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File: 1653630480166.png (567.38 KB, 2720x2720, tif chart.png)

No. 1541490

This thread is for posting and discussing cringey fakebois, fujo male larpers and FTM snowflake behavior who may or may not deserve their own threads.

Fakebois are girls who pretend to be boys, either by becoming trannies or larping biological males (usually the former).

Fakebois style and present themselves as androgynous or feminine-looking boys, or wearing girls' clothing and make-up while insisting on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being gendered as female. Some are SJW transactivists, but for most their identities are entirely superficial.

Back off all trannies and your dysphoria because no1curr.

Thread pic credit >>1516761

Old threads by order of recency:

No. 1541551

>that image
its so insanely accurate

No. 1541582

Love the threadpic. I think pixie locks is a chaotic fakeboi.

No. 1541631

File: 1653662957029.png (334.24 KB, 760x991, Screenshot_20220527-074731.png)

This tif is convinced that talking about feminism is somehow grooming. And convincing people they aren't their sex because they don't confirm to sex stereotypes somehow isn't grooming???

No. 1541644

File: 1653664495640.png (153.11 KB, 1025x527, workplace.png)

lmaooo I just noticed the packer on chaotic enby. That picture just gets better and better.

No. 1541657

This troon must be a real riot to hang out with. Jesus Christ, there's no pleasing some people.

No. 1541679

>they're always thinking "I know what you are" about me
They know you are a woman kek. Even the wokiest wokie still knows and thinks about all troons as their actual biological sex, and troons know it. It's why they are so furious, even when they get what they claim to want. What they actually want is complete psychological domination over how strangers perceive them, which is impossible to measure or enforce.

No. 1541688

If you don't want people talking about it, just shut up about it. Or maybe it's that she didn't say anything but people knew anyway kek.

No. 1541745

Grooming originally meant preparing someone/something for a particular purpose or outcome - athletes, employees, students, politicians, etc. and became synonymous with "child grooming" by pedophiles.

But is attempting to influence someone toward a particular opinion on an issue "grooming" in any regard? Are all attempts at being influential in a person's life "grooming"?

Troons always try to flip anything their favourite bogeywomen do into something evil-sounding and buzzwordy. Speaking of abusing buzzwords, soon "groomer" will go the way of "trigger" and "gaslight" and be rendered completely useless. Gee, I wonder why they are so invested in destroying the language people use to describe abuse and its effects…

No. 1541792

Honestly the bastardisation of "grooming" just makes me laugh now. Seeing trannies screenshot TERFs giving solid advice on how to deal with dysphoria and internalised misogyny and labelling it "grooming" is hilarious when viewed through the eyes of someone who doesn't drink the kool-aid.
>How terrible these terven wenches are, they're grooming young AFABs to have mental stability and self-esteem!
It proves they have zero rebuttals and it's actively shooting their movement in the foot as a baby Aiden might read those screenshots and peak, or at least become more curious about terven viewpoints.

No. 1541799

File: 1653678230635.png (67.47 KB, 1027x271, surgery.png)

No. 1541802

File: 1653678315179.png (179.57 KB, 1062x768, surgery comments.png)

>Most post-op penises trans men end up with aren't at all dissimilar to penises cis men have.

No. 1541805

Talk of surgery got me thinking how ftms don't rage on about dick transplants and be all delusional about how some day in the future they're gonna have a real man dick from a man sewn on to them so they don't have to butcher their arm or leg.

No. 1541806

>why do all these posts have to start out with how bad phallo looks
Because people have eyes.

No. 1541822

Lack of awareness is what makes them ugly? Babes, use your eyes! They're absolutely hideous! I can barely stomach unspoilering one and you want some poor girl to put her mouth on it?! Why dot they always shift to "I'm right, it's your perception that's wrong" about stuff that is objective and visible?

No. 1541830

Even if they did look like real dicks, they are uncanny as hell on a woman’s body and the fact that they have to be pumped up to get hard is not only a turn off but hilarious to boot. I don’t want to apply this same thing to men who have actually had reconstruction done on theirs because of accidents or whatever, they’re still men and I feel like losing that part of you in that way would probably fuck you up so I won’t shit on that. But these girls who willingly sign up for this and expect everyone to think it’s hot and functions just like a real dick are deluded. If I had to be with an FTM I’d rather just deal with the monster clit because at least it’s still part of their female genitalia. I don’t get how so many of these people (male and female troons) really don’t understand it’s never going to look or function like the real thing.

No. 1541832

File: 1653680445095.jpg (221.5 KB, 1080x1953, Screenshot_20220522-234219_Tum…)

Reposting with context. What is the obession with Jesse from breaking bad with him being trans? It is mostly ftm making these headcannons and posts about how he is either mtf or ftm. The latter being more common.

No. 1541836

I think it's because he's skinny and cries sometimes.

No. 1541838

Real Jesse would straight up call them slurs kek

No. 1541847

File: 1653681591244.jpg (119.17 KB, 1200x675, jessegay.jpg)

yeah, somehow I never got the impression that Jesse was super woke and PC

No. 1541853

>jesse realizes he's not a cis guy like he thought, parallel to realizing he's not cut out to be the criminal he thought he was

you can tell these kids got way too much praise from their high school English teachers. In what part of breaking bad did Jesse say anything even remotely trans related? IIRC he was too busy cleaning up dead bodies, shooting up and having an on going mental breakdown to discuss gender politics and try cross dressing.

No. 1541854

File: 1653682085109.png (784.29 KB, 884x880, aiden moment.png)

This aiden on Instagram is so unhinged, I've posted one of her posts before but everyday she has these long ass diatribes over random images. I don't know if I should just say her username here, but the comments on her posts are also priceless, such as seethe about how boypussy is transman cultural appropriation.
Nuuu you don't get it, the fact that he was unhappy with where he was in life means he's trans!!!!!!

No. 1541889

Drop the link, nonny! I have to read this, it looks funny as fuck.

No. 1541896

No. 1541913

KEK imagine confronting her about the meme, she would just block you without even saying a thing because all ayyydens are a bunch of idiots.

No. 1541918

Just read that essay, and it's about as unfounded and forced as you'd think it is. While I hate troon headcanons as a whole, it still makes more sense than Jesse being a FtM simply because he's a live action character played by a moid, and this is being generous instead of throwing it all into the trash, like it should be.

No. 1541951

Drop the username nona i have to see the rest

No. 1541974

the amount of copium in these posts, kek

No. 1541987

This person struggles to order a coffee.

No. 1542018

I wanna see the rest of the page kek please drop the username

No. 1542022

Ma'am this is a mcdonalds drive thru. Also, why do they all insist that they hate gender roles, but actually agree with them by thinking they're not women if they don't fit the stereotypes? It's not even like thinking this way is easier or something, because of all the mental gymnastics and body mutilation.

No. 1542036

Okay. Just because there's a lot of funny shit on that account and people comment under her posts often, meaning there's a bunch of different branches of troonery you can explore.
It's "tboyswaglord"

No. 1542045

Ohh wow I never even thought about that. Or saying how they're going to produce their own semen someday with a dick transplant. Just kind of shows you the misogyny in the world. Man thinks he can someday create life and women don't even think of those kinds of "advancements" in medicine.

No. 1542060

have you all tried saying something true and or beautiful once in your lives(beauty is subjective)

No. 1542067

“You should get therapy to accept your body instead of cutting up a square of skin and rolling it up to attach it to your pussy and pretending it’s a penis; self harm and indulging in delusions is not okay” is plenty beautiful, imo.
Google BIID or anorexia. Advocating for its acceptance would be ugly. Saying it should be normal would be a lie.

No. 1542176

Yes we did nona but here's not the right thread to do so. I guess you go to /g/ or /ot/ for some company

No. 1542180

Tho why the focus on chaotic enby
Lawful enby is full cow

No. 1542207

Kek post her

No. 1542220

As a Walt/Jesse supporter not a fujo either I think they’d make a great TEHM/male terf-like couple. No way either of them would like troons

No. 1542223

File: 1653709327145.jpg (92.6 KB, 1080x487, Screenshot_2022-05-28-11-35-54…)

Is it some kind of requirement for TIFs to be sluts? This girl went from e-thot to transman to barren detrans tradwife. Slit her wrists because she couldn't be male and is now trying to get pregnant and pretending to be a baker

No. 1542227

damn is she trying to collect every archetype of internalized misogyny

No. 1542273

No. 1542301

She slashed her wrists because she said radfems were all molested as kids and people told her to not use sexual abuse as an insult

No. 1542333

Placing a grossly oversized value on sex and sexual attention seems to be a requirement for both kinds of troon.
I wish women weren't so gunshy about grooming in the original meaning. Imagine if more girls were told things like:
"You don't ever have to do something just because a boy asks you to."
"You aren't wrong or dumb just because a boy disagrees with you or laughs at you."
"Just because somebody doesn't like you, that doesn't make you a bad person."

No. 1542363

Plus I don't think there are any scrotes who'd give up their crotches for tifs anyway. Meanwhile some women who don't desire children remove their wombs anyway, and now apparently tims see an opportunity there. In 2085 I pity any child made to be carried in a tim

No. 1542404

That wasn't the first time she slit her wrists. She slit her wrists before because of the excruciating pain of not being a biological male, only to now try desperately to get pregnant with her testosterone ravaged womb and become a tradwife all so she wouldn't have to work (apparently she thinks autists shouldn't work)

No. 1542417

File: 1653734265704.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1170x2142, E8D69325-589B-436E-ABD9-17C515…)

No. 1542423

>Is it some kind of requirement for TIFs to be sluts?
no, if anything most are socially retarded autists and/or traumatized, look how many identify as some kind of asexual. It is however a requirement for female reddit users to be mentally ill

No. 1542427

>and 8chan
Really really scary place with those gamergate threads.

No. 1542440

Yuck, I managed to forget about this page. If fujos wanna to talk about fictional guys doing it then fine, go nuts, but speculating about real people in such a voyeuristic "wouldn't it be hot if Legolas really was gay" manner is gross. These are also the same people who screech about not making assumptions about sexuality and gender, especially when those assumptions are based on stereotypes. Oh, the irony.

No. 1542447

Sounds like bpd

No. 1542454

No one cares. I was a stupid little girl doing stupid shit and said nothing about being a current fujo. Idk why you even felt the need to respond to that.

No. 1542457

part of it (possibly) was also that evidence of her boyfriend/fiancé cheating on her with biological men was spilled in a groupchat. Afaik nobody has sent her that evidence but apparently people have warned her a few times

No. 1542461

>trans men need to accept that they will turn out to be ugly men !
Meanwhile if you dare consider a TIM any uglier than Aphrodite herself, you're a horrible transphobe that deserves to die. How are TIFs not instantly peaked by this ridiculous difference in treatment ?

No. 1542467

Nonnie, I'm trying to figure out how this relates to what I said at all. Being upset that your partner is allegedly trying to have homosexual affairs has nothing to do with being a fujo

No. 1542545

I’m the nona you meant to reply to. I’m sorry I made it seem like I meant it to apply to all girls, it was more just being annoyed about the whole comic. And I mean I feel like a lot of girls do sit around writing fics at that age, be it self-shipping or otherwise. Reminds me of the scene in Turning Red of her drawing those boyband members because it did feel relatable and was my personal experience as a nerdy, awkward adolescent. But I get what you’re saying. I’m sorry.

No. 1542572

I think women who do this seem to have grown up learning that their worth is derived from themselves being a sexual object. This could have happened through sexual abuse, online grooming, or early porn consumption. It would then make sense for them to desire a male identity, as they observe how men have worth beyond sexual objectification and degradation.

No. 1542731

File: 1653762844356.jpeg (98.17 KB, 1114x1040, 5B82A201-4736-41C9-AAC7-2CC5E5…)

*as they observe how men are granted worth. Oops.

To make up for my double posting. I will never get over the way that some TiFs will indulge in the most misogynist, violent fetishes.

No. 1542781

Religious/sexist parents might be enough do it, too.

No. 1542824

File: 1653769284560.png (273.74 KB, 1025x469, detransition.png)

No. 1542881

There is one character in that comic who didn't make me want to throw the book into a bathtub, but even that character ends up just as a strawman that gets talked down

No. 1542921

Also note how a Lotr fanclub for her is not a place where you can take apart the books and cross reference them with the Silmarillion or the Unfinished Tales, or a place where you can discuss the movies and all the interesting background about how they were made at length, not even somewhere where you can make your own slash fanworks and show them to others, which at least would have some value in the creativity involved. No, with such rich material at her disposition, she can't manage better than endlessly discussing her sexual fantasies that some hetero married movie guy or another is totes gay.
I frankly resent this being called a "nerdy activity," it's just typical teenagers being typically obsessed with idols as imaginary boyfriends, only the wires in their psychology got somewhat crossed along the way and they want to imagine their dream husbando being fucked by another man.

Kek, it was the TERF feminist lesbian aunt, I guess? Frankly, I really loved the parents at first because they seemed such a ideal, loving, accepting bunch, but after the discussion in the last thread, I realized that they weren't worried about their daughter being illiterate at 11yo or neglecting her hygiene to the point that people complained at school, so maybe not so ideal after all.

No. 1542989

I wish the term "pornsick" had existed longer, because I've been tired of these people since forever. They are obnoxious and a cancer. Their complete hatred towards other women was always visible, too. They would stink up anime boards, because they inevitably hated every female main character.

No. 1543178

Idk if it's really about the parents. Both hippie and conservatives raise fuckups and successful children. I just don't see from that picture what's wrong with her parents, just that they are eccentric

No. 1543181

I simply believe a lot of hippie parents are too irresponsible to raise children, since even according to this picture the mom seems like a dumb pothead back in the day and the father seemed to be a neckbeard nerd who never grew up past 16.
Also I have my share of meeting such people in certain circles, rich kids with interesting degrees who have a lot of wealth from previous generations, move out to some emcampment and build a "eco-home" got bored and pop a couple of spawn. Not to be a tradthot at all, but a lot is just boredom, children are people, not freaking entertainment for you to mess around with them.

No. 1543184

What comic anon? Also nothing in that picture shows the parents going against gender roles. And TIFs have such a recognizable art style

No. 1543198

File: 1653804852936.jpg (950.97 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220529-080953_Chr…)

I'm reading it and the start is basically about her growing up without stupid gender norms, those gender norms being pushed on her when she stopped having a hippie upbringing and went to school and her having a culture shock. It's kinda sad, I get hating having to perform as a girl but many of us did. The answer is to be gnc and battle it.

No. 1543205

Female socialization feels like being taught a language and when you've not been taught it, you cannot properly communicate with other women who were. You can try to learn the language, but you might never get fluent and they will forever be able to hear your accent and that you're foreign. Only the difference is that people have more understanding for foreign people trying to learn the language, rather than weird girls whose parents didn't enforce female gender roles properly. You can be gnc and try to "battle it", but it's a lonely, isolating and alienating existence. You'll forever be pushed to transition or identify differently, even more than women who became gnc later in life and still have internalized female socialization.

No. 1543214

I was curious about female to male transexuals the other day and went to the place where they'll all be (reddit)
I was geniunly appalled. It was full of women calling themselves femboys, no attemps to transition still wearing girl clothes makeups doing female poses ect. bascially all they had done is cut their hair short thats it.

Then if you go to the reverse ones for male to females you can see basically all of them try to acheive femininty, sure many dont pass because of bone structure however they all at least try. they buy the clothes, they get rid of all their hair they paint their nails learn makeup the whole shabang.

It was like the females were too lazy or uninspired to actually try to pass for the most part while the males were trying everything they could despite the odds.

No. 1543223

The males only 'try to pass' because it is about coom for them, while for the women it was more for being not like other girls. Coomers dress for the fetish. The ones who try to look like normal men are usually gay or gnc women already.

No. 1543227

You're the 'men are being better at being trans because male are better at everything' unsaged sperg aren't you. If you go to mtf reddit, bunch of males is just them putting a lipstick on and that's all. Not even shaving their beard. They don't put any effort in either. Stop lying.

I don't think chopping of your breasts and being a transsexual is any less lonelier. There's a lot of women who don't like female socialisation you can bond with. Maybe in hs you're gonna be an outcast but once you become adult, it isn't really any isolating existence.

No. 1543229

What comes to mind from your text is autism and autistics are the ones who troon out in masses currently. So sad.

No. 1543234

File: 1653810463665.jpg (118.72 KB, 1600x900, ellen-page-emma-portner-ap-02-…)

We know tomboys who are indoctrinated troon out because of the current socially acceptableness is one thing, but usually "lesbian" ftms who troon out are the femmes. It has always been the girly girls and femme lesbians trooning out, butch lesbians and masculine girls who troon just raises the point because it is easier to connect the dots. Picrel is Ellen and her ex-wife, where you can easily guess the butch and femme.

No. 1543235

>I don't think chopping of your breasts and being a transsexual is any less lonelier.
It's not, but it's obvious that a lot of people have 0 empathy for why a lot still go into that direction.
>There's a lot of women who don't like female socialisation you can bond with.
You seem to misunderstand, it's not about liking it or not, it's about not receiving it. If you haven't received it, you cannot communicate properly with each other.
>Maybe in hs you're gonna be an outcast but once you become adult, it isn't really any isolating existence.
Adulthood is more isolating than secondary school, since everyone is getting married, having kids, have well established friend circles which they don't want to add to. If anything, that is when female socialization comes fully to fruition and everyone fulfills the destiny they have been groomed into their entire lives. Isolating themselves from their friends to live in a nuclear family bubble and only interact with other mothers. It's only in their late 40's and 50's when women realize that maybe it's not that great and they want to spend time on themselves and their hobbies again. The only people who are on a different timeline are in the LGB(T) community and you know what's going to happen there when you try to make friends as a VERY gnc woman. Or autists, which are also difficult to find and a lot of them have already fallen victim to this stuff too.
Yes and no. Autism makes it difficult to near impossible to learn female socialization later in life if you're not the mimicking kind, but even without autism you're going to have lifelong problems if your parents don't socialize you as female properly.

No. 1543236

I wonder why did she wear a standard amount of makeup before trooning. Why can't she be like Lily Cade or something? Is her trooning for real or a joke?

No. 1543241

Lily Cade wears make-up, heels and dresses too? She just happens to have short hair.

No. 1543246

>calling Emma Portner butch
She's tomboyish at most and not every lesbian couple is butch and femme. If you look at that picture and see butch and femme you need new glasses.

No. 1543266

It’s sad to see that they don’t ever grow out of yaoi phase

No. 1543271

Nowadays people will call Zendaya butch, the standard for female masculinity is on the floor and has been killed. If you're even slightly gnc you're seen as not a real woman anymore and you HAVE to transition.

No. 1543300

I do feel bad for her, but that's probably because I can relate kek. Feel free to be grossed out but I was a lot like her growing up, minus the hippie parents. I felt sad reading the comic but also kinda relieved because I never trooned out. It's like dodging a bullet and seeing it hit someone else. What I don't get is how is she this embarrassing as an adult still and willing to announce it to the whole world.

No. 1543302

And butch lesbians like myself and other GNC women who dress completely masc (especially those of us who are over 30) are seen as "upholding negative stereotypes" and "promoting toxic masculinity"; yet divorcing myself from my femaleness and calling myself a "feral bug boy" would earn me praise. Kill me now.

No. 1543362

All her parents had to tell this kid was that people expect girls to behave a certain way that may not come naturally to them. She didn't even know that there were rules so she thought she was broken.

What really got me about this book was the obvious painful disconnect she felt from her body, throughout the whole thing she was behaving in a way that was trying to cope with it, like all her sexual experiences are based in dissociative fantasy, even the real life ones (pretending to have gay male sex). Fucked up that these hippy parents didn't notice their kid was really struggling with puberty and having a body. She's basically stuck as a child now

No. 1543380

>>There's a lot of women who don't like female socialisation you can bond with.
Nonnie where do you find them?

No. 1543418

I always talked to the 'outcasts' who didn't understand or like social rules, made friends with them and we were weird together. Never been a problem for me but I think it really depends on your culture/circumstances.

No. 1543438

Lol that was a stupid thing to say even by anon board standards, only-heterosexual-sex-is-healthy-chan. Women having sexual fantasies about gay men as they are imagined by women existed since 50yo at least and probably earlier, but people started trooning massively only circa 2012-2014. Clearly the discourse shifting from shipping M/M pairings being the most girly and delusional thing you can do to omg real true gay rights activism hurt many people, along with the banishment of 2nd wave/radfem discourse from general online spaces, a discourse which helped women to differentiate between being the female sex and following the female gender role that female are massively indoctrinated into. Now people really believe that if you don't loooove make-up and laugh while eating salads then you can't be a woman. I really hope queer discourse will die.

What is sad with the woman from the comic is that she was aware that shipping is just a fetish and that gender roles are just that, roles, but she still felt the need to troon. It's probably half because of a Peter Pan syndrome of refusing her female puberty because she associated her childhood with freedom and loving acceptance when school came with its humiliations and vexatious demands because of her female sex, and half because everybody around her in art school was doing it, so she felt that she had to, as well. At least, she has 85% chance of detransing because she don't want surgical mutilation or hormones, and apart her "I'm very special pronouns" I don't even remember if she wears a binder regularly. She even has sympathy toward women who misgender her, so I have high hopes! What a shitty timeline to be an autist in.

No. 1543445

How are you even upholding negative stereotypes by dressing in practical clothes and not doing all the stupid grooming rituals woman are supposed to do? I always felt this kind of criticism comes from women who heard about the feminist theory that it's the patriarchy that enforces the excessive attention women must always pay to their appearance through elaborated clothing, make-up and all other kind of over the top standards, but still follow those standards because they want to please men or keep their place in the female hierarchy of desirable women, so in order not to feel bad or conflicted about it, they try to pretend that it's the butch and GNC women who are actually promoting toxic stereotypes.

No. 1543453

>I always felt this kind of criticism comes from women who heard about the feminist theory that it's the patriarchy that enforces the excessive attention women must always pay to their appearance through elaborated clothing, make-up and all other kind of over the top standards, but still follow those standards because they want to please men or keep their place in the female hierarchy of desirable women, so in order not to feel bad or conflicted about it, they try to pretend that it's the butch and GNC women who are actually promoting toxic stereotypes.
AYRT, you hit the nail on the head. A lot of women also buy into the lie that masc women have "male privilege" and that I'm betraying my fellow women by ascending into quasi-manhood. If you try telling these women that GNC women suffer from misogyny too and often at a worse rate than the average gender conforming woman you will get screeched at. Loudly.

No. 1543455

Oh wait I mean she looks supposedly the butch (comparatively) to Ellen's femme because Ellen looks goddamn feminine before trooning, like soo pretty

No. 1543459

>not the mimicking kind
I know a girl who isn't the mimicking or fitting in kind and yet she's the only one in her class who effortlessly pull off the fashionista aura, she is diagnosed with aspergers though. She genuinely has feminine interests and is cool with it too. What do you nonnies think

No. 1543461

This is probably a 4chan copypasta
Wtf, this never crossed my mind. Sure she is quite tall but thats about it she ain't particularly masculine

No. 1543478

Thank you for writing this nonna, I was an autist who grew up part actively rejecting female socialization part just totally missing the unsaid rules and what you said resonated a lot with my experience and what I thought I was the only one to think.

>I don't think chopping of your breasts and being a transsexual is any less lonelier.

I would argue it is less lonelier nowadays and that's why you have especially autistic women trooning in mass (troons are at least 6 times more likely to be autistic from a study on a mixed male&female population iirc, which, since males troon out because of fetishes, means that the female autism correlation is even stronger).
It's because as a GNC women you are the one weird out in a sea of normy women and the consensus is that you are this way on purpose, because you chose it, which also means that you are often bullied for your gender non compliance or rejected from friend groups because of it or if you are hetero, excluded from dating. Since more or less extreme performance of femininity is seen as the natural consequence of being born a female, there is always this undercurrent of "why are you choosing to make things difficult, are you better than us" and "what is wrong with you, uggo" and "why are you this weird reject," but troonism explains GNC away as a magical gender soul, it gives it nobility and purpose, while online troon spaces, already a natural socialization place for lonely young people those days, brazenly lie about how you drown in sexual partners after transition and create a false sense of community, where even weird or off-putting people are tolerated.

No. 1543483

i hate the author too and think shes dumb and misogynistic but i think it's kind of absurd to call her pornsick when half of the book is about her difficult relationship to sex due to her dysphoria. it could be a decent book considering its themes if it arrived at a conclusion other than "i don't like femininity, so therefore i must not be a woman". "tomboy" is a much better autobiographical comic about gender dysphoria if anyone is looking.

No. 1543484

Goddamn. Well, now we know that she didn't get over being a fujo coomer.

No. 1543505

Nonny, I think there is a difference between being pornsick and being a sexual addict, especially in women. You have certainly seen in fandoms women who only write/read the most pornographic, humiliating and degrading sex fanfics and are in a thousand M/M shipping fandoms, but then say that they are asexual and never want to date. That's the pornsick part since they are clearly interested in romance and have sexual urges, but those are either distorted through their porn consumption, or those women have prior issues they refuse to face and escape from them into delusional porn (delusional because they are not gay men and the gay men in BL stories written by women have nothing in common with any man or gay who ever existed)
The woman from the comic does have an issue with penetration and penetrative sex, not particularly linked with dysphoria, though she never really explains why either so all bets are open, but her whole experience even with lesbian sex is mediated through her obsession with BL/slash stories and her fetish for imagining herself as a man, probably as some kind of protecting mechanism (she clearly calls it a fetish, not dysphoria). She even decided she wanted to have her first kiss and try dating in order to be able to write about kisses and dating in a One Direction fanfic she was in the process of writing.

No. 1543532

>She even decided she wanted to have her first kiss and try dating in order to be able to write about kisses and dating in a One Direction fanfic she was in the process of writing.
I have no contribution to this discussion but it's been days since I read that comic and I am still not over this, and I don't think I ever will be. I'm a weirdo autist and I've escaped into fiction plenty of times and I've read a fair bit of fanfic too but this is just… on another level. It actually makes me feel better about myself, kek. The one purpose this degenerates autobiography could serve is boosting the self-esteem of thousands of autistic nerdy women like myself.

