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File: 1495955464706.jpg (188.07 KB, 1025x853, ClKUqjzUoAIZ8WZ.jpg.16f1e1a9ce…)

No. 323374

Previous thread

>500 oil drenched 'healthy' ~*vegan*~ sandwiches down, and yet poor Queen Sharla hasn't lost a pound

>Taylor isn't the empowered 'Girl Boss' she put herself out there to be.
>Mimei has cut herself of from the clique, husband claimed she was treated poorly by 'fake vegan friends'. Hmmmm.
>Bii is cranky because she is irrelevant now.
>Kim Dao is now just a memory

No. 323376

File: 1495955557772.png (80.73 KB, 544x515, tubbyinjapan.png)

Posted summer last year. Any guesses as to where the line goes now? kek

No. 323418


Does anyone give a shit?

No. 323420

For the Miranda WK in the last thread. Check over at her thread. She spent about 20 min on a live Q&A shitting on Miceala.

No. 323472

That's hilarious. And shows why you can't eat anything you want just because you're vegan. I never really realized that she also believed in this but it makes sense because you mostly find this way of thinking on YouTube.

No. 323488

File: 1495980763431.jpg (Spoiler Image, 74.98 KB, 594x412, 5183167 _bf49cdffae9918a2f6484…)

old archive pic of sharla from around a year ago

No. 323490

File: 1495980881864.jpg (77.26 KB, 1128x636, RPayyVa.jpg)

sharlas lover is mokomichi

No. 323518

I bet Sharla's BF is disgusted with her cooking

No. 323521

File: 1495982771778.jpg (338.32 KB, 1000x1215, Le derp face.jpg)

No. 323525

Go away kiki

No. 323527

taylor ruined her face

No. 323529

Someone should photoshop her face onto his.

No. 323539

How is Taylor gaining subscribers so fast all of a sudden? Every time I refresh her profile, there's like 2-3 new ones within seconds.

No. 323545

ugly boots

No. 323546


He probably eats out or orders take out for himself.

Does anyone know if he's Vegan too ? cause I'd assume that if he's not then he probably doesn't really enjoy eating any of her cooking.


Spoiler this shit. Her fucking eyes are tripping me out.

No. 323555

just click "hide" before the filename mrs entitled

No. 323573

File: 1495987475849.png (111.88 KB, 353x500, IMG_20170528_172539.thumb.png.…)

Innocent little Miranda was "deceived again by vicious haterz..

No. 324066

Please, let's talk about Mimei's new video. Why everyone wants to be blonde!!??

No. 324070

File: 1496022485762.jpg (39.19 KB, 333x230, shurla_foreman.jpg)

No. 324076

They probably eat completely separate meals, veganism isn't really a thing there. (Taylor and elbowsan do the same thing)

It's always awkward as fuck seeing Taylor's vlogs where she cooks and then her bf orders some fast food since he doesn't seem to like vegan/her cooking.

No. 324079

Where did that ever happen? She cooks meat for him and doesn't always easy vegan anyway.

No. 324083

I'm not going to go through the vlogs, but there have been times where she has made food and has stated that her bf ordered fried chicken for dinner. The few times I remember her cooking for him were for special events like anniversary or birthdays

No. 324086

I'm confused by that black line on the upper eyelid reaching pretty far and low to the bottom lid? That corner space seems huge?

No. 324088

Me too, it's like where does the normal eye start and end?

No. 324091

It look ok on camera or at least i dont noticed it much but irl must look pretty crazy :(

No. 324122

I will remain forever rustled by how she doesn't realize that minimal makeup looks so much better on her.

No. 324123

Kim Dao's recent vlog features Taylor. Kim must be neutral to whole Mimei drama thing and not taking sides, though the whole meetup seemed painful and forced on Kim's part anyway. She still likes Mimei's IG pictures so she probably hasn't really chosen sides with anyone.

So is this PeachMilky chick and her BF staying in Japan for the longhaul? The BF apparently got a teaching job but what is she going to do?

No. 324126

i think that most people that make a living of their looks are reaaaally self conscious. She paints on another face every single day.

No. 324128

I thought Kim had left by now but she keeps posting videos/photos in Japan. Didn't this girl announce she was moving like 6 months ago?

Also PeachMilky is probably there on a tourist visa, it's 3 months right?

No. 324131

PeachMilky said in one video that she is there with a working holiday visa

No. 324133


So that means she can get a job right? Unless Youtube is her job?

No. 324136

File: 1496028036719.jpg (33.08 KB, 457x316, hqdefault.jpg)

It's an eyeliner trick to make your eyes look bigger. It looks better with bottom lashes, but generally looks pretty fake irl.

No. 324137

Peachmilky said youtube is her job.

No. 324139

She might be able to apply for an entertainment visa with YT but I think she will have to sign with a studio/agency to be able to qualify.

No. 324143

File: 1496028614093.png (1.85 MB, 1334x750, IMG_7196.PNG)

Mimei looks like a 40 year old transsexual with fried hair. She need to ditch those glasses

No. 324144

why everyone is trying to be blonde??? Mimei needs to pay a better salon.

No. 324151

File: 1496029177742.png (256.39 KB, 370x348, Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 11.3…)


Her face here reminds me of one of those smelty Picasso portraits.


Part of me is like Mimei should get bangs to make her face look shorter ( less horsy ), but than I remember how greasy they always looked… Maybe she should ask Taylor where to get cheek fillers at to add some width to her face.. idk..

No. 324170

One step above Bii!

No. 324175

What an unflattering photo. I think she looks pretty cute usually - and as a blonde - particularly in her "mimei" channel videos, but this just ages her. I wish she'd dress better, too.

For people like that that come in on a tourist visa and stay for months, I just wonder like wtf are they doing with their responsibilities at home? Who takes extended vacations like that if they're not rich/don't need a job?

No. 324190

why does she never color all of her hair?? I swear, if she just lightened her roots instead of getting that weird ombre/highlights thing she ALWAYS does, her hair wouldn't look as greasy

No. 324191

ombre? i wish. Not faded at all.

No. 324194


Perhaps the tourist visa and Japan trip was an excuse for all of her free cosmetic surgery all along. And the Japan sightseeing was just an added bonus to gain subs.

No. 324200

I don't think she's that ugly, but she always wears/does things she thinks are pretty and cute but it just doesn't suit her. Her glasses for example, she probably saw someone wearing them and looking cute, and was like "I should wear them too!" I mean be free and do whatever you like but at least look in the mirror and be honest before you go out. Get to know your face. Her face is really slim and long, and her hair is the worst cut for that face. She needs volume. I like the new hair but she needs a different cut and a shower. My hair is real fine too, if she doesn't want to shower that much she can use dry shampoo.

No. 324264

So what exactly is the sharia drenching everything in oil thing about…? Is there some kind of mythical nutritional benefit belief behind this?

No. 324265


Just curious but don't want to watch a whole awkward video lol

No. 324266

I agree. I think she's pretty, not model pretty, but average pretty for sure. It's the choices che makes with makeup and glasses that really bash her. She needs smaller and more elongated glasses to flatter her long face. And she needs to stop doing her eyebrows like two fat orizontal lines. I swear sometimes she almost gives herself a unibrow!
These girls need to understand that not all korean makeup looks good on everyone, especially if you're not so good at doing makeup.

No. 324281


nice try, isis

No. 324302

you mean josie green

No. 324312

now that she finally has new camera she can stop throwing shade at the wealthy gals?

No. 324337

on a side note, taylor had an interview with cosmopolitan japan and met up with venus. but venus didnt feel like vlogging so they only hang out and it only gets mentioned.

No. 324347


"""""" Sharla ♡ シャーラ‏ @SharlaInJapan 9 Jun 2016

Fiance decided he will stop eating meat when he turns 30 for some reason? Yay~ I won't have to cook 2 different meals anymore???""""""

For some reason………

No. 324349

>>321975 (from part 7)

I remember Sharla saying she moved to the countryside, far from Tokyo, long train rides and she couldn't afford the bullet train but she lives in Chiba?. That's not that far from Tokyo, and is not a long train ride, specially if you are in Chiba capital or surroundings.

I wonder if she truly lives in the countryside, like genuine countryside and not in a small city.

No. 324391

looks like an afghan hound

No. 324392

that is an insult to afgan hounds

No. 324421

File: 1496069452971.jpg (712.37 KB, 1412x1059, ZBDWH7n.jpg)

Gotta love Sharla, from Saturday (minimum) to Tuesday in Tokyo with the same clothes. At least put another shirt in your backpack, doesn't take that much space.

No. 324422

oh myy her sister D: whaaaat are you wearing!!? you are not hiking or something.

No. 324440

let her live

No. 324447

I know so many outdoorsy type girls like this back in Canada. She probably does go on hikes back home lmao.

No. 324452


No. 324464


Sister looks gross, her face looks like a 40 year old. Sharla at least looks youthful. But that outfit though…

No. 324467

Im a painter and that doesn't mean i go out with my dirty/painted clothes.

No. 324474


she's been wearing the same clothes since she arrived in japan, she's not much better than sharts when it comes to fashion

No. 324475

they're joking around, anon.

No. 324476

The shameless way Taytay is copying Jake Paul when he does the "instant teleportation" thing in her last vlog
Also Sharla seems to live in a dirty hole compared to Taylor's house lmao

No. 324478

we all live in a dirty hole compared with Taylor's. hahahha

No. 324534

Uhhh well then can you explain it? What does misspelling Sharla have to do with isis?

No. 324537

Sharia Law

No. 324541

No. 324544

File: 1496077848691.jpg (6.5 KB, 220x160, download.jpg)

No. 324554

uneducated twat(s)

No. 324557

ewwww what is that

No. 324571



An anime character, or Sharla in musty, 3-days-of-sweat encrusted clothes. I'm not sure which one you're referring to.

No. 324575

it's really a reach. Calm down, your joke isn't funny.

No. 324623


Not the anon that post the ISIS comment, but it was hilarious.

If you were smarter, you'd find it funny as well.

No. 324625

>it's really a reach
Is English not your first language, friend?

No. 324629

you used "reach" incorrectly lol
(or you possibly still dont get the joke)

No. 324635

There is no right or wrong way to use "reach".


No. 324643

eh, I thought it was pretty funny.

No. 324650

I noticed whenever Sharla gets a new piece of clothing she will wear it every single day until she gets something new again. Reminds me of when I was like 8 and would always wanna wear my new clothes for school and would have done so if my mother wouldn't have stopped me. Maybe Sharla needs someone to tell her to stop that.

No. 324652

Oh my fucking god, are you retarded?

Calling a stupid joke "reaching" is completely out of context. Lurk moar newfag

No. 324654

OMG how have i never noticed that!

No. 324660

if she really wears the same outfit everyday without washing it…. it has to smell awful

No. 324756

File: 1496098628296.jpg (130.74 KB, 736x490, 865de1498557d461f93c5c1f043efa…)

"Morning pineapples"

No. 324764

the hair isn't greasy enough

No. 324792


Still more female looking than Bii.

No. 324793

Unlike Josephine the dog is friendly and good looking.

No. 324799


It was like two days anon, how much do you sweat?

No. 324828

Kind of random but shine made a video throwing shade about the anime man and the jvlog community.

@ minute 9:25

>people will associate me with youtubers who i don't fucking like

>people will associate me with anime youtubers that's fucking cringey
>people will associate me with jbloggers, yeah I don't mind, they can do their own thing whatever but I don't want to be in the same category as them

So if there was still any doubt shine ended his friendship with sharla and joey etc, there it is.
sage bcs idk if this is all that relevant but meh

No. 324912


More like 4 days. In humid Japan.

No. 324945

Einshine the fucking rapist?

No. 324950

What's the point in having a goal weight if you're just going to eat whatever you want??? This just goes to show she became vegan just to lose weight, not because of the animals. I'm glad she's failing.

No. 325012

? Why'd you post a pic of John Lennon

No. 325013

did that turn out to be true or just some fantasy written by a crazy fangirl?

No. 325034

Yeah chiba is not far. I live in the middle of nowhere ibaraki and tokyo is only an hour or so by highway bus. Chiba can be quite countryside if you're outside the main cities lots of great hiking.

No. 325067

It turned out to be fantasy of a crazy ex-girlfriend that somehow got in contact with two other girls he apperently mistreated. Never got any proof of real names, actually staying in Japan, taking legal actions etc. There wasn't even a proof it was more than one crazy girl.
I really looked into that story and it scared me. I don't like Einshine, at all, and I'm not defending him. Just pointing out that putting yourself on the internet can backlash with very serious false accusations… and that's scary.

No. 325072

File: 1496129012382.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0456.PNG)

This is just such a weird photo, it looks so try hard

No. 325079

these 2 are really hamming up the bff4eva fantasy

No. 325087


How many filters and retouches?.

No. 325088

Sharla looks like a guy

No. 325096

A young mother and her daughter

No. 325106

but which ones which is unclear.

No. 325111


obv tay is the daughter

No. 325114

uhm… what?

No. 325116

Sharla looks like she's on the toilet about to drop a big deuce kek

No. 325117


Taylor always looks so tiny and delicate next to Pork-chan.

No. 325119

Oh my god. Can we get a farmhand in this thread? Learn to lurk a little before posting and sage your shit ffs. So many pulltard newfags it's so annoying.

Sharla is trying so hard she's gonna hurt her neck. Taylor looks her usual self but Sharla's pose is so funny kek

Too many.

No. 325122

File: 1496138552792.png (470.8 KB, 2208x1242, IMG_0011.PNG)

Vegan Taytay~…

No. 325128

calm down, bitch.

common, anon, she is *~plant based~* now

No. 325136

she was vegan only because it was trendy

No. 325165


She never claimed being vegan. Seems like too many of you have selective hearing.

No. 325169

exactly. she's aways eaten this way.
she only posted her vegan meals bc thats what she thought people were interested in/wanted to see until she realized people want to see her whole diet so
ya shes not vegan, can we stop talking about it now its BORING

No. 325174


I'm howling !
In the back of my head I can hear Koots from the distance screaming "pedo lesbians !! Pedo lesbians ".

No. 325178

Taylor is trying really hard to copy Kylie Jenner but the pic is an epic fail because Sharla, she look like a robot or a mannequin.

No. 325182

yes she did. jfc can we get over this topic?? she used to claim to be vegan, got called out, said she has to eat meat n shit because they give models food at work, then she changed the vegan to plant-based. but don't say she didn't claim to be vegan. she did. now amen to this bumerang topic

No. 325188


Give me link to where she claimed to be vegan

No. 325189

why would I do free labour for you? Lurk her old videos yourself if you have time to waste

No. 325190

meant to tag >>325188 obviously, sorry

No. 325191


so you don't have proof I see lol

No. 325198

File: 1496148852085.jpg (868.16 KB, 1920x2560, image.jpg)


Give a girl a little attention and temporary fame for copying, and she'll go all the way.

The second hand embarrassment.

No. 325201

>koots screaming pedo lesbians
top fucking kek

this was discussed before iirc. She never actually stated that she was 100% vegan, she is just really good at making people assume things without stating them.
As she never stated that she didnt live with her boyfriend in her last flat, she just made it look like, so people assumed she was living alone.
It's actually smart, because she cant be called out for lying. Yet, it's fake.

No. 325215

Lmao what is wrong with Taylor? This is so weird and creepy…

No. 325216

B-but that's not kawaii!!

No. 325221


Why the fuck would anyone want to be associated with any of the Kardashian klan.

As has been pointed out repeatedly, she never said that she was vegan. Either back up your statement or fuck off.

No. 325222

Copying one pic was cringe enough, does she not have any original ideas?

No. 325223

1) She looooves them and secretly wishes she was them. Pretends it's all sarcasm
2) Her boots video got so many views, she's trying to milk it wherever she can

No. 325225

File: 1496153011991.jpg (922.01 KB, 1920x1080, uh no.jpg)

She said she got interviewed by Cosmo Japan about exercising… and yet she doesn't know how to do a simplified push-up. Her form is so bad.

No. 325244


Was this how she started out? Yeeesh… This is almost /fit/ meme tier bad.

No. 325257

File: 1496156042086.png (596.02 KB, 1871x1186, IMG_7242.PNG)

No, it's from today's video.

Taylor literally posted this (without the original) on Instagram. Watch her be like "A lot of comments said I was copying Kylie.. obviously I just did it for fun as a social experiment". She's trying so hard to ride on this now because of her boots video.

No. 325260

"Social experiment" are the two words most mediocre youtubers hide behind.

No. 325262

She probably thrives on YASSS SLAYY comments from her 14 year old fans. And stuff like "You're way prettier than her!!"

No. 325266

First Kota, now Kylie? Does Taylor have her own personality at all?

No. 325280

Taylor got it wrong. Her Kylie boots video went viral not because she was copying Kylie, but because it was FUNNY how those boots don't translate to real life and look awkward and weird (also Japanese people judging her).

She somehow thinks it got popular because she is copying Kylie, and now she is copying her insta pictures…for what exact purpose? It's not funny at all.

No. 325296

File: 1496159947228.jpg (53.25 KB, 849x475, 32442.jpg)

… she is still wearing it?
jfc… she cant be serious

No. 325298

File: 1496160077961.jpg (19.34 KB, 333x887, 42444.jpg)

also she looks hella unfortunate in taylors vlog

No. 325324

Wtf dude, if she hasn't washed those clothes in between she must stink like a cow's ass. I'd bet she's been wearing the same underwear too ew

No. 325340

File: 1496162527312.gif (2.85 MB, 312x234, 1317431730798.gif)

i want to lick taylor's tummy here for some reason. i think i may have caught the gay.

No. 325352

So when Taylor gets a sudden boost in views for her Kendall boots video she now realizes what's gonna get herore subs and $$$$. Hence the Kardashian copying. Would not be surprised if more of her future videos end up being based on Kardashian shit.

No. 325400

same tbh… maybe it's just because Kylie Jenner and Sharla make her look like a qt?

No. 325429

File: 1496169881848.jpg (27.09 KB, 593x583, Clipboard015.jpg)

i laughed so hard from that gif top kek

i actually disagree. It got popular because it had the name "kylie jenner" in the title. it had nothing to do with her, she was just leeching off a popular name. maybe she is trying to change her fan base. but she is kind of in the wrong country for that.

No. 325506


Sloppy seconds and thirds with Elbow-san. I'm sure he's gone there and other places as well.

No. 325517

Honestly in comparison to the real pictures it just makes her look worse you probably already had a thing this weeb creature from the start. Personally
I never thought she was pretty.

No. 325520

Everyone who doesn't find this freak attractive is kiki I guess.

No. 325529

File: 1496180516357.png (122.51 KB, 224x270, download (1).png)


Ia. Chubface was never appealing imho.

No. 325535

this looks like some salad fingers type shit

No. 325554

Been away for a while, what's the recent drama with Mimei? Did she have a fall out with the rest of the crew?

No. 325583


Everyone looks good next to those hairy, Armenian freaks. Even Sharla.

No. 325595

Yikes. Someone got triggered.

No. 325603

The rape story also sounded as bullshit. I don't care if mods talked to that Ashley girl and she gave her reasons why she wouldn't fill a lawsuit.She could've lied to the mods too. If you're underage and go to the hospital to get an analysis and turns out Shine raped her and she got an infection from him, the hospital would handle the situation. So I call bullshit. And that "what about my parents" things is also bs. Oh so your parents got divorced and that's one of the reasons you don't want to go to court.
I don't give a fuck about Shine but fake rape accusation is really serious and if you don't take it to court and start making up things, you only make it harder to believe real victims. He's an asshole and a cheater, but I highly doubt he raped her.

No. 325605


I was the last one, not the other two. Not triggered, just amused. 'Sup anon we wk'ing Taytay now?

No. 325606

No one is 100% sure what happened, all we know is that Mimei and Duncan posted salty/shady videos and tweets for a while about "fake vegan friends" and Mimei hasn't hung out with the rest of the group for months.

No. 325607


jfc stop being lazy and do your homework. go back to the last thread.

No. 325609

??? There was no final conclusion in the last thread. It turned into a "Hi Bibi" "Hi Taylor" "Hi Sharla" shitfest and nothing came out of it.

All we have is that Mimei is pissed at them for something about instagram/fake friends, while Bii said something about emails/Mimei threatening some sort of action against the rest of the girls. No one knows what actually happened.

No. 325610

lolcow makes every vegan sound fucking crazy tbh.

No. 325611

File: 1496186007519.gif (976.31 KB, 397x397, 1487913016874.gif)

actually i'm sure she's doing this for laughs and with intention for it to be noticed. i'm not a huge fan but i saw on a vlog that she and sharla watch a lot of kardashians together, probably find these meme-levels of funny, etc

No. 325632

Kylie senpai notice mee!!

No. 325717

From copying koots to the kardashians?

Her siblings also make fun of how bad her form is. It's obv she does w/e at the gym and eat very little to stay stick thin, as opposed to doing it for health.

No. 325727

is it weird that i think sharla looks pretty here? she looks nice with her hair pulled back, more mature instead of her usual frumpy teenager look.

No. 325730

it's probably the best she ever looked

No. 325757


All she eats is basically salad, so no surprise she's stayed so skinny.

I also will never understand why every single stick thin girl feels the need to tell people "omg I eat sooo much, I just can't stop". Taylor seems to be doing it more and more I find, like she needs to add in the " I've been eating so much of this/ I've ate a whole bag in one sitting" in her videos.

No. 325764

There's a really appropriate quote in spanish "Dime de que presumes, y dire de que careces." something like "tell me what you presume, and I will tell you what you're missing." She doesn't eat as much as she "shows" she's way too skinny, maybe she has an eating disorder.

No. 325767

They look so stiff and awkward

No. 325771


Never noticed until now but Sharla has a pretty big nose.

No. 325774


Link to the video?. Thanks.

No. 325779


I don't want to jump on that boat "she has an ED" as there isn't really any 100% evidence of it. She was a model and its very evident that she's all over very self conscious about how she looks. She however does eat like a fucking rabbit and go her to meal is generally a vegan salad.

