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File: 1517518081523.jpeg (145.43 KB, 565x958, 1515017901944.jpeg)

No. 489642

Read the rules before commenting, especially 4 and 3.5b.

⦁ Previously had a stoner blog known as shay-gnar and switched over to sex work when it became popular.
⦁ Below average looking problematic tumblr / camwhore.
⦁ Got wasted on drugs and got caught cheating on her boyfriend and cried rape.
⦁ Claims to be a CSA and rape survivor and uses dd/lg and rape fantasies to work through her trauma.
⦁ Begs people online for money and gifts that she claims she is entitled to it because she's a porn star, even though she supposedly makes 55k a year
⦁ Uses drama as a way to market her content
⦁ Meets up with old men from tumblr for sex and films it.
⦁ Whenever anybody disagrees with her she plays the victim card and throws a tantrum.
⦁ Admittedly doesn't wash for weeks on end.
⦁ Has made numerous racist jokes, including calling a jewish person "baby hitler", and making a parody of Trump's "grab me by the pussy" claiming it to be satire.
⦁ Starts drama and throws a pity party when people call her on her shit saying every one is jealous of her "bomb ass porn"
⦁ Her niche is "i will fuck your dad" and punching herself in the face for 50 cents
⦁ Labia looks like a breeding grown for -something- due to poor self hygiene and over-waxing with no exfoliation and same day masturbation. ( >>487910 >>487913 >>487926 >>487927 >>487935 >>476771 >>480326 )
⦁ Born in 1996 but still considers herself "19" for the last two years
⦁ Serious daddy and abandonment issues due to her always saying she will fuck your dad and your grandpa and is constantly viewed as a sex object by men. Speaks volumes to how replaced she feels. Someone "stole" her daddy. So she fantasizes about doing the same to other people.
⦁ Gets mad about her own contradictions making her look like an embarrassing hypocrite
⦁ Calls people out for wanting to get out of abusive living situations using a GoFundMe after she was just begging for donations to fix her hair right before the "most important thing for her career" up in Montreal (which she never managed to complete before the trip) (MV loft - all the other models seemed to be annoyed with her obnoxiousness) the way she speaks about abusive situations and people who were abused tells a lot. She fetishizes them and their abuse, no sympathy or empathy. She chastises people who live in abusive living situations and ask people for help, but exploits abusive situations in order to get people to give HER money. ( acts like it's different than making a GoFundMe because she compensates people with her "porn".)
⦁ Asked for donations and tacky wishlist items for her new "studio apartment"
⦁ Claims to be gay/lesbian but showed disgust on cam when asked to go down on her "Gf" only caters to being a lesbian for guys and a shock factor She’s bi for the attention. She looks disinterested in any gif or other media that involves another woman.
⦁ Dry fucks herself (ass and pussy) without any lube and is lazy about all of her videos
⦁ Does the same thing in every video, just with a different outfit
⦁ Makes exaggerated sex faces and looks very disinterested in a lot of her videos
⦁ Frivolous spending as soon as she makes any money and then complains and asks for money right afterwards
⦁ Forces a baby voice in all of her media when previous stoner videos of her she's talking normally
⦁ Constantly preaches "support girls supporting girls" and "don't support sex workers who bully other sex workers" when she literally does that almost once a week.
⦁ Her "fans" savagely attack any one/thing that is against shaynas word with absolutely no evidence as to why they're attacking someone
⦁ Thinks everything she says is important and worth saying(Shayna voices her illogical, hypocritical opinions.) She always rants about things, and a week later, she's voicing the complete opposite. She's done this countless times to the point that it's her personality.
⦁ Constantly tries to be edgy but just makes herself look even more (stupid and) embarrassing.

http://thesaddesthoe.tumblr.com http://pinkpussypopped.tumblr.com

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4.1 Don't post personal information that leads to real life harassment. No street addresses, phone numbers, or places of employment, unless the subject has published that information publicly on their social media.

4.2 Do not share names, pictures, or social media of people unrelated to the drama being discussed, for example family members, friends, or coworkers.

Violating the above rules will lead to a swift permaban.

(if the synopsis is missing stuff I apologize)

No. 489649

God bless you anon. This thread is gonna be great.

No. 489658

Someone just asked her who her daddy is, and she said Donald Trump. BAM

No. 489661

File: 1517518865667.png (Spoiler Image, 788.02 KB, 924x615, trump is daddy.png)

No. 489677

>punching herself in the face for 50 cents


No. 489763

>the old man probably made her take a shower
Or hosed her down outside.

No. 489853

File: 1517529040856.png (346.76 KB, 548x385, Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 3.50…)

from her camshow earlier. she lowered her prices since nobody was tipping… still nobody tipped kek

also someone thought she had dreams bc of how dry and dead her hair looks

No. 489858

File: 1517529548073.png (Spoiler Image, 4.35 MB, 2208x1242, 88D7F049-917A-4595-A856-D09E8F…)

The fact that her pussy is so dry she can only put in 1/4 of her dildo, even after shoving it, should be indication she needs to use lube.

No. 489871

Can we talk about how this grand daddy (and his wife??) is letting her cam from his dungeon? Who is this guy and how idiotic is he?

No. 489872

Someone found some caps of “mean tall gf” but does anyone have the cap of Shay w the marker up her butt during that show?

No. 489911

File: 1517531826421.jpg (Spoiler Image, 490.28 KB, 2044x1544, Stupidbaby_20052017_0721_MyFre…)

Here you go: Shayna with the markers up her anus.

No. 489949

File: 1517533751091.jpg (Spoiler Image, 192.39 KB, 719x1280, dafuck.jpg)

people pay to see this. why.

No. 489968

it’s kind of sad that she’s so gross he won’t even put his hand down there, only his foot.

No. 489975

>love ur dreads too

No. 489977

I am hollering lmao

No. 489984

Bless you anons I am dying

No. 489989

File: 1517536263074.jpeg (141.41 KB, 1242x777, 9B9B272F-DD9E-4E5E-AFEB-6244D2…)

Good GOD

No. 489990

Yikes. I can understand the kidnap, rape, torture kink to an extent. Murder… doesn't sound like a kink.

No. 489998

File: 1517536585911.jpg (47.01 KB, 512x302, 55763.jpg)

Notice how she said "sugar twin". Just like "sugar daddy/sugar mama". Shayna expects "friends" to provide for her and give her money. LMFAO. So typical for her to say. That's just fucking pathetic tho. Then she's always crying how she has nobody.

She'll consider you a friend only if you have blind loyalty, are willing to give up your back bone and dignity, and if you can offer and give her things, cover the check, pick her up, provide the weed, pay for lunch, let her stay at your place, or help in furthering her status. If you don't contribute to her bank account or ego, she will drop you, just like she dropped her fake gf when she realized people thought she was ugly, regardless if she bought her so much shit. Shayna can't let your inferior status bring down the total average, ya dig? Unless she needs a place to spend the night and there are no other options.. last resort.(Robin)
Almost every "friend" she's ever had now can't fucking stand her bc they know her true colors. She is a self absorbed, lying, scamming, manipulative leech. She uses people for everything. If you have something that could possibly benefit her, she will latch on to you until she has what she wants, or until you have absolutely nothing left to give anymore.

She used Connor for years. Living off his family at their house, never contributing, just using him for place to stay and for other needs while she herself didn't stay loyal. She even used her fake gf. Receiving gifts and money from camming, yet didn't reciprocate. (Also never gave connor a blowjob, and refused to go down on her gf until was finally called out and put on the spot to) She always wants to "colab" but yet offers absolutely nothing in return. She's been doing this for years even before she became a camgirl. She will only talk to you in exchange for something. If you call her out on it, or if it's time for her to reciprocate she will block you ASAP. She seriously has no shame. She always plays the victim in attempt to garner sympathy then shows people to her amazon wishlist or reminds them of her circlepay account.

Begging people for money is her career of choice. She's always begging her blog for things and she always has some sort of crisis to where she NEEDS money for something, yet she doesn't end up getting/using it for what she initially said it was for. Like when she cried saying she couldn't afford and was too broke to fix her car, yet after a few people helped, she makes a post that same night bragging of the lingerie she treated herself. She doesn't keep her word. She still owes people things: content and for other items she "traded" for but never holds up her end of the deal. If you happen to be someone who ever got her anything- she will continually ask for more and expect you to maintain your generousity. She still owes someone the prizes from winning her giveaway from over 2 years ago! She manages her "business" so poorly that people don't get what they paid for, and is constantly changing prices up and down depending on if she can afford the things she has in her amazon cart atm.

She cries about not having anyone that genuinely cares for her, and says how come she's not "enough" for people. Yet when she does have good people in her life, she takes advantage until they're repulsed by her. Even her "minions" turn on her when they realize what a cunt she is. The people she has left are people who don't know her well enough and of the fucked up shit she does, but soon they will. They somehow still want to fuck her/ want attention from a quasi popular-ish kink blog, or … are as delusional as her with interest aligned so good luck stroking each others ego.

No. 490008

Oh, and her "tall mean gf" ended up the same height as Shayna, and I swear this was a large factor as to why they didn't work out as fucked up as that sounds.

Also same reason as to why Shayna is so jealous of and why she hates Jess.

… I'd say that's why colleen is the only one left lol, but Colleen is way too sweet … even if Shayna is that bad.

Colleen just posted pics of her and Jess most recently than her pics with Shayna in the snow.

No. 490012

i'm pretty sure by "sugar twin" she meant they would both be sugar babies under the same sugar daddy…

No. 490017


Ahh face palm. Nevertheless, she still expects everyone else to provide. She always talks about how she wants friends and people to do things with etc, but she admittedly wants to be the one and only and center of attention, and only wants that person there to cater to her and pick up the bill.

No. 490020


She says she wants this but do you think Shayna could actually manage a situation to where her and another girl are receiving money and attention from the same guy? That girl prob has to be ugly and super tall or fat for Shayna's insecurity to take a seat.

No. 490022

File: 1517537996501.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.81 KB, 590x583, 48847.jpg)

No. 490025

Anyone else have more kek-worthy screens from cam time?

No. 490028

Her boobs are fine… Veins on the breasts isn't anything out of the norm, lol.

No. 490031

Is she now at the same location as she was here? >>416178

No. 490038

>>490031 looks like it

No. 490040

yah she calls him grandpa. real sexy.

No. 490043

Still waiting on this hella content from the MV loft, the biggest opportunity for her business yet.

No. 490082

Did this even happen?

No. 490123

File: 1517545058673.png (535.48 KB, 748x682, Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 11.1…)

Her vulva sores have been discussed extensively but I notice her lips constantly looked chapped and/or scabbed as well. It's mostly visible when she's not wearing lip color like here.

No. 490132

when you’re super dehydrated and have been drinking alcohol, you’re gonna have chapped dry lips. drink water fam.

No. 490140

File: 1517545759452.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 214.01 KB, 750x471, C392B9DD-ADDA-4E6B-B557-1849C1…)

Bless you anon

OP for butt-marker pics, I found some caps I hadn’t seen before while looking for those, enjoy

No. 490151

File: 1517545954747.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 69.36 KB, 434x268, 585BA841-32A3-4BA8-B7AA-DCCFE0…)

BIG apologies for potato-tier quality but if you look at the last two caps on the bottom you can see the one I just posted comes immediately before eating out her “gf”

No. 490152

File: 1517546001739.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 80.11 KB, 750x409, A29C1C78-EB15-4EA0-AC52-DDDDB2…)


No. 490157

File: 1517546264017.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 243.01 KB, 750x384, 50652B2B-1933-4022-996C-3AA904…)

No. 490158

File: 1517546278841.png (Spoiler Image, 1.31 MB, 1334x750, 0740B0B8-A44C-4938-9645-55B10A…)

No. 490247

Wasn’t that “bondage demo” supposed to happen today too? Or i wonder if she’s just shacking up all weekend with these (clearly insane) old people? Who takes care of her poor cat…

No. 490285

shes probably a lip biter or a stressed out lip biter

No. 490320

I'd be stressed as fuck if I were Shay

No. 490442

I’m pretty sure that “bondage demo” was actually just being in an old man’s basement dungeon for 2 days.

No. 490443

I can be a lip biter. My lips don’t look chapped 24/7. She needs to drink water period.

No. 490452

File: 1517582496828.jpeg (125.64 KB, 1242x754, 94F07450-F047-4665-B39F-568266…)

Lmao what a fucking liar. Or maybe she’s not lying and she really has ~*never*~ watched anything besides lesbian porn and that’s why all her porn sucks beyond belief! But I’m pretty sure she’s just trying to be shocking/edgy as usual.

No. 490455

File: 1517582612701.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.53 MB, 1242x2056, 20A1E3E5-01F3-471A-A23A-C9329B…)

lmao but she loves supporting women and sex workers right? but she’s never bought a porno in her life? Support sex workers tho right? Pay for your porn right? Okay Shay.

No. 490472

exactly like how are you gonna preach that you love and support other sex workers and that you should pay for your porn when you yourself are a sex worker and have never once payed for your porn? go back to your dumpster, shay and stop talking.

No. 490473

Lol watching lesbian porn doesn't inherently mean you're bi/lesbian, I watch lesbian porn and I'm not either

No. 490490

I wasn’t talking about her being bi or lying about that or whatever. I was talking about her saying she’s never bought porn before, but she’s always talking about how she supports fellow sex workers and loves other women. How can you support other sex workers if you don’t buy porn?

No. 490494

and her saying she ~*only*~ watches lesbian porn is obviously just a comment to get a reaction out of people. if you look that grossed out by eating pussy it’s hard to believe you only watch lesbian porn.

No. 490671


It doesn't, and notice how Shay didn't actually answer the question and deflected with this

No. 490873

File: 1517607507513.png (4.53 KB, 376x170, clgefund.png)

I wonder if her dad pays for her stepsis's university.

Also prob why Shayna always has to take the time to post or rant about how going to college is stupid or a waste of time and money. And how she's super successful and everyone else will be in student loan debt while she brags that she already makes sooo much monies (but can't afford to dye her roots, right?) . Not here to debate, but those people in debt will at least have a degree that will help them in a very competitive job market, where people with your resume (of only a highschool diploma and working at olive garden for a month) won't even have a shot at. They'll have a career to where their growing salary will far surpass yours and will have job security, benefits, etc and a career they can do for a majority of their life. Compared to you doing DD/LG bedo bait porn, where you already look burned out and look too old to be doing it. Those "idiots" you made fun of will pay those loans off bc of the great job they got from furthering their education, and consequently also have credit built up and have a better understanding of finances as well as good money saving and spending habits. As to where you will live worse than paycheck to paycheck.. You will sit there begging people for money, keep dropping your prices to your snap and vids bc noone is buying, scouring the internet for victims and people to use, still be paying rent and have nothing to your name except for the tacky pink shit from amazon. You'll get older and loose all your sugar daddies you rely on bc youre too worn out and old and your nightmare of a younger version has replaced you has come true.

No. 490875

File: 1517607684630.jpg (665.15 KB, 1040x1692, 864893.jpg)

Reason why she wears that ridiculous plastic wig. She tried to save money and did her hair herself but ended up frying her hair completely and damaging it more than it already was and it all broke off.

This was her post begging for money for hair extensions… lulz. Shayna I thought you made 55k a yr? LMFAO! but you can't afford 600? You couldn't even afford to get your roots touched up professionally? You're a fucking joke!! You're a prostitute who can't even do their job because now your hair matches your diseased pussy.

She set up a fund for her hair extensions. But yet she'll criticize people for doing Gofundmes for legitimate reasons. Hypocritical.

No. 490879

File: 1517607772371.jpg (1.1 MB, 1100x1676, 864886.jpg)

She already has wrinkles. She's really 20? I don't buy it.

No. 490882

File: 1517607854183.jpg (42.96 KB, 545x269, 585858.jpg)

No. 490893

She doesn't drink water or eat healthy. She smokes a lot and drinks sugary alcohol. She sits on her lazy skinny fat ass all day. She cakes on layers of makeup and doesn't let her skin breathe. She has acne and scarring. She has insomnia and gets little sleep. She has depression and anxiety, probably other undiagnosed mental health disorders too. Doesn't practice good hygiene habits. She's gonna have bad skin and look aged as a result.

No. 490904

File: 1517609459223.jpg (Spoiler Image, 492.58 KB, 2044x1544, Stupidbaby_10112017_2235_MyFre…)


Some pics of her w/out her wig. The pieces of hair that frame her face all completely broke off and stick out. She tries to hide it behind the headband, but it's still really bad.

No. 490906

File: 1517609486084.jpg (Spoiler Image, 498.19 KB, 2044x1544, Stupidbaby_10112017_2059_MyFre…)

No. 490908

File: 1517609524909.jpg (Spoiler Image, 489.82 KB, 2044x1544, Stupidbaby_10112017_2043_MyFre…)

No. 490913

File: 1517609719783.jpg (Spoiler Image, 589.59 KB, 2044x1544, Stupidbaby_01022018_2234_MyFre…)

Her most recent cam session from "grandpa's dungeon" the other day. Her hair still looks fried, it prob hasn't been growing due to poor nutrition.

No. 490918

It seems like she doesn't try to hide the short pieces, even with the headband. Like she deliberately leaves some pieces out. I guess she thinks they pass as bangs??

No. 490922

File: 1517610430024.png (15.64 KB, 505x436, friend.png)

No. 491042

The way she keeps her dildo on the floor before she shoves it inside her body is triggering me dear god Shayna why

No. 491067


On cam, you can always see her picking off bits of dirt and pieces of hair from her mouth and from her dildo. Her toys are always dirty. She never cleans them. Also stores them right next to her dirty shoes when she packs for trips. GAG!

No. 491080

In any photo posted of her and her step sister their always 5 feet apart in the pictures and look so uncomfortable - not going to post any of them so I don't get reported

No. 491359

Thank you

No. 491400

Shaynas wrinkles are superficial and if she got blood work done, drank more water,took a multivitamin, iron, took a melatonin, and took better care of her skin, I think she'd look a lot better. Like most people would. I actually get pretty sad when I come on here and read all of these things about her. Not because of the posts.. just seeing how much she isn't taking care of herself. I can tell this girl is swarmed with mental illness and the career she's gotten herself into is not the right thing for her. She's mentally ill, but that doesn't excuse some of her behavior. I really do wonder what actually happened to the money everyone donated to her for her "car" and then her "hair". Her home life is sad. Her problems were due to the situations she was put in.. but now they're caused by the situations that she puts herself in. It honestly is sad but I can only excuse some of her actions. She is an adult now. I have all kinds of mental illness but I would never act the way she does at times. She needs help, genuinely.

No. 491457

File: 1517650913535.png (9.83 KB, 556x256, nosis.png)

Except now she's not the only girl. She has a step sis.

Yep. Only time she's ever directly mentioned her is when her step sis french braided Shayna's hair while on vaca. and Shayna posted a pic of her hair.

And another post where she felt left out and described how she didn't feel included in some family thing her dad and his "new family" were doing.

No. 491460

File: 1517651392056.jpg (75.32 KB, 278x794, 576756.jpg)

So she's gotta write an essay about her sessions for grandpa now.

No. 491528

Nah she's just trying to let everyone know how edgy she is because she fucked around with an old guy

No. 491578

If you must, just say you've been drinking and smoking. You don't get cool points for counting how many dabs, bowls, and bottles you've consumed.

Why does grandpa always sound like a middle school kid, first wanting to feel her up and now giving her a journal to write him notes.

No. 491606

File: 1517671180446.jpeg (655.72 KB, 1242x1042, 6FB547B5-2154-4AEE-872B-DED78D…)

Lmao she deleted her whole twitter bio and you can’t even see her follower count anymore lmfaoooo

No. 491626

File: 1517672340862.png (206.48 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180203-073719.png)

She could have changed the settings to more private

No. 491629

You can't hide your twitter follower count, that's not how it works

No. 491632

Well I just signed into a throw away account and now I can see her profile info…..so…..

No. 491635

File: 1517672740999.jpg (773.37 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180203_074532.jpg)

No. 491673

Does Shayna drink every day/night? Every couple of days I check up on this thread I see a screen cap about her drinking an entire bottle of wine in one day. Girl has some substance abuse issues if she feels she needs to drink that much.

No. 491698

Regardless I’m p sure she has substance abuse issues. 3 bowls, 4 dabs and a bottle of wine would have me on my ass if I did them individually, never mind all at once

No. 491700

I guess you can’t see if your not signed in. Sorry, I saw it yesterday and today it was gone so I was like lmao

No. 491702

drug addiction and alcoholism go hand in hand with sex work

No. 491734

LMAO I had to leave for work like 3 days ago and just seen where the poopybutthole was done! Can’t even believe that recent dungeon shit, AND while I was away I came across a couple things.

Shayna reminds me of Bobby Hill when he starts panhandling for jeans AND it’s blatant she’s using this feed to garner money from people without using the whole evidence.

IM FUCKING REPULSED she’s using Donald’s name again after not learning the first time?! This bitch needs shut down and she might wanna watch herself, it’s been proven people can still dig up past events.. she’s going to screw over the wrong person and they’re going to start uploading her porn clips to Facebook for her friends and family kek

No. 491766

she’s only doing the Donald trump thing again because it shocks people, it makes her ~*edgy*~ it’s pretty much the only reason she does anything anymore, to get a reaction out of people.

No. 491786

To an extent but lets not give her too much credit. Donald Trump is her dream granddad. White, powerful, rich, ugly, old, small hands/sausage fingers, racist, bigoted, and brags about sexually assaulting women. All qualities she looks for.

No. 491789



O REALLY? LMFAO fix mop if so? You ugly cheap dirty lying….. keep sucking 70 year old dick for free!

>high schoolers


No. 491790

Okay but when has Shayna had a “Sad home life”? I’m so over her “awful life” being used as reasoning behind her shitty life decisions. She literally had the NICEST life, could have gone to college on her parents dime, was given multiple chances/opportunities, etc.. The only “bad” things her parent’s did were have the audacity to want her doing something other than sex work and dare to get remarried. She cries rape and abuse all the time and it’s bullshit and has nothing to back it up. Shayna has NO EXCUSE, she’s just a shitty human being,

No. 491797

Thank you, the lies are ridiculous, I have no sympathy for this bullshit>>491400

That rat face cannot be saved with vitamins.

No. 491798

All that drinking and drug abuse will just make her look worse in time too.

No. 491803

Shayna would never be willing to put in enough effort to be healthy, even taking vitamins/drinking water is almost impossible for her. She’s lazy and likes taking the easy way out by numbing herself with drugs and alcohol until she can produce half assed porn to buy herself more drugs and alcohol and children’s toys.

