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File: 1669887141846.jpeg (312.85 KB, 1500x1075, 1669497995340.jpeg)

No. 1715677

Meet the cows:
Jake Munro - Kaya's ex boyfriend, after dating for around a decade. Cheated on her with his girlfriend's tattoo artist's wife, Kat. Fancies himself a musician, though since his bandmates left, doesn't seem capable of producing music on his own. Used Joker-esqe makeup and mimicking other artist's makeup for attention on Youtube, but has since generally given the gimmick up as his popularity rapidly declined post break-up. Appears to be rapidly aging into the bloated corpse of a chav gordan ramsay due to a suspected alcohol and nicotine addiction. Has big dreams of being the next big V-tuber star. Occasionally scars us with his ugly nudes via a rarely updated OnlyFans account.

ToxicTears (Kaya) - Veteran goth youtuber, used to get hundreds of thousands of views, but her channel has dwindled down due to inactivity during the last few years of her relationship with Jake. Has a tendency to make a lot of excuses not to film, though seems to posting somewhat regularly again. Kind of an airhead, often anxious. Lots of old milk. Almost constant debate in thread in regards to her current cow status.

Kat Paine - Previously married mother of one, cheated on her tattoo studio owning husband with their client's (Kaya) long term boyfriend (Jake). You can find her posting heavily filtered lewds to her OnlyFans when she isn't tracing Disney coloring book sheets part-time at the tattoo shop. Her most popular phrases include: "Daddy! Shots!", "Drinks! Shots!" and incoherent giggling at Jake doing literally anything.

Updates from last thread:
>>1708771 Jake uploads a 2 hour and 15 minute video 'breaking his silence' and makes an utter ass of himself in the process
>>1708772 Kaya posts an Instragram story addressing Jake's video, says she'll be responding to it soon
>>1708797 Kaya posts a short video on youtube to say she's watching the video and taking notes, and will respond as soon as she can.
>>1708806 Jake's video had timestamps, suggesting he was stalking her socials and lolcow for every mention of him.
>>1708834 Jake says he's already contacted a solicitor (lawyer) about the items Kaya 'stole' from him.
>>1708841 Jake defends making his video because his 'character' and 'success' were being attacked.
>>1708847 Snacc points out Kaya's making her own video, Jake say's he'll respond to it.
>>1708872 Jake confirms the cops told him to stop trying to contact Kaya.
>>1709086 Twitter isn't having any of Jake's bullshit.
>>1709171 Jake's video is getting almost as many dislikes as likes.
>>1709190 Jake deletes all negative comments on his video, as per usual.
>>1709247 Kaya uploads her 3 hour response video the same night, says she might delete it and make a more composed video later.
>>1709606 The comments section of Jake's video is turning on him. >>1709608 >>1709610 >>1709653
>>1709658 Braindead Snaccs defend him on twitter.
>>1709667 The likes on Kaya's video already exceed Jake's with only half the views.
>>1709673 Roly posts his support to the video, confirms Jake's behaviour from past experiences.
>>1709699 Rotten Hollow posts support on Instagram. >>1709725
>>1709756 Jake's instagram starts feeling the hate.
>>1709802 More confirmation of Jake's shitty behaviour from random people who met them over the years.
>>1709943 Anon posts a detailed breakdown of Kaya's video.
>>1710001 Don't invalidate Jake's mental health!
>>1710106 Jake's plushie shows up for sale on Mercari.
>>1710200 More recap of Kaya's video.
>>1710213 Kaya debunks Kat's lies that she wasn't kicked out by Dean.
>>1710217 Jake can't keep up with deleting the hate on his instagram pics anymore.
>>1710226 A reddit thread about the drama is created.
>>1710293 Angela Benedict comments her support to Kaya.
>>1710307 Jake couldn't have let Kaya stay in their house because he needed somewhere to fuck Kat.
>>1710310 Melanie Murphy comments her support to Kaya.
>>1710343 Jake's brother comments on Kaya's video. >>1710344 >>1710348 >>1710357
>>1710354 Jake starts to respond to comments finally. >>1710373 >>1710385
>>1710377 More support for Kaya, this time from Vampirefreaks.
>>1710400 Jake is bleeding subscribers.
>>1710507 Emilyboo makes an Instagram story about Jake.
>>1710716 Jake says he'll delete his video if she does, asks people to get ahold of her for him.
>>1710730 Privates the video, gives Kaya 25 minutes to do the same.
>>1710757 Kaya wakes up to Jake's bullshit yet again.
>>1710792 Jake gives Kaya more time since she just woke up.
>>1710787 Meanwhile, Kat posts selfies.
>>1710867 Roly roasts Jake with a selfie.
>>1710881 Jake's ultimatum doesn't go over well.
>>1710897 Jake say's he's moving on, no regrets and hopes Kaya will private her video too.
>>1710961 Kaya isn't making any decisions yet, hopes he'll really move on, might keep the video up because abuse survivors have asked her to.
>>1711055 Jake's instagram is losing subscribers.
>>1711454 Jake bans comments on one instagram pic so people move on to another.
>>1711574 Jake decides not to move on, will 'address everything' instead. >>1711686
>>1711575 John's comment to the whole situation.
>>1711739 Kaya finds out Jake's plan to 'address' things, says she's just tired and wants to be left alone. >>1711741
>>1711788 Kaya says Jake tried to push her out of doing Youtube many times.
>>1712035 People are now tagging Kat in comments.
>>1712055 Luxeria shows her support for Kaya.
>>1712073 Jake was so nice to Kaya during a past medical emergency that she almost hoped she would have another serious health issue just so he'd be nice to her again.
>>1712087 Kaya posts about feeling sick after an 'eye opening' day, deletes story shortly after.
>>1712338 Commentary/reaction videos start showing up on youtube. >>1712342 >>1712343
>>1712423 Kaya confirms the Cops know about Jake's video.
>>1712451 Kaya's instagram story suggests something happened, but she never elaborates. Anons suspect the cops might be involved, hence the silence.
>>1712483 More evidence of Jake's creepy behaviour. >>1712512
>>1712513 Kaya is living in fear of what Jake will say next. >>1712515
>>1712770 Skat privates her OF Instagram.
>>1712935 Kaya says she's not doing very well mentally right now.
>>1712951 Skat's plagiarism gets called out on Twitter.
>>1713021 Jake's plan to destroy Kaya's reputation only brought her tons more views, subscribers, and Patrons, and lost him a ton himself.
>>1713039 People start posting hate on Skat's tattoo shops page.
>>1713308 Kaya is planning to go to therapy after everything that's happened.
>>1713391 Working copy of Jake's original Breakup Video is posted.
>>1713411 Kaya goes to the hospital for unknown reasons.
>>1713613 Jake gets his stomach tatooed, whines like a little bitch about how it hurt.
>>1713616 Anon finds pics of the tattoo.

(Hope I did this right, didn't see anyone else making a thread so decided to try my hand.)

No. 1715683

Thank you for the new thread anon!

As an update: Jake has removed the ability to comment on his video despite making a point of saying he'll address questions from the comments on his video

No. 1715684

>>1715677 kudos on the thread pic nonnie, made me lol

No. 1715688

By far one of the funniest things to come out of this whole thing is the fact that Jake was so disastrous in bed that Kaya had to go to the doctor because she thought she was broken only to be told she's healthy, her boyfriend just can't get her wet.

No. 1715709

KEK Willem Dafoe edition, thank you OP for the new thread. Was truly one of the more bizarre relevations about his behavior but I can't stop laughing at it

No. 1715711

Almost called it 'Willem Dafatcock Edition' but I wasn't sure if that would be allowed as a title or not.

No. 1715712


Phrasing cracked me up (Obviously one of his crowd) - mate if someone had sucked a few holes, they wouldn't have been outted as not only abusive but also sub-par in bed to his fan girls. Might as well make up for over a decade of lost time.

No. 1715714

That particular anon has popped up in the altcow thread with the same wording about her. "sucking her holes" or "sucking Kaya's clit" it's always the same and super identifiable, they're not slick

No. 1715721

Probably the best pic ever posted on the farm

No. 1715749

Honestly the amount of jawline is a bit generous, but other than that, it's a spitting image of him.

No. 1715752

File: 1669899333592.png (163 KB, 1089x982, Screenshot 2022-12-01 at 12.53…)

so psyched to hear more tacky, badly produced trash from this wanker

No. 1715755

File: 1669899732811.jpg (176.52 KB, 901x694, stats.jpg)

Jake's got over a million views from the 19th, but he didn't release his video until the 24th…What did he unprivate to bring that view total up that much? Also he's lost 7k subscribers since last week.

No. 1715758

You gotta love a backhanded compliment like that " I don't understand why some people don't like your music" lmao. Could it perhaps be the heady combination of cringe lyrics, terrible mixing and a front man that's currently speed running the collapse of his own career? I feel awful for the guys who have left Munro and are pursuing their own stuff because now they have to be forever connected to this idiot's awful vanity project

No. 1715787

File: 1669905260660.png (83.62 KB, 1336x333, Untitled1.png)

dorians message on kayas video

No. 1715788

File: 1669905308914.png (8.05 KB, 324x139, Untitled.png)

emilys message on kayas video that people couldnt be bothered to look for

No. 1715789

File: 1669905371587.png (32.89 KB, 1284x243, Untitled2.png)

and an interesting reply while i was looking for emilys comment.

No. 1715807

that all she has to say? kek

No. 1715818

I wonder how much of Jake's downfall has to do with his inability to have or keep friends, he even says in his video " I don't like having friends" (???)

Like bro maybe if you had a single friend in the world they could have told you not to publish that video, not to leave huge ranty comments, not to make this whole thing a public spectacle. Jake Munro really is out here saying " A man can be an Island" it's so incredibly telling that this is what he's like without any guidance or supervision. A huge fucking mess. The man needs serious help.

No. 1715825

File: 1669910774843.jpg (155.62 KB, 698x392, Screenshot_20221129-022715_Chr…)

The thumbnail to his break-up video will always crack me up. This is what happens when a man monetizes your relationship and uses you for content. Take note Kat, you and Isaac are next. He monetized your flat ass since day one. He doesn't know love, only ego.

No. 1715826

Kek I never realised it's the same stupid pose. What is it even meant to portray?

No. 1715830


No. 1715832

Naw you're thinking of this one kek >>>/snow/1636318

No. 1715869

threadpic is a work of art

No. 1715893


sorry if i’m late to putting the pieces together but is that ugly ‘X’ on his face, skat somehow messed up supposed to be referenced from a previous make up look he did??

No. 1715902

went from #breakthejake to #jokethebroke in a year

No. 1715910

I hadn't realized that Jake has restricted his comments on Instagram as well

No. 1715912

a week later and it's still hilarious that fake thought this video will suddenly turn everyone onto his side and against kaya, yet it's had the exact opposite effect

he'll no doubt still think kaya is "manipulating" people against him because this dude has zero self awareness, i just hope when his money dries up, kat fucks off and it all comes crashing down he doesn't go after kaya physically. he seems the unhinged type especially as he turned up to the studio unannounced one time, if he knew where she lived he'd definitely be harassing her there

No. 1715916

samefag but also didn't fake say he was going to address everything after giving kaya an ultimatum about making their videos private?? she well and truly thrased his arse in that video and he can't come back with ANYTHING now. brilliant, lmao

No. 1715922

I wonder how often that happens in relationships where you met relatively young and then stayed together. My highschool bf was convinced I had a broken vagina but then I dumped him and it turned out he turned me off lmao. Good on Kaya outting his shitty bed practice most girls don't get the chance to publically drag their ex.

No. 1715943

Super duper narcissistic lol. I love in his video that whenever he mentions Kaya having friends he says it with so much disdain. He says "Kaya and her little friends", "she spent MY money on other people!!", It's hilarious but really sad she had to deal with him for so long at such a young age. I can see why she never developed proper skills to tend for herself.

No. 1715975

>that ugly ‘X’ on his face

It's a fitting tattoo since Jake will never get over his ex, based on his current behaviour.

No. 1716029

File: 1669926982997.jpg (222.62 KB, 1080x1516, Screenshot_20221129_235019_com…)

No. 1716042

Is there any way to watch it without giving him a view?

No. 1716048

I think he said Kaya and her WEIRD friends which is… Interesting. Considering there was an anon a few weeks ago saying her friends are crack heads etc.

No. 1716049

You could watch this cringey reaction vid tha at had it playing.

No. 1716050

I wonder how he brought it up, no mention of ripping off MM's tainted love or anything kek

No. 1716051

File: 1669928571951.jpeg (273.33 KB, 1170x1152, 3F48E4A3-A3CB-4BB6-8A74-A80D60…)

Looks like it’s been taken down. The blog is still up but like you said, that would be giving him a view he doesn’t deserve.

Also found this in the comments of his stupid half assed Timmy trumpets video

No. 1716052

he's a fool if he does lmao, there's literally no way to spin it that could make him look good unless he just tries to claim Kaya is 100% lying about everything

No. 1716057

Pretty interesting how Kelsey has no comment on this entire situation despite knowing them both and being in Jakes video. I thought Kelsey was an outspoken feminist and supported other women. I guess Jakes paycheck was enough so that she doesn't have to care anymore(learn2sage)

No. 1716065

I started it before thinking about not giving him a view, but had to stop it anyways because it's just too awful. He seems so fucking boring! He barely moves, is he always like that? Like when he performed live was he more animated or does he just make shitty GoTh BoY faces

No. 1716067


No. 1716103


It's still up I think - I watched it the other day when all the drama came out.

No. 1716110

So that entire video was just a copy paste of Marilyn Mansons video of the cover of Tainted love pretty much.

No. 1716143

File: 1669935552523.png (317.5 KB, 682x523, Screenshot 2022-12-01 at 23-58…)

I'm a Kaya's mum fan lmao

No. 1716163

saw roly mention the oddities museum so checked the video out, my god fake is such a miserable bore in it. Sure, he doesn't need to be cackling away like they are but he just looks straight up bitter and angry it's hilarious and awkward

No. 1716200

Was checking out his older videos and found this gem.. This just speaks for itself

No. 1716213

Please please PLEASE archive EVERYTHING especially if you're going to post about it here as he WILL delete it the second you post about it

No. 1716236


Welcome to your nightmare. You did this to yourself. You became everything you fear : stupid, not good enough and mediocre.

No. 1716257

Dorian is such a fucking hypocrite lmao. She made a video trash talking Kaya a few years ago because she made Killstar haul videos instead of "real" goth stuff. And then of course Dorian did that weird lolita kink outfit and had a meltdown, because everyone accused her of doing to Lolita what she accused Kaya of doing to goth.

No. 1716318

File: 1669951395069.jpg (217.24 KB, 1080x1380, 20221201_192149.jpg)

Putting her down while simultaneously using her for content. Some things never change.

No. 1716348

Stumpy, even if you wanted to work in an office you're not nearly smart enough or tolerable for an office job. His neck looks extra wide in this video

No. 1716386

File: 1669957598485.png (200.83 KB, 496x815, Screenshot 2022-12-02 at 03-47…)

Can't blame her at all. Some time alone finding herself, away from drama, will do her good.

No. 1716403

Wasn't there a video or stream not too long ago where he smashed his controller in a fit of rage after a game made him mad? Guess his idiot fans are lying to themselves because they have to have noticed that he still can't control his temper.

No. 1716429

It was ELDEN ring and he sucked ass,on the easiest boss as well

No. 1716441

File: 1669964284617.png (62.41 KB, 897x705, broke.png)

Tbh, the best part is that he isn't even making that much off the video. Right now his stats are messed up from him unprivating an old video. Looking at what's left, he's made anywhere from $963-$1,100 max. But at the cost of him bleeding 1k subs every day since releasing that video and he's also losing subs on patreon as well. It's a quick cash grab for the holidays, but ultimately it's going to hurt his "career" severely.

I know that a lot of people have made the onision comparison already, but this is so very reminiscent of his decline. It's almost deja vu.

No. 1716443

File: 1669964917107.png (441.91 KB, 513x914, spotify.png)

Munro fans have shit taste in music as expected. He posted others who had him alongside Corpse husband and the like too. lmao

No. 1716455

Lmao at this backhand compliment

No. 1716464

File: 1669968110869.jpg (108.84 KB, 1080x896, SmartSelect_20221201-235437_Yo…)

Random grabs from her video. Interesting to see she's still reading pretty much all of her comments.

No. 1716465

File: 1669968132867.jpg (147.23 KB, 1079x707, SmartSelect_20221201-235251_Yo…)

No. 1716467

yup, I was told I was frigid, that I acted like a reluctant “sexually molested chick” (gotta love the compassion), or that I was a lesbian who hated cock, but really I was just turned the hell off by one of my first bfs because he never went down but always pressured me to do it to him. when I dated someone who went down regularly and did it WELL, made sure I orgasmed, etc. my sex drive improved greatly. I hope Kaya meets someone who makes her feel sexy and ecstatic in bed.

No. 1716468

File: 1669969002485.jpg (53.59 KB, 782x259, friction.jpg)

No. 1716493

File: 1669977495854.jpg (368.12 KB, 1080x2134, Screenshot_20221202_023509.jpg)

I'm glad she's feeling better and taking care of herself.

No. 1716495

She looks good

No. 1716507

Getting a 200lb cancerous Stump removed will do that to you (seriously though she really does)

No. 1716508

Yeah I've been downloading everything I possibly can. If any other anons want to help but aren't sure how, loader.to is what I use.

No. 1716533

Her arm tattoos look really nice. It's really amusing how Jake tried to have a dig at her and call them "pinterest tattoos" while he's got chicken scratch on his arm and a dickhole on his neck.

No. 1716539

There's a semi big youtuber called destiny that's talking about Jake and Kaya but he got the tip from a snacc who said that Jake never said anything about Kaya after the break up and then he proceeds to watch kayas video first and shits on her with no context it's hard to watch someone who knows nothing about this situation try to psychoanalysis her. I don't think I'm supposed to link vids after the shitshow that was last thread

No. 1716558

I only looked the comments briefly, apparently he laughs when she describes the way Jakes abusive, like the driving and punching walls and doors. And the way she aired their sex life is gross.

No. 1716564

He jumps around her video to the middle of her talking about their sex life and he's laughing like where did this come from and why is she talking about sex like if he watched his video first or didn't jump to random points ???

No. 1716572

The worst part is it's some female 'snacc' that tells him about the video in the first place. Really disgusting to see so many women taking his side.

No. 1716577

A disgusting narc will ALWAYS have other abusive moids and pathetic pick-mes that will rally to their cause. It’s a good thing, really - makes it easier for the rest of us to shun them.

No. 1716584

I actually love that she’s showing her stomach.get it Kaya

No. 1716590

The debate bro Destiny? Anyone who listens to that scrote is braindead. His fans will absolutely shit on Kaya without knowing the situation at hand.

No. 1716598

File: 1669996045599.jpeg (646.41 KB, 1170x1580, EFC1566C-43C6-4CD7-820B-A65D05…)

Jake is hiding replies calling him out on his Munro announcement kek

No. 1716607

File: 1669996946561.jpeg (124.48 KB, 828x551, 2049EB44-AD72-4E71-B9AC-17801C…)

I’m disappointed that Destiny is putting his feet in his mouth. Shouldn’t be surprised. Scotes gone scrote. I don’t really know much about him but he ripped Keffals to shreds so I wanted to like him.
Maybe he’s just butt hurt cause his wife is dry af too

No. 1716623

KEK nonnie!
I hope his wife leaves him and takes his shit with her.

No. 1716634

File: 1670000069840.png (39.43 KB, 608x345, cuck.png)

NTA, but apparently they're in an open relationship too? Both sound like cows. lmao

No. 1716652

He's like addicted to video games too lmfao he'd rather play that autistic Factorio game that be around his wife. But maybe that's a good thing cus he's a useless pos and no woman deserves to deal with that man child. He literally only ever reminds me of vaush kek

No. 1716753

Jake's basically scrubbed his socials of any evidence/negative comments which is really the sign of a man who is having a really normal one

No. 1716791

Anyone who is has an “open marriage” and whose spouse defends the blatant abuse of a mentally ill partner…, should not call other people “delusional”.

No. 1716818

File: 1670016748051.jpg (96.97 KB, 331x497, strange.jpg)

Love the little nod to Jake's 'insult' about her friends here.

No. 1716894


Which boss was he struggling with? First boss depends on which way you go in the game.

Did Margit beat him up? if so; lul. Little Piss Baby Mans

No. 1716902

File: 1670025609700.jpeg (227.64 KB, 2061x998, 402BE8AA-3EAE-4C92-BA8A-100FB8…)

I never knew he had a seven rings cover video somehow. This look gives off predator

No. 1716911

Fakey looking like an AI generated image seeded with pics of Boy George and Henry VIII

No. 1716924

He’s such a sexless goblin, he wouldn’t know how to portray lust if it smacked him in the syphillistic face.

No. 1716975

Kek this look looks like he’s disgusted. I mean if that what he was going for

No. 1717025

agree! he looks jealous, like that meme “envy, it wears a coat and hangs out in hallways” lol

No. 1717035

A video going over the whole old social repose situation came on and I watched it out of curiosity, found a lot of very interesting parallels with Jake's situation. It's practically a case study he could have used to make better choices

No. 1717073

she looks so good here. I wish she'd wear her hair down like this all the time, the shaved sides just don't flatter her

No. 1717093

I know, but there’s an anon who says it’s impossible to live in Ireland without having shaved sides of your head if your hair is thick and long because of the humidity.

No. 1717101

She looks fantastic i like this simple sporty goth look on her

No. 1717284

She’s said before she’s been wanting to grow it out forever but the growing out stage is too annoying for her to bother with. I agree it doesn’t suit her, but I get it because I re-shaved my sides for like a year before I finally managed to stick to the annoying growing out stage

No. 1717301

it's giving "maam this is a chilis"

No. 1717328

Watching the seven rings vlog and Jake's immediately unable to meet his cast and crew at the airport so his mate has to stand in, Jakes excuse is his phone not going off after he "spent all night cleaning the house" who wants to bet he spent half the night screaming at Kaya about the house before cleaning it only to then spend the next day being a lecherous pig at all their female friends?

No. 1717336

Godrick the grafted XD I died laughing(emoji)

No. 1717402

true but if it's something she likes then??? like i have shaved sides too because i like it, even though i know they dont suit me lol

No. 1717456

I’m sure he blamed her for being late and screamed at her about that too.

No. 1717504

He’s a producer now folks! Now your music can sound as god awful as his!

No. 1717506

File: 1670087769441.jpeg (1.65 MB, 1170x2112, B9CA7B54-7394-4988-B2BA-B12528…)

Forgot the pic

No. 1717514

His last cover ain't the best advertisement for this! Kek!

No. 1717536


Yup, his ‘rushed’ shoddily mixed effort for his own vanity project is quite the advertisement for his production skills.

No. 1717553

Wow. Money IS running thight.

No. 1717585

Imagine producing a garbage cover song, admitting it's garbage, then asking people to pay you to produce music. His personal marketing strategies are just… stunning. Kek!

No. 1717612


Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

Now we can confirm that Jake is in fact, a little bitch.

The last time I killed him in co-op we had him dead before phase two triggered.

for non elden ring gamers:

Jake Sucks at everything he does. He's a shitty partner, terrible musician, can't keep any friends, and cannot even fight an easy boss without raging.

No. 1717618

>>1717506 looooooool hilarious, he does not have studio gear for music production, definitely not mixing and has absolutely no talent or skills for it either. So many competent/respected musicians also offer production and I don't doubt he will overcharge for it too. You are a joke, Jake, this is a genuinely laughable endeavour to make money in a competitive industry that hates your guts already.

No. 1717645

File: 1670100148541.png (10.66 KB, 736x124, youtubedaily.png)

Seems like he's also trying to cover for his recent inactivity by making it seem like he's been busy doing productive things and not just spending the past couple months harassing kaya nonstop kek. We currently have big promises for three new munro songs before Christmas and a vtuber debut whenever he feels like getting around to it. It's really no wonder he put the video back up, he's probably hoping to coast through the holidays with whatever money it makes.

Really enjoying seeing the telltale signs of him beginning to go broke though. He stopped hemorrhaging subs by the thousands, but he's still only making $40-50 a day again off that video which is pretty pitiful.

No. 1717721

He really is a lazy ass. How long has he been coasting by, recording several videos in one day (obvious from the makeup/clothes) and then releasing them across the month. And he couldn't even keep that up. And the truly ridiculous thing is that unlike most content creators, reaction channels don't have to even try to think up interesting ideas for videos. All he has to do is trawl through TikTok and react to content other people thought up. Yet he STILL can't be assed to do it. And he's blaming Kaya, despite the fact that his views correspond pretty tightly to how many videos he releases. Recently he released not one but TWO lazy ass "best of the previous month" videos that absolutely tank AND stopped wearing the makeup that made him get popular. Kaya honestly has very little if anything to do with his career crumbling to pieces. He had the easiest fucking career imaginable and just…stopped bothering.

No. 1717737

It's exactly this, his downfall was all on his own. Majority of people found him through Kaya and left through Kaya after he uploaded that first break up video where he acted like a cunt. His content has been lazy forever, but took a dive too when he stopped wearing the goth facade for views.

He's not terribly good or interesting at streaming, his music has obviously taken a dive with his bandmates leaving. I'm not sure what else he has to offer besides becoming a smalltime vtuber and public meltdowns on social media. Kat better start considering picking up more hours at the shop.