No. 325789

File: 1496203235904.jpg (874.65 KB, 3405x3278, IMG_0026.JPG)

Wtf why is she doing this

No. 325790


this is so embarrassing i can't even look at it for long without needing to apologize to someone myself

No. 325804

Bet Kiki is having a field day at home rn.

No. 325844

fucking same, I'm getting serious second hand embarrassment for her

No. 325897

I can understand copying one or two pics for fun but she went way overboard

No. 326014

Gotta love how Sharla tries so hard to be behind Taylor to avoid showing her body with that top.


No. 326030

>way too skinny

That is not what skinny looks like, anon. A hf runway model would be "way too skinny", Taylor is just average thin.

No. 326073


You can hear Taylor's heart breaking in this part of the video, it was a little awkward to watch to be honest.

No. 326092

I have a feeling Sharla is only doing this to piggyback the attention, it just seems not her thing to do.

No. 326096

They're having fun with taking pics like celebs and not hurting anyone by doing so. Why is this a topic like it's such a bad thing to do?


Starts at 7:42 "I am NOT vegan" stfu about the vegan discussion when she stated in the beginning that she's not vegan.

No. 326097

File: 1496233013765.gif (15.96 MB, 500x280, fzzbbFT.gif)


No. 326125

Because it's weird and creepy anon

No. 326134

File: 1496239312418.png (395.35 KB, 847x404, hmmmm.png)

i just watched taylors "alone in tokyo" video

why didnt sharla invite taylor to hang with her? seems a bit mean to me. or were they taking a sly dig at josie green (aka mimei)

No. 326140

it really isn't.

No. 326148


And today she is wearing black overalls again but in all fairness, is a different model, what's up with Sharla and overalls, is that the best next thing when you don't want to wear skirts in the summer?.

No. 326242

I'm pretty sure it was scripted, anons. She has been doing skits and things lately

No. 326278

Hiding bloat.

No. 326284

cus taylor wears overalls

No. 326287

Didn't seem scripted anon

No. 326294

It's probably scripted

No. 326359

are you dumb? the awkward look throwing into the camera is the worst attempt of "acting" and pretending ive seen since i watched her in that netflix series.

No. 326448

File: 1496269363203.gif (2.53 MB, 480x360, ffs.gif)

lol are you 12? Of course it was scripted, jfc, they were making a joke. Taylor is the queen of thinking somethings a lot funnier than it actually is

No. 326636

I wonder what you think of WWE.

No. 326763


I thought the same at the beginning but think about it, in a situation like that Taylor looks like a fool, why not cutting that from the video?. Is totally scripted, I wouldn't be surprised if they made it to make fun of the people online that believe is real.

This girls lie, manipulate and in general are as fake as it gets.

No. 326988

you'd have to be retarded not to know that was scripted.

No. 327403

File: 1496375622410.png (84.75 KB, 184x260, Untitled.png)


No. 327414


What is gross?.

No. 327416

It's so weird seeing full body pics of Sharla after 3+ years of her myspace angle videos

No. 327424

these are probably the best pics I've seen of Sharla. If she dropped the weeb look she could look decent.

No. 327426


Kek she blatantly tries to hide her body and the whole vegan thing is obviously to lose weight. I feel like there would be less milk on shartla the mooch if she stopped trying to be something she's not and just admit she's chubby… She is so jealous of taylor tbh kek

No. 327463

File: 1496385534502.png (159.61 KB, 748x1020, IMG_7295.PNG)

I dunno, I really like this one. But probably because it looks nothing like her.

No. 327465


Filters, a ton of makeup and who knows what more, obviously she looks nothing liker her.

No. 327466


Are you being sarcastic?, because she looks bad in those pics, go to her instagram account, you can see really good pics of her there, granted they don't reflect 100% how she looks in real life but that's the name of the game.

No. 327492

taylor makes her wear kylie one fucking time and now she overdoes her lips smh basic bitches

is kylie makeup even vegan

No. 327563

you'd have to be retarded not to know that was the joke.

No. 327568

Is Kim Dao finally leaving?

No. 327570

taylor is defo jumping onto the safiya nygaard bandwagon style of videos. and to be honest, its working - safiya got like 2m subs within a few months and her vids get AT LEAST 1 million views. saf makes these "i did _ for a week" or "i wore _ in public". taylor saw the success of safiya and did the kendall jenner boots and look at the views its brought her (1.4m and and 60k new subs in the past month), so now she's using the kardashian name again for a new video "i instagrammed like kylie jenner for a week"

No. 327576

You know some people expect jokes to be actual constructed attempts at humour and not just 5 seconds of sad glances. You would have to be in high school to find that funny.

>Popular girl gets rejected by best friend. Soooooooooooo Awkward. Ha. Ha.

It was poorly done for comedic effect, get over it.

No. 327582

Woah. It's almost like she's a youtuber who wants her videos to be popular so she can make money. Imagine that…?

No. 327584

Hmm, I wonder if she'll consider moving back to hong kong soon since her friends are leaving. I Sharla will be leaving too, but don't know when that is.

No. 327585


yeah wow imagine that. and imagine bandwagoning off of everyone else's ideas to get it. it's one thing to want your videos to become popular, but aren't youtubers content creators? taylor doesn't create shit, she rips off basically every single "main" video idea from somebody else. she deserves to be criticized for it. plus some of these people actually rely on their content's views as a source of income - i think it's safe to say taylor would be completely fine without her youtube $$

No. 327586

All youtubers copy each other. Even safiya is copying all those other challenge youtubers and riding that buzzfeed fame.

No. 327591

You either don't watch big youtubers or are just arguing to argue. Copying popular content is the only big thing on youtube right now, original creators are few and far between.

Trying food from "weird countries!!", people reacting to videos, bitching about youtube, fidget spinners, ~aesthetic vlogs~ with time lapses, etc. All of these things were trends and copied by essentially every major youtuber out there.

No. 327592

jfc can we stop discussing over it? it was bad. everyone agress on that part.

No. 327629


Jesus all that whine and misery just because she didn't finish her chores and her friends are moving on.

I still want to see what she's going to do with the Kylie copycat shit. I dunno how IG images are going to pan out into a "I tried this " style of video as there is no shock value. (Plus she didn't do all that great of a job )

No. 327633

I doubt it. If anything I think Taylor will move before Sharla, she always makes videos about missing home/family so I give it a year or two before she moves somewhere. The big question is where, because her bfs business is purely in Asia so unless he finds a similar position in Canada or something I doubt he would want to move (he makes bank so I don't think he'd find something similar). Maybe if he manages to work from home or they decide to do an LDR she would move back.

She was also playing with the idea of moving to Europe which also might happen because he has family in Paris? But that's also not very likely.

No. 327670


exactly what i thought, she's whining a hell of a lot for someone with some incredibly weak problems

No. 327709

don't bother. The thing with Taylor is, people are either crazily nitpicking or she gets away with stuff others would get trashed for. Now it's the latter. Prepare for "everyone copies!! everyone follows trends!!!" posts.

I bet it's like you >>327570 said, it's gonna be the "i instagrammed like KJ for a week" kinda video. btw I believe Buzzfeed did the Kim one recently.

No. 327714

To me it just sounds like she's stressed, and I can't really blame her, she must feel huge pressure to make interesting videos. Everyone can get stressed, even people who seem to have it all. She should take a break from social media, but I don't think she could, she seems like a huge perfectionist who burns her candle from both ends and wants to make everyone happy while forgetting about herself

No. 327723

Er, she seems to be a self centred girl who's had life handed to her on a platter.

Poor Tay needs to think of interesting videos so she can add to her riches? She's not exactly a brilliantly creative tormented soul.

No. 327803

argh I'm not a fan but i can relate. Im an illustrator and creating or thinking on new ideas/projects it's stressing.

No. 327848

doesn't mean it's okay to copy
it's really boring to watch the same shit made by different youtubers
and it doesn't help that taylor's not an interesting person

No. 327853

the idea is not to copy. It's to see your favorite youtube do certain thing.

No. 327896

yeah, where did she copy anything? like, doing something similar is not copying. everything has been done in one way or another.

No. 327910

Holy shit no milk here only vegan tasteless milk (>.<)

No. 327940

>safiya got like 2m subs within a few months
with help of multiple buzzfeed channels

it seems you're upset about clickbaiting and bandwagoning, which literally every fucking person on youtube does h3h3, pewds, etc.

Is Taylor plagiarizing? no
Are the videos about the Kardashians good? no
Are the videos lame and cringy? yes

No. 327947


she looks like a frog about to burp or that she's going to shart idk man

No. 327972


Not that anon. Just want to point out that just because every person is plagiarizing does not negate the fact that it is plagiarism. Get it straight or go back to PULL.

No. 327974

It is not plagiarism because its a trend not a format.

No. 327977

Imagine all the people that has painted the same subject. Are they plagiarizing? No, they're using the same theme to communicate/illustrate something. Youtube works in that way but using dumber subjects.

No. 327978


What the fuck kind of logic? Get off lolcow and go back to school.

No. 327980

hahaha im way too old to school. Im sorry my point of view triggers you.

No. 327987


95% of her content is just her sitting on her ass complaining, grocery shopping, clothing shopping, eating salad and talking in a high to her dog.. Absolutely nothing creative about it, and there isn't anything all that creative about lurking Youtube for ideas that are already done, then doing a sloppy half ass job at it.


She doesn't do anything creative though.. She just vloggs herself doing daily tasks/chores and then bitches about how tiring it is. She's fucking lazy.

When fans start to whine about wanting something creative from her, she just finds a easy trend to hop on. ( Orbiez, unicorn ice cream, nail polish flowers )

People need to stop stroking her lazy boner like she's actually good at doing anything other then striking a pretty pose for the camera.

No. 327989

Lmao you're Autistic, kys kiki

No. 327996

That's exactly what she wants you to think.

Ah, summer has arrived.

No. 328010

Yep. Besides, most youtubers do not give a flying fuck about "copying". Like when Simplynailogical did the 100 coats of nail polish. Did she care that everyone started doing 100 coats of anything you can think of? Nope. It brings in views and that's what matters.

No. 328126

just because people wont blindly take your autistic bs doesnt make it newfags retard

No. 328159

File: 1496464898489.png (127.3 KB, 750x483, IMG_4545.PNG)

damn bronwyn is lookin like one of the guys from that movie white chicks.

No. 328180

File: 1496466797403.jpg (44.02 KB, 304x414, whitechicks_09.jpg)

lol she's on the way there

No. 328200

I wasn't even a part of that convo. But good job posting ten times in a row.

No. 328201

I wasn't even a part of that convo. But good job posting ten times in a row.

No. 328204

I wasn't even a part of that convo. But good job posting ten times in a row.

No. 328213

>Posts 3 times in a row

No. 328215

The issue is happening on other threads actually.

No. 328240

Don't you feel embarrassed humble bragging so hard on someone else's behalf?

No. 328271

are you stupid, pls delete your autism

No. 328410


>calls anon autistic

>makes off topic remark about an old cow out of the blue

Projection much?

No. 328411

Kim Dao is finally LEAVING. But going back to South Korea for 2 weeks, Europe for 7 week, and 2 weeks back to South Korean in-between her European trip. She must really hate being with her boyfriend and family.

No. 328413

its bad if she do shit and bad if she doesnt.

No. 328414


jfc anon get out of here

No. 328416

Sure. I'll listen to you, almighty anon.

No. 328417

Kim looks and sounds much more mature now. Her videos may not be the most entertaining, but I like her.

No. 328443

So you missed kiki sperging about tay? Lurk more and sage your shit

It's amazing how many posts there are about Taylor, when she is the most drama free, boring and uninteresting jvlogger there is. Is it just kiki aftermath or something?

Just what

No. 328491


She looks just as haggard as ever with her botched ass "makeup".

No. 328492


Not the point. If it's not been discussed here then stfu with your autism.

No. 328520

newfag alert, kill yourself

No. 328522

I can hear her weeb subscribers leave, oh boy

No. 328524

discuss it in the TAYLOR thread you autistic fuck, apparently you can't read either. WHAT A FUCKING SURPRISE!!!

No. 328535

Yeah her make up is still shitty, but I still think she has matured nicely.

No. 329049

Just wait until someone "steals her emojis" again

We've seen her freak out about highschool shit before, I doubt she matured through one video

No. 329144


Didn't she get all butthurt because another youtuber had a similar video concept? Didn't she also accuse said person of coming between her friendship between Sunny (because apparently someone can't have more than one friend…)

No. 329348

Argh Mimei's highlights. WHY!?

No. 329357

Mimei's style choices make her look so much worse

No. 329410

Her style choices are horrible. She is making her face look even longer and older with those glasses, dark lipstick, silly skinny braids.

No. 329423

How interesting that first Taylor opens up about not feeling great and now Mimei does her look at me I'm poor too spill out.

No. 329433

Mimei having chronic pain / endro makes so much sense. I think it's more of her trying to clear up everyone thinking she suffers with depression and why she seems really disconnected from everything. I deal with chronic pain too and her only working part time, cancelling on plans, seeming really distant .. it makes sense.

No. 329484

Does anyone know what Emma/Tokidoki Traveler does in Japan? She has some sort of job or is maybe in school in Tokyo but she's always very vague about it and I'm curious.

No. 329505


I do agree that Mimei does have some salty jealous feelings towards Taylor, or at least did at some point. BUT the shit Taylor complained about is fucking trivial and stupid, while Mimei was dealing with actual physical pain. How is that copying Taylor ?

Some of you Anons are just so determined to make everything incriminating about Mimei.


It does make sense now. Its ridiculously sad if thats why people dropped her. Didn't she or Duncan mention something about being left alone crying ? I wonder if that was pain related and they just looked at her like she was a buzz kill.

No. 329512

It is probably part of the issue. Not excusing their behaviour but they might've gotten tired of her chronic pain. People without it tend to not realize it's a continuous issue, so let's say you ask someone to go out 8 times and 6 of them they cancel because of the chronic pain, they probably either think she'll just continue to cancel/think it's a bother to plan for her to come if she cancels. So it essentially turns into a "why bother?"

No. 329518

File: 1496672272733.jpg (35.13 KB, 326x340, 8v4vL7s.jpg)

Josephine is always Dealing with Issues :'(((

No. 329525

josie green always just has something to whinge about. its not normal.

No. 329531

are ya'll jvloggers??

because as a viewer I find she rarely complains about personal stuff and is rather private, at least for the last few years, although evidently she is opening up now due to everyone commenting about her apparent depression on her channel.

No. 329532

Yeah, endometriosis can be ridiculously painful and cause the kind of fatigue she's talking about. It can also cause problems no one wants to talk (or hear about): if it's on your intestines, you can have painful muscle spasms and cramping in your intestines, extreme diarrhea, bleeding (not just from the vagina). The pain can be in unrelated muscles of your body, too.

She should look into having surgery.

No. 329700

Endometriosis is extremely fucking painful and a nightmare to live with

No. 329715

No kidding, and it usually takes years to diagnose because women are conditioned to believe that all period pain is normal and you just have to suck it up.

No. 329721

Where the fuck have you been. Watch vlogs from all over the world and you'll find that most focus on positive/optimistic shit. Mimei has been putting out vlogs where she has been consistently negative. Maybe you've missed it because you've gotten used to her style of vlogging, but has a new subscriber to her since last year, it has been going downhill.

No. 329953

She should just get a IUD. The only thing that worked for my endo.

No. 329975

File: 1496732099111.png (373.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170606-084336.png)

What do y'all think about Sharla's pity party about that cat? Nothing against cats and helping them but, with her YouTube money she should be easily able to afford it if she wanted to help the cat and all the "oh no, he is dying in exactly 2 weeks if we're not able to get the money together" feels especial pressuring. IDK.

No. 329981


I see no issue with her sharing the friends go fund me. It's not her cat, It's a stray cat Laura Ribeiro found and adopted. I think it's kind of rude to instantly assume a "famous" (lol) person has the money to pay towards the entirety of medical bills.

No. 330000

Jesus Christ, over 5000$ to 'save' a kitten less than a year old. Call me cold hearted, and it sucks that such a cute little guy with born with those problems, but thats such a waste of money. That cat is still going to end up having more issues and pain and hurting later on down the road.

No. 330003


Pretty sure she mentioned acting/modelling in a vlog. She's on a working holiday visa (do aussies get 18 months or something?) so she can do anything.

There's plenty of agencies in Tokyo for that sort of thing.

No. 330010

Modeling? Really. Sorry but she's not attractive at all and doesn't even have the figure.

No. 330011

yeah anon, sharla could never be rich with the amount of views she's getting. /s

No. 330012

It's Japan. If you're decent looking and white you will guarantee find some type of entertainment gig. Japan love gaijins

No. 330023


She is doing a live stream to rise money, what more do you want from her in this particular case?. To ask Sharla to pay the surgery is ridiculous.

The only thing to put in question here is why she is not doing this more often, after all she said she loves animals.

No. 330033


One thing is for sure, they are handling it poorly.

@sharla posted at 18:18

"❤GOOD NEWS❤ Jerry's owner has found a hospital that can treat Jerry for cheaper so we've already raised enough for treatment?"

@laura posted at 18:48

"I paused the gofundme as I am getting other doctor's opinions and it's not looking as severe. I will update you guys more asap❤️ thank you"

Which one is it, no more money needed or its just on "pause"?. So is not as severe as you thought and you go from asking £4,150 to be covered with only £544, the first veterinarian did one hell of a job with the diagnosis, isn't it?. Next time how about checking multiple veterinarians before asking people on the internet to give you money. Sigh.

No. 330044

Sigh. If this had gone the other way and she had waited a few more days/a week to "check multiple veterinarians" and it turned out the diagnosis was right you would be giving her shit about not trying to raise money as soon as she found out about the health problems with the cat.
Anyways each vet visit costs money, probably more money than she has to spare. AND Japanese is like her third language so I'm sure exact communications with the vets are complicated as well.
ffs bashing on people for making an effort in any way they can to save an animals life is kinda brutal.

No. 330050

mimei is such a miserable cunt I really wish she would just give up on blogging she's irrelevant now that she fucked over taylor. they all annoy the shit out of me but for some reason shartla and Josie green really fucking wind me up

No. 330051

Kek i mean Josie grossie

No. 330056

Over the top anon. I'm no fan of Mimei either, but we still don't know what went on with her and the others. And honestly if she has endo I feel really sorry for her. What an awful painful condition.

No. 330059

Yup the kids are out of school for the summer, lady's prepare for next three months.

No. 330062

Her relevancy in the first place had nothing to do with Taylor. I'm fine with people saying she rode Duncan's coattails, but she had well over 300k subscribers before Taylor even moved there. Maybe as a Taylor stan she's irrelevant to you now.

No. 330063


Zero bashing anon, just do things right before asking people for money. And is not the first time, she rescued the cats and quickly asked people for money to take care of them.


If you can't take care of them, don't expect others to do it for you. As sad as it is, just leave the cats or call an animal refuge if that's possible in Japan. At least Sharla did it right, she rescued the cat (Miko) and she is providing whatever is necessary.

I applaud her for trying to save the cat's life but I don't think she is doing it right. Just my opinion.

No. 330148

Taylor's last video is the literal embodiment of cringe for god's sake, so hard to watch.

No. 330177


>Now that she fucked over Taylor

How ? They stopped hanging out and there is no proof that there was ever fighting between these two.

Can people stop victimizing Taylor like some heinous crime was done to her. Nothing happened to Taylor, Josie losing Taylor's friendship is just collateral damage to her fighting with Sharla.

No. 330182

12:54 in Britney video…such an uncomfortable moment when Taylor gets visibly irritated with Micaela.

No. 330201


I would get irritated by her too.

No. 330261

File: 1496779135041.png (445.14 KB, 854x434, fsafa.png)

w h y

No. 330293

Ew. Why would she even think of putting her fat ass in a onesie.
Her and Taylor look so desperate for attention in their Britney outfits…
oh wait.

No. 330296

…It's a Britney Spears concert. Most people there are flamboyant and dressed up.

No. 330314

She doesn't look fat to me shrug

No. 330318

Calm down ana-chan. She has a healthy body weight and looks fine.

No. 330321

I really like TokiDoki traveller. I hope she is as nice as she seems.

No. 330322

Yeah I was actually surprised by how not super sausage-y she looks in that red monstrosity. It seems like maybe she's slimmed down a bit since she had her online meltdown.

No. 330334

wish I had a waist like that

No. 330367


I'm so confused by this. I follow Laura Ribeiro and I'm pretty sure she said she adopted them with her girlfriend. Laura also set up a gofundme for their vet bills. What happened to that money?https://www.gofundme.com/tom-and-jerry-medical-expenses

I feel really bad for these cats. As much as I hate this type of manipulation, I'm not gonna ruin the chances of these cats getting the medical care that they need.

No. 330370

Kek why come on these threads if you can't handle the truth about mimei she's a horrible person and an illness doesn't give you an excuse. I hate taylor too but mimei is just the worst. love how none of you stuck up for sharla. and actually I know of mimei when she was back in new Zealand and she isn't the person she makes out to be on youtube.

No. 330372

You type like an 11 year old boy on Xbox Live.

No. 330382

no 1 currrr take your mimei hate boner elsewhere

No. 330384

So give us receipts. Everything so far is hearsay, aside from the Twitter feud and a few underhanded comments in videos. None of that makes her (or Sharla or Taylor) a horrible person.
Also, you sound like you're the same person who keeps insisting on calling her Josie. After we found out her name no one cared, but you keep bringing it up

No. 330385


? not sure if troll bc 11 year olds on xbox use the n word and mispell a shit ton of words, that anon was fine.

also i feel bad for taylor's friend. I think taylor pulled off the britney look well and it was cute, I would hate to sit right next to her and look uglier.

also why is mimei so weird looking? i thought you had to be skilled or slightly attractive to have an audience on youtube. in the op pic she looks trans..
i think all the other girls are honestly cute if not average at worst (like sharla i suppose)

No. 330387

File: 1496795566198.png (1.17 MB, 1528x423, shapeshifter.png)

samefag but is peachmilky a shapeshifter?