No. 1543535

File: 1653848310409.png (67.82 KB, 1024x270, vaginas.png)

Saying vaginas "get infected left and right" like it's perfectly normal and happens to everyone… what are you DOING.

No. 1543537

Tell me you're unwashed and throwing pussy at any man who he/him's you without telling me you're unwashed and throwing pussy at any man who he/him's you.

No. 1543590

I'm in my 30s, I've never got an infection in/on my vagina, wtf is wrong with her? What I really think is that school should teach more about menstruation and the female body, I know that I didn't learn anything helpful at school and that it's been full of prejudices and making you feel dirty. So, maybe if they would change that younger girls could have a chance to just love themselves and not having to change their gender.

No. 1543606

File: 1653852149066.jpg (50.75 KB, 482x812, 1aed7e7d709f109a20f864cc3ae0e2…)

it's because of her old 2012-2013 photos where she used to dress more tomboyish

No. 1543620

Based fellow homophobe anon. I agree most sane women find fags repulsive. It isn't natural for women to be attracted to a demographic that is known for their STD and child abuse rates lol. It's just another brand of coomer brainrot like BDSM, yuri, DDLG, genderbend stuff etc. The "every woman including lesbians like yaoi!!" bs is just fujo cope to justify their derangement.
Also always sus of lesbians claiming to like yaoi, they're generally het girls with a fag fetish but don't want to be called out for fetishizing poor queer men so they use the lesbian identity as a shield. saged for derail

No. 1543635

It's also that they believe that it's regressive to date a butch and no different from dating a man. When you try to date, you get treated like a man and you're assumed to be a fuckboy, even if you're practically a virgin. You can be an outspoken feminist, but because they once met or just heard about another masc woman being misogynistic, you get assumed to be massively misogynistic too and you're constantly under a microscope. You are held personally responsible for femme4femme being looked down upon in working class lesbian culture in the 50's. They say if you don't like the extra misogyny you receive, just femme it up then! They see it as oppressing yourself and a sign of internalized misogyny if you don't want to perform femininity.
>Since more or less extreme performance of femininity is seen as the natural consequence of being born a female, there is always this undercurrent of "why are you choosing to make things difficult, are you better than us" and "what is wrong with you, uggo" and "why are you this weird reject,"
This is basically the same behavior you still see from the weird anti masc brigade within L&B spaces. There's a group which specifically push to get masc lesbians to transition, because they think we give lesbianism a bad name. They really believe that everyone will totally accept them and take them seriously, once they have gotten rid of butches. So they have an unholy alliance with the T. So many butches have already disappeared, if you're not being accepted now, it's never going to happen and it's not the fault of butches existing.
>brazenly lie about how you drown in sexual partners after transition and create a false sense of community, where even weird or off-putting people are tolerated
In progressive areas you're not going to drown in any partners before transition either if you're really masc. Oddly enough butches are more accepted in LGB spaces in more conservative countries from what I've heard and are a lot more popular.

No. 1543651

Stop samefagging and let your little brother use that damn computer.

No. 1543662

File: 1653857044199.jpeg (211.11 KB, 1125x1736, 8492CD84-1D7D-49CF-B285-B9F14F…)

No. 1543665

This is some Darwin Awards type shit. If you get meme'd into causing irreparable damage to your body then maybe you deserve it. Jesus Christ.

No. 1543674

File: 1653858330340.jpeg (770.7 KB, 1100x1346, FB9C1531-1BB9-43FF-85D4-67AC05…)

No. 1543683

File: 1653859815903.png (200.43 KB, 760x795, Screenshot_20220529-142846.png)

This is so incredibly nonsensical lol

No. 1543686

…But the brain-fried fujo weirdos that get trendy mastectomies and the sex pest freaks who chop their cock and balls off are the ones who get to define sex and gender. Kek. She is deranged, as is expected.

No. 1543710

Nta but I never really understood why fujos get caped for so hard on here, like, the justification is some bullshit about how male characters have more developed storylines in series so.. therefore.. you self insert as gay teen anime boys? That's always been so fucking deranged to me, why not just make your own lesbian OCs? But, I say that and I get hit with the, "But moids sexualize them!" Men sexualize the fucking shotas, too. And animals. Is it not a common thing said here that men will fuck a chicken sandwich? Like goddamn the self hate and denial is real.

She isn't, but people will reach for anything.

No. 1543714

As a lesbian I also don't get it there's literally nothing blander than most of these men they get obsessed with… But off topic…

No. 1543727

>getting this mad about what are essentially fanfiction tropes
>reeing about 'hets' bullying the poor wesbians as the cherry on top
couldn't be me. go outside

No. 1543750

>I thought I had tics after watching too many tiktok videos
Not even I was this retarded at 16 fucking kek

No. 1543771

Homophobe-chan uou need to seethe about gays somewhere else because it's tired as fuck now. Just go away

No. 1543776

I think she sounds hot and I hope you date her

No. 1543865

>poor wesbians
imagine being so fujo brainrotted you come off as a seething mtf

No. 1543872

File: 1653879653315.jpg (739.06 KB, 2215x2168, annoying.jpg)

genderspecials always felt so selfish to me. "Remember my pronouns or else!!!! uwu"
Later in the comic, she wonders if she's being an inconvenience to other people but she keeps up with her dumb neo-pronouns. Hope this shit dies down one day.

No. 1543876

This is one of the most annoying things they do. I assure them no one else is as hyperfocused on them and whatever their pronouns are at any given moment as they are. People have other shit to think about.

No. 1543925

Frankly, I'm amazed that she herself doesn't forget about her own pronouns sometimes. Is it some new kind of OCD or does she really have nothing else going on in her life to think about?

Co-signed, the "99% of women hate BLs" anon and the "gays have STDs and are so yucky" anon always flood their same old boring derails in this thread anytime someone talks about the links between fujoshis and FTMs, without any care about the actual topic of the post they are responding to because they both seem to suffer at once from low intelligibility and low reading comprehension, which is never a winning combination for a text-based board.

No. 1543938

No. 1543941

>Why are you doing this to us?

No. 1543944

File: 1653887276339.jpg (33.17 KB, 431x506, 218.jpg)

outside of academics and social media, it seems that no normal person thinks about their pronouns
sage for blogposting, but a few semesters ago, I had a course taught by a she/they. She took attendance and asked for us to state our pronouns. The first girl on the list just said "here". When the teacher asked for her pronouns, she just repeated her own name a bit awkwardly. After that she didn't have it in her to ask anymore kek, clueless normies might be our last hope

No. 1543964

File: 1653890873835.png (3.94 MB, 2038x1408, aunt.png)

imagine hanging around someone this self-centered and having to police your own words whenever you're around her. Insufferable. Reading this comic was borderline unbearable.

No. 1543972

The baby hasn’t even been born and even she knows there’s something that makes it a He. I wonder what could it be. Truly a mystery.

No. 1543981

>I want to be called by a job title

No. 1543999

I can guarantee you that these awkward girls will not correct any random person in public like "actually my pronouns are ghost/trash/fagself/dreamself" Like they will only demand these stupid neo-pronouns from people on twitter/tiktok and their friends/family. It's defenitely a power trip for them to see who cares enough about them to keep up with it

No. 1544000

I'm the one who wrote the original post but i'm not >>1543438 calm down. I'm not gonna blog about my life but let's just say that watching straight porn fucked me up way more than being into retarded shipping and fandom shit for a while. Why are you so obsessed over fujos? Afraid you're gonna troon yourself? Blaming everyhting on pornsickness isn't going to help anyone nor explain the current trans trend. Imo it's a lot more complicated issue.

No. 1544033

This is definitely the case with the young, conventionally attractive ones. There are gay men pit there interested in long-term relationships in my experience, but they've typically been more introverted and considerably less handsome. Basically, the sexy uwu hunks Aidens fantasize about are generally being gross in the way all men are, while the non-slut ones look like Danny DeVito.

I don't know any old gay men personally, so I can't speak on that. But my guess would be that they wait until they're balding and forty to settle down, because that's the only way they'll keep getting laid at that point.

No. 1544053

Don't some languages have gender neutral terms for the siblings of your parents? This is what really gets me about pronoun bullshit, they act like its a universal issue when its actually very culturally and linguistically specific. American/Anglo chauvinism pretending to be progressive.

No. 1544062

Just ignore the fujohate sperg, she or he shits up any thread every once in a while and derails the discussion to "waaah waah girls can't enjoy shipping it's sick!! 99% of women are prefect tradwives and you're all degen and lesbians don't exist". I think he/she is actually autistic.

No. 1544086

Being awkward may nit be the right term given how self-centered and loud they are. I'm imagining nerds in general are less and less intriverted all due to the net

No. 1544091

>people will reach for anything
Based I hate the new '20s because of this. Even manly men who simply tries on a dress gets pressured to troon or being called girly/sissy and any woman who simply relates to a man should considsr trooning and a trip to big pharma. To the envy and irony of actual trannies. Clowns

No. 1544122

I hope that girl was a crypto-terf playing confused tbh. Maybe this is how we win.

No. 1544123

It’s so egotistical. I can’t imagine forcing my friends and family to put in more emotional labor than they already do, especially for me. I feel like they never think about anyone else.

No. 1544124

I think that being exceptionally self-centered and egoistical is the number one condition for choosing to be a so super special troon like a non-binary or a she/they. (While of course it's still the MTFs who have appalling occurrence rates of narcissistic personality disorder.)

No. 1544142

Playing confused is a great tactic, I get asked my pronouns a lot because I'm butch and I usually just stare and try to look confused while throwing my hands about in a "idk wtf you mean" fashion until they drop it. If I do speak I turn my accent up a couple notches and pretend I have no idea what pronouns are kek. Both scenarios have been successful so far without getting me labelled a TERF; which is important because I do a lot of volunteer work and there's usually a lot of these liberal types who can't comprehend a GNC person who hasn't trooned out yet. I'm like an alien to them.

No. 1544161

Admirable anon. I had to fill out a job application for my university and one of the required blanks was a pronouns space. I just put Female. Mind you, there was a Male/Female blank to fill before this… I think it’s so stupid to make people feel comfortable to provide pronouns, like make your best guess you damn progressive.

No. 1544246

my pronouns are he/she/it/lord/lady/penguin, I hope I will be addressed correctly with the pronoun I feel like at the given minute without having to notify people what I feel I am at that time.
Kek, I just can't with the pronouns bullshit anymore and I won't be able to keep it to myself if someone ever asks me what my pronouns are.

No. 1544276

She could be a crypto nonnie… I deliberately do something similar when people ask me my pronouns kek. It's unbelievably awkward but it's so funny to make them squirm when they realise they might have to explain their nonsense to you.

No. 1544330

>>Yes and no. Autism makes it difficult to near impossible to learn female socialization later in life if you're not the mimicking kind, but even without autism you're going to have lifelong problems if your parents don't socialize you as female properly.

The fuck does it mean to socialize a child as female? If you mean try and shame them into conforming to gender stereotypes lmao I definitely got that and it was the biggest source of internalized misogyny I dealt with.

Personally I think autistic girls troon out at such high rates because they tend to be under such ridged pressure to conform to bullshit gender stereotypes.

No. 1544348

i remember checking this book out from the library to see why everyone was freaking out about it and this specific panel made me bust out laughing. I could not imagine being this self absorbed. but to echo what other anons have said this book absolutely should not be in a middle school library. i could kind of see high school i guess? but just the panels with her pretending to fondle her ghost dick were so god damn weird, yet they can't figure out why people call them groomers

No. 1544446

Jesus fucking Christ, I read the comic but I didn't realise it was in middle schools. There is something very rotten going on in the education systems of the western world. I am so worried for my sisters and my future children. Kids are getting bombarded with this shit from all angles and even if they don't troon out they still have to be good little allies and never say a word against these freaks and the big pharma companies that are astroturfing these issues into schools.

No. 1544523

File: 1653950103504.png (562.38 KB, 888x1436, glorifyingselfharm.png)

The sims community makes me sick.

No. 1544544

File: 1653952432788.jpeg (671.25 KB, 750x1148, C78978E9-47FC-435F-AF00-E47937…)

Nipple removal is so cursed.

No. 1544552

I remember the time when the transmen in trans groups on the internet would share what to use and what to not do so to make the scars almost invisible. Now it's the opposite, they just love having these big ass scars that out them as trans and putting that on everything, even fictional people. It's sad.
So uncanny I thought it was photoshopped for a sec.

No. 1544556

The ones that look like this will either detransition and regret their breast removal or double down and explode in size once they up their T dosage and go full degenerate fujo furry gayyyden with neon hair and a shit ton of piercings.

No. 1544561

I don’t understand why they’re obsessed with the scars. If I did that and were really trying to appear male I’d be so embarrassed.

No. 1544563

I think hiding the scars vs showing them off is the difference between those who actually want to become men and those who just want to be non-women

No. 1544571

File: 1653955083575.jpg (276.75 KB, 1080x1324, Screenshot_20220530_195623.jpg)

You guys remember this? That's right motherfuckers, it's back for season two.

No. 1544572

File: 1653955133060.jpg (470.7 KB, 1080x3868, Screenshot_20220529_192635.jpg)

No. 1544588

I haven't heard the fakebois on twitter or tumblr bitching about this anymore so I'm assuming that means aidens actually like this webcomic?

No. 1544609

File: 1653958433513.png (474.05 KB, 2200x3242, FTEsXjVUsAI-wwJ.png)

based bird lady.

No. 1544613

>depleting friendship
Oh no the rate is that high already? Aww, too bad

No. 1544618

this is the most female thing i have ever read

No. 1544622

File: 1653960493030.png (146.5 KB, 600x632, 349d66796ce1643700352b34ede9a1…)

It's not about transitioning to male, it's about showing everyone that you did.

No. 1544630

50 years ago, these girls would have joined those "free love" communes that were full of sexual abuse.

No. 1544634

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that everyone stopped because the creator is a FtM and not an "ebil mlm fetishist uwu" so creating a drama about it is like admiting that there's a very notorious diference between TiFs and actual gay men, so Twitter choose to just ignore it from now on.

No. 1544659

>have nothing in common with any man or gay who ever existed
that’s why it’s based, I’ll shit on people who ship irl people any day of the week but BL is based for the very reason you described the characters are very rarely written like men.

No. 1544791

What a retarded comment. Objectifying men is based.

No. 1544868

You could be reading fanfiction instead of having this embarrassing never-ending tantrum. Let it go.

No. 1545082

That reminds me, the Sims 4 recently got a custom pronouns update. A bunch of they/them girls were saying in the forums that you shouldn't make the pronouns funny stuff like "Her Highness" because its disrespectful to people with pronouns or whatever

No. 1545146

File: 1654020631997.png (341.83 KB, 572x560, autism heaven sur Tumblr.png)

check her tumblr and damn
>riddler cover pic

No. 1545150

And a tumblr rednose avatar.

No. 1545171

yeah, the library had it shelved as an adult graphic novel. what's so annoying is that i believe this book was the catalyst for the big book ban that's been happening. and yes, this book should be pulled from middle school shelves, but now books like maus and persepolis are getting added to the list. leave it to a troon who couldnt keep their gross fetish to themselves to ruin it for fucking everyone else

sage for blogpost

No. 1545189

even weirder she’s using a kids cartoon as an icon.

No. 1545205

nta you're the one dragging it out now. also degrading men is funny and based but that doesn't mean you can't kill your braincells by being androphilic as a hobby

No. 1545248

>they know their pathetic losers for being into hentai
Nta but you cannot be 100% serious about this.

No. 1545250

That pronoun would work better if they were british

No. 1545351

She looks like she’s wearing a vest made of human skin.

No. 1545363

Teenage timmy turner with giant pixar mom hips… they have to be on the spectrum.

No. 1545366

Kek I thought the same thing when I read the comic. I wasn't born here but I picked up the accent a bit and drop my h's quite frequently. I guess I'm misgendering all men by using e instead of he.

No. 1545382

Confirmed scrote. Fujos, keep fujoing, it makes boys rage.

No. 1545392

>timmy thick

No. 1545398

File: 1654035331806.webm (16.48 MB, 576x1024, tumblr_r2vl97oDt91z7ukda.webm)

>TIFfy Turner
>tme Turner
>Timmy Trooner
alright, I'm done

No. 1545404

More like, the spectroon.

No. 1545414

Maybe she is just trans british

No. 1545415

he actually trooned out a while ago lmfao

No. 1545458

sounds more like a daycare for kweerio speds than a tattoo studio kek. like disability access, aftercare info and sanitary stuff tho. Hopefully women-owned doesn't include TiMs otherwise that's pretty based.

No. 1545484

I've also seen a mtf Timmy Turner comic.
Literally the reasoning was because he wears pink and that's a girl color. (Until it's not, apparently)

No. 1545514

This is a digression, but what's wrong with shipping child characters so long as it's not sexual? Puppy love is very common in fiction– it's a staple of Ghibli films.

FTR I haven't been into shipping since I was a teenager. I'm just kind of lost on what the issue here is. I saw someone getting called out the other day for drawing two kid characters blushing and standing next to each other, which seems bizarre to me.

No. 1545529

>Akchually, you have to have a very high IQ to appreciate Lord of the Rings.
This is what you sound like. I agree that getting into something for shipping is cringe, but you don't need to "analyze and cross-reference" things to be a "real" fan of it, Reddit-chan.

No. 1545735

File: 1654068099560.jpg (349.31 KB, 1478x742, badass over here.jpg)

What's the name for the brand of FtM who constantly talks about how manly and not like other queers they are but is just an average TiF? Twitter specimen as an example

No. 1545737

Aren't they the bulk of "truscum"?

No. 1545738

>we tatoo black skin
Wot? Why would they need to precise this? Isn't this already a given?

No. 1545739

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think skin gets harder to tattoo the darker you go because the pigment doesn't show up as easily as it would on someone who is lighter. I guess they're just specifying that they know how to tattoo black skin in a way that will last and be visible.

No. 1545749

Isn't it against the law to not provide disability access? And I've never gotten a tattoo, just piercings, but is it not normal to get info?

No. 1545760

A good tattoo artist who gives a rat's ass about their reputation will give plenty information.

No. 1545782

what even is the point of pronouns in the sims. they speak simlish, you cant even understand them

No. 1545795

knew that MtFs are all pedophiles but fakebois are reverse pedos now too?

No. 1545801

File: 1654079524586.png (184.48 KB, 596x722, ah.PNG)

I just can't kek so she was always a lesbian but to avoid invalidating her fakeboi partner(s, poly) she became bi

No. 1545806

File: 1654080504571.jpg (489.79 KB, 1169x1486, LdFWte1.jpg)

Wasn't sure whether to post it in the art salt thread or here. The artist has she/her pronouns.

No. 1545809

One day I’m going to make a chart of the evolution of top surgery scars in fakeboy art, it feels like they draw them bigger every time. My tinfoil for this is that so many butcher surgeons jumped in on the grift giving girls deforming tit scrapes that barely heal that fakeboys nowadays don’t even know what “proper” top surgery scars look like.

No. 1545810

God, I cannot imagine being so weak willed I let my polycule dictate my sexuality. Grow a spine, girl!

No. 1545816

jfc it's insane how they're romanticizing mutilation like this

No. 1545819

File: 1654083508254.jpg (249.28 KB, 921x2048, FSzpDMfXEAAbf_Z.jpg)

Checked on a personal cow of mine and now she's had her tits chopped off she's posting "thirst traps". Imagine being on a literal PED and being this flabby and unfit, pathetic. The inverted cross necklace that looks like it cost <£5 on ebay is the cherry on top. She better not cut herself on all that edge.

No. 1545820

holy shit that’s bleak

No. 1545822

somehow this body doesn't look either female or male.

No. 1545825

Looks like a Silent Hill blob of meat

No. 1545828

Yeah, why do almost none of them lift? They all act like muscles will just automatically appear and whine when they don't.

No. 1545830

Guys with stomachs like this are ashamed and have body issues and will never post themselves shirtless. Why does it feel like Aidens can't exist for 20 minutes without posting themselves shirtless?

No. 1545842

ayrt. I didn't know shit about it being a legal requirement to provide diability access. I knew it was normal to get info but the extra effort was nice despite it being childish. Sanitary stuff and women owned shit still kinda cool but it includes TIMS its gross still kek.

No. 1545864

You’re right. It’s sort of like when hairdressers specify they can correctly attend to and style black hair. I’m not sure if it’s technique related with tattoos, but one needs a knowledge of what inks work better with different skin tones and things like that.

No. 1545868

File: 1654090749711.png (202.29 KB, 500x586, AE09BC24-DB35-43C3-8447-3CD4BE…)

I don’t want to start infighting about fujoshit again, but sometimes I do feel like this kind of shit stems from it. It always makes me think of the girls at anime cons who would cosplay Ciel and Alois and get sexual with it. I’m not a BL hater but there are plenty of series like that with more shota-style characters and a lot of FTMs seemed to have been into or are currently into those kinds of media, because they don’t often seem to go for the look a real teenage boy would have, more a curated “pretty boy” look as that meme suggests. Reminds me too of that omocat shirt I saw so many fakebois own.

No. 1545873

File: 1654091036455.png (Spoiler Image,1.84 MB, 1280x1902, E2D71C2B-2094-486E-BC82-9964A1…)

Makes me sad, I find that art pretty. It reminds me of the artist iliothermia who makes gorgeous art but there’s never one that doesn’t include the top surgery “scars”. Spoilering because the genitals are visible on this one too, and a lot of self-harm scars. I would be so into this if it weren’t so overtly fetishizing TiF mutilation.

No. 1545898

I honestly blame this line of omocat shirts with trooning out a bunch of tumblr girls circa 2013-2016

No. 1545909

ayrt, I feel like owning one of those was like a right of passage for some of them. I knew one girl who was obsessed with being an uwu smol boy and was aggressively trying to find it when it was sold out. She got on T a few months later while still dressing in pastel/kawaii clothes of course

No. 1545925

Ugh no, its pride month. I'm bi myself and have come to dread it now.

No. 1546043

File: 1654104966959.png (1.06 MB, 876x883, Screenshot (161).png)

New tboyswaglord schizo rant dropped, this part is my favorite

No. 1546072

File: 1654107053297.jpeg (838.72 KB, 3678x2048, 7B91300F-C673-4D25-A418-C96690…)


No. 1546074

I used to go to big yaoi meetups before tumblr even existed where most girls were planning to troon themselves to look like yaoi boys. I was the youngest so I'll never see fujoshit the same. A lot of the people in them are "gay men" nowadays. Interesting development is that first it was about passing as a dude but nowadays it's more about passing as a female but with a cut off chest and privates. Sorry for blogpost but I just couldn't help but be reminded of that.

No. 1546081

File: 1654108085947.jpeg (2.63 MB, 6930x2160, 0E819785-640E-4524-A74B-080892…)

Does not compute. My brain sees photoshopped masc woman. Silicone abs are killing me kek.

No. 1546092

feel like pure shit. just want her back.

No. 1546103

She looks like a weeaboo cosplayer with a silicone chest at her first convention. Probably because her "abs" are silicone too. She has big junkie energy in those pics as well, I'm an ex-junkie and I can sniff out my own. She's high in that shoot, I'm almost certain.

No. 1546129

Yep that's exactly what it looks like, those fake silicon chests some female cosplayers use. Though at least those aren't permanently attached to your body.

What percentage of junkies are ana-chans? Not just wannarexics like Tuna. I'll be shocked if she doesn't have and eating disorder, and hasn't had it for most of her life.

If she's added opiates to the mix, I wonder if it started with the meds she got to recover from tiddie chop+fake ab surgery

No. 1546130

what kind of woman even wants to fuck this? honest question

No. 1546131

somehow I feel sorry for her, she looks so unbelievable depressed and I won't be surprised if she would kill herself in the next 5 years. Still, with all the money she earned, she could have found a good therapist and worked through her issues, while being away from the public. Most people don't get that luxury of time and money to heal themselves, she just could have taken some time off and find the reasons why she hates herself so much.

No. 1546146

I can't remember the exact percentages off the top of my head but I do some work with NA and a huge amount of ex cocaine users are anorexic and specifically sought the drug out to lose weight. Cocaine is famously all over the place in Hollywood so there's a very high chance Ellen's used it at some point in her life. My personal guess is opiates though, that was the monkey on my back and I know that soulless look anywhere. If you're suffering from depression it's extremely easy to get hooked when you're prescribed them for something else, and she absolutely has to have had them due to the tit chop, the abs and arguably jaw implants? I know that's a contested one but I swear her jaw looks wider. I think that could have been her starting point but it's not like I've pieced together a timeline; she could've found them earlier and self-medicated for depression/dysphoria before even going under the knife.

No. 1546201


No. 1546204

No. And I say that as a butch lesbian who is very much into other butches and GNC women. There's nothing attractive about mental illness and surgical mutilation. Also I'd piss myself laughing at her fake abs kek.

No. 1546207

that's her skin? D:(D:)

No. 1546208

Lesbians liking something that attempts to be a moid? Nah

No. 1546221

This will never not make me sad. Her eyes are empty and her face still looks like a woman or at least a very young boy.
I imagine how bad it feels to be her because I was also severely depressed when I was trans after the coming out novelty wore off. I guess it's worse for her because everyone is watching and the moment she stops supporting this crap she will be attacked like jkr, except ellen doesn't look stable at all to handle any repercussion.
I'm done feeling sorry for most troons but I do feel bad for ellen. Her future doesn't look good and I doubt she will ever detrans.

No. 1546246

I still would. If that makes me bi, that's just TRA logic.

No. 1546248

lol, no chance. I'm butch and I like all sorts of women (butch, androgynous, femme) but I wouldn't go near this one. Everything turns me off. The abs/jaw implants look freakish, plus she's obviously mentally ill and super insecure.

No. 1546250

Absolutely not

No. 1546255

This hurts my heart.

No. 1546266

But why? It's really not the same as TRA logic. If a woman cuts their boobs off for a reason that is not breast cancer related I wouldn't be attracted to her anymore, even more so if the reason is wanting to look like a moid (even if she didn't succeed). I acknowledge she's a female but I don't want to bang every female to begin with and I think cutting her healthy breasts is a really good reason to be unattracted to her.