No. 491807

Her catch phrase should be “minimum effort!” Instead of “I fucked ur dad”

No. 491867

"Minimum work for maximum displeasure"
Shayna approved lmao

I think her being with this couple is how she's getting the money to move. Unless she did it "for exposure of his business and her innovative love for working in the bdsm field". I followed shay-gnar, woke up to following Dumdolly and overloaded with rape-esque content. I unfolloed without speaking a word, only to realize my feelings of her being a downright bitch and over exaggerated mindset turned me away for the right reasons. She reminds me of a cousin i never see anymore. She would persist to constantly try and fit into the same style as i did because I was older(she had an older sister who was never active in her life) and people enjoyed my time and I had great groups of friends from all kinds of groups. Well, my cousin tried and tried and tried but always got made fun of and never had friends, so she began self harming at a young age and always thought it would help. What my cousin never seen was that I always got picked on, I just learned that it was never worth a reaction because I was surrounding myself with like-minded individuals.

Long bogus story into a short one, shayna never had someone who she could look up to, so she decided to look up to all of these others who were getting and giving respect but her dumbass doesn't understand that you have to show up and be willing to put in effort… Versus showing up, copping someone's style and trying to label it as your true self.

Alsooooo.. Anyone else see that "#hope you see this" tag in her shit on tumblr? It's literally her calling for it.

No. 491868

File: 1517686434235.png (536.36 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180203-103029.png)

She's known this old guy for quite some time. If you look at her tumblr, his dungeon that she took her recent pics in is the same one where she was tied up in bondage upside down hanging from the ceiling

No. 491887

File: 1517688185283.png (337.36 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180203-103018.png)

Here's a pic from her most recent session with this guy for comparison

No. 491960

omg sage your long bogus story blogging, no one cares about you or your cousin and how much ~better~ you are

No. 491981

Lmfao sage your fucking attitude you terrible prude, it wasnt about how "i was better" it was using an experience to throw out why shayna might be doing the shit shes doing…. But i forgot, you come here to complain about her nails, her hair and her veiny tits. You wanna sit and shit talk, but have you actually tried assesing why she's doing it? Im an actual CSA survivor and ill be damn if this little trollup can run around and actually tell people shes survived a traumatic experience like that. Her behavior looks really fucking familiar, logistics of the story. She's doing what she's doing because she doesn't fit in with her home life and had no sort of female guidance, so the only other people she could look up to were all of the dumb ass stoner clique girls on Tumblr (but fun fact, none of them are exactly the healthiest either) she seen a bunch of girls who she assumed to be of less quality than her making a nice chunk of money from showing off their pussies and titties. She said "hey, im hot. People beg me all of the time to take off my clothes. Im doing it." She's a narcissistic, disease filled blister on this forsaken green and blue rock, and to be quite honest, darwinism will pick her scab off this earth just like it will with the rest of them.
So back to the actual trending topic, Shaytard.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 492004

she had plenty of people to look up to. She has older brothers, a mother, and a good father. She doesn’t have a broken family life.

No. 492059

She's always on the controversial bandwagon. Regardless if she understands the subject or topic issue, or if she even agrees with it. As long as it's "risque" and she thinks it makes her look "cool, badass or edgy", she's gonna do it just for the attention it brings. Like Trump, pedo bait, rape fantasy, and basically everything she does. She doesn't realize that it just confirms that SHE confirms that she knows she's nothing special and only needs to do this shock factor/ gimmicky shit bc without it, she's not even mediocre at best. Shayna stripped of all her gimmick/shock factor ornamentation, is a bored, pathetic, lonely woman, with shitty skin and hair, bad hygiene, below average looks, but a huge and insatiable need for attention and a lack of dignity that she'll happily dry fuck her diseased holes dressed as a pig or dog in exchange for pizza.

You were able to see her look off and talk to someone most likely grandpa next to or behind the camera while she was camming on mfc. When she was setting up she said "You don't have to say anything". He prob expected a good show but it was just Shayna looking awkward, anxious and bored while barely anyone entered her room or tipped her. She paddled her tits a couple of times, but it was so boring I started looking at hotter girls who actually knew what they were doing.

No. 492093

File: 1517700976644.jpg (44.18 KB, 557x305, 48y.jpg)


Where here she is using the cards she lied told people that she was gonna use to buy a better camera for better quality content and using it for "apartment stuff" when you know she'll probably buy pink salt and pepper shakers, the rest on tacky pink clothing, and prob some oil, even tho she has a THC allergy.. right? She always does this shit, where she lies and cries trying to get money for one thing, then never gets that item after people donated. The money she gets never go towards the things she says. She's a fucking scammer!

She's completely happy with the low quality photos and videos from her current camera and her shitty porn(literally). She's most likely worried of how much worse her diseased, pimply, scarred, pussy will really look when she upgrades her camera and you see her shit in high quality. At least right now she can finagle her settings and sit a little farther on cam in attempt to hide her disgusting snatch. Who really wants to see these in 4k quality?

(SPOILER: NSFW. links are to video caps of close ups of her disgusting vagina)


No. 492100

The camera she has for her vids produces HD vids. Her phone, which she uses to take videos and selfies a lot, is not HD quality.

No. 492135

The way Shayna takes her photos is by screen grabbing videos she takes. Whether it's her phone or camera. She really needs to learn how to do things better, bc frames from a video are less quality than a singular photo taken. She's actually not very photogenic. This is why she videos herself doing a million poses and chooses frames by screen grabbing them. Instead of placing it on timer and/ or times sequential shots. She prob gets one or two good photos from one video. She used to talk about having to retake vids so many times just to get pics. All her "professional photos" or photos taken by other people are really bad. She doesn't know her angles or how to pose. Most likely why you barely see her pro pics reblogged less than the ones she takes.

She still shouldn't lie and tell people to send her money and giftcards saying it's for one thing, then using it for another. She did this with the car, and with hair extensions. The people who helped her were most likely her actual buying customers who thought they were getting better quality videos and photos by giving her money and giftcards. They got scammed instead.

Her Job and income come from a photos and videos she makes. Yet she decides to get more pink things to decorate her apartment with? She already begged and got a bunch of shit for the first time she moved to WA remember? She can still use them. You dont need 2 pink sets of everything.

No. 492164

It seems Dolly's Moving Sale isn't going so well after all. People don't even want to buy her videos when they're 75% off.

If she has almost 1k in Amazon gift cards she could have bought the camera she wanted by now. The truth is she never had any intentions to buy it, she just wanted the money for other shit.

No. 492266

File: 1517708958515.png (21.8 KB, 654x156, 4fbc7c928e5920157f953f2c63b385…)

sorry, posted in old thread by accident. she has no impulse control.

No. 492341

File: 1517712498746.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1242x2136, A8E9BD0F-736A-4BD5-B8F2-8B0074…)

I would love to know where this will fit in her STUDIO apartment. Has she even seen the place she’ll be living?

No. 492356

it might fit if its her only piece of furniture. top fuckin kek, can you imagine her coming home after a long day of napping in a cage and daddy sticking his feet down her pants to crawl up her sad, shitty child's bed that she barely fits on in order to curl up and sleep

what a sad life

No. 492363

lmfao it’s pathetic tbh. she has no idea how to seperate her work from her life. she needs to constantly incorporate sex work and her sex work “aesthetic” into her every day life or she’s not validated.

“and what did you do today?”
“well a 70 year old man took me out of a dog cage, stuck his foot down my pants and then I went home and slept in a $700 child’s fabric play castle. Cos Im a porn star duhhhh”

No. 492380

Yes shayna you should totally get it. Its a really wise investment. Think of all the pedo fantasy porn you could make in it with your subpar quality webcam!

No. 492460

Lmaoooo "sage your fucking attitude you terrible prude" is the best thing I have heard all day. I DID sage it. and I'll sage this too for being off topic and also that person won't be seeing it anyway but I still laughed through that whole response.

some people can't handle hearing that no one cares. they have more in common with Shayna than they think.

No. 492476

I hope she gets a stone in the mail instead of that stupid pink house lmao. Either way I feel like that thing would break when she sits in it as its made for kids and not adult babies

No. 492489

Ya like to say she has had a great home life and nothing has ever happened to her that's bad!! But where's the evidence on either side??? Lol

No. 492501

File: 1517727104490.png (21.66 KB, 541x250, lmao.PNG)

No. 492502

File: 1517727130338.png (12.36 KB, 590x230, impulse.PNG)

No. 492503

File: 1517727148018.png (10.95 KB, 483x242, ipulse.PNG)

No. 492504

File: 1517727181913.png (25.99 KB, 548x311, sectionalyouguys.PNG)

a pink sectional you guys

No. 492506


The original threads exposed her for lying bout her "traumatic childhood" bout being "abused by her awful abusive mother". She made her look like a monster and said she had to endure so much pain and trauma… Never Happened!! The "abuse" Shayna speaks of is being grounded when she was 15 or 15, and her mom suggesting to her about places that were hiring, Shayna was pissed her mom wouldn't accept her career choice as a camgirl/ e-beggar.

No. 492588

Her new place is going to look immensely tacky if the only colour is pink. ACCENT COLORS SHAYNA ADD ACCENT COLORS

No. 492589

She wants to make friends and have people visit her at her new apartment but what 20 year old in their right mind is going to want to spend time with shayna in her obscenely pink trash palace

No. 492602

Don't forget her mom also called her career choice dark disturbing and DANGEROUS. Shayna decided to make it into a joke on her tumblr even though her mom is right.

I will also never forget the time Shayna stole some pink flowery panties from her mom and took a shit ton of pictures in them

No. 492613

>my new house


No. 492732

okay so it’s been almost a month since she’s been at the MV Loft. Where the fuck are these professional photos and professional video that was shot?

No. 492735

where does she say “my new house”???

No. 492765

oh. When I read her stuff I just skim half the time because reading her writing is a fucking headache kek

No. 492819

File: 1517770055761.jpg (Spoiler Image, 189.81 KB, 1061x965, 84864J.jpg)

No. 492823


her body looks like a giant sack of potatoes

No. 492825

she looks so dirty and wow her hair looks like shit

No. 492827

sloping back from slouching, hank hill ass, horrible looking damaged hair. why the fuck do people pay for this dumpster fire?

No. 492830

File: 1517770491316.jpg (Spoiler Image, 124.2 KB, 581x697, 46474.jpg)

She's running another promotion. Getting really desperate for money. She sucks at her job. She changes her prices daily, up and down depending on how much money she needs that day. Bad business practices. She charges people different amounts for the same things. I msged her a long time ago about her blog/snap. She gave me a higher price than the price she had written on a post she had just posted 3 hours before talking to her. People should really be warned of this SCAMMER!

No. 492839

File: 1517771343960.jpg (31.25 KB, 257x364, responsible.jpg)

No. 492840

File: 1517771357415.png (Spoiler Image, 538.22 KB, 993x893, Screenshot_2018-02-04-11-09-07…)

These ones!?!?!?!?

No. 492843

File: 1517771470545.jpg (51.98 KB, 611x326, 76389.jpg)

No. 492847

Her entire back looks dirty

No. 492858

File: 1517772136909.png (496.75 KB, 1018x851, Screenshot_2018-02-04-11-12-16…)

Shay in hi def

No. 492874

File: 1517772935837.jpg (18.37 KB, 549x216, daddaddy.jpg)


No. 492876

Why does she always get in these unflattering positions? You'd think a cam girl would know how to pose, this isn't as horrid as her other ones like the front facing hunch back that makes her look like she belongs on nat geo

If only she knew how to take care of herself she could be at least a 7 or 8, especially if she gets rid of that horrid trailer park trash hair color and drops the bimbo act

No. 492887

right? she was super cute as a stoner chick.

No. 492892

So she straight up sent herself that ask? We all knew she sent herself anons but this is next level lol

No. 492901

File: 1517774604300.jpeg (66.8 KB, 1242x605, 1CD2E182-83FB-479D-BED6-2300F3…)

It’s also super confusing that she charges different rates for custom videos on manyvids and iwantclips. It seems that depending on the platform she completely changes her prices.

No. 492902

File: 1517774631928.jpeg (69.17 KB, 1242x459, 038BB8EE-293C-4852-8414-6BE30F…)


No. 492904

Imo she was never actually pretty, but she also wasn't naked in the stoner photos; spread eagling her ratchet clam.
Content def plays into desirability.

No. 493032

Yep those ones came from her mom's underwear drawer

No. 493118

That's why I always thought they were her best pair, they weren't even hers damn

No. 493143

I really wish I had read this thread before I bought her porn. No wonder I was so uncomfortable.

No. 493144

How could she send herself an ask when she hasn’t had anon on in like a week?

No. 493164

why can’t I hear her videos? my computer is at 100% and the vid is at 100% sound am I doing something wrong?

No. 493173

Check your speaker/sound settings it might be connected to something like bluetooth or the player you're using

No. 493175

Turn it on send herself a message then turn it off again

No. 493181

Which ask are you referring to?

No. 493183

it’s not connected to anything (I have nothing extra attached). I have no problem with Hulu or YouTube or anything else.

No. 493184

But she hasn’t had any anons lately you’re really reaching

No. 493187

Her sound quality sucks and she speaks really quietly. Do you hear nothing at all or is it just hard to hear?

No. 493193

The preview for this video is so cringe-y. Her pussy is so dry, there is literally no moisture anywhere. She just tries to dry shove it in and out but the friction level is so high it takes a mighty shove to actually get it in more than an inch.

No. 493199

Wouldn't dry fucking cause looseness and more wear and tear in the long run

No. 493200

I can hear her a little bit. I’ll just post the vid fuck it

No. 493204

that’s not how vaginas work. they don’t just stretch out and get looser every time you have sex. so to answer your question, no. but it can cause irritation.

No. 493205

Yes. Have you seen her asshole?

No. 493229

you can hear the camera focusing better than you can hear her talk. I also don’t think she’s ever stroked a cock before because her hand maneuvers are just odd.

No. 493234

idk, the picture of her with no makeup/brown hair was kinda cute in a "girl next door on the volleyball team and makes good grades" type of way

if she worked out, did squats, took care of her skin, dyed her hair brown, styled it right and got a repair treatment and learned how to dress and do makeup, and most importantly dropped the entire act she's been doing for the past few years, she would look great

No. 493350

Idk if anyone has her snap but oh my FUCK she looks like looks like a damn clown

No. 493353

I think she’s been watching RuPaul a little toooo much tbh

No. 493367

lmfao post pics

No. 493369


have a blast attempting to hear anything that comes out of her mouth.

No. 493379

"yes, have you seen her asshole?"
Pal, do you have any idea how the human/female human body works? Vaginas do not stretch out and retain looseness like an asshole does. Assholes are surrounded by muscle that can and will stretch out the more you use butt plugs/ dildos/have anal sex. The vagina doesn't work that way. The vagina is built for someone to have babies. It has different types of tissue and works completely different than the anus. Looseness from having sex/ lubeless intercourse/masterbation doesn't have happen. Like the other person said, the only thing that causes is irritation..

No. 493381


No. 493383

i got to the 4minute mark and was just so bored

No. 493386

this video is the definition of lazy. wow.

No. 493387

"keep pulling on that big cock of yours, knowing that its growing, only to be inside this pussy."

um wtf does that sentence even mean?
the JOI portion doesn't even start until almost 7 minutes in wtf

No. 493390

"this pussy that has your hand wrapped around your cock as we speak"

does she think at all before she speaks because that makes no sense

No. 493402

File: 1517800466393.png (Spoiler Image, 3.87 MB, 2208x1242, EDBCF218-99B6-4C53-924D-51873E…)

Fuckin kek

No. 493404

hey 35 year old mom is back looking older and more haggard

No. 493405

File: 1517800677189.jpeg (134.24 KB, 674x1200, 43EFC4F7-91DC-4EB2-9233-539A19…)

Shay the dumpster clown.

No. 493407

File: 1517800688855.png (1.04 MB, 1280x800, Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 10.1…)

Looks like she's got a cold sore

No. 493408

I haven’t seen her post 1 face pic on twitter where she isn’t using a filter lmao

No. 493410

It’s probably from just being dehydrated and having chapped lips. It just looks like dry skin that she picked at.

No. 493412

Her still not knowing how to put a wig on properly is hilarious to me. It makes her hairline look ridiculous.

No. 493414

What in the white chola HELL

No. 493419

Attempting to over line her thin ass lips with darker lip liner lmao this is why you don’t take tips from puerto rican drag queens baby

No. 493420

To think, just last week we thought her saying “I guess for now the best you can just do is watch” was funny. How quickly the awkwardness progresses.


She looks like she's about to read my fortune in the nude

Queen Neanderthal right there

No. 493515


God bless this. Whenever I think it can’t get any worse/more hilarious she does this shit. A tragic fucking mess kek

No. 493579

im sorry friend

No. 493584

maybe try vlc media player?
mumbly joe over here
she also looks uncomfortable as hell
>>493412 i agree i was surprised to see her without the headband but i can definitely see now why she wears it with the wig. does she even know how to trim a lace front properly?
>>493413 Her eyeliner touches her eyebrows it kinda looks like a mask or something

No. 493594

File: 1517812151863.png (132.49 KB, 512x458, baby-pleasehurtme.tumblr.PNG)

pretty sure that blog thats posting as shayna and asking for stuff from people is a lurker here :)

No. 493630

File: 1517817016847.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 268.55 KB, 1557x1025, 1508797615963.jpeg)


Can the fans leave? Is it Shay herself? All this shit can stop

Imagine looking at Shay and thinking "cute"

No. 493636

File: 1517817782939.png (Spoiler Image, 487.51 KB, 876x450, Screenshot 2018-02-05.png)

No. 493639

I can hear the video completely fine….

No. 493713

because looks are apparently objective now and because you find her ugly and no hope means everyone else has to as well

I hate shay, but she isn't THAT ugly in a way that "someone called the shay isnt hideous police" that comes out everytime someone doesnt agree shes ugly, she has potential to be cute if she tried, she isnt deformed or obese

No. 493719

That's what I'm saying lol. She's not as hideous as certain people on here think. Infact, sometimes the insults people throw at her are SO personal, especially regarding her appearance lol. She has a tiny amount of stomach fat that's perfectly normal in any female who is above 16… A woman's body fat shows much differently than a male. I have a tiny bit of stomach fat too, like most people, and I do exercise on a regular basis, lol. She's not all that pretty but some of you people act like she looks like fucking Jabba the hut when it just isn't true. Now, I know standards of attractiveness are very personal and not everyone feels the same way… In no way to I find her beautiful. I find her painfully average because that's all that she is. People tear apart her looks as if that's the worst thing about her… How about the personality lmao. She could be sorta cute if she tried harder. She used to be kinda cute 3 years ago..

No. 493728

Her looks are subpar at best and the fact that she’s a liar with a terrible personality only adds to how unattractive people find her.

No. 493735

depends anon, like if you live in a movie with almost always beautiful women walking around she will seem subpar, she has a shit personality that makes her ugly but lets take it out of the question at the moment

say she fixed her hair nice, did her makeup normal and wore basic white girl at the mall attire and you saw her just walking by on the street, chances are you won't think "THAT HIDEOUS CRETIN! NOTHING CAN SAVE THAT HORRIFYING FACE!" unless you have that insane elliot rodger level standards, she's just a background type of girl, nothing to be splurging over how awfully hideous she is then policing anyone who says "you know she could be kinda cute if she___________" but at the same time no one is saying shes the most beautiful woman to walk the planet

No. 493768

File: 1517838108372.png (875.65 KB, 992x709, Screenshot_2018-01-22-16-44-31…)

No. 493771

She definitely has the potential to be cute and being just a stoner chick made that stand out more than whatever she is now

No. 493781

>She's not all that pretty but some of you people act like she looks like fucking Jabba the hut
I might be wrong but I havent seen anyone call her actually overweight.
>People tear apart her looks as if that's the worst thing about her
these threads are full of posts talking about her personality. She is such a crap person, that I dont really care what people decide to critisise
>say she fixed her hair nice, did her makeup normal and wore basic white girl at the mall attire
but she is not dressing like that. her makeup is ugly, she does not talk care of her skin, she dresses in cheap, ugly clothes, and her facial expressions are naturally so strange and unflattering. And on top of that her personality is absolute trash, which really makes her ugly

No. 493818

I don't still find her attractive at all, infact, her personality has really changed the way I see her. I remember following her when she still had brown hair and was just a simple stoner blog. I followed her because even though she was kinda different lookin, I thought she was cute lol. She has really shown me how unattractive she is. I'm just saying, some people on here act like she's some super ugly and disgusting, and fat.. when it's not really true. I've seen much uglier, and much fatter people. That being said, I've seen much prettier, much more toned people. I just meant she's not some hideous person you'd notice walking down the street. She isn't some beautiful person you'd notice either. She's just average physically, but she's very below average personality wise.(blogging)

No. 493857

She parades herself around as the hottest shit ever so yeah we get to critique her looks and call her out for being painfully average with an ugly personality and disgusting hygiene habits that age her and make her appear just as nasty than she is on the inside.

No. 493902

when you’re ugly on the inside, it manifests on your outside. She was a cute, average stoner girl until she decided to hop on the sex work trend and completely change who she is for validation and attention. Her personality is disgusting, she treats everyone like trash and still expects to be treated like a perfect royalty. She grossly exaggerates and sometimes just makes up stories and situations to show how “helpless” she is. And people fucking buy it.

Her business is terrible, her porn is terrible, yet she thinks she’s some savvy business woman who worked her way up from the bottom. When all she did was ride off her tumblr popularity, she now claims she’s famous.

So yes, she is no longer the cute basic stoner chick. She’s turned herself into something else, and that something else is a horrible narcissist with entitlement issues. Even if she isn’t the ugliest thing on earth, her personality is what ruins any good looks she may have.

No. 493928


She's always been ego driven, she always scammed and used people, she never bathed or showered, she still posted pics of herself with her ass pimples. she still lied about going thru "child abuse", she was still contradictory and hypocritical, she was still illogical and uneducated, she would still send her minions to harass you if you didn't agree with her or made her looks stupid, she still begged people for things and expected shit for free …all as an average stoner girl. And don't forget, she subjected all of her weed followers to her rape & pedo bait porn, people who never wanted or signed up for seeing her gross shit, including her UNDER-AGED followers because she is a selfish, inconsiderate, bottom of the barrel scum. She's always been disgusting regardless if shes wearing pink or a classic rock T, or if she'll move on to another mask bc she's already outgrown her current ddlg little girl persona by looking lie a 40 yr old gremlin.

No. 494048

You guys I bet she's not wearing a wig cap underneath her Halloween store wig which could be seriously contributing to the amount of breakage in her hair

No. 494050

Lol watch her realize there’s a contest on MV today and make some half ass sale and enters 12 hours after the contest starts lmfao.

No. 494066

for an asshole, yeah it might cause fissures over time and eventually the anal muscle would weaken as they're not made for repeated entry/exit. But not vaginas, they're literally made for it. The worst you'd get is soreness or a split or something. /OT

No. 494081

I hope she starts to take better care of her asshole before it's too late. I would hate to see her have to resort to doing prolapse/rosebud porn one day.

