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No. 51603

Previous thread: >>49127

No. 51605

Rachel and the tranny in the Rachel thread >>>/snow/1752926

No. 51607

No. 51619

farmcow loads fine, but lolcow is slow as shit. what gives?

No. 51690

can we get moderation in /w/ please? threads are full of twitterfags and scrotes.

No. 51694

File: 1674790192498.jpg (158.28 KB, 1080x424, Screenshot_20230126_192620_Chr…)

What is with /w/ and calling everyone a WK? This is ridiculous. Pointed out an image was posted on an imageboard because anons complained the image wasn't good enough for them even though it followed posting rules and that makes me a WK for some reason. /w/ is miserable to post on.


No. 51723

Jeez nona, you already posted then deleted something about reporting me for in-fighting in the thread. Posting images that could be completely irrelevant to a cow, as in, a random tubby girl’s back - is just declasse, I never suggested it was against the all important rules. If I get a ban for infighting so be it, but what is it about /w/ posters that makes them run crying to /meta/ daily for minor shit? Calm down.

No. 51726

I deleted it because it wasn't worth putting infighting into the thread, so I came to meta.

No. 51910

Agreed, the new asian fishing thread is crawling with newfags from twitter. The cow's seems milky but the thread reeks of newfaggotry. /w/ is so cancerous at this point I'm sceptical it can be aligned with /pt/ and /snow/. A lot of the cows there just attract an entirely different demographic.

No. 52009

Tranny back on /pt/ (the same fuckwit that always shits up Luna’s thread is in Vicky’s too)

No. 52062

well she's not milky for "asian fishing". if there's drama that's different but we really need to keep those topics out. /w/ is attracting too many tiktoktards.

No. 52075

It isn't surprising since half of the user base are teen cosplayers so.. but the new cow seems milky as hell she's been trying to erase everything that has been leaked.

No. 52076

with actual, sane moderation, /w/ would be fine. Even a year or two ago, things were better over there. I don't mean overmoderation, I mean moderation that doesn't seem to want /w/ to be a fansite for certain cows. Because last year I got that vibe, even in the couple bans I received for no rule violation. Example: posted a couple collages, not to nitpick but to combine a bunch of recent pics - got a ban for "nitpick collage". I did the same thing to make the OP for another thread and got praised for thread pic. So go figure. Discussion of some cow's positive traits is allowed, discussion of negative traits is apparently not milk and shouldn't even be discussed in a saged post.

No. 52078

I never said she was. Calling it an Asian fishing thread was slight at the retards who made it. They can't even use the reply function properly and are just trying to bait infights.

No. 52080

File: 1674825149912.jpg (67.57 KB, 800x450, crypto.jpg)

Is it worthy to start a series of threads about Cryptocurrency?

I was thinking we could do it in /ot, share good materials to learn about it, tips, talk about investments and economy in general

No. 52081

i wasn't implying you did, but the first half of the thread is all about it. also she's an egirl morr than a cosplayer and belongs in the egirl general on /snow/

No. 52084

I think snow is good for her she's is a "cosplayer" by internet standards but how she acts she deserves that thread category also it reeks of twittfags

No. 52086

Lurk more faggot and use the catalog.

No. 52088

The last thread was full retard. Kill yourself.

No. 52091

Yeah, that's a great idea. The site is already full of cancer so this is a natural next step.

No. 52093

the thread is a nightmare. it's clearly full of men and twitterfags/tiktoktards. they're calling people femcels and trying to use circulation logic to bully anons telling them to sage/integrate.

No. 52100

It's either Kim who keeps trying to get the thread down or her orbiters who are now against her coming to the thread messing the shit up. They are tiktarded kek

No. 52116

>Considering the shit talking caption, make that make sense

The fuck are you talking about? There have been a couple of anons sperging about her for the past 5 months. We even had posts like that months before the flood of vendetta posting. >>>/w/189683

No. 52119

Damn, the Lily spergs have been stalking Chris' ex for over a year now? She's not even a public figure, let alone a vlogger.

No. 52126

Rachel posted poop, yes actual poop.

No. 52130

Scrote announcing himself >>>/w/279120 Feels like bait.

No. 52131

Mods can you please nuke the kimi thread on /w/. It is infected beyond repair. Their main milk is that this girl is "asian-fishing" and made fun of fat people in a groupchat.
The little group of twitterfags who orchestrated the thread are trying to curate it and police it to their own liking.

No. 52134

There's a moid too.proudly putting his discord. The retardation in that thread is too much

No. 52135

please. it's fucking terrible. the milk there isn't worth it. it's full of obvious men as well. this is the worst thread that's been on /w/ in a while.

No. 52140

Rachel Leeds-Minkin is posting shitty diapers among other things in her thread. It would be cool if farmhands could mark which posts are hers, but I'd also be cool with purging her posts because they're nasty and not even funny.

No. 52145

I thought so too until it turned into the fact that there is a massive cosplay mean girl clique the same way Bunny and the other girls had one. This is very milky and someone is in there larping as a guy when it looks so much like one of the girls throwing a fit which I mentioned in a different report >>52130 even Momokun is in on the action and the whole thing is a mess. It should be a Mimsy thread instead. I don't even know who this Kimi nobody is.

No. 52156

Hard agree. I'm sick of /w/ encouraging retards to post on LC I would love to see some consequences for the lack of integration.

No. 52182

she's being posted in every thread now.

No. 52216

File: 1674924330211.png (39.64 KB, 1719x545, w wk spergs.png)

Just browsing the Venus thread and it has the same cancer accusing anons claiming anyone not agree with them or anything they say is a WK like I mentioned >>51694 This isn't conducive to actual discussion and derailing like this every time someone says something you don't like is absolutely a way to bait infighting. Can #admin or a mod bring up maybe implementing rules regarding this type of bait being bannable or calling anons WKs in a ban warning or something? It's very spastic and comes off underage and you have to be 18+ to post here.


In the instances they are being used, WK in all these occasions, doesn't even make sense.

No. 52217

im definitely sure those ''!!'' are from that kimitard thread, theyre so retarted its easy to see

No. 52218

I don't know. There's been a few anons on /w/ the last few months who have this type of typing style. Some of it has been proven to be bait since mods have given them bans.

No. 52220

Why is there so many new threads on /snow/ lately?

No. 52225

KEK you're just not ~educated~ on old pull anon. I still can't believe that got unironically posted.

No. 52255

Cp in the video games thread on /m/

No. 52256

That was quick, thank you jannies!!

No. 52257

The reddit hate thread on /ot/ is broken for some reason, some posts have disappeared and new posts do too.

No. 52262

Any updated if the old threads /m/ can be restored or not ?
like I don't want to get my hopes us and be left waiting and disappointed

No. 52266

I’m wondering this too!

No. 52272

The twitter dialogue and lack of sageing site wide is killing me slowly. Hellweek cannot come soon enough.

No. 52275

Samefag, I wanted to change my mind. The thread is heavily involving other girls, which are girls, barely cosplayers, and it's based solely on a one time scandal that happened. I don't think the thread should be in /w/, it should be moved to /snow/. The OP isn't a cosplayer and does general OnlyFans thot antics. The longer the thread goes on, it's barely about OP besides just using it to spam photos anons find without much discussion otherwise. I don't know if a board move might help more. Honestly should've gone into the basic Instagrammers You Hate Thread.

No. 52278

Yeah, there's too many like-cows in /w/ at this point because anons keep making threads every time someone does photoshop and has an OnlyFans. It's really not worth it and it's not milky. We get it, they photoshop, there is some milk there, but that's not new every time and I don't mean just a new photo was posted. What happened to having to have some kind of scandal or drama for milk? When did it turn into just "She does photoshop and takes untasteful nudes/cosplays sometimes"?

No. 52279

Sorry anon I deleted and forgot to repost. Yeah I miss when we utilised the general threads more, made the site more user-friendly and less clogged.

No. 52280

I didn't refresh or notice, lol, sorry.
No, now everyone thinks anyone with a following, even if it's 200 people, deserves a private thread and it's just a waste of space. Maybe /w/ needs a cosplay e-thot specific thread, but then it just re-routes back to Cosplay Thot thread and then in /snow/ there's the general IYHT or the other e-thot thread there.

No. 52281

File: 1675068140187.jpeg (66.2 KB, 395x432, offwithtthehead.jpeg)

cp on /snow

No. 52283

I agree, there are a lot of low milk type cows that really could just be side notes in the costhot or egirl threads. I really do think at this point blending /w/ and /snow/ makes sense. /w/ cows will have to sink or swim in /snow/, instead of just kinda stagnating forever in /w/ and getting retarded vendetta threads filled with Twitter nitpickers and moid WKs.

No. 52284

Seconding this

No. 52285

Idk what caused the mass influx of retarded twitterfaggotry on the site but I won't be coming here anymore until the mods start doing their job. Peace nonas

No. 52286

Astroturfing still running high I see. I don't know what they expect, that anons are going to pick up with them and go to Onion Farms or Elaine's pathetic imageboard? They just want to ruin this space. Pay them no mind.

No. 52288

That's always been their goal but their illusion shattered when they had to fool three adult women instead of one teenage girl.

No. 52289

Images load so slow now. Someone said it's like reliving the dial-up days. What's causing this, was it the Josh spam? I hope it gets fixed soon…

No. 52290

Day 2 of moid in the unpopular opinions thread.

No. 52291

Tons of threads on /w/ are now being bumped about this cow wants to be Asian and this cow also wants to be Asian. Someone is really focused on race on /w/ right now and it's beginning to be derailing. Photoshop, edits, onlyfans, weeb antics… This is all so basic. None of this is milky and hasn't been in almost 5 years, maybe 10 IMO since Patreon thots.

No. 52292

Example of the race derailing:

It's just bait to talk about race.

No. 52293

/snow/ is experiencing the same issues, not just /w/. i think the boards should remain separated because it will allow each board to be less cluttered. however neither are being moderated right now. i've been reporting things on both with nothing being done.

No. 52294

Not all bans get a redtext and there has been redtexting going on which means bans have been happening.

No. 52295

there are multiple threads that needed to be locked days ago.

No. 52296

You didn't say anything about locking threads, you complained about bans. Mods rarely lock threads, if anything some might be moved over somewhere else.

No. 52297

i didn't specify either one. go do your job instead of whining.

No. 52303


No. 52305

It's been a day and they're still figthing over gym clothes in the unpop opinion thread

No. 52311

i hope /w/ gets some real moderation changes soon, but i just wanted to reiterate how tired me and others are of anons camping in threads just to bitch that other anon's posts "aren't milky" or are "the same boring topics" or accuse them of derailing general threads. those anons clearly just lurk to start infighting or they would try to post milk instead of just complaining. we need to ban all of them because they clog up the thread and contribute nothing.

No. 52315

>but i just wanted to reiterate how tired me and others are of anons camping in threads just to bitch that other anon's posts
>those anons clearly just lurk to start infighting
I don't really go on w but this comment is so accurate for a lot of other boards too

No. 52316

yes it's definitely not just a problem on /w/ but i see it in all the /w/ threads. hellweek can't come any quicker.

No. 52317

Gore spam all over front page

No. 52318

Gore spam in /ot/

No. 52319

File: 1675123075493.jpeg (76.46 KB, 681x1023, 1408534830067.jpeg)

gore in /ot/

No. 52320

File: 1675123177180.png (130.13 KB, 1170x618, Untitled copy.png)

gore in /ot/

No. 52321

Looks like they got it, checked the first two pages of /ot/. Thanks farmhands!

No. 52322

no, it's still there. don't bait anons into looking at it.

No. 52323

He's in the unpopular opinions thread too

No. 52325

Holy shit the Venus thread is absolute fucking cancer. You can tell the aggressive spergs who won't shut up about asian fishing are underage too.

No. 52327

This is why I feel like /w/ is best archived and any cow worth talking about has a new /snow/ thread made. Moderation across the site can always get better but I have seen the /snow/ jannies lock shit thread OPs and redtext infighting and racebaiting. /w/ mod concentrates mostly on nitpicks. So many /w/ cows are barely cows anymore (if they ever were) and people camp out to defend them vs people who do, in fact, nitpick. The Himahri thread should be dead, she should be part of some general egirls or costhot thread. Instead her thread is active af with WKs and vendettachans. It is incredibly stupid, and just one example. All the general threads (lolita, gyaru, et cet) should go to /snow/ alongside milky people like Jillian and Venus (who is milky, regardless of the retarded asianfishing spergs) and I guess a couple more? That weird male troon cosplayer? I mean even Lori is as milky as any other OFthot now. She shoops and is old, is that truly threadworthy anymore? Anyway I will suggest it every time, merge /w/ and /snow/ and let /w/ cows sink or swim. I don’t wanna hear any shit about weeb shit clogging up /snow/ - it’s full of all kinds of niche cows already so who cares?

No. 52328

i honestly agree, i just worry /snow/ would be too full.

No. 52331

They aren't wrong. Like anons were saying up thread, new photoshopped photos aren't milk. It's not new that a cow photoshopped a new image or wore something else you hate.

No. 52333

Omg, I didn't mean to delete my previous response without saving it. It's too much to type out, so I'll just reduce it down to where I think cows could go on /snow/ if mods might want to actually consider this or think about #threadmover some on over there:

>Venus, keep her thread, she actually does have repeatedly new milk out of everyone on /w/

>Belle/Terry/Nicole/Deer/HimeAhri/Gyaru thread/Kimi [new thread made on /w/ a few days ago]/Lori/Mostflogged/Natasha/Dakota, Instagrammers You Hate, Terry I'm not 100% sure about because anons don't seem to really discuss milk, they just post stuff he posts to laugh at him, but I don't think that's worth it's own thread on /snow/
>Taylor/Sarah Spaceman/Yumi/JVloggers [the entire thread since most of it only talks about Chris and Sharla anyway and all their milk is via YouTube]/Trash Taste thread/Aki, YouTubers You Hate
>Jillian, I guess she should keep her own thread, could maybe fit her into the YouTubers You Hate thread, but her threads fill up so fast, that mods would need to do something about all the random nitpicking and zooming in edits and such. It gets clogged up without much real milk discussion a lot
>Don't see why the Cosplayers thread, since both are very slow anyway, can't just be one thread in general since it does get crossed sometimes anyway based on if the cow now does OnlyFans which tends to be 70% of the time
>Kelly can honestly go in the Alt Girls thread, she isn't updated enough even though the milk about the NK stuff is really cringy and nice to see how obsessed she gets about it
>Snow Queen/Auress/Sparrow/8Chan/Ironmouse can all die out/be locked
>Lolitas and Vocaloids can go into their own threads. Vocaloids should really go to /g/ or something tbh. Isn't there a music you hate thread?

Just my idea.

No. 52335

scrote posting cp in m.

No. 52336

bumpfag in /snow/ is back

No. 52345

so what? everything doesn't have to be novel to be funny. You're not the arbiter of what's milk.

sounds like you just don't like this site tbh. I mean, yes, many of these people were or are massive cows. You don't get multiple threads on lc, dating back years, for doing nothing. Lori and Kevin have substantial drama that keeps playing out and I don't want to have to sift through other egirls to find it. HimeAhri is in a prime grifting mode and maybe something will come of it, maybe not. Some cows curate a certain image and gear up for a big move - why can't their little changes and shit get documented? Often in retrospect we can see what a cow wanted to do: a good example is Jillian, who breadcrumbs mental illness diagnoses for years. The buildup was slow.

I wasn't really a fan of splitting off /w/ when it happened, but now that it exists, changing it would be even more annoying. Sometimes cows go dormant and then start producing again. I prefer that these people have their own threads vs. having to read a bunch of uninteresting shit to find out what happened to them. When Aly_realrecover's threads got locked bc of some BS reason, it was stupid to have to read about her in a general pro-ana thread. Luckily, we got her thread back after awhile.

I also oppose locking long-standing threads just because a couple anons want that. It's suspicious given all the weird WK activity on /w/. Mods and admin should not be swayed by weirdos who desperately want to control threads - no sane person unrelated to a cow should care what anons write on the internet. If they care enough to scream and beg for threads to be locked on an imageboard, they are either insane or somehow close to a cow. Like there are threads without real milk anymore, where I even feel a bit bad for the subject, but I would never insist they be locked because there's no good reason for that.

No. 52350

closing /w/ is just another step into closing all the cow boards and having this site just be /ot/, /m/, /2x/, etc. these are the same people who came out a few years ago pushing the same narrative; they are not slick. they wanted to retcon lolcow, turn it into a pc/neutral safespace, keep all the off-topic/casual boards and to nuke everything else because it either wasn't interesting to them or they just didn't like it because of xyz reasons. usually something to do with either 'bullying', sex ("i don't want to see naked people!" kind of thing), or racebaiting ("why do you guys only pick on x race???"). they quieted down somewhat because the few oldfags who still come here started getting on them about it, but i see they're still determined to whitewash the boards. notice how they never say the same thing about cleaning up /ot/ or /m/ or /g/ even though many of those boards, specifically /ot/, have a lot of one-off threads that never went anywhere, spam threads, and just other crap that no one really cares about that's slowing down the site and cluttering the catalogue. i know someone is going to chimp out on me but i have to be honest because i keep seeing this over and over and over again.

No. 52351

I'm not whoever you're thinking of, I just think /w/ sucks for a litany of reasons. If the cows there are worth discussing in /snow/ or /pt/, they're worth keeping. The culture of /w/ is weird, and not like the rest of the site.

No. 52353

OT is covered in badly covered scrote bait.
>>women who dress like sluts shouldn’t be defended.
>>cute twink watches blackened porn!! What should I do? We uwu a totes married couple though.

No. 52359

nta but the culture is only different recently, but something
definitely needs to be done. the shift from laughing at cringy weebs pretending to be asian to being offended by "asianfishing" says enough. the reason /w/ was made is because anons on /snow/ bitching about weebshit even though weebshit was always on that board. i think making it at all was a mistake. there are cows on both boards that clearly go on the other and weebshit in general is becoming mainstream tiktoktard crap so the board is full of them. coupled with the fact that most of the pulltards migrated there. i still think /w/ would be good in theory though but it's too arbitrary.

No. 52362

You sound like a conspiracy theorist.

No. 52366

I know the discussion in unpopular opinions is kinda braindead and going on for quite long but I don’t really get redtexting and giving bans to anons for discussing things in the /ot/ discussion board where there wasn’t any racebaiting or much insult-shit-slinging. Maybe people are just interested in discussing this topic?

No. 52367

How come images are loading so fucking slow? Also, how come spoilered pics, when unspoilered, are blurry?

No. 52368

File: 1675191228433.jpg (163.93 KB, 1080x590, Screenshot_20230131_105305.jpg)

Samefag, found the answer in the Cerbmin thread

No. 52369

Cloudflare protects from spamming, and handing off the site makes no sense, how would that cause it to be slow? Similar factors??? Makes no sense

No. 52370

>Cloudflare protects from spamming
sure didn't when the joshpocalypse was going on making thousands of threads for hours two wednesdays in a row

No. 52371

Hmm, yea, really activates the ole almonds doesn't it?

No. 52372

Someone shut off cloud flare? But who could or would do such a thing?

No. 52373

You can bypass cloudflare if you post directly to the site/real ip

No. 52375

Because you're definitely someone who's run a whole website and not just made an IE page in middle school one time and know how to use Google.

No. 52378


retard newfag

No. 52381

Petition to redtext the words "asianfishing" so we can kek at /w/ lighting up like a Christmas tree.

No. 52382

kek yes.

No. 52383

is it just me or are there like three active boards in /pt/. is /pt/ just a historical landmark of the farms now

No. 52384

threads*. I'm dumb sorry

No. 52385

I just came to post that jannies don’t give af about it anymore and that’s supposed to be the most scrupulous board here, please moderate it better. It takes less time because as anon said it’s dead and nobody even makes it to pt anymore unless some newfag posts a thread there without understanding. There are posts I’ve reported that haven’t been addressed after 8+ hours but that shaytorium bs gets flagged asap in snow. im a shayfag too, no h8 cmon the board that’s supposed to have the most moderation has none. Cows are dying this site will be only /g and /ot soon enough. Rip. Might as well change the url

No. 52386

There are mods for /pt/ and even in Moo's thread. we've gotten some bans the past week. It's moderated and not every ban is redtext. Also people van evade, so there's not good defense.

No. 52387

I’m aware there’s not always a redtext. Why is almost every instance of a ban redtetxed in snow vs pt it’s not and it takes hours even if they are redtexted?
>even in moos thread
>there are mods for /pt
>not good defense
I don’t even know where to start

No. 52388

Probably because there's more activity in /snow/ so they redtex more often.

No. 52389

I even feel like snow often runs dry for extended periods except for a handful of threads. Suggestions for new cows are always shot down but yeah lets make thread #684 about how ugly random trannies are.

No. 52390

Moid incel posting in detrans thread

No. 52391

Some moid is spamming either vendetta posts or self posts in the Vocaloid thread, thread spam in that particular thread has been on and off for several months. But this is the first time farmhands have been slow to it. I know the new admins are probably well over their heads right now, sorry.

No. 52394

they also doxxed someone

No. 52397

File: 1675269761091.png (134.68 KB, 1050x357, Screenshot 2023-02-01 11.42.12…)

Funny, there's a deranged TiF on Kiwi Farms who was talking about being "extremely active" in the Vocaloid thread and in the next post how she is always "arguing in the third person", she was sperging out in the KF lolcow.farm thread and got put in her place https://kiwifarms.net/threads/lolcow-farm.11942/page-50#post-14537876 she also face-doxed herself in the KF telegram and is generally an attention-seeking nuisance. I bet that's who you're dealing with.

No. 52398

It certainly is and I'm not aware of what exactly her motive is beyond pissing literally everyone off. I've heard rumbles of a thread and know they're very milkable, was there any substance to that or was it just a final warning to White Glove?

No. 52399

She was throwing shade at LCF in the Kiwi thread about us and people took exception. I posted a little more of it in the Vocaloid thread. Even Josh told her to fuck off, kek.

No. 52400

It wasn't even a critique, it wasn't a joke, it was just straight up hate and that's why I got interested after seeing WG crap up a few other places. I asked if you thought the thread was going to happen because frankly I think she has legs as a cow since this is a pattern and I don't desire to make an account on kiwi.

No. 52401

lets switch to the vocaloid thread but yeah I think she has legs too, she keeps popping up in KF too and annoying people

No. 52404

Are cerbmins going to put out farmhand applications some time soon? Some parts of this website are still very slow, and it's obvious from the way the site was ran before that there are not nearly enough helpers to support the massive increase over the past three years in the amount of users

No. 52405

can we please IP ban colours of the dark already? she's shitting up the thread again

No. 52406

CP in /snow/, admins delete that
(already reported that)

No. 52407

Cp also in /m/

No. 52408

Porno thread in snow

No. 52409

cp in /snow/ thats been up for 30 mins

No. 52447

Hopeless Peaches had made it more than obvious she was posting about herself in the ACC and Commentary Cows thread over in snow and has been shitting up the thread for over a month

No. 52460

I think it’s in the style of imageboards using the letters like that for board names idk if that makes sense

No. 52461

that's how it's supposed to look and has always looked. are you new to imageboards?

No. 52463

why are pictures still so slow to load? it takes so long i end up losing interest

No. 52466

/w/ stands for weeb because it's for weeby cows. /pt/ stands for pixyteri, a legacy cow, our queen. lurk a little more.

No. 52467

/m/ stands for I/m/ages and /2X/ is where you post x-ray pictures.