No. 330391

>Different hairdo, different glasses, complete change of lighting, improved post-video editing
Are you okay, Anon?

No. 330457

She just got her nose job redone so her nose has been swollen in the past few vlogs

No. 330486

Spill the milk, what was Mimei like in New Zealand?

No. 330507

do you post this in hopes of eliciting people to make fun of her looks? Peach has her bad moments but is obviously lighting, angles, glasses etc

No. 330529


Watch the video again, she has a considerable big belly, almost looks like she is expecting. I don't want to make a screen cap, I'm fine with people having a little more weight than they should be.

No. 330533

>do you post this in hopes of eliciting people to make fun of her looks?
It seems like it. I saw a similar post on pull earlier today, I wouldn't be surprised if it's the same person.

No. 330539

Well, not part of the regular group, but TKYOSam is a jvlogger (and one of the only dregs of humanity left that will have anything to do with Miranda).

Trying to get funding for an Australian vacation. Check his "perks" They are almost as funny as Onisions.


saged due to possible lack of relevance and that I just found it funny.

No. 330542

File: 1496806730279.png (761.91 KB, 850x774, 644.png)

yeah, I actually agree with "ana"-chan. >>330261 is like the most fortunate and flattering screenshot out of the whole video.
she HAS indeed a sausagy figure, a prominent belly and oh my god what are those hips and legs. she is definitely a pear and nowhere near a shape where this suit would look good. they shouldve exchanged the outfits, but they probably prepared it beforehand, ciela couldnt be arsed to do anything else besides ordering this obscurity and she also probably wouldnt have felt comfortable in any other of britneys more revealing outfits. oh well.

hope she didnt breathe too much while walking around like that. she looks like a joke.

No. 330554

>tummy larger than tits
I will pray for this woman.

I think for anyone else in these circumstances it would be nbd but she is a "rising star singer" and "entertainer"

No. 330559

Just by judging screenshots I didn't notice it was suppose to be that Britney Spears outfit from Oops I Did It Again, until I read this comment. Idk where she got the costume from, but this fabric looks so bad, she should have just gone for latex like the actual costume. That would have looked way better. Her body looks just fine imo, but I can't with the fabric.

No. 330561

Or he could just work for a few months and save up money like any other normal person would do. Also, I think he was mentioned in previous threads, and jvlogger is jvlogger anyway, so he's relevant here.

No. 330562

and that dark panty….. like you couldnt have taken a red one….. or idk what you do in this case, wear a red bodysuit or something underneath.

No. 330596

I don't care about her appearance butI find Peach really obnoxious. She's been a low key attention whore since forever. Now in Japan, she whines about not being able to eat anything except pizza because she is a vegetarian who hates vegetables. Plus, while her boyfriend is working a shitty eikaiwa job, she refuses to work insisting that youtube is her job even though her videos make hardly any money. I mean both of those things are her prerogative and she's an adult but damn it makes her seem so spoiled to me.
Sage for pettiness.

No. 330603

her and her gf broke up so I think shes taking care of the cats alone now ?
from what I understood the first gofundme was to get them vet checks, vaccinations, deworming, spay, etc as they were literally from off the street. It's a new problem with one of the cats kidneys this time round.

tbh she said luke loves his "shitty eikaiwa job"
but i agree sophie is a little insufferable,
it seems like the only reason luke is in tokyo with sophie so she can live out her dream of living in tokyo, and if he didn't get that job he would be bored out of his fucking mind lol

No. 330614

I actually like Sophie, but I'm going to have to agree with you guys. I honestly feel really bad for Luke he has to work a shitty eikaiwa job, he probably does all the housework (she has said in the past that he does all the cooking), it seems like he does a lot of work for her videos/pictures, and he doesn't even at least get to help decorate the apartment he's paying for with shit he likes.

No. 330616

Good for him I guess. I only called it shitty because the hours and pat tend to be bad. And if she isn't contributing, that ¥250,000 isn't gonna very far. I mean, I would feel differently if he was in finance or something and making a lot of money or if her youtube made money, but personally I would feel really uncomfortable letting my bf do that if it was me.

No. 330635

>hips and legs

petty tbh. she has a nice waist hip ratio. thicc

No. 330641

Have you ever seen a sausage in your life? She has an obviously defined waist and there's nothing wrong with her hips and legs, just needs a flatter tummy. She looks fine though. Not super thin or toned, but fine.

No. 330655


Fine?, that's the look of someone that needs to put some serious time in the gym or diet. She is not a sausage, she doesn't look terrible or anything but she can't let herself go at this point or she will begin to look terrible. She is young, go to the gym, she can even make a series of videos about losing weight. A win - win situation if you ask me.

Is her body, if she is happy, more power to her anyway.

No. 330678

I agree.. I am not a fan of peachmilky I dont even know what she does. Is she a cosplayer? I've seen her instagram and on Kim's vlogs and she seems very spoiled and very self obsessed imo.. I really don't think she is that attractive either.

sage for pettiness again kek

No. 330683

Isn't this motherfucker like THIRTY-FIVE YEARS OLD?! How does he have permanent residence but his job doesn't provide him with enough money to save up for his own damn vacation? He's not a young college kid, someone that just moved to Japan or has a family to support.

No. 330689

File: 1496833437476.jpg (216.13 KB, 500x595, ssssss.jpg)

Regardless if you find her good looking or not, the weight gain in a year is pretty shocking

No. 330690

Isn't that Micaela on the right?

No. 330694


Am I the only one who doesn't think she looks that bad? Most fucking women have bodies like this. Not everyone who goes to Japan is a stick thin gaijin

No. 330695


Too many people in this thread must think every gaijin woman that goes to Japan must be puny

Jesus christ

No. 330706

lmao her face so long

No. 330709


You are missing the point and obviously you are unaware that she was a stick thin gaijin not long ago. I don't think she looks bad but the thing that irks me is how she try to denied that she has gained weight by seeking validation from her fans, plus those stupid pics of her half naked in the bathroom.

No. 330710

No. I think she looks good. She's also much more attractive than Taylor.

No. 330714

The issue isn't about her current weight, she's FINE, HEALTHY, GREAT

The issue is her rapid weight gain after moving to the country side with her boyfriend

No. 330738

Also funny how the goal is still set at 3000$ when during the live streaming he already got like 400 bucks together.

No. 330740

thats also micaela on the left….

No. 330741

>more attractive than taylor
uhm no. maybe if you would take taylors body and micaelas face but even then, her face is pretty generic and basic.

No. 330746

Imo she looks better on the left. Her body is still cute on the right but I like the curvy-ness she has now.
Her side profile isn't the best but not everyone has or needs a perfectly flat tummy and her pooch is only slight, not at all OMG! SO UNHEALTHY AND FAT!
She looks fine. You guys are nitpicking.

No. 330786

Stop derailing the thread about weight discussion.

No. 330826

She does Japanese fashion/beauty videos and Japan vlogs on youtube. I guess you could consider her a cosplayer, but she pretty much just buys costumes and wears them in pics/videos.

No. 330861

this is such a weird thread because most of these people havent done anything wrong. if someone doesnt have the perfect facial structure it doesn't make them a bad person(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 330969

File: 1496867146306.jpg (146.79 KB, 1200x1200, 50045138_480541 (ZoomImage).jp…)

Did you guys forget these exist or what

No. 331004


I don't go on pull, I just didn't even recognize her in the vlog. Pretty amazing what makeup and angles can do for a girl. Does peschmilky count as a j-vlogger or should I keep the thread more specific to the crew ?

No. 331012

Wait, Peach's bf does all the cooking and housework and the only one working a real job and all she does is make videos? I am jealous.

No. 331022

Lol why was this person banned for having a different opinon?

No. 331071

she looks fine & i would let her sit on my face(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 331079

finally some milk about her again
she's going through the exact thing she went through with kota, and trying to transform into a kawaii kylie

No. 331081

how is a woman her age doing this creepy "trying to be someone else" stuff?

No. 331091

Apparently it was part of some dumb series of pictures she was doing which she now seems to have ended. I personally don't see the correlation between this and Koots. Here she meticulously trying to recreate specific images. With Kooter, she was copying an overall look.
But it should be noted that Koots didn't own that style. She blatantly stole it from the Japanese fashion scene particularly gyaru. There were girls in the Japanese and foreign gyaru communities doing variations of that look since about 2009.

No. 331096

for fucks sake take it to the taylor thread

No. 331161

She has gained some weight yeah but i feel like she looks better with curves. The only annoying thing is her super awkward face.

No. 331192


Yeah because in a 4-5 days trip to Tokyo she is going to bother getting out of her way to find a washing machine.

No. 331194

healthy weight? americans really have warped standards of health…
she's fat and doesn't look good at all
plus that body is way too big for her head

No. 331195

"blatantly stole" lmfao how do you steal fashion, Koots was just following trends like any other basic bitch

She could use a more flattering haircut too. The weight looks good on her from the waist down, but I feel like her chubbier face is more prominent with the bangs.

No. 331197

YAWN. we get it. Some think she's chub, some don't. Thank god hellweek is here.

No. 331201

Aww does pinning things on Americans make you feel better about being Europoor?

No. 331205

File: 1496900605061.jpg (120.11 KB, 426x833, 2kh4NkS.jpg)


Her weight doesn't look that good, is OK to have curves and to be a little over your ideal weight, different people and different cultures have different standard for weight but she is not 40, she is what?, 30, this doesn't look good in a healthy young woman. Now, if that is the consequence of medication, that's another matter.

No. 331232

Shes not fat. Just drop it and stop derailing the thread about her weight.

No. 331318


get a grip she's an average woman. not every woman is stick thin. leave her alone

No. 331319


amazingly, people have washing machines lol

No. 331324

Not fat at all. Her tummy just means that she doesnt exercise much or maybe she eats too many carbs and she's bloated.

No. 331329


I think she has a lovely shape, but looks chubby to some essentially because she needs to tone up a little. I'd chose to have her body over Taylor's just simply because I have preference to curves/nice hip-to-waist ratio. Being rail thin is easy af, having nice bone structure/ fat distribution isn't as its genetics. I feel like if Taylor gained that weight she'd probably have an unfortunate figure like Dakota's ( apple shape )

No. 331354

Can someone make a new thread for tay? Last one autosaged and this was just uploaded

No. 331363

You… you do know that frequent travelers will often just pack a one or two day outfits and a couple pajamas when they go on a short trip, right? It's not uncommon to visit laundromats or use a friend's washer when you're a seasoned traveler. I mean maybe if you barely ever leave your hometown you won't feel comfortable without bringing half your belongings but Sharla is well traveled

No. 331369

Isn't that Joey

No. 331461


What's stopping you from doing it?

No. 331493

What I've been staying the whole time it was a marketing scheme.

No. 331519

It's autosaged for a FUCKING REASON

No. 331537

maybe she's on her period or constipated, who cares. She's not a model nor is she trying to be a fashion/health vlogger. The outfit is cringey but would be on anyone because even teenage Britney was not wearing lycra.

No. 331792

File: 1496992041390.png (169.34 KB, 1440x1102, 20170609_030409.png)

Am I crazy or is this shade being thrown at this thread?

No. 331804

Ikr, why don't people focus on lazy people like her who open their legs for fame.

No. 331805

Take it to her thread

No. 331809

I couldn't find another thread to post this in and the video is a month old already, but this is so cringe.

No. 331810

and yet your shortlived model career in hongkong was entirely based on your weight and looks.

No. 331814

Yeah when she does these types of videos it's like she's fishing of complements and self validation.

No. 331823

It could be related to the recent posts about Michaela which is why I posted it here,anon

No. 331825


I wonder if she has the same opinion about gossip and talking trash behind other peoples back, I bet she has never done that sitting on her high horse.

I agree that people should not be judged or put down by their looks, but that's not the world we all live in.

No. 331832

Saint Tay is at it again.

No. 331886

No she isn't. Micaela mentioned that she was getting so many positive comments from Taylor's fans while her own (mostly Japanese guys) were calling her fat. Taylor is replying to that.

No. 332135

File: 1497049552737.png (212.82 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8400.PNG)

This is serious, not trolling

No. 333203

This is def about Michaela, but it's not like she doesn't partake in the same shit elsewhere considering the ppl she's around.

No. 333315

File: 1497098583066.jpg (98.61 KB, 750x1334, mimei.jpg)

Mimei commented on LovelyMilky's recent IG pic. soo there isn't beef between these two, even though Milky had contributed to the initial twitter drama?

No. 333337

bizarre. maybe she didnt see the bitchy things irrelevant emily said about her on twitter

No. 333339

theres no way… it was all over, she'd def have seen it

idk maybe mimei is just playing nice. maybe she wants to be friends with the crew again idk

No. 333340

they mustve made up behind the scenes i guess

No. 333481

Keeping the tools of trade nice and healthy for mr Tom's Lips

No. 333493

Taylor has her own thread. Use it.

No. 333743

Seriously? She hasn't been to a gynecologist for like 4 years?! What the hell…

No. 333745

i'm 24 and never been

No. 333747

As much as we make fun of her, at least she's encouraging something useful and made it less taboo.

No. 333748

Lots of people don't even go that often

No. 333769

If you're young and don't have issues, you actually need to go as often as you need to go to an ENT specialist. I'm 30 and wasn't there for 7 years. And now please let's stop the gyn OT sperging. (And a farmhand please make a new Taylor thread so people can take discussions about her there).

No. 333779

plus a lot of people are apprehensive about visiting any sort of doctor in a foreign country, so I don't see why people are nitpicking this tbh

No. 333783

Please keep posts exclusively about Taylor in her containment thread.


No. 333823

sage for offtopic but normally if you have normal paps something like 2 years in a row, you don't have to go back as often

No. 333879

Anyone been watching Mimei's recent videos? The quality has sky rocketed. I hope she continues to focus on this content opposed to being a salty cunt. Her talent is leagues above the other jvloggers.

No. 334122

No, and no one cares

No. 334707

Posting the video here because it was mentioned in this thread/deals with the cat and Laura.

Taylor and her ended up going to three different vets and it ended up being nothing. She closed the gofundme when she realized the first vet had the wrong diagnosis and seems to be trying to refund the money to those who donated.

The cat ended up having a really bad bladder infection.

No. 334713

Yeah, she seems more comfortable in the videos that she's put out so far. I think that the new camera helps as well.

No. 334724

Yeah, the new camera is really quality and she's getting better at creating shots. Her sakura/hanami video was really peaceful. The only thing she needs to get rid of is those Tokyo streets footages, she films the same places again and again, it gets boring after some time. She should think like "What can I catch in this space that is new and interesting?", she shouldn't film the same shopping mall, same time-lapses again and again.

Also, I just watched Taylor's video with Micaela, you know with the Britney Spears. Miceale was hella weird in that video, besides the red outfit. At one point Micaela's describing how hungry she is by talking about her stomach eating itself (??) and Taylor literally turns the camera away and says "O-kaay.."

No. 334968

Is Kim Dao rich or something? How can she afford traveling so much?

No. 335019


Didn't her grandma pass recently ? Maybe she inherited money.

No. 335050

stomach eating itself is a saying for when you're super hungry

No. 336131


NOW, i don't know if this is news, but apparently bibibb is a spokesperson/face for plastic surgery in Korea. wow.

No. 336137

Please learn how to embed videos, thanks.

No. 336144

I'm scared to watch as this kind of thing makes me queasy, but did she turn out okay? This looks extreme.

No. 336223

Is that Juria with the chin strap?

No. 336226

It turned out fine and seemed less invasive than something like rhinoplasty. The difference is that Bii went way over the top instead of just enhancing her natural features like this girl.

No. 336551

No, not at all.

No. 337844

Amadofu/Toph, the nobody jvlogger who contributed to the mimei shit on twitter, makes a dramatic and long video to say that he is leaving japan in 9ish months

it's a while away but now that kim and bii are gone, and toph is soon to go, the only prominent ones left are taylor, sharla, and mimei

No. 337848

THANK GOD, I love how these jvloggers are being weeded out slowly because most of them don't have the work or language skills to assimilate into Japanese work environment and culture.

No. 337876

Lol. Bye, girl! The Jvlogger boom is dead and I'm glad for that. I can't stand all these obnoxious, repetitive know-it-alls who voluntarily stay in their little gaijin community bubbles for years and cry later about how they can't fit in with Japanese.

Unfortunately, Mira is also still in Japan by what I assume is witchcraft.

No. 337879

Are all their visas collectively expiring or something?

No. 337885

tbh I thought the original vloggers were Micaela, Rachel, Sharla, Mira and Mimei. All of which are not going anywhere any time soon.

No. 337896

>Unfortunately, Mira is also still in Japan by what I assume is witchcraft.
It's mostly just strong denial and delusion on her part. If she doesn't acknowledge all the ways she has failed then she hasn't failed at all!

No. 337907

After his escapade on twitter (and trying to be relevant) I can't say I'm sad to see this video. I was subscribed to him for a while too but he comes off like a diva on social media.

He says he doesn't want to "over share" in this video and then goes on about his PTSD… where do we draw the line at "over share" these days? Yikes.

No. 337917

Pretty much. Most go on extended holiday or study visas which can only last so long unless you have the cash to keep paying for courses.

The ones who stay are either married Rachel, Texan in Tokyo and the few who stopped vlogging, or have been extremely lucky and managed to nab a job that got them extended visas (or in Taylor's case a job that lets them renew their visa)

The new generation of jvloggers seem to be mostly quiet and keep to themselves, no new queen bee is coming into the limelight to go against Sharla. Arguably Taylor is having the most success out of them all but she's pandering more to the general youtube crowd (following trending topics and video styles) than doing purely weeb videos. TokiDoki traveler is becoming the next big jvlogger but she's pretty inconsistent with her uploads and is a bit scattered in content so I don't think she will get a huge following or get too big because of that.

No. 337919

he can get the fuck out. i tried watching this video but couldn't because he's rambling so much. he's depressed and has anxiety ~~like he had all his life because he was gay? i only noticed him because of his unwarranted twitter rant/stream about mimei and that says a whole lot about the success of his content. he can go back to being a nobody.

No. 338100


Wait a second, you're saying you've got depression but you gave so much shit to Mimei for having depression and what turned out to be severe endometriosis??????? Come on don't be such an asshole

No. 338116


Why can't they ALL leave Japan?

No. 338212

9 months? Does he need the click bait attention so badly that he'd make the video this early

No. 338216

Dude it isn't like Japan is wonderland and they don't deserve to be there… in fact, some of those jvloggers need to realize that same thing too.

No. 338315


Fucking indeed, I'm so glad I did my stint in Japan in high school before the time of Youtube/Jvloggers and got first hand experience that taught my weeaboo self that no country is super magical wonderland. Actually when I went I lost all interest in typical weeby anime stuff and fell in love with old school Japanese cinema, Japanese food and culture. Love the country to visit but wouldn't live there long term again though.

Honestly I hope anyone considering living there reads this and decides to visit first to see what it's like, it isn't wonderland

No. 338348

is youtube still having an "adpocalypse"

i noticed there are literally no adds on any of the jvloggers I watch

No. 338435

that's because the Japanese youtube doesn't have an advanced ad system for it's partners unless they're really popular(1mil sub+). It's always been like that and they make most of their income from sponsorship(that they don't disclose) or gigs springing from the popularity of their videos.

No. 338700


It's just the opposite for me, I even got a mid roll ad in one of the Amadofu videos. Mid roll ads are disgusting, he lost a viewer here.

No. 338784

Jun's video began trending/went viral.

He really should upload more often in the cooking channel/nurture it as a channel more. They get really good views on it and he's clearly a really skilled cook. Plus it's just a really comfy channel.

I think he could easily become THE Japanese yt chef (especially now the cooking with dog is uh… sans dog)

No. 338788

dude, agreed. i've been calling it cooking with cat ever since i first stumbled upon it. cozy is the perfect word for it.

No. 338804

This was a really pleasant watch and I could generally care less about cooking stuff most of the time. I could see him doing really well if he kept the quality of his content at this level.

No. 338850

I'm actually one of the people that still like Toph after the whole Memei thing, and this was sad to watch. Why does it seem like all these foreigners have some sort of mental, or physical illness? Was Japan supposed to be their saving grace, or has Japan just made their issues 10x worse?

No. 338872

>I'm actually one of the people that still like Toph after the whole Memei thing, and this was sad to watch.
Same here.

When it comes to foreigners in Japan, I think that in general a lot of people move to other places to run away from their problems at home and that those problems usually become much worse when the person decides to move somewhere completely foreign compared to where they're from. I think Japan in particular makes these foreigners' problems worse because they usually just want to live there for the pop culture stuff and never seem to consider whether or not they would actually suit living there.

No. 338881

>they usually just want to live there for the pop culture stuff
This. I know people make fun of weebs for thinking that Japan will be exactly like anime or dramas, but realistically most of them just think that having better access to these things will make their lives more fun, without realizing that it doesn't make up for the culture shock, isolation, etc.

No. 338923


Yeah, and Phillip Defranco did a shout out to Rachel and Jun.

I don't give two shits about DeFranco, but Mira has but desperate and pathetically trying to get him to notice her for well over a year. (Tons of ass-sucking comments, etc).

And for him to mention Rachel and Jun probably just sent Mira in to an apoplectic fit.

No. 338924

*been desperate

No. 338926

I'm so hoping Jun creates more content on his channel. His videos are so chill and the cooking is satisfying to watch. Plus, cute cats.

This, plus why go to Japan and not interact with Japanese people? I'm a socially awkward person and all, but I still find that very strange. When you go to a foreign country, especially if you're living there for a while, you'll want to form bonds with the locals too, no? Instead of keeping those fake bff relationships with the cool kids of YouTube…
Chris Broad might be the only exception (I don't know about Rachel and Jun, though, but they they seem nice and not part of that 'clique').

No. 338934

Do youtubers actually select the timing of the ads? Had no clue.

I get the feeling this guy didn't have the support he needed from his jvlogging friends, which is ironic considering he went after mimei for her depression/chronic illness and friendship fall outs that didn't involve him. Guess attention whoring for Sharla doesn't pay off much.