No. 494095

omg that shit actually freaks me out. why would you destroy your asshole for the sake of porn? it’s not going back 😳

she just needs to start using lube and she’ll be fine. I’m not sure why she thinks it makes her edgy to watch her dry fuck her asshole.

No. 494106

Did you fix it? I can't hear either. Everything is at 100%, only on her videos the sound won't work

No. 494160

On my iPhone I could hear it a bit better, but some parts I still had to hold my ear up to the speaker to understand her. You can hear the camera focusing better than you can hear her voice. Project shayna! You can’t do a JOI where the viewer can barely hear you.

No. 494251

BAHAHAHAHA!! Dear Lord. I can't stop laughing. Dirty stained socks. Cheap dollar store props and bedding. Her fried hair, and ridiculous ugly face and expressions mixed with the baby voice that is soooo far from her normal deep, low voice that I really can't take it seriously. She does NOT know how to be sexy or how to talk dirty. It's so fucking awkward. You can still see the outbreak she's trying to hide w/ her skirt and sitting so far away from the camera per usual. kek


She legit looks like a fucking tranny. LMFAO!! But I think she meant to look like a transvestite, so good job Shayna. But wow, that's so sad that even men are hotter women than she is.

No. 494252

File: 1517866408592.jpg (Spoiler Image, 274.4 KB, 1920x1080, wcam578_webcamfap_net_mp4_0002…)

No. 494257

File: 1517866455697.jpg (Spoiler Image, 277.23 KB, 1920x1080, wcam578_webcamfap_net_mp4_0003…)


No. 494258

File: 1517866478874.jpg (Spoiler Image, 206.14 KB, 1920x1080, wcam578_webcamfap_net_mp4_0004…)


No. 494259

File: 1517866512777.jpg (Spoiler Image, 144.27 KB, 1920x1080, wcam578_webcamfap_net_mp4_0005…)


No. 494260

File: 1517866531284.jpg (Spoiler Image, 273.89 KB, 1920x1080, wcam578_webcamfap_net_mp4_0006…)


No. 494261

File: 1517866549065.jpg (Spoiler Image, 298.41 KB, 1920x1080, wcam578_webcamfap_net_mp4_0007…)


No. 494263

File: 1517866572554.jpg (Spoiler Image, 320.67 KB, 1920x1080, wcam578_webcamfap_net_mp4_0008…)


No. 494264

File: 1517866618432.jpg (Spoiler Image, 320.03 KB, 1920x1080, wcam578_webcamfap_net_mp4_0009…)


No. 494265

is she trying to cover up her genital sores with duct tape
also link pls

No. 494268

Ugh I think she was trying to tape herself open

No. 494284

There’s an old wives tale about using duct tape to get rid of warts…..

No. 494291


No. 494345

Her pussy must be so dry to be able to duct tape it open like that

No. 494380

The tape seriously looks like an edit clip art posted on the photo

No. 494392

love hearing her nasal congestion more loudly than whatever she was saying also her right wing is legit touching her eyebrow, this is dangerously close to aly levels

No. 494425

File: 1517874629691.jpeg (166.21 KB, 1242x1824, E5E35C07-FEE1-406F-9644-977AFA…)

This is the third one she’s posted. Do we really think people are sending her these? If so what the fuck am I doing wrong people aren’t just throwing money at me on Tumblr?

No. 494432


Shayna always pushed the narrative that she had a very trumatic childhood and is a child abuse survivor, and how her mother was the one doing all the abuse. She used to make so many posts about hating her abusive mother and being the victim and survivor of child abuse, but those posts started to slowly cease when people realized what a liar she was when she couldn't come up with anything abusive that her mother actually did. People started calling her out for being a compulsive lying attention whore that played the victim for attention.

The following is an entry that was from one of the deleted threads. Since they are no longer accessible, I'm reposting it from the archive to here because they include links that will give you a better understanding what the "abuse" was that Shayna was talking about. Go thru them, read them all to understand the timeline. Includes how her parents found out about her blog and camming and nudes, etc.

Anonymous No. 326862

the milk is overflowing… if u were undecided on this girl, u wont be now.

she's always called her mom a bitch in countless posts and anytime she is mentioned or referred to, it is in the most awful/vile way, she always said her mom is who "abused" her and how she is a victim of CA(child abuse)… i stumbled on these.. wow… her thinking is really warped.

archived answered asks- theres so much more than these but just wow. u guys be the judge.

(welcome to her blog-y she hates her mom -if ur new)

(how they found her blog)

(ask how her parents found out about her camming)

(how her mom doesnt understand her n how she shoved misogyny down her throat and how she doesnt get that shayna wants to be a cam girl n how her mom send her emails/txts for schools and jobs- boo hooo soo abused by an awful bitch)

(this literally makes me want to vomit- asked how her mom found her blog- she literally says "she’s the type of person to try and dig up dirt on me so she has an actual reason to be mad at me other than just being a bitch"-wow shayna)

(wow such a shitty mom… makes up but then proceeds to still bash her to her followers)

(y she is courageous for sticking up to her mom- lulz)

(barf- y she's a strong person bc of what she went thru w/ her mom)

(y her blog was private/ brother backs up mom)

(tells asker u dont need parents- more about her mom and how she compromised their lives- her mom lost her poarents when she was only 12)

(how thes dumblr loser minions perpetuate her delusions and warped thinking)

asked y her mom is such a bitch and how they better be blessed w/ a child like her


how other pples mom like her more

(how her mom is jelly)

(more boo hoos and how her mom told connors mom about the camming)

(her justifying her blog to her mom)

(ultimatums from her awful parents… blog or us)

(ask about suicide, her experience w/ her parents n what they were doing pushed her)

theres so much more… sooooo much more but jfc… boo hoo… my childhood was soo bad, boo hoo, my mom abuses me… how horrible.. really?

this is what child abuse looks like? this is why her mom is such a bitch? someone making dinner for the family.so they found out about her drug /& naked selfie filled blog… and then the fact that she cams… and her reaction to it makes her the worst mother ever?. wow what a bitch! someone who checks up on her daughter, who even sends emails/txts for job applications, schools to help her further herself, offering an alternative to her current choices… because she disagrees with her choices with camming- that makes her a bitch? because any REAL loving mother would support their daughter getting naked broadcasting to strangers punching urself sticking things up ur butt, and ur offended that she is hurt and offers u links to places that are hiring… to schools? maybe bc she believes you have unfulfilled potential and believes you are capable of so much more- how dare she?! maybe she just wants you to have a future with as many oppurtunities and possibilities and stability that camming cannot afford. maybe bc like you said, her parents died when she was 12… and maybe she just wants the world for you and everything she lost and didnt have… what a bitch! maybe she told connors mom about the camming because, idk- you cam from their home- and you were already aware some people knew ur location(mentioned in a post she made)… maybe because she thought it was unsafe and was just informing his mom bc you were living under their roof. ur brother even agrees. ya shayna… you had/have it so bad, being cursed w/ a bitch mother like her- i wouldnt ever even wish that on my worst enemy. kek.


No. 494444

from http://archive.is/nbsF2
>if she was a real loving mother, she’d love me and make that known regardless of what I do on the Internet. and she says that the things I post on here are making her depressed and traumatized, but that’s not my problem, she’s physically choosing to type in my URL and look at everything on here. she’s the reason she doesn’t like what she sees. I don’t give a fuck what she thinks of me anymore. I’ve been called too many names by her, I’ve felt too alone at the faults of her, I’ve wanted to kill myself because of her, and she doesn’t give a flying fuck. so I don’t give a shit.

Shayna is a piece of shit daughter. This is so gross. But it is very telling of how manipulative she is since she would say this about her own mother and make her out to be some kind of enemy to Shayna.

No. 494459

File: 1517876115459.png (135.65 KB, 275x247, 1517185819257.png)

She already admits she doesn't shower or bathe. Not only does she not clean herself, she doesn't clean her toys. And she also pops her disgusting ass pimples/boils. She really shouldn't do this, especially with her dirty fucking hands and bacteria infested nails, this is how shit spreads. She didn't even wash her hands after, or clean the sore she just popped, just continued with her cam session. Finger fucking herself with her as pimple puss all over it spreading that bacteria around and inside herself and her already diseased pussy. No wonder why it never clears.

Also, is that why she made her pinkpussypopped blog? Because she pops her ass and pussy pimples? I'm confused.

Thesaddesthoe… Prob got inspired by Mia? I've noticed Shayna's been wanting to be her friend for a long time.

No. 494470

I’m so confused why she even has three blogs when she posts the same things on each of them? Gross porn, pink shit, aesthetic bullshit.

No. 494478

When she needs a break from being called out on her shit on her main blog she hops over to one of the others to let things cool off

No. 494481

master post right here. bless you anon.

No. 494545

Yeah make sure that gets carried over to the next thread

No. 494583

Some other archived links from the deleted threads:

This ones long, talks about her childhood and rape
(section highlighted is of an ASK where she mentions kinks to overcome rape)
(mentions rape & mentions shaving her head)

Her eating disorder

Her weed allergy

No. 494632

“Having to be an adult at a young age”

If that was actually true Shayna, you wouldn’t be nearly as immature and frankly stupid as you are now. You had a basic ass life and you know it. Trauma doesn’t make you stand out, it’s not meant to make you cooler or seem more damaged. Trauma is fucking real and fucks people up. I’m sick of her taking real life traumas that people deal with and turning them into nothing means to sell her stupid “brand”.

No. 494639

Did this bitch just delete a bunch of stuff off her tumblr lmao

No. 494640

Like what?

No. 494649

Idk I just went on it and it ended abruptly after a few posts that's why i was asking

No. 494650

Nope false alarm just by phone bugging out

No. 494652

sometimes tumblr just doesn’t load right.

No. 494653

lmao she actually did she’s so predictable. she’s like almost #300 it’s so sad. she claims she has so many daddies and fans but when you enter a contest you’ve never even cracked the top 100. real great fans

No. 494790

>I had working divorced parents
>this is obviously abuse guys
High school rape isn’t csa.
Also not 2b anachan but 15lbs under normal (19-20 bmi) weight range wouldn’t even qualify you for anorexia dx leave alone a “destructive” one.

No. 494881

Awkward I went to hs with her and she never shaved her head

No. 494885

Wow. Her asshole is already gaping. There's a prolapse looming in her future. Kegels could tighten things up some but jesus, does that look awful. Black hole.

No. 494889

Shayna's whole 'i fucked ur dad' thing feels like such overcompensation to me. I'm sure her actual father is disgusted by her behavior. I was reading about this porn star once who said that once her dad's friends realized what she did, he became depressed to the point of hospitalization. Shayna is just appallingly shitty.

I don't even want to get into the horror show this must be for her mom.

No. 495146

When her mom first found out she said it traumatized her to see what her daughter was doing on the internet. What she's doing has only gotten worse since then too. The text Shayna posted recently with her mom calling what she does dirty, disgusting, and dangerous (or something to that effect), I have to assume that's a recent thing her mom has said. She doesn't feel any better about it today than she did 1-2 years ago.

No. 495150

Kegels are for the vagina, not the anus.

No. 495165

File: 1517937066649.jpg (26.53 KB, 521x218, porn.jpg)

Looks like she might sign under a website. LMFAO. keyword: phone interview. I wonder what they'll say once they see her diseased and stretched out holes in person. What's so funny is that adult entertainers have a hierarchy and Shayna is happy to be at the absolute scum scraping bottom of rape & pedo bait porn. Basically a route to cater and market to pedophiles. She's so disgusting. For someone who lies about her "traumas" and endured "abuse", I wonder if she's even thought about the real children who were abused or sexually abused, or the real victims of c porn that she love to fucking exploit. God she's gross.

No. 495183

Who remembers Shayna's black goth satan days? Typical edgelord, If she didn't do pink and ddlg pedo shit, she'd most likely be the one doing some beastiality or necropholia shit. She always said she loves being the creepiest or grossing people out.

No. 495194

Wow, porn that fetishizes slavery sounds absolutely not problematic at all

No. 495203

I don’t know any big name porn company who does a phone interview and then books a shoot. that just doesn’t happen. She’s probably working with another dumpster fire indie “producer” like Brian gozzling or something.

No. 495207

I’m surprised she didn’t do more research into working with a company. Porn companies/directors/producers are known for exploiting new actresses or newbies from the amateur scene. I have a feeling she’ll agree to anything to get a few extra bucks, without even thinking about the repercussions.

She’d probably lay in a mud hole and let people finger fuck her in mud. She doesn’t care if it gets into her vagina cos she’s a ~*porn star*~

No. 495208

she’s probably talking about BDSM master/slave not race play or actual slavery. c’mon.

No. 495354

File: 1517945835648.png (Spoiler Image, 417.38 KB, 576x1269, Screenshot_2018-02-06-11-36-44…)

Jumped 24 spots

No. 495373

Pornfag but I’d stay far tf away from mainstream companies bc wow do they go through talents like used condoms. Shay is better off in indie fetish porn. Loose holes are niche. Lol she WISHES Bryan Gozzling would fuck her aged menopausal face/dry cunt tho.

No. 495376

File: 1517947418931.png (16.87 KB, 498x179, Screenshot 2018-02-06.png)



>though what i went through was extremely depressing, horrific, traumatizing

>i feel that i can say i am a better person because of it

Fucking gold. I had no idea Shay could attempt coherent typing

No. 495379

Maybe she'll get scammed. Not like the lights upstairs are on

No. 495393

I think you may be on to something, anon, Hookup hotshot seems right up her alley. It reminds me of insta-hoes meets O-mighty clothing meets Max Hardcore, plus Gozzling calls himself Daddy (puke)

Ofc because that’s what garners the most attention. I wonder if she’d stoop to Facial Abuse levels

No. 495404

Like punching herself in the face,…. Wait

No. 495406

Looks like she's holding a cutting board or cheese board. Why not buy a cute paddle.

No. 495408

File: 1517948864304.jpg (290.16 KB, 1138x892, 8436784.jpg)


Some people calling her out when she couldn't come up with real "abuse" that happened

No. 495591

File: 1517959202647.gif (638.15 KB, 500x370, tumblr_msizozxGUu1sghdzno1_500…)

What the actual fuck….THIS is her "traumatic" childhood story?

I want to die

No. 495620

“I had to take care of my brother after school”

Wow. Just wow. Maybe if her parents had abandoned her and her brother and she literally had to raise him and be his parent, I could see how that would be traumatic. But seriously? This is pretty common, older sibilings needing to take care of their younger sibilings until parents get home.

Way to just laugh in the face of actual trauma survivors Shay.

No. 495739

File: 1517969715197.jpg (22.92 KB, 530x203, 768368.jpg)

I can imagine the promos now… "day before rent is due" sale every month.

No. 495750

File: 1517970123284.jpg (19.96 KB, 520x195, laundry.jpg)


How fucking gross, She's finally doing laundry on her clothes she never washes, and her first thought is to try to sell off her crusty moldy ass fishnets.

No. 495756

You know that shit wasn't vac sealed freshly, but will be before some poor sap buys it. Vac seal all her bacteria and Shayna's signature scent of les mildew & mold must and BO.

No. 495783

File: 1517971408010.jpg (Spoiler Image, 360.13 KB, 1288x1764, octo.jpg)

Back when noone knew what was really under all that bush.

No. 495840

If she just kept it trim, maybe like a landing strip even, it would have looked fine. I guess she only has two extremes: completely bald or full un trimmed bush, no in between.

Kinda tells a lot about her personality too tbh

No. 495859

So is her irritation from shaving? Her thighs and vag look pretty clear here but her bush could have been hiding it too

No. 495870

it’s from shaving, waxing, and not taking proper care of the area. she shaves in between waxes. She gets on cam after a fresh wax and spanks her pussy causing even more irritation. She has terribly greasy skin and horrible hygiene. So it’s just a whole mix of things and it’s turned into a hot mess.

No. 495874

did every basic bitch on tumblr get an amazon glass tentacle dildo or something? I see every dumb cunt pink aesthetic free nudes bitches on tumblr with one.

No. 495875

File: 1517973990542.jpg (35.32 KB, 527x331, wow.jpg)

WOW. She thinks she doesn't sexualize children.

No. 495876


Just by looking closely I can see some bumps and whatnot. But nothing NEAR as bad as what she's sporting today

sage for not posting a zoomed in pic

No. 495879

File: 1517974120173.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x1440, DDB9347B-C7EA-4651-85F4-3EB38D…)

This looks like a pic from her MV Loft shoot. Can anyone tell what she’s holding? It looks like a joint but I honestly can’t tell wtf it is.

No. 495880

God I hate to say it but this is almost refreshing to look at compared to anything recent

Also yes, they’re pretty cheap on amazon and make you ~so edgy because it’s not dick shaped

No. 495881

It’s a piece of color film stuff (called gels) you generally put over lights, to change the hue of the light.

No. 495891

not the pink thing, the white stick thing

No. 495893

is it just anhorrible glare? Why would the photographer keep that pic if there’s a glare like that?

Maybe he liked it cos it helped cover her face lmao

No. 495903

File: 1517975296768.jpeg (985.57 KB, 1242x1555, C6F9E908-98C8-4895-B9A8-09B629…)

lol she’s advertising it like the article is about her. when all it is is an article for MV’s new instagram.

No. 495951

They kept it because it's covering (part of) her nasty scabbed lips. One less part to photoshop the fuck out of. Seriously though, look how much work they put into her hair in the front with the fried off ends.

No. 495990

I know this thread is overrun with Shay-advice but she really should go for a more teenybopper rebel child thing, let her hair grow out dark, do a teen bratty thing like pumpkinspice did way back when. The pink baby shit is forced as fuxk!

Sage for still creepy regardless, but a better aesthetic that fits (I think???)

No. 496016


She needs to learn how to blend if she's going to contour. Also wtf is up with her eyebrows and roots? She said she spent all her money getting ready for the trip. But she showed up looking like white trash with those roots and the same daddy shirt she always wears. /7 Had to beg for shuttle money or else she had to take the bus. So WTF did she spend her money on?

The article said the photo was provided by Bambie Doll.

No. 496355

Her makeup looks even more awful in HD can someone gift her a beauty blender please lol

No. 496456

When you get a photo shoot done, the photographer almost always sends the model, or the models agent, copies of the edited pics. some photographers will send photo proofs and let the model choose which photos they like and want edited.

So yes, it was provided by her. But she didn’t take those pictures, so I’m wondering why the photographer would have wanted to keep a photo with what I’m assuming is a glare like that.

No. 496577

one of my biggest pet peeves is people who dont wear any (or very minimal) mascara on their bottom lash line but have mascara/eyeliner/lashes on their top lash line. Looks awful and unbalanced. Shay, if you read this, please spend some time on youtube and watch some makeup tutorials especially on how to blend out your contour lol the orange smear on your face is not a good look

No. 496585

Guys she’s moving today. Really curious to see this new place

No. 496645

File: 1518026875814.png (148.13 KB, 1007x987, Screenshot_2018-02-07-10-07-19…)

Either her sale ends in three days or she moves in three

No. 496722

Sale ends. She posted on Tumblr moving is happening today / she’s in her way to Seattle.

No. 496724

I bet her vagina and rectum have tons of micro tears in them

No. 496814

If you look at the other photos on the page, it seems as if they were going for a more "artistic" vibe for their instagram. Explains the shot of her holding up the gel filter. https://www.instagram.com/manyvidsofficial/

No. 496820

they’re all pics taken at the MV Loft, and I’m pretty sure they all have the same photographer. the article was about how the new instagram is just going to feature girls from the mv loft.

No. 496842

Was just offering a possibility to anon's question as to why they'd have a photo with a glare on their IG. The other photos aren't the typical glamour shot either, they're all "artsy"

She's moving today. Regardless what she says, she always extends promos and changes prices. I doubt she even has enough to buy a couch.

She's gonna be pissed down the road that she got everything in pink. If how she decorates for her porn videos are indicative of how she'll furnish and decorate her apartment, it's going to be cheap and tacky. She has low class taste.

Her pussy is the most disgusting thing I've seen and her ability to take that dildo without any lube and without wincing or moving a muscle is her true talent. Hotdog thru a doorway. Prolapse is in her definite future. How she has no shame and continues to embarrass herself and show it to people is beyond me.

I think she may have sores inside her pussy and inner lips. Makes sense why she stopped doing close ups and vaginal penetration. Her pussy and ass have always looked disease, but she stopped right around the time it started to get really really bad. She did get cheated on, he could've given it to her if she didn't have anything already.

No. 496854

>She did get cheated on, he could've given it to her if she didn't have anything already.
See now we're getting somewhere. She seemed rather distressed about it for someone who shows she is incapable of having feelings for/about people.

No. 497015

He probably did give her a disease since it way easier

No. 497017

..easier to get Stis when you have open sores in your pussy and ass

No. 497063

No. 497068


BAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA oh god, I can't even…. ahahah

No. 497073

Her pussy lips are so fat and puffy they kinda look like scrotum here. They def look like a pair of balls especially in how those crotchless panties look on her.

No. 497077

im having second hand embarrassment from watching this.

No. 497087

what is with some of these angles theyre so random and not thought out at all

No. 497098

File: 1518052410743.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 52.23 KB, 459x401, 9BE07A2E-47BC-46C9-8551-05D300…)

hank hill. also that “paddle” she’s using looks like the wooden thing we’d use to serve bread & cheese at the restaurant i worked at.

No. 497102

File: 1518052463508.jpg (Spoiler Image, 185.98 KB, 875x488, not a good angle.jpg)

wtf is this angle? and why does she have hair on her inner thighs but not her labia? why would you take close ups of your pimples and sores?

No. 497113

File: 1518052759301.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.12 MB, 3921x4385, bahah.jpg)

When she finally does a close up, and she covers it with clothespins and hitachi. LMFAO that face!!!

No. 497118

It's bc she doesn't shave her legs. She never does. She says "you can barely see it unless in the light" so she doesn't bother.

No. 497119

theres a totally random cut at 15:16 and its hilarious because you can tell she stopped/messed up and didn't think to reshoot the scene, just kept going from where she left of and sloppily edited it lmao

No. 497126

File: 1518052939350.png (Spoiler Image, 1.08 MB, 1280x800, Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 8.21…)

Wrinkle pimple puss

No. 497127

File: 1518052997098.jpg (197.07 KB, 1062x584, 8447.jpg)

No. 497130

She might have taken it from her short stint at the olive garden

No. 497137

File: 1518053271388.jpg (29.99 KB, 630x236, 657688.jpg)

No. 497140

wrinkles on the vagina are totally normal. those sores and scars tho…def not.

