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File: 1514950975871.png (621.44 KB, 687x579, plsstop.png)

No. 460232

This thread is for any YouTubers that do lulzy things or youtube drama that doesn't warrant an entire thread.

Everyone- complaining about losing money on their videos
Logan Paul- Records himself in Japan's Suicide Forest looking at a dead body
Jake Paul- Hated by all for being a jackass
PewDiePie- Nazi drama
Markiplier- actually a dick irl

And anyone else you would like to discuss

No. 460236

Previous thread

No. 460242

Whhaatt markiplier is a dick?

No. 460259

File: 1514952757249.png (136.98 KB, 821x789, mmm.png)

Surprisingly he's doing a good thing out of this shitstorm

No. 460275

>markipliers actually a dick irl
Not surprised in the least.

Not sure if this story is interesting to farmers but one youtuber who hasnt been mentioned yet for causing major drama is kraut and tea who tried to doxx a load of alt right,alt right sympathetic and libertarian youtubers over a race realism argument which blew up in his face. Now everyone in this story is a complete dick so its fun to sit back and watch them infight but not sure if its something lolcow would be interested in. It has dragged in a lot of youtubers which may be the only reason its interesting.

What I will say is this on top of the kuckian and josh show youtube has been very giving over the xmas period for lolcow drama

No. 460285

>Markiplier- actually a dick irl
why? what did I miss?

No. 460308

Some farmers dislike him because they get fakey/saccharine vibes from him. When he's trying to come off as humble, he can act melodramatic. And it makes sense, because even if he's a good person the money and fans are going to nurture an ego eventually.
This all stems from some falling outs he had between private friendships over the years. Some people think his nice guy persona is just an act.

Imo, as long as he isn't being entirely selfish with his youtube welfare, I think he's alright. But I'm no fangirl.

No. 460309

Just read the past thread and you will probably find ur answers

No. 460313

Yes - also curious about this.
Not really interested in most discussed youtubers but started reading these threads again due to the Logan Paul suicide forest video (suicide is an important topic for me). I will have to have a look through old thread when I have the time however. I admit to most likely not lurking it sufficiently.
This is good. Especially since so many youtubers are (rightfully) outraged by the Logan Paul situation and there are countless videos about it now. But how many are actually doing anything to better the topic they care about?
He is a bit melodramatic for sure, but I don't know how much of that is true insincerity and not just the quality of the video and editing making everything seem so pristine. I hope that makes sense.
I watched him for some horror games. Not really interested in too much of the rest unless it's some other topic of interest to me. The recent videos I've attempted watching have struck me as unfunny and also like he's trying to imitate some other youtuber personas.
Then again I wish I had a dollar for every youtuber who imitated the Filthy Frank persona.
Some of his "creative swearing" reminds me of a poor man's Cr1tikal but that could just be a coincidence.
I agree with this regarding my outlook as well
>Imo, as long as he isn't being entirely selfish with his youtube welfare, I think he's alright. But I'm no fangirl.
If he's spreading positive messages to his audience that is also an important thing, and he seems to do that. Not a fangirl either though.

No. 460333

I used to watch him play rpg horror games back in the day when his channel started growing. Now I only watch the "try not to laugh" videos because I think they're the only funny ones. I also watched some of the things he does while on tour with his friends… complete unfunny crap but in the comments his fans always say it's the funniest thing they've seen in their lives!! meh
Anyway I thought something new had happened that made him look like a terrible person. I remember he added the people who were most active on his channel to his google+ (a long time ago) I thought he's a really nice person. But I don't know him so I can't really say for sure.

No. 460354

>"multiple alt-right members".
What in the balls.

Kraut is a sperg and a schizo but you can't even recap shit properly.
Watch Metokur's videos to know what happened with Kraut.


This milk is pretty stale right now though. The only thing left is that (in my opinion) absolute moron Andy Warski milking the whole debacle for attention and money.

No. 460371

My bad, I didnt realise my post needed to be approved by someone with a stick up their ass. I'll make sure to be careful next time. Not sure why you have put in quotes "multiple alt-right members" either but ok. You are right about andy warski but this shouldnt be surprising given how much of a thirsty attention whore he is.

No. 460426

well he better after his editor and friend committed suicide in the house he bought

No. 460440

The idea of talking less and doing more is fine and all but surely he has influence at Youtube and could talk to someone about giving Logan’s channel at least a strike (though I’d prefer to see it deleted entirely.)
Also donating to an American association for an incident related to Japan… you tried.

No. 460561

Honestly the Logan Paul drama was incoming. Not to him but to anyone who goes to the forest to document it. A lot of the videos seem to be in search of dead bodies but end up finding nothing other than tents or umbrellas, but it's so damn obvious when they're mentioning dead bodies every five seconds.
I do think that perhaps someone else may have dealt with it better than Logan did but essentially someone was bound to fuck up completely.

I heard some of the Markiplier drama here and there but since I don't watch the guy I don't really find an interest. That being said, once he started posting videos of himself crying it felt very odd even if he has some history of depression (not even sure if this is correct so take that with a grain of salt).

No. 460598

I was wondering if there's even just one ex-Viner turned youtuber/instagram star that is not an asshole or a snowflake? Logan Paul is a dumb douche, his brother too, another guy I can't remember the name of got convicted for rape, and don't even get me started on Lele Pons.

No. 460606

lele… I don't understand how people overlook the fact that she deleted a bunch of pictures and videos from Amanda's social media.
And forget about Logan or Jake ever having a strike on their channels because hey're making youtube a lot of dough.

No. 460708

People in the last thread were saying Marzia's voice is fake but most Italian women tend to take on screechy voices as they get older for some reason. I don't think she is doing it on purpose, just a weird cultural thing.

No. 460725

Drew Gooden is pretty good.

No. 460726

>most Italian women tend to take on screechy voices as they get older
Source? I'm Italian and I've honest to god never heard of this lmao

No. 460732

Agree, 100% that should be their first priority. If its not they needs their heads checked. "Habitual"? Wait, so this is a regular occurance? I'm gonna have to slowly scroll from now on, or just leave entirely.

No. 460734

lolque my voice is pretty normal and she is a fuckin poser.

No. 460768

Her voice is consistently squeaky, I don't think it's an italian thing but I do think that's her voice.

No. 460770

You're probably used to it. I lived there a few months and every woman over a certain age was like nails down a chalkboard.

No. 460775

Here's one of the first videos that came up searching "italiano". This woman has a touch of screechy. I'm sure there are better examples.


No. 460829

marzia is faking it, the screechy sound is used by old dumb cow to be moar likeable and childish. It's FAKE.

No. 460849

What he doesnt owe anyone anything u tard

No. 460850

It's still better than not giving any foundation anything

No. 460863


No. 460891

File: 1515020001589.jpeg (236.63 KB, 750x1143, 86B7B21A-B623-446E-9A9A-9DDE57…)

He made it to Japanese news as well. If they talk abt him on tv he’s truly screwed. Serves him right

No. 460913

Ugh, he has the most punchable face. Also, Critical/penguinz0 was right. He is going bald. Look at that wispy combover.

No. 460914

File: 1515021113009.jpeg (181.56 KB, 1242x640, 4F17F87C-D001-41EA-9BAB-E67BF6…)

I just watched Kavo’s new video and he showed this tweet. The image in that tweet shows Logan’s video was reviewed and approved the next day it was uploaded. No need to say Logan gets special treatment.

No. 460916

of course he is going bald.

i only found out about these two twat brothers today and the younger one is balding quicker

No. 460932

lookie what i found: https://www.change.org/p/youtube-delete-logan-paul-s-youtube-channel
i mean, will it lead to any sort of actual intervention? i honestly doubt it, but hey. who knows. he's a nuisance and an eyesore, so hopefully if the backlash is big enough, something might be bound to happen. but maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part.

No. 460944

Are there any comments/opinions from the Japs? I'd love to read some translated stuff.

No. 460953

This girl is obviously not talking normally, she's speaking higher and articulating every single word because the video is supposed to be for people learning Italian.
Marzia's voice is abnormally high pitched anyway, people here in Italy would make remarks too.


No. 460956


A couple of screencaps of tweets in the last thread and on KF.

"Japs" is a racial slur. Please reconsider.

No. 461000

File: 1515026737162.jpg (217.5 KB, 1200x1055, DSixnlnVAAEnEip.jpg)

No. 461001

File: 1515026760774.jpg (251.03 KB, 1200x884, DSm3ysIVwAEPI7S.jpg)

No. 461003

File: 1515026796411.jpg (290.1 KB, 1200x990, DSm30irUMAIkGin.jpg)

No. 461020

Girls Channel is kind of a japanese netizen kind of site, and they commented on it.


No. 461024

File: 1515027697639.png (75.29 KB, 864x651, Capturec.PNG)

No. 461032

stay racist japan. while logan paul has proved himself to be trash, so have many of you in your responses. foreigners are screened before entering japan, japanese are not. check the crime statistics.

No. 461042

File: 1515028674635.png (141.91 KB, 680x475, AC269C20-3055-4B89-BEC8-4A738F…)


No. 461134

Not going to lie. As a white person studying in Japan and seeing all the comments and backlash it makes me worry for myself if I want to go to parks and smaller towns where there already may be some xenophobic people.

No. 461140

Eh don't be worried. If you're not some flagrant asshole, what's there to fret about. Most Japanese aren't outspoken enough to really hassle you in person even if they had that kind of intolerance. Defy whatever negative perconceptions they might have and be cool.

No. 461166


It's easy to say that, but outside of major cities you can be treated pretty poorly. I'm not the anon from above but I do live in a semi small city in Japan and despite speaking good conversational Japanese and always being polite and friendly it's still hard sometimes.
I wouldn't call it racism but getting glares, suspicious looks, being told by random men to be quiet when you're sitting silently on the bus - it adds up and can make for some shitty experiences.
Idiots like Logan Paul make everybody look bad, but he's far from the only one. This weird 'prank'/clickbait video culture brings out some real braindead scumbags.

No. 461184

File: 1515037621285.jpeg (271.84 KB, 943x1242, 23740C37-3128-46D4-BAD7-AB4ED1…)

Don’t 4get that time Logan Paul shamed a rape victim and on NUMEROUS occasions (not just the pics I’m posting) he called her a liar, even to the point of calling her a “lying bitch” even though the rapist (who he only defended bc they were “bros) plead GUILTY (which he lied about and claimed on twitter that they were “dismissed”, when he actually plead guilty to a lesser charger to avoid going to trial for rape and getting years in jail). Logan still hangs with him, features him in his vlogs, and shittalks the girl anytime she’s mentioned. Even though the evidence really points to her telling th truth (Curtis lapore raped her when she was unconscious, when he was supposed to be “watching over her” after she suffered a concussion) Pics related.

No. 461185

File: 1515037636768.jpeg (202.88 KB, 995x1242, D470E2C9-AE2D-464D-9C60-A8D57D…)

No. 461186

File: 1515037652488.jpeg (89.72 KB, 878x683, 690FBF3F-A7BE-47A6-9C0E-FC5948…)

No. 461188

File: 1515037679745.jpeg (451.12 KB, 1435x1242, F045CBC6-AC4A-4667-A882-D57D6D…)

No. 461189

File: 1515037690360.jpeg (222.08 KB, 2208x358, 1F59AA2C-FE26-42B9-BCB7-FD5057…)

No. 461190

If you stay in Japan enough you'll have a bunch of experiences in major cities too. A lot of Japanese people prey on foreigners who can't speak the language to rip them off. Dirty old overpriced sharehouse rooms is a common one, taxi drivers taking you for a ride is another.

Also the typical stuff like people spitting in your direction, ignoring you waiting for seats, sexual harrassemnt etc. They know the police are biased even if you could explain yourself.

Japanese people are lucky that mostly only fanboy weebos speak their language, no way another first world country would get away with this.

No. 461195

lmao you sound like a butthurt weeb

No. 461570

File: 1515071568017.png (556 KB, 800x645, Screenshot_2018-01-04-05-07-07…)

From an overview of another of Logan's offensive vlogs.


No. 461608

search the italian singer Arisa, her normal talking is with a childish voice her singin change totally and she is faking the normal voice for some reason.

No. 461630

markiplier was awful to his freinds/employees matt and ryan. they later went to work for gamegrumps.

No. 461634

File: 1515082483115.jpg (877.55 KB, 1920x1080, 7Sp5KWz.jpg)

I feel bitter over knowing that Youtube won't do anything when it comes to Logan Paul and he will keep his popularity and his loyal fan base of 12 year olds…

But that won't last for too long because he is balding at the ripe age of 22 LOL

No. 461637

Wow he really does just comb his hair forward to make that stupid fringe. Fooled me as I thought he has a lotta hair.

No. 461638


All the evil running through his veins is making him bald. Alright, Frasier?

No. 461657

File: 1515084002749.jpg (14.07 KB, 400x269, kys.jpg)

shit Anon, I was thinking a balder, more inbred version of jeff daniels

No. 461695

Cristine Sydelko is like the only ex viner that's good.

No. 461703

File: 1515087463108.jpg (87.64 KB, 720x702, pleasejustdonaskok.jpg)

That's just what happens when you take steroids

No. 461709


With both the Paul brothers being so vain and self obsessed I'm surprised neither have gotten plastic surgery… They're both such butter faces.

I also had no fucking idea that they were younger than me. Holy fuck. I thought they were in their thirties.

No. 462129

File: 1515112776917.png (79.97 KB, 800x573, Screenshot_2018-01-04-16-26-55…)


Someone identifying himself as Logan's dad attempted to defend him in the comments.

I believe it is genuinely his dad. His full user name is GregoryPaulFordRaptor, and Logan gave him a Raptor for Christmas.


What a douchefamily.

No. 462255


Is this the same dad that kissed a blindfolded, underaged fan? What a garbage family.

No. 462305

Marzia told in one of her videos that in real life her voice is not that high and that it is like that because she feels awkward/nervous talking to a camera and that makes her voice going higher.

No. 462314

his nips are so big for a dude wtf

No. 462315

wtf lol that's the opposite of what she said. She said she lowered her voice when she was talking from behind camera in some old video because she was nervous

No. 462317

there are japanese youtubers not very happy about the disrespect that logan showed in his japanese vlogs

No. 462330


wow, what a massive surprise! a fuckhead dude defending his fuckhead son. colour me shocked.

way to raise yet another asshole male, dad

No. 462337

File: 1515122682292.jpg (26.28 KB, 584x344, facepalm.jpg)

Oh my! I had no clue about just how awful and disrespectful LP is. This video has opened up my eyes. I am incredibly disturbed by his immaturity, actions, poor behavior and lack of manners.

No. 462392

File: 1515127573767.png (534.75 KB, 617x625, Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 1.45…)

No. 462396

File: 1515127636813.jpg (94.18 KB, 575x799, DSuC16eVMAEvuBx.jpg)

jesus, he's like the poster child for american's acting up abroad

No. 462397

File: 1515127741842.jpg (69.69 KB, 750x484, DSuC16fV4AAoyI6.jpg)

No. 462401

someone made a compilation video of him acting in japan

No. 462403

are they from japan? cause if not they can't say shit.

No. 462405


Yep, Yuta was born and raised in Japan.

No. 462419

i'd had the benefit of only seeing the paul brothers' vines up until this shit happened. i dont particularly like looking at them to begin with, but i can't see why the fuck logan actually thought "hey lets go into this forest where people actively go to kill themselves that's A GREAT IDEA". what leap in logic did he or any of his crew have to take to think that was okay?? there's so many things wrong with this that it just sucks that the family of the victim has to deal with the loss of the victim via this bs.

jesus christ that thumbnail is accurate enough to make me not want to sit through it

No. 462424

File: 1515129464899.jpg (37.6 KB, 528x640, 1489718654129.jpg)

All this "loving comments" will only make his next trip to Japan ( https://nextshark.com/japanese-police-want-logan-paul-questioning-following-suicide-forest-incident/ ) even the more enjoyable.
I'm looking forward to THAT vlog!

No. 462439

Says who?
Don't go full tumblr in here.

No. 462442

This guy is such trash, and I hate that he is nurturing the stereotype that Americans are rude arrogant and disrespectful. I hope the backlash kills his channel completely.

No. 462646

If there was any doubt left that Logan's parents are shit, here is his mom's vlog.

No. 462664

File: 1515168012603.gif (866.18 KB, 352x224, giphy.gif)

1:44 minutes into it and I am done watching it. That's beyond fucked up.

No. 462734

opens video
closes video
This entire family is a cringe fest

No. 462897

File: 1515188797237.png (159.73 KB, 1200x800, Screen_Shot_2017_07_13_at_1.09…)

What ever happened to asking to speak with the manager and dropping off your children at soccer practice?

No. 462992

No. 463002

File: 1515196541294.jpeg (6.79 KB, 225x225, F6EACB7E-0CBF-4CDF-B34B-884501…)

No. 463010

File: 1515197188354.jpg (103.06 KB, 634x922, 47CB259800000578-5240253-image…)

He was spotted jogging today. In their typical fashion The Fail printed a dozen pics which suit their narrative that he "looks distraught."

Of course, we're just checking the pics to see if he looks balding.


No. 463018

Ehh I hate to be that person but I feel like it’s kinda shitty to make fun of them for balding. Balding, especially at a young age, is apparently a pretty traumatic thing that doesn’t only happen to assholes. It happens to good people too.

Not to mention it’s nitpicking rather than contributing actual milk.

Obviously Logan and Jake are shitheads but it makes more sense to talk about their shithead behavior rather than their genetic condition.

No. 463020

Yeah, but we established that it's most likely due to steroid use soo… definitely something we can make fun of.

Also, this is lolcow.

No. 463051

What happened?

No. 463073

Yeah, but it’s still not okay. You’re making fun of his balding, not his steroid use, and people who might see that who suffer from that issue for genetic or health reasons (not self inflicted ones like steroids) won’t care about the distinction. They’ll still feel bad because you’re mocking something that might also effect them. If you want to make fun of him for using steroids then don’t say “ew, he’s balding”.

No. 463077

why are you so upset that people are making fun of a shitty racist (yes, as in he's on the record as having said other actual racist things) for balding?

No. 463081

you sound really pressed. is the Rogaine not working for you?

No. 463090

This website is for making fun of people. Nothing is sacred or off limits unless it's illegal. You don't get to be a newfag and come in and decide what's fair game and what isn't.

This website is an offshoot of a 4chan board, and do you know why we're not on 4chan doing this shit anymore? Because we were too mean. That's right, too horrible even for the asshole of the internet. I hope this makes you realise what a pointless endeavour trying to police people here is.

No. 463092


He openingly joked about a deceased man who committed suicide, just shitted all over everyone that suffers from mental health problems and to everyone who has ever lost a loved one to suicide while also just disrespecting Japan in a matter of days.

He deserves no sympathy votes.

No. 463102

You can’t be reasonable here, anon. Too many anons with BDD who make fun of conditions they don’t have to make themselves feel better about their own shit genetics.

(I’m not defending Jake or Logan in any way because I fucking hate those scumbags as much as anyone here but premature balding is a terrible thing that isn’t unique to them and nitpicking is against the rules)

No. 463110

if he's balding because of steroids it's like saying 'oh you cant make fun of a heavy smoker's lung cancer because cancer is terrible' nah you did something that provably directly leads to shit happening to you. Doesnt seem hereditary because Jake's hairline seems to be fine so it's something he did to himself so it's fair game. Also with all the money he has there are tons of hair transplants etc that he could afford easily so it's not like it's something he cant fix.

No. 463119

We don’t know if it’s steroids or genetics though. It could be either.
>Also with all the money he has there are tons of hair transplants etc that he could afford easily so it's not like it's something he cant fix.
Can’t argue with you there, I guess. But there are most likely going to be people with female or male pattern baldness who don’t have that kind of money reading this.

But fuck me, I realize this website is full of insecure fat/ugly girls who will put anyone down to feel better so if you’re that insecure, by all means continue your petty nitpicking.

No. 463121

Oh please. Get over your own balding. I can't stand the guy and him balding doesn't have anything to do with other people's balding. He's an asshole and I'm glad he's losing his hair.

No. 463124

Careful, you don't wanna cut yourself on all of that edge.

No. 463136

Here friend! Feel better! Never fear! There's other solutions for balding. Here's an example. A realistic hair tattoo.

No. 463140

This is a video on how to cover up hair loss and thinning hair.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 463187

Stop arguing, just report so the thread won't get derailed.

No. 463354


>Dm claim he looks distraught

>He is wearing a hoodie which says "Savage" on it
>Ok Dm thanks for trying

No. 463380

Warski should seriously lay off the pot because he's being spergy as fuck with this whole thing. I get it that it hurt his feelings because Kilroy stemmed from his idea for a circlejerk convention and he feels disillusioned because he encouraged his fans to go there but god, it's over already. Even Metokur said that he's done with it and moving on to other things.

>What he did on the streets was fine
Welp, if this really is his dad we now know why they turned out like they did.

No. 463405

File: 1515241959360.jpg (49 KB, 790x397, Capture.JPG)


>Welp, if this really is his dad we now know why they turned out like they did.

At 22:00 here is his dad kissing a barely legal girl (or was she underage?) for his son's "epic kissing contest vlog".


No. 463561

It would make a great slogan/banner:
Lolcow: even meaner than 4chan

No. 463636

Drama got banned on /cgl/ because it was off-topic and people were shitting up the board with several PT and Kooter threads per day, not because lolcow discussion is “too mean” for 4chan you edgelord.

No. 463709

please censor this i get trypophobia vibes

No. 463719

It's also shitty to make fun of people for dying, especially at a young age. But that didn't stop Logan's ugly balding ass.

No. 463756

lol no that was why. it had nothing to do with being ot, go back and read the history you newfag.

No. 463774

Lol shut up faggot. Japan is 98% Japanese of course there will be more Japanese crimes

No. 463790

In a strange way this may be a blessing for logan paul that hes going out this way-if it became official of him, his bro and his daddy having pics of naked underage girls on their phone and the fact their dad brags about sleeping with pre-pubescent girls then they would be really fucked.

In a way I hope it happens because they all need to be thrown in jail.

No. 463826

She's insufferable imo. I don't get the hype.

It's possible that it's still a just a fan posing as his dad using that info from his twitter.

No. 463899

This is disgusting but at the same time what do you expect is going to happen when you let a known "epic prankster" asshole blindfold you for a "kiss"
Why would you sign yourself up for this even if you're delusional enough to be attracted to this asshat? There are so many disgusting things he could have done to her and kissing her was never going to be an option.

No. 464137

>their dad brags about sleeping with pre-pubescent girls

wait what
did that seriously happen?

No. 464248

File: 1515347693524.png (280.64 KB, 642x1255, team10.png)

Not that anon but I have seen this rumor circulating, not about logan but jake paul. This blind is mainly guessed to be about jake paul because no one else seems to fit the bill. Can't confirm or deny but personally I wouldn't be surprised as the two brothers are such douches that their father would be as well.

No. 464685


No. 464712

File: 1515381218156.png (730.78 KB, 1058x686, 9fa8e55f9e3400edc8ea2fd59954c0…)

Havent posted in this thread before, so be gentle. Wondered about Nick from "The Scran Line", An Australian baker who makes some neat things, but he seems to lately be forcing his political agenda into his baking videos, and if anyone dare critique him for how his content looks, question him for his wording, he will clap back sounding like an arrogant dick. Even when people tried to critique his Halloween themed videos when he chose to change to absolute garbage lighting, asking if next time the colors could be changed to better see ingredients, he gets an attitude. I used to enjoy watching him but he seems to have an ego and a stick up his ass. He also has the most unfortunate voice and face that people complained he talked too much in the beginning, so he chose to upload whiny hater videos about it to his channel. Dude is a fucking Diva and needs to check himself.

No. 465004

Has there even been any consequences from YT regarding Logan Paul?
I feel like with pewdiepie they immediately took down that YouTube Red show but with Logan Paul I didn't really see a statement other than "yeah he did not act according to our guidelines sorry lol"
I don't think you should ban him from YT witchhunts where one loses his job isn't something I agree with, normally.
But doing nothing on YT's part is ridiculous.

No. 465005

There was a video on either Logan or Pauls page, where they blindfold a girl (Who would have been around 17/18 at a guess) and tell her one of them is going to kiss her, then their DAD comes over and is the one to kiss her and it's so awkward and creepy as he's clearly enjoying it far too much.

No. 465129

File: 1515436686972.jpg (79.38 KB, 719x718, image.jpg)

Is there any actual proof of him being only 22? I find it very hard to believe that he's younger than at least 28.

No. 465132


It seems so unfair. I really wanted this to be the end of his channel

No. 465161

Yeah imo (and I'm sure I'm not alone here) what LP did was so much worse than what Pewdiepie did that it feels disrespectful to the dead to compare the two.
fucking punchable as fuck face. he's so ugly. and yes, he's apparently balding already and trying to cover that up. i don't think he's 22. he looks 25+ for sure, and that's being kind.
Scroll up: >>463405

No. 465165

I wanted to post this in Lauren Southern thread, but since her thread is dead and has exceeded maximum replies, I'm posting this here.

Lauren Southern is defending what Logan Paul did. Interestingly enough, "contrarians" on /pol/ are doing the same things because they want to make liberals "angry".

No. 465211

how have they deluded themselves into thinking this is a liberal issue when the entire country of japan has dragged this guy

No. 465218

To /pol/, everything that is either popular or majorly agreed upon by general public is now liberal and must be opposed.

They are like kids who hate "preps".

No. 465407

lol logan paul is so much more humble here. you can also see that the balding is really because of the steroids

No. 465788

He's gotta be lying about his age. He looks so fucking old!

No. 465801

File: 1515486279759.png (195.64 KB, 478x587, jenna.PNG)

There are no consequences that's why people are pissed off. Also let's not forget when they cancelled Pewds show only the whole fiverr thing went down and the wall street journal going after him. So that was before he dropped the N-bomb too. So in my opinion it's not even comparable to what Logan did (even if we add the livestream N-bomb to it it's not even close to as bad as Logans video) So yes it is not fair at all, and youtube really can't hide their favoritism anymore it's too obvious at this point. Like just how they made the Logan brothers the main personalities in the rewind and at least Jake had already plenty scandals before that.

Here's to show what money and fame does to someone when they already have a rotten personality hidden inside, which comes out the more power they get.

No. 465822

I stopped myself from wasting time pointing this out before before but since you idiots are still prattling on: Do you really not get that Pewdiepie's incidents have political implications and Logan Paul's thing has none? If you got up on the Oscars stage and started saying "I have to tell you all, there's one group responsible for all the wars in the world, all the problems, and they control everything, it's…" they're gonna pull you off a lot faster than if you said some off color bad taste joke about someone who died and it was "too soon" or "disrespectful" whatever the supposed outrage here is about. Are you little kids or how are you missing this?

No. 465833

>some off color bad taste joke about someone who died and it was "too soon" or "disrespectful" whatever the supposed outrage here is about
you clearly have no clue what you're talking about because this is not at all what happened. then again, nor is the rest of your post.

and uh, pissing off an entire country is pretty political.

No. 465839

No, you don't understand. You don't understand that the implications of Pewdiepie's incident are very worrying for the people who make decisions at Youtube/Google and Disney, and the implications of Paul's thing are nothing for anyone. Your ears pricked up at the word political - oh I know that's the thing with countries- Japan wiw be angwy. But that's not a thing. If you want to argue, tell me a specific consequence of Paul's video that would make it rational for Youtube punish Paul.

