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File: 1674762004982.jpg (609.91 KB, 1080x1236, 1674535157400.jpg)

No. 1752926

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1702642
Current twitter(s): @BelloPanther

Rachel Aliza Leeds-Minkin is a 29 year old autistic woman from Emerald Hills, CA who has spent the majority of her life online, behaving in erratic and unusual ways that involve harassing others usually because she is denied ERP with her fictional husbandos. She's prone to show up in her threads to white knight herself while acting like "she isn't here". Incorrectly thinks a woman named Ines is admin and spergs about her regularly. Insists the site is full of CP and has admitted to having some saved on her devices for "proof".

A summary of happenings:
>She has maintained her silly little cat LARP, currently under the name BelloPanther as of posting this thread. She has reached 986 followers since.
>Tried hopping on the #DropKiwifarms movement, was barley acknowledged by the two other people still posting about it. She did get the attention of more Kiwi's because of it, however.
>She is still "coping and seething about it."
>Rachel is still living at home with her parents. She is still single. No polycule in sight.
>Amidst continuously harassing her usual FF twitter victims, she starts multiple slapfights across the platform. As always, she makes herself look like an idiot while trying to claim victory.
>Shows up in a Discord server frequented by a few FF RP twitter accounts, tries to act like she isn't her. Proceeds to post a picture of a random woman that mods the server and threatens to call CPS to get the woman's child taken away once screenshots of their interactions are posted in her thread.
>Makes a singler friend on twitter- another cat account named Meevin01. Suspected to come white knight for her here. Doesn't last long when she causes issues in a Meevin Discord server, gets banned and then causes drama about it on Twitter.
>>Falsely claimed a Kiwi tried to break into her house and then bragged about it in her KF thread only for the post to conveniently be deleted. Couldn't give the name of who posted it and didn't get a screenshot.
>Thread is relatively quiet since she doesn't realize LCF is back up after the site issues. Spergs on twitter to fill the void.
>New SilverElites twitter is spotted and she immediately starts sperging in her thread. Claims SE isn't her on both accounts and in thread despite it being obvious to anyone with eyes. Receipts get posted of her donating to someones Ko-fi acting like she isn't her and defending SE while forgetting her legal name shows up on the Paypal receipt. Its revealed she's been sending this person money for months and they've been refunding it because they want nothing to do with her.
>Spends her birthday in her thread insisting she isn't here.

Older Milk (A shitty abridged version):
>In December 2020, the first Rachel thread was made on LCF and it went relatively unnoticed, as it seemed like a personal vendetta.
>Most of the first thread covered her harassing roleplayers and random cat accounts on Tumblr, Twitter, and other sites. This included stalking, sending death threats, making a ton of accounts that got banned for her breaking ToS.
>Rachel discovered her thread and has a complete autistic keyboard smashing meltdown, which included her sending her unredacted ID to someone over Discord. This went about as well as you'd expect.
>With her continuing to freak out, she quickly filled threads. A Kiwifarms thread was made, as well as threads on smaller sites.
>Rachel's online behavior became even more bizarre, and she started blaming everything on Ines (who she believes "owns" LCF), believing everyone posting was Ines, etc.
>She teamed up with known lolcows Elaine Miller and Angry Canadian/Michael Thurlow.
>Alogged by Blaine Gaven Ross, who was the primary derailer of the prior threads.
>Says that she's skinny and beautiful despite being a hamplanet, likes to call other people Fatty Patty. Insert comment about her five boyfriends and two girlfriends here.
>Has an unhealthy obsession with Bad Dragon type dildos and animal genitalia. "Beautiful pour" has become a bit of an in-joke because of how she claims to be into the "art" of it and not the fucking herself with them part.
>Banned from most FF7 groups, a known name in the FF and Arcana communities for her absolutely bizarre behavior.
>Posted the child of someone from the roleplay community in order to try to get the thread taken down while posing as one of her friends and talked about wanting to rape it and sell it on the Darkweb
>Admitted to possession of child porn on Onionfarms and the Metokur forums.
>She posted about how the mean people were trying to boot her off the internet but conveniently left out sending death threats, posting someone's newborn online saying she'd rape and kill it, sending gore and porn to minors, possessing child porn, etc.
>Allegedly got called at home by another cow (Blaine Gaven Ross/Erika), which made her mom begin to supervise her internet time.
>General Kiwifarms alogging, kowtowing to the trannies like a good fatty.
>Her cat is reaching morbid obesity and her hands are swelling further.
>Freely called people faggot, nigger, tranny, etc. but cries about the slightest mean words spoken towards her on the internet.
>She has continued to pretend to speak Japanese through google translate while LARPing as her cat.
>Admits to carrying a stuffed Sephiroth plushie wherever she goes.

The OP is shit, no one wanted to make it. We're here to talk about Rachel.

Prior Threads:
Thread #1: >>>/snow/1095830
Thread #2: >>>/snow/1485119
Thread #3: >>>/snow/1497013
Thread #4: >>>/snow/1508548
Thread #5: >>>/snow/1518588
Thread #6: >>>/snow/1529219
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Thread #10: >>>/snow/1561022
Kiwi Farms: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/116204/

No. 1752935

Not your personal army

No. 1752939

Rachel has been the worst derailer in her thread. >>1752935 here's proof.

No. 1752940

>12th thread
>PA rEqUeSt
Try harder to integrate, Rachel.

No. 1752942

>silly little cat LARP

then explain Cole and Marmalade, Lilbub, Maru, Grumpy Cat, Colonel Meow, Nala, Sockington, and every other cat on social media.

No. 1752943

Still not your personal army anon. Try harder.

No. 1752945

Also silly little cat larps.

Didn't ask.

No. 1752947

Wtf is even your logic here Rachel? Walk us through this and slow down please.

No. 1752974

File: 1674764109500.jpeg (174.02 KB, 750x942, B94C81C0-03B2-40B4-91E0-335936…)

No. 1752977

File: 1674764162792.jpeg (54.07 KB, 750x331, FB567380-A561-458C-846F-9AA373…)

No. 1752979

File: 1674764236969.jpeg (46.74 KB, 749x230, 3B75C17A-94D9-42C8-B40A-455CC0…)

No. 1752989

File: 1674764619960.jpeg (60.79 KB, 750x265, 8D949B7C-EC90-4E58-BF26-940161…)

Asked for proof in the last thread, glad to oblige.

No. 1753007

File: 1674765166424.jpeg (120.79 KB, 750x581, 511BE270-C2FF-440F-9992-D79CA4…)

No. 1753033

File: 1674766930346.jpeg (130.38 KB, 750x1008, 67DE736E-3A58-4366-A7DC-C0D7CD…)

Not here yet retweets this shit LMAO

No. 1753038

Still not your personal army.

No. 1753041


Which is funny considering you were female to begin with. She turns you lesbian.

Unless you want to put yourself as male, which isn’t allowed here.

Which still isn’t even a W, because faggot.

No. 1753042

Okay, then don't come to the thread. Simple as.

No. 1753043

She’s not here. Cry harder.

No. 1753044

Still not your army anon. Stop trying to make threads about irrelevant shit on irrelevant people because you’re pressed.

No. 1753045

Click the red X at the top of the window. No one cares how you feel about the thread.

No. 1753050

You're fucking retarded lmao

No. 1753051

Jfc, you can't read can you

No. 1753054

Only I’m not, faggot. So tell us, are you outing yourself as male and gay and deserving of a ban?

No. 1753055

Only person here who can’t read is you likely lol

Just like how you thought mahkohime was an RP account like hahahahhah

No. 1753056

Still not your personal army anon. Stop posting about irrelevant shit about an irrelevant person.

No. 1753057

Doesn't change the fact that Rachel was having a fit about being blocked by them

No. 1753058

File: 1674768375637.jpg (24.24 KB, 500x460, 1661436862372.jpg)

>Only I'm […]
>All posted with in seconds of each other.
Whine more.

No. 1753059

Rachel meltdowns are always so fun.

No. 1753062

Clearly they were a lesbian until they saw Rachel. How can you be this retarded?

No. 1753063

Berchal doesn't know what comedy is nonna.

No. 1753065

Berchal also being homophobic while riding for the gays on twitter.

No. 1753066

Just the worst look for her really, it's rather clear that the Berch Bitch disdains anyone who she can't get sex from. It's why she loves trans women the most. And hates them the most when they refuse her.

No. 1753067

It is impressive that she is still in these threads doing this. Also, impressive that she's still such a bitch to any person who comes in contact with her. I miss when that one ex friend came in and poured her heart out about how she tried to be nice to Rachel, and then Rachel was fucking mean to her in thread.

No. 1753068

That isn’t her, and no. It was about the people making SilverElitism’s friend block them.

No. 1753069

Love that for her but mostly us nonnie.

No. 1753071

If someone is "forced" to block Rachel because of FIC or the community supposedly harassing them or forcing them to, it's definitely just the account holder spewing some bullshit so they can block her without her going full retard and she eats it up because she's too stupid to see that she's getting played.

No. 1753072

File: 1674769233003.jpeg (84.62 KB, 426x379, B0BC2C91-3F65-44F0-BB57-511A28…)

Triple posting just so you can try to fatshame her when
1. She isn’t here
2. you’re probably pushing Tammy slaton’s weight yourself and your keyboard is covered in grease from KFC

No. 1753074

No. It is FIC and people who follow their obsessed ass scaring mahkohime because they’re at threat of being blackballed if they don’t do what FIC says.

You know nothing about mob mentality despite being another sheep in a herd of them.

No. 1753075

Lmao you can't accept she doesn't want to be your friend Rachel and you got played like a fiddle, cry more.

No. 1753076

File: 1674769382361.gif (2.73 MB, 640x360, battlefield-battlefieldearth.g…)

The machine milks itself like an oroborus you see.

No. 1753077

I mean, that checks out. FIC and Gaia's post proof of her having meltdtowns when she's denied friends in the FF fandoms lol

No. 1753078

She hasn’t been here in whole [b]threads[/b] anon. You’re either hallucinating or chimping out because you want her desperately to be here because you’re so obsessed with her.

You’re going to make a tulpa at this rate if you keep insisting she’s here.

No. 1753079

NTA but one of them, not a triple post. Thats reserved for you.
If thinking any of us are fat makes you feel better, sure.

No. 1753080

It doesn’t check out at all. FIC is a cult leader at this point with a small army of peons willing to do whatever FIC wants because they can’t think for themselves. And damned be the collateral damage.

FIC is probably just some 40-50 year old dyke scratching her smegma encrusted bush somewhere and making retarded beavis and butthead laughter as people believe the heinous and ridiculous shit she says.

No. 1753081

Tl;dr nobody cares

No. 1753083

Then why are you replying, Bertha?

No. 1753085

LMAO bbcode doesn't work here Rachel, learn to integrate you dumb cow.
Speaking of bbcode…How does that perpetual f-list ban taste?

No. 1753086

The only milk being provided here is coming from your udders, anon. You keep making these dumb threads about stupid shit when you could be doing something, almost literally anything else. You could get a job and stop being such a burden on your parents.

No. 1753089

File: 1674769686330.jpeg (376.57 KB, 750x638, CC2A222F-EE3B-4A3B-8E04-B4E498…)

She’s not here. Seek help.

No. 1753090

She isn’t here. Keep crying, your tears are delicious.

No. 1753091

Keep bitching about people warning about your shitty ass behavior Bertha and you can't use your fucking autism as an excuse given so many fucking people are autistic these days

No. 1753093

That anon isn't the OP, I am.
You're an idiot and you keep coming here to give us milk. We don't even have to look for it most of the time. Please, keep doing it.

Typical Rachel post.

No. 1753094

Rachel you know I cursed you by putting a tulpa onto you last year right?

No. 1753095

File: 1674769784426.jpeg (29.65 KB, 600x600, 4C0F9FB0-B68C-4F02-99F5-F82294…)

She’s not here. Keep throwing your toddler tantrum, it makes me laugh.

The fact you’re so pressed to keep insisting that mahkohime didn’t block her because she was threatened by FIC and co. is pathetic.

No. 1753096

Cult leader lmao
Girl people don't like you, it isn't a cult. FIC is retarded but since you're too busy focusing on how you're the victim you can't see why and where they went wrong. As a hint, it had nothing to do with you or your constant slapfights.

I'm not spoonfeeding it to you either so good luck.

No. 1753098

She isn’t here. Keep crying, obsessed retard.

No. 1753099

Hey OP. Eat a fucking dick. This is not berchal btw.

No. 1753101

You keep coming here and making threads to give us milk, not Rachel, but you. You think you have any control over her, but she’s not here and she doesn’t think about you or even know you exist. Keep crying.

No. 1753102

Typical Rachel post

No. 1753103

Rachel LARPing as the tranny shtick is so funny to me because not only is it terrible it's so bizarre at the same time.

No. 1753104

>berch berch

You’re like a little retarded toddler using dada or mama lmao

No. 1753105

Whip it out bb

No. 1753106

You spent your entire birthday on here crying about it, retard. You'll never get that time back but I spent that entire day laughing at you and have no regrets because it was time well spent.

No. 1753107

You mothercucker lol

No. 1753108

And yet there’s no proof of her having done it

I have yet to see any proof of these cp spamming claims when it was probably Spooky Bones, DBS, Blaine, or some other sorry sap looking for a scapegoat.

No. 1753109

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery is the thing…

No. 1753110

Yes, thats the idea. I and others come to give Rachel milk. Entire point of the site. I don't want control over her nor do I care if she thinks about me kek

No. 1753111

She didn't accuse you of CP spam just larping as the tranny because a lot of us can tell which posts are which. Way to confirm for the billionth time you spam CP.

No. 1753112

You have no actual proof she was here tho. She probably spent it enjoying a party with her family, friends, and harem while you “laughed” at someone you thought was her because you are obsessed.

No time of hers wasted at all.

No. 1753113

NTA but it says Berch Bitch you illiterate dumbass hahaha

No. 1753114

She doesn’t want your disgusting milk tho, because she hasn’t been here fatty

No. 1753115

Rachel when can we expect you to go to jail for raping your mom?

No. 1753116

Nobody cares retarded toddler. Go back to your hug box.

No. 1753119

Harem? What harem? Lmao
If she had a harem, they'd be telling her stupid ass to stop whining and bitching about getting blocked as well as tell her to stop making a damn fool out of herself lol

No. 1753120

No one is trying to give HER milk or said anything remotely about that, weirdo.

No. 1753121

I'm in my hugbox.

No. 1753122

Holy fuck she called these threads her hugbox because it's the only place she can get any attention. Jesus Christ how pathetic. I almost feel bad but then I remember she still sleeps with her mom and has likely raped children.

No. 1753123

File: 1674770516885.jpg (760.46 KB, 2048x1464, sub-buzz-545-1644422660-6.jpg)

I do have proof, because here you are again and if that were true you wouldn't be such a butthurt sperg trying to show us how happy and successful and unbothered you are. Cope and seethe about it, beautiful pour, Sephiroth will never have sex with you, yadda yadda.

No. 1753124

She’s not here. Cry harder.

No. 1753126

Sure you are fatty. Go tell your tard wrangler what you’ve been doing.

No. 1753127

You simply stomping your feet and sperging out while crying in despair “I have proof! I have proof!” In your nasally voice isn’t proof.

No. 1753128

Rachel why do you keep doing this? If you stop posting (both here and on twitter or other places) people will leave you alone.

No. 1753129

Nope. These threads are a farmer’s hugbox.

No. 1753130

You're on our site white knighting a cow (if you're not her which big doubt) so where else would my hug box be? Didn't think that through, did ya?

No. 1753131

She’s not here. She hasn’t been here. Cry more about it.

She has every right to be on twitter and if you try to control her, that’s just you projecting because you have no control over your own life. Thank god you can’t control her.

No. 1753132

File: 1674770753715.jpg (595.14 KB, 1501x1080, incognitorachel.jpg)

Since this is a new thread I can repost this meme

No. 1753133

“Cow” when you’re a cow for posting these threads or being in agreement with the people who do while insisting you’re not terminally online

No. 1753134

Insists she's not here but retweets the fucking Mpreg Sephiroth again to "piss off" people when it just gives lolcow and KF more milk

No. 1753136

Rachel you're legitimately retarded, none of these are a hugbox. This isn't a giant gayop like kiwifarms is, this is a site where you need to tie your own noose. Not just be autistic but genuinely be so awful nobody wants to be around you. Rachel, stop taking everything so personal and try to think of this all as advice. You keep hurting yourself and you can't win our respect so why pretend you have a white knight? Why do you want to be a farmer so bad when you don't get the joke to it?

No. 1753137

Nobody is more terminally online than Rachel, except for RubinRemus.

No. 1753139

She hasn’t been here. Cope.

She hasn’t been here. Tbh, calling her polycule her harem was your idea to begin with so it’s no wonder people (and probably her included) adopted it.

She does have one and is happy in her life, happier and better than you.

No. 1753141

Projecting because you have no friends I see.

No. 1753142

Its the only source of human interaction she gets outside of her mom. She wont stop posting on twitter because the very few people that sometimes talk to her, and she wont stop posting here because its the main source.

No. 1753143

Nobody cares about your block of text retard.

No. 1753144

No. 1753145

Yeah, she's a cow. No quotes about it. Make a thread about me then.

No. 1753146

No, it’s the only source of human interaction you yourself get. She’s better than you in every regard and has a wonderful life that you will never have. It’s delicious to see you cry and project.

No. 1753147

Assumed you wouldn't read it but it makes one feel better to laugh at you hurting yourself when they see you can't be fucked to listen.

No. 1753148

Yes, we know you’re a cow.

No. 1753149

LMAO what was I projecting, retard?

Ladies at this rate we're gonna have another thread by tomorrow. She can't shut up! I love to see it.

No. 1753151

Why do you defend her so much if you know that she has such a wonderful life? Let the people laugh at her then, no need for you to get you pants in a twist. She can live her life in blissful ignorance that these threads exist lol

Or… unless… it's actuall you Rachel

No. 1753153

No. 1753154

And she does this for free she does it all for free!

No. 1753155

Why the hell would I care? I’m not her. It’s just another retard who insists she’s been offered help and that she is here when she isn’t.

No. 1753157

You know the answer to that even if she's too stupid to realize nobody buys her bullshit and can immediately pick her posts out.
She believes she's intelligent but she can't even pretend long enough to deceive someone into believing her IQ is above room temperature.

No. 1753158

She’s not here tho. Only person making another thread here is you, cow.

No. 1753159


No. 1753160

Nobody cares retard. Keep throwing a tantrum and insisting she’s here. You’re wasting your life here doing nothing of value while she excels at everything you will never have.

No. 1753161

You’re owed nothing hehe

No. 1753162

Keep trying to manifest that reality.

Tag me when you're done making my thread please and thanks!

No. 1753163

She’s not here retard lol

No. 1753164

Are you trying to imply what I think you're implying here?

No. 1753165

You're right about two things. She excels at gaining weight and being miserable, two things I can't relate to.

No. 1753167

I'd say the nonnies that drink could make a drinking game out of how many times she posts
>she's not here
in a single day but I'm afraid you'd get alcohol poisoning.

No. 1753169

No. 1753170

I'm implying that the only person that said these are their hug box is an anon when Rachel told them to go back to theirs. Seems at least one anon got confused.

No. 1753171

I've actually done this before, I do not recommend it.

No. 1753172

Glad you're still with us, anon. I can only assume you have a high tolerance with how much you must have had to drink.

No. 1753173

>The person who said this is their hugbox isn't Rachel.

No. 1753174

Not going to location dox but it's one of the places that springs to mind while drinking. Hey that's a fun idea.
Rachel instead of being negative why don't you tell us about your favorite drink?

No. 1753175

no one is trying to control you you fucking cow

No. 1753176

>Doesn't get the joke

No. 1753177

To use such bait must be some kind of monkeys paw is all.

No. 1753178

Her favorite drink is piss, there was a Sephiroth roleplayer called ArgentDarkness who ERPed with her and made a big deal of degrading her OC with piss. Then she got mad and made a "Burn Book" account she wanted to try to encourage people to call each other out on but it ended up with her outing herself for letting a literal nobody piss on her character because she was so desperate for fake Sephiroth peen

No. 1753179

Nobody cares

No. 1753181

She is the amalgamation of every farmer's sins. The worst parts of each of the ppl Rachel complains about are found in her but to a higher degree.
I care.

