No. 1780190

Syd is living with Storm now that’s all we really know.

No. 1780192

Kek I doubt Kurt wants anything to do with him.

No. 1780203

My brother in christ, I sure hope not.

No. 1780221

I think he has quite a few forms of birth control at this point. Looking like the tiger king being like 5.

No. 1780257

File: 1677710851635.jpg (111.82 KB, 1170x2080, 333868250_3305619442987787_107…)

Is he seriously trying to take credit for this because 50 people didn't have anything better to do than go to his Fresno show on a Sunday evening? Why is he sitting around checking Emarosa song stats kek what a fuckin mush brain.

No. 1780259

Kek I like that he’s just sitting around listening to his emarosa album. You can see it paused on the bottom. Loser.

No. 1780519

File: 1677728459142.jpeg (102.38 KB, 1170x311, 561D37CD-F0C0-4860-9B2D-0D9D0E…)

it’s actually quite impressive how well people like JC can fool others into a false reality. kick ass dad? sure jan kek.

No. 1780678

File: 1677755870860.jpeg (148.64 KB, 1170x2080, 47FE73A2-B0EA-44E2-9332-9BA792…)

No. 1780741

Can he put the fucking coated tongue away?? Love that he had to break up with hemorrhoid angel so that it would be ok to hang out with another dumb bitch with her ass out. What a great dad indeed.

No. 1780811

I'm genuinely curious when was the last time he even saw Storm? Because he hasn't posted him at all for months and we all know this deadbeat has zero shame about using his kid for his attempted redemption arc.

No. 1780814

I wonder that too. Syd we know you read here, when is the last time he bothered with his son?(hi cow)

No. 1780817

Keek she looks like a blow up doll. Suits him for sure.
It's crazy how his fans are just unphased he had this whole family arc and now he's just ditched his kid. Does that not ring alarm bells to these people?

No. 1780855

Just lurk the ass girl hugging goiter there looks like a carbon copy of skidney. Lmao he really is that predictable and goes for a type

No. 1780885

File: 1677781248081.png (11.62 MB, 1170x2532, E6460A20-D8CF-4FA5-A793-7E7E63…)

She looks more like a terrifying combination of all his exes

No. 1780890

The cake face and baboon lips remind me of Taytor.

No. 1780991

Looks like an actual clown kek perfect. Layna was an upgrade from Syd but this would be quite the downgrade he deserves. She looks too old for him anyway lol

No. 1780992

I didn’t think it was possible for someone’s lips/filler to be worse than Taylor’s but this girl wins haha

No. 1781004

Cue the circus music.

No. 1781037

KEK. A clown for a clown. Epic downgrade.

No. 1781051

At least she's his age.

No. 1781100

They're all nasty. The most recent picture of the one with her tongue out on the bottom left is her wearing a strap on kek. I like to think she brought it with her and pegged our whole Boy Banned!

No. 1781154

bet that room smells like raw sewage and tonsil stones

No. 1781192

tonsil stones lmfao!

No. 1781193

and the clap

No. 1781245

File: 1677803360327.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1170x2077, EA53DE9F-56AE-4AC9-A33B-9B1CD3…)

The vibe that I get from inside this sad little van is that they all hate him.

No. 1781249

File: 1677803570933.jpeg (150.62 KB, 1169x1440, 71A83115-0435-4E5B-B8A0-673479…)

Mmk. Admit and own up to all of your past abuse towards your exes, fans, and band mates instead of blaming it all on addiction.
Let’s start with that.

No. 1781251

The way they always awkwardly look at each other when he films them.

No. 1781491


these people paid JC for a cameo and he just promotes himself kek

No. 1781582

File: 1677832943011.jpeg (40.16 KB, 1170x2080, 0BDC81B3-87FB-4CF5-9D67-4160E7…)

Kek asking random fans if he can stay with them.

No. 1781600

kekkaroni pizza. i thought you made it? boy banned from red roof inn?

No. 1781604

Can’t afford a hotel room.

No. 1781605

love how goiter flexes his cash and says he wont listen to people who make less "bank" than him……but in the same breath is groveling for a place for his smelly crew to crash.

No. 1781608

Remember last tour someone said he was bumming around for places to stay too.

No. 1781622

File: 1677841115428.png (9.34 MB, 1284x2778, C60536CC-8CD1-47F9-84BD-311F39…)


No. 1781633

So basically he won’t listen to the homeless. Sound advice in some cases I guess.

No. 1781638

the averge homeless person has more decorum than goiter. and often better dressed too.

No. 1781827


Would absolutely not put it past this dumb bitch to be meeting him on tour.

No. 1781917

They're still talking, but anons don't want to accept it.

No. 1781920

He does this regularly. A few years ago he begged to stay at my mom's house but she said no, and I ended up paying his hotel room for him.

No. 1781923

File: 1677874927346.png (389.04 KB, 1080x779, Screenshot_20230303-141950~2.p…)

Can't exactly put my finger on it but I think Layna is so fucking ugly,weird looking. Idk if it's her lack of upper lip, or her face in general (she looks retarded) cue all the "fuck off schizo chan" posts or whatever but I think she looks special Ed.(derailing with autistic nitpicking )

No. 1781925

She probably saw the trailer-park-clown-core chick and wanted to investigate kek.

No. 1781926

Like the space between her nose and upper lip is way too long

No. 1781943

Nona I think your time might be better spent doing almost anything other than staring at Layna's pictures, trying to convince yourself and others she's ugly, and wondering why he picked her but won't answer your dm. She's about as cute as any other girl he's dated or hooked up with. Probably an objective 6 or 7. Maybe (heavy on the maybe) an 8 if she got lip filler and botox. But she's not ugly.

No. 1781948

remember last “tour” he went on in the summer he went after a women on his Instagram because she wouldn’t let him and his retards crash at her house. it’s the little things he does that expose he’s hurting for money, we all know if he could he’d be renting out lavish hotels as a flex, but he’s broke so he’s begging for room and board instead kek.

No. 1781966


She's not ugly but she also doesn't even really look like this, we've seen the candids. She shoops the fuck out of her jawline and chin.

No. 1781968

ofc she’s a retard kek she fucks herself on camera for pennies and got along with a fucking abuser, what would you expect? we can’t ask for more

No. 1781969

File: 1677877826801.jpeg (140.66 KB, 1170x334, 9E48C1DA-C788-4B97-B5F5-4CA031…)

That’s because no one else wants to be around him KEK.

No. 1781972

>She shoops the fuck out of her jawline and chin
Not to white knight but no she doesn't. We have seen countless cam screenshots and she looks exactly like this, save for some unattractive angles.

No. 1781975

File: 1677878526789.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 134.67 KB, 1280x576, B454AC6E-6BEB-4ED3-BAD9-1BD0EF…)

not shopped when compared to candids

No. 1781988

Oh no, he’s starting to lose the Latina moms! Kekkkk

No. 1781990

goiter is playing in my city soon and i kinda wanna go check it out for Science but i don't wanna add to ticket sales kek

No. 1782024

Go! You can hang out with Layna.

No. 1782042

there’s a thing called SnapCamera so i’m not so sure…

No. 1782051

File: 1677888733681.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 133.9 KB, 1280x576, 993D3412-74CE-43F8-85DA-E0465C…)

If you need to cope by insisting she must use a face altering filter in her cam shows because you can’t accept the fact that she isn’t ugly, you are too emotionally invested in this boring retard.

No. 1782072

Aw Jonny misses the only girl who would let him fuck and Layna misses being his doormat. I'm so done trying to convince myself she's a decent person

No. 1782075

Her hands are always so wrinkly wtf

No. 1782091

I think the anon meant she shoops her pictures she posts on IG not her cam show. Idk how that would be possible.

No. 1782115

nta but some anons insist she’s using software to put a filter on her stream and she’s a huge catfish. idk why they can’t cope with her being attractive. she’s still a retarded pick me who sold her dignity and reputation for free flights and bloated old man dick, being hot doesn’t negate her gross personality in the slightest. but whatever helps them sleep at night.

No. 1782122

ayrt my only point was her photos on ig look identical to what she looks like candidly on stream so I don’t think she shoops at all

No. 1782207

i don’t think she’s ugly, where did i said that? take your meds

No. 1782218

My bad. I was assuming you were >>1781923
carry on.

No. 1782469


This right here. Who gives a fuck how Layna looks when she is clearly spiritually and mentally vacuous as goiter. There are just so many other less subjective things that indicate she is a fucking loser cow, like being grown ass woman camming from her parents' house and continuing to mess with a washed up 40 year-old deadbeat who has to bum around for places to stay simply because he pays for her to fly coach from Canada and buys her corny sneakers instead of, you know, supporting his kid financially or whatever.

No. 1782600

File: 1677962394269.jpeg (252.51 KB, 1284x2306, 32C0F1F6-28AA-4C38-9C1A-0183F9…)

cobweb somehow lost a backpack full of everyone’s mics and sound equipment. said they all can’t do anymore shows without it kek.

you’d think JC would be able to afford $3400 to replace shit since he’s BBP

No. 1782616

>the clowns and JC have to stay at strangers homes on tour
>they party and pass out
>wake up to missing 3k in gear
>in their 30s, not teens
If only JC was actually sober he wouldn't have to resort to ebegging for shelter, equipment, sex, and fans who show up for “shows”.
If only the thieves stole the ipad full of lyrics kek. So fucking pathetic goiter.

No. 1782633


FUCKING KEKKKKK I love this for them. Goity probably pulled a classic slimeball junkie move and lowkey jacked it to pawn for dope money.

No. 1782673

File: 1677972336443.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1170x2076, 4ED68BF8-8C50-4125-99FE-86F81B…)

Idk y’all. this totally smells like another scam. Crowdfunding for money now? Without even explaining what exactly happened? And I’m only saying that bc BBP is involved. How long until ol’ goiter starts begging for money? Even tho he spends ALL OF OUR RENTS on shoes every week.

Poetic justice. Or… the tour was such a flop that they don’t wanna finish it and are trying to bail whichever way they can.

No. 1782713

File: 1677977779070.webm (9.67 MB, 888x1574, FullSizeRender.webm)

Goiter reports (I’m paraphrasing):
- someone stole mayor of spooky town’s backpack
- they found the thief on Facebook marketplace (the day after he stole the backpack..)
- they “scared the fuck out of him”
- they’re “handling it” and “waiting for them (the police) to get us our stuff back”
- everything is peachy

No. 1782716

File: 1677978053916.webm (12.25 MB, 888x1580, FullSizeRender.webm)

What looks like 6 police cars arresting a guy for stealing their backpack

No. 1782718

File: 1677978093134.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1170x2080, 1463F07F-EFED-4F9E-864B-10232C…)

No. 1782723

File: 1677978300148.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x2077, 081CAE2B-BB5B-4117-BE92-5BF71F…)

Just kidding! Send us more money bc we’re broke ass fools who pretend to make a living doing music.

No. 1782727

measuring nose distances like a gustapo in the 1940s. you really must be a fucking dive at parties. who are you speaking to anyway? no one hear wants to hear or cares what you have to say.

No. 1782728

File: 1677978463951.jpeg (270.63 KB, 1169x1846, E2931707-9329-45DB-8138-F26BB1…)


No. 1782734

1000000000000000000% will be them being fucking retards and leaving it somewhere stupid.

No. 1782740


emptying out what was in the bag and we’re gonna believe the heroin needles and gatorade bottle bong isn’t theirs? kek

No. 1782742

heroin needles on the car
"look at those heroin needles"

wonder if goiter is salvating

No. 1782768

what is mayor of spooky town doing? getting in the way constantly and singing over goiter kek. also what the hell is the pose at 3mins lol. it just feels like an emarosa tribute playing to a small bar crowd. He's really overhyping it.

No. 1782812

Weren't they all about that f*ck the police life tho…

No. 1782833

>our bag and gear is unrecoverable
If the police caught the guy and got one piece of the equipment back that seems suspicious. I’m definitely getting grifty vibes, especially because they’ve been begging for a roof over their head. I know we joke about Jonny being broke but he must actually be tight on cash if they’re threatening to cancel the rest of the tour if they can’t get enough donations to replace their equipment. I know there was speculation about it but between their personal expenses like fuel, food, hotels and now new equipment, there’s no way this tour isn’t a money pit.
no the irony is hilarious. almost every dumb ass sound cloud rapper is ‘ACAB’ ‘FTP’ “i live for the streets” until they need the the police’s help kek.

No. 1782855

Wonder if he hit up Taylor lol

No. 1782920

Someone please make my Sunday and tell me the show got cancelled.

No. 1782945

File: 1678010525127.png (869.28 KB, 1080x2408, Screenshot_20230305-040110.png)


No. 1782947

Kek I’ve been wondering why he’s liking her past couple photos.

No. 1782948


LMFAOOOO I take back what I said about you being a dumb bitch Layna. Way to upgrade and stick it to goiter for real.

No. 1782963

File: 1678018281263.png (7.88 MB, 1179x2556, 8C0C56BD-1F76-42C5-B8C9-D3009E…)

No. 1782964

RIP Sophie. Doubt she’s in the picture if he’s flying out a cam girl.

No. 1782988

File: 1678023198470.jpeg (270.55 KB, 1283x1435, 728F9645-B47E-4329-A9DF-900B60…)

I’m surprised he’d actually be interested in goiters sloppy seconds. She probably bought her own ticket since she’s been camming but does make ya wonder who she’s staying with, and what’s got her “melting” kek

No. 1782989

I’m sure schizo is already in her DM’s (probably Kurt’s too) sending Layna’s butthole pictures

No. 1782995

Keek goiter got his shit stolen AND his girl stolen. Extremely happy with this outcome.

No. 1782997

Layna liked this photo. They’re probably just friends and you all are overreacting.

No. 1783004

that’s most likely what’s going on, they’re probably bonding over how stupid goitre is. it sounds like she flew herself out there to see his concert (bc there’s no Canadian tour dates) i don’t know where the idea that Kurt paid for her trip even came from, aside from pure schizo speculation kek.

No. 1783009


I mean even if they're not seeing each other she's in the States having seemingly nothing to do with lil Jonny and he's having an awful week/end bumming for places to stay and trying to scam a giant Postmates order from Guitar Center because all their shit got jacked. It's still a W, let us enjoy this!!!