No. 52468

Cp in m and snow

No. 52469

Can we pls get some help in the jc thread in snow? He broke up with his girlfriend a month ago yet one person is absolutely obsessed with her and won’t stop spamming the thread with pictures of her (many nsfw, like a close up of her actual asshole) and then spamming the thread with insults about said pictures, it’s very annoying, immature and keeps derailing the thread. Can we pls ban discussion of her in his thread, they’ve been infighting for actual days about it and she’s not even relevant to the thread subject anymore.

No. 52470

It's so weird to see some of these arbitrary complaints.

No. 52471

>2X is where you post x-ray pictures
Kek, I love you nonette.

No. 52473

so you're new to imageboards let alone this one in particular is what you're saying

No. 52476


example of the lovely posters in the Jonny Craig thread to support your post nonny

No. 52477

Newfag on /g/ won't stop necroing threads with inane comments and general newfaggotry

No. 52478

Scroteposting >>>/g/311305

No. 52482

Come on now this is just gross spam

No. 52483

its clearly someone using the thread for their creepy personal vendetta

No. 52484

Agreed on all counts, nta.

No. 52485

Hard agree. It's already been revealed to most likely be Skid. Please admins bless us with a post reveal like the old days, you've got plenty of shitposts to work with.

No. 52486

Admins said they will never do post reveals and it never should have happened under the other moderation team either.

No. 52487

They meant cases of revealing IP of samefags like the one a few months ago, were they not? Post history reveals of cows have been a part of lolcow from the start. It would be a huge mistake to take that away.

No. 52489

admin was talking about IP address reveals, which is sort of doxing. tagging posts is totally different (and fine imo)

No. 52490

You seem a little frightened and confused newfag.

No. 52492

No one is frightened of anything. I'm just pointing out that Admin mentioned IP reveals and anons are explaining what they mean specifically.
>Exposing IP and post history is not a permission granted to farmhands or mods. It shouldn't have happened under the previous admin and we would remove any farmhands who did it while we are admin.

No. 52493

post marking isn't the same as revealing IPs. that's why people are calling you a newfag.

No. 52495

You clearly have no idea what you're talking about I would stop if I were you.

No. 52496

You must not have been around to see the various self posters that have been outed over the years.

No. 52497

No anon, you're confused. Posts history reveals aren't the same as IP reveals.

No. 52501

Scrote showing lack of taking responsibility currently sperging about the jews in the pinkpill thread.

No. 52507

Hey next time don't spam buttholes and you wouldn't have to worry about your posts being revealed.

No. 52509

This anon in /w/ keeps hi cowing without explicitly saying it any time anons refuse to derail about Reddit alpha male bs or tangents about fake milk. They just quote anything they think is a cow or Elon Musk bait posts. >>>/w/280122
There been no milk in this thread for weeks, but plenty anons posting like this instead to try to infight. It just fills the thread. Jvlog really needs to just go to YouTube in /snow/. You can't even talk about anyone else in that thread unless it's Sharla and Chris because everything else gets harassed and shut down.

No. 52510

autistic moid sperg making threads in ot

No. 52511

Soyjak raid in /ot/

No. 52512

it's always so obvious when a larping moid is posting his sexual fantasies on the vent thread. minutes after an anon posted that she doesn't understand why her boyfriend choked her because she gave him 2 blowjobs, these attacks started happening.

No. 52513

what do you want to discuss instead of sharla and chris?

No. 52514

It's so disgusting to see too. I feel so sorry for the nonna.hopefully she didn't see that.

No. 52515

Scrotes spend more time in the Jvlogger thread complaining about any mention of Bald's connection to Chris than nonnies actually talk about Bald, and Chris continuing to follow a known sex predator after Bald's insta was temporarily gone and following Tate's arrest, despite being warned by his own fans for a third or fourth time about Bald's past and acknowledging the allegations, is real new milk. Chris insisting that idolizing Andrew Tate is not problematic and just a difference of opinion is also real and not fake milk. But nonnies would spend even less time mentioning Bald if you scrotes would stop whining that there's nothing wrong with Chris meeting with a self-professed rapist (who's been arrested for rape before in Chris' own home country) and lying that he didn't know about Bald and only met with him, when Chris also advised the alleged rapist on his work despite being warned multiple times. Is it any coincidence that the scrotes who complain about any mention of Bald also insist that a non-vlogger's (Lily) random's selfies are more relevant to the thread than a jvlogger (Chris) actually meeting with and advising a guy who brags about sexually assaulting women? What I don't understand is why the jannies haven't done anything about these Chris worshippers who've been sitting in the thread for over a year now. Defending a cow for supporting a rapist and vendetta posting about the cow's ex would've got you banned in the past or at least redtexted.

No. 52516

Take your desperate alpha male shit back to reddit. No one wants to hear about it.

No. 52517

uh that is the opposite of what she is saying? Definitely some defensive scrote in /w/ or a weeb with a alpha fag Nigel boyfriend in her brain.

No. 52518

The anons who defend Chris for hanging with a sex predator also frequently accuse other nonnies as coming from reddit whenever Bald is mentioned. But only scrotes would go out of their way to defend a cow on lolcow for associating with a rapist, and they sound exactly like Chris's simps from reddit. It's all projection.

No. 52519

NTA, but your whole post smells like bait. With that in mind, makes sense anons would ignore wanting to talk about anything having to do with bringing up whoever Bald is. Anons can be fed up with talking about something and not be scrotes at the same time. Maybe the issue is how often it's brought up without needing to.

No. 52521

I feel like that the bird love thread >>>/ot/1490027 is better suited in /m/ instead of /ot/

No. 52522

>>>/ot/1491132 Racebait spam

No. 52523


No. 52524

If they were just fed up about Bald being mentioned (in the context of his association with Chris), they wouldn't also add that Chris's connection to him was never milk, lie that Chris only met with Bald when Chris advised him, and now also argue that Lily's selfies are more relevant to the thread.

No. 52525

Racebait spam thread in /ot/

No. 52526

Based racebait spam

No. 52527

Sounds like you should just let it go anon. If anons are calling it not milk then maybe it isn't as milky as you think it is.

No. 52528

It was milk. A couple of whiteknights don't speak for all anons. If it was norm who had met up with bald and advised him you wouldn't be saying that it wasn't milk.

No. 52529

Anons were complaining about this almost a month ago in /meta/ too. Has anything new about this even happened or are anons just bringing it up because it baits and derails tbh?

No. 52530

Yeah the same WKs were complaining back then. The only new thing is Chris still following bald on IG.

No. 52531

Male ban evading in pinkpill thread.

No. 52532

It was the WKs who were drawing it out by complaining that Lily's random tweets are more relevant than news of Chris following Bald again and implying that Chris was being criticized just for meeting Bald, and not because he was aware of Bald's rapey past and advised him in Japan. If the WKs just ignored the news/screenshot, the discussion could've moved on. But this is something jannies would've taken care of in the past from the moment these anons tried to defend Chris and lie about the circumstances of his meeting when his meeting with Bald was first leaked.

No. 52534

I can’t find the thread request thread but can we get a new roe v wade/abortion thread?

No. 52535

You're missing the point so I'll say it straight for you. My suggestion (as stated in the thread name; complaints and suggestions) is that we name all full word and 2 letter boards by the first letter of their full name for convenience.

No. 52536

File: 1675589305288.jpg (95.28 KB, 821x868, 1674345399035.jpg)

Just stop posting.

No. 52537

you're missing the point of their posts. they're telling you to leave.

No. 52539

this is a great sum-up of the issues surrounding the jvlogger thread.

No. 52540

it was milk. The anon arguing with you has the same tone as one who camps out in very specific threads on /w/. You are right that WKs don't speak for the majority of anons, they are just screaming the loudest.

No. 52542

hey mods, i had issues deleting a thread in /ot/ after i messed up the thread title. i got a 404 error twice before it eventually was deleted, but just thought you guys should know since you may see two deletion requests and not know why.

No. 52544


Unsaged retardo

No. 52548

Stop spoiling the thread by bringing up Bald any time you don't get enough attention.

No. 52549

Porn in /snow/, its gross nobody go there

No. 52551

I only wrote >>52540 so try again

No. 52552

porn thread in /m/ for 30m
I reported it

No. 52554

Did I say you're samefagging? No.

No. 52562

I'm >>52532 and I'm not the one who brought up Bald. It was a WK yet again who also completely lied that anyone who talks about any jvlogger other than Sharla and Chris gets harassed and shut down in the thread. >>52509

No. 52563

Since there's now admins, maybe we can post wishes.

My top points are "better moderation" and "better communication" but I'll leave it aside for now, because the first is so complex and the second is so simple.

That being said, here we go:

>offsite communication

Something that doesn't rely on any LC specific hardware to function and consequently can't be taken down by any attacker or technical failure. Something like telegram channel would probably be ideal. It would also be extremely easy to set up and maintain compared to any self made alternative; you can literally do it in a few minutes. I know there are plans to set up a redirect that sends Nonnies to a landing page in case the site goes down, but that sounds like it would require far more work. I am not against a landing page for that, but I think it should be lowest priority compared to the many other things that need work and can't be done "on the cheap".


It's a pain in the butt to find people who replied to you, and over night I usually drop conversations simply because there's no straightforward way to find your own posts, let alone replies to them.


Fill the email field with sage by default and make people edit it if they want to bump.

>.mp4 support

Most websites provide .mp4 files nowadays and the need to convert them is annoying and makes people not post relevant content, or only post a screenshot of a video instead of the video itself.

>media archiving and download guide

I think the site should host a guide that explains how to download media from the big social media sites (twitter, IG, TT, facebook, etc), and how to create archived links to posts, so that evidence exists after the original was deleted.

No. 52564

It is very odd behavior to camp in /meta/ and a select few /w/ threads and just constantly start arguments with other anons, and seemingly contribute nothing else but "not milk" screeching. Of course this being an anonymous board there is no proving this one way or another, but the passion with which Sharla and Chris are defended from the most minor of criticisms is…interesting. Couple it with "some" nonas insistence that Lily is a milky topic, and often random bemoaning of them not being "allowed" to talk about any other cow besides C & S. I don't know, makes you think. Even if it isn't one of them, which is totally possible, that thread (plus some others on /w/) have a weird vibe. Like Pewdiepie's wife being pregnant is more 'milky' than Chris helping some rapist guy. Also weird misuse of the word bait, like this.
Really if you just search 'bait' ITT you'll see somebody use it constantly in response to normal posts that are vaguely "against" Chris and Sharla.

No. 52565

Here's my wish: that reddit spacing is bannable.

No. 52566

Stfu about your scrotes

No. 52567

I don't even know what anon means by this.

No. 52569

You don't have to respond to everything that upsets you, nona. If you don't make any sense, don't bother.

No. 52574

>It's a pain in the butt to find people who replied to you, and over night I usually drop conversations simply because there's no straightforward way to find your own posts, let alone replies to them
i find it super easy, just ctrl+f or scroll to the post. and if you have cookies enabled most browsers jump to where you left off
>and how to create archived links to posts
the site already does this automatically whenever someone links a post

No. 52579

>i find it super easy, just ctrl+f or scroll to the post. and if you have cookies enabled most browsers jump to where you left off
That's assuming my post was the last post and there was only one post to reply to.

No. 52580

What's even more odd is the jannies allowing this to go on for over a year now. We've had multiple instances of them lying about Chris to hide his offenses and trying to get the thread autosagged when there's finally milk, and get anyone banned for connecting Chris to Bald since their relationship was revealed by claiming redditors are derailing the thread with nonmilk. They've also periodically complained that Sharla's illegal archaeolgical dig was revealed before in the thread when they whine about Bald, when the archaeological stuff hasn't been talked about by anyone else in weeks or months. Like with Bald, they also tried to link the archaeological milk to redditors with a vendetta against Sharla. >>>/meta/47669

No. 52581

weird racebait site spam in /m/, thanks for clearing stuff fast lately farmhands!

No. 52582

yeah it's on /pt/ too

No. 52583

and /ot/

No. 52584

They also keep saying that Sharla's old milk, aside from that archaeological stuff, is fake facts.

No. 52585

moderation of several threads in /w/ is a travesty. hopefully the new admins are reading the complaints and taking a look at that mod, because the worst WK/simp used to crow about redtexts as if she had an "in" with a certain mod. iirc a poster even proved that a mod was posting as a farmer once since the note on her ban was exactly what the simp wrote in the thread after she got it (something about a nitpick collage that made no sense since there was no nitpicking, just some photos put together). I'd have to find it, it was months ago though.

No. 52591

the jvlogger thread has became a lost cause ever since sharla chris newfags have camped it out for months ready to simp out at moment's notice. Then once chris hanged out with that sexpat rapist there's been a noticeable amount of scrotes
i don't think there's any other thread on lolcow that has that much infighting as much as the jvlog one and don't even know if it's fixable until they break up
i think many kinda just gave up

No. 52594

That mod has been consistently defensive of Sharla.

No. 52595

Disagree with the autosage I just think more bans should be handed out for not doing so. We're absolutely overrun with faggots who don't integrate I think it's better if they can't work out how to use an imageboard they don't post here.

No. 52596

Some of the things that anon listed are features on nucow like (You)s, mp4 support (iirc, lynxchan supports mp4, i could be wrong though). I wholeheartedly disagree with offsite communication - the discord and the drama that was born in it proves that it's a horrible idea. We have the bunkers on cc anyways and admins said they'd set up a separate site for downtime updates. Archive.is isn't hard to figure out and there are guides on youtube-dl and download managers you can find through google.

No. 52598

Been a lot of racebait botspam today. Techanons would a CAPTCHA fully rid of botspam or do they have way around that too?

No. 52599


racebait thread

No. 52600

File: 1675653045357.png (80.08 KB, 496x440, 2023-02-06_03-56-47.png)

The idea behind posting a wishlist was to facilitate discussion, so please feel free to post your own ideas or criticisms.

>Some of the things that anon listed are features on nucow like (You)s, mp4 support (iirc, lynxchan supports mp4, i could be wrong though).
All true, it also supported 4 files per and 50mb or 100mb (I forgot) overall file size per post. It was really great, all it needed was a good looking CSS and the old threads imported and ready when it went live. I said in the other thread I hope admins consider using lynxcow instead of trying to re-invent the wheel on the current platform and don't dismiss that possibility out of hand because some people lost their minds over it.

> I wholeheartedly disagree with offsite communication

A telegram channel can be set up so it is a list of posts by the channel owner, there's no circle jerking because there are no comments, not even reactions, it all be turned off, so it's just the posts. I appended an example of a telegram post set up the way I have in mind. By off-site communication I mean strictly one way: admins -> users. Off-site simply because it is more robust.

>Archive.is isn't hard to figure out and there are guides on youtube-dl and download managers you can find through google.

Even elite private torrent trackers have guides for the most basic things. It's generally a good idea to provide users with the information they need to do what you want them to do. The harder you make it for people to be good, the more of them will not be good.
A list of the best programs that actually work, with a short explanation on how to use them, would do wonders for people's ability to post and back up content.

Having the intended default posting style NOT be the default setting is just bad design. The reason you complain about it in the first place is that it doesn't work for keeping idiots away, it just has the effect that threads are constantly wrongly bumped. Banning random people for forgetting to enter sage after posting on /ot/ for a while will not help either.

If you want to ban idiot posters who don't fit in then you should be able to do that without having the site set up in a random inconvenient way to try to "gotcha" them.

No. 52601

The newfag who coped a ban in the Gyaru thread is back trying to bait infights by typing like a maniacal fedora wearer >>>/w/280380 please God discourage the unhinged zoomers in that thread from not integrating.

No. 52602

dumbass racebait thread in /ot/

No. 52603

ugly indian moid in /g/ why are so many incels indian?

No. 52604

So like maybe the anachan thread in snow should be autosaged for a while? Newfags/selfposters tend to be too low on blood sugar to figure out where the thread went then. They have the object permanence of a baby.

No. 52608

Offsite communication is fucking retarded. "Hey, go download this other app you're never going to use to get communications that should be on site anyway". Just set up an lcf twitter account or something if you're worried about 'robust' options. View off the web, use as needed, done.

Anyway …
Please start locking off shit old threads. Thread requests exists for if something changes and new milk flows. Threads like >>>/snow/1523147 - redtexted as a shit thread - should be locked so they don't get random bumps. Let the active threads rise and lock off all the old shit.

No. 52611

Telegram can be viewed in a web browser, you retard.

No. 52615

Why do anons keep trying to hint that mods are cows or have favorite cows they cap for? They redtexted obvious bait.

No. 52617

I laid out arguments for why I think it should be changed and you were incapable of addressing any of them, yet you are so arrogant about your opinion.

No. 52618

>Having the intended default posting style NOT be the default setting is just bad design
That's your opinion, I like the design it's almost like a vetting process. I don't know why you want to make it even easier (it's already very simple) for people who can't be bothered to lurk before posting. Nor where the assertion comes from that I'm complaining specifically about sageing when referring to integration as a whole. A few bans and they'll either fuck off or lurk moar and integrate, it's that simple.
>Banning random people for forgetting to enter sage after posting on /ot/ for a while will not help either.
This is a non-issue as far as I know, temp bans for bumping threads with crap have been a thing here for years. I haven't heard of anyone complaining about this being a problem.
Kek, seconding.

No. 52622

Neither of those posts were bait kek.

No. 52626

I'm thinking of making a thread on pippa pipkin will she go on snow or w? Since I haven't seen much specific vtubers thread

No. 52630

File: 1675693785364.png (17.52 KB, 640x238, 2023-02-06_15-21-20.png)

I was curious and looked at the rules, and according to them Pippa doesn't quite meet the threshold of "lolcow" as laid out in the rules for /snow/, but /w/ is supposed to be about nothing but cosplayers, which Pippa is decidedly not.

My five cent is that she belongs on /snow/. I don't think the rules are that strict anymore, especially not with all the community watch threads that are already on there.

Whatever you end up doing, I'm looking forward to your thread!

No. 52631

I would say /snow/ is safest, though I guess /w/ would work too from what I've seen. I've been wanting a Pippa thread for a while (along with Kiyomi Pyon-Pyon, but Pippa more) so I'm really excited for this! Doing god's work nona

No. 52639

i did it, although im still not sure where vtubers belong. Hopefully admins wont mind. i have multiple video archives as well but i suck at compositing so i wont post it but you nonnas will figure it out

No. 52640

racebait spam on /ot/ also how tf does he manage get pass ip so easily

No. 52641

we should get rid of the draw thread on /ot/

No. 52642

There is a real poor understanding of what bait is from a nona who hangs out in that thread all the time. Anything she doesn't like or wants people to ignore is bait.

No. 52643

Vtuber threads get shutdown, it brings in idiots like kpop can. Good luck.

No. 52644

For comparison: this is bait >>52641

No. 52645

There’s a Racebait thread on OT. I reported but Jannies might want to keep an eye out in case there’s more.

No. 52646

Why do these /w/ anons not know how to post? They bump their threads with thot photos for no reason that don't even have milk, its like a screenshot of an onlyfans leaked site >>>/w/280459 Learn to integrate and post. No wonder people get so pissed about the state of that board. The anons on there are retarded.

No. 52648

Who the fuck is kpop chan? Is she like shizto nonna?

No. 52649

not bait. that and the movies thread are cringe. just go to fucking discord for that kind of interaction. most /ot/ users should be permabanned anyway.

No. 52650

Why are people trying to stir up resentment between the cow boards and the offtopic boards?

No. 52651

are you new here?

No. 52652

Because they're dummies who think there's some kind of superiority in what board you use like this isn't all the same site.

No. 52653

No I'm not you dumbfuck, not everyone you disagree with is a newfag. There's always been some hate for the offtopic boards among retards who crave the sort of tribalism you find on 4chan but I've noticed it's increased recently. It's almost like people are trying to create drama purposely…

No. 52654

The most I see if people trying to compare milk boards with general boards as if they aren't different boards for a reason. That means different types of anons a good chunk of the time.

No. 52655

>just go to fucking discord
>draw threads
Do you even actually know what you're talking about? Anyway, if you don't like /ot/ I'm not sure why you're so concerned about what threads are or are not on it.

No. 52656

Some anons in like the past year or two were kept calling for any non-milk boards to be shut down. I think they said it was because they were causing raids or they don't fit the site or something, which imo isn't true at all.

No. 52657

they can link to the same site on discord if they need to do stupid group activities. they go against the feeling of the site.

No. 52658

4chan is intended to be a general purpose imageboard though, while lolcow was created as a revival of an off-shoot of the drama threads of one specific board on 4chan. Wasn't crystal cafe also created as an alternative to the non-cow boards for those who just want a female-oriented imageboard without necessarily caring about lolcows?
>inb4 b-but cc is full of trannies!!
Sounds more like a self-fulfilling prophecy honestly? Anons refuse to go there because of its tranny reputation, which really does leave CC slow and empty but still with a disproportionate amount of trannies because there aren't enough anons putting them off. Though even the moderation on CC does seem pretty damn slow, I wonder if they too are disheartened thus not bothering. But I also admit to being a hypocrite myself, I don't really like posting there because it really does feel almost abandoned, though if non-cow-boards-only anons mass migrated there it would sure gain more traction.

No. 52659

>the cowboard v noncowboard infighting is a psyop by CC to get users
Called it.

No. 52660

If you don't like /ot/ you're aware that you can just… not visit those boards, right? Lolcow is one site and there are many anons who use both the off topic boards and the milk boards, me included. I don't get the hate towards them. Again, it's ONE SITE.
>advocating for the return of the discord

No. 52662

>they go against the feeling of the site.
You act like lc is the only imageboard with movie rooms and doodle boards. They're both still anonymous and chatting isn't the (main) purpose of the draw thread.

No. 52663

>there are many anons who use both the off topic boards and the milk boards
How big really is the overlap though? Seriously asking because I keep hearing conflicting answers.

No. 52664

Nta, I feel like it's hard to say because most non-cow board users start as cow board users so I'm sure it's a big overlap but a lot of anons exclusively use one or the other.

No. 52665

It started directly after 2X and later the other similar threads got closed. Suddenly, the same people who successfully got them shut down called for ot to shut down next and pulled the retarded cow boards vs offtopic boards shit. Unfortunately with semi success.

No. 52666

I'd also say that troon thread posters specifically feel different from other cow board posters and seem to have more overlap with the non-cow board posters. I fully understand the importance of terf ~safe spaces~ (for lack of a better term) considering most internet spaces are becoming pro-troon echo-chambers or, if not that, right-wing moids and their handmaidens echo-chambers, though I'm not sure whether troon threads should stay on /snow/ as milk threads. Sure, trannies are pretty much inherently milky, but those threads very often get derailed with blogposting, general GC/radfem discussion, /pol/fagging and baiting which should not really be considered appropriate in cow threads. I guess /2X/ should have really been properly taken care of from the start so terf discussion would go there instead, but apparently oldmin(?) hated terfs and only reluctantly catered to them?

No. 52667

there's definitely not a big overlap anymore. and it's /ot/ vs all other boards not cow vs non-cow boards that's the problem. /ot/ users hate other board users in general because they don't respect the topics on the other boards. even on /g/ you see /ot/ users bitching about makeup threads or things they don't like. it obviously happens more on cow boards because they complain they anons are mean to women. this is a recent thing as well, within the past few years. /ot/ users also act superior for not being involved in cow drama.

No. 52668

Which is ironic as they start all the drama on this site.