No. 1753182

Everyone here but you cares. You keep replying that to people but you're still here. You care.

No. 1753183

All I think about his how she admitted to wanting to fuck dinosaurs and then trying to say they were never real to try and cover up openly admitting to having thoughts of zoophilia.

No. 1753184

If you don’t like it, then don’t stalk her anon

No. 1753186

No, literally nobody cares.

None of you matter. You’re terminally online, jobless, and you’re jealous of a girl whose life is better than yours. You will never amount to anything.

No. 1753187

Dinosaurs aren’t real what are you retarded

No. 1753188

You and your opinions don’t matter

No. 1753189

Imagine willingly talking to us then.

And no, we all care.

No. 1753190

I have yet to see a single piece of proof of this claim, until then it’s all just a fabrication made by the chemical imbalance in a farmer’s mind

No. 1753191

What if I told you GaiasGod was ArgentDarkness?

No. 1753193

I’m willingly talking to you because you’re my entertainment.

And it doesn’t matter that you think you care, you’re not someone whose thoughts are taken into consideration.

No. 1753194

That was disgusting on many levels.
We do care.
You denying it is enough proof for me due to the pattern you've established so, congrats?

No. 1753195

I’m not her, retard.

No. 1753196

Even if they were fake, dinosaurs don't pass the Harkness test. Still zoophilia.

No. 1753197

Looks like you're bad at hi cowing and should leave it to the rest of us dumbass.

No. 1753198

Nobody cares. They’re not real anyhow.

It doesn’t matter that you think you care, your opinions don’t matter.

No. 1753199

“Harkness test” autist alert!

No. 1753201

You are trying to control her and it’s deliciously funny. You will never amount to anything. She will always be better than you.

I love watching you get offended. It’s so funny.

No. 1753202

*Captain Jack Harkness
Rachel we all have autism or have someone we know with autism here. That's one of the major things you've missed for a year.

No. 1753203

Someone’s trying to pretend they did.

No. 1753204

What here is controlling her? lmao

No. 1753205


No. 1753206

What do you want me to drunk stream Rachel's content?

No. 1753207

Maybe to avoid alcohol poisoning you could take a shot per 3 posts?

No. 1753208

File: 1674773005801.jpg (38.59 KB, 576x448, 5c06a2d33552da0bb715ca80fe3f8f…)

Not Rachel exposing herself by doubling down on the dinosaurs aren't real rhetoric.

No. 1753209


No. 1753210

She’s not here. Cope and seethe.

You are. You’re trying to dictate what she can and can’t do by telling her people have tried to help her and that she can’t/shouldn’t be on twitter or post anywhere. She has every right (and more than you) to be on Twitter.

No. 1753211

File: 1674773204181.png (245.63 KB, 640x848, MzxbVAwRu1kYCjzdmsPz5N207zUta5…)

Dinosaurs can't consent so they don't pass the vibe check, Rachel.

No. 1753213

rejecting help is one of the hallmarks of a true cow
well done rachel

No. 1753214

If she posts anywhere, you will try to follow her. If you had control over her:

You wouldn’t let her eat and would starve her to death because your delusional ass thinks she’s “too fat”

You would scrub her in boiling water, soap, bleach, lye whatever until there was no flesh on her bones because you think she’s “dirty”

You wouldn’t let her ever sleep again because you think she’s “lazy”.

You are trying to control her, and thank god or whatever higher power that’s something you’ll never have.

No. 1753215

Nobody ever offered her help to begin with tardlet.

No. 1753216

But that would be boring.

No. 1753217

I did.

No. 1753218

LOL that's not what's happening at all. God you're so fucking stupid. She's too stubborn and stupid to realise that people have helped her and talked to her like a human being but her emotional regulation is so poor that it doesn't work. Therapy didn't work for her.

As for people telling her what she can nor cannot post, no one has ever done that except for tell her to not post CP as retaliation because that's gonna get her in deep shit because she keeps threatening to

No. 1753219

Then you go help her, tardlet. We don't owe her anything. Funny you come here to defend her but can't go and help her personally. If you are the expert on what's wrong, certainly you should be capable of fixing it.

No. 1753220

people gave her advice. did you read the threads?

No. 1753221

The feeling is mutual, but if thats the case then why would you reply to multiple posts claiming no one cares thus trying to stop the posts since no one cares therefor killing your entertainment.

I regret to inform you that more than one anon stated they care, and the anon that posted it obviously also cares. Not to mention that street goes both ways.

No. 1753223

if you were an anon that upkept with the threads, you'd know that multiple people have tried to do this, but rachel is such a horrible person with zero emotional skills and empathy that the helpers have been burned every time
try at least a little harder to blend in

No. 1753224

I think someone should make another lcf banner about her wanting to fuck dinosaurs and then denying their existence. Artfags, please grant my wish.

No. 1753225

The banner about her wanting to fuck a "kind hearted Chad" was nice. Artfags pls

No. 1753228

Ghoulie is a good bean.

No. 1753229

Nobody cares

No. 1753230

I keep wanting to catch it as my banner so badly. It's so good.

No. 1753231

You have no proof.

You wouldn’t anyhow because you’re just another anon.

No. 1753232

Obviously you don't care, Rachel, because you're a zoophile.

No. 1753233

Are you nuts? they’re scum that deserve a bullet to the head.

No. 1753234

Proof tho?

Oh right you have none, and she’s not even here

No. 1753236

You’ll never know who actually said it

Who cares? It’s just like wanting to fuck a xenomorph. Are you going to get pissy about the entire furry community too?

No. 1753237

That's a bit extreme, Rachel. She hasn't even done anything that bad. Your personal bias is showing.

No. 1753238

They have a point. Murrsuiters are a thing. There’s probably someone out there who wears a dinosaur costume.

No. 1753240

You proved it for me Rachel by wanting to fuck dinosaurs which are very much real by the way and rather than backing down you just get more retarded.

No. 1753241

Rachel the only people who don't care about that are pedophiles, by saying this you're once again exposing how you view the world as your plaything.
It's not, you don't control anyone. Nobody else here wants to control you but we do. Know why?
You've been pissed you off enough to the point where you'll never give up, you'll always look for that sweet W that was so close that you were never going to get.
You got false hope and now you can't stop.
Wanna know how to stop the "control"? Ignore the thread.

No. 1753242

Allow me to present the furry to zoophile pipeline.

No. 1753243

Proof is in thread six, there are screen caps.

No. 1753244

Did raptors even have dicks? Science doesn’t know

No. 1753245

I'll try to make one! I don't know if the other Rachel banner is on here too or just the other LCF.


Do it bitch tits.

No. 1753247

File: 1674774047929.jpeg (49.76 KB, 620x420, 463f351b53de6feba2ca3fcba12429…)

Dinosaur costume? You sick fuck.

No. 1753249

She is a way better person than you are.
So much better I can't even put it into words, words, words.

No. 1753250

File: 1674774182315.jpeg (111.81 KB, 750x430, 9EC936F7-3174-4480-B25F-81568C…)

She was never a furry to begin with.

Paleofag here. One could argue that actual raptors weren’t as smart as Jurassic Park ones are.

In any matter, Jurassic Park velociraptors are too big.

She wants to fuck a fictional animal.

No. 1753251

“She” isn’t though. She deserves to be drowned face first in a shit filled toilet.

No. 1753252

I’m not digging again thanks.

No. 1753253

Again, do it.

No. 1753254

File: 1674774343940.gif (255.04 KB, 220x124, flerken-congratulations.gif)

A fictional animal that can't consent. If she wanted to fuck a dragon it'd still be weird but understandable as they're so often shown to be just as smart, if not smarter.
Consents the issue here, not existence.
Hey Rachel. I've not gotten mad for over six threads now, people claim I get mad a lot but I don't. You're making me mad saying this about Ghoulie. You've been warned.

No. 1753255

the more you learn

No. 1753256

They talk. They can consent. And they’re not real.

No. 1753258

The madder she gets the more she slips up and shows her ass lmao

No. 1753259

Also if she wasn’t here, why would she quote retweet this again? Like..?

No. 1753261

When do raptors talk?

No. 1753262

File: 1674774911048.gif (336.09 KB, 268x268, nah.gif)

No. 1753263

Not at all, because she’s not here. Stay delusional, it makes me laugh.

No. 1753264

What you have to let sink in is that Rachel even disgusts those degens, that's how bad she is lmao.

No. 1753265

Ghoulie is a subhuman piece of garbage and so are you if you seriously like “her”, simp.

No. 1753266

I noticed how not-her stfu when told, wasn't that the thing that would never happen? Guess I do control you.

No. 1753267

How would she? She’s not a furry, and furries don’t know or care about her.

No. 1753268

Rachel's dinosaur autism is almost as good as bringing up Sephiroth and Ines being married.

No. 1753269

She’s not on any furry’s radar unless there’s a furry here in which case, yiff in hell furfag.

No. 1753270

People liking other people despite how you feel about them does not make them a "simp". It's normal human behavior. You'd know that if you were likable.

No. 1753272

Nobody cares.

No. 1753273

>Ghoulie Simp
Yeah I'll wear that badge.
Ines is cucking sephiroth with a raptor, an actual polycule.

No. 1753274

She tried kissing the ass of Hypnotist Sappho when he got swatted lol

No. 1753275

>>1753270 whatever you say simp.

No. 1753276

Nobody knows or cares who that is aside from you.

No. 1753277

I can't simp for myself, retard. Glad you could see that post but not my other ones telling you to come do what you think I deserve.

No. 1753278

Ghoulie and “her” simp wouldn’t know what it’s like to be liked but at least they have each other! Until Ghoulie drains “her” simp’s wallet dry.

No. 1753279

Whatever you say, simp.

No. 1753280

If not her kissing ass to questionable people, it’s her trying to engage in some weird masturbatory opression relatabiity (or oppression Olympics depending) bullshit with her huh…

No. 1753281

She’s not here simp. Cry some more heehee

No. 1753282

File: 1674775432109.jpg (741.57 KB, 1439x1413, 3iqf8o.jpg)

According to my power of extrapolating information I have found out that's a furry and now I care. Try again

No. 1753283

Actually a lot of people do considering Sappho grooms kids, but pedophiles of a feather flock together. Maybe if you actually didn't discredit what KF dug up on people because you can't accept your own ugly truths you'd see just how many terrible people have been busted thanks to them.

The hardest truth of them all for you to swallow is that KF busted not one but multiple people who were torturing and killing cats for fun. For someone who loves cats as much as you claim to, you sure do love to avoid acknowledging just how instrumental kiwifarms has been in saving the lives of many animals from zoosadists.

The only person who would deny it is someone who is a zoosadist too.

No. 1753284

Hey Ghoulie is a biological woman, knock that off or I'll ship you dog shit Rachel. I swear to God I'll ship canine feces in a box to your house.

No. 1753285

Please cover it in glitter so you can simulate what she looks like when she's wearing Lolita fashion, and so that when she opens the package it will go everywhere. That's more of a curse than dog shit.

No. 1753286

Dog shit smeared on the lid, glitter bomb inside. Yeah that's fair. She should know better than trying to play the tranny card on everyone.

No. 1753287

You leave blincat out of this

No. 1753289

“She” isn’t worth “her” pronouns and good luck, you’ll be attacking Rachel for something a complete rando has told you on the internet and it will only justify how she feels even more, simp.

No. 1753290

Speaking of trannies I hope Blaine is happy knowing Rachel LARPs as him when she gets desperate.

No. 1753291

And that’s how you get out on the no fly list for the rest of your life. Enjoy staying in the same shitty little town for the rest of your life.

No. 1753292

He LARPs as her because it’s the closest he’ll ever get to being a woman

No. 1753293

Nobody knows who that is or cares besides you.

No. 1753294

You know if you covered a Sephiroth figure in dog shit and sent it to her she'd still put it in her cooter.

No. 1753296

Genuine question, are there any YouTube videos on them? Were they in the group of zoosadists like Snakething and Kero that got exposed?

No. 1753297

Good luck finding out where she lives.

No. 1753298

Lmao you retard you don't know how the no fly list works and I can assure you sending you dog shit isn't gonna put anyone on one.

No. 1753299

Rachel larps as Erika? The shock.

No. 1753300

File: 1674776458910.jpeg (242.51 KB, 750x659, B2CFE433-762D-42F1-91CE-B195A7…)

Enjoy wasting your money and getting arrested for putting a biohazard in a package. It would need to be labeled and she clearly wouldn’t open it then.

No. 1753302

It will though, and you’re gonna learn the hard way by the looks of it, simp. I’m cackling.

Keep crying about how you want Rachel to be here, it’s clear who you simp over more.

No. 1753303

You can run, you can hide, you can try to.

No. 1753304

KF thread is also decent.
Still with your parents, fatty. I'm sure if you keep it up some ween will verify it. Remember your dox is public and even if you have moved out, acting like that is only encouraging some retard to go fuck with your parents. I mean, unless you're too much of a narc to care about someone bothering your parents.

No. 1753307

People ship drugs through the mail on a daily basis and you think they're gonna get mad about dogshit? NGMI

No. 1753310

Go fuck up her parents then. I don’t care, they’re not mine. You’ll only be justifying how she feels about you.

No. 1753312

They will, and they’ll track it right back to you.

No. 1753313

She’s not here and you’re fatter than she’s ever been, piggypiggy.

No. 1753318

Stone cold, Rachel. How bad is your relationship with them now?

No. 1753319

You're begging a site with sociopaths on it to physically assault your parents. Are you that greedy and eager to please others? What is the mess that is your soul?

No. 1753326

She’s not here. Nobody cares. Go fuck em up and see what happens.

No. 1753327

She’s not here.

So you admit to being a sociopath?

No. 1753330

Rachel likes piss and wants to fuck dinosaurs, she will never have a partner and never leave her parents house unless it's to move into a group home for retards. Not even her peers in the group home would have sex with her.

No. 1753331

She hasn’t melted down at all since she isn’t here, so idk what you’re talking about?

Worst thing she’s tweeted recently is that her cat learned how to open doors.

No. 1753332

Tl;dr projecting Ghoulie simp

No. 1753334

Did I mention that Ghoulie was probably raped by “her” dad? Either that or “she” raped him, which is equally probable

No. 1753335

Rachel I hope larping as the tranny was worth it lol.

No. 1753336

She’s not here. She hasn’t been here. But I may start LARPing as Ghoulie or “Her” simp for shits and giggles.

No. 1753337

Yesterday it was DBS, today it's Ghoulie, is tomorrow gonna be Gaiasgod?

No. 1753340

What are the chances Rachel has a degradation kink since she likes to pretend she's a "domme"

No. 1753341

Thanks for admitting to larping, this will make the whole stupid situation more clear for the unfortunate people you keep bothering all over the site.

No. 1753342

You can't even pretend to not be yourself long enough to make friends. Do it faggot.

No. 1753344

If you're roleplaying as Sephiroth, you can get her to be into a number of things. She herself is 50 Shades of Basic and thinks she's a kinky kween. Her idea of kink is missionary position without a condom for the sake of procreation.

No. 1753352

It's really weird to make up this kind of shit about someone you know nothing of outside of a KF username. I really dont care what you make up about me but I'm going to point it out when it's some weird ass fan-fiction that no normal person would think up.
And I love you nonnies that are getting angry on my behalf but don't even give her that satisfaction.

Anyway– Nonnies that wanted a Raptor banner, I'm working on it and if I haven't fucked it up then it should be up somewhat soon.

No. 1753439

wow everyone in this thread is certified insane. can’t wait on the inevitable thread on you spergs

No. 1753441

Go make it then bitch

No. 1753442

Berchal's back baybe!!!!

No. 1753446

She forgot to sage so she bumped her own thread for everyone to see. Rookie mistake.

No. 1753448

Nobody cares Ghoulie. Kill your self.

No. 1753449

Who cares what she, a consenting adult does behind closed doors? She’s going to have kids eventually anyhow and you can’t stop it.

No. 1753450

Not her but I know which post was hers because I'm observant and not a rage pig lolcow like you.

No. 1753452

Imagine trying to fatshame someone who probably weighs 120 pounds by now? Lmao projecting bc you weigh 670 pounds

No. 1753454

Nobody cares, Ghoulie. Kill your self.

No. 1753455

She is one tho.

No. 1753457

File: 1674788298658.jpg (310.33 KB, 1538x2048, fat.jpg)

Her neck says otherwise. 120 pounds in the gunt alone maybe.

No. 1753458

She’s not here tho. I may LARP as Ghoulie tho bc it’s funny to see you rage over “her”

No. 1753459

I'm just letting you know how easy it is for actual sentient humans you god damn Chinese Room ass alien.

No. 1753460

Jealous broke bitch spotted~

That’s how an 18 inch chain sits on literally anyone’s neck unless you’re Eugenia Cooney.

Cry some more about how you can’t afford it.

No. 1753462

That's how it looks on men's necks lol

No. 1753463

English faggot, do you speak it?

No. 1753464

Noooooo I'm hollering over here, that was too good.

No. 1753466

You’re hollering because you posted it and you’re laughing at your own nonsense post fag.

No. 1753467

Nope. That’s how it looks on a beautiful lovely dainty woman’s neck. Cope and seethe.

No. 1753468


No. 1753470

No. 1753471

File: 1674788637186.jpg (108.29 KB, 800x1000, 092822_NecklaceSizing.jpg)

Tell me more about how it's supposed to look Rachel.

No. 1753473

Imagine trying to use that kind of argument when you don’t even know her or what kind of friends she has? She could literally be making friends right now on Twitter and you would never know it because you don’t control her.

No. 1753475

Tl;dr nobody has time for that fatphobic garbage. That is how an 18 inch chain sits on a beautiful dainty lovely woman’s neck. Deal.

No. 1753476

Lol ur fat and you raged for a year because I wouldn't have sex with you.

No. 1753477

There’s a point here though. There’s no wonder the people here have difficulty communicating with her. She’s smarter than them lmao

No. 1753478

Tl;dr she weighs less than you and you’re jelly. Cry harder about it~!

No. 1753479

Lmao you can't even refute it when presented with hard evidence. As dainty as Amberlynn Reid after binge eating at the Cheesecake Factory.

No. 1753480

She(you) can't even Google what a Chinese room is lmao

No. 1753481

Are you that visually impaired to be unable to see that Rachel has never even weighed more than 1/4 Amber’s weight? Lmaooooo

No. 1753482

She thinks it's a place where Chinese men go to laugh at white pigs.

No. 1753483

Nobody cares about your little delusion faggot~

No. 1753485

Environment does shape belief after all, I'd believe this.

No. 1753486

Schizophrenia at its finest folks. Some fat loveless middle aged farmer faggot trying to rag on Rachel who has everything she’s ever wanted.

No. 1753487

It's a philosophical allegory to convey a concept that clearly would delude you. Don't worry your little mind about it none sweatie.

No. 1753488

You know you admitted that picture is Rachel wearing the necklace, and it was posted to the SilverElitism account. And you've been arguing about it ever since. Good job fucking up your own narrative with your own tree stump of a neck.

No. 1753489

Nobody cares.

No. 1753490

Don’t know, don’t care. I’m happy to just troll you and upset you.

No. 1753492

“Concept” you just made it up. Nobody cares.

No. 1753493

They’re so pressed lmaooooo I’ll bet their blood pressure is through the roof right now. I’ll bet their faces are red with rage.(samefagging)

No. 1753494

If I wanted to be down bad for a fictional character and base my entire personality around it, I would choose one less pathetic than Sephiroth. He's weird and annoying and ugly and I would not have sex with him.

No. 1753495

No. 1753496

Any one remember how she flipped out when someone called her self insert OC unoriginal and a cliche trope?

Her replies are just as flavorless as her OC here making it so easy to spot.

No. 1753498

After you.

Wasn't me, been busy making your new banner. Just now catching up.

Lol please try.

No. 1753499

It isn't a wrong assessment. She self inserts and can't even jazz it up enough to be funny. Bella Swan and Anastasia Steele have more depth.

No. 1753500

File: 1674789661400.jpeg (559.85 KB, 1606x2048, 495C5FFF-D329-4FAF-A07E-E93FBD…)

Last thread she said there’s no picture of her whole body. Yet she posted this publicly

No. 1753501

Just don't hold that baton too long.
You've hit the nail on the head, I'm not even certain what drew her to rp when she clearly can't paint a picture with words. It's easy to assume at this point it was the only way others would talk with her and she never put two and two together that it wasn't her looks driving others off but the way she views the world.