No. 1783046

The bar is in hell for her that Kurt Travis is considered an upgrade. An ugly, 40 year old, fat, divorced, past his prime emo singer rocking an outdated aesthetic who’s an equally short manlet. Quite the upgrade. At least he doesn’t have kids this time.

What is the purpose of cultivating a long-distance camwhore much younger fan of yours as a friend at all, let alone when you’re in a relationship, and not even taking into account she’s the ex of Jonny Craig? Okay, so he probably doesn’t know she’s a camwhore. But why would he want her as a friend at all? This man doesn’t have and can’t find any friends his own age on his same level? And sorry to say it, but his girlfriend is uglier than her. Layna liked a picture of her so surely they must be just friends! Kek. As if Holly Conrad didn’t like any pictures of ProJared and Heidi together lmao. Or as if that Alex homewrecker didn’t like any photos of the Try Guy she fucked and his wife together. Some of you are so naive.

No. 1783074

Damn, is she running thru all the old DGD vocalists? Kek

No. 1783091


I mean, you aren't wrong that he's ugly and past his prime but he's still a step up when you think about what an absolute bottom-of-the barrel scumbag Jonny is. To start he has like, zero redeeming qualities and felony child abuse charges. She basically had nowhere to go but up.

No. 1783128

she’s already flying home so it seems like she just flew down to catch the show. its easy to spot the crazies in times like this because they’re the ones getting ahead of themselves making wild assumptions and stating them like they’re facts, anon posted
and that’s a straight up lie, they completely made that up

No. 1783137

Tinfoil: if Kurt is getting at layna, he must deff tried to get with syd after. Man's is reveling in DGD wake

No. 1783150

I mean Syd is desperate for fame, if he went after her she’d be pregnant by now.

No. 1783155

Do all groupies sound like Skid, or does Skid sound like all groupies? Using "he liked her picture" as proof that there's something going on is mad-schidzo energy. Though I do agree with nona that Kurt should expect some imbound-butthole pics now that Skid has caught wind.

No. 1783174

File: 1678047202038.jpeg (1009.97 KB, 1170x1215, D80DB6AD-D920-40E8-BD1A-AF9E05…)


No. 1783175

File: 1678047274992.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1170x1243, F166E0AE-313C-4A2C-853B-3285BB…)

No. 1783192

File: 1678048809504.jpeg (95.09 KB, 828x572, 0D8CA96E-8677-40F6-87AD-FFF448…)

girl tell us

No. 1783196

Nonnies itt are notorious for telling on themselves for being as, if not more unhinged than syd. Every picture liked, follower gained or any tiny interaction is a piece of some delusional puzzle and they’re all master detectives. Like the nonnies who said she was going to America to visit JC even though she didn’t say that at all
>Aw Jonny misses the only girl who would let him fuck and Layna misses being his doormat.
>They're still talking, but anons don't want to accept it.
>Go! You can hang out with Layna
that lot seems awfully quiet now…

No. 1783275

File: 1678061048605.jpeg (98.8 KB, 828x1404, 790530C0-F0E3-4672-B41C-379BFF…)

No. 1783295

someone pls translate.
does he mean "support" as in an opener for a headliner? Goiter do you still not understand that people just don't wanna be associated w you because you're scum?

Also rt filling a 350 capacity venue is nothing. A local punk band brings those numbers. Do you even remember what it's like to play a real venue? actually prob not, you were high af

No. 1783325

most local or underground punk bands sell out venues way more than goiter ever could. really embarrassing for him to brag about how many tickets he's selling…

No. 1783328

He thinks 350 people is impressive because the past few years he's been getting maybe 20 people to show up kek.

No. 1783337

Kek I'm at the Dallas show rn and there's probably 50-70 people in here. Doesn't look packed and it's a small venue…

Fellow DFW anon, did you end up going to the show? Goiter is performing old slaves songs rn kek

No. 1783338

I take that back. Maybe less than 50. 70 is pushing it.

No. 1783339

KEEK loser.

No. 1783341

Hope they don’t happen to find out who you are and kick your shit in haha that would be awful

No. 1783342

hi cow

No. 1783343

Have fun nonna, record the shit and deliver! I dare you to moo in the crowd

No. 1783354

File: 1678074185902.jpg (716.65 KB, 2592x1944, IMG_20230305_210513.jpg)

I wasn't lying. Quite the "turnout". There's mainly older people here, like 40 and up lmfaooo

No. 1783357

I like how you shot the area that was blocked off from the crowd.

Even better is the part when you paid your own cash to watch people perform so you could feel something other than your own gangrene. Keep hating them where it hurts, by giving them money(wk)

No. 1783361

He’s not gonna fuck you especially for white knighting him on an anonymous Imageboard

No. 1783363

My people need to love themselves, seriously why tf do they show out for this cow. All he ever had was a mediocre singing voice with the help of Will Swan and tons can sing even better than him.

No. 1783364

Yeah I think it’s weird Kurt is interacting with Layna, but I don’t think he flew her out, that’s just a tinfoil unless we see more Kurt/Layna proof. Does Kurt usually follow fans and like their posts? I don’t follow his social media.

No. 1783365

File: 1678075387993.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1170x1441, D1163F6B-F4D4-433A-805A-ADFAE3…)

His large smile but just empty vacant eyes are scaring me.

No. 1783369

This is not against this girl at all but how is his head smaller than hers? Nitpick I know kek. Man’s is built like shit

No. 1783370

People are only buying tickets now because he’s been pushing on social media the fact he’s performing old emarosa and slaves songs. Kinda embarrassing no one gives a shit about his solo r&b stuff.

No. 1783373

I bet he's jaded as fuck about that honestly kek. He's not gonna succeed past being a has-been and he's probably realizing that.

No. 1783381

And somehow the point still stands troon

No. 1783382

I find this series of events a bit odd. Him following her right after her and goiter split, then she flys to a whole different country just to see his small lame show? And maybe she bought the plane tickets herself but where did she stay? She can't be making that much money camming to spend all that for a lame show. Her tweets are a little sus too but it might be a different guy, not Kurt.

No. 1783388

>Hispanics need to love themselves
>is Hispanic
when are you planning on killing yourself? kek(samefagging wk)

No. 1783391

File: 1678077669615.jpeg (106.14 KB, 1170x269, B61034F4-2A26-4F0E-B521-F23394…)


No. 1783399

actually he doesn’t shut up about drinking Heineken 0 so that’s probably what was seen

No. 1783401

>The bar is in hell for her that Kurt Travis is considered an upgrade
Just looked him up and you weren't lying. Wtf is the point of getting with significantly older, washed up singers? I legitmatly do not see what she's getting out of this that she couldn't find in a moid her age.

No. 1783403

Guys stop the Kurt slander, he's a really good dude and your complaints are irrelevant to the thread.(Retard.)

No. 1783405

love that he’s begging for money and his cash app references a luxury car he would never be able to afford.

lmao i just know jonny is seething just as much as syd is about this

the delusion is so strong. and the entitlement. how does he not get it through his drug addled brain that he’s washed up and nobody really gives a fuck.

this sounds personal

maybe she’s just low key tryna get under jonny’s skin bc she knows it’ll bother the fuck out of him since he seemed like a jealous insecure bc from the start

No. 1783406

Whole fucking thread isn’t relevant to anyone who’s not a baby mama trying to spy on her ex

No. 1783413

People are only tinfoiling at this point, it’s not really slander. It is just weird Kurt is interacting with Layna, I feel like he knows she was with Jonny. You can’t really stop discussion here, Barbara Streisand effect. Applies to when Jonny/ his buddies come here to WK. applies to when it comes to Layna. The more you ask for it to stop the more it happens because they’re cows and this thread has schizo autists

No. 1783415

Sage your irrelevant shit faggot

No. 1783419

Learn to use the reply function newfag. No1currs that you deem observation to be slander.

No. 1783420

Seems I may have struck a nerve, haha

No. 1783422

“My people” you mean fat dykes(unsaged infighting)

No. 1783425

> maybe she’s just low key tryna get under jonny’s skin bc she knows it’ll bother the fuck out of him since he seemed like a jealous insecure bc from the start

Tbh I think that’s just wasted effort on her part. She is decent looking enough she can get a new guy and forget about lil Jon entirely if that’s even the case. Hell even Skid got herself a new dude. I don’t think Jonny will ever have a genuine relationship, he seems insecure and only likes getting his dick wet.

No. 1783427

Samefag Layna should just quit the camming altogether even if it’s forever immortalized bc of here kek. It would do her better. Tired of these women going for these gross bottom of the barrel moids just because they sang a song.

No. 1783432

I looked at her last.fm account on her linktree and it looks like she's a massive Kurt fan. Way more so than a Jonny fan kek.

No. 1783434

It’s ok newfag nonnie, just get all your unsaged shit out of your system, we’re here for it.

No. 1783435

Just don’t reply to the retard, clearly Jon / retarded WK wanting attention going “Nuh-uh” every time we post something about him. Report it

No. 1783438

Keek, yeah it's definitely one of his edgelord friends.

No. 1783440

It’s hilarious they think it helps his case kek. Inb4 poor Jonny gets canceled for saying /associating with people who say racist shit Kekk. Good job guys!

No. 1783441

Lil Jon will never get cancelled for something like that. He says nigga all the time and has said and done much worse. Can't wait for his overdose.

No. 1783444

But he would always be known as someone who said/associates with someone who has the hard R, which is bad enough for a lot of people, especially alternative fans bc their whole thing is being accepting and woke. Oh well, he will have blind followers till the end I guess. Even his overdose would be spun into “omg he was struggling guyz take it easy”

No. 1783445

UwU did the ladies enjoy shooting up tonight with your fellow BM support group? UwU(ban evading retard)

No. 1783487

File: 1678089024244.jpeg (77.64 KB, 1140x798, 9F69CE51-2605-4CC8-A70A-5A95E1…)

bump don’t scroll

No. 1783531

>the hard R
Kek, you can say retard here anon

No. 1783541

Clearly she meant Nigger you retard.

No. 1783586

You can say nigger here anon

No. 1783587

Kek sorry I didn’t want to cop a ban by accident or something.

No. 1783592

I think the dumb camwhore is a star fucker for old warped tour bands kek. Wonder if she was the typical Canadian emo kid pissed off she couldn't ever go down to see the tour or any shows cause she was too young and stayed hyperfixated on those bands years after they're no longer relevant or good (arguably many never were) instead of getting over it. Now she's making up for lost time years after their prime. I hope the Kurt thing is also some trashy way to get back at Jonny considering their history and the odd timing, but if Jonny doesn't take the bait then it's probably the end of the real milk with her though. She can enjoy camming while thirsting over washed up scrotes who'll use her for a lay or two before screwing the next groupies
On this site we mock ugly moids, also considering the scene I would be surprised if he didn't have a bunch of skeletons in his closet

No. 1783611

wait… so going from a baby poisoner junkie to not a baby poinser junkie…. is a lateral step? what? and lol "hE fLeW hEr oUt". let's take it easy gang.

No. 1783645

It's so obvious goiter posts here. Hey loser, where's your kid?(hi cow)

No. 1783697

she’s a camwhore. that’s what they do, now let’s move on from layna’s putrid ass please

No. 1783703

>retarded niggers fapping in unison as they’re standing over a crusty MacBook caked in yellow cumb
>the MacBook is so old
>under the decades old cum coat, there’s a JonCraig sticker with devil horns and a mustache
>someone’s dry scaly cock is reaching climax
>flakes of old skin and ancient dried cumb are flying off the cursed cracked shaft
>a droplet of cum sadly reveals itself
>instantly hardens onto the desert landscape that is this guys cock
>who’s ready for round two baby

No. 1783736

>Newfags who can’t sage and post random cringe fanfic not realizing this is a women only gossip image board.
>Anatomy reminder: women don’t produce semen.

No. 1783739

Ya there’s no way the average women could understand the greater metaphor ur right

No. 1783759

still here ladies and uWuchans
kek kek s t a y keekeek m a d kek kek f a g g o t kek kek kekers kek kekking(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1783792

Exactly. Why buy an international flight just for a concert in Seattle instead of waiting for him to come to Canada? Must have been a VERY special concert. Yes, he has(?) a partner but she might not be on tour with him. (Also that pic of her on his IG is from January 11th, its possible they broke up). Almost everyone in the music industry cheats on tour. Who did she go with and where did she stay at? Things that make you go hmmm.
She hasn't posted a selfie with a friend so she could have very well went alone (people do go to concerts alone all the time) and maybe stayed the night with him and his friends at an Airbnb or hotel or whatever.
There's something fishy about this, the whole "melting" tweet. Melting for whom exactly?

Which brings me to this, I don't think she has any "tea" on Goiter cuz nothing is holding her back. She already spilled a lot of tea I doubt there's anything else to say, and it's not like anyone is in the way of her doing it. I think this tweet is about Kurt. That's why she can't say anything.
Idk, I'm just not convinced she paid an international flight, round trip, concert ticket, possible alcohol and merch, food, Uber from the airport, to the hotel, to the show, (unless Kurt scooped her kek) and paid for a hotel room? To stay in alone? Assuming she's alone since no one else was tagged in the story of her announcing going to the usa or the concert story. She normally takes selfies with people because it doesn't seem like she hangs out with people too often. Understandable, gamers usually prefer online friends. But yeah idk. Another possible reason we weren't spammed with selfies is so she could keep this trip kind of on the DL. Smells pretty fishy in here, and no it's not from TND not showering for months this time.

No. 1783805

I just wish Layna could spill any milk on either of these moids. Alt band moids are so creepy and weird and have plenty of drama.

No. 1783808

>Why buy an international flight instead of waiting for him to come to Canada?
He didn’t have any Canadian tour dates and maybe she didn’t want to wait years for him to do another tour
>its possible they broke up
Doubt it. He posted about her on his story maybe 2 weeks ago
>Who did she go with and where did she stay at?
She’s 26 years old. She can travel alone and rent a hotel by herself.
>maybe stayed the night with him and his friends at an Airbnb or hotel
Just because she travelled alone doesn’t mean she HAD to stay with him and his friends, there are other options.
>There's something fishy about this, the whole "melting" tweet
If I saw my favourite band I might also tweet melting or something cringy like that, it’s not that deep.
>I'm just not convinced she paid an international flight, round trip, concert ticket, possible alcohol and merch, food, Uber from the airport, to the hotel
Clearly you’ve never seen her cam score, there’s no reason she couldn’t afford it.
>Smells pretty fishy in here
No, it really doesn’t.