No. 52669

the reasoning behind why the newfags want the cowboards deleted keeps changing. in the beginning when they first started with this, i specifically remember there were quite a number of them who just blatantly came out and said they wanted them gone because they didn't care and didn't like them being there. so when people suggested that they should look into maybe going to cc or starting another 100% casual female-orientated board if it bothered them that much, they all started complaining, throwing hissy fits, and terrorizing oldfags and the moderators at the time on the board until they succesfully ran off most of them. they keep changing their tune constantly to try to manipulate each successive admin team to cowtow (kek) to their attempts at astroturfing the board and i've been keeping tabs on them just out of curiosity to see what the new line of reasoning will be for completely whitewashing the board of its history. i know at first a lot of oldfags assumed this was a cow or multiple cows attempts at getting rid of the boards, so i think it got worse due to people not originally taking the problem seriously enough and just assuming it was someone like venus having another meltdown as it has happened before in the past.

No. 52670

Do you mean people wanting /ot/ gone? Because who tf would want the cow boards, the reason for lolcow's existence, gone? I've never seen anyone calling for the cow boards gone but I've seen countless anons saying the off topic boards should be deleted.

No. 52672

Lmao what, it's anti-ot people (I don't even think it's cowboard-only users specifically, since they just ignore the board) constantly asking for it to be deleted. There are some vocal anons shittalking drama boards on /ot/, but I don't see any of them asking for it to get shut down. In fact what you mentioned is exactly what "close /ot/" "anons" did on meta. The assumption that /ot/ user=newfag is also retarded, as most newfags find lolcow through searching cows on google.

Also Venus posting here, what?? You sound like one of the anons on CC going on about history erasure because some people don't like the porn banners.

No. 52673

Yeah I don’t think anyone is finding lolcow searching google for like, female friendship kek. I like /ot/ and the cow boards, post in both regularly. I wouldn’t want any of them to go away, except maybe /w/ because it’s extra retarded.

No. 52674

no, the /ot/ users are the ones who started it. they started complaining about cow boards existing right before 2X was made. 2X was partially made as a containment board because regular lolcow users were tired of the /ot/ radfem/manhate users going to cow boards derailing the threads because they didn't align with their views. the /ot/ users then started calling for cow boards to be removed because the website was for them to use as a safe space since men aren't allowed here, despite those /ot/ users actually being newer. /ot/ used to be called /b/ and it was basically a shitpost board that cow board users used when cows had less milk, but new users started using it to escape the tranny bs on most websites. they criticized cow boards from the beginning and caused a lot of issues on the site going into threads and complaining about anons using cow's preferred pronouns because it was easier, since all the caps used the same pronouns not to respect trannies. and they would constantly go to cow boards and bitch. they also bitched about pre-existing /ot/ drama threads like celebrity threads being on the board that they wanted "drama free". it was a big shitshow and i'm sure other oldfags actually remember it. the disdain between /ot/ users and other boards isn't new, it was happening way before shaymin and mainly started from them, not the cow boards.

No. 52680

I don't know what you get out of lying about this and making up twisted tl;dr stories. It's not even that long ago and everyone can just look it up and see what actually happened.

>regular lolcow users were tired of the /ot/ radfem/manhate users

And polls showed those "regular users" were a minority of vocal samefags. Funfact, the same "regular users" also STILL complained about them after the containment board and all related threads got shut down in their will, despite it being against the majority. And surprise, surprise, they then immediately started targeting /ot/ in the same way after having success the first times. Above quotes very related, especially the "just do it" samefag.

>but new users started using it to escape the tranny bs on most websites

Again, most anons find lolcow and thus also /ot/ through cow threads, making them drama board or ex-drama board users. Even the few /ot/-only ones shitting on the drama boards said they initially came from cow threads. But the "anons" who got /2X/ and then the other threads closed down loved to claim that they're akschually all newfag radfems from reddit/twitter etc rather than accept that the userbase, which includes oldfags, naturally adjusted to real life happenings/the Zeitgeist and getting older. Trannies weren't as much of an influence in 2014 or cgl/sr times and a good chunk of us weren't or were barely adults back then, hence the tolerance for disgusting moid shit.

No. 52682

>links posts from 2 years ago
i am talking about things that happened atleast 5 years ago, not two. things happening 2 years ago were a result of bad blood from an earlier time. you're not even talking about the same timeframe and trying to rewrite history.

No. 52683

>trying to rewrite history
You're the one who showed up and dropped a bunch of claims with zero receipts. At least that anon linked posts. I can say right is left but that doesn't make it true no matter how many times I repeat it.

No. 52684

This. Why do images take so long to load lately? especially if something is spoilered… It's an imageboard so it really sucks when the images wont load

No. 52687

No they weren't, you're full of shit kek. Pretty sure /ot/ was barely created 5 years ago too and meta and 2x are even younger.

No. 52688

this is what a newfag would say. do you even know how old the site is?

No. 52693

Anon, /ot/ which used to be /b/, is atleast 8 years old. Everything anon is saying did happen 5 years ago.

No. 52694

No, and I will keep demanding it to change. Also this was a minor nuisance compared to my main complaint that got deleted and that is that everything loads like a quadriplegic sloth. For the better lolcow until it happeneds.

No. 52697

Pathetic samefag, back up your claims then. Oh wait, you can't, because you're larping and making shit up.

No. 52700

Nta, she doesn't have to when you can look up the first post in /b/laine later renamed to /ot/.

No. 52702

don't even engage with her. she clearly doesn't know shit. i'm the OP and not going to bother with someone who needs this much spoonfeeding.

No. 52703

Nice freudian slip. Too bad you didn't google board history enough to actually make your larp semi believable.

No. 52705

Literally just search the catalog >>>/ot/2923 /ot/ is referred to as /b/. the post was made 7 years ago.

No. 52706

I thought it was at least 8 years old?
Stop with the retarded psyops already, this is pathetic.

No. 52708

That's what it was called you clearly weren't here, how would you know?

No. 52709

>I thought it was at least 8 years old?
Are you just throwing things at the wall at random in the hope that it sticks now? That post isn't the first in /b/. Literally look at the post number. This is the first post >>>/ot/1305 Look a little closer there. 8 YEARS. I see 8 years. Are doing this on purpose? Just reading the posts upthread will answer your questions. Open your eyes and read >>52693
>/ot/ which used to be /b/
THEY WERE MERGED DUMBASS. Do you need it to be spelled out for you? FFS, the post you linked yourself explained it!
>/b/ and /g/ have been consolidated into one off-topic board called /ot/

No. 52711

File: 1675742219473.png (29.75 KB, 1323x321, a.png)

Just in case you didn't catch it. Should I make a powerpoint next?

No. 52712

you're going to have to go to her house and show it to her in person kek

No. 52713

The entire conversation and your bullshit claims were about /ot/ users, 2X etc. Keep samefagging, backpedaling and deflecting though. Meanwhile I'm still waiting on those receipts.

No. 52714

>>>/w/280443 Can we please start banning anons who shitpost on /w/ already? They are derailing about China and posting random women, calling them anons in the thread. Then you have idiots calling it a selfpost when its obvious it's not by file name alone.

No. 52715

You're insane and I enjoy proving it time and again ngl.

No. 52716

who cares about your retarded radfem vs non radfem muh imageboard culture crap WHY AREEEE IMAGES SLOOOOOW

No. 52718

Nice try but I'm only >>52709 and >>52711. it's not hard to admit you're wrong. Try a better strategy than just accusing everyone of samefagging, okay? It's getting old.
>Meanwhile I'm still waiting on those receipts
I fucking fed them to you, what more do you want? Maybe I should make the powerpoint after all. Also,
You're the one who diverted in four posts >>52687 >>52697 >>52703 >>52706 to talk about the existence of /b/ and how old it was or wasn't. I don't know anything about cow vs /ot/ rivalry because I don't care for orchestrated drama so I'll dip out here. I do however know about how old /b/ was and how and when /ot/ was born, which you couldn't get even after finding the post that proved you wrong kekk. More than halfway convinced you're baiting at this point.

No. 52719

You aren't proving anything and just make shit up, that is the whole issue kek.

No. 52720

>I don't know anything about cow vs /ot/ rivalry
It shows

No. 52722

no one is here to spoonfeed someone who doesn't even know when boards were made.

No. 52723

No you think I'm 3 extra people that's the insane thing lol

No. 52724

Well, I did spoonfeed you in >>52680 so I wouldn't say no one.

No. 52725

They're right though, you're the one in the wrong lol

No. 52726

Them prove it.

No. 52727

I can't stop laughing.

No. 52728

Nice proof

No. 52729

It's up thread the person you argued with gave it to you lol, I just made a joke.

No. 52730

this happened a few years ago, like 5 or 6 i want to say? i remember it started mainly sometime between 2016 and 2017, when there still a number of staminarose and /cgl/ users here. there was a really big blowout at the end of the year around christmastime and that was the start of the issues we've had with moderation over the years.

>You sound like one of the anons on CC going on about history erasure because some people don't like the porn banners.

i recognize you. aren't you the anon who was telling people to "get a grip" when they were talking about how annoyed they were with the banner whining? you're weird. you've been trying to larp as a based oldfag for a while since the bunker threads but then outing yourself when actual oldfags who have been on this site for longer than covid call you out on your bullshit. all of the stuff you've quoted as well when people dressed you down is shit you can find easily off of kiwifarms, so it's obvious that you haven't been here that long and aren't familiar with board history.

No. 52731

Yes that was me and I said that calling the removal of porn banners history erasure was ridiculous. And no, disagreeing with you doesn't make it a larp and it's not that super duper special rare either to have been here since the beginning, plenty of oldfags are still here completely regardless of new users. If I was larping, I would make up shit that feeds my agenda, look up posts I haven't been around for in archives to prove I'm a "based oldfag", treat my fake "based oldfag" status as a proof of authority, get pedantic about dates, distract with other irrelevant info I found in the archives, while calling everyone who disagrees with me and my agenda newfag and shift goalposts or straight up ignore whenever someone points out what actually happened.

No. 52732

I use both. The drama boards are what attracted me here years ago so I'm most active there. But there's a few threads in /ot/ I don't mind visiting, particularly the ones critical of modern internet culture or social media. It's definitely a place a lot of anons go to seek tribalism which is in a lot of ways antithetical to the cow boards, but I must admit I don't hate seeing the kind of wholesome solidarity offered to strangers in the vent thread for instance.

No. 52733

Lmao based anon
I thought as LC users anons would know that porn is not good for the bases and benefit of us lol even if its so called "board history"
Time changes things and if what people say about cc is to be taken seriously that place is full of troons, scrotes, and nlog-ing anons kek so obviously it makes sense why the same retarded takes appear here if we have dual users

No. 52734

do you even know what you're talking about?

No. 52735

the site has more porn related threads than ever before, if anything, more banners like that will be made. most cow threads are of girls, camgirls or adjacent online "sexworkers". your sentiment is /ot/ centric which is why everyone is calling you out. also oldfag is a vague term but it relates to how early on you've been on the site, not just length of time. being on the site for 4 or 5 years doesn't mean you're an oldfag. and your attitude isn't reflective of older users anyway.

No. 52737

Will the discord link on the website ever be restored, does it even exist anymore? Is there another lcf discord?

No. 52738

BUMP, the image load time is driving me crazy. WHY ARE IMAGES SLOW

No. 52739

File: 1675782655710.jpg (Spoiler Image,44.34 KB, 736x1141, 05f8a071b1b012de13ae7b302c7992…)


No. 52740


>does exactly the larping behavior that I mentioned to a t
Absolute kek.
>your sentiment is /ot/ centric
Your entire posts were about /ot/fags, which is what we discussed. >>52674
Still waiting on those receipts of /ot/fags from 2 years ago- no wait, 5 years ago- no wait, 8 years ago calling for drama threads to be closed and anons speculating over venus wanting the cow boards shut down.

>being on the site for 4 or 5 years doesn't mean you're an oldfag.

I thought I was here since corona? The irony of you saying removing porn banners is history erasure, then referring to the current state of snow as a reason why they should stay tells me you are mad projecting.
>y-your attitude isn't reflective of older users anyway.
I'm sorry for my wrong think opinion, queen of oldfags. I'm revoking my oldfag license as we speak.

No. 52741

Oh that's what you wanted, not just to see how old /ot/ was.

No. 52743

Do something about the insane amounts of people claiming anyone who disagrees with them is white-knighting like in the Venus thread. This is absurd.

No. 52744

I think during hellweek no1currs should be a bannable offense, sick of seeing that as a reply to anything someone doesn't like or agree with. Ultimate non-con type of post since obviously the people posting it care enough to post.

No. 52746

Is anyone working on a new celebricows thread? I only have a phone right now, I could probably make one but it’ll be shit and take me ages. I’m sad that we didn’t have an active thread to laugh about the Grammys

No. 52747

I thought it got banned or something bc there was not a new one

No. 52748

yes, it's so overdone. It is a low effort, meaningless response that isn't funny and doesn't contributing anything. Nothing lamer than someone who wants to act above it all, while still responding to a post.

No. 52749

i had no idea the grammys even happened recently until hearing about it here. i stg there was already a grammys event a few months ago, feels like i'm in a time loop

No. 52751

please do something about the wks in the venus thread. >>>/w/275598
if i said those things about any other cow in any other thread i would get banned.

No. 52753

Go get your panties out of a twist and stop defending a pedo and thinking calling him out as such is some weird defense of Venus. Ken is disgusting. He is not a victim.

No. 52755

Both sides needs to shut up.
> Oh no! Poor scrote-ken-kun! He was stabbed!
> Nah Peenus is the true victim here uwu. Mommy Margo bad !

No one care. This is not milk and I hope farmhands will ban any further derailing about this stuff.

No. 52757

cp in m

No. 52760

Do you even know how to read? Let me dumb it down, CC users whining about porn are dumb if they happen to also be an LC user and continue the same rhetoric here. Just because you happen to be a person who lingered around in retarded spaces the longest aka oldfag kek doesnt make your opinion better

No. 52761

The back-and-forth infighting in that thread is beyond ridiculous. People writing novels and going on and on for pages. Admin please help!

No. 52764

weird newfag has been spamming this thread with responses to old posts for a few hours now

No. 52772

there is no "both sides" it is a thread about venus and she's the main lolcow in that thread.

No. 52793

CC has a hidden NSFW board you know. It's not a prude site.

No. 52794

No comprehension skills whatsoever

No. 52795

I’d like to know as well, it has made the website almost unusable for me.

No. 52798

videos are also unplayable for me. laggy or never loading.

No. 52803

File: 1675962324451.jpeg (383.74 KB, 824x1005, 52F144B8-3C55-4EA5-95D3-FD680D…)

CP IN SNOW reported it

No. 52806

There's no point arguing with the pearl-clutchers, anon. If they were actually upset about omg p*rn! they'd be arguing against threads like Shaynus instead of old banners that they don't understand. Look at >>52740 and see the bpd unleashed kek.

No. 52809

My suggestion? We change board names to 1 letter only.

No. 52810

my suggestion you shut the fuck up (joke)

No. 52812

Is 2X moderated? Seems like a moid has gone through replying to threads with bait and it'd be good to nab it before anyone bites.

No. 52814

genuinely stupid request incoming but have mods ever banned a user at that user's request? if so, please do it to me for like a year. you can do through this very post, i don't mind. i'm an oldfag and i keep trying to leave the site but i get pulled back in every two weeks and i'm tired of it. please ban me so i can stop being retarded and move on. i'll use an emoji if it's more likely for me to get banned for it. thank you 🐄

No. 52815

could we have an infighting thread ? Some anons deserve to get told how dumb they are but i don't want to bump up threads

No. 52816

No. 52818

The amount of hi cowing in the gyaru thread is laughable.they post something here and then run to post on their stories kek. Isn't this self posting?

No. 52820

>>>/ot/1488826 underage emoji users in the thread now

No. 52822

the gyaru thread is a mess. the gyaru community is fucked because it's full of autistic quirky tiktok zoomers trying to dress as jp stacies. it makes absolutely no sense. they're ruining it with politics and sjw crap when the entire point of the fashion, especially the "y2k" period, is to not give a fuck.

No. 52823

It's a mess because no one posts milk. This is why random social media is discouraged because anons think it's allowed as long as you use the word 'milk'.

No. 52826

I've noticed so many anons needing to say NTA lately, including myself, because several boards seem to have threads that people assume only 3 or 4 anons visit. It's stupid to have to constantly say you aren't the anon someone is trying to infight with because you want to explain what something means or de-escalate back into a decent discussion.

No. 52827

Please review the mod in the jvloggers thread. They continue to do nothing about derailing and baiting
>>>/w/280885 even when an anon >>>/w/280985 admits they just want to discuss Lily because they want to see her bitter and make fun of her when she isn't a jvlogger and her life updates aren't relevant to the thread. While allowing this to go on, the mod then shows up to only redtext another anon >>>/w/281008 for trying to explain why Lily was off topic and fixating on her is creepy. Minimoding is against the rules, but >>>/w/280885 was the first to break rules by trying to derail and instigate another fight about a non-jvlogger, when Lily wasn't even being discussed. This always happens when anons are talking about something related to Chris or Sharla. This isn't the first time the mod will not warn or ban the op who broke rules in defense of Sharla or Chris, but will redtext and/or ban anons who provide evidence or explanation proving why the op was wrong or off topic. >>>/meta/52594

No. 52828

How are anons not getting the hint that mods don't care about Lily. She was barely mentioned and it's derailed the way it has. Just ignore posts you don't have an interest in. It's not complicated. If you don't have to join in a certain cow discussion in the thread they belong in then just talk around it. You don't have to reply to every post. Talk about Norm or something while other anons discuss things like Reddit or Lily or whatever else they want like TokyoSam.

Also assuming mods are fans of the cows is asinine.

No. 52829

Nice ban evade

No. 52830

happens in numerous other w threads too. Ahri, Taylor, Belle

No. 52831

Sounds like anons need to learn how to post if they keep getting bans

No. 52832

No. 52834

It's not right if someone asks for proof, proof is posted, and the person posting that proof is red-texted. If that is derailing, it starts with the person who wanted the proof. nothing to do with my own posts, just what I've noticed.

No. 52836

Anons should just scroll past if anons keep asking for proof about the same stuff over and over and it's been said over and over. You aren't going to change someone's opinion. If they are falling for these types of posts and getting banned, that's their own fault. I have no remorse for anons who can't handle how they personally post and if that's the case, they deserve all the bans they get for derailing, but then blaming other anons for their posts as if they were forced to press New Reply. True Trumpian thinking.

No. 52837

bold words for someone who provokes this shit

No. 52839

How hard is it to not reply to the posts you don't like?

No. 52840

The cases I noticed aren't repetitive proof. I often read threads after a delay of a few days so the weird red-texting stands out. The w/knight is back in Taylor's thread now, trying to infight with _no1currs_ and defending the cow again when everyone else in the thread is being normal.

No. 52841

Maybe mods can't get to them immediately or someone didn't report it earlier. The recent minimodding text looks to be 1 day ago which means it was probably under 24hrs when it was initially done as seen when this anon came to /meta/ to be mad about it and claim mods are playing favorites >>52827

No. 52842

Possible Cp link and nude posted

No. 52843

CP in /snow/

No. 52844

CP in /snow/
Be careful nonnies.

No. 52845

Cp in m and snow be careful nonnas!

No. 52846

It's gone, thanks farmhands.

No. 52847

I'm NTA but the /w/ mod has been criticised loads. Surely you're aware of that?

No. 52848

This might be pointless if no farmhands know Finnish but there's a clearly underage (or severely retarded) user shitting up the Finnish thread (>>>ot/1488826) with some pedo moid antics. We told her to report to the police and fuck off but she's too retarded to read the rules and is posting literal shitting videos. Could you please ban her?

No. 52849

I noticed that there was a bunch of uninformed birth sperging the other day from someone who wanted to label everyone who disagreed with them as a crunchy mum. There's some extreme takes in that thread from the most innocuous shit just for the sake of picking fights.

No. 52850

There’s a bunch of underage newfags posting a scat video and a squirrel rape pic (that one got deleted thankfully) in the finnish thread on /ot/

No. 52851

That person has been in the thread since Taylor was a few months pregnant. Before then, the thread was pretty lowkey - a couple weirdos (stan and anti-Taylor alike) but nothing like it is now. That person comes in solely to defend the cow and insult every other anon. Their old favorite catchphrase was that all of us were underage, didn't know anyone with children, and learned about pregnancy from television. Fucking weird. They make the same ESL grammar errors so I think it's the same autist.

No. 52852

/w/ is a shit hole, admins need to review the jannie in there. Bizarre, fawning, and retarded behavior compared to /snow/ and /pt/

No. 52854

can we get hellweek back asap? so much unsaged newfaggotry it's almost painful

also anyone down to make a Dylan Mulvaney thread since there's been so much interest in the MTF threads? I'd do it myself but it will be shit compared to the work you nonas can do, guaranteed. If no-one else is keen then I can start work on it tomorrow.
wanted to post this in thread requests but can't find it, sorry in advance farmhands.

No. 52855

I also want a Dylan thread but I'm away from my laptop until late tomorrow night. There's some basic information in the KF thread iirc, including some timeline for his popularity.

No. 52856

I'm none of those anons I cited, I didn't respond to the Lily posts and just reported them as I usually do, but nothing happened. If the mod clearly wasn't present in the thread at all, I wouldn't have bothered to complain, but they did show up as they've done in the past and only to ban and/or redtext the anon who wasn't the one who started the derail or bait and was breaking multiple rules and always in defense of two certain cows.

No. 52857

Cerbmin can you ban the pringle moid in the doodle thread? He's been shitting up the boards with his retardedism

No. 52858

Nona that would be a godsend, I'll try and compile what I can but it won't be for like 12+ hours. I'll dump what I find in the MTF threads or somewhere else (retarded shitposting maybe? feels like tainting the sacred Shitpost Cathedral for this post-death-twink genderspecial is sacrilegious) any and all guidance for this venture would be appreciated.
UNLESS don't leave it in my hands I will fuck it up but I'll start compiling now

No. 52859

The jannie is fine. Posters can't post right.

No. 52863

This isn't a mod fault. Its anons fault. Mods have said nothing in 6+ months of your guys complaining about Lily that we can't discuss Lily. Anons need to stop minimodding and of Lily gets brought up, ignore it. Its not ruining your day and clearly theres a handful of anons who like keeping tabs on her which is what is supposed to happen. Someone posted an ex-Jvlogger who doesn't even vlog anymore or live in Japan and about how she bought bowls and thats not milky or a new vlog and she'snot coming back to Japan. There is a massive disconnect between the people who say Lily cannot be talked about but then completely off topic people who don't even live in Japan are allowed to be discussed all becausethey too used to vlog the same way, shocker, Lily used to vlog and try to use Chris to launch her channel. Irrelevancy is subject to discretion and Lily's on the table for discussion because she's relevant to some people. I don't know who the girl with bowls is but I don't care about her. This thread isn't just for 3 people. And there's more than 3 people who are also in that thread having discussions. If you don't like something being talked about you need to just scroll on or other people need to scroll on. This is why you guys keep getting banned. It's not a mod issue, its retarded gatekeeping anons who keep derailing to infight and post rules so we have to keep making them at a ridiculous rate. This entire new thread is just old milk being repeated, again. This wouldn't happen if anons would just move on and stop complaining. It's always going to be mods fault. It has been since this summer when anons were rightfully getting banned hard. I hope thats starts again because these minimodding complaints about Lily has gone on way longer than it should. The person who made the new thread didn't even remove Lily from the OP. Going to just repeatedly report discussion complaints as minimodding now, but do what you want and good luck blaming the mods of posters can't post properly.

No. 52864

sure let's do it together in the shitposting thread

I may have bought myself a little free time so let's put our stuff there whenever we can

No. 52865

lmfao are you pressed! what the fuck. I screenshotted this autism, don't bother to delete it.