No. 465840


How are you missing the blatant racism he displayed in all of his videos in Japan?

No. 465841


>Japan wiw be angwy.

Oh, I see. You are racist, too.

No. 465844

That's my impression of your baby voice not a Japanese voice

No. 465847

I'm with >>465822. People do not give a shit about Asians. Obviously people at google/disney are going to care more about antisemitism than racism towards Asians. I'm not saying that's okay and I think LP deserved worse repercussions than Felix, but that's how it is. Especially considering that Disney himself was an antisemite.

No. 465848

File: 1515490813776.jpg (23.99 KB, 564x295, 0e4126cdf8fc0a9fb0630991b92b96…)

>how will youtube giving a platform for someone to be racist and treat an entire country like it's his playground and mock it, including throwing something at a police officer, be a political problem??

No. 465850

consider the fact that the only people defending racism towards Japan, land of the model minority, are Logan Paul's ignorant underaged fans, whereas Felix became the face of the Daily Stormer after making an antisemitic joke and people were convinced he was "secretly redpilled".

No. 465851

It doesn't matter. Japan (and I dunno, Japanese Americans?) have zero power and no respect in the arena of the current political battle. They have no financial power (Japan doesn't own Disney, for example) and no cultural power. If you make comments about certain groups in a public post it's not only a crime in various Western countries but you will certainly lose your job. If you are disrespectful to (East) Asians, they don't have the power to call that favour. Even lefty progressive Buzzfeed laughed in the face of Suey Park.
Oh what, you thought there was some moral aspect to these matters.. I'm almost laughing. You think companies have real morals. "Political" means business and things that affect the larger conditions/climate for powerful groups doing business in Western countries

No. 465854

File: 1515491221645.jpg (11.55 KB, 236x234, 334523453.jpg)

>tfw when you try to call someone out for being racist and accidentally become racist yourself

No. 465856

>It doesn't matter. Japan (and I dunno, Japanese Americans?) have zero power and no respect in the arena of the current political battle.
>>They have no financial power (Japan doesn't own Disney, for example) and no cultural power

we get it, you don't know what you're talking about it and that's okay.

No. 465857

File: 1515491321299.jpeg (252.28 KB, 750x1241, A6E961F8-E1CD-4E22-A472-6FC321…)

Are you stupid, anon? Pewdiepie didn’t go to a concentration camp and say “death to all Jews”. He didn’t go to an impoverished part of Africa and say “nigger”. He made some very stupid, unfunny jokes which he should never have made. Then he made decent apologies

Logan Paul, on the other hand, mocked a suicide victim while he was literally right in front of him. In a context where most people would take a step back and put their attention seeking to one side, he didn’t. Then when shock horror he got called out on it, did he think over his actions and formulate a thoughtful, genuine apology? No. He wrote a quick apology on his phone, swore in it and sounded like an arrogant twat (“I get views”) then wondered why the backlash got worse

I’m not a fan of either of them but judging by their controversies alone, if I had to pick one to go into a situation where there would be temptation to make a sick joke, I’d pick pewdiepie every time as he seems to have some basic understanding of social niceties

Also if you’re so concerned about “political implications” have a look at pic related and note how I couldn’t zoom out enough on my phone to capture the whole thing. I checked Logan’s wiki too but found fuck all about charity. But pewdiepie is the irredeemable one, right?

No. 465863

I think you're arguing about something else? This stuff about who is more moral or immoral is not relevant to my point. Or do you actually large companies cancel shows because the executives are like "he's just such a dickhead!"?

>>465856 ??

No. 465872

You're not right here, though I agree with >>465822
Logan's Suicide Forest vid is the case of disrespect. With Pewds, it was racism (let's not delve into the discussion if it was just a shitty joke, let's look at this how companies have to, to maintain a certain image). That's a crucial difference.
Now, people are finding out about Logan's previous vids in Japan, when he's even more disrespectful, and actual Japanese youtubers are reacting to it and calling it racism, because he appears to not even treat the Japanese as humans (and maybe that's why he acted like he did with the dead body - again, their words). But what has only blew up was his Suicide vid, even though - IMHO - everything he did in Japan before is WAY WORSE. Disrespect of culture, religion, workers, police officers, disrespect so deep you can call it racism. This is how we get him to sink. Get outraged at those.
That's what I think at least

No. 465876

I'm surprised no one brought up that Maker had plans to cut costs anyway, and were already planning to fire Pewdiepie because of how much they had to pay him to be in their program. It didn't help that at the same time they were planning to do this the WSJ shit happened, as well as one of the founders of Maker, Shay Carl, was also going through a very public scandal. It felt more like a money thing that was being covered up as a political thing for brownie points. Conspiracy theory time over and saged.

As to not harp on old milk any further, Boogie2988 has apparently started show his true colors as a passive aggressive prick on his twitter and in some of his videos when he use to just leave that in his hug box on reddit and occasionally on 4chan.

No. 465879

>As to not harp on old milk any further, Boogie2988 has apparently started show his true colors as a passive aggressive prick on his twitter and in some of his videos when he use to just leave that in his hug box on reddit and occasionally on 4chan.

i mean the man is going through a divorce right now, that doesn't exactly make anyone cheerful and happy

No. 465882

Hasn't he been like that for a long time though? I feel like him acting like a prick has been a thing for at least a couple years now.

No. 465890

He has, but now his fans seem to be catching on to him not being a "wonderful nice guy."

I agree that divorce isn't the type of thing that's a happy subject, but Boogie is going above and beyond. He's been trying to make his ex-wife jealous on twitter nonstop, posting pictures of open Mt Dew cans and saying "those are my friend's cans", and lying about a suicide attempt (to get out of a joke he made about suicide on stream) where he claims he hacked at his arm with a knife but has a lack of scarring on either of his arms.

No. 465912


this is the T honestly. Comparing pewdiepie's use of a racial slur to the disrespect Logan Paul has commited is seriously dumb.

No. 465916

guys I like Pewdiepie. I was pointing out that his potentially anti-semitic jokes pissed off powerful people.

No. 465941

I watched a vid about him talking about loneliness there he talked about this incident, but it sounded as if it was a very long time ago?

No. 465947

Something that pisses me of about the whole Logan Paul debate is that on other sites many people go on and on about him disrespecting japanese culture, since they are so big on privacy etc.
Can anybody name me just one country there this would be considered any less offensive? This happened to happen in Japan but would be as equally bad anywhere in the rest of the world as well, so can these weebs please shut up about especially their poor little japs being oh so hurt by this? The family of the man can be angry and hurt all they want, that's understandable, but the rest of Japan isn't any more affected by this than the rest of us

No. 465967

Thing is it IS part of their culture. Call me a weeb all you want it's true tho.
I alsp agree with you tho. If this shithead would come to my country going in to a concentration camp and making fun of things in there it would be equally as bad and I would definetly through a tantrum too.

Also don't understand how no one was saying anything when LP and JP jumped into a river in Italy. Same thing with Japan. You're not at home. Behave yourselves.

No. 465968

Forgot to sage sorry

No. 465984

Not filming people who commited suicide is a 'cultural' thing?!
That's a human thing, anybody who has at least a tiny amount of any morals knows that this is plain disgusting and wrong, don't make this out to be good japanese vs savage westerners who wouldn't care about that

No. 465994

> Now, people are finding out about Logan's previous vids in Japan, when he's even more disrespectful, and actual Japanese youtubers are reacting to it and calling it racism, because he appears to not even treat the Japanese as humans (and maybe that's why he acted like he did with the dead body - again, their words).


Anon, just because you don't think what the Japanese think about Americans matter, doesn't mean you're right (hint: YOUR opinion). This IS a political issue, although more socio-political, but still political nonetheless. The fact that Logan Paul isn't even going to be facing consequences for all the disrespect he showed toward the Japanese, while possibly breaking the law (?), is not a good representation of the U.S. period. Not saying he is this big representation of Americans, but people, especially the Japanese that know of this incident, WILL take his action, and lack of being held accountable for those actions, into consideration when judging the U.S.. It wasn't even just him that was there, so what about this situation would cause them to assume it was JUST this one crazy American that's totally an anomaly (especially when they are known to be xenophobic)? It matters, and wrong actions, especially on this scale, will have consequences. They might not be linear or apparent enough for YOU, but this will leave its mark nonetheless, and not just on the Japanese either. You might think all that sounds dramatic, but i'd say you are brushing this whole thing off a bit much.

No. 466004

a bunch of you are taking the word 'political' to mean diplomatic. I wasn't talking about diplomatic implications but since you mentioned it, it's certainly not going to have diplomatic implications. If you think it will, go and look up some of the things that have caused countries to recall their ambassador - it's things the government does - if the a US government official released a statement that "Ching Pong Fuck Japan", they might think about it. Also, when ambassadors are recalled, it lasts a few weeks and they go back and no one talks about it again. Think of the trillions of dollars in trade etc. that governments and companies actually care about. Can you find an example of any country giving a damn over stupid little shit like this?

Anyway, my 'brushing it off' was to explain why Youtube cancelled Pewdiepie's show and not Logan Pauls although skipping over the fact that I'm not sure Logan Paul has a show or anything to cancel lol.

This anon >>465947 hits the nail on the head of your racist patronising the Japanese thinking their feelings are so hurt. Maybe some dipshit youtubers and people who are their equivalent of /pol/.

You're talking of consequences - who's going to administer consequences? What reprimand is any entity or body in a position to apply 'consequences' to him please?

No. 466009

lol no. there's already public outcry. iirc it's illegal to bring a camera into suicide forest at all. another thing is that japan as a whole is eager to point out the stupidity and racism of foreigners, especially white americans. you sound more like a weeb for thinking japan doesn't fucking hate the rest of the world.

No. 466012

>why Youtube cancelled Pewdiepie's show and not Logan Pauls

because public outcry came from a larger population who use youtube? barely any japanese use youtube and there are many less japanese in the west than their are jews.

No. 466013

So it's okay for the Japanese to judge all Americans based on Logan Paul but it's not okay for Americans to judge other nationals by their bad antics?

No. 466016


"Japs" is a racial slur.

No. 466017

>poor little japs being oh so hurt
got some of this patronisation once and it put this kind of thing in perspective. When Trump was rude to our (australia) prime minister American goobers came out in the street with banners saying "we're so, so sorry Australia". Some ladies were weeping over our poor hurt country. And nobody in Australia gave a single shit except maybe wanting to give those insulting goobers a boot up the arse.

No. 466019

fuck off to tumblr

No. 466021

This anon >>465856 was right, you don't get it. All Pewdiepie did was make a joke, regardless of what he said, how would that be so much of a bigger deal? Who cares what politicians think that much anyways, i'm pretty sure his joke mainly only directly effected him, especially since he was given consequences. You also don't think maybe any, um, xenophobic Japanese politicians might have an opinion about this? If a Jewish politican can care about Piediepies' anti-semitic joke, then I don't see why this couldn't be a possibility.

No. 466042

Also, samefag to add (and i'm still this >>465994 anon), i'll agree with you that I was reaching a bit about how directly political the situation is (although I do still think it can have an effect on politics), but your whole premise of Pewdiepie being more politically impactful than Logan Paul also doesn't seem realistic either.

No. 466049

Idk about that?
I see so many people who are actually relevant tweeting about this.
Other big YouTubers as well as celebrities.
(Didn't follow pewdiepies drama that much but I felt with him there wgere still many people who did not agree with that one article bc they took his video out of context. While most people, except for LP fans are disagreeing with everything he did in Japan)

No. 466052

This one isn't worth responding to
You're still talking about diplomatic instead of what I mean by political. Perhaps I should have used a less vague word. I think I've made my point but for any anons still scratching their head why Pewds got 'consequences' and Paul won't, I'll put it a completely different way:

Try to fill in the two blanks below

>be Jewish executive of disney/youtube

>tfw relatable pewdiepie guy making jokes to large young audience that normalise antisemitism/questioning Jewish power
>this will lead to a whole generation open to asking the questions we had made taboo for 70 years. Along with trumpism, this is pretty scary
>shut his deals down to remind him who he's messing with

>be Jewish executive of disney/youtube

>logan paul slapstick racism against japanese
>this will lead to ____
>i care because _____

No. 466053

Uhm I think you understood me wrong. Sorry for maybe not phrasing it right!

I meant that respect in general is a big thing there.
Don't get me wrong in many countries it is common courtesy to e.g give your seat to the eldery but I feel like Japan is a little bit more uptight there just look the language. I feel like they have 20 different ways of saying 'thank you' and all have a different level of respect.

Obviously filming a person who committed suicide shouldn't be okay in any culture.

No. 466058

lol. you have no fucking clue what you're talking about..

No. 466060

While the vindictive bitch in me would like to see punishment for logan paul the truth is that youtube is still very new (and also terrible at actually keeping their content clean), if they start punishing logan then where do you draw the line at "this drama gets punished and this doesn't?"

this opens a whole new can of worms because other content creators have done horrible things and got no repercussions for it. Pewdiepie puts his foot in his mouth an awful lot but I don't think he is a malevolent person, just an idiot who never really faced discrimination for being a white swedish boy, he's just been persecuted as Pewdiepie™. So he doesn't get it, because he never had to. Unfortunately his image and brand is tied to a lot of big powerful names.

Logan is probably not malevolent either, he's just a massive fucking idiot with zero brain cells to rub together. I'm sure he really didn't think what he did was a big deal. Which makes him not only a terrible influence on his young viewers but a liability. I don't think he really understood why what he did was wrong, he just made the apology because he got flack. I can't believe people defend this guy.

No. 466069

Ok dude, my very last response about this. You are talking about 2 Youtubers. People make anti-semitic jokes all the time, but obviously because it's Piediepie, and he is big on Youtube, he had to face consequences. This same logic worked in LP's favor somehow, despite them both offending an entire group of people. THEY ARE NOT POLITICIANS, AND REGARDLESS, THE WHOLE WORLD DOESN'T STOP BECAUSE ONE POLITICIAN IS BUTTMAD OVER A JOKE. You act like politics aren't effected by any outside factors whatsoever, which was why i'm trying to say the situation could easily indirectly impact politics (because, again, LP isn't a politician to begin with). The same would be said of the Pewdiepie situation because HE IS NOT A POLITICIAN, HE iS JUST A YOUTUBER, SAME AS LP. I'm starting to think you are just trolling.

No. 466071

but pewdiepie's shit did get taken down…

No. 466074

are you ESL or something??? political doesn't have to do with politicians it has to do with climate and public outcry. most people in the US especially just know to say that racism towards jews is a bad thing. but people in the US barely know anything about japan other than that we bombed them. it's not that people care more about one thing than the other, they just know to care more about one. it has nothing to do with politicians and lobbying. like >>466069 said.

No. 466075

FFS i meant to respond to >>466052 and reference >>466069.

No. 466079


I didn't explain well, I'm not saying pewds didn't get shit taken down, I mean that other youtubers have done shit and not gotten punished for it, but pewds often is the target of corporal "punishment"

sageing for no contribution

No. 466098

I hope you mean >>466069 is ESL because only they are talking about politicians. I certainly wasn't.

No. 466099


>corporal punishment

Pewdiepie was caned for his transgression? Mental image kek.

No. 466101


english isn't my native language, I meant like a business thing, eh whatever

No. 466107

ah, corporate!

No. 466120

yes…sorry i'll see myself out.

No. 466136

Eh, now I truly understand that "don't argue with an idiot" saying. Have at me then.

No. 466193

Jenna and Julien made really good points on their podcast yesterday about the Logan Paul and YouTube situation.

Tldr: Logan Paul acts obnoxious in his vlogs to grab you tubers attention and he has been doing it for so long that he a has himself as a person. He has forgotten how to act like a normal and decent human being. And now views others as just props for his vlogs and that's why he's such an asshole. Also YouTube is sucking the Paul brothers dicks and no one knows why.

No. 466368

Can someone give me a rundown on the paulbros. Only know them from Vine and that one got fired from Disney. Where did they come from? They appearently have so much shit in them but no repercussions. Is the family related to some big shot?

No. 466462

No. 466464


>Also YouTube is sucking the Paul brothers dicks because Google's greed trumps ethics.

No. 466529

File: 1515593135062.png (225.21 KB, 768x1024, screen-shot-2018-01-09-at-2-10…)

Youtube has issued a new statement that is not an apology.

No. 466537

>we acted accordingly
You didn't do shit youtube. You didn't even take the video down, you put it on the trending page and Logan took it down after it already had around 6mil views after 24 hours so what the fuck did you do, youtube?

No. 466546

Oh please, YT. Guess we'll see if they really care depending on what "consequences" they're bringing about.

No. 466548

I think people are abit over dramatic about this. They're getting so butthurt about this when there are much worse things on YouTube that they don't say anything about, for example boobnazis using breast feeding as a guise for child porn

No. 466651

What about the shit Youtube over reacts on. Youtuber "IHateEVerything" does a bit reviewing realyy shitty movies. He reviewed one, and as a joke to punctuate it's awfulness broked the DVD in half.

Youtube suspended his entire fucking channel for that. Not the video, his entire channel (He has about 2 million subs, son not a small user, but not huge either)

After several days of fighting with youtube, that unsuspened him.

No. 466719

I think comparing which is worse exploiting suicide or borderline CP is a disgusting thing to do. Both are horrible. Go report the boobnazis. A lot of people care because Logan has far, far more reach than any of them, is influencing little kids to believe how he behaves in public (take a look at the other Japan vid.) is okay and fine behavior. Youtube has done much more to other people for WAY less. So the outrage is 100% justified.

No. 466738


Watch this video of highlights so you don't give Logan more views.

Also, check this article

No. 466791

"Popular American Youtuber Issues Apology Re: Fuji Jyukai (Aokigahara) Corpse Video Post

Jan 3rd 15:05
Source: New York News Agency

Internet Video Hosting Site Youtube's
popular Youtuber from America, Mr. Logan Paul (22, Male), had gone to Mount Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture to visit Aokigahara (Jyukai) to go and film the corpse of a male suicide and posted it two days ago, it has been reported."

No. 466884


Is any of this true or is it just typical Tumblr bs?

No. 466889

probably bs. don't think shane is a pedo

No. 466893

This is such garbage and reaching. He was clearly joking, he used to make shitty edgelord jokes and I understand not thinking it's funny, but I can't believe anyone would take this seriously.

No. 467025


Paul has lost his Google Preferred ad deal, a lucrative pipeline that “offers brand advertisers access to the most popular YouTube channels.”

An upcoming YouTube Red movie project that Paul was due to star in, The Thinning: New World Order, has been put on hold. He has also been cut from Foursome, a YouTube Red comedy series.

No. 467142

>The Thinning: New World Order
It would have been an inspiring tale of hair loss.

No. 467160


maybe he is not a pedo but joking about it is terrible and insensitive sorry but he should know better. glad he apologizes.

No. 467163

he was literally molested and has talked about it. he talks about how disgusted he is that Hollywood people who molest kids are still in hollywood. not a Stan, but I understand he had some dark humor and he's obviously grown up quite a bit in those 6 years

No. 467193

So the channel that posted the original video, Pop Blast, has been posting coded videos (along with weird bad acting paranormal videos). The codes translate to "they are trying to distract you" or something like that. Alluding to either Logan Paul's manager paying them to make the video to take some heat of Logan or that people in Hollywood paid them to get Shane back for exposing Hollywood pedophiles.
It's all very odd.

No. 467197

he's made off color jokes about child molestation less than a year ago on his own podcast, and also on others as well. off the top of my head he's joked on the jenna & julian podcast about having sex with a 12 y/o fan in a hotel room (hypothetically) and on his own podcast with wiliam he's joked about how he kids who are fat look older than they are so they get molested.

he's not a pedophile but lets not pretend he's some born again puritan, he still makes those shitty jokes all the time. shit even in his most recent video he makes numerous jokes about how creepy it is that he's a grown man flying out a 14 year old girl to his house because he found her on the internet. this i just the first time he's getting called out over his edgelord autism so he's butthurt.

No. 467220

The jokes he made were gross, agreed. Can anyone honestly look back in their past and say they've never made an offensive, gross, hurtful joke? I doubt it. I'm sick of this "call out" bullshit, call out legitimate terrible things that cause harm instead of dumb jokes from years ago. I'm not a Shane stan by any means but I don't think he's a bad guy nor does he deserve to be falsely accused of being a paedophile or have his career ruined over some jokes.

No. 467306

Can't say I've ever recorded myself in a silly costume laughing over a fresh dead body and then sharing said video to a young audience, no. How about you anon?

No. 467336

That anon's talking about shane dawson

No. 467358

In that podcast with Jenna he was literally talking about how gross it would be for a grown man have sex with a 12 year old because he has a bunch of these young fangirls saying creepy shit to him like "fuck me daddy" and he was making a joke stating how they literally don't understand what they are saying and how gross it is. Also, in his recent video he was talking about how weird it is for a grown man to fly a 14 year old out to his house, that's not an edgy joke, Kek. That's him saying how out of context it isn't a normal thing to do.

You don't have to like the jokes, comedy is subjective. But, being accused of being a paedophile and defending yourself is not just "being butthurt". Idc if he was still making these jokes, it doesn't warrant people "calling out" someone for comedy. If you don't like them, move on and don't support that person. But, to get more upset about jokes then you do about false labeling someone with serious accusations like pedo, racist, sexist is ridiculous.

No. 467454


He seems overly concerned with the topic of having sex with minors who are fans, which suggests he at least thinks about it a lot. You don't repeatedly mention topics (in recorded discussion!) you never think about.

No. 467476

No. 467486

>“Like many others, we were upset by the video that was shared last week. Suicide is not a joke, nor should it ever be a driving force for views.”
Yeah YouTube, except you literally made that video trend #1. A shit ton of the damage caused was because you; if it weren’t for your idiotic team deeming the video “hurrdurr trend-worthy” a lot of people wouldn’t have been exposed to it. You don’t get to turn around and claim you were “upset” by it or that you condemn using suicide as comedy/viewer fuel because you have made it abundantly clear that that’s exactly what you endorse.

Someone needs to set up an alternative to that shit site. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 467557

hop off his dick lmao two paragraphs defending pedo jokes is too much.

No. 467632

>The Weird Loners actor’s father, Greg Paul, issued a statement via Instagram on Tuesday explaining that Logan will soon return to vlogging. “We all screw up. It’s a part of life,” he captioned the post. “Logan is coming back. That is definite. The amount of love that has been coming out has been unbelievable … The haters think they’re having an effect on us. If the haters knew how much love was out there, how much support was out there, they would shut their freaking mouths.”

Jesus christ no wonder Jake and Logan are the way they are.

No. 467747

what the hell is with all the pop blast stuff on twitter right now? the guys who claimed Shane Dawson is a pedo are going off the deep end

No. 467778

too lazy to find it but there's a screenshot circulating that shows that Logan's manager paid Popblast guy for that vid on Shane, to get the attention drifted from Logan's suicide vid, but honestly it sounds too ridiculous to be true?
lol, on point
About Shane, it rubbed me the wrong way how touchy feely he was with that kid actor. Felt really uncomfortable watching him not casually hug the kid but press his body to his tightly… idk, yuck.

No. 467791

The screenshot is originally from Popblast, and Popblast is now spamming a bunch of illuminati stuff saying they're going to illuminate Shane? With weird ASCII codes in their videos about "them". It's freakin weird

No. 467875

Weird…if this were true why would Logan choose to ruin Shane of all people? Compared to many others he’s kind of a B-list YouTube star as far as subscribers go and is well-respected by just about everyone on the platform. Surely there are YouTubers with bigger fanbases that would be seen as more “deserving” of having their reputation ruined? (Not that I condone anyone being falsely accused of pedophilia, no matter how shitty a person they are)

No. 468085

This video is from ReignBot who is part of the horror youtuber community, but is more of a skeptic who explains situations and the logical conclusions that can be drawn from them, instead of jumping to conclusions involving conspiracies/the supernatural. I enjoy her content and she released this video today regarding the Popblast situation. I've never heard of Popblast before but this is very interesting.

I will say with all the coded messages and such I don't believe Popblast was run by a 17 y/o. That seems like a diversion.

No. 468104

mostly irrelevant but maxmoefoe hasnt posted to his main channel for almost a year because hes taking some drug off the deep web that several other youtubers use too thats launched him into a spiral of paranoia and he cant even leave the house

No. 468108

what the fuck? please don't just say that and leave me hanging, anon. I really wanna know more. I don't care enough to google it myself though…

No. 468109

ts called modavigil. you can get it on prescription in aus but i guess deep web is cheaper and easier. they use it for concentration when they want to get some editing done. his life a mess, the only thing keeping him somewhat sane is his girlfriend

No. 468111

samefag but the "cancer crew" is well and truly done for lmao

No. 468112

Source? Or you just gonna drop this info and expect people to eat it up kek, I’m not totally doubting, but I’m also not totally convinced

No. 468113

i was friends with views, he had a conversation about it on speakerphone while I was sitting next to him

No. 468115

It's likely it was just a kid that got scared about being sued and was trying to just make it seem like some conspiracy to put the blame on someone else. The "email" looked just like a word doc or something, and you can easily fake a name on PayPal if the SS was even real. The Logan story was dying anyways, shit happened over a week ago. Also, coded message were decoded in seconds because he pulled them from the internet. If you got that from the video you linked it's not really as logical as you claim.

Also, way to self promo. You're not slick.

No. 468214

Knew someone would accuse me of being ReignBot, but I simply wanted people to know who the content creator is before giving them views or not.
Nope not her, so tell me more about logic!

No. 469689

not sure if this is true, but I think it is truly pathetic he can't even post his dumb videos of pranks/vomitting just to sustain income

No. 469706

And yet he's perfectly capable on posting on his pokemon and gaming channels? Don't you think that's a bit contradictory to what you're stating lmao

No. 469805

im just repeating what i heard chad say
max feels a lot of pressure when it comes to his main channel and it kills him
but also lol he was backstage with post malone the other night and chad didn't get an invite. must have killed him. he's a dirtbag though he deserves for max and ian to leave him

No. 469822

Good friend you are listening to ur friends conversations and talking about it on a drama website lol.
The problem with being “friends” with a cow or someone who knows the cow is that unless you have proof of the conversations they said these things in, not many people are gonna believe you - and if you’re leaking ur conversations than u look like a bad friend lol

No. 469854

oh I'm not friends with chad anymore. we only knew each other for a month or so, kinda weird he put his phone on speaker and had that convo in front of me.
He fucked me over and I'm a little bitter but from what I've gathered Max is actually a good guy, just a little lost. Not sure how I could prove it, I didn't record the conversation

No. 472520

File: 1516133843212.png (891.65 KB, 813x4153, jake paul solved.png)

Here's an update on this which has been solved, people are anticipating if all the underage stuff about jake paul and his dad will come out which will undoubtly end their careers and will have parents worried as they let their 12yr olds be in these douches "music" videos.

No. 472524

File: 1516134005438.jpg (72.48 KB, 634x356, tl;dr jake.jpg)

Here is the relevant tl;dr version

No. 472633


Meanwhile, Logan was quoted today as saying, "Everyone deserves second chances, bro."

No. 473291

which is lulzy at its finest

No. 473786

File: 1516228011924.jpeg (244.33 KB, 750x818, 1516221449816.jpeg)

So youtube made some changes to their partner program.

No. 473865

Can't wait for all the videos from youtubers crying about this new policy.

No. 474219

Does that mean that any channel that does not meet those requirements will not be able to make money at all?