No. 1546287

>Her eyes are empty
you may not like it, but that's what peak euphoria looks like

No. 1546291

it just makes you a lesbian with very questionable taste. i don't mind women with scars or a deep voice but its different when it comes to transmen the way they try to act is so ugly. i personally rather be with them after i probably have a detrans fetish lol

No. 1546296

It's fine if you personally wouldn't, but if your reasoning is that no lesbian would, then you're acting as if she can actually turn herself into a man.

No. 1546348

File: 1654122873282.jpg (46.11 KB, 306x743, 55881517-10658445-image-m-66_1…)

It doesn't matter how sweaty and muscular and expertly posed she is in every men's magazine because we've all seen her award show appearances. She is 5'1" and hilariously dainty in any other context!

No. 1546393

I believe in my delusional gay heart that I could fix her

No. 1546399

File: 1654125618281.jpeg (36.91 KB, 182x275, 579A920C-8332-484D-9000-7B2866…)

No. 1546410

File: 1654126652379.jpg (81.64 KB, 500x750, ellen-page-hair-2-500x750.jpg)

She was so pretty. I want to scream

No. 1546413

WHY didn't they make her pec implants at least line up with her tit chop scars. It makes the scars look drawn on. She's in a magazine looking like this ON PURPOSE

No. 1546430

This photo really shows how there's no way a woman this short could be a healthy weight for a middle aged woman and still be anywhere near thin enough for Hollywood. It's too bad nobody ever cracks and dishes out the truth.

No. 1546446

When has she ever looked like this?

No. 1546449

File: 1654129590092.jpeg (968.06 KB, 1170x1034, E529E8DE-8B70-438B-833C-4439AD…)

When it comes to TIF musicians, there is no greater tragedy than Mal Blum. Her 2010 debut album I hold a really special place in my heart and her whole aesthetic was like, peak Lez-Twee and just really precious. Like every young butch approach their 30s, she started on T and chopped her breasts off. The real milk is in the re-recordings of her early music, the way that T ruined this amazing talent, nonnies it’s painful.

No. 1546453

Maybe fags are but you've obviously never seen a straight man on a mild summers day

No. 1546463

I can't with the "at least men have shame!" comments that occasionally pop up itt. They absolutely do not have any shame at all, be it about their bodies or their porn habits.

No. 1546464

kek she looks like someone hit that butch tiktok sheep shearer with the ugly stick

No. 1546528

Oh wow, I remember her from when she was a they/them… didn't know she went full TIF mode. sad. I bet T has nuked her singing voice

No. 1546533

File: 1654135360527.jpeg (549.13 KB, 2048x2048, ACE9514F-C636-48B5-97D4-5A1D55…)

Reminds me of the tomboy from west side story.

No. 1546534

File: 1654135620004.jpeg (792.87 KB, 1284x838, DFA0A815-A143-41F5-9C33-969E02…)

The tomboy they trooned out in the remake? kek yeah I guess so

No. 1546537

File: 1654136023812.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1170x1478, BD16FAF3-F881-416A-96B3-698820…)

idk if this belongs here but are they already they/theming jojo siwa for dressing butch

No. 1546541

God, please do not let the themby/tranny aiden virus infect Ms. Siwa. Please just let her be a normal lesbian. Amen!

No. 1546542

She looks like an 8 year old child

No. 1546546

File: 1654136696780.jpg (70.75 KB, 800x800, bca1d41922544e6406639f9f1f6f58…)

Saged for probably being unrelated but this made me remember of picrel

No. 1546549

Looking so sick and frail

No. 1546572

this girl scares me i need her to get out of the public light

No. 1546586

File: 1654139694655.jpeg (77.01 KB, 810x296, E6DF7CC3-4C61-4334-A0B8-91A08E…)

the average liberal woman sliding into my dms as an open lesbian

No. 1546615


when u transition into a teen boy :(

No. 1546617

No. 1546675

god we're only one day into this month and i'm already sick of it, have had several tifs ask me if i'm going to make art for pride month. i'm ignoring it for now
anyone who uses that many emojis is a red flag

No. 1546682




Only two pronouns? Or is Fattie the third? Many questions, but I’d rather die than interact with this specimen to get answers

No. 1546685

what the hell is kid@ mean? is there another new term for pedo besides map

No. 1546705

Aiden from work transitioned and got the tit chop + phallo within 8 months of deciding they were a man. Now they are complaining on Instagram that no woman wants to fuck them lmfao

No. 1546713

Not sure why shes surprised women don't wanna fuck a sewn on sasuage tube.

No. 1546720

There's a reason most end up T4T.
Aiden needs to find herself a non-op trans dude.

No. 1546739

Would it be cultural appropriation to want to be a butch cowboy without being an American?
She looks good, seems like she has been working out, pity they're trying to they/them her though.
She hasn't even trooned out yet and you're already complaining. Some of you just hate gnc women and it shows.

No. 1546754

The wokies have just confirmed that to them being a gnc woman means you're not a woman at all. So progressive! I hope to god Jojo won't be pressured to troon out and will shut them up immediately.

No. 1546769

jfc what a tragedy

No. 1546785

she always looks so miserable, oof. this is what homophobia does to a woman
tifs showing off their scars never wanted to be a man, they just want to fit in with the nlog crowd by denouncing their gross icky femaleness.
and her hairstyle is still fugly and makes her look even less manly

No. 1546799

>Fashion Faguette
>they/them's a woman for the radical act of wearing trousers
Why am I not surprised.

No. 1546815

I always thought trannies wanted to blend in to the crowd and not be seen as trans, but as the sex they wanted to be so this scar glorifying doesn't make sense to me. Glorified self harm.

No. 1546820

File: 1654162079822.png (1.34 MB, 992x1465, Untitled293.png)

Its very editable

No. 1546836

there was absolutely nothing stopping her from dressing like this before transitioning (except her lack of courage)

No. 1546840

Why is Page the big feature in Esquire, a mens' lifestyle magazine of all places? It's just going to confuse the readership - the cute actress they wanked off to as teenagers is now some horrorshow demi-male and has nothing to impart that any of the male readers will be able to relate to or understand. At least trans women in Vogue or whatever can talk about fuckin mascaras.

No. 1546842

Oh boy she has those really ageing lines around her mouth that chronic anorexic get.
I'm wondering if trans saga Ellen Page isn't just a cover for a not-very stealth ED.

No. 1546845

I kek'd.

That theory has been floated before. Makes sense as TIFs and detrans women have admitted that getting a mastectomy was a goal more because of their ED than dysphoria. Ellen has now insulated herself from anyone publicly commenting on how sickly she looks as they'll immediately be labelled transphobes even though it's nothing to do with being trans or not. She's locked in that echo chamber 'til death now.

No. 1546851

File: 1654166894748.jpg (Spoiler Image,135.23 KB, 1000x1500, ezgif-3-46642f54ba.jpg)

on the last one she looks like the male aliexpress sex doll that I've seen. It's the silicone torso, I think.

No. 1546857

Because all legacy media is a monoculture nowadays

No. 1546859

Holy shit lmao, even the dainty little hands remind me of Ellen. Dye the hair black and she's got herself a merch line.

No. 1546862

Hollywood pressure probably got to her. You're either expected to be rail thin or have curves. Never mind how you're discarded as a woman when you reach a certain age. Despite being gender conforming, she always looked unconventional and had a very different bodytype from most women in Hollywood. She constantly got shit for it too in tabloids and on gossip sites.

No. 1546865

Nearly all ed accounts on tumblr now are thembies and he/hims so eds and trannystuff do interlap a lot.

No. 1546867

I don't think women that look like small boys are attractive because I am not attracted to small boys. There are plenty of hot GNC women, Jojo isn't one of them.

No. 1546873

The tif at my job got a double mastectomy 6 months into transitioning. I will never forget she was asking me why lesbian bars are all gone and it took every ounce of my being not to put a mirror to her face (even though I know there are multiple factors troons aren't helping). It is hilarious watching the older patrons not give into her bullshit and actively call her "miss" while staring directly at her fucking pronoun pin kek

No. 1546883

She's 19? She looks young and like a teenager because she is? Women are allowed to be gnc even if it's not attractive to you? I'm glad she can be gnc after years of having to larp as a hyperfeminine 8 year old. You don't have to be attracted to someone to be happy for them or approve. Not everything is for your pleasure. Just wtf, I wasn't even trying to view her that way.

No. 1546949

this is the EXACT convo we had to have at a place i used to work with this tif who wore a binder and refused to ever wash it and smelled rank all the time
customers would literally comment to her face how bad she smelled and she had no reaction

No. 1546950

kek based older patrons

No. 1546995

File: 1654180721013.jpeg (83.39 KB, 265x200, EDF1978E-B7AA-446A-B4FD-5159E7…)

I sure love how YT is showing me body mutilation when trying to rec “pride content”

No. 1547006

so fucking disturbing, I'm so done with this disgusting shit being advertised together with lgb stuff

No. 1547030

Nah, fuck off with that shit. You said "just say you hate gnc women".
I don't hate gnc women, I've only dated gnc women. This one looks like a child.

No. 1547049


No. 1547075

It's always femme lesbians who troon somehow

No. 1547082

Doesn't she wear suits before trooning? Or she's just forced into it because she just has that moidish frame that becomes apparent after trooning

No. 1547083

File: 1654184423520.jpeg (503.35 KB, 750x762, AA81D581-6356-468D-81EA-BFA0CF…)

It’s literally a YouTube banner that pops up every time

No. 1547085

wtf is reverse pedo? pedobait? young lechers who seek adults?

No. 1547086

Will fuck her even tho she's 2d

No. 1547089

No. 1547110

Just another /tttt/ard who's bored and trying to rile people up.

No. 1547111

She is so delusional if she thinks anyone believes the Adonis belt is real. She eould look so much better if she was just flat and just didn't have abs

No. 1547114

I'm still laughing that she hasn't bothered to improve her arms and shoulders yet. C'mon, Ellen, put some effort into this LARP. Your plastic surgeon can't fix everything and you should at least try and make it look like you got those abs the hard way.

No. 1547121

why is there a hijabi? islam condemns homosexuality.

No. 1547126

cause they don't actually care about gays or women they just want to be inclusive

No. 1547127

She got a hair transplant.

No. 1547134

Anachans like her will never be able to build real muscle

No. 1547145

It’s hilarious. Even for most men this is a difficult body type to achieve but we’re supposed to believe this is legit? She is like a poster child for why this shit is stupid.

No. 1547192

File: 1654193005277.jpg (164.29 KB, 828x1792, 284904848_497989598778908_6203…)

Saw this on my live. Both of them talking about their husbands. The one on the big screen saying how its ok the other one has a husband because she does too even though she rarely shows him on tiktok. And the one in the tiny screen calling her husband hubby or baby daddy and then she shows him and her kid for a brief second as he's turning away.

No. 1547206

Corporate libfems never actually know the people they fetishize. It's exhausting just to watch. I notice that the "Islam is feminist and gay" crew has been lying low since the Taliban retook Afghanistan. They used to be a regular astroturfed feature on PBS and NPR.

No. 1547237

It’s giving heroin chic but with none of the chic and all of the heroin. Ellen take those inflatable abs off your chest and say this was all a joke. Please.

No. 1547419

because muslims in the west have learned to co-opt social justice rhetoric to push islamism

No. 1547449

she's not trooning out, it's just a photoshoot

however the blue checks are swarming around these pictures looking for "eggs"

No. 1547469

so they're looking for someone to groom

No. 1547500


No. 1547504

The He/they necklace. i fucking can’t.

No. 1547506

File: 1654215009223.png (16.19 KB, 681x261, Screenshot 2022-06-02 8.09.41 …)

No. 1547539

I'm not sure I'd equate dumb art like that to fundamentalism, it feels more like white leftists virtue signalling

No. 1547589

File: 1654222030488.jpeg (139.47 KB, 1223x821, EA970140-EBF8-4977-9EDD-1771E1…)

Did any nonnas catch the newest South Park episode where Cartman has top surgery?

No. 1547616

Someone save Mae Whitman before she falls in. Then again playing the parent of a trans kid on Good Girls might have made her more aware of the idiocy of it alreadyy.

No. 1547618

Nah. The first two FTMs I knew were definitely butch. One so much so that she was mistaken for a man on the regular.

No. 1547621

I did always think Jojo was gonna get some bad traction alopecia one day.

No. 1547657

How did she turn into the bully kid from every eighties movie?

No. 1547662

File: 1654230658096.jpeg (232.41 KB, 1170x721, 42CB2346-8D07-447B-9A74-0B8F1E…)

And nobody laughed

No. 1547679

I know this is a poor excuse of a joke but why are all FtMs so openly coombrain on the internet? Do they think being pornsick makes them more manly kek they wouldn't be wrong

No. 1547681

God I really hope they leave her the fuck alone. It must be hard being a young adult and having someone aggressively degendering you for daring to cut your hair on top of all the garden variety homophobia. She doesn't even look like a gendie, just a normal lesbian.

No. 1547685

kid at heart

No. 1547702

Butch lesbians transition because of lifelong being pushed out of womanhood by society and getting constant shit for being masc. Femme lesbians transition because they consider butch to be worse than FtM and won't even try it.
T causes increase in sex drive
She just looks like a baby butch imo and it's nice she can be herself after years of mandated glitter and alopecia side ponytail. It's a pity that people won't allow such changes though and instinctively recoil because they don't know what gnc teenagers look like and either want her to femme it up or transition for their own peace of mind.

No. 1547714

File: 1654238793661.jpeg (113.19 KB, 744x944, A1C23A5E-2B99-4668-A13D-A07D70…)


No. 1547717

Trans men & cross-dressing women look like little boys because the only males with such low-testosterone features are prepubescent children.

No. 1547733

They all want to be teenage boys. Consider the 30-something weaboo lolicon pedo-baiting cosplayer but swap the character for fujobait little boys instead of coomerbait little girls.

No. 1547744

One moment everyone screeches that women and girls can never look like men. The next second everyone flips their shit when a woman or girl is gnc (without even saying they want to transition or anything) and says they look like men or boys. Try to be a little consistent, will you?

No. 1547749

>You say women can't look like men but say they look like teen boys, checkmate!
Nta, but YWNBAM aiden. A woman can at best look LIKE read like dumbass. They look similar as in height and non-ball drop voice and short hair, and even then are still recognisably women compared to teen boys. Keep coping you're a real boy as opposed to those 'transtrenders' (all are as legitimately the other sex as each other, as in not at all).

No. 1547750

You immediately have to jump to me being an Aiden. I can't complain about being mistaken for a guy in another thread without getting dogpiled by anons going "post hand", "women can never look like men", "that never happened". Then here any woman who dares to be gnc is derided for "looking like a little boy". The moment they do say they're a they/them or trans or something, then suddenly you're super sure about them looking uber feminine, like women and nobody can ever mistake them for a man.

No. 1547756

What is this retarded debate about whether women can look like men? Obviously some women can be mistaken for men, and esp in the past when people were not aware of tranny shit some women could pose as men for years and years, for example in order to marry another woman or to practice some profession that was only allowed for men. Ffs there have been dozens of cases like this.

What really matters is that a woman can never BE a man (and vice versa) no matter what she looks like.

No. 1547758

Some anons here are tradthots that think gnc women are mannish and disgusting as if that's not the reason why most gnc women feel pressured to transition. Ignore them, I don't know where they came from but they're in /ot/ too, one of them posted a gay redditors picture as her christian husband larp even. They're bleak.
Women will always look feminine and womanly no matter what and acting like we have to put in a ton of effort otherwise we look like men is just not a good outlook.

No. 1547761

Yeah I'll try to ignore them more.

No. 1547762

I am gnc, so fuck off. You can't cape for trannies then expect not to be accused of being one. We say they look LIKE, not the same as are indistinguishable, such as when you actually pay attention and aren't just passing and not really paying attention to them. Nobody mistakes a women for a man when in passing, not women, only men because they have autism.

No. 1547768

Disgusting. Those groomers better leave Jojo the fuck alone.

No. 1547770

She looks good.

No. 1547771

You sound like a tradfag thinking gnc women look like men when actually paying attention to them rather than just passing them on the street.

No. 1547773

>cape for trannies
I'm caping for trannies when I think it's cruel to say any younger woman who is gnc totally looks like a little boy or disgusting? Especially since the nonnas in this thread should know better and you don't have the excuse of just passing someone in the street and mistaking them. You're looking at a photo of someone you know is a woman/girl. Jojo hasn't even come out as a troon yet or said she's a they/them or whatever and you've already decided to hate her and shit on her. If you were actually gnc, you would know that women can be retards too and mistake women for men in passing (which doesn't give an excuse for saying a woman you know is just gnc, a little boy) . It happens all the fucking time. This behavior is exactly why women think they have to transition in order to be allowed to be gnc. Holy fucking shit. You can't possibly deny that this is an improvement over the shit Disney made her wear. Why can't people just be happy for her?

No. 1547774

File: 1654245867445.jpg (635.32 KB, 3300x2200, 181357.jpg)

She always looked like that?

No. 1547775

My god she was so cute, I hate the shit she’s done to herself

No. 1547778

No one said she looked disgusting, just that she looked like a teen boy at best but not really? This is an imageboard holyshit calm down. It's not hating on her to say she doesn't look like a man. You cape for trannies saying they can be mistaken for men in anything other than passing on the street. Sorry I'm not agreeing with you enough and you want to revoke my gnc card because it conflicts with your belief. This is an imageboard, grow up. I think you're just putting your own feelings into anons posts and not reading what they say without bias, no one insulted her unless you think saying she at best could pass for a teen boy as troons have been trying to say she isn't a woman is soooo mean. Plenty of anons said they just want her to be gnc. Calm down.

No. 1547780

>Saying she doesn't look male and trannies only ever look like teen boys due to lack of male puberty (not even mentioning Siwa), and then still look female due to body structure.
>Makes gnc people troon out.

No. 1547791

Freaking out the moment a woman or girl dresses gnc and saying she looks like a little boy and ugly and disgusting is what causes them to want to transition. People make girls and women feel like they're not allowed to be GNC, because being an unattractive (to them) woman is the biggest sin of them all.
> It's not hating on her to say she doesn't look like a man.
It is hating on her to say she looks like a little boy in a still image, when you know she's a gnc girl/woman and you have no excuse. You know better.
>You cape for trannies saying they can be mistaken for men in anything other than passing on the street.
You literally just said that women can NEVER be mistaken in passing? See
>Nobody mistakes a women for a man when in passing
>no one insulted her unless you think saying she at best could pass for a teen boy as troons have been trying to say she isn't a woman is soooo mean.
She never fucking said she's trans or wants to transition and you're already freaking out and trying to call her a little boy and saying she looks horrible and you can't just be fucking happy for her and let her be. You're no better than the fucking TRA's.

No. 1547793

File: 1654247930896.jpg (700.93 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220603-083039.jpg)

Phew, thought I was one of those terrible normie straight women for a second… imagine that.

No. 1547795

How old are you? Did you even read the posts? about Siwa? No one said she was disgusting or looked like a boy, anons hated on troons who were trying to groom her and anons say that trannies can only ever be mistaken for teen boys. ffs.

No. 1547796

>You literally just said that women can NEVER be mistaken in passing? See
That was a fuck up of my wireless keyboard. I meant no one mistakes a woman for a man when not in passing, only men due to men thinking short hair = man.

No. 1547797

>She never fucking said she's trans or wants to transition and you're already freaking out and trying to call her a little boy and saying she looks horrible and you can't just be fucking happy for her and let her be. You're no better than the fucking TRA's.
Do you think hating on groomers is bad and the same as hating on Siwa?

No. 1547798

>No one said she was disgusting or looked like a boy
You really want to play this game? Okay.
>She looks like an 8 year old child
>why do exactly adult women look like 12 year old boys when trying to troon out
(she isn't even trying to troon out?)
>I don't think women that look like small boys
>How did she turn into the bully kid from every eighties movie?
>Trans men & cross-dressing women look like little boys

No. 1547799

You couldn't link one saying she was disgusting kek. Just that she didn't look like a man.

No. 1547801

All those posts literally say she looks like a boy, how is that so philosophically different from saying she looks like a man? If anything, it's even worse? She isn't even trying to troon out, you're just all freaking the fuck out over nothing. You see nothing wrong with saying a gnc girl/woman looks like a little boy?

No. 1547802

File: 1654248575105.webm (Spoiler Image,886.01 KB, 853x480, 1654247193486.webm)

oh no no no no

No. 1547805

What? A man has an adams apple, is taller, and a deep voice? Also, really can't link to anyone shitting on her or freaking out about her, only groomers huh? Why bother replying to you. You aren't going to be reasonable and this is just shitting up the thread.

No. 1547807

File: 1654248804989.jpeg (42.49 KB, 612x612, e6848a50-2970-4e2a-be18-5181cf…)

Reminds me of having picrel as a kid and poking holes in it when I got bored.

No. 1547810

She isn't trying to be a man nor a boy. She's just trying to be a gnc woman. Yet you all accuse her of looking like a little boy. What is your problem? You think a woman dressing gnc is being groomed? Only a handful of anons actually focused on the groomers, none of the posts I linked did.
^ those are some sane nonnas who are rightly calling out the groomers and blue checkmarks, the posts I linked here >>1547798 obviously just hate gnc women. No, having dated gnc women in the past, doesn't give you a pass to immediately shit on gnc women you don't think are attractive and call them a little boy over it. Especially when they're probably far from your age demographic anyway and it's kinda disgusting to act like a woman is only allowed to be gnc if you think she's fuckable

No. 1547815

Yeah, it’s really a shame, that’s why girls troon out. Being made to think they’ve failed as women for ‘feeling unique’ or looking different. She doesn’t look like a little boy, she looks like a short haired woman.

No. 1547820

File: 1654251773764.jpg (38.89 KB, 563x556, 9fb60c4dd5ed0e9597af47f6837988…)

Thank you, you get what I was trying to get at.

No. 1547821

Imagine willingly doing this to yourself. I don't understand how anyone would rather take this than just go to therapy and deal with the fact that you are a woman.

No. 1547841

File: 1654255793491.jpg (22.58 KB, 604x413, 3fpzp3.jpg)

At first I was horrified but then I saw the side.
41% imminent.

No. 1547854

Just report him. Don’t risk getting banned.

No. 1547867

File: 1654258383024.jpeg (31.89 KB, 640x388, 1651869572417.jpeg)

There are probably more than a few of us here with the experience of growing up GNC and being called gay or a man constantly as a kid. It used to be considered rude bullying. Now as GNC adult women who may or may not be gay, we are being called men/he/they as a "kindness" without any consideration for our "actual identities"
And interestingly enough, people are upset when you correct them by saying you're female, even worse if heterosexual. I've been approached by people asking for pronouns, assuming LGBT affiliation, and becoming cold when I say I'm a married heterosexual woman. Same shit different asshole. Constantly reminded you're abnormal. It was easier to constantly called a "dyke" in school for not fitting in. I can't even imagine what it must be like to be under 25 and dealing with all this. It's repackaged homophobic misogyny. This culture will never be able to accept butch women, no matter the label or role they fill in life. Females are not to deviate from their assumed roles.

No. 1547877

The results of queer theory running amok! But with a side of gratuitous misogyny in "other queer feminists told me it's bad [to be attracted to men]," like it's always other women' fault for making her act the way she did and not she herself who wanted so bad to be ~special~ and not an ~oppressive hetero~ because she has no personality outside of wanting to fit in and her politics of choice are dumb shit

No. 1547888

Can those sausage surgeries be reversed? Would the women have to get a neovagina or would they just be nullos?

No. 1547904


No. 1547916

>There are probably more than a few of us here with the experience of growing up GNC and being called gay or a man constantly as a kid. It used to be considered rude bullying. Now as GNC adult women who may or may not be gay, we are being called men/he/they as a "kindness" without any consideration for our "actual identities" And interestingly enough, people are upset when you correct them by saying you're female, even worse if heterosexual.
I relate to this so hard. I'm a butch lesbian and one of my closest friends is a masc straight woman. One time, when discussing being GNC and being labelled gay before you even know which way you swing with lesbian friends they looked at me like I was crazy when I said masc straight women understand it better than femme lesbians, but they do. Sure, most femmes can sympathise, seeing partners and friends get constant shit for being masc but it's not the same as actually living it; just like how I can't relate when femmes and gender conforming straight women discuss being treated like pieces of meat by moids. I honestly feel like an alien around any feminine women, even lesbians because this world we live in judges your looks first. Even when they pretend to do it in the "progressive" way so as not offend you by inferring that you're f*male.

No. 1547954

This vid is old news but the fact that ribs fractures are so common in tif is crazy. I kind of want to make some modern shapewear equivalent of 1770~ish corset to have the tif and nb kids wear instead of crushing their bones.
Seeing the tiktok kids raving about binder give me flashbacks of me as a teen having horrendous ribcage pain at night after wearing a binder for cosplay.

No. 1547955

>I honestly feel like an alien around any feminine women, even lesbians because this world we live in judges your looks first.
>I relate to this so hard. I'm a butch lesbian and one of my closest friends is a masc straight woman.
Same, my closest friend is a masc febfem and masc straight women get it better too than many femmes. When I complain about conservatives or TRAs treating me like shit, many femmes and gender conforming straight women tell me to just stop being butch and they say I'm just oppressing myself. My masc straight neighbor never suggested such a thing.

No. 1548033

>people are upset when you correct them by saying you're female, even worse if heterosexual.
I've had many occasions in which upon finding out I'm an "evil cishet" they immediately start questioning it in a manner that seems to be pressuring one to change their answer, ie "oh but are you SURE?" No doubt that that will pounce on you and start the egg hatching if you express even the slightest doubt of yourself. It's very very easy to see why so many young and socially awkward girls get sucked into this.
I've decided to have some fun with this, and remain polite while using a bit of their logic against them: "It doesn't matter how someone identifies as long as they're comfortable and happy, right?" We've heard things like that from the tif softbois who are female in everything but pronouns, or the catgender people. Pretty much every time I've responded with that they have to acknowledge the statement is correct (otherwise they contradict their own bullshit) but then start acting bitchy and passive aggressive to me for not falling in line with the agenda. Once one of them went mask off and admitted "yeah but not if ur cis" and I'm sure that response helped a couple of the young adults she was pressuring into becoming nonbinaries realize what's actually going on, because they thanked me afterward.

