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No. 1819423

Previous two threads:

A 'trad' in this context is a woman with pronounced "traditionalist" values especially around gender which usually shows up as "anti-feminist" attitudes emphasizing how women should be subservient to men and essentially embrace being "barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen." We all know what a 'thot' is and most of these girls in fact show up on social media with photos not-at-all subtly focusing on their looks. Our "tradthots" mostly try to have the best of both worlds, consciously or not. While claiming traditional values they embrace modernity and many of the gains of feminism in their pursuit of grift and clout.

Most have pickme tendencies and are addicted to the dopamine hits off male attention in social media despite the fact that some are (supposedly happily) married and claim to believe that a woman should reserve her sexuality for her husband. They tend to be from well-off backgrounds and have lived very sheltered lives of privelege although many come off as possibly having some trauma problems. Their attention to the female role and the female body often comes off as performative and even fetishistic, to appeal to their audience of MGTOW red pilled incels, neckbeards, and wignats.

Many of our tradthots are quite preoccupied with the outer trapings of religion, usually identifying with reactionary trends within Roman Catholicism or sometimes Eastern Orthodoxy. Some are quite fond of parading around in conservative dress or a chapel veil, but almost invariably this comes off as weirld sexualized too. Meanwhile all the religious talk on social media falls flat and seems performative. Reached for comment, Jesus Christ had this to say: "they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen … they have their reward." (Matthew 6:5)

A few examples are:

Lauren Southern
>Former costhot
>Failed journalist, pissed off both the left and right.
>Got famous for her anti-feminist MRA content
>Was in multiple anti slutwalk videos
>Promoted traditional values and white nationalism
>Dated an ethnic man
>4chan nazis found out and got big mad
>Made multiple shitty documentaries where she misrepresents facts and pushes the far right narrative.
>Recently married, husband is allegedly Asian, she hides his identity
>Whitewashes her poor baby, insists he has green eyes and a ginger gene
>Released a pro-cop documentary

Rebecca Barrett
>She's gained over 10k subs in the last month or so alone
>Decided to become traditional after doing some marriage group with her husband and allegedly realizing that she was apparently the one creating all the problems in her marriage
>Claims she was a "porn addicted feminist" before marriage
>It seems like she was already doing a variety of other trendy types of videos before but her channel was small, now she almost exclusively posts advice content
>Makes advice/reaction videos from the perspective of a married woman talking to single women where she criticizes women for things like leaving their husbands for cheating on them, and is always making comments that are obviously meant for a male audience
>Gets hilariously visibly mad whenever talking about other women even if the women in question are just some women she made up to be mad at or some low hanging cosmo writer fruit

Robyn Riley
>Ex yoga teacher and libfem hippie.
>Supports rapist Roosh V
>Used to have pink hair and a nose ring and spent her 20s traveling and dating abusive bums.
>Born again Christian housewife
>Had a baby at 31 married to some Slovakian meat head.
>Writes for Evie magazine aka Tradthot daily

Lisa Britton
>Ana chan pick me who wrote an MRA children's book.
>Did some shitty acting gigs.
>Is engaged to some old fat, frumpy bum with greasy hair.
>Posts about cooking like it makes her special.
>Tweets daily about how oppressed scrotes are.

>PhD but preaches traditional values
>Spergs about how amazing eastern European men are
>Eats raw ground meat with shit bacteria mixed in
>Wants to live in a hut in Sibera
>got called out for being a Gold Digger >>1340549
Twitter: https://twitter.com/margaritaevna95?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

Mrs. Midwest:
>Married an ugly abusive cop
>Youtube channel where she teaches her tradthot ways
>Follows rapist Roosh V gospel
>Said women are genetically predisposed to cleaning
>Weird posts about her own pregnancy
>Caught following WN accounts on instagram
>Tries to emulate WN promo material aesthetic
>Knocked up again >>1322420

No. 1819430

File: 1683074604372.jpeg (35.05 KB, 590x670, IMG_7293.jpeg)

The traddest thing about Milo Yiannopolous is that ugly ass outfit he wore on Bill Maher or some shit years ago

No. 1819433

Tbf being a repressed homosexual pedophile is pretty trad too

No. 1819434

I'm not sure exactly where to post so I feel like it's the most appropriate here since I'm sure tradthots like Steven crowder.

Link: https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2023/05/steven-crowder-exposed-himself-at-work-ex-staffers-say.html#comments

And before you give the "imageboard" I'll be posting Screencaps below.

No. 1819437

Oh that’s true can’t forget that

No. 1819443

File: 1683075536233.jpg (135.3 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230503_025752_Chr…)

Conservative provocateur and YouTuber Steven Crowder has been having some problems ever since he declined what he called a “slave contract” of $50 million to join Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire operation in January. Amid Crowder’s messy divorce, a video from 2021 was made public last week in which he yells at his wife while she’s eight-months pregnant with their twins. Crowder, who has complained of the no-fault-divorce laws where he lives (in Texas), scolded her for not behaving in a “wifely” manner and refused to allow her to use their car. In a statement from his soon-to-be ex, Hilary, she claims that he has been engaging in “mentally and emotionally abusive behavior” for years.

While Crowder denied the claim, a report from the New York Post on Tuesday describes allegations from ten former employees who say Crowder oversaw an “abusive” company where he continually harassed them. Chief among their allegations is that Crowder would often expose himself at work.
In March 2018, Crowder and his crew were driving in a van when a former producer he liked to call “Not Gay Jared” fell asleep in the back row. “Steven was in front, and he was joking about what he was going to do,” a witness said. “He climbed over and dropped his junk on top of Jared’s shoulder.” The same ex-staffer recalled that Crowder had exposed himself to Jared in 2017 while they were filming a parody version of Ghost. And on a flight in 2018, a different employee claims they saw Crowder put his testicles on his childhood friend and assistant, John Goodman. Another employee remembered that Crowder had showed his genitals to Dave Landau, a comedian and former co-host who called Crowder a “bully” last week. (Landau claimed that Crowder installed a “‘Dave don’t talk’ button” on the show to get him to be quiet on air.) “At first, I took it as him trying to be friendly or one of the guys,” said an ex-staffer. “Now, I see it was a power play.”

Crowder allegedly sent production assistants to do his laundry and could be an “unreasonable micromanager” who would make wild requests after hours to “set people up for failure.” Ex-staffers claimed that he would “regularly” berate his team and threaten to fire people on the company’s Discord channel. He even went after his own father, Darrin Crowder, per one source, who claimed Crowder would yell at his dad in front of employees when Darrin was working as his son’s booker. (Darrin did not respond to the Post’s request for comment.)

“I’m not shocked, but it was pathetic what he did to Hilary,” a former employee said regarding the video of Crowder yelling at his pregnant wife. “That might not be the Steven you see on his show, but that was the real Steven.”

No. 1820703

i really wish we could have a general rightwing cows thread

No. 1820874

make one pls

No. 1821036

>would you rather slave away for a boss who hates you or work for a husband who loves you huh women???
>"husband who loves you" berates you while you're 8 mo pregnant with twins and tries to make you handle toxic dog medicine that could hurt the fetuses
Honestly, bring on the cats and boxed wine. Even the most lurid fantasies RW moids come up with about how miserable spinsterhood is seems like paradise compared to living with them
Are there any non-cow RWers? Literally all of them are pants on head retarded

No. 1821591

Plenty of things you could criticise Southern for but starting the thread with a screenshot from a serial fraud drama queen flinging his aids riddled shit is a retarded way to start a thread

No. 1822887

Moids like to use “cats and wine” as a threat, but it’s just massive projection. They are the ones so desperate for female attention they’ll literally shoot up malls if they can’t get it. Single women otoh tend to live peacefully and contribute to society, but a woman merely existing without servicing some man 24/7 is enough to make moids seethe, foam and wish loneliness & misery on her.

No. 1823391

The funniest part is if they’re so much happier and fulfilled, why are they sitting on social media all day letting single childless women live rent free in their brain? Only someone who was truly depressed and miserable would sit around screeching about “meanie cat ladies” all day long.

Red pill men say “Have fun dying alone with cats you pig! You cant be happy without kids!” And then will proceed to leave women to be single moms while they live a relaxing childfree life of travel, sleeping in, and banging whores and ignoring the kids they have

So much jealousy and projection

No. 1823406

When they started seething over Chelsea Handler's childfree skit, it was impossible to ignore how the vast majority of "children are the greatest blessings ever, life is meaningless without them" posters were moids. No shit they think kids are great, they don't have to carry them, birth them, give up earning potential and leisure for them, and they get ass pats for being Such A Great Father so long as they aren't family annihilators. It must be nice to benefit so much off of someone else's work.

No. 1823780

And if anything, if they hate Chelsea Handler so much, shouldn’t they be happy if she isn’t wanting to be a mom then? Do they really want someone to have kids they’ll hate and abuse just for a higher birthrate?

It’s like that Babylon Bee video mocking her ignored the numerous cases of child abuse due to people being forced to have unwanted children.

They should look at the case of Gabriel Fernandez and think long and hard.

No. 1824500

File: 1683737960993.jpg (52.16 KB, 634x557, h901x2dbq1e71.jpg)

Not sure if quiverfull trainwrecks count for this thread, but fantasizing about dying in childbirth totally scream happy and satisfied with your life (unlike those yucky childfree godless sluts who are totally miserable)

No. 1824516

This one keeps popping up on my recommended and I'm unsure why, but its irking me. She apparently left the fitness industry and her husband is an electrician. She doesn't seem as out of touch and extreme as Mrs. Midwest, but there are certainly snipes towards other women (even within her own community) in her other videos carefully layered in what she thinks is sound advice.

No. 1824517

That’s the thing. If she did have children, they’d go on about what a terrible mother she is, how those kids must be so embarrassed about having her as a mother, how they would call the authorities for her behavior.

No. 1824518

Samefag, but also for someone who bitches about having left the fitness industry due to over sexualizaton, she sure isn't doing herself any favors by diving head first into the trad community. She's the one purposely wearing shit to show off her tits and has a Monroe hairstyle, like come the fuck on why are they always so transparent.

No. 1824524

more like a Monroe that's rapidly receding toward a Stanley Tucci. looking like the MTF Marilyn over here with that hairline

No. 1824537

I'm not saying that a woman having large breasts is in any way indicative of her values, BUT I've seen a lot of this woman on Twitter and every single video has her breasts as the focus of her shots. She bought her whole lifestyle on Shein and she has the gayest looking boyfriend I've ever seen one of these people parade around for clout

No. 1824546

>not going to a gym alone because countless men approached her
Bitch you had shit form and were trying to correct you so they wouldn't have their own workout interrupted by miss piggy breaking her back and needing to be wheeled away on a stretcher

No. 1824558

She didn't leave shit. She's always been a lazy bint. If it was about sexualization she wouldn't have her tits FRONT & CENTER in EVERY video and almost every photo. She knows exactly what she is doing & who she is pandering to.

No. 1824565

Fucking hell nonas I'm about to head to the gym myself and I appreciate the responses kek. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has had to see this chick around.

No. 1824573

Any updates on the chick who went back to her abusive groyper husband after he threatened to kill her and their baby?

No. 1824583

U sound like a jealous British hag.(sage your shit)

No. 1824634

Quiverfulls, incl women, think a woman's worth comes from her ability to push out more soldiers for their religion, an ability she is guaranteed to lose. It's sickening, but not that surprising that this woman fantasizes about dying before she loses the one thing that makes her valuable to her cult
Sarah comfy or whatever? I saw her in the quote RTs of some christian incel post blathering about how much she loves being a housewife, so she's fully back to tardwifery. She won't change, at most she'll just get offed by her violent moid. What a fucking waste of a life

No. 1824675

Like all tradthots, she's a dishonest sex worker. I have no idea how moids can watch videos of this chick doing her submissive traditional woman LARP–tits out and always in the center of the frame–and not realize they're very obviously being pandered to kek

No. 1824687

As much as I dislike her, I don't think any woman should be compared to a troon(no matter how shitty they maybe)

No. 1824704

File: 1683760177525.jpg (87.01 KB, 720x1023, Screenshot_20230510-190711_Chr…)

Came across this one in the wild. Oh no sis what is you doing?

No. 1824715

This seems like more regular conservative zillenial, rather then a tardwife.

No. 1824742

Moids are broken by their own madonna-whore complex. They want the sex/sexuality of the whore, but the status/less sexual experience of the madonna.

No. 1824790

What kind of beliefs does she hold that would make her a proper tradthot instead of just a regular woman who just likes the trad lifestyle?

No. 1824894

Appears to be a neo-nazi, for one.

No. 1824997

No way she isn't 45 years old minimum. And anyone who uses "degen" is ironically guaranteed to be degenerate themselves, just in rightoid leaning ways

No. 1825006

She named one of her kids “Anchor” megakek

No. 1825011

Karissa Collins is a massive trainwreck (has 10 kids, homeschools them all - so no education at all, homebirths - gave birth on a shower curtain in front of random people in her house at 42+ weeks endangering herself and her baby, has deranged multiple paragraph ig posts about how god talks to her constantly etc.) but she is also extremely mentally ill. Often talks about how she would 100% love to die in childbirth, she tried to get help for a recent mental breakdown but was turned away from the emergency services and her husband is a pos who accused her of wanting to abandon the kids cos she wanted an afternoon to herself mowing the lawn. I think she is a bad person but also doesn't seem to have any sane help around her tbh.

No. 1825104

Don't forget her baby almost dying of a UTI that went septic because she and her husband can't be assed to change the diapers of their own kids.

No. 1825113

File: 1683813225523.jpg (138.22 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_20230511-095322_Chr…)

gotta love the sonnenrad necklace+bad eyeliner combo

No. 1825126

>abortion under no circumstances, babies are precious
>treats actual babies worse than most people treat animals
Never fails. Also imagine wanting to spend your life birthing for an ungrateful moid who won't do the bare minimum of childcare, to the point where your child nearly dies. Women subscribing to Christianity or any other moid religion should be added to DSM

No. 1825130

Her oldest daughter, who is the main one caring for the rest of the kids, can also barely read at maybe a 3rd grade level at like 14. Of course they homeschool, and by homeschool I mean they toss workbooks at their kids and call it a day. Karissa has even admitted she sleeps thru the time they've alotted for homeschooling.

Imagine denying your daughter even a basic education but still forcing her to be the primary caregiver of her younger siblings, while still a child herself.

No. 1825182

How has CPS not stepped in to save those children? Karissa and her moid's neglect of them is well documented and ongoing.

No. 1825235

Karissa has claimed CPS has been called on them (presumably by hospital staff) but it's Texas so TX CPS will probably shit itself and do nothing as long as the kids are fed and their parents aren't cooking meth or w/e

Texas only cares about fetuses, not actual kids.

No. 1825276

>Texas only cares about fetuses, not actual kids.
Not even that. The most anti-choice states invest the least in prenatal care and preventing adverse health outcomes, and as a result have higher infant mortality rates than states with lenient abortion laws. Anti-abortion sentiment is purely about making sure women have no agency over our bodies, the fetus itself is just a means of keeping us "in our place". They're fine with fetuses dying so long as the woman suffers/has no say in the matter

No. 1825277

whoops meant to sage, sorry bout that

No. 1825365

Exactly. The states with the harshest abortion laws always have the worst maternal-fetal outcomes. They don't care if the mother and fetus live or die, it's 100% about controlling women.

No. 1825403

If nothing changes, it will be like Andrea Yates all over again. Andrea was severly mentally ill and neglecting the children, but her husband wouldn't get her help and left her alone. We all know what happened next.

No. 1825411

That's the whole issue about the "trad" mentality is that they don't see having kids in a child-first mentality where instead of "What can I do for this child" they think "What can this child do for me to be my personal therapist and prevent me from dying alone". They don't care if people can mentally handle raising kids, or if they can afford them. They don't care about child abuse, education, child mental health, the huge amount of unwanted kids in foster care.
You see the "evil" childfree people having more empathy for the children than trad mothers.

No. 1825474

The whole hollywood death scene of being surrounded by loved ones in a comfortable bed at home is incredibly rare. Death is pretty quick and unexpected. Which is pretty ironic considering these trad people believe satantic hollywood is being used to brainwash people kek. I can't think of anyone in my family that had the hollywood death, just quick and out of nowhere. I grew up in a toxic religious area, and many kids who resented their evangelical childhood and crazy parents have cut them off.
It'd be nice to live in a world where rational grounded well rounded adults had kids out of a genuine calling and the intention to raise them with unconditional love and no future expectations. Very few people should be parents imo.

No. 1825483

Fully expect kids who are the product of tradshit relationships today to have the exact same outcome as their Reagan-W era predecessors i.e. overwhelming parental estrangement and a shitton of trauma. Highly doubt many will carry on their parents retarded ideology.

No. 1825549

File: 1683861791705.jpg (122.1 KB, 1080x1327, futuretradcon.jpg)

there's a prediction going around that if the Tates don't get sent to the clink, they're going full tradcon and will reject the redpill world that worships them kek. But of course will go full sunni muslim bc catholicism is too western and touched by feminism.
Dunno how to true it is, but heard that redpill/manosphere is beyond the peak and going down hill, so the next thing for degenerate misogynist men is to get religion and settle into the tradcon world. There's already a couple of redpillers/manosphere influencers going to islam and talking about traditional family, values, etc. Dateless bitter men just can't get a grip of their lives kek

No. 1825573

That’s exactly what that degenerate roosh v did. He was fully red pill and and pua, bragged about raping women all over the world then claimed that once he was done he would settle down with some hippie trad girl to have a family with. But he found out that white trad girls belonging to white trad communities didn’t like him for being not white. So he went full catholic trad and rejects the pua/red pill messages for men. Still alone and pretty much a post wall scrote clinging to religion that he can’t even grift well
I expect the same for the Tates to do but with islam. There’s some pushback and critique against them already for being fake muslims by more trad and serious muslims now

No. 1825635

File: 1683875769743.jpeg (97.55 KB, 640x737, BC112DEA-876E-48FD-9FD9-0E2846…)

She’s admitting to be okay with her older kids raising each other & younger kids. This is one of her relatively sane posts, in some of her other posts I cannot keep up with her train of thoughts.

No. 1825636

File: 1683875962580.jpeg (105.95 KB, 640x790, BB0D6F0B-CA6F-4B08-A6B1-F19FE4…)

Birds of a feather flock together. One of her followers is complaining about her daughters not helping with housework. No complaint about the boys! All girls have an “attitude” problem tho.

No. 1825638

File: 1683876064221.jpeg (121 KB, 640x820, 545B3C90-121B-4B5B-8DA8-695840…)

Karissa needs help ASAP

No. 1825728

Kek at these irresponsible idiots expecting their own kids to be parents in their place. Of course your oldest ones want nothing to do with you, they're discovering their own place in the world, pursuing education, and likely moving as far away from the breederbot lifestyle as they can.

None of these people care about or even like their kids. There's no consideration for their needs, wants, development, or happiness–they just keep pushing baby after baby out until they can no longer, regardless of how little they can care for them.
>vasectomy has so many risks
As if pregnancy doesn't? Or does that suffering not count since only women can experience it?

No. 1825787

This is the most underwhelming shit I've ever seen.

No. 1825803

All that time and work spent for that presentation… girl… and the most important parts of the meal are not from scratch. Store bought pasta from a good brand would've been fine

No. 1825806

but anon, how would the moids following her know that she's a super trad wife if she just buys boxed pasta? kek my fucking immigrant grandparents stopped making their own like 30 years ago because its easier to get a reputable brand and less of a hassle when cooking for large groups.

No. 1825835

File: 1683908451042.jpg (168.47 KB, 946x2048, 2popl9dvdai81.jpg)

Karissa also thinks the shot to prevent RH incompatibility reactions is unbiblical now. Wonder if she's trying to cause a godly miscarriage?

No. 1825982

RH incompatibility can easily cause miscarriage or stillbirth. So much for "pro-life"

No. 1826013

"Day in the life" is the most mundane shit ever that literally every functioning adult does. How is this a lifestyle?

No. 1826023

After she turns off the camera after pretending to bake to impress her right wing simps, she probably puts on sweats and drives to the local mcdonald's

No. 1826058

The fact that she's not wearing an apron and tying up her hair while cooking annoys me so much. Also why do Americans eat like slobs? So much for trad values kek.

No. 1826132

Because they act like the issue with modern life is people who would be child abusers not having kids, instead of social media and corn syrup laden junk food. They call the feminists fat and bitter while idolizing people like bethany, justpearlythings, and classically abby who all look like they binge on oreos, frappucinos, and mcdonald’s all day while they scroll on tiktok and insta for 12 hours letting feminists live rent free in their dopamine starved heads.

It’s like the plot of Wall-E came true.

No. 1826133

Why did she fucking cremate that poor brule?

No. 1826231

>Landau claimed that Crowder installed a “‘Dave don’t talk’ button” on the show to get him to be quiet on air.
Dave was the only one even remotely funny and entertaining on that show, I guess Crowder felt insecure and didn't want to be upstaged lol. Anyway this whole story makes Crowder seem even more like a closeted fag, I'm calling it now he's either going to go full breakdown or troon out or something.

No. 1826241

Hahahaha they look like little kids having a pretend fight omg

No. 1826290

>Washes the sink, makes a meal, gets dressed, makes the bed, changes the dish towels
Uwu so trad!! Lol these are literally just chores and shit everyone has to do, the only trad thing about it is her lazy husband does absolutely nothing, can't even make his own bed. She's retarded.

No. 1826313

File: 1683969348625.jpeg (106.54 KB, 620x805, 72FC1C22-7880-4521-991F-C95294…)

More milk from Karissa Collins.
Her baby went sepsis from an untreated UTI and she practiced scream praying at the hospital. Oh and went down the Reddit fundie snark rabbit hole and found out she didn’t immediately take her to a hospital when the baby wasn’t able to hold her neck anymore and instead she went to lunch.
The number of hospitalizations and broken bones in this family is suspicious af.

No. 1826316

File: 1683970066045.jpg (156.3 KB, 698x1076, mars attacks.jpg)

No. 1826418

“How dare you want to be an evil selfish feminazi and have a job where you can socialize and do what you love instead of doing the same mundane repetetive tasks daily, and eventually get screwed in a divorce because your blank resume!”

No. 1826421

Tradthots demand endless praise for doing the bare minimum. It really showcases their retardation level that they’re so proud of cooking meals from scratch, something billions of families do every night. I’m an evil feminist career woman (gasp) and I do all the chores she does in a day because it’s called basic adulting. The only difference is 1) I don’t do them with a camera zoomed in on my tits for TikTok engagement, and 2) my husband isn’t a lazy bum and actually helps out with stuff too. But that makes me a miserable cat lady according to her kek

No. 1826503

Married women literally work more hours than unmarried women on average. Single womens work hours increased by like 3% from 1970 until now. Married womens work hours increased 90% in the same time.

No. 1826504

True. Most career women do just as much housework as SAHMs and tradthots.
They still have to cook clean and look after their kids AND hold down a job. How is housework even something to brag about when we have dishwashers, vacuum cleaners and all other kinds of appliances? If anything it seems SAHMs like bragging about their laziness and ‘cheating the system’ the same way neets brag about getting neetbux and being superior to wagies.

No. 1826505


I've seen conservative men say that women get "corporate jobs where they get paid to lay around and do nothing, when they should be at home raising kids"
I've even seen them claim we need to take jobs away from women so they can "focus on their home" and that women are "stealing all the good paying jobs"

Yet then in the same breath, they praise all these tradthot influencers like justpiggythings, despite the fact…they're getting paid from insane amounts of monetized content, essentially laying around doing nothing compared to the women who worked their ass off in a competitive industry to get a degree.

No. 1826513

File: 1683998165144.jpeg (228.68 KB, 1242x1353, 71EE16C6-6A47-4FD6-AD90-3A5851…)

This bitch aggravates me to no end. From her word salad essays on nail polish to her VACCINES ARE LE BAD instagram dissertations.

Does she know the life expectancy for Indians in 1950 was 35 years old? Does she know that Indians were still dying en masse of smallpox like it was still the 1200s during the 1970s? And it was these ‘evil vaccine researchers and pharmaceutical companies’ that finally eradicated it? I just can’t believe that someone of an Indian background can have such a blinkered view of life and reality.

No. 1826518

Many Indians in the US come from North Indian, wealthy privileged families and backgrounds, and the women particularly tend to be quite self hating, especially second generation Indians and beyond.

They try extremely hard to whitewash themselves and shed their Indian identity and heritage (apart from the fetishy bits like twirling around wearing saris and bindis because that appeals to white moids with a brown girl fetish of course) Both Indian men and women idolize and suck up to white people to a pathetic degree, while also retaining a strange arrogance (usually because they come from either Brahmin or Kshatriya caste families back home that are treated as superior) it’s pretty sad.

Also noticed that Indians are overrepresented in Conservative party positions in my country, it seems like they try and win white favour hard by boasting about how much they hate other kinds of immigrants and particularly Muslims (due to the long Hindu-Muslim tensions in India). Racism, nepotism, sectarianism, caste system and colourism still runs extremely deep in India and it will never leave their culture, even when they come to the west they still tend to retain the same mindset.

No. 1826522

It’s very amusing to see non-white racists suffer existential crisis when they become victims of racism themselves.
They really act like it’s the most shocking unexpected thing ever, and it amazes me how they went along in life without ever realizing that they are not exempt.

I would say it’s because most white people are too polite or PC to be openly racist towards them that they kind of cope themselves into thinking they can fuck their way to being white (same with racist, self loathing, white supremacist Asian women who worship white men and then someone calls them a chnk or they get assaulted for being Asian, or racist Arab cows like Fotough being called a sandngger and dirty) idk, I don’t wish racist attacks on anyone but there’s some extreme schadenfreude when it finally hits them that they are ethnic and therefore subject to racial prejudice and exclusion too, and that sucking white dick and calling other people racist slurs won’t save them. I just can’t believe how deluded they are to live their lives this way and never have it dawn upon them previously.

No. 1826528

I think the glaring problem with most tradthots and tradcels is that they are fantasists who are terminally online and have very little to no real life experience.

Tradcels dreaming of their virgin 18 year old WASP wife and 2.5 kids in their mortgage-free 1950s home.
Tradthots dreaming of skipping barefoot through fields picking strawberries in their hand-knitted tabard and waiting for their handsome 7ft tall hunter gatherer husband to appear with the elk he killed with his bare hands.

Somehow all heat, financial, food, clean water supplies etc are magically met with zero modern interventions or conveniences.

They are all fantasists who have never had to face the reality of life or the real responsibility that running a household entails and live in a fantasy larp headcanon.

They ignore their kids and ask their mom to babysit while they sit on twitter posting pics of their shitty burnt bread and photoshopped blonde pinterest nymphs with hair down to their ass.

No. 1826530

What the fuck? Elbows are one of the sturdiest joints in the body and the olecranon is thick and quite hard to break. Extremely sus. Sounds like child abuse/munchie by proxy/misery shit going on in that household. I hope CPS is involved here.

No. 1826531

Also UTIs are generally quite rare in babies and are almost always caused by fecal bacteria getting into the urethra. Is she wiping the poor kids bottom from back to front or something?

No. 1826533

Aren’t vasectomies one of the safest and easily reversible procedures for men? Lol.

No. 1826534

What an unfortunate face. Nothing wrong with being ugly but emphasising it further by being an edgy hateful Chudette just gives people more ammunition.

No. 1826536

Someone with an elevenhead this large should NOT be wearing backcombed hair that just makes her head look like a footlong sub.

Marilyn Monroe had a squareish, slightly small to medium sized forehead, which is why the hairstyle suited her well. This bitch has a Sir Phillip Green hairline and it’s further emphasised by the hairstyle. Also, tradcels hate heavy makeup and think all women should wake up looking like 18 year old models, so she will not be winning any favors with them as an audience.

No. 1826539

Pretty sure the 1950s housewife fetish schtick has been going for decades. It used to be mostly fat tumblrinas with a submission fetish who were into it, so it’s funny seeing tradthot grifters getting in on it and acting like they reinvented the wheel.

No. 1826625

And when you ask these conservative men if they would take on The Most Important Job of staying home and raising the kids, they act like you asked them to chop off their balls and gargle them. That, and their seething hatred toward SAHMs who get alimony after divorce, make it abundantly clear their supposed reverence for SAHMs is just to get some idiot trapped in the role so they can have a bangmaid at their disposal

No. 1826667

She and her moid don't change their babies diapers like they should. Because even basic parental responsibilities are too much for them.