No. 474500

I sense a lot more new Patreon accounts forming

No. 475275

Good riddance. It's not even that hard to do. Say you have 1000 subs and two thirty minute videos that each got 2000 views to the end, pretty sure you're good for that year. People may mistake it for 4000 hours of footage in a year, which would require an 11 hour video everyday. Going back to manual partner applications would also stop most video reposters from making money even if they do meet the requirements. I also assume partners will be able to make more money, as Pewdiepie mentioned in his vid about this that ads do not appear sometimes because there's not enough ads that can match the amount of videos out there.

No. 475296


I just checked and I'm eligible even though I barely use my youtube channel.

No. 475327

It's harder for non-English speaking vloggers though, for example my native language isn't very widely spoken (more than 4 but less than 10 million) so it's hard to climb to those numbers. Switching to speaking English is of course possible, but a lot of people can't pull it off fluently unless you're a native or have to use it a lot on a daily basis with native speakers. But nevertheless, I feel it's a good change, the smaller channels pulling numbers like the bare specified minimum don't get anything else than pocket change as it is now. Just put up a Patreon if you really feel you should be paid for your "awesome youtube content producer" position.

No. 475519

People who whine about that are idiots. Not only are these requirements not hard to meet if you are an actual youtuber who puts out regular videos, but also why is it so important? Everyone always preaches about how they don't do youtube for money and then the world ends when youtube doesn't monetize their videos. I can understand for full time youtubers who do youtube as actual job but small youtubers hardly can say that since I doubt they lived off the little they made before they were kicked out the partner program. Whatever happened to make youtube videos for fun anyway how it was before you could make money off youtube? Well boohoo now people have to work harder to make money, but guess what, that's how it is with real jobs too so.

No. 480578

An analysis of Logan Paul's new video and his status as a Youtuber.

"Logan Paul has returned to YouTube with a video about his own redemption story"


No. 480638

Neat. Here's the actual vid.

This was a great move for him, one I didn't expect. His managers and ghost writers did a great job on making a nice awareness/better apology video. Really, the idiot should've been under the supervision of a manager for most of his vlogs, at least ones where he travels since he can't take care of his behavior himself, nor can his friends, editors, or parents. I now wish other milky youtubers had done high quality videos like this when they fucked up.

No. 480664


Are you Logan Paul Stan or? It doesn't matter how well produced the video is, he's a shitstain.

No. 480680

>His managers and ghost writers did a great job on making a nice awareness/better apology video

You don't realize how much more awful that makes him sound. If it really was written by his ghost writers and manager, that makes it even less meaningful. He can't sit down and give an apology from his heart. He has to make some stupid documentary-like apology video. This man is a literal shit stain, and he should not be applauded for this dog shit apology. If he just made a regular, not edited to hell video of himself speaking from the heart, maybe a lot of us would be more forgiving,

I'm not saying you're on his side, I know you're not. But damn, that makes him sound so bad.

No. 480720

File: 1516850117860.jpg (67.19 KB, 834x662, expensive pr.jpg)

>But damn, that makes him sound so bad.

Yeah. He can't even manifest a little bit of genuine sincerity or remorse with the aid of a real director and a crew of PR specialists. Dude wants to be an actor for god's sake.
GQ has a scathing capsule review of his latest apology.

No. 480734

What I find especially upsetting is he makes no mention of Japan. Tbh I have more of an issue with how he treated people in Japan and their culture(this also ties into the suicide issue). Instead of course its only highlighting American suicide, not that this is bad or anything but, I thought the general issue was suicide is an especially sensitive topic to Japan.

Also, while it is a serious video, hes still edits the video to highlight how 'good' of a person he is and is still putting on an acting face. I'm really annoyed people fell for this.

No. 480750

god shut the fuck up with the "especially sensitive topic in japan"(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 480848

Its clear that this video was crafted by a handful of spindoctors sitting in an office, by no means is this a sincere account of Logan's thoughts on the subject. At the end he says that he is going to donate 1 million dollars to suicide prevention which is great, I'm eager to see how he is going to follow through with that promise.

No. 480861

File: 1516862387154.png (254.78 KB, 1194x1026, Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 1.36…)

Youtuber Rhinocrunch (who previously was arrested and charged with sexual assault and then became a hardcore christian) uploaded a new video where re responds to accusations made by an ex-friend and fellow fortnite streamer/youtuber Dakotaz.
The two had a falling out after Rhinocrunch said that he would not play games with Dakotaz if he didn't start talking about Jesus and God in his videos. Dakotaz refused, and Rhino cut off contact. Dakotaz said in a video (or stream) that in addition to demanding that he talk about religion in his videos, Rhino also said that he was planning on doing a charity stream only to pocket the money for himself.
In Rhinocrunche's video (around the 20:00 minute mark) he starts quoting scriptures (which he does at the end of every one of his videos) insinuating that Dakotaz is being used by the devil in order to test his faith in the Lord.
Pic related is Rhino's twitter.

No. 480948

What self-indulgent bullshit. He's basically saying, "I am trying really hard to prove I'm legitimately alarmed and concerned, can you tell???? Should I furrow my eyebrows more? This will convince everyone I'm so enlightened, regretful, and humble now. I even talked to a survivor and learned how to feel empathy. Empathy is when you consider the feelings of others, which I've never done before! When I edit this later I'm going to add some cool aerial shots of the beach and stuff. Everyone will totally forgive me after this. I'll donate a small fraction of my undeserved wealth to a suicide hotline, because I only know how to solve problems is by throwing money at them"

No. 481203

I said he's still an idiot, but from a PR standpoint this is the best thing that could have been done. Yes his looks of ~intense concern~ are acting, but really what else should he do? The editors at least did include a bit of him still being the fool, like one of the interviewees was scolding him in person. The main flaw I see is what >>480734 mentioned, they are sweeping his other behavior in this trip under the rug, some of which were probably breaking laws. If his team won't make a travel etiquette video then at the very least they should also have donated to a suicide organization in Japan.

No. 481793

not to stan him, but throwing money at charities and raising awareness of them is kind of how they work. not sure his preteen followers will be able to donate lets face it, but if his money can help the cause at least that's one good thing to come out of this shitshow.

making the video about his 'redemption' at all is what bothers me. "put all those clips in of me on mainstream news, look how famous I am". what a narc. He doesn't want people to forget the scandal, he's riding the damn wave

No. 481806


narc? I don't think you know what that word means.

No. 482001

This guy is super irrelevant BUT damn his attitude is just full of shit. Like i once suggested him to change his music. He is using the same track over and over again. He was totally snapped back at me.

But then again… i find his videos borng anyway… they look cool, fine, but i am pretty sure his cupcakes taste like sugary poop.

No. 482030

On lolcow narc is typically short for narcissist.

No. 490218

No. 490286


“[The body] was a hundred yards away from the parking lot. It doesn’t make any sense and I believe it happened for a reason,” Paul said. “And I think that reason is so I could take this experience and learn from it, spread the message the right way about suicide prevention and suicide prevention awareness.”

No. 493424

one of them also killed themselves

No. 493429

Markiplier is actually very nice IRL and genuinely likes his fans.His problem is that he's very hyper and gets antsy when he can't do things and a little passive aggressive.
For example during a convention ( i forget which, but he live streamed it ) he was getting antsy and mad a the convention staff because they wouldn't open his booth to let his fans in line for autographs and stuff.it was because some panel had just started or just let out i forget but yea he was getting an attitude,But it's because he wanted to see his fans wich i guess i understand.

No. 496698

He seems a bit offputting and I'm not 100 per cent sure why. What video were these comments on?

No. 496749

File: 1518034096100.jpg (81.25 KB, 634x744, 48F70FC000000578-5363111-image…)

No. 499506

He's been "temporarily" demonetized from YouTube, costing him a few million in the grand scheme.
I'm more angry that these YouTube execs know that he generates such juicy ad revenue that they don't have the balls to permanently demonetized him. They want him back, they're just trying to appease the public while making the penalties for smaller channels more severe as they add to their rules.
>"But what sparked them to reach this decision?"
Apparently he filmed himself tasering two dead rats. Not the fact that he showed a fresh human suicide and made a joke about it. It took filming himself maiming dead rat bodies for these braindead fools to realize his psychopath tendencies.

No. 499555

who cares, they're dead. like they all should be

No. 499594

that's an oddly volatile statement to make about a few rats

plus i think the idea is that everyone is a bit alarmed because the normal person doesn't think
> hey a taser what can i do with this? tase some dead animal carcasses? yaaaas

like that is just plain fuckin weird

No. 499628

File: 1518255674964.png (116.45 KB, 800x447, Screenshot_2018-02-10-01-38-15…)


Even worse, a couple of days earlier Youtube "accidentally" sent out notifications for his comeback video to people who are not subscribers and who have never even watched any of his videos.

No. 499677

LMAO. That's as accidental as getting a dick pic. Pathetic, never thought YouTube would step so fucking low.

No. 499741

File: 1518277157817.jpeg (214.4 KB, 750x1247, DD9C5C6B-0CA0-4D76-9D24-7CB50B…)

Black History Month seems like a really inappropriate time to promote slave themed merchandise…

No. 499749

She's Canadian right? Lives in Canada. Isn't black history month like an American school system thing

No. 499757

Tbf as someone who loves animals I don't see the issue with tasing two already dead rats (that also looked like the ones that you feed to snakes)… Messing with the alive koi fish was worse. He's the same dickbag as always

No. 499760


>Don't be evil.

No. 499761

No. 499764

Messing around with dead animal bodies is strange and abnormal.

Doing so with a taser and impressing his young audience that fucking around with a weapon is okay is even weirder and potentially dangerous.

No. 499772

Yes, it's strange, but some people were talking about it as if he killed and tortured the rats. The major damage was done with the suicide forest video imho.
But I'm glad that this whole ordeal is shedding more light on Youtube's favoritism system

No. 499788

While he didn't personally kill or torture them, he is desecrating their bodies and it does come across as mentally ill.

No. 499794


I stand corrected

No. 499898

File: 1518289713322.jpg (35.54 KB, 400x366, 186nas.jpg)

No. 499984

I watch all her videos but this shirt made me cringe.

No. 500145

nta, but fuck rats they're disgusting

No. 500254

I agree, I'm way more disturbed by what he did to the koi than him fucking with dead rodents. Has anyone ever seen some of Filthy Frank/Joji's videos? He fucks around with dead mice all the time, it's gross but NBD

No. 501363

File: 1518434106605.png (663.7 KB, 800x902, Screenshot_2018-02-12-02-59-24…)


No. 501367

Why does he scotch tape his nose?

No. 501635

His brother is balding and here he is looking like a rejected muppet. Sage for nitpicking

No. 516324

File: 1519780760719.jpg (41.51 KB, 631x679, tatiohno.jpg)

Just a bit of beauty YT WTFery. YouTuber Tati Westbrook is releasing her own beauty brand and posted this photo on Instagram.

XO'S TATI? Does she know that XO'S means "belonging to XO" and not "multiple hugs and kisses"? She's about to do an official release and no one has clued her in to basic grammar rules? Unless her brand is going to be called XO and this particular line is named "Tati", it seems like a huge oversight. Even if it IS intentional, it looks all kinds of wonky.

Hopefully I'm wrong and this won't be her actual packaging, but the fact that she's been signing off with "xo's" recently makes it seem pretty sketch.

I really like Tati and am sure she's going to sell crazy amounts of product no matter how flawed her concept is, but… damn. Huge flub.

No. 516360

I think america or somewhere has a different rule about capitalised letters. Like there is an acceptance of two CD's and learn your ABC's

No. 516555

American here and I've never heard "XO's" in my life. "XOXO" is the plural I believe.

No. 516588


Journalism style guides and grammar guides advise the use of an apostrophe for plurals of acronyms and abbreviations which use capital letters and periods and not for those which do not use periods.

"XO", however, is not an abbreviation or an acronym. If she intends to refer to "hugs and kisses", the correct expression is "XOXO".

The origin of "XOXO"


No. 516989

Her big beauty release is a $40 bottle of pink "soy free, gluten free, sugar free, cruelty free, and vegan" vitamins for hair, skin, and nails.

I don't know what I was expecting, but I can confidently say it was NOT that.

No. 518857


are you fucking kidding me, she could have released something with value like I dunno, makeup or literally anything in the world other than overpriced vitamins. My friends keep saying "I trust Tati's reviews!!!! Tati approveD!!!" but how can I trust the word of someone trying to sell anyone these things

slightly irrelevant, anyone watch dave/boyinaband? it's been a while since he's shown any signs of life except commenting on Youtube vids every so often. I believe the last one was on a Nerd City video (they are actually cool people, they put so much work into editing effects). I thought at first the ricegum diss track burned him out, but didn't anisa also call out in a stream that he's in a longterm relationship or smth? he's apparently "alright" according to his sister, at least

Speaking of Nerd City one of their latest vids about insta models and how instagram works/how you get popular/how to gain viewers is very interesting to watch just for breaking down the algorithm

No. 519153

File: 1520041187055.png (395.33 KB, 750x1334, hjyHKaW.png)

People are going off about it on Reddit and Twitter, claiming the pills are mostly pointless filler with a few ingredients that actually interfere with blood pressure, contraception, and estrogen levels. The FAQ is a typo-riddled joke with infographics stolen from some supplement you can find on Amazon. It's pretty wild. Apparently someone asked for a refund bc Tati disabled comments and voting on all her vids related to this launch, and got the dumbshit response in the screen cap. Dumpster fire levels of bad planning.

No. 519157

^ name in the screenshot belongs to the person who got that ridiculous reply from Tati's company, btw, not me.

Nerd City is solid! Really top notch production value. Not sure what's up with BiaB though. Haven't seen him around since he did the idubbbz collab.

No. 519160


I seriously cannot comprehend why she thought selling a medical product was a good idea. I think vitamins and supplements get tossed around as this harmless thing but it's so far from harmless. Now, to play devil's advocate, there is also much research that should go into cosmetic ingredients too- if you want to have a custom eyeshadow palette you better hope the company is using good ingredients and nothing shady. So… IS there a difference between selling vitamins and selling makeup? That's a good discussion

That reply is so passive aggressive it made me shiver for a second. That's not professional at all. It may seem harmless but you don't act like "lol soz oh well you were gonna be handpicked by Tati herself she was gonna be touching your product shame u didn't want it" to customers.

Also yes! I first came across Nerd City with the Daddyofive fiasco and he had really solid points, but at that time they didn't have a lot of videos so I kinda treated them as a niche channel that uploads periodically. They've got a bit more content out by now, and so far I really like both their arguments in diss videos and also their extremely well done editing. Not just the green screen work, but the effects, and the camera motion tracking, all the little bells and whistles. Man, I'm just hoping they don't burn out or get caught in petty youtube drama (I mean, that they get outed as being guilty of something)

No. 519164

sageing for double post but if anyone is interested in the Tati drama I found a reddit thread which is trying to round up the discussions, screenshots and evidence about its shadiness


I never really liked Tati, I find some of her edits/comedic moments to be chuckleworthy but she is on a totally different level to me. She's richer, more high maintenance and out of touch. I would NOT pay for some of the high end foundations that she has bought, although I'm not gonna lie, I am morbidly curious about how those overpriced products work.

No. 519186

I just don't understand why she wouldn't just go for a great inclusive foundation line. It would set her apart since most gurus start with palettes or highlighters and she would get a lot of praise if she had a good color range.

No. 519965

I'm a little worried at how much weight she's lost…

No. 520029

I think they'll be ok as long as they don't lean towards that H3 crowd.

Their content is really good and well researched, so I hope they continue to put out more content.

No. 520039


man I really don't like H3, I'm not sure why people respect them so much and hold them to such high regard, their content seems cringy and edgelord-y. At least idubz is self-aware (I hope) and also I don't really find maxmoefoe funny either, but I don't get why ethan from h3h3 is treated as some wise, benevolent figure. Hank/John Green sure, I can see it, boogie/francis also yeah although I find him to be a bit pandering because he tries to sit on the fence a lot rather than give out a strong opinion that may alienate others (yeah I'm aware he said he wanted to take a break from twitter the other day)

tl;dr I don't get the H3H3 hype

No. 521114


The reason why people like H3 so much was that because he was an underdog who become sort of a people's champion when he blew up. I mean who wouldn't root for a guy living in a war ridden shithole making stupid meme videos with his camera shy wife who hand-sewn each and every one of their merch? He was also really grounded, subjective and communicate a lot with his fans. But it was all in the past though. Ever since he blew up he has increasingly get more delusional with each video until the point he believes his own hype and starts to act like he's the shit, hanging out with celebs, putting out preachy video like he's a goddamn beacon of justice. I think the moment where he completely lost himself was when he had the fanmeet in sweden and when they won the lawsuit. Remember when he creamed himself over the word MATTER OF LAW?

No. 529341

Anyone else bothered by how much Shane goes on about using Ryland's sister as a surrogate? The topic of surrogacy was brought up really early in videos with Morgan. Her mother looked uncomfortable but Morgan joked about making lots of money. The second time it was brought up, he was warning her to avoid cum stains on the couch and once again, she joked about making money.

In vid related (16:15 onwards) it was brought up again. If you don't feel like watching it, Shane says the real reason why he helped her move to L.A. and is allowing her to stay in his office is to "test" her ability as a mother and he's planned a series of videos to "test" her including hiring a baby(?). This time she doesn't look very enthusiastic and understandably so.

There's something so fucking objectifying about the whole thing, talking about her like she's an incubator who only exists to feed Shane's need to have a baby that's biologically related to him while she's awkwardly sitting there. Also keep in mind that she's only 20 years old! Shane is 30 and might feel ready to have a child but she does not need the responsibility of a child right now, she should be enjoying herself and living some of the best years of her life. She's not even old enough to drink in the US ffs. It's really fucked that he can't see that.

Am I alone?

No. 529346


this was explored further on Ryland's channel a month ago


No. 529349


its a joke though… i watch both ryland's and shane's channels. i've seen them mention it but its never actually serious. that one video where they told the mother about it was just to get a reaction from the mother imho, something shane loves doing. he pulls pranks on his own mother all the time too just for views/funny reactions and nothing else. i legit think that's just the way he is.

to me they are just kidding and trying to get views and nothing else. i sincerely doubt they actually want children right now. they don't even seem interested in getting married, let alone kids. shane is just feeding the underage fans who are obsessed with his gay relationship and nothing else.

maybe its just me but i laughed my ass off when he started telling the sister about being a surrogate. it seemed light hearted and a dumb convo. but maybe that's just me though i understand why to some people that's "insensitive". agree to disagree, anon.

No. 529355

To your point that she shouldn't have to take on that responsibility at this point in her life– she wouldn't have to. Her age is really irrelevant because she would only be a surrogate, not a parent. Also, I think you're taking too much stock Shane's video and content being "real". Alot of his fans do this too. They think all his videos aren't pre-written and staged just for clicks. Basically, I wouldn't take this as too serious. He is very good at YouTube and knows what people want to see.

Tl;DR: They just need this to explain their video ideas and to get views.

No. 529356

my god shane annoys me so much, he always has. You ever seen a person and got an instant dislike about them? That's kind of how I feel with Shane. He's never given me incentive to find him amusing or interesting.

No. 529362

I don't mean to be "that guy", but Shane has stated so many times that he doesn't care if he adopts a kid or gets a surrogate. Ryland is the one who is adamant on having the baby being a biological extension of himself. But as >>529349 said, they're currently not in any rush.

Since Morgan's dream a while ago was living in Hawaii again, I have no doubts that visiting Shane and Ryland in LA has made her think, "Better than living at mom's in butt-fuck nowhere."

Shane, being the good guy he is lately, probably offered the office until she can figure her shit out and get a place of her own. The topic of surrgacy was probably bought up in the video as a joke to get conversation going–he makes it clear that he checks a particular Twitter account for internet news to see if he's on it sometimes.

No. 529382

personally, if i needed a surrogate I would ask my sister or my fiances sister over anyone else. because you know exactly what theyre like, you can care for them and are very comfortable already with them etc. Some people would prefer that than a stranger. also with Ryland being adamant on it being an extension of himself I think Shane feels it being way more personal if she carried his kid…. that is…. if this is all real, genuine feelings.
Anyone would be uncomfortable with it because it's a massive decision to make and one you make preferably without a camera in your face. im sure when the time comes to it they will have a serious discussion like actual adults and allow her to make a choice for herself.

In his videos and hers and rylands, you can tell he really genuinely loves her like his own sister and cares for her more than just a baby carrier.

not to be super white knight, but i think you're just throwing it a little out of proportion

No. 532928

Am I the only one who seems to think Jacksepticeye seems mean to Pewdiepie?

No. 532950


I find jacksepticeye abrasive/irritating as a persona but I never thought of his actual personality as mean, tbh, why do you think that?

No. 533021

i actually like his content lately but man can he be irritating. most of his new videos are ~uwu im such a victim i have body issues, daddy issues, panic issues pity me pls~ even though they are entertaining. seems like he does everything for views, i got especially rustled with the Bobby kid and how much shane milked it for views. he even gave him a slot on his channel (even though bobby has his own) which nobody likes. everyone hopped on the morgan bandwagon after the first video she was featured in, so he milked that as well and now she's in like every video + moved to LA. nothing really feels sincere anymore

No. 533613

I always thought the opposite, Felix being mean to Sean (making the 'don't ever force positivity' video shading JSE trying to have a positive mindset, never actually saying anything when JSE was witch-hunted when he very mildly criticized Felix's nazi joke, etc…)
Sean just seems to me like a kind guy. Only his persona can be annoying (still less fake and screamy than Markiplier though, that guy is just a huge headache). But I think his audience are children anyway. Not sure where you're coming from.

No. 534067

I'm beginning to feel like Shane is forcing the surrogacy thing on her ngl…

Any chance Morgan is actually uncomfortable but too chicken to say something?

No. 534100

I can see why people find him annoying. He's very loud and obnoxious, especially now that he came out and tries hard to be a flamboyant gay man. Sometimes his humor comes off as forced and the only reason it's "funny" is because of his booming voice.

I still watch him because I have a lot in common with him…especially the interest in paranormal shit and BDD/past weight struggles. It feels comforting seeing someone go through the same things and also have so much in common with you, I guess. Maybe a lot of his fans are the same way.

No. 534106


One reason I dislike him doesn't directly relate to me, but the way he pokes the sleeping bear when it comes to danisnotonfire/amazingphil really grinds my gears. At this point I highly doubt it's friendly jabs seeing as he had a "psychic" come onto his channel and actually ask about dan and phil's relationship in the video. He strikes me as an intense shit stirrer for no other reason than getting drama points and mocking it.

If anyone judges me for watching dan and phil that's fair, but honestly regardless of who they were, purposely prodding and pushing on things that is not his business or anything to do with him is scummy to me.

No. 534286

Yeah I get that he's mostly joking, it's just I'm really sick of them constantly bringing it up. Case in point lol >>534067 Like she's the only girl in their inner group and they keep alluding to getting her pregnant, it's creepy to me.

I appreciate everything he's doing for Morgan and Bobby (because getting his viewers to sub to them is probably going to set them up with a nice, cushy little YouTube career for years).

No. 534333

i find it so weird, she's only 20 right? plus just moved away from home for the first time. i can't imagine offering to surrogate at that age, and shane's attitude about it seems really over the top.

No. 534424

Shane has been pulling the surrogate joke on any girl he's comfortable with example his ex girlfriend lisbug I'm not sure if he mentioned it in this one or the video before this cause she copies his entire channel format, 3 part videos included

everything he does is for clickbait and shock factor his current 3 part videos the previews he puts at the end of one to use as a "next episode" kinda thing are edited to be over the top and dramatic not trying to white knight frankly his content was shitty and for the most part has gone more to shit but this surrogate stuff is just something he's pulling for attention from his straight pre teen fans who love gay couples

No. 534866

Yeah imagine getting pregnant and ruining your body and vagina when you’re barely into adulthood just because your older brother’s boyfriend wants their kid to be blood-related. And also imagine having Shane’s sperm inside you. Gross.

In the first video that they talked about surrogacy Morgan seemed somewhat open to the idea but now you can tell by the look on her face every time they bring it up that she is not amused at all. The poor girl is probably too shy to say no because of all the nice things Shane has been doing for her. I hope she finds the courage to finally put her foot down before they make any final decisions.

Please use proper punctuation, this post gave me a headache.

No. 534891

Shane has always been incredibly obnoxious imo. I feel as if he gets away with it now because he's openly gay and gay men can do no wrong, am I right? I hate his underage fanbase and his stale joks

No. 535479

You guys are reading way too into this lol. Shane has always been obnoxious and everything he does is for views HE FAKES IT so he doesn't become some has been. Every youtuber that wants to appeal to the underage crowd knows they have to exaggerate and use clickbait to bring in the views like the Paul Brothers and David Dobrik. They've been together for 2 years and were hesitant on getting a 2nd dog because it'd be a lot more responsibility you can't really believe they're gonna get a baby. From what I've watched Morgan in general is pretty awkward I don't think it's topic specific to this. I've just been hate watching at this point to see how dramatic he's willing to go with his new fake reality tv format.

No. 535595

Ngl I also hate watch but I prefer this format over his old stuff. Garrett cracks me up also. I wish Shane would do more over the top ghost hunter shit Vs adopted a child shit.

No. 535626

Has whats her face even had a child of her oen? I thought surrogacy was better if you had at least one pregnancy beforehand. So thry can look for any complications/medical issues for mother and child and not be blindsided.

No. 535676


no, she's a single 20 y/o who just moved out of her mom's house. it would be way better if they looked into an experienced surrogate, it's not like they can't afford it.

No. 543502

It's 2018 and Pewdiepie finally made a video with CinnamonToastKen, shading him all the while. I'd say it's hilarious

> Ken has been begging me for months to play with him and finally it's your lucky day, Ken

but regarding CTK and Cryaotic's bitching about big name youtubers on LNC it feels a little cringey to watch.

Also usual low-key PDP vs. JSE slapfights.

No. 543582

They're all so cringey. I can't wait until the well runs dry for them and they have to get legit jobs. (Aside from Pewdiepie who seems to be financially well off and has invested his funds, how can any of them survive off youtube?)

No. 543830

Cryaotic makes twitchbux. I imagine he's well off through that alone, his streams are always pretty populated.
I hope for their sakes JSE and Markiplier invest well. PDP clearly has.

No. 544530


what did cry bitch about in LNC? sorry for asking I just don't have the patience to sit through a non-live stream, even if I find the name of the stream (or date etc) I can find it myself

No. 544902

File: 1522729232486.png (162.69 KB, 421x405, Untitled.png)

if you guys want some entertainment this dudes channel is fucking wild

tl;dw autistic dude vlogs his quest to get japanese pussy

No. 544909

he has his own thread >>400674

No. 545404

thanks for the link!

No. 545571

File: 1522792649596.jpeg (189.54 KB, 750x932, D88EEF27-2EEE-44A6-AC82-43202F…)

Can’t wait for every fucking YouTube ever to bawwwwww and feel “affected” by this.

No. 546374

File: 1522874611918.jpg (687.03 KB, 1080x1920, 20180404_164326.jpg)

I don't really pay attention to Trisha, but I couldn't help but notice this? What the hell happened?? This popped up on my instagram.

No. 546380

Holy shit her top lip looks like it’s being hoovered up by her nostrils

No. 546387

She went off the deep end and never came back.

No. 546409

Caked on concealer with really dry under eyes and she's overfilled her lips probably from someone who doesn't give a shit whether it works or not and it's spread and migrated. Only solution is to have it syringed out or possibly massaged back down depending on what she has in there and how old it is. She's probably just gonna get more filler in on top rather than fix it and go full Pete Burns.

