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File: 1557790905131.png (598.31 KB, 800x496, tati.png)

No. 806516

A thread devoted to all things related to the Youtube Beauty Community.
>Beauty Drama Channels
>Past and Future Dramageddons
>Gurus, Personalities, Beauty Vloggers

Previous Thread: >>>/snow/268688
Youtube General: >>>/snow/460232
Shane Thread for future Jeffree/Shane Content: >>>/snow/697489

FTC DISCLAIMER: This thread is Not Sponsored - I bought all this milk myself and there are no affiliate links

No. 806518

File: 1557791149189.jpg (59.5 KB, 640x400, tati-westbrook-james-charles.j…)

Dramageddon 2.0: (Previous thread discussion starts: >>804726)
>Tati Westbrook (37) posts a 43 minute long video entitled "BYE SISTER …" ripping apart previous bff James Charles (19)
>Tati and James previously had a very close "mother/son" like relationship, including James doing her makeup on her wedding day, and Tati taking credit for helping him gain popularity
>This comes after James posts an ad for "SugarBearHair" gummy vitamins on instagram, claiming they helped him with security at Coachella
>"SugarBearHair" is the main competitor to Tati's own vitamin brand "Halo Beauty", hence the perceived sleight
>Claims that James has displayed predatory and inappropriate behavior towards "straight boys"
>James, as is the norm on youtube, releases a lack-luster response/apology video to Tati's allegations
>Jeffree Star claims James was banned from his house and is a danger to society for his actions, despite Jeffree being in a long-term relationship with his "straight" boyfriend Nate
>Despite James hemorrhaging subscribers, he still currently has more subscribers than Tati

Current Follower Count:
Tati Westbrook: 9.4 Million
James Charles: 13 Million

(Wanted the keep the OP General since the last thread lasted 2 years. This is a tough topic to create a neutral summation of as it's very divisive. Feel free to add on anything missed)

No. 806541

The FTC disclaimer at the end omg. Great job with the thread, OP.

No. 806551

Does anyone know why/how JC got invited to Met Gala in the first place? I really didn't think he was that relevant.
It's going to be really interesting seeing how Morphe's going to handle this drama. Last time I went to the mall there was a big cardboard cut out of JC. Are they going to drop him?

No. 806552

youtube got him the MET gala invite as IFAIK

No. 806553

File: 1557796262559.jpg (97.56 KB, 788x916, D4eyWQBWwAcinmU.jpg)

He basically is on good terms with the YT CEO, and she asked him to come alongside five other youtubers. There was actually a theory that the reason why Tati's video suddenly disappeared from trending was because of this very friendship. I have not found any confirmation of this though.

No. 806556

No wonder YouTube sucks ass nowadays with that haggard chipmunk running everything. Thanks for the info. I also saw Liza Koshy there, can't help not thinking that it was some sort of plan to introduce younger people to the Gala and high fashion brands.

No. 806567

Who the fuck are these people watching Tati that are dumb enough to think that she is some super sweet honest person and their friend? Lol

No. 806570

Ta-tea only made her video because JC threatened her business. If he hadn't done that, I doubt she would've publicly voiced her concerns about him and his pursuit of straight men. She defended J* even though he's scummy as fuck and just as problematic and doesn't even have the "excuse" of being young as a justification for being trash. I just still can't believe he hasn't been cancelled, after everything he's said and done over the years, lmao.

I don't really like nor dislike JC, and it was clear people were getting tired of him/he was overrated. His behaviour isn't acceptable but the level of fallout about this specific YT scandal is kind of ridiculous. Also seeing some yikes shit being said online where people are wishing him actual psychological harm or are expressing glee at the idea of him being in mental distress. God forbid he hurts himself or takes his life over this. I don't condone the shit he's said or done, but I can't understand how anyone could want that for someone else.

No. 806574

I never really followed Tati, in fact, I dont really follow any beauty gurus except Jenny69 because she actually knows what the fuck she is talking about when it comes to make up application.

But I went in watching Tati's video with neutral expectations. It's still a dramatic video so there is always room for fuckery but she never struck me as somebody who would intentionally blow something out of preportion for clicks.

After I watched the whole thing through I agreed with her choice. It wasn't just about vitamins, it was about James's behavior over all. Maybe Tati has a cunty side too but so what? Sometimes you need to be in that industry. Her and her husband did A LOT for James, and I do believe she really was trying to build him up because she did care about him. Why would she fly him to her wedding on her dime? Why would she allow him to do her make up for one of the biggest days of her life if she didn't believe in his abilities?

Plus she actually took the time to address everything and maybe I'm wrong but I don't think it's even monetized. Several people in the comments noticed there were no ads playing in her video, maybe another anon can confirm because I don't know how. But in light of Jame's lame apology that he quickly deleted, I don't know how people can really make Tati out to be the bad guy. She acted as a Mother figure and a role model to him and helped him when everybody else was quick to right him off for being problematic. Sadly they were right and Tati ended up finally having to accept the truth about his character. She tried to guide him in the right direction but he is way too self centered to listen.

Maybe you can blame that on his age, but you also can't mature without having to face some shitty things about yourself. James comes off like a hugely entitled, spoiled brat so of course it's gonna take A LOT to humble his dumb ass. And if losing his subs at a free fall rate doesn't do the trick I don't know what the hell will.

No. 806577

File: 1557800205106.gif (1.91 MB, 491x274, anigif_enhanced-9390-142256878…)

She's old, she's the "cool mom" of the beauty community. She's not YOUR mom, ew your lame mom would never understand why you need this $25 lipstick….she just doesn't get it!

Plus since she is older, it gives off the vibe of "too mature for the drama", which is why I think this video makes her look 100x worse than JC – how immature and insecure as a nearly 40 year old successful business woman do you have to be to be so threatened by a dumb horny teenager that you throw a temper tantrum and try to destroy their life? James is annoying as fuck and taking him down a peg certainly doesn't hurt but he's not the adult in the situation.

I love the part in the video where she whines about how she had to apologize to all her grown up friends for his behavior because if I saw that happening I would just think "Ha, what a stupid teenager. I remember being that embarrassing. They'll grow out of that." But I was at a party and saw a grown ass woman publicly screaming at a teenager who's not her child about how terrible of a person they are I would think "WHOA what the FUCK is she doing? Should we call the cops?"
Had to go back and find the quote from that one anon in the last thread
>Like who's the actual predator here? The one lurking on boys 2 years younger, or the one lurking on boys 20 years younger?

No. 806588

Ok but all of that just gets blown down to me when you consider that she stans Jefree Starr

No. 806593


Fucking this. Her whole defense of her being friends with J* was "well he's always been nice to ME"

She only cuts ties with people/companies when they do something to her personally. Like, she cut ties with Too Faced because Jared was mean to her a party of smth. She doesn't care about the rest of the shit, she just keeps the dirty laundry so when she does cut ties, people applaud her for it.

Like don't get me wrong, James Charles is awful and I'm happy people are seeing it, but Tati's just as self centered. She's just smarter about it.

No. 806594

Yeah not really. She didn't have the same relationship with Jeffree like she did with James. She doesn't call Jeffree family, but she considered James close enough to be considered family.
How is she being a cool Mom? If she was a cool Mom she would support Jame's innapropriate humor and possibly his behavior too. He is like 19/20, at that age I knew better not be grossly sexual at a birthday dinner…in fact I think MOST people at that age know better than to behave that way if they were raised right.

Y'all are really desperate to white knight this fool lol.

No. 806600

She also was apparently fine with his behavior until he didn't shill her. If he had agreed to a deal with her company she would have been 100% on board with him being an ambassador for her brand–that was her plan. If you genuinely think that someone is a predator and are not okay with it that's not what you do, yet she was hoping for it.

No. 806603

I don’t give a flying fuck about James or any man, I’ll gladly watch them get chewed up. but come on with acting like Tati would be acting without ulterior motives

No. 806608

File: 1557805270103.jpeg (79.08 KB, 1080x674, E866BFC4-2B9A-4413-9AFB-1B5BDC…)

Old milk but I’m sure J* hasn't changed at all, young gays learn this from old gays. It’s inherited arrogance and misogyny, part of the Catty Gay BFF trope.

No. 806613


What motive? It would be easier for her to remain friends with him for business purposes if that's what this truly is all about. She helped grow his career, opens her home to him, gets her husband to help him, and she isn't allowed to expect a little loyalty from him? He told her he didn't want to promote her brand because he has young followers, then proceeds to promote another brand's melatonin gummies for a sleep aid lmao. Yeah I would be pissed too. I don't give a fuck about their ages, they are both adults and James should be held accountable for his bullshit just as much as her.

Tati isn't a crone and Jame's isn't a toddler (even if he acts like one). If your Mom takes away your phone for not doing your homework do you tell her she is being immature? Probably lmao. Run a long little one.

No. 806618

>whiteknighting Tati
NTA, but how can anyone be so blind? She's an opportunist. >>806600 is right.
This was her way of punishing him for working with her rivals. It wasn't a "Mom scolds kid and takes away his phone" thing. She was never his mother, lmao. This was "I created you, and I can destroy you, too". She'd been sitting on all this dirt up til now without ever actually reprimanding him so she'd have ammo. If James is a predator, Tati is someone who capes for predators until they cross her brand.
She's like an aged Regina George. Manipulative and fake as fuck, lmao. All these people are like that, and if you can't see that, you're the "little one".

No. 806622

She knew exactly what she was doing with this callout. She KNEW she would get all the subs that JC lost. He never wanted to go into any business ventures with her, or he would've already since he basically owes her his career. She had nothing to lose and everything to gain by smearing him. She's always been super sensitive about her snake oil pills, her reaction to James shilling her competition is very predictable.

No. 806631

Her video was a well set up plug for her vitamins. She knew it would get clicks and people would watch the whole thing and her talking about how much work she puts in and how popular they are. She even put a link for them in the description and the sidecard when she spoke about them. Notice that she never had a problem with the idea of shilling them to James’ 12 year old audience. And she played up the female empowerment angle when there are plenty of 30 odd beauty gurus.

No. 806633

he's still as sexist as this old tweet. and people who say J* has changed are delusional.

No. 806639

Ah yes Tati Wesbrook, a grown-ass woman, back with a video where she's crying about some dumb shit and is claiming to be manipulated by a teenager. JC is a piece of shit and I'm glad he's cancelled but when is it going to be Tati and J*'s turn? Eagerly waiting…

No. 806641

>How is she being a cool Mom?
Holy shit you're stupid, that's the point she's not actually cool she just tried to pretend she's cool.

>He is like 19/20, at that age I knew better not be grossly sexual at a birthday dinner…in fact I think MOST people at that age know better than to behave that way if they were raised right.

Again, holy shit you're dumb. James is absolutely a little shit but no 19 year old would act that way at a real dinner party, given the amount of success and money he's made at only 19 if nothing else it can be assumed he knows how to network properly. BUT being stupid and candid around someone who you think is a peer and a best friend makes perfect sense. If he's already THAT candid in front of his parents think of how much dumber teens act around their friends. I mean, look at his vids with Emma and the Dolan twins (back when they were friends lmao) they're dumb teens doing (the expensive youtuber version) of dumb teenager shit. The problem isn't that James was an idiot, he 100% was, it's that Tati threw her back out trying to be "the cool mom" with the teens and actually just outed herself to be the worst strict parent of all time.

Jeffree's the strict parent who's a giant hypocrite and severely punishes their kid for smoking pot even though they were the biggest pot-head and did WAY worse drugs at their age (and still does). Except instead of the old "do as I say, not as I do" refrain, they kick the kid out of the house and somehow use it as a sob story to sell their MLM leggings on facebook.

No. 806647

I'm legit cringing at the middle-aged women who're crowing over this shit in the BGC megathreads over this. A lot of them have been saying really gross, catty shit that you'd expect from teenage girls or children. I know older =/= more mature, but a few of them have even said they're parents…

The beauty community is really gross.

No. 806650

Did you even watch her video? She showed a clip where he called her Mom (it was brief because she was speaking at an event, but she was talking to him and you can see him saying "thank you Mom"). She also said he called her husband Dad. Yes I know she is not his bio Mom, but the point was that was the nature of their relationship. Try to pay attention to the subject material you're actually commentating on because I swear to God none of you took in a damn thing.

Tati didn't stay quiet for so long because she was carefully watching James and taking down notes so she could make an epic take down video someday and take all his subs… that's a real reach there. She stayed quiet because she cared and was hoping he would change, you know like most people would when it comes to family and friends. And she said very clearly that she DID express her concerns about his behavior MANY times before she made the video, but how would you know that when you didn't even watch it? Silly me.

Look I'm sorry you're favorite beauty guru is tanking as a result if his bullshit. I know it's got to be hard to be a James Charles fan right now. My condolonces fam, I'll take my leave now and let y'all cry over the consequences of his own actions lmao.

No. 806667

NTA but the assertion that everyone darin to critique queen tati is a james charles stan is a reach. people can disagree with someone without automatically being on the other person’s side. imo they’re both messy, james far more than tati obviously, but most of this shit should’ve been kept behind closed doors. i don’t see why the world needed to know even more embarrassing shit about his cringey actions. tati’s old enough to know that while it strengthened her arguments it’s also petty as all fuck. i watched the whole video + james’ “apology” and i still don’t trust either of them completely.

No. 806672

File: 1557813914062.png (380.85 KB, 625x341, kwb.png)

What are you even talking about? No one was ever denying James called her Mom, Tati wouldn't shut the fuck up about it the entire video.

>she was carefully watching James and taking down notes so she could make an epic take down video

>epic take down video
So you're saying a 40 year old married woman was carefully watching a teenage boy? Got it. Are you one of those cringy middle-aged women >>806647 was talking about? Seriously, why are you so obsessed with Tati? Haven't seen delusional whiteknighting this bad outside of the Jeffree cronies. No one in this thread has said James wasn't being stupid or he didn't deserve to be taken down a notch, but that doesn't mean Tati wasn't being an immature self-serving cunt though. The only one who's a clear fan of anyone specifically in this situation is you. Go take your Halo Beauty™ suppository and calm down.

No. 806677

Not to "hi cow", but this maniacal, illogical defense of Tati and screeching that everyone who sees things for what they are is a JC stan is looking a little off to me.
A woman in her 30s-40s who cries over some predatory gay male shilling someone else's fucking hair vitamin pills can not be classed as a hero.
Once you turn 18 or even get a little older (because I'm assuming you're not one of the people involved here, just a dumb stan), you'll realize this.

No. 806682

Tati's totally aligned with Jeffree now, so now she gets the full Jeffree grunt treatment. His minions are now her minions, they've gone where no logic can reach them.

No. 806687

Did he buy subs? This morning he was down to 13.1 mil, and now he's back up to 13.5 mil subs?

No. 806703

I can't believe how many people fell for "This is not about the vitamins, this is not about the vitamins, he tries to crack straight guys"

When did she upload the tearful instagram video? When he embarassed her in front of all her work friends? When he talked about who he was fucking in front of his parents?

No, it was after he shilled for the other brand.

Theres been videos for years were everyone talks with him about his predatory behavior, and everyone is like "awww how cute". If you think this is some sort of revelation…

You fell for her video hook line and sinker.

No. 806712

for real. everyone is fucking retarded for falling for this weepy "my friend is such a monster" clownery. if his behavior was sooo deplorable, why did she wait til after her feelies were hurt to say anyhting?

No. 806720

I don't really see why it matters since everyone is talking about the predatory behaviour and not the vitamins. He's hated for so many reasons and that was just the trigger for his reckoning which was always inevitable

No. 806728

I find both Tati and Lames Charles to be unwatchable.

Tati's video was recommended to me when it was first uploaded, but hell no I wasn't gonna watch a 40 minute long video from her. I'm not subscribed because i find all of her videos so boring.

Tati would be more entertaining to me if she was on Real Housewives. Tati is a rich, (almost) middle-aged white woman who would fit right in. She'd be perfect as a Heather Dubrow replacement. They have the same fake-nice and manipulative personality. They even look like each other!

I find James unwatchable because he's so immature and annoying. He's also ugly and gross.

I haven't seen anything on here mentioning the Seattle waiter yet. The bicurious waiter said in a video that James "is the worst kisser I've ever kissed…way too much tongue". Is anyone shocked by that? Considering he IS a mouth breather lmao (video related)

No. 806743

You probably should have read the previous thread before posting, they mentioned the waiter there.

No. 806752

that what i mean, everyone is talking about predatory behavior that was already plain to see that everyone talked about in collab videos.

It's fucking bizarre to me. Suddenly they need Tati to tell them something is bad? They sound like mindless drones that need youtube videos to tell them their moral compass.

No. 806775

Most people didn't know that his "Straight Boys Break My Heart </3"-thing wasn't just an exaggerated meme for content and are genuinely disgusted that this behavior seemed to be an actual problem, so much so that people (Tati) have repeatedly told him to stop. That, and the fact that he was already starting to catch heat for that thing at Coachella just put the final nail in the coffin for most. It's not fucking rocket science.

No. 806795

It's amazing how even on lolcow there's more focus on how a woman has been doing things wrong, rather then the guy that's the actual problem.

No. 806799

1. How are there still people who haven’t learned the lesson of the decade after it’s been drilled into us over and over: never stan a man

2. Tati’s “mother” role with JC is creepy as fuck and I don’t know why more people don’t think so

3. Something about this is screwy. No one would give a shit if the victims were girls. Entire fucking social media movements cant take out predators. But he loses millions of followers within a couple days because the people he harassed were male.

No. 806812

I think a lot of anons are missing the fact that a large community of people dislike JC for his constantly discussing his business in monetary terms and levelling to everything he does down to money. It turns people off, he was also getting backlash for coming across as a victim for not seeing as equal to a listers at the met gala. Like let us all feel sorry for this 19 year old millionaire who wants to feel as respected as people who have worked in industries for years. It's been a long time coming something would happen that people could more easily vocalise their distaste of him.

Yeah if he was any other teenager we wouldn't be reading about his cringe over sexualised comments at the dinner table. We get it James you didn't get laid in highschool. The fact of the matter is he is wealthy so he can cry about not being taken as seriously as models and the kardashians at the Met, but his contemporaries on YouTube especially those that helped him negotiate high paying contracts and knowledge of the industry will see him as equally accountable. He degraded Tati's product to her implying it was unsafe for minors but then promotes a competing product to the same audience he denied Tati as well as the sleeping tablets.

JC is annoying and a lot of people that already had a bad taste in their mouth from him will be jumping on this bandwagon and livestreaming his drops in subs.

I am confused why so many celebrities unfollowed him and brands though, was there more bad business practice or is his act getting tired

No. 806826

Tati's vitamin scam feelios were hurt and she took the opportunity to ruin JC's life. An adult woman old enough to be his mother. I've said this a long time ago in an older thread but Tati really, really should stick to her makeup reviewer lane. Drama doesn't suit her, especially since she tries to pull the uwu innocent bean persona and it really doesn't work when adults do it.

Gay men lusting after straight dudes is not a new thing. It's just like when men are too pushy about asking women out when they can't handle rejection. It can't be addressed without addressing what is wrong with men at large.

No. 806840

I hope these people are joking, this is really fucking sad..


No. 806845

>Tati Westbrook (37) posts a 43 minute long video entitled "BYE SISTER …" ripping apart previous bff James Charles (19)
>A 37 yo is friends with a 19 yo AND causes highschool drama with him

No. 806852

>if he was any other teenager we wouldn't be reading about his cringe over sexualised comments at the dinner table
Obviously not because HE is a public figure with a massive following and was trying to use that as leverage to coerce straight/bi-curious men into sex. These weren't just gross comments. Look at the way he handled the Gage situation, he comes off as a total complete controlling narcissist. That's why people are coming for him the way they are here, nobody gives a shit about Tati's vitamins.

No. 806854

Can we chill on the infighting

No. 806858

ppl are also throwing around "teenager" like he is some uwu soft little baby who can't be held accountable for any of his actions, but in reality he is a fully formed grown ass man who turns 20 next week.

No. 806864

File: 1557849135719.jpeg (31.03 KB, 620x378, 1CB2724B-4F5E-4130-BB36-ECA8E1…)

I don't see why it's creepy, I guess it could be putting herself in a role that is easier to manipulate at but this happens a lot. It's usually not white people, but if she felt like a role model and mentor who was giving help while maintaining a friendship the ”creepiness” is just nonexistent. I don't care for her and I think she's a two-faced, passive-aggressive, ”If I don't get what I want watch out” type who'd weasel free things from stores after asking to speak to the manager-but to imply its weird or somehow inappropriate when there's clearly no issue is a reach. She's a networker, she's using it to her advantage as a businesswoman and felt ”wronged”. She's a spoiled brat, but she's not trying to prey on teens. Is it because he's a guy and she is married to a man? I'm not sure what you're seeing there tbqh anon

No. 806867

NTA, but it gives me similar vibes to the "sonfu thread" on /m/, lmao. Nothing really off, and could easily be completely fine/platonic, but just enough to make you go "Hmmm…".
I agree that this was probably just one of many social/business stepping stones for her, and she might've hammed up the emotional aspect just to get viewers on her side, but I can understand why some would find it weird.

No. 806868

all this "mother figure" shit feels tacked on almost. she may have said she felt motherly protectiveness for him, but role? nah. Her having a relationship with him and his family within the context of a business protege is far more suiting to the situation.
People trying to turn her into a creepy predator, one who created a dynamic she could exploit, feels wrong.
Mentor/protege where her business dealings/brand were in jeopardy is more likely.

Didn't Tati mentor another youtuber and it also went tits up? before they got the joy of fame?

Either way, trying to paint Tati as a sinister preying creep isn't the way to go because that's just not what went down. A /Brand Name/ trying to lick her wounds and get a few shots in to strengthen her product is way more viable.

No. 806869

File: 1557849779684.jpeg (45.26 KB, 600x467, 008380F7-AAD5-4124-A0A4-0145FB…)

That's fair, I can see that.

I think it's definitely exaggerated especially when you can tell by her body language she is almost repelled by him if you watch their vids kek

Even in this thumbnail: Faked happiness that is more like a grimace as she faces away, hand not gripping back in any hug or awkward hug situation (hand open almost like she's blocking him, or ready to push him away)

He looks totally immersed in himself, if she was using him for popularity with younger subscribers he would be too self-invested to notice

No. 806870

all this armchair body language analysis.
perhaps she's turned away because she doesn't want to smash two faces slathered in makeup together. curving his energetic contact isn't that deep.

No. 806871


Obviously it's not okay to sexually harass anyone ever, but it's kind of gross that the Internet is rallying around the straight/straight-ish guys JC has preyed on without question while when sexual harassment victims are female, they get scrutinized and questioned and not believed. And even here, everyone's whining about Tati. Sure, she's a cringey, materialistic YouTube shill, but that's not why we're here. We're here to drag a honking, mouth-breathing narcissist who thinks he's owed sex because he's "famous" and has never done a moment of introspection in his vapid life.

No. 806874

I’m not saying she’s definitely some sort of sexual predator but all the focus by her and her fans especially as a mother figure weirds me the hell out, like she should not be that invested in a random teenager for a professional relationship…

Actually we are here to talk about whatever we want in the YouTube beauty community, hence the thread name. The only reason anyone cares about him thinking he’s entitled to sex is because he thinks he’s entitled to sex from men

No. 806876


Lol, I guess you are right! I also agree with you about people only caring bc he wants sex from men. In truth I have never seen SJ accounts leap to straight men's defense like this.

No. 806906

Okay, wheres the Jeffree Starr is cancelled thing? Oh yeah no one gives a shit.

No one is being consistent, they are all just being opportunistic vultures at an all girls highschool.

No. 806908

I honestly think everyone was just sick of JC and biding their time and it isn't so much outrage at what he did but the relief of being justified in openly hating him

No. 806918

File: 1557856189008.png (584.29 KB, 734x1445, 1.png)

No. 806919

File: 1557856215266.png (806.75 KB, 732x1449, 2.png)

From Nikita

No. 806922

Ah, so they're going to try and direct the conversation to the alleged betrayal and not the sexual harassment? That's what his PR came up with? LMAO

No. 806923

Being an obnoxious bratty narccisstic asshat isn't enough to openly hate people today? Good to know.

No. 806926

File: 1557858049891.gif (3.98 MB, 842x426, ph0rv8t3402qbwe.gif)

>1. How are there still people who haven’t learned the lesson of the decade after it’s been drilled into us over and over: never stan a man

omg I hate JC so much now, what a loser!

omg I love Tati and her new collab with J* !!!

No. 806930

Are you fucking stupid? Did you read the previous thread at all? There's literally months of people talking about all the shit Jeffree does, but the second we mention Jeffree his goons come out of the shadows to try and divert attention and sperg about how being openly racist isn't even that big of a deal you guys are just sensitive. Not to mention the Shane thread where there's also tons of discussion of how awful and disgusting Jeffree is. It's like how >>806682 said, since Tati's aligned with Jeffree now the Jeffree goons come out for her in full force with zero logic to their whiteknighting at all.

Holy shit I can't get over how stupid and ignorant this comment is. Is today your first day on the internet?

No. 806934

>here's literally months of people talking about all the shit Jeffree does

yeah and so when is Tati gonna do a video takedown?

No. 806937


They manage long texts and reply very quickly even when I'm invested in a conversation I don't manage multiple long texts in the space of a minute. Was everyone involved literally glued to their phones and doing nothing else?

(not flooding just redoing because I forgot to sage sorry mods)

No. 806949

>Armchair body language analysis

Are you trying to assimilate? Keep it up buddy!

Body language is easy to read, even if you can't read minds using it. It’s also easier to decipher the meaning when actions have been taken after. She's not developing new feelings of disgust towards him, she was already embarrassed by him and and humiliated in front of her friends so badly she felt she should apologize.

She didn't owe anything to JC but she was also two-faced and condescending (Imo idc about the later I find him incredibly disturbing and he could Develop Shame). She was a ’frenemy’ caping as somebody who cared about him, she discarded him like a Narc.

No. 806964

So whats the likelyhood she and her b/f at the time had a threesome with him

No. 806970

Eww anon

No. 806972

Maybe without her on the DL more like

No. 806974

I come from a predominately white area with a lot of disadvantaged people and there are a lot of adults I know that would mentor kids in their community. For instance I would know a lot of kids in mtb and there's a few older adult men held to esteem by younger ones. There's a few without much family and they basically step into those roles but still would joke around with them like their peers. It's not that uncommon to happen and not always predatory, there are some good folks out there. Sage for blogpost, but I don't think Tati should be shamed for helping out a young person in her industry.

No. 806996

Agree. There’s also a huge difference between an older woman interacting with a younger man and an older man interacting with a younger woman. Men are much more predatory than women. Tati also hasn’t done anything remotely sexual towards him.

No. 807002

File: 1557867299673.jpg (57.61 KB, 613x370, freed.jpg)

and thats why they get away with it.

No. 807007

You do realise that stories of female teachers get picked up a lot more than male ones despite men being the aggressor in the vast majority of sexual assualts?

No. 807008

File: 1557867929080.png (1.3 MB, 1290x960, js.png)

She won't, she's too smart to attempt that. That's the problem with Jeffree, he's the worst possible human being but he's also a PR genius and has dirt on EVERYONE. He befriends the drama channels so they can't speak negatively about him (pic related: Peter Monn, PettyPaige, Rich Lux), bribes Youtube to keep his videos trending, and openly talks shit about people/brands so everything thinks "omg he's the only honest one on youtube!". Take Rich Lux who used to openly talk about Jeffree drama, but since meeting (and doing a whole Mukbang with Jeffree and Bunny) completely takes his (and Shane, Tati and whoever's in Jeff's good graces) side, perpetuating the delicately crafted narrative that Jeffree never does anything wrong. Shane, despite having some ~18 million subscribers at the time, never had one of his videos given a spotlight/trending on Youtube – UNTIL he did his series with Jeffree Star. Tati, despite having waay less subscribers than James or Jeffree somehow manages to have her video about James explode to 40 Million, and Jeffree's right behind her the whole way. Jeffree outright admitted to bribing youtube to help videos trend in one of Rich's videos.

That's why it's so fucking stupid for someone to say something like >>806906. People have been trying for years. Even on lolcow whenever we try to talk about Jeffree, whiteknights suddenly come out in spades to divert attention or "idk seems fake" every single piece of evidence. If Jeffree openly calls Jackie Aina a racial slur, suddenly everyone wants to talk about how bad Jackie Aina is. If HereForTheTea makes a video of completely valid criticism of Jeffree, suddenly everyone wants to talk about how much of a jealous fatty she is. If some idiot hairdresser proves 7 different ways that his texts from Jeffree are real, everyone still says "idk seems fake" and changes the subject to him. If we have literal video and audio evidence of him screaming the n-word, "he was screaming it at WHITE people, so that makes it ok" and "being openly racist isn't even that big of a deal you guys are just sensitive".

Look what happened to everyone involved in Dramageddon 1.0 - everyone who went against Jeffree had their career destroyed EXCEPT Gabriel Zamora because he completely jumped ship. If you read the last thread at all, every single attempt to discuss Jeff's behavior get's overrun, and every defense is "fake news" "but I liked him on Myspace, so that excuses his behavior" or complete diversion to the other person's activity.

Anyone who's ever tried to come for Jeffree even with airtight evidence of his terrible behavior has been decimated. He's knows exactly what he's doing, and he's just that good at what he does. If Tati had any common sense at all, she would stay on his good side. He's un-killable, he has too many horcruxes in the form of dirt, money and influence. With Shane added to his army, he now has the support of people even outside of the beauty community. Jeffree is just taking out all of his competitors by turning them against each other (The Dramageddon group of best friends, James and Tati who were apparently like family) James Charles was easy prey, he's a young idiot kid who let his guard down and acted the way teenagers act with them because he thought Jeffree and Tati were his peers and "family". Jeffree and Tati were the predators in this situation.

No. 807020

He's gay, dude
Stop trying to make fetch happen, it's not going to happen

No. 807027

the more people are white knighting Tati the less respect I have for her.
Pretty much everyone who has spoken out against her in this thread have mentioned they don't condone what jc did but tati is a snake herself too.

jc: does favors for people and expect something in return for it (relationships, sex whatever)
tati: did favors for jc and expects something in return for it (his platform to only promote her snake oil)
everyone who believes she spoke out when she did because "shes so brave and she talked to him LOADS U GUYS" and not because she was just angry with the snotty brat not doing her bidding is delusional themselves

No. 807035

In terms of Shane getting a shit ton of views and same with Tati’s video, that could just be our good old friend analytics. Both involved (jef* and jc) are pretty well known influencers.

No. 807036

Yeah it's like, "omg shittalking Tati? That means you support JC!"

jesus everyone gets so caught up in picking sides in this garbage heap of humans.

No. 807039

Thank you. When I saw Jefree quickly jumping to say JC is a danger to society I completely saw through him finding this opportunity to tear more of his competition down. If you look at the number of subscribers and views James Charles was one of the only youtubers in the beauty community to rival Jeffree Star. He's pumping out videos since the JC downfall, if he keeps going it's going to be glaringly obvious. I don't think Jeffree Star plotted with Tati, he just saw an opportunity. And he would do it again with any other influencer that was of no use to him anymore. Tati better watch out, though her audience isn't in direct competition with Jeffree's so I doubt he cares.

James Charles is fucked up because he grew up surrounded by yes men adults and rich socialites with fucked up personalities such as JS himself who get anything they want and brag about it. When JC was underage he already was an opportunist and had pretty shit parenting (his brother who is even younger than him dropped out of school to also become a youtuber even though he had no other fame than by association to JC and his parents allowed it?), drop him to live on his own with the hypersexual instagram/LA beauty crowd while he transitions into adulthood and how else was he supposed to turn out other than a psycho?
Jeffree Star egging him on for years to then rip him a new one is some real disturbing shit. You can see from his tone that he relishes on the destruction of people he pretended to befriend, even when they didn't specifically target him (he had tweeted friendly comments to JC not long before blasting him. He has since deleted those friendly tweets so people wouldn't notice he was in good terms with him even post the supposed Nate situation). That to me is even more vile but since he is in the good side of things because JC does have very good reasons to eat shit he's being painted as the hero of the situation "calling him out". Drama channels are helping him/Nate look like a poor JC victim because they're completely bought.

No. 807043

Interesting that women are supposed to be the gossipy ones but in a women dominated market men are causing all the drama.