No. 1783821

File: 1678135461015.jpeg (196.1 KB, 1170x1901, DC649C82-8F12-4CA7-8190-BDF73F…)

Still can’t go on stage without holding a drink eh BBP? Even if it is alcohol free, still a beer. just a matter of time now.

No. 1783823

File: 1678135674650.jpeg (313.99 KB, 1169x1904, 0B0B3CAF-0D6A-47A8-9035-62B616…)

They really put up a barricade in front of the stage…for those 100 clearly rowdy and out of control fans (??)

No. 1783834

Kek nonny have you seen the past posts in these threads? Goiter attracts some real psychos and he knows it.

No. 1783871

This seems like a massive cope idk.

No. 1783877

Still struggling to sage I see. It's ok sweetie, we can't all have more than 2 neurons.

No. 1783882

File: 1678140415460.jpeg (87.78 KB, 1170x260, 28CF6C3D-2B56-486C-927E-1AF472…)

Sageing these because I don’t know how relevant she is to the thread anymore anyway but I’m interested in this series of events.

No. 1783889

File: 1678141415293.jpeg (807.12 KB, 1170x963, 83DE27A2-2061-477C-B758-1D9392…)

No. 1783893

File: 1678142049890.jpeg (984.53 KB, 1170x1427, 7C2C07DC-F4F4-43EE-B422-AE2AB7…)

Looks like Skid is moved on and all about her guy

No. 1783894

lmao. love the part where you say layna being in seattle alone = she must be staying with kurt. that’s a very logical and mentally healthy conclusion to make from a tiny piece of information. i think youve cracked the case nonnie.

No. 1783898

Because it is and I got secondhand embarrassment from reading it. I've never seen a more obvious self post in my entire life. The replies were so aggressive and bitter. Not even skid has came in here to defend herself like that, but Layna cares way too much about what lolcow thinks of her since the general opinion has been mostly positive. How DARE anons tinfoil about something involving Layna for a few posts. Imagine the only thing you have in life to attempt to flex on people is mUh CaMsCoRE

No. 1783904

She should focus on Storm and get rid of her SidsoPsycho tendencies. If she's genuinely doing better I'll give her that. If she isn't posting itt thread anymore then thats good, it mostly seems like Goiter's orbiters watch this thread like hawks.

No. 1783908

I’m not layna, your tinfoil post was just a cringy schizophrenic nightmare kek
>layna wore a black shirt and kurt also wore a black shirt once so that obviously means they fucked
Like you sound properly insane.

No. 1783915

Anon do you not know what a tinfoil is? Nothing in that post was said in a matter of fact fashion, no one is saying these things definitely happened. There are multiple anons itt who thought maybe something sus is going on so we've been discussing it. That's what tinfoiling in a thread discussion is. No one was trying to come to a "logical", or "mentally healthy conclusion" - whatever the fuck that means? This is not the serve you thought it was. Sorry your precious Layna is being discussed briefly. Didn't mean to hurt your little feelings but you don't need to come to her rescue every single time. You sound like a Newfag or personally invested. People tinfoil about Goiter and Skid and come to their personal "conclusions" that they pull out of their assholes and no one bats an eye and anons play along. Seems like Layna stans are working overtime itt lately, or Layna herself. There's one particular anon that absolutely loses their shit when Layna isn't brought up in a positive manner and it's giving biased, or once again, personally invested. Whatever it is it's fucking cringe, because this is lolcow and tinfoiling is inevitable so I'd maybe to learn how to cope.

No. 1783923

File: 1678144849026.jpg (87.88 KB, 1170x2080, 332000079_589659553215821_2864…)

Why would someone who's blocked keep checking back to see if they're unblocked? What a fool lol the only smoke he has is billowing out of his broke ass car.

No. 1783925

Agreed, people also know how to put 2 and 2 together lol.

No. 1783926

Who is trying to save his crusty ass kek

No. 1783927

>same people trying to save me

…Latina moms?

And ya fr if someone was previously blocked how would they even know to go and see that story. Full fucking retard.

No. 1783930

File: 1678145748159.jpeg (339.59 KB, 1169x2026, 6DF1B776-BD55-40BA-9F97-B7C7A9…)

God their van “content” is bleak to watch. Half of it is just grandpa’s tongue.

No. 1783935

He’s desperately trying to thirst trap for the poor moms going to his upcoming shows. He’s really pathetic.

No. 1783937

the dudes face in the back is killing me.

No. 1783938

Every new sober day of his where he post on socials, the more you realize it was never the drugs.

He’s just naturally that retarded.

No. 1783948

it gave me insane bpd vibes if you know what I mean…

No. 1783951

The drugs really fried his neurons beyond repair.

No. 1783952

> Yes, he has(?) a partner but she might not be on tour with him.
It actually looked like she was there for most of the dates, but went home for Spokane, Seattle and Portland.

No. 1783957

other fellow DFW anon here, i totally forgot that show was happening, was it fun?

No. 1783970

File: 1678151030207.jpeg (228.89 KB, 1284x1699, A6C34019-BEA8-488F-B1B0-DBAD82…)

someone flew her out or she at least met up with somebody there. i hope it’s kurt just because that’d really fuck with goiter kek

No. 1783973

kek nonnie why so pressed, did you really needed to prove point x point?
so Layna Cow Upgrade confirmed? now we can shit on her all that we want? i thought nonnies were crying to stop talking about her

No. 1783980

It was only annoying when all Layna posting was just her butthole / nitpicks of her selfies but I think she’s fair game now if she’s still continuing to be in the groupie band cow circles.

No. 1783986

Real talk tho, I'd be down for a Layna thread just so the back and forth and infighting will stop. It's annoying on both ends, yes even the WKs. Mainly because it's a matter of personal opinion on how people feel about her. I feel like some people freak out when she's posted (even if it's not a retarded post) and it's just cringe. This thread can go back to just making fun of Syd and Jonny like the old days unless the cows collide again but I don't see that happening. People can hate on Layna somewhere else, and we won't have to keep witnessing the same argument about if she's enough of a cow or not. I personally think she kind of is. Not on Syd or Jonny's level at all, but she's got enough haters that would keep the thread alive. Schizo chan can scream into the void about her butthole and anons can nitpick or make fun of her for being a cringe pickme groupie as they please. Everybody wins. Id honestly make it just to help this thread out, but I use mobile lolcow and have no earthly clue on how to make a thread. Someone's brought up the suggestion before so I figured I'd bring it up again. It just makes the most sense now that she's not fucking Goiter anymore. Until then, the infighting is not gonna stop because both sides are pretty firm in how they feel about her.

No. 1783987

It's undoubtedly Kurt. Hope this shuts the stans up now. But for real, separate threads would be so much nicer. I wouldn't consider Kurt in Goiter's circle at all, no matter what music they have in common. Anons can tinfoil about Layna and Kurt in the Layna thread, this thread goes back to just Syd and Jonny how it should be. Everyone's happy. Everyone wins.

No. 1783988

She would just count as a calf currently. I feel like a goiter calf general thread would work if thats wanted. he has many dick-riders that fight for his life here even though all he cares about is fucking groupies and spending money on retarded shit kek.

No. 1783989

Layna is too boring and private other than the random manic posting here and there for her own thread but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to add another slow thread to the farms of a random irrelevant egirl.

No. 1783990

Kek Laynas been busy in this thread lately

No. 1784006

I would make her a thread just to contain the autism but she’s not milky enough and I’m not catching a ban for vendetta posting or whatever. Someone tried to post her in the camwhores thread because camming is like the only kinda milky thing she does but mods banned her over there so I think she’s here to stay. Lucky us.

No. 1784012

File: 1678156691005.jpeg (761.27 KB, 3106x2070, E64F11AE-8BAC-487B-AA46-AB7976…)

these crusty fucks:

Also these crusty fucks:
spend “donations” on clothing literally the next day

Man their fans gotta be the dumbest fucks out there. Imagine donating to these fruits n then watching them buy “your rent in shoes” 24h later, n then just thinking it’s fine. And continuing being a fan, like??

No. 1784013

Yeah but then Jonny would have essentially two threads and the same shit would get posted in each one. I've agreed about her being a calf in the past but after recent things coming to light… Her letting Goiter manipulate Syd to keep her hidden and her being okay with it, swearing up and down that he was sooo faithful, faking a breakup or whatever the fuck happened, having a meltdown and airing his dirty laundry on Twitter just to take him right back claiming it was a misunderstanding, her going back to him to visit his mom that even she knew she'd never see again all in the name of Yeezy's, the sudden super groupie energy she's giving to make Goiter jealous (if it's working I love her for that). Her claiming to be millennial but talking and acting like the most woke gen z special snowflake ever. Autistic cam girl who totally has the highest camscore of all time. Rated X videos of herself alllll over Google and the internet (decent body or not id be fucking mortified, legally change my name and move to another part of the world. Her cringe camshows showcasing the constant state of filth she lives in. Camming from home when she lives with her parents while her little sisters are down the hall sleeping. Lying about having a job and tweeting about getting fired (that was seriously fucking strange, who lies so easily and casually like that for no reason?), Lying about being in classes, turning 27 this year with seemingly no accomplishments, no direction or life goals other than sporadically making $200 when she feels like camming once or twice a month… Her sudden and sus interest in simping a taken musician who appears to be entertaining it. We got enough content to work with to start a thread. I've seen way more boring threads tbh but I don't think hers will be. I have a feeling it will be pretty active. She was kind of private in the past but her profiles are public now and she's been more outspoken. She will get more milky now that she's dated Goiter she thinks she's hot shit or something. And even if she privates her profiles multiple anons are following her. If no one is willing to do it, (I don't blame you) tomorrow I will get on my laptop and figure out how to make a thread. It won't be retarded or vendetta ish, it won't be a stan thread tho. I'm just tired of the infighting from both sides because it's wasting space and derailing from the actual milk. If it's not made anons will continue to post her here anyway and that rabid stan will swoop in to defend her for the billionth time, and it will just be the same forever repeated cycle of the same bullshit

No. 1784016

What retards. And even more retarded fans kek.
Side note but it’s actually so sad that goiter would make these sad posts about missing his son and what not, and now that his son is “back home” JC is just a completely absent father, wasting his money on useless brand name shit. Posting that for clout, posting random groupies asses, etc. Do his fans not see how weird and messed up that is.

No. 1784019

Kek where did he post a random groupies ass? Did I miss this

No. 1784020

No. 1784021

LOL nona did you edit his teeth out? Either way this picture is a jump scare, he looks like he eats crayons and is in special Ed. He looks so different in his IG phots

No. 1784024

just so you know it’s super obvious which posts are yours when you keep writing giant walls of text, it’s ruining the anonymous part.

No. 1784026

You seem to know Layna based off of the fact that you know she has a sister that lives down the hall from her. So what's the damage? Is there more to this calf?

No. 1784027

He always looks like a retarded hillbilly but to be fair he's trying to emulate the soundcloud rapper cringe fest. Hilarious that goiter has to scrape the bottom of THAT barrel for friends to hangout with. Seems right at home with them though.

No. 1784029

I don't know Layna at all other than this thread. She has a thanksgiving photo up on her page of her and her sisters that I won't post bc minors.

Tbh I started a new medication last week and I'm trying to get used to it. It makes me feel a little cracked out. You're right tho, I'm gonna work on condensing my posts, I apologize

No. 1784033

grifters gunna grift, but damn are his fans ever stupid keek

No. 1784036

So if you don't know her you're assuming a lot of shit kek. She was with her sisters on a family holiday so they sleep down the hall from her? You know the layout of their house? What if they live with her dad and she lives with her mom? Or vice versa? You're a retard.

No. 1784040

chill girl it’s not that serious

No. 1784097

File: 1678169264247.jpg (Spoiler Image, 12.4 KB, 180x135, 5.jpg)

Jesus Christ, are you drunk or something? It's painfully obvious when you post. Try to blend in a little more next time sweetheart. You think simply because you're anonymous you'll blend in amongst actual farmers, but when you leave super hostile, defensive, or detailed replies like

This one, you completely blow your cover. Newfag posts stick out like a sore thumb, add that in with personally invested, passive aggressive replies, it's super easy for longtime farmers to pinpoint who it's from. These weren't even your only replies tonight. I'm sorry things didn't work out with Kurt or whoever the hell you flew out to fuck, but calling anons retarded isn't going to help the drama in your love life. Maybe go do another stream, or five so you can make back all that money you blew on a lousy Kurt Travis concert/Seattle vacation. I'm trying to help you out here so you don't keep embarrassing yourself.

No. 1784105

Nona this one >>1784036 was me
and I'm not Layna kek. Can't speak for the other one though.

No. 1784119

nah the anon trying to make a layna thread needs to chill, stop writing walls of text about layna and let her meds work.

No. 1784122

This. The bitch is not that interesting. And >>1784097 is a schizo and doing the weirdest projection about not blending in since this anon >>1784024
called them out on samefagging paragraphs KEK.

No. 1784123

This is exactly what anon was referring to and why someone should make a thread so you spergs can argue about her there.

No. 1784186

File: 1678186064650.jpeg (1.43 MB, 3464x3464, DF2EC038-326D-43D9-AD1D-EA3AE7…)

No. 1784192

Oh dear… Poor guy.

No. 1784198


KEK he looks like he wants to die I love this. From MayaAlexa and Layna to THIS in like 2 months good god.

No. 1784200

I wonder if this is who was defending him in the thread a while ago? Or maybe some side chick kek

No. 1784202

File: 1678188987765.jpeg (696.29 KB, 1170x1078, 0A89F602-7559-4EB2-8A3C-150024…)


No. 1784203

Great karma, she looks twice the size of him!

No. 1784204

If she was the one defending him itt I'm shook that she'd post him on main after this >>1780678 how humiliating.

No. 1784214

Hahahaha c'mon you're making it hard to clown on Layna and even Syd with these choices goiter. How am I supposed to rub it in their smug faces that you've moved on when these are your options >>1780885

No. 1784216

rest my summer child. quit sofa psychology and go touch some grass.

