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File: 1455575128035.jpg (169.55 KB, 599x594, jill.jpg)

No. 93376

previous threads

>previously a punk kid who became a pansexual buddhist lolita lifestyler

>quit because of bullies and LACE drama (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxz0QVfggik)
>history of self harm, ED and severe anxiety
>has a legitimate shopping problem which prevents her from saving for her japan trip, expects fans to donate to her patreon to fund the trip
>broke up with 2-year boyfriend to date their best friend (and her other best friend's ex) whom she 'loved all along' and 'makes her believe in love at first sight'
>can't participate in jfashion communities because 'muh rules & restrictions'
>creates her OWN japanese street fashion called Party Kei

the rest is history anons

youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA
insta https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
tumblr http://pixielocks.tumblr.com/
blog pixie-locks.blogspot.ca

No. 93425

what the fuck is party kei supposed to be?

No. 93446

File: 1455585076710.png (311.14 KB, 492x328, desu.png)

No. 93453

Ngl she is my style inspo and I like her new idea even though it's just fairy and larme kei combined

No. 93458

File: 1455588152065.png (44.03 KB, 163x158, aha.png)

No. 93462

Op I have a question, why did you make a new thread for Jillian if her old one hasn't hit the post limit yet? We can't have two current Jillian threads, they'll just be carbon copies of each other.

No. 93465

According to Jillian, it's supposed to be sleepover themed, but with lots of confetti and fluffy elements.

No. 93603

>1201 replies

No. 93668


You sound like one of those cunts who thinks Google makes you a psychologist.

One of BPD's main issues is how unstable your relationships are because of it.
Aside from her replacing her boyfriends every couple of years, we don't know enough about her personal relationships to know whether that would apply to her.

Jesus Christ. It's one thing to play Dr. Google for fun, and another to get pissed off because I'm sceptical of your "diagnosis".

No. 93707

My sides.

No. 93719

>creates her OWN japanese street fashion called Party Kei
Then it's not Japanese, is it?

No. 93736

Yes that would be the implied irony

No. 93816

I dont think has been posted yet but when you youtube Jillian Vessey a piano piece of hers comes up lol

Its okay but not fantastic tbh. She should really work on playing the appropriate soft/hard when she needs to. (like decrescendos and crescendos) Definitely not as impressive considering she said she'd been playing for so long. I started piano super late since my parents weren't well off, but I'd always wanted to do it. Started around 12, and I was playing pieces of this caliber in about 3-4 years.

No. 93898

File: 1455681666215.png (220.53 KB, 337x404, 1390690115872.png)

of course she chooses a weeby ass fucking song to show off her "skills"

No. 93906

I'm a piano-chan, she bashes the keys like it's nobody's business. I had to Google how long she's been playing for, definitely didn't expect it to be 13 years. Maybe she should concentrate a little more on practicing her playing instead of her flair.

No. 93946

That does not sound like 13 (or 14 now) years of practise whatsoever

No. 94234

this is from 3/4 years ago though. still sucks anyway.

No. 94247

the crescendos and decrescendos are what give merry go round of life its emotion… also jfc at the part where she does the peace sign at the beginning and her randomly hitting keys.

that was when she'd been playing for 11 years but it doesn't sound like 11 years of practice either.

No. 94269


So instead of 13 years it s ten years of practice? Still so bad for so long… she has no emotion in her playing. Cant wait to hear the songs her band put out

No. 94326

>her randomly hitting keys.
That really was weird. I've never, ever heard anyone do that before playing. It's not like you need to tune up a digital piano to concert pitch before playing–not that that's what that sounded like anyway…

No. 94399

She has a band?
Anybody have more deets?

No. 94404

It's just her new boyfriend and their friend group. It's some cheesy Disney-esque attempt at a hipster indie band called Rainbow Valley. They haven't released any songs and she hasn't really mentioned them much since introducing their existence.

No. 94659


>I'm SO… PROUD of my piano playing!!

More like insecure jfc, thats why she doesn't want to acknowledge other peoples musical prowess

No. 94663

File: 1455861095450.jpg (186.6 KB, 750x592, guys i said look cool.jpg)

No. 95201

File: 1455993516732.jpeg (52.57 KB, 400x533, image.jpeg)

Here's Jillian's bedroom a while ago.

No. 95203

File: 1455993559261.png (474.36 KB, 469x566, image.png)

And a old picture of Jillian and Tristian.

No. 95205


Looked better tbh

No. 95220

That's pretty Larme if you don't look hard enough to see the weeb merch. I like it.

No. 95254

File: 1456001261947.jpg (190.94 KB, 599x596, jep.jpg)

more recent pic (but still a few months old)

she now has cute rilakuma pillows too, I really wish she'd give us that room tour

No. 95256

I'm really jealous of her wand collection ngl

No. 95259

Just realized this doesn't even include her chibiusa wand and the ojamajo doremi one that we've seen in other videos

No. 95260

sorry for double posting the vid

No. 95272

I really hate how youtubers jump on the ASMR bandwagon just as an excuse to show off their stuff. That's not what ASMR is supposed to be for, and it's not even relaxing.

No. 95274

Did she delete the video? It's not pooping up on mobile

No. 95289

>several hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise just chilling next to her bed in this pics

I have to admit I quitel ike her voice and ASMR!
But I can't. I really cannot go through this. Every item is bought by her mother, boyfriend, or something like that. Like, fuck, these are toys that cost up to several hundred dollars! And she just casually gets it (together with many more presents) as soon as she yearns for it. Please, pixielocks, shut the fuck up about where your items are from. No one cares. It comes off as extremly spoiled. Just shut up about the details and show us your stuff.

Maybe I'm just super salty but I own several of the wands she showed myself, but I had to work hard for every single one. And her just getting everything from her mom… It makes me jealous.

No. 95362


Don't worry anon. It'll end for her someday, one day she'll have to get off her glittery ass and go do actual work.

No. 95363

this is awful.
her boyfriend's outfit esp.
everything is in pink and white and blue but it's so…mismatched with the cut of his collar and vest. bloogh. and the gloves with the little bows on them? this is like something a sissy would be into. He looks humiliated.

No. 95365

Yeah, he later got into ouji and admitted he doesn't consider this a real coord and jillian did mention him being uncomfortable 'due to the cut' but he explained that he was actually uncomfortable because he didn't chose any of the pieces himself and it clearly wasn't his style.

No. 96472

isn't it that stupid fan+friend punk kawaii dandy vampire EGA ouji bullshit?

No. 96482

Now look what you've done. This video spent five whole months in perfect obscurity; but then until just had to post it here, and not even 10 hours later it's awakened a sleeping Super Carley.

No. 96497

File: 1456046098273.jpg (116.71 KB, 960x960, 11047941_10153483283648814_531…)


It is. His second coord wasn't much better.

No. 96501

god her legs are fucking disgusting. i hate people with nasty legs wearing short skirts or dresses

No. 96503

her legs look normal imho

No. 96512

jc should everyone just become muslim and cover themselves if their limbs don't fit your specific standards?
Is that haram enough for you?

No. 96541


a fuckboy who kept bugging me and forced a kiss on me legitimately did compare me to Ramona Flowers so this comment made me laugh out loud, it's legit

I was ill so he got sick for that kiss he stole. I fucking love karma.

No. 96545

Somehow she strikes me as a person who just has pure luck, and will always have a wealthy mother, and a nice well off boyfriend/partner to help her out, buy her presents and lets her live a nice life.

Not a single mention of "my mom/bf got me this!" or "pls donate so i can go visit kawaii nippon land uwu"? I'm a bit disappointed.

No. 96552

holy shit is this for real

No. 96560

File: 1456068917428.jpg (69.74 KB, 960x960, 12744030_508683409335049_30986…)

her skin is disgusting why does she insist

No. 96562

Are you stupid? Her skin looks fine here. But except from her eyeliner application, it's her make up that looks terrible. That shade of pink is not doing her any favours, and the glotter looks random and bad as well. You need some serious skills for this, and good make up. She has enough brand make up, she could do better.

No. 96566

She uses shades that wash out her complexion to begin with, she always does this no matter which colour blush or lipstick or eye-shadow she uses they always look terrible on her and it doesn't help that she uses whichever foundation that is on sale at the drug store and applies it with her fingers

No. 96567

>more f+f

No. 96568

File: 1456071486412.png (40.83 KB, 727x345, 444544.png)

It's probably nothing new but I stumbled across her livejournal earlier.


No. 96569

that deviantart link with unnecessary eeeeeeee gets me every time

No. 96591

>oujis wearing rhs
please let this never, ever become a real thing.
WHY THE BERET AGAIN? It didn't look good the first time, either…

No. 96637

In fairness, this awful make-up does make her skin look disgusting. It also makes her look like she has an eye infection. She needs to work on this a bit.

No. 96646

She's not that great. Not bad, but that's it.
I'm guessing she's just really self-conscious about her piano playing and knows she couldn't handle the criticism she'd inevitably get on it.

No. 96648

Eh, I think the beret is pretty cute.
Fucking everything else though, the ill-fitting F+F Aboz replica, the ugly RHS, that Rosette. He looks like he'd fit into brand, I just don't get it.

No. 96777


A what's in my bag video

No. 96782

File: 1456110375411.png (16.58 KB, 348x129, stop.png)

Oh boy. Time to brace myself. I feel like she really needs to edit her videos better. 18 minutes seems needlessly long for what can fit in a purse and all her videos somehow feel really excessive. She tends to talk endlessly about herself and her spending addiction, which really bloats the video and makes them a chore to watch.

Also, pic related in the comments section.

No. 96784

Has she gained weight or is that outfit just really unflattering?

Also her saying "hecking" is even more annoying than swearing. Who even says that?

No. 96816

Does she read lolcow? On an earlier video, we all complained how her "fuck" made her sounded out of character and too edgey.

No. 96818

did her voice drop two octaves or…

No. 96821

File: 1456116400683.gif (354.34 KB, 640x472, 196.gif)

Christ, I've been watching asmr youtube videos for years now (back when they called them "whisper videos") and this is absolute trash. I wish people would get off the bandwagon and stop making shitty videos for views, some of us actually like to watch to help with insomnia. Yes I mad.

No. 96844

Actually… Carly said she had 2 videos to put up this week end on Twitter, she alaos states it's not a parody of any in particular.
Although, it wouldn't surprise me if she did lurk here sometimes.

No. 96871

Yes she deffonis. She even made a comment on the savings for japan which she is basically spending kn sephora hauls. We discussed this in her thread a billion times kek

No. 96883

man, she looks like marty mcfly's sister before he fixed his family.
and the video is so goddamn looooong

No. 96888

Sorry but I don't think she reads lolcow. She's viciously against any type of hate sites. She's even suspicious of friends who inform her when she's been posted to btb or cgl lol. She will not stand for anyone defending these sites and will delete you if she finds out that you even casually lurk /cgl/ (which is why she recently booted me from fb). It took her a while to catch on to anons faking her mother in the first thread a few months ago. That's why she sticks so close to her e-famous friends because she's certain they wouldn't dare shit talk her since they're in the same boat. Unlike other lolcows, Jillian does not have a natural curiosity as to what other thinks of her. She ignores concrit at all times and is only interested in compliments. Asskissing is the only acceptable form of human interaction in her eyes.

No. 96889

stop with the gender neutral pronouns

i'm almost positive she brought this genderfluid tumblr bullshit into his life and is grooming him to be as trendy as can be for her

No. 96923


I dont know… I realize most of these were gifts but a lot of the pretty cure wands aren't TERRIBLY expensive, compared to older wand releases from like 90s to early 2000s. I think her Ojamajo Doremi wand might be one of her more expensive ones.

But this whole video was still so damn cringe.

No. 96928

File: 1456158791552.png (695.5 KB, 1034x870, Untitled.png)

So its been bugging me since the video, but I wanted to make an estimate of her Christmas items.

>Joyrich Ostrich bag - $194 USD

>Sugarpill jacket - $153 USD
>Ojamajo wand - $149 USD
>Amiibo Festival - $60 USD

So the wand is a rough estimate since there are not many listing for it (I even checked mbok/y auctions). This particular listing is for the French version, so it could be more expensive with it being from a different region. Also remember she is Canadian and our dollar has been fucking shit for quite awhile now so…
194+153+149+60 = 556
556 USD = 761.33 CAD plus shipping fees

No. 96931

But this is the same girl who went out of her way to make a video about 'bullies' (she just used LACE as an excuse to do it. Most people who act all 'holier than thou' about bully sites are the ones who are the MOST invested in stalking everything anyone says about them.

No. 96938

Yeah I understand the psychology, that's why I stated she would be an exception to the rule. She's much too immature to handle 'hate sites' and has been a lot more insecure since the LACE shit. I'm not saying she's not a self-centered brat but she's simply uninterested in reading criticisms about herself when she's desperate for acceptance.

No. 96939

You can see in the christmas photos that she got over a dozen gifts anon

No. 96945

hideos items jesus fuck

No. 96948

i thought giant wigs are supposed to help balance out a bigger body but this just makes her look like the definition of fat twee girl

No. 96951


These were just the -major- ones from her video. Where is the christmas photo? I'd love to check it out and see if there are anymore notably large purchases.

No. 96955

File: 1456162185109.jpg (459.93 KB, 1500x1001, 1451579039795.jpg)

No. 96956

Sounds like she has a cold or something.

I appreciate that she's not swearing in this video, it makes it less cringy. But so much unnecessary rambling, this type of video doesn't need to be 18 minutes.

No. 96969

At least post the link in the youtube bar of the submission so you are not giving her $ for views?

No. 96970

Also to anyone new if you click the DL link it opens the video in a new window/tab and lets you view it without giving her the view she can make money on.

Please do that from now on (click DL and put the youtube url in the youtube box of the submission form) so we don't give her even more money to waste on crap and then brag about.

No. 96979

No. 96983

I just use adblock. I don't think they get money if you do that.

No. 96984

>here's my 3DS because I am a weeb for life
Since when does having a 3DS or playing video games make you a "weeb"? Does she not know what a weeb is?

No. 96985

That… was so gross. Does anyone else think she looks like Gutterface?

No. 96991


She just rambles… and rambles..

No. 96992


I kinda feel like she just threw it all in her bag just to show it off tbh…

No. 96995

… Like maybe if she only specifically played jrpgs?? But I doubt it lol. Playing a ds just makes you more geeky then anything I guess.

No. 96996


Ughh why are her videos so long now? Its so painful to sit through

No. 97020

She looks a lot like that fat british vlogger

No. 97026

Well, I'm sorry I didn't know I could do that.

No. 97032

Dark hair really suits her

No. 97058

No. 97118

lol she didn't mention that tristan bought her that camera in the thumbnail

No. 97121

you can't just mash a bunch of shit together and call it a style. Like how self absorbed and tacky is she?

No. 97123

That's not even jfash, so why the hell is she calling it party kei? It's literally just a bunch of normie brands.
Except Swankiss, but it already has its own style (larme), which has absolutely nothing to do with "party kei".

No. 97413

I really want to message her about this hypocrisy but I know she just ignores everything that isn't compliments

Maybe i'll bite in the comments section when she finally does a party kei video

No. 97422

So I read this thread since the beginning and wow was it a train wreck. I watched one of videos and her sense of humor is so.. forced and dry? I don't find her appealing and her party kei crap is the ugliest shit.

No. 97425

i had a dream about her
> ohgodwhy
so basically she had some kind of scheme to run away with a lesbian lover or a band or something farfetched and snowflakey

somehow i was supposed to take over her current scheme which i have no idea what it was. basically think of her as a criminal mastermind and i was to pick up where she left off while she ran away.

i went to her house where i found some kind of box and a letter detailing everything. i was supposed to listen in on a phone call between her and her mother. her mother was begging her not to run away and all that, and threatened to call the police. just when i was packing up to leave i see the police outside so i try to run out the back door.

No. 97427

Her style is NOT larme at all, it's more lolita and fairy kei but mostly fairy kei.

No. 97441

I agree she's nowhere near larme but she also isn't lolita whatsoever at this point?? stop trying to shove her into japanese fashion when she's clearly just some gaudy tumblr girl nowadays.

No. 97446

I started feeling somewhat sympathetic to her just because of what an empty person she seems to be. She makes it so clear that the only way she finds any semblance of happiness is through surrounding herself with more and more new material goods. At the end of her what's in my bag video she pretty much says that flat out. She also admits to having mental health issues and this cycle of fruitless spending is clearly not helping her.

No. 97501

I think you nailed her on the head. She's really the hypersensitive type that things all anon boards are hell holes or something.

I think her e-fame part isn't so sincere, though. I think she wants to get close to other famous people also to boost herself. I do think they lick eachother's wounds from all those mean "haters" though.

No. 97505

From what I gather, party kei is basically Dolls Kill/Miley Cyrus type fashion. With the big platforms and latex skirts and tattoo choker. It's fucking tacky. Also so sick of these bitches who don't know what larme kei is calling their style larme. Face jewels and big fluffy earrings are not larme kei

No. 97506


No. 97529


Larme is nice and I hope Beckii/Jill and other cows stay the fuck away from it.

No. 97560

too late

No. 97581

Jillian proclaimed her love for larme pretty much immediately after quitting lolita. Larme kei 'literally owned her heart' at the time kek. I think she received her first issue of larme after making that tutorial and realized her style had nothing in common with the fashion because she's never really brought it up again since the summer.

No. 97591

it's because she is/was too hefty to fit into swankiss.

No. 97594

she has pretty small measurements anon stop shitting up the thread

No. 97595


too bad they don't suit it kek

No. 97596


She doesn't pull Larme off at all. Stupid glitter, Swankiss and her ugly pastel shit.

Beckii has recently gotten into it, her hair is nice but she still looks like an old man.

No. 97600

File: 1456264224061.jpg (68.12 KB, 854x470, jillianv.JPG)

I don't know if this is bait or not but she's not smaller sized at all. She's not a fatty chan but she's heavier. pic related.

No. 97601

Not that anon but she's definitely too big for most Swankiss items, or at least too tall. They're made for really short people, like 5'1" and shorter, and if you're any bigger than an A cup, none of their tops will fit correctly.

No. 97603

Beckii and her attemts at Larme is tragic
they both should stay far away from it

No. 97606

What all these weebs don't understand is that larme is a very grown-up style. Like yeah, there are pastels involved but the silhouettes are more refined and ladylike. To make the transition from more weeby styles like fairy kei to larme is a huge difference you basically have to buy all new clothes.

No. 97667

I've met her a bunch of times and anyone who's seen her irl would know that she's like 4'9 and barely a hundred pounds. I haven't seen her for like a year I suppose but I still doubt she's packed on the pounds since she's always bragging about fitting into brand.

No. 97677

it says on her tumblr she's 5"0. i doubt height would be a problem, but if she gains anymore weight her weight will

No. 97683

File: 1456296950779.jpg (65.51 KB, 490x503, 1455845583384.jpg)

Nope, sorry. Pic attached is what 4'9" - 4"11" and sub-100 lbs. looks like. This girl is much larger than that. Don't want to prompt body discussion, just want to be clear. She is not under any circumstances "small."

No. 97688

That girl is far under 100 lbs if she's that short.

No. 97697

I can't help but think this is extremely shooped or there's serious angles fuckery going on.
>her face is bigger than her waist
Yikes. Aliens!

No. 97727

omfg, can we all stop parroting how jillian sucks at larme like retards? pretty pretty please?? she claimed to be into it for like a week last summer, then literally never mentioned it again. it's been 6 months. GET WITH THE PROGRAM ALREADY.

No. 97736

Possibly a bit shooped yeah but also looks around 90 if anything. I'm 5'1 and when I dropped to around 93 pounds I still didn't look that scrawny.Sage kinda.

No. 97737

She's small compared to a normally developed 18 year old with tits and ass. Without any heels she has the height and stature of a child.

>actually know Jillian
>be a teenager
>knows what Jillian looks like compared to class mates
>knows how tiny she is next to everyone else at cons and meets

You can allow ED board discussions to skew your perception all you want but if you weren't a sperg and actually went outside you'd know that people's height and weight are distributed differently and it's common for people of the same size to appear as completely different.

She purchases smaller sizing from Japanese brands and wears a western size XS/S. That is, by definition, small.

No. 97738

She's small but chunky. There, argument solved.

No. 97769

She does look "large-boned" here, but I chalk that up to her very unflattering outfit. I'd say she's probably not proportioned like a typical petite. Her legs look quite long which, combined with her questionable clothing, make her look large in photos–but I could see that IRL standing next to her it would be clear she's not "large" at all.

No. 98095

She keeps tagging tumblr posts with #colin and has been saying that he'll appear in videos soon

I wonder if she'll introduce him as queer since she only refers to him with 'they/them'

No. 98097

File: 1456409308481.jpg (144.21 KB, 645x303, yesh.jpg)

No. 98099

File: 1456409387939.jpg (50.58 KB, 500x144, lol.jpg)

No. 98257

Make your mind up, Jillian.

No. 98277

I was confused about that too

No. 98317

So she admits to emotionally cheating on her previous BF for two years. Interesting. He's lucky he got out when he did.

>one of those crazy prodigy children
If she puffs up her ego any more she is going to pop. And she must have smacked her little head a few times because she sucks now.

No. 98332

> And she must have smacked her little head a few times because she sucks now.
The issue isn't losing talent, its a lack of improvement. If she could play what she plays now at 4 years old that would have been quite impressive.
Doesn't that defeat the purpose?
Maybe they do this because her bf is afab, I dunno.