No. 497183

Like I have a lil scar on my kitty from snipping her when I first started shaving down there. Hurt like a mofo. But doesnt look anything like that…….

No. 497188

exactly, her vagina is not normal. at this point it honestly seems like her PH balance is so off that its just causing recurring infections even if she doesn’t irritate it. which means she needs to go to a doctor and get treatment. her pussy juice is probably so acidic it smells like cat piss.

No. 497209

File: 1518057472519.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 244.82 KB, 1242x1328, 4C3BEFBE-7F4F-4DBF-95C3-FB736D…)

I watched just some parts of this, with no sound, and it was even embarrassing then. I think this face pretty much sums it up.

No. 497210

File: 1518057546526.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 221.78 KB, 1242x1296, 128FD384-70E2-493F-A66E-198951…)

Also, further evidence of dry AF anal: her toys just stay put. Even when she moves around and does other things. If they were lubed they’d slide out naturally when not held. Good god.

No. 497213

Eh, the anus is a different kind of muscle. Unless she was really really stretched out, even if you use lube, a toy (especially a beaded toy like that) wouldn’t just “slide out” without at least some pushing. If that was the case then shit would literally just fall out of your ass. gross.

No. 497217

watching her push it in and then “thrust” is the part that makes me cringe. she acts like she likes it but that probably hurts like fucking hell. she can literally fit the 3 smallest beads on the toy in her ass and then she just pushes and pulls it in her ass, it doesn’t even move in and out she’s just dry pushing and pulling it and acting like it feels good.

No. 497218

File: 1518058103273.jpeg (61.97 KB, 623x713, shaggy-face-57f446dd4a0ec.jpeg)

>Like I have a lil scar on my kitty from snipping her when I first started shaving down there
This is a bad sentence, anon. Are you one of those ddlg freaks too?

No. 497219

All she did was rub the dildo on her dry pussy for 5 seconds before dry penetrating her ass with it. She never seems wet or like she's actually aroused or enjoying anything in her videos, and her orgasms never appear real.


Anon it's not that bad. I mean compared to "doll parts" kitty is pretty benign.

No. 497227


Please don't verbally infantilize yourself or use cutesy terms for your genitals out of shame, anon.

No. 497241

Even porn stars who gape and prolapse don’t just have shit falling out of them. Calm down.

I guess I just have less experience with beaded toys. I rarely do anal play, and when I use dildos they are well lubed and get forced out by my sphincter muscles unless I hold them in. /shrug

No. 497242

because it makes her super ~*edgy*~

No. 497243

For the most part it doesn't even look like she moves it in and out though. Like once the three lower beads get jammed in there, she just massages it around and back and forth but it's actually staying pretty put from the friction (bone dry plus tightness, it's a butt) and you see the skin around her ass/crotch region gets pulled all around along with it. Only a few times do you see her try to push it in further with some force but it barely budges. If she added some lube she would actually be able to fuck herself properly. Why is she so lube-averse? (reposted because I said adverse instead of averse and it bothered me)

No. 497254

File: 1518061264771.png (Spoiler Image, 1.11 MB, 1280x800, heart shaped box.png)

She needs to upgrade her camera but at the same time it's clear why she doesn't.

No. 497256

Is anyone on her snap??? She posted that she did a new apartment tour there not long ago.

No. 497285

Well she did say she doesn't get turned on by sex, only by pain. Maybe she purposely dry fucks herself because it's painful.

No. 497340

Wrong. She gets turned on by attention.

No. 497382

File: 1518070798413.png (Spoiler Image, 1.95 MB, 1334x750, IMG_6166.PNG)

(spoiler this next time )

No. 497384

Spoiler NSFW.

No. 497540

I can almost smell her rancid pussy through those pictures. She always looks like she stinks. If she took a shower maybe she wouldn’t look as bad.

No. 497567

I imagine she probably smells like piss, fish, and onions.

No. 497697

File: 1518112565469.png (Spoiler Image, 2.26 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6172.PNG)

Strange how she used the same 2 toys in every video yet owns all of these

No. 497735

File: 1518114056409.jpeg (511.42 KB, 1222x1738, 4C0563FF-235E-4D66-B49C-EE83A1…)

What the FRESH HELL.

No. 497742

File: 1518114353968.jpeg (630.56 KB, 1242x1850, D0511018-9EB3-4490-87CB-847A65…)


No. 497743

File: 1518114442368.jpeg (501.23 KB, 1242x1173, BE1B2F2B-3825-43ED-9FFC-237598…)

2/2. So does she not get how ironic this is? Like oh that gross older man. Yet I’m still going to call myself a young dumb Barbie and only go after old men who can take care of me and are smarter than me.

No. 497844


Remember when she was anti ddlg?

No. 497849

File: 1518120371253.jpeg (179.36 KB, 750x1071, A20F1883-81E7-4816-A380-20C683…)

She’s now begging for money for groceries. What happened to that 55k?

No. 497899

She’s begging for money to get groceries ordered and delivered so she doesn’t have to go out and do it herself.

No. 497900

She has pillows and sheets. She is not "needing" them. And I'm pretty sure if she could afford groceries at her old apartment she could afford them at the new one too, unless she was eating her roommate's groceries?

No. 497905

Actually kegels tighten the entirety of the pelvic floor. That includes the rectum. Even gay men who have loose anal muscle tone will be asked to do kegel exercises if it’s mild to moderate. Don’t underestimate the power of the lowly kegel.

t. ob/gyn nurse

No. 497918

File: 1518124405683.jpg (64.32 KB, 509x545, lube.jpg)

No. 497974


She's fucking disgusting. She packs the toys just loosely with everything else. She doesn't even fucking disinfect them. BARF!

No. 497977

File: 1518127536042.jpg (57.16 KB, 531x357, 48679376.jpg)

Who has her snap?

No. 497992

She can afford groceries, she just wants extra money to get them delivered to her so she doesn’t have to go out.

No. 497998

At least Mia/sadbaffoon admits dd/lg is a "safe" avenue for pedos to express their urges and attraction towards children.

>pedophiles aren't going to shame themselves and say "oh well since liking children is wrong I'll just pay attention to adults who like to dress and act a certain way…
[ahem, dress and act like CHILDREN]
>…and fit a certain label and therefore cater to my sick fantasies" no.
>I've been told many a time that my porn is designed/catered for pedophiles when we all know that "free", stolen, and always non consensually filmed, kiddie porn exists, sadly.

First off, I hate how she calls it kiddie porn. It is child pornography and it's morally reprehensible and very much against the law. Don't give it that "cute" name.

Secondly, pedophiles don't give a shit about right or wrong, they are concerned about not getting in trouble with the law. Since dd/lg porn is not illegal, it would be a safe outlet (legally) for them to explore their desires and fantasies.

No. 498004

Wow I didn’t know Hank Hill was doing porn now

No. 498015

wow I just watched a ted ed on narcissism and holy crap it describes her behavior perfectly. she’s definitely more a grandiose narcissist, but she also has that victim complex problem that vulnerable narcissists have. Watch it yourself.


No. 498027

Her Snapchat has in the last 2 months been priced at 10$, then she upped it to 30$ or 40$ And now she’s selling it for 5$…. like there needs to be some form of consistency wth

No. 498029

Getting spat on is a kink, fucking children is not. What's wrong with these people lmao

No. 498030

>grandiose view of oneself
>problems with empathy
>sense of entitlement
>need for admiration or attention
>these traits take over their lives and cause significant problems

Yes this definitely describes Shayna. She knows she's a narcissist, though, and just thinks it makes her special.

No. 498192

Okay but there’s a huge difference in wanting to fuck an ACTUAL child, and wanting to fuck an adult ACTING like a child.

I’m not sure why some people can’t seperate the two. One is an actual child, the other is an adult playing pretend. If you’re a pedophile, an adult dressed and acting as a child is still a fucking adult. pedophiles want ACTUAL CHILDREN.

No. 498200

even if you act like a child, and engage in sex while doing so, in the end you’re still an adult. your age doesn’t literally change. if someone pretends to be a dog they’re still an adult human, they didn’t magically turn into a dog with their imagination. which is why pet play doesn’t encourage beastiality, because that person is still a human adult.

sorry some of you are dumb as shit and can’t understand that a person’s age doesn’t change based on what they pretend to be.

No. 498274

File: 1518146017287.png (205.56 KB, 604x928, 01.png)

No. 498279

Agree here. What I was saying here posting those asks above is dd/lg isn’t a “safe place” for pedos to act out. There IS no safe space for pedos because fuck them. Just cuz I call my man daddy while he fucks me doesn’t mean I want to fuck my Dad, and him calling me little girl doesn’t mean he wants to fuck a little girl. Because he’s not a fucking pedo, it’s a power dynamic. ANYHOW…

No. 498298

“Broke my tv” ya okay.

No. 498326

How do you break your TV in a move? You just wrap a blanket around it to cushion it, Shayna…

No. 498391

No mention of her tv breaking on her tumblr lol

No. 498400


Remember when she “broke” her dog cage during her last move and needed money to replace that too

No. 498419

Look harder. It’s at the end of sale reblog.

No. 498434

Oh I was just looking via archive I rarely open up her posts it gives me a headache

No. 498490

As for Shayna and the pedo argument, I'm not usually one to defend her, but she legit looks like a 40 yr old. Obviously she is not a real child. That said, it still does not change the fact that ddlg porn DOES cater to pedophiles. Regardless of it's intent. It is a sickness, and although the whole argument is they want actual children, the fact is, the material that seek is illegal and a lot of ddlg material ends up contributing and perpetuating the huge problem of real pedo porn. That's what the problem is. Noone can stop a person from their sickness, but it doesn't help that there are people who have no problem creating porn with every intent to look like a child, and with every intent to make money on making porn with every intent on looking like a child. They are shamelessly EXPLOITING a sickness. Contributing and perpetuating such a large problem. Underlined, regardless of your intent, the materials and content you are creating and selling and spreading do cater and pander to pedophiles and it does exploit their sickness. Yes you are a consenting adult, a consenting adult that is consenting to creating pornographic materials fully intending and consenting to sexualizing children and sexualing and normalizing child sexual abuse, etc.

No. 498500

She is a liar. She got accustomed to getting those 3 100+ donations that one day. So now she wants to receive that same amount bc she thinks it'll happen again. She is a user. She wants to receive everything while giving nothing in return. She's your typical scammer except she's lazy af. Right… her broken cage… if anyone has one of those cages, they are built to collapse. If you look at how they fold back together, if any of the pieces do go out of places you are able to bend them back. I suspected she lied about the cage just like she's lying about the tv. Also, I don't have her snap, but for those who do.. did she ever have working TV? Has she posted showing this now broken one?

No. 498504

File: 1518158902194.jpg (15.25 KB, 541x172, 8765445.jpg)

looking for victims

No. 498511

File: 1518159669284.jpg (46.55 KB, 590x234, 467.jpg)

She's an idiot, 1 pair of panties and one custom vid.. when the regular prices are way less than that. She doesn't understand how to run a "business". She fucks herself in a corner by having no consistency. People know they'll just get her shit at a high discount every "crisis" she has which is 4 x a week. Or for free via google search.

No. 498515

File: 1518159758239.jpg (142.01 KB, 1195x478, 98745678.jpg)

No. 498516

File: 1518159775683.jpg (Spoiler Image, 92.71 KB, 1280x718, DVkz9yxVwAIIMbh.jpg)

No. 498551

I don’t think there is a “huge” difference, and that’s why people find it disgusting. Some of the girls who do DD/LG are young and look it; to capitalise on that by dressing in a nappy and paci and acting like a little girl IS making legal material for pedos.

>adult humans have all been children
>no adult human has ever actually been a dog
Yeah people are dumb, wonder why they care less about pet play than they do pedo play.

Grim. /OT

No. 498615

This shit happens in every thread holy shit some of you are retards.

If you honestly can’t see why an adult playing pretend is different from an actual real child, you’re absolutely stupid.

Let’s get back on topic of our fave dumpster fire.

No. 498675

How the fuck is she bored she just moved into a new apartment. Get some shit done bitch.

No. 498697

File: 1518187747792.jpg (143.45 KB, 640x1136, 07ade071-368c-482d-bd68-aa2052…)

Just found this gem reblogged by weed-breath

No. 498710

hey dumbass that’s not shayna. Fucking wow.

No. 498729


that literally is her in the corner u clod

No. 498773

Jesus, calm the fuck down

No. 498774

Fuck off to OT thread. Pedo are attracted the physical appearance of a child (which by definition a prepubescent child). So unless these bitches have a body of a 10 year old or younger, no amount of diapers and pacis gonna make a grown woman look like a child. Ddlg caters to hebephiles at worst. Pet play isn’t about wanting to fuck pets?? Ddlg isn’t about wanting to fuck children. Why is it so hard to separate fantasy and reality lol. Y’all be the white moms against violent video games because they cater to murderers. Let’s fuck off this thread about this.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 498799

File: 1518194319607.png (113.08 KB, 640x858, IMG_7952.PNG)

Photo-dumping some old pics of shayna. From her Tumblr circa 2013.

No. 498801

File: 1518194363808.png (134.52 KB, 640x987, IMG_7954.PNG)

No. 498803

File: 1518194382474.png (146.03 KB, 640x1004, IMG_7955.PNG)

No. 498805

File: 1518194400139.png (1.09 MB, 640x1136, IMG_7956.PNG)

No. 498806

File: 1518194437709.png (148.59 KB, 640x993, IMG_7953.PNG)

I wonder how conner's doing these days.

No. 498825

>pussy juice
bitch where. She literally seems painfully dry in every photo and video

How long it's been? 3 years?

No. 498866

because some of the people in this thread only hate shayna because they hate ddlg and don't understand cos they’re dumb as rocks.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 498867

Oh was this when she shaved her head? Lmao

No. 498869

She also doesn’t cum in any of her vids where she claims she does. Idk if she knows the difference between having an orgasm and actually cumming.

No. 498873

Damn she’s been doing the wannabe “edgy” shit for years. This chick just love attention in any form doesn’t she? Even if it means smoking cigarettes or ripping up her dry asshole. Fun life.

No. 498905

This literally looks like a child who found mom’s ciggs and decided to take pics without actually smoking it.. or knowing how.

No. 498981

Um…what do you think is the difference between orgasm and cumming??

No. 499014

plenty of women orgasm and don’t cum. for men it’s different, whenever they orgasm they cum.

For women, you can orgasm and not cum; but when you do cum it’s usually from an orgasm. does that make sense? Having an orgasm doesn’t necessarily mean you came. Cumming for women is a lot different than for a man.

No. 499018

some women can’t cum/ejaculate, but they can still orgasm.

No. 499029

File: 1518209401772.jpeg (95.45 KB, 675x1200, 455BE20F-EC8F-4605-897B-153C76…)

I don’t think she’s capable of taking a face picture without using a filter. She is so clearly self conscious but tries to over inflate her self worth to make it seem like she’s not self conscious. Her confidence is 100% false.

No. 499035

lol she really thinks the only way to be a bimbo is to cover yourself in pink and act like a dumb slut 24/7. I can’t with this girl she is beyond stupid.

No. 499036

Tbh I think shayna just means "orgasm" but I think shes faking those too

No. 499060

I really don’t think she understands the difference tbh. I don’t think she’s ever cum before, which is pretty average for a 20 year old. But don’t say you’re doing a cum show or claim that you cum multiple times in your video when you literally don’t cum at all.

Some women can’t ejaculate and I understand that. But don’t claim something in your video to get people to buy it if it doesn’t even happen!

No. 499084

Literally no one expect ejaculation when “cumming” is in context of female lol many don’t even know that girls can ejaculate (squirt maybe).
“cum/come” are used colloquially to refer to orgasm/climax by p much everyone. Reach less.

No. 499100

shut the fuck up and stop defending Shayna.

No. 499104

women can cum in other ways besides squirting. plenty of women can cum, but not squirt. read an article about the female body maybe?

No. 499127

Shayna doesn't orgasm or cum in her videos. I don't know about you all but I've never seen her pussy muscles or any others contract OR any juices when she "cums". She thinks it's just about making a funny face and speeding up the pace.

No. 499144

it’s kind of sad, has she never experienced an orgasm before? :(

No. 499167

Don't give a fuck about defending SHayna. But arguing that "cum" doesn't just mean ejaculation and saying that it's a lie bc of that is retarded. She obviously fakes orgasms/cum. ANd if you think workers/entertainers don't fake cum (convincingly or not) all the time, well boi I got news 4 u.
Never said they couldn't?? Read.

No. 499171

File: 1518218908427.gif (884.85 KB, 500x281, 5F3C85E7-99B6-4BA4-B95B-3F23E5…)

shut the fuck up and stop defending shayna

No. 499174

lol “performers fake cum all the time”

you mean a creampie dumbass. Not really sure how you can fake your pussy contracting and cumming. But if you figure it out let me know.

No. 499185

Cumming for a woman means different things to different people. Some understand it as "orgasm", some understand it as ejaculation/squirting/etc. I'm sure female performers fake orgasms in porn all the time because they don't always show it up close and the viewer would just see what looks and sounds like a woman having an orgasm. However, Shayna records herself masturbating in her bedroom with no one around and no time constraints. Her supposed "bomb ass porn" could at least include her actually having a real orgasm, whether or not she is capable of "cumming" or knows how to yet.

No. 499206

This. Now everyone stfu and stop infighting over this shit. Let’s focus on how she’s doing the “uwu maybe I shouldn’t answer the door naked for ups” fake interaction thing

No. 499253

Links to full length videos(please have adblocker/antivirus on jic)

Bambie Doll - I fucked your dad


Bambie Doll - Naughty Naptime


No. 499264

File: 1518225534852.png (Spoiler Image, 1.07 MB, 1254x711, Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 8.18…)

Another goddamn period and/or shit stain in her panties jfc

No. 499265

No. 499270

File: 1518226110196.jpg (22.8 KB, 531x189, 098765.jpg)

No. 499276

File: 1518226699636.jpg (142.12 KB, 515x941, 876575.jpg)

No. 499292

Fwiw I'm on your side here and think shayna is full of shit and imo hasn't climaxed in a vid but thought you might find it interesting to know that I've known of pornstars freezing cubes of milk and popping it up there so that when it melts and comes out it looks like that. Yes, disgusting, no I don't understand how someone could bring themselves to put a milk ice cube inside themselves but hey maybe shayna will start doing it too

Has she released that alien video she was going on about yet?

No. 499295

Why the fuck was she just rubbing her panties on her dry pussy for like 30 seconds? was she just trying to wipe away any possible moisture because god forbid she uses lube?

No. 499298

File: 1518228384563.png (Spoiler Image, 4.51 MB, 2208x1242, 4FBECCC9-5917-434C-BC1E-D67FF2…)

this has to be the funniest video yet. watching her attempt to give a sexy blowjob and then hank hill ass shot for over 3 minutes? lmfao

No. 499299

Frozen milk cubes? Dear god. You learn something new everyday.

No alien video yet and I doubt it's ever going to actually come to fruition.

She apparently wanted to rub some of that period stain on her coochie.

For anyone who may not know (Shayna), hydrogen peroxide is your friend for removing blood stains.

No. 499300

File: 1518228615474.png (Spoiler Image, 1.12 MB, 1253x689, Screen Shot.png)

This is her ultra sexy blowjob face

No. 499306

Gonna take this as trolling because you sound actually retarded. Also it’s pretty easy to fake if you kegel hard enough your pussy will ’look’ like it’s convulsing, good enough for porn. Something Shayna doesn’t know how to do. (I’m done ok promise)

No. 499307

File: 1518228884888.png (Spoiler Image, 1.45 MB, 1211x624, nolube.png)

fuckin cringe

No. 499310

File: 1518229003784.png (Spoiler Image, 4.58 MB, 2208x1242, 5CA2279B-A913-46BC-BA8B-F338AF…)

She looks like a 35 year old mom who hasn’t sucked dick in over 10 years and is trying to be sexy again

No. 499386

Her vagina looks so dry while she's sticking the dildo in and out of herself, ew. It just looks uncomfortable and not sexy in the vaguest sense of the word. Top it off with that pacifier in her mouth, kek.

No. 499456

File: 1518238495574.png (Spoiler Image, 65.29 KB, 587x639, IMG_6441.PNG)

She knows 1/1

No. 499457

File: 1518238563582.png (Spoiler Image, 62.81 KB, 608x599, IMG_6442.PNG)

She was okay with this in her video 2/2

No. 499463

what is on her underpants? is she aware? does she care? is she trying to subtly cater to some gross ass fetishists?? surely she was aware when putting on her knickers that day? surely she could have just picked a different pair? i have so many questions

No. 499508

File: 1518241789345.jpg (212.36 KB, 1186x1372, 456465786.jpg)

No. 499612

File: 1518253500991.jpg (477.65 KB, 1072x1844, thesaddesthoe_hashtag.jpg)

Just a sample of Shayna's psyche: Some of her notes(the tags) from her sideblog.

No. 499614

File: 1518253617441.jpg (Spoiler Image, 283.4 KB, 529x2137, thesaddesthoe02.jpg)

2/2 So she has to be the smallest, youngest, and now the only blonde?

No. 499676

Lindsay Lohan… is that you?

No. 499678

Congratulations on the Halloween costume Shay, it's tacky, cheap, and confusing as fuck. Ok but for real did she make it home alive?

No. 499699


it's so ironic that the "hate forum" is more concerned about her wellbeing and safety than her "friends" and family.

No. 499834

Those shoes are just awful.

No. 499966

File: 1518293544357.jpeg (104.26 KB, 750x581, 15E304E2-318C-48BF-A4EB-FC7C5B…)

Is she implying that Connor is looking after her cat? I highly doubt that seeing as she used and cheated on him.

No. 499968

File: 1518293567254.jpeg (196.11 KB, 750x1249, AF92B1A7-3C46-481B-92FD-DAA0C3…)

Do we think this is the guy she went on a date with?

No. 499971

I thought her ex was an abusive prick she said? Why would you want someone like that to watch your cat? And if he’s an asshole like you say and broke up with you and “abused” you why would you even ask him to watch your cat in the first place and why would they even do it?! What even

No. 499978

File: 1518294114346.jpeg (219.7 KB, 1242x906, ADE20330-8526-45FA-8B94-0E51FE…)

Sounds like it. So she went out with a hick in a beat up truck. really sounds like you’re living a lavish life. probably went to a high class fast food chain and then went muddin in his shitty truck kek

No. 499990

This blog literally looks fake…

No. 500184

File: 1518306543239.jpg (38.52 KB, 516x326, 65.jpg)

Look at the tags. Working with people and dry fucking yourself solo in your apartment are completely different things. I feel bad for her future coworkers. Also, I wonder if that company has even seen how gross her pussy looks yet. Tumblr is her life. I wonder what getting "away from the tumblr crowd" means to her.

No. 500192

$25 to wear the same pair of panties for a week….