No. 807046

File: 1557872277115.png (363.31 KB, 682x491, 4fnF5R6.png)

>Men are much more predatory than women.
Men are maybe more often predatory than women, but a woman who displays predatory behavior is not any less predatory than a man.

>Tati also hasn’t done anything remotely sexual towards him.

I agree Tati hasn't been sexual towards him, but behavior doesn't have to be sexual to be completely inappropriate or predatory. It's completely inappropriate for Tati to assume the role of parent in James's life, especially when James has 2 active parents of his own already. Her video is literally her deciding he needs to be punished for his behavior, because she doesn't think James' parents have raised him correctly. She is not his parent, that's not her choice to make. It'd be like if a kid was crying in the grocery store, and some other adult grabbed them and started spanking them because they thought that's how they needed to be punished. Completely inappropriate.

Say what you will about Tati's intentions, but James' parents have shown themselves to be extremely supportive and obviously want the best for their son. I think James is completely insufferable and definitely needed to be humbled – but the video he did with his parents doing his makeup is really sweet. His dad openly crying about how proud he was of James and his talent and the community accepting his son probably meant a lot to a lot of queer kids who didn't get that support and acceptance from their parents. They respected Tati as an adult mentor figure, and trusted their son with her. For her to use their trust in her (when she's talking about how James' mom thanked her for looking out for him) as ammo for destroying their son's career shows how low she'd sink just to make herself look better (and sell some vitamins).

No. 807048

Does anyone else feel there is a homophobic element to all of this? A man preying on women wouldn’t get this much attention but a gay preying on men? World news.

No. 807049

Probably, but oh well. Male on male crime.

No. 807053

File: 1557872817444.gif (2.71 MB, 350x200, tenor (1).gif)

Men come in and completely fuck things up? Who'd have ever thought

No. 807054

not really hes a white male.

No. 807057

Are you kidding? There's another huge youtube scandal going on right now because a guy was preying on women and he's not nearly as famous or popular as James. This has nothing to do with James being gay.

No. 807062

That’s not getting nearly as much attention. You can’t even name him!

No. 807065

james is getting so much attention for this because he is famous, don't be stupid

No. 807068

It's Projared and he literally has a thread on this board. He was trending on twitter for days.

No. 807071

Yea, a lot of people have been coming out of the woodwork to talk about them predatory gays trying to convert our handsome sweet straight men! Like, yes, there are gay men who covet straight men (look at all the DL porn lol), but it's much more than just "hur durr wanting to be a woman."

No. 807072

It was literally published on news sites just like JC. He’s had tons of attention from the mainstream media but James has way more subs so of course his will get more attention.

No. 807076

File: 1557875149514.jpeg (105.27 KB, 457x493, dramageddonisaliveandwell.jpeg)

Sorry for doubleposting but also like, anons saying that Jeffree is still getting chances from Tati aren't totally wrong. Also this sounds like Tati was a victim of (an) assault.

No. 807082

How is it wrong that she is giving Jeffree chances? Seems like at best she’s just scared of him.

Also what does her being an assault victim have to do with anything

No. 807083

>They respected Tati as an adult mentor figure, and trusted their son with her.
>It's completely inappropriate for Tati to assume the role of parent in James's life, especially when James has 2 active parents of his own already.

Is there a huge difference between a parent/mentor role for people with a significant age and experience gap? Tati's motivations may be suspect, but you're making it seem like any adult having a parent/mentor relationship with someone younger is fucked up. Stop projecting your issues onto everyone else anon.

No. 807084

I always got the feeling it takes a village to make Tati Westbrook vaguely have a personality. She's such a good little kiss ass on camera, it's difficult to stomach. Her whole binge on "ingredients" is clearly someone smarter than her on her team giving her help. She slammed that Beauty Blender Foundation and then literally re-reviewed it because "ingredients". Anyway, a 38 year old shouldn't be so insecure as to produce a diss tape on a 19 year old in a way he absolutely can't directly respond to or defend himself over. Because he "bretrayed" her. If you've mentally matured past the age of 25, hanging out with teenagers is cringey and boring af. This was all supposed to make Tati look like she some strong personality when she's still vanilla bean because all the kewl gurus have drama .

This cow is cringey on all utters.

No. 807093

>I always got the feeling it takes a village to make Tati Westbrook vaguely have a personality.

this is so true. i used to watch tati's videos for years and i couldn't tell you anything about her, at all. after she got married she started doing the whole "look at my quirky le funny editing" and it still feels so forced. also, i thought she was way older than 38. don't get me wrong, she's gorgeous, probably moreso than most gurus, but when i started watching her like 5 years ago I thought she was 40.

No. 807097

>His dad openly crying about how proud he was of James
No, he was crying because he's ashamed his son grew up to be a faggot YouTuber.

No. 807177


Yeah, regardless of my opinion of her (Every beauty guru is a snake in some form, that's a dramatic group of people, but overall I find her pretty milquetoast) she is way, way prettier than most of the gremlins who call themselves beauty influencers.

That whole part of YouTube is a mindfuck

No. 807183

No. 807220


I love how not getting into the right area of Coachella is considered an "emergency."

No. 807252

def. I HATE to bring this up but a perfect example in this is Momo kun cuz it was female on female crime. JC had everyone's consent and now he's being cancelled

Momo was caught sexually harassing people, admitted to it and there was proof she chased some of her victims out of the community and bullied them after. But because it was girl on girl crime people thought what she did was sexy and almost busted a nut

No. 807268

What are even talking about? Momo got dropped by everyone and is now hated by most of the cosplay community

No. 807271

The situation with JC is so expansive because most everyone on the internet at least knows his name, even if they don't know who he is. He had a social media range of 16+ million of multiple platforms and an audience made of a 12-14 girls. He was in stores, had major brand deals, "celebrity" friends, he was mass marketable.

What makes the situation unique is that unlike an actor or a musician who has the clout to sweep abuse under the rug, a youtuber, whose entire existence comes from the internet, is more easily "canceled."

Austin Jones got some media coverage, for doing the same sort of stuff ProJared was doing, but he only had like 500,000 subscribers. Ppl only care about what will give them clicks, and a big name is it.

No. 807311

The reason why James is being cancelled is because a big enough youtuber made a video about him, otherwise nothing would've happened. I guess Jeffree will never get the same treatment from the fake woke twitter crowd because there's nobody big enough to go against him rn

No. 807370


He had something like 8 times her following. I'm honestly surprised it blew up so much. I wonder how many people secretly hated him.

No. 807464

No. 807469

So glad this video was made, I thought Tati's video was off this whole time. Tea sis culture is so dumb, people just blindly believe anything.

No. 807471

why did it take you four minutes to actually discuss the video title?

No. 807475

If you're going to selfpost, at least make sure the video is available.

No. 807481


Nta, it is.

No. 807484

File: 1557983690417.jpeg (37.03 KB, 660x352, 33799.jpeg)

>What makes the situation unique is that unlike an actor or a musician who has the clout to sweep abuse under the rug, a youtuber, whose entire existence comes from the internet, is more easily "canceled."
Completely untrue, see >>807008. Also this isn't JC's first scandal by any means, in fact he's had way worse ones. It's only different this time because it had had the full force of Jeffree behind it. If Tati didn't have Jeffree supporting her on all this it would have fallen completely flat and JC's fans probably would have harassed her for being an old and jealous. In fact, youtubers bounce back from scandals like these and worse all the time, the notable exception being time and time again, Jeffree has something to gain from it (in the beauty space anyways)

James started at 16.5 Mil before all of this, meaning he had more than both Tati and Jeffree respectively. But, with Jeffree, Tati's take down now had the backing of her subscribers (~9 Mil), Jeffree's subscribers (~15 Mil), and Shane's subscribers (~20 Mil). There's no way this would have worked if it was just Tati alone.

I also wonder if Morphe comes into play at all. Jeffree just had his brush collection released with Morphe, but he also sells his palettes through them as well now. JC's Morphe palette has 39 shades for $39. Jeffree's palette are ~18 shades for $52. Maybe $52 for a palette is cool on his site or anywhere else, but on Morphe next to JC's palette it looks way overpriced. I think after the whole Jaclyn Hill scandal, James would be Jeffree's only real competition in the Morphe space. Jeffree stayed uncharacteristically quiet during the JH scandal, but that was also right around the time he was doing stuff with them as well, and Jaclyn basically took herself out in the that regard. Last bit may be tinfoiling, but I also wouldn't put it past Jeffree.

No. 807485

Am I the only one who never thought Tati was pretty until I saw her with no makeup and minimally styled hair?

No. 807490

Nah, I could see that. I think she doesn't have the face for this type of makeup >>807484. She's so normal/mild looking in comparison to other gurus, more natural makeup suits her better. I guess that would be part of her appeal? Not sure if she actually has nice skin, but at the very least her lighting/filming setup is very complimentary.

No. 807491

Is there any responses to this? Because I was thinking a lot of the same things …

But god, can this dude change out of his nasty sweaty shirt before making a video

No. 807492

yes totally, and remember shane is about to move into the palette-sphere in some form. it's a power shift where jeffree holds the most cards and james got taken out. and good riddance to him until he learns to fend for himself, tati already built him into this monster.

No. 807498

Thu I kinda agree with Gabriels points about the concept of straight boys or bi curious boys in the gay community. However he fails to see the issue with how James treated gage upon rejection. The Seattle boy story is whatever, the guy wasn't into him and James was just sad. With gage James tried to drag him through the mud publicly.

I think the predatory shit is being exageratted by tati. Maybe Gabriel is lying but I wouldn't be surprised if she made it seem like he victimized some straight dude when in reality he experimented a bit before making up his mind.

t. Bi girl

No. 807541

You cant be serious anon, gabriel is the biggest fucking retard in this great dumpster fire ironic and hillarious name too fucking "gabriel".

His argument stems from some arbitrary opinion on how "most mens" sexuality works its ill defined and weak, its just plain stupid to assume the behaviour of any group of people men, women, gay, straight and to top it off he talks like a dumbshit ghetto stereotypical fag. He seems way too old to be as stupid and immature as he is. You're not an elite scholar of gay/bi people because you are one, endless factors can influence someones sexuality there is no "straight bois" that you have deciphered. Sexuality can be fluid and/or fixed its messy. I recall catty girls talking like this in highschool on snapchat and social media but a full grown man?

Surprisingly pewdiepie had a reasonable response to this incident though that is worth looking into if anyones interested. like anons have said ITT he says tatis video is an ad for her pills lol and tears apart of lot of the obscene fake mother personality shit she's trying to pull.
Its actually unfortunate that the comment section expectadly is just 10 year olds as usual. He really undersells the predatory behaviour of JC though which is my only gripe.

No. 807555

Seriously, is there something I’m missing? Dumb as fuck that people are celebrating clearly fake reviews for an entirely different product. I checked Ulta, and those reviews are on the sleep pills. If you want sleep supplements, you aren’t going to buy beauty supplements instead


No. 807605

File: 1558023709987.png (1.15 MB, 1153x789, ok.PNG)

No. 807617

I don't understand why Tati has not been dragged for selling vitamins in the first place? There have been countless studies that show it does more harm than good. A large study of nearly 40,000 women over 25 showed that the ones who took vitamin long term had a higher risk of death. Also Antioxidants in excess have been linked to an increase risk in certain cancers. Everything you can get from vitamins you can get from a healthy balanced diet. Our bodies are extremely good at getting what it needs, these bullshit vitamins can be dangerous and a massive money grab.

No. 807625

This. Her shit can give you similar negative side effects to sugar bear. Idk where she got this high horse mentality. When halo beauty first came out people were making videos on why not to take it or possible negative side effects, now no one mentions it.

No. 807629

There was an intense backlash against her and the vitamins when she announced them. You could just search "Halo Beauty controversy" or "Halo Beauty birth control" in YT. Everyone is aware it is just overpriced biotin.

No. 807701

New Tati vidéo on the drama

No. 807704

Gabriel's just mad that he and lots of other gay men can't prey relentlessly on straight men as was their wont anymore without backlash. They legitimately don't see anything wrong with it.

no Tati got absolutely shit on when she released Halo, everyone thought (and still thinks) they're snake oil. She used to get so incredibly butthurt about it. The only reason people are rallying around her is because they hate JC more.

I'm curious if, with the influx of new subs and publicity for her pills, she has gotten more sales for Halo too. It's all so very calculated.

No. 807706

>>807701 I think this is a perfect response. She must have a great PR team.

No. 807711

yeah, her PR team is great but anyone with half a brain cell will realize she's full of shit. "oh, stop the hate, stop picking teams." obviously people are going to pick teams when you make a video alleging sexual misconduct and paint yourself as a victim of a retarded, petty teenager.

No. 807716

I believe her for the most part tbqh, i really dont think tati is some master ruseman that predicted all of this would happen (who'd even predict his fans would turn on him so quickly with so little evidence?)
shes definitely milking it though, and i bet shes pretty happy about the 10mill subs, but she seems too basic to be 100% snake-like, in my opinion anyway.

No. 807718

Yeah honestly I don't think anyone could predict someone straight up losing 6 million subscribers, the news picking up, and the harassment that comes with it when on any other day similar drama wouldn't even get a tenth of the attention on a different day.

No. 807736

the amount of JC stans in this thread is INSANE. like seriously. I have no love for either him or Tati, but the amount of reach people are pulling.. older people mentor younger people, thats a huge thing and callouts like this are par the course in the beauty guru community (remember last year with Manny and Laura Lee?) this is literally history repeating itself as usual

No. 807740

This. The internet mobbed all over this because it hates JC's smarmy, annoying ass (myself included). His public opinion was already at low, then the video happened, his tragic apology, rando ppl lied to try to get attn, his friends tried to help but actually just exposed him for lying…it was all just a mess. While I do think JC needs to be humbled and reevaluate many of his life/ business decision, this just went way too far for something that didn't go farther than him being a huge dick via texts and having a nasty mouth in public. Both things that he should know better than to do as a 20 yo, role model, and brand owner but I guess he'll learn now

No. 807744

Currently watching this video. I agree Tati is just as bad especially freaking out because James didn't mention her brand in the apology

No. 807748

I don't mind Tati's vitamin thing. Not even whiteknighting because I'm a stan or whatever, I think maybe there's just a difference in frame of reference that decides how people feel about it. I consume a lot of fitness-related media, so I'm used to youtubers serving informational videos with an appetizer and side dish of pillshilling. Almost every channel either wants to sell me a meal plan or a supplement. It's merch. As long as the main video contest stays good and they're not straight up lying about it ("it cured my ___!")(though I'll deal with "it helps with ___." for informational purposes.), I don't care. Most supplements are pretty harmless. But I can understand people who aren't as familiar being very up-in-arms at the idea.

But it's very normal that a supplement doesn't work for everyone or that some people might have a reaction. If the reaction rate is high, sure, that's cause for concern, but I haven't seen much there. Also yeah, some supplements can cause birth control to be less effective. Other things can too, like grapefruit juice. And yes, hypothetically vitamins are unnecessary anyway if you're eating a perfectly balanced diet. But people disagree on what "perfectly balanced" means exactly, it would vary from person to person anyway, and realistically, 95% of people just don't eat perfectly clean and balanced.

No. 807750

File: 1558053477378.jpg (32.02 KB, 600x375, comeonnow.jpg)

>never in a million years did i think this situation would reach what it did
>when i made that video i thought i would be the one to take the hit
>i thought i would be the one losing subscribers for speaking up
>stop the hate uwu
>this was me trying to reach someone i thought was unreachable and i was trying to deliver the same message so many times
Couldn't make it past 2 minutes, the martyr complex on this woman is out of this world. Tati's been vlogging since 2010, it took her almost 10 years to accumulate 5 million subscribers. She really wants us to believe she planned on sacrificing her beloved business and her entire livelihood that she spent nearly a decade working on over some horny teenage boy? There's literally no way she doesn't look like a massive idiot here. If any of this were true it would only prove that she cares more about bending the will of a teenage boy to her own values than providing for her family
>I'm gonna lose the subscribers and means of support that pays the mortgage for this house that my family lives in, but that's a risk I have to take….because people NEED to know what this 19 year old twink said about gummy bears, and he needs to be publicly punished. I'll be crucified for it, but I'll make that sacrifice :(((

Also you don't get to make a 45 minute video telling people to hate this person and then go
>seriously u guys stop the hate this isn't what I wanted
for brownie points later. Should've just stayed in the DMs if that's not what she wanted.

Fair to say no one could have predicted how this would unfold, and maybe she believes her own story but it's utter bullshit. What was her backup plan for if this went south? He failed acting "career"? If she lost public support her beloved business would completely fold, people barely gave a shit about her vitamins as it was outside of controversy of her selling snake oil

No. 807752

Tati is such a fucking snake. I knew 90% of this controversy would be bullshit after her Halo vitamin drama. Say what you want about gurus selling dubious-quality brushes, at least they don't sell dangerous supplements. It reminds me of the Kardashians shilling Flat Tummy Tea. Both groups don't give a fuck about their fans' health as long as it lines their pockets.

No. 807756

What is your guys opinion on “cancelled culture” within these makeup gurus, and your thoughts on everybody who thinks Jeffree Star is racist? Why the hell does this little niche care so kich about cancelling people for race issues? You dont really see this anywhere else.

No. 807764

Agree. She's still trying to come off the sweet beautuber mom everyone thought she was, when anyone with a brain can see it was a very calculated business decision. She would've never taken this chance if she wasn't at least fairly certain that it would go her way. I don't think she could've predicted him losing SO many of his subs and her picking up almost all of them, but it was absolutely a calculated decision and probably based in a lot of shady shit behind the scenes with people like J*. They definitely had some insider info that led to them believing that they could pull this off so flawlessly.

No. 807770

Vile racists shouldn't be successful and loved just because they're gay and do makeup. I think most fields don't think racism is okay, either, which is how people end up getting fired for being that way. It's not unique to the skin care/makeup community.
Jeffree Star will never be cancelled because his fans are psychotic, though. It is what it is.

No. 807771

The fundamental problem here is if you approach this as some kind of moral conundrum, where one person has the moral high ground over the other. It isn't one. It's drama.

Neither Tati OR James are the poor soft angels they want the fans to think they are. The 'soft, bullied' narrative for James is taking root (I've even seen it in the mainstream press here in Australia) but it ain't true either. Unsubbing from someone isn't bullying lmao.

I'll bet actual money there's a DM floating around where James brags or threats that he knows Tati's secrets and is going to sell her out or block her plans. There's definitely more to this relationship between the two of them. Tati's a damn idiot for building this kid up for free, socialising with him so intensely and plugging his every project, and that's her problemto live with now. I would pay actual money to see the DMs that have flown about, because the surface of this is nothing to the turmoil underneath.

But her video was delicious drama and should be appreciated as such and not as some moral high ground.

Jeffree's playing his power games per usual and James running to Nikita is a factor in that, I'm sure.

No. 807774

name a massive beauty guru who has their fans interest's at heart… no I didn't think so.

No. 807781

J* hasn't been "cancelled" bc he makes makeup that ppl really want to buy. When KVD exposed herself as an anti-vaxxer, she was easily blacklisted bc everyone had started being bored of her makeup released a long time before.

Then Shane Dawson gave him a redemption arc and flipped a lot of ppl who were on the fence in his favor.

No. 807782

Yeah my favorite part was

Tati: "I've got really big plans guys to bring you great content and products in the future"

PewDie: "Well… do it, don't just talk about it, what's stopping you?"

No. 807783

have you watched all her videos about this? Even her emotional instagram post, shes not blinking rapidly, like someone under distress, or stopping to think, she just delivers her spiel.

Also, I thought she closed this whole chapter and was being the mature one here? Maybe James was right about her loving the drama because it's going to boost sales.

No. 807784

Yeah. If he was as talentless as he is racist then he'd be long gone.

No. 807803

>J* hasn't been "cancelled" bc he makes makeup that ppl really want to buy
>she was easily blacklisted bc everyone had started being bored of her makeup released a long time before
They're both jackasses, but this argument makes zero sense. Jeffree's line has always been notoriously limited, he's literally just now starting to catch up to KVD in product type and availability after all these years but he's still nowhere close. Also the idea that makeup needs to be "new and exciting" to sustain or be profitable is also a very dumb, very youtube-ish idea. People aren't interested in buying a new foundation every single week, only youtubers do that. No one ever goes
>this foundation I like that's easily available and perfectly fits my skin tone and doesn't break me out is TOO BORING
If this were at all true people would have stopped buying Nars Orgasm, Stila eyeliner, Urban Decay Naked palettes, that smelly Walmart Airspun powder and the million other cult classics (including KVD eyeliner) that are still best sellers years ago and those companies would have shuttered. KVD is an absolute idiot, but her makeup has nothing to do with her ability to be cancelled. Jeffree hasn't been taken down yet because of all the reasons >>807008 said. She may get cancelled for being an anti-vaxxer, but Jeffree could release a new perfume that's actually just aerated measles and go on livestream and spray it on an innocent child and his fans would still come out and be like "that child was a cunt tho so i don't see the problem" or "I mean it's really easy to fake a full body measles rash, that child was just trying to use him for followers anyways"

No. 807806

Is KVD really "cancelled"? I noticed her section in my local Sephora has been downsized a lot but I didn't really think much of it.

No. 807810

File: 1558065323030.jpg (84.57 KB, 918x960, 34896684_1753413088072085_6222…)

Nah, not at all. It's really the opposite of what >>807781 said, everyone said she was cancelled, but they love that eyeliner and that lipstick too much. She's still putting out new products all the time. The worst they did was this shit (still makes me chuckle). I wanna say people are really into her perfumes as well? Could be wrong tho

There was also the whole nazi allegations that came out even before the vaccine stuff that people still didn't really care about. No one seemed to make a peep when she released her pink nudes palette called "Lolita" either. I know she's hispanic and Lolita is also the name of her cult classic lip color but c'mon…..it's obviously a very culturally loaded word/name. It's one thing to sneak that in among dozens of other lipstick names, she didn't have to draw attention to it by naming a whole palette that as well. Maybe if she keeps it up she'll go the way of the Deere and be pushed out of her own company to save face

No. 807813

Yeah, she just released a new mascara. I dont buy her shit after the vaccine incident (there are much better companies and products out there) but a lot of people have pretended to move on but still buy her shit. It's disappointing when she is actually putting real people at risk by being anti vaxx.

No. 807819


Doe Deere got pushed out of Lime Crime??

No. 807820

I feel like she’s displaying a lot of Narc behavior and it makes my blood run cold, not diagnosing her with NPD or anything but shes a pretty rich white girl who knows how to get what she wants and when people hurt her feelings she makes a giant deal out of it.

She says one thing and does the other, collects people and tosses them away in the worst way possible when shes done with them.

I didn't like her since she started whining in reply videos, “It’s not my fault your palette sucks I'm just being honest” or when people said her pills might react badly with medication (as a lot of herbal supplements can do) she said “I have the best doctors on this, the best blah blah, my reputation is being thrashed!!”

She could have done this privately, JC is trash and idc because he has friends and money to fall into the arms of during this but playing Mommy Dearest for years and then making a call out video? That’s what’s fucked up, not those bs theories she’s predatory or creepy. She destroyed their close relationship because he did an insta story sponsorship and because that wasn’t good enough to hurt anyone but her own ego she used all her stored up receipts to make the meat of it.

Scary shit.

JC on the other hand is an impulsive idiot, his stuff will blow over like Bieber’s drama and every other kid who got too much money and fame. I can’t find anything to like about him at all if i can be honest. He definitely deserves the backlash but the last straw being a Betrayal~ is so high school and ugly.

They both need therapy.

No. 807821

comparing KVD to jeffrey is fucking retarded. KVD doesn’t even own her brand. jeffree’s his own boss, you can’t cancel a self sufficient billionaire for having messy tweets. it just doesn’t work.

No. 807829

his net worth is 50mill, which is a lot, but he's not a billionaire kiddo.

No. 807837

This has been out for days, this girl has looked at some cows and drama situations in the past

Body Language: James Charles & Tati Westbrook + DEEP DIVE

No. 807843

I still find it funny everyone is acting like "omg JC tried to force himself on straight guys! omg!"

Like did you just get into the beauty community yesterday? It was practically a meme at that point.

Suddenly everyone who subscribes to him and watches all his vids has a problem with the preying on straight guys they were hearing about in half his videos? lol

I feel like that whole drama is a complete smokescreen to draw away attention from the fact, JC lied to Tati and organized something with another brand, Tati found out and decided to fuck him up. The end.

No. 807844

totally, and jeffree suddenly developing standards about letching on straight boys, spare me. this is far more about business.

as for jc, he can learn to reel his fetish in a bit, contain himself to 'straight-acting' guys not the real thing, stop harassing guys who clearly aren't interested. I don't agree it's the end of the world for him, there are boys are still lining up to date him even though they're 'straight'.

No. 807847

reagan makes a lot of good stuff, glad she's getting a shoutout.

and in her video she was all "and it's not about the business aspect!" and "our relationship isn't transactional!" if that's true, why wasn't the straw that broke the camels back the allegations she made against james, not this? she even tries to shrug off the fact she even made the video on gabriel zamora (which is kinda fair?) in the new video.

No. 807850

Maybe I'm just crazy, but I think the reaction is disproportionate to the transgression here.

He… hit on straight guys? Wtf, why are straight guys in need of defending here? Where was this outrage all the times straight men have treated disinterested/gay women like this?

This is honestly coming across as a little homophobic to me. JC is annoying and snotty, absolutely, but this controversy is focusing on "the evil predatory gay" and the "poor innocent straight men" to an uncomfortable extent. As if straight guys don't do this shit to women every day and get off scot-free.

Call me when people decide to start holding straight men accountable for this behavior.

No. 807851


no, he told a straight guy "you're gay, accept it" or something of that nature. when someone tells you their sexuality, you accept it, not try to convince them of something, esp if you're in a position of power over them

No. 807853

he also threatened to drag him publically/ruin him, IIRC. JC definitely did something fucked up, but we all know Tati only cares about the pill shit.

No. 807856

yeah he may have threatened him privately, but only because he was desperate for straight guy peen and throwing a last ditch thirst move.

If he had actually followed through on the threat? Imagine that shitstorm when that got out, followed up with Tati dumping on him, he'd be fucked.

No. 807868

Just because you have a problem with feeling bad for people that happen to be straight guys, it doesn't mean his actions weren't disgusting and just plain wrong (anyone who acts like this should be judged)

Still, I don't think that the predatory thing was the true reason Tati spoke about him, it was the SBH deal and refusing to promote her brand.

No. 807869


I know other anons have said the same, but it wasn't just that he hit on straight guys– he would flirt with "bi-curious" men and then drag them to filth after they told them they were straight. In the case of the waiter, he tried to tell him what his sexuality was. It was super gross. Additionally, he sicced his rabid fans on a dude who was just figuring out his sexuality.

However, I do agree with you in the sense that straight men do this shit all the time to gay women– you know, "Oh, you just haven't had the right dick yet." But even so, I don't think anyone is positing that straight men need defending: they're just calling out JC for being a nasty, horny fuck.

No. 807873

Holy shit she looks so diabolical in this video, her true soul jumped out I guess, a fcking demon

No. 807882

>shakes her head while saying "If I really wanted to cancel James Charles, I'd be at every studio and sharing every little detail that I could"
>nods her head while saying "Just know that I didn't"
This is something people often do when they're lying, moving their head in contradiction to the things they're saying (eg nodding when saying a negative, shaking their head when saying a positive).
I don't think she talked at any studios (probably), but she's definitely lying about her intent and how she planned to go about things. That's been obvious since the first video.

No. 807883


That isn't even what he was saying. He meant how the term "straight boys" is used for some experimenting.
Who was preyed on? The waiter and james met up, fucked around a bit and james acted like a little bitch when the waiter wanted out. James was rejected but don't pretend that making out with men is straight behavior.

Bottom line Tati made things seem way worse. Using your fanbase to personally go after people who reject you is cringey and awful because it can out closeted people, going after J*s man is just bad, being unable to sustain a conversation without mentioning genatalia is just tragic but some people are making it out to be like James sexually assaulted someone kek

Yes faking a panic attack for a sponsorship is sleazy but we've all known gurus to do it, all in all this is about a personal dig at tatis vitamins. A lot of people find JC unbearable anyways so this is a good excuse to jump ship but he didn't really do anything that different than what he's always done. Arguably the ebola scandal was worse.

No. 807887

File: 1558099082807.jpg (49.61 KB, 852x960, FB_IMG_1558092460061.jpg)

No. 807893

Funny how when a girl is going out with someone rich, letting them buy her expensive gifts, festival tickets and shit it's very clear there is a mutual understanding that this isn't just "friendship" especially if you are making out with them but if a guy does this he's being taking advantage of when he chickens out at the end. I'm sure jc is a shitty person with a big head but I agree with most people here that this is only being made a big issue because "poor straight men"

No. 807927

didn't she already say in the last video two tea sites reached out to her? Why would she talk to them and not to the other business owners?

No. 807934

The waiter is a classic case of someone with buyer's remorse. He could have blocked JC's ass and never even made first contact if JC was so off putting to him. I'll even grant that he was bicurious and realized he's straight after trying a man but… To paint this as sexual misconduct is extremely dishonest.

People with self esteem issues pursue people that don't love them back or are otherwise unavailable. JC chasing straight dudes is a pretty predictable thing and isn't some huge scandal. Tati's whole thing of "think of the children! think of the straight men!!" is so fucking dumb.

That being said I'm enjoying JC being cancelled bc he's annoying as fuck, popularizes ugly makeup and is making too much $ just for existing as a man in a female space.

No. 807953

from my understanding, she only replied to the two tea channels because they told her that James had already talked made a statement to them.

No. 807956

New Pwediepie video

No. 807970

File: 1558114023152.jpg (31.44 KB, 994x159, jc.jpg)

what you mean she needed to respond to this?

No. 807981

Do you guys think this whole thing might drive James Charles to suicide? I remember when the makeup community ganged up on Brandon Truaxe (ceo of the Ordinary) when Brandon was displaying obvious mental illnesses behavior, the humiliation was so horrific and disturbing, early this year he committed suicide by jumping off the balcony of his apartment.
This whole situation is eerily similar to what happened to Brandon, but this time it is even much worse because the damage and humiliation is bigger and James is still a 19 y/o not like Brandon (40) when Brandon committed suicide early this year.

No. 807984

File: 1558115839713.jpeg (33.26 KB, 720x674, B5CDF89B-8C26-42D6-94DC-661951…)

Ok honestly I can’t with the beauty community anymore, but even more so the hivemind of its audience.


People are seriously at this point where they can’t even think for themselves anymore and hold humans to these ABSURD standards. It’s almost like a fucking cult. They cancel Lisa Elridge because she used a KVD item in a tutorial? Jesus fucking christ get a grip. You can cancel every single human on this planet because of some shit we did sometime. These people act like like a crusade hounding people for retarded shit to feed some sort of superiority complex, idk it’s sick.

No. 807989

Don’t like JC but all these Tati stans are embarrassing. If you don’t take her side and fall over yourself to worship her then either you’re a JC Stan or “you clearly didn’t watch the video”

Yeah I did watch the video, and that’s why I think that anyone who watches any of Tati’s videos, especially Bye Sister (if she wasn’t trying to cancel him, why’d she name it that? Lmao) and comes out thinking she’s trustworthy is severely emotionally stunted, like EQ of 2

No. 808003

thats how social media operates these days, purge the unbelievers, a neutral is a heretic. Consensus is king.

No. 808009

absolutely not. james charles seems to have no emotions whatsoever and narcissists rarely off themselves

No. 808014

you can't succeed in that sort of field unless you are a narcissist. I mean look at Tati's video.

You're supposed to be calling someone out and then the video turns into an ad about herself and her product.

"I think I am a role model for people, I really do"

No. 808020

you dont seem to have paid much attention to the video.

No. 808038

No. 808064

File: 1558135080622.jpeg (51.18 KB, 828x457, CA1531F2-C6AB-4FBC-A3FD-B57FB1…)

This is so true, at that point narcissism can only be a positive attribute. I wish influencers had agents who helped them manage their images via impulse control more during the drama. It's always these sloppy outbursts. They don't know when to shut up and they definitely don't feel any shame.

Being a Youtuber must put them in this different perspective of reality like being in the Big Brother house, or maybe more like Lord of the Flies rn kek

Unrelated but can anons stop reading between the lines? It's exhausting to have to say in every post ”JC/Tati did this shitty thing but I don't like Tati/JC either” because it seems the majority of people here don't have a side and are just here for milk. Annoying that criticizing one person is seen as a defence of the opposite person or wking to some anons. Can we leave the wk complaints on posts actually defending a bias instead of posts that talk more about one person than the other?