No. 98350

I don't think she notices that we take that as confirmation. She seems to be under the impression that her followers have short term memory problems like herself and don't bother considering Tristan. Seriously does she not understand the implications of repeatedly saying she's been in love for two years at first sight etc? She always mentions it offhand in a cheery and cute way without relating it back to Tristan. It's a happy proclamation for her rather than a shameful secret but I don't really understand why she thinks announcing it from rooftops is cute.

No. 98354

I thought this might be a hint at him being agender or something like that. She seems like the type that'd drop a boyfriend and hop on the tumblr bandwagon as her next phase.

No. 98361

If you hop on this bandwaggon, at least use terms that make sense. Use "partner" or "SO" instead of boyfriend, because that makes it sound even more half assed and silly.

Honestly I think it's so mean and hurtful to brag about all this on the Internet the way she does. As far as we can judge Tristan has been a nice person to her, got involved in everything she wanted, bought her gifts and isn't talking about her all over social media now. He deserves some dignity and respect.

No. 98434

File: 1456521608549.png (7.52 KB, 290x122, tristan.png)

and poor naive Tristan is still supporting her Patreon.

No. 98454


Larme can be done without the weeb looking shit though. Notice most of the girls modelling for Larme are in their 20's so it's definitely a kawaii yet grown up kinda look? Which is the beauty of it.

I wish Jill would stop trying to make it… "party keified".

No. 98715

File: 1456611271337.png (886.87 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

She dyed her hair hot pink.

No. 98729


She looks like the one from Lazy town

No. 98730


I don't think this is all that bad… not a fan of the buns tho

No. 98737

i guess if she's going for the "edgy-desu tumblrina 'grungy' babby's first box of manic panic uneven dye look" then yeah.

No. 98741

her back leg looks fucked

No. 98743

This skirt does not fit well in any way, and the frottee bathtowel-like top is not helping at all.

No. 98767

> frottee bathtowel-like top
What the hell is that thing? It looks like one of those rugs you put around the toilet.

No. 98795

File: 1456629482620.jpeg (42.38 KB, 506x243, image.jpeg)

I got bored.

No. 98796

File: 1456629513140.jpeg (48.6 KB, 312x496, image.jpeg)

No. 98842

No. 98856

Is the 26 yr old guy Colin? I'm not really sure?

No. 98884

It says the dude on the end is a girl

No. 98915

File: 1456680083305.png (26.21 KB, 501x277, 393932829829829.png)

No. 98919

No. 98939

So powerful that their business can't even stay afloat, huh?

No. 98941

File: 1456683944238.png (115.39 KB, 574x803, Capture.PNG)


The comments on the GoFundMe are so juicy. Doesn't surprise me that Jillian works for a snowflake herself. Apparently she beat up her husband (even though it was "mutual" she was the one who was charged with assault), and is lying about not receiving child support.

No. 98942

Surprised much? Her sob story makes her seem like a manipulative nutjob.

No. 98945

> I love it here and losing it would break my heart.

"Because then I might have to get a job where I can't dye my hair purple without risking a panic attack."

>Working here has taught me just how powerful

>women can be if they work their asses off and
>believe in what they do

And then when it all goes south, cry to daddy they need money. Please support our gofundme page! Girlpower!

No. 98949

This so much. Why when things go bad do so many women pull the "empowerment" card. If you're so empowered, you could deal with things yourself instead of asking others for money.
I don't mind the gofundme, it's the descriptions about it. One has a long sob story trying to guilt you in to giving, the other is just too preachy.

No. 98952

OMG I'm laughing so hard right now…all of the comments on Pixie's FB page under that post are people saying, "oh, I totally love that Sailor Moon iPhone case in the gofundme picture and want one…but I can't find it on your store's website!" Hahahaha, JMFC, you think maybe this is why your business is going tits-up, lady?

No. 98954


"My ex is currently trying to take my children from me, and without a job and stability he may have a better chance."

But earlier she states….

"A month ago, my son had a melt down at his dads house which resulted in dad throwing child through a wall and a police investigation."

Yeah, no. If he actually did something like that and there was a police investigation, there is NO fucking way that they'd let him have the kids after that. It doesn't matter how much money he has.

I call BS on this whole "abusive" relationship thing. I think she's just saying that to excuse her "mutual" assault charge. Also, I totally understand that pregnancies aren't always planned, but why bring a second child into the world if you can't even afford a place that's not owned by a "slumlord" and filthy with bedbugs? Especially if your credit is maxed out?

Sage for OT, this stupid lady just annoys the crap out of me.

No. 98960

Yeah, I know. There's clearly more to the story which is why I don't believe it at all. She even admits that other people think she is crazed.

No. 98962

According to someone on the gofundme she also assaulted a different person who she was involved in a car accident with.

No. 99080

File: 1456719724743.jpg (111.93 KB, 1000x1500, 701950_10153881137386405_65839…)

her new hair already looks so nasty

No. 99081

She does not look good with short hair. IMO she'd look best with something like a hime cut that would slim her face down.

No. 99089

ugh at least shes finally toning down her fucking eyebrows. I wonder how long this hair will last for her…I'll give her a month tops until she changes it again

No. 99101


a little ot but could you post some natural (not super blunt) looking hime cuts? I kinda was thinking of getting one but cannot find pictures

No. 99102

File: 1456727803874.jpg (29.51 KB, 420x470, hime-cut-hairstyles-featured.j…)

Maybe something a bit more layered, like this?

No. 99126

that's so gross looking?

jillian just looks good in those natural coloured wigs she used to wear

No. 99131


ok teen angst

still bitter that she spams all the harajuku and japanese fashion tags when she's wearing 100% western brands all the fucking time

No. 99232

LAWL. Jillian's "Working here has taught me how powerful women can be if they work their asses off" interpretation of yet another person scamming people for $. Not surprising.

Isn't she friends with that gutterface doll scammer person too? It is amazing how removed from reality Jillian is, to make a signal boost like >>98915 for such a dodgy situation.

No. 99235

uh im pretty sure hime makes your face fatter

also i think her short hair looks cute but its not voluminous enough and makes her head look huuuuge

No. 99283


Jillian turns a blind eye to everything. The fact that she relentlessly supported Kate and Fahr during their drama (and anyone else e-famous) was proof enough. Now her loyalties lie with some mess of a reseller boutique. PEI is one of the cheapest provinces in the country in terms of commercial and residential real estate. The fact that they've never been approved for a loan is absurd. My entire family and friend network are basically all local entrepreneurs (in a neighbouring province) and not a single one of them have operated without funding. She admits to having no financial recourse nor capital nor credit and she's basically closing her doors because one staff member was sick for a week? How can a business be so fickle that it is ruined by one week of absence which should be fucking normal because all businesses have staff who take sick leave. What is this bullshit.

The first paragraph of the gofundme page is such a self-important and obnoxious introduction. This woman presents herself like the cancer of her community. Why is she mentioning anything about her personal family problems with her customers? This is the least professional thing ever? Giving us gritty details about her entire life situation where she basically reveals she has no strategy to her aspirations and expects other people to pick up after her. If your child is extremely violent and being abused by his father and collection agencies are robbing you, maybe you're not in the best position to be running a fucking business????

If jillian doesn't learn to stay far away from this trainwreck she's bound to run her shop and creative projects with the same entitled behaviour which will ruin her professional reputation.

No. 99301

File: 1456782365122.jpg (89.54 KB, 500x161, lmfao.jpg)

the owner's facebook is literally nothing but super trashy memes and insane rants

how does jil associate with this

No. 99302

File: 1456782470794.jpg (311.08 KB, 498x457, jpg.jpg)

No. 99303

File: 1456782644245.jpg (251.83 KB, 505x416, fhfhhf.jpg)

No. 99304

File: 1456782673911.jpg (81.15 KB, 503x158, jesus.jpg)

No. 99308

File: 1456783376094.jpg (176.82 KB, 505x267, uuu.jpg)

No. 99432

File: 1456814291388.png (151.62 KB, 326x567, image.png)


Oh my god. This is too good.

No. 99438

Is he her only supporter? hahaha

No. 99440

Bitch is going to go bald before she's 25. Nothing wrong with dying your hair as long as your care for it and take the right precautions, but she uses bleach from a box, so I doubt she has any real hair care routines.

No. 99590


This cow definitely needs her own thread!(After all, she's a "local celebrity")

No. 99616

She confirmed that her "boyfriend" is gender neutral on tumblr

No. 99632

File: 1456870502996.png (150.46 KB, 507x481, no.png)

She definitely doesn't need encouragement…


No. 99665

Leaving this here. Oh boy.

No. 99695


What's wrong with her hair? Looks gross.

Pretty glad this bitch left lolita. I remember her first and second videos, her deep voice caught me by surprise.

No. 99700

Their are girls that can pull of thrifty frump sweaters, she is not one of them. Her whole aesthetic is garbage. Gross.

No. 99701

Shit, there*

No. 99702

What are people doing? She'll abandon "Party Kei" in less than two years, if not in 6 months and claim "it just wasn't her".

No. 99703

The necklace really does not go with the turtleneck but idk this isn't the worst I've seen from her. I like her hair much more than when it's a mess of different colors or glitter roots, and pink makeup tones definitely suit her more than blue/green/purple.

No. 99704

File: 1456886645865.png (647.32 KB, 561x594, screenshot-www.youtube.com 201…)

She really did a bad job with her hair this time.

No. 99705

And this is the new generation of people 23 and under, everyone.

No. 99706

I cannot believe she is only 18. Her hair is just…beyond bad for someone who dyes it so much, she has no idea how even color works.

No. 99707

She puts non-cosmetic glitter on her face. Does she know how bad that is?

Also, does it piss anyone off that she goes "I have so much anxiety. I'm introverted and have no friends uwu" and then invites 30 people to her birthday party? IMO if you're inviting 30 people to your party, you're not really that introverted.

No. 99711

on her blog post she talks about how she's not trying to make party-kei a thing but every course of action she takes implies otherwise
at least ppl on the world wide fairykei page made questioning comments when the same was posted

No. 99716

Am I the only person who thinks that she just watched some Melanie Martinez videos and is trying to make it her every day style?

No. 99718

What will she look like when she's 30? Some people just do not age well.

No. 99720

All of buzzfeed's "introvert" posts have really rendered that word meaningless though, so yeah.

omg she's like limecrime v2.0 tho. her whole aesthetic, being in a "band", and bad hair like… just giver her some time and she'll be scamming people too probably.

No. 99722

File: 1456890822865.jpg (389.21 KB, 1979x1313, _20160301_195236.JPG)

She looks pretty good for going on 81.

No. 99743

>gross sobbing

Also, is it just me, or does she look mid 30s/early 40s almost, dressing like this and with that makeup? The face flab and bold lipsticks don't help. She looks like a mom trying to be cool. If I didn't already know and someone told me she was turning I would call such bullshit, she looks haggard.

No. 99746

she would be so much prettier if she just ditched the thick dark unnatural eyebrows and went for something thinner and straight.

No. 99767

I think so as well.

No. 99773

It would wholly unsurprise me if she had created this tumblr herself.

No. 99775

I never realized how much I hate her face until now.

No. 99813

I'm like 5'9 and own and fit into swankiss..
you just have to be really skinny the only issue with being tall is stuff being too short

No. 99827

I don't understand why people are making pages for her. If you search the tag 'party kei' it's literally just the results for cult party kei like what's the point.

No. 99832

same. i'm not as tall as you, but still taller than 5"1 and i fit into swankiss. skirts are shorter on me but who cares? you just have to be relatively slim to be able to wear it lol

No. 99841

>Calling yourself a prodigy
Only mediocre people do this.

No. 99844

She looks so tacky, and I cringe every time I hear her mention party kei. How do you artificially coin a style? You can't just make shit up based on your personal aesthetic and call it a fashion, that's not how it works.

Sadly, there are a lot of people that think antisocial/bad in social situations = introvert, which is not true.

No. 99850


From that very "fan" blog, in a section called "Remember": "STYLE HAS NO GENDER IDENTITY"

Maybe that's why this stuff is so awful, it's trying very hard to erase genders. How long until she promotes wearing potato sacks decorated in glitter…

No. 99856

Lord have mercy I literally can't with this girl.

I remember when I started watching her on youtube when she was in lolita - thought she was pretentious but I continued anyway. She keeps becoming more and more of a trainwreck. Her ASMR video felt like such a copy of Lor's. Who the fuck attempts to make their own j-fashion as a westerner? Why the fuck doesn't she get her hair done properly at an actual salon - it's not like she doesn't have the money, obviously.

God, she's so cringe I can't deal with it.

No. 99862

File: 1456936150906.png (43.61 KB, 495x441, 32332.png)

No. 99872

lmfao i know emma and seeing her suck up to pixie doesn't surprise me! shes a mini snowflake on her own

No. 99899

Isn't that exactly how strega happened?

No. 99943

And strega is contrived as fuck, but at least it wasn't just made up by a single person.

No. 99949

if shes gonna go so far as the draw on eyebrows, at least make it pink or a more neutral color that doesnt clash horribly with her hair

No. 100055

strega at least outright admits it was inspired by mori kei but wanted to put gothic elements in it, Jillian doesn't even own up to the fact that party kei is just some trashy grunge melanie martinez tumblr fairy kei mashup. Everything she wears is just a mashup of trends ppl have already been doing (better than her) but instead it's "her style" to coin

No. 100056

Oh god, her overly cutesy manner of typing makes me want to destroy a piece of my own brain.

No. 100815

Well she's officially 18 and reached 30k subscribers on her birthday

I hate that her channel grows as her style gets worse?

No. 100828

I don't know why people subscribe to her. Maybe they're like some of the people I know who follow big-name youtubers: lonely people with no capability of making friends, so they follow vloggers as a substitute for actual human interaction. I can see Jillian's channel appealing to friendless tumblrinas.

No. 100961

"party kei" looks like shit. it's not even fucking tasteful at all. she should aim for something else, pronto.

No. 100979


So do half of those gyaru/harajuku japs though? Gems and shit on their eye lashes…

No. 101093

File: 1457212721502.png (1005.22 KB, 836x768, Untitled.png)

No. 101101


I don't think I've had a single birthday in my life where my family gave me anywhere near that amount of gifts

No. 101126

Maybe it's just because people from where I live are notorious for being thrifty, but I've never seen someone actually plan something this big and elaborate for a Birthday before. I'm actually kind of curious to see the party video because it sounds like something out of one of those highschool tween dramady type shows.

Also, I really don't understand the logic behind inviting 30 people because she doesn't want to talk to people she doesn't know that well. Wouldn't it make more sense to just spend time with her family and close friends if that's the case?

No. 101133

I mean.. when I was like 5 or so I'd get that many when I would have parties and all my family plus friends would be invited, but are those all from like, her parents? Because that's crazy.

No. 101146

Meanwhile all I'm getting for my birthday is a slow cooker.

No. 101159

How old is she again? "Party" aesthetic? Are you fucking 12?

No. 101188

"Happy 18th"

No. 101210

this pisses me off so much all i got for my birthday was some pajamas lmao

No. 101215

File: 1457223756618.jpg (245.09 KB, 594x584, ugh.jpg)

one of the gifts is a betsey johnson bag it seems

No. 101217

Where's this posted? Any more gift pics?

No. 101221

Same. And why is she using the word 'kei' ? She isn't Japanese or in Japan.

No. 101224

I'm lucky if I had my rent or phonebill paid. I'm pretty that's what I chose for my 21st bday, to have a working cellphone for college. I hate this spoiled shit.

No. 101356

She uses box bleach and her roots are fucking ORANGE

No. 101362

pixie is sucha copy cat

No. 101381

This isn't really a similar style.

No. 101395

You're dumb

No. 101397

hi pixie, whats up

No. 101406

Holy shit. Do any of these tumblr brats know how to dye hair? All that orange!

No. 101415

Most likely not. Hey probably read shitty hair advise from cosplay.com threads or equally shitty tips from other Tumblrina's that didn't get a degree in hair.

No. 101440

File: 1457269471919.png (2.08 MB, 1065x1600, image.png)

Holy fuck their pose is so staged it makes me cringe

No. 101452

he should have ironed that shirt, looks sloppy.

No. 101455

File: 1457273407408.jpg (85.07 KB, 640x640, 12747749_521025444735133_21274…)

No. 101458


That is one chunky upper arm. Damn.

No. 101473

Wow that looks like one hell of a party! Everybody gone crazy

No. 101483

This is from like over a year ago but I remember that was his work uniform

No. 101484

File: 1457279616861.jpg (2.36 MB, 4000x3000, 023.jpg)

Just dumping some things.

No. 101485

I feel bad that she's claiming to represent her entire island's music scene and trying to be like ~ i'm so involved with my community look at our indie core authenticity at our underground shows where we get high off the vibes man ~ but it's literally a few geeks her age that she knows from around school and is desperately trying to make them take her seriously as a local act lol

No. 101486

File: 1457279782092.jpg (2.37 MB, 4000x3000, 025.jpg)

No. 101487

File: 1457279929203.jpg (2.41 MB, 4000x3000, 053.jpg)

No. 101488

File: 1457279948558.jpg (110.52 KB, 640x640, 925817_515647178540376_8752789…)

No. 101489

File: 1457279983730.jpg (69.72 KB, 960x640, 12670206_1053237664719961_2534…)

No. 101491

File: 1457280036764.jpg (86.18 KB, 960x641, 12705569_1053237531386641_5056…)

No. 101492

File: 1457280073105.jpg (77.14 KB, 960x641, 12743998_1053237368053324_1507…)

No. 101493

File: 1457280133073.png (392.31 KB, 489x499, 43343454.png)

No. 101494

File: 1457280150425.jpg (42.84 KB, 620x465, dayinpics38.JPG)

No. 101504

Her outfits always look so impractical for actual rehearsals. If I'd ever turned up for rehearsals in clothes like this - even if it was just for a school show - I would not have been allowed to take part. Especially as it looks like they're dancing in the last picture.

No. 101526

different anon but.. what?
pixie's is more pastel and kitschy. the music video has toned down, muted colors. i don't see any pastels, bright colors, sparkles, confetti, general 9 yr old party aesthetic..
are you blind?

No. 101531

Tbh thats what the local music scene is here in Houston. Just a bunch of highschool kids in lame moshpits and some middle aged stoners. The 'local music scene' isn't as glamorous as people think it is. These bands are only local for a reason.

No. 101535

File: 1457287013079.jpg (47.81 KB, 960x720, 12717940_10153894544746405_741…)

No. 101537

File: 1457287174024.jpg (62.24 KB, 640x640, 12818866_1694542157490371_3434…)

No. 101582

I take you to any generic birthday party, "Wuh wuh she's copying their style". This is more muted than her "party kei", which is way more blingy. Its similar, but party kei is very trendy as far as things on tumblr go so of course it would take inspiration from these other trendy things. All pixie did was consolidate the trends and give them a name.

No. 101588

>rasp berry

No. 101711

File: 1457314366991.png (35.73 KB, 752x150, Untitled.png)

No. 101713

holy fuck she got fat as hell

No. 101717

God damn, she got fat. Wtf happened?

No. 101718

guess shes been eating more or her metabolism is slowing down. kinda sad really.

No. 101719

she's like a fat version of this lady only with less fashion sense

No. 101736

I seriously doubt there's anything else on PEI to constitute a "local music scene."

No. 101738

I kinda wanna know how it looks. I wonder if it's one of those pretty French rococo style beds that have come back in style. They're expensive as fuck though.

No. 101749

File: 1457326040750.jpg (146.07 KB, 625x813, melanie.jpg)

but you can see why people are drawing comparison

No. 101752

What the hell is that makeup? Even scene kid makeup was less ugly than this.

No. 101763

I always get annoyed with people saying everyone is unoriginal because they're ripping off Melanie, but with this picture she at least looks retarded enough for it to make sense

No. 101787

She's clearly been inspired by her, even if it's the tiniest amount. Why can't you freaks see that?

No. 101789

lol i dont even have a bed so fuck her. yes im jealous of her gifts.

No. 101794

Inspired =/= ripping something off. This ugly style has become trendy.

No. 101804

I know. I didn't say that being inspired was a good thing.

No. 101849

how is that a mystery? she's becoming an adult woman. most chubby girls grow up to be fat women (duh)

No. 101857

half+half dyed hair looks terrible on everyone.

No. 101863

Have you guys seen the debates surrounding party kei on tumblr? it's so embarrassing watching her trying to solidify her confused shitty style into something others can follow or distinguish. Everyone has a personal style and many bloggers have better style content than her and yet are not snowflakey enough to conceptualize and push it as a legitimately style that stands among Japanese street styles. She's ignorant as fuck.

No. 101868


Yeah, some black girl keeps answering some anon and pixie keeps reblogging it. It's hardly offensive but Pixie is taking OFFENCE to it.


It's fairy kei basically.

No. 101896

Matress plus boxspring just implies the mattress part. Doesn't sound like she got a fancy bed set. Probably not as fun to show off in videos.
Side note, those beds are gorgeous and I hope I can afford one one day.

No. 101907

who gives a shit about the mattress, bitch better do a 'what i got for my bday' video with all those bags

No. 101912

Caps, please?

No. 102092

Oh, right. I forget about those sometimes.

No. 102242

Does anyone remember that instance when some 4chan chick stole Jillian's profile picture for her own and it ensued a 6 hour argument where jill kept trying to discredit the girl by bitching about how she had more followers and posting screencaps of her google page results to prove it. She kept mocking and claiming she felt bad for the girl losing a bunch of followers and apparently cried to her mom and tristan during this process idk I remember it being pretty funny

No. 102255

File: 1457413746190.png (590.54 KB, 651x902, screenshot-www.tumblr.com 2016…)

Dumping some of the more cringey stuff from the party kei tag on tumblr. There's a lot of cult party kei in the tag as well.