No. 1548135

Ah so it's not ok to be fine and happy identifying as cis? I hate to even say that, to identify as cis.. More like, it's not ok to them that someone is happy being who they are, their authentic self, the body they were born with. It's NOT OK to feel at ease with yourself when they DO NOT.

No. 1548221

File: 1654284491357.jpg (419.12 KB, 929x1687, 285161786_335864325363105_8274…)

I love when they try to be all like gotcha on men they had sex with because haha now youre gay because i am actually a man!! All they did was have sex with a woman who now has her tits chopped off years later. Its really not the gotcha you want it to be

No. 1548225

What is that on their scars? I hqve no idea why they always insist on going out topless when the scars are still clearly healing, if they catch too much sunlight, they will never fade properly

No. 1548287

I want to a-log so fucking bad.

No. 1548303

File: 1654290589700.png (11.07 MB, 2904x2426, 1.png)

Today's spicy cis

No. 1548326

Body paint or makeup, probably. Because the point of larping as a dude is not to blend in with guys, it's to be constantly reminding everyone of how kweer and trans and oppressed and special you are.

No. 1548338

It's sun screen.
But more so, it's blue and blue is for boys and it draws attention to how much if a boy she is, SEE?!?

No. 1548342

File: 1654293440640.jpeg (2.38 MB, 1779x1500, 1EB4BA74-D634-4B7D-B284-F7958D…)

A friend I grew distant from..decided to check her Facebook recently.

She trooned out completely…

No. 1548348

She makes for a cute soft-butch woman. I hope she hasn't mutilated herself too much but I realise that's a slim hope at kek

No. 1548361

Beauty is suffering, right? It's a big part of being a woman, you've just embraced it in it's new trendy incarnate. What's the difference in suffering stilettos vs a binder? It's all to look a certain way to other people. It's so quintessentially feminine.

No. 1548368

Do you think she did it for the attention?

No. 1548508

File: 1654310260990.jpeg (734.88 KB, 2048x1669, 334EBC57-49A9-45F0-B6E6-32D59C…)

Jesus Christ this is horrifying

No. 1548515

Congratulations you’ve mutilated yourself

No. 1548517

The graphic and gruesome way the breast mutilation was depicted made me think this was gonna be a satire strip exposing troonette surgeries as butchery of the human body but I guess not

No. 1548535

I'm always sus of the ones who fetishize the scars. I thought the point was to take care of the wounds to minimize scaring, not make it worse to show off?

No. 1548549

File: 1654312699095.jpg (46.77 KB, 403x392, efd.jpg)

No. 1548568

>traded one cult for another
>"fuck you mom and dad"
yep checks out

No. 1548573

Septum piercing is such a red flag for the path these girls will go down or already down.

No. 1548576

went from Stacey to Theycy

No. 1548588

File: 1654317591106.jpg (97.41 KB, 1090x622, Untitled.jpg)

anyone watching the matt walsh documentary? this bit is heartbreaking

No. 1548595

Maybe ayrt meant she ships child characters sexually, or expands on the ships in a sexual fantasy sort of way? I never know how these people talk about ships. Are they saying “soooo cute x would look perfect with y” or are they saying “damn I wish I could see x fuck y”

No. 1548602

why on earth would a piercing be a red flag, idiot?
seems like she jumped from one flavor of trend follower to another. these girls always get tons of flak for their attention seeking but are too narcissistic, naive or deluded to care.

No. 1548608

yeah it broke my heart too. it's awful. god bless this person for being so honest.

No. 1548638

File: 1654324631758.jpg (313.17 KB, 1600x1200, 10e42e80cd31ceea432ca5791034ee…)

If you have to ask that you probably look like picrel

No. 1548645

Why are trannies obsessed with trying to claim their past partners are ~gay~ because they slept with a tranny who wasn't even a tranny when it happened?

No. 1548649

File: 1654325821630.jpeg (445.71 KB, 960x1116, 7A00092F-A517-4ABC-B2FD-ED8A0C…)

This is so fucking gross looking

No. 1548692

The panel where she's crying and people are patting her on the shoulders is so cult-like it honestly reminded me of when I started attending meetings for conversion therapy. How apt.
That being said, I doubt she's gay, the fetishizing of the process kinda screams "fujo gayden".

No. 1548704

File: 1654336315613.jpeg (Spoiler Image,606.12 KB, 780x3210, 2B156B66-4FEA-4A97-AB98-6BDB8F…)

Spoiler NSFL I mean it. I’m not sure if this has been posted before but of all the botched mtf of ftm surgeries I’ve seen, this is easily the worst.

No. 1548706

File: 1654336597691.jpeg (64.65 KB, 568x679, B65FBC52-953B-440E-8CD4-183232…)

jfc you weren’t kidding

No. 1548725

>my surgeon's own unique process
that just screams experimental. poor woman.

No. 1548741

It's the third time this crime against humanity has been posted but I'll let you off because I haven't seen the posts before. Watching her cope and seethe is quite amusing.
>"my surgeon's own unique process"
Where did your surgeon study? Institute of Sexology circa 1930?

No. 1548752

Holy shit the boyfriend's weasel words he sounds so afraid to speak against the tentacle and the maniac attached to it

No. 1548753

My favorite part about the comics is always how feminine the art styles are, they're not fooling anyone for even one second lol

How can she be so self aware yet not see it…

No. 1548755

she has a tentacle now, good job. i hope her bf ran bc that shit is vile

No. 1548759

I'm sorry for the retarded question, but how is that even possible? Isn't the urethra supposed to be one small "canal" leading outside? Why are they peeing from the side? Are there holes in the canal AND the flesh? If so, how and why? How do they even do this without dying from an infection?

No. 1548835

What is even the point of this? So it can maybe be used to pee (I mean we already saw that other video how well that works out) but this will never ever serve any pleasure purpose, its just a flap of meat and normal skin. So it cannot serve pleasure, cannot ejaculate, cannot get hard on its own, at best it might be able to sorta pee out of.
Like whats the point??

No. 1548894

has there even been an instance of successful realistic looking phalloplasty ? all the ones ive seen even while being a brainwashed TRA were horrifying

No. 1548916

Nope, it’s the same as rot pockets just nasty mutilation

No. 1548935

where can i pirate this?

No. 1548944

Nope, and it's worth remembering that the vast majority of trans surgeons are plastic surgeons and not urogenital surgeons, so they're not familiar with or concerned about the function of the genitals. If it looks vaguely penis-like, that's considered a good result.

No. 1548945

these are weirdly expressive. what are the scars on the stomach? and what is the surgeon on the right doin with that rock? are rocks during surgery a thing?

No. 1548950

I didn't watch it, what was this part about?

No. 1548956


scott newgent, regretful trans man who speaks out about the dangers of transitioning

No. 1548957

File: 1654359807548.jpg (115.18 KB, 578x693, Untitled.jpg)

No. 1548962

thanks for the link nona

No. 1548976

they really really don't want people to hear about things like this, it's so unsettling. they want to keep potential transers in the dark.

No. 1548978

thanks for the link. gonna watch this this evening

No. 1548981

/r/phallo is all very bleak. Pictures of disgusting flesh tubes all around and these women will comment "you look great!" on every one

No. 1549029

jesus that looks so fucking painful, i can't even imagine. the body horror aspect of looking down every day and seeing your arm like that, too, knowing it was all for cosmetic reasons. hold me, nonnies….

No. 1549109

File: 1654370516700.png (358.25 KB, 971x1263, nlog.png)

I find this extremely sad.
The last commenter is at least showing some sanity. Hopefully she wakes up soon.

No. 1549118

File: 1654371530200.png (395.2 KB, 980x1630, comments.png)

As a bonus, a bunch of them took the thread as yet another opportunity to sperg about BL and being totes gay.

No. 1549135

File: 1654372581136.png (84.6 KB, 913x551, fhjdhf.PNG)

i came here to post this. it's so unsettling.
the irony in saying this under that comic is somehow lost on every one of them lmao

No. 1549137

>"As an asian gay man active in gay asian communities, we really don't care about 'fetishizing'.
>checks profile
>is actually an Asian heterosexual woman
Fujos need to be bullied. How these women can talk so plainly about this shit and still be like "totes a real gay man though!" is mindblowing. I'm a schizophrenic and even my mind couldn't handle those mental gymnastics.

No. 1549166

Much like their male tim counterparts they have a weird obsession with comitting rape by deception. It's a way to control these men sexually by publicly degrading them by calling them gay. Because most trans people are extremely homophobic they think it's a "gotcha".

No. 1549172


No. 1549179

sage for OT. but everyone in this is retarded.
>women r mYsTery!!1!
WHat about being a woman is confusing?? It's extremely straightforward.

No. 1549200

File: 1654377103616.jpeg (277.35 KB, 828x1020, 926784F4-8FAD-4459-956F-F10649…)

a he/him i went to school with kek

No. 1549207

>chaotic enby
>tryhards a genderfuck aesthetic
>has a sweaty unkempt mullet
Lovely lady hands btw.

No. 1549243

Yep it's pretty obvious part of being a fakeboi is NLOGism. Putting other women in a box so they can pretend to live outside one, instead of growing self confidence or a personality.

>my compassion for women improved 1000% when I realised I wasn't one

So she projected her self hatred about being a woman onto other women, and only managed to stop when she convinced herself that akshully she's not a woman. So brave!

No. 1549247

Why do queers like to look as disgusting and garish as possible? Why do they think it looks good? I'm not even into fashion or style myself, but why do they find THIS appealing and attractive over a clean face, combed hair with natural colors (as opposed to a box of crayola), and tasteful patterns that don't clash? I feel like a boomer saying this. Do they think it's cool and punk to look actually mentally ill?

No. 1549261

>Because most trans people are extremely homophobic they think it's a "gotcha".
It never fails to amaze me how gaydens will swing from "being gay and trans is DANGEROUS and I could be MURDERED at literally any moment" to "lol all the men I slept with are filthy faggots now, ha!". Zero brain cells, they're literally running on fumes.

No. 1549281

>don't hurt yourself
>engages in some of the most egregious self-harm a woma, can put herself through in modern life
Awesome, got it. Do they really not see it? Will they ever?

No. 1549297

>I felt so gross and like I was fetishizing them
well… you are, sister.

i think this was discussed in another thread (maybe several threads ago) but i wondered that too. apparently it's a cope, either because T makes them ugly and unappealing or because they experienced sexual harassment/assault and think that they only got targeted for being pretty and not for having a vagina. basically danger hair to emulate danger color in toxic frogs and shit.

No. 1549303

Oh wow, gotta say this actually shocked me just as much as the Squidward nose looking medical malpractice lawsuit waiting to happen just above

No. 1549325

Oh no she looks like a lot of girls I went to art college with

No. 1549434

Truly an example of manmade horrors made beyond our comprehension, nonas. Pitiful.

No. 1549439

Honestly improvement

No. 1549488

Literally randomly watched a video of why Jellybean is so hated last night and this happens? I wish better coincidences happened to me, kek

No. 1549553

Some girls will intentionally make themselves ugly to deter future attackers, so you might be on to something. Ironically, however, this look screams "insecure, traumatized girl" which attracts predators like flies to shit.

No. 1549578

styling yourself like this is a sign of having little to no personality or confidence

No. 1549593

autistic girls literally use their autism as an excuse to troon out and thinking not being comfortable in a dress = man. It's insane and stupid.

No. 1549623

File: 1654400070831.jpeg (321.14 KB, 1536x2048, BD8B6597-9BB3-4AEF-9208-3F8768…)

Dorian Electra comes to mind

No. 1549627

This is the most disgusting ftm surgery that I have ever seen. This might actually be the worst. Imagine being the supportive boyfriend and then seeing this gross shit. If he hasn't already, he should have run for the hills.
Exactly. I see no point for this attachment. It looks like a birth deformity. This is body horror. It makes me want to throw up thinking that she probably wants to stick it up someone's ass.
I think that is a poorly drawn sponge, to soak up blood with. Looks like she is trying to mimic Omocat's art style. Wouldn't surprise me if she was a fujo that followed her.

No. 1549686

Probably the worst thing about these freaks is that they will have you thinking a surgery that results in THIS is some nbd, casual thing (and the doctors fucking agree with them). Young bi/lesbian girls are absolutely fucked. Imagine you come out and this is your first glimpse of your supposedly safe and loving community, and if you're uncomfortable with your growing body or have trauma to do with your breasts, your friends are telling you to just get them removed in a simple cosmetic surgery that all the cool progressives are getting.
Not to be a wimp but I'm getting to the point where this is legit body horror to me, not to mention the tenacle upthread.

No. 1549706

wait is Dorian a tif? never seen a pic until now

No. 1549716

File: 1654408298631.png (Spoiler Image,4.01 MB, 1334x2195, uggo.png)

Reminds me a bit of my personal cow, Raichel Wolfe / Charles Vincent Wolfe / VCR_Wolfe

No. 1549718

wow even in that atrocious drawing she somehow looks better than she does irl

No. 1549725

oh my god I’ve been following this cow for ages. always love seeing her pop up in threads

No. 1549730

>worrying about accessories
>envying unrealistic beauty standards
>wishing hygiene products were easier to choose from (???)

Sounds like your standard female experience

No. 1549731

File: 1654411045861.jpg (15.49 KB, 540x611, tumblr_c70c38fcd2084346d31f952…)

>Unable to comprehend or relate with actual men
>Chooses product that sounds like Little Timmy's first deodorant instead of something an adult would use
>Still wants to be femenine but as a gay boi uwu
Holy Christ, I will never not be amazed by the way TiFs are so tone deaf about actual males. Do they legit believe that fully grown men, even the most femenines of gay twinks, act like Disney star boys?

No. 1549738

File: 1654412478719.gif (73.66 KB, 851x642, 3C0AC4BB-5024-43BF-9858-4AAD72…)

Actually kek’d at this one. It could be satire

No. 1549739

File: 1654412617704.png (Spoiler Image,834.44 KB, 781x561, who wore it better.png)

jfc her teeth.

No. 1549746

Oh, how this DOESN'T read like gender LARPing. They try so hard to convince us, huh.

No. 1549760

Why do people feel the need to tell everyone about their identity and diagnoses so adamantly nowadays? Why not just stick to your minecraft content and leave it at that?

No. 1549767

It's just sad.

No. 1549769

Internet clout

No. 1549771

File: 1654415977656.jpg (224.46 KB, 596x597, Untitled.jpg)

a troon from my country living in the UK who also has a bf who now is a troon too. i was totally not surpised as he seemed to be into crossdressing/sissy shit. they are in an open relationship but haven't managed to date anyone else for years. wonder why

No. 1549774

p-pretty boy? only the slimy part is true kek

No. 1549783

>Dead eyes
Every time.

No. 1549811

Dorian is just an enbie, because she won't admit she's a drag king. Homestly I don't know why Drag Kings and butches are considered so offensive to millenials and zoomers, when her entire Flamboyant album is drag, making fun of men by dressing and acting like several types of them. She hasn't had surgery, that's tape lol. She still has her boobs and everything.

No. 1549813

File: 1654419919984.gif (86.94 KB, 851x642, 2011-06-06-Gender-At-Rest.gif)

>Some of the best days are when I don't even end up thinking about gender.
Gee, I wonder why! If only she thought more deeply about that and realised that gender is a sham and you can dress how you want without it having to be your whole identity.

No. 1549814

Anything a normal girl can do, maybe she feels safer to go hicking as a man

No. 1549845

Notice how she's alone in every panel? When you're alone you don't have to think about how others perceive you and you don't have to stress about your appearance as much.

No. 1549850

Gotta let the plebeian "cis" know how amazingly funny and insightful you are about gender somehow.

No. 1549851

>what is a woman?
>every name mentioned in the blurb is a man
As if i would let Ben fucking Shapiro try and explain to me what a woman is lmfao.

No. 1549864

>we welcome everyone
I'm not gonna lie, for a second I thought this was black rabbit tattoos in richmond, va before clicking, but it's kind insane to know there are more women own tattoo places that are autistic and non welcoming to TERFS. Gross.

No. 1549872

I cant believe we've really come to this. I wish this was satire, but I can never tell anymore.

No. 1549873

They're supposedly so welcoming to everyone, so including TiFs. I'm not even an Aiden, but the sickly sweet infantilizing bullshit is giving me what I think is dysphoria kek. A bravery certificate? Being given a stuffed animal? Gift bags with a fucking lollipop? There's so much pink it's hurting my eyes and I do like a bit of pink myself. If you need to be treated like a little kid in order to be tattooed or receive a piercing, you're not ready to get a tattoo or piercing.

No. 1549874

I guess i'm a troon?? Wtf. I go to sporting events with my female coworkers and dont envy women's bodies on magazines or use hair accessories since my hair is short. Wow, the mental gymnastics these idiots are going through to prove what exactly?

No. 1549878

Honestly, this whole place looks like a joke. Stuffed animals and stim toys at a tattoo place? Seems unsanitary. I've worked in tattoo shops for over 10 years now and if I walked into one and saw this level of childish unprofessionalism, I'd walk out. It makes me shudder because they're so big on being 'welcoming' and women owned, but this is laughable… There are plenty of women owned shops that arent like this at least.
And why do they always advertise their autism?

No. 1549879

The owners have cow-like tendencies (to no ones surprise) and I hear quite a bit of gossip but I'm a lil worried about posting in the personal cows thread because I don't want to reveal too much that'll maybe tip them off as to who I could be. I used to be a UK based tattooist and very few artists, especially women, speak out against this insanity because troons love tacky tattoos so they're like cash machines. The owners google themselves frequently apparently due to how that vid went semi-viral for all the wrong reasons kek.

No. 1549882

I wonder if they were called out anywhere else for being unprofessional and childish? Like other anon said, if you need toys and certificates, you are not ready for a tattoo. The amount of coddling we are doing to zoomers are not preparing them at all for the real world. Makes me worried for them when they get older.

No. 1549883

How do they afford to keep running? Can they really get enough money off uwu autism and genderspecials to keep up this dumbass tattoo shop?

No. 1549911

TERF = anyone who is a normal woman

No. 1549960

Looks like a horror story from start to finish. I'm sorry she grew up religious as it probably exacerbated her self hatred at being a woman. I feel sad for women who follow abrahamic religions

No. 1549962

Why are there 3 sets of scars?

No. 1549973

All drag "artists" ALWAYS do the same routine. Walk walk walk walk, squat squat squat squat. Lame and ugly.

No. 1549990

The awkward silence after the initial praise and the weak “wooo” as she jumps around is too funny

No. 1550024

This happened to me. When I was buying sports bras for a heavy labor job, I was complaining to my ex (who began drinking the troon koolaid too much and eventually transed later as well) about how I was uncomfortable with my breasts and hated how sexualized they are by society, and the first thing my ex suggests is “maybe you have dysphoria and are trans and should start looking into that”. WTH? I was already sort of a ‘terf’ at this point so I kept trying to explain to my ex that no, I’m not a troon, I just hate the sexualization and objectification of breasts, and how I did not want any attention to be drawn to them, for fear I would be sexually harassed or looked at in a gross way. It just went one ear and out of the other, and it really hurt that someone close to me, my ex, really kept repeating I should think about if I’m trans and to get surgery to remove them. I can’t imagine how the poor girls and women feel who may not understand yet the effects of misogyny from society, being told by peers that because they have discomfort around their body, they might actually be “boys” and to just cut off their breasts.

No. 1550041

nta but wow this is so relatable. I've known so many people like your ex. They think "I don't like people porn-gazing my breasts" means you want to chop them off, when it actually means you want to chop the people out of your life and never be perceived by such disgusting creatures

No. 1550118

To be fair, there are some differences but wokeness and sjwism is around for a decade already

No. 1550122

"guys" is a unisex term like "okay guys" kek. also alphagens are tonedeaf as fuck.

No. 1550147

File: 1654453337173.jpg (1.18 MB, 1338x2220, 22-06-05-19-20-47-959_deco.jpg)

I'm so tired

No. 1550165

File: 1654454241572.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.2 MB, 1339x1952, 4F568B8B-1F3C-42EF-A8D9-4D420C…)

Internalized misogyny driving girls to self harm. Nothing new or progressive.

No. 1550169

Tattoo parlors should look more like a hospital and less like a daycare

No. 1550210

this is horrendous. she was beautiful

No. 1550231

this could've looked so so gorgeous

No. 1550233

when did she do that??

No. 1550242

File: 1654459660851.jpg (Spoiler Image,519.56 KB, 2048x2048, FUT5dqqVUAUPeSP.jpg)

Imagine hurting yourself like this for a limb meat flap that you cant use for shit

No. 1550247

She didn't, op just thinks because Louise is written as a tomboy and has non 'feminine' interests that makes her nb

No. 1550254

Not to mention everyone will either instantly know that you're trans and that you had the surgery, or they'll ask what happened and you have to tell them about your meat roll or awkwardly explain it away/lie. Your arm is also permanently damaged so you won't necessarily be able to workout, play games, work, do house chores or perform hobbies as well/at all again.

A person wanting this surgery is in itself proof that they're not mentally well enough to have this surgery.

No. 1550265

guys wth…i don't know anything about skin graft surgeries, but why are some of these arms (especially far bottom left) look so horrific? I guess there are a lot of layers to the skin, but it's like they cut out fat or something, so many of these are bulging arms and then a harsh strip close to the bone. My wrist is almost as thin as some of these after-photos and I'm not underweight, what does a surgeon do in that case?

I think TiFs put less emphasis on "passing" than TiMs do. I see a lot of cope art by TiFs that these giant scars are somehow a thing to be proud of, like a "trophy" for making it so far into the trans journey (insanity). I suppose because they know deep down, people will always know they are female.

No. 1550277

Listening to a podcast about her transition, she was already an established sex worker when she decided to transition. She funded the surgery through donations. She talks about how it was traumatic to go through puberty and get breasts. They were really huge before, she felt really sexualized and they were uncomfortable. She had chronic backpain, still does. She also has inflamed ribs caused by them. She was depressed throughout her 20's. She likes her hips, she doesn't really get dysphoria. In a previous interview at the beginning of her career she said she felt like performing femininity was like drag to her and she didn't like it. She talked about microdosing T, but idk if she's still on hormones. Her voice sounds normal. Honestly it sounds like this was never about trans shit for her, but just that she had uncomfortably large breasts and it gave her medical problems. Wouldn't surprise me if it's easier to ebeg for donations to get a double mastectomy, than to get a reduction.

No. 1550280

File: 1654461101947.jpeg (716.85 KB, 2048x1669, FUXt33IUYAEEd8M.jpeg)

Repost from kiwi farms kek

No. 1550282

that was already posted here >>1548508

No. 1550285

is there really no better spot to take fat from? why such an obvious to see spot and one that fucks up a super important bodily function (using your arms)
complete insanity

No. 1550298

imagine getting this paid by health insurance. And then imagine getting sent to a psychiatric ward for "normal" self harm. Honestly, I sometimes feel betrayed, why did no one tell me that my self harm is okay and real and why didn't my health insurance pay for my blades and band aids? I'm fully aware of the hurt I inflicted on my body, but what they are doing is so much worse, no part of my sick brain could have thought about doing this to myself.

No. 1550300

I don't know if it's the fact that I don't care about moids' wellbeing at all but this made me feel queasier than any rotpocket I've ever seen.

No. 1550304

Troons need to leave GNC people alone. She's not even that gender non conforming. She's just outspoken, clever and rebellious. Or can't women and girls be those things?

No. 1550316

File: 1654463279095.jpg (223.53 KB, 660x925, tin-foil-hat12.jpg)

well, i genuinely believe that corrupt medical/drug companies are taking advantage of the tranny craze and thats why theyre approving so many dangerous surgeries, and so, of course they have to take the skin from an area that will cause more problems in time so they can get even more money. these people are literal guinea pigs generating profit.

No. 1550327

You're absolutely correct, tinfoil-chan. Big Pharma does not work to help people, it works to make money, and healthy people don't make them money!

No. 1550331

it's a popular piercing now, don't get your panties in a twist jumping at shadows now

No. 1550334

Because she's a turbo autist boomer that still thinks 2010 facebook memes are top quality

No. 1550351

>she felt really sexualized
>she was already an established sex worker
Ah, such an insolvable quandary! Clearly there was no other solution than cutting her breasts off to solve it!
For real tho, its not the first TIF I see complaining about being uncomfortable being sexualized by moids, a real issue, but then do sex work or post constant porn of themself on SM, which seems like a 100% self-created issue.

No. 1550357

File: 1654465791371.jpg (342.19 KB, 1080x1804, Screenshot_20220605-144811_Chr…)

Decided to check up on my favorite fat, soft, feminine fujo cow twannyboy and this shit was everywhere
The comments are full of self hating girls praising the scars
I really hate the internet now this shit is so bleak

No. 1550359

Omg the phallo scar too…bleak

No. 1550368

sure I'll agree with the fact that big pharma is now content to take their money, but this tranny craze has been going on independently from their involvement I think
I simply don't believe they have orchestrated this whole thing from the ground up, it's just easy to co-opt now
especially the therapists can just hop on the bandwagon by saying they are now gender specialists, without any extra effort required on their part

No. 1550371

File: 1654467016478.png (Spoiler Image,315.22 KB, 643x636, pp.PNG)

They can (and sometimes do) take a thigh or even lower back skin graft, but the arm skin is more sensitive, so there's more hope for some sensation in the frankenpeen.

And yeah bc of the mainstream visibility of trans stuff, nearly everyone is going to look at your freakish scarred arm and instantly clock you as trans. I saw someone in a local shop the other day who at first glance looked like a normal mid-40s moid (albeit with bizarre green curly hair that no sane adult man would ever wear), but then I noticed the tattooed-over arm scar. There's no hiding it.