No. 546426

Many lash places slash beauty places in general offer injections too. I'm guessing she got both done at the same time and the swelling hasn't gone down yet

No. 546525

File: 1522881477666.jpg (122.52 KB, 708x800, 1518_109709.jpg)

She looks like ET when he was in drag.

No. 548757

File: 1523106398045.png (1000.98 KB, 720x794, Screenshot_2018-04-07-09-04-35…)

Marzia is back in Japan (again) she usually has good style but her outfit here is attrocious. Also shame on the tourists who spray painted the vending machines smh.

No. 548765

lool trisha so much for the fixed lips then

No. 548785

It's really superstitious and weird but I always feel that people who are horrible on the inside start to show it on the outside. His personality is vile and he is aggressive and petulant, so now his eyes and mouth look like they've been slapped on upside down and he can't help but produce terrible quality work and show everyone his unfortunate personality. I hope he gets a wake up call soon, and learns some humility. I've never seen someone pretty much shout their customers out of their store before but that's more or less what he's doing; "I don't need subscribers, you're all fascists" alongside "Baww why can't I make more money on youtube!" The only person he has to blame is himself.

No. 548843

> shame on the tourists who spray painted the vending machines
implying it was not done by a Japanese okay lol

No. 548845

For anyone who enjoys Channel Awesome/Nostalgia Critic/any of the people affiliated with them (past and present) there has been a huge 65-page google doc signed and written by several former members who left because of the horrible treatment and general drama from CA, if anyone's interested. It's a long read but worth it, imo


No. 548900

I saw that she was in Japan (again.) You can't tell me this bitch doesn't live off Pewdiepie's money. She isn't making that much from her subs, even though i know she does collabs with clothing or makeup companies.

No. 548925

She comes from a wealthy family just like PDP so it's anyone's guess.

No. 549104

Do we know PDP comes from a wealthy family? I remember in a prior video him saying he worked on some docks or something to save up the money to visit her in Italy and that things were hard when she stayed with him in Sweden in his small apartment because he didnt make much and she couldnt get work because she didnt speak Swedish.

I know she makes money from her collabs/sponsors but theres no doubt that PDP has footed the bill for both their homes and all the massive renovations shes designing on their place. I think he invested his YT money smartly unlike many of the other big YT'ers who wont make it a year if YT ever shut down.

No. 549108

Yeah and it's just vending machines not some historical building, come on…
>b-but evul foreigners destroying poor japan

No. 549298

Not like everybody and their dog and their mom didn't do a video about this AND read the doc out loud as well.
Tho thx.

No. 549304

from his wikipedia page:
>His mother, a former KappAhl CIO, was named the 2010 CIO of the Year in Sweden.[14] His father is also a Chief Executive of another company.[15]
>After he dropped out of Chalmers, his parents refused to support him,[29] and as a result he funded his early videos by selling prints of his Photoshop art, as well as working at a hot dog stand.[20][46]

so yes his family is well-off but they didn't act as a safety net for him when he strayed from their goals.

No. 549305

Right, cause Japanese people NEVER spray paint anything. Obviously has to be a foreigner who is dead set on ruining the wonderful traditional Japanese culture of vending machines.

No. 549313

The trip earlier in the year was paid for by Sanrio. In one of her recent videos, or maybe a blog post? She talked about how she and PDP had been planning the April trip for a long time, and the February trip came out of nowhere because Sanrio was like, "Hey, come do this thing!" which is evidence enough imo that they didn't foot the bill. They probably even got paid to go. What a life, lol.

She's not the most obnoxious of the famous YTer significant others, imo, nor the most coat-tail riding. Julian Solomita is (boyfriend of Jenna Marbles). ffs, what was "last minute trips"? That concept, throwing a dart at a map and then buying a $3k+ plane ticket across the country, is so infuriatingly privileged. His channel has only gotten as big as it has by Jenna's connection and that's it.

No. 549373

julien can be funny sometimes but he really annoys me. especially in their podcast, he comes off as so whiny/nasally/rude sometimes. I also don't think he's particularly talented. Last Minute Trips is boring as hell, they're just hardly more than regular vlogs.

No. 549383

I wonder if Japanese residents play the, take a drink for every time you spot a foreigner with colored hair. Probably not since they'd end up dead at this point

No. 549388

He was absolutely unbearable in the recent video where Jenna dyed his hair. Like, spitballs, really? How old is he? Does he think it's cute? Because it's absolutely obnoxious and disgusting and I feel so bad for Jenna. I feel like she has to act like his mom in every video. I would be so tired dealing with him all the time.

No. 549392

So how do most people feel about jontron?
After that whole mess that happened with him, I'm curious to know if most people still like him or not. I recall seeing a Kelly Eden video and someone in the comments mentioned him, and it was full of angry comments. Was wild

No. 549393

Idk, he still gets a lot of views but has moved away from vidya to varied content and now shills sponsored products.

No. 549399

i like julien, but i think he was set up to be a try hard. when jenna started dating him tons of fans hated him, so i think he really just got used to trying to be funny to make her fans like him

No. 549580

I wonder, so this is why he's managed to smartly invest his money and keep the fortune he acquired while at a young age instead of spending it stupidly like the Logan siblings (And other youtubers)? Being raised by his parents? Really puts him in another perspective.

No. 549607


I never liked him, even in Game Grumps. I didn't like the volume of his voice (yeah, I know, at least Arin tries to be quiet sometimes), I don't like his abrasive humour. And it's not even like hearing those sort of things offends my sensitive ears or whatever, it's not even funny, it's low hanging fruit whose only value is the shock factor.

People are like ohhh but he's so nice IRL and he was soooo nice in that video with Holly and the birds (on her channel) but I'm sorry the way he conducts himself online and what he apparently believes is not that of a "nice person". Fuck 'im.

No. 549712

Marzia makes a shitton of money tbh. She has a rather expensive clothing line that usually sells out a lot of it's items, and now even a second line together with Felix (Tsuki) which also seems to sell fast despite it being pricey.
Also she has her own subbox which is mostly full of skin care and makeup samples, likely given to Marzia's company for free to put in there as sponsorship or w/e. And the subboxes also seem to be selling well, even though Marzia likely doesn't have to put a lot of money into having them put together.

No. 550087

File: 1523231906636.jpg (77.25 KB, 1024x576, 84e81cb8b36d5767b61e6aa3632e37…)

she kind of looks like studio killer's mascot

kind of cute in an ugly way

No. 550088

>buying a $3k+ plane ticket across the country

where the fuck are you looking where tix cost 3k, at most they're like 600 from east to west coast lol

No. 550096

This! I can't be the only one who thinks Jenna is too good for him and he's dragging her down. He honestly thinks acting like a 13 year old boy in her videos is cute and funny just because he's a guy. It's really gross and immature. Jenna makes jokes too, but she doesn't come off as someone who needs to constantly act 15 years younger just for laughs. At this point, they seem to be with each other because it's convenient, but there's no way in hell i'd ever date a guy who acted like a child. It's such a stereotype about men who want to date their mother.

No. 550102

It's really odd (and cringey) to me that Marzia chose to use the Japanese word for 'Moon' as her clothing line name and …why not an Italian name or combine Swedish and Italian??

it's such a damn gross weeby thing to do to launch a clothing line under a japanese name but not being asian yourself. She comes off as an immature weeb who has been coddled and sheltered her entire life, so has never faced any real world issues. She met Felix when she was pretty young, so i doubt she had any real money issues, considering her family's wealth.

No. 550103

Maybe the lil bitch had to fly first class because he could afford it with Jenna's cash?

No. 550106

How dare you insult Cherry like that

No. 550211

okay but do you have any basis to make this or are you just being salty for no reason lmao

No. 550590

i personally dont care if the trips are expensive or not, but considering he lives in a million dollar house with jenna and only hit 1mil subs last year, you have to admit he probably doesnt foot the bill for 90% of the equipment, and probably even 90% of his life lol. his following is legit only because of jenna, period, because most of his vids are not very creative content. tbh some of them are cool but the vast majority are knock offs of better vlogger vids

if you gave any average bro the same cameras, the same financial stability, and the same freedom to make whatever they wanted, you'll get the same crap julien makes. sorry about it

tbh this is all personal opinion and idk if other people feel the same. i've been watching jenna for a long time and i honestly cut julien a huge slack (and even subbed to his channel) when they first got together bc so many fans hated him, but it's been years and his videos are just not good. i unsubbed after the first last minute trips

No. 551040

I only know the reason for them to pick the name 'Tsuki' is because both love Japan and travel there a lot. I actually don't mind it much. Felix has been talking about Japanese things he loves on his channel a lot too and it doesn't come off weebish so I don't mind. At least both Marzia and him seem to really respect the culture and everything.

No. 554042

The Channel Awesome Drama just got even worst Not only was it found out that Jew wario was the groomer from the document but it was also found out he raped someone too.
plus CA site is down to 4 people now

No. 558259

Ohh, what does he believe?
Never could stand his humour either, abrasive sums it up perfectly. as for the 'so nice in person' well, I've heard the same thing of Jake Paul.

No. 559994

File: 1524151459524.jpeg (49.55 KB, 480x480, D8931BB9-A709-45BF-B960-55A4E4…)

Trish is not bad looking. Sure she’s big but her face manages to look okay despite being obese, kind of like Charms. There are girls half her size with double chins that look like they have a spare tire surrounding their face.

No. 567290

File: 1524853359769.jpeg (64.85 KB, 720x816, received_2115602178676847.jpeg)

Felix proposed to Marzia !
tbh I'm glad for them, they're cute ! and people are finally gonna stop asking about it

No. 567292

She doesn't have a double chin probably because she gets it lipo'd.

No. 567296

File: 1524853810668.jpeg (55.02 KB, 560x423, 00825FB7-A337-402C-817B-C6183E…)


Sorry but no. Trisha is hideous inside and out.

No. 567298

File: 1524853883902.jpeg (56.42 KB, 615x409, BF02F774-CDED-40E9-B349-0F8DC5…)

No. 567299

How hilarious is it that eating one less pizza a day is so much cheaper and takes less time and effort than undergoing lipo…

No. 567343

Dem lip fillers! Whew lads

No. 567365


they're a cute couple tho and i'm moderately bitter that they have pretty much perfect lives in a perfect renovated flat with adorable pets and a career that allows them to do shit like live in japan for a month and go shopping all the time just for fun. in their 20s.

pretty excited to see how ridiculous and/or stylish a marzia-planned wedding will be, too

No. 567484

Looks like the YumeKing of Austria is back at it again.
>opens Regretsy blind boxes and lies that they're "the new trend"
>finds a scrap fabric piece blatantly taken from a dress pattern
>"Looks like a bib! :)"
>puts it on
>"Look, cat ear headband clips!!"
>puts it on
>"This blue-purple glitter is literally Frozen inspired!"
I believe maqaroon/cutelifehacks was mentioned in a previous youtuber thread before the general began but her summary is that she was a popular crafter youtuber who had good content but started trendhopping and copying popular youtubers like Threadbanger and SimplyNailogical. Her old fanbase started complaining about the constant slime videos and other awful DIYs she kept churning out and she replied that she only cared about monetization, and it shows.

No. 567671

I use to really enjoy her channel but I had to let her go when she diy that diy copic markers. She just took cheap markers and stuck them in fruit.

No. 567854

same, I used to love her tutorials about air dry clay but when she started to spam the slime videos and shit I unsubscribed, and it seems like she only went downhill (kinda) since imo.

No. 571130

Why have so many youtubers turned into such trash heaps? People like Tana and Elijah were extremely trashy before, but jesus…

Also, fuck david dobrik. Him, his friends, his dad, and Josh Peck are unfunny as fuck and he looks like if that nikacado mukbang guy was a fuckboy.

No. 571133

this is so embarrassing how are people still getting views in 2018 for rapping about getting high

No. 571140

File: 1525201763815.png (1.24 MB, 1107x733, tana.png)


haha I needed this today. This is so awful its hilarious. Here's some of my favorite lines

>Got a face tat bitch tattoo

>I could fuck your mom and your dad too

>I'm Bella Thorne, the girl your man adore

>All the heads turn when I walk through the door

>He double tap my pic cause my ass so big

>Bitch I'm Dr. Woke, I can write scripts (scripts)

>Stay sauced up like I'm chow mein (Chow mein)

This is like the shit edgy 14 year olds scribbled on their homework thinking they were really clever. Bella sounds like Kesha at her worst. And its hilarious that Tana thinks she's hot.

No. 571145

File: 1525201954234.png (625.53 KB, 893x697, tana.png)

Bella also looks like she's homeless. Not buying the "so hot I'll steal your man" thing when she looks like this.

No. 571151

Holy fuck, Tana looks like Kim Zolciak.

No. 571168

File: 1525203574315.png (118.01 KB, 263x260, oprahs.png)

No. 571183

the rise/fall of elijah daniel is absolutely fascinating to me, frankly. his spiral into this ironic-not-ironic white rapper shit has been…whew. has it been confirmed that his face tat is fake yet?? lol

christine's career has pivoted in a completely different direction and i'm happy for her but…the podcast has been kinda uninteresting so far ngl

No. 571195

File: 1525204890491.jpg (171 KB, 1201x881, kim-zolciak-apology-.jpg)

HA! Your right she does. In about 10 or 20 years though she's gonna start looking more like Jocelyn Wildenstein.

No. 571217

File: 1525206006920.png (Spoiler Image,2.21 MB, 1328x744, bella.png)


>He double tap my pic cause my ass so big

Uh huh, ok Bella. In what world is this a big ass?

No. 571537

I know I'm kinda late on this but why the hell are people still bitching about Pewdiepie being "anti-Semitic" when he just made some stupid jokes? like I seriously don't see all the rage over it. I seriously do not even like him. I don't get why people like him or why he has so many followers (it's insanity).

it reminds me of that episode of Eric Andre where he makes it seem like Kelly Osbourne said "Fuck the Jews" in an serious way lmfao

No. 571580

MTE right back at you, actually.
I’m not a really envious person in general but I’m happy for them. I just wished Felix did more philanthropic things with his influence, but whatever.
Going through her IG her fillers actually aren’t bad, it’s just the right amount to actually make her look ore attractive and not ridiculous like every insta hoe in existence right now.

No. 571603

I can’t stand this bitch—she’s unfunny and annoying, like most vine stars.

No. 571701

The only vine star that’s worth it is Casey Frey

No. 571805

I totally agree with you. He has a sense of humour that not everybody find funny but he is not anti-semitic.

I wish that too. He used to make streams for charity but now do you really think that after the nazi fiasco he would be allowed to do anything like that? Do you think any foundation would accept money from somebody who had that kind of blacklash? He had influence.. He could have influence still, but there will be always somebody taking back the nazi thing.

No. 571855

also trench and maple, the guy who plays soft acoustics with his dog

No. 572222

What are your thoughts on Shane's latest series. I'm actually really enjoying it. The comments are going in on Ryland, though, calling him pretentious and a gold digger. I love Garrett. Shane's reactions to his "squad" are hilarious and exactly how I usually feel. I'm so fucking glad Trisha wasn't a part of this.

No. 572229

God I’m glad Trisha wasn’t a part too, she’s off with a new crowd now because everytime she gets a bf she ditches her friends but I can’t even find her tolerable anymore so haha. I love Shane and friends, but I am kind of agreeing with the comments, I feel like ryland is starting to become a little entitled maybe. Not sure if he’s kidding around and it’s just the edit or whatever, but I feel like he’s turning into a bit of a diva haha. I love Shane and his dynamic and they make a great couple imo so I hope it’s something that doesn’t stick/get worse

No. 572230

It's entertaining enough, but all the self deprication is so annoying. Especially when garret does it since he's not even fat or ugly.

And yeah, thank god trish wasn't in it. I kind of miss drew, but at the same time I think he's too depressive.

No. 572236

I don't actually mind these videos (although hopefully it doesn't end with a Bunny collab like some are speculating), but if they actually left their hotel room trashed, they are the worst kind of people. I seriously hope that was just a gag.

Also, Andrew is lucky he is hot bc his incessant giggling is a little too much.

No. 572291

morgan is inoffensive but adds very little,
ryland is an uncharismatic and whiny downer (the times in shane's vids that he seems like he is enjoying himself/trying to be funny are aggravating rather than fun),
garrett is a perfect angel who warms my heart and is the most genuinely funny out of the 'crew' (but maybe is trying too hard these days)
I barely notice Andrew's giggling but I know a lot of people find it annoying.

The thing with this 'crew' is they've all flanderized themselves, everyone is playing up their established 'character' and it makes everything feel less genuine.
Specifically for Ryland - maybe he's not such a bad guy and just thinks the 'bougie' thing is his role in these vids, but it makes him come off as really unlikable.

No. 572635

IA with all this. and honestly, watching vlogs of incredibly privileged people living their perfect privileged lives can only have so much appeal, and i feel like ryland (and to some extent, shane) have been running on that 'look how much money i can spend LOLZ' train for a little too long in their recent vids

andrew can raw me tho, that boy is fine af.

No. 573337

Has anybody heard of this youtuber called Ally Law?

His channel consists of doing "madness," and trespassing private property, getting kicked out of places, arrested, running from the cops or security.

Also he's got a few court cases against him, and he's getting sued for a shit load of money.

He seems pretty lulzy.

No. 573390

YouTubers I haven't seen mentioned that I want to rant about:


He's running out of scary stories to tell and is just posting dumb shit lately. Also, I hate his "face reveal" baseball cap videos. Nobody wanna see that, we're just here for the scary stories.

>Matthew Santoro (?)

I don't feel like looking up the spelling of his name, but I'm curious if he is educated at all or if he just Google's dumb facts and makes videos on them. What makes him a credible source? Wikipedia?

>Triggered Tro

The obsession with underage girls (woah vicky in particular) freaks me out. He's constantly making videos picking apart the lives of underage girls. How old is he? It comes off as creepy and pedo-ish.

No. 573717

Am I the only one who hates his newer videos? I find Morgan and Ryland unbearable. I cannot stand the constant self deprication jokes and fake ass over reactions. I hate how he ends every video with an overdramatic "NEXT TIME" clip. I just miss the old videos with Shane, Drew and Garret. His new squad is just boring as fuck and tries to hard.

No. 573727

I have a huge puppy crush on Garrett, he’s hilarious and sweet and imo would seemingly be the most fun to hang with out of their crowd.

Andrew is adorable, and I actually liked his giggling. I wish he was on screen more.

Ryland is turning into a materialistic little diva and his overall fagginess is starting to get annoying. I have a feeling he’s probably a closeted tranny.

Morgan is meh, she’s not annoying but not particularly lovable either. She’s kind of just a prop for them to dress up and spoil.

Shane is Shane, can’t say much other than you either love him or hate him.

As for the new content, it’s pretty good. I like the fact that they’re having more fun making these new series (Shane mentioned he was getting super bored of making the old food/lifehack/conspiracy videos, and I don’t doubt much of his fanbase felt the same). The series with the blind girl was kinda boring but I really like the ones where they travel. Hope they do more ghost hunting vacations, those were fun.

No. 574489

I think Ryland acting this boujee is supposed to be a joke. Like he always shows his guccy slides while wearing them with some basic shirt and short jeans as in "this is the only expensive item i own and i flash it cause that's what flexers do" in a way. IDK but I also enjoyed him more before he started to play this character. I think Morgan at first was genuinely funny when she was in Shane's video or the first time, but she noticed people loved her dry and sarcastic humor so now she does it even more and over the top that it seems less authentic.
All in all I think all of Shane's friends lately play up their character a bit..

No. 575288

Ryland is way less annoying in other people's videos. He seems a lil' clingy but I love how affectionate he is with Shane. I genuinely feel like he loves him. I can't imagine the stress of dating a "youtube celebrity" who is basically royalty because of how long he's been around. Ryland just comes across as insecure to me, which is annoying, but understandable.

Caffeinated Morgan is annoying as fuck though.

No. 575322


But wasn't Ryland trying to cash in on Youtube before he met Shane?

No. 575383

He worked for Clever which is like Buzzfeed but just celebrity gossip. He didn’t have his own channel. It was like a 9-5 job “reporting”

No. 576037

literally lolcow in Shane's new video @ 17:20. Just a second but you know, means he (or his editor) read this site?

No. 576038

Just came here to post this! Shane lurks GuruGossip so I'm sure he knows about here as well.

No. 576064

File: 1525724949209.png (1.27 MB, 1920x2160, bunny.png)

so many people guessed the surprise was Bunny. I watched her "does this thing really work?" videos but she was always so annoying, always getting it wrong and it just got too repetitive. It was like she wasn't even trying.

No. 576110

I wonder if he knows about his and Bobby's threads in PULL (honestly Bobby is a bit of a cow himself along with his girlfriend)

No. 576126

well he does now, you fucking spud

No. 594946

Idk who she is and I don’t care to watch this video but the title is literally
>i have anorexia lol

No. 594953

Shut the internet down, it's for the best

Like just pull the plug on the whole thing

Video description:
>in honor of mental health awareness month i thought i'd finally talk about the one thing thats like lowkey ruined my life

lol my eating disorder lowkey ruined my life lol haha uwu pls like me

No. 594956

File: 1527402473637.jpeg (154.81 KB, 750x543, 45D6C9DC-2DAE-42B3-B650-0D5CEC…)

In the comments. Does lol mean something else to these people?

No. 595013

Why was this recommended to me and what is this? I thought it was a dumb gimmick because her acting is atrocious but then she sounded sincere at the end.

No. 595019

This was recommended to me too, even though I do not watch these kinds of videos on my main youtube account. I exclusively use it for music. Did she pay to have this advertised or something?

No. 595020

I always see her videos pop up on my homepage. Never bothered watching though. Good for her for trying to be authentic to herself, I guess? This was weird but also kind of endearing?

No. 595067

Love Emilia Fart. Some of her videos are so funny, some are weird as fuck but nonetheless ICONIC.

No. 595218

wow yeah i only use youtube for music and she got recommended to me just yesterday, interesting
i watched a few videos (some of the most popular ones) and she seems like a nice person, i dont think shes over being molested by a family member tho tbh

No. 595356

Also got recommended to me. I get your message or whatever, but I just don't care. It was just not for me.

No. 595430

Wondering what peoples views are on this, she had also made a video about her experience with catfish that just ended in her saying basically how 'things happened' while filming that shouldn't have happened, but she wouldn't say what… that was 4 months before making this 2 part video…
I'm not sure what way to lean, although i do find it odd that she focuses on all these things Nev supposedly said and just kind of skips through the physical sexual assault like it's not the worst part of the whole thing…. im not sure, what are peoples thoughts/opinions?

No. 595556

Just watched the Storytime video, and then the actual Catfish episode.
She really was super pretty and doll-like (sadly, now she doesn't even look like the same person since gaining weight).
The "500 likes for Part 2" thing seems frivolous, but I'm not surprised or in disbelief if she's telling the truth. This shit is seemingly very commonplace in the whole TV show/media scene. Young, naive girls get taken advantage of by disgusting people.
I don't doubt the "I don't think you're a lesbian" and general creepiness/thirst thing with Nev (and supposedly she took screenshots of him thirsting in her comments, so…). Straight guys can be very pushy and slimy toward attractive women who claim to be lesbians.
I don't really see why she's getting backlash, it's not as if anything she said was wild or insane (and women who have made wilder claims have been given the benefit of the doubt). I don't really want to make it a race thing, but I feel like the response might be different if she had a different appearance.

No. 595563

everyone has been getting her in their recommends this week. she seems interesting, but it's really weird. she must be paying for it somehow.

No. 595581

don't care for her.
I was reccd videos (specifically the responding to haters one?) though the "crying" at the end seemed disingenuous given she spent part of the video yelling about how she can cry on demand.

I watched like two other videos and it's just not my thing. "fast cuts + yelling/randum humour XD = funny"
No thanks.

No. 595735

Aha, she's finally been brought up. Is Emilia Fart worthy of having a thread? I've seen her before and have been wondering for a while if she could join the snowflakes. She's active enough on youtube and twitter to discuss. From what I've seen her content is
>boohoo I'm a crazy ironic fat drag lesbian oh but I can give serious speeches too.
So I've never been able to determine if she's an innocent wannabe artsy person or a milky attentionwhore, her content's too boring for me to study further.

No. 595753

No, not really. Once you get past her looks, she's not very milky.

No. 597162

File: 1527640072327.jpg (42.21 KB, 498x360, DeZMP49X4AYiSgx.jpg)

h3h3 is intolerable nowadays lmao

>calls pewdiepie racist for saying the n-word

>says roseanne is not racist for calling someone an ape

this guy just blows wherever the wind goes

No. 597172

i know im late to this but weren't h3 and pewds friends? and h3 defended him so hard during nazi drama? pewds was wrong for saying the n word, esp in that context, but turning on your own friend and calling him racist? shady shit man

are they still friends or??

No. 597177

he definitely didn't shit on pewdiepie too much because he says the n word himself as long as he's decided it's in a joke context. he dropped it like half a dozen times at least on a podcast with idubbz. it's not so much about going where the wind blows and more about making sure he points out just enough that "i'm not a racist btw guys that's bad" while he still tries to get as many alt right fanboys drooling over him the rest of the time

No. 597183

idk if they're still friends but h3h3 publicly said pewds was stupid and wrong for the n-word incident

You can read more about it here:

Even his fans are sick of his outrage triggered bs

No. 597282

how is saying "probably racist" not calling roseanne a racist? he was.

No. 597306

but his reasoning is whether or not she was racist, she should keep her show.

Ethan is thinking in stupid youtube world, he doesn't understand the real world

No. 597520

File: 1527687187783.png (73.73 KB, 782x606, 1.png)

youtubers have been abusing their twitters lately with political commentary shit and it's fucking embarrassing. How can they mismanage their social media this badly? Why can't they save that for their own personal accounts and not the fucking ones that represent their youtube/e-celeb image.

It's obvious they just want to use their huge following as a way to sway an opinion despite not researching anything they're talking about.

Meanwhile, you have guys like cr1tikal who are doing it right.

No. 597544

cr1tikal is by far one of my favorite youtubers for his knack for not giving a fuck.

i had to stop following oneyng on twitter because i'm tired of his constant political schtick

No. 598194

what do you expect from this generic cocksucker?
keeping up appearances is all he has left before his last 5 minutes are up

No. 598531

File: 1527784596785.jpg (161.56 KB, 675x1200, Deh7tIaW0AAz-_j.jpg)

So…it still could be rumors someone made up, but Ray Diaz' instagram was 'hacked' a few hours ago and he mentioned something about Jake Paul screwing around with underage girls in New York. Big if true. But it's hard to tell if Ray actually has proof or if he's just being vindictive, though. Keep in mind, Ray left a lot of inappropriate comments on Loren Gray's instagram recently and he's still holding a grudge towards Jake.

But who knows. Wolfieraps was also exposed a few days ago for being in a relationship with an underage girl. I pray to God that creeping on minors isn't the new Youtube trend.

Apparently he tweeted this while Hila was away in Israel so he had no one to stop him from being stupid again, lmao. I guess the care taker meme is true.

Ethan should have taken a longer break from social media, tbh. He didn't give himself enough time to get off his high horse. I wish he would stop pandering to the Anti-SJW crowd because he keeps shooting himself in the foot. I was a really big fan of h3h3 and now I can't watch snymore of their videos. We get it, you hate SJWs and you love free speech. You made your point, now move on.

