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File: 1682704253654.png (83.11 KB, 272x226, Namnlös.png)

No. 294609

Jillian Vessey is a DID (Dissociative Personality Disorder) LARPer who trivializes mental health and sugar coats every single bad trait of hers while hyping up a dubious diagnostic impression that she paid copious amounts of bucks for.
She happily accepted her ~life changing~ diagnostic impression (NOT a real diagnosis!) with a "coming out as DID" celebratory cake, but struggled to maintain the LARP. The number of alters keep piling up and she doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon.

>Early Years:

>began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyle who dropped from the community due to LACE and "restrictive rules"
>gained fame for the creation of the J-fashion-inspired "Party Kei" fashion, a fashion she no longer wears nor backs
>known lurker
>formerly covered fashion and magical girl anime in her videos, was a pivotal figure in the LACE drama prior to her transition to the Party Kei years
>has a running track record of inconsistent uploaded despite pushing a "full-time Youtuber" career; used barely-productive incentives for support on Patreon; both have plateaued if not decreased in income entirely following recent events
>previously spent money frivolously (either from YT profit or from parents), like on wasteful plastic or fast fashion, and also claimed to make enough from YT and at the same time complain of demonetization
>has prior history of “severe mental illness” in the forms of a brief stay in a mental hospital in her early teens due to ED and self-harm
>often inflates her skills and knowledge in various subjects, leading to a very narcissistic view of herself

>Current relevant info:

>loves the idea of toying with the idea of having multiple mental illnesses; her main target is currently DID due to a diagnostic impression, and claims up to 9 alters right now with very shaky substance as to her alters' creation and the origin of her trauma which caused the DID; despite this, she has taken root in the DID community and has been involved or tried to insert herself into DID-related videos as an "expert" despite carrying the diagnostic impression for at least a year or more now
>is still extremely thin-skinned; has history of deleting comments critical to her and has preached getting along with people while also blasting critics and concern in a very rude and passive-aggressive manner; has gotten into pissfights online as of late with users that have spoken out of concern for her or wanting to help or talk in some degree
>her sexuality has been a sliding scale, from pansexual to queer to lesbian to back to currently pansexual (and nonbinary due to alters); current partner is Steven Clarke, who has enabled her delusions and has racked up his own questionable reputation; has a long history of drama with relationships, claiming abuse to some degree in most of them
>formerly had a fashion brand called Five Petal Flower before graduating from her college fashion class, but seems to be no longer active if not just slowly dying; has also gotten into drag with a persona known as Villany Swells; has cancelled two drag gigs so far and claims an online person is stalking her due to a publically-filmed video of a drag show being linked in a previous
>has a shaky history of substance misuse regarding her meds; now takes in various degrees of alcohol and weed leading to possible clashes in medication or mental/physical state


>Jillian: Actual person, but calls herself an alter for the heck of it. Hates being called “Jilly”. Says she can't hear her "brain folk" when she's experiencing trauma, Jillian is the only one who fronts in those situations, defeating the whole purpose of having alters and having DID.

>Jerrick: 13-16 year old emo guy, who has supposedly been around for 12 years, conveniently holds all her bad bpd traits. Signs off with a snake emoji.
>Veronica: Horny alter, 20 years old, calls herself a lesbian (even though she’s dating a man), she is a “protector of sexual trauma”, says she had to become a fuckable bimbo because she was “raped for months”. Signs off with a flame emoji.
>Berry (Nicknamed “Babby Smalls”): Talks and acts like a baby. Proof that Jillian is into age regression. Is always “co-fronting” in some way. Had its name previously withheld for “safety reasons”. Signs off with a strawberry.
>Cliffe: 35 year old old man. Her "homosexual assistant" A mix between her dad and Sasha Velour. Looks like Mr. Bruce. Somehow too old for social media, but responsible enough to come out when she does taxes. The emoji is a club.
>Flora: A “fragment” slowly morphing into a real alter, and a carbon copy of cure flora / other positive precure characters. She is a blonde sweet lolita. Sign off emoji is a cherry blossom.
>Jax: 19 year old “character salad” that speaks and types with a Brooklyn accent. She's a fictive of Harley Quinn (Batman), Jinx (Arcane), and Spinel (Steven Universe). Apparently was born from watching arcane while having major trauma. Jillian called her “hypersexual”. Signs with a test tube emoji.
>sandwich emoji: Cat alter, represents how lost she felt moving to a new city. Not much else is currently known about it.
>Amanda: Sneakingly revealed in a vlog. Jillian has bracelets and necklaces with the names of her alters, and this name appeared alongside them in a row of alter names. Note that Jillian’s second name is actually Amanda. Turned out to be the other “far away” age regression alter that uses the piano emoji. Might be the alter Jill has claimed to fused.
> Sunny & Amber: Two new alters created to handle the trauma of an actual researcher and medical doctor using a few seconds of Jillians public TikTok videos as an example of how online fake DID is different in symptoms from the DID he has previously seen/treated in patients

Latest milk:
>Desperately trying to show proof of her totally legit alters by posting old pictures of herself, way to go posting teenage pictures of yourself as the sex alter>desperately trying to show proof of her totally legit alters by posting old pictures of herself, way to go posting teenage pictures of yourself as the sex alter >>289881 >>289882
>Claiming to be freakishly good at the piano, unintentionally showing off the one thing she is freakishy good at, that is thinking highly of herself >>290465
>Actually went there, the trauma of having a small medical conference youtube video using her tiktok is so traumatic she split not one but TWO new personalities. dont worry, they both have the same manners, look and interests as jillybean. How lucky! >>291333 >>291491
>Her one actual autistic stalker claims to also have DID, Jill needs to be the most special so the tard backs out instantly and claims ritalin induced psychosis >>292570 >>293379 >>293435 >>293981
>Jill somehow got an extremely cringe autism larping commercial for nerds, yes Jillian everyone can see you do love candy >>293925

Social Media & Other Links:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA/featured
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/villainyswells/ (used to be @pixieespam)
Twitter (Main): https://twitter.com/pixieeelocks/
Twitter #2 (“Jerrick” alter): https://twitter.com/villainyswells
Twitter #3 (“Veronica” alter): https://twitter.com/xcherrybombica
Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@multipetalpixie
Second Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocks
(Past) TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocksCosplay
(Past) Second Tiktok for her alters: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieeesystem
Facebook Page #1: https://www.facebook.com/pixielockss/
Facebook Page #2: https://facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Moonmist Girls Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonmistgirls/
Moonmist Girls Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/moonmistgirls/
Old Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/
Old Blog: http://pixie-locks.blogspot.com
Drag Facebook page: https://facebook.com/pixieandvillainy/

Previous threads:

Latest thread: >>>/w/289660

No. 294611

regarding the threadpic, Betteridge's law of headlines is an adage that states: "Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no." jillybean told on herself with that title.

No. 294612

Shit, fucked up a few of the links but the thread should still work for archiving so i cant be arsed to fix it. Tried to clean up the thread start a bit but it might be time for a refreshed proper summary soon, english isnt my first language so id prefer to leave that to another nonnie

No. 294615

Thank you for making a new thread, nonna! I really appreciate it!

No. 294616

File: 1682708781502.png (226.07 KB, 720x1379, Sof.png)

Thank you nonnie for making a new thread. Picrel is for the nonnie on the previous thread asking about Sof's involvement in the uni campus drag show.

No. 294619

File: 1682713920175.png (3.54 MB, 720x9604, Tweets part 1.png)

No. 294620

File: 1682714150824.png (2.81 MB, 720x6740, Tweets part 2.png)

No. 294621

hilarious that she accidentally used the wrong emoji while larping one of her OCs. If they were truly different people then they wouldn’t forget if they were the sun or the star emoji

No. 294622

File: 1682715589536.png (2.08 MB, 720x6178, Jj tweets.png)

No. 294623

Well we know who sent the threat and knew where Steven worked. Who would’ve thought a psycho skinwalking fan would try to sabotage her?

No. 294632

It is so fucked up how she is pretending like she was assaulted by her piano teacher… she is actually appropriating someone else's trauma kek but she knows this is wrong so she also made sure to plant the "my girlfriend brutally raped me" seeds.

No. 294633


>"both our mom's had to stop to do other stuff"

Both Jillian and Steve tried to get their mothers to watch bluey but what a surprise both mom's wanted to do other things. I guess Louise is trying to not enable her daughter

No. 294636

File: 1682721029761.jpg (439.78 KB, 720x4827, Ggj.jpg)

What did they really expect and why would you announce this online?

No. 294648

File: 1682725406582.png (119.3 KB, 656x932, junk.png)

Those long twitter screen shots always hide the best moments as the follow-up was our Jilly-bean proclaiming a "lol so funny Astrology Moment" and not because her mother has had both her elderly parents in hospital and going through the energy-draining process of figuring out whether they should go into care or not.

No. 294652

Is she. Bragging about knowing how to delete files like it's a technical feat? Is that what's happening here?

No. 294654

>I caught myself frequently dissociating with my eyes stuck super open unmoving and my vision would unfocus so I could basically only see what was in my head.
She’s describing regular daydreaming/zoning out and calling it dissociation. Has she never seen someone wave their hand in front of someone’s face to snap them out of a daydream? Does she really not realise it’s something that everyone experiences? Put down the weed and get off the internet, Jill

No. 294655

Seriously… it just sounds like mind fog caused by overuse of marijuana. I'd zone out randomly like that when I was smoking every day. Fatty needs to put down her "life saving medication" it's making her retarded kek.

No. 294656


or you could watch something not made for toddlers. Does Jill even watch shows outside of pre cure and bluey?

No. 294672

I know there's no age to enjoy any media by the time you’re not a kid or a teen. But she’s just throwing more autism breadcrumbs because
>oh look! I’m watching a show for kids and my lack of self-awareness makes me pester my mom by showing her my totally sooper special interest! (Autism is being mentally handicapped right?????)
She’s not as slick as she thinks she is, I also can’t help but feel like now she has to do DDLG shit even around her family.

No. 294674

Isn't Bluey meant to be a show that parents watch alongside their very small children? Is Jill seriously trying to do the "agere" shit with her mom?

No. 294678

Yeah they had other things to do, like actual adults. Take notes Jillian

No. 294696

I don’t think she’s trying to agere with it only because it’s basically the new MLP where adults act like “it’s actually very funny and aimed at adults here is my blueysona” but then normal people who have lives watch it and are like oh I see it’s a cartoon for children.

No. 294708

I could understand watching a kids show that adults can still enjoy, like avatar. But bluey is literally made specifically for toddlers. Why would stebie and jill ever think 2 grown ass adults would be interested in it

No. 294715

This is legitimately despicable. She wants people to think she was abused by her teacher so badly when we all know she already confirmed she wasn’t. She wants the abuses of other children to be a stamp of pride she can use to get attention and lack of responsibility forever.

No. 294719

IMO the main difference between shows like ATLA, MLP, Steven Universe etc. and Bluey is that the characters in those other shows go on magical adventures that would be appealing to a wide range of audiences whereas Bluey is entirely about child development and parenting. It is written to be enjoyable for and relatable to the adults watching it from a parenting/caretaking perspective. I wouldn’t think twice about a parent or preschool teacher telling me they love Bluey. It’s a legitimately great show on this subject.
Jill and Steve obviously aren’t watching Bluey from the perspective of the adult caretaker characters, though. Or at least Jill isn’t. Jill is clearly identifying with the preschool-aged child characters. Maybe Steve considers himself Jill’s adult caretaker. Ugh.

No. 294724

Interesting, that makes it even more fucked up that both Jillian and Stevie got their own irl actual mothers to watch it, since said actual mothers would pick up on the caretaking aspects while their weird age regression adult babies wouldn't. Imo it's really weird to get your actual moms involved in your ageregression kink

No. 294726

Its like watching Baby Einstein alone. Outside of some annoying twitter users, most 25 year olds watching Bluey have literal children. I hope these two never reproduce, but watching this shit alone is sad

No. 294727

Sage for blog, but I love Bluey, in that I’m Australian and I wish it’d been on when I was a kid and I love that my niece is the perfect age for it. I can’t fucking stand these weeby ass North Americans raving on about it like it’s the next Steven universe/adventure time. Just let us Australians have a popular piece of media for once without turning it weird.

God Jill needs a job, or an actual hobby or literally anything to occupy her time

No. 294729

These retards have too much time on their hands and spend their entire day dissecting every action, no matter how insignificant and that most people don't care about, to pathologize them.

>You folxx! Crazy story : I had flatulence after eating a can of beans ! Two of my alters are autistic picky-eaters you see, and obviously didn't like that meal. My tummy is so neuroatypical fr fr uwu

No. 294732

This is why her not addressing the Sof thing is nuts to me. If she was just posting on the board that’s one thing but she was actually irl fucking with her. She is the only one who could have contacted Steve’s job and sent the threats to the drag show. She seems like she could actually be dangerous because it’s not normal. Venting about someone you know okay but irl threats are insane especially when it’s well established she is her skin walker. Real I want to wear your skin for real vibes, Jilly needs to watch out.

No. 294745

This also directly contradicts the tiktok she posted of her 'dissociating' where she is blinking rapidly/pretending to have a seizure

No. 294748

You dropped your tinfoil.

While it's true only a limited amount of people would know about his job from word of mouth (Jill's friends, and his friends if he has any outside Jill's group), literally any local farmer could have seen him at his job if it was public facing. Or heard about it through the grapevine, or through one of his co-workers.
I doubt Sof would start drama at one of her own events, she used Jill on the poster when there were others to use. Huge reach to say she was the only option for harassment.

No. 294752

I cannot imagine at 25 years old showing my mother Bluey with such sincerity. I watched the eps she and Stevie apparently suggested, and it's clear that what Jill is trying to communicate to her mom us, "ISNT THIS WHAT IT WAS LIKE RAISING ME, MOM?! DON'T YOU THINK YOU DID A GOOD JOB OF RAISING ME?!"

BITCH you are 25! This is fucking creepy, for real! You are supposed to be identifying with the mom in the show, who is probably supposed to be twenty fucking five. It's honestly sick to me that you watch this to "heal your inner child" instead of watching it with your own actual human child that you have no intention of having. It's sickening, honestly. I can't begin to imagine how my own mother would look at me if I tried this.

No. 294754

Yeah this is so out of touch, they are socially regressing. They didn't think for a second "does this middle aged person with adult children want to watch a show for toddlers", they think their mothers should watch it because they are into it.

No. 294755

That first tweet is so fucked up. Yes, it's in the gray area where jill can say she's just being poetic/edgy but
>photo of her as a child
>next to a piano, when her piano teacher assaulted OTHER children
>she publicaly said she didn't know, he never did anything to her
>filter/taken with an older camera to look aesthetically like during her childhood
The text obviously implies that stuff affected her, of course we can reflect and cope about bad events in our lives but in this case she is just appropriating the pain other kids experienced while she was unaware?

No. 294759

I think she’s gonna do a thing where she claims she didn’t remember being abused at first because of dissociation so that her fans can tell her she was abused but she doesn’t remember because of her totes real DID. She likes letting other people create the story for her, leaving obvious trails for any dingus to conclude she got abused so she can have people focused on helping her to feed her narc supply. It reminds me of that vine where that 14 year old girl is pretending to be mysterious so someone can ask if she’s a vampire. Unbelievably cringe and gross to breadcrumb fake sa. Can I just reiterate, becuase it can’t be said enough, how weird it is to post all this on your influencer account where you also take brand deals from Nerds.

No. 294763

Knowing now that she posts here any defence of her seems a bit off, really shot herself in the foot.

No. 294764

Nayrt, I agree it’s tinfoily but I also think it’s suspicious that “the organisation” (Sof) apparently only told Jill about the contents of the threatening email but wouldn’t show it to her. You assume Sof wouldn’t start drama at an event she herself is organising but you’re underestimating how much some people love drama. People getting personally involved in lolcows’ lives to troll them isn’t a new phenomenon.

No. 294766

Tbh I always just assumed Jill was full of shit and the ‘threatening email’ was just a cover story for why she didn’t want to preform knowing there might dare to be a “hater” in the midst (bc everyone should always love her obvs). Her being friends with the organizers would allow them to back her up if need be on the lie. Sage for more tinfoil obviously though

No. 294767

This. I’m so disgusted that she went from stating she was not abused and didn’t know to now as another anon said breadcrumbing that she was. Appropriating someone else’s real SA is one of the lowest, most vile things someone can do apart from actually committing SA. She is revictimizing every person her piano teacher actually did abuse. This is why she goes beyond just a funny cow to laugh at for me; I hate her as much as I hate Big Pedo Shaynus

No. 294776

It's absolutely vile what she's doing. It makes it somewhat even worse to me that, based on what was published about the case, the piano teacher abused only one girl— it lasted for several years and he groomed her into thinking they were in a loving relationship. She's co-opting this girl's trauma, trauma that will follow her for life. That girl essentially went through years of brainwashing and believing she was in love with a creepy old man, it'll take so much work and time to decondition her mind from his abuse. And while this was happening, Jill was at home being spoiled, going on trips, forming relationships, going to school, etc. with no sign of hardship. And now, while the actual victim is likely still having to fight hard to find a new normal and live her life, Jill is larping being the most traumatized person in the world to avoid having to work or being accountable for anything. Using another person's trauma as her own narcissistic supply. It's sick.

No. 294779

Oh my god. I genuinely can’t believe Jill would stoop so low for internet clout and oppression points. Mild blog but it has taken me almost a decade to get to a place where I’m not a complete wreck because of the genuine narcissist who groomed and abused me, made me think he was the love of my life. The fact that Jill is co-opting this real young woman’s very real trauma is disgusting. I want to a-log so fucking bad.

No. 294780

I have thought she was going to do this as well. The thing is, if you develop DID (or other mental coping mechanisms if you don’t believe in DID) from trauma like that, you do still technically remember it happening at least once, unless you were extremely young and wouldn’t remember it anyway (this doesn’t align with her story). You can’t dissociate and have complete amnesia from right before the very first time because you have to experience the trauma at least once to be traumatized enough to then disassociate to basically protect yourself from the extent of it. If she were molested by her piano teacher repeatedly and repressed it, she would still have had at least the memory of grooming and would not have been as shocked as she appeared to be by the revelations.

Aside from that, as >>294776 said, the piano teacher was a creep but clearly targeted one individual. It wasn’t like he was touching every child (probably why it was shocking to her). Rest assured she is SO jealous that happened to someone else and not her.

And then on top of all of this, her sexual protector, the one who would have endured all this according to her video (unless she was assaulted some other time), is Veronica, who appeared after this happened. Nitpicking the larp but it also wouldn’t make sense for a child to create a 20 yr old party girl to protect her as for one, the general guideline of DID is that the alter splits off and is basically the same age as the person, and two, why would a child have the concept of “cool 20 year old party girl” as her sexual protector? It doesn’t seem organic that a child would be like “a 20 year old would like to have sex so I need to be a 20 year old slut to enjoy this.”

She keeps saying “Amanda is a very far off little” which I think is breadcrumbing for when “Amanda” reveals to her that she was also assaulted by her piano teacher and she’s frozen in time, but she may never actually explicitly admit that. She would be bold to say she just forgot about it because she can be called out instantly but if she does this plausible deniability thing, no one can really say anything.

No. 294786

File: 1682803520093.jpg (304.12 KB, 720x2368, Incoming.jpg)

New video soon. Also I've noticed since Jill essentially fakeclaimed Cherry that Jill isn't interacting with her anymore.
>Can I just reiterate, becuase it can’t be said enough, how weird it is to post all this on your influencer account where you also take brand deals from Nerds.
Jill never thinks anything through and is arrogant enough to believe she's untouchable. I wonder how many brand deals she's lost.
>I’m so disgusted that she went from stating she was not abused and didn’t know to now as another anon said breadcrumbing that she was.
Can someone remember how she stated the fact that she wasn't abused? Was it a tweet or video? I don't remember and unfortunately running on little sleep. If not I'll look later when my brain isn't mush.
Along the lines of my tinfoil. Jill never talked about the campus show until a fan pointed it out. Then Jill asked on twitter about winging the performance to other drag queens a few days before performing. Jill also made a post saying "sold out" about the show. It's odd since this happened not too long after the post MCR concert meltdown. Plus the fact Jill mentioned in her lolcor slander video about a lady not her friends talking to her in the meeting addressing the threat hours before the show was interesting to me that Jill had to add that she didn't know this lady. It's all just strange.

No. 294787

Whoops didn't crop the imagine right. Apologies.

No. 294788

File: 1682803670948.jpg (61.7 KB, 720x907, Screenshot_20230429_142434.jpg)


No. 294790

Tbh I feel like it's
>do you see how this show explains my condition??
>why didn't you give me more special care?? I have autism

No. 294797

File: 1682807041051.jpeg (142.63 KB, 1170x1682, 64D530E2-9E2B-414C-8BFE-64D7F3…)

There’s two threads on the villainy account where she outright states the piano teacher abused someone else but was just “way too warm and friendly” to her. Looking back, it actually vaguer than I remembered and looks more like breadcrumbing than her outright saying she wasn’t abused.

No. 294798

File: 1682807129414.png (158.56 KB, 1170x2532, 1D39C602-9F00-4C78-AE2E-FF3A2F…)

Other thread. This is all I know that she’s said about it unless some other nonas do.

No. 294799

Just go back on the lolcow threads and read the OPs, if there were tweets on the pixielocks account anons summarized it all

No. 294803

File: 1682809802115.jpeg (113.63 KB, 1170x945, 1633482901740.jpeg)

This wasn't the first comment she made about him but might be what you are remembering.

No. 294804

File: 1682810190297.jpg (181.01 KB, 2550x1860, shame.jpg)

>why didn't you give me more special care?? I have autism

No. 294808

File: 1682812281392.jpeg (102.23 KB, 1170x1058, IMG_0724.jpeg)

I spent a decent amount of time looking for it because I am pretty sure she explicitly said she wasn’t a victim but I got bored of searching. It was in 2020 that it came out, and I don’t think Jerrick existed or at least Jerrick was just a drag persona.

Two years ago she said her “10 year traumaversary” was coming up, putting her trauma at about age 13, and I think that’s too old to have been the piano teacher unless I’m wrong. >>134893 but she did also claim CSA but said it wasn’t her first trauma (picrel)

No. 294810

Samefag but it would be weird for her to constantly hint at CSA from her piano teacher but never outright accuse him considering he has been convicted and there is proof, assuming it were true. But she always errs on the side of not a victim of this man. It would also be weird to constantly bring it up in the way she does it if it were real, because while yes people process trauma differently, most people don’t constantly bring up their trauma so that people know it’s definitely real.

I didn’t save the screenshots but it’s in the thread, around the time she was making these tweets >>294803 she was also talking about wanting to write or writing a letter to her abuser. We found out later that a letter was written for her aunt, I think? Or some family member who she was going to see over Christmas holidays. I think it is safe to say her abuser in this case was not piano teacher.

It has been mentioned before that there was an unnamed female victim years before the one who actually spoke out, wonder if Jill is trying to imply that’s her (sick).

No. 294819


Whenever these larpers talk about DID it sounds like room mates sharing a house. It doesn't sound like a real trauma condition at all

No. 294828

File: 1682823041215.jpg (79.04 KB, 720x1077, SureJill.jpg)

No. 294830

It's always the absolute worst people who have to constantly tell others that they're a good person.

No. 294832

File: 1682826920785.jpg (347.04 KB, 1079x1791, SmartSelect_20230429_235105_In…)

This is just that same Sunny alter pic but it's so interesting to me that she doesn't advertise the DID as much on Insta. No hashtags about it, no official alter intro for Sunny. For anyone who just follows her Instagram from the old times they could very easily think it's just an outfit (because it is). I wonder why she does that, is she trying to "save" a separate set of fans "just incase" this doesn't pan out?

No. 294835

I just noticed she doesn't mention her "professionally diagnosed" DID in her bio. You might be onto something. Then again, I don't think there are many people that interact with her Instagram that don't also interact with her YouTube channel, so idk if there's any fans to save

No. 294853

The traumaversary relates to her middle school "girlfriend". If you look in older threads she even had that "toxic relationship" and trauma in her bio on her professional website.

No. 294855

If she flies under the radar people who don’t know her might like it because it’s just an outfit picture. Me personally if I saw a post and was like huh nice outfit then the hashtags where some psycho shit I would not be liking it and messing up my algorithm.

No. 294856

It’s for brands right? Like Nerds, they weren’t looking to get a DID faker doing an advert for them, but a rainbow aesthetic account with a solid follow count. As far as I understand they won’t look any further than the Instagram when arranging sponsored posts.

No. 294861

I really think she is breadcrumbing being that other victim. Even if it isn't true, she will never come out and say it exactly, so everyone will just assume it has something to do with that guy. Unbelievably gross to piggyback on the real SA and trauma other girls experience(d).

No. 294863

exactly. every time i think 'oh jill's not that bad shes just larping' I stop and realise shes basically fetishizing CSA and PTSD

No. 294864

Sage as well and thank you, I’m also Australian and i cannot fucking stand the thought of her watching Bluey, i feel like there would be so much in the show that would go over her head

No. 294867

It’s 100% her keeping one platform brand friendly.

iirc the letter to the family member and the letter to the teacher were two separate things because she was on a crusade briefly to write rants to all her wrongdoers

No. 294868

>every time i think 'oh jill's not that bad shes just larping' I stop and realise shes basically fetishizing CSA and PTSD
She's also not "just" larping, she's fetishizing mental illness (DID) and developmental disorders (autism) too. She's not just larping quietly in a corner among friends, she's saying she's a literal savant autist and has made herself out to be a spokesperson for autism in front of hundreds of thousands of people when she doesn't even have it. It's harming real autists and sufferers of DID who can't speak for themselves.

No. 294872

idm non aussies watching and enjoying bluey because i think its genuinely thoughtful kindhearted media for small children which is actually pretty hard to come by, and i think its pretty universal although watchingg it with my neice did give me a new appreciation and love for my city but fuck the adult american fanbase really grosses me out. maybe you just see less australians in those spaces online because there are less of us overall
the savant thing she was dipping her toes into made me lol, i want her to double down on that so bad and upload more vids of her fumbling her way thru fur elise

No. 294873

as a fellow brisanon who hasn’t even watched the show North American adults with Bluey as a “special interest” make me super uncomfy.

No. 294874

>10 year traumaversary
This bitch.

No. 294886

Jill after making other children’s sexual abuse and her grandma’s near-death experience entirely about herself instead: it’s too bad everyone isn’t as kind and thoughtful as me. I’m so much nicer than other people and they should copy me.

No. 294892

Canadanon who has a kid who loves it—it’s cute but the adults who watch it themselves are fucking annoying. Every single one is somewhere on the spectrum or genderspecial. Saw someone online get defensive because “they’re autistic and bluey is their comfort show” and they didn’t think it was fair that they couldn’t find plushies for it because “children don’t appreciate them like neurodivergent adults do”.

kek, seems right up jill’s alley actually

No. 294896

It's just like MLP. Adult babies and "babyfurs" are already making horrible cp porn art of it. >>294863 She is irredeemable and vile. All this for what? To be the specialist snowflake? To try to get out of being an adult and responsible? So she can do gross abdl shit and act like a baby and teen on the internet with a handy excuse? Imagine all the ways her life could have gone if she wasn't so fucking evil. I bet her privileged ass could have had a brick and mortar shop to decorate all cute, and she could import kawaii stuff to resell. Even soap annon would agree. But no she decided to shit on rape victims and autistic people for attention instead.

No. 294907

God not to side sperg but as an autist I fucking can’t stand other ones who are reeeeeing about plushies and other toys for children in this way. They’re TOYS I’m sorry you can’t comprehend that they’re not FOR YOU. Die mad about it. Imagine being upset that the target market for an object is getting said object “instead of” you.