No. 1784237

File: 1678196110447.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1170x2122, AB65E899-6676-49AB-B78B-DC47A9…)

I love this for him.

No. 1784240

File: 1678196545463.jpeg (387.54 KB, 1125x1055, 0F6C4C60-B273-4B39-BDFB-2AAE63…)

Dating him is certainly … a choice … for someone who identifies as feminist and a women’s rights activist

No. 1784241

They look like a midwestern trailer trash couple in this pic

No. 1784242

File: 1678196578844.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1125x1920, 709C52A5-B2D3-44EC-99E4-BF6F76…)

Also she looks like a different person in every post

No. 1784243

She seems performative and a bit of a pickme skimming through her videos. She has a podcast but I can’t be asses to listen to it

No. 1784244

>Clearly you’ve never seen her cam score, there’s no reason she couldn’t afford it
Ok so what is it and translate to non whore so we know the amount she's actually making and not "oh she's ranked lower than me and I make tons" like we see in other threads about "cam scores". Speaking of though, funny how many anons actually believed she quit when she said it
It's funny cause a lot of alcoholics avoid or are at least encouraged to not touch even the non alcoholic stuff cause it can cause a bit of a psychological "buzz" (especially if social drinking) that can feed into the cravings or escapism again until you potentially relapse. Not that I actually think he's sober, he is at the very least one of those "weed doesn't count" dudes

No. 1784246

The filter abuse is crazy

No. 1784253

I wonder if he’s even going to repost this onto his story kek. He’s posted since, and hasn’t even bothered to like the photo.

No. 1784254

Wtf is this supposed to be her in this pic? She literally shooped off like 50 lbs it’s downright egregious!!

No. 1784256

A womens right activist??? Jesus

No. 1784257

>Her claiming to be millennial but talking and acting like the most woke gen z special snowflake ever.
Kek wat

No. 1784263

layna should use her money to move the fuck out of her parents house tbh isn’t she the most paid camwhore in LC?

No. 1784265

Are you serious? Pumpy and brina make way more than her. Unless you’re trolling and I’m retarded lol.

No. 1784270

Isn't there a camwhore general thread? She can go there lol

No. 1784274

also factor in the possibility you could be completely wrong in your assumptions. long diatribes sound like you're trying to convince yourself more than anyone else kek.

No. 1784281

What is the end goal of all this is effort? Why do you care so intimately? How many hours a day do you dedicate to this?

No. 1784283

File: 1678202783355.gif (505.78 KB, 200x200, f1a-1677269858.gif)

jesus christ go outside.

No. 1784311

mods already banned her over there.

No. 1784315

you 'tinfoil' dissertations are mostly made up from super unreasonable speculation and hold no water. how do you even have the time or care enough to write all these out? get a life. its hilarious that you attempted to call someone out for samefagging after getting called out yourself.
hopefully the new medication you're starting is psychiatric, because you're losing your fucking mind

No. 1784331

Probably told her the same gaslighting story he told layna aka “my baby mama is sydsopsycho, I need to keep you as a secret”

No. 1784334

Hahaha no way, he untagged himself from the pic so it wouldn’t show up on his own profile, but stay up on hers. Poor chick. He still didn’t even bother to like or comment on it.

No. 1784339

File: 1678208545359.jpeg (404.55 KB, 1170x1490, A9F95139-88A5-4D17-ABE2-F89622…)

Their comments on this picture.

No. 1784345

He probably told her something like “oh I don’t want my ex going after you” KEK.

No. 1784370

File: 1678210805477.jpeg (411.93 KB, 1170x2391, E1065616-9803-4CFE-9226-399695…)

No. 1784376


kekkkkkkk this girl is a fucking MORON and already a cow I'm so here for it!! All this for a scumbag deadbeat who is going out of his way not to claim you I can't.

No. 1784382

I wouldn’t be cracking up if my man was doing this shit not even a week ago
All these women are the same, they have no self respect. It’s like being publicly humiliated is their kink.
Before I saw the name I thought this was Jonny’s post, she types exactly like him.

No. 1784384

I can’t get over willingly posting this after he untagged her Instagram photo so no one could see it. Mucho embarrassing.

No. 1784388

When he’ll repost a girl hanging off of him with her bare ass out but not your nice photos together. What a “lucky gal” KEK.

No. 1784390

i dont think shes a banned topic tbh someone posted the butthole pic without context so ofc they deleted that.
if schizo chan was smarter enough would come up with a summary so other farmers could catch up.

No. 1784392

I’m so hyped for the milk potential. they’ve been public for 10 hours and she’s already vaguely threatening random people online.

No. 1784393

File: 1678212480204.jpeg (632.14 KB, 1169x2062, 2853D073-EA50-49DF-908E-C762B1…)

More like big boy pimpin himself out to lonely truckers for size 5 designer sneakers.

Seriously who gets out and walks on the side of the highway like that lol

No. 1784396

File: 1678212625898.jpeg (253.34 KB, 1170x2166, BE6A4E60-CDC7-4CC0-A7D8-B58AA4…)

No. 1784400

File: 1678213224385.jpeg (912.92 KB, 1170x1448, F59409BC-CA9B-43C2-BFFD-629931…)

Girl stand up…

No. 1784404

Kek she’s hilarious claiming to be a feminist and dating him. Already embarrassed herself. Can’t wait for the cycle of passive aggressive emo Instagram stories when he cheats on her because she’s the roughest looking one he’s been with so far.

No. 1784405

>Feminist, Women's Rights Advocate, Equal Rights Activist
This feels like a comedy sketch. Goitre is racist, misogynistic and (debatably) abusive to woman, everything she’s apparently against yet she’s letting him walk all over her KEK

No. 1784435

I like that this commenter didn’t even say anything that egregious. But the overly aggressive response is killing me kek.

No. 1784462

File: 1678217433168.jpeg (522.25 KB, 976x753, AB76C8FE-42DA-46CC-AECE-1B9E8E…)

No. 1784470

wayment wayment wiggle's fucking KT possibly and that's all JC could pull hahahahahaha wow… that's just sad but kinda glad this one seems crazy ass hell maybe she'll be his black Chyna haha syd is looking pretty sane next to this broad

No. 1784472

File: 1678218342574.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1170x1873, D754F471-4925-4437-BEF6-DE664D…)

I’ve never actually looked through his tagged photos. So far I’m not disappointed.

No. 1784473

Did these guys just learn the slang "smoke" and can't stop saying it now? Get a grip dude. This chick reminds me so much of when Syd and JC first got together and announced they were having a baby kek the whole US AGAINST THE WORLD attitude. I'm here for it, I love it when trash finds it's trashmate!

No. 1784475

I don’t understand what this threat even is. Just attempted insults in their IG comments?
Do they understand that normal people will just roll their eyes and go on with their day, unbothered? Fucking god complexes over there.

No. 1784476

Goiter (and now his new thrash girlfriend) is the gift that keeps on giving. Cant wait for skid and this new cow come head to head, especially when she is going to assert herself as the new stepmom. I am ready

No. 1784489

"I wouldn’t be cracking up if my man was doing this shit not even a week ago"

i don't mean to de-rail but could you elaborate on this? i'm in dfw and i want the tea

No. 1784500

top kek, this could be trash disguising herself to find out the story with salt and pepper head

No. 1784503

what exactly are you confused about? i linked the post I was talking about right under that. also don’t tell people where youre from wth lol.

No. 1784509

I love seeing two 30+ year olds hang out at the mall because they’re both too poor to have their own place to be in

No. 1784522

File: 1678223721404.jpg (Spoiler Image, 70.7 KB, 720x1280, 334167277_1382003139213620_367…)

Barf, why was this necessary?!

No. 1784524


JC asking the people at the show to turn up because they are being filmed. Goes on rant about haters. Proceeds to sing less than half of a song while cobweb sings most. Tries to crowdsurf but nobody wants to catch him and he's returned to the stage lol Mr smoke and mirrors(this is an imageboard)

No. 1784525

It’s all like this and funny as hell.

No. 1784530

Just did a live. Called this full-blown cross country tour “just a teaser” and basically begging people to show up because he wants to show them he’s “still got it”.

No. 1784533

At least JC posted Skid and didn’t untag himself from her photos kek. Tay lost weight and cut her hair but she probably should have gained 80 pounds and dyed it blonde.

No. 1784548

File: 1678225669935.jpeg (17.27 KB, 720x1280, FCF79A2D-5295-41AF-969E-62D578…)

Why is Syd sad-posting? She should be cackling she’s the hot ex gf now.

No. 1784557

File: 1678226753738.jpg (82.47 KB, 996x389, prefat.jpg)

Miss Dallas Teen Usa 2007 keeeek a former beauty queen for JC. It looks like she spent her winnings on McDonald's then.

No. 1784581

Two has-beens. The natural order of things.

No. 1784584

Again I mean this not against the woman. But wow goiter is shrimpy as fuck

No. 1784585

she’s probably sad that she’s not in the smelly van diving across America with her 11:11 soul mate. idk what it is about this ugly midget that makes him live rent free in his exs heads
genuinely shocked it’s not another significantly younger, black haired alt girl. her style sorta reminds me of Taylor’s before she went completely off the rails.

No. 1784591

That pool of young girls is drying up quickly for goiter kek. Even with his weight loss and "come back". Love that he had a one off chance with a quiet docile idiot, but wound up with another barky chihuahua. >>1784339 and >>1784370 are so Syd-like.

No. 1784601

File: 1678229167283.jpg (76.48 KB, 1144x417, Untitled.jpg)

While currently only skim milk, she is quickly escalating to full-fat. No pun intended.

No. 1784602

Holy shit almost half of her followers are fake?

No. 1784607

I think she buys likes too, some of the accounts look really wonky even for thirst trap photos. Loving this!

No. 1784608

hope you found some real milk noni i’m amazed at how fast yall are kek

No. 1784610

She follows back over 3,000 people, yet half of her followers are still paid for? KEEK. So she did some F4F stuff and then got lazy and bought the rest or what.

No. 1784615

I bought followers on a fake account once to make it look more real yes I know that's fucking retarded but when I did it, I was suddenly following about as many people as it added for me. You can tell when a lot of them are foreign and/or have zero or super low posts.

No. 1784616

File: 1678229659358.png (82.31 KB, 1192x778, skid.PNG)

Not that other anon but did Skids out of curiosity.

No. 1784618

File: 1678229731865.png (85.91 KB, 1200x741, bigjess.PNG)

(tried hers with the same program for continuity)

No. 1784622

File: 1678229866903.png (66.82 KB, 1200x773, wiggle.PNG)

Just for fun

No. 1784625

Today is the best day lol. These are amazing.

No. 1784626

File: 1678230093615.png (84.98 KB, 1193x731, tay.PNG)

I don't know how accurate this site is because I doubt Tay bought 100k followers, it might pick up dead/empty accounts as bots. To me her and Layna's accounts show the most organic following.

No. 1784628

Sorry for the autism
>>1784601 sparked my curiosity.

No. 1784648

kek its goiter doing a jonny craig tribute act.

No. 1784649

Hilarious and pathetic, him and his spiderweb home boy running around the stage because he can't for the life of him get any interest out of people that aren't trash cans.

No. 1784652

File: 1678232867373.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1170x1941, 83ADF59D-0804-4702-91F3-2FAD3F…)


No. 1784653

Sid, the eyebrows. The eyebrows, the eyebrows, the eyebrows. Sew up the cat's asshole earlobes and stop doing those embarrassing blocky 2009 brows and I promise you you'll look better. I. Promise.

No. 1784654

No. 1784655

File: 1678233439858.jpeg (184.73 KB, 1170x669, EBFA0378-E349-4890-B24B-CA23A0…)

No. 1784665

But she’s obsessed with buttholes…

No. 1784670

These are gold. What’s the site?

No. 1784672

No. 1784736

Kek did he not warn her? Syd probably isn’t foaming because his new girlfriend is a fatty his age.

No. 1784754

Syd is probably happy for 2 reasons: 1, Layna is out of the picture and 2, his new girl is ugly.

No. 1784771

She has absolutely nothing going for her and from the few social interactions that have been posted here she seems like a nasty bitch. Can’t blame skid for not caring, I wouldn’t give her the time of day either.

No. 1784790

She has a successful podcast and she was a beauty queen.

No. 1784798

File: 1678251600469.jpeg (850.95 KB, 1170x2076, 92217CD7-A05A-4874-B3D2-6B7E0A…)

I wonder who’s putting it into her head to “stay low” kek.

No. 1784801

all my favorite equal rights activists love Kanye West and Jonny Craig this checks out

No. 1784808


God she types just like him. Layna was so boring(she made Syd seethe tho kek) but I am looking forward to the milk this mess will bring.

No. 1784816

can’t wait for her and syd to start ww3. idc how much she’s saying his bm has nothing to do with anything. his bm gonna make it her business

No. 1784876

Random question bc I was just thinking about this earlier. Why do you nonnies think Goiter/Skid/TND even bother to read their threads? If I was a thread subject I wouldn't ever visit it because 1) I don't think anyone likes to read negative things people are saying about them and 2) I really don't care what people think or say about me so I'd rather not know. Why do they visit these threads? It's not like they could ever change the narrative about them or redeem their selves after thousands of posts showcasing how shitty and ridiculous they are. Anytime they come here to talk shit to us it just makes them look bothered, yet they all claim to be unbothered. Anyone who is truly unbothered wouldn't give this thread any of their attention or time. Goiter and his circlejerk of derelicts making that Goiter Gang video and Skidmark posting her and Ian's nicknames at the bowling alley were direct shoutouts to us and it's cringe. It makes them look so insecure and proves how caught up they are on reading the thread.

No. 1784879

Syd reads and posts. TND Reads his, and I suspect had posted here as well but not her own thread.

No. 1784880

File: 1678268683928.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1861, Screenshot_20230308-020019~2.p…)

LOL Goiter could neverrrr

Hilarious how just the other week he was bragging about "two sold out shows back to back". Two… out of entire US tour dates. Bahaha

I swear when he posts before a show on his stories "VERY FEW TICKETS LEFT, GRAB THEM BEFORE THEIR GONE" it's literally never true. Imagine having to fake flex to impress people LOL. He tries way too hard to prove how 'succesful' he is.