No. 1753506

File: 1674789857119.jpeg (38.55 KB, 378x338, EA5F04D0-3043-4033-AA09-D57DA4…)

And this one too. Yeah totally not fat. Glossy shiny hair. Maybe her leg hair. It’s thicker then the hair on her head.

No. 1753509

File: 1674790224886.jpg (32.38 KB, 500x501, 78xsnx.jpg)

One trick pony.

No. 1753511

She calls that pisswater blonde "auburn" too.

No. 1753517

Are we certain she isn't a tranny? Have we seen her birth certificate? She loves labeling others as such to discredit them, methinks she protests too much.

No. 1753539

Unfortunately she is a woman. She seethes at trannies for having people willing to to pound in their axe wounds but won't fuck her.

No. 1753552

File: 1674794033642.jpg (105.76 KB, 1080x294, Anotherlarper.jpg)

New Rachel LARP dropped.

No. 1753554

A degree in ham-onomics maybe.

No. 1753556

Pretend biology degree but denies the dinosaurs existed…

No. 1753559

Ikr she can't even pick a larp with something she has experience in but one of the worst fields just because she's heard it's a hard field.
As an aside, I think she's busy defending Elaine on /meta/ right now actually.

No. 1753569

she doesn’t even know how to fake having a degree in some form of biology. We already know she doesn’t understand how reproductive science works and how she thinks dinosaurs where never real. She preaches we are sheep so she obviously doesn’t understand microbiology if she uses far right terms like that. Maybe it’s just the only degree she can think of that isn’t her shitty art history degree.

No. 1753570

File: 1674795698135.gif (444.89 KB, 300x100, RaptorRachel3.gif)

Best quality I could get it, I had to redo it like 8 times.

No. 1753571


No. 1753573

File: 1674795813251.gif (1.94 MB, 690x388, RaptorRachel4.gif)

Bigger version

No. 1753574

I love this.

No. 1753576

Simply amazing, thank you for your time in creating this.

No. 1753580

I also learned that there is a whole raptor/dinosaur erotica collection and honestly they're all hilarious so 10/10 would suggest googling.

Glad you nonnies like it!

No. 1753582

Elaine really shouldn't be teaming up with Rachel, because Rachel will eventually sell her out.

No. 1753588

I'm so here for that in two weeks when it happens.

No. 1753590

If Rachel had a big brain she'd strike while the iron is hot to take the attention off of her thread.

No. 1753623

She’s too smooth brained for that kinda play.

No. 1753630

Don't think Rachel is gonna need to say anything, someone already outed her in the meta thread that Rachel was supplied with cp from Elaine.

No. 1753704

File: 1674822708641.jpeg (110.89 KB, 750x667, F13357F6-2F01-4C0A-B6A9-E17808…)

I love how she always jumps to calling anyone incel because she thinks its an effective insult but doesn’t realise she comes off as one too with how she talks about sex and being better than others

No. 1753705

File: 1674822762517.jpeg (63.35 KB, 750x376, AD056995-C507-4FB7-B653-6620B1…)

No. 1753706

File: 1674822860152.jpeg (138.88 KB, 750x740, F0EB7344-C492-46A0-8665-E22E5E…)

Pedos flock together

No. 1753707

File: 1674822941112.jpeg (55.1 KB, 750x312, BA5416D3-E9A7-4DAC-A669-58E2EB…)

“Dated lesbians” but didn’t like pussy and thought scissoring was something every gay woman automatically does

No. 1753708

File: 1674823002830.jpeg (48.31 KB, 750x207, 44C9C4B7-28E3-40D7-9E71-683517…)

Her basement.

No. 1753777

Rachel is a legitimate incel though. Or femcel I guess. Makes it funnier when she calls anyone on this thread one considering shes more of an incel than 99% (at least) of the people on here.

No. 1753781

Her old tranny mod is even calling her out now. This is reassuring as I knew Angry Canadian was in that discord and Rachel and him are two of the biggest child molesters in the sector.

No. 1753786

File: 1674836128736.jpeg (68.58 KB, 750x295, B4B890F6-5E24-4927-88FA-18DE44…)

I think her Sephiroth account is on a temporary suspension but I’m sure we can find more tweets like this on her Bello account

No. 1753788

File: 1674836282458.jpeg (127.5 KB, 750x582, C19AF4B4-2308-4B48-9FA3-AFC97E…)

No. 1753790

File: 1674836403076.jpeg (44.78 KB, 750x225, F09A265B-04B5-4957-998C-BE4242…)

Explains why she keeps coming here lol. She keeps taking Ls and thinks they’re wins and she gets off to it

No. 1753792

File: 1674836654230.jpeg (155.87 KB, 749x674, DBDA341D-05FA-4124-BF79-A07F34…)

I saved a lot of stuff I consider milk, so I’m gonna uploading throughout the day.

No. 1753796

File: 1674836803451.jpeg (161.23 KB, 750x671, 33006E7F-4DB3-4B63-8BE1-B008F8…)

No. 1753800

File: 1674836877127.jpeg (95.28 KB, 750x663, EF19BC77-216C-4858-B7A4-85CF80…)

No. 1753803

That moment when Naught got ousted from Onionfarms for being a true and honest pedo but Michael somehow remains.

No. 1753808

These are so laughably cringe. Trying so hard to be edgy. If I saw these in the wild and had no idea who was even behind these tweets, I would picture the stereotypical neckbeard/legbeard and the fact that I know who's posting these make it even better.

No. 1753814

I can’t even. She thinks she’s dominant? Yet wants to be the brood mare for some e-dick? She’s just a mentally stunted child trying to be badass and hard when she’s really a weeb with no grasp on dominant culture. She’s a hard sub if she has any label. And even that she would be like rigid and stiff like an awkward virgin on prom night.

No. 1753818

File: 1674838884492.jpeg (47.92 KB, 750x220, 1D9DF2CC-D6F1-4D0A-99AA-F1CBC6…)

No. 1753819

She's nowhere on any spectrum in the kink community lmao. She's vanilla as they come.

No. 1753825

Naught was too mask off to keep around, any staff on onion farms likely is a pedo.

No. 1753826

File: 1674839357066.jpeg (48.7 KB, 750x212, FB9E1D36-0A5F-4D76-8B3F-5E8F87…)

Comes here to defend her mother and insist that she is loved by her mother but tweets this?

No. 1753841

She probably thinks her weird obsessions count as kink. Zoophilia and pedophilia aren't kinks Rachel. It isn't kink either if you're alone shoving whatever fits into your cunt either. The kinkiest she's gotten is drinking out of a crazy straw.
She's still adamant that she'll have children. With what man? Not even the hobo on the street corner would put a deposit in that bank. Swear we're gonna hear her having responded to some creepy ass Craigslist ad thinking she's gonna get the experience she's been missing out on and they'll find her body three weeks later. I ain't saying someone should hurt her, I'm saying her judgment of people has become so skewed since she got involved in all of this that she would go running into the arms of a man that would harm her to own the haydurs because "Look at all this totally true and honest sex I'm having, guys! Men want me. This kindhearted Chad is willing to fuck me!"
Girl thinks RubinRemus and Sappho aren't sex pests, among other dudes who are either confirmed pedos or zoosadists. All because they have a KF thread or some shit she's willing to believe the exact opposite.

All I gotta say is she'll fuck around and find out but might not get the privilege of fucking around ever again.

No. 1753843

File: 1674840702693.jpeg (84.33 KB, 388x1112, 63630847-A3AD-4CA2-B5D5-9A5AA3…)

Her mom has a geography degree from a community college back in the 70s. Not geology. Rachel is too dumb to know the difference.

Her mother also never worked any job with that degree. She’s only worked for computer technologies as a sales manager and inventory clerk since the mid 70s till the early 00s. Now she works for a non profit long term adult care facility. She essentially cleans poopy diapers off old people and brings them their food.

This is all public information off a simple Google search once you scroll past all the links to LF and kiwi.

Picrel is her mother Diane off the company page.

No. 1753854

File: 1674841425300.jpg (308.12 KB, 1058x914, Dianeleeds.jpg)

It's giving "If only you knew how things really were"

No. 1753859

Her mom is used to changed Rachel's adult diapers so bless her for her service, it's needed. Unlike Rachel.

No. 1753862

Honestly though, I feel bad for her mother. She’s a caring person and works hard. But you Google her and what comes up is her damned daughters fuck ups on the internet. I imagine she feels embarrassed about all this despite her daughter not learning how to behave like an adult. I wouldn’t doubt if she was the care giver to Rachel’s father and Rachel herself. Poor woman has a lot of work laid out for her.

No. 1753901

She needs to send Rachel to a care home imo. She is too out of control and has zero respect for her mother.

No. 1753928

File: 1674844610761.jpeg (129.68 KB, 750x872, EA28EF71-07A3-4F21-BE5D-2FCF07…)

No. 1753951

Realistically I dont think she can send Rachel to a care home. She's too high functioning, she's an adult and not low functioning enough for her mother to be able to legally send her to one. She's just out of control. I can't think of a solution thats do-able for her mother to tard wrangle her aside from treating her like a toddler and taking away her things (I don't think this would have a long term affect) or kicking her out…which understandably her mom probably doesn't want to do.

She's said before that she had to go to therapy and her mom could try to make her do that again but unless Rachel wants to help herself then it'd be a waste of a therapists time and Rachel's parents money (as we can see now). Rachel refuses to see her faults in any way so she doesn't think she needs to change–she expects everyone else to change and expects anyone offering to help her to light themselves on fire to try to make that happen.

No. 1753966

They are wins tho.

No. 1753967

Her mom can’t take away her things because she’s an adult and doesn’t live with them. She’s independent with her own job and house.

No. 1753968

It’s never gonna happen.

No. 1753969

You're just so obvious and somehow it never gets old.

No. 1753971

Welcome back lmao >>1753966

No. 1753972

Whatever you say simp.

No. 1753974

You treat her like a child and it’s hilarious because you’re sitting here on lolcow.farm as a NEET while she has jobs, money, responsibilities and you will never have that.

No. 1753976

File: 1674847713917.jpeg (14.08 KB, 157x320, 648B51C7-F8DE-4AE9-AE55-741BF7…)

I have yet to see a single shred of proof of any of these retarded claims you have for her toilet habits, so as far as I’m concerned it’s all you shitting yourself and wearing diapers. You probably have a kink for it.

No. 1753979

If only you knew how wrong you were.

If she had those jobs, she wouldn’t be able to afford the house she and her husband live in.

A quick google shows that she was ombudsman of the year for San Mateo county.

No. 1753982

there’s too many jobs associated with long term care facilities to just downright classify any job there as “just delivering food and changing diapers”. memory facilities for people with dementia or alzheimer’s is a thing

No. 1753984

File: 1674848001510.jpg (471.77 KB, 1235x695, cover2.jpg)

No. 1753985

She doesn’t know or care who Sappho is lmao

No. 1753987

Omsbudswoman is a 'mediator' or caregiver to elderly folk.
>Buh how she afford house?!?!
The father you hate so much paid for it most likely until his disability occured and now you're all likely living off that hence your obvious fixed income aesthetic.

No. 1753992

She’s not here. Keep crying simp.

No. 1753993

Reported for posting literal feces, you're so disgusting Rachel.

No. 1753994

File: 1674848309737.jpeg (20.07 KB, 252x200, F9DF7766-8DEB-49A8-8692-82F771…)

Then I guess it’s good she doesn’t have zoophilia or pedophilia kinks lmao.

No. 1753996

Coping as usual.

No. 1753997

She has a scat fetish for sure lmao. Why would she post that

No. 1753999

Only person trying to cope here is you, Ghoulie.

No. 1754001

She’s not here tho so cope

Don’t like it? Don’t post threads.

No. 1754003

You are saying someone should hurt her, because you want her body to end up in a ditch.

She’s going to end up happy with as many kids as she wants, happy relationships with her harem, and you’re just going to end up some dead egger femcel trying to fit into 5XL jeans.

No. 1754004

She's also posted CP and calls pedophilia a kink which we all knows means she's trying to normalize it, scat goes hand in hand with that. It gives the diapers a sicker layer as well…

No. 1754007

She has never posted CP and has never called pedophilia a kink.

Stop trying to make up excuses for your own disgusting desires.

No. 1754008

I post it because it grosses you out, and it’s funny to watch you cringe. Because, this is the kind of thing you like.

No. 1754009

You're the one obsessed with and writing scat smut fanfiction about her in the thread, weirdo.

No. 1754010

Who even cares about RubinRemus or Sappho? Who the fuck who matters genuinely cares? Kiwifarms literally posts about how they want to rape and kill autistic children. You’re okay with that.


No. 1754012

If we like it then why would we be grossed out and cringing?


No. 1754013

File: 1674849122483.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 14.36 KB, 194x259, 9D81EA4C-932D-4334-B407-1687FB…)

Only I’m not lmao. That’s all you Ghoulie.

You’re trying to cover up for your own sick fetishes by attempting to impose yours on her. You will never control Rachel or even begin to understand her, because she’s simply better than you.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1754015

I’m not going to spoon feed you. You use KF, you can go look lazy ass whore.

No. 1754016

>I post it
>Rachel has posted CP
You just admitted you post child porn Jesus Christ.

No. 1754017

You literally did though. Ghoulies never talked about her fetishes and you're in here posting shit covered diapers and talking about her vagina.

No. 1754018

File: 1674849218409.jpeg (79.93 KB, 1280x719, F7EFC343-C94D-4FDC-92C7-34BCB6…)

And yet somehow people are trying to accuse her of having a shit fetish lolllll

No. 1754019

Oh okay so you have none, got it.

No. 1754020

I post shit dumbass. Because it makes you cringe.

Tell me you know absolutely nothing about what constitutes as CP without telling me you know absolutely nothing about what constitutes as CP.

Your little obsession isn’t here. She’s off doing greater, better things. Keep mooing.

No. 1754022

Then it’s your own damn fault for not looking, because it’s very obvious.

Thanks for proving you are indeed a lazy fuck who enjoys “her” own shitty diapers, Ghoulie.

No. 1754023

The post you replied to was complaining about you posting CP, not shit. So by saying "I do it" you had a slip.

No. 1754024

Her posting shitty diapers changes the fact that she's vanilla and has a poor idea about how anything remotely sexual works lol. Info can change with new info.

No. 1754026

File: 1674849471699.jpeg (17.28 KB, 207x243, 20F248EC-B605-486A-B308-103414…)

She’s never posted CP. People have been asking for proof, and you’ve never given it.

No. 1754027


No. 1754028

She’s not here though, so yes, please keep having schizophrenic breakdowns and assuming things about a woman you will never know because your tard wrangler will never let you out of their sight.

No. 1754029

File: 1674849552590.jpeg (14.39 KB, 299x169, 7A82292C-2383-464E-AA6D-4C1FFA…)

We know you are, Ghoulie.

No. 1754030

You keep admitting to it and the owner of metokur.us said it was your account. It's not an anonymous site Rachel, your account posted it.

No. 1754031

Only I never said that, so thanks for misunderstanding. I expected nothing less than someone whose IQ is less than room temperature.

No. 1754032

Stop posting on /meta/ and learning phrases from others.

No. 1754036

File: 1674850066037.jpeg (41.49 KB, 602x339, 9BCBA21D-D08B-46BF-8C92-28D592…)

I never admitted it and neither did she. Nobody cares what you or Metokur thinks.(avatarfagging)

No. 1754175

Metokur doesn't even know you exist retard. I'll let your pea brain figure that out.

No. 1754203

Learn to read retard, I never said I wanted that to happen to you. I said it will happen when you trust the wrong person. If someone hurts you I'd be sad because where else would I get milk like the kind you bring us? Chris-chan is in jail so I have no other pet retards who see the world as their fandom of choice or in a sexual context constantly.

No. 1754289

Her Silverelitism account has been locked due to arguing with lolicons and has been continuing it on her Bello account

No. 1754304

But they totally aren't run by the same person. Nope, these are all just coincidences. (Sarcasm)

No. 1754308

File: 1674870627267.jpg (105.3 KB, 965x909, Twitter Tussle over Touching.j…)

She continues the argument, connecting both accounts in this sperg fest.
Thank you for tagging that for Rachel's sake.

No. 1754314

File: 1674871368916.jpg (184.75 KB, 1080x763, 2023_01_27_20.01.41.jpg)

Samefag, here she is asking someone who wants the age of consent to be 16 to DM her.

No. 1754315

Legit reminds me of the nobinary teacher that screamed about Republicans always blaming the queers for sexual abuse and how IT TOTALLY ISN'T HAPPENING but ended up being the biggest pedo.

No. 1754321

Same entitled lunatic energy if we are thinking of the same nutjob lol.

No. 1754329

Obligatory not rachel or wk, but I think she was telling that guy in >>1754308 to DM her since he's first in the reply.
Wouldn't doubt her actually telling the other guy to DM her though.
Love that she's larping as a married woman now on SilverElitism. Closest she'll ever get to the real thing.

No. 1754336

Fair call it was just in the chain of comments there so very confusing because God forbid Rachel ever specify whom she's speaking to.
>Rachel's larping as a married woman.
It's like a child playing house! Love this for her!

No. 1754339

Her account is protected and locked behind a follow wall. Screen caps for the audience.

No. 1754350

Its in the screen shot posted >>1754314

It happens to the best of us Nonna. Twitter sucks and her replies are so much, it can be overwhelming and easier to just skim sometimes. But she totally has not one but two jobs and multiple partners and a social life with friends and no time to come here! (sarcasm for Rachel)

No. 1754354

Remember Rachel, you spent your entire birthday with us. We're so blessed.

No. 1754381

File: 1674875666385.jpg (672.16 KB, 1080x1541, 2023_01_27_21.13.28.jpg)

Saged as it's hardly milk but Rachel likes her own tweets. How insecure can one woman be?

No. 1754385

Shut the fuck up lmao
I knew that and totally forgot all about it until you pointed it out and it's cracking me up. She knows thats the only like most of her posts will get. bleak.

No. 1754402

She's so pathetic lmao

No. 1754404

She can’t even ratio herself. People be looking at her posts but not interacting because they know when not to touch crazy.

No. 1754441

The fact the tweet she replied to says “I don’t want to see the animal you come in” is even funnier tbh

No. 1754468

Let's get this straight: Rachel is not here. She has not been here. She wasn't here on her birthday. And she practically never has had a bowel movement in her clothes as an adult. And you all are just going to have to get over it, because she gets more sex and RP than any of you ever will.

No. 1754469

File: 1674887187972.jpg (194.2 KB, 1080x654, Transphobia.jpg)

>Says she protects minorities
>Uses transphobic comebacks to own the haters

Pick one. Telling her she looks like a man as a cis woman is transphobic, Rachel. Get better insults if you wanna play the champion of the minorities card.

No. 1754470


No. 1754471

Well at least she's doing it openly now instead of just on here.

No. 1754472

She's made enough of a case for the anons being right versus whatever fanfiction she's crafted about her life. I think the whole bringing up her mom thing struck a chord. She has to defend her honor as a mother molester.

No. 1754478

That woman isn’t a minority. Just a another MAGA

No. 1754480

It’s perfectly fitting given the other woman was being transphobic first, so now she’s having her femininity undermined.

No. 1754481

I have yet to see a single piece of proof she’s ever done anything other than be the perfect daughter.

No. 1754482

Using insults like that regardless of who they are aimed at is transphobic, Rachel. By insulting her with those terms you're hurting trans women.
Your precious Keffals would be appalled to see you refer to someone like that.

No. 1754483

>implying she has a penis

No. 1754484

Tl;dr. Your crush isn’t here. Nobody cares.

No. 1754485

What you’re saying right now is exactly what someone who regularly has bowel movements in their clothes would say lmao

No. 1754487

It's transphobic regardless. You say you wanna support people but then you go and stab them in the back.
Ah yes, perfect daughter. Telling your mom how much you hate her when she restricts access to your devices, fighting with your senile father who clearly doesn't love you anymore…the paragon of perfection.

No. 1754488

So how much time did you spend on that photoshop?

No. 1754489

Tl;dr kys Rachel, we know it's you.

No. 1754491

Tl;dr. Hag deserved it.

Your little crush isn’t here Ghoulie. Go crap your drawers elsewhere. I can’t believe you were stupid enough to seriously think that her mother ever had enough power over her to take something from her that Rachel bought and paid for with her money.