No. 338940

> he went after mimei for her depression/chronic illness
I thought he went after Memei because he didn't like her in general, and he thought she was a shitty person despite all that.

No. 338942


Yeah, I think yotubers can select if they want mid roll ads or not.

No. 338950

Yup. You can choose when the ad shows up in your video and what kind of ad.

No. 338998

He implied that she lied about everything to make herself the victim and his reasoning was because "somebody" told him she said mean things. And he outright said she was 'cold' when he met her (aka how people with illness are) and wrote her off as a bad person because of it.

So, in a nutshell, she's not actually ill physically or mentally, she's just a liar and he feels justified in defending Sharla because she's a liar too and everyone's a liar.

I'm happy Mimei moved on because it seemed like she needed it and clearly this guy is wasting his time around the same crowd that goes back and forth shit talking each other. Not great for his mental health and general well-being in a foreign country.

No. 339039


Good for Mimei. Endometriosis is shit and she was probably exhausted on that day that she met him from chronic pain. even without endo, depression and anxiety is hard to live with and you can't force a smile every single fucking day.

No. 339106

Toph didn't even know Mimei's video was about Sharla when he reacted on twitter. He thought it was about Bii.

He was trying to justify his reaction and pretend he knew what was going on. If he really didn't like her, he could've given us some concrete examples of what about her turned him off. He still doesn't know what happened between Sharla and Mimei probably.

Who uploaded the photo of Mimei on her birthday where she's forced to stand in the very back? I would be too embarrassed to show that to anyone if I was in it. Mimei might be a Debbie Downer but that photo says a lot about the other youtubers.

No. 339150

Soothing and also incredibly hot. That knifework was amazing

No. 339261

Oh wow that was Jun??? I saw Phil mention it and planned to go back to his description later watch it… but forgot.

No. 339559

> nobody jvlogger
lmao i know right. i think the jvlog community just needed that token gay friend to complete their squad

No. 339836

this bitch literally never changes her outfit she eats disgustingly

No. 339875


Wow, it's almost like if you eat a deep fried piece of batter loaded with sauce it almost doesn't matter what's inside.

I'll never get her orgasms over vegetables.

No. 339993

It's sharla. She'll orgasm over a piece of soggy toast. There is no standard.

No. 340006

I get irrationally angry at her shoving food in her mouth and the instant it is in her mouth she goes "UUUUHMMM SO GOOD" it barely even touches your tongue, u didn't even chew it!? How do you even taste it? Get over yourself, Sharla. You are not in a japanese variety show to give such a extreme (fake) reaction.

No. 340012

File: 1498227928793.png (411.92 KB, 536x434, asdada.png)


It's sooooo goooood you guuys

No. 340019

the amount of times she says "oh my god" "im soooo excited" "it's sooo good" is ridiculous
I cant even listen to her for a long time .. i feel like getting an aneurysma every time i start one of her videos.

No. 340020

little tip sharla.
You can avoid your ugly chubby doubly chin if you dont put the camera below your face, but slightly above it. simple filming trick..

No. 340023


I can't watch these kinds of videos .. The sound of her soggy chicken eating is fucking gross and triggering. Its like the sound of man eating out a girls dirty waffle, but not wanting to offend the girl so tells her " its sooo good" before the taste even kicks in.. Curtesy eating..

Saged this for very gross comparison… I just really hate sloppy people who chew loudly and talk with their mouths full. GROSS.

No. 340211

>wearing taylor's clothes again

of course she would

No. 340299

File: 1498258072234.png (739.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170624-004342.png)

Just stumbled upon this on my personal Facebook feed
Yep, it's fucking viral

No. 340304

Shiiit it has nearly 9 million views

No. 340386

I wish Jun would get a real haircut, by a professional and not his wife. Those forward bangs just look really bad on him. He's pretty good looking so he should do better than that hair (and Rachel tbh).

No. 340400

I agree completely Rachel annoys me for some reason and his hair looks horrendous she's probably giving him ugly hair cuts on purpose

No. 340442

>on purpose
Sure Jan
Learn how to sage and lose the assorted tinfoil accessories

No. 340444

File: 1498281840022.png (314.49 KB, 692x346, Untitled.png)

He looked a lot better with his bangs parted

No. 340562


i think there's definitely something lulzy about rachel tho. i watched jun's channel before i knew they had a husband-wife jvlog channel. when i checked out their rachel and jun videos, rachel immediately seemed like a grating person, especially compared to how zen jun acts. i watched a few videos and she comes across as this typical arrogant american that can't adapt to anywhere and keeps expecting everyone to conform to her culture and gets super frustrated when they don't. the way she ragged on about how jun (and japanese people) apologized even though she witnessed it for years really rubbed me the wrong way.

No. 340698

I believe in Rachels video about her going to get her hair done, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it was mentioned Jun won't let anyone cut his fringe/or hair. Not sure which one it was as I don't remember myself. I think he uses his fringe to kinda hide his face a bit because he seems like the shy type.

No. 340931

I think I might have seen the same video. From what I remember, Rachel said that they were too cheap to go to a salon to get their hair done so they just do eachothers. Not sure about the whole Jun not wanting people to cut his hair thing but it's plausiable.

No. 341025

I can't believe how bad Sharla's Japanese is. Hasn't she lived there for 10+ years? She sounds like an exchange student on her first year in Japan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVyrj1-V9Nk(use the YT field)

No. 341029


I'm not an expert in Japanese but I noticed too how basic and rudimentary her communication was in this video.

Also, why is she editing her face on the thumbnails removing her beauty marks?, what is the point if you are going to see everything when you click play?.

No. 341067

She has a basic vocabulary in English, her own native language, is it really a wonder her Japanese is basic too?

No. 341073

I know this might be a bit of a reach, but I feel like when vegans post things like 'I MISSED KOREAN CHICKEN,' it's a weird form of clickbait. People know they're vegan, so when they make a video about eating "meat" people will click on it to see if they've gone back to eating animal products.

No. 341081

yikes, that japanese grammar. I get making mistakes, but she could barely string together a coherent sentence when talking about getting the socks for a friend

No. 341096


I don't know if it was clickbait but for sure the title was misleading, is not chicken and she doesn't miss anything at all. 53K in a channel with 270K subs is nothing to talk about anyway.

A better and more faithful title would have been: Vegan "Chicken" in Korea but Sharla is pretty bad with the titles, she has no creativity or imagination at all.

No. 341352

Did you notice in Sharla's newer video "Shopping with Keyboard-san" when they ordered the oatmeal latté he asked her if she wanted a tall size, then she says Grandé? I think it's his way of implying she doesn't need a big size because she's gaining weight from over doing it on the higher fat foods? Lower-fat vegan would help her in the long run with her weight gain, nothing wrong with it but it isn't sustainable nor healthy to eat like that; vegan or not. And Korean's, in general, are obsessed with looking good, even more than Japanese! Also, I wonder when is she going to get out of the buying junk phase? She's in her 30's, do you REALLY need the 50th Pokémon item? REALLY?!

No. 341417

File: 1498441877303.png (806.2 KB, 934x427, confim.png)

Just for the record, Sharla's newest video confirms with certainty that her fiance is indeed this guy


No. 341444

Sure but it doesn't mean she fucks up her hubby's hair on purpose, dumb yank though she is

No. 341450


Anon it was never in doubt, the golden watch and accessories gave it away.

No. 341464

I am aware, but the tattoo leaves zero room for doubt if anyone contests with the idea now

No. 341504


Fair enough :)

No. 341579

although the guy to the right looks nothing like the guy on the left.
what kind of weird dude is this anyway

No. 341580

lmao the conversation at the time stamp though kek

sharla: eagerly Is it gooood????
her bf: annoyed I havent tried it yet.
sharla: excited drink it!
they step outside
her bf: finally sips from drink
sharla: good?!?!
her bf:
her bf:
her bf: … we gotta cross the road.

No. 341582

it's a misconception though that fat makes you fat. sugar makes you fat. and guess how many sugar is in that starbucks, even without putting anything extra in. All the sugar and carbohydrates she stuffs her face with are her problems. people would be all over the place because the unicorn frappucino had like 70g sugar in it, when a usual frappucino has nearly the same.

it's a common "vegan" problem. people turn vegan and substitute all the animal products with crap and then wonder why they gain weight when all they eat is healthy plant based diet. the problem is that they dont eat raw or only "plants" but all the industrialized sugarized shit too. next point is that protein and fat is more saturizing than sugar or simple carbs. so theyre getting hungry fast again and eat a lot more.

No. 341584

Did anyone notice that in Mimei's latest video in Korea she hung out with Sunny but no Kim Dao.
Kim is in Korea and filmed a blog where she said Sunny was hanging out with friends but Kim wouldn't be going with them… could it be Kim chose not to hang out with Mimei?

No. 341592


Yeah they look a little different but is the same guy, I guess the sunglasses make a lot of difference.

No. 341623


Is there some sort of event going on in Korea for Youtubers ? Or is both Sharla and Mimei both coincidently in Korea at the same time …

No. 341626

I was wondering the same thing. Didn't Sharla mention she was invited to Korea by Wishtrend? Maybe there's an event involving Youtubers, which would also explain why Kim has been loitering there before going on her trip.
That would be hilariously awkward for Mimei and Sharla though.

No. 341701

>>341582 For Vegans you need to watch the fats if you eat sugar or fruit sources. I only lost weight on a vegan diet eating plants (raw isn't enough calories), low in fat 95% of the time, then having a Starbucks drink or two biweekly. Soy Milk isn't as fatty, but it does have fats in them. This is why generally most Japanese are smaller – they like to limit the fats they consume compared to even Koreans or Chinese. Also, I got the same recommendation as a diet from a Korean woman, who said keep the fats low, eat rice and maybe a small piece of chicken or can of tuna with it. From watching what she eats it is a very high-fat diet. Which if she kept that to a minimum, ate lower fat meals, like rice with sides (like her Korean fiance probably would prefer to eat) she'd probably get those few lbs off. And drinking more plain teas. IMO.

No. 341711

Mimei had already returned from Korea by the time Sharla and Kim got there. She and PDRsan are in Singapore right now and eventually going to the UK. She uses several days of footage and takes more time to edit her vlogs.

No. 341758


her hair is sooooo fugly i hate it so much! there's too much of it and it just swamps her.

No. 341765

File: 1498509177610.jpg (608.33 KB, 1073x1509, Screenshot_20170626-153125.jpg)

I agree that Rachel looks better with short hair, but her Toucan Sam nose is clearly her worst feature.

No. 341881

Eating carbs is more fattening

No. 341907

Depends on the carbs. Veggies are carbs too and they are not fattening at all.

No. 341928

That's probably why she got a nose job anon.

No. 342112


She should definitely get this bob cut again.

No. 342135

Am I the only one who thinks this haircut looks fucking horrible on her? She looks like an emo 12 year old girl.

I agree her hair is too long but I think a couple of inches off and some layering would be nice, nothing too extreme.

I know she was insecure about her nose job after it was done but I think it suits her a lot now. It makes her face look slimmer and more even.

No. 342158


It would appear so. I think it looks great on her.

No. 342164

i dont understand how you can be in a relationship with someone who doesnt even speak your language and its not like sharla even tries to broaden her japanese or even learn korean and her fiance doesnt seem to be interested in learning english.. i have no idea why they are together

No. 342168

>>342164 I heard they met in University in Japan, not 100% but I remember hearing it from somewhere. I think she should learn Korean and he should learn English because she's not going to really get to know his parents without knowing Korean, and he's going to have a very hard time if they move back to Canada.

No. 342170


Anon, her fiance is learning English and they speak in Japanese, their communication may be limited or not as good as the communication Sharla could have with a Canadian/English guy but it must work for them.

No. 342173

Am I the only one who thinks sharla has a real catch for a fiancé? Especially for someone who likes edgy kpop boys like gdragon. He's skinny, cute, good style, chest tattoo (which is considered taboo in Korea). He seems way beyond her league as a chubby white weeb. Maybe her weight and style come across better looking in person. Otherwise I wonder what his motives are. In any case, good for her.

No. 342176

They did get together when she was much skinner, which explains how she "got him" interested.

No. 342177

A long bob/shoulder length hair would look stunning on her.

No. 342206

What does he do? Does he work in the entertainment industry? I just find it so weird that an obvious alternative/fashionable Korean guy is working (presumably with a job that gives him a visa) in Japan

No. 342210

sharla's fiance is SO hot, honestly nice one

No. 342219

File: 1498583488576.jpg (25.68 KB, 576x367, JIoLlKG.jpg)

>real catch

No. 342247

He is cute for sure. But my mind is a dick. The thought crossed my mind asking "If she continues to gain weight won't he ditch her for someone cuter or trade her in for another skinny white girl?"

No. 342251


Indeed if you're not eating vegan, low carb is a pretty reliable way to drop weight (as long as you still keep calories in check). If you're vegan it's so fucking easy to eat junk shit that replaces the animal products you missed. Vegan diets are pretty high in carbs, which is fine when you eat low fat, but the combo of high carb + high fat is a recipe for weight gain imo. Loads of sugar and fat in starbucks drinks and fake vegan alternatives can get you eating over your caloric intake pretty fast. If you eat a clean vegan diet heavy in actual veggies and lower in fat then it's pretty easy to lose. I've lost weight on both low carb non vegan and low fat vegan. In the end it's whatever is going to get you to eat fewer calories.

No. 342289


+ age and lack of exercise. Much harder to get away with eating junk in your 30s than 20s.

No. 342416

>"If she continues to gain weight won't he ditch her for someone cuter or trade her in for another skinny white girl?"

If so, he would be incredible shallow and therefor, no big loss.

No. 342450

Am I the only one who thinks it's kind of fucked up to gain so much weight once you're in a relationship with someone? You should stay in shape not only for them but for yourself otherwise I don't see how she has any confidence at all. Imagine how awkward it is for him to try to tell her to try harder to be healthy.. yikes

No. 342465


Bbbbuutt it's Mmmmm soooo goood you guyyssss

No. 342492


Not too shallow if the weight gain is a reflection of an inactive & unhealthy lifestyle.

No. 342511


No, still pretty damn shallow. You can dress it up how ever you want (See what I did there.) but it's still only about as deep as a puddle

No. 342521


That's how it is for most people, you get old and fat. You only care about looks until certain point in a relationship, after that, you value other things more.

Also, Sharla is fine, a little chubby but she is a girl with curves, plenty of guys like that, I'm going to guess that includes her fiance, both are 30 not 18 or 22 anymore, live with a partner is so much more than looks a this point.

No. 342542


There's a difference between putting on weight due to age or illness, and putting on weight due to a lack of exercise and healthy eating. Some people like to be physically active and have a healthy diet. It can be about looks but it's not always about looks. Sometimes it's the change in lifestyle and attitude that led to the weight gain that's off-putting, not the weight itself.

No. 342543

omg, that's Jun? He looks really good with that hairstyle

No. 342548

Like it or not, physical attraction is still a necessity for some people in a relationship. Shallow or not, who cares. Can't blame someone for being attracted to a certain body type and then likewise being repelled when the other person lets themselves go.

It reminds me of his reaction to her in the pikachu outfit. He seemed so put off from it lmao

No. 342748


Initially, yes. But physical attractiveness does not sustain a realtionship. Trust, personality, etc. Is needed for the rest.

I can guess by your writing that you've never had a relationship that lasted more than a year or so.

No. 343551

I thought she was that paramore girl, she looks better with longer hair

No. 345218

Old post but god this guy is such a fucking faggot.

This coming from a gay guy.

No. 345463


She talks about real estate/seeing apartments in HK. So I guess they're moving back?

No. 345469

Yeah I think so too. Elbow-san is based in HK so it's probably easier to work from there and Taylor isn't modelling anymore really, so her contract is probably ending soon with her agency in Japan. I wonder if they'll get married so she won't have to deal with visas or if she will sign up with another modelling agency in HK

No. 345514

I guess that means Dakota can rest easy now lol.

No. 345528

Nah Dakota tried to get big in HK before Japan

No. 345534

jvlog crew falling the fuck apart lol. who's still going to be left in japan? mimei and sharla?

No. 345561

In her recent update vlog she says they aren't moving (they're renting the house in Japan), aren't getting married or preggo. They're just looking at options for investing in real estate bc they'll always be going to HK for work.

No. 345653


"Get some knowledge in our head"
looks at magazines

wow so much knowledge

No. 345672

File: 1499111770197.jpeg (55.23 KB, 512x676, kotacandid.jpeg)

Sage for ot but I doubt that Taylor or anyone else has to worry about competing with Dakota at the moment. Have you seen her most recent candid?

No. 345699

File: 1499116791283.png (109.07 KB, 750x688, IMG_8044.PNG)

Wow, it really is her. Where did you find that? She looks bigger than Sharla.

No. 345758

damn I thought sharla was losing weight until i read the caption.

No. 345762

Who was worrying about her to begin with?

No. 345791

What an unfortunate hog body

No. 345808

Yeah Mimei, Rachel and Sharla are pretty much the only ones left. Sharla is planning on moving back to Canada eventually. Mimei and Rachel are the only two I can see permanently living in Japan and that's largely because they're married to Japanese guys and have mostly integrated themselves into a Japanese lifestyle.

Plus remember none of these jvloggers last a long time and they come in cycles. Emma could be the start of the new jvlogger crew/style of jvlogging if she was more consistent with her uploads. We just have to wait to see who the next group is when they come in.

No. 346082


wish Mira would fucking leave and go back to her trailer trash bum fuck no where in Ontario.

I can see Mira trying to join any new Jvlogger group of younger girls. Future milk ? or history repeats its self ?

No. 346106


Depends on how long this new Muslim act of hers lasts.

No. 346671

wait wat

No. 346675

File: 1499264974476.png (1.62 MB, 1080x1920, 1498811158289.png)

She's doing it to try and fuck some guy.

No. 346679


>Using hijab

>Not covering your arms


No. 346703

More deets? This is just fucking weird even for her.

No. 346707

check out Kanadajin3's instagram. She says she is muslim from 2weeks ago…

No. 346709

pic i took from the mira thread, she is reading the quran or whatever in english not glorious nippon)

No. 346712

She was attempting to learn Arabic at some point and it seemed like she was getting ready to move to the middle east.Check her thread

No. 346727

File: 1499272802403.jpg (68.74 KB, 450x600, 1494439345938.jpg)

That girl ain't right

No. 346768

I don't know that I've ever seen a bigger manchild than her. It's nonstop whining, crying, bitching & moaning or inappropriate sex talk. Gross.
How did she manage to move across the world and survive? Literally, like did someone package her into a crate stamped "send to Paris - DO NOT RETURN" and throw in three pizzas, a quart of Pedialyte and a pack of diapers?
Wasn't her man almost 10 years older than her? She reminds us how the brain isn't fully developed until age 25 so is it really appropriate that she would move to Paris before she was even 21?

No. 346793

she wears hijab yet hair shows, attention seeking makeup, excessive ornaments and not covering the body.
she does not understand the religion she follows or its most basic rules

No. 346797

in saudi arabia she would be arrested by the decency police and punished if not killed in chop chop square

No. 346845

Someone's asking to be publicly executed

No. 346938


I genuinely believe Mira has some sort of personality disorder, like BPD (coming from someone who has BPD). I mean, wearing a hijab for a guy she wants to fuck…

No. 346941

ok, if you dont go to mira thread

mira has wanted to bang rodi for like 4yrs i guess
he had enough of her shit and told her stop i think of u like a sister, u need god
2wk they get in to fight again
rodi "blackmails" her or whatever, and she admits to loving him on video and he mentions he has gf
now miras "friend" is claiming she attempted suicide on her accounts

No. 346956

Sharla is officially married. She also wants to have kids in a few years due to her age (31 years old).

No. 346960

Lmfao Muslims aren't supposed to date or have sex until marriage.

No. 346963

No. 346964


It was obvious she was married already, I don't why she said this long to tell her followers.

Her husband has an Instagram account, I wonder if is easy to find.

No. 346970


Holy fuck he's soo skinny looking.. She'd probably break him if she sat on his lap..

No. 346973

He only had 21 followers when I found it. PULL must be all over his yellow dick.

No. 346974

He can't be that skinny?!- I know a majority of Asian men are thin but oi vey he's tiny

No. 346979

He's skinny because he's on the japanese lifestyle and diet. He'd fill out elsewhere.

No. 346988

He's pretty standard for a Korean/Asian in Japan.

No. 346994

>acts like she's fucking 15

What the hell? Is this normal?

No. 346997


He look normal/skinny, pics sometimes make you slimmer too.

Funny how Sharla went from "Let's ram all the children/I don't want children" to wanting to have babies in 1 or 2 years, the pressure of marriage I guess. I think she will be a good/fun mom, I wish her the best.

No. 347821

she can become a mom to embrace/excuse her weight gain

as long as she doesnt use her child for video money, i guess id be happy for her

No. 348419

Doubt it. "Having a kid…. IN JAPAN!" That's if they don't move to Canada first

No. 348648

ughhhh god i hope she just moves back to canada and becomes irrelevant

No. 348751

OTT, but does anyone post/watch her Japanese only videos? In this one she suddenly claims she wants to go to Korea for the food. Does anyone else remember her divorcing her husband when he went to Korea for work? Suddenly Korea is cool and she wants to jump on that wagon

sage if too OTT, but felt it was relevant because if you check the comments in Japanese there are multiple Japanese calling her out on her shit "otaku style Japanese" and how she claimed to "know nothing about Canada" on her video talking about the differences between Canada and Japan, claiming that "I lived in Canada when I was a child so I've forgotten it all hur hurrr"

No. 348879


Oh shit, this was meant to go into the Mira thread. Sorry guys

No. 350062

File: 1499708276253.png (91.64 KB, 1242x691, IMG_2113.PNG)

Either Sharla is knocked up or can't resist the SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD food you guys

No. 350069

She's probably preggo and that's probably the only reason she admitted to being married lol

No. 350089

File: 1499710230966.png (2.96 MB, 1536x1794, 20170710_190638.png)

It might be just unflattering stripes? But her belly looks like it's sticking out a bit in her latest insta picture too.