No. 294918

File: 1682878622134.jpg (136.11 KB, 720x1715, Screenshot_20230430_111511.jpg)

No. 294921

So she's now officially claiming CSA but that was not her first trauma. We need an autist to timeline her retconning of her past.

No. 294922

File: 1682879073719.jpg (104.23 KB, 720x1111, Fr.jpg)

No. 294923

File: 1682879172582.webm (4.55 MB, 576x1024, download.WEBM)

No. 294924

>not something we’d want to broadcast
Yeah because funnily enough telling the world that you have an extremely vulnerable mental state and have a literal built in trauma response to shut down would make you infinitely more open to further abuse and manipulation by others.

No. 294926

not to interrupt the bluey and piano teacher discussions, but the other night i had a dream that jill started using a wheelchair as her next ploy for attention. i don’t believe in prophetic dreams but if that happens i’m saying i called it(sage your shit)

No. 294928

New video where she talks about Sunny and Amber

No. 294930

Around 12:45 she talks about being very "split on something" with Jerrick where there was no way to go forward unless they split separate bodies, and Amber forming was related to this because she is a middle ground between Jerrick and Jill. Anyone have any idea of what the conflict could be? I have a tinfoil theory that it's related to Jerrick being FtM, like maybe wanting top surgery or hormones or something kek because what else would have to do with her physical body.

No. 294932

my theory is the conflict is her wanting to lose weight, but on the other hand wanting to keep being lazy and not bother losing it because it's too much work

No. 294933

Recap to 12:00, will post the rest soon. First time doing this.
>Intro that is is jill (ish) and we’re in her “secret and elusive blanket fort” for a slumber party sesh
>Besties hanging out
> ”Things have been so serious!” Grinning and pulls out a pack of yellow peeps.
>Garnishes a glass of monster energy Stevie brought her with a peep. Shes hissing at the camera and not finishing her sentence. (Sandwich?)
>Makes a deranged face (pictured) while calling it her scary joker face
>Mentions her Nerds sponsorship and has some to snack on
>Explains her Nerds puppet party idea
>Shows off a PopTeen magazine from 2018
>Mentions she was in Mary Poppins and can't say advertisements normally
>” We’re going to talk about what Jonas Brother is going to be our husband.” Yet holding up a Japanese teen magazine.
>Shows off her stim toy bucket for friends when they come over.
>Makes the joker face again.
>Chill video because of all the crazy crap happening lately
>Complains about winter and snow.
>Says she is better at being aware compared to a child because of her divergent brain.
>Talks about how wild the month has been with the McLean thing
>ISDD tweeted admissions of guilt to subtweeting professionals (where?)
>Stressful stressful stressful. Talks about the buzz not dying down in a few days. (all while she was pushing it consistently and made a whole video, it could have.)
>Three weeks of fight or flight, body is never calm.
>Screeches this isnt a fun slumber party.
>”Years of being depressed in the jerrkick era”
>Sadness and emptiness have always gone away within a day and have never lasted. (Wtf, then thats not even depression?) Says then it’s not depression becasue it last.
> Two parts have split to hold the separate ends of this “extremely traumatizing institutional betrayal that has happened and the wave of harassment that they casued”
>Being honest about how it has impacted her
>Talk online about how much shame and suffering systems show online.
>Doest want to show her rocking back and forth or her crying at 2AM, but she will tell us all about it.
>Far from functioning
>Shows Tiktoks of Amber and Sunny
>adds a subtitle: “Amber joins to help regulate the overwhelming emotions” while clearly just thinking.
>Has a step-by-step process to find a part if their are new voices, doesn't jump to it being a new alter.
> Sunny is similar to Flora but with higher energy
>Says her voice is low because of Amber (?)
>Talks about Flora's anxiety then says not to out her, she hasnt fronted in a week or two
>Has used the step-by-step to find her last four alters
>Can track the switches accurately, backtracks “I mean it’s only as accurate as you know, it’s like amnesia”

No. 294934

File: 1682883319788.png (581.9 KB, 844x552, Screen Shot 2023-04-30 at 3.13…)

I dropped the photo. The joker face

No. 294935

At 6:34 in the vid text flashes up saying "and other traumatic things that happened this month unrelated to the isstd/mclean situation" about her new alters, not really sure what that's about but why bring it up at all? Minor tinfoil but could maybe be about Sofia?

No. 294936

Correct me if I'm wrong but don't DID splits happen after a repeated traumatic event/s? How did a med conference displaying one minute of her tiktok as an example cause her to split into not one but two alters?? It's not like she didn't have hate comments on her DID before that

No. 294937

pt 2 of recap 12:00-end.
>Sunny has replaced Flora
>Asked about Flora and was catapulted from the inner world
>Amber is like Jerrick
>A middle ground between Jill and Jerrick
> Describes splitting as sweating, freaking out. (Maybe too much weed? I keep thinking about when Bella got bit in the first Twilight movie kind of thing)
>Amber is a version of Jill that can be taken seriously
>Amber knows life isn't fair
>Normallist looking alter and personality wise
>Has no idea why they are both yellow codes. Describes Amber as the yellow light on a traffic stop because she is in the middle of Jill and Jerrick
>Proised herself she wouldn’t rant about DID the whole video
>Talks about making cosplay and how she hasn't since she learned how to “properly sew”
>Going to do a con vlog and cosplay videos.
>Talks about not doing drag since last year, there has been some drama and active threats that have made her feel unsafe.
>Talks about anti-trans laws being passed in the US and how it's affecting her local drag scene
>Says she's not the one these protesters hate the most at a drag show, “THAT’S A BUMMER, ISN’T IT!”
>Vauge about drag for safety
>Drag is a part of the Pixielocks tree
>Q&A Time, plugs Patreon.
>Says bubble baths help her get out of flight or flight for a self-care question
>Quetion about confidence and calls herself a poser because she focused on DID after college and is doubting herself about DID
>Talks about a fear of her stuff being knocked off and made into fast fashion
>Crafts you’re working on at the moment? Shows off her DIY spice rack from the dollar store.
>Balencing mental health and productivity? Basically says she is behind and is lucky she doesn't need to keep up a ton, this video was supposed to be out last week.
>Barbie movie opinion? Screeches shes is so excited
>Loved the Mario Movie
>Calls her cat some name I can’t figure out but sounds like a goblin.
>PRECURE (don’t care)
>The end, she's going to go lay down.

No. 294939

So is Flora dead now?

No. 294940

You’re both way too generous, it’s probably more like jerry wants to dye the bodies hair black and green but Jilly wants to keep it rainbow, amber exists so they can both keep being miserable in the in between state of badly bleached hair

Thank you for your service

No. 294941

No, no we don't. Because we are adults that can elaborate our feelings and experiences in mature manners.
>Talks about a fear of her stuff being knocked off and made into fast fashion
HAHAHAHAHA! Girl you haven't even started your make-believe brand yet and you are already making up scenarios like this in your head! She sure is full of herself as a so called "designer" for someone that still hasn't had the balls to show her shitty runway collection.

No. 294942

File: 1682887191070.png (704.15 KB, 844x552, bluey.png)

I doubt anyone would recognize what that symbol meant to begin with. There are like 50 DID-larpers compared to the billions of normal people out there.
I think it's freaky she cares so little about real trauma victims. It's either that, or, she has such a small-minded and ignorant scope of the world that she can't understand how her "trauma" (that is, finding out as an adult woman that your piano teacher from 10+ years ago was doing criminal things) is different from the trauma that other woman directly experienced as a child at the hands of the piano teacher. Either way, it is really anti-social and immature of Jill to post all this kind of stuff.
I second this. I always doubt Jill's cover stories for when she's late/fails to upload/cancels events/etc.. She's a flake, but she can never just admit that so she's always coming up with crazy BS excuses.
Now that Flora's dead I wonder who will move into her small cottage in Jill's DID mind-map.
>Amber is a version of Jill that can be taken seriously
>Amber knows life isn't fair
I think deep-down Jill knows that her clown-persona and crazy hair and fashion and all that bullshit, even though it supplies her attention need, it makes her into more of a spectacle. Jill copes with this not by maturing and changing herself, but rather by playing imagination in her head of a skinny, pretty, well-adjusted girl named Amber who is just like her except different in every way that matters. Jill is so pathetic.

No. 294943

She can't wear them out when she never leaves the house.

No. 294948

File: 1682888580947.jpeg (21.15 KB, 624x351, IMG_1636.jpeg)

>Shes hissing at the camera and not finishing her sentence. (Sandwich?)

No. 294949

Thank you for summarizing this hot mess.
>”Things have been so serious!” Grinning and pulls out a pack of yellow peeps.
Nothing says serious like smiling like a maniac.
>Makes a deranged face (pictured) while calling it her scary joker face
Scary? Hardly. Looks more goofy especially with her rainby facade and makeup.
>Talks about how wild the month has been with the McLean thing
Omg Jill let it fucking go. You're the one who perpetuated it you fucking one trick clown.
>Three weeks of fight or flight, body is never calm.
Couldn't be the excess amount of sugar she consumes, energy drinks, and weed. She needs to cut all of that shit out. She won't because it requires discipline and she has none.
>Can track the switches accurately, backtracks “I mean it’s only as accurate as you know, it’s like amnesia”
How convenient.
>Amber is like Jerrick
>A middle ground between Jill and Jerrick
Is Jerricka getting phased out? What about Jax?
>Amber is a version of Jill that can be taken seriously
Hahaha that's so pathetic. The little West Side Story inspired play fight tiktok says otherwise. Hey Jilly Bean! If you want to be taken more seriously, stop fucking talking like a baby, live tweeting your every thought, and getting giddy about being involved in drama.
>Talks about not doing drag since last year, there has been some drama and active threats that have made her feel unsafe.
Just admit it Jill that because you didn't become queen supreme automatically on arrival and have to work from the bottom bruised your damn ego.
I don't at all. Wtf is she trying to convey?
>Quetion about confidence and calls herself a poser because she focused on DID after college and is doubting herself about DID
The term is larper and you focused on it because college didn't go the way you envisioned it. You also damn well know you don't have DID but admitting you failed at something is apparently worse than death. That wedding dress was a travesty especially since you waited until the last minute to "finish" it.
>Talks about a fear of her stuff being knocked off and made into fast fashion
She'd actually have to make something first. Really putting the cart before the horse here.
Pour a monster engery drink out for Flora. I wonder if Sunny will be the designated tea drinker now?

No. 294950

>>Couldn't be the excess amount of sugar she consumes, energy drinks, and weed. She needs to cut all of that shit out. She won't because it requires discipline and she has none.

Like for fucks sakes. All this focus on mental health, but not on physical health, which is actually her real and obvious problem. Can't wait for her to find out that this kind of behaviour starts to catch up with you real fast around her age. For real, your primary issue is anxiety and "fight or flight" but you're sitting there drinking a fucking energy drink, eating sugar, and smoking endless weed? what the fuck?

No one should listen to her for any mental health advice. She doesn't have a clue. She's choosing all of this.

No. 294951

Thank you for doing the recap nonnetta

No. 294953

Seriously, she's eating so many sweets (and drinking monster? ugh). I could do that as a kid, but as an adult I have to care for my teeth and health. Her heart will not like the energy drink and sugar.

No. 294955

This further confirms to me that Jill has no idea what 'trauma' or a traumatic situation actually is. She's literally never experienced actual trauma. The piano teacher situation is disturbing but Jill went through nothing, hitting a deer with your car is scary but not traumatic, even Sof being a backstabbing traitor isn't traumatic, it's just shitty. So what 'other traumatic things' (not even just one traumatic experience, but SEVERAL totally twaumatic things) have you experienced whilst never leaving your big cushy townhouse where you never have to work hard, have a supportive boyfriend who will do whatever you ask, and is full of plastic crap and children's cartoons?

No. 294957

The tongue. Again. Make it stop

No. 294958


Jill really said she feels "fight or flight" over tweets from the ISSTD account, she has no idea what actual trauma is.

No. 294959

I really think Jill has no idea what flight or fight is. She probably feels nervous or wants to leave the room and thinks that's fight or flight.

No. 294960

I really think Jill has no idea what flight or fight is. She probably feels nervous or wants to leave the room and thinks that's fight or flight.

No. 294961

File: 1682893865348.jpg (46.18 KB, 500x327, 168289.jpg)

Bless you nonnies for the photos and here's my silly edit.
>It's not like she didn't have hate comments on her DID before that
For as long as she's been on yt and online in general you'd think she'd learn to handle comments better. She is way too thin skinned to be doing yt or influencer stuff. People are always going to talk and she can't stop that.

No. 294962

File: 1682894554996.jpg (68.53 KB, 720x819, Lol.jpg)

No. 294964

God I hate this stupid bitch. Giggling while talking about how traumatized she is when crying at 2am. Then going on about "active threats" and scary anti-trans protestors. Nobody is coming after you Jillian, you're an obese, poorly dressed, baby woman high 24/7 with no job and mediocre internet fame that is running out of time. There's no way she's gaining any new fans by pretending to be too mentally ill to do anything but drink peeps induced energy drinks and watch anime or tiktok all day. Imagine living like this, if she was still at her parent's house it'd be too embarrassing to post but because she has money doing shitty youtube videos with her previous fanbase, it's all fun and games to her. Sorry sperg over/

No. 294965

It’s like when a kid decides he likes Spider-man more than Batman now so he wants to play pretend he’s Spider-man. That but with Precures.

> but rather by playing imagination in her head of a skinny, pretty, well-adjusted girl named Amber who is just like her except different in every way that matters
Who is also Drew Monson’s ex gf lest we forget kek

No. 294966

God I know 50 other people mentioned this already but monsters and peeps in the same sitting is crazy. I usually don't like picking on people's eating habits bc I don't eat the best but how do you even do that without gagging

No. 294968

I know so many people that got into energy drinks (like drinking 1-2 a day) in college and got overweight from that
With weed and everything else that's a big OOF

No. 294969

File: 1682897603413.jpg (239.49 KB, 720x3101, ThrivesOffAttention.jpg)

No. 294970

File: 1682897726008.webm (1.28 MB, 576x1024, download.WEBM)

No. 294977

>Amber is a version of Jill that can be taken seriously
Remains to be seen

No. 294985

She has the same body type as the dumpy little old ladies who walk the track at my gym except they actually get off their asses to walk the track so they are NOT the same kek

No. 295003

She just looks drunk

No. 295005

>Shows off her stim toy bucket for friends when they come over.
I wonder how many of those toys have saliva on them

No. 295017

Flora dying is one of the funniest possible updates.

No. 295025

File: 1682912044233.png (536.85 KB, 851x469, funeral.png)

I don't think she's dead but if she did I imagine Jill really playing up the funeral.
I know that it's her septum piercing, but to me it looks like two small teeth sticking out as part of her grin.
>is this veronica?
>Yes hahahaha
I don't think Veronica, as the character Jill has described, would ever wear that tacky ill-fitting crocheted dress. Veronica is supposed to be a cool girl with sex-appeal who loves being ~naughty~ which doesn't mesh well with crochet garments. It's like Jill doesn't even read the wikia for her DID live-action role play…

No. 295027

Can't they just call them OCs like they used to. God damn

No. 295029

She looks pregnant lol

No. 295046

LMAO next thread pic.

No. 295058

Or the twauma of her mum canceling their concert trip to go take care of the grandparents and her grandma making such a horrible fatphobic diet culture comment of losing weight at the hospital

No. 295060

I know right, how dare her grandma make a joke to make light of almost dying, she should have considered how badly it would affect poor Jillybean who is the world’s biggest victim ever and also the world’s most anorexic FTM despite not being anorexic or FTM.

No. 295068

File: 1682940452554.jpg (5.73 KB, 250x185, 250px-Snowwhite-creencaps.com-…)

No. 295069

welp sorry forgot my sage

No. 295072

Didn’t she just make a flora video? So she decided she liked this new oc better? It’s blatantly obvious she’s just a degen that creates sonic sonas.

No. 295075

File: 1682945092410.png (238.13 KB, 500x327, jill(1).png)

possibly coincidence, but the most recently aired bluey episode was a blanket fort episode (think community blanketsburg).

my moneys on a sorenesque rsa uncovering lost memories of abuse arc

picrel, u wanna know how i got these alters

No. 295080

she took a whole month to paint a spice rack? god, she's so disappointing.

No. 295083

sage for slight sperg, but what really gets me about jill, is that she claims to be so kind, empathic, and holier than thou, yet she eats meat, never volunteers in any way, got designer cats (that she almost got killed), never donates to charity, and now she breadcrumbs csa. for someone who claims all these traits, she really does not put any effort into actually doing helpful actions.

No. 295084

the fact that she keeps going on and on about how good of a person she is says all you need to know. real kind people don't need to constantly remind others how good they are.

No. 295087

Like every other Twitter faux-SJW she thinks making a few performative retweets in her lifetime about social issues makes her a saint. She doesn’t do charity work despite being free every single day, no protests, fundraisers, nothing. She has done literally nothing with her life that wasn’t lazy, low-effort or purely self-interested under the guise of activism (like appropriating pride parades as an aesthetic when she’s never been same sex attracted in her life).

No. 295093

She's her own charity. Reminding her twitter followers how expensive her groceries are and how the economic state is scaring her and YouTube won't give her enough money. While being cozy in her blanket fort painting spice racks and paying out of pocket for expensive diegnosis.
Meanwhile real autist have real struggles and work shit jobs to pay for their shitty living situations
It's amazing her all followers haven't turned on her yet.

No. 295097

Considering how one of her real life fan girls got caught posting, it's safe to say alot hate watch and post here. She knows this as well.

No. 295099

Most people know a lot of YouTubers like her only 'made it' because they were posting in the right place at the right time, but in her case specifically it's kind of wild to think of where she would be without that. She literally took a month to paint a wall. Without the internet handholding would she have found a normal job or would she still think she's the most special girl on the planet who can't work because she has regular human emotions. Every thing about the fact she's in a nice house and well fed is luck from having nice parents and luck with YouTube, most people with debilitating mental illnesses who can't work live in squalor or a home, not alone in an extremely nice place

No. 295101

Okay even if all this shit was real (kek) it’s not normal to drone on about yourself and expect everyone to be interested in all the inner workings of your personality. I get it, she’s a YouTuber, but the way she likes to smell her own farts and talks about herself like she’s the topic being discussed at a book club is fucking weird. I don’t know how she’s convinced herself it’s not narcish. Is it tiktok? Everyone’s so self involved so she no longer considers it anti social?

No. 295104

this. all i can think about is how often she must talk about this to steve, her mom, her friends. does she ever think about anything besides her own inner world? she's insufferable.

No. 295106

I feel like her idea of financial scares is when she can't buy expensive niche brand clothing for a week. Like I don't think she can genuinely comprehend not spending money on dumb shit constantly isn't the same as not having enough money for groceries this week.

No. 295114


The piano teacher has actually been granted day parole as of a few days ago, which will most likely progress to full parole.

There is a testimony from his victim, and reading it I can just see Jill absorbing her experience and self inserting.

Wouldn’t be surprised if she names or named an alter after the victim

No. 295116

>Wouldn’t be surprised if she names or named an alter after the victim
I think that would give me a full on aneurysm

No. 295120

>"She spoke of a stolen childhood, absent of the normal pro-social relationships a teenager has … nightmares, anxiety and stress caused by the effects of her involvement with you … [She] has changed her name in hopes of people not knowing of her involvement with you."
This girl went through actual hell and had her childhood stolen and Jill is over here trying to larp as being more traumatized than her. I can only imagine Jill foaming at the mouth to try and find any way to make this about herself when in reality while this girl was suffering, Jill was having friends and going to Japan and being so fucking spoilt. I hope both that man and Jill rot.

No. 295125


the fact Jill is screaming about being traumatised and in fight or flight over mclean when actual abuse is happening is so embarrassing. She trvialises trauma constantly

No. 295132

Jill please clean up your audio, learn to use a noise reduction filter, your videos an unbearable to listen to

No. 295144

So is there gonna be a new split because of this or is this gonna be just another excuse as to why amber and sunny splitted? The McLean situation seems not traumatic enough for her larp because she also mentioned in her last video that some stuff was going on in her life as well.
The situation alone sucks for the victim, and I'm sure this fat retard is going to try to make everything about herself.
She's infuriating, there's people really struggling in the world and then we have Jill, our most traumatized rainbow non binary queen.

No. 295149

File: 1682975951240.jpeg (132.3 KB, 828x1232, 58C55ECB-AF2B-41A5-84AB-8A200F…)

Does she never get tired of being absolutely insufferable?
This is so sick that he got out after only serving 1/3rd of his already shamefully short sentence. Tbh if Jill tweeted about this just to spread his face around and say he’s always been creepy and WILL offend again, I’d respect that. But we all know she’ll just vague tweet and make it about herself.

No. 295153

File: 1682978925524.png (125.35 KB, 1040x692, IMG_0768.png)

>stolen childhood
>>176080 there are some other similarities as well.

No. 295155

File: 1682979094702.jpeg (100.4 KB, 750x1008, IMG_0769.jpeg)

>full of rage
>consumed with rage
I just remembered these from the other day when I was looking through old threads.

She has totally been talking about the piano teacher the whole time and trying to pretend she was also a victim.

No. 295159

File: 1682979948791.jpg (39.35 KB, 720x785, 5678654456.jpg)

Nothing we didn't know but funny how all these DiD content creators watch each other and add elements of each other's larp to their own larp. I'll laugh when Chloe drops Jill.
Ofc he got a short setence. Absolutely appalling he gets day parole already.
Fucking disgusting that Jillian Amanda Vessey would larp the actual victim's trauma. Jfc Jill you are the definition of a giant spoiled brat who had every thing handed to her and indulged in every whim but I guess that just isn't enough for you. Imagine being so attention obsessed that you rationalize larping an actual trauma's victim, specifically sexually abused, as a great idea. Like wtf. Jill is very fucked in the head. I hope the actual victim finds peace.

No. 295160

I think she knows if she outright accuses the piano teacher it will become a legal matter, and then she'd be in serious trouble with the law and , worse, have her LARP and all the lies exposed

No. 295169

Do we know who the victim is? What if it is Jill?

No. 295174

File: 1682987105822.png (167.57 KB, 1080x936, Screenshot_20230501_202214_Twi…)

It's not Jill. As of 2021 the victim was under 18, according to this (idk how to make the link not break from the red text)

No. 295176

Anon, be so fucking serious! If the victim was Jill we would have gotten 17 videos 100 tik toks and 5000 tweets. Jill would be announcing from the rooftops how much if she was the victimm

No. 295178

File: 1682989680264.jpg (76.5 KB, 720x1021, #Pluralgang.jpg)

No. 295179

Life stolen from her is so rich. Even if truly she experienced some traumatic event shes living a life most people dream of so far, loving mother, financial security, trips out of the country, her endless materialism, access to secondary education (in a stupid field no less), and lives in her dream home literally while unemployed

No. 295181

File: 1682990382965.jpg (32.58 KB, 1080x275, Screenshot_20230501_212041_Gal…)

Everyone raving about the joker face but >>294804 has me rolling

No. 295182

It isn’t her, as >>295174 said she’s too old, but there is an unnamed victim from years before. My belief is that she has been implying she is that girl, or some other previous unnamed victim, even though the idea of that happening to her and her repressing it (and her family never mentioning it) is ridiculous. And as >>295160 said, if she does come out and say it, it will be a legal issue that completely undermines the suffering of the actual victims.

She has a house, a very easy job where she can just stop working for a week or two, friends (I guess), a boyfriend who cares about her, pets, well fed, can be stoned all the time without it impacting her career, has traveled to other countries, she has had so much more than most people her age but she has the audacity to complain. She had the most charmed and normal childhood and she still lives like a child to this day.

No. 295183

File: 1682991304684.png (180.64 KB, 702x1226, Untitled.png)

This inspired me

No. 295195

File: 1682999361074.jpg (125.18 KB, 720x1297, Kek.jpg)

No. 295206

She has such fat faghag energy which is exactly what she is

No. 295209

I just realized Jill speaks like Ned Flanders and I may never recover

No. 295213

Just needs damaged tattoo on her forehead and it's perfect.
That's how I took it too. It's sick how she wants people to interpret that she's the other unnamed victim. Like why would you want to imply this? Does Jill ever think things through for the future or is she only ever short sighted? She only thinks about herself and never any one else. Forever mentally 12.
Lmao I can see it and reading her dumb tweets in Ned's voice is funnier.

No. 295221

It’s just crazy (not) how she has never once said “I feel for the girl who had her life ruined by this man” or even just “I pray for the victims” but instead just “I hate my piano teacher he’s a pedophile he was too nice to me” - no sympathy for anyone actually impacted just how it directly impacted her, which is to say, not much. This teacher wasn’t just groping his students here and there he was forming a full relationship based on a power imbalance with one specific student at a time, Jill had parents who actually cared about her so she was never a target.

No. 295225

Jill has never cared about other people in her entire life.

No. 295234

Whatever happened to that gay bestie she had? I don't even remember his name.

No. 295240

Trooned out

No. 295242

File: 1683043812727.png (239.39 KB, 500x327, jillker.png)

god this is super dark but still made me lol

No. 295244

She had to make herself a new alter sign off sheet on twitter, cant remember which emoji every oc uses without it taped to her forehead ig.

No. 295246

File: 1683045533038.png (26.1 KB, 593x451, Screen Shot 2023-05-02 at 12.3…)

welcome newfag, this is an imageboard. dont forget to sage as well. welcome to the jilly thread. attached the pic for u.

what's up with all the she/they pronouns? fucking stupid, she just wants to larp women while still playing the alphabet mafia points.

No. 295247

>clinically diagnosed
and im dalai lama, namaste

Jill larping as several minors is still as gross as ever

No. 295249

Anons who do you think is dying next? My bet is on Cliffe.

No. 295252

RIP Sandwich. o7

No. 295253

File: 1683047895281.jpg (71.85 KB, 720x1078, Stfu.jpg)

No. 295254

>their name
Is the fucking cat a she/they too?

No. 295256

File: 1683048388902.jpg (90.35 KB, 717x1180, Thats tough kid.jpg)

Omg Amber is suppose to be the same age as Jill. That's fucking hilarious. The cringe as shit sloppily applied freckles and """fight""" tiktok is exactly what a 25 year old """justice seeker""" would totally do.
He's 35 so naturally being so damn old he is logically the next one. Just bury him in tax forms, it is what he would have wanted.

No. 295257

File: 1683048566151.jpg (195.28 KB, 720x1896, Rude .jpg)

No. 295258

I guess my call to animal services can wait another day…

No. 295259

Maybe this is a joke and I’m just not up to date on Twitter culture but did check marks really think they were better than unchecked users? If so I have to wonder if that’s why so many talentless morons think they’re actually mega talented and the first to come up with whatever facet of their personality/interest they’ve decided to turn into a consumable product.

No. 295260

>did check marks really think they were better than unchecked users?
It's obviously because to get the check your account had to be "notable"/popular in some way. It's pretty expected for most people to be more likely to check out a notable/popular person's account over someone who is unknown.

No. 295262

Wait, why is Sunny 14? I thought when you split the new personality would be your current age?

No. 295263

Inb4 Jill explains that because she is so epically autistic and her brain is so magically different that her imaginary DID works differently kek.

No. 295264

this lore doesn’t apply to Jill obviously or she wouldn’t have a 35 year old alter since she’s 25.

No. 295265

When you're faking DID, anything goes, anon.

No. 295266

why… how… could she fuck up the ages or pronouns? just like, how? why does she need to poke around and check? omg.

No. 295269

This but a step further– if she's not sure about ages, then how tf is Stevie supposed to know too kek

No. 295271

the sunny/flora/jill thing makes no sense at all. ok, so theres now THREE kawiwi alters who are all happy and positive? cmon, its fucking boring. there was barely a difference between jill/flora before and now there's just a yellow one in the mix.