No. 1754492


Nobody cares about your little obsession Ghoulie. Rachel isn’t here. Moo harder.

No. 1754493

I don't think you've ever been right about who's posting in your thread because I'm sure as hell not Ghoulie and I know for a fact your mom still tard wrangles you.

No. 1754494

Said the hag who willfully turns her head away when she sees Rachel’s account has almost 1000 followers.

No. 1754495

Nobody cares Ghoulie. Go get your tard wrangler to change your shitty diaper.

No. 1754496

Yeah we know Ghoulie is lmao

No. 1754497

I'll let Ghoulie know you're her biggest fan, Rachel. If anyone has the crush it's you because everyone you encounter is apparently Ghoulie.

No. 1754498

Only she didn’t. She spent it with her harem, friends, and family having a party. Something you’ve probably never enjoyed bc your parents were too ashamed of you to throw you one.

No. 1754499

Nobody cares simp. Cry harder.

No. 1754502

You know Rachel, if I were you and I had followers I wouldn't vomit all over my TL like you do because you know you'll lose your account eventually. You can at least pretend to not be a complete monster but not even your cat LARP can fix you.

No. 1754504

Only she’s not because SilverElitism isn’t her account. You’re literally targeting a random person lmaoooo

No. 1754505

Nobody cares Ghoulie. Go shit yourself in the corner like a good little faggot.

No. 1754506

true or not, i love the random periodic posts in rachel threads implying she shits her pants

No. 1754507

only monsters here are you and other farmers anon. you have never had a life

No. 1754508


Which have always been Ghoulie or Blaine or DBS projecting because they’re all incontinent.

No. 1754509

What's got you mad today Rachel? You're extra pressed. Could it be because the account that totally was never you got locked because you were being an abusive little twat to randos? Pfffthahahaha you can't even pretend well, no wonder you can't find roleplay partners let alone life partners.

As an adult it's kind of cringe that you're pretending to have birthday parties. Most people grow out of them. The fact that you're overcompensating by swearing up and down you had one tells me your birthday was worse than you could ever imagine.

Almost 30 and still a virgin, how sad.

No. 1754511

All those shitty diapers she posted were hers that she originally took for some nasty Discord scrote, mhm. Definite pants shitter.

No. 1754512

It always reminds me of cwc, whose pants-shitting always happened because of Stress or Dramatic Emotions

No. 1754513

“Love this for her!” Cries the 500 pound 54 year old divorcee with 5 kids from 5 different men as she sits in the filthy and damp basement of her parents house, tapping away on a keyboard encrusted with grime and crumbs. The screen in front of her was considered cutting edge in 2007, but is now smeared with many pixels dead. In the background can be heard the screams of her spawn as she willfully ignores them practically fighting themselves to the death. On the desk beside her sitting ignored is papers from CPS; a final warning telling that if she doesn’t take care of her kids, they will be taken away. The mother’s carrot thick greasy fingers pick up a lit Newport from a nearby ashtray and brings it to her fat lips, taking a long drag. Yes, how much better of a life she clearly has here.

No. 1754515

She shits her pants at the mention of any of the names she just dropped, and if she says them all together like that she makes the Taco Bell bathrooms look like they're the cleanest place on earth.

No. 1754517

The difference between her and CWC is that Rachel is and always has been higher functioning. She has jobs, her own house, and a life. Something you can never hope to have.

No. 1754518

Said Ghoulie, simultaneously using her loose anus to regurgitate a half digested mass of peas, carrots, and chipotle into her 16th diaper of the day.

No. 1754519

Lmao you’re so triggered. Wonderful.

No. 1754520

This is terrible writing.

No. 1754521

You’re just upset because she’s been toilet trained for 28 years and you still don’t understand how it works.

No. 1754522

Is that your only insult? You're obsessed with women who are prettier than you, or are mothers, or are successfully living their lives while secretly wanting to be a broodmare barefoot and pregnant for some guy who you can pretend is your video game husbando.
I think miss "500 pounds" does less coping and seething than you do because at least she isn't playing pretend online like you are.

No. 1754525

Lmaooooo the diaper wearing hag Ghoulie trying to say she’s prettier than Rachel sorry hunny boys only like potty trained girls.

No. 1754527

Lmao back at it with your shitty drawers, Rachel. Thanks for confirming you shit yourself for us. Hope you're getting paid to shit yourself at least, doing it for some random Discord mod without compensation is low but I wouldn't put that sort of thing past you. Anything for the male gaze, right?

No. 1754528

>obsessed with women who are prettier than you

said the girl who is obsessed with a woman prettier than her

No. 1754530

Nobody cares Ghoulie. Get your tard wrangler to change your diaper

No. 1754532

She’s not LARPing as a married woman because it’s not her, dumbass.

No. 1754533

If you actually look at that account, it’s ridiculing people who want the age of consent to be 16.

No. 1754534

Do you have a link for this?

I’m the curious anon who wanted the vid on Sappho last time, if you’re the one who sent it, thank you

No. 1754535

You can't convince anyone that isn't you. If it wasn't you, you'd be so HAPPY someone else was being treated like that. Especially another woman, because you hate women especially. You would be happy to pretend to be someone else while this new person takes the fall for you. You don't have the integrity to out yourself and protect someone else if you're benefitting in the end.

Gunt guarding yourself is the biggest giveaway, something you'll never understand in that thick skull of yours.

No. 1754537

You do want her to end up murdered. And don’t tell me “oh you can’t lump me with the rest of the anons, I’m different” you literally just told her you hope she kills herself. a single bad apple spoils the whole barrel.

No. 1754538

Tl;dr nobody cares Ghoulie. Cry harder you big fat baby.

No. 1754539

moo louder fatty lmao

No. 1754541

Glad to see we're on day number 2 where you're fixated on me. Jokes on you, my husbands into that shit. This is a fucking joke, since you're too retarded to pick up on that.

Anyway, I'm back off to finish reading the thread I was reading on KF before you summoned me. Have fun sperging!
P.S. I hope you liked your new banner!

No. 1754542

She’s not here and she’s not your pet. If anything, you’re her bitch. She doesn’t know you exist, but she lives rent free in your head.

No. 1754543

Your hand doesn’t count Ghoulie. You really should learn to not shit where you eat.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1754544

she’s not here diapergirl

No. 1754546

Keep telling yourself that, love. Must suck that even someone you hate so much can find a partner and you're stuck lying about a polycule. Die mad about it.

No. 1754547


I'm pretty sure this is the one I'm thinking of but I'll double check. This guy made some pretty wild accusatory tweets that are still up to this day.

No. 1754550

You have no comebacks because I was right and I'm still not Ghoulie. I hope that you can never find a comfortable position to sleep in again and you wake up in constant back pain.

No. 1754551

If a bad apple spoils the whole barrel, more of a reason to get rid of your pedo ass. You infect everything you touch with your fecal fingers.

No. 1754552

Not sure why she's clutching her pearls about it anyway after the shit she spewed last night.

No. 1754553

She believes she can say whatever she wants to whoever she wants. We have proof of her bullying people, telling them they need to kill themselves even who are otherwise not engaging with her, simply because she saw them as an obstacle. She has no remorse. That's why I laugh every time she talks about kindness and empathy because I've seen her go after people who haven't done a thing to her outside of blocking her.

No. 1754554

She tweeted about looking at her own mother and saying she’d be a shitty grandmother, implying she was a shit mother herself. Something a “perfect daughter” wouldn’t do lol

No. 1754558

As evidenced as recently as last night with her violent fantasies about Ghoulie, and even tonight with her transphobia she tries to justify away as "it was against a MAGA". She claims to be high functioning but this proves otherwise.
Also the fact she got redtexted by a farmhand last night for same fagging and she's still acting like "she's not here" and theres 2 people that come to white knight her at the exact same time and know entirely way too much about anything that goes on with her.

No. 1754604

File: 1674897947993.jpeg (183.61 KB, 824x1304, B24A32CF-74F6-4686-8D6C-9824E8…)

She got red texted again and suddenly the white knights are gone. Hmm one person army was guess.

For someone who doesn’t care about followers, she sure makes a point to mention them like that number means anything. If we really wanted to play the game of follower power, then I dwarf her with my art account holding a little over 5k which isn’t hard to get when you post regularly. But I post art nearly daily which is on topic with my account and get organic interactions. Her’s is a clusterfuck of fake woke posting and arguing with cat and roleplay accounts.

No. 1754720

Damn my one comment hurt you this much? I'm getting better at this.

No. 1754732

That sounds a little too close to home for the author, don’t you think?

Lol, I love it when she writes out badly designed fantasies in her head.

No. 1754733

DBS nobody wants to go to Josh's gayop site where the only rule is suck Josh's dick or he makes shit up about you.

No. 1754763

1. talking about follower count at all is tacky, insecure, and pathetic as fuck kek
2. the sheer lack of any kind of interaction makes me think people are following just to watch the fire burn

think about it Rachel, with your almost 1000 followers, why are you the only one liking your posts?

someone with 6 followers can get 15 likes, and you have none?

No. 1754770

It's always seemed like bots or farmers lurking for her count precisely due to that. Any 'friend' she has shortly becomes an enemy to her list, we have seen this cycle at least 8 times organically in these threads, it's amazing she still deludes herself that her followers matter.
Chrischan had plenty of followers too, some trolls actually liked him before the Barb thing and honestly those are closer to friends than Rachel will ever have.

No. 1754825


I normally don’t talk about the number because it’s just a number and has no value. A number is just as useful as a verified check mark on Twitter now. Means nothing. Rachel, however, thinks that number gives her some kind of power. But her interactions display that she’s got no traction, no engagement and no organic growth. She only got that because she’s actively posting. That’s all it takes to get a bunch of accounts to follow. Post often and consistently and the other accounts that are similar will find you. The accounts that follow Rachel are follow back those who follow them and follow people in hopes for more follow backs. It’s not organic people who are actually interested in your account. Actual people interact with your posts.

No. 1754844

CWC's trolls were much funnier as well, whereas in this thread people are literally still wrapped up in the
>im not rachel but rachel is so cool and norma
>haha yeah ur rachel
>no im not she isn't here
thing they've been doing literally since she was discovered. seriously she is literally right here 24/7, you could get so much weird information out of this person if you'd just try a different tack for 5 seconds

No. 1754851

As the anon you're referring to, preaching to the choir here, Rachel's trolls got too distracted by some retarded infighting. Let's hope going forward everyone can be on the same page.

No. 1754889

What gets me is the fact that she believes her identity grifts work. If she thinks they're working she doesn't give any milk but when she comes out guns blazing to assure people she doesn't shit her pants that's when her best posts are made imo

No. 1754937

ayrt and agreed on all counts, if she was happy then counts wouldn't matter

I feel like that's actually the easiest way to spot her kek like what would even happen if no one replied to her posts? would she explode?

No. 1754971

nobody needs to ignore her necessarily, but if the cow is going to be a permanent fixture in her own thread, stop fucking arguing with her trying to make her admit it's her. everyone knows it is her, do something more fun, pretend to believe her, have an honest conversation

No. 1754998

People tried to have a conversation with her in one of the first threads but there was always some anon that had to say something bitchy out of nowhere or just told her the truth and she took it as an insult and that'd set her off to raging at everyone else. I'm not arguing for arguing with her trying to make her admit its her, just that trying to talk to her wont work.
I think in many cases anons just like pointing out her tells since we do get some new people in here from time to time and they dont always know its actually her (recent example is in the last thread when the Ko-fi person visited) and she's the one constantly sperging "she's not here" when anyone (everyone) talks to her directly or even just ignores her and references something she's said or done in her threads in the past. Pretending to believe her doesn't change much anyway except she just thinks shes fooling everyone.

td;dr I dont think anons are going to play along with her larp and I don't see her shutting the fuck up with "she's not here" regardless of what anons do.

I believe people have tried this too and all she does is constantly reply to everyone ignoring her. I do think this may be the best option, though. She still provides the milk, she's just raging into the void.

No. 1755083

didn't we almost get her to agree to go to therapy once? i mean, i don't expect anything long-lasting to come of talking to her, but it's so much more interesting than just telling her she lives with her parents and is fat over and over

No. 1755097

I feel like the conversation about it was going well and then she all of the sudden just shut it down and wouldn't listen to reason because she's been before and "it didn't work". Can't imagine why…

No. 1755160

Didn’t she go on about how cannabis products were her escape from reality?

No. 1755170

I don’t think she did. All I remember was someone finding her asking the internet how to start her own dispensary or something.

No. 1755220

Yeah I'm pretty sure she doesnt smoke or use cannabis products.

No. 1755235

She would honestly probably be better off if this were true

No. 1755300

I know for a fact she don't smoke because she didn't pass the film cannister vibe check.

No. 1755340

LOL yeah when I saw her answer I knew she didn't know

No. 1755432

She’s still debating incest and lolicons on her Bello account despite privating her Silverelitism one and having done that. Interesting cause she’s a proshipper, no?

No. 1755435

File: 1674972500392.jpg (249.06 KB, 1080x859, 2023_01_29_00.07.21.jpg)

Oh silly me I forgot to add the pic.
Come on now lol

No. 1755438

File: 1674972581981.jpg (326.73 KB, 1080x1043, 2023_01_29_00.06.29.jpg)

Did anyone ever see someone brag about this or anything even close to it? She's rather specific about it which leads me to think someone told her this and she hasnt even checked KF to confirm it.

No. 1755447

No, it didn't happen. She claimed to see it herself (caps in the last thread) but conveniently the post was deleted, somehow couldn't remember the name of the Kiwi that posted it, and didn't get a screenshot of the post when she saw it…All the stuff a normal person would do if they saw someone on a "hate site" bragging about committing a crime. Mods wouldn't have deleted the comment either and probably would have restored it if it had been deleted.

Oddly enough, she never even mentioned any of this until about a month or two ago when she started trying to fit in with DropKiwifarms and get Keffals attention. She's just making things up to try to be a UwU victim.

No. 1755450

samefag but barely anyone even pays attention to her thread on KF. No one cares enough about her to go to her house, and they certainly dont want her to die because then there will be no milk. Also I doubt anyone cares about her enough to hate her to the point of wanting to murder her. She's delusional.

No. 1755452

She's crazy in the coconut.

No. 1755454

Nope, and I have notifications on for the thread and have had them on since before anyone knew Wharf Rat was Spooky.
If there had ever been anyone bragging about it, I'd have a post record of it.

No. 1755455

Very much so. Its funny though because whenever she tells this lie it's obvious no one believes her.

Same, and I don't think the few of us on there that pay attention to her thread would have just let that go.

No. 1755457

>no one believes her.
Time and again she gives nobody a reason to believe her and she never believes anyone else unless they say what she wants to hear.
>I don't think the few of us on there that pay attention to her thread would have just let that go.
Nta for this one, I don't think we would let it go either.

No. 1755460

She also doesn't realize posts can't be deleted all willy nilly on KF. If it happened, mods and Null would've had record. In that case she could have subpoenaed the website as part of the police report and in cases where it is something that is a credible threat or in regards to an ongoing police investigation he usually hands over the post in its original form at the very least.
Josh doesn't fuck around with fedposting. However, actual fedposting that is part of a criminal investigation has happened only a handful of times.

I also know for a fact she lurks the site because she likes to stalk DBS and Ghoulie. So she likely fabricated it entirely, maybe with help from Elaine.

No. 1755463

I'll be honest. Online gayops doesn't bother me. People going back and forth about words on a screen is whatever. Revenge porn? Whatever. But someone physically fucking with a cow makes my blood boil. It's so much funnier to let the cow be paranoid without anything actually happening, by fucking with them their paranoia and disdain gets vindicated and the cow takes a W.

I still firmly believe this never happened. I think the most that has occurred is Blaine calling her house and cops showing up, but there was no break in.

Furthermore the time frame when she said this occurred was a time when nobody was paying attention to her. Nobody was posting about her here or on KF.

No. 1755471

Funny because they’re starting to draw parallels between the two accounts as she continues her quest to attack the lolicons lol.

There’s milk about her claiming to have a revolver in her bedstand and delving into gun talk. I’ll post it later if someone hasn’t already.

No. 1755477

No one has ever tried to break into her house. That’s the schitzo in her making up shit that didn’t happen. All that happened was police showing up at her door for a welfare check because she made a vague post about killing herself. She thinks that’s swatting but all it was was police talking to her or her mother.

I know I once called the police because she was threatening me in DMs on Twitter. They went to her house to keep the peace. Called me back and said she said she wouldn’t do it any more and to call back with the incident number if she does it again. I have it written in one of my note books somewhere. Since then she hasn’t reached out much on her alts to me except maybe twice trying to play her little “ I’m not her card” which I just instantly blocked her because bitch is crazy but funny to watch freak out when she doesn’t get what she wants. She’s my personal source of entertainment. But I won’t interact with her for the sake of more content. She makes that on her own organically.

No. 1755478

Exactly and I dont think she'd have even needed to ask them to restore it. They likely would have just to ban the person and make an example/let everyone else shit all over them.

Agree with all of this (except the revenge porn, that makes me mad) especially with Rachel. She comes here and interacts with us anyway so theres definitely no need to go out of the way to fuck with her even online.

but regardless we know this didn't happen.

She's gonna have a meltdown over this post lmao. Get ready because she's gonna try to come for you now (and look retarded as always)

No. 1755479

Go ahead. She can do what ever she wants knowing I’m here. That is, if she knows which one I am since there’s been several people who have called on her for a check. One even filed and OoP on her iirc. I remember seeing it in a past thread or one of the twitters that keep up on her ware abouts.

No. 1755501

She always talks a big game about making threads for people or calling them out but never does.

No. 1755503

It’s called having a life outside of the internet, faggot.

No. 1755504

Only she doesn’t bc she’s not here.

No. 1755505

Only that isn’t possible because 1. She’s not here and 2. The only person lying about having any kind of romantic relationship is you, retard.

No. 1755506

Only you weren’t right, diapergirl. Nobody cares.

No. 1755507

Only person with poopy fingers is you here, simp heehee that’s what you get from changing Ghoulie’s diapers for her uwu

No. 1755509

And? You tell people to kill themselves daily. She’s infinitely better than you in every sense of the word.

No. 1755510

Your tears are delicious, fatty.

No. 1755511

You really don’t know what a pedo even is, do you she’s never said she’s attracted to children, and she never will. You have nothing but baseless claims.

No. 1755512

Proof tho?

No. 1755513

It only hits close to home for you, Fatty.

No. 1755515

She isn’t here tho.

If you think it’s only two, you’re underestimating.

No. 1755516

Huh I thought this thread had new comments but I checked and there's nothing.

No. 1755517


No. 1755519

Nope. Because the problem here is you and only you.

You have a pathetic obsession with her and stalking her.

No. 1755520

Must be, it was the weirdest thing.

No. 1755521

Nobody cares, Fatty Patty.

No. 1755522

funny, because that’s your autistic brain misconstruing genuine tone as sarcasm.

No. 1755525

If you want any kind of long term fix and you genuinely want to help her, one could always try to reach out in some way. It’s not like we don’t know where she is.

No. 1755526

Who's "we"?

No. 1755527

Remember the conversation about Star Trek and Star Wars?

No. 1755528

The anons in this thread, however many there are.

No. 1755531

Nobody cares.

No. 1755532

Funny, it’s usually stupid people calling the smart ones stupid. Ignorance is bliss.

No. 1755533

The rest of us know who(and thus how many ppl)posts here btw.

No. 1755535

File: 1674981817884.jpeg (12.82 KB, 222x227, 2B369513-7A90-487A-A9AC-F8E822…)

Please tell me you’re not defending incest.

No. 1755538

Idr the anon who said something about the earlier threads and users there trying to help but then “someone would say something she construed as an insult” (and I can’t be bothered to scroll) but it was really apt. The fact that this is indeed an anonymous image board doesn’t tell her how many people are present at any given time. Nobody told the people insulting her to shut the fuck up or condemned their actions. For all she knew, the person attacking her was one of the ones trying to help her.

This isn’t going to end up with a group of people from here being her “idea guys”.

No. 1755539

No. 1755540

Oh no, I’m not. But I’m finding it interesting that despite her dubious interests in RP from what I’ve that would be where she’s drawing the line

No. 1755543

It must suck to know that Rachel actually has friends outside of the internet unlike you who has to project her loneliness onto her.