No. 52866

Why would I even delete it? Anons are insane acting like the mods are after them, what a tinfoil lol

No. 52867

you are literally in the Taylor thread screaming at anyone who tries to discuss her. And then you post this longwinded shit about Lily and keeping tabs on her. You are truly mentally ill.

No. 52868

This is an example of why you guys get banned. Apparently everyone who doesn't agree is the same person, but okay. I'm not but go off, so a mod can see the infighting attempt.

No. 52869

File: 1676134479121.jpg (39.68 KB, 490x479, 1dd95796c438db98076addf24abf99…)

No. 52870

>If you don't like something being talked about you need to just scroll on or other people need to scroll on.
How about taking your own advice? You're cyberstalking and vendetta posting about someone who isn't a jvlogger, vlogger, youtuber or even public figure. Anons were talking about an entirely different person when a Lily sperg showed up again and mistakenly assumed the conversation was about her because they're completely obsessed with Chris' last ex. Interesting that when lily spergs appear, they also insist that Chris absolutely did not cheat despite his slip up on camera and having no way of knowing whether or not he did.

No. 52871

NTA, but I'm not going to read any of that. I stopped at

Do you know where you are?

No. 52872

This thread is sufficiently schizophrenic.

No. 52873

Wait, sorry to chime in, but this is all about something that can't even be proved? What is the point of fighting over this then?

No. 52874

I could very easily compile a list of your grammatical quirks that link you to a huge amount of posts in the Taylor, Belle, and Jvlogger threads but I would do that at a risk of a ban based on past moderation.

No. 52875

actually, you are that anon, because you fucked up and linked a different post talking about the problem. Which you know is a problem you are involved in perpetuating.

No. 52878

Good laugh, anon

No. 52879

I disagree, the jannie is retarded to the core. Completely random application of the much vaunted ~rules~, minimodding only applies if someone is critical of a few pet cows. It never applies to the WKs and others who try to dictate what can and can't be discussed in a thread. Nitpicking only applies to certain cows, but nitpicks are allowed for others. It's transparently obvious to anyone who isn't in agreement with that mod that they have favorites. I've been banned for tinfoiling on /meta/, one of the only non-troon redtexts i've ever even seen on /meta/, for suggesting that the mod of /w/ is a lovesick moid for some of the weeb girls there, which tbh, seemed odd to me at the time. Anyway, long story short, /w/ sucks, many anons agree. It would be great if the new cerbmins took a moment to just glance over the /w/ mods' history. Maybe we're all the stupid ones and she's the only mod who actually applies the rules correctly but it'd be nice to have some clarity. Because as it is, posting on /w/ feels like a completely different ruleset than /snow/ and /pt/.

No. 52883

I agree. please take a look, cerbmin

No. 52885

>stop banning me!!
>im not the problem, its the mods!!

Sure, Jan lol

I saw someone fix their "smh" in Venus's thread yesterday. I'mnot assuming it's certain anons. Imagine trying to use grammar to find out who is who. Braindead on an anon board.

No. 52886

you are truly braindead if you think there aren't patterns and ways to link some posts together. I'm hardly the retard autist you think I am.

No. 52887

if cerbmin says /w/ mod is great, we love him/her, whatever, i'll accept that as just the way it is on the board. but you dont understand imageboard culture if you think that mods are unquestionably correct and never to be questioned. this isn't PULL or KF, we don't need to kiss rings.

No. 52888

There really isn't enough people using certain threads to hide obvious tells.
She's clearly just used to getting her way.

No. 52889

This. Please, farmhands. We finnish nonnas require help. That’d be really appreciated.

No. 52892

Stay mad conspiracy anons.

No. 52893

That's like saying everyone coming to meta to complain about the posters are the same anons with the same typing style as well.

No. 52894

Nope, it really and truly is not. Have a nice day.

No. 52895

Pot calling the kettle black, but okay.

No. 52896

File: 1676158680816.png (81.53 KB, 1202x369, Screen Shot 2023-02-11 at 6.33…)

I am very interested in whether or not this unsaged post about how poor Aki is unfairly criticized for her looks gets a redtext. After all, this one about Ironmouse did. It would be a good example of the alleged uneven moderation of /w/ if it didn't.

No. 52897

File: 1676158756481.png (105.26 KB, 1791x321, Screen Shot 2023-02-11 at 6.36…)

samefag, the post about Ironmouse that got a redtext. I don't disagree about this btw, but whiteknighting is one of the 'rules' that nonas say isn't accurately applied in /w/ so, curious to see what happens here

No. 52898

there are better examples than this comparison because Ironmouse anon had to blog about her diagnoses on top of defending the cow. Cringe and pathetic.

But I also think moderation is insanely unbiased. There's so much shit in Yumi's thread that I've reported as misogyny and scrote behavior - no bans with red text. In Taylor's thread, a WK gets away with saying anons are into scat porn (for mildly criticizing Tom acting like a baby over a dirty diaper) and that women "wear diapers most of their lives" - no red texts. But disagreeing with the unhinged WK gets redtexted. Or posting a collage for any reason.

No. 52899

Nice reports, but you can't prove its a scrote, so of course mods ignore Yuumi's thread. Found some of the scrote accusing anons.

No. 52900

That's nitpicking kek

No. 52902

calling yumi an "asian whore" is pretty cut and dry male behavior, and scott had a lot of defenders despite being a piece of shit.

No. 52903

Report it and anons call cows whatever they like all the time, /w/ is full of nicknames too for them.
>inb4 but whore isn't a nickname
Sounds like obvious bait anons can't handle replying to. That's not breaking any rules either. Different takes really rustle some panties. There are plenty of female anons who call cows really shitty things. You don't have to be a scrote to do that.

No. 52904

you obviously don't read her thread so maybe just cease bleating for awhile. No, we don't tend to call single mothers escaping abusive relationships "whores" with an unnecessary race reference.

No. 52905

I've seen so many anons say she cheated/might've cheated which sounds like calling her a whore as an insult is right up there with exactly how /w/ anons act towards cows. Anons call Venus, the gyuaru girls, and most of the costhots whores. Put on some tougher pants, anon, or you're going to hate it here. This isn't a hugbox for cows. If anons want to call them whores, anything besides wishing harm, it's not against the rules and since they already have threads its not a vendetta either.

Keep trying to report though, but just letting you know mods probably don't care what names anons call a cows.

No. 52907

This is an anonymous imageboard, there is no "we" that's what newfags fail to understand.

No. 52908

File: 1676188604862.jpg (26.08 KB, 697x142, dasSWQW.jpg)

there's again some 15-year-old retards in the finn thread get rid of them please

No. 52910

>ignoring board culture
>ignoring that we had several raids over the past months
>ignoring the months where moid accusations were flying everywhere
>ignoring that Scott has a group of rabid supporters who type like underage teens and throw around misogynistic racist insults

There is a "we" when it comes to basic board culture. Cheating once doesn't make anyone a whore, and I report every comment like that about a cow.
no, they don't call everyone whores, WTF

No. 52911

right? came here to see what nonnies had on Dylan and jfc the infighting
relax nonas we are all on the same team at the end of the day, unclench

is me, haven't done shit yet (busy wild day) will compile what I can tonight and tomorrow
in honour of kikomi and nonas and any other wayward female soul. I want to get his thread to the top result on google so at least some handmaiden can get peaked. I will work hard for the cause.

No. 52912

I'm that nonna working with you
I got some data from the KF thread and I'm writing some bullet points for the OP. I think we can just get it started and then also flesh out more, we don't need to recap all the individual videos as much as I kind of want to pick them all apart. We can do it in the thread, no reason not to revisit the rancid beginnings if needed

No. 52913

Irrelevant vendetta spamming of a non-cows nudes in the Jonny Craig thread. Probably his ex-gf doing the spamming.

No. 52914

I feel like Scott's defenders are Scott, it's weird when only in that thread people are shitting on a single mother of a baby where on the rest of the site she'd get sympathy. Definitely Scott or some adjacent male.

No. 52915

>Anons call Venus, the gyuaru girls, and most of the costhots whores
Bad example if they are actually sex workers. Yumi is just a mother posting on Youtube, absolutely zero sign of sexwork. If anyone is calling a single mom of a baby a whore there's like 98% chance it's a male.

No. 52916

Scat porn on suomillanka

No. 52917

disgusting nude posted to finn thread

No. 52918

File: 1676211613834.jpg (70.1 KB, 750x762, es.jpg)

and hey mods while you're at it, could you also ban the underage retards who've been baiting the thread all weekend? I've reported them like 100 times already.

No. 52919

Seconding this, those underage retards have been shitting up the thread for a few days now. I've also reported a bunch of messages

No. 52920

i know it’s unlikely but it would be kind of funny if the samefagger in the yumi threads was splenda. i could see him seething on a computer somewhere calling her a heaux.

No. 52921

Finnish retard moid has posted gore in the fin thread . Stay careful

No. 52922

finn gore poster

No. 52923

No one cares, anon. Might want to go elsewhere if calling cows whores upsets you or others this much. There's nothing in the rules against it or even slightly that I can find.

No. 52925

his sister posted unhinged things online so it wouldn't surprise me if she were also involved.

No. 52926

If people are talking about it here, they by default care about it and are seeking some guidance about how that is moderated now. There's no reason to get upset and insult other women talking about an issue in /meta.

No. 52927

Do you think you can post saged examples of someone calling a cow a whore and getting banned that's without nitpicking or another rule causing it? I'd really be interested personally. That way anon can show that at least mods have a history of banning the behavior. Otherwise, why fight in her thread over it when anons can just ignore it?

No. 52928

hey nonna, I made the Dylan thread. I didn't want to make the OP any longer so we can just post in it to discuss him >>>/snow/1766589

No. 52929

Can the mods please wake up and ban the idiots shitting up the Finnish thread? They’ve been reported a 100 times already

No. 52937

No, this is about a specific group of anons who repeatedly derail the jvlogger thread to share and complain about the boring life updates of the ex-girlfriend (Lily) of a jvlogger cow (Chris of AbroadinJapan). Lily is neither a youtuber nor public figure, and her relationship with Chris ended several years ago, so her selfies and work tweets are irrelevant to the thread. These same spergs have tried to argue that her random updates are more relevant to the thread than news that Chris had met with a sex predator vlogger he’d been warned about multiple times, and only seem to bring up Lily when discussion of Chris or his current girlfriend (another jvlogging cow, SharlainJapan) isn’t complimentary. One anon openly admitted they want the random Lily updates to continue because they just want to see her bitter and mock her. It goes without saying, but these spergs are obviously WKs of the jvlogger couple.

Recently, the thread referenced an entirely different ex of Chris', when talking about the women he invited on one of his vlogging series, which a sperg mistakenly assumed was about Lily, and tried to derail the thread and encourage infighting about her again. The mod did nothing for the nth time. The spergs then insisted that Chris absolutely did not cheat on Lily. Chris was caught lying about the timeline of his relationship with Sharla in his own vlog and editing out the lie immediately after it was discovered by our thread, so obviously everyone else finds it odd that these spergs say he did not cheat as a fact when there’s no way of knowing and good reason to at least be suspicious. While infighting has gone on due to the derail, the mod only intervened to chastise someone for explaining why such Lily posts aren’t relevant to jvloggers and what rules they break, which can be a form of minimoding, except the Lily spergs had already broken multiple rules and have a history of minimoding themselves that the mods strangely continue to allow.

Curiously, one Lily sperg in the thread and meta has repeatedly bragged about how Lily discussion has been permitted and others get retexted, and a WK in other /w/ threads has also implied they had an in with a mod. >>>/meta/52585 A mod was also discovered posing as a farmer not that long ago and the jvlogger mod has a history of being defensive when it comes to Sharla. It’s time for admin to look into their mods and consider replacing them if they're showing a bias for certain cows and allowing WKs to break rules.

(inb4 they complain here, a Lily sperg will often call other people "autistic" or say "no1currs" if you bring up these problems here and in the jvloggers thread, and I've noticed a WK always says the exact same thing in the Taylor thread if they don't like what you imply about Taylor.)

No. 52938

Not really a complaint, just wanted to notify an admin of an issue. I made a post on ot, haven't used lolcow for a while. It notified me I had a ban that had since expired from the 26th (might have posted on this day). I checked the posts and they were from a board I hadn't use. Thought I might have forgotten but it was written in American English. IP address also didn't match mine. Just wanted to throw this out there in case anyone else experienced this.

No. 52939

I agree with everything you've said and encourage the admin to figure out what is going on in /w/.

I was the one who got a ban for a saged post where I combined photos. Someone else asked why in /meta (I did not and have never ban evaded.) Note that no reason for the ban was given in red text:
Here is the snarky reply from a certain anon:
After my ban expired I posted the ban message ("nitpick collage"):
>>43446 and
>>43448 (new thread)
this basically confirms that the anon who called it nitpicking and "collages as usual" either is the w/ janny or has an in with that mod. There's no way anyone else saw that saged collage as nitpicking, nor are collages prohibited (I fondly remember our Aly collages).

Many anons shared stories of having posts critical of the w/ mod marked with "troon":
and more ofc, including some post I made later (criticism after cancergate).

No. 52943

well put anon. /w/ is really getting ridiculous, I hope the new admins are more interested in the state of that board than shaymin ever was. It's completely arbitrary which cows you can nitpick, and which you can't. Lori's thread is basically 95% nitpicks about her appearance and nobody gets redtexted over it, nor does a repetitive WK ever even post in that thread, let alone jump to poor loony's defense. Meanwhile Ahri, the jvloggers, Taylor, Belle when it is godforsakenly active, and Aki get strong defensive posts anytime someone has the audacity to say they look fat, or ugly, or stupid. And even redtexts for dumb shit like what happened to >>52939. Collages in and of themselves are obviously not against the rules, it is some poster (and some mod's) hangup alone. No one else gives a shit about them. No other board has this many people complaining about specific moderation decisions - please cerbmin, take a look.

No. 52944

Cp on /m/

No. 52946

cp still on /m/

No. 52947

So she's directly or was directly involved with the cow the thread is about. Sounds like you might be the issue.

No. 52949

File: 1676263705256.jpg (451.9 KB, 1920x1920, InShot_20230212_204727572.jpg)

>They even defend taylor too waaah
>the posts in that thread

As if these don't warrent bans. This is the quality you guys are defending. Absolutely not. The mods are 100% valid. Seethe more. There was an anon was even defending the spoonie. Ew.

No. 52950

Not what spoonie means.

No. 52952

Anon begged to be spoonfed. They are a spoonie.

No. 52953

Damn, no offense, but is this the first imageboard or even forum you have ever used? Spoonie is a well established term for people with chronic illnesses, often used derisively for munchie types. It has nothing to do with being spoonfed -any one who follows lolcows has probably ran into the term spoonie since so many historical cows are munchies too. Do you follow lolcows to laugh or do you have sone other reason to hang out here?

No. 52955

Don't care.

No. 52956

File: 1676264354789.jpg (535.19 KB, 1080x2001, Screenshot_20230212_205544_Chr…)

Samefag, but this is seriously what the complaining is about. How are these bad bans? The anons in the threads too act like this quality isn't shit. Mods agree, its shit. Every ban on /w/ makes sense. This isn't a free-for-all where anons get to shitpost. Quality matters. The pic that won't load was just a collage of porn just out of vendetta. Also the bumping is totally annoying.

No. 52957

kek i am begging you to lurk more

No. 52958

By the way, your inability to not get the last word in a conversation is one of your tells, anon. It contributes nothing, and while I respect that you’re moving in from “no1currs” maybe sometimes you could just let it go entirely.

No. 52959

>moving in

No. 52960

This has to be bait

No. 52961

Have you never seen mods redtext things anons report the posts for or reply back to something dumb an anon said as a reply? They are known to be cheeky or maybe you haven't been around long enough, which is okay. Labeling the ban the way the complaint was received isn't new and how exactly does that prove the mod was a farmer? Did admin confirm it? Did anyone confirm it or is it just assuming? I've seen anons get bans for trying to rile anons up by claiming mods are moonlighting and have favorite cows though.

No. 52962

lol newfag

No. 52965

Underage newfags still in finn thread

No. 52966

that's not what anon said, re-read

No. 52968

There's a retarded newfag who has been talking to themself in the celeb thread for like 5 hours straight

No. 52969

This is kinda jarring because they really stick out like a sore thumb with a really juvenile writing style, inability to sage and not knowing etquette, but that's really hard to spot to someone who doesn't know Finnish.

No. 52970

File: 1676310990748.jpg (381.09 KB, 1920x1920, Forcing infights.jpg)

Love when threads are bumped just to infight and trying to get other anons to hi cow posters they don't agree with under the assumption a cow is a posting. That's one way to derail by getting anons to constantly hi cow posters.

Anon is claiming a mod is baiting farmers then banning them based on descriptions on the callout posts . That doesn't even make sense.

No. 52971

she's saying the mod's wording and typing style is similar to anons in the thread bitching and wking. it's obvious that some mods, especially on /snow/ and /w/, and anons communicated on discord to ban what they didn't like in some threads. many anons have pointed this out already. mods don't copy and paste what you write in your report.

No. 52972

That's some deep conspiracy

No. 52973

only if you weren't in the discord. admins closed it for a reason. it was a mod circle jerk full of ass lickers.

No. 52975

It's not that deep and was the main complaint with the last set of staff. Reading between the lines of the other thread on this board it looks like we won't have to worry about this particular farmhand for much longer.

No. 52976

You can hide the thread you know? Also Sky has a history of posting shit coming back at da haturz. There's also a lot of questionable wking so it's not "forcing infighting" if anything it's the wks instigating the infighting.

No. 52977

this. thank you.

No. 52978

Except for some anons probably like the milk that comes from her, but this is most likely a quality issue too.

No. 52979

She was involved with him about 4 or so years ago. Her selfies showing off new outfits and tweets about her job and cooking have nothing to do with him. I suppose we should be allowed to post all of Chris' sister's selfies and other sns updates then. At least she's still related to him whereas Lily hasn't been in Chris' life for years now. All of the social media updates of Chris' acquaintances, even if they aren't about Chris and the people aren't vloggers themselves, must be fair game, too, right?
>The anons in the threads too act like this quality isn't shit. Mods agree, its shit.
They've allowed vendetta posting in the jvlogger thread of someone who isn't even a cow for a year now.

No. 52980

Vendettas are for no milk.

No. 52982

Yeah the shit that gets posted in there I wouldn't exactly call quality milk but there's definitely at least one anon who goads people into infighting and reports literally every post. I'm not saying they don't deserve to be redtexted, but compared to other threads on /w/ you can go wildly offtopic, or contribute basically nothing without coping a ban. I think there's both a vendettafag and a wk who're the reason that thread is even active a lot of the time.

No. 52983

an annoying fag is bumping every dead thread in /w/, feels like the prelude to gore/cp/retarded spam later

No. 52984

Some faggot is bumping old threads.

No. 52986

It's just as easy to ignore anons instead of infighting with them. Just don't reply if you think it's bait. Most of the time the posters in those threads need redtexts for the terrible contributions they give if it's not milky.

No. 52987

Probably an anon who got banned. This happens every time. It's been a pattern for months.

No. 52988

It's kind of funny to see that tbh, it's like an angsty teenager trying to act mean or badass but it actually looks like an absolute toddler throwing a tantrum.

No. 52989

retard still necroing old threads in /w/

No. 52992

You see /meta/. They hate getting bans and blame mods for being farmers and not their own posts kek.

No. 52993

Kek nona, it's exactly how I imagine these people too

No. 52994

I agree, I never said I replied to them just what I'd observed. And the point wasn't that they don't deserve to be redtexted, it's that the thread feels over moderated compared to the rest of /w/. Personally I think a lot of threads there could use tidying up.

No. 52997

I've reported posts which later got redtexted with similar wording to my report. (Usually I try and be descriptive) it makes sense farmhands would write something similar rather than spend a lot of time thinking about each ban.

No. 52998

>toddler throwing a tantrum.
The fact they are bumping old Jill threads… currently midnight in Canada according to time.is.

No. 52999

again, not the same thing anons are saying.

No. 53001

Nta, but yes it is. You're saying a mod redtexted something specific an anon complained about the post or came here to report it for then it got hit with a ban saying exactly what the complaint was. You have no idea what the report said on the mods side before they gave out the ban. Probably said something about the collage or agreed with the farmer. This isn't some crazy thing mods don't do.

No. 53002

Jonny Craig’s ex is in his thread vendetta posting his other exes nudes and admitting to trying to ruin the thread for everyone and make it unuseable. She never posts anything of quality or milk and shits up the thread with a-logging and threatening to ruin his other exes life with her nudes. (Cow-tipping).

No. 53004

pretty sure sainte the pedo troon is ban evading in the lolita thread again, he's namefagged as soup before on /cgl/

No. 53006

no venting thread just when i got a huge panic attack this morning…

No. 53008

Hope you're okay and not laid out for the day now, anon.

No. 53009

Please clean up the doodle room thread, it's swarming with shizo moid(s). It doesn't help that some nonnas are giving him/them attention either. Anons, please just ignore them, why are you replying to them, it's cringe and in a bad way.

No. 53010


male in doodle room threads

No. 53014

What happened in that thread is a bunch of people came over from Chris's subreddit and probably other places around the time the dating discussion started back in 2021.
A screenshot showing that lolcow was mentioned in his subreddit was posted months ago. They stayed because they weren't allowed to discuss dating in the subreddit.
They came here to treat the thread like a fan page and fawn over their favourite jvloggers and shit on anyone who wrongs them in any way.
And there's the double standards
>>>/w/277594 >>>/w/277635

Then anons brought up Sharla's old milk showing her history of being a cunt.
They got upset about Sharla looking far worse than Lily so now they say her old milk is "exaggerated and fake facts". They can't have the wicked witch ex gf Lily and the sweet wholesome new gf Sharla dynamic anymore.
It's also why they're upset about the b&b stuff as now they both look worse than her.

No. 53016

I am not from reddit, anon. Your "mod is a farmer" and "redditor fans" are all terrible retarded conspiracies.

No. 53018

Your “everyone is speaking directly to me” tinfoil is retarded too, nonita!

No. 53020

How when one of the posts was referencing a post I made?

No. 53021

Note how I said "and probably other places". I've never said anything about a mod being a farmer. I'm not this anon >>52937 kek.
How is "there are some redditor fans in the thread" a retarded conspiracy when this site was mentioned on his subreddit?

No. 53022

>How is "there are some redditor fans in the thread" a retarded conspiracy when this site was mentioned on his subreddit?
I don't keep up with the thread but I remember it being mentioned, went and checked for myself and that was at the absolute height of derailment. I'm just a bystander but from my perspective it's hardly a conspiracy. The same thing happened with Jill's thread when she sperged in a video about LC. It's simple cause and effect.

No. 53023

Can farmhands do something about the cesspool that is the Jonny Craig thread? It's completely populated by newfags who have no concept of not taking the bait. It should be beyond obvious at this point that the butthole sperg/vendetta-chan is just farming for replies which are shitting up the thread as much as the initial bait is.

No. 53027

Is it possible if keywords can be blocked? When the cp is posted it's posted along with the text "best for download" (iirc. it might be "new for download") and if that phrase can be blocked somehow then the cp won't be seen until whoever/whatever's posting it changes the text. I've seen words blocked on other imageboards and I'm not sure if cerb can block a phrase on lolcow but until there's a more permanent fix to stop the cp it would be good to prevent the text in the posts from being posted.

