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File: 1612724318460.gif (97.16 KB, 160x90, Tested on Animals Edition.gif)

No. 820665

19 year old "beauty guru" with subpar make-up skills. Has around 1 million (fake) followers on Instagram (fluctuates with when they can buy new bots), 11k (fake) followers on Twitter and 10k (fake) subscribers on youtube.
Has around a 1% engagement on instagram, but those likes and comments appear to be from bots, fake accounts, and engagement pods. Never gets any RTs or likes on twitter aside from her mom. Doesn’t get much more than 1000 views on her Youtube videos. Some brands, such as Colorpop and Laura Mercier have, however, fallen for her snafu and send her PR. Recent drama channels exposing her have garnered more attention as of late, but the views die off quickly and return to bot numbers soon after the hype dies down.

>Her mom Laur creates all her fan accounts on IG. Many of them pretends to be grossly exaggerated versions of minorities.
>Claims she has her own beauty brand coming out in 2020 (@lilleejeancosmetics) UPDATE 7/2020: This turned out to be just a new blog launch called @lilleejeanbeauty as her associated IG account was renamed as such
>Went to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab and made some customs Lipsticks (as anyone can do) for herself, claimed they were a collab and that Bite would release them for purchase. Sperged out on IG and cancelled them when they told her to stop claiming it was an official collaboration (https://www.instagram.com/tv/BwaDTX1gyDc/?igshid=3t86d935d62o)
>Had a billboard of herself in Times Square for Covergirl, pretends she did an actual campaign with them, when in reality it was a campaign where anyone could upload their picture to their homepage and then get their picture on the billboard.
>Her batshit insane mother uploaded an obviously shooped picture to her IG (@lrtrueman) claiming Lillee went to the MET ball. It wasn’t until after the reddit call-out they began to claim it was fan-art.
>Her mother also posted an obviously shooped “Teen Vouge” cover with Lillee on the front page.
>Somebody on r/beautyguruchatter made a thread about Lillee Jean. Her and her mom sperged out, made multiple accounts and spammed threads.
>Most likely buys used palettes for her videos. Has new videos for sets that came out weeks ago. Lillee and Laur read here everyday while denying they do so.

MAIN ACCOUNTS AS OF 2020 (updated December 2020)


https://www.twitter.com/InevitableLrt (goes between private and public)
https://www.twitter.com/JeaniezInc !Currently Suspended 30/12/20!
https://twitter.com/iamlaur67 (goes between private and public)
https://www.instagram.com/jeaniezmanagement suspended/deleted

https://twitter.com/lilleeinc !Suspended!
https://twitter.com/lilleejeanbeauty suspended/deleted
https://twitter.com/lilleejeanbeaute suspended/deleted

Other relevant links can be found here >>767646


>An extended summary of Lillee's Q&A video >>777943

>Whatsyourvibez is changed over to lilleejeanbeauty >>778093 which also becomes the name of her new website >>782801 One of her other sock accounts is also renamed to lilleejeandebunked_ >>778430 which later moves to tumblr at lilleejeantruth.tumblr.com >>780643
>Tiredlady believes Brenda's killer is paying Dees to stalk LJ >>778145 A new sock by Laur also seems to believe this >>778857 and tells people to kys while at it >>778900 Proof the sock is Laur >>779801 Laur seems to be the source of this lie >>781692 and goes full batshit claiming Diane is her sister's murderer >>782355 and >>782362 and >>782377 Much later she denies this ever happened >>784620
>Laur threatens Lunart with legal action after IG takes down the art post on Lillee's page >>778257 She also contacts the teen's mother >>778339
>Lillee's organic growth continues as she gains 500% more subs, and only 4% more views on Youtube >>778338
>A poster on reddit claims to have gone to middle school with Lillee >>778529 They claim Lillee said she had a 17 year old boyfriend and wore a sexualized halloween costume to school >>778565 Dees interviews the poster on stream >>779428
>A farmer finds old comments sent to a currently empty account by LJ/Laur calling them Pheepy >>778608 The few comments not deleted sound extremely ESL >>778610 before the replies change to a @princephillipe account >>778611
>More racist comments by LJ's sock fans >>778775 and >>778776 and >>780491
>Lillee claims Youtube vets subs by removing them and then putting them back later, hence her totally normal fluctuating sub count >>778844 She doubles down on this when she totally organically reaches 10k subs >>779696
>LJ wants you to sign BLM petitions and wear a mask >>779326 People calling her out for her racist comments get diatribes in reply >>779335 She also fears supporting Black brands right now can be construed as racist >>779382 Tiredlady spams the comments >>779581
>LJ follows a comment's advice and asked her million real Jeaniez to send her them following one of her tutorials or doing one of her looks for a feature in her video >>779890 One user takes her upon the challenge, complete with copious fallout >>780241
>LJ's very savvy brand manager found an account of a Portugese woman running for congress and thinks she's trying to kill him for having a non-English name >>780567
>Laur claims they will get really exciting news July 1!!! >>780754 (Nothing ever comes of this)
>Dees says her attorney is working to get Laur and LJ's youtube accounts terminated for false copystrike flags >>781031 She clarifies she is not suing Laur or issuing a restraining order >>781834
>Instead of actually donating new items, LJ uses 2 year old photos of her donating clothes and encourages Jeaniez to do so as well >>781173
>Many women in LJ's family have The Sight, including LJ herself >>781502 She wants to do more videos honing in on spirits, ghosts, demons, and more >>781632 Also Diane cursed Laur to stub her toe >>782054
>People find reviews for Laur's propmaster claims which are what you'd expect >>781829
>As Laur continues to spam the LJ hashtags, Twitter finally takes action and temporarily restricts her management account >>781995
>Lillee does another IG live, highlights here >>782069
>Lillee tries to dye her hair and manages to turn it dark red, then a brassy green after apparently not toning it correctly >>782204 and >>782954 and >>783072
>After accusing Dees of being her sister's murderer for a month, Laur begs Diane to leave her and LJ alone >>782533 and even pins such a request >>782588 then proceeds to spam her feed with instances of Dees calling them out for various things. Later she says she will continue to respond to Diane as long as Diane talks about her daughter >>784619
>Tiredlady seems to give up and says she will make a video with everything she knows before shutting down her Twitter account >>782868 She follows through with the deletion, at least >>783003
>Laur begs Diane for an interview on her channel >>784127 to "give her views" >>784170
>When the clip of Lillee telling Black people to shut the fuck up about slavery begins circulating again, LJ directs people to watch the full clip for context >>784138 possibly unaware that it makes her look even worse >>784204
>Lillee survived a whole year of being a victim and a lifetime of having tight pelvic walls >>784381
>Laur goes off on Tatiana for calling in a lawyer and defames the firm >>784392 Apparently the lawyer reaches out to Laur to tell her to stop tweeting about Tatiana, which she tells everyone by tweeting about Tatiana >>784521 Laur says she will apologize to anyone who actually comes to her with concerns, of which countless people have >>784542
#12 >Laur is harassing a talented cosplayer and trying to have her store closed on Etsy >> 793210
>Laur is harassing Tatiana's lawyer again >>793805 >Lillee is shaming another brand who dropped her: therabox >>787795 and "pillow bra" >>792063
>Lillee still looks like a 50 old hag with baby teeth >>793882
>Drama went dry on #13 and #14, however Lillee and Laur managed to be as obnoxious as usual. They moved again, probably freaking out from Tatiana's lawsuit, but also due to eviction >>797016 . LJ spend 500$ to be allowed to put her ugly pictures on Malvie magazine >>800166 and bragged about a silly Yahoo post >>795527 also paid: 150$.
>Lillee triggered all the "french anons of the universe" >>797778 with nonsense about her fake french roots and a very painfully ugly "french look" video >>798128 and managed to lose one real fan >>798297 while playing the victim again.
>Just before the locking of the #13 thread, LJ went on an epic crazy rage insulting everyone/wishing everyone's death by fire, decapitation or covid because some anons edited >>802011 her everipedia page (a website literally no one hear about before this event), video >>802042
In #14, Still upset and bitter about the everipedia edit and >>802296 and >>802568. Lillee made a new video >>802175 where she appears more crazy and delusional than ever, stating everyone is jealous of her in the middle of incomprehensible ramblings.
>Following the US election, Laur bragged about using another ID >>803336 because anons pointed out neither Laur, nor LJ nor Earl were found in the voter records in NYC >>803287
>Lillee was desperately trying to hidde she didn't vote while ordering others to do so >>803282
Leading FakeIDTinfoilS-Anons to come up with very interesting theories:
-LJ and Laur had allegedly left NYC and live now in Florida >>803917 Making sense as Laur's parents are from Florida >>797079
-They are also related to a mysterious Beckles Madina always showing on public records >>803747 who could be an alt for Eearl Trueman but living in Maryland and Florida >>803755 >>803907 >>803917 with the same path and moving way too much for honest people (see eviction-anons tinfoils).
-Laur might be a murderer >>804185 which would be why they might have left NYC. No one would be surprised if found true.
Lillee has mispellings on her name >>809155 but this is also the same name as Wolf's mother and Laur for some reasons thought it would be a great awesome choice >>809160
-Hence Laur has a crush on Wolf her alleged sister's murderer >>809178 starting 25 years ago, validated by several Anons.
>The most hilarious of the previous #14 is 1/the dump of Lillee in the Guardian scammy project >>807355 2/the fact that Laur got kicked by CyberDouche himself >>802691 and >>802722 for of course not paying the fees and is now harassing him >>806121 >>804662 because why not?
>Laur denied but was unable to show receipts >>802757 Lillee made an official statement about this >>802778 and made a pathetic live about "business strategy" aka whining about everything >>805035 and responds to 8 months old video for attention >>805669
>Laur and Lillee's accounts were suspended again >>803049 >>809407. Laur asked Archluminous to pay for her legal fees >>809048 & >>809371
>From mid/end of december of this disastrous year, Lillee is spamming Tiktok with utmost Wtf videos >>806975 & >>807393 & >>807787 & >>809681 & >>809683
>Rachel, Laur's fake account "won" Lillee's giveaway >>809996 because it was products for old ladies and the fake bots don't need it anyway.
>Lillee has been dropped by RewardStyle >>808815 >>808778 and prentends she is the one stopping the collab because she wants to be free. Green hair >>807578 >>805542
>Lillee buys her own ugly merch >>803340 & >>805446 & >>807181 & >>803346 & >>803369
>Massive bans for Laur >>811510 End december 2020.

>On January 2021 for #15 >LJ tried taking down another video from Daniel Pizarro >>812172

>More awkward insta lives >>812356 & >>812282 caught texting to buy views >>812376
>The usual Yt vetting subs again >>812646 the usual buy and loss followers
>weird 2.7 millions followers glitch 813627 & 813628 lost again 814498
>Interesting comment about how Lillee was raised >>813305 & >>813547 Out of 2600 comments, 700 are Lillee.
>Another dancing video 814457, Lillee lies about giving to "black charity" >>820433 & >>820436, gross news >>820435 another pic from middle school >>819344
Dropped by YesStyle >>820403 and >>820427 Hanskin in the middle of her live >>820412 & >>820423 green text >>820424
! >Last brands working with her for now >> 820429 Stealing looks again >>818825 & >>818750

Main #15 dramas just when no one was talking about her anymore
!Catgate >her cat Bella has literally starved and dehydrated to death because Lillee and her mother are too selfish to have her put down at the vet >>814694 & >>814690 & >>814767 & >>814891

!Fancy Fake ancestors >Lillee brags about fancy lineage >>817610 & >>817609 & >>817603 & >>818495 & >>817911 & >>817723 & >>817648
and updated her website to fuckery >>819528 wtf >>819130
French anons told her to stfu because "Jean" for a french female is impossible >>819676 & >>819672 & >>819550 & >>819536 and Jean was a man >>819545
!Medium post >>819797 archived >> 819827, deleted comments >>819882 & >>819880 & >>819828

!On war with Tatiana again >>819423 & >>819378 & >> 819331 & >>819320 live >>819249 green text >>819240
>>819433 & >>819226 essay >>819213 and followings, >>819102
>MyLegalTeam but not quite legal >>820539 and >>820537

>More crazy lives from Lillee >>820552 green text >>820593. Green text >>820424 & >>820412

Crazy live from Laur >>820558 green text >>820593
>Callouts videos From Creepshow >>820073 from Reno >>820626
>Lillee wants her teeth fixed >>819134 >>819347
>Lillee Inc is registered with this address: >>820135 & >>820120

Image from Tenorgif uploaded by the queen herself.

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>>>/snow/847048 #2
>>>/pt/698862 #3
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>>>/pt/794372 #13
>>>/pt/802142 #14
>>>/pt/811813 #15

No. 820667

The PUA program expires next month, March 14, 2021.

No. 820677

How convenient they were "doxxed" again because they used their home address as their business address. Guess they'll have to move again. /S

They can't afford the place they are in, they moved last time for the same reason. How many more places are gonna take them before they are legitimately homeless? Even on the "we moved because we are being harrassed" bullahit they spew, most landlords would nope the fuck out. 6 month tenants are the worst kind.

No. 820683

Is it possible Laur keeps telling Lillee they are stalked so she doesn't realize how bad the finance are? Or Lillee does know and that's why she is so jealous, bitter and angry at everyone?

No. 820690

Lillee is an idiot no doubt, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out that if you don't work and your mom doesn't work and your dad doesn't work then you probably aren't rich.

No. 820691

When this all first started, I would have argued Lillee was very much in the dark about 90% of what was going on around her. I still believe the 1 million farmers is a combination of Laur buying bots, Lillee Crossposting everywhere that will allow her to, and the fact they were overloaded on hashtags. Simply put, they couldn't afford to buy a million bots.

Now? I doubt Lillee has a real understanding of the perlious ledge her family stand on. And she won't, until she's old enough and mature enough to have her own household and budget. But the rant she went on about taking Tatianas shoes and plushies says that she only understands bankruptcy and being poor in the way that it affected her when her family went bankrupt. Lillee use to have expensive makeup. She use to have a larger closet. Her doll collection was probably better. She is too blinded by her selfishness to realize she's going to put her family in the streets just to fight a battle she won't win. And that's not even meant as mean. You can't throw everything you have at every single battle.

No. 820693


No. Lillee lurks her own thread here and possibly over at KF, too. She knows full well that none of the callouts and no one from either of the farms ever physically went to their house. All images of the places they've lived since 2019 have been pulled from either google street view or from rental listings posted online by their landlord, but they are grasping at straws with their "stalker" lie, and they're hoping that no one will look too closely at their claims that "tHE boOliES caME tO mY hoUSe to KiLL mE!!!"

No. 820696

We already know that Lillee took over (eg. bought) an account with 600k followers, renamed it lilleejean and migrated from her thaeyeballqueen account. Her and Laur probably bought the remaining 400k.
She very much knows that her following isn't real.

During her live yesterday, there were at no point more than 60 people watching. To me, that signals that Lillee has, at most, 1000 real followers and likely much less.

No. 820698

I doubt she has more than 1k organic followers on any platform.This is the reason LJ hates people like Lauren Elyse, Tatiana, even Diane ffs. Both Laur and Lillee have said everyone has bot followers. The people Lillee hates most were able to grow larger, legitimate followings without having to purchase shit, lie or use engagement pods.

No. 820712

File: 1612740005778.png (169.91 KB, 472x708, copyright strike.png)

No. 820713

File: 1612740705350.jpeg (307.19 KB, 1242x1593, AF027488-3D19-4AC2-AA83-7530FA…)


I don’t think that’s true. Instagram’s latest update included a link on every profile to on ‘About This Account’ and looks like LJ’s has no former usernames.

No. 820714

If people were to dispute these (which then won’t because this is a tactic by Lillee and Laur to get personal info), Lillee would end up deplatforming herself. It’s too bad that Twitter and YouTube won’t catch on without people disputing the claims.

No. 820717

i kind of wish someone would bite the bullet and try. realistically it's not like laur and lillee are smart or hardworking enough to really do any harm. at very least i wish someone would email youtube detailing the situation and explaining the hesitation to dispute the claim due to privacy concerns

No. 820722

Non US fag here: why do US people/Youtubers have so much of a problem with their names being known? Where I’m from nobody would give a damn if someone published their name so Laur getting that info would be worthless. Or does Youtube send you more than that?

I don’t see what all these people are so afraid of, it’s not like anyone would take the screeching duo seriously at court given all the evidence about their own fuckups plastered around the internet. Let alone them being willing to pay for the procedure.

No. 820724

Reno disputed the Twitter claims, which resulted in Lillee’s restraining order email. >>820625

Diane & Oomancer’s lawyer contacted YouTube legal when Lillee was attempting to strike all their videos. I’m going to assume this is why they haven’t been hit in the newest round of DMCAs. Tatiana’s lawyer should file a dispute on her behalf, she alluded to this in her livestream but said she would update in a few weeks.

I agree, anon. People need to start disputing these claims. CEO Lillee has no idea she has to file a real court case and provide documentation to the platforms. Twitter & YT don’t care about their NYPD cyber detective, or their fake subpoenas or the court case they’re going to be filing once the courts reopen a year ago. They require actual court documentation to remove any liability the platform may have. If people start disputing these claims Lillee would be removed from the platforms by the end of the month.

No. 820728

The account information is only on verified/business accounts and you won't be able to see changes while her account was registered as personal, so that doesn't prove anything anon.

right not Laur is running thaeyeballqueen account and Lilleejeanbeaute is the former eyeballqueen account that used to be lillees main account.

No. 820733


youtube sends the address as well. it's not uncommon for people to file fraudulent copyright claims attempting to get someone's address. venusangelic's mom did that.

No. 820734

The OP is getting very messy. Can we please condense it into updates only from the most recent thread next time? It's hard to keep track to see if you've missed anything.

No. 820735

Laur has a history of contacting employers, harassing people’s family members and also doxxing/harassing unrelated individuals (people with a similar name). I can see why people wouldn’t want her to get their name and addresses- it would just make it that much easier for Laur to harass unrelated people.

No. 820736

To add onto the fact that it sends addresses as well, with all the projection these two do and how they've recently accused others of stalking, I'd be wary of giving them my personal info as well no matter how seemingly benign - not that I think Laur or Lillee would actually try anything really dangerous like showing up to someone's house, but I don't doubt they'd try to be petty and annoying as much as possible with whatever information they get from the counterclaim. Besides; they've already doxxed people for one, so I get the concern. Maybe some people have concerns about their employment with having their name tied to this drama if they get doxxed by Laur or Lillee which I kind of get as well, even though it probably wouldn't matter too much if they explain the situation if it does get brought up. Generally Laur and Lillee are not two individuals I would want to have my address, whether or not they're capable of actually doing anything beyond doxxing.

No. 820738

Thanks, makes it understandable. Although I’m nearly peeing my pants imagining that nutcase calling my employer and me showing him a best of of their craziness & accusing random people lmao. We’d have great fun

No. 820741

If any of these call-outs are a registered business, they could use a Public Mail Box (like a UPS rented p.o. box) as their address in documentation. This is a common tactic used by YouTubers and other online creatives to hide their home address. Lillee could have done this with her company to avoid doxxing herself, she just probably didn't know about it.

Most of these people might be too small to need to register a business, but someone like Creepshow Art is probably making enough from YouTube to need a business license. And anyone can actually rent a box for this purpose, whether they're making money or not, it's just more logical for someone who does YouTube as a business to want to set it up. So if anyone wanted to dispute the claims, they can set up their dummy address and THEN do it.

No. 820744

Not to go too OT but this makes it so obvious you aren't American. While luckily the doxed call-out accounts have decent employers (or work at a job that ppl don't want like Walmart or a janitor) there are plenty of places where a single call like this could end your employment because the company can find someone else who doesn't have nasty Laur calling & emailing. And since you were fired for cause, you wouldn't be able to get any benefits.
The risk is real and I respect the people who aren't backing down out of circumstance or commitment.

No. 820746

They use to use a P.O. BOX, before they need a way to cry people found their home address and wee going to call a hit man on them. They wish they were worth more to anyone than a strongly worded letter. It is the Brenda factor for Laur. She was atleasf with some headlines in th end.

No. 820748

Damn that’s crazy, thanks for the insights. I think over here you couldn’t even be fired so easily if you’re really not at fault. I guess that comes with living in a gigantic country, where I live you could never even be so anon to begin with. Sucks for all the nonsensical strikes though, I get the frustration.

No. 820749

File: 1612752992851.jpeg (445 KB, 1125x1362, 3D9FFFDE-C746-4118-B1AE-D249D9…)

Surprise - Lillee or Laur has contacted one of the people that they fraudulently reported after she disputed the claim.

No. 820752

File: 1612753259171.jpeg (599.21 KB, 1125x1525, 674A6186-C997-441C-A620-74F64B…)

This could be an interesting addition to this story.

No. 820756

This Australian artist recreated LJs speed paints in her own style, being very respectful and LJ just struck her channel. Video is worth a watch because she isn't invested in the racist/transphobic/pedophile claims that while true, have lost some of their power atm. It's just an artist testimony and she isn't backing down either.
This new striking tirade is getting them in trouble.

No. 820758

File: 1612754555261.png (58.98 KB, 480x410, Screenshot_20210207-200808_1.p…)

No. 820771

File: 1612758549890.png (55.26 KB, 597x245, Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 10.2…)

I hope Reno posts screenshots of her goblin interactions.

No. 820773


Lille has 10 days to provide documentation she has a filed a federal case for copyright infringement for every disputed claim. This is getting very messy for our mini mogul.

No. 820776

File: 1612760577396.png (532.34 KB, 467x760, Screenshot_20210207-220119_1.p…)

Oh yasss!

No. 820779

Anons have been saying since the beginning that it would be Laur's frazia freakouts that would keep ruining everything for Lillee, but apparently she's been the lesser of two crazies this whole time. Look what happens when Laur hands over the reigns: CEO Lillee is soaking the tattered ruins of her "career" in gasoline and lighting it on fire.

This is what happens when you raise your mediocre goblin to believe that she is perfect and that anyone who says different or tells her "no" is a hater out to get her.

No. 820783

File: 1612769206430.jpeg (310.2 KB, 1125x924, 447F521E-6FAE-4C8C-8AD4-D6837F…)

That was fast.

No. 820785

Those two are literally throwing a tantrum online right now. Anyone who comes even close to mentioning LJ now is being reported.

No. 820794

No. 820798

File: 1612781149894.jpeg (506.93 KB, 828x1714, 7362FCC9-764D-4802-910F-D643AE…)

But Lillee, do you have permission to use all the comparison images you post with your makeup looks?

No. 820801


I checked the profile LJ tagged and their engagement is extremely low. They have 129K followers but an average of 200-300 likes per post. A profile that buys followers is definitely an appropriate source of legal information for LJ.

No. 820803


Pretty sure she buys a small pack of bots whenever she goes online. Instagram views are supposedly one of the easiest thing to fake.

What’s funny is I just happened to watch a call out video on another fake influencer with a check mark and about 11.4 millions followers, but at least that dude charges people to appear on his stories, so he’s spending money but probably generating a decent profit. LJ is spending all of that money just to maybe get some free PR (and getting dropped left and right), not realising that brands will just check how many people used her code at the end of the day.

I really wonder why she decided to go all out on insta which is a platform she can’t monetise directly. I’d almost feel sorry for her if she wasn’t such an asshole, she desperately needs a come to Jesus moment and realise her and Laure are just pissing away money they’ll never see again.

No. 820806

File: 1612782953972.png (317.25 KB, 314x455, the realest tears.png)

She did another IG live about 5h ago, it was full of LJ being weird and random people joining in. Hopefully another Anon can upload amirror/backup.https://www.instagram.com/tv/CLBS2QmF0CG/?hl=en
>Starts with her throwing out bad energy, acting very weirdly childish. LJ's behavior is always fucking weird but she was really off putting in this. She's very emotional, erratic and seems nervous.
>Lillee says she got mooned
>Random Persian guy raps for LJ as she nods and claps along as if she can understand what he's saying. "You're fucking incredible it's like sex with words!"
>Tells somebody what county she's from, the same bitch that has been bitching about being doxxed just giving out identifiable details
>She gets teary over nicer people joining her live (although to me personally, they seemed to just want to get on LJ's live and didn't seem to care about her)
If this wasn't Lillee I would have more sympathy as she truly does seem to be happy that she got some positive reactions. Or maybe she just liked the Persian guy's sex rap so much it made her cry. (also fuck me i accidentally posted this in the last thread)

No. 820807

What profile? Hootsuite? Isn't that a marketing company that has this software that lets you handle social media posting on multiple accounts and platforms? It's a legit company yeah, but I'm starting to think that's what LJ and her mom are using to post in multiple accounts at once. You can have about 35 accounts logged on for posting at once if you have a premium. Usually used by companies for socmed campaigns.

No. 820809


Yeah it looks like a real company but it's ironic that the main focus on their Instagram posts is social media management but their following is obviously fake.

No. 820810

She's losing her mind for real. Her mental state was pretty bad but this is some bipolar level insanity.
She reminds me of people automedicating with antidepressant. She's trying to act sexy but it's painful to watch from the cringe. It's also obvious she feels lonely.
She has weird coordination, very nervous laught, disturbed stare…

Go out of the house Lillee just take a walk outside an meet real people.

No. 820812


Some of my "favorite" moments and quotes from this new livestream:

> Starts off by grabbing around her, then touching face while saying she's throwing out "the bad energy"

> "And then I'm going to take all your bad energy and THROW IT ALL OUT INTO THE UNIVERSE BECAUSE WE DON'T NEED THAT BAD ENERGY"
> Keeps making these satisfied-sounding exhalation noises, like when you've had a glass of water after a long, hot day.
> Older looking guy joins and asks her how she's been, she immediately said "I was flashed today by somebody's ass. Yeah they showed me their asscheeks"
> Guy has no clue what to say – unclear whether he even understood what she's saying
> "Oh you want some of that, okay" then starts doing her new weird-ass "removing the bad energy" ritual again.
> Kinda looks like a kid who's having an anime phase and acts out having powers or something.
> Persian rapper joins: again a older looking guy
> Lillee makes exaggerated faces, like with her mouth all open, when the guy has barely even started.
> continues making weird faces at random moments, even though she doesn't understand the language
> "I want to use one of your songs in one of my makeup tutorials!"
> "sex with a song, it's really nice. Beautiful, vivid language, you know what I'm saying?"
> Self-mockery of how she'd rap, nothing special until she goes "oooooh!" in a high-pitched opera-like voice because that… is something people do when they attempt rapping?
> Younger guy joins, 20s, has friends in the back. Asks her (astrological) sign, tells her his and she goes into a monotone "I get along with cancers"
> Once again brings up that people usually put her day.
> asks him why he came on the life and says "is it my eyeballs that are glittering [zooms in on eye] when they look at you? Is it my long hair?"

At this point she starts tearing up. Truly an instagram influencer with 1M followers if a bunch of people who do not know or follow her at all (considering she always mentions her star sign, always mentions her "haters" and they didn't know anything about her at all) saying something positive makes her weep. It'd be almost sad if she wasn't so awful.