No. 808073

This is why YouTube is fun because it's people not media trained and we get to watch what's usually bts become content lol.

I never watched Tati much knew of her and then subscribed to her after the JC stuff because I got caught in the hype and fun of unfollowong JC and seeing Tati get numbers because I figured the wee calculator JC was running the numbers.

Since finding out he feeds drama channels I wonder if he's on the stan sites too with his minions. This stuff is funny honestly imo. JC always rub me up the wrong way always discussing essentially his income he just came across very disingenuous. Yet he was sloppy so I followed him so I could catch his vents he's just a character to some people.

It'll be interesting to see when he comes back if he still has the same brand power.

No. 808178

File: 1558149635146.png (213.86 KB, 400x400, Bu-q1qJI_400x400.png)

It's not just the beauty community though, that's just the nightmare timeline we're living in these days. I think the beauty community is just more prone to gossip and making and making a giant scene out of everything. Certainly some people do deserve to have their careers/lives ruined for their behavior, but more often than not no one's ever even given the chance to learn from their mistakes or grow as a human anymore. When people have learned from their mistakes and grown, the evidence that they were once a worse person is drudged up and thrown in their face. No one can ever win, except Jeffree because even though he continues to be an openly awful person, he gets an entire documentary series to prove he's slightly less terrible than he used to be and show off his shiny new character development to the whole world.

google is ur friend

10/10 perfect images.
>Annoying that criticizing one person is seen as a defence of the opposite person or wking to some anons. Can we leave the wk complaints on posts actually defending a bias instead of posts that talk more about one person than the other?
I mean, this is obvious to most of us, no one here has any issue with debate/discussion. It's the Jeffree stans that do this to deflect any negative conversation with "omg why are u so obsessed with me??" Tbh I don't think mods give a shit about these threads because they let them be completely overrun the last thread and bury any convo despite numerous complaints and reporting. They stick out like sore thumb because not a single one of them has a legitimate argument for liking or defending Jeffree other than attacking the other person – same exact principle applies to Tati here (because they're likely the same audience). It's completely possible to have discussions about the rights and wrongs JC's behavior in this thread without mentioning Tati, but has there been any discussion of Tati at all that wasn't just "yeah but James!!!"?

So that's the question: can anyone give any reasoning for why it's acceptable for a 37 year old woman to abuse a trusted mentor/mentee relationship and publicly humiliate a teenage boy 18 years younger than her for her own personal and financial gain? Your answer can't have the word james in it, and since she insists it's not about her vitamins that can't be an argument either. Not saying it can't be done, I'd just like to hear some legitimate pro-Tati opinions.

No. 808298

They had a very public friendship that ended and she wanted to make it clear that it wasn't just her being mad about her vitamins. Her crying on her stories was a mistake to begin with, but I don't really see what's there to discuss, especially without using the word "James" since this is about him. It's weird to see people saying that he was humiliated or dragged or that it was all about her financial gain because I don't think she revealed anything that wasn't already out there from previous drama and going against someone with 3 times your sub count is hardly a guaranteed success.

No. 808303


Liberals, man. They're fucking retards. Imagine cancelling Lisa Eldridge because she used KvD? She donates all her money to a charity and youtube isnt even her main job.

They need to go outside, because no one else cares about this.

No. 808305

Take it to /Pol Anon. Were talking about make up here.

No. 808437

No. 808500

James finally posted a video

No. 808509

>>808500 he put a suicide hotline in the description fs

No. 808526

im so fucking distracted by the white stuff in his tongue im going to vomit

No. 808528

Why did you mention it, I'm only 5 minutes into the video, this is vile and I can't unsee it.

No. 808529

>>808500 basically the whole video is everyone is lying!!! I wanted to die!!

No. 808530

This makes Tati look like shit, and seems like Jeffree was really egging everything on behind the scenes (very believable)

I don’t see how there’s any comeback for this, if we assume that the screenshots were all real, even if we assume that he lied about the in person things

No. 808532

>>808500 he added a sexual assault hotline just now to the description

No. 808534

This is much better than the Laura Lee tier webcam video. He feels way more genuine in this.
Is Tati cancelled now? This is table tennis cancelling.

I can't wait for Tati to make a third video about this drama with her receipts, this is a shitshow! I love it.

No. 808537

It was definitely the tea I been waiting for from the start! His ending was really good, with apologizing for his ego and stuff even though it wasn’t very relevant and he didn’t need to

No. 808553


So literally what everyone was saying about Jeffree and Tati organizing a take down was right.

Then people starting feeling a bit guilty because they thought he might kill himself, because his "family" turned on him and tried to turn all of his friends on him. "It's just business"

With friends like these who needs enemies

No. 808555

Let's just drop the beauty community pls, these people don't need our money anyway.

No. 808561

I still think the "I was being mobbed I felt unsafe, I forgot about my moms competitor" was a load of bullshit.

But I know now the whole reason Tati and Jeffree decided to fuck James up, is because he betrayed their little business clique.

No. 808564

yeaaaaaaah don't be so quick to believe James now. Don't make the same mistake twice.

This vid was highly calculated and very prepared - good for him. Good that he explained himself. But still, it doesn't sit too well with me. What he did well was exposing Jefree. The pressuring still stands, he just gave more details that in my eyes do not redeem him. The vitamins situation still fucks, too. And he completely omitted Gage, only talked about Sam.
About Zara, he said it's okay when women slide into the DMs, but not gay men, and it's it's harmful and an attack on LGBT community - lol, this fucking reach.
He's very smug and defensive and pisses me off probably more than the uwu sad gunk in mouth corners-James. He's not sorry about anything, wow.

The number to Suicide Hotline is honestly a move that disgusts me. So manipulative.

Wonder what will Tati respond with now. Jefree is beyond redemption so idec

No. 808565

I dunno, Tati said she had a stack of receipts, didn't produce any of them. James said he had receipts, and produced them.

No. 808568

I wonder if Tati will make a video with receipts or is this really the end of this bs drama lol

No. 808572

He spends the whole video cancelling Tati and J*, speaking normally throughout the entire thing until he gets to the fake slow I'm so sad and hurt part for those sympathy points, and then immediately goes into a spiel about how cancel culture is toxic lol

I don't know if I'm missing something here, but I didn't see anything genuine here. His only argument is they are lying trust me on this, or believe me I have no reason to lie.

No. 808574

I'm just tired of this shit now, they're all snakes anyway so who cares. This has proven that neither side is good!
We can just enjoy the trainwreck now.

No. 808575

I think this is how it actually played out.

JC got into Coachella, on the second day he was in VIP, he wanted to be in the "celebrity" area.
JC makes a deal to get in there and thinks he can get away with it.

Tati is fucking insane about her Vitamins and fucking loses it, tells Jeffree to help her fuck him up.
Jeffree pulls out all the stops and contacts everyone. It trends on Youtube, Twitter, MSM pick it up.
JC is being cancelled. People start making shit up for attention.

People start to get worried they might have gone too far. JC drops his vid and proves that Tati and Jeffree wanted to fuck him over breaking from the clique.

No. 808576

i feel bad for james now

No. 808581

naah I think Jeffree acted alone; he got insanely hyped and excited for the chance of eliminating his main competitor (as he's now the most subbed to beauty guru, if I'm not mistaken). That's why he called in the big guns, everything he had, true or fake. He just saw his chance to bring James down and he took it.

No. 808584

I wouldn't. You see the end of the video where he says they hope they can all be friends? Fuck off. No normal person would say that if people who were supposed to be your closest friends turned on you and then called the entire internet on you. They don't care about anyone else but themselves.

I'd tell them they are fucked up people and get help. But really, they are all fucked up people so they can't point fingers. All the smiles and kiss kiss hugs are just fake shit to keep their image.

They are all narcissists.

No. 808585

Agree with the other anon, I think Jeffree went rogue. If those texts are real that's fucking hilarious.
>man in his 30s telling a 16-year-old to "shut the fuck up" over nothing
>lying about James hitting on Nate's brother (although it's weird that James didn't show their interactions if they were harmless)
>messaging people calling James a predator and pedophile (??) for no reason

Honestly this situation is so tiring, I was siding with Tati initially but not it seems more like everyone involved is a socially dysfunctional asshole.

No. 808589

i feel like james was saying that to appear gracious and mature. this whole situation aside i despise jeffree starr and do not trust him at all. i would side eye the fuck out of any influencer who aligns themselves with him

sage for irrelevant

No. 808592

KEK All the Tati stans on reddit now saying “can we please just drop this” and “I’m bored of this now” after a week waiting on the edge of their seat for every update and dragging JC

No. 808593

Tati's role in is the only thing I'm skeptical of honestly, I think the most likely situation was that J* convinced her that JC was a predator and a danger to society. All of them are shady in their own way but she is relatively drama free, I don't think she started all of this just because she was butthurt about vitamins

No. 808594

File: 1558208617039.jpg (164.36 KB, 569x343, tati.jpg)

No. 808597

yeah but most of Tati's claims have been exposed as straight up lies. With receipts. I wouldn't be half surprised if she went to Jeffree and told him James was a pedophile because she loves her vitamins so much.

No. 808607

I mean… literally no one gives a shit lmao. This video isn't getting traction the way Tati's video did because EVERYONE HATES JAMES. People have been dying to cancel him because he's fucking annoying no one gives a shit about the problematic shit he's done. Screencaps of texts are easily faked so whoever wants to keep hating him will. This video does nothing. No one cares if Jeffree and Tati met up in an evil cave to take James down because people are likely grateful they did. James's subscribers are still dead and Tati and Jeffree are both doing fine.

Jeffree has been ripping people to shreds since Myspace and always wins because he's GOOD at it. I'm sure he'll put up a video exposing James with fake texts of his own and EVERYONE will side by him because everyone! hates! James! Get over it. They're all manipulative racist trash but James is just irksome for the most petty, trivial reasons and I'll be glad as fuck if Hitler rises from the dead and drags him into the gutter.

No. 808609

File: 1558212018244.png (124.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190518-163936.png)

James is regaining subscribers quickly. this shit is ridiculous. it's like they're all in on it and just doing it because they're bored

No. 808610

So really you don't care what actually happened and just want JC lying dead in a ditch somewhere. Well I always thought maybe beauty guru fans were sociopaths, now I know. Guess sociopaths would follow sociopaths though.

No. 808613

Shut up James(hi cow)

No. 808616

the only bit i agreed with him on is that people are using this as an excuse to be vaguely homophobic. the outrage over the poor liddol stwaight mens is ridiculous because straight men act like it's the end of the world when a gay man gives them the kind of attention they would to a woman. it's very much a part of toxic masculinity and i'm glad he's bringing that up

No. 808617

I'm afraid you're not correct here. James is gaining subs and if Tati doesn't come up with something big in response, if she does not bring ~the receipts~, then he'll bounce back easily. I think his video was tailored by a huge team and it's definitely a good one. People are on his side. Just open Twitter

No. 808618

lol i just said all the beauty gurus are sociopaths and all you could do was call me james?

Well thanks for proving my point I guess.

No. 808620

this shit is providing me much more entertainment than game of thrones failed to.

i am one of those who really hated james but if those receipts are real (and i believe them to be-if they're fake, jeffree and tati would instantly prove it, what's the point?) this all was a completely planned out smear campaign by jeffree, tati, and that disgusting pig shane dawson. and i can't believe i bought into that. sm fucking h.

i can't wait for the inevitable spew of hate video from the devil himself apparently, jeffree star

No. 808622

this is like a masterclass in pr. i think he might actually come out of this looking better than he did before. he's just as narcissistic as all the other beautubers involved but this is a very convincing video

No. 808624

okay you made me think of one thing, what the fuck was in it for Shane? From James' caps - Shane told Jeffree about things James said about him (J). Basically that James talked shit about Jeffree? But why would Shane do that? What's his bussines in it? I wonder

No. 808625

Literally everyone I follow is talking about how he's full of shit in the video lmao. Sorry. This video does nothing. He isn't gaining a fanbase nearly at the same pace as he lost it. There's statements from people who knew him in high school and that can't be undone. Him stating that people he had beef with used facts against him is hardly cause to come crawling back to him when the people who now hate him were never stans. And again: text messages are easily faked. This video is 30% possible evidence and 70% whining about how unfair him being thrown under the bus is. The DAY he was cancelled I saw thousands of people call out the hypocrisy in continuing to stan Jeffree and Tati over their own controversy. Because wow, shockingly, almost everyone who hates James is not an overly invested beauty guru lover. They just hate James Charles and were happy to see anyone, no matter how awful, remove him off the face of the Earth.

"We're all homophobic for James Charles" was THE relevant meme for James just before he was cancelled. And this was a joke that started in the LGBT community lmfao. He was being clowned to death for his shitty scam of a tour - how does this video undo that? Charging extra for babies? No one likes his ugly overhyped ass when he ain't cute, nice, or talented enough to justify the platform he was given for being the only beauty guru desperate enough to give KKW Beauty a positive review. It's the only reason he was invited to the Met Gala lmao the Kardashians practically own Anna Wintour. And they will make everyone they associate with seem like the most relevant. And the Kardashians sure don't give a fuck about this follow-up video. He's dead to them too. They're focusing on skincare now anyway.

No. 808626

Same. I don’t really like or ever watched Jc bit after his video and receipts you can see how much this was planned out to cancel him by humiliating him publicly. When I watched tatis first video and she would mention very private things it left a bad taste in the mouth specially when you see through her act of “I’m just trying to help”. Still picked her side tho. Now I see that it is fucking heavy what he has had to go through the last few weeks and that even if he is a dumbass that made some shit decisions he isn’t some danger to society pervert pedophile. It was a planned out vendetta because of vitamins and gossip (for Jeffree probably it was the perfect to not lose the spotlight to JC)

No. 808627


>Literally everyone I follow is talking about how he's full of shit in the video lmao.

Okay you go off into your old little imaginary world where's he's cancelled, adults are speaking.

No. 808629

File: 1558214112377.png (58.7 KB, 598x440, screencap.png)

No. 808631

you sound childish. Calm down. We're just discussing stuff, no need for a fist-fight

jesus. The only one left alive at the end of the day in this community gonna be Bretman Rock.

Currently there's a tweet gaining attention where it shows that the convos may have been edited because it shows May 2, May 3 and then May 2 again even though it automatically uptades time zones. Sorry for no cap.

No. 808632

His stans saw the stupid manipulative messages JC showed in his video and still wait for him to show his side of the story? Lol nothing is going to end his career at this point, I just hope JC surpasses him in subscribers again, that's what seems to be truly hurting him (not because I like JC but because I really hate JS's manipulations)

No. 808635

File: 1558215034071.png (688.71 KB, 628x657, finally_some_good_fucking_milk…)

they're all scammers, literally all of them, but this is entertainment and like you said, a masterclass in pr.

someone on gg said maybe that was jeffree bluffing to scare james. but idk, shane is an absolute retard who'll go with whatever and believe actual abusers and racists, so.

same, and i didn't even agree with those who said "this is too harsh, let him learn", i was all "let him suffer he deserved it" and up until her 2nd vid thought tati was mostly genuine, i saw her game but appreciated her playing it against an annoying, over-exaggerated, sexual harasser.

game of fucking thrones, i tell you. this is delicious lol

No. 808636

Fuck I hate this asshole, can’t wait for the receipts but also think it’s all being blown out of proportion and everybody should just stop. They are all very fucked mentally to keep going with this

No. 808637

did Jeffree still say he wanted to be friends with James a few days ago? Guess he changed his mind and has been sitting on some receipts when he saw his subscribers dropping.

Now he's a horrible sick person again.

No. 808643

seriously, GoT is ending, its summer, I've nothing to do… bring on the bloodbath. they're honestly all terrible people and really, having them culled allows new talent so the cycle can begin anew

No. 808644

or y'know we could just have like, normal people who like makeup instead of peddling shitty vitamins, palettes and trying to fuck everything that moves, that would nice.

No. 808647

you do realize the platform you're on, right?

i say let them burn

No. 808648

come thru jeffree

No. 808649

And then it turns out it's an underage James Tati sextape and Jeffree throws everyone under the bus.

No. 808652

one question i had watching the james video, why wouldn't he just legit… sue jeffree? i believe he has grounds for slander? or does it all have to be more explicit? i think a case could be made that his actions very clearly damaged james' name and career

No. 808653

Apparently the reason nikita got cut off was for hitting on nates brother. Either the same thing occured twice or Jefree is recycling stories.
This. James is just so unlikeable lol
He's not a predator though that's just wild. He's a pathetic gay boy lusting after guys who don't want him.
I think shane is just coming from a friend PoV, when everyone was shitting on james he just made a statement about everyone being kind to each other.
This is pure cream

No. 808654

Apparently the reason nikita got cut off was for hitting on nates brother. Either the same thing occured twice or Jefree is recycling stories.
This. James is just so unlikeable lol
He's not a predator though that's just wild. He's a pathetic gay boy lusting after guys who don't want him.
I think shane is just coming from a friend PoV, when everyone was shitting on james he just made a statement about everyone being kind to each other.
This is pure cream

No. 808656

>why wouldn't he just legit… sue jeffree?
>does it all have to be more explicit?

it all has to be true lol. can't sue for slander when witnesses come in to verify the other person's story.

No. 808659

he can't sue, its a private message, that James exposed publicly.

Jeffree has to say he's a pedo publicly to defame him.

No. 808661

People will side with Jeffree for sure. His only receipt is being a racist which no one cares about. Fans cancel people because it's fun and they're already bored of their content. Nikk and Lauren were already on their way out, cancelling them was just more fun. No one wants to cancel Jeffree because they still like his content and he's entertaining when it comes to cancelling people. He's also well-spoken and is just more engaging as an entertainer. And as someone else said he's been destroying people aggressively for over a decade and is really good at it. He's been in this game long enough to know what works and what people will respond with. He has experience. As someone with no horse in this race, James annoys me more as a person and I'm hype to watch anyone take him down. There's no morals tbh.

No. 808667

the original bad bitch will always come out on top and i'm not complaining. the morals of this situation dont affect any of us and honestly his products are just great so he's the easiest one to support

No. 808671

>People will side with Jeffree for sure. His only receipt is being a racist which no one cares about. Fans cancel people because it's fun and they're already bored of their content. Nikk and Lauren were already on their way out, cancelling them was just more fun.

b-but I thought it was about his SHOCKING behavior, n-not some trend!

No. 808677

if it comes down to a game of fake text message screencaps jeffree is for sure gonna cook up better ones than james lmfao. jeffree was already exposed for all his beef and miraculously came out unscathed. he was lucky as fuck no one gave a shit about his texts to jackie because uh sorry to say all his fans are equally racist and don't care. but after that he was smart enough to not let himself fall into controversy again especially with his company growing.

rip james. he's got nothing. this is a game of gladiator at this point.

No. 808679

Don't worry I was honest for everyone on Twitter who's playing sjw gymnastics, including these gurus. I'll be the first to say I hate James because he's a sexual predator and Jeffree because he is a racist. Catch me watching Jeffree's videos anywaaaay. We all fake.

No. 808688

depends what kind of shocking disgusting grr sister scandal Jeffree provides. Because from what I can see, most people really hate Jeffree right now, both big commenters and mere users.

First he got hit with the straight guys ricochet, now his obsessive weird texts to James came to light and people are mad he fought his lil brother (even tho he's not a child).

Twitter is fickle and full of hypocritical moralfags.

I don't think - despite what people say under his "receipts" tweet - that he's cancelled. He's been through much worse shit, as anon above said, and came out relatively untouched. But people won't side with him now, and will be more critical of what he bring in to the dramu table. He needs something BIG to get support.

Can't wait for his video, tbh. This is the best milk since a long time.

No. 808690

i just love that these people are so caught up in one upping each other in drama they don't even realize it just makes them all like a bunch of shitbags aaaahahahahahah

No. 808691

File: 1558220862440.webm (17.02 MB, 640x360, JEFFREE STAR SNAPCHAT 5-18-19 …)

I don't know, but Jeffree plans on releasing the video, hopefully soon. He made a snap about it.

I'm with the anons betting on Jeffree. He's been stirring shit since the MySpace days and knows how the game works. You can't cancel him. Jeffree can literally murder somebody and his millions of stans will say he did nothing wrong.

No. 808700

sit back and enjoy the show ladies, it’s gonna be a long one. Jeffree has Shane in his pocket now right?

No. 808706

File: 1558222310886.jpg (144.16 KB, 576x501, Untitled-1.jpg)

Right, I believe Jeffree and Shane are collabing on an eyeshadow palette and they're also making another docu-series together. Shane's the true winner in all of this and I can't wait for his 24-part exposé lol.

And here's the Youtube link of Jeffree's snap for iPhone anons.

No. 808707

File: 1558222380482.jpg (12.8 KB, 271x277, doitus4.jpg)

No. 808708

>Catch me watching Jeffree's videos anywaaaay. We all fake.

so when people tweet out they are keepin' it real they really mean they are keepin' in fake? okay. Good to know.

No. 808728

The only thing i feel bad about JC dealing with is two 30 year olds are going after a soon-to-be 20 yr old, shamelessly and without an ounce of tact. James isn’t an innocent little uwu lamb, but they should really know better. There’s no self-respect in being 30 somethings and crying on social media or manipulating someone because you get hot and bothered by drama.

Tati and J* are the same, they use the same language and both go for the jugular. Tati just pre-faces her manipulative statements with “I cared about you” and ends it with “I’m healing, no negativity guys”

Healing from what? Making a callout video?
She’s like Trump in debates with her “Wrong” “Lies”

If JC is posting half-truths, she is as well. That’s the way that works. They’re both as weaselly as the other.

No. 808730

Tati actually lied, but James just avoided talking about stuff. I'm assuming Jeffree has something on the topics James avoided talking about, and I'm sure it was something Jeffree did in his younger days. Before iphones.

No. 808737

I say this as someone who does find him entertaining and enjoy his products but idk how anyone can watch Jeffrey Star and think he’s just some “~brutally honest~ Queen Bee type bitch, this dude actually emits sociopathy. He calls himself Jeffrey Dahmer ffs. Beauty guru stans are all so fucking stupid it hurts. Can’t wait for the video tho, to see what kind of shit he cooks up. Jeffrey literally has the money and connection to send JC into a car accident if he wanted to, probably.

No. 808738


Like I said, the only way to be a fan of a sociopath is to be one yourself.

No. 808745

I don't know anything about James Charles or those other two but this is insane. He didn't prey on straight guys let alone assault anyone. Pewdiepie's homophobic fans are out in full force. All these fragile straight men thinking their irrational fears about gay guys have been vindicated. The beauty community going along with it is even worse than anything I expected from them.

Also, Zara Larson is pathetic. First she pulls her homophobic dogwhistle while being an absolute hypocrite and then she just deletes her tweet without an apology.

No. 808749

>The only thing i feel bad about JC dealing with is two 30 year olds are going after a soon-to-be 20 yr old

This argument is so weak. James is a millionaire business tycoon not an inexperienced high school baby living with his parents. He's on tour, surrounded by adults, works, lives alone in a lush condo. No one feels sorry for him. He lives the exact same lifestyle as Tati and Jeffree. He's not a baby.

No. 808753

Jeffree's video detailing his concealer being stolen was trending #1 on Youtube for days. Tati's video exposing James was trending #1 on Youtube. James's isn't even on the list. Jeffree's last video is actually still trending. James's career is dead. Everyone is decided. No one wanted him around before the controversy Jeffree and Tati did everyone a favor they knew that and took advantage. Jeffree is literally a genius.

No. 808757

Anon, have you not seen him gain a bunch of subs back? He's not on the red anymore.

No. 808760

>a bunch
he literally lost millions within minutes.

No. 808767

What are the social blade stats of those videos?

No. 808768

>Pewdiepie's homophobic fans

You mean Jeffree/Tati's fans? Why would pewdiepie's fans care any of that especially when pewdiepie defended james.

No. 808772

File: 1558233735121.png (14.69 KB, 554x250, pdp.png)

Maybe I just don't get their shitty memes but they're so gleeful about him losing subs, calling him "it", and buying into the whole gay predator thing.

No. 808775


Only people who fall for that are women. You cant manipulate straight men to have sex with men.

No. 808776

>Jeffree has been ripping people to shreds since Myspace and always wins because he's GOOD at it
No, Jeffree always "wins" because he's a tranny (his words, not mine) and they get more sympathy/pity points and are basically untouchable due to the fact anybody who tries to argue with them will be called transphobic.

No. 808780

since when has he ever come out as trans?

No. 808781

File: 1558235703133.jpeg (97.04 KB, 640x640, 8910310B-A64C-41A8-AE82-EFDEB3…)

>Jeffree's video detailing his concealer being stolen was trending
>Tati's video exposing James was trending
>James's isn't even on the list
It's because Jeffree has been licking Susan Wojcicki's (CEO of YouTube) cunt for quite a while now.
Notice how anybody who associates with Susan has their videos suddenly go viral, even with 100K views.
Since James Charles used to associate with Jeffree Star, this is how he always managed to land on the trending page. Now that their friendship is over, Jeffree told Susan to boost Tati and keep JC off the trending page.
It's that simple.

No. 808782

I mean… I can see it but not really? Never seen anyone call him trans or the community claim him despite his jokes. If you see him during his Myspace days it's obviously he was along the vein of a drag queen, and his humor reeeally reflects that. Either way people just like him and his content and no one is ready to see him go.

James was cancelled in the literal wake of his Met Gala appearance which broight an already negative response. There were memes about how he was kicked out for stalking Shawn Mendes so it was already attached to his reputation. That level of exposure is what got him cancelled so aggressively. Right now this "clapback" video comes from his descent into a cave. If he was smart he would've attacked when Jeffree was in a moment of high exposure himself.

Like I said, Jeffree's been doing this for years. He's smart. He made sure to drag Nikki supporting that concealer with a limited shade range IN his video reviewing the product.

No. 808783

and? the point still stands. jeffree comes out on top.

No. 808784

Tati's video got taken off the trending page very quickly though. James also seems close with the CEO but I don't know anything about her or her motivations like I wonder if jeffree's video will trend or not

God this shit is so fucking stupid. they're all shitty friends. we're just watching the trainwreck on global news

No. 808786

Jeffree called himself a tranny on Deuce's (formerly of Hollywood Undead) "Break Them Wallz":
>the tranny's in your house, chainsaw and pink nails
>hot pants & high heels, the Dahmer shemale

>inb4 "those are just song lyrics, he didn't really mean it!", "he was clearly going for shock value!", etc.

No. 808787

so jaclyn hill is trending on youtube and i decided to click and see the related videos. mind you i've not looked up or watched a single video about this drama and it doesn't look like jaclyn is associated with either side.

all the related videos are still exposing james. his video does not appear. so it's really not viral or trending at all. i decided to click a video with 2m views explaining the drama and all the comments are from 2 days ago, so obviously no one has been keeping up with this drama and it's kind of yesterday's news. checked out the relates videos. james's latest video is not there. what is there? a negative response video to it with only 3k views.

No. 808788

it's just like projared losing his verified status on twitter within the hour after the shit came out about him.

No. 808789

Those are just song lyrics. He has always officially stated said he is an androgynous man, especially in his videos recently. try harder stan

No. 808791

First day on the Internet, sweetie?

No. 808796

that video currently has a lot of negative comments tho. not too harsh tho a lot of them just have sad faceys saying they're disappointed. i'm sure whatever response video jeffree uploads will be convincing enough for people to bandwagon restan. kat von d had him pretty severely disliked until he uploaded his response video. we'll see the dirt jeffree digs up on james. probably more about james being a sexual predator with detailed and possibly fake accounts from people. hell, he may even pay off someone. this man is not ready to be cancelled.

No. 808798

>try harder stan
Just because I'm not licking Jeffree Star's glossy butthole doesn't mean I'm a stan for anybody else. Try harder, retard.

I saw the tweet you referenced but it seems like people are calling JC's receipts fake because of the spacing, which happens whenever you send texts through iPhones a while after, as opposed to immediately, if that makes sense.

No. 808801

No. 808802

this thread's jeffree stans are so wild

No. 808803

The idea of friendships with the CEO is pretty funny, like…its a corporation.
They may do favours if pressed but all these Youtubers are is cash cows.

In what world do people seem to think going for drinks with your boss secures special treatment, it’s management. Any Youtuber with a brain knows that and exploits it.

No. 808806

File: 1558238764922.jpeg (75.09 KB, 600x600, F8E3E640-B4A1-48DC-9337-1C3730…)

You’d think they’d be quieter, considering when he was actually besties touring with a literal pedophile he was very quiet until it all blew up. Tired song and dance of 20/20 hindsight.

No. 808809

File: 1558239094035.jpg (105.02 KB, 1038x764, jstar.jpg)

Jeffree is in the big leagues now, I'm sure he hangs out with pedo ceos and producers regularly.

No. 808810

File: 1558239238652.png (1.28 MB, 1302x1318, Screen Shot 2019-05-19 at 05.1…)

I can't believe that newspapers in the UK are detailing everything that has being going on with the drama. Imagine being an old man waking up to read your daily paper and seeing this shite.


No. 808812

it's old tea though and the jury decided to forgive him. no one stans jeffree they just hate james and are pointing out the obvious bias in this situation and predicting the outcome. looking at the comments on ig it's 50/50 for believing james and believing jeffree, with all of the people cancelling jeffree having no intention of following james again. the texts really do look fake and a lot of people are pointing out the formatting so jeffree might expose that. i don't believe james's texts. he's been on ig comments openly being creepy towards other men.

No. 808813

Dailymail works by commission. They only report on what they're paid to. That's why you'll see pap pics and articles on IG thots with very little followers. James's management paid for this article.

No. 808814

I don't understand the "I'm a virgin" thing. He talks about sucking dick all the time?

No. 808816

File: 1558239628848.png (376.58 KB, 600x545, summary.png)

No. 808817

So, because he's "won", no one should (correctly) point out that he's a shitty person who isn't where he is from "being just that great", but by using shady tactics and hypocrisy?
I'm starting to believe being a J* fan is a red flag for just being a shitty person overall, lmao.

No. 808818

It's not going to be about Tati anymore. It's going to be a full on J* vs JC clash of the titans.

Considering how close they are in subscribers I'd say that's a pretty good metric to determine the winner but we won't know for a couple months.

No. 808826

It's a way to appeal to their younger audience. This is off-topic but the Dolan Twins do the same thing.

No. 808830

They claim virginity? I don't watch them but I've seen them so that's pretty surprising

No. 808840

It can happen. I myself am a kissless, hugless, handholdless nineteen year old homovirgin. But I doubt James Charles has the moral integrity needed to pursue this path. Sex is too easy to come by if you're gay to remain a virgin, unless it's done willfully.

Then again, the fake-up is so disgusting maybe no one actually wants to fuck him.

No. 808841

ok so just the starting point. he told tati h would post it but what does it matter, he was doing it anyway? and also reaching out to them afterwards makes no difference. sooooo she still felt disrespected just like she says she did. if this is a sign of how this video is going to go, I'm bored already.

No. 808844

Shane is joining the beauty comm, believe it or not. He is joining forces with Jeffree on a coming venture.

This video of James' is pure cringe. the sex assault allegations were unmasked as fake pretty fast and including them at any length is disingenuous. The ending is a pure appeal to 12yo, undeveloped brains.

No. 808845

Are you kidding? there are actual, live jeffree stans who lurk this thread to tell us how their fave vampire dindu nuffin about calling anyone gorillas.

No. 808846

Considering Shane hasn't said anything yet I bet he's started to wonder if he backed the wrong horse. There's probably no way he could drop J* at this point though. Could this dumb bullshit actually bring down Shane "I raped my cat" Dawson?

No. 808849

In business and power terms, he is still with the right horse.

No. 808850

Jeffree has bounced back from worse allegations and with a significantly smaller fanbase. People are already searching for plotholes because they don't want James to be popular again and if Jeffree is smart he'll build on that. Should be easy.

No. 808855

honestly tati was already looking bad by being a 37 year old woman trying to destroy a 19 year old's career for not promoting her vitamins. seems like she was jealous.

No. 808863

James in that video saying it's defamatory but not just taking legal action instead is… interesting. There are elements of this whole story being kept out of the public eye so far. Can't wait till the next chapter!