No. 1784896

oh boy goiter cares. cus he's a slowly dying artist, he's incredibly self conscious. it's why he constantly is projecting the image of a successful artist. a REAL successful artist wouldn't need to.

No. 1784923

Kek it must have stung when Tilian was brought back to Dance Gavin Dance. I still think of that awkward comment he made being like “sooo like I’m here if u need me…”

No. 1784970

Jonny definitely reads and posts here too, all the lame ass once in a blue moon posts trying to tell us off with wigger grammar is definitely him. But I already knew the three of them did that, I was just wondering why lol. But it brings me joy that this thread bothers them. If they weren't such garbage humans they wouldn't be posted about. You don't think Taylor posts in her own thread? Idk if she does but she for sure reads it, not just this one. She makes it way too obvious, anytime something new is said about her she immediately sperges novels on her story "just clearing some things up!!!"

LMAOOO I NEED to see this, where did he comment that at?

No. 1784975

I don’t know how to post the story but Big Jess says the trolls need to “stay out of her relationship” because her and her man are going to “bring the smoke” and embarrass us KEK. Girl…(this is an imageboard)

No. 1784986

this is genuinely how i think. i will never understand or like Layna that would vent to some burner account when she knew it was going to be posted here. it’s like they’re so attention starving that any attention it’s good but also they can’t take criticism and anybody saying anything bad about them because it twists their delusional image of themselves.

No. 1784995

lurk and learn to sage.

No. 1784996

File: 1678288987341.png (392.99 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230308-091758~2.p…)


No. 1785001

Big Jess kek.

Wow she really DID bring the smoke didn't she. Sharing a screenshot of a message request, ouch, that had to sting. Sit the fuck down Mama June, go charge your phone.

No. 1785004

KEK. I love you bitches. Happy to see this thread thriving again finally.

Um… Wow. Barf. Thank you for spoilering this because his nipples are seriously creeping me out. He's looking full on geriatric. That is a grandpa torso.

Looks like she deleted it, wish I could have seen it. Lmao not her thinking she's the shit cuz she's dating the worst human being on the planet. I haven't caught up with the milk yet but I went to her Instagram and she's physically attractive. How the hell did he pull her? And what on earth is she doing with Grandpa Craig? She's got to be a cow, there's no other explanation. I love when Goiter is in a relationship, I'm excited for the milk. This girl seems like a cow already. Homegirl needs to get checked for STDs. I went to the Austin show and two girls in front of me in line to get in told the guy checking tickets that they were on the guest list. Does she really think she's the only girl he's gonna try to fuck on tour? I hope she's super jealous and psycho like Skidmark. It's what he deserves.

Anyone else having problems with the mobile site? I use Google chrome and not all of the posts would show up, no matter how many times I refreshed. I downloaded the edge app and same issue. Now I'm using a private browser app now and it fixed the issue. Sorry if this has been mentioned already, I haven't had time to read the last two days worth of posts. Gonna do it now tho cuz this bitch looks sooo milky.

No. 1785008

they’re narcissistic and obsessed with themselves.

lmao i was thinking ET chest
idk about new girl being physically attractive tho. all her pics are shooped to hell and she looks like a different person in all of them. the pic of her and goiter she looks rough as hell without pancake face. best of luck to her tho, toxic hoes love drama and attention

No. 1785009

Aw she deleted it? Fuck I wish I got a screen recording. Peak cringe.

No. 1785013

Kek I wanna know what that girl said under the photo. Sus that Big Jess covered it up but not the girl's name?

No. 1785014

Oh damn she did delete it. I saw it but didn't get a recording, she talks like someone who chews gum with their mouth open. I loved that she was talking about "her relationship" bitch you aren't in a relationship. Imagine having so little going on with your life that being a tour piece and fucking a guy whose nickname is GOITER is what you're gonna stand up for kek telling people to get a life when she clearly doesn't give a shit about her own!

No. 1785015

kek. yes haha. Tilliboi was a silliboi, and goiter (with a x100 worse track record), was groveling at he sidelines thinking he was finally on a moral par enough to be considered. goiter trying to singing the tillian back catalogue would be hilarious though.

the boy aint right.

No. 1785018

I guess it’s too hard to just ignore it and move on like an adult. You can tell she has sub zero emotional intelligence, especially for a 31 year old.
We got a new admin and after the site was handed over it got slower, especially loading pictures. In meta they said they’re working on fixing it, but apparently they can’t even find what the problem is. if you go to the top of the thread and click “expand all images” they load in all at once faster, it takes a few minutes but that’s the only kinda solution I’ve been able to find.
It was already posted yesterday.

No. 1785019

She’s only 31???? She looks older.

No. 1785023

> It was already posted yesterday.
We are talking about a different story she posted, talking to the camera and defending her “relationship” kek.

No. 1785025

File: 1678291319231.jpeg (1 MB, 1170x1431, D5B80281-02C0-4A11-A8C2-A12E6A…)

Well she certainly has a thing for ugly men.

No. 1785027

I bet it was their first time meeting in person and they fucked once and took a bunch of cringe couple pictures and she just decided they're in a relationship without even consulting him. They didn't even spend more than a day and a half together, he had to travel to his next show. Goiter doesn't want a girlfriend right now, he has a bunch of tour dates left therefore more groupies to fuck. Maybe after tour he'll want one cuz that's when he gets all emo on his stories and reality sinks in that he's old and alone kek.

If they are indeed dating, it's gonna get pretty milky once she finds out he has a groupie to fuck in nearly every city.

No. 1785031

big jess, you say you are a feminist, yet you are dating a misogynist. You say you are a women's rights activist, yet you are dating a man who injected and abyoosed his exes. You say you are for equal rights but are with a man who removed his kids rights by doing fent around him.

You can't say you are anti-nazi if you date the Gestapo kek.

No. 1785042

File: 1678294004864.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1350, Screenshot_20230308-104424~2.p…)

No. 1785045

That's half her makeup smeared on his elbow

No. 1785060

File: 1678296588210.jpg (112.14 KB, 1170x2080, 334495257_623351642962523_6400…)

Oh my god. He got a tramp stamp of Storm's birthday, KEK. I'm fucking dying, his son must feel so honored!

No. 1785061

That’s his sober date

No. 1785063

Oh ok, I saw it in his bio and assumed. But still, why there of all places.

No. 1785070

File: 1678297359314.jpeg (243.22 KB, 828x970, 51554625-CB87-4718-8DEC-5880CC…)

which one of you is the cowtipping retard ?

No. 1785072

aw nonnie she’s enjoying it, she’s not like the other girls

No. 1785075

File: 1678297686491.jpeg (275.33 KB, 828x1057, 84695C66-FA80-4B7A-98DB-472189…)

No. 1785076

File: 1678297820425.png (93.08 KB, 1080x591, Screenshot_20230308-103957~2.p…)

No. 1785081

File: 1678298291297.jpeg (206.86 KB, 828x1258, 59458FDE-4CFE-49FB-BB8E-6F7876…)

No. 1785090

Layna my dear it's time to get over yourself and stop engaging with this unhinged psychopath anon for real.

No. 1785097

Tinfoil but Big Jess is obviously already aware of lolcow and immediately proved herself as a milky schizo so I think this is her losing her shit on Goiter's most recent ex because she's jealous, crazy, and exactly like Syd.

No. 1785113

So when he inevitably relapses, he doesn’t have to look at it.

Of course he was.

No. 1785118

This is why I think it's Big Jess. Why else would Layna be a "homewrecker"? He wasn't with anyone when she started dating him. BJ probably found out that he was still trying to get with Layna and flipped out.

No. 1785119

>So when he inevitably relapses, he doesn’t have to look at it.

No. 1785124


Was thinking this as well, it's either Big Jess or Skid. For the sake of milk + entertainment value I'm hoping it's the latter because this girl seems AWFUL and unhinged and I can't wait for her and Lil Miss BM to start clashing. That is assuming Jonny ever claims her which so far it seems like he's making a concentrated effort not to, keeeeeeek.

No. 1785126

>he was trying to get back together with me a few days ago
not a brag

No. 1785130

Layna acting like she doesn't check this thread in between taking the same 3 photos of herself from the exact same angle all day every day. OK girl

No. 1785141

my vote is for Jess.
>I’m just trying to find out what happened then I’ll leave you alone
why would anyone care about the details about why they broke up other than his next victim. She’s trying to get the scoop on him being a cheating psycho.

No. 1785144

I don't think it was a brag and I appreciate the milk kek.

No. 1785225

>sending someone to lolcow
Why would "ifuckedjonnycraig" out herself as a farmer? God that's embaressing. I hope the cowtipper slips up and reveals who they are because this is cringe. at least we know that Jonny was trying to hit up Layna again kek.

No. 1785226

If you're reading this @ifuckedjonnycraig you're a cow for this kekk

No. 1785241

lmao the ifuckedjonnycraig acct i feel like is syd. she acts like she’s moved on but is probably hyper obsessed with jc and his personal shit and has to know what happened with layna and him
as far as big jess goes she’s dumb af but not dumb enough to show up to harass layna as soon as shes in the picture
although tbh she seems like a psycho groupie that hooked up with jc once and is trying to make it seem like they’re together

No. 1785254

The only reasons I don't think it's Syd are that she genuinely seems happy in her new relationship and she said she sent the new gf a screenshot of JC's discord and not Layna's butthole.

No. 1785261

I sort suspect it’s this anon
Who was in here a few days ago typing long weird paragraphs about Layna. They didn’t get what they wanted here and everyone started calling them crazy so they went right to the cow.

No. 1785263

This. And I don’t think it’s big jess or syd.

No. 1785500

I'm enjoying the fact they believe they are entitled to people's personal information upon request. Also seeing all the unhinged lunatics that exist within the Goiter Multiverse, scrap like toddlers. I'm getting nostalgic just thinking about it.

No. 1785532

I don't think it's that anon just cause she didn't seem unhinged enough, especially compared with buttholechan who writes more similar to the insta. Nonna writes a lot and took a couple of leaps sure, but brought up mostly legit things about layna that have been discussed in thread so I'm inclined to believe her claiming her meds caused word vomit. Not everyone who has a bad feeling about the pathetic cam whore willing to date and take Jonny back is buttholechan. Honestly dating and taking Jonny back is enough to land anyone on a shit list, not to mention being a pedo pandering camwhore

No. 1785570

>The goiter multiverse

It DOES feel like a soap with recurring characters at this point.

No. 1785574

yup kek. These people are so retarded and crave chaos at every corner. Rational decisions are replaced wit knee-jerk reactions and outbursts. Just like children they rely on others for their existence but spend much of their time trying to convince people otherwise. It's like a magical trailer trash bonanza.

No. 1785609

File: 1678384895183.jpeg (49.48 KB, 1170x2080, 5D438751-B1CB-42FF-A547-F9082B…)

Does he not get embarrassed posting stuff like this?

No. 1785617

I don't even understand this, have they been borrowing drums in every city? Or were their drums in the stolen backback kek

No. 1785638

They might have relied on the venue's backline and only traveled with breakables (read cymbals). That's not unusual for small bands and venues/bars.

But not something you'd see for bands "making a big comeback and selling out venues guys!!!!" kek

No. 1785652

She likes men who make her look better than she actually does, so it makes sense she went after goiter. Has some notoriety, is a self proclaimed "bad boy" with a placative false recovery story.
I just want to point out here the GOD AWFUL shop job done in this photo.
The door frame in the back is warped
The shadow from the frame is warped
There's discoloration surrounding her legs
One of her legs is a whole ass different size than the other
The shop job caused disfiguration in her shoes making her look bare foot even though she's in heels

None of this is milk, I just wanted to point out that she's not as good at shopping her photos as she'd like to think she is and we see right through her. Especially because after reading thru here I'm 90% she's in the thread based off vinacular, grammar and spelling used in some of the comments in thread.
& even if she's not, we all know for a fact goiter is - I wonder how he feels about the fact that he's dating a literal cow that's just as horrible at shopping photos as he is. What a joke, kek

No. 1785658

File: 1678390435919.jpg (83.99 KB, 756x1154, Screenshot_20230309_112912_Chr…)

What…. is even happening here.
Leg lookin like a not fully rendered prostitute's in GTA 4

No. 1785680

Oh wow, that's an impressively bad shoop, equally bad spray tan.

No. 1785691

the warped hardwood floor is killing me

No. 1785706

Betty Spaghetty lookin ass

No. 1785749

No. 1785782

File: 1678402339227.jpeg (458.71 KB, 689x926, 5C8DD901-926C-49B8-B752-D8CAA1…)

jump scare

No. 1785789

He looks like he works at a landfill.

No. 1785847

kek he looks like a body they’d find in a landfill

No. 1785854

Hahaha even better

No. 1785927

He looks like a prematurely born baby. I don't mean it looks like he was born prematurely but he literally looks like an actual preemie baby

No. 1785935

File: 1678425509158.jpeg (114.49 KB, 1170x266, 9A777670-C2AE-4BB8-A33C-447977…)

He’s so small, maybe he was.

No. 1785944

File: 1678426862645.jpeg (292.93 KB, 1284x2631, 4F19E109-6D63-4EB2-9C0C-6FE709…)

“Lol stop making us laugh at you” same jonny….same

No. 1785949

I wonder why she made that video calling it "my relationship". Maybe she's delusional kek.

No. 1785969

File: 1678432159122.jpg (127.14 KB, 1170x2080, 334627679_741516337336466_6349…)

No. 1785990

File: 1678438269112.jpg (15.97 KB, 1125x2000, 334550672_1137817253570206_566…)

Story from big jess.

No. 1786016

Is this still his story?

No. 1786019

No. 1786092

nice. love how he always has to put "STOP MAKING US LAUGH AT U" or "U GOT US ALL LAUGHING". I imagine him writing this from a glory hole bathroom whilst spooky town and co try scam gas. Sits laughing to himself like "ha that'll show 'em" as he gets hepatitis A, B and C from the toilet seat.

No. 1786097

Why do people talk like this? It's like a congitively stunded retard trying to type.