No. 1755544

I don’t think we have accurate information regarding a lot of things that have been said about her RP. It’s entirely possible that it’s just hearsay from people she’s wronged.

No. 1755546

You don’t have to believe, it is whether you believe it or not. The truth doesn’t change simply because you believe it’s a lie.

No. 1755547

What beef dis Spooky have with her to begin with? Or was he just picking a fight?

No. 1755549

So do you want to give us some information about it?

No. 1755550

She is a victim tho.

No. 1755551

You could ask her. Make a throwaway Twitter and try to message her or whatever.

No. 1755552

Unfortunately with the way things are going with providers, it’s unknown how much time is left for KF before we all need to get TOR to see it.

No. 1755553

I did she sent me CP.

No. 1755554

Says nothing about eating them though.

No. 1755555

Shame. I guess that’s what happens when too many people troll her.

No. 1755556

Who are you all replying to? I thought someone was here but I guess not.

No. 1755557

So when she tells the truth, nobody believes her, which is unfortunate because she’s been blamed for things she didn’t do since then.

No. 1755559

So you think it's justifiable for Rachel to send child porn to people who want to help her because someone else trolled her?

No. 1755560

There is at least one other person here.

No. 1755561

Hope that the person who you sent cp to called the cops.

No. 1755562

No, that's just the flies farting in the corner. We don't exist.

No. 1755563

I'm just a rock.

No. 1755565

We don’t have proof she did send CP. I just said “shame, that’s what happens when you troll her too much” because when people tend to betray you over and over again, most people lose any trust they had and become paranoid. Missed opportunities in earlier threads to help her; likely not conducted in a way that would have helped.

No. 1755566

Who, me? No, I’m just a worm.

No. 1755567


No. 1755568

Why would I want to help someone who sent me CP?

No. 1755569

once bitten, twice shy

No. 1755570

Are you that chick that was pretending to be a kid?

No. 1755571

Oh yeah I forgot you sent child porn to a minor too.

No. 1755572

Nigga that is proof enough for me to believe it, since now you're backtracking because you realized you slipped up trying to be all cheeky uwu

No. 1755573

Hey Rachel I bet if you can prove to the farmhands Elaine gave you the cp and she's been the one behind the cp spams this whole time they might delete your threads.

No. 1755574

Seconding this unironically.

No. 1755576



DeviantArthttps://www.deviantart.com › mediliaMedilia - Hobbyist

medilia.livejournal.comhttps://medilia.livejournal.commedilia — LiveJournal

FanFictionhttps://m.fanfiction.net › MediliaAuthor: Medilia

Twitterhttps://mobile.twitter.com › reno_ki…Reno (@Reno_kitsune) / Twitter

Tumblrhttps://www.tumblr.com › mediliaMedilia's blog on Tumblr


This u?

Medilia “Reno”, a 30 something fatty from Australia with a history of eating disorders who projected her own insecurities onto Rachel in an attempt to make herself feel better for her shortcomings. Rabid fujoshi. So fat she goes through a whole bicycle every year or so because she wears out the shocks, bends and breaks the frame, and crushes the spokes with her hippopotamus sized ass. Attempted to get Rachel arrested and failed abysmally. Abominable zoophile who adopted a lab puppy to raise it into a sex slave.

No. 1755577

She’s not here. Cope and seethe about it. The chick wasn’t a minor to begin with.

No. 1755578

You seriously think she’s stupid enough to fall for that?

No. 1755579

What is that supposed to mean?

The chance to help her in the earlier threads was squandered, is the point I’m trying to convey.

No. 1755580

She probably just told you she wouldn’t do it again to shut you the fuck up and stop you from filing false police reports lol. Her mother didn’t even control her back then either.

No. 1755581

Good job outing yourself by trying to pin blame on someone Rachel lmao
Have you tried it? Why are you protecting Elaine? She wouldn't do the same for you.

No. 1755582

She shouldn’t have to live her life being constantly paranoid though, and now someone has indeed fucked with her physically.

No. 1755583

She’s not here. Keep crying.

No. 1755584

you really shouldn’t be filing false police reports.

No. 1755585

Well if they really did fuck with you there isn't any proof so they did a shitty job of it to begin with. But you're overestimating your value as a lolcow. I invite you to live in paranoia for as long as you'd like though, because it brings good milk.

No. 1755586

Medilia, the only schizophrenic here is you, you disgusting dogfucker.

No. 1755587

She’s not here. But thanks for confirming that nobody ever wanted to help her to begin with and that you’re likely one of the people responsible for spoiling any chance other anons had.

She doesn’t deserve to live in paranoia. She deserves peace and happiness.

No. 1755588

The idea that a ween went out of their way is almost as funny as a ween going out of their way to fuck with her AND left Rachel as a virgin. I know it didn't happen but this fanfiction arc has been ridiculous.

No. 1755589

That sounds like a personal problem.
If you're so good at pointing out the issues in people why don't you go help her nonna? Enjoy.

No. 1755590

It doesn’t really matter though. Even if nobody tried to break into her house, they still fucked with her physically by calling the police.

Someone here said something about tearing into people who fuck physically with cows. You have names and several sites now.

No. 1755591

She’s not a virgin though, which is the fiction part.

No. 1755592

That’s not milk anon lmao

No. 1755593

Imagine being so assblasted that you name drop a random roleplayer without any proof that they've ever done anything besides exist in the same area as you. Something I would expect someone desperate to do, really. You can't even write a good OP. At least put some effort into a-logging your enemies Rachel.

No. 1755594

Don’t care. She’s not here. Die mad about it.

No. 1755595

if she really was calling the cops on her, she deserves this

No. 1755596

I don't have proof they did anything to you, Rachel. You're trying to tell me some chick from Australia broke into your house? LMAO! Delusional.

No. 1755597

Given how much she’s tweeted and come at people threatening them with shooting them, it sorta is at this point lol

No. 1755598

neither did I for the record. oops.

No. 1755599

It’s not milk anon, it’s a red flag

No. 1755600

Being assaulted by a "family friend" doesn't count Rachel. Not that they'd even be interested in you to begin with.

No. 1755601

She’s not here. Die mad about it.

Nobody said it was the Australian chick who broke into her house. But now that you mention it, I guess we have a suspect.

No. 1755602

If someone fucked with her physically and she was too retarded to shoot them with this totally real gun of hers, it sounds like a personal problem. Not my fault she's running Internet Explorer from 1999.

No. 1755604

Damn you fell for that bait faster than usual, you're slacking today Berchel.

No. 1755605


must suck to know Rachel has an entire harem at her side and you will never have anyone, simp.

imagine thinking her sexual life is any of your business and that she lost her virginity through rape? hilarious.

No. 1755606

I've seen more proof that Bigfoot is real and is working at your local Wendy's than Rachel's supposed harem being real.

No. 1755607

Nobody cares, Fatty Patty Ghoulie. She isn’t here.

No. 1755608

That’s a funny way to type “I've seen more proof that Bigfoot is real and is working at your local Wendy's than Rachel's supposed being present in this thread” heeheehee

No. 1755609

Are you gonna show us your shitty diapers again? You do love to shit yourself when you're mad.

No. 1755610

You don’t even know what happened. We don’t have details.

No. 1755611

we know it was probably the Australian chick

No. 1755612

must suck to know she’s not here and it was someone else posting those because it offended you. best not tempt them.

No. 1755613

plot twist, the person coming up with these “she shits herself” jokes is the Australian chick because she replaced her bicycle seat with a dildo and now her pooper will never function properly again

No. 1755614

I’m going to need mind bleach for that.

No. 1755615

could also be blaine since he worked as a prostitute for some years. or Ghoulie since she wears diapers.

No. 1755616

File: 1674985254797.jpg (590.61 KB, 1501x1080, mousereactstofattypatty.jpg)

Rachel we know it's you lmfao the only one who thinks otherwise is you. Try harder, crybaby. Pound sand, touch grass. You don't fool anyone here.

No. 1755617

Tag her on Twitter with your fanfic then, Rachel.

No. 1755618

Must suck to know she isn’t here fatty. Oh well~

Can’t expect retards like you to learn.

No. 1755619

im not her i just like to get creative and disturb people

No. 1755622

I literally see you online on Discord you disingenuous fatass.

No. 1755624

File: 1674985970296.jpeg (20.31 KB, 300x168, C0CC5207-B33B-437C-93FD-F47B66…)

Well stop.

No. 1755626

Lmao look at this schizoid hallucinating and claiming they see her online on discord lmaooooo

No. 1755627

Every day I pray to the salt gods that fanfic anon will return and bless us, why are you denying me my God given right to read horrifying lolcow fanfics?

No. 1755630

File: 1674986542033.jpg (125.27 KB, 1079x1014, racheldiscord.jpg)

You can set yourself to invisible as much as you want but there are eyes everywhere, Fatty Patty.

No. 1755646

File: 1674988541445.gif (278.06 KB, 498x301, 9B9BD790-DEB0-4411-9533-447804…)

You think I’m Medilia. My fucking sides hurt from how hard you went in on posting all her handles. Holy shit Rachel. I told you you would never know who I was. We talked only once. And ever since I have blocked you and never talked with you. I don’t poke stupid like Medilia does. But man this shit is funny how she still STILL lives rent free in your head like goulie, spooky, Ines, and the countless others you’re always accusing.

No. 1755751

god damnit you guys kek you were doing SO WELL for a minute

but I am sick of her declaring everyone else is responsible to fixing her though, somehow everyone "failed" in the earlier threads
Rachel, you're the one that failed and continues to fail every time you come here or KF, you don't want to get better and you can't put that on anyone else

also calling cops to do a wellness check/investigation is not the same as being attacked, or even "fucked-with physically"

No. 1755774

Frankly they fucked up on many ways, a lot of the other farmers here can't tie their own shoes and that's why Rachel can spam child porn all over this site and others.

Honestly some of you are as retarded as Rachel.

No. 1755788

Then what would you do differently? Either bring up a solution in specific terms for the retards, or quit your bitching, it's just as annoying as Rachel insisting she isn't here.

No. 1755796

way to reply and not actually reply, Rachel

No. 1755799

Oh and now magically I'm the leader huh?
I can't suggest cow tipping it's against the rules to call the cops like three people already have when the only reason the police don't take care of her is because they don't take her seriously due to her extreme disability.

No. 1755837

>extreme disability

No. 1755842

Being stupid is not a disability.

No. 1755847

Sure it is plus her obvious down syndrome.

No. 1755853

Downies can at least be productive members of society with heavy supervision and hand holding. Even with heavy supervision and hand holding Rachel still brings nothing of value to the table outside of her hilarity as a lolcow.

No. 1755856

So she brings nothing then.

No. 1755861

Samefagging to clarify, she's never even unintentionally funny as she just spams diapers, CP, randomly doxes as others, etc. The funny comes from others shitting on her but she's a one trick pony.
She's literally say the line Bart.

No. 1755870

Her kindergarten playground vocabulary really is not funny. But it’s also funny because she keeps using “you’re a poopy head” style insults like it’s witty and we are just laughing at how pathetic it is.

No. 1755875

Tbf we are poopy heads so for once in her life she's right about something. She keeps coming here for "help" and really its just personal army requests, Rachel should learn that poopy heads don't do things for others when it doesn't benefit them.

If Rachel scratched our back for once, and played ball with who gave her the CP then maybe we would scratch hers but she hasn't tried to help us once.
What about us? What about the help we need? Rachel doesn't see that maybe others would help her if she helped them first.

No. 1755880

One thing I love is that it's never "I'm not Rachel". It's always specifically "she's not here", almost like they're the only person who could definitively know where Rachel is. Who could that be, I wonder

No. 1755883

As someone who tried to help her before giving up trying to talk to a thorny wall, she doesn’t want help. She wants someone to do the work for her. Someone to pull all the weight then give it to her without any payment or return. She’s not interested in trying to learn and upkeep it herself. She wants to sit in a throne and have someone else carry her around. She wants people to bend themselves into a pretzel but she won’t even bend herself a single degree for them. She’s a wall that has no purpose but to age and crumble with time.

No. 1755886

Do we actually have proof that she has/was sent CP, because I've been operating under the assumption that the entirety of the CP thing was a lie that got out of control.

Like she literally said "oh yeah I'm gonna send the totally real CP from this horrible site to the FBI!" and when people were like "wait you saved child porn to your computer?" she had to go "uhh y-yeah"

No. 1755889

Call her local police department, they are currently investigating her for it if you want proof short of that what do you want? Her account on metokur.us posting the CP? Her sending a screenshot of her saved images?

No. 1755891

ok calm down, I don't actually give a shit and "no but it's funnier to take her at face value and call her a dangerous pedophile" is a perfectly acceptable response

No. 1755896

There is, lurkmoar and read her threads instead of asking to be spoonfed then.

No. 1755921

She has also made posts here on LCF about raping newborn infants while pretending to be "Nick and Caleb"

No. 1755927

oh my god I forgot about ""Nick and Caleb"" that was a great time

No. 1755929

Funny how they don’t come around anymore lol

No. 1755938

Only Nick and Caleb are real and they gave up on Rachel really quick and are now in my polycarbonate along with Ines and pregnant Sephiroth who's due in June this year. Everyone Rachel wishes was in her life is in ours and we are so #blessed.

No. 1755939

File: 1675020660108.jpg (275.58 KB, 1080x929, nick caleb.jpg)

It's the way we've given them more lore than Rachel has for me.

No. 1755949

I don't think Spooky had or has any beef with her, and I don't think she was picking a fight either. I think it was like nearly any other cow where Spooky made her KF thread because Rachel was losing her shit on her thread here and it was funny. A few Kiwis were already watching the shit show on here before Spooky made the thread.
Could be wrong and Spooky can correct me if thats the case and she feels the need. Thats just what I got from watching it all happen.

Pretty sure the anon that talked about calling the cops on her is apart of the FF fandom judging from her replies. I doubt any interaction they had, including the cop calling, had anything to do with cowtipping. Why come to the thread if you don't enjoy it or find her funny anon?

Anyway its interesting that when posed with the idea to rat on elaine for sending her cp she responded with
>You seriously think shes stupid enough to fall for that?
>Shes not here keep crying

Instead of something denying that Elaine was the one to send it to her.

No. 1755979

>Why come to the thread if you don't enjoy it or find her funny anon?
The thread is hilarious but Rachel isn't funny herself, there's morbid curiosity about her actions when she's manipulated by people like Elaine. My main point however that I should have been clearer upon was ultimately that letting her play out her same song and dance isn't funny and that's why some people call her out. When she's called out she gets angry and spergs more, she reveals more information.
Rachel hurting herself is funny but if there was nobody around it'd be boring and repetitive is all. She needs outside influence to be funny.
>Instead of something denying that Elaine was the one to send it to her.
Yeah the 'you think she's dumb enough to fall for that' line really erases any doubt that Elaine gave her the child pornography or that Rachel "misspoke" the many times she's admitted to having CP. It's admitting that she thinks even if she did admit to it and show that Elaine gave her the CP that staff would not trust her.

Which Rachel if you read this far into this post, they would and honestly what you did is bad but you can start a new chapter by coming clean about it. I doubt you will so if you prove me wrong I'd be taking a massive L.

No. 1755997

I see, thanks for the clarification! Totally agree in that case.

As for the Elaine CP stuff, I agree that I think staff would believe her. I'm honestly surprised neither have turned on the other yet. It'll happen though.

No. 1756003

Of course, clarifying is the best way of conveying intent.

It'll happen and for once I'm actually rooting for Rachel she doesn't realize that unlike Elaine she could actually spin this into good opinion and if she stopped snapping on everyone could go on to be exactly what she wants to be, someone with their own community that looks up to them. She'd have to change her core trait to keep that though and that is always her struggle. Speaking from a detached view, she'd get exactly what she wants as people would unironically White Knight her against Elaine. It's so ironic because it could be her dream come true but she'd have to swallow her anger and pride to get it.

I guess that's why they call it Karma huh?

No. 1756064

File: 1675031060563.jpeg (148.94 KB, 750x735, FE185E1B-F1D1-438A-964F-CA456E…)

No. 1756072

archive in case she tries to claim its photoshopped.

No. 1756073

She chimps out like a tranny at being "misgendered" lmao

No. 1756079

File: 1675032476531.jpeg (223.96 KB, 1200x870, lkjsdf.jpeg)

Don't remember seeing this posted so sorry if it was but its pretty funny considering she said this shortly after the claim a Kiwi tried to break into her house. Again, none of that happened but she totally misses that common sense would tell her the recent break ins in her area and the (fake) attempted break in to her house are more likely related than some random Kiwi.


No. 1756085

She can't accept that her city is being overrun with criminals because it's California and we're in an economic crisis.

No. 1756092

File: 1675033466860.png (15.16 KB, 300x250, 7RwYa8Chex-2.png)

Rachel has used her signature move here and undermined her own cope like usual.

No. 1756113

Bit out of touch, innit

No. 1756146

If only we all could ignore the ongoing crisis around us. I guess she's ignorant because it's effecting minorities and people she claims to fight for but knows nothing about.

No. 1756153

She also still lives with her parents despite her claiming she moved out. She doesn't have to pay bills or for the cost of living so if she has a job at all then thats just extra money for her tacky Japanese jewelry and she doesn't understand how little it would be to a self sufficient adult.

No. 1756157

File: 1675038678360.jpg (123.09 KB, 683x1024, Berchals Bananas .jpg)

Got a doozy this time.
>Rachel makes credible threats at kiwis
>Rachel displays she knows nothing about firearms

No. 1756171

No. 1756183

That's been obvious since day 1. She can't even keep her room clean, if she was even in a studio apartment it would become a hoarding situation in hours. Her privilege really shows when she starts running her mouth.
Can extreme autists like her even legally own firearms? I think not especially if she has a history of being resistant to therapy.
Also even if it was true (it isn't) imagine having multiple firearms and not being able to protect yourself. I can protect myself with dental floss and a spoon, git gud Bertha.

No. 1756189

She claims to have a revolver pistol, there's many of those so I will assume she meant a magnum. That's .357 mag, the kick on that thing is more than most can handle which is why it's not even favored as a side arm by police or military organizations. It's too heavy for home defense and would blow a hole through several houses which endangers her neighbors. For even more reasons than that it's dumb to claim ownership of.
Next up is the Winchester shotgun, that's a brand which a broad selection. It's like saying you want a McDonald's into the speaker in the drive through.
Then there's the .22 lr, the cheapest ammo due to it being a varmint gun and not having the penetrating power most people want for home defense. You can kill someone with a .22 sure, if you're a good shot but at that point you'd also know that purchasing one for home defense would make you look like you want someone to die as slow as possible so. She wants to trade a shotgun for a peashooter. Double odd shot is used in such a horrific context I can't think of how to properly express my disgust to someone without gun autism.

Overall it's kinda funny she made a threat and claims to own two weapons, very nice fedposts on her part.

No. 1756209

The "it stopped nobody" comment is wild. Like, how would it stop someone unless you had to use it for self defense?
Are people just supposed to know she has guns? And then tell her "Hey, I was going to break into your house but then I found out you have guns so I decided not to"?

No. 1756215

At that point the dildos would be a better defense. A robber will see the weird animal anatomy and decide they want none of that.

No. 1756217

Exactly, it's a slip up because she played a victim card in a round where she was larping as Billy Badass so contextually it lacks any sense to be there. It only makes sense when you think of it from how can Rachel get the most pity.
>It didn't stop anyone.
So what is she going to say those Kiwis did next? She shot and fought as best as she could but the bullets had no effect? It's indictive of her only knowledge of violence coming from videogames or coomer hentai.

No. 1756221

Bullet proof kiwi assassins sent to take care of the one cow a majority of the site doesn't even know exists. Not the zoophiles abusing and killing animals, not the pedos, not the munchies by proxy abusing innocent kids, not the rapists or abusers - Rachel takes precedence. She really has delusions of grandeur.

No. 1756225

>Bullet proof kiwi assassins
Bedazzled in silver kiwi coins as a cloak they advanced on her in the night in shocking silence. The night air hung still as all around Rachel was quiet, a bit too quiet. Our protagonists advanced hearing couldn't even detect the Kiwi Assassins until they were splitting the Mahogany Door to her illustrious mansion open. Rachel had to remind herself that she did not have to be concerned or hesitate due to her parents safety as they no longer lived with her. Instead these assassins would have to contend with her lethal harem with her at their helm. Those Kiwis had messed with the cow and now they would learn to fear her horns.
This is how it went down in her head.