No. 295276

>has "drag queen" in her bio but hasn't done drag in over a year
Jill, they're not your drag friends. They only followed you to grow their accounts. Maybe they would notice your account regardless if you were actually in the scene instead of just larping that you are.

No. 295277

The cat thing is super irritating. She has enough money and time and a big enough house that she could literally go out and adopt a shelter kitty today if she wanted.

No. 295279

Jill calling herself a drag artist after doing a couple shows with crap outfits is like me saying I'm the next Michelangelo because I sculpted two stars out of clay one time(sage your shit)

No. 295284

It’s literally just different costumes. She should just make more dnd characters at this point.

No. 295292

File: 1683071856250.jpg (119.71 KB, 720x1509, Poser.jpg)

No. 295293

File: 1683071893848.jpg (142.4 KB, 720x1514, Manager.jpg)

No. 295294

File: 1683071935941.jpg (121.62 KB, 720x1298, Shill.jpg)

No. 295295

File: 1683072695422.jpg (32.08 KB, 992x326, Untitled268.jpg)

This needs to be a banner pleasee

No. 295296

If her characters were real people, they would all fucking hate Jill for trapping them in the pastel prison. She didn't even answer the question. #justiceforcliffe

No. 295298

All of Jill's female OCs are just reflections of herself so it makes sense that the only useful OC is a male kek. She can't see herself being an adult and doing adult things it's so funny. Privileged fail cringe womanchild still leeching from mommy and daddy.

No. 295303

File: 1683078633633.jpg (157.53 KB, 720x1701, Screenshot_2185001.jpg)

No. 295306

>accepted the change

… from one therapist to another or from having a therapist to not having one?

No. 295316

Using that term will only make more of her critics aware of her thread here. Between this and the video I guess she wants more people to come here, but its not going to have the effect she wants.

No. 295317

Like if course she accepted it, it’s an out from having to do something. It’s the perfect excuse to just ditch therapy and be like oh I am just like this now. She doesn’t have to perform for someone who even vaguely might have real knowledge on the subject she gets to be lazy now and just fake to unqualified people which seems to be pretty easy in her life. Of course she loves it she is lazy and as we know struggles to keep the story straight.

No. 295319

>it was worldshattering for ME
>I accepted the change

if we just had a buy-5-get-6th-free type of ticket for Jillie making things about herself, it will be filled with stamps every day.

No. 295320

don't worry we have tons of other words to use other than larper such as faker, pretender, liar, jill, deceiver, scammer. they all mean the same thing.

No. 295323

To having an excuse not to bother with therapy at all kek

Social media queens are the biggest fame leeches out, they’d follow/interact with anyone who they though might give them even 1 more follower

No. 295327

so jilly admits she reads here then, and knows sof does too? kek

No. 295329

File: 1683107412743.png (21.34 KB, 500x500, 3.png)

gore posted, dont scroll above

No. 295330

File: 1683107505209.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x1080, O4A9g4W.jpg)

gore above, dont scroll

No. 295334

File: 1683111202964.png (50.4 KB, 474x453, Die moid.png)

Scrote post don't scroll

No. 295340

The fact that they really think they come off more honest and “take serious-able” than the straight documenting of facts here, however meanly we do it. Insane lmao.

No. 295349

lol she tries to pass it as humorous but i'm absolutely not surprised terminally online jilly is assmad about her missing checkmark
this roachy person is retarded enough to think the neckbeard connotations of 'larping' are incidental when they are fully intended… like yes duh it's an insult

No. 295365

I swear every toxic bitch uses that emoji

No. 295368

File: 1683139134220.jpg (93.07 KB, 720x1559, Screenshot_20230503_113753_Bra…)

No. 295416

jill has been actively simping for twitter attention of every youtube has been ever. for years now, from shane dawson all the way to kurtis conner and has yet to make friends with any youtuber. when will she learn than ranting about gabbie hanna and trisha paytas on her twitter means jackshit since she doesn't post to youtube? the only times she discusses something that could get views are in those retarded streams no one watches.
its like she expects to get big from posting every fart she has on twitter and not from actually making content people want to watch.

No. 295422

File: 1683180876849.jpg (83.52 KB, 720x1082, Screenshot_20230503-231213_.jp…)

No. 295423

File: 1683181024576.jpg (88.83 KB, 720x1210, Screenshot_20230503-231219_.jp…)

I always love when she acts like her stupid little videos are trump cards. She never shows proof, she just doubles down harder.

No. 295425

Honestly every time she uses her videos as proof it’s literally her saying trust me bro, the source in the video is literally just she said so.

No. 295429

The whole "clinical diagnosis" thing is so laughable. Like people don't get missed diegnosed all the time or recieve false diegnosist they were actively seeking. Her followers haven't heard of doctor shopping

No. 295442

It’s not as if it’s rare either for doctors to sell a diagnosis and the resulting prescriptions like how do people think the opioid crisis got so bad, it wasn’t just a handful of doctors. It’s not a small amount she coughed up either, a couple of grand for one piece of paper and a few hours work.

No. 295443

File: 1683207133180.png (54.98 KB, 275x143, 1662874235862.png)

She is so bold these days, all her lies are easy to prove with evidence. There was no diagnosis (Stevie lied about seeing it, Jill said it didn't exist physically), DID if it's real takes years to diagnose not one day and it would have been a noticeable lifelong struggle not "This illness is popular online so now I magically have all these OCs". As if she didn't broadcast her life for years showing zero signs of it. Now she wants to larp being autistic and a CSA victim. I hope she is blacklisted in the medical field if that is even a thing. I hope any doctor she tries to con looks her up and sees her behavior. Sorry, old stale milk but it still blows my mind that she made herself a sunflower lanyard to go out and check the mail, fucking nasty of her to appropriate from those who actually need one. Never forget how low she is willing to go.

No. 295444

If she's mentioned this before, I've missed it, but what exactly cost her $2000? This should have been a referral from her GP to a specialist, which would have been covered by provincial healthcare. There are no specific private programs to pay out of pocket for regarding DID, so is she just talking about the amount she spent on therapy?

No. 295453

she's so self-centered that she thinks everybody seeing this tweet is as lazy as she is and will just go "oh ok" seeing she has a video on the topic instead of watching it and seeing she's completely full of shit… the audacity, she could have just pulled a shitty excuse saying "yeah my bad diagnosis is shorter to say than diagnostic impression"

No. 295464

>There was no diagnosis (Stevie lied about seeing it, Jill said it didn't exist physically)
I wonder how Jill would address the fact that her partner claims to have actually seen it when she said it doesn't exist physically. Suspicious that the video where stevie says that isn't up anymore

No. 295499

the video is archived in Jill's KF thread though. Someone should clip the part where he admits it.

No. 295502

File: 1683234008079.webm (3.62 MB, 1280x720, 1681494054580.webm)

I hated when she fucking flaunted that lanyard around. Funny we don't see it in any of her outings photos as of late but she totally needed to check the mail and when dealing with the meanie police she called, Which Stevie so ACAB reminded her to wear it, after hitting the deer.
>Never forget how low she is willing to go
This needs to be on that Simpsons bus sign meme.
From the previous thread

No. 295520

this is genuinely such a nitpick, coming from a place of fucking hating his face so everything that comes from it pisses me off but
>forum … if you can call it that
what else would you call lolcow. that is literally what this site is regardless of how you feel. Gossip … Forum

No. 295538

its because she has the retarded zoomer mentally of "i said something and because i claim to be a member of ___ marginalized group i am an authority and you cannot disagree"

jill and the terminally online generation like her are completely shocked when you don't just fall in line and do/believe as they say when they command it. combine that attitude with her being a narc and having an inflated sense of how good her arguments are and she will never feel the need to actually explain herself.

No. 295545

i love his little contrived smirk when he talks about lolcow lmao
i know it's unlikely but i'd love for them to separate and air out dirt on eachother…

No. 295548

Him trying to sound intellectual gives me such a headache. You can tell by his tone and choice of words he is high on his own farts.

No. 295549

I refuse to watch the video and find out what that trannys voice sounds like, but from your guy's description is it possible he means he saw the piece of paper that is the diagnostic impression, kek?

I'm 50-50 if he's so retarded he believes Jill's lies or if he just assists/enables them but knows it's bs

No. 295551

9 alters, only one is 35, two are 25 including the host, and the rest are 21 or (well) under

This is so obviously a crisis brought upon because she's scared of aging so decided to very literally pretend to be anything between 4 and 19 years younger to cope. What's the clinical diagnosis for fear of aging?
If you are really afraid of aging why not start paying attention to your diet, weight, and the amount of shit (alcohol, weed) you imbue daily rather than creating a fantasy world where you are younger?

No. 295552

And the fact she used the same symbol three times for aesthetic, using disability as an aesthetic while being entirely able-bodied is truly repulsive behavior

No. 295553

That’s because she had nothing else to add to it, other people will have ‘I am epileptic and may have seizures’ or ‘I am hard of hearing’ etc because they have actual conditions that might render them in need of extra assistance or accommodations (non-fakers excluded obvs). But Jill doesn’t have anything wrong with her so she had to pad it out with a place holder. It’s insulting anyway, because a personality disorder is not a disability

No. 295558

I think about this too, because that’s so obviously a huge factor if not THE factor in why she’s doing this. It’s funny too because she looks as bad for her age as Shayna, and they both cling to this ~uwuu me so underaged~ shit albeit in different flavors. Jill is too lazy, self-centered and narcissistic to believe she should do any work toward having a healthy lifestyle so I’m not surprised she is aging like milk. Keep smoking and eating peeps with Monster kek. Her little fat grandma body gives me life because it’s what she deserves.

No. 295564

I'm not sure if it's been said before but he speaks just like idubbbz, the same mannerisms, cadence, etc. Like he's trying to be him. Not sure why he would want to but surely I'm not the only one who can see it?

No. 295570

Yes, he very clearly watched a ton of idubbbz and is skinwalking him with his entire le epic edgelord persona.

No. 295574

Never forget that Steve has/had aspirations to be a YouTuber himself and that one of the earliest videos on his channel is a vlog about his porn addiction.

No. 295577

Yeah, he was making edgy react videos back when he first moved into the basement.

No. 295610

Interesting how she said she had the Berry video ready to go when Sof posted about that here but then the drama happened and drew attention to her from people who make glorified cringe compilations like Ablaze and Retro Phantom so she made up some new OCs and now she’s skipping straight to debuting Sunny. Probably realized she would be opening herself up for ridicule and judgement if she debuted her little.

No. 295612

File: 1683322822375.jpg (315.25 KB, 1077x2428, YouAre25BitchLetItGo.jpg)

No. 295613

Uhh congratulations on your bloody shirt, Jill??

No. 295614

>posts image as proof to get back at people saying she never SH
>literally no evidence of this SH in the image and admits as much
She really doesn't know how proof works. Like I don't doubt she SH as we've seen marks, but honey. This doesn't work the same as your "verbal diagnosis".

No. 295615

File: 1683323368537.jpeg (42.63 KB, 828x395, 513AEC30-1F1C-48D3-9F29-9BA99D…)

No. 295617


imagine seeing a dress stained in blood from self harm and your first response is "I need to post about this on twitter". what a sad life.

No. 295621

File: 1683326723024.jpg (200.74 KB, 720x2103, Wat.jpg)

No. 295622

File: 1683326771601.jpg (110.52 KB, 720x1276, Tyhyn.jpg)

No. 295623

File: 1683328157237.jpg (332.44 KB, 720x4009, Screenshot_20230505.jpg)

No. 295624

File: 1683329069529.webm (12.7 MB, 405x720, download (1).webm)

Tt is 3:20. Quality is shit because I had to compress it.

No. 295625

Jfc Jill stop tweeting your every fart.
>Just because someone doesn't announce something to the world doesn't mean it's not happening
No shit Sherlock and surprise surprise people don't want to announce to the world that they just had a very vulnerable and raw moment. Your problem is you are appropriating others trauma and pretending it/it's happened/happening to you.
No wonder he exudes stiffiness and awkwardness. Kek

No. 295629


>Age slide from body age

>Berry is trauma free and little Jillian holds the trauma

How exactly does that follow the logic of why these "alters" are created?? Isn't the whole point that alters are created to handle/hold said "trauma" or is she just re-writing and adding rules to her larp again? Jill just say you enjoy age playing already (the thought of her adding csa victim stuff on top of that is sickening too)

No. 295631

Jillian also considers “Jillian” an alter (she explained this a long time ago when there were only 4 alters and she was a 5 petal flower) which…also doesn’t make sense, because that would mean there’s no host. There is no consistency to her lore.

No. 295634

I thought she went to fashion school, that outfit is vomit. Then again Jill loves to think she's the best at everything.

No. 295635

She went to an arts and crafts community college that accepts anyone who pays the application fee.

No. 295636

>posts publicly for attention about cutting, exaggerates the severity with extreme language claiming her clothes were “massacred” with blood yet there was so little blood it didn’t even seep through the clothing
>this is totally proof of my DID and not just more BPD bullshit guis.

No. 295637

File: 1683338432726.jpg (140.19 KB, 720x1571, Screenshot_185830.jpg)

No. 295639

Holy straw man argument, Batman. Yet another false equivalence presented as ‘proof’. No one is disputing that she is or ever has been mentally ill, that much is exceptionally apparent. And she knows full well that her ‘haters’ aren’t questioning her history of having/showing mental illness, people question the specific presentation that she’s claiming was always there when it blatantly wasn’t.

Shouldn’t she be reeeeing at the fact that this child has dared to refer to her exclusively as Jillian?

No. 295640

File: 1683338631459.jpg (163.37 KB, 720x1806, Screenshot_185850.jpg)

No. 295641

File: 1683338749613.webm (3.62 MB, 576x1024, download (2).WEBM)

No. 295642

dammit I was just about to post this! Anyway she got the joke for the audio wrong and the filter is jarring and looks bad

No. 295643

File: 1683338831667.jpg (140.87 KB, 720x1997, Screenshot_2185841.jpg)

No. 295645

File: 1683338956098.webm (8.29 MB, 576x1024, download-1.WEBM)

Great minds think alike and exactly what I thought too.

No. 295646

File: 1683339078912.jpg (150.6 KB, 720x1992, Screenshot_20230505_.jpg)

No. 295649

Entire tiktok is such friendless, jobless behavior.

No. 295650

Yes, yes, too mentally ill to work on be a ~fashion designer~, must tiktok with self to heal her trauma.

No. 295651

File: 1683340596579.jpg (121.83 KB, 720x1727, Whyareyoulikethis.jpg)

No. 295653

I hope she doesn’t involve the child in her age regression crap by pretending to also be six years old around her. By her own DID logic she wouldn’t be able to help it, especially since the “littles” are supposedly triggered by childish stuff.
I really wonder to what extent her and Steve’s family is aware of this bullshit. They must know that social media is her “job”. Do they ever watch her videos?

No. 295657

Well, thankfully it’s all fake so she probably reels it in with her bfs family so I don’t think there’s any real concern there. She probably does watch Bluey with her niece or something like that but I would be surprised if she did anything more than that. It’s weird but it’s not that weird as long as she doesn’t go baby mode.

No. 295660

You're such a liar, Jillian. No one is buying it because it's pretty fucking obvious it isn't true.

No. 295661

>just because someone doesn’t announce something to the world-
>announces it to the world
Girl, just give it up, admit you need the attention and that you’re trying to display more and more desperate need for attention every post.

No. 295662

How much do you wanna bet that she's copying Multiplicity and Me with her "Jillian and Little Jillian" schtick. Jess had an alter named Jake and another one literally named Little Jake. Come on Jill, at least try to be original

No. 295663

I'm no fashion girlie myself but the fact she can't fit into or afford any of it anymore so the only 'jfashion' things she's using are a literal paper shopping bag, a bow, and a necklace. I guess you could argue her precure toddler play purse is also technically from Japan

No. 295664

High out of her mind, clearly caught in an anxiety spiral, and gaining a lot of weight rapidly.

So cute. So fashion.

No. 295673

Wtf Jillian
>my 2 totally real different alters
Looks the same just with different clothes. Rivoting content. Does she not fit into the suicide ideation shirt no more?
Jill's arch nemesis is originality, easier to be high and lazy because effort be damned.
It probably kills her that she can't fit into her old stuff anymore but isn't motivated enough to do anything about it.

No. 295675

The fact that she has to make up “intimidating” alter egos for herself is an endless kek to me. She’s a fat little goblin with no muscle and nothing under her belt as a weapon besides her manipulation skills, the only thing she’s done any work on in years.

No. 295682

This whole post is absolutely ridiculous. I'm in awe at the stupidity of this posed photo. She would have better luck convincing the haters if she showed actual scars or wounds. At this point I dont doubt she'll go that far.

No. 295683

Not to white-knight, but she does have self-harm scars that have been discussed in older threads (on her thighs iirc?), so at least that part isn't manufactured. But she is really reaching with "massacred by blood stains", unless she cut an artery or used her clothes as rags to soak up the blood there wouldn't be that much on them. Besides, self-harm doesn't necessarily point to suffering from trauma.

No. 295684

She looks like a middle aged aunt who works at Denny’s

No. 295685

If she wants to prove the haters wrong do bad, why doesn't she post her actual scars? We all know she has no issue triggering people in her competition to be the most traumatised

No. 295686

I was trying to find the thigh pic from her old instagram since it was brought up somewhat recently
It was pretty funny/cringe wish I could find it
if any nona would be so kind

No. 295687

File: 1683370446737.jpeg (78.11 KB, 546x1189, 2D92DDE4-C97C-4C71-BC30-7D0DF4…)

I can’t get over how she’s starting to look like a retarded troon, moobs and too big heels included.

No. 295690

File: 1683372452124.jpg (10.84 KB, 275x135, 1674224983157.jpg)

>It would be terrifying to be on the wrong side of you

This is terrifying apparently

No. 295694

My thoughts too! Steve is such a creepy and they both give me Stephoknee Wolscht vibes (the tranny that used to have playdates with a little girl while also pretending to be one and also pretending to be one while doing sex stuff with the little girls grandparents). I wouldn't want a child anywhere near these weirdos!

No. 295697

I love how she's too oblivious to realize that this gives away that these are not alters because she has the same reaction to the song multiple times. She does the same gestures, facial expressions, posture, etc. I'm sure if anyone confronted her, she'd just be like, "oh Jax was co-fronting" or whatever, but it's just so, so obvious to anyone with a single brain cell that she's faking DID.

No. 295698

Is that slip the only one that fits her, the colour doesn’t go at all. Not that it seems to fit all that well either because she keeps tugging at it around the crotch. The one leg tights is dumb, looks less like a choice and more like they don’t actually fit and she blew out the gusset trying to squeeze into them. Nitpick maybe but the tags also bother me, it’s not really decora is it, she is so lazy she couldn’t accessorise or layer more? It feels like a desperate attempt to remind people of the past and the fact that she did work with 6% in the past, comes across kind of pathetic and very guys! guys! remember when I was relevant! I wonder if the “decora” is also because she has been asskissing cybr.grl and wants a piece of that cake since she is doing better than Jilly in all avenues atm and growing her following.

No. 295699

>Berry is trauma-free
then why on earth does she exist? tinfoil, now that Jill is more upfront with her "age regression" Berry is about to get thanos snapped like Flora was, which is why she never uploaded Berry's video

No. 295701

probably a-log but he has the face of a hentai addicted pedophile.

No. 295702

When is this faggot going to come out as brave and stunning already? It's so obvious he's twirling around in Jillian's spinny skirts behind the scenes… like just come out with it already you nasty, fugly porn-addicted tranny.

No. 295703

she acts so "tough" online but if you encountered her irl all you'd have to do is snatch away the nasal spray she's so dependent on and watch her scream and cry kek

No. 295711

The 'midsize' tag does it for me

No. 295712

Nobody said you didn't show signs of trauma or mental illness Jill. They're saying you've never shown signs of the life altering, all encompassing DID. It doesn't pop up out of nowhere. Especially as a YouTuber who has recorded most of their lives! Vile.

No. 295716

lmao she's also fully skinwalking the mannerisms of another "midsize" fashion TikToker here. Can't remember the girl's name, but she has a very distinctive cadence and is very bubbly, mostly posts grwm's while talking bodyposi stuff. Absolutely the kind of account Jill would follow and then absorb like the weird little fat Kirby that she is.

No. 295720

>the weird little fat Kirby she is
KEK anon

No. 295722

I would fucking love if Jill jumped on the FA body positivity movement next. They use the term "midsize" but some also say it's a fatphobic term because it "distances you from the word fat". Being. FA influencer is such an easy way to get a bunch of followers too. Bit of a sperg but imagine the milk.

No. 295734

File: 1683404799223.jpg (147.65 KB, 720x1788, Screenshot_20230506_132547.jpg)

No. 295735

File: 1683405417623.jpg (59.44 KB, 720x606, Screenshot_20230506-132348.jpg)

Gotta worry about Jerricka though because remember she's totes an ana-chan. In a more serious tone it would be interesting to watch if she did pivot. I could see her getting into fights with the other influences solely because of Jilly's obsessive need to be the leader/main spokesperson in every community she decides to infiltrate.

No. 295737

>round face girl
Jill, you don't need buccal fat removal, you need vegetables and cardio.

No. 295742

These tiktoks she does where she sets up her DSLR and stands in her little enclosure and edits after filming completely miss the point of these types of tiktoks, which are meant to feel intimate, spontaneous etc.- hers are so stilted. There are more professionally done tiktoks that have an audience but their spaces look clean and their saturation isn't boosted and their music doesn't cut out halfway through. Idk why she doesn't just film them on her phone and edit in the tiktok app like everyone else it's so much quicker and easier and more appealing..

No. 295770

Funny because I recall the DID community (I used to watch some YouTubers out of curiousity years ago) hating United States of Tara specifically because of how ‘inaccurate’ it was

No. 295800

Yeah, iirc Tara tries to be productive and functional member of society and doesn't have any anime or demon alters so I can see how the DID faker community would take issue.

No. 295804

I'm surprised Jill didn't go to that cringe DID meetup in Ohio

No. 295810

That would require leaving the house kek

No. 295820

File: 1683497007337.jpg (80.68 KB, 720x931, Screenshot_20230507-145906.jpg)

No. 295821

File: 1683497336141.jpg (79.76 KB, 720x1035, Screenshot_20230507-145930.jpg)

No. 295824

>>295821 How genuinely terrifying. Imagine seeing a fat weeb fuck outside your door.

No. 295827

File: 1683499019180.jpeg (36.35 KB, 565x530, 1642165322199.jpeg)

jill you were literally skinny about ten years ago and had big cheeks due to bulimia. shut the fuck up about the round face you've unironically been fat for years now.
i hate when she tries to meme herself like this, there are no confetti clubs members anymore ain't no one finding this shit funny but yourself and your alters.

No. 295873

fuck I thought this was an edit but it's not. That almost looks like a moonface from steroids, she has the face of a woman even fatter than she really is (and she is fat)

No. 295898

Fucking jump scare warning anon, bloody hell

No. 295899

she looks like a raw hot dog here. how much weight has she packed on since she got with Steve? is he a fat fetish weirdo?

No. 295904

Steve apparently does fetch her tendies and weed when she can’t be bothered to get off the couch, but I think that’s more of a caretaker/little fetish than a feeder fetish. The weight gain is probably an unintended consequence of infantilising and overindulging her.

No. 295910

File: 1683577555518.jpg (169.82 KB, 720x2341, Thedress.jpg)

No. 295911

File: 1683577671167.webm (506.6 KB, 576x1024, download.webm)

No. 295913

>>295911 You'd think after all her time on tiktok trying to skinwalk mental disorders that she would have improved lip syncing by now.

No. 295915

I love how the only comment without a like is the person with real problems (seizures are terrifying). Says everything about these larpers.

No. 295928

can this bitch do literally anything without pathologizing it? this is peak tiktok brain rot. sometimes you just lose your train of thought and it doesn't mean you have ADHD and autism and DID and OSDD and brain fog from fibromyalgia. these kids are doomed.

No. 295979

Those forehead folds and her size.. she’s just a rainbow Shatna

No. 296000

Maybe I'm mishearing but isn't this audio Ethan from H3H3? He doesn't have DID as far as I'm aware so this literally just proves that normal people can trail off mid sentence or 'dissociate' and forget what they're talking about

No. 296005

might have puked recently enough to make her face swell up. i know bulimics have trouble with that.

No. 296006

Consequences of her literally only socializing with other sheltered self-obsessed quirky internet addicts. Nearly all of Jill’s perceived problems would disappear out in the real world; they can only be sustained in her rainby hovel.

No. 296089

File: 1683659422557.jpg (182.04 KB, 720x1705, Looks.jpg)

No. 296090

File: 1683659491704.jpg (154.96 KB, 720x1976, Sketch.jpg)

No. 296091

File: 1683659555115.jpg (352.08 KB, 720x4651, Meds.jpg)

No. 296094

RIP sounds like Jillian is gonna start her adderall abuse era. She’s probably hoping she’s gonna shed so many pounds lmao
Sorry jilly you’re still gonna be fat cause of all that weed your smoking up like a chimney

No. 296106

Honestly super curious how this will affect her. Seroquel has a side affect of deep lethargy/deep sleep. It's used to treat insomnia is extreme cases. I'm wondering how fucked her sleep is going to be now that she won't be dosed into the stratosphere

No. 296109

File: 1683666168563.jpg (321.92 KB, 720x3380, Meds2.jpg)

No. 296112

If she’s getting on adhd meds purely to lose weight she’s even more of a fucking piece of garbage than previously believed LMao no low she won’t stoop to though once you’ve impLIED you were SA’d when you weren’t I’m sure lying for scripts feels extremely harmless.

No. 296117

She'll never lose weight on any meds as long as she still smokes herself into oblivion. Besides, Jill seems like the type of fat activist to claim that any form of weight loss is racist and eugenics.

No. 296122

there's no way she'll get adderall without an ADHD diagnosis though (right?) She's been adamant that she doesn't have ADHD (probably because she wanted any and all symptoms she "has" to be clues for DID). I mean idk what she is going to try instead of Seroquel or how the new med is supposed to replace Seroquel. I would guess she's getting some kind of mood stabilizer or anti-anxiety med. Some people report that Effexor gives them energy, maybe she's going to try that.

No. 296126

They can give Adderall for binge eating disorder, at least in the US, but if this bitch is faking adhd next just to abuse meds I'm gonna fucking lose it. EVERYONE totally has adhd now and these rainbow haired fucks are making it so much harder for us. Hey Jill, how is that catatonia going that you were claiming to have? I'm sure there is so much muscle wasting on your fat body. What about the little people on your desk you were totes having hallucinations about during your brief schitzo try out? Gonna go flail around like a special needs toddler today for your completely legit stimmies that isn't insulting to ND people at all?

No. 296127

>>296122 probably not adderall but other adhd drugs (like vyvanse) are prescribed in low dosages for treating binge eating. Maybe she's complained about her weight to a doc knowing that she can't fake her way into an adhd diagnosis?

No. 296128

ADHD medication is also given for obesity, narcolepsy, bed, fatigue, lethargy and sometimes even for autism. It is often given together with other medications that cause these side effects

No. 296142

That literally did not answer their question at all Jill, shut up for once.

Can any Canadian nonnas confirm/deny the difficulty of seeing a doctor? I’m Australian and afaik we have a similar system of ‘free’ healthcare and it sounds like she literally just never bothered to find another GP once she left PEI and never followed up on adjusting her meds (despite supposedly seeing a psychiatrist for diagnosis?)

No. 296148

>>296142 I don't live in PEI but for my entire life Ontario and Alberta have had on and off doctor shortages so I wouldn't be shocked if other provinces had the same issues.

No. 296156


I live in Nova Scotia and it is not hard to see a doctor. She could have even gone to a walk in clinic to see someone if there weren't appointments available. The longest I've waited to see a doctor was a week.I've also gone to NB and have seen a doctor the same day and scheduled a surgery for the following week.