And all the expense and pain and medical complications only get you a deformed non-functional skin sausage which has little sensation (if any) and can never possibly pass for the real thing. I'll never understand why they don't just get something like picrel, which is vastly cheaper, more realistic, and doesn't involve mangling their genitals.

No. 1550376

Many already felt sexualized before they started doing sex work. For her it started already in puberty. I think being sexualized from a young age can make some women feel like they're not good for anything other than sex. Which leads some of them to get their self esteem from it and end up in something like sex work. It's counterintuitive, but I can see how it could happen. She should've had easy access to a reduction. A double mastectomy is probably too drastic, but how she described the pain and discomfort she went through, you cannot possibly expect her to be okay with living with that size forever. The problem is that reductions are usually a lot more difficult to get and to prove they're medically necessary. Meanwhile it's easier to ebeg for a double mastectomy and just tell a therapist you're trans. I think she wouldn't have gone down this route if reductions were more available.

No. 1550413

>the arm skin is more sensitive, so there's more hope for some sensation in the frankenpeen.
So they do this insane arm butchering with real risks for the TIF arm's strength and mobility, without saying anything about the disgusting esthetic results, only in the fleeting hope that the oversized flappy flesh balloon that can't penetrate anything and that no one want anything to with sexually anyway might maybe have more sensation!? I thought that they didn't do the back or thigh methods more often because they had some real draw backs and the arm method was medically superior, but this is really short-sighted and irresponsible on the surgeon's part, trading an arm for the potential for more coom.
But then the whole transgender trend is short-sighted in the extreme.

No. 1550431

this is the 3rd time this comic has been posted in this thread. just scroll up nonas.

No. 1550461

what's the milk? spoonfeed us

No. 1550474

>"nearly everyone is going to look at your freakish scarred arm and instantly clock you as trans."

I know some poor dude who had to have a skin graft om his forearm and it looks just like a tranny scar, I feel so bad for him now that this is starting to get mainstream

No. 1550489

I recognize that "I'm a TRASH GOBLIN!" tumblr mentality combined with "Jared Leto BAD". The social contagion is everywhere in this comic

No. 1550504

Good for you for not falling for that kool-aid. Men are retarded and incapable of their own thoughts. A woman complaining about their breasts being painful and sexualized means troon? Ok, how about we change society so women dont have to feel uncomfortable in their own bodies, not force women to change. It reminds me of the 'no, the children are the wrong ones here.' from the simpsons meme.

This is so sad. Men troon out because they're porn sick scrotes. Women always do it to try to escape sexism. There's such a massive issue with women who need mental help to deal with this.

No. 1550515

i hate that artists and musicians are promoting this bullshit to impressionable teens. very telling how dorian doesn't do anything that could cause any permanent changes.

No. 1550522

File: 1654476327933.jpeg (86.1 KB, 768x1024, B1535B66-0410-4166-8518-969CDC…)

Why are they always obsessed with children’s media?

No. 1550523

oh, on the former friend I now laugh at? not sure it would be all that interesting, they're stereotypical self loathing fat nerd who fell in with the wrong crowd and went from being fine with themselves to low dose T weirdo in less than a year. Just found that art they shared to be gross in all the wrong ways, and it seems to have completely taken over their personality now

No. 1550551

File: 1654479497832.jpg (242.35 KB, 1080x1031, Screenshot_2022-06-06-02-35-37…)

On jammidodgers recent vid about bottom surgery. The cope.

No. 1550566

Late boomerposting, but this has been true for decades. In the 90s, butch/masc lesbians were ostracized from lesbian groups, and told they were "doing it on purpose" as some sort of tryhard behavior to "prove they're as good as men", which made them "actually sexist". The only acceptable lesbian was a very neutral one (aka, the Soccer Mom: normal feminine but with a short haircut).

It's not the entire cause of Tranny Event Horizon, but it seems pretty common that lesbians/queers refuse to recognize this anti-masc shit or take any responsibility for it. "Other people may have done that, but not me~~"

I feel bemused every time I see these online comments praising "soft butch uwu" etc, because damn, I almost never saw ANYONE who thought butches were attractive.

No. 1550598

That sonic in the background should be the most concise answer.

No. 1550664

they'll regret the physical complications and cancer, give it some years

man this sucks the art could be fine if not for the trannery. seeing a good artist waste their skills is sad

No. 1550683

File: 1654493236033.jpeg (112.63 KB, 827x597, CC4DF8B6-2016-41EC-BC03-99B6DA…)

Lips looking like they’re blowing spit bubbles wtf

No. 1550686

File: 1654493596812.jpeg (436 KB, 732x750, D26B295E-E34B-4467-8B11-20B588…)

I think this enby from the What Is A Woman documentary is the most pathetic handmaiden in the world.


No. 1550713

>multiple sonic plushies
starts with au, ends in tism

No. 1550722

I guess in that case they take it from your thigh or stomach. Ever seen a skinny ftm though? They always seem to be fatties trying to cope with their eds.

No. 1550732

File: 1654500155614.png (425.9 KB, 948x518, whatisawoman.png)

I hate the "I'm not a woman so I can't answer that question" argument that she and a bunch of other people in this documentary use.
The most insufferable person (even though they were all very rage-inducing) to me was probably the gender studies teacher, I kek'd when he amost started crying because he felt violated and threatened by a simple question.
The worst part of this documentary for me was all these people pretending that reality is somehow subjective, that we can all have "our own truth" yet these are the same people who will scream "disinformation" as soon as you question anything that doesn't align with their worldview. I have no hope left for the western world

No. 1550796

I wish Dorian would just call herself a drag king instead of nonbinary bullshit. It's not that her existing like that is a problem, it's amazing that she's making fun of careermen, pimps/sugardaddies, neckbeards etc. but saying that it means she basically has a nonbinary soul is weird.

No. 1550805

And who is it popular with?
Thats right! onlyfans whores and they/thems.

No. 1550819

this guy steals the whole movie. he's like the wizard of oz caught behind the curtain of current academia.

No. 1550842

File: 1654513989951.jpg (405.39 KB, 985x1798, Screenshot_20220606_140946_com…)

99.9% of the population wakes up and do not immediately 'feel' like their gender. I feel tired and annoyed at having to get up and go to work, not a single thought crosses my mind about how I feel like a woman.

No. 1550843

>Ever seen a skinny ftm though? They always seem to be fatties
kek wtf some of you are delusional

No. 1550849

About all of the recently posted fakeboys are built like twigs…

No. 1550854

This guy made me want to leap around my living room like an ape and start screaming. I had an ex who was on a bullshit "women" and gender studies course and their arguments are the exact same circular nonsense and they both also assume that anyone looking for the truth is being mean and a bully.

By her own retarded logic, doesn't that mean she isn't non-binary? Given that she didn't feel male or female either?

No. 1550914

That’s because it’s a penis plate (or whatever you’d call it I’m not sure). It’s not real, you can see where it ends on her abdomen.

No. 1550916

When she first started talking some of her points were like, okay fine, and she didn’t seem all that different from a lot of therapists like that really, but when she said she wasn’t a woman it basically ruined any good or interesting point she made for me.

No. 1550921

So the same as everyone else? Do they think that women wake up in the morning and start obsessing over how womanly we should try to appear that day (and vice versa for men)? No one fucking FEELS like a gender. You just exist as a human going through life, and while your biological sex dictates some things about what your anatomy can or can’t do, it doesn’t have that much a bearing on things like your thoughts and interests and feelings (although socialization and the way the outside world treats you because of your sex can obvious influence a lot as we all know, seems women are typically shamed into performing or not performing certain behaviors). I just hate this because in reality, I think every person “feels” like so-called enbies do. Not a person on the planet 100% totally conforms to every single stereotype related to their sex, and to think so is frankly retarded.

No. 1550952

I completely agree with you, tinfoil-nonna. The aftercare for that stuff will bring in more money than therapy could ever provide, because therapy might "heal" them one day. It's funny how much money could be made with trannies, guess I will have to think of my own way to milk some cows.

Honestly, I was thinking about a skin graft for my self harm scars some weeks ago and that is one of the reasons I'll never do it. I'm more okay with people assuming that I have BPD (which I don't have) than them thinking that I was a woman turned into a man and now being a woman again. It's sad how hard they make their own lives and those of other people, too.

No. 1550979

File: 1654527944776.png (Spoiler Image,841.91 KB, 814x669, 05BBECAF-EA4F-4E3A-8EBE-D7D21E…)

NSFL found a surgery pic of what the arm looks like during surgery for the sausage noodle graft. It’s fucking bad.

No. 1550985

No wonder most aidens just get the tit removal and not this, nor do they portray their ugly OCs with it while happily portraying them with tit scars.

No. 1550997

fatty tran spotted

No. 1551006

this looks so goddamn freakish that my brain refuses to comprehend that its real. thats pretty repulsive. no wonder this shit can really fuck up your arm afterwards, this is grotesque as hell

No. 1551017

nta but as someone who's been around ftms she is right, theres plenty of normal to skinny ones. some anons here say completely random things sometimes kek

No. 1551018

They honestly run the gamut from ana-chan to morbidly obese. I guess I do tend to see most in those two extremes, maybe because they both can pull off some sort of androgyny better, especially the fat ones because fat people always look the same at a certain point. The regular weight ones tend to just go they/them and do nothing else.

No. 1551019

The pharmaceutical industry created the tranny craze in the first place. Everyone failed butches, completely abandoned them in the 70's, purposefully ruined working class bar culture, even radfems barred butches from meetings (no, the polilez shit doesn't count, they fucking hated butches too, read a book, they literally spell it out how much they hate butches). So the pharmaceutical industry preyed on them in a vulnerable moment. Welcomed them with open arms, found ways to monetize the hurt. Polilez worship of behavioral femininity and hatred of butches led to third wave cultural liberal feminism and general femininity worship (it also led to retarded ideas like "sexuality is fluid", since polilez started with the "it's a choice" bullcrap). So it became progressive to shit on gender nonconforming women and see it as a form of treason to be gender nonconforming. Then the tranny craze exploded even more and it also got popular with (autistic) straight girls. It suits the powers at be too. Much easier to milk a group of undesirables for profit, than to actually substantially change society to be less hostile to gender nonconforming people.

No. 1551028

Totally a normal thing for a healthy, non mentally ill human to want to do to themselves. Very very good and ethical of the doctors to perform this surgery on said very much not mentally ill women. Money had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with this, it did not motivate the doctors at all.

No. 1551030

The ones getting phallos done are usually on the chubbier side though. Skinny ones stick with just mastectomy because they can finally live their yaoiboi larp in peace whereas fat ones are still insecure and maybe feel like they need more surgery to really feel better about themselves. Just tinfoiling here though.

No. 1551041

All they care about is money. When are women who get unnecessary surgery like this gonna get it?

No. 1551058

a surgeon doing this has to be a really good one, if you have bad luck and only find someone mediocre, well, your arm is fucked. I've been at Body Worlds and that's something you could show there. Also, your mental illness has to be so damn bad, there are people that wish for amputation and won't get anyone doing it for them, but they get their arm cut in half and that's okay?

No. 1551106

I don't see that. Most of the ones that get phallo are lesbians who want to pass as normie men, and many of them are skinny or go to the gym

No. 1551117

File: 1654537502351.jpeg (340.21 KB, 2048x1448, 27759C17-8D8B-41A0-823C-B42C21…)

i can’t stop laughing help kek

No. 1551143

They're blinded by their cult's coddling and asspats. What gives me the most hearty keks is their hatred of capitalism when they actually feed the big pharma the most at the moment.

No. 1551144

This is totally what gay men do all the time

No. 1551155

File: 1654539197240.png (31.85 KB, 508x612, IMG_3587.png)

refrainbow (the artist/author of the boyfriends comic) is such a cow. she is a tif and a proshipper who used to draw incest and necrophilia art, and drew porn of jungkook from bts when he was a minor. the jock character in boyfriends (the one getting his makeup done in that drawing) is also based on member of bts, see picrel. the goth character (the one doing jock's makeup) is refrainbow's self insert, who is canonically a tif who never gets bottom surgery and all of the actual gay men in the comic constantly talk about how hot they find her body and how she's better than any other man they've been with. basically the entire comic is self-insert fanfic about jungkook and her tranny oc

No. 1551159

nona that isnt jungkook in the pic tho

No. 1551166

File: 1654539644000.png (85.69 KB, 660x716, bts.png)

oh kek sorry i'm retarded
still it's basically bts self insert fanfic either way though. she drew porn of all of the members of bts, jungkook was just the only one who was a minor at the time so she got the most flack for drawing him

No. 1551172

Considering the characters act more like women than men, it makes a lot more sense to me when I pretend they're all butch lesbians and pretend it's a butch4butch comic.

No. 1551217

no amount of hiding behind being a minor or ftm will save you from the wrath of BTS stans

No. 1551239

Did she seriously need to come out and say she used to write a BTS porn comic? A quick glance at her shitty polyamorous aiden comic and it's clear as day to someone with only the barest surface-level knowledge of twitter, BTS, and aidens.

No. 1551244

i dont know what they expect to feel? i dont even look down at myself my own body and think "this is my woman body, omg i feel like such a woman!" its just not something that normal people do. pretty much the only time when i actually think "i am a female" is when i go into the girls bathroom/changing room or when im frightened to be walking down the street at night.

No. 1551279

does anyone else find it retarded kpop stans are only like this for bts? if only they applied 'stop sexualizing thing/person' to literally everything so they could be normal

No. 1551319

It's Namjoom/RM/Ratmon, the leader, but it's still retarded. Her art isnt awful, but her being a FTM is laughable. She knows nothing about men and it's obvious

No. 1551321

at least she's happy?

No. 1551323

Happy denying her biology and larping as a gay man? Okay.

No. 1551439

>and a proshipper!!!
jesus christ, go outside. this literally isn't an issue outside of zoomers on twitter.

No. 1551452

the irony of a 35yo fujo who still ships the flavor of the week anime boys together saying go outside

No. 1551458

>>1551439 what the fuck is a proshipper

No. 1551464

Nona you’re just going to get attacked for saying this here.

No. 1551470

i bet you retards call yourselves lesbian fujos kek

No. 1551480

proshipper = zoomer word for people in fandoms (almost always women/TiF + TiM. i clarify because regular men acting this way don't usually get called proshippers because they aren't involved in fandom the same way) who either ship minor x adult, do porn of minor x minor ships, and who enjoy rape / abuse content (example: killing stalking), especially if its porn. sometimes used as a catchall for nonces and creeps.

No. 1551483


Had to unfollow this bum a while ago because I couldn't take the tranny shit. It's a shame, I liked the art style.

No. 1551517

I have no horse in this race, but aren't proshippers just generally people who hold the opinion that you can ship anything, no matter how disgusting, because shipping has nothing to do and has no influence on real life? (A opinion that they hold only about shipping, good luck trying to say to them that racism in media has no influence on real life) Because I have seen people describe themselves as proshippers when they don't have pedo or rape ships.

No. 1551525

Both sides are chronically online retards.

No. 1551531

This to be honest. Both sides are engaged in a never-ending, pointless argument about the moral implications of ships and will never agree on anything. It’s just a time sink they’re all obsessed with and it is a case of having zero interests that aren’t related to fictional characters.

No. 1551564

That's kind of like saying the American civil war was about states rights to try and avoid acknowledging it was the state's "right" to have slavery. Both sides can get pretty cringe but imo there's no reason for someone to explicitly identify as a "pro shipper" unless they want to defend a pedo/rape/whatever ship that would be opposed by the "antis." there's just no reason to invite the backlash that follows the title unless you're someone who really values that stuff.

No. 1551592

Yeah, this. I'm just glad that the pro/anti crap didn't take off until after I'd quit being involved in most online fandoms. Both camps have these ludicrously unhinged attitudes toward the opposite side (proshippers are apologists for rape and pedophilia, antishippers are book-burning nazis, etc). For example:

>>no reason for someone to explicitly identify as a "pro shipper" unless they want to defend a pedo/rape/whatever ship

No. 1551609

ot but whenever I've come across bts posts I've always found this member ugly kek

No. 1551645

This is the most uguu girly shit I've ever seen.

No. 1551686

Hold on hold on hold on. I think I know her old BTS comic. It was an omegaverse BTS one back in from 2017-2018 i think?? On tumblr. The art style is Very similar. She was like a personal cow of mine then she deleted them all after being called out on twitter. Omfg. It is a small world

No. 1551802

and 2020s emo kids, cyberpunk fans, half the millennials I meet and my hippie cousin.

Just because most Aidens and OF girls have septum piercings it doesn't mean that they're the only ones that have it. It's just the piercing du jour atm.

No. 1551803

I don't think it's become so common that people will see skin graft scars and assume "aha, flesh tube cock!". There are other things you could try for scars before though if you're that worried.

No. 1551840

>I am not botched

No. 1551864

So I recently starting thinking more about how these delusional women can start believing they are actually men and there's something that I have noticed with a good many of them and it's how they seem to latch onto fictional characters. Like have any of you actually met a trans-identified woman who actually idolizes men IRL? Because to me, it seems like they mostly get glued to anime, comic book, cartoon, video game, etc characters.

No. 1551887

yaoi brainrot and special snowflake syndrome.

No. 1551889

Peter pan syndrome and 'tism-friendly media (kids media)

No. 1551895

What the previous nonnas said, but also they always identify with men from women-created or at least women-targeted media, and so with men who are totally unlike any moid in real life or like a man written by a man, be it the yaoi ukes who are weird male-bodied women or the sensitive, utterly kind males in slash or other media.
Is it the female form of AGP, desiring an ideal man that they would want to date and who has all the qualities of women and none of the defects of men, which somehow become identifying with him and then wanting to become him? Or is it just envy and desire toward the physical strength, freedom and respect that males get in our society?

No. 1551923

no, not worried, I couldn't care less about my own scars, it's just sometimes that I think it would be easier to have none and look into options for removal, but there aren't really any that work. It's just a case of stupid decisions that you have to live with, fitting for this type of thread, think some of them will realise how stupid they were when it's too late.

No. 1551934

File: 1654604591773.jpg (Spoiler Image,75.68 KB, 800x800, 285799108_1180245379426513_546…)

Totally looks like the real thing and totally worth mutilating yourself for

No. 1551942

Look like a Dark Souls boss.

No. 1551993

god these phallo surgery pictures always give me elevator stomach but this one is particularly gruesome

No. 1551998

Oh. Yeah you’re right. Guess that’s why I liked it.

No. 1551999

I’ve seen them obsessed with Jack Black and Danny Devito but that’s about it.

No. 1552001

All that for THAT. I'd rather fuck a doll's arm that have to touch that monstrosity. Christ.

No. 1552004

Surprised that no-one has mentioned it but in the past they were often obsessed with Jrock artists.. Nowadays Kpop men. As someone who knows plenty of tifs irl, over half of the ones I know are white girls who think they look like korean men and most of their lifes revolve around whatever their special interest korean moid is.

No. 1552005

What a rebranding

No. 1552018

Why's there never finished properly healed few years old phallo photos anywhere?

No. 1552037

Probably that she genuinely realized how masochistic it is to follow that ideology, considering she also put out careerboy, which is almost a response.

No. 1552063

I went to undergrad for performance art and since I graduated about half the girls I knew trooned out or defaulted to "they/them." Doesn't suprise me in the slightest. Sad that talented female singers and stage performers–Dorian among them, honestly, she's not bad–feel the need to do this to be taken seriously as artists.

No. 1552076

Following in the footsteps of Themi Lovato. Though she did it mostly to avoid criticism or controversy, and is busy talking to "starpeople" now

No. 1552080

File: 1654613738412.png (74.5 KB, 483x431, FUp10v0WAAE7MRl.png)

Zero sympathy yet they think they deserve everyone to cater to them. Disgusting people

No. 1552081

detransitioners are the suppressive persons of the tranny cult

No. 1552082

Because they all rot off kek
Joking (maybe) but I have seen a “finished” one a few threads back, by a Ftm trying to be a “gay bear” wearing gardening gloves and having hair everywhere. It still looked like a moldy floppy sausage. They never look good even “healed”.

No. 1552086

File: 1654614378825.jpeg (646.35 KB, 1284x1913, 140CADD1-8B3A-4E74-B53B-4D251A…)

This reminded me of a post I saw yesterday on detrans, someone sent this to a girl there. Troons are their own worst enemy, attacking literally everything who doesn’t bow to them or who breaks free.

No. 1552098

Trannies are literally unhinged, I can’t believe everyone let them reach this point in which leaving the cult means being a target for harassment.

No. 1552108

Some very good points nonna. The thing that made me think about this was I was watching this Twitch Livestream of this girl who brought on her friend who is trans-identified and throughout half of their talk, she was going on and on about Spider Man and using all this gay lingo because she considers herself a "gay" man ("Gay Transman") and it was just annoying and obnoxious but with the way she was geeking out over Spider Man and how obsessively into it she was, it made me feel like she might've imprinted on this character or something… And it made me thnk of other "trans men" I've come across and noticing how many of them seem obsessed with male characters from media and not so much real life.

Side note, does anyone else cringe with the deluded women who think they are gay men and refer to themselves with gay stereotypes like calling themselves "twinks" and "Bears". Heck I saw one unironically refer to herself as a "himbo" (I know it's not necessarily a gay term) and I just can't help but mega cringe at the delusion and was wondering if others have the same reaction kek

No. 1552109

>Jack Black & Danny Devito

Really?? I haven't seen that kek. But like, do they aspire to be them? And are they into these two men unironically as people or just the characters they play in media?

No. 1552111

I'm tempted to go back to previous threads to find that but at the same time, not really because that reads like a gnarly gross image…

No. 1552119

>Obsessed with JRock

I admit that I must've missed this. I was really into Jrock back in the late 2000s but I never frequented any boards or forums around it so I'm assuming that's where these troon women were? Were they really thinking they were men because they wanted to look like JRock musicians? Or were they the Fujo crowd?

>Obsessed with Kpop men

Now this I have seen. They spread so many gay memes and crap about them and how they relate and want to be (insert Kpop member).

>ver half of the ones I know are white girls who think they look like korean men

That sounds funny as hell. The delusion must be unreal for you to put up with when you're around them kek.

But taking this into account, JRock musicians KPop idols are still acting to a degree. Like they're exaggerating their personalities for the gimmick of their music and these girls are attaching to that rather than the guys themselves. Like would these girls still be obsessed with them if they got to know who they really are and learn that they aren't all that animated in their day to day lives?

No. 1552137

File: 1654618044122.png (956.73 KB, 1440x5215, 6E696881-31E0-415F-96E6-43CEAC…)

They say that those guys have “trans masc” energy, mainly because of shitty stereotypes and whatnot. Here is a tumblr post about Jack Black at least, bc I could remember saving it at one point. Sorry it’s long as hell or if it was posted already.

No. 1552152

I hope this person ends up detrans themselves

No. 1552160

>This man doesn't act and look like a stereotypical man so it's almost like he's not a man! I'm progressive uwu

No. 1552171

It’s so regressive how they shove their stupid ass gender stereotypes on everyone, real people included.

No. 1552182

They were first just fujos crossdressing or cosplaying but many would evolve into full on troons. I know many Jrock cosplayers who have done all the troon surgeries now, it's really sad. A site similar to myspace had these weeaboo meetups that were full of them, but I've heard there were forums too. The obsession was pretty much always someone like Ruki or Kyo or whatever short japanese moid lol, I guess because it was more "realistic" because of the height? with koreans height seems to matter less though.

First the delusion was honestly heartbreaking as many were my close friends but I distanced myself when I realised there was nothing I could do. I believe autism has to do with why someone would not see through the act of a musician, back then I didn't even know autism was a thing but looking back it's so obvious.

No. 1552185

File: 1654619594842.png (182.9 KB, 992x640, Screenshot 2022-06-07 12.33.10…)

No. 1552199

>I told her that I get that but health care isn't the place to be proud of your identity but rather the place to receive the care you need regardless of it
>except for stuff related to identity like HRT ofc
Wouldn't that work for her friend's point? Identity shouldn't matter in health care so keep it for women instead of trying to be over-inclusive, they have their very own needs with HRT and what-not.

No. 1552264

>jewish = trans
This isn't the first time I've heard this take and I'm amazed no one's called these kinds of people out on their antisemitism.

No. 1552298

FTM's have pretty openly fetishised Judaism for a while now. Just look at some of the most popular names among them: Ezra, Levi, Elijah, etc. They never pick the Hebrew names that straight up sound like Klingon though, that always disappoints me kek. I remember checking the jumblr (Jewish tumblr) tag on tumblr years ago before I converted to Christianity thinking that I could talk through scripture and problems with the religion with people who were actually born and raised Jewish but the vast majority of posters are troon "converts". I use the quotation marks because I seriously doubt the validity of many of their claims, a lot just seemed to claim convert status so they could stop being an evil whitey and no one could tell them off for having a Hebrew name. I once commented on a post where some gayden was crying about how she'll totes be harrassed by anti-semites now she's converting and said that she shouldn't worry about that as she's not ethnically Jewish, lives in a liberal city and people can't magically sniff out converts so she's fine. I got called a zionist (even though I'm Palestinian), a bully, blocked and tumblr hit me with a ban for anti-semitism kek. I could've appealed but I took that as my cue to leave. If anyone's interested in the phenomenon of Aiden's and themlets clinging onto Judaism for oppression points and trendy names, check out that tag. Shit's crazy. Make's me wonder if any of the Aiden's get the symbolic "circumcision" where the gigaclit is pricked to draw blood.

No. 1552404

File: 1654629095998.webm (18.02 MB, 1280x720, Boyfriends. Animation Ground R…)

No. 1552434

Got you anon, this makes sense. I'm guessing the site you're thinking of is maybe LiveJournal or Xanga? I vaguely remember these sites being popular with fandoms but I never was on them myself.

I think you're onto something about the autism thing. I'll be honest, I am autistic myself and in my past, I did obsess over media. Not to the point of deluding myself of thinking I was something I wasn't but just being hyper fixated on certain anime and video games. It seems like these unfortunate women don't listen to the common sense that helps explain and differentiate reality and fiction.