No. 1827227

When did she ever say you can’t do that? Ugly bitch(male)

No. 1827247

why do these tiktok tardwives eat like garbage? they make the most low nutrition, high sugar and high fat meals and then bake a shit ton of pastries and deserts and use these as breakfast foods as well and so on. like what's even the point of being a so called homemaker if you're still going to give your husband and kids diabetes and heart disease with a shit diet? then you might as well just buy boxed mac and cheese or something and save yourself the time and effort. i wonder if they cook like this to appeal to the lardass neckbeard viewers who would vomit at the sight of a broccoli?

kys scrote

No. 1827278

How tf isn't this botox lizard face ugly bitch not featured as a top trathot ? She's way more misogynistic than any right wing scrote i've seen on the internet with her agressive woman hating content.(newfag)

No. 1827309

While everyone's going on about the redpill, the blue pill, black pill,
there's a pill called the-hard-to-swallow pill:

Calling women ugly isn't going to make them want to have kids more, or be a tradwife. Bullying doesn't raise birth rates.

No. 1827359

Not watching her garbo, but is this just about the skit she did about how she likes being childfree? Kek it was totally harmless, the meltdown came from all the conservamoids having panic attacks at the thought of a woman liking not having kids

No. 1827452

File: 1684135964081.jpeg (76.83 KB, 1194x767, BEDF39D8-9FEF-401E-AB22-CBD3CC…)

Remember ladies to be passive and smile all the time, anger makes men’s pps sad.
Just smile and be polite and submissive and men will treat you well, just like how men treat those nice polite submissive ladies in Japan and the Middle East so well, teehee.

No. 1827453

It’s funny because in my experience most men actually enjoy getting their balls bust, at least to a certain extent. There’s a reason nice girls and pickmes never thrive.

No. 1827454

File: 1684136066552.jpeg (298.84 KB, 1110x1475, 14B03170-A3A4-445C-8437-3AB582…)

What’s the point if at the end this is your ‘prize’?
I’m not taking advice from women who don’t have hot husbands.

No. 1827502

That's what I find the weirdest about these supposed tradwives, is that they seem to think most men like a passive woman when that isn't my experience. Most men I've met like to banter between themselves and with women, they like women who can one up them from time to time. Then again those men aren't online addicts sucking podcasters cocks.
Also lmfao @ that day in the life of a tradwife, if that's what tradwifism is then everyone I know, both men and women are tradwifes and still manage to hold down jobs. It's so ridiculous, what these women are doing and what these men want isn't an actual traditional woman, they want a bimbo fantasy straight out of porn but who wear prairie dresses, cooks and LARPs online all day to dunk on those ugly feminist childless harpies. It's so transparent.

No. 1827508

File: 1684145361140.jpeg (209.91 KB, 1606x1547, D0535F3A-2CAE-4400-A9D2-7018DB…)

There was a recent government survey done in South Korea which revealed 53% of women are uninterested in getting married.

The comments from women are pretty interesting.

No. 1827509

File: 1684145500861.jpeg (169.91 KB, 1594x1025, B10F0778-1B4F-4C52-8595-59020A…)

Seems like tradthots in the west are beating a dead horse. Women who actually live in a patriarchal society like Korea but thankfully have the right to vote and refuse marriage dont even want to get married or have kids anymore, and even their mothers aren’t concerned or worried about them getting married, in fact many women want their daughters to stay at home.

Very interesting perspective that totally contradicts all tradthot rhetoric.

No. 1827512

I liked this comment
>The media continues to talk about this as if it's some bizarre phenomenon happening amongst women but it's not abnormal: women are finally becoming "normal."

No. 1827515

File: 1684145852996.png (142.07 KB, 828x1118, B35EE459-97CC-49E7-A713-9EE395…)

Reposting this from the last thread because it’s true.

No. 1827518

I heard South Korea is known for men beating their wives/gfs.

No. 1827520

Right. Most career and working women I know have husbands and kids. They still cook, clean and do basically everything around the house, to the same degree or better than these lazy tradthots, as well as holding down a job on top of it. Even studies of female labor reveal that married working women do almost all the house chores too.

These tradthots aren’t milling their own grain or foraging their own fruit. They aren’t carrying gallons of water back from the well or milking the cows. They aren’t weaving cotton to make fabric to sew into clothes for their kids, or scrubbing their hubby’s skidmark covered undies in the river.

They go down to costco in their SUV and buy all the ready made ingredients to throw into their electric bread maker and over to bake their shitty hard bread that they can post on Twitter for likes from other tradmoms. Then roll a vacuum cleaner around for 5 minutes and throw all the dishes into the dishwasher. They are lazy freeloading shits, all of them.

Saying you’re a tradwife is honestly insulting to all the women all over the world who still have do everything manually.

No. 1827523

I saw a lady who used to work in an old folks say most of the people she saw dying alone were the men. Also just because they're in a nursing home doesn't mean they're not visited by family. Most people just can't work full time while taking care of their parents and getting an at home nurse would probably cost even more money.

No. 1827526

Like I said, I think they enjoy gloating about how lazy they are, like neets who live off welfare. They feel superior to career women because they found a ‘shortcut’, by latching onto some ugly betabux.

No. 1827527

Unless they're very controlling, most men don't want stay at home wives anyway. Makes it more stressful to be the only income of the family.

No. 1827528

Is this an incel forum?

No. 1827529

Can you think of a better term for an ugly moid financial provider?

No. 1827532

File: 1684146918523.jpeg (60.27 KB, 1368x863, A54ACD7F-B57F-4080-AF2A-B0C0C7…)

I don’t think any male with self respect enjoys being sole provider, especially in a time like this where the cost of living and buying a home is more expensive than ever.

Yeah you might get some misogynistic scrotes who enjoy financially controlling a woman and not allowing her to work, but if a moid already hates women to that extent, I highly doubt he’s gonna be down for giving her all his money on top of that.

No. 1827536

> Even the most lurid fantasies RW moids come up with about how miserable spinsterhood is seems like paradise compared to living with them
God, this.

No. 1827538

File: 1684147553132.jpeg (68.64 KB, 1608x509, 2D80F2B0-B9D9-4E5C-A054-9F43B4…)

There was actually a recent study that showed white women who have children are unhappier than childless white women.

Both black women and white mens happiness levels stayed the same whether they were childless or not.

>White women with children demonstrate the biggest deficit in happiness compared to their childless White female counterparts. Conversely, Black fathers are happier than Black men with no children. Black women and White men reported the same amount of happiness whether they had children or not.


No. 1827539

This is just self harm and passive suicidiality at this point.

Doesnt surprise me she’s in a miserable marriage with an abusive husband and is 100% fine with dying and leaving her kids motherless anytime soon.

No. 1827541

That’s just all narcissistic parents, nona. Children are not unique beings with thoughts feelings and wants of their own, they are an extension of the tradmoms ego and something she uses for validation and attention, a source of love and supply for her that she has complete control over and who is entirely dependent on her for living, she can treat however she wants, and the child will still come running back to her because she’s the mom and the child is a depdendent. Its a narcs dream, thats why almost all narcs end up having kids.

The narcs worst fear is their children growing up and becoming more independent, autonomous and questioning their authority, so they will often use religion or threats to scare the child into submission, or make the child take on the role of a parent, looking after their siblings and doing as many chores as possible.

No. 1827561

>slave away for a boss
yeah at least my boss doesn't fart in my bed, leave shit stains in my toilet or demand I suck his dick

No. 1827574

It was very harmless not that funny but harmless, she didn't attack anyone but hell broke fucking loose almost every right wing personality on youtube made a video calling her 'miserable'. That lauren chen cunt isn't new to this she made several videos fuming and seething at random people that said they didn't want kids and she talks about them with such malice. The hard pill to swallow here is that people who get mad as fuck when someone says they don't want kids are miserable in their decision and insecure about it

No. 1827578

File: 1684153124267.jpg (9.38 KB, 225x225, images (2).jpg)

She also made fun of the way Chelsea Handler looked saying she looked too old for her age while she looks like a fucking blow up doll from wish from all the obvious botox and filler she keeps stuffing her face with, can't wait for her to reach Chelsea's age to see how all the botox will make her look kek

No. 1827579

File: 1684153424408.jpg (8.84 KB, 300x168, images (3).jpg)

Her face already looks frozen af, with that neck you'd say she's 40 something in here this cunt has no room to talk about looks

No. 1827581

Sorry but she looks WAY better than Chelsea and probably better than you too sksksk

No. 1827587

Is she really only 28? And that picture is a couple years old too. Okay Lauren, let’s see how you look when you are 50 like CH. Chelsea Handler also has good strong masc features that would produce Chad sons, whereas most of these tradthots are future incel factories.

No. 1827588


Except Chelsea is 50 years old and this pick me is in her 30s sorry tradthot-chan but i'm botox filler free and wear sunscreen on daily basis on top of that i don't legit hate my own gender and talk shit about them for money online so nah i'd say i'm WAY better looking than this vile cunt

No. 1827602


At least CH made her money by being a best selling author and acting while Lauren makes hers from pandering to incels and right wing nazis on youtube and just like you said anon if CH had kids they would be Chads but she chose not to and is living her best life making conservatives cry on youtube and twitter about it kek

No. 1827609

It’s funny how both tradthots and chinless right wing scrotes try to insult women by calling them old or manly looking when in fact many of the women they insult have strong masculine features like square jaws, hunter eyes, jutting cheekbones etc. And all those kinds of features are what make good looking kids especially male offspring.

Instead of trying to find fit intelligent masc women who will bear them strong athletic sons, trad scrotes are obsessed with Asian women, teenagers or just short, scrawny, neotenous, neurotic, low IQ bimbos who will shit out more school shooters.

No. 1827610

File: 1684155731752.jpg (5.39 KB, 289x175, images (4).jpg)

I thought she was in her early 30s in those photos kek Lauren is one of those botox addicted women that start using it early in their life and then can't stop she's gonna look like the weeknd's plastic surgery mask in her mid 30 lmao

No. 1827611

Why do tradthots say childfree women are running away from responsibilities like teenagers? Us dang dirty spinsters still pay our taxes and have responsibilities towards our family, job, friends, pets… Saying we live life on easy mode is completely delusional.

No. 1827615

She’s annoying and disgusting but mostly irrelevant and everything she says is for clout and attention. Cant have a trad movement without making hating women the mainstay of the doctrine. Gotta keep pandering to tradcucks and telling them whatever they want to hear for those sweet sweet patreonbux.

No. 1827616

I’ve got to admit, the skit is pretty corny.

No. 1827618

Ikr that's what made the right scrotes lose their shit tho if a woman that looked like Lauren Chen made that skit they wouldn't give a fuck they would be glad she isn't passing her 5'6 Elliot Rodgers genes but when a white blonde woman with strong features and blue eyes did it they went nuts

No. 1827619

It was supposed to be satire kek

No. 1827622

>comments all diagnosing Chelsea with depression and saying she’s deeply miserable and unhappy
I thought nazis and tradcucks don’t believe in psychiatry and think it’s a Jewish racket? Kek.

Amazing how they all evolve into armchair psychoanalysts and start diagnosing people with mental illnesses whenever someone’s lifestyle conflicts with their political views.

Interesting how it all boils down to this
pissing contest, what are they trying so hard to prove? Happy people generally don’t sit on Twitter and YouTube all day calling people degenerates and obsessing over politics. Especially if they have children. Shouldn’t you be busy looking after them?

No. 1827624

File: 1684156613875.jpeg (80.31 KB, 1163x1280, 06F57B4A-27C4-494D-8F78-B11155…)

The tradcuck fears the strong athletic intelligent confident masc ChadStacy.

No. 1827625

File: 1684156625307.jpg (2.87 KB, 92x92, téléchargement.jpg)

You're NOT happy being childless you're miserable as fuck and you can't hide it if you get to sleep in it's just cause you got depression also muh kids smiled at me today so i know i'm happier than you that's why i'm gonna have a meltdown and call you every name in the book cause you posted about how carefree your life is

No. 1827647

Notice how when men don't want kids like John Cena, Seth Rogen, Leonardo DiCaprio, nobody says anything or gives them flak like Chelsea Handler got. Everyone just says "Oh cool you do you bro"

None of these people actually care about kids. They don't donate to charities for kids or help foster a child who doesn't have a home. They just sit on the internet calling women fat feminazi pigs for not having kids.

No. 1827648

It was never about the children, nona. It’s about controlling women and keeping them in their place. Men also know motherhood tanks a womans dating prospects (which is why scrotes talk so much shit about single moms and women’s post-baby bodies) and that’s very reassuring for insecure scrotes whose worst fear is women having options and sex with attractive men who aren’t them.

No. 1827655

The biggest takeaway from this should be: if a woman doesn't have kids it is their personal medical business why. Whether it was because they just didn't want them, they had infertility/miscarriages, or they had childhood abuse/trauma and didn't want to carry on the cycle. It's so ridiculous how obsessed someone can be with someone else's personal business. Imagine if a woman who had miscarriages in the past has to hear such rude invasive comments about "dying alone"

No. 1827656

There is a facebook group called 'single moms overestimating their market value ' and it has over 100k members ngl it's disgusting how they shit on single moms then turn around 36O to attack women who don't want kids, i honestly was shocked at the amount of hate CH got for that silly satire skit those miserable parents went bat shit crazy calling her 'soulless' and whatnot like if someone's life choices bother that much then you're fucking miserable in yours. Period. The only thing parenthood guarantess people is sacrifice not fullfilment nor happiness hence tons of people with kids are depressed.

No. 1827657

They don't fucking care about kids nor women and they're too retarded to realize that the only people they're hurting with their comments are infertile women not childfree women actually hearing shit like that makes them not want kids even more seeing how sad and miserable those parents are

No. 1827658

Despite the financial hardships they go through, single mothers have less weekly work+lower stress than (hetero)married mothers. The "single motherhood epidemic" among black women is probably doing them a favor, kek
I didn't think it was that funny tbh, typical Gen X humor. But the way moids were breaking down over it you'd think it involved her insulting mothers and kicking infants, not "I have so much free time I climbed a mountain and built a time machine in one day". Even knowing how psychotic they are, I was still shocked they could be so upset over something so mild

No. 1827661

Exactly they went fucking bonkers Ben shapiro made two seperate videos on it i love how she triggered tf outta them tho that's the only thing that made that skit actually funny kek

No. 1827666

>The "single motherhood epidemic" among black women is probably doing them a favor, kek

It's not. Black scrotes are some of the worst scrotes to scrote ever but leaving their sons and daughters fatherless is fucking our community up something fierce. The best solution is to stop having their kids period tbh, but I get your point. Black single mothers tend to do better than the ones that married and stuck with their (most likely abusive and cheating) scrotes.

No. 1827670

No. 1827675

Men HATE single moms & spinsters with a passion bc they prove women can survive and raise families without men. Their mere existence reminds them a woman “needs” a man in her life for 2-5 minutes at most, IF she wants kids. Their real crime is threatening male parasitism. Moids need us helpless and dependent on them. They need us to believe we can’t survive without letting one of them attach itself to us, pretend it owns us, and drain our life force like a leech. Every single mom & spinster is a potential bangmaid lost and a noncompliant woman who may lead other women astray.

No. 1827676

Exactly. Seeing all the cruelty and psychotic reactions they have towards Chelsea Handler and the insane amount of bullying women get for being childfree just makes many of us not want to put kids into a world full of bullying and hatred like this.

No. 1827680

File: 1684162562501.jpg (75.76 KB, 558x692, chelsea-handler-young-10146297…)

CH at 43

No. 1827684

File: 1684162983895.jpg (6.74 KB, 225x225, téléchargement (1).jpg)

Lauren chen at 20 something kek

No. 1827686

They're envious because they chose wrong.

No. 1827690

I seen some incels claiming her audience is mostly males cause she's 'hot' lmao as if it isn't her making videos shitting on women calling them fat and slutshaming them isn't the only reason she has a mostly angry incel fanbase that's like saying Pearl has a male fan base cause she's hot Lauren is average at best with her huge forehead and frozen botox face kekekeke(sage your shit)

No. 1827700

She's ugly inside and outside , talentless and has a shit bachelors degree in middle eastern studies whatever tf that is if she had the IQ for an Engineering or medical degree then she wouldn't need to shit on women in order to make a living but it's hard to feel bad for her. Her vids shitting on childfree women don't pass 40K views anyway kek(non-contribution, learn to post: lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1827704

Yup and you know what’s even weirder? Even if these men are incels and aren’t personally having sex or relationships, they still want to see women being controlled by men who aren’t them. They support Islam and Chad cheating on women and breaking their hearts. They want to see all women being shackled to the stove and crying and heartbroken, even if it’s not themselves doing it, scrotes are insane and their self-cuckery is off the charts.

No. 1827708

And scrotes are always gleeful to see a woman married with kids. Not because marriage is supposed to be a loving union or that having kids is a beautiful thing, but simply because it marks her as a woman who is owned by a man. (Yes, marriage in moid monkey brains is still 100% about owning a woman and having dominion/say over her, even if that ownership is purely psychological or projection)

Another nona put it excellently, that scrotes are essentially cum peddlers who spend their whole lives desperately trying to get women to notice their existence and mate with them.

Womens natural inclination to only have sex with attractive men threatens the bottom 90% of scrotes who are ugly. So they try and level the sexual playing field, by hoarding resources then offering women a protection racket drip.

Male mammals also do this to improve their chances of spreading their genes like a virus.

A woman enjoying her existence and being free and happy and financially independent is a threat to the cum peddler because it takes away all his bargaining chips.

This is why men invented and support monogamy (at least in a theoretical sense, not for themselves of course because we all know men are incapable of monogamy, but for women) are obsessed with making women into mothers and also hate the idea of women having careers, because it’s the best way of controlling a woman’s sexuality and making her completely depend on him.

Men would literally rather have a society of arranged marriages and little to no personal choice, than a free market where women are allowed to pick and choose their partners. They know that even if marriage is arranged for the moids too and they aren’t attracted to their designated wife, they know they can always sneak out and cheat on her (as many men in arranged marriage societies do) As long as womens rights are taken away, men don’t mind living in an authoritarian society.(doubleposting, derailing)

No. 1827718

This. A woman being comfortable and happy without a man sends cum peddlers into cardiac arrest and momentarily makes them question their worthless existence before spewing some scrote vitriol to hide the pain and protect their ego. They must project their own neurosis onto women and tell them that they are miserable and depressed even if they’re not.

No. 1827734

Exactly. It’s absurd to make pasta from scratch when you don’t even know how to use your utensils.

These cultureless pigs should just stick to eating peanut butter from the jar in front of the TV.

No. 1827749

Why the fuck is she not wearing an apron while making pasta from scratch? I'm guessing the cut is because she got flour all over herself. And why is she… removing the core of that onion as if it was an apple? Why did she cut the pasta strands one by one? Why did she not use a shorter ramekin for that creme brulee, that shit be looking like Samara at the bottom of the well. How is she so bad at this, it's literally her entire life.

No. 1827763

The point of her videos is for her to LARP as a housewife with her tits center frame for the enjoyment of her fetid incel audience, actually being good at cooking is not the point

No. 1827765

maybe you shouldn't expect your children to be the parents of their younger siblings or be maids to the family.

No. 1827780

Its really weird how they all think the average woman in the 1950s dressed in cheap aliexpress shit. 50s fashion was much more than just Monroe curls, day dresses, and cat eye glasses.

No. 1827785

Why are we pretending this is a cooking tutorial? She’s a crypto sex worker.

No. 1827791

nta but nobody's pretending anything except for the moids who watch her and estee herself. we're just in shock that this is a mrs midwest 2.0 over here.

No. 1827813

Of course, but she could at least LARP a little better, she's a dollar store version of the trad fantasy. Even trad coomer accounts on twitter have enough taste to post women with nice pretty food plated and presented well.

No. 1827820

Even if let’s say Chelsea Handler had green skin and 5 eyes, and the tradthots all looked like Zendaya, it still makes no sense that people will use being “ugly” or “fat” as argument against feminists. They’re basically saying that someone’s value as a human being is based on their physical appearance. Would they tell their own mother that she’s an ugly hag who hit the wall? You often have to wonder what kind of “values” they’re teaching their trad family kids. Calling people names? Doesn’t sound biblical or trad at all to me. Especially since being trad has such an emphasis on etiquette and being classy.

No. 1827827

>1-2 laundry loads a day
What the fuck are they doing to their clothes to warrant this much laundry, are they that sloppy that they are constantly staining them? They don't even have kids, this is insane. Also lol at the food, looks like she can only cook pasta pots, how traditional.

No. 1827829

If she's trying to "not get behind" maybe she's wasting water washing tiny loads to feel productive. I wouldn't put that past her

No. 1827927

This. Ayrt is missing the point. It's the severe low effort on Estee's part. Even a few Cornish hens with some vegetables on a dish would be much more presentable looking. They're not difficult to cook, I assume the bitch has an instant pot.

No. 1827957

Ayrt and no I’m not missing the point, my point is that the incel coomers in her target demographic do not give a flying fuck if her LARP is convincing or not. They’re there for the tits, not the recipes. If anything cooking gross junk food attracts the basement dwellers even more. Why bother putting in more effort when her low-effort pandering is working?

No. 1828002

Um why is janny handing out bans to so many people ITT

Is janny a tradthot herself?

No. 1828004

This board gets extremely triggered over women with large breasts. Way more than any real women should. Hmm.(bait )

No. 1828007

File: 1684203541862.jpg (95.29 KB, 682x1280, onceuponadream.jpg)

>she has the gayest looking boyfriend
i felt bad for thinking this but it was exactly my thought seeing the woman in picrel's husband. she's making reels breaking her neck to look like a princess while cooking and her husband looks literally gay and so detached from the trad lifestyle. but i mean it's probably better for her than an actual macho man.

also i'm freaking out because it was the first time i ever saw anything about 'esteecwilliams' but minutes after reading this thread on my pc, she popped up in my reels on my phone. i'm not connected to insta or youtube on my pc, i'm even using a vpn wtf

No. 1828026

Doesn’t seem gay to me, I think you are projecting your yaoi brainrot nona.

No. 1828027

>I’m using a VPN
Blaine the tranny detected.

No. 1828031

i'm referring to his demeanor in her saved stories of him. now ask yourself why you even think of yaoi when seeing him and stop projecting

No. 1828039

t. Filthy fujoshi

No. 1828066

File: 1684211894765.jpeg (90.11 KB, 1204x2159, 479760EB-FFFE-4DD3-8EC1-A91A88…)

No. 1828067

File: 1684212200336.jpeg (157.36 KB, 1177x1506, F84D991B-79C9-48F5-B0E2-067159…)

Moids in the comments absolutely seething

No. 1828068

File: 1684212224219.jpeg (102.95 KB, 1129x1405, EF65E4A6-1790-4205-9B4B-E7E84F…)

No. 1828069

File: 1684212279798.jpeg (101.91 KB, 1146x1338, 3FB032B1-868C-4DE7-8DC0-6FBB18…)

Stacy widower moids absolutely seething.

No. 1828070

File: 1684212333382.jpeg (110.89 KB, 1207x1637, B8E41EC8-360B-48EB-91C9-F58761…)

No. 1828071

File: 1684212477632.jpeg (126.15 KB, 1146x1633, 1A12819E-6BB5-4EB4-A138-DFA784…)

Scrotes can’t take a joke.

No. 1828072

Whenever women complain about being mistreated by men, scrotes gaslight them and tell them it was their own choice of man that led to it, so anytime a scrote has been hurt by women I’m gonna start gaslighting him and telling him it was his bad taste in women and lack of judgement.

No. 1828074

It’s their extremely rational male logic and viewing facts over feelings and going off science and statistics that causes them to hysterically slam on their keyboard “HAVE FUN DYING ALONE” for the 250th time

No. 1828076

Wtf she isn't even looking at another man, just other women having fun together. Men are so freaking insecure and hypocritical, like they aren't watching porn and lusting after other women despite being married.

Yes we got that from your first post anon.

No. 1828077

>They need us to believe we can’t survive without letting one of them attach itself to us, pretend it owns us, and drain our life force like a leech. Every single mom & spinster is a potential bangmaid lost and a noncompliant woman who may lead other women astray.
Well put, ily nona.

No. 1828078

Men are neurotic, hysterical creatures incapable of regulating their emotional responses to even the mildest of stimuli.

No. 1828081

Honestly reminds me of how many men seethe about how women arent ‘direct’ or ‘honest’ or ‘straight to the point’ enough like men supposedly are (even though studies have found men literally pathologically lie more on a daily basis than women lmao).

Look at these moid monkeys chimping out over a simple joke. Killing women because she wouldn’t give him her phone number. And then they wonder why we are paranoid and have to be on guard and mince our words around these giant ooga booga speds with zero self regulation.

No. 1828094

Most bans ITT are fine, unsaged newfags and derailing, but I got a permaban from all boards with no stated reason and "tranny" as redtext for dunking on horse dewormer-eating rightoids, we definitely have a trad-sympathizer janny

The only person saying something positive about marriage is a woman. Grim. Moids are aware they are parasites, and they are so thoroughly parasitical they can't even put in some effort to pretend it's a good deal for us

No. 1828165

Kek I have seen this woman on socials why is she breaking her neck in all reels?

No. 1828207

Two questions:
1. Are fundies allowed to be talked about here? Do they have a separate thread?
2. Can someone pls make a third Varg & Marie thread?

No. 1828232

Yes fundies are tradthots. You can talk about them here.

No. 1828257

honestly if this was just about loving the housewife lifestyle, it wouldn't be that bad (although it's a vulnerable position to be in ofc), but she believes that a woman's natural place is in her house and that feminism destroyed western society. the reason why women like her can be picky and enjoy the "trad" lifestyle as opposed to being forced into it with old scrotes they don't like is because of feminism. tradwives' love acting like they're persecuted for their ~unconventional~ choices but other women would not care about their larp if it wasn't going hand in hand with retarded and hypocritical statements about women and feminism.

No. 1828264

Like that blonde wannabe marilyn monroe one saying “As the world continues to hate stay at home mothers” says who??? She’s not some brave empowered figure like rosa parks sitting at the back of the bus. Literally nobody’s stopping them from doing it. That’s the funniest thing. Even now a lot of 2020s feminists are rejecting the capitalist girlboss feminism, and there’s been a rise in r/childfree women being stay at home wives but without kids. Even a lot of democrats say that “children are better off with a parent at home”

No. 1828284

The weird thing is it’s literally feminists who tell women they have a choice. If they want to be a doormat and bangmaid we say they can, all we do is try and warn them and give them an out if they want it, and remind them that it’s not their fault they fell for a rigged moid game, but male brainwashing.

Its tradcucks who are obsessed with forcing women to become baby factories and oven cleaners and making them feel like evil horrible people if they don’t let a moid attach themselves like a leech.

No. 1828285

File: 1684251695000.jpeg (52.78 KB, 1181x1164, 595F0BD7-A6C9-4E30-8399-811A4A…)


No. 1828296

very true. it's hilarious that despite her posts being about doing laundry and learning how to budget, she acts like she's living some sort of niche lifestyle under attack. they're desperate to be NLOGs but households where the woman does all the cooking/cleaning/parenting (either on top of her day job or as a SAHM) while the man just ""provides"" and occasionally does manly stuff on the weekend are much more common than women being e-thots with stay-at-home husbands or whatever tradwives imagine the new standard to be.

No. 1828301

these comments are disgusting. if I wasnt so online, I would be terrified by these comments. they literally want to kill her over a joke. wonder what changed for them to be so open about it on IG with thousands of likes versus their hugbox on incel-forums.com. the state of moids seems to be deteriorating at an unprecedented rate

No. 1828303

File: 1684253789244.jpg (103.5 KB, 1454x901, 346158488_785489302900387_1698…)

'Femininity Consultant' Major Kek

No. 1828304

SAHMs are usually unfulfilled, totally financially dependent on their moid most of the time, and their whole identity is based on childcare, being sexually available, and chores. The "hate" they get is more often than not just their own feelings of inferiority when they compare themselves to women who have lives and identities outside of bangmaidery, though even the ones who (rightly)warn them about the dangers of their position rarely if ever actually "hate" them. The average feminist who tells women not to become SAHMs still fights for their rights to pursue no-fault divorce, receive alimony/child support payments, access women's shelters, and childcare so they can re-enter the workforce. The average "SAHMs are the backbone of society" moid wants to make marital rape legal again and would rather see them destitute and starving in the streets than free to pursue a divorce.