No. 1786110

“I hate feeling like I’m being taken advantage of” cries the scrote who took advantage of almost every single one of his exes with the exception of the last one for at the very least housing, and some to the tune of 40k for dummy teeth. The same “man” who makes his gfs buy their own gifts unless they’re ugly yeezys

No. 1786113


I mean, if the size 5 yeezy that hasn't been lit since 2017 fits….

No. 1786115


"I feel like I'm being taken advantage of"…so do your fans who trusted you to actually send them a macbook instead of shooting their money into your worthless veins. You reap what you sow BBP. Although I highly doubt you have anything going for you currently that would be at all conducive to being taken advantage of. fuck off and die.

No. 1786133

aside from the fact she literally called it her relationship, idk about you guys but this is not how I hangout with my platonic male friends. His random tour fuck got brave tried to play gf and Jonny put her in her place real quick. him untagging himself from that photo set should’ve been a clue to her. I knew he wouldn’t date a fat busted chick his own age.

No. 1786148

>His random tour fuck
Absolutely living for this being the type of lady he's pulling and going to the mall with kek. Usually when guys fuck a busted chick they rush them out as soon as possible and make sure there is no photo evidence. He must be desperate for companionship. >>1785969 Maybe he's realizing his buddies don't actually like him and just put up with him to milk him of those last remaining drops of sweet sweet clout.

No. 1786153

>ulterior motives make the world go round
Does he not know what ulterior motives are?

I can't even decipher this one.

No. 1786186

The fact his autocorrect still goes to IV kek

No. 1786187

Also kind of pissed that Big Jess is already out of the picture.

No. 1786189

Agreed. However, I don't think she's the last tour trash we'll see. Sad, she was so milky though.

No. 1786191

I’m hoping he’s trying to keep the relationship extra hidden this time and explicitly state he’s single, while dating her in the background. Her posts were suspicious as hell and pointed towards them being in a relationship.

No. 1786194

She already slipped up by posting "my relationship" type shit and then deleting anything sussy- plus him removing the tag she put on the post like, y'all ain't slick. We see what you're doing.
Big Jess, this "ride or die" is the most embarrassing low of your romantic career and we're literally all laughing at you for stepping in and even associating with goiter.

No. 1786195

Tinfoil but maybe it's not him trying to keep them on the low for publicity sake, maybe it's because he knows he's with a literal heifer now and he's using the "protecting privacy from the h8rz" as a cover up because he's legitimately ashamed/embarrassed to be seen tied to her in that way kek

No. 1786197

I really wanna see Skid be the petty queen she is and post commentary about this lil update with goiter, you know she's watching and you know she's got words to say about it.

No. 1786199

>"protecting privacy from the h8rz" as a cover up

No. 1786200

Sophie posted this yesterday, so Layna definitely couldn't have been "melting" over Kurt.

No. 1786203

File: 1678476104492.jpg (277.21 KB, 812x761, 594189311.jpg)

jesus christ sorry.

No. 1786208

File: 1678477140424.jpeg (884.01 KB, 1170x1712, B0ED814D-081D-4BB7-A97C-6FE1A0…)

This shit is weird still but I guess scrotes are gonna scrote.

No. 1786209

Is she taking a dig at Smallfoot and Big Jess with their SmOkE

No. 1786261

kek nonny I don't think so, i think it's just a random caption. That would be funny though.
kurt stop being a cringe band scrote challenge.

No. 1786268

what is that face kek

No. 1786270

Big Jess:
>posts a photo set cuddling with goitre captioned “one happy girl” with hearts
>fights with people in comments saying she’s silly for dating him
>Posts a story post claiming he’s someone she loves
>Posts a story post talking about her ‘relationship’
>untags himself
>I’m single
Kek how massively embarrassing.

No. 1786271

File: 1678484263892.jpeg (21.33 KB, 720x1280, DB41A3DA-B0C4-4948-AB36-226AB3…)

He’s becoming self aware.
(From his story)

No. 1786275

That's a normal face NitpickNona.

No. 1786305

Lol is he still following her even? That's so funny.

No. 1786319

one of the many shapes of layna’s face, relax nonita

No. 1786334

File: 1678490688694.jpeg (1.05 MB, 865x1023, 0962701D-4268-4716-B6F9-072C1D…)

He looks like a wet sock

No. 1786380

Why is his nasty tongue out ALL THE TIME now.

No. 1786461

Man's the star of the next osmosis jones

No. 1786482

i think he’s referring to her as the “bipolar bish“

wait is this big jess with no makeup and filter

No. 1786539

What the hell is going on with his fingers. Like chunky little sausage piggies.

No. 1786543

I was thinking they're awfully swollen too

No. 1786552

File: 1678525924739.jpeg (476.94 KB, 1035x1694, 2559AC82-DA33-4979-8BFD-669878…)

from big jess

No. 1786586

i lyke bl0wing hot loads of cum on your moms bewbs :)(retard)

No. 1786595

File: 1678536377401.jpeg (608.85 KB, 1056x1888, B14E6ECE-FAC5-40AA-BF40-26A414…)

No. 1786736

File: 1678559193460.jpeg (241.52 KB, 1284x2637, E6C6829D-B93F-4C05-B6AE-06CBBB…)

Why does he always look like he’s shitting himself

No. 1786739

File: 1678559513059.jpeg (255.67 KB, 1170x2119, CEFBE316-C8CC-4ACE-A2D1-B54FE9…)

Hi Layna since you make it so obvious you read here.(hi cow)

No. 1786743

I didnt notice his tongue was out first, thought it was part of his chin

No. 1786787

Because he probably is?

No. 1786829

File: 1678567150004.jpeg (181.54 KB, 1169x1953, FBCF46AB-73E2-4014-AF5D-0CDE95…)

Wowww you guise what a crazy sold out show in glamorous Lansing, MI last night. BACK ON TEH TOP DONT DENY HIM

No. 1786832

You can tell 10 people showed up because his crew didn't post any stories about it.

No. 1786836

File: 1678567368700.jpeg (166.54 KB, 1169x2021, B656751C-77DF-4121-A2F4-769C5D…)

Literally looks like they’re playing a hallway.
Goiter looks like that one grandpa at your family bbq who’s got “moves”

No. 1786844

“Chicago” when it’s legit not in the city at all kek he’s such a loser

No. 1786946

File: 1678578939149.jpeg (259.03 KB, 720x1280, D1F3FBF7-8C53-4C10-B1AD-692EE2…)

I think you’ve got that flipped lil bro. It’s very easy to look down at you

No. 1786978

Yikes that wobbly edited jaw. Girl we all know you’re a fatty boom batty, no amount of facetune or contouring can hide that broad body and face.

No. 1787023

Kekkkk dead

Actually you’re right grandpa goiter, you’re not only on your own level, you’re basically in your own universe at this point— a delusional world where you make money, are a father, and a decent human being.

No. 1787027

Even if he’s paying child support which I highly doubt, it would be so frustrating to be Syd (or Storm in a few years when he’s old enough to have internet access) and see him blowing so much money on ugly shoes. You know he does the bare minimum for that kid already. God what a fuckbag.

No. 1787041

This. It’s gay but think of all the money he could put away for his sons future to try and help break the cycle of dead beat useless parents if he didn’t spend so much money looking like cringy poser. You have to be a special kind of selfish to put your ugly style needs before your own flesh and blood, but he almost killed him so expecting him to give a shit about his future is probably asking way to much anyways.

No. 1787054

This. If his fans had 2 brain cells to rub together they’d see being sober hasn’t changed him at all. He’s still a selfish prick.
Thinking about it and he’s honestly probably so delusional about his music career he thinks that he can blow his money now because he’ll be rich and famous later. Grow up you’re nearing your 40’s lol.

No. 1787091

this. he doesn’t pay child support, claims to have shared custody but has never so far actually had his own kid unsupervised. he isn’t trying to invest in himself by going to school/learning a trade/finding different work and is instead clinging desperately to his pathetic dying musical “career”. no model dad here, not even a cool dad. just some trailer park looking deadbeat dad buying overpriced, out of style sneakers for himself and whatever pick me he’s trying to impress

No. 1787127

He looks like a wet ferret and probably smells like one. The balloon hand + short fat fingers combo is absolutely sending me. Jonny boy, it takes 5 seconds to scrub your tongue. But you weren't even capable of brushing your real teeth so I guess keeping your tongue clean is asking too much of you. I hope at the very least you are washing your crusty dick and not spreading STDs all over the states and Sacramento, because according to some of your exes you are not a fan of condoms. Truly a repulsive man, from how he looks down to his misogynistic, delusional, and God Complex personality. Blows my mind and deeply concerns me that Big Jess, Wiggles, Skidmark, Junkie Tay, Chelsea the Cunt, Stripper Liz, and Psycho Amanda ever found this man attractive and let him enter their lady gardens. If he wasn't the ex lead singer of DGD/Emarosa/Slaves none of them would even give him the time of day. Groupie syndrome and Clout chasing is one helluva drug I guess.. I love how he posted that he is indeed, single, after Big Jess seemingly tried to cockblock him and made it seem like they were the ultimate couple goals with all of those desperate, forced looking photos and cringe stories about "stay out of our business or else we will embarrass you!!" I wonder how many more groupies he has lined up to fuck on this tour. This thread is especially enjoyable during his tours, the milk is inevitable.

No. 1787131

He fucked my friend which made us all cringe in embarrassment at her tbh. Yeah yeah I have no proof so no one has to believe me but I wasn't about to whip out my phone and film the incident lol.

No. 1787135

Musicians are a conquest fuck to a lot of girls tbh. Even Z list ones.

No. 1787137

>i LiKe HoW yOu ShOt ThE aReA tHaT wAs BlOcKeD oFf FrOm ThE cRoWd

Lol I'm kidding nonnie I just felt like making fun of that retard who tried to tell me off. I think it was Jess. It was posted by someone who was there obviously, and it couldn't have been anyone from the Goiter Gang or Goiter himself cuz he had just started his set when I posted that.

No. 1787143

Yeah, I mean I would fuck one that was actually attractive if I'm being honest. Nothing about Goiter is attractive which is why I'm so flabbergasted that he has all these girls willing to fuck him. And he's not even rich or anything, can't even afford a hotel for him and his tour mates. I understand the whole musician appeal, do these girls have a fetish for bottom of the barrel losers too? They all need therapy.

I mean, I sort of believe you because it's Goiter but I'm a little concerned and curious as to what you were doing hanging out with him??

No. 1787145

I was talking to one of his friends on instagram so my friends and I wanted to go to the show. I'm genuinely disgusted by JC but we all hungout that night. Again, fully understandable if no one believes me.

No. 1787146

Was this before or after he fucked Jess?

No. 1787149

kek ur talking to someone in the goiter gang?

No. 1787152

File: 1678602993567.png (1.91 MB, 1075x1913, Screenshot_20230312-003037~2.p…)

HAHAHAHA I love how obvious it is that she strategically placed her hands to hid her quadruple chins

She must of seen this >>1785042 post

No. 1787164


Yeah some likely talk to a couple girls from each city they're about to go to. They seem pretty desperate for pussy, like they grew up as outcasts and are finally getting some attention. I bet JC is feeling more confident now that he's not fat, he was creeping on all of us really hard. Genuinely disappointed in my friend but whatever.

No. 1787171

With Big Jess being someone that's so painfully insecure she feels the need to shop every one of her posts and pays a neurotic amount of attention to online commentary, we're playing a dangerous game calling out every time she does it. Tread lightly y'all, or lolcow might be featured on 20/20 as the catalysis for her murder+suicide plot to take Goiter down with her for inadertently dragging her into a negative light like this, fucking kek

No. 1787172

File: 1678606376949.png (405.8 KB, 1080x1942, Screenshot_20230312-002936~2.p…)

Lol major cow confirmed. Figuratively and literally

Looks like she knows other industry people and doesn't stop at just musicians. She probably fucks anyone that has even the smallest bit of clout. She probably let Goiter rawdog her hoping she will get pregnant. Amanda and Taylor have both said before on Twitter that he doesn't like condoms/refuses to wear them. Ewww. You know his body count is in the hundreds. I'm honestly SHOCKED he's only two girls pregnant. Actually it's highly likely he's made a girl (or girls) get an abortion. I wouldn't hesitate to get one if I got pregnant from man. But, I love myself so you couldn't pay me to fuck him.

No. 1787186

Goiter looks like one of those creepy older guys who crashes random college parties so he can make his rounds trying to sell everybody molly but people start to get sketched out because they can't find anyone who knows who the fuck he is or where he came from and then he lurks around searching for super drunk girls so he can roofie them, take advantage of them upstairs while they're unconscious, then dips off to another party and repeats the same cycle


Uhh nah, her eyebrows look fine. They flatter her face. I imagined your suggestion in my head and she would honestly look worse, like a weird wannabe Chola a la Syd. Try it in paint and see for yourself. She has an extremely youthful looking face and eyebrows like that would look harsh on her

No. 1787342

Just the thought gave me nausea. With his thrush tongue sticking out. Your friend needs help.

No. 1787343

I just don’t understand the custody situation. He made it sound like they agreed that due to his busy tour schedule it would be best if Storm was with Syd (who also doesn’t appear to have him). But he’s not going to be on tour forever. He obviously just didn’t want the responsibility. If I was in a custody battle and my job would prevent me from being able to be with my child, I would get a new fucking job. No question there. Aside from everything else wrong with this bloated old hairy puke fuck, he’s just a massive disappointment in every way.

No. 1787344

Go on…

No. 1787528

File: 1678656024820.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 31.57 KB, 422x469, 6A225A6C-B583-498F-908E-26608C…)

Open at your own risk nonnies

No. 1787529

Confused. You were talking to one of his friends on instagram but "don't have proof"? You realize, if this story is even true, that they'll be able to single you out if they wanted to because they read these threads?

No. 1787533

seriously how desperate and fucked up you have to be to end up fucking this man and having a “relationship” with him. yuck

No. 1787535


They’re on the prowl for pussy from city to city, indeed.everyone here knows that’s how these manlets roll. Now,Heres what Im thinking. Youre trying to distance yourself from the admission you previously made about hanging with them..Youre directing attention to your friend hooking up with goiter, but really you admitted to talking to someone from his wannabe slut gang.