No. 53028

File: 1676456342656.jpg (1.79 MB, 1002x7084, Bans&timestamps.jpg)

Well anons… after weeks/months(?) of posting without any problems and after getting a bunch of content converted to post in a certain /snow/ thread, I posted >>52939 and went to sleep for 4 hours. I woke up to a 2-day ban and a psycho sperging in /meta/. Why did I get banned? For "spoonfeeding," an offense I did not commit and which is not listed at all in the rules.

Ban #1 - for asking approximately when Sharla allegedly posted on PULL. There was an argument about whether this ever happened and I thought it would help settle it to check the archive, which is not searchable and very slow. No good deed goes unpunished.

Ban #2 - sperganon claims there is a group of angry anons who are "mad when Taylor isn't blamed for infertility." Other anons and I know that this pure bullshit. I do not need to lurk more to know that is a lie. Asking for proof of a claim is not spoonfeeding. Ctrl-F? Tell me, women of /meta/, what should I search to find these non-existent angry anons? "Taylor"? "Infertility"? honestly.

Finally, I include the timestamps of someone flipping out in this thread around the same time I got a ban. I've written the admins about the issue (if admin @ lolcow.farm still works), but the rest of you should know that the mod of /w/ will ban you for trying to help prove something OR for asking for proof, and someone close to that mod will lose their shit here in an attempt to make your posts look bad. If you post here, critical of the /w/ mod, anything you post in /w/ will be used to give you a ban. I don't care anymore what happens to my ability to post, but be aware this situation is ongoing and could happen to you. Draw your own conclusions.

No. 53029

I thought when you permaban the moids all their posts get deleted, but the moid posts in the doodle thread are still there. The last one which was visible from the front page is gone, but the rest are still up there.

No. 53030

That spoonie thing was so ridiculous. Anyone who has ever watched a munchie implode has seen the term spoonie used. Then this retard defended their weird use of the word with their terse little rage comments. Makes it really obvious they don’t really give a shit about lolcows/don’t follow them, and are participating here for a reason other than making fun of them.

No. 53031

He's at it again calling anons cunts. You know he's a male, so why not just ban him?

No. 53033

These bans were redtexted on Sunday evening/Monday, given the complaints were 2 days ago. Mods aren't usually as active over the weekends I've noticed. They deserve time off tbh. There's not really a way to prove you didn't post these if the reports are coming back as you posting them though. There's so little error to confuse posters tbh. It's happened, but the rate at which all these constantly banned /w/ posters act like it is, just sounds like being mad you got caught. I also reported the Taylor thing as spoonfeeding. Don't care about the spoonie discourse, but the post wanted anons to do their work for them and should lurk themselves, sorry, yourself. You could show part of you IP to the thread and if the reports on the IPs are different, but both are yours, then maybe don't do that. Also begging for info in Jvlog and Taylor then getting mad you got bans for it is hilarious.

No. 53034

What the fuck is this word salad?

No. 53035

Because he keeps ban evading dummy. He's probably using a different IP to make each post so you can't remove them all with one ban. Also if you see a post mentioning him or pringles outside of the doodle thread it's probably him so don't reply. He asked a question about "why anons hate pringles" in the stupid questions thread and the post was deleted.

No. 53036

Anon should share part of their IP from both posts. That would help too because a mod wouldn't ban the same IP twice, but both posts were asking to be spoonfed which is technically against the rules.

I'm not sure what their complaint is exactly. Someone came to /meta/ to complain and mods dealt with it. Anon just doesn't want to admit their bans were justified.

No. 53037

That doesn't make any sense buddy, even from like bait standards this is nonsensefagging schizobabble. Anons should share their IPs? You're coocoo in the coconut and boy you need therapy.

No. 53038

Why do I need to share my IP? it'a exactly the same on both. How were either of these justified? I cannot ctrl-f for posts that don't exist.

I sent both ban screenshots to admin @ lolcow.farm so admin can speak up if I'm lying.

No. 53040

Because I'm wondering why they would ban the same one twice for the same amount of time. Like, why when one ban would be enough?

No. 53041

I'm not posting any part of my IP on here. I don't use a vpn or proxy.

No. 53042

Number one, it’s debatable if that counts as spoonfeeding. Number two it isn’t listed anywhere in the rules. I agree spoonfeeding can be shitty and should be ignored but it is technically not listed as a rule anywhere. And again it is really debatable whether anon’s posts would even count as that, if it even was a rule. The whole thing is weird around her bans for ‘collages’ (again, not a rule) and ‘spoonfeeding’ (also not technically a rule). /w/ mod has a very loose understanding of what is bannable and what is just shitth board etiquette at best

No. 53043

Then dont, but it's the same IP then on both bans for 2 different posts for the same amount of time, why do that?

No. 53044

ask the mod who did it, how should I know?

No. 53045

who tf are you asking? Ask the /w/ mod who did the bans. How would the original anon have access to the ban text for two different bans if they weren't both her bans? Obviously screenshots being shared or something I guess, but to what end? It's not hard to believe that the /w/ mod, one who has received a lot of criticism on /meta/, banned somebody twice for whatever reason.

No. 53046

File: 1676481924555.png (73.9 KB, 880x706, rules_did_exist.png)

Just going to leave this here. https://lolcow.farm/info


No. 53047

File: 1676481975563.jpg (41.3 KB, 1080x149, Screenshot_20230215_092542_Chr…)

Mods say to check info, not rules, constantly, but anons refuse to listen.

No. 53048

Okay, fair enough - but again it is completely debatable whether or not what that anon posted made her a "spoonie" kek

No. 53049

Why won't anon just say yes its the same IP?

No. 53050

so people can straight-up lie, and if you ask for proof, they can rell you to ctrl-f, and when you say again, "this is not true, show me an instance where it is true," you cop a ban?

clown world on lolcow.

No. 53051

can you find where it says anything about collages?

No. 53052

learn to read, autist >>53038

No. 53053

neither of the things I asked about had been listed in the OP or in recent posts. So this isn't spoonfeeding. And whatever you screenshot there has nothing to do with the current situation.

Also please find where it says that if posting more than one photo in a row, only the first should be unsaged. You know, like that ban someone got in Sky's thread.

No. 53054

yeah, none of what was asked wrt the Taylor thing was 'listed' in any other thread. the /w/ mod is very generous with minimodding and infighting bans, so long as you are defending a sacred cow, but is very strict on bans when it comes to anyone who may be saying something mean. I've never seen someone cop a ban for all the infighting that happens in jvloggers, unless it was someone getting too mean about the Sharla and Chris stans, for example. Only minimod ban was for someone defending Lily, never one for the many little Eichmann minimods in there who get mad at anyone "nitpicking" tubby and schlubby. It's weird as shit, and has been for the better part of a year. I really hope the new admins take a look.

No. 53055

Anons told the anon it's in an old thread and thread is linked in the OP.

No. 53056

Yeah, I really think some clarity on the 'collage' rule and the 'only the first image should be unsaged' rule is necessary here, moreso than the fussing over what is and isn't "being a spoonie".

No. 53057

as if I didn't make 2 or 3 of the threads myself. Give it up, anon. I don't need to lurk more to find non-existent angry anons. I've read it all.

No. 53058

well if asking a question or demanding proof gets you banned for two days, that's also worth discussing.

No. 53059

That's not why you were banned. I should know.

No. 53060

then spill, why was I banned? Are you the mod who did it?

No. 53061

File: 1676482963784.png (13.19 KB, 400x97, Screen Shot 2023-02-15 at 12.4…)

I agree it all needs to be discussed, but this anon >>53055 loves to just take one point you're making and harp on it over and over instead of addressing everything in a post. Also weird post just a second ago inferring that perhaps the mod is the one responding. crazy times.

No. 53062

You gotta go outside. Wow.

No. 53063

Clearly you don't fit in here lmfao, stop whining to /meta/ that's my fucking job not yours. Get off my board lol

No. 53064

"take it to meta"

No. 53065

Yupp and that's me and I'm saying you got banned for being a poopyhead. Stop being a poopyhead, everyone knows /w/ has the worst moderation currently including the three admins. Lurk more, read /meta/, if you do it'll be super obvious who's telling you to stop rocking the boat.(no, you stop being a poopyhead)

No. 53066

Oh, I see. Bait declined. I also tinfoil that my ban was two days in order to tempt me to ban evade. Thankfully, I'm not an idiot.

No. 53067

I'm not baiting you, nobody has gotten wrongfully banned from this site more than I have. Read my words and accept them or do not, have a good day.

No. 53068

Great, so instead of having a legitimate discussion about the shittiness of /w/ we can all be distracted by the troon, or whatever other named nemesis lolcow has. I hope this gets ignored and the anon who was adamant about defending the /w/ mod comes back so the conversation can continue, and we don’t have to get 40 replies to a tranny burying this entire conversation.

No. 53070

Unsaged Troon licker loose in MTF. Making multiple posts and derailing.

No. 53072

admins better get rid of the current mods. waiting for the application link.

No. 53073

Please do something about the attention seeking spammer in the JC thread. thanks.

No. 53074

need the moidery deleted from the drawing room thread. can't believe it's still up

No. 53075

The jc thread is pretty much unusable because of the gross porn spam 24/7 and mods are doing jack shit. think I’m gunna make a thread for him at cc, lolcow has been a laggy broken mess since the new team took over anyways and they don’t seem to be at all concerned with fixing it.

No. 53076

It’s just a vendetta shithole right now that’s been abandoned by mods

No. 53077

cc is not a drama website, newfag. Keep your biohazard in its containment center

No. 53078

fuck off back to c.c

No. 53079

It's because half the "farmers" in that thread are borderline disabled and have no concept of not responding to the attention seeker spamming porn.

No. 53080

>think I’m gunna make a thread for him at cc
good luck trying to deal with the rogue mod over there.

No. 53081

Thats not exclusive to just that thread. It happens to every thread where the cow/ a white knight/ schizo shows up. To act like they're all newfags is a bit disingenuous. I get it, them taking the bait is annoying, but the anons complaining about it is just as annoying.

No. 53082

it’s pretty pathetic, moderating threads to stop them from becoming shit holes is their job lol?

No. 53083

Yes, yes it is dumb dumb.

No. 53084

I never said it was exclusive behaviour and it's the Jonny Craig thread, acting like they're all newfags taking the bait is far from disingenuous kek. Pointing it out in /meta/ for farmhands is also significantly less annoying than the retards baiting/taking the bait for the 100th time.

No. 53085

You implied it. I agree its annoying in the thread and less annoying here, but its been said a million times and the farmhands clearly dont care. Not just about that but the entire thread hence the weirdo posting in all caps about cumming unsaged and last I checked the posts are still there.

I understand you frustration, anon, I do. It sucks because that thread was so good (ignoring the infighting that popped up) until the psychos showed up.

No. 53086

Honestly anon why do you care what other people choose to post in /meta/? If it doesn't apply to you there's no need to have this useless exchange. I think the large amount of derailment is due to lack of integration (which is apparent across the entire site but particularly bad in that thread), you obviously disagree to some extent for your own reasons kek.

No. 53087

That thread is just complete garbage now. The cows have won. It’s unuseable.

No. 53088

Theres multiple conversations that happen in /meta/, many useless just like the one I'm having along with your comment. kek.

It makes me pretty sad, tbh. It was one of the few I actually still liked to check up on.

No. 53089

>The cows have won.
Never. They are featured on this site. They lost from the start. Everything about them will be immortalized through here and webarchive.

No. 53090

Jake Munro, Kat, Kaya & Co Thread has been abandoned by mods and is riddled with newfags constantly breaking rules of snow and spamming the thread with unsaged non-milk, blogposts, derailing, an so on. I Report them every time, as I'm sure others do and nothing ever happens.

No. 53092

File: 1676536640970.gif (1.45 MB, 194x275, 1671741259548.gif)

That's not very kawiwi of you, anon. CC welcomes all farmers.

No. 53093

NTA but CC literally deletes and bans drama posts all the time. The thread probably won't last for more than an hour.

No. 53094

No. 53095

Yeah, reports in that thread are getting ignored. When I posted about it here in the past it also got ignored.

No. 53096

Should I just make a containment threads and redirect the shit there to keep the main thread to just on topic milk? Worked the first time I did that shit for another thread.

No. 53097

Let anons from here go to CC. Everyone knows most anons in CC are trannies so even the most toxic anon here would be an upgrade from them.

No. 53098

It sounds like mods abandoned all the threads, not just the JC one. Great.

No. 53099

In my opinion there's no point at all for a Jake/Kaya/Kat thread anymore. There's been no milk at all apart from the big videos, they might as well return to altcows so people stop trying to post tinfoils as milk. Jakes livesteram annoucements are being posted unsaged as milk, even. It needs moderation, rather than diluting it further.

No. 53100

You're right but I figured I'd offer help if it could help.

No. 53101


The schizoposter in the Jonny Craig thread seems like she/he is posting just to derail about Jonny, even white knighting him. It’s annoying and causing infighting

No. 53102

Your precious thread is destroyed.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 53103

People can literally just post what JC himself posta but okay

No. 53104

And just confirmed your theory in the comment below you, who the hell would care about JC this much? Schizo Stan-chan.

No. 53105

are we allowed to bump threads that got pushed down by the spammer? It's annoying to find the active threads.

No. 53106

the racefishing thread on /ot/ needs to be locked/deleted. not only is it twitter shit but is essentially racebait from the start.

No. 53107

is it just me or has moderation been insanely lax in /ot/? i haven't seen any redtext for god knows how long. feels bad

No. 53108

nvm, reading above posts and it looks like it's been a consistent issue….. this is so depressing, former admins may have been awful but i don't remember moderation ever being so non-existent in /ot/

No. 53109

The previous admin wasn’t perfect and might have been poor at communicating but it’s night and day compared to whatever is going on right now, at least she moderated the whole site. New admin is in way over her head.

No. 53110

>poor at communicating
I think you mean "never fucking communicated with a couple exceptions"

No. 53111

Exact same in /snow/. Obvious violations are not being redtexted. The site is unusable right now.

No. 53112

nta but a lot of them aren't even being banned. i know that not everything gets redtexted, but redtexting is supposed to help alert anons to banned posts and dissuade anons from responding to them. it also stops anons from continuing to report posts that have already been banned. however, i've noticed that posters who would normally be banned for their first or second posts are making 10+ posts before stopping without being redtexted. and mods have stopped deleting maleposts as a courtesy to stop derailing like they used to do.

No. 53113

I noticed that also and it's been worse than it usually is in /w/ too, an obvious vendetta post never got redtexted and a namefagging moid/troon still has his post up and not redtexted in one of the threads I use there. at least the necro bump spam was deleted but why is nothing else being done? are we still understaffed?

No. 53114

tranny porn in /snow/

No. 53115

small raid incoming on /snow/, on the last troon thread

No. 53117

File: 1676591954464.jpg (281.88 KB, 1080x1000, Screenshot_20230216_155838_Chr…)

Wow so milky, great posts

No. 53120

File: 1676592311534.jpg (74.24 KB, 1080x269, Skyanonretard.jpg)

Also giving anons nicknames kek what stupid shit is this, who the fuck is sky-anon? Really weak infighting bait, these same posters complain they get banned when they post non-milk and think saging saves them from useless social media posts kek They got so mad that I pointed out the obvious vendetta

No. 53121

Scrotes are raiding a lot of the boards atm across /ot/, /g/, and /m/. Very annoying, I've reported over a dozen moid posts already.

No. 53122

Exactly, same deal with the person who kept calling people Bellefag, it is soooo fucking retarded. It’s very baby’s first imageboard.

No. 53123

jonny craigs thread is full of this as well.

No. 53125

Ah yes the obvious white knights. The thread was buried so deep from the necroing and yall still went out of your way to find the thread to defend the cow.

No. 53126

Don't act like people don't know how to use tabs on their browsers kek You have to be 18 to post here, anon.

No. 53127

It's stupid as hell.

No. 53128

Nta, I definitely agree but who the fuck would keep tabs on the worst thread /w/ has to offer kek?

No. 53129

what the fuck mods ? i have reported the tranny porn and instead of deleting it you just flagged it as NSFW ? its not milk or whatever, its just porn. and didnt even warned the fags who didnt saged their shit under the tranny porn. do your fucking job ffs

No. 53130

>Tranny porn is allowed if spoilered.
Oh no.

No. 53131

The same anons who post in there

No. 53132

there's a moid bait thread up on /g/ and (likely underaged) scrotes shitting up the draw thread in /ot/ for days now. is there any particular reason mods don't seem to be doing anything about the draw thread?

No. 53134


Have you been in that thread?

The only reason people want to merge the jake/kat/kaya thread back to alt cows is because alt cows is dead and the jake etc thread has pretty consistent milk because jake is the biggest alt cow on lol cow. It’d be the only way to revive altcows. You’re dumb.

No. 53136

What is the milk, then? Jake is doing nothing other than producing the occasional stupid comment/tweet.
Also, are you the spacing retard that haunts that thread? It's been long enough, you can integrate already.

No. 53137

So if you're reeeing about those posts, posts like this one >>>/w/282121 are even less relevant and retarded

No. 53139

thats such a fucking retarded idea to allow that shit. thats not even milk and porn isnt supposed to be allowed there

No. 53140

File: 1676643697100.jpg (35.05 KB, 436x436, FZv04b5XEAU3mw-.jpg)

It's so retarded on so many ways. I've got two guesses as to what's going on, leaving this avatarfagging up to see which guess is correct.

No. 53141

I feel scarred from having seen it before it was spoilered

No. 53143

The post anon is replying to in the Taylor thread is also not milky, not sure why you linked it. Both threads have constant non-milky posts and thinking saging is all that it takes to get a mod to ignore you. Newfags are the worst. You're going to reee if a mod goes in and redtexts the posts, but we all know the anons are just going to ban evade again like usual and go to different thread instead until about 3 or 4 days later like they rinse and repeatedly do.

No. 53145

Samefag, expect moid spam after the /w/ redtext too, which also always happens after someone on /w/ get banned publicly.

No. 53146

cp in /m/ + reported

No. 53147

Delete this shit please, poster has been already banned but I don’t want to see it when I browse 2X:

No. 53148

cp thread in /snow/. Also reported, thanks in advance for clearing things farmhands!

No. 53149



Diff anon Here is the link to the post sorry guys, I know farmhands said sometimes it’s hard to get to a post to delete or whatever. (Don’t click, potentially cp picture)

No. 53150

cp in /m/

No. 53151

stop blaming cp and spam on normal female /w/ posters. Nice accusations, you autist. I wasn't talking about the post replied to. I was saying that replying to a saged post with "she looks soOoOo pretty" is absolutely just as irrelevant as the saged post and by your crazed logic, it deserves a ban.

No. 53152

File: 1676654035476.png (415.46 KB, 604x430, Screenshot_20230217-181224.png)

saged post = not milk. What's so hard to understand? The info and rules of the site allow posts that are not "milk," per se. This applies to the Sky thread too.

No. 53153

File: 1676654445327.png (2.42 MB, 2000x2500, F3CA329A-71CE-43F8-BFE3-5B01E1…)

I also saw it, cp in /snow/ and /m/, reported

No. 53154

Your deflection won't work this time.

No. 53155

Learned to use /info lol after mods redtexted it. Congratulations.

A few anons agreed upthread that its been a pattern.

No. 53156

Anon, social media posts don't fall under this rule.

No. 53157

It’s worthless nona, until the admins look at how /w/ gets moderated rules only apply if you are being mean to a sacred cow. And then some unstated rules apply such as “collages” being banned.

No. 53158

reminder that rule 7 is applied on a case by case basis.

No. 53159

And that's why the moderation differs for threads which is why it's repeated constantly that not every ban gets a redtext too.

No. 53160

Every rule is basically applied on a case by case basis nona, no one thinks an AI is moderating the boards. But what is nakedly obvious is that the /w/ mod lets absolutely worthless infighting bitchery (repetitive comments like “not milk” all the time filling up threads, instead of reporting) and random compliments fill up threads and then redtexts nonas who are not complimentary to Taylor, Himeahri, Belle, whoever theyre currently simping for. Obviously no one expects rules to be 100% enforced the same at all times across all threads, but the /w/ mod is incredibly biased to the point that many anons in /meta/ have pointed it out. And please, if you are an expert on rules, show me where it says anything about collages.

No. 53161

The collages were shitposts and reposts and even some edited. You know this. Its been 6 months and you're still crying about it. Also if anons posting in those threads are active why does it not extend to other anons obviously being active in those threads? Especially when it's bumped in a very active board? The entitlement is outstanding.

No. 53162

Simpanon even admitted once that taylor's face is botched and then blamed farmers for it: >>>/w/278290 So it's hopeless arguing with such a shill. Fuck I had a jumpscare looking at that cap above.

Same person loses their shit over any criticism of how ahri or belle looks, so def not limited to taylor. But shit, they go hard for tay and sharla. Like those are the true sacred cows on /w/.

No. 53163

ESLchan, only your first sentence makes any sense at all. I don’t know if it’s true, but at least it communicates your thoughts clearly. I have no idea what you’re talking about for the rest.

No. 53164

This >>>/meta/43420 was not a repost, not a shitpost, not edited. Try again!

No. 53165

That's not even the redtext anons are talking about and that Taylor post is an obvious nitpick, saged or not, meaning useless social media. Its an out to pasture ban.

No. 53166

what is nitpicking about it? look at the text of the ban. >>>/meta/43446

No. 53167

So what constitutes bannable nitpicking, and what goes on in 80% of cow threads? Other than the obvious answer, which is that the /w/ mod simps over certain cows.

No. 53168

The text says nitpicking and it happens to be in collage form. Seems accurate. Yeah, mods can handle you idiots kek, but keep trying to claim they are doing all this to /w/ farmers on purpose

No. 53169

that's what case by case basis means. mod discretion.

No. 53170

File: 1676660608495.png (607.39 KB, 864x1565, Screenshot_20230217-200226.png)

what is nitpicking about it? Or about this one in the Belle thread, which you replied to with "based mod" or something? Go ahead and explain.

No. 53171

i would suggest you guys ignore >>53161. this person for whatever reason has been parked in /meta/ threads getting a laugh off of any and every criticism that anons point out about moderation, board culture, etc. i bet $1 they are the same anon that was on cc attacking people over the banners and being an ass on here when they got caught out for being weird. this person is very strange and is likely only here to cause drama and tear the community apart.

No. 53172


No. 53173

I think you're right, and I also think they're the same person who said "spoonie" in reference to someone being 'spoonfed', then acted really cool and aloof about being called out kek. I think it's blatantly obvious that they're not a farmer in the sense that they're here to make fun of any cows. I think they're here to defend certain cows/a moderator's decisions with regards to those cows. for what purpose I'll leave up to others to tinfoil.

No. 53174

The clues are all over /meta/.

No. 53175

discord kittens that got a false sense of entitlement from being buddy buddy with mods.

No. 53176

Nitpicking what app she's using/photoshop, check.
Collage, check. (Probably the anon who did it before)
Infighting which mods didn't flag


No. 53177

fuck off with your reddit spacing.

No. 53178

Learn what listing is.

No. 53179

cool, it's the anon who can never let any response to her go without an immediate pissy little comment! Wonder what she'll say next, I'm hoping for another one of the greatest hits - "many anons agree", "Not milk." or if we're really lucky, "no1currs"! Truly a great contributor to the culture and content of lolcow.

No. 53180

the reddit spacing i was talking about had nothing to do with your list, autist.

No. 53181

deffo a redditard there

No. 53182


No. 53183

How come pictures are loading like 1990's pornography when clicked individually, but when I select "Expand all images", it loads all the pictures pretty quickly? Tf

No. 53184

I just searched lc for "collages" to find that one. There are many others I could have chosen. Some in the Nicole thread, which I have never visited. It's not nitpicking to note what app she's using.