No. 350090

>filter my face so much i no longer look human

what is wrong with these ppl

No. 350111


that's purikura…

No. 350113

the machines didnt used to do that much, ffs

No. 350137

File: 1499714758141.png (1.83 MB, 957x1199, keyboardsan.png)

he's normal. this is how an average healthy guy of any race and age would look like
you must be some fat burger thinking this is too skinny, you people really need to start taking care of yourself before it's too late

No. 350152

I think saying this is average for any race/age is a bit of a stretch. He's pretty lanky with little muscle, still healthy by all means, but I wouldn't go as far as saying he's average all across the board. Definitely average for a younger asian dude though.

Even so, he seems like he's pretty cute and stylish. Way to go Sharla.

No. 350184

File: 1499719147602.jpg (89.43 KB, 700x1051, sdm-style.jpg)

he's nor lanky at all, lanky is guy in my picture

what's up with these new weird standards where men have to look overfed to be considered attractive?
are starbucks & mcdonald's sponsoring this?

anyways, good for sharla

No. 350189

people are attracted to different things wow holy shit call ripleys they wont believe it

No. 350190

File: 1499719963600.jpg (77.5 KB, 728x728, 1ihkit.jpg)

Calm down anachan. This is not overfed and it's not unusual for the ideal male body type to be a little more muscular and less twiggy, even in Asia. Sage for derailment.

No. 350242

Sage for OT but damn that guy is my exact type.
It's only really normie females or slutty chicks that seem to care that much about sixpacks or muscle. At the same time guys already have it pretty easy when it comes to their appearance, so if they wanna knock themselves out at the gym, I ain't stopping them.

Sharla's bf body type looks completely average for a typical slim Asian male.

No. 350251

Nah, she's just fat. Pregnant bellies usually don't look like a car tire. But you never know.

No. 350271

>normie females or slutty chicks

Please anon, tell us more about how you ~aren't like the other girls~.

No. 350293

How ~~special~~

No. 350323


This has got to be an old video, because there's no way she would wear such a thick hoodie in ~30C weather, even if it was windy. And everyone else were wearing jackets.

If she was pregnant she probably wouldn't go on any fast rides, so another reason to think this video is old. Maybe she's trying to throw us off?

No. 350338

>ree normies like muscles on men

Something tells me you never had the option..

No. 350364

It would explain her food rampages

No. 350379

I am thinking it is an old video too, since this Summer Disney Sea is Pirate themed and I didn't see any evidence of such. I was hoping to see the front of the map for the design since like I said, it is Pirate Summer.

Depends on your body and how the baby is growing. Some will grow very low hence a low 'car tire' belly. Not everyone is round and full especially as a first time pregnancy. Just going from my own personal experience I didn't grow huge till well into 7 months and for the 6th month my Mom asked if I had just ate a large meal and wasn't actually expecting (:

No. 350381


She said she is not pregnant.


I don't think it makes any sense if we believe her words, moving to Canada in 1-2 years, thinking about having a baby in 1-2 years but she is not particularly excited about it, she doesn't want to rise her kids in Japan. Makes no sense but accidents happen.

Sharla is a chubby woman, that kind of belly makes perfects sense, there is a reason why she hides behind hoodies, baggy clothes and uses thigh-high stockings in the summer. I'm surprised she left a couple of seconds of her wearing this "tight" dress in the video, but maybe it was intentional, you never know with this people.

No. 350390


The video must be old, her husband took her to one of the Disney parks for her birthday in April, probably this video is from that date.

No. 350394


I thought she hated Disney, this park was more about attractions than having Disney characters around annoying you but still.

No. 350456

It's normal to deny in the early stages, doesn't mean it's not true.

No. 350472


Maybe you are right, she said in the video comments she won't stop making videos after having a baby, maybe she is laying the ground for the "I'm pregnant IN JAPAN" video in 5 months. Time will tell.

No. 350686

I can't believe these jvogglers get so many views. They are boring, copycats, kinda ugly, no skills, and they only go to about 3 spots. The only obe I can stand is mira. I still cant believe she has managed to stay in japan.
I assumed this plain jvloggers are surrogates for weebs. Aim higher.

No. 350736

What are you doing outside of your containment thread, Mira?

No. 351737

Right anon such a snore fest even Mira suck. Why the fuck do they only explore anime? They can't all be weebs?

No. 351747

Sharla obviously eats all their food before he can get to it.

No. 351758

Hardly any of them are actual weebs, but they need to cater to the weeb viewerbase which are like 90% of the people who google "_____ in Japan" videos. They know they wouldn't get views if they posted something like "Buying clothes in 109!" but if it was "Buying Merch in SHIBUYA 109 IN JAPAN!!!!!" they'd get a lot more views

No. 351796

hella OT but disney sea right now is fucking amazing
the pirates show is 10/10, if you're in tokyo definitely go for a visit

No. 352009


Thank you Ralph Wiggum.

No. 353476

Has anyone watched this?
The way they interact is just so awkward. Obviously it's hard to judge a relationship based on one video, but it seems like their language barrier must be way too big for them to have any kind of meaningful conversation.

No. 353497


I think the video is cute and you can't fully judge how deep is their relationship when it comes to communication just by watching some videos, you can't even see the guy. But is true their language as far as you can't tell watching their videos, is a little basic. They are moving soon, he will learn english and everything will be OK.

No. 353532

I know it's been said 100 times before, but I just can't get over her atrocious Japanese.

No. 353548

I swear I remember her bragging about being fluent in Japanese in a previous video..

No. 353566

This was the most boring "bf/husband does my makeup" video I've ever seen. Not even the cheery music helped. It's sad that the guy who isn't the YouTuber is the most entertaining.
Honestly, I don't see a future for Sharla in YouTube unless she starts showing her korean husband to please the koreaboo subscribers, or gets pregnant and starts family vlogs.
The end of the era of these Jvloggers has finally come.

Also, that fucking Japanese, Sharla. She's been living in Japan for how long now, 10 years? And she even worked as a translator, right? How can her Japanese be so bad… Just compare hers to Mimei's, for example. Jeez.

No. 353900

Hi Mira.
I sorta agree (shock) that most vloggers in Japan stick to the same few spots, but since most the audiences are basement dwelling weebs there isn't much they want to see outside of weeb culture

I seriously wanna go! Planning to for next month before it ends. SORRY OT!

I wanna watch this but based on the comments above, well, it seems rather pointless.. I cannot stand these type of videos either.

No. 354033

File: 1500302194828.jpg (39.74 KB, 1128x568, ka.JPG)

does anyone watch keira ashley? she reminds me of a slightly less spastic kaka
i guess she is part of the new round of vloggers now that the rest are getting old and/or leaving

No. 354241

Just another basic bitch "model"

No. 356811

Yeap, Sharla got thick.

No. 356826

I don't care what other farmers think, honestly when I watched that video with them standing next to each other in the kitchen, my genuine thoughts were that I'd much prefer to look like Sharla. She has a healthy figure going on, decent sized chest area, whereas taylor just lacks all shape and looks so bland.

Also, idk why they were so surprised their smoothie concoction tasted sweet when they added three sweet ingredients vs a few chunks of broccoli. Such a shocker.

No. 356917

I wouldn't say Taylor looks bad but yeah, as someone who's attracted to women I can say Sharla looks banging there and the breton stripes + lipstick combo really suits her. She wore it in her strawberry farm video too and that's probably the best she's ever looked on camera.

No. 356936

Sharla has a frumpy old mom bod, but okay

No. 356969

a natural face is always better then a plastic one

No. 356998

Wow, how surprising, different people like different body types.

No. 357162

is there a video where Sharla isn't wearing Taylor's clothes and stretching them out?

No. 357218


Sharla is normal sized? Barely many girls I know are as skinny as taylor unless theyre asian or just thin. Here in the UK so many girls look like Sharla? That isnt big. What the fuck is wrong with people?

No. 357220

i didnt care for taylor's look too much there but was very glad she got rid of those damn eye bags for once. let it die already taylor. you're white.

No. 357227

Because being slightly chubby is the norm now. It takes much more effort to be fit or thin.

No. 357232

I agree. I mean I think Sharla's body is okay, and I do prefer thin, but Taylor has zero shape. Sharla's face is also cuter to me? At least when she has a decent bit of make up on

No. 357233

I wonder if Sharla is preggers.

I have this feeling Sharla will age better than Taylor in the face. Her expressions just seem natural.

No. 357272


Taylor's posture triggers the fuck out of me. She's so fucking hunched over .. Like wtf she was a model, why is her posture so fucking shitty.

No. 357346


What makes a big difference is that Sharla know what to do with her hair, Taylor doesn't.

No. 357407

>implying those eyebags are an asian thing only

No. 357409

I think they're referring to the trend of emphasizing eye bags with makeup not just having eye bags.

No. 357419

Aegyo sal is a pretty common thing in asia. Westerners don't typically emphasize their eye bags, they try to get rid of it because it makes them look old. Whereas in Asia, people think it makes them look youthful which is what Taylor is a attempting.

No. 357429

File: 1500723441062.png (222.64 KB, 391x450, genericchinesegirl.png)


if this kind of undereye makeup is a thing outside of asia, i was honestly unaware

No. 357431

File: 1500723596247.jpg (71.1 KB, 600x800, 2012_11_29_16_14_38.jpg)

not intended to bring up drama (though i know it will) i am genuinely curious what she had done to her face, in particular her cheeks. i know she said she gained weight after quitting the HK model scene but to go from this (pic) to now is not natural

No. 357438

It's especially sad to me because she looks SO beautiful in this picture… Like way more natural and delicate and pretty. Sure she might have a slightly more "mature" look to her here, but a lot of girls would have killed to look like that. She really did make the wrong choice in getting cheek fillers :(

No. 357447

My guess: Cheekbone fillers, and definitely marionette line fillers. She's much older now in that photo. The marionette lines would've been more visible by now instead of having them completely disappear.

No. 357470


Why do you think she is pregnant?, she has a bottom heavy body, I doubt it will be noticeable until she is +3 months pregnant, even 5 months, depends on many factors.

No. 357471

it's not done outside of asian.

No. 357752

Taylor and Sharla wanted to go to a "Matsouree" (according to Sharla) and prepped up with yukatas. There was no festival, both ended up embarrassed for walking around wearing yukata for no reason (although it's a common summer wear even outside of festivals? Maybe because they are gaijin. Eh.)

No. 357754


samefag. This is Taylor's version, but I didn't watch it, just skipped through it.

No. 357760

when I watched Sharla's I felt a huge 2nd hand embarrassment for them. I mean, if you're going out of your way to buy fucking yukatas you wanna make sure there will be a festival.

Taylor seemed less embarrassed tho. Like "yeah whatever there's no festival here let's walk around lol should I've brought Rosie?"

No. 357764

This thread is so weird tho. Sharla is pretty heavy (she's above average weight, definitely) and her face is not cute at all. Taylor looks like a psycho/squirrel-ish, but Sharla's looks so manly.

No. 357818

This is so obnoxious and embarrassing, I can't even skip around the video without cringing.

No. 357821


They're both ugly, but at least with Sharla if she dropped weight and styled herself nicer she'd def have a preferred body type. Taylor's body is unfortunate at all weight ranges because she's apple shaped with no waistline. ( I guess she feels like adding 2inch padding to her tits is "giving her shape".. its not.. just looks like a 2x4 plank with tits )

No. 357840

tays a banana like most models. She's really proportionate and gains weight evenly but she's pretty much straight up and down. She's actually not remotely an apple.

No. 357855

Taylor has her own thread.

No. 358117

lmao how did they fuck that up
sharla has been there how long. did she like misread something or pull a taylor and read only information she wants?

No. 358119

> aww taylor you have to go. this is your first and probably last matsuri !

soo taylor is leaving soon then?

No. 358160


Probably but she can go to another matsuri in august, plenty of festivals to attend if you really want to, unless she leaves Japan next week for good.

No. 359262

I tried lurking through the whole thread but I'm still not sure if anyone else shared this, but does anyone think 9:06 is about Kim Dao? Didn't she shade Melodee's education on Twitter before? I know it's old news but this video was posted recently so I thought I'd share, saged anyway just in case

No. 359268

File: 1500923431345.png (27.43 KB, 595x120, Screen_Shot_2016-10-20_at_10.0…)

samefag but here's a screenshot of what I'm referencing. Again, I know it's old news but it's interesting to see what Melodee has to say about the situation

No. 359547

> sharla
> looking young

Yeeeeaaahhh I think I'll pass on that, hon

No. 359557

How do you expect a 31 year old to look tbh?

What a petty comment. Guess she's projecting insecurities about being a complete moron despite a university degree.

No. 359558

Damn I forgot how annoying this chick's voice is. She shouldn't have fixated on people berating her for not going to college though. She's worldly enough as is and college won't add as much to it.

I'm assuming she's financially backed up and college will always be an option in later life while ballet is not.

No. 359562

lmao sure Kim, you make shitty youtube videos meanwhile melodee lives in nyc and does TV. Also anyone notice how Kim doesn't get sponsored by big companies like shiseido anymore since she "unfriended" all her h8rs?

No. 359621

I find it hilarious that she did that video the year her age finally caught up to her (weight and elasticity wise). 2 years ago it might've been relevant. Not so much now. Gotta hang on to the delusion I guess.

No. 359648

File: 1500953770728.jpg (97.16 KB, 1740x960, EpiuV51.jpg)


Her skin is not that good or young looking, she is flattered by her camera, lighting and so on, even when she is not wearing makeup.

The truth comes out in the rare occasions direct sunlight reflects upon her face.

Most people don't have perfect skin, that's fine but I find the video a little misleading. Also why do you edit your skin for the thumbnail?.

No. 359650


She also has a very noticeable forehead wrinkle, eye wrinkles and big dark circles at 31. So much for taking care of her skin from 20, specially when she had severe acne until her mid 20s.

I think he is a good looking woman but I found this video a little "rich". She is trying to sell you a product anyway.

No. 359984

She looks like a completely normal 30 year old woman. Stop nitpicking.

No. 360039


Lets set the bar really low here and agree with you that she indeed looks like she's in her 30's aka her age: ain't ndb want any advice from that

You'll want skin advice from a 30 year old who looks youngER, not a 30 year old who does look like her age. No-one nend advice for that.

No. 360046

File: 1501001551403.jpg (470.95 KB, 500x705, 9781863116978.jpg)

Jesus Christ love
IA, if anything her skin looks better than most people her age I talk to irl. Her face looks mature but that's because of her facial features and fat distribution.

No. 360096

her face is pretty young looking, even on the right, at least imo

she doesn't have any visible wrinkles but she just looks like a teenage girl with PMS skin, then again I know lolcow is nitpicky as hell, so any girl that doesn't have literal baby skin is an old haggard

No. 360109

Man my coworkers must look like shit then because those in their late mid-20's look her age. Only one who is in her 30s looks younger, while the rest look older. (Then again we are teachers so maybe we've aged faster due to stress…)

No. 360152

She looks early 20's to me. I even have seen 18 year olds look older than her. Honestly though it is the fat on her face that is doing her well in the youth department. It has nothing to do with her skin care. (Or for that matter, any blemishes she has or doesn't have.)

Her face is just fat.

No. 360154

samefag to say this was me and it annoys me that I accidentally deleted the >>numbers

No. 360181

New vid.

I liked it, but I am a biased source in this case. I love Disney stuff!! More of keyboard-san. God Damn, that man has skinny-ass legs.

No. 360480

This isn't new, you sperg.

No. 360494

i never cared about taylor but her video "i rented a friend" came up and i watched it, is she actually that horrible of a person?? i get it was supposed to be a joke but the girl looked and acted sooo uncomfortable

No. 360552


You can't see the wrinkles because the way she edits and film, they are there, you can see it in rare occasions when her editing is sloppy.

She looks her age, don't get fooled by all the camera tricks.

No. 360757

Both their acting were horrible in that video, it was obvious that it was meant as a joke.

No. 360761

Can you please drop it already

No. 360777

discuss it in the taylor thread

No. 360784

where is the taylor thread? cant find it

No. 360785

I got that it was a joke i just got a weird vibe from it like Taylor is actually sorta like that. The girl seemed kinda annoyed at parts of it

But thx I will go to Taylor thread wasn't sure which one to post in

No. 360786

I said in both those pics, she looks older on the left but she doesn't look like some old ass 30 yr old everyones talking about

No. 360936


New enough and had not been posted or discussed here.

So suck my lady-nuts, cunt waffle.

No. 361084


hey autist chan, the annoyance part was part of the thing. like, the whole point.

No. 361193

yeah no I get it was a skit I just think in general I got the vibe she just didn't like Taylor anyway, it was sorta subtle, I broke my autism to check some non literal social cues, but I see it was just my mind playing tricks and I was being a baka again >_<

No. 361672

Looks like UUUM had a huge data leak, leaving some of the top earning Japanese YouTubers with their full names, income and addresses exposed.

No. 361679

>old ass 30 year old

are y'all just going to commit suicide at 30 or something

No. 361695

File: 1501183570462.jpg (125.41 KB, 1533x862, maxresdefault.jpg)

I'm a month late but I agree with you and think she would look normal and actually cute if she had short hair like this again.

No. 361716

she looks like a more masculine hari nef with short hair

No. 361728

lol that comparison is ridiculous

No. 361768

File: 1501188727517.png (1.5 MB, 962x962, sharmy.png)

honestly i think sharla is cute for being 30 or w/e but i just CAN'T with her lazy eye

No. 361780

ya but its true

No. 361782

Everyone has slight esotropia in their eye, it's more uncommon to have eyes perfectly symmetrical to eachother.

No. 361836

Holy shit, I never noticed this before, but I always felt annoyed by her eyes for some reason.

No. 361845

No hairstyle will change her face who cares

No. 361849

kinda looks like a tranny here ngl

No. 361850

nice job trying to sound smart but esotropia is when an eye turns inward.
her exotropia only effects like 1% of people. so yes her wandering eye is super derpy and no everyone doesn't walk around looking derpy like sharla

No. 361928


Damn, she should get that fixed. She could be so much more cuter if her crazy eye wasn't always wondering.

How much does it typically cost to have a lazy eye fixed ?

No. 361992


I never noticed this and I watch all her videos, mind blown. Her big nose is a little distracting but now is going to be hard not to focus in her eyes.

No. 362036

lmao what. Sharla's left eye is facing inward more than her right, therefore esotropia. She doesn't have a super lazy eye stop nitpicking

No. 362862

Did Sharla have surgery or fillers? Her face looks so different than a couple of years ago.

No. 362865

File: 1501329819922.jpg (131.25 KB, 766x652, sharla.jpg)

same person here

No. 362871

File: 1501330472748.png (304.33 KB, 555x431, Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 2.06…)


Probably just angles and editing. Sharla can't afford surgery. At the very least botox maybe, but those things need to be redone every x amount of mouths. She could also have learned about AE, and its auto slimming features for videos ? like Tay has.

If she had fillers she'd probably look like Taylor with her chipmunk cheeks. I highly doubt Sharla would splurge for them as they ain't cheap, and don't forget she's trying ( but failing ) to lose weight. Why would she want to make her face fatter looking with fillers ?

No. 362885

Yeah probably botox, because her face changed from a square shape to an oval shape

No. 362888

You guys know that weight gain is a thing, right?

No. 362903

Taylor in her peak before any filler involvement kinda gave me some Evan Rachel Wood vibes. Very pretty, shame on her overdoing it with the chipmunk cheeks.

No. 362907

Weight gain that makes your face look slimmer? Please tell me all about it.

No. 362914

File: 1501337057561.jpg (114.79 KB, 1883x786, 7ZAqY04.jpg)


To begin with I think you are getting fooled by the way she edits her videos, I'm 100% sure she does some kind of camera lens/filter/angular trick to make her face more thin, she never looks like she does in her videos when she show up in other people videos. I don't see any surgery, she has a little more fat in the jaw line making her square jaw more roundy.

I can be wrong, I'm not an expert in plastic surgery of course. I don't think Sharla is the type of woman that will do this kind of stuff and probably she has other things to "fix" that will have priority over some jaw shaving, but like I say is just an opinion.

I think she looks great right know, she is chubby but in a cute way, by the way, wavy hair suits her. The pic I uploaded is the closer you are going to get to see how she really looks.

No. 362926

File: 1501338535431.png (743.73 KB, 800x632, Untitled.png)

I always forget how hard a time people can have realizing they're wrong…
Her left eye is drooping OUTWARDS and lags behind her other eye. Left as in her left, not your left.
Every time she looks to the left her eye spazzes out
Keep defending your perfect ageless queen.

No. 362932

File: 1501338836758.jpg (349.03 KB, 1600x961, lenssizeduh.jpg)

It's just normal camera and lighting trickery (pic relevant), no editing needed.

No. 362935


That's what I said: "some kind of camera lens/filter/angular trick", with "edit" I meant to say the way she films.

No. 362939

File: 1501339743091.gif (1.39 MB, 636x383, PHaHmaw.gif)


Is not lightning, is just camera lenses. I don't think Sharla's can change the lens of her camera (GX7), there must be another ways or her camera has a program to simulate different lenses.

No. 362966

>Keep defending your perfect ageless queen.
What are you talking about? I'm 100% sure no one on this board cares even a little bit about Scharlach, we just think that you're nitpicky as fuck for no reason

No. 363018

I think PULL should add Sharla to their little snowflake list, when there has been drama she was always involved in some kin of way and with that (probably After Effects) editing of her face, she deserves that spot.

No. 363021

Tell that to the people on PULL, not us

No. 363029

No. 363039

Some people have jowls like that. Get a hobby, ana-chan.

No. 363065

You do realize that in 3 years she's probably changed cameras and thus had different lenses, right?

No. 363127


It's not just her videos, but also on videos of other people as well. 2-3 years ago she looked different, just look for her collabs in videos of other youtubers and newer collab videos.
I agree that there must have been some botox or something else!

No. 363161

are you blind? that's the only picture i've seen where she doesn't look like a greyhound

No. 363165

it is young looking for her age. when you see a teenager with acne do you confuse them for a 50 year old? having skin texture =/= looking old.