No. 1828311

Lmao her page's title, intro and featured post make it hard to understand what you're paying her for (and apparently she's expensive). Though 5k followers is not too bad I guess

No. 1828319

File: 1684254825368.png (77.16 KB, 293x225, 346112965_791460919112296_2032…)

Frozen botox face aka Lauren Chen won't stop crying over childfree women i think this her video number 6 seething over them existing, they live rent free in her head can't believe people can't see right through her bullshit she obviously regrets being a mom and is dying inside

No. 1828331

Glueing a dead Indian woman’s scalp onto your head is so ~feminine~

No. 1828333

That looks natural, just straightened.

No. 1828334

Not with those patchy edges

No. 1828335

File: 1684256769357.png (354.79 KB, 831x456, 346112746_580928000775592_6692…)

a scrote is behind this page probably if not then she's so fucking pathetic i almost feel bad for her>>1828331

No. 1828337

File: 1684257246036.jpeg (59.53 KB, 1164x574, 85770D3C-93B5-4154-9B7B-ED8980…)

OT but yeah that is definitely a wig. It’s not laid properly so it’s puffing up a lot and you can see the glue spots and artificial hairline that starts behind her balding edges. Chronic wig wearer with hair loss. Seems like she got a yaki hair type to make it look more natural.

No. 1828338

File: 1684257400109.jpeg (169.38 KB, 1218x1729, 5FF069BB-0A69-4992-AD33-4B8D40…)

Also lmao at her getting trolled.

>better to be picked than skipped!

Translation: I’m codependent and will take whatever I can get out of fear.

No. 1828339

File: 1684257623788.jpeg (418.83 KB, 1242x1946, 085A98C0-0A00-4A6A-84F1-8C8574…)

>her entire page is just sharing boomer ‘I hate my fat wife so much!’ memes
It should literally be illegal for people over 30 to use the internet.

No. 1828343

File: 1684257839074.jpg (7.29 KB, 234x216, téléchargement (2).jpg)

They all say this then end up getting picked by a fat ugly scrote insert Lauren chen's husbnad kek

No. 1828344

She probably has her kids sit in front of ipads playing 24/7 cocomelon while she makes videos about the “meanie feminists” and probably screams at them if they ask her to play with them while she’s editing and making these vids.

And as she uploads she smirks to herself and thinks
“Those feminists sure are going to die alone in a nursing home, but not me!”

No. 1828345

She’s seething because she knows she made the wrong choice and can’t turn back now.

Happy fulfilled mommies don’t sit online seething about women who chose not to tear their vaginas or abdomens apart for a moid.

The stats and self reports don’t lie. Women with kids are more exhausted, stressed, burnt out, depressed, have lower self esteem and are more dissatisfied than women without kids.

Any woman who isn’t is likely simply too exhausted to even contemplate her life. If motherhood is such a joy, then why are SAHMs still terminally seething at women who aren’t tied down?

No. 1828347

I’ve literally never seen a pickme with an attractive husband. Are these really the prize pigs they can land?

The women I know irl who locked down attractive wealthy husbands are generally fiery, spirited types who can give as good as they get. Doormats never thrive, when will they learn?

No. 1828349

File: 1684258319412.jpeg (202.61 KB, 1200x800, 51797982_1602291115155102_r.jp…)

Ever notice how she can't even smile like a normal human being from too much filler ? she looks lowkey like the love child of one of those creepy hotel robots from japan and handsome squidward kek

No. 1828350

File: 1684258560646.jpg (4.37 KB, 284x177, images (10).jpg)

No. 1828352

File: 1684258633058.jpg (7.02 KB, 257x196, téléchargement (3).jpg)

No. 1828353

Tradthots create a mental prison for themselves. They are fearful and anxious because years of seeing men dismiss single mothers as worthless whores rubs off on them and they internalise all that misogyny.

In her eyes, it’s over for her. Her love life and sex life is confined forever to this fat, lumpy nosed scrote, it’s no wonder she constantly looks so miserable and is so angry and on edge all the time.

One false move, one argument, one burned dinner, one ‘not tonight honey’ and her hubby is staying at a motel with a cheap hooker.

She sees no way out of marriage as divorce is not an option. That would leave her as the Single Mom she so fears becoming. So she tolerates all her hubbys shittiness, inconsideration and laziness. She can never take any of her frustration or anger out towards him lest she hurt his fragile scrote ego and drive him into the arms of a younger pickme, so she must reserve all her nagging, dissatisfaction and anger for other women who are safe targets. ‘Look hubby: I’m better than those evil nasty abortion loving promiscuous whores out there! Y-you’ll never do better than me!’ She must keep repeating this message to both herself and subliminally towards her husband for fear the insecurity may end up destroying her completely.

No. 1828358

when old school feminists described female heterosexuality as stockholm syndrome i kinda see what they mean now. imagine pinning your psychological, financial, familial and physical security on the gender that thinks with their dicks and commits 97% of violent crime.

these women really think they have learned the art of snake charming and that entrusting a snake to live in their home is a wise move but really everyone just thinks they’re an idiot and is waiting for them to get bitten (as is what usually happens with tradthots).

No. 1828361

File: 1684259509744.jpg (6.65 KB, 194x259, images (1).jpg)

he looks like an arab Edward collen from walmart kek what a handsome masculin chad you ladies better drop your careers and start looking for a catch like Lauren chen's husband

No. 1828363

Tinfoil but do you think these tradthots are on some government payroll to try and get the abysmal Western birth rates up? A couple of my girlfriends were even complaining about how they keep getting recommended tradthot shit on tiktok and youtube shorts when they aren’t interested in that content, it literally just keeps popping up in their recommendations.

I also heard that the kardashians have connections with the CIA and were encouraged to keep having kids and publicise their pregnancies to influence more young women to have children.

It’s know that countries generally try to drum up baby booms before wars so with all the Russia and China shit I am just wondering.

No. 1828365

I would rather self immolate than be married to that for 40 years. Bring on the cats and mimosas.

No. 1828366

alternate reality down syndrome jim halpert

No. 1828371

Wait till you find out that she married that fugly scrote AND supports him financially her self esteem is on the floor kek

No. 1828373

well if mr fbi man is lurking im telling him now the feds better change their strategy

i never considered having my tubes tied before, but seeing karissa collins septic munchie babies and her kids elbows being smashed against the pavement, or a kardashian shitting out another brat, is seriously making me think about it

No. 1828376

He reminds me a little too much of Preg.

No. 1828378

over/under on him dumping Lauren the second she turns 30 like Preg did to Shoe?

No. 1828380

When you hitch your wagon to tradscrote who thinks women expire after 30 that’s pretty much inevitable.

No. 1828382

File: 1684261014167.jpeg (110.16 KB, 1242x1510, DBE26EB2-C039-4684-85FC-B5CC5E…)

I only listen to the wind: anything else is the Jews trying to turn me gay.

No. 1828389

File: 1684261531377.png (460.46 KB, 512x746, Screenshot 2023-05-16 142552.p…)

Shorts don't embed for me, so I'm posting the link. This truly is some of the most cringe shit I've seen from an adult woman. If you're happy with your marriage and lifestyle, what the fuck is all this showpony shit for?


No. 1828390

Samefag, but admitting to dropping out of college as if its a stellar personality trait, too? I get that college isn't for everyone, but holy shit she just sounds like she's lazy and pissed that she couldn't use her appearance to her advantage in everything she tried so she just gave up to sit on her ass.

No. 1828393

Isn’t this the story of pretty much every Tammy who peaked in high school?

Too dumb and flakey to get a degree, too generic and lacking in charisma to get famous, too talentless and lazy to carve a successful career for themselves, so they settle down with a provider whale and hold potlucks with the rest of the suburban Tammy church moms every Saturday?

No. 1828398

File: 1684262272065.jpeg (192.58 KB, 1242x1395, 1D8A949A-E727-4AFA-BF38-B37383…)

She looks like that really unhinged Lynn Ann woman who was obsessed with school shooters kek.

No. 1828399

Yup. Failed homecoming queens who dreamed of becoming the next Marilyn Monroe. Patsy Ramsey and the likes.

No. 1828402

I guess so. I'm still kekking at her video acting like she married a Texan rancher when her husband is just an electrician. Not shitting on blue collar jobs, but it ain't being a cowboy lmao

No. 1828403

She looks like a Mrs. Midwest clone right down to the rosacea, bad hair, tit focus, and unflattering lipstick shade.

No. 1828404

It’s funny cuz it doesn’t even seem like tradthots do those communal style events. They are far too narcissistic and wrapped up in themselves, never seem to have many if any female friends irl. At least most of those boomer church women are actually able to forge friendships with other moms and hold those charity bakes and such, but millennial and gen Z tradthots would rather sit on twitter and mald.

No. 1828406

And it’s not for lack of opportunity either, because Christian youth groups, church groups and bible study meetings are everywhere, especially in the US.

Seems like many of these tradthots are actually just antisocial aspies with a messiah complex who can’t integrate or get along with other women irl.

No. 1828407

There probably is some of that going on yeah, but people seriously overestimate the government's competence and ability to coordinate. For any psyops you can think of, there probably is some three letter agency dingy back office room working on it, but it's more likely to produce no results in reality and just serve as promotion fodder for a careerist moid. Tradthot shit is just more popular because of the economic downturn, iirc the correlation between recessions and conservative attitudes is well documented in econ literature

No. 1828409

kek what’s hilarious is i actually attend those groups semi regularly with my grandma and aunt and its always just a comfy meeting in a church hall with a bunch of ladies who baked treats for everyone, and they just sit around and chat and drink tea and have a nice time. nobody at these things is talking about white replacement, the single motherhood epidemic, onlyfans, fertility rates or crime statistics.

these tradwhores are unpleasant, terminally online, socially stunted autists just like the poltards they politically align themselves with. it’s no wonder nobody wants to associate with them irl kek.

No. 1828412

Nta but I can also attest to those group meets being cozy and civil. There aren't a plethora of these weird white women talking about birth rates and replacement. They'd probably stare at anyone who came in and started spouting that shit, but they'd be polite and not say anything severe because their method of dealing with crazies is to just smile and nod until you're clear of danger. Potlucks and the summer carnival are always fun, so are the fundraising events. Have we even seen any of the tradwhores crotchet an afghan like memaw?

No. 1828413

what’s also hilarious is most of these women prefer being in the company of other women as opposed to their husbands. my grandma prefers hanging out with her 80 something year old friends than her husband. the husband is always just a side character in these womens lives, not the focus, as is healthy.

No. 1828417

They certainly aren’t posing for pictures in fields of wheat with flower crowns either.

No. 1828439

Meanwhile, my memaw is more worried about her volunteer desk position at the parish every friday and how they're going to get more helping hands for the food pantry and newly opened clothing donation area. You never see any of these people talking about that though. But hey, maybe one or two are lurking and we'll get a "surprise" reel of them pretending to give a shit about the needy for a day at the soup kitchen.

No. 1828495

Zero chance of a tradthot doing volunteer work. Her incel audience would cringe at seeing older women, there are no opportunities to whip her tits out, and the second she starts yammering about women in the workplace destroying western civilization the older ladies would take offense for their daughter's and granddaughter's sake and tell her to mind her manners kek

No. 1828507

File: 1684275116894.jpeg (144.79 KB, 1242x1160, 7402AB01-5A60-4110-9B49-5AC818…)

Circle jerking over fascism again. Why are these people so obsessed with power fantasies?

No. 1828509

To compensate for the lack of control in their own lives.

No. 1828510

>let’s all revert back to genocidal ooga booga tribal wars
Moidbrain moment. Why don’t these retards crowdfund their own version of Floptropica except it’s for power tripping right wing twitter fag nutjobs with warlord fantasies, and let them all kill each other with their Etsy larp swords over who gets the last Mountain Dew.

No. 1828519

The same types who would never be able to defend themselves, let alone women. Such trad strong men, but you'll catch them constantly online and not toiling away at some blue collar job or farming or shit even working out.

No. 1828521

So true nonna. Those feminists who “hate” SAHMs responsible for what little rights & protections they have today. The moids who “admire” them are very openly against them having rights or being treated like humans at all. And feminists have always respected the choice of women to be housewives if they wish. Tradwives should be thanking feminists, not attacking them.

No. 1828527

>we need more fascists b-but they can be brown too!
Why are browncels like this?(global rule #7)

No. 1828577

Her past explains her whole shtick imo. It looks like tradwifery is mainly an aesthetic for her or even a phase, I mean she's making slideshows of vintage family illustrations and kinda immature-sounding "how to be a tradwife!!" tutorials. It's not like she's been a "god-fearing woman" her whole life, it's just the lifestyle that became comfortable for her after burning out from college and rather unconventional industries purely based on her appearance (fitness, modeling etc). Good for her if she finds peace in tradwifery for the rest of her life but she should prob stop ranting about modern society when her past experiences are not even representative of the average "modern" woman and when she's literally an influencer.

No. 1828650

File: 1684293609336.jpg (202.04 KB, 1170x1425, violent_indian.jpg)

this unoriginal witch went the same direction the leftcows went. they ran out of things to say about "trvth & beavty" so now they're tripping over themselves to get as violent as possible on twitter for likes and attention. she wont say anything about her pedo racist mutuals though.

No. 1828652

samefag but what a great experience walking with your child in Megha city: smelly, decomposing bodies covered with maggots on the way to the park!

No. 1828763

Unironically daddy issues and authority fetish. What both tradcucks and tradthots have in common is they arent happy unless they have a big strong daddy to dickride and bootlick and govern them. For the tradthot it’s her husband/daddy/master, for the tradcuck it’s his boss/lord/king/president.

No. 1828765

File: 1684308795074.jpeg (74.06 KB, 1242x540, D9598A52-6D9E-4679-89ED-074946…)

>its those blaady terfs turning their children into trannies
Why doesn’t she go back to her stinky village in India where marital rape is still legal, feminists are gangraped and women are burned when suspected of being witches?

No. 1828767

>families subsidized so mother can spend more time with kids
why do trads always sperg about how children need a ~mom and a dad~ (so you can't have same sex parents or single mothers) but then all of their talking points about family are centered around the mom being the sole caretaker? that gives away the fact that even they realize kids don't need a father at all, despite all the muh nuclear family bullshit
>publicly torture prostitutes to death
okay and what about trafficked children? or girls who sell nudes or sex while underage due to grooming, bad mental health etc? should we kill them as well? what a lunatic
>abortion and birth control is illegal
i don't even know what to say lmao


No. 1828774

You have to understand that lot of Indian history is just getting ruled over and cucked by foreign powers like the Aryans, Scythians, Mughals and British. It’s pretty embarrassing for Indians to admit this and they constantly try to revise history and deny certain things happened. They have a chip on their shoulder about being cucked so many times, and get overly defensive about their right to use violence (violence is also 100% okay under certain circumstances in Hinduism) but Indians also have a weird authority and hierarchy fetish due to the caste system and stuff, so it leads to this strange mixture of defensive violent hostility and bootlicking.

You can find many Hindu/Indian nationalists like this, who believe in using extreme violence to justify defending their identity, and unfortunately some of these losers being that mindset to the west. It sounds like this girl is probably one of those ex nationalists, or at least from a family of them, idk if she converted to Christianity with her carrot top ugly husband but it sounds very similar to the ideas these ugly Indian scrotes espouse. I say this as someone part Indian myself and who has had to deal with these people btw.

No. 1828775

Bring that mindset*

No. 1828777

Noticed this too, the way they describe the fathers input to child rearing seems to be absolutely minimal, so I’m curious as to why they are so obsessed with two parent families when the dad in their fantasy is hardly present anyway and constantly out working or hunting whatever.

Their dynamic sounds more like those pseudo single moms in Japan and such where the husband is working so many hours that the kid basically never sees them except maybe at the very end of the day.

I read a study a while ago that said fathers being present in their childrens lives is actually quite a modern phenomenon, and that prior to that, men would pretty much have little to no input in their kids lives outside of providing food for them or perhaps later teaching them how to hunt. Basically moids were too dangerous to be around their children for fear of hurting or killing them, so the women raised the kids communally with other women while the men fucked off and did their moid duties.

No. 1828778

Kek everything she tried except for the meteorology degree was attention seeking. I guess she finally got it
btw, to embed shorts on lolcow you need to link them like normal videos, so replace the "/shorts/" in the url with "/watch?v=" before the id

No. 1828779

Just another Tammy whose dreams of stardom failed and is destined to hold tupperware parties for the rest of her life.

No. 1828788

Isn’t this bitch 30 with no kids? Why are so many tradcunts like this?

Also funny: last year she said she was planning to travel solo to Europe (big nono for trads, female travelling solo = whore going to sample different continental cocks) and meet her husband 4 days into the trip. Bit odd.

There are rumors she cheated on her last fiancé which is why he mercilessly dumped her right before their wedding, although I don’t know if that’s true.

She also hates being brown and believes she is descended from King Prithviraj Chauhan. Prithviraj belonged to the warrior caste. She, as a Verma, belongs to a much different caste and lower social hierarchy. And intercaste marriages were forbidden so it’s extremely doubtful. Delulu we wuzzer.

No. 1828789

File: 1684312169905.jpeg (66.87 KB, 1242x1269, 0CB8D925-374A-4E30-8660-7145D4…)

Her husband looks so gay.

No. 1828790

Is that the gay lead singer of Erasure?

No. 1828793

Kek, watch him interviewed, his voice is high pitched and he looks and sounds so gay, literal twink haggot.

This is the husband of a woman who accused a guy of being gay for using an exclamation mark after saying hi btw, top kek.
Wonder if she’s projecting because she found her hubby’s gay porn folder.

No. 1828794

lmaooooo her husband is a soft spoken lispy effeminate blonde english twink and she’s talking about genociding the gays and burning feminists at stakes
also according to his profiles it says he lives in dubai. do they even sleep in the same bed together? does he even fuck her? is this why she’s so angry and frustrated all the time? lol

No. 1828796

File: 1684313229574.png (353.71 KB, 449x401, 88232065-B93F-4F9C-A242-5975F9…)

So this is the hunter gatherer caveman warlord she was talking about

No. 1828818

Having a gay husband seems to be a prerequisite of tradthottery at this point.

No. 1828823

>Kek everything she tried except for the meteorology degree was attention seeking.
Lmao, meteorology for sure points to her hoping to become a TV weather girl.

She doesn’t cook well and doesn’t live a private, modest life devoted to her husband. These are fantasy videos for lonely men.

Girlie lives for attention so of course the next step was to become a crypto sex worker

No. 1828830

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a lookalike get double fisted online. It’s the bunghole lips + botox mask-face combo. The dreadful expression you only see in Central European gay p*rn screams “my boy-hole is brown and loose from all the anorectal trauma.” I wouldn’t want to accuse him of anything but I doubt his prostate is intact.(p*rn)

No. 1828873

She claims to be Aryan/Rajput but Rajputs have high amounts of aboriginal/Dravidian DNA, and they love larping as white, kek.

Rajputs are also imposters, they arose to fill the void left by the Kshatriyas after the Brahmins genocided them. They also were known to give their daughters as rape tribute to Turks/Mughals (nice). Supposedly there are no true Kshatriyas left in India anymore. So yeah, 100% imposter/we wuzzer.

No. 1828877

Of course she's rajput, all of them are inbred ugly short cunts with massive egos

No. 1828880

File: 1684322965368.png (420.13 KB, 944x748, 2023-05-17 (2).png)

Filler face (Lauren Chen) can't even go two days without shitting on women in her twitter in order to keep her incel fanbase interested, the woman in that video was just asking for fucking help in the gym and didn't even dress revealing kek she's gasping at straws atm

No. 1828883

File: 1684323314210.jpg (7.03 KB, 177x285, téléchargement.jpg)

' My,my,my if it isn't the real-world consequences of all those gym ladies clout chasing' kek

No. 1828884

File: 1684323345590.jpeg (145.27 KB, 987x1390, 181419B0-1CF4-408C-BB49-9C3ED4…)

Lol, rajputs have a huge chip on their shoulder because they are Dravidian farmers who love larping as Aryan steppe warriors. They even stole a lot of Brahmin and Kshatriya surnames and literally larp as being royalty.(racebaiting)

No. 1828885

Lol I see it.

No. 1828887

If you ask these people their origins btw, they will claim they are 100% Aryan and Central Asian. Kek. They are literally this delusional.

No. 1828888

File: 1684323908580.png (37.12 KB, 892x692, Screenshot 96.png)

I don't see any issue with his voice(it sounds like a regular English accent to me). However, it is interesting to note that this guy has some surprisingly impressive credentials, including working for the Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government and contributing to various research and development projects. Given his qualifications and experience working in the middle east, I am curious about his thoughts on his wife's posting of racist shit online.

No. 1828889

File: 1684324507953.jpg (137.17 KB, 765x1022, FvaAAGA5b.jpg)

Okay, this is 100% from some gay moid/lurking troon, If you want to post porn addicted comments go back to Leftypol or Reddit/

No. 1828890

Nobody cares about this cocksuckers career. Stop derailing.

No. 1828891

Hinduism always attracts white spergs and nazis with a hardon for fascism and racism. Evola, Julia Portas aka Savitri Devi, Himmler, Hitler, all praised Hinduism because of its race hierarchy and viewed themselves as descendants of the Aryans (which has literally been debunked by DNA testing anyway)

No. 1828892

He definitely sounds gay and I say this as a Britbong.

No. 1828894

Does anyone have a post of Megha sperging about how Indian food is the reason Indian men are beta slaves?

No. 1828896

He’s a Dubai Porta Potty

No. 1828897

Only around 30% of Indians are vegetarians if that’s what she means. The meat eating castes are still either all fatties or sticcs.

No. 1828900

Also, the Indus people (pre Aryan invasion) were meat eaters too. Vegetarianism/Veganism is something her beloved Aryan warriors brought with them.

No. 1828907

File: 1684327070860.jpeg (61.61 KB, 1242x631, B56C4902-9E06-4E32-997B-B0C8B0…)

Funny cuz she’s pushing 30 with nothing to show for it. Baby machine? She better hurry up with that unless she wants a fleet of curry scented downies.

No. 1828908

File: 1684327320816.jpg (110.66 KB, 1000x1080, f8b95e310604cad54a47959a13b4de…)

Tbf its not untrue, My father often frequently discusses how the majority of South Asian food (with a few exceptions) is ridiculously unhealthy for men, women, and children due to its high fat and low protein content. Although the spicy and flavorful cuisine can be enjoyable in moderation, consuming it daily can lead to excess weight gain and an unhealthy midsection, which is a common issue for many Indian men. This issue is prevalent in people of various ethnicities across the world, but significantly more common among South Asian men due to the poor nutritional value of their diets that primarily consist of gluten and protein-deficient salan. This applies to both vegetarians and meat eaters alike
I know your trying to dunk on her, but the vegetarian aspects of Hinduism did not emerge until much later, around 1250-800 BCE, more than 1000 years after the Aryan migrations and conquests. It should also be noted that the term Aryan Invasions/migration actually happens in at least several waves several centuries, rather than a single group

No. 1828909

File: 1684327366614.jpeg (227.43 KB, 1242x1292, BAEC430F-A804-46D8-8671-2103EB…)

Isn’t her hubby a decade older than her too? Older fathers increase the risk for Down syndrome, schizophrenia, autism, heart disease, dwarfism and many other disorders especially after 40.

No. 1828910

Only around 22% of Indians are overweight compared to 55-60% of Europeans and over 75% of Americans.

No. 1828914

Thing is, that there is multiple regional variations of humans, with local dietary adaptations. Inuits and Siberian tribes are perfectly comfortable with eating 1kg of lard, drinking half a litre of blood and eating pounds of raw fish and raw bloody meat, and they will have no problems. For Europeans they will struggle with this without vomiting or getting parasites; or having heart attacks from consuming so much animal fat quite early on. Different evelolutionary pressures, different adaptations.

For the average European, if he will eat purely meat, there is significantly elevated risk that he will develop gout. In medieval times, it was known as the aristocrats disease, because of their meat-heavy diet. Multiple studies have also found vegetarians have lower BMIs and are less obese on average than meat eaters.

No. 1828916

Vegans also live longer and have better health overall and quality of life in later age than meat eaters and egg/dairy consumers.

No. 1828917

>Megha has entered the chat

No. 1828921

Yeah you shouldn’t eat ghee covered fried chapattis, fried samosas, pakoras and biryani every single day but those dishes are mostly in the north provinces where the diet is much more influenced by Pakistani/Arabic cuisine (and Arabs have a huge obesity epidemic, nearly 60% of Pakistanis are overweight too). Overall, Indian cuisine is pretty healthy, moreso than western and Middle Eastern food.

Southern provinces also have a weight problem but this is mostly because they historically ate only fish and now suddenly are eating way more greasy and carb rich dishes like the north that their metabolisms aren’t used to digesting as well as loads of western soft drinks and candies full of sugar.

No. 1828932

File: 1684330848735.jpg (80.84 KB, 800x800, 4f09990e87.jpg)

My family are genetically the same to other northern Punjabis. However, they lived in a cold mountain valley and had to adapt to their environment. They primarily relied on potatoes, turnips, milk, and occasional meat from goats and cows, which was a better diet than what many South Asians typically consume. While the men in my father's family may not be supermodels, they have flat stomachs and taller-than-average height. e,g I doubt many of you have heard of Pediasure or Complan(they are suppliments given to children in regions of south asia), because South Asian foods often lack the protein necessary for children to achieve their full height potential.(racebaiting)

No. 1828951

Do you have link for that nonnie? Sorry to kinda ask for spoonfeeding, I'm at work rn

No. 1828957

Why are tradthots obsessed with bring "barefoot in the kitchen"? The kitchen floor is not always super clean, and it's the kind of place where there's a risk of having something heavy or hot falling, being barefoot is not a very bright idea.

No. 1828961

I don't think its meat to be literal, just an inside meme term for themselves.

No. 1828974

They've done studies on thousands of pairs of twins that determined around 80% of height is genetics. If someone is say, 5cm taller than the average for his ethnicity, 80 percent of the extra five centimeters, or four centimeters, is due to genetic variants, whereas one centimeter is due to environmental effects, such as nutrition.

Under 1/3 of Indians are vegetarian. Yogurt and other certain dairy products like curds, both of which Indians consume regularly, have almost as much protein as steak (18g/100g vs 25g/100g for paneer and steak)

If protein and meat have such a profound effect on human height then Inuits and other tribes like the Nenets people (who pretty much only eat meat) would easily be the tallest people on earth yet they are not, by a long shot. Dutch and Danish people, who have a mostly grain based diet, are the tallest. Again this is more due to genetic factors and sexual selection than dietary modification. Dutch, Danes, other tall Europeans like Estonians, actually have a lower annual meat consumption rate per capita than other, shorter Euro countries.

No. 1828990

I don't know much about this to continue but all I know is that most Indian food is really crap for your health and you should only eat it sometimes.

No. 1829001

The western diet and their obesity rates clearly aren’t very good either.

No. 1829005

File: 1684339907092.jpg (570.2 KB, 2975x2048, PuVbQT5HzXKw74N.jpg)

Well this is an interesting piece of Information. It appears that Isabella Riley Moody, a previously married woman and rightwing tardwife host, developed a relationship with her current husband at a young age. She first contacted him when he was 15 while she was 23, and they tied the knot just after he turned 19 and are now already expecting a baby in a few short months. Of course, I'm sure their relationship was completely platonic until they got married and how quaint, apparently it's traditional and submissive for an older woman to 'mentor' a young man boy into her perfect husband.

No. 1829018

>> just doing what women do best
I fucking hate tradthots with a passion why can't she just say 'doing what I do best' why tf does she has to drag the rest of us in her pathetic doormat fantasy like some of us have an IQ high enough to excel in something else other than being a maid to some mediocre scrote and his retarded spawn

No. 1829025

This is the most hypocritical shit i ever seen from a tradthot so far, muh high value women marry young to older masculin men but this bitch groomed a 15 year old boy and calls her self his 'tradwife' kek i hope he leaves her for someone his age or younger

No. 1829031

The background looks like the house is gonna fall on their heads any moment kek

No. 1829032

Barefoot = at home, not participating in public life, dependent on your husband.

Of course, if these women actually believed in this, they wouldn’t be presenting themselves online for everyone to see.