No. 1552435

> I remember checking the jumblr (Jewish tumblr) tag on tumblr years ago before I converted to Christianity thinking that I could talk through scripture and problems with the religion with people who were actually born and raised Jewish but the vast majority of posters are troon "converts".
That sounds annoying but you sound dumb

No. 1552438

this shit is literally an elementary school special education classroom where you also just so happen to be able to get tattooed and pierced.

No. 1552439

AHHH Oh my fucking god I've seen ads for this webcomic on YT but never actually watched a suspended scene on it. Watching this clip, this has FakeBoi bait/pandering to the max.

Men, even gay men do not talk like this. They don't talk like they are tropes in a cartoon but these fakebois don't understand that and I can see them latching onto this webcomic (if they haven't already) and thinking that acting like this makes them gay men.

It sucks too because I would find this cute eve if it's unrealistic but knowing how you just know fakebois would salivate over something like this brings on the cringe for me.

No. 1552445

holy fuck, how did they think that the nerd dude's voice was a good idea? even for a nerd stereotype that voice is way too grating my god

No. 1552457

Oh I know the site name, it still exists too. Since it is local to my country I'm leaving the name out on purpose. Many countries just had their own myspace dupes before facebook, so it was one of those.

No. 1552462

None of this sounds like how humans speak, let alone gay men

No. 1552483

God I haven’t heard the name xanga in years. Thank you for the time warp nona.

No. 1552485

I think it’s essentially like a packer, not for someone with a meat flap already. Idk about the tip though that’s weird lmao. Idk if it also functions as an STP device or what. I hate how much I know about this shit.

No. 1552488

File: 1654633020485.jpeg (5.42 KB, 194x259, download.jpeg)

I literally want to crawl out of my skin this is horrific and has straight fujo written all over it. Who is the voice cast?

No. 1552492

God who the fuck talks like this lmao they don’t even come across as human let alone men.

No. 1552496

If you told me someone ran all those angsty teen girl tumblr "softboi" art (you know the kind) through an AI and told it to make an animation and it spat out this, I'd believe you.

No. 1552511

This is the most stilted conversation, how is this enjoyable to watch. It's like a PSA for teens about communicating consent.

No. 1552512

>proshipper who used to draw incest
The rest is cringe as fuck but I'm not seeing a problem with this.

No. 1552516

Take it to /m/ or /ot/ or something. Please don’t make the thread get derailed with ship or fujo shit for the sake of those of us who just want to see stupid fakebois.

No. 1552536

People who get axolotls, an endangered species, should kill themselves.

No. 1552540


Go back to your containment board de/g/enerate.

No. 1552570

I posted the image, found it by googling 'ftm prosthetic' (which I don't recommend). Pretty sure it's just a packer and not meant for anyone who's had the skin sausage surgery.

No. 1552593

Damn, the animation at 1:20. Is this a one-time animation or will this be a running thing? Or was it always a show? That nerd voice felt like a punch in the face, why is it so bad?

No. 1552601

File: 1654642946143.png (3.72 MB, 2518x1889, 1632780831246.png)

Posting an oldie but a goodie because the OP pic reminded me

No. 1552610

Species sperging an unsaged, late commen but axolotls in captivity are bred to be sold. In fact, because Mexico City is such a well-run urban environment, they're probably going to be extinct in the wild very soon (700-1200 individuals only in a few freshwater canals in Mexico City). And all we will have are the pet specimens. Not ideal but better than nothing. They aren't being collected from the wild like endangered tropical fish and snakes.

No. 1552611

File: 1654643945229.png (207.3 KB, 960x386, Screen Shot 2022-06-07 at 4.16…)

Pinterest comments under a post about dealing with top surgery scars kek

No. 1552645

It was the grossest one I have seen, I think because she was posing with it suggestively (barf) and also had botched top surgery. Well, besides that weird tentacle that just got posted, that took top spot for grossest FtM surgery yet.

No. 1552707

File: 1654653544349.png (27.61 KB, 736x282, tif.png)

straight tif mad at actual lesbians typical

No. 1552756


Is that the fake name she chose for herself

No. 1552765

i think people also do it because they feel ugly, so they dress that way to be like "see! me being ugly is intentional! not an accident" kinda like to reclaim it

No. 1552767

File: 1654662231920.jpeg (Spoiler Image,710.21 KB, 750x1091, DB41F9DC-A855-4EB1-8483-17AF1B…)

You know what? Good for her.

No. 1552777


yes kek

No. 1552784

Makes me yearn for a female only gym where we can have our tits out freely.

No. 1552788


It would be filled with troons and you know it kek

No. 1552789

File: 1654665555841.jpg (536.03 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220605-063847_Twi…)


This was posted by Webtoon's official twitter account for Pride. You can guess how well it went. Not only did it get ratio'd but also sparked controversy amongst LGBT people on there too

No. 1552802

No fucking way, so this webtoon is actually being made by a TIF? That explains a lot behind the awful dialogue that no man talks like. Not even the more soft-spoken gay men act like the characters in this comic at all.
I'm not gonna knock on the art because I unironically think it's cute but it's just the subject matter really that is obnoxious.

>Goth character is the artist's self-insert
>gay men in the comic think she's so hot.

Definitely Wishful thinking on her part since I don't know any gay men who would fuck a TIF and even if one did, he wouldn't really be gay now would he?

No. 1552803

What kinda things were they saying about it? Did anyone point out how it feels like lowkey fetishization of gay men or something?

No. 1552806

This is one of the most genuinely cringe things I've ever seen in my life

No. 1552845

I love how the comments and QRts are like "All the haters saying this is made by a fujoshi needs to shut up, this was made by a gay man!!" They can throw around the word "man" all they want but deep down they all know that this could only be the product of fujo brainrot. They're desperate to keep up the facade, because if the comic author is a fujo, that means that the readers are all fujos as well

No. 1552850

I feel like people know deep down that the creator is a tif, they're just saying she isn't because they can't handle people knowing a trans person made something that shows how embarrassing the community is

No. 1552853

I've really been wondering why TIFs are so attracted to the idea of polyamory? I feel like it's a huge coping mechanism for the fact that they will never have a satisfying romantic/sexual relationship with another person, so they just try to fill the void with multiple partners. Bonus points if they all identify as asexual because they're basically just a group of friends LARPing

No. 1552856

>the mallgoth talking with Shadow voice
I'm dying nonitas
Thank you for making my day

No. 1552860

The amount of cringe. I can't take it.

No. 1552878

This kind of fujo TIFs grew up reading all kind of weird porn on the web day in day out all the while hating her own female body, so it's no wonder that she has all kind of dumb fetishes and an inability to parse or even imagine normal human sexual relationships.

Kek that's the most hilarious part of the modern discourse about how BL/slash is totes queer representation and people who read the genre are fighting for the acceptance of the LGBT while actual BL readers exclusively read stories about cis gay men written by other women and have no interest in anything written by real gay men or for or by any other letter of the acronym.

No. 1552885

Because the straight girls larping as boys from their yaoi want to date real men but understand how their behaviour is isolating to real men so they temporarily date other tif girls (without the intention of true intimacy and at best a friendship with kissing but no romance/sex beyond larp due to not being homosexual/bi) but want the relationship open so they can leave when a man comes along who is willing to put up with the larp. The homosexual ones don't date men ever, while the straight/bi-man-preferring ones sometimes have these sorts of pseudo-relationships.

No. 1552887

Clocked by art style alone kek.

No. 1552898

oh sis. you could have done that without T. You were so close.

No. 1552905

Tifs are usually the ugly/awkward girls who don't get much if any romantic attention, but they still crave it. Poly is the dream that multiple people simultaneously find you hot and you can date them all like in an otome game.

Incidentally these types of 'polys' end up with tons of drama because every single one in the polycule sees themselves as the PC and the others as the love interest NPCs.

No. 1552908

i also can't help but think that many of these people are poly because they want to keep their options open in case they get a chance to dating up.
like these are awkward people who aren't that high on dating market scale but who still wish they could date someone better than what they can get but since they don't want to be alone they start these polycules with other awkward people on their own level who are all just waiting for the opportunity to jump ship if they manage to get someone better. like fakeboys are in poly relationships with each other while waiting for the real gay man to come along.

No. 1552926

Oh no, lesbians want to assimilate? To be accepted by heterosexual society rather than judged and hated? To marry and have children and live the lives they want? How awful! And they also don't want women degrading themselves with casual sex and kink? Wow, that is just… I am appalled. I'm cutting up my lesbian identification card ASAP.

Same. Working out at home has tit-pilled me, gym wear feels constrictive and itchy to me now.

No. 1552935

I go to a female only gym and there have been no troons. I'm not brave enough to be the only one topless but it would truly be so freeing. Most women choose to wear a top from courtesy I think, since breaking the social norms can be seen kind of confrontational. I don't know what the muslim women going to the gym would think if others started going topless, though.

No. 1552962

I think you might be on to something with the friend group thing. They get points for being in a queer polyamorous relationship while also never having to touch each other or have sex because they’re probably all straight girls.

No. 1552968

Legitimate question to you or any other nonas. Is it not uncomfortable working out braless? My boobs aren’t huge but big enough to get in the way and I feel like it would be annoying if they were not constrained more. I usually don’t wear a bra at home until I do a workout, but it does sound nice to not have to.

No. 1552985

Found the original post
This is 1 year post op. Not much better than the non-healed ones. And this sausage casing is still after many revisions. She claims to “stealth” with it kek. And has apparently used it on people, which if true is very gross and those people probably got infections immediately

No. 1552992

Oh shit I remember this pic, the weird way her breasts kind of grew back and look so strange now with the scars.

No. 1553022

My breasts are only a touch bigger than the Aiden in this post >>1552767 so for me it's never been a problem but I can see how women with average to large sized chests would find it annoying.

No. 1553033

Only tangentially related and I know pools are prohibitively expensive to maintain so it won't happen but I wish there were female only lap pools. I hate going tthere work out and every time 80% of the people there are immigrant men.

No. 1553082

>Kek that's the most hilarious part of the modern discourse about how BL/slash is totes queer representation and people who read the genre are fighting for the acceptance of the LGBT while actual BL readers exclusively read stories about cis gay men written by other women and have no interest in anything written by real gay men or for or by any other letter of the acronym.

And that's why these TIFs are so full of shit. It's clear that they just like the idea of masculinity and since being a tomboy is not in vogue anymore, they latch onto thinking they are men and use these women-written/women created stories of "gay men" to validate and satiate their delusions.

Like I said in another comment, I find it so telling that these TIFs don't ever seem to look up to men IRL. And when it comes to media, tend to avoid things that are geared towards men in general.

No. 1553085

And building off from it, when they do find a man who's claiming to be gay but yet wants to be with them, they get the delusion that they actually managed to find a gay man to be with them when the truth of the matter is that the man is either straight but calls himself "queer" or bisexual.

No. 1553126

The dramatic irony of a doctor slicing her unconscious body, while claiming she did this all by herself.

No. 1553166

God I'm so sorry to hear that. I usually make race analogies whenever I try to explain sexism to people.
I wouldn't condone bleaching your skin to get people to treat you better, so why spend money getting your breasts sliced off?

No. 1553168

Some people need to be powerwashed

No. 1553190

So they're mad because conservatives use detrans stories to push their narrative? If I post my detransition story (I'm really detrans sadly, and nowhere near a conservative) and some random conservative karen uses it, it's my fault even if I didn't consent to have my story used? Wow! Way to victim blame. So progressive!

No. 1553207

File: 1654708738616.jpeg (274.74 KB, 1563x1992, 20E0EA1E-1A40-41A5-9BCA-AEF706…)

Obligatory shitty comic of the day

No. 1553211

why do these women always make art look so weirdly bright like something that'll give someone a seizure

No. 1553238

Kek it's their female hunter-gatherer color-seeing genes coming through.

No. 1553252

Good God how autistic do you have to be to to think that an ill fitting sports bra and a boxy shirt make you a rEaL bOi

No. 1553268

re: troons and judaism, i knew a tif on tumblr who converted from catholicism to judaism via online sessions with a rabbi. she also wrote a house md fanfiction where dr house is autistic and converts to judaism after finding god.

No. 1553303

from the motions she drew, girl looks like she's undressing in the first two panels wtf. it only makes sense if you read it from bottom right to top left.

No. 1553325

That’s what I was thinking, I didn’t get it at first.

No. 1553338

>i knew a tif on tumblr who converted from catholicism to judaism via online sessions with a rabbi. she also wrote a house md fanfiction where dr house is autistic and converts to judaism after finding god.
KEK, sounds like she was just doing research for her fic tbh. Given that shitty Genderqueer comic by Maia Kobabe from the last thread where she admitted to wanting to have sex as research for her 1D fanfic I would not be at all surprised if that's at least part of why that TIF converted.

No. 1553365

she also kins him so it's mostly projection.

cynthia nixon's trans daughter used to be extremely active on tumblr too and is also obsessed with judaism. idk why tifs target judaism, but they do. i saw one on tv a few weeks ago, she said she's not converting to it but really likes its culture and wants to make a living out of it by studying and doing research.

No. 1553395

File: 1654716915965.png (1.14 MB, 1170x1509, 323FE2E3-F283-4CC2-940B-DD1E2F…)

Everything about her just makes me so utterly sad.

No. 1553399

File: 1654717264922.jpg (194.15 KB, 720x960, 20220608_224047.jpg)


No. 1553405

Autistic, trans and a kinnie? That's the terminally online tumblrina holy trinity, kek. What bothers me the most with this obsession with Judaism is that they completely avoid the bad parts while only amplifying the bad parts of Christianity (not caping for it, I am a convert but I'm not devout and I know all religions are fucked up to an extent). "it's more welcoming than Catholicism/Christianity" yeah? 'cause I grew up Mizrahim and around a lot of orthodox Jews and hoo boy, do they have choice words to say about troons and gay people. What amuses me the most though is the whole "I'm just speaking the truth! Christianity BAD!" while they bend over backwards to never comment on Islam, our fucked up Abrahamic cousin that's gotten out of control.

Oh yeah, he looks really content in that picture there. Also I'm almost certain anons in this thread or celebricows (maybe both) commented that she didn't want to age as a woman. Aiden's are a hivemind.

>just hasn't come out yet
This has the same energy as when these types tell us butch lesbians we're closeted straight men, kek.

No. 1553407

they're trying to convert our fujosisters, this has to stop..
but seriously this is textbook grooming, majority of fujos are women that enjoy being women, ftm fujos aren't as prevalent as normal women in there.

No. 1553416

her eyes look like mine when I'm seriously depressed and would like to jump in front of a train and maybe I'm projecting my feelings and mental health on her, but I think she isn't happy in any way and in 5 or 10 years we will know the truth. Right now she can't back away from what she has done to herself.

No. 1553444

>I couldnt picture myself aging as a woman
Not internalised misogyny at all!

No. 1553452

slightly ot but it's interesting how the whole fujoshi discourse only affects girls/women. gay moids who are aware of it just pity tifs and don't even understand what it is about. why have women been fighting so hard pro/against bl and shipping? autism? they're defending a demographic that understandably doesn't care and is totally unmoved by what fujos do.

No. 1553495

File: 1654722040053.png (136 KB, 1332x554, shinji's cookbook.png)

the article itself is tragic. she is in too deep and definitely will not detrans. she takes shots at dave chappelle, insists that juno is a queer/trans icon, whines about wearing dresses to movie premieres, and admits to being ana-chan. the interview ends with her gushing about eating broccoli for dinner.


No. 1553508

i keep wondering how they will do the new Umbrella Academy. i watch it with my gf and think it's fine for what it is. but the cringe and cognitive dissonance i will experience hearing the other characters call Victor he/him and seeing her tiny frame next to the male characters might make me cringe too badly. i know it sounds mean but it is what it is. like how the hell are they going to handle that in fiction. even on set it sounds so awkward

No. 1553509

File: 1654722765638.jpg (15.79 KB, 342x199, MR.jpg)

I just started reading it and then I saw the shirt open picture and the "MR" tattoo. I read further and apparently it's her friend Mark's initials but it's hilarious to me that this troon is walking around with "MR" tattooed on her chest, kek.

No. 1553517

kek a tif i know has the word BOY tattooed on her ear.

No. 1553518

I work at a library which has a pride display where you can take buttons of the different flags. This girl came in super spaced out, took a bunch of trans/pan/asexual buttons, and then asked me where the captain underpants books are and where the books about autistic children are.

No. 1553521

The recent rebranding of fujoshis as "queer youth who only want to see themselves represented" is so absolutely moronic, the entire point of BL is that it's for women by women, no boys allowed club. It's not supposed to represent anyone or give you insight into the lives of gay men, it's something precisely calibrated for women to enjoy and moids be damned. Fujos should just accept it for what it is and not feel ashamed about it rather than try to give it this pathetic social justice justification.

No. 1553524

KEK. Of course it's boy, it's never icky men they want to be. I wish I could find where Ellen lives so I can break in and add an S to that tattoo.

No. 1553532

I've got very small boobs (AA cup?) and have 100% stopped wearing bras, including when I work out (I'm not doing any cardio, just bodyweight/free weight strength training). They just aren't large enough to move around that much. I can definitely see larger-breasted women wanting to keep stuff from moving around while exercising tho.

No. 1553540

"MR" is much better than boy/boi, queer or faggot

No. 1553554

It’s part of making shipping into activism, they should just admit they’re horny.

No. 1553584

Pure autism but the way the breast tissue regrew, idk how TIF don't do research on basic PED stuff and how part of the T convert to estrogen . Also the insurance payed crooks who did not even do a correct full breast tissue removal. Incompetence on all side.

No. 1553601

>Black paraplegic with a troon flag earring
>"Rainbow" with troon colors
>Woman with horrifically scarred chest
>Muslim woman
>High heeled shoes
For fuck's sake, none of this has anything to do with homosexuality. Would it have killed them to include two women kissing, or two men holding hands?

No. 1553605

Because of modern dumb SWJ politics and the self-appointed thought police on social media.
Fujoshis can't just go and admit that they have a fetish for seeing 2 men fucking anymore, which is the real and simple truth, because gays are perceived to have more points in the Oppression Olympics than straight women, which leaves fujoshis open to accusation of all kind of thought crimes by other women who think that cancelling people on SM for consuming the wrong media or loving it in the wrong way is how you bring forth justice and fairness in this world.
It's really about protecting gay men at all, but rather about gaining more status in the current political climate, either by denouncing the double plus wrong fujoshis fetishizing gay men on one side or by pretending that they read BLs as ~queer solidarity~ on the other

No. 1553606

I find these kinds of posts so funny because these girls are fujos who took “mlm fetishization” to the most extreme form (I put in quotations because I think them referring to BL like that is stupid since most of the males in BL don’t even act like real men). I have way more respect for run of the mill fujos who don’t get sucked into the gender crowd, even if they can be cringe sometimes.

No. 1553607

OT but celebrity interviews are so insufferable. I hate how they always try to come off as sounding so quirky when it’s just like. Yeah wow other people also roast veggies and rice and cover it in sauce.

No. 1553619

This. I yearn for the days when ship wars were annoying to watch and hear about but weren’t attached to gender shit or weird oppression olympics. I would sign up to get hit with a yaoi paddle 5000 times if it meant we never had to watch girls mutilate themselves because of BL.

No. 1553629

My local leisure centre has women only days, you could find one that does that?

No. 1553636

I honestly think people are only accepting of gender non-conformity in women if it's "not a choice." Like it's okay for a woman to be masculine if she has the "excuse" of being a troon or being gay. But if you're a bisexual or straight woman who chooses to be GNC, you're treated like shit all around. Straight people treat you like crap for being "homely" or "weird," and ~kweer~ zoomers online call you an egg, accuse you of appropriating lesbian fashion, or shame you for being a "boring" bihet.

Radfems and other old-school butches are the only people who truly understand and accept GNC women.

No. 1553651

Not all fujoshis are into sex-centric stories, but that's neither here nor there. It's ridiculous that women get judged so harshly for liking gay romance, but no one bats an eye at the considerably more common, actively predatory obsession straight men have with lesbians. Fujoshis understand that BL is fiction, but straight men legitimately think lesbians scissor IRL and that lesbian expressions of affection are just performances intended to titillate men. Mainstream films about lesbian love are almost exclusively directed/written by straight men, with sex scenes and even just kissing shot in a male-gaze-y, pornified way. Straight men have dictated our entire culture's perception of lesbians, while gay media created by straight women is just a small subculture of weirdos online. If you're going to go after straight people "fetishizing" homosexuality, go after straight men first, because they're the much bigger problem.

No. 1553660

Thank you, this. I’m not a fujo but I hate seeing people picking on women who are enjoying a genre that’s literally written for them and involves fictional characters. Meanwhile, scrotes are obsessed with lesbian porn, and as we know a huge majority of women in porn are raped, trafficked, and generally treated like absolute shit. If someone is developing an actual addiction to BL or is questioning their gender bc of it that is a reason to show concern for for them, but I get so sick of people acting like it’s anything like the way moids relate to lesbians and pornography that fetishizes them using real women, especially when it’s so fake and the women involved aren’t even enjoying themselves in any way. In the grand scheme of things, a teen girl reading her yaois in private has no affect on actual gay men, esp when gay men (at least in the US) are extremely privileged. Hell, men in gay marriages here make more money than any other married group because men get paid more. Does anyone actually think they care about some woman drawing anime boys fucking or whatever?

No. 1553662

No. 1553695

Thanks anon. I honestly think the hatred towards fujoshis is a big part of why the younger ones are trooning out; they do it to create a defense mechanism for themselves. We've all heard them insist that they can't be evil "fetishizers" if they're True and Honest gay men. That's why I don't understand the anons here who say that people need to be bullied for liking BL. It doesn't get these women to quit the hobby, it just makes them hate themselves more (thereby more susceptible to trooning.)

Bitching about how it "fetishizes homosexuals" also reinforces the idea that BL resembles real gay men in any way when it really doesn't. Maybe fewer of them would troon out if they understood that the kawaii bishonen they aspire to be have more in common with women than they do with gay scrotes IRL.

No. 1553699

I think this is also part of the reason why we're seeing more published female authors who write m/m fiction go by they/them pronouns. These women aren't GNC in the slightest and present in extremely feminine ways, so I can only assume they're doing this to deflect against accusations of being a dreaded fujo fetishizer or wtv. On the one hand people are insane these days, so I don't know if I totally blame them for taking the easy way out. Still cowardly and sad. Own being a fujo! Who fucking cares!

No. 1553722

File: 1654736024910.jpeg (358.31 KB, 828x962, 647744CC-2233-43BE-B399-480CED…)

No. 1553738

"about us" oh man you gotta love the TIF forced teaming bullshit lmao.
>does it give me the creeps when some cis woman w no boundaries tells me how hot it is to think of two men fucking? sometimes!
pretty sure women aren't visualizing your pubestache and vag combo when they're thinking about two anime dudes boning, jojo.

No. 1553744

Leave it to the tifs to make up an imaginary bogeywoman to project their mental illness onto. Actual gay gays don’t give a fuck about fujos unless they want asspats for being woke.

No. 1553820

this is so funny. like i’ve seen online in radfem adjacent spaces even TEHM gay men say they don’t care about women writing m/m romance fiction and on tiktok there a plenty of normie and weeby gay guys who fangirl over thai BL dramas and BL mangas with girls. caring about fetishizing gay men is a overwhelmingly female thing to do

No. 1553834

>TEHM gay men

go back to tumblr newfag

No. 1553839

Nta but why the anger? There are gay men who are proud tranny exclusionists, what's the big deal?

No. 1553842

Agree. As a former fujo, I think fujoshi should just own it. Unless you're out there harassing real people trying to get them to play along with your kinks, who cares. Society is already so fucking hostile towards any sort of media aimed at women. Bullying fujos is just going to make them troon out faster so they can have their smut without feeling guilty about it.

This is reminding me of some old slash fiction drama revolving around published m/m erotica novels (not fanfiction), where one slash author made this huge callout blogpost about another slash writer who was posing as a gay male but was really female IRL and how deceptive this was. And then someone pointed out that the woman who wrote the callout also published her own m/m fiction under a male pseudonym too, and she was all "B-but but I never actually claimed to be a guy, this is different, and my pseudonym is androgynous ackshully, etc etc".

Serious question: has anyone even heard of a non-TiF fujo who was into fakeboi art/fiction? Because I'm thinking that the audience for this is exclusively Aidens who are putting self-insert troon characters into their "BL" ships as a form of cope.

No. 1553871

>Serious question: has anyone even heard of a non-TiF fujo who was into fakeboi art/fiction? Because I'm thinking that the audience for this is exclusively Aidens who are putting self-insert troon characters into their "BL" ships as a form of cope.
I've encountered a couple. They drank enough of the gender kool aid to fall for "genital preferences are bad" but not enough to turn to she/theys at the minimum. If I'm being completely honest, I'm pretty sure they were only into the fakeboi shit to protect themselves? Like they were hoping to be protected from the usual witch hunts if they proved that they supported the transgays too.

No. 1553916

>Oh no, lesbians want to assimilate? To be accepted by heterosexual society rather than judged and hated? To marry and have children and live the lives they want? How awful! And they also don't want women degrading themselves with casual sex and kink? Wow, that is just… I am appalled. I'm cutting up my lesbian identification card ASAP.
I remember growing up and when i came out as a lesbian, all i wanted was to be treated normal, have a job, not get fired from said job for being openly gay. Go to parties with my wife. etc etc. That's all lesbians want is to be normal and assimilate. It's only gay men, aidens and troons that want to open and gross as possible. I dont get it. lesbians master race.

No. 1553921

But the target audience IS WOMEN. It all started because women in japan live in that shit hole oppression society and wanted a way to express themselves, writing for other women to enjoy. Wow.

No. 1553965

>Serious question: has anyone even heard of a non-TiF fujo who was into fakeboi art/fiction? Because I'm thinking that the audience for this is exclusively Aidens who are putting self-insert troon characters into their "BL" ships as a form of cope.