No. 1717781

Since he's "always wanted to be rich and famous" he rode on Kaya's coattails (and refuses to admit she had any part in his growth, kek) then tried different popular style of videos to see what "clicked" -the "alt boy version of TT" first, then MAG, then the normie casey neistat style of videos, then the joker-esque fake "goth" reaction videos that ultimately got him the attention he desired. Thing is I think he was just hoping to do any old shit that would get him all the subs, grow his channel that way then switch to doing whatever else he wants to do. In other words, not pay any mind to what actually caused the popularity but rather feels he is OWED all the views because he's SO AWESOME and deserves RESPECT but needs a way to be noticed amongst all the other YouTube crap. He needs to learn people subbed to him mostly because of his look- and kaya- and dropping all of that entirely to do something else isn't going to go over well with fans especially when an increasing number now hate your guts for being a sleazy cheating narc scumbag

No. 1717792

Calling it now his next phase will be Jordan Peterson simp

No. 1717805

I guess we should count ourselves lucky that he he never tried to emulate those prank bro videos that used to be really popular. Oh god wait no he reads lolcow, I shouldn't give him ideas.

No. 1717811


I know a few youtubers who do that, they'll bulk record videos one day of the month then spend time editing them and scheduling them to release throughout the month.

Mostly it's people with kids or a in-person job they need to go to.

So that's the only way they can make videos. It's cheaper to pay the baby sitter to take the kids out of the house for a few hours one day so they can get work done then it is to do it multiple times in a month. Some people really don't want their kids showing up in videos. Either by walking in the background while mommy and daddy are filming showing their face, or listening to coco melon and baby shark on repeat in the other room.

But wasn't Jake doing that before he started dating Kat?

No. 1717843

I totally get bulk recording videos if you don't have a dedicated recording space, or have kids, or if YouTube is just a side hustle, etc. But when it's your full time job AND you expect it to bankroll a pretty excessive lifestyle, there's no excuse for thinking you can get away with only working one or two days a month. Not to mention bragging to everyone about your oh so impressive work ethic.

No. 1717889

File: 1670119881368.jpg (427.45 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20221204-020926_Ins…)

I know she's a mess but she's calling Fake out. In her story, she shows that her tiktok got reported and she managed to restore it

No. 1717909

Your pfp is showing

No. 1717911

Not to mention he tried to talk shit about Kaya's content when he's been doing so little for so long and pretending he was doing so much more than he actually was. Now he's doing even less, more and more empty promises of content he never delivers. And ironically, he's once again using Kaya to get views. He's such a loser.

No. 1717949

This is after releasing a song that he admits was badly produced but he thought people wouldn't notice, like I'm shit but hire me

The narc brain is fascinating

No. 1717951

File: 1670125576835.jpg (47.17 KB, 1080x346, Screenshot_20221203-194515_You…)

Why is he speaking about himself in third-person, or did Skat pussywhip him into access to his socials?

No. 1717992

Maybe he has been sockpuppeting as a snacc and thought he was WKing himself from another account. kek

No. 1718033

Because who he's responding to were referring to him as "he"

No. 1718055

I was thinking the same thing!! Like how can you promote yourself as a producer when your portfolio is shit and you even admit it's shit??

No. 1718110

>>1717951 too legible to be skat

No. 1718232

He thinks it’s a good idea to respond. Again.

Fitting that his nickname is “Stump”, because he is as dumb as.

No. 1718257

How can he respond?!
She was very diplomatic. She even defended him at points and she said "that's how I felt" several times
It doesn't leave him a leg to stand on.
He's an utter moron if he makes another video

No. 1718284

File: 1670175700700.jpg (245.55 KB, 1080x950, Screenshot_20221204-093828_Twi…)

This will forever crack me up bc like 75% of the fans he has left use anime profile pics or are as ugly/even uglier women than based op. Not to mention, that fucking ratio lmao. 118 likes on op, 4 likes on his grade school reply.

No. 1718309

File: 1670177347891.jpg (306.24 KB, 742x903, Screenshot_20221204_180718_Ope…)

When you have a long island ice tea hangover and the sun comes up

No. 1718336

> He's an utter moron if he makes another video

Nonnie, the last five words of that statement are utterly unnecessary.

No. 1718344

Kaya's been taking things really well and doing her best to improve as a person. Even admitting mistakes and saying she's sought out therapy and medication to get better.

I'm starting to think that without Jake's influence on her life she wouldn't have been nearly as big of an lolcow as she was in the past.

I checked her socials and she's posting pictures of herself going to what looks like an Aquarium, showing off outfits, and acting like a normal woman in her mid twenties.

Bathroom mirror selfies and pictures with cute zoo animals behind safety glass ain't milk.

Then there's Jake…

No. 1718422

My narcissistic ex would do the same thing about my friends. If narcissist don’t directly isolate you they do so by making tons of insults and judgments about your friends and make fights purposefully cause issues before you see your friends .

No. 1718428

Mid 20s? Kaya is coming up 30 next year, or is already 30. That ain’t mid

No. 1718429

Wonder if anything will be addressed.

No. 1718472

So far he's been bragging Munro had a million streams on spotify and that it's BIG. And his Vtubing is going to be filmed a month in advance and be immediately available on patreon. So he's not going to do lives which is part of why vtubers are so succesful because people are interacting with an anime character. So what is he going to do? Tiktok reacts as vtuber? This man loves shooting himself in the foot. I'm 30 mins in and I can't take his bullshit any more. Someone else can take over.

No. 1718496

He tried to self describe as a thirst trap vtubing goth daddy, spent about five solid minutes jerking himself off about how good he was performing on tour, considered signing up to some raffle scam email for influencers and floated the idea of access to his only fans as a possible raffle prize, at that point I dipped because I'd rather die than listen to this man inflate his own ego any more

No. 1718512

Could only stomach a min or two

Said he hadn’t been posting videos because he had to get a root canal. And that he had a sweet, nice day picking out and decorating a Christmas tree.

No. 1718513

It's not the brag he thinks that it is because he only made 1k off of that 1 million streams.

No. 1718559

kek @ the file name

but he really is a fat, bloated mess. ugly inside and out, very fitting

No. 1718561

File: 1670195091677.png (243.86 KB, 392x325, bigtoemunro.png)

It's no wonder he's planning to hide behind a vtube avatar, dude's face is slowly melting into his neck

oops sorry liked this one slightly better

No. 1718579

When you flush hundreds of pounds down the toilet trying to tattoo a neckline and it backfires horribly.

No. 1718591

He has gained so much weight since last year, holy shit. He's got a fat little dough boy face again. And with the tattoos it's just so much worse.

No. 1718602

sweet justice lol, called kaya fat in the early days of their relationship when she was actually slim and has hang ups about his own weight. Is he just in denial? he must feel huge especially next to skat kek

No. 1718614

Nono you don't understand. See he's jacked up. It's not that he's got a doughy face from booze its that his neck and chin now have muscles.

No. 1718616

Love that he made fun of Kaya's tattoos while looking like that..

No. 1718621

File: 1670198284944.png (Spoiler Image, 1.24 MB, 1134x670, 03434.png)

He showed his new stomach tattoo for a moment on stream. Watching him pull his pants down from where they were pinching him (you can see the imprint left kek) and suck in before pulling his shirt up was a real treat. Spoiler cause he's gross.

No. 1718622

God, that thing on the side of his head looks like horrendous lesion. Kek

No. 1718625

Is it unfinished or is this just another example of Terrible Taste from Mr Festering Skull Tattoo? Either way, it’s fucking dreadful kek, that kind of trad style is reliant on the surrounding art being the same otherwise it just looks like flash art from an apprentice.

No. 1718626

Tbh they both might want to calm down with the impulse tattoos.

No. 1718631

It's unfinished. I don't hate the design tbh, and it definitely seems better than the rest of his tattoos at the moment, but it clashes so much against the washed out lineless tattoos that cover the rest of his stumpy little body.

Not to sound like a kaya wk, but she's mostly just adding to her planned bug sleeve. The head tattoo was definitely a choice, but so far the execution of her tattoos have been pretty solid minus the script on her hands. I don't know what Jake has been thinking, everything he's had done has been a blotchy grotesque mess minus this new stomach tattoo. Even though this one is probably the best work he's had yet, it looks so out of place. This had to have cost him at least 1k so far too.

No. 1718638

Jake just said on his stream that he’s putting out a new vid tomorrow. Will be interesting to see if he continues to dig himself a whole or act like the last two weeks never happened.

No. 1718639

File: 1670199432101.png (708.85 KB, 952x624, tattoosperg.png)

Sorry for samefag and tattoo sperging, but I was just thinking about how this almost reads more like a krampus tattoo rather than baphomet? I think I'm going to have to take back what I said about not hating the design after all, lmao.

No. 1718659

It can only get worse for him. I’m betting he will either double down and blame her for his behavior OR he will claim he is “getting help”. Dude is finished either way. He will maintain a small following like Onision but he won’t recover for this anytime soon if at all.

No. 1718683

File: 1670205506196.jpg (52.89 KB, 904x197, shotsdaddy.jpg)

No. 1718697

File: 1670207050749.jpeg (123.53 KB, 690x776, B1815A77-8CB9-48CA-AFBD-1BFFE4…)

No. 1718700

That's a nice looking shittip in the corner Jake. Good thing you're not the messy one right lmao

No. 1718710

Holy shit those lines are so shakey, even from a mile away. What a pastey fucking loser.

No. 1718715

I just know he thinks those love handles are a v-line.

No. 1718824

File: 1670221445720.jpg (294.75 KB, 509x815, ew.jpg)

No. 1718833

lmao, kat looks like she smells something awful and jake is doing the usual facial contortions to make himself look less bloated and sad. What kind of 30+ man duckfaces? Also, seems he has to raise his nonexistent eyebrows so his eyes aren't covered by his sagging forehead >>1718561

ngl I used to think Kat was out of his league before, but with every unedited pic he posts of her I'm beginning to think they're actually pretty looksmatched. Ugly inside and out.

No. 1718839

You think she’s ugly? Kek

No. 1718845

File: 1670224159329.png (98.14 KB, 360x415, yeahkinda.png)

Maybe she just has an ugly smile because of her underbite? but yeah kinda.

No. 1718860

She's pretty but you can tell she has a nasty soul, like an evil stepmother in a disney movie. It's in the eyes and the smile. Like she clearly gets off on fucking over other women after what kaya said about going to cat-sit and finding hair and cum in the bed, there was no reason to leave that there for Kaya to find.

No. 1718867

File: 1670229361701.jpg (Spoiler Image, 30.99 KB, 475x356, Hi61hflTIOKAtZqhDJe18ieC8tqvLO…)

No. 1718883


You know you loose 100 hairs a day nonnie? I doubt she 'planted' it.

No. 1718886

her actions and personality take her from unfortunate looking/mannish face, but making the best of it with clothes and makeup, to fuckin ugly. plus, she’s aging very poorly with such deep facial lines at only 34. by 40 she’ll look like a meth face grandma.

No. 1718891

Both Jake and Kat will age terribly. Everyone who drinks like them does.

No. 1718893

yeah, i think all the alcohol consumption is making her skin less lax and more dry, which is making her look more rough than she would've been otherwise. her and jake are cautionary examples.

No. 1718904

Every picture he posts of them is edited. Their skin is smoothed and there is a filter. Jake’s skin looks like it has more texture in his videos than on Instagram.

No. 1718913

He looks orange

No. 1718924

Jake is a twat but took accountability for his outbursts and provided literal receipts
She cried and blubbered bc her passive income could be affected then she would have to get a real job. She kept posting about him then denied it and he showed all the texts.

He said his anger, talking to kat before technically breaking up was wrong

Kaya acted like it was sudden when they had broken up twice right before the final. She wasn’t in a cold studio and her mom had a four bedroom home. She’s still a sloth making excuses to not make content. If she had a successful channel and he was laying around while she bought him thousands of dollars worth of shit he would be dragged but bc she’s female it’s ok? Nah. He’s a gross little troll but he exposed her ass.(sage your shit)

No. 1718928

Oh my god you again? Give it a rest, no one here agrees with you.

No. 1718929


…and he also said he wouldn't go to therapy or do anything about his anger that's meaningful, so until he does actually learn how to handle it (when very recently he was freaking out about being unable to beat easy Elden Ring bosses and broke a controller) he's not addressed his anger at all.

"Her mom had a four bedroom home" OK, do you believe what Jake says, or no? Because Jake also supports that yes she was living in the studio, not her mom's four bedroom home. You either believe what Jake said or tinfoil that Jake was lying on this specific thing, pick one

No. 1718932

He took accountability for NOTHING and if you believe a thing coming out of his gob you're as dumb as he is

No. 1718934

Are you WILLFULLY ignorant, or just lacking critical thinking skills?

The “literal receipts” Jake showed are proof of nothing more than he purchased items and sent Kaya money in the last couple years. Gifts are also purchased.

Kaya never mentioned his name, meanwhile he’s posting shit like “Kaya did the worst thing a person can do” which I guess is not cleaning? Cause that was his main gripe in the video.
Kaya also had an email from their landlord describing damage done to the property which does a pretty job refuting jokes claims of not punching holes in doors anymore cause someone sure did it.

Kaya cried and bubblered as you say because joke had time to plan, and he has no fucking feelings other than anger. Kaya had his hit piece dropped in her lap, who wouldn’t want to be relatively quick in responding when he’s accused her of actual crimes?

I’m not a Kaya fan, I think she’s boring af. But she’s pretty benign. Joke is malicious.

No. 1718942

If you're going to come in here guns blazing at least try to do it with an image, evidence, screen cap, anything at all. It's an image board.

Can you even show us any of these "posts"? Because I'm 99.9% certain the only person who has actually posted anything in relation to the breakup is Jake with his paragraph long whinge fests in his comment sections over the last year.

Oh, do you mean when she vaguely and very gently answers obviously weighted questions about their previous relationship when people are asking? Because the two are absolutely not the same thing and to suggest as much is just being willfully ignorant. Nice try though

I know you wanna defend your rapidly aging favourite thirst trapping goth daddy but you should do it with something tangible and real instead of a claim that's obviously discredited by anyone whose been paying attention which is most of the people in this thread.

No. 1718945

Agree. At most Jake shouted at Kaya and called her lazy (she is). If I was stuck with a big fat gf like kaya who would threaten to kill herself instead of take the bin out I'd cheat too.

No. 1718947

You are as pathetic and contemptible as the bullying stump and the balding whore. But keep pissing in the wind if it makes you feel better.

No. 1718948

No one here agrees with you, even when you reply to your own post to agree with yourself.

No. 1718950

Awk away and fuck weird wk anon. Kaya IRL is pathetic and a whinge and a conceited stuck up bitch even tho she looks like she's going to age into a typical Belfast granny stuck in an estate and doesn't look like she has good dental hygiene.

Kaya is a fat lazy bitch. She wasn't cheated on when she found Kat's hair in her bed she was already dumped and returned to feed her cat and not get her things because why end it with a cheater when you could drag it out for over a year and make it the only interesting thing about you for an entire year. Has she even vlogged any of her shite trips to London this year or the Galgorm, Northern Ireland most over hyped Spa?

Like waah my ex bf called me lazy cause I did fuck all for years not even housework. Feel bad for me!!!

No. 1718952

You're prob one of the faggots that think any anon post against Kaya must be Jake or kat ignoring the fact Kaya has been a cow on this site for years and her queer fat fans need to cope with it.

No. 1718959

Wow. I didn’t really think you were Stumpy or the Whore, but now I’m kind of hoping - for your own sake - that you are because otherwise you are WAY too invested in this shit. Go touch some grass.

No. 1718967

Reort us then for being a cow or samefagging two different accusations and both against the rules, wonder who the newfags are? The ones sucking the clit of the laziest goth in Belfast

No. 1718969

It's probably Jake seething with rage on here instead of 'addressing everything' kek

No. 1718974

WOOF, yep

if she didn't have her biological kid next to her in this picture, I'd be convinced that's a tranny

No. 1718989


Thinking going down on a woman is a killer insult? Make it more obvious why don't you - fuck, and to think some narcissists are actually smart. At least this one is as dumb as he is pathetic.

No. 1718996

I assume it's just butthurt anons with a specific hateboner for Kaya who remain permanently upset that Jake is infinitely more milky than she is. I'm sorry that the goth king of clowns is constantly broadcasting himself while his trousers are falling down and taking attention away from your ability to bully a woman for being chubby but unless Kaya can lower herself to Jake's abysmal current moral standards she will always be the lesser cow of the two and will be defended when comparisons are drawn. Jake's a full on house fire, Kaya is a slightly out of control candle.

No. 1719001

Moreover, it is now becoming increasingly clear that at least part of her apparent laziness is due to the fact that she was depressed, because she has been living with an angry midget.

No. 1719046

Honestly baffled at this response. If you think I'm one of the cows or I'm samefagging report the post, but it's acrually against the rules to Hi Cow anons.

No. 1719047

No. Kaya been a fat do nothing cow for years. Her getting dumped for being a fat mess doesn't change that or make me more sympathetic. The gruesome twosome have always been looks matched and both as fat and unpleasant as each other. God bless.

No. 1719049

Pity you don't understand mental health

No. 1719050

Nah. Kaya even admits herself her relationship wasn't physically abusive. She was upset because her bf would get mad and shout at her after she did nothing with her life during her 20s. She's has a few holidays that any peer her age could do whilst working a real job. Her YouTube content is lazy and low production anyone with a real job could film the shite she does.

She had all the time in the world to realise her bf was a shit head if by her own mouth he ruined every putting. Like fuck me she didn't have work keeping her distracted. She doesn't hang out with friends from that period of her life, she's got new druggie friends from Belfast and has kept social media friends in England because they haven't been used by her due to them luckily not living in the same country.

Kaya's a tramp. Without YouTube she'd just be a benefits scrounge like her ma

No. 1719052

Yes I do, Kaya's not mentally ill she's an immature cunt. That's why no doctor took her seriously.

No. 1719054


>That's why no doctor took her seriously.

Jesus fucking christ, keep up. She's on meds and doctors aren't handing out ADHD meds to just anyone.

No. 1719058

Two doctors wouldn't take her seriously until her dad paid for her to go private. Also it's very easy to get meds off the NHS, NHS staff rather put you on pills than have to do work or evaluate. The fact they didn't give Kaya anything after 2 visits is very telling.

No. 1719062

It’s the believing jakes video for me.

No. 1719066

It's the knowing Kaya from around Belfast and having irl mutual and also having life experience in the same country and same health services.

No. 1719069


Anyone who's ever tried to get meds off the NHS knows this is BS. NHS will do everything they can before giving you meds that are even slightly addictive or have recreational qualities.


hi Jake(hi cow)

No. 1719075

Literally getting tablets off the NHS is the easiest thing ever. Where are you from?

Not Jake but will reort for the hi cow. Belfast isn't that small that anyone that knows Kaya has to be Jake or one of the cows specifically talked about itt. Didn't realise so many farmers are retards

No. 1719076

The way you’re getting heated seems way blown out of proportion for someone who isn’t Jake though kek

No. 1719078

What's the difference between me apparently getting heated for calling Kaya lazy and fat but everyone going on about kat and Jake don't have vendettas or hate bones? Seems very biased and telling of who's not a usual lolcow farmer

No. 1719104

Why are Jake stans using the "well I TOLD her I have anger issues" as a defence? In what world does it make anger and abuse OK?

No. 1719112

Oh hey look, this >>1715714 anon mentioned here is back. You should really change up your wording bud, you're really easy to spot.

No. 1719114

Nonnie I say this with genuine concern. Go outside. Take deep breaths. In through your nose, out through your mouth. Get some camomile tea.
Maybe you should ask Joke how he magically got over his anger issues and implement his tactics cause you’re coming off more than a little pressed.
Bare minimum, try not to stand out like a sore thumb. Change up your phrasing. Integrate. As you’re so keen on rules, I’m sure you’ll recall that is one of them

No. 1719119

Careful, or you might get called a Kaya clit sucker kek. But really this whole "I totally know Kaya Belfast isn't that big you guys have it all wrong she IS awful" schtick is really old and worn out too, they need more material. Provide some proof of knowing her and then maybe people might stop calling you Jake? Just a thought.

No. 1719123

ilu nonnie

No. 1719124

It's funny cause I haven't posted itt for days. Not a Jake Stan. You're not a jake Stan if you also think Kaya is a cow. I think both of them are cows but Kaya got called out for being lazy what people have been speculating for years itt. It's the Kaya wk that are annoying af, trying to police anyone from calling Kaya fat etc. She fucking is.

No. 1719127

Why would farmers cowtip themselves

No. 1719130


Notice how no one is disputing her being fat yet you keep reiterating it. Starting to sound like vendetta posting more and more kek

No. 1719131

Weird thing to get hung up on. Your experience of screaming at the GP until they relent and give you an early top-up on your diazzy script isn't universal.

No. 1719132

Sage your shit. It's obviously her gay fans getting upset anytime you criticise her. Can't call her lazy, can't actually discuss what Jake said it gets shouted down by people clearly getting very heated on Kaya's behalf. It's the hypocrisy, yet her fans keep trying to insinuate its young fans that are calling her out. It's young people that can't comprehend how Kaya has wasted fucking years she'll never get back doing fuck all about her circumstances. She'd still be with Jake who you all hate so much if he didn't dump her. Kaya said she knew he was abusice for years yet she platformed him and allowed him an audience. She's a twat.

No. 1719139

What hypocrisy? Jake was an emotionally and financially abusive narcissistic cheating moid for years, Kaya got depressed and got fat and stopped doing anything as a result. Those are not in any way the same. Your insistence on disliking Kaya no matter what she's done to better herself, and blaming a woman for staying in an abusive relationship, is why people think you're Jake. If you want to think she's the same as ever, look at her channel. She's uploading regularly, active on IG and tiktok, so what in your eyes would make her not be a "twat"? Or are you just gonna admit this is all vendetta posting? Cause it's getting really sad.

No. 1719146

All jake did was talk shite. Anyone with half a brain listened and came to the same conclusion. You sound upset. What was it? Saying Kat looks like a troon? Because she does. You use "licking clits" and "twat" eagerly as insults on a woman's board. Makes me think you're a troon to thirsting for jake. Is that the upset? lmao. Somehow Kaya wasted years of her life with jake but jake didn't wast years of his with this "ugly fat lazy twat" ? If jake didn't had kat to clamp onto like a codependent leech he would still be with kaya. We all know it

No. 1719148

RIP Altcows thread, looking forward to more daily "Kaya is lazy!!" rotten milk

No. 1719151

giving fake any credibility was mistake number one, but I'm also starting to believe it's a scrote with the amount of misogynistic insults

No. 1719162

Yes, Kaya is fat, lazy, infantile, whiney. But most importantly, she is insanely boring.
And you need to be absolutely retarted not to understand why no one wants to talk about her.
Her life now is stable and dramaless. I type this and want to sleep already, this boring she is now.

No. 1719163

Starting to think Kat now with how shitty your spelling and grammar are, fuck me.

Provide some actual milk for a change

No. 1719164

Kaya is boring you're right I've no idea why she has fans. One of my favourite Kaya grifts her fan moments was when she moaned about repair costs to her financed vehicle, in which she would not have had to pay a penny towards repairs (it would be in the financial agreement) since she doesn't own the car. And she would have got the invoice to keep a record for the car, but I loved that she milked it for people to donate her money.(infighting)

No. 1719165

Slight ot will there be an altcows 32 or is this the new incarnation

No. 1719167

Hurrdurr remember when that happened! Who fucking cares. Give new milk or stfu

No. 1719170

If all you have to offer is spoiled milk then you're a shitty farmer

No. 1719171


Depends on the finance agreement. Not all cover maintenance & repairs. Unless you know what type of finance agreement she has?

No. 1719190

Financing in Ireland means you got a loan to pay for the car. It's yours when you paid the full amount. Why the fuck would the financing company pay repairs to the car? I think you are mixing up financing and leasing. Kaya owns the car. It's her car.

No. 1719192

Northern Ireland operates under British law fyi. If Jake and Kaya got their vehicles financed from the dealership the dealership would pay for any repairs since they own the vehicle, unless it was an insurance claim but given how Kaya went on about a Swan and her scooter if she had a car accident we would have known. The repairs were normal maintenance. Kaya pribably wanted to look like she has bills and something to her name but all she owns is her tattoos.

No. 1719195

Uh this is the Kaya and Jake thread…

No. 1719202

That's not how that works that is leasing. Financing is just a loan to pay of the car. Like a loan to buy a house. The bank isn't going to fix your roof for free nor is it going to fix your car.

No. 1719203

If Jake took out a loan for Kaya's car and they bought it outright would they not have stated that. Financing a vehicle in NI is completely different than taking a loan out for car. One you pay the bank or whoever lent the money. If you're paying the dealership it's a finance agreement and you do not own the car, you can either buy it out after 3 years or whatever the contract says or trade it in for another vehicle. If its a financial agreement all maintenance would be carried out and fianced by the dealership.

No. 1719205

File: 1670267279302.png (Spoiler Image, 2.54 MB, 1170x2532, 73595651-6A8A-4957-8EFD-D998D6…)

Kaya had this on her insta stories

No. 1719207

Samefag - I didn’t mean to spoiler that one

No. 1719212

The never ending breakup kek

No. 1719217

It’s probably true - I mean, Stumpy still has a few fans left to obliterate. Might as well get to it!

No. 1719220

Yes it is, well done. There was no reason to split off from altcows, milk ran out almost immediately.
Kind of wanted to make 32, hoping to put Kaya/Jake discussions back in altcows but I don't think people want to leave this thread even if it's stale.