No. 53186

Moderation is lax everywhere (or inconsistent at best). No additions have been made to the mod team since before Shaymin left, and the website has obviously grown larger in that time. The new admins need to open applications for hiring more farmhands very soon, seeing as it's been almost a month since the transition and no tangible effects can be found on the site (even something as simple as hosting a town hall would suffice)

No. 53187

You have to be fucking retarded to think displaying evidence of what she uses to shoop is a "nitpicking collage". I hate that thread but I hate faggots from Reddit minimodding that entire board like you even more.

No. 53188

I wonder what caused the huge influx of newfags? There’s so much unsaged posting on /snow/, like every single day.

No. 53190

it's been discussed to death but it's because people keep name dropping us on tiktok and twitter. cows from /w/ and /snow/ in particular keep doing it as well as randoms, so retards are flocking here.

No. 53191

Considering all the edits anons made, mutiple posts kept being removed at the time and anons were warned by existing redtexts to stop, and we don't need to know she's using apps when its obvious since she started. Anon was making all those because they were retarded and it caused infighting/derailing. Why you are defending it, no idea. 6+ months old and your defending a ban you say isn't even yours. Sure jan.

No. 53192

what did collages ever do to you, stanon?

No. 53193

HopelessPeaches and her autistic scrote have been shitting up ACC and Commentary Cows thread for over a month now. They keep ban evading

No. 53195

wondering if we can either have an ILLEGAL LADIES or Female Murderers & Rulebreakers thread. I know there's ariasposters on here and also wuornosfags, but there's also legends like Valerie Solanas and Giulia Tofana who are unsung heroes nonas will LOVE
I can make a thread tomorrow if anyone is keen? Like, specifically societally non-conforming or murderous women (caught by the law or not)

No. 53198

There was a thread a while ago that was locked. >>>/ot/501843

No. 53205

File: 1676762029566.jpg (292.76 KB, 1080x956, Screenshot_20230218_151159_Chr…)

Thank fucking God. These Sky retards get mad when banned, but still can't learn to post worth shit. Vendetta-fags need to go outside. Not everything a cow posts is milk.

Mods, you're doing awesome.

No. 53207

lmfao at the bootlicking.

No. 53208

Nice to see that the bias mod/farmhand is back kek, are they a fan or what?

No. 53209

farmhand in /w/ either wants to be the cows or fuck them
I thought we were anti-bestiality

No. 53211

Are you the autist that rage spergs every time anyone presses enter after a sentence?

No. 53212

mods i am once again begging you to ban pakichan for good

No. 53214

we do every time we see them. Please continue to report, just because you don't see redtext does not mean they haven't been actioned on.

No. 53215

am I banned ? cause the thread says I was put out to pasture for a post I made yesterday but I can still post for some reason
I mostly use lc on chrome in incognito mode so does that explain it

No. 53220

>thank you mods!
>keep up the great work! You’re doing amazing!
>vendetta nons need to get a life!
Says the guy celebrating lmao. You’re so happy because you think you can control the Himeahri thread by constantly mass reporting posts and running to meta to tell mommy how everyone are meanies and totz breaking rules. Documenting a cow is not a vendetta btw and you’re not a farmer, you’re just a wk fag pretending to be a farmer.

No. 53221

Mod is present in the jvlogger thread, but allowing shitposting, doxxing threats or infighting from emotional cow defenders again. Only seems to come up when it's something bad about Chris or Sharla as usual.

No. 53222

Those might've been posters that are already redtexted somewhere in the thread or another part of the board/site or got banned without a redtext.

No. 53223

No, that’s not it. The bias is obvious, why only WKs never get a “redtext” but may still be banned? Meanwhile every unsaged post is (rightly and transparently) redtexted. The /w/ mod is biased af, we are all talking about it here.

No. 53224

thanks. will keep reporting her spergouts

No. 53225

Then I don't know what to tell you anon. I'm not convinced a mod is doing this on purpose.

No. 53226

I got banned for using the site accepted heart emoji. Probably some newfag reported my post. Either way the moderation is a fucking joke

No. 53227

Link the banned post or post the ban please so we can see, just black out the IP though for your safety.

No. 53228

I got banned for this post >>>/ot/1502328

No. 53229

thank god we're banning all emojis again.

No. 53230

Are you stupid

No. 53231

We've had many instances spanning over a year now where the mod in that thread refuses to act when anons defending those two specific cows break multiple rules.

No. 53232

it doesn't say in the rules or info that you can use that one, you have to go to the /meta/ thread. I think banning it in general would help with emoji confusion.

No. 53235

not just that thread. The mod of w is mental. Admins really ought to reveal what has been going on behind the scenes with that person after it's all resolved. I can't believe such a person has been allowed to mod so much for so long.

No. 53236

This is board culture. The heart emoji isn't a banned emoji. How is there a mod who doesn't know this?! We've had fights over it before!

No. 53237

The problem is that it shows up as an ASCII on desktop but an emoji on mobile. So dumb mods will get that confused and mis-ban if they're on mobile

No. 53238

idk if this is the proper place to complain about this but i’m mad so sorry farmhands. some weenie got an ip used by protonvpn banned on here, is there any way to get it removed?

No. 53240

These retard mods make me nervous. Time to stop posting personal shit in /ot/, lest one of these idiots gets pissy and starts doxxing anons' posts

No. 53242

so I can post again despite being put to pasture, is this intentional or due again my country's time exchange? also I'm using incognito mode in chrome if that's relevant

No. 53243

If people keep calling you out for your formatting, maybe, once again, try integrating?

No. 53244

this tbh, I gotta squint at some posts to make sure they're not mine because nona's typing styles are so similar. that's why paki-chan and redditors stick out like sore thumbs

No. 53248

There's been consistent complaints about them for over a year now. No idea if it's all been the same person, I've just noticed it in this thread since then.

No. 53251

not what I meant, I mean female-specific and to break down their reasons. ty though nona!
I made the thread, it's in you and the farmhands-hands (kek) now

No. 53256

There's an anon in /w/ who's trying to infight over little things in the Jvloggers thread. It's getting kind of weird >>>/w/282558 They seem really sensitive for some reason over saying someone's Japanese is good because it's a compliment in their opinion and thus equals white-knighting [most likely but they haven't said that yet, but given how those threads look, probably assuming it]. I reported it for infighting too if that helps.

No. 53260

There's a MtF trying to claim he's the only real troon in the Vocaloid thread. >>>/w/195091

No. 53261

Cp on /m/

No. 53263

And /snow

No. 53264

CP in /snow/ I reported it but just so every knows it's there.

No. 53266

It's all but confirmed the tranny in /w/ is Blaine. Coincidence at best.

No. 53269

You're mad and want people banned because they rightly pointed out that Sharla isn't fluent in Japanese? I think the nonnie who's minimoding anyone who says anything that isn't positive about Sharla is the one being "really sensitive" here.

No. 53270

I think the question you should be asking yourself is why the fuck is Sharla’s proficiency in Japanese a relevant debate able milkworthy topic.

No. 53271

Should ask the first nona to bring the shit up randomly to arbitrarily kiss her ass in an irrelevant conversation. Then randomly bring up Paolo too. The thread is weird as shit because of WKs. Truth is we shouldn’t rise to such retarded bait but hey, it happens. The incessant screeching about her poor poor thyroid is also not milk. Her getting fat as shit and pretending to not know why kind of is, though.

No. 53273

The WK is the one who randomly brought up Sharla's fluency and now they're trying to get people banned for calling them out.
Those WKs should have been banned long ago for repeatedly lying about Sharla having cancer to garner sympathy for her. Just another example of the modding being inconsistent and biased.

No. 53274

That was my initial issue. It's pointless to argue her proficiency wen anons aren't proficient either. Anons just like bringing up random stuff about Sharla to nitpick apart and claim relevancy due to it even barely having to do with something actually on topic.

No. 53275

I am not the one who brought up her being good at Japanese, but I am the one who used Paolo as an example. Please stop assuming all anons posts you don't like are all the same anon. It's getting really old.

No. 53276

K, insert “than another anon” before the Paolo line. Either way talking about Sharla’s language proficiency or lack thereof was some random thing brought up that had zero to do with them moving to Tokyo. It was seemingly an out of nowhere random compliment to Sharla. Then you, I guess, randomly bring Paolo into the conversation. We don’t need examples of other anons liking Paolo even though he isn’t fluent. Of course people like jvloggers even if they aren’t fluent? No one was saying otherwise. Irrelevent to the max.

No. 53277

Where did you get the idea that none of us anons are proficient at Japanese? We already discussed the problems with Sharla's Japanese back during her airbnb vlog, and provided concrete examples proving why she isn't any near fluent. Just because you don't speak Japanese, doesn't mean the rest of us don't. We weren't the ones who brought up any of this and we aren't the ones in meta trying to get people banned for correctly pointing out that Sharla isn't fluent and her fluency wasn't relevant to the initial discussion about the move to Tokyo.
Work on your reading comprehension yourself. I was referring to the initial anon who brought up Sharla's proficiency and called her fluent. You're replying to the wrong person.

No. 53278

The mention of Paolo out of nowhere is suspicious because the same thing got brought up last year, when people wanted to discuss Tom and Taylor's communication. It stuck in my mind because Paolo is literally never discussed in Taylor's thread but some WK defending Tom/Taylor says, "go tell Paolo to learn better Japanese, then!" as if that were relevant at all to the discussion. And so there is an anon who throws in Paolo whenever a favorite cow's language abilities are being criticized. Weird.
I'd put it in the jvlogger thread but /w/ mod would ban me merely for having a good memory.

No. 53279

Comparing cows isn't new

No. 53280

I wouldn't risk saying it in the thread, but bringing up Paolo like that really did smack of a funny kind of jealousy. If not from the cow themselves, which would be just too obvious, then from a huge fan. It was like, "but why do you guys like Paolo! He can't even speak any Japanese!" same with the other mentions about his repetitive day in the life videos versus Chris, et cetera. Some random pitting of Paolo against other jvloggers as if we all need to be convinced that ackshully he sucks, and Sharla (and apparently Taylor kek) is the good one. So stupid.

No. 53281

Good point. Any mention of Paolo in Taylor's thread is very random and strange.
Not that I think it's Chris, but I seem to recall Chris making an indirect quip about Paolo's videos a while ago saying something he'd never make those types of videos as if it's beneath him. I think it was in comments and at least a year ago. I'm almost certain in was mentioned in the jvloggers thread. I think some WKs are also salty because Paolo has more subscribers and already reached 3+ million since there's been an uptick in random comments about him in jvloggers since it was mentioned.

No. 53282

I don't understand why this >>1502447 nona had to be permabanned and the thread locked down. Yeah this isn't the forum for this post, and yeah maybe the dox should be removed, but this information should be out there somewhere. Even if it just pisses him off that he can't get rid of it, he should have his face everywhere. I remember a bunch of people did that to a guy who ran a revenge porn site and it ruined his life. Even if the thread needs changing, it should stay up for that reason alone.

No. 53283

sorry I'm rarded, it's the thread from /ot/ about the man who runs abuse porn sites and is linked to several suicides. Like why can't we talk about that? I don't get it.

No. 53285

I wish we could have a thread discussing theories about the wks in /w/. I suspect that's not allowed but I'm…intrigued by what I've noticed

No. 53286

I think you can do it in this thread >>>/ot/1265906

No. 53288

careful nona, the one ban I ever got on /meta/, and the only I have ever seen that wasn't a straight up tranny ban was from questioning a little too deeply what the deal was with /w/ kek. Don't suggest it is a male simp, my only advice.

No. 53289

I got a 3y ban on my mobile ip for this (and was called a tranny). that was in the wake of the /ot/ redtexts (cancerchan and cat hate samefagging). I just brought up issues with /w/ in addition to those incidents and got the ban.

no clue if it was reversed bc of new admins or if i got assigned a new ip… i did appeal it but never got a response

No. 53297

Probably got banned because this basically is asking infighting. No wonder you got banned. Infighting amongst boards is pretty discouraged.

No. 53300

Considering it's an anon site and all anons are going to do is tinfoil out their ass, accuse mods of being farmers or cows, why bother? What's your apparent intrigue, anon? Post it here. Why even come here to announce this instead of learning to use a request thread?

No. 53301

NTA but infighters get away with their posts pretty often on other boards, or maybe it's just the off topic boards from what I've seen. And a couple of years ago the old admin got rid of the no infighting rule as long as posts were saged but idk if that changed recently.

No. 53302

Causing discourse between anonymous users sounds dumb though. This isn't PULL. I get soms anons want it to be so bad. The thread just sounds like a conspiracy hellscape when anons could go make a personal discord for theories like this because we also don't know how many anons are even active in certain threads.

No. 53303

This seems to be the go-to

No. 53304

it wasn't infighting and you didn't read my post. It was criticism of /w/ moderation.

no one has posted anywhere about /w/ theories so calm down. But an anonymous site doesn't mean posts are all the same, without identifying information. as you know.

No. 53305

corn spam

No. 53308

There's porn in snow

No. 53309

cp(?) in /m/

No. 53317

I understand raising the spectre of PULL is supposed to make anyone who disagrees with you sound like a loser from the dead drama forum. But it isnt the case, I for one never posted on PULL and I think /w/ sucks because of bad moderation festering a WK pissypants culture. And why tf would anyone need to make a discord to discuss what is happening on an anonymous imageboard? this is where the discussion should be, on the complaints thread, not on some offsite bullshit never to be seen again.

No. 53318

She's just upset she got her broom and discord removed so she can only hide in /w/ now because it's the only janny that won't ban her. Supes obvious to me honestly.

No. 53319

>bad moderation festering a WK pissypants culture.
If there's going to be a hellweek like the cerbmin says then /w/ needs too be struck hard and monitored so that anons that blogpost, don't sage nonmilk post, blatantly bait, derail and obvious newfags and WK needs to be permabanned

No. 53326

Anons bring PULL up constantly or reference it on /w/ all the time or other threads. We have a lot of refugees and its obvious.

No. 53328

Cp has been in snow for awhile whyyyy

No. 53329

Yes? Is anything I said different to what you are saying? Just because someone shrieks PULL doesn’t make it true or relevant to anything.

No. 53332

Wash your panties, you're so needless aggro over this and complaints thread isn't for tinfoiling, so yeah, a discord or going to >>53286 seems like the option, but fyi, that thread has a lot of posts making fun of the Belle edit-chans, Sky ones, Taylor ones, even Jill ones. For the most part, the nitpicking anons who keep complaining are laughed at in old months post lol

No. 53333

Nta, discord is never an option.

No. 53334

Oh no, needlessly aggro, on an imageboard? Now who’s the PULLfag kek

No. 53344


No. 53345

This is lolcow. Panties is appropriate. Tell that to the Taylor OP though >>>/w/271601

No. 53347

What the fuck? This seems like insane spiraling. What does a 2 month old post from the OP of the Taylor thread where she also says panties have to do with anything at all?

No. 53348

Might want to calm down

No. 53349

not even the OP of the thread, just some random update
talk like an adult human female or leave

No. 53354


No. 53358

Some of you anons really don't go outside and talk to other women if you think panties isn't a word that women use.

No. 53360

They are so stupid.

No. 53361

any word on why everything is so slow and if it will be fixed? having to wait over a minute to load an spoilered image is making me not even bother anymore kek, i just imagine what it is based on anon reactions

No. 53362

kek idk why this made me laugh

No. 53363

Click above the image, it loads way faster in a new screen for me at least.

No. 53365

Going to risk sounding like a retard here, but, is the discord link for the site shut down? The one at the top of the site when you click on "Discord"? Like was there a discord created for this site and the link just expired or is that just for something else?

No. 53366

The discord was recently shut down and the explanation as to why is in the admin welcome thread.

No. 53367

cp in /m/ and /snow/ again

No. 53368

cp in /snow/, please report whoever is doing this to the FBI thx

No. 53371

kiwi moid (likely the cp spammer) sighting in >>>/ot/1499715

No. 53375

You don't get banned for 3+ years with the ban reason being "tranny" for infighting anon. Are you new? Infighting bans typically last a day or two and the farmhand will inform you how you violated the rules, not vaguely call you a tranny and essentially permaban you. I'm ntayrt I just had the same thing happen to me at the height of the troon paranoia and I'm definitely not male.

No. 53379


Racebait in draw room thread

No. 53380

Hi farmhands. There's a racebait picture in the movie nights thread in /ot/ that's been up for a few hours.

No. 53381

It's in fandom drama psychology thread too

No. 53384

Blaine, the tranny CP spammer, is gayopping a cow in >>>/w/195091

No. 53385

why are the mods beng r*tarded in the felice fawn thread. her ex bf has been spilling allllll the milk but he keeps getting redtexted for signing his posts and told to sage. seems like he might be banned now too(newfag )

No. 53386

porn links/threads in /snow/

No. 53387

/m/ as well

No. 53388

He's a scrote posting.

No. 53389

he's not posting any dumb male things and is politely answering questions. it's milk fresh from the source that no one else can provide. no other site is going to care about this stuff so it's here or nowhere

the thread is 8 years old. farmers have been wanting answers for a long time but have been stuck speculating on youtube thumbnails for years

banning him just for being male means the mods prioritize having a female only board over a board where milk can be shared. this is lolcow not crystal cafe. what even is the point then

No. 53390

He's announcing he's male. Could've done this and not announce himself tbh.

No. 53392

he can't verify himself as her ex boyfriend AND not announce he is male. if he didn't verify, no one would believe him

jesus the r*tardation(r*tardation)

No. 53393

I get where you're coming from nona but this is intended to be a female only imageboard and exceptions, imo, shouldn't be made. Slippery slope. He's welcome to go find a girl to post this shit kek or take it to some other cow site where no one cares if he's a scrote. You give them an inch they take a mile, but I get that it sucks in this instance.

No. 53394

File: 1677008592526.jpg (220.18 KB, 1000x602, 5.jpg)


No. 53395

the person that made the site was male

rigidly sticking to rules to the detriment of the site is so stupid and makes it sound like the mods have zero critical thinking skills or are extreme autists that prioritize rules over milk

having a general guideline and then deciding on exceptional situations on a case by case basis makes much more sense. you can't know all the possible situations when you make the rules. you end up with situations like this where you insist on strictly following the rules that didn't even consider situations like this when they were written

No. 53396

Just go to kf then.

No. 53397

I know it’s normal for group threads like lolita, gyaru, pro-ana, etc to have a little fighting about who is or isn’t in the threadpic/summary at the beginning of each new thread but the lolita thread has been out of hand ever since discordgate. The thread summary fighting derails all the actual milk discussion with stupid accusations and hi-cowing. Jannies please have pity on the lolitas and dole out some bans

No. 53398

Did he verify it’s actually him and not someone posing as him?

No. 53401

yes, he posted timestamped photos of his ugly tattoos

No. 53403

File: 1677016732216.jpg (267.52 KB, 1080x1548, Screenshot_20230222-085609__01…)

Then how would anyone have even listened to what he had to say kek? You can revoke your anonymity if it's relevant. This is a place for milk first and foremost regardless of the source.

No. 53405

>censoring retardation
this mod needs to be removed now.

No. 53406

I think the red text is mocking due to the first post that censored retard got red texted as newfag.

No. 53409

kek nonny its pointing out why that person get the ban, because of that.

No. 53415

The pedo schizo tranny is cowtipping and possibly samefagging in the rachel thread again, spamming his twitter convos with the cow in the thread while commenting on it. I'm not familiar with the thread but it looks like the other now closed threads he spammed.

No. 53416

same thing in the voca thread earlier, schizo tranny got banned for derailing lol

No. 53417

Rachel don't you have babies to rape?

No. 53418

Bertha, when will you learn how to lie better? You know GaiasGod isn't the troon, silly. I thought Ghoulies the only one posting in your thread? And DBS before that?

No. 53419

If it looks like the other thread that shaymin closed then maybe shaymin is just a 19 year old who couldn't think. Luckily adults are running the site now, I highly doubt any threads will be locked because of some cows say so like shaymin allowed.

No. 53420

Rachel assumes it's one person posting, where everyone who is active in the thread can recognize there are multiple people. She's just whinging because a man called her out on Twitter and can't handle it so she comes here to blame LCF for her own shortcomings. Truly a well adjusted individual that deserves to have all of her ragepigging scrubbed from the Farms.

No. 53422

Get the hell out of our site, silly.

No. 53423

Silly is my word, you can't use that or hunny.

No. 53424

Not Blaine.
Not your site or you'd be better at spotting him.


Keep crying, Rachel.

You're not me. I dont think.

No. 53425

We just honestly do use similar vocabulary is all.

No. 53426

Yay us!

No. 53427

Jup, definitely seems like it now.

No. 53428

The Rachel thread is on topic actually, we've been having a great time. Anyone who says otherwise is a wet blanket or alogging a namefag who isn't namefagging.

No. 53429

Well now its off topic because the neckbeard troon came to shit it up after posting >>53421

No. 53431

CP on /m/

No. 53432

cp in /snow/ and /m/

No. 53433

ofc there's fucking cp.

No. 53434

The new updated site can't come soon enough, so they can finally fully ban him.

No. 53435

seriously what the fuck is up with all the cp lately

No. 53436

pedo tranny mad because he got clocked once again

No. 53437

pedo tranny spams cp every time he gets caught in a thread. vocaloid and rachael are the ones i know of

No. 53438

Scrote spamming cp in m and snow, probably other boards.

No. 53439

Cp in m and snow

No. 53440

sorry for the stupid question thats presumably been asked before, but farmhands would be able to see the ip the cp is posted from right? does the tranny cp poster just cycle through ips via a vpn or something to avoid getting caught? idk i just wish someone would get in trouble for owning and posting that shit here, but its wishful thinking i know

No. 53441

Farmhands know exactly which IPs the tranny uses.

No. 53442

Sorry IP, singular.

No. 53443

Yes, a few months ago it came out he uses protonvpn and nordvpn. But probably also other shit by now. My hope is that it stops with the image board software update. Maybe then farmhands/admins can also ban based on other factors than just IP.

No. 53444

It's the usual bot morning spam that always happens around the same time (8-9am cet)

No. 53445

God what I'd give to see a post history reveal

No. 53446

It wouldn't go the way you want. Go check the thread being talked about earlier, Rachel is an actual pedophile, she uses this site.

No. 53447

Same but mostly because it would make him seethe endlessly, he already has complete month long meltdowns over being marked/redtexted. But then again, it would be best to just finally fully permaban him (and submit more info to authorities).

No. 53448

Cmon Blaine, you can't shit up the site and then immediately blame someone else. It's getting real old. The common denominator in all of these incidents across many sites has always been you but you. The cows you pursue have plenty of milk that doesn't need your gayops anyway. If you're serious about wanting Rachel gone you shouldn't poison the same watering hole you're drinking out of.
Sorry farmhands, I needed to get it off my chest and I now know he's watching.

No. 53449

STILL there

No. 53450

Unfunny pringle moid is posting in the doodle thread again

No. 53453

Nobody is gayopping Rachel. Touch grass, take your meds and stay off site it's clearly not good for you.

No. 53455

Not to cape for schizotroon but you all must be newfags if you dont realize the cp has ALWAYS been a problem and its always been bot spam. He might post some of it, I don't know, but this is far from a new thing that started happening once he came around.

No. 53459

don't care. it's fucking stupid.

No. 53463

The fact that retardation is censored or the redtext

No. 53469

It's definitely always been an issue but it felt like it intensified for a while there. Maybe I'm just lurking at unfortunate times.