No. 1829033

Wasn't she going on about how teenage girls are akshuly fully grown and adult men raping–sorry, "marrying" them, is totally okay? Kek what a duplicitous moron

No. 1829036

>those outfits
uhhhh what

No. 1829037

Marying a 19 year old scrote while pregnant and being almost a decade older kek she's on her way to being a single mom

No. 1829042

File: 1684342161958.png (175.94 KB, 2048x1303, Screenshot_20230517-115026.png)

lol even at just 22% that is 300 million people, or the entire population of the united states or 40% of the entire population of europe

No. 1829047

Isn't Candace Owen's husband gay too? And IIRC that girl who shit herself and her husband both went to conversion therapy, pretty sad even though they're awful people
Trads believe any and all ills are caused by women and that men peak in their 50's and women as teens. All the crypt keeper sperm-sired goblins they push out will be attributed to the mother being old enough to have all her adult teeth and any evidence to the contrary will be chalked up as Jewish subterfuge
>calls self feminine tradwife
>succeeding in a male dominated field

No. 1829050

File: 1684342983872.webm (837.31 KB, 576x1024, heartfelt mother and son momen…)

I just find it both really funny and ironic that someone who is attempting to play the role of a submissive wife is actually in a relationship where she possesses more power than her male partner, who is a dumb immature kid. The act of 'guiding' him to become the ideal man could be viewed as a form of feminism, albeit in a rather unconventional manner.(Germaine Greer would probably approve), like I have to respect the audacity.
vidrel is from 2022, so he would have been only 19 years old at the time and just a few months away before getting her pregnant.

No. 1829055

This is fucking disgusting, she should be called out as a groomer just like onion boy

No. 1829056

this is so gross and zero chance this relationship lasts. there is no way.

No. 1829063

There needs to be a seperate thread for this cunt she's the tradthot version of onision double the milk kek(sage your shit)

No. 1829067

Any receipts on Candace’s husband?

No. 1829068

File: 1684344247864.jpg (187.47 KB, 1010x1193, N4qoMkEqCT3.jpg)

It's fascinating how much impact she has had on him in just a year. She convinced him to scrub his entire Twitter profile filled with Zoomer memes, and he hasn't posted on his Instagram and TikTok for six months. He also appears to be going to the gym more often and has gotten a shorter haircut. While some of these lifestyle changes may be his own choices, it's more then possible that his wife has influenced him to a significant extent.

No. 1829113

Has anyone seen the natalism.org/natalism conference kek

No. 1829117

Isn't there a statistic that shows that women generally want to have 1-2 children, but only if they feel financially secure enough to do so, which most women aren't these days? A similar issue occurred in Yugoslavia and other regions after the fall of communism where the birth rate plummeted, when families any means of base needs security by the state.

No. 1829126

>This is low key pedophilia
This is obviously wrong but I honestly can’t bring myself to care, I really doubt she’s beating the fuck out of him or raping him.

No. 1829136

see point made >>1829050 I just think its really funny because of the Irony of the situation.

No. 1829156

when you take the role of the trad man and secure a virgin, good for her

No. 1829159

she's taking the redpill men's views to it's logical conclusion and applying it to herself, they constantly tell each other to lock down a perfect innocent just turned legal partner to be free of bitter hag baggage. so she's taking their advice. i hope the men are crying and tearing their hair out over it and get called jealous old liches. maybe this situation unfolding will give some of them some self awareness as to why women find this type of behavior predatory.

No. 1829182

File: 1684353636166.webm (1.73 MB, 720x1280, Snapinsta.app_video_202519424_…)

Interestingly enough, he was apparently liberal before entering into a serious relationship with her. vidrel was posted in late 2021, a few months after he turned legal.

No. 1829189

"Feminine hair"
Jfc her hair looks limp as fuck. Why are they all like this? What the fuck is the point of arbitrarily shoehorning the word 'feminine' into every goddamned thing that they do?

No. 1829191

>much younger, married basically the second he became a legal adult
>groomed into conservatism
>molded into his wife's perfect man, no longer acts like the young kid he is
this tradthot is doing the tradmale playbook and killing it better than any man ever did. women really are better at everything, kek

No. 1829209

I believe that these tard plans never work because they are made by moids who have no understanding of young women's needs and perspectives. However, my own experiences with younger male family members, including brothers, cousins, and nephews, have given me insight into how teenage boys act. Based on my observations, teenage boys are dumb, even the bright ones are immature and its not be possible to force them to do something they don't want to do, but it is really easy to nudge them in the right direction if you find an opportunity and provide the right motivation. If the goal is achievable, they are more likely to commit to it, but if not, they may abandon it quickly. It takes a gentle approach and a firm hand to lead them effectively.

No. 1829229

So? If Americas population was 1.4 billion like Indias there would be a billion obese Americans kek

No. 1829231

This woman is based. Better to mold a teen tradhusband into being how you want him to be before his sperm becomes autism baby soup and he becomes a bitter old malding scrote full of baggage.

No. 1829261

File: 1684363062882.jpg (26.19 KB, 437x543, 1683995660432.jpg)

Calm down Germiane Greer. Hate to break it to you, but most majority of normal women aren't exactly pining for teenage boys. Personally, I'd rather not have the father of my child be a mere 19-year-old. Even if he had the genes of a Greek god and looked like he's in his 20's, still wouldn't be interested, simply on principle.

No. 1829268

I don't agree with all this, but I guess at least she actually made him lift and drop toxic social media. He's probably going to turn out better than most moids if only for the fact he had some sort of female figure to guide him. Her having a kid by him is a bit too much IMO, but she'll probably be the one doing the raising (as always).

No. 1829276

Honestly this is based and I hope more women follow suit(sage your autism)

No. 1829279

Handmaiden moment. If men get to do it so should women(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1829281

yeah no. a groomer is a groomer no matter whats between their legs. that's gross

No. 1829303

men shouldnt be doing it and neither should women

No. 1829304

I find 15 year old boys gross and think any adult woman attracted to them must be sick in the head, but I’m not gonna get all outraged at her for beating tradmoids at their own game. They’re the ones out here trying to normalize ephebophilia so hey, go lie in the bed you made (while your wife shags the kid next door.)

No. 1829312

Yeah girl Onion is just as nasty as he is even if she's beating tradmoids at their own game. A pedo is a pedo regardless of gender, and all pedos deserve the woodchipper.

She's like the female version of the Duck Dynasty pro-child marriage guy who started grooming his wife at 14 (he was 18) and married her the second it was legal.

No. 1829320

I’ve noticed an uptick in hate thrown at women going to the gym. Do they just want women to not exercise? Because they’ll be the first to whine over female only gyms for being “discrimination”

No. 1829327

Idc she’s based and more women should follow suit
Ok but literally millions of men do so I’m not seething over a few awesome women who do it too

No. 1829341

Right wing moids use the "feminists are ugly" argument because they're terrified of average and attractive women getting confidence, money, and power and never looking at their gross bottom of the barrel asses. These moids will also prey on insecure 18-22 year olds who have had multiple sexual partners and turn up their noses at confident older women who are virgins or celibate. Just look at what Lolo Jones had to put up with

No. 1829351

>Rajputs are also imposters, they arose to fill the void left by the Kshatriyas after the Brahmins genocided them.
Sage for off-topic, but source on this?

No. 1829374

He looks kinda dumb and easily led, love this for her

No. 1829406

Sage for OT, but as you have mentioned multiple times on lolcow, your family comes from a remote mountainous region and are thus genetic outliers. As >>1828914 noted, many people of northern South Asian descent, with some exceptions, tend to retain fat cells and have insulin resistance, which can contribute to more prominent abdominal fat. This characteristic is known as the Asian-Indian phenotype. While diet certainly plays a role, it is not the only factor involved.

No. 1829416

> Do they just want women to not exercise?

i think this is whats going on. if women collectively wore sweatsuits and face coverings, they would still make up fake concerns about women at the gym. likely gym exercises ""arent feminine"" kek. the truth is, the men complaining see gym girls so far out of their league it makes them LIVID even thinking about it, and tradthots see the independence and work ethic of gym girls as an affront to their own laziness (sitting on twitter or IG all day). neither group religiously goes to the gym, and as the anachan thread pointed out, alot of them are catfishiing pictures from instagram from boys who have no clue their identities are stolen on twitter.

No. 1829437

Tradmoid demands are designed to fuck women over and leave them in a bad position with little to no recourse. They want you to not exercise, be less attractive, and have fewer options the same way they want women to not get an education, have children young, and depend on a moid for a living. There is no good outcome scenario for a woman who does what they say

No. 1829482

File: 1684409353684.jpg (65.33 KB, 600x647, BetJYVBIMAAlAdt.jpg)

Interestingly, throughout history many right-wing nationalist groups as well as communist regimes have promoted physical fitness among women based on the eugenics science. This was the case in American eugenics, Nazi Germany, Mao's China, and Stalin's Russia. The argument was that strong, fit, and disciplined women would give birth to healthier and more disciplined men, with the aim of creating a superior population over the course of a few generations.

No. 1829488

Sage for moral outrage
Why are y'all defending a fucking child groomer pedo cunt just cause she's a woman ? and a misogynistic tradthot out of all things she groomed a fucking 15 year old child >>1829327(learn to sage )

No. 1829490

today I learned there are female pedos on lolcow. I suddenly don’t like this place as much anymore.

No. 1829494

I was shocked cause lolcow bullied onion boy for grooming his wife (as they should) at 16 then knocking her up at 18 this ugly tradcunt is the female onision

No. 1829505

File: 1684413454259.png (45.28 KB, 880x720, 2023-05-18 (2).png)

She's getting roasted in the comments of one her women must be bangmaid incubators to scrotes posts on twitter telling women "don't be a miserable old hag like Chelsea Handler" kek

No. 1829507

File: 1684413653020.png (36.83 KB, 780x605, 2023-05-18 (3).png)

This cunt is saying she's uwu 24 straight up lying about her age , why do trad cunts who hate on Chelsea Handler all look crusty and botched as fuck for their age kek

No. 1829510

File: 1684413876334.jpg (6.38 KB, 201x251, images (3).jpg)

24 kekeke

No. 1829515

sage your shit retard

No. 1829518

File: 1684414790694.jpg (5.34 KB, 225x225, téléchargement (1).jpg)

sahar tabar looking ass groomer

No. 1829524

File: 1684416910149.png (98.25 KB, 1170x2532, BE1FFA6E-910A-4343-9A27-C7FA5B…)

I wouldn’t say this is impressive nonna… he lives off university grants as a policy analyst. I don’t think he’s breaking 120K USD as someone middle aged, after checking google researcher salaries. These are also all residencies and contracts. His job sounds incredibly fake and foofy too (metaverse kek), and not in the “make 250K to approve PowerPoints” principal consultant way. Didn’t megha used to talk all day about how academia was gay? Now her husband is a cuck of an attempted tech-academia partnership

No. 1829528

Tradmoids fetishize weakness and fragility in women. Strong, confident, athletic, extroverted, low neuroticism women are their biggest fear.

The tradmoids ideal woman is submissive, dependent, unsure of herself, low self esteem, physically small frail and waifish, preferably looks like a child, highly neotenous. And whats funny is these women are technically dysgenic and spread this neuroticism, inhibition and fragility to their sons which creates incels.

No. 1829529

>calling women cunts
Scrote detected. Kys.

No. 1829530

You have to write "sage" on the email field in order to sage, moralfag-chan. I'm not defending her, I'm just not outraged. You're a retard if you expect morality to be coherent

No. 1829531

And this is why their larp will never be convincing. I know farm girls and real country babushkas irl. They have ropey muscles hidden under their blouses, are built like linebackers and could practically carry a horse and cart over their head. These wimpy coquette tradlarpers would die of exhaustion if they had to do anything more than twirl in their cottagecore shein dress for a photo op.

No. 1829534

Insecure skinnyfat /pol/ moids see the gym as a masculine activity. They also hate the idea of a woman being surrounded by attractive muscular Chads who likely mog him to suicide and might hit on his gf, as that’s a threat to his masculinity and relationship security. A weak skinny frail woman who never leaves the house and simply lives on air and the love for her children is more preferable and controllable.

They want women to have perfect bodies, but they don’t want to know she worked out to get it, it must seem effortless and all natural.

No. 1829536

Eugenicists with a cause have practical and long-term concerns, seventeen year olds and failed middle aged ugly moids have coom and "keeping her from leaving me" concerns. The more dysfunctional the better.

No. 1829537

File: 1684418137748.jpeg (297.18 KB, 1382x1760, 536E8171-F8B4-4043-BFC4-FED510…)

>other girls don’t like me because they are jealous of me
>it’s not because I am a mentally deranged narcissist with delusions of grandeur and who is obsessed with violent revenge fantasies

No. 1829538

>is literally a mid girl and a loser who sits on Twitter all day
This woman has a self awareness bypass.

No. 1829539

I feel sorry for her. Her gay hubby doesn’t fuck her so she lashes out at random targets online, be it ‘mid’ girls, lesbians, gays etc. Nobody who is in a happy loving marriage, has great friendships and who gets a good dicking regularly talks or acts like this. Miserable, scorned narc.

No. 1829540

File: 1684418335409.png (758.79 KB, 1170x2532, FB4A09AC-0318-4CA5-9BAC-349EAB…)

And how will she raise her future children within a community without friends and children of friends? Especially as an immigrant? Dumbass.
And BEC bc this photo is at least 3 years old but she really can’t dress. She looks ready for a 7th grade orchestra concert. Yet she has a substack post on being “sexy”

No. 1829542

Samefag the anachan vibes off this pic too….

No. 1829543

She just looks like an average Punjabi/Paki girl. She would get lost in a sea of them here in London. Doesn’t remotely stand out nor is she a beauty.

No. 1829544

She has those funny knock knees that Indians tend to have kek

No. 1829546

hmm maybe this explains why she is still childless despite ‘wanting 10 babies’. bit sussy.

can her husband even get it up for her?

No. 1829549

I suspect her husband travels a lot bc of his appointment at that Dubai university, hence baby delay. He also doesn’t seem to have steady salary

No. 1829550

File: 1684418800451.jpeg (128.45 KB, 1373x899, F024841A-B6C9-4A1A-BFC6-7CA840…)

Sounds like an excuse. If you want kids you will find time to make and have them.

Also a bit curious as to how their conservative, trad values pertain to racemixing. I thought that was a nono and something only dirty liberals want? How is a self hating white worshipper like her going to cope with the fact her kids will still be Indian and brown like her?

No. 1829553

That’s what all of these trads do, regardless of their specific variant. Megha, Alex Kaschuta, Mary Harrington, Isabella Riley, TigerLily. They wait until things are perfect to have children, have established careers, marry equal or higher earners, and are at minimum in their late 20s. They have no more than 2-3 kids. they do nothing different than a liberal feminist in NYC. Yet they preach to all other women to get married to Jack in the Box cooks at age 20 and have 8 kids, and “build together.”

No. 1829554

File: 1684419110611.jpeg (63.65 KB, 675x506, 79E63D88-740D-4149-B609-B4748D…)

Conservative moids are always hypocrites on this issue. They will blow a gasket if they see a Caucasian woman with a nonwhite male, but usually end up marrying non white women themselves.

Honestly, Meghas husband seems like a liberal type. He works for brown men, lives in a brown country for much of the year and is married to a brown woman. The way he talks doesn’t give off strong Tory or Republican vibes to me, at least not in a social sense. We have racist, republican types in the UK but they are generally quite easy to tell. He seems quite meek and beta.

Pic rel is the leader of the German AFD who calls for an end to immigration and wants higher white birthrates btw.

No. 1829557

That’s what’s very strange to me. I know many ‘feminist, career women’ who are married and have at least 2-3 kids by 25-30, sometimes even more. This is actually the norm here. So I’m not sure how they justify their lifestyle being superior, other than they are more parasitic and lazy because they refuse to work.

No. 1829559

i think it boils down to ‘you being hardworking and successful and earning your own money makes me look lazy, so stop having a career as it makes me look bad and men might start realizing they don’t have to financially support me’

No. 1829562

Calling a tradthot pick me that uses her platform to spread misogynistic bangmaid bullshit a cunt doesn't make one a scrote you fucking retard

No. 1829563

I don't think there's a single tradwife who was talented or accomplished or had status, especially prior to their marriage. Most are failures or were mediocre in their careers and studies beforehand; that "Blonde in the belly of the beast" woman for example would always make not so subtle insults and jabs at women she used to work with who were actually good at their jobs and it was clearly just her seething because they made her look bad. Most tradlife fetishist males are unwanted failmales as well, or deeply insecure and controlling. A woman outperforming or outearning them threatens their ego and makes their pps feel small and impotent. He also dreads her being around other men and the idea of her handsome rich boss or male coworker asking her out for drinks. They would actually rather be a betabux whale than have a woman bringing in an extra 100K a year, because it makes them feel less useless and unneeded.

No. 1829565

For real, all the ""career c*nt" as trads would probably call them women I know have at least one kid by their mid-30's, sometimes have them a bit later and are all married. Actual radfem separatism is incredibly rare, the average feminist would look at you like you're a nut if you bring it up(sadly). This narrative they've made up that women either have to get married to the first man who looks at them after leaving high school or slave away as a miserable wageslave with only 15 cats to keep her company is hilarious, considering how they never choose to live the "ideal" way themselves. It reminds me of how that Stephen Molyneux guy who got banned for creeping on Taylor Swift about her 30 year old eggs was a SAHD married to a doctor whose first and only child was born when they were both in their 40's. How low IQ does one have to be to believe this tripe, when even the ones who push the lifestyle never abide by it?

No. 1829569

It’s funny because Megha was doing a phd in science and then got kicked from her course. As damage control she claims she quit and is happy she got kicked as cope. Lmao. Lol.

No. 1829570

Yep the difference is the feminists actually have real jobs that make good money; their delay to have kids was worth it. Meanwhile half of these women are podcasters or Internet personalities kek. many of these trads make low money eg Megha as a research assistant living at home. If Megha had gotten into med school she wouldn’t be singing the tune she is now

No. 1829579

They hate female engineers, doctors and any woman that makes the six figures without having to lick incel ass for donations online (not that they make six figures from that), add childfree to female engineer or doctor and they will shit themselves with jealousy kek they all flocked together to dunk on Chelsea Handler but they're just mad jealous that she'd rich from being a top selling writer and is childfree by choice that is the combinations that scares tf out of scrotes a well off women that they can't humble down and trap with kids

No. 1829580

I feel like people ITT really confuse tradthots with actual traditional women and SAHMs. It's like thinking that plumbers really spend all day at their job banging the homeowners wife. You are witnessing a fetish portrayal for men that has nothing to do with reality. I think a lot of you don't really seem to get that. There are many actual traditional women in this world who raise lots of kids, are religious, do homesteading etc. They aren't on the internet. They are busy. It's kind of weird to judge them based on these LARPers and say that your lifestyle is definitely better and more fulfilling because this woman wearing a flowerdress on tiktok is bad at baking or whatever the fuck. Let's remember a lot of women in this world don't even have a choice except to live a traditional lifestyle and they make the best of it.

No. 1829586

Being an unpaid servant bangmaid with no agency or educational to some mediocre blue collar scrote and his retarded spawn BY CHOICE will always be an indicator of low IQ and seld esteem. Period.

No. 1829589

There's plenty of normal SAHMs who aren't weird tradlarpers and are supporters of a woman's right to choose to have kids or not. In all of the happiest most successful relationships with a stay at home mother, it was because there was mutual respect in the marriage and they both made decisions together. Not some weird relationship where she obeys him like she's a child and submits to him. A lot of women are also smart enough to get a degree as a precaution in case of a divorce. Being a stay at home mother would be a lot more appealing for many women if getting a divorce wouldn't lead to poverty, and there were more high value men willing to provide even beyond the divorce to make sure their children are safe and fed.

No. 1829590

Then don't do that if it's not for you. I don't really understand hating other women for wanting to be mothers and homemakers. It's just a new version of misogyny and people trying to dictate how women should live their life and that there is one one correct way, otherwise you are a dumb useless (insert misogynistic slur).

No. 1829591

Which is never the case kek most divorced SAHM are struggling with poverty or dating sketchy moids out of desperation or stay with their cheating abusive scrotes cause they can't afford being a single mom. Nothing makes a woman more weak and open to abuse like having kids does i honestly can't blame women who want nothing to do with kids they're actually smart enough to realize the many cons of motherhood

No. 1829592

I guess to me tradthots are lolcows because they don't actually live what they preach, because a traditional woman wouldn't be seeking attention on social media and showing off her tits. Not because they are women who want to be mothers and homemakers. That's actually a very normal thing if you're not a terminally online NEET you'd probably know plenty of women who do exactly that.

No. 1829593

Exactly, because in most of the tradcunt's videos against feminism they mention the point of "Feminists claim to be for choices for women then are against them being stay at home moms".
Then the comments are full of giggling gossipy men saying "Teehee I bet they're only mocking SAHMs because they're so fat and bitter and lonely and depressed and wish they were moms and housewives!"

The real reason obviously is because we're frustrated as fuck from the years of extreme internet misogyny and sick of being nice and taking personal attacks, so we're doing the same thing back. But this just isn't working and giving them more ammo.

No. 1829594

It's not misogyny to admit to the fact that being a mother with no agency or education to fall back on is foolish as fuck and sign of low IQ. It's a fact. Funny how these uwu homemakers come running back to feminists when their husband packs and leaves one day leaving them to take care of their kids alone kek

No. 1829595

I mean, that is the ugly truth right? Not everyone is equipped to trade classes or move up in their life station. A lot of people retain the income they were born into. Alot of lower income women marry dudes from their neighborhood and get knocked up at 21. They’re not “tradthots,” but women with middling careers like Megha who couldn’t become either a PhD prof or medical doctor OR a 20 year old SAHM fetishize their realities

No. 1829603

Not everyone can afford to get a college degree. You sound like such a brat, probably a teenage girl who grew up in a nuclear family in suburbia, daddy pays your tuition and you go on the internet to shit on women who live a different reality from yours and call them low IQ. It's very misogynistic.

No. 1829606

Anyone that thinks being SAHM is an enviable living situation in the slightest is a fucking retard, nothing easier to settling for some fat scrote and having his kids. They're just coping hard with the fact that they don't have the work ethic nor the IQ required for a high end career in engineering or the medical field it's fucking sad actually kek

No. 1829615

Like i said pointing out the dangers of severe financial dependecy while also having kids to take care of is not misogynistic loser-homemaker-chan it's just a FACT, you don't need to hate SAHM to admit something so obvious. It's still true no matter how many assumptions you pull outta your ass about random anons

No. 1829618

That was basically all the comments on Vice's recent video on the rise of tradwives, saying that feminists were just bitter and lonely and jealous. It was really unfortunate how Vice missed the mark and made it look like they were just bashing SAHMs.

In reality, feminists don't care if you want to be a SAHM. The reason they are so afraid right now is people with this Tradthot ideology could become in power of our government, with the increase in right wing extremist politics and Roe V Wade being overturned. Extremists have talked about making it illegal for women to have jobs, bringing heavy taxes onto childfree people, and outlawing birth control. There may be increases of violence against women. With housing inflation, being a single mom is dangerous.

This is not an issue of feminist vs SAHM but an issue of feminist vs extreme misogyny

No. 1829622

>>feminists were just bitter and jealous
major kek who would fucking envy someone who's existence revolves around thanklessly serving others 24/7 ? do they seriously think that even the fatest ugliest 'jealous' feminist couldn't settle for some equally ugly scrote to have kids with ? lmao they cope is just off the charts

No. 1829624

didn't she suffer a concussion, get brain damage and forgetfullness, and had to drop out because she could't keep up anymore?

No. 1829626

Yeah right she probably couldn't keep up cause she's too retarded and lazy kek

No. 1829627

What a fucking retarded take. If you can't afford college then you probably also can't afford to be a SAHM since in most countries living on a sigle middle class wage while raising a family is nearly impossible, and if you marry a rich guy, why not ask for him to pay your tuition?

No. 1829629

SAHM-chan is retarded anon you're scaring her with actual logic kek

No. 1829633

I think it’s her internet addiction most of all. The Phd program was always cope too, for not getting into medical school

No. 1829639

Med school takes a lot of dedication, ambition and studying like all high end careers trathots lake all of those things kek

No. 1829642

File: 1684432053553.png (306.35 KB, 1304x840, 1085.png)

Its also worth nothing many progressive people in the past including Helen Keller, Jack London, Booker T. Washington. Mark Twain, and Margaret Sanger, supported eugenics. At that time the eugenics movement had broad support across the political spectrum at that time. Progressives didn't want to a breed a race of superhumans rather they believed that with eugenics, it was possible to eliminate genetic defects and reduce suffering and pain caused by illness

No. 1829646

Feel like this thread is actually infected with scrotes who found an acceptable way to bash women.

No. 1829655

Not trusting scrotes enough to financially depend on them and calling those who do retarded is not bashing women it's bashing poor life choices that can lead to abuse and single mom poverty if that's what you're talking about.

No. 1829658

File: 1684432830062.jpg (175.8 KB, 1096x1077, coomer.jpg)

Srsly getting these vibes with how anons throw around the most misogynistic insults all day long and have weird fetish fantasies about housewives.

No. 1829662

"Traditional women" live the life tradthots pretend to for clout. The average financially dependent perma-birthing traditional woman is a miserable shell of a woman constantly raped and abused by her male owner/husband. Marital rape being illegal, women being able to hold bank account without a male cosigner, and no-fault divorce are all very recent and all the result of feminist activism.
For real, the SAHM copium is insane. I guess it comes naturally when you're used to taking drugs to deal with life

No. 1829663

>The average financially dependent perma-birthing traditional woman is a miserable shell of a woman constantly raped and abused by her male owner/husband.
Seriously, you can't tell me this poster isn't a male with a sick fetish

No. 1829664

kek that meme is fucking retarded, all scrotes prefer seeing women is a dependent weak position you braindead pick me ass bitch it's mostly eduacted women and feminists who warn them from trusting scrotes and putting their destiny in their hands kek y'all SAHMS are fucking hopeless

No. 1829665

Why are you associating being a mother with unemployment+financial dependence? You can be a mother and still be a person. You don't have to spend the rest of your life cloistered away at home cleaning baby shit and doing laundry once you push one out. This mindset is why childfree rates are increasing, and no wonder

No. 1829666

??? You're the ones who assume that a mother is literally a rapeslave to her male plantation owner husband who does nothing all day except birth children.

No. 1829668

You're a fucking retard if you seriously think a moid would tell a SAHM that she's in the wrong for a being financially dependent bangmaid when they do their best promoting that shit as 'divine feminine' and call women who don't want it ugly fat and miserable kek this is i believe the anon that called SAHMS low IQ bangmaids now

No. 1829670

I'm a woman, just not one who bothers coddling women who won't help themselves. Blah blah I have no choice, blah blah listen to me whine about how much I hate my husband but will never leave him, blah blah no I won't ever strive for independence. Get a job, make an exit plan, and then we'll talk.

No. 1829671

Yeah you're a real feminist and not just a pervert who fetishizes SAHM as some kind of sex-slave tied to a radiator in their husbands basement.

No. 1829673

Well obviously since you're getting some angry replies, not gonna respond angrily to this. But maybe whoever made this comic will finally understand how us women on the other side of the spectrum here when we get told by trad women nonstop how we're fat, ugly, and will die alone. It's a two way street here. And it seems like women are getting WAY more flak for not having kids, than for being stay at home moms. There's far more content violently and angrily bashing childfree women than housewives.

No. 1829674

Nobody said that retard-SAHM chan they're saying that depending on a scrote with no skills or educational to fall back on is very fucking dangerous. why are you so fucking retarded ?

No. 1829675

No wonder glomming onto a moid is her only option, she couldn't pass a middle school-level test on reading comprehension. How long until she starts breaking down about how doing the chores everyone does is The Hardest Job? kek

No. 1829677

I get the anger at people telling you that you should have kids or you are an "empty egg carton" etc, which are mostly men btw. Just don't think you can call yourself a feminist when you hate other women who have a different lifestyle than you with such a burning passion. Shouldn't you be better?