No. 599506

List of people who left Team 10:

The original members of Team 10 are ALL GONE besides Jake himself.
Alissa Violet
Neels Visser
The Dobre Twins
AJ Mitchell
Alex Lange.

Left the past 8 months:
Martinez Twins
Tessa Brooks (Also part of original team)
Alex Lange
Tristan Tales
Ray Diaz

Most recently:
Kade Speiser & his brother Nathan (Jake's videographer)
Chance Sutton (other half of "Chanthony" with Anthony Trujillo. Also one of Jake's best friend and "bros")
Nick Crompton (Team 10's CFO)

It's been revealved by someone in the Team 10 camp that Greg Paul, Jake & Logan's dad are planning on merging their two "companies" and have confirmed that they have been doing internal audits. Nick Crompton confirmed that Greg Paul was also treating everyone and all employees like shit and name calling, and fired a large part of the staff. Other sources including Ray Diaz also revealed that the team is going to shit, and only exists to further Jake's own career. Everyone's been "quitting", yet still under contract, so it makes you wonder just how bad is it in their. If you're willing to walk away yet still let Jake take his percentage.

Team 10 is currently on tour performing. Their kid fans usually go crazy and sing along to every word when "It's Everyday Bro" comes on. But since so many people have left the team, they'd had to cut over 80% of the song, that they just recorded a remix version to replace it and the audience is clueless.

No. 599512


To be fair, Loren Gray doesn't have her age listed on her IG, and she does look well into her 20's. Even though he was engaging with other influencers to network and get more visibility, he really should have done more research on the people he's commenting on.

When I used to watch Wolfie's vlogs, especially when he was in LA, it was SO OBVIOUS that he didn't really want to be around Silvia. The clips and timeline within his vlogs didn't make sense. I always thought, "why couldn't wolfie bring her with", "why didn't she stay with him thru the day". etc.. They're both from Canada and were in LA. They're a "couple" yet they were rarely together. Made no sense. He was also very short with her, and kinda standoffish, I just chocked it up to that being part of his personality.

But underaged girl. Here's some links on her

Includes a full whole "storytime" on their 8 month relationship while Wolfie was with Sylvia (4-5 year relationship). First link also includes her showing the gifts and flowers he gave her. She says Wolfie knew her age the whole time. (the girl says they were 17 when they met) But there's proof from her own twitter and yearbook that she could have been 16 when they met, and still 17 now. Age of consent in Cali is 18.

More on wolfie including interview w/ the underaged girl (dramaalert)


No. 608428

Who has a skin care routine while living in their car? This was suggested to me and I don’t get her shtick at all

No. 608445

I'm just picturing this lady spewing black rinse water all over the Target parking lot instead of…going inside during daylight or evening hours and using the women's restroom to brush her teeth or do her skin care? Not like that's even weird if the Target has a food court or if she pretends to be an employee running late.

Idk, she does a lot of impractical shit.

No. 608521

welcome to the world of cardwelling/vandwelling. scummy af, and probably half of them don't fulltime in their vehicles but just say they do.

No. 611867

I recently re-discovered Amberlynn Reid and she recently hit 500 pounds which is sad but she's still as annoying as ever.
There's a channel or two making fun of her, there's a few funny jokes in their videos but most are just annoying or nitpicky.
I don't understand this trend of videos criticizing something while inserting annoying reaction clips in between.

No. 611877

>she recently hit 500 pounds which is sad
What the fuck? How?

No. 612280

constant eating?

No. 614866

The last Cry thread died but since Chey is out of the picture most of his drama had cleared up.
Angel/lovexombie had turned out to be kinda shitty though, just tonight she threw shade on JonTron and brought drama to the chat. I don't really get why people like her because she's not very entertaining and she really puts a damper on Cry's jokes/fun, while outside of streams she's a combination of "lol im so quirky xD" and a debbie downer. You can't say that in the hugbox though, just like how all talk of Chey wasn't permitted in the hugbox even though she turned out to be a huge piece of shit.
The best thing you can really say about her is that she's better than Chey, and that's not a very high bar to jump over.

No. 615508

It‘s gonna sound tinfoil-y but Angel has always seemed super fake to me. Her playthrough on Night In The Woods eith Cry was basically just here trying to sound cute and smol uwu

But everyone in the comments was majorly kissing her ass because she’s a girl with a fake baby voice.

No. 616604

File: 1529569494457.png (177.87 KB, 845x1535, career sabotage.png)

If this didn't just confirm your suspicions I don't know what else would, holy shit. This is the hill she wants to die on apparently. And what makes it even funnier is that after this she reblogged some other "fuck nazis and homophobia" posts so you know it got under her skin, but also not before she spaced them out with other uwu nice fanart posts uwu inbetween.
We'll know Angel's Chey 2.0 if she and Cry hookup, Cry needs to find better friends.

No. 616720

I wasn't sure if I wanted to bump her thread over this. But yeah, eating constantly and physically not being able to walk anymore.

Amberlynn is to the point of morbid obesity where her body is starting to fail. Her skin is yellowing due to jaundice, likely from fatty liver disease. She feels sick constantly and seems to have some kind of cough/respiratory issue.
Becky, the gf, drives her everywhere. She needs a scooter to get around for her typical shopping romps now, and Becky drops her off at the front of stores.

Worst of all is that Amberlynn is in complete denial. She still goes out to eat almost everyday and openly admits she eats bad food and gains weight. It's so bad that people on her channel are accusing her of "trolling" because she's constantly dissing herself and admitting she reads the comments, but nothing ever changes.

She is going to die. She's not even 30.
>they drove 2 hours for a Cheesecake Factory the other day and they chose the worst food on the menu

No. 616725

are they dating now or does he just get to stream with her a lot now that Chey's bitch ass is out of the picture? I haven't been following him at all since they broke up.

it would be like cry to go from one shitty gf to the next, though.

No. 617045

It's been kinda weird with Angel because Russ was actually the one that invited her to Night Crew since she made a video about his Amnesia custom story. People originally thought she was Russ's gf but appearently they were "just friends" the whole time and now she's latched onto Cry. I don't think she even talks to Russ much anymore. Makes me wonder if she jumped ship just to give herself more popularity. She's actually pretty bad at video games too.

That recent stream where Cry and Angel played PDP:LotB kind of revealed that she was an uninteresting person. When Cry was happy to see CinnamonToastKen in the game at first she actually seemed kind of cunty and didn't know who he was until she finally got the idea that Cry knew him longer than he knew her and started acting like she was happy to see him too. Cry specifically asked her what youtubers she knows/watches and her reply was "I don't really watch Youtube videos, I just watch beauty gurus". Cry seemed kind of surprised and even asked what kind of beauty gurus/to give names and she wouldn't answer him. The way she had said it sounded like she didn't even watch Cry's videos until she added "I watched your NitW videos because I was in them!" That was a huge red flag, and that was right before she decided to jump on calling JonTron a racist live on stream.

They're not "officially dating" and Angel has been a snowflake in Cry's comments to people who are confused about them by saying "we're just friends!! why can't a girl be friends with a guy without everyone thinking they're dating?? :'(" Although the fact that she's monopolized a lot of Cry's current content makes you really wonder if Cry just wants Russ's rebound trash since he's too lazy to go looking to make new friends himself.

We'll see how it goes, but I feel like either Cry should ditch Angel now before it gets any worse or he'll continue to fruitlessly go after her since she reads like the shitty type of leech just looking to funnel in as much free viewership as she can.

No. 622195

Amberlyn is going to be at her death bed, if she doesn't mentally wake up soon.

No. 626275

File: 1530448353782.png (106.88 KB, 1080x593, ''introvert''.png)

Man, I really can't stand Markiplier anymore. He has completely sold out to Youtube's shitty streaming service and is about to implement some more of their godawful paid exclusive content despite the quality of his videos dropping very rapidly as of the past few years. Still milking FNAF even though he has to look at his stream chat for help.

That's not even touching on the way he sweeps all real drama behind the rug, moralsignals at every opportunity he can, overdramatizes his video reactions, fishes for self-pity any time he tries to talk about any of his life problems or flaws as a human being without a speck of self-awareness, questionable "charity" fundraisers/donations, all his blind fans that put him on a high pedestal, etc.

I don't know how you could read a tweet like this and not feel the fakeness just oozing from it. "My fellow shut-ins" jesus christ, shut the fuck up Mark.

No. 626288

I got so butthurt when he claimed the only difference between him and unsuccessful people is that he could commit to his projects. The dude make 8 mill a year screaming at a computer screen he shouldn't be giving anyone lessons.

No. 626305

Gonna be a slowpoke here but in case anyone else's gonna wonder about this, in Northern Europe it's common for rich parents to not coddle and spoil their kids with their money. If anything, they're usually the ones pushing their kids to work their asses off so they wouldn't take riches for granted. In a lot of other countries rich parents just send their kids to private schools and buy them cars and other luxury shit but that just doesn't happen in here. So I'm guessing that also applies to PewdiePie's situation.

To add on it he basically ripped off PewdiePie's act and made a fortune with it. What a smug bastard.

No. 626308

Marks niece passed away, which I of course won't say a bad word about that's very sad and not something anybody should comment on.. However Mark made a fundraiser for 15k for her funeral… Money he very obviously have himself, why can't he pay 15k for a funeral, that's very personal and serious, yet instead he makes a couple of cry videos including his niece dad.. I dunno I just feel very weird about it

No. 626325

I know what you mean. For some reason, the video with his niece's dad was really creepy to me. I didn't understand why they made it and why the dad kept thanking Mark's fans…? Simply what the fuck.

He didn't have to make such a long video about it in the first place, and his crying and pauses and stuff… And he even makes another one, fundraiser and so on. I don't know, it seems too personal for normal people to put it out for everyone to see. He milks EVERY tragedy that happened around him so it rubs me the wrong way.

And he's not an introvert lol. Maybe he used to be but he's the epitome of loud extroverted jock now. He orders everyone around house, screams at his employees, always needs to be the loudest and most seen in his video and shuts other people down. That's why I stopped watching his Livestreams, he comes off as such a dick. And he's definitely not introverted. Reminds me of Dan with his 'im so relatable shut-in introvert uwu' transparent shtick.

No. 626385

I couldn't agree more, I hate all the big YouTubers who do the whole "omg im so awkward and I have social anxiety and I love staying inside haha I'm so weird omg I'm soooo awkward" thing like it's so cool and #relatable to be uncomfortable in public and around other people.. Especially because you can totally they tell slurp up attention with a straw and love having people worship them. What they really mean is they love attention but can't handle criticism or anybody going against them. Or they love attention but they hate actually interacting with fans. People like dan tries so hard to stay a relatable awkward teenager, even tho is he now a millionare adult.. Mark is the opposite of an introvert.. It's cringy and fake.

No. 630291

Three more thrill seeking Youtubers have died: High On Life SundayFundayz.

The group is known for making globe-trotting videos and attempting daring stunts and heart-racing activities such as diving off 32ft diving boards, hiking daring cliffs, and jumping off waterfalls.

The group has run in to trouble for their dare-devil antics.

In September 2016 Gamble, Lyakh, and two other friends Justis Cooper Price-Brown and Hamish McNab Campbell faced charges for vandalizing Yellowstone National park by dipping their hands into the Grand Prismatic Springs - the largest hot spring in the US that is off limits to visitors.

They spent seven days in jail for violating the Yellowstone rules in Wyoming and were banned from US federal lands.


No. 630352

Recent drama. The dad from a popular family vlogging channel (ingham family of 5) has had a number of allegations of meeting up with young fans and trying to have sex with them . Not sure what to think really, it kinda checks out but I think the girl could have got more definitive proof. Although the number thing is the most damning imo. Not sure how good this video is but I can't find the one I saw originally. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rssrOloRbPE

No. 634555

Wait, Dad of 5? The one who bullied his young son?

No. 634564

Nah different.

No. 634613

Jesus what stupid idiots. I can’t even feel bad for them.

No. 635475

Interestingly these guys are still making videos. I haven't had the heart to check them out but I'm guessing it's either overly nice (to the point its fake) or just the same shit.

No. 640887

Not anymore. Their channel (the FamilyoFive Gaming channel made from the MommyoFive channel) was removed by Youtube earlier today. Philip Defranco went over the topic in his new PDS video today and got the news as a last second update to the story. (PDS here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdit-jUXlpc)

Oddly enough, there is another FamilyoFive channel up with videos last posted 9 months ago, but I don't know what the deal is with that channel.

No. 644526

I know that lolcow is not fond of discussing cows that thrive on negative attention (any attention) but I am seriously curious to know what farmers think of the Fouseytube situation. We often throw around mental health terms but in this case I think this guy is genuinely losing some screws and having a major mental breakdown in front of everyone.

I find Pew's video to be the best summarizing it without trying to be nice or be like "we believe in you, my bro, but why you do this doe"

Also if you have a few hrs to burn while doing house chores you can see the insanity unfold in this podcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psIPtKiU-ak

It was originally an interview with Shane Dawson but it was hijacked by Fouseytube and a few others. It was pretty insane imo.

No. 644661


It's so difficult even listen to him talk anymore, but basically…

He saw what happened with Tanacon and wanted to throw a similar event for "free" at the Greek Theater. "July 15th". Advertised it as "hate dies, love arrives", an event "bigger than coachella", promised his fans that several creators and recording artists were going to perform including Drake.

July 15th, the event didn't happen. Some people showed up out of curiosity waiting to see what would happen but it got SWATed. Fousey wasn't even there, he only showed up after the venue was cleared. So whoever stuck around after gathered around him as he stood atop his uber driver's car. Promising the uber driver 50,000 to use it as a stage, he gave some speech and rapped his song.

Turns out, the "Hate Die, Love Arrives" June 15th event was all self serving to promote his new song. A diss track on fellow Youtuber, Ricegum that he was going to perform after he planned on "delivering the best motivational speech the world has ever heard" on stage.

Fousey also lied about Drake. He did stalk Drake, but Drake was never scheduled to perform. Drake actually confirmed that not only did he have nothing to do with the event and had no knowledge of it, he never even met Fousey, nor does he even know who he is.

A lot are arguing that it's basically a manic episode and delusions of grandeur of a manipulative narcissist. (Fousey's confirmed that he's been off his meds.)

Anytime Fousey's been questioned about anything, he just goes off on a tangent or a rant and talks about something else.

He's since been trying to schedule the next event. Cringely @ing random celebrities like Lebron and Jcole to try to be a part of it.

The 3 part documentary about FouseyCon by Keemstar on DramaAlert

The Hard Truth About FouseyTube
part 1

part 2

part 3

No. 645000

I didn't find this girl anywhere else on lolcow and wanna talk shit, she does all these shitty hauls and gives off skelly vibes. ft. the annoying ass bird

No. 645027

Watched a few of her hauls, she's said something about working in media development before and studying before making her channel so it kind of makes me wonder if she's really like this irl or if this is just a character she made to get a big youtube following. Same with how she's trying to get her roomie started with a youtube following, and how her channel grew crazy fast.

Also wondered a couple times if she and her bf are really that touchy feely with her "ex" or if the two guys and her are just in a poly relationship together, I thought the way she got matching shirts for her and her ex in the last haul was sus.

No. 645073

I don't think she's too bad but I do think the whole "make a huge haul for a clickbait youtube title and then send everything back" thing is quite unethical and lol at when she goes off about what color mint is and is completely wrong.

No. 645098

>>645027 she's mentioned in some of her videos that she used to be alt and basically had a completely different style, she even showed pics. She apparently also lost a lot of weight.
I find it kind of weird that someone would go through such a dramatic change like that, makes me wonder what could have triggered it.
She's also really defensive about everything and complains in every single video about people telling her the cheap fast fashion she wears doesn't suit her as well as other nitpicks she sees in her comments.
As annoying as she is though she doesn't seem like a bad person or anything, and I doubt there's anything juicy about her out there

No. 645117

It's totally possible she's an anachan with how thin she is now + how she ragged on her stomach for being big or whatever in the boohoo haul, but that's not really milky in itself.

I really think the style change was just to hop on the kawaii bandwagon for follows and money, or she wouldn't be riding it this hard. Makes me wonder if she will change her style when people get tired of her content/trends change or if she will just keep spending more and more money on pastel garbage hauls to keep the shock factor going.

No. 645204

OH thanks for the info! She just had this weird vibe to her, but yea not milky it seems. She does seem a bit ddlg but who the fuck doesn't these days in the ugu kawaii field.

No. 645490

Been watching a few of her videos now. She isn't particularly annoying but the big deal she makes in every video about people complaining about her bird is so obnoxious. Coming from someone who has a shopping addiction, she definitely has a serious and unhealthy one.

No. 645492

She says in this video around 22:33 that she wasn't able to fit into any of the 'one size' clothes on her past harajuku trips and couldn't buy anything, she also shows some pre-weight loss photos. Definitely getting anachan vibes and she looks like she hopped onto this style for attention because she used to be really normie.

No. 645688

While her content is boring and samey, I don't think she's milky. I think that she's probably just a very boring person IRL.

No. 645694

I guess it's possible that the change was purely for views, just seems crazy to me to live in a 24/7 pastel puke nightmare if you're not into it. Then again I don't depend on the internet for cash.
Her japan haul videos are probably the most interesting of hers because she provides a lot of info about herself in them. I think in her Daiso haul she shares this hilariously weeby tale about how a Japanese family friend always told her that she "must have been Japanese in a past life" because she likes to eat with chopsticks. It's so goofy and she seems to be REALLY proud of that fact.

No. 646018

Boogie2988 just got fucking dragged. He got divorced last year and has been talking shit about his ex-wife on stream and doing other retarded stuff. Most recently he did ASMR cunnilingus and choking and joked about cutting open a clitoris.

Anyway he dated this girl (she was 19, 20 now he's 44 today) after his wife left him.


he told her to keep his 'fucking name out of' her mouth so she calls him 'asshole.' She thought he was nice at first because she knew him from YouTube and he's basically the Mr. Rogers of the internet. Then she became his caretaker, he wouldn't let her leave or work (she's a camgirl) he wasn't okay with her camming even though he knew what he was getting into from the beginning. He never gave a shit about her and just whined about his problems all the time. She asked him for money since she couldn't work and he gave her $20.

He just talked shit to her all the time and screamed at her, made her feel like crap. She said that he's doing this to other girls even younger than her which was a reason why she came forward.

No. 646250

>dating a 19 year old
fucking repulsive. how is this socially acceptable?

honestly, I'm not surprised to hear that he's a cunt. boogie seems really two-faced and he's not the ''nice guy'' he always claims to be.
him bragging on h3's podcast about having sex with younger women was absolutely draining to listen to (I'm assuming he was talking about this girl but he never mentioned names iirc).

No. 646423

Has anyone ever watched velvetgh0st (Gabriella Lindsey) or seen her Twitter? I find her to be extremely rude to her fans and all she ever does is complain about everything yet she tries to portray herself as this friendly shy girl. I’ll find screenshots of some of her particularly obnoxious tweets if anyone is interested.

No. 646470

He went on Keemstar. Keem took his side. He also brought up why would she wait so long to expose him if it was that bad.

Because she's fucking 19 you dipshit and abusive relationships aren't black and white. He fucking knows better, he was with his abusive mother until she died and his wife stayed with him despite her being afraid of his constant tantrums.

No. 646484

>Most recently he did ASMR cunnilingus
God no

No. 646504

it seems like she has some issues from a difficult childhood but over the past few years especially she's become unbearable

i go through phases of reading her threads on gossip forums but her twitter and videos themselves are hard to stomach. she's so frustrating and hypocritical, forever inserting her negative opinion on something where it's not wanted, and blocking people left right and centre

she has such a poor attitude towards so many things with seemingly little self-awareness. i feel sorry for her sometimes but she acts so horribly it's difficult to

No. 646568

File: 1532485616715.png (198.35 KB, 963x893, upload_2018-6-19_5-56-51.png)

I don't believe half the shit Boogie says about his abusive childhood, he said his father raped his sister and then posted this shortly after. It's amazing how much he gets away with just because he has a reputation as a nice guy.

No. 646598

so i listened to his interview on h3 podcast and before going into it - i really thought he was a nice guy though i never paid attention to him much….he was talking about dating a feeder and white ethan was like "what the fuck thats fucked" boogie was reminsicing and talking about how it was "awesome" etc, and the only reason he broke up with her was becuase he needed to go to the doctors and she wouldnt let him, not because she was a total freak. it really set me off…
he seems to be aware that he has insane anger issues, but seems like he doesn't do too much to get actual help.

No. 646610

Jesus christ who would ever want to listen to this fucker do that.

No. 646616

I get the impression that Boogie wants pity more than he wants to get better.

No. 646751

File: 1532516966502.png (21.4 KB, 619x530, kNSlAnF.png)

Can't stand Boogie and his nice guy shtick. It's not hard to believe this girl when he goes around doing stuff like this:
https://imgur.com/a/8s9x2 (the whole conversation is in the link)

No. 646767

What exactly is happening here? Some context might help because all I'm seeing is some dude harrassing him about matters he admits he is against but doesn't want to waste time watching videos on, until he snaps and starts sending some spam messages. He should have just stopped replying long ago and its a bit weird but I wouldn't really call it "3 hours of abuse"

No. 646783

I wouldn't call it "3 hours of abuse" either, but I also wouldn't say the other dude is "harassing" him.

I tried finding the context, but sadly couldn't. Boogie's sperging is just really fucking weird and childish, especially coming from the ~nicest guy on the internet~

No. 646905

It looked like the other dude was really trying to get a reaction out of Boogie…
I don’t know man, it looks like harassing to me.
Don’t care for both if them anyway

No. 648340

An editor on Game Theory, Ronnie committed suicide.

Anyone else find it weird how the people on game theory are acting? he committed suicide almost a month ago and are posting all over their social media about how sad they are. They found out two days after and if you go back to their twitters they're complaining about innocuous shit or fighting with sjws for being triggered. Their sympathy feels so fake and I feel so bad for Ronnie.

No. 648738

yáll seen the stuff about pewds posting a meme mocking demi lovato? got a lot of people heated over it. spoilering the meme as it's somewhat insensitive https://www.wetheunicorns.com/youtubers/pewdiepie/deleted-demi-lovato-meme-sparks-backlash/

No. 648739

File: 1532695612926.jpg (Spoiler Image,56.74 KB, 660x719, burger demi.jpg)

ffs of course I forget to attach the image

No. 648740

Everyone has the liberty to thing what they want about the situation but this thing…this isnt even edgy funny, it feels more like he's just trying to stay relevant

No. 648741

Fuck think

No. 648748

>pewds being an edgy asshole
More news at 5.

No. 648754

Everyone getting mad like
>addiction is so common, it affects so many people
>people die from drugs, it's so insensitive
>what about your coffee/prescriptions/alcohol hypocrite

Like why the fuck do these people pretend to care so much? In what way does this joke actually affect their lives and loved ones?

I also deal with addiction myself and it runs through my family. It can wreck lives. But memes don't wreck lives and they hold no importance at all. Pewds is hurting literally no one and they're pretending otherwise, claiming they let too many of his jokes slide, like come the fuck on, don't watch him if you risk being hurt by a joke.

No. 648764

yeah it's not remotely a funny meme but it's definitely not offensive enough to be featured in news articles. the bbc, the daily mail and insider have all done articles about pewdiepie posting a meme like really? is there no other news today? news headline: pewdiepie apologises about being an edgy lil shit

No. 648766

I also deal with addiction (I'm a heroin addict) and while I don't think the meme is funny, it's definitely been blown out of proportion. Plus, Demi Lovato's struggle with heroin addiction is well known. It's not like this is a secret! It's a meme that does nothing but point out the obvious. Super 'edgy' but not offensive, in my opinion anyway

No. 648893

the way he described this girl on the h3 podcast was like "super hot young 19 year old camgirl who's anorexic" and was basically bragging like it was a big deal and ethan even join in but like..no offense to her but she's extremely average-homely looking to the point it's hard to even believe she's a camgirl. It kinda makes it all the more gross, like she's just a stupid 19 year old that boogie fucked and can't get over because gross losers going "a super obese guy getting laid gasp i can 't even get a girlfriend!!!". fucking great standards.

No. 648905

Samefage but seriously?
>Arkansas 10 but an LA 8
Ik your standards are low when you're 44 and a lard ass but in what universe. He really just wanted everyone to think he was fucking supermodel or something.

No. 649843

yeah that girl is not an 8 in any city, state or country.

No. 650084

No. 650474

File: 1532892934536.jpeg (163.99 KB, 601x533, imgce096caczikfzj.jpeg)

fucking gross. I regret clicking that because she looks like a literal child. Just imagining a 44 year old being into her, I get that she's legal but it makes my skin crawl that Boogie would call her "hot".

sage for overreacting but, seriously.

No. 651651

File: 1533012365717.jpeg (21.48 KB, 242x255, 62C573C4-2A75-4BD5-93C8-743D0F…)

No. 653260

File: 1533109710861.jpg (44.32 KB, 640x427, fat.jpg)

A slew of old porn sites that Boogie use to run have surfaced. In them you can read about how he use to organize orgies, how he was possibly a pimp, his review of a fleshlight, and a whole lot more.

No. 655465

File: 1533295132522.jpg (117.89 KB, 634x629, 4EBFBFEC00000578-6016823-Royal…)

Shamelessly stolen from kiwifarms:

YouTube suspends father's channel with more than 5.6million subscribers after he fed his children ice cream laced with LAXATIVES and then filmed them crying in pain and on the toilet

Cordero James Brady, 29, from Nevada, runs the YouTube channel CJ SO COOL, which has over 5.6million followers. The channel is monetized - which means he sells his channel to advertisers, with the more people watching the ads, the more money they stand to make. 

Last week his channel was suspended over the vicious practical joke that appeared to have made his children physically sick. The 'laxative ice cream' video was permanently removed.

In the vlog, Brady films himself dosing his children's ice cream with Pedia-Lax and then feeding it to them. He then films 90-minutes later, showing his children screaming and crying in pain.

'My stomach hurts,' screams one of his kids. 'Oh my goodness, this boy's stomach is broken!' he jokes. 

Then, he films his youngest two- a boy and a girl, in separate bathrooms, as they sit on the toilet crying, trying to close the door on him- as he continues to hold the camera on them. 

A Henderson Police Department source told DailyMail.com: 'There was a case that was investigated in 2016 involving laxatives and this individual. It was a joint investigation with Clark County Child Protective Services. It was submitted to the DAs office and it was recommended as a criminal case.'

It is not yet clear what charges have been made and although it would seem the video was filmed two years ago, it appears YouTube only removed the video last week when the site babe.net initially reported on it. 

Brady's 'pranks' have left his children in tears before. 

In what appears to be another since removed video, he lights fireworks in the kids' room as they sleep, and when they start crying- he laughs saying 'it's a prank because they think somebody was shooting!'

In another video, which is still up, that he calls 'The Drowning Baby Prank' he tells his partner Royalty Johnson, 28, their child has drowned.

When she frantically runs out of the house, Brady shouts: 'It's a prank, sucker!'

And, in yet another of the disturbing and upsetting content he posted, he filmed his partner coming out of a haze after just having miscarried. 

In another horrifying prank, it is Royalty getting Brady, using their son, who she has pretend to get a pencil stuck in his eye.

By the end of that particular gag, Brady is crying and so is his son- after they both are left terrified. 