No. 53474

Some weird death announcement thread on /snow/. Doesn't look like it should be there. TIA farmhands

No. 53475


No. 53476

It's an advertisement for watch people die, certainly doesn't belong.

No. 53478

You are likely responding to the cp spamming troon.

No. 53479

Ew this is what I get for not reading the thread before replying.

No. 53481

shady link in the mtf thread for an hour now

No. 53483

The one you just replied to is the CP spammer, she freaks out and calls anyone Blaine. Soon as she gets heated enough she will spam CP and post in /meta/ instantly.
I'm not dumb, it's a clear set up and jannies can see device ID so when cerbim said it's not them, maybe listen.

No. 53485

Samefagging to say she wandered into the Rachel thread too,there is a whole thread about this stuff with the admins weighing in. All of this is pointless because the ones shouting Blaine or Tranny the loudest are all cows, actual lolcows trying to get their threads down.
It's very simple and take it straight from the admins mouth themselves, it doesn't help anything >>>/meta/51666 and most of the time it's clearly a bot.

No. 53486

Like WhiteGlove when the derailing happened? Honestly shocked she has no thread to herself yet.

No. 53487

If I had the full backstory like some farmers do I'd write one up I don't think anyone wants to deal with her in the thread constantly trying to derail it and call everyone Blaine however.

No. 53488

We've all been there, it doesn't help that he samefags like mad. When you see someone making any excuse for the tranny, trying to lowkey or not so lowkey cape for him, or going on about some incomprehensible drama while dropping bazillion randon names no one knows, it's probably him.

No. 53494

Male posting in the femnationalism thread reeing about abortion and climate change.

No. 53496

The way images load makes me feel like I'm using dial-up lmao

No. 53497

Do you not understand how redtexts work here?

No. 53498

Blaine gayopping in the Vocaloid thread again. Can this faggot stop shitting it up?

No. 53500

Why are whiteglove's posts getting deleted but not blaine the troon's? Isn't blaine a ban on sight?

No. 53501

I think she (WhiteGlove) deletes her own posts when she feels like she took the bait. Whereas Blaine vendetta posting both on /W/ and her Kiwi thread (which is full of misinformation anyone from Vocaloid can point out lmfao) is seemingly not dealt with. No idea why

No. 53502

That Tif needs to not take the bait or act retarded. Her whole meltdown on the lolcow.farm KF thread was embarrassing and could have been avoided. Cows stop being cows when they stop being cows. From her kf thread or the LC thread on kf orsomething (I just took a quick glance) it seems like she spoke to Blaine for a while. People need to stop interacting with terminally online tranny /moid /freaks whatever bc they have no lives and will just dedicate all their time to weird shit

No. 53504

She only talked to him for 3(?) days before blocking him upon realizing he was being manipulative then started sperging hard about her lmfao
She's a dumb, fat pig with the social awareness of a doormat

No. 53505

This is where I repeat these terminally online weirdos need to not be talked to at all smh. It’s not that hard. I don’t know why she chose to speak to someone she doesn’t even know and it seemed like it was personal stuff. It’s retarded

No. 53507

cp on snow

No. 53508

File: 1677208491536.jpeg (18.28 KB, 473x354, 2ff6f5c218c2a365aa0ae572125262…)

cp in /snow/ bumping off front page

No. 53509

Nope, that was me. Not everyone that points out something you disagree with is the troon, anon.

No. 53510

"you whores" coomer is back, do't interact with him anons.

No. 53512

please make 2x a hidden board again. now that any dipshit can find it it's full of moids, /pol/fags and pickmes

No. 53513

Agreed. There's more of those sentiments on every board now but giving it a dedicated home only sours the culture here.

No. 53514

please also ban the retards replying to the moid in the moid thread. insulting the woman that has her pictures shared on here by some rando coomer without her consent to pwn the moid, class acts, truly. unless it's just him samefagging to cause more drama i guess

No. 53516

Scroll up, we have retards here who think they should listen to lolcows. Of course it's not just him.

No. 53517

Not sure how the staff's doing rn but if you have the capacity can you please start red texting and banning anons responding to moid bait (assuming it's not the moid itself). Anons really be out there thinking they're getting back at moids with sassy responses.

No. 53518

It only makes sense when you realize it's their only chance to talk with men because they don't go outside and are shunned from most online communities, the pettiest, weakest, most narcissistic flock to /ot/ going
>Why can't we bully, the cow boards do it.
Completely missing the point and showing clearly that nobody is lurking before posting there. They have no lives and sit there hunting down wrongthink, it's insane.

No. 53519

girl what the fuck are you talking about

No. 53521

I'm saying anyone who's interacting with the scrote never touches grass then bemoaning any post there that's not meeting with the neet lifestyle is met with anger on non-cow boards.
Like they wouldn't interact with him if they were outside enough but they work themselves up about men all day so when one comes in they swarm to get out their emotions on him.

No. 53522

This is a bit prescriptive. I think it's called "bait" for a reason. I'm all for "ban the ones that respond to moids" but your description of why they do it does not make the slightest sense in most cases. Maybe the ones that continue to go back and forth but the simple "kill yourself moid" is not at all that reason.

No. 53523

Yeah I'm likely trying to justify their behavior out of empathy for stupidity.

No. 53524

These please. I know I was guilty of doing this before but it isn’t productive and moids just get off on making women angry / interacting with women. I think staff is prioritizing getting the site to stop being slow and whatnot but this would be helpful along the line

No. 53525

pleeeeease ban the poster in 2X who is filling the "Misogyny in radfem / rf adjacent spaces" thread with literal misogynist screeds about imaginary irresponsible sluts using abortion as birth control. this is the oldest strawman in the book. I do not care if this is a stupid woman or a stupid man or just a troll baiting, it's been going for two days make it stop. also in the Femonationalism thread.

No. 53526

when i try access the site via tor (with vpn) on desktop cloudflare blocks the site with a 1020 access denied error code saying that ‘the site owner may have set restrictions that prevent you from accessing the site’. currently using a vpn on mobile so it seems to be tor? has anyone experienced the same or know why? is tor somehow banned? i’m not a techfag so i don’t know if you can even ban tor kek sorry

No. 53527

Can we think about further moderation for 2x? Not just for the constant bait topics, the posters who sperg about the same three things so hard they become a personalityfag are annoying.

No. 53528

samefagging to say it's definitely tor, i switched to just incognito (i use brave browser) and i can now access the site through desktop too. is there an explanation for why the site can't be access through tor?

No. 53529

Probably edited this as bait, but anon is editing Belle photos again >>>/w/283445

No. 53530

are you new? tor has been blocked for a while because of spam.

No. 53532

no kek i've been here for years i just never used tor until literally last week. thanks tho, i assumed that was the case

No. 53533

File: 1677273166038.gif (2.71 MB, 498x498, thank you.gif)

thank you so much for the redtext in /2x/

No. 53534

File: 1677276009595.png (64.3 KB, 1233x281, Screenshot 2023-02-24 at 4.57.…)

So much obvious moidposting in the Aellagirl thread on /snow/

No. 53535

We're anonymous and I didn't bother reading the thread. Maybe don't get your knickers in a twist at an offhand comment if it's really a case of mistaken identity. Neither of you can see IP and you both sound paranoid.

No. 53536

1/10 bait. quote both posts instead of making it look like you're wking.

No. 53539

There's a cp thread and I think links in /m/. Also reported it. Thanks in advance for clearing it up farmhands.

No. 53540

one in /snow/ too, also reported

No. 53541

It's gone. Good to see farmhands doing their job. Appreciate your work. I'm also wondering if some changes are being made to prevent these spams?

No. 53542

Back to editing photos by messing with subtleties like saturations >>>/w/283544 The original was already posted >>>/w/283245

No. 53543

spoilered image in a /2x/ thread is actually a gore gif of a woman's clitoris being clipped off with scissors. sorry for posting a warning under it I know some people hate that but it had been there a few hours and it's pretty nasty.

No. 53544

Thanks for the warning nonny and thanks for the non-link (?) bc I want to report threads or posts and if staff can’t find it I’d like to leave the link to the post but not want nonnys clicking by accident or something. Thanks for showing how to do it!

No. 53545

I'll add one to it

No. 53546

ffs is 2X going to get a dedicated farmhand soon or is it just going to be left to be spammed by moids and trads

No. 53550

So admins, I'm being banned and then let in and then banned again, for this new rule in celebricow that you have to sage, i was just about to send an email when I was unbanned again

No. 53551

>>>/g/314346 buttpic from prolific maleposter that selfsposts in the thread. I also think he made the thread years ago

No. 53552

File: 1677380437379.png (7.73 KB, 704x176, Capture.PNG)

this was the ban, Is there somewhere where the new rule was announced?

No. 53553

Moralfag and troll that hates soldier uniforms

No. 53554

it's been a rule just not enforced during shaymin era, sorry you're new.

No. 53555

there are two anons or one samefag who are consistently shitting up the uniform thread by posting uncensored gore (an image of people stoning someone, someone laying dead on the ground bleeding)

No. 53556

im not fucking new? I've been here for years and never saw this rule everyone else is saying has been around or some shit. Also admins I'm still getting banned. It keeps happening every other post. I reload and I can post again.

No. 53557

Stop breaking the rules you're clearly new here.

No. 53559

You're supposed to sage in 100% of lolcow threads, and when being OT in non-lolcow threads

No. 53560

there's a male posting sexual gore in the pinkpill venting about scrotes thread.

No. 53561

i feel like the thread could've gone over better if it just focused on fictional portrayals of military men or just 2d art or something. someone still probably would get mad regardless but maybe less so, or at least without posting real gore idk.

No. 53562

Don't blame yourself for someone else's shitty behavior, you deserve to have a thread for your uh things.

No. 53563

File: 1677392779007.png (494.91 KB, 512x598, goodbye nonna.png)

i used AI as it should, this is both ai and my own art i made for the maybe? next lolcow graduation thread or anything!

No. 53564

look at those sad cows!!

No. 53565

It's fitting given the recent changes around here.

No. 53567

You shouldn't cave into what people posting unspoilered gore in an effort to derail the thread want.

No. 53568

it's gross and against the rules but not really derailing given the looseness of the thread topic. Plus it seems like there's at least one goreposter doing it because she's genuinely into that shit, I had the displeasure to see her post last night

No. 53569

they are def not into it. they are 100% doing it because they hate uniforms and uniform nonnies and want the thread to get locked. even the poster who said "so hot" was obviously trolling and baiting. one of them was trying to do some retarded gotcha. i wish janinas would just ban them because they'll be up in the thread posting their favourite watch people die post of the day whenever nonnies start having fun.

No. 53571

No one gives a shit about sage on /ot/, wtf are you talking about

No. 53572

Reposting it here since I think it's a valid complaint that anons are just making threads that are too similar or with minor differences on /g/ and /m/
This trend of having hyperspecific threads with minor or none differences in my opinion started after the bunker. It has to be an idiot to want to make a fucking yellow only thread or blue or green or red or white or black… An idiot who did this thinks that /m/ is fucking pinterest board apparently. The countless music genre threads that is just fucking useless since the music genre is over a thousand total with subcategories and all, they should have just made an music general thread like the movie thread. but no there are now a bunch of music genre thread or music related that gained either no traction or a small following that quickly phased out.
Lets take the clown thread as an example the only reason it thrived as a thread from /m/ standards was because the op had said anything clown related here instead of just pierrots which would severely limit what would be posted and hamper anons from using and most likely start infights for posting clown, jesters, mimes, harlequins and arlecchinos the last two are the same but some anons wouldn't know
Instead of making a thread that would take most topics and then if it spawned enough interest it would get a separate thread.

No. 53574

Disscusiion regarding this matter starts here and down >>>/ot/1509793

No. 53575

If threads are not at least somewhat specific then what's the point. Too many different things in one place means you waste time scrolling past uninteresting posts. It would be like twitter or reddit where you scroll past a bunch of filler posts. If they have their own thread you just hide the thread.

No. 53577

Go see how the topic evolved from the matter at hand >>>/ot/1509793

Admins! the anons want the husbando threads out of /g/ and back to /m/ where it always belonged.

No. 53578

someone posted dashas adress on the leftcow thread like a fucking moid. also likely same moid is unsaged arguing about how women can't have kids after 30 blah blah the moid speech they always give and no relation to leftows.

No. 53581

Why do threads that don’t have any unsaged posts suddenly appear at the top of the catalogue?
Is there a reason for this or are they just posting something, deleting it and then posting a real post but saged? Happens all the time in /w

No. 53583

it is definitely deleted posts nona, and no board is as filled as weird people desperate to talk about irrelevant cows as /w/ is. i can think of at least 3 cows that have this shit happening constantly just to get it to the top of the catalog. it's a /w/ thing

No. 53586

Anons in /w/ do this all the time. They think it's funny. It's just the constant dealing, ban evading anons who probably got redtexts in places like the Venus and Belle thread and they are mad and testing their posting or just bumping to piss other anons off. We've been through this before.

No. 53588

I saw that too. her address is not milk. the people interacting with the unsaged moid need to be banned. thread is a mess as ususal.

No. 53589

it literally has her apartment number and yeah its creepy cause its not like it was related to the thread or discussion at all.

No. 53590

can something be done about the lolicon/pedo apologists in the pixielocks thread? and also the biased mod who redtexted some of the posts? i don't like the idea that mods support lolicon here…

No. 53591

its been going on for more than 24 hours and its very clearly one anon rewriting the same "weeellllasssshuallllyy we shouldn't call people anonymously a pedo as a joke just because they like ddlg and age regression and loli porn bc the ethics of my asshole bla bla"
she never stops!

No. 53592

>>>/g/314422 moid poster that polices sexual fantasies and doesn't believe that women like to see men suffer.

No. 53593

I was surprised by that redtext too. Like I get anons having different opinions on the subject but kind of odd for a mod to say in a redtext how they feel about it? Like just ban for derailing or infighting, unnecessary to editorialize imo.

No. 53594

Where does the staff condone Loli? I see an argument for that farmhand defending DDlg but I must be missing something as I just checked the thread for the first time in a while.

No. 53595

yeah i mean its normal to call everyone scrotes, whores, bpd narcs etc. we are not actually saying this shit to court. seemed very out of pocket to be defending the whole "dont say PEDO!" to a degenerate when we literally call pixie a munchie and obviously we don't fucking know. but it sounds right. and its not that serious…

No. 53596

File: 1677444997808.jpeg (972.12 KB, 1170x2014, 95884261-D470-4DB0-BF7B-51D25C…)

I stg that the redtext saying “you’re right” used to be on the post that now is just pasture’d. Did anyone else see that or am I wrong?

No. 53597

I did see that as well.

No. 53598

File: 1677445158029.png (127.78 KB, 1360x460, Screen Shot 2023-02-26 at 12.1…)

you are right nona. maybe the will make a post about it here later?

No. 53599

And to be clear I agree that pedophile is thrown away way too fast but the poster completely loses me at implying there's "pretend pedophilia" it's not the same as playing a video game and that's clearly a huge jump.

No. 53600


We'd like to address this red text:
The farmhand in question had used that message in a red text further up thread and forgot to change the red text message when banning the post you are referencing.

We agree that red texts should not be opinionated like this in general, and we have spoken to the farmhand in question and her privileges have been temporarily reduced while she does some re-training.

To be clear: this red text does not represent the opinions of the moderation team, this was an honest and tired mistake by a farmhand who now knows better. Apologies for the confusion!

No. 53601

Thank you for the quick and clear communication on this, it's greatly appreciated.

No. 53602

Appreciated for sure, mistakes happen but it was def jarring to see a redtext take a stance on something like that.

No. 53604

These read like the Belle anons. Mods need to somehow keep them banned. This is ridiculous and not the only thread they derail and tinfoil.

No. 53605

deleted other post cause i realized it was dumb to keep it going. thank you mods for fixing the weird red text

No. 53606

moid posting rape fantasies in

No. 53607

Rita's friend bragging about getting her thread nuked, looks like she will need a thread here.

No. 53608

That's not her friend. Mrs. Hot Fire, the rape guy, and Muskie all got banned within 10 minutes of eachother. A jannie went into the schizotroon thread and heavily implied the three, if not MHF and Muskie, were said troon.

No. 53609

The man posted his dick, I'm Muskie Hunter.

No. 53611

It's not touching the poo to grab her posts on her Tumblr and post them. How do you know it's not her friend so well? Why do you get the implication that anyone who pushes back is the same person?
You can think what you think but the mod never implied such a thing as I just read the thread, the mod had to bend over backwards to tell Rita to stop calling people le schizo Troon.
Don't make the staff here have to tell it to you either, this is all I have to say to you.

No. 53613

>Anons in /w/ do this all the time.
You are also an anon in /w/, right?
>They think it's funny.
Doubtful. Did you ask them? Have proof? Tinfoil!
>It's just the constant dealing, ban evading anons who probably got redtexts in places like the Venus and Belle thread and they are mad and testing their posting or just bumping to piss other anons off.
"Dealing", ban evading, ip hopping, redtexts, Belle, Sharla, Venus, Taylor, not milky, reeeeeeee
>We've been through this before.
You can hide threads, nona.

No. 53614

He came back and posted his dick, without a spoiler

No. 53616

Can you please delete this long ass post defending pedophilia? it's stupid and has nothing to do with jill.

No. 53617

honestly anything to discourage the person who has been sperging about pedos for 3 days on a pixielock thread. wait till that creep finds the shayna threads and what they call her, jesus…

No. 53621

Go outside

No. 53622

File: 1677475478880.jpg (47.95 KB, 800x450, 7ckxtq.jpg)

thank you very much! i appreciate the transparency and clear communication. my apologies to the janny i accused of being a pedo apologist. with all that lot in the thread you can see why i was worried! bless.

No. 53623

Are spoilers greyed-out when you unspoil? Or is it just me?

No. 53624

pixielocks thread is debating the word pedophile again. same wording and typing style. im sorry theyre not giving this a rest.

No. 53625

this. can that person be banned? imagine unironically ban evading to defend pedos…

No. 53626

samefag is trying start infighting in the military thread again

No. 53627

tranny is sperging out, samefagging, and vendettaposting in >>>/w/195091 after getting two of his socks banned from kiwifarms

No. 53628

>us ladies
Kek he really can't be any more obvious can he.

No. 53629

Rita the rules I'm putting for your OP will make it very clear your posts are to be disregarded. Keep digging.

No. 53630

i'm not rita, troon. stop shitting up the vocaloid thread because she refused to dilate you

No. 53631

File: 1677513582289.jpg (Spoiler Image,200.76 KB, 961x1281, disgusting male face.jpg)

NTA but:
A comprehensive long list of things the rapist pedo schizo troon says and does (feel free to add onto it):
>mask off
>pedo ring/pedo jannies/jannies posting cp/admin is male/jannies are male (basically any raging hatred and accusations regarding site staff)
>admin is being blackmailed
>everyone is blaine/we're all blaine
>pretends blaine and erika are different people
>links to other imageboards and sketchy websites
>shits on fire/sites fucked
>talks about elaine/rachel/null(josh)/michael or other irrelevant kiwifags
>you're going down
>I will expose you
>refers to himself using the wrong pronouns (calls himself she or they despite being male)
>complaining about kuz and soyjak
>something real is going on
>this is insane/crazy/huge
>random youtube song links and/or random lyric dumps
>anime avatarfagging (usually with pedo anime characters, sometimes with final fantasy ones)
>misuse of sites lingo
>asking or demanding to be a mod/janny/admin
>replying to one of his posts with the same lingo and typing style (samefagging)
>posts cp and then is immediately around to complain about cp he posted
>threatens to kill/rape people
>asks to be unbanned
>mentions his vpns
>refers to himself as erika or UH
>posts ugly pic of his thighs and covered bulge
>spergs about porn and his creepy fetish stuff
>tries to get people to post hand pics
>larps as being a csa survivor
>randomly talks about his sister
>posts /pol/tier nazi and pepe pics
>conspiracies about blackmailing, abuse, pedo rings
>constantly mentions foxdickfarms
>I proved it/here's the proof
>you're killing this website/this website is dead bickers of you/this website is dying
>pro tranny/pro scrote posts (trannies have always been welcome/men can post here if they want/etc)
>schizobabble about being a witch/magic spells/hexes
>says he is a tranny not a troon (and other weird tranny infighting stuff)
>uses sexist insults (calls women whores, cunts, bitches, roasties, etc)
>complaining about jews and nonwhites
>refers to women as "natal women" or "cis women"
>god complex spergouts
>hates on radfems and gcs
>says he is gnc
>talks about his ugly troon dick
>sniffed out
>it was rigged/I rigged it
>I win/I won/I'm winning
>mentions flamenco or undefault or naught
>bbc spam
>bought off janny/paid off janny
>this is why people never use this site
>whines about "transphobes"
>says he is doing damage control
>talks about owning guns and/or threatens to use them
>weird obsession with russia
>pretends he has some greater plan
>randomly counts down (ie 6 days left, 6 hours left)
>so much proof
>look at these connections/all the connections
>you're screwed/it's over
>pressed/keeping you pressed
>I timed it/it was timed
>pretends he's doing this to waste someones time
if you see posts that contain any of these it's the ban evading sweaty gamer tranny, do not reply to him, simply report and ignore

No. 53632

This isn't the tranny, you're unhinged, that threads going up later today. You take your inability to read between the lines and run along now.

No. 53634

the denial and >>53631 throws a wrench in that. now go dilate

No. 53635

When your proof is essentially this
>>53628 I can't take you seriously so I asked for bans to be issued before I make that thread.

No. 53637

Go ahead, it'll be fun seeing them have you btfo'd. Sucking up to the admins of the website you posted cp on, kek, never seen anything like it

No. 53638

i was banned after trying to post a pic of a youtuber in the nerd crush thread some days ago and it said the ban was never expiring so i appealed and i'm not sure if it's been lifted or not as i didn't actually break any rules and i definitely didn't do anything warranting a permaban. when i try to access lolcow on my main browser it redirects me to farmcow and i don't know how to flip the page. however, on other browsers i can still access lolcow. i am very confused…

No. 53639

No. 53641

Same troon is schizzing out. Where are the admins on /w/? They left a troon dick up for 5 fucking hours yesterday.

No. 53648

Site has been loading faster, thank you for your hard work admin/mods/site maintenance team. Idk when it fixed, but it's been loading better the past few days, just not the photos specifically loading quickly, but loading up a thread has been quicker.

No. 53649

cp in /snow/

No. 53650

i knew schizotroon would do that after getting caught in the fuckin /w/ thread

No. 53651

Its a bot built by the guy who runs the site the url is to clearly.

No. 53652

yeah but he always seems to run the bot after getting called out on lying/running ops/shitting up a cow's thread. every fucking time lmfao

No. 53653

So one could argue that after someone thinks they exposed Blaine they post CP and blame him. Gotcha.

No. 53654

Just fuck off. Nobody wants you here. Nobody cares about what you have to say. You're aware of that, right?

No. 53655

Why can't you retards stop feeding the retard literally just ignore it completely, fuck

No. 53656

and in /m/

No. 53657

one retard in the para miltairy thread

No. 53658

Literally nobody is complaining about the thread but this anon >>>/m/278959

No. 53659

the schizotroon is threatening a cow with their dox, samefagging, threatening her and even dropping his troon name unprovoked in >>>/w/195091
he threatened to go after her family and is having a power trip by samefagging and deleting posts

No. 53660

File: 1677524663443.png (10.5 KB, 610x121, 7.png)

Rules. Doesn't look like they're following them to me.