No. 1829680

While I agree, I used to be in "tradthot" spaces very recently, until I realized a lot of these women who are in these spaces do not mind hurting their own women, including their daughters. I have seen a woman in these spaces post photos of herself getting beat by her husband, and the comments were filled with men asking if he was black, when she said he wasn't, they said she must've done something. That peaked me, as well as seeing multitudes of these women excuse men grooming their peers or normalizing such things. We've had huge figures who excused men being into girls who were 15-16 and deliberately ignore it. I have seen young girls who dated men who aligned themselves with "cunny" posters who talked about hypothetical situations if they were to have daughters, and said so girls would go along with it or even pretend to be into it. I think there is some hatred from some of these women because the fact is, there is an overlap in online subcultures with these kind of women, as I have always been for SAHMs, however, I do not believe most anons in here are against SAHMs, but against financial dependency without security. In fact, I would support taxes going to SAHMs because home labor is still labor. Nevertheless, I can understand the anger and resentment against these women, because a lot of them grow up to be resentful towards their daughters and let their husbands hurt them, I have seen this multiple times. The truth is, a lot of these women do not choose well partners and are naive and deliberately go into these relationships with men and have no backups with them. I do not believe self proclaimed traditional men are something to trust, especially because their entire ideology is revolved around the "youth" of women and the fertility of one. Just recently, there was a graph theyve been posting where women start their peak at 15 and drops at 23, while men's peaks were at 38. I do reckon that the people who are calling these women these insults are men, though. I think the women these people are mad at is primarily online, as most "traditional women" do not call themselves such terms on the internet and are busy with actually raising kids.

No. 1829681

You need to stop samefagging, it's really obvious and embarrassing.

No. 1829683

File: 1684433755997.jpeg (72.52 KB, 888x977, 9D887376-DD72-49CD-B76F-DC02F1…)

>Neanderthal threehead and lack of prefrontal cortex
>obsessed with violent revenge fantasies and killing people
>thinks feminists should be burned at the stake for being witches
>looks like sneery wicked witch of the west herself

No. 1829685

File: 1684433881494.jpeg (107.61 KB, 1217x751, 1D4B8518-170F-4782-8E90-AF400E…)

To quote Jesse McCartney.

No. 1829687

File: 1684433978170.png (91.49 KB, 443x566, Screenshot 1.png)

I agree, there's a very "moid energy/feel" with some of these posts.
she legit she looks like she could be his mom.

No. 1829688

Well those are the people who should be discussed in this thread. Embarrassing LARPers who are about as far from "trad" as you can possibly be. But this thread always starts to shift into "any woman who choses to put family before career is a retarded pickme cumslut bangmaid whore with low IQ" and "I am SO GLAD that I don't have kids, I am SO HAPPY being alone, I am SO FULFILLED in my job" blogposting, like who cares, lmao.

No. 1829690

Nobody actually hates SAHM you fucking idiot, the anons are just saying that SAHM with no degrees or skills to result to incase the scrote dies or turns abusive are not so fucking bright which is true, learn to read

No. 1829691

I've been reading your hostile rageposts for a while and yeah, you do hate them. It's very obvious.

No. 1829692

File: 1684434251769.jpeg (139 KB, 1218x1502, 19BED668-067D-4336-B412-141CB2…)

>says something dumb and demonstrably false
>gets corrected for being retarded
Why are tradlarpers so thin skinned and fragile?

No. 1829693

I also want to include that pregnant women and SAHMs are the most vulnerable. I am worried about said so women being in these cases, as in my culture, it was expected (and still is) for women to be housewives. The women in my family were treated very harshly, and it was even worse since divorce was not prevalent back then, however, we don't include other factors that makes said so women stay, such as children and lack of income or a career. In all reality, I think most of the anons would agree that SAHMs need security and safety, they need a family besides their kids and husband to go to in case. Personally, I want to be a mother, but I also want to work and provide security for my kids and show to my daughters that they can be whatever they wanted.
I agree, however, I thought most of the thread was fixated onto such figures, like Lauren and whatnot? I don't think a few posts on here make up for most of the thread, because I have seen multiple anons admit to being SAHMs in the thread and shit on these women for being against women's rights. I'm not sure if you are new, though. I apologize that you feel that way.

No. 1829694

Not at all. You do realize women with self-respect exist, right? I know whether or not you eat depends on how well you sooth a moid's ego, but for many that's not true.
>But this thread always starts to shift into "any woman who choses to put family before career
You aren't "putting family before career", you're unemployed. The children of SAHMs have worse outcomes than those of contributing mothers for a reason. Why the self-worship? If you want to depend on a moid, that's your choice, but don't pretend like it's for anyone's betterment other than his.
>is a retarded pickme cumslut bangmaid whore with low IQ"
Relying on a man financially is a very retarded thing to do, yes. There are generations of women who attest to this. This has been explained to you before. Really proving the point about SAHMs being low IQ, kek
>and "I am SO GLAD that I don't have kids, I am SO HAPPY being alone, I am SO FULFILLED in my job" blogposting, like who cares, lmao.
Never seen grapes more sour than these.

No. 1829695

I do not think there's a reason to call her those kinds of insults, it'd be proving her point even more.

No. 1829697

Calling her low IQ is less of an insult and more of a simple observation at this point.

No. 1829700

File: 1684434611671.jpeg (40.78 KB, 1242x301, 67CF69A9-F87D-4EFC-A6B0-F98FBC…)

Literally the most overrated historical figure of all time. Western historians never hop off his dick. Got BTFO in Spain. Empire lasted like 3 years.

No. 1829701

And you give off gay moid who is seething at women for doing something he can't do vibes tbh. I know faggots browse this site a lot so it would make sense that they are drawn to a thread that ridicules women for something that he will never be able to do and gives the gay moid a good excuse to be unabashedly misogynistic while handmaidens clap for him. Just don't think a woman would be this utterly hostile to other women and the mansplaining and patronizing tone moids use to talk down to those they perceive as lower than them is just off the charts with you.

No. 1829702

>>"I am SO GLAD that I don't have kids, I am SO HAPPY being alone, I am SO FULFILLED in my job" blogposting, like who cares, lmao.

Except nobody blog posted about those things you braindead autistic bitch, you're projecting hard. Also SAHM don't put family over career they put a scrote over their own and their children's wellbeing, nobody gives a fuck about a women who paused a an actual career to focuse on having kids most feminists live like that we're talking about women who have no skills, eduaction or careers in the first place those are an easy prey for abusive scrotes and the kids end up suffering cause their mom is too much of a low self worth dependent pick me to leave her scrote and raise them well kek(infighting)

No. 1829703

Exactly. It's a waste of time to call them names back as opposed to an intelligent analysis on the lifestyle and it's flaws as many amazing nonas have done on this thread.

The funniest thing is, they think when feminists sink down to their level and insult them, they think it means "That person should have a baby so they'll be happier" Someone who hates kids and gets angry at even the idea of motherhood is not going to be happier with kids. Sounds like a recipe for some traumatized kids.

No. 1829707

File: 1684434879750.jpeg (93.93 KB, 1208x599, 9231B836-5E53-4A8A-80C6-0C4B85…)

>megha claims stretch marks are not actually caused by skin stretching
>its just a coincidence they happen during weight gain, puberty when hip bones are stretching, and pregnancy
>woman who has never been pregnant tells pregnant women its their own fault for getting stretch marks because they arent eating right
>ignoring the fact most women nowadays eat prenatal vitamins like candy
>ignoring the fact there is no evidence any of her theory is true

No. 1829709

File: 1684434948302.jpeg (65.15 KB, 1242x584, B1694B4C-5BF4-48CD-8608-435949…)

99% sure she was lurking this thread and the one sperging about protein and Indian diets

No. 1829710

Her bf is ugly but I don’t care, scrotes cant be groomed by women.

No. 1829711

Again with calling women who are actually concerned about the wellbeing of other women faggots and troons, you are way more retarded and braindead than i thought kek this is fucking sad can't believe feminists worked this hard only to have bitches like you glamorize being a scrote's maid

No. 1829713

Up your Valium dosage, SAHM-chan. Holy shit. Is your meal ticket cheating on you with a man? Homoids are no more misogynistic than the straight moids like the one you live off of, so I can't imagine any other reason why.

You're proving my point about SAHMs having a chip on their shoulder about being unaccomplished compared to other women, and lashing out when forced to confront this fact. No, pregnancy and birth and not the apex of female accomplishment. No, you're not special for having done it. All mammalian females can give birth. Something like 90% of women do it at least once in their lives. If you have nothing to show for you life other than being impregnated, that's on you. I'm not a conservative, I don't think lying back and birthing is the end all be all of a woman's life. Get a job.

No. 1829714

You're not a feminist for calling other women bitches on the internet.

No. 1829715

Yeah you are definitely a scrote lol.

No. 1829716

It's all hopeless anon, i just hope her scrote doesn't turn abusive,dies or stops providing for the kids.

No. 1829717

Retarded take when the person is bitching and calling other women scrotes and troons for providing them with a reality check. Don't you have chores to do ? fuck off BITCH(infighting)

No. 1829718

Sigh. Who tipped the cows?

No. 1829720

Scrotes, famous for warning women against being financially dependent on them and knowing there is more to a woman's life than birthing. God, you're so fucking dumb.

No. 1829721

They're coming in swinging to defend their retarded lifestyles

No. 1829723

NTA but we don’t fetishize them as that. They fetishize that about themselves and literally refer to themselves as baby machines, which is gross.

No. 1829725

And you know when their kids they had as “insurance policies against dying alone” eventually grow up and see those posts, they will totally not get cut off like how the transformed wife got cut off by her daughter

No. 1829726

Scrotes love any excuse to hurl insults at women. Especially when its socially acceptable to do so. Like how people on twitter can say the worst most misogynistic crap about women as long as they add "white" in front of the word woman.

No. 1829727

This. Reminds me a lot of how submissive women will refer to themselves as ‘daddy’s little cumslut fuckhole fleshlight’ and then cry when feminists calls them gross and people don’t take them seriously, kek.

No. 1829729

Yeah I noticed that a lot. Karen and ‘white girl’ tropes can be as vile and misogynistic as they want as long as they are only about Caucasian women.

No. 1829730

Where exactly are SAHMs refering to themselves as bangmaids? Thats something only farmers say.

No. 1829731

SAHM-chan is a moid defending defending the act of blindly trusting moids and submitting to them but is trying to pass it as a no u meanie feminist insulting muh SAHM retarded life decisions se we don't tell him to go kill him self like we do obvious scrotes keksage

No. 1829732

Realized you said something idiotic that you can't logically defend, huh? If you can't cope with receiving pushback for your objectively harmful ideology, that's on you. We're under no obligation to coddle you for having the same sex.

No. 1829734

I'm reading all your posts in a sassy gay man's voice, it's just so obvious now, lmao.

No. 1829737

Bangmaid is just shorthand for ‘barefoot and pregnant, refers to self as baby machine, believes womens role is sexually servicing their husband, cleaning and tearing their vagina in half for his children’. We don’t feel like typing all that out, so bangmaid is a pretty succinct catch-all term. Don’t like it? Maybe try and develop a personality outside of cleaning and being a ‘vessel’ for moids.

No. 1829741

File: 1684436441366.jpg (197.67 KB, 1366x1536, Z4vcqz4Ln1Tf.jpg)

They remind me of these two.

No. 1829742

Perhaps that's the case here, idk why else she'd be so obsessed with the thought of me being a gay scrote. Don't they stereotypically love housewives since a woman with a lot of free time can fulfill the "woman who listens to all my problems" role? Though the fixation does remind me of that pagliacci the hater cow, also a fake radfem who hates on gay moids but panders to conservative ones nonstop

No. 1829744

A lot of SAHM get used by closeted gay scrotes to have kids then divorce them for a moid like a used rag SAHM-chan be careful being left poor as fuck to support a bunch of kids on your own isn't the most humiliating thing that can happend to you in your position kek

No. 1829747

I understand why bangmaid is used and why tradthots take so much offense to it. It’s because it’s calling a spade a spade.

Tardies love to use flowery language and wax lyrical about the grossest shit as if it’s poetry, it’s manipulative and disingenuous.

Example: a woman being chained to the stove and forced to cook meals for her family. Tardwife translation: ‘the divine feminine intertwined with the hearth and pouring her heart into vessels made of semi-precious metals extracted from the earth to nourish her loved ones’. Lmao.

The bible and other patriarchal texts, as well as male manipulators, predators, pedos and cult leaders use this kind of flowery language to mask the most depressing degrading female roles too. It’s disgusting and we are not gonna apologise for calling it what it is.

No. 1829749

Are you doing a sassy fingersnap after each time you post this drivel and think you totally owned a woman on the internet?(infighting)

No. 1829750

im starting to have suspicions megha isnt even real and is just a chatgpt4 amalgamation of 2017-era statue twitter that only started posting pictures of herself recently when rhe AI models updated

No. 1829751

Yup. Notice how tardwives almost never talk in real, biological terms? ‘I had to get an episiotomy and almost died from blood loss during childbirth’ becomes ‘my sacred yonic energy was torn asunder and I became willing to give my precious resin for my sapling’.

No. 1829752

Chiming in as another nona who was also once in the tradthot spaces: If there are any moids itt, they're more than likely troons who are malding because they can never live out this fantasy which so many of them have. I mean, the fucking MtF thread is rife with caps of them attempting to emulate Golden Era Hollywood starlets and Leave it to Beaver's mom or some shit, which is just as cringe as when 2012 HAES Rockabilly enthusiasts did it. The anger and resentment that farmers have towards these women isn't exactly unfounded just as >>1829680 said, because they don't mind hurting other women if it means they get male attention and that's a problem. Is it a problem because we're out to compete? No, its a problem because they perpetuate something damaging onto not only the vulnerable, but another generation.

No. 1829753

I bet your mother regrets having her yoni torn asunder just so you can post cringe like this on the internet.(infighting)

No. 1829754

But you did get OWNED by the anons for your poor comprehension skills and autistic memes Tradthot-chan you're only asking for more dragging at this point but yeah you're a trad-thot larping here as SAHM and they are famous for having humiliation kinks

No. 1829756

Her husband works with AI right? Would be funny if you’re right, and Megha is just his Chatgpt tranny alter ego like Peter Coffin and his fake Japanese gf Kimi Kobayashi.

No. 1829758

Shit comeback lol.(infighting)

No. 1829761

Stranger things have happened. Moids larping as edgy right wing women online isn’t anything new.

No. 1829762

I think this is just Blaine tbh. Post your dumb anime pictures already and gloat about totally fooling us.

No. 1829764

Her husband does seem rather sexually ambiguous. I find it a little strange that Megha supposedly lives in the South/Canada but her husband goes between UAE and London.

No. 1829765

hit dogs holler(infighting)

No. 1829766

You're either a fucking male or a severely retarded trathot, no self respecting woman would downplay the trauma of giving birth .(infighting)

No. 1829767

Maybe one day they'll have the technology for you to find out what it's like as well.(infighting)

No. 1829770

Samefag, but the conservatives and trad thots love fetishizing pregnancy and giving birth, " getting your vagina torn to your anus and pissing your self for a year after" muh devine miracle of birth just to downplay it, nobody would want to do it if they don't sugar coat the deal only braindead pick me's fall for it tho kek

No. 1829772

So yeah all that bullshit about "I only want to warn women about relying on a man financially" just went out the window huh? Full on hating on all mothers now and writing weird fanfiction about women getting injured during birth.

No. 1829774

Calling women troons after you got dragged is not the win you think it is trad-thot chan

No. 1829778

These aren't fanfictions, this is brutal reality. I disagree with mother-bashing, but what many tradthots have is an idealized version of birth and motherhood. It's why if a woman says she cannot mentally and physically handle childbirth/motherhood, we should believe her.

Those "fanfictions" are what can very well happen and happens to many women daily. You can die in childbirth. Have postpartum depression/psychosis (which is especially common with moms who are neurodivergent)
You can end up with a special needs child with behavioral issues who does nothing but scream and bite. You can end up permanently incontinent.
While yes having kids can be very fulfilling for some, it's not for everyone and tradthots are very ignorant and sugarcoating of that.

No. 1829780

You just outted your self as a moid kek not being able to hold your piss is common af during after vaginal birth it's not fanfic you fucking retard. Now if you're by some chance a woman then get back to your 'divine feminine' bangmaid duties before your scrote beats your ass for spending too much time on lolcow if you're a moid then go kill youself.

No. 1829781

Ripping from vagina to anus is extremely rare and so is incontenence for years after birth. You literally get off on this shit and it's vile. I absolutely believe you are a troon who is sexually aroused by these tradthot torture fantasies.

No. 1829782

It's a moid, of course they're ignorant on the horrible side effects of childbirth.

No. 1829783

Just saying it is a possibility, and people should be well researched on child development and maternal risks, as well as their own genetic risks before they just claim any old person should reproduce, with the sheer amount of "regretful parents" online groups and unwanted children in foster care

No. 1829784

NTA but everything in that post makes sense, none of it reads as fetishization. What tf is your problem

No. 1829786

NTA, but that's not fanfiction. Virtually all births result in vaginal tearing, and pregnancy/birth do such damage to the pelvic floor that incontinence is often permanent. Hence all the middle aged moms who make "funny" comments about how they piss a little every time they laugh. How is being realistic about the damage pregnancy and birth will inflict "full on hating on all mothers"?

No. 1829788

Saying NTA does nothing to hide your poorly disguised samefagging btw

No. 1829789

Yes like 9/10 women tear, but its first degree in almost all of those cases, not vagina to anus.

No. 1829790

Except it's not that rare, even a third degree tear is fucking awful and your anus and clit are almost torn, only scrotes and tradthots sugar coat the body horror of childbirth to manipulate low IQ women into doing it.

No. 1829791

Those posts are one minute apart. If you want, ask the mods to see if we're the same person. Multiple people can, in fact, disagree with you.

No. 1829792

That’s still fucking horrifying desu.

No. 1829793

If the mods were here we'd be banned for infighting already after all those slurs you hurled around, kek. You gotta wait more than one minute to disguise the samefagging.

No. 1829796

You have the right to mutilate your body with a man’s cum tokens. But I also have a right to be disgusted and disappointed by your choice to do that.

No. 1829798

God you're fucking retarded, do us all a favore and go back to changing explosive diapers and licking your scrote's boots in order to eat trad-thot chan.

No. 1829799

You would be banned for that, I wouldn't. You be easy, though.

No. 1829802

Reminder these tardwives were literally advising mentally ill women to have kids because ‘mental illness isn’t real, you just wanna be a mommy uwu’.

It’s a tragedy for both the kids and the severely mentally ill mothers who were convinced by moids and patriarchal religions to have kids even though they weren’t mentally fit to.

No. 1829804

This retard is too self absorbed to even consider that multiple women don't agree with her retarded takes, too retarded to even see that two replies were posted in the same fucking time kek

No. 1829808

You could mention Casey Anthony, Andrea Yates drowning her children in a fit of postpartum depression, Gabriel Fernandez's mom, Gypsy Rose Blanchard's mom forcing her to fake cancer, and they still wouldn't bat an eye.

Or the fact that 90% of autistic or ADHD women have PMDD and post partum depression.

Someone could be abusing a child right in front of their face and they'd say "well at least she raised the birthrate unlike the feminazis!"

No. 1829810

I'll leave you to your meltdown, I do actually have shit to do lmao.(infighting)

No. 1829813

the "fetish" stuff makes me think its this creepy tranny >>>/w/297138

No. 1829814

There is a childfree thread in OT. This is the tradthot thread btw.

No. 1829815

You had a metldown after anons pointed ou how retarderd you are and got dragged,you should have kept away from lolcow if you can't handle candid opinions.(infighting)

No. 1829816

File: 1684439771540.png (29 KB, 398x587, Screenshot 2023-05-18 at 3.55.…)

She actually wrote about her injury. Concussions can change people a lot. She deserves sympathy more than the other tradthots who are just in it for the moid attention/bux and more naturally retarded, lazy, or sellouts.

No. 1829817

agreed. especially the unsaged scrote/troon who keeps calling them "cunts"/"tradcunts"

No. 1829821

I wonder what mental gymnastics they’ll do to explain why children are most likely to be murdered by their parents and that the majority of babies and young children are murdered by their mothers.

No. 1829826

Retarded take, calling Isabella Riley Moody a cunt for her misogynistic posts is well deserved some anons here are from the uk too and the word cunt is more mild there.

No. 1829830

File: 1684440473333.gif (198.26 KB, 220x220, CF95033F-5C8D-4FE8-B70B-D63636…)

>today I learned there’s a cult of masochistic brainwashed women who believe that licking scrotes boots will make them less violent and evil
>these women also believe that pushing out 10 children and baking bread will stop their hubby running off with their daughters teenage friend once they hit 40
>these same women are not self aware enough to realize that actually living under a patriarchy would mean they aren’t allowed to spout opinions or flaunt themselves on social media, which seems to be their lifeblood, and that the only reason they are given a platform is due to feminists fighting for their rights in the past
What a scream.

No. 1829837

You know what’s funny is I follow some girls from Chechnya. They’re all beautiful, because their arranged marriage husbands cuck them and sleep with White Russian women behind their backs, and because Chechen women are derided for being ugly and too ‘ethnic looking’ in Russia, it drives them to go get plastic surgery in Turkey, dye their hair and wear contacts to look more like attractive Russian white women.

They are all married to hideous looking 5ft7 Neanderthal males, most of whom cheat and many of whom beat them. And they have to wipe and delete their social medias every couple weeks when their husbands or husbands friends find out about them and start calling them whores, despite wearing full coverage clothing in their pictures. Many of the women I’ve followed have disappeared especially after they get married, one was confirmed beaten to death by her husband in Russian news. I even got abusive messages from Chechen men telling me not to follow ‘their womens’ accounts. And their job is just cooking, getting pregnant and begging their husbands not to beat or cheat on them with Russian Natashas.

That’s the world tradthots want women to live in.

No. 1829840

Wtf is he 15 in this? she looks 30 at least but is lying on twitter about being 24, this pic is no sadder than an ugly fat moid with his underage groomed girlfriend.

No. 1829842

File: 1684441028533.jpeg (196.43 KB, 1169x1547, 384A5FA7-D6F9-47A1-BC3E-4C40A5…)

The tea is she fell because she had an eating disorder and would have fainting spells.

No. 1829843

File: 1684441076703.jpeg (238.28 KB, 1169x1877, 16C96E5A-B88D-4519-9FCA-258590…)

Samefag, and yes she was much more normal pre-concussion, possibly pre-COVID isolation (many such cases)

No. 1829844

File: 1684441084140.png (9.18 KB, 594x198, wellwellwell.PNG)

The fruits for tradthottery: having to plead for men to stop denigrating you and other women who align themselves to the ideology, only to be told to shut up, sit back, breed, and apologize for the "harm" caused by women having rights. Lol. Lmao, even.

No. 1829847

Also want to mention, they never post any kind of political commentary, opinions, or just any thoughts in general. All they are ‘allowed’ to post it seems is pictures of harmless girly shit like makeup and designer bags and wedding photos. That’s literally all they post.

No. 1829853

Men will never let you have it both ways. Womens rights are not won by catering to scrotes and kissing their stinky balls.

If that were the case, all those subservient, obedient, virginal, dutiful ‘Muslim and Indian tradwives’ wouldn’t be getting raped and beaten daily. Those nice polite Japanese women who have been taught men are above them in the social hierarchy wouldn’t be constantly getting reduced to porn tropes and groped on the subway, and they would have their rape cases taken seriously instead of laughed off by Japanese scrotes and ignored by policemen. You’re either a feminist or you’re not.

No. 1829855

They do, I can attest to this. White women are seen as easy sluts, and are coveted for their light features and lusted after but also degraded by ugly Chechen primate scrotes who want to hatefuck them. Chechens are super white worshipping. If a Chechen person has blue eyes or light hair then they’ll hear endless ‘mashallah’ all their lives from other Chechens. The ones with hook noses, mustaches or dark skin desperately try to erase any sign of their swarthiness or Turkic features. Endless nose jobs and lip fillers and contacts and hair dye, to try and compete in the meat market against the more ‘beautiful’ white passing Chechen women that all the Chechen scrotes are clamouring to buy from their families and the white Russian Natashas that their husbands cuck them with. Chechen women are the good girls, they are for marrying, they are the baby makers and the punching bags. The Russian women are for having fun. It’s disgusting, but that’s the endgame of a patriarchal incel religion and tradcult like Islam. Most Christian trad moids do not believe in monogamy either.

No. 1829859

Yeah not to blogpost but my mother is in an arranged marriage to my shit father. True trad ideal. These tradthots scream for a world that couldn’t exist, where women have no voice/status/leverage, in a hypothetical society pushing for young marriage, and somehow the women are respected and loved by their spouses. That doesn’t fucking work like that, it’s all over the third world, it has never worked like that. We know men’s nature. But heY 0% dIvoRcE rAtE right? And honestly in the US, there are very few uneducated/unskilled women that could become housewives/SAHM and be treated well. It exists, but it’s rare. Too rare to advocate for broadly.

No. 1829860

Edit: most Christian tradmoids do not believe in monogamy for MEN.

Monogamy was invented by men to control women. With women mostly staying faithful to their vows while the men went out and had fun and paid lip service.

16th century Europe wasnt ‘woke’ nor did they have the cult of ‘modern degeneracy’. But syphilis still spread like wildfire through mens use of brothels. Often infecting their nice pure wives too. Victorian England wasnt ‘woke’ but child prostitution was still rife. What the fuck do these idiots even mean by ‘traditionalism’. Fucking young boys in the butt was ‘traditional’ according to many ancient societies.

No. 1829862

I think you are mixing some anons. Those posts where I said I only wanted to warn women and wanted security for said women were the only posts I made. Take your meds.

No. 1829864

I’ve said this before but my trad Christian grandmother who was married to my grandfather and put up with his shit for 60 years because she thought it was the right and godly thing to do told me she wishes she’d never got married.

I saw a video a while ago with a bunch of old ladies giving advice to young women and the most popular one seemed to be ‘go out, enjoy yourself, party, live it up and make the most of your freedom as much as you can’.

No. 1829865

My great grandma was in an arranged marriage, and my grandma was a housewife who was beaten by her husband who cheated on her with a Korean woman. My grandma's friend raped my mom when she was a kid and blamed her for not opening up about it, but my mom was normalized by it by seeing the treatment from her father to her mother, all the kids can't leave the state and revolve their entire lives around her, all of them have some form of addictions. It's exactly why I believe women need security, because only when my grandma started working and got a job, was she able to leave him and stop getting abused for the most mundane things. Sorry for the blogpost.

No. 1829869

This is very true. I really don’t know many SAHMs and housewives who are really happy with their lot in life. Even with tradthots online who virtue signal constantly about how great it is, you always get a feeling of fakeness and desperation and exhaustion from it all.

Even under the best circumstances, where you have an attractive husband with a very good job and who brings in lots of money and you have happy healthy kids…well, I can think of a few examples of that, but those women generally aren’t gooch-licking doormats, and even under those ideal circumstances, they usually still have some tensions and problems in their marriage.

A lot of the women who live in those gated communities or are on Real Housewives or whatever (kek) for instance are Christian Church mom Tammys who married their high school sweetheart and have the kids and house and huge kitchen and they are still super miserable and dysfunctional and trapped in unhappy relationships with weird men.

No. 1829872

Sorry to hear that about your grandmother. Women going through awful things is just an everyday occurrence: every woman has been abused or deeply hurt by men in life, often before they’ve even reached adulthood. Both my great grandmas had tragic lives at the hands of scrotes too and it makes me sad just to think about it.

No. 1829874

I think it's more about a woman who works and has money has a better chance of leaving her husband and getting a divorce, while women who don't have much more too lose if they finally had it with their parasitic partner scrote. Ultimately, men are just trying to trap women so they always have a maid to leach off of until they can 'upgrade' to a hotter women, and if they never upgrade they still have the genetic legacy they obsess over to the detriment of society.

No. 1829877

File: 1684443161423.jpg (10.85 KB, 250x250, 50rj4m.jpg)

Not Christian but this is the case for majority of Muslim nations, nuerotic ugly men who could care less about his wife and has more romantic feelins for his own mother and a woman who has been no dreams, hopes and even hobbies of her own and will likely make her son a surrogate husband, its beyond messed up and very clearly unnatural

No. 1829882

He was 19 back then and she was allegedly 23-24(but more likely a few years older)

No. 1829884

That’s literally the world most men ideally want to live in. The only thing that turns western misogynists and polcels off of Islam is that it’s too ‘brown’ for them, and a couple of the dumb rules like no bacon or foreskins. Otherwise their values are pretty much 100% aligned especially on the topic of women. Christianity, in its fundie sense, really isn’t any different either. Abrahamic religions were definitely started by and made for incels who had to level the playing field to get laid.

Interesting how right wing men are anti communist but also love the idea of sexual communism where every man is guaranteed a wife and to be able to seize the means of production (in this metaphor, women).

No. 1829891

Funny enough the troon usually posts in favour of women having kids and tradshit (probably because men fetishize womens abilities).