> Girl joins, no camera, says "you're such a queen"

> Lillee makes it about the drama again and mentions how everyone always follows rumors and it's nice to have a livestream where people care about her (even if out of all the people joining, only this last girl seemed to know her).

No. 820820

You left out the best part.

>Now I’m going to remove all the negative energy, all of the beefaroni in your brain shall be tossed

No. 820821

She quoted a support article for social media marketing, not for YouTube videos and general discussion. It has a small paragraph about fair use but says “most social media marketing posts won’t apply to fair use”. Either Lillee is hoping no one will google her bullshit or she thinks social media marketing = any use of social media

No. 820826

File: 1612791471419.png (342.14 KB, 454x799, LilleeJeanFeb8Live (2).png)

>"No you're looking gorgeous stop looking so gorgeous GOODBYE" sounding oddly annoyed/angry at the end, immediately hangs up on the video caller.

The abrupt unsolicited changes in tone she presents is pure comedy.

She breaks for a moment in the middle of the video, and seems almost NORMAL - with a genuine sounding, deeply hearty laugh. She comes off as surpisingly tolerable, if for nothing more than seeing possibly the true Lillee Jean that's deep down inside. At this moment, I start to believe that Lillee Jean is a troll with amazing commitment. But then I think about it, and there's just no way that she could be this thoroughly on point all the time.

She also gets so unusually giddy at one point that it makes me wonder if she has just been fucked. Her energy was all over the place.

She ends the video to record a video. Hopefully it'll explain why she's acting this way.

No. 820829

I would love just one video where I can't see up her nose

No. 820830

File: 1612792113531.jpeg (196.61 KB, 828x1792, F31622F0-68FD-4008-8B67-00EF90…)

From twitter. Dropped by another brand.

No. 820834

File: 1612792613447.png (182.08 KB, 344x338, ll.png)

Accidentally paused the livestream in this moment. Help

No. 820836

Looks like she got possessed by the spirit of the Hartley Hooligans.

No. 820838

she looks like armie hammer in this picture, can’t unsee it lol

No. 820848

File: 1612803820456.jpeg (137.64 KB, 828x1792, 9DD3450D-37E8-42AD-9EFF-651699…)

Looks like she was dropped my two brands

No. 820854

The poetry guy was hanging out in a large group of people, not social distancing and none of them wearing masks. Lillee realizes this when she sees the guy off camera holding his mask instead of wearing it. She asks if it’s their “covid bubble” instead of quarantine bubble/pod. It’s funny bc it sounds like she’s saying they’re in a bubble giving each other covid (they probably are) instead of group who’s quarantined together.

Lillee talks constantly about following covid precautions - stay home, wear a mask etc. She sure as fuck ignored these people following zero guidelines because they were nice to her.

No. 820858

I thought she just seemed nervous talking to them. (We all know her COVID preaching is virtue signaling + a convenient excuse to remain a shut-in.) I think peers who obviously have better social skills than her make her feel inadequate

No. 820862

I noticed that too. She seemed suspicious and nervous. It was like her guard went up as soon as she started talking to them. It also seemed pretty obvious to me that this guy and his friends were trolling her.

No. 820864

Poor pheepy. Lillee Jean got a super crush after she talked to that guy. She's planning their wedding now.

No. 820866

Lillee autotunes her singing at 15:07

No. 820870

Then make next thread yourself Anon.
Feel free to edit it all as you wish.

No. 820871

Not autotune, sounds more like reverb

No. 820876

File: 1612818826334.png (276.24 KB, 599x602, Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 3.08…)

I skimmed her livestream from last night. The good news is LJ changed her top. She'd been wearing her $20 second-hand Victoria's Secret nightie for around a week prior to the outfit change.

Also, we have an update from Reno on Twitter. YT denied LJ's takedown of the Jan 31 video. Haha.

No. 820878

File: 1612820186984.jpeg (381.3 KB, 828x1153, 4E288696-AEF3-4A0D-8D89-E3AF63…)

No. 820883

>Velma Dinkles
Lmao Laur fucking kills me. How can these two never spell anything right? How long does it take to proofread a tweet ffs?

Also kinda funny that “being on the web since you’re a teenager” is an insult somehow. Everyone under 30 has been on the web since they were a teenager kek. Hasn’t LJ been using the internet “since the tender age of 3” or some shit? Laur really dishes out the most bizarre insults.

No. 820888

Lillee repeatedly uses the word debris but says debreeezeee

No. 820889

File: 1612825636620.jpeg (335.24 KB, 1125x637, A078219E-C575-4A84-9A55-F2803B…)

Is Lillee deliberately trying to get her account suspended? I cannot think of any other reason for this. Maybe she is sick of her fantasy world and wants to actually do something with her life and destroying her social media reputation is the way.

No. 820890



Grandpère Jean is rolling in her grave.

No. 820892

I don’t get how YouTube/Twitter don’t suspend them honestly. They send out fake DMCA reports against fair use videos and report accounts with their obvious socks. They’re gonna keep doing it because they get away with it somehow.

No. 820893

Because people are too scared to contest the DMCA. They don't want Laur or Lillee having their personal information

No. 820898

File: 1612829388484.png (1.06 MB, 828x1792, 01CF46D8-E1F0-430F-BED1-8465FD…)

Lillee is now promoting a guy who works for a water filter MLM

No. 820899

Isn’t there any way to report the accounts for targeted harassment that doesn’t involve sending the harasser your full name and address? That’s such an easily exploitable system.

No. 820903

The owner of copyrighted material has to file a court case so they would need the alleged infringer’s information. Of course the system is being exploited by people like CEO Lillee.

You can hire an attorney to file on your behalf like Tatiana and Dees have done. Pretty much the only way to stay anonymous.

No. 820910

File: 1612836366493.png (13.92 KB, 944x61, Etv57fSVIAAk7eM.png)

From Laur's DMCA e-mail to Twitter user Reno

No. 820911

File: 1612836670930.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, 75DA6F8A-F362-4E8C-A47B-64A817…)

Lillee holds all comments on her videos for approval. Why is she approving comments from this 1 month old account with zero subs pretending to be Tatiana? Did Lillee make the account to further her victim narrative?

No. 820912


yeah this reeks of lillee or laur's doing

No. 820914

Felt like I was possibly having a stroke reading this. What is she trying to say here?

No. 820916

Obviously Lillee or Laur.

No. 820918

Holy shit this is funny. They think they’re out maneuvering the big brained bullies. It’s like when they changed the Shaniqua account’s profile picture to Dees. It only makes them look guilty af.

No. 820921

File: 1612839287350.jpeg (324.31 KB, 750x899, 6914EA04-724F-4618-8976-BAF1AD…)


Laur is aware the account is fake and alerted Tatiana to it. But Lillee isn’t deleting the comments.

No. 820923

that's interesting that laur let tatiana know? i wonder if she didn't know lillee was behind it or if their little cult of two is falling apart

No. 820925

Lmao this is so obviously Lillee. It has her weird comma usage and ESL-level English.

No. 820926

File: 1612840912713.jpeg (361.11 KB, 1216x930, 003EAAD5-127C-428B-9EBC-FED887…)

No. 820927

This is a pretty good plan though. It’s well documented Laur can’t google to save her own life. These callouts should give out their info and watch as Laur “I don’t dox” Trueman incorrectly doxes hundreds of twitter users.

No. 820930


>Gabie was always an entrepreneur at heart. When in first grade, he would sell watches for a profit. He bought the watches for $15 to $20 and sold them for $70 to $100. When he was older, he would buy candy and sell them for double to the kids in class. They couldn’t get it otherwise, so the demand was high.

lol, sounds like Laur's dream.

No. 820957

File: 1612877969370.jpeg (502.24 KB, 828x818, 05E3C7F9-51BC-49D4-8FCF-4D6575…)

Reese Witherspoon should send a c&d

No. 820958

Thought this was shayna for a second for some reason or that one wanarexic

No. 820960

The fake Tatiana account reminds me of when Lillee copyright struck WCT_Wildcat and Laur kept arguing YouTube automatically struck the video because she didn’t know Lillee had done it herself. Also during the Defango interview, Laur said she just wanted everyone to stop and go away but Lillee was the one pushing for lolsuits. Starting to think Laur has no idea what CEO Lillee is up to and the huge pile of problems she’s creating for both of them.

No. 820963

File: 1612882991385.jpeg (220 KB, 750x950, 8CA1AC6F-CDE8-4838-A156-5E0695…)

No. 820964

Well that is a surprise. Who would have thought Lillee and Laur would strike a channel using their content under fair use? Hope this guy isn’t afraid of disputing the claim. People really need to stand up to these bullies- Lillee and Laur could end up in some serious legal trouble soon.

No. 820965

File: 1612883539556.jpeg (595.93 KB, 1125x1755, 247F5B8A-9B0B-4168-836D-5BB345…)

No. 820966

she genuinely looks special needs in this pic. them good diamond laur genes shining through. kek at her trying to blend a piece of her dark ass hair with that light blonde wig in the front

No. 820967

she looks like a psycho dwarf

No. 820970

How many creators have disputed the claims now? Tatiana, the art channel and Reno? Once Lillee figures out YouTube doesn’t care about her fake restraining orders, she’ll release the claims and come out with some statement saying she just wants to be friends, she’s doing them a favor and everyone should move on.

No. 820975

she should be a Stepford Wife character. it's the only acting gig she'd be made out for, she looks perfectly uncanny in every photo.

No. 820977

Lillee’s twitter is public again. It’d be a shame if people started reporting it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 820980

File: 1612889357219.jpeg (631.08 KB, 2048x2048, 22D1D0DB-6B38-4C98-9B82-F7F3E0…)

Lillee’s so bold showing off the plaque in her teeth.
I’m begging for an Invisalign update lmao

No. 820982

Didn’t she say she was getting a fitting at the end of last week? To me her whole meltdown on live seemed like she decided to pop off when laur was asleep or something

No. 821001

g8 way to stop all the milk. let’s not.

No. 821005

It’s definitely unnecessary to report her Twitter. Lillee’s behaviour will eventually have consequences on its own. No need to speed it up as she’s making her own bed.

No. 821008

I can’t wait for the inebitable freakout next week when twitter starts reinstating all the DMCA’d accounts and content because Lillee has failed to provide proof of court filings.

No. 821009


Her teeth look straight-up green in these photos. She didn't even have to bother facetuning her face so hard because this "small detail" ruins it all.

No. 821010

god she looks so disturbingly ugly in the right picture lmao

No. 821014

File: 1612897736262.jpeg (158.7 KB, 750x400, 029F0A02-8497-4B82-ACEE-7A8973…)

No. 821017

File: 1612899507440.png (718.79 KB, 750x1334, 523C5CBA-2DD8-470A-9751-0725FC…)

Tatiana, if you want people to believe Lillee Jean deplatfomed you, you have to stay off the platforms.

No. 821018

File: 1612899552553.png (655.12 KB, 750x1334, 678560CC-932B-4D0A-ADE0-94470C…)

No. 821020


She never said she got deplatformed, though? She said she was too afraid or w/e to keep posting. There's a difference there. I'm not fond of her victim mentality (like, you touch shit you gotta deal with the consequences) but she never said she was deplatformed.

Save for maybe twitter because her old account WAS reported and suspended by lillee & laur.

No. 821037

Honestly it shouldn’t matter. They’re discussion channels with only a few thousand subs, they should be able to talk about public figures without fear of being harassed or receiving false copyright strikes. Laur and LJ being known psychopaths doesn’t change the fact that what they’re doing is wrong. Tatiana is kinda cringe imo (all the tea channels are, let’s be real) but she’s totally right.

No. 821047

File: 1612910160953.jpeg (352.11 KB, 750x1164, CAA3EC24-9F61-47FB-B706-0B5B3C…)

Lillee just wants to chat with Tatiana guyz

No. 821050

> no ill feelings
> hopes she dies of covid

Pick one, Lillee.

No. 821052

File: 1612911784169.jpg (420.12 KB, 1080x1510, Screenshot_20210209-165648_You…)

CSA has been calling Lillee Jean out for false striking multiple creators and Lillee Jean is finding herself the villian in her story. She's just trying to save face and will try to manipulate the story to say Tater Tati wouldn't take her olive branch, when we all know Lillee just plans to fuck Tati over either way. Lillee's arrogance is scared that she's gonna get deplatformed, and it's a sweet sweet thing.

No. 821054

>no ill feelings
>mocking Tatiana for having bad mental health

Pick another one, Lillee

No. 821061

So, Tatiana is not going to dm Lillee. She has an actual attorney, not a “mom who worked in law that totally knows the law”. That’s plain old stupidity on Lillee’s end but I think she’s now realizing the potential effect of illegally striking accounts and is trying to do damage control.

No. 821062

File: 1612913731284.png (222.03 KB, 601x529, Screen Shot 2021-02-09 at 5.35…)

Wasn't LJ verified before?

No. 821063

she's never been verified on twitter

No. 821064

never on twitter

No. 821070

File: 1612915503621.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, 84AC1EEB-8DF2-43D8-9E05-9D25AE…)

Who had anti-semitic messages on the Franzia Freakout Bingo card?

No. 821081

i find it weird that lillee, who usually has no issue doxxing people, suddenly figured this guy deserved the privacy afforded to him by blurring out his name

No. 821086


Hiel Hilter

No. 821087


kek thats LITERALLY lillee's handwriting (see the pheepy note)

No. 821088

no it isn't >>811883

No. 821089

I just saw the thumbnail for her new makeup tutorial vid…has anyone else noticed she does this weird dead goldfish looking face for her thumbnails? I think she's trying to look effortlessly beautiful, when in actuality she looks like a startled, suffocating fish

No. 821090

File: 1612924397321.jpeg (277.17 KB, 1125x1612, B07DC815-BB0F-47F0-B5BC-D3D606…)

Lillee deleted the tiktok where she lip synced the n-word. While it’s slightly progress, she didn’t address it or apologize for it. She’s not sorry, just sorry she got caught.

No. 821092

File: 1612926596962.png (5.86 KB, 1164x66, E2864BF7-D053-42AC-91D5-D01A0A…)

Reno’s releasing snippets of her emails with Laur & twitter support over the DMCAs. They doesn’t understand you can’t harass people with copyright claims.

No. 821096

The edgelords have noticed Lillee Jean

No. 821097

File: 1612927914174.png (40.34 KB, 1297x189, Screenshot_7.png)

No. 821099


It’s ok for Sen to use her photo in his thumbnail but not Christian?

No. 821101

I fucking hate this cow. How does she get away with falsely copyright striking? I already reported her so many times(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 821102

This is what she has been afraid of. This is why she is begging Tati to come to terms.
LJs blood is in the water and now sharks are gonna swarm. And they're not afraid of her disgusting goblin-shark teeth.

No. 821125

File: 1612940497421.png (1.22 MB, 740x740, ea80ef_9c75823fcdf94ee98ebd519…)

Surprise surprise, LJ is awful at curling her hair!

No. 821126


omg one minute and 17 seconds in and she's already said "debrese" (as in plural for "debris"…which is already just "debris"). God it is so clear she was taught to read and write by an illiterate momager

No. 821127

Her hair looks so dry and damaged from the back, holy shit. LJ clearly has naturally thick/curly hair but it’s all cut the same length with no layers or movement so it just looks like a big frizzy blob.

I really want her to get a decent professional cut but I know she won’t because she values having ~long golden blonde hair~ over healthy hair.

No. 821129

sis really thought she did something with her brassy frizzy hair, lopsided glasses, and bleach-stained shirt she's been wearing since december.

we're supposed to believe that she's a wealthy actress-model from a long line of talented people?

No. 821140

File: 1612953249561.png (452.57 KB, 615x834, STHUP.png)

Seeing Laur say STHUP brought me back to the good old days!

No. 821141

File: 1612953313081.png (81.86 KB, 604x625, Screenshot_13.png)

>Now we are going to have to move and this time into a gated community. We need a guardian.

No. 821142

File: 1612953365630.png (27.54 KB, 600x216, Screenshot_12.png)

No. 821143

File: 1612953411156.png (54.94 KB, 650x509, Screenshot_11.png)

Laur is even searching for LJ and her name censored now

No. 821146

Is Laur admitting here that Biotop never left a comment to this person?l telling them to delete a tweet?

No. 821149

File: 1612962102700.jpg (268.61 KB, 1080x1198, Screenshot_20210210_130134.jpg)

Sage for tinfoil, but how much do we think that the subreddit r/lilleejeanisawful was created by the Jeanses? They have made fake profiles for the purpose of sending hate to themselves before, and the stuff being written there aligns with what LJ writes that her haters do (stalking, murder threats, etc). Plus a lot of the photos posted are from the farms and we know they lurk here (eg. thread pic from thread 2 was posted there).

The writing style reads nothing like how people write on here or how people write in the LJ twitter circles. Its bizarre.

No. 821151

I think it’s just an angry tween trying to be edgy

No. 821152

File: 1612963468807.png (320.9 KB, 469x340, me-trying-to-decide-which-one-…)

No. 821153

…so LJ?

No. 821157

File: 1612964565962.jpeg (205.3 KB, 750x893, FC78E298-4FA9-4FCF-B6A7-1510B1…)

The art channel Lillee struck says Lillee blocked her after she approached her civilly.

No. 821158

True, they don't write in attic pidgin which is the biggest hole in my tinfoil

No. 821160

File: 1612967167836.png (256.07 KB, 720x778, FEAD70FD-8C0F-463A-852B-6C6011…)

Lillee responded to Christian

>I do not give you the right to use my content, nor write “cunt” on my face like a juvenile

My sides

No. 821162


Up until this point, Lillee Jean hasn't really faced a lot of actual bullying. She got called out, she and Laur are super over dramatic and have cried wolf for 18 months over minor shit throwing. She has gotten some shitty messages for sure, about her physical traits, her being Jewish, and the edgelord that send them pictures of decapitated guys that they plastered everywhere. But those were loudly denounced by the twitter community and on here. Lillee has pissed a whole new group of people off, this time on YouTube. And sure, her racism and promotions of pedophilia are controversial and get attention. But a really fast way to inflame a lot of people into creating videos about you and making your life a living hell is to threaten to take down the channels they work hard for. Channels that don't give a rats ass about beauty or the rest of Lillee's bullshit are going to take notice because copywrite strikes- especially those that are given maliciously, are a unifying battle cry on youtube.

No. 821164

Lj and him are the same age lmao

No. 821170

Audible kek. Thanks genius anon.

No. 821180

File: 1612982885165.jpeg (233.38 KB, 828x1420, 5F38333A-A381-4495-A47D-CFF9F4…)

No. 821182

File: 1612983339461.jpg (9.35 KB, 190x200, R3XoGuim.jpg)

No. 821186

This could have an interesting outcome. This claim and Lillee reaching out could result in a human looking closer at Lillee’s account and the claims that she is issuing.

No. 821191

File: 1612985290051.jpg (231.82 KB, 1080x1727, Screenshot_20210210-132652_Ins…)

Lillee is doxxing people again

No. 821192

File: 1612985443332.jpg (306.21 KB, 1073x1907, Screenshot_20210210-132628_Ins…)

She does know the avengers aren't real, right?

No. 821193

File: 1612985543989.jpg (273.86 KB, 1074x1908, Screenshot_20210210-132638_Ins…)

Why is she tagging youtubeindia? It's so weird to me she used yahoo India and now youtube India. Any anonymous got any clarity there?

No. 821194

File: 1612985559489.png (297.67 KB, 502x896, tirnanog77.png)

I believe Lillee's doxxing attempt might have been correct this time. If you google the e-mail address of the person who filed the copyright strike against Lillee, it's tied to a person named Samantha Deen.

This move was kinda retarded on Samantha's part, how much time does it take to set up a new e-mail address? 10 seconds?

No. 821195

File: 1612985792130.png (1.14 MB, 1080x2687, StitchIt_20211002013541_066.pn…)

She's also trolling through people's twitters to find stupid shit to comment on. she's a damn nutcase

No. 821196

File: 1612985983312.png (484.44 KB, 828x1792, 1E17CEE6-E56B-4C06-942B-98769C…)

No. 821197

As usual…she thinks about nothing but money. I don't know if she realizes it, but she'd be the last person people'd look for if they wanted money. Money is literally not the factor in any of this, everyone knows she has none.

No. 821198

>Jeaniez please contact marvel

and now we know that no one but Laur and Lillee will contact them

No. 821199

Lillee can barely mask her glee at this latest development. She has always thought that Marvel only need to glance in her direction before she makes it into the leading role of a movie, and this is her latest chance. No wonder she's trying to get all her "Jeaniez" on board to harass some poor social media intern at Marvel.

No. 821200

>You must love yourself to love others
Take your own advice you hateful bitch

No. 821203

File: 1612988692878.jpg (45.26 KB, 1080x319, 20210210_212457.jpg)

Laur went private shortly after tweeting this.

No. 821204

Is this the same Sam who called Laur about the cat? They may have caught themselves a stalker after all.

No. 821207


That's likely where Lillee's few genuine followers are from. Not sure if that's why though.

No. 821208

Unless Laur had her email address (because she had the name/phone number) and issued the copyright claim using Samantha’s info. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Laur or Lillee did this for sympathy, thinking that the claim wouldn’t go through.

No. 821209

And it's a takedown request not a strike against the channel so low stakes

No. 821211

Maybe they're using an Indian VPN and think that's how the internet works

No. 821213

im confused, how is she a stalker just because she called laur?

No. 821214

Sam is elbow deep in poop. Not only did she call Laur & release the recording (which was hilarious) but if they’re not lying she’s striking Lillee’s channel posing as Marvel. It’s fucked up and harassment. It’s literally what we’ve all been dragging Lillee for.

No. 821215


Hopefully she wouldn't be that stupid

No. 821216

Sam's turning into a bit of a cow herself, albeit a boring as shit one. Stop actually harassing Lillee. Shit's funnier when she freaks out over nothing. smdh

No. 821217

Who actually is she, if you or anyone knows? The first Ive heard about her is just from the phone call recording

No. 821223

Replying to a tweet probably ment as a joke from May 2020…
That's pathetic even for Lillee

No. 821226

I’m cracking up at the idea of LJ constantly sending out phony DMCAs, but then getting upset when someone finally sends one to her. They’re so hypocritical it’s kinda ridiculous, like how they accused Diane of running “40 sock accounts” kek.

No. 821230

File: 1612996276492.jpeg (4.06 MB, 4032x3024, 7C0B75BC-DBA9-4334-8406-FC58ED…)

Tatiana got a generous superchat from someone very special tonight

No. 821232

Noticed she made a good bit of money off this chat, I wonder if Lillee ever gets that much off a livestream.

No. 821237

She only loses money buying those not viewers

No. 821246


She knows full well that there aren't any actual Jeaniez; this is Lillee performing victim theater in the hopes that she'll rope in some out-of-the-loop sucker to white knight for her.

She's lucky, too, because if she did have enough real fans to kick up a fuss and get Disney/Marvel's attention, a good bit of her own content would get snatched up immediately. She's always (badly) singing copyrighted Disney songs in her videos. She and Laur might want to pipe down with the fake outrage.

No. 821253

The dynamic duo are very hypocritical. It still sucks because so many people are disputing Lil’ Gene’s false copyright claims and when she loses her channel for this (10 days from the disputes) she’s going to claim the haterz took her down erroneously. Laur did the same thing when Jeaniez Inc/Lillee Jean Beauty were suspended for spam and platform manipulation. She claimed they were hacked.

No. 821260

File: 1613006850937.jpeg (850.62 KB, 2160x3621, 0582F29D-2485-49E7-88FE-AB4961…)

Looking g8 in her latest video

No. 821261

File: 1613007133320.png (226.11 KB, 393x459, 9d2a63f5c67bdeb886275b9146bea7…)

idk how many times i'm gonna say this but same energy

No. 821266


Lillee needs to stop self-diagnosing everything and make an appointment to get a full physical with an actual doctor. The recent rapid weight gain and the sudden darkening of her underarms is not a good sign.

No. 821280

File: 1613010010027.jpeg (421.36 KB, 1080x1920, 9C053C5B-A606-4E9E-93E8-BA3653…)

She’s starting to attract more and more trolls

No. 821281

LJ nailing that Disney thing. She looks just like Ursula in that last pic. Except Ursula had less flabby arms and not diabetic armpits the same color as Moo's dirty shit-streak.

No. 821288

File: 1613010847620.jpg (502.84 KB, 1080x1513, Screenshot_20210210-203357_Twi…)

Laur never ceases to make me laugh. Posts a screenshot of Lillee's live and the comment that jumps out is FUPA CHECK

No. 821290

New ig live here: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CLInDM8lJBn/
It's possibly her weirdest yet. She uses a baby Yoda face filter the whole time which seems to embolden her most inappropriate/bizarre behavior. At 5:05 she greets a rando pradip with "hey stud, do you want to date me?" Shortly after this she grabs her tits and then sings a song about flashing her nipples. I can't watch the rest of it right now but i hope someone can archive/screen record this because it's insane.

No. 821291

Now what would Pheepy say about his beloved LJ flirting and shaking her chest on livestream? I wonder why LJ hasn’t told these Pradips to fuck off since she already has a much older, cultured French diplomat boyfriend!

No. 821292

did lj just accuse someone of wiretapping omg

No. 821293

No. 821294

Worst squat form you will ever see


No. 821295

No. 821296

Cursed horny goblin

No. 821297

And finally a pant reveal that any drag queen will be jealous of


No. 821298

File: 1613011848629.jpeg (352.6 KB, 828x1036, FC04AF93-A577-4079-9C97-E65B0B…)

No. 821299

knowing she's making this at home with her only human contact ever being her weird emotionally incestuous mother makes me deeply uncomfortable

No. 821302

It seems like it is. Both the Hostile Honeybun Youtube and an Instagram account I found very easily from googling the email and finding an Etsy shop have posts in Beijing China and a YT video with her face. I even checked out the form you use to submit a copyright strike and you can put two emails, but the primary email you use IS shared to who you sent the copyright strike. So there's no way Lillee or Laur faked it unless they have access to her email. Not surprising, LJ and Laur attract their own mini cows.

No. 821303

Every once in a while, I fee kind of bad for how emotionally stunted Lillee is. She really needed a parent to make her go to school, have friends her own age and learn from the world around her. Instead, she had the kind of parents who let her turn into this. Don’t get me wrong - I think she’s a shorty person but at the same time I almost feel like if she had some normal human interaction she might not actually be as terrible.

No. 821305


somewhere, an athletic trainer is having a breakdown(Namefag)

No. 821306

Damn. Even the confused Indian men from the click farms are cringing at her. The last guy just gave a dead stare and flipped her off in silence kek

No. 821307

Did Lillee Jean sneak some of Laur’s franzia tonight?

No. 821308

>Anon trying to be twitter-kind to LJ
>Shorty person

No. 821309

Is she having a mental breakdown?

No. 821317

It’s so funny but on the other hand, it’s devastatingly sad.

Man. fuck Laur for doing this to her kid.