No. 296158

also from NS and i'm glad that was your experience but you aren't going to get your psych meds switched at a walk in clinic lol and there's a doctor shortage so bad that they're considering changing the entire healthcare system to fix it. there's a lot jill lies about but having a hard time finding a doctor is the experience of 99% of canadians, let's not pretend otherwise.

No. 296167

is it just me or is she acting like meds can't be prescribed for other issues than the 'intended' one? It just seems like she wants to gather more victim points because she was on the 'wrong' meds for 10 years

No. 296168

I was re-reading som old threads the other day and she claimed she was already quitting those meds 2017? Did she get back on them?

No. 296170

File: 1683707504281.png (8.61 KB, 608x238, 1663560288676.png)

OLD MILK IN PIC but yeah! only a few months ago she was saying she quit meds to smoke weed full time and acted like it was the best decision of her life. don't even bother trying to keep up, shes like a compulsive liar at this point, nona.
i tried finding the earlier screenshots and accidently found this instead. she literally just lies on twitter all day everyday. nothing she says means anything

No. 296172

The person saying they dump that shit on anything is correct. They use a low dose as an anti depressant all the time. It’s a higher dose for use as an anti psych. They will have given it to her as a general anti depressant in a small dose. If she has just been refilling and never upping the dose as well it will be even smaller because it was a script written for a skinny 14 year old not an overweight adult. Also if it was a decent enough dose they wouldn’t just keep re-upping it and leaving her be for ten years. TLDR they give a low dose as an anti depressant to anyone like it’s smarties it’s in no way as serious as she makes out.

No. 296173

She has posted about quitting them and going back on them multiple times over the years, if they do nothing and never have how does that make sense. Why would you go back on them again if they don’t do anything? Unless she just wants to be on some kind of med to be special and to have to tell people about which is so Jill.

No. 296196

She wasn't even on it as an anti-depressant. She was taking prozac for a long time for that. She was on seroquel as a sleep med, which means she was on the absolute minimum dose.

My guess is she's getting on wellbutrin.

No. 296213

I know that there have been stimulant shortages so people with adhd and narcolepsy are struggling to obtain full refills. I’m going to be livid if fakers can get their hams on the only thing keeping me awake and alive.

Also if she thinks she’s going to lose weight that’s hilarious. Yes for some it depresses appetite but when you smoke as much weed as her she’ll still be getting mad munchies.

No. 296226

Do they say you can’t drink and smoke weed on stimulants? I would have thought that’s a terrible mix since they are depressants. She won’t give those up and we know she lies about her usage to doctors so that could be a car crash.

No. 296236

Nta but it's different for everybody but smoking weed/consuming caffeine on stimulants always made my heart race and once I had a really bad experience smoking weed like 8 hours after taking my daily dose of stimulants and I started hearing shit. I'm anticipating even more "splitting" and "dissociation" content from her when she starts stimulants. Fingers crossed.

No. 296243

Here's the May Patreon livestream.

No. 296252

I used to take quite a high dose of extended release Concerta for my adhd and when I was an every day stoner (vaping mostly) I definitely had negative experiences with it (getting TOO high when I only took a hit or two, chest pains, etc). To be fair though I never gained weight kek.

No. 296253


I love how Jill says steven universe has the best plot after watching marvel and precure. She really just consumes kids shows and capeshit

No. 296254

It bothers me that she's acting like being on a new med will magically make her able to answer emails on time which is funny as pointed out previously in threads a lot of people struggle with that in general. I think a daily routine, besides cleaning up her diet and dropping weed for a good amount of time, would help her mind frame better but that isn't happening. Instead she's building up this med in her mind and then when the med fails to meet her unrealistic ideals it'll be faulty or something.
She's being deceitful especially with that screenshot acting like seroquel is only for bi polar and schizophrenia. Definitely wanting to gain more opression points. It is amusing to see why she thought about schizophrenia only for her to realize that it ain't a """cute""" enough disorder like how with DiD she has cool ass alters and they have wacky fun adventures.
Thank you nona.

No. 296255

Shaynathan yaniv if she had rainbow hair.

No. 296256

Wellbutrin can drastically increase the likelihood for seizures if you have any potential causes for those lurking in your brain. If she is going on it she must've kept quiet about that one fake seizure she tiktoked to her doc.

No. 296257

>mario is slowly becoming a special interest

or maybe you're just interested in the topic? Jill loves diagnosing every action and thought

No. 296262

I think it's funny how she never has any hyperspecific special interests it's always some retarded baby cartoon or something like fucking MARIO. You'd think her super speshul special interest would be something like sewing machine models or, like, bobbin types or some shit. Nooo it's all just internet induced autistic tumblr shit that every cringefail (wo)manchild likes. She's not good at this LARP.

No. 296263


It's hilarious how Jill goes on a rant about people telling her to go therapy instead of making tiktoks and claims the tiktoks are "healing
, she totally lurks here

No. 296265

40 minutes into the live Jill says she's been asking for a ring for 3 years. I'd love to see the cringey mess that would be their wedding

No. 296266

It really depends on the individual, I take thc capsules every few days before sleep to deal with nightsweats from another medication and my dr said to self monitor and stop if it causes anxiety.

I imagine she will find a reason or excuse to continue being a daily smoker though. It’s remarkable she’s not got worse teeth or lung function yet from the amount she smokes. But maybe she’s claiming asthma and that’s why she can’t exercise lmao

No. 296267

Ok Jill. Let's not forget you said you wanted to stop it 3 years ago but then made no effort and kept refilling.

No. 296268

According to Jill she wants a separate photoshoot for her wedding of Cliffe and steve in suits, are they dating or what?

No. 296269

Ho-ly shit. I thought she didn't care, but she's actually a forever-girlfriend who isn't on good terms with his family after crashing his car.

No. 296270

I have felt before that Jill might have adhd traits, but then I think it's probably the weed? Not to blogpost, but I was undiagnosed adhd in highschool and everyone thought it was weed. It's probably actually the weed for her. She's got, what, supposed memory loss and just laziness and munchies is that not total stoner behavior?

No. 296272

5 years ago. January 2018 she said she was going to stop taking it, and she did stop soon after, and then a few days later posted that she caved because she hadn't been sleeping and took it again.

No. 296277

i had to go see and wow that was painful to watch. wtf is that shriek-laugh?!

he's too much of a wuss to do it but it would be so insanely funny to me if steve suddenly dumped jill and actually moved on (/out) since he has to know his family doesn't like her and likely never has

No. 296278

Almost like she’s got property damage and no life prospects under her belt. She’s in the same boat as an OnlyFans girl.

No. 296280

Jill allowing Steve to be poly and gay but only with her fake personalities is so funny. She is such a narc it’s hilarious.

No. 296282

around 54 minutes she starts to go on a tangent about being credited when people dye their hair pink and rainbow, paint their walls with candy stripes, and have strawberry bedspreads. No one else can do that guys, only Jill! So credit her amazing contribution to hair styling and home decor!11!1!

No. 296288

oh god it's just like kiki claiming she invented stripes. How embarrassing. I wonder when Jill's choices will come bite her in the ass.

No. 296296

>>296288 To roughly quote what she said was "I love it when you guys like tag me on things like your rainbow homes blah blah because some people dye their hair exactly like mine and paint stripes on the wall exactly like mine and just say nothing" she thinks she owns these aesthetics as if her fat weeb ass didn't leech off of literal decades established substyles.

No. 296298

Didn't she steal that rainbow bangs thing from another "kawaii" creater. Also she wasn't even yhe first person to have a rainbow home. She also stole that idea from that black autistic girl that used to be on YouTube. The amount of things she's stolen from people and never given them credit for it.

No. 296300

Same fag: also i dont steve would want to marry her because she has admitted to being a "hitter" when she gets overwhelmed, she also very self centered. No wants to marry into an abusive relationship. I'm betting steve is just saving up enough money to live a lone.

No. 296307

I hate to defend Jillian in any capacity - and I know Steve is a complete enabling retard, but he does seem to genuinely love her.

No. 296308

> I got prescribed it right after my first ever psych eval at age 14 or 15 for my “bpd traits and chronic nightmares”, but my main issues we know now are PTSD and dissociation not psychosis
She doesn’t think her BPD is a problem at all even though it’s the only problem she does have. We’ve seen her narc rages on twitter, like her sperging out over the DID conference for weeks. Plus Jerricka subtweeting songs and posting about how “angery” she is. That all happened while she was on seroquel. Her BPD is going to be out of control once she quits her meds and whatever she starts taking next could make her symptoms even worse. Looking forward to the milk. Maybe her and Steebie will have a big explosive fight and he won’t ever have to buy the ring she’s been begging three years for kek

No. 296315

File: 1683772292210.jpg (284.08 KB, 720x2799, Screenshot_293014.jpg)

No. 296333

You know you’re too lazy to have a healthy lifestyle when you cope by making fun of yourself. She will never change and she will never stop acting like an ugly clown.

No. 296337

I think so too dude made a whole trivia game about her 2 years in a row. That’s adorable I’m sorry

No. 296341

god i just watched 39:40 and jill is the poster child for why its important for your parents to tell you you're being annoying and your peers to embarrass you every once in a while. sometimes bullying is important kek

No. 296344

The ADHD is insane

No. 296346

dont encourage her

No. 296348

Can some sweet, kind nona please write a summary? I don't want to subject myself to her screeching.

No. 296362

File: 1683812211033.png (1.06 MB, 1400x910, Screenshot (965).png)

OT but are you talking about tasslefairy? She is a bit of a cow herself, her husband trooned out and she went nb and started coming up with all these ways she was being "copied/stolen from" including a doll that had rainbow hair as if she owned that look. The Lisa Frank house did look like hers but she failed to mention they were kicked out for not paying rent. There are soo many rainbow house influencers these days that have a bigger following than Jill too. Fever Dream Boutique has a rainbow pastel house too and actually makes and sells clothing, that has to hurt.

>>296344 She does NOT have adhd stop putting ideas out there. She is just a stoner and a flake with a personality disorder.

We all know Steve is a creep who gets his rocks off to Jill pretending to be a child but does she also put on a strap-on when Steve is in the mood for Cliffe?

No. 296364

Nah remember when Jilly was bragging about being a pillow princess, plus topping would be too much exercise she would be so out of breathe. She will just lay there like a beached whale wheezing because of her lung damage kek. I bet Steve and Veronica don’t fuck because she would have to get on top or actually do something.

No. 296365

Don’t pretend he doesn’t like to get his ass fucked, he’s a degenerate moid with a porn addiction. I’m still surprised that he hasn’t trooned out officially yet, we should try to figure out the name he will pick, my prediction is that he will name himself something retarded like “Lilith”.

No. 296368

Iirc didn’t Jill imply that Stevie is only a public placeholder name anyway because he isn’t ready to announce his true brave stunning name yet?

No. 296376

I'm in her area. Can confirm there is a family doctor shortage, but there are government programs to help relieve it.
You can go on a wait list for a family doctor, which she should have done as soon as she got to Fredericton, but she probably didn't because she had a family doctor in PEI. Depending on your medical history, it can take a few years to get off the list (those who really need it, like elderly/pregnant/serious illness get off the list first). There are a few shit walk-in/call-in clinics, but they are always swamped.
One new program is the ability to call nurses and they will give you meds over the phone. Easy, and from experience, they don't shy away from giving out whatever meds you ask for.

No. 296382

Her “special interests” are always just what’s trending at the moment. I don’t see how that’s special at all

No. 296383

Not to mention that FDB also has a chronic illness that requires regulation transfusions, and still manages to run a successful homemade fashion business. Jill could never

No. 296386

Sorry for any typos i’m cooking dinner rn

-Will being doing a makeup GRWM during this stream because she wants to spend the day filming TikToks

-Mentions that she’s been getting more Patreon subscribers

-Lies about having super super curly hair (it’s just damaged Jill, wavy at best)

-Shows outfit she’s going to use for a J-fashion TikTok

-Talks about wanting to rewatch Steven Universe and the hate it gets online. Says it’s one of “the best TV shows of all time”, and she's watched Star Wars, all the Marvel catalogue, and Precure. All I’m getting from this is that all the media she watches is incredibly mid so no wonder she thinks SU is that amazing

-In that weird cryptic picture she posted making that weird pose she was outside smoking weed

-Long boring anime discussion i don’t care about

-Her mum bought her a coffee table from Facebook Marketplace for ‘only 60/70 bucks’. I feel like that’s a lot for a FB Marketplace coffee table but ok. Recently visited her family because she missed her mummy, and shows a unit her dad made for her and personalised. Are these your super abusive and twaumatising parents Jill?

-Shows her cat and an ugly cosplay wig

-Says that Super Mario is becoming a special interest. k

-Talks about how she was fishing for PR from Starface pimple patches and how because groceries are 3 or 4 more dollars now, she doesn’t have the budget for pimple patches. But you do have the budget for two cosplays Jill?

-Talks about how she used to be ‘very anti contour’ and ‘felt that everyone painted their face to look the same and try to hide their bone structure’ and acts as if that mindset was wrong of her, and now she’s sooo much more empowered and someone in her chat agrees. Even though that’s literally what is happening and more and younger women than ever are being encouraged to get surgery and wear makeup to change the way their face looks for a stupid trend but don’t get me started

-Misuses ‘dissociate’ again. Jill when you’re applying makeup you’re not dissociating, youre concentrating. Ffs

-Mentions Sunny is co-con during this stream, confirms that Flora is alive, but has yet to meet Sunny

-Says that Amber has been helping her to FIGHT and deal with stupid shit

-Says that doing drag and making TikToks is “one of the most healing things you can do” for DID kek

-Someone asks a valid question about how all the parts decided on which tattoos Jill should get, she says communication and that they all vote on it. Says Jer wants “a snake ampersand” which “is fine but we’re going to work on getting it in a way that isn’t all black and spiky”. Super convenient that all your tattoos are tailored to your specific tastes Jill

-IMMEDIATELY changes the subject because someone brings up her PO box. Saved by the bell

-Halfway mark, this has truly been one of her most boring streams to date, I hope the second half is more tolerable

No. 296387

Kek right. She’s just home all day online consooming whatever trends come up on her algorithm and hopping from thing to thing impulsively, and yet she wants to compare that to actual autists like CWC

No. 296389

>she doesn’t have the budget for pimple patches

Then get an actual face wash? It will last way longer for one thing. What is with people and pimple patches lately, is it just the misunderstanding that it's an instafix?

No. 296392

-Brings up Bluey again, asks if any of her viewers are Aussies. I’m surprised she hasn’t developed an Australian alter yet

-Mentions Mother’s Day, says she loves her mummy so much. I guess they’re on good terms right now then

-Mentions that she wants Steve to marry her (which he says he definitely will) but they need money so their wedding isn’t ‘sad’. OKAY JILL, SURE. I know weddings are expensive, but a. you can definitely have a nice, affordable wedding and b. YOU LIVE IN A BIG ASS HOUSE. You don’t even work and your home is full of expensive shit. Economize!!

-She’s going to make her own wedding dress and it’s going to look similar to her cousin’s but “less fantasy and more Barbie princess”. Wants to do a separate wedding photoshoot of Cliffe and Stevie in suits LMAO can you imagine

-Says she’s not really buying new makeup because she’s still using up her Colourpop PR. Which makes the fact she threw away the whole brand new Sanrio collection they sent her because it was ~wrapped in plastic~ even more stupid, since she still uses their products

-Dumb bullshit other nonnas mentioned about Jill being pissy about people copying her by having rainbow hair and rainbow stuff in their house, and not even tagging or following her. Wow Jill, it’s almost they don’t know you exist and just like colourful rainbow stuff. Buts claims she is ‘anti gatekeeping’. Says someone stole her tattoo?? Is it that person who got a kitten in a heart tattoo? Because that’s definitely not original to Jill

No. 296405

She prob only wants those like “cute” star sticker ones etc. Regular Amazon brand ones aren’t part of her ~aesthetic~ kek though I doubt there’s anything she wants that she can’t buy; her tastes aren’t exactly posh or anything and she’s not poor.

No. 296406

Samefagging to add, yeah, coilloidal patches definitely can speed up the lifespan of a nasty zit (i do like them for those random hormonal under the skin lurkers) but an overall skincare routine and a clean diet is gonna always be more effective in the long run.

No. 296410

File: 1683835515433.jpg (145.94 KB, 720x1532, DiD.jpg)

No. 296411

Summary anon and yeah, I don't object to her using pimple patches because I use them too and they're good, I just find it funny that she acts like she can't afford them when she has money, and you can usually get a pack of decent ones for under $10.

She says she'll stick to "Neutrogena and a prayer" so presumably she does wash her face lol

No. 296412

File: 1683835577406.jpg (279.97 KB, 720x2844, Ok.jpg)

No. 296413

Link to the video

No. 296414

did she actually trash the sanrio makeup as opposed to returning to sender or selling it? because throwing away shit is way worse to the environment rather than just using things. its not like the damage is just reversed because you decided not to use it. just makes it extra wasteful.
Jill is the most anti recovery bitch I've ever seen what is this 'healing is possible' shit? does not fit her narrative At All

No. 296415

Let me guess, she's jumping on the "everything is fatphobic and racist!!!!1!!" bandwagon?

No. 296416

Forgot to add that near the very end she mentions that she was asked to voice act for a major mobile game company for a 'cat dating sim' which required her to send in different kinds of meows (sad meow, happy meow, excited meow etc). Makes a joke about Sandwich entering the chat. Said she didn't do it because she was worried it was some kind of fetish thing or some creepy man wanting to listen to her meow (tbf it does sound VERY weird, a cat dating sim with literal cats?…).
She also auditioned to voice act for Izzy's Wastelandia (? Idk what this is).

In a different life I think something like voice acting would've been a good idea for her since she obviously likes to perform and play different characters, and be loud, but a. that would require effort from her, require sticking to a strict schedule, maybe even take some lessons, and b. judging from her alters videos she can't act for shit and definitely can't convincingly do different voices.

No. 296418


iirc she made a post asking about where to donate it on FB(?), but there was no follow up on whether she did or not. I doubt she would actually toss it. Either donated it, kept it, or gave it to a friend.

No. 296422

The way she is critiquing these outfits like she is some sort of expert seamstress is so annoying. Jill, everything you have made is fugly and ill fitting. Your ego is undeserved. You got some participation certificate from that daycare you went to, you are not a fashion icon.

No. 296426

She literally knows jack shit about fashion. I'm no fashion expert, but none of this is new, and he never hid his bitchiness. I'm not saying he was a morally great person, but at least he had talent, was well read, and you know, did something with his life.

No. 296435

Med prediction: whatever stimulant she gets on will make her very manic and she’ll claim to be bipolar and the DID bullshit would be swept under rug with bipolar one psychosis when she gets sick of the larp.

No. 296443

The way she said that she could make that thom brown dress olivia rodrigo is wearing made my ass itch. Because no she couldn't. She could barely make an open concept flare sleeve shift gown for her cousin but she thinks she could make that thom brown dress?

No. 296451

>>296443 She thinks she's a world renowned established designer in her head inside her animal crossing imaginary world but she's actually a fat lazy loser with a big ego.

No. 296471

>She’s going to make her own wedding dress and it’s going to look similar to her cousin’s but “less fantasy and more Barbie princess”.
The dress she made for her cousin was a potato sack with pinned crappy sleeves. So she wants a ballgown I'm guessing? Good luck with that since she couldn't even pull off making her cousin's dress.
>Wants to do a separate wedding photoshoot of Cliffe and Stevie in suits LMAO can you imagine
Kek wtf Jilly. What about poor Jerricka?
>Says she’s not really buying new makeup because she’s still using up her Colourpop PR.
Always having to announce something to look good. Like no one cares.
The fact she’s making a big deal out of not being able to budget for them makes me wonder if she’s fishing for someone to send her some via her p.o box.
Major emphasis on the big ego. Jill has shown her work so I don't get why she thinks no one has eyes or she thinks her crappy explanations somehow redeems her work.

No. 296479

BPD people are so fucking freaky.

No. 296480

Kek this artist defends PewDiePie a known racist and pedo(sage your shit)

No. 296481

>>296480 If someone calls Jill out on it like they called out her racism she'll just pull the stupid idiot act of 'i didn't know better pls educate me even though i'm chronically online and have access to google not to be a fucking degenerate'

No. 296483

Source? Sage your autism

No. 296487

How is Pewdiepie a pedo?? Also learn what sageru is newfag

No. 296491

What benefit would Jill have if Steebie married her? They’re already technically married since they’re common law.

No. 296492

The comfort of commitment. It's harder to divorce then to break up

No. 296494

Or do the thing again where she pretends to be autistic and not understand things….despite years and years of her logged internet conversations proving otherwise.

No. 296548

File: 1683903655654.jpg (115.46 KB, 720x1236, Jl.jpg)

No. 296555

So she was simultaneously too afraid to be perceived by her neighbours but also trusted them enough to take care of the cats. OK, Jill.

No. 296558

Off topic but did jill ever say what happened with the berry video?

No. 296559

File: 1683907000699.gif (571.83 KB, 220x189, 1609565222972.gif)

>too afraid of being perceived
>is an youtuber
this is exactly what the mclean hospital's doctor meant when he said that being an online persona and having did is incompatible

No. 296562

File: 1683908887536.jpg (72.73 KB, 720x993, Scre.jpg)

No. 296563

File: 1683908926834.jpg (339.12 KB, 720x3225, DiD.jpg)

No. 296565

Does she introduce herself to people as Jill AND Pixie or something? Why not just pick one name and tell it to people, why do you need to give both lol

No. 296566

Jill: "I need to smoke weed all the time, it helps me 'be normal' uwu"
The normal:

No. 296570

maybe she'd feel less like a talentless failure to launch womanchild and more like a spoiled housewife… that's somewhat of a status upgrade

No. 296571

File: 1683911007442.jpg (81.01 KB, 720x1126, Screenshot_20230512-100122_.jp…)

No. 296572

I'm conflicted on this, but at the same time I think paying a stupid amount of money to private clinics for a diagnosis is… exactly what Jill did? People with actual struggles rarely do this shit because they can't afford it. And if they could afford it, it would be less likely that they'd even need a diagnosis because it's not like they're unable to make money or something because of their illness. If anything, I think it's proof that doctors know their shit and the real ones don't hand out the diagnoses like candy. Only quacks willing to take weird DID faker youtubers money do that shit.

No. 296587

"Now instead of trying to start shit in the middle of the day, how about you try the "get a fucking job challenge." Do that challenge."

No. 296590

>>296548 Is she forgetting she used to have multiple part time jobs (on top of youtube), regularly went to cons, events & fanmeets and went to Japan where she stuck out like a sore thumb? Now she struggles to sit on her porch because she hates being perceived, that is some bs

No. 296591

>>296590 She'd probably make up that Flora or Veronica are Jerricka were fronting when she was actually a semi-thriving adult traveling everywhere and performing several times in cons.

No. 296594

File: 1683917387206.jpg (297.4 KB, 720x2919, 20230512_114920.jpg)

No. 296596

>BPD identity issues

Bitch, the call is coming from inside the house lmao

No. 296597

loooool she's straight up giving the list of possible excuses she thought up for herself should she tire of pretending, which is also a list of illnesses she might want attention for next… she's so transparent sometimes

No. 296598

File: 1683918081917.jpeg (18.82 KB, 480x359, EB412CB3-C65F-4A75-910D-863F4B…)

I literally fucking can't she's saying ADHD can look like DID because of memory loss? I'm so disgusted she's making shit up Someone come take me out I don't wanna be here anymore

No. 296600

>adhd forgetfulness
oh shit lads, I forgot what I was doing which means I must actually be ten people!

She must be brainstorming ways to backtrack out of this DID hole she dug for herself. Or that fan who is both larping and doubting their own DID in her menchies is giving her some much needed perspective on herself

No. 296602

File: 1683918635920.jpeg (9.42 KB, 274x237, 1652848135107.jpeg)

maybe she introjected the McLean doctor and now that he's one of her alters he's slowly convincing her she's full of shit

No. 296617

I'll take you out for a nice dinner so you won't have to put up with Jill's nonsense nonna. also no lolcow alter? Really Jill?

No. 296618

BREAKING NEWS: local terminally online woman goes outside! Wait for the story to develop to see if she actually touches grass!

Honestly how boring and uneventful and low standard your life is if sitting on a porch is a huge achievement you need to announce to your followers? I wouldn't be surprised if she was smoking to alleviate her "anxiety" and "fear of being perceived" - a fear that doesn't seem to hinder her bad YouTube career, bad TikTok lipsyncing videos or bad drag perfomances.

No. 296619

The self awareness. Maybe she's getting ready to move from DID (doubt it tho) and claiming that it was a misdiegnosis and blame her old therapist for feeding her that delusion
Her idea of DID is the fake Zoomer version. The fake Zoomer version of DID is sort of similar to ADHD and you know all the Zoomers are destroying their attention spam and practically giving themselves ADHD

No. 296629

She sat on the porch and drank coffee. And she saw fit to write two paragraphs about it, as though it were some type of accomplishment. Terminally online brainrot.

No. 296630

I was thinking a bullet, but dinner sounds nice, nonna. I'll try Jill's peep-soda special and hopefully suffer fatal cardiac arrest. >>296629
The personification of no life. Sad to see what happens when children are coddled to the point of being a burden

No. 296632

Correct me if I’m wrong nonas but people who actually have autism don’t really worry about the nay-sayers because they’ve actually had the lived experience of being autistic their whole life, nothing has changed except for the sudden amount of people claiming to be autistic. It’s only the fakers who give a shit and get defensive, because this is a brand new problem to them. And usually for people who are autistic, their biggest gripe with society is outcasting them in public, not the opposite. Jill doesn’t like that she isn’t recongized enough for her larp. Totally backwards to how it should be.

No. 296636

I really don't know where she gets the 'people who are faking know they're faking' when that video that she freaked out about literally mentioned that you can trick yourself into believing shit. Also her saying that just sounds like an admittance? At this point, she's kind of fucked tho, because she already made up imaginary friends. I think it's too late for her to realize how bad she fucked up. I hope she realizes anyway because she's actually the worst.

No. 296637

Fuck me, if anyone ever needed proof she doesn’t have DID, it’s those tweets. ADHD forgetfulness is ‘I got a notification on my phone whilst doing a task and now I’ve lost my place in what I was doing’. DID amnesia is ‘I’m sat in the middle of a college class with no recollection of how I got here’. The near self-awareness is SO strong

No. 296639

Honestly, a lot of autists are simply inclined to agree that social media is now packed with young people who do not have ASD but whose symptoms appear to look like it ON PAPER, because like 100 other things vaguely sound the same if you word it that way. And that is very different from the real experience of having the disability. Jill is defensive because she has zero way of indicating a social, academic, professional and medical history that actually aligns with what autism looks like. The abnormalities in her history look nothing like the deficits and difficulties seen in autism, but on paper she could try to warp her BPD freakouts and social problems to fit the autism bullet points.(armchairing)

No. 296640

File: 1683936267478.jpg (133.11 KB, 720x1918, Screenshot_20230512_170126.jpg)

No. 296641

File: 1683936363472.webm (2.07 MB, 576x1024, download.webm)

No. 296643

Kek Jill being too lazy to put on actual makeup using a filter that puts eyelashes on her hands when her eye is covered(sage your shit)

No. 296645

File: 1683937777298.jpg (107.86 KB, 720x1026, Screenshot_20230512-172434_.jp…)

No. 296646

File: 1683937870746.jpg (43.29 KB, 720x543, Screenshot_20230512-172439_.jp…)

No. 296647

File: 1683937974328.jpg (96.54 KB, 720x1179, Screenshot_20230512-172501_.jp…)

No. 296650

Sorry I know these people all have the world's most debilitating anxiety or whatever but do they think their neighbors will walk directly up to their porch and call them ugly or something

No. 296653

literally nobody who has adhd blames forgetting things or switching tasks without completeness on another mental entity and i say that as someone who has severe adhd

No. 296654

It’s part of the persecution fetish they all have. Plus isn’t smoking too much weed capable of making people very paranoid?