No. 500209

File: 1518308679832.jpg (709.43 KB, 1640x2376, 84644.jpg)


That tumblr has been active since 2014 so I doubt it's a fake account. I don't think that's the person she went on a date with tho. That account has been commenting creepy shit on her posts before, prob just a "fan".

No. 500210

File: 1518308799650.jpg (116.68 KB, 719x1280, DVtr8SxVMAANt4f.jpg)

No. 500323

File: 1518319909459.png (2.47 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6035.PNG)

No. 500341

This looks like from her high school graduation when she first turned blonde. Her befriending Jess is what got her to actually take better pics and present herself better and is what got her tumblr rolling. Aside from her freshman yr, she stopped giving a shit in hs and always looked like a bum. She always had some sort of competition with Jess. By Shayna's own definition , Jess is basically her worst fear of company to be around. Smaller, younger, prettier, shorter.

No. 500366

File: 1518324297622.jpg (1017.17 KB, 970x1645, shay.jpg)

No. 500378

Anyone have screen shots from when jess exposed her a few years back?

No. 500386

Be more specific?

No. 500400

Jess basically called shayna out for using her / bullying her

No. 500421

File: 1518330396318.png (Spoiler Image, 2.43 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6270.PNG)

No. 500596

File: 1518367877977.jpeg (564.81 KB, 1242x1976, E74F9A57-9036-4443-B119-B81CCC…)

when you think this is all findom entails cos you’re dumb as shit (1/2)

No. 500597

File: 1518367900281.jpeg (94.46 KB, 1242x428, CF755E5F-FC9C-4DA1-A2EF-03DF5D…)


No. 500600

why would you use “dangling participle” to describe someone’s dick? a dangling participle is a grammatical faux pas/phenomenon. it’s not a literal thing that can be used as a simile. It’s like she’s attempting to sound educated but just makes herself look even stupider.

No. 500626

Christ. If I knew guys were so easy to please with this shit then we'd all be rolling in cash.

No. 500631

File: 1518371784955.jpg (30.71 KB, 300x300, not-this-shit-again_fb_1224286…)

>She sounds like a sexually abused child who grows to enjoy the feeling.
She literally just sounds like she's trying too hard to look cute. Stop trying to link everything she does to csa, for fucks sake

No. 500722

Okay am I crazy or does she look like fucking Tyler Grosso in this pic LOL

No. 500724

Okay but I wanna know the beef between her and jess. Did jess really call her out?

No. 500746

File: 1518381726538.png (197.58 KB, 750x1334, 00A72F31-6FEF-4B9A-833A-E820CD…)

No. 500769

File: 1518382919573.jpeg (1019.86 KB, 1231x1370, 42A7EFE9-EBF2-4689-A259-58B34A…)

>begs for a couple hundred to buy new TV
>buys at least $400 of weed

No. 500772

wow. just fucking wow.

No. 500773

No. 500780

File: 1518383520815.png (4.33 MB, 1242x2208, 299FBFDB-BE81-418A-B3C9-355EA1…)

Why do these girls think this is attractive.. I don’t understand stoner tumblr girl culture

No. 500792

and when you call her out on it she gets so cranky. she just thinks she’s entitled to it without having to do the research. she thinks she’s knows all about it and is good at it already so she doesn’t NEED to do research. more of her narcissistic personality in effect.

No. 500795

she still has that eyeliner heart stamp under her eye from like 2 days ago. proof she barely washes her grubby mug.

No. 500821

File: 1518387641633.jpg (71.64 KB, 531x429, 4567.jpg)

What exactly can she do now that she couldn't do before? Be a fssw and bring random men home. Watch Shayna blossom into her dream of becoming a prostitute this yr!


This is where her "hair extension/broken tv/new camera/pink apt things" money has gone to… Funding her "THC/Cannabis allergy".


Shayna doesn't give a fuck. She's uneducated and uninformed. As long as it's aligned with her getting money, she's gonna jump on the bandwagon.

No. 500825

File: 1518388165699.jpg (167.06 KB, 809x897, 345.jpg)

her "findom" tag on her blog

No. 500826

File: 1518388185875.jpg (357.55 KB, 744x1628, 465.jpg)

No. 500827

File: 1518388198798.jpg (12.65 KB, 539x169, 3465.jpg)

No. 500866

Link to Full Length Video (pls have adblocker/antivirus on jic)

Bambie Doll - School Girl Suck & Fuck


No. 500880

File: 1518392032316.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.22 MB, 3920x4408, 74r56t7.jpg)

Eww. She pussy fucked herself with the same dildo she just did dry anal with. No wonder why her sores never heal.

No. 500884

File: 1518392344754.jpg (158.84 KB, 1001x885, nudi783.jpg)

Such low stats. She definitely doesn't make anything by "camming". If you go thru her cam lifespan, she hasn't broke half minimum wage on average. That's truly pathetic. She solely relies on e-begging via tumblr.

No. 500890

File: 1518392791567.jpg (193.14 KB, 1029x1301, nudi784.jpg)

No. 500891

So the best she's ever done is when she was a "new girl" and new girls are promoted on mfc. Shouldn't you get better and make more with time. She hasn't improved at all since she started. And she wonders why she has no regulars or customers wanting to tip.

No. 500986

File: 1518399905774.jpg (99.11 KB, 551x541, 4589iuytr.jpg)

She needs a trigger warning to save her from horrible flashbacks of being grounded. lmfao. She asked people to untag bc it made her uncomfortable because it actually DID NOT happen.

No. 501007

oh my god gag… that's disgusting!

No. 501034

File: 1518403993993.png (Spoiler Image, 3.66 MB, 2208x1242, 3719780C-B3BA-41C3-A3C6-E84CFE…)

okay I lied, THIS is the funniest blowjob vid ever. (1/3)

No. 501036

File: 1518404020018.png (Spoiler Image, 3.81 MB, 2208x1242, 798EB63E-8422-48BD-92E8-7A4F8D…)


No. 501037

File: 1518404060879.png (Spoiler Image, 4.01 MB, 2208x1242, 413E2D49-F9A1-425F-9179-2A608B…)

she looks like she really enjoys it. lmao (3/3)

No. 501067


God this bitch seriously pulled a "uwu pwease dont tag me in child abuse or SEXUAL TWAUMA POSTS uwu….it gives me FLASHBACKS!!!" When shes out here making PORN with stuffed animals and binkies going "fuck my little baby butthole daddy i wont tell mommy!!! ;)" like what in the fuck? She obviously did this so people wont call her out lmfao. Shes really fucked. She lies about her past because it'll look like shes 'coping' and not just a regular old crusty, haggard bitch that gets off to being a child getting raped.

No. 501078

I’m rewatching Flavor of Love and I can’t decide if she’s more like Hottie or New York.

No. 501083

Whoever spends money on her porn is dumb af cause it’s so mediocre and cringy. I’d ask for my money back cause neither of us came. Seriously where is the 3 suitcases of toys cause all I see is the same 3 toys. Isn’t music a crucial part of porn? I hear her camera focus more than I hear her pussy poppin cause she doesn’t even get herself wet ugh how amateur she is vs how professional she thinks she is hurts so much like pls love yourself hunty

No. 501089

LMFAO she straight up shoved a whole carrot in the chicken and popped that shit in the microwave omg I’m dead she’s so dumb! “My man, my money, my mansion” blinks w the bike bell noise

No. 501091

but NY over here waving knives around saying she’s here to stay cause she’s the greatest thing since hot sauce

No. 501093

what about Charm School and hottie pulled the apple out of her titties. “That apple was hot as hell! What am I supposed to do with a tiddy apple” LMFAO

No. 501094

Goldie: Can I see your real hair
Hottie: -in full wig/weave setup- this is my really hair blinks w bike bell noise
everyone else: …….. ok hottie

If this isn’t Shayna kek(derailing & spamming)

No. 501114

how dare u insult queen NY like that

No. 501152

On her most recent “anal cum show” on her private snap, which is dumlildolly, she’s wearing those legit little girl Barbie pj’s and there are two huge holes in the crotch. To no ones surprise she wasn’t wearing underwear. Please stop shoving yourself into clothes that are meant for actual little girls.

No. 501162

CAPS YO goddamn

No. 501196

any caps/photos? I don't want to tip her off by adding her

No. 501340

How would you tip her off? Buying her Snapchat just = $$$ in her eyes

No. 501513

She has “so many people” on her snap who are allowed to cap she wouldn’t be able to tell who was who

No. 501545

File: 1518458442702.png (1.86 MB, 750x1334, 29D571AE-CBE1-413E-879C-8B6CDC…)

No. 501546

File: 1518458454343.png (1.86 MB, 750x1334, 4AE17064-6A7E-418F-94F6-7911F3…)

No. 501548

File: 1518458467227.png (Spoiler Image, 1.77 MB, 750x1334, 0487321D-440C-4DAA-971D-14B268…)

No. 501550

File: 1518458529429.png (Spoiler Image, 1.78 MB, 750x1334, 047DBBAC-F7F4-49F4-A3EA-682B88…)

She tried to line up the holes with her clit then kept putting her hand over it.(spoiler images like this)

No. 501551

File: 1518458549175.png (Spoiler Image, 1.33 MB, 750x1334, F3B6D526-18EF-4368-9C19-CCA6DA…)

No. 501552

File: 1518458562857.png (Spoiler Image, 1.26 MB, 750x1334, 17DA70FE-8E27-4395-A8AE-51A424…)

No. 501554

File: 1518458615528.png (Spoiler Image, 1.25 MB, 750x1334, EE454D9D-484E-4A45-92CD-8D2BEE…)

No. 501555

File: 1518458624945.png (Spoiler Image, 1.28 MB, 750x1334, 2990ADD8-9EE2-4C37-A929-035E63…)

No. 501558

File: 1518459020583.png (296.54 KB, 750x1334, 4CC9CFCC-6213-4EFA-AA4D-C944AA…)

But all she ever does is use her wand and dry shove a glass dildo up her ass. Literally in every video. Tell me that’s not masturbating.

No. 501560

File: 1518459071184.png (452.28 KB, 750x1334, 3557D60E-5CC1-4B9E-94D4-B24A7F…)

we know sweaty we get the idea

No. 501564

File: 1518459264218.jpeg (60.75 KB, 750x501, 285DCEE1-7C91-492A-8880-BE0E4A…)

I wonder what games she’s into. Could you see her slaying dragons in skyrim or zapping mirelurks kek

No. 501596

Wait did she cut those in on purpose or are they legit worn in holes

No. 501601

Yo does this girl not have a bed in her new place? Why all her pics/vids on a blanket on the floor lmao

No. 501614

> I’m just a big dummy bimbo daddy how can your little slut be the Dragonborn?

Fallout? She’d wanna be vault meat

No. 501618

I think the bottoms are too small so when she keeps shoving herself into them and her toxic pussy I think they’ve eventually worn out at the seam.

No. 501669

Oh god the last thing we need is her jumping on the shadbase thing and starting a new ~*cospuray pink bimbo nerdy findom babygurllll uwuuu*~ aesthetic. Spare my eyes

No. 501733

I can just imagine it, “daddy I’m too smol to play the games right, sorry I’m just a dumb little girl uwu”

No. 501745

she put them there on purpose lol woah how does one even get holes there just by wearing them

No. 501791

Your putrid cunt drips toxic juices on to them

No. 501813

that and when you’re wearing actual little girl pajamas that are significantly too small for you, you’re gonna rip the seams. you can even tell they’re too small, look how tightly stretched they are when her legs are barely stretched, and look how short they are on her, they’re basically like capris.

overly acidic pussy + not wearing panties + wearing clothes that are too small = the fabric wearing down and ripping seams. how glamorous.

No. 501817

Did you take a picture of your phone? You could have just screenshotted. Are you scared of Shayna’s wrath or something?

No. 501878

Some phones have a record screen option and it doesn't come up as "so and so screenshotted the conversation"

No. 501901

and if it doesn't there's recording apps that do the same thing

No. 502120

File: 1518567109111.jpg (100.62 KB, 561x621, 7546909382.jpg)

Her "image"!? LMFAO! I bet you they finally saw what Shayna's pussy and ass really looked like, and noone wants to "penetrate" her. Can she even pass an STD test?

No. 502121

File: 1518567123003.jpg (40.22 KB, 248x395, 765.jpg)

No. 502127

I love how naive she is to what happens at an actual porn shoot. she really thinks people are going to listen and respect her “I don’t want to be penetrated” image and not attempt to exploit her for more money. She’s young, she’s new to the mainstream industry, she’s an easy target. Let’s see if this really just ends up being a “kidnap and bondage” scene with no penetration or oral at all.

No. 502132

File: 1518567991513.jpg (22.9 KB, 257x247, 678oi.jpg)

No. 502153

File: 1518568830270.jpeg (95.75 KB, 750x808, BE2B9839-3AB5-4573-BDBA-474723…)

This idiot always goes off about littlesativabug another ddlg scum. She even called her baby Hitler this summer and tried to make a thread About her and now she’s reblogging posts from her gf. How fucking stupid can she be.

No. 502167

who's her gf? p0st? or minnow?

No. 502180

>>50216 p0st is her daddy, minnow was her gf and they broke up. Now she’s dating p0st and tinytink

No. 502204

which is the one that shayna called baby hitler? link to social?

No. 502233

she called bug baby hitler. Her gf was minnow at the time who is Jewish.

No. 502256


No. 502265

Search dumdolly on Tumblr and you'll probably find it

No. 502331


They probably won’t allow her to do penetration because she didn’t pass the STD test kek

No. 502337

File: 1518580773714.jpeg (427.02 KB, 1242x1427, 7AB7CEC3-1AAC-46FC-A81C-32D3E1…)

So… she’s supposed to be at school? Jerking off on her bed? With the wand again?

No. 502494

File: 1518597292560.jpg (23.29 KB, 512x254, 456788765.jpg)

I don't know what's worse her std virus ridden panties or the toys she never fucking cleans.

No. 502497

File: 1518597437637.jpg (54.41 KB, 526x347, 356.jpg)

No. 502501

File: 1518597649783.jpg (38.77 KB, 528x316, 3456.jpg)

So she's pansexual now guys. She only "labels" when it's beneficial to her. She's pansexual but she legit was in a 4 yr monogamous relationship where she leached off a guy and wasn't loyal to him. But she moves cross country for another guy, and cries abuse and says he's a bad partner bc she isn't his mono partner. LMFAO!

No. 502502

File: 1518597708064.jpg (23.81 KB, 529x245, 4567898.jpg)

Wasn't she just selling skype calls… for like 10x that price?

No. 502619

You’d be surprised how many people in the industry have STDs. they truly do not care dude. She’s probably gonna do the scene and wind up doing some sort or vaginal or oral sex. She’s naive AF to think they’ll actually respect her boundaries. Plus it’s been explained before, she doesn’t have an std.

No. 502620

She pretending she’s a little girl that came home from school and now daddy is defiling her or something. You can report it, since she’s clearly trying to present herself as underage.

No. 502624

you are so dumb if you think an STD can live on panties past like a week.

No. 502626

pansexuality has nothing to do with monogamy. who let the retard in the thread?

No. 502628

holy shit can we please ban this newfag retard that doesn’t understand the difference between a Skype call and a phone call?

No. 502739

File: 1518630203085.jpeg (117.34 KB, 640x734, 7FBFA2DE-AA32-4070-AF44-3B0011…)

No. 502820


not sure but it looks like she’s attempting to shake hips she doesn’t have

No. 502836

lol does she really think she's some sort of celebrity

No. 502849

she’s delusional and narcissistic of course she does. she thinks she’s some hot porn icon when all she is is yet another petite girl making teen and little girl porn.

No. 502882

Acne inversa / hidradenitis suppurativa. It affects the groin area, and can affect many other parts of the body. I know this because I have had this before. It looks like she has boils. She needs to see a dermatologist, it looks a lot like what I had (mine was never that bad). If she is going to film porn with other tumblr users and use other people's toys/ her own, she needs to clean them. This condition is highly contagious and she could spread it around to others just by touching her genital area. It's not safe. I almost want to report her to the CDC lol

No. 502885

That is not attractive in the slightest.. wtf Shayna what are you doing girl

No. 502913

It's mandatory for adult entertainers in the US to be tested. They can also have no lists for talent they do not want to work with.

No. 502944


Definitely meant to type "polya". Not "pansexual". She said she was poly, but was with in a 4 yr monogamous relationship with him, but cheated on him. Then goes to follow some guy to WA and cries abuse that she isn't enough for him that she isn't his mono partner. Subjecting everyone to her nonsense is fine and dandy, until she has to get the other end, then she cries about it.

No. 502948

don't forget, before, when she got a gf, she started saying she was gay, and didn't like men, and identified as queer/homo for a hot min. it's whatever makes er look edgy

No. 502956

File: 1518645188904.jpg (62.83 KB, 265x611, 47485.jpg)

What her goals are.

No. 503012

yes it is. but there are still plenty of performers who have syphillis, herpes, and more. they still get plenty of work. the porn industry isn't as squeaky clean as you think it is.

No. 503013

and they can have lists sure, but do you really think agents and producers respect that? not at all.

No. 503230

Exactly. My best friend really got into the porn industry and when I asked her about herpes she basically said if you’re in porn herpes is a “when” not an “if.”
This! I shot a scene with 3 other girls and I literally found out the “plot,” attire and other 2 actresses the day of. More like the hour of, lol. The only girl I knew going in was because we drove there together!

No. 503256

this is what’s going to happen to shayna. She really believes she’s a hot shot and people are going to respect her boundaries. She a n00b in the porn industry, no one is going to give a shit if she declines. She has no agent and no connections. No one knows who she is and no one gives a fuck about her image. She’s so naive.

No. 503262

I’m waiting for the scene to turn into a full blown bdsm kidnap, torture, and “rape” scene tbh. with oral and vaginal penetration. porn producers/directors always want more extreme, they always want to push the boundaries to get noticed.

No. 503368

she looks like a fucking muppet here omg

No. 503415

New to this cow, tbh this was my thought as well. But HS isn’t contagious.

No. 503748

Herpes isn’t even bad tbh. Most stds are easily treatable. Porn stars catch them occasionally, as long as you’re clean/not able to spread before shoot it’s fine. Not as big of deal as people think they are lol. I’d be more worried about having my boundaries/safe word compromised during a scene, gotta know who you’re working with. Do your research Shay, a dead/traumatized cow wouldn’t be as lulzy.

No. 503849

It’s really not but even if you’re just a carrier and don’t have breakouts herpes is still damn contagious. but this is why a porn actor can go on a set having syphallis and no one questions it.

Like you said, she doesn’t have to worry about the std portion of it. she should be more worried about the exploitation that happens constantly to young new girls in the industry. they don’t give a fuck if you leave, that means they don’t have to pay you. They don’t give a fuck if you bad mouth them since you are no body. Shayna has no agent, no connections, and no common sense. I said above that I’m certain this scene is going to turn into a full on kidnap rape simulation, with oral and vaginal penetration.

No. 504808

File: 1518783751071.png (Spoiler Image, 893.63 KB, 640x1136, CF9EF23A-EE53-4A35-A09D-42CF63…)

Yes Shay, that dark line in your butt complete with poorly placed heart speck looks so sexy. /s

No. 504825

File: 1518786886027.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 48.39 KB, 540x257, 22BCA632-5D1E-4CB5-8B4D-F32297…)

Someone’s been watching too much drag race

No. 504828

LMAO wuttttt

No. 504834

isn’t it illegal to use copyrighted brands and your own brand/to profit in any way?

No. 504835

No. 504839

this bitch can't do her makeup, doesn't work out, doesn't take care of herself, is like a solid 3/10 yet she really thinks she'll have a big break in the porn industry. Lmao.

No. 504856

Like 70% confident that is poop

No. 504899

she also thinks that porn producers will respect her “image” of never being penetrated lmao she is sooooo naive.

No. 504901

nah some people just have darker skin around their asshole. Plus when you dry fuck your asshole the way she does you’re bound to have constant irritation and discoloration. she did have a shit stain/period stain on her panties in her summer party vid tho.

No. 504986

is anyone else not able to see her blog anymore since she changed her URL? I can go to her dumdolly one but her new dollymattel URL isn't working or showing up in the tumblr search

No. 505027

stupid question but you might have safe mode on?

No. 505036

….Dolly Mattel is her new porn name? This is truly a flop.

No. 505057

I didn't…super weird but it's working now, before it was redirecting me to a different site…

No. 505382

File: 1518816416650.png (37.48 KB, 744x60, Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 4.20…)

No. 505384

File: 1518816457405.png (13.2 KB, 236x30, Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 4.25…)

2/2 reasons she should keep dumdolly

No. 505490

lmao what is this from it’s hilarious

No. 505553

File: 1518825284665.jpg (165.65 KB, 530x876, dollymattel.jpg)

She's rebranding. A simple google search of "dumdolly" or any other names she uses pretty much explains why. She can't run away from the well documented disasters she made and caused herself. Noone will want to work with her with all the bullshit she comes with. Noone reputable will ever want to work with scum like that. But it's not like she even aimed at Playboy or anything like that. Her dream is to be a stripper in LA… only she'll have to dance further down the highway, out in "hole in the wall" clubs, just so she can feel like a princess competing w/ c-section scars and meth teeth getting splinters in their uneven floors instead of dancing at the better establishments with of the "hotter, younger, shorter, smaller" girls that are the stuff of her nightmares where she can't even afford to pay house or the housemom.

She doesn't understand any aspects of business. First this girl goes into sex work using the URL and account she's used in her personal life for 5+ years. The user name is actual birth name, but then cries because she doxes herself. Then she just copies popular exisiting names/urls because she lacks any originality. She can't even stay consistent in the names she chooses. She prides herself in being so business savvy, but she can't even manage to keep the spelling of her own name/brand consistent or correct.

Not sure as to the specifics Mattel has trademarked, but let her learn the hard way. Her new name makes her sound drag queen/ trans entertainer. I get she's going for some barbie-esque thing, but it sounds like shit.

No. 505562

File: 1518825700474.jpg (71.37 KB, 254x638, 6748j7f.jpg)

But yet she couldn't be bothered to spend money on getting her roots done professionally, so she ends up fucking it up herself( >>490875 , >>490904 ) so now she has to wear that hideous wig.

Doesn't matter how much make up you buy, if you don't know how to apply it.

No. 505578

Maybe I'm just stupid but how does dolly Mattel sound like it could be an actual name?

No. 505582


She doesn't realize, she's a dime a dozen. Her face is already below average. Her body is nothing special. The only positives she comes with is being WILLING be degraded and abused, hopefully that outweighs her disgusting vagina and anus. Regardless if it's an STD or what. Aesthetics wise, nobody wants to see that gross shit. I never understood why she never understood the correlation of how someone's business looks down there to the money and business they attract & make. Like she legit has no shame.