No. 821325

I'm getting the same energy from this live as Britney when shaved her head during a manic episode and went after some paparazzi with an umbrella.

No. 821327

That's 16 minutes of my life I wasted watching a virgin who needs to button up her shirt dance around like a toddler
>Claims Samantha wiretapped their phone, this one is Lillee exaggerating and straight up lying. But she does seem to be correct about Samantha being the one pretending to be Marvel
>They've also contacted Marvel legal. Rants more about fair use
>"Make me the devil, I will rise like a phoenix every damn time"
>Suddenly peels off her skin early into the stream, revealing she has been a small green goblin creature this entire time
>Random dude joins, "Hey what's up stud. Do you want to date me?. Laughs at her own joke and then hangs up on him
>Grabs her boobs and acts like they're shooting
>Acts like her nipple showed while she was dancing, it didn't
>Starts singing and dancing "Shake my ass!". Her dad presumably says something to her because she tells him she's doing a live. I hope for the best that he can't see what she's doing
>Sticks her foot out in front of the camera to see if it's green
>Another random dude joins and just gives her the middle finger
>Starts doing the "pop the titty" thing, then shows off her fat stomach and starts popping her ass out
>Puts her phone on the ground to film her whole body while she shakes her ass
>All while doing these sexual dances she's singing childishly about being baby Yoda. Also almost flashing the camera the entire time
>Pulls up her pant leg to show off her feet and leg muscle again
>"All you wanna do is see my boob oh my god"
>"I know I have really good thighs though, they're like really awesome. They could like totally crush someone's neck"
>Starts doing squats and uses an exercise band as another excuse to show her feet. Later gets on her hands and knees where you can see right down her shirt. Talks about her buttcheeks some
No sign of Laur in this one, wonder if she's off crying about LJ being skanky online

No. 821330

File: 1613017085575.jpeg (822.76 KB, 1125x1773, E0788CEC-5DC4-4A39-AD1B-D06294…)

Looks like YouTube has responded to one of the callout accounts. Basically ignoring the issue. I do think Lillee will end up deplatforming herself with this latest round of copyright strikes.

I think we all know that Laur encourages all of this. I really don’t get why. As a parent wouldn’t you want your child to at least be a functioning adult that is semi normal?

Autocorrect - she’s a shitty person. But I guess all of this is what happens when you don’t have a messed up mother and zero outside influence. And only a brief moment of pity for her as it gets wiped away by her behaviour.

No. 821338

File: 1613018352666.jpeg (652.92 KB, 1125x1716, 30716D67-FE40-4AF9-906E-43965C…)

No. 821350

what in the ever-loving FUCK was that last live.. she is going downhill so fast and it’s really starting to show. Poor thing really needs contact with other humans outside of her crazy ass family.. I couldn’t help but feel a little bad during her last live when she got emotional when that group of people(who were obviously trolling her) gave her the slightest bit of support. But watching the live she did today was just too much. She is so obviously craving some sort of attention, yet she doesn’t know how to interact with normal people.

No. 821352

In her last live she acts like I acted when I was 7 years old trying to be crazy with my friends. Because I was 7. Is she alright? Mentally alright?

No. 821353

Scratch that, she’s now grabbing her tits. I didn’t act like this when I was 7. This is bizarre behavior - it’s like she’s 7 and 37 and the same time. Does she need to talk to someone?

No. 821354

The fact that she has the audacity to use mental illness as an insult…she’s literally a full grown woman in a stained top and pants too fucking big for her flailing around, trying to be sexy in a baby yoda filter while flirting with randos online for free. She’s losing her shit. Miss CEO should maybe concentrate on filing the court documentation she needs to contest the counter strikes instead of posting these unhinged lives

No. 821356

she finally looks old kek
lj finally lost it
this arc gonna be good lmao

No. 821363

File: 1613026260278.jpg (1.11 MB, 2618x5255, lillie.jpg)

I don't lurk enough on the lillee jean thread enough but I caught her in the wild on my fb feed.

Is she trying to self-promote more by commenting about herself on facebook franchise pages ?

No. 821365

File: 1613027179483.jpeg (171.07 KB, 828x1439, 931E6CA3-6D0D-4AC0-BE21-8F555A…)

The fact laur posted this herself. Does she not know what a fupa is?

No. 821366

My Ultimate Lillee Jean tinfoil.
Laur was Diamond Earl's child bride, the traumatic loss of her sister kicked off her personality disorder. Raising LJ in a 2nd generation grooming family conflicted with what Laur imagined her own interrupted life to be. So she imagines this world that she thought she deserved and raised LJ into it because Narcissist. This is why everything LJ does seems dated. Because at the very least if LJ is haughty and infamous, she has a chance of escaping the life Laur knows may be in store for her due to her own experience, intergenerational trauma, mental illness and her own failure as a mother which she can't actually acknowledge. And she will do anything to weasel her way out of what she believes to be inebitable white trash life for her daughter. Even if it means appealing to horny indians and then… the cycle will continue.

No. 821371

Of all I have seen here this video is genuinely one of the most fucked up cringe moments- the baby yoda filter, the childish weirdness, the weird thirst dancing, all of it. Did she find a box of drugs or something?

No. 821376

It so obvious laur treats her like a fucking toddle which has fucked up her perception of acceptable behavior. It’s cute when a toddler is dancing around in too big pajamas. It is extremely uncomfortable if it is a 20 year old woman with her saggy tits hanging out, as she keeps referencing her “nipples” and equally saggy ass.
That or she’s having a psychotic break. I’ve noticed she gets more and more unhinged when she’s receiving heat

No. 821392

>speaking like a robot or smth

uhhhh has the bitch never seen star wars? let alone the mandolorian?

No. 821396

I mean, when she did her Lillee Vader look (imagine what it would be like if Darth Vader had a daughter!) she wore elf ears. Accuracy isn’t her strong suit.

No. 821397

File: 1613051996691.jpeg (206 KB, 828x892, BA0573AC-FC7A-4200-B151-5F4622…)

Going after tiny channels now. The more she strikes, the more videos and channels pop up. I wonder when she’ll finally learn

No. 821399

They said they disputed the claim too. This brings us to 4 disputed claims. Next week is going to be rough in the attic.

No. 821413

Saged since it’s 14+ hours old now, but here’s the baby yoda live stream for those that are blocked, or don’t want to interact on/use Instagram.

Green Lillee, singing and dancing while she grabs her tits is my new sleep paralysis demon. Legit I feel like I should have some of content warning on this horror show.

No. 821414

No kidding. When she grabbed her titties and did those shoot shoot sounds I felt my soul leaving my body. She's deranged

No. 821415

If she keeps doing stuff like this instead of acting like a human being (she's CeO LiLleE, you guys), the callouts won't have to intercede to get brands to drop her. No beauty or lifestyle brand wants to be associated with someone that proudly acts like this.

No. 821419

I actually think this might be the explanation. She is acting exactly like a 19 year old getting drunk for the first time.

No. 821420

The way LJ pretends to have real fans and then the only people who join the live streams are Indian dudes taking the piss. Too funny.

No. 821421

File: 1613063651484.png (2.55 MB, 828x1792, 5F994904-669C-440A-81DE-ECBA4F…)

She’s been going so downhill over the last week or so, I wonder if we’re finally starting to see a downfall she won’t be able to come back from

No. 821422

God but she's a horny goblin isn't she? Showing her tits, moaning about how she feels it in her ass and tummy when she's in "child's pose"

I bet her fingers smelled like trout the rest of the night

No. 821423

it's so weird to me how she acts like a little kid but talks about her tight pussy walls and try to show off her tits and her non existent "ass curve" also lol when she points her massive cankles saying is leg muscle lillee you are fat really fucking fat.

No. 821424

The way she talks about her short, stubby little legs and thunder thighs like they’re really something kek

No. 821426

compared to Laur's legs I guess they're muscular

No. 821429

That filter is just horrid and I actually love Grogu.
Why is she trying to act sexy as a baby Yoda though??? What is the idea? Can someone explain?

No. 821434

To me it feels like she’s doing it on purpose to weird people out, like a 12 year old would. The flirtyness with the filter together with the hysterical giggling and ‘do you want to date me?’ just seem like a kid discovering prank calls or something. I guess that’s what a lack of friends and social skills does to someone her age.

No. 821443

This indian dude looks way cuter than her with the filter on

No. 821444

the indian dude actually looks as intended with the filter. it just makes lillee look even more goblinly. clearly it only works with human faces

No. 821456


No. 821458

File: 1613076549866.jpg (26.65 KB, 512x307, unnamed.jpg)


No. 821459

Well it totally worked and I’m totally weirded the fuck out.

No. 821464

No. 821466


Stop spamming this, anon. This place is for having fun at the expense of cows, not to change or interrupt what they are doing. Take this to twitter or something.

No. 821468

people fuck off with your cowtipping and petitions. doing this will only give her excuses to blame her actions on. she doesn’t need intervention, LJ will deplatform herself through her own actions like her racism and unlawful copyright striking. she already has taken herself to the point of no return without anyone’s help.

No. 821471

Lillee has the same relationship with the Baby Yoda filter as Michael Scott does with his jeans https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OI1CHSB52C0

No. 821495

File: 1613091773397.jpeg (2.21 MB, 1242x2556, 6C7E8211-E9E7-4993-B12B-32079F…)

LJ picks the best IG filters.

No. 821506

Link to most recent live


Lillee says she “polled” people. Jeaniez asked for more ASMR and “book readings”. Lillee has her old Harry Potter & Hunger Games books which she says she had to read in the 5th grade but she doesn’t recognize any of the books people are requesting. She says she’s more familiar with Goodnight, Moon - you know, the baby book.

She has no idea people are trolling her because she’s an illiterate fuck.

No. 821509

File: 1613095984003.png (3.68 MB, 750x1334, 88807FB6-48C1-4764-AB92-EE1E74…)

same bleach stained shirt from yesterday

No. 821515

File: 1613101020901.jpeg (320.08 KB, 828x1450, 58D6D363-30C6-456E-B60A-D4CFF0…)

Guess the bots haven’t shown up yet? Don’t posts get the most engagement in the first few hours after a post is made?

No. 821516

Love that she's calling her goblinese blogpost on a website anyone can post on an "op-ed". Inflated sense of ego who?

No. 821521


Honestly I've been here since the beginning and Lillee has always acted this batshit insane. It might be heightened due to the stress of the new negative attention, but she's pretty much always acted like an 11 year old that got a hold of her older sibling's phone.
I've seen those embarrassing videos young kids make and they're identical to how Lillee acts, it's so fucking weird. It's seriously hard to grasp that someone has been stuck at age 11 for 8 years now and counting.

No. 821522

she looks like a fucking cloaca

No. 821523


Also, wasn't her post deleted on Medium because she was using the link on her website?

No. 821524


>>people asked if I use a menstral cup

I’m pretty sure nobody sane wants to know that

No. 821527

I agree 100%, 11-12 is about the age her demeanor and behavior matches. Even the cringy sexual stuff is like an immature, unsupervised girl going through puberty and testing boundaries in inappropriate ways. Normally kids that age get guidance from adults and find support and growth through their peers but Lily is screwed in that department. I feel gross typing it out like this but it's true.

Hopefully her bad attitude, inflated ego, the fact she never leaves the attic and looks older/ugly will help save her from being taken advantage of. I mean who the fuck would want to deal with her. She is scaring her paid Pradips away as is.

No. 821533

File: 1613129861945.jpg (417.53 KB, 1361x788, LilleePrawn.jpg)

No. 821534

File: 1613129944530.png (54.14 KB, 139x170, Screenshot_2021-02-12 Streamab…)

not to nitpick but holy shit

No. 821540

File: 1613132434215.jpeg (199.05 KB, 750x1008, 03945B36-126E-4CCC-9C07-5C3BD7…)

Christian received a 2nd copyright strike from Lillee. His channel will be terminated if he doesn’t dispute. This is very bad for Lillee.

No. 821541


He actually got three strikes already, although I am not sure if all three are by Lillee. His account is currently kind of on hold because he disputed at least one of the claims; if Lillee does not respond in ten days with a court order, he will avoid account termination (no clue if he countered one strike or more, though).

No. 821542

He said the first strike was from a cartoon clip and not related to Lillee.

No. 821548

Ofcourse Lillee doesn't read. Laur is the type of person to really believe that "street smarts" are better than "book smart" and has taught Lillee Jean the same thing. Regardless of the fact Laur's street smarts have kept her family in financial ruin, made them a laughing stock of social media, and essentially crippled her daughter's entire adult life. Street smart has it place and some people learn to utilize it, but for Laur and Lillee, it's climbing a mountain rather than reading a fucking map and taking the tunnel.

No. 821551

File: 1613138878540.png (395.81 KB, 750x1334, A70CD712-1F7E-4BD0-B5F3-BC331F…)

From Dees’ twitter account. She says this person is from Lillee’s engagement pod. The tantrums aren’t working, Lillee is back to threatening suicide.

No. 821554

Wow. I’m shocked. Can’t believe they’re doing the exact same thing they always do. Lillee better be prepared for someone to call a wellness check in on her if they pull this shit again. Too many poop touching tweens who know her address this go around.

No. 821555

File: 1613140835060.jpeg (11.47 KB, 202x249, download (1).jpeg)

>"I lost a friend to cancel culture"

muh sides

No. 821556

>Lillee better be prepared for someone to call a wellness check in on her

And you know the twitter circles will, they love cowtipping

No. 821558

>Lillee has always acted this batshit insane. It might be heightened due to the stress of the new negative attention
I don't know anon, it seems to have worsen a lot. She love any kind of attention. Most of the time she can't tell when people are trolling her.
The money issue must stress her out more than having negative attention.
She deleted her old blonde videos because because she was in a much better physical and mental state than now and people kept commenting on how the change was insane.
Her makeup "skills" are going backwards. This is not "usual Lillee" it's going downhill.

No. 821559

I agree, anon. She's definitely regressing. Even if you compare a video from a year ago she's somewhat coherent. I feel like this whole Tati thing has triggered a hypomanic episode. Ofc Laur doesn't know how to recognise those because that's the state she lives in permanently.

No. 821561

On top of her already declining mental state, Lillee hasn’t left her house in over a year. This probably factors in a lot to what we’re witnessing.

No. 821562

Isn't that actually way more than one year? She didn't went out except for the few events (DrunkElephant, Plant dance, etc) for almost 3 years in a row now.
She didn't event went out for Fashion Haunt interview, it was at her place. Hence why having other clothes than dirty PJ and no shoes?
And there was this guys who said he dated her or something in middle school and she wasn't allowed to go outside back then too.
They never travelled so far, and Lillee never went to a party, hangouts, visited NYC, etc.

No. 821563

NYC has so many amazing museums and galleries and parks. Laur could have taken little Lillee on the subway and had actual educational/enriching experiences without spending a lot at all. Instead she kept her cooped up in the attic. Why are they even staying in NYC at all if they never go out? It'd be no different from living in buttfuck nebraska but at least there the rent is affordable. But then again the Truemans were never known for their intelligence

No. 821564

Are we sure this isn’t Lillee herself? This reads like her usual sock account fanfic.

No. 821565

Lillee is super wierd in public. A combination of being painfully immature, social anxiety, and a lack of social awareness. Every vlog/blog of Lillee at any public outing is cringy to watch, even more when you can hear Laur in the background encouraging the behavior. She's clingy and invades personal space, acts like a young child, and mimics the over acting from every tween show on Disney. The more people laugh and point, the more she clings to Laur, who tells her other people are mean and she's perfect, and to never back down.

I think her recent lives have an air of her wanting to get attention and be rebellious/outrageous. She wants people to post the videos on Twitter and YouTube. Copywrite striking those videos has given CEO Lillee a sense of power and control. It is practically the only thing they've done so far that has hurt any of her detractors, even if it's just for the moment. Lillee and Laur are so uneducated and have such a difficult time seeing beyond what they want to see that they believe that they are winning and they are justified in striking every video and picture. They don't get that it's not that simple. They read a few articles that were incredibly biased and now they know the law, baby. They will continue to spout the same bullshit "facts" and "proof" because that's the only things that support their claims. But they won't listen to anything contradictory because they can't afford to be wrong.

No. 821573

Doubtful. Dees would be able to identify that. She has the benefit of seeing the person's entire account, which probably has more history than the socks Lillee creates.

No. 821587


>Lillee is super wierd in public. A combination of being painfully immature, social anxiety, and a lack of social awareness. Every vlog/blog of Lillee at any public outing is cringy to watch, even more when you can hear Laur in the background encouraging the behavior. She's clingy and invades personal space, acts like a young child, and mimics the over acting from every tween show on Disney.

There are not enough words to describe how cringy, uncomfortable, embarrassing, and immature her behaviour is in public. I genuinely have never seen anyone in my entire life act like she does in public, truly. I've seen weird kids in public, you know the type. She's the weird kid somehow times 1000. On a scale of 0 to 100, 100 being how to appropriately act in public, she's -500. She's WAY over-expressive, vulgar, loud, and just constantly shows off that she's absolutely deranged. I have literally never seen anyone in public act as bad as she does.

No. 821595

Can lillee boast about her ancestry again? I want to know more about great grandma John from France who escaped the nazis 60 years before they actually existed and great grandma I-don't-recall-her-name from THE Ukraine who escaped the nazis-tsars in a night gown.

No. 821596

kek at Dees telling this person not to get involved. It destroys Lillee’s narrative of Dees recruiting helpless young woman to do her dirty work.

No. 821604

File: 1613162098518.png (6.34 MB, 1573x2448, 85E9690D-0B82-4D84-A1C5-83D3EB…)

2016 LJ to refresh the memory. Its like reliving the Britney Spears 2007 timeline.

No. 821606

File: 1613162271931.jpeg (63.62 KB, 500x402, 354F1DEB-9711-4CFD-970E-0D485E…)

No. 821608

File: 1613166583240.png (1.78 MB, 1588x813, regression.png)


Put this next to one of her recent photos where she's trying her best to look soft and pretty- not even one where she's doing that deranged Pennywise smile -the difference is still really jarring.

No. 821611

she actually looks really pretty in this, what the hells happened yikes

No. 821614

A small part of it is that Lillee does this weird thing nowadays where it seems like she tries to open her eyes as wide as possible in pictures, I guess to make them look bigger or something but it just looks off putting. (Of course there's more to the difference than that but doing that does not help.)

No. 821617

Honestly it's like something traumatic happened in her life and she just regressed or had a brain aneurysm idk

No. 821619


well, maybe not traumatic but she was pulled out of school. I mean that's pretty devastating for teens to no longer have peers to deal w/ + only with your weird ass parents

yeah, teens are assholes but they thrive with having real friends (they don't even have to be best/close friends honestly) + cool teachers

No. 821621

This is what I think as well. Didn’t she have an apartment or something at one point too?

No. 821622

Girls that turn out fucked up who also seem too close to their mom were fucked up by their mom, not in the beatings way, but in the psychological torture way
And also not the Margo way, I guarantee she was murdered by her mother's suffocating, mentally ill love

No. 821623

I don't think she's ever had an apartment.

No. 821624

It’s so odd the way she smiles. Her old 2016 pic has some weird duckface, sure, but that was still sorta trendy among teenagers at the time. Her recent pics make it look like she’s purposely trying to look as unappealing as possible. The way she tenses up her neck when she smiles and opens her eyes all the way, it’s just so weird looking. Even awkward 14 year olds don’t pose like that.

Besides the teeth, LJ would look mostly normal if she just didn’t have that psycho expression in every pic. I truly don’t get it.

No. 821625


I mean, it’s a heavily edited photo where she’s sucking in her cheeks and wearing flippers. The only difference between that and her pictures now and is she embraces her chiclet teeth and her hair looks like shit.

No. 821635

She was trying before. She had some intent, at least to start, of being legitimate and that required her to put in some effort. Once she turned to lying, the effort was no longer needed.

No. 821636

Honestly I think this is a huge part of it. She claims her makeup was too mature for her, and she wanted to tone it down into adulthood, but I think that was just an excuse for her getting extremely lazy and not trying anymore.
I've had the inkling for a long time that she's no longer passionate about makeup, so she does the absolute bare minimum with no contour, eyebrows, etc. and I think her excuse of looking too much like an adult is BS. I mean, I guess in some way it may be true because she's obsessed with dolls and Disney, and may want to look more youthful, but even then I really just think it's laziness.

No. 821640

what I find interesting is that when lolcow first started talking about Lillee, she was doing every day make-up looks and make-up reviews where as now she does almost exclusively (shitty) cosplay looks.

I don't think she's interested in cosplay, she's as lazy and low effort as ever, but I guess she believes this is what gets her views and could be her way to stardom. She will do whatever helps her numbers, which is why she also does ASMR once in a while - even though she has made clear that she doesn't get it. Maybe she never really was that interested in makeup but started doing it because she found out you couldnt become famous for disney fanarts and creepy doll collections.

No. 821647

File: 1613182776679.png (821.01 KB, 641x528, 948B7EF4-DB88-4869-BD5D-1C8B47…)

First entry on her Eyeball Queen blog. No comments left on any posts but the few entries are all typical makeup tutorials and reviews. Honorable mention: the total normality of a pretty young woman her age doing a makeup blog. I wouldn’t picture that girl hoarding dolls and having a creepy thing for Disney.

No. 821648

Yeah she looks pretty damn normal here.

No. 821649

File: 1613183708391.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1125x1342, C385CBDB-0358-44FD-A338-588177…)

She really regressed. Her face is shaped like a basketball nowadays. Probably has to do with her fucked up jaw and not a speck of contour powder in sight.

No. 821650

maybe i remember wrong but didn't she have a doll blog before she started doing makeup?

No. 821652

File: 1613184945633.jpeg (439.42 KB, 750x1003, 4F930929-9567-42F8-8AE4-21A4DB…)

The new videos on Lillee are outperforming Lillee’s own video to the point her channel is the 8th result when you search “Lillee Jean” on YouTube.

No. 821654

File: 1613185008956.jpeg (485.57 KB, 1125x954, F7E62154-4271-406D-BE5C-7A4D0F…)

Two years ago, her makeup tutorials barely used any makeup. It’s all very strange. The older videos on her YouTube are all like that. I am sure at one point she must have enjoyed makeup, but if she doesn’t care anymore why keep it pumping out content if you’re not going to the effort of honing your craft?

Even when she does contour she blends it with her foundation brush, essentially wiping it away.

No. 821656

we've been knew all along that lillee only does youtube to avoid getting a real job.

No. 821659

Why are her tots so saggy and far apart now??? I know she was probably squishing them together here but it’s just crazy how much uglier she looks now

No. 821661

Possibly tubular breasts. It's likely related to why she's a dwarf (4'9"), and why her teeth and nubs. Her growth hormones are fucked.

I think before she wore padded bras to cover it. Now she doesn't wear bras at all. Also, I'm guessing looking at Laur and Diamond that LJ is not going to age gracefully. It's possible her tits are already racing towards her toes.

No. 821662

She explained in her Fashion Haunts interview that she went through a green phase and completely transitioned from heavy glam makeup to more natural makeup. I hate that I know this lol

No. 821665

I think she was actually only just about 13 in these oldest pictures.

No. 821667

Of all the things LJ does I think the doll collecting is the least weird. A lot of adults collect dolls, whether it's BJDs, barbies, or those porcelain ones that are super popular with older women.

No. 821670

Doll collecting in general isn't weird per se, but her collection is definitely sad and weird. She collects basically kid's toys that aren't collectible in the end because they're worthless

No. 821677

Adult collectors usually research the different dolls and seek out rare/unique ones to add to their collection.

Lillee just goes to Toys R Us and grabs things that are shiny then plays weird games with them in the attic

No. 821681

Many hair colours would look good on her if she went to the hairdresser to have it done properly.
In these pictures a professional did the hair cut and dye.
It wasn't a too-retarded-to-do-dye-at-home-hair-colour because she is now too scared or lazy to go out.
She was wearing normal clothing.
Her engagement is close to 100% fake. Why make effort if her number of followers are independent from the quality of her videos?
I agree though, she has close to zero interest in makeup now. But wasn't the 1M follower MUA thing a way to get into Marvel's next movie?

Indeed but she was 11 or 12.

No. 821682

I understand why the director of her school was worried.

No. 821687

File: 1613222622219.jpg (442.71 KB, 1080x2048, Screenshot_20210213-071926_Chr…)

Of the 3 articles Lillee Jean has written for Medium, all 3 have just been her gassing herself up. The first two were practically unreadable due to her strange sentence structure and incorrect word choice, and this article kissing her own ass is just copy pastes of the "Lileeese" descriptions in her blogs/videos. Smallest amount of effort possible.

No. 821699

File: 1613225105036.jpg (464.99 KB, 1080x2048, 1613222622219fixed.jpg)

There. I fixed it.

No. 821705

Good job Lillee

But she would if she could lol

No. 821706

3 identical looks with slightly different pink shades and no contour? sign me tf up bitch!

No. 821711

File: 1613233195006.jpeg (188.4 KB, 750x600, 30C59494-C78A-4D24-A5FA-ABA225…)

Mama Jean won’t be happy the public thinks her perfect daughter is “disabled”

No. 821712

Maybe nitpick but she can't even match the lipstick color with the shadow, like how hard it is to chose two colors matching together?
Also keks at the uneven makeup application.

No. 821714

Maybe just wishful thinking, but it sounds like this person might somehow know them in real life. What do you think anon? Where was this comment posted?

No. 821716

File: 1613239203539.jpeg (758.77 KB, 828x1495, 3C465AF9-4844-43BE-8FD9-A9660B…)

No. 821717

File: 1613239229760.jpeg (772.01 KB, 828x1474, E965FFF9-0874-4F00-8BBC-D76C98…)

No. 821719

She HAS to be trolling at this point. There is no way that someone can be this delusional..

No. 821720

”I can not wait for April”? Well damn, me neither now!

No. 821721

Philippe with mispelling again. It's only one L.
>Most beautiful woman in the world, and France
Retarded writing. Retarded use of the comma.
Please stop involving France in this, you gross us out truly.
>mon cheri
"Mon chéri" is a chocolate or use for a man, you needed to write "ma chérie" as any real french with functioning brain would say.
But I guess grandma John doesn't care if you keep misgendering everyone bc you are illiterate af LJ.

No. 821722


Funny how its typed out and not hand written. You think the Truemans are getting smarter?

No. 821723


"mon cheri"

Lillee is female… It should be ma chérie… How hard is Googling, again? These attic critters can't even be bothered making their lies realistic.

No. 821725

The sadness of having your mom impersonate your fake lover and write the shittiest fake love note on the 13th of february.
Level 1M of embarrassment.

No. 821726

LMAO! IMO the "you are the most beatiful in the world, and France" part was deliberate wording in order to show how "Phillippe's" first language is not English. Which is stupid enough on its own since, isn't he supposed to be a diplomat in the US? I would assume he would have to be fluent in English to work in such position.

No. 821728

So Pheepy was in New York City to go to the police station with them cause he's a pedophile, but is back in France now? He flew during a Global Pandemic when flights from the US cesspool were banned in other countries?