No. 296656

>>296636 definitely a freudian slip, she's basically describing herself probably to soften the blow when she can't keep up with her lies

No. 296661

Same here. Someone with even severe adhd would have to also be completely retarded in order to believe their forgetfulness is mentally being a different person. According to (non tiktok studies) of DID, people with DID lose hours/days of their lives. That's completely different than anything related to being forgetful with ADHD.

No. 296664

I think in Jill's case (and in others, probably), they fear the possibility of another person having a small, fleeting critical perception. Some sheltered and coddled people with terrible enough anxiety/paranoia can't even stand the thought of someone having a negative thought about them.

No. 296669

>The abnormalities in her history look nothing like the deficits and difficulties seen in autism
What are the deficits and difficulties seen in autism?

No. 296673

she wouldn't let herself realize, she has that whole narcissistic shield of unawareness protecting her… she's never sincerely admit to herself she fucked up
who the fuck cares go discuss that elsewhere retard

No. 296675

time blindness on ADHD is not "oops I literally don't know what I did for x hours", it's more like "oops, I spent 8h reading wikipedia instead of doing what I had to do" because it's not like we don't feel the time passing, it just passes different when the brain is pumping with hyperfocus. so can't even blame time blindness either. jill is a fucking idiot and not even adhd would explain her sheer retardation.

No. 296687

File: 1683967915372.jpg (96.1 KB, 1080x750, Screenshot_20230513-105115_Chr…)

next thread pic

No. 296691

> I’m so tired of seeing this same whiney narrative about every mental illness. “Everyone things they have autism now!” “Everyone thinks they have DID now!”
Autism isn’t a mental illness you dense cunt. It’s a neurological and developmental disorder. Holy fuck she is so stupid

No. 296696

She's way too calculating, self-aware(in terms of being obsessed with how people see her and her image), understands sarcasm, verbally developed etc

No. 296700

Now she is appropriating the struggles of people with agoraphobia and social anxiety while simultaneously being the biggest attention whore. Like everything she does is "look at me look at me".

No. 296703

I wonder if this will be her out when she gets bored of it

No. 296712

Jill is again in Dissociadid's stream trying to get her attention. 1:49:20 is when the simping really starts and Kya of course is telling Jill how amazing and perfect and special she is. I'm seeing some new besties in the future(learn to embed)

No. 296722

god I hope so because dissociadid is a huge fucking cow who could have had multiple threads here - but her drama is adequately covered elsewhere so there's no real need

No. 296724

I wish she got her own dedicated thread here now that kf is basically dead. Her reddit's interesting but they still have to stick to reddit's TOS. Don't wanna derail this thread too much but yeah, just look out for them to become besties followed by a super dramatic falling out. It's happened to Dissociadid several times now and, well…Jill is Jill

No. 296725

yeah you're right, maybe she should get one. If someone here knows all the lore and starts it, I'd post there

No. 296726

File: 1683998017362.jpg (101.79 KB, 720x1101, Screenshot_20230513-101035.jpg)

No. 296727

File: 1683998127348.webm (700.67 KB, 576x1024, download.WEBM)

No. 296728

WTF even is this tiktok supposed to be? It's literally just Jill looking exactly the same the entire time.

No. 296731

>”hard to believe I’m faking for attention”
>almost exclusively posts DID related content and complains when views are low

No. 296751

File: 1684012346317.jpg (448.01 KB, 720x4585, Stuff.jpg)

No. 296752

>>296751 Cure Summer if she was a fat lazy loser which is kinda hilarious considering Jill is allergic to real work and that girl's whole thing is she never stops working on anything she's passionate about.

No. 296755

File: 1684013264291.jpg (275.76 KB, 720x3633, Comments .jpg)

No. 296759

They'd by perfect for each other since they have so much in common! Like how they both exploit their mental illnesses for views, and they both abandoned their bestie Bobo and Co once she was no longer useful to them, and they both feign being poor while living in nice houses with expensive cats and clothes and makeup, but they're both too scared to go outside and get a real job because of their totally real and scawy stalkers. They're a match made in heaven!

No. 296767

>sometimes there's a stigma about people who pay for private diagnosis!

No. 296774

>There's no other option here

There's actually no option to pay for private diagnosis of DID where she lives, unless she means paying out of pocket for therapy. It's insane that she talks about paying 2K for her diagnosis when it just means she went to 10ish therapy sessions with her psych and that was it.

No. 296776

I always forget she has this entire amazing sewing room and barely uses it in favor of smoking pot and writing fanfic about her imaginary friends.

No. 296804

File: 1684038064771.jpg (246.19 KB, 720x3071, DiD.jpg)

No. 296820

sorry for late reply, just watched this.
this bitch can't get one thing about fashion right. at some point she calls one dress' sleeves "rose petals" when it's clearly the flower associated most closely with the theme of the gala - camelias being a frequent motif in chanel.
"fashion designer" my ass, she's not even a hobbyist seamstress, how can she think herself being an authority on anything fashion?

also not being able to figure out how kim's look worked, here, i'll spell it out for you jilly - it's a piece of shapewear with two pearl necklaces attached at the sides. that is all.

No. 296822

There is no way her withdrawal is actually this bad weaning off a very small dose, she is so dramatic for no reason. This is why I just can’t take her seriously like you wouldn’t even feel that bad going cold turkey off such a nothing dose and she is claiming it’s this bad weaning? She over blows everything so extremely.

No. 296823

As someone who’s been on this same medication for years, it really does fuck with you for a while. As much as I hate pixie, this medication is hard to deal with in regards to withdraws

No. 296826

I hate her too but she's still human and suffers like the rest of us. Medication and withdrawals can be hard especially when your as physically unhealthy as she is

No. 296829

File: 1684058394191.jpg (55.42 KB, 1040x580, Screenshot_20230514-115914_Chr…)

almost as if you can feel extremely different depending on your mood or events around you

No. 296831

Nta but it’s the extremity like yeah it sucks but Jill is notoriously hyperbolic. It’s already well established she doesn’t know what an actual panic attack is and over exaggerates everything because she is so soft and coddled. She probably does feel sick but like you say her unhealthy lifestyle would definitely contribute she is chronically dehydrated, hitting a bong constantly, messed up sleep schedule, eating crap, drinking booze and energy drinks. Bragging about her recent sitting on the deck in the sun thinking it’s healthy too, prolonged sun exposure mixed with the weed, dehydration and too much caffeine is also going to make her feel bad. I would have sympathy if she wasn’t doing the absolute most to make herself feel like shit in all possible areas. No shit you have a headache and feel sick and anxious Jill.

No. 296832

sage for extreme autism, but literally all of her problems are self-inflicted, she reminds me of this jam.

No. 296834

Yes to a dissociadid thread. I’m shocked she never had one here.

No. 296835

Nitpick but why does she still wear those dirty ass boots from 7 years ago kek

No. 296837

you're bang on anon. jill seems anxious about people's autonomous capacity for thinking and forming opinions about her fatass, how very troon

No. 296838

Kek I know right ? At first I thought it was the infamous pink shoes she wore all the time, even during her Japan trip.
Maybe wearing gross worn shoes is one of her ~autistic special interests~ ? Poor Jillie.

No. 296843

Holy shit the soles on the boots. They need to be thrown out, literally disgusting

No. 296845

I see no issue with wearing old shoes but couldn't she clean them?

No. 296847

They are just shoes. Get over youself

No. 296848

At least paint your shoes if you’re going to keep them.

No. 296849

Lurk more, these shoes are an icon of horror in these threads

No. 296861

Wearing them in the house that dirty as well, gross.

No. 296863

Kek she probably wears shoes in her videos not because it's part of the outfit, but so she doesn't have to go through the effort of pixelating her feet again

No. 296880

File: 1684102251181.jpg (115.69 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_20230514-150920.jpg)

No. 296881

i guess jk is also in her psychosis phase maybe that's why jill was notified

No. 296900

>>296880 god does she have to respond to every person she doesnt like? Just block/ignore and move on

No. 296945

>don’t forget I’m trans too btw
Woe is Jill, being hounded by Twitter accounts she chose to follow and extremely niche seminars she chose to seek out and watch. Time for another well deserved ice cream!

It’s an obvious joke, anon. Read what she’s replying to.

No. 296969

>>296945 I was also being sarcastic

No. 296979

File: 1684169740769.jpg (28.84 KB, 720x530, Prt1.jpg)

No. 296980

File: 1684169865872.jpg (83.43 KB, 720x1023, Prt2.jpg)

No. 296982

They're probably thriving while you're sinking further into your narc delusions Jill

No. 296983

Where did her circle tweets leak?

No. 296984

lurk moar, it wasn't even that long ago

No. 296985

It wasn't even a leak, she posted her shit publicly but quickly deleted the tweets when she realized they were public and tried to badly shoop them into looking like they were despite us having the originals lmao

No. 296988

Iirc It's also pretty easy to see private tweets as one anon discovered

No. 296989

Is she taking about Bobo? That’s not very mental health awareness of you Jilly. That’s a traumatized person with DID you’re talking about.

No. 296990

>>296985 tinfoil since i know theres speculation if jill shooped them or not, but now that we know sof lurks/posts, it could have been sof. also still holding out hope farmhands will come through on the sof posts i love u sm farmhands

>hope the person who leaked our circle tweets is having a terrible life
aww, so strong/kind/beautiful of you jill

No. 296993

yes i've been praying for a sof post reveal, i hope farmhands are working on it but doubt it

No. 296999

Thread question:
We all know Jill is faking. Jill knows Jill is faking. Now…does she think all other people with DID are ALSO faking? Do you think she believes people's uwu totally traumatic horror stories?

It would be interesting if she thinks everyone else is also in om the same attention grift. Maybe that's why she feels so careless about challenging DID lore, she knows its all fake and doesn't matter anyway.

No. 297000

File: 1684181163837.jpeg (113.16 KB, 750x1040, 74E961A8-E9C3-4DF2-8C07-5F2DC5…)

Talking about a show and she had to ask this kek, still larping she was *~*sexually abused*~* by the girl so she had to know before she got TrIgGeReD

No. 297001

You’re overthinking it nonnie. She thinks the way she presents “DID” is having DID even if she knows shes faking, same as all the other idiots. Their faux-did accounts for faking, for having no trauma etc. because whatever they say is DID is DID because they have DID.

No. 297003

weird af thing for her to ask. I don't know a single person, regardless of sexuality, where the genders of the people would matter in regards to seeing sexual assault. As a lesbian, seeing abusive het relationships on tv is just as shitty as seeing same sex ones. but she wouldn't know that because she's "spicy straight"!

No. 297005

i was just thinking this. because no matter what type of people were in SA scene i would feel uncomfy watching it,
it would not be a good feeling for obvious reasons. The clarification she makes here annoys me like. would is not bother her if it was a man getting assaulted??? i don’t get her point.

No. 297011

yeah that was seriously fucking weird of her to ask like would she have gone "Okay, I'll watch the scene teehee" If it was a woman SA-ing a woman, or a woman doing it to a man, man to man?

No. 297012

>identifies as a woman
>are […] men
OT but women are an identity and men are a reality?

No. 297013

Does anyone know what the tv show is? I'm amazed she's watching anything that isn't animated baby or weeb shit

No. 297014

I think the implication is she's fine watching SA of men towards women, but wanted to be forewarned so she could schedule a meltdown were it woman vs woman as her past "trauma" dating another teen at 13 would be implicated.

No. 297015

The way she responds to things is sickening
>omg thank u! random question what gender is the fictional SA victim??
>person describes briefly
>Thank you three heart emojis
Like this is such a weird exchange, why are you writing hearts, and omg thank you when discussing assault, fictional or not this is fucked up. The gender doesn't fucking matter like this is absurd. Really does seem to suggest she doesn't gaf about traumas that are not her super special traumas (which she cannot discuss because they are also fictional)

No. 297017

They were talking about the Netflix show Heartbreak High, she was only interested because someone tweeted about a female character with autism (not familiar with the show so I don't know if the character is actually autistic or just one of those annoying headcanons)

No. 297030

Sorry I’m so late and if it’s already been said but my goodness her skin, her skin is showing how unhealthy she is BIG TIME. I haven’t seen her bare faced in a while and she looks like she’s sick! Definitely not going outside enough or putting anything good in her body.

No. 297032

I read it as James meaning that the victim is a TIM, and the others are normal men. But I don't know the series.

No. 297035

you are in way too deep, anon. using emojis after saying "thank you" is completely normal. she said "omg thank you" for the warning, and not in an "OMIGAWD!" way. you're overreacting as bad as Jill.

reposted because I forgot my sage

No. 297036

I think you’re right. She’s said that “all her abusers” have been women and very likely roleplays csa in the bedroom with pornsick Steve so…

No. 297042

Wait. Didn't Pixie say the Berry video was/is ready to go? What happened?

Tinfoil: she rewatched it and realized how cringe and embarrassing she is and scrapped it.

No. 297046

She isn't ready for her and Steve to come out as stunning and beautiful pedo ageplayers. Maybe when the world is less bigoted against these poor creeps.

No. 297048

tbh it might appear on some reaction / right-wing hogwatching channels, her fat rainbow self pretending to be a child would fit right in with other libsoftiktok videos

No. 297051

File: 1684254013053.jpg (104.16 KB, 720x1453, Screenshot_20230516.jpg)

No. 297052

File: 1684254671023.png (313.13 KB, 720x570, ablaze.png)

honestly i love it when she gets covered by ablaze. its hilarious and a breath of fresh air when he mogs her in views

No. 297053

File: 1684256216284.jpg (149.36 KB, 720x1547, 20230516_095547.jpg)

No. 297055

>>297053 she just HAS to bring up her super real legit stimmies all the time doesn't she..

No. 297062

File: 1684263696382.png (43.95 KB, 357x360, 3k0002.png)

oh my god I thought it was pus in her ears.. Why the fuck would you choose a yellow ring

No. 297063

Knowing her hygiene is bad and knowing what stretched ears can smell like fills me with such dread, and she is getting it all over her hands playing with them all the time? I can’t

No. 297065

>My ears are so elasticky
Ehlers-danlos arc incoming

No. 297068

this is unrelated to jill but why is the female character described as "identifying as a woman" but the male characters are simply just called men? I hate this shit. this isn't the first time I'm seeing someone do this I hope this doesn't become a common thing

No. 297069

>>297068 silly anon, women are a figment of our imaginations!

No. 297088

Definitely a combo of munchie arc and continued autism self-diagnosis since EDS is linked to autism (and the obvious “hurr fiddling with muh earrings is stimming so I’m totes autistic guis” bs)

No. 297100

Because he said identifies as, I thought it was a troon lmao

No. 297101

Blegh even regular piercings can smell even if you keep them clean, I can’t imagine what her gross little goblin hands smell like

No. 297104

Yeah it is an odd thing to say. Im not anti trans in any capacity, however saying "identify as a women" seems oddly exclusionary from a bunch of people who who say trans women are women.

No. 297108

>Im not anti trans in any capacity
you want gender non-conforming children to be drugged and mutilated on sight while a fetishistic man in a dress masturbates to it, weird flex but ok.

I assume you're fine with Jill and Steve both being trans then, and if you're already buying into her larp on one level there why stop at the other parts?

No. 297109

I accept the coming ban as a noble sacrifice for my cause:
>Im not anti trans
Kill yourself, pronto(alogging)

No. 297110

She's obsessed with herself. She's sicker than she thinks she is.

She is, seemingly, isolated from normal, healthy people and stays in her tight-knit bubble of other mentally disordered and alt friends who enable and encourage her. Not to mention her pork-addicted boyfriend who is probably, assumedly, her biggest enabler. Like, is this grown ass man not bothered about the fact that his girlfriend could turn into a child at any point during sex?

No. 297111

I meant *porn-addicted. >>297110

No. 297112

can we stop pretending all autists are drooling retards who don't understand words

No. 297115

I bet she switches to the kid to get out of shit like doing the dishes in reality kek.

No. 297116

a large part of lc anons are autistic, we know how to spot high functioning autism in women and Jill isn't it. anons aren't saying all autists have ALL autistic symptoms, they're just pointing out Jill doesn't have ANY of the struggles from it. just like her DID is all cozy rainbow fwends but none of the life shattering trauma

No. 297117

I thought LC was a Stacy board kek

No. 297118

It's all BPD with Jill. That's it. Anyone who knows BPD can see it pretty clearly. It starts and ends there.

No. 297119

That's so highly specific, almost sounds like projection.

I always forget that LC is full of brain dead teens who should have been aborted but unfortunately we have to live with them in society until they decide to kill themselve.

No thanks i rather not.(infighting retard)

No. 297120

why not go to the entire rest of the internet if you want to suck tranny dick ? this is not the place to sperg over gender specials and defend mutilation
this entire interaction is so weird and online(derailing)

No. 297121

File: 1684332205649.png (162.69 KB, 477x591, 1532450428096.png)

Oy Vey

No. 297122

No one here need worry as you are either a tranny and will fulfill the statistic or end it in shame when you realize what it is you supported. You're transparently a brain dead zoomer who makes the rest of their generation look bad(derailing)

No. 297123

Maybe you should go to /snow and go defend the child rapist that trooned out and got caught hanging in the changing rooms watching little girls put on swinsuits under the bathroom stalls. Such a brave stunning victim right?

I still wish another YouTuber would do a deep dive because she has years and years of horrible behavior that would make an amazing video series. I like Alblaze but he is too nice and tries not to offend people even if they deserve it.(derailing)

No. 297129

holy fucking jesus christ yall love to derail with gender shit as if you're not just as, if not more, annoying as the trans people you hate but go off i guess? nitpicky bullshit. i dont care what youre for or against but say your piece and fuck off, we have containment boards for this shit. so many cows where being trans is the least interesting thing about them, but you go for low hanging fruit. i thought maybe this time it won't derail but seeing anyone say 'im not transphobic' is the biggest trigger for you guys.

most annoying thing with jill is that she's the most basic white bread straight girl lying about being lgbt and using steve for woke points. if he ever transitions, you know jill will be gone in a flash because she thinks girls are icky and she 'loves dick too much' or whatever(infighting)

No. 297131

I really don’t get these drama/cringe/whatever YouTubers who want to be seen as nice and inoffensive.

They go by Stevie and use they/them pronouns, you bigot!

I doubt Jill will leave Steve if he transitions. She doesn’t want to date a girl, but Steve is not and will never be a girl (or woman) so that’s not an issue. She’d actually love being able to call herself a lesbian and telling everyone that she’s in a super gay kweer lesbian relationship with an uwu transgirl. It’s exactly on brand for her.
She would probably be upset if he has his dick inverted but 1) it’s unlikely that he will, the vast majority of trans males keep their penis and 2) even if he does, leaving him after a major debilitating surgery would be very bad optics for her. Female partners of trans males aren’t even allowed to have negative emotions about it, let alone break up and kick him out of their house post-operation. She would be eviscerated in the online spaces that she’s built her entire life around.

No. 297132

File: 1684346412725.png (646.41 KB, 593x1333, OldMcSof-PostedOnTheFarms-E-I-…)

looks like jill's still tweeting at sof? wonder if it's just a front or if jill still doesn't know.

No. 297133

Exactly this person has been derailing the threads for 2 years with that retarded ass gender bullshit no one else cares about. I'm surprised they never got permaband for the constant trans baiting and derailment.

No. 297136

Trans "women" rape and assault real women with their feminine penises, an annoying derailer is not as bad as a tranny.
Anyway I really want Steeb to come out as an AGP tranny already. We all know he jerks off looking at himself in the mirror while wearing Jillian's extra large underwear and trying to moan like his perverted little anime girls. I can't wait for him to become a twitter communist pornsick tranny. I kind of hope this peaks Jillian and she becomes very anti-trans. Would be fun.(infighting)

No. 297137

>Psych degree

No. 297138

>>297136 Make fun of Steve's nb gender trash and Pixie's super special nb but only calls herself a woman bullshit but don't clog up and de-rail the thread about random made up shit with your triggered blogposting. Go find a trap thread to keep thoroughly describing your fetish.(infighting)

No. 297139

I feel like surely she must know by now. Maybe she's pretending not to know so she can keep an eye on sof and collect evidence of her missteps and wrong doings so she can strike back and get revenge eventually. But it sure would be funny if she only finds out later and we get our delayed milkmas one day.

No. 297141

>Maybe she's pretending not to know so she can keep an eye on sof and collect evidence of her missteps and wrong doings so she can strike back and get revenge eventually.
This is what I assumed was happening. We've all seen the tweets/drafts on the jerrick Twitter, Jill seems to love fantasizing about revenge on those who she sees as wronging her. Watch your step sof, super nice and kind Jill is waiting for another stumble

No. 297142

This isn't tumblr you tranny cocksucking faggot. Anyway, Steebie is clearly getting ready to come out as a brave and stunning AGP tranny. He has the porn addiction and interest in communism as every other fugly transbian on twitter. Jill probably lends him his clothes so he can jerk off in them real quick so she doesn't have to fuck him because she's too busy pretending she was raped by her piano teacher as a child.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 297148

File: 1684368939680.jpg (86.85 KB, 720x1204, Ns.jpg)

No. 297149

File: 1684369000834.jpg (187.73 KB, 720x1622, P.jpg)

No. 297150

>so we can safely heal
She’s definitely hinting that she’s bored of the larp, I really doubt she will keep this up for too long, maybe she will stop pretending to have 6 people and a cat living in her head when she either feels too pressured to create DiD content or when she finally gets her prized 100% legit autism diagnosis.
Like just look at her not posting the Berry video, she was shitting DiD videos non-stop and now she’s pretending to be retarded.

No. 297151

File: 1684369949975.jpg (242.64 KB, 1080x1974, 20230517_203145.jpg)

Lol, imagine Jill becoming the new face of DID. Anyone associated with that "community" will lose whatever tiny shred of credibility they have left

No. 297152

>>297150 She responded on her last youtube video to a comment asking her about her autism and Jill responded that she's not officially diagnosed but would be soon and that she would "be surprised if it turns out we don't have autism" so she's already been laying the groundwork for her next larp after she realizes the DID thing isn't doing it for her.

No. 297161

We’re autistic stacies

No. 297164

Old news but I tried watching her met gala video and had to stop because she said that Karl Lagerfeld not wanting to see curvy models was "violently fatphobic" I FUCKING CAN'T. This bitch thinks that someone looking at her the wrong way is violent. Jesus Christ, people like her have made all words just lose their meaning

No. 297166

She straight up said she had autism (selfdiegnosed) to make up for the DID cake because
>Her autism makes it hard to communicate so she used a cake to share the news

No. 297172

>>297164 As usual, she has to make shit about herself as if the dude isn't actually deplorable for real reasons. Not wanting fatties on the runway is not an infringement of human rights Jillybean

No. 297177

maybe she's too fat and stupid and meant "virulently fatphobic"

No. 297184

At least Karl Lagerfeld knew how to take care of his cat kek

No. 297205

>when we turn 50
It is so unlikely that this larp will even continue through 2024

No. 297211

everything she tweets sounds so fake anyhow - “uwu love you bb slay queen,” it’s impossible to tell
Agreed, Steebie is ripe to transition

No. 297217

File: 1684441019607.jpg (202.29 KB, 1080x1310, 20230518_161633.jpg)

Oh yeah Jill, it's totally your "sense of justice" and not the fact that you're too lazy to put in the actual work to start a business and produce clothing on a large scale

No. 297218

Same energy as 13 year old deviant art users putting "DOONUT STEAL!!!!!!" across their shitty MS paint sonic OC

No. 297219

You'd think this would just give her more reason to start her business, since "blowing up on social media" and complaining about everything online is one of her specialties

No. 297222

Yup I think Jill for sure will start to phase out DID once she gets the autism diagnosis. I think the autism phase will last maybe 2-3 years before she moves on to the next thing. The trans trend is starting to die out (and she's already dipped her pixelated goblin toes in it) so I don't think that will be it, whatever the next big thing after that is will probably be her gimmick after autism.

No. 297223

"Strong sense of justice" is such a specific "female autism trait" you often hear, she's so bad at faking autism dear god it's like watching a weeb squeeze in kawaii and sugoi every second sentence expecting people to be impressed by how fluently they speak japanese

No. 297232

She’s read so much internet jargon and so badly wants the diagnosis that she’s going to go theater kid mode just like with her DID and act out a whole caricature of autism during her assessment, miming everything she thinks will get the diagnosis and using all the jargon possible despite how dishonest it is (as we know for instance that her stims are extremely normal shit like dancing and singing, and her strong sense of justice is absolute fabrication) and if it doesn’t work she’ll get outraged and lean into denial, and blame sexism and lack of proper knowledge in the field like every other desperate BPD chick drooling over the absolution that disability would grant them.

No. 297237

What do you guys think would happen if Jill doesn't get the autism diagnosis she wants (which i doubt won't happen, if she got a DID diagnosis so easily she definitely is going to get the autism diagnosis.)

What i think will happen is:
1. >>297232 just like anon said, i also believe she will bpd rage about the supposed incompetence of the psychology community.

2. Like vague tweets about the affordability of diagnosis as well as self diagnosis tweets.

3.still refer to herself as autistic

4.Go to another dr 6 months later to get another evaluation. And after she gets the diagnosis that she wanted, claim the previous doctor was horrible and didn't know what they were talking about.

No. 297238

She isn't going to get the autism diagnosis because she isn't autistic, though. The doctors will laugh her the fuck out of there.

No. 297239

File: 1684454148516.jpg (541.87 KB, 720x5708, B.jpg)

No. 297240

Why the fuck did she ever choose being a fashion designer then? Baffling.
The more jargon she uses the more obvious it is that she doesn't have it. Tired of weirdos like Jill acting like using jargon makes them more credible.
>like every other desperate BPD chick drooling over the absolution that disability would grant them.
They always fail to see the reality and instead just project their fantasies.

No. 297242

still making it all about herself… the first response was helpful, but of course, she had to tweet about her sanity.

No. 297243

idk if she knows this but,,, those fast fashion tend to copy designs of niche clothes that are very popular. Jill you’d have to have a successful brand to even get into the sphere of being considered to be worth stealing from. It’s such an interesting thing to be concerned about when you haven’t even created any legitimate pieces LMFAO

No. 297244

She literally has hair clips touching her forehead, if she actually had sensory issues that and 99% of the shit she wears (not to mention the nightmare rainbow townhouse) would drive her mad. Please shut the fuck up for two seconds Jill and stop trying to one up everyone about your uwu fake autism. Does she want a metal? It’s so exhausting watch her circle everything back to herself with photos included.

No. 297245

File: 1684458162459.jpeg (28.43 KB, 388x495, E6B07E63-E350-47C5-9588-B15F5B…)

I’m surprised she hasn’t gotten some ridiculously huge noise canceling headphones since she’s soooo autistic that she has sensory issues.
I really think she will keep going with this larp and stay like “the autistic art savant” she wishes she was, so she can fake it until no one ever believes her shit. Unless her true goal is getting disability benefits or something like that. Which I mean, wouldn’t any doctor think that something is wrong when they see the bunch of diagnoses she’s had over the time?

No. 297246

I’d love to be a fly on the wall of that meeting, I hope Jill goes full retard and acts in what she thinks a stereotypical autist is like so she can get laughed out of that office and is out of a few thousand.

No. 297249

What I find wild is all these people who go in and think a Dr will hand them a diagnosis. There’s a girl I know who nonstop posts on Facebook about her “autism”, shitting on her parents for not noticing. The funny thing is she’s not picking up on my autism radar. A while back she said she had an appointment with a Dr for a diagnosis but a decent amount of time has passed and she’s stopped the autism posting kek.