No. 1719222

Yea this thread should have never been made like this, it's just the next alt cows thread. If they wanted to discus it on jake and kaya thread only they should have continued with the one that existed. Thought it's good to wait a bit with an altcows because it was overrun with jake and kaya newfags fucking everything up.

No. 1719231

File: 1670268988860.png (1.47 MB, 750x1334, 7802B757-5580-4E3D-8B8B-DB018F…)

That was on there, also. I tried to find the tweet but it couldn’t have been something Jake wrote unless he swiftly deleted it (which wouldn’t surprise me), so has anyone else got an idea what this could be about?

No. 1719240

I can't wrap my head around his obsession with her. It's been over a YEAR dude. I would be so fucking embarrassed if my boyfriend was day and night talking about his ex, posting about his ex, taking me to his ex's favorite spots etc. He can't stop thinking about her and he needs to get a grip.

No. 1719245

either bring your precious receipts and screenshots about Kaya's "druggie" friends or shut the fuck up. Alcohol is a drug too, ya boozer.

No. 1719248

Her family are right, probably her dad telling her to grow up.

No. 1719251

The police were only involved recently because she finally got her things. Probably why there's a bit of malarkey happening. Just a guess of course.

No. 1719283

That unnecessary bit at the end too about her mum really leads me to believe this is Jake or Kat. Probably why this anon clams up and never replies to anyone asking for proof kek

No. 1719285

> Sucking the clit
hmmm we’ve heard this exact language before when we suspected Jakeposting in the last thread, kek.

No. 1719286

It can't be him, he doesn't know where the clit is

No. 1719287

ironic since fake never went down on her kek, wonder if he even knew where the clit was

No. 1719289

snap nonnie

No. 1719321

Also "report us"…

No. 1719360

why? thank god it was divided! let's make an altcows 32 to talk about the other cows and let this shitshow only here, it's easier to find.
There's more goth wannabes like mamie hades on tiktok now and they're begging to be discussed

No. 1719367

>calling kaya's "strange friends" belfast trash
>claims to know them, refuses to bring receipts
>aggressively defended binge drinking
>thinks "sucking clit" is a proper insult
>referring to themself as "us"
>obsessed with Jake's talking points when attacking kaya (fat/lazy)
>entirely too invested and angry
>always glosses over Jake and Kat
I used to think it was just some desperate snacc, but now I'm not so sure. It's obvious it's the same anon each time too. We already know Jake reads here, I honestly wouldn't put it past him to post since he clearly can't control himself, but if it isn't him, nonny needs some serious help.

agreed, milk about literally anyone other than jake/kat/kaya gets lost pretty quickly. With all the drama surrounding the videos right now, I think the containment threads seem nessicary. Maybe once things die back down they can go back to alt cows though.

No. 1719380

What fucking milk? The jake/kaya thread got merged with altcows because jake and kaya split up and altcows was pretty much fucking dead. In fact it's so dead noone has yet bothered to make a new one because there is no fucking milk. Most alt cows either quit being cows or just quit. Talking shit about how someone looks stupid with nothing else going on is not milk. Someone's face is not milk. Tinfoiling about someone's dead dog is not milk.

No. 1719389

This is a jake and Kaya thread, not altcows. Keep milk relevant.
Make another altcows thread for when their is any milk.
Stop shitting up this thread.

No. 1719402

Fake's new vid is out.

No. 1719410

File: 1670283568727.png (36.06 KB, 1237x228, Screenshot 2022-12-06 at 00-35…)

lol it's another can't laugh at vids react video. This was in the comments. He is such a pathetic controlling narc. "I would love to keep everything private" No you do not fake. Don't talk about respect when you are such a scrote.

No. 1719412

You guys will say over and over "this is the jake and kaya thread" but will never acknowledge that there's barely any actual milk and the thread is pure spam and newfaggotry.

No. 1719414

File: 1670283979344.jpg (196.5 KB, 1080x873, Screenshot_20221205-154320_You…)

You fucking posted it first, bro. Without giving her ANY warning. You can't control someone's reaction to YOUR instigation like this. That's like taking the first punch, and being surprised by getting punched back. Then cowering down, and being like "I'll stop if you stop!"

No. 1719415

Are the same newfags forcing you to read and post in this thread you hate so much?

No. 1719416

Wym? The milk is fresh and flowing especially ever since Jake posted his "I've had enough" vid.

No. 1719419

exactly. he "started it" and didn't like her response lmao, now it's all backtracking

No. 1719437

File: 1670285613162.png (67.04 KB, 1021x538, Untitled.png)

She's smarter than she's being given credit for. Probably too nice for her own good and stayed with the "broken" boy out of pity or a sense of responsibility.

No. 1719438

Sis no one would even know about any of this if Jake wasn’t weirdly, pathetically obsessed with Kaya lmfao. You absolutely don’t have to like her but come on, she’s not the one stirring up drama. You make it sound like you’re struggling to find legitimate reasons to shit on her, if she sucks so bad that really should not be the case kek

No. 1719441

File: 1670285764139.png (26.31 KB, 789x213, Screenshot 2022-12-06 at 01-12…)

Just saving this here for future reference when he can't stop himself from having a hissyfit when Kaya is doing well.

No. 1719443

File: 1670285893847.png (591.47 KB, 718x1325, Polish_20221205_190655446.png)

A response to fake's tweet about how he is currently taking jobs mixing and producing music. I love how the enternet is staying on his ass. Whenever I see his physique, I can't get the image of a 2 litre carton of milk out of my head.>>1719410

No. 1719444

I’m mad there’s not a new altcow thread yet, Kat Von D went full retard and is collaborating with Marilyn Manson. Finally some notable milk and nowhere to post dammit

No. 1719446

>She was upset because her bf would get mad and shout at her after she did nothing with her life during her 20s
He wasn't shouting at her to encourage her(?) did you even watch the video. He went crazy smashing plates because she said 'babe, your turkey' after noticing he left his plate out overnight, she had to run across the street holding her cat to get away from him. He punched walls and threw and broke objects in anger frequently. He would drive erratically on the way to Tesco just to frighten her. He drove all their friends away by being a wet blanket and sexually inappropriate.
He wasn't 'shouting because she is lazy' or some shit, he used it as an excuse to take out his anger issues on her. He could have spent money on a cleaner any day of the week. He could have been encouraging and kind (the only way to actually help someone) but opted to be violent and angry while doing nothing to help her, and apparently that's her fault according to sub-100 iq snaccs like you.

No. 1719461

You know you can like… Make a thread right?

No. 1719472

lmao why are you so mad? Just make another altcows thread and have a nap. It really isn't that serious.

Seriously. The first Jake/kaya thread filled up in just a week. Things might quiet down for a bit during the holidays, but Jake has already proven himself obsessed.

I want to add that there have been MANY people who have come forward with stories and experiences about his behavior too. Other content creators, fans, and ex fans have all been sharing negative experiences. Yet Jake has literally no one on his side except for the woman he cheated with?

No. 1719565

exactly. depression is a bitch, not to blogpost but tl;dr is that when i'm depressed, the last thing i want to do is clean. combine that with living with a stumpy midget… yeah. i can't blame her too much.

it doesn't make it okay, that's the problem. some people are geniunely so fucking retarded and deluded, they think fake is this shining angel who can do no wrong. it's disgusting, and they all need serious mental help.

nonnie, this is the jake and kaya thread. if you want a new altcows thread then make one kek

'out of respect' KEK THAT'S HILARIOUS. come on fake, we know you don't have any respect whatsoever for kaya. fuck off and go back to your ciggies and vanilla ass sex.

so… make a new thread? it's not that hard kek

No. 1719652

If it's more than two sentences it's not Kat. She's not smart enough to type a paragraph.

No. 1719685

No. 1719699

There's a very obvious cross contamination of people who don't believe that mental illness is a real illness or that verbal abuse is real abuse who also seem incredibly keen to defend Jake. I hope personally whoever it is you want to be enabled to scream at gets out of your lives asap.

No. 1719710

Probably why he seems to be so chill in his yt comments, he's venting all his shit here kek.

No. 1719732

File: 1670313238659.png (161.14 KB, 583x394, demonetized.png)

Honestly seems he could have been throwing a shit fit because YT demonetized his latest reaction video. kek

No. 1719743

Fucking stop replying to these unsaged bait posts. Mods ain't deleting them, just ignore them. This thread is worse than Shaytards atm.

No. 1719789

Did he buy a bulk package of cheap flannel shirts in a dozen colors. And is there a popular male youtuber with that aesthetic that he's recently decided to start skinwalking? Because at this point I refuse to believe he's capable of coming up with his own sense of style.

No. 1719807

I assume he got it from Eddie stranger things.tm after he jumped on that little hellfire club bandwagon. I cannot fucking stand him in the flannel. On anyone else it comes across kind of cozy and approachable which is the absolute opposite vibe Jake emanates as a person. Flannels are for friendly stoners and lumberjacks not an angry horny little narcissistic boglin

No. 1719808

File: 1670325897678.png (675.61 KB, 641x554, lumberjake.png)

It's the same flannel he was wearing in his kaya bashing video. Almost makes me wonder if he filmed this on the same day given his past filming habits.

No. 1719827

He’s skinwalking Skats ex husband, Dean kek

No. 1719844

I'm a sucker for a man in a flannel shirt…apparantly there is an exception.

No. 1719852

Kaya is lazy though. She's retroactively stating she's now had mental illness throughout the majority of her 20s along with sucidial thoughts etc etc. At what point was she going to go and get help for it why did her bf have to be the one to fight with her to go to therapy. He even would eventually admit defeat and was the only one cleaning their living surroundings. Your environment triggers your mental health something shocking. Adults would realise they'd have to take responsibility for their own surroundings. Kaya is irresponsible af. Her parents really should have intervened sooner, she's nearly 30 and she has like zero life skills. I take it she never wants kids because could you imagine

No. 1719858

inb4 I get called a Kaya "clit licker", she did go and get help for it though? She actively sought out an ADHD diagnosis, and I don't know about zero life skills since it seems like she's doing fine living on her own. I think all the non-Jake related Kaya milk has just dried up and farmers are pissy that they can't bitch about her anymore. Because nothing you said here is anything that hasn't been said at least 3 times in this thread.

No. 1719859

I'd ordinarily agree, but at the start of the new video he talks about going to Spain for the tummy tattoo, which we know happened this past week not before the Kaya bashing vid released

No. 1719860

The adhd thing isn't depression tho which she's been citing and that's only a recent diagnosis. Like we've all been documenting them for the past decade or so, she's always been lazy and unmotivated and unproductive. How many years of nothing before thinking oh here maybe my lifestyle is the problem maybe I feel depressed and useless because I don't contribute to anything. Just a thought.

No. 1719863

He's actually wearing a different flannel in the Kaya video, but has that one on in the thumbnail for it.

No. 1719864

Like her symptoms are odd. Went years unable to lift up after herself even when others were getting angry etc but the day Jake drops his video she's able to film and upload and finish the task within hours, something she apparently struggles to do. I get people are going to be like its emotional she felt attacked etc etc, but how come she never felt attacked or emotional to like bin something so the guy she loved wouldn't have a reason to be mad. If you took her patrons away from her I bet she'd suddenly figure out how to work.

No. 1719871

Hmm, truly a mystery.
So when she was with jake she was lazy, depressed, isolated, fat, sad and nasty.
Now she is without jake and is more active, happy, friendly, lost some fat, cleans her house.

Wow, I wonder what happened!

No. 1719882

Where's the proof she's done anything since breaking up with him? She lived like a homeless person until she saved up enough donations and started renting a property in Bangor. All we've saw is edited photos of her or her backdrop not looking like a shit tip. She still hasn't really returned to YouTube aka her job. She's posting on social media but people do thslat after break ups to make it seem like they're winning I mean she's been vague posting about him for over a year but now he's the one obsessed cause she got the police involved because she felt harassed Jake asker her to move her scooter after over a year. I don't know where people are getting Kaya is stable and coping well. She's just added tattoos to her body and has a place her ex bf is no longer paying for.

No. 1719891

I mean we also don't get videos of Jake's house either aside from a tiny, dark, blurry, heavily cropped section of his recording room. Weird because I swear he promised ages ago that he was going to start uploading vlogs again. And record videos in the bedroom he was going to turn into a gigantic wardrobe. Also weird that a guy who's supposedly NOT a hoarder with a shopping addiction of his own needs a full bedroom just to house his clothes. Most people make do with a closet or wardrobe.

No. 1719899

You clearly don’t understand how ADHD works

No. 1719900

Jake's a mess too, but he worked in concentrix from 2013 to going part time in 2016. He did a few different campaigns, but was never let go by the company. Moved different departments. He worked, cleaned their home and filmed in his spare time. Kaya lived with him during that time, she herself hardly filmed was not working and now we know she doesn't clean or do anything. Is it really a cause for celebration when a near 30 year old woman is able to clean up? She's been out of her parents home for years now, she's only know getting that she's responsible for herself?

FYI me saying this is not saying Jake is doing the opposite and better. He's went from having a gf that acts like an incapable minor to having a gf with a minor. Man's mental

No. 1719918

This nitpicking isn't milk, or even remotely interesting to read. She's not perfect but she's not really doing anything worthy of criticism anymore.

No. 1719920

Not sure if this has been mentioned, but on the topic of her saving donations for a rental, didn't Jake say over the course of 2020 and 2021 the total amount of cash (not in gifts) he gave her was 60k? Where did all that money go? Surely that could have been used for her deposit!

No. 1719923


suck your own balls jake(hi cow)

No. 1719925

File: 1670338391984.png (305.98 KB, 864x651, Screenshot_20221206-094549.png)

Tbf if i supported the household with my income from a full time job, kept track of finances to keep bills paid, spent literally all of my spare time working on filming and editing for a YouTube channel, and also was the sole house cleaner while my partner sat in bed on a laptop all day watching me do all that shit I'd feel used and unappreciated too, especially if they also weren't putting out. Like, she failed every purpose a life partner has by not being available emotionally, financially, or intimately. She can cry executive disfunction all she wants, but I'd want out too if i had a partner like her. Lockdown obviously being the reason that relationship lasted longer than it should.

Kaya psycho rushing to get a three hour sobfest tea video uploaded tracks with Jake saying she's the most vengeful person he's ever met. We all remember how she milked the scooter being stolen for 15 minutes as a golden goose to do absolutely nothing productive for months and kept tweeting about how obsessed she was with getting back at people who dared to randomly steal her shit she probably left laying out in the alley instead of closing behind her garden gate.

No. 1719926

This isn't milk, can you stop going on about it already. We get it, you don't like Kaya.

No. 1719930

>June 2021
holy fuck can mods autosage this thread until one of them does something actually milky? This is getting out of hand

No. 1719943

File: 1670340143874.png (525.59 KB, 458x464, Screenshot_20221206-101621.png)

I think it went here, nonny. This is all of her shit that she didn't leave behind to get thrown away, but not useful enough to put in her new house. She's said she has stored all this stuff in the studio she's never actually worked in and wants to sell it all because she doesn't have room for it in her new house because she's already bought all new trinkets to decorate it with.

No. 1719945

It's not against rules to retroactively bring up stuff especially if other things have came to light.

Like yeah Jake's a short ugly shit head. Kaya's a tall useless bitch. They can both be losers for completely different reasons. So of course they're never ending break up would be gay af.

No. 1719952

>Like, she failed every purpose a life partner has by not being available emotionally, financially, or intimately
Years into the abusive relationship she started feeling sexual and emotional dysfunction due to his behaviour that started before this imagined disrespect that lived in Jake's paranoia dreams (he knew he was abusive from the start, just called it anger issues and in case you forgot he never got help for it so what exactly was Kaya supposed to do?). Shit, she's the one who went out to find a solution to the sexual problem meanwhile Jake just sat there pretending he had the solution to his anger problems to pretend he was better than Kaya despite continually failing to control himself (this is typical abuser behaviour, pretend you're fine because obviously nobody is always angry then blame Kaya for every outburst and her for "pushing him when he was doing so well" despite the fact that these blowouts prove he wasn't doing better).
Also pray tell, why does Kaya need to feel bad for the logical conclusion of a relationship like this where the victim inevitably starts to shut down from living in their situation? If you wanted to bring up a real point about Jake being an angel how about you actually start at the beginning of the relationship instead of years into his bullshit. Oh wait, he entered the relationship telling Kaya he had issues and lied that he had them under control and took advantage of a girl in her first relationship with no real knowledge of what a partner actually learning to handle emotional issues like like
It's not her job as the abused partner to go out of her way to baby the ass hat ruining her life with his constant freak outs and abusive behaviour and blaming her for the results of living with Jake is just scrote logic. She needed to emotionally deal with herself and the cat in those moments. This is straight up just typical abuser logic, they cause the problem then they expect their partner to perfectly deal with and handle their reaction to the lunacy as well as baby the abusive fuck to make him feel better. Fuck off

No. 1719954

So, even though Kaya sought help, she didn’t seek help in the way you - or Stumpy - thought was the “correct” way. So she’s useless. But Stumpy - who admits yelling at her, throwing things around her, and generally having anger issues, went to ONE therapy session for his problem and decided he didn’t need it. Then magically “cured himself”. And he’s golden.


Stumpy stans are a piece of work.

No. 1719987

Come on men you're not even trying…if kaya was so shitty while he 'worked' so hard why didn't he dump her earlier before he thought he was going to be famous????out of LOVE?he is a pathetic infentile human unable of taking responsibility for being a scum and using everyone in his life to get ahead,that's why the only person willing to be around him is poor skat

No. 1720004

Kaya sat on her ass doing nothing for multiple years. That's not depression that's willfully being a lazy useless bitch. They were never short on money. They both were never short on time. Its not like kaya had to let her mental health deteriorate to keep on top of her livelihood or other priorities. She got dumped and it took her over a year to cut ties with Jake. She said he was harrassbing her while she was in London but by the looks of it Jake was trying to get her to finally lift her scooter. She thinks it's abusive if she has to deviate from any of her endless free time. She needs to get a life.

No. 1720006

Jake's got more a sad backstory than spoilt Kaya.

No. 1720012

By your own logic Jake could have gotten off his lazy ass and dumped her years ago for all that if he was so miserable, and without being a cheating homewrecker in the process. So why should we consider him a victim?

No. 1720019

Yeah isn't it weird how Jake and his stans keep tiptoeing around the fact that Kat was a married woman with a kid. Like if they all keep shouting loud and long enough about Kaya being lazy it will somehow make everyone forget what sleazy, cheating pieces of shit Jake and Skat are.

No. 1720023

And all his new little snaccs might be fooled by his "poor hardworking widdle Jakey" routine, but those of us from the early days of MAG and his vlogs know the real Jake. I remember him bragging about how he'd show up a work, rush through the stuff he was actually being paid for, and then spend the rest of the time dicking around on Metal Ass Gaming stuff. Like the shithead was PROUD of spending all day on social media promoting his YouTube gig while he was on company time. What an impressive work ethic lmao.

No. 1720024

Who called him a victim you dipshit

No. 1720025

Least he had a job.

No. 1720026

The numerous retarded essays shitting up this thread with non-milk about Kaya is the worst partner ever, perhaps? Please kill yourself, btw.

No. 1720036

I second this motion. Also everyone else stop replying to salty-chan.

No. 1720042

You know what's sad?a grown man that used to bitch about his mom for breaking the family but was fine with splitting another's family.a sad hypocrite unable of self reflation or any sort of self control.you could say staying in a 12 year relationship with a person who feeds you crumbs of affection sparsely while tearing your self esteem daily is also sad,but not as sad as staying until you find something better while hating kaya all this time.f you

No. 1720045


Sir this is a Wendy's

No. 1720087

Imagine wking for an angry big toe. Some people really are exceptional.

No. 1720193

Fuck me? I'm not Jake lmao. If it's a contest between them who's a bigger dick Jake takes the cake but doesn't stop me from finding it funny that Jake confirmed a lot of speculation about Kaya over the years. Shame he took his video down so I can't recall everything exactly. He should have kept it up. Like why would I want either of these twats to drop the topic it's funny af and doesn't affect me. Like woo, air out all your dirty laundry guys, it's class.

No. 1720195

Why are people forgetting that kaya supported both of them for 10 years and Jake only the last 2 years.
Besides they both didn't clean the house.
Can people now please stop with these stupid non discussions?

No. 1720202

How'd she support them for 10 years when she had to work a year and a half where Jake worked after he got her the job after she didn't last in Lush. She also stopped putting out regular content. Yea as she said she was the face of MAG or brought in views just be existing but she admits she didn't help edit or do anything technical for that but still got equal earnings. So he did acknowledge shit, even evidenced by the fact when she wasn't uploading much the past few years and he was the sole breadwinner he still treated her to whatever she wanted.

No. 1720206

I mean outwith the drama surrounding these two, y'all need to look up the DSM for BPD, Narcissistic personality disorder and ADHD. Lotta general ignorance going about. As for executive function disorder, you do know there's also the flipside which is hyperfocus? Do your homework folks.

No. 1720210

No harm to you but it's Kaya and Jake's responsibility to manage their mental health not farmers. Maybe the two of them should stop victimising themselves so much and then people on the outside wouldn't be so critical on them.

They both lost more than a decade to each other and everyone else could call it that they were toxic together. We're not the ones that need a dose of reality.

No. 1720220


Cheers mate, but there's lessons in all this for er'ybody. I think at least Kaya is aware of her mental health issues, Jake seems to be doing nothing about his if not in outright denial. Doesn't do anyone any harm to educate themselves and a few farmers could be more informed about what they are talking about before making themselves look stupid.

No. 1720226

Which is fair but fuck me, if I have to read "BuT HoW CoME ShE CaN'T ClEaN BuT SHe CaN UpLoAd A 3 HoUR VidEO ThE NigHt He PoStEd His!!!!!!!!" one more time I might gouge my eys out. Hyperfocus - the answer is hyperfocus jesus christ read a book and lets move on.

No. 1720241

Kaya needs to get a life, but Stumpy is the one whose been rage posting about her in his comments, made an unprovoked ”tell all” video after a year, and exclusively takes his whore to all the places Kaya introduced him to?

Okay then.

No. 1720245

No. 1720301

>>1720006 "Tragic man-child born without neck"

No. 1720366

You must have not watched her video. She reveals that she started gaining a lot of weight due to antidepressent medications and even mentions being on and off various other medications including anxiety meds throughout their relationship. She tried to get help throughout, Jake is the one who refused help for his "probably bipolar" that he claims to have just magically wished away.

My bad, I didn't watch the new video and was just going off the thumbnails, kek. I didn't even realize he had taken that stupid sad posed photo separately from the video. That just makes it so much worse.

Exactly this. The anon you both are responding to are being intentionally obtuse. She was the breadwinner for most of their relationship. She almost left in 2016, but stayed. Then he love bombed her with money in the end up until Kat wanted a piece and he felt he could finally throw kaya out as he was the one with money now and had a new piece of ass lined up.

No. 1720394

File: 1670368566000.png (741.86 KB, 494x787, Screenshot 2022-12-07 at 00-14…)

What I like about this picture is that even with the chad filter his fat face and neck still are popping out on the sides.

No. 1720422

Looks like the poster for the Incel to ISIS pipeline

No. 1720423

File: 1670370744188.png (855.45 KB, 688x649, noneckjake.png)

made me think of another man-child born without a neck, then I created this atrocity. thank you anon. lmao

fantasy vs. reality

No. 1720426

Oh god, nonnie! Next thread pic nomination. Kek!

No. 1720430

File: 1670371193724.png (369.8 KB, 563x433, StumpyDoodle.png)

Seems legit. LOL

No. 1720439

I'm dying!! That's fucking amazing, definitely needs to be next threads pic

No. 1720472

Didn't know Roosh V bleached his hair and got tattoos. Hmm

Who is that originally? Work of art btw

No. 1720473

"no neck ed" from 90 day fiance lmao

No. 1720906

File: 1670405042380.jpeg (357.43 KB, 845x1263, 5527C18D-3849-4BFC-B641-0A3831…)

Fakes subs continue to plummet, 9k since he released his video.

No. 1720910

It will forever make me laugh to see just how much live music Kaya enjoys now compared to when she was with a musician. Does Jake even like live music? It seems like he only ever wants people to watch him. The only live music I can recall Jake seeing was Dir En grey and I'm pretty sure that was several years ago and they were tickets kaya bought for his birthday

No. 1720915

Jake doesn't go to see live music because
a) the attention is not constantly on him and he can't fucking stand it.
b) you go to things like that with friends and he has none.

No. 1720923

He's so stupid, the video views might pay rent for the month, but the longer he leaves it up the more he'll keep hemorrhaging subs and hurt himself in the long run.

tbh Jake probably only clung to dir en grey like he did because he wanted to skinwalk their 5'3" vocalist at the time. kek

No. 1720974


I just realised when you say "Pay rent"… If Jake gave Kaya 60k last year then I'm guessing he was making 100K+, that would have been a deposit on a house! Now he will be forever renting.

No. 1720990

File: 1670413716199.png (29.64 KB, 1114x535, howlowcanyougo.png)

I know he made something like 25-30k off that first plushie drop alone. Then there was all the "break the jake" streams on top of that too. Kind of hilarious considering he'd be lucky to scrape together a hundred bucks during recent streams and his second attempt at a plushie failed spectacularly. He must have really though that this was going to go on forever. lmao

His patreon is in rough shape too.

No. 1721015

Man I really can't wait for him to begrudgingly have to get a "real job" with all those ugly face tattoos now.