No. 808886

This whole thing is actually mental.
Tati and Jeffree speak out:
James loses over 3 million subscribers, Tati gains nearly 5 million and Jeffree was gains aswell.
James makes a video:
Gets 500K subscribers back in one day and Tati and Jeffree start losing subscribers

What even is this. No one cares about what actually happened, people just jump onto the next person's throat to mass bully them and scream "you're cancelled"

Social media and worldwide connecting really doomed this world.

No. 808921

Jesus, Tati looks like a cunt, but J* is a way bigger bully that I ever expected.

No. 808932

Your speaking as if these people who profit off of the vultchers that pry on them getting cancelled are innocent, without social media they'd still be torn apart by the masses they owe as much to their drones to allow them to be shred apart, they profit hundreds upon millions from their accumulated fickle subs.

I hate to use the there's more important things going on fallacy but climate change is more of a concern than a few catty preteens the world's predicted to go into ecological decline in flux within the next 8 years.

No. 808943

> pig tummy tea

that sounds like a fetish or something ffs ew, I never needed to see those words written together. Fuck, Shane, gross.

No. 808946

conspiracy theory but this was all manufactured as a charity project to keep youtube drama and commentary channels in business

No. 808956

>So that's the question: can anyone give any reasoning for why it's acceptable for a 37 year old woman to abuse a trusted mentor/mentee relationship and publicly humiliate a teenage boy 18 years younger than her for her own personal and financial gain? Your answer can't have the word james in it, and since she insists it's not about her vitamins that can't be an argument either. Not saying it can't be done, I'd just like to hear some legitimate pro-Tati opinions.

This 300%. You don't have to make a public statement on why your friendship ended uwu, thats a choice and one that people make to monetize drama most of the time. Tati stans have nothing to say besides "b-but james!!".

If you're so blinded by Tati's fake niceness then imagine if she were a man saying "Guise I got manipulated by this girl 18 years my junior! I was abused and I now have to decide to punish this girl publicly bc she needs to learn!! uwu". Sounds sinister, doesn't it. All Tati had to do was to tell him the stuff she said in the video privately and then cut ties if he fails to respond in a non-retarded way. Make no public garbage about it. And no, she doesn't get to decide to punish someone else's kid. That is insane.

No. 809002

File: 1558278776791.gif (24.81 KB, 193x200, 0DA17922-4EE8-490A-8D17-006A9F…)


No. 809011

File: 1558280993398.gif (953.88 KB, 500x257, 19599BA8-8AB4-43BA-B6C4-2047F4…)

Doubt J* stans are “sociopathic” but they’re just his brain dead army of skanks hoping to soak up some of the good grace (like Nate whose image is literally curated as ~poor Midwest boy who came up because he was so unconditionally loyal uwu~)

No. 809016

>but I don't really see what's there to discuss, especially without using the word "James" since this is about him
Holy shit did you miss the entire point. Literally all I asked for was one reason why Tati wasn't absolute trash without that reason being "well James Charles is worse" and you made it the most about James you possibly could. Not only did you miss the entire point, you did the exact thing I pointed out as the problem.
>hey i think "x" is bad
>"x" isn't bad, "y" is bad! can't believe you're such a "y" wk! "y" deserved it! why are you even bringing up "x", this is all about "y"

No. 809041


As someone who dislikes all three personalities in this dramafest (four if you include Shane), I don't think what she did was trashy because "uwu 19 year old boy gets bullied by his mentor", I think it's because she has every right to cut someone off from her life and business for X/Y/Z reason and make an announcement about it, but instead of making it impersonal and vague she basically poured the oil and let the fans strike the match.

However I am enjoying the situation thoroughly. JC using these situations to highlight homophobia is hilarious. The haters in the past will still be haters, but he didn't have all those million subs and deals because of his godlike makeup skills. He got it because he used stereotypical personality traits to create a character. It brought him money. Now suddenly it's a curse upon him and his life? Nah.

No. 809096


Made an Imgur album for all the screenshots of the DMs etc James posted in his video

Personally, I don't know what to believe. Jeffree being a cunt who wants to be #1 is totally believable, but I can't quite process how Tati and Jeffree wold even plan this and backstab James like that (if every screenshot is real)

No. 809107

The whole thing with the waiter was completely made up. Tati seems like a massive bitch who stabbed a friend in the back for the most petty reason

No. 809108

New Pewdiepie video

No. 809114

No. 809118

It's a business move on all of their sides, Tati and Jeffree know that they will get the views from James' fandom

No. 809139


Ty for this anon, I cannot listen to James talk for more than 5 minutes without wanting to go deaf.

But are these really it? These are the receipts? How does this prove anything? I mean I guess it proves JC is a psycho, which we all knew. But these screenshots are clearly very one sided. Excited to see what Jeffree has to say tbh

No. 809142


I mean that's a given, he's thrived on the ”If I can't be cute I’ll be a catty drag queen gay bff! Bitches love that!” and t worked all the way from Myspace til now because the social media environment for that type of persona never changed.

At least he's not desperately trying to remain relevant on YT taking shots of his own jizz like Matt Lush

It's old milk, yeah. Hopefully, you're talking about J*? I’m just gonna assume you are.

It’s an example of a habit. It's repeated behaviour, he's quiet about things until he could be roped in by them. He's the loudest hypocrite in the room, clinging onto others who are praised publicly in a good light. He's a parasite. It's going to happen again and again because his brain is wired like an addict’s for the adrenaline rush drama gives him. He could benefit from a digital break more than anyone.

Also the idea that his stans aren't wking him is hilarious because even ITT people are saying ”J* is the best nobody can top him he's untouchable!”. He's only good at being a manipulative sociopath who’s not held back by emotions as he stomps over his collab guests to get a higher follower count.

No. 809150

according to literally who? he pays 25 million in taxes every year, he’s definitely worth a lot more than 50m.
oh fuck off. this thread is attracting you autistic redditors in fucking droves.

No. 809156

File: 1558300090054.jpg (231.99 KB, 1197x1398, _20190520_000551.JPG)

Jeffrees fans are so cringy

No. 809159

I don't get why Tati's video got 50 million views. Even with Tati, JC, and J's pre-video subscriber count combined, that's still only about 36 million. I'm not familiar with view botting, does anyone know if Tati or J paid for views on that video? Apologize if this has been discussed before but I haven't seen anyone talk about it. I just really doubt 50 million people care about what this vitamin pushing mid-life crisis has to say

No. 809169

It went viral. Kylie Jenner unfollowed him. Zara Larsson made her own allegations. Homophobes love the whole "gay guy preying on straight men" thing. People didn't care about the vitamin stuff but the lies about him being a predator.

No. 809213

File: 1558305091890.jpeg (154.98 KB, 859x511, jeffree.jpeg)

This is in his likes… I'm guessing he won't deliver milk.

No. 809216

If he doesn’t it’s bc he’s got nothin I bet

No. 809218

Because he has no milk, he reacted out of anger that JC exposed the messages and wanted to protect his image so he tweeted and snapped saying he had all these damning evidence to prove he had reason to act the way he did but he's going to pretend he's not releasing them because he's 'the bigger person' and is doing it to 'stop the hate'. I hope no one buys this shit, if you make a claim that someone is a pedo and a danger to society you would be calling the police, not vague tweeting about them and hiding all the 'evidence' you apparently have.

No. 809247

No. 809250

hes so full of shit its just a ploy to make people sympathetic for the shitty things he said get over yourself jeffree

No. 809252

he accuses him of being a danger to society and then turns to society and says "none of your business"

No. 809256

>i dont have hate in my heart
>i wanted to pull up TONS of receipts u guise
>but its not healthy uwu

kek who fucking called it he doesnt have SHIT

No. 809257

Fucking sociopath. Made up this story not expecting James to hit back so strong, bluffed that he would come back with "receipts" and when he failed to dig anything up posts this shit.

No. 809260

Oh hell no. He promised receipts now he's backpedaling like a bitch. He's still gonna be screaming at random people on twitter 1 week from now.

No. 809264

File: 1558310263871.png (577.41 KB, 704x895, a117d9ca5b50858c656eb067c8b82a…)


No. 809265

File: 1558310286567.png (478.61 KB, 624x863, 81a286f8c88c7acdcce38cba59f44a…)

2/2 tati's statement on the issue

did she delete her bye sister video?

No. 809267

you can't call someone a pedophile who locks people in hotel rooms and then sit there and say a whole lot of nothing and not even directly apologize. wtf even was this?

No. 809268

Well damn. It's really going to go out with a whimper isn't it? For some reason I find that hard to believe.

No. 809273

File: 1558311101763.png (314.31 KB, 500x495, adultvirgin.png)

Can any kind anon provide tl;dw summaries for these vids? I'm sure I'm not the only one who can't stomach another 45 min video, and I can't even look at the preview of Jeffree trying to look so sad uwu without wanting to puke. (Don't really want to contribute to their views either, not that it would make a huge difference).

Anyone who is surprised by Jeffree's manipulative sociopath behavior or thought he was incapable of being the puppet master here has been in deliberate denial. It's been predicted/called out by multiple anons in detail in this thread and the last for how glaringly obvious it is. This is why it's so infuriating that mods don't give a shit about this thread, despite this milk being even more mainstream than ProlapseJared and people complaining for months/over a year now. They've been letting the Jeffree army rush in and bury any negative discussion at all. Makes us look like we're just as brainwashed as the drama channels who he's buddied up with.

Anyways, all the anons who've been fighting to talk about how insane Jeffyboy(/Tati) is time and time again and been buried, yall da real MVPs.
>>808810 pic related

No. 809276

very wrong about me there, jeffree stan

soooo lawyers finally came into this. that's the only reason for this to stop.

No. 809277

I watched the Jstar video. It's basically him stating he isn't going to spill he tea he announced he had because he is tired of the drama. Also from now on if drama happens like this again he will handle it privately, if it involves him and if it doesn't involve him he will stay out of it.

No. 809279

she didn't delete it but she did unlist it

No. 809281

Holy shit, again? Remember a couple of years ago when he put out the exact same giant proclamation no more drama uwu in his racist apology video and then immediately started publicly shitting on TooFaced like, a few days later? Then when HFTT called him out on being a giant hypocrite everyone jumped on her for being a "jealous fatty"? He only "apologizes" and says he's too big for drama when he gets caught for his shady behavior.

Thanks for that summary at least anon, now I know since I saw his racism "apology" video years ago I don't need to watch this one. Drama channels, I know you lurk here, one of you needs make that giant cut of all the times Jeffree has said he wasn't going to be involved in drama anymore. It's free content.

No. 809294

it's the classic 'jeffree unfolds his angel wings' moment

imagine thinking cashflow and net worth are the same thing.

No. 809296

Crossing my fingers hoping this will ruin him once and for all, but at the same time I don't want to hold my breath because I know his rabid stans will support him and buy his products no matter what he does. I just hope that at the very least Twitter rips him to shreds and his reputation is tarnished a bit for trying to take down a 19 year old for no reason. I don't like James and his video felt artificial and manipulative, but no one can argue that he actually produced receipts and proved that he was the victim in this situation. Fuck Jeffree and Tati's two-faced, horse-faced, wrinkly old asses.

No. 809302

File: 1558315183082.jpg (96.69 KB, 1195x449, _20190520_041128.JPG)

You were the chosen one! It was said that you would cancel jeffree, not join them.

No. 809311

All 3 of these idiots deserve some actual fucking consequences. So tired of seeing Jeffree escape his own drama unscathed yet again.

No. 809316

Is there any beauty drama channels that aren't jeffree shills? Only channels that have been critical about tati and jeffree have been non-beauty drama ones.

No. 809318

Staying out of it is the smart idea. No one needs J* breathing down their neck since he's untouchable, apparently.

No. 809322

M Night Shyamalan wants what this twist has

Although this means no more milk, this is he best outcome they all could have hoped for. I think when Ol’ Jeff saw his subscribers falling he decided to take the ”high road”

No. 809335

there’s a smaller channel called smokeyglow who doesn’t like jeffree

No. 809338

Lmao Tati never had receipts either she insisted the world HAD to know and now she wants to take her video down? I bet the Tati stand feel like chumps now

No. 809350

File: 1558318864594.png (1.07 MB, 961x720, 15580990828072.png)

We can all dream anon….but I just don't think it'll happen. He'll be weakened again but don't forget he's already got another Shane docuseries in the works right now. Jeffree's probably got a whole team of engineers crunching the numbers to determine the exact placement of a single eye drop to get him out of this as we speak. I mean we had straight up video of him screaming the n-word and other racist behaviors and that didn't kill him. James came with receipts, but so has every one else that came for Jeffree. James seems to have at least put a size-able dent in the armor at least.

no, see
I was surprised to see iNabber put out a video about him since he's been a Shane shill in the past, but I think like you said he's not in the beauty community so he doesn't know the implications of that. They're the only ones Jeffree couldn't put a hit out on, probably.

Probably more appropriate for the Shane thread, but Shane and Morgan Adams (Shane's sister-in-law) basically did a GRWM video, and someone asked Shane who his favorite guru was and he said
>Jeffree! We ALL say Jeffree! Don't say somebody else, we won't survive the night!
He was obviously playing up panic for a joke, but then also later in the video someone asks Morgan something about youtubers and she basically says something like
>Am I allowed to say that Youtubers actually aren't nice? They'll be nice to [Shane] of course but not to me
I kinda just assumed she was talking about Jeffree. He showers Shane/Ryland/Garret/Andrew with gifts but Morgan seems to have zero interest in him (or maybe he has zero interest in her because she's not man he can harass). Everyone else in the crew will be in head to toe Jeffree merch and Morgan didn't seem to have a single JS product in her bag. Even Ryland and Morgan's mom has Jeffree makeup and is a Jeffree shill now, but Morgan has nothing? Ryland did a video where his family was staying with them and he made them all put on one of the million Jeffree tracksuits they had and Morgan was super resistant to it.
>TL;DR Jeffree's probably a completely awful person to everyone he can't exploit for good PR, not a shocking concept to anyone I'm sure

No. 809355

Legal agreements signed sealed and delivered, confirmed.

All three of the parties have something to hide, don't think JC is an angel either. His willingness to be silent speaks volumes. JS doesn't want a big lawsuit, and Tati overstepped herself.

No. 809372

and samefagging, said agreement goes something like:
1. Tati to take down 'Bye Sister'
2. Jeffree to make a public statement that some of his sources of information are 'rumour' or 'his interpretation of events' which he slips into his angelic video
3. James, Jeffree, Tati not to make further public comment = silence is golden
4. Everybody goes abut their business with no further revelations on any side

No. 809382

Really shows how genuine their friendship is when they have to talk to lawyers to settle manners.

No. 809400

tea on nate?

No. 809402

>don't think JC is an angel either. His willingness to be silent speaks volumes
No no no, this is 1000% the correct thing to do.

>JS doesn't want a big lawsuit

Jeffree loves to threaten legal action at the drop of a hat as evident by this fiasco (an others) that got swept under the rug. Basically he destroyed the career of a Filipino youtuber by sending his mass of fans harass her, because she used the word "Approved" in one of her videos. She was a small youtuber in a foreign country and he publicly threatened her with legal action, claiming that he held the copyright for the word "Approved" (he didn't, and even if he did it doesn't matter because she's not in the US). He did all of this 2 months before he was granted the copyright for "Jeffree Star Approved", but by that point the girl had already deleted her video and attempted several apologies to Jeffree. But he's so up his own ass he thinks no one in the entire world can use the concept of approval without it being linked to him. This is especially egregious and untrue because it's later pointed out that Tati already owned the copyright for "Tati Approved" 5 months prior to this. (But of course Jeffree's too busy being successful to engage in drama, as he's said 745 times before. That's not even getting into the racial aspect of going after a Filipino guru when every other white guru and even his own friends use "Approved" in their videos). Otherwise look at the fiasco with the artist who designed Jeffree's logo. They didn't have a contract in place and Jeffree was able to completely steal his design without paying him and escape completely unscathed

When it comes to Jeffree you need to have it legally mediated, otherwise he will bluff his way through publicly harassing and ruining your career like he's done before and tried and failed to do here. Jeffree doesn't want a big lawsuit maybe because he always gets away with just bullying people with the threat of legal action. Jeffree doesn't want to go to court because then he would have to admit under oath that he never has any evidence to back up the claims and threats he makes. I wouldn't be surprised if Jeffree scrambled to find something to sue over after JC posted that video outing how much of a liar he is.

This was the smartest thing James could have done here. Tati's also clearly losing her grip on reality with this situation as well, so having it in writing is probably the only way to ensure they would stop running their mouths and making false accusations against him. Otherwise it would just continue to be a back and forth of videos and responses. James got the last word here and he honestly comes out looking the best of anyone in this situation.

Dick pics of him were leaked years ago that he was apparently sending to people other than Jeffree, got swept under the rug as per usual. Can't remember if it was women or what though, not sure how it came into play with their open relationship or whatever they have going on. People think he's gay for pay or he's just with Jeffree for money, though iirc they've been together since before Jeffree started in on cosmetics and made money. imo I think that's giving him too much credit, otherwise this has been a real long-con for him. I think he's just not much of an on-screen personality and just keeps more to himself. Outside of Jeffree he just seems like your standard uninteresting straight white dude who just prefers fishing and hanging out with their dogs and playing video games to being shoved into Jeffree's spotlight all the time (Jeffree probably prefers it that way too).

No. 809409

James only comes out looking the best for a minute because he got the last word, and he sensibly cherrypicked his comeback to make sure everything he was talking about had a proper screencap (unlike Tati). He kept it legally accurate. You can be sure the things he DIDN'T talk about are quite interesting though.

Not a peep from the Dolan twins. There will be more chapters to James' life story I bet. He still lost his free business manager (Tati's husband) and that's the biggest blow to him of all.

Jeffree slimed on in and slimed on out, relatively unscathed. He truly knows the YT power game. Tati didn't really lose much imo, her reputation's about the same (overdramatic, silly pills) and her recent sub gains were artificial anyway. James was the one who needed to get his rep somewhat back and he did that to a large extent before they all went silent. Balance is restored.

Has JC got any deals other than Morphe? He might like to diversify his portfolio, and I don't mean singing..

No. 809410

What are the followers updates as of now?

No. 809422

Lol his trademark bullshit is the worst.
Remember when sent his stans to harass TooFaced and Laura Lee again because, you better sit down now, they had the nerve to bring out blue eyeshadow palettes after Jeffree revealed his Blue Blood palette?
He's nuts. He thinks he's the only one who can make a certain coloured eyeshadow palette. I actually can see him trying to find any loopholes as to, why Laura and TooFaced copied him (you obviously can totally produce an entire palette in a few days, just to anger Jeffree).
He think he owns everything, I bet he even tried trademarking colors and simple words like "star" lmao

No. 809425

File: 1558334165593.png (286.16 KB, 693x442, 14697104402.png)

>sensibly cherrypicked his comeback to make sure everything he was talking about had a proper screencap
I don't understand what you're butthurt about here, genuinely. Jeffree provides 0 receipts, Tati provides 0 receipts, James provides dozens of receipts, not just for himself but for Tati and Jeffree….and that makes him the one cherrypicking?

>You can be sure the things he DIDN'T talk about are quite interesting though.

Ok but like what though? You could say this about literally anyone at any given time about anything. What about all the interesting things Jeffree hasn't said this whole time like….anything even remotely true?

>He still lost his free business manager (Tati's husband) and that's the biggest blow to him of all.

How is this even remotely a blow? First of all James obviously wasn't JC's manager at all, or else he wouldn't have been outright ignoring all of his "client's" texts and attempts to get in contact with them following Coachella. Second JC says in his video he signed a contract with SBH, if James was professionally involved with him in any real way there's no way JC would have signed a contract without him taking a look at it or advising on it. If he wanted to stay in Tati's good graces he would obviously advise against it, which would not be in the interest of him or his "client" in any way. Thirdly, and most damning, if Tati's free business manager husband advised her to go out and make a massive idiot of herself against JC (also his client in this scenario you're proposing), putting her entire business on the line with zero proof to back up her claims, than he completely fucked over both Tati AND James, which would just fuck him over at the end of the day. You've basically just described the worst possible business manager from every angle.

>Has JC got any deals other than Morphe?

Has Tati got any deals other than her own minimal business that people were already on the fence about? That she's now probably just tanked even more? JC has had his final word on it, he can move on back to his usual videos. Jeffree and Tati are the ones who will look like complete idiots if they try to just move on without acknowledging what happened in any way.

>There will be more chapters to James' life story I bet.

I mean….unless he dies, yeah?

>Not a peep from the Dolan twins.

Yeah, and Jeffree was the one who was claiming he had their support and was going to put them on camera, so if their silence is is damning for anyone it's Jeffree.

>Tati didn't really lose much imo, her reputation's about the same (overdramatic, silly pills)

What about this scenario says her reputation is the same? Tati just got outed as basically a massive liar and manipulator, as did Jeffree (though we all already knew that). That video was only out for 10 days and she literally already had to hide the evidence of how badly she fucked up. That's Laura Lee levels of back peddling.

>Jeffree slimed on in and slimed on out, relatively unscathed

Not even remotely true, stop trying to sweep Jeffree's part in this under the rug.

C'mon now, we've been through this a thousand times already. I get that you're trying to divert the attention from Jeffree like always, but at least be less obvious about it. Just say you like Jeffree or Tati or his makeup or whatever instead of making up complete nonsense to somehow try and make everyone around him look worse, no one gives a shit. Everyone in this scenario looks stupid, but if James somehow ends up being the adult in this situation it just makes them look that much worse.

No. 809432

File: 1558335192448.png (431.95 KB, 749x775, socialblade.png)

JC will probably hit 15M again today while Tati might fall below 10M. J* is barely affected at all.

No. 809433

You're mistaking me for butthurt or even being a fan of Jeffree. Did you know we can salivate in this drama without thinking any of these people are decent or secret-free? Nice essay though.

No. 809437

File: 1558336337590.jpg (95.15 KB, 750x1334, v8e7vj7iz7z21.jpg)

What a lie

No. 809438

Britney and Justin used to tell the same lie back in the day.

No. 809441

I believe it. He's 19 and spends his whole life on career, not to mention his uh, intense personality.

No. 809442

Lmao buncha frauds, these clowns are the responsible ones turning the beauty community into a fucking cesspool

No. 809445

Can someone explain something for me? Are all J*'s insane texts about molesting Grayson, creeping on Zach…are those something he actually believed? And if so, who would tell him that? The only other option is that he's completely bullshitting in order to take James competition out of the industry.

No. 809446

With his personality? Not surprised at all tbh, most young people would not be able to deal with that unique and…eh, flamboyant? personality…

No. 809448

No. 809453

I don't understand what's so hard to believe about this? A lot of people lose their virginity in their late teens/early 20s, and that's if they're straight and are surrounded by their also horny peers in college. Just looking at it logistically anal sex takes way more planning and hassle than vaginal sex, it's not something you could just do on a lark in the heat of the moment as easily. Also the entire issue here is that he's attracted to men who aren't interested in having sex with other men.

I don't think it's an unusual personality in the community, really it's that he's fucked himself over by making so many public proclamations about it

No. 809455

The only answer to this is J* is Cluster B. Anyone who has ever intimately known a Cluster B personality understood and identified those texts the second they saw them. That being said, I understand it would be really hard for someone with no experience with this personality type to get what's going on.

The easiest way to explain it is it didn't matter if he actually believed it or not. The opportunity to tear into someone he resented and was intimidated by the growing success of AND feel like he was being morally righteous in doing so was literally intoxicating to him. One thing that makes me believe JC's testimony is legit is that it's hard to fake how a Cluster B works themselves into an insane froth. I.e. The series of texts to JC where he gets more and more extreme each time, going from "I'm so disappointed but NOT surprised .." to "YOU DESERVE TO FUCKING ROT IN JAIL!!!!!!!!!" in like 5 texts without ever letting the other party get a word in edgewise. Those texts literally turned my stomach and made me feel slightly ill because they are so unmistakable. It is creepy how Cluster B behavior is so similar from one person to the next.

I understand that most of the world does not have close experience with a Cluster B personality. But for me, there is absolutely 0 ambiguity or room to debate on this topic. Regardless of what JC or any other party here did, this situation clearly demonstrated Jeffree is an out-of-control Cluster B and therefore untouchable. Morals, truth, and human decency are literally not concepts that actually exist in any real way to a Cluster B except when they can use them as a weapon against someone or as a defense to get out of some corner they painted themselves into. I am sorry that more people can't understand this about J* and continue to debate whether or not he "had receipts" but I also wouldn't wish the experience of dealing with one of these fucking literally inhuman monsters on anyone.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 809456


>what is sageing

>cLuStEr B, nOn-nEgOtIaBlE

t. Armchair-Chan


while i understand the points Honest makes, he makes them so badly, interspersing his /arguments why/ J* is toxic with his dummy opinions.

i'm still amazed how J manages to evade cancellation time and time again. how stupid is the rest of the beauty community if HE is the only one smart enough to survive direct drama.

No. 809457

File: 1558341634668.jpeg (199.92 KB, 500x333, E5E50A8D-180A-4C40-B6BC-53B6DB…)

>thoughts on everybody who thinks Jeffree Star is racist?
"I don't even need to go to Japan to be surrounded by yellow skin and eyes too slanted to see sun. Walking down the street becomes a gauntlet as little Asian schoolgirls do a woodwork popout. After all, it's called J*pop for a reason."

Sounds racist to me.

No. 809460

There's some juicy bits around the 16:30 minutes mark

No. 809463

Sad self post

No. 809465

7 minutes in, JC explains why he considers himself a virigin.

No. 809466

Wtf giving or receiving oral is also sex. What about lesbian couples who don't like penetration but oral? Are they all virgins? There were also girls at my school who considered themselves virgins although they gave literally every boy bjs and anal but no vaginal sex kek ~sTilL VirGiN GuyZz

No. 809467

This is getting really weird, like creepy weird.

No. 809470

File: 1558346013349.png (133.32 KB, 640x920, maga.png)

No. 809472

Virginity generally means penetrative sex for straight people and gay men. For women having sex with women, it's different, because there's no penis to put in a hole.

No. 809478


So there was only like 2 things I’ve seen people say that James didn’t cover, and the only interesting one was Gage. Idk who tf Gage is, so if anyone could give a short run down or some sort of evidence that would be great.

There’s a bunch of stuff Jeffree has accused him of, by why anyone would put stock into anything J* says is beyond me

100% JC comes out looking the best. His video was also the only one I watched every second of (or even half of tbh) and was genuinely entertaining. I never watched one of his vids before and didn’t like him but now I’m impressed ( don’t worry I’m not gonna start stanning him though )

Fucking kek at how silent the Tati worshippers on reddit are — the ones who were present in 21 megathreads and thirsty for tea up until last night

No. 809480

If you ain't got an argument, just slander their political view
Who even is this irrelevant idiot?

No. 809488

he called you a pedophile, a rapist, a 'danger to society' and blasted you all over social media
i think james is scared. hopefully this has taught him not to associate with people like that in the future.

No. 809490

When you say you're a virgin, people expect you to not have had any sexual experience. Oral sex & masturbating one another until they come is sex.
It's a bit catfishy imo.

No. 809493

Nah, when someone says they are a virgin most people think penetrative sex.

No. 809494

I think he's just got things he doesn't want coming to light, myself. It's just not the shit Tati said. They all have.

No. 809496

get a job phillip

please at least sage your off-topic shitposts

No. 809554

I know this was days ago but is Tati stupid? Of course she didn't have to go to every studio. It's 2019, her youtube video was enough. It was practically the same thing. What did she think was going to happen when she made a 45 minute video bitching about someone. Fuck off

No. 809555

File: 1558369601255.png (367.94 KB, 576x418, 580b57fcd.png)

>and your thoughts on everybody who thinks Jeffree Star is racist?
Fuck off honestly, we've been going in circles around this for years every single time a new piece of evidence comes out. There's literal proof of his racist behavior provided by multiple sources multiple times. Jeffree's racist, he might not think he is, but he is. There's nothing to think about or talk about here, we've moved on. If you're genuinely asking about these claims, you're asking to be spoonfed years of info.

I mean, yeah he was absolutely bullshitting to take James out, but I'm just as confused as you are about how much of that he actually believed. My guess would be, as is the theme of this entire thread, teenagers are dumb idiots. One of them probably pulled an "omg he's like, sooo obsessed with me" and Jeffree saw the opportunity he'd been looking for and ran with it. I think he never actually thought he would need to back up his claims, because usually just threatening people is enough to make them crumble like >>809402

>If you ain't got an argument, just slander their political view
>slander: verb, make false and damaging statements about (someone).
This isn't slander, it's a literal screencap of her political views. If he hadn't provided proof to backup his speculation, then it would be. Even then saying "I bet someone is x" isn't saying "someone is x". But there's nothing false about it.

THIS would be an example of slander. Making damaging claims without anything to back it up. Either put up or shut up about this. Either provide some insight, ANY insight on these ~things James is HIDING~ or shut up. Otherwise you're just diverting the attention from Jeffree and Tati with baseless speculation.

All the Jeffree/Tati goons in this thread, yall aint slick. If you're going to try and pull a
>but her emails!!!
on James to try and make J/T look better at this point, at least have something to back it up other than just "bUt JaMeS!!!", because so far James is the only one that's actually backed up his claims. We're all happy to talk shit about James here but you have to actually give us something.

No. 809576

kek at the buttmad james stans, this is a pretty neutral analysis of the situation yet youre all on the defense as if anon literally called your poor baby gay a rapist again. relax

No. 809582

File: 1558374688758.jpg (31.15 KB, 550x535, world-s-smallest-violin-550x53…)

receipts produced:
>jeffree: 0
>tati: 0
>james: a bajillion

>but james (no proof)
>BUT JAMES (no proof)
>bUt JaMeS (no proof)
>jeffree is fine uwu (40 minute video with proof of their behavior, couldn't produce any of the receipts or threats he promised)
>tati is fine uwu (40 minute video with proof of their behavior, had to delete her 45 minute video of lying)
>BUT JAMES!! (no proof)
>bUT james (no proof)
lmao neutral analysis….sure jan, stop samefagging we're not letting jeffree out of gay baby jail as easily this time and tati has to serve her time as well, for all intents and purposes james has been cleared of all charges in this situation and is free to go, so unless you have some new milk to share there's nothing more to say, stop obsessing over him

No. 809584

eww, him going on about how him keeping his underwear on or only "servicing guys" when hooking up is him assuming women's role is so backwards and gross. just say you are an insecure bitch and need therapy and go.
how do flamboyant gays manage to be so regressive wrt women when women cape for them so much idgi.

No. 809588

lol im not that other anon, its just hypocritical that the entire thread has been eviscerating tati and jeffree (rightfully so) but the moment someone doesnt buy everything james says either its "omg SLANDER".

and there are still questions i have like whats up with that greyson guy, arguably thats the worse accusation of the "victims" yet he didnt address it in the video. he never denied catfishing his entire highschool either (though thats no longer relevant as it was always just added fuel to the "predator" fire)

No. 809589

I don't think it's fair that people seem to be taking all of this out on Tati, when it's clear she was acting out of hurt feelings. Jeffree on the other hand came out of nowhere to psychologically abuse and slander James. People are so fickle and want to make this all about Tati vs. James, when really it should be about Jeffree Star being a total fucking sociopath

No. 809591

File: 1558378015651.png (582.6 KB, 736x702, Screenshot 2019-05-10 at 8.28.…)

I can't say I understand how people can "pick teams" in this whole mess, because they all seem like snakes (Jeffree most of all, but he's always been a piece of shit), but it's entertaining. What the fuck was Tati even trying to do, lying like that? She had to have known those texts existed. Should've just left it at the vitamin crying video and quietly blackballed him like real professionals do instead of spilling all that hyperbolic, falsified "predatory gay male" dirty laundry, but I guess her narcissism compelled her to try and publicly humiliate him as punishment for "betraying" her.

Jeffree really slid in thinking he could kill the competition with all that faux morality about "being a predator" and some extra lies on top, too. And of course, he had to slither back into his hole when he realized that whatever he was hanging over James' head after his response video would just blow up in his face, since we all know Jeffree's definitely done far worse things from the MySpace days (or even earlier) up til now.
I have to say, you haven't lived until you've witnessed a racist, lizard-looking gay man get defeated by the younger, less abrasive version of himself, lmao.