No. 297254

its so funny to see the first picture of actual female autism vs her larper shit with rainbow hair, children accesories all over her, random shit tied to her just cuz pink, makeup and eyebrows done and jarring tik tok beauty filter. for such an ugly ogre shes really obssesed with her apperance >>297053 >>297149 >>296315 like holy shit just text a friend. shes basically a stan account of herself and her OWN fake alters.

No. 297260

It’s honestly so crazy, when you have sensitivity issues and such, you definitely don’t want to wear makeup, false eyelashes or wear tight shit on your head. Like that actually autistic woman looks like she seriously hates feeling shit touching her face.
And then you have Jillian wearing tight shit on her head, smearing makeup all over her face, having bangs when they’re not greasy as fuck, wearing fucking wigs with bangs, hair clips that touch her face.
I guess I just can’t believe Jillian seriously thinks that she’s quirky, therefore she must be autistic. Like how could anyone not notice the huge difference between Jillian and that woman?

No. 297262

File: 1684478355956.jpg (127.43 KB, 720x1603, Screenshot_233844.jpg)

No. 297265

She isn’t going to get the diagnosis, because she effectively doesn’t need one. She’s already branded herself as autistic and to say she isn’t is uwu ableist

No. 297268

It depends on how the assessor conducts the assessment honestly. Mild blog but I have had the assessment then after the fact I saw people talking about theirs and there was a lot of similarities. Basically there is tasks they might make you complete and it’s the same task maybe with a slight variation so you can if you wanted to look up peoples experiences on Reddit or whatever and find out what the various tasks are and what they are testing for. So really I wouldn’t be surprised if she manages to swing it, especially since it has all been combined into autism spectrum disorder so even if previously they would have said Asperger’s now you get a paper that says autistic same as someone much more effected in their life. They do have points and a breakdown of different aspects but it’s easy to just show the part of the letter that says you do have it because the breakdown is usually at the end. She could just barely lie her way over the threshold and get away with it. She was selective in what she showed on the diagnostic impression and her fans are fine with that so why wouldn’t she again.(medfagging)

No. 297269

I had an actually autistic friend (I tend to attract my own lol) she wore makeup, dressed in Lolita fashion and was a huge fan of Jill. Unlike Jill she never dated, went to special ED, and inevitably transitioned into a yaoi boy. She’s in her 30s and had been a Japanese fashion fan for the past 15 years and also got diagnosed very young.(not your personal blog)

No. 297272

This. My mom is actually autistic (I am too, but definitely less than her) and she uses noise cancelling headphones whenever she goes to the store because all the sounds and the music they play disorient her and overstimulate her so much. She wears only the loosest clothes because she can’t stand fabric touching her body in certain ways. She doesn’t like when multiple people speak at once and will cover her ears until they stop. It makes me angry that people like Jill and many others these days think it’s a cute fun thing to add to their Twitter bio and they enjoy the oppression points they get from the larp. Sorry for blog I’m just Angry kek(not your personal blog)

No. 297282

Her ability to make everything about herself never ceases to amaze me.

No. 297283

>>297282 She loves to talk about herself, even when it's not her own damn tweet.

No. 297284

>Something nice happened to you? Me. Me me me. Me! Me me.

>Something bad happened to you? Me! Me me me! Meeeeee. Me.

I can’t help but picture her ticking off “has strong sense of justice” on a list of autism breadcrumb reminders after posting that tweet. She’s so painfully transparent.

No. 297297

File: 1684517990264.jpg (79.29 KB, 720x1082, Jester.jpg)


No. 297306

Pretty strong fusion teasing there, it's a pretty sudden turn considering it wasn't that long ago she was frothing at the mouth towards that conference

No. 297311

File: 1684526039328.jpeg (285.19 KB, 1152x2048, DwGrxLCX0AAFPnF.jpeg)

tinfoil If she rewatches the Steven universe movie for the billionth time instead of fusing and becoming normal she'll instead become hyper borderline fuse and become all of her alters at once giving herself the new title of autistic trans pastel rainbow femboy little ?furry?
She may even call herself sandwich and meow occasionally

Picrel: Jill in her final form(tinfoiling)

No. 297317

not that it even matters since she doesn’t have DID but for arguments sake; can DID and autism even exist at the same time? I’ve never heard of it but i’m also not smart enough to say for sure. But it seems strange and rather unlikely. Like at some point all the conditions she wants are going to start overlapping in ways that aren’t physically possible. A reputable doctor isn’t going to just keep giving you new diagnoses without cross checking your symptoms with the things you already claim to have.

No. 297320

There is a tik tok creator called sensory unicorn who claims both but the girl is more deranged than Jilly could dream of. Idk if there is any legitimacy there but she does not live a normal life like Jill she is in adult services and sleeps in a special bed so she can’t hurt herself and whatnot. Jill will never commit in a way that affects her quality of life like that.

No. 297333

Yes, they can both exist at the same time. They just both don't exist in jill.

No. 297337

File: 1684547190033.jpg (81.39 KB, 720x1134, Drew.jpg)

No. 297338

>Smoking cessation aid

No. 297339

You’re not allowed to drink on Wellbutrin or smoke weed. Jesus she’s gonna fuck her brain up because the extra dopamine is gonna make her hallucinate so she’ll have more validation for her larp.

No. 297340

Not a doctor obviously, but I kind of don’t see why not, given that autism is a spectrum (that Jill isn’t on) and isn’t all just non verbal spastics and includes people with Asperger’s etc, and DID is caused by trauma rather than a developmental disability.
Not to give Jill any ideas, but it seems logical enough that a kid with mild to moderate autism would be just as, if not more suspect in or to trauma at a young age that would still cause their psyche to fracture as a neurotypical kid. Purely my uneducated speculation tho, mods don’t slap me for med fagging

No. 297341

It’s mostly used as an antidepressant in North America nowadays. Maybe it will finally help Jilly lose some weight.

No. 297342

It never ceased to baffle me that she’s always claimed to have MDD (which I do believe she has depression, who doesn’t), yet she’s never been on an actual antidepressant all this time. It’s not like she’s adverse to medication since she’s been happily taking a sleep aid for the last decade, and would regularly take Ativan for anxiety.
You’re lagging Jill, I’m a normie and I’ve been on antidepressants for years now kek

No. 297343

she's taking wellbutrin now? She's gambling with her life with how much she's drinks and smokes. Mini blog but my sister almost watched her roommate die from a seizure after she had a few drinks because she was on wellbutrin.

No. 297348

i dont know what the general consensus is with wellbutrin, but im on it and it actually regulates my sleep schedule. wth kinda shit is she gonna pull when shes awake all day. bitch more? idk

No. 297374

Come claim your prize >>296196 nonnie. Back to the main point, I'm interested in what Jill means by functioning. What is functioning according to Jilly?

No. 297380

She was functioning perfectly well before she started abusing marijuana. Wasn’t she at one point juggling high school, a part time job and her growing YouTube channel? And when she quit one of her jobs it wasn’t because she was overwhelmed but because they didn’t want her dyeing her hair unnatural colours. If she were actually autistic, especially as autistic as she pretends to be, she would’ve burnt out back then, not after ditching all her responsibilities to sit on the porch smoking weed all day. Her mental health would improve immensely if she quit the weed and got some structure back into her life, especially if it got her out of the house.

No. 297381

This. You can't be extremely, debilitatingly mentally ill like Jill claims and also be living on your own with no overhead help or caretaker. Those who "actually" have DID stay at a facility.

No. 297387

Anons make fun of her for her poor hygiene and messiness. But she is the most organized cleanest mentally ill person I know of with the disabilities she claims.
I couldn't imagine any neurodivergency person managing in a rainbow house with that much visually stimulating decor and that many nicknacks
And even if they do keep up with cleaning and chores would probably burn out after a year.
But not Jill she's the best mentally disabled person out there, far better than all of the other neurodivergent people. Or so she wishes I think. What is she even trying to do at this point.

No. 297390

Jill SAYS the reason she stopped being at that job is because of her hair issues but knowing everything we know about how insufferable is I bet there's more to the story. She'd an unreliable narrator and always has been

No. 297391

>who doesn’t

most people

No. 297392

A job claiming it's due to an external factor such as a dress code violation is an easy way to fire someone without them being able to sue when it's actually due to something else.

No. 297403

Seems kind of pointless to read into why she left a high school job when she went on to have multiple others (at the same time) after that

No. 297415

File: 1684600737842.jpg (69.51 KB, 720x938, C.jpg)

No. 297437

She's outting herself so hard by talking about her drug regimen. The FIRST thing I was asked before being prescribed Wellbutrin was whether or not I've ever had a seizure. Increased seizures are like the most common major side effect, Jill's gonna have to post so many more eye flutter tiktoks now.

No. 297448

Wellbutrin SEVERELY lowers your seizure threshold. You nonnies are right (although smoking weed doesnt lower seizure threshold, she can smoke all day everyday even on Wellbutrin 300 mg a day if she wants without issues) - even just one or two drinks on Wellbutrin 100-150mg can be so fucking dangerous if you have ANY seizure history. Even if you don’t have seizure history, a therapeutic dose of Wellbutrin without adding alcohol can pose a risk.

Thankfully Jilly isn’t suicidal because you can actually kill yourself with Wellbutrin. Most antidepressant ODs aside from tricyclics won’t do much damage at all, let alone be life threatening. But Wellbutrin? Lord help you, not much the ER can do except pump you full of benzos to cool down the incessant seizures, give you CPR when you flatline, and pump you full of fluids in hopes your acute kidney injury doesn’t result in lasting kidney damage. It’s the only commonly prescribed psych drug that’s as deadly as it is.

No. 297471

File: 1684623518223.jpg (169.99 KB, 720x2066, Trisha.jpg)

No. 297472

I truly will never get over the insane irony of jill posting a video about faking DID and mental health issues (referring to trisha). Only for jill to later down the line,, announce that she also has DID via the worst way possible method (a Grocery store cake).

No. 297473

I’d argue trisha’s harm to the DID community was kind of one and done after her two or so videos. whereas yours is everyday Jill…. You actively spread misinformation about serious conditions everyday on your platform. You make people think it’s positive to stay “plural”, shit like pushing to to reinforce alters as being separate entities. THATS HARMFUL.

No. 297494

This is hilarious considering Trisha is how people act when they have legitimate mental illness whereas Jill just pretends she does
People suffering from extreme mental illness are not stable, quirky, cute, or fun, they often self destruct and destroy personal relationships without meaning to but Jill wouldn't know that

No. 297496

She destroys her relationships by being a narc but "That was just jerrick teehee!" of course. and then when that wasn't enough she invented amber so she could be a bitch in a girlboss way or whatever. I cannot stand this woman.

No. 297497

lol thought they were talking about Jill for a sec

No. 297498

File: 1684643410031.jpeg (21.92 KB, 400x255, 1652387792718.jpeg)

>be trisha
>apologize and delete
>nobody even remebers because it wasnt even as funny as her other trolling like the "im a chicken nugget" shitck shit
>be jill
>say i have anorexia, bulimia, borderline, Trichotillomania, borderline, pstd, autism, Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID) aka i only eat chicken nuggies disease, fucking DID for christ sake, + and likely even more
>completely serious and attention whoring with fake illnesses
>confetti club cult dies out
>no consistent friend grup in years, even helicopter mommy doesn't even fuck with you anymore.
>have to make memes about yourself and joke about yourself and show throwback picts of yourself everday because you don't have fans anymore and you miss the attention
>get featured on a fucking DID fakery presentation on the top psychatric institution worldwide
>literally bleeding money everyday from unsubscribers and unfollowers + people leaving the patreon because your DID fakery is so insufferable and fake literally anyone sees thright through it
>any community on fakers will have pixielocks clips all over she is one of the most infamous cases of it ever
>somehow not the biggest damage to the did community ever

No. 297501

the worst person on earth KEK grow up. ot but i have such a soft spot for trisha i really wish her well, she made such a difference for women in trolling…
agreed with other anons i thought they were talking about jill for a second LOL

No. 297530

No woman could be the worst person on earth kek

No. 297534

the lack of self awareness from jill is honestly astonishing. she is way worse than trisha because trisha is a mentally ill person that genuinely needs help and acts unhinged because of it. jill acts mentally ill and forces unhinged behavior (which is coincidentally, never ever self destructive, just quirky teehee, unless one would argue faking DID for clout is destructive) to keep up with a facade so her parents dont force her to get a job or further her education. I will keep dying on the hill that her parents pay for at least her town house rent. if she needs a fucking alter just to pay bills, she is doing absolutely nothing useful with her time besides going shopping for food and weed and the occasional hoovering around her rainbow lair. she wont even wipe a pair of shoes, for god's sake.

No. 297559

File: 1684683991350.jpeg (155.09 KB, 1170x1680, IMG_8445.jpeg)

I feel the cringe already, who wants to bet she’s gonna pronounce her r’s like w’s

No. 297560

File: 1684684334989.jpeg (190.88 KB, 929x1054, IMG_3185.jpeg)

Also here’s the other photo from the post. Yeah that much eyeliner definitely says 6 year old

No. 297565

Get ready anons. The DDLG video is nigh.

No. 297568


No. 297571

They're as bad as each other. Both are mentally ill and garbage people. Trashfire just has a bigger audience.
Obviously Jill doesn't have DID but there's still some other disordered shit going on in what passes for a brain there.

No. 297574

Literally what damage did it do Jill? No one even really connected Trisha to the “DID community” in a significant way because everyone knows Trisha is full of shit. That’s her whole brand, hence she dropped the DID thing in two seconds.

That literally reads are fucking Barry kek she went to school for design

No. 297577

Borry video is going to be so insanely milky kek I can’t wait. I was wondering how long she’d put it off out of shame of people coming from the DID faker lecture and related vids seeing her pretending to be five.

No. 297579

>>297577 You'd think after the suuuuper traumatic one minute she was featured in a medical conference, that it totally caused her to split twice, that she wouldn't put the child alter out there into super real danger that she faces.

No. 297581

No. 297582

I can’t do it, I can’t sit through that. The nonnie who makes a summary will be my hero.

No. 297583

Damn so, the whole video is just gonna be Jill talking about her OC in the third person? Lame, was looking forward to witnessing the DDLG cringe larp firsthand.

No. 297584

video has been live for 15 minutes and she's deleting comments

No. 297585

she doesn't start talking about berry until 7 mins in

No. 297586

>>297582 putting myself through the wringer for you, another nonnie might put up a more cohesive summary

No. 297587

i think the video isn’t just Berry getting to talk which is unfortunate. It’s like jill talking about the “child”

No. 297590

Apparently she has a handful of other child alters that aren't on social media kek

No. 297592

i’m watching the video rn and she’s claiming she’s not into age play sexually whatsoever… Like this is ALL just DID. It’s not some kink…. right ok let’s ask steven what he thinks real quick then

No. 297593

>the fronting card
not even 5min in and I am experiencing extreme cringe and second hand embarrassment, Jill please

No. 297594

>none of us are into age regression
of course not Jillian, Steve is the one into it

No. 297596

Just fucking kill me.

No. 297597

>>297581 Alright here goes
-Jill says she will be answering for Berry because of little protection and Berry isn't for this kind of interview type video.

- 2 minutes in she brings up age regression, littles, and ageplay. Says she doesn't do it in a sexual way and that it's from trauma and 100% uncontrollable. Rambles about PTSD, amnesia, and anxiety.

- 4 minutes in Jill says it's 'crazy this stuff happens to me with no substances' despite the fact that she smokes weed and takes edibles. Chalks it up to 'teehee my brain just does it cuz we're fragmented.'

- Uses Jerricka as a scapegoat for her bitchy behavior, then says Berry forgets all the knowledge they have so she has kid brain. Jill whines again saying it's not something she chooses or does for funzies or because she can't grow up. Then she giggles and says, 'but i really CAN't grow up!'

- 6 minutes in the actual questionnaire starrts.

- Berry is basically a Strawberry Shortcake oc but isn't a fictive. According to Jill she just came with that name because she loves that show.

- Jill mentions that there's other child alters that are either non-verbal, trauma locked, or don't want to be on social media. (Why is Berry the special little that gets to be on social media?) Berry is trauma free and is the youngest.

- She shows the poor imitation of child handwriting Berry name from earlier, then shows actual drawings she had as a child. Shows several photos of herself as a child and specifies that the first two are Berry and the last three are Jill, but "she has no way of knowing for sure" so why put it in Jill.

- 8 minutes in luckily she doesn't give the child alter any crazy pronouns or gender, she's just a girl. Mentions the under 10 y/o trauma holder and non-verbal little. Berry is basically Flora with being there to just be carefree but says they are still different.

-Has to mention her functionality in house chores and responsibilities so she can fully claim autism later on. Confirms that she in her 25 y/o body talks in 'a 4 y/o manner' when she's Berry.

- talks about emotional parts vs apparently normal parts and makes a freudian slip that the normal parts are just like her (Jill) but then backtracks and says she's actually a mix and can only function sometimes.

- 11 minutes in talks about memories, Berry holds good childhood memories so basically all of her childhood.

- mentions and shows the 'first diary entry Berry made post system discovery' which shows a doodle of a bear, a cat, and a rabbit. It also has very neat handwriting as opposed to Jill's currently fake child handwriting.

- brings out a book called her system log and shows more poor attempts at trying to make it look like a child drew her cats in Berry's section of the book. Mentions that Berry and Steve bond by watching Bluey together.

- Berry basically likes every childlike thing that Jill likes including Bluey, jellycats, and rainbow easter egg hunts. Jill says she feels like a mother to Berry (which is creepy considering how the Veronica alter sexualizes herself). Conveniently, she also loves to dress the way Jill dresses, but says she likes to be comfortable and not wear tight things or too many accessories to play up the fake autism. Says her house decor and fashion may or may not be influenced by the 6 year old in her head.

-talks about social media, and says she doesn't let Berry scroll through tiktok at least (but twitter is totally fine right?). She inserts a video of herself drawing a strawberry with someone and screeching. Says Berry has a distinct way of speaking and laughing. Says she's not comfortable inserting clips of herself when speaking in her childlike dialect, inserts text that says that may change later on or not. (Why would she record her baby voice in the first place?)

-Ducks are a positive trigger, says it's baby time. Jill says she age slides but it's different from when she's Berry because Berry isn't scared, anxious, and traumatized like Jill. Says that her audience doesn't have to worry about her mentioning positive triggers as a form of manipulation to get Berry to switch. Suddenly says she is in a state of her system where she has control and mentions that simply seeing Bluey, Strawberry, or rainbows won't automatically make her turn into a baby. Specifies especially if she is at work or in public. (But I thought it was 100% uncontrollable when you age regress, Jill?)

- Rambles about system littles and differences in age regression and abdl. (Why did she mention a diaper fetish if her ageplay isn't sexual?) Maybe it's a confession.

Anyway that's basically it for noteworthy things, I'm a fucking idiot who can't work the text.

No. 297598

Jillian, you should be embarrassed to be this self absorbed. This is an embarrassment.

No. 297599

i’m glad you mentioned the very obvious plant of the first Berry writing. I was losing my mind over that because .. ain’t no fucking way. As soon as i saw that i was like, There’s no fucking way a 4-6 year old wrote this. I truly don’t think year old doesn’t understand wordplay like “beary” not to mention how neat and legible it is.

No. 297600

It is astounding how little she bothered to research faking her illness. A child age four to six could do none of the things she had shown in the video. Even the drawing she did are much too elaborated for a child that young. A child in first grade is not expected to be able to read;no way could a child write a full complex sentence like she did. A child aged four wouldn't be able to build a lego playset. It is an exercise that demands being able to follow instructions carefully and would be very focus and time consuming for a child. She is so full of shit it is unbelievable.

No. 297601

Her using childhood photos as a proof is fucking revolting I can’t even explain. My stomach turned when I saw it on the screen I can’t believe she would go there to back up her loli larp. Idk to me that’s way too intimate and just wrong to do to your parents. The photos of her being spoiled with toys and the mentioning of having sewing machine that her parents got her, under the idea that she was severely abused is so funny. She was coddled and adored more than most kids but she lacks the self awareness to realize it when it comes out of her mouth so casually because she doesn’t actually know how bad most peoples childhoods are, you know, the one she’s poorly larking. It’s interesting how “evidence” focused she is when recounting random things like the green dress she made, instead of self regulating her emotions when remembering childhood memories if you had an abusive upbringing. Because when you’re abused, most things are tied to that triggering event and it’s tough to recall anything. She rattled off details easily with no hesitation, if anything with glee in regards to her upbringing and her own self image as a child. No shame and hesitation most people experience with childhood trauma. None at all. Jill might be the worst liar I’ve ever seen.

No. 297604

I don't know much about did fakers, but why would someone have an alter to 'hold good memories'? like, why would your mind try to protect itself from something good?
>>297600 >>297599
I agree. She is just 'childish', not a child at a certain age. and probably a fetishist.

>she is in a state of her system where she has control and mentions that simply seeing Bluey, Strawberry, or rainbows won't automatically make her turn into a baby

so… no more posts about how berry drove to store and bought a goldfish or how jill woke up surrounded by crayons or shit like that?
I guess her did is not that bad! just cute.
>Berry forgets all the knowledge they have so she has kid brain
well, I guess all that school education is wasted and job is impossible, mum!

No. 297606

it will never not irk me that she doesn’t fully acknowledge how she did have a great childhood and a safe family structure . There is evidence of this,, she didn’t have childhood trauma stemming from her family unit. One of her “alters” is based off her own dad because her dad was someone she viewed as SAFE. Her parents supported her in her interests as a child. They bought her all that strawberry shortcake merchandise because it was something she enjoyed. So many children never get to experience what she probably thinks are very basic things, i.e. having a bunch of gifts to open up on christmas, or just crucial shit like always knowing when your next meal will be. small Blog but i’m lucky to have a family who has always been kind and had my back, she also has that. It grinds my gears seeing her disregard that completely.

No. 297607

>>297606 That's what really gets me too. When in her life did her great and overly indulgent parents leave her for enough time that she was repeatedly traumatized to the point of her brain splitting up into different pieces? It's so bullshit, if I was her mom or dad I would disown for for even implying an traumatic childhood when in reality she was a privileged and spoiled girl from beginning to present day.

No. 297608

Iirc literally everyone watching the trisha vs dissociadid stuff was against trisha cause she was so obviously talking out her ass. It's funny tho cause at the end of it, trisha pulled for sympathy and said she really did think her mental issues were DID so she wished people reached out to her instead of assuming she's trolling. So jill can tweet about how even people with adhd forgetfulness making them think they have DID are valid but someone clearly mentally ill is the worst person ever?

No. 297612

File: 1684716133884.png (17.41 KB, 228x275, 1667361568838.png)

>none of us are into age regression
The internet doesn't forget, Jill.

No. 297620

I can't tell if these people think doing childhood things from trauma like buying those rollerblades you never got as a kid or that silly water sand that would be dry when you pick it up.. Not literal age regression during it. That's the big difference. I don't think Jill is using 'agere' properly. There's that and then there's just normal reliving childhood. You don't have to put on a diaper and pretend to be a kid to do stuff you wish you did as a kid .

No. 297621

well im sure they’d argue that oh agere doesn’t automatically mean a kink!!! and it’s like ok sure. Still raises red flags for me when a man is like enthusiastically like oh yes you can do that around me that’s totally cool for your friends to also do it in our home. Like ok man. Normally that should be something that makes an adult feel a bit uncomfy or at the very least it would be a nuisance because you’re now “babysitting” someone. whether or not someone who’s traumatized feels the need to do that.. i’m going to be more so side eyeing the man who’s like oooh yeah keep it up! Even if jill doesn’t consider it a kink i would bet money that it is for him.

No. 297624

File: 1684718632210.jpg (360.94 KB, 720x3891, Wyal.jpg)

No. 297625

>>297624 the way she just made that up on the spot lmao

No. 297627

File: 1684719041066.jpeg (15.19 KB, 275x198, 1642451022393.jpeg)

He is a creep there is no nuance. Another Freudian slip from Jill

No. 297628

File: 1684719199676.jpg (47.04 KB, 720x399, Bb.jpg)

I love her planted evidence because it's so horrendously bad. Like wtf. Did she come up with this while she was high?

No. 297631

File: 1684721116791.jpeg (7.75 KB, 244x206, download (20).jpeg)

>I like bear ears because they are soft and round
I remember the post in picrel about bear ears being cute being super popular pretty recently. Not a single original bone in her body

No. 297633

This reminds me of when I was 14 and drew a picture in a childish manner to “prove” that I had been into something as a child. It was obviously fake and probably fooled no one, but also I was 14.(no1currs, not your personal blog)

No. 297635

Also these tweets of sof age regressing sexually and jill interacting with it.

No. 297636

Sage for blog post. This disgusts me as someone who experience agere as an adult when I was in an abusive relationship. It was fully a survival mechanism to not be verbally or physically abused by my partner at the time and it still comes out at times in current year due to trauma.

Fuck Jillian, and fuck her showing photos of her as a child and claiming it was Berry.(sage your shit, not your personal blog)

No. 297640

No child Berry's "age" can manage a pun like that kek most can't even fucking spell

No. 297644

I miss when Jill was annoying because she was a stupid white girl with lots of money, instead of being annoying because she's faking an illness. I guess it's really true that some people can just meet someone that gets them into weed and then they're stupid with it and it rots their brain. im not against marijuana but why is everyone that talks about using it so irritating? like get a real hobby, damn.

like when she would post videos about going on trips, or doing hauls, or sewing, or going to cons, she was still an airhead, but it was semi entertaining? but now she has to use her entitlement to hurt mentally ill people instead of minding her business and it's infuriating.

No. 297645

>likes yellow
>is happy
how fucking original. Jill can’t even be creative when coming up with her roleplay characters

No. 297648

File: 1684741486416.png (Spoiler Image, 364.38 KB, 724x725, h4EB51449.png)

Spoiler because sperging, I know it's a nitpick but it's such a (childless) adult take on how a child thinks. A real young child capable of writing would have written it in all capital letters or a mix, the writing would be accidentally messy, have grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. And most importantly it would have actual content that isn't just empty fluff, yet somehow includes perfectly though out puns.

The drawing is such a typical adult drawing style consciously mimicking a small child's. It's what you always see in media portrayed as what a child is capable of but in reality it's far too thought out and advanced to actually have been made by a small child. The lines are too perfect and there are no mistakes, there is a clear composition in mind etc. There's something so perverse about her trying to sell it as a kids drawing.

No. 297649

His ex, who he is still on close terms with, used to post lolicon imagery on her public twitter. It’s absolutely a sex thing.

This is not something a 4-6 year old child is capable of writing. How long until she starts claiming she was actually co-con?

It was so funny when she debuted Sunny and there were a bunch of comments like “omg what a coincidence our system has a yellow alter called Sunny too!”
None of these people have any creativity.

No. 297656

Planting the fake diary entry for her mom to find was one thing, but this is an entire new level of cringe.

No. 297657

i still can't get over that she told her mom to read her diaries.

diaries are private, they are not supposed to be read by anyone else but owner.

No. 297661

The writing and the drawings are all far too proportional especially for this not being lined paper. Even if you haven’t worked with children literally compare it to your own handwriting at that age and it’s blatant. Even if she wants to claim hyperlexia because of her fake autism that doesn’t improve your ability to write neatly or spell perfectly I know that first hand for blog reasons. Should have at least botched spelling because like come on. Also the pun thing it’s not just a six year old it’s an autistic six year old and Jill was claiming not that long ago that she in her mid twenties doesn’t understand common idioms how does that make sense. Fucked herself over by saying Berry has none of the knowledge but she needs that or how can she use it as an excuse to be lazy and get out of doing stuff. Sorry steve berry doesn’t know how the vacuum works teehee. Kind of funny how she is too dumb to fake this properly like there is no way her parents don’t have her childhood drawings and early school work she could have traced, come on Jill at least commit to the bit. How are you doing all this but also be too lazy to put in the effort to be convincing.