No. 1721018

I mean he's already basically having to do that by trying to hire himself out as a music producer despite literally saying he mixed his last song badly.

No. 1721041

Jake said a while back that he hates listening to music now and only wants to create his own. Someone who admits to hating music is totally someone I'd want to pay good money to produce mine!

No. 1721064

>hates listening to music
Kaya meanwhile is making a studded jacket with band patches, goes to gigs and posts her playlist often, it's funny how every contentious issue brought up about Kaya turned out to be solely Jake

No. 1721072

That's actually a typical producer mindset. They can't enjoy music like we do because they are constantly deconstructing it in their heads. It's pretty common for people who create things to not actually be able to enjoy those same things casually the same as us. He listens to music, it's just also considered work. Speaking from the experience of hearing producer friends lament about this exact subject, not trying to defend Jake.

No. 1721085

Plenty of my musician friends including myself will tell you that no, we still listen to music between projects at the very least. It gives inspiration for riffs, drums, singing styles, lyrical flow, everything. Not doing it is limiting yourself, because you never really develop or continuing developing the 'ear' for how the music is put together/produced, you never hear anything new, just whatever you work on/put out so you become stale.

It's why his music sounds stale, samey, and his most recent cover was shit.

No. 1721111

>>1721085 yeah I'm a musician and most musicians/producers I know go to gigs and listen to music regularly, the music industry is so badly paid and competitive it's pointless doing it if you aren't obsessive and passionate about it tbf. Jake probably doesn't go to gigs because he's a fragile ego who can't stand inevitably seeing more talented people than himself and also it would mean he wasn't the centre of attention.

No. 1721148

Yea the moron could have owned his own house now but instead he rather rented out a 4 bedroom house, 5 studios and a garage for several motorcycles with custom paint jobs, which he all barely uses.

No. 1721154

Wasn't he supposed to be going to see The Cure last week? Probably lied about having tickets for goth points

No. 1721189

Or he had to sell them since he's broke as shit at the moment

No. 1721392

On the last stream he was talking about how he and Kat are giving eachother the "gift of time" for Christmas. Dude is def broke as hell kek.

No. 1721412

I wonder how long until Skat leaves him for the next hunky British lad with better income kek. Imagine fucking your life up and by the second Christmas together he can’t even afford to get you anything nice.

No. 1721442

This is actually their first Christmas together. Jake was in America this time last year, and Skat spent last Christmas with Dean and Isaac.

No. 1721545

Kek, first Christmas and he can't afford to buy her anything. Wonder if the buyers remorse is kicking in yet.

>gift of time

He barely puts out YouTube content, she works part time and they live together. How much more "together" time do they need?!

No. 1721613

He means beating her of course

No. 1721639

No anon, he hasn't shown any sign of actually hitting humans despite being a tiny man with anger issues, try and keep to the facts (and write sage in the email box so you don't bump the thread)

No. 1721655

Beating her under the guise of it being kink, of course. I'm sure he's gonna double down after Kaya called him 'vanilla' kekek

Daddy Shots is gonna need lots of Long Island Iced Teas to forget the visage of Fake choking her and crying while calling her by Kaya's name this holiday season.

No. 1721657

Didn't he get in a fist fight with his boss at an old job? Or was he just punching doors and got fired?

No. 1721803

Kek what band patches? She's about as into rock music as Heather Sparkles is

No. 1721826

Always thought she was into EBM, judging from her old pics. I thought she was a rivet head goth.

No. 1721858

File: 1670472710725.png (341.07 KB, 1082x773, spotify.png)

She literally just went and saw The Hu live, they're a folk metal band. There's also a big Jack off Jill backpatch on her jacket? And any quick peek at her posted playlists basically proves you wrong? Not to wk, but you're literally talking out of your ass unsaged-chan.

No. 1721982

File: 1670489924945.jpeg (225.67 KB, 1179x896, FD25CE0E-6069-48AF-A3E6-292CC0…)

He disabled comments on his video. Sorry if this is old milk.

No. 1722184

File: 1670517765807.jpg (197.97 KB, 1344x860, munro.jpg)

Rewatched part of Jake's video, and noticed that when he's talking about how they didn't have separate savings accounts, he intuitively regrets not having opened a secret savings account. He only reflects on the option that they could just each have had a private account, completely above the board, as an afterthought. Honestly surprised he didn't edit it out, it makes him look conniving as fuck.

No. 1722216

And you know, if she did this, there would have been hell to pay.
It's very sneaky and underhanded

No. 1722235

True. No way his paranoia would have allowed for her to have any sort of independent financial safety net, without having to hear for it. And he's clearly pressed that she didn't let him buy her a holiday and all that shit, post break-up.

No. 1722343

He's 100% jealous of anyone with more success than him, especially if they're seen as attractive. He hates current alt music and automatically discounts it all because he's an old, elitist prick and treats it with as much disdain as he does the zoomers in his "reacts to" videos.
The number of times he would go off on rants during his streams about how "soandso-frontman is only popular because he's tall/thin" is also astounding. Like it isnt even about the music at that point, its pure aesthetic and jealousy of it.

No. 1722450

I just got through the slog that is both videos. Seems jake blew this up right before music release to drum up traffic. Kind of tragic how it worked out for him. My favorite parts from each video is from kayas when she says that he would go on tirades about being short. Pretty hilarious could you imagine your partner ranting about how people don’t respect him because he’s short when in reality it’s because he’s stupid. Lmao. From his video my favorite part is when he says “we coparent a child we don’t have time to be drunks” as if that’s for one, inclusive of each other and two like he is this child’s “father”. Skat coparents him with dean, you’re just there idiot.

And honestly kaya is pretty worthless I can’t imagine living in absolute squalor and staying with some Scrote that feels up your friends. Embarassing.

No. 1722492

If he's talking about not opening a secret second account it means he opened a secret second account and is pretending he didn't because he's such a "good guy victim"L. This man has not one scintilla of creativity or originality and that includes his lies and accusations.

No. 1722504

>“we coparent a child we don’t have time to be drunks"
Did he really fucking say that? Do you remember at what time in the video? That is insanely ignorant of the fact that tons of children grow up with alcoholic parents.

No. 1722633

If they didn't have separate accounts, why would he have to send Kaya money in the first place? Something doesn't add up here.

It really doesn't help the video he decided to introduce Kat with is quite literally titled "GETTING DRUNK IN BARCELONA WITH MY GIRFRIEND" and basically any time he posts her to his social media it's them with drink in hand or her falling over drunk.

No. 1722647

They had separate spending accounts, just not separate (or any, it seems?) savings. For most of their relationship, Kaya would send Jake all of her money, he'd pay the bills and then he'd divide the rest between them 50/50. They both said this, and they both regret having savings of their own.

No. 1722736

File: 1670556586901.png (Spoiler Image, 2.85 MB, 1290x2796, 81808A64-6B6E-4C72-94F7-91EFAC…)

No. 1722742

The last thing Jake should be doing is co-parenting a child. Kat is wreckless and just plain neglectful by having her kid around him.

No. 1722763

>based on one birthday vlog
Jake, are you fucking serious? Do you not remember the countless occasions of drinking on stream or pre-stream? Ordering two drinks at a time with every meal, before Kat moved in you were talking about how she was shitfaced on your floor downstairs on a stream once. The next day you went glamping in that field with those cows and then you fucking drunk posted to your IG stories while you were "rolling around" and Kat was showing off her Hank Hill ass in the background. Hell, you used to have a bottle of wine in every video for a while. Then there's Kat's fucking behavior. The one who brags about her "sloppy" nights and doesn't know how to socialize with any of her shallow friends unless she has a drink in her hand. The funny thing about alcoholics is that they won't remember all the times they've gotten drunk and acted retarded, BECAUSE they're drunk. Kat is an alcoholic and you fucking know it. The longer you're with her the more you'll become one.

No. 1722776

"We don't have the kind of time to just sit in the house and drink all day"

What do you mean???? Seriously, you do YouTube for a living and stream, SITTING DOWN. What a fucking troglodyte… They post about doing EXACTLY that all the time.

No. 1722789

File: 1670562629518.jpg (394.13 KB, 905x787, drunkgoth.jpg)

Let's not forget the 'Drunk Goth' series he did on his channel. And the streams he was drunk during, including the one where he apparently got emotional and poor Kaya had to trundle him off to bed before he made more of a fool of himself. (Still wish someone had clipped that…)

No. 1722793

“Functioning” alcoholics are especially in denial because they think unless they’re passed out on the floor all day hitting each other over the head with broken beer bottles and crying every single night, then they don’t have a drinking problem. binge drinking is alcohol abuse. waits for “binge-drinking is a part of European culture” anon who is especially committed to defending jake and skats alcoholic behavior for some reason

No. 1722878

"We both have professional jobs" lmao is he talking about his youtube/streaming job or his failing music career?
"We both have friends, social circles" is also hilarious considering he said literally in the same video that he has no friends because he doesn't like having friends

No. 1722902

File: 1670580284673.png (1.18 MB, 1843x939, keep drinking jake it wont bri…)

Really interesting too isn't it, that if you search for each of them individually + the word drunk, there's no shortage of Jake drunk, but Kaya at most just posted about absinthe at the oddities museum.

Worth noting when I searched "toxic tears drunk" I got Jake and Skat's Barcelona video and Jake's 2 hours of whining, meaning he's still tagging her for hidden SEO purposes. But she's the leech, huh Fake?

No. 1722928

File: 1670584382412.jpeg (428.03 KB, 1170x1565, 0EC70F8D-4065-4A6F-A1A6-92B18A…)

10k subscribers gone. And it’s not like they’ve all jumped ship to Kaya either, she’s gained what 2k? Seems like people can smell arsehole and don’t want to stick around for when he next shits the bed.

No. 1722952

File: 1670586473541.png (474.32 KB, 590x928, hollyconrad.png)

Cow crossover. Noticed that Jake has occasionally liked Holly's photos from time to time on twitter. I guess cheaters are his "type".

kek at the filename

No. 1722957

Jake and Kaya visited Holly and Ross in LA when they were still together and their house, pretty sure they were all friends at some point. The vlogs are still up on both their channels

No. 1722962

Surprised jake sides with Holly throughout everything tbh

No. 1722973

What’s especially funny about this is that I don’t think kaya has ever painted the narrative that he’s a drunk? He did that all by himself.

No. 1722974

I'm not, they both love to falsely accuse people of shit and cheat on their partners. Match made in heaven imo

No. 1722983

File: 1670591979380.png (362.29 KB, 509x832, kidsgettinghurt.png)

more of jake laughing at kids getting hurt. Seems like one of the only times you genuinely see him smile

No. 1722984

File: 1670592072525.png (832 KB, 515x915, stream.png)

guess it's how he spent his time at the end of his stream

No. 1722990

He needs some anti agin skin care

No. 1723026

Is he using some sort of Crazy Frog filter on his face?

No. 1723066


chunky goth boy time more like it. jesus his fans are retarded.

No. 1723067


all i see is a middle aged lesbian.

No. 1723082

What's with the constipated face?looking grimmer by the day kek

No. 1723104

mortuary assistant is so old news - everyone played it and got all endings long ago, he is so late to the trend. there is plenty of new horror games, stay not relevant jake

No. 1723157

He can't. He sucks too much to play new games he needs to find good written walkthroughs for everything lmao

No. 1723681

-10k on a video with less than 200k views is so bad, he is immune to "signs" like this or he wouldn't keep torpedoing his career.
The fans who unsub are the ones who often were stans before, like it isn't casual viewers who kneejerk unsub. It's the more dedicated fans who pay close attention.

No. 1723718

I went into orbit over this wtf is a crazy frog filter and why is it spot on kek

No. 1723735

File: 1670650973413.png (87.53 KB, 702x642, gawfboii.png)

This is up there with that time he called himself a "hunky british lad". What are these people smoking. lmao

No. 1723746

File: 1670652550798.png (335.57 KB, 346x396, sorrynotsorry.png)

No. 1723748

Come on now, dont be so mean. The Penguin somehow is more personable than Fake and still better looking

No. 1723770

he’s posting like nothing happened now

No. 1723772

File: 1670656611374.jpeg (107.58 KB, 1284x302, 37DD315A-39B7-424F-B12C-A1925A…)

2 days ago and hasn’t broken 10k views

No. 1723782

File: 1670658295558.jpg (75.58 KB, 591x298, angela.jpg)

No. 1723786

Cute story but X to doubt.

No. 1723787

Looking like a balanced mix of Humpty Dumpty and Fester Adams. And still 0% goth.

No. 1723883

File: 1670678271672.jpg (104.31 KB, 830x224, amnesia.jpg)

Fake's streaming Amnesia right now. Really has his finger on the pulse of the horror games scene, doesn't he? Seriously…There are so many games he could be playing, and he is going through the stale old trends still.

No. 1723887

Kek he's like ten years late.

No. 1723893

File: 1670680527398.jpg (137.66 KB, 918x522, comment1.jpg)

No. 1723894

File: 1670680550291.jpg (118.85 KB, 936x426, comment2.jpg)

No. 1723999

>saged for sperg
Okay Kaya has a point here. Abuse victims are often in love with their abuser, or they think they are. Every so often their abuser will do something kind, or show a glimmer of redemption the victim will latch onto and use that one instance of decent human behavior to validate all the shite their abuser puts them through. Watched my mother go through it. In a LTR the victim may also cling to the past, believing their abusive partner can go back to being the incredible person they fell in love with. Fake was/is a manipulative, angry cunt who likely tore Kaya down mentally and emotionally. She wasn't stable to begin with and he fucked her up even worse. Trying to claw your way out of that situation is a monumental battle and should not be regarded as "you just gotta wake up and muscle through the horror". Not everyone can do that when they're crippled by fear and sadness. Sorry nonnies I just hate that whole "you could have left any time" bullshit. When you're in a fucked relationship and scared, abused over years it's not always obvious.

No. 1724009

He also got his claws in her early, at 16, when her brain was still developing. He got her attached at a young age and then revealed what kind of person he really was. It gets more and more fucked the more I think about it.

No. 1724013

what's kinda sad and shows you should listen to your instincts is that at the beginning when she had just been speaking to him online she "thought he was a dick"

No. 1724018

You're entirely right nona but teens aren't known for their good judgement. I don't have it in men to fault someone too young to have life experience with me like that, especially when it's all just moid manipulation. At that age you're mostly running on hormonal attraction and not your brain, so it's really sad to see young girls get manipulated like that.

No. 1724041

>it's your fault for being abused you should have left

>actually you should read about why victims don't leave

>I'm sorry for being snappy

Did she really apologize to that stupid youtube comment? I hate social media so much this bitch should have gotten punched in the jaw for telling an abuse victim she needed to grow and it was her fault some unhinged moid abused her throughout her relationship. But instead she gets an apology? Kaya grow a spine, you were abused and he was a wickedly bad person and you don't need to fucking apologize to random people on the internet who decide from their comfy bedrooms it was acktushly your fault for "not being strong enough". The fuck.

No. 1724044

This is an insult to the word pretty

No. 1724047

her being over apologetic is possibly a symptom of her abuse, anon

No. 1724084

ntayrt but I think you're absolutely right about that.

No. 1724085

Fake is a fucking monster and it's becoming more and more apparent. I hope Kaya gets her shit together and becomes wildly successful, leaving this shitheel in the garbage heap where he belongs.

No. 1724114

File: 1670697124598.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 101.58 KB, 738x812, B059E398-BAF1-4B1E-AD76-D077F3…)

>>1724085 sort of already takes about , but I can’t get over how big and bulky her jaw is

No. 1724116

File: 1670697170690.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 108.08 KB, 570x744, 87FC85D3-7EB5-482E-A6CD-9F62F1…)

No. 1724306

Looks normal to me, I like a strong jawline personally. She looks better like this than when she photoshops her jaw/neck to be super tiny.

No. 1724324

yeah not a skat fan but I wish my jaw was like this kek, i have a severe underbite

No. 1724342

Too many scrotes itt.

No. 1724574

File: 1670738436647.png (227.9 KB, 378x363, 00002139.png)

not sure why you posted this nitpick unsaged and spoilered tbh, but I'm kind of surprised anons are defending this photo in particular because she looks awful here. There's definitely something off about the lower half of her face, kinda like it's been punched in? I figure it's probably just her underbite tho, it's been pretty noticeable in other photos.

No. 1724609

Kaya has a worse jaw and nose than Kat it we're scoring nitpicks.

No. 1724616

She has really saggy jowls. They're really gonna melt over the coming years once she nears 40. Better ask Jake for cosmetic work for Christmas. Oh, and get yourself some lips that look like they'll pop at any second like Eden's while you're at it, Skat.

No. 1724617

I mean, we aren't. Though tbf we've also never seen Kat without caked on makeup or heavy filters/editing so it's really hard to compare the two in the first place.

give Kat another 11 years with Jake and I'm sure she'll look worse for wear too lmao

No. 1724619

File: 1670744766287.jpg (800.63 KB, 1080x1879, Screenshot_20221210-234511_Ins…)

Correct. Here's Kaya 10 years ago, before Jake took his toll on her life. Skat will follow suit.

No. 1724646

It's weird she's sort of jowly considering how skinny she is. God forbid she ever starts to gain any kind of weight. Wonder how quick Jake would be to fall back on his old habits and call her "fat" like he did back when Kaya was still thin, but not a twig.

No. 1724657

Kaya looks fat in >>1724619 tho

No. 1724669

File: 1670750093442.jpg (109.43 KB, 648x972, d4pj47m-e0f6e3ee-2b7a-4e35-95d…)

>can't see her body
>"kaya looks fat"

No. 1724672

Retarded fucking snacc.

No. 1724673

That's not the same year is it? First photo her shoulders look round af compared to her face aka fat body. She was skinny as a teen but that was a lifetime ago, she's definitely got fat cells everywhere.

No. 1724674

Looks very young here, maybe 16 or so but still has her unfortunate dad features.

No. 1724678

Kaya has rounder facial features, that's why she looks bigger. Seeing also as a recent photo of her posted was here, she looks rather healthy and a good weight. Lat least she's not chain smoking and binge drinking like skat and flakey.

No. 1724680

File: 1670752332523.png (652.96 KB, 843x886, 00340589348.png)

This is the last time I spoonfeed you lmao

No. 1724681

I'll reserve judgement for a video of Kaya in motion kek, she photoshops her photos a lot.

So she was a teenager. Kek and people call info from the Jake breaking his silence video old milk. Kaya biggest achievement to date is how she looked as a teen. Class.

No. 1724682

>>1724674 "unfortunate dad features" wtf are you even talking about?

I don't care about either of their weight tbh bc this isn't the ana thread. Kat is not attractive to me in any way because she is constantly eye-fucking the camera, it looks desperate and weird when you are in your 30s with a kid. She is 100% one of those "teehee I don't really have any women friends, girls don't like me" pick-me types.

Kaya occasionally looks great and genuinely alt rather than just porn-star pick me goth like Kat but I don't think she dresses for her shape. She looked really nice in a more casual kind of way here though >>1716493 and she has improved her style so much this year, I used to think she looked terrible but have actually wanted to copy some of her make up looks over the last six months. Amazing what a difference ditching a scumbag can make.

No. 1724684

Kaya looks like her big nosed bald father. She's got his hook nose and lower half of his face. Kaya is quite ugly lol

No. 1724686

>>1724684 Her nose looks completely normal and unremarkable to me, Kaya has many faults but sperging out about her nose is not going to convince anyone that it's abnormally large, sorry. I have read this thread for years and never seen a picture of her dad either.

No. 1724687

on what planet is she ugly? Ugly means something different than "I don't think shes pretty", even if she's not to your tastes she looks fine, there's no glaring flaw in her face. I find Kat quite ugly because of her man jaw, because it's a flaw I can't take my eyes off

No. 1724688

You literally called her fat in a pic from 2012. Then when shown another pic of 2012 proving otherwise you double down on "her only achievement is being skinny as a teen". lmao okay hateboner chan. So glad to have you back. Glad we have some new sperg material like "her big nosed dad" now though.

No. 1724689

As if flake doesn't either? His is to hide his very obvious bloat, yikes. Everyone photoshoots their stuff and if you claim you don't you're a fucking liar, lol

Oh look it's one of flakeys braindead snacks.

No. 1724690

Well you should go back and read them because her dad features have came up before lol.

It was asked if the photo of her in the contacts was the same year. I didn't asked to be spoonfed another photo of her from her "best" era but cool you've got those photos so handy to share. Fan behaviour.

No. 1724692

>>1724690 Just because you've been waving your hate boner around for years here doesn't make it any more true.

Curious what you make of Skat's nose Lol-at-the-end-of-every-sentence-anon? BC side by side Skat's nose looks much more large and unpleasant to my eye's than Kaya's.

No. 1724694

Weird language to use on a board of cows. Kaya isnt off limits in this thread you weird cunt, how about get over your throbbing boner for Kaya and get some taste lol.

I have to admit I haven't really noticed Kat's nose as much because I'm not fixated on hating some random because some ugly cunt is shagging her. I've saw Kaya's face over the years from irl and social media and her nose has always been honking to me. Also I hate her facial jewellery but I get that's part of her aesthetics, personally I just find they make her look awkward and unclean.

No. 1724695

I didn't have them "handy", I went to her publicly known DeviantArt and spoonfed it to you since you were too retarded to go find it yourself. The other picture you commented on is from the same DeviantArt. Your dedication for coming here to sperg out about kaya being xyz while never providing any receipts or mil is truly astounding "anon".

No. 1724696

Why would I need to go look for that photo on her deviant art lmao, I just asked if they were the same year. You fans are so defensive.

No. 1724699

>>1724694 "I'm not fixated on hating some random lol" surejan.gif

No. 1724700

You asked a question and got an answer, what more do you expect?


No one's off limits here, you just make stupid fucking posts. Skat is as much apart of this saga as flakeys Photoshopped OF's unfortunately.

No. 1724702

Again you seem confused where you are. Youre on lolcow. The lolcows are discussed because they've made enough of a public spectacle to get ridiculed. Is Kaya not a YouTuber and/or influencer lmao?? Wonder why any of us are talking about her. Seriously you weird fans need to get more creative. Sorry I haven't suddenly given Kat's socials a good deep dive because Jake's sticking his cock in her and playing daddy to her son. Far as I can tell Kat doesn't speak or update on anything. So giving enough of a fuck to hate her would be an effort. Of course if she stole my bf maybe I'd be raging.

No. 1724723

God this argument pops up in every thread and it's impossible for anyone to win it because spoiler alert: beauty is subjective. Kaya and Kat both have good and bad photos, both have fluctuated in weight and aesthetic over the years that they have been photographed. What isn't subjective is behavior and Kat certainly isn't covering herself in glory given the awful position she has now put her husband, Kaya and her son in by cheating with Jake and moving into his home after knowing him less than a year. Beautiful people can perform ugly, stupid acts, attractive people can be fucking awful human beings. Aesthetic is not a balm that covers evil, Kat's a shitty person who knows how to do her hair nicely.

No. 1724753

Incoming tinfoil, but didn’t Kaya say that when Jake did the “cleaning”, he just threw everything in to bags and boxes? And that Kat helped him sort them?
I might be wrong here - and I know Kaya is the one with a medical file that says ADHD - but isn’t the making of doom boxes (just throwing stuff in bags and boxes never to be sorted while cleaning never to be touched again) and not being able to sort threw stuff and put things in there places kind of common for people with ADHD?
Add in his impulsive decisions to jump on every trend, aggression as the emotion he is closest to, tendens to be violent, and plan a million prodjects that he nerver have the motivation to follow through with, get studios and bikes he never plays with…
To me it sounds like there might be someone else that would need to go to thearapy (like that’s ever gonna happen) and look in to a diagnoses as well… not that is could excuse any of his bad behaviour, and he would absolutely uase that as a money pit to milk his followers, but wouldn’t it be funny considering how he talks down to Kaya end here mental problems?

*English not first language, sorry for made up words, spelling and grammar. I suck.

No. 1724756

File: 1670766305036.png (610.23 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20221211-134323.png)

No. 1724759

Yeah, you've got a point. Also struggling with anger issues so much that a possible bipolar diagnosis comes up, smoking, drinking. Having trouble with eating right and maintaining a healthy bodyfat percentage (and therefore having a neck). I'm putting the tinfoil hat down, but there is a possibility.

No. 1724775

If she’s gonna get work done she should see and orthodontist and get that malocclusion addressed

No. 1724783

>Again you seem confused where you are. Youre on lolcow.
>Seriously you weird fans need to get more creative.
"weird fans" reminds me of "weird friends" and someone in particular who uses "lol" as punctuation.
>Sorry I haven't suddenly given Kat's socials a good deep dive
Yet you care enough about the drama to post on lolcow. You seem confused where you are. You're not better than anyone here.
>Far as I can tell Kat doesn't speak or update on anything.
She updates her socials often, mostly Onlyfans. And she doesn't speak because she has nothing good to say.
>So giving enough of a fuck to hate her would be an effort.
It actually comes very naturally. Btw, learn to integrate, Fake.
You are fucking transparent and stick out like a sore scrote.

No. 1724788

Kaya and Jake have been lolcows for many many years for their weirdness, the two of them acting like perpetual victims and being shite goths. Kat is the catalyst that made the gruesome twosome finally break up, something that shouldn't have lasted as long as it did. There's not much milk in calling Kat ugly and a cheater like that's known that's immediately innate in this drama. Talking about the actual two cows is a hell of a lot more interesting than reading more vendetta sounding posts about how ugly Kat is when Kaya isn't much better or worse depending on your view.