Sure lielee Jean. SURE.

No. 821729

Now, now, anon, grandmama John didn't escape the Nazis in 1860 for you to be accusing Lillee of not knowing French D:

No. 821730

Laur said Pheep was the kid of a family friend they've for years/his entire life, and he was over all the time when they were younger. Pheep isn't ESL, he's just not sure what gender Lillee is.

No. 821731

He thought her name was Lillee John

No. 821732

damn i can't believe Pheepy is ESL and FSL after growing up in NYC and now working as a French diplomat

No. 821733

That card is written is such proficient lillee jeanease that it can only be herself who wrote it. Laur couldn't even be bothered kek.

No. 821737

Back to spelling phillipe with two p’s I see

No. 821738

I do think LJ has began to realise she’s not going to get anywhere in the makeup industry and that’s why her looks are less than half assed nowadays. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out current trends, or even things like makeup challenges etc on youtube/tiktok which she doesn’t even take part in. I think she’s realised how much time and money has been spent building this facade and she doesn’t want to maybe let laur down, so she continues spouting out shit content which nobody is interested in, just so it doesn’t all seem like a waste. Saying that, I’m glad she’s not getting anywhere, she doesn’t deserve it

No. 821744

Little maraschino cherry? I think I just threw up a little though “he” isn’t wrong- she’s built like a cherry. Round short and artificially colored.

No. 821745

Both the idea that Lillee or Laur wrote this thinking it’d fool people again and the idea that Lillee has been so psycho lately and this is her attempt at trolling are fucking hilarious to me. Possibly an attempt to distract people from Lillee’s current antics as well if they get people wandering what’ll happen in April.

No. 821747

This is even more embarrassing than the last one. How is LJ not embarrassed by sending herself flowers and an obviously fake love letter?

No. 821748

Is it possible that Lillee genuinely thinks "Phillipe" is real and it's her mother that is basically catfishing her? LJ is so low-IQ that she would easily be catfished. It's not like she and her mom have many boundaries between each other, anyway.

sage for retarded question/tinfoil.

No. 821749


Doubt so, given she's talked about meeting up with him all the time since the age of 9. That'd require Laur to pretty much hire some 18 yr old to be her daughter's bf and keep that lie going for over a decade. Doesn't seem plausible lol.

No. 821750

I was wondering the same, like Laur might send the letters and stuff and make her think Pheepy’s always working abroad and therefore never physically present

No. 821751

Laur said in her pedo video that Pheepy used to spend time in her house all the time with Lillee

No. 821752

AYRT: ah, makes sense; I knew Lillee and Laur talked about meeting up with him, but I thought that would still work with my tinfoil because they could just be lying about that to convince others while Laur catfished Lillee. However, I do understand how convoluted that would be.

Thank you. At any rate, these bitches are so hilariously delusional.

No. 821753

Why not quietly drop the Pheepy lie? Pretend they broke up, act like he was never a thing and the haterz made it up? The entire world knows Phayeep, the child grooming French diplomat, is fake. Why are they still trying to make it a thing?

No. 821754

Dumb tinfoil, but it could be half true. Maybe Laur has been catfishing LJ with the Pheepy story and LJ believes it, but also “embellishes” the story (like her knowing him since childhood) to make it sound more believable. Maybe even Laur said something like “just exaggerate a bit so nobody looks into your totally real bf too much, he wouldn’t want to be bothered with these stalkerz.”

No. 821756

Yeah exactly. Pheepy could have been inspired by, let’s say, a nice neighborhood boy who pitied LJ enough to visit her from time to time. Maybe he had something like a Cajun mother/distantly French last name. Maybe he works at a gov office drone job (“a diplomat”) nowadays.

LJ and Laur make up a lot of stuff but sometimes there is a very bare grain of truth. Like Laur claiming to be the youngest attorney in NYC meanwhile it was actually her deceased sister who was a law clerk.

No. 821757

The Truemans, let a lie drop when they can just double down harder on it? Blasphemy!
At this point it doesn't really matter if there was once a nice boy named Phil who delivered their groceries or w/e; any possible grain of truth has been washed away by all the insane embellishments and details they've invented.

No. 821759

The same reason why Laur, when presented with solid evidence proving James Dee and Mario Avello were made up, she doubled down and said they were Elton John fame level stars using fake names. If they admit any of their lies then it becomes more likely they lied about everything.

No. 821764

File: 1613261847583.png (Spoiler Image,2.8 MB, 828x2917, E1CE4822-41EC-4A57-AD9C-0D7806…)

Lillee is live with a ton of dicks

No. 821765

File: 1613262236080.jpeg (52.18 KB, 600x600, 16E4A318-E63D-444C-915A-A25C22…)

No. 821766


I think she gets a thrill from seeing all the horny Pradip pp. She probably thinks that it's because she's so beautiful that these pervs just can't contain their lust for her and doesn't understand that they do it to any random female that they can get access to.

No. 821767

Happy Valentines, Lillee!

No. 821768

File: 1613263258795.gif (1.91 MB, 498x280, LMAO.gif)

audibly laughed. thank you anon lmfao

No. 821769

File: 1613264170878.jpeg (210.47 KB, 828x1470, 13E6377E-4CE1-49BB-A8AC-EBB373…)

No. 821770

File: 1613264473554.jpg (127.5 KB, 1040x937, ljlive.jpg)

look at all these devoted jeaniez yall

No. 821771

she guested young children right after the dicks. fucken gross

No. 821772

File: 1613264874096.png (2.83 MB, 750x1334, FF6300FD-0CE3-448F-967F-EB1AD1…)

No. 821777

She just posted a video on her story saying “I want to thank you guys for joining my live, we had incredible talent!”

If she considers random Indian men getting their dicks out to her “talent” she would love omegle Kek

No. 821779

Gross kek
Also that filter makes her look like Amberlynn Reid

No. 821782

I guess she was referring to the handful of drunk men who came to DJ and sing in some duets. Where tf does she find these people?

No. 821784

Laur was rallying the engagement pod. She kept telling Lillee to add some Tim dude. Lillee had no idea who the person was.

Lillee also says Pheepy is in “the city” and they weren’t seeing each other because of Covid.

No. 821785

I was down at 158th and Broad and some shining armored knight on a unicorn rode past me with roses….ya don’t think it’s him do ya?

No. 821787

File: 1613268825335.png (28.14 KB, 548x263, Screenshot_11.png)

When LJ talked about turning 20 in her last live she say's "we'll call it twenty-teen". Just a small peek into LJ's fucked up mind, it's sad she can't accept she is an adult. Laur will be raising a bratty toddler for the rest of her life.
Pic not related

No. 821793

Does anyone have a link to the most recent Live she did? She obviously didn’t put it up on her Instagram, but I want to see the joyful gleam in her eyes when those men show her even the slightest hint affection.

No. 821794


Wow, look at the results of that prestigious Attic Academy education.

No. 821795

That’s disgusting and inappropriate. Any real fan that Lillee may have is likely underage (and a few old ladies). A real influencer would not be bringing sketchy dudes that she knows are going to be inappropriate on a stream that will be viewed by literal children. Of all the shitty things she has done, guesting children after guesting pervs is one of the worst. Hopefully this gets more attention.

No. 821799

I wish I saw the stream. How did she react to these guys flashing their tiny dicks at her? Seems like the chat didn't have much to say. I hope one of the call outs say something about the children on lillee's live being subjected to the nudity.

No. 821806

Nothing like hosting sex offenders lol. Grown men flashing dock to children. Super appropriate, jeaniez

No. 821816

No. 821818

No. 821820

Right? Knowing that the viewers are children should have deterred her from adding sketchy dudes but when they were on her live she engaged in conversation on their dick size (super inappropriate conversation for young kids) rather than ending their connection.

No. 821822


What's really disgusting about her getting flashed, is she resorts to calling them small, instead of immediately taking it off and apologizing to her viewers. You can tell she's trying to make it seem like she's totally experienced with penises and is making it all about how she's totally not a virgin, instead of considering that she has a young audience, or hell idk, people who just don't want to see some random dude's penis?? She's so obsessed with her image of "being cool and definitely always having sex" that she just ignores any of the other incredibly obvious things that are wrong with showing dicks on your Instagram story, especially for THAT long.

No. 821823

if she didn’t want them to be on the stream she’d easily remove them asap, just like she would if one of the boolies were to join

No. 821825

Yes Lillee, I'm sure that in today's climate this is a great look to give a platform to sex offenders and pretend there's nothing wrong. They should have never been on in the first place. I'm sure the brands will love this!

No. 821826

Agreed with both of you. Aside from the implications with children, her reaction was really unprofessional for someone who is supposedly so serious about her brand. Making fun of someone's dick size is also in poor taste (for her brand– the nasty scrote can get Lorena Bobbitted for all I care, kek) considering the fact that she's always moralfagging about how we should all be kind to others and not judge them for their physical appearance.

Again, those men on her live are fucking disgusting and deserve much worse than being called small, but I'm just pointing out her hypocrisy.

I'm loving the insanity, though. I didn't care about the Tati/Diane/whoever drama, but Lillee being a retarded, autistic freak is delicious milk. lol.

No. 821827


That's another thing. She harps on constantly about people bullying her for her teeth or whatever else, but then turns around and calls someone's dick small. I understand she wants to get back at them for showing their dick on her story, and those comments probably "hurt" them the worst (assumption), but it doesn't matter the reason, insulting someone's appearance when you are an "advocate" for not judging appearances, it negates everything you've said.

No. 821829


Okay, for my own thought process I'm just going to go through the Pheepy timeline, please feel free to correct me anywhere or add something.

> Pheepy grew up with Lillee and has known her since she was a child. His family was friends with Laur's family.

> Pheepy is also somehow French and lives in France?

> Pheepy was significantly older than Lillee and started dating her when she was 15 and he was 24

> Pheepy is a French Diplomat, which would require tons of training, education, time, attention, etc. but has somehow spent a lot of his time in America with Lillee.

> According to Lillee's timeline, he's constantly traveling back and forth from France to America, even allowing himself to be there to speak to the NYPD about his grooming.

> Is illiterate in his own language.

No. 821830

File: 1613321313913.jpg (314.41 KB, 626x665, Philippe_Etienne_(48315283286)…)

To be fair, the French ambassador to the United States is actually named Philippe

However he looks like pic related so…

No. 821832

File: 1613322145978.png (902.31 KB, 850x682, Screen Shot 2021-02-14 at 12.0…)

Pheepy confirmed

No. 821835

Laur and LJ never said he was a diplomat. Someone said it for the first time here >>>/snow/770121 and another anon looked at French diplomats named Philippe, and it took off from there.
In another old thread someone asked >>>/snow/776708 where she said it. It sounded really weirdly written to me so I thought it was Laur trying to get more proof of the booly-ing and lies that were made up about her because there was another weirdly written question not far from it.

No. 821836

10/10 next thread pic please

No. 821837

On KF someone posted her Instagram live that unfortunately no one archived where she said he was a French Diplomat. She hasn't said it again since, but her not denying it is also pretty telling imo.

No. 821839

File: 1613327574196.png (336.18 KB, 428x538, pheepyxlillee.png)

No. 821840

File: 1613328378199.png (411.61 KB, 472x662, pheepylove.png)

No. 821841

pheepy d0x

Philippe Etienne

He got twitter verified before his love, how sweet

No. 821843

No. 821845

File: 1613333113688.jpg (1.14 MB, 1080x1928, Screenshot_20210214-140519_Ins…)

Sometimes I wonder if Lillee has a Indian man fetish or if it's just about getting attention from anyone. She reviews every photo that she's tagged in, every single hashtag, everything. And her tagged feed on Instagram is 98% Indian dudes. Does she not look at that and think people will question it? I've never seen a tagged in feed that is so far out of touch with their actual content. Why is she getting tagged in all of this?

No. 821847

They’re all in her engagement pods, anon.

No. 821848

I just choked on my drink
wonderful work anon

No. 821851

Sort of off-topic, but I was just thinking if Lillee in her future years is ever forced to get a real job, she's going to have to legally change her name. I don't even think half of the minimum wage jobs would take her after a quick background search.

No. 821852

Most employers in the US require you list any previous names, so a name change wouldnt so much

No. 821853

File: 1613337417120.webm (Spoiler Image,3.47 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik_6926754408743079174_li…)

Here's a couple videos on TikTok with her being extra creepy.

No. 821854

File: 1613337472097.webm (Spoiler Image,2.69 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik_6926754970922388742_li…)

No. 821856

File: 1613342436239.jpeg (225.66 KB, 796x1507, 0CA76449-3EAA-4F45-99BF-F2B15C…)

From a recent TikTok, the glam look is more flattering on her in comparison to the cheap wigs and bad costumes. An anon mentioned she transitioned from full glam to more natural makeup… I wonder why? While I don’t think her skills are on par with the top beauty gurus on YouTube, she’s got fairly got decent basic makeup skills I really don’t understand what went wrong for her to start thinking that low effort looks and cosplays are working for her and will help her grow on social media?

No. 821858


According to some of her Q&A's and the Fashion Haunts interview, she claims that she looked too mature for her age when she was doing heavy glam, so she transitioned into natural because it made her happier. This was also after her bout with her green phase. I think it's just too much effort for her now to go glam anymore, she can't be bothered.

No. 821860

It’s not that her makeup application is awful per se, it’s just very average and most of her looks are interchangeable purple eye shadow/pink lip gloss combos. She usually uses the same ultra white light to make herself look as pale as possible without adding contour or filling in her eyebrows and the results look like something a middle schooler would do. There’s just no way any beauty guru gets 1m followers serving up those same rehashed looks.

She looks way better in that pic because she actually has blush/eyebrows.

No. 821861


I agree. She’s got to live in a fantasy land if she thinks these looks are worthy of 1 million insta followers. Why can’t she follow even the most basic trends? Thick brows and contour have been a thing for 5+ years but I guess that’s what living in the attic and thinking you’re better than everyone does to people

No. 821862

Something tells me she wants to create the trends rather than follow the already established ones lmfao

No. 821863

>plays with dolls
>love disney
>wont do looks that makes her look "mature"
>turns 20 soon and copes by calling it twen-teen

She just doesn't want to be a grown-up lol.

No. 821864


Okay that makes sense, it’s so obvious she can’t be bothered anymore. The stained shirt, the unkempt hair etc. It is kind of sad seeing how much better she could look if she put the effort in.

No. 821865


I have a theory that her still trying to call herself a teen at 20 is because Laur and her have been pushing the narrative that the "internet is cyberboolying a teenager", and now that she's out of that range she has no choice but to be referred to as an adult.

No. 821869

I think it has to do more with Laur’s own insecurities about being an old hag that she’s projecting on to Lillee. Laur hates married women - that is projection based on her own pedo husband who stole away her childhood. Laur resents growing up because I’m assuming that because Earl is a literal pedophile, he stopped finding her attractive after a certain age. She also seems to despise pregnant or “has kids” people because maybe Earl fully discarded her after post-pregnancy. She’s projecting all these resentments she has about growing up and getting pregnant on Lillee which is why she seems to have no desire in leaving her child fantasy and venturing out of the attic to find a real partner despite being horny af

No. 821870

I don't think she really hates any of those things; she brings it up about people she hates because it's usually the only thing she knows about them. So if she finds out a call out account or a troll is married she tries to shame them for it, if they have kids or don't have kids or are pregnant ditto. You can tell this is the case because she'll bitch about one callout being a "kid" if they're one minute younger than Lillee (go back to your bedroom, I'm telling your parents etc) and the next callout she'll bitch about "picking on a poor little teenager" if that callout is one iota older than LJ. She doesn't care about any of it, she's just trying to "other" anyone she doesn't like. She thinks everyone is as insecure as she is, so she thinks it'll work.

She definitely babies and over-shelters Lillee but that's probably got more to do with trying to keep Lillee under her thumb for as long as possible. Every day LJ is playing pretend with a made-up French lovah is a day she isn't venturing out with actual boyfriends & potentially moving away from Laur.

No. 821876

Laur acts like stereotypical schoolyard bully in movies. She just says whatever mean insult she can think of to hurt someone’s feelings, but most of the time it makes no sense. Like her disparaging that one lady for “being on the internet since she was a teenager,” like, what? Or insulting someone for uh, being pregnant?

I don’t think Laur believes any of it, she’s just a typical mean boomer emboldened by the internet and pissy at anyone who calls out her lies.

No. 821912


No. 821924

I've been following the Attic Saga for so long that certain aspects of Laur and Lillee's relationship actually stopped registering as strange to me, but all of a sudden today I realized: it has now been nearly two years since the reddit OP, and in that time Lillee has come to the attention of millions of people…and she STILL does not have a single relationship online or IRL that is just her own. Laur bulldozes her way into the middle every single interaction Lillee has with another human being, whether positive or negative. This fact is old milk, but it just really struck me again how fucking weird and alarming that is. Lillee is going to be 20 years old in a month and change, and she has never, ever had a friend of her own. Even the fake backstory of how she met Phe-yeep is centered around Laur; after all, he's the son of Laur's friends that she's "known forever" and she introduced them when Lillee was 4. Or 9. Or 14.

Also, something about this recent CEO Lillee development is throwing up red flags to me. It's very clear that Lillee doesn't know a goddamn thing about how to run a business; she's never even had a McJob or done so much as file a simple 1099. She certainly would never be able to figure out how to set up a small business on her own or fully understand stuff like what sorts of things she needs to keep track of and report when filing corporate taxes.

Laur as the head of Lillee's "management" has not had any company registered in her name for years, not since Ingenuous Ingenue with that Oscar Benjamin dude fell apart back in 2017.

So…why did they register Lillee Jean Beauty Inc. all of a sudden in October? Why is it in Lillee's name when, up until now, Laur has been controlling everything and keeping Lillee sheltered and ignorant to the point that she is intellectually and emotionally stunted?

I feel like Laur is maybe pulling something nefarious.

No. 821928

File: 1613379928330.jpg (187.6 KB, 1024x793, merlin_130397477_1bdf6399-7ebe…)

Would it be a financial thing, like Lillee can get a loan/line of credit that Laur couldn't? I'm sure her credit is shit with all those failed business ventures and just general jobless attic insanity. They're so creepy, total gray gardens vibes. But without money or a semblance of dignity.

No. 821931

Lillee is bullying and harassing minors, again.

No. 821934

This is what I was thinking, too. Like, did Laur have Lillee registered as the business owner to take out a shady line of credit or a short-term small business loan? This could be how they're covering that $3K per month in rent on the new attic. Also now that I think about it, October was when Pellegrino and CyberDouche launched that kickstarter to fund their pitch for a tv show and Laur and Lillee started making a bunch of noise about how they had something in the works with Netflix. >>802429

No. 821936

Could all the newfags ITT learn to intergrate already? Why the fuck would you bump a thread that is always on the frontpage of /pt/.

No. 821940

Probably a combination of Lillee's ego(entrepreneur at 19 is really mot that big of a deal…),a need to make the strikes on YouTube seem more legit, a way to protect themselves from the legal ramifications of their bullshit strikes(it is an LLC), the callouts pointing out very vocally that they have been lying about having a company for years, and to further create the illusion that Lillee Jean is a BRAND, not just an attic goblin and her troll mother playing pretend.

They've huffed and puffed for months about how they are owed money for lost wages and from people making money off of them. People quickly pointed out that
A. They both claim she barely makes any money anyways
B. If they want compensation for lost value in products, they had better have been documenting and filing taxes on Lillee's "earnings".
C. Lillee Jean's channel has over quadrupled in size due to the drama surrounding her. She's making more from her actual content than ever before, and is still receiving brand deals.

Ofcourse, this is all assuming Laur and Lillee rubbed their two braincells together. It could just be Lillee was playing with a Barbie and wanted to be a CEO like her! They are taken seriously!

No. 821944

Cyberguyesq was still Lillee’s brand manager at the time registered Lillee Jean Beauty. It was probably his idea.

No. 821946

File: 1613396990069.jpeg (60.11 KB, 680x590, 05005E06-67D5-438C-ABB2-F5FBA9…)

Screenshot from Christian’s twitter. Lillee seems to be getting flustered with the creators standing up to her bullshit copyright claims.

No. 821947

>the crowd you run with you won’t know in a year because they are internet creations that are not tangible

this is rich coming from someone who legitimately made up a diverse friend group to praise and support her

No. 821948

I know this has been brought up before, but it's still absolutely hilarious to me that she thinks she can convince anyone her 1mil followers are real when she goes and seeks out every single video, tweet, etc. about her and responds to it in some way. Literally anybody above like 300k, or maybe even less, barely interacts with their fans let alone every single hate piece on the entire internet. Even if an influencer spent every waking moment on the internet like Lillee does, they're usually busy with running an actual real Instagram page, probably have real friends to keep up with, responding to brand deals, etc. Lillee with 1mil followers definitely has all of the time usually dedicated to a 1mil account page and still be able to respond to literally every single negative thing about her on the internet, definitely.

No. 821950

Way before Cyberdouche, LJ was claiming she'll be a big MakeupBeautyCosmetics NYC boss and buy all the blocks on the 5th avenue or something for her stores/offices.
The Bitebeauty lab deception was to fake she already had a beauty line. She got so upset when people pointed out everyone could have done it, as it's the point of BiteBeauty.
It's pretty clear she has no idea how a business is run.
LJ thinks be a CEO is all about telling other what to do, yet she would have no idea what to write in a job offer.
Is her domestic company, also keks at how international she is not, about getting a business loan or covid money?

Did she just learn the word "juvenile"? She uses it in every sentence.

No. 821956


No. 821958

not the same anon but this video popped up in my suggested videos this morning so it may not be a self post.

No. 821966

Nah, there are plenty of entry level jobs in small businesses that would hire her without background checking her. She's the MLM type though for sure.

No. 821969

If they're an LLC now, they're probably writing off everything they touch. They might also be applying for PPP and covid relief. If they're writing off their rent as "home office", good luck… that's one of the biggest IRS red flags and bigger chance for audit.

No. 821984

File: 1613417869458.png (139.2 KB, 720x808, D23E605F-293B-468B-8432-BC124C…)

Lillee sent this email to Christian

No. 821986

Lol she’s trying to take legal action against someone for using her photo? Oh yeah that’s right CEO Lillee Jean’s face is copyrighted my bad !!!

No. 821989

What's her obsession with Christian'a age. He's not a minor, he's the same age as her. She seriously has issues with aging keks.

No. 821990

What makes her believe the address is fake? Are there possibly attorneys who also work in the building and he has representation? Are there PO boxes located at the addresses and he has one rented? If she has a lawyer why are they not contacting YouTube to get this info? Lillee and Laur are extremely transparent in their attempt to get this person’s home address.

No. 821991

Sounds super professional.
If the CEO of my company worded an email like that he’d be laughed out of the building.

No. 821992

"Dear Christian and YouTube" kek

No. 821998

>we also have no information that Mr R is not a minor

Just because they assume he’s a minor, Lillee expects YouTube to reveal his parent’s address?!?! Ok psycho

No. 821999

The screencaps of the copyright claims Christian showed said they were from a content ID match on one of her speedpaints. Lillee’s tanking her own case by saying they’re claiming the thumbnail pictures. And why isn’t their lawyer handling all correspondence?!? We all know they don’t have a lawyer but for fucks sake they make it so obvious,

No. 822000

>when our lawyer looked to do service on him

I truly will never stop laughing at how retarded Lillee Jean is. fucking kek

No. 822012

Guarantee if she gets this dude's real address she'd do something way more sinister with it.

No. 822014

Yeah it's embarrassingly unprofessional. You can tell this chick hasn't written a professional or formal email in her life. There was an entire college course in my degree dedicated to business writing, and this bitch is trying to write professionally on a middle school education kek

No. 822023

>she STILL does not have a single relationship online or IRL
I honestly feel bad for LJ most of the time because of this. I know she’s horribly bratty and doesn’t even seem to want friends, but her whole life is so bizarre. I think Laur was an ultra helicopter parent who wanted to keep her as dependent as possible and limited her social life a lot. Now LJ is so bratty because she never really had to deal with social situations, compromise, etiquette, etc. LJ is probably used to everything being about her, always.

I can just imagine kid LJ having a fight with another kid and Laur coming in to tell the kid off, then buy LJ ice cream for dealing with such a traumatic situation. I doubt LJ has ever had to deal with any uncomfortable situation on her own.

No. 822046

I'm sure that Laur not only did all that, she'd go and start a fight with the other kid's parents, threatening them etc. for bullying poor little Lillee Jean. Guarantee you that happened any time LJ had even the slightest conflict with a classmate.

No. 822047

File: 1613441447494.png (64.61 KB, 827x452, muh aries.png)

she doesn't want siblings either kek. She will dislike anyone who will keep her from being the center of attention.

No. 822048

Yandere Lillee arc when

No. 822049

Lillee has told a story at some point about how when she was in kindergarten or first grade, another girl (who was Asian and had a bowl cut, she had to add that) was mean to her. One day while Lillee and Laur were driving to school, they saw the girl walking and proceeded to follow the girl and yell at her. Lillee thought it was really funny.

No. 822058

Lillee has a new video out where she says that she uses 40 pads per period (double stacked) and that “corking” your vag with a tampon or a cup is unnatural

No. 822059

File: 1613445340547.jpeg (267.02 KB, 719x1101, E74555CF-8F49-471D-9E49-6CFBD5…)

No. 822060

Good fucking god this woman needs to see a gynecologist and take a sex ed course

No. 822061

>Please be guide yourself accordingly

Sounds like Laur got some pointers from that cease and desist from Runway Rogue. "Please govern yourself accordingly".

No. 822062

girl WHAT lmao I have pcos so (tmi) my flow gets really heavy when i do actually have periods - and i've never once had to stack 40 pads

lillee needs to see a doctor if she needs to do that

No. 822066

File: 1613445709796.png (649.85 KB, 1411x742, image_2021-02-16_032242.png)

im choking

No. 822067

Jesus she looks haggard

No. 822072

She should really start watching her weight. It’s all downhill from here if she doesn’t

No. 822077

I think it’s really interesting how they keep contacting the various callout accounts and creators claiming that they have a lawyer. It’s quite obvious they do not or Laur and Lillee wouldn’t be sending direct contact. They keep digging themselves deeper with this.

I just realized why Lillee keeps claiming that she has her name trademarked (I looked at the uspto and no such mark exists) - she seems to think that the watermark she puts on her photos is the same thing as a trademark. Good old attic academy.

No. 822078

Did they just pretend this was written with their lawyer but signed it with their own name

No. 822082

I'm laughing so hard because I noticed that but just kind of ignored it.

No. 822085

She's getting so fat

No. 822089

That’s absolutely horrendous and horrible of them. Ugh, I know they’ve done bad things but that’s just disgusting

No. 822091

I bet their local police is probably tired of their shit and just go “yeah yeah we will add this stalker to your files” and hang up the phone. It’s the least of their worries and they don’t give a shit about the big meanies on the internet.
Cops barely do a thing when something real happen like assault or petty theft. Good luck with the internet boolies that digitally trespassed in NY by commenting on your vids Lillee.