No. 53663

File: 1677533438146.jpg (1.01 MB, 2341x1443, QXHd0pn.jpg)

What is this vile shit? A janny using the word "nona"? Who let newfags be in charge of moderating the website? LC is gone 4evar

No. 53664

Someone made a garbage thread in /Snow/ with a poorly censored inappropriate image and rules that make it very obvious that it's both a vendetta post and made by someone who doesn't want criticism for their shit thread and attitude
They didn't even get her online handles correct and wrote it like a Kiwi WIP

No. 53665

Well there is a chubby lil fatty around here who may have eaten the extra ns in that redtext.

No. 53666

Where are the mods today?

No. 53668

sperg in moo thread won't stop infighting about moo's nasty bf lurking. she's confusing events and posting walls of text about nothing.

No. 53669

Nona/nonna/nonny and all the other variations have not been newfag words for a couple of years now.

No. 53670

The edit anons are unhinged.

No. 53671

Same anon, thanks farmhands. The image being titled after song lyrics and unspoiled NSFW was uncomfortable considering the spam in the Vocaloid thread reeking of troon, making the thread rules hypocritical.
I will give the nonna a thumbs up for making harassing cow and her family against the rules, though

No. 53672

File: 1677538512020.jpg (399.02 KB, 2388x1164, 9V9UFKq.jpg)

Sorry, but anything post-2020 is newfag territory, even if it has been "a couple of years". If you've been on LC since 2016/2017 or earlier (hell, even 2018), you would have seen that the user base of the website had a massive metamorphosis during that 2019-2020 period of Twitterfags, Tiktards, and underaged stan spastics.
And nice to know that some faggot mod banned me for posting a complaint in the complaints thread
Definitely proving that you guys aren't absolute newfags KEK

No. 53673

I've been here since about 2017, there are still anons who are not newfags who use nonna/nonny so it's not indicative of anything. And anyway if you've actually seen the userbase change then you would also know that there are bigger issues than anons using nicknames. Weird nitpick, anon especially when that janny was banning a K-pop thread, which is actual newfag shit...

No. 53674

>I've been here since about 2017, there are still anons who are not newfags who use nonna/nonny
That wasn't a thing in 2017, you should know that. That's why nonny is redtexted.
>there are bigger issues than anons using nicknames
Yes, because complaining about farmhands using "nona" implies that I denied the existence of other problems on the website.
Exhibit A is the janny doling out a ban for "derailment" when I posted a complaint in the complaints and suggestions thread on /meta/ >>53672
>especially when that janny was banning a K-pop thread, which is actual newfag shit..
I didn't say that banning the K-Pop retard was wrong, I said that using the word "nona" is newfag shit.

If you've been here since 2017, you'd know that <90% of the anons using some variation of nonny are newfags. The whole nonny trend didn't pick up until after 2020. What do you think happened in 2020 for that to occur?
The "nona" trend is not the issue; it's a symptom of the greater problem of LC's culture changing for the worse. People treat this place like it's a second Twitter when this is first and foremost an anonymous gossip image. If old-erfags aren't being more aggressive in forcing anons to integrate the right way, we'll continue to see the barrage of shitposts and sludge that contaminate every board. Spend two minutes on /snow/ and you'll see what I mean. Worse yet, we'll eventually come up upon "a couple of years" since this virulent newfaggotry originated, and those people from "a couple of years" ago are going to call themselves oldfags by then, some will apply to be farmhands, and those new farmhands will perpetuate the degeneration of board culture because they don't know any better.

And yeah, I know the website has changed culture a little bit over time since 2014, but it was never like this. When you've been on the internet for so long, it's kind of sad to see how homogenized it has gotten. Imageboards used to occupy their own little corner on the web, now I feel like I'm scrolling through another social media website

No. 53675

I do know it wasn't a thing in 2017 and I didn't say it was. I was just saying that it's not only newfags that use nonna, and that it's not really a true indication of how long someone has been here. I'm gonna be real with you anon, I'm not reading the rest of that whole thing so you got it.

No. 53676

nona, no one is going to get banned for saying nona. its too common now.

No. 53677

>I'm gonna be real with you anon, I'm not reading the rest of that whole thing so you got it.
Well, that's okay, you only read the first line anyway. I know that I wrote a novel, didn't expect anyone to read the whole thing, but it wouldn't kill you to read the other greentext responses, "oldfag" with zoomer-tier attention span.

No. 53678

Because there's like three farmhands on the entire website, same number as there were since Shaymin left. Cerbmin haven't gotten around (if they will) to hiring more help. Have you heard of Hellweek before?

No. 53679

It's not about attention span kek, I just don't think I care enough about this to read that whole thing or write an entire response to it. We would probably still disagree anyway.

No. 53680

Disagree about the website being overran by twtards and TikTokers who don't know how to integrate?

No. 53681

No, about nonna/nona/nonny/nonnie.

No. 53684

Does it make you upset that I didn't read it?

No. 53685

Well, I've already said that wasn't the main problem.
>The "nona" trend is not the issue; it's a symptom of the greater problem of LC's culture changing for the worse.
Nona is a newfag word, whether or not you agree. The nona phenomenon is a consequence of widespread newfaggotry across the board

No. 53686

No, I got rid of that line because it sounded too combative. Refer to >>53685

No. 53687

moid posting sexual gore again, fucking send him out to pasture already (>>10896)

No. 53692

You said that anyone post-2020 is a newfag >>53672 so I can't take you seriously with your definition of newfag. 3 years is a big amount of time. I think you're not just an ib oldfag you're literally old and middle aged. Cultures change. Adapt you boomer.

No. 53695

This. Another option for the oldfag would be to just leave if she is really bothered by it. Things change as time goes on.

No. 53698

I didn't say anyone post-2020 is a newfag (even though I agree with that sentiment kek), I said anything, which are two different words, zoomer-chan.
Newfaggotry proliferated in that period with the TikTok/Twitter infestation, and you can't deny that if you're a true oldfag
Re: what is a newfag You can be here long enough that you aren't a newfag, but that alone doesn't make you an oldfag either—that's based on when you joined the community, not how long ago
>I think you're not just an ib oldfag you're literally old and middle aged. Cultures change. Adapt you boomer.
This new generation has no respect for their elders. For shame!
Lurk moar newfag
The only thing that changed is that we have <3 farmhands for the entire website, which isn't normal
If we had hellweeks still I could guarantee you that the cowboards would not be so oversaturated with unsaged non-milk posts

No. 53699

File: 1677551356103.jpg (178.97 KB, 847x434, Screenshot_20230227_192824_Chr…)

someone's doxing a cow in /snow/ when the cow herself never revealed her street address

No. 53700

No one cares

No. 53701

sorry for samefagging but i forgot the link

No. 53702

Kiwifarms is a social media site nonna settle down.

No. 53703

Oh wait disregard that the cow just used it like one my bad, would you like me to remind the poster to delete it instead of report flagging?

No. 53704

Yes, but cow herself never leaked her own address, and in the Vocaloid thread, the same anon threatened to contact her family while sperging and samefagging.

No. 53705

Well shucks too bad the OP is banned I bet she would have asked that anon to abide by the rules right away.

No. 53707

in /snow/ the rita page griffin thread has a picture doxxxing the cows exact address. its in the unsaged post.
im sure the anon is already banned just a heads up about deleting the picture.

No. 53708

Damn, I was excited for this thread but its off to an… interesting start

No. 53709


No. 53711

You sure anon? Seems like it did bother you a little.

No. 53712

Even if she did, posting it to lolcow might get the site in trouble for allowing doxxing. Anons NEED to understand that it doesn't matter if the cow even doxxes themselves, going out of your way to repost doxx information is still illegal, especially if she did it on accident like on a damn dog collar. These anons are 100% evading.

No. 53714

I'm none of those anons but I was always labouring under the assumption that if the person in question doxes themselves then any sharing of said information doesn't fall under doxing? Ofc I don't think it's appropriate to go around and spread said information but I'm just curious is this a new law?

No. 53715

She never leaked her address. Her city and name, but not her address.

No. 53716

It's not a law. She leaked her entire address because she posted her own ID next to her own face.

No. 53717

the ID she posted had the address censored when she posted it.

No. 53718

No. 53719

No she forgot to blot that out on the other picture of her ID she uploaded. It's wild.

No. 53720

To be clear I'm not condoning posting a full dox but I'm looking at the ID right now and it's pretty funny.

No. 53721

No idea where the dox comes from but it would NOT surprise me if she doxxed herself somehow

No. 53724

>everyone who does something I don't like is a newfag!!
>everyone who disagrees with me is a newfag!!
>this website is full ofnewfags!!
>I am the only oldfag in this town!!
Okay. I don't know why you don't just stay on CC then.

No. 53725

Not trying to be a ~true oldfag~ but how could anyone not notice the increase in faggy discourse? When I first started posting I had to lurk moar or get shit on by other anons/farmhands. Naturally when rules became more relaxed the level of zoomers/twitterfags increased, but I've noticed more moderation lately. Hopefully it'll be a return to higher quality threads.

No. 53731

somebody's threatening to contact a cow's family in >>>/snow/1779160

No. 53732

I'm calling your mom now too Rita you vendetta faggot fuck

No. 53733

Nobody cares who made your OP retard, frankly I'm posting your dox to alogsspace now. Have fun you dumb stupid petulant child. There's worse fates than a thread.

No. 53735

Not Rita, but could it be any more obvious you're a newfag and a scrote?

No. 53737

Sure, I personally don't think it was cow, but definitely still a WK and should be dealt with for both that and derailing.

No. 53738

Then I have absolutely no complaints because that OP was extremely professional and charitable. I do hope the scrotes go elsewhere, this cows going to get fucked with hard thanks to all the white knighting.
>Omg a threat
No it's called I know what's going to happen because I'm not retarded like the WKs and the cow.

No. 53739

I agree her and her WKs need to be wrangled a bit. My main gripe is people attacking anyone but her. Even then cow tipping is wrong, but at least it's kept exclusively to cow.

No. 53740

I can't wait for everyone to get called Blaine again because crybully dumbasses want to make him look good with their Idiocracy.

No. 53741

>I know it's the tranny because there's song lyrics!
This is so male brain I shouldn't need to say it.

No. 53743

Someone posted a cow's address >>>/snow/1779197
If this is a faildox, that's actually hilarious but I hope the person who lives there is okay.

No. 53745

It's not a faildox white knight, go eat paste in your corner, I already directed where to go for the scrote as banning will only make him worse.
Use your brain, how long have you been at this? You're pathetic.

No. 53746

I read Alogspace, he didn't post shit. Plus, what proof is there that that's even her address?

No. 53747

You clearly haven't. Also I'm not here to argue with you, the cow was terrified of him calling his mother so it's not a faildox.
Again, how long have you been farming funnies? You clearly are a newfag at this, sit down.

No. 53748

You posted it in gahooles thread lmfao Blaine, you're fucking terrible at doxing btw, it doesn't match her at all you fucking retard. Just because she's scared of her mummy getting contacted doesn't mean it's the correct address. Remember, cow is a paranoid basketcase

No. 53749

I'm not Blaine Rita.

No. 53750

I'm not Rita, retard.

No. 53751

Nah you go around calling everyone Blaine Regina so I'm calling you Rita.

No. 53752

How's your dead wife btw? Still smoking too much pot and insisting everyone call you a woman? Kek

No. 53753

Losing that discord must have been a huge blow to your ego Spookybones, no wonder you're so angry today, can't whisper in staffs ear anymore can you Grima?(tinfoil)

No. 53754

Is taking bait a bannable offense on /m/? I feel like there’s explicit bait and infighting daily in the genshin thread, which makes sense since twitterfags play the game a lot.

No. 53756

It's honestly sad that anons think that a cow posting any part of their windows, doors, balcony.. etc. means they doxxed themselves.

No. 53757

Example: in the PPP thread a few days ago, an anon claiming any part is grounds for anons trying to find the exact location and address and post surrounding areas so the cows can basically be found. Insane. >>>/snow/1775145

No. 53758

They're clearly stating that they leaked enough of those pictures to work a dox, seemed more like a warning than an attempt. I see no mention at all that anyone should try and not here. Why would you have this mindset on it? Where in that post is saying it's justified rather than asking the cow to stop taking pictures that give away more info?

No. 53760

If anons could they'd use reflections in the eyes of cows to figure out where they live too. There is absolutely no reasoning behind trying to use a cow's background as justification to post their address. How is this even an arguing point? I'm saying this in general, not even just only about these two cows. Anons tried this in /w/ with several half a year ago. It's absolutely unhinged to try to piece together where they might live, posting possible listings and surrounding areas, all because a cow didn't even post their address, but because anons think the windowsill matches and now here's an entire maybe address they could live at.

No. 53761

I agree with your point I just think the second post was a bad example as by itself it appears like a warning. I'm not a fan of cowtipping unless the law obviously needs to be involved or the cows in a life threatening situation so that includes dropping dox.

I agree that a big issue in this is random people being harassed.

No. 53765


weird jailbait / cp / porn image in /m/

No. 53767

porn or cp thread in /snow/ - afraid to look closely

No. 53768


another one in /snow/

No. 53769

see that they're gone, ty mods

No. 53770

No. 53771


that vocaloid cow thread is attracting retarded kiwi moids

No. 53774

It's still going, but now he's spamming the thread with Pepe because of the no doxing and no scrote rules

No. 53775

mods should consider temp locking the thread until the kiwitroon is done with his autistic meltdown

No. 53777

Seriously, I think WG definitely deserves a thread. I do not think her A-Logs make sense compared to what she has done. Read: being an edgelord TIF who's ego and whimsy outweigh her gut tenfold. That doesn't deserve doxing, threats, spam, et cetera.
Maybe she's a personal cow he's upset isn't personal anymore.

No. 53778

He is and that's why I made the thread here so her weird alogs would by handled.

No. 53779

No. 53780

She said a kiwifarmer was her best friend, soon as she said that I knew she was someone's personal cow and I knew that it was better to have it here because of that.

No. 53782

How would you know that if you're not Blaine?

No. 53784

The whole conversation has been leaked in numerous places? Oh also last time someone had a personal cow, there was a catfish with Elaine >>>/snow/1778171
So forgive me for being cautious.

No. 53785

Oh cool, where can I find it?

No. 53786

Her kiwifarms page and another site I won't disclose as everyone here hates Blaine and he's there.

No. 53787

Those weren't the whole logs lmfao you're clearly Blaine. If not, where's the HTML?

No. 53788

>Spoon-feed me because I'm indolent.

No. 53789

It's pretty obvious you're deflecting, fuck off tranny. You just admitted to writing the thread as if the rules on it weren't blatant enough lmfao.
Who's to say you weren't the one spamming it? What about us nonnas who want to laugh at the fat pig? We don't want it to be a vendetta thread, we want real milk. Maybe the OP can be rewritten someday, or maybe the farmhands will unlock it after some time. Either way, you were clearly trying to cowtip.

No. 53790

Eh? I didn't even notice she had a thread here when she approached me. Who's to say im not spamming? Logic. Plenty of people said that's a perfectly cromulant OP, if I knew she was technically already a cow I wouldn't have tried scaring her off. I'm sure they'll unlock it for you once that scrote loses interest. As for the why I'm not the spammer? He's dropping a faildox, she has her actual address rather clear on her license even on the ones only revealing the town.
Also say kek not lmfao here.

No. 53791

And no I'm not going to deliver milk or be in that thread, I made the OP because that whole thread said they couldn't, hot potato you make sure she doesn't get hurt that's all I care about.

No. 53792


Blaine self posting

No. 53795

Salty his vendetta thread got locked before he had a chance to cowtip. Get ready, he's about to tard rage.

No. 53796

samefag I only know this because around the keffals drama he kept spamming "take lolcow.farm down" on this twitter lol

No. 53797

I genuinely don't know who posted that, I wasn't gonna say anything so it had more chance to be taken down. I have Rachel blocked for a reason, cheers!

No. 53798

funny buiness in Shayna's thread, I think the posts about her apartment should just be banned if they show where she lives etc, though it's clearly someone using this hoping it'd get the thread locked/deleted. Going by this post, any scrote who wanted to harm Shayna would'nt need lolcow to do it

No. 53799

Anybody else feel the bans around here are getting a little indiscriminate and biased? Not even talking about my own bans because most of those were fair kek but I keep seeing anons banned despite not breaking any obvious rules and the redtext is just the default "put out to pasture." I think the farmhands should leave the rule broken in the redtext for some of these if they're being so picky that it's hard for anons to discern the reason.

No. 53800

can you show an example?

No. 53802

Show some examples

No. 53803

Why are the Shaytards cheering on for shay to be chopped up by scrotes? I'm so confused.

No. 53804

Anons say they don't have a vendetta, then they act like this towards certain cows. It's crazy.

No. 53805

These Chihuahuas are getting out of hand kek

No. 53806

I got banned in /snow/ with a “sage your shit” but my shit was, in fact, sage. I think maybe a new farmhand or two is kicking around? It was only for like an hour or something so no big deal.

No. 53807

I thought the banning of someone in /w/ for imageboard etiquette wasn't the fairest. They neglected to sage their image dump after the first which isn't the most egregious thing one could do. That being said farmhand might have just used them to redtext to clarify and they didn't actually receive a ban. I must admit although not perfect I'm enjoying the increased moderation though.

No. 53808

eh, that's still against the rules if the images weren't milk (were they?) so I think it's fair

No. 53809

Share the post link

No. 53811

Just say you're referencing the HimeAhri thread, anon. They already complained about this previously in /meta/ and they even admitted they didn't know the rules and anons laughed that they didn't read /info like an absolute newfag with another rule. The image dump etiquette has been around for years.

No. 53812

tbh, I think they meant to redtext the post above mine.

No. 53813

i mean, lots of people get banned daily. post some examples of what you're saying. how can we discuss this without any context?

No. 53815

Samefag, if anons are wondering, pretty sure this is in reference, or at least an example, of what anon is talking about >>>/w/281627 It's not the mods fault that anons aren't lurking and learning etiquette. In that case, yes, it is a fair ban.

No. 53816

Maybe lurk a bit more yourself kek

No. 53817

don't even try, that same thing irked me when people were saying it all the time a few threads back and I got dogpiled for pointing it out. A part of me died when I realized how outnumbered we are by exceedingly-new-newfags who don't even know lc jargon

No. 53818

I actually didn't know what thread it was I just scrolled past at the time the ban was handed out why are you so defensive? I'm aware it's been around for years, but I personally can't think of another time when it's actually been enforced. We can agree to disagree you know.

No. 53819

are you arguing that our rules shouldn't be enforced or else it's unfair…?

No. 53820

Well can you fault me for pointing it out? We have to at least try to keep things on track.

No. 53821

you're right nona, we must stand arm in arm as comrades

No. 53822

I'm not even arguing but you seem to be kek. I just thought it was odd compared to the fact it's not normally enforced, I didn't actually have context until now you can stop getting so worked up over nothing any time.

No. 53823

I honestly don't see her as arguing and you misunderstood the use of the word itself imo.

No. 53824

I'm going to reveal myself to be retarded and ask where exactly is that rule? I know about https://lolcow.farm/info & https://lolcow.farm/rules, but I don't see any specific rule wrt posting multiple images but only sageing the first. For what it's worth I don't care about that ban, I'm sure it was short, but I also just don't see evidence that is a rule anywhere. Maybe I'm retarded though

No. 53825

I learned about it from the Moo thread years ago, like when she was still doing threads in the 15s

No. 53826

That seems to be the mentality of a lot of farmers on /w/

No. 53827

>are you arguing that our rules shouldn't be enforced or else it's unfair…?
Obviously that's not the point of what I'm saying much less arguing which is what I meant by it. I just didn't realise the redtext was elaborating on the etiquette and the actual ban was for shit posting which is fair honestly.
As far as I'm aware it's just etiquette, like an unspoken rule but I don't recall seeing it being enforced here after years of lurking (hey maybe I'm just lurking the wrong threads?). Basically you only leave the first image unsaged but sage the rest to not unnecessarily bump the thread above others in the catalogue that might be active at the same time. Personally I don't give a shit either, it was just an offhand observation but that's a pretty controversial (shit kek) thread so I see why anons got defensive coupled with misremembering why the ban was given out.

No. 53828

The odd defensiveness always gives him away.

No. 53829

Maybe it's enforced and just banned like normal though due to it being just an etiquette thing. Anon in this context was complaining that anons were making up the saging thing because they were whiteknights and for no other reason, when they were explaining etiquette. Obviously, the mod would flag it as such since anon was typing LikE aN iDioT also over it too, so that everyone can see that that does exist in image dumps.

No. 53830

That's definitely possible I didn't see the context until it was linked here just read the redtext but missed the part about "sage non-milk". Another anon said they saw it enforced in Moo's thread ages ago so I assume that came with a redtext. Yeah the whole whiteknight/vendetta-chan dichotomy in /w/ is absolute cancer.

No. 53831

ESLchan, for the second time, “arguing” and “making an argument” do not mean fighting or being angry, it’s another way to say “is the point you’re making ___?”
No one was yelling at you, chill out.

No. 53832

I don't think anyone is yelling at me semantics-chan. The statement was disingenuous that's why I implied she was arguing lightheartedly. Obviously it's hard to convey emotions through text but the presumption I intentionally hid which thread I was referencing is why I assumed she was getting worked up when it was an honest mistake.

No. 53833

Could you unlock the whiteglove thread and put it on autosage? It would be an ok compromise if people start acting crazy again

No. 53834

Fuck off tranny, you shat up 3 threads today at a bare minimum

No. 53835

Wtf are you on? Scroll up to see who you're whinging about say the thread should stay locked.

No. 53836

I know who she (WG, fitting nickname kek) is. I know she's a greasy little edgelord TIF, and I know she's done a lot of threadworthy things.
The OP was mostly good, but the "no WKs they must be Rita!" Rule is so hypocritical it makes it blatantly obvious her paranoia about the troon is on some level weighted (like her pooch)
Plus after the thread raid and leaks it seems blatantly like it's a cowtip by a vendetta poster.

No. 53838

Did you read the post you're replying to?

No. 53839

The idea of a cow asking for her own thread to be unlocked took too long to process, you're right.

No. 53840

(fail)doxing by the moid pepe spammer in >>>/w/195091
farmhands, i think that a lockdown is necessary if you don't want to ban vpns (temporarily at least) its clearly a vendetta poster or algs spammer

No. 53841


No. 53842

I'm pretty sure they weren't samefagging, but I could be wrong. Either way somebody really hates this poor girl (probably due to her XX chromosomes)

No. 53843

some suspicious links posted in replies to threads in /w/. i think it might be a spambot

No. 53845

They definitely were you're just very bad at determining things. Like incredibly bad as in like you're borderline retarded and can't breathe automatically.

No. 53847

why are multiple anons being redtexted for use of the black ascii heart that has been allowed since lolcow was created? i wasn’t one of them, but i’ve noticed it a few times recently. is that not allowed anymore?

No. 53848

File: 1677693706625.png (144.66 KB, 421x163, 6.png)

>Newfag ≠ Newfriend
I've been noticing this trend as of late as shown above, where anons on here use the word newfriend instead of newfag. Personally I feel like that's just plain newfaggotry on their end for refusing to use newfag as if it's an insult because it has the word fag in it.
>redtexted for use of the black ascii heart
I think that maybe because admin had managed to code in ♥ years ago and so that we would stop using the heart emoticon and others that was allowed years ago which I agree with as I didn't want to be reminded of social media sites where emoticon usage are the norm there.
Also for some reasons the ascii heart would come up as an heart emoji on mobile when on pc it wouldn't. With that I think it created the confusion wheatear or not the heart emoji was allowed.

No. 53850

There's a libfem(potential bunkertranny) whose continuously caping for Muslim moids on /2X/