I know so many. Just very coomer straight girls, who are proud of their coomerism too. One even writes TIF haikyu fanfiction in our native tongue. For some reason they're all in med school/law school and serial monogamists lol

No. 1553974

File: 1654747962996.jpg (45.16 KB, 800x450, C-658VsXoAo3ovC.jpg)

>one slash author made this huge callout blogpost about another slash writer who was posing as a gay male but was really female IRL and how deceptive this was. And then someone pointed out that the woman who wrote the callout also published her own m/m fiction under a male pseudonym too

No. 1553982

Not to mention that straight women don't try to guilt-trip gay men into fucking them as often as Aidens do. A couple of girls looking at pictures of anime guys sucking each other off is a lot less obtrusive than the internet lynch mob running around saying that gay men have to start liking vagina or be branded as bigots.

No. 1554129

Hey! Sometimes they do have sex, as sexual surrogates based on the mutual understanding of one's burning fujo desires.
Basically this, but also their insecurity that they'd never be enough to satisfy someone for real so they go poly so they can get validation by being in a relationship while pre-empting rejection by downplaying their desire to be more than a sidepiece.
Didn't you know? Being gay is a fashion statement, not a sexuality. That homosexual stuff is icky.

No. 1554146

File: 1654755574639.gif (6.82 MB, 498x280, 1654291896051.gif)

>"ohhh it's absolutely horrific to imagine a gay teenager in a sexual situation" Okay but i was a gay teenager in sexual situations. that was my life. i wasn't bad or dirty or wrong bc i was a gay teen interested in and engaging in gay sex?

Ignoring her "I was a gay teen" bs kek, What does this bitch even means by this word salad? She's having a mental breakdown over fujos saying that they don't want to imagine minors fucking and shit?

No. 1554190

The teenage boy part especially comes off as a woman trying to sound quirky, which is funny to me.

No. 1554211

The internalized misogyny is tragic. I wonder if she'll realize she made a mistake if she gets sexually harassed by men again, since a lot of tifs troons out specifically to avoid that. Or if she's just happy to have an excuse to say she never was a dirty sinful lesbian, just a straight lil' boy! She talks a lot about being bullied for being gay and still can't connect the dots.

No. 1554214

File: 1654761814263.png (249.5 KB, 1372x1118, ellendoesntunderstandhomophobi…)

God this is tragic. She thinks a man wanting to kill her for being a "gay guy" is somehow transphobia, and not homophobia (which she says isn't as bad as transphobia). He's straight up calling her "faggot" and she's like "must be because I'm trans!". She's probably just happy to have passed though.

No. 1554222

File: 1654762431179.jpg (374.82 KB, 1170x1910, 5sPOZPA.jpg)

No. 1554225

File: 1654762544639.jpg (145.06 KB, 640x880, FhSr8dL.jpg)

No. 1554226

File: 1654762654807.jpg (122.72 KB, 640x880, fSeFbqh.jpg)

No. 1554227

What the fuck does this even mean? And why does being gentle autumn rain mean you're not a woman?

No. 1554228

the word you're looking for is "aesthetic"

No. 1554229

File: 1654762752514.jpg (123.54 KB, 640x880, VvW60D4.jpg)

No. 1554231

File: 1654762919381.jpg (148.61 KB, 640x880, 3YMYq7J.jpg)


The comics they make sound exactly like a tumblr post attempting to me meaningful and deep.


No. 1554239

File: 1654763909512.jpeg (583.19 KB, 828x1146, 612048E7-8CEE-4F24-B1BF-DA67E5…)

Wow a button up AND flexing? I see the difference.

No. 1554240

File: 1654764323327.jpeg (149.97 KB, 828x534, BEF187C0-3310-425D-B78D-6F1E5A…)

Lol oh yeah I forgot I have to continue to play pretend as a guy now.

No. 1554241

File: 1654764407641.jpeg (192.46 KB, 828x627, D4428149-61C6-4458-B4BD-FBB8E5…)

Why can't you just cosplay? Why does that make you a man?

No. 1554256

She's come out and had a gender crisis after being an our flag means death fangirl? Cant make this shit up

No. 1554257

>It's ridiculous that women get judged so harshly for liking gay romance, but no one bats an eye at the considerably more common, actively predatory obsession straight men have with lesbians.
People usually try to attribute it to misogyny, but if anything I think we should give more spotlight to the fact that social justice spaces are more interconnected with spaces for women than for men. All that stupid gender, X-ism and Y-phobia stuff takes ages to become topics among men(if at all), and it's usually met with much fiercer resistance, so natually lesbian fetishists aren't judged because there's simply nobody around to actually judge and shame them, as it is the case with mlm achillean he/theys whining about evil fetishistic fujos

No. 1554264

>Radfems and other old-school butches are the only people who truly understand and accept GNC women.
I'm sorry to derail the thread but I have to kek at this. As a butch lesbian about half of the so-called radfems I've met (both on and offline) haven't understood me and have accused me of all sorts ranging from copying men to being someone who will troon out eventually and I've seen them be even worse to straight masc women for it. The only true ally GNC women have is other GNC women. There will be exceptions and thank god there are but I trust no group, especially political ones, to understand being GNC when they themselves aren't.

Sherlock, Supernatural, Good Omens and that shitty pirate show have a lot to answer for, kek.

No. 1554265

I think you're absolutely right. All these "gay trans men" hang out in female-dominant spaces, so they aren't as exposed to male behaviors that are a million times more "problematic." They're also subject to female socialization, so they're too intimidated to go after scrotes for being gross, and even when they do, men view them as nagging women and ignore them anyway. Hell, men barely even take criticism of their behavior seriously when it's coming from other men. So Aidens just pick one people their own size so to speak and crybully other women because they're pickmes and/or top chickenshit to stand up to men.

Additionally, men use social justice to defend their own disgusting behavior, while women use it to bully other women mean-girl style. That's how you end up with the cognitive dissonance of male TRAs getting away with being dogfucker diaper fetishists while female TRAs run around crucifying women for liking BL. Women actually give a crap about how they're perceived by others, while scrotes will sacrifice literally anything to enable their coom habits.

No. 1554266

this is some of the girliest shit i have ever seen

No. 1554273

I was gonna say the same kek I've seen countless of comics like this made by women, not a single one made by a man

No. 1554279

This didn't happen.

No. 1554284

If someone is calling you an egg for being GNC, they are categorically not a radfem. Conflating gender with stereotypes and roles is antithetical to radical feminism.

I'm sorry you've had those experiences. Sounds like the "radfems" treating you that way are actually just libfems who call themselves radfems because they don't like trannies. That's the upshot of more people peaking– radfem spaces are going to experience an influx of retards who use the label because that's what troons call them as an insult and not because the understand the basic tenets of the movement.

No. 1554292

Yes, that's basically it, BL gets criticized in SWJ spaces because women who consume BL are massively present in those spaces, and those past years have shown that SWJ spaces are mostly about endlessly nit-picking your allies rather than standing up against real enemies, just like trannies always cry about TERFs genociding them and try to unperson us but do nothing about the moids who really do kill them. The narcissism of small differences.
Also it stays a topic because about everyone would agree that moids with lesbian fetishes are gross or at least won't try to defend it publicly but many people try to debate that BL is aktually a victory for gay men representation or a fight against sexism in media or what have you.

>Additionally, men use social justice to defend their own disgusting behavior, while women use it to bully other women mean-girl style.
That's a interesting point about moid solidarity and self-centeredness about their fetishes! But tbh on the female side, we also do have a hypocritical discourse defending BL using SWJ talking points coming from people who would eviscerate someone who was into a genre similar to BL but exclusively centered around, say, black or disabled people, but think it's ok when it's something they like. It's half that 100% SWJ standards are unapplicable in real life but half "what I like is good and righteous, but what others like is awful and discriminatory." Both TRA diaper fetishists and those kind of people are trying to weaponize SWJ talking points to validate their life style choices, especially in case of TIMs who were shown in a couple of studies to actually have way more conservative positions on feminism, homosexuality and race issues that non-trans men, to say nothing of women or even TIFs.

No. 1554306

No need to be sorry, nona. Not your fault. I didn't mean to sound confrontational, I just hate that this is what it's came to - radfem groups being infested with libfems who hold archaic views on gender roles and think the sole purpose of the movement is hating troons. Like I said, I know there's exceptions and I'm thankful for the ones who do support GNC women. But for me personally it's not worth the hassle to get involved with these groups anymore, despite being predominantly rad leaning. I stay on the periphery and financially support some causes but that's it.

I thought the same. No one sees a 5'1 twig like Ellen and thinks "faggot". If anything they'd yell "dyke" which would hurt more because it would remind her of her unescapable reality. Maybe I'm nitpicking here but as someone who does occasionally get read as male by homophobic moids I have never had someone threaten to "gay bash" me. Haven't heard that term in a long while, come to think of it.

No. 1554338

Why are so many female SJW into danmei? It's extremely heteronormative

No. 1554359

Straight radfems and polilez in the 70's hated butches too and accused us/them of being man-lite? Read any book of that crowd and you'd notice?

No. 1554406

This is so fucked, as is the idea that transphobia even exists on a meaningful level. Even many of the TiMs who have been killed for “being trans” were killed by other men one they found out they weren’t going to be fucking a woman. It’s not about trans, it’s about pure homophobia. No one has been killed because of “transphobia”, but millions have for homophobia. How do they not get that.

No. 1554409

Exactly, it’s literally the evolution of a stupid tumblr joke. I remember in like 2012-2016 or so we were all saying “that’s so aesthetic”, now the they just say “that’s so gender” or “I want x’s gender”.

No. 1554410

Looks like a straight girl doing a lesbian impression.

No. 1554412

Nayrt or anything but these are some good points I hadn’t considered tbh. Thanks nona.

No. 1554418

I just hope that in a few years once more of them inevitably detransition there might be some more noise or normalization of being GNC without going into the gender cult. I only have hope like that because it feels like the numbers of them are growing every year, and once a lot of these girls esp grow out of adolescence and wake up to real life, maybe it will make them want to be louder about the issue, maybe they can act as role models and scare younger gens away from it.

No. 1554441

It's the new rage in gay-men-reimagined-by-women media, and on top of being just new for western readers, it has also griping melodramatic plotting and fun martial arts shenanigans. I probably don't have nearly enough data points, but I don't have a feeling that it's more heteronormative than Japanese BL, and BL was already popular with a part of this crowd, so it's not a big change for them and clearly (and unfortunately) not a dealbreaker. The real question is probably why so many self-proclaimed feminists criticize female representation in media and then go consume the exact thing they criticize. (Did you too try to read the original book of that cdrama that got very famous in 2019 and went what the fucking fuck and why people are recommending this pile of drivel kek?)

No. 1554536

i think it’s significant because even gay dudes in radfem adjacent spaces who you would think might be the first to object to media depictions of gay men don’t even care about what women are writing about

No. 1554542

that part about cis people codifying every human experience into the gender binary is literally what trans ppl do

No. 1554559

>All these "gay trans men" hang out in female-dominant spaces
This is a very important point.
It took me awhile to realize that TIFs aren't actually trying to be like men, that they don't actually think they're men because of their percieved masculine interests. They often have typically female interests. Usually they spend time with other girls in fandom spaces and with other TIFs. They're simply trying to fit in with the other girls. And the current trend is being gender special.

No. 1554607

Bold of her to assume that she will also be able to grow a beard long enough for a Blackbeard costume. TiFs can only grow patchy pube hair on their chins at most. I don’t think I’ve seen one grow a long beard.

No. 1554610

Reminds me of how in a reality TV show a bisexual TIF went to bathe with the other girls no problem. Obviously everyone thought of her as a female regardless of the masc presentation and the mutilation surgeries. No male would've been let to do it.

No. 1554685

The actor himself didn't even grow that beard. You know prosthetic beards exist, right?

No. 1554717

Of course they do, but most TiFs want to grow their own beards (or draw them on). She wants to grow the rest of her hair out, it’s not a stretch that she would try for facial hair too. You know Blackbeard existed, right? And had a real grown beard? Weird ass nitpick.

No. 1554858

See, and I was going to say that "someone wanting to do a cosplay means that they assume they can grow a gigantic beard" is a weird ass leap of logic, so here we are.
>Blackbeard was a real person with a real beard
And? Is that supposed to be some kind of gotcha? If he also had a wooden leg, would you assume cosplayers were going to get an amputation?

No. 1554937

File: 1654806657769.jpeg (556.38 KB, 1519x1296, 36A27016-A889-4C03-A382-D94AAC…)

Something that totally happened

No. 1554939

File: 1654806788785.jpeg (443.68 KB, 1536x2048, 215A9EBF-B562-40E5-B00A-7959CF…)

This is her btw

No. 1554944

Not to be autistic, but Edward Teach didn't have a wooden leg in real life. I don't know if he has one in OFMD because I have zero interest in that Tumblr pander-y trash.

Anyway, we all know this NLOG isn't even going to dry growing a beard. She'll just buy a costume beard from party city and draw a mustache on with eyeliner.

No. 1554959

why did she draw herself as brown skinned??

No. 1554961

all tifs *I've seen irl grow hair everywhere else but their head and chin, some even complain about being hairy in the "ugly" way and it is hilarious.

No. 1554968

TOP KEK. Even at a glance no one would read her as male. And as someone who has got abuse in the ladies room, it literally never goes like that. Most women just call you a dyke or a freak and be done with it. She really expects us to believe that a woman got right up in her face and said she's hiding a penis? Jesus Christ, she needs to ground her fiction a lil bit if she wants people to believe it.

No. 1554978

The way she draws herself and the way she looks aren't anything alike. If she gets fatter when she's older and keeps dyeing her hair blonde she'll look just like the other lady.
If it's real (it's not) the lady probably would yell at anyone who looks like a Tiktok influencer-wannabe chick about trannies for no reason since those two things aren't connected and there's a lot of women who look like her in women's bathrooms nowadays. Also how was she Male passing when the lady called her a Lesbian? This will age like milk, jesus.
Is this post implying older women yell at Autistic women in bathrooms for existing? Because she is gender conforming so it can't be that, and she's overselling the dinosaur wrist thing that Autistic people are said to have in every panel. That behavior will only be perpetuated if the only people talking about it frame it as, "at least I'm not Female anymore like she is, staying on the sinking ship of being not a TiF, unable to accept spergs as the same sex as them," instead of something established to exist already like Ableism. Very insulting to everyone involved.

No. 1554980

kek, what a nice clean spacious house, ornate mirror, and designer dog. such oppression

No. 1555002

It's an interesting trend I've noticed with these woke artists where they will make themselves slightly more brown and claim to have ancestry of some brown race even though they are the whitest bitches you will ever see.

No. 1555041

Spot-on. I first started running into TiFs in the cosplay scene, where girls LARPing as idealized fictional gay boys have always been immensely popular with other fujos. There's really no equivalent with moids; I've never once seen a group of dudes all cheering and taking pics because two crossdressing guys are making out, but the opposite-sex equivalent happened all the time with fujos. I'm sure it's no coincidence that entire groups of female friends seem to all troon out around the same time.

Yeah I don't buy it either. I'm far more butch than this girl and I've had women come into the restroom and walk right out (assuming they'd wandered into the men's on accident), or come out of a stall behind me and kind of gasp, but that's pretty much it. I don't think anyone is going to get up in some stranger's face and potentially embarrass herself by calling out someone who turns out to be an actual woman.

No. 1555189

No way does she claim this actually happened? Compulsive liars are some of my least favorite people, no wonder there's such an overlap between faking gender and faking stuff like DID

No. 1555434


Yeah the closest you get is when a bunch of drunk straight dudebros all put on sailor scout bras and party city wigs for the lulz, and other dudebros laugh. None of them actually think they're anything like women or sexy.

No. 1555453

so cringe I couldn't stomach more than a few seconds without pausing. but I want more, me a masochist.

No. 1555455

>TiFs in the cosplay scene, where girls LARPing as idealized fictional gay boys have always been immensely popular with other fujos.
I have forgotten about their existence and how I used to find so fascinating that 100% straight girls would wax poetic how two girls pretend-kissing was hot! I was wondering if they were confused lesbians, but it appears that they are probably confused, but more in the TIF sense.

No. 1555493

anon i hate seph too but i’m pretty sure her father/nixon’s ex-husband is literally jewish

No. 1555497

You were sperging about an actor having to wear a prosthetic beard. Obviously there are men that can grow beards and not everybody is trying to cosplay as some actor. You’re a retard for infighting in a shitty attempt to derail conversation on a dumbass TiF. Go outside.
Every single female I knew that crossplayed as popular gay boys all turned into TiFs. Reminds me of when there were a thousand Dave Strider’s from homestuck kissing other crossdressers (usually Dirk).

No. 1555538

Looks like Noelle Stevenson's art

No. 1555644

whats her twitter please?

No. 1555657

I was gonna ask how they're all so delusional about passing, but then I realized being trans is literally a state of delusion stemming from body dysmorphia so of course they don't know what they really look like

No. 1555666

File: 1654850895493.png (2.25 MB, 1080x1637, Screenshot_20220609-144016~2.p…)

A 'model' for a clothing brand I came across. She got top surgery but because she's so fat shes got some weird side boobage going on

No. 1555669

the cow tattoo on her gunt. i'm in tears, god bless
but holy shit, how does she look at herself and think "i'm sexy"? she looks horrific. if she was wearing normal men's clothing she could pass…as a low functioning autistic mexican man

No. 1555671

All this plus a giant cow tattooed on her stomach? Christ this really is self harm

No. 1555676

Literally, she looks like she has very bad BO. Of course all the comments on her pictures are people going "omg so hot slayyyyy" etc.

No. 1555695

File: 1654853777344.jpg (23.8 KB, 500x375, Untitled.jpg)

>that tattoo
Remove the stone of shame… attach the stone of triumph!

No. 1555704

File: 1654855292927.jpeg (60.55 KB, 550x440, 7E706F3C-C8B5-4CE8-95A6-57C7C8…)

Can someone please explain this shit to me? I legitimately want to understand the psychology behind it.

No. 1555710

Wait til you discover ftms punished. But it's not that deep it's just degeneracy

No. 1555724

File: 1654857354506.jpg (73.66 KB, 700x437, comic-artists-in-real-life-38-…)

they're immature girls and women, they want to be seen as cute. you have some weirdo pervert ftms of course but this stuff really isn't on the level of the agp trannies, these looks typical girls drawings like you have normal girls too usually drawing themselves looking way more cutesy than they actually are

No. 1555725

Their transition goal isn't to look like a real adult man, is to be not a woman and to look like those cutesy cartoons they like.

No. 1555784

They hate being a women, they know they would hate being a man even more or any kind of adult, really, and they hate themselves most of all. Their only way out is to be some prepubescent, neutral, unsexed creature, that is a young boy since girl children, even very young, are already seen as markedly different from the default human, a male.

No. 1555824

I literally do not get it either. Why the fuck would you put yourself through this just to sign up for more misogyny? Is this all just a really weird fetish? I can’t even imagine what state of mind you’d need to be in to sink so low.

No. 1555836

What too much omegaverse porn does to a mfcker

No. 1555862

I've been to a female-owned tattoo studio with colourful walls and toys/plushes/collectables on display because it's the owner and main artist's choice plus her work is heavy on pop culture and cartoons. It was still sterile like any tattoo parlor should be and I was not given any plushes to hold or stim toys. All that stuff was far away from the actual tattooing area. There's a balance to be had, this Aurora place in Essex (?) seems like it's putting pandering to comfort over professional standards and I know which one I would choose.

No. 1556037

File: 1654879535390.jpeg (53.18 KB, 605x599, 383AD2CA-EC7E-4D2A-904A-93EABA…)

She probably feels guilty for being white because the woke environment she’s grown up in tells her that being white, cisgender, and heterosexual means that you have privilege AKA you’re basically Satan. I think a lot of girls troon out, call themselves queer (while having only boyfriends) and nonbinary, draw themselves brown, and play up their 2% Jewish/Native American/whatever heritage because they’ve been told they should feel guilty for having white privilege.

No. 1556049

>If she gets fatter when she's older and keeps dyeing her hair blonde she'll look just like the other lady.
She must have internalized that being an adult white woman you're an annoying "karen". So in order to avoid that and being a victim, she identifies as a brown trans boy.

No. 1556337

File: 1654892097338.jpeg (608.11 KB, 2048x2048, 6718AB32-0708-426D-A3D4-A06BD9…)

5 year difference damn

No. 1556413

HtDM (Hon to Discord Mod)

No. 1556496

File: 1654899673392.jpeg (Spoiler Image,321.65 KB, 1914x2048, ftm jujutsu kaisen fanart.jpeg)

Kek I wanna be your friend

It might be kind of interesting to be able to discuss this and the connection to things like rising numbers of FTM pregnancies combined with the special interest they have in being feminine gay men, but I don't know when that'd be able to happen off anon and outside of terfy circles because it's Problematic Wrongthink to make connections or question things too much

No. 1556498

what a loss. She could have been a handsome butch

No. 1556544

Went from being a cute gnc woman to looking like a scrote ready to mtf at any moment. Such a shame.

No. 1556550

File: 1654902494501.png (184.81 KB, 470x496, 1496643401001.png)

in japan the male gay crowd doesnt read yaio, they read something called bara which is about manly hairy men having sex. a lot of these girls have had their brain rot from yaoi which is just feminized pretty boy male relationships. the same way a lot of men get porn sick.


No. 1556610

You know, it’s actually kind of funny. Most regular fujos like generic old yaoi with bishonen and shit but a lot of the TiFs go out of their way to get invested in bara and draw chars in that style. Idk if they’re doing it because gay men enjoy bara or what but I’ve seen it happen time and time again.

No. 1556625

The ultimate taboo in that particular subculture = misgendering so it consequently becomes the sexiest thing for them. You don't see MtFs fantasise about being gendered as male though because the subculture has internalised a subconscious view of womanhood as inherently sexual and degrading. The breeding stuff is probably just a way of working through prototypical het female sexuality while identifying as male

No. 1556651

This is what happens when girls repress being girls even though deep down they know they just want to be girls

No. 1556663

Tbf, on an old Discord server I remember one MtF who actually had a detrans/misgendering fetish, it's probably the first time I heard about it. But indeed is mostly TiFs who are doing this sort of stuff.

No. 1556665

I like bara and I'm a straight woman. I always thought fujos were lesbians because yaoi boys are so effeminate. Maybe TIFs are "trans" so they don't feel ashamed of admitting they're attracted to men and not a evil cis straight woman oppressor.

No. 1556708

Just out of curiosity (to any nonas who might know really), how common is it for TIFs to be into shota?

No. 1556720

I'm sure a lot of Ftms read it but don't think it's wrong because they're getting off on the idea of being the boy not the man; so they're the victim

No. 1556724

feels like a weird sexualised form of conversion therapy

No. 1556729

I don't get that "it's ok because I'm the victim in the fantasy!!" like it's a fantasy, it doesn't have to be moral, why would it matter if you're the perpetrator? kek

No. 1556742

Seems fairly common from what I've noticed. I'd argue some are into loli because they draw a lot of "trans shotas"

No. 1556762

Actually pretty sure a lot of the fujos I knew who liked those pretty yaoi bois were closeted lesbians. It was true for me as well, kek. And that's the stereotype in Japan too.

I feel like the closet cases have a higher chance of getting over their troon phase before it goes too far. They're usually t4t anyway, not just because moids don't want to deal with them, but because they're also secretly not attracted to IRL dudes anyway, only other TiFs. Whereas the straight TiFs are often genuinely AAP (and some are into bara as well), so it's harder for them to abandon the dream of being an actual gay dude IRL.

No. 1556776

Straight TIFs go on grindr a lot, I heard about it from a gay moid I used to be friends with. I kept thinking I couldn't imagine any of the fujo4fujo "trans men" on tumblr ever doing that.

No. 1556807

Every TIF I've come across. A lot identify as the shota. They'll share fantasies being assaulted or assaulting shotas. They always draw them trans.

No. 1556870

I wonder if the tifs are like the tims, in that, they primarily are seeking out a normal cis person of the sex they’re attracted to (opposite sex) and throw hissy fits when actual gay people don’t want them. I lurk the mtf thread a lot and these men throw tantrums all the time about real women not really wanting them, saw one that even got mad at their female friend for setting them up with another tim kek

No. 1556895

Another interesting aspect of this is the mtf4mtf trannies/transbians that seem to be actually gay in a much more roundabout way similar to the fujo4fujo TIFs. As for the straight TIMs/TIFs, yes, they're similar, they're both looking for a member of the opposite sex to want them in a "gay" way.

No. 1557015

I wonder if they're csa survivors reacting in a fucked up way or if there is another reason for this.

No. 1557040

seconding this. Human brains are so absurdly weird I wouldn't be surprised if it was all rooted in being a coping mechanism

No. 1557063

Idk. Might be the case for some but I think some of them just latch on because it’s so common in anime and manga. When I was younger (early teen) I found shota appealing for whatever reason but eventually grew out of it. I don’t have any trauma like that, I just was drawn to something about the aesthetic. I know it is gross, I don’t have an explanation other than it was present in enough mainstream weebshit that it just kind of ingrained itself into my head for a while. Now it sort of repulses me.

No. 1557067

Anyone who gets my silly little Simpsons reference is automatically my friend.

I think it's also the result of the "ew, straight people" outlook that is so prevalent on social media. It's textbook repressed sexuality. They want to be desired as women in the most heterosexual way possible - impregnation.

No. 1557070

Who would’ve thought bullying campaigns online geared against heterosexuality and it’s expression would cause harm to women???

Jeez it’s almost like bullying is bad or something.

No. 1557101

I’ve seen a couple gay men on tumblr complain about trannies (ftms in invading gay spaces, mtfs acting like gays are repressed trannies that can’t commit to being a superior twans woman) and media depictions of gays but their accounts were deleted. Radfem and anti-troon lgb accounts get removed pretty frequently.