No. 102256

File: 1457413847746.png (602.24 KB, 641x837, screenshot-www.tumblr.com 2016…)

This looks like ordinary fairy kei to me.

No. 102257

File: 1457413884633.png (546.92 KB, 665x679, screenshot-www.tumblr.com 2016…)

No. 102258

File: 1457414034248.png (46.91 KB, 678x656, screenshot-www.tumblr.com 2016…)

No. 102259

File: 1457414124397.png (54.86 KB, 661x410, screenshot-www.tumblr.com 2016…)

Apparently Jillian is so unoriginal that she inadvertently copied an already established Jfashion. I'd bet 500 bucks that the Jfashion looks better, too.

No. 102262

File: 1457414296579.png (70.71 KB, 560x700, screenshot-www.tumblr.com 2016…)

She's spawning a new legion of snowflakes.

No. 102264

File: 1457414443373.png (18.58 KB, 285x219, screenshot-www.tumblr.com 2016…)

Another party-kei wannabe made a post entirely of tags.

There's not much else worth noting in the tag, but let me know if you want more.

No. 102287

more pls.

No. 102291

File: 1457417890055.jpg (43.93 KB, 600x600, CIrUU9HUcAA-dlw.jpg)

Peco and Peco kei are really cute. Pink and purple seem to be the main colors.

No. 102294

File: 1457418800934.png (483.15 KB, 686x875, screenshot-www.tumblr.com 2016…)

No. 102295

File: 1457418848903.png (320.44 KB, 658x909, screenshot-www.tumblr.com 2016…)

No. 102297

File: 1457418960516.png (386.15 KB, 682x494, screenshot-www.tumblr.com 2016…)

Don't think this has been posted yet. (Posting screencaps mainly for the tags)

No. 102298

File: 1457418997653.png (633.52 KB, 650x1321, screenshot-www.tumblr.com 2016…)

No. 102299

>fucking sheet music on stage for anything besides rach 3
literally lmao

this post isn't even elitist, i think anyone who has played piano for more than two years understands how fucking ridiculous that is.

No. 102302

none of this party kei shit is remotely original what the hell?

No. 102322

Party kei is officially for ugly fat girls. Fine with me, it will leave fairy kei 40% less tainted.

No. 102345

Pixie has such an unfortunate face. All the sparkly bullshit and shitty colourful clothes just makes it look worse.

No. 102365

>due to not enough popularity overseas
>not sure how well it's going to do

What is she talking about? I found the article but it doesn't make a connection between popularity overseas influencing popularity in Japan. Do Japanese girls care that much about what styles are popular among foreigners?

No. 102374

She's talking about it's popularity overseas? She's not sure if it's going to be the next trend overseas? That has nothing to do with actual popularity in harajuku. How did you get that confused.

No. 102377


Exactly. People keep defending her "omg girls are so butthurt cos she invented her own style-"

Fuck off. It's fair kei with party over it and Jill will probably make another video to confirm this with her little party poppers licking her sparkly asshole in return.

Plus they're probably just sticking up for her so Jill reblogs their post and they gain more followers. Wouldn't surprise me. Hence how dumblr logic works. Asslick = followers!

No. 102381


Doubt it. Not when you've got big models over in Japan where the magazines for these types of styles are being produced, where the style is ect.

Japan already HAS styles like "party kei". They already HAVE models there who speak the language and are good enough to flaunt the style. They wouldn't want Jillian. Jillian is nothing new to them. They see the Harajuku/colourful/pop/fairy look all the time there. So why would Jill be any different?

No hate to Jillian right, I'm not trying to be nasty. How is she any different?

It's like people keep saying Venus will model in Japan and become a tarento. How is she any different apart from being another white foreigner in Tokyo?

"Party kei" has already been done before. The doll look has been done before. I doubt Japan is interested. They would MAYBE invite Jill for a make up tutorial at the most or a little shooting on the street to end up on tokyo street fashion. That's it.

No. 102385

>They would MAYBE invite Jill for a make up tutorial at the most or a little shooting on the street to end up on tokyo street fashion.

They already have Peco and her boyfriend for all that. Jill will have to settle on being a very minor footnote. If even that.

No. 102394

That is some serious-ass toe going on there wtf

No. 102398

>natural hair
>naturally fried with shitty bleach and dying techniques
yes we know it's your real hair, no one would try to pass off this mess as a wig. but it's in no way natural, it's dyed.

No. 102431

Holy shit, the construction on that top is dreadful. I don't even know how she claims to be a fashion "designer" she clearly has no idea how clothes fit on the body.

No. 102448

File: 1457464090408.png (206.74 KB, 672x518, IMG_20160308_2.png)


No. 102451

Can someone say that Pixie-kei is too much like Fairy kei? Or that putting her name in it is EXTREMELY exclusionary and shitty?

No. 102476

File: 1457470096425.jpg (32.81 KB, 557x455, stop.jpg)

w h y

No. 102478

She tries too hard.

No. 102481

why is she trying to hard to change the name? this fashion trend already exist and has a name? she acts like she invented a whole new thing when she didnt " theres a difference between party kei and cult party kei" no there isn't really.

No. 102482

There is a difference. Cult party kei actually looks good.

No. 102487

Hmm, suddenly there's a thread about her on cgl.

No. 102489

>still very small
>implying it will blow up into anything that matters
Pixie's ego is ridiculous, god.

No. 102491

Damn, cgl is really going downhill if seagulls are making threads about this shit.

No. 102494

it looks serious too…ugh. poor /cgl/…

No. 102496


That's sort of true though. "Party kei" is more like fairy kei imo. It's basically fairy kei with Dolls Kill-tier tumblr shit thrown in the mix.



Fucking lmao

Just about everyone with an interest in fashion has their own personal sense of style.
Why, in the name of fuck, can't you just dress the way you want and borrow elements from fashion subcultures you like without trying to make it a "thing"?

No. 102501

Because Jillian is an egomaniac and will take any opportunity she can to have people worship her aka change people's lives with her brilliance!!!

No. 102505

thread was deleted

No. 102508

No. 102511


Cos she's rich, kawaii and artistic duh

No. 102512


dont do it anon

dont give her that satisfaction

No. 102514


Plus Ayumi Seto who is sorta that quirky jap model who likes american things and that enid ghost world look

so meh

No. 102515

File: 1457480163870.jpg (157.68 KB, 1394x798, 0.jpg)

amo already did it jill

No. 102516

File: 1457480228494.jpg (144.58 KB, 623x831, 0.jpg)

plus that spank! model

No. 102645

Shes 18!? I thought she was like 23?? she looks so old omfg.

No. 102656

It's probably because she has a poor diet and doesn't actually take care of her skin.

Peco actually says her style is supposed to be reminiscent of a 90s musical high school party. So if there was some bit being done with "party kei" they'd most likely go to Peco first. Which would be pretty cool.

No. 102665

File: 1457486998379.png (298.71 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

It's bothering me that this bitch is so stupid… too fucking stupid. Betsey wants to repost her photo and everything but Jill straight up ignored her. She even commented twice. Fucking idiot.

No. 102670

Her eyes look so shit brown in contrasts to those bright tumblr colors.

No. 102672

I assuming you meant to reply to >>102476 ?
But yeah, I see what you mean. I do love brown eyes and I think it's kinda sad how badly her stylistic choices clash with her natural eye colour.

No. 102673

Yeash I did, oops.

No. 102685

She would be crazy not to respond to this, at the very least it is a great promo to bring in more followers to her, and on the more wishful side it's a way to open contact with the Betsey Johnson social media team and maybe even get something more going (unlikely but if she cares about a career in fashion she should try to milk every opportunity or chance at a connection as much as possible).

No. 102686

Arrrgh, what the fuck.

No. 102687

His wrinkled ass shirt pisses me off for some reason.

No. 102688

Her legs so fat and untoned. Gross!!

No. 102693

She got fat! Look at that camel toe too.

No. 102702

I don't understand why she doesn't just pick an alternate name like confetti kei or celebration kei or something since that seems to be what she's going for and it's still in the same vein as "party kei".

No. 102758

I like the name pixie kei for this. Its her name, its her personal style. Trying to make it something big seems really pretentious, but I guess she is trying to start a following for the eventual brand.
I don't think she'll fare well in a fashion design school though, teachers are far too critical.

No. 102831

File: 1457505237787.jpg (82.95 KB, 498x694, d5ba49a669c8399d2ee316a7f95ab7…)

>its her name
this is a stretch. calling it pixie kei doesnt ACTUALLy sound like she's basing it off of herself. it sounds like a rip off of fairy kei (which it is)

>its her personal style

Nope nope nope it's her copying generic Harajuku fashion and pretending it's HER style.

>trying to make it something big seems really pretentious

It IS pretentious. If she had been working this style for more than 2 seconds and people were actually wearing it (which they almost cant since it already exists as fairy kei)

>the eventual brand

She'll drop trying to be a fashion designer faster than she tried to be a lolita. If she thinks lolitas are catty and mean she wouldnt make it into the door of a fashion class.

Also she doesnt even follow her OWN fashion. She claims that ribbons integrated into the hair is KEY and she hasnt dont that yet. As well as she said fluffy shoes are a MUST and where has she worn those either?

She's full of bullshit

No. 102909

it's not a stretch, she calls herself Pixie Locks

No. 102932

"Pixie Locks" sounds like something a 5 year old girl would name her toy pony. It's not a good thing.

No. 102936


Lol she wants to work for fashion… oh Jill. Be prepared to be slagged off

No. 102937


Cheeky, she looks 28 at the most. 23 isn't old!

No. 102942

'Pixie & Cherie' is her brand which she says will start selling party kei accessories soon, she hasn't really updated it since her lolita days.

No. 102959

It's not a model, it's the head designer and creator of Spank!, I think she's calle Tavulu

No. 102969

Her name is Tavuchi

No. 102974

I love all the concern and outright hate she's been receiving on tumblr. She's literally backed into a corner trying to defend herself at every turn but at least she knows everyone thinks she's self righteous as fuck now.

No. 102975

>hair ribbons
>fluffy shoes
Wait, she actually wrote down rules for this "fashion?" Where?

No. 102979

No. 102981

Everything about her post is so beyond obnoxious and pretentious. Ugh

>I decided to make a blog post that had been in the works for god knows how long- because my literal job occupation is blogging about fashion. I kept it semi-secret for so long because I didn’t want it to be a big thing, but since I share so much with my audience and talking about fashion is what I do, I thought it would be a fun thing to talk about. That’s literally it.

Your job is not blogging, you dumb bitch

>Did I craft party-kei up from the soil with my bare hands? Oh god no. Am I the ruler of a great party empire? I sure hope not. As I say in the blog post that started this whole thing, I honestly, genuinely, just noticed that the things I liked wearing that didn’t usually fit in one specific fashion, looked cute together in my opinion- and so I wrapped it up in a lil package and called it party kei. I literally made a venn diagram of what party-kei is made up of and it’s so hilariously sad and complicated, maybe I’ll post it later :^)

No. 102990

>1) This is not something I wanted to become a trend. This is not something I wanted other people to do, or for it to catch on, or to become the leader of some movement- that whole idea honestly is not appealing to me. Other people have shown interest in it and so they’ve made the Party Kei Worldwide Community group- which is cute and fun to be a part of! A few people have also started a Party Kei blog and a Slumber Party Kei blog which are cute and I love scrolling through.

Let me start this by saying I really don't have much if anything against Jillian, but…this is kind of a lie? It smells like one at least. If it was so unappealing you wouldn't be presenting it the way you have. Not on your YouTube, not on the community page, not on your own page, etc. On the community page you act like the leader and talk about how it isn't big yet, on your YouTube you referred to it as you "coining" it, you refer to it as a street style. Maybe you don't mean to but you absolutely encourage it, so it's a little weird of you to say it's unappealing when you've gone to so much effort and made multiple interesting wording choices that lease everyone to believe otherwise.
My problem isn't with her wanting to start some new trend, it's with the fact that she's seemingly being kind of dishonest about it.

No. 103231

File: 1457567278895.png (34.88 KB, 794x100, kek.png)

"I've been in love with him for 2 years!"
well that didn't last long at all

No. 103240

is she talking about her newest guy or is she referring to her ex? Is he dating someone new?

No. 103241

So, what I read was, "whoa, I can't handle all this push-back, so I'm going to just wash my hands of it and say, 'eh, I just gave a cute name to the stuff I wore YOU all are the ones who turned it into something more so leave me out of it!'"

It's like she gets in over her head immediately with things and instead of bucking up and owning it and making it better, she bails.

No. 103242

Why would you label yourself a Manic Pixie Dream Girl? There is nothing good about that.

No. 103243

she's probably just bailing because she saw that people actually realize how uncreative she is.

No. 103763

new video

God would any of these look good on anybody? the only decent looking one is the last one

No. 103768


No one would wear it. It's just another thing to fit her "party kei" trend.

No. 103794

Which is absurd because as was pointed out she was totally on board prior, if she was bothered by it blowing up she wouldn't have been okay with someone making a Facebook community dedicated to her "personal style"

No. 103796

File: 1457581013751.png (1.7 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2016-03-09-21-29-55…)

Please learn to do your eyebrows! Omg!

No. 103797

File: 1457581080836.png (931 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2016-03-09-21-34-00…)

Omg lol

No. 103801

File: 1457581639256.jpg (219.64 KB, 908x730, 1453929765434.jpg)

This is the first time I've ever heard of "party kei" and I feel like vomiting from all this bright shit already. Alcohol not necessary.

Laughing my ass off at those brows. Who would record a video with THOSE?

No. 103802

She needs to exfoliate her lips. They look chapped and disgusting.

No. 103810

I'm so confused as to which guy she's talking about because it seems a lot like her new bf?

No. 103821

These look like that glittery shit that all of us in middle school wore in 1999-2001. I don't think that makeup will ever come back. Lol

No. 103849

what the…
the concealer, the dry lips, and the shifty probably toxic lip products..

No. 103850

File: 1457593680169.png (268.06 KB, 618x370, 7425.png)

No. 103870

Can someone please define larme? Or provide some sort of style guide? because it just looks like the Japanese equivalent of retro/vintage inspired American Apparel tier stuff

No. 103875

It's an aesthetic, not a fashion with set rules like Lolita. One way I've heard it described is like kawaii with a touch of melancholy so it's not overly sweet and in your face, but rather toned down.

No. 103879

Yep I remember that era with the excessive shimmer/glitter products, I don't that's going to get too popular again either.

No. 103915

Ew her lip product application in that video with those little kissy bits are disgusting. I'm positive she could outline the shape of her lips a little so they don't look like ass but since she just jumps straight to dumping bad pigment and glitter on there they look like huge blobs of sewage leakage.

Larme is a quality magazine (keepsake type magazine, not throwaway type) that's been published for the last few years. The concept is "Cultured Girls" i.e girls who enjoy going to art galleries, knowledgeable about literature, generally trendy etc. It is a 'sweet girly look' for girls who are comfortable with what is appropriately cute in the trends. It is essentially a toned down, grown up and less attention grabbing style than most harajuku fashions but is still not quite mainstream or normie J fashion. Simple makeup (with a 'dolly' effect), a high-neck long-sleeve white top, a long sheer black skirt, some cute heels, maybe some ribbons in the hair and other minor details throughout the coordinate would be considered accessorizing. That's pretty much larme. No, swankiss isn't a larme brand.

No. 103984

Jesus. The part where she's doing the kissy kissy with her lips is absolutely gross. I cringed a little bit. Also, her hair and her top look absolutely awful.

I don't know what you'd consider to be a "larme brand" but Swankiss is definitely featured in the magazine quite frequently enough to be considered a "larme brand" by most people. Most items that they carry have that similar aesthetic.

No. 103999

Swankiss is featured in larme a lot, but it's definitely the more OTT end of the larme spectrum (I've seen debates on whether or not it's too OTT to be larme, actually). Most larme is actually pretty toned down for a j-fashion. Brands like axes femme and WEGO make a lot of more casual stuff that's still within the larme aesthetic.

No. 104021


Larme is actually decent. Just look up Risa Nakamura. It's lace, lots of white/black and pink it's kind of like soft nymphet but nice not too sexual and just pretty. It's a nice style!

Jill is far away from Larme.

No. 104023


That's true, it's only certain pieces though. It isn't the bright bold unicorn shit Jill wears tho.

No. 104024

Ah fucking hell, I just remembered that Too Faced are releasing the Sweet Peach palette next week. I'll be dreading knowing that Jill here will be flocking over to buy it once it's on the shelves. Another "GUYZ IT SMELLS S0 FUCKIN GEWD! TASTES IT ITS LIEK PEACHES! OMG"






No. 104025


I hope Venus, Beckii and Jill don't soil Larme.

No. 104199

It's official. She's over. She's disgusting. She would have never, ever, ever reached her current popularity without being a somewhat cute lolita. She looks like a huge turd now and her personality is so much more cringy. Ugh I wish her supporters would fuck off and try to get noticed by some other senpai because there's no way anyone genuinely think she looks good.

Honestly scared that I might have nightmares about her lips.

No. 104237

Agreed. I miss her lolita days, and I can't even relive half of them because she pulled down most of those videos after she joined her YT network. I'd never pay an ounce of attention to someone who looked like that today. She looks like an anime hooker.

No. 104289

>I hope Venus, Beckii and Jill don't soil Larme.

No. 104298

This looks like some ddlg shit.

No. 104302

File: 1457724325459.png (50.98 KB, 267x146, Screenshot 2016-03-12 at 4.24.…)

what a tragic face

No. 104312

there's already a beckii thread and this has already been posted

No. 104840

Venus seems to be going back to lolita, so I doubt she'll spoil it.
And as long as Jill doesn't call her fashion larme and sticks to "Party kei/Pixie kei" people won't think of it as larme.

No. 104841

Samefagging, meant to respond to this one, not the quote.

No. 104997


venus is going back to lolita?!

No. 105023

check the thread

No. 105065

File: 1457913062525.jpg (82.51 KB, 525x372, Screenshot 2016-03-13 at 19.42…)

so a few days ago she mentioned on her fb page that she broke up with a partner

and now it looks like she's publicly calling out colin on tumblr? lmao

the gif is literally just a car crash but the fucking tags lol

No. 105071

THIS BITCH'S VOICE is so annoying.

No. 105076


looks like a shitty Tigers Jaw cover band lmao

so larme is essentially the j-fashion equivalent of twee then?

No. 105077

Anons who are friends with her on FB, any more details on this? I'm tempted to send her an anon ask on tumblr to try to get more details.

No. 105244

File: 1457942240760.jpg (66.06 KB, 926x355, jjjjjlkllk.jpg)

She doesn't accept anon asks but luckily Colin does and I've done the deeds

No. 105246

Anons give me more about that Colin drama, this is gold.

No. 105248

Seconding this. Can someone use a throwaway tumblr to message Jillian?

No. 105256

Wait, she broke up with her new genderqueer boyfriend already? What are these tags about?

No. 105260

>>105256 I believe the tags are referring to this >>103231

No. 105312

Well we'll see, but I took that original FB comment in >>103231 to be her speaking metaphorically. "It's like the feeling you get when you just broke up…" not, "I have actually broken up."

No. 105325

It still says they're together on her facebook page. I don't think they've broken up. I think she was speaking metaphorically, like >>105312 said.

No. 105332

File: 1457970830423.jpg (375 KB, 1000x1500, tumblr_nqiay0KMn31qfvrzvo1_128…)

seeing those bulshit replies about jill being their "peco" makes my blood boil tho, this is a street snap from 8 months ago. she aint doing anything special, in fact these girls have more of a style going on than any of jills pixie/party kei guide which a mess.

No. 105660

That's so cute and actually looks cohesive, too.

No. 105672

Wasn't party baby similar to jill's shit tho?

No. 105732

Mm, I don't think so. Party Baby seems more inspired by Spank! era fairy kei, with a flair for non-sexualized innocence or childishness, whereas Jill's style is a lot more gaudy and more like an incohesive mash of flashy tumblr kei and standard Western mediocre fairy kei.

No. 105820

holy shit i keep reading peco as pedo and im driving myself insane. i thought those shirts said pedo club at first.

No. 105983


What really killed me is when she says "I feel like 18 is kind of a milestone. Not that in Canada you can really do anything but sign your own documents."

Ummm if you knew anything about the country the legal age in Alberta is 18, you can drink smoke etc at that age you dork.
Also 18 is the voting age???
>god this dumb bitch

No. 105985

File: 1458059832419.png (497.75 KB, 509x466, theroots.png)

those roots tho

No. 106021

ya know paying + filing taxes, legal drinking and smoking in most of the country, provincial and federal voting rights, being entirely in charge of your medical health including finding a new family doctor, gynecologist (it's that time jil), all the dentistry that comes with wisdom teeth which you pay for in Canada AND all her mental health shit that she needs to take over from her parents and usually get re-assessed as an adult patient. You can also get a credit card, sign your own leases and other bills. Something we know Jill won't do because her mom will be paying her cell phone bill and cost of living probably for another decade.

Like you are literally legally separated from your parents in every which way because guess what YOU'RE AN ADULT. LITERALLY LEGALLY AN ADULT.