No. 297662

It reminds me of when TRAs tweet about how their 2 year old came downstairs to ask why trans people are being literally genocided
The duck thing is very specific, pretty big tinfoil but theres a mum on tiktok who posts videos about her daughter (who is like 3/4) who is obsessed with ducks. Given how often Jill is on tiktok it wouldn't surprise me if she got the idea from that

No. 297665

some of you are clearly so stupid and unable to handle abstract concepts so someone has to say it; she's obviously not actually morphing into a child or claiming she is one. Even in real DID the child alters have the cognitive abilities of an adult because you can't un-develop your brain during a switch.

That being said, she's an ageplaying freak or at least an enabler for it and looking through THAT lens is what makes this creepy. The way she connects it to her actual childhood is eerie.

No. 297667

Jill herself in the video claims berry does not have the knowledge or abilities of adult Jill. She has mentioned multiple times other alters not having skills too i.e sewing and crochet. It’s stupid yes but people are going off the rules she herself has established for her larp when commenting on her content not general common sense.

No. 297668

I noticed she's up seething and deleting comments.

No. 297669

I wish the larpers followed that but they don’t sadly, some of the sickos even have baby alters and pretend they can’t talk or control their bladders so wear diapers when they front. Them ignoring the part about it being covert was one of the things McLean brought up.

No. 297672

Every time these kinds of discussions happen there is always someone saying “you guys know Jill doesn’t actually have DID” or “you guys know that’s not how DID works”, like nonnie… come on? We are all playing along with the lore as jill presents it. Where were you when she started this whole thing? She wouldn’t have even had to claim co-con to back up all her ridiculous claims if she’d know she could just hand wave it like that, maybe she’ll claim that’s what being co-con is once she sees your comment.

No. 297673

File: 1684764688990.jpg (182.4 KB, 508x1920, reeee.jpg)

saved a few

No. 297680

I'm like 90% sure he said it was for his dog when it strolls into the room

No. 297681

welp that was some sweet narc rage at the end

No. 297684

we understand perfectly, she is "age regressing" (roleplaying as a child) but simply age regressing isnt enough for jillian because she has to be better, bigger and stronger than everyone else on everything including mental illness so she has to have DID on top of it. also her boyfriend is a pedophile freak so this goes perfectly in sync with her having children alters. it isn't that complex.

No. 297686

> I don't vlog the latter for my fashion blog

jfc her youtube hasn't been a fashion blog in YEARS. She's contradicting herself: in her 'DID coming out' video she literally said that her viewers didn't sign up for fashion, they signed up for "a mentally ill human being with a youtube channel". It's just ridiculous at this point, for the past couple of years she's been presenting herself as an authority on mental health and DID, but suddenly when it doesn't suit her argument she backtracks. Like what even is her content at this point? Her last few videos have been lolcow/DID drama, in the past 3 months, she's made 3 videos on fashion, 2 vlogs and 5 DID videos. She is not a fashion youtuber anymore.

No. 297690

File: 1684771125477.jpg (16.4 KB, 840x224, Screenshot_20230522-235934_You…)

From the comments on the Berry video kek

No. 297692

it’s funny she says fashion blog/channel because all her most viewed content in the past year has been about mental health, specifically DID. It DOES get you views jill. i’m sure you’ve noticed that.

No. 297694

File: 1684773345485.png (18.43 KB, 1672x424, Screenshot 2023-05-22 at 18.35…)

Just posting the top comment before it gets

No. 297695

>>297694 again, if that's so, what's with the clearly fake child writing today?

No. 297697

This is better than the handwriting and spelling of most 8-9 year olds. Jill is so fucking stupid and knows literally nothing about children. What an absolutely shitty impression of a little kid kek. And she claims she wrote exactly like this at age 4-5… What a delusional liar.

No. 297698

>literally states that she has 100% control over her switches
We all already know this isn’t DID, but holy shit this is not DID.

No. 297699

The top comments are wilddd fighting adults and children. How will she react rofl

No. 297700

She'll probs split into another alter

No. 297701

She's probably gonna chalk this up to autism, since she was such a smart and gifted and special child, so she obviously was miles ahead of other kids her age kek

No. 297702

She better start pulling receipts. I don't know about her, but I kept anything from childhood that included art or writing (tossed all the random math homework) unless she wants to claim 'oh thats at my old house! i couldnt possibly ask my mom to find it for me!' when she asked her mom to read her diary like it was a normal thing to do.

No. 297703

maybe a stupid question, but im not caught up with the lore, whos the ex ?

No. 297705

She better. She'll probably try to explain the writing with some other measly excuse and the youtube comments are giving her ideas for sure.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 297706

File: 1684781197139.png (676.12 KB, 797x613, hmm.png)

The video literally includes a drawing from her childhood with her actual child handwriting though, and it looks nothing like what "Berry" did. How does she expect anyone to buy her larp when she's this stupid?

No. 297708

kek it would be the same dress

No. 297712

they’re talking about steve’s ex maggie

No. 297715

She has a "handful" of child alters along with her Twitter age ones. Is she going to do what dissociadid does whose at 40+ with mermaid alters? And her pre diagnosis journal stating she already figured out she had 5 alters, how does that make sense if she wasn't diagnosed for the therapist to treat her properly to help her figure them out? Make it make sense, Jill.

No. 297716

Jill is so fucking stupid. The "tent" is a bed for his kitten, they were everywhere online a couple years ago.

No Jill, not every online persona is an age play pedo like you and Steve.

No. 297719

completely different font, pictures for words she can't spell, backwards e, no spatial awareness in the kids drawing. the fuck is she trying to do? not to mention the use of color, which is still atrocious, but as a kid she clearly wouldn't have been so deliberate about making each sentence and drawing a different color

No. 297722

File: 1684792272760.jpeg (100.8 KB, 749x912, IMG_1882.jpeg)

I want to see how long it’ll take for these to get deleted, they’re not pulling any punches

No. 297723

If she replies it will probably he along the lines of "I dont owe anyone my trauma story/I don't talk about dark themes here" but I'm betting she will just delete it.

No. 297728

Bitch, this was drawn by a 25 year old, and there is no doubt about it for even a second. Any artist could see it, any normal person should be able to see it - too many obvious giveaways.

No. 297731

too lazy to make a gif but is she stimming @ 22:00 ? Autism video is near !

No. 297732

Maybe it’s just my interpretation since she also deletes negative comments on old videos but this Berry video seems to be garnering more comments from regular people being like hey what is this lmfao this isn’t right. The fact of her admitting this alter doesn’t even hold a trauma is probably a red flag to most moderately educated people. It doesn’t take a psychologist to understand that the whole point an alter would exist is because of trauma. Honestly that and the fake plant of her child handwriting made this whole video so ridiculous it feels like such a self report. She’s giving people ammo whilst thinking it’s going to be proof.

No. 297733

>>297732 the fact that she thinks her youtube videos are evidence to her fake larp, even saying that a hospital with professionals should have watched her videos first just tells us she really thinks she's the authority on every mental illness or style that she latches onto.

No. 297742

File: 1684808426343.jpg (37.07 KB, 690x395, Screenshot_20230522-184941.jpg)

I get such a laugh out of her rationale. She's such a spoiled womanchild and it really shows. The Berry video imo is to drum up attention. Her videos aren't doing well and that fact scares her. Jill doesn't think about anything in the long run and is extremely short sighted. She wants quick fixes evident by her thinking a change in her meds will be the answer to her problems. She doesn't want to work on herself because that would imply that she isn't perfect and any sort of criticism has Jillian spiraling.

No. 297748

File: 1684817205667.webm (7.87 MB, 1280x720, A.WEBM)

Jill talking about littles, age regression, and ageplay clip. shit quality because compression

No. 297749

File: 1684817491969.webm (7.64 MB, 1280x720, vs.WEBM)

How different little alters are from other alters.

No. 297750

File: 1684817681298.webm (2.36 MB, 1280x720, Handful.WEBM)

Talking about other child alters. Last clip for now.

No. 297752

there's tons of adults who do childish things, they're just not weird about it like she is. i don't know why she keeps saying 'i can't control it' but then in the same video talking about how they're always co-con, they never let her go online, they never let her drive… either you have control all the time, or you don't. if you're only dissociating in places where it's safe to do so, you're not mentally ill, you're just a narcissist. also, why is she pretending she didn't show a berry "switch" on camera before? she made a huge deal about that in one video and i doubt she deleted it?
if she could control it she wouldn't get rid of berry, and every alter is important. wild. so she's saying 'i can't control it' and then 'i want to control it' but also 'if i could control it i wouldn't'. what the fuck?

this just reminds me when princess peachie got flack for ageplay shit but she was more or less transparent about 'i just like childish things and this is comforting to me' whereas jill here is just 'im baby!' because ew, taking responsibility for my actions? she could never.

No. 297755

I don’t think it’s only her need to be The Best at everything, but also that Jill is one of those people who can’t deal with anyone thinking negatively about her ever. She knows that the majority of people think even nonsexual age regression is creepy and weird, so she’s not going to come out and admit that she gets her jollies from roleplaying as a preschooler. She invented Jerrick and Veronica to express negativity and sexuality respectively without tainting the sparkles and rainbows family-friendly Jillybean(TM) brand, and now she has these “littles” to take her ageplaying public in the same way. By claiming this is an uncontrollable trauma response she paints anyone who thinks less of her for it as an awful bigot who hates the mentally ill.

No. 297756

She's trying to sell it as if she watches cartoons like Bluey and plays with toys because Berry who is a child likes doing it - so not because adult Jill likes it. And she doesn't let Berry go online (even though she totes has nooo control over when and where she comes out) so Jill has no reason to tweet or talk about it herself then because she as an adult doesn't like it, it's always been a Berry thing

No. 297771

File: 1684838180692.png (8.7 KB, 1212x160, Screenshot 2023-05-23 at 12.35…)


Joke of the year! Jill supporters are so fucking stupid

No. 297772

this would've been an okay reply, if it weren't for the fact that jill already has claimed that berry writes like her 6 year old self. she could've said "oh, she still has some of my cognitive abilities and skills, just puts less thoughts behind them" or something, which, frankly, makes much more sense than her brain de-developing when she switches lol. but no. she HAD to have her actually be a 4-6 year old with totally real 4-6 year old handwriting that looks "identical" to her own handwriting as a child (which it doesn't). there's so much cognitive dissonance with jill.

No. 297773

Kek she's so predictable. Her second reply comes across as very passive aggressive, like she's not trying to educate she just wants to prove herself, which doesn't work since this person already doesn't believe her, so of course this person keeps questioning her and Jill's narc rage comes out.

No. 297775

often people who have trauma related to childhood repeat things they used to do or do things they would do in childhood or were prevented from but they usually dont relate it to age regressing, they just do it because it feels healing to them, without engaging in any kind of roleplay these people do, because they're fully aware of their adulthood while doing these things.
jillian cant even say she isn't aware because disassociating because she is fully aware to the point she remembers everything her child alters like, do and act like. the existence of berry itself is absurd because alters are supposed to split when people experience trauma and berry basically happened because jillian wanted to agere, not that her trauma made her, because berry holds no trauma according to her.

No. 297778

Exactly I hate this internet BS where creepy adults are trying to normalize dressing up as a baby as "totally normal therapy". No, straight up no. It's ALWAYS a kink thing. It's normal for adults who went through trauma (actual trauma not the meaningless tiktok version) to heal by doing things like playing play doh with their kids or going sledding or collecting toys. And these people don't understand that the developmental delays that come with childhood trauma manifest as being behind their peers socially or doing poorly at school, not putting on a fucking diaper. The internet needs to fuck off with all the misinformation and pedo pandering.

No. 297784

>once I began specialized therapy

Did she though? Didn't she only spend like 1 year or so with mr angel therapist that just blindly agreed with her? That's not exactly the type of long term intensive treatment she has been claiming here and during other moments.

No. 297787

they're using trauma as a shield from criticism because they sexualize childish things. it's absolutely vile.

No. 297793

She uses that as a trump card so much and it’s so stupid, she never had ‘specialized’ therapy, because her therapist wasn’t a specialist, and she only saw him for two seconds. Yet it’s always her response when someone questions her DID ‘abilities’ as if she’s mastered DID through nonexistent treatment and is somehow able to negate any amnesia, uncontrolled switching etc

No. 297805

>talks about social media, and says she doesn't let Berry scroll through tiktok at least

i might be alone in this but does anyone else get the feeling this is her maternal outlet along with the ageplay stuff? I mean, Jill is (hopefully) never going to have a baby but might be getting old enough to start feeling a bit maternal and want to take care of something? And because it’s Jill, the immature narcissist, what better thing to take care of than yourself? With Berry she gets to baby-proof the house and make things “safe” for the kid but doesn’t actually have to share any of the attention and gets to switch to “little mode” to reap all that effort for herself.

besides, she doesn’t talk about steebie ever baby-proofing the house for her or taking care of her or the toddler she turns in to, only about him playing (or “bonding”) with her. taking care of the baby is her job, not his… idk but it’s sus in a lot of ways

No. 297807

as she slipped up and said oh i’m like her mother!! in reference to Berry i was like uh ok idk what this is anymore this is beyond strange. Then she tried to correct herself and say her little sister like,, ITS NOT EITHER ITS JUST YOU JILL. ITS ALL JUST YOU.

No. 297809

File: 1684869263490.png (59.27 KB, 1684x1106, Screenshot 2023-05-23 at 20.31…)

It got deleted… but there are a couple new ones kek

No. 297816

Let us not forget that Steve claimed to want nothing to do with Berry and to avoid her because he thinks it’s weird to interact with the kid alters, meanwhile in that same interview video he slipped up and went into DDLG caregiver mode babytalking and doting on Jill when she started acting childlike, and now it turns out he has cutesy nicknames for the kid alter(s) too. He’s obviously in on the entire thing and engages with it constantly and was lying, which makes it even more sus.

No. 297817

This is an excellent and extremely accurate assessment of her entire DID saga. Her own massive ego is such a core component of why she’s doing this, in many ways. She wants to be an immature, impulsive, vindictive loser, but that doesn’t match with her perfect sparkly angel savant self-image, so the only explanation she’s okay with is that actually it’s other separate super traumatized people haunting her perfect victim brain.

No. 297819

>"other parts closer to my age feel like people… "genres"… "
>"it's completely different when you go full on goo goo ga ga" (yuck)
>"vocabulary/knowledge is hugely shrunken"
>"she doesn't have access to what we learned later on in school and life"

timestamp @5:12 ! handwriting spergs can stop clogging up the thread now. in her own words, Berry has no access to what Jill knows past the age of six. so her handwriting for Berry is entirely fake. good one J.

No. 297822

>They bought her all that strawberry shortcake merchandise because it was something she enjoyed
emphasis on the word enjoyed. jill wants to say those strawberry shortcake pics are a "completely obsessed super speshul autistic special interest!!! so obvious!!!" when in reality its just a marker that she was truly loved and spoiled by her parents. its not a special interest in the slightest.

No. 297823

File: 1684878519235.jpg (162.76 KB, 720x1801, Screenshot_144829.jpg)

No. 297828


Jill always has to make drama about herself. She's 100% talking about the backlash she gets when she makes kawaii autism and DID tiktoks

No. 297830

Wonder how she’ll feel once the system starts pressuring people like her to euthanize themselves because they’re such burdens on society and family/friends

No. 297831


Jill showing off pictures of her as a kid and claiming they're of berry is so weird. I wonder how her family feels with her saying she was horribly abused and molested as a kid and they did fuck all about it, after saying she had a perfect serene life for years.

No. 297832

i try not to let it bother me because it’s the internet and it should have no effect on me or my self image as an autistic woman. Yet it still is so annoying seeing non autistic people or just who don’t know quite yet if they are or aren’t neurodivergent still definitively using words like special interests or hyperfixations. I don’t enjoy being someone who tries to gatekeep but those words are attached to those conditions for a reason. It was inevitable that they would be watered down by the internet but it still is so lame to me. I feel like in some backwards way mental health acceptance and normalization went so far around that we’ve now entered the zone of younger people being exposed to endless amounts of content about all these rare disorders and it’s being presented as a meme or like having friends in your head. It’s like we solved some issues regarding the way mental health was being talked about but now people actually think it’s FUN to be sad and autistic.

No. 297841

They literally euthanise young people for being depressed with these programs, (and get them to sign organ donor forms, which are removed while you're still alive otherwise they're useless) and actually it is very fucked to try and normalise it. Jill is never right with a single opinion she has.

No. 297842

The grandma isn't disabled and the granddaughter isn't her caretaker either lmfao. Jill is so incapable of critical thinking that she has to bring every new conversation back to the few (stupid) talking points she does have.
And yes, it's fucking weird to put your dying grandma on tiktok for clout. Not surprised Jill doesn't get that when she airs out her own grandmas medical details to twitter.

No. 297845

That is fucking ghastly I had no idea. Jill is amazing at having the worst takes possible. You don’t need to know anything about mental health politics to know it’s ducking weird and immoral to post your grandmas planned suicide for tiktok clout. Why does anyone need to know? Are we sure the grandma isn’t trying to appease her grandchild as a last effort to make them happy? It’s so slimy and of course people like Jill are all for livestreaming circus-esque internet bullshit because then it means her larp isn’t an isolated incident. She can point and say “look at all this other shit happening! Get educated on how me and 5 other people in the world have decided mental illness works now!”
She doesn’t actually care. She’s talked more about herself in the last 4 years than anyone else I’ve ever seen, shayna included. She has no capacity to care about anyone else and that’s why whenever she pretends to care about other issues they’re never grounded in logic.

No. 297846

File: 1684895715522.webm (5.37 MB, 718x404, Role.WEBM)

More clips. Berry's role in the system.

No. 297847

File: 1684895853947.webm (12.55 MB, 1920x1080, ANP-or-EP.WEBM)

Is Berry an apparently normal part or emotional part clip.

No. 297848

File: 1684896070023.webm (16.62 MB, 1280x720, Nn-interests.WEBM)

Berry's nicknames and interests. This includes clips from the system journal most notably more Berry drawings.

No. 297849

File: 1684896170522.webm (5.9 MB, 1280x720, Like-to-do.WEBM)

This has the like a mother/big sister clip.

No. 297850

File: 1684896409165.webm (14.8 MB, 1280x720, Clothes.WEBM)

Talks about clothes she likes to wear. A little warning, around the 1:44-1:45 mark Jill squeals loudly around M or Emily the girl she went to school with who did the Burnt Toast collection.

No. 297851

File: 1684896515616.webm (15.94 MB, 1280x720, Tells-p1.WEBM)

Talks about tells that Berry is out. Broken up into 2 parts.

No. 297852

File: 1684896908367.webm (13 MB, 1280x720, Tells-p2.WEBM)

Part 2. Interestingly talks about positive triggers and about should she be afraid someone will weaponize those triggers against her. Decides nothing she is saying is a risk to the system.

No. 297858

lmao what. this is not true at all what the fuck are you talking about

No. 297864

not trying to bait id genuinely like to know about this do you or any other anons have reputable links regarding this? I’m not against assisted suicide in cases for consenting terminally ill people but if an organization is pressuring mentally ill individuals to do this procedure like you say then that is awful.(derailing)

No. 297866

File: 1684912843717.jpeg (43.62 KB, 2048x303, 402A12E7-C23C-4F6D-A081-3C76B2…)

I wonder if she will talk more about therapy in order to appease comments like this from her berry video. This person seems to know a bit of DID lore so it’s funny they’re basically calling her out that her LARP doesn’t make sense, even in the fake DID made up terms.

No. 297867

She's literally saying that she doesn't switch when it's inconvenient for her. That's literally not a mental disability, Jill, if you wanna be a baby be a baby but don't pretend like it's a weird mental health thing.

I wonder how she'll take this because I feel like it's worded nicely enough but she is being called out that her switches are controlled and therefore are fake. So that means, what, it's just like a weird coping mechanism now? instead of taking a bubble bath she just turns into an infant or a whiny teenager? Alright.

No. 297870

Watching these clips makes me realize she is truly insane from narcissism. She really is the most perfect example of a faker for attention, someone could make an entire serious documentary on it.

"The triggers aren't going to make us switch, especially if we're at work or somewhere in public" gosh darn how convenient it must be to suffer from Jillociative identity disorder

No. 297871

I would love to see a video compilation that shows only clips and tweets of Jill’s contradictions, presented without retarded commentary that isn’t necessary. The issue with a lot of these fell out channels is they’re all cows themselves. It would be hard for Jill to claim the video is fake if it’s only clips and tweets she herself had said. Gathering all that info would be difficult, too. I just started reading her threads about 2 months ago and read from the beginning of the DID saga to present, and just reading the threads took a couple weeks. It would take like a solid month to actually go through and compile everything and ship parts from her videos and create a narrative.
Oh well, at least we are all here documenting stuff the best we can. Maybe someone will do a deep dive video eventually.

No. 297872

NTA, I haven’t seen any solid proof but there has been multiple tik toks from women with BPD claiming they have been offered it and people claiming elsewhere they were offered it because they are in a poor financial situation because of illness and benefits not being enough to get by. Kind of surprised Jill hasn’t mentioned it because there has been a lot of claims thrown around and people talking about how problematic it is to offer that to people with BPD considering how dubious the consent would be if the person was having an episode and the fact that it’s not incurable. The whole thing does seem suss especially with doctors suggesting it because the way it’s supposed to work is the patient initiating that conversation not anyone telling them to do it if that makes sense.

No. 297876

File: 1684919615780.png (157.64 KB, 632x703, Berry.png)

Part of the journal Jill flashed around saying """Berry""" wrote it. I don't get how she can do this type of stuff with a grin plastered on her face. It's legit creepy.

No. 297877

File: 1684922636306.jpeg (26.07 KB, 964x363, 4BAE966A-61E6-47CB-ABDD-176A0B…)

This comment now has 99 likes and is the top comment on the video. Jill is leaving it because people are defending her in the comments but people aren’t going to read those.

No. 297882

File: 1684925712132.png (4.93 KB, 543x456, 2013deviantartpianoteacher1.pn…)

Im in the process of going through her old threads, not to archive videos but for general lies and changed history related keks. However she has been insufferable for decades, its pretty much only the old deviant art that comes across as legitimate. Everything after that is her already lying and exagarating.

At least she seemed to really love and enjoy her piano teacher back in the days, but absolutely not "in that way". Obviously since the man is a confirmed pedo it probably isnt healthy for any teen girl to be around him, but she should be considering herself lucky not having to be molested an instead shes jelous.

No. 297883

File: 1684925797622.png (10.16 KB, 539x735, 2013deviantartpianoteacher2.pn…)

part 2. She has no secrets with him

No. 297884

It's honestly bizzare watching Jill's video and hearing her talk about how it can take hours to do things like stand up and walk up the stairs, when not even a few years ago she was going to school and working in retail with 0 issues. Especially when she claims finding out she has DID has been so healing and wonderful. Anyway I'm sure once she gets bored with DID she'll claim she can't upload or get a job because of some chronic illness.

No. 297885

Fuck me if we’re gonna be taking things BPD-chans say as actual resource tf is this??
Like they arent notorious for over exaggerating literally anything to get a most wounded victim.

They didny get recommended to get euthanized, they want people to think their mind is so troubled that death would be the only way to fix it bc god forbid they get a grip on all the toxic/manipulative bullshit they love to pull

No. 297886

here ! 30 seconds in ! she looks like she's trying to stim

No. 297888

>multiple tik toks from women with BPD
that's literally the opposite of proof, I would highly doubt of anything coming from that audience

No. 297891

Fucking hell anon, your brain is actually rotting. Whatever happened to critical thinking? Random BPD women on tiktok are being told to kill themselves as much as BPD Jill has been told she has multiple people living in her head. It's all attention-seeking.

No. 297892

I have only heard of this through fear mongers and people trying to stop death rights because “life is a gift”. Assisted suicide is dignified and very well regulated here in Canada at least. People have to go through extensive psychological tests to make sure they are of sound mind to make these decisions and then have lawyers sign off on this. My friend’s grandfather was in the process of having this worked up when he had a stroke and since he sadly had brain damage from the stroke they couldn’t continue with the paper work because he was no longer of sound mind and it was an absolute nightmare because he’d occasionally be cognizant and try to kill himself.

Sage for blog(not your personal blog)

No. 297893

I think you all misread what I said, I said I haven’t seen any proof. I was just explaining where this information is coming from I wasn’t saying they are correct. I thought it was interesting that Jilly took this side considering she is chronically on tik tok and is a woman diagnosed with BPD so I would think she would side with her supposed peers who are making these claims or have some kind of dramatic self obsessed opinion on it. I wasn’t saying it’s suss on the side of the doctors I was saying it was suss that these people are making claims that don’t match how the system is set up.
I totally agree anon, Jill is as per inserting herself into something that isn’t about her but is about dignity for people who actually need the service.

No. 297895

File: 1684939483687.jpeg (85.21 KB, 1170x653, 0DE466E5-8714-422D-B0BE-08F759…)


Here. There is also a botched trans man. Can’t remember her name being considered for it. There’s been several rumors and concerns from elderly people that doctors are trying to red of them.
Can’t we stop derailing now.(derailing)

No. 297896

Kek is this the same medical industry currently cutting off childrens healthy breasts and penises to treat a mental illness that’s not a mental illness but will 100% lead to their suicide if they aren’t mutilated? The same industry that had a “professional” diagnose Jill with DID? I’m sure they operate under robust ethics and regulations, no one would ever abuse a system that allows for state sanctioned murder. The government always operates with the most compassion for the infirm, poor and weak.
Sorry about your grandfather, that’s a hard place to be.(derailing)

No. 297902

Ffs kids aren’t getting gender reassignment surgeries you retard, stop derailing(derailing)

No. 297904

Sixteen year old girls are getting needless cosmetic mastectomies and Him Petras got an axe wound neovagina at sixteen as well, children are absolutely getting SRS, now YOU stop derailing you tranny lover.
Anyway >>297850 for some reason I get the feeling she is somewhat LARPing as Steebie's niece. Does anyone feel this? When she said that Berry LOOOVES the way she dresses it reminds me of when she said Steebie's niece LOOOOVES the way she dresses. Sure, little girls like rainbows but IDK, with her track record…(derailing)

No. 297907

File: 1684945796045.jpeg (56.25 KB, 800x450, 39EBD2FA-7013-436A-9308-A4677D…)

Jill isn't a tranny nor is she considering medically assisted suicide mods pls(derailing, take it to meta, report and move on please)

No. 297909

>Jill isn't a tranny
nta but she literally is larping as trans with one of her alters

No. 297922

>>297909 it's not like she actually does anything with it. Jill just needs to rp an anorexic teenage boy so she doesn't have to feel bad about her body positivity fans. Jerricka clearly hates being fat, Jill even says that.

No. 297923

I would've never imagined they were close. She's saying he always had creepy vibes but here saying she loves him and they talk about all her interests. Huh? I know hindsight is 20/20 but it doesn't seem like she was always creeped out by him unless it's a different dude. I feel like it's another example of Jill pretending like she knows everything about anything instead of admitting she was wrong ever.

No. 297924

Cue Jill checking “executive dysfunction” off her autism breadcrumb list after making this video. Of course the way for normal autistic/ADHD people to manage executive dysfunction is by maintaining structure in their lives, but for Jill it’s just fine, nay, healing actually! to sit on her ass smoking weed and scrolling social media all day.

The talking about interests one is about her dad.

No. 297927

not a single word in these articles is proof of the rumor doctors are telling mentally ill people to kill themselves. all I see is religious fear mongering for hating euthanasia. probably from people who run care homes and asylums for the terminally ill, besides the right wanting to imply public healthcare = bad and the usual christofascists.

No. 297928

File: 1684957016945.jpg (257.8 KB, 720x2956, Screenshot_2123545.jpg)

No. 297929

File: 1684957143388.jpg (94.8 KB, 720x1129, Screenshot_2123558.jpg)

No. 297932

Her "Uwu I'm soo cutesy and innocent" emoji use is as sickening as always.I hope her autism faking brings her real harm and life long misery.