Your comment about them seeming desperate for pussy paints a picture that you were on the receiving end of this. This is riveting intel.. even though not about goiter himself. Spill us some milk, did you get tangled in mayor of spookytowns web? personally, my friends sister followed him on ig. then goiter AND him followed her back and liked some of her posts, but they didnt end up dming..but we thought it was suspish and that he might be like just like goiter. its def their MO.

If you did, dont feel too stupid. you did out yourself as a goiter groupie after all lolz

No. 1787564

File: 1678659001137.jpeg (1.1 MB, 3465x3465, 39AB317C-8015-4EEF-B20A-6C1FFC…)

They must think they’re so cool since they can find 4/10’s to sleep with across the country kek. I saw on Instagram this girl and her friend were at the show one night, and then hanging around with Goiter Gang and the tour van the next morning.

On cobweb heads story the guys were talking about the strip club and on these girls Instagrams it looks like they were at the strip club as well.

No. 1787575

Kek another lot lizard

No. 1787582

holy god damn, those girls are hideous. gargoylesque.

its amazing how resourceful we are, bravo to whoever found these filthy wenches. its no wonder why theyre wiped from goiter gangs tags. these are the creatures they have “fun” (contract aids) with? worse than we thought. they should be paid overtime for making jess the whale look like a catch KEK KEK

piggy backing off that- i seriously would die for the days when this space was low key and goiter groupies werent lurking here.

inb4 the goiter PR is back to conjure up a spooky spell on us, kekk

No. 1787585

When creeps like these say they get bitches, they want you to imagine they’re hot but they’re always busted as fuck. For any of you wondering how a girl could sleep with goiter kek.

No. 1787586

File: 1678661194633.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 3465x3465, 6B89D4B4-DCD9-4066-AFEF-25114C…)

This chicks friend with JC’s drummer at some other location the day after the show/the stripper reference.

No. 1787590

Goiter and Fupa sitting in a tree

No. 1787598

Sweet neptune.

No. 1787601

Whats with the paragraphs every innocuous offhand comment/opinion about Layna elicits? Her camwhore friends are almost as embarrassing as Butthole-chan at this point kek.

No. 1787659

NTA but did this comment really anger you? If that's the case then you need to go to therapy. I don't care for the bitch but I genuinely do not understand how this is a fan comment. OP made a statement about her brows and anon was just sharing their opinion? I don't see any significant compliments in that reply, all it says is that her eyebrows are fine how they are.

Again, it's just a fucking eyebrow opinion. You're definitely reaching with the paragraph reference. I guess any post longer than two sentences is a paragraph. You two are both weird as fuck. There have been way more friendly "WK" things said about Layna itt but God forbid someone doesn't agree with an eyebrow suggestion and thinks hers look fine… No one's saying "omfg she has the BEST eyebrows I've ever seen!" Sorry about your menstrual cycles.

Genuinely concerned about how easily triggered certain retards itt get. Grow the fuck up and find something worth being mad or annoyed about.

No. 1787668

I'm just sick of how every girl gets shit on but she's somehow defended against everything. NO ONE GIVES A FUCK THAT YOU LIKE HER EYEBROWS. I'm sick of the useless compliments.

No. 1787674

Sounds personal kek

No. 1787675

>Sorry about your menstrual cycles
troon detected
finally someone said it. these people been really mean and nasty with the tour girls just because they fuck Goiter or that’s their delusion but don’t you dare say something about Layna. pretty sus.

No. 1787755

File: 1678680470021.jpg (24.68 KB, 559x460, 1664280197787.jpg)

>Points out the disproportionate response to offhand comments on LC of all places
>Receives a disproportionately emotional response

No. 1787824

You're assuming the people defending Layna and shitting on the girls are the same people. I for one shit on both.

No. 1787831

No one gives a fuck that you don’t like her eyebrows. The push to make sure no one says anything even remotely positive about Layna ever is so fucking weird. You sound like a retarded 12 year old. Layna looks fine and even isn’t involved with JC’s bullshit anymore. Stop pouting and being such a messy bitch.

No. 1787872

File: 1678711079400.webm (1.78 MB, 888x1486, Goiter ‘’dance’’.webm)

Grandpa’s dance moves are sending me rn

No. 1787913

>Genuinely concerned about how easily triggered certain retards itt get. Grow the fuck up and find something worth being mad or annoyed about.
it really sounds like you need to take your own advice. layna is milkless and nitpicking her selfies is boring and redundant but trying to control what other people post will just make you crazy, unless mods step in and address it it’s never going away. I would learn to get over it.
This is lolcow, people don’t come here to post positive stuff about others lol.

No. 1787923

if you mute he just looks like a lost old man who is getting increasingly frustrated

No. 1787934

haha she deserves to be with a man with a history of abuse becos she’s ugly haha

No. 1787952

>Layna…even isn’t involved with JC’s bullshit anymore
Exactly, so why are her selfies still posted in Jonny’s thread? Let this nobody fade back into the obscurity she came from like all the other Jonny groupies before and after her

No. 1788015

You know the thread is dead when one anon doesn’t like her eyebrows, one does, and there’s this much back and forth about it kek
+ People say positive things about cows all the time, it’s called an opinion and in other threads people typically just keep scrolling instead of sperging about it.

No. 1788017

As if she doesn’t know. All these chicks take their chances knowing exactly what he is.

No. 1788022

I'm mildly interested in Layna just to see if she'll ever talk more about what really happened. Don't care about her selfies or eyebrows tho.

No. 1788036

File: 1678730705861.png (191.93 KB, 897x863, 296474906278211.png)

No. 1788039

yes like the eyebrows are bad but she was being paid in yeezys and flights to get fucked by this disgrace of a man, like there are worst things to say about her tbh

No. 1788042

Skid is not Mexican or Hispanic get your facts straight. That means storm isn’t Mexican either. Where do you source your info from?

No. 1788043

His voice really took a turn for the worst, oof

No. 1788053

i think she's said it on her stories. people like syd often say they are like 0.69% black to feel special/interesting. sorta like when dull people cake themselves in tattoos and fake designer (cough goiter). it's a cheap way to seem interesting.

No. 1788055

File: 1678732672556.jpg (43.89 KB, 515x756, pretty.jpg)

fuck me she looks pretty here, what happened?

No. 1788074

i thought she said she wasn’t kek

No. 1788081

No. 1788130

ok fair actually.

No. 1788194

ayrt and that screenshot was from Jonny’s ig, the second post tagged is some tinfoil and the last one was me kek because i thought she was but its just Syd’s larping

No. 1788203

She just aged, that photo is probably 15 years old.

No. 1788728

that outfit alone looks like it’s from Forever 21 2001

No. 1788935

I work in a retirement home and this both looks and sounds like a patient acting up, but to a lazy drum beat. KEK

well, she used to be his type I guess.

No. 1789037

I can’t get over how tiny he is like… this mf built like a literal flea and looks like a snork with hyperpigmentation- I know there’s infighting about how his exes look but he was punching up with every single one of them

No. 1789101

File: 1678898591555.jpg (Spoiler Image, 51.66 KB, 555x517, 335608837_938102553994477_2975…)

Looking like a dude who only eats dinosaur chicken nuggets and can't tie his shoes. Long ride on the short bus.

No. 1789222

File: 1678911923578.jpeg (207.5 KB, 828x1656, 12E56B71-5D09-44F9-B140-8213C6…)

Skid getting any these child support?

No. 1789303

Sage for no contribution, but just realised cobhead is the guy who helped Taylor and Jonny move into the atrium house years ago - people were speculating he was her drugdealer (alongside of the girl with him).

No. 1789331

File: 1678923172534.png (185.55 KB, 563x542, nRC94mV-2624523611.png)


No. 1789336


No. 1789365

he looks like he smells like stale Marlboro reds and sweat

No. 1789368

those fucking fingers ewwww i wanna take a bath just by looking at this picture

No. 1789387

he’s so developmentally delayed, posing with tiny stacks of cash like it’s a flex. every normal person makes money everyday, and aren’t so insecure they feel the need to pose with their paycheque on social media to prove they’re making money kek.

No. 1789392

He’s usually so broke even he is amazed when he has money so he needs to document the occasion.

No. 1789437

>just broke bitch things

No. 1789481

File: 1678940665370.png (796.71 KB, 1080x2022, 1678860488527.png)

Not really milk or anything that interesting but this chick scorpioxlady is a lolcow dweller who shit talks multiple different cows in their comment sections, but sucks JC off in his comment section on every instagram post he makes. I remember from years ago she was a superfan of his and would comment on all of his posts/youtube videos ect ect. Even got a picture with him 5+ years ago. I find it interesting she's calling someone out here yet she's okay with JC abusing women? Anyways only posting because I think this bitch is cringe and absolutely stalks this thread, probably talks shit about any female in JC's orbit and cowtips.

(I remember even back in the JC threads Syd called her out on her ig story but I thought nothing of it at the time.)

Anyway only posting because I'm bored and noticed she kept popping up under other cows posts so she's clearly from here. Personal tinfoil is that she's one of the schizos because she clearly has too much time on her hands and she's simping for this filth >>1789101

No. 1789483

saged it because it's pretty irrelevant.

No. 1789535

They're friends because they took a picture together? That logic doesn't make sense, and I'm not even trying to be rude. Band members take pictures with sooo many people.

Oh great, the site is fucked up again. Posts won't load in here for me and the camgirls thread is literally backwards and upside down (Sabrina Nellie is my guilty pleasure cow)

No. 1789573

johnny wishes a girl who looks like this would be obsessed with him kek. doubt. reeks of self post

No. 1789584

They meant the person who commented, not the girl in the photo (took me a minute to figure it out)

No. 1789588

sage for ot but why is her buttcheeck wedged so far apart kek

No. 1789747

She's a camwhore named Sabrina Nellie who is basically homeless and she absolutely does not look like this, she's a drugged out filter queen who doesn't have custody of any of her kids and escorts for extra money.

No. 1789749

Same anon but in retrospect, they'd actually be perfect for each other kek

No. 1789763

Goiter likes a camwhore, is basically homeless, is a drugged out filter queem who doesn't have custody of any of his kids… match made in heaven

No. 1789770

is this the same scorpioxlady that was thirsty for those untalented mf from the soundclout world like years ago? guess some people never change

No. 1790110

File: 1679038495091.jpeg (172.74 KB, 1170x1603, 78892324-A456-4199-87D0-9543C5…)

There are so many stories like this with young girls. Genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if there were hundreds.

No. 1790177

KEK she sounds familiar i’m pretty sure she has a thread here

No. 1790178

You guys are retarded. In the original post I was saying this scorpioxlady stalks cows and cowtips. Sabrina the camwhore being the cow in question. She obviously has a thread here.
(The relevance was that the weird cowtipper has stalked goiter throughout the years and is a superfan who also reads and frequents his thread)

No. 1790194

File: 1679059659321.jpeg (39.41 KB, 1046x1600, goiter.jpeg)

(vid shows a man kicking a ball at small kids making them fall on the ice)

I have a tinfoil that Goiter has grown to resent Storm and maybe children in general. He want's his flex-boi life style but the money, time, classes etc are frustrating his pea sized brain. The flexing small amounts of cash is also distasteful considering the state pays for his kid, court time, classes etc and a 3rd party is caring for his choild. Storms gonna want to know why Goiter pumped fent into his blood, panned him off to his Grandma, takes photos with small amounts of cash and never really tried.

No. 1790204

Sad as hell. I could understand a little more if he were in his 20’s but he’s almost 40 at this point. It’s honestly disgusting.

No. 1790217

Blogpost warning!

No surprise at all, goiter shows all the signs for narcissistic personality disorder and psychopathy.

Thinks of himself as a god, grandiosity about pretty much everything, no empathy for others as confirmed by exes, never admits to wronging people or makes any amends, everything he ever does is centred around himself and his image, when someone points out something he did he always deflect saying it's haters, etc.. People like that rarely change and the best strategy is to cut ties and run. It also means that was long as he lives and breathe, you'll be getting milk.

As mentioned many times, it was never the drugs, no matter how much he's trying to blame his addiction for his behaviour. He was most likely this way before the drugs, during his addiction, and now during sobriety.(armchairing)

No. 1790240

you should learn the meaning of words before you try to use them anon, it makes you look like an idiot otherwise. the phrase you're looking for is "armchair psychology." also, announcing that you're breaking the rules doesn't make it okay to break the rules

No. 1790252

Well, someone is passive aggressive today. Forgot to take your Xanax and Pinot Grigio Karen?

No. 1790279

File: 1679070429267.jpg (225.8 KB, 825x1722, Screenshot_20230317-120333_Bra…)

Change in venue already, wonder what caused that? Not a good sign at the very least
Also does anyone know what visa you need to perform in England? Would his current court issues not get in the way of that or is England more lenient? For all we know he hasn't finished the visa process yet and is just assuming he'll be let in

No. 1790282

I wish I had a screenshot but someone in his comment section asked if the UK is gonna let him in and he replied with “they better”

No. 1790305

yall need to be quick to take screenshots because this is a fucking imageboard smh

No. 1790308

not that anon but newfaggy you need to learn the board culture if you wanna pass and not end up banned for being a retard

No. 1790328

Oh wow he's performing a short stroll away from me. Maybe I'll go and report back here.

No. 1790397

Bridgwater is nowhere near Swansea (they’re in different countries), what a weird switch

No. 1790462

>unforeseen circumstances
Nobody wanted to waste their money…

No. 1790620

god im so tempted

No. 1790623

File: 1679141917942.png (81.25 KB, 679x1623, Screenshot_20230318_081355_com…)

Same anon, did some research and if he was brought to the UK by a UK firm or promoter then he's good with no visa but I think he needs to let them know and get his passport stamped when he arrives. I'm probably actually going to assume he's got a guy in the UK paying him just cause I doubt he's capable of organizing an out of country tour. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/visiting-the-uk-as-a-creative-professional-from-a-non-visa-national-country

No. 1791527

File: 1679242645713.jpeg (550.63 KB, 1170x2082, A6C0A983-BE6E-4921-A797-438B2B…)

Can someone please come get their grandpa? He’s wandering the halls naked again

No. 1791541

File: 1679244647417.jpeg (263.01 KB, 1170x2077, 6BB7204E-1911-495F-89D2-993269…)

No. 1791577

kek his shadow's still got a pot belly and backfat. Jonny's a bigger catfish than any of his exes

No. 1791743

File: 1679272208796.jpeg (405.63 KB, 1284x2653, D810C0D8-3AE0-4939-A9EA-57B487…)

“look at all my money” but living in an apartment with 8 dudes, bought a shitty car, asking fans for $3k to replace stolen equipment

No. 1791777

>scamming a couple thousand by pretending my equipment was stolen was calculated
yeah checks out

No. 1791803

Ah the old Michigan bankroll trick. I think it’s hilarious how this retard shows himself flashing wads of cash while he broadcasts his every location. Surely no musicians have ever been killed because of that kek

No. 1791843

Does he not have a bank account or does he intentionally take out cash to take lame selfies with it kek

No. 1791851

Okay you guysss. Jonny has proved us all wrong. We should have never denied him. Now let us all marvel as he buys a decent car, stops e-begging for places to stay on tour, replaces all of cobwebhead’s “stolen” equipment, buys a mansion, and spends all of our rents in shoes with the 2k that he just flashed and has to split amongst 4 people.