There's a difference between jokingly saying 'haha i'm a baby' when you're realistically going through school or a job or providing for yourself and being productive in some way. But she's like… flat out in denial about personal responsibility and putting off growing up. Like no, I live in a city with 3 million Canadians and all of them know that 18 is the legal age and expect adults to contribute and behave like adults.

No. 106077


No. 106078

theres nothing wrong with still having an interest in cutesy and fun fashion if your an adult,heck I know tonnes of adults who are into the pastel and gaudy life. But this chick? naw.
Go take a leaf out of Albs book Pixie. plz.

No. 106139

Is that how it works in Canada? I'm a Germanfag and almost nothing changed when I turned 18. Since I was still a student, all I had to do was send some documents about me going to school to my doctors and healthcare, that's it. I didn't need new doctors, pay for anything or do more than send aforementioned documents. I'm still under the healthcare of my parents because I am at University now. I only have a small part time job that's below tax level, so I don't need to pay taxes.

Sure, you can drink legally now (as if most people don't try it before), you can vote, and you could theoratically do a lot of things. But most people don't. Especially if you're like Jillian, who still lives at home, goes to school and is supported by her parents. And seriously most people can't, even if they wanted to, because unless you have a full time job most people still need support and money from their parents to find an apartment (here you often need a back up person in case you can't pay ren, especially as a young person!), fund University, have healthcare… In Germany, you don't even get a credit card as long as you don't have a stable well paying job.

Turning 18 means nothing. The day she has to move out, get a real job, file for taxes the first time or has to pay her own taxes will have far more effects than this day. I don't know, maybe it's different in other countries but I don't get the hype about turning 18 as if you'd magically turn into an adult overnight, and magically have and can organize every single aspect of your life.

No. 106185

Well it's not as if i'm lying. I'm 20 now and I've had to do all of those things in the past two years. Same as all my friends and co-workers I've had? I'm not saying you automatically do all of those things the day you turn 18 but Jillian is acting like she's still 16 and has no plan for the immediate future. She thinks it's fine to put off any and all aspects of growing up for another few years as she's admitted. Just so she can show off awful makeup on camera.

No. 106357

File: 1458134766243.png (638.25 KB, 848x476, sss.png)

>I made this poster and I'm soooo proud of it!!!

No. 106363

i've been lurking this thread for a while because i'm a sucker for bright colours and i think jillian is genuinely lulsy (white girl coins a jfash style? lol ok), but i just watched one of her youtube videos for the first time and wow her voice was a lot deeper than i was expecting.

No. 106365

She still hasn't put up the video or mentioned it. I hope her party bombed which is what it looked like from the pics.

No. 106387

No. 106466

I'm not going to lie I really like her style or I guess I could say the clothe she has but her coordination and the way she applies lipstick makes me cringe so much. Does she have bad vision or what?

No. 106476

Pixie, stop trying to make "party kei" happen.

No. 106545

You are trying so hard to make Jillian sound bad but you are just being salty. She is going to uni, which clearly you didnt. Most people who go to college feel the same way as she is saying because it doesnt feel like you are an adult until your mid 20s now. College age is a weird time, you feel more than a child but you dont get all of those adult shit until you have to really get a job.

Since she is going to uni, she will be covered for 4 years more by at least school if not her parents' insurance, her parents would likely help her with taxes if she does it, and she wont have to deal with voting for a while with our majority government.

No. 106596

wanna white knight for her anymore fam

No. 106608

Did you miss all those times she said she was taking a few years off to pursue YouTube? She actually plans on leeching off her parents for 2-3 years doing nothing but uncreative fashion and ugly makeup.

No. 106636

Idk if it's a fan page or run by her but that blog reblogging pictures of other people and tagging it as party kei and Pixielocks msakes me so uncomfortable

No. 106648

you're delusional to think you're a child and don't have to do adult shit until your mid 20's, it just means you'll have less practical life skills and experience in your 30's, you sure as hell won't land a job out of uni with that expectation to be babied.

why your parents think it's okay to encourage this entitled and irresponsible attitude idk

back to Jill though, she wants to stay home and be a youtuber for the next 2-3 years on her little conservative island where they still ban abortions and apparently antagonize the mentally ill such as Jillian and her boss.

No. 106672

I agree with you avbout the weird age phase, and that 18 is not a magical age where you immediately become an adult, but have you seen Jillian?
She's not going to Uni for the next few years. She wants to pursue her yt-career even though she's not even famous. If she at least had a huge channel with several 100k or millions of subs and was making a decent living as well as great videos, I could understand her putting off Uni for another 2 years. But the channel she has now, she could easily maintain while doing classes.
Not to mention that she has no responsibility with money, and pretty much unrealistic career plans and Uni goals.

I still canTt understand how she's planning to be a fashion designer. I know people who want to do similar careers, but they either learnt to be a professional seamstress before, or they are working their ass off to acquire skills and experience. All decent fashion schools here have entrance exams where you have to provide portfolios, show your at least basing sewing and pattern skills as well as drawing skills. They won't teach you sewing from scratch. I know Jillian puts out like, one piece she designed herself every 6 months, but how is that enough?

No. 106735

I'd say that the biggest problem with her possible fashion designer career is the stuff she designs.

Idk, she's going for fairy princess look or some shit like that but the clothes don't look like that, they look like something a little girl would wear for a school play about fairy princesses.

Looks cheap, sub-par and retarded. (While your usual Nipponese kawaii fashion looks only mildly retarded.)

No. 106742

Actually she is planning on going to lasalle in Montreal. I am not sure if she meant she got in or is thinking about it but if you are going to follow people like her you need to start by getting their personal accounts.

No. 106766

I don't really think that's the problem. Most popular fashion today looks p retarded. To me, the problem is more that her clothes doesn't really fit or create any aesthetic or vibe. I don't think Jill even sees an aesthetic when she design her clothes, because it really shows through her designs, and the pictures/vids she associates with le designs.

No. 106848

I'm not a studying fashion nor will I but what are actually the chances of hr being accepted into a university for fashion?

No. 106914

fashion student here. none. she can claim "omg i'm such a gud stylist with my own fashion desu!!" but fashion schools still want you to pander to normal fags. on top of that, she would need to know how to sketch garments (including garment details), basic textiles knowledge, garment construction, draping, etc.

No. 106966

>on her little conservative island where they still ban abortions and apparently antagonize the mentally ill such as Jillian and her boss.
Not to mention, offer no protections to workers with purple hair.

No. 106967

I'm 18 and in fashion design course, can't agree more. People seem to hate on Jillian for things that are common for people our age including this money thing and her parents helping her. My roommate is so bad with money, she always complains about being poor, but she spent so much on makeup and food, she spends doble what I do to eat. They do not think to future because they have "disposable" money, but much has to be pay back and they do not think to the future. It is so normal and annoying I think it is unfair to say it's a weird thing only Jillian does.

Depends on what she puts in her portfolio. Mine was all pictures of items I had made plus one drawing and a few workings, and it was so good I did not even need a interview. I am not going to fashion school, just a course at a university. What they are looking for in my course is some degree of creativity, not necessarily skill, but creativity and a dedication and interest. Maybe it is different for a specifically fashion college.

They teach us that basics here. Many people have hardly used a sewing machine before, let alone at all. I cringe when the teacher had to spend 5 minutes explaining what bias is, this is how little they know. We do not do very much sewing so prior knowledge is good to have but they teach you everything you need including drawing, sewing, bla bla bla.

We are allowed to make whatever we want so long as it fits our brief. I was given a punk/gothic designer as part of this to study so I don't know why you think they want you to pander to normal.

Styling clothes is different to making though and I think Jillian will not get in because she cares too much about shopping, not enough about actual clothing.

No. 106979

>Maybe it is different for a specifically fashion college.
I'm majoring in fashion at an art school with close connections to the fashion industry and she'd need to know basically what I mentioned in >>106914.
For my portfolio, they really wanted to see that I knew all the basics of design including fabrication and sketching. My interview wasn't an extremely formal one but they did ask me about what fabrics I would use for what and why.
In my school, the first 2 years are GE so we're building up more knowledge on the basics based on what we already know. Jillian doesn't seem to have a basic grasp of fashion beyond styling and muh unique style, so I don't think she even has the foundations to be a fashion major at an art school.

sage for personal blog post and also not contributing

No. 107013

She's only going to Lasalle if she doesn't actually get into Ryerson. Montreal is significantly cheaper than Toronto and Lasalle is a shit school whereas Ryerson is actually respected and competitive. She specified that she can't even think of attending or moving out for the next 2-3 years. She has yet to apply for any of these schools, she just likes to claim she's going to ryerson or lasalle the same way she's totally going to Bunka some day.

No. 107025

The problem with Jill is that she only likes and doesn't have the passion. No passion for fashion kek.

No, I think she likes styles and clothes. But when it comes to being a designer, there is people out there now today all these Youtubers and they get little brands, ect ect. But I don't see them as designers. Even kota has wants to be a designer her "life long dream" and she's done about six years in Japan to get to this point. I don't think she's a designer, just a face and a figure.

A designer actually fucking cares about what they're creating, they have drive and put the damn effort into their pieces. They care about what they use, the little details, the quality and materials. All the silly nuggets, they care about it. I mean even if some designer pieces look shit to us and we go "meh" but it's different in their eyes.

I don't see Jill as a designer. She'll probably end up as another fucktard who gets a free brand, few lipglosses and shit like that. But never an actual designer.

Unless… she starts making an effort and gets herself into the mode. Makes a change.

If she ever manages to do that, then I will call her a designer. But somehow… I don't see it happening.

No. 107028


Probably trying to build up a fan base and then hopes someone notices her so she can go off doing other things then earn more dolla then go school?

She's a tit. She can easily do both, school and YT. Even fucking Venus is making more of an effort nowadays.

No. 107264


If Jill goes to a low entry requirement school, she could get in easily. But it's not a matter of getting in, really, it's a matter of staying. When I studied fashion design, by the end of the first semester of the first year over half our class had dropped out. I'd give her two months tops to suddenly realize it's "just not for her".

No. 107527

File: 1458435564745.png (1.34 MB, 1080x994, Screenshot_2016-03-19-19-54-13…)

Eww her shoes! Like seriously

No. 107536


it's part of the Party Kei aesthetic, anon

No. 107538

File: 1458436333138.jpg (14.68 KB, 263x395, 12802955_10153910192946405_141…)

No. 107539

File: 1458436350982.jpg (61.67 KB, 868x868, 12814051_10153910400981405_342…)

No. 107540

File: 1458436368261.jpg (52.99 KB, 759x759, 10402953_10153910628006405_534…)

No. 107542

I doubt she gallivants through forests on the daily so how can she even achieve that level of dirt??
Why doesn't she take care of her expensive shit ffs

No. 107552

its okay anon, mom can buy new ones uwu

No. 107563

File: 1458442452036.png (2.23 MB, 1280x960, partyfuckingkei.png)

I've not read anything about Pixielocks in a long time and seeing she's made #pixiekei & #partykei a fucking thing of her own creation that 'never meant to happen' is just pure cringe. What a trainwreck.

No. 107579

File: 1458444665081.png (101.95 KB, 228x309, 1458371187453.png)

>a single massive red jewel under her eye

No. 107601

Didn't she just buy these at the start of winter? Holy shit.

No. 107617

This. She might have the passion even but is too focused on personal image for it to show through.

No. 107621

It pisses me off that she thinks and claims that she "created" this style. Girls in Harajuku and docomo models have been doing this exact style for the past few years now. I seriously don't see anything new about it that doesn't already exist.

No. 107636

I don't think Jillian is bringing anything new to the table, but this is definitely not anything like what she wears or wants to be. Kyary has always said she does her own style.

No. 107642

It's just a play on Pixies party kei hence the the pic being one full of balloons. Kyary has always had her own style as well as many others in the Harajuku scene. The stupid girl honestly thinks it's something unique and new. It's basically just Fairy Kei for fuck sake. It's muddling up the tags on Tumblr and clashing with Cult Party Kei thanks to her and her idiotic fans bullshit.

No. 107644

Why does she smack her lips… That is fucking gross.

No. 108673

I wonder where the fuck she is. Come in, i want videos of her ratched birthday party and i want a video of all the great things she got as presents.

No. 108936

I don't think we're getting either of those at this point. She'll get too much backlash for another 'what I got' video and her party probably sucked too much to film. She's graduating high school in like 2 months so I wouldn't miss her too much since we'll be getting videos full time for the next few years. Lots of disgusting lip smacking ahead.

No. 108983

Judging by hers and her Mum's facebook pages her cat is really sick tbh I don't blame her for not posting any videos. I'm sure we'll get the party vlog eventually don't worry.

No. 109525

ur an idiot u dont need any sewing skills for design school they teach u that
what they look for is creativity
my friend got into parsons and she cant sew for shit but shes a great artist which jillian isnt lol

but it isnt even that hard to get into fashion school u just need money stop hyping shit up

No. 109528

my god you're all so dumb!!
you don't need 'skill' you need creativity for fashion schools!! they teach u the skill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

maybe for ur lame art school u need 'skill' but!not!in!real!fashion!schools!ie!parsons!!!!!!(i assume you moved up to fashion school from 7th grade)

No. 109530

File: 1458724066512.png (502.7 KB, 593x594, Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 2.35…)

Ew the forehead wrinkles
Who would voluntarily post such ugly pictures of themselves online? Like is she a masochist or something?

No. 109550

It's like I walked into a Tumblr thread blog post. JFC, learn how to type.

No. 109561

Are you an actual imbecile? Are you really so inept that you can't pick up on flagrant sarcasm?

No. 109624

That makes zero sense. That's like hoping to art school when all you can do is barely hold a pencil. What's the use if you can't do basic shit? You'd need to much time learning the basics to learn all the other advanced stuff.

Tbh I wouldn't take agony art or fashion school serious that doesn't recquire a portfolio and some basic skills art least. Take your tumblr crap and your need for asspats over nothing somewhere else.

No. 109638

She always looks so fucking unkempt. Her shoes are disgusting here.

No. 109639

>that shark on head

No. 109643

Forehead wrinkles aside, she looks so much older than 18. Like, those are some seriously bad genetics. She needs to invest in skincare already.

No. 109650

She should but it wouldn't even be enough to save her. That upturned nose paired with a downturned mouth and jowls is so aging. Though fixing her skin and eyebrows would help a lot. Those thin, angled, dark brows do nothing to help the peppy, youthful look she claims to be going for and the contrast is jarring.

No. 109678

Maybe some bangs…?

It doesn't help that her skin is so sallow looking, either.

No. 109703

File: 1458759684850.jpg (41.4 KB, 593x594, res_1458759590924.jpg)

I tried to see what I could do on my phone. Not much of a change, but eh.

No. 109707

File: 1458760187248.jpg (73.82 KB, 960x640, 1470107_10153941665041405_5757…)

No. 109708

File: 1458760211922.jpg (89.35 KB, 640x960, 12829134_10153941665011405_896…)

No. 109709

File: 1458760243631.jpg (87.94 KB, 640x960, 12719431_10153941664821405_524…)

No. 109710

File: 1458760268718.jpg (80.87 KB, 640x960, 12671708_10153941664616405_131…)

No. 110362

Did she have one of her friends follow her around and take 'paparazzi' shots of her? "im famous lel"

No. 110370

She's going to need her fake paparazzi friend to rethink this angle.

No. 110373

Isn't it her mum taking the photos?

No. 110440

she just looks stupid

No. 110445

File: 1458898788634.jpg (18.63 KB, 720x982, FB_IMG_1458898639304.jpg)

She could have edited this photo so her shoes didn't look disgusting.

No. 110454

File: 1458900262882.jpeg (27 KB, 463x345, image.jpeg)

Same face

No. 110462

How does she not notice how gross those shoes look before she uploads the pic ffs!

No. 110475

Plz dont. I have a soft spot for The Inbetweeners. And Jill is just a trainwreck

No. 110489


Aw noooooooooooo

No. 110548

Her stained boots bother me to no end.

No. 110560

New video. Just an outfit video. The fact that she doesn't do ANYTHING with her eyebrows bugs the absolute shit out of me. Like, for real.

(Also, am I the only one bothered by the fact that she applies eyeliner AFTER mascara? It just makes it harder to apply imo)

No. 110577

Why do no two shades of pink in the entire outfit match? Is she colorblind?
Also, that sweater is really unflattering.

No. 110762

yeah that's definitely not the way to go

No. 110804

File: 1458962708257.png (739.53 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

This camel toe nightmare showed up in my dumblr feed and it pissed me off!!

No. 110816

I will never understand why someone would post this. Yuck

No. 110823

Yeah, mascara is supposed to be last eye makeup application for a reason. …She really understands nothing.

No. 110846

You can see the eyeliner rubbing off on her mascara, it bothers me so much.
Her dye job is a nightmare as usual.

No. 110847

that entire video was so cringe holy shit

her makeup application is frightening and the outfit was pretty terrible, didnt look like spring at all.

No. 110848

She really doesn't suit the kawaii pastel baby aesthetic. I don't think she's ugly at all, but her arched eyebrows and her mouth area just make her look so old, combined with her poorly dyed hair and unflattering outfits she just looks so unkempt and messy. She could do so much better.

No. 110854

File: 1458993094382.jpg (72.45 KB, 846x476, juicy.JPG)

No. 110855

File: 1458993424447.png (264.46 KB, 639x359, Screen shot 2016-03-26 at 10.2…)

dank eyeliner bro

No. 110859

No. 110991

She literally looks like an old grandma trying to be "hip" here

No. 111026

Her boots have rusted due to all this salt. Good work men.

No. 111034

Please fix your hairy eyebrows before posting a close up of them. I am so triggered.

No. 111040

What do you guys think she'd look better in? I'd like to see some farmer opinions on that.

I personally think she needs to dye her hair to a nice dark or rich brown. The pastel really doesn't do her coloring well and makes her look sickly with all the icey pastel coloring compared to her skin.

Then I think she'd also ironically look good in darker colors to sort of match, like maybe navy. Something about her seems like it'd be better for more mature fashion and not weird kawaii looks.

No. 111041

I feel sorry for you anon if you think her eyebrows are bad.
You should rethink your standards.

No. 111059

Jillian's hair would look better if she actually toned that shit after the box bleach job. Jesus. I KNOW YOU READ THIS THREAD! GET SOME B/B AND V/B TONER!

No. 111085

They're a little sparse toward the center, but I agree, they're not the worse brows I've seen. Not even close.

No. 111090

I hope her fashion career crashes and burns

No. 111167

I don't get it. The soles are white. Just fucking spot bleach them holy shit. And then be proactive and clean your damn shoes evey once in a while.

I thought Japanese girls in street snaps had some nasty shoes but Jillian's really take the cake. Pun not intended.

No. 111186

The head to toe pastel/pink overload she's doing now is a no for her. She could still use some pastels but it needs to be broken up with darker colors. I think the lighting she uses in most of her pics and videos only wash her out more. I'm undecided about the hair. Darker would look great for her but pastel hair if it were dyed properly with toned down clothing could also work.

No. 111195

File: 1459068007730.jpg (265.85 KB, 900x387, fixielocks.jpg)

i tried to make her look a little nicer but my ps skills aren't that great, the five zillion different pink tones in her hair sure didn't make it any easier.

No. 111198

File: 1459070558929.jpg (536.75 KB, 900x1118, fixielocks2.jpg)

I feel like she'd really benefit from darker colours, the pastels make her skin look chalky and sallow.

No. 111199

(sage for samefag)
I also really think it'd help if she ditched the horrible pouty facial expression.

No. 111219


Pro-tip; when shooping hair set the layer to soft light instead and fiddle with the transparency for a more natural appearance.

No. 111221


I think she could pull of a warm dark color, but not like ashy brown or plain black. I think those would just have the same effect - making her look chalky and sicky.

She'd probably look good with a nice ginger-ish brown like in your edit.

No. 111236

File: 1459092729896.jpeg (50.17 KB, 504x576, image.jpeg)

My mums 55 and doesn't have lines like this.

No. 111239


It's what happens when you constantly raise your eyebrows.

No. 111243

Sweet fuck forehead wrinkles are like the new nasolabial folds

You weird body dysmorphic PULLtards need to stop shitting everything up with these weirdly petty comments

Forehead creases are still not content. It's one thing when something like, 'oh xcow looks haggard as fuck now look at those new wrinkles' comes up but this is just ridiculous

No. 111250

More concerned about her premature aging

No. 111253

File: 1459098617935.jpg (255.73 KB, 599x594, new hair.jpg)

I agree with you guys completely, now that I did this shoop she looks so much better. Changed the lip colour and background wall because the pink was competing with the red-ish hair.

No. 111256


It's the theatre kid curse, I have these and so do all of my theatre friends.

No. 111317

I agree. I was honestly surprised the first time I saw that picture because her skin looked so sickly and awful. I couldn't understand why she would upload such a gross photo. She seriously looks like she's about to blow chunks.

No. 111329

Holy crap she's actually cute in the 2nd pic. I guess it figures because most people with naturally dark hair can't pull off light colors (there are exceptions ofc but she's not one).

No. 111484

A friend of mine wears very pastel bright colours and dyes her hair pink, but her skin is like a dark mocha tan colour so it looks totally gorgeous. This chicks colouring just isn't suited to pastels.

No. 112137

I don't even understand the purpose of her video… She is literally teaching her viewers nothing. The way she applies her make up is pathetic and she actuall doesnt do anything.. She literally just applies liner, mascara, foundation, glitter and lipstick. It's not like anyone will watch and be like "ya great i gotta try this too". And her outfit is just hal assed and no inspiration at all. Like i can't stand her weird ass style anyway BUT some of her outfits are at least a teeny bit more planned than this shit.