No. 1829895

Yea my mother has always advocated for me to be a girl boss. Zero pressure on marriage, kids.
I don’t want to racebait but this is a little bit of the marrying white phenomenon, or why some brown/yellow girls go with npr lib white guys over pigs from their ethnic/religious culture. Then browncels whine, “not all of us are sexist” while their sisters get beat by their parents. That said, some ethnic women do end up with white misogynist pigs or have a straight up thing for white boys, so it’s not always applicable. Not to mention how many brown men have fetish for WW too.

No. 1829897

Oh yeah.

Men are all for ‘muh natural order’ until they realize that excludes 90% of them from ever breeding or having sex with women, and that most of them should have died in a chimp war before age 25.

They’re all for eugenics and ~nachural selekshun~, until they realize that 90% of them are dysgenic and that women cucking them with Chad is actually eugenics. And that they would also have to admit that women are biologically more valuable than men.

They all support the fantasy of rape free for alls and survival of the fittest and mindlessly going around killing each other in massive inter tribal wars, until they realize that would entail other men being allowed to rape their female family members, that despite his fantasies he would likely not be on the winning team, and that Chad and the other kids who bullied him as a child would likely have bashed his head in with a rock by now. And that his life would just be serfdom and paying tribute to whatever warlord or king was his designated daddy.

Then it’s
Lol. Lmao.

No. 1829899

Because men need to try and label everyone who does not centre male needs as somehow being degenerate, so women mentioning the possible, and not to mention common, horrors of childbirth, must be fetishy because otherwise women read it and believe and proceed with caution, no longer choosing to have children when the moid wishes them to.

No. 1829900

They're replying to two different posts you larping scrote. Learn to fucking integrate if you want to fool people retard.

No. 1829902

i heard there is actually a bride shortage in many muslim countries because of the practice of polygyny.

billionaire chaddullah hordes all the women and has 120 wives, so bilal and ahmed can’t find wives and literally end up being betrothed to a single mom widow or their 3 year old cousin because there’s not enough women left to go around for everyone. this is partly why inbreeding and pedophilia is so rife, because it’s the only way muslim losers can secure wives.

No. 1829908

File: 1684444710329.png (172.32 KB, 4000x4102, leturwqpyvo91.png)

The thins is these systems only work within very specific circumstances, inequality between rural and urban populations, high birth-rates, misogyny and corruption and poverty, if one or more of these factors don't exist then it can't work, like North Africa which is experincing a massive birth decline or the gulf states which have gotten more urbanized, so even in most of the Islamic world this system is ending with a generation or two.

No. 1829909

I read about this also. A higher number of Saudi men are unmarried now than ever because the rich guys are hoarding all the women and leaving the poor ones as incels.

No. 1829913

You're 100% correct. Men will shill anything that they think will lead to them more likely peddling coom, but piss and shit themselves when the thing they voted for/shill results in any one else being chosen above them, or them being avoided. Look at scrotes and porn, moids want the world to be infested with porn and male sexuality to be the only thing that is ever catered to or accepted, yet we are seeing the end results of that being women either avoiding men due to their increased sexual violence thanks to their desensitisation through porn to violence, women avoiding them because younger and younger men are getting erectile disfunction due to their addiction, etc. They did this to themselves kek.

No. 1829914

That's an internet myth, the truth is Saudi/Gulf women are just getting married later and more willing to get education(not that it matter cause everyone is state employed in Saudi Arabia) and their also having less children, but that doesn't matter either cause they rely on slaves for manual and servile labor, as well asian and european expats for engineering and technical. so a birth decline doesn't effect them

No. 1829915

Never expect moids to be logical. Despite parading themselves as pillars of rationality, they’re still emotionally toddlers, all of them.

No. 1829919

The amount of derailing and infighting is absolutely ridiculous. Harsher bans will be handed to people continuing to respond to bait and infighting.

No. 1829923

File: 1684445912014.jpeg (208.4 KB, 1199x1171, 29D160DB-4D36-4303-A42A-DB8EC2…)

Never though I’d see the day Meghan Markle was described as a radfem, kek.

Meanwhile I dream of a virus that only kills people with the Y chromosome kek.

No. 1829927

Kek. Men are retarded so they refer to any kind of feminism they don’t like as radical, they’re retarded and think it means extreme, ultimately emboldening the types who support troons and ‘sex work’ when they would claim to be against it. Markle is the most normy libfem type.

No. 1829950

>raise white birth rates!
>marries asian girl
Moid logic. She needs to leave him

No. 1829989

Not to racebait but I hate white males.

No. 1829990

Actually I just hate all men in general.

No. 1829993

That's the spirit nonnie.

Radfem is just the new "feminazi", except it has the stamp of approval from libfem handmaids because muh evil terfs and swerfs.

No. 1829994


No. 1830096


No. 1830102

She was probably the most sexually liberated tradthot out of everyone in this thread until she got married, but she fights with breastfeeding mothers and aspiring RW tradthots like Isabella Deluca on Twitter over revealing clothing. It's like selective amnesia with her.

No. 1830103

>the transformed wife got cut off by her daughter
this is FANTASTIC news and I could not be more excited to hear it!

No. 1830124

It's not just tradthots that are retarded. It's any woman that marries and reproduces with scrotes that are stupid. We need to have a thread about cumdumpsters in general(0/10 bait)

No. 1830133

Sad bait attempt

No. 1830149

Unfortunately I don't think that's true, the daughter that supposedly cut her off still has her babysit her kids sometimes, someone found. But I doubt any of her kids practice what Lori preaches, considering the bitch herself didn't. Not so "meek and humble" having a career, nanny and housekeeper while her kids were growing up. sage for sperging

No. 1830163

File: 1684473443113.jpg (41.64 KB, 800x800, fa76e7474de6dd4cad9894f58518fe…)

When did this thread get infested bunkertrannies and baiting gay males?

No. 1830177

i bet tenbux it's the foxdicks, that's why

No. 1830202

i thought roosh is orthodogs. they are insufferable too

No. 1830223

Indians always turn into Chuds/Chudettes when they come to the west.

No. 1830229

Please tell me one good reason for a woman to have sex with a scrote. It's like having sex with a chimpanzee. Absolutely disgusting

No. 1830251

Scrotes bait particularly derangedly due to their erratic fear of failing to coom being triggered by threads like this where women are skeptical or mocking of women or men who shill the idea of women existing to solely serves scrotes and birth children of their failson genetics. That's why they try and shill that only trannies and gay men don't want children, to assuage their rage/fear at the idea of one less opportunity to coom and pass on their failson genetics is actually not a real women rejecting their coom, just the same as like tradfag genetic dead ends seethe that all women who reject their incel selves are ugly feminazis who they wouldn't sleep with anyway. That's why scrotes post here like this, ultimately it's an attempt to say "ree this is what you whores are like not living to pass on my failed genetics. Where's muh state mandated gf!" to turn people off shitting on the idea of women existing to serve men and again focus womens purpose on being available to men. In the end their language always gives them away. We can see an example of likely the same scrote in the previous tradfag thread here xxx (this one was proven to be a tranny seething about women not being trad being why he is a deranged woman-larping incel failure kek, proof is here - can't link the males posts since they were deleted by farmhands but I can link the ones referring to his deranged psyop-ing in the last tradthot thread he infested >>>/snow/1693079 , >>>/snow/1693082 , >>>/snow/1693089 , >>>/snow/1693090 , >>>/snow/1693099 , >>>/snow/1693124 , >>>/snow/1693133 ). Scrotes womb envy driving them so crazy that they feel compelled to plague and psyop relatively unkown imageboards with is mega kek worthy. You'd think they'd have another tactic by now, but they aren't known for being smart.
It's because the poster referenced in the ones I linked is baiting like he did previously because the other site is down >>>/snow/1693133 .

No. 1830257

Samefag, he mentions bunker whatever a lot because he posts there kek.

No. 1830264

Okay this fucking confirms it, no one outside leftypol and troon twitter unironically uses the word "chud"

No. 1830266

Nailed it, that scrote that was seething when anons called being SAHM retarded was one of them i gave him the doubt but he exposed his scrote nature when he lashed out at anons talking about the body horror of childbirth and called it "weird fanfiction" kek

No. 1830272

Scrotes will always do their best to downplay the horror of childbirth, i watch them tell women it's not that bad and that getting kicked in the balls is much worse they will scream that 4 degree tears are rare but when lots of women share their experience with it they will gas light them saying 'well at least you got to be a mother ' aka at least you passed on another scrote's genes like a good bangmaid, they will call women who don't want to go through the trauma of childbirth 'weak' again downplaying the fact that you can fucking die giving birth or become disabled and even if their wives give birth they will complain how how it doesn't feel the same during sex and that they let themselves go kek

No. 1830278

"ITS A MEME, YOU DIP" type beat

No. 1830282

My working theory is there's two of them, one is a tard type and the other is leftist troon, once you start noticing them you can spot them quite easily.

No. 1830291

Does Karissa have scoliosis or a permanently damaged spine after birthing 10 children? Her posture looks off in her videos.

No. 1830305

nonny pls
Agree that he seems like a lib though, I can imagine him being like a kind of paternal figure to her and treating her entire online presence as a mental issue for them to overcome together kek (anons saying he looks gay sound like moids)

No. 1830306

>>leftist troon
This is a tradthot thread making fun of conservatives, using 'leftist' as an insult here is autistic af learn to integrate scrote.

No. 1830313

File: 1684502084140.jpg (214.84 KB, 1920x1080, Marxism.jpg)

I'm literally a socialist and I actually voted for the socialist party of my country but I associate the word "leftist" with a sort of overly online twitter user who think communism will allow them to have a pure degenerate life style funded by the state.(basically they want picrel)

No. 1830314

>> I associate the word "leftist" with a sort of overly online twitter user who think communism will allow them to have a pure degenerate life style funded by the state
Found the trad scrote lurker.

No. 1830329

This is getting OT and I don't wanna get banned ovr this, but did you read my post, I'm not American or European and I voted for a socialist party for my country, what I'm against is coomer male leftists who are porn and irony poisoned.

No. 1830335

Shut up Meg.(hi cow)

No. 1830336

I see people refer to themselves as Chuds all the time on pol.

No. 1830337

Shatap Meg-ji.

No. 1830367

File: 1684507358426.jpeg (123.77 KB, 1170x969, B6BBA85D-FF67-4CC4-B510-EE901C…)

No. 1830369

Scrotes are nothing but subhuman violent insecure mistakes kek

No. 1830375

The Hell is going on with this thread?

No. 1830387

Why bother blurring out this chief of losers’ name? Kek he deserves to get harassed c’mon nonna.

No. 1830476

Not my screenshot.

No. 1830547

No offense to the Japanese but they really need to learn to stand up for themselves. They've been reduced to porn tropes and anime and they seem to be quite happy about it. Idgi(sage your racebaiting)

No. 1830578

File: 1684529467233.png (1.19 MB, 1695x771, 2023-05-19 (2).png)

The facial expressions this disgusting shit stain uses as thumbnails make me want to punch her in the fucking face, i never seen someone look so catty and smug in my whole life. Lauren will make a living from the act of shitting on women calling them 'sluts' 'fat' 'old' and 'childless feminists' but will dunk on onlyfans creators, at least they don't make ends meet by licking racist neckbeards assholes you filler addicted pick me bitch(sage your shit)

No. 1830586

File: 1684530239251.png (111.39 KB, 711x465, 2023-05-19 (3).png)

Sure Lauren, you're the last one to shit on Kylie Kardashian when you had a nose job and all the botox in canada stuffed in your face couldn't have done it without your far right scrote followers doe

No. 1830587

She's mad jealous that her platic surgery only made her look like an uncanny japanese hotel robot while Kylie's actually made her look way better kek(sage your shit)

No. 1830593

File: 1684530992626.png (81.76 KB, 613x332, 2023-05-19 (5).png)

Lauren Southern wannabe chink same retarded views only Southern is actually attractive kek(racebaiting)

No. 1830595

File: 1684531265182.jpeg (22.83 KB, 336x437, yuck.jpeg)

Maybe the 'fat feminists' would lose weight if they walked the distance between her eyebrow and hair line kek

No. 1830604

She uploads new videos every week and it's either some drama or her shitting on random women like a 4chan basement dwelling incel, her content is fucking trash kek

No. 1830610

You have to wonder how she'd feel if her daughter grew up to be called fat and ugly in school. Or someone said that about her mother or her best friend.

Also her calling other people fat….she should look at the studies showing that calling fat people names actually increases binging and is counterproductive against weight loss because it makes them feel shame and perpetuates the binge restrict cycle.

She should read as she munches on her lettuce and meticulously measures her food so she doesn't become a "fat feminist" while she watches everyone else eat birthday cakes, home cooking, and food from all different cultures

No. 1830612

There's some uncanny vibe about her videos it's like the topics are provided by actual incels themselves from her use of words, she uses the exact same terms incels use to describe women she must lurk on incel forums and straight up copy their language kek

No. 1830677

I don't think she thinks about her daughter at all. The poor girl is, put crudely, a fucktrophy–she's just there so Lauren's incel audience doesn't chimp out at her being childless like they did to Lauren Southern when she was still relevant, though she too took the baby-bandaid route(and is also an absentee mother). Like all tradthots, I'm sure she's only a mother in the biological sense and all the actual parenting is left to grandma, nannies, and au pairs. Can't have little Lauren Jr. taking her time and preventing her from making videos on why modern women need to focus on motherhood instead of careers!

No. 1830789

Im not denying that women tear but the upside is there are more medical treatments like vagina rejuvenation treatments and information for women to heal the pelvic floor after birth. A weak pelvic floor is what causes the pee to leak so strengthening the muscles down there is the goal. This is a positive for mothers now, obviously there are other problems that can come after birth but we have more information now to where it’s not as bad as previous generations because they didn’t have the same resources or info(2 day old infighting)

No. 1830878

That doesn't mean that giving birth is not a traumatic life gamble than may kill or mutilate you . Some of us have high standards for our quality of life anon and that means that we wouldn't put ourselves through that shit especially not for some scrote

No. 1830881

That doesn't mean that giving birth is not a traumatic life gamble than may kill or mutilate you . Some of us have high standards for our quality of life anon and that means that we wouldn't put ourselves through that shit especially not for some scrote

No. 1830898

File: 1684580833941.jpg (5.84 KB, 225x225, téléchargement (2).jpg)

Lauren Elise Chen
>> A self-loathing hapa with an inferiority complex
>>Posts red pilled youtube videos calling random women 'fat' 'sluts' 'miserable' and 'old' in order to keep her nazi incel followers interested
>> Focuses her hate towards 'girlbosses' and childfree women made several videos and tweets dunking on them
>> Married to an ugly white (mixed) scrote who's a 'producer'
>> Has a daughter but is terminally on twitter posting several times a day
>> Openly simps for Andrew Tate calling him an 'alpha'
>> Addicted to botox and filler and abuses it like crack despite preaching about feminine natural beauty
>> Blames feminists for the existence of incels and defends a mass shooter incel cause muh feminists made men this way
>> Simps for Elon Musk but is always ignored
Links: https://twitter.com/RoamingMil/status/860687583386488832


No. 1830902

the formatting and wording smells like vendetta. lauren chen is boring at best

No. 1830906

She was discussed her before for her misogynistic shit but no one made a proper thread about her in the tradthots thread, how is it vendetta when she posts misogynistic crap to appeal to her 500K subs on youtube and 100k on twitter incel fan base? did you even check out the social media links? She fits all the tradthot criteria.(sage your shit)

No. 1830911

>>formatting and wording smells like vendetta
Did you read tha above description of other tradthots here's a spoonfed info since you're fucking retarded:

>>Lisa Britton

>Ana chan pick me who wrote an MRA children's book.
>Did some shitty acting gigs.
>Is engaged to some old fat, frumpy bum with greasy hair.
>Posts about cooking like it makes her special.
>Tweets daily about how oppressed scrotes are.

The above wordding is no diffrent than the one about Lauren Chen.

No. 1830915

>women are responsible for mens selfish-murderous chimpouts
The sex of rationality and logic (tm) kek. Men will never take responsibility for their actions and ultimately act like retard terrorists demanding you negotiate with them like children.

No. 1830918

File: 1684583471342.png (156.96 KB, 924x614, 2023-05-20 (3).png)

Forgot to mention that Lauren Chen simps for Jordan Peterson a confirmed misogynistic ncel king, basically whatever 4chan neckbeards and MGTOW incels wanna hear kek

No. 1830920

Stop sperging about birth and motherhood anon. Not every woman gives birth because she’s a handmaiden. Go to child free thread if you want to sperg about your quality of life

No. 1830923

File: 1684584437922.png (150.93 KB, 505x384, 2023-05-20 (6).png)

I took one for the team and watched her video about the UK virgin killer attack it was hard to sit through but here's the summary:

>>Incels shouldn't be shamed for their sexism cause it's justified

>> We must address incel's concerns instead
>> Feminism made incels the way they are cause it gave women the right to not be forced to date violent scrotes

Embarassing kek

No. 1830927

>stop sharing opinions I don't want to hear reeee

No. 1830935

If she's so concerned about incels not getting fucked and given attention, why doesn't she take one for the team? Reminds me of that retarded libfem politician in Pennsylvania that wanted incels to get access to prostitutes so they don't off themselves, like they don't already have that choice (but who gives a fuck about the poor women who have to fuck them amiright?). Off topic but that Plymouth retard looks exactly like a scrote I knew who turned out to be a jealous little shitstain that loved to insinuate that I fucked my teachers for my good grades

No. 1830938

She's the dictionary definition of grifting pick-me.

No. 1830966

File: 1684590346388.jpg (76.7 KB, 733x719, 346169776_776688827445045_9177…)

No. 1830969

Except I’m a woman and I wrote one of the replies you quoted. We can drag scrotes and tradthots without insulting random women who are mothers and have nothing to do with the thread topic. Grow up.

No. 1830971

Stop responding to infighting and focus on the thread you fucking retard.

No. 1830986

2 brackets at each start of a line smells like newfaggotry
the vendetta feeling is bc she's so yawn and bland. she just regurgitates right wing points and uses botox, there's nothing interesting her about her unlike say mean girl great ape rebecca barrett using her subpar scrote and kid situation as her only way to feel superior to other women.
one thing i did find kind of milky about her is her crying at the thought of offending steven crowder by refusing to work at his show, which showed a level of unstability i didn't expect from miss perfect grifter (around 14:00 to 14:30)
all the signs in this fanart point to autismo gorilla-handed scrote with a fetish and i am very suspicious

No. 1830994

This bitch makes me want to a-log so bad. The shadenfreude I'll feel when she hits the dreaded age of 30 and her precious incels start calling her a used up old had will be enough to power a mid-sized city.

No. 1831008

I'm the anon that posted that meme, i'm a girl it's supposed to portrait her pick me bs and pandering to incel scrotes that would never see her as a human being, Rodgers was racist and only lusted over blonde girls in shorts i see you did some far reaching anon

No. 1831011

>the vendetta feeling is bc she's so yawn and bland. she just regurgitates right wing points and uses botox

She is boring af and unintelligent, BUT she's still a grifter pick me that panders to incels for money while throwing random women under the bus and that is cowish as fuck and earned her a spot here.

No. 1831023

This is extremely relevant to the thread. Lauren Chen and others are promoting extremely dangerous misinformation regarding motherhood that could put the lives of many women and children in danger. They are becoming increasingly angry and deranged, and mass hysteria/social pressure can absolutely have an effect on society. It used to just be a decade ago "Oh haha triggered blue hair feminazi is yelling". Now it's forced motherhood and forced birth, as well as many conservatives government policies are following tradthot rhetoric.

No. 1831026

She actually looks like Elliot Rodger

No. 1831029

>all the signs in this fanart point to autismo gorilla-handed scrote with a fetish and i am very suspicious

It's not fanart it's a an edit clowning her for her pick me tendencies (pandering to murdering incels) what's sus is you white knighting this grifter attention whore, you have to be a spastic to not pick up her tradthotery 'i'm better than those girlbosses with actual degrees in engineering cause i have an ugly fuck husband and a useless shit degree in politics uwu' smug af attitude

No. 1831035

File: 1684600155980.jpg (7 KB, 225x225, images (4).jpg)

Female Elliot Rodger is a million times more attractive kek

No. 1831069

Her thumbnails and titles are 2016 tier cringe that in surprised more people don’t call her out more for being such a shallow grifter to the right.

On the daily incels make it very clear there’s no conversation to have. They hate women and want to kill them. There’s nothing else “to get” but I guess for lauren, she wants their views and their praise for being nlog until they turn on her hard enough that she’ll turn off comments for a while and lay low online

No. 1831071

I don’t like Lauren but she isn’t self hating, that’s just a weird label white supremacists constantly assign to minorities who don’t behave like ethnic stereotypes. Also her husband isn’t white, he’s clearly MENA. If she was really self hating she would have married some blonde hair blue eyed guy who she constantly publicly worships.

No. 1831072

Who is the anon with the hateboner for Lauren? I’m sensing repressed lesbian rage.

No. 1831082

Yeah exactly, fillerface’s dad is Chinese and her public name is his name. If anything she probably favors her dad and is overly male identified, given how she talks about women. I don’t see self hating racially, only misogyny in spades.

No. 1831084

>you have to be a spastic to not pick up her tradthotery
reading comprehension
lmao now i can't unsee it
okay that made me lol and think of megha who now calls herself megha lillywhite like that's really her husband's name, probably to protect his privacy but the name choice is so funny to me. talk about being dazzled by lack of melanin

No. 1831092

File: 1684606469143.png (141.6 KB, 1023x593, megha nails.png)

btw she's insufferable. like how tiny of a range of options do women have to be acceptable in her eyes. is it really elegant and nurturing to dismiss any woman who deviates from Megha's Way in her personal grooming as either a dirty hippie or a chemical bimbo ? also is it really traditional for women this young to give advice like they've seen it all ? were she not a bitter bitch she could just not write 4 slides of corrosive contempt for others and say "i like having healthy nails but a simple manicure from time to time makes me happy".

No. 1831129

She makes up a fake person (7-free, phthalate free polish exists)… she also couldn’t afford getting a $80 acrylic set every other week or gel mani pedi, that’s her problem. Who is she instructing bc there are both 70 year old women in my neighborhood AND 17 year old zoomers who get fills every other week. the most retarded women and troons must follow these femininity experts like Megha.

No. 1831142

Tradthots always fighting some non existent narrative, do they ever get tired of inventing things to be contrarian about?

No. 1831146

File: 1684612797723.jpg (47.09 KB, 1148x386, Capture.JPG)

Another episode of
>a childless urbanite immigrant who posts 15 tweets a day
>hates on childless people, urbanites, immigrants, and social media users
What causes such intense self-hate? Serious question.

No. 1831180

I’m not super open borders myself but I don’t care to hear it from rootless people like Megha and her husband. neither of them live predominantly in the places they descend from. Her husband has spent many years in the Middle East and has said so. Globo homo rootlessness for education and opportunities for me, not for thee

No. 1831190

someone please tell meghavermin to look in a mirror. she is vile, and describing her own immigrant roots kek.
correct. strange influx of tradthot feet kissers this weekend

No. 1831216

people like this who slam the doors after them are living in a dream world
the average rural white Anglophone Canadian is never going to think you’re “one of the good ones,” Megha

No. 1831239

Or maybe she's just so easy to hate cause she's a raging misogynistic insecure pick me bitch.

It's giving one of her incel orbiters. Go donate to Lauren Chen so she can afford a face lift and stop stuffing her botched ageing mug with all that botox.

No. 1831241

File: 1684626846789.png (451.29 KB, 1607x418, 2023-05-20 (16).png)

Filler face made a video on another channel about muh trathots getting well deserved backlash on tiktok and guess who's featured in it kek tradthots supporting each other

No. 1831245

File: 1684627655746.jpg (7.75 KB, 232x130, images (5).jpg)

Here's a video where she's deadass attacking Emma Watson over that unflattering pic that went viral.

> Feminism ages women

> If she wasn't such a feminist and settled for some butt ugly scrote like me then she would look way more youthful

I'm glad this vile cunt finally has a thread where she belongs.

No. 1831248

File: 1684628022853.jpg (7.63 KB, 194x259, téléchargement (4).jpg)

It's called not being addicted to injecting loads of plastic in your face every month Lauren.
You look like an actual turd without all the filters and lighting as well kek

No. 1831250

LMFAO she looks like a ghoul here despite all the plastic surgery.
i'm convinced that she's terminally online looking for any crumb of drama she can grift off of that also involves spewing tons of sexism and calling women names. What a sad way to make a living kik

No. 1831259

The jealousy and hatred is off the charts with this one.
We get it Lauren, you have a major inferiority complex cause instead of going to medical school and becoming a doctor like a lot of the other asians that come from immigrant parents you instead have a useless piss poor degree in a language that you probably can't even speak right nor make a living teaching it so you're whoring for donations online from a bunch of basement dwelling neckbeards and insecure pick me's to eat.

No. 1831269

File: 1684631182646.png (317.6 KB, 1901x906, 2023-05-21 (7).png)

>Tiny titted Lauren

This is too epic,looks like even if you didn't have an onlyfans like those 'prostitutes' scrotes would still sexualize and degrade you.


No. 1831278

Barf she knows what she's doing making all those borderline ahegao retarded facial expressions in her vids, the scrotes wouldn't watch otherwise

No. 1831279

She's almost 30 and still has the mentality of an insecure 16 year old girl. Her poor daughter will grow up with shit standards because of her pickme mom

No. 1831284

samefag but i hate ugly moids, especially the balding ones. they should never reproduce

No. 1831286

File: 1684633403745.jpg (4.88 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)


Imagine shitting on other people's looks with a smug smirk on your face while you legit look like an uncanny valley robot from the needle addiction

No. 1831294

How does someone, even a tradthot, manage to base an entire video on an unflattering picture clearly taken mid-expression? It's like pausing a movie while the actors are talking and seeing them look dumb, this is just how expressions work. Do incels just…not know this?

Then again, when the wall subreddit was up like 90% of the "wall examples" were of photos taken at a low angle in harsh lighting, so they legitimately might not understand how this works kek

No. 1831309

File: 1684637961513.png (626.29 KB, 998x810, 2023-05-20 (17).png)

She has many retarded takes but this one takes the cake, suggesting that the life of a SAHM is enviable is fucking retarded.

No Lauren, throwing the only life you'll ever have being a doormat domestic servant to scrotes and a bunch of annoying brats 24/7 sounds fucking miserbale the 'feminist' was not jealous by any means but whatever helps you and your loser tradwife/incels followers sleep at night kek

No. 1831313

File: 1684638844826.png (39.5 KB, 1251x345, 2023-05-20 (18).png)

The comments are kek worthy

>i have plenty of skills and a degree in science but i CHOSE not to use it cause muh scrote gives me more than any career can

> STEM doesn't pay well at all

>The 7 fastest-growing STEM jobs that pay over >$100,000

>Physicists. Median salary: $152,430. …
>Computer and information research scientists. >Median salary: $131,490.
>Computer hardware engineers. Median salary: >$128,170.
>Computer network architects. Median salary: >$120,520.

Ffs lol this pick me bitch is straight up lying to make her self feel better.

Sure jan, your scrote must pay you over 200K a year for cooking and cleaning for him we feminists better quite our six figures careers and go work for a scrote like yours, how stupid we are kek

No. 1831319

File: 1684639414584.png (19.02 KB, 1289x303, 2023-05-20 (15).png)


>Independent career women have more stress than stay at home doormats who look more youthful from giving birth and doing house chores 24/7

> Ignores the fact that SAHM report higher percentages of isolation, stress, unfulfillment and boredem

Her watchers are so fucking retarded i lost brain cells reading their comments.

No. 1831320

>The results revealed that moms who work part-time or full-time outside of the home during their child's infancy and toddler years were happier and had stronger feelings of well-being than stay-at-home moms. Additionally, moms who worked outside of the home were healthier and happier overall.

SAHM copium is a hell of a drug.

Link to article:


No. 1831337

The best way for all feminists to piss off Lauren Chen: with big smiles on our faces shout “I’m ugly and I’m proud!” from the rooftops like Spongebob

Because she’s trying to call women ugly to make them feel bad about themselves, but positivity and kindness are what are truly beautiful.

No. 1831396

I've been watching discourse between feminists and stay at home girlfriends, SAHG very specifically because of the TikTok trend, and they can not comprehend that the thing people are upset about is that they're shilling a fake risk free version of it on an app full of minors. They don't warn you about what it means to be financially dependent on a man who (judging by the age of the women) are in their fucking early 20s. That's the retard age

No. 1831464

File: 1684673941511.png (235.18 KB, 1202x825, 2023-05-20 (12).png)

Could you ride incel d*ck any harder, fillerface?(learn2integrate, d*ck)

No. 1831470

Throwing other women under the bus when these men wouldn't even spit on you if you were on fire. These women will learn the hard way about supporting men.