That shit was something else when she was some tumblr hippie stoner that could attribute bad hygiene and not bathing to a fad. But she's moved on from that image a while ago, and this no shower/no bathing/ unkept shit is just bad business.

It's going to be a rude awakening when she realizes the volume of content she has to make vs the division of %'s. She's gonna have to pay for photog, studio, distribution etc. She's going to have to "compromise" her image just to be able to keep up.

No. 505815

So the MV awards were tonight. Shay posted a ton about rooting for her but deleted everything when she didn’t win. Actually kind of depressing to watch her lose.

No. 506103

God she is SO uncreative.

If she spent more than 10 minutes bainstorming doll related names she could have had.. so much fucking more and she's really limiting herself by having "dolly" in her name at all as well as by having it as her first name.
She could've gone with so much more shit that is catchy, less dragqueeny and fits the aesthetic she's trying to get

>moll doll

>daisy dream girl
>dixie dolle
>polly-anne plaything
>pixie plastic

fuckign anything shayna come onnnn

imo combining the bimbo and doll aesthetic just isn't in her realm. she can't gracefully combine bimbo and doll-like "perfect" aesthetic with her weird baby play and puppy pissing everywhere schtick. she's a mess.
Shayna, pick a decent name, rebrand yourself properly, fucking wash yourself and scrub yourself and wash and dry your hair, invest in a good camera, watch more makeup tutorials and stop spelling like a retard. Even if she just reblogged doll-ish stuff and sex related shit with the odd hint of "uwu hurt me daddy" mixed in but kept it polished looking it'd be more put together fml i hate her nonexistent work ethic so much

No. 506168

Dude Dixie Doll is so much better good job anon. Even if she’s not southern. But literally any other word + Doll or Dolly + anything else would be better than using Trixie’s name… off the top of my head; Dolly Payne (get it like pain come on)

No. 506173

Don’t give her ideas. I do love pixie plastic tho.

No. 506531

File: 1518906111798.jpeg (96.47 KB, 750x887, A3B29DE7-315B-4079-B1A9-864B58…)

so idk if this is actually her but I found her on plenty o fish (1/4)

No. 506532

File: 1518906137023.png (118.24 KB, 750x1334, C413AA64-C8C8-4918-875D-35C3C4…)


No. 506535

File: 1518906167480.jpeg (127.9 KB, 750x695, 11BAFF74-2165-4104-B6AB-7D68FD…)


No. 506537

File: 1518906202869.jpeg (24.36 KB, 220x220, 5C0A6305-5F2C-40B5-8ECA-48DFAC…)

(4/4) that was the second and only two photos on the profile

No. 506539

File: 1518906265343.jpeg (158.85 KB, 750x889, DB2A1FE6-7BC1-47BA-8E0E-F7F3A8…)

Apparently her dad just got a huge new really nice house. She said she’s jelly on her snap. Do you think she’ll hang it all up to go live with her pops again?

No. 506542

File: 1518906416254.png (205.28 KB, 750x1334, 1F3B946C-DC62-404A-88B4-BF864A…)

Is that her admitting her whole image is a lie? A sham? Phony?

No. 506543

File: 1518906449527.png (681.63 KB, 750x1334, 4AE4D713-7EB6-4A9F-BFCE-A01D5B…)

Idk if this is accurate but found this too (1/2)

No. 506544

File: 1518906468268.png (153.12 KB, 750x1334, B3C20738-FA1E-47D4-B13E-2BAE7D…)


No. 506546

File: 1518906669323.jpeg (163.91 KB, 750x1011, D8DBD3C3-91AF-4482-B434-743252…)

Anyone know if this is a direct quote? Cause I can believe it. She just said people ask her every single time she goes to the nail salon how she does anything. She proudly responds with “I don’t” i couldnt imagine being her friend. I guess it would boost my self image knowing I couldn’t possibly be as dumb and stoop to such a level if I tried.

No. 506590


Ohh, I like "payne". She does frequent this forum. Watch Shayna steal that or one of those names when her shit all suspended or deleted bc she has no ethics and is so inconsiderate, tagging her shit with tags that children click on, like pink, toys, lisa frank, barbie. etc…but it's really her disgusting tits or ass, or something promoting her prostitution business.

No. 506592

File: 1518910272632.png (374.56 KB, 750x1334, 15E7F2FB-1969-4D10-8D48-9AA185…)

the tags tho lololol

No. 506596


It's bc she's an idiot and ruined her name by plastering it all over the internet and doing/saying the most ridiculous shit ever.

No. 506599

File: 1518910701944.jpg (158.36 KB, 936x838, 456u.jpg)

The hair she fried off by being cheap grew a little and she started curling them. Look ridiculous, but good job for mustering up some effort to do something with it.

No. 506602

Girl how you gonna spend $350 at Sephora but not get your fucked up hair fixed? Priorities bitch.

No. 506609

File: 1518910978666.jpg (39.06 KB, 573x279, g7yt.jpg)

This is just fucking sad.

No. 506611

File: 1518911367100.jpg (29.19 KB, 609x225, fdeg.jpg)

Girl, you already know you're NOT a D cup. Depends on what kind of bra. Victorias Secret run very inconsistent! How tf does she not already know this? You've been wearing lingerie for how long?.. Most likely because she buys cheap ass shit from amazon that only give you a s,m,l option.

No. 506616

File: 1518911723712.jpg (69.45 KB, 534x412, vfr5tyh.jpg)

Maybe bc she's always the one causing drama and ending up having to put her foot in her mouth and embarrassing herself that of course she'd love to just forget about it. But people remember Shayna… She tries to pass it off as she's so chill and doesn't care for drama, when in reality it's just her not taking accountability and waiting for it to pass to add to her growing abyss of embarrassing, shameful, and fucked up shit she'd like to forget.

No. 506630


Anyone get any caps? Shayna always has super milky nights and vomits out some really sad shit about every 2 weeks. It's actually pretty pathetic and sad, and definitely makes you pitty her, but she ends up deleting it as soon as she sobers up and remembers being human isn't her aesthetic.


How much you wanna bet Shayna only went home to MA so she can ask her dad for $$ and furniture. Bc you know she's incapable of saving or spending her money on the appropriate items she said she'd spend it on in exchange for whatever gross shit she did for it.

She doesn't know anyone out in Seattle, so she's leaching and sucking the blood out of everyone she could possibly come in contact with back "home". Makes sense that her dad bought a bigger house, last time Shayna was in MA, she had to sleep on random people's couches most likely to avoid seeing her step sibling that she has nightmares, and has developed a "mean, brunette sister kink" about.

No. 506631

File: 1518912666369.jpg (Spoiler Image, 166.47 KB, 1204x852, tgvuyge.jpg)

That face!

No. 506633


Also why is there random cotton/polyester stuffing around the baseboards of her new apt? Is this supposed to be a prop? It's february.

No. 506637

No. 506639

File: 1518913073192.jpg (34.41 KB, 542x269, fgbvc.jpg)


Read the tags! LOL!

No. 506648

File: 1518913761454.jpg (36.2 KB, 559x382, frt.jpg)

So her ex is abusive? She's been saying this for quite a while now. I wonder if there's any validity in it, or if it's just her being Shayna playing victim and pointing fingers.

No. 506660

I really don’t think she’s capable of taking a face picture without a filter anymore. It’s sad.

No. 506661

I don’t believe any of her abuse stories anymore. I think she’s one of those fucked up people that if she doesn’t get her way or get broken up with she calls the other person abusive/a rapist/beater, just horrible shit.

No. 506676

File: 1518916176010.jpeg (127.28 KB, 1242x709, 72C5D372-8505-4A8F-9538-569549…)

Sadly I didn’t take any caps of the MV awards mini melt down. I’ll be more vigilant next time. She basically said it was awards night and she did her hair 6 times to distract herself and asked people to send her dog pics to help distract too. Then when she didn’t win, she deleted everything and kind of had a meltdown night.

I did catch this earlier that has since been deleted.

No. 506695

File: 1518917715294.png (5.96 KB, 299x282, huh.png)

she has some issues she needs to work out

No. 506696

She’s at VS trying on lingerie and I sure hope they wash that shit cause she grody af

No. 506712

Doesn't this bitch claim to have 100k followers on Tumblr? I searched my URL on that site and my stats are miles better than hers and I only have 18k followers.

No. 506734

Uh actually she has 124k. Gosh don’t you read her twitter bio lolol

No. 506742

I never checked her twitter, but I honestly don't believe she has that many followers unless they are 90% spam bots. I don't know why anyone would lie about having 124k followers on a nearly dead website.

No. 506767

File: 1518923397034.jpeg (25.83 KB, 300x300, 9574E993-7A49-4C43-A05D-BD5EC7…)

No. 506780

Shayna, honey. Go buy some Blistex. It doesn't cost a lot, is available everywhere, and would help fix the tragedy that is occurring on your lips. That and drink some fucking water for once.

No. 506811

File: 1518926214006.png (3.05 MB, 1242x2208, 0DACFABE-BF93-437A-AC72-ABE33E…)

What is the new hair choice though… it’s he worst of both worlds. Aka the wig + headband and the natural hair worlds.

No. 506832

She looks dumb af continuing to put that stupid heart under her eye ugh like the more I look at her and read how awful she is, the happier I am to be me.

No. 506848

I don't think its impossible that she has that many BUT a good portion of them are probably inactive accounts, spam accounts and people who followed her other blog and just didn't bother unfollowing.

No. 506863

I’ll say it again: her body is terrible

No. 506866

That was my urge as well. It’s not safe

No. 506931


>clearly doesn't understand how reporting to the CDC operates

No. 506956

File: 1518935503891.png (102.87 KB, 800x779, AC_Isabelle_7XU6aGu.17345b1513…)

Her hair looks like some kind of cosplay wig for this animal crossing character…

No. 506975

Does she really think we're not going to ruin whatever new name she picks (using it in new thread titles etc.) just like we ruined lilou vos for kiki kannibal

No. 506994


We don't ruin anything. She ruins it herself. She still has the same tumblr she's had for the past 5 or 6 yrs. Her new name sounds weird. I don't think a lot of people will understand what she's going for. She sounds super white trash. She's probably going to keep changing names on other platforms once she fucks up and gets suspended or deleted again for not abiding terms of use.

the percentage of active followers for her is prob 30%. Having the same account for 6 yrs, a lot of those are definitely bots, inactive, etc. Out of that 30%, more than half is from her weed days that she subjected and forced her gross shit on to and stayed. The true count is her IG and her Twitter which is nothing.

No. 506998

File: 1518937989230.png (237.05 KB, 750x1334, E441C975-7A64-4A47-8D08-85A417…)

she likes to squish into a lot of things that don’t fit. Why bother starting at comfortable lingerie?

No. 507000

File: 1518938342707.jpg (Spoiler Image, 212.29 KB, 934x1082, 74gbf8.jpg)

Is this the type of content she plans to do in March? Hmm.. Is this the site?

No. 507001


It's gonna look so trashy if she really gets pink everything. She already has cotton balls gracing her baseboards. This girl has NO class.

Just because it's all pink, doesn't mean it matches.

No. 507008

Could this be the site she's gonna shoot for in March?


She posted about it ( >>507000 )
It's also based in Seattle, WA.

No. 507009


OMG! he should pop her butt zits! She already says she loves medfet.

No. 507014

I highly doubt this is who she’ll be working with. This guy is very professional looking and only works with a few models, who seem to also be partners generally. “Blonde brainless bimbo” doesn’t match his brand at all, and this site isn’t skeevy enough for Shay. I figured she’d be going for something like Infernal Restraints or one of the kink.com offshoots

No. 507237

I’m almost certain she’s working with that tool Brian gozzling. Or maybe some abdl/age play site. Kink.com and it’s affiliates can be pretty difficult to land without an agent.

No. 507247

Does she even have a bed yet? She got a hello kitty toaster and $350 worth of Sephora but no bed?

No. 507254

File: 1518972408619.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 125.64 KB, 1200x1200, DE549AD7-BEF0-4451-98A4-B28D12…)

she looks like a drugged out mess

No. 507271

She said she wasn’t going to be doing PIV so hookup hotshots is a no.

No. 507277

How old is she, like 22? How are her forehead wrinkles this bad already?

No. 507284

shes only 20. its because she doesn't take care of herself in even the most basic ways. like drinking water and washing and moisturizing grubby face. she probably doesn't need much lotion for her greasy ass skin though, but it would have helped the wrinkles.

No. 507286

hookup hotshots isnt strictly POV tho??

No. 507328

File: 1518977371119.jpg (Spoiler Image, 63.92 KB, 421x750, tumblr_p4cr3zPfyw1rmiw96o1_500…)

This photo and thought of her crotch makes me want to stay away from VS. She's so gross she probably didn't try it on over her underwear.

No. 507369

you’re supposed to try stuff on over your undies or with the little sani panties they have available. tbh lots of people don’t and have grody genitals so trying on lingerie is nasty AF. always bring your lingerie home and wash it coz you don’t know what bitches grimy pussy was on that.

No. 507374

this outfit makes her look short and squat, not sexy. long line bras are meant for women with long torsos. wearing high waist panties and a long line bra and having a short torso makes you look less curvy and just doesn’t look good at all. Maybe if she wore like super low waist panties with it it would be good, or a regular bra with the high waist panties. This girl doesn’t know fashion for shit but thinks she’s a fashion icon. Sit the fuck down with your outdated ugg boots and yoga pants bitch.

No. 507376

File: 1518980487865.jpg (63.75 KB, 583x529, srghb.jpg)

"anything helps since I cant work right now" ?

But she can meet up with randoms for food, drugs, and lingerie? She cams once a month, and her shitty porn has minimal effort and has 5 fade cuts max and a pan down title screen for editing. Lazzy af.

No. 507428

Not hookup hotshot she answered an ask about this >>502120

No. 507446

File: 1518983853907.jpeg (65.92 KB, 750x387, F9C5BAAE-965F-45A3-8AE2-CE1356…)

No. 507453

Her porn is so half ass. She doesn’t even check her angles or her mic to see if you can hear her during a video where talking is the main point. You can tell she doesn’t practice or reshoot anything and just does it all in one go. If it doesn’t work she cuts it out and randomly cuts to another shot. She really needs to work on her filming and editing skills, and viewing her stuff objectively rather than “I’m in it so it’s perfect”

No. 507472


Sage for dumb but people try on panties?! I would never in a million years, sani thing or not. Bras yes, but panties? Hard pass

Knowing people like Shay do shit like this in dressing rooms makes me not want to try on ANY clothing ever again

No. 507512

File: 1518986950196.jpeg (347.63 KB, 1242x1173, BACEBBFE-3132-486C-B0FF-CB74D6…)

why does she always feel the need to mention her follower count?? congrats, you’re still broke

No. 507525

File: 1518988110360.jpg (Spoiler Image, 223.6 KB, 1078x1651, IMG_20180218_160610.jpg)

She does not, in fact, wear her own nor provided sani panties. This is so disgusting.

No. 507526

imagine if at least 80% those followers actually interacted with her, and paid her. Then she’d actually have something to brag about. I’d actually believe her when she says she’s business savvy and she’s famous.

No. 507531

File: 1518988384622.jpg (62.07 KB, 524x742, IMG_20180218_161211.jpg)

Idky but she totally reminds of cruella de ville here. Maybe with a couple of face lifts bit ya, her skin looks like stretched uncomfortably over face, not naturally.

No. 507532

there’s literally a box of them right behind her too. you’d be able to see them through those panties since the back is mesh. And she didn’t even buy it. barf

No. 507541

she would probably say “they’re too big for me, what else was I supposed to do?”

not fucking try them on, you dirty cunt

No. 507546

I feel like the no ears look is… not good for anyone? Odd choice

No. 507817

File: 1519001048117.png (1.08 MB, 1798x1080, dsfdsfdsmom.png)

more on her "abusive mom"

No. 507830

File: 1519001280967.png (576.12 KB, 1612x1080, shay-gnarcam.png)

using her real name/ account name tied to her personal life with 5+ yrs of archives as her porn/cam/sexwork name.

No. 507839

File: 1519001567290.png (650.3 KB, 1698x1080, ed2.png)

her "ed"

No. 507840

File: 1519001589290.png (633.32 KB, 1632x1080, ed_2.png)

more on her "ed"

No. 507852

File: 1519002039730.png (705.39 KB, 1668x978, jess.png)

some anons from when she was fighting and talking shit about jess where she calls her a "pot smoking loser"

or "judy" as in judge judy, for being judgemental

Jess has had "peace love & empathy" written on her tumblr header for yrs.

No. 507854

File: 1519002065089.png (19.49 KB, 563x316, jess2.png)

jess's tumblr header

No. 507859

File: 1519002181929.jpeg (23.19 KB, 275x271, 9B04643F-452A-4556-91A3-78793E…)


So she got grounded?

No. 507865


Yep. that's her super traumatic abuse survivor childhood. For more "abusive mom" lulz: >>494583, >>494432

No. 507871

It gives me chola vibes Idk why lol

No. 508214

File: 1519021253887.jpg (Spoiler Image, 109.45 KB, 622x1162, IMG_4748.JPG)

Can't believe she Already has a sex toy line

No. 508239

>I got suspended from school for drugs
>My mom punished me and it had the desired effect of me feeling punished
>tl;dr I’m too stupid for punishments to work

No. 508283

The fact that people actually suffer with what she claims she has and she still has no qualms about posting about her "ed" and her "abuse" is kinda sad. I feel like she really things she's been through all these awful things when in reality it's just normal teenage stuff, which she over dramatizes.

No. 508285

I feel like she should probably go back to a therapist, and I'm not saying this to be mean or spiteful. She just has a lot of problems and self esteem issues and they'll never get better until she stops drinking, smoking, and impairing herself 24/7. She clearly has problems but doesn't want to address them. She's an adult now and no one can walk her through it, like they have already tried.

No. 508368

File: 1519048989395.png (592.64 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8008.PNG)


I know we've talked about how she has zero consistency regarding her pricing. Here's some proof. What is the price supposed to be for her Snapchat? Lmao.

No. 508448

I've seen anywhere between $5 and $35, there is no consistency, lmao.

No. 508491

You can also get all her vids for way less than $100 by buying a membership cos she never updates her membership lmao

No. 508750

lol someone bought dumdolly and dollymattel domains

No. 508880

>was $780

No. 508956

File: 1519085381691.jpg (Spoiler Image, 88.52 KB, 750x1334, tumblr_inline_p4f2e2bjmK1rbth7…)

Her face!

No. 508967

File: 1519085637909.jpg (31.59 KB, 266x274, tgd5.jpg)

She has another date with grandpa

No. 508976

File: 1519085897077.jpg (63.37 KB, 253x532, gty.jpg)

No. 509031

lmao! this is one of the hot nudes she took in the airplane bathroom? I didn't realize the "crackhead" look is now considered hot.

No. 509051


'We have personal issues we can't take to work' lol isn't her whole 'career' basically her personal issues? she's said before this is how she 'copes' lol shayna shut the fuck up.

No. 509121

her “career” is literally a biproduct of her personal life.

No. 509130

whatever happened to her onlyfans page? does she just pretend like it never happened because she never got anyone to buy anything?

No. 509185

File: 1519098071427.jpg (74.97 KB, 627x452, sdfghjmnb.jpg)

because she's allergic to thc and all…

No. 509187

No clue, but she's been advertising this https://iwantclips.com/store/132699/bambiedoll
on her twitter.

No. 509195

She's been reblogging a lot of xanax lately.

No. 509263

File: 1519106758186.jpeg (275.96 KB, 1242x652, 834B99C2-A315-4B54-8F28-E98D09…)

Tinfoiling probably but crownvetch laying down some Shay shade again? Post was in response to an anon asking a SW how much she makes. Those taaaags

No. 509273

Nice self post. Nobody knows who you are nor do we give a fuck

No. 509276

File: 1519108278930.jpeg (51.51 KB, 640x480, B916C261-6C49-4226-97E8-DCC65A…)

Stop trying to make crownvetch happen

No. 509292

File: 1519109774213.jpg (Spoiler Image, 63.3 KB, 572x504, erggf.jpg)

No. 509321

Plus you should probably lay off the meth, the sores aren’t a good look for you.

No. 509467

she is shaped like a little boy

No. 509749

File: 1519159820172.jpeg (48.65 KB, 960x539, F5B32AE9-31CB-47BB-BEF3-5035AA…)

No. 509768


it just hit me now that she's the person farthest from looking like a doll or Barbie.

No. 509792

File: 1519162699184.jpg (52.08 KB, 612x612, df1ed8c774102ed858d666c7892437…)

the only doll you could say she looks like is Cynthia from rugrats

No. 509903

Lol it's acne but ok

No. 509992

Vetch, it goes from acne to sores when you obsessively pick at them. Shayna picks at hers a bit but not as obsessively (yet).

No. 510085

accurate tho. the hair is on point lmao

No. 510112

Um don't be a sex worker if you have acne that looks like meth sores…

No. 510122

File: 1519178863107.jpeg (132.13 KB, 750x684, E8E12A20-3CDF-4D3F-85E2-D4758E…)

Holy yikes her hair and she’s wearing uggs with this outfit barf

No. 510138

File: 1519179795116.png (249.65 KB, 281x504, hm.png)

What a cute twink

No. 510153

Does this weirdo really not have a bed yet?

No. 510208

File: 1519183455613.png (2.7 MB, 1242x2208, EF44B550-8876-416D-8592-282242…)

Please. For the love of all that is holy. Go watch this video before she deletes it. I’ve never heard her voice before. This is… a lot to process.

No. 510216

File: 1519184104712.gif (Spoiler Image, 4.37 MB, 421x750, DE7CE43A-C61F-4D78-8AA8-4CF8EF…)

shake ya ass

No. 510218

File: 1519184190784.gif (10.4 MB, 421x750, 0AA61E04-605B-4FF1-92CE-C2A482…)

No. 510221

She looks, sounds, and dances like a mom trying to be sexy and cool and hip. she sounds uncomfortable talking about going to this dudes house again. She even sounds awkward saying dolly Mattel. Why can’t she just be herself? Does she even know who she is anymore?

No. 510222

Yes shayna please continue to describe how your content makes people feel

No. 510246


I am uncomfortable.

Can some anon better than me save this?

No. 510262

File: 1519187659751.jpg (Spoiler Image, 922.48 KB, 2812x5000, Untitled.jpg)

So unfortunate

No. 510287

File: 1519189693082.jpeg (470.01 KB, 1242x1795, 338DA38A-16D0-4299-B2B4-8C0481…)

Where to start here even…
1) what rope class has someone getting put in a cage during?
2) that “class she demo’d for” was well after the first time she went on a date with/played with him in his basement..
3) just because someone is a teacher doesn’t mean they’re safe
4) doesn’t she constantly get fucked over by people… where was intuition then?
And finally not even gonna touch the random sidenote because wtf

No. 510295

That voice is so fake. She's obviously making some kind of halfassed attempt at sounding babyish and more bimbo. That, the music, the dancing, the faces and forced attitude, the whole thing is an awkward mess.