Also who fucking cares if someone uses lol at the end of a sentence. Is that milk? Is it milk that in a Kaya and Jake thread some users will hate Kaya?

Report for hi cow. You guys really would love direct attention from Jake, well I'm sorry I'm not him but you can tell me to fuck off, hopefully it makes you feel better. Maybe give you enough energy to put a bit of litter in the bin.

No. 1724791

>report for hi cow
Report for scrote.

No. 1724794

Haha we'll see who's ban sticks.

No. 1724798

Damn I hate this "but Kaya!" anon anytime Kat starts getting criticized kek. So predictable and derails shit every time.

No. 1724799

Derails from what, you faggots haven't posted anything interesting in days.

No. 1724800

Why are you so pressed lmfao. Go post some retarded drunk IG stories or something and give us more to talk about. Faggot.

No. 1724803

Kat should go for the dude in the middle next. You're way hotter than Rebekah and he's way hotter than Jake. Go for it, girl!

No. 1724831

File: 1670773209330.jpg (688.72 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221211_163935_Gal…)

I am rooting for Kaya, but the last 2 days she is kinda whiney about her job as an influencee.

No. 1724833

File: 1670773263888.jpg (446.18 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221211_164045_Gal…)

And this one today

No. 1724840

Tbf to Kaya what doesn't she consider suffering lol. Just kys at this point.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1724846

File: 1670774408402.jpg (238.39 KB, 1080x922, 2_Instagram.jpg)

Yikes. I'd learn to smile with my mouth closed if I were her.

No. 1724888

That's some alcohol bloat or even anorexia bloat if we start armchairing

No. 1724941

>It's weird she's sort of jowly considering how skinny she is
Can this be caused by drinking too much?

No. 1724969

Does she mean filming in front of a tripod and tidying the space that will be visible on camera? Does she still go to the gym?

No. 1724980

To be fair she does always do a full look, full make up, full hair for her videos.And it never looks untidy around her. Unlike Jake who just sits down in his flannel with his empty cans and crap on the floor in the background.

No. 1725078

Christ he's got her doing the pointless two fingers up pose now, it's like a sickness. I fucking cannot stand these people.

No. 1725145


She's always been a lazy fuck. Unrelated to her being weighed down by that aggressive human potato. She was definitely suffering while with him but even when alone and everything being on her terms, she will always revert to whininess over having to do anything she perceives as work. It's the worst thing about her tbh. Various mental issues can't always be an excuse, sometimes is just pure entitled laziness.

No. 1725282

Ok, so clearly we can't keep arguing about this forever. We have Team "I think kaya and jake are equally bad because she's lazy" and team "I excuse her behavior because of her mental illness problems". These 2 teams will never agree so let's just move on, unless that's all you wanna talk about, how you think Kaya is lazy. Okay, got it.


No. 1725297

Oh god it’s you,
Anyway, I saw this pic on her Facebook with Sebastian, and I can’t stop laughing

No. 1725301

File: 1670809783177.jpeg (232.64 KB, 945x981, 04807462-47A7-4154-824F-790C5C…)

Forget to post

No. 1725310

File: 1670810237710.jpeg (232.72 KB, 1169x1130, 959DA61E-A1AE-4ABD-8DBB-F05182…)

Too cute!!

No. 1725319

Tbh, wouldn't take any issue with team anti Kaya if salty anon wouldn't go on these massive sperg fests about random shit with no receipts. They always seem so desperate to turn the conversation onto Kaya to the point of making shit up (e.g. her "belfast trash" friends being crackwhores) or being a contrarian about stupid shit like "binge drinking is totally normal". I'll agree though, as much as I want kaya to do better post break-up there's still a chance for her to produce milk, it's just been awfully slow and boring on her end outside any Jake involved events.

Sebastian is cute, but this isn't milk and doesn't need to be posted here, especially unsaged. Please read the rules and integrate.

No. 1725470

looking cozy with the cute (in comparison to Jake) dude in the xmas sweater. Jake, do not trust your fugly slut!
tin foil but what if they’re swingers now, so that’s why jake isn’t bothered. it’s the only thing that makes sense given he has 0 friends, no interest in friends, and severe jealousy issues.

No. 1725472

THIS. drunkorexic bitch has bloat in the lower face. her jawline is already so unfortunate with her bone structure and underbite issue/messed up teeth.

No. 1725495

File: 1670839802410.jpg (59.04 KB, 435x717, 00023-002304.jpg)

The body language between her and the dude Jake wishes he looked like is definitely extremely cozy. If you crop the picture closer they definitely look like the couple out of the four of them. I bet Kat isn't going to be allowed around this dude anymore in the near future. kek

Jake would never be a swinger. He's too vanilla and would never allow another man to cuck him, even if it meant he got to sleep around because it would eat him up inside wondering about the dude's penis size and possible height. He's more the type to try to be in a "one penis policy" throuple relationship if anything. Let's pray it never comes to that for Kat's toddler's sake.

No. 1725509

It's interesting he went to her Christmas work party considering they've had to limit their Instagram because of him. His video damaged the studio too.

No. 1725554

Just look at his face in that photo though, you can tell just by looking at him that he doesn't want to be there, it's the same look he had around Kaya and her friends. He just can't stand not being the sole center of attention. You just know he wanted to meltdown about how close Kat and that other guy are, just think of Kayas anecdote about the attractive goth guy asking her for a lighter and giving her a smile- that sent Jake spiraling so badly it almost ruined the whole trip. It's genuinely only a matter of time, I hope Kat has more of a backbone and ditches him over his inevitable impotent rages.

No. 1725562

Kat is 100% only in it for his money, the trips, the gifts, etc. She wouldn't have ditched Dean if she didn't think this new meal ticket wasn't worth it. Once Jake funds keep drying up and he can't afford the things he provided in the first year of their (pubic) relationship, she's going to plan her escape route. It's likely she's already considering her options on where to go next. She has history and according to another anon threads back she got with Dean after jumping from another relationship too. I do wonder if she'll suddenly try to co-opt Kaya's experiences as an easy out when the time comes though.

No. 1725720

>(pubic) relationship
To say it with Kaya's words: nasty and disgusting

No. 1725728

This is the owner of the new shop she works at, so it’s be in line with her trying to dick ride to the top.

No. 1725740

"Kaya has her dad's features" isn't milk.
She can't help being tall or looking like her dad. Honestly I don't know which parent she looks like more because I haven't seen any pictures of him.

But keep it on milky subjects not normal shit. It's an actual thing that firstborn daughters tend to look more like their dads than their moms for some fuck all reason.

No. 1725751

>>1725728 if she's not fucking him already I would be surprised, especially when Jake is confirmed shit in bed.

No. 1725756

Tbh I don’t know if I find her attractive or not because every photo of her seems wildly different yet extremely generic and uninteresting. It’s like I have face blindness but only for this bitch kek

No. 1725767

That’s what I was wondering. Jake was apparently just as messy as she was and does not claim to have adhd. So in his case rarely/barely cleaning actually is a flaw in his character and he’s projecting all that “lack of respect” on Kaya, who he clearly has never shown respect to. Fascinating how the ‘lazy slob’ narrative stuck more easily to the woman in the relationship when he wasn’t any better.

No. 1725770

File: 1670874935613.png (567.77 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20221212-195453.png)

No. 1725828

This is why his streams are a fucking bore now kek. He has to tone it down for Skat and the "little man".

No. 1725839

Amy Lee looked terrifying I'm sorry

No. 1725844

Didn't he just spend money on soundproofing an entire vtube gaming studio? Why is he not there gaming and letting the kid sleep?

No. 1725869

She is creepy as fuck. Also hideous, definitely needs an "anime pfp"

No. 1725870

I have no clue but Isaac's room is adjacent to the streaming room. So he's probably forced to listen to him stream/record videos. Poor thing.

No. 1725878

for all the hateful crap he gave kaya for having adhd he sure seems to have executive functioning issues, does everything ass backward. furnishes a studio but never uses it. is he going to be able to afford it much longer to rent studios he never uses?

No. 1725889

File: 1670884085767.jpg (34.79 KB, 1001x138, Uglythings.jpg)

Finally, an explanation why "Lady Allura" is so obsessed with Jake! She is also so annoying kek. She only ever talks about food or parrots Jake's opinions.

No. 1725898


It's a teenage boy using a faceapp filter to look like a woman.

No. 1725918

File: 1670886019361.jpg (596.68 KB, 1079x1791, Brynn.jpg)

Kek, I knew you'd be the first to respond. There's one anon here that's obsessed with her being a tranny. As a woman, I know another woman when I see one, even under the filters. She's like in her early 20's, not a teen. Her fat distribution is 100% female and has hella cleavage. Unless the filter is providing that too? Kek. Show receipts or stfu and find somewhere else to project your weird issues.

No. 1725922

hi lady allura

No. 1725925

No. 1725929

Goddamn you're all so fucking paranoid sometimes LOL. I'm not that lonely simp. I've been around for years at this point and I provided the video of Jake saying hitting kids and animals is okay. I'm just not a fucking retard who calls women trannies just because I don't like them. I reserve that hate for actual men.

No. 1725976

To be fair she does look fat so I’m not surprised all she talks about is food and her love for ugly things and general other misogyny

No. 1725977

Jesus fucking wept, Amy Lee Allen’s face needs to come with a jump scare warning.
Also, I swear I just had a stroke trying to understand what the fucking gremlin was even saying, it reads like they’ve got Kat and (the child) hostage in the next room and they’re sending out superchats as ransom notes kek

No. 1725987

"Amy lee" using the "little man" to help drum up stream donations? I wonder what the context of what was going on in the stream. Weird that anon dropped the screencap but nothing else.

>Hella cleavage

She is a girl though, her Facebook has a couple of younger photos of her in between all the shit Jake edits she spams everywhere. I can kind of see the confusion given her extreme abuse of filters though. Lmao

No. 1725999

Looks like the brain dead snaccs were throwing money at Stump, I'm sure he was screaming about it. That's probably the most he's made in a long time. Kek

No. 1726010

It's funny how he accuses Kaya so aggressively of "swindling her fanbase for donations" or whatever, while his self applied mods are using "the little guy" and Kat to pull on heartstrings for one final "break the Jake". Hope Kat guilts him into spending it all on her son since he's using him as donation bait. I wonder if there was a sob story about the holidays to go along with all this too.

No. 1726044


Agreed. Also, tinfoil for speculation only: probably collecting all that money to save his ass for possible court fees if - IF - his dumbass still desides to make a response video.

Skat gonna guilt trip him and she's gonna have to scoop him up off the desk in his tear-induced drinking episode 2.0

No. 1726068

how is he still getting $100 to $200 USD donations? His fans are truly idiots.

No. 1726083

I've managed to tune into all his past streams before he privates them except for this one and he absolutely doesn't get large donations like this regularly anymore. Judging by the "top donation" board on his layout, it looks like these all came in around the same time too with only small donations prior. Many of the original "break the jake" donators aren't even around anymore. This is what makes me wonder if he was shilling some kind of sob story in order to drum up larger donations or maybe even milking the drama? He's been trying to paint himself the victim for quite some time now.

No. 1726146

File: 1670906201858.png (36.91 KB, 887x753, happy anniversary.png)

Just a few more days until the one year anniversary of the break-up announcement. So far Jake has lost roughly 200 patreon subscribers (over 2/3rds of his subs) and 50k youtube subs. Wonder how he feels now that half a million subs are drifting farther and farther away. kek

No. 1726151

Ily graph anon bc we know Jake HATES this shit considering he felt the need to bust out his own little graphs in retaliation during his career suicide video. I mean, his "breaking my silence" video.

No. 1726165

>Down 73.3%

My god this is truly hilarious, bit of tinfoil myself but I think fake will be stupid enough to make another video about kaya just for the views before he drops off the face of YouTube

No. 1726200

Here's a tinfoil, I doubt anyone is giving him big donations. He paid his mods to make alt accounts and make big donations to get to get others to donate aswel. No one has giving him anything near that amount for months and suddenly there are multiple people giving him 100's of dollars before christmas with current gas and electric prices? Lol don't think so.

No. 1726365


I doubt he'd have paid them to make donations, but I 100% believe he'd lay on the " poor jake" nice and thick in his discord and on streams to try and encourage that kind of behaviour from them, if anyone were to call him out for it he could just point at Kaya's response and accuse her of doing the same

No. 1726393

That's a lovely graph, the 2/3 of his patreon stans is so telling. To lose 2/3 of your most dedicated fans is quite the boo-boo, never mind a huge 50k viewers. Retrospectively, even if he paid 10k for some social media management advice in December 2021 he would have come out of this with more money and fans than trying to wing it on his own and failing miserably.

No. 1726396


He probably didn't even need to spaff 10k on media management if he had a single actual friend that could have given him the sensible advice and constructive criticism he desperately needs. This is the issue with surrounding yourself with yes-man snaccs and a woman who's total vocabulary only extends to " Daddy!" and "Shots!" there's no one with any sense in his life that he trusts to tell him when he's torpedoing his career into the nether

No. 1726420

i mean he even got a p.o box for gifts just like she did

No. 1726424

File: 1670947853053.png (972.01 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20221213-161036.png)

No. 1726427

Wasn't he sent money for a figurine in LA because he hinted he had no money? Or am I remembering wrong?
I always thought he begged more than her

No. 1726429

File: 1670948369486.png (580.72 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20221213-161024.png)

No. 1726445


damn his brow gets more and more caveman like everyday, filter or no.

No. 1726452

He whined about it on socials and SteampunkPhoenix (his resident married simp who constantly talked about being poor but donated tons of money to them in streams) sent him the money. She also is credited as being one of the funders for the Seven Strings video.

No. 1726683

His eyes are legit in the middle of his head. How far has his hairline receded to cause that? Neanderthal looking whingebag.

No. 1726751

You're right kek he's trying to hide his fivehead with a thin ass fringe

No. 1726782

It may be a tired and possibly irrelevant subject at this point, but dear lord do his tattoos look godawful. Sorry for the derail, I just can’t help it every time an image of his bloated mug pops up.

Like, it’s tragic. Especially for a narc who’s SO much obsessed with looks, the visual presentation of things, the facade, painting an image in every sense of the term, and micromanaging the way said image is curated… I just can’t wrap my head around such a poor choice. Of everything.
Like, the dude picked out these artists, worked out his ideas with them, a-okay-ed the designs and the placements, and paid them… to get all of that?? It makes no sense. Especially with how controlling and greedy he is. I will never believe he’s looking in the mirror every day thinking it’s good.

No. 1726822

I don't remember him wearing his hair like this until fairly recently too. Before he used to slick it back or spike it up. Wonder if he's suddenly become insecure about his ugly wrinkled Gordon Ramsay forehead from reading here. Poor Jake! You all should really donate to the hair plug fund.

He only paid someone for the atrocity that is his tattooed headwound. Kat did the ugly doodles on his cheek and by his ear. I feel like this point goes back to what >>1726396 said about how he doesn't have any real friends to give him any sound advice. Kat actively helped him ruin his face even further and once they ultimately break up too, he'll be forever stuck with a reminder of daddy shots scribbled right in the middle of his face. kek

No. 1726843

>Kat did the ugly doodles on his cheek and by his ear
Oh, no wonder the architecture looks so cartoony and Disney castle-esque. She probably took it from Hunchback of Notre Dame rather than Bloodborne.

No. 1726857

File: 1670985644584.jpg (490.56 KB, 1080x1326, Screenshot_20221213-204010_Gal…)

Lmao oh no he paid someone for the shrek castle. The scratchy bloodborne and X were all her tho

No. 1726868

i still cant get over the fact this dude is YOUNGER than me…..

No. 1726873


Fake's aging like milk

No. 1726907

Same, but that's what being a raging alcoholic will do to you. He looks dried out, wrinkled, and bloated all at the same time much like one of our most popular alcoholic cows. It's wild to me he thinks it isn't completely obvious that he has a drinking problem.

No. 1726942

he actually used to rant about how thick it was that it wouldn’t lay flat or whatever lol. that sideways hat & ponytail extension was entertaining though, this is just sad and boring.

No. 1727253

Sorry for slight off topic but I don't think I'm likely to get a response elsewhere. I started looking into making altcows 32 and I think it would be best to return Jake/Kaya discussions there. Do anons agree? If not, I'm not sure if there's any point in making it because the summary so far was mostly about them two.

No. 1727259


Just summarise what the other major players were last up to as per the thread. Mention these cucks fucked up so hard another thread spawned just for Jake and Kaya. Advise people to primarily go to this thread for Jake/Kaya and keep altcows to everyone else maybe. Though, Jake/Kaya milk is dry right now, so…

No. 1727277

Yea they should return. Alt cows is pretty much dead at the moment without them. Which has been said before.

No. 1727281

There's barely anything else to summarise, that's the thing. Jake was going off about Kaya in various comment sections and the whole breakup part 2 via videos happened. Most milk was related to them, there was very little mention of anyone else. I wanna merge the threads because this one is mainly commentary now.
Altcows did die without them which will make people feel like there is no point to continue with altcows 32, but I like getting updates on other people like Dorian and IBF. Think I'll make the thread tomorrow, ran out of time today.

No. 1727286


Ah no I get what you mean actually. I would do a run down of the major players and who they are but scrap the recent happenings bit. "This is Dorian who's done this and this" so newfags know who's being looked at.

No. 1727347

File: 1671048026985.jpg (225.09 KB, 1078x952, 20221214_115529.jpg)

I think that Jake's change in appearance is solely to appease Kat and fit in with her friends. We already know that he's starting to look like Dean. Kat's entire friend group is like that. They all look/dress the same. Here's an example of Kat with two other women from Meraki. They wear their hair and makeup the same, nearly identical septum piercings. There's really nothing that feels "alt" about them.

No. 1727355

Any alternative thread pic nominations?

No. 1727429

Personally, I think Jake/Kaya should be it’s own separate thread. Looking at the past few altcow threads, they have dominated them every time, especially Jake. I feel like more shit is going to happen, so it makes sense having their own thread to separate them from other alt cows.

No. 1727443

yah, they look pretty "normal" just two of them with dyed hair and tats. Hell my mum dyes her hair a dark red and she's not alt at all lmao

No. 1727690

Agreed. Altcows should be separate from this thread.

No. 1727709

They have dominated it because the other cows don't have milk. It should be merged again.

No. 1727752

>other cows don't have milk
I'm not entirely opposed to merging the threads back together now that things have died down a bit again, but this argument is kind of dumb. If they don't have milk why would you need the thread? I feel like the anons constantly complaining about the alt cows thread being dead need to go looking for new milk themselves. IBF and the same old few cows might have gotten a bit stale, but it's easy to resolve by going find some new ones? There seems to be a whole new generation of alt cows just waiting for their lolcow debut.

No. 1727775

File: 1671084229412.png (1.05 MB, 1297x563, 00039.png)

His video really did nothing but help her channel in the end. Her patreon is up almost 200 subs since the video dropped and her videos are getting more views than ever. Meanwhile his are still barely breaking 10k in a whole week. Hope that end of the year one time money grab was all worth it Jake. lmao

No. 1728068

I like how her spooky box club (aka boring topic everyone has seen before and complains about) has 4x the views of his latest tiktok reactions video. 11k is honestly newbie level, I have videos with around 5k views and I only have 100 followers. Shameful (but much deserved)

No. 1728123

File: 1671134578973.png (603.07 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20221215-200229.png)

No. 1728171

>There seems to be a whole new generation of alt cows just waiting for their lolcow debut
Post them then.

No. 1728180

These people are literally supporting an abuser, how deluded!

No. 1728182

This is so amusing. He must be fuming. It's also such a beautiful picture of what is going on. Kaya's Ex-Boyfriend or KEB has 2 repetitive react vids, a shit cover he even admits is shit and a 2 hour rant about his former partner. He even made the cover picture the same day he did the santahat react he's that fucking lazy. Kaya has reaction to KEB's shit with 100k extra views, a spooky box and an assumptions vid both 3 times as much views as KEB's react vids. I can see him flipping out between christmas and new year's again on Kaya and KEB finally kills his own youtube career once and for all. lmao

No. 1728358

Can you not read? I said the anons constantly complaining about the alt cows thread being dead should consider finding new cows. Its pretty simple. I'm indifferent to the threads merging or staying separate because ultimately I'm just here to laugh at Jake who is more chav than alternative these days.

I have the app that allows you to see the like to dislike ratio on videos and her videos perform better than his in that department as well. Last time I checked his "breaking my silence" video was about 50/50 on likes to dislikes which is hilarious compared to her being like 90% or more positive. He's bombed out his own career and accidently drew in more sympathy, views, and followers for her in the end. I feel like these last few big donations we're seeing are the death throes from the handful of remaining superfans of his. We saw a similar group attached to onisions hip until the very end too.

No. 1728386

File: 1671159142377.jpg (270.32 KB, 504x803, plaidlad.jpg)

No. 1728433

File: 1671166081863.png (16.79 KB, 735x132, MyGFandIgetDrunkInBarcelona 2.…)

No. 1728439

omf just stop, the filters cannot hide that cotton candy clump that’s supposed to be hair and how terrible tattoos not even a year old look. what even is this expression, the lack of brows do not go with this plaid chav thing.

No. 1728458

If you attempt a cute finger near lips post Fake at least do your damn nails and get the pose right. He looks like he's hiding mouth herpes. Also how many plaid shirts does this guy suddenly have?

No. 1728525

I'm a little late to the party and just caught up but I gotta admit mates… he… kinda look like hes transgender (nothing wrong with that tho) but he honestly do

No. 1728534

I appreciate you saging newfag, but you might want to familiarize yourself with the rest of the farms before commenting.

No. 1728605

Lmao are you lost?

When did the photo that’s the thread pic for the new altcows get posted? I must have missed it. It’s the one of fakes Snapchat?

No. 1728608

It's an edit made by an anon from Altcows 31. The caption isn't real, just a meme

No. 1728644

>nothing wrong with that tho
This is a TERF site, you're in the wrong place

No. 1729004

Everything is wrong with being a troon.

No. 1729556

File: 1671295790023.png (67.4 KB, 238x182, thisfeelslikeafookincult.png)

I'm going through it all and this shit feels like a cult with all his 'snaacs' blindly praising/worshipping/dickriding.

Yet so far nothing milk worthy

No. 1729594

We've seen his only fans and that thing's a chode. His dickriding snaccs won't feel a thing.

No. 1729610

File: 1671306034020.png (151.88 KB, 258x217, kek.PNG)

Saged cause I'm not sure it's milk worthy.

He's currently streaming. Looks to be putting on the pounds and obnoxiously 'flexed' while stretching. How full of himself is this scrote??

No. 1729616

looking like a fat butch lesbian kek

but in all seriousness he is getting HUGE now but sure he'll just claim its all muscle

No. 1729944

File: 1671353211701.jpg (172.98 KB, 1009x1711, Screenshot_20221218-024223.jpg)

His hair is lookin' reaaaal thin these days….

No. 1729956

i can't believe he thinks this looks cute. the no eyebrows is ugly. his hair is like… bum fluff. lips looking like a camels arsehole in a sandstorm. a literal gremlin. vile.

No. 1729965

File: 1671357394174.jpg (66.09 KB, 220x326, The_Boss_Baby_poster.jpg)

he looks like the boss baby and not in a good way.

No. 1729982

That's so mean to actual butch lesbians keeek. Fake looks like a chubby teen with some type of hormone imbalance that gives him a beard and a receding hairline while also retaining a pre puberty doughy face like >>1729965 suggested. I'd like to know what he eats/drinks in a day to look this shit.

No. 1730055


his diet consists of Long Island iced tea cocktails

No. 1730086

Also looks like he's chugging protein shakes without actually working out and that'll make you a blob in no time

No. 1730088

I recently learned that a long island iced tea is one of the biggest red flags for a bartender because it's what alcoholics order to get very drunk very fast.

No. 1730090

File: 1671384303126.jpg (1.11 MB, 1080x1879, Screenshot_20221218-092006_Ins…)

My God his stories are so fucking boring now compared to how they used to be. "Family" is like his main personality trait now.

No. 1730092

And thats not even his family lol, he has been in that kids life for what a year? Id be pretty annoyed if I was the actual dad

No. 1730100

Her hair looks so thin and stringy.

No. 1730115

That poor kid

No. 1730179

It's so greasy that I genuinely feel like retching

No. 1730182

Jake is about to start streaming

No. 1730369


Imagine wearing a huge O-ring collar to your kids xmas market.

No. 1730392


Right? Typically it's been worn as a distinctive mark among BDSM practitioners by submissives.

No. 1730396

It's her copy & paste alt pinterest fashion. I don't think she's involved in BDSM at all.
I actually hate the way she dresses kek. It's so uninspired.

No. 1730435


i wonder if she poured the contents out and put alcohol in it just to get through the day with 1 nut wonder jake

No. 1730485

seriously I can imagine the nasty scalp smell, plus telltale body odor that alcoholics have. her outfit looks like one of the getups that Kaya always wears.

No. 1730606

I know nothing about NI's courts or custody agreements, but I really hope Dean is at least collecting some of the unhinged shit Fake has done as evidence and can get that poor kid away from these two drunks.

No. 1730640

File: 1671446829742.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1170x2089, 94CB06C3-4C14-4A1F-AB9F-903D48…)

I wonder if she’s going to go into any detail of his sulky behaviour at their group meet and greet?