No. 809608

James is annoying as fuck but I’m not sure what you’re on about, he showed proof on everything that jeffree and Tati were accusing him off. I’m pretty sure the cat fishing in high school was confirmed to be faked by a girl who wanted attention. If Greyson was “molested” like jeffree said how come he hasn’t publicly come out? How come both twins called James? Jeffree has a huge fucking history of being a drama fag and being a shit person in general. If Grayson was molested again why didn’t jeffee/Grayson go to the police? They’re all egoistical people but holy shit Jeffree is awful compared to all of them.
Kek! He does look like a lizard. You’re right anon, jeffree didn’t have receipts and backpeddled.

No. 809617

I wonder what was Shane Dawson role in all of this…he's been involved all tge way but quiet at the same time I have some tinfoil theories:
1/ j* wanted to take down JC so he used tati being dumb bitch and told shane some made up shit on JC to have backup

2/ shane hates JC and wanted to have some "epic drama" in his J series so he stirred the pot with J and tati and didnt expect JC to bounce back

What do you think?

No. 809628

File: 1558381749004.jpg (20.91 KB, 200x229, rage.jpg)

Jesus christ it's not that at all, I can't believe we have to keep explaining this. We've gone through this for literal years in these threads with Jeffree: no one gives a shit if you like or dislike someone here, but it can't be…
>A: i don't trust person x
>B: why?
>A: [irrefutable proof of person y produced by person x]
>B: idk seems fake?? what about this thing person x did tho??
>A: ok? doesn't make the proof they have any less real?
…over and over again. This is literally the story of every single Jeffree scandal, look through the last thread.
Jeffree calling Jackie Aina a racial slur:
>yeah but he was correct to call her a racial slur because look over here at how bad SHE is
Daved proving 17 different ways his caps of Jeffree using slurs were real:
>idk seems fake he's just doing it for attention
HFTT calling him out on anything with dozens of videos of proof:
>well she's a jealous fatty
Video of Jeffree screaming the n-word at the top of his lungs:
>but context! they probably weren't even black women so it's not even racist!
James Charles providing 45 minutes of Jeffree's lying, manipulating, and outright hypocrisy
>james cherrypicked all of that proof he had of jeffree being terrible, what's he hiding?? jeffree will be totally ok though
This is why he keeps getting away with this shit, so that's why it's gets called out. It has nothing to do with liking or disliking the accuser, and everything to do with not letting Jeffree's bullshit be swept under the rug for the 87th time.

Like saying you have questions about Greyson is totally reasonable, no one's mad at that. I don't even know what you're talking about with that or catfishing an entire school, so share that info so we can talk about it. (Though I guess I would be confused how him doing something in high school has anything to do with the current situation tbh) You can dislike James (or whichever person of the week has proof) all you want but it doesn't make the proof any less legitimate. It's the people who are trying to divert for the sake of diverting with no actual logic that get called out (like >>809409)

No. 809653

File: 1558384756646.png (149.36 KB, 721x988, Untitled.png)

but it goes the other way too, why hasnt grayson come out to clear his friends name? and why did he block him initially? im talking about the screencap that james himself posted in his vid >>809425

i dont doubt that jeffree lied throughout this whole thing, but "molesting someone in their sleep" is a pretty big lie. but its true theres no real evidence and grayson hasnt said shit so its as good as nothing i suppose

you guys were the ones pointing fingers "WOW everyones a J*/tati stan!!" which made me think you guys were james stans too, but fair enough i havent been following these threads at all so i honestly dont know their history. i pretty much just jumped in recently for the dramu.

for the highschool thing i found it came from one tweet, so again 0 hard evidence. unless someone comes out with pics its just gonna be another rumor, but it seems everyone in james old highschool hates his guts regardless

No. 809667

>Fuck off honestly, we've been going in circles around this for years every single time a new piece of evidence comes out. There's literal proof of his racist behavior provided by multiple sources multiple times. Jeffree's racist, he might not think he is, but he is.

I asked in the youtube beauty guru thread why so many (on the internet in general, not here) think hes an angel etc when theres been so much evidence that hes a shitty person idgi. I watched his racism video which was apparently a "apology" video and like…it wasnt? It was a fucking "boo hoo I was wacist because people were mean to be for being gay when I was younger so its excusable" it was a 20minute sob story and the comment section was like "aww poor jeffree hes had it the hardest in the world" like I laughed when jeffree went on about james being manipulative. All he had to do was say what I said before was shitty, I realised it was bad and wont do it again but just like with this drama it has to revolve around him and how hes been personally effected and how much he has suffered blah blah blah.

The issue that jeffree has with james I feel is that james is too much like him and he hates that. I was shocked when he talked about how nate identifies as straight bc I assumed he was either gay or bi and that hasnt changed, if hes fucking you jeffree, he aint straight. They are both two peas in a pod although from whats been presented only one has sexually assulted someone and it wasnt james. Oh and before I get any salty replies this is coming from someone who hates james. The kid is annoying, I thought he had his head up his ass for charging $500 to see him like bitch your a dlist celeb, but regardless when it comes to serious allegations then there best be reciepts and given how big jeffree talked this up before cowering and deleting the tweets he deserves to be dragged for this shit.

No. 809677

File: 1558389742682.png (911.62 KB, 1080x1018, 1536369777782.png)

Anon please dont make me laugh like that

No. 809719

i think it's a play on flat tummy tea + tea meaning gossip but it's a shitty joke that's also poorly executed.

No. 809729

>definition of slander
oh wow you just undid this whole gossip imageboard anon. we're all gonna pack up and go home!!
your boring moralfag posts are very obvious anon.

No. 809732

Samefagging- I can get behind your points about the racism evidence right here but then you go James wee wee wee again. It's like you can't accept some people can think Jeffree is racist and James also ain't great. You seem to think this is some vast moral crusade where we must. pick. a. side otherwise wee wee wee!
Your posting style is so distinctive that its against the rules and guidelines here, sister.

No. 809874

gage posted nudes and deleted his twitter.

No. 809900

Who's nudes?

No. 809948

Caps or gtfo

No. 809969

His twitter is still up
His own
They are on twitter just search gage James Charles

No. 809979

File: 1558412441224.png (95.29 KB, 286x270, 1xlgs6yo.png)

ntayrt but jesus christ, we don't care if your feelings are hurt by Tati being a proven Trump supporter. Just go find another rich middle aged white woman to feel bad for and shut up, it can't be that hard.

Anyways, went to Tati's yt page to see if there were any updates and this was at the top of her page lmao. Not sure if it shows up that way for everyone or if it's random, but still made me kek.

No. 810017

who are you replying to because it wasn't either of those

No. 810173

File: 1558423844135.jpg (Spoiler Image,443.2 KB, 1080x1144, Screenshot_20190521-093011_Ope…)

No. 810199

The trash is a nice touch lmao

No. 810215

File: 1558428264021.png (543.42 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190521-113340.png)

From gg

No. 810218

That is one tiny dick.

No. 810325

i hope this is bullshit. gg is next level autistic. who the fuck thinks it’s a good idea to call someone’s parents over internet shit?
>i didn’t know what to do with this information i’m scared wah

either they’re lying or they’re actually that smooth brained. if you were really scared of getting assblasted by some rich guy’s lawyers, you wouldn’t be posting the shit online let alone contacting the woman in the first place. i don’t see what possible good can come out of it anyway, isn’t she homeless and mentally ill? this weird fuck needs to leave her alone and stop cowtipping

No. 810334

There is no way this is real, no one can be that pathetic and sad. There is cow tipping but this is cow catapulting, you can't ring random numbers hoping to find a 'celebrities' mom for an interview. If she signed an NDA then why would she be talking to a random person that found her phone number and start spilling so much tea that the Boston Tea Party would be jealous. Some people have too much time on their hands.

No. 810336

"She signed an NDA!"
"She was willing to breach the NDA to talk to some stranger from the internet!"
Uh huh.

No. 810344

Read again. She didn't sign the NDA.

No. 810399

The Dyson airblade in the background. Nothing says mental breakdown like being naked from the neck down in a public bathroom.

No. 810403

I think Shane Dawson is a shit stirrer for the views! I'm not sure what the business is him and Jeffree and then thru Shane all his little cohorts. Ryland maybe, camera guy Andrew seems like he came in business first then friends since he only tweets when he gets paid (like about what he's filming or doing fan service for the the Adams).

I was put off when first hearing Shane wants to do now do make up after all the years of him clearly not having passion for the 1000s of girls products etc he tried. And now to suddenly be practicing and all promoting the shit and sad fans thinking its just a bunch of great gal pals. It's all business. Where was the energy when Shane was fucking a cat lol

The fact is Jeffree implicated Shane in those texts which made me think Shane and Jeffree are looking for a hook on their upcoming beauty guru docuseries where they'll be shilling the absolute fuck out of jeftee star and Shane products. Would have been even better if they could have taken out a competitor for the views too but no, they pounced too soon.

Now it seems all the media teams are getting involved now and organising meetings between clients not friends. This is all business but Stoner boy Jeffree gets his lines blurred a lot, flies off and says some shit. He thought he could help cancel James on rumours. Guess Jeffree must have taken a bigger hit on his stolen products earlier in the year.

No. 810411

I think it's all a business tactic.
Shane's a poor guy looking for acceptance from other people. He's easy to manipulate and wants to be liked.
Look at Jake Paul, he had an easy game, Shane was eating out of his hand and boosted his carreer.
Jeffree knows this too. He's showering Shane in gifts, deals etc because he knows 'Shane Dawson' is a big name on YouTube who brings him new subscribers and customers with every interaction.
If he releases a palette with Shane it could be the biggest bullshit, but millions of people are going to buy and love it because it's a Jeffree x Shane product.

Jeffree also tried a bunch of times to interact with Jenna Marbles.
Why not, getting a bunch of her subscribers and millions of views by doing her make-up or having all of their dogs play together would be a great deal.
Jenna's friendly with him on Twitter, but she knows better than to ever collab with him cause she knows how problematic Jeffree is.

No. 810412

Does this mean that he lied?

No. 810426

Thoughts those are James' but I guess not, what the fuck does it mean then? What kind of a statement is that supposed to be lol

No. 810451

It's not James, those are Gage. I think he is missing the attention he was getting for 'exposing' James and wanted some more so leaked his own nudes. Attention seeking at its finest.

No. 810511

Wow. I feel so bad for Jeffree for all the hate he is getting.(white knighting)

No. 810513

…. bitch lmao

No. 810536

Lmfao yes let’s feel bad for Voldemort who is an attention whore for drama

No. 810546

if "virign" = hasn't had anal sex, I don't see why this is so hard to believe. I believe it tbh.

No. 810548

is there any possibility someone else got into his twitter/icloud or something? kind of a reach but it’s some real weird energy to post your own nudes on twitter

No. 810664

File: 1558468705211.jpg (491.44 KB, 809x2266, Screenshot_20190521-215451_Ope…)

There's this conversation in response to his deleted nudes post.
Don't know who this Nick is.

No. 810701

File: 1558471282539.png (1.22 MB, 2136x916, Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 6.22…)

that duping delight tho

No. 810760

He's talking about being in a good place, of course he's smiling. Jesus, you people watch some armchair body language YouTubers and think you can spot microexpressions by just pausing a video instead of going through frame by frame.

No. 810785

There's a whole separate thread for Shane and his reach if you're going to be armchairing about him, and Shane's intentions have been discussed to death there.

No. 810790

File: 1558482839164.png (174.92 KB, 750x422, 13929_pm.png)

They're taking it out on her because she acted like a literal toddler who instigated all of this drama and set an angry mob on a teenager over gummy bears and wasn't even smart enough to remember not to completely lie about the entire thing. All because….why? her feefees :(((. If she was one of these idiot teenagers it might be forgivable, but if at 37 years old she hasn't learned that her actions have consequences then she deserves it and she should seize this opportunity as her chance to learn that lesson.
>but officer you can't lock me up, I only murdered that man out of hurt feelings

tbf he's an attention whore for voldemort too

No. 810827

Jeffree's heart was replaced by a platinum LV one a while back. I don't think he feels it.

Can you not lose the plot every time someone holds even a minutely different view to yours. Yes there are genuine whiteknights here but you also pounce on anyone and everyone with your rants.

No. 810834

honest to god what are you even sperging about here? you're butthurt because I don't agree with someone who says Tati should get a free pass because her feelings were hurt? so you're saying she should get away from this situation she instigated completely unscathed? okie dokie anon, if you say so (more than one person can be guilty in this situation, if you're really that dense)

No. 810842

It's like in Hollywood. They're all taking advantage of the drama to get more and more views.

No. 810847

Also i was googlinng to see who the hell tati was, i thought she was a retired actress or something. Turns fucking out she is supposedly widely the progenitor of beauty scene, youtube's at least. Are they fucking serious? Fucking zoomers and newfags who never fucking opened youtube in 2007. Nobody knew who the hell she was in 2008-2009 either, fuck! Not even 2010 I think. When did this bitch start to rise her fame?

No. 810856

File: 1558489077902.jpg (22.24 KB, 600x315, C87xx6T.jpg)

This thread is a goddamn mess. We all hate Jeffree and everyone is just screaming at each other for admitting we also hate other people too
>ur the jeffree stan
>no UR the jeffree stan!!
Can mods just make Jeffree wking bannable at this point, like we've been asking for since the last thread? So we can move on? This shit is exhausting, this happened because mods let the actual Jeffree stans from the last thread go unpunished

can you stop samefagging with this "james charles is hiding something u guise!!" shit unless you have some actual milk to share about any of them? because otherwise we still don't care that you think that and you're just derailing

No. 810865

Kek!! Thanks for the picture anon
Indeed, If James is hiding something we need proof other than that it’s just sperging, it’s annoying as fuck. Jeffree has many receipts from his past therefor he’s a valid cow (not saying James isn’t completely we need actual milk than just hEs HiDiNg SOmEThInG”)

No. 810868

i'm the original anon you responded to and that's… not really what i said. i don't think it's fair that she is the only one losing subscribers in this situation when jeffree was even worse to james and attacked him completely unprovoked. you sound unhinged

No. 810890

I agree with you tbh. this is just another case of jeffree managing to squeeze by mostly unharmed. Tati still gained a lot of subscribers so it's still a win for her even if she loses some. I'm surprised James managed to gain so many back and went back to having more subscribers than Jeffree after it all though I'm curious how it'll affect his future brand deals.

No. 810936

why are you reee-ing about 2-3 day old posts? why do you keep posting in this retarded manner? why can't you handle any other point of view than one you write in your own essays? so many questions.

No. 810938

probably the big change is James will have to seek different business advice. But if he's smart he's learned plenty and can hire the right person. All of these gurus should study Perez Hilton's life as a cautionary tale though.

No. 810947

If anything James will be bitter after this and be more wise as to who his friends are. We all know that if he does act "friendly" towards Tati it's going to be that fake "Keep your friends close but your enemies closer" kinda friendship

No. 810950

they seem so done. it would be hypocritical of them to hang out at this point… watch them all get together for a bbq or something lmao

No. 810986

Tea Shill still haven't made a video. What is the likelihood of her not adressing the actual tea?

No. 811010

Is Tea Spill in Jeffree's pocket or do they fear him or? I never watch them usually.

No. 811099

Every drama channel seems to be a Jeffree stan.
The only one I can think of, who actually doesn't like him is Here For The Tea, but she's a lying bitch, so…

No. 811176

Tati did a copyright strike on willymacshow.Took down his last video on the aftermath.

No. 811188

I'm just surprised the beauty community is so stunted. This is the kind of petty shit you see in high school. Even Atozy realized what was up and he seems confused in half of his videos

No. 811282

>Every drama channel seems to be a Jeffree stan.
tbh i just think everyone hates james and dont really… want him uncancelled. i dont follow anyone involved with the beauty guru community but the day tati exposed james my feed blew up but no one has posted any updates on this since.

im too embarrassed to watch tati anymore tbh. she seemed too serious for this. jeffree is already somewhat of a comedy act and looks like a literal clown so i dont think people will have a hard time keeping up with him after this. his career isnt dead for trying to take down a mostly disliked beauty guru when he came out unharmed after saying hed throw battery acid on a black woman to lighten her skin.

No. 811289

File: 1558565977330.jpg (13.77 KB, 466x452, 81ujnaYCFPL._SX466_.jpg)

>why do you keep posting in this retarded manner? why can't you handle any other point of view than one you write in your own essays?
Holy shit I'm the anon you're replying to and that was my first post in this thread. I'm not whatever anon you keep accusing everyone of being, but I'm guessing you're the "BUT JAMES!!!" anon and >>810827 because literally why would anyone be so buttmad about being asked to provide milk or stop derailing. Are you triggered by greentext or something? Why don't you go take a timeout in your sensory sack and come back when your autism has calmed down.

No. 811303

File: 1558568075302.png (45.04 KB, 789x167, Tati.png)

Not sure about much of the way Youtube's payment system work, but when a video is deleted does that mean she won't be paid for that month's monthly views?

I don't think it implies she'd owe them money, but I'm wondering if it genuinely impacts pay or is just social blade's keeping proper statistics.

No. 811380

File: 1558576025329.png (1.02 MB, 1343x785, screenshot14.png)

Keeping Shane-specific dramu in the Shane thread, but this bit from from Ryland's most recent vlog seems more relevant here. In the video Ryland says it's his birthday (May 14) when they're filming
>Ryland: Everytime I walk downstairs there's a beauty person on the TV talking about products
>Shane: Uhh…..God there's so many things I wanna say but I don't know when this video's going up. I thought the Jake Paul world was scary and drama filled….the beauty world's worse.
>Ryland: It is like so cut-throat and like everyone…..seems to be very manipulative…..
>Shane: Yeah
>Ryland: ….on all ends

If it was shot post-James video I wouldn't think anything of it, but he's literally trying to pull a "There's good people on both sides" even though he's still the #1 Jeffree shill at this point and has been for a long time. He's def trying to act like he had nothing to do with any of this even though he has the most followers of anyone involved and outright tweeted an ad for Halo Beauty right after Tati's video. They also include a lot of Rich Lux clips/references in the vlog…..who's just another Jeffree shill.

Oh and also there's this nightmare where they show their couch and they literally have a giant pillow of Jeffree's face. Just thought it was kind of a weird thing to do in given everything that's happened since the 14th.

No. 811414

>came out unharmed after saying hed throw battery acid on a black woman to lighten her skin
Oh yeah, I forgot about that one. Some ambitious person needs to just create a Jeffree Star master-post of all the caps of atrocious things he's said and done and gotten away with, there's just too many to remember. HFTT did that hour long video of JH that was supposed to be a series but then got cancelled cuz JH lost her shit over it or something but….couldn't she turn that energy towards a Jeffree takedown instead? There's easily hours and hours of milk, it could be the next big youtube docu-series. That's free content babeeey

>why are you reee-ing about 2-3 day old posts?
>why can't you handle any other point of view than one you write in your own essays?
nta but could you at least try to be a less obvious samefag? the 2-3 day old posts you're referring to all have the same one opinion, and you're the only one shitting over someone questioning that one opinion, lmao. (Greentext included for triggering purposes only)

No. 811465

thread is a shitshow. discuss:

No. 811486

In James video he says in the comments that it was copyright claimed by someone else. Who want to bet it was Tati, just like all the other videos with her clips?

No. 811498

File: 1558595207594.jpg (51.68 KB, 826x134, copy.jpg)

It's a very small group of people who could claim on this. Seems like Tati has form: https://www.dexerto.com/entertainment/pewdiepie-accuses-tati-of-copyright-striking-videos-about-james-charles-drama-647618

samefagging is replying to yourself in order to make it look (fraudulently) like others are in agreement, it doesn't refer to posts by the same person that you don't like.

No. 811500

No. 811831

Sad how everyone is infighting, it makes the thread really unreadable and the hottest drama is also infighting everywhere which is why I wanted to come here. Anyways, I'm silently lurking and just watch the shitshow(s) but I unironically find beauty drama youtube channels worse than any scammer guru EVER in existence. They literally do this to get paid and attention whore with their ugly ass face. Honestly youtube should start banning them or at least someone should just call them out for it so they get embarassed.

No. 811837

I hope they all destroy each other and disappear into irrelevancy

No. 811875

She didn't delete it, it's just unlisted. You can still watch it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoVZg4KjRxU Not sure if embed works with unlisted videos.

No. 812003

No. 812484

That's odd. When I made that post, the video was 100% available. I even remember seeing a few "unlisted squad!!!" comments. And within a few hours it's deleted. Is she lurking? lol

No. 812501

It definitely used to be there. I really wanna know why she deleted now

No. 812567

File: 1558753594626.png (113.88 KB, 843x201, Screen Shot 2.png)

I doubt she lurks, there's plenty of much easier places to find people taking shit about her

She finally uploaded a new (prefilmed) video, anyone actually watch it? (I just don't really want to give her the views). Also what a weird/unflattering thumbnail.

No. 812588

File: 1558756708525.png (77.45 KB, 1030x1500, tawti.png)

I'm a dumb bitch when it comes to how YouTube works but I checked archive.org's Wayback Machine to see if the video has been archived - it has been.
Now for me and apparently a few other anons, the video hasn't been available since last night. But the video has been archived twice today, with a difference of ~2,000 views within a few hours. Puzzling

There was nothing super notable about it besides how it got the same amount of views all of her other videos get despite the millions of new followers.

No. 812602

yep it was 100% there, I embedded it to test. the plot thickens

No. 812649

File: 1558783592319.jpg (55.65 KB, 400x629, _56fca73e366cc6c90b4c6920f88d…)

This image can apply to all youtube drama atm. I'm sick of ''e-celebs'' using depression as their get out of jail card.

No. 812859

I subbed back when she just did the nail art videos because they were very satisfying to watch and I did learn some things. Never enjoyed her personality too much but enjoyed the content enough.

Then she broke that fucking nail and for me it was all downhill from there. Her obnoxious behavior went up 1000%. The more you see of her personality when she's not focused on just doing a nail tutorial it shows that she is not funny or entertaining to carry a video about something else.

And I can't stand how funny she thinks she is. Like she cracks herself up over nothing. How many times in a video does she say something completely unfunny and the sentence ends with her squeezing her eyes shut and doing that voice where she can't even finish because she's laughing so hard. And constantly going 'lol remember when I did nail art' yeah that's the only reason I'm still subbed because I'm waiting for useful content again.

Glad you posted this because you reminded me to unsub already.

No. 813318

File: 1558925636534.png (176.67 KB, 743x369, Screen Shot 16.png)

Welp, here we are.

No. 813355


Yeah, I can't. I used to really like her, but her and Safiya I now find obnoxious. I hate how Ben & Cristine constantly have to try to teach people shit with their random off topic interludes about being conscious about the world, and Safiya can never just chill and be herself. Always with the fake weird analogies and awkward shit. If that's actually her personality, it's even worse.

No. 813361

Hit the nail on the head, I feel the exact same way anon. I used to like watching her videos when she first started, they kinda relaxed me lmfao but then she started being extremely obnoxious with the “I’m WiLd AnD QuIrKy”

No. 813364

She acts (and looks, to an extant) like a 12y/o even though she's what, 30? I went through a period several years ago where I would binge watch her videos, I found her really funny. But she got old and boring fast.
I'm not sure if she really fits in the "beauty community" category though

No. 813392

Yeah this whole thing is ridiculous and honestly I’m pretty positive Jeffree was egging Tati on behind the scenes. He’d take out his biggest competition and his biggest competitions biggest supporter/‘mom’ Stan and also try to pull at the threads of her reputation. Tati met James’s family, she was just looking out for him and enjoying this part of her life by helping someone much younger; people do this literally all the time she’s not a fucking predator and that waters down the term. There is absolutely no proof of that very serious claim about Tati. Didn’t she basically just post a dramatic/emotional Instagram story about James supporting another product brand instead of hers? She could have been fucking up by tacking on James’s sexual comments, but men like Jeffree sling mud all the fucking time? Why is she getting torn apart, no one should care.

Sjw’s are going hella overboard to prove that ‘men’s sexual violence is treated equally’ yet this is a fucking circus of bullshit emotional responses that if anything weaken the argument. Men in and out of the industry constantly treat women like this openly, but it’s not a thing because they’re assumed to be straight and should just shut up and deal with it? Men literally make money just to have leverage on women’s sexuality is this real. Why does it have to turn into an argument of who should get more respect based on their gender roles and assumed sexuality when it’s supposed to be equal treatment.

Dudes do what James has done constantly. I’m not saying who cares, but the only reason this is getting big is to ‘take him down’ and it’s really obvious and lame as hell people are so threatened by a teenager. I don’t even like him and really hope he figures out how to address this properly and fucks up Jeffree who is fucking 33. He’s closer in age to Tati than James yet he’s getting none of the heat for being a genuine real ass proven predator who brags about essentially raping drunk straight men all the time.

Jeffree is a much bigger fucking problem, i want Tati and James to stop being little bitches about biotin pills and make up to save both of their careers.

No. 813522

James doesn’t need Tati to save his career. He’s fine.

I can’t stand this bullshit about letting Tati get away with what she did just because she’s not as bad as Jeffree. James Charles was the only victim in this specific crime. This isn’t even the first time Tati has been an idiot, apparently

No. 813651

I find it ironic how a while ago she was shading Tati and her love for branded water but is now acting as though they're bffs suddenly during this very dramatic season and keeps mentioning her.

If anything, she's as bad as all these other people trying to social climb because she's doing the very same thing at this point while preaching 'woke' stuff. At this point people don't seem to care what she does because the moment she donates some money everyone goes 'oh wow! she's so wonderful!'

No. 814388

If I were Tati rn I would so fucking worried, Jeffreak is playing the victim at the moment and how he was "mislead" about JC, I'm pretty sure he's going to do something and throw Tati under the bus to save himself and his trashy image.
I predicted this JC/Jeffreak fight since the first thread, but let's see if J* gonna drag Tati to save himself or not

No. 814594

File: 1559093830083.jpg (403.35 KB, 1080x1080, Mykie.jpg)

Mykie has had some Michael Jackson-quality pointy nose surgery as well as the full veneers installed lately. Pics related, from her stories today.

No. 814607

Holy shit, her nose looked completely fine before! I don’t follow her but did she actually confirm the plastic surgery or is she staying quite

No. 814609

she confirmed the veneers, probably because people would notice her missing crystal implants, but said nothing about the nose. Makes sense she went on a break now so she could recover off camera.

No. 814625

the nose is the same compared to older pictures, it's just the angle and the lighting

No. 814634

These are screencaps, in motion it's very obvious this is not a natural nose. She did admit to having surgery to smooth out a bump on her nose bridge, years ago, on her abandoned vlog channel. I think she admits to some surgery but not everything, as of course people notice some change. It does seem the nostrils are slightly botched and asymmetrical compared to before, which makes me suspect surgery beyond what is confirmed. With the veneers she confirmed getting the vampire teeth/canines in, but didn't mention actually getting the whole set done as has clearly happened (at least this was not confirmed on Youtube, I don't watch her stories much so maybe she has referenced both of these)

No. 814636

Same anon, looking at her older pictures she did already have - what I can see now is an obvious fake pointed nose - but the asymmetry is worse now and it is even more pointed, so it seems like she did a revision which made it more obvious/worse.

(Now I can't believe I ever thought that was a natural nose tip).

No. 814657

That’s why I was thinking she had another nose job, it’s not the angle. Her nostrils look deformed and the point of her nose is more prominent

No. 814684

Ew, wtf? How was James Charles a victim, he got what he deserved, to be taken down a notch. Even if he wasn’t a predator exactly, he was still 1. Trying to force his sexuality into Gage 2. Trying to sell shitty and potentially harmful vitamins to his 12 year old fans and 3. A toxic being in the community because of his exposé video on the community and his need to bully anyone who criticizes him. He was willing to leave Gage to the wolves and refused to ask his fan to stop attacking Gage. He’s just as much of a snake as anyone in the industry and if you want some truth TTTT, his video literally only worked to deflect attention away from himself and push it onto J. I’m not saying J didn’t say some fucked up shit, but he really wasn’t the one on trial, no matter how annoying he was, and all James did was push the attention to Jeffree.

No. 814829

First, nice reading comprehension
>the only victim in this specific crime

1. I’ve asked multiple times here and elwhere about this Gage drama. No one ever responds. The only thing that has actual info about it I’ve seen so farseems to be drama channel videos (I assume), which I prefer not to watch because obvious reasons. So if you could show me something? I might just watch the videos anyway but shit

>but ViTaMinS

2. Fucking KEK that anyone can take this argument seriously. Tati’s vitamins have risks too on top of being snake oil. And why are we gonna act outraged about people being a bad influence for kids when they’re fucking makeup gurus that are selling kids consumerism, body shame, sexual stuff, and products that are bad for their body in every video they make

3. All the beauty gurus are shit. Why does that mean that JC deserves to be called a predator any more than the rest of them?

No. 815812

File: 1559277342411.png (34.99 KB, 599x110, Screen Shot 4.png)

Don't take the bait anon, it's just the same "bUt JaMeS!!!"-samefag who refuses to actually provide any milk the 472 times we've asked already. They're just doing the ole' Jeffree song and dance of trying to divert attention, mods ignore our never-ending complaints, Jeffree goons destroy the thread, yada yada yada.

Speaking of, Jeffree's back on his bullshit trying to get people back in his pocket with his "generosity uwu". You'd think people would be wise to this by now, he's just throwing out a million lines that he can someday reel in as "I GAVE this person their career (by sending them a PR package/RTing them) and all they did is BETRAY ME (some benign action he can perceive as a slight directed at him later down the line)". I don't know why I'm surprised, but I thought this would finally be the one to topple Jeffree. I guess having a makeup brand people like is helpful though – can you imagine if Tati tried to pull this shit with her vitamins?

No. 815819

it’s kind of impossible to topple a brand that big though. CEOs and owners of much bigger brands have said/done much worse shit, i.e. legit raping people, and the companies are just fine. just disassociate and hire someone new. since jeffree started his own brand, if the heat somehow ever got too much he could literally just sell it off and never have to work another day in his life and go fuck off to some private island where he can be as racist as he wants in privacy. like there’s honestly no way to topple someone who makes 100m+ a year when their only crime is being a massive cunt. there’s always going to be diehard stans no matter how awful someone is and their wallets will always be open. i mean shit, even serial killers have groupies.

No. 815829

God this is so true, he acts untouchable because he more or less is now. I still think he places a value on being king of the Youtube beauty heap though, and it explains something of why he attacked James.

No. 815833

File: 1559282414749.png (38.84 KB, 1413x284, wiki.PNG)

>100m+ a year
Source? I never really thought he made that much. I knew he was a millionaire but there's no way he's that successful.
I was reading his Wikipedia page looking for some answers and it's so poorly written it reads like it was written by one of his 15 year old stans lololol

No. 815848

A-anon someone in this thread said he's a b-billionaire >>807821
I'm sure he must be.

No. 815887

So asking for people to back up their stupid claims is a bad thing now? Should we just let people shit all over the thread and not even ask them to provide evidence for anything they say?

No. 815888

The beauty community honestly fucking spooks me out. They're all so toxic. Tati comes off like a weird mlm mom, james looks like an ugly sims 4 character and jefree is literally voldemort. I wonder why this community attracts ugly, untalented, horrible people like flies to shit

No. 815890

anon I was joking about stupid shit people claim about jeffree. yes they should back up their claims.

No. 815907

>why are people that are obsessed with makeup, the art of making a superficial mask, often narcissistic or unattractive people
It just be that way

No. 816199

Is there a new YouTubers general thread? The second one is locked. I don't know where else to ask.

No. 816202

Some people are easily manipulated and narcissists feed of those kinds of people. YT's parasocial scam is the perfect marketplace for people's attention. These vampires won't be humbled until social media itself collapses.

No. 816207

no real way to verify, all i know is that he pays at least 20 million a year on taxes alone according to his series with shane dawson, so he has to be making tens of millions at the least.

No. 816209

File: 1559365217137.png (106.42 KB, 640x1136, 0869AA63-1FBF-4B3B-984C-7F1813…)

samefagging to add i googled it and found this. not sure how accurate it is so take it with a grain of salt. looks like it’s actually 50m, not 150m. i also forgot he owns a lot more than just the cosmetics brand. it briefly mentions his weed line, that’s probably pretty profitable too even if it’s “small” compared to the makeup


No. 816215

that's tax on earnings, net worth is different

No. 816216

You can post about it in Thread Requests: >>>/pt/633584

No. 816571

File: 1559437938007.png (1.44 MB, 1440x1048, MykieIG.png)

New photo on her IG: Yeaah this is new. She had pinched nostrils and a pointed shape before from the underside, but the tip was round. Now it's pointed. Pointed teeth and nose, she's gone elfin.