No. 510347

File: 1519193049922.jpeg (245.3 KB, 750x1119, 6D1EBDCA-1CF3-48EB-936C-A31114…)

No one wants to touch that vagina

No. 510359


Why does she look uglier here than usual? Girl looks FUCKED UP and I'm not talking about weed. God she is truly, truly homely. Just give it up, Shayna.

No. 510372

File: 1519195529280.jpg (Spoiler Image, 165.22 KB, 903x1011, fhgj.jpg)

pretty positions where he can't see your face.

No. 510377

File: 1519195841257.jpg (54.55 KB, 500x456, tumblr_p4h9pmuDTc1rmiw96o1_500…)

God those curly pieces around her face…

No. 510380

File: 1519195948789.jpg (396.18 KB, 1434x1280, fhgj2.jpg)

No. 510402

Her hair looks like a bad halloween wig tbh

No. 510403

I googled Dolly Mattel and all that came up was Trixie Mattel doing a Dolly Parton performance.

She really didnt think that one through.

No. 510489

Sir "puts her under"? Is this fantasy talk or is grandpa drugging shayna?

No. 510556

I think she mentioned hypnosis before? But the drug thing wouldn’t be out of line either

No. 510574

File: 1519223109986.png (3.33 MB, 750x1334, 19807D89-63CE-43EF-8AC7-C48410…)

Her roots are so bad that her fringe looks clipped on LOL

No. 510575

File: 1519223184166.png (2.74 MB, 750x1334, C5E18AA8-32BF-493C-9149-9640E7…)

also paused on this moment and I don’t think I’ve ever felt more uncomfortable by someone who is supposed to be ‘sexy’

No. 510660

just always remember, people pay for this shit. that’s the thing that has me baffled.

No. 510806

File: 1519240464570.jpg (9.88 KB, 248x313, shaygnar.jpg)

reminds me of this.

No. 510867

File: 1519244711132.jpg (550.43 KB, 2528x2704, fgbv.jpg)



The video is so awkward, everything about it is just pure cringe. Especially with it captioned "i think i looked rly cute yesterday". The way she talks in her fake voice, and what she is actually saying. It's not cute or bimbo-y like she intends to, she just sounds fucking stupid. She's been doing this for years now, yet she looks awful, her hair looks dirty and dingy, does she really think curling the pieces she fried off is an improvement? I mean I guess they at least sort of hide her wrinkles, but not those huge bags under her eyes. She looks late 30's. The only thing saving her are her "chipmunk cheeks" she wants to get plastic surgery on. The poses she does and the awkward ways she holds herself and all her body movements in attempt to cute are so uncomfortable and cringe. But nothing beats those faces and the chin and neck pudge! Yikes!

No. 510878


Sometimes I wonder if Shayna has her phone and laptop's brightness/contrast and display set to different settings. There has to be an explanation why she still chooses to upload and post the photos and videos of herself looking the way she does.

No. 510881

her lips are soooo crusty barf omgggg the horror(nitpicking)

No. 510890

holy jesus that hair is so, so unfortunate. in what world is that attractive or sexy?

this bitch does not deserve to use the name Mattel.

No. 510898

File: 1519246810938.jpeg (329.75 KB, 1200x900, 708530F5-7063-48FF-9535-03D169…)

She looks like Bea Arthur in the fucking Golden Girls, omfg.

No. 510902

She could spend tens of thousands on her face and nothing is going to change. Her eyes alone age her up twenty years.

Girl is rugged.



No. 510904


She looks like a suburban mom of four in the seventies, scrambling for the last Valium in the bottom of her purse. Lay off the smokes, holy shit.

Shayna, real talk. This look does you no favors and it is not cute. You look like a fifty year old.

No. 510912

File: 1519248158610.jpg (Spoiler Image, 291.35 KB, 1920x1080, wcam585.webcamfap.net.mp4.0007…)

Screen cap from Bambie Doll - The Puppy Princess


No. 510915

Oh my god I gagged… She needs to see a doctor, those look like warts.

No. 510930

N a s o l a b i a l f o l d s

No. 510932

Nah bea has that hair on lock she worked that shit lol

No. 510941

This dirty infected bitch needs to do a whole lot of soaking in hot baths with epsom salt or vinegar

No. 510951

I don’t understand.. how you could post this video with your junk looking like that. For real.

No. 510972

File: 1519252708900.jpeg (166.88 KB, 1242x660, 41EC240E-B156-474F-87BC-A4B949…)

She’s super duper gay again guys just remember. maybe next week she’ll be super into old men again.

No. 510974

because shayna is delusional and doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with it. she’s explained how “normal” she thinks it is.

No. 510999

Well if she doesn't watch porn she.will think it's normal. I have a large labia and I never thought it was normal until I saw other people had it because porn stars usually have vags like hers but not encrusted sores

No. 511008

sores like that aren’t normal, especially when you have them as long as shayna has. she has pretty much has persistent sores on her labia, inner thighs, butt, and butthole area for the past year. it’s basically just ingrown hairs and acne that got way out of hand because she doesn’t take care of it, insisting it’s “normal”. The sores have gotten larger over time, and I honestly don’t know how she can get waxed with her puss looking that bad. I would never wax someone if their skin was that irritated.

No. 511043

File: 1519261031945.png (3.72 MB, 1242x2208, B085047C-B006-4961-8818-9AC854…)

Just needed to post a zoom here. Shay is serving Aly level wings, with some seemingly crunchy Luna hair. Magnificent.

No. 511045

I always cringe when I see girls do wings that touch their eyebrows. It looks so bad, but knowing Shayna she was probably too lazy to redo the wing and not make it look so overdramatic.

No. 511072

Is it possible if her poison piss is fucking up her nether region?


No. 511078

> I honestly don’t know how she can get waxed with her puss looking that bad. I would never wax someone if their skin was that irritated.

seriously! when i go in i get tut-tutted if i just don't schedule in regular enough intervals and they always push their exfoliating products even when i dont' have ingrowns. i guess some people can't stand to turn away business but i can't imagine a waxer not saying something about it to her for liability and reputation reasons.

No. 511079

it’s probably not that bad. her pee would only become that acidic if she was like really sick. She’s just super dehydrated.

No. 511080

She probably goes to a cheap ass nail salon to get her cooch waxed. wouldn’t surprise me.

No. 511156

I still don't get why the state of her genitalia doesn't seem to be a topic of conversation on her blog EVER. I feel like she brags about literally everything else about herself, if she even thought it was normal she would post about how cute her vagina is all the time

No. 511182

She won't answer anything about it and if anyone says it to her they get called out and hated on for "bullying"

No. 511195

File: 1519275954081.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.03 MB, 1242x1439, 77E188E5-690A-49D3-A13A-F34493…)

Ok but. Does she legit not have a bed? This is just the same place on the floor she keeps shooting on…

No. 511210

Imagine the suction popping her ingrown hairs and spots, bringing a literal meaning to pussy pump.

No. 511214

She is such a trainwreck. Those wings. I feel like she’s trying to go for a sixties retro look here, possibly that’s what the weird updo is? But because it’s Shayna, it looks like ass.

No. 511215

it’s a rain and clouds inflatable bed decoration for a little, anon, come on.

No. 511241

Is tha a bush growing

No. 511412

File: 1519313669853.jpg (Spoiler Image, 62.98 KB, 333x400, joliearmDM3010_468x563.jpg)

I hope the dark streaks on her vag are just regrown hairs and not veins

No. 511440

I think so, thank god. Just let it grow out, go see your obgyn in the meantime, get your health together and then research the everloving fuck out of how to shave/wax flawlessly

No. 511564

damn, I didn't get a screenshot before she deleted it but an anon told her they didn't appreciate her sexualizing CSA, and Shayna responded that she is a CSA survivor too from 3 different incidents and this is ~how she copes and takes control of the situation she once didn't have control over~

No. 511611

Not gonna lie I don't even think Shayna THINKS she's lying about it. I think in her head she really thinks the average mother/daughter/father fighting she experienced in highschool was actually abuse. I think this girl really thinks she was "raped". Like as someone with mental illness I almost want to feel bad for her, but she's shitty so I can't. I don't think anyone can anymore except for her two friends.

No. 511726

File: 1519336650077.jpeg (492.71 KB, 1242x853, 2647143F-0FAB-4074-981B-DD2F5D…)

If she looks this rachet with a filter, imagine how she looks without it

No. 511772

That clip in fringe is an absolute travesty.

No. 511781

File: 1519339855586.jpg (21.05 KB, 300x300, 02_nimoy_sq-d9fd4e8c2f72fba47b…)

dear god shayna why

No. 511875

Oh my god. It makes her head look so flat.

No. 511919

Wow! Did anyone get a cap of this? Did she mention what those 3 incidents were? Shayna got caught and called out for her stories being inconsistent, she dropped the whole subject for a while, and now she's saying it's 3 different things possibly to help dig her out of her previous lies and inconsistencies… but people remember Shayna.
Makes sense why she'd delete it.


Those aren't clip on bangs, those are the pieces of hair she fried off and fell out that she started curling.

No. 511939

Yup, they only look like clip ins because of her not washing her hair.

No. 512017

File: 1519351763519.jpg (135.09 KB, 599x933, hgn.jpg)

So she was a tumblr pot smoking hipster, then she was hospitalized and told everyone she was allergic to weed. Then her ass got dumped and she started smoking weed again… Then she found a guy who didn't want her smoking (when she was making posts about mr man/mr big) so she stopped "allergies again". Now that her ass got cheated on and dumped again, she's back to not having it. So fucking inconsistent.

She was broke, people sent her money for her hair/tv/apartment, and outta nowhere she starts buying tons of pot. But yet none of the items she said she was gonna get with it. She's a lying sack of shit.

No. 512032

She doesn't even have a bed. This goblin is living on the floor. Fairy lights and snapchat filters can't hide the fact that she is living and sleeping on the floor and disguising her baseboards behind…cotton batting??

No. 512062

I'm not that familiar with all the sw community, or even the ddlg on tumblr, but has Shayna been copying a lot of other girls? Or does everyone format things the same way?

No. 512087


I am really disturbed by how large her hand looks compared to her head here

No. 512098


Thanks a lot anon. I'm spooked

I'm hoping it's the filter doing this?

No. 512102

They all seem to copy each other from what I've seen. Nothing about Shayna is original. I don't follow any tumblr SWs and I am not one myself but I am a porn blogger that a lot of them follow.

No. 512173


Shayna has always had long alien man hand fingers. She used to talk about it a lot, why she always gets manicures, she says she's really insecure of how her hands and fingers look without it.

starts at 1:03 to end

No. 512180

File: 1519359770648.png (1.09 MB, 1280x800, jf38ghf.png)

Screen cap from this vid of the freakishly long man fingers

No. 512187

File: 1519360177960.jpeg (400.82 KB, 1242x1516, 7A0A389B-142E-45F9-90D3-EF94E3…)

Good god.

No. 512191

File: 1519360323207.jpg (Spoiler Image, 147.34 KB, 1280x719, 1.jpg)

I'm gonna be the first to say, she has a mullet. the state of her hair is tragic.

No. 512193

File: 1519360437189.jpg (Spoiler Image, 151.1 KB, 1280x719, 2.jpg)

2/2 She also had fried hair fall out in chunks at the bottom of her head too

No. 512216

Woah. What's with all those weird short pieces at the base of her neck? It's like she has weird short edges all around the perimeter of her hairline. What the hell did she do?

No. 512224

Maybe she had an undercut at one point?

No. 512230

Def not. She would have shown it off. It’s just breakage from a) wearing her hair up and too tight too much and b) over bleaching and doing nothing to care for it after

No. 512258


They are pieces that broke off from doing her hair herself in attempt to save money. Explains why she wears that particular type of head band, there's breakage everywhere. These following posts chronicle her hair problem. She also begged people and set up fund for money to get extensions. Then spent the money on weed and pink shit from amazon.

how hair broke off and asking for money

cheap wig, first post she says she feels confident in after frying her hair

people making fun of her

pics of breakage

more pics

No. 512267

File: 1519365457526.jpg (25.03 KB, 517x271, rtyjh.jpg)

she wants to be someones trophy wife and a stepmom to his kids around her age

No. 512276

File: 1519366239375.jpg (Spoiler Image, 350.17 KB, 977x1461, fry.jpg)

Yep, even the bottom of the back broke off, not just the pieces around her face. She did go to a salon professionally a little while after and they tried fixing what they could, like trimming it so it at least grows evenly.

No. 512285

File: 1519366654838.jpg (379.43 KB, 505x1088, fried.jpg)

Close up

No. 512303

File: 1519368021254.jpg (224.28 KB, 719x1280, tumblr_p4lbm4kjE41rmiw96o1_128…)

her current apartment set up she calls her "studio"

No. 512304


So did her dressers and bedframe belong to her old roomate? Even the mattress?!? This girl doesn't even have a blow up mattress? She legit sleeps on the floor…

but you brag about making 55k a year? LMFAO!!!!!!!!

No. 512307

Literal rats nest

No. 512308

She must have taken our advice about using her dog cage as her bed

No. 512320

Why are those lights TAPED to the wall though?? That's so trashy what in the fuck

No. 512326


LOL! I know! I couldn't stop laughing when I first saw it. She even has it up with pink tape. God she's so tacky! everything about her is so cheap, sad, pathetic, and just tragic.

No. 512334

File: 1519372466464.jpg (87.77 KB, 504x455, rtghb.jpg)

asking for money to boy childhood toys… when she doesn't even own a mattress

No. 512335

File: 1519372507423.jpg (37.22 KB, 521x340, ertyhj.jpg)

more inconsistencies with prices and promotions

No. 512378

File: 1519380635174.png (102.35 KB, 944x1207, 1506629428414.png)

Anyone remember the time she said she used to get made fun of for having "tiny hands"…

No. 512383

Only $5 per video? Her prices keep dropping lower and lower, they can't get any cheaper than this.

What has me dying is that she put her watermark on it as if someone is going to steal this photo to use as their own.

No. 512409


That's just her trying to convince herself that she has small hands.

She's a hypocrisy queen.

No. 512491

Can someone please ask her if she has a bed

No. 512551

When she first moved in she did an apartment tour on her Snapchat and there was a gross stained mattress but no bed frame.

No. 512558

Those plushies have seen some shit

No. 512577

Living like a true dog, sleeping on a blanket on the floor or in a cage. Shes such a cave dwelling Neanderthal.

No. 512655

File: 1519411109074.png (62.64 KB, 255x520, Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 1.37…)

No. 512656

File: 1519411140470.png (49.91 KB, 255x371, Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 1.38…)

No. 512727

Lol what an insecure bitch with obvious inferiority complex. Triad means everyone has personal relationship with each other. What she wants is a V relationship or just her fucking other people and expect partners to be okay with it.

No. 512733

No triad or polyam couple would want her. She is a insecure/toxic person who would make everything about her. She would never be okay with sharing/splitting time with another girl.

No. 512777

Incoming the new Pumpy

No. 512784

If she were a sex worker who had sex with other people in exchange for money, if that were her "career" the argument is that she should be able to maintain her career whilst her partner stays monogamous because they aren't a sex worker. I don't think she could ever date another sex worker. I think it's fairly hypocritical that she should be allowed to have sex with others but she can't date someone who does the same thing due to her insecurity. She shouldn't even be in "sex work" in the first place. She isn't in a healthy place mentally and this career is incredibly self destructive for her.

No. 512802

Agreed. My boyfriend and I had a girlfriend like her a while ago. It was hellish. Plus I’m not even convinced she likes women, it seems like she’s doing it for attention and victim points every time she realizes she has no real problems in her life

No. 512826


She’s deleted this already kek

No. 512847

File: 1519423330251.jpeg (156.52 KB, 1242x516, EE932AEE-CC23-44BE-8789-2D4152…)

Confirmed: she has no furniture

No. 512896

File: 1519427863419.jpg (Spoiler Image, 177.81 KB, 719x1280, tumblr_p4mkmqTfIK1rmiw96o1_128…)

Either that's an unflattering shadow or a stain on her shirt right over her tit. It makes it look like she has massive nipple under there. Don't even get me started on this hairstyle.

No. 512913

Is she trying to do skater barbie? Watch her buy a pink skateboard in the near future

No. 512942

Super glad she has her priorities straight. That giant teddy bear is DEF better than a real adult bed.

No. 512973

I knew she was a raggedy ass bitch but sleeping on the floor? Jeez Shay buy a bed already instead of all these toys and pink shit that you’ll throw away when you find a new tumblr phase to latch onto

No. 512974


HA! she deleted this!
It's because she lies and presents this facade that she's some bad bitch that really wants "to be in a cage while I watch my gf fuck other guys". She legit said that, the couple weeks before her arival, and during, she kept putting out that her fantasy was to be put in a corner and tormented by watching others, and to be "used and abused". Shayna, stop lying. Stop playing victim now because you're the one who put everything into play.

No. 512979

Her clothes are so fucking CHEAP! That hair!

oh and this was her "gf"

No. 512980

What's with this cheap poorly done rockabilly thing she's doing lately lmao girl just stop

No. 512981

Her jacket looks so… flamable…

No. 512990

Her shoes being all over her makeshift bed bothers me more than it should. Why doesn't she take them off when she gets inside so she doesn't ruin her carpeting?

Also anon, I think that is her nipple, not a stain.

No. 513223

An old clip from a cam session when she still had the bush.
(please have adblock/antivirus on jic)

11 mins 51 sec


The video is kinda sad and pathetic. You can tell she wasn't getting tipped. The way she looks into her computer screen waiting for someone to do something while she edges makes you pitty her. She's always made dumb faces, but they at least looked genuine. Now the faces she makes are so dumb and fake and completely unappealing.

No. 513227


5:16 The robotic way she says "if someone tips a hundred, I'll put a finger in my pussy, if someone tips another 100. I'll put that in my ass, and then I will cum"

No. 513230

File: 1519463444961.jpg (Spoiler Image, 300.08 KB, 1645x1237, shayna_naked_ribmeat.jpg)

Shayna nude on cam with her cat Ribmeat. Isn't it against rules to cam naked with animals? There were pics of her with a dog before

No. 513233

File: 1519463983458.jpg (Spoiler Image, 466.74 KB, 1640x1840, shayna_naked_ass_plug_with_cat…)

More pics of Shayna on cam naked with Ribmeat

Shayna naked doing human pretzel while drinking wine next to her cat

No. 513305

If rules mattered, she also wouldn’t be able to drink while underage on cam.

No. 513329

File: 1519486003311.jpeg (370.58 KB, 1242x855, 3D4F1D4B-CF0E-4FE1-AA66-FE8AC5…)

Idk if this is about us here but Shay, if you read this: Get your life together and people would probably leave you alone. Take care of your health, your vagina, your hair, everything. Take pride in your work and your appearance. Grow up. This isn’t high school and you’re not being picked on for being some outcast or nerd. Some people here actually feel bad for you and want to help you improve.

No. 513370

Awwww! Pussy Boil Barbie is mad that we don't like her tacky "retro" strung out crack baby aesthetic?

Get over yourself Shayna. Nobody feels sorry for someone who has deliberately acted the way you have and then expects positive attention.


No. 513419

File: 1519493214628.jpg (74.21 KB, 545x445, yhg.jpg)

No. 513422

File: 1519493618907.jpg (269.43 KB, 1252x1440, rg.jpg)

Missing a nail and look how dirty and disgusting her sleeve is. I doubt she's washed that hoodie since she got it a couple weeks ago.

No. 513425

11:40 “I don’t really care what you want me to do, just pay me”
Plus you can hear her real voice

No. 513431



someone wanted her to get in a thong when she was already naked?? poor girl

No. 513451

Those look more like glue on nails because the entire thing came off
I really just can't deal with her shitty bangs and this 50s music she's listening to and this whole bimbo rockabilly aesthetic she's trying to morph into. My guess is she's trying to appease this old geezer she's been seeing lately

No. 513542

Chill out. Nobody disagrees that her nails are festering with germs and bacteria. She probably can't afford acrylics is all I'm saying ms. "Google it" lol

No. 513650

She’s always listened to oldies rock, like 60s stoner metal and shit. It’s nothing new.

No. 513666

omg she looks grotesque

No. 513803

File: 1519524033586.png (1.69 MB, 1242x2208, 85D96B34-3DC6-4E12-9251-D65838…)

Once again. Stellar priorities.

No. 513819

Sitting on her blanket floor bed studio

No. 513864

Man I will never understand straight monogamous bitches subjecting themselves to being miserable for Edge and sympathy points

No. 513880

She mentioned the other day she wears to sets of fake eyelashes. I don’t know how to screen record but the little video she made today on her snap was embarrassing. She just doesn’t know what she’s doing or talking about. She’s such a joke and makes shit up as she goes along.

No. 513881

Yea ..that's not oldies rock from the sixties she's been using as background music in her videos lately lol

No. 514020

File: 1519547820387.jpg (41.69 KB, 253x353, sdfg.jpg)

under trance with grandpa

No. 514021

File: 1519547849697.jpg (82.33 KB, 263x749, dg.jpg)

No. 514022

File: 1519547860313.jpg (30.19 KB, 256x412, df.jpg)

No. 514030

I think Shayna does have problems and it's unfortunate that she has to deal with mental illness, but a big part of the reason is because she doesn't make smart decisions. She got into a career her self esteem clearly cannot handle. She thinks she can judge endlessly but never be judged back. I feel bad for her. But I tried several times to tell her to get help and she never has. She wants to be happier and wants people to stop judging her but she doesn't want to make any changes when it comes to her behavior or lifestyle. I would never want Shayna to get hurt but I also don't want to watch her hurt others and then play the victim card always! You need therapy Shayna, and I'm not saying that to be mean. You remind me a lot of myself before I got professional help and got on the right meds. There are ways to make your life easier! So make the right decisions. Nothing will change until you do girl

No. 514058


i must be getting soft in my old age because i pitied her SO much when i saw this video. she's so desperate to get paid but also so not into the things she has to do to get paid. it's obvious she's just a bored teenager who picked this up because she thought it would make her seem daring and interesting, not because she enjoys it. the contrast between her "kinky sexy bimbo baby" image on her blog posts and the cranky way she touches herself and spits out "i'll do anything just, just pay me" is such a bummer. it's obvious she doesn't enjoy sex work, she can't even fucking fake it. and it's not as if she doesn't have any other options in life too, she could just work a minimum wage job with her family's help until she figures out a long-term plan for her life. what a sad, infuriating waste.