No. 1730690

I don’t have very high hopes for Dean frankly. I mean the dude did MARRY Skat. He started seeing her while she was already in a serious relationship. I’d guess he’s prob fairly shitty as well, may even also be a hard drinker. Just my tin foil. Sometimes decent dudes are tied down to trash like Skat, but more often than not like attracts like

No. 1730692

hey at least we can give dean that he isn't putting the kid out there on his own Youtube channel/Insta/etc to try and push some "wholesome goth dad" persona. That whole thing weirds me out.

No. 1730732


Just when Jake trying to pretend like his video didn't happen kek

No. 1730743


>Jake trying to pretend like his video didn't happen

He went out of his way to post that video a year after he broke up with her. So no, no ones going to let him forget about it. Probably for the duration of his Channel.

No. 1730799

>My God his stories are so fucking boring now compared to how they used to be
They're as boring as they've always been. He's only interesting when he's providing milk.

No. 1730856

File: 1671474303690.png (56.08 KB, 340x443, PrinceGristle.png)

Was watching this annoying cartoon with a friend's kid, and one of the characters reminds me of someone…

No. 1730876

Lmao, spot on, hunky british lad right there. Maybe the talented photoshop anons could use it as inspiration, although 90% of the work is already done.

No. 1731099

File: 1671490562028.jpg (239.59 KB, 507x824, whytho.jpg)

No. 1731119


Did you edit his fingers down kek or is this the real deal

No. 1731130

Filter's doing mad overtime. Also shoutout to the anon who pointed out that his eyes are in the middle of his head, cannot unsee it now

No. 1731134

File: 1671492320860.png (466.59 KB, 501x525, wtfisgoingon.PNG)

What the hell is going on with his hairline

No. 1731141

Looks like he's balding and is combing over his hair kek

No. 1731210

The pudgy physique, tuft of hair, and shit fashion sense, kek

No. 1731250

Is he seriously trying to be some 19/20yro eguy thing? He looks ridiculous. why are those in their 30s doing this?

No. 1731278

File: 1671506585146.png (1.39 MB, 1250x703, Screenshot 2022-12-20 at 04-03…)

In Kaya's new vid she confirms talking to the police and her solicitor regarding Fake in London. Really wonder what the hell Jake did behind the scenes that a pushover like Kaya felt the need for a solicitor.

No. 1731280

now now nonnie, let's not insult uncle fester like that

honestly this just rubs me the wrong way, and it always has. i would love to have her job, to be able to work from home and make fun and creative videos. sitting down in front of a camera, tidying the area that's visible in the background… it really isn't that difficult. i get being mentally ill, but come on. i am admittedly more a fan of kaya than fake, but it frustrates me that she whinges so much about her very easy, very privileged job. sage for blogpost, but that's just my two cents on it.

okay but… do we actually know anything about dean? his hobbies, friends, social life, bad habits? i know fake and skat are terrible, i'm not trying to belittle that, but i honestly wonder what type of person dean is, and if he's any better than fake and skat or if he's just as bad as them, albeit more quiet about it.

No. 1731673

We back

No. 1731685

File: 1671908161939.gif (414.68 KB, 200x194, 1671499507552.gif)

Me when I was waiting for the site to come back up.

No. 1731687

If it goes down again some nonnies congregate on crystal.cafe/b though there are no cow threads. Admin is somewhere in between canning the site and upgrading it to a new one, so it's a bit up in the air at present (see /meta)

No. 1733059

In case someone is like me waiting patiently with a disconnected phone line, this appears to be newest thread

No. 1734819

Kaya looking so pretty and healthy glad she living her best life

No. 1735271

Image board?

No. 1736784

File: 1672782709724.jpg (725.91 KB, 970x5126, Screenshot_20230103-135002_Chr…)

Skat continues making porn for a whole audience of 2-3 people. Why does she even bother at this point? How embarrassing.

No. 1736792

Truly bleak. I guess she has to pick up the slack from Jake kek.

No. 1736931

File: 1672800306843.jpg (80.62 KB, 1080x475, ScreenshotInstagram.jpg)

Kat also follows Jake's sister on her OF account. What the fuck, is she socially tone-deaf? Imagine you have a sibling, a brother, and his new girlfriend forces their pornographic content into your field of view.

No. 1737003

Does she follows back? Unfortunately these days OF is celebrated and this probably not a big deal. It's normal but trashy people hype up their family members porn alot

No. 1737092

Lol no one wants to pay to see her flat tits and flat ass and marionette lines. yet she’s still a vain bitch and wants to be “famous” from instagram. she’s too old and delusional for this shit. way to go jake, on your accomplished and “mature” woman.

No. 1737107

Sad thing is jake Is probably one off the two people who liked it.
Why pay for pictures and videos when she posts the same content for free on her Instagram once you seen one picture it is all the same

No. 1737201

Sage for no proof or milk, but there's quite a few people on Twitter saying Fake got a copyright strike on Christmas, do any nonas know about this? All I saw was replies to a now-deleted tweet.

No. 1737228


Tinfoiling here for speculation but is it just on Twitter or Youtube as well? Cause my brain went straight to that cover song he recently did and admitted it was trash. But as of right now I'm unsure myself but I'll start some digging!

No. 1737233


>Why pay for pictures and videos when she posts the same content for free on her Instagram once you seen one picture it is all the same

I have noticed this as well! And same goes with Jake. They will mark out the 'naughty bits' but we're not stupid. Once you seen it… and I quote you… once you seen one picture it is all the same

No. 1737236


by all means get that paper, scarecrow, cause we know its all drying up. she lacks creativity (why is it always with that stupid ass bike??) same shit different day with her pictures in some weird drive to stay relevant when she wasn't relevant to begin with. wait… am i talking about jake at this point? idk. but they deserve eachother

No. 1737333

ayrt, I only saw it on twitter but people were referring exclusively to a Youtube strike. Like I said I think he miiight have deleted the tweet about it, but if you search his @ you can usually find his orbiters who have replied to his deleted posts.

No. 1737776

When I personally saw his dick pictures on here I lost all interest in him. He became boring

No. 1738143

File: 1672958986776.jpeg (376.74 KB, 1284x2023, 658E4637-F9BF-4034-A7BC-F3ABF8…)

No. 1738145

File: 1672959010107.jpeg (330.96 KB, 1284x2372, D5266632-0C19-4999-8BF0-8D6592…)

No. 1738200

File: 1672962449724.jpg (310.07 KB, 1080x1897, 20230105_153532.jpg)

The way Skat poses makes her proportions look absolutely insane. What is provocative about this pose, really? It is insanely amateur. Her head is so massive in proportion to her body that she looks like an actual bobblehead. Her arm is across her stomach which conveys insecurity, and then her other arm takes up the whole bottom right frame? Kek, use the camera timer, dumb bitch. Learn how to pose and maybe your OF wouldn't flop so fucking hard.

No. 1738215

She looks so much like Jeffrey Star it freaks me out

No. 1738231

File: 1672965707487.jpeg (107.59 KB, 1280x960, 5D33FCE3-ECA7-4985-9D1A-573976…)

No. 1738233

File: 1672965818726.jpeg (65.95 KB, 426x640, 2E1E02FA-348E-43D6-84C8-7293C0…)

No. 1738234

Snake and Jeffery are LITERALLY the same person!!

No. 1738250

Honest question: Is Jake actually male? His penis and balls look fake to me.
I mean, sure… if he wasn't you'd think Kaya would have outted him or something but eh, thought I'd ask all of you for your opinions cause of the obvious reasons

No. 1738273

I understand, he’s shaped, berry weirdly, well to me in general, not sure is he’s a
Winks, but lol his body is awfully weird looking

No. 1738304

He's male but a huge narc, insecure, photoshopped and filtered to the nines so the dick we see (and erased from our minds) in those photos looks fake because it is. Kaya's doing him a solid by not outing his fake nudes.
I think a lot of snaccs might have had fantasies about him the same way people had crushes on Corpse Husband, but seeing his sexless, soulless, selfies where he stares blankly while holding his photoshopped dick would definitely disprove any imaginings of sensitive lovers. Women are big purchasers of erotic fiction, it's all about the imagination and you get a lot further with a female audience by being mysterious. The OF was such a nail in the coffin of his career.

No. 1738600

I've honestly never seen a more sexless, passionless nsfw picture than Jake's attempts at only fans, his dead eyes staring directly at the camera while he poses his cottage cheese looking body as awkwardly as possible, the full exposure of his pube stubble so severe that anyone looking at it and imagining sex with him would also have to imagine the pokey carpet burn experience of having that bang up against you until HE came, not you. The awful filtering and editing as well where he'd wash it all in blue or red making his skin look even worse as a woman I am still repulsed at the memories of those onlyfans leaks. They were poison to his career as much as they're poison to look at.

I'll also never forget when they hadn't announced the break-up and Kaya was talking about how intensely sad and depressed she was, how much of an awful place she was in mentally, how she never thought she'd feel better and no one knew wtf was going on meanwhile Jake the Snake was posting thirst trap insta stories of him flexing shirtless at the exact same time, that was my first taste of true disdain for him, it was so fucking tone deaf.

No. 1739055

Looking exactly like Jeffree Star from warped tour days.

No. 1739111

File: 1673077458893.jpg (668.64 KB, 1500x1500, Cheap and Basic.jpg)

Nice Aliexpress costume, Skat. KEKEK. I can't stop laughing at how generic she dresses. Anyone else think it's weird how she dresses "kawaii" for porn but that isn't how she is irl? She is a poser who uses actual subcultures like kawaii fashion, gaming, and biking for her porn.

No. 1739137

Lol, her look is literally from aliexpress. cheap dupe, no style of her own. she’s Jeffree Star from wish/belle delphine from aliexpress. wonder if she got the “Diva” body suit from there as well.

No. 1739186

Absolutely yes she will have, what's worse is I'm 99.9% certain that it'll be Jake telling her which outfits he thinks are going to appeal to their shared audience, lean into the gamer girl kawaii anime aesthetic because most of the sad men still following Jake are angry unwashed weebs who like to argue the definition of domestic violence is only physical because it makes them feel better about all the walls they've punched

No. 1739192


I'm stupid. I honestly didn't realize, at first, that the way she positioned her gloved hands were actually not some weird shoulder/collar thing. Why does she keep posing so fucking weird

No. 1739193

Since no new milk has been coming up of late about jake the fake, I'm waiting on a new video release of him bitching about us farmers talking shit about Kat the Skat now. kek. I doubt it, because he is that lazy.

I am in agreement. But regardless of who picks what, both of their tastes are terrible. kek

No. 1739737

File: 1673183969602.gif (47.31 KB, 360x267, maxx.gif)

boob window so empty it lookin like this mf

No. 1739772

Good thing Jake "doesn't like boobs" kek.

No. 1739823


I'm just hoping she doesn't get the idea to cosplay as Jinx from League of Legends cause I fear she will literally jinx the game and it'll shutdown.

No. 1739880

She would, but she'd spell it "Jinks".

No. 1740024

Kaya showed her father in a new video and she looks nothing like him, so that debunks an old sage someone made.

No. 1740081

He looks different from when he was shown in Portugal. Her ma sounds like a drug addict.

No. 1740086

She also confirmed she(Jake) got her car on a finance agreement through the dealership, which is why her repairs are free because its in the agreement. So she did dupe her gullible fans posting previous repairs to her vehicle she wouldn't have paid for lol

No. 1740101

Prove it

No. 1740213

Since when does getting a car on finance include repairs? If it's new it might have some kind of warranty but that doesn't always cover the entire cost.

No. 1740248

Because if you own a car under a finance agreement the dealership owns the vehicle and have to have it car ready for the next person they loan it too.

No. 1740249

It's in her vlog. She said the repairs are happening at the dealership she has to bring the vehicle there and she mentioned repairs are free because of the finance agreement. I'm not putting words in her mouth

No. 1740302

From what I gathered, there were a few small damages to the car that were there when she bought it, the dealership were responsible for fixing those.

No. 1740321

That's true but she specifically said she has a finance agreement with them as well which means all services and repairs to maintain the car are not out of her pocket. Them letting her drive around with the dents is probably why they'll also upgrade her alloys while she's still in contract.

No. 1740400

You're describing leasing a car, not buying one through a financing agreement. Financing a car is like paying a mortgage, leasing a car is like paying rent.

No. 1740757

Idk why this point gets contested, anyone in the UK who has bought a vehicle through a finance agreement through the dealership which Kaya explicitly states, will have free servicing and repairs to maintain the vehicle.

Its amusing she embellishes and ebegs when she's probably more disposable income than 90% of her fans but if people really want to believe she wouldn't post receipts or bills for sympathy that's fine.

No. 1740762

What a stupid thing to care about, that’s no where near as worse as fakes extremely disgustingonly fans, and lies in

No. 1741004

The agreements were only because it needed repairs before purchasing,and she didn’t want to wait. it was a spoken one that they’d fix it when she was able but jake tossed her out and she missed the appointment. That’s the only reason it’s free.

No. 1741158

Why care about any of them its a gossip board. Wouldn't even be surprised if the invoice for the repairs she showed was from October when the dealership originally wanted to do the repairs does anyone remember when she posted the damages to her car? Did it mention the dents if she's had them since driving the vehicle?

No. 1741272

OT but I miss around this time last year when they were still in the honeymoon phase and posting dumb shit all the time kek. So boring now. You can tell the thrill is dead.

No. 1741375

File: 1673378738257.png (905.35 KB, 733x751, f60f7583cc30bbd97b2f06dc9d1a79…)

F to all the drywall in fake's house

No. 1741376

File: 1673378849983.png (829.89 KB, 736x763, c0d559145703c98600df9c2bdea252…)

she's definitely baiting for people to question whose hands these are and what her relationship is with them, and i hope it chaps jake's ass, good for her

No. 1741412

Wow, she looks incredible.

No. 1741439

Lol does she?

No. 1741445


Hmm. Yes. I'd prefer this over Skat dressing as an alcoholic toddler-child-thing who's vocabulary consist of "Shots, Daddy!"

No. 1741455

Nah she still has a fridge body, her waist is as wide as her chest and hips lol. Not everyone here has to simp her just because Jake is a dickhead.

No. 1741462


I am late catching up to this thread but Anon… You are so correct. I'm sure others have noticed too that he's been montizing the fuck out of poor Kat and her son. Did she have an OF before getting involved with Jake? (I'm not making her out to be a saint here as it was hers and jakes choice to actively cheat on their partners.)

RIGHT KEK I have taken notice of those stupid poses myself and it's cracking me up that he seems to be pulling these poses when he wants to try to pull in sympothy or like this anon posted
> Constipation

Also yeah what is with the 'x' on his face??

No. 1741473

She can at least pose in an interesting way for a camera, she's unarguably more creative than either of the gruesome twosome when it comes to photography.

No. 1741481

File: 1673388301263.gif (3.52 MB, 498x205, thatsbait.gif)

No. 1741483


Sage your shit and stop trying to derail faggot.

No. 1741490

Bitch, you’re probably jake , so no how about you go stick your dick in a cardboard box, since you look like one .you think yiur 12 year old super tantrum will scare me? Nice try , but sadly I think you’re not physically cabal be of taking heat(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1741504


First, sage your shit.
Second, cute projection.

>Someone report this derailing faggot.

No. 1741509


ignore that anon, nonnie its probs skat based on her grammar kek or jake himself with his narc rage zoid happening

No. 1741524

Bitch really out here responding to himself

No. 1741534

File: 1673394522062.png (234.03 KB, 471x793, riptodrywalls.PNG)


lol fake really about to fook up em drywalls mate check it
im hoping for good milk when he attempts to sabotage by showing up since shes hosting

No. 1741582

File: 1673399667202.jpg (85.45 KB, 1080x465, 20230110_171243.jpg)

He has been monetizing her since the very beginning of the relationship, with OF and "getting drunk in Barcelona with my girlfriend" vlog. She did not have OF before they got together. Seems like Jake would have learned his lesson about monetizing relationships after using MAG to push their "long term relationship comedy". When you monetize your relationship, it is no longer just your relationship. Everyone will be involved in your love life, sex life, home life, and inevitable break up.

No. 1741586

File: 1673400485394.jpg (70.62 KB, 1080x919, 20230110_172515.jpg)

Dumb bitch needs to get her daddy issues in check before being trusted to be a mother. Poor kid is being raised by a mentally deficient boozer. Get therapy, Skat. Isaac needs a mother more than you need a "daddy".

No. 1741615

File: 1673404442028.jpg (63.41 KB, 460x777, skatthepoledancer.jpg)

Doing it in a class is one thing, but I remember seeing a post where skat was doing this at a kids playground

No. 1741618

File: 1673404806857.jpg (96.19 KB, 454x821, ohdamn.jpg)

Skat released a video clip of events about a week ago on her Instagram account involving Jake and Isaac as well as with friends. And of course, the second vid in is of "drinks".

No. 1741623

those are clearly female hands though

kek he's so fucking fat lmfao

No. 1741628

you can see his ass almost hanging out the front of his shirt

No. 1741632

>posting porn for one like which is probably jake

I bet there isn't anything too nsfw there and she is just ruining her reputation for nothing by posting mild lewds behind a paywall to her one Onlyfans follower kek. Does she think it's glamorous or something?

No. 1741639

His neck reminds me of a turtle, fully receding into his body like that.

No. 1741724

It was posted 5 months ago >>1599269, just a screenshot of the breakdown of the repairs and interestingly enough it says costs selected £0.00 because she wouldn't have to pay it, she's just getting a copy of the servicing documents.

No. 1741749

agreed, she looks hot! red is amazing on her. great hair, flattering outfit, perky boobs.

No. 1741759

File: 1673426095367.png (122.8 KB, 275x238, 0F977742-D72E-464F-8D86-BD6E16…)

bumping. careful scrolling anons, there’s cp.

No. 1741862

>those are clearly female hands though
I bet if Kaya got a girlfriend that would piss his misogynistic ass off even more than a boyfriend lol.

I hate that I use this website sometimes.

No. 1742113

File: 1673471915917.jpg (841.51 KB, 1600x1200, Tracing.jpg)

Some of Skat's latest traced work. Still is from the anime Demon Slayer. I would love to see this talentless bitch actually draw something, for ONCE.

No. 1742117

Omg it's so poorly done too, in the original picture you can see those little stems (idk what they are) coming out of the flower from all over, but in her tattoo she placed them all behind the flower.

No. 1742141

So much for that VR gaming bs, Jake.

You trying to hype of your 'twinkie snacks' or yourself? kek

No. 1742385

File: 1673495880687.png (1.37 MB, 1290x830, Screenshot 2023-01-12 at 04-56…)

Everything about this is shit. The placement. The lining. The colours. Imagine the pain to end up with this.

No. 1742392

Would have been a better hip/thigh tattoo. It could be worse but the coloring is blotchy and the poor placement just kills it. Kek also wtf is going on with that bee on the top right

No. 1742394


It should be higher up and not ending up near the waistband/ass crack.

Like the poster above me suggested, I can unquestionably see it would have been a beautiful thigh tattoo, possibly wrapping up to the hip.

But, no. Kat's placements for almost all back pieces seem to be predominantly centred like this image. The colours are bland and lifeless.

No. 1742637

Add that to the list of broken promises by jake
-more vlogs
-more bike videos/channel
-no more tiktok
-better content

Pretty sure a lot was promised in the breakup video too.

No. 1742641

Imo this looks good way better then her Disney mangled faces she does

No. 1742669

I hate non-artists like her who get shoehorned into careers like this. She doesn't make art, she only knows how to operate the tattoo machine.

No. 1742689

It's more difficult to mess up drawing a flower than a face, but she still managed to do it by putting the anthers behind the flower, rather than coming out the centre.

No. 1742714

An entire month since Jake's last upload, the broken promises are piling up so high. Has he even streamed that much in the past month? Did dumpy daddy have to to take off the whole of December? After calling Kaya out on how she delivers content and banging on about how no one else on earth shares your high drive and work eithic you'd think he would be going out of his way not to look like a complete hypocrite

No. 1742762

he'll just claim he's been busy being a family man kek

No. 1742852

File: 1673544551934.png (113.73 KB, 235x227, Screenshot 2023-01-12 at 18-26…)

That really is one fucked up bee: missing wing, missing legs, weird leg and the antlers are in the wrong spot.

No. 1742954

He streams every few days and gets quite a lot donations still

No. 1743309

File: 1673571163792.png (157.64 KB, 347x665, why.PNG)

No. 1743311

File: 1673571204587.jpg (87.51 KB, 720x1362, why.jpg)

No. 1743352

I watched for a little bit and it was so weird. The energy he used to bring is totally dead. He hardly makes jokes or laughs and just seems tired.

No. 1743382

Yep, should also add:
> happy wholesome family vlogs
> a new song released every month of 2023
by the time he released the "breaking my silence" video, he allegedly had 3 songs wrapped up and ready to go for the first 3 months of the year. kek

No. 1743386

File: 1673578663705.jpg (679.38 KB, 1080x1486, Screenshot_20230112-185559_Ins…)

Jake said he needed a "mature" woman in his breaking the silence video, and was referring to this. I am fucking speechless.

No. 1743389


What's next… she gonna sell her bath water?

No. 1743392

This is especially cringe keeping in mind that this is something she’s considering a legitimate (side) job.
Not just idk an occasional goofy mum-meltdown post intended for her friends to see.
A truly "mature" 34yo woman, mother of one, indeed.

No. 1743393

This is exactly the type of picture Jake would have looked at a year ago and made fun of. Truly goes to show that he was just wanking it to all those alt/egirls he used to make fun of.

No. 1743394


Oh most def. He was projecting hard.

No. 1743402

Wow, actually super creepy.

No. 1743417

File: 1673582525050.jpeg (252.65 KB, 961x652, C41C9C68-28B0-4A78-8F98-C844B4…)

>I understand, he’s shaped, berry weirdly

No. 1743433


>he seems tired.

Or he's dead inside because of the massive hole he got himself into and is stuck playing the role.

No. 1743485

Lol is that her attempt at the ahegao? wow. I thought Jake said the face is “stupid” and that he hated e-girls and that belle delphine makes him want to vomit. guess kat’s charm and beauty changed his mind! It’s so sensual when a bulbous nosed aging 35 yr old drunk mom does that face, isn’t it?

No. 1743489

my thoughts exactly, and his reacting to e-girls videos was one of his most watched and liked because he was making fun of them. turns out he just secretly wanted to fuck them. he probably unironically likes the senzawa song and everything! gross.

No. 1743502

next thread pic lol.

am really enjoying how much he’s dropped off in any activity besides streaming what i’m guessing is terribly boring gameplay b/c he needs the donations for survival. he probably can’t vlog due to the presence of her kid & definitely is living in the reality of that situation. meanwhile he collects revenue from patreon & onlyfans without producing content.

what happened to his stomach tattoo, the studio or whatever he slapped together for vr stuff., any of the music he claimed to be working on lol.

No. 1743508

Guess he did secretly like them since he went and cheated on Kaya with a tart lol

No. 1743511

The thing is, Kat was never into "egirl" or "kawaii" fashion before dating Jake and starting the OF. She has changed up her look quite a bit to please him. She's probably insecure as a middle aged mother. From my point of view, looks a midlife identity crisis.

No. 1743537

File: 1673596420407.jpg (342.1 KB, 1000x677, 1000_F_257273212_pE8kVDKxeeYGO…)

Point bump don't scroll nonnies

No. 1743549

File: 1673599267045.jpg (Spoiler Image, 19.79 KB, 300x300, miganmandarine.jpg)

He is doing the same thing with his mouth as mikan kek. "cute", not.

No. 1743705

kill yourself NOW

No. 1743812

File: 1673636596785.jpg (122.06 KB, 1080x260, WholesomeFamilyVlog.jpg)

> happy wholesome family vlogs
Meanwhile, Kaya actually DOES put out her OWN family vlog. With her ACTUAL family.

No. 1743877

File: 1673642378980.png (513.49 KB, 680x479, 195.png)

Now that she's a free woman she's starting to put out regular content. Hmm.

No. 1743935


LOL Too right you are mate x'D(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1743958

Oh my God the newfags in this thread sometimes.

No. 1743965

File: 1673647167708.png (466.98 KB, 491x808, new_art.png)

No. 1743967

File: 1673647253883.png (388.64 KB, 495x829, plushie.png)

Possibly the plushie? (and other things)

No. 1743972

File: 1673647761891.png (701.87 KB, 700x871, no_free_feets.PNG)

"No free feets lol"

No. 1744196

one thing Kaya and kat have in common is that foot sex work. maybe that’s what jake really likes in a partner lol

No. 1744293

Nonnies have been saying this forever but I've never actually seen proof of this in any way.

No. 1744330

Idk much about tattoos, the tattoo itself looks fine to me but the placement is so bad

No. 1744349

There's not much proof of her inviting Belfast men around because we're not paps and she didn't put it on an IG story. I've been told by a couple of mutuals IRL. Even a girl I worked with in Belfast who didn't know toxic tears is a YouTube personality lived near her and her weed man told her lmao

No. 1744353

Samefag before someone jumps down my throat I'm not the only anon that has brought it up. I found this site after I was mucking around with people who knew them.

No. 1744365

Interesting, but hearsay is still not proof. It's pure tinfoil that basically for some reason evolved into something that people consider a fact. Unless I've missed the proof somewhere in these threads.

No. 1744715

Gave her a completely different body type kek

No. 1744965

File: 1673737950750.png (648.3 KB, 494x824, eh.PNG)

No. 1744968

File: 1673737991556.png (709.81 KB, 486x821, eh.PNG)

No. 1744969

File: 1673738058989.png (496.63 KB, 492x890, eh.PNG)

No. 1744971

File: 1673738198879.png (635.03 KB, 495x830, eh.PNG)

Jake is streaming; Kat is working OnlyFans; Kaya outside the house.