Once babe.net posted their article on the laxatives 'prank,' YouTube released a statement saying 'content that endangers minors is unacceptable to us and we have strict policies prohibiting child endangerment and harmful and dangerous content. We remove content that violates our policies as soon as we're made aware of it.' 

No. 655466

Just goes to show no matter how much of a disgusting lardball loser a guy is, he always thinks he's entitled to a slim, attractive woman.

No. 655504

I remember when that video was shown on different talk shows a few years back as a discussion point about abusing and exploiting children for internet fame, or a topic along those lines. People were very appalled by it. Strange that Youtube only did something about it now and not back then.

No. 658614

Lmao this is such bullshit

Daddyoffive still active
Logan Paul still active
All those creepy prank channels active

call it tinfoil but me thinks youtube is more forgiving to a certain type of group

No. 658656

Liberal companies like YouTube only act diverse as long as it fits their current agenda for the time. But, they are usually hidden racists.

No. 658680

Pewdiepie is funny to this day because he singlehandedly caused the "Adpocalypse" by saying a single word and people still suck on his tits.

No. 658689

Daddy/FamilyoFive is down for good. Youtube got rid of them just the other day.

No. 658764

oh shit thanks for the update, alright CJ can go too lol.

Damn Do5 couldn't stop beating his kids, fucked up

No. 661744

I like Shane Dawson, but he's been annoying me in his last few videos. I know him and Jeffree are friends but the last 2 videos he made with Jeffree were awful.

He kept going on about how 'poor' he was the entire time. I even got vibes from Jeffree that Shane's behaviour and self deprecating jokes were a bit annoying towards the end.

Then the whole wanting to release a makeup palette. He and Ryland sounded so greedy.
Also when Jeffree told him about self harm, Shane reacts like OMG WTF to his scars. I feel like even though his editing is getting really good, he's starting to get a greedy money hungry vibe in his videos lately and it rubs me the wrong way.
Also his exaggerated concern when whoever he is interviewing… it seems so contrived. He needs to act more natural instead of acting so suprised about everything.

Also completely petty of me, but it drives me crazy the amount of times he touches his chin, or picks/scratches at his face and ears ALL the time. It's kind of gross because it's so constant.
Tana does the same thing with eye boogers. She picks them out and rolls and flicks on camera several times in almost every video and it's fucking distgusting. Edit that shit out!!!!

No. 662211

Shane is so gross. I honestly hope Shane lurks here because he needs to know that being disgusting, not showering, picking ur face and ass in public and pissing in cups in your car isn’t a cute quirk like im pretty sure he thinks it is.

No. 662568


I deal with pretty severe depression that impedes my ability to care for myself so sometimes I watch Shane's videos and just think to myself "at least I don't piss in bottles"

No. 662586

>his editing is getting really good
are you joking or are you impressed by any editing that wasn't done in iMovie? his editing is literal garbage, exactly what you should expect from a mediocre youtuber trying to emulate a tlc series style.

No. 666707

I honestly didn't mind Shane that much but Ryland was really money hungry when talking about the pallet. His eyes lit up and he got all intense talking about how much money they could make. Shane so obviously has a gold digger bf which I find really sad cause I do honestly believe that Shane loves him. Hell, maybe Ryland does too, but money seems to be a massive motivation for Ryland

No. 675607

Anyone else watch Abi? I found her from Claum lol a while back. Honestly she's pretty funny, but it's shocking how much she overshares. In this video she tells/asks her friend if she can smell her ass and that she didn't wipe properly. In her newest video "fat in Australia" she talks about the porn she has watched, it really made me laugh but that's too much.

No. 675621

I get the vibe that one day she'll ditch Calum. She's nothing but a joke to him. A fag hag he can insult for fun

No. 675624

I reckon she overshares because she's used to being the butt of every joke and she acts more outrageous and bogan to get Claum's approval.

No. 676179

Yeah probably, even friends joke with each other. It must hurt if it's all the time hearing insults.
I can see that, at least she's not at the point of being too annoying like Britney Saunders. I can only handle so much bogan

No. 698708

Has anyone been catching up on Greg Paul? Allegedly he's a paedophile and was in possession of child porn but the hackers are being vague about it

No. 698839

File: 1538086477465.jpg (192.06 KB, 580x397, Jake-Logan-Paul-Dad-Greg-Paul-…)

I would be SHOCKED to learn that this man is a pedophile.

No. 699565

File: 1538162342089.png (619.45 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-09-28-17-01-30…)

Okay so this was taken from Annika Victoria 's recent instagram story. And as much as I fully support her for everything related to her disability, making them more known etc this just reeks of bullshit
Nothing is wrong with asking for captions, I don't have any problem with that, but her "I can't look at screens for long because migraines" ??? Captioning is less tiring and time consuming than video editing ?? I get that she can't do it all at once, but this general excuse " can't look at screens uwu" when she EDITS videos is irritating the hell out of me

No. 699659

I assumed her husband (or boyfriend not sure which don’t watch enough to know) did it because she seems to have so many issues with light sensitivity? Or maybe she’s just having one of her off days. I do agree that the “uwu screens hurting my eyes” is fucking grating and not needed. Just ask the community for help or don’t we don’t need to hear the sob story imo

No. 699731

>I can't handle looking at screens!
>but I can see my phone screen fine that doesn't count

No. 701861

THANK GOD I was hoping Pewds would make a video on it. It's so accurate

No. 702774

ThreadBanger's kinda getting on my nerves with how they mad are at not getting money from AdSense when they could so easily just stop with the swearing and fake blood. It's not like any of that is really funny anymore. Also, kind of don't understand Corinne because she claims she's better than Rob by doing research but still barely scratches the surface.

No. 702785

Pewdiepie does good series videos when he actually puts the work into it.

Shane is freakin obnoxious imo and i dunno why anyone sympathizes with him.

No. 702811

They've both been annoying corny cunts ever since around the time that Rob's "oops i cut my hand ha ha TRIGGER WARNING" schtick started

No. 702879

That's true. I will admit I overlooked that cringe because I enjoyed their videos but now it's like once a week Rob uploads a picture to their community page about another video getting demonetized. I understand it sucks, losing your main source of income because of swearing and a little bit of fake blood/staged violence, but it's not the end of the world. YouTube does not ensure you will get money.

No. 702924

I saw some people in the comments defending Shane and saying it was the Therapist's fault, not his, and that he was gullible or whatever. I don't agree with this, it's his job. He knows how many people watch his videos, especially kids. You'd think he would've done more research or at least gotten someone professional if they were going to make the mental illness aspect of it such a big part. I feel like he just thought of this video as one of this conspiracy videos or something and didn't think of the consequences of not treating the subject matter seriously. It just seems lazy to me.

No. 702950

Theres a separate thread for Shane, talk about it there or at least sage this shit.

No. 703520

File: 1538601896195.jpg (74.1 KB, 862x308, dapdying.jpg)

the dying channels discussion is more on the Shane Dawson&co thread but I thought this would fit here better

remember when every corner of the internet was just full of comments about Dan and Phil? they can't even hit half a million views with clickbait fanservice titles anymore, they have over 3 million subs on that gaming channel. Dan has uploaded 8 videos to his own channel in the last year; 3 of those were just plugging this years Dan and Phil tour. the fans have moved on (a lot are seemingly now kpop fans) and they can't attract new viewers when they're still pulling the 2011 quirky random stuff. I hope they invested well and they save the cash from these tours because in the last year they've gone from having one of the loudest, strongest, most loyal fanbases to being close to dead on the platform.

reading the forum dedicated to the two of them is still funny because they still insist that their dying audience is just because of the mean YouTube algorithm and not because their fans don't care. The forum is just either 'uwu my precious smol boys' or creepy, deeply invested conspiracy theories and discussions about the exact layout of their flat. a few years ago a thread on the phandom would've been amazing here, but now all they do is keep insisting they find Phil's brachycephaly self attractive. one of the worst things I saw on Tumblr coming from the phandom was a fic a girl wrote about them being 13 and 14 year old stepbrothers fucking. they've been insisting that 'this is the year they come out!' every year since 2013 and I think that's the only reason there's any at all still hanging around

No. 703531

File: 1538602497218.jpg (409.42 KB, 1080x1069, 20181003_233343.jpg)

Is Marzia's brother's girlfriend trying to be Marzia?

No. 703544

>dating a girl that looks like she's your sister's twin
Uh? This isn't one of those faceswap photos? Weird.

No. 703564

Don't know who these people are, but…Which one is the sister? Imagine knowing for sure that your brother DEFINITELY wants to fuck you.

No. 703599

Marzia (left) is PewDiePies girlfriend

No. 703622

this is actually really, really fucking creepy. like either he knows and deals with it, or knows and likes it.

also re: dan and phil, the queerbaiting makes me actually hate them. i used to love dan but honestly they squander their popularity.

No. 703628

Sorry about that, didn't know there was a separate one.

No. 703652

That's actually pretty creepy

No. 703746

I saw this not too long ago on Marzia's instagram and looked in to the brothers girlfriend. She dyed her hair blonde and then pink after Marzia did and even borrowed one of her dresses for an event. Its pretty creepy.

No. 703755

lol gurl is pulling a dasha on her. Marzia watch out sis gurl might try and wear your skin!

No. 704139

File: 1538669686679.jpeg (1.07 MB, 2048x2048, D93DCB2A-8427-4EE6-86FC-ABC5BE…)

she’s doing it for quite a while. she even had pink hair

No. 704182

If I were Marzia, i'd stay the fuck away from this chick

No. 704318

File: 1538684602857.jpg (413.3 KB, 1080x1072, Screenshot_20181004-222056_Ins…)

They all look like clones of eachother

Marzia looks super busted here

No. 704319

I wonder what Pewdiepie thinks of this? That girl isn't even trying not to be a Mariza clone. It's pretty disconcerning.

No. 704334

Ok but what about the fact that her brother fell for and dates his sister's clone?
Pretty weird family dynamics if you ask me.

No. 704350

honestly Marzia looks like a botched middle aged housewife these days so I'm not sure why you'd want to skin walk her specifically. but yeah, creepy as fuck from all sides.

No. 704364

File: 1538690412670.jpg (81.58 KB, 500x375, californians2.jpg)

No. 704725

File: 1538729711524.jpeg (103.72 KB, 800x784, 5F67BF2C-8752-4D32-90CC-520DF5…)

She wasn’t mimicking Marzia so blatantly before.

No. 704785

File: 1538742855055.png (29.18 KB, 707x240, h3fjk65Yr.png)

Marzia's family seems shady in general, one of the users on guru gossip discovered that her parents are sympathetic towards the rightwing parties.

No. 704786

File: 1538742905068.png (727.32 KB, 802x1180, ImcyVlM.png)

No. 704794

sadly this is almost a mandatory requirement to be a middle to upper class Italian citizen, not to defend Marzia's family.
It's usually just relentless ranting in person and not memes though.

No. 704816

Wew, did she and Marzia go to the same surgeon?

No. 704818

Eh, Italy is a pretty conservative country so it's to be expected that older people would be right-leaning. Can't see the outrage about that

No. 704825

lol being right leaning is no more "shady" than being left leaning

No. 704828

Her brother is a wannabe game developer or whatever. I remember marzia promoting his game way back

I wonder if he got into game development because of pewdiepie lol hes leeching too

No. 705182

Hila is pregnant! I can't imagine them at parents, but they seem so happy.

No. 705184

Yeah sadly even my dad is kinda not internet savvy and share those kind of fake news over fb. I wouldn't hold it against anyone if their 50 something family members share random crap they find on social media.

No. 705189

>immigration mass cleansing.

Another Hitler wannabe

No. 705198

Dan and Phil just don’t give a fuck about their fans and it’s hilarious, they way their fans jump through mental hoops in order to justify anything surrounding them is amazing.

I remember reading that forum when they first went on tour and those freaks rang the bus company to find out the exact layout of the bus they toured in so they could prove they slept in the same bed, these are fully grown adult women some with kids who they watch Dan and Phil videos with.

They’re ugly as fuck, Phil looks like a massively inbred Benedict Cumberbatch and Dan is a plain, uggo British person.

No. 705254

They're really only popular because of their queerbaiting tbh. A lot of women and girls will absolutely eat up anything related to gay men being cutesy together, and for some reason if the relationship is unconfirmed it just makes them more rabid about it.

No. 705333

A bit of devil's advocate though, in the case that they were in a relationship I'd see them look at their fans and be scared of how they'd act if they were actually out given the crazy shit their fans do now
Granted, they have started to really play up their ~potential~ relationship~ for views recently so this theory is a lot less valid than a few years ago but I could still see it. I'd try and be as private as possible if I had fans like theirs

No. 705433

Good for them, but I don't think it's the best moment for a baby. Ethan is depressed, Hila has recently lost her dad… and postpartum depression is no joke.

No. 716511

File: 1539917177746.jpg (169.08 KB, 1018x1278, Screenshot_20181018-224248_1.j…)

What do you guys think of Hila's collab? At first glance I do think it's kind of cute. I've never been a big fan of Teddy Fresh though,
the mascot is too simplistic and the colors aren't my taste. She's not the worst artist though, her work just isn't for me

No. 716836

I don't get this weird sarcastic fashion. Ripndip is at last somewhat humorous (moreover, aside from that they have some stuff that is pretty without being funny/weird) while Teddy Fresh looks like straight up kids fashion. I just don't understand. I guess the whole appeal is wearing something that screams h3h3 so you're like c o o l.

No. 716849

So what do you guys think about Ethan's most recent fiasco? As much as I'm not a fan of Pewds, he made this video with good points. In short, many Youtubers (including H3H3) sponsored BetterHelp, which is a scam shilled as "cheaper therapy" and many of the "counselors" don't even have a degree or are qualified in any way, and the sponsoring Youtubers get $200 per every person who signs up through their link. Basically moneygrabbing at its finest, but worse because we're talking about mental health.
Ethan saw the video, saw the tiny snippet of him among the other Youtubers sponsoring Betterhelp, and sperged in a podcast (https://youtu.be/a2DrjY_YdZI), refused to be held accountable and started throwing Felix under the bus and rambling about "Youtube community being toxic".
His own fans turned against him in the comment section.
These two are going to become parents soon.

No. 716855

>started throwing Felix under the bus and rambling about "Youtube community being toxic"
do you mind giving a timestamp, anon? don't want to sit through an hour of this podcast

No. 716888

Good video regarding how ironic it is for Ethan to be whining about Felix "attacking him" when he literally went against him during the whole n word drama to make himself look good.

It has the clips of what he said during the podcast to save you time.

No. 716897

Did he really call PDP fro that video? Kek
Ethan has been all over him every time he “screw up” and more than willing to take the views for it
Besides Ethan was obviously in the wrong he even admitted he didn’t use Betterhelp to threat his depression and didn’t even check how the app worked before the sponsorship, it isn’t Felix’s fault he is so money hungry to just sponsor the first sketchy company that gives him a offer

No. 716905


no wk-ing but you've precisely pointed out their intended brand aesthetic.

hila has said on several occasions how it fucks her off that adult clothing these days is /mostly/ (!!!) muted colours, mostly, well "boring" adult fashion when children's clothing is colourful and a lot is going on pattern wise and she wanted to create fashion that emulated that.

(i'm just reiterating her words, i realise there's j-fashion asf.)

No. 716908

Pale colours and muted colours tend to be the most aesthetically pleasing and are classic/timeless which is why adults are wearing them. She looks ridiculous in her "kidcore" outfits.

No. 716913

Ethan's been a lolcow since he got caught literally ripping off Sam Hyde's videos. He will forever be an unoriginal, money hungry sow who's jealous of Pewdiepie's success. I don't even care for felix or marzia, but felix's videos are so much more entertaining than watching Ethan and Hila look drugged out on xanax and take forever to speak a sentence.

No. 716922

>when he literally went against him during the whole n word drama to make himself look good
And when he hosted idubbbz on the podcast he wouldn't stop saying "niggerfaggot" to the point that even Ian was uncomfortable and told him to stop saying it.

No. 717528

>He will forever be an unoriginal, money hungry sow who's jealous of Pewdiepie's success
This. I really hate his "recent"(if you think barely one video a month counts as that) tlc videos. It's such easy, obvious commentary over shows that everyone with common sense knows is played up/mostly faked and yet he treats them like they're 100% real. How is it in his older videos he had no problem calling out fake pranks but, with this he refuses to actually be realistic. Like, do you honestly believe anything from 90 day fiance is legit? Are you fucking 12? I get that the majority of his audience is now but, jfc you attacked mainstream youtube like you're totally above easy pandering but, I can't think of anything more "whorish" as far as commentary videos goes then doing several videos on how craaazzzzyyy tlc shows are.

I can't believe I use to watch him sometimes. I don't think he's changed as a person, he's just keeps exposing more about himself and that's most thanks to his shitty podcast and dear fucking god those retarded tweets.

I don't dislike Hila, I honestly believe Ethan makes all the major decisions regarding their channel, podcasts, and the gross app game they shilled etc. I just don't get how she can put up with him.

No. 717561

Hila comes off as very submissive/shy. Many times you can see how she thinks Ethan is wrong and wants to say something, but stops right away. She's probably scared of hurting his fragile ego or something

No. 717635

I get that she is shy(I found her really relatable at the beginning when she was blunt about feeling awkward on camera etc) and it's probably harder to speak up especially on the podcasts because they're live and probably doesn't want to make him look bad. It's just, I don't get how it must be off camera with Ethan, even if she is shy I can't imagine putting up with his dumbass without saying something regarding his stupid behavior.

No. 717656

>I don't dislike Hila, I honestly believe Ethan makes all the major decisions regarding their channel, podcasts, and the gross app game they shilled etc.
On the bright side, at least Hila has Teddy Fresh.

Though, I wouldn't be surprised if Zumiez drops Teddy Fresh because Ethan doesn't know how to shut up lol.

No. 717678

The worst video of H3H3 as far has been when they invited Bill Burr
I couldnt even finish it for how akward everything was
You could tell Ethan was getting really defensive about little comments Bill did and Hila was trying to save the podcast but at the she couldnt say anything really important since everytime Bill and Hila talked Ethan got really fucking weird.

No. 717746

He's clearly in a bad mental state these days. And they decided to have a baby… this can't end well

No. 717802

>literally ripping off Sam Hyde's videos
sorry if it's obvious but what's that about? I'm hearing about it for the first time

No. 718053

imagine being so desprate for views you start spreading /co/ propaganda.

No. 718207

Welcome to youtube.
Where being desperate makes you do dumb videos

No. 718269

I wonder if it was a band-aid baby or if they had been trying for a long time and she happened to get pregnant at the worst possible time. Hila doesn't seem terribly …fertile, I guess. She's so thin and it wouldn't surprise me if she had fertility issues due to her weight.

I used to like Ethan but he's such a self important flake these days that I've lost a lot of respect for him. Mostly I feel bad for Hila and feel like she deserves better.

No. 718270

They had said on their podcast they've been trying for a long time. There's a clip from the podcast where Ethan talks about going to a fertility clinic to get his sperm tested.

No. 718441

I think the collab was cute. I like h3h3 and Teddy Fresh has some cool clothes, but I probably wouldn’t buy it if I wasn’t an h3h3 fan. It’s also funny how when Hila first announced Teddy Fresh, she and Ethan both stated that Teddy Fresh is independent from h3h3 and isn’t h3h3 merch, but now they constantly plug new Teddy Fresh products on their podcasts. Like why couldn’t they have just acknowledged that most of Teddy Fresh’s consumers would be h3h3 fans lol?

No. 718648

Marzia's leaving YouTube. She doesn't give any concrete reason for why, but I suspect her clothing and home lines (she's hand making pottery now) are doing well enough financially (+Pewdiepie's own significant income) that she doesn't feel like she needs to be a public figure anymore. I wonder what she plans to do with the rest of her social media??

No. 718658

She'll probably continue being an instagram influencer, I mean she doesn't have much going for her other than pewds

She started her channel because of him, not cuz she was passionate about it.

I also saw pewds uploaded a similar video

No. 718730

In her blog she says she won't blog anymore either but she will be active on instagram and twitter still.
She also mass deleted her youtube videos.

No. 718912

It is weirdly topical, but I don't think Pewds will stop anytime soon. He does enjoy what he does too much for that.
As for Marzia, I really like her videos and I think they are adorable together, but let's be real, she'll get all the perks from being married to Pewds anyways, and there's no law that says a YouTuber's wife has to be on YT herself. Maybe it was all just a bit much, or maybe they plan on having a family soon, and I totally understand not wanting to do videos once there's a child in the picture.

No. 719071

She doesnt need to make videos anymore when her basic sweaters and pottery sell out almost instantly I guess

No. 719075

Why work when your husband make makes millions.

No. 719092

>She also mass deleted her youtube videos.
It's so weird, she was posting every month for years, her latest video couldn't have been more than two weeks ago, and now this.
I understand not wanting to bother with youtube, sponsors, editing anymore but it's kind of a waste to lose a revenue stream like this. Even if she doesn't need the money she could have donated it or something.

No. 719241

I too believe it's because she wants to go more private because of the marriage/possible children, although she and Felix were very open about the marriage details before so it's odd. The conspiracy theorist in me suspects her privacy has been somehow threatened behind the scenes so she did this and deleted almost everything, though that wouldn't make sense either since again they're open people and a full dox or whatever would've been done ages ago. I agree it's a waste to delete the videos not just as revenue but also as a portfolio/memories for herself. So odd.

No. 719291


i think you're right, re: her/their privacy was somehow compromised, maybe even because of her recent wedding vlogs. she basically deleted everything but a few travel blogs and one dog/felix video each (so no more shots of their apartments/houses/living spaces except for that pokémon stadium vid).

then again that also means she deleted all of her fashion/jewelry etc. videos which could mean she just wants to rebrand "Marzia's stuff".

i'm sorta sad, i really loved how both of them developed sorta wholesome-ly from quite cringey places.

No. 719393

File: 1540303213021.jpg (102.29 KB, 900x900, metokur.jpg)

Can someone give me a rundown of the Mr Metokur drama? Is it true that Sargon doxxed him?

No. 719425

Yikes. Were they planning this??

No. 719482

Marzia has an active thread on gurugossiper and they found a creepy dude commenting on her blog a while ago, but idk if that's it

I wonder what she'll do, i mean she's can't write, draw, design or sculp for shit

Also Felix mentioned in his video that they want to move to Japan…

No. 719516

Did she really just delete everything on her channel but like 4 videos?? Damn , that feels like a slap in the face to her fans tbh.

No. 719517

I follow most Metokur happenings and from my understanding Sargon wasn't directly responsible for the doxing which apparently isn't legitimate anyway. So Metokur is basically just laughing about it I guess. But I feel like Sargon and the skeptics and Kraut as well as furries and pedo Ross and Mundane Fat and others that Metokur has pissed off recently have come together or something to try for revenge. I'm sure that Sargon wanted to or tried to dox Metokur.

I just don't think Kraut and Sargon and the furries stand a chance in hell of "winning" against him in any way, because they are all cringey, they care too much, and have too many skeletons in their closets. They are arguably degenerates and the court of public opinion is pretty solidly for Metokur because he's funny, remains calm, and doesn't care as much as they do. He makes them all look stupid and that infuriates them. But It's their own fault because they took everything too seriously. Especially Kraut and Sargon. Those two have big unwarranted egos, wanted to be seen as better than they are, and by being that way as well as being too sensitive, they made it too easy.

No. 719542

I think it’s more just that she got over it. People fake it for a while before giving up and she isn’t the first one to stop suddenly or mass delete or suddenly reveal a change. Chances are she was forcing videos for a bit and finally decided that getting married means she can just be the housewife she actually wants to be.

She really never seemed passionate about YouTube, and you can see Felix enjoys doing them and changed things to when he hated the content he was making to keep enjoying it. I’m surprised she lasted this long really.

No. 719575

I can't get my head around how Hila said "I hope Louis CK is okay and has some good friends around him" on the H3 podcast in regards to his sexual assaults and totally got away with it. No one else has ever mentioned it.

No. 719624

shit I'm quite sad, but I know people are going to reupload etc. I honestly enjoyed her sweet and calm videos to relax, and her relationship with Felix is so wholesome. Kinda surprised this is so sudden but I hope she'll find happiness in other things , like you suggested.

>>719575 which podcast was that ? never heard of it

No. 719669

No. 719679

Yes, in a "if it happens it happens" kind of manner. Thinking it wasn't and then, it did after a few months.

No. 719726

wtf, is Hila really that kind of shitty person to disregard sexaul assault allegations?

No. 719727

It still sucks that people are attacking each other on her IG posts right now. Some fans want the videos back because they loved them and want to still support her through youtube, even if her channel is dead. Some other fans are telling them to fuck off. it's kinda crazy

No. 719732

He made a livestream earlier this week saying he was doxxed.
Kiwifarms claimed they did it, but apparently it was some youtube channel called "as told by anakin skywalker".
Details are pretty vague.
Apparently, what got him doxxed was a form his girlfriend filled out regarding voting for Trump.

There should be a mirror of the stream around somewhere.

No. 719788

He said "in the next 10 years", so it's not something a YT channel would need to be closed over. Plus I think once they'll have kids, they'll think again about moving to Japan. If it's only for a few years, it's nice, but staying there indefinitely with a 100% white kid is probably not as easy.

No. 719836

>what will she do

bitch is rich, she doesn't have to do anything. she can be housewife and fuck around on her own personal projects if she wants. I can't picture her being a mommy vlogger but who knows.

No. 719838

This. I also think being a YouTuber, despite everything, sounds very limiting in a way. She probably felt like there was really no room to grow anymore, and I can see why. She's been at 7 mil subscribers for 3 years now, althought she did get a good amount of views constantly. Also, she didn't really cave her way to fame there, it was given to her. I liked her vídeos a lot but it's not something that would normally turn someone so popular there.
She's young and rich so she can just wave it away. Hopefully she goes to a design uni or something like that and actually gets herself a career.

I'm just sad she stopped right now because I really liked the wedding stuff and wanted to see videos on the wedding itself or even of Ger choosing the decorativos.

No. 719841

>implying that Marzia lives off Felix. She's actually working on quite a few things. I don't think she's planning to lean back and only live off her future husband.

On a whole other note. Anyone seen the thing go down about this youtuber Snow who fakes his age so he can make creepy videos hitting on little (underage) girls? A new Austin Jones in the making? Video related..Dramaalert is shit I know, and I know Keem is a cow himself but this debate is such a mess,.. this Snow guy keeps on getting caught in lies and keeps lying although being crushed by facts. I also can't stop laughing about him trying to change the topic all the time by randomly saying things about this other guys channel like accusing him to view bot or whatnot.

No. 719997

I never got to see her last month worth of videos because of work, so i'm a bit sad. Hope someone reuploads them.

I remember enjoying their LA vlogs from last year.

No. 720116

You're missing the big part of the stream was that he was saying it wasn't even his dox in the first place.

No. 720156

yep. She's done it a few times now. At first said it "wasn't a big deal" as it was just masturbating in front of the women not actually touching them, then said she hopes Louis has "good friends around him in this hard time"
Ethan and Hila, several times now, have actually laughed talking about what Louis CK did and said they were excited for his ~killer comeback joke~ about the whole thing. I pray they do not have a daughter.

No. 720175

I agree on the Ethan/Hila thing. I think they get a lot of unfair hate for being Jewish but their sexism more than makes up for it.