No. 112536


She looks like such a fucking gremlin lmao

No. 113018

File: 1459356439035.jpg (73.34 KB, 500x667, 20150508124055272_500.jpg)

Her supposed style "Party Kei" is starting to slowly tick me off. The biggest reason being is that it has no influence.

Fashion styles, be it Eastern or Western has roots, it has influence and media to go off from. Party Kei is just what she thinks looks cute, and that's not a definite style it's about as structured as a outfit to go to the shops.

Peco's style to me reminds me of those retro girl games and what not. It's slightly preppy in appearance and looks like a ton of fun. I've been thinking of buying something from her shop.

Jill used to be tolerable when she was just a chirpy girl overloaded on cash who bought dream dress and magical girl wands. Now she's just this wannabe fashion pioneer with nothing to show for it apart from hauls and blog posts. She doesn't want to go to fashion school because she'd go straight back to her cushy YT career the second someone questioned her craftsmanship and totes original style.

No. 113423


You're completely right anon. I always thought the party kei thing was stupid because it was so try hard, but I totally understand now that the whole thing has no foundation.

Even her "must haves" for the look, she never wears. Like fluffy shoes that remind people of slippers or whatever the fuck

No. 113519

I joined her party kei group thinking it was "Cult Party Kei". What a disappointment that was.

No. 113527

File: 1459432671879.jpeg (172.24 KB, 750x864, image.jpeg)

Is she ever actually going to put out music? It seems like she's posted tons of pictures with her "band" but not even a demo on soundcloud.

No. 113537

I have the feeling most of you will disagree with me on this but whatever.

I understand pets being members of the family, especially when theyve been with the family for so long. But like…being depressed and dysfunctional for over a month because your cat is sick.. a bit of an exaggeration?

Like some of my pets have died or got sick or lost and I have cried over it. But how can you be so one-tracked minded and privileged enough to basically halt your life for a month. Shes missed a bunch of school, taken less shifts at work and has basically not been uploading any pics or videos almost all month. 90% of her personal fb is all about the cat right now. Like I couldnt even afford to take time off school or work when my grandmother passed away or when my boyfriend got hit by a car this year. These are actual people that I care about but im not in a position to let it affect my productivity in life and as someone that struggles with mental illness, Jillian should know to protect and strengthen herself mentally/emotionally when going through turmoil rather than letting it overcome her. Honestly, im pretty bitter that someone can basically stop functioning and let their mental health disintegrate over a pet and have basically no re-repercussions. And others cannot allow themselves to be affected/slowed down by the pain/passing of a loved one or else their life will be worse off for a while.

sorry for the blog post

No. 113650

Wait, wait, she's missed school because her cat is sick? And work? Wow.

Honestly she's lucky she's had this much time with her sick cat. All of my cats have gone from fine to having to be put down in the space of two days. I had one cat that had a stroke right in front of me and had to be put down an hour later. I never saw an animal look so scared and panicked and yet helpless all at the same time. It still haunts me when I think about it and makes me very sad. That was definitely the hardest. But, I still made it to work the next day.

No. 113740

No, I 100% get where you're coming from. Sorry to hear about your grandma and boyfriend. I went through some tough losses as well in the past few years, and I totally agree with what you're saying about her needing to strengthen herself rather than let it overcome her. Of course everyone has different tolerances and ways of coping, but publicly wallowing for an extended period of time just starts to seem like fishing for attention and pity. The term 'misery loves company' comes to mind.

No. 113746

Triggered by seeing those filthy shoes yet again with a disgusting black layer of sludge over the white soles

No. 113748

File: 1459471931779.png (564.71 KB, 1046x1026, Screenshot_2016-03-31-19-29-22…)

Looks like Jill will kiss up to any person who can get her to Japan

No. 113868


beautiful sandy vag u two faced bitchy obese sandy narcissist


No. 113933

File: 1459522926524.png (396.89 KB, 492x574, Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 16.0…)

she's a weeb fucking crazy fuckboy

No. 113943

wut the fucc did u just say to me pitiful pullfag fatty

No. 113956


Dakota detected

No. 113966

sweet oily hair u snaggle toothed ana-chan skeletonish hideous butthurt tub of lard.

No. 113975

>implying dat i'm not rated 9/10 at 23, multiple dating options at my bec and call

No. 114003

File: 1459535369484.jpg (505.27 KB, 1280x1920, tumblr_o4l318jrZB1urbfw1o6_128…)


Im triggered

No. 114066

She's such a lolcow.

No. 114182


ure a desperate cunt! ^.^

No. 114187

File: 1459584292349.jpg (96.46 KB, 596x628, 1446118068254.jpg)

I could bake a brioche in your yeasy vag, smdh.

u fuccing cunty fucking redditor!!!!!

No. 114188


XD ・ω・ @_@

No. 114212

File: 1459597477782.jpg (279.61 KB, 937x871, 3237367_lookbook_sugary_things…)

lutty chubby crusty racist chan tbh

No. 114213

File: 1459597520261.jpg (228.61 KB, 926x928, 3197556_afsfafsfafs.jpg)


>implying my BMI is over 17, jfc

u goddamn motherfucking hamwhale

No. 114214

ure such a massive fuking bitch!!!

No. 114303

File: 1459626743780.jpeg (322.79 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

Cuck. crusty pig!!

No. 114304

whoreass sleazy swine tbh xD

No. 114333

burn this thread! @_@

No. 114341

nice try. uwu

No. 114369

Wtf are those things on her feet

No. 114377

File: 1459654962240.jpg (572.02 KB, 1175x1920, 1431032093931.jpg)

She never ever takes care of her shoes. Why?
Pic related, shoes in the background falling apart and scuffed to hell.

No. 114401

this might be reaching but i feel like this is a real rich kid thing to do, like why take care of your shoes when you can just buy new ones? i think that's what really bothers me about jillian.

No. 114404

Is that a polyester sheer curtain she has drape over herself?

No. 114408

She doesn't need to lose weight. Like >>114341 said, she needs to learn how to dress, how to style and colour her hair and how to do her make up properly. Her size is fine, but even if it wasn't, weight loss can't help if you dress in kawaii expensive trash bags and have no idea what suits you.

No. 114409

Her shoes look so gross because they're FASHION BOOTS that she was wearing as WINTER SNOW BOOTS in FUCKING CANADA. They're clearly not meant for traipsing around in mud and snow so she's completely ruined them in the couple months she's had them.

No. 114435

Really frustrating when i think about how cute she looked during her pastel goth whatever phace compared to her look now. How is she failing so much. Is it her will to be cooler than anybody else???

No. 114455

That right there is definitely the lowest point of her ED

No. 114492

File: 1459703855244.png (1.71 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 114614

It looks like her head's too small for her body.

hmm its sad that when you go to the beginning of her instagram there are pictures of her with natural hair colors and no sparkles and shit all over her face and she's actually cute?

She doesn't suit pastel hair colors at all and those chunky sweaters with miniskirts aren't doing her any favors.

No. 114795

Hate me for this, but she's kind of cute here. I don't know why. Maybe it's her passive-looking stance that makes her seem approachable. She needs to pull her socks up of course and her eyebrows bother me. But she looks OK here. Her hair especially looks pretty good.

No. 114834

I don't think she looks great, she just looks slightly better than her usual mess.

No. 114881

she looks so dumpy

No. 114886

I think she's very cute. I just wish she would do a less dramatic brow. :( It would make her look cuter and less old.

No. 114916

Well I think that's it. It's not a knock-out look, but it makes her look human. Her expression and stance, along with her toned-down outfit, make her seem humble, maybe even in need of a hug or some friendship. It's a nice contrast to her usual tryhard look based a truck carrying pastel paint crashing into a truck carrying cheap plastic, that comes across as her screaming "notice me everybody I'm AHMAZING!" Which, let's face it, is why she's on this board.

No. 114925


I feel like she doesnt have thin enough legs to pull off the large sweater thing? I dont think she needs to lose weight but the sweater makes her look so darn apple shape. She really needs to define the waist instead

No. 114940

Does she not use foundation? I've never watched her makeup videos or anything but her face never has any sort of "finished" look to it. Maybe if she invested in a good foundation and a beauty blender - maybe with some contouring (not drag queen tier, just some to increase depth of cheek bones etc) it'd make her look more attractive at least. I don't know if anything could make her look younger tbh, but she could look better.

No. 115070

idk, i think she's fine without foundation. it's really the brows that need work, and she needs to get rid of that under eye glitter..

No. 115964

Why is she so goddamn unlikable?

No. 116528

She doesnt have a style anymore and wants to be some indie pop star now lmao

No. 116539

So has she been laying low or what? She is my favorite flake, so I am kind of craving something.

No. 116546

File: 1460116952175.png (143.04 KB, 500x731, tumblr_o4ywcq0hwy1v1aqh4o1_500…)

She has been posting her pictures. Did she used to draw or is this a new development?

No. 116556

Um that's literally spank! Kei that was created over 10 years ago… Try again Jill

No. 116557

Her thighs are chub af, she would look much better if she went back to how she looked before

No. 116558

File: 1460121524520.jpg (76.5 KB, 311x450, 1YnXlbJ.jpg)

From BtB

No. 116559

File: 1460121555825.jpg (64.28 KB, 446x640, WitWXCH.jpg)

No. 116571

p sure she's laying low because her cat is sick and she's 2 upset about it to make videos I guess

No. 116580

One of those breasts is not like the other…

No. 116589

File: 1460135131593.jpg (104.89 KB, 2048x1582, 12973140_1310257335654925_8191…)

Her awful typography genuinely frustrates me. I can barely read this without straining my eyes.
The text in the purple box isn't even centered properly. And why the hell would she choose to use cool pastels for the text when the border is mostly warm and bright?
Maybe I'm being overly critical as a graphic design student, but I can't fathom why anyone would be proud of this mess.

No. 116689

About a week ago she said her cat was ok, though.

No. 116699

File: 1460164479133.jpg (100.31 KB, 600x601, tumblr_o50le3lV6c1rupgmao1_128…)

I am dying. The new SPINNS collection looks exactly like what Jillian described Party Kei to be and executed it much better than she has. It has the slumber party theme and all the other little details. And she reblogged the photos. kek.

No. 116700

File: 1460164577489.jpg (80.48 KB, 592x592, tumblr_o50le3lV6c1rupgmao2_128…)

No. 116702

File: 1460164712912.jpg (86.63 KB, 597x592, tumblr_o50le3lV6c1rupgmao3_128…)

No. 116723

So pretty much the average yumekawaii girls.

No. 116822

Omg gimme more of that JillVes BtB stuff, it is priceless.

Man i really want that "what i got for my birthday" video because its either gonna be
A) a expensive shit fest that makes her look even more like a spoilt brat


B) just like 4 items she CLAIMS to be the only presents she got eventhough the whole fucking world knows its a fucking lie.

No. 116832

It's not coming. She's learned her lesson with 'what I got' videos.

No. 116884

If she's asked about it, if she answers "maybe I'm having influence overseas!!" I'll tear into her of anon.

No. 117101

I'm guessing that dress she designed is mermaid themed? Because it be better off at the bottom of the sea.

No. 117103

Hopefully when she dies that family of black spiders, that she's hosting in her eyebrows, will be free

No. 117104

File: 1460278081497.jpeg (38.34 KB, 500x687, image.jpeg)

This is like advertising to save starving children in Uganda, but then using a photo of jillian.

No. 117105

She doesnt take anon asks you mook

No. 117141


Give it time and she will complain about how Japan is copying her ultra unique style

No. 117143


Another GD student here… I agree it's painful to look at. Too much text, awful typography, too pastel, badly positioned.


No. 117196

Drawing the crotch too far to the right seems to be a reoccurring theme here

No. 118283

File: 1460504179514.png (1.45 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2016-04-12-18-31-43…)

Someone please teach her how to do her eyebrows…..

No. 118335

She actually started it with a trigger warning.

Summary for those who don't want to watch
>she has 3 cats and she's obsessed with them because she has no social skills
>she has purebred cats because reasons
>grade 7-9 was a dangerous, scary time in her life
>so they get her a cat
>apparently this cat saved her and taught her so much about life
>now the actual story starts
>cat stops eating, acts extra lazy
>tiny discount animal hospital says he has pancreatitis
>so they take the cat home and wait for it to go away on its own
>cat doesn't get better, loses 2 lbs
>they have to get the cat an IV
>her cat's name is neko, as in Japanese for "cat"
>cat has to spend 2-3 days in the hospital
>doctor says there's nothing else they can do for the cat
>apparently her cat being sick is the worst sadness she's ever felt, even worst than when her grandmother died
>only when he's at death's door do they think to take him to the super legit animal hospital
>turns out the cat has a blockage in his intestines
>cat gets surgery
>cat gets better

Also she's been gone from youtube because of laryngitis and strep throat.

No. 118341


I think that title is all I need to see. BUT HE DIDN'T!!

No. 118357

Waiting for the desperate begging for money (to go towards her Japan trip).

No. 118363

All I hear is
>mai catz are more important than most people I have ever met (even if it's true, that's a shitty way to put it on your public youtube)
>My hard lief was even more emo from 7-9th grade because my lief was so DANGEROUS, it only got better because cat

No. 118380


No. 118442


Her arm movements while talking make me want to fucking kill her. No wonder she has no friends.

No. 119110

File: 1460580576373.jpg (120.09 KB, 593x640, kill me please.jpg)

She is being way too dramatic over a pet. Her cat is fine now, right? Why is she still so upset? Why is she being so dramatic? Not that I'm shocked.

> mfw 19 minutes long

No. 119128

Its probably just because she's short. Every short weeb thinks shes hot shit because "more kawaii" or something, like in that himeka thread she was there posting against aminyan like "haha her body is so large" lol like shut up you jelly ugly ghetto bitch

No. 119132

how spoiled do you have to be to actually skip several days of school because your pet is sick
my family never gave that much effort to pet's health because we'd either have them live at another relative's house or they got killed in brutal ways

No. 119135

I wonder if she'll get to Snoozy levels of big? She looks so dumpy and plain here.

No. 119141

>tiny discount animal hospital says he has pancreatitis
>so they take the cat home and wait for it to go away on its own
>cat doesn't get better, loses 2 lbs

Are you kidding me? Once your cat loses weight and stops eating, you take it to the vet and get meds or surgery. You don't take it home and hope it gets better. That is the same abusive bullshit parents do when they want to pray away the sickness from their dying child.

No. 119146

Never. Suzy was a legitimate model at one point. Also Suzy is that good 'entry level' goth kind of look where as ALL jillian does is 'uguu kawaii looks' desu. That most people cant wear in the real world. People would see Jillian walking down the street and assume 'oh god she must be some kind of drugged up idiot' compared to Suzy who people probably dont really notice (all black is a lot more common nowadays)

No. 119656


What I assume to be some sort of plant behind her looks like weird sprouting hair from her head lol

>also this fucking face glitter, holy shit calm urself girl

No. 119664


This video was so god damn unbearable. Don't get me wrong, I love animals. But the way Jill reiterates this story is just so ear bleeding. I never got the "shes so punchable," like yeah to me she usually looks like a gremlin. But jfc this video makes me want to punch her and all her stupid mannerisms.

No. 120004

She's back already.

No. 120069

how many times can she say fucker and motherfucker in one video holy hell

No. 120095

Why is she wearing a cheap costume jacket? Does she seriously think it looks good?

No. 120106

No one watches magical animes LOL
You are not special for watching them. Tonnes of people watch them.
It's the main thing that annoys me about her. "Weaboo, loves magical girls, SLAY BITCHES" fuck off. Doremi had a massive community in Europe, a lot of girls are nostalgic about it.

No. 120133

Precure is also an enormous franchise and most weeb girls have known about Creamy Mami etc. for ages… And obviously every average person has heard of Sailor Moon. It's a fun genre and fine to be open about loving it, but it's not some incredibly unusual quirky thing to like. As a genre it has every kind of merch and is sold in stores worldwide.

No. 120149

Jillian is so fucking annoying about magical girl anime, not only are they the most popular but it's the most saturated fucking genre out there.

I cannot believe how special she thinks she is. She has shitty taste anyway as she considers Steven Universe and Jem and the Holograms to be Magical Girl anime but Puella Magi Madoka Magica isn't, because you know it's too dark and not enough pointless filler episodes.

No. 120154

File: 1460762365766.jpg (358.4 KB, 1365x768, Dokidoki!_Pretty_Cure.jpg)

What gets me giggling is she recommended one of the worst seasons,Doki Doki Precure. Mention it to any fan and they'll be groaning.
The lead is a self centred pink haired girl who takes advantage of the friends she has and is a huge special snowflake
lmao no wonder she likes it :^)

No. 120159

wtf is the deal with her boyfriend's gender identity? Why does she keep saying 'they'? For a moment I thought she meant she had multiple boyfriends and they were all buying her stuff at the mall.

No. 120184

She rambles wayyy too much. Some light background music might help carry on her droning, but I skipped a good chunk of the video just to see what items she had. She's so boring.

No. 120185


No. 120198

I get sad thinking about dokidoki because Regina and the sword one were cuties. Oh well.

No. 120230

Her boyfriend is tumblrgender.

No. 120490

post-high school crisis jillian is going to be hilarious

No. 120829

she is such a snooze fest nowadays holy shit

at least she had somewhat coherent videos when she did specific cute fashions but now its impossible to not get bored with her rambling about nothing substantial whatsoever

also I hate how she depicts all of canada like a frozen wasteland when she lives in the coldest parts of the country and all the actual big cities with moderate weather are like wearing sun dresses and playing frisbee in the park today lmao

No. 121436


Why does her skin always look so yellow like she has jaundice? Does she have olive skin tone or something

No. 121437

she doesn't pick shades/colors flattering to her undertone. i'm pale with neutral-green undertones and that pink would make me look i have food poisoning

No. 121438

File: 1460948088440.jpg (27.71 KB, 632x535, BETSEYS-HOTLINE-PHONE-CROSSBOD…)


after watching this it really made me want the bag knowing the phone works. I know it sounds stupid but I find that style of phone really comfy to cradle between the ear and shoulder. Whereas cell phones now are so thin and slippery they fall to the floor constantly for me.

Also this one is really cute, although I will admit a bit tumblr fashion -esque

No. 121778

File: 1461011417605.png (735.73 KB, 858x754, Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 8.02…)

No. 121789


No. 122004

I feel that. Don't let her ruin Betsey Johnson for you, anon. Just cause she can't coord for shit doesn't mean the bag isn't cute.

No. 122035

Buy the bag. You'll wear it way better than her anyway.

No. 122234

File: 1461138094208.jpg (12.36 KB, 185x82, 1453808245338.jpg)


>lolcow being supportive

>this means so much to me, thank you anons

No. 122261


Does she have a lazy eye?

No. 122366

File: 1461177287406.png (834.85 KB, 708x717, 2016-04-20 15.32.13.png)

Why go out alone dressed like that

No. 122377

File: 1461180701095.png (713.05 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

ffs. and I like Spinns. she probably only ordered these because she was salty that their upcoming collection was identical to "party-kei"

No. 122391

This video is so unbearable. She swears like a sailor and her voice is offensive to the ear.

No. 122406

I feel like all she wears is just slight variations of this same outfit. I bet she has on those filthy pink boots, too.

No. 122415

It's probably no where near as shocking/ugly in real life, she's edited it a lot so the colours pop. Just an average tumblr kid

No. 122424


They meant big as in weight

No. 122438

Betsey Johnson always had a kitschy element to a lot of her items. Don't let Jillian ruin it for you. I don't really see it as a Tumblr thing. Buy the bag, anon.

No. 122468

File: 1461202636849.png (596.6 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

I like how she calls herself a manic pixie dream girl on tumblr. Oh you're fucking manic alright. A dream girl you are not

No. 122478

She seriously has no idea how to dress herself…

No. 122522

whatever man, being a manic pixie dream girl is not a good thing, that's like going "I'm a crazy pretentious bitch haha".

No. 122535

But anon, how else would people know how QUIRKY XDXDXD she was?

No. 122678

File: 1461278871995.jpg (139.85 KB, 424x533, jill.jpg)

Isnt she just gorgeous?

No. 122684

File: 1461279378454.png (12.61 KB, 351x398, yes.png)


No. 122685

i rly like this outfit
its got a theme WHICH WORKS. not too over the top and its a casual outfit with the skirt as a main piece.
its not a crap tonne of pinks mashed together with some fluff and glitter.
keep it simple and it works better

No. 122687

Oh look, it's the 50 dollar t-shirt!

The dumpy jean jacket kinda ruins the outfit for me, but maybe that's just due to personal preference. ngl, I love those socks, though.


No. 122689

Yeah, besides the unflattering jacket this is one of her best recent outfits by far. The fact that it's mainly white and silver with a couple matching details (the rainbows), rather than a huge mismatch of different shades of pink/pastels, definitely helps.

No. 122692

50 dollars??


No. 122693

I think it was Urban Outfitters or maybe AA so unsurprising there

No. 122694

Why does she wear her skirts so high up??

No. 122739


Big love handles

No. 122757

I know this place aint big on complements but,this cute af. love her style. why do ppl hate her? can someone give me the rundown or links to threads or something?

No. 122768

Anon. How did you even get here if you can't use google. Ffs.

No. 122770

Read the thread.

No. 122771

i know this is baitudes, but there are probably people who actually like her style. That outfit in particular is so all over the place. There is no cohesive color scheme. The rainbow/blue makes the pink/grey look out of place. Basically that outfit looks like shit.