(Tinfoil here… her friend seems to wearing a pink shirt that Kat was wearing in her previous kitty outfit? If not, ignore this bit.)

No. 1744979

Tbf it is extremely stylized kek. They're obviously going for a more cartoony/exaggerated look.

No. 1744988

Her ass looks so bony. And Harley Quinn? Lol. Will this retard be original, ever?

Her top has a heart cutout. Similar wt first glance, but it's not the same recognizable aliexpress garbage that everyone who plays kawaii for porn wears. At least Kaya's friends are legitimately into that fashion and know how to style themselves. Kat looks like a poser in a costume.

No. 1744994

Harley Quinn is so overdone

No. 1745000

Looks like she's posing with her ugly friend Becka again kek. Wearing the exact same costume?

No. 1745009

File: 1673742017055.jpg (785.24 KB, 1080x1905, Screenshot_20230114-161832_Ins…)

Kaya is out partying with cute girls and seeing celebrities while Jake stays at home teaching someone else's kid to shit in the toilet correctly. Kek.

No. 1745011

fake in the not too distant future

No. 1745133

If this isn't a subtle way of her making fun of you-know-who then I don't know what is KEK

No. 1745220

This is "hodor" from game of thrones unlike jake this guy is successful i dont see the connection to jake

No. 1745912

The point that anon was making is that she’s out and about seeing Hodor while Jake isn’t. But I think it so trashy to take photos of anyone like this without their permission and stick it online. Clearly the guy didn’t know she was papping him, and he doesn’t look like he wanted to be disturbed.

No. 1745927

He was actually performing because he's a DJ. So considering that and his celebrity status, I don't think it's that weird.

No. 1745982

File: 1673861611443.png (1.19 MB, 741x678, Katwearing a schoolgirl costum…)

didn't have a chance to post this when the farms were down. I noticed that Kat wore her schoolgirl costume from her onlyfans posts to the work holiday party tho. You can tell because of the cheap stitching and how it ties in the front. Imagine going out to a nice get together wearing this?? lmao

No. 1746137


They seem almost kinda edited in the face or just that good with contour and makeup. It's kinda weird (to me) how they all have the same waves and middle split hair.

Blondie should go green so they can be the three gold-digging mermaids.

No. 1746352

It has been pointed out before how similar they all look/dress. It's almost culty looking lol. None of them have a personal sense of style.

No. 1747877

New vlog up from Kaya hanging with friends.

No. 1747895

File: 1674089704078.png (782.81 KB, 490x895, eh...ok.PNG)

A day or two ago, when lolcow was momentarily down.

No. 1747900

File: 1674089849295.png (703.49 KB, 829x880, monster host.PNG)

Uploaded on her Instragram.

No. 1747904

File: 1674089943606.png (28.27 KB, 1125x343, brokethejoke.png)

Interesting how Kaya has managed to update her various social medias quite regularly lately and her content uploads seem to be becoming more regular too. Meanwhile Jake hasn't posted anything on YT in over a month. Doesn't really update any of his social media platforms save for a random IG story or bitchy twitter post. I guess he has done a stream here or there which must be his last bit of income coming in as his channel is STILL hemorrhaging subs and he can't break like 20k views without mentioning Kaya.

I wonder whatever happened to his big Vtuber reveal too? His onlyfans? His supposed new music from his band?

No. 1747906

File: 1674090054819.png (541.23 KB, 494x889, no milk.PNG)

Kaya enjoying her mf self and this is the recent story from Jake.

It's a clip about some guy coming home, slamming his backpack on the living room floor with the song of 'Let Me Love You' by Mario playing. Sitting at his desktop and the MSN ping sounding off.

No. 1747907

File: 1674090197106.png (25.9 KB, 583x252, jakePC.png)

This shit sent me too. Not that long ago Jake was blowing through thousands to get his Vtube shit set up. Now he's whining about a computer part costing $200. kek

No. 1747913

File: 1674090630229.png (839.65 KB, 1172x1024, realrayofsunshine.png)

His entire media presence is him acting like an arrogant cunt tbh. Being around him seems exhausting. Dude really said "these kids gotta shut the fuck up. I was rockin' a sag in my baggy skater jeans before these beta cucks showed up on their mom's piss stick" unironically though. lmao

No. 1747915

File: 1674090703692.png (316.44 KB, 593x549, jakebitchingaboutjeans.PNG)

If its not with his PC, he's whining about "trends".

No. 1747918

Gives real "old man shouting at kids to get off his lawn" energy. So much for "I had a great day because I made it a great day" huh Jake?

No. 1747922

I see that he removed his comment on Twitter about Hugh Jackman, with his rant about "ClEaN eAtInG aNd DeHyDrAtIoN". What an obnoxious cunt. Thank you anon for perserving this!

No. 1747963

Wholesome, fun, creative.
Bitter, jaded and boring. Starting to see who the proper cunt actually is.

No. 1748045

the looking like clones of each other’s hair and makeup reeks of desperation. the same middle part is because 20 year old tiktokers say you’ll be clocked as an elderly millennial otherwise. their makeup is very Instagram circa 2016, though.

No. 1748048

they look like they’re in an MLM that sells that semi permanent lipstick and they’ll post selfies after sucking dick to prove how long lasting it is.

No. 1748068

Honestly surprised Jake's taking a stand on the rick and Morty creator getting done for domestic abuse given his own behavior

No. 1748107

He's also been revealed as a predator who tried to groom underage girls. Maybe that is where he draws the line? Also it's totally not abuse when your girlfriend is lazy, duuuh.

Unsurprising that big brain "better than everyone" Jake is a Rick and Morty fan though. Bet he related to Rick too. kek

No. 1748137


Ironic, he is the biggest cuck he's literally raising someone elses son thats where the word comes from LOL

No. 1748185

Didn't he meet Kaya on myspace and chat online before meeting? Probably on msn? Man is experiencing so much post-breakup regret

No. 1748387

File: 1674162657380.jpeg (190.1 KB, 750x1334, 11C681A7-786F-4A14-9E0F-19578C…)

Maybe a bit late (somehow couldn’t access lolcow although some other posts were made on these days) but Kaya posted a screenshot of her group chat to her ig story and while the contents of it aren’t interesting, I couldn’t help but notice the group’s name and it HAS to be about Stumpy’s penis envy lmao

No. 1748388

> Daddy Dafoe's Dick

No. 1748601

File: 1674187701797.png (64.72 KB, 782x194, kek.PNG)

Jake hasn't posted on his OF Instagram account since October 10, 2022.

No. 1748611

File: 1674188853676.png (295.91 KB, 641x267, YT_video.png)

lmao, petty but hilarious.

He got fat again so he probably won't be doing OF for a while unless he suddenly loses the weight again. He must be fuming that Kaya's new video got as many views as his last video did in just one day, compared to his measly 17k views in a month. The only real money he is making is off streaming right now, he better hope and pray that never completely dries up or Kat might have to go back to working full-time.

No. 1748657

Lol there she goes again, posting “abhorrent not so passive aggressive behavior” “vague and bitter references” to Jake. Can’t wait for him to write an essay or post another 2 hour video about how he’s NOT jealous of Willem Dafoe, it was Kaya who was jealous with penis envy KEK

No. 1748781

I love the comparison of these two images because Skat's pic they look like soulless copies of eachother while Kaya's pic they all look unique and fun.

No. 1748955

>He got fat again so he probably won't be doing OF for a while unless he suddenly loses the weight again.

I agree with you, annon.
(Tinfoil) This is probably why he was refusing to believe Hugh Jackman got his gains from old-fasioned hard work through exercise and not through means of steroids that Jake wants to believe. kek

No. 1749171

KEK why is he facepalming in distress in the pfp? Isn’t it supposed to be sexy, seductive, desirable… "hot", using his own description? Should be luring paypigs in, not looking as if he’s about to puke from a migraine

No. 1749210

Honestly I'm starting to enjoy Kaya's content. It's a fun weird mess. Meanwhile stumpy is still doing tiktok reacts once a month despite promising different content.

No. 1749212

File: 1674262096807.png (235.44 KB, 478x516, Screenshot 2023-01-21 at 01-43…)

Jake getting desperate for attention. He's even tagging Bishop now on twitter who hasn't posted on twitter since October.

No. 1749218

File: 1674262771534.jpg (242.34 KB, 998x810, fun vs le miserable.jpg)

Kaya going out to another rock show. Jake at home "remixing" old Munro songs, no one asked for, while still not putting out new content. lmao

No. 1749230

yeah no, you're not getting that kind of definition natty. people who look that sculpted are absolutely taking something. jake is still a fat sore loser however.

No. 1749294

This guy has nothing going on for him. Every picture he takes it shows him almost always sitting behind his desk wearing that same plaid overshirt with ducklips

No. 1749317

yeah btw, where have all the "datenight with daddy’s gurl", "cuddling with the love of my life", "flowers bc I luv her!1!", "shots!", "she’s so hawt’" etc stories gone to? kek

No. 1749393

Nothing kills the romance like living with someone. Then add a kid, and financial trouble. All three are the spoilers of romantic love and they did it all at once. That’s too bad.

No. 1749432

>He got fat again so he probably won't be doing OF for a while
On the last stream he really admitted that as being a reason he hasn't made any videos lately too. So interesting, if it was Kat gaining the weight you know his attraction to her would be suffering. But he can let himself go and doesn't care how Kat feels about it. Sort of like how in his "breaking the silence" video he blamed Kaya's lack of intimacy for his body issues. He said he tried to get muscular for her and also skinny for her. But the only one who ever freaks out about weight and calorie intake is him. Women don't care about that as much as he seems to believe. Truly goes to show how much he projects. The muscle/skinny obsession is coming from inside the house, Jake.

No. 1749897

File: 1674353933816.png (396.7 KB, 511x849, image_2023-01-21_191725503.png)

No. 1750075

Bump for cp, will delete

No. 1750172

How can it be a new single if it's this, below:

just him 'remixing' his band's own songs.

Desperation is a stinky cologne.

No. 1750177


> Jake getting desperate for attention.

No. 1750179

File: 1674397598310.png (754.35 KB, 497x872, fucking laughing right now tho…)

The background laughing got me. But here you go, Anon. kek

>Posting "abhorrent not so passive aggressive behaviour."

No. 1750464

File: 1674442565430.jpg (208.97 KB, 1080x1813, rawsexualaggression.jpg)

get this girl a bf or something lol

No. 1750507

Kek this triggered me, I’ve actually witnessed an elephant seal mating season and it’s one of the most fucked up things I’ve ever seen

No. 1750590

File: 1674467906580.png (291.45 KB, 417x759, startagain.png)

Interesting that Jake's new track is titled "start again". Can't tell if this was something he started in the beginning of the new relationship and just took forever to finish or he's feeling regretful and wanting to "start again". kek

No. 1750591

The love bombing phase is over.

Kaya has posted 5 videos since the breakup video and Jake has posted 2.

Kaya gained ~12k followers since the original break up video in 2021. Jake lost ~55k followers since the breakup video in 2021.

Kaya has been posting her adventures with friends regularly and is getting more confident with showing her body. Jake is avoiding being on camera because he’s self conscious about his weight gain.

Jake is doing exactly everything he and belittled Kaya for. And Kaya is doing the opposite of everything he belittled her for.

Seems like solid proof that he projected all his shit onto her.

What a miserable cunt.

I think the ultimate finisher would be Kaya making a Goth Reacts video. Bonus points if it’s a TikTok react. I mean, she was doing goth reacts videos 3 years before Jake made his and they did pretty well.

Pardon the sperg.

No. 1750612

File: 1674473713835.png (1.59 MB, 854x861, 02374908274.png)

Tbh, besides the awful reddit spacing, your post isn't spergy anon. I agree too, it's pretty obvious he used Kaya as an emotional punching bag and scapegoat for any of his own shortcomings and insecurities. To be a fly on the wall at Jake's place now that he's stuck playing the role of sad, bloated, totally not an alcoholic step dad to Kat's kid. He looks the worst he's ever looked and seems absolutely miserable lately too. You just know that everything isn't how perfect they try to pretend it is on social media.

Slightly OT, but I also noticed that besides the somewhat reasonably decorated living room, (or the cluttered mess that is Jake's "studio") their house looks very scarcely decorated and what little they do have up looks dorm-room tier.

No. 1750806

The fuck is her bottom lip doing? The bottom jagged teeth exposed and the ears makes it look like a donkey costume. It ain’t cute, skat. Read the room.

No. 1750841

File: 1674507017383.jpg (202.48 KB, 1080x1908, 20230123_115803.jpg)

This is how to digitally create art. It's fine to use a reference, but don't trace or outline. Take note, Skat.

No. 1750890

Think she’s trying to imitate Megan Fox.

No. 1750942

same, the bulls run over their babies to force the females trying to get away. so many pups are flattened by them. it’s brutal

No. 1750946

File: 1674519565133.jpg (80.75 KB, 466x485, 2390958.jpg)

she has an underbite that's more obvious in some pics than others

No. 1750963

I'm sure the 2 people on her onlyfans will be real excited with this picture lmao

No. 1750988

File: 1674525008597.png (148.46 KB, 721x408, image_2023-01-23_181322039.png)

Fake actually released two songs on the single. Both are horribly mixed. Most likely to try and cover up his terrible vocals.

No. 1750993

File: 1674525821260.jpeg (284.81 KB, 949x517, CAB9D6E9-04BB-44A6-BBA8-0DC747…)

No. 1751027

File: 1674528570396.jpg (542.54 KB, 1600x900, Bottomtooth.jpg)

No. 1751050

Megan Fox doesn’t look like a slack jawed jeffree star when she poses with her mouth ajar. she had great orthodontia and perfect teeth. can’t do the “sexy” open mouth with a tar colored snaggle tooth you’re trying to hide, kek

No. 1751232

Well, now that she‘s scored herself a "rich boyfriend" (according to fake’s own terminology), wouldn’t it make more sense to invest the accidental easy money into some dental procedures rather than "shots!" and lavish hotel stays… I mean, she is illiterate and uneducated, but she isn’t particularly dumb – she used her previous relationships to get ahead in life, even to "glow up" to an extend. She’s calculated, she knows exactly what she’s doing and why she’s doing it, about time to start shifting priorities. The new teeth you’ll get to keep the moment you’ll be running away with your new "soulmate" once fake is sucked dry, take notes, skat.

No. 1751254

File: 1674538268413.png (16.52 KB, 334x206, carrie.png)

>How many times?
>Start again
KEK. What even are these titles. This reads like a Carrie Underwood single or something. Hey Jake, here's a few titles to consider for next month's single drop.

No. 1751291

> Jake is doing exactly everything he belittled Kaya for. And Kaya is doing the opposite of everything he belittled her for.
Nta and as much as I agree with the general point and conclusions of your analysis, but purely for fairness points – we don’t really have any proof for this statement.

The things they’ve accused each other of were predominantly something that’s happened / is typically happening behind closed doors and when the cameras are off. What we see and what we’re drawing our conclusions from is solely a fraction of their lives that they’re consciously choosing to display aka purely a facade. We don’t have the cameras running 24/7 at either of their houses, so the fact of the matter is – we don’t really know whether their accusations still stand.

Kaya might as well be living the most dysfunctional of lives on top of a stinky slimy hoarder’s galore "shit tip", being unwashed and dead miserable in bed for the bigger part of her day, and hosting coke-induced parties for foot fetishists the rest. OR she might be an absolute boss babe Wonder Woman on top of things, living her best life. We don’t know.

Same with Fake, perhaps he really is a happy renowned man, dad of the year, a person who’s defeated his anger issues and gone from being trapped in a broken, loveless, dysfunctional home to living and thriving in his new lovey dovey "wholesome" nest – an agenda he’s trying hard to sell us. And the reason he hasn’t put out any content thus far, contrary to his own promises, is exactly that – he’s full time focusing on and enjoying his "family life" and doesn’t care about being an Internet personality anymore. He’s now "matured", remember? KEK.
Hopefully though, the really is the most miserable cunt he’s ever been, like you suggested, and all his recent life choices are biting him in the arse hard. But the point is, we don’t really know the fuck they’re doing for the bigger portions of their days.

The only thing we do know is that Kaya is hanging out with her new group of friends quite frequently, and spending a considerable time on the daily chatting with them on the phone. The quality of the time they’re spending together, granted their age, is questionable and up for subjective debate, as much as the choice of people to surround oneself with, but she does seem to be doing better at least in some aspects of her life, which is great to see.

Apologies for retardedly long sperg.

No. 1751305

>apologies for retarded long sperg
Next time you think you need to end an essay long post about almost nothing with this disclaimer, maybe rethink hitting enter. lmao

Obviously this is a gossip site and we have no way for knowing what happens behind closed doors 100%, but Jake has provided plenty of evidence that he is as she and many others say he is. Kaya is a self admitted airheaded slob too. Is it speculation that he is miserable, sure. But just take one look at his bloated, exhausted looking face, his seething social media posts, his dwindling numbers, the lack of love-bombing or new content, etc. and tell me this dude is happy and thriving rn.

No. 1751354

The speculation isn't baseless. And no shit we don't know exactly what is happening in their lives day to day.

Sorry you spent time typing all those words while essentially saying nothing at all.

No. 1751357

>And the reason he hasn’t put out any content thus far, contrary to his own promises, is exactly that – he’s full time focusing on and enjoying his "family life" and doesn’t care about being an Internet personality anymore. He’s now "matured", remember? KEK.
A piss poor excuse and pure cope to deal with his lost fame. They don't even have Isaac full time. People have kids and still have to work. That is just reality. The reason he hasn't put out any videos is because he got fat and has no ideas (his own admission).
Also, I was thinking about how it's interesting the way he considers Kat so much more "mature and successful" than Kaya. Except Kat is the one dressing as "Diva" for OF and tracing coloring books for work. She seems mentally way more immature than Kaya. I think Jake sees a woman with a child and automatically assumes she is more mature than a woman without a child, due to his misogyny and mommy issues.

No. 1751360

Samefag to add it's interesting how he thinks he's matured because now he wears the same plaid every day instead of only Killstar and doesn't wear makeup. Yet he still spends thousands of dollars on videogames and little toy figurine things and techy bullshit. Seems like weird double standards that he's imposing on himself. His idea of maturity seems based on image more than behavior. Like, "look at me I can take care of a kid and don't dress crazy anymore!"

No. 1751375

File: 1674564383528.jpg (941.93 KB, 1079x1895, whereshegoing.jpg)

>Kaya might as well be living the most dysfunctional of lives on top of a stinky slimy hoarder’s galore "shit tip", being unwashed and dead miserable in bed for the bigger part of her day
Nah. She is consistently going to events and traveling, hanging out with friends (old and new), making content, and serving looks. She is on a flight right now.

>hosting coke-induced parties for foot fetishists

Stfu with this ridiculous tinfoil or provide proof.

No. 1751655

Can you PLEASE be less obvious?

Like clockwork nonas are ragging on Kat for a few posts and someone claiming Kaya does foot fetish stuff and is a useless slob who doesn't do anything despite her proving otherwise now shows up.

No. 1751752

File: 1674613182122.png (1.64 MB, 1357x850, maisie1.PNG)


>>1745220 stale milk, but skat tattooed Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner back in 2016.

So this might be a very subtle dig. I am sure they were walk in appointments though as tattooing dates can be done by pretty much anyone with a tattoo gun and a working hand, kek.

i'm sure fake uses this claim to "actual fame" to make himself feel better about actually dating skat when their affair was leaked, kek.

No. 1751773

They were a walk-in while in the area from filming apparently. It was definitely just a very lucky chance for Kat, but probably even better publicity for her husband's shop. Kinda funny that, if now anyone googles her name they're going to find all the dirt about her though.

No. 1751775

If she had done some incredible art piece for them I can understand being proud of that… but this is just riding the coattails of their fame and kinda sad. Two tiny lines of text? That's it? Kek

No. 1751837

Yeah I remember him trying to characterize Kaya as a bad person for not liking or wanting kids, as if she brainwashed him into not liking them as well, but now that he’s free of her, he wants kids!
yet he’s the one who couldn’t resist saying on his public channel, conveniently deleted, that people should hit their kids to teach them to act right while Kaya was like, “I do not agree with that…”
He’s such an idiot. Let’s hope kat is not stupid enough to have a second child, with Jake of all people. If there is a god or higher power… please let the chain smoking and excessive alcohol consumption pickle their reproductive organs rendering them infertile. we don’t need to him passing his mental illness down into the gene pool and using a baby as a prop for a wholesome goth daddy come back. his brain dead fans would eat it up, too.

No. 1751850

he’s always based all aspects of what kind of person he is on his clothing. it’s so immature. he was “goth” because of the makeup and kill star clothing though he hated the music and others in the subculture.

No. 1751886

The post was too long to screenshot on my phone, but from Munro's Facebook page is this post. Please enjoy the subtle hints at how deeply unbothered he is really guys honestly for real (s) :

"The release of the recent single 'How Many Times?' marks the end of Munro being a collaborative effort. As most of you know, Munro started out as solo project in my guest room when I first moved to Northern Ireland. I had basic, mostly second hand equipment and severe depression but I had a passion to make it work as an outlet for my creativity. Some years later, I would convince Conor Mooney to help me write some fresh tracks for Munro starting with 'Matricide' in 2019 and ending with 'How Many Times?' in 2022. We had some great success hitting over 1M yearly streams for 2 years running, a successful tour and some truly fun music video productions.
But that's all over now, Conor has departed and what remains is myself, the name sake of the band and the original songwriter. I've been buried deep in my studio writing some brand new material, spending hours and hours learning new mixing techniques and arming my DAW with professional plugins to deliver the best Munro tracks you've ever heard. February's song is already finished and the video is being shot solo in the next 2 weeks.
No more tours, no more music video set antics, no more rehearsals and no more songwriting hangout sessions. Just one guy, his studio and a primal desperation to make something people will connect with and remember after he's finally dead. I'll be firing on all socials as Munro, with content from the video shoots and my studio appearing on Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram as well as music video releases on YouTube roughly each month to coincide will the single releases.
While I will be able to deliver new singles every month, music videos may prove to be the hinderance to that schedule but I'll try my best. Anyway, I hope to see you all harassing me with unbridled ignorance and hatred on all socials, maybe a little support too and I can't wait to provide you all with some new music content. It'll be fun to pour my passion into something again for the first time since it was stolen from me for the past year. Whether you care about this or not, I'll be toiling away in my studio and releasing things the same way I always have, just with a little more added defiance to my attitude.


No. 1751887

He just couldn't resist being a whiny little bitch boy at the end of his Munro post, he just couldn't help himself.

No. 1751908

>While I will be able to deliver new singles every month

Does he mean on top of the monthly v tube content he promised? And on top of the monthly OF content he promised?

No. 1751910

>This pic of a celebrity Kaya saw in a club is a dig because Kat tattooed 2 other celebrities from the same show 7 years ago
Sorry anon, but this is an incredible reach
On top of wholesome family vlogs, on top of non-tiktok react content. Dude is doing nothing with his time.

No. 1751911

File: 1674642378208.jpeg (692.57 KB, 1301x910, D0745C7F-110A-494E-904B-54A57A…)

Also. Jake's posts about all the new stuff he’s going to make is giving Michael Scott declaring bankruptcy.

No. 1751914

Kek by that logic, my bartender friend who made Conon O'Brian a drink once is also "successful and famous". Like sure, it's a cool story. But has nothing to do with the success of your career.

>I hope to see you all harassing me with unbridled ignorance and hatred
You get what you give, Jake.

No. 1751924

>It'll be fun to pour my passion into something again for the first time since it was stolen from me for the past year.
I guess that's one way to say you're depressed. I'm confused about this statement. Who does he think "stole" his passion, is if it's a physical object and not within him and up to him to nurture? Does he mean, his popularity? Nobody owes you attention and fame, Jake. It's also somewhat a spit in the face to Kat. He left his long term relationship to pursue this dumb bitch, and he's still passionless and dead inside?

No. 1751928

If he tries to blame someone else he he dumb as fuck. he was the reason him and kaya broke up he was the reason his band members left cause he vile.no one else he can't act like it the passion was stolen he got himself into this situation

It's so clear he is regretting his decisions why else would he be so depressed. New relationship isn't cracked up to be jake? Tattoos didn't make you look good jake? You failed to look like the victim jake? Being a 'step dad' isn't fun no more?
Give it a year and he leave kat for the next girl that gives him attention

No. 1751929

His FB post has been up 11 hours and has only 90 reactions and 8 comments. Talk about engagement wow-ie.

No. 1751930

Jake need a slap on the face and a reality check he got it so easy just being able to be at home all day doing nothing but a easy live stream each week and having loads spare time you can make music. Why is he still complaining

No. 1751935

>why is he still complaining
To be fair he still complained when Kaya was paying all the bills, he still complained when he was briefly wealthy, he's the type of guy who always complains.