No. 363272


The other comparison is between her NOW and her NOW in other people videos, right?. There is an obvious difference.

No. 363274


Don't confuse skin texture for the aftermath of severe acne. She looks her age if you remove the lightning and camera tricks.

No. 363343

Hmm I'm not surprised that she edits her skins texture or uses lightning, that's pretty much common on YouTube I guess?

What surprises me is how much her face shape looks different, never realized that before!!!

No. 363823

So.. are Mira and Sharla in Canada at the same time?

No. 363841

Also Taylor, what is up with them all coming back to Canada at te same time?
I think the only way to save Taylor's boring Canada blogs would be to include Sharla, I guess.

No. 363850

What is up with Mimei? There has been no video in ages. Do we have more information on her beef with the gang?

No. 363854

she said that because of endometriosis, she isn't able to make videos as often

No. 363910

> Keep defending your perfect ageless queen.
PT has her own thread

No. 363914

i didn't know she had a nosejob (and revision). doesn't really look like it. i guess that's the point.

No. 363919

There was a previous video where she said she was sponsored by docfinderkorea or something to that effect. She also got a boobjob. Someone on here also said she had something done to her hips or arse or something but she hasn't mentioned anything about that as far as I know.

I like Sophie a lot, I feel bad for her since it's quite obvious she has really poor self esteem. I hope she doesn't end up like Mystery.

No. 363940


I don't think she has done anything to her hips and ass. Her hips looks natural, and she has a nice figure. Peachy also doesn't seem rich enough to go and splurge on expensive surgery, thus why she's doing a sponsored deal.

I feel kinda sad for her because her nose still looks like a massive beak and hardly looks any different. Go thru all that swelling for nothing.

No. 363947

Peachy already looked like a doll before the nose jobs, ok I understand for the 1st one but a 2nd one? It doesn't look like it matches her face very well and for her first nj she talked about how she went all the way to Switzerland or something becuz she wanted the best of the best to do her nj

No. 363959

Tbh her first nosejob didn't look very good. It's understandable that she got a revision.

No. 363972

It was Scotland, not Switzerland. Not that far from Belfast.

No. 363976

I don't think the doctor was able to do much at once. From what I can remember her nose was really big before and the doc made it smaller but that's it. I've had a nj and a decent doctor won't even consider doing anything more extensive because, having never had rhinoplasty before, they don't know how you'll react, how you'll heal up and whether your breathing is going to be affected. She's a pretty girl but her nose was just too big to fix with only one surgery.

No. 364831

File: 1501626019497.png (48.47 KB, 713x347, fcgvbhjn.PNG)

anyone else notice that abipops been commenting under taylors videos a lot lately? shes so fame hungry.. this is one from under talors starting a cosplay channel vid from 6 months ago.

No. 364887

So Sharla is doing one video every day in August, I wonder if she need the cash because lately her get video production is not very high and views either.

No. 364945

Nah, there's a thing in August month where people do a video every day. At least I remember someone else talking about it too.

No. 365125


Fair enough, she has never done daily videos in August, and she is staying for a brief period of time with her family, I thought her priority will be spending all the time possible with her family but good for her if she wants to put that effort every day in filming and editing. I hope she get the views, enough to justify the effort…

No. 365152

the go-to kawaii gaijin job, moderu

No. 365396

Those pictures in her portfolio are all super shooped.

No. 365410

Aren't they her own? She always shoops them to hell and back.

No. 365413

Probably. But even shitty agencies should at least take digitals of their model. Bitch looks nothing like her shoops in real life.

No. 365428

>>365152 Hahaha, it's one of those "agencies" where anyone can sign up for a profile simply by filling out a form with measurements and some low quality selfies. I remember we found himezawa there too back when she started her whole IM A BIG DEAL IN JAPAN thing

No. 365444

It's crazy. Looking that their board, not one of their models is as shooped as she is, http://www.avocado.co.jp/models/category/female. And this is really a shit-tier agency.

No. 365678

I thought this was her agency?

Either way, I'm not surprised. It was obvious this was her plan from the start since she was one of the people who jumped on the living doll bandwagon after Kota got a modeling contract in Japan, she has Japanese titles/tags for all her videos despite not speaking any Japanese, she hinted that she'd want to model in Japan in a q&a video, and when she got there, I noticed she followed a few Japanese modeling agencies on twitter.

No. 365945

Why does Taylor constantly sexually harass her own brother?
She's always oogling him and tries filming him when his shirt is off, etc. Any time he's in the video she finds a way to make it really awkward and gross. He always tells her he doesn't want to be on camera and always seems very uncomfortable, but that just amuses Taylor even more…

Here's just one example:

No. 365954

Get thee to the tay tay containment thread. >>>/snow/331466

No. 365959

lul Emma from Tokidokitraveler is on there


No. 365963

god she is so homely

No. 365967

Not a jvlogger but Gaya is there too

No. 366067

No. 366088

her red dress is hilarious

No. 366109

She's been touring around Europe by herself, looking like a sulk in the process. Duncan only arrived maybe two days ago? Her and Duncan have Summer in the City this week.

She caught up with Kim Dao while in Europe.

No. 366299

Who is Gaya? A hooker!

No. 367363

Did Laura get rid of her cats, Tom and Jerry? I know she was getting help from Taylor finding vets for one of the cats that the first vet ended up misdiagnosing.

No. 367379


What a boring video. She doesn't even try to sound excited. And her fake british accent annoys me so much.

No. 367419


Isn't she British, though?

No. 367470


She's Brazilian/Portuguese, but I think she went to uni in London, and spent some of her childhood in the UK as well.


Her ex-girlfriend kept them.

No. 367517

The accent is so affected and keeps slipping kek

No. 368389

File: 1502127743417.png (773.62 KB, 644x477, martina.PNG)

Used to watch EYK while they were in Korea just because no one else was doing stuff but damn, them moving to Japan has been awful. I got curious and checked their latest video because I never unsubscribed and neither of them can wear yukata. Simon got stopped by an elderly man who actually pulled him aside in the middle of a festival crowd to fix his yukata because he'd worn it wrong while Martina filmed it.

No. 368392

File: 1502127874589.png (610.49 KB, 600x429, damnson.PNG)

Even the comments pointed out how locals were staring or giving them the side-eye for most of the video.

No. 368397

OT but I felt like I couldn't wear a yukata properly. I feel much better now.

No. 368425

File: 1502131392889.png (490.76 KB, 496x413, bacj.PNG)

The back view is even worse.

No. 368466

Oh dear. It looks like she didn't tighten it or adjust it at all. The obi is just sad…get a tsukuri obi if you don't have confidence. Why doesn't she just buy a two piece, they have some really cute styles lately and they're much easier to put on by yourself!

No. 368470

File: 1502136746746.png (938.84 KB, 840x440, Capture.PNG)

They don't have the best track record with traditional wear. This is barely a year old.

No. 368554


Yeah, she's brazilian. I can tell very clearly that she has a brazilian accent because it keeps slipping.. I know some brazilians that fake a british accent to sound cuter/cooler when speaking english, and they sound just like hers, imo.


Holy fuck. I feel like a yukata goddes now. Why do they just half ass everything, Jesus? If she can't put it on, just go to a yukata shop and ask for help. It's a bit embarrassing but way less embarrassing then strolling around like that.

No. 368561

To be fair, I think the restaurant put it on for them.

But they seem to have a hard time having yakuta "sit" on them

No. 368564

File: 1502146108058.png (526.93 KB, 604x348, well.PNG)

Yeah the restaurant did put it on but they're still wrong. Looks like the helper did it on purpose.

No. 368567

File: 1502146201566.png (1.45 MB, 1067x855, Capture2.PNG)

Compare last year when a shop girl dressed her to a year later her dressing herself.

No. 368572

She's always going to look dumpy anyway. She's gigantic compared to an average Japanese woman and yukatas are not meant to show curves.

No. 368573

she's dead ahahaha

No. 368584

She looks like Mr. Ratburn from Arthur.

No. 368679

No. 369397

What's with the obi on the left though? Could no one could do a simple obi tie for it to look good if it's done by shop staff?

That's why you need towels and shit if your body isn't flat enough on it's own. She can make it work, but she just needs to hide away the curves.

No. 369404

These are freelance agencies, and you can just register with just about all of them as long as you have a flexible job (aka part-time) and permission stamps to do modeling work in Japan.

No. 369439


I know she isn't a Jvlogger and has her own thread .. but your comment made me wonder if this is what Dakota is doing ?? Freelance agencies ??

SHe has recently gotten 2 more jobs and has been dropped by Libera and Bravo, and is currently has no agency. If Tooter's is with a freelance company maybe thats why she hasn't listed it up on her site because she's embarrassed.

No. 371764


kek, Sharla's sister is a furry

No. 371768


No. 371781

read the damn rules/info

No. 371782

>doesn't embed the video
>no timestamp
seriously anon are you drunk?

For anyone actually interested who doesn't wanna go through the whole boring video for it she talks about it at around 7:42>>371764

No. 371796


All she said is that her sister use to make the costumes .. not wear them or participate in furry activities.


Anon, stop trying to create milk from nothing.

No. 371868

Bravo and also Satoru Japan (Taylor's agency)are more like professional modeling agencies, where you have to pass training in order to become a model OR already be model/successful. Libera probably is like that too. I doubt Dakota passed any training though, she just got lucky with her internet living doll fame. And Taylor got into Satoru Japan through being an international model, so in her case her HK experience definitely helped.

But yeah idk wassup with Dakota. Even when you are listed with these professional modeling agencies, you still need to audition to get the part.

No. 371987

Bravo and Satoru get the same jobs as FreeWave and the other freelance agencies.
I have a feeling that Taylor quit modeling because she wanted to be famous intantly and didn't want to put in the work.

No. 372017

Tbh her and her bf looks like a furry couple

No. 373189

File: 1502872696161.jpg (114.86 KB, 800x600, 1030694.JPG)

No. 373194

>implying Tay didn't actually get through by sleeping with the big boss.

No. 373481

Not at all. Bravo especially has the clout to get their models into top tier runway and editorial (for Japan which is still really a secondary market). Satoru seems to as well. And Libera is a pathway to to tv and dramas. No comparison to the shitty freelance agencies.
She didn't. She had been modeling for years before she met her bf (who isn't the "big boss" at either Starzpeople or Satoru).

No. 374837

Yep, I think Bravo and Satoru Japan are 2 of the "big 3" agencies in Japan. I forgot which the 3rd one was though.

No. 374893

Also Image. and Donna are up there as modeling agencies.

No. 379159

File: 1503628713552.png (386.17 KB, 529x376, Untitled.png)

Daylight really brings out Sharla's age KEK

No. 379163

File: 1503628865155.png (58.36 KB, 223x196, 2.png)





No. 379205

Martina's hair is so disgusting. She lives in Japan now ffs. There are tons of salons for coloring hair. Her home dye job is pathetic.

No. 379332


What's up with her lipstick?.

No. 379338

looks like a lipstain rather than lipstick. They tend to wear off like this.
somehow she looks like your typical chubby slavic mama lol. You can see she will age badly and gain more weight with time

btw, why this thread's so dead? Jvloggers slowed down with their drama? wowie

No. 379385

I don't follow any of their social media. What happened?

No. 379409

Seems like everyone's leaving Japan. Bii, Kim are gone, Taylor and Sharla are going, and Mimei keeps to herself.

gotta wait til the next batch of naive weebs with big dreams to fly over, I guess.

No. 379416

Sorry, misread your post, rough morning. I thought something had happened.
Yeah, with almost all of them leaving and turning irrelevant again, it seems the well is all dry now.

No. 379505

im new to the jvlogger scene and havent really been following them that much, but something ive noticed in all of their videos is that they dont show any Japanese people. They only hang out and film other western english speaking people. Especially Taylor. She lives in tokyo…she's got a house there…you'd think with all the "Hip and young" people in the fashion scene there, she would try to branch out and meet some. She never shows any though. Sharla, who claims to have done work with Hideaki Anno, a personal hero of mine for the cult classic Neon Genesis Evangelion, Apparently knows such good Japanese that she worked on his godzilla film to translate. There's no reason at all if that's the case why she cant make Japanese friends. Instead she also just shows English speakers.Isn't it a little redundant to move to a foreign country and not want anything to do with the natives living there? Then why go? I dont get it..? This is why i like Only in Japan, JapaneseManYuta and CathyCat..they show the locals, and they show places other than Shibuya109 and the mall. -_- Taylow and Sharfat are annoying. They dont do anything but sit around in there houses all day or go shopping. Why do you have to be in Japan then?

No. 379674

emily (lovelymilky) vlogs occasionally and she actually speaks fluent japanese and hangs around japanese people
it baffles me as to how all these jvloggers love japan soooo much yet they stray away from japanese natives

No. 379691

it's actually a bit difficult to make close friends with the japanese when you're a foreigner in japan (even if you are fluent), unless they are at your school or job or something or they just want you for your english skills. a lot of japanese people tend to assume you don't know the language, so they shy away to prevent uncomfortable situations. I mean it doesn't seem most of them even try to begin with, but to be fair it is kind of different than just making friends moving to a new city in your own country.

No. 379950

I don't know, it seems like she's always with foreigners unless it's her husband and his friends. Also, her Japanese is conversational at best.

No. 380026

lmao fluent my ass

No. 380052

She didn't do any work for the movie, she was an assistant to one of the people who worked there. That lie has been cleared up long ago.

No. 380088

Technically her husband is a foreigner as well as he's Korean.

No. 383062

Sharla: " Do you think I should prepare for the worst and leave this area or not let if affect my life?"

I can't believe a 31 year old woman is asking this. Also prepare for the worst……….. really?.

No. 386546

No. 386576

Good for her, I hope she makes it and keeps it up

No. 386632

That's good to hear, documenting it publicly will probably help her to keep on track. And honestly she did not look as bad as i thought she would

No. 386650

Good for her, but she looks like she needs a food scale or some measuring cups. Measuring everything by eye, especially chia seeds, doesnt sound very smart.

No. 386665

I believe she will make it to her goal.

No. 386977


She looks a little more chubby in real life than in her video but she looks OK, only thing she need to do is reduce her belly.

No. 402706

Stitch sounding bitch is moving back to Japan

No. 402738

What visa is she going to have ? Also how is her mom supposed to get a visa ? Wtf

No. 402780

Up to 5 years? Good luck with that lmao. And studying Japanese again? We all know how it went last time…

No. 405050

Apparently this video was..a joke

No. 405058

Why does she sound like there is a permanent bubble in her throat? She catches certain words sounding like Stitch rofl.

No. 405094

What the fuck was the point? Did she do it to get more views? I don't get it

No. 405117

Taylor is leaving Japan? When?

No. 405438

in a few years? she mentioned in a vlog that she's going to move in hong kong

No. 405553

Swedish accent

No. 405725

I truly hope she will become more interesting there

No. 405882

File: 1508424964236.jpg (75.54 KB, 1080x1080, nVp39bI.jpg)


Is her right cheek (or left depends how you look at it) photoshopped?

No. 408155

that's what she says it is but I've heard plenty of other Sweedes talk and none of them have the stitch voice.

No. 408747

No. 408757

Taylor has her own thread >>222185

No. 408758

which is dead and adds to >>405117

No. 408760

I think it's just that particular dialect that sounds retarded

No. 408776

she sounds SO scared of losing her viewers. I think her channel will survive, if not by much.

No. 408782

I like how she has basically admitted she got weeb fever, wanted to be Kota, didn't even learn the language properly, then failed in what she wanted to do there. I'm looking forward to her video about her ups and downs, particularly the "downs" she had in Japan and whatever she's going to blame Japan for.

No. 408930

Kaka go work on the fact you are aging like sour milk no one cares that you wish you were Taylor.

I unsubscribed a few weeks ago but this video make me subscribe again because i am actually curious to see her continue vlogging elsewhere.
The whole japan thing had gotten so boring

No. 409111

I stopped watching her for the fact that the jap shit was boring, but honestly I may start up again. I'm actually interested in seeing her in Hong Kong and Hong Kong in general from a foreigner's eyes. Although i really hope she takes up the culture, in Japan she just lived there as if she would in canada and didn't seem to bother to take anything in, including the language.

idk probs just because i've always wanted to travel to HK. sage for blog

No. 409537

Another spoiled Northern American beta baby who have to live in Asia to feel comfortemself.
Why not just live in white country?
Don't use Asian countries as starting over again things, losers. What uni did you graduate? What did you major in uni? ahahahaha

No. 409539

you sure had a lot of downs in Japan, eh kaka?

No. 409543

you okay bud?
you need some help?

No. 410037

Why are PULL members kissing her ass all the time? I swear it's hot/cold with them when it comes to Taylor. She's going to lose subs because she's not in Japan anymore. It's great that she's opening up, but she's not admitting the elephant in the room which is her major plastic surgery. Not that she has any obligation to, but if you're gonna preach about honesty and self-love and all that shit, seriously.

No. 410051

She hasn't had major plastic surgery so she has nothing to admit to.

No. 410073

good joke

No. 410076

This has been discussed ad nauseum. One anon even posted a gif that showed her face was the fucking same as in HK. Give it up.

No. 410081

I'm pretty sure you're full of shit anon.

No. 410096

So she's officially irrelevant now?

I don't even like her much and this was the first video of her I watched past the first two minutes, but I feel bad. Her body language makes me think she's really sad things didn't work out in Japan.

No. 410102

Kaka shouldn’t you be more concerned with your failed acting career? (That never even started to begin with lmao)

No. 410191


Things didn't work out for her in Japan lol She's a failed idol
i'm glad she's going back to Hong Kong, she was more normal when she was living there, was going to college, and was doing well in modeling. But I doubt she'll go back to that path anyways, she's a ~vlogger~ now lol

No. 410218


Idk, I've kept up with her on/off, and every time she went back to HK she seemed soooo fucking happy. To me she always seemed closed off and miserable in Japan and never left the house. Before Japan in HK she did shit tons of things and seemed more lively.

As for the sub thing… I highly doubt she'll lose any fans, she doesn't even show Japan in her vloggs anymore because she rarely leaves the house. Plus if she does leave the house she just ends up going to american brand stores ( starbucks, forever21, VS, Lush, ect )

I think the move will be great for her, and she'll do a lot more vlogging and higher fashion shoots that she'll film. Hands down she'll have 100% more jobs in HK as they loved her and she did a lot of work there. She's probably returning to starz people.

No. 410220

Yeah, from what I've seen she looks a lot more in peace when she is in HK. In Japan I always had the impression she felt kind of… isolated? Even the vlogs she filmed going out with ''friends'' felt forced as hell and she just doesn't leave her house.

No. 410222

Kaka is probably specially angry now that Kota lost her contract after people realized how ugly she is in TV.

No. 411800

So, of the crew in the photo there’s only Sharla and Mimei left. I wonder if Sharla regrets burning bridges?

With Taylor leaving but saying she’ll visit Tokyo again I wondered if she would stay in a hotel or if Sharla would take her in. It would be awkward as fuck to sleep in the loft bed with the cats above Sharla and her husband though.

No. 411830

Weren't Sharla and Caela good friends years back?
If they didn't live so far apart, they'd probably just fall to each other I bet

No. 411897


She'll probably stay in a hotel … Probably will come up with a polite reason why ( because Shart's is gross and no where near the level of fancy Tay is used too )

No. 411935


Sharla doesn't live in Tokyo and her house is kinda small,Taylor probably will go to an hotel.

No. 411945

I wonder if Taylor will get more plastic surgery now that she's moving back Hong Kong.

No. 411957

Didn't she only get plastic surgery so she could be a Kota clone? I don't think she'll get anymore, expect maybe some botox every once in a while which I don't think is necessarily plastic surgery.

No. 411970

Fillers aren't ps and that's all she's had done.

No. 411980

Sure, Jan.

No. 411982

File: 1509384110053.png (772.8 KB, 807x569, tay.png)


No. 411991

Kiki, stop. She had temporary fillers in the past and now it looks like she ditched them. Her lips are overlined, in the videos without makeup you can see the same face as her old HK modeling pictures.

No. 412000


She might be getting botox at the least ( which isn't plastic surgery ). Its no mystery that she's afraid of aging, or simply appearing old.

I don't get it though, she's soon to be 29 but afraid of people knowing. She denied that the 88 in her channel name was her birth year and claimed it as a favourite number (kek). She wont even tell people her age, would rather the majority to assume she's 21.

Like if I was almost thirty and could pull off looking like I was in my late teens I'd be fucking ecstatic ! Lol Kota's over there only being like what ? 21 and looking like a 35yr old. Fuck me, if I looked like Kota at that age I'd delete my internet existence and go get work done. ( Or cry forever into a pillow cause that shits expensive )

No. 412004

nah its not Kiki, Taylor has her own haters, like this one : littlefakedolls.tumblr.com this person has a massive hate boner for Taylor, Dakota, Valeria, and other living dolls and I have seen her comments here too (because she writes the same things there)

No. 412005

Taylor has her own thread so stop posting her here. Last warning.

No. 412009

When Keekweek happened, there was a person/group of anons who continued trolling Taylor, other anons reported those comments and admin double checked and confirmed it wasn’t Kiki. Taytay haters here exist.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 412011

Yikes at that tumblr. It's not even really lulzy, she just sounds so fucking bitter.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 412796

Amadofu has left the Jvloggers for Twitch where he is cringe as fuck and has a superiority complex from his 12 year old autistic fans who support him with access to their parents credit cards. Someone donated $500 and a couple of weeks later he had a donation goal for a new game console where he asked for more money. He could have used the $500 but I guess he wanted more?
He also basically buys his followers as he constantly has a giveaway open in exchange for following his profile. The prizes are always dusty shit from the Pokemon Store that he regrets purchasing or has in his closet.

No. 413194

Mimei is going back to school in NZ and sharla will marry and leave soon probably

No. 418533

can the auto sage be turned off for her thread then with all this new stuff happening with her?
shes not a jvlogger now anyway since shes in hong kong now

No. 419197

the point is that there's no active "milk" happening, you're free to discuss it here but autosage is going to keep going until something drama related happens.

or You can also go to the PULL thread where everyone is autistic

No. 424237

Anyone else feel like Rachel and Jun completely fucked up when they didn't upload for weeks after Juns cooking videos went viral?