No. 1756234

That was beautiful and I have no doubt thats how it went in her head.

No. 1756237

How Kiwifarms Killed My Harem, the new novel by Bertha Isfatashell

No. 1756303

I thought this name looked familiar. Reno was youtuber who called in a wellness check on Lillee Jean years ago >>>/pt/822335 after Lillee threatened to kill herself over a dmca dispute. Lillee and her mom claim Reno swatted them. Rachel is following a sock that was outted in Lillee’s thread as belonging to Laur, Lillee’s psycho mom >>>/pt/896893 What a strange cow crossover.

No. 1756308

Oh shit, I remember that! Now Rachel is trying to attack Reno. I wonder what the connection is. Is Reno in the FF fandom?

No. 1756311

File: 1675055057528.gif (947.8 KB, 500x385, PopularJampackedGazelle-max-1m…)

Yeah you best believe that's the name of a final fantasy character and the connection is that retarded. Oh god my sides.

No. 1756312

Oh fuck I forgot theres a character named Reno lmao. I hope theres an actual LJ crossover. Shes one of my other favorite cows and her mother is a rage-pig just like Rachel, that happens to look like Danzig and it will never not be funny.

No. 1756319

There's a horrific potential for Rachel to be taught by such a woman. As awful as that would be for mankind overall, it would be funny and so I have my fingers crossed for it.
>She looks like Danzig
Id I had a nickel I'd have like five it's kind of weird how many middle aged women look like Danzig.

No. 1756358

It’s the depression and using alcohol to cope instead of seeing a therapist and getting actual help.

No. 1756496

This seems random but Laur’s a vindictive schizo who has a past of enlisting gullible autists, like Elaine, in her quest to end the farms and clear Lillee’s name. Rachel should know Laur is not her friend. She’s a lifelong con artist who’s using Rachel to do her dirty work.

No. 1756501

A cow crossover with LJ would be the best thing ever. At least it would be funny and not horrifying like Rachel and the Onionfarms speds.

No. 1756528

I think that Australian girl that LJ had an issue with will be the link to the two. She also seems to be in the final fantasy roleplay community on Twitter. We know that Twitter is Rachel’s main hunting grounds for people so that could be how Rachel knows who medilia (sp?) is and probably had a beef with her. After a little bit of Twitter digging, looks like medilia tried to help Rachel a few years back and Rachel was… well Rachel which caused medilia to stop trying. Medilia runs/ran a Reno account that she used when she was going in on LJ. So that’s the extent of the connection. I don’t think the two actually know eachother other then just one small thread of a common person who they had issues with.

It also looks like medilia is either sending in or they are finding from being in the same community stuff to the fairs info center account. Either way, Rachel and LJ have an enemy in common.

No. 1756560

File: 1675096248822.jpeg (86.65 KB, 750x353, 05FF7416-A96C-486B-848E-92C6B7…)

No. 1756594

I have a list of her repeated comments that are unique to her. Any more to add to the list?

Cope and seethe
She’s not here
Fatty patty
Die mad
Beautiful pour ( new copy pasta?)
I don’t need to change, you need to treat me better.
Only she’s not
Only -insert WK comment here-
I do it because it makes you mad
Stupid incel/femcels
She’s beautiful unlike you
Except she’s not
-random anime/cat meme image in response-
She is a victim of bullying
-racial slurs-
There’s CP on that site
You’re obsessed with her
She’s prettier then you
Shut up goulie
Tl:dr ( response to short posts)
No one cares dumb bitch smoothie
Not your personal army
Only I’m/ only she’s

No. 1756596

Don’t forget the harem

No. 1756602

>die mad about it
>cope and seethe about it

The "about it" part is important

No. 1756608

>You never helped her(me)
>It's too late
>You deserve it because X did Y to me
>Pure Projection about weight, mental accuracy or sexual deviancy
>No you shit your pants, Rachel doesn't wear diapers
>It's normal to cuddle your parents at age 30
>Dinosaurs are mythical creatures that can consent
>Everyone is her villain of the week
>Explodes over being called "he"

No. 1756975

Rachel supposedly works two jobs and still dresses like she's a toddler. Yikes.

No. 1756979

She doesn't live at home is another one

No. 1756997

File: 1675130076048.jpeg (101.37 KB, 749x575, EF90AFE3-7AA9-4B1C-A1ED-F2D0C3…)

The weight always fluctates from 120~140 pounds. Which one is it?

No. 1756999

She's implying that she's getting a new pet or is pregnant(cat posters speak in such a way that pets are siblings, it's weird), I wonder if Caleb is picking it up or Nick is.

No. 1757008

this is so obnoxiously, bizarrely written that it somehow feels racist

No. 1757025

Watch her spend the money on a custom reborn baby made to look like its Sephiroth's child and then we go on a reborn baby arc insisting it's real to everyone else

No. 1757032

We wuz good lungz n shit
Seriously don't say it out loud no matter what you do.
As funny as it would be it'd also be terrifying to witness the thing posing as an infant that calls itself a reborn doll. We don't want Rachel to be killed in the middle of the night with her door remaining locked and the only clue being that cursed object.

No. 1757102

If you read the thread further, she’s implying a human child but names it as “skin kitten”. Why are some cat people on Twitter so fucking weird

No. 1757103

I was watching the infamous Amy's Baking Company episode of Kitchen Nightmares and the lady reminded me of Rachel with how she behaves hahahaha

No. 1757104

I don't check her twitter, has she resumed catposting or is this littered between how unbothered she is? or maybe it's always been like that

just seems a bit jarring to go from talking about guns to tawkin wyk dis

No. 1757109

kek anon thats spot on.

Its always like that

No. 1757594

Only fatty Patty here is u anon

No. 1757595

It’s Medilia’s fault tbh if you get to know her she’s extremely sensitive about her weight and has good lolcow potential.

No. 1757596

She doesn’t tho

No. 1757599

Only you, anon. Only you.

No. 1757602

>dresses like a toddler

Tell me you have no fashion sense without telling me you have no fashion sense. Your sense of “fashion” is probably low riding Tommy H. jeans, an off the shoulder H&M top and a god awful Brazilian blowout.

No. 1757606

Only piggy here is you, Fatty Patty.

No. 1757608

Are you face blind, sperglet? They look nothing alike.

No. 1757609

This is so funny considering Reno guaranteed weighs more than Rachel and is so anal retentive about her weight.

No. 1757611

Yawnarama. You can’t write.

No. 1757612

Doesn't matter, Rachel's neck says it all. She fatshames everyone but as soon as it's turned around on her it's fatphobic.

No. 1757613

And cheap CVS lipstick they’ve convinced themselves looks good.

No. 1757615

It’s the other way around. Everyone fatshames her, but when she does it she’s somehow fatphobic.

>her fat neck

You mean the one people photoshopped that blew it way out of proportion?

No. 1757617

And yet here you are, with a dangerous obsession over someone who doesn’t even know you exist.

No. 1757619

Who wants to bet that Reno dyes her hair red to look like the character and has dysphoria because she’s too fat to ever pass?

No. 1757622

5 pesos

No. 1757624

File: 1675197951803.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 290.8 KB, 2896x2896, 20191019_170617.jpeg)

Objectively false. Picrel.

No. 1757625

Actually Rachel I am a published author and found my love for writing on some silly RP forum and found my editor and publisher that way. As that story was painting you as the hero may I ask what you did not enjoy? Criticism always helps me refine my craft.

No. 1757627

>LARPing as billy Badass

But she is billy badass lmao are you going to be bitching about her LARPing when she’s blown a god damn hole in your chest or head?

No. 1757628

She’s not here. Moo harder fatty patty.

No. 1757630

No one cares, make a Reno thread and sperg about her there.

No. 1757631

Lmaooooo you? A published author? Writing shitty erotica that’s only available as kindle books doesn’t make you a published author.

No. 1757632

So why do you hate someone making fan fiction of Rachel painting her in a good light?

No. 1757633

Woman on the left looks more like Barb Chandler than Danzig.

No. 1757634

Rachel the only thing you're blowing a hole into is the local Golden Corral's desserts section.

No. 1757639


No. 1757640

Not Rachel unironically using the same 10 responses, oh I'll never recover from the travesty.

Anyway, happy chewsday farmers.

No. 1757642

Congrats on learning a new word Berch Berch.

No. 1757643

Because it doesn’t paint her in a positive light nor is it well written lmao

No. 1757644

From now on we refer to Rachel with only he/him pronouns

Rachel is fat and I would not have sex with him.

No. 1757646

How does it not paint her in a good light? She has super senses.

No. 1757647

Tell me you’re a fat sow who lives in a state in South USA without telling me you’re a fat sow who lives in a state in South USA.

No. 1757648

No. 1757650

Nobody is going to listen to that.

No. 1757651

Only pig here is you oink oink

No. 1757652

No. 1757654

Yes, we know you’re a fat sow fatty patty. Go oink in the corner, nobody cares about your tantrum.

No. 1757657

TLDR fat shaming and not using her name. Gg Fatty Patty.

No. 1757658

But they are listening.

No. 1757660

No I was talking about Rachel, and he's not here right? So who cares?

No. 1757661

*Fatty Patty now stands for Fatrick Patrick

No. 1757662

I wouldn’t be surprised if Medilia was here right now, projecting her insecurities onto Rachel.

I’m skeptical about the shit said about LJ tbh, considering anything posted by KF or LF is dubious to begin with. Also because I haven’t read any of the threads about LJ. The usual, I suppose?

No. 1757664

Only you are listening, Fatty Patty.

No. 1757665


Obligatory “no this is Patrick” mention

No. 1757666

File: 1675198855947.gif (1.16 MB, 498x280, snickers-lol.gif)

No. 1757668

Medilia isn't here, moo harder Fatrick Patrick.

No. 1757669

File: 1675198901925.jpeg (109.36 KB, 1214x504, HotTake.jpeg)

Sage for no milk mini twitter dump (1/2)

Found this funny since she insists shes beautiful, so I guess that means she's rotten.

No. 1757670

is she like pixiteri??

No. 1757672

His. Rachel and all of her socks go by he/him pronouns. Please respect his wishes, nonna.

No. 1757673

File: 1675199029312.jpeg (55.86 KB, 1226x194, Hmmm.jpeg)

Is all of her harem shit men then? or is she just hogging all the good ones for herself? kek

No. 1757675

Rachel ate them. He couldn't help himself.

No. 1757676

Is he*

No. 1757678

Her. She her. Cry.

No. 1757680

Still she.

No. 1757682


No. 1757683

He/him/his only.

No. 1757684

Rachel is a man, he/him, XY defect.

No. 1757685

I think it’s obvious it’s the latter.

No. 1757686

I believe they were asking about LJ anon.

LJ is a weird case of cow where I don't think she'd be one if she had a normal mother and not one obsessed with being a momager. If you're actually asking and dont want to read her threads then there are plenty of youtube videos covering her.

No. 1757690


Nope. She’s a woman. She her hers only. Cope and seethe about it.

No. 1757692

No. 1757693

Nah he's way too clickable.

No. 1757694

If Rachel isn't here and is living his unbothered kween life, it shouldn't matter what pronouns we use.


No. 1757695


Yes, I agree. It is obvious he hogged them all to himself and ate them. Pigs really will eat anything…

No. 1757696

She is beautiful tho and has a good heart.

No. 1757697

He is ugly and has a stinky Doo Doo heart.

No. 1757698

And he is self-centered and ugly.

No. 1757699


It doesn’t matter how much you cry, scream, squirm, or stomp your feet fatty patty. Rachel will always be a woman. She will always be she/her/hers.

No. 1757701


She isn’t. You’re so easy to offend.

No. 1757703

Fatrick Patrick.

No. 1757704

Nope. She is beautiful with a good heart, kind and generous. Something you will never deserve, sow.

No. 1757706

I don't think you know what that word means.

No. 1757708

It's clearly a man and we have no proof of this wild claim.

No. 1757709

Lmaooooo you’re getting so butthurt


Cry harder. Your tears of rage are delicious.

No. 1757711

>Easy to offend
Nigga you're mad at being called a man (which you are)

No. 1757712

He's ugly and has a small peepee.

No. 1757714

Someone's getting pressed over the pronouns. Doesn't she have a polycule to tard wrangle her

No. 1757715

We're just letting Rachel (who isn't here and isn't reading this thread, he has never been here a day in his life, he is living with his harem) be the man he dreams of being. Why are you hurting him like this?

No. 1757716

File: 1675199797077.jpeg (45.77 KB, 500x500, 3C70E1A0-D89B-4607-A9D6-683F38…)


She’s clearly a woman and if you claim otherwise, you’re wrong.

No. 1757718

White knighting your new wife eh Mikeychan, bout time you blew cover

No. 1757723

Rachel is a man, sorry. He isn't here to defend himself so we can't take your word for it.

No. 1757725

She’s not here, and she is still a she no matter how hard you stamp your fat feet.

There’s nobody here who is male and has a small peepee, unless it’s you lmaoooo

She’s never had any “tard wrangler” imagine thinking you could control her.


She, she, her, woman, her. Cry harder fatty patty.

No. 1757727

I’m going to let you believe that.

Nope, she’s a woman. Not sorry. *she.

No. 1757728

Since Rachel isn't here it doesn't matter. He/him/his.

No. 1757729

Well he looks like a man so.

No. 1757732

It's (not)Rachel whiteknighting himself.

No. 1757733

She doesn’t strike me as the person to not do more research into it first.

No. 1757734

It’s still she her hers. Cry harder.

Then thanks for proving to the class that you’re faceblind, sperg

No. 1757735

I wanted to see how he reacted and it's odd he wants us to believe it.

No. 1757737

He seems like the kind of person that would Wikipedia it and decide he's an expert on guns despite never even holding or firing one.

No. 1757738


No. 1757740

she she

She* she’s

No. 1757741

Man you keep falling for these really simple schemes for you to out yourself Rachel. You really are as dumb as a man.

No. 1757743

Rachel is a he/him biological male please stop disrespecting his pronouns you bigot!

No. 1757747

Imagine stalking her on discord. Hm.

No. 1757749

wow that’s awfully sexist

No. 1757750

she her female her

No. 1757752

All of us are women it's just locker room talk, nobody here should be offended.

No. 1757753

I found the lesbian!

No. 1757755


I wonder if we should start misgendering the cat too.

No. 1757756


Idk man with Spookybones and Blaine toodling around the site unchecked I’m not so sure.

No. 1757758

Yeah, no boys allowed! That's why Rachel isn't here with us girls. He can't get in at the door…

No. 1757759

Bella is a beautiful princess and it's about time we notice her.

No. 1757760

Not that anon and they may be a lesbian but you don't need to be one to realize men are dumb.

No. 1757763

Go for it, I don’t think the cat has any sense of gender.

No. 1757765

No. 1757766

How can he be hating from outside the club when he can't even get in?

No. 1757767

Bella Swan moment…or Bella Goth?

No. 1757768

I kinda knew that to begin with. They can’t think with both sides of their brain at once.

No. 1757770

Belladonna as in that cats gonna die soon.

No. 1757771

Bella is allowed to sit with the girls but Rachel needs to stay with the men. This is the women only car on the train, no gropers (or groypers) allowed.

No. 1757774

File: 1675201183272.jpg (603.2 KB, 1920x1080, Bella at gamestop.jpg)

Bella had a triggering experience at Gamestop, please pray for her.

No. 1757777

Bella did nothing wrong when she ran over that man in 2015.

No. 1757781

Quads means this is as it should be mashallah

No. 1757789

File: 1675201908695.jpeg (797.36 KB, 398x2001, 0.jpeg)

He'll claim they're shooped!

No. 1757794

File: 1675202248616.jpg (443.46 KB, 1080x1301, horrifying shit .jpg)

Presenting this without context thanks to our friends at KF

No. 1757795

Oh…oh good God that's why he's been so upset.
He will but we can't let him try to lie about this any longer and suppress himself and his wonderful cat who still has her driver's liscence because it wasn't her fault.

No. 1757837

He looks like he fits in like that. A bit neckbeardy. but not out of place

No. 1757842

I don't see a difference here in any of these photos. He's always looked like a man.

No. 1757868

The editor I used to stitch the pics together detects faces and gender for editing purposes and it knew he's a man.

No. 1757869

To clarify the app knew he was a man before any editing was done

No. 1757878

It honestly looks like only the hair changed and not the bone structure nor facial features, simply incredible. Nta(s)

No. 1757889

Adding “she is and always has been a woman” to her repetitive phrases.

No. 1757951

That's hilarious. Probably the best content in this thread so far.

No. 1758014

File: 1675222093747.jpg (73.87 KB, 1080x283, PKS.jpg)

The account formerly known as ArgentDarkness is tagging Rachel in his love letters, possibly wishing to piss on her again.

No. 1758070

Good, letting Rachel have all the men. She deserves whatever she wants.

No. 1758072

>implying he ever did to begin with

the guy’s a nut case anyhow.

No. 1758073

The editor you used was probably thrown together in five minutes by some Chinese company that doesn’t know how to code.

No. 1758074

Rachel is a nut case? I know! He is very strange, I would not have sex with him.

No. 1758075

She’s always looked like a woman*


She’s always looked like a woman

She she


No. 1758076

I don’t think any man wants Rachel, or even Sephiroth for that matter. Best chance she has with Sephiroth is to get killed.

No. 1758078

That's a man.
He isn't here anyway because men don't come to lcf, try again nonnie

No. 1758079

File: 1675228977205.jpeg (980.89 KB, 4032x3024, C9247A97-3471-4999-8A85-D811FC…)

I’m not gonna lie I fucking love these, please keep making them and talking about them.

Cat’s a fucking lovable oaf and basically just a bowling ball with legs.

No. 1758081

File: 1675229003768.jpeg (59.77 KB, 749x261, B30008FF-DF74-4B8D-BD7E-635342…)

In response to one of many RubinRemus’ snap shots of KF

No. 1758082

Shame you think that, because she’s RPing with a ton of them rn probably

It’s still a woman. *she

No. 1758084

Probably drinking Sephiroth piss in roleplay if anything is going on, or some weird scat fetish shit like HE spammed the thread with HIS shitty diapers before.

No. 1758095

File: 1675229836858.jpeg (46.94 KB, 750x221, A0310444-6877-40DD-A795-64ECCB…)

Don’t forget one of her catch phrases is always something along the lines of “Your employer/parents would like to know your online activity wouldn’t you, I’ll get you in so much trouble!!”

Projecting her own issues and hoping she can make it happen to other people too so she won’t suffer alone.

No. 1758098

>I like seeing you offended.
Sounds familiar.

I went to go see what tweet he was replying to and it has absolutely nothing to do with him so his tweet is really out of place and weird.

No. 1758265

The Bella lore is pretty deep, it's best if we let it eek out a bit at a time and let her retain her natural mystique.
Such a cute cat omg
While Kiwi does make shit up it also doesn't and truly it doesn't take a genius to crack Josh's codex and figure out that anyone he personally hates is lied about. Is Rachel implying he knows about him? How utterly silly, Josh only chases actual trannies.
One of his catch phrases*

No. 1758578

File: 1675288839150.jpeg (130.67 KB, 1184x440, a.jpeg)

Short twitter dump (1/4)
Ragel's still seething about Kiwifarms retweeting a biased article that outright lies about Josh's response to the authors very biased questions.

No. 1758582

File: 1675289009021.jpeg (188.3 KB, 1206x648, b.jpeg)

Not sure what his point is here since they're saying its legal. If he realize's that then sounds like a pro-pedo argument from him. and no one is shocked

No. 1758584

File: 1675289137804.jpeg (568.67 KB, 398x1302, c.jpeg)


This gif in response to the cats makes me uncomfy.

No. 1758587

Just solidifies the zoophilia tbh.

No. 1758591

File: 1675289357485.jpeg (358.53 KB, 810x1044, d.jpeg)

Ragel doesn't realize that Jewsh has literally no idea who he even is. His main character syndrome makes him think he's a way bigger deal on KF than he actually is and barely anyone on there gives a shit about him or his thread. It's shit like this that makes it seem like he wants KF's attention.

No. 1758603

He’s been replying to anyone that defends KF telling them to die. Great way to attract more attention.