No. 720256

>I pray they do not have a daughter
They shouldn't have kids, period. Ethan seems a narc and on top of that he recently said that he's depressed. Hila has lost her dad a couple of months ago, so she will likely not be in her best shape either. I get that they've apparently tried for so long so they wouldn't just abort it now, but I feel for the baby. If Hila is lucky enough not to be caught by PPD she might be a good mom, but I don't know about Ethan…

No. 720344

>He was masturbating in front of women

That's fucking sick. With that logic, she's also okay with guys doing shit in women's dressing rooms and bathrooms. Hilarious sounds sheltered if she thinks maybe that's okay. Gross. They shouldn't have kids at all

No. 720470

Is there anything problematic about Memelous?
Damn I remember reading something spicy about him here but I can't find it, maybe it was in someone's specific thread and it's buried forever

No. 722164

File: 1540633542677.jpg (150.64 KB, 1125x1665, IMG_20181027_044455.jpg)

Does anyone know what's up with eitika? He posted some weird shit on reddit, uploaded a bunch of porn on YT, then his channel got deleted and he went MIA. The three main rumors I've heard are
>A. he's fucking around, this is part of some ARG thing
>B. he got hacked
>C. he's having a mental breakdown and is in a mental hospital or he an hero'd or something

No. 722173

Oof, I hope it's just a hack and not actually a mental breakdown

No. 722177

he could be? the mental hospital rumor appears to be true, but he might not be there because he actually had a mental breakdown. some people are saying rumor A backfired and landed him there, which seems the most likely.

it wasn't a hack though.

No. 722179

I don't know anything about Erika and never heard of him til this breakdown but people close to him have been confirming on twitter he is indeed in a mental hospital.

Can I ask, why do people think this is an ARG shill? Why would him posting about suicide and putting porn on his channel be part of an augmented reality game or whatever? Again I don't know a thing about this guy.

No. 722190

Vid related, this is about his venus project stargazing cult shit, I guess. I don't know that much about him either, I just like his E3/nintendo direct streams.

No. 722202

Anyways, here are two proper recaps of the drama:

Someone found what could potentially be his porn stash too, archived here: https://cure.ninja/booru/api/download/html/1?f=e&q=heart-shaped_pupils&o=d
If it is, he's a lolicon. Disgusting. Now I do hope he'll an hero.

No. 722223

No. 724186

Is there any milk on Annika Victoria? She seems nice but there's just something about her that bothers me and I'm not sure what it is

No. 724252

She gives me munchie/spoonie vibes but I've never had the patience to sit through her "I'm disabled" spiels to get an idea of what she claims to suffer from/how likely it is that she's faking. I don't think she's really milky though, just another internet weirdo who doesn't get out enough.

No. 724787

As Anon above said I think she's just a bit weird. She's honestly not that pushy about her disability.
I think she's quite good at explaining her processes and she's critical of her own work, explains how to correct her mistakes etc. On the other hand her fashion sense is kinda lackluster, she's not great at styling herself imo but maybe it's just me. Also I think she mentioned Pixielocks being talented which is just funny but I guess she has no reason to be mean to her just because she's a hack lol.

iirc there was a bit of drama like last year or two years ago, for one "Make Thrift Buy" she was asked to reproduce that shirt with the cat inside the pocket doing a finger, so she did, and then deleted because it was an indie company's original design so it was basically art theft or something. I thought she made a video explaining herself but I can't find it.

No. 724933

Some sperg made a h3h3 thread in /pt but aside from the autism they embed a video that is actually very interesting and well-made, "calling them out". I'm surprised it's not blowing up already, maybe it's because of the length. What do y'all think?

No. 724948

The content cop we all needed and deserved.Those skits are cringey, but the breakdown of the actual info is amazing

No. 724962

Did they include the recent Betterhelp fiasco too? I'm watching the video and wew, there are even things I wasn't aware of. I pulled my sub from all Ethan's channels a month ago and it was definitely the best choice

No. 724964

unfortunately no, it's probably too recent as my guess is the guy worked on the vid for a long time.
I'm a bit disappointed he didn't say much about Hila, especially after what anons have said here (that opened my eyes a bit, I thought she was ok). The only thing that really showed her character what the bit with Jimmy. This particular podcast made me very uncomfortable and sympathetic towards the guy, damn I feel bad for him. And the podcast with Jontron was just fucking hysterical man, fella looked like he was about to cry lol damn.

No. 725026

That guy's a weird little cunt but that was a really fascinating watch
I only knew Ethan through Jon and he always struck me as fucking infuriatingly hypocritical and over-aggressive. Youtube culture is fucking bizarre.

No. 725139

She has a rare genetic form of autoimmune arthritis. It's impossible to munchie a disease which needs genetic testing to diagnose. Tbh,ive always liked her because she still works hard and does meaningful things in life, unlike… pixielumps. She's like, the antilocks. She can see, she has actual motivation to pursue her passions, and she puts a lot of emphasis on reusing fast fashion and recycling vintage, ways to use scrap fabric. So like, you go Annikka. Four for Annikka

No. 725184

I actually felt bad for Jon after seeing clips of that podcast. Ethan really insisted on putting him on the defensive even though he practically begged not to go into it. For a supposedly good friend who was actually kind enough to give them paid work when they first moved they really treated him like dirt.

I always avoided the h3 podcast because they really way too longwinded and Ethan repeats himself so fucking much but I didn't realise how callous he is to his guests.

No. 725655

Oh man, yes. This surprised me because I gave up on Jon and was like "oh well, he's a shitty hitler-chan now RIP" but after seeing those clips where he seems genuinely full of regret I'm so mad. What a fucking mess. I admit I was a huge fan disappointed by all his bullshit lol.
And yeah, Ethan's nuts. I thought he was funny in brief chunks, like in the karate collab he did with Jon and various short skits he's done in the past, but he's so ragey and he's got that infuriating "this just popped into my head and it makes me so mad!" attitude that makes him say the stupidest fucking shit. The more fame he gets, the worse his paranoia + ego get.

No. 725732

Interesting, and sad. I too never paid attention to the podcasts. What an ego. The only skit I liked was the one with Shoenice's son at the end, though it was a bit excessive and I'm sure Ethan will go "Bawww this asshole's threatening to kill me!" on a podcast, if he even notices this.

Going back to Marzia, this video was recommended to me. It has solid reasoning on why she removed her presence on youtube for mental health/inferiority reasons rather than her privacy being threatened.

No. 725793

it's really god vid, I doubt Ethan will respond to it

I hate how he's making fun of shoenice calling him "sad mental" and then goes of out how depressed he is, how hard his life is and how every shitty thing he said and done was because of his depression. You're the definition of "sad mental" yourself Ethan

He had done similar thing calling Tana and Bella Thorne worn out and "looking 30". Meanwhile he admitted that he hated the way he looks so his fans would feel sorry or him and tell him he's beautiful.

(He had also said it in the "anti-insult" way. "I'm not saying they are ugly but they look 30". Bitch, get a spine)

(Also he's not in position to comment on anybody's appearance since he's got massive fupa, looks 15 years older then he is, and gives the vibe of someone who just crawled out of roadside ditch. But yeah, call Bella Thorn worn out)

You cant have it both ways Ethan. You cant make fun of people looks and mental illnesses, and then demand sympathy because you have depression and some insecurities. People are not willing to give you sympathy if you don't give it to others.

No. 725800

After watching some h3h3 videos recently, I think it is quite clear Ethan is trying to be young Bill Murray. The "offbeat" humor is identical. Only difference is he tries to be vaguely SJW-friendly while pandering to the right, and as a result comes off as having no opinions at all.

No. 725866

>vaguely SJW-friendly while pandering to the right, and as a result comes off as having no opinions at all.

This is IT in its purest. Thank you for saying it. It's just whatever will have the most people agreeing with him under the guise of being the ~voice of reason~.
SJWs are nuts! No shit? Racism is bad! Wow! So brave. The hero we need.

No. 726916

I'm super late to this but as far as I know the dox IS real and Metokur/Jim never denied it. It's been around for a few years already, it just got confirmed after it was found out that Jade lived in the same address as someone with that exact name. He just doesn't care because it doesn't change anything, everyone already knew that his name is James, he's of Irish ancestry and that he lived in Minnesota. Sargon didn't get his doxx either, it was some random youtuber.

However Jim had deleted almost everything from his past online but Sargon was so obsessed with taking him down that he actually took the time to dig up some old stage6 posts from Jim and posted them to ED under a sockpuppet account, then went through it in a stream and claimed that it's "public information available for everyone". Because it was on ED, that he had privately gotten a hold of, then posted it there himself. Too bad it didn't turn out that Jim was a nipple clamp wearing furry pedo, he was just a very normie weeb who liked talking about his favourite animes in his mid 20's and had a couple of parking tickets to his crime registry. Might be worth mentioning that TonkaSaw offered 2k for his doxx.

They're all fucking retarded on this wild goose chase. Jim is autistic as fuck when he's sperging about politics but he still seems like a genuinely good guy. He only attacks people who have a massive ego or are actually dangerous (like Ross) and when he's talking about things that he genuinely likes (such as games) he seems almost warm and has kind of like a childlike excitement. I guess that's his appeal to a lot of people, out of all the youtube personalities of that side of the internet he seems to be the most genuine one.

No. 733803

No. 733813

Sage for late but both Ethan and especially Hila seem to actually have pretty liberal views that they're either obscure about or avoid talking about to appease the majority of their fans, plus Ethan is just prone to sperging and getting overly defensive when he feels attacked.

No. 733859

I was just going to share this video. I watched it Today and I really liked how Ethan addressed his issues. He said he's on ACTUAL therapy now and taking antidepressants, so I'm happy for him and Hila that he's taking control of his depression.

A lot of the things he said were super relatable and I can understand how he was feeling this last year.

Now we just need Shane Dawson to do the same lol

No. 733860

I was just going to share this video. I watched it Today and I really liked how Ethan addressed his issues. He said he's on ACTUAL therapy now and taking antidepressants, so I'm happy for him and Hila that he's taking control of his depression.

A lot of the things he said were super relatable and I can understand how he was feeling this last year.

Now we just need Shane Dawson to do the same lol

No. 733861

I was just going to share this video. I watched it Today and I really liked how Ethan addressed his issues. He said he's on ACTUAL therapy now and taking antidepressants, so I'm happy for him and Hila that he's taking control of his depression.

A lot of the things he said were super relatable and I can understand how he was feeling this last year.

Now we just need Shane Dawson to do the same lol

No. 734012

is he just using his Betterhelp credits though

No. 735734

File: 1542801927444.png (72.67 KB, 643x638, oq1OEcv.png)

This video seems to have gained a lot of traction. H3's subs are even falling a little bit.

No. 735778

I don't have to watch it to guess he screamed depreshun again lol. Most stuff from the callout vid is really beyond having a tough year and/or depression, it's simply about being a shit person.

yeah, it didn't blow up, instead it's gaining traction slowly, but constantly. Also basically no one defends them in the comments, people are so fed up but no wonder. H3 was held on a pedestal for too long.

also those five days of gaining subs are quite fishy? Similar amounts for 5 days straight squeezed in randomly between losing hundreds… Damage control?

No. 740851

So I clicked Brittani's clickbait video and what do you know, pre-orders are now open for the book about her I guess "abusive" relationship. Idk, even if it's true, it feels gross for her to cash in on this. Especially when she titles the video like "I had to protect my child." Like she literally kept silent about her experience until 4 months ago so she could release a book. She said "legal reasons" but also calling the book "A Sucky Love Story" is a shitty title for what I assume is a domestic abuse story.

No. 741043

> Brittani trying to be relevant even though it's not 2010 anymore

No. 741135

this is her excuse apparently, she liked and commented that this comment explains why she wrote the book:
>For those asking "why write a book instead of a video?:
>a) on YouTube she would be personally liable and open to lawsuits, but with a book deal the publisher's legal team vets and backs the content. So she *could make a video, but doing so would make her vulnerable to lawsuits. The publishers can protect her.
>b) a book allows her to carefully choose her words so an off the cuff comment is less likely to be taken out of context
>c) the book gives a long format to say everything clearly, otherwise it would be a 10hr video and much of it is probably too painful to say in front of a camera

No. 741159

Or…you know…you could just keep your drama private and tell people "I was in an abusive relationship, the details are personal". Drama whoring at it's finest. Trying to stay relevant.

No. 741178

This pissed me off to much, it makes me want to assume whatever abuse she went through is dramatized to all hell and half if it isn't real, all because she wants to get extra cash from YouTube. Why not make a "I made a book about my domestic violence" video? Why does it have to be click bait to all hell.

You're a whole ass woman, Fuck off Brittani your relevancy died 8 years ago.

No. 744891

This years cringefest dropped

No. 744895

I literally only recognize one person from that thumbnail. Yikes.

No. 744897

I can't recognize any of them lol. Is one of them ninja?

No. 744898

Is it? lol isn't he a twitch main?

No. 744903

I have very mixed feelings about Mark tbh. I watched his "You're Welcome" tour when he visited Europe this spring, and I was severely disappointed.

I had already heard from my friend that they didn't seem to be very good at improv, and after watching that mess I can agree that he and his team really aren't cut out for it (though this was their last stop on their tour in Europe, so maybe they were just tired, but I was still a bit miffed since the ticket was fairly expensive and what I got was an underwhelming cringefest).

What bothered me most though is that Mark didn't seem very interested in the fans they invited up to stage to interact with them during some sketches. I'm really happy that they mostly invited really young people and kids so they could meet their hero, but I wish Mark could have seemed like he actually gave a fuck about them, he barely even looked at or interacted with them and giving them a hug seemed like a chore. His investment in the people that paid to see him was below zero.

Also during the Q&A afterwards his answers seemed…oddly self-praising? Something about his answers were kinda off at least, and half of it was just his friends repeatedly talking about what a great guy Mark is. I might remember wrong, but I don't think Mark even complimented them back really, but take this last statement with a grain of salt.

I'm still watching his channel, but I've been questioning his persona A LOT since then. I'm always aware that people play up their persona/character in front of the camera, but now it feels even more fake than before and I can't help but wonder how possibly big his ego might be irl. His streams are at times painful to watch because there are times when he spends more time angrily shouting at the chat instead of focusing on the game.

Sorry for blogposting, I've been wanting to discuss Mark for a long time but it's hard to do it anywhere without anyone jumping down your throat.

No. 744911

out of all the youtubers why is emma chamberlain in the center of the thumbnail

No. 744918

why are people sperging out, it's not as bad as usual imo, there's a lot of big names this time. It's kitschy af, but duh. People hurr during there are none of their favourite edgelords are so naive. Same with the forever no Pewds crying (3/4 of the comments?). The normie public still hates him, not understanding that Youtube can't plaster his controversial ass all over its brand is being a child.

It's weird that there's so much Liza Koshy and she's not even in the thumbnail

No. 744923

kek Jaiden put pewdiepie's chair and logo in her video. Sneaky

No. 744945

I recognize Safiya Nygaard and NikkiTutorials and that's it.

I only skimmed the video and all the jump cut slow motion dancing reminds me of the cringey dance compilations weebs do at cons.

No. 745004

The only parts I found mildly amusing are Safia melting lipsticks and animators singing off tune

No. 745170

So confusing… like the idea of a story could've been good, but it made so little sense in the "spirit" of what YouTube is. Why have the creators decide? More and more people don't wanna do Rewind cause they don't even get paid for that shit.

No. 745187

"Literally Who" the video

No. 745217

It's just really badly made. There's no timing to it. I understand that they need to put as many people as possible in there, and try to convey some kind of message, because it's only an ad for YT really, but the idea behind this was stupid as fuck ("we can decide" when it's a scripted fucking video), idk.
All the 9-year-olds crying about Pewds not being in there are being stupid. But they're always stupid, he doesn't seem to care about all of this half as much as they do.
The only thing I found somewhat nice about the video was that non-English-speaking channels got the chance to speak in their language. Other than that it was absolute garbage.

No. 745219

The best part was Molly Burke's dog.

I hate something about these Rewinds, they remind me of those cringy office videos big American companies, colleges or teachers make that they hope come across as funny but in reality are really uncomfortable. Just a higher production budget.

No. 745243

Recognized Safiya, Nikki, James Charles and Ninja (is he even popular outside of twitch?)
Who the fuck are all these people?
Are all of those vloggers? It would explain why I never saw their content.

No. 745681

Ninja's a meme so yeah he's popular. Ligma balls and all that.
Even the animators are vloggers.

No. 745786

I only got excited when they showed Trixie Mattel and Katya, the two drag queens that got their fame from Rupaul's Drag Race

No. 747178

I just watched a review about Britanni's new book, and Milosh married her for a green card so he could stay in the States (no surprise), but it sounded like he manipulated her into it by saying he loved her. Oddly, I've been in a similar situation but had the common sense to tell the guy to fuck off and not marry him. Also, the guy was East euro trash as well. Milosh apparently was involved in some crime organization shit/mafia in Serbia. I feel bad for her but she came off as really naive for her age

No. 747273

File: 1544496615089.png (948.95 KB, 1080x1281, Screenshot_20181210-203837~2.p…)

Felix getting in trouble with the press again. Don't know if anyone is even surprised

No. 747284

For anyone wondering, the channel is EsemicolonR

No. 747377

a shame cause Felix is one of the most level headed and self-aware people on the platform at the moment. he's getting humbler as the years go by, in my opinion. I miss Book Review, the intelligent, calm content is great. shame he has to stoop to tik-tok videos lately, though I understand the hustle.
he's the one getting the most shafted by youtube but is still one of the most unanimously supported people on the platform, which is saying something.
my opinion though, I know a lot of famers cant tolerate him. to each her own. I've been super proud of him for his more recent content the past years. I do wish he'd play more games though.

No. 747399

Felix doesn't bother me and I wish people would stop reporting pointless shit like this. The manufactured outrage is so annoying.

No. 747420

I'm a huge fan of his more earnest videos. I have no idea what his politics are, but to me he sounds like a decent human being. His apologies are genuine, he decided to make people donate for Indian children when his fanbase got crazy about the T-Series thing and I don't think he takes himself too seriously.
The problem he and his fanbase have is that a) they don't see why the biggest fucking YT channel would be so heavily scrutinised and b) they think it's some kind of conspiracy against Pewds personally and shit up the subreddit with tons of "THAT'S WHY NO ONE TRUSTS THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA" rants. It's outrage culture, just that it hits Pewds. I'm not sure whether he needs to be more careful about shit like this (I mean, a shout-out to an anti-semite, come on…) or his fanbase needs to grow a pair and not lose their shit everytime it happens.
Felix may be just a person in front of a camera, but his fanbase really needs to pretend as if he only had 10k subs. He himself seems to get it, in his apology videos he said that as a person with his reach he needs to be better.

No. 747421

* needs to stop pretending

No. 747466

why manufactured? once again he fucked up willingly. I agreed with the outrage the first time, what he did was idiotic and childish. Same this time, but I don't know if he just didn't care (an idiot) or didn't know (just not careful enough). Would guess the first, because he specifically said those are the channels he's actively watching. He thinks he can be an edgelord freely but he's one of the biggest channels and probably the most "iconic" one, he has a celebrity status almost, he can't do stupid shit and then cry about media feeding on it.

Personally, I really like some of his videos but from others I get intense edgy teenager vibes. His humour is sometimes too ~random lol kek xD meemz~ and some of his opinions are quite alt-right-ish.

No. 747626

With the shout out, he seems to have not know what that channel had said. He did shout outs for small channels, and the reason for the shout out for that particular channel was a rant on an anime. Wether or not he should have done more research on that channel can be debated but it's an honest mistake that he apologized for. The media does rally around him a lot, I'm sure if Markiplier did that, they wouldn't go so hard on him. It's in to attack Felix. Sage cuz honestly pewds drama is boring. He's a decent guy, there are much worse YouTubers out there. Also sorry for my shitty English, it's not my first language!

No. 747647

OT, but what happened to the BetterHelp scandal?
I had nearly forgotten about the whole thing.

No. 747755

I agree with you. If you're going to shout out small channels, you should be aware of the content you're spreading. In all honesty, I don't know that I believe that he "only watched that one death note video guys." If that is really true, he's a fucking idiot who hasn't learned anything, which is also not a good look. I was honestly warming to him again because I also thought he seemed sincere/genuine in some of his apologies, but this took me back. Not just the N;R thing – he also shouted out some small youtuber named alfsvoid, who is a woman who literally just makes anti-feminist content while trying to appear ~intellectual~ and ~logical~. PDP's weird thing with anti-feminism is eye-rolling to me. Dude, you're a year from 30, rich, have been with the same woman for almost a decade and are about to marry her. How tf has evil feminism affected your life and why the fuck do you care.

No. 747759

File: 1544576214286.jpg (353.76 KB, 934x1714, IMG_20181212_024137.jpg)

It doesn't even matter if pewdiepie knew about that channel's content or not, he still subscribes to a lot of alt-right, tryhard edgy, jordan peterson-esque ideas. He panders to that sort of audience and it's obvious he's perfectly aware of it

No. 747764

I didn't even see this, but ugh. I'm totally off him now. This is at least the third time he's fucked up with regards to association with alt-right ideologies – at that point it's not an accident or a coincidence. I think people wouldn't give him such a pass if they didn't think he was ~cute~ and ~relatable~. I don't get why people even think he is intelligent – if you ever watch a video of him playing a video game, it takes him forever to catch on to how to do even the most basic shit (his Deltarune play through made me want to kill myself in that regard, and the dude has PLAYED undertale).

No. 747768

My theory is that he's very, very unhappy with his life and also with Marzia. She's exactly the type of girl that he makes fun of, lying about her plastic surgery, basically scamming her viewers selling shitty unoriginal products, perfectly content with sitting on her ass all day, using his fame, self centered and uncultured. If you don't pay close attention to her she seems real sweet at first but nah she isn't. Not that he's any fucking better

No. 747775

Totally - I've seen posts about how Marzia's recent clay merch is a total ripoff of other designs and shitty quality to boot. How lucky for them that they've amassed an internet army who seems to think of Marzia as cute and perfect, Pews as a misunderstood everyman, and of them as #couplegoals

No. 747789

File: 1544579321541.png (61.06 KB, 599x535, booger.png)

No. 747871

Sorry, guess I'll be the guy who acts like he has 10k subs. I think it's silly. He watched a Death Note video, promoted specifically that, and then talked about it in his next video. He removed it already, etc. When you fuck around on YouTube and you get recommended a video, sometimes you'll only like a few, usually what YouTube shows you. Feel like Philip DeFranco summed this up today pretty well tbh.

No. 747880

i mean..xQc has a lot of female fans and he's borderline retarded and cant play anything for shit, even the game he's famous for playing
cute white guys are gonna get passes for everything

No. 747900

The dude is nearly 30 years old and keeps subscribing to "lel so edgy" humor in an attempt to stay relevant and still get views. His content nowadays is honestly embarrassing and cringey.

No. 747908

Besides seeming occasionally entertaining (like a 1min high light reel from his whole carreer on youtube) he has never sounded halfway put together because whenever he even attemped to talk about serious topics he sounds like a toddler with minimal amount of ability to reflect upon situations, but rather reads angry 'intellectual' comments ppl made in his defense; extrapolate any racial slurs then reads it up cause you can almost hear when he goes offscript and tries(fails) to come up with his own analogies/spin. (Trying to be a wholesome intelligent 'papa felix' but irl sounding like any other white fuckboi who thinks they know anything about social/political situations, such resonating~)
Also how the FUCK are you and your spouse still genuinely so bad at english, no other scandinavian i know of has been around the culture and language without atleast improving to some degree (which i feel is a testament to his personal growth and mental capacity tbh)

No. 747910

when you have millions of subscribers you are no longer an individual. pewdiepie is a business, and he himself is the business, and that means he no longer gets a pass on little mistakes. why is everyone so willing to give him a pass? how many times can a rich white dude accidentally align himself with racists and get a pass?

No. 747922

literally all he said was that the guy's video was a good anime review, he didn't even know the user behind that channel. jfc

No. 747923

I know tons of professionals from Northern European countries who still have a very strong accent, a lot worse than him actually. I don't think that retaining an accent has anything to do with intelligence.

This. It's like celebs who do something shitty and then cry how they don't want to be rolemodels. Well tough shit, you're famous, you're in the limelight, behave like it. I know he didn't want to have a big team anymore, but he at least needs someone to look whether the things he says or promotes may genuinely be offensive.

No. 747929

>In one example — a video Kjellberg publicly liked, leaving a comment underneath — E;R uses aerial footage of the moment when a car drove through a crowd of people during the white supremacist-led “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville last year. The incident left multiple people injured and one protester, Heather Heyer, dead. E;R turns a scene from Netflix’s live-action Death Note movie, describing how a death is carried out when a name is written inside the titular notebook, into a joke about Heyer’s death using actual footage from Charlottesville.
Holy fuck stop whiteknighting your precious Pewds. His comment section is there for that.

No. 747948

congrats on being naive then. Didn't he say himself those are the channels he watches and thinks they deserve more subs? And do you seriously think he would give a shoutout to a channel after watching just a one video? After one vid he decided yes this random animu channel is deserving of a shoutout more than the small commentary channels I support and talk with etc? Sis. He's doing damage control

exactly. He's a thoughtless edgelord and that's it.

It's sad how much influence he has - and how he's using it.

No. 747957

This. So much this. Yeah he does the "let's laugh at SJWs" videos now but to be honest I'm glad someone with a massive following is doing that even if it is "edgy". Calling him "alt-right pandering" or "anti-feminist" is just reaching, that would mean that any sane person who thinks autistic, spergy social justice snowflakes are stupid is "alt-right" in the world where every youtube celebrity bending over backwards to be as PC as possible, thus giving all the crazy activists validation for their delusions. The people who latch onto this manufactured drama are just annoyed by his imago and want to take him down no matter the methods, not genuinely being concerned of him being anti-semitic or racist or whatever. I've never been a fan of him myself but it truly rustles my ruffles to see all the fake outrage over nothing.

>Also how the FUCK are you and your spouse still genuinely so bad at english, no other scandinavian i know of has been around the culture and language without atleast improving to some degree (which i feel is a testament to his personal growth and mental capacity tbh)
t. american
I'm not a native English speaker myself and I've always thought that his English is very good for someone who was born and raised in Sweden and only introduced to a worldwide business in his 20's. Kimi Räikkönen is a Finnish F1 driver who has lived abroad for most of his life and he still has an atrocious accent. Arnold Schwartzenegger has a fucking accent despite living in the states for 40 years. A ton of top-notch immigrated scientists have an accent. Your reach is making you look unnecessarily salty and retarded.

No. 747982

I'm really surprised on how the media reaches for anything they can use to bring him down… like.. I get it, pewdiepie doesn't pander to the SJW progressive leftists.. does that mean he's automatically a nazi? No.
That extremism is why so many people make fun of leftists tbh

No. 748043

Recommending that people follow a small channel of a guy who is on record saying he is a neo-nazi and has videos addressing the Jewish question is not equal to “not pandering to pc sjws.” Even if he only watched that one video, the dude is in the description talking about how he had to re record the audio because he has originally kept calling L “niglet”…yeah, no one could have predicted that PDP might face some problems for that one? No one is asking him to promote SJW shit. The bar for him is so low and YouTube is literally his only job, but he still couldn’t not step in it. Can’t imagine my life if expectations for me were so low in my profession and people would consistently be so willing to give me a pass for repeated, easy to avoid fuck ups lmao

No. 748060

Exactly. And idk why so many people, even here, think that just because he comes across as nice and relatable in his videos that it means he doesn't actually hold some fucked up beliefs.