I know they were in the USA but they were top trending fucking everywhere and were being shared all over the place and they really could've gotten a shitton of subscribers/more viewers to their main channel from that.

I'm also still kind of confused, is youtube Jun's main job or does he have a regular job and Rachel is the main person behind yt?

No. 424392

How do you know she is going back to school?

No. 427082

He purchased a new console and a capture card for streaming with that money which is all expensive and it all went back into his streaming so I don’t see a problem. If he had purchased a Gucci handbag or some shit I’d get it, but he used the money wisely.

No. 427108

she made a video but deleted it i guess. sketchy hoe

No. 429781

No. 429868

theyre moving to korea. rest if vlog is trash

No. 430238

Seems like all the jvloggers are moving out of Japan.

No. 430263


somebody should make a ANTM inspired gif of op's picture where everybody vanishes one by one lmao

No. 430466

i feel like she has to compete with taylor so she made the choice to move to korea all because she didn't want to go back to canada lol

No. 430679


More like her husband is a smart guy and managed to avoid moving to Canada with all that trouble that means for him (learning english, finding a job…). According to Sharla he found a good job in Korea, plus having her family and friends around is always great, Sharla thinks is going to be for a couple of years, if the guy plays his cards right is probably going to be for life.

No. 430821

wow so a major J-vlogger is leaving Japan? Looks like the j-vlogging scene will soon be taken over by new people. Simon and Martina are still in Japan, so are Michaela and Mimei and Duncan.

Does anyone know if Japanese is similar to Korean or very different? Would Sharla need to learn Korean? I imagine it must be hard getting around in Korea if you don't know the language.

I'm enjoying Taylor's HK vlogs so far. HK is seriously one of my favourite places in the world so I'm happy to see her vlogging there.


No. 431042

They have very similar grammatical structures, vocabulary is related but not that similar imo (ex. fate is unmei in JP and unmyeong in Korean), pronunciation and spelling of words are very different. The grammar is definitely the most similar part, but after that it's hit or miss. You definitely have to study Korean quite a bit even if you know Japanese well.

No. 431060

Wait wait wait.. Didnt she just open up a patreon and one of the tiers was that the money people pledge would go to her traveling in japan and the person would get a postcard or gift from that place. I guess she wont do that one or change it to korea. Will she have to pay people back (i dont really know how patreon works) or maybe she used the money for the move

No. 431153


She already answer that, if her patrons want her to go to a place in Japan, she will go.

Her Patreon is a joke anyway, a laptop for her husband to edit cat videos?. Really?. And she is doing the least work possible to provide content, I really don't know why people is giving her money. She is not struggling with money at all, people is so gullible.

No. 431185

He's 30, right?

No. 431278

Not to defend but mimikyu is a cute as fuck pokemon
so I can see why older people with money would buy a ton of merch of him

No. 431428

An adult earning their own money and spending it on a harmless hobby? The scandal!

No. 432626

she's either talking about lolcow or gg here. it's so weird she keeps saying "you don't know what's going on" and "people are so jealous" like bitch… you were the one quitting your school what's there to be jealous about? going to japan isn't that hard anymore they're doing everything to attract tourists. people were just shocked at how much of a contrast your entitled western ass was as opposed to a society that's focused on doing their best and taking responsibilities. grow up and log out.

No. 432937

Everyone was expecting it for a while now, they've all been talking about moving for over a year now. The surprise is that there is no new big jvlogger group coming out of the old group leaving. Usually there's some new girl popping up taking the place of the old jvlogger queens, but it's been pretty dead. I don't know if that's because the mass "moving to Japan!" hype is dead or if it's just an awkward blip.

Emma/Tokidoki should theoretically have been the new top jvlogger but she's really inconsistent with uploading and I think is a bit too whiney to gain weeb followers (I really enjoy her videos but it's like 9/10 lately are just her complaining or talking about how depressed she's been)

Maybe Mimei will use the fact that all the girls that hated her left to rise up again and do regular videos?

I feel like Simon and Martina can't be really considered Jvloggers, they never really vlog anymore and just do food videos. It's kind of disappointing because I used to really enjoy their videos covering various topics on Korea/Asian life.

No. 433531

i think the hype is dead tbh.

there are a number of vloggers who are semi cute in japan but none of their videos break a few thousand views.

No. 433636

True. And a lot of those smaller vloggers also don't really stay in Japan long enough to become actual jvloggers. Most of the ones I saw crop up would be in Japan for like 6 months or something and then go back home because their visas ran out or they couldn't cut it in language school.

No. 433647

It's all about South Korea now didn't you know?
With the rise of all these Koreaboos is anyone suprised

No. 433655

I just think people are tired of weebs. Abroad in Japan is doing great and he's not the typical "look at this kawaii starbucks sakura latte" j-vlogger. I think people are kinda sick of weebs and their repetitive content.

No. 433672

Yeah but even Kvloggers aren't exploding that much. You have meghan and her friend (who might have stopped vlogging, I stopped paying attention to them months ago) and that one dude who does react videos with the Japanese, Korean and Chinese people. But even then he actually has Korean viewers, not so many foreign ones.

Are there koreaboo vloggers?

No. 433935

Chris is actually watchable for people who live in Japan. The jvlogger crew is just so boring, childish and uninformed…

No. 438995

So non anime loving weeb are called weeb.
I'm glad school bullied American losers have found new targéts online.(sage this)

No. 439001

>t. butthurt weeb

No. 439016

you retard, that was her april fool's vid

No. 439072

weebs don't like anime, they just have to think japan is some kind of kawaii magical land.

No. 439441

Amadofu has found a boyfriend since this video, and the dick is so good that he may not leave Japan after all.

No. 439625

nope. he is living japan anyway

No. 442804

32: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2016/12/24(土) 08:41:19.77 ID:rlDlMFrw0EVE


No. 442920

so whats gonna happen w/ sharla's japan channel? is it gonna sit there and collect dust or change into a korea channel? it would be smart do something since it has way more subs and views but knowing sharla it's probably just gonna end up sitting there lol. kinda a shame, her older japan vids were actually kinda good.

No. 443083

Channel name soon will be changed from "Sharla in Japan" to "Sharla and K-POP".

No. 443102


I hope she does a K-pop channel.

She'd be eaten alive even worse then EYK was. K-pop fans are nuts.

No. 443270


She said she is done with her main channel, everything will go to the sharmander channel now. I believe she has a lot of inactive subs or people that is subscribed and don't care any more, to watch or to unsubscribe.

No. 443276

File: 1513160028276.gif (1.63 MB, 300x300, D84FA8B3-7828-4BCB-90EE-321E5E…)


That's sad really.
Her agency and too much drama with other Jvloggers and 2chan trolls made sharla wanna move to Korea. I doubt her Korean husband has something to do with her final decision.lol

No. 443654


She is moving to Korea because her husband found a job there. Do you seriously believe she will be moving because some tiny drama that nobody cares?, lol

No. 443666

No one but sharla and PULL & lolcow trolls;)

No. 444238

Source for her saying her main channel is done?

No. 444268

From what little I've seen, Sharla and her husband don't seem to speak Japanese well. It could do them some good to be in a country where at least one of them is native speaking and the other learns more.

No. 444358

Translation pls for farmers who don't speak weeb. Why are there links to a video of Russian girls shopping in Japan and a Michela and Sharla video from 2014?

No. 444359


Is in the comments of one or two of her last videos (before vlogmas), I can't remember the video. She is keeping the main channel as an archive, all her new videos will go to her 2nd channel.

No. 444432

Above the first link:
Elf & elf

Above the second link:
Gorilla & pig

No. 444617

What's 風吹けば名無し and who are the Russian speaking chicks dancing around with bags on their heads?

No. 445019


No. 445166

The faces of the 2 russian(?) girls aren't even more attractive than Sharla's an Co.

No. 445199

File: 1513428010960.png (56.59 KB, 807x395, Screenshot (59).png)

I enjoyed mimei's new tattoo vlog but lol the melodrama in the comments. Is she claiming Sharla stalked them and/or is copying her?

No. 445204

I think this is more about the second part of the comment, her not being able to talk about what happened because she hates drama.

I like Mimei but vagueposting like this is just creating more tension and drama, either just say "Sorry, I'd rather not talk about it" and move on, or just fucking spill already.

No. 445470

tbh I find it ironic that she claims to hate drama the most out of the jvloggers but she shades and vagueposts the most. Remember when shit was happening between her and Sharla and in practically every one of her videos she was shading or making fun or Sharla and Taylor?

Yeah Sharla is as shady as she is but at least she's learned to keep silent about it in public.

No. 445551

I understand the adpocalypse is real and it sucks but Sharla has starting adding TWO mid-reel ads in all of her videos lately and it’s fucking annoying.

No. 445580

Both Mimei and Sharla are almost 30 right….?

No. 445586

Wtf are you talking about?
No makeup Ashiya is the best Ashiya u know

Sharla and some other English speaking Jvloggers stopped using Jap subtitle because they can't get white worship anymore.

No. 445818

Something interesting I noticed; Sharla claimed the tattoo studio she visited (in the same day as Mimei) was the studio she had previously visited for her own tattoos. But that particular studio didn’t open in that building until October/November this year and Sharla has had her tattoos since before this time.

The English speaking staff mentions the new store opening in this post https://instagram.com/p/BZ6T4AMBPhr/

No. 445826

Both are over 30. Sharla is turning 32 in April, Mimei will be 31 in June

No. 445856

Stop trying to make these nobodies relevant lol

No. 445984

>we are opening a new tattoo studio in Shinjuku!

This sounds as if there are others. So while Mimei might not have been to that exact one, seeing as it's new, she might have been to one of their other stores.

No. 446020

The one Mimei and Sharla visited was Japan Tattoo (the new store) and the other store is called something else (la rouge?)

No. 446508

Everybody fap on russian girls m8.

No. 447944


Newsflash kids. People still throw shade and have drama amongst each other, even up until their 80's.

It does decrease a little, but it never stops.

No. 450764

i'm sick of idiots thinking going vegan is going to magically make them lose weight. I went vegan for ethical reasons five years ago. I had disordered (binge) eating before I went vegan, and i have disordered eating now. A vegan diet is no ta weight loss program…

No. 451001

Did Sharla just take Keyboard to the same vegan fastfood place Mimei and her husband vlogged a day or two before? Doubt Sharla would actually try to copy Mimei but at least the third or fourth coincidence between their vlogs in about a week. Did Sharla take her cat to the vet yet?

No. 451492

Not only Mimei but Taylor too. There are a lot of vegan places in Tokyo but that franchise is the most prominent and english friendly(lol)

>goes to english hair salon

>goes to english vegan resturaunt

sharla knows japanese right?

No. 452044

No. 452049

She has her own thread?

No. 452054

If someone has drastically different hair texture and color from typical Japanese, I'd understand them needing to go to a "foreign" salon.

No. 452069


Yeah, even like 90% of the shampoo here is just useless on non-Japanese hair. If I didn't cut my own hair I would go to a 'foreign' salon, probably, just because most stylists here do training that focuses on Japanese hair (which makes sense).

Also, there's nothing wrong with Sharla's Japanese. I'm not trying to stan her or anything, but when people call her out for using 'basic' Japanese it's really dumb because that's the kind of 'basic' stuff that's used in natural conversation every day.

No. 452776

I think they all go to the same salon (Sharla, Mimei, Kim, Taylor, Rachel and I think Taylor went there as well?) because the owners basically all give them free or discounted haircuts in exchange for vlogging at the salon. It's a smart business move because all the weebs will want to go "where their favourite vloggers!!" go and maybe the few rogue people in Japan who watch the vlogs will go in order to get a stylist that actually speaks English since cutting your hair is actually pretty important to get your stylist to understand what you want (you don't want to go in to a place where you don't speak the language, try to ask for one thing and get something completely different, ESPECIALLY if you're dyeing or getting a treatment)

No. 454033


Pretty much, Sharla said she gets their service for free.

No. 454041


No. 454103

Taylor went to Gold, everybody else went to NALU. Both are mediocre, Nalu being worse.
I have thin white girl hair and have never had any problems with non English speaking salons or with hair are. I actually find that Japanese products work better for my thin frizzy hair

No. 454116

Mimei went to a different salon in her last hair cutting video as far as I can remember, and it was a Japanese salon.

No. 454279

She also did get her hair done by one of Duncans youtuber friends and hers looks rather thin, so i don't see why foreigners couldn't also go to normal salons

No. 454420

different techniques are used to cut japanese hair because the strands of hair themselves are normally quite thick and coarse compared to foreign (white people) hair. that's why most japanese shampoo doesn't work well on foreign hair, either. that's why i think mimei's hair always looks so flat and greasy - same thing happened to me when i tried to use japanese shampoo when i lived there. i never thought that my hair was that different until i had it butchered by two different japanese salons, and tried countless japanese shampoos before i gave up and went the gaijin route.

No. 454556

Mimei goes to P's.

There are salons in Tokyo with bilingual staff who've worked in other countries but I don't think Nalu is one of them because reviews say their English is very limited. Their foreigner clientele must be just jvloggers and some fans.

People think her Japanese is poor because even her basic Japanese is stilted and her accent + intonation has been really atrocious in her latest videos, esp for someone who's lived in Japan for a decade and did grad school there. It's weird because she didn't sound that bad a year ago.

No. 455031

When Sharla speaks Japanese it sounds like she has a spoonful of peanut butter in her mouth

No. 455058

PULL seem to think Keyboard-san is a hair stylist to the stars and works on movie sets. I personally think he’s an assistant at Nalu and Sharla somehow convinced them to give free haircuts for exposure.

No. 455087

Is him being a hairstylist confirmed?

If anything, a lot of stylists do private work as well as salon work, so it could be that he works at Nalu normally but then gets hired to do hair on film sets as well.

No. 455235

They think that because Sharla got him a book on keigo for Christmas and has somehow been able to help out with English pronunciation on movie sets. Everyone uses keigo and a lowly hair stylist doesn't have that much power. Her old agency Yoshida Masaki got her those jobs. You're probably right about him being an assistant at most because his Japanese is still poor and he's not listed on Nalus website. I thought he might be a student at a Japanese beauty school doing some part time work on the side and is going back to Korea to work as a full time stylist.

PULL always comes to extreme conclusions based on little information. Someone thought he got a cushy corporate job because Sharla got him that book on keigo.

No. 455958


Sharla got the movie jobs thanks to a friend, that's what she said in a video a long time ago.

About her husband, I think is interesting that he needs to learn Keigo when they are moving to Korea, maybe he will work in a company that has business with Japan, I'm not sure if Korean stylist living in Korea will need Japanese for anything, maybe that's not his current or future job but probably it was in the past because that is what he studied.

No. 456132

The CEO of Yoshidamasaki is one of the producers for ゾウを撫でる and it looks like someone from the agency actually filmed part of Sharla's videos and embedded the Japanese subtitles. The president is also the chairman of Watanabe Entertainment and they were involved in Shin Godzilla. Yoshidamasaki arranges similar jobs for Bilingirl Chika, even got her to the golden globes and interviews with Hollywood stars. I don't think Sharla's done any movie work since she left Yoshida but I could be wrong. She could've meant a friend from the agency maybe?

No. 456303

I told you he was staying for his boyfriend. I understand the desire to stay with the one you love however if your reasons for leaving Japan initially were to better your mental health and seek help, isn’t staying in Japan going to make you feel lousy forever?

No. 457643

File: 1514685876397.jpeg (223.98 KB, 1242x887, 06D7EE87-2F7C-4392-8715-EC8BCE…)

Does Bii still go in this theead or does anyone even care about her? I unsubscribed from her vlog channel when she moved but I’m still subscribed to her other channel and this popped up. Did she get more fucked up facial surgery?

No. 457678

Christ, I scrolled past this pic and had to do a double take because I thought she was an Olson twin

No. 458015

Taylor's new dog…

No. 458038

Source? I don't see anything about a new dog anywhere.

No. 458081

P sure that's just the YT channel of the breeders she got Rosie from iirc. Also, she has her own thread. Post that shit there.

No. 458808

Look at the title - "for taylor R"

No. 458827

Taylor has her own thread.

No. 458985

so many weebs moved out of Japan.
they finally realized that they like anime, girls group, j-porn, other creepy bullshits not Japan.
actually most Japs hate those things.

No. 459264

File: 1514859376901.jpg (68.13 KB, 800x450, Ae7vH.jpg)

i think she is playing with camera settings

No. 459308

So Logan Paul is vlogging in Japan right now and posted a video of a dead body in the "suicide forest"

any thoughts?

No. 459330

Gee, thanks for posting the video anon.

No. 459340


This is so fucking disrespectful. They came there to focus on the "haunted" aspect of the SUICIDE forest? What the fuck did he expect? I feel sick watching this.

Also, he just showed a hanging dead person to his millions of children viewers?

No. 459362

Kuckian and Paul bros. need to end their channels. How cruel…

No. 459363

Probably should be discussing this somewhere else since he’s not technically a Jvlogger….. but I can’t help but comment.
What the fuck, that make me sick to my stomach, I really hope it was staged and a fake body or something…. to just hangout and look at it and film it? That’s actually just sickening on its own…

No. 459364

I didnt post it for a reason, also it was taken down

No. 459375

I hope this gets reported and taken down. Not only is this beyond disrespectful, how much of a sociopath does one have to be to make a show of a real dead body? this world is fucking sick and parents need to slap their children.

No. 459419

I don't think it was a fake body. The hands have tell-tale signs of an actual corpse and the posturing looks very real if it is.

However, I do believe it was staged. I believe the group found the body before "discovering it" while recording and had the idea of "whoa holy shit a body! that's gonna get so many views!" bc at one point he says "as you can see we've blurred his face"… so obviously there was some discussion about post edit amongst the group prior to or during the recording of the segment. It's just painfully distasteful and disrespectful. AND he's wearing that god awful tacky outfit while visiting such a sensitive forest to begin with and being loud and taking shots in the parking lot. No way around it; the video is fucking gross.

No. 459487


Another English speaking asshole blah

No. 459905

Are their authorities the bilingual J-vloggers can report Jake Paul to?

No. 460237

Logan Paul is youtube's dear little boy who makes them tons of money. The suicide forest video was up for a full day. Smaller channels get strikes for much much less. Even if he gets reported no one on youtube gives a fuck cause they want that sweet $$$ Logan and his brother make them.

No. 460787

Logan is genuine compared to Asian Boss.
Asian(Korean) boss is evil if you know what i mean…

No. 461135

Asian Boss looks like a journalism kind of channel, how are they evil?…

No. 464061

Sharla's eating videos drive me nuts because you can hear her eating and chewing and doesn't bother to mute that out or anything. Atleast be considerate to your viewers and take that sound out.

No. 464198

Comment sections of this channel's vids are fucking terrible like it's a mental hospital of YouTube. 80% of commenters are mentally ill weeaboos or mentally ill koreaboos.

No. 475914

How much do you bet her rant about youtubers in it for the money and creating a persona was directed towards Sharla and Taylor

Also is it just me or is her voice even more shaky than usual? I wonder if she was trying not to cry or something during the video

No. 475958

who cares, shes a fucking adult ass women still crying about drama that happened a year ago with friends she only knew for months. its not like some childhood friends fucked her over, ffs. shes dramatic and has a victim complex.

also, no respect for her bc shes begging for donations for her cat when she just bought a damn new designer kitten.

she's a fraud

No. 476493

came across this video today of some streamer who got banned for harassing women on different streams, and oddly enough kim dao was calmly sitting next to him

No. 476705

I can't stand Mimei. It always seems like she ends up being apart of the problem, but then blames everyone else and pretends to take the moral high ground. I understand shes going through things, but I feel like I can never fully trust what she says.

What the hell was Kim doing with Tip?

No. 477402

i have no clue but she has another video with him. It kind of looks like they have relationship cause they keep flirting with each other

No. 479227

I miss Grace from Texan in Tokyo.

No. 479383


she had 2 nose jobs and still feels self conscious about her nose. I feel bad for her.

No. 479427


at this point I think she should stop wasting money in surgeries and start investing in therapy

No. 481545

File: 1516932571113.png (158.06 KB, 870x630, Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 05.1…)

so mimei has replied to comments on her pity party video i havent watched because it's a pity party. 1/3

No. 481546

File: 1516932603251.png (185.24 KB, 905x589, Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 05.2…)

No. 481548

File: 1516932641421.png (87.14 KB, 828x378, Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 05.2…)

i forgot to write the parts sorry.

No. 481557

File: 1516933134444.png (146.81 KB, 586x275, Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 05.2…)

she's also looking for attention on twitter.
and she's obviously following this thread so, here's an open letter.

mimei, i used to really like your videos. i was with you up until this mess with sharla happened, and at first i was supporting you. then you made that one video you deleted which was a weird video where you said nothing. now this video, these replies… girl. don't do this. you were kind and original and you had that going for you, things might've happened behind closed doors but either let them stay there and truly move on, or just go all out and dish some dirt. talk. but not this, this is pathetic. this "i shaded sharla and i own up to that" what is this? at your age, this kind of behaviour is embarrassing. live your life, do the things that make you happy, stop that "my little pineapples" forced positivity nonsense and move on. i hate sharla vehemently but this is just cringy.

No. 481558

File: 1516933291540.png (54.71 KB, 784x174, Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 05.3…)

sorry, i forgot to click 'read more'

No. 481595


Sooo… I don't follow Mimei on anything, but this shit storm is because she can't afford her own pets vet bills.. ? I get the frustration from some in her comments about you should make a pet a top priority or not have one if you can't afford it. Sometimes vet bills can sneak up on you, because animals are like people and can get sick at any random moment. ( I haven't watched the video ) I can be a little lenient if the pet just got tragically sick out of no where or broke a bone, shits expensive af, but if this is a regular check up or needles. Shouldn't have a pet. Plain an simple.