I swear Jillian is just running out of clothes that fit and refusing to get proper sized clothing and that's why her latest outfits look hip grandma kei

No. 122802


This feels like one of her better outfits to be honest. With a few tweaks it could be kind of cute. The clashing skirt ruins it though

No. 122803


I feel like the jacket, shirt, and socks are the only things that match here. They are like 70s vintage vibe. Then she spews her holographic skirt and tumblr aesthetic over the rest.

No. 122804

She has so much disposable cash to buy good clothes yet she refuses to buy anything that fits her. The worst example of that was when she bought hose two plastic pencil skirts from AA, they were somehow too big for her but also showed her voice while she sat. Seriously, who would try those on and buy them after realizing either of those things? Especially when they're basically unalterable because of the material.

No. 122805

*cooch not voice. Haha

No. 122835

I know this might be nitpick-y for Jillian since shes had worst outfits recently. But I wanna remind all of you that she prides herself on her coordinates and has uploaded ´how to coordinate´ video guides and being preachy about balancing colours etc.

This outfit just plain sucks in terms of clashing with her hair. Theres no pink anywhere besides her huge headband that already doesnt match her hair. Then shes mixing a cotton tee with solid color strips and denim jacket.. with a holographic skirt? I feel like she has two different looks going on here, one being the glittery pink kawaii look and the other is 90s american hipster. And more shitty contrast with the socks/sandals.

I can sorta see what she wants to do here but it really needs to be touched up.

Also how does this fall into her descriptions of party kei at all?

No. 122837


Lol she called that look party kei?? It follows like none of her supposed rules

No. 122856

File: 1461326895064.jpg (26.74 KB, 292x395, 13043720_1111922438860648_8205…)

I wonder what she thinks about the type of people that regularly post in the party kei group.

pic related: this girl(?) posts all the fucking time and will not shut up about buying glittery craft supplies

No. 122860

Maybe I'm an asshole or just super nitpick, but her skirts look sooo fucking short. They barely cover her ass, ad she isn't even wearing tights. It's not about le thick thighs!!1 or accusing her of being a fatty; these skirts are what i would expect to see on an American Apparel ad or at a fashion shooting, but irl? How do they work? Whenever you slightly bend down or try to sit, don't they reveal almost everything?

As said maybe I'm just a prude, but gurl, these skirts are way too short for an everyday look.

No. 122866

You would usually wear short pumpkin-like shorts under very short skirts.

No. 122914

Is that a beard??

No. 122917

I think so, it's in every selfie she's posted.

No. 122923

God damn shave your double chin you gross bitch. Why would you go outside looking like that

No. 122951

File: 1461340082378.png (1.05 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-04-22-11-48-49…)


No. 123024

fuck these things are gonna look stained and gross in no time just like her ugly pink platforms

No. 123036

i think your last comment is right on the money. she looks so uncomfortable in her body and she would probably be happier for the time being in better fitting clothes.

imho she should just take better care of herself and her shoes. she's young, she doesn't seem like an awful person, just desperate and confused for real relationships

No. 123054

Maybe one day she'll realise you cant substitute shoes as toilet paper

No. 123076

Looks like she's going for socks as well

No. 123080

Why is she so obsessed with putrid yellow?

No. 123170

I know her IRL and she is kind of a stuck up bitch haha

No. 123173

I know her irl as well, how exactly is she a stuck up bitch? I mean she rarely gets off her little island and shes usually pretty nice when shes being all touristy. Unless youre claiming that you actually live on pei idk.

No. 123178

She always acts so childish and is rude to everyone. Like can't have a conversation or event that isn't completely focused around her lmao

No. 123182

File: 1461376608040.jpg (43.87 KB, 480x480, 13043404_535364686666921_47087…)

No. 123185

File: 1461376881112.png (1.16 MB, 715x705, 2016-04-22 23.00.34.png)

No. 123187

File: 1461377278595.png (745.72 KB, 693x652, 2016-04-22 23.05.42.png)

Her friend's outfit photo from their instagram??
it is from a year ago
way to go jill

No. 123207

Got any Jill stories?

No. 123242

This looks like ageplay.

No. 123248

Nah, she looks good here. Well, except for those roots. But it's a flattering angle and the outfit is nice–again, keeping it simple seems to work better for her.

No. 123264

When did she get so fat?

No. 123271

People think this shit looks good? Anons wtf.

No. 123291

Why are Jillians shoes and I guess socks always so dirty? I'm seriously wondering if she doesn't wash them or why she doesn't bother rinsing mud off things like these. It makes me think she might honestly go through clothing so fast that it doesn't even matter.

No. 123305

Like the other anon said, you wear shorts under them - but the skirt might be too small for her. I bought an AA Skirt on sale even though it was a size too small and although you could get it on fine, it constantly rolled up. Their skirts are really short, but I think she's like 5'2" or something, so it shouldn't be that short on her.

No. 123306

>those stained, pilled socks
Throw those away girl, what the fuck?
>flattering angle
Her upper body looks like a bent marshmallow, it's not cute. I don't even dislike her, but her outfits and poses are unflattering as hell.

No. 123314


Anon, she had these shoes for years. One of the jelly straps even ripped (they're in one of her older favorites videos)
Why does she still wear them??? they look ratched af

No. 123358

is she trying to do that kfashion thing where you wear a dress over a sweater/shirt?

No. 123362

She doesn't even follow her fashions supposed rules

No. 123368

They should definitely be longer on her. I'm about 5'4" and AA tennis skirts are like 2 inches above my knees. I seriously don't know how she makes her skirts so short.

No. 123369

When jillian dies will she be buried in a coffin shaped like a filthy shoe?

No. 123370

File: 1461427930840.jpeg (38.89 KB, 411x486, image.jpeg)

No. 123404

File: 1461433970878.png (120.34 KB, 714x605, Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 18.5…)

No. 123483


I love how you even included to the yellow teeth

No. 123488

Does she realize dream pop is an actual genre or is she trying to act like she created that too?

No. 123546

i'm still waiting for her to actually put stuff up on soundcloud. she hypes her band a lot and we have yet to see anything other than a few pics

speaking of her music taste i'm kinda surprised she hasn't hopped onto pc music yet tbh. it seems like something that she'd love since it's so ~ weird ~ like her

No. 123749


I'm not surprised she looks so pudgy if she was an ana-chan before.

No. 123772

Since she "quit lolita" when Kate quit, I wonder if she will get back into it like Kate has now. Kate went through her "larme" phase and scooted her ass back to lolita after a couple of months

maybe jillian will follow and throw away her shit boots

No. 123784

honestly i don't think so. she is WAY too much into being a unique snow flake. she seems to enjoy being some one special (though she obvs is not) with her weird ass clothing taste

No. 123863

I've never really worn any brand (or any lolita anything for that matter) but aren't the sizes notoriously small? Would she even be able to fit into her old pieces that she kept? Even if she CAN fit into it, I don't see her going back to lolita simply because color coordination seems really important and that is something she is terrible at.

No. 123898

I'm a solid 30" waist and I can fit into most brand dresses tbh. Not flatteringly without shapewear admittedly but she might be fine? Then again looking at her pictures she was kind of already 'fitting' them so who knows

No. 123907

That's really sad because her unique style has been done and has been worn by tons of chicks already.

No. 123984

In her fashion identity video didn't she say she wasn't going to do anything crazy and sell her Lolita things and that she was still planning on wearing Lolita every now and then? How long did that last before she started selling all her expensive brand shit?

No. 124022


AP has been getting more and more plus sized friendly in recent years. All of their full shirring pieces fit me (about 90ish cm bust). And some of their dresses have been apparently max bust of 100+ cm.

Its really only zip up items (no shirring) and old school pieces she'd have to worry about.

No. 124411

Her measurements are like 65-70 cm waist though? Shes mentioned it on fb sales a bunch.

No. 124432

There's no way she has a 65-70cm waist if she fits size L American Apparel stuff. Their L is definitely roomy on a 70cm waist, and it would fall off someone with a 65 cm waist.

No. 124661

Remember her crazy ghetto boss >>99301
and the shop fiasco >>98915 >>98941

Apparently Papercakes Pretty is no longer. Jill stopped working there at some point last month I guess and now the owner is selling off whatever she can and vacating the property it seems.

Such a short lived but kek worthy little ride.

No. 124746

How do you know that? I'm surprised Jillian didn't tell us about it.

No. 124823

The owners fb is still public although she seems to have hidden past posts that were posted here. Shes still friends with jillian but jill took down papercakes pretty from her employment info.

No. 124925

I blame the Patriarchy for not supporting her girl-powered gofundme.

No. 124973

maybe a bit weird but i found her storenvy wishlist by googling jillian vessey (was just trying to go to her insta)


No. 124974

File: 1461751256597.jpg (219.9 KB, 933x591, ss (2016-04-27 at 03.00.33).jp…)

No. 124975

File: 1461751295962.jpg (213.8 KB, 928x594, ss (2016-04-27 at 03.01.31).jp…)

No. 124976

File: 1461751334229.jpg (153.11 KB, 921x592, ss (2016-04-27 at 03.02.10).jp…)

No. 124977

File: 1461751405736.jpg (150.73 KB, 927x593, ss (2016-04-27 at 03.03.09).jp…)

No. 124978


Looks cheap and tacky.


Those velcro straps look dumb with the wooden (?) base. Ugly shoes.


Roots look like shit, but I do like the lip color.


And besides her sickly yellow-ish complexion, I genuinely think she looks cute here. Ngl, I'm jealous of her nose at that angle.

No. 124996

File: 1461757468913.jpg (68.26 KB, 590x593, image.jpg)

I already did one of these in the meitu I thread in /b/ but this picture begged for the photoshop treatment. This was the best I could do using only phone apps. Fixed up her chin and jawline and changed her hair and lip color as best I could. Her lip shape was also wonky due to her drawing outside the lines so I tried to fix that up too.

Has anyone else noticed that her pink hair leaves these garish pink shadows all over face? I think that's part of the reason she always looks so sickly. I couldn't get rid of them.

No. 124998

File: 1461757851790.jpg (71.94 KB, 791x593, image.jpg)

Here's a side by side (sorry the images aren't the exact same size)

No. 125001

Looks so much better. Now edit out that gay as fuck hat.

No. 125014

Wow that looks way better, if only she had less harsh eyebrows and didn't color them in completely dark all the way in (Sharpie brows) like she always does… They're really aging and give her an angry librarian look

No. 125024

I actually think she would look way younger and better with a straight thicker brow

No. 125055

same problem I probably have as a 5'2 girl trying to wear AA, her hips/butt are too big even if it fits in the waist, so the skirt rides up to crazy short lengths. bitch just get a pencil skirt, it looks much better on pear-chans

No. 125060


sorry I'm a pear shape and anything that hugs my hips like crazy looks really bad. The waist accent is nice, but waist accent plus flare out to hide the hips looks best.

No. 125062


>too scratchy due to the sequins

Are you sure it didn't just fall apart due to the poor construction, Jillian?

No. 125125

She looks kind of like Kendall from Dance Moms here.

No. 125272

Your shop is creepy as hell and makes her look so unrealistic it is crazy. She looked really cute in the first photo, now she looks like a synthetic blow up doll.

No. 125317

File: 1461797697041.jpg (147.66 KB, 629x518, wonkylipjillian.jpg)

sure anon. Real cute.

No. 125334

So you like the dried semen on the face look?

No. 125365

Unrealistic? What. All they really did was shop out her shitty make-up and shopped on more "normal" looking make-up.

Oh, and removed her jowls.

No. 125366

Her lip shape makes me irrationally angry. She should really avoid making faces that accentuate that dimple in the lower lip.

No. 125568

size too small so she has to wear it at the highest smallest point of her waste

No. 125572


No. 125707

im 5'2" and have a 60cm waist and wear x-smalls at AA so there is no way her waist is under 70cm if she is a large

No. 125709

She didn't select a size large purposely. She's usually a xs/s but she got the last size available on sale. She mentions it in the haul video.

No. 125712

I look at this picture and all I see is Donald Trump, butthole lips.

No. 125750

But it seems to fit her just fine. If anything, it's a little small for her, since she keeps mentioning it riding up.

No. 125757

Yeah, I tried editing pictures of her too and can't get rid of that sickly pink look either. Compared to her skin, it always washes her out and makes her look bad. She seems to love pink the most and it's really unfortunate because it makes her look the worst. Her undertones clearly clash with whatever she wears.

I wonder if she'll ever attempt any type of darker fashion? It doesn't even have to be dark, just maybe something with some bright reds or more natural coloring. Someone should try steering her away from this pastel stuff, but I feel like she's surrounded by a lot of yes-man fans and friends.

No. 126252

File: 1462019771588.png (509.04 KB, 933x551, jill.png)

>what is concealer

No. 126327

tbh some people's (myself included) dark circles just can't ever be covered up, regardless of the amount of concealer/foundation used.

No. 126359

They make colored (usually green) concealer to use on dark circles. I know an Indian girl who has really dark circles without makeup and often with basic makeup, but with the color-balancing concealers it covers it right up.

No. 126364

Late but "local celebrity" LMAO

More like "locally infamous for her dramatic meltdowns in public places and insane Twitter rants"

No. 126376

Sorry, but that doesn't work for everyone. Also you want to use yellow concealer for purple shadows under your eyes.

No. 126385

Her's aren't purple though? If they are more of this hue, pretty sure you are supposed to use green?

No. 126392

Same, but we all know she doesn't even bother with that shit

No. 126416


Do people use green concealer for dark circles? I've only ever heard of green concealer being used for acne/general redness.

I can't really place what kind of hue her dark circles are, but they're only really particularly noticeable by lolcow standards anyway, imo.

(sage for kinda OT)

No. 126434

It depends on what hue the dark circles are. If they're red, then use green and if they're purple use yellow. I've also seen peach colors work well if the circles are DARK without any reddish hues.

No. 126624

New video. Everything she got is so ugly. Why

No. 126629

She's pretentious af. Can't help but cringe at her videos

No. 126717

Holy crap, ugly is right. I haven't even finished watching, but the top she's wearing looks like one of those frumpy ass give-up-on-life T-shirts you'd find at the Goodwill. Why the hell would anyone go out of their way to order that from Japan?

No. 126720


No. 126721

I want to slap her, mainly because she reminds me of myself at her age. I am SO grateful I never had a good camera or video editing software then, I probably would've made shit like this.

No. 126730

This entire site makes me thankful for that.

No. 126755

I think I finally figured out what bugs me so much about her face. she has a pinhead look. protruding nose / chin, with a smallish flat head. the coconut head bangs make it worse.

No. 126761


>are you ready to see my gross socks

Fucking kek jill, you mean everytime we see your dirty ass feet?

No. 126798

complains about prices
your buying harajuku fashion. From small stores which dont have alot of traction in the west. Spinns is small, not like Galaxxy or AP and sell simpler things.

stop complaining about price.

No. 126799

No. 126802

I wonder if jill is irate about this or
"ommmmg guys I inspired HARAJOOKO fashion designers!!"

No. 127371

She looks so bad with short hair and her bangs are so hideous. I can't tell if it's the way she cuts it but her hair style is the absolute worst. I can't be the only one who thinks this right? like she okay with extensions but that's only if she clips up her bangs or something.

No. 127378

Other than the tennis skirt, she managed to find the most basic stuff spinns had to offer. She even admitted she could have found the top at a thrift store. Why bother importing for that?

No. 127474

because people were sick of her abusing japanese and harajuku fashion tags despite wearing all western brands so she had to prove she's still in the game

No. 127482

Galaxxxy is a way smaller brand than Spinns, kiddo. Spinns & WeGo are basically the H&M of Harajuku

No. 127521

Literally made an order from there a day before. Why does she always choose the tackiest things. There were so much things there that would better suit her aesthetic, as messy as it is.

No. 127820

my favourite thing is how she was having a picnic by herself right at the beginning

No. 127826

File: 1462452216858.jpg (11.84 KB, 255x168, ss (2016-05-05 at 05.43.31).jp…)


fucking christ if I lived in PEI I would go just to see Jill haha.
Also yeah that was weird. Likke in her last video "Oh I have this fantasy of having a picnic!!!"
Looks like deranged woman on a blanket

No. 127827

File: 1462452470181.jpg (74.51 KB, 761x611, ss (2016-05-05 at 05.47.22).jp…)

Oh no god forbid someone else is playing the piano
>jill might get triggered

No. 127829

File: 1462452511408.jpg (120.07 KB, 948x487, ss (2016-05-05 at 05.48.25).jp…)

No. 127832

File: 1462452751410.png (1.1 MB, 1592x422, dramakids.png)

Wait why is she still in drama if she wanted to get away from the whole "theatre kids scene"?

No. 127834

File: 1462452952779.png (1.27 MB, 1592x458, sift.png)

just taking random screen grabs for those that dont want to click around in the video

No. 127835

File: 1462453228178.png (2.17 MB, 1366x768, 3.png)

No. 127841

Oh god how did I accidentally watch the whole thing? Random but I think the girl who plays Mary Poppins is really cute. Jill is super fucking short and her roots are inspiring me to go do my own.

No. 127849

omg yeah I thought she was so pretty too!! and her voice sounds pretty good too

No. 127854

idk as someone studying musical theatre at uni she's super off pitch and shaky, it seems too high for her as well. But whatever PEI is super small and they have to deal with that.

Jill completely fucked up the soprano line in the last clip, gurl needs to stay on pitch and blend with the others.

No. 127855

oops meant to reply to >>127849

No. 127856

This is so funny to me and I'm just sitting here laughing at all of these candids. What is she going for here? Sweet Amish Kei?

No. 127858

I notice there's a lack of glitter smeared on her face in this video.

No. 127865

The way she talks is so fucking irritating. Them singing Supercali at the end was like nails on a chalkboard. This entire video is a reaffirmation of why I hate theatre kids.

Also, why is she the only one not dressed like a normie? What went wrong? Everyone else seems relatively well-adjusted.

No. 127877

File: 1462462561213.png (1.03 MB, 1366x768, 4.png)

No. 127878

she looks like my fucking co-worker.

do all chub girls have this face?

No. 127901

You can really tell how fat she is now standing next to those other young women.

No. 127902

Who the fuck wears a shirt to a dance practice?? this is the worst kind of attention whoring. She could have just worn pink pants or pink leggings.

No. 127904

I would never let this pastel trash do a play. How is she allowed to have shitty colored hair and do this? It looks so out of place in a bad way.

No. 127912

Where do you work bitch, the dollar store? Wendys?

No. 127918

I don't get this insult at all, also what a dumb question. She doesn't look bad in the face for a fat girl compared to many others. She doesn't even have the regular fatgirl sameface and you know damn well lol. She'd look a lot better with better styling and makeup (that hair yikes) so she's not even nearly the worst, especially out of fatties.
I doubt she looks like your coworker either, but cool story breh.

No. 127964

who pays to see that crap, just their family i guess
Jillian looks so awkward dancing and the mary poppins girl looks like a total bitch idk

No. 127970

Nah, I work at an office. Our new case manager looks like that.

No. 127977

As someone studying voice pretty intensively, I can tell that poppins girl wasn't really on her game. She seemed really shaky and nervous, probably because of the cameras and i could tell that she was well trained but not supporting her breath properly because of nerves probably. i can tell she has at least a pretty good voice

No. 127979

Her roots are so bad, holy fuck. It's ridiculous.
I don't think she's fat, but she's just so…doughy. I wonder if she stopped wearing jfash brands because she can't fit into most of them anymore (besides the lolita ones, since they're fairly forgiving).

No. 127992

I wonder how Jill feels about the girl she plays Mary. I feel like there's sure to be some tension since she cried when she coudnt get the role and even talked about it in her video.

No. 128001


nah. she looks like the typical fat.

That's the one thing I kept thinking through the whole video. Everyone else looks normal and is wearing non attention whore clothes yet Jill looks like a textbook tumblrina. It looks even worse when she's prancing around in her costume. I'm suprised they didn't make her wear a wig or dye her hair a natural color for the roll.

No. 128069

Yeah that was my impression. I mean you can just tell from the prices and designs. Wego at least has some interesting stuff on occasion. Spinns is a little boring to me.

I'm really surprised she didn't buy anything from their slumber party collection. I would think the cheap generic party crap would be right up her alley. Is she too upset over them "stealing" her super unique kawaii fashion?

No. 128072

Mary Poppins girl has the kawaii girl look the living doll wannabes wish they had.

Jillian looks like a troll next to her.

No. 128089

Um is she seriously wearing Jellies for dance rehearsal? I'm surprised they allowed that since she could easily slip and fall.
The video isn't working for me, is she just ensemble? I'm surprised they let her get away with this crap.

No. 128110

old post but I got bored and wanted to retread the thread
I hate how spoiled she is with these toys. So much. She probably gives them eBay links on the daily to what she wants in her "weaboo" collection. You don't work hard for these at all. You don't slog through Mandarake and Japanese Yahoo auctions trying to get this stuff. You don't save for it.

I am genuinely feeling sour because I didn't have this when I was her age, she has a smaller collection but of rarer items. Which none of them she even worked for. At all.

I hope to go she doesn't get into SuperS or Stars because the toys from that are rare and pricy, Jillian will probably eye up Chibiusa's items for pink aesthetic alone. That's all she wants them for. More brownie points from the aesthetic squad.

No. 128114

Does she wear shorts under her skirts or what? I was worried we'd see a panty shot when she was flailing around.