No. 1758605

File: 1675290511899.jpg (753.59 KB, 1080x1807, 2023_02_01_16.25.59.jpg)

Nta. He's on a full meltdown just spam replying this image to a bunch of people, he wants others to think he's a badass but he acts like such a weakling. Ragel is in full rage mode, won't be surprising if he waddles on in sometime soon.

No. 1758609

While it would be nice to have more people active in his KF thread he's really poking a hornets nest here. The users that this will get the attention of are not ones I'd want to be paying attention if I were him. I don't think they'll go off site but they have no issue making fucked up memes or saying pretty vile shit comparatively. We may say mean (but true) things about him but they outright wont give a fuck.
Guess he's never heard of the streisand effect.

No. 1759212

File: 1675346394459.jpeg (150.77 KB, 750x893, 68B780DB-4096-4A74-ADC3-93FCA2…)

He managed to get someone to look at their thread lmao. 1/3

No. 1759213

File: 1675346417246.jpeg (189.1 KB, 750x1000, 02359FD4-C122-4EB9-A3A6-6977BB…)

No. 1759214

File: 1675346440865.jpeg (42.89 KB, 749x223, B741ACAA-399B-46E6-8BC2-D1D916…)

No. 1759278

>I have a thread
Why mention it if you don’t want people to look? Like that attitude is the whole reason her threads keep going both here and on kiwi farms. She just can’t help but talk about it then throw a fit when someone says something about her that isn’t praise. Even when people agree with her and praise her she gets all butthurt and angry about it because it’s not what she wanted.

I honestly don’t think she even knows what she wants from people any more. She wants attention but throws a fit when she gets it the way she says she wanted it. She gets attention for throwing a fit then throws a tantrum when it’s not the way she wants it. Rinse and repeat.

No. 1759289

He just wants everyone to never question him or talk back, Ragel desperately wants to be a father.

No. 1759313

>I have a thread JUST because I'm autistic and like FF
>Oh, I'd like to make sure you're lying

Okay Ragel, you fucking idiot.

No. 1759316

Samefag *not lying
sorry i just woke up.

No. 1759394

>hacked information
this bitch posted her ID on twitter

No. 1759552

She wants to be the main character so badly. That's what she wants. She wants to be a real life Mary Sue where everyone falls at her feet and kisses them and then she wants to delusionally act out her being married to Sephiroth and get pregante and have his baby or some shit.

What's funny about her delusions is that she truly believes that she in her current form is desired by the kind of men she dreams of.

No. 1759789


Sorry that made me laugh.

She really doesn’t know what she wants. She both wants to be a little housewife doting on some hunky man but then wants to be some independent dominant woman who doesn’t need to rely on any one.

There has been people who have given her what she wants. Opportunity to roleplay and agree with her. But she always finds one way to ruin that by either telling them they are wrong in their portrayal, complains about those who declined her in the past and doesn’t talk with those who have offered their time, can’t take ANY constructive criticism and instantly get butthurt when someone says anything less then “ oh wow that’s wonderful, you’re so right. You’re always right when it comes to final fantasy. Your head canons are 100% canon. No one should ever doubt you. They should hire you to write the lore it’s just so amazing.” She can’t handle someone else having a unique opinion of their own.

She’s gotten so much helpful advice as shown in past threads. But yet it’s not her problem? She also has a weird obsession with trying to show you the crap she’s bought. Like the necklace thing. It’s officially licensed sure, but that doesn’t mean shit to people. She says she’s a collector but buys all the left over trash that never sold and has a pretty shitty collection. Stuffed dolls, jewelry, left over products that didn’t sell well on sites and went on sale. I know avid collectors of final fantasy stuff that have whole rooms dedicated to licensed figured, merch that cost fortunes. Having a pewter necklace and ring with a stuffed doll isn’t really something to gloat about.

No. 1759810

She honestly strikes me as the type to buy fake or fan made shit and try to pass it off as official when it comes to merch lol

I've seen the collections in FF twitter and in other collector's circles outside of FF, her hauls are pathetic in comparison tbh.

No. 1759852

You know what really comes off as abusive male personality to me? The way that she isn't satisfied with Yes Men who are willing to be mindless sex fiends in roleplay. Horny men are a dime a dozen when it comes to rp. But that isn't good enough for her, she sees people who aren't mindless coomers and wants to drag them to her level as a status symbol. She can never be happy with what she has because it's in her nature to be jealous of others. Especially of other women (or gay men/fakebois/etc).

The grass isn't greener on the other side, Rachel.

If you could be happy with what you have and cherish those who did like you, you wouldn't be here. Instead you make sure they feel like shit because you don't have any desire to treat people kindly. You don't know how to or care to have empathy.

The difference between those other girls and you isn't much except for the fact that you're absolutely a pain in the ass to deal with and aren't worth the struggle. Your writing and presence aren't good enough to constitute you being catty and insatiable.

But you'll never learn, and you'll blame everyone else when the problem has always been you.

No. 1759856

No doubt. I mean I’m a casual fan and have some stuff from over the years of going to conventions that have value now. But it’s not even that hard to have a pretty nice collection. She preaches how rich she is but obviously doesn’t have much for disposable income to get even the cheaper play arts figures of the man she adores soo much. She just rather wear the tacky merch no one ever wanted that are left over after years of being in the square shop.

No. 1760457

File: 1675465185405.jpeg (42.67 KB, 750x238, 10256749-588D-4FBA-B874-145B2E…)

What science does she do exactly…? Her “biology degree” is just a deep dive into badly written smut that has no bearing in real life lol

No. 1760458

File: 1675465228589.jpeg (102.43 KB, 744x508, C2BEA442-9DCA-4D20-B1B0-9B72C1…)

No. 1760499

Well with that logic I guess she's harassing KF by replying to anything about them on twitter.

No. 1760500

My guess is it's an annual study they do on autistic individuals and those afflicted by their mothers using drugs/alcohol in pregnancy. I can almost guarantee it's some stupid shit she's making a big deal out of when in reality it's exposing just how retarded she is.

No. 1760526

Only she does do science, she is the premier scientist in pooping your pants. Cope and seethe about it.

No. 1760540

She doesn’t have a science degree. She’s got a lame ass art history degree from a community college that she used the special education system to pass. She doesn’t even draw or do any art. So it’s a useless degree.

Her mother has a geography degree from the 70s that she doesn’t even use or ever did use.

Must run in the family. But at least her mother can drive and function as a normal adult. Rachel can’t even wipe her ass without assistance.

No. 1760607

File: 1675476297761.jpeg (86.72 KB, 750x734, 7B7EC840-F2B3-4EC9-9F7B-9801D9…)

For once, she’s honest.

No. 1760716

When is Rachel ever silly? Checkmate, lock the thread, a farmer made a false claim and now the internet is won forever by a chubby woman child who lacks impulse control and object permanence.

No. 1760834

File: 1675504424824.jpeg (234.17 KB, 750x933, F3A81DBC-C3D3-45DB-915E-A1AE59…)

Sperging about internet laws or some shit

No. 1760948

Rachel is gonna Karen like no Karen has done before.

No. 1761053

File: 1675534041352.jpeg (215.15 KB, 828x1036, D149AC87-0833-409A-ACB2-D83294…)

What is her obsession with saying things are photoshopped?

No. 1761145

Because she's too stupid to discredit people using anything else, I guess?

Kink does NOT belong at pride, you fat fucking degenerate "woman"

No. 1761153

I'd argue that kinks should stay in the bedroom because the public is not consenting to being apart of or exposed to your kink. I'd also argue kinks at pride are hurting the community because then you have the extremists on the right wreaking havoc over it and giving them a valid reason.

Also they asked why bring kids to pride, not why openly partake in your kinks at pride.

She accuses everyone of photoshop because she's literally an idiot. Theres no other reason. Actual non altered pictures of her tweets are posted in her threads and she says they're photoshopped but you can literally go to her twitter and see the tweets because she's too dumb to delete before claiming the screenshots are fake.

No. 1761176

Kink doesn't belong at pride, airing your sexual laundry in public is just degenerate and not celebrating love but lust. It undermines the actual cause but Rachel wouldn't understand that as she goes out of her way to 'teach' sex to kids. Not to be 'ableist' but really this is what happens when autistic people aren't taught social boundaries, I'm sure Rachel sees nothing wrong with it at all since she's so autistic she justifies spamming child porn in her own head.
Rachel may or may not be a pedophile herself but she most certainly is an enabler and I do not call her that for supporting gay rights(not that she actually does)but rather how unaware she is of lines everyone else knows not to cross.

No. 1761238

People haven't had their lives threatened over kink, they haven't been barred from entering countries due to kink, they do not have any less rights than anyone else due to kink unless it is something that shouldn't be considered a kink and is illegal like fucking children, animals, and corpses. Pride is about the fight that it has taken for the LGBTQ people to be able to exist.

Kink has never struggled to exist. Kink has always existed and has never been an issue. It does not belong.

I think children at Pride are fine if the Pride event isn't a fetish show. My area does "family friendly" Pride during the day and is only kink-friendly and 18+ after dark. So if people are being inappropriate they get told to quit or come back later lmao

Rachel somehow picks fights that always make her look dumber than she is, or a nonce, or both.

No. 1761244

Rachel, Rubin Remus, and Elaine are all bullying and harassing this man- who is the owner of Veilios Hosting- into trying to get him to take down KF over their lies. He's obviously getting sick of their shit too.

No. 1761365

If “sorry you got posted” where people, it would be those trying to get these sites taken down. It’s funny how suddenly they are a problem when they have existed for longer then Facebook and MySpace have.

No. 1761567

File: 1675610863092.jpeg (117.52 KB, 750x831, CE0D733C-7605-4435-A7B7-C50C8C…)

No. 1761568

File: 1675610920925.jpeg (111.25 KB, 750x804, A1BA143A-A1D1-4EBB-8345-F99D27…)

No. 1761589

>pretty hair
Limp, dry fine hair is not pretty. It’s hungry for nutrition and proper care. There is no shine to her hair saying her strands are damaged and craving hydration and nutrition.

>big tits

Being a 40B isn’t big tits. That’s below average and barrel chested. It’s like taping two oranges to a fridge and putting a bra on it.

>cute face

Fetal alcohol syndrome face isn’t cute. And that parched skin screaming for vitamins isn’t attractive either. I don’t even want to know the Ph of her skin since she uses trash for her beauty care. Just because it’s designer brands doesn’t mean it’s good for you. It’s just over priced garbage with no benefits marketed towards gullible idiots like you, Rachel.

>can cook

Everyone can cook. Considering how shitty your diet is, it’s not hard to cut up potatoes and put cheese on them. Can cook and is a good cook are two different answers.

>thoughtful and considerate

Where? Stalking people when they have said they don’t want to interact with you isn’t considerate. Harassing people who block you on your other accounts isn’t considerate either. Blaming other people about your own downfalls isn’t thoughtful. Bribing people to talk with you isn’t thoughtful either.

>secretly a slut

The only thing slutty about you is that you whore yourself out on the internet to be slapped around by everyone for a modicum of attention in threads like this and of KF. Not even your Mary Sue self insert dollar store female Sephiroth OC isn’t even a slut. You make a nun eating wonder bread and water look spicy and hot.

No. 1761602

>Secretly a slut
No, everyone knows you're a degenerate Rachel because you broadcast your weird behavior and get mad when people get offended. It isn't much of a secret.
You can't even be called a slut because you're still a virgin.

No. 1761606

File: 1675615432236.jpeg (128.71 KB, 750x859, E47E127A-CFC9-4ECE-B7AE-7D0118…)

Ghoulie living rent free in her head

No. 1761622

>Wahhh you're online too much
The projection here is off the charts even for her.

No. 1761627

I've only posted milk on KF lately since pic dumps are easier there and despite what Rachel would like to think, I do leave my house.
and posting anywhere is kinda hard right now because I have a puppy that is clingy af. No, Rachel, I dont pay rent, I pay a mortgage.
Anyway, good morning Nonnas!

No. 1761634

Glad to hear about the puppy, make sure to pass the obviousfag torch onto someone before certain members of the audience get upset about it.
We know you leave your house, everyone besides Rachel that posts ITT leaves their house silly.

No. 1761707

What a turn of events. Rachel is slowly letting having a Kiwifarms thread and a-logging the site become her entire personality.
When we started this saga she denied the cat account was hers, she denied everything, refused to acknowledge it.

Now she's embracing it like a true cow.

No. 1761711

Wow didn’t know I was ghoulie too. That’s news to me. I guess she’s moved on from ines, dumb bitch smoothie, fair info, Gavin, Gaia’s god, -insert all the other crutches she leans on to blame but herself here-. Everyone here just seems to be all one person that morphs into what ever other person she like to tard rage at.

No. 1761720

Well of course, because she can't comprehend that more than one person likes to laugh at her in her tiny little pea brain. She also doesn't realize she's being posted on KF by other people in threads that aren't hers.

No. 1761722

Nta, it's fucking hilarious how surface of an understand of all of this she has.

No. 1761762

Not to mention the amount of people that have come forward on Twitter before her threads here and on KF have made a comment about her. Even discord people have come forward. Nah it’s all one person for sure. And today it’s ghoulie

No. 1761804

The real Ghoulie was the friends we made along the way

No. 1761947

I wonder what Rachel's skincare routine is, shame Rachel isn't here in the thread to ask

No. 1762285

File: 1675696394236.png (959.98 KB, 828x1792, F065698B-7F10-489E-BE28-1DD7C3…)

She said on one of her many twitters she uses Clinique. She thinks it’s some kinda flex to use brand name products that do nothing for your skin.

No. 1762286

Clinique is bottom barrel for higher end brands lol. I don't understand how she thinks that's a flex

No. 1762289

I assumed she used cat piss toner and grease from her hair as skincare.

No. 1762406

Not just that but they use a lot of synthetics and filler ingredients that do absolutely nothing for your skin or destroy the acid barrier of your skin. Cera ve and cetaphil better for your skin then Clinique and that’s stuff you can find in a drugstore. Any aesthetician and dermatologist can tell you Clinique is not good for your skin. Might as well be using proactive if you want to destroy your skin within ten years.

No. 1762559

I love reading her ""witty comebacks"", because they smack of "shit people have said to me" kek

No. 1762597

File: 1675734898478.jpg (97.45 KB, 1080x343, pigpen.jpg)

Incoming spam of funny shit Rachel has said or posted. I'm posting this because the next image is relevant to this one.

No. 1762599

File: 1675735036969.jpg (637.28 KB, 1080x1397, obese.jpg)

Still fat as ever. Imagine going out for someone else's birthday and having a massive dessert to yourself. I doubt that fatty patty didn't finish it.

Judging from the dessert and the table I'm assuming they went to Red Lobster, lmao how tacky
Could be wrong but this looks like their chocolate wave dessert. It could be one of many generic restaurants though.

No. 1762601

File: 1675735167023.jpg (172.47 KB, 1080x539, fanfiction.jpg)

She puts more effort into crafting these little weird events in her life than she does in roleplay. Highly doubt her cat gives a shit, and her "housemate" is a parent.

Miss Girlboss is probably spending all her income that doesn't to towards cheap fan items on takeout anyway.

No. 1762603

File: 1675735273321.jpg (635.46 KB, 1080x1292, Fridge.jpg)

Alright folkies, is this Rachel or is this her mom? Leaning towards her mom because I assume Rachel is larger.

No. 1762604

File: 1675735347268.jpg (198.91 KB, 1080x721, ignored.jpg)

This Sephiroth is an account that solely retweets pictures of thots and barely roleplays but Rachel still can't get his attention.

No. 1762606

File: 1675735404427.jpg (170.84 KB, 1080x554, mad.jpg)

She is coping and seething about people saying her cat hates her. She can't shut up about it.

No. 1762607

File: 1675735489948.jpg (391.59 KB, 1080x1333, dumbass.jpg)

Idgaf about what Joshua Moon is up to but even I know he's no longer in the US. His dox is readily available, Rachel. Did Elaine not share that information with you? Maybe she's worried she'll have competition.

No. 1762608

File: 1675735577687.jpg (68.84 KB, 1080x247, ow the edge.jpg)

So apparently she isn't a Jewish Princess anymore, guys. She can't claim to be a Jew anymore because she was adopted to begin with so she truly isn't a real (((chosen person)))

No. 1762609

File: 1675735630930.jpg (781.54 KB, 1047x1407, fat.jpg)

This is for sure Rachel's hamplanet of a body. A blanket doesn't hide your obesity booboo.

No. 1762610

File: 1675735709252.jpg (93.97 KB, 1080x322, ham hocks.jpg)

Doubt they make boots big enough for her calves.

No. 1762616

Bella is way too happy in this photo, just look at how she is compared to >>1762609 where she's in the classic 'im wishing for death' pose that all cat owners know and fear.

No. 1762646

That fat body doesn't lie lol. 140 pounds at 5'3" and she's skinny? Delusional

No. 1762672

I could believe she's 180. That neck doesn't lie either.

No. 1763155

File: 1675793771916.jpeg (70.98 KB, 750x279, B5C22295-A258-407E-998F-F31785…)

No. 1763165

File: 1675794548852.jpeg (152.71 KB, 828x1006, 625136AF-47D9-4108-9186-78CB7E…)

She usually harps on 175 and “ healthy weight for my size”, but the roundness she harbors seems to say otherwise. She’s preached this in the past and a few times in past threads.

No. 1763166

File: 1675794633738.jpeg (146.04 KB, 750x852, CB539494-0CE9-4024-A8A2-AA5329…)

That cat looked healthy when she got it and now it looks obese af. Guess overfeeding runs in the family

No. 1763169

She says she's five foot six there and in a recent tweet she wrote herself at five foot three LOL. This bitch keeps changing details about herself

No. 1763173

File: 1675794802534.jpeg (31.65 KB, 750x258, 5A834DA0-E69C-4DDE-B90D-E674F8…)

Samefagging for picrel

No. 1763175

File: 1675794917865.jpeg (75.55 KB, 750x438, BA7C9973-1641-46F5-93A4-CE270C…)

Trying to get into another slapfight with Gaiasgod

No. 1763177

Talks about how much she makes usually means she doesn’t make as much as she’s roleplaying as. Plus living at your parents rent free, can’t drive so no car and working part time for less then 20k a year is really not something to be proud of. She uses an old iPhone from like 5 years ago and has an old HP laptop that she’s had to repair a few times. The only bills she probably pays is her phone and probably the internet. She has no real bills.

No. 1763228

Oh? Is that so? Let's see how well she follows the 11 Rules of the Earth– as Rachel should know these are the rules that govern the Church of Satan.

>1. Do not give opinions or advice unless you are asked.

She fails this one regularly.

>2. Do not tell your troubles to others unless you are sure they want to hear them.

Yikes, fail #2.

>3. When in another’s lair, show him respect or else do not go there.

Well, Rachel doesn't go anywhere so I suppose she could pass this one. Due to that though, I'll count her internet usage. She comes here and is disrespectful, she also is disrespectful in others Twitter replies so I'm failing her.

>4. If a guest in your lair annoys you, treat him cruelly and without mercy.

Seems easy enough for her, however she has no friends. I'll count the internet again for this one too. She passes.

>5. Do not make sexual advances unless you are given the mating signal.

Big fail.

>6. Do not take that which does not belong to you unless it is a burden to the other person and he cries out to be relieved.

This is about stealing, obviously, but I'm counting it as a fail considering she steals pictures of other peoples babies and posts them on the internet, and she threatens to get peoples children taken away when she thinks they've somehow wronged her.

>7. Acknowledge the power of magic if you have employed it successfully to obtain your desires. If you deny the power of magic after having called upon it with success, you will lose all you have obtained.

I can't see her doing this but can't say one way or another. I highly doubt she knows what real magick is though.

>8. Do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself.

>9. Do not harm little children.
>10.Do not kill non-human animals unless you are attacked or for your food.
Wouldn't be surprised but since I'm sure that would have come out by now I'll give her a pass until we know otherwise.

11. When walking in open territory, bother no one. If someone bothers you, ask him to stop. If he does not stop, destroy him.
Kek. Pass since she again doesn't have friends or go anywhere.

Undetermined but probably a fail:1

TL;DR she's not a Satanist.

No. 1763248

She claimed LaVeyan which was the first thing that tipped me off as someone who dabbles in lhp, which clearly Rachel won't know what that acronym means. A horse may be lead to water but in this case our hippo refuses to drink.