No. 1557184

>Actually pretty sure a lot of the fujos I knew who liked those pretty yaoi bois were closeted lesbians. And that's the stereotype in Japan too.
That's absolutely not the stereotype in Japan what are you talking about kek The pretty boy/bishounen esthetic has originated in and is still a staple of heterosexual romance manga aimed at young Japanese women, predating BL, and so BL is drawn this way because it targets the same hetero female audience. It now appears as a gimmick in many other media trying to attract a female audience.
The stereotype about BL in Japan is that's it's porn for straight women, which in turn is seen in Japan as really funny and weird or even disgusting and off-putting as women aren't supposed to have sexual desires of their own or at least broadcast them, and all the obsessive excess buying/reading of the genre and squeeing over 2D characters is mocked as well because it's linked to being an otaku, which carries a big stigma in Japan as being anti-social, childish and undesirable.

No. 1557297

Tbh all of that het-bashing making girls feel guilty about their heterosexuality is mostly feminist's fault, all of that "men are a DISEASE" "I'm living proof heterosexuality isn't a choice cause who would want to like MEN" shit definitely made other girls and people like me feel guilty for being attracted to men.

No. 1557303

I don't think so, I think it's because TIFs automatically look more like teenage boys then actual men (because they aren't men lol), so they compensate by calling themselves "shota" or "twink"

No. 1557313

That sounds like a crock of shit

No. 1557318

Some yaoi has buff guys, it's gotten more popular in recent years. There's lots of Korean BL webtoons about big muscular guys with pretty faces. It's still pretty distinct from the stuff aimed at gay men though. The dynamic between the characters, the way sex is depicted, stuff like that.

No. 1557324

That problem came directly from both gays and straight people who wanted to be oppressed.

No. 1557331

T4T TiFs are probably common because butch4butch relationships are unheard of and shat on a lot in the lgb(t) community. You get called a faggot over it anyway. It's like double gay for some reason.

No. 1557354

Nonna were you around during the tumblr feminist era? All of it was bashing straight people and treating heterosexuality as some sort of joke bc feminist women felt bad for being attracted to men and other girls absorbed that. It's a common thing I've heard a lot of people from that era talk about as a reason why they transitioned or went polilez/pretended to be lesbian.

No. 1557357

File: 1654970653195.jpeg (655.12 KB, 961x2304, EA4CF6C8-0D1A-4A19-AF0A-D84FE5…)

Someone in the celebricows thread brought up TIFs loving Pete Davidson because he’s “Transmasc coded” and I had to do some mental gymnastics to figure out what the hell that means. Transpassing…

No. 1557373

Plump lips, tacky fashion or dressing like a teenage boy.

No. 1557382

I'm the anon that said that and it was John Mulaney actually lmao. But I could see it for Pete Davidson too. Basically any guy who's scruffy and unkempt, bonus points if short

No. 1557413

The dude probably came to his senses before sticking his dick in crazy and realized it was just not worth it. So weird for a moid to turn down potential sex, though.

No. 1557422

Degenerate scrote keeps a TiF on the back burner thinking that as a mentally ill tranny she will agree to peg him and toss his salad, but she is interested in straight sex with a gay label. He doesn't see the appeal so when he realizes she's not a freak in the way he hoped he leaves her for a woman he is attracted to.

No. 1557424

>assuming people on an imageboard don't know what bara is
>linking to wikipedia
Integrate, summerfag.

No. 1557448

It happens in fandoms far too much so I am not surprised by the hordes of gaydens.

No. 1557466

File: 1654976583296.jpeg (699.37 KB, 1170x1854, EAE92C65-A300-4D3F-A30D-1BF1CB…)

Some busted troon got a comment under her deformation surgery flex post from a man calling her a “deviant”, and obviously he was a soyful scrote posting himself reading 1984 and wearing fuck ugly trench coats so the troon jumped to make fun of him to her followers, and I hate stupid annoying scrotes just as much as the next woman but it’s just really poignant how this severely mentally ill woman is trying to dunk on a born male but is ultimately unsuccessful because she’s still the one who will never be a man. Kek

No. 1557517

File: 1654979154720.jpg (72.07 KB, 566x679, totally a booooy.jpg)

Chrabi aka Decoffinated who chopped off her boobs (picture was posted in some of the threads) is totally a guy and not just a girl with a mutilated body.

No. 1557543

File: 1654980480994.jpg (84.29 KB, 618x680, E-Wub8pWYAI3pfZ.jpg)

Here her picture of getting her boobs chopped off for reference.

No. 1557556

Yeah this is the most likely reason. He assumed he could be with a woman and still get fucked but when she didn't want to play along hid fantasy, he dumped her.

No. 1557562

>straight men act like retards and beat their wives
>modern straight girls want nothing to do with this
>WAH! feminazis!

pull your undercut out of your ass

No. 1557565

Anon please sage and don't reply to maleposters. Report and move on. We have a lot of men who try to blame everything on feminism because they also blame their failures on feminism.

No. 1557578

NTA but that is not what they said.
The goddamn issue is not criticizing men, it’s saying heterosexuality is wrong and you’re uncool unless you’re gay. With this toxicity it’s no surprise straight girls who have no friends outside fandoms end up trooning out.

No. 1557614

You have to be a massive retard, beyond comprehension to troon out based on the most lukewarm jokes online. I am a "cishet" and none of those jokes or sentiments are that awful that it made me want to troon out.

No. 1557627

When you're a 14 year old girl and you hear other girls saying heterosexuality is cringe and you know you're straight it's gonna make you feel like shit. We've already accepted that ROGD among girls, which leads them to becoming TIFs, is largely due to social contagion, so why can't you accept this as well?

No. 1557663

Oh you know why, admitting that bullying straight girls online for being attracted to men isn’t harmless would mean they did something bad, we can’t have that can we? No one wants to admit they’re part of the problem because it’s uncomfortable.

No. 1557678

These sob stories aren't gonna convince me, sorry. Not to continue this autism further, but you don't see black girls "trans-racialing" to become white en masse despite racism in general, as well as misogynoir being 100x more prevalent in society as well as internet culture than the corniest tumblr "haha straight is boring" jokes.

No. 1557698

This. No accountability for their own behaviour whatsoever. Just crying straighty is oppressed for clowning on men/attraction to them due to being the shit tier chimp sex. I’m straight and don’t give a fuck or feel like trooning out because I don’t have underlying mental issues. Seems very “nooo, you can’t mock men you stupid femcels.” Weird that when straighty is clowned on now and gay is accepted, gay people still troon out.

No. 1557700


lol but you do see black girls trans-racialing. Tracey Barbie, that other chick on doctor Phil, and it's pretty common in areas where there's maybe two black families to see a black girl who actually tries to "act white" (which is way different from a black girl who just happens to be from a suburban area and acts like it). Black women online are always talking about how hard it is to be a black woman and not being desirable please get a new point to justify making fun of hetrosexuals.

No. 1557706

File: 1654988075817.jpg (313.88 KB, 1080x1559, IMG_20220612_041209.jpg)

Went down the 'subliminal' rabbit hole and look what I found nonnies kek.

No. 1557733

>Aiden got permanent mutilation sausage
>wife gets pregnant
The story between the lines here is so fucking bleak jesus. Or she's just straight up lying

No. 1557741

It's the Peter Pan syndrome.
In their eyes/experience, girlhood=unnecessary trauma and boyhood=freedom

No. 1557746

Learn what "transracialing" and "en masse" mean, and then we can talk. Whatever self-hate some black women go through is not the same as low-level troonery where some terminally online fandom girl goes by they/them on twitter, and maybe cuts her hair while dying it blue all to get some online clout.

Precisely! It's so bizarre to me because the "haha straighty" jokes are lighthearted. In comparison, a lot of homophobic sentiment has some real malice behind it. Hell, "men are trash" and "ugh I hate being attracted to men" literally almost always comes from straight women themselves because, like you said, scrotes are trash lmfao. These are the types of sentiments that come from middle aged women from all backgrounds so I'm not sure how tf this was the cause behind fakebois trooning out.

No. 1557748

File: 1654989971775.jpeg (162.05 KB, 1197x1015, 4464DC39-7275-4946-95E6-4309D6…)

These bitches all have the same artstyle istg
>Transphobia: Is it good?

No. 1557754

It's easier to pass as a boy than a man.

No. 1557755

Oh well, it's a real phenomenon no matter how much you try to ignore it. And you don't see black girls "transracialing" because "transracial" as a concept is shunned by woke SJW types while "transgender" isn't, even if the logic is the same.

No. 1557757

File: 1654991446562.png (14.39 KB, 90x88, I must scream and I have no mo…)

Squidward cat

No. 1557760

>"haha straighty" jokes are so lighthearted
Didn't you read what I said? You, a probably 20-30 years old woman, think it's lighthearted because your brain is fully developed enough to comprehend that it's a joke. But seeing this shit and absorbing these ideas at 14 only made me feel guilty for being straight and blamed for my attraction to men by other women. Continue to act like nothing's happening though, I'm sure millions of girls are trooning out for no reason except autism and totally not because girls, including "feminists," shit on each other for stupid reasons constantly, hence the social contagion aspect brought up by writers on this subject.

No. 1557766

So far in this thread we've only seen the following reasons for following this path: fetishization of gay men (yaoi, straight tifs), the acceptance of being girly (usually just straight tifs), trauma (either), homophobia (bi/gay), insecurity (either), eating disorder (either but usually straight or bi), social contagion (adopting the new popular phase, usually straight), rebelion to be seen as different popular ala spicy straight (usually straight or bi, gay but only for more clout in lgb't' spaces). No one's really trooning due to people making fun of straights. It's like men saying women can't talk about sexism because it oppresses men.

No. 1557768

>and it's pretty common in areas where there's maybe two black families to see a black girl who actually tries to "act white" (which is way different from a black girl who just happens to be from a suburban area and acts like it)
NTA, but how can you "act" a race? Kek

No. 1557770

It's not. Sorry that you are mentally ill enough to fall for troonery based on jokes though.
Oh come on. If I am currently in my 20s and ended up on an imageboard arguing with other autists over the origins of troonery, then I most likely was online in my teens. I would have been a teen in the early to mid 2010s, which is when the transtrender troon crazy took off. Like I said, straight jokes and talking about how "men are trash" isn't new.

No. 1557789

Nta but except none have so far kek. Are you a pickme? None in this thread have been oh so poor oppressed straights.

No. 1557805

i heard those same jokes and i'm still a normal straight woman. maybe those chicks lacked a backbone

No. 1557809

Straights aren’t oppressed you retard and even then that’s not a justification for bullying impressionable autistic teenage girls. “I’m sorry you are so mentally ill that jokes make you troon out.” Loving the victim blaming attitude, how about we just don’t fucking shame teenage girls?

No. 1557816

>bullying teen girls
Please retard-chan. Sorry we laugh at nigel.

No. 1557819

Not involved in this conversation but men oppress women in a completely different way to how straight women oppress lesbian/bi women. Also nobody was talking about adults or talking about oppression. They were specifically talking about young straight girls on the internet feeling isolated because they felt their sexuality was morally wrong. We've spoken on threads before about how girls feel ashamed of conforming to gender roles and being feminine so they troon so they can be feminine in a subversive way. This is not much different. We all know that the reasons why people transition can be rooted in narcissism, attention-seeking, being terminally online and being impressionable and young and trying to fit in with those around you combined with the fact that trooning is not always due to logically sound reasons (obviously). So why is this such a stretch? Is it that many here make these jokes and feel bad about it? I don't know.

No. 1557822

It's not really just jokes about straighties. I was deep in the gendie shit and there was definitely a lot of vitriol for straight people (undeserved in my opinion because the people spewing it… were straight girls themselves). Obviously straight people don't face discrimination like a SSA person, but in small niche communities living in their own bubble (full of delusional teenage gayyydens) it's not tough to imagine how some nerdy autistic straight girl could change her pronouns and start to socially transition into a boy because the jokes combined with the actual teasing/bullying and then the talk of gendie feelings (I don't feel like a girl, I knew I was a boy because xyz, etc. etc.) could definitely add up over time and convince whoever is getting singled out, especially since kids are also gullible as fuck. Add in autism and it's almost guaranteed that she'll become an aiden.

No. 1557824

Samefag, men even claim they troon out because society is sexist against men (because women have more freedom to reject them and talk shit about how they are treated by men now and male entitlement) kek.

No. 1557826

>They only ever troon out because they are autisic and you booly moids/straights
Not even true. The autistic ones troon out because of anime as we've seen by our many deku-larpers. We will continue to shit talk men on an imageboard. Be a pickme elsewhere rather than brow-beating anons newfag. Your autistic long slapfight is embarassing.

No. 1557830

Lacking a backbone is one of the main features of being trans.

No. 1557832

Nobody fucking said anything about men, I don’t give a shit about criticizing or making fun of men, you are deflecting and nobody said it was the only reason straight girls troon out, it’s just one of the many reasons that make het girls become gaydens.

No. 1557833

Kek. Are you the one who has been seething about polilez and lesbians in general lately in ot? You that mad at women who aren't interested in men or mock them after years of mistreatment and denial of rights in law and then non-recognition of that denial happening? Are you a male? Post hand. Can't believe an ex-gendie preacher wants to talk to anons about being sane. Smh. Your probably a tradfag ala helena.

No. 1557842

What the fuck are you even talking about?
>probably a tradthot
Where the fuck did you get that from, retard? Seriously I don't understand the uptick in schizo finger pointing. No, I'm not whatever anon was screeching about polilez "lesbians" or whatever the fuck. Also did you read my post? I'm not talking about lesbians and bi women bullying straighties. I'm talking about GAYYYDENS, STRAIGHT WOMEN mocking other STRAIGHT WOMEN because they think they're totally valid yaoi boys. The reading comprehension is abysmal.

No. 1557845


No. 1557860

Made me smile, thanks nona.

No. 1557874

File: 1654998974262.png (505.7 KB, 778x472, bois.png)

The Yeasty Bois

No. 1557879

my TIF ex-friend is into shota kek
Started with Snarry (Snape/Harry)
projects onto the victim boys(sage)

No. 1557880

they all look the same.

No. 1557890

Girls to Men. Wonder how their voices sound. T makes women sound froggy.

No. 1557893

>and 3/4 of them have plugs
Kek. Why do so many ftm's have them?

No. 1557899

Gonna need a lot of autotune for those voice cracks kek
Maybe they want larger ears and not ‘small girly ones’? I don’t know.

No. 1557911

Why do they all look like the Sprouse twins

No. 1557912

I can see the type of men they are into, lol.

No. 1557913

Because they want to BE the cute alt bf

No. 1557940

It's insane what testosterone injections can do to women. Why do tims even try lol

No. 1557944

>baby is genetically related to her
if this is true, the between the lines is 100x more bleak

No. 1557954

some greasy aiden with severe "gay man voice" was being extremely rude and sarcastic to me at a store today

i fully do not expect customer service workers to be rays of sunshine, but i was politely asking a question and she got all huffy

sorry for blog i just find it funny how nasty so many of these people. too entitled to answer a question at your dead end job youre getting paid for i guess

No. 1557959

>straight jokes make women troon out
If they're extremely online (and only in online spaces that make these jokes) and autistic with no real friends maybe, but being gay in school was a death sentence. Doesnt transfer to real life

No. 1558005

The one on the middle right looks like soren

No. 1558022

Late but I had two tif roommates who were obsessed with 80s goth and new wave artists, particularly rozz Williams and Adam ant. (Gen p Orridge too)

They kept trying to get my husband to wear fishnets and makeup, because he had a goth phase as a teenager. It was super fucking creepy.

No. 1558026

Straight women are afraid to be joked about their sexualities, gay women are afraid of being beaten, excluded, ostracized, sent to conversion therapy, correctively raped etc. over their sexuality, don't get to see themselves represented often (especially if gnc or butch4butch), literally don't get mentioned during sex-ed (meanwhile gay men and trans shit is mentioned) etc. If they transition,
>they're just a self hating lesbian who fell to "globohomo corporate brainwashing" because she's a bad and weak person, no idea why she would even want to transition, no clue, could definitely not be heteropatriarchy.
Straight women transitioning as a result of being on Tumblr too much and reading too much yaoi?
>Feminists shouldn't have shat on men so much, shouldn't talk about how fucking dangerous they are and shouldn't have made jokes online.
It's obvious there are some tradthots going around.

No. 1558030

File: 1655020456066.png (56.85 KB, 565x804, ironic.PNG)

Lol I posted her before, she talked about removing a "unnecessary organ" was she talking about her chest or did she even got her womb removed?
What's so weird about her is that she used to be the most "uwu cute neet animu lifestyle" girl to being super insecure about being perceived too girly, I guess isolation and being terminally online does that. Picrel was a post she reblogged in her old tumblr (circa 2015/2016) sad kek. ngl I really miss her old vibes

No. 1558031

One furthest on the left is hot in an RPatz kind of way

No. 1558033

>gay women are afraid of being beaten, excluded, ostracized, sent to conversion therapy, correctively raped etc.
are you saying straight women aren't afraid of any of this? you sound fucking retarded kek. it doesn't matter if the reason behind the rape is conversion therapy/corrective rape or not, all rape is rape and straight women have to deal with rape just as often if not more than lesbians do. every woman has to deal with rape, regardless of sexuality, and one kind of rape isn't more justifiable or moral than the other. it doesn't matter if the reason is conversion therapy or corrective rape or reaction to rejection or just plain anger towards a woman, all rape is bad and straight women aren't immune to it. stop trying to turn everything into a lesbians vs. straight women thing

No. 1558039

It happens to straight women for being women, not to be punished for being straight. That is the difference.

No. 1558046

women are punished for being straight all the time. moids only care that a woman likes him, if a woman shows attraction to any other man or anyone else in general they sperg out and get violent (which is also why they don't lesbians, they reject them). it's entirely possible for a woman to be straight in "the wrong way." seriously just stop, straight women don't systemically oppress you and this isn't tumblr where oppression olympics psyoped lesbians into thinking teh evil straight women were in any positions of power to be plotting against lesbians nor is that how reality works. all women are oppressed by all men, gay or straight.

No. 1558047

That's not being punished for being straight, trying to stop her from being straight, which is being promoted by religious institutions. I'm not saying straight women aren't being oppressed, but there isn't societal pressure to stop women from being straight, get it?

No. 1558049

I get what you mean nonnie but you’re sounding like asexuals/demisexuals (always all girls) when they say they’re oppressed because they’re raped to correct their ‘prudeness’, shamed for not picking a man to be with, forced into marriages.. that’s not oppression for being ace/Demi/straight, that’s oppression simply for being women.

No. 1558050

>Feminazis reeee
Tradfag, men are retarded and are the reason women don't want them and are choosing to be with women (if bi) or wholly give up on dating (if straight).

No. 1558054

File: 1655023363456.jpg (25.36 KB, 500x349, boolying.jpg)

*sorry, >>1557959 I meant for >>1557760
Also picrel.

No. 1558055

Their voices are gonna sound terrible, testosterone ruins their vocal cords since it's naturally too small (because they are women) and not made for the unnatural enlarged deformity that comes from taking testosterone. I'd also worry about dancing and such since testosterone also makes other tissues have unnatural growth, including the heart

No. 1558056

Sorry to bring back 'why black girls don't transracialise' but if it was medically supported and easy to get into, then a lot defenitely would. Now you would have to import shady brands or have a lot of money to get the products from sea. If it was encouraged through pharma and as easy as starting to transition…
As a teen I looked into what Jackson did. Glad I was forced to grow out of it without a chance to inject myself with something.

No. 1558061

you’re right, but don’t expect to get anywhere with the poliles NEETs who’ve been ~totally radicalised~ by someone with the username RADFEMJ1M1N on radtwt that populate this thread

No. 1558062

How did lesbians become part of this conversation? If it's about straight girls trooning out because they're ashamed of being straight, what the fuck does that have to do with lesbians? Like this anon said >>1557842 it's usually straight girls with internalized hate projecting onto each other.
They didn't say anything about lesbians or gays. I don't get the comparisons.

No. 1558064

How am I a polilez for saying that heterosexuality isn't a persecuted sexual orientation? I didn't say sexuality is a choice or that women should stop being straight or that straight women aren't oppressed. Just not for the heterosexual bit.
Not in this specific conversation, but I've seen the shitting on HSTS TiFs here and other threads, where they get victim blamed, can't even mention how SSA is persecuted without being called a polilez. Meanwhile straight women transitioning is all the fault of feminists talking about how women are oppressed and some teen girls making jokes online about heterosexuality?

No. 1558065

Straight GNC women often receive the same treatment for being perceived as gay. It's not a contest. We are all hated.

No. 1558066

Kek. You keep reeing about femcels. Nooooo, women can't not fuck men u bitch. Sorry tradfag chan, maybe if men weren't chimping coomers things would be different. Straighty isn't oppressed nor should we stop pointing out men being shit.

No. 1558068

Because it's a moid who is reeing about women not fucking men. They get called a homophobe if they go on about lesbians, so they say polilez. They're the type to think feminist = lesbian/refusing to fuck men (if straight or bi) and need to be stopped/punished.

No. 1558071

I didn't say that straight women aren't oppressed at all, I literally said in my original post that it's bullshit to blame feminists for talking about how men treat women, for straight women transitioning. I said there's no societal systemic persecution of heterosexuality. People joking online isn't widespread persecution of heterosexuality, supported by states, religious organizations, etc. Even gnc straight women get more representation and are more societally accepted than lesbians (farmer's wives are a thing) and whatever shit you get is for being a gnc woman, not for the being heterosexual bit.

No. 1558073

autism happening in both threads now make it end

No. 1558074

Women have every right to mock and point out the entitlement and pure degeneracy of men and refuse to fuck them if they do not want to for any reason, yes, even political ones. You just keep reeing about those meanie femcels shitting on moids pickme-chan.

No. 1558075

Have you ever considered that maybe both are reasons that could contribute to a young girl trooning and valid explanations? There's never just one true reason for any phenomenon and saying that it's all because of "same sex attraction being persecuted" seems extremely myopic especially since we know a sizeable number of Aidens identify as gay men and were normal straight girls before they trooned. Anons have already discussed in this thread the differences between straight and lesbian TIFs and I thought it was interesting. Maybe instead of obsessively comparing which has it worse you could understand that they're both bad phenomenons.

No. 1558077

I didn't even fucking say that is the only reason TiFs transition? My whole fucking point is that the impact of heteropatriarchal society on HSTS TiFs is downplayed regularly in this thread and others, they're regularly victim blamed or treated like weak bad people who just fell for the "globohomo corporate conspiracy", just selfhating, no idea where it came from, silly lesbians just need to learn to love themselves. Meanwhile in reality the reasons why HSTS TiFs transition have been going on for over a century, it's not a new phenomenon at all. However when it's about straight TiFs, oh no it's suddenly the feminists fault for talking about how men treat women and it's women's fault for joking online about heterosexuality. Like I said in my original post, I think there are tradthots going around. Then I get accused of being a polilez who thinks straight women aren't oppressed at all, when I said it's bullshit to shit on feminists for talking about how men treat straight women?

No. 1558079

Anon, it's probs just a moid. They're seething about women saying no or even making fun of men.

No. 1558082

File: 1655025694030.jpg (83.81 KB, 556x1099, 78e52f5ce17a5604958a55070c3a80…)

You're probably right

No. 1558084

File: 1655026522869.jpg (302.99 KB, 1440x1920, aibsiujimir81.jpg)

No. 1558085

>full time ftm femboy
Like the retarded butch transbians.

No. 1558087

So basically she likes wearing feminine weeb clothes but not makeup. Groundbreaking.

No. 1558088

Truly. She doesn't want to be a normal e-girl type, that's boring, she wants to be a femboy which is fetishized by 4fag scrote degenerate types and seen as rebellious and breaking stereotypes.

No. 1558089

Ok listen. Just because a girl wants to simp for a cute korean guy while truthfully talking about how dangerous most men are, it doesn't mean she's a polilezzie. Just because a woman isn't into men who look like you doesn't mean she's a lezzie. Most straight young girls really like pretty boys because they look like they take care of themselves while the average dude looks crusty as fuck. It's not lesbianism, it's a new trendy male type.

No. 1558095

some TIM trannies who don't get clocked as men receive similar treatment like women. it's not a contest. we are all hated.
seriously, your point is exactly what trannies think about women when we talk about specific female oppression, that we are just evil bitches who want to keep all the oppressions to ourselves. somehow straight women recognize what bullshit that is and then turn around and do same shit to lesbians when they point out that hey lesbians face their own specific kind of issues. what happens to you if you admit that some women face issues you don't? what exactly do you lose in admitting that hey some women might have it worse than you in some aspects?

No. 1558096

Same thing with white women in feminist spaces, they never want to admit WOC might have it worse because someone called them Karen

No. 1558099

File: 1655029718223.jpg (77.1 KB, 850x400, quote-there-s-always-someone-a…)

Probably was Audre Lorde's point and critique the whole time Diclaimer, I'm white, I might be talking out of my ass

No. 1558101

i hate coming onto lolcow for my morning milk only to find it's being interrupted by autistic infighting

No. 1558121

File: 1655034534605.jpg (249.99 KB, 1081x541, copium.jpg)

Our old friend Mr. GigaPenis69 isn't so active on Twitter anymore but she does have a Medium blog with which she's "hoping to fix the disastrous representation of transsexualism through proper education surrounding the disorder and what it’s like." because obviously if you want to be well informed on these topics, a young woman with a picrew avatar is your best bet. She's only posted four blogs so far but I enjoyed her latest one in which her thinly veiled misogyny is used to prove that she's a totally valid and real tranny unlike those whores with green hair and piercings. This level of copium might kill her before 41% does.


No. 1558122

Same, this thread should be renamed to "retarded yaoi sperging". I come to see silly TIF antics, not to read whole fucking essays every three seconds on whether fujoshis are lesbians or not

No. 1558133

Sounds like she's projecting. Pick me bitches love to shit on young girls going through phases. Just like the other boys! So quirky to hate women and girls!

No. 1558233

Kek just goes to show that reading porn comics and AO3 fanfics all the time actively worsen your reading comprehension; I tried to follow the slap fight because I don't mind the yaoi sperging when it brings up interesting points, but the sperging anons were just arguing past each other and seemed unable to even get what the others were talking about. Fandom, not even once.

Only doctors can tell reeeee Haha, seeing the tranny in real life instead of social media or at most seeing them naked in a non filtered photo will be enough for anyone to clock them. The disillusions those people live with.