No. 1831475

She's unintelligent and talentless, paroting incel talking points like :

>feminists are ugly and fat

>Andrew Tate is a an alpha male
> Women can't code REEE i'm jealous of female software engineers
>Incels are so misunderstood muh feminism is to blame
>Jordan Peterson is great
>women who go to gym are just looking for male attention
>feminists dislike SAHM cause they're jealous OBVIOUSLY
>Being a slut is not good only if you're a woman of course
>Childless feminists are BIG mad is mad in the video cause they chose to be childfree
> Men are amazing and trustworthy feminists are liars
>feminists are ugly and fat

and caking on makeup and botox to not look 30 (she does), always has her face on the thumbnail doing some retarded facial expression to attract as much as incels as she can to watch while jerking off in their mom's basement.

That's pretty much her entire personality and online presence.

No. 1831504

It’s very interesting how essentially they’re using the exact same anti capitalist arguments as people who are left wing. Of being a “miserable corporate slave” are they just projecting that they don’t like working? It’s so bizarre they can live through 2020’s covid lockdowns and not realize why people would be miserable sitting at home all day

No. 1831515

Most of them have miserable jobs and live paycheck to paycheck it's pure projection they're in denial that there are people who have prestigeous careers as doctors,surgeons and engineers who do what they like and make shit loads of money off of it. They use miserable corporate slave cause that's their default, maybr if they have the ambition and work ethic prestigeous careers require then they wouldn't assume that every working woman has a shit dead end job like them.

No. 1831570

Even literal tradtards will tell women not to be "stay at home girlfriends" and to save that for marriage. Even they know being totally financially dependent on someone you're not in a legally-recognized relationship with is fucking retarded

No. 1831583

It's retarded in both cases really, enabling someone to have full control over your life by financially depending on them.

No. 1831589

File: 1684681573544.jpg (114.13 KB, 1200x675, sdc.jpg)

I don't care if women choose to be SAHMs of their own volition. However, let's be real. Where in the U.S. is this lifestyle attainable for the average married couple with kids? Also, what happens if your husband cheats on you or gets sick? Who's going to provide for the family? I guess Lauren is so terminally online/out of touch with the rest of the world (after she successfully made a living off grifting) that she forgot how difficult it is for the average American to not only provide for themself but for other people. The reality is, most Americans are not well off. Even with a decent salary, inflation makes it difficult to buy a house, groceries, etc… So, should women just sit on their ass and wait for a rich man? How is that supposed to be more realistic than getting a STEM degree or working your way up the corporate ladder? This isn't crazy feminist propaganda, it's reality. She's disgusting for discouraging women from advancing themselves; all for the sake of validation from incel losers online.

No. 1831597

The video, the comments, there isn't a single ounce of statistics. The whole comment section is a bunch of angry men literally using personal feelings about childfree women over facts.

Maybe if they had studies showing stay at home women to be happier. But all the studies say the opposite. That working women are happier, because gasp people can do what they love like teaching kids, saving lives in the medical field, training dogs, making artwork, working in relaxing coffee shops/bookstores.
How dare someone not want to hear 24/7 high pitched screeching and "MOM MOM MOM MOM"

No. 1831600

The stay at home moms i know in real life all regret not getting a degree in whatever to help their scrotes pay for the expensive living costs, most have two kids and are struggling af to make ends meet. They would kill to go back in time and be educated and finantially independent kek i guess reality is too bitter to swallow.

If this foot shaped mug's husband was rich she would be staying home playing with her kid and going on vacations instead she's online 24/7 grifting off angry sexist men and selling her funky ass soap. kek

No. 1831649

File: 1684688696478.jpg (7.1 KB, 194x259, téléchargement (1).jpg)

No. 1831650

Let’s face it breeding with a scrote is a lose lose situation either way. Women should not be reproducing or marrying with scrotes period.

No. 1831651

You'd think that should be the norm since the most common cause of child/women abuse are scrotes but nah

No. 1831676

the tranny is replying to himself again kek

No. 1831683

We can smell you from the screen,scrote.
Ignore him anons.

No. 1831688

Definitely, and I'm not supporting the tradtard lifestyle one bit, just pointing out that even people who push women to be SAHMs would caution against them being SAHGs

No. 1831721

File: 1684699366667.jpeg (150.43 KB, 1620x853, 8E6FA47F-551B-4140-9187-FBE841…)

Whats funny is men are 6x more likely to leave their wife if she gets sick than the other way around.

No. 1831729

File: 1684700072095.png (34.22 KB, 817x189, E2F549A8-2219-4326-A945-3D05ED…)

Reminder to report all Blaine posts

No. 1831730

File: 1684700095085.png (202.92 KB, 828x1101, 07332BCF-8357-4A33-958C-CF1B5D…)

No. 1831731

File: 1684700121082.jpeg (164.63 KB, 1620x1530, 6A678E16-8FC4-4EF4-82D4-C53C74…)

This was him today too

No. 1831849

I agree. It's so depressing how many women have become brainwashed into becoming broodmares for moids.

No. 1831851

Men are retarded and entitled so they believe their feelings are facts even when their beliefs go against reality. It's why men make up things and enemies to be mad at and claim they're real kek. Just look at trannies, same thing of men thinking they declare reality and trying to bastardise nature to their will to fit their false views. They are so entitled they can't stand that the world does not obey them when they have internally declared themselves the godkingboss (tm).

No. 1831970

File: 1684723437091.jpeg (186.39 KB, 700x1200, FwonhMvWYAM2I4R.jpeg)

I haven't go e through the whole thread but I haven't seen anything so far about Pearly, cow could almost have her own thread. Pathetic pick me. Regurgitates red pill talking points. Says women's value is in their youth and purity though she's not a virgin, won't tell her body count yet gives other women a hard time about their body count, and gives marriage advice despite the fact that she's never even been able to hold a long term relationship, and she's over the hill in red pill world (I believe most of them say a woman's pej is 18-25 so Pearly you're over the hill girl!)

Venti did a pretty roast of Pearly, best bit was comparing Pearly to SpongeBob's boss's daughter Pearl as Pearly is a rich girl and her dad funds her efame, as Mr Crabs does:

Since that video Brittany did, some scrote YouTubers had Destiny's wife Melina on and they said a woman should not get divorced from her husband if he is physically abusing her but that a scrote should divorce a cheating woman. So Melina called them out on this. Pearly jumped to their defense:

She is so pathetic that even pick me Shoe is calling her out on Twitter, kek. She makes pick me Shoe look sane in comparison (though to be fair Shoe hasn't been annoying lately as she was long ago)
Kek, here is Shoe replying to Pearly about pearly excusing mods for cheating:

No. 1831980

ah yea those 2 video's venti made were eyeopening, bless her researching this cow kek
I always assumed Pearl was always ultra redpilled/conservative but according to Pearl's childhood friend and exboyfriend, she was never like this and it was a dramatic change within 2 years or so.
Either Pearl is desperate for fame and riding the redpill grift and/or she's desperate to get a husband and is willing accept a redpilled husband who will cheat on her
justlonelythings is such a bizarre cow, i think she deserves her own thread

No. 1831983

I try not to body shame, but goddamn that is a rough 26. How does an unattractive, transvestigatable, non-virgin cheater who's never been married find the audacity to lecture women on why we should be submissive bangmaids?

No. 1831985

If she wants to get a husband, this is the worst way to do it. Redpill moids are open about either not wanting to get married and how they'd be terrible husbands if they did, a normie guy would be a much better prospect but she's scaring them off with her extremism. Moids are retarded and self-interested, but even most of them are put off by the "women be submissive, let your husband beat you" mindset. Maybe she went crazy during the pandemic like Megha kek

No. 1831987

I think a bit of both, money hungry and desperate to find a husband

Kek, I was a non believer of "the wall" pearly has made me a believer

True and she's a "modern woman"herself- everything she preaches against. A career driven non virgin woman wanting to settle down now that "the wall is approaching" (kek, I don't believe this BS but it's what these red pill moids and pearly spew)

No. 1832098

Her pandering is so obvious that you can't take her seriously tbh i feel bad for her kind of she obviously has very low self esteem i don't sense any real malice from her unlike that
big forheaded Lauren Chen pick me she gives off really bitter and malicious vibes when she's talking down to women like she really fucking hates them and is mad jealous of successful career women Pearl just sounds so cartoonish and desperate it feels like she doesn't actually believe in what she says, she also got roasted by several creators while Lauren faces no consequences for her rampant misogyny.

No. 1832105

I kinda get why women who know how to cook/clean/groom themselves, no matter how shittily, take the tradthot grifter path to appel to lonely sad men, men aren't the best judges of anything of those things and at least they can make videos of themselves showing their "homemaking" skills off even though to most women it's pretty laughable how bad and inefficient they are at it (pasta from scratch but sauce from a can? Lol)
What I DON'T get is women like pearl and shoeonhead who can't cook, can't keep their room clean, can't groom themselves, can't decorate a home, have never done laundry etc etc going the tradthot grifter route. They have nothing to show for it (i can't find it but I still laugh at shoeonheads attempts at cooking).
So I have to ask, are the men watching them really that dumb and desperate that they can't smell a fake?

No. 1832107

File: 1684747018638.png (173.43 KB, 896x742, 2023-05-22 (4).png)

According to Lauren Chen women make bad big tech CEOS cause of one or two fraud cases compared to the hundreds of male frauds, what does a unintelligent pick me with a shit degree in middle eastern studies like you know about big tech, Lauren?
the jealousy is off the charts.

No. 1832109

>choosing someone who doesn't have a proven woke recod like this woman

She wants Elon to make her the CEO of twitter so bad and it shows PICK ME PICK ME kek
maybe your chances of that would be higher if you had the ambition and work ethics for Devops/cloud engineering but you obviously don't.

No. 1832113

>The only female CEOs I can think of off the top of my head as a layperson were fraudsters, therefore having a vagina makes someone bad at leadership!
So retarded. I have no words. General Motors, Walgreens, IBM, and UPS all have female CEOs and they're doing just fine. They're just not in the news because dumpster fires like Theranos make for more interesting reading.

No. 1832114

This thread isn't about you, Blaine. Go dilate.

No. 1832161

you're reading a lot into it. why does lauren chen fire up schizos
the hammerhead video was pure gold, the research was thorough and she was the perfect person to make it as she mogs pearl in all the ways that are important to her (femininity youthfulness etc). the whole time i thought of that meme "when someone you dislike makes a great point"

No. 1832167

>you're reading a lot into it. why does lauren chen fire up schizos
Learn how to read a satire joke you autistic retard.

No. 1832188

This retarded bitch is trying to get attention from white nationalists while she has a black boyfriend lmao.

No. 1832196

File: 1684763726748.png (796.01 KB, 1080x1059, cozylara1.png)

No. 1832197

File: 1684763761637.png (570.38 KB, 1080x2199, cozylara2.png)

No. 1832224

wtf does this word even mean? There’s like 1 definition for it on urban dictionary and I don’t think it fits. Are they just making up words that sound vaguely like slurs?

No. 1832238

A MGTOW/incel youtuber that is subbed to her patreon made a video analysis on her i watched it so nobody else has to, these are the main points:

> Lauren chen is an apportunist that repeats talking points already covered by way smarter people

>She's dumb af and her commentary is dog shit
> She makes videos on her patreon directed towards incels
> Tells them to go to gym and make money very original
> Is just another e-thot that cakes on makeup and uses her looks in order to get views
> Nobody would watch her dog shit commentary if she wasn't a woman

this is what her audience really think about her kek

No. 1832265

I’ve never bothered watching any of her videos and never will, despite how aggressively bitchy she seems from the way you guys describe, she is just too boring to bother clicking and her content sounds too predictable and baity to get upset by lol.

No. 1832273

Sorry for blogposting but just wanna say to any tradthots lurking that you are the main reason I decided not to get married or have kids anymore. After lurking these threads for months you have somewhat traumatized me with all too frequent stories of dysfunctional marriages to awful men and what seems to be rampant psychological and physical child abuse and neglect, as well as generally enabling and romanticizing disgusting male behaviors. Safe to say the whole tradlife idea was once my biggest fantasy but now seeing the reality just makes me feel sick. I bet I’m not the only woman who has been put off either. Congrats on pushing us further and further away from this lifestyle I guess.

No. 1832280

the irony is it’s often people who are hesitant to have kids because they are worried about their own capabilities or the child’s interests who would actually make the better parents.

the people who shit multiple kids out willy nilly due to some weird religious or cult doctrine or husbands fetish are the ones who are the worst parents.

No. 1832311

"swarthy" (i.e. anyone not of white north/western european heritage) + "ling" (diminutive term for something or someone small/insignificant (underling, etc)

No. 1832316

based critical-thinking nonna. they are peddling a bag of goods that is rotten to its core

No. 1832373

File: 1684784209248.jpeg (103.94 KB, 722x1748, 973271B3-7E68-449C-B4E4-CCD8F3…)

Many tradthots could have a decent life without hate-mongering online, they just choose to be grifters for profit.

Pearl however… I doubt she’s even in it for money or a career. She’s just desperate and has very little going for her.

It makes perfect sense she caters to incels. She’s one of them.

No. 1832413

Is she planning on having kids with a black guy? Honestly i don’t know what conservative guy would want her after she’s been with a black guy. They are very vocal about looking down on white women for that

No. 1832415

Tbf there are a lot of brown moids who seethe over white women on “right wing” Twitter. It’s very strange. Many of these alleged “pro white” accounts have turned out to be Mexican and Indian, or biracial like Nick Fuentes

No. 1832427

Idiocy from the racist tradthot and moid aside, what's wrong with Taylor Swift's mom here? She looks perfectly fine for a woman who must be in her 50's at least.

If getting old, which is inevitable, is such a dealbreaker for men, why get married at all? Even by tradtard logic women should invest in themselves, the other option is relying on someone who views you as a depreciating asset.

No. 1832634

I doubt she really believes in anything she says. Sounds like she found a way to make a quick buck and attract attention by regurgitating contrarian bullshit, as far too many clout chasing fags are these days unfortunately.

She also seems to have a fetish for black men so she probably uses this to deflect criticism for her racial fetish and tries to lecture black women about not being ‘trad’ or ‘feminine enough’ and ‘this is why your men are leaving you for white girls, sweaty!’, the same way moid worshipping Asian women and white men shittalk white women for not being ‘feminine’ enough as a way to distract from their creepy race fetishes.

No. 1832637

>not to wk moids
So stop then. How are T Swift and her mother “racists who want non whites dead”? How is malding about women’s weight combatting racism? Grow tf up.

No. 1832638

Taylor is literally dating a guy who jerks off to Ghetto Gaggers lmfao

No. 1832640

oh please her mom looks like a typical evil fat republican boomer and taylor is obviously low-key racist as hell, she even browses /pol/ and makes threads about herself(sage your shit)

No. 1832641

Sage and then kill yourself(alogging)

No. 1832662

yeah, i'm far from a racetard but it's really sadistic that she likes to round up nonwhite 'street' girls who probably had a hard upbringing and remind them her dad is a millionaire, shit on them for being a delusional single mom, tell them no so-called high value men wants them… she used to call herself "whitest girl on earth" and react to rap, it definitely gets her going to be in the proximity of black people to bask in the contrast.
then you see her non-show video and she barely can string a sentence together, even with all her by-heart phraseology she picked up from red pillers. she needs a foil
she says herself being a girlboss is not the way to get a husband, all of this circus is only to make herself feel better + a quick buck.
sick as well of the rambling newfags bringing up boring personal obsession stuff, and repeatedly responding to themselves. none of this is new nor milk, sage the fuck up

No. 1832737

From what I heard she is actually the stepmom to the black guy's kid, which isn't even her own. She is literally living the most anti-trad life ever.

No. 1832806

has anyone seen the 2bebetter podcast/tiktok couple? They profess trad values and is the purpose of their podcast. The girl regularly dunks on women for not submitting to their man like her. They've recently gained a lot of traction.

No. 1832817

Anyone notice conflicting arguments in trad ideology? One argument says “Women are given bullshit jobs by woke corporations where they get paid 200k a year to do nothing and go on vacations” and the other says “Women are tired depressed corporate slaves who desperately want to be at home and their meanie boss screams at them!”

Or the whole argument of “Women are disgusting and frumpy without makeup like feminazis” but then “Trad women are so naturally beautiful they dont need makeup like modern whores!”

No. 1832823

That's just men in general. Constantly moving the goalpost, never consistent with what they say they want from a woman. Madonna whore complex. They want a pure innocent virgin but also a girl who acts like porn star during sex.

No. 1832825

This is literally what I don't understand about these retard men and retard women. Why the fuck should women get married at all again?
You want to get married for life with no fault divorce but apparently won't be attracted to your wife for literally the majority of the relationship since they think women are hags by like 25. They think men can go sleep around and spread stds to their wife and kids. Like why deal with this at all. Honestly all the red pill shit that is so popular now has seriously blackpilled me on men and I find it hard to even view any of them as humans anymore. And i forsee a future where even LESS women aspire for marriage and tbh, good.

No. 1832828

I don't like insulting women's bodies but Pearly is such a vile person inside and out. This fugly bitch is so desperate for male attention it's so fucking pathetic. Amazing how famous you can be grifting if you hate on women. It's literally insane how popular these fucking videos get. I hate men so much. I wish the majority of them would fucking drop dead.

No. 1832911

Any pick me is a retarded zero self worth bitch, i can't image pandering to the gender that made cp a billion dollar industry, treated and still treats my gender like trash and a second class citizen since humanity was a thing, is the biggest threat to my live, is the most likely gender to rape and abuse kids ect it's unforgivable when you're a 30 year old adult woman that should know better. Men are fucking trash and i'd trust a snake before trusting them.

No. 1833394

File: 1684922594576.jpeg (103.4 KB, 900x900, F559A8DB-B2AA-4A67-B4EA-12FA0D…)

I personally think women CAN age beautifully and look great at any weight.

BUT when you listen to Pearly mock women for aging and their weight, it is hard to not see a pudgy slag who hit the wall in her mid-20s.

No. 1833399

File: 1684923411807.jpg (150.46 KB, 594x1265, feminineenergy.jpg)

Tradwife wannabe in picrel says her mom warned her against being a SAHM, so she traveled and started businesses, but ultimately discovered that she just wants to cook for her partner in his "healthy masculine energy" and "serve her family". This was said upthread by another anon but I hate how these women act like cooking and cleaning is "feminine energy" and how blatantly some of them misrepresent their lifestyle. If you click on her profile you realize that 1) she's making money off the LARP by coaching other women on how to be feminine and love their "king" - so she still has a business, her own projects & money, obviously benefiting everyday from her past education & experiences 2) she literally just got engaged to her man, so still in the honeymoon phase and didn't experience marriage and motherhood but seems to think that being a childfree, working-from-home entrepreneur is the exact same thing somehow since she can give advice on it. Of course her advice is "stop disrespecting your partner by nagging him and distrusting him" lmao

No. 1833407

File: 1684924122377.jpeg (486.45 KB, 2048x1536, 4417808D-9C55-4B2B-A1CE-D59F39…)

Imagine yelling on Twitter that we need to bring fatshaming women back when you’re one bic mac away from becoming medically obese. Does she want meanspo for herself or is she delulu?

No. 1833414

came in the thread from frontpage just to have a good laugh at this

No. 1833461

She looks normal weight, go back to your bone rattling thread.

No. 1833484

you must be american, but don't worry the reason nonnies here point out her excess weight is pearl's downright obsession with calling fat women whales and bullying them about it
personally i don't even see the pudge, it's the wonky eyes and gum bulwarks that retain all of my attention

No. 1833486

She's not "one big mac away from obese" as anon put it, but if I were her I wouldn't dare to comment on other women's weight, or appearace for that matter.

No. 1833507

The point of this thread is to point out how misogynistic and hypocritical tradthots are by calling other women fat, old, sluts, expired, etc. if you just do the same thing back to them then you're no better than them. I can't believe I have to explain this to grown ass women since you should have learned as a toddler that "NO YOU!" isn't a very good argument. I assume this thread is largely populated by tradthots making fun of each other similarly to the camwhore threads.

No. 1833528

She looks very similar to women around BMI 30 on mybodygallery. I agree she looks normal, but normal now is well into overweight to nearing obese, technically. She's absolutely at least very overweight.

I don't like namecalling either, but, first, this is a gossip site, not a radfem activism bunker, we don't need arguments. It's good to have them, especially in threads like this, but not strictly necessary. Second, her weight is fact. She is overweight. You can say that's not something to shame someone about, but she is still, objectively, overweight.

No. 1833531

Bets on how much "feminine energy family serving" she does when the camera's off, my bet is next to none kek. Definitely has a maid she pays with money from an account she keeps separately from her "king"

No. 1833589

kek at that raggedy ass neckline on her shirt

No. 1833590

File: 1684946456765.png (225.48 KB, 4800x3186, the-body-types-ectomorph-mesom…)

she isn't fat, it's just her body type. You can see she has a wide build and a good amount of muscle mass.

Still, her body type isn't considered feminine, so yeah it's ironic that she body shames other women.

No. 1833626

File: 1684949980984.jpg (3.18 KB, 227x222, download.jpg)

>if you just do the same thing back to them then you're no better than them
i'll have you notice, dear newfriend, that you and i are on lots of love cow dot farm, an imageboard created for the specific purpose of shitting on bad lolita coords and discussing queen PT, whose main board bears her name. this is the place to have a laugh not cure misogyny, we're not on PULL and and nobody cares about the moral high ground
you have point though, it would be very funny if tradthots were on here ragging on eachother
you might be right actually, but it's even worse to have such an unfortunate body type

No. 1833682

Shes about 5-10lbs overweight. She’s not really fat but she does have horrible fat distribution genes and a very unfortunate shape. Skinny people can still be shapeless, unattractive and skinnyfat. Overweight people can be well shaped and attractive. Literally all depends on your natural fat distribution.

No. 1833741

She has a BMI of like 24. She is tall with a little bit of excess belly fat. For an amerimutt she is actually quite slender since most of you are fatties.

No. 1833783

Shes extremely fugly and has an unfortunate look to her to where if I looked like her I wouldn't open my mouth about any other woman's appearance. That being said, if you measure her waist and hips in the photo anon posted above with the black bra and shorts (ironic bc she says women posting pics of themselves in bikinis is slutty), she has WTH ratio of 0.76. Women are recommended to have a WTH ratio somewhere between 0.6-0.8. So Pearl is in the healthy range, near the top. Like this last anon said, pearl's BMI looks to be about 24.

No. 1833815

However in this case people on this forum and feminists and general tend to be the underdogs. It’s far more prevalent for women to be attacked and insulted for having a high paying career/being childfree/being masculine
than to be attacked and insulted in our society than for being a traditional housewife and following gender roles.
How many times have you heard “those fat ugly feminists” vs “those ugly fat tradwives”. The former most likely is far more common. So it makes sense on a forum like this is where people can vent their own frustrations.

No. 1834010

>she literally just got engaged to her man, so still in the honeymoon phase and didn't experience marriage and motherhood but seems to think that being a childfree, working-from-home entrepreneur is the exact same thing somehow since she can give advice on it. Of course her advice is "stop disrespecting your partner by nagging him and distrusting him
Every. Single. Time.
You can also always tell these girls are sheltered or inexperienced in life when they’re basically just staying out home, playing house and dress up and getting paid to say dumb shit. Then when life hits them hard, they’re stuck and will inch themselves closer to more “moderate feminism” that isn’t so loud so they still keep their simps to fund them on the dl. Or they have a mental breakdown and leave the internet completely.

Pearls problem is that she isn’t really toned at all. Like a skinnyfat girl where she might look fine but have a high BF% which seems to be a trend with tradthots with all this “anti gym for women” message being thrown around.

No. 1834135

nonnie don't stress and don't justify yourself, it's ok to gossip on an imageboard for gossip goddammit. pearl is ugly and retarded regardless which political side she grifts

No. 1834209

File: 1685007403709.jpeg (149.54 KB, 828x1259, 57F24722-78D3-47BB-9893-0D9F65…)

Pic is a woman with a 29 BMI and she’s smaller than Pearl. According to World Health Organization, 30 is classified obese. It’s no misogynistic name-calling, it’s a medical fact.

No. 1834230

just thought i'd leave this gem here… i can't believe she really used the term "submissive housewife" for herself. imagine being a submissive housewife to a dumpy ugly old man like that dude.

No. 1834238

File: 1685019072214.png (Spoiler Image, 334.32 KB, 589x644, what.png)

Other Pearl obesity truther here, kek I deleted my post yesterday because I didn't want to drag it on but the picture you posted is better than the ones I collected, that woman is very close to Pearl in both height and body fat distribution. I think anons are just being fooled by how tall she is

No. 1834243

Can you go back to your bone rattle thread?

No. 1834261

bone rattle? americans are so unironically obese, jesus… you really think 5'7 and 180lbs isn't fat??? please get a clue for the love of god

No. 1834262

I mean yeah but nobody is going to look at the woman in your picrel and call her obese or dangerously overweight. She doesnt even really look fat, just untoned. I think body fat percentage is more accurate.

No. 1834266

NTA but the point is Pearl’s dumpy body is the least objectionable part of her. I’m not even going to flatter you by calling you an ana-chan because the type of person who can look at a soulless dick-worshipper like Pearlykins and only think to sperg about BMI is invariably a fatass themselves.

No. 1834269

Okay calm down anachan

No. 1834273

I don't think it's bf%, it's just a normal (as in common) weight for people to be so we're used to it, and to the people we consider "fat"/obese being much fatter. The people we'd look at and guess obese tend to be straight-up morbidly obese.

Posting about dick worshippers' weight is normal, have you never been to Shayna's thread? This wouldn't even have gone on this long if anons weren't insisting this very clearly (nearly) obese BMI woman is not nearing an obese BMI, someone above guessed 24. Are you the same "noooo we can't talk shit about looks we need good feminist arguments!" anon above? This isn't fucking PULL, we can "sperg" about superficial shit here, especially because this cow has the gall to tell other women they should lose weight

No. 1834318

Anyone who has taken the hippocratic oath would have to call her significantly overweight. It’s not a matter of opinion.

Obviously she’s not in imminent danger, but it is an undeniable medical risk factor as she ages.

No. 1834416

It's more that being fat isn't milk and that anachan autistic fixation on posting about weight in a thread where everyone with eyes can already see her weight and don't need someone highlighting it is fucking annoying and nobody cares

No. 1834480

You seem triggered. Relax, no one cares about your weight.
It IS milky that Pearl’s whole shtick is preaching against vile, attention-seeking, overweight, unmarried, childless women while being a vile, attention-seeking, overweight, unmarried, childless woman.

No. 1834484

Don't forget non-virgin, kek

No. 1834505

anyone wanna make a manosphere/red pill podcast thread? that whole space is so trashy, milky and misogynistic… there is some overlap with tradthottery but not enough that i think it doesn't warrant its own thread. i hate that it's even called "manosphere" when these grown ass men are making videos for CHILDREN that don't know any better.

No. 1834518

A lot of the anons itt are clearly seething over Lauren's good looks. While I'm secure enough to not nitpick a woman's looks, I will say, Lauren looks a lot younger than Pearly and they're about the same age kek. It must be sad knowing that the men you seek validation from don't find you attractive. Bless her heart

No. 1834541

Lauren does not look good at all because she is a nasty person. And that's not just cope. People who are very angry, negative, and bitter tend to look less attractive. If you had a partner who was constantly complaining, insulting people, and putting down other members of their gender instead of spreading kindness, would they look very attractive to you?

No. 1834552

this is so absurd, how can this even be real? i feel like i don't live on the same planet as any of these people. like we aren't even the same species. are they really this broken? have they never been around non-broken people to see that normalcy exists?

No. 1834585

Please please make this thread….anytime I see these freaks on my feed I literally get a aneurism. The podcels and the shitty street interviewers who talk to drunk women outside bars and ask the dumbest shit so moids can feed into their perpetual victim complex because they are good for nothing.

No. 1834586

The Laurens (Chen and Southern) suffer from the same fate: naturally good looking women who glommed onto alt-right retardation, internalized all the incel talking points about women, and trying to hold onto their youth with fillers(while still young no less) only to end up puffy and botched-looking. Chen has the misfortune of being even dumber than Southern with an even more laughable "career" and likely uglier husband, too

No. 1834600

Why’s she lookin like a Swiss cheese SJW while pandering to conservatives? I don’t get it.