No. 1791852

File: 1679286635099.jpeg (34.39 KB, 1170x435, 7CD28EBD-9E0B-4A07-9ACA-59FAE5…)

Sick comeback as usual lil jon. Keep flexing your packed dive bars though.

No. 1791870

what’s that from

also lol he’s probably tryna keep his pay under the radar out of fear syd would try to claim it

No. 1791881

File: 1679291601048.png (425.25 KB, 1080x1330, Screenshot_20230320-004132~2.p…)


No. 1791883

KEK. So accurate.

No. 1791884

File: 1679291667839.jpeg (43.43 KB, 1170x1903, 30383813-2985-43BF-9747-4BEF93…)

Well this display of wealth lasted for all of 5 hours kek… Maybe use your wads of cash to get a 2-star hotel room for you and your insane clout posse?

No. 1791885

What is more funny, the fact that he can’t afford a hotel or the fact that him and his friends seemingly don’t know anyone in so many of the cities they go to. Burnt too many bridges? Keeeek.

No. 1791891

He looks like a vomiting walrus

No. 1791983

Lmao still mooching off people everywhere he goes like a parasite.

Not to mention his opening act and backing band are also his roomates, driver, promoter, pretty much his little bitches that willingly let goiter use them like a sock puppet. Heck if they are actual socks, goiter would also use them as his cum sock cause he is that gross

No. 1791985

For anyone who doesnt know, Jacksonville is full of drugs and ghettos/ trailer trash/ marines on base. The venues are not big. Why is he lowballing him self so bad? Good news is, hes more likely to get his ass kicked.Id go just to record the inevitable beatdown
Also, so many cheap motels there, its sooooo telling how broke he is by him e begging for a place to stay. $45 dollars a night at a motel is too costly? Hmmmmmmm

No. 1791993

I’m kekking. why Jacksonville? not even Wilmington? are there even any venues in Jacksonville? it’s stinky, redneck, and poor af

No. 1792021

Mfer actually using meitu/beautycam kek
He's like those strippers that get one good night or store up a month's worth of tips and drug money for a staged photo to show how much they're ~thriving~ before having to put half to their credit card bill and the other half to their crippling drug addiction
Yeah these are definitely from shows since cover is usually cash and if he's taking a cut from the bar that's probably mostly cash too. This is how most band idiots lose half their cash cause they don't deposit it immediately and instead see the "stacks" and go party with the full amount on them which gets blown on booze, drugs, and stupid shit that night (getting worse the higher they get). I'm guessing >>1791884 is evidence of at the very least an unwillingness to spend smart since saving money from couch surfing is how you get your shit stolen. 50$ in drug money isn't worth your life or equipment. Unless he's using it to score groupies and is only accepting offers from women

No. 1792092

i’m sure they lurk and not in the “bruh” way

No. 1792624

File: 1679412431554.jpeg (290.35 KB, 1170x1450, 2F2EAD8E-B902-4FD9-93F1-573A7B…)

Kek. When JC’s nobody friend is higher on the bill than he is.

No. 1792712

Graphic design is my passion. So many things are hilarious about this. I love that when you search “keep my secrets” pretty much no search results come up for cobwebhead other than one of his YouTube videos. Then when you search “keep my secrets music” some other emo band called Keep Your Secrets comes up instead.
>All ages
Well that’s a given. The younger the better for ol’ goiter
>No bozos
Kek no comment

No. 1792717

File: 1679421055733.jpeg (55.76 KB, 1170x2289, 619DC97A-081C-48F0-8889-F6045D…)

what is gramps on about

No. 1792718

goiter and all ages should never be in the same sentence ick

No. 1792731

File: 1679423040566.jpeg (323.57 KB, 1170x1926, 31F3B1D0-8FB7-48A7-9048-D58737…)

Cutie BPD mother.

No. 1792804

File: 1679430290148.jpeg (115.29 KB, 1170x2072, F6C1EDD7-3CEC-4B45-8BD3-06FF1D…)

Interesting. “Unforeseen circumstances” why not just say why it was cancelled?

No. 1792811

so uh do people not driving get a refund or what

No. 1792825

>please drive 4 hours to come see me play in a mundane suburban town to get your $15 refund
Scammer JC is back at it again

No. 1792837

File: 1679433828619.jpeg (321.11 KB, 1169x2041, 5D464796-9BAB-404B-9442-32388D…)

Actually anon it’s “unseen circumstances” according to Jonny so I guess he had his eyes close when the venue told him to fuck off or whatever happened kek. Here’s the venue he bailed on doing more to inform his fans and promote his next show than he is. By honoring the tickets at the next show they’re admitting that so few tickets sold for either that the second venue can accommodate everyone from the first too lmao

No. 1792900

Kek her face looks digitally painted on.

No. 1792913

File: 1679445910771.jpg (1.22 MB, 2270x3405, mask.jpg)

Kek her eyes and smug smirk look like the guy fawkes mask

No. 1792924

Absolutely confident this is Skid self posting. Shes so vain she cant stand not being mentioned in this thread every few posts.

No. 1792958

kek but that was Layna

No. 1792972

Holy shit kek. I wonder if that’s why they cancelled.

No. 1792982

those circumstances were 100% foreseen by us
nobody wants to come out for a goblin singing off his phone with a hack band

No. 1792985

File: 1679453586309.jpeg (86.55 KB, 1108x870, CB6F45F4-88E9-4282-BC8D-8FF5D5…)

Ew look at keepmysecrets nasty teeth. Both him and goiter look like they smell of old cheese.

No. 1792990

File: 1679454039831.jpeg (715.31 KB, 3465x3465, 8008E817-D084-4A30-B218-2C8019…)

He answered you Nona.

No. 1793010

Imagine thinking you're dunking on someone by your music being unsearchable lmao

No. 1793015

File: 1679459484765.jpeg (65.62 KB, 1169x700, B490D800-6947-4BA0-871C-E638B0…)

Maybe he should have told that to the people who made the flier. Even they dgaf what he’s called. How dare I not know the name of his music act with 2k youtube subscribers and 8k instagram followers. He sure showed me kek. I’m glad for the correction so now I know he’s a proud pants pisser

No. 1793017

File: 1679460273084.png (149.44 KB, 714x618, 4FCADB75-0C2C-4FE8-A588-C8457E…)

Jonny and his dwindling number of groupies.

No. 1793075

File: 1679471310784.jpeg (356.63 KB, 1170x1919, 0CBEBF8D-4978-4AC9-88E7-EBD63B…)

All she’s been posting lately are throwbacks and unflattering close ups of her clown face

No. 1793078

Her ass looks great there. JC should shack up with her again.

No. 1793124

Yes please i love the goiter and skidney era, no better soulmates really 11:11

No. 1793129

They ARE 11:11 because they are the same soul. 11 and 11. The same heart. (Personal tinfoil and a theory many people believe is that NPD and BPD are actually the same disorder but BPD is just unmasked NPD, if this is the case they really are twinflames kek.)

No. 1793155

Imagine Goiter meeting himself online. He'd be flinging the insults like "Take your meds", go look after yo kid" etc right at himself.

Wonder why he gives himself a pass to be a retard whilst holding everyone else to completely arbitrary standards lol

No. 1793158

File: 1679492054262.jpeg (63.04 KB, 1043x1600, signal-2023-03-22-133309.jpeg)

he literally posted a video of a retarded kid showing off his drip thinking it was funny…. completely unaware this EXACTLY HOW HE LOOKS/ACTS ONLINE kek. He's such a tit.

No. 1793192

Her BPD cant handle being irrelevant kekek

No. 1793228

wtf syd lmaooo i thought it was abby brown

No. 1793267


Hey Goiter or one of his PR! Why is Goiter unable to see the irony? Do you guys explain it to him? Has he ever gone like "oh shit, I act like that retarded kid"? Genuinely

No. 1793485

File: 1679529191483.png (1.04 MB, 1284x2778, 19A32FDB-ED30-42E2-B95B-59C5A3…)


No. 1793517

No white knight at all, but it could be some dumb kid who made fan art.

No. 1793922

File: 1679597883895.jpeg (47.55 KB, 1170x2080, 20F73E3C-55CA-4A6B-A5AC-928117…)

Kinda hard when that’s like 99.9999999% of all people in existence

No. 1793925

File: 1679597966363.jpeg (59.14 KB, 1170x2082, A47F57ED-DC45-442E-BD5C-F38FD1…)

Self-awareness reaching all-time lows

No. 1793955

Who's roasting him now? I wish he would screenshot it so I could cheer her on kek.

No. 1793962

File: 1679603689736.png (3.86 KB, 600x118, sad.PNG)


No. 1794184

her friend in two weeks: I have chlamydia, hepatitis, and a raging case of MRSA

No. 1794201

File: 1679639117107.jpeg (56.01 KB, 1170x2039, 4ED6545A-61BF-4B79-BC7D-7FD887…)

Dont think too hard JC your brain might explode

No. 1794238

File: 1679647134848.jpeg (136.8 KB, 1170x1444, 99563528-D2D0-485E-B6CC-7A1BB0…)

Kek even the venues don’t know who he is and don’t give enough of a shit to even spell his name right.

No. 1794285

bruh they day you aren't broke is the day the State isn't paying for your kids

No. 1794309

I am not WK’ing but actually impressed he’s remembering words to multiple songs… he’s come a long way from the last tour with the iPad.

Wtf is with that nose chain? TND was wearing one too

Is $15 cheap for a show like that in US? What would be the going rate for say someone like Kurt Travis?

No. 1794334

I believe the tickets to Kurts shows were around $40-$50.
I love that goiter is playing broom closets for local small band prices. He's remembering the words but his time has passed.
He's a waste of space.

No. 1794344

File: 1679663222966.png (63.49 KB, 1799x867, 111111.PNG)

Looks like cobweb head fits in with goiter perfectly. This chick on facebook says he's an abuser who also doesn't see his children. 1/2

No. 1794345

File: 1679663290340.png (7.65 KB, 224x449, 222222222222222222.PNG)

No. 1794348

File: 1679663946737.png (15.55 KB, 701x723, 33333333333333333333333.PNG)

Saging because I dont think its that milky but they banned her from going to the show last night.

No. 1794350

File: 1679664201291.png (22.41 KB, 664x686, 44444.PNG)

aaaaand last one. Birds of a feather.

No. 1794352

File: 1679664665139.png (114.8 KB, 684x787, 55.PNG)

He could probably have a thread of his own but I'm posting here because he sucks JC off every night before bed.

No. 1794353

File: 1679664724665.png (5.46 KB, 590x106, 66.PNG)

No. 1794356

File: 1679664987529.png (12.11 KB, 647x422, 77.PNG)

More cobweb head reviews.

No. 1794358

I would kill to see what kind of retarded monkey's show up to these clowns shows. You'd have to have some type of mental deficiency. (Looking at their tagged photos while on tour and KEK)

No. 1794368

File: 1679666974914.jpeg (307 KB, 1170x2054, 59CF5718-F954-4990-BC1C-785E20…)

Even more retarded to let these freaks sleep in their houses

No. 1794372

File: 1679667726756.jpeg (60.49 KB, 1170x397, 15875DED-5EB8-4FAB-9EC0-EB3E30…)

Sounds like tour is going well.

No. 1794374

Imagine your whole career and ego being fueled by attaching yourself to a complete loser you're dickriding and you still have the audacity to be mad there's not enough "bitches" to go around KEK. Keep your standards in the gutter and I'm sure you'll find a warm hole for the night you clown.
Emo rap has been a dead genre since before you even attempted your pathetic career. Better start learning how to scan groceries since that's what you'll be doing in a few years. Mongaloid.

No. 1794380

I actually love this for goiter and mayor of spooky town cause these two losers will keep sucking each other off and manipulate each other for clout/money for all I care. Its nice to see karma is finding its way into goiter and cobweb really, they both deserve each other and they dying careers

No. 1794386

We thought Skid was perfect for him but it was really spiderhead all along. I wonder if his big forehead tattoo hits JC's fat belly when he goes to town on him each night.

No. 1794387

Cole is known as a clown where I'm from. He started hanging out with the washed up fat loser and then started acting like he's a big deal. The only reason Jonny Craig allowed Cole to vacuum seal to his anus in the first place is because he is constantly DESPERATE for yes men/enablers since he burns every bridge possible in record time. What a promising career Cole kek. The only people that think you're cool are crackhead bitches who have rotted half their brain out of their skull. OR desperate ugly chicks who no one else wants to spend time with. JC and Cole are the bottom feeders of society, all by their own choosing, and they know it in their hearts too.

No. 1794435

I’m happy for his roommate/taxi driver lolbro for moving on from ass kissing. JC seemed to dump him for greener pastures/a new butt-buddy when he saw an opportunity. Guy has no sense of loyalty.

No. 1794470

Spiderhead, Coal, KEEPYOURSECRETIONS, I just want you to know you look straight out of the House of Habsburg and Jonny hates you

No. 1794478

Whole crew looking inbred.

No. 1794490

more like shack of Hapsburg lbr

No. 1794563

That is genuinely one of the best clean insults I have ever heard. Fitting too!

No. 1794594


they are great together. better than if he was hanging around with nice folk and making good decisions. looking forward to the chapter where spoder-head and goiter fall out and start vague posting dirt on each other.