I think Laur just usually refers to Lillee as “our client” when she pretends to be the management account, but I can’t tell if she had a brain fart or if she thinks it looks more legit if she talks about herself in the 3rd person.

They 100% don’t have a lawyer. They don’t have the money for one (hence why they were so pressed that Tatiana got it handed to her) and pro-bono lawyers know there’s no money to be made on that case. There’s no case. Nobody will entertain them because some anonymous people on the internet used her pic for a reaction video. Half the tea youtubers would be sued left and right if that were the case.

No. 822108

Poor Judy with her Dora pajamas. I would love to see someone like her or one of the people Lillee went to school with speak up about her and Laur!

This is why we get a proper education boys and girls. Her lack of knowledge of basic biological functions is awful but I would love to know why she claims tampons and cups are unnatural. But on another note, if you are wearing pads and are double stacking them (which I don’t get the point of as nothing will go through the bottoms) I feel like you should probably go get some proper health care. I realize that in the US you have to pay to see a dr but aren’t places like Planned Parenthood free for people who can’t afford to see a dr?

No. 822111

Before it was just speculation/tinfoil, but I truly think this is evidence that LJ has hormonal problems. Also add in her dwarfism, microdontia, darkened skin folds, swollen face, maybe her recent weight gain and mental slowness.
Fuck Laur for doing this to her kid and sweeping everything under the rug. I think Laur is aware deep inside but is too proud to admit that LJ is less than perfect.

No. 822116

>It is our understanding that you have said you are 19, thus you are not a minor, you are an adult.
>We are confused, since you had someone write an email, saying they were your mother
>signed by Laur

I'm so glad this new guy is exactly Lillie's age so we can have golden double standards like this.

No. 822125

I live a couple streets from Lillee since he moved, can’t stand the bitch and I can assure her, no one cares about her enough to warrant security guards. Haven’t even bothered to walk past or be nosy.

No. 822130

Shes never even had her own event before it’s pathetic besides the public parties that are available that have nothing to do with her or want her even

No. 822137

File: 1613467091303.png (172.7 KB, 472x746, fattyjeanlatergram.png)

I took this petty screen shot on Jan 31 but I had to share it now. Look at that chin!!!

No. 822145

Wow LJ is inserting herself in the #metoo movement now..!

10/10 they yelled at the wrong asian kid.

No. 822159

File: 1613476864975.jpg (247.78 KB, 922x2048, EuVHuJWUcAI7cCU.jpg)

Lillee is now suicide baiting Youtube and blaiming the wrong person for the marvel takedown of one of her videos.

No. 822160


Its pretty obvious she has some health problems with the way she has talked about vaginal health in the past, but I also wouldn't be surprised if she never moved on from the "teen" pads

No. 822161

One of the few things Laur is good at is gaming welfare. I'm sure she could get on Medicaid in a few weeks if she cared about LJ's health. For non-US anons, Medicaid is government-subsidized healthcare for poor people.

This. An anon pointed out in an early thread that she has tubular breasts.
So much of her physic points to hormonal deficiencies. I wonder if LJ could have gotten human growth hormones if her mother wasn't a shitty and medically neglectful parent.

A testicle is forming on her chin.

No. 822166

gonna lmoaf when YouTube calls for an attic wellness check

No. 822169

Yikes, didn’t she have a ‘save the environment’ project at one point? Does she not realise that sanitary pads can take 400+ years to break down in the environment? She really needs to see a doctor or try birth control which could help with heavy periods if she’s bleeding THAT much.

No. 822174

yes it’s wasteful but imagine how bad she smells during her moon days

No. 822180

Who is she talking about? She linked her own video twice

No. 822185

It’s Reno’s livestream which hasn’t even happened yet.

No. 822186

not sure whether it’s a real account but lillee has doxxed yet another person in her latest video at around 4:12

No. 822187

I thought “Samantha” was behind the whole Marvel copyright thing?

No. 822188

She is and Laur and Lillee knows it too, they are lying because they think it will get YT on their side.

What they don't know is that YT don't care about her sob story or suicide bait, they care about seeing proof that they will be dragging the other creators to court.

No. 822190

Yes she was. I just checked too and she closed down her Youtube and Twitter. How come we don't see Lillee happy about that?

No. 822191

File: 1613486360450.png (165.7 KB, 467x500, 1367587648188.png)

She is really saying with her whole chest that her face is trademarked because she owns it

No. 822194

Their tantrums are going to get substantially worse since YouTube isn’t reacting on their regular threats of legal action and the NYPD cyber unit. YouTube & Twitter want to see court documents pertaining to the legal process Lillee initiated by filing these copyright claims. CEO Lillee has no idea what she’s doing and YouTube isn’t going to act as a mediator. They just want documentation. Claiming YouTube wants you to kys is a good way to get them to shut all your shit down. YouTube doesn’t want to be legally liable if anything does happen. I love seeing Lillee desperate and flailing though.

Anyone know a timeline for the disputes? When is the last date for Lillee to provide evidence? I really wouldn’t put it past Lillee to present fake court documents.

No. 822200

File: 1613490128086.jpeg (240.03 KB, 750x715, 22E36D01-3E22-4B90-B97F-6FC0F9…)


Reno’s releasing their emails

No. 822204

File: 1613490981321.jpeg (143.72 KB, 750x613, F1E2C418-F94C-446B-922B-24CB19…)

Lillee (or Laur) created an alt account to comment on Christian’s videos after he blocked them.


No. 822207

first she tries to say that the situation she got herself into is like the murder of george floyd, her mum says ALM over BLM, and now she’s trying to put herself into the #metoo movement? this girl is a fucking mess. always trying to make herself a victim in a situation she puts herself in, while comparing her situation to awful and real life situations with real victims.
if i didn’t hate her before, i definitely do now.

No. 822211

Lillee accused numerous people of being pedophiles and groomers just because they called out her bad behavior. She needs to be careful using metoo as an excuse for her bad behavior. There’s plenty of people who will latch on to her story to discredit other women who have legitimate claims.

No. 822217


She doesn’t even understand any of the movements she hops on

She’s so lacking in self awareness she sees something trending and tries to use it to make herself a victim

No. 822219

I hope Christian is protecting himself. If he really does live in NYC, these two will claim he showed up at their house and threatened to rape Lillee.

No. 822225


I dunno, I've looked at his twitter posts and browsed a couple of his videos and the kid is…not great at articulating. He might be 19, but he communicates his thoughts at about a middle school book report level. If it's true that his mom helped him out with his contestation of Lillee's false copyright strike, I hope that she continues to help him handle this situation, otherwise I can totally see Laur and Lillee flustering and steamrolling him into complying, the way they did with WCT.

No. 822227

File: 1613500521344.jpg (693.08 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20210216_133323.jpg)

First thread vs now

No. 822228


I was thinking this as well, and was angry for a moment… then remembered only farmers pay attention to her so it should be fine.

No. 822230

File: 1613500976763.jpeg (124.09 KB, 750x681, 2CD2AA3A-2F38-40DA-83AE-6B54A0…)

From Christian’s twitter.

Franzia Freakout is imminent.

No. 822240

File: 1613504317342.jpg (634.32 KB, 2880x2880, 20210216_133543.jpg)

Yeah, she's gained weight, her hair looks worse, and somehow her chin juts out more? Can the jaw misalignment cause her chin to grow more prominent? I hadn't noticed till I did the side by side

No. 822243

Ok, a list of what LJ has so far:
-darkened skin folds around the armpits
-along with previous mentions of suddenly appearing hyperpigmentation patches around her chest and neck
-swollen face/jaw glands
-a misaligned jaw, perhaps pointing towards improper skull growth since the bones in the skull are supposed to properly shift and fuse into place with age
-a level of mental slowness, couldn’t do double digit addition with her phone in front of her. I won’t even get into her social anxiety and utter lack of self awareness.
-an extremely heavy period where she claims to use 40 pads, whether or not those are thick pads or panty liners
-vaginal pain and ‘tightness’, which sounds like vaginismus to me
-what appears to be tubular breasts
-complaints of “autoimmune disease”, “Epstein-Barr virus”, multiple allergies
-and probably many other things that Laur has covered up and forgotten with some old wives tale like “LJ isn’t fat, just Jewish!”

Laur, get your goblin child to a doctor. We know you read these threads. LJ actually expressed how some of these conditions are physically painful to her. The evidence points to hormonal problems.

No. 822244

Looks like pudge, anon

No. 822246

Check this side profile. It's fat. >>822137

No. 822248

i mean, we are going through a global pandemic now where people are locked in and stress/comfort eating a lot so i’d cut her some slack about gaining such a lot of weight- i’m sure millions of other people are going through the same thing right now with increased weight. however she looks doesn’t take away from the fact she’s a fucking bitch

No. 822253

Is it possible Laur is fearful to take her to the doctor.

1) Laur doesn't want to face harsh truth such as: her daughter is not a perfect size 2 dainty princess.
2) The medical staff will notice she has been neglecting her kid -adult now and
3) Doctors will follow up with psychiatric evaluation for both of them. Spoilers: mental illnesses will be diagnosed.

Anon, I think the reasons why she doesn't want to take her to the doctors are not related to money.

No. 822256

TBH, I started that post with the intention of being like "she gained weight, hair looks worse, but most people fall into that category right now." The jawline caught me off guard. I mean, lillee is under 5ft. 5 is 10 and 10 is 20 for her when it comes to weight.
I will say, however, I hadn't noticed really noticed the weight gain until her Mary Jane/Spiderman photos. It does seem like it hit very quickly, I kinda thought it was swelling.

No. 822257

Yeah her being 4'9" gives absolutely no mercy on any amount of weight gained. Tbh she probably gained 10 pounds in quarantine and it did this to her.

No. 822260

File: 1613506930304.jpeg (203.15 KB, 750x400, 43169A54-8886-4EDF-8036-4EBC91…)

when she showed her arms in the mask makeup tutorial you could see she’s gained weight. She could barely jog in place without losing her breath. I can’t imagine packing on extra weight is helping her physically or mentally.

No. 822264

Someone who's 6 feet can lose or gain 10lbs and you probably won't notice because it's a much smaller percentage of their total bodyweight. If anything, she needs to be watching her weight more than the average person because 10-20lbs of extra body weight can significantly fuck up her body

No. 822279


>we are also having our lawyer file an order in court to place a digital restraining order served upon you as well as YouTube

1) this dumb bitch still thinks court documents being filed to restrain copyright infringement is a restraining order

2) Lillee’s horrific grasp of written English make it sound like she issued a restraining order against YouTube

No. 822281


okay but lj and laur's lifestyle hasn't really changed at all as a result of the pandemic. they rarely left the attic as it was.

No. 822282

I agree with you but Lillee keeps insisting that she eats clean and works out every day. She’s delusional

No. 822285

I dont really think it should matter what she says she eats or does, or whether they leave the attic or now lol. The pandemics had an impact on everyone, stress, anxiety etc. It can cause weight gain and overeating alongside not working out as much will definitely affect her, yes, but I bet 90% of the people in this thread have overeaten/lost or gained weight/lost motivation at some point during the pandemic- it’s natural. Plus let’s not forget the fact she’s getting older like, bodies change.
But still, she should be being kinder to her body but it’s honestly not a big deal if she doesn’t?

No. 822288

Lillee's weight gain may have multiple causes. Her deteriorating hygiene and general lack of attention to her appearance makes me thing she's probably also stopped doing even those half-ass "workouts" she used to occasionally film (I miss those, they were hilarious.) She also said she hasn't gotten any taller since high school, so she's long since passed out of the growth phase of development, which means her metabolism has probably slowed down a bit. Based on the health issues she complains about, she also seems to be having some gyno problems including hormonal imbalance, which could have her gaining more weight than she otherwise would.

Basically, she needs to see a few different doctors, move her body around more, and watch her portions. Considering what we know about Laur's (alleged) medical history, Lillee should probably take care of this sooner rather than later. Ignoring things could cause all sorts of long-term problems. What if Pheepy wants to have children?

No. 822308

Sage for tinfoil as none of this is proveable rn but

Diamond has been dead for a few weeks/months. Laur and Lillee depend on his disability bux so they never reported his death. Notice how Lillee appears to be talking to him off screen in her lives a lot more? It's to keep up the ruse so they don't get found out.

No idea what they did with the body but likely that Laur has him chillin in the deep freeze.

They're experiencing a spike in crazy not dissimilar to CWC in the weeks/months/years after Bob died.

No. 822317

File: 1613528691520.png (566.16 KB, 688x618, lilleejean.png)

Projection: Lillee Jean circa March 2021

No. 822322

Low key looking like Artie Lange in a wig

No. 822332

According to Reno…Laur's fucked this one up again. Doxxed the wrong Melanie Bicket. The woman just doxxed another innocent person.

No. 822333

File: 1613533180528.jpeg (331.25 KB, 750x702, E6C8D092-2EC3-4B5B-B0EF-79311D…)

Laur & Lillee are tweeting an Australian called in a wellness check.

No. 822334

For a normal person, yeah, quarantine weight gain is understandable. But what, pray tell, does Lillee have to be stressed out about? She certainly isn't losing her job, being unable to see friends/family, being a frontline worker, ect She has zero excuse to justify her weight gain besides being a lazy fuck.

No. 822335

File: 1613533452055.jpeg (239.19 KB, 750x1030, 17651AF1-7FDB-44F1-BA12-3C821B…)

No. 822336

File: 1613533467189.png (788.09 KB, 828x2685, 6FB82655-8E80-406E-856F-EB9B9A…)

No. 822338

File: 1613534065932.jpeg (150.17 KB, 750x896, 80DF85DE-445E-4E0D-95B6-B54EEA…)

I guess it’s true ??

No. 822339

File: 1613534126095.png (253.77 KB, 602x624, Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 9.52…)

Reno posted on Twitter that she doxxed the wrong person.

No. 822341

Here’s a short clip I got from Twitter where Lillee says that she used suicide baiting to prove a point (???)


No. 822342

meanwhile, Laur is clearly panicking that Estella is looking into this. It's indefensible.

No. 822343

File: 1613535958908.png (114.79 KB, 596x777, 2021-02-17_12-24-36.png)

No. 822344

Wow, this is the most tone deaf thing I've heard in a while.
"How dare you try to weaponize my trying to weaponize suicide to deplatform someone totally within the bounds of fair use"

No. 822347

File: 1613536375948.png (6.88 KB, 1149x77, EuZL-VzVIAAsMyU.png)

Apparently, Laur has been threatening Reno before she did it released the doxx. Laur has completely lost the plot.

Screenshots are from Reno's twitter

No. 822348

File: 1613536430093.png (4.43 KB, 1136x57, EuZMMdwUUAUv8L_.png)

No. 822350

What in the bad movie villain monologue is this shit?

No. 822351


bitch, you can't go legal not bc you're taking the "high road" but bc you have literally no case to stand on

it's your troll doll's fault for provoking people by threatening suicide bc of youtube drama created by YOU + her

No. 822352

They say here that because Christian had a prior strike he's "obviously done this to another content creator on YouTube"

We learn here that the first strike was from Warner Bros

Pretty bold of Christian to cyberbully a multibillion dollar conglomerate

No. 822353

Aussie anon here, how would even call 911 from Australia? you can’t just dial 911 and reach american authorities ???

No. 822354

Estella knows Daniel & Reno aren’t lying because Laur probably told Estella the same suicide shit at some point.

No. 822355

File: 1613538501568.jpeg (302.38 KB, 750x727, DEB8618C-749E-4A14-B556-43F14B…)

Maybe you should control your unhinged daughter Laur. I don’t think her suicide threat was real at all but Laur should know the callout cows would take any chance to call the police not them because they ~totally care about Lillee~.

No. 822356

So Lillee uses suicide to “prove a point” which is irresponsible and reckless. She does have mental health issues albeit not diagnosed. How is anyone new to this to know that it isn’t a credible threat? And what if it actually was credible? Lillee is a grown ass adult. She should understand that if you threaten to die by suicide that it could result in people calling for a wellness check because it is concerning to people.

No. 822357

File: 1613539168943.jpeg (39.11 KB, 720x1074, 33846666-6079-416C-B9E8-73CE6F…)

I bet Lillee doesn’t threaten suicide again. They seem most pissed off when their online fantasies create real world consequences. Like with Lillee losing brand support & the NYPD questioning them over pedo pheepy.

And now Lillee’s also retracting her copyright claims on Christian’s videos.

No. 822358

So… the information is out…publicly…on Google… And she's mad that someone who can Google…googled them???

No. 822359


Estella's clearly coming out of the fog here, talking to one of the more rational callouts. And now, of course, Laur tries to call in another person to help, and simultaneously privates her twitter again. She's not winning this battle.

No. 822360

I hope some of the callouts reported these tweets for doxxing. I predict we will soon see the whole facade crumble. There is no way to keep up the scam any longer. Lillee and Laur have finally stuck the final nails in the coffin of her “influencer career” with the false strikes and suicide baiting. While racism, transphobia and doxxing should have been an end to the scam, I don’t think there is coming back from this one.

No. 822362

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but it seems like we always say this. We mentioned the end being with Pheepy and his pedophilia, we mentioned the end being with her racism. The problem to why she never truly ends is because there's no one to cancel her. She has no fans. The people who already know her hate her. She may have ~100 real fans (I'm being generous), but you can't cancel somebody if there's nothing to cancel. No one is seeing her bullshit besides the people against her.

No. 822363

File: 1613542682278.jpeg (334.89 KB, 946x1674, A69BA96E-E286-42ED-84C1-EDCB35…)

Lillee said people calling in a wellness check after admittedly fake suicide threats is the same as swatting

No. 822365

Maybe I just have faith in the social media networks acting appropriately in dealing with the harassment and false flagging finally. I have been following from the beginning and this is the first time I actually thought there may be an end to this nonsense.

It’s not really a fake tip if someone is genuinely concerned about Lillee’s well-being. She is clearly not ok - how is anyone supposed to be 100% sure that she is bluffing when she is showing signs of other issues!

No. 822366

I see where you're coming from, but unfortunately I think that's also wishful thinking. I've also been here since the beginning, and the social media networks/platforms it seems are pretty much run by AI with copy and paste answers. We'd need an actual person to start looking into this stuff. Now, it could be getting close with the copyright claiming left and right, she might actually get a legitimate human from Youtube to look into all of her false claims, but it just seems like a lost cause. She's been buying bots since the beginning, never got shut down. She refused to take down someone's art, which only had that one post removed and not her account. She does false copyright strikes all the time, no one is doing shit for that either. There's no humans looking at anything, it's all automatic answers and responses, it's infuriating,

No. 822370

File: 1613546740872.jpg (133.99 KB, 1080x724, Screenshot_20210217-012119_Twi…)

Laur, in typical Laur fashion, is likely making up the story about the call coming from Australia/Reno. She saw that Reno was going to call and is now blaming it on Her, rather than realizing they live in one of the most populated cities in the world and it's more likely they acted on a local tip.

No. 822371


I don't have your confidence on this, anon. Estella is using the same script, verbatim, as McBoomer and friends used when they jumped into the drama back in 2019. She uses the exact same bad faith tactics of demanding evidence of Laur and Lillee's wrongdoing, and then when it is provided, refusing to view the evidence compiled by callouts because she doesn't "trust video." She demands that the callouts state what they want from Laur and LJ, and when she's told that people want a (real, non-vague) apology and for the lying and false copyright strikes to stop, she claims that's "unreasonable." That way she can run back to her friends and claim that she "debated" circles around the "harassers" and that they "proved they have no interest in resolving things reasonably."

ArchLuminous is a sea lion that pretends to be an anti-bullying advocate as a way to get the attention of her celebrity obsession (who is also a pseudo-intellectual sea lion himself.) She's the Chesh to Mark Pellegrino's Steve McRae.

No. 822374

File: 1613549419801.jpg (30.6 KB, 663x617, photo_2021-02-17_03-09-52.jpg)

lillee has privated her twitter

No. 822376

I guess she is starting to realise that she went too far with those past actions.
Trying to shield herself from any criticism I guess?

No. 822377

Honestly this is the most eye-opening part to me, these sites are basically the Wild West even with how popular they are. I wonder how many others like LJ there are.

No. 822378

Did anyone record LJ's recent IG Live?

No. 822383

File: 1613565317956.jpg (391.44 KB, 1079x1150, Screenshot_20210217-062721_Twi…)

Laur's habit of changing her profiles from/name/about me to intimidate people is really disturbing. Harking back to the fact she tries to lash out at everyone for anything she knows about them.

No. 822388

File: 1613566425185.jpeg (163.97 KB, 1242x681, 8F2BBE95-958C-40FF-9E8E-0FF5F0…)

She thinks Reno’s mom works at a bank. Reno said she’s doxxing the wrong Melanie B.

No. 822389

That just further proves Laur is the bully in all of this. And that she doesn't understand how adult children and parents should interact. The poor woman she thinks is Reno's mom may very well get a phone call from Laur bitching about her "daughter".

No. 822390

I definitely agree with this. Arch is saying things similar to “I see your point. I see you’re not a bully and just got lumped in with them.” while also continuing the narrative that Laur and Lillee are being harassed. There may have been the odd troll pop up once in a while but there hasn’t been any harassing. In fact anyone associated with this - the callouts and people on lolcow- have all condemned some of the tactics from the trolls such as threats (though we really have no idea who made these threats. There were definite occasions where we can confidently assume that the “hate” was sent by Lillee and Laur due to the writing style.

I do think it’s admirable that Minzy is basically saying that once Lillebaby and Laur apologize and change their behaviour that no one will talk about them (which is true because they just aren’t that interesting). But I really don’t see them doing that. Any half asses apology they have made so far has been negated by their actions afterward. And I really can’t see Laur apologizing to all the people she needs to (do we remember all the people she was originally harassing and doxxing? QoB, Lauren Elyse, voicemail anon, unrelated Facebook Jenny, Sonia’s family members, Nick Rekeita and the list goes on). She will never admit that she was wrong in any of that.

No. 822391

Here’s some of the IG live from last night


No. 822393

So in this stream, she claims that the callout accounts are grooming minors, doxxes two people and claims that calling in tips to the police is the same as murdering someone. Lillee’s antics are attracting people who don’t know the full story. The “statutory rape” tip was likely called in by someone who had no reason to believe that Pheepy was a figment of Lillee’s imagination and took it at face value that she started dating a 23 year old when she was only 14. I do recall that the whole fiasco attracted the attention of someone who was a mandated reporter. Any suspicion of CSA has to be reported to ensure that minors are protected and looking the other way is not ok. If that was reported, it was not a “phony tip” as her and Laur like to claim but a direct result of her claiming to have been in a relationship with an adult as a minor.

Again with the wellness check, a person cannot allude to or threaten suicide without reasonably expecting that someone will call in a check. Being a good human means helping those that give signs that they are considering suicide as an option. Lillee has threatened this several times and now that new people are being drawn to the story, it is not unreasonable to assume that someone will want to help her.

The so called “phony tips” were a direct result of the things that Lillee has said. If police were called it was done to protect her from a predator (Pheepy) or protect Lillee’s life (by having police check on her after threatening suicide). They are not phony if people are genuinely believing the things Lillee says.

No. 822394

People who are abused by suicide baiters are often told by therapists and the like that the smartest thing to do is to call in a wellness check. If they're truly suicidal they'll get the help they need and if they're full of shit it will get them to stop.

The goblins are shooketh. All the talk from Laur about the cops "not being happy" and "they could have saved someone who needed it" points to them having been reamed out by emergency services despite trying to shift the blame. I think it's the first time they've faced an unrelated, IRL authority figure telling them they're in the wrong. And they don't know what to do

No. 822395

>They seem most pissed off when their online fantasies create real world consequences

Laur has threatened how many people with the cops and so far the Truemans are the only ones who have been visited by the police, a direct result of their online shenanigans. Laur calling the cops and saying Katie threatened to stab her (which never happened) isn’t a “fake tip”. But people genuinely concerned with Lillee’s state of mind after a week of bizarre live-streams and threatening YouTube with suicide if they don’t pull a video is too far.

No. 822396


Arch does this all the time. She pops up as a "mediator" when Laur is having one of her freakouts and acts like she's going to listen fairly to both sides… But when it comes down to it, she believes most of what Laur says (at least the core of it) and any evidence from the callouts is either ignored or she says it's inconclusive or could be fake. Or she spins it around and says Laur must have meant it differently or that Laur said it because the toll of constant harassment got her down.

She may not side with Laur 100% but she sure as hell isn't planning on being what she claims to be either. It's useless to even talk to her because she has an idea and no evidence or words can change how she feels. Any normal person would have seen the mountain of shit the callouts have on LJ and Laur and gone "yeah, those two are batshit crazy". The fact that she hasn't, says enough.

No. 822397

Oh my god her chess piece line, who does she think she is, Beth Harmon? She doesn't have two braincells to rub together

No. 822398

File: 1613572331398.jpeg (604.19 KB, 828x1409, AE87E693-F0B3-4CC5-9E39-AC317D…)

LJ is a fucking psychopath

No. 822399

File: 1613572526362.jpeg (230.53 KB, 750x828, CCF89876-0DA3-4A42-96B2-A0C2B4…)

Saged for tinfoil but I found this theory interesting. What if Laur was writing all the emails and Lillee had no idea she was saying she going to kill herself? Explains why she was upset a “fake tip” was called in.

No. 822400

File: 1613572974583.jpg (262.69 KB, 1080x2000, Screenshot_20210217-083947_You…)

Not only is Lillee making it out that the police were called for no reason, she's also blocking comments that disrupt her narrative on her videos. Can have her stupid followers know the truth of how manipulative she is.

No. 822401

>the whole squadron

First it was 6 officers busting down their door. Then it was 7. Now it’s the entire NYPD.

No. 822403

OT, but what's "sea lion" in this context?

No. 822404

A sea lion is someone who pretends to "genuinely ask questions", forcing you to defend your point over and over, while offering none of their own evidence because they already have a "side" in this. All of it is just a ruse, they've made up their mind ages ago. Just "tiring" the other side out.

No. 822405

File: 1613574818593.png (713.53 KB, 680x532, a5b.png)

The term came from this comic.

No. 822407

Having darker skin around the armpits is normal
It's not pretty but a lot of people have darker armpits

However, the rest of this sounds consistent with hormonal issues

No. 822409

If nothing else, this shows how sheltered LJ is. She's a New Yorker, she's from a place where snow and subfreezing temperatures are just another winter day. She doesn't get that the south is woefully unprepared for winter storms. Above ground power lines freeze and break, they may have only 1 snow plow per county, and even with all the jokes about the grocery stores running out of bread and milk at the thought of snow, they are never prepared for actually losing power. A snow storm to Lillee is a minor inconvenience, so she thinks it's that way everywhere.

No. 822410


It can be. Some hyperpigmentation can happen due to microabrasions that occurred during shaving, but exfoliating is usually sufficient to keep that at bay. With what we’ve seen of her hygiene I feel like she likely doesn’t exfoliate often, but I’d hazard a guess she isn’t shaving her underarms with great frequency either.