No. 297934

File: 1684959157156.jpg (32.62 KB, 720x652, JillScreamingwithEm.jpg)

The time stamp is when Jill is screaming while doodling with her friend M.

No. 297935

What is there to even say… she's so full of bullshit I bet she's stinking to high heavens 24/7. I wonder if Steeb changes her shitty diapers too! Wow! So epically neuroatypical! She wasn't in special ed because she was just TOO special! Wow, so very mentally ill and disabled, le heckin epic!

No. 297937

Why did she like the comments when they are clearly making fun of her?

No. 297938

>>297937 it's probably a cope, like her making that cringe meme of her own photo standing outside the yard at night.

No. 297941

Seek comfort in the fact that she's going onto Wellbutrin and will completely ignore any recommendations regarding weed & alcohol use because rules don't apply to our silly jilly-bean.

No. 297947

So is this Jill confirming that she actually isn't currently in therapy, and hasn't been since she was seeing her uwu sweet baby angel counselor that quit after giving her a bogus diagnostic impression? What will her dick riding DID twitter followers scream about to defend her now? She can't even keep up with her own lies at this point. kek.

No. 297949

i wouldn't say it's a solid confirmation because she could very well be seeing someone who just isn't worth talking about in her eyes because they aren't a fucking drag queen or something – but she also never mentions currently being in therapy. she only ever brings up angel therapist since he's the one who helped give her the impression

No. 297954

If anons look in the replies to the original quote tweet Jill replies to, there are some links to articles where basically patients are denied medical care and "offered" euthanasia instead
>disabled man was recommended euthanasia since they didn't want to provide him with a carer
>disabled woman needed a ramp for her house, was recommended euthanasia
>homeless man recommended it
Not in Canada specifically but there have been news articles about euthanised youths in other countries due to mental health issues. (link at bottom)
Canada is one country where the dubious organ donation part of Maid has been used, I did read a reputable article about that with recent statistics, (link at the bottom)
It definitely is an issue that affects mentally ill youth (aka Jill) as well as the elderly so maybe Jill should get informed.
Random article re: depression and euthanasia (basically it's legal and in this case a woman's son was only informed after the procedure was done)
23 year old woman euthanised for having PTSD (Jillian supposesly has) https://metro.co.uk/2022/10/08/belgium-woman-23-euthanised-after-suffering-from-severe-ptsd-17527525/
There's a lot more out there on this topic but just grabbed those since I didn't realise this wasn't well known info(derailing)

No. 297960

stop fear mongering euthanasia, because there is a case of ONE person with heavy PTSD after a terrorist attack that's not even in canada, but belgium, doesnt mean canadian public healthcare is telling people to kill themselves because they have PTSD. also terminally ill can also donate their organs and that's a good thing, you have to be retarded to think organ donation is a bad thing.

>With more than 4,000 Canadians waiting for organ transplants, some of whom are dying, he says Canada’s numbers show a strong move to turn death into a win-win.

EUTHANASIA OUTSIDE TERMINAL ILNESS IS NOT LEGAL IN CANADA TO BEGIN WITH. the amount of misinformation I keep reading on euthanasia is astonishing. I feel like I am taking crazy pills reading the amount of misinformation out there. nobody is going to force you to kill yourself. jesus fucking christ.
who is interested in making sure people HAVE to stay alive despite terminal illness and a desire to end on their own terms instead of a deathbed? who is interested in making public healthcare look bad "oh look they're just telling everyone to kill themselves!"? think for a moment, please.

stop spreading fucking misinformation in a thread that has nothing to do with it. just go to the tinfoil thread on /ot/ so your retardation is contained.(sperging, derailing)

No. 297968

Ozempic era when? Literally, what's stopping her from losing weight with semaglutide? Here's hoping she's lurking and sees this as advice. Unless it's impossible to get in Canada, then sage for not contributing I guess. Sorry, Jill!

No. 297972

But then that would ruin her "body positive, anti-fatphobia" image that snowflakes like that build for themselves. She can't lose weight because it'll be a big betrayal to the fat activists who think that any form of weight loss is "violently fatphobic," even though we all know how much she hates her weight gain thanks to her Jer-Bear Twitter rants

No. 297974

How about instead of creating new problems that aren’t remotely real, since life isn’t Steven Universe, you focus on going outside without it being an event to report back to on YouTube. Just a thought. Holy hell the self obsession

No. 297975

I believe Jillian thinks wellbutrin is a diet pill since it’s an antidepressant known for not causing weight gain and can cause weight loss. That way when she loses weight like she wants to (but won’t) she can just blame it on her meds as if she wasn’t shopping around for desirable side effects. Wellbutrin is going to be a massive letdown when it doesn’t magically cure her obesity thanks to her “ARFID” diet of nuggies and sedentary lifestyle.
Just like everything else in her life, she wants to slap on a solution rather than putting in any effort. All she does is lie to get what she wants and popping pills not meant for her is going to bite her in the ass.

No. 297977

Jill has become so full of shit that that even her threads is boring

No. 297979

It affects dopamine receptors so it can give you that amphetamine-like urge to move, do things, clean etc. We will have to wait and see if Jills totally real ED is awakened again or if she just smokes all the positive effects away.

No. 297980

Didn't Jill also change her sex marker on her birth certificate/ID card to nonbinary? We can leave the trans sperging for the troon threads but both Jill and Steve consider themselves trans and queer so let's not pretend it's not relevant at all

So basically this is a cover to say Steve doesn't do sexual thing with the child alter, but actually with adult Jill who's just age regressing

No. 297981

All comes back to her need to avoid responsibility/introspection. She is a "good person" and good people aren't spoiled, so she couldn't have been spoiled, so it must've been a special interest! It's like she can't just admit she liked Strawberry Shortcake (something most little girls in her cohort liked) and so her parents bought her merchandise. She's so blinded by egoism that she doesn't realize the rest of us see it as her being coddled and not a proof of her supposed life-long affliction that has only affected her for about 2 years.

No. 297985

File: 1685012970799.jpg (76.36 KB, 1074x528, Screenshot_20230525_120656.jpg)

So I was watching dissociadids new vlog, I thought this part was interesting since jill has also recently claimed she has a hard time leaving her house and she's a fan of dissociadid. Chloe also implies she was diagnosed with chronic illnesses recently which jill has been alluding to.

No. 297987

Perhaps she can’t be seen losing weight “on purpose” but I’m sure she would love to lose a bunch of weight and fit her old Jfashion clothes again. I agree with >>297975 that she’s probably hoping for Wellbutrin to work as a weight loss drug and give her plausible deniability. However if that fails, and she has to work on it more actively (which she won’t, but theoretically), she has Jerrick as a backup scapegoat. Jerrick is the prosecutor anachan alter with problematic tendencies so she could always say he’s been fronting by himself a lot and starving and/or overexercising the body. Bodypos Jigglybean loves her marshmallow rolls but Jerrick is making her do it guys she can’t help it!!
She’d have to backpedal a bit on the “actually Jerrick is just a harmless angery smol bean” redemption arc she’s been on (because god forbid any aspect of Jill is thought of negatively, even a part she invented purely to vent negativity) and handwave her previous claims of being super in control and nearly always co-con, but consistency has never really been a factor in this LARP.

No. 297991

Wellbutrin can independently increase your metabolism and also fuck with your heart so she might lose weight on it without trying or making any changes to her lifestyle

No. 297997

I hate that Jill is faking ND to abuse stimulants while lots of us are suffering from med shortages. But Wellbutrin made me super anxious and easily enraged, I know everyone reacts differently but if it amplified her BPD and gave her narc rage moments it would be hilarious. That is my milkmas wish.
>>297985 It's amazing how smug and confident Jill is in her bs. As if people can't just watch her old videos where she had literally no problem going to another country to be the center of attention. She really thinks she is so smart.

No. 298002

Her BPD and narcissism have been rearing their ugly heads like crazy since the McLean video, and she’s been spiraling and becoming a worse and worse person with no self-regulation in any way overall, so I expect tons more milk to come and it wouldn’t surprise me if she’s unable to resist totally giving in to even slight negative emotional side effects of her new medication.

No. 298008

I expect a lot more of Jerricka fronting which will be hilariously milky.

No. 298024

File: 1685044370768.png (5.96 KB, 660x124, Screenshot 2023-05-25 at 21.53…)

at least someone has common sense in these comments

No. 298052

Very few doctors would ever force a patient who regularly uses cannabis to quit for a medication change.

No. 298073

File: 1685067757153.png (116.89 KB, 1182x946, 23r9f8qasd.png)

I was curious if jill's did-faker mutual had posted her mclean video yet and she hasn't but also lmao
>cartoon hyper pop
this is just like jill, did is a performance for them.

No. 298075

File: 1685068498564.jpg (49.56 KB, 720x564, Hmmm.jpg)

No. 298083

Goddammit, I was gonna post about Jill liking that cringy Koreaboo girl group that does fake Japanese accents and I went to look on her twitter to get a screenshot and can't find it. Now I'm wondering if I just made it up or if she deleted her tweet after people called out the group for being racist. If someone knows what I'm talking about please post the screenshot

No. 298094

Dont know what it’s like in good ol america but where i’m from mental health specialist & doctors arent gonna give you shit if you regularly use weed.

No new medication, no diagnosis, no testing. Bc why would they when heavy weed usage could just as well be the only problem, like with our sear jillie

No. 298105

Yeah that annon is full of shit. Seratonin syndrome can be lethal, drugs and medications can interact badly, and some doctors won't even give you stimulants if there is a f a family history of addiction.

No. 298111

Nta but Jill is a doctor shopper and can just fill out a questionnaire that asks if she uses substances and you know lie. Most doctors will not drug test you unless it’s for controlled substances and that’s usually after they prescribe them to make sure those are the only substances that are in your system. She can go to any GP and be like I’m sad and want something different and they’ll give it to you. GPs hand out SSRIs and other types of antidepressants like candy.
She’s clearly not seeing a psychiatrist or else they’d know Wellbutrin alone would exacerbate her anxiety and mood swings if a doctor were to add an SSRI to balance shit out then it’s bye bye instant fatty gratification.

No. 298112


It's hilarious watching these larpers throw tantrums over a hospital that has no idea who they are and doesn't care at all.

No. 298115

It's extremely easy to get put on a beginner dose of anti-depressants and it's also easy to lie to doctors. FWIW Wellbutrin isn't supposed to be prescribed to patients with a history of disordered eating either.

No. 298116

One of them is called Berry Chan (just saw it retweeted) so I'm sure Jill has an opinion, same level of cringe as Jill as well

No. 298121

Especially because they posted these tweets weeks ago and they barely have any interaction. Kek ‘would you be disappointed’ like wtf who are they even talking to

No. 298122


Never acted like it isn’t the easiest thing to just lie & say you dont use weed (obviously….)

Just debunking anon’s claims doctors would never ask you to stop smoking weed when you’re changing meds

No. 298124

File: 1685109509503.png (333.2 KB, 1440x1590, anon.png)

god bless this anon who I think was trying to post this here but ended up making a thread

No. 298125

File: 1685111120778.jpg (87.47 KB, 720x1032, Screenshot_20230526-072458.jpg)

No. 298133

how much do you want to bet that this was jill subtweeting that one autistic skinwalker? the one she asked if DID was a “special interest”.

it’s ironic, because jill also has been absorbing autistic traits and behaviors, ever since she found out having BPD wouldn’t let her speak on behalf of the neurodivergent community (and, speaking on behalf of communities is the only thing that’s fun or “cool” to her). it’s really just two spidermans pointing at each other

No. 298139

a lot of things piss me off about jillian but one of my biggest pet peeves/icks that she does all the time is respond to shit that has nothing to do with her. op is probably looking for answers from people who have actually experienced weddings or eloping, not twee bitches who are being paid to be there on the sidelines to take pictures. or help somebody else take pictures in this case

No. 298142

it's kelly eden, she has a thread here !
i'm in for a rainbow vomit fatty x wicked tranny witch wedding saga anytime, i hope steebie proposes soon

No. 298146

They should invite Kelly and Stickman to the wedding! Especially if Steve got to have a communism wedding cake like his gingerbread house. They would be best friends forever.

No. 298149

Same here, it’s such a waste of time. The question was literally “have you been married?” And Jill swoops in to talk about herself giving a beauty pageant “everyone is beautiful and correct” answer that doesn’t help anyone, and then relates it back to herself in a way that isn’t helpful. She does it almost everyday. The narc people I’ve known have the same behavior, just an excuse to talk about themselves not realizing it has detracted from the person asking. She doesn’t know how to socialize if it’s not about her

No. 298160

Kelly's thread maxed out I think but we're gonna need a new one if she's marrying stickman

Also hit F in the chat for Jill who has been dreaming of her wedding her whole life (I thought that was a stereotype, didn't realise girls really did this kek) and is still not even engaged to Stevie (who frequently tweets his ex with affection and has her door key)

No. 298167

I really want Steeb to propose purely so we can see the atrocity of a wedding dress Jill will make for herself. And so Steve can finally troon out fully because you just know he’s one of those guys who waits until after he has the woman trapped in the relationship.

No. 298170

A big wedding consisting of just her family? She can’t keep friends and has had so many relationships go down in flames like who are you inviting Jilly? The rate she loses friends honestly I could see it happening where she invites someone and they fall out before the wedding even takes place.

No. 298171

She’ll probably allow each invitee a +10.

No. 298172

this is the funniest fucking thing. see if you actually look into DID shit they have this thing called fictives- alters that form from media or others. anyway nice way to fucking contradict yourself jill.

other note that makes it hilarious is that jill liking this and not seeing sof is doing that exact thing directed at her. she’s so fucking tone deaf

No. 298173

She @ing that autistic girl who claimed Jill as a fictive (iirc) or at the very least was trying to steal her look and was claiming to have DID before Jill the DID queen shut her down. The irony is that Jill skinwalks different personalities she sees online and stalks that guy Drew Monson.

No. 298178

File: 1685130495419.png (75.85 KB, 960x684, Screenshot_20230526-154739.png)

I'm bored at work reading through her old threads, it's hilarious how predictable cows are. Literally got an alter for every fashion phase she went through. This was also around the time where she was calling Trisha paytas out for exploiting mental illness or something, so it makes everything she's doing now even funnier. Trisha's got a man and a baby, and Jill has a depressed Twink and a cat alter. Funny how life works

No. 298190

I was scrolling on the front page of /w/ and all the most recent comments on this thread mentioned wedding snd I was so excited to read Jill got engaged. Damn. I guess we will have to wait for that milk but I bet no one is waiting for it harder than she is. I guess the question is will Steve troon out before or after they get married.

No. 298192


lol Jill's wedding would be such a shitshow. I remember in a livestream she said she wants a huge wedding with a photoshoot of steve and cliffe in suits

No. 298195

One of Jill’s alters is meant to be a public figure (drag queen) so the skinwalker autist is also totes valid by Jill’s own lore. She’s literally transforming into Pixielocks, she can’t help how she copes!

No. 298198

File: 1685140434940.jpg (74.55 KB, 720x911, Screenshot_20230526.jpg)

No. 298203

Of course she would defend that shit. Otherwise she'd have to look at her own cringy weeb behavior and realize how "problematic" she's been. Surprised that leftists haven't tried to cancel her yet for cultural appropriation. Then again, they did forgive her after she made a totally genuine, no makeup apology video for being racist kek

No. 298206

not defending that group or jill because they’re cringe as fuck but they’re right about the katakana pronunciation thing

No. 298208

Not a weeb so maybe I've got this wrong but there's a word for strawberry in japanese, why doesn't she say that instead of strawberry w/ katakana pronunciation?
Regardless, it's funny that Jill, with her past, is once again missing the point when it comes to issues borrowing from another culture.

No. 298212

>>298208 yeah, the word is ichigo. But of course culture vulture weeb Jill wants to keep larping as the face of kawaii fashion so she'll defend anything.

No. 298213

I am a weeb so I can say it's pretty common for anime and shit to use engrish. Off the top of my head theres tokyo mew mew and the strawbell bell being pronounced sutoroberu beru, stuff like that. I don't know this specific drama but I don't think it's that deep and probably doesn't need to be discussed here. People on twitter are just retarded and like starting shit for no reason

No. 298220

weed usage is pretty normalized in Canada and most of the US. Safe to assume most doctors in states/places with medical/Rec marijuana are educated about it enough to not demand a patient quit in order to receive mental healthcare. Sounds like you’re from someplace where marijuana is illegal (the French have a particular sour view of marijuana). I’ve never heard of someone having to quit marijuana in order to get psych meds, even before weed was medically legal in my state.

Are you implying smoking weed puts someone at risk of serotonin syndrome when used with an antidepressant?(derailing)

No. 298221

Why would any doctor give mind altering medicine to someone who constantly tskes mind altering substances? You can’t even properly diagnose someone with a mental issue unless they’re sober because it could be a negative effect of the regular use of a substance.(derailing)

No. 298230

Yes, she herself has said that Cliffe is based on Sasha Velour and her own father, which in my opinion is even creepier than if she were just skinwalking the drag queen. Especially now that she’s said that Cliffe wants to do a separate suit photoshoot with Steve at their wedding which implies that the part of Jill that LARPs as her own dad will also be marrying Steve…
I would give anything to be a fly on the wall when Jill’s parents discuss her DID saga amongst themselves. Do they? I suspect they think it’s just another one of her phases (because it is) but they have to realise that this is a hell of a lot weirder than just having bad fashion sense, right?

No. 298231

They’re probably learning that upsetting Jillybean means she flips out and cuts herself so they have to appease her or else, which is the situation for a lot of unfortunate parents of BPD children who avoid responsibility and attain a constant flow of extra attention, rent money and so on in adulthood via cutting and faux suicidal displays. I actually think it’s very much worth considering that even though Jill’s parents pamper her they likely imagined she would become more financially independent over time because of how super special and talented she is, and these exaggerated mental health displays are, primarily, a way she financially remains a kid forever.

No. 298232

Nonny it’s already established she lies about her usage, it’s not prescribed she just says it’s medicinal so the doctor doesn’t have any documentation saying she uses it. She also smoked weed daily and kept drinking during the DID baiting and all the way through her fake diagnosis. They will only know her usage if she is honest and if she was she wouldn’t have been considered for DID testing,

No. 298238

>huge wedding with a photoshoot
reminds me of her prom pictures, they went downhill over the years as her "fame" grew

No. 298243

A lot of addicts have personality disorders. As we know they’re misdiagnosed when they show up high to therapy. Wish Louise could call these quacks and tell them her daughter smokes too much to be diagnosed.
If Jill had a real therapist I wonder what they would say about her getting married?

No. 298250

KEK Jill and her skinwalker are exactly the same.
Also love how Jill has the expertise to tell someone when they do or don't have DID, but the Doctors at McLean that have actual decades of experience working with trauma patients have no idea what they are talking about. Mmmkay Jill.
The nonna that called it Jillociative Identity Disorder really hit the nail on the head.

No. 298261

Kek what if Cliffe doesn’t want to come out that day? That’s so weird too to imagine her changing outfits just for that.

No. 298266

is she going to wear that stupid beanie in a wedding photoshoot? Obviously cliffe would feel uncomfortable with her long hair out. Hoping for a shaved head look for this kek

No. 298267

Classic narcissism at work. Jill screams and cries that her DID is totally valid despite fitting zero of the actual symptoms and instead fitting an entirely separate and predictable psychological profile, but then when someone else does it and it threatens her being unique and special, suddenly that other person is wrong and faking.

No. 298269

File: 1685219104831.jpeg (161.5 KB, 2030x1505, C0E31FC9-ECF4-4B15-935A-8A44A2…)

She has 33k twitter followers but new follows have almost entirely stopped. Yet she has tweeted nearly 700 times in the last 30 days.

No. 298270

File: 1685219431442.jpeg (150.6 KB, 1447x1477, 11DF6639-43BD-4B27-A840-D01B70…)

229k followers on YouTube yet decreasing followers

No. 298271

The day she posted the berry video she got 17k views yet lost 1k subscribers. She’s killing her entire following

No. 298272

I think I would die laughing if she tried to do a bald cap because she would definitely do a half assed job so it would be double funny ugly and jank.

No. 298278

File: 1685224203373.jpg (164.11 KB, 720x1586, Meds.jpg)

No. 298279

File: 1685224302694.jpg (225.34 KB, 720x2928, D.jpg)

No. 298280

Any nonnies have context for this? I have no idea what it’s a reference to since I’m not on Twitter.

No. 298283

>>298280 Something about twitter clowning on a white weeb pronouncing english words the 'engrish' way, Jill does that too so she's defending her or whatever. And of course, Jill has to insert herself into every subtweet she makes.

No. 298284

File: 1685227370090.jpg (219.08 KB, 720x2019, TLDR .jpg)

TLDR: weeb idol group in California make a tiktok. Backlash occurs when leader Berry does her call and response in a Japanese accent. Apologies, picrel, and no longer doing the Japanese accent in new call and response.

No. 298288

It's time to kill myself.

No. 298291

You should watch a clip of their "singing" if you really want a good time
>awkward attempts at idol dancing
>tone deaf incipherable singing
>main focus is this "call and response" thing with their dumb nicknames
Reminds me of a cross between Jill and Venus (main girl is very Venus Angelic)

No. 298292


>I've been singing along to loan words in an American accent

That's the furthest Jill's activism will ever go lmao

No. 298293

Twitter is a cesspit these days, the For You page brings randoms to threads and now there are like 20 characters of the day getting relentlessly attacked from all sides, usually fairly innocuous like this (in the last day there has been some girl who said skinny is best, and a troon who said barbies are for rich kids, for example, all getting dunked on by the entire of twitter - when the opinions are wrong, but also who cares?) who get ten million views, countless response threads, thousands of qts and replies, absolute worst time for anyone to try and get famous right now unless they manage their social media flawlessly and aren't wrong or cringe in any way. tiktok people also dox people like crazy. No reason why some cringe weebs need to be doxed, laugh and move on like normal people (impossible)

No. 298297

File: 1685234875583.jpg (189.74 KB, 1080x1528, 20230527_204809.jpg)

LMAO that makes this tweet even funnier

No. 298300

File: 1685235522390.jpg (21.37 KB, 494x600, 164596.jpg)

kikomish hair

No. 298311

>2023 level of Twitter clout
>Is the least popular/known she’s ever been

No. 298319

Surprised she hasn't made this all about her yet, I would've thought she'd pull the "omg ik how hard it is because I've been DOXXED and STALKED irl and it's so scary (and actually worse than what these girls are going through because I'm the ultimate victim teehee)"

No. 298333

Its now been up 13hrs and it only has 44 likes(do not use emojis)

No. 298337

This drama is so stupid. It’s a bunch of TikTok losers trying to have the moral high ground so they pick on these poor untalented and uncoordinated girls without looking like bullies and hiding behind cultural appropriation bullshit to keep tearing them apart.
Are people gonna call white people racist if they go to chipotle and say guacamole correctly?
I think Jill sees herself in these weebs because she used to have a cringe idol group too. She’s probably afraid someone will dig up her old performances and try to call her racist again.

No. 298343

File: 1685280870500.jpg (241.54 KB, 1080x1679, Screenshot_20230528_143321_Twi…)

Omg guys this is TOTALLY proof she has DID!! I stg she is ret conning her entire life. The amount of times I've seen dumb teens say they don't know who they are without meaning it's DID- its just something you say when you are lost in life ffs.

No. 298345


Jill writing that weed part really makes it seem like she lurks here

No. 298351

That she thinks highlighting how her mental health has eroded with the heavy and continued weed usage is funny.
Jill you went from being able to admit to some common fucking feelings (confusion and identity issues) to pathologizing those exact feelings as a sign of a deeply buried trauma response. No doubt had she fished up any of her other preferred diagnoses she’d have used this as proof of those.
Jill you have mental health problems but not the ones you want.

No. 298352

Wait, the caption "I'm confused and don't know who I am" is supposed to be proof of DID? Is she serious. She is awful.

No. 298355

>>298352 Jill when she realizes her bpd includes issues with identity and isn't anything but her narc cope to try to tie in her bpd shit with her DID larp

No. 298358

she very obviously does. her "do i have did?" video is just arguing against things i've one seen be said here. she also immediately posts things after they've been talked about here. she's predictable, but she's also definitely lurking.

No. 298361

File: 1685291247429.jpg (177.69 KB, 1080x1254, Screenshot_20230528_172817_Twi…)

Just as predicted- 'how can I make this about ME'

No. 298364

Remember the video where she first talked about BPD? That video seems so normal now when compared to all of her… everything going on on her youtube right now. I mean I guess it was normal, which is the weird thing.

No. 298367

She was literally skinwalking kamie Pomeranian during this era. What alter is this Jillian a kamie factive??

No. 298368

Damn this nonna >>298319 called it LMAO

No. 298369


I can't take this "I was DOXXED and HARASSED" shit seriously when Jill has videos and tweets showing where her and her family live, the exact locations and times she's going to concerts and talks about the cons she'll be attending.

No. 298370

she probably wants to be harassed to make a video about it and "split" into another alter(sage your shit)

No. 298371

Who tf wants a video from her for this in the first place? The absolute narcissism to think people want her takes when shes supposed to be MH only now not kei or whatever the fuck

No. 298375

Don't wanna brag or anything but I might just be a psychic genius

No. 298378

File: 1685300619223.png (127.72 KB, 1182x828, Screen Shot 2023-05-28 at 12.0…)

She's so gross. Also I thought that her Berry switches used to be ~involuntary and scary~ until therapy but suddenly, she was co-con in 2017?

No. 298379


>the facial expression screams berry

she's literally just smiling??

No. 298387

>I dont know who I am
words absolutely never uttered by a single BPD patient

No. 298388

I wish being a cluster-B became popular again so Jillian would quit this larp and embrace the thing she actually has.

No. 298392

the amount of times i used to feel/think shit like “who am i, i don’t know who i am” whilst being a teenager. That is so normal. Even for someone who isn’t mentally ill in the slightest that’s a normal experience to have as an adolescent. Trying to find a sense of self is just normal person behavior, not undercover DID symptoms.

No. 298393

I like how she is "unaware" of her real identity but somehow manages to keep a cohesive aesthetic and same insufferable personality for years. Yes, this is 100% you Jillian, just because it's annoying and insufferable doesn't mean it's not you. Also you don't need to roleplay other people to wear black, be bitchy or sexual, pay bills or act childish. You can do all of that being the rainby BPD self.

No. 298399

I was going to say the same thing, she was 19 or 20 six years ago and trying to figure out her identity as an adult like everyone else not showing signs of a severe mental illness

No. 298403

Exactly. Honestly it’s common for someone even in their early 20s to still be in that phase of cementing themselves as a person. That’s like the biggest part of growing up from a teen into an adult, you start deciding who you are. It’s also so silly to me that she acts like her not remembering even writing the post is evidence to this being an alter who wrote it. I hate to break it to her but i also don’t remember every specific things i posted about or said 6 years ago. That’s not a unique experience it’s called time passed and you forgot about it until now.

No. 298413

She wouldn't make a video about it because the problems people have with the idol group are the exact same problems people have with her..tenfold. She'd be canceled within days if those same people saw her shit

No. 298414

File: 1685324066254.jpg (237.67 KB, 720x2441, Quirky.jpg)

No. 298415

Context or anything anon?

No. 298416

File: 1685324213304.webm (3.58 MB, 576x1024, download.webm)

No. 298417

She’s so full of shit, she’s perfectly happy to “put a target on herself” when attacking a hospital, a doctor, and a large section of the psychiatric system, but discussion a weeb group that no one has even heard of is too ‘dangerous’. Piss off Jill.
Nobody is going to keel if you don’t insert your opinion into drama that’s got nothing to do with you, you’re full able to just say nothing