No. 816800

File: 1559492954096.jpg (575.41 KB, 1079x1847, Screenshot_20190602-182904_Ope…)

It's just the angle.
Pic is from October 2018.

No. 816853

No. 816994

We'll have to wait until august or whenever she returns to Youtube to see in high res instead of blurry IG stories or edited photos, but I strongly suspect it's not just the angle.

No. 819950

File: 1560064920293.png (Spoiler Image,306.13 KB, 739x409, jaclyn hairy ass lipstick.png)

The Jaclyn Hill lipstick saga is wack. Chunks of plastic, gritty pieces, hair and holes in the lipsticks. Rawbeautykristi did an in depth video about it and Jaclyn is lying to cover her ass. Spoilered bc its fucking gross.

No. 819951

File: 1560065115200.png (109.57 KB, 623x564, Screenshot (46).png)

The hairs are embedded in the lipstick. How the fuck were they from latex or rubber gloves? And this was DURING quality control apparently.

No. 819956

I can't get over how vile this is. How many flubbed launches is Jacklyn Hill going to have before people accept she's a cheap fuck? Those lipsticks look old and half rotten even without the hairs and gunk stuck in them, and Kristi's theory that the lipsticks have been sitting at least a year if not longer is probably spot on.

No. 819962


But she is not claiming the fibers are from rubber gloves.

No. 819968

Who the fuck uses fluffy gloves to quality control? Why is QC touching the tips of the lipstick in the first place?

No. 819969

>my factory used brand new white gloves and they shed all over the product

she's saying that she thinks the powder from the gloves got in it. buuuuut, it doesn't look anything like that. it's not from any gloves at all regardless of materials.

No. 819972

File: 1560071185682.png (76.25 KB, 589x760, 2019-06-09 19_05_54-Tweets wit…)

Marlene (Makeup Geek CEO) has been going OFF about the JH stuff.

No. 819973

File: 1560071360514.png (326.52 KB, 579x672, 2019-06-09 19_08_35-Mᴀʀʟᴇɴᴀ Sᴛ…)

There's a lot more on her twitter, she's been ranting about it for days, but I thought her pictures were interesting. The plastic in hers resembles the little balls in the JH lipsticks.

At any rate, Jaclyn has got too much money to be cutting corners like this every time she launches shit.

No. 819977

File: 1560072838784.png (107.12 KB, 783x591, Screenshot_2019-06-09-02-30-33…)


White gloves as in cotton or nylon product inspection gloves. They are not powdered.

No. 819978

File: 1560073464684.jpg (155.65 KB, 1241x854, Fibre-Charts.jpg)


Those fibers are far too thin to be human hair. Has anyone put them under a microscope to settle the matter?

No. 819990

I'm 99% sure they are cotton fibres from inspection gloves like the one posted above you.

No. 819994

Have you seen how long the hairs are? There's no way it's from gloves. 15:50 of this video shows how disgustingly long some of them are. Even if the hair was from gloves, a) why are they touching the tips of the lipsticks and b) doesn't excuse the rest of the junk in there.

No. 820034

Oh no I'm not defending it believe me, it's disgusting quality control to let these kinds of fibres into her products let alone all the other shit and then sell them to customers but like I said, 99% sure the fibres are cotton from inspection gloves.

No. 820184

I've seen plenty of comments where people said that they already informed the FDA to look into this mess. We'll see how it's going to turn out for Jaclyn.

No. 820189

I can't stand Jaclyn, everything she does is terrible, she's not even attractive. This girl is scary too but she seems nice. Does anyone think J* might come for her for stealing his totally copyrighted "THE TRUTH ABOUT X…" titling scheme? I could kinda see him doing that

No. 820214

File: 1560118707666.jpeg (335.02 KB, 1242x2038, C7866064-D7E9-4874-AFB7-E1E13D…)

Here’s a screenshot from a Jaclyn fan account that has a picture of the same Jaclyn lipstick on Jaclyn’s vanity from 2016. I wouldn’t be surprised if all these are from this same batch and she waited to launch until her divorce was finalized.

No. 820232

Maybe if she stopped buying fillers to bloat her face with she could afford good QC for her makeup.

No. 820267

To me it looks like the mixture used to make those lipsticks was extremely botched. Like, amateur level. The tiny holes near the tips were 100% caused by air bubbles that were trapped in the product while it was still liquid, due to half-assed mixing process. Admittedly, my knowledge of moulding is basic, but one thing I know for sure is that if you don’t mix your stuff properly to remove air before pouring it into the mould, you’ll get bubbles stuck to every nook and cranny near the bottom, which means your finished products will be covered in holes on the surface, just like those lipsticks.
The grainy texture and mysterious beads are probably just ingredients like oils, waxes etc. that were also poorly mixed in, without being thoroughly melted first and later started breaking down because of that.
The fibers are just baffling though. Clearly, they got into the mix because there was zero quality control (cotton gloves, sure Jan. I’d be surprised if there were any gloves involved at all) but why is there SO many of them? Did they use some old dusty mixing vats that nobody bothered to clean first? I’d understand if one, maybe two lipsticks in a batch had a fiber embedded inside, shit happens during production. But nearly every single one? Fucking unbelievable.
I can’t even say the lipsticks were cheaply made because it’d be an insult to actual cheap lipsticks that are infinitely better quality than Jaclyn’s. She didn’t give a single fuck, nor did whatever Chinese backyard “factory” she got to make this trash.

No. 820291

They're on the outside, which makes me wonder if they sat bare and uncovered for a long time and these fibres were all in the room over time and landed on the lipsticks. Which is, ew.

No. 820358

The beads are apparently hollow when you break them open and burn when exposed to flame, instead of melting, so I don't think they are oil or butter. People are also claiming some fibres are growing out of the beads so they might be fungus but I haven't seen evidence of it.

No. 820382

I somewhere read a comment saying that in a Jaclyn/James collab Jaclyn said she already has lipsticks ready to be shipped but waits until she's ready to announce it. That was 11 months ago.

No. 820488

this is my working theory. production was probably rolling along on these lipsticks and then abruptly halted by JH due to legal matters or otherwise. either the lipsticks themselves or the mixture from which they were molded was probably plucked off the assembly line mid-production and placed somewhere without cover or regard given to contamination because that costs $$ and both JH and the shoddy factory she was working with don't care about cutting corners at the consumers' expense.

this is what happens when dimwits with a camera suddenly think they can become business moguls just because they can apply eyeshadow halfway decently and have a horde of yes-men and gullible stans behind them.

No. 820850

Does anyone else find it disgusting that Jeffree's now milking his dogs death?
In his newest video he says Diamond passed away two days ago, depending on when he filmed that was like three days ago.
Three days ago (when his dog was already dead) he was hyping up his summer collection.
Yesterday he tweeted broken hearts and went on snapchat or something talking about the loss of a family member.
Diamond was already two days gone when he hinted that someone died.
He didn't outright say one of his dogs died, he said "family member" so people would keep tabs on him to find out what happened.
He seriously baited people into wanting to find out who had died.

He hyped his summercollection when his dog passed and days after started hinting at some family tragedy just to get those views.
He's seriously so disgusting, I can't even feel sympathy for him.

No. 820860

not a jeffree Stan but you realize that summer collection video was probably prefilmed before the death? Most videos aren’t filmed and then edited and uploaded on the same day.

No. 820861

Big tinfoil but I feel like he's milking it to avoid commenting on the Jaclyn situation. You'll see people annoyed on Twitter at big influencers having nothing to say about it and many excusing Jeffree bc "he's dealing with a death in the family." But he did probably prefilm the summer collection video.

No. 820867

Damn she was really trying to make these influencers look stupid. If she didn't know about the nasty lipstick, why did she have a completely different batch made up for PR?

The only opinion she needed was the opinion of the influencers to move that dirty batch. People buy it, don't like it, well it's cause you're a big dumb idiot because all these "pros" say otherwise. They'd all have her back saying "well mine was top quality so you must be lying or not know enough about makeup".

Bless this bitch for exposing this shit.

No. 820868

I realize that. I didn't say he filmed his summer collection video the day his dog died, my point is that at the time his dog passed he was hyping up his collection by retweeting stuff about it and was all happy and days later he baited with his "something to someone happened". He should've acknowledged it directly and not wait a few days to bait with vague tweets, but in his life there's a time for marketing and a time for real stuff. His dog died during marketing time so he ignored the thing that broke his heart and waited a few days to address it in a video that will get millions of clicks

No. 820870

take the tinfoil hat off and do a little more research next time. first off, like another anon said, that shit was definitely prerecorded. second, animals are family members. just because you don’t see it that way doesn’t mean most people don’t. hasn’t he had some of those dogs for like 10 years or something? that shit is devastating. yeah voldemort might be a raging cunt but jfc he’s still capable of feeling sad when his dog dies. i’ve seen other spergs saying the same thing about his “vacation snaps” and it turns out those were prerecorded too, so it looks like his story of being in hiding for 4 days is legit. also pretty sure he has an assistant that retweets/posts announcements and shit for him on his twitter just like every other iNfLuEnCer that’s popular enough.

No. 821082

tweets are also scheduled when it's something promotional like that though. It's only the personal ones that someone is really typing out, the rest are business, written and scheduled. Announcing his dog's death in the middle of that might have been unfortunate or maybe he just didn't want to.

No. 822421


Supposedly, her lipsticks were made in a factory out of California, which can mean anything in this world. I think her lipsticks were packaged in the US but not entirely developed here, which is a loophole a lot of companies use to make their products look more ‘authentic’ or whatever.

I’ve been following the drama since this is probably the worst beauty fail I’ve seen come out of the community, and I’ve been in and out of the gossip for a few years now. Some of her lipsticks honestly looked absolutely vile, especially the ones with the bubble shit on them. That made my skin crawl.

Honestly, I don’t get why so many of these gurus seem to always get contaminated, nasty, 99 cents store makeup launches with the money they make and how passionate they claim to be about the industry. Even when they partner with bigger companies who have more clout, somewhere someone discovers mold, shards of something, animal fur from a rat that got cooked in the production line, or repackaged shit from years ago. I know the US doesn’t have strict rules about cosmetics, but I just assumed most manufacturers monitored and tested products at some point to ensure nothing was wrong with what they are selling. These gurus literally release makeup that was sitting in a room somewhere and was scraped off the floor.

No. 827673

CEO of Makeup Geek put up a video

>In a newly released video, which she says was her last ever, she gives her two cents about things that are happening in the industry and blasts some well known YouTubers in the process. One of those was Jaclyn Hill, whom Stell said knew about her contaminated lipsticks the entire time. Things just keep getting worse for Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics.

>Stell held nothing back. She explained that in June 2016 she was at the same lab that manufactured Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics lipsticks for an unreleased concealer. The reason the Makeup Geek concealers were never released is because these concealers had fibers, plastic, and metal embedded in them. She said she warned Hill about working with this lab, but the suggestions fell on deaf ears.

No. 830725

File: 1562084872290.jpg (460.93 KB, 808x1470, Screenshot_20190702-182153_Twi…)

Faggot king Jeffree's sending out his teen army to harrass an airline cause they lost his luggage in which he packed an $60K Birkin.
Love how he's threatening them. I hope he doesn't get his stuff back. "Karma"'s one of his favourite insults, now he got some too.

No. 831530

Gross he's so fucking insufferable. "we are gonna have a problem" with the angel face emoji ughhh no ones taking his roger the alien looking ass seriously. This shows he takes every opportunity possible to put himself into drama but when he gets backlash he pussies out and "takes the high road"

No. 831544

Why is he acting like a whiny little bitch about it? He keeps bragging about how much money he has, just buy a new one. Why would you use expensive luggage anyway knowing there's a chance it can get lost? He didn't even come at James Charles this strongly after he spoke out against him. Jeffree needs to shut the hell up like he promised to do.

No. 831649

File: 1562204946891.png (602.99 KB, 625x689, 40e4e7497a035373714d00bf275fe9…)

God, there's something kind of hilarious about Jeffree trying to bully a Dutch airline over the internet, as if they know or care who he is at all. I'd bet money he already tried to pull a screeching "do you KNOW who I AM?" with them in person or on the phone to get his luggage back, and it obviously didn't work. I mean all 7 pieces at once is pretty sus, but how fucking stupit do you have be to be that irresponsible? #PrayForTheBirkin reeks of "Kim, there's people that are dying" energy.

>Why is he acting like a whiny little bitch about it? He keeps bragging about how much money he has, just buy a new one.
And honestly…..would it even cost anywhere near $60k to charter a private plane? This is him probably throwing a temper tantrum over them not knowing who he was. If he can afford to replace the $60k bag (which doubtless, he can) then he can certainly pay to replace the drugstore makeup he's so heartbroken about
>literally threatens the airline over a bag
>but it's the drugstore makeup u guise
>i don't even care abt the bag :(((

Prediction: he makes every single person who works at that airline's life hell, gets the bag back or compensation and then makes a big show out of selling it or donating it to charity because "i don't even care abt the money uwu it was never about the bag uwu" OR makes a big show out offering to hire to the employees he gets fired because "everyone makes mistakes uwu i'm bigger than that uwu"

No. 831807

File: 1562238541760.jpg (465.07 KB, 810x1688, Screenshot_20190704-130659_Twi…)

He nonstop talked about it and he got his luggage back.
Those poor airline employees probably got harassed nonstop for the last 48 hours on every platform

No. 831810

File: 1562238864793.jpg (761.34 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190704-131341_Twi…)

I don't know what happened to Nate, but boy does he look ugly with that hair.

No. 832237

y'all are pissing me off today.

"doesn't he have enough money?? just buy another??"

his grossness and cow-status aside, he was a paying fucking customer. had some twitter binch or nibba psoted about KLM losing their luggage y'all would've gotten out the pitchforks y'all bought over United-gate.

this isn't fucking milk. this is a person using social media to fucking stand up to a big company.

and to fucking top it off
>can't he just charter his own?

y'all idiots should be thankful at least on this one flight he wasn't actually decadent enough to waste that much kerosene and emit that much carbon just to fly by himself.

i'll fucking repeat myself: he was a /paying/ customer. them losing his luggage wasn't ok, regardless of what ever the fuck he chose to put in there.

saged for advanced REEEaction

No. 832384

File: 1562343892168.jpeg (27.22 KB, 184x184, 1545977303417.jpeg)

holy shit calm down lmao

No. 832476

Man, I know Jeffree-stans miss the point on purpose, but y i k e s. He's a paying customer, most people are paying customers. He could have just kept it between himself and the airline's customer service – or did you miss the part where he publicly threatened the airline even after they already promised him they'd get his luggage back? They lost the luggage, they were working on getting it back, he literally says that in the first tweet >>830725 There was absolutely no reason for him to throw a public tantrum about it, other than to get his way faster (which most paying customers don't have the luxury of) and to brag about his $60k bag.

No. 832883

File: 1562426752247.jpg (138.11 KB, 743x749, YdhNywA.jpg)

A bit OT but is anyone else following the drama between r/beautyguruchatter and the IG beauty guru Lillee Jean (@lilleejean)? Shit is getting real interesting.

Basically somebody on beautyguruchatter made a post calling Lillee out for having 1.1 million followers on insta but extremely low engagement. Most of her followers appear to be bots, but she's still gets sent pr. She's also suspected of running her own fan accounts, who are all either black, muslim, gay or trans.

In addition her mothers is insane as well and is claiming Lillee went to the Met gala and posted pic related on insta. She also claimed that Lillee has been on the cover of teen vouge.

No. 832896

File: 1562428304114.png (519.7 KB, 921x446, scary.png)

This must be the boldest attempt of pretending to be a "social media star" (like her bio says) I have ever seen. There is no way this girl has 1,1 genuine followers. The looks she does also are very poorly done, same goes for videos. There is almost no appeal to her content at all and she is in no way what the Instagram audience desires. Amazing.

No. 832907

I wonder if she's still blocking people for viewing her stories? she's so retarded. if anything she could turn this opportunity as humiliating as it is to attract new followers. granted most of them will be watching her for cringe but it's still better than the engagement she gets now

No. 832915

Not really sure if Simply Nailogical fits here but honestly her polishes add up to a fair bit with shipping (especially international) when you could get a similar/possibly better product for much less. Indie brand or not, I'm not into it.

No. 832953

She went on the 'you're all middle aged with tons of kids and… hEavIer so jealous' defense too which is hilarious, I hadn't heard that one since back when gg wasn't in its infancy and gooroos found the site. I love this cow mom + calf combo.

No. 832977


Milk is really flowing. Here she is sperging because Revlon blocked. She's also claiming that she made a lipstick collection with Bite Beauty, but suddenly they didn't want to release it with her because she ''is more famous than them''


No. 833231

Holy shit she is digging her own grave hahahahahaha

No. 833237

I think she and her mom might soon deserve a thread.
https://m.imgur.com/gallery/XgO6rCS - caps of the mom’s autistic screeching at reddit.

No. 833239

The cover girl "proof" kills me. Full on crazy eyes, ugly ass smile, shitty photo.

No. 833268

File: 1562505148036.png (196.23 KB, 457x429, Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 14.1…)

This is hilarious!

Her mom needs to stop trying to make her into a celebrity.

No. 833269

File: 1562505182273.png (72.64 KB, 635x303, Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 14.1…)

Also I've never seen an IMDB page that doesn't actually have any credits on it before. Her mom wrote her bio too.

No. 833290

File: 1562508105017.jpeg (19.65 KB, 412x353, D1O0g0aWwAI0h8K.jpg large.jpeg)

>At the tender age of three years old, Lillee Jean was already using a laptop and researching things on the internet

No. 833292

File: 1562508178301.jpg (587.01 KB, 1080x1794, Screenshot_20190707-095940_Ins…)

Holy crap, this has been going on for years. This is fucking hilarious.

No. 833321


The hell is she talking about re: Bite? Did she go to the custom beauty lab, make some customs, and then call it a "collection"?

No. 833341

What's everyone's thoughts on the current state of the JH Lipsticks situation? It's obviously a disgusting, horrible problem that could have easily been avoided….but I kind of have to agree with the sentiment that once she's offered a full refund to everyone (wether they had a problem or not, shipping and all) people need to calm down.

Or genuine question I guess – what more could she even do at this point to appease people? How much more can you do past refunding everyone?

No. 833344

LOL does she think people can't see that shitty blurry mess and pixels on the sides.

No. 833352

Yes, that's literally what she did.

No. 833356

Even the refund is shady. Most likely, she's only issued it so that the people who accept the money back have no chance of legal action against her in the future. It's more of a "here's your money back, now you can't sue me if my makeup injures you" move, rather than an apology.

The best thing would have been to recall the lipsticks, because once people started finding foreign substances (plastic/metal/cotton fibers) inside, no matter what reason Jaclyn gives for the substances being there, the lipsticks are contaminated and a health risk. Any foreign substance is contamination even if there's a "legit reason" for it to be there. If it isn't lipstick it shouldn't be in the lipstick.

also saying "sure they're not up to my standards, but they're still perfectly safe for use" is an incredibly stupid thing to say, a huge liability, and opens her up for lawsuits from anyone getting injured/sick from them. At every turn she has made the wrong move on this.

No. 833413


I get that people are annoyed the refund wasn't offered sooner, like she really wanted to avoid giving that cash back.

Her mothers post on Insta pissed me off. Thanking people for their 'ooh love and positivity at this hard time' and basically talking like J isn't a grown woman. Sounded like she sees J as a victim here and no mention of the fact that accountability was all people really wanted here. Guess the positivity dried up after that cos she went private on Insta. It was such a biased 'my beautiful daughter' type mom-post

No. 833477

People are annoyed that she lied about the lipsticks being safe to use when she could not possibly have confirmed this, and were also hoping that she would go a step further and recall the products as there is obviously a problem with them.

No. 833639

She legit looks like she's 12.
What is going on with her teeth >>832869 ? It looks like she still got her baby teeth.
Can someone please make a thread on her, I'd love to follow her bullshit

No. 833726

File: 1562597186133.jpg (623.25 KB, 1080x1620, PhotoGrid_1562596881055.jpg)

okay so the lilleejean bat shittery goes waaaaay deep, I haven't seen that many sock puppets with stolen pics in a long time. too much of a newfag myself but I'd love a thread too. the fake fan accounts follow each other. the reddit thread got locked but people were pointing out the blatant fakery (next couple replies will be caps) - this is excluding all the claims she got death treats, sperging in YouTube, trying (poorly) to dox people on bgc. the cow and mom are full of milk.

No. 833728

File: 1562597290704.jpg (871.62 KB, 1080x1620, PhotoGrid_1562597017737.jpg)

No. 833729

File: 1562597320831.jpg (520.47 KB, 1080x1080, PhotoGrid_1562597190732.jpg)

No. 833732

File: 1562597942268.jpg (265.81 KB, 1080x1080, PhotoGrid_1562597787036.jpg)

'fan' accounts - these are just the ones that were following the fake fakeboi stan account (infinitelilleejeans is an almost hilariously self-aware name) SHANIQUA is her pretending to be a black woman. she's got other every ethnic group or minority covered across the 'fan' accounts, race, religion, orientation.

No. 833742

Omg, I'd love to see a thread on her and her mom. This is way too much.

No. 833751

Kek, this girl is batshit crazy.

No. 833812


I would love a thread too .. It seems like she bought all her twitter followers as well. She has 11.000 followers but the only people who ever like or comment on her tweets are her mom.

She also only has 2800 subscribers on youtube .. I guess YT subscribers are more expensive than IG followers kek.

No. 833816

File: 1562612551786.png (447.33 KB, 1125x2436, 7CED683E-EE10-4A32-B3A7-4D4C24…)

No. 833826

File: 1562614849898.jpeg (63.43 KB, 810x986, 2E0B071D-5D4E-4DF6-B26E-1070B3…)

a bit OT but enjoy her beautiful art

No. 833843

Hahaha, top fucking kek.
1 Million followers, 38 comments on average. Hilarious.

No. 833844

Guys I tried to make a thread on Lillee Jean


No. 834196

Thanks anon!!

No. 835759

I think SimplyNailogicals nail polish looks very cheap & I hate how she talks down to people. Ben & Her seem to really have this, "I'm better than you" air that I really dislike.

Plus she's a stan of Jeff Star.

No. 835760

Same person, Did I sage correctly? I'm super new here. You just put Sage in the email right?

No. 835970

Yep, correct

No. 837343

File: 1563041285220.png (777.96 KB, 998x722, Screen Shot 13.png)

So….what's the deal with Michelle Phan coming back but as one of those "lo-fi chill beats to whatever to 24/7" streaming radio channels? Video description:
>Hi. I missed you…
>Let's catch up soon ♥

No. 837352

File: 1563041492647.png (400.14 KB, 878x619, Screen Shot.png)

This is the first video on her channel in 2 years, but when if you search Michelle Phan on youtube, it seems like she's starting to reappear in other people's vids? Wonder what she's up to. Staging a comeback?

No. 837443

She said on the Off the Pill podcast that she doesn't really want to step back in because of the toxicity of the community. So she'd rather have the playlist on her channel so it can be a 'cool calm place for music lovers and new creators to share their work'

But then she also goes off on this weird fake woke, i took shrooms and found my soul in a forest, type rant on why Bitcoin is the future. Which is pretty milky on its own

No. 837534

I used to love her videos but after she said that she paid 1 million CAD (sorry, dunno is correct currency or exact amount. A lot of money in any case) I just lost all interest. She's not "relatable" anymore

No. 845583

File: 1564415506161.png (1.43 MB, 1603x964, graveyardgrandma.png)

this is from bunny's most recent video.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 845764


She has her own thread.

No. 852530

When does she ever talk down on people? I think she's downright boring now but I never got the "I'm better than you" vibe from her, quite the opposite in fact

No. 857579

File: 1566680040415.jpg (Spoiler Image,235.23 KB, 1241x1886, ECwvR4rUUAEKvoe.jpg)

Did he photoshop his ass?

No. 857582

Yes, Facetuned.

No. 857598

oh my fucking god lol he facetuned himself an obviously fake bolt on ass.

No. 857601

rule of thumb: if you've gotta ask the answer is usually yes

No. 857619


He wants to be a chick so bad

No. 857622

seriously. is he going to transition soon or something?

No. 857659

He's copying after his old uglier enemy Jeffreak.

No. 857686

James is never going to transition, his whole tired "thing' is being a guy who wears makeup. If he becomes and transwoman, he wouldn't feel as "Special" if he was transgender. It'd be better for his straight man fetish though.

Maybe when Jeffree gets tired of sugar baby Nate, he can go with the newer model James.

No. 857711

They're both looking for a "straight" guy to fuck them so that pairing would never work. Expect them to get hypocritically close in future though.

No. 857716

I'd die if James weird fake lipped ass got with Nate's rapidly aging ass, it'd be hilarous.

Jeffreak claims with all his heart that Nate is Straight, I have no doubt James would do the same to whatever broke boy he gets to play his boyfriend.

So no doubt James would play by the same rules? Saying his boyfriend is straight yet they fuck him?

According to Jeffree he brings Nate women when he asks for them. Nates a kept man, so I'm certain he'd love an James if James would have him.

No. 857718

I meant Nate for James not Jeffree for James.

No. 868537

Am I the only one who finds Mykie annoying as fuck? Everyone seems to adore her but to me her personality seems overly projected to make her seem more cute/quirky/likeable etc and its just exhausting to watch. Her high pitch squeaky voice is really fake seeming too.

No. 868547

File: 1568463541482.png (977.48 KB, 1409x313, theresa.png)

no you're not the only one. even before she became famous i found her so grating and kelly-eden-tier annoying trying to be nerdy and kawaii and all the things.

congratulations, you have a symmetrical face. unfortunately, a personality doesn't seem to come with that so you just fake being a GENKI girl.

No. 868551

I liked Mykie for a while, but she's become really LA now and it's making her seem so inauthentic. She had Swarovski crystals cemented to her canines (which like, ok, cool, whatever) but then she decided fuck that and got whole veneers. Now her teeth look too big for her mouth imo I think it makes her look a little scary.

why are veneers like the new popular procedure to do? I know good teeth add a lot to your attractiveness, but it's horrifying what happens to your real teeth and I think they enter the uncanny valley more often than not

No. 868574

It's definitely a character played up for videos. I mean all youtubers do this to a point, but it's pretty clear with her. She's grating enough that I don't watch her, but seems like she's probably a nice person IRL so I can't really hate her either. Just ambivalent.

No. 868703

This. I'll take her with all her flaws over Jeffree, James and incoming stinky Shane.
I don't think she's a bad person & she doesn't make the platform look bad, but James & Jeffree's weird ass do.

No. 870851

Started watching a recent vlog (since when does she post vlogs on her main channel) which is just her getting her hair cut with her dumbass friends talking around her

Me: She looks kinda like an instathot, at least she hasn't resorted to sex work like every other pretty internet girl

skipping through video
>5 minute bleeped segment where they discuss eating ass

Oh. She had this whole cute sweet persona when she started, then ditched the SFX when she started getting demonitized, pivoted to low quality halfassed clickbait videos, and now is broadcasting her needy teenager "I do sex stuff haha, pls like me" vlogs at nearly 30

Has anyone noticed she makes friends with kinda fragile people and then drops them? Swoop, JKissa are the two examples. But also Boyinaband.

No. 871618

>Has anyone noticed she makes friends with kinda fragile people and then drops them? Swoop, JKissa are the two examples. But also Boyinaband

I hadn't noticed that but I've never been the biggest follower of her. Totally believable though.

Also in her video about coming back to YT she said it was a "stressful full time job". Doing a fake high pitch fake voice while you do makeup in front of a camera is a stressful full time job? Try being an EMT, nurse or for fuck's sake even a teacher. Lmao done with this bitch. I'm so tired of the "being an influencer is so hard you guys just dont understand uwu" trend of making videos. If it's that hard, quit. No one is forcing you.

No. 874245

When are people going to call Jeffree out for giving gifts and being friends with at this point 4 gossip channels, that constantly shit talk James & Manny?

When I saw that fat asshole Rich Luxe in Shane's trailer I was shocked.

No. 874643

It's amazing that Laura and JS basically commited the same thing yet she will remain a cancelled laughing stock forever, while Jeffrey is treated like a king who's allowed to randomly end others' careers. She said stupid racist things because she grew up in some hillybilly household in Alabama, what's his excuse? Too much champagne while partying in LA?
I'm sick of gay men being hyped for doing the same shit millions of women have done long before them.
Are there even any straight male beauty youtubers at all?

Also, Bretman's sister broke up with her bf, meaning she'll soon have 2 kids by 2 fathers - at the age of 19… Shows that money can't buy brain, one time is a mistake, but getting yourself knocked up again after dating some fuckboy for only a couple months just proofs she's dumb af.

No. 874660

Lets be honest tho, laura lee was only cancelled because people didnt like her. Jeffree is more liked, the beauty community only likes to act woke about social issues when someone they DONT like does a bad thing.

No. 874679

File: 1569800799748.png (179.19 KB, 670x357, rl.png)

>When are people going to call Jeffree out
I mean….are you new? We've been trying, it never works.

>When I saw that fat asshole Rich Luxe in Shane's trailer I was shocked

Rich has been deep in Jeffree's pocket for over a year now at least, they've done multiple videos together. His videos have been straight up Jeffree/Shane propaganda forever now, it's nothing new.

No. 874684


>When are people going to call J out?

>I mean….are you new? We've been trying, it never works.

Seriously…everytime we try to discuss J, we get brigaded by tons of his little supporters. It's impossible to have a decent conversation about him that isn't kissing his butt. I'm afraid to even mention his full name too much because he literally has a hex put on it.

No. 874689

he's like pewds in that respect

No. 874836


I'm not new, I'm newish to Jeffree, in the sense of learning the sheer amount of shit he's done almost every year of he's been famous.

I'm just so sick of men especially shitty fucked up men, taking over & being the face of female industries.

Can we have anything? I'm black and I can forgive Laura for what she's said, but for Jeffree? No, I can't. I truly believe he's racist, sexist and abusive. He's done not one thing to prove otherwise.

He's bragged about beating up women, we've seen him beat up women. We've seen him yell slurs, in music and in videos.

We've seen him be homophobic, we've seen him call women sluts & whores. We've seen him start SO much shit. I'm truly just beside myself that this ugly man can sit in women's clothing, accuse another man of molesting someone, say he's a pedo, say he's a "danger to society" , Say he needs to be "locked up", bully his underaged brother & then say after it all, "I was in a dark place".

I'd think that this last drama would be the end of Jeffree.

I'm positive that every woman involved in drama, gets it 20 times worst then Jeffree does for doing less.

I really hope, I truly hope that by bringing up James these two dickheads, cause people to look at the situation and/or James speaks up.

I do not like James AT all, but I truly hope he uses this to end Jeffree and don't let people forget what Jeffree AND dirty Shane did.

No. 875514

This is very sweet of Laura.
Glad she's still doing very well even after Jeffree "cancelling" her. Laura is definitely a better person than Jeffree and i'm happy for her she could move forward and close that chapter, unlike Jeffree who can never shut up about someone.

No. 876061

File: 1570125245896.jpg (45.28 KB, 594x334, starting trouble.JPG)

Ugly Jeffree mad at Manny I suppose

No. 876081

God this reads like a Trump tweet

No. 876088

He must not be getting enough attention from this "Documentary" he needs to grow up.

He constantly tells on himself how unhappy he is. Then people lap it up.

No. 877836

Laura isn't any better than Jeffree, Jeffree just somehow gets away with showing his shitty true colors more than she does. But he too will fall hard one day sooner or later.

No. 878213

She is. All she ever did was tweet things everyone said around this time.
Laura isn't a manipulative sociopath who backstabbs everyone in her life while playing the good girl. She also doesn't attack brands to the point they're scared of her and kiss her ass, and she doesn't attack her own fanbase or sell them new crappy make up every month.
Laura is better than Jeffree, Manny is, Nikita is and everyone else who got dropped by skeletor.
"Bitch is bitter because we're better off without him" is too fucking accurate.

No. 878233

wait what? were you even around for her drama? she did a few stories on instagram where she ranted at her fans, attacked some of them on twitter and in the comment section of youtube. she started deleting old tweets in a desperate attempt to make sure nobody found more then deactivated the entire thing.

The drama was kicked off because she and her friends decided to continue exchanging pa jabs with the King of Petty himself. That entire drama was built around the fact that ALL of them are narcissistic backstabbing bitches.