No. 514190

Could it be the lack of a bed? Maybe the overall unhealthy lifestyle? Just a thought.

No. 514462

File: 1519600496983.png (Spoiler Image, 868.88 KB, 1136x640, IMG_6684.PNG)

She's currently on cam for the first time in her new studio apartment/dog kennel

No. 514467

What an angle…

No. 514486

She's really been packing on some pounds lately or no?

No. 514493

File: 1519602032198.jpg (15.22 KB, 391x35, Untitled.jpg)

gets called out for tiny smokes. lol even as a tumblr store qween, Shayna always got called out for her shitty smoking vids and not inhaling enough

No. 514496

File: 1519602307316.jpg (155.16 KB, 851x635, Untitled2.jpg)

i meant *stoner qween. this is her tip menu. i've already clicked off 3 times bc of hotter girls available. and shayna is sitting with her dirty foot's heel shoved up to her vagina. cringe.

No. 514503

File: 1519602540445.jpg (Spoiler Image, 537.81 KB, 1076x900, Untitled3.jpg)

No. 514506

File: 1519602863190.jpg (Spoiler Image, 569.03 KB, 1077x878, Untitled4.jpg)

k ive had enogh, noones tipped her, n shes boring

No. 514509

File: 1519603119009.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 376.47 KB, 750x816, F27E7389-64B8-427B-9462-C89373…)

No. 514512

she's been picking at her dirty feet in corner of screen, she's so fucking gross

No. 514514

File: 1519603639406.jpg (Spoiler Image, 419.41 KB, 1042x728, vg.jpg)

No. 514516

Plz keep posting screens. I’m so confused how she gained like 10 lbs in a week… I just want you to take care of yourself Shay PLEEEASE

No. 514520

File: 1519603878379.jpg (Spoiler Image, 438.1 KB, 1048x747, c.jpg)

No. 514522

File: 1519604054691.png (Spoiler Image, 325.62 KB, 518x455, Screenshot 2018-02-25 at 6.11.…)

snapchatting "daddy" about how she needs her cunt waxed.

No. 514524

File: 1519604076478.png (Spoiler Image, 318.49 KB, 514x427, Screenshot 2018-02-25 at 6.10.…)

No. 514525

these angles are massively unflattering on her body. Her body needs toning up and it’s making her look a lot larger than she is. But then again shay doesn’t exercise doesn’t drink water or eat healthy and sits indoors smoking weed all day so no wonder she’s out of shape

No. 514528

File: 1519604218286.png (Spoiler Image, 316.99 KB, 495x436, Screenshot 2018-02-25 at 6.16.…)

No. 514533

she just said "I'm so bored… and I just have so much food around me…"

we can tell, shay

No. 514534

complaining about now having any friends in seattle (tho didn't she talk about all of her new friends before? maybe i'm wrong) and how she's surrounded by food, so that explains the back rolls.

No. 514545

LMFAO a bug just flew past her face. How disgusting, Shay. Your brand new "studio" already has bugs.

No. 514548

Legit she does not have a mattress even. Is she for real just sleeping on the floor??

No. 514552

File: 1519605300646.png (Spoiler Image, 287.89 KB, 476x348, Screenshot 2018-02-25 at 6.34.…)

No. 514556

She's still talking about her broken tv and needing to get a new one

No. 514594

SHAY please just be buy an air mattress even. This is awful.

No. 514629

File: 1519609648206.png (Spoiler Image, 634.2 KB, 1136x640, IMG_6732.PNG)

She had laid back for a minute and this is probably what bedtime looks like

No. 514984

File: 1519657218696.jpg (Spoiler Image, 142.31 KB, 719x1280, tumblr_p4ri0a76n61rmiw96o1_128…)

Looking worse than usual. It's clear she's not getting any quality sleep on the floor

No. 515037

File: 1519662158033.jpg (Spoiler Image, 78.73 KB, 539x960, IMG_8046.JPG)

Her tits look so baggy……she's going downhill so fast.

No. 515049

its the arm placement. her boobs are still nice. arguably the only nice thing about her. she's getting fatter but they're the same

No. 515067

She’s on cam now.

No. 515068

She’s only been on for like 30 mins and she’s already complaining about having to suck a dildo

No. 515071

She's talking about her supposed D cup titties. She could very well be a 32D but that doesn't mean her boobs are massive. Cup size is relative to band size.

No. 515074

File: 1519665379167.png (Spoiler Image, 586.75 KB, 806x603, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 12.1…)

Her too small bra because she had to get it in white and not blue/gray

No. 515075

Spoil please.

No. 515077

She asked how her outfit looked and someone told her it would look better with low cut panties and she got all pissed

No. 515083

as soon as the 'doesn't flatter your shape' comment was made she got soooo awkward. just kept repeating 'cool' and 'i look great'. its embarrassing how low her self esteem is

No. 515085

She said her 5-feet-tall stuffed bear is her makeshift couch lately lmao

No. 515090

Agreed.. I'd love to have her tits! I think they are almost perfect. Mine are so flat and saggy after weight gain/loss haha

No. 515094

Does anyone think she looks better with straight across bangs than with no bangs? And not the curled ones either, just straight down.

No. 515096

Tbh it looks like it fits her just fine

No. 515101

I agree, her tits are the only good thing about
But lolcow likes to bash her tits like they do with all tits, since tits are the easiest thing to bash because unless a woman has plastic surgery, no woman will have perfect tits

She probably has the best natural tits out of all the other lolcows, except maybe mystery but I'm pretty sure mystery has had plastic surgery

No. 515118

plus she has way more to hate on than her body. Her body really isn’t that bad, besides her hank hill ass and no hips. Her lack of originality and self awareness is what’s honestly the funniest thing about her. Her porn is so half assed idk how she makes any money. She has no personality or education, and sores on her pussy she could take care of but doesn’t want to. She definitely has way more to hate on than just her body/tits.

No. 515191

Mystery has had plastic surgery.

No. 515213

File: 1519674895719.jpg (48.98 KB, 543x477, njj.jpg)

So now her vibrator is "broken" just like her tv. She needs to come up with new tricks.

No. 515214

File: 1519675116414.jpg (58.42 KB, 607x560, njj2.jpg)

The vibrator she never cleaned and stored with her shoes

No. 515218

Well she had one sitting next to her when she was on cam sooooo

No. 515222

Compare it to the way this one >>506811
fits where her titties aren't smushed at all. For someone who hates bras, she should get one that fits right.

No. 515228

File: 1519676226198.png (154.09 KB, 433x735, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 3.15…)

No. 515277

Lol this bitch thinks she’s fucking lady Gaga with “haus of mattel” shut the fuck up shayna

No. 515310

She’s planning to film a vid every day for 5 days haha yeah right

No. 515318

Knowing her she’ll probably shoot 3 in one night, post them all in one day with sloppy editing and then come up with an excuse as to why she can’t make the last two.
“The bad dragon hasn’t arrived yet :(“
“I got really depressed”
“Im a stupid baby what do you expect”

No. 515322

Or, "I broke my pussy pump/bad dragon dildo and need money and amazon gift cards to replace them"

No. 515324

I’m sure her dumbass would figure out a way to destroy a $100+ dildo too. “Ribmeat got at it! :(“

No. 515335

Wait didn’t this happen like a few months ago… same exact thing with vibe breaking

No. 515339

No hips… none… bleh

No. 515343

File: 1519684610241.png (96.35 KB, 257x682, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 5.33…)

No. 515347

File: 1519685029077.png (Spoiler Image, 506.93 KB, 453x800, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 5.35…)

Her gag that is too loose. She mentioned in her cam show yesterday she is going to have grandpa add another hole with his leather hole punch so she can wear it tighter.

No. 515358


What the fuck is happening under her boob (our right side)????

No. 515363

I'm like 80% sure snapchat registered her tit as a face which put the eyelash filter on it (I could be wrong)

No. 515380

That's not the first time Snapchat has registered her tit as a face on her snapchat. It has hhappened before

No. 515467


Her body isn't BAD, but the thing that frustrates me to no end is that she has the potential to have an AMAZING body if she would fucking exercise. It's not like anything is stopping her

Her arms are looking massive though. Munchies?

No. 515487

If she were smart she would do workout clips to sell…

No. 515564

? workout clips?
1) she doesn't even work out
2) who the fuck would want to look like her
3) she can't even sell her existing porn and rarely musters up any effort to make new ones

No. 515577

That's too much effort for her to come up with

No. 515669

File: 1519716461839.jpeg (127.5 KB, 640x327, 61F81981-8CDD-4222-93F2-E1DCC4…)

I thought she said she wasn’t doing penetration in her video shoot?

No. 515671

Maybe rapid weight gain is due to pregnancy? Probably not the case, but I'm surprised nobody else suggested this. Has she talked about ever using condoms?? We know she doesn't see an obgyn so I doubt she's on birth control.

Sage for speculation

No. 515739

File: 1519726177259.jpg (86.2 KB, 541x640, rtyt.jpg)

Yep. She's definitely shooting with

other clues ( >>507000 , >>507008 )

No. 515743

She said pretty recently (in January) that she hadn't had sex since September, but maybe she had sex with grandpa? I never saw her write about it if she did though.

No. 515789

File: 1519737028938.jpg (20.11 KB, 303x309, 0920 - vWIEGvF.jpg)


>hot steel rod shoved up my ass

shay please love yourself.

No. 515806

I’m legit shocked this guy is working with her. Standards have plummeted.

No. 515808

Getting a wax and immediately going to shoot porn = one of the reasons her vag looks like it does. You need to not touch or do anything to the area besides like… wipe pee for 24 hours. They even tell you there “no sex for 24 hours” usually.

No. 515900

File: 1519749348162.jpg (194.23 KB, 535x1169, sdf.jpg)

Wow… just wow.

Shayna's such a hypocrite. Is she even capable of logical thought? She's always so quick to vomit half thought out opinions that contradicts everything she does/says.

No. 515906

File: 1519749561598.jpg (85.04 KB, 532x610, hs.jpg)

Her talking shit about some people from highschool

No. 515907

File: 1519749795367.jpg (49.44 KB, 505x381, hgr.jpg)

Begging for money as usual… lol for a pedicure. Has she even gotten a mattress yet?

No. 515929

I'm pretty sure begging for money from strangers online makes you the deadbeat Shayna

No. 515947

oh fuck she retarded

No. 515949

Didn't she only move out her dad's a year or so ago? And she makes money by.. asking for it on Tumblr, sleeping in dog cages at old men's houses and making porn even she doesn't seem aroused by? Those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones Shaynasty

No. 515980

This hypocritical, spineless cunt already deleted these posts probably after getting a ton of shit for them.

No. 515987

The fucking tags tho. Hey shayna, guess what you’re doing? Harassing people for working at a grocery store you fucking stupid cunt. Shut the fuck up, Shayna.

No. 515990

File: 1519756823481.png (241.38 KB, 532x471, Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 1.33…)

I know this is just part of what she does and not any different than the children's clothes, toys, etc, but it just is really bothersome that she would reblog an image of what are obviously little girls' shoes on her NSFW blog amidst all her porn.

No. 515994

File: 1519757010966.png (31.27 KB, 503x178, Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 1.43…)

No. 515996

Someone actually mentioned that on her post. Brat-grrl I think. Who had already told her before DONT DO THAT SHIT.

No. 515997

that doesn’t even sound like a good idea. Getting your pussy waxed and then going on a shoot where you plan to have a hot steel rod used on you and probably different methods of spanking is not a good idea. Honestly how can you claim to be a “business savvy” person when you can’t eben put two and two together?

No. 516006

I don’t like it when Shayna is right but she is here lol. There is a difference between voluntarily wanting pain/consensual non-consent from people you trust and romanticizing Actual rapists/murderers/abusers thus condoning their violence.

No. 516009

except she does the same thing. She has posted pics of dudes that have been known to be sexually abusive, with captions like “Daddy please?” “I’ll be a quiet good girl, you can hurt me” and shit like that.

She has no place to speak on the subject when she herself fantasizes about traumatic situations like rape, and has talked about how much she enjoys it. She thinks it’s okay for her to do it because it’s part of her “brand” so it’s okay for HER, but it’s bad when others do it. She’s a fucking liar.

No. 516011

she’s also mentioned scenarios, quite often, where she is drugged. once the person is unconscious, weather from alcohol or drugs or otherwise, they cannot consent. That means the scene is over OR if the other person continues its actual rape. She condones that, and has made posts before about how she WANTS that.

She needs to shut her fucking mouth and think before she speaks.

No. 516030


Im also almost 100% positive Shayne has romanticized murder in posts before on an uwu drug rape and murder me daddy level. If i find em I’ll post.

No. 516084


This video looks so creepy. “I couldn’t really tell them at school why I love my daddy so much” that’s fucking abusive and literally making a joke out of CSA??? That’s so creepy and disgusting wtf

No. 516224

there are caps of those non messages in this thread. Or maybe the last one. I can't find them right now because I am on mobile

No. 516227

I knew she was disgusting but this is a new low. How could she even think that this was okay?

No. 516231


I mean Shayna is right in that romanticizing murderers and shit is dumb af, but I think the point here is that she uses very, very similar logic as an excuse to fetishize CSA

No. 516350

File: 1519783198265.png (Spoiler Image, 79.33 KB, 523x258, hvr7f89er.png)

Posts so far about how her shoot today went

No. 516354

Sometimes I wonder if she actually enjoys sex because she's either dry af or enflamed in the pics I've seen.

No. 516364

She admitted here >>474767 that she does not get off on sex, she gets off on pain and attention

No. 516365

Was it actually tight or just dry? Lol that's what I wanna know

No. 516417

All of the women he shots with look 4/10 though tbh. Shay will fit right in.

No. 516600

You got a glimpse of her natural nails on her snap today and lemme tell you it was nice while it lasted. She really looks so much better when she doesn’t have those tacky ass nails.

No. 516649

File: 1519814637134.jpg (137.96 KB, 526x481, cvv.jpg)

No. 516650

File: 1519814668544.jpg (60.2 KB, 527x216, fg.jpg)

No. 516664

If she was sensible she’d adopt the name “Shaynasty” and go for the whole hardcore BDSM vibe. She’d fit that far better than this whole babydoll shit she’s trying.

No. 516666

I hate this because he's implying he felt like he was fingering a child or someone who didn't consent, and "bad man" is code for pedophile and/or rapist. Although, I suppose he could have also felt like a bad man because he knows you're not supposed to do what he's doing to a freshly waxed pussy.

No. 516750

okay but remember how she posted about working “with a pro”? this dude is just another amateur who no one has ever heard of before. Why does she always have to lie?

No. 516761

I had to look this guy up when I saw him on here and I’m in the tumblr “kink community.” I haven’t heard of any of the girls he shoots with either. I think that’s why she never directly mentions him when she talks about going to shoot. Shayna’s probably embarrassed she isn’t working with someone who people actually know about.

No. 516777

File: 1519834682597.jpg (171.69 KB, 522x856, shayasgf.jpg)

She has a gf

No. 516778

this sounds like a 16 year old fan fic

No. 516779

tbh I don’t believe these things happen to her

No. 516782

File: 1519834905992.jpg (54.41 KB, 511x391, dfgb.jpg)

No. 516783

File: 1519834929958.jpg (19.8 KB, 269x281, hg.jpg)

She deleted this already idk why

No. 516787


She writes that way about the most mundane things. Yep… she's describing sexual contact with another human being, there's really nothing special about it. The only thing surprising is that someone would want to touch that diseased, disgusting, smelly looking snatch of hers.

No. 516792

File: 1519835512467.png (Spoiler Image, 900.71 KB, 1021x801, Screenshot_2018-02-28-08-32-05…)

No. 516800

She looks like a special needs 12 year old. That’s what I would think if she got in my car.

No. 516823

She looks like she's on her way to be dropped off at a rehab center or maybe a psych ward

No. 516829

>before shoving her fingers in my mouth & wiping them on my face

Wew, I doubt this stuff actually happened, but I cringed thinking of all that bacteria from her gross, yeast-infested vagina being wiped on her face.

No. 516834

100% this is not a thing that happened. She would have posted about her before / would posting pictures with her

No. 516851

File: 1519839234215.gif (420.68 KB, 220x224, 1FDE950D-2BF8-44D5-9C00-C0D376…)

Hey Shay,

No. 516873

File: 1519841065123.png (25.89 KB, 258x193, Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 1.03…)

She is on a roll today with these creative stories of scenarios that never happened

No. 516882

File: 1519841986883.png (655.85 KB, 984x680, Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 1.18…)

No. 517004

No bed tho! Or tv stand… or…. any semblance of furniture besides a dog bed.

No. 517005

*cage not bed. Also those guys were probably staring because that’s the only furniture in there.

No. 517017

File: 1519851328714.jpeg (185 KB, 1242x644, 58A5C8F2-D7F7-4B5B-8F08-52AE9E…)

Doesn’t that make the check void. like isn’t blue or black ink only a thing. Shayna you’re paying bills you don’t need to Barbie-fy it.

No. 517024

does baby girl have any furniture tho??

No. 517041

Uhhh you're not supposed to do this. I hope the check bounces.

No. 517104

File: 1519856153348.jpeg (280.1 KB, 750x1181, C7CD6B0C-C4BF-416E-ADAA-5ABA58…)

Is this her new gf?

No. 517122


jesus christ this trash does not belong in MA.

No. 517126

Hope that pink glitter ink will show up in the bank machines. That's why you're supposed to use blue or black because the machine can read dark ink and can not read red a quick Google search confirmed that

No. 517129

way to void your checks you stupid potato

No. 517130

File: 1519858367746.png (17.07 KB, 488x331, shayna.PNG)

Looks like it.

No. 517134

her gf appears to be huge looking at her archive

No. 517146

From researching itsactionsub's tumblr it looks like this girl is associated with or maybe even romantic partners with that domme Ruby that Shayna shot porn with before

No. 517149

File: 1519859838918.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.76 MB, 400x400, tumblr_oxu3anylKI1te7edjo2_400…)

Shayna's "gf" for anons who are curious

No. 517153


oh…..oh my

No. 517172

She actually looks really good

No. 517179

nigga u blind

No. 517181


No. 517194

File: 1519862755683.png (18.9 KB, 260x159, Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 7.05…)

lmao shayna thinks that since they don't sell pink vacuums on amazon that they just don't exist

No. 517200

If you look up "pink vacuum" on Google the first three links that pop up are from Target. Think for once, Shayna

No. 517203

File: 1519863311525.jpg (6.75 KB, 225x225, STUPID BITCH SMH.jpg)

she's fucking retarded

No. 517226

Jess works at a grocery store so clearly pointed at her

No. 517246

I could be wrong but I think Jess works at a fast food chain and lives with her boyfriend so this >>515906 is probably not specifically about her, but Shayna does definitely consider Jess to be one of her peasant ex-friends from high school though.

No. 517276

I feel bad for her tbh… Shay could have easily @‘d her on tumblr but didn’t for some reason. Maybe the girl is just being tricked by her somehow and used for affection/attention?

No. 517301

normally shayna would die at any opp to blab about her tol hot mean brunette gf~~ but now she isn't, I can't help but feel bad for the girl

No. 517321

File: 1519871875869.png (Spoiler Image, 97.95 KB, 527x455, Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 9.33…)

In the first ask here Shayna is describing the unique experience of having a hot steel rod shoved up her ass! She also confirmed who she shot the porn with.

The next ask she is saying her girlfriend has been involved with her for a little while now, possibly more as a friend before.

No. 517360

We already knew that. They had a creepy AF interaction on her tumblr (posted above) already. More importantly, how often is she going to say sexual things made her feel like she was going to pee? Cuz that’s x2 in 24 hours. Shay do you have a UTI?

And seriously feeling bad for this GF now. Not one mention? After a year? Even when telling full lewd stories?

No. 517384

File: 1519876467330.jpeg (109.71 KB, 639x662, 4938EBB5-5C55-46E0-96CD-EEC3C2…)

Sounds like fun, Shay. I love that she subjects herself to this shit because she deserves to get treated like garbage

No. 517401

Did she say how much she's getting paid for this shoot? Because being forced to eat dog food seems like a bit too much. I wonder if it will be wet or dry?

No. 517416

lol shayna getting paid? She’s just doing this for exposure.

No. 517453

File: 1519881769207.jpg (75.3 KB, 533x542, tg.jpg)

No. 517473

File: 1519882601220.jpg (137.06 KB, 1334x750, DXI8Rb2UQAEqLF6.jpg)

No. 517477

File: 1519882944972.jpg (35.93 KB, 680x283, dgf.jpg)

Her Instagram got deleted again. Unless she changed her name.

No. 517480


god I hope its deleted

No. 517515

I don’t get why she posts half the shit she does like she looks actually retarded here how does she not see that

No. 517614


It probably got deleted. Shay wouldn’t wait this long to talk about changing her handle if she did.

No. 517745

Look at this beauty. Living the fuckin dream eh

No. 517800

She’s literally rolling around on her floor listening to Lana del Rey and white girl dancing to drake. I hate how much she blinks/bats her eyelashes and her snap is probably the worst premium snap I have. She is so mediocre and lazy it’s embarrassing.

No. 517806

Caps yo

No. 518319

File: 1519957694265.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.34 MB, 1242x1822, 4BD4A7F0-38DB-471F-A84D-F50C43…)

Shibari sperg anon here again and as usual I can’t stand this. Great description of tying a futomomo there Shay. Refreshing to see a glass toy, gagged, self spanking, pink filled video. Wait….

No. 518350

that’s not how you tie a futo, shay.

in the preview she sounds super tired and kind of high tbh. but it’s just her usual routine. and there’s like 14 seconds of preview in the beginning where it’s just frozen on a frame??

No. 518378

File: 1519962776589.jpeg (887.77 KB, 1242x894, 338A54D9-E8DF-441E-9240-D6F59C…)

girl, put on some undereye concealer, some mascara on your lower lashes, and some eyeliner on your waterline. you look tired, drugged out, and basic AF.

No. 518390

File: 1519963589258.png (Spoiler Image, 1.28 MB, 1280x800, rv7e8.png)

No. 518406

File: 1519964704171.png (Spoiler Image, 334.59 KB, 503x603, Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 11.2…)

That's a very imaginative story Shayna but it would have been way better if you said you told him you couldn't get to the door because you were a little tied up. Maybe next time.

No. 518444

Her aesthetic is utter garbage. Also, pink makes her skin look way too sallow, and she’s already battling premature aging from smoking and dark circles. She doesn’t even use pinks with the same undertones, so it looks even worse.

No. 518446

File: 1519968100542.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 252.94 KB, 1242x1602, C01343F1-2307-4C2E-89FD-7E0EFC…)

At least her vag looks like it’s healing… maybe? Kind of?

But yeah yet again. Gag. Glass toy in ass. Paddling. Vibrator. Same story. Shay please switch it up.