Beyond that, he may have plenty of time, but he's clearly been lacking in motivation lately for whatever reason. He promised new improved content for YT ages ago now and he went from defaulting back to shitty tiktok reacts to now posting nothing at all. He promised a big vtube debut and blew thousands of dollars on it and yet he hasn't even mentioned it in what feels like months. He doesn't update social media hardly at all, and he's still bleeding subs from YT and Patreon consistently. His OF is dead because he got chubby again, his bandmates left him, his fanbase of dedicated snaccs is even dwindling down. I think he's trying to go all in on new music as a last ditch effort to salvage his "career" tbh. His snaccs have been throwing him some donations during his gaming streams, but outside of that he isn't making jack shit off any of his other accounts anymore. It's honestly only down from here for him and I'm sure Kat won't be in the picture as soon as she realizes he's going broke. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

No. 1751940

The one and only thing that would salvage Jake's career at this point is if he learnt how to just Shut The Fuck Up and Stop Fucking Complaining. Every time he opens his mouth he gives followers reasons to unsub, he gives people reason to roll their eyes. He cannot help ruining himself over and over and over again. He shows no redeeming qualities as a person nevermind a content creator, he's just unobjectionably fucking vile and negative and unpleasant. Just an absolute black hole of a person who only attracts the admiration of people just as pathetically unpleasant as he is.

No. 1751945

File: 1674650696225.png (625.19 KB, 640x589, 234678.png)

The funniest part is, he could of had it all if he just handled the break-up with Kaya with a little more class. He can blame Kaya all he wants for his rapid decline in popularity, but the reality is he's done nothing but continuously shoot himself in the foot. The first round of break up videos weren't great for him, but he still could have weaseled his way around it. Instead he doubled down and started harassing Kaya and parading Kat around as his new self proclaimed "pussy". It's still insane to me he thought that last "breaking my silence" video was a good idea, but I'm glad he showed his whole ass to a wider audience and it ultimately ended with him being completely humiliated. Will be fun watching him go broke in 2023.

No. 1752039

File: 1674660695126.png (77.34 KB, 672x625, new post.png)

No. 1752042

File: 1674660814239.jpeg (18.47 KB, 276x183, 0DE6CA6F-3B1B-4935-B886-D9C431…)

No. 1752051

>It'll be fun to pour my passion into something again for the first time since it was stolen from me for the past year

No. 1752052


>I hope to see you all harassing me with unbridled ignorance and hatred on all socials.

Is that an invitation? Or is this some weak attempt to gain 'sympathy' with his victim mentality? Regardless, this part in his paragraph was not needed and comes off as a teenager.

>It'll be fun to pour my passion into something again for the first time since it was stolen from me for the past year.

Allow me to clean this up:
For the past year, my passion was stolen from me.
kek He is delusional.

I'm tired of this guy pointing fingers and blaming others for his own downfall.

No. 1752055


Lowkey depression vibes. Que Mr Crabs sad violin noises.

No. 1752082

He's a vortex that sucks the fun out of everything. He could have framed this as a fun new musical adventure but nah… Someone stole his passion? Is he referring to Kaya? The pathetic whinging little shit. Can't wait to see him deliver nothing, again.

No. 1752159

Exactly he could of even posted auditions for new band members or done snippets of songs and teased them rather then releasing two straight away. Asked for inspiration from his followers, Anything would Been better he just comes of as complainer

No. 1752172

>>1752039 "hours and hours learning new mixing techniques" I knew he was relying on Conor for any kind of technical skill including on this track - why does he repeatedly tell on himself like this? What a miserable cunt, guilting his remaining sad fans into listening to his music is pretty low even for him.

No. 1752237

File: 1674679077547.png (359.53 KB, 593x677, we see you.png)

Twitter is the only place he has credited the artist for his covers. I noticed this when he didn't share the artist on his instagram stories or Facebook so had to dig.

No. 1752255

That is one long ass hand holding that severed head.

No. 1752273

reap the consequences you narcissitic fuck

No. 1752309

File: 1674686609758.png (278.96 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20230125-224255.png)

No. 1752338


Tinfoil but, is the ripped off head supposed to be Kaya, symbolically? It looks quite a bit like her in the same way the monster thing looks like Fake. It would make sense with his mindset. I haven't listened to any of his music so I can't speak to symbology there beyond the titles.

Also do you think him and Kat have broken up? I'm blocked from his insta so all I see is what y'all post here but it doesn't look like they've posted together since Christmas and her pictures you've all posted have been on her bed.

Could this mean that he is now blaming Kat for his lack of 'creativity' that he thinks was stolen from him for a year? Idk, all tinfoil but it does seem to hint this way to me.

No. 1752356

Oooh that's good tinfoil though.. would make sense

No. 1752372

They are still together, she lives at his house. Although they hardly post eachother now. Funny how in the original breakup video Jake said that he didn't like how he and Kaya "hardly posted eachother". Considering how his relationship with Kat was like his entire personality for the first half of the year, even titled his own birthday vlog after her. (Getting drunk Barcelona with MY GIRLFRIEND, not Getting drunk in Barcelona for my birthday or anything.) Now, nothing? His new trophy lost her luster real fast.

No. 1752411

Anything over 8 pounds within 4 weeks is likely water weight that he'll gain back. He probably doesn't know that crash dieting leads to gaining more weight long-term and slows the metabolism kek

No. 1752473


I was waiting to see if someone would say about the art looking like her and him and how he treated her like he was ripping off a gangreous limb (prior tinfoil was mine)

Also does anyone know if it was ever officially confirmed that they moved in together? She could have moved out and not said anything or be on the cusp,idk just speculating and trying to find out what exactly he is blaming this time on what has been holding him back for a year if not blaming it on Kat.

No. 1752477


Honestly I don't see them not living together considering they probably need both theirs coins pooled in to barely afford living in a house

No. 1752507


Sage for tinfoil as these might not be the true lyrics; but here is what I could make out for lyrics for the first track 'Start Again'

Any screaming I can't quite make out is surrounded by {} to show what I think I hear? The mixing is super shit for most of it which is unsurprising, kek.

until we win our prize

the end is nigh


no more


you can't escape your fate

what if I told you that you had this coming

would you regret all the shit you did to me

I don't really think you give a fuck

{the one voice that you never regret}

watch as there is

nothing in me

there are some born together

so lets, lets start again

can we redeem ourselves?

are we too far gone?

we're twisted beyond recognition

laughing manically

as the floor begins to crack

in this cosmic horror

there's no turning back

you can{'t} say that we had no chance

blinded by your arrogance

{give us this, our retribution}

no more sorrow for our human condition


{what came over me?}

so excitedly

lets not start again

{no more love}

{no thrills for you}


{some more screaming I really can't interpret as hard as I try}


(screaming puking noises)

there is nothing here
they're so grown together
let's just start again
{I take}
care over me

i shouldn't have given him the spotify click, but he's too up his own ass for me to not be curious as to what the lyrics are. especially as there are no band members left to tell him no

interpret this as you will farmers, i'm going to lay down and take some much needed ibuprofen.

No. 1752511

File: 1674701882385.jpg (1002.89 KB, 1500x1500, Happy.jpg)

Maybe Kaya met someone. She looks good.

No. 1752512

You brave brave soul. You fell on a hell scape of a grenade to save us from any attempt. My respect. May your headache fade.

That's a mixed message but interesting. I will ponder on it but I thank you deeply for your sacrifice!

No. 1752519

Lol what the fuck am I reading? What is he even bitching about being “stolen” from him this past year? Who stole his ability or time to make shitty music? Kat? I thought he made a choice to have this new life with her and that they were happy! (not, can see the misery in his fat bloated bare face and language of his paunchy defeated body he now covers in plaid). Is it the guy who left the band? I thought he liked having no friends. it’s fun to be a loner. Or is it still Kaya’s fault for not cleaning their house now 2 years ago, leaving it a “shit tip”, not complimenting his body and neck in 10 years, and not giving him back a used laptop? is it still about the fucking used equipment?!

No. 1752523

Ah such poetry. Truly his more knowledgeable bandmates and more famous than him ex were holding him back from being the true artist he is.

>screaming puking noises

This deeply touched me especially.

No. 1752607

Maybe it’s wishful tinfoiling for new milk, but idk why y’all assume just because she’s happy it has to be because of some man. Maybe she’s actually living now that she doesn’t have a 250 lb weight attached to her.

No. 1752613

Tbh it was the little heart gif plus how mysterious she's being about where she's going. Plus she's been shamelessly hornyposting. Also, I didn't even specify male. But yes, women can be happy single, nona… lol.

No. 1752634

He must be absolutely seething, Kayas off in Vegas having a good old time by the looks of it and where is mr ‘I’m going to travel the world and get a bunch of tattoos because I’m super rich and Kaya was totally holding me back’ Munro? Stuck in rainy, cold Belfast, whining about how his passion was stolen and releasing god awful music, on his own, because he’s that insufferable no one wants to work with him.

Be mad fake. Be mad.

No. 1752635

File: 1674718351143.jpeg (1.82 MB, 1170x1666, 26C1338E-877A-4A5F-AFEF-B01298…)

Forgot the image.

No. 1752642

She's in Vegas? KEK. Who remembers late 2021/early 2022 when Jake was freshly single and talked about going to Vegas to "gamble and hit up strip clubs"? (Which he never did.) That was right before Skat chained him down.

No. 1752655

She looks slimmer then normal and so healthy these days I bet it annoying jake so much lol reap what you sow jake

No. 1752668

It's funny how she has lost weight, gone back to making content regularly, is traveling often, has friends again and is actively networking. While Jake has gained weight, stopped making new content regularly, sitting at home complaining, has no friends outside Kat, and the few people who were willing to work with him to begin with have left. Can't believe snacks fall for his shit. Kek

No. 1752688

Did anyone else notice that Munro only took off in any major way when he started working with other people? Pretty sure all the "hits" are courtesy of the whole band, not just Jake. I fully expect his solo material to be taking a major quality hit, he has no one to collaborate with, no variety in his sound, no constructive input creatively from other talented people: it's going to be a shit show and I honestly can't wait to watch him suffer at the hands of his own shitty decision making and suffocating ego. The man benefits from and needs help but you know he'd turn himself inside out before admitting it.

No. 1752773

I love seeing her glow up and improve as Fake just dilapidates further. I bet Skat is seriously regretting her choice now and trying to figure out how to dump Fake kek. In seriousness we're seeing real time what a horrible piece of shit Fake was to Kaya. If she felt so miserable she couldn't do basic life tasks he certainly wasn't a supportive and loving partner. Kaya ain't perfect, and she's been a plenty milky cow, but I do feel she's grown up a bit throughout this and shed 250lbs of dead weight.

No. 1752813

Well she lost her comfortable job with her management husband to nearly loosing a second job after the 'truth video' was realised by jake and now the honey moon stage is over I'm sure she noticed what a mistake she made

No. 1752815

This is so great. Kaya's getting out there, she's got a bunch of stuff planned, she's spending time with friends and making frequent, more varied content, had a sizeable glow up now she's on holiday in Las Vegas and having a great time. Whereas Jake is whining on the internet constantly, not making promised (or any) content, gained weight again and is just an all round miserable bastard. This could not have gone any better and it honestly warms my heart to see him finally reaping what he sows kek.

No. 1752885

File: 1674758980933.png (5.4 MB, 1170x2532, 5F9AF1BF-1CFA-4B6D-A5B9-4ADB7D…)

This was absolutely more shade towards Jake and Kat I’m here for it lmao

No. 1752938

I wonder how many walls/doors are going to suffer at Jake's wrath after he sees this post. Kek

No. 1752954

File: 1674763091127.png (419.76 KB, 492x884, t.t.png)

No. 1752955

File: 1674763149467.png (164.11 KB, 485x888, t.t.png)

No. 1752959

File: 1674763259099.png (658.96 KB, 490x888, t.t.png)

No. 1752964

She always posts heart gifs and she always horny posts. Subsequent posts shows she’s just out with friends being happy.

Has Kaya come out as not straight?

No. 1752966

Daaaaaaaamn. This motherfucker looks dead inside.

No. 1752969

Omg it was! She's even playing the song "sweet Caroline" over it bwahaha

No. 1752970

Sage this non-milk

No. 1752971

File: 1674763677994.png (785.76 KB, 498x891, 2.PNG)

Not the Anon, but this is the beginning of the story. And I can see the shade myself as the other hands elegantly add onto eachother kek.

No. 1752978

File: 1674764227919.png (180.49 KB, 929x313, jake and kaya highlights.png)

Your post made me take a closer look in the differences in their energy when it comes to their instagram highlights

No. 1753140

He really thinks he's some hunky goth rockstar baddie KEK

No. 1753239

File: 1674773871017.png (10.57 KB, 593x95, Screenshot_20230126.png)

What in the what…

No. 1753248

File: 1674774089268.png (15.27 KB, 594x160, Screenshot_20230126.png)

Saged as not sure if milk worthy but got my eyebrows raising! This is Jake's recent likes on Twitter.

No. 1753288

File: 1674776038888.png (144.41 KB, 607x568, trustissues.png)

Different anon, but larger screenshot proving he liked it just incase he goes back and unlikes it. I wonder if all the speculation that Kat will be trying to jump the sinking ship onto her next meal ticket is coming to fruition already. lmao

No. 1753306

File: 1674776641494.jpg (16.44 KB, 199x214, 37346.JPG)

she's still in his insta bio, but watch this space

No. 1753324

so far all you nonnies been right on the money in the speculation department kek


We have to come back to these tinfoil/speculation posts in the future

No. 1753363

File: 1674779994106.png (271.68 KB, 594x867, self diagnosing.png)

For context, it's about self-diagnosing oneself with disorders such as ADHD.

No. 1753375

File: 1674780713789.png (893.28 KB, 499x890, kek karma.PNG)

No. 1753382

that water is actually so good

No. 1753472

Is this a little more shade? Kek the tinfoils are getting out of hand.

No. 1753505

Im wondering if he's just using a filter or he's having to resharpen his tattoos or avoid them while using the blur tool

No. 1753510

LOL. Honestly it makes me tinfoil if Jake and Kat really broke up and Kaya knows because she knows Kats ex husband

No. 1753521

The fact that it says Karma has to mean something is going down!

No. 1753524

Oh wow that wouldn’t be milk, that would be Irish cream with extra whiskey.

No. 1753525

there is also the "unisoy jerk" in the background

No. 1753532

That MILK person is some e-girl that he has a thing for kek.

No. 1753575

Of course he does. so much for needing a “mature woman” kek

No. 1753587

I'm waiting for either one of them to absolutely wild out on their future posts

No. 1753592

This could mean nothing but I just checked and noticed Jake stopped liking Kat's main instragram posts but that he seems to "occasionally" like-react to her OF IG content.

No. 1753626

If there’s trouble in paradise, it’s understandable! If his new song and album art and rant on Facebook is about Kaya, if I were Kat I’d make him a single man for still obsessing over his ex. who does that? If it’s a reference to Kat at all, 1. boy, that escalated quickly lol, and 2. she’s not that down and out to put up with a toxic relationship after only 1 year of love bombing bliss. so she could be on her way outtie either way. brace yourselves for some oversupply of dumped Jake milk is my tinfoil! Cheers!

No. 1753631

Went to go look for myself and it seems more like he typically only likes the posts on her tattoo IG when it's photos/videos of her or him and not just her tattoo work. He of course likes all of her OF posts though. Reminds me kind of how he treated Kaya as a trophy gf early on when she was skinny and dabbling in modeling, but was never supportive of any of her creative work. Never change Jake. Lmao

The "trust issues" could be band related, but it does seem kind of odd to say the least. Given that Kat cheated on her whole ass business owning husband/father of her child for months before getting caught doesn't really bode terribly well for their relationship though. If a better looking dude with more $$$ comes through she's gone as quickly as she came. Kind of curious if Jake is getting insecure about her hunky tattooed boss age was looking pretty cozy with or something.

No. 1753633

File: 1674804661334.png (74.04 KB, 704x640, discord.png)

Here's his discord snaccs reaction to the message so far.

No. 1753644

She was the album art on of the songs from Corpse Husband who Jake has been sucking the farts out of for a couple years now

No. 1753659

File: 1674812493890.jpg (44.34 KB, 584x304, predictable.jpg)

It's funny cause the other girl he liked the tweet of is some OF belle delphine lookalike from Scotland.

No. 1753691

Damn, we all called Jake secretly wanting to fuck e-girls while making fun of them years ago and now here's the proof. Absolutely wild.

No. 1753760

File: 1674833025109.png (685.73 KB, 500x885, thank you for the lemons.PNG)

Thought I'd add this here to the growing tinfoil and shade list kek

No. 1753770

File: 1674834588111.jpg (636.72 KB, 1079x1883, bad things.jpg)

Surprised this one hasn't been posted yet. Kaya and her friends flipping off the air, while Bad Things by Wednesday 13 plays.
"I only want bad things to happen to you."

No. 1753778

I thought they were flipping off a trump building in the distance. I do hope the tinfoil is true, though.

No. 1753822

File: 1674839277673.png (438.52 KB, 828x1792, 2CB560C7-D816-4F03-81D8-4C92B7…)

No. 1753834

Comment has already been deleted, surprise surprise.

No. 1753835

I'm confused, but how is this shade at Jake?

They were flipping off the trump tower.

Now THIS is milk. Good catch before he deletes nonny. He truly is his own worst enemy.

No. 1753860

Gareth dumbing a truth bomb lmao. Good catch nonnie

No. 1753870

>Has Kaya come out as not straight

She hasn't done a big coming out or whatever but she's said stuff that sounds like she swings both ways.

No. 1753873

Big oof!!! Ironic cause he probably read that and thought fuck you and sulked. Glad he called him out qnd the truth comes out he chose to go solo and sulks over his choice

Man up jake take responsibility of your own actions.

No. 1753876

File: 1674842166580.png (1.74 MB, 1250x839, Screenshot 2023-01-27 at 18-52…)

Jake is streaming. 20 mins in he is still trying to install the game like a moron and he's having a rant. "2000$ pc and 60$ game why is it updating on launch?!" He is also angry he did not get to spend much time with the kid so sorry they are still together. He needs to play that game NOW because otherwise all the other shills will be playing it… whine, rant, poor old Jakey. I can't watch anymore because I feel my life force getting sucked out so someone else keep tabs

No. 1753880

Thank you nonnie for taking one for the team

>He needs to play that game NOW because otherwise all the other shills will be playing it.

Did he actually say this? Wtf lol
What is up with him on feeling like he NEEDS to be first with things as if he some trend setter pffft

No. 1753882

Watching it to and he looks so fucking missable nothing positive comes out his mouth

No. 1753883


No. 1753893

Dropped in and he's still installing the game kek, should've done that before the stream idiot. Caught him talking about VR. Complaining he spent 1k on an avatar and it "looks like shit" while he's made better ones in stock sim 4 and seen people spent 200 on great ones. He "went off" and asked for a refund, and will make a bad review which he asks his snaccs to go see. Hasn't shown the avi yet though.

No. 1753894

The tinfoil went full retard in this thread. how did this happen? What newfags are shitting up this thread?
There’s no way that jake or kat would ever leave each as that would admit that they fucked up their lives by leaving their partners at the time. The ONLY way I could see either of those two pretending they’re not together is for their onlyfans.

I was wondering if any of his band members would say anything. Great catch

No. 1753902

Stop being a fucking retard. Those two aren't growing old together they'll cheat on each other soon enough.

No. 1753903


>You, yourself, and thy

The accuracy of his reply!

No. 1753906

He just said "I have been spending large amounts of time away from Kat and Isaac so I can prove to all the haters that I can make music by myself, make them eat their own words, I have written the best music Munro has ever made, I am making the best music video, I have spent so much money on it, we have a drone, smoke machine, I have rented a drum kit so I can play the drums in the video".

He still cant get the game to work and will sign off soon if it doesnt work lol

No. 1753908

Lol he's asking his snaccs to reviewbomb the person who made the avatar?

No. 1753911

He just rage quit his steam saying he wanted to go ride his fireblade really really fast into a wall.

Bc he couldnt get his game to work.
Dude trying to convince us he doesnt have anger issues?

No. 1753914

Imagine how fun he is to live around

No. 1753918


‘An awful lot of ego to fit in one band’

Gareth spoke some truth right there.

No. 1753919

Kek update the game isn't running. He droned through system defender stuff, swore, whined it was the only thing he was looking forward to today, then it wasn't working and he had to end the live. Guy had a gaming channel for years and didn't think to install it before the live? Kek.

There was milk though, a mini rant about his music. Said it's the best stuff munroms ever made, and "I'm determined to prove to every shithead on the Internet that I can make good songs on my own" and claimed "for every achievement I ever achieved, they take it away from me by saying it was other people and jake just put his name on it". My tinfoil is that's what his bandmates said before they left him, as well as what we've been saying about his shit songs. He says spent a lot of time away from kat and the kid to work on this, spent money on new software and video backdrops and props, and rented a drum kit so he can learn to play it for the video "so you will all fucking see." See what I don't know, that he's talentless at the drums too? Have fun Fake. I know we will. He didn't even show the avatar he was complaining so much about btw.

No. 1753920


Oh yeah he’s TOTALLY got that under control.

No. 1753924


YOU’ll SEE!!! YOU’ll ALL SEE!!!

He’s really leaning into that old man shouting at the clouds meme isn’t he. No one gives a shit about your rubbish, badly produced music Fake. It’s metal by numbers, it has no passion and no originality. Just like you it’s a poor facsimile of something someone else has already done.

No. 1753950

>So I can prove to all the haters

Obvious that salty swine still lurks here and googles himself

No. 1753959

>Spent a lot of time away from Kat and the kid.
This is a sad way to admit his obsessive behavour to the point of isolating from his supposed gf and ready-made family.

And the rest shows he does give a shit about the thoughts of others kek. So much for not caring what others think of you mindset. Sensitive wee manlet for a narc.

No. 1753963

>proudly states he's sacrificing his relationship with Kat and her child in order to… prove haturz wrong on the internet.
There's so much to unpack here. Love that he's still blowing through thousands of dollars for nothing though. He's really only proving himself to be a ego driven, talentless, miserable cunt. Meanwhile kaya is out living it up in Vegas.

No. 1753986

File: 1674848036444.png (48.12 KB, 314x541, idk wtf this is.PNG)

Is he still not streaming? Because this is what he's currently listening to

No. 1754040

Honestly wouldn't be surprised if Kaya or her friends post itt. Everyone said how sad it was Jake was on holiday taking photos and Kaya is throwing shade and it's cool now even though Jake's had his other girlfriend for over a year now.

No. 1754052

Maybe I'm blind but I don't really see any shade-throwing in Kaya's photos… of course, Kaya being happy and having fun is a big shade on its own for stumpy.

No. 1754068

>listening to some random ass video game soundtrack
The juxtaposition of this alongside him trying to plug his shitty music really sent me kek

No. 1754144

Yes!! Absolutely love that Gaz commented, that man has always seemed like a good bean, he has always gone out of his way to help Jake and Munro, he's right to call Jake out, absolutely typical that Jake deleted it, he really can't stand honest scrutiny

No. 1754183

>>1753906 lol his idea of something being good = "I spent a lot of money on it". You are a lazy talentless fuckwit Jake, nothing you do will be any good regardless of how much money you spaff on expensive gear you don't have the skills to use.

No. 1754265

maybe anon thinks we are jinxing it to be tinfoiling this hard. but remember, Jake and Kaya were together for 10 years. through poverty, cheating, and domestic violence. he’s a creature of habit. even if he’s miserable with kat, he won’t break up with her without something else lined up and it will take him 10 years to find it because he’s a lazy coward.

No. 1754619

File: 1674902443873.jpeg (205.38 KB, 1170x643, 16B0338D-EB5A-4D19-A21C-D72B41…)

If there was an image in the dictionary dipicting the definition of a first world problem, this would be it.

I feel sorry for whatever EA customer service body gets to deal with Mr Entitlement here.

Fake, for your own good, go outside and touch some grass.

No. 1754622

Such a shit gamer that he can't even get past the installation process kek

No. 1754632

He's doors and walls must be suffering the consequences right about now

No. 1754649

Tinfoil but maybe this is the karma Kaya is referencing. Could she know someone who made sure he get a defective copy? lol I know it’s silly, but it’s been such a thing that really has him upset.

No. 1754654

File: 1674906877199.jpg (81.31 KB, 551x477, jake.jpg)

I built my computer 2 years ago for under $1000, have a pretty good processor but a so-so graphics card -way- under specs for this game, and it runs perfectly on my system, no issues. Maybe that $2000 computer he bought is a piece of shit. Since he seems to value money over actual quality.

No. 1754662

It should probably be a warning sign to his fans and Kat that he can't even play games or run into technical issues without flying into a rage and storming off his stream early because his toy isn't working. I can guarantee it'll be a simple solution if he just took the time to calm the fuck down and think about it like a rational human being

No. 1754709

Now this is just completely retarded. He bought it on steam. During the installation he got a basic directX popup to install the right version and he looked like he never seen it before. Makes me wonder if Kaya had to install all his games on his PC lmao. His inpatient arse problably skipped the directX popup and tried to start the game while it was updating/downloading and fucked it up. Steam has great support he probably just needs to right click the game in his library and verify the files. Steam will fix it. He's just a moron.

No. 1754710

Well it is a prebuilt he is using so even though he spent 2 grand on it. I doubt the parts are worth more than 1.5k. Even then he might of still picked over priced pieces. I doubt he did much research into it and had the mindset of more money=better. I would be interested in his parts list to see how much he over paid.

No. 1754773

File: 1674921375487.jpg (476.59 KB, 1080x1901, Screenshot_20230128-155314_Ins…)

Good to see her still freinds with Amber and Lee (girl in yellow and the guy with arm up in the back) they used to be in her and James old vlogs. Hope jake sees everyone chosen kaya and knows how much everyone around him is with out him

No. 1754776

Whoops my bad guys I should read before I post! I meant jake not James and that everyone happier without him in their lives