The difference isn't that Laura's some poor innocent angel that got hurt by big mean Jeffree. The difference is Jeffree's been doing this so long and has built up such a powerful brand that he gets away with being that way. Jeffree fans just expect that he'll do "controversial" things and for some weird reason accept that. Laura's fan's on the other hand bought that she was just a nice southern girl until she revealed she was a southern racist manipulative girl.

No. 880222

Preach anon.

Ive always hated how much everyone ass kisses Jeffree. He's a raging narc and I honestly think some people are afraid to say anything remotely negative about him because of the way he reacts.

No. 886872

File: 1572478374015.png (1.15 MB, 693x1258, rzhnaxb9lkv31.png)

IDK if this is lolcow worthy but anyone here aware of the Madeyewlook/ashleyhawmakeup drama?
@ashleyhawmakeup has been copying and pasting other peoples makeup and photos onto herself.
She somehow has 500k+ followers.She's been deleting/blocking anyone who calls her out and shes deleted alot of the badly shooped posts in question, the reddit thread has archived some of them. I'm too austistic to do a good write up but theres more info/photos on r/beautyguruchatter. She gives me LJ vibes, I think she could be cow potential.

No. 886880

>first shill line is for Liquid Eye-Lie-Ner
The irony.

No. 886941

File: 1572487580810.jpeg (81.39 KB, 640x1159, 552CF3C6-707E-43DB-B9E4-948F89…)

This is so bad…she has 500k followers which includes big brands. How do they not see how bad this is? I smell fake followers.

No. 886942

File: 1572487768997.jpeg (24.62 KB, 640x511, 34BF9BEB-1EA5-48BA-AF0A-2F4B72…)

Almost all of “her” Halloween looks have been deleted, this is the only other one that’s archived that I know of

No. 886949


I don't know why, but I want to believe that this is some kind of social experiment where she's subtly exposing how dumb social media is and how easy it is to get followers/likes/sponsorship with little effort, because the thought she's deliberately doing this and thinking she can get away with it is really moronic and kind of disturbing.

No. 900513

Anyone else ever seen Snitchery? She's a shitty instagram cosplayer and makeup youtube who edits the living shit out of her pics (or used to). She talks in an irritating high pitch grating voice and everything else about her is fake as fuck too. Every single one of her videos is sponsored. She also had a bunch of drama with Brad Mondo in the past when he bleached her hair off.

She also has a shit load of fillers and talks about how she's gonna get breast implants in this video because she wants anime titties.

No. 900563

This is pathetic. How has anime influenced stupid people for more than a decade now? so many thots want to look like anime girls.

No. 903334

Thank you GOD I’ve been looking for a thread for her but this’ll work. She’s so annoying. She’s EXCESSIVELY woke. And her skin is no longer the tanned middle ground of a mixed person. She’s orange. Like Donald trump orange. ANd she looks like she has a bobble head. Sigh.

No. 906043

File: 1576448658809.png (708.09 KB, 836x616, ap.png)

Anyone else following this garbage? So a couple of months ago Anthony Padilla (of Smosh fame) was dating a ex-Viner and LA comedian named Miel (they had been dating since 2015 I believe) and recently they made a giant flashy public announcement that he had been in a "secret relationship" with Mykie for some time.

Never been a Smosh fan but I follow Miel because she was one of two hosts of a comedy podcast I used to really like, and a couple of months ago everything seemed to really fall apart and crash and burn for her, but I'm not sure either of them ever actually admitted to or announced that they had broken up before this. So as far as I can tell it's been:
>Anthony and Miel are dating since 2015 (possibly living together?)
>A few months ago Miel starts pretty clearly having a breakdown, leaves LA to go stay with her parents in WA for several weeks (September-ish)
>Anthony and Miel unfollow each other everywhere and stop interacting on social media, but don't make any announcements
>Miel pretty abruptly up and moves from CA to NYC out of nowhere in September (right around Anthony's bday), which is when people start noticing and asking her if she's still with Anthony
>Neither of them seem to actually say anything about their relationship
>2 days ago, Anthony and Mykie announce that they've been in a secret relationship for some time

Hard to confirm because I'm pretty sure they've both (or Miel has at least) deleted any recent pictures/interactions with each other on social. But, from what I can remember Miel and Anthony were in Japan together as late as May. I feel like I remember her even posting about his birthday in September, but I could have made that up because if she did it’s gone now along with any trace of him from her twitter.

No. 906044

File: 1576448759689.png (605.51 KB, 842x627, insta.png)

As someone who doesn’t watch Mykie (because I find her insufferable tbh), I’m also confused by who Spencer Henry is in all this. Her posts make it seem like they’re dating, but he also seems to be her hairdresser so I can’t tell if this is standard straight white girl bullshit of treating a gay male like your boyfriend, or if she lead this dude on and then is throwing it in his face.

No. 906045

File: 1576448834293.png (352.5 KB, 620x948, sh.png)

Also he tweeted this and people seem confused and sympathetic that he’s not her boyfriend. Again, I don’t watch her videos, so I can’t tell what his deal is. Even in her announcement post she calls him her “fiance” (which is a joke obviously) but it’s not a very good one if that’s a straight dude who thought he had a chance with her.

Either way, it all just seems really trashy and gross to publicly announce your new relationship (when you never even acknowledged that you broke up with your previous long-term girlfriend) with a professional photoshoot where your new girlfriend (who you probably cheated on your ex with) is sprawled over you shirtless with her tits out. And of course since she’s a youtuber they had to do it in the flashiest way possible to get as much attention as possible.

(Wasn’t sure if I should post this here or in the Youtube thread, but I’m going by this one since there’s 2 beauty people involved, one OG youtuber and one who’s neither, if that makes sense.)

No. 906057

What a mess. Can't even announce a breakup before moving on to a next girl.

No. 906060

Spencer is gay, mykie says it multiple times in the vid she posted with anthony

No. 906062

This attempt at couples' photography looks like something Miley Cyrus would find tasteful, jesus.

No. 906087


Even grosser is that Mykie called him like the "most emotionally intelligent person" person she knows in her video w/ him

I'm not exactly sure cheating on your girlfriend or immediately rebounding with another social media girl is "emotionally intelligent"

are all youtubers massive narcs?

No. 906122

Out of all the ways to announce your relationship.. They choose the trashiest way to go about it. I honestly preferred mykie with chase.

No. 906126

they broke up shortly after the japan trip, gurugossip has the reciepts. she also commented quickly on the breakup in one of her podcasts

No. 906147

Thanks for this intel. I was thinking they must've been dating for a year at least by the extremity of the posts. A few months? They are in the honeymoon phase and decided to go full public?

I used to follow Mykie, and based on her interactions with a few prominent Youtubers, in regard to how they talk about her and interact with her offline. She kinda grooms people for months/years. You can see in her recent videos: she does full charm on everyone she meets, big smiles, staring into their eyes, acting like they've been friends for decades.

She met this man for the first time years ago, so they could have been having some emotional cheating for years, with only a few months public. Still seems early days for the dramatic announcements. Her post talks about how amazing and unbelievable it is that he is consistently kind even on difficult days: it ain't that hard to put on the nice act for a few months. You can't make judgements about people based on only a few months of physical interaction.

Mykie turned from a relatable creative weird girl into a narcissist with veneers, obsessed with being Hollywood perfect without making any actual art.
Promoting vanity to your millions of followers is not particularly kind or helpful.

No. 906148

>the most wonderful human being I've ever had the pleasure of knowing

Seems unnecessarily nasty considering he had a 5-year-long relationship immediately prior to this. Way to throw your ex under the bus.

No. 906157

File: 1576481456141.png (46.63 KB, 874x149, miel.png)

>gurugossip has the reciepts
No they don't? I was lurking that thread and both of them when it was all happening and it's only ever been speculation because neither of them actually acknowledged it. It was pretty obvious, but as far as I can tell there's been no actual receipt from either of them. The closest either of them got (before this Mykie shit) was that instagram post from Miel where she just said things had been hard and she was moving (stole the caption from GG because she's since deleted it).

>she also commented quickly on the breakup in one of her podcasts

When she did WWYDM back in May they were definitely still together and she talked about how they were together and lived together, and I've never heard her bring it up on PUTJ (though tbf I haven't listened since Demi left). She only has one podcast of her own and Anthony was literally never brought up there even when they were dating (I honestly didn't even know she had a boyfriend for most of it). What episode/show are you talking about?

>they broke up shortly after the japan trip

They went to Japan in March, the WWYDM episode where she said they were still together was in May.

No. 906159

I started watching one of her halloween videos a while back, didn't make it more than 3 minutes because I too find her insufferable, but she and Spencer are acting all cuddly in the beginning and calling themselves "spykie" (Spencer + Mykie) then right after that he's like "this is my girlfriend Katie" and she jumps on the bed with them. I thought he was gay before this, why they're making posts like this while he has a gf is beyond me.

No. 906163

File: 1576483447192.png (616.54 KB, 837x620, anthony.png)

Just for context, that Miel post was from 9/11/19, and Anthony had already been posting shirtless pics credited to Mykie in August.

Also the fact that Miel liked this picture makes me feel like they weren't 100% broken up at that point or there was just some kind of "break" going on because they have since completely ceased and contact and basically destroyed any evidence that they were ever even together. It just really feels like a clue to me because I know that right after Demi announced he was leaving PUTJ she seemed to take that very personally and unfollowed Demi on everything for the few months they weren't recording together. She and Demi seem like they're fine now and worked it out, but I just don't think there's a "medium" setting for her, so she must have thought they were still on ok terms.

No. 906168

The heartbreak/breakdown likely happened a few months after the breakup, possibly incited by him posting or messaging his ex garbage about how Mykie is the most fantastic person he's ever known, which seems fairly heartless in consideration of exes, friends, family members who have undoubtedly helped him in his lifetime.

Mykie seems to dial every relationship up to 500%, hence the confusion from many people in the comments to her videos in regard to the boyfriend-like or partner-like friendship she has with others, namely Spencer of late.

It kinda seems like manipulative or even BPD/NPD behavior on her part; I kinda feel sorry for those who fall for it. Several friends of Mykie's, like Jkissa and SWOOP have been left in the dust as she moves through contacts.
The anons in the thread who can't stand to watch her videos obviously have fully functioning bullshit detectors. It's like watching a female PUA.

No. 906354

His IG just looks like a knockoff Kit Harington tribute account now. Guess it's pretty obvious who Mykie's celebrity crush is.

>you're like Jon Snow but better!

No. 906715

File: 1576605341946.png (729.16 KB, 846x619, Screen Shot 2.png)

Looking back at some of the old GG discussion even back in 2018 they were talking about how Anthony clearly just completely adopts the style of whoever he was dating, and it's almost comical how obvious that is with Mykie. Like, with Miel he just looked like your standard cute hipster dude, now he's turned into a gold-plated fuckboy. They both look like rotisserie shit heads.

Also I don't understand how Mykie's hair can be so consistently fried to shit? Like I remember those big ole videos she did with Guy Tang back in the day where he was fixing her fucked up hair, and she's best friends with a hair dresser now and her hair STILL looks like this? How?

No. 906717

File: 1576605749214.png (491.42 KB, 484x585, Screen Shot 3.png)

Another one from a video Anthony posted. Like, her hair looks like that girl who shows up to high school in cookie monster pajama pants eating hot cheetos for breakfast in class that smells like cigarettes and clearly bleached her own hair….and that's for some fancy event?

No. 906748

lmao I unsubbed from her ages ago and wow holy shit what did she do to her hair

No. 906750

>>906748 she's always saying how hard it to so be a ginger and kinda uses it as an excuse for fried hair but like…you have the money to go to a good hairdresser? It shouldn't be an issue.

No. 906755

especially considering all she cares about is appearance/money. I've never seen someone drop a facade as fast as Mykie dropped her "passion" for horror SFX makeup the second she couldn't make the easy youtube money off of it anymore. I don't know how she still has fans when she's straight up admitted she changed her entire personality/brand to fit what would make her the easiest youtube cash. There are still plenty of SFX youtube artists that are still doing hardcore horror stuff on their channels despite youtube getting more strict. The difference is they genuinely love doing it compared to GG who fakes a personality based on whatever will get her the most attention. I feel bad saying this because back in her hardcore horror days I genuinely liked her. It just sucks to see how fake she is shine through.

No. 906823

File: 1576625022092.png (144.06 KB, 339x466, sandals.png)

>she's always saying how hard it to so be a ginger and kinda uses it as an excuse for fried hair but like…you have the money to go to a good hairdresser?
Wait what? I get the lack of visible eyebrows thing but what the fuck does being ginger have to do with having fried crunchy busted hair? Also she's literally hanging out with a hairdresser all the time now? She probably just pays him in "exposure" anyways so I doubt it's a money thing. If I were her gay hairdresser friend I would be so embarrassed to see she walked out of the house looking like this >>906717

When she tweeted pics her caption was:
>@anthonypadilla looks like a rockstar & I look like Dolly Parton probably because this dress was literally made for Dolly Parton.
I guess that explains why the dress fits so poorly but the audacity of this bitch to compare herself to Dolly Parton. Also apparently she's getting dragged on twitter for wearing sandals with that outfit.

No. 906846

His caption is like an insecure teenager

No. 906851

I remember when I started following her in 2014-2015 I commented that I enjoyed watching her videos even though I don't do makeup. She replied something like she was happy to hear that and that was her goal.

As it turned out, her goal as you said was to get attention and money whichever way she could. She completely dropped the creativity, art, and connection with her fans. Scrolling her Insta comments on her latest post she seems to just have dumbass fans who can't tell she has veneers ("how did you get your teeth so white/smile so large?") talking about their "hubby" and typical "stunning babe xx" facebook-style comments.

I bet you she lost all her makeup and artistic fans and just has vanity/fitness types left. I know she inspired many people to take up SFX makeup and then dropped it herself. She also made people confident about their own pale skin or freckles (freckle tutorial) before becoming a permatanned bimbo.

Like all the good she did has been erased as she fell into the Hollywood bimbo trap.

No. 906854

File: 1576630347831.png (186.24 KB, 1440x612, It's all natural baybeh.png)

A comment where she denies having cosmetic procedures, we'll just ignore the full veneers and multiple nose jobs.

Also just realized when naming this file: she dropped her "quirky" writing style she used to use, too.

No. 906890

File: 1576636532440.png (58.62 KB, 720x391, Screenshot_20191217-193240~2.p…)

Anyone else find it cringey when couples do stuff like this? I feel like they're still in their honeymoon phase despite how much they both deny it.

No. 906945

So apparently Brad Mondo, who is a hairstylist-beauty-youtuber with over 3.6 million subs, released his own hair products in March 2019 and stated in a video that they're vegan and cruelty free. Now it appears that his products are not vegan at all because they contain carmine (crushed bugs). He also used the cruelty free bunny logo without the company's permission to sell more of his crap. I hope he's getting sued…

No. 906946

They chose a somewhat flattering image for this thumbnail.
His hair reacts videos made me lol because he'd be overreacting to people damaging their hair when his own hair often looked like burnt nylon.

No. 906948

File: 1576655172185.png (225.21 KB, 809x532, buns.png)

>He also used the cruelty free bunny logo without the company's permission to sell more of his crap
Someone posted a pic of the back of the bottle on BGC and the one he has on there is the bottom-most rabbit (but without the "not tested on animals" text) but then right above it claims it's Vegan. With Brad though, I honestly believe he might just be stupid enough to not understand what any of that means. Seems like the type of dude who'd be like "ummm well there's no eggs or cheese in there so of COURSE it's vegan".

Why the fuck does hairspray need carmine in it anyways? Like, that's stuff that's usually used in eyeshadows to make it shimmery. It's just glitter hairspray?

No. 906950

>If I were her gay hairdresser friend I would be so embarrassed to see she walked out of the house looking like this

He isn't gay. Has a girlfriend but pretends lauren (mykie) is his girlfriend.

No. 906952

File: 1576656078385.jpg (842.28 KB, 3024x4032, wxe9a9hulyx31.jpg)

Pic from BCG.
>Australian logo
>Made in the USA
Don't understand how that works exactly, but that seems incorrect.

He's also been in some other shit. There's a video where he tests out box dye vs professional dye and got called out for switching the mannequin heads midway through (to ensure the box dye looked worse). And it seems kind of unclear if his brother, who he claims is his twin, is actually just his brother….which would be the dumbest thing to lie about. But not confirmed either as far as I can tell, dude just seems dumb as hell.

Kind of ot but I do enjoy those older Jenna Marbles videos where she's cutting and dying her hair herself for shiggles, and I always enjoyed seeing Guy Tang and Brad in the comments begging to collab and let them "fix her hair ;)". They're soooo obviously thirsty.

No. 906954

the text is missing under the australian bunny logo also. what a scam.

No. 906974

Carmine is a red pigment, though it also has mica which is probably what you're thinking of. The carmine is probably just in there to give it that pink color to make it more appealing. In other words, it's not at all necessary for the formula.

No. 906988

File: 1576669374007.jpg (21.49 KB, 433x245, xxJ7IkR.jpg)

Don't forget about him bleach frying Snitchery's hair. Ironic since his main schtick is reacting to "bleach fails"

No. 906993

Wait… is this before or after he bleached her hair? Her hair looks so damaged and bad in this photo, I am legit sad

No. 906997

This is after but it was already bleached and box dyed beforehand. Then he bleached it twice after that. She claimed she knew how bad it was going to be and asked him to do it anyway because she was already planning to shave her head, but still. He had to know it would make him look bad especially since he's always reacting to "bleach fails"

No. 907747

Wait, multiple nose jobs? I didn't know she had one, let alone multiple!

Yikes, I hope he pays for this. Be a good way to show YouTubers that just cause they're popular doesn't mean they're suddenly masters of their craft and that there's a reason you need to be a professional in certain fields to do things

No. 908319

Yeah, before YouTube Mykie was in a car wreck where she broke her nose and it healed badly. She got a nose job from a ENT Dr for a deviated septum/it looking busted and it was a bad job. Then YouTube happened, and eventually she went to a plastic surgeon to fix her bad nose job. She did a vid on it at one point.

No. 908934

Here's the video

No. 912384

File: 1577894933783.png (2.19 MB, 1399x1034, nose.png)

Yeah we've seen it, she's still full of shit though. So according to her this is her timeline:
>Early 2007: Terrible car accident, broken nose
>2013: Nose Job #1
>2017 Nose Job #2 to fix Nose Job #1

She says in that video that her nose was visibly broken for years after the accident but she didn’t care what it looked like of course uwu she loved her fucked up nose and her imperfections uwu it was just for breathing that's all I don't care how I look uwu I told them to barely even do anything and THEY fucked it up??

That's clearly untrue, her nose looks perfectly fine post-accident (in fact it looked more broken after the 1st nose job). That's what I dislike about her so much: the pushes the "I'm not like other grils! I'm not like other youtubers!" shit SO hard, and she's just as vain if not more than any other youtuber. And the "guys I just tried fillers just to see what it was like just for the heck of it and then never again"? Just admit you wanted a nose job and fillers? Even in 2017 literally no one gave a shit?

Not to mention she posted that video a second channel, not her main one where everyone could see it. She said it's because that's her vlog channel but it only has 2 videos on there from 2 years ago, and she posts vlogs on her main channel.

No. 912385

File: 1577895249923.png (1.68 MB, 1826x800, boobjob.png)

She's also very clearly had a boob job, which is rich because when she's posted about her weight loss/new body she insists that she's had zero plastic surgery.

I mean, this >>906715 >>906044 >>906043 doesn't look human anymore. Where are all the imperfections she claims to love so much? She's sandblasted them away and still won't admit it. Judging by these and her new vid with Nikkie I would maybe guess she'd gotten veneers too. But sure, no plastic surgery at all guys.

No. 912387

that last picture is so fucking awful jesus. her tan and hair do her no favours

No. 912388

File: 1577895614475.png (354.63 KB, 524x937, tweet.png)

sauce for "no surgery" tweet

No. 912389

File: 1577895656585.png (45.21 KB, 594x138, tweet 2.png)

No. 912391

Brad lost ALL credibility when he murdered Snitchery's hair. She was too nice to call him out on it, but another hairdresser YouTuber Brittany Gray gave commentary and called A LOT of Brad's expertise into question.

He also claims to have like a decade of salon experience even though he's in his early twenties? Meaning he was licensed as a twelve year old? I'm not sure of the exact ages but it doesn't add up at all. I heard something that one of his parents is a celebrity hair stylist and Brad has been riding their fame to jumpstart his own awful career.

Yeah Mykie confirmed she got veneers, you can tell bc the implanted Swarovski crystals on her upper canines are gone. That last picture is absolutely meme-tier with the editing around her eyes, especially compared to the one above it. I never noticed the boob job until you pointed it out and sheesh it's obvious. You're right she gives off such a uwu freespirited lover of natural beauty vibe, when in reality she's been sneakily adding plastic for years.

Mykie said he's gay in the ~boyfriend reveal~ video so I'm not sure

No. 912395

Why do all these e-celebs go too far with the surgery and end up looking transgender? Like don't they do a mockup before they get their veeneers/fillers/nose jobs/etc?

She looked gorgeous in the 2008 one, why mess with what she had naturally? Idk whether constantly recording/photographing yourself is the fast track to Body Dysmorphia, but there's no way the current version is better than her natural self.

No. 912412

I think her natural teeth were absolutely fine and changing them removed some character from her face. they look too big now, so fake, like she's got someone else's teeth in her mouth.

I don't get why veneers are even a thing, they're permanent and scary af and need to be maintained or you'll be fucked

No. 912444

File: 1577904626833.png (256.83 KB, 390x483, eye.png)

>You're right she gives off such a uwu freespirited lover of natural beauty vibe, when in reality she's been sneakily adding plastic for years.
Honestly I think there's a several reasons it's been harder to clock on her than others:
1. I think she has always been pretty, she's just been slowly turning up the dial to "uncanny valley" levels
2. She always has crazy hair/wigs so that's what draws your eye, and she's constantly drastically changing her look so minor changes are missed
3. In a lot of her videos she's only "bare-faced" for a very short amount of time (lit/filtered to hell and back) before she starts covering her face in wacky shit and blood and making so quirky uwu faces. I also think the lack of eyebrows is distracting so when bare-faced you don't notice the nose/lips/teeth as much.
3. She'll share (low quality) pictures of herself when she's younger making fun of herself, so she seems quirky and self deprecating and open, and her new nose looks much closer to her original nose than nose #1 did, so you're not jarred by the difference.
4. And of course, pre-filming and strategic releases. She didn't "admit" to the nose job until months after she'd already had it done and it was well on the road to healing. And of course when she's healing the video's lower quality, with the classic "youtuber wearing a grey hoodie sitting on the couch/floor having a serious talk with you" outfit
5. Just plain lying. Interesting how she keeps saying that her nose was visibly broken and lumpy, but doesn't show any pics of that in the video. Because she doesn't have any pics, because it never looked like that. Also interesting how she's obsessed with gore and blood and will gladly tweet pics of her hair just soaked in blood from hitting her head but doesn't have one single picture of anything related to the crash? (If it were any other youtuber that would make sense, for Mykie it doesn't).
6. Shooping/Filtering. She also says she has a prominent scar above her eye in that video from the car crash, which really just shows how much shooping/filtering she's doing because somehow the scar shows up on her lower quality vlog video with a full face of makeup sitting farther away from the camera, but it's almost never visible in her makeup tutorials when she's sitting bare faced right in front of a high resolution camera.

Also, she's deleted everything off of her twitter from before September 2018 which interestingly enough….September 2018 is when the first Dramageddon was in full swing, and people went back and found those racist tweets from Laura/Manny/etc from years before. Coincidence? So a lot of those receipts came from GG years ago. Basically nothing from the top row >>912384 is on her twitter anymore or the pink bikini pic here >>912385

Basically she's much less chill/kewl/quirky/uwu and much more manipulative than she pretends to be.

No. 912547

when did anthony go from being my high school youtube crush to jonas brother fuckboy knock off

No. 912589

So the Twitter deleting thing is interesting. What did she think she had on there that could get her canceled?

I agree she is a lot more manipulative than many people realize, the uwu quirky thing is all an act.
I didn't even notice the boob job. She measures her words carefully so she's not technically lying, and when she knows people may notice a difference, (teeth, nose) she admits to part of it (I just got fangs/I just had one nose job due to a car crash). She always wore circle lenses and heavily photoshopped her Instagram photos which might have led to confusion over what she really looks like.

No. 912659

This is ana-tier body checking, she looks fine in the left pic, maybe a bit untoned but otherwise pretty healthy and cute. Her body looks fucking weird in the after pic, it's mostly the same but her waist is like half the size, it's kinda gross honestly.

No. 912764

File: 1577985287575.jpeg (66.17 KB, 640x1138, 418D425F-32F3-4904-84FA-39D58D…)

I searched her name on BGC and this is one of the only negative things I could find. I bet she’s said some questionable things about race, she seems awfully tone-deaf with some of that stuff and tries to play it off as “quirky xD”. Why else would you burn your entire twitter down when people were being called out for racist jokes in the past? Like remember when she did the makeup tutorial based off if that asian doctor who got pretty violently removed from a plane a few years ago? She got dragged to hell and back for that one. She’s also did the Sombra cosplay, which people weren’t too happy about iirc.

Speaking of, what’s the deal with her “video game/cosplay” shit now? I was looking at her videos and I noticed she did a Death Stranding one two years ago? I find it highly unlikely the girl has ever picked up a controller in her life. I think she’s desperate for anything non-beauty to do at this point (because she’s not vain like other youtubers uwu) since she said youtube demonetizes her bloodier stuff.

I mean, kudos to her for getting in shape I guess. I did enjoy that one video she made showing the process. I thought she looked great by the end of the video, but yeah this one’s hard to look at. She also kept claiming she was going to do swimsuit competitions? I know zero about body building and if that’s what’s supposedly happening here.

No. 912766

File: 1577985470939.jpeg (125.99 KB, 1280x720, 009B39F2-22A1-41F6-B063-987551…)

Pic related. She also did that Harley Quinn/Joker video which was cringey as fuck.

No. 912845

Lmao, the good ol' "I only had a nosejob because I broke my nose!" excuse every semi famous person uses to cover their plastic surgery.
I wonder why did she even get veneers, her teeth look perfect in the before pics? Between the bad tan, fake teeth, clown makeup and fried hair, she looks like the Joker now. She really screams body dysmorphia, it's sad.

No. 912904

She didn't say anything wrong in that screenshot though.

No. 912918

The person she was replying to is retarded so this isn't really evidence of anything.

No. 913038

This is ridiculous.
"Boohoo Mykie had a nosejob and works out"
Go make a Miel rave thread on GG and take your bs there.

No. 913044

Did you mean to say "Boohoo Mykie got 2 nose jobs that she lied about and a boob job that she lied about and veneers that she lied about all while claiming to love her imperfections and never have gotten surgery and mass-deleting all her possibly problematic shit"?

I mean, a Mykie-crony is kind of new and refreshing, it's usually only Jeffree cronies here. Boy though, the notion that calling Mykie out on the shit she's been blatantly lying about for years somehow means we automatically have something to do with Anthony's ex (who we weren't even talking about) is….an interesting reaction.

No. 913199

File: 1578082697146.jpg (404.61 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200103-201649_Ins…)

Her face looks so scary

No. 913220

Those teeth coupled with her forehead make her look like a killer clown

No. 913230

she didn't lie about her veneers y'all I remember watching an entire video about them. I'm only linking it for those who really care. she did lie about other things though so just want to clear that one point up

No. 913286

She admitted she had a boob job in one of her insta stories during her fitness posts.

No. 913361

File: 1578105571614.png (493.98 KB, 832x490, teef.png)

Correct me if I'm wrong but admits to getting "fangs" (so like….2 teeth) that she got rid of almost immediately, not a full set of top and bottom veneers like she has now, right? Because even in that video it's all her original teeth except for the fangs.

Skipped around in the video and she says she's always liked her smile because it fits her face and was just "enhancing" it with the fangs to be more "gore". She also says there would be numerous health benefits like her migraine and grinding her teeth so like….
>I love my _____!
>I want to keep all my imperfections, just enhance _____ to suit me better
>It's mostly for the health benefits though????
>does the thing which completely obliterates any trace of her original parts
>luv urself uwu
So it's literally the EXACT formula she used when talking about her nose. Not only does she not admit to it, she specifically says she loves her teeth the way they are and would never want to change them?

No. 913634

her smile used to be so fucking cute and now she looks like a horse. it’s so sad.

No. 914242

>yeah we've seen it, she's still full of shit though

Um, okay? I wasn't saying she wasn't full of shit, I was just linking it if anyone wanted to see it.

No. 917528

No. 917530

Wow, never guessed. Good for her.

No. 917534

It feels like April fools. Shocking! I love Nikkie. I am so happy to see a transgender woman who doesn't act batshit insane.

No. 917546

It makes me go a little bit "oh woah so that explains everything" and "wtf I never knew".

Good on xir to start the year with many more views just when they stopped giving a fuck about pudgecake, though.

No. 917547

well that's unexpected.
good for her.

No. 917550

Am I the only one whose seen her in passing and always thought she was an transwoman?
I never looked to deeply into it but whenever I saw her, I either mistook her for that other star guy, Patrick Starr, or just assumed she was trans. I never looked into her more than pictures or anything though.
Good for her though, i'm happy for her.

No. 917551

Proof that trans women actually can pass. Shit. Good for her. Now for my mildly transphobic take: Kinda funny that all of those “women without makeup” memes were based around someone who was born a dude, kek.

No. 917553

Thing is, it's hard to tell sex with obese people anyway as many secondary sex characteristics are lost - fat people tend to look more androgynous in general.

No. 917555

I always thought she was just a beefier tall girl with unfortunate shoulders like Morgan Adams who dipped a little far into drag makeup.

No. 917556

I'm mostly shocked that my country allowes children to be on hormone blockers.

I always thought Nikki had quite a manly look, very tall and broad. With the excess fat smoothing everything out.

No. 917557

And we're not actually allowed to suspect ugly people of being trans for obvious reasons, that too. People would ALWAYS call nikkie ugly and manly, but never downright trans because she posted this old video where xir was also representing as "female".

No. 917560

What video?

No. 917562

Wtf is xir

No. 917565

File: 1578945606756.jpeg (179.1 KB, 768x1024, 6B907AAC-C37C-4ADD-8020-5F0E31…)

very cis. much passing.

No. 917566

Had no idea Nikkie was that tall, damn.

No. 917571

Now you say that because you know she is trans.

No. 917574

Why are you here?
This one https://youtu.be/b6ogMySncbY

I'm sad that the most subscribed dutch youtuber isn't a female, that's all.

No. 917575

Does anyone else think its kinda… interesting that so many of the bigger makeup/beauty youtubers are either male or trans

No. 917576

I'm just shocked that she didn't tell her man right away. Pretty lady though

No. 917577

Nope, people always would tell she is not feminine. I never accused her for being trans but this video makes sense now: https://youtu.be/LdiPzKxBPHU
@4:30(use embed field)

No. 917578

and it makes sense why women who follow their shitty tricks look shit

No. 917579

No, because it's how it always been, nothing is safe from men and nothing is safe from a man taking it over and women being pushed to the side.

No. 917580

The whole beauty trend is basically transplanting an over feminized caricature on your face. I'm not surprised with all that makeup and filler he looks "passing" the idea of female beauty these days is a joke.

No. 917583


ntayrt but i always thought nikkie looked manly because of the head size and shoulders, even before finding out they were trans

No. 917587

Same, but since we usually (i mean i never kept up with him like that anyway but) only see his fat ass head in his videos, i just assumed he was just a really manly dutch woman that was overcompensating with tons of make-up and overdone hair. Being pudgy obviously helped too. But I can't say that I'm not a little bit shook right now lol

No. 917589

I'm disappointed because now all of the top beauty youtubers are male, I always thought she was the only girl left in that giant pond of gay men…
I also always defended her against ugly comments, because as a tall girl myself I hate the notion that "woman is tall? -> must be a tranny!" but I guess here it really is the case.

Did other youtubers who met her in person know? Or did she fool everybody? Especially as a kid she totally looked female to me.

No. 917592

That explains why she's so fucking tall

No. 917593

It's literally been a rumor for years…

No. 917595

That and I think someone's been threatening to reveal it, xir did have some weird ass drama in the dutch media that xir ignored, I guess xir just decided to come out xirself plus the attention it gets makes it seem like a savy business move which it is in all honesty, win-win. I'm just sad no one's spilling receipts.