No. 128124


yeah its not the actual play. its like the kids saying to come see it and showing scenes from rehearsals

No. 128134

because she still wants to be the star of the local play while also being within the queer/alternative indie music scene (which consists of like 8 people in PEI)

I hope you guys realize when she said she was ~changing~ and had ~new friends~ she legit just meant she was sucking up to the few queer kids that exist on that island. I'm assuming part of it was to impress or get closer to Colin who is intersex but she's probably also impressed with herself for the newly acquired tumblr crew. The people who attended her birthday party and recently had a picnic with (she tagged them on her tumblr) are all the same few radical feminists/queers. Hence why she's been acting a lot openly gay-er recently as opposed to a self-contained jfashion hobbyist.

No. 128139

Everything about this vid is tacky and annoying but…her voice is so hot. She acts like a complete idiot but I can't help but be attracted to her voice.

No. 128233

No, she's playing Jane Banks (though I swear it sounded like she said Jen Banks…is that a Canadian or some kind of PEI accent?) Anyway I don't know about the play, but the kids in the movies had practically no lines, as I recall.

I was wondering, is her ex somewhere in this? I thought he was a theater kid too. (You know, thus why they just had to break up, because, not her scene anymore.)

No. 128258


No I didn't notice her ex within the crowd, so maybe she moved onto a different production or he dropped out.

Also maybe a PEI accent although I thought most of the speaking sounded fairly normal
>although I skipped around a lot
Canada fag here and most Canadians sound pretty normal. Only the people in Newfoundland sound really fucked up, even other Canadians have no idea what they are saying.

No. 128279

You just learn to be careful and wear shorts lol. I have a skirt that BARELY covers my ass, like it's about an inch below my cheek, but I always wear tights or shorts beneath them and idgaf.

No. 128282

Same, especially if you buy skirts from japanese brands a lot of them do have built in shorts inside so it's not like she's going to expose herself lol

No. 128294

Hes just finishing up his second year of university whereas she's in her last year of high school so this is likely her last musical

No. 128295

Wait, this girl is in highschool? I thought she was at least mid-twenties, she looks way older.

No. 128347

You dont seem to get how accents work. People around you sound normal because you are used to it. But go north a bit or south a bit and it changes. Newfoundland will have a purer accent because they have less people and not as much diversity, but that is the same case for anyone who lives in Northern Ontario vs Toronto or any other similar example.

No. 128370

I wonder how her singing sounds.
She stands out a lot, in a hot mess kind of way. Does she have friends? She seemed so lost when it wasn't the posed group shot.

No. 128444

I was watching her my life in 2015 video and she so sensitive. She cries from the silliest things. I understand she has anxiety but I have really severe anxiety too and even I'm not this bad.The real world is going to tear her apart. I have a feeling if she gets into a university for fashion she's going to drop out right away and complain how everyone was picking on her and how her teachers were too critical. She's going to take every constructive criticism as a attack and her super "unique and kawaii" fashion.

No. 128942


I literally live on the other side of the country than Jill lol. But I also live near the USA border so "accents' around here sound very… generic american?

No. 129398

File: 1462960638981.jpg (59.16 KB, 960x640, 13096034_1037731266280395_4132…)

Looks like she's bleached her hair on top of the pink? Gurl needs to calm down or her hair will fall out

No. 129399

File: 1462960655525.jpg (73.98 KB, 960x640, 13164389_1037731326280389_7342…)

No. 129400

File: 1462960690821.jpg (55.85 KB, 960x640, 13164474_10154063454396405_338…)

Also dumping photos from the MP dress rehearsal

No. 129401

File: 1462960705278.jpg (68.92 KB, 960x640, 13173797_10154063454486405_153…)

No. 129402

File: 1462960733085.jpg (67.37 KB, 960x640, 13174024_10154063454391405_616…)

No. 129404

File: 1462960750774.jpg (36.55 KB, 960x640, 13177738_10154063454476405_735…)

No. 129405

File: 1462960777724.jpg (48.06 KB, 960x640, 13179304_10154063454456405_193…)

No. 129406

File: 1462960804299.jpg (47.5 KB, 960x640, 13220847_10154063454386405_289…)

No. 129419

She looks cute in these pics imo

>>fuck of a lot less awkward than any mid-performance photo I've seen of myself

No. 129445


Those calves….

No. 129494

She's got cankles.

No. 129501

hooollly shit girl stop. You're going to have your hair fall out. Also whats up with >>129399 ? Is she doing an interview?

No. 129514

File: 1462989910731.png (518.93 KB, 511x603, 33.png)

No. 129874

This, as a Vocal Arts Major, I agree with you. She definitely is off pitch at a few moments and needs more work on her vocal fundamentals and on her acting skills as well. She seems dull and afraid. But I agree with the other voice Major anon here, nervousness could be the reason.

Yes! Even the musical theatre director from my high school would chew her out right away. I can totally see the scenario happening, my director telling her to either dye her hair to a natural color, wear a wig, or gtfo. But of course, Jillian would be triggered by that!!!

You can actually hear her voice. Jesus, she really needs to work on it if she wants Rainbow Valley to be successful.

Also,off topic, but why are they using a single mic?! Why can't they just provide them wireless headset mics?! think it takes away the magical vibe.

No. 129936

Those chubby legs, tf man.

No. 129937

Wait, her voice is so different?

No. 130446

I understand she's busy but since she's partnered and all shouldn't she put more effort into making videos more often?

No. 131063

Lets predict what Magical Girl show she's going to use as new "Im so weeby guys and special for watching!!"

Bonus points if the merchandise is over $200 on ebay.

No. 131067

No. 131084

jillian needs to calm down

No. 131088

I'm crying I wonder do they (she) expect bad confessions because I really want to make one

No. 131097

Oh my god Jillian, you are a walking gold mine.

No. 131102

Maho Girls Precure, maybe?

No. 131222

Jill posted a few disgruntled posts on the mains apparently plain and boring and not liking them as a duo.
My voted on Sugar Sugar Rune.

No. 131254

Figures she would find a duo of hardworking girls who do everything they can for their goals boring. also explains why she liked princess precure so much because that entire series was 'shit lands in the main characters lap without much trying'. As well as the MC was really just a delusional fuckwit who's main goal in life even in middle school was to become a fairytail princess. yeah i mad

No. 131275

im here for this
Didn't like Princess as much as Happiness Charge but step back and notice Jillian fucking loved Doki's MC. A big fat mary sue with no development.
Jill said shes watching Precure 5
she'll try and start an uproar with there being a het relationship very present.


No. 131300

Jillian didn't make the blog lmao, it's clearly some 12 year old

No. 131831

I'm so confused about this whole party kei thing. Wasn't the whole point of her leaving Lolita was so she no longer had to lable herself or whatever? But now she creates a new label for herself??

No. 131948

Of course Jill has shit taste, who's surprised

No. 131997

nice deflection, jill

No. 132007

But didn't it say created by pixielocks, idk I might have miss read

No. 132252

can someone please make a confession about how this shit has been done before and should not be called "party kei" bc Jillian is deranged.

No. 132282

Already did anon

No. 132579

Done http://partykeiconfessions.tumblr.com/post/144598839631/jillian-stole-party-kei-from-japanese-designers
It's tagged as "negative" though. I wouldn't call it negative, it simply is.

No. 132649

File: 1463748167595.jpeg (262 KB, 1243x1212, image.jpeg)

I can hear her hair scream in agony…

No. 132662


Her poor hair follicles

No. 132664

That sure looks photoshopad tho

No. 132690

God when will she realize that hair style is just not working for her

No. 132694

"This is a blog dedicated to confessions about the fashion style, Party Kei, created by Pixielocks."

I think she means that Party Kei was invented by Pixielocks, but I wouldn't be shocked if she created the blog too

No. 132730

That's really bad photo shop

No. 132736

File: 1463770823006.png (96.14 KB, 623x634, Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 19.5…)

her next look

No. 132737

Whoever runs that blog also tags Jillian's full name in stuff and tags pixielocks in confessions that have nothing to do with her. It's suspicious.

No. 132884

what even is the difference between party kei and fairy kei they look exactly the same

No. 132954

File: 1463846361139.jpg (1.54 MB, 1080x1200, wowsooriginal.jpg)

it's just a bunch of mashups of fairy kei and some newer trendy tumblr shit like that the girls who shop store like American Apparel, Unif and Dolls Kill are going for. Also the whole kitschy 90's pastel grunge shit has been around longer as well. There is an already established style that she is following and doesn't seem to grasp that it's already a thing and therefore she cannot invent it.
I mean wow look at all these people copying Jillian.

No. 133023

I feel she is gonna come out saying OH I WASNT REALLY WEARING PARTY KEI!!
so why you tagging everything party kei

Jill is in her own little world. When she makes it to Japan I hope Peco headbutts her.

No. 133078

Well none of those outfits actually fit the party kei descriptions (except for spinns) so idk what that collage is exactly buuuut you are right that it's been done many times before

No. 133111

As much as i hate this chick i am afraid she didn't photoshop this. She had rainbow hair before (in her videos) it's nothing you wouldn't expect from our favorite j fashionista. It looks poorly done though. Really messy. She should finally invest some miney and do it at a haur salon if she insists in damaging her hair on a regular basis.

No. 133114

File: 1463907968161.png (948.16 KB, 935x588, ok.PNG)

by this logic nothing Jillian has ever worn counts as "party kei" despite the fact that she wears and tags this stuff as "party kei"

No. 133142

File: 1463919566812.png (1008.16 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

She made this and it actually looks pretty well designed and constructed. If she picked a better material for a dress instead of that shiny stretchy cheap looking costume fabric te dress would look so much better.

No. 133146

sorry i can't agree. the design is plain boring. the stiching is absolutely terrible. this is something i sketched out when i was in my first years of high school and pretended to be a super awesome fashion des1gnerrr. She sucks at designing and she sucks at sewing

No. 133153

How do you fuck up that much and still think 'Yes, this looks good. I'm going to post this.'?

No. 133172

I sew and I can tell you this is terrible. She used cheap costume satin so it's super shiny and puckered to hell, she didn't use a walking foot or even try to press her seams it looks like to prevent puckering.

No. 133190

I don't even sew but even I can see how terrible this looks. Look at the bodice alone. Everything about this is terrible. The awkward uneve bodice with the fabric bunching and wrinkling all over the place, the uneven looking skirt and overskirt that doesn't connect well with the bodice, the chocker-thingy and weirdly darpiing fabric attached to it…
Sorry, but everything about this is terrible, ill-fitting and unprofessional.

No. 133194

From the thumbnail this looked like an okay costume party dress but the full size? Yikes… The puckering, seams and fabric are horrible.

No. 133208

File: 1463934317843.png (17.8 KB, 836x117, 9b0a9ce84ac3e43f1edbaa59b83274…)

Pixie watched Peachie's new video on "Balancing your Identity"

No. 133215

New video.

No. 133245

File: 1463940506859.jpg (149.18 KB, 928x591, ss (2016-05-22 at 11.08.07).jp…)

No. 133246

File: 1463940554778.jpg (117.06 KB, 933x376, ss (2016-05-22 at 11.08.57).jp…)

No. 133247

File: 1463940585351.jpg (164.98 KB, 930x591, ss (2016-05-22 at 11.09.38).jp…)

No. 133256

40min isnt that much
Quit yer bitchin

No. 133259

that poor doll

No. 133288

>spoiled girl with more of mommy's money than she knows what to do with: the thread

No. 133293

Honestly I like Jillian, I really do, and this dress is kinda similar to the prom dress I made in colour and silhouette but her fabric choice just makes me cringe. It's so shiny I thought it was a cosplay. The bodice looks weirdly bunched up, I wonder if she even used a pattern for it? If she took more care with her stitching and used less cheap looking fabric it'd probably look really nice.

No. 133294

>claims to love looking at sponsored brand
>omg shews sew pritty!
>'lol idk what even their asstheddic is'


No. 133439

She looks really fat here.

No. 133440


Do you have a link for the video?

No. 133441

She is on the chubbier side, yep

No. 133442

Peachie got chubby, too.

No. 133444

I hate to say this but… sweet jesus. She is HUGE compared to before. I know she always posts about muh illness affecting her ability to exercise, but considering how she barely moves but still eats desserts and shit, you'd think she would make a little effort to keep it under control? Also I doubt her doctors are telling her to not exercise, especially considering a lot of chronic illnesses benefit from exercise in an appropriate form.

With her haircut + makeup + way she dresses + being almost 26 + gaining lots of weight in the last year or two, she is looking super homely compared to before when she was downright adorable. It's getting… homely in a creepy way.

No. 133446


Ive been thinking this for a bit about peachie. I absolutely adore her, I think shes a sweetie so no hard feelings about it.
At her smallest I think she was a bit underweight looking, but now she is a bit on the fluffy side.

No. 133447

>well constructed
are you drunk? the bodice seams are crooked, it doesn't look like she's cut/sewn the fabric on the grain because it's stretched so weirdly, and the waistline is crooked. why is the left side so bunched up?

it's a cute concept but it would've worked so much better if she'd used something like duchess satin, you still get the shine but none of the weird stretching.

she's really not that large, she just sucks at dressing for her body type.

No. 133457

Honestly, It's just the bodice that looks bad, the rest of it looks ok, if she picked decent quality satin or something It'd probably look really nice

No. 133481

>You rock dem pastels gurrrrl!

No. 133693

I can come up with so many good criticisms of Jillian but yall have to go for her and peachie's weight?? which you guys are obviously aware is ridiculous or else you're sheltered brats that lack self-awareness much like jill herself.

No. 133697

With how many proana girls get posted here what did you really expect tbh

No. 133698

I can't tell if this is really thin, cheap shiny satin, or metallic spandex. But either way, it's terrible. I can't tell if she used a pattern (badly) or tried to draft it herself, but that puckering and wrinkling is terrible.. The skirt could look ok, but the terrible state of the bodice detracts from it. Jillian, if you're reading this, please take a sewing class!

No. 133708

So she graduated high school now and it sounds like she's taking a gap year?

No. 133718

When it's weight gain based on gluttony, yes. Especially considering they are both spoiled beyond shit but can't be bothered to do a few sit-ups.

No. 133738


I love you

No. 133775

lmao k you cant actually be that bothered, who cares if chicks don't exercise unless they're so obese they'll die, in which case it works out for everyone. Being spoiled is one thing, for sure. Being sheltered and reeking of privilege is an issue, sure. But where the fuck does body shaming an 18 year old that weighs around 120 lbs come into play? like your point is laughable, surely you know that? rethink your life if you want to be taken seriously.

She's confirmed a while ago she's taking 2-3 years off to focus on youtube. You're late.

No. 133778

If you seriously still get offended by people calling others fat or chubby here I suggest leaving lolcow. Unless someone is a skeleton like Ash or severly underweight like the Anas, Kiki or Himezawa, they get called fat. No exceptions aside from aforementioned cases.
Just ignore these people

No. 133820

Are you new?


How do you know this, anon? Are you her? Or are you just going off her 20in waist statement?


Jfc, please don't. Commenting about a lot of weight gain over a fairly short amount of time is completely valid when they both stuff themselves with sweets while racking up the bills on mommy/daddy's credit cards and loafing around without a job.

Not sure if you are just fat and taking it super personally but it's the blatant truth, so you might want to calm down a bit.

No. 133864


I get that critism for Jillian, but Peachie's illness of the kind where she literally gets too exhausted and in pain with even minimal physical activity(she talks about it here: http://princess-peachie.tumblr.com/post/32806666133/hiya-peachie-pie-forgive-me-for-asking-such-an)
As for eating too much junk food, she's only a little chunky so I dont see the big deal with that plus she is constantly dealing with her illness and probably missed out on alot so having a little junk food could be a way to cope.

No. 134095

oh boo hoo

No. 134096

I know Princess peachie or whatever has a condition, but she always looks literally retarded to me. She's even worse with the weightgain.

No. 134097

If someone is noticeably fat, it's going to get pointed out. Calm down, fattie.

No. 134125

Maybe try reading ^?
>I know she always posts about muh illness affecting her ability to exercise, but considering how she barely moves but still eats desserts and shit, you'd think she would make a little effort to keep it under control? Also I doubt her doctors are telling her to not exercise, especially considering a lot of chronic illnesses benefit from exercise in an appropriate form.

No. 134132

hi jill

No. 134140

>complaining about losing 40min of work you can just re-film
still annoying, but really? That's not that much, and she probably just filmed in her room so no location/event coverage lost.

No. 134146

It's the weird droopy eye make up, especially her brows, when they are visible. The lenses look terrible on her too.
Without all of that she looks like a normal person.

No. 134151


Peachies weight gain is obvious but idgf because shes a sweet heart who has medical issues.
Its not being petty if its just a fact, people are just going to point it out. I personally have no problem with it.

No. 134153

File: 1464202661909.jpg (153.11 KB, 953x660, ss (2016-05-25 at 11.56.23).jp…)


I really agree with this haha. Its the same for Misako imo. Misako looks really nice with more normal makeup and her non-creepy smile. But the make up they give her in shoots is sometimes awhile, and I will never get over her boat lips when she does this

No. 134154

*is sometimes awful

No. 134292

but you don't know her fucking eating habits, she barely posts lately, and she also has a flat tour where she doesn't have a ton of junk food, sure I guess if you consider, fruit, salad, icicles and cereal junk food. You can only assume that she eats sweets or junk if she posts pictures and hey I fucking post a picture everytime I successfully make a macaron but it doesn't mean I am a landwhale who doesn't eat anything else.

No. 134297

Taking pictures of successful macarons makes sense since they're an absolute bitch to make.

No. 134407

You don't need to know someone's eating habits to know why they're fat. All you need to know is they eat too much and move around too little. Even people in wheelchairs are capable of being fit and even muscular. Peachie is fat because she doesn't move and probably eats way above her daily intake.

No. 134440

Just because she selectively chooses what she wants to share regarding what she eats does not dismiss the fact she gained a ton of weight over a short period of time.
>desserts and shit
>shit being other foods that can cause weight gain if you don't move.
She is obviously eating or drinking more than just fruit, salad, and icicles (???) otherwise she wouldn't have gotten so fat though? (Cereal isn't very healthy fyi.)

Also I could say the same thing. You don't know her eating habits and yet you think she eats nothing that would contribute to significant weight gain?

Regardless of her eating habits, we do know her exercise habits which certainly aren't doing her any favors. She can easily do some exercises that suit her illness to prevent gaining weight. In fact, not exercising can contribute to her feeling even shittier.

So either her doctors are shitty by not telling her this (doubtful) or she is lazy.

No. 134442

I'm amazed she still has hair.

No. 134513

Her face looks really greasy in this video. I can't tell if she applied too much highlighter or just didn't wash her face. Also (I know it's been said a million times) her teeth are so yellow, holy shit.

No. 134534

I think that blue color looks better with her complexion with the usual hideous hot pink or even her light pink hair

No. 134538

The problem with pastel blue hair though is you have to have almost white hair or it will turn an ugly green after one or two washes.

No. 134754

Pretty sure it's her highlighter, in her graduation photos on her and her mum's fb pages it just looks over highlighted.

No. 134784


God i hate multi pastel hair with a passion its so tacky. Even blackpool rock has more fucking class

No. 134902

File: 1464385440967.png (1009.82 KB, 1001x494, Untitled.png)

No. 134904

File: 1464385648956.png (1.01 MB, 1016x468, Untitled.png)

No. 135379

the fugly yellow undertone tho. she didn't even bother to bleech her hair correctly. i guess its good for her hairs' sake, dis you see how some parts were unnaturally short? she needs to take a break from
dying her hair, one day she won't even be able to fix it with extensions with nothing to hold on to.

also damn man the whole video
i thought why can't she just talk like a normal person??? there's something with the way she talks… her choice of words idk that make me cringe hard

No. 135541

New video. Her hair colour looks absolutely putrid.

No. 135617

tbh i think these shoes are tacky. i think they are very well made shoes and are insanely detailed and i respect that, but I just think overall they are gaudy. I feel like they are past that point of being kitsch and i just dont like them

No. 135629


They're tacky as fuck but I do think they are kinda cute? They're tacky with a dash of cuteness. Hate her hair tho.

No. 135734

A lot of irregular choice shoes really do seem like works of art, and I'd be terrified to wear them on a regular basis. They're the kind of thing that seem more for display. I can't wait to see how Jillian trashes them.

No. 135737


Kek don't be snide

No. 135771

File: 1464627361111.png (47.56 KB, 839x421, ed7af13afa50eff4c2a3bf41964417…)

I was originally just going to point out that Jillian is going to be doing everything herself for prom - I bet she's going to be the tackiest piece of shit there.

And now I wanna point out; Isaki with rainbow hair would make me barf.

No. 135816

Oh god, you're right. Judging by her track record those poor shoes don't stand a chance.

No. 135824

>fashion designer fashion designer OMG I'm gonna be a ~fashion designer~

Sure, Jill

No. 135888

File: 1464657518619.png (1.67 MB, 1366x768, Untitled.png)

i swear to god my fav drag queen bought a pair of those shoes in purple and wore them to drag con

No. 135913

Yeah I thought that was pretty weird, why does she keep saying in her videos that she's going to fashion school to be a ~designer~ but on fb and nearly everywhere else she says she's just going to do youtube for a while? Like does she want her subscribers to think she's some profound fashion student or is she just flip flopping and can't decide?