Even if he doesn't agree with literal neo-nazi propaganda, he doesn't seem to have that much of a problem with people who do. And that's a problem for someone who has millions of people listening to him, many of whom are children.

He's gotten away with so many questionable things that anyone else would be ruined for. I also agree that he seems like a nice and normal guy. But he also seems like an annoying edgelord who gives way too much lenience to some actual fucked up ways of thinking. He's too old to be pulling this stuff.

No. 748062

Nyart anon, but your statement about getting turned off him every time you warm up again really resonated with me.

I do think he's more balanced (for a lack of a better word) than most big youtubers and I enjoy some things of his, like the book reviews and the fashion and Japan videos, but all the 9 year olds up in his ass about how intellektshual he is and how msm is out for his blood are so retarded. I understand the us vs them mentality and a sense of a private edgy club is cool but like come on… he's not a literal god put upon the platform like. Especially cringe when those statements come out of the mouths of literal adults.

Also further about his supposed intelligence, every single time he goes deeper into topics, you can really see how surface level his knowledge of most things is. Like when he did the Detroit playthroughs and spoke of protests (why didn't the subhuman slaves just ask the city for a protest permission?), also sometimes when describing the plot lines of books but I can't remember an example. Also as the other anon mentioned, the deltarune playthrough was absolutely painful.
Also honestly the recent superwoman thing, I don't see why he took her statement, which admittedly was built on data of unknown accuracy, so near and dear to his heart like? Is he jelly she was in the rewind kek

No. 748064

ot but Schwarzenegger is a bad example, he can speak without accent, he just puts it on for movies etc.

No. 748096

File: 1544636887184.png (1.11 MB, 1620x1100, Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 6.40…)

So the Try Guys aren't really all that bad and I find them pretty entertaining to watch, but god damn is Zach the whiniest and biggest cry baby of them all. His serious videos always come off as super cringe even when the subject matter isn't cringey in the first place. No one cares you actually had a girlfriend Zach, no need to make an entire video about it. But he seems to be the weirdest and most socially awkward of the bunch so it makes sense why he comes off so tryhard

No. 748102

This puppet-fronted review show Smack Talk posts a lot of scathing video reviews to pander to the neckbeard incel fans gained from self posting on 4chan. The Youtuber Voxis Productions (aka Paul) is trying very hard to be the next Charlie Brooker, via a puppet.

He has also made videos on a 'biohacker' called Lepht Anonym, who puts magnets and the like under her skin. What he fails to mention in any of those videos is that she is also his girlfriend.

No. 748139

I actually made both the post you responded to and the deltarune one, so you can see I agree with you on the intellect thing, lel. Also agree with you re: superwoman. I can get rolling my eyes and thinking that she was making more of a #feminism statement for clicks (if you want to take the most uncharitable interpretation of her motives — which a lot of people who are knee jerk anti-sjw do), but I did think his response was immature and out of proportion, and he seemed to misinterpret what she actually said. I don’t know why he’s been coming for her so hard lately.

No. 748149

Of course Boogie would hop on the "they're both in the wrong" bandwagon. What a cunt.

No. 748249

I think the Try Guys all play very distinctive characters, to appeal to the widest audience possible. Zack plays the weird, awkward "cute" spoony.

The funny thing about this video is that GG sniffed out his 'super secret gf' at least 6 months ago lol

No. 748292

because everyone is (coming hard fr Lily Singh)
for example, vid embed. It's over 1 mln views and still gaining. I think while Alex has some good points, he's just unecessarily aggresive and calling her stupid bitch and cunt just because she said some quite innocently dummy stuff is…. well, problematic itself.
Every commentary channel on yt is suddenly having a problem with Lily. I think youtubers have the worst mob mentality. They never come for someone who's not already being under fire, which I find quite pathetic. Edgelords unite~ bleh.

No. 748322

thanks for the context – I don't really follow her (not my type of content), so I didn't know what was up

No. 748346

File: 1544667045730.png (1.02 MB, 1125x2436, 7F5FE9A6-2B18-4ED5-AC19-1097EB…)

No. 748349

File: 1544667291706.png (1.64 MB, 1125x2436, EE7A3FA7-5571-4B35-B7CC-44D265…)

No. 748351

File: 1544667352458.png (871.28 KB, 1125x2436, 52E830C1-6864-4301-A142-8D9F76…)

No. 748360

What did she say to evoke such aggressiveness from these alt-right pandering channels? Don't want to give these retardeds any views so I would appreciate someone spilling the milk

No. 748370

Some chick who lost her arm named duck had an interview with daily beast pretty much saying she had an orgy with lena and Adam22 (lenas bf) and was taken advatnge of. after that adam22 was then dropped from Atlantic records

No. 748437

I was asking about Superwoman

No. 748461

This is such a stupid video… Like who fucking cares? He's not the first guy to hide a relationship online. Legit all he needs to say is he feels confident enough to announce it formally. Instead he makes it this blown up big deal, when it's just not. It doesn't come across as heartfelt, it just comes across as attention seeking.

No. 748471

File: 1544692621226.jpg (369.88 KB, 803x1113, Screenshot_20181213-091548_Twi…)

she tweeted this horrid, misandristic thing which was basically a direct callout for pewdiepie (sarcasm)

No. 748491

nta but this sparked all the controversy? I hate Lilly but the amount of videos about her because of this is pathetic and laughable.
I'm sorry but most other YouTubers have no place to call her out when they are just as whiny and entitled as she is.

No. 748492

Still an annoying tweet, if it's changing it's because the content women make is getting worse/less interesting, that's it.

No. 748501

Agreed but seeing how handled this Lily situation is on Youtube I need to also agree that yt has a BIG problem with sexism. Male ytbers are going hard with this, with very hateful vicious commentary. Take an example of pranksters/interviewers/"jokesters" that harass women on the streets, I've seen videos made on them but always in a meme-like format. Why is this more acceptable than a woman voicing a stupid opinion? Idk maybe it's me being sensitive, but something really irks me about all this. Probably the baseless aggression I'm seeing.

No. 748502

Agreed but seeing how handled this Lily situation is on Youtube I need to also agree that yt has a BIG problem with sexism. Male ytbers are going hard with this, with very hateful vicious commentary. Take an example of pranksters/interviewers/"jokesters" that harass women on the streets, I've seen videos made on them but always in a meme-like format. Why is this more acceptable than a woman voicing a stupid opinion? Idk maybe it's me being sensitive, but something really irks me about all this. Probably the baseless aggression I'm seeing.

No. 748508

yeah, like with joey salads etc, they always end reply videos with "but don't send any hate their direction boys", superwoman literally made one mildly reactionary tweet but the reaction is as if she personally curated a top 300 misogynistic male youtuber hit list. The reactions are soooo disproportionate and it tells a lot. I think this could be a good area for discussion about how women led channels are seen as that, while male channels are just normal channels, and how people generally find women less entertaining and other socially ingrained stuff but no, superwoman is the devil.

No. 748527

The response is so fucking disproportionate, even if you don’t like her. The tweet is honestly so vague/brief that the responses to it are kind of like s projective test in that these dudes start attacking arguments she didn’t even make. (Maybe she would have made those arguments but there is no way to know. At the very least, though, there was zero indication about her being upset that she herself was not on the list, which multiple dudes attacked her for.) these yt dudes are a fucking meme now

Men on YT engaging in actually objectively shitty behavior: I sleep
One female YTer makes a feminist remark: real shit (and don’t you know muh wage gap is A MYTH)

No. 748549

Males are really ain't shit if this is what set them off lmao holy shit

No. 748715

The response to this tweet are blown out of proportion. It's vegr mild and is not aggressive at all. If anything the response to this just proves a point I'm how femlae YouTubers are treated.

No. 748774

File: 1544734185199.jpeg (141.83 KB, 755x900, DSwe617VQAEzN5Q.jpeg)

God I fucking hate Adam22 so much. And I'm not surprised Lena is lashing out defending him. She'll make excuses for anything he does. Why is it so hard to believe he's a rapist when he's literally admitted in his own words to the most vile shit

No. 748775

File: 1544734213947.jpeg (99.21 KB, 900x426, DSwe617V4AEpW7z.jpeg)

No. 748805

How the fuck is he bad at English? I'm from the US and he speaks English near perfectly and with almost no accent. Honestly this is the biggest reach in the universe. Marzia on the other hand is fucking annoying and talks with that stupid baby voice.

I really don't understand this manufactured hate. Personally not a huge Pewdiepie supporter but he's a regular dumbass with like 2 other people working on his channel. I really don't think he is stupid enough to link a channel that's openly anti-semetic because he KNOWS he is under a microscope at all times. How the hell is saying "I like this person's anime videos" equal to "I SUPPORT THIS PERSON 100 PERCENT ON EVERY ISSUE!"…like Christ.

Nobody seems to mention how he raised over $250,000 for an Indian charity to help poor Indian children. Just gotta try to cover that up while we scrounge for the most insignificant things we can find.

What's more bothersome to me personally is how he recommended a Jordan Peterson book. But this can easily be explained by the fact that Felix is kinda dumb and doesn't do enough research. Hell, I even supported Peterson for a short time because I agreed with what he said about trans people. But then I looked into it more and found out he's a misinformed moron who has no clue what he's talking about.

No. 748820

I actually watch Pewds. It's a guilty pleasure of mine. But he's dumb as rocks when it comes to this subject.
The description for that Death Note video had the guy writing about how he wanted to call L 'niglet'? The video itself made a joke about the woman who was killed in Charlottesville? He said he frequently watch these channels too?

Also how can PDP say he's distancing himself from nazi's when his livestream playing Tropico was filled with nazi/dictatorship/bridge references? When he constantly talks about it? Is he racist? I don't think he thinks he is. He wouldn't murder someone, he wouldn't refuse to be friends with a black guy/jew whatever. But he probably agrees that black people are more violent and that "the reason I couldn't say bad things about jews is because they're too powerful".

I think he misses the power he had as a good guy. He wants to be liked by the media, he wants to be seen as someone who helps people with mental health, a charity guy, a humble, nice guy who cares about "ethical clothing" and not being fake.

He goes on and on and on about how the media hates him. And he continues to joke about it, and by doing so he distances himself from the media (and making his fans dislike them too), just like other right-wingers are so even if he doesn't belong there, the media is going to put him with that crowd.

And how does organizing a fundraiser make him so good? He didn't even say how much he donated himself.

No. 748873

I mean doing a livestream fundraiser obviously isn't anything special, but he did it and raised a ton of money. Would it be more admirable if he donated it all himself? Yes, of course. Does that negate the benefit to the charity? No, it doesn't.

I don't keep up with the details. I just can't stand how society focuses on the weirdest things when there's actual horrible people out there doing horrible things. Instead the media focuses on him because of how famous he is.

It's really that simple. He's super famous, so the media knows they will get a ton of clicks or reads when they find something "juicy" about him. I'm not trying to say he didn't fuck up, because he did. I'm simply saying that they scrounge for anything, in order to make money and virtue signal. Nobody cares about Joe Schmoe down the road who's a literal Nazi openly. They want that juicy celeb drama.

No. 748877

Wow how horrible… /s

How dare women get credibility. Lmao men really are fragile if they're so angry about this basically neutral tweet.

No. 748979

Many people donate to charity, donating to charity doesn't make him some kind of God free of any criticism. He has legitimately fucked on several occasions and keeps doing the same shit over and over again. You are the company you keep. It's not surprising the criticism he's getting when that's the kind of content he keeps bringing onto his channel. If he doesn't want people calling him a neo-nazi then stop associating with them period.

No. 749027

>I'm simply saying that they scrounge for anything, in order to make money and virtue signal.

No one had to dig deep to find out the nature of the channel he reccomended. All they had to do was watch the death note video and read the description. This isn’t the case of Pewdiepie recommending someone who happened to say racist tweets years ago, this is someone who is an active racist right now and has built their channel on being a racist.

Who knew we had so many pewdiepie fans on lolcow?

No. 749045

He has, that's why he disavowed that channel
His content is alright, but you guys are falling for the same trappings that these guys did to Lilly Singhs over a simple tweet.

As someone who watches the content he barely recommended the guy and then made a response video to the controversy saying he removed the guy from his list and even removed the part of the video where he talks about him.
> It's not surprising the criticism he's getting when that's the kind of content he keeps bringing onto his channel. If he doesn't want people calling him a neo-nazi then stop associating with them period.
In that video he even brings up that he stated a year and half ago that he wanted to and has disassociated from nazi memes and jokes, and apologized for including the channel

Still think he can be retarded, but it's just kind of ironic seeing these posts going after something stupid after everyone just defended Lilly for something similar.

No. 749069

I watched the apology video but honestly if anything it came across as insincere whining about muh oppression. I was with him when he did the dumb fiverr thing. Like, that was just an edgy bad joke gone wrong and he apologised for it. Then the PUBG stream thing where he said he'll be way more careful from now on because he can't say things like this. The Peterson and the Shapiro promotion made me facepalm.

But this? "Oh, well I don't look up all the channels I recommend. I just wanted to give out shoutouts to small channels I like. I didn't know there were racist/nazi jokes in there even with the L jokes and the Charlottesville murder. I only noticed them after the incident, therefore I didn't know he was a nazi, therefore I'm a good guy!" When the quality control issue came up, he said he could have hired people BUT immediately followed with "that could have happened anyway… Oh, look, mass media exaggerating claims to make me look bad amirite?" It's entirely his fault, but he justifies it by a tu quoque fallacy an appeal to ignorance. He's pushing 30 ffs. He's way too old to pull this shit.

Honestly if I had kids who were PDP fans and he pulled some shit like that? I would want to know and I'm grateful this incident was reported the way it did. If he doesn't want to accept consequences of his actions and refuses to look at himself critically, all while promoting shitty ideologies, those are not things I want my kids to look up to.

No. 749104

He continuously alligns himself with these kinds of ideologies, who in their right mind would kiss jordan petersons and ben shapiros ass? Its whatever if he agrees with them, I don't care, but if you say you are trying to distance yourself from that kind of bullshit then why do you include them in your videos? Why continue to make 'tongue in cheek' n-word and nazi jokes? Why make several videos where you subtly encourage your viewers to harass whatever woman you have a hateboner for? Like that twitch streamer, even if she was stupid HE KNOWS what kind of influence he has. You can't pull this shit and then go crying 'muh sjw poor me the media is out to get me, i'm just a douchebag millionaire, don't you know i donated some pocket money once? I' m the good guy here'. I used to watch him when I was like 13 and he made rape jokes and I didn't know any better, good to know he leveled up to a bigger dumbass

No. 749106

Also I hope someone calls out Marzia's hypocrisy soon and it becomes viral. This bitch is even worse than Zoella with her scammy ways

No. 749113

What has she done?

No. 749123

File: 1544797356321.jpg (167.69 KB, 1828x1828, IMG_4094a_1024x1024@2x.jpg)

She started selling her own handmade clay pots after having her first class earlier this year, so she has almost no experience. They're tiny and cost around 40 pounds. Then she sold her failed ones for 20 pounds too.
Some say that they look a lot like myostery's cups (I don't see it though) and myostery have confirmed Marzia was her costumer at one point, and Marzia used to follow her on IG.
Her IG is also just ad after ad, promo box after promo box, or ads for her own stuff. She doesn't tag anything as ads and said something that she wasn't doing a lot of sponsored things at all.

No. 749125

the most recent thing I've heard about her is that she's done with youtube and just doing her own thing, wouldnt be surprised if she's not even in control of her insta

No. 749126

File: 1544797753015.jpg (260.15 KB, 2268x932, jEIOtag.jpg)

Gurogossipper claims she has been buying this brand before and that design looks so similair.

No. 749127

File: 1544797842332.jpg (11.37 KB, 236x236, 804abea16d69a9d173f23ca2ad0397…)

Also she claims she's never done anything to her face, other than two nose jobs to breathe better.

No. 749128

File: 1544797871308.jpeg (28.25 KB, 660x352, 21640.jpeg)

No. 749133

File: 1544798448593.jpg (315.39 KB, 1350x1110, qZZX8w2.jpg)

Dunno how to add multiple photos but if you wanna know more search her name on another gossip site, they put it together better than I can. Basically she steals other peoples and brands designs (that she follows or has items from so no coincidence), sells broken, unoriginal, unsafely glazed pottery for 80£, ugly sketches that anybody could make for 20£, has lied about her plastic surgery for whatever reason, hides behind pewdiepie or her facade of innocence everytime even a bit of negativity comes her way, speaks of herself as a downright creative genius and many more. She deserves her own thread here. Unfortunately she deleted her yt channel and blog, people speculate it's because there was a lot evidence there of how truly lazy, self centered and how much of a scammer she is and now spends her days opening pr in her insta stories and selling expensive broken products to her minions

No. 749134

She admitted the lip fillers as well

No. 749142

she look slightly to the left, her nose to the right. lol unfortunate

No. 749144

File: 1544800376650.png (92.43 KB, 1361x220, Screenshot 2018-12-14 at 16.09…)

Haha, yes she did, but:
1. She didn't even tell her friends she did it, only in a blog post reacting to gossip forums.
2. She claims she had it dissolved after two weeks?
3. Claim's she's now just overlining her lips. Bizarre.

She really does deserve a new thread. It's such a shame all her blogposts and yt videos are gone.

No. 749145

Oh, the tongue is sticking out, she totally copied myostery because of that…
I don't think you are giving us the best example, I tried to search something else but I wasn't lucky, I only found the same image you posted. Selling broken items at 20 pounds is definitely bad, and she should be criticized for that, but I still doubtful about her copying someone else design.

No. 749150

File: 1544801044223.jpg (17.3 KB, 400x530, cM5GXhq.jpg)

True, that may not be the best example but the thing with her is she picks stuff from other artists, adventure time, gudetama and clothing brands and then calls it 'marzia style' as if it isn't clearly 'inspired' (ripped off) from others. The olive and frank one is the one that's the most blatant but most others are two styles mixed together.
Pic is the print that she sells for 20£

No. 749155

File: 1544801598150.png (179.58 KB, 540x960, v87zPgj.png)

Yeah I don't see the myostery part either but Marzia did buy from her and unfollowed her on IG lately. She also gives her pots personalities and calls them 'gang'. Myostery also do that and call her pots bebes. She's inspired for sure, but I think the crowd on GG is reaching.

She also takes inspiration from anime stuff. Once again vague but there.

Someone on GG also says Marzia contacted myostery recently? Haven't posted proof though. I feel bad for myostery tbh. Pewds fans will tear her down.

No. 749165

40 pounds for something hand made by someone famous is frigging great. there are thousands of people in the world that would pay 100 pounds for a piece of paper she signed. this is a lame vendetta

No. 749169

You really think that Pewds fans care about Marzia's pottery?

Marzia's works and myostery don't look alike to me.
Even myostery works is inspired from other stuff like adventure time so their comments about being so sad and don't know what to do is ridiculous.
myostery obviously have more talent and they are two people making art for longer time, while Marzia has just begun - maybe she hasn't find her style yet..but it's still constintent on her type of drawing that she made in the past.
And, again, she's making vases… there's not much thing you can add to a vase if you want to make it creature-like.

As for the shirt logo: cursive with minimalistic doodles around, it's the same thing every girl draw in their diary at some point.
I would call her work basic and unoriginal but she isn't tracing or selling other people stuff as her own.

Same for the jewelery line. Even if is pure gold, that's shit you can buy everywhere. Yet again, unoriginal and basic.

No. 749175

>I think he misses the power he had as a good guy. He wants to be liked by the media
I agree with you
The video he made with the dictator title and hat and all the other baiting just reads like a kid having a tantrum tearing down their own sandcastle just because another kid knocked it a bit. He wants to simultaneous be seen as wholesome and witty/edgy, but he loses self composure the moment the media bait him even a little. He has no chill.

Marzia must be such a doormat to not be embarrassed by him, especially to put up with all his "wahmen" stuff

No. 749193

>nosejob to breathe better
Bitches who use that excuse are the worst. Sure Jan, you had plastic surgery because you couldn't breathe… interesting… then why does it look different? Functional nosejobs don't change the nose shape - unless you had it crooked and they straighten it, but that's it.

>lips become fuller after getting braces/invisalign
I've heard of this excuse before, as well. Needless to say, it's so ridiculous it's baffling. It's 2018, every girl under the spotlight gets some kind of surgery or injections, even normies do. Just admit it and move on.

No. 749264

Matzia's pottery looks so… rough? IDK how to describe it but it looks unfinished, lazy and more like a middle schooler art project than a professional artwork. If she has a new hobby, I mean, cool for her and I'd support her even if I'm not a fan. Also there's nothing wrong with showing off your art whether you're a beginner or a pro, but why the fuck is this shit sold for 80£?

Compare it with Myostery's works who all look very seamless. Like, in Myo's pots, you can see that the face and accessories look like they actually belong to the pot, which makes them look alive and dynamic. The ones on Marzia's however jut out and seem stiff. It's especially jarring when you look at the green one's arms and mouth. If you want to this style to work, it's extremely important to BLEND that stuff together and work very cleanly, not just glue it on. UGH THIS BOTHERS ME SO MUCH..

No. 749273

I agree she's fucking annoying, used to watch her on vine/david dobrik's vlogs/some of her stuff when she started on youtube, but
>it was pretty obvious she had a nasty personality when she had to force david dobrik to come over to her house everyday for a month
>david obviously liked her at one point but he brushed him off onto Liza
>he obviously only hung out with her because he liked her and once that was off the table he didn't really care to treat her as a friend because she's a fucking shitty one
wish she would get a reality check or something, the closest thing was that she stole jokes like amy schumer or something

No. 749284

No. 749286

People with sinus and breathing issues can also have the shape changed if they'd like on top of fixing whatever the problem is, since the surgeon is working on the nose anyway. Lots of them offer that and girls who want a more "aesthetically pleasing" nose will be tempted by that offer. It's not one or the other, anon.

No. 749294

who are you talking about?

No. 749297

Marzia did actually have a crooked nose before, but when she got the surgeries she claims she asked them to keep it crooked because she wanted it to look like her original nose or whatever.

That said she has definitely had more done than just her nose. She looks completely different. It's very obvious she's an extremely vain and shallow person so idk why she tries to play it off like she would never do anything to her face.

No. 749313

>but why the fuck is this shit sold for 80£?
Because she has a huge fanbase. If I sold pottery like hers, I could take a lot less money, but she's pretty famous within her circles.

Lots of people do that, because you're getting anaesthesia anyways, they're cutting up your nose anyways, may as well. I don't think it's a big deal.

I don't think that apart from the nose she looks too different, I mean she's 26, they met when she was 19 or 20, and of course the face still changes then. Plus you're comparing different makeup styles, so idk.

No. 749338

File: 1544835829323.png (277.94 KB, 820x700, KKtElph.png)

This is pretty tinfoily but, I need to know if anyone else had this happen.

I have been unsubbed from h3h3 for a few months now and all of a sudden I started getting their videos in my sub page. I went directly to their channel and it shows I am unsubscribed and I don't have alerts set for them.

Is there any explanation for this? I can hide their videos but, I don't want to have to keep seeing their current unfunny shit anymore.

No. 749342

Anon, have you tried clicking the "Not interested" button? So next time you see an h3h3 vid in your recs, and when "Tell us why" pops up, select "Not interested in this channel" maybe it'll stop? IDK

No. 749349

Yeah I unsubscribed from different channels long time ago and sometimes I still get their videos in my subscription. YouTube is kinda fucked tbh

No. 749377

I read that deleting your watch history also helps

No. 749381

dude youtube sucks, I'm subbed to H3 and want to watch his shitty trainwreck of a podcast when it airs, and youtube will not ever fucking notify me

No. 749384

Yeah, except it specifically shows in my subs. I get recommended cancer regardless fml even when I watch obvious bait videos in private browser but, this is a whole new low. I remember people getting outraged over receiving alerts for logan paul despite not being subbed to him and shit. So it makes me think something is going on with certain channels maybe getting privileges? I just find it ironic that it's now specifically h3h3 for me, y'know despite them always butthurt over youtube being unfair and whining how youtube fucks them over, if anything they shill them more than most now.
My boyfriend said he unsubbed to h3h3 and idubbz a while ago too and they are still showing up in his subs. Also lol, I can't even listen to those podcast ironically. Ethan is so up his own ass I literally can't.
Didn't think of that. Ty, I'll see if it helps.

No. 749510

Spooky… Can't say that happened to me. Hope it gets sorted out.
I read there's a Chrome + Firefox extension that can block channels but otherwise i have no clue.

No. 749549

That's right, they can also have their nose shape changed, but that would be purely aesthetics, and you don't just decide to get your nose changed the day before only because "the doctor offered it". It means you were already planning to it. So it's dishonest to lie and say it was just "to breathe" as if you're so much better than the ones who get surgery for aesthetic purposes… when you also got your nose altered for aesthetic purposes.

Hmm, I also unsubbed for good months ago but I didn't get anything from them afterwards.
I still get shit suggestions in my youtube homepage, though.

No. 749870

They aren’t a cow yet, but has anyone noticed this YouTube channel called “spill” being recommended to them lately?

I low key feel like they’re a farmer lol

No. 751247

Yes, a lot ! I like her voice, and her avatar is cute. But I have zero interest in channels like this so idk if it's like good or anything. To me it's just another cash grab on drama type of channel, but at least she isn't unsufferable I guess.

No. 756303

I agree.

No. 757926

never heard of this girl until now and she seems pretty irrelevant, but i need all of you to suffer through her voice like i had to.


No. 757977

I've gotten through 2 minutes of this video and this girl just fucking mumbles everything. Amazing what absolutely no effort can get you when you make the most mind numbing shit for children.

No. 758065

File: 1546477956123.png (932.69 KB, 830x657, 2019-01-02 05_46_07-we're preg…)

Wow, Ethan's gotten…large.

No. 758072

some people gain weight from antidepressants, that might be a factor

No. 758164

He's BEEN fat.

No. 758557

Dear lord, I know this is 2 months old news and sage for no contribution, but does anyone have anything that can be reported to youtube to get him kicked off or at least ruin his cash flow? This asshole is still up and has 662,311 subscribers. I'm scrolling through and he either deleted the creepy videos or they're the private ones I can't see. Besides that it's all reactions to shows with underage girls kissing their boyfriends in the thumbnails. Weird for sure when you take in that he's 23 and the fanbase he's attracting, but I don't think its enough for Youtube to care if he's not doing it through their content. I know I'm looking actively seething, I just really really hate garbage like this.

No. 758597

He's honestly always been so visually disgusting to me.

No. 758805

Yeah, he flaunts around his fupa all the time kek. Have these people watched at least 2 h3h3 vids?

No. 758808

File: 1546571389125.png (1.16 MB, 1440x2392, Capture _2019-01-03-21-49-04.p…)

Just found this small youtuber phoenix hayley in my recommended feed and clicked on ber video out of curiosity. She got her freckles semi-permanently tattoed on, which sounds like a bad idea, and unsurprisingly it looks horrible.

This is day 10 of them too (in pic related). She got a few politely critical comments and responded in the bitchiest way possible. I was fucking shocked at that response because she seems so chill in the video

No. 758809

File: 1546571614163.png (1.13 MB, 1440x2392, Capture _2019-01-03-21-49-53.p…)

Double posting,

Another response. I couldnt find any drama about her but I bet she would end up in some shit in the future.

No. 758810

Honestly, this isn’t interesting and her responses were fine. People are too sensitive.

No. 758811

He's always had a fupa, but he's never had such a huge gut before. This is definitely the biggest