Lillees dark underarms do appear more like acanthosis nigricans to me. It’s more common in people who have elevated insulin levels. Can also happen as a result of pituitary issues, so could be another indicator of hormonal issues as other anons have pointed out.

No. 822411

I’m willing to bet that she won’t take her weight gain seriously as long as her pigmentation patch doesn’t come back

No. 822413


Not directly related but God that first picture brings back memories, I miss the Shaniqua era so bad

No. 822414

I doubt that whole story about 8 year old Lillee curing her diabetes was even remotely true. Everything in her biography sounds highly exaggerated or just straight up fake. What little kid would even notice a dark spot on their neck, let alone recognize it as diabetes?

No. 822416

Anon, she’s been researching stuff on the internet since she was 3 years old. Keep up.

No. 822417

Probably the most people she’s ever had at any one time giving a shit about her well-being.

No. 822418

So the cops showed up and now what?

No. 822420

They probably just gave Laur and Lillee a stern talking to about how suicide baiting is not a joke and has consequences and told them never to post that shit again. But they couldn't tell their adoring Jeaniez that.

Either that or they're coming back with a warrant to search the freezer for Daddee Jean

No. 822421

Posting that caption while dressed as an ice character is just a sign of how Lillee virtue signals without understanding an issue.

No. 822422

This is just getting ridiculous. Lillee has succeeded gotten another video taken down. It used NONE of Lillee’s content.

No. 822423

File: 1613586428255.jpeg (366.86 KB, 1125x1105, 26B2B10E-51BA-4544-A53A-13D6D8…)

Sorry forgot to add the image.

No. 822426

I don’t really have a great understanding of YouTube’s inner workings, but I can’t believe how anybody can just copyright strike any video and have the video removed, and there’s nothing the author can do about it without doxxing themselves. I just don’t get how they constantly get away with this against so many people.

YouTube’s reports are probably mostly automated, but there has to be some way to fight phony copyright strikes without giving out your home address.

No. 822428

There is but you need a lawyer or a registered business

No. 822431

That just sucks for small creators. YouTube should really take a look at their report system if it’s so easily manipulated by assholes like Laur and LJ.

No. 822433

This prediction reminds me of Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong. Laur has about half the IQ points of Marjorie but she's just as batshit fucking insane. So who knows. I'd believe it.

No. 822463

It's been a problem for years that YouTube has refused to budge on. They only reluctantly try to change a failing system if the media spotlight gets too bright.

No. 822472

File: 1613602092906.jpeg (733.63 KB, 1125x1741, 96B409FF-8E60-453B-BC98-753DE5…)

Looks like Fashion Haunts is now sending privileged emails to Laur. Real reputable magazine right there.

No. 822473

Runway Rogue all over again.

No. 822474

File: 1613602773309.jpeg (382.95 KB, 1125x1085, A8569002-0F84-41F8-8771-F8785D…)

Who would have thought that a magazine that you have to pay to be in would do something sketchy?

Also, Laur is up to her old tricks.

No. 822480

File: 1613604400134.jpeg (492.94 KB, 1125x939, 09324845-EA9C-4A4D-B9A6-4379F3…)

Why does Laur want to call the parents of a grown adult? Did they even watch Arin’s video that they struck to realize that she’s an adult woman? Or do they just claim videos without watching?

No. 822487

File: 1613606803658.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1125x1755, 8E6052F4-0FF3-48CC-9091-C89779…)

Laur has to be trolling right? This item she posted has nothing to do with fair use and copyright.

No. 822492

it doesn't mention copyright but it mentions paying to use content/getting permission, so it's just laur showing she doesn't understand fair use/copyright at all

No. 822494

that's weird for Laur to say, considering Pheepy.

No. 822504

File: 1613614378851.jpg (384.93 KB, 2880x2880, 20210217_201145.jpg)

One of the callout accounts posted this, looks like Twitter took down the tweets from laur doxxing people.

No. 822534

she's a boomer

No. 822535

I still cannot get over the fact that she said that she goes through 40(!!!) pads double stacked per period in her Q&A video.. Also that she pronounces tampon like tampOOn. What in the hell is going on.

No. 822536

i am honest to god convinced she's a dedicated troll

No. 822546

same here, anon. same here.

No. 822549

Lillee Jean is the new Voldemort, nobody dares to say her name or they will be doxxed.

No. 822552

Laur believes this YouTuber is a child and proceeds to release their full name & where they live? Most doxxing laws only pertain to minors. Arin’s parents need to report Laur if Arin is indeed underage.

No. 822554

File: 1613654303536.jpeg (72.62 KB, 750x242, 162B9C13-DC4F-4B25-A559-2D880A…)


Laur: Arin is a minor
Lillee: “hey asshole” “go fuck yourself”

No. 822556

I cannot wait until reality hits Lillee Jean like a ton of bricks. Her parents have to be near broke by now and her 'career' isn't bringing in money. Someone's going to snap back at her among all these copyright strikes or Youtube will punish her for abusing the system. She's going down the Onision route at this point.

No. 822557


This really looks like it was sent by Laur, same incoherent typing style with a bunch of insults sprinkled in

No. 822559

The projecting is insane

No. 822564

File: 1613665433577.jpeg (44 KB, 1135x312, A974A0F1-4E3C-4474-B01B-F4D574…)

If you check out the mails from Reno’s live stream it’s very clear that they won’t take legal action. It’s a back and forth of Reno telling them she happily awaits court documents and their lawyer’s contacts so her own lawyer can contact him only for Laur to have a breakdown and insisting she wants to settle this out of court as Reno ‘can’t image how bad a court case would be for her’ and then turn the thing around saying she’s waiting to be contacted by Reno’s lawyer. They still don’t understand fair use or grammar. At this point they’re really just digging their hole deeper and deeper. I’d add more screenshots but the quality is terrible, the mails are totally worth a read though.

CEO Lillee writing to ‘Dear Twitter’ and failing to even put them in copy while Laur backtracks hard on the legal action because she can’t intimidate Reno is pretty hilarious.

No. 822565

File: 1613665561796.jpeg (136.74 KB, 1236x516, A2DE8DA5-AE25-4BEB-A38D-E09513…)

No. 822566

File: 1613665582225.jpeg (117.37 KB, 1226x490, 533368F4-1714-4C61-A322-2ADA68…)

No. 822568

File: 1613665759880.jpeg (87.83 KB, 1242x487, 72E9AAA1-9B8D-44EB-BFB3-0B0084…)

Here she forgot to send the mail to Twitter lol. There’s way more but this gives a good overview over the craziness

No. 822576

What the fuck is a digital restraining order

No. 822581

Don’t these emails just go to an unmonitored mailbox? Lillee’s just screaming into the void.

No. 822585

Jesus christ, have Lillee or Laur never seen a tabloid? A drama channel? Literally any piece of sensational media capitalizing on rumors and gossip? Do they think actual public figures sign off on their face and work being ridiculed online? I have a migraine.

No. 822590

File: 1613675475214.png (1.31 MB, 610x1789, 4EF6BF27-A170-4411-A3CA-A38DCE…)

No. 822591

Her strong resemblance to Laur is really starting to show now.

No. 822594

It’s French, like coo-coo-nuts. She’s been spending a lot of time with Pheepy and grandma John.

No. 822597

What’s the filthy hairy stick in the middle of the photo collage? Is that a blush? She changed some of her gross hygiene thanks to people commenting so why does she still not clean or look after her makeup?

No. 822599

Her fucked up jaw reminds me of how pythons voluntarily dislocate their jaws to swallow prey. But knowing LJ she will think this is a compliment lol

No. 822600

File: 1613677883217.jpeg (297.94 KB, 1095x1097, F85B2211-5371-493B-A475-D35BA7…)

Some white guy makes a video critiquing her and calling her braindead, used a picture of her as the thumbnail, aaaaaand lj is cool with it and compliments him?

No. 822601

File: 1613678186489.png (250.38 KB, 378x397, Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 1.54…)

Her jaw reminds me of the Habsburg Jaw. And I'm not talking about Marie Antoinette's jaw..

No. 822604

Is this edited? I swear her jaw didn’t look like this before. Is it just weight gain?

No. 822605

"Perfect size 2" kek she's going to be buying the Amberlynn collection in xxxxl from torrid before long.

Those VS nighties are going to be way too small in a week or 2 the way shes going

"Clean eating"? i dont think so sis

No. 822609

File: 1613680722574.png (74.66 KB, 236x203, image_2021-02-18_203836.png)

nightmare fuel

No. 822610

She always does this thing where she strains her smile so hard that one eye is more shut than the other one, and it makes her look 10x more insane.

No. 822611

Watch her turn this comment around and try to claim again that someone was shit talking how "big her eyes are"

No. 822614

well, the one is

No. 822615

It’s not edited. Her jaw is that fucked up these days

No. 822616

File: 1613681254899.jpeg (680.1 KB, 828x1433, FB175053-DE42-4547-AA56-2CD189…)


No. 822620

is she pretending to be naive. i honestly can't tell

No. 822626

This video isn't the worst. The biggest problem is doing pastels in that washed out lighting. Even the warm colors look cool toned.

And how can she be so dumb when putting up the blush next to the camera. She's trying to show microglitter but all you see is cat hair. It makes you gag.

No. 822627

Curtis Price released another video full of conversations he had with Lillee. He pretty much says she’s a psycho liar.

No. 822628

I would like to say I'm surprised that she is posting shitty looks and cracking jokes while over 20 people are dead and millions of others are still suffering and fighting to survive, but I'm not.

No. 822634

>totally didn’t cause the winter storm tee hee
>and kill 23 people so far

No. 822639

People are dying, cold and alone, in their own homes without electricity through this cold front, LJ

No. 822641

File: 1613689509837.png (254.65 KB, 828x941, 34D822C2-26BD-4E34-AF19-1C72E8…)

Stay classy you ugly cunt

No. 822652

File: 1613691536383.gif (661.31 KB, 400x234, 81448B11-907C-4061-9D29-1A7603…)


>artic blast

No. 822655

Why did I read that as “attic blast” lol

No. 822664

Fuuuuuuck, this dirt nasty mayo monkey really hit the genetic lottery. She's just so fucking ugly. Fucking attic goblin locked away from civilization and doctors by her equally ugly mom.

No. 822670


fuck laur for letting her jaw get this bad. That's 100% child abuse letting her live with a horror movie mouth

Tinfoil but I think that's partially why Laur took her out of school-people, esp students, were probs talking about it. If Lilee stayed in highdchool, I'm sure a teacher or even another student would try to explain to her how disgusting her mother was for letting her live so long with a definitely painful condition.

American healthcare is shit but there HAS to be some grants for kids with terrible issues like this in New York.

No. 822694

I don’t think her jaw is getting any worse, I think she’s just jutting it out to prevent having a double chin on camera. She won’t be able to hide it much longer.

No. 822702

No. 822715

File: 1613711384614.jpeg (171.5 KB, 750x1012, 54344B61-5A69-44CB-9F95-046A5E…)

Laur is so unhinged it’s scary. Wtf is she on?

No. 822720

She’s trying to scare someone she doxxed by changing her name to their family’s jobs . But she doxxed the wrong person again sooooo

No. 822747

File: 1613737162539.jpeg (167.94 KB, 828x1792, 7D357086-B348-435C-8F95-7B8779…)

People are sharing their emails on twitter. CEO Lillee is having a hard time.

No. 822748

File: 1613737208561.jpeg (123.19 KB, 828x1792, 5A051E9C-AD8B-4594-9CC9-CC666F…)

No. 822749

File: 1613737693236.png (369.72 KB, 540x402, FECE2A9F-F72C-4541-BFD2-90F161…)

I’m late but these emails are hysterical

>emailed my company, and told my company, (of which I am the CEO of my company),

>legal letter from a lawyer

No. 822751

File: 1613738704288.jpeg (95.54 KB, 720x408, 2BFAA378-7037-499F-8F60-7F881D…)

YouTube is telling them they have to provide proof they attempted service.

From Christian’s twitter:

No. 822752

File: 1613738735427.jpeg (29.96 KB, 720x218, 543BB1F0-D7D4-49EE-AF75-BDB7D9…)

No. 822754

A fax?

YouTube is about to get screenshots of google searches like when Laur sent the ethics board 40-something pages of screenshots on Nick Rekieta.

No. 822763

You can search filed Trademark/Copyright cases. NY is 2nd district. There are no cases filed for Lillee Jean Beauty Inc or Lillee Jean.


No. 822769

File: 1613744055386.jpg (531.07 KB, 1080x1338, Screenshot_20210219-081222_Ins…)

It's going to be interesting to watch Miss Lillee DOUBLEUPYOURMASKS Jean "interview" this guy that throws rooftop parties with nary a mask in sight. Should be interesting to bomb it.

No. 822771

This was filmed at the Cabana Club in Toronto before covid. Bigger Toronto venues are very strict about following covid rules. This guy sucks for being an MLM shill

No. 822775

File: 1613746778849.jpg (639.91 KB, 1080x1672, Screenshot_20210219-085808_Chr…)

Thanks anon! I was just going off what I saw when I looked at his page, and it doesn't make it obvious. I'm having a hard time finding out really what he's all about other than "the grind" and "the game". Otherwise he's a decently attractive dude that was in a car wreck and had to relearn how to walk? Tragic, sure, but all this build up about his life and…his whole business is being a MLM?
Also, his webpage is chefs kiss even Lillee's is better.

No. 822776

File: 1613748770584.png (27.37 KB, 767x495, 2A42D864-8902-48B2-92E7-20C1C1…)

YouTube reinstated CalliMara’s video.

No. 822778

He shills for a water filter MLM called Enagic.

No. 822790


this is starting to sound a lot like Russell Greer reeeeeeing about how he couldnt serve Taylor Swift. cow crossover when?

No. 822805

It took less than 9 minutes of this live stream for Lillee Jean to bring up Reno and turn this back from interviewing the_walking_legend to talking about herself.

No. 822815

File: 1613765807401.png (164.61 KB, 720x843, A8DAE783-9C1C-4567-8392-1B8B6D…)

Laur’s still threatening people even though YouTube has started reinstating videos bc Lillee Jean Beauty Inc has failed to provide evidence.

No. 822817

Lillee says that people shouldn’t be medicated for their mental health problems


No. 822818

Wow, they're both incredibly fucking tone deaf. Even as someone who has never suffered from depression, I know the answer isn't that dude's "What do you have to be depressed about at that age?" or her "You just need to talk to someone and go from there". They would fail absolutely anyone if they worked above anyone with mental illness. Fucking sick.

No. 822819

I can’t even pay attention to what she’s saying. Watching her mouth move is like watching a bulldog with a mouth full of peanut butter.

No. 822821

People with type 1 diabetes should take a hard look in the mirror and tell their pancreas to work better kek

No. 822822

I highly doubt Laur has a signed affidavit from anyone. Also remember when she used to claim that she could just serve people on Twitter? She wouldn’t need to have his address for that totally real thing.

Also why does she include (sic) in her own email? Like she’s admitting her own error?

No. 822823

File: 1613767266636.jpeg (219.98 KB, 750x1160, 534080CC-C7F0-4AC7-A250-1F8091…)

Lillee keeps tagging this brand in her story but they’ve already dropped her and will be releasing a statement.

No. 822824

So Laur is saying she thinks Christian (19) is underage because his mom is involved? But, Lillie Jean, who is not underage and 19 herself is having her mom involved? What kind of mind fucked logic is this?

No. 822825

I wonder where the statement will go up. After looking at their Instagram, it's pretty much all promotional posts, including their story. Seems a little weird to throw in a "We do not support this creator" post among the mix, but who knows lol

No. 822826

Why do I have a feeling Laur doesn’t believe this is Christian’s address because it’s a nice place in Brooklyn and Christian is black?

No. 822827

It’s a good thing no one watches this shit because this is some dangerous bullshit right here. I hope her few real fans know to take advice from an actual doctor rather than someone who barely understands basic English.

No. 822835

File: 1613770426484.jpeg (136.67 KB, 828x1792, 232B1507-FE0F-4F48-B61A-A9928D…)

More emails from Laur to the people disputing copyright claims.

No. 822840


By 1 min mark, she says that she "finds" that

"anti-depressents make them more psychotic"

it's also rich that she's talking abt parents not taking care of their kids. So, somehow your mom + dad are responsible?

The ones who took you out of school to be a NEET? That didn't take you to various doctors for all your issues like heavy periods or your jaw?

No. 822841

File: 1613772521556.png (450.96 KB, 828x1792, 397228EA-05C8-46C8-B998-386974…)

No. 822843

It never gets old

No. 822846

The toppest of keks. Lillee and Laur are definitely going to sperg out over this.

No. 822855

I'm glad that they dropped her but JC brands are so stupid to not see how she's just a scammy spam account. It takes 5 min to make a background check on anyone.

No. 822856

I have a feeling that some brands are aware, but see the number of followers and decide to try anyways to see if they can get away with free promotion without any emotional labor. Then once they're called out they "innocently" claim they had no idea about this person's past.

No. 822868

File: 1613778442446.png (615.66 KB, 940x662, fat.png)

Jfc, those arms are spilling out of that poor dress

No. 822871

Her arms are huge but how else are sleeves supposed to fit, anon?

No. 822872

Damn yeah. I haven't really been that interested in her chubbiness, but damn it's really showing

No. 822873

>>822855 To be fair, doing a Google search for Lillee Jean shows a lot of positive or at least neutral things, it mostly brings up her social media and paid for/self-written articles as well as her IMDB page(?). This website doesn't show up within the first 10 results even, neither does any other website that talks about who she really is aside from some reddit threads (I don't think a business would look on a Reddit thread for determining credibility anyway but I could be wrong and the description of the first one that comes up isn't even negative - if they actually went onto it they would find stuff out but I'm not so sure they would to be honest.) The only callout video high up on the video results is the one from May by Creepshow art - so if the company looked her up before that it's possible they only saw Lillee's videos and no callout ones. Should note that I did the search on a device that hadn't Google searched for Lillee's callout videos or anything like that before. If they just looked at the first videos and articles that came up, and took everything at face value they probably wouldn't think anything was up in my opinion.

No. 822876

File: 1613782794749.png (23.44 KB, 681x81, Screenshot 2021-02-19 195903.p…)

I googled just "Lillee Jean" just to see if it was the same for me, and I scrolled all the way to the bottom and found this lol

No. 822877

Wait, I thought buzzfeed was fair use like cnn?

No. 822878

File: 1613783494431.jpeg (481.75 KB, 1125x2250, 835201C2-20A4-43BB-AF19-2C0B71…)

No. 822884

Copyright claiming nobodies on YouTube has worked out so well for her. Taking on Buzzfeed’s legal department is a g8 idea.

No. 822887


This cant end well for them.

No. 822888

File: 1613788431740.jpeg (157.79 KB, 750x409, FA2FDAE8-C0F0-4A0A-905E-A6DD0A…)

Someone named Renee made a video about her emails with Lillee/Laur after disputing a copyright claim. Mostly the same weird attic pidgin but this part was really disgusting. Laur compares an openly Jewish callout account to Nazi sympathizers.

No. 822905

>You have been explained everything…
Never change Laur

No. 822908

On her livestream at 2:02 did.. Did she just call her “mole” a MO-ELLE and then say “I’ve been told it’s quite sensual by my own partner.” No Lillee. You have never had that. It’s called a pimple, and i’m not sure why you put highlighter onto it to emphasize it more and pretend you’ve always had it. This girl is delusional.

No. 822911

Is there even such thing as a clear mole? That’s a cold sore lil

No. 822912

File: 1613804336604.png (88.63 KB, 1080x520, Screenshot_20210219-224928~2.p…)

No. 822914

I am waiting for all this to reach full striesand effect levels- when it isn’t just a corner of the internet. Watching these idiots DMCA the whole world will be hilarious.

No. 822916

Does someone have the full lives from the last several ones? They haven't been on her ig.

No. 822922

Sage for slight blogposting.

Lillee's paranoia is reaching new heights. My account got blocked by her on insta despite never commenting or liking anything. She's probably going through profiles who viewed her story and weeding out "suspicious" ones aka anyone who isn't one of her 1M jeaniez. Yep totally normal influencer behavior(newfag blogpost)

No. 822931


I haven’t been able to grab them as screen recordings. Unlike our attic society, I work and keep missing them. Sorry anons!

No. 822939

File: 1613825861041.jpeg (279.89 KB, 750x708, 0E3B75F6-3963-44BD-BDA7-4346F9…)


must be french

No. 822941

File: 1613827332444.jpeg (102.15 KB, 750x464, 5539450C-3591-4B2E-A0CA-FD6124…)

Even after spending 18 hours a day at her job as a YouTube star, Lillee still knows nothing about legit engagement & analytics. She has 14.2k subs. She has 6k views on a video, there should more than 30 (she replies to every comment, 1/2 the 60 comments are actually her) comments. Her community tab is a red flag too. 14k subs but she rarely breaks 50 likes on her community tab and barely no one comments.

They’re funneling their money away from Instagram (because she’s shadowbanned?) into her YouTube but it’s much harder to fake engagement there. This is pure tinfoil but YouTube will remove her from the partner program within the next few days for abusing copyright claims. She’ll lose her access to the content ID match tool and be demonitized. We’ll see a sharp decline in the amount of views they purchase when this happens.

No. 822943

File: 1613828871834.jpg (414.35 KB, 2880x2880, 20210220_074328.jpg)

My first guess is that she thinks it is the French pronunciation, but she's definitely wrong there.

If it's a cold sore, it's been there for years. She had copious amounts of highlighter on it yesterday, but it has definitely become more pronounced in the last few months, I've noticed it in her videos even when it's covered up. If it is changing though, more reason to see a doctor. Moles shouldn't grow and change. Cancer screening 101.

No. 822952

File: 1613838255108.jpeg (246.96 KB, 1125x760, 7CC9C96E-64E7-4D95-B381-A6E742…)

Lillee and Laur attempted to take down another video, this time the one that Will Walker had done months ago, speaking about their racist behaviour. In their attempt to try to erase all evidence of their wrongdoing, Lillee and Laur are just making it so much worse by continuing to strike creators and being especially awful to BIPOC creators.

No. 822954

One part of me is holding out so hard for Youtube to finally ban her accounts for false claims, but the other part of me is realizing that all of these claims go through an automated system and it's unlikely an actual person is going to look at anything. And even if an actual person does, they're so swamped with these constant requests I'm sure they'd just give some copy and paste answer like they've done a thousand times.
The other part of this is that Lillee, if I recall correctly, isn't claiming them from her YouTube channel, they're claiming it under Laur's and socks. There might be some from Lillee's Youtube directly, but I have a feeling if anything comes to fruition and gets an account banned, it won't be Lillee's. Again, because even if someone proves that Lillee and Laur are connected, their messages will just go to a void inbox and may get an automated response in the end.

No. 822955

File: 1613840413576.png (103.72 KB, 594x744, 2021-02-21_0-58-32.png)

Well, not necessarily. Hold onto hope. This was in response to one of the callouts. But yeah, it just sounds like excuses on Youtube's end.

No. 822957

File: 1613841362442.png (462.58 KB, 828x1792, F3FDE91D-C16F-43FD-BD5E-8E74A3…)

I’m pretty sure she’s botting subs again

No. 822970

File: 1613846721686.jpg (43.95 KB, 1203x382, organic.jpg)


Note the dramatic uptick in subscriptions at the beginning of May, just after the first 2020 stimulus checks went out, followed by a dramatic drop. Things were quiet for the next few months, until another jump of around 500 subs in the first two weeks of January…when that second stimmy went out.

No. 822993

NYC's pandemic unemployment assistance ends on March 14. We can only wonder what government agency the goblins will scam next to avoid having to work.

No. 823019

Is her jaw getting worse? I never noticed it until anons started posting it out recently but usually I was distracted by her teeth

No. 823023

File: 1613871144956.jpg (625.37 KB, 1080x2063, Screenshot_20210220-192937_Twi…)

I can't tell if Laur used the wrong screen shot or thinks this is Diane? It definitely isn't.

No. 823024

File: 1613871208353.jpg (863.23 KB, 1080x1916, Screenshot_20210220-193304_Twi…)

Laur again with the quality screen shots.

No. 823027

File: 1613871319035.jpg (507.46 KB, 1080x1945, Screenshot_20210220-193402_Twi…)

Estella thinks being held accountable for one's shit behavior is too much. If Mark told her it, she'd be shoving it down everyone throat for the next month.

No. 823030

File: 1613872633910.jpg (276.06 KB, 1080x1568, Screenshot_20210220-195611_Twi…)

Posting for future references

No. 823031

File: 1613872751343.jpeg (276.02 KB, 750x818, ACD4DAD7-F4F8-4F63-B622-90C162…)

They didn’t retract the strikes. They clock ran out on their time to file court cases and Laur’s too embarrassed to admit it. Callie has no issues calling Laur out on her bullshit.

No. 823032

File: 1613872971159.jpg (522.19 KB, 1080x1927, Screenshot_20210220-200225_Twi…)

Laur's a goddamn idiot.

No. 823034

File: 1613873791889.png (835.07 KB, 750x1334, 0B81A92A-9F68-45A2-97AA-6AD1DC…)

Laur’s proof she removed the copyright claim on Callie’s video. Which in usual Laur fashion proves nothing. If for some reason they did attempt to remove the strike, it wasn’t due to Calimara editing the video. They know bunch of failed copyright claims will lead to the termination of Lillee’s YT account.

No. 823035

File: 1613873849087.jpeg (285.75 KB, 827x1501, 198B4DD3-4E7B-46C7-89E6-73ADCB…)

The email in question lmaooo couldn’t even show the whole screen

No. 823036

Why did she not include the email it was sent from? It wouldn’t be doxxing as YT is a company and it doesn’t actually show the address.

No. 823038

laur saying shit like "dope" and "my dude" is so awkward and embarrassing, she's just trying to emulate the language/tone younger people on twitter use and it's not working for her the way she thinks it is lmao

laur and lillee have so little concept of how real people talk or interact, they're so isolated that they just try to parrot the things they hear but it's always so apparent that they're unfamiliar with a lot of pretty common slang. everything about them is forced, honestly.

No. 823039

File: 1613874300913.jpeg (544.69 KB, 1125x1131, 04B533CE-D36C-4F83-87F9-963DF0…)

She’s still claiming that a fake address was given.

No. 823040

File: 1613874441773.jpeg (766.7 KB, 1125x1694, 59E07859-09F8-4B47-B472-F74F70…)

Imagine being so tough that you need to call a grown adult’s parents.

No. 823041

Christian is an adult and Laur’s harassing his parents based off info she obtained from a fraudulent copyright complaint…this can’t be legal.

No. 823042

File: 1613874667593.jpeg (567.8 KB, 1125x1182, 46B152F9-AA32-477A-AE3A-CD6823…)

Laur never harassed Tatiana or Christian. All the false copyright strikes, doxxing Tati, accusing Tati of stealing from fans, accusing Tati of grooming, telling people to attack, claiming that Christian provided a fake address so you can dox him etc are just Lillee and Laur being kind, guys. Looks like this can all be wrapped up now as they don’t harass people.