No. 1834620

the conservatards realised that its near impossible for them to look to elle fanning phenotype women to spout their nonsense ideologies so they've settled for literally ANYONE who will spout what they want to hear, even if its an ex-con looking dude and his clearly too young sjw looking girlfriend…

No. 1834622

The moids in those circles are all pedos who think women should be shot after turning 25. They also have extremely short attention spans due to being terminally online and scrolling 4chan for 14 hours a day so they quickly get bored and replace you with a new e-grifter.

No. 1834624

What’s a Swiss cheese sjw

No. 1834630

File: 1685066249486.png (5.33 KB, 200x200, 56666.png)

>unironic um actually men peak at 50 comments

LMAO moids are so delusional

No. 1834671

because the whole point of the podcast is to get a reaction from the "conservative" men and women that watch this trash. its worse than reality tv. they have these ridiculous undesirable men with egos out their arses spouting all sorts of nonsense about how they're alpha men, and they invite extremely insecure women on their podcast. these women being mostly prostitutes, and unable to coherently defend their thoughts and arguments most of the time. you will also see the occasional insecure woman but from the other side of the shit flinging contest, placed as a "redpilled" woman whose only function on the show is to humiliate other insecure women, again mostly prostitutes. its all very mind broken and twisted, yet plenty of impressionable young children (boys mainly 13-19) are fed this crap every day and they'll wind up believing it. no comment on the adults that watch this… i would make a thread myself but i'm afraid i'd mess it up and get it deleted, but i suppose i can give it a go. are there any things or podcasters in particular i should mention?

No. 1834674

File: 1685070365856.jpeg (64.75 KB, 500x561, 6518A76A-765C-4E7B-B4C3-50ED6D…)

>>1834541 This. She’s pretty until she opens her mouth. Her aggressive nagging is off-putting.
As shown here >>1831269 even her followers aren’t really attracted to her in any positive way. They want to hatefuck her.

No. 1834689

fresh & fit, andrew tate, kevin samuels, no jumper/adam22, alpha male strategies, gary vee, welovehiphop, the "#blackmaleempowerment" community (dat boy will, lastsecshot, theunfilterdpodcast, etc), the "passport bros" community, the mgtow community, and some of the vintage manospherians from the late 2000s and early 2010s (roosh v, rollo tomassi, dan bilzerian, paul elam/av4m) and their "honey badgers" (pickme women who did mra/mgtow fundraising and activism back at the start of the movement, in 2008-2014/15) (karen straughan, diana davison, tara j palmatier, alison tieman etc)

No. 1834720

They probably aren’t even prostitutes but just paid actresses these alpha male podcasts hire to make women look bad and say “SEE! THIS IS MODERN WOMEN FOLKS!”

In reality the (average) woman who’s a 20-30 something nurse, teacher, businesswoman, whatever with a boyfriend/fiance has better things to do than be on angry right wing podcasts. Like if you went spouting these weird viewpoints in real life, even some republicans would look at you weirdly and slowly back away.

No. 1834731

You forgot Sneako, The33Secrets, Better Bachelor, and the Alpha Male Tiktok community

Also, who was that guy who was being discussed on Kiwi Farms? I think he was from Argentina(?) and went to Ukraine or something? And I think he also got arrested at some point, and people thought he died or he tried to take his death?

No. 1834732

those podcasts are only good for the lowest of men to feel better, they pick a panel consisting only of the dumbest women and so bitter loser neckbeards can feel superior and justified in their singleness

No. 1834734

Coach Redpill, or whatever his name is now? think he went to Ukraine, and IIRC humiliated himself on twitter recently seething about women being "post wall" at 30 while he looks like an old convenience store mop cursed to become human

No. 1834736

Exactly the whole point of these podcasts seem to be humiliate women (usually young insecure Miami/insta models) also some behind the scenes tea on the fresh and fit podcast..apparently they force women to drink so they sound even dumber while being smug and making idiotic points.

No. 1834746

Yes, thank you

No. 1834754

has anyone else noticed all these scrotepill videos all speak-and-spell out the words like the viewer is 3 years old and drooling?

No. 1834763

samefag as >>1834754 the other video posted also has the same dumb speaknspell but its faster paced.
kek the $50 paypig donation that flashed on the screen halfway through.
piercings all over their nose ears and face. which is a massive freakout causer with these types
yes nonna they intentionally feed the women drinks so they're more agreeable. probably also r word them too after wrap. this is the new version of pulling women from concerts and recruiting them into churches, and I hope someone uncovers all the dark money thats funding it because 2.1 MILLION views from this dry plant of a scrote is sus

No. 1834766

Didn’t he get arrested or in trouble with the Ukrainian government for being pro Russia so he went into hiding?

No. 1834827

imo we should just have a rightwing/redpill freaks general since there's so much overlap between all of them

No. 1834830

I don’t think you have to add Roosh V, Dan Bilzerian, Paul Elam or the Honey Badgers as they belong more to the MRA sphere than the redpill sphere, which focuses principally on dating strategies. I may make the thread later today if someone else doesn’t.

No. 1834847

God yes. These scrotes are so fucking nasty, also they seem like cows in their own right.

Venti was right when she described their podcasts as "humiliation porn". Apparently a lot of women are also intoxicated on these podcasts, and sometimes didn't even know what they were signing up for (just like for girlsdoporn vids, lol)?

No. 1834860

I disagree. The talking points on Return of Kings were indistinguishable from the ones on alpha podcasts.
The lingo has changed and the vintage redpillers did promote being an alcoholic sex tourist more than the grind and gym, but that’s just because of casual dating moving from bars to apps. Same shit, different format.

No. 1834862

Obviously the guests are struggling, intoxicated and ambushed. It’s the Jerry Springer/Jeremy Kyle model of the exploitative entertainment.

No. 1834941

i'm the original poster and yes please make a thread as soon as you can! i have a backlog of these idiots' videos… i can't imagine how interested nonnied would be in seeing the horrible shit both men and women say on these podcasts

No. 1834949

Exactly. Attractive, intelligent women with good options in life don’t have to pander to bottom-of-the-barrel incel scrotes for validation. These men only get attention from fugly insecure pickmes and they frankly don’t even deserve that.

No. 1834952

Definitely include Roissy/Heartiste, he was one of the most poisonous pedo freaks in that community and one of the early adopters to introduce white nationalism into PUA shit (along with Roosh, although his attempts were less successful for obvious reasons kek)

No. 1834994

>unironic um actually men peak at 50 comments

LOL oldfag here. I'm embarrassed to admit that gen xers in general are aging like shit, just as bad as shudder boomers. I just looked at some photos from my last high school reunion. Virtually no one looks good. Most of them are fat, the women a bit fatter, but the men manage to look older than the women. A few men looked like they were pushing 70 instead of early 50s. Two men out of 20 looked good for their age. That's it. And this was before Covid. I don't want to know what they look like now.

Rock on ladies, I'm glad to see youngins escape the doormat programming.

No. 1834999

Sage for slight OT but nonnies please remember to take care of yourselves. Despite knowing it’s bullshit, these extremely negative messages that Lauren/Pearl/Whatever spread about women’s bodies/appearance can make a lot of women hate themselves subsconsciously. Make sure to take breaks from this thread if it gets to be too much, and know that those who you love and are kind to you matter so much more than some terminally online depressed pickmes. Let’s make sure the Y2k anorexia era stays dead for good.

No. 1835026

>while he looks like an old convenience store mop cursed to become human

No. 1835144

does this tatted bitch count? she is literally evil, she is worse than pearl, marga, lauren&lauren, literally anyone. there is pure evil running through her veins and you can tell through her manic eyes.

No. 1835212

She seems unwell

No. 1835213

She seems unwell

No. 1835218

This just goes to show moids have zero standards and everything they say they want is a lie. This girl is everything manosphere moids claim to hate - loud, shrill, unattractive, masculine energy, badly groomed, covered in hideous tattoos - and they’re all in the comments kissing her ass because she makes low-effort pandering videos ranting about “wammin bad, men good.” Pathetic, honestly.

No. 1835219

As you scroll down the comments of "You are so beautiful I love you!" and "More women need to be like you my goddess" you can sing along
"The simps go marching one by one hurrah, hurrah!"

No. 1835222

An emotional prostitute.

No. 1835226


Southern is actually hot and probably the most attractive tradthot.

>A lot of the anons itt are clearly seething over Lauren's good looks

Lauren chen is average at best you're fucking retarded if you think any anon here is seething over her 'good looks' and not her over the top rampant sexist bullshit. She was ugly af with a huge forhead and big nose before and now she looks botched from all the botox and filler.

>Lauren looks a lot younger than Pearly

That's cause she wears tons of makeup edits tf outta her face in videos and above all had multiple work done and botox unlike pearl that does none of those things.

>While I'm secure enough to not nitpick a woman's looks

Shut the fuck up with your virtue signaling i'm better than thou uwu crap it makes you come off insecure if anything.

No. 1835232

akshully she gives so much shits about mens feelings unlike other evil women. don't you know when a woman asks a man whats wrong and he answers dishonestly its all the womans fault for not giving a shit by asking?

No. 1835236

File: 1685140833444.jpg (7.3 KB, 225x225, images (2).jpg)

You're delusional if you think anyone outside of your desperate incel orbiters thinks you're hot, Lauren.
You're just another botox addicted attention-whore with an unfortunate balding hair line. Kek(hi cow)

No. 1835267

File: 1685143618878.jpeg (51.94 KB, 828x713, 981F3D3E-B21E-4482-9784-97B0C1…)

Surprise! she’s an ethot with two children.

No. 1835290

She also has a porn addiction and her daughter’s father isn’t around anymore lul

No. 1835313

I always thought Roma army was just trolling scrotes for money since she proved how their “standards” were shit. She’s the completely antithesis to their perfect trad wife fantasies; she’s a single mom, 30+, covered in tattoos etc., yet they kiss her ass constantly for only saying what they want to hear.

No. 1835329

Moids do not have any real principles or convictions, nona. It changes minute to minute depending on what makes their dick hard. Their cocks are literally their compass in life. They will betray everything they stand for and destroy every moral fibre they claim to have for a crumb of pussy. Never pay attention to anything moids say because it’s guaranteed horseshit, look at what they do instead and you’ll see their true colors.

No. 1835374

File: 1685158119869.png (349.39 KB, 513x760, Screenshot 2023-05-26 232951.p…)

No. 1835392

If she’s suppose to be a trad wife relying on her husbands income to support their childless lifestyle, why the need to have social media accounts unless her scrote is actually useless and she has to be the breadwinner

No. 1835393

If she’s suppose to be a trad wife relying on her husbands income to support their childless lifestyle, why the need to have social media accounts unless her scrote is actually useless and she has to be the breadwinner

No. 1835395

Being a nanny is like an easy job as a full time student. You can legit do homework while they nap. She’s acting like she was a “corporate slave”. And also if she’s admitting that taking care of kids burned her out…good luck when she wants to be a “homeschool mama”

No. 1835454

there used to be a tradthot youtuber who got doxxed, lost her job and disappeared. i wonder where she is now?
what i remember
- she made videos in front of a confederate flag despite being german-british
- hitler stan
- had an unfortunate surname, like Piss or something
- topics included racial intellingence differences
- used to be a blue haired SJW
- had a sister with similar leanings
anyone remember her name?

No. 1835505

There are sooo many women out there who are raising kids and managing households just like the “trad wives” while also working and running businesses. These ones are just lazy and looking for a free ride. Being a student with a part time nanny job = “doing it all”? Fucking kek.

No. 1835506

Imagine her having multiple homeschooled kids, a newborn with colic or children with special needs if being a freshman and a babysitter burns her out.

No. 1835641

this should be pinned to the top of every woman's computer whenever they use a website overrun with scrotes like twitter. it hit a boiling point for me when I saw that song about ramona flowers ruining women while these coomchimps stay in the replies of women with dyed hair and piercings. more people need to harass them off the internet imo.
im convinced these trads who unintentionally reveal they cant raise kids like they preach use au pairs and lie about it.

No. 1835689

Have any tradthots/pickmes come out and defended male polygamy + female monogamy yet? Just wondering how they feel about men having harems.

No. 1836039

”When men cheat, it’s like a handshake”
- Pearl H. Davis, desperate enough to share a man but still won’t even make it to the harem LMAOO

No. 1836107

Imagine thinking someone’s a “degenerate modern whore” because they don’t want a painful burning STD their husband got from another woman, or to get screamed at/murdered by another jealous pickme who’s fighting for their husband

No. 1836116

File: 1685285598218.png (112.56 KB, 1368x480, Screenshot 2023-05-28 075040.p…)

Oh Aly…never stop making us laugh…she's also using the argument of "You need to have kids to take care of you when you get old"

So what is she gonna tell the kid "Yknow I need you to wipe my butt in 60 years"

No. 1836176

It’s funny that they think they’ll reach old age when society is collapsing due to climate change. Most zoomers realize they’ll be lucky to make it to 50-60 before the planet is unlivable. And most millennials retirement plan isn’t a nursing home, but a gun to their head.

No. 1836181

Just read this and she’s really transparent about how upset she was to have a daughter rather than a son. Pickmeism is a disease, I hope her daughter does well despite the handicap that is her insane misogynist parents. I hope she’s a lesbian and disowns them in 18 years.

No. 1836226

If she wants her kid to take care of her when she’s old she should be happy she had a daughter. I’ve seen this shit play out with my grandparents and great-grandparents, it’s the daughters who do 90% of the care work

No. 1836249

sage for making a leaving post, but today nonnies I have decided to no longer give these “lovely” trad ladies a lick of time or attention, as it is simply giving them what they want.

I’d reccommend a great browser filter for chrome called “Filter anything everywhere” and adding the words “tradwife” “lauren chen” “realfemsapien” and “birthrate” in there.

It’s been a good run, but mental health and self esteem is worth far more than some bitter, angry, insecure tradthots. Better to be out enjoying the real world and let them look like the chronically online ones. Peace.

No. 1836259

I’ve never taken anything they say seriously. I came here to laugh at them.

No. 1836263

File: 1685307653142.jpeg (1.49 MB, 3064x8433, A10059E5-0D1E-447D-8D53-F0BA6C…)

>women need to hurry up and get married before they become empty egg cartons
Also society:

Jesus Christ.

No. 1836283

>farmer in her 50s
ok queen

No. 1836284

is there a reason people hate this girl or are all these moids just malding because she wanted to get engaged and then got what she wanted?

No. 1836304

no idea, never seen so much salt in one comment section, mostly from scrotes

No. 1836366

Ugly worthless moids don’t have money/ resources to actually afford a trad wife, therefore seethe ,piss,shit and cry when a someone who an actually afford that kind of lifestyle comes into the picture. Essentially the trad lifestyle is contingent on these moids firstly having enough money to actually afford it, that is what is being sold to them be a provider and get a submissive bangmaid, but they are too worthless to achieve that so seethe when someone actually does that.

No. 1836368

I don't like to say this, but all these people are very clearly jealous and bitter kek especially the men

No. 1836384

This lol. The scrotes who bitch about golddiggers are always dudes with no gold.

No. 1836405

File: 1685323024995.jpg (64 KB, 507x728, Handmaid's Fetish.jpg)

Tradmoids stay projecting like IMAXs

No. 1836412

self proclaimed trad wamen who make these tard wojacks have to actually be autistic. He will never want you, stop projecting your insecurities onto other women at the expense of your well-being. You can have right-leaning opinions but to generalize other women as being slutty and deserving to suffer while staying in Andrew Tate circle jerk discord servers is pathetic. larping for orbiters by lying about your body count and acting like an innocent 1950s housewife is just so,so corny. They're always pretty ugly too so you know theyre compensating for something. The wojack retardation needs to stop. Please. its not 2011

No. 1836414

File: 1685324155775.png (131.02 KB, 498x742, fishhead.png)

so do moids get off to these women admitting to wanting to be lazyasses or.. ? like what is the appeal of this.

No. 1836417

>tiktok egirl makeup
>cheap tiktok egirl clothes (doesn't sew her own shit)
>obviously bleached hair (actually brunette! Gasp!)
>no fucking kids
Is this bitch retarded or just trying to grift off of retarded moids…?

No. 1836419

yes and yes. The massive forehead and blunt brown roots tells you everything you need to know.

No. 1836424


I'm sorry I know everyone hates the podcels but this made me so fucking angry. Red pilled moids will throw temper tantrums over liberals not accepting statistics and facts, but the second a woman presents a relevant statistic that is literally backed up by thousands of scholarly articles and research it's "not real" and 'There are unreported rapes because theres a double standard for rape against men" Even though men mostly rape other men and they act like toxic masculinity doesnt exist even though they acknowledge shit like that all the time but they just don't want to say the buzzwords because its too libby for them. God moids are so fucking pathetic its genuinely concerning how many of them watch garbage like this

No. 1836438

sage your shit faggot

No. 1836462

File: 1685330853587.jpeg (58.25 KB, 1620x1045, BB639D0D-04AB-4C2F-B821-6895DF…)


Men’s biggest fear: a woman who gets irritated with their inconsiderate bullshit sometimes or nags them to brush their stinky mouth before kissing her.

Women’s biggest fear: a man beating or killing them

No. 1836463

Lol at the stupid whiney moids in the comments

No. 1836467

I assume these shitty wojacks are just made by tradmoids directly, or at least most of them are.

No. 1836499


found the Islam shill

No. 1836510

dovetailing perfectly with the post where everyone's furiously angry at that woman for simply showing off her ring and being happy to be engaged… she has to pretend she's not interested in a wealthy man, only a "masculine" one, kek. have fun playing house in that one-income household when your big manly man is bringing home that check from mcdonalds every two weeks!

No. 1836602

What is a housedress and why are tradwives so obsessed with this piece of clothing? I guess wearing pants is bad because you're repressing your femininity or whatever, but a regular dress isn't enough, it needs to be a dress for staying at home?

No. 1836624

It’s a performative word for signaling that you don’t own sweatpants and mop the floors in kitten heels and sausage curls

No. 1836632

something about her face is irritating, also the concept of a housedress is retarded

No. 1836646

File: 1685370239596.jpeg (170.82 KB, 1161x1495, 09E5AFAF-A2D5-4D33-8349-CB71C4…)

There needs to be a new thread for redpill grifters and holistic thots

No. 1836694

Someone in another tradthot thread mentioned that, that carnivore account was some women shilling meat products or something pretending to be a alpha male lol

No. 1836707

Because she looks like that episode of Ed Edd n eddy where Ed gets a fish head and asks the other two to scratch his scales.

No. 1836713

Has Pearl had other relationships than that one homeless black guy?

No. 1836715

The person in charge of the account is named Caeleah Taylor. She works at a marketing firm andis a "holistic heatlh coach" and basically sells cheap beef jerky at four times the original price. So, you'd be paying $9 for something that can be bought for just $2.
vidrel is some "entrepreneur channel" she did an interview for

No. 1836737

Your actual 1950s housewives had simpler, more comfortable “house dresses” that they’d wear while doing housework, before changing into nicer dresses for dinner before their husbands got home. So it’s a 1950s larp, but she’s not really doing it that way because she seems to be wearing the same outfit all day long.

No. 1836738

they can't even larp correctly

No. 1836739

File: 1685382426346.jpg (33.88 KB, 275x400, house dress 3.jpg)

A house dress is a type of dress with pockets and buttons (or other form of easy closure) that women used to wear for cleaning around the house and other such chores.

They are pretty much the housewife uniform, so obviously tradthots love them. Oddly enough, you never see them wearing these dresses

No. 1836743

Broke ugly scrotes truly believe that women should be trad wives for them despite having no money and no security

No. 1836778


No. 1836788

I didn't know that. In the film As Good as it Gets the antihero describes what another character is wearing as "a house dress" and she gets extremely offended. I never understood that scene but now I get it.

So do they not make this type of dress anymore? I don't believe I've ever seen one. Wouldn't it be more practical to just do chores in sweatpants?

No. 1836791

There are online companies like National and Amerimark that sell house dresses, along with muu muus, lounge dresses and the like. The house dresses today aren't usually as stylish as the ones in the image, they're more like straightforward smocks. I'm single but pick them up at thrift stores because they're more comfortable when I'm working at home in the summer. I don't mind the old lady vibes because they remind me of my Grandma.

No. 1836794

They think women should live to serve them and expect nothing in return. Like mommy. Except you don’t eventually dump your mom to get a younger one

No. 1836801

>why isn’t every male a conqueror and warlord like 2000 years ago!
Jesus, how retarded can you get? Maybe like 0.000001% of all men would eventually go on to become kings, conquerors, warlords etc. The rest of men were just serfs, peasants, slaves and followers of said daddy/king/warlord/emperor.

No. 1836803

So are they more practical than sweats or less? Because I truly have never seen one. I never saw my grandmothers wear dresses like that but maybe they had them before I was born.

No. 1836823

You can be sure the poster relates to the kings because his autistic raw liver shitposting Twitter is verified

No. 1836839

>you don’t eventually dump your mom to get a younger one
You know they would if they could

No. 1836854

I hate this bitch. I don't normally care about tattoos but hers are absolutely hideous and scream mental illness from hell and back. She as has a fucking son.
And a literal one too, she has an onlyfans.
She has BPD surprise, surprise.

No. 1836883

I feel like this still looks like shit. All of it.

No. 1836956

An apron and hair up now, what a coincidence

No. 1837099

>conquered the world
He ‘conquered’ some of the Middle East, mostly empty deserts and wastelands.

Also gotta love how these idiots think people didn’t experience anxiety back then.

No. 1837221

>inherited an army and kingdom built entirely by his father
>was a blatant momma's boy
>was an open and flagrant homosexual, not even bi, he was full on gay
>was a manlet
>had a lispy, gay voice
>was an alcoholic
>won one big battle but other than that mostly just massacred civilians

he was pretty much everything that trads say not to be

No. 1837389

Stop licking your fingers every 5 seconds, it's disgusting and more proof that it's all a larp. Also while the cake looks particularly shitty she kinda struggled while baking it, would her husband go to the same amount of efforts for her birthday?

No. 1837508

A thrift store haul, allegedly.

No. 1837540

Lmao. Exactly.

No. 1837680

what is it about the 50's specifically that gets tradthots' rocks off? there are so many cooler decades of the 20th century… 20's, 30's… they picked literally the worst fucking one in every aspect. from public opinion to lifestyle to fashion to hair and makeup and everything inbetween.

No. 1837694

File: 1685479669373.jpeg (89.87 KB, 1109x1083, 878B9637-2473-4DF4-B2F0-67C2B5…)

The obsession redpill moids and holistithots have with birth control is really funny. Ugly balding scrotes claim that birth control is causing all women to be attracted to twinks and femboys while simultaneously crying about how women only date 6ft4 chiselled Chad. So which is it?

No. 1837696

ive never been on birth control and im still exclusively attracted to prettyboy twinks lol, explain that atheists

No. 1837697

I’d say they’re just shallow and susceptible to propaganda. America worked really hard to project this image of America as a utopia after WW2 and would only put out specific media and images pertaining to American life at the time. The message was that America was a dreamland full of opportunity, wealth and abundance whereas everyone else were failed poorfags, and it worked on many idiots.

No. 1837700

File: 1685480039616.jpeg (107.39 KB, 700x701, 3E57D0D6-1429-4C25-9875-286360…)

No. 1837709

File: 1685480645831.png (316.55 KB, 2176x826, tjkjhgfghjkhgffghjfhkjk.png)

Lauren Southern banged Andrew Tate in early 2018 and blocks anyone who asks her about him.

No. 1837725

Same, lmao. It's honestly kind of sad how these people are opposed to hormonal birth control because of how it could potentially affect men, and not because they give a shit about the associated health risks. Also like… have these people not heard of condoms or copper IUDs?

No. 1837726

I can already tell that this post is going to spark a spicy discussion.

No. 1837758

tween girls, who mostly aren't on bc, tend to be attracted to pretty boys. Women in their 20s and beyond, many of whom are in fact on bc, tend to put more emphasis on "masculine" characteristics. What they are saying just doesn't jibe with reality at all

No. 1837760

tween girls, who mostly aren't on bc, tend to be attracted to pretty boys. Women in their 20s and beyond, many of whom are in fact on bc, tend to put more emphasis on "masculine" characteristics. What they are saying just doesn't jibe with reality at all

No. 1837768

Oh we know, it’s just musty old scrote cope for no longer being attractive and having telomeres shorter than their shrivelled up wurstie dicks.

No. 1837769

I get wanting to own tardthots but could we not act like a bunch of twittertards, ancient societies being so utterly misognynistic that they would rather have sex with young boys then women isn't something we need to promote

No. 1837771

I can definitely see that. She really likes brown men.

No. 1837773

I’m not promoting gay buttsex, I’m pointing out it’s funny they say we should hark back to tradition because most ‘traditional societies’ were just as if not more degenerate as they are now.

No. 1837775

funny thing is that its the opposite, women are more likely to stay with balding ugly losers on bc instead l
of pursuing actually attractive men

No. 1837797

Relax, it’s just a joke about cherry picking and idealizing an imagined past

No. 1837805

File: 1685487245418.jpg (55.88 KB, 612x491, gettyimages-615290480-612x612.…)

It Depends on which ancient societies and era we are referring to. For example, the pre-Islamic Berbers were more egalitarian than the Berbers of later periods after Islamization. The Romans considered the Celts bizzare because unmarried men and women would hold hands. Additionally, pederasty is pretty much only found in the most misogynistic societies throughout history and current day.
As for why specifically the 1950s and 1960s are fetishized by RW above all other eras in American history (we don't see anyone fetishizing the 1930s or 1890s), is not difficult to understand. That era was only made possible mostly due to Europe's devastation during World War II and America's economic dominance. Even, the image we have of a "stereotypical housewife" was such an incredibly brief phenomenon that could only happen that its bizarre both feminists and right-wingers put so much focus on it. picrel is what a real "tardwife" looked like for most of American history.

No. 1837808

Nonnie, its a meme about how these retards romanticize the past without fully understanding it. The same way a large portion of the historical costume community thinks they'd be able to survive in Austen era England and earn the same fate as one of her protags.

No. 1837856

Wasn't medieval Japan pretty egalitarian but they still had pederasty?

No. 1837875

Calling samefag. Why do we always get this weird gay hater in these threads, we get it, you don't like them and think allowing gays spells out doom, we don't fucking care

No. 1837953

>not misogynistic
Oh my god

No. 1837959

I'm talking about Japan in the 1500s. It was a relatively egalitarian society where women were allowed to have lovers outside of the household iirc. Could you please tell me what society wasn't misogynistic in the 1500s? Also China never seemed to have a big pedarastry culture despite sexism

No. 1838001

Tradthots amaze me. There are women who still think men are capable of loyalty, honor and unselfishness in 2023? Have they been living under a rock?

No. 1838005

I don't think they really think that. They are just looking for attention/betabux

No. 1838025

Women who are in het relationships are dumb as fuck. It's not just tradthots that are stupid

No. 1838069

Japan in the 1500's was influenced Confucianism(AKA the ultimate Incel ideology)

No. 1838070

I hope that’s the case. Anything else would be genuine delusion.

No. 1838133

what if she is poly and has multiple hot guys who are faithful to her?

No. 1838134

you guys are both completely delusional, i'd say anon#2 takes the cake but just by half a sprinkle

No. 1838137

Look up bacha bāzī, dumbass. Pederasty =\= gay.

No. 1838178

I wish people would realize this, there's a big difference between genuine politically idiotic women and women like Roma and Pearl who are just doing this for their social media following and to money, cause its fucking easy to pander MRAs.

No. 1838216

Women who expect a decent marriage are the delusional ones

No. 1838218

Begone derailing lescel

No. 1838306


No. 1838364

birth control doesn't influence your decision making, this whole argument is so god damn stupid. there is no "biological compatibility" between humans, attraction is personal. these incels just want to act like people are idk birds or shrimp or something because they have a completely autistic worldview in which everything is predictable like an algorithm that they can somehow figure out.
it's a joke you fucking autist
agree and it's really annoying

No. 1838403

its always the sexed up cosplay idea of vintage fashion. they are cosplaying marilyin monroe, ignoring that even she was not wearing patty dresses and red lipstick while cooking in the kitchen all day.

No. 1838418

She’s correct. Female heterosexuality is Stockholm syndrome. It’s a damn shame.

No. 1838452

Go back to femaledatingstrategy, you’re boring and no one cares