No. 1763266

File: 1675802728130.jpeg (209.22 KB, 828x1347, 370A5646-EA54-4C48-9CF6-84F932…)

She defiantly failed #3. She has harassed a few people who have asked her to stop and wanted nothing to do with her. Constantly messaging them in DMs when they never provoked her and told her to stop before and auto blocked her. This person made a while post with screenshots about it. I don’t know if she still bothers this person but she does seem to target them from time to time.

No. 1763318

I like a lot of ideas in lhp and rhp, so I know at least a little about some stuff in both.
That said, I love it if Rachel showed us proof shes a member of the Church. I'd wager she isn't. I'd also appreciate her telling us about sigils, what and how a pentagram is used, or even a quick history if the Baphomet.

She's giving Royal Black vibes tbh.

No. 1763322

It would be incredible but she misses any religious symbology or analogy dumped at her, if you read prior threads you'll see a few of us drop hints she misses.
She probably thinks a pentagram is a summoning sigil to be frank, she's very pop culture and hasn't a clue what the purpose of a ward would be since shes osmosed things from pop culture, not study.
Personally I think the key to it all is combining the right and left so synthesize your own truth but I digress.

No. 1763324

She's gonna Google it all now and pretend to be an expert.

No. 1763387

You mean like she does with everything including translate posts so she can be the weeb who speaks the mother land language. It’s obvious she uses it because she’s got an American standard keyboard laptop.

No. 1763571

How do you know what devices she has?

No. 1763649

File: 1675855772692.jpeg (531.72 KB, 1284x1750, 7CCD372E-4225-4A5C-9392-61241F…)

Her phone screenshots she’s posted are from an older iPhone. And she’s posted images of her computer several times. This was a joke account that took one of her images she posted taking about her bodypillow. You can see her computer and her cat in the background. She has another image of her showing her nails with her keyboard in the background. But I’m not going to dig any more in the past threads about it.

No. 1763866

File: 1675883697851.jpg (673.11 KB, 809x2803, tardwrangler.jpg)

Some chicks in the FF fandom are accusing the dude Rachel jannies for of being a pedo. Birds of a feather right?

The screencap speaks for itself.

No. 1763871

File: 1675883979958.jpg (612.15 KB, 810x1771, empathykween.jpg)

The #1 empath and cat lover complains about being tagged in tweets regarding cats up for euthanasia that need rescuing. Instead of spreading the word and using her 1000 followers to get word out, she bitches about it instead of using the opportunity to help.

She can't convince me she's a good person because her retard brain couldn't even try to do something for the animal she claims is her favorite animal and instead whinges at people trying to make a difference.

No. 1763876

Her stupid ass turned the "he's a predator and needs to stay away from women" into transphobia. Her fucking reading skills are abysmal lmao no wonder she gets clowned on so fucking much

No. 1763884

Called it.
What's even dumber is when you consider the odds that one of the accounts she's accusing of being transphobic is trans.

No. 1763885

File: 1675884986894.jpeg (160.17 KB, 750x749, CE8880F9-B5A8-4685-8B79-C6FE74…)

No. 1763887

Of course the fat bitch wants a soapbox and platform to reach people but can't even use the already small following to do something positive in the community she's supposedly growing said following in


No. 1763889

She responded saying that she couldn't take any more cats but the thing is, she could have just retweeted the fucking thing instead of weirdly jumping into that conclusion…

No. 1763890

That’s because all her followers are cat Blogs that follow back and people That want to watch her because she’s damned amusing to watch burn herself.

No. 1763894

She always has to say something. Rachel cant let something be without having the final word. It’s why people bait her so easily.

No. 1763906

She doesn't realize that people have preferences and as far as we know (just from the screenshots here) he hasn't gone after any trans women. We call those that do "chasers", even trans people call them that. You're friends with him Rachel, go ahead and ask him if hes into trans women.

Trans men often times look pretty young and considering hes a pedo as well as a sex pest I think their "Anyone born female" is warranted. He probably doesn't care what they identify as and just cares about whats between their legs. Hes a creepy, gross coomer.

And here Rachel is, riding pedo dick. I can't even tell you how shocked I am. /s

No. 1763917

Exactly and if his prey target was the other side they'd say the opposite, it's really not that hard to understand that the kind of speech such as 'born female' is not transphobic, transphobic would not highlight that he's a chaser.
Rachel is so socially unaware she doesn't understand that a transphobes would just say women and not female which is usually evoking sex aka what's in your pants.
Rachel doesn't know the difference between transgender, transvestite or transsexual anyways lol.

No. 1763918

Forgot italics on 'transphobe' but by now I'd hope everyone except Rachel knows I'm just using her own language.

No. 1764107

File: 1675908221367.jpeg (138.61 KB, 750x725, 37647F6A-A6EB-46DB-B2BA-321464…)

Rachel being a massive weeb and not knowing those terms are very specific to certain situations

No. 1764124


LMAO Rachel what the hell are you doing you aren't even using those terms correctly.

Unless you wanna look like a massive prick, don't use boku either.

Watashi. That's all you need when you're learning. Don't make yourself out to be a massive egotistical faggot…oh wait.

No. 1764153

I am bilingual Japanese, English from growing up off base in Japan. She makes such a mockery of the language like all “self” educated weebs do.

No. 1764196

I speak conversational Japanese but I don't pretend to be ready to take the JLPT and ace it. Don't think I'll ever get past conversational Japanese since I'm more invested in learning Mandarin Chinese. But jeez she might as well grab a hacksaw if she wants to butcher the language like that.

No. 1764307

File: 1675934467664.jpeg (122.08 KB, 749x657, F3C0C5E3-6120-44F1-91DA-3AD96F…)

The more she complains about it, the more she just brings awareness to herself

No. 1764316

She gets no attention otherwise. We wouldn’t be this many threads in if she didn’t behave like that.

No. 1764527

File: 1675969826130.jpeg (153.07 KB, 749x685, 4F6C131A-7017-479E-95B4-33D386…)

Still thirst as ever for imaginary Sephiroth e-dick

No. 1764528

File: 1675969894608.jpeg (145.76 KB, 750x783, AE23CB3A-1A70-46C8-B825-F95E73…)

And she wants to be a mother??

No. 1764530

File: 1675969959195.jpeg (79.1 KB, 749x409, 23EB665E-C165-4F6C-A809-AFB24F…)

No. 1764540

>Human babies aren't cute
Actual male behavior nonna.

No. 1764553

File: 1675971029185.jpeg (164.67 KB, 750x863, 47141824-B6CF-424B-8FD7-D22E53…)

No. 1764558

Ntayrt but some infants are so hideous I feel bad for their mothers and guess what? It doesn't make me a man

No. 1764562

Why is she replying to so much shit about babies? Its weird.

No. 1764571

If she says how gross she finds babies she will try to turn around and say
>Aha I can't possibly be a pedo
Not realizing that her building this up so much falls into video related, only unlike Frank she likely diddles kids.

No. 1764774

She has to ask random people for validation because she has no friends or family to tell her she isn't a predator.

No. 1764884

File: 1676007215937.jpeg (208.86 KB, 828x987, AA57E7AE-C1EF-4A0C-A1E7-21090E…)

>they already came for me

Who? Who came for you? Your nightmares? That person that came to your house from your imagination? People saying “ ew, no I don’t want to talk with you” are not coming after you. You are coming after them when they want you to just fuck off away from them.

No. 1764886

Why the fuck is she co-opting the trans struggle as her own? Lmao. She’s not trans. She and everyone who knows of her knows her to be cis because she wants to LARP as Sephiroth’s fuckdoll and get pregnant by him and her fake ass polycule

No. 1764888

She badly wants to be oppressed. She’s tried the PoC crutch, the female crutch, the autism crutch and now it’s the Trans crutch. What’s next?

No. 1764889

Oh wow another clearly cis pedophile claiming to be trans to try and hide, fancy that.

No. 1764894

Don’t forget the Jew crutch which she can’t use anymore since she’s a Satanist lmao.

No. 1764918

And the Native American crutch. Remember shes Cherokee. The go to tribe for all basic white chicks to have oppressed points or wear a feathered headress at Coachella

No. 1764926

She has the face of a British colonizer

No. 1764962

File: 1676021704748.png (4.74 MB, 1205x1800, 3BA6BF3C-8B46-41B7-B70F-754205…)

here I made That real quick for you.

No. 1765065

NTA thank you for this nonna, I love it. Its inspired me to make my own don't hold me to this I might get distracted

No. 1765236

File: 1676058350595.jpeg (78.02 KB, 750x429, 2B71FF2B-F685-4455-8B19-EE03FA…)

Always pointing out to others that she’s labelled as a pedo/predator lmao

No. 1765248

Hasn’t Rachel already tried to pretend to be a transwoman once when she had another account? The whole I’m a transteacher!

No. 1765272

She thinks that not being attracted to minors makes her not a predator.

Not every predator is attracted to minors. In fact a good deal of them aren't. They go after minors because they can't get what they actually want. They go after minors because it's easy and they're desperate enough. Rachel has been desperate enough to get sexual with minors even if she isn't attracted to them. Just because she pretends they're Sephiroth in her head doesn't make them Sephiroth in real life.

(On the other hand, every person who is attracted to minors is a predator. I don't believe in "no-contact" shit. If you're thinking about it then you need to be put through a woodchipper.)

No. 1765371

File: 1676074266578.jpeg (81.47 KB, 498x1024, 35357D9E-F34B-4AD6-B02E-8DC53D…)

Yes. It was posted in past threads and on the Twitter that keeps track of her behavior.

No. 1765384

File: 1676075978202.jpeg (33.85 KB, 749x165, BD8C4996-A914-41C1-95E8-44BECC…)

No. 1765385

File: 1676076021102.jpeg (57.37 KB, 750x319, 2EC5EF54-E0B1-4011-9C27-E96F3D…)

No. 1765386

File: 1676076150665.jpeg (40.49 KB, 750x252, 671B8FBB-859C-4F42-A8A9-310D99…)

No. 1765390

It’s early Friday night and she’s already posting. Usually I can get settled in at work and we’ll into my end of week reports before she starts going ham on the posts. Today must be particularly slow for her. I barely put my water bottle down on my desk.

No. 1765400

File: 1676078174647.jpeg (122.28 KB, 750x808, 20493DEA-99FA-45B8-B7C3-097D4A…)

No. 1765420

Her polycule must be busy having sex without her if she has this much time to start her hollering.

No. 1765423

Or one of her Dino Dicks is charging and she has to wait till it’s useable again.

No. 1765452

File: 1676083523443.jpeg (201.68 KB, 749x856, 70A2B23A-0C0F-4B93-A6AF-8C47C5…)

No. 1765453

File: 1676083612889.jpeg (144.3 KB, 750x925, 68B8BC73-074C-4D3B-B146-7DA0C5…)

No. 1765458

Aren't antis a slang for people to hate pedophiles aka everyone? >>1765400 how is she even juggling both at once now?

No. 1765462

She gives hard “ fuck them libs” energy. For someone who harps on being left She sure likes to use right sided terminology.

No. 1765516

Rachel was raised in a Jewish liberal family from the greater San Francisco/San Jose area. Their liberalism is performance until it no longer suits their narrative and then they switch it up and go hard right until they have what they want. Then they go back to playing both parties.

I can all but confirm this is a learned behavior from her family. She's only mimicking what she sees and extending that out into her experience on the internet because nobody taught this child how to integrate.

No. 1765549

Parents neglecting their autistic child and educating them how to function in normal society. Projecting their own flaws onto their child who doesn’t know better then monkey see monkey do. Was never punished or forced to do tasks that teach you how to conduct yourself in daily life to be a functional human. Still lives with parents when approaching 30. Has weird obsessions with child like things while a weird infatuation with sex and Sex education? Claims Cherokee heritage. Plays the trans gender card but anti gay.

Where have we heard this all before? It doesn’t end well for ger Part.

No. 1765553

Rachel = Rosachu confirmed.

No. 1765572

File: 1676101011810.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 149.63 KB, 507x1214, 2621A818-4006-4D3E-B08E-A5422A…)

Her gaudy ugly sephiroth ring is like her version of a medallion. Funny how she wears it on her wedding finger. She seriously thinks she’s married to Sephiroth.

No. 1765601

Hilarious how she thinks she’s skinny and petite when all her pictures of Bello and her show her fat lardass belly lol.

No. 1765608

She also says her skin is beautiful and flawless but that image shows her with a obvious outbreak and shine. Even if she was “ cleaning” she shouldn’t look like that if she used proper skin care routines.

No. 1766014

File: 1676153266544.jpg (437.41 KB, 1080x1664, racheldag.jpg)

In the Rachel sphere, her tard wrangler had a meltdown and Rachel is gunt guarding hard for him


No. 1766049

She replied to four different accounts defending him. Birds of a feather.

No. 1766095

File: 1676162942488.jpeg (163.66 KB, 828x979, 92936F05-6715-49E3-AEB1-2D57C4…)

Looks like she unblocked her sephiroth Account. The deduesday is also a minor. Why is she trying to get a minor’s attention?

No. 1766100

File: 1676163087189.jpeg (79.91 KB, 827x562, 89156BD6-7946-4934-AE0A-E83DF9…)

Same anon here with a image showing she can’t say she doesn’t know.

No. 1766132

File: 1676166447139.jpg (170.28 KB, 1080x618, Mensa.jpg)


Massive Ego, Narcissistic, Smelly & Annoying

No. 1766133

File: 1676166514423.jpg (532.26 KB, 1080x1536, Discourse.jpg)

Ah, that silver elite account is a goldmine of her worst traits lmao

No. 1766134

File: 1676166846880.jpg (423.18 KB, 1080x1477, Proof Rachel posted to lcf.jpg)

Rachel using literally the same style of defending herself on Twitter as she did here. In case anyone ever doubted those anons WKing her weren't just Rachel pretending to have friends…

She also hasn't posted recently but I know she's reading along. She can't stay away entirely but I commend her for having the self control to not vomit all over her threads. If only she'd do that with food and use that self control to diet a little bit. Her arteries will thank her.

No. 1766135

I've got a sneaky little feeling that MENSA members don't feel the need to brag about it to random twitter people because they're butt hurt over a trivial generalization.

No. 1766136

Her SilverElistism account was suspended for having too many tweet violating the rules. She was arguing about incest, nazism and threatening people at the end of January lol. Can’t wait for it to be banned for her “keyboard warrior” antics

No. 1766142

The names of MENSA members are also public so nobody would be dumb enough to mention they're a MENSA member on an account they're flinging insults and slurs around on.
Then again we knew she isn't intelligent and lacks common sense to boot.

No. 1766143

>She can't be a pedo because she claims to be married.

First of all, we know thats a lie because no one wants to be near Rachel, so marriage? forget about it. Second, why is she acting like there aren't pedofiles that are married? kek

No. 1766144

A great number of pedos are married and lead successful lives but prey on children not because of a direct attraction to children but because they are sadists who get off on making others suffer. Corrupting innocence is more attractive as a concept than an age thing because they're fucked enough in the head to believe that the children deserve it.

Rachel has that mentality when it comes to children, she believes "bad" kids should suffer.

No. 1766146

File: 1676167522206.jpg (357.26 KB, 1080x1190, Ggpost.jpg)

I hope she sees this post from GaiasGod and gets into another slapfight.

No. 1766377

She sees it. She always checks her threads and the People who Post because of her. She’s trying to not be bothered by it when we know at some point she will come around to her tard rage.

No. 1766605

File: 1676226195060.jpeg (166.15 KB, 750x754, CEF5B3DE-D875-48DD-88A2-614733…)

No. 1766606

File: 1676226248366.jpeg (107.14 KB, 750x705, 5632F407-3371-48E9-BB6F-1F91FD…)

We been knew this already lol

No. 1766614

She can't wiggle out of being a zoophile now either, Rachel's gone all out in the defense of fellow scum and sunk below her bar like some chubby rock sinking to the sea floor. How low can she go?

No. 1766654

File: 1676231055036.png (73.42 KB, 200x241, 1675764107333.png)

>As an art historian

No. 1766726

Rachel and the art of shitting her pants.

No. 1767689

Speaking of birds of a feather, she’s been defending that ReubinRemus guy for the past hour or so on her Bello account

No. 1767699

Ah yes, the man who uses a picture of a puppet that was used to sexually assault women. That same man thats been harassing a woman for months, if not longer. I don't agree with a lot of that womans views, but unlike Rachel, I actually have morals and don't believe any woman should be stalked by a psychotic man.

Theory is that hes a troon that literally beat an old man in the head (with a shovel I think but can't remember exactly) and the man later died, but it wasn't clear to me if it was related to the beating, though I can imagine the beating didnt help if it wasnt directly linked to his death.

Good job Rachel! So far in your spergy crusade you've admitted to having child porn, attacked random women with a creepy fixation on their babies and trying to get them taken away, been transphobic, been racist, been a bully, completely nuked any credibility you may have had to random people by making up obvious lies, outted yourself as being a degenerate for many reasons- raptors being one, aligned youself with the scum of society including zoophiles and pedos, and you've shown you're anti-woman.
You are the person you claim to hate. Say what you want about Kiwis and anons, but theres far more proof of you being everything you accuse them as and more.

No. 1767742

File: 1676354777499.jpg (198.15 KB, 1068x723, Zoosadism.jpg)

She's also defending a notorious, CONFIRMED zoosadist now. Lots of screenshots to follow.

No. 1767744

File: 1676354960913.jpg (666.02 KB, 1080x1563, Zoosadismkf.jpg)

I haven't been mad at the internet in regards to Rachel but this is seriously the sickest, most infuriating thing I've seen her do. She refuses to even look at what she's defending but is convinced it's fake because Kiwifarms has the same information you can find from other sources on their site.

Seriously Rachel I hope that you consider stepping into traffic and becoming like the roadkill these monsters like to fuck. You might die a virgin but you won't be buried as one.

No. 1767745

File: 1676355029800.jpg (246.03 KB, 1080x856, Zoosadist2.jpg)

She isn't worth saving.

No. 1767747

File: 1676355075212.jpg (179.97 KB, 1080x652, Zoosadist3.jpg)

Last of the zoosadist shit. Now onto the pedo janny shit.

No. 1767748

File: 1676355188772.jpg (195.56 KB, 1080x616, gaiasgodagain.jpg)

"I said I didn't kill him so I didn't kill him" level cope lmao
I might have been able to have reasonable doubt before but to see a self professed animal lover like you defending a zoosadist has wiped any sympathy left in me.

No. 1767749

File: 1676355292716.jpg (314.09 KB, 1080x998, Clerith1.jpg)

She likes calling people hags lately. Same energy as Ethan Ralph referring to women as slatternly.

No. 1767750

File: 1676355359448.jpg (466.96 KB, 1080x1479, clerith2.jpg)

Rachel is going to attract more attention by behaving like this. I think she's beginning to enjoy being a lolcow.

No. 1767755

File: 1676356560644.jpg (259.09 KB, 1080x1015, pathetic.jpg)

Rachel should remember that Genesis and Sephiroth wouldn't be attracted to a fat, toady zoosadist with pedophilic tendencies.

No. 1767948

She never fucking was worth saving, other people were but they got thrown under the bus with false accusations so hey, you get what you deserve.

No. 1767969

She absolutely does. Normal people wouldn't bring up the fact that they are accused of being a predator/pedophile and that they have multiple threads on them (KF and Lolcow) every chance an opportunity presents itself.

No. 1768023

File: 1676395758619.jpeg (193.82 KB, 750x931, 9A3A6871-80BB-4CCE-B7A0-8F23DD…)

No. 1768024

File: 1676395814804.jpeg (85.42 KB, 750x536, D96FB7D0-87F1-4AF5-B492-C95002…)

Calling that this person is also a predator lel

No. 1768025

File: 1676395869582.jpeg (143.01 KB, 750x542, A51912CF-F460-49A7-A6B9-AD864D…)

Trying to live her bangmaid fantasy through retweets

No. 1768026

File: 1676395946784.jpeg (95.01 KB, 750x429, 2E4AB0CB-A183-45C0-8BB5-998C19…)

Quote retweets accounts that have blocked her lol. Pathetic

No. 1768046

Rachel is the one who has him blocked, Miss "Blocking me is violating my human rights" is showing us just how much of a fat hypocrite she is.

No. 1768149

Honest question, has Rachel ever said something and not went back on her word or otherwise undermine said stance with her actions? Even for shockingly minor things I can't think of one instance in all the things documented in this thread and it startles me.

No. 1768183