No. 823043

File: 1613874994499.jpeg (84.64 KB, 1024x566, E394FDD2-C309-4247-8E0D-8FD2CD…)

Is this a fake email? I’ve never seen one that says “YouTube copyright “ as the sender - I’m sure that every claim I’ve seen from the callouts simply say “YouTube”.

Also lol that Laur doesn’t know how to take a screenshot.

No. 823045


It also doesn't really prove anything for Laur. They retracted the strike because they know it has no real grounds. If youtube overturns a whole bunch of their bs strikes it's Lillee who's losing her channel. This is damage control on their end.

No. 823048

It very well might be legit. It’s hard to tell since she blacked out the email address and URL. Either way, I really hope the calls for a human review work (but doubtful) and a retraction is meaningless because YouTube ruled in Callimara’s favour and they just went and put a dmca on her Twitter.

No. 823050


Lillee sent an email about Christian’s video 4 days ago too. >>822357 Laur blocking out the URL is sus.

No. 823052

File: 1613877162313.jpeg (88.5 KB, 1176x235, ACF4EA57-24F7-4A74-A981-0E5E09…)

I don’t get it though. What was even the point in blurring her picture out after getting the video reinstated. Dumb move, she practically let them win even after YouTube sided with her. It’s a little suspicious.

No. 823053

Lillee is known to file claims from different emails/accounts. Calimara probably just wanted to put this behind her and move on until they filed copyright complaints on her twitter account.

No. 823054

I got a video copyright striked by lillee & your not allowed to go back & edit the video until it’s reinstated. So laur is a liar like always big shocker . You can only go back & blur out the video if it’s a privacy complaint only

No. 823061

Weren’t they saying their LeGaL TeAm initiated the copyright strikes? This says it was from Lillee’s email.

No. 823065

The blocking of the codes and the timing is super sus. It took YouTube 4 days to respond to callimara with a note that said it had been resolved buy not that it had been lifted by the party..
Would the retraction show up on the lumen database?
Personally, I doubt she actually retracted it, and IF they did, it was because they realized they were fucked when it came to actually filing legal paperwork in time. I wouldn't doubt we see them try to get a lawyer if the next stimulus check drops.

At the end of the day, all Laur really managed to achieve tonight was have a ton of screenshots taken of her account attacking yet another BIPOC creator, while alternating between calling him a child and a minor. It's a real good look for White Wash Beauty Inc.

No. 823068

laur likes to refer to herself in the third person, her being the "legal team"

No. 823093

File: 1613887987106.jpeg (489.05 KB, 1125x2310, EBA15A26-EADC-4E2B-98CD-25B678…)

I did a search on lumendatabase.org and you can see all claims made by Lillee (unfortunately I could only see 100 as you have to sign up for access to more).

She has also tried it with the revelist article but I am having no problem finding it on google so I don’t think it went through. She claims the photo was only for people she knew to see but the revelist article used direct links to her Instagram image for one image and gave credit on the one they didn’t link. Both were pictures posted on her very public “influencer” account. She perjured herself as I’m sure she doesn’t know 1 million jeaniez.

No. 823094

Yeah I think that’s why she blocked out the URL. It’s not private info so there is no concern about showing it. They are definitely lying and showing this as proof despite it not relating to callimaras video. Were there any recent privacy complaints where the person may have changed the photo? I know you can do that after the fact - they are probably passing that one off as being the callimara video.

No. 823121

You know I actually agree with her about that. Her old makeup only seems nicer because she makes creepy staring expressions constantly now that are offputting. Someone mentioned upthread that she's not even 20, what??? I thought 26 at least. Girl is ageing like a banana. The switch to more youthful makeup was a good choice.

Sidenote but the grab-bag of (literally) uneducated cows on here whose only life skills or ambitions are to become internet famous is tragic. Lillee & Venus both represent great examples as to why homeschooling is a terrible idea. It stunts your kids' mental growth, leaves them with no life skills & fucks them up socially for life.

Her lack of self awareness as to how low intelligence she is is really delicious. Actually, her lack of self awareness in all respects really. All these years spent constructing a fake persona, but the only one she fools with her lies is herself.
Narcissistic delusion is fascinating.

case in point kekekekek

Also got a good chuckle out of "CEO Lillee". The internet equivalent of your mum giving you a meaningless gold star for being "#1 speshulest daughter".

I thought yall were exaggerating when you said she had dwarfism omg

aaaaahahahahahahaha just like anyone could have predicted. She tried suicide-baiting and the inevitable happened. Now she's trying to paint this other woman as a bad person for …[squints at cue card] making sure that she doesn't actually kill herself, like a kind and caring person would.
Wow Laur, you really made that OTHER girl look bad in this situation, didn't ya? Ten points for trying.

Don't use suicide as a threat then, you dumb bitch.
By saying they didn't need the wellness check, they're just admitting that Lillie lies about being suicidal to manipulate people. Well done, brickheads.

She really thinks she's intimidating and not a bumbly uneducated momager. Also "fake tip". Ma'am, really? It was a fake suicide threat.

No. 823125

File: 1613910913588.jpeg (257.11 KB, 750x594, B172461D-FE98-4561-9912-B67BD2…)

According to twitter callouts, Laur’s charged her name to Christian’s last name and her location to where he resides.

Twitter is reinstating DMCA’d tweets after CEO Lillee failed to provide proof of court filings.

(Edited in case he’s a minor as Laur states)

No. 823181

Literal psychopath. Someone went off on her 'winter storm' video and how disrespectful and tone deaf it was regarding what happened in Texas. Any average idiot understands that a warmer climate isn't prepared for what happened, she was smug and arguing with people literally in Texas. Bragging like it was a party in NY. Her sock puppet and bots were calling her beautiful Winter Queen under the Texas comment. It was deleted and I'm sorry I didn't ss it but I'm sure you get the gist. She's a vile nasty little creature.

No. 823189

File: 1613936875536.jpg (649.99 KB, 2280x947, Screenshot_20210221-134407_You…)

From Christian's video. As usual, Laur is over exaggerating threats made against her. She has literally threatened to 'settle it on the streets' and regularly tries to pretend she is a badass (instead of the massively out of shape, old raggedy hag she is) to intimidate people.

No. 823192

File: 1613938108773.jpg (403.8 KB, 1892x484, Screenshot_20210221-135501_You…)

Christian saying he was feeling suicidal

No. 823193

File: 1613938140072.jpg (327.63 KB, 2037x857, Screenshot_20210221-135435_You…)

Laur's reply

No. 823195


it's funny that she thinks christian's cringy immature emails had to have been written by an adult. they do not sound written by an adult at all.

No. 823196

You've seen what passed for an 3.(84? I can't remember) GPA in the attic, right? Or Lillee's paper in the 7th on a president that got a A? They aren't just willfully ignorant. They are incredibly uneducated, isolated, and insulated.

No. 823200

>You. Made. Me. Contemplate. On. Commiting. Suicide.
Cows attract cows kek

No. 823202

File: 1613940503170.png (1.16 MB, 828x1792, 771607D3-AA3A-4B7D-B207-5F95DF…)

you think she’s have brushed her hair before starting this new vid lol
and the amount of product she puts in it no wonder it goes so fuckin greasy

No. 823206

Jc why would anyone feel suicidal because of these 2 disgusting goblins… they have no ressources to actually follow through with their threats it’s laughable.

No. 823217

I can understand feeling uneasy with their history of doxxing, (I mean, just look at >>823125 )
especially if he is young. Not that that information being out will really do anything, I still see where the unease comes from.

No. 823235

Yes and it doesn’t help that she’s putting conditioner and oils at the roots. She would really benefit by going to a salon for a proper cut and some education about caring for her hair.

No. 823264

christian needs to back away. i understand why he got involved initially but he’s getting too invested and keeps poking the bear.

No. 823271

She is sooooo awkward it's sad.

No. 823296

File: 1613960279328.png (485.79 KB, 960x540, Screen Shot 2021-02-21 at 8.13…)

>I find it important to have healthy-looking hair


No. 823312

Her hair is fucking green

No. 823422

File: 1613999857951.jpeg (316.62 KB, 828x798, 125F5C31-8C52-4351-ACED-78AE92…)

Lillee unprivated her twitter

No. 823425

File: 1614001025116.jpeg (60.31 KB, 1080x406, 0586981D-D8AC-480E-9B49-2D6638…)

Laur’s trying to send YouTube printed out screenshots of google searches.

No. 823430

Creators who have filed disputes against Lillee’s bogus copyright complaints:

-Calimara resolved in Calimara’s favor
-The Christian Show
-Tater Tatiana
-It’s Just Arin

All of these disputes should be resolved this week, most likely in the alleged infringers favor because Lillee isn’t paying the $400 filing fee for each case. It should be enough to make YouTube notice their blatant abuse.

No. 823436

File: 1614004679776.jpeg (257.38 KB, 750x662, 96EA7CB4-C4F1-4E1E-ADEA-E4F86A…)

Laur removed Christian’s name from her handle. Laur’s right this time, she is a terrible person.

No. 823437

Lillee is straight-up getting herself hated by every single area she's tried to insert herself into with her "talent."
She's a beauty influencer? Gets herself loathed by the community.
Tries to get into cosplay? Picks fight with cosplayers and get herself hated there too.
Claims she's an "amazing artist"? Copyright strikes and attacks the artist community on youtube and is now also hated.

Imagine if she tries to get into it with the "acting" side of things. That will definitely get her some pretty intense blowback. They don't pull punches there and a lot of egos will be bruising.

No. 823439

File: 1614006590909.jpeg (308.14 KB, 828x1556, 44794166-8C9F-47E0-B589-BE1BED…)

Laur posting old ass tea, since they haven’t had any more money lately to buy more fake articles & bought magazine covers

No. 823442

File: 1614007262628.jpeg (130.5 KB, 750x350, CE1052A7-0ED8-423C-9931-05E78C…)

BigFireEnergy/Chelsea has conflicting views on adults dating children. Which is it Chelsea?!?

No. 823448

File: 1614008717795.jpeg (281.02 KB, 750x912, 172672C8-FE89-4C1E-B108-2DDF46…)

The story keeps changing.

>connect the dots

someone called the cops because Lillee is a minor? And the entire squad showed up, broke down their door to verify Lillee was not a minor? It makes no sense.

No. 823451

I uploaded the everipedia freak out live to YouTube and Lillee struck the video. I have filed a counter claim. Let the Franzia freak out of the day begin.

No. 823468

I will never not laugh that a direct translation of MALVIE (mal vie) would be Wrong Life lol

No. 823476

This is definitely her just parroting what laur says and thinks. Shes 20, doesnt work with children or do any kind of social work and isnt in college either, so she doesnt have any outside experience or knowledge of what shes talking about. "What do you have to be sad about at that age?" is a very boomer outlook on mental illness.

No. 823494

Did LJ use her account or a sock to file?
>What do you have to be sad about at that age?

Damn. I guess the goblins don't read the news. Just considering economics Gen Z has enough to be depressed about. Maybe LJ thinks everyone is content to perpetually scam welfare and live in squalor in a fucking attic with their parents?

No. 823509


It’s an email address I haven’t seen before, so I think a sock. It also says it’s issued by LILLEE JEAN, not LILLEE JEAN BEAUTE. I guess as I’m not a YouTuber, just post private videos I only share to farmers, It wasn’t necessary to mention he CEO

No. 823523

Yeah thats what gets me, lillee IS gen Z but her opinions on mental illness are very boomer-like. Laur has done a good job at isolating and brainwashing her daughter. I know lillee is an adult now but i still do feel bad for her because laur is the only one whos had the biggest influence on her and has shaped her into the kind of person she is now.

No. 823529


If Lillee and Laur were more modern and open in their views, particularly in mental health care, they’d be a lot better off. They could both use intensive therapy and possibly medication. But sure, continue being co-dependant, attic goblins who are afraid to go outside and tell the internet you may kill yourself. That sounds much better. Much balance, very mindfulness etc

No. 823536

They don't even take care of their physical health.. doubt they'd spend $$ on their mental health

No. 823569

Its crazy how many different masks, moisturizers and conditioners she put in her hair in her newest video. Her hair looks like it just needs a break. If she would just get it cut and styled and let her hairs natural oils do the rest of the work with maybe a hair mask here and there, it would look better. She doesnt need to have that much product in her hair.

No. 823581

I find with cheap hair masks they dried out my hair. She'd probably benefit more from using mayonnaise.

No. 823592

Laur went unprivate on YouTube which is shocking because she was trying to hide the video of her giving her blessing for 15 year lillee to date 23 year old pheep

No. 823600

File: 1614081649584.jpeg (579.46 KB, 1080x2644, 9E98FFD2-FC26-4612-A9DF-F48357…)

No. 823601

File: 1614082196062.jpeg (120.44 KB, 437x458, BE47C950-0759-429B-87C5-96EB6A…)

Her face is so lumpy and lop sided..one side is the complete opposite shape of the other.

No. 823602

File: 1614083246803.png (483.67 KB, 828x1878, 7E86E6A3-BE6C-49C4-A5E2-014268…)

They looove using mental illness as an insult. LJ really is an uglier copy of her mother

No. 823603


Why would she unprivate these videos now? It only proves they’ve been lying about lawyers and lawsuits for over 9 months.

No. 823610

The comments have been bothering her for months, but she couldn't "own" them if the video remained Private.

I also don't doubt they want people to record and re-upload the video so they can strike the channels from a different account. Can't have Lillee Jean be the only one getting attention, now can we?
Laur is desperate to feel important and like she's a winner. She wasn't the favorite kid, she wasn't a good student, she's never been successful, she married a washed up old dude who was "almost famous", her sister's death and trial means her sister will always be more famous, her daughter peaked at 15, but for once in Laur's pitiful life, when she takes her twitter or videos off private, people pay attention to her.

No. 823612

Why does Laur try to deny things there is proof of? It was Lillee who said she was dating a guy at 14 (or rather on her 19th birthday live saying that she dated Pheepy for 5 years and he was 9 years older) There is video evidence of her saying that - unless Laur is admitting that he isn’t real?

No. 823615

The Pheepy timeline is convoluted because Laur didn’t know what Lillee was saying. Laur was constantly backpedaling, trying to minimize the damaging statements from Lillee.

According to Lillee they met when she was 9 and he was 18. Started dating when she was 14. Currently sexually active.

According to Laur, they met as kids (no specific age given). Started talking as friends when Lillee 15.5. Started officially dating when Lillee was 18. Lillee is still a virgin.

None of Laur’s statements address the fact Lair was putting up pictures of romantic gifts from Pheepy to Lillee and captions referring to Pheepy as Lillee’s “fiance” when Lillee was only 16/17.

No. 823616

I think Laur and Lillee suffer from the whole arguing in mirror thing. It's very obvious this is all they do, all day, every day. Laur and Earl don't have jobs, Lillee spends a couple of hours a day, maybe, filming and editing, and God knows how much time replying to comments on Instagram. Other than that, Laur and Lillee are in a vacuum, beating a dead horse over and over until what they started with and what they end with is a shadow of its past self, and they are convinced it's the truth. If they could just make all the stuff that is contradictory disappear, other people would believe it to.

No. 823617

File: 1614089940569.jpg (651.2 KB, 2880x2880, 20210223_081729.jpg)

Laur has never had a problem whoring Lillee out. This is a 15yr old Lillee Jean.

No. 823620


i’ve thought laur made pedo pheep up to keep the creepers away when lj was a minor and lillee embellished their backstory to seem cool. maybe bc 16 year old laur and 30 year old earl hit it off, lj thought it was normal for adult men to date kids. she based her made up romance on the only real world relationship she was exposed to.

No. 823622

Sexy and innocent are two words that should not be used together, especially to describe a minor in a public forum crawling with creeps. Laur’s parenting is something else.

No. 823624

File: 1614092488674.png (14.58 KB, 1160x449, D0AEDF7E-30EE-4DAB-B185-3FB44E…)

They’re creating a distraction because Twitter and YouTube are rejecting their “affidavits”

No. 823626

File: 1614093927566.jpeg (91.15 KB, 630x445, 05783F1D-0EEE-4FA5-A03A-5C4AC4…)

deleting all your tweets screams innocence

No. 823647

Kinda ot but why lillee had that type of eyebrows 4 years ago? it makes her look like a crazy aunt.I think since the primink video LJ took control on her image,past lj was just laur self projection 100%

No. 823649

Her hair looks great here. Too bad she's too attached to her green rat's nest.

No. 823651

With hair, makeup, lighting, posing, and photoshop, she’s a solid 3.5/10
Maybe she was trying to shape them? But she didn’t fill them in so they looks terrible and draw more attention to her assymetrical eyes

No. 823653

Her face also looks less lumpy/more elongated/more normal. She doesn't have as much weeb horsegirl energy

No. 823654

File: 1614108975645.jpeg (237.44 KB, 827x1474, 77B6F76D-827B-43F7-BC0B-FE77AC…)

She actually went to the dentist

No. 823655

It may just be the angle or the normal lighting (aka not being washed out by her bright studio lighting) but she looks decent here. Her skin is actually looking okay. Her hair is still looking kind of rough, but that reddish color flatters her.

No. 823656

It’s Facetune, anon

No. 823657

While currently she does stretch her mouth out insanely far due to the straining smiles, she used to suck in her cheeks and weighed less which contributed as well

No. 823658


Why do I have a strong feeling the dentist will tell her she's going to need 700 follow up appointments, but she's going to tell us all that "The dentist said I was fine!! I don't need braces or Invisalign, you haters were all wrong!"

No. 823659


only at the end of the day, will we know if we collectively bullied her into doing something actually important…unlike her mom

that's hella sad that we care more her physical well-being than her parents

then again, she probs went to some cheapo, quack willing to be paid under the table

No. 823660

Laur is so goddamn shitty for ignoring this for so long and blowing money on bots instead. Having to get braces as an adult sucks because your jaw isn’t as malleable as when you’re young, but Laur spent LJ’s teenage years telling her she looked unique like Vanessa Paradis. I hope LJ finally gets some real help with her teeth.

No. 823661

File: 1614110632070.png (5.79 MB, 1792x2620, 7ACB93CE-FF80-4CCB-BFAB-0DABA9…)

Same look, same camera

No. 823664

I know this is an old post but I just watched this and her fucking jaw looks dislocated jesus christ, hope she actually goes to a real dentist

No. 823665

She needs to get some eyeglasses that don’t look like they go to a homeschooled kid in an attic

Oh wait.

For real though, you can tell her only style and life experience comes from being trapped with her mother. It’s tragic.

No. 823667


Editing level: Dakota Koti

No. 823668

I'm always so confused as to why she doesn't put on much (if any) bronzer/blush. Covering her face in foundation completely washes it out and makes her look like a corpse. You'd think that a ~*super talented makeup artist*~ could see that, but I guess not.

No. 823673

If I only had one shirt to go outside the house in, I'd make damn sure it wasn't this "cool soccer mom" abortion

No. 823674

I bet that sweater has the stank of dry pussy juice and cat pee

No. 823675

$10 says she's never washed it bc its dryclean only and Laur wont spring for drycleaning when there are followers to buy

No. 823676

File: 1614116835379.jpeg (638.74 KB, 2048x2048, B7FBF1E5-9BB5-49AB-BA4C-D517D2…)

It looks like she’s trying to cover up her swollen jaw with her hair. I went back and checked and she’s been hiding it for at least a month.

No. 823677

Laur’s been brainwashing her since childhood that her skin is unique and beautiful

No. 823679

File: 1614117882193.jpeg (389.09 KB, 2048x2048, D6D123A3-89A5-4B46-A69C-0004B2…)

Top picture is from a year ago.
Bottom picture from last week.

No. 823682

The bottom picture looks…painful. No wonder she’s lashing out. She’s in excruciating physical pain with no responsible adult in her life to help her.

No. 823685

…That's a yikes from me chief.

No. 823697

Laur needs to take better care of her disabled adult daughter who is incapable of living independently

No. 823698

Even worse, the callouts, bullies (both growing up and online), and the farms have all commented on the state of Lillee's mouth, jaw, and teeth for years. And they were right. That alone is worse than the TMJ. The people she hates more than anyone, the people she will be blaming every failure and problem she ever has on, were right about how badly she needed dental help.

No. 823704


Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't see swelling, all I see is a roundish, slightly asymmetrical face
Did we ever find out what was up with her teeth officially? I remember a couple of theories were thrown around, but that's it.
In all honesty, I think modern adult braces aren't too bad. Her teeth were really spaced out, so I wonder if she still had to get any pulled.
Very true, but Americans/American health care considers it "cosmetic" no?
I still want to know what happened to cause Lillee to go from normal, but "mature" looking teenager to this?
Laur certainly, but there's really got to be something else that brought out the crazy eyes.

No. 823706

Maybe I'm just not that observant but I don't see that much different besides some slight weight gain?

No. 823717

me neither, anon. i don't doubt that it's swollen and painful but for the life of me i can't make it out the difference in the photos

No. 823721

File: 1614139004346.png (6.94 MB, 1242x2688, 582BA287-DC36-467C-B1B6-F43394…)

i tried SO HARD to make my mouth look like pictured and it took a shit ton of effort. I can’t believe her mouth just normally moves like that.

No. 823722

Holy shit, there's men on this site?!?!

No. 823725

>"tried so hard to make my mouth look like pictured"
>attaches selfie with an entirely different, deadpan expression

No. 823726

I’m assuming it’s a shitty filter but her hair looks like it’s full of dandruff kek

No. 823727


Lol anons, that's not an anon at the bottom, this a screengrab from her interview with this dude, there's some streamable links with it upthread.

No. 823729

No. 823730

File: 1614139791353.jpg (32.59 KB, 750x530, uhhhlmao.jpg)

You both are dumb as fuck but I laughed anyway.

No. 823731

File: 1614140070744.jpg (40.51 KB, 563x558, FB_IMG_1609380880210.jpg)

Fuck I'm a dumbass

No. 823733

Dude i’m fucking DYING over the fact y’all thought that guy was me. No but seriously, I can’t imagine the amount of surgeries she would need to correct her jaw. I feel the tiniest bit of sympathy for her when it comes to her mouth.. Laur has screwed her up in many more ways than one, but her mouth by far is the worst I think.

No. 823734

Dick or gtfo

No. 823779

Christ anon, read the damn thread before posting your non-contribution


No. 823791

Not only swollen. She truly has unnatural jaw movement while drinking/eating.

I can't upload the gif it's too heavy:
At this point can she eat solid food? Is the dentist a real one or the Invisalign kek one.

No. 823793

her jaw honestly seems like it unhinges like a snake. Whenever she does her "expressive" faces it's just her manipulating her jaw in extreme ways that no human should be able to do. Freaky.

No. 823803

File: 1614189235029.jpg (58.21 KB, 928x704, overexp.jpg)

This thumbnail image is so gloomy it's insane. Is it really the best image she could come up with?
I use F.lux so it's kind of yellowish but what's with the settings? The overexposure is even worse than before.

And… hum Laur, what about this Netflix deal? We so want to hear more about Lillee's leading role in the new best upcoming Netflix show and the release date!

No. 823812

File: 1614191925737.jpg (424.59 KB, 1080x1903, Screenshot_20210224-123406_Ins…)

But ofcourse, a little before Lillee has a live with an actual brand owner, she receives dms telling her to kill herself. How convenient, I'm sure she'll bring it up while talking to the owner and let her know she'll probably get lots of emails lying about Lillee Jean as well.

No. 823815

I'm sorry I'm just going to say it, the username looks a lot sus, so to me this looks like another Laur sock account

No. 823817

I very much doubt the authenticity of these messages. I’m not sayings that it isn’t possible but I think that it’s either Laur or Lillee who sends these for sympathy points.

No. 823819

File: 1614193386912.jpeg (693.13 KB, 1242x2100, 79840338-0FE7-4D53-812D-23041F…)

Lil ceo is finally becoming an MLM hun

No. 823821

I don't understand, her 100$ "investment" are supposed to do what?
Bots can't buy stuff keks.

No. 823822

File: 1614193856279.jpeg (124.67 KB, 750x655, EE3A8F6D-CE15-4236-88D1-236E9A…)

It’s worse than a mlm. You don’t even get product for your “investment”. This is incredibly shady and looks similar to a ponzy scheme.

No. 823824

bare.-shenanigans only follows this woman who's following LJ. Very sus

No. 823825

File: 1614194331947.jpg (226.46 KB, 1192x651, starterkeks.jpg)

She should have buy the starter kit at least she would have some lame products.

>Start your journey now for free

>for 90$
Pick one.

No. 823826

i’m crying, did laur really tell her own daughter she has “a shipwreck in her mouth” like that isn’t her own damn fault

No. 823827

File: 1614194521234.png (1.26 MB, 1596x1138, lj.png)

seems she's actually been with them for a few months.

shocked, SHOCKED

No. 823828

Can someone translate from Attic Patois?
also what the hell does LJ know abt contouring anyway?

the product she bought is $32 for a tiny stick of contour/highlight. You can get the same shit at a drugstore for $5-10. Scam for sure.

No. 823829

has no visible contour anywhere to be seen on that fat, saggy mass of lumps she has for a face

No. 823830

File: 1614194802395.jpg (100.5 KB, 1003x648, ezthyjuiouy.jpg)

Lillee has been commenting on several posts.
Products looks super cheap. Totally overpriced.
They have a blog, want to bet Lillee will soon get a post there whining about the mean b00lies.

No. 823832

She just asked the lady she’s on live with is she could contour her vagina.

No. 823834


No. 823835

is anyone archiving this? i feel like this stream is gonna be a dooz

No. 823836

Her hair isn't curly in the slightest lol. She just needs to chop it off.

No. 823839

This lady is giving away secrets from the engagement pod also. She said they had to go on at a certain time to make it convenient for India.

The contouring the vagina comment was just classic Lillee. I almost choked on my coffee.

No. 823841

from the Jet Set Live Stream
>Invest in the company for a 100$ "SAFE note"
simple agreement for future equity
What is a SAFE Note and Does It Benefit Founders and Investors Alike?
September 10, 2020/ Investors/ By David M. Freedman
Tags: Angel Investing, Crowdfunding/CrowdFinancing, Financial Literacy, Investors, JOBS Act,
With an Emphasis on Simple, the SAFE Note Works for Seed-Stage Startups
Y Combinator, a well-known tech accelerator, created the SAFE note (simple agreement for future equity) in 2013, and uses it to fund most of the seed-stage startups that participate in its three-month development sessions. Since 2005, Y Combinator has funded over 1,000 startups, including Dropbox, Reddit, WePay, Airbnb and Instacart.

The SAFE is something like a warrant entitling investors to shares in the company, typically preferred stock, if and when there is a future valuation event (i.e., if and when the company next raises “priced” equity capital, is acquired or files an IPO.)

They are charging people 100$ to have a chance to buy stock.