Besides … Haven't just about all the the Jvloggers begged for money for "vet bills". ( excluding Taylor as she's the only financially well off one )

I also agree on the she should either shut up or spill the tea. I get the vibes she's trying to make a scrap sound like a broken bone. That this situation with the others was a petty disagreement over a trinket or something, and she's making it sound like they invited her out to gang up on her and "ruin her". Why mention it unless you're wanting peoples imaginations to go wild with crazy theories.

No. 481605

I really want to like Mimei and enjoy her content but I feel like she's constantly caught up in some drama storm that revolves around her. Whether it be the Sharla situation, being hurt by others, this new mess, etc, I just feel like it never ends. IMO it can make her appear really whiny and that really pushes me away from her content. While I understand dealing with these things can be hard I just wish it wasn't shoved in people's faces all the time.

No. 481613

mimei and her irrelevant ass should just delete already

No. 481616

and the fact that she calls her self "mimei" is pretty cringy in itself

No. 481623

shes literally on younow sounding like shes gonna cry

No. 481628

sorry i keep samefagging but she said she doesnt focus on "hate" and isnt sly digging anyone cry me a fucking river mimei

No. 481648

That's pretty pathetic. If she doesn't focus on hate why is she whining and crying about it? Damn

No. 481651

people have already sent her 30 dollars in donations and she also went and cried on instagram live what idiot would send money to her? this girl is like 30 crying over internet drama

No. 481653

even after all the drama and shit, mimei's my favorite "jvlogger" and i actually really appreciate her subtle call outs of the shit sharla/taylor/bii did. they've toned it down some now but there was a period of time in 2016 where sharla and taylor's "veganism" was so fucking obnoxious and over the top and really obviously bullshit they were doing for views. it was kind of a relief to have mimei say what i was already thinking lol

sharla's hatetrain on lolcow has pretty much died out but she was one of the most talked about people in these threads for a long ass time because she's so fucking fake. fake nice, fake vegan, fake good-at-japanese, etc lol

No. 481655

i agree with you completely but i still think miemi is really over the top and dramatic either spill the beans or keep your mouth shut

No. 481663

"And what they did to me is probably more than you could ever imagine bc they seem like lovely people online"
Jfc miemei! Either explain what happened or fuck off. You saying shit like that makes you sound like a lil bitch.

No. 481668

in the livestream she says "it's not about sharla why are you saying it's about sharla" it must be up on her channel still. see mimei this is where you lose. you either talk, or don't. don't livestream crying while saying "i can't explain myself properly" aftet you literally write sharla's name. i can't even endure sharla's voice that's how much i don't like her but this makes you look real bad.

No. 481693

in japan? lol

No. 481697



She went on Younow to cry and to inform people that like every other day for the past 2 years she ain't saying shit.. She just wants that pity money and attention. Fuck, girl sounds like she's almost on Laineybots level of petty/whiney.

No. 481700

I mean, as much as Sharla's an obvious bitch and has the largest amount of drama from the jvloggers, she plays the youtube game the best. Unless you actively follow sites like LC or PULL, you'd have no idea really she was in any sort of drama or situations with people.

Mimei should follow Sharla's example and keep personal drama, especially that involving other content creators, out of her videos. If she doesn't want people to bring it up, make it the focus of her videos or ask her to explain the full context, then don't talk about it. It's like those people on facebook who do the whole "Wow what happened today was awful I'm so sad" statuses and then have tons of people message them with comments of concern and they never reply. It comes of as not genuine and manipulative.

No. 481719

Mimei is such a manipulative, shady little shit, and some spergs over at PULL keep going "uwu mimei DON'T LET HATE GET TO YOU <3" she keeps crying and starting drama and then crying again.

And why the fuck did she get another cat if she souldn't even cover vet expenses for the ones she already had?

No. 481769

So Sharla is not vegan then?

No. 481801


Not at that time, that's for sure. Mimei had an inside look into Sharla's life, she knew what's going on.

I always thought Sharla jumped into the Vegan trend because she saw it as an easy way to lose weight, obviously she was wrong.

It was clear from her comments and videos she jumped without any preparation or true knowledge of the vegan lifestyle.

No. 481803

Who cares about mimei?
Shes ugly and suuuuuper boring, just ignore her.
Probably self posting here too.

No. 481821

Chill out anon. Unless you have proof of her self-posting. If you read the past threads you'd know some farmers watch her regularly and enjoy her content. Ugly or not (which I don't see how she is), her face isn't any more distracting than other white girl jvloggers and they all make similar content anyways so idk why you're singling out mimei.

No. 481828

Pretty sure her cat expenses were a complete emergency. The poor guy had to be hospitalized for 4-5 days. Usually hospitalization requires surgery and lots of antibiotics on top of prescription diet foods.

I went to my vet recently for a regular check up and this poor woman ended up paying a total of $1300 at the front desk for her cat. I asked the desk receptionist why she was paying such an absurd amount and they broke down the costs for me for future reference.

>mandatory $80 exam fee

>Surgical procedures
>5 days of hospitalization after sugery
>pain killers
>at least a month of prescription diet after surgery (dry food bags ~$60, wet can boxes ~$75)
>plus mandatory vaccines and deworming if her cat hadn't been to the vet in the last year

Most per owners can afford decent food, vaccines, annual check ups etc. But you really can't fault pet owners for emergency situations.

No. 481839

I really don't give a shit about Mimei, she's bland, boring etc but i always like watching her husbands videos.
It really bothers me that he seems like a rather nice person but still relies on begging for money, although he's over 30 and has a quite decent following… I'm sure they can't be that poor, right?

No. 481846

on her instagram live she was saying that she doesnt make enough money from youtube and i can see why she doesnt have a huge following rarely uploads now and doesnt get much views or sponsorships
i honestly dont understand how her husband isnt embrassed by her going on live streams and crying about drama

No. 481887


Not even just that…
Drama from like 2 years ago that she's still crying about. I wonder for how many more years she's going to sob about the same ol drama.

Who even fucking cares at this point to know what it was about.

No. 481888

A woman her age who doesn't have $2000+ as a pet emergency fund is completely irresponsible.

I have seen other efamous people do the same thing. They make decent money online, but when it comes to things like parking tickets or vet bills, they crowdfund the costs because they just don't want to pay for boring adult things.

I recently saw someone raise over $1000 to send their cat away because she didn't want to pay for it anymore, but she is going to Japan in a couple of months on vacation. It's gross.

No. 481898


Dif anon.

But agreed. I'm lenient a little, like if the bill was holy fuck expensive ( 6k-10k ) something really absurd. I'm in school and working part time with bills and have specific accounts for emergency bills for me of my pet.

Do non of these people have savings accounts for rainy days ? Legit just choose to live pay check to pay check.

No. 481940

File: 1516984393059.jpg (1.57 MB, 1920x2560, sorrynotsorry.jpg)

No. 481974

Duncan feeds into it just as much as she does. When they made that video mocking Taylor he was all for it. Those two just live for negativity. Hell, his channel has vids where he "parodies" aka mocks other Japanese yters

The thing is, they spend money on a lot of unnecessary shit like comics and events. This is a brand new kitten as well and usually people expect to pay emergency money as new pet = new possible illnesses or injuries. She didn't have to get this kitten if she couldn't afford it pets aren't a privilege

This reminds me of when Sharla impulse bought that kitten from the shady pet store and pawned it off on a friend because of its health issues. Are all these women just not used to responsibility or?

No. 481998

i was all for mimei during the fight with biibii on twitter. i never once liked sharla. but i'm done supporting her or her delusion.

i liked mimei when she was actually doing what she liked instead of being passive-aggressive, when she wouldn't just preach "positivity and sunshine and cuddles and pineapples" for the sake of it. i like duncan more than her because at least he still speaks his mind, he doesn't hide behind "positivity pineapples uwu" he just makes a video on people who he thinks is shit.

i think mimei is actually going through a hard time, but not because meanies bullied her. she can't decide whether she should be who she really is, who she wants to be, or who her audience thinks she is. in the end she looks delusional, fake and cringey.

the stream yesterday was after the screenshots was posted here. in the screenshots she's all "yes i'm acknowledging the things i've done and said" but in the livestream she literally begs through her tears for everyone to "get over it please move on".

too bad, mimei, you're no different than the people you're salty about now.

i'm just gonna keep watching taylor r's vlogs, at least she's living the ultimate sugarbaby life, and that's just fun for all the parties involved.

(this turned out to be longer than i intended, sorry for sperg)

No. 482013

It wasn't the new kitten that got sick. It was her older cat. Duncan goes into more detailed explanation here than mimei has (I haven't seen her explain it at all). He seems really thankful and almost teary-eyed during this vid.

Ultimately, the people who supported Cinnamon did get some merch out of it so it's not necessarily a direct cash grab from mimei.

No. 482055

Honey, no, pets get sick and vets are always expensive, expecting your pets to never get sick is irresponsible. What would she have done if no one donated? Euthanize the poor cat? OH wait, that costs money too.

No. 482137

Y'all act like saints. No one forced those people to donate. If I had a platform like this and a pet in need… yeah. Most of you probably have pets but I bet my ass only a small percent sits on a cash to throw at an expensive sudden vet care. Besides, Sharla did it, Rachel did it, no one cared. Let's not be hypocrites, now.
So, I get it. I don't support her constant shading and victimizing herself, though. How come she didn't move on yet? Hasn't it been years?? Damn, Mimei. Grow some girlballs.

No. 482149

Is that why Chris Broad was shading fake vegans for a while? Duncan and Chris are friends and I could see him telling Chris about Sharla.

I get Mimei's still bitter fans can't see Sharla & co's true colors but unless tea is spilt, we have no idea what they did behind the scenes. Is it even worth it now? Sharla's moving and she's going to lose subscribers. Like Bii, she's starting to crack and show herself on twitter. Taylor's already gone. Mimei still talks to Kim and Rachel. Duncan is still friends with the guys. Mimei has a lot of people on her side or at least people who aren't against her. Look at all of the Japanese fans who've come out to see her and Duncan. Come on girl.

Stop crying and whining and make a video explaining Cinnamon's vet bill. Be honest if you overreacted about needing donations right away and apologize. Acknowledge and name the artists so they can get some recognition, pay them like you've just promised, and donate anything left over to a local charity like one of those Fukushima pet shelters and show the receipt. Then start over. Get your finances in order and clean up your house, your cats could get smothered by all of that junk in an earthquake. Your vlogs are still better than most of the other girls out there and you're the only one who's collabed with famous Japanese youtubers. You have potential but you're bringing yourself down. Write in a journal when you're blue and for god's sake stay away from social media.

No. 482172

I still can't believe people are defending her actions around the vet scenario. It's not JUST about not being able to afford vet bills, it's the damn hypocrisy. The video was literally: Look at my new expensive pedigree kitten. And also can you guys pay for my old cat's vet bills 'cause we can't afford it, boohoo, feel sorry for me, I have no friends.

If you struggle to afford paying unexpected vet bills for your old cats, why get a new one? Also, have the dignity to CREDIT the artists who worked for you for FREE. Also, why not release the vet's bill total? How much money did they actually make from all those donations? Wouldn't it have been better to do a GoFundMe with a cap on it, say $3000, then cover the rest out of their own pocket? I hope they put any excess towards future bills rather than relying on the kindness (stupidity) of strangers to fund their pedigree pets.

Also for people saying: but Cinnamon got ill AFTER they got the new kitten! Don't get a new cat if you know you won't be able to pay for unexpected vet's bills, or any vet's bills your old cats may have.

I'm really curious about what they would have done if they didn't have fans to pay their bills for them.

No. 482202

Are you kidding me? When Sharla pulled that bull with buying the cat she pawned off to her friend, people were calling her out for it. Especially because her fiance told her not to and she still did it anyway. I don't know what Rachel did but I'm sure there were people calling her out for whatever it was too.

Maybe they should've started with selling the shit that's cluttering their apartment before immediately turning to their gullible fans. That's what people are pissed about. Even if we aren't sitting on cash we'd probably actually work or sell stuff to help our pets on our own.

No. 482206

"I recently saw someone raise over $1000 to send their cat away because she didn't want to pay for it anymore, but she is going to Japan in a couple of months on vacation. It's gross"

Who? I wanna know who it is so I can avoid that piece of shit vlogger.

No. 482236

not op but wasn't that Vensy? she had the cat for years then raised the money to fly it to NY and then gave the extra money raised to the new owner for vet bills saying that she did it because her place wasn't equipped to have a cat like it or something

No. 482271

If we're talking about the same thing, Rachel and Jun found a feral cat on the side of the road. He was incredibly sick and required amputation of his tail. They brought him in and he still lives with them.

What Sharla and Rachel did isn't actually that uncommon, if you visit cat forums you'll realize it's almost normal to crowdfund vet bills for strays or those needing rescue from terrible pet shops or death row shelters or even regular sick house cats. Cat parent communities are really adamant about keeping kitties healthy, off the streets, out of shops/shelters, neutered/spayed etc.

Did Mimei and Duncan really go out of their way to buy purebreds though? Isn't Latte a moggy? I thought scottish folds were common/popular in Japan and that's how they adopted Cinnamon.. I'll be really disappointed if I find out they purchased Suga because ~expensive american curl uwu~ instead of adopting a kitten in need.

No. 482404


"Sharla's moving and she's going to lose subscribers"

I think is going to be the opposite.

No. 483221

Did anyone record Mimei's stream where she was crying?

No. 483429

What Rachel and Jun did was different, for starters they didn't go and buy a purebred kitten. They found a stray and decided to take it in.

I'm pretty sure all of Mimei's cats were purchased and not rescued as they're all purebred. It was honestly a stupid move to beg for money to pay your cat's vet bills and in the same breath buy a another purebred kitten.

No. 483565

yeah everyone gets that pets have emergencies it was just particularly dumb of her considering her older cat got sick while she quite literallly just bought an expensive designer kitten.

bad timing, but still irresponsible af.

No. 484461

It's really clear she isn't getting that much money from yt. She was never really one of the big popular jvloggers so she hasn't really gotten too many sponsors, and that's a where the actual money is. If she would consistently upload with a set demographic she'd probably get more sponsors, but her videos are pretty all over the place and jump between weeb and personal vlog, which while both have their sponsors, she isn't big enough in either to get solid sponsors.

Maybe now that Sharla is gone she can snag those sponsorships, or if she reaches out to companies that sponsored Sharla in the past she could maybe get some.

Rachel and Jun as well as EYK get really good sponsors so I'm kind of surprised Mimei and Duncan haven't been proposed to yet.

No. 484917

That's what Genesis One was supposed to do, get them sponsorships and outside work, but they didn't do anything so almost everyone but Mahoto's left GO. Mimei and Duncan could've lost money by joining the agency since GO had to have taken a cut of their earnings and they were still signed to them when Duncan was trending with the CharismaBrothers video. They might've had to pay a penalty fee for leaving the agency too. All the more reason to be more careful with their finances and not get another pet.

Mimei actually makes full videos in Japanese so she could get more interesting sponsorships than Sharla. But as you said she isn't stable. She could continue interviewing other Japanese vloggers because that's got her a lot of views in the past.

No. 485201

i feel like mimei "doesn't want to rely on others" and probably turned down a ton of sponsorship's to stay real and now no one is offering them because they know she wont take them and she also probably feels like if she takes them now shes selling out….

…………. so instead she begs her fans for money.

another thing is why wont she just get a fuckin patreon? paypal looks so sketch because people cant see the amount you are making. it grates my nerves she is this clueless.

No. 485263

File: 1517243433428.jpeg (481.09 KB, 726x1104, 3ADD54BC-78C4-43E3-A111-309747…)

According to this post, Latte is a feral rescue from China. She never tags the breed either so definitely a moggy.

No. 487003

Chiba in Japan, not China. Please read.

No. 487240

N and b are right next to each other on the keyboard.

No. 487902

I randomly came across this totally original and legit Japan expert. Lots of cringey videos to be found. Ugh.

No. 487919


I actually got recommended the same video after clicking the wierd binkie girl video linked in another thread. She seems like a potential lolcow without even listening to the audio. Hot tip 3: Being signed to an agency doesn't mean getting work. Didn't have to move to Japan to learn that one. (and moore.) Also she's clearly not even tried to blend in while complaining about not blending in, looking exactly like a teenager on holiday and not a resident of Japan

end rant about random cow

No. 487933

This is Yukapon (neé Yukapee) and she already is a cow. There's a few old threads on her but she hasn't done anything interesting in awhile I guess.

No. 488663

I may be just overly salty, but I am betting why Mimei even posted that tidbit about Latte is because they have been getting a lot of shit about buying a new cat instead of adopting one. It really doesn't go with their 'we're vegetarians bc we actually care' vibe.

I was initially really sympathetic when watching Mimei's livestream, but stopped caring when I realized that it was essentially about a few critical comments that were upvoted/liked. She had people literally donating money and artwork to help pay their bills, yet she only seemed to care about those very few negative comments.

No. 488752

Y'all kids better get off my lawn
Yuka practically INVENTED the ageplay pandering gaijin idoru trope

No. 488803

True that. Yukapon was the OG ageplay loli weeb. Magibon was weeby but ultimately uninteresting. I am curious how she managed to get to Japan and end up staying there Dakota-style before kawaii and weeb models were really a thing.

No. 488870

I mean are you surprised? Mimei always ALWAYS focuses on the negative, she's such a downer. And of course if you do something hypocritical people are going to call you out on it, like with the fast fashion thing, how long did that even last? I'm honestly surprised she's still vegetarian because she's such a flaky person without any kind of willpower to stand by her ideals. She's exhausting.

No. 488910

She's cringy and trashy but honestly I think she wants to be like that? It's so weird, I'm kinda fascinated by that kind of behaviour, same with Tuna and Holli

No. 488941

Yukapon's annoying as shit and she's not going to do well blending in while screaming in the middle of crowded trains, barking at people or speaking Japanese like an idiot while thinking she's a natural.

What is she even doing in Japan? Is she a forever student?

No. 488952

I'm actually one of the people who like Mimei. But I start to wonder what's wrong with her. She always had a bit of a shaky voice but it's getting worse and her whole body is shaky in this video. Like her hands when she holds up items. I know she likes coffee and maybe drinks too much caffeine but I start to wonder if it's just that. Idk I just can't shake off the feeling something is wrong with her. Mentally or physically or both.

No. 489033

I mean, we know that she has endometriosis and pretty much chronic pain. So it could be from her medication. And iirc she also suffers from anxiety.

I also like her and kinda feel bad for her. Although it sucks that they bought a new kitten (instead of adopting), especially because it sounds like that's the reason why cinnamon got sick in the first place. It's not uncommon when a new kitten is introduced.

No. 489171

Vet in Japan is so cheap

No. 489225

No. 489283

#5 is something mira will never understand

No. 489648

I’m already tired of mimei fangirling over Kpop and trying to dress all cutesy

No. 489702



Even the insta story announcing her latest video her voice seemed shaky and strained?
It could be a side effect of a medication or anxiety?

No. 491413

Sharla just made a video with Cathy Cat. Is she aware of Cat's association with John Leigh? Sharla is usually careful to avoid any kind of drama that could damage her reputation.

No. 491531

i know she is no longer in japan but in the first 30 seconds of filming
> "going back to japan" (have to stay relevant!)
> "just had to pay my expensive parking"
> "going to eat at restaurant my friends dad owns"

maybe its just me but the second two things were so unnecessary to mention

No. 491560

ok, but basically every vlog ever made was unnecessary. Even Samuel Pepys, the proto-vlogger, gives us totally useless information most of the time.

Pepys would never have made it through one of taylor's vlogs though.

No. 491729

What exactly is the appeal of Sharla as a vlogger? Its been years and I'm still trying to figure out how anyone watches her.

No. 491750

She's in Japan and started making videos while a lot of people were interested in Japan.

I actually think that she could find a lot of new viewers with her move to Korea, which seems to be more popular because of kpop right now.

No. 492330

and i think that is in part why she is moving there. she has literally no more new things to do in japan, she is old, and a wave of new young jvolggers is upon is.

No. 492497

She has to move to Korea because her husband has a job there and his family lives there.

Korea is already saturated with kvloggers. I hope she makes videos on something other than kpop or kbeauty. I could see her getting sponsors from Korean travel companies or the tourism board. But I think the move is going to be tough on Sharla. She doesn't speak the language and her style of dress and figure is going to make her feel even more frumpy in a society that places great importance on looks. Some kvloggers have even buckled under the pressure and gotten plastic surgery when offered for free.

No. 492584


That is ridiculous, no more new things to do in Japan?, she just posted a video the other day with things she has never done. In a country like Japan you will never run out of new things to do if you are willing to pick the train and travel, is impossible. She is moving because her husband is changing jobs, she still is popular in Japan and her videos are making good numbers, she has no need to move because youtube.

No. 492675

her friends makeup sucks

also she pretends to care about calorie count in the cotton candy

No. 493249


Check out CathyCat's version of their Harajuku trip:
The visual differences are subtle but I think Cat uses a different filter. Also realized there are no full body shots in Sharla's unlike Cathy's.

In terms of content, Cathy devotes more time to the art gallery while Sharla didn't even bother to show the artist who gave her an illustration as a gift and she's including that piece in a giveaway with some free postcards she pucjked up. It looked like Cathy was trying hard not to make a face when Sharla announced she was giving the artwork away in her (Sharla's) video. In her own video, Cathy makes a point to say that she's buying a calendar for her giveaway and saving the illustration the artist gave her while Sharla is giving away some stuff she got for free. Can't tell if that was Cathy shading intentionally. Sharla's general lack of respect (including wearing a freaking Pokémon hoodie to a fancy dinner show) is embarrassing.

No. 493289

Cathy's filter choice is ass, it hurts my eyes wtf also her makeup is just weird, it doesn't look nice.
She does seem like a nice person though, I like how she bought something to giveaway – Sharlas just too damn cheap.

No. 493623


why is her voice so flat? i just don't understand why she can't put some emotion in her voice.

No. 495667

she has no personality to put into her videos

No. 497026

Cathy only cares about e-game and she’s involved in the mess of Anime Matsuri

No. 497028

sorry *e-fame