No. 917596

Ironically, Nikkie would pass better as a woman than any of the people she's standing next to there (yes, I know Michelle Visage is a woman.)

It's honestly a bit funny seeing people trying to pretend now that they ~always knew~ Nikkie was a man. Just admit you were fooled like the rest of us, it's fine. As other anons have said in this thread, it's far easier to appear androgynous if you're fat as well.

No. 917597

We were fooled, but we also called her manly.

No. 917600

This is a tinfoil hat take but I think it's strange that this is coming out right after Jeffree Star broke up with his boyfriend that is into transgender women. I wouldn't put it past petty skeletor to be a bitter betty and lowkey threaten to out someone out of paranoia or bitchiness. Obviously no proof at all and it's pure speculation.

Same. I never clocked her. It's easy looking back on pictures now and recognising masculine features but tbh I never noticed. I knew she was super tall but I thought she was just big.

No. 917602

ppl have brought up Jeffree sying he hd information on Nikki up, however, i'm sure Jeffree knows that Nate is into transwomen, because he was trying to get a one while with him and Jeffree tried to make it seem like Nate was looking for a threesome partner and he wasn't with it.

No. 917603

I'd fucking DIE if it was Jeffree, kinda hope it was. Who else would it be that people would believe? Unfortunately, that too wouldn't end the skeletors career. I hope Nikkie won't be too "classy" and will reveal who that was.
Ya I hung out with girls like this who played basketball with us. Defo weren't trans. Some girls just have unfortunate proportions especially Dutch.

No. 917604

I'm missing the days of Michelle Phan now lol. All the top beauty gurus are men wearing drag makeup. Who's left? Jaclyn Hill? Jackie Aina? Huda Beauty?

Hope the trends swing away soon so we go back to glossier/clean no makeup. Or focus on skincare gurus instead.

I thought she was manly with too much lip filler but it all makes sense with her heavy makeup techniques now.

No. 917605

nikkie's body is masculine, but her face is feminine for a troon. even in her early vids she looks like an average dutch teen.

No. 917606

Funny how all the people you have named, has had these drama channels (run by mostly males) and male guru's trash the fuck out of them

No. 917607

It kind of feels like some of these males try to push the females out. Female drama sticks longer than the male drama IMO.

No. 917608


Did anybody else think the blackmailers' reasoning was weird?

>They say I'm lying

>that I don't wanna tell my truth
>that I'm too scared for people to know my truth

It sounds less like a cash grab and more like somebody out there feels personally offended by Nikkie's secret?

No. 917610

If she didn't tell her spouse, how else hasn't she told? Not that she has to but… She's waited a while to tell her fiance.

No. 917617

Shut the fuck up none of you knew she was trans, she was called manish because anyone who isn't barbie faced, 5'3" and petite gets called manish on this website.

No. 917618

I hope Michelle comes back properly. the drama that she had was either small potatoes or just PULL nitpicking

No. 917621

This reasoning is almost always garbage anyway. Women have broad shoulders and are tall. Trying to own trannies by pretending you can actually tell if someone is trans are not based on shoulder widths just sound like skull measuring /pol/tards most of the time.

I bet if any of you posted pictures of yourselves on here we’d be able to pick apart dozens of reasons why you look like you’re tucking away a dick.

No. 917627

Seriously, some of you people sounds like incel scrotes all the sudden. Being tall isn't a tell that someone is trans. Also the Netherlands is full of tall women like her.

The xir pronouns are incredibly cringy.

No. 917630

This entire post. "I knew x was a man all along, they have broad shoulders/large hands/a receding hairline!" as if no women on the face of the planet have ever had those features, kek.

No. 917646

The theory above that it's Jeffree, the infamous spiteful bitch of the beauty community, who threatened her seems very legit considering the vagueness and phrasing of the threats and the fact that Jeffree has a big platform. It can't be some random troll.

I'm pretty sure Jeffree was behind the initial Limecrime "hacking" situation which perfectly coincided with him releasing his competing product. He's such a nasty character he doesn't even try and hide it.

No. 917647

kek no one knew because fat people are genderless masses

No. 917653

I thought immediately that Jeffree was involved in some way

No. 917654

Her mom sounds like the biggest cow wow… Between the mlm thing not long ago and giving her son puberty blockers ew.
I don't hate Nikkie. Just disappointed that another successful woman was trans all along. I think we would have never known if it wasn't for someone threatening her.

No. 917655

I love how Jeffree's such a asshole that so many people went, "wait, rememeber Jeffree said…" he may have NOTHING to do with this, but the dumb tough boy shit he's said is biting him in the ass everyday

No. 917656

oh, so that explains why “she” has some much plastic injected into “her” body!

No. 917660

Puberty blockers are 100% reversible. You just stop taking them. It’s not like she could never go back once she started them. Estrogen is different. But blockers aren’t as big of a deal. Gender dysphoria is a treatable mental illness. Hormone blockers are the first step for treatment and it’s typical for kids to start them since they are reversible.

Y’all really think people should wait until they’re 18 to transition? After the shit you give to people who don’t pass?(gendercrit discussion)

No. 917663

It's because he's such a nasty little rat that this is believable. And he's apparently "got dirt" on her, like he does on everyone according to 1.35 in the video! He brings these rumours on himself honestly.

No. 917664

No i wasn't defending him, I was just laughing at how funny it is to see this going around, I felt I was going to be the only one remembering what Jeffree said, but nope.

he's a shitty gift that keeps on giving. This makes him another level of shit if he did this to her though.

I could honestly see him doing it because there's been a lot of talk about his break up, the situations with nate and he's just a petty bitch.
All tinfoil though

No. 917665

I don't think feminine and gay teens that hate their bodies and are bullied for not conforming to the norm are trans.
I won't derail any further I don't want to fuel anything that's not related to Nikkie.

>>917664 and he still won't be cancelled I'm so done with his bullshit

No. 917668


>Gender dysphoria is a treatable mental illness.

It is not a treatment to go along with people's mental illness induced delusions.(gendercrit discussion)

No. 917670

It'd be ironic if the thing that Jeffree is cancelled for is the one thing he DIDN'T do

No. 917673

In the video she saws that her mom was sure she was going to have a girl. She probably wanted a girl and so brainwashed Nikkie into thinking that liking a dress meant she was “born in the wrong body”.

No. 917677

>>917660 puberty blockers are actually incredibly harmful and have several serious side effects(gendercrit discussion)

No. 917682

Yeah, I'm not transphobic or anything but that does sound kind of…off. I'm not going to say anything else, it's so fucked up someone forced her to tell the world this.
It's always sad when people blackmail people into these kind of things, it's not our buiness at all.

No. 917683

I'm guessing she never really wanted to 'come out' so someone blackmailing her is what triggered it.

No. 917684

Same anon but GG is pointing out that it also sounds like she only recently told her fiance because she said they're working through it.

No. 917686

File: 1578953148002.jpg (285.49 KB, 1414x1878, 818nudnY BL.jpg)

>Does anyone else think its kinda… interesting that so many of the bigger makeup/beauty youtubers are either male or trans
I mean….no? Gay Men/MTF have always been the ones changing shit behind the scenes setting the trends, especially in the makeup world. (When I say MTF I'm including Drag in that category, historically speaking). The only difference is that they're public now instead of behind the scenes.
>See: Kevyn Aucoin, Ben Nye, MAC (started by 2 men)
just to name a few. Basically every makeup and fashion trend we have now was stolen from the drag community.

No. 917689

A reminder that this is not the thread for gender critical discussion. If you wish to discuss it take it to 2X >>>/2X/5

No. 917692

Damn how could you not tell your fiance that??

No. 917694

Why on earth would you need to specify that you're not transphobic to agree with that?

It's also not the thread to shill puberty blockers, but here we are.

No. 917697

I was talking about the mom thing. How the person brought up how her mother wanted a girl and how it may have swayed Nikkie's mindset. Not the rest of what i wrote

No. 917700


>It makes me go a little bit "oh woah so that explains everything" and "wtf I never knew"

Same, I am both surprised because she just never pinged for me as transgender, but then I think to myself it explains why the overly exaggerated like Jeffree and Nikita used to pick on her so much.

No. 917702

Jeffree tweeted his support of Nikkie's coming out video which would be a bold move for a blackmailer. Guess we have to put our tinhats away.

Hilarious that people elsewhere on the internet thought just as little of him as we did though. Shows how many people know he's a snake.

No. 917705

I honestly think it was just someone from Nikkies pre-fame life, maybe an ex or something. Don't think that anybody in the beauty (influencer) industry would gain anything from exposing this.

No. 917706

Wait so does she have a penis or nah

No. 917707

I could see it being a ex, probably watched how big she got, watched her get engaged and then pulled this bullshit.

No. 917708

yeah nah the tinfoil that another famous person is threatening to expose her is autistic to say the least. it’s 2020, outing someone would be complete career suicide even if they had the worlds most conservative audience

No. 917709

No and apparently her spouse didn't learn until their engagement.

No. 917710


Yep, if her spouse didn't learn until so late then I really doubt she was out there telling her YouTube 'friends' about it too

No. 917711

I always thought she just had a weird ass voice but now that i think about, i should've known. She was on glow up recently and she went on this tangent that alluded to this ffs
>>917574 sorry for not knowing your cringy ass pronoun parodies, lmao.

No. 917714

Jeffree came to mind because the drama they had and how Jeffree brags about having dirt on everyone.
So I wasn't just going "Jeffree Star!" it was just a lot people remembered what he'd said about knowing things about her.

But he obviously didn't do it. He's just painted himself to be quit the villian tho.

On the finace, I know he has to have SO much pressure on him. Imagine if they broke up? I can imagine people not being to cool about it. Truly a messed up situation.

No. 917716

honestly don’t see why everyone’s acting like her fiancé is getting catfished though? they’re engaged so 99.9% chance they slept together many times already and if he couldn’t tell the difference, or if she’s pre op then… sis idk what to tell you but that’s no trickery, he had to know.

No. 917718

I think that she said they were "working through it" makes people think it's possible he didn't know.

and if he didn't know he was catfished tbh. We don't know what her vagina looks like.

No. 917723

Also explains the botox filled face and the deep voice.

That's fucking disgusting. Imagine your partner telling you someday that they're a tranny. How long have they been together? He should fucking leave Nikkie for that, you don't keep something like that from your (sex)partner.

No. 917725

>We don't know what her vagina looks like.
It's not really about what it looks like, it's more about her vagina not being able to contract and the fact that it will have a physical "end" but that the end will be missing a cervix. It's possible he didn't really question the difference in feel when they had sex I suppose.

tbh I think he knew all along and that they're "working through" the blackmail, not the fact she's transgender. Her now being out might present a different set of problems for the couple. For example, he might not have told his family or they might want children and are looking for the best way to live that dream.(gendercrit discussion)

No. 917727


She never clarified when she told him. It could have been before the engagement.

No. 917728

I never questioned her voice. It's feminine. The only weird thing about it is her Dutch/American accent, which sounds pretty weird if you're not used to Dutch accents.

No. 917729

>>917716 I agree lol she must be post op and if he was fine with it then he should be fine with it now.
Men are fucking dense if they can't recognize a neovag and that's on him he's not a victim lol

No. 917731

Place your bets on James Chortle's coming out date kek(offtopic)

No. 917733

Coming out as what, straight?

No. 917735

Most men can’t find the clitoris they aren’t going to know the differences between a normal vagina and fake one unless they are a gyno or have eaten out a lot of women. Even a lot women themselves don’t know that having large labia is normal. Her finance is early 20s and won’t have a lot of experience.

No. 917736

>is biting him in the ass everyday
How so? He's gotten away with all of it? He literally has never once had actual consequences to his actions? I wouldn't call that biting him in the ass.

>Jeffree tweeted his support of Nikkie's coming out video which would be a bold move for a blackmailer. Guess we have to put our tinhats away.
Can you explain your reasoning why this would clear his name at all? Because blackmailer or not, why would he ever pass up the opportunity to make himself look kind and supportive of the LGBTQ community? (Especially since he's a such a homophobe). That's just basic business/marketing. The only one who would know it was a "bold move" would be Nikki herself, and it would honestly be smarter for her to hold on to that particular receipt, because then she would be the one with leverage. She probably knows better than to try and come for him, especially when he's at peak sympathy between Shane's series and his breakup. Even if she did out him he'd probably just twist it to "I couldn't see Nikki living a lie anymore like that, in pain, she should be proud! All I did was was encourage her to live her truth uwu" or something and his fans would eat that shit up and praise him for his bravery. It would make no sense for him to not respond either way.

It would never have come directly from Jeffree of course, he never gets his own hands dirty. I mean look at Dramageddon 1 and 2, both just "conveniently" happened to revolve around the only people who posed a threat to him in any way and came away completely unscathed. Of course "Tati" was the one who risked it all to take down James (Jeffree's biggest competition). Of course "his fans" found the tweets that took down the only people who called out his shit. Of course all the drama channels downplay or ignore his behavior of their "own volition", and just always "conveniently" seem to dig up receipts on whoever he's arguing with. Of course whenever he does anything wrong we just happen to suddenly get flooded with "anons" who want to slander the other person or dig up their old receipts, of course all those "anons" only ever have "seems fake" to say with every new piece of evidence that comes out.

Of course he could have nothing to do with it, but you'd be stupid not to assume Jeffree had some hand in it, historically speaking. The odds are just in his favor.

No. 917739

Saw the most recent posts while scrolling past the thread and I was like "NAHHH, it isn't THAT nikkie?!" I legitimately am shocked. I thought she was just a bigger, broader Dutch woman, with the typical lilting Dutch voice and heavy makeup. I thought her hairline was just traction pulling from that mini ponytail she always wore. She genuinely never pinged me, I've never been so surprised about someone being trans. I can't believe she never mentioned it sooner which makes me feel for her on another level when I'm usually pretty gender critical or whatever.

No. 917753

He was clearly perfectly attracted to her and her genitals the whole time, why does it matter how she was born?

No. 917758

…Because it's an important thing to mention for sex/gender preferences. Not everything revolves around being attracted to genitals or her (especially if she passes pretty well)

No. 917759

This. There's a metric fuck ton of good MUA youtubers who are female, so it's not like it's just a job women aren't interested in.

No. 917760

I can't believe people think Jeffree has anything to do with this. Truly spergy and tinfoily. It was definitely someone from her past extorting her, probably for revenge and money.

No. 917762

why do you "come out as trans"?

I thought the idea was you ARE a guy/girl, you aren't some sort of third special gender.

No. 917763

Why are you being intentionally dense? She wants to uplift other young people like her out there, and had to reveal this earlier than planned because she was being black mailed and wanted to do it on her own terms.

No. 917764

I'm glad that trans people will finally be getting some normal youtube rep, not people who make it their whole identity or are batshit (or both.) Just a normal trans woman living her life and doing makeup.

No. 917768

>She wants to uplift other young people like her out there

I thought we already had Jeffree Star for that…. hiyooooo

No. 917770

>I honestly think it was just someone from Nikkies pre-fame life, maybe an ex or something.
>I could see it being a ex, probably watched how big she got
>It was definitely someone from her past extorting her, probably for revenge and money.
Source? We have a decade's worth of proof of Jeffree's MO, where's your proof it was literally anyone else? Shouldn't be that hard if that's the truth.

>Don't think that anybody in the beauty (influencer) industry would gain anything from exposing this.

Not gain from outing someone maybe, but they would literally all gain from her stepping back or being scared away. The mechanism of how would have never come out if all went according to plan.

>yeah nah the tinfoil that another famous person is threatening to expose her is autistic to say the least. it’s 2020, outing someone would be complete career suicide even if they had the worlds most conservative audience
What about for Jeffree "hates gay men, hates women, hates poc, only interested in traditionally masculine straight white men" Star? He's literally the most conservative of any of them, but his fanbase eats him up because it makes THEM feel woke to support him. It's not autistic or tin-foiling, it perfectly fits his profile and MO.

Source? What's GG's source?

There's no proof that she never told him or was dishonest in any way though?

What does any of this have to do with James?

No. 917772

Imagine being this obsessed.

No. 917782

It makes the most sense if it is someone who isnt super rich like J*. The point of blackmail is usually for money, and he doesnt need it. He also doesnt gain anything since she could easily be like lol this dumb guy thought he could black mail me. It wouldnt something he could walk back on especially since he has alluded to being not cis before.

It clearly is someone who wanted hush money, they were selling the story. The hope was that she was scared of being outed and they could spin it to how she was lying the whole time.

No. 917790

>hey can any of you provide literally any single piece of evidence that even one of these dozens of defamatory claims are even remotely true?
>ur obsessed!!!1!!1!11
same shit, different queer/female/poc jeffree would benefit from being knocked out of the spotlight.

You know all yall are doing is proving it was him, right? I didn't think much of the speculation, but yall ARE the proof. He only sends in the flying monkeys when people start pulling his receipts out from under the rug and asking reasonable questions. If you'd just stayed silent it would have died out on it's own, we've seen this song and dance a dozen times already.

No. 917803

These comments including speculation on J* make…no sense. First, his big thing with Nikkie was having inside knowledge of her Too Faced contract and how much she made. Did anyone notice how Nikkie's channel was linked at the end of the portion of Shane's docuseries that spoke on that issue? They literally stopped being friends because he inserted himself in her issues with Too Faced and tweeted about it. Why does nobody remember this?

No. 917812

She gave me an uncanny valley feeling when watching Glow Up and I couldn’t figure out why. I thought she was a man at first and was confused during her whole segment. This makes sense.

No. 917817

What do you girls think of this video? I'm suddenly liking her new honesty.
>valley girl
He said he learnt english from watching the hills iirc.

No. 917821

File: 1578967036126.jpeg (91.61 KB, 694x508, 36156F71-FC77-4081-9C79-321926…)

>uncanny valley
"samefag" but can't delete my post and correct myself, oh damn i'm high on crack.
I kinda find her voice feminine sounding to be fair, it's just that her head is huge as fuck.

No. 917825

That's a genetic male if I ever did see one kek

No. 917846

wew, never saw this coming, good for her.

No. 917851

Because we assumed that it was just an unfortunate looking fat white girl with an abnormal height. The makeup has always been awful and drag like so it checks out.

No. 917852

i feel like i'm the only one who's not buying this at all. this seems like a publicity stunt, and a pretty weird thing to lie about but if you look at her old videos from around 10 years ago, there's no way in hell that's a teenage boy

No. 917856


There's a tiny part of me that wonders if this is a publicity stunt as well, because I saw videos of her too when she was young and she just seemed like a regular girl??? It's so weird as I started thinking about it a little deeper.

No. 917858


Apologies for samefagging but this is Nikkie when she first started.

No. 917861

>Gay Men/MTF have always been the ones changing shit behind the scenes setting the trends, especially in the makeup world. (When I say MTF I'm including Drag in that category, historically speaking).
>Basically every makeup and fashion trend we have now was stolen from the drag community.
So, did they push themselves into industries made for us and change shit, or did we steal from them? You can't have it both ways…
It's just interesting to hear that men stealing from women and then pushing their bastardized versions of what we do is now us stealing and them inventing everything.(>>>/2x/)

No. 917862

She was put on puberty blockers which would explain why she looked feminine as a teenager.

Is anyone annoyed by the amount of comments on her YouTube praising her mother for being so supportive? I think it's absolutely bizarre right after birthing your son to assume he is going to turn out gay or trans. Sounds a lot like the other controversial cases that involve parents forcing transition on their kids.

No. 917866

maybe not a gay man but you can smell the difference, bro

No. 917867

It's just one person obsessing about Jeffree over and over. Yeah, he is a major piece of shit but how disconnected from reality do you have to be to think he is blackmailing another YouTuber about being secretly trans. It was probably someone Nikkie went to school with or an estranged family member.

I wouldn't be surprised if Nikkie's mother treated and raised her like a girl from birth. It sure sounds like it. She sounds like she really wanted a daughter.

No. 917869


yeah i think it’s really strange how supportive her mom was of her thinking she is trans at 6. it does seem like maybe she really encouraged nikki to think she was a girl at a young age, especially since her mom really wanted a daughter.

No. 917886

File: 1578976815753.jpg (306.43 KB, 720x874, 20200114_073850.jpg)

Nikki always looked really fishy and manly on selfies taken from others so i am not surprised. He can pass only as a fat, short woman which he is not.

No. 917889

I don't know anything about her partner but did she say he only recently found out she was trans? Like.. he couldn't tell by her bottom surgery results? I guess it's not impossible but it just sounds weird to me.

No. 917890


No. 917891

>”Flying monkeys“
>Because I think Voldy is busy crying into a random designer object and his stans are currently patting his ass about his breakup, therefore it would be dumb as fuck to out someone liked in the makeup community


No. 917906

lmao why are some of you so mad that some people knew? It's an open secret in the Netherlands…

No. 917908

lmao ain't this the truth.

No. 917913

post caps of people talking about it before today then

No. 917919

File: 1578981713195.jpg (329.28 KB, 1080x1842, Screenshot_20200113-220139_Chr…)

One simple Google search, and the rumors date back earlier from his town

No. 917939

>>917762 considering the person she was gonna marry didn’t even know until she was forced to come out I don’t know if she would have ever released this information public or privately tbh

I just hope people don’t expect her to be openly trans and shift her content to somethings she kept to herself her whole life now
plus It’s probably really uncomfortable for her to think/talk about these things after completing her transition and never having to worry about things most transgender people worry about every day .
I’m sure she was happy never having to worry about passing until now lol

No. 917944

no, its because women find gay men funny or more interesting. Like you gotta admit most female youtubers are mediocre or at best need to up their personality game to compete.

>Female drama sticks longer than the male drama

I think this is more of the case that so far, female MUA's tend to handle drama way worse - example; Laura Lee, Jackie Hill. Combined with the fact gay, sassy personalities are more likeable and thus forgivable? I guess? Or gays tend to show to be confident and uncaring? Manny MUA has no fucking personality but being gay or quirky, yet he's fucking around for some reason.

No. 917945

>but how disconnected from reality do you have to be to think he is blackmailing another YouTuber about being secretly trans. It was probably someone Nikkie went to school with or an estranged family member.
Genuine question how is this at all disconnected from reality though? I don’t understand why this is would be so inconceivable, unless you’re truly just completely ignorant to his past behavior. So far we have no proof of any of the other people are speculating it could be, and nothing but proof that Jeffree has done this shit numerous times over to anyone he even remotely considers competition.

No. 917947

Thought that at first
Has a point. She did say “working through it” but doesn’t necessarily mean what. He could’ve known but maybe his family or friends didn’t. It’s one thing for your partner to know, and in her shoes her reaction was positive and smart. But I wonder how people will react to her fiancé now that they all know, time will tell.

No. 917951

I’m actually surprised. Literally had no idea. I’m not big in the whole beauty guru community but I’ve watched her videos on YouTube before (not for a couple years).

I like that she’s kept it to herself and not flaunted it for ~spechul points. People who have to remind everyone they are gay/bi/trans/non binary on the daily are obnoxious.

I agree with some anons tho saying her mom sounds like a big culprit in why Nikki is trans. Sounds like mama Nikki was hyped to have a girl, saw she had a boy instead, was devastated, and raised her child in a feminine atmosphere. I’m not surprised her mom was “super supportive”- she didn’t want a son.

No. 917959

yeah, and neither did all the idiots here claiming otherwise. I get it now, but people have to remember the word 'troon' originally meant "a masculine bio woman that gets misclocked."

The 'my granny could clock Jazz Jennings from a kilometre away'; is bollocks pushed by fringe GC nutters. Nikkie was just huge, but I've met women that big, some having health issue that caused it.

No. 917975

lmao calm the fuck down anon and try to do a cost/benefit analysis.
Give me one good reason as to why a successful, rich man with no need for more money would risk his already tarnished reputation to blackmail another youtuber who's career is on decline?

Jeffree is a piece of shit and a petty bitch but he ain't stupid. Besides if Nikkies bf didn't know she's trans chances are that Jeffree didn't know either.

No. 917976

Can't believe anyone is trying to argue that Jeffree wouldn't do this given his long career of being an utter asshole to everyone and spreading gossip like there's no tomorrow, but on the "other culprits" front, I saw some old screencaps on Twitter from a Dutch forum. Deleted now or privated, but there's a video on Youtube about it too. Basically a dutch beauty vlogger collabed with Nikkie a few years ago, and that vlogger apparently had a cameraman who spotted the "M" on her passport. However, what's the deal Dutch anons?
Wouldn't her documents say F if she had transitioned?

No. 917981


It's because at this point in his career he has no reason to. He is much more popular than Nikkie but also it seems like he is back on "okay" terms with her after the whole Too Faced drama. She isn't big enough or publicly shitting on Jeffree so why would he target her?
Also for me I think the most obvious reason it's not him is because why would he blackmail and force her to come out when it steals the spotlight he so desperately craves? You know he is fuming that she came out days after he released his video about him and Nate breaking up. It was the talk of the beauty guru world and he surely had plans to milk that shit until a new makeup launch. Now this news has completely overshadowed his breakup. I wouldn't be surprised if he anonymously leaked some more details about the breakup just to steal the spotlight back.

No. 917982

THIS. Omfg it kinda makes me sad that she’s biologically male. I’m pretty tall and deep voiced myself and she was one of those fellow tall girls who carried themselves confidently this inspiring me the fact that people are like “I always knew!! She’s so tall and has a manly voice” makes me sad for normal girls who are tall and broad shouldered with deep voices. I never thought her voice sounded trans. Ever, Most trans girls sound like Blaire White or Nikita dragon, like a very nasally gay man. I remembered her old videos of her as a teenager and she looks like an actual young girl, i honestly have a hard time believing she’s a trans lady, maybe im just biased and don’t want to but smh, why is it so hard for people to accept that women can be tall and broad shouldered and have a deep voice?

No. 917987

>Can't believe anyone is trying to argue that Jeffree wouldn't do this given his long career of being an utter asshole to everyone and spreading gossip like there's no tomorrow

This though. I also don’t understand how people act like money would be the only possible motivation for anyone to ever leak this kind of info.
As others have said: Jeffree would absolutely benefit from Nikki being intimidated and possibly starting to withdraw. I could even see him getting a kick out of having this much power over someone.
I‘m not, however, saying it’s not equally possible for it to be someone who isn’t in the public eye. Especially considering that it’s probably more likely for someone from her past/private life to have actual proof.

No. 917988

Damn, I thought he was an actual woman with a weird voice (I thought maybe he was smoking or something like that) and fucked up proportions so I guess he passed better than average. I was weirded out in a few video where he was filmed next to female MUAs because his head and shoulders were huge but I thought he was just really fat in a weird way. I can't say I saw it coming at all, my only reaction is that this explains a lot.

No. 917990

No. 917991

File: 1579003081017.gif (1.42 MB, 498x396, disgust.gif)

Definitely didn't see this coming. I had no idea, but I'm not a fan (just indifferent) so I never heard the rumors.

However, it's so fucking autistic how many of you are insisting on calling Nikkie "he/him" now, though, when you were literally okay with calling her a woman two days ago. I understand lc is pretty anti-trans so I shouldn't be surprised, but Nikkie clearly isn't some cringe Tumblr fakeboi that deserves to have her identity ignored like that; this isn't a phase or something she did for internet points.

It's a catch-22. I've seen people saying, "Well, it was deceptive for her not to have told her audience, so she doesn't deserve my respect!" but when you purposefully misgender her because you have some autistic hatred for (legitimately) trans people… it's almost like she had a pretty damn good reason to want to wait. If she came out early in her career, ya'll would have been calling her a troon and misgendering her; now, she chose to keep this part of her life a secret to avoid the backlash, and she's deceptive. And gets misgendered anyway, lmao.

Just can't win. Admit you were fooled and move on. It's not like her XY chromosomes affect any of us in literally any way.

I keep reading rumors about Jarrod Blandino and his sister potentially being the blackmailers. I hope we find out soon. I love when the internet takes a shit on vile people.

No. 917992

If it makes you feel better we only know him thanks to videos, it's easy to make yourself look different on cameras and in pictures just with lighting and angles. Almost nobody irl would see a tall woman in motion and hear her and think "maybe she's trans" unless they're retarded or paranoid.

No. 917997

We were fooled by him and we know it. Stop already.

No. 918033

I’m surprised no one has speculated that the person blackmailing nikkie could be her ex Ricky whom she was engaged too, they broke up because this guy cheated on her for a while with another woman. They were together from 2013-2018 and engaged, Nikkie was 19 back in 2013 which means she went through neovagina surgery kek soon before getting with him or after. the nastiness of the breakup and of this guy makes me think he’s related to this coming out. He must have trashed Nikkie with the other woman and then wait to blackmail nikkie for a while so they wouldn’t be blamed. What do you guys think?
Also this guy was freedloading nikkie, he’d drive all of her luxury cars and just live a lavish lifestyle funded by her.

No. 918036

Fooled? Nah man, she didn’t owe anything to anyone except perhaps her fiancé. Like the person you responded to said everyone was fine calling her a woman 2 days ago, she has fully transisitioned, why you gotta be offended?

No. 918041

I reckon Jeffree knew but I don’t think he was the one blackmailing her. Someone probably told him to suck up to J being the queen bee of make-up or J had a PI look into her (and all the other big MUAs). J would have let Nikkie know that he knew or joked about it in front of Nikkie to make it seem like he knew. I don’t think he would have ever used it though as too much potential backlash. I think it’s more likely someone from her past with pictures or the photographer who saw her passport.

No. 918073

My first thought was that it was her ex or someone connected to him. He sees her moving on with a new guy and probably misses being bankrolled by her. I'm kind of shocked it wasn't exposed before this considering she seemed to imply kids in her elementary school knew she was a boy presenting as a girl as a child.

No. 918113

Some people here are really acting like J* would be idiotic enough to 'expose' her like that. He's still getting backlash from the shit he said/did a while back and outing someone in this day and age really is career suicide, and Nikki would have probably told everyone about it.

No. 918138

You two sound fucking retarded, no wonder you're both getting upset over people using the correct pronouns for his sex now they know he's not actually a woman.(pronoun infighting)

No. 918188

Girl I'm from Holland as well and the reason why children are allowed to go on hormones at all is because of Dutch researchers. According to the ''Dutch model'', you can get puberty blockers at age 12, cross-sex hormones at age 16 and surgery at age 18. Dutch people invented this shit.
Most beauty gurus are female, but the males are the most successful ones. They're the ones with millions of subscribers making the most money. Whenever Jaclyn Hill releases bad makeup everyone turns against her, but when the JeffreexShane pallet turned out to be shit, people didn't care that much. Where were all the drama videos about that? They bullied Jaclyn off of the Internet yet whenever Jeffree or James Charles makes a mistake, people let it slide eventually.
Cross-sex hormones make you gain weight lol. He's super fragile. I'm from Holland and occasionally the press white about him. Last year he built his own gym, costing millions, because he was ''fat shamed'' at a regular gym. He also admitted hed has TONS of filler in his face.
I have met a few Dutch women who are like 185 cms but Nikki explained in the video he was put on hormones that stop your growth, meaning he was supposed to be even taller.
Nikki and Jeffree used to be friends but their relationship was eventually broken off and they never explained why. I think it's possible Nikki trusted Jeffree and Jeffree was like ''I'm gonna tell the entire Internet''
He used to have another boyfriend a few years ago, very likely they broke off because of the transgender thing.
In the video Nikki explained his fiance already knew, I hope he told him before sleeping with him or doing anything sexual
Nikki said he got surgery at age 19, and I believe he met his current fiance after that
He uses a lot of American Internet gay slang in his videos. In Dutch he speaks like a normal person lol. It's like listening to two completely different people.
Legal gender changes have been possible in every member of the Council of Europe since the 1980s I think. It started out with the case Goodwin/UK. So in short, it's very much possible to change your gender legally in Holland. We also put children on blockers so you know.

No. 918198

File: 1579034286189.png (1.53 MB, 750x1334, 34A28FB9-0B81-471B-A5BA-599001…)

No wonder that girl her ex fiancé cheated on with was trans too, just went digging and found this on that girls insta. I’m surprised none of us saw this coming lol

No. 918203

No. 918208

File: 1579035359462.png (32.25 KB, 707x351, huh.png)

No. 918212

i wouldn't be surprised considering the collab drama, and the owners of too faced have been proven to be shitty people numerous times. it's gonna look really bad for their brand if it's true
well there goes my