No. 823842

The scammer got scammed.

No. 823845

File: 1614197249517.jpeg (183.19 KB, 828x1445, 4A25A15A-4D47-47BB-9FD1-4E69B8…)

No. 823846

Apparently LJs baby teeth are still in and her adult teeth never came down

No. 823848

Contour is supposed to be cool toned bc it’s a shadow, you dumb cow

No. 823850

Didn't she say a year or two ago that they were her adult teeth? She gotta learn to keep her stories straight

No. 823851

Not to mention the lady she was talking to was all "Yeah we make it so you don't look too orange" or smth while looking like Donald Trump's twin sister

No. 823853

File: 1614198447768.jpeg (452.81 KB, 828x1028, CDB83C65-B700-4D70-A010-21882B…)

Her X-ray is a fucking disaster

No. 823856

If she never lost her baby teeth why wasn't Laur bringing her to the dentist/doctor? It's not fucking normal for kids not to lose their baby teeth and it's especially not normal for their parents to refuse to address it for 15 years

But wait, this is Laur. I'm honestly surprised Lilz made it to adulthood with an incompetent lunatic and a geriatric as parents

No. 823857

She even says as much in her review here >>823827

What a mong

No. 823858

What a shocker! Surely laur and lillee noticed that she didn't lose any teeth growing up, right?

No. 823859


I was able to screen record it. Working on uploading to share

No. 823861

This is flat out child neglect, allowing it to get to this point. Wtf Laur

No. 823864

That is some turbo-autism. I expect nothing less from Lillee.

So… okay, her adult teeth haven't fully come in? Is that… okay? Does an adult with baby teeth cause health problems? Obviously it looks ugly as fuck see: >>823845 kek, but is it really abuse that the issue wasn't addressed? Sorry for dumb question; I'm not a dentalfag.

No. 823865

I went to middle school with someone who never lost their baby canines. The dentist pulled them when the kid was 11-12 because baby teeth are shitty teeth that aren't as strong as adult teeth. The kid said their baby canines already had weak spots in the enamel when pulled.

I kind of doubt that she's seen a dentist since she was a young child, if ever.

No. 823866

But but Lillee said she goes to the dentist all the time, how did they just notice this now?

No. 823869

She said Invisaling will pull the teeth out. To do so the dentist will have to remove all her baby teeth.
That will cost thousands of $.

No. 823870

This legit makes me sad. It should’ve been caught when LJ was like 13, not 20. I initially thought her adult teeth were just small, but all she needed was her baby teeth pulled and to get braces. She very clearly hasn’t been to a dentist for several years with x-rays like that.

It cannot be overstated how shitty her parents are. To have your child with such a fixable dental problem and instead blow money on fake followers is utterly absurd. I know we hate on Laur a lot, but wtf has Earl been doing? He doesn’t care about his kid’s teeth either?

No. 823871

No. 823875

she sounds surprised that she has teeth in her gums? Like you didn't lose your baby teeth what did you expect?

Wait, does Lillee know you're supposed to lose your baby teeth?

No. 823877

File: 1614205527002.png (Spoiler Image,658.19 KB, 845x447, CINaaLTWsAA7jqg.png)


jesus christ, are the adult teeth just going to be in her skull like this forever? she's probably going to have to get crowns for all of her teeth, plus treatment for gum disease, root canals, and her wisdom teeth out, right?? (this is assuming she can even afford it)

No. 823878

This is literally worse than Carrie's mom not telling her what a period was and not taking her to a doctor when she hadn't had one by 15
This bitch is worse than a bad Stephen King parent, damn

No. 823884

In her live she said that when she was 13 she went to get braces and the professionals said the things above her teeth were roots but really it was more teeth. And she didn't trust them so she didn't get braces.

WTF. These lies are so transparent. So someone who went to dental school for four fucking years plus however many more it takes to be an orthodontist wouldn't know the difference between a root and a tooth?

Also, wouldn't her family notice that she didn't lose any teeth? Wouldn't she notice? Little kids talk about losing teeth and the tooth fairy more than they need to. WTF happened to you, Lillee?

No. 823889

File: 1614209628907.jpeg (633.02 KB, 1170x1332, 4EC4111C-2F36-4626-A9C9-90AB22…)

Chatting in discord and looking for a moon cycle gif when I spotted LJ kek guess I shouldn’t have been surprised

No. 823890

Like >>823865 said, it’s not super uncommon for kids to not lose their baby teeth. I used to know a couple of kids who had to get their baby teeth pulled so their adult teeth would come in. I wouldn’t think she’d have lasting problems because of it, but it just shows how Laur never took her to the dentist or simply ignored her dental problems for several years. There’s no way a kid doesn’t notice they still have their baby teeth, and there’s no way a decent parent would ignore it for so long instead of just getting the teeth pulled.

No. 823893



"Overall, adult baby teeth shouldn’t be kept, unless removal causes further distress to the teeth and mouth.

Additionally, baby teeth shouldn’t be on the receiving end of any orthodontic procedures, like braces. It can speed up the root resorption process that can contribute to the orthodontic issue in the first place."

this dumb bitch is gonna make it WORSE with Invisalign-she needs to go to an actual ortho

Laur + Earl, you two are fucking neglectful pieces of shit. Even a brat like LJ doesn't deserve this

No. 823896

It’s frankly disgusting and borderline child neglect on Laur’s part. It’s your role as a parent to shoulder all of the medical needs of your kid regardless of their cost.

They could have moved to a cheaper state to afford LJ’s operation. Laur could have gotten a part time job instead of trying to make her scammy business work. She could have looked for orgs and charities that could have helped LJ as early as possible.

But no, Laur just wants to be the next Kris Jenner and pimp her daughter to make money off of her. She prob spent all in all thousands of dollars on bots, promos, random investments that lead to what? Still no career.

She was really trying to push the comparison with Vanessa Paradis who had adult teeth and simply a benign tooth gap, just to not acknowledge that LJ needed medical intervention.

It just makes me really angry cause it’s not like LJ had a bad bout of acne. Teeth can and will ruin your life if you don’t take care of them. They’re super costly and will reduce your quality of life if you’re in constant pain from them.
I don’t like LJ, she’s a spoiled cunt but she deserved to have normal teeth when she was just a kid. Now they burned so many bridges, and are just so horrible to deal with, that they have 0 support system to do a gofundme or something like that.

No. 823899

Her adult teeth must damaged now

No. 823900

the new venus and margo
at least venus isn't permanently deformed

No. 823901

so this is definitely confirmation that she has some kind of endocrine related disorder. dwarfism, not losing baby teeth…sounds like some kind of lack of HGH.

If Laur wasn't a neglectful piece of shit "mother" it would have been caught and treated by a doctor early on. But because of Laur's negligence she's stuck permanently as a deformed dwarf with fucked up teeth. She's a heinous bitch, but I feel like all her problems originate with Laur's horrendous "parenting"

Fuck, I'm so mad at Laur I just wanna chug a Monster and punch a wall

No. 823906

I have some of my baby teeth (you can ban me mod, since no1curr). Unfortunately it was because there were no adult teeth to push them out. The fact that LJ is living with two layers of teeth is horrifying and unnecessary. Oh, and your baby teeth, like anon mentioned, are more fragile. They WILL eventually get a cavity and then splinter. Baby teeth have tons of root problems when taken into adulthood. They become fused with the bone almost.

LJ needs to be taken to a specialist. Not just a regular dentist. No medfagging needed to understand how terrifying this image is >>823853 Calcium growth, bone fusion, jaw fractures, splintering and the condition of the adult teeth as they embedded into her adult jaw over the years all seem like a long process of surgery and healing. LJ is a shit bird, but she lived with this as a child and only recently became an adult. Laur destroyed her daughter's dental health with neglect.

No. 823908

Earl and Laur are neglectful parents period. There is no reason to not take your child to a proper dentist. Obviously they knew that Lillee had her baby teeth still. I’m sure Lillee also should have known but she’s pretty simple so maybe she didn’t realize that was a thing that happens? It’s too bad that the school didn’t step in to help Lillee before Laur pulled her out to home school. Maybe she could have received proper health care.

No. 823909

It’s not confirmation of anything anon. I don’t know how common it is, but it’s definitely not rare to not lose all of your baby teeth. Sometimes the adult tooth doesn’t develop or it comes in behind the baby tooth. Nothing to do with any kind of disorder.

No. 823910

All the food pics Lillee posts, her food is almost shredded into tiny pieces. Thought it was weird until I saw those dental X-rays. Chewing regular food must hurt.

No. 823911

Laur is literally psychotic for letting her child live with that all these years. I don't care how horrid Lillee is, no one deserves that. It's disgusting.

It's also horrible that it's gotten this bad. Lillee has been sequestered off from society so long that she hasn't had a competent adult (aka mandated reporter) to step in. She had no fucking chance.

I just had some tinfoil: Maybe the reason for homeschooling was because teachers were asking too many questions about Lillee's wellbeing and Laur didn't want to have CPS called because for sure they would take Lillee away.

No. 823913

bitch she has a full set of exclusively baby teeth, plug it up

No. 823914

serious question, anons, but could this neglect be reported by her dentist? I know she's not a minor anymore, but surely as an incompetent adult she can be put in the custody of a group home or something? I don't mean to virtue signal but this shit is fucked up and as cunty as Lille is she needs to get away from Laur before she fucks her up even more.

No. 823915

nope, as soon as you turn 18, unless you're full-blown retarded, no matter how severely your were neglected/abused, it's all on you from then on

No. 823918

I feel like she opened a shit-flavored can of worms when she showed her X-Ray because now people know for SURE that she hasn’t been going to the dentist as she claims and that Laur has never even bothered to take her. Probably because she KNEW it was going to cost thousands. And now Lillee is in extreme pain because her teeth are fighting the good fight and trying to come down like they were supposed to years ago.

No. 823919

That x-ray is honestly horrifying. Im no dentist but a lot of stuff that’s easy to fix when it starts only gets more difficult and painful as time goes on. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the tip of the iceberg as far as problems she never got treatment for, it’s appalling it ever got this far.

No. 823920

they've definitely known those are her baby teeth that she never lost because lillee herself mentioned it in a Q&A video a while back. i remember because i was making the tl;dr for it and when she said it as if it was a normal thing it totally freaked me out. so yes, lillee and laur have been aware of her not losing her baby teeth the entire time.

No. 823923

Same experience, anon. Baby teeth are not meant to be left in the mouth, even if there are unfortunately no adult teeth underneath to replace them. Baby teeth are too soft and will eventually literally shatter over time, no matter your oral care. Laur's neglect has set Lillee up with a lot of pain, months of dental work (implants, maybe bridges), and thousands in medical debt.

No. 823925

It's so frustrating because SHE HAS ADULT TEETH! She had what might of been full, normal fucking teeth stuck in her jaw. It's downright cruel she wasn't taken to a dentist when Laur noticed she didn't lose any baby teeth. Hell, even if she was super retarded, she could clearly see the gaps as LJ grew past elementary school. I mean or maybe a general fucking cleaning or check up would have seen pin pointed the problem. Probably could have pulled a few at a time, so she could comfortably deal with the gaps like all kids her age. She wasn't even in fucking school anyways. Braces or any surgical procedures could have happened in that time span with plenty of time for her jaw to adjust before she became an adult. And fuck Earl too. This washed up guy in a band got his child bride then just let her take over the parenting without wondering why his daughter isn't in school and what the fuck Laur does all day.

I have no idea about dentistry and even if I did I can't say I know anything about LJ's needs right now, but I'm going to feel safe in assuming that getting braces was the cheapest option and not recommended? Those crooked, crowded, deposited teeth look like they may take more than braces pulling together her baby teeth (in order for them to fall out?) so her adult teeth can descend. Did LJ mention a REASON why her baby teeth didn't fall out and replaced by adult teeth? Does anyone know why that would happen?

No. 823931

>Did LJ mention a REASON why her baby teeth didn't fall out and replaced by adult teeth? Does anyone know why that would happen?
Not to blogpost, but I know someone who had this happen with both upper canines. It’s really not that rare or crazy, sometimes the mouth is overcrowded or too small so the adult teeth don’t have space. Google impacted adult teeth and you’ll see lots of similar x-rays. Impacted wisdom teeth are more common, but it can happen with any tooth.

I don’t think Invisalign helps with impacted teeth though, she likely needs traditional braces that can “pull” her adult teeth into place.

No. 823934

no, anon.

one or 2 baby teeth still left in is normal.

Lillee HAS NEVER LOST A SINGLE BABY TOOTH. Not a one. She's been chewing 15 years too long on those teeth.

She is in extreme pain and her undescended teeth are fucking up her skull.

That's not fucking normal.

No. 823942

It appears like there is a connection between dental fuckery and dwarfism. It could be connected to malfunctioning glands that didn't give LJ enough hormones. It seems like a lot of the damage of this condition, hypopituitarism, can be lessened by human growth hormones prescribed by an MD.

If true Laur is a horrible, horrible person for neglecting to get her ill child the help she needed. LJ will surfer for the rest of her life because of Laur's incompetence. It's probably true. LJ has many of the symptoms.

No. 823945

Speaking from (somewhat) experience, Invisalign won’t help.

She needs each of those teeth pulled, with implants or a full on plate/set of false teeth, to fix this.

Sorry and sage for blog post:
I only had one baby canine on the bottom which I’ve since had removed, the next step is braces on the bottom to create enough space on both sides as neither adult canine came through, then implants.

I can’t afford all that, but LJ’s dentist bill to fix what is 10x worse than mine, I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry for her.

No. 823946


Yeah, no way is this at Invisalign levels. She'd need full orthodontic intervention to put this right, if it even can be.

Blog but relevant - I had to have my baby molars pulled because they were too strongly rooted. As I understand it, the adult tooth still comes down (usually) but with no gap it will grow into the spot of least resistance. Sideways, outwards, wherever it can find space it will grow and in turn will fuck up the positioning of other teeth.

Ffwd and had to have a wisdom tooth removed for basically same reason. It grew in straight but too far so was actually not only preventing its oppo on the top row from growing in but actually smashing it back into my jawbone. I've never needed braces so have only had the minimal dental interventions needed but in both these instances it was the knock-on effects and the damage done to other healthy, straight teeth. The damage done with a face full of baby teeth must be catastrophic, because those adult teeth have gone somewhere.

I don't believe anything she says about the orthodontist unless they lied about the baby teeth not dropping out and the orthodontist was musing. It would make far more sense that any weird oddity could be happening rather than a kid in the modern, developed world get to thirteen with their baby teeth still intact and it never be addressed. That's just fucking crazy.

No. 823950

Wow this thread has gone to shit. Stfu you boring snaggle-toothed nerds.

No. 823957

A whole new set of implants will be about 50k. That's insane.

No. 823960

Pretty sure LJ will soon asking for donations

No. 823964

lj successfully diverted attention from their shitty dmca takedowns of mostly poc, smaller youtubers to her fucked up teeth

tho, i doubt she realized (since she doesn't have any foresight) how much anger people would have agaisnt her terrible parents kek

this just makes everything 10x worse and Laur irreedemable

No. 823968

File: 1614268147566.jpg (80.7 KB, 709x1200, b00tyguru.jpg)

May I interest you in that screenshot Anon?

No. 823971

I love to see how LJ and Laur victimize themselves over this criticism. Finally, people give a shit about her and feel outrage on her behalf and they're still going to hate it. Just like Peepee. Hillbilly teeth and married off at 13 to a 25 year old man. Yet people think she looks rich.

Aside from our teeth in skull horror show, this was the first time I ever saw LJ shut her fucking mouth and let someone else speak. She was on her best behavior.

No. 823973

The general consensus among the dentalanons seems to be that Lillee is going to need to have all of her teeth pulled to make room for the adult teeth currently crammed up in her jaw. I can't imagine they'd do all of them at once; it would make sense to pull a few at a time and see whether the adult teeth start moving down.

I wonder if she will really go through with that and keep filming videos and posting pics with her teeth dwindling down until she's just bare gums a-flapping, or if she and Laur will convince themselves that it's not necessary and just leave her mouth all jacked up permanently.

No. 823977

Or Laur will go back to scam antiques or Lillee will finally start her OnlyFans

No. 823981

Laur would flick the bean to Lilee's only fans and you all know it

No. 823984

Is it even possible for the adult teeth to even come out anymore? I had a baby tooth that didn't fall out and I finally agreed to have it removed at 18 because my dentist was relentless about it every time I went. Adult tooth never grew in and I suspect it's cause of how I long I waited to get it pulled. Can't imagine having ALL my teeth removed tho. Good job at parenting, Laur

No. 823991


I'm not sure with Lillee, they'll probably pull a couple and wait to see if they grow like >>823973 said.
What I don't get is how not a single one of Lillee's baby teeth became loose by being pushed on by her adult teeth - like what normally happens - or how none of her adult teeth at least grew in beside or behind the baby teeth when the baby teeth weren't removed? Like it almost seems like they are just stagnant behind her baby teeth. Not sure why that is or what the impact of having them in back there is but considering that, it will be interesting to see if they grow or not (assuming Laur finally does something about it.)

No. 823992

>What I don't get is how not a single one of Lillee's baby teeth became loose by being pushed on by her adult teeth
see that's something that indicates an endocrine disorder; that the adult teeth never began to drop
I mean it can indicate more than a couple things, but just looking at everything else wrong with her, that looks endocrine

No. 824006

Since her adult teeth are mal-aligned, they won't come out even if a doctor extracts her baby teeth. A surgeon wouleed to tug and position them in the right direction

No. 824023

So, her plan is still Invisalign, correct? What's the consensus on what will happen with Invisalign now that we know all those adult teeth are trapped underneath her baby teeth? The Invisalign are going to move baby teeth, which can't be good, but I know fuck all about dentistry so that's why I'm asking so I don't have to keep guessing out of thin air.

No. 824026

File: 1614300188265.jpeg (540.1 KB, 750x1181, 8C2AC105-F73F-4948-90AE-B8B5A8…)

Laur’s newest sock account tried to follow the callouts, got caught and is having a franzia freakout

No. 824027

My guess is they’ll only focus on aligning her bite and she’ll just live with the dolphin teeth and a lifetime of complications. What anons are suggesting here sounds way too drastic for lj and Laur to ever agree to doing, honestly.

No. 824034

could they shave her baby teeth down and put crowns on all of them? that seems like the best way to ensure her teeth are the correct size and strength. but I don’t know what would happen with that many crowns in her mouth. i doubt most dentists would do that.

No. 824038

Nothing says "I'm not Laur" like throwing a tantrum in multiple tweets exactly like she does and instantly turning on the callouts after feigning to believe them.

No. 824040

I wonder if lillee even knows what the tooth fairy is. Its so fucked up that laur didnt even get lillee checked out for any of her weird health "quirks" that would be red flags for any parent thats not neglectful. Keep filing those lawsuits and buying fake followers laur, while your daughter bleeds through 40 pads every "moon cycle" and deals with dental issues for the rest of her life from your neglect.

No. 824042

These recent revelations prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Laur is absolutely Not mentally fit to be the primary caregiver to a disabled geriatric & a retarded young adult

No. 824043

File: 1614313052797.jpeg (195.13 KB, 750x808, C485D93B-B636-431D-A407-71EC03…)

Good luck with a gofundme. Bots don’t donate.

No. 824050

Laur isn’t mentally fit enough to own a goldfish. Kinda insane how overly obsessed Laur acts with LJ but she still completely neglected her physical and mental well-being for several years. No dental checkups, seemingly no doctor visits, no school. How do you shower your kid with dolls and makeup but can’t be assed to make a dentist appointment for them? So fucking weird.

No. 824054

My theory is that Laur drank during her pregnancy, and LJ has fetal alcohol syndrome. Doctors can sniff that kind of thing out. She doesn't want the world to realize she fucked up her most treasured possession. A quick search shows FAS has been connected to pituitary issues which can lead to dwarfism and fucked up teeth.

No. 824055

I wonder if Laur's franzia freakouts are more frequent than we have seen, if they're always her coping mechanism for stress, how long has she actually been doing this? Maybe LJ has just been lead to believe that they're normal, like a teenager being in a relationship with an adult.

also adding a note to the current fetal alcohol syndrome & endocrine disorder tinfoils - LJ has said that she had pre-diabetes. diabetes is an endocrine disorder.

No. 824060

I mean if she needs 40 pads a cycle there’s clearly something very wrong

No. 824063

File: 1614325041888.jpeg (123.56 KB, 827x1196, B739491F-25B9-4FD4-8BA6-FA5C27…)

When she has over 10,000 followers but gets 1 like & thinks people will pay for her “ content “

No. 824071

File: 1614337219993.jpg (152.38 KB, 1175x653, corporation.jpg)

Just pointing the obvious:
LJ/Laur registered her "company" at the exact same time she "invested" in Ready Jet Set Beauty.

Did she thought she would make soooo much money she had to launch a company for easier managing of the crazy amount of wealth ?

No. 824075

There's no way in hell they're getting any super follows. I guess Laur hopes to get some easy money through Twitter. Or you know, she could just get a job and stop funneling money into bots and mlms.

No. 824079

File: 1614347058455.jpeg (30.33 KB, 540x183, CB4B4EEA-3B57-444E-91D9-2B5DB9…)

Laur and the occasional pradip are the only people interacting with her account. She lost 18k likes when Laur’s accounts were suspended last month.

No. 824085


Yeah, it's an empty threat.

This is also why I've always known that Laur is not doing all the shady fakery behind the scenes; Lillee is fully aware that her following is 99% bots and 1% people coming to gawk and laugh at her. If she thought for a moment that there were more than five jeaniez, she would have set up a patreon, a "protect me from da boolies!!!" gofundme, and she'd be shilling that ugly low-effort merch in every single video and IG post.

No. 824088

I'm just absolutely floored that her mother didn't do anything about her not ever losing her baby teeth. The absolute fuck. Isn't that some form of neglect?

Well, on the plus side I'm sure Pheeepy can pay for the implants.

No. 824089

the account is already suspended kek

No. 824092

Laur thinks Lillee is naturally perfect, and a perfect girl has no need for outside input from teachers or medical professionals.

No. 824103

This is horrifying.
the reason his jaw is becoming giant is because of the amount of teeth she has accumulated? Laur and Earl are so naive, those orthodontic treatments are done in full growth stage, no wonder she never visited a doctor because if she had gone to one she would have been recommended to go to a gynecologist or an orthodontist.
But they continue with the bullshit idea of believing that their teeth are comparable to a model that only has a gap teeth, which makes it extremely aesthetic.Wtf man, is everything wrong with these two lol, I believe that if they visited a doctor they would blame Laur for not having taken the minimum of time to make an annual visit to the doctor.
They would also probably send Laur to a psychiatrist, because it is not usual behavior to leave your child's health so neglected. (esl)

No. 824104

File: 1614360381596.jpg (153.26 KB, 600x600, R-1531174-1428570775-4495.png.…)

Tinfoil but if Earl's not dead and stuffed in the deep freeze does anyone think he might be mentally challenged? It would explain why he seemingly had zero input into how his daughter was raised. Maybe Laur's parents let her be a child bride because Earl was slow anyway and had the brain of a child. He could just not be cognitively capable of parenting/doing anything without Carer Laur's say-so.

No. 824106

File: 1614360564460.png (255.38 KB, 496x313, main-qimg-ae49ea280ef5b6d37479…)

>Earl…had the brain of a child

No. 824107

The theory that Laur never took Lillee to a doctor/dentist/gynecologist because she didn't want to be told that Lillee isn't perfect isn't the most far fetched theory, but I really think it was because Laur was terrified that they would call her out on signs of neglect after going so many years without a doctor. This theory doesn't hold up anymore because Lillee is now above 18, so nothing can be done to Laur at the point. However, I also think it's a huge money reason. The US and medical bills are insanely ridiculous, even for people who don't scam and have real jobs, etc. I think they're just unable to pay anything, and didn't want to file bankruptcy for a third time or, at the very least, be thousands in debt. Now, it's gotten to the point that her teeth are hurting her so badly they have no choice but to do something.

No. 824109

Earl's an old washed up wanna be rock star whose dreams of stardom were dashed by a war he didn't serve in, married a desperate girl 16 years his junior who made him feel like he had a groupie. Lillee's care fell 100% to Laur, as that was the boomer way. It isn't that Earl doesn't care about Lillee Jean, he can't be fucked to deal with Laur. We can all put our phones down or turn off the computer when we are sick of her crazy. He lives with her. Everyday. During lockdown. Earl's done turned his hearing aides off and became engrossed in pretending to watch the latest edition of Sister Wives.

No. 824111

I don't disagree, anon, but a lot of people (I'd wager most people in this thread) have boomer fathers who would absolutely have something to say if his child was being medically neglected by the mother. There's gotta be something else on top of the boomer shit. No one can be that checked out. If he hates Laur that much he would have left her years ago

No. 824114

If it's really him, Earl can partly be seen at 4'57 on the "hair-dye-disaster" video from 7 months ago:
He doesn't look very bright and is not articulate. He mentions Florida.
I don't understand why he's staying with Laur if he's not willing to take a part in LJ's education.

No. 824115

Ok but that different. Laur and LJ are ruining the family. Maybe he doesn't care about neglect but what's the plan when banks will ask the money back?

No. 824116

Tinfoil but I think Earl is an invalid, possibly unable to ambulate at all, even with help. Isn’t he very old now, like 70s-80s? I remember Laur mentioning past serious surgeries. Not meaning to blogpost but I’m an RN and I’ve seen 60 year olds lose the ability to ambulate after just one surgery, they just give up since it’s too painful to exercise and move around post-surgery. Some elderly people never fully recover from surgeries, have complications for the rest of their lives, and slowly die out from there.

It is a lot of hard work to take care of an invalid. You have to change their positions every other hour to avoid pressure sores, slowly feed them liquids every hour because 3 meals a day make them horribly nauseous, help them get rid of their bodily waste, wash and dress them, listen to them complain about never ending pain bc they’re slowly dying, etc. It’s a full time job and maybe the reason why Laur doesn’t have a job. She might not have time or energy after practically being a nurse for your elderly husband.

Girls, this is why you don’t marry someone who’s going to need their ass wiped and dementia meds shoved down their throats before you even reach retirement age. Lol

No. 824117

I feel like if Earl was an invalid Laur wouldn't do any of that stuff

She'd just let him fester in his own filth until the inevitable

No. 824121

Earl was in Lillees a day in the life of video and he seemed to be doing fine. Could all the newfags stop with the disabled/dead father tinfoil already?

No. 824122

Yeah it's kind of annoying. He's also in a couple of her TikToks walking around. He's overweight, but doesn't look like he needs to be depending on anyone for his health.

No. 824123

That was from months ago. There could have been a decline since, especially because of lockdown/coof

No. 824126

Jesus stfu already. He’s not an “invalid” you stupid tinfoiling fags. He’s been in multiple of her cringy tiktoks. He’s just an overweight American boomer.

No. 824127

If anyone here seriously thinks Earl is dead and stuffed in a freezer then they're honest to god retards