No. 135932

this looks like a fucking intervention lmao

No. 135934

File: 1464675438174.png (1.11 MB, 894x900, Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 2.16…)

katya does "party kei" 9000x than jillian on a daily basis
>tfw you get outfashioned by a literal meth addict crossdresser in his 50s

No. 136535

New video

No. 136546

File: 1464854285143.png (1.25 MB, 1133x645, Untitled.png)

No. 136547

File: 1464854480965.png (865.97 KB, 1157x657, Untitled.png)


>i have a little bit of a story to tell you !

>4 fucking minutes later

No. 136549


I have to say with her hair being mostly blue, she looks a lot less jaundice-y then she does with her pink hair
>her hair still gross tho

No. 136550

File: 1464855116393.jpg (95.42 KB, 957x508, ss (2016-06-02 at 01.11.37).jp…)

just me or does her scalp look disgusting or like shes balding.

No. 136551

File: 1464855393781.jpg (112.8 KB, 736x1104, f41dcec3b6da67ceae6eeb57ea1aa9…)


I think they look gaudy in a "kawaii" look or on some basic white bitches. But I think these could look totally gorgeous on a darker woman. You know what I mean? Like when bold prints and patterns just look nicer on tan or dark skin.

>not trying to race derail

>like this is a thing?? Just like how people should dress for their skin tones

No. 136554

File: 1464857316127.jpg (72.38 KB, 799x611, ss (2016-06-02 at 01.48.33).jp…)


>i adjusted the colors so it was easier to read, dont mind me

No. 136557

File: 1464857614686.jpg (94.59 KB, 1067x621, ss (2016-06-02 at 01.53.44).jp…)

No. 136558

File: 1464857712249.jpg (42.56 KB, 646x557, hhhh.jpg)

No. 136561

her cat's feet are really gross in this video, and she lets it on her bed… it's like she's a total slob under this pastel veneer.

No. 136575

lol out of all the things about jillian you diss her cat's feet

No. 136578

File: 1464866832075.gif (450.49 KB, 360x270, 51.gif)

I hate that such a good show for children is going to be used as another pawn to amass more views/attention. Is Precure not enough for you Jill?
I don't want to label requisites to be a fan, but she just seems to be the most vapid, empty magical girl fan for miles around. I don't get how you can have so much merchandise but elaborate so little on the show itself. It's like she only sees it from an aesthetic standpoint, something to dress up her room and Tumblr.

No. 136591


That was hands down the most boring and half assed video i ever watched. Jesus christ she seems desperate. I doubt she has so much stuff to do that makes planning even worth it.

No. 136619

This video idea looks like it's stolen from albinwonderland. I know, Angelina is kind of a snowflake herself, but at least ALB's video was shorter, much more comprehensible and way more watchable than this.

No. 136730

>"I never use it because it's not what I wanted, so why did I buy it!?"

Maybe because you have a problem? I'm honestly mildly concerned for this girl. She seems like she can't even casually go into a store without having to buy something, and she comes off as being way too fixated on having the trendiest, most expensive things imo.

This is just speculation, but I feel like because her mom supports her excessive spending habits and constantly provides her with pretty much anything and everything she wants, she has no idea how to prioritize her spending. So instead of maybe saving up to buy one special thing that she really loves, she'll just grab anything and everything that remotely interests her. There's nothing wrong with having expensive hobbies, but I think that Jillian is looking for constant gratification through new things because she has no sense of value or appreciation for the things that she already has due to the fact that that she already gets everything she wants. It's sort of a vicious cycle.

No. 136731

meant to reply to >>136535

No. 136765

ALB is a sjw, but I've watched that video before and her little notebook tips were actually pretty helpful, unlike Jillian.

No. 136766

Jfc, her hair is a hairdresser's nightmare to fix.

No. 136767

She's cute. And you're right, certain colors really make certain skin tones pop. Like how certain eyeshadows go well with brown eyes versus green eyes.

No. 136784

I feel you.

Whilst i think Jill took more time to understand the themes of Ojamajo than Precure, she is just using it. The merchandise is expensive and alot of people pine after it, which makes her want it more. She claims shes building a "collection" but honestly..its an aesthetic backdrop.

It will be end game if she somehow obtains a Sailor Moon liprod considering how insane in price they are.

No. 136787

I get what you're saying and I totally agree. Jillian is a perfect example of how not to dress for your skin tone. Her skin almost always looks so sallow and sickly. I swear she almost looks jaundice in the OP pic.

No. 136791

I agree with what you're saying but there's no way to make those shoes look good, no matter what your skin tone is.

No. 136792

File: 1464918041150.jpg (52.8 KB, 960x960, 12985421_530576017145788_35917…)

An old picture but adding on the ChibiMoon rod, Ojamojo stick and Princess Palace, this certainly amounts to over $1000.

No. 136794

her new hair is fab, you bitches just love to complain about everything

No. 136795

the yellow undertone.

No. 136805

File: 1464919806522.png (406.01 KB, 604x316, no.png)

Nah, her hair looks legit awful.

No. 136806

She needs to do some intense hair-care routines for a little while, because it looks really thin and wispy right now. Once it's back in better shape she should consider going all blue because like some other anons have already pointed out, it suits her skintone way better than the pinks and yellows.

No. 136816

I don't think it's so awful personally but I would certainly not call it fab either

No. 136850

File: 1464938296289.png (93.06 KB, 727x124, lll.png)

I noticed that too. ALB also did Lady Lovely Locks hair three months ago and hers looks better because she used less yellow than Jillian.

No. 136857


Can you show an image of the specific lip rod?
I liked Sailor Moon as a kid but now that Im older and watch other magical girl animes, im not super into it. Just curious about the item.

>googling it brought up the gacha set and I doubt thats what you are referring too

No. 136880

all her videos are so LONG for gods sake girl cut that shit down. She's honestly so boring.

No. 136925

File: 1464968158774.jpg (74.55 KB, 400x533, lip.jpg)

These are the liprods in question, very rare and sell inbox for over $2000 easily. Unboxed even $800+. If she manages to buy them it'll make me sick to my stomach

No. 137169

I was googling pixielocks, and came across this crass site. Each to their own, but as a pixielocks "fangirl," or whatever crap your going to call me out on, I like her.

Here's my two cents: maybe she's not this crew's ideal of "organic" J-fashion, but she makes a kitschy-pastel fashion culture more accessible in a small community like PEI. I personally don't find it disrespectful to the fashion world, because she's just doing her own thing – and, I wouldn't call her a phony for that. Yes, maybe all her stuff isn't A-class designer, and she shops H&M, dolls kill, etc., but she is a teenager, doing her own thing and making a little bit of money at it. She inspires people, like myself, who can't always afford expensive "real" brands, to make the best with what you got. It's all in good fun – isn't that what fashion is all about?

Do any of you know her personally? I doubt she has a severe "spending problem" as suggested, as she only has a few "haul" videos, as well as "how to make your own" videos, too.. so it's not really fair to assume personal trife. She also gets a lot of apparel and extensions given to her, for commercial promos.

I do admit her more recent videos aren't exactly "professional" as she talks about her personal life more than the topics; but, call me crazy, in a way that makes her more endearing for some people – "coming of age", if you will – for her younger fan-base to relate to. She's only graduating high school, give her a break people. She's growing – and I'm not referring to her waistline. Growing - as in evolving. It's human.

I'm older than her, so it's not like she's my idol or anything. I aspire to more than pastel fashion. But I do appreciate her artistic soul. She's an aspiring designer, graduating high school, and having fun. She's funny, clever, slight disorganized-in a relatable way, and I like that. She's figuring it out – like the rest of us. Maybe she will drop the scene in two years, and be successful in other avenues of life. Or, maybe she will be a successful designer. It wouldn't surprise me.

I am a local, but I don't know her personally. I just check out her vids and stuff when I'm bored and need a pick me up. I think she seems pretty rad. I did have a random run-in with her once, when I had been shopping at the late, Paper Cakes Pretty, and she was working the cash. Instead of placing the dress I'd purchased in a run of the mill plastic bag, she put it in a shiny gift bag (that was the store's scene, fun). I commented on how I liked that idea. To quote her. "It's fun, isn't it? I love it to. Like a birthday party. I want everything to be like a party." I think that's genuine and sweet.

The point is, she is doing something she loves. And making a working lifestyle out of it, while being focused on school, extracurricular stuff, trying out music/theatre/fasion designing, etc. It seems like she's exploring all walks of life as a young adult. And, I call that success. As for her personal life, I can't comment on any more than that because I have no clue, nor should I. People who are posting pics of her eating lunch via picnic, shit about her mom, her house, her rehearsals – creepy … You're way too invested in someone's personal life. For people who seem to despise the kid, you sure spend a lot of time researching and talking about her. So, she must be doing something right … my two cents.

Pixielocks "Fangirl"
(and proud of it!)

No. 137172

lol, ok but explain why her dye and outfits look like shit

No. 137174

Dying hair is expensive when you're a kid/young adult. I think she does a decent job for doing it herself; although, it is dried out. And, I like her aesthetic. It's fun. Not for everyone; but it is for others. It inspires ideas for kitschy fashion cords, and opens up another platform for pastels. Gotta start somewhere…

No. 137179

wasn't aware that making your skin look really sickly because of the hair counts as doing a decent job, but w/e

additionally, this is probably jillian herself masquerading as a fan

No. 137182

>She inspires people, like myself, who can't always afford expensive "real" brands, to make the best with what you got. It's all in good fun – isn't that what fashion is all about?

$50 tshirt.

No. 137183

If she has the money to pay herself thousand of clothes she probably has enough to go to a good hairdresser

No. 137192

She only gets a few hauls/year, now. So it's not like she spends, endlessly. A good hairdresser, and specifically for pastel, lets say every 4-5 wks (at the least often) is $200 plus - not really practical for a high school kid. So, it makes sense she does her own hair for the time being.

And, of course she has some brand stuff, too. I think the OP was just suggesting that it's nice to see someone, such as pixielocks, not getting all in a stink about having to be some j-fashion snob. If you can get some decent kitschy, kawaii, or pastel pieces from H&M or dolls kill, or whatever generic store, so be it. At least the finished coordinate is fun and fashionable. "Like a party."

No. 137193


Thank you for the image anon ! I'm assuming these are the older ones. Were they sold with actual lipstick inside? Might be the reason they got expensive since they were trashed easily idk
>or just really rare

I dont know if Jill could ever bum $800 from her mum. I hope that she wouldnt do that…

No. 137194


First off let me say I'm sure you are Jill herself. By saying you also live in PEI is just a cover up so you dont get outed by Admin-sama for your IP.

Second I can understand why people kind of get into her thing, but personality wise shes always rubbed me the wrong way. I've been watching since her lolita days, before the LACE drama at the recommendation of a girl in my comm.

No. 137197


My apologies, I'm not very tech savvy. Just learnt how to reply. I can assure you that I am not Jill, nor do I know her personally. I was just googling and came across … whatever this strange place is.

My name is Tanya and I'm responsible for posts >> 137169 >> 137174 and >> 137192.

If we can't have a conversation without accusations, or suggesting that I am not authentic, just because I have a different view than the majority, well that speaks as to how hypocritical this board is. Tootles.

Take care.

No. 137199

okay gonna call bullshit anyway because nothing jillain does is 'accessible' to her demographic because MOST of what she buys she buys on her mommy's dime. The fact that you're pretending like she does all these things to make her fashun easy is laughable when she cant even pull off her own fashion herself. She constantly doesnt take care of even really expensive items with the obvious lackidaisical attitude of a spoiled brat who has never had to really work for anything in their life (see: her shoes and how many times shes bought things and said that she has no idea when/where she'll wear it)


No. 137218

lol jillians mom found us again
weren't you in the previous thread about her too?

No. 137228


Dont forget the time she got Dolly Cat and like one or two months later sold the thing lol

No. 137252

Your daughter has over a $1000 worth of plastic sticks and baubles. I'm sure you paid for them in one way or another, but could you please sit here for a moment and think about >>136792? Over 1k in plastic. Also, call your accountant.

No. 137283

kek. This. I don't know what that person is talking about. She only ever seems to be interested in the trendiest brands and most expensive items like it's some sort of status thing. (as exemplified in her recent planner video when she bought the- in her words- 'strangely expensive' planner plus all the inserts, even though she had already bought one earlier which she took the time to decorate herself and everything.)

No. 137336

Being really materialistic at 18 with nothing to stop you, not being able to take criticism well in the visual arts (music/theatre/fashion,design) , putting off college for a couple years to do YouTube all for attention isn't a good thing at all. I feel like she's not even having fun doing YouTube anymore because if she did, it would probably be more entertaining and not focused on buying things. She should be having fun, but I feel like by the time she's 23 or so she's not going to be that successful and she's going to have a serious spending/debt problem.

No. 137379

OT but is ALB finally wearing a really good lacefront wig?
She's been dying it for years already, and something about her hairline seems hella fake.

No. 137406


I am 100% sure it is true what you are saying. Her mom seems to be one of those people who would crawl up her daughters ass and get her everything they want. I feel like that woman is reliving her youth through her daughter. She thinks its quirky and funny how she is all pastell and all over the place. But in reality people laugh about her.

No. 137466


wow this video was actually kind of helpful and had good ideas. Not like jills video haha

No. 137594


She needs to balance her content out. Even if it's just a shit make up or personal problems video it makes a change from "I BOUGHT GLITTA PONIES TODAY OMG"

No. 137763

File: 1465222821119.png (509.06 KB, 467x552, Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 15.1…)

The future of these shoes

No. 137776

These shoes are threatening me.

No. 137894

File: 1465262030335.jpg (446.71 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_o8dnc2F9Vh1qfdplwo2_128…)

No. 137895

File: 1465262084322.jpg (422.06 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_o8dnc2F9Vh1qfdplwo1_128…)

No. 137896

She deadass looks forty.

No. 137898

I hate Jillian as much as the rest of you, but she really doesn't. Honestly, she looks younger in those pictures than she does in most of her other ones.

The lighting, hair color, and eye bags don't make her look good, though.

No. 137901

She looks 35

No. 137902

File: 1465263716534.jpg (210.82 KB, 800x1143, strangers_with_candy.jpg)

I don't know why, but the way she dresses and the way her face looks sometimes reminds me of the main character from Strangers with Candy.

No. 138059


I usually dont think she looks that old, but in these photos she really does. She definitely looks older than her age, maybe 40 is an exaggeration though.

No. 138079

Holyshit, this is uncanny.

No. 138178

File: 1465354315407.png (1.79 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-06-07-19-53-53…)

Hahah wtf anon I didn't realize you made this. But Christ it is so true

No. 138179

File: 1465354430601.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-06-07-19-56-59…)

No. 138180

Off topic but where the fuck did she get those emojis?? Hrngggg so cute don't ruin this for me you jaundiced hoe

No. 138184

those are android emojis

No. 138186

why is she wearing her prom shoes before she even goes to prom

No. 138187

File: 1465357777292.jpg (105.31 KB, 668x1000, 13323460_10154118219891405_884…)

No. 138188

That poor skirt…

No. 138222

everything about this is so unfortunate.

No. 138248


I was kind of thinking the same thing. When I bought shoes for my wedding I wasn't weaering them out lol. Id wear them around the house sometimes to try and break them in though. You want to keep those babies in pristine condition before your event

>I had non traditional shoes, wouldn't have been too weird to go outside with

No. 138258

My parents are like that too-I am a materialistic spoilt brat at 19 and have a wardrobe full of worthless brand..seeing Jillian makes me realise how shit I am and now I'm scared like the last thing I want to do is come across as her and I'm pretty sure I most likely do
dont know why I felt the need to even post this makes me sound even more like a jillian!!

but thanks for helping me realise this anons I'll try and be more careful with money+grateful and not spend everything in a matter of seconds and be a decent human being and self reliant

No. 138269


Well I'm glad you were able to see your own faults via jillian anon, I wish you luck in bettering yourself

I think with Jill its really bad because she posts online about it constantly, plus she treats her possessions really horrible. Its okay to be spoiled or have your parents buy you things, but the trick is to be humble and grateful about it. Jill buys expensive lolita dresses with her moms money and then like 2 months later decides to leave the fashion completely and sell all the gifts her mom got her

No. 138270

File: 1465395482397.jpg (117.42 KB, 911x619, ss (2016-06-08 at 07.17.35).jp…)

No. 138271

File: 1465395530471.jpg (145.73 KB, 640x960, 13412198_1358506894163302_7170…)

No. 138274


Just me or do these shoes look too big?

No. 138287

She looks almost as old as her mom (assuming that's who that is). How does she have undereye wrinkles like that at her age?

No. 138312


Yeah thats her mom.
Holy shit I didnt even realize how bad it looks in this photo. I think its not exactly wrinkles, but her face super scrunching up from her smile. It still looks terrible though, and means shes going to develop crazy bad wrinkles there sooner than later.

No. 138321


Why does she insist on hairdos that only emphasize how terrible her hair is?

The roots, the patchy bleach job, the thinness, the dryness, does she not see any of this?

No. 138341

I wonder how chubby and awful she looks without the beat up denim jacket hiding how tight that skirt looks on her in >>138187

No. 138348

Judging by how melted her ice cream, I can imagine her taking 10 minutes to get this perfect picture.

No. 138350

Is she like pre-Japan Dakota, where she has 0 friends and her mom takes all her photos/

No. 138353

It's funny because she quit lolita because she was 'too strict' but she didn't even do it well.

No. 138393

File: 1465429853352.jpg (360.73 KB, 2048x1536, 13227600_10154084261241405_904…)

No. 138395

has anyone seen these sh scars she has?

No. 138397

I'm surprised JS can get away with releasing a shadow called China White.

No. 138398

Her face looks so aged!

No. 138400

File: 1465431428098.jpg (181.37 KB, 959x517, guysstop.jpg)

guys come on, she's obviously got a history of crap… curious about the self harm as i've never seen scars but they could have faded. she seems nice enough, just… confused, you know?

No. 138413

I love remember that in the previous thread the said that she covers up her scars with makeup so that she won't get attention unlike people who self harm for attention on her deviantart.

No. 138432

And yet she still chooses to put herself in the public light. Yes there are people in the public light who do have issues but most of them dont use it as an excuse

I'm also not buying 'clinical depression, possible bipolar' if she was diagnosed with depression why would she not be also diagnosed for the bipolar (or even the anxiety issues)

Also tbh that sounds like being a teenager to me. Your body's not used to certain hormones in situations so it seems like this big scary thing that it might even trigger a panic attack. That doesnt mean that you actually have anxiety problems or anything.

No. 138455

They're visible in one of her newest videos, as much as I dislike her I find people wanting to see her scars pretty fucking creepy though.

No. 138481

Jesus fuck those annoying "pew pew pew" and "tch tch tch" sounds and the screams when she miserably swatched the shadows. Also kek: makes a video about hot to die your hair shitty rainbow colors. Dyes hair blue 3 days later wtf.

No. 138493

her lips look like dried grapes and her teeth looks even worse…
why she looks so yellow is she sick???
also yeah "swatches" out of focus, really helpful

No. 138549

was so annoyed that she can't even swatch right. EVERYONE SWATCHES ON THE INSIDE OF THEIR ARM HOW IS THAT SO HARD TO DO? Nobody wants to see them on your greasy sausage fingers or on your bumpy ass hand.
Also most likely we'll never see any of these products again because I feel like she never wears a full makeup look in her videos, just eyeliner and lipstick… Not that I want to see that highlighter reappear because under those lights + that shitty thin bad dye job hair it just makes her look kind of greasy.

No. 138564


LMMMAAAO this is the first time I've seen her dad. And a better photo of her brother(?)

No. 138566


>I paid for the two items seperately

>got the highlighter 20 minutes later
>paid for two seperate shipping which was annoying

If you place two orders really close to eachother/one item hasnt shipped out yet. Cant you usually get them to combine your items for you?

No. 138579

Yeah. You can send them an email with the invoice and usually they'll refund one shipping cost and send both items together. Unless they are 24 hours apart, of course. She's just a fucking idiot.

No. 138583

Jillian looks much better in these tones. I don't see why she strives to always go for pastels.
Also her brother would make a good crossdresser lol.

No. 138585


She looks so humble and pretty here

No. 138606

her attitude is so awful in this video

No. 138618

Dude, I hate that "flickering" eye roll thingie she does. It's so fucking annoying.

I think she was just mimicking Jeffree, he swatched like that on his video for this palette.

No. 138624

When she starts talking about the highlighter she sounds very salty and rude.

No. 138629

why does she always look like she has jaundice? is it the way she colours her videos or what

No. 138632

I agree she looks very cute. The soft tones are nice on her and her harsh eyebrows are covered by the fluffy bangs.

No. 138656

You can get multiple diagnoses. I doubt her claim because it seems very much like every teenager wanting to seem more legit but you can have depression and bipolar, same as double depression, you would have major depression and what they call the lesser one too. Anxiety is also highly comorbid too with both.

If she really had any of it I would expect to hear more of it now.

No. 138668

File: 1465514972761.png (463.51 KB, 512x441, swamp monster.png)

So, is Jillian bulimic or have some sort of lymph node problem?

No. 138669

Looks like she's just fat

No. 138733

No. 138735

She's gained a considerable amount of weight. I think she's just fat and it's starting to show in her face/jaw.

No. 138746


She's just fat anonOh got that eye roll. She literally does it in every video it is the worst.

No. 138771

File: 1465558065784.png (736.09 KB, 836x758, Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 12.2…)

No. 138794

100% rage inducing every single time.

No. 138803

That hair color makes her look so yellow

No. 138811

File: 1465577139904.png (126.36 KB, 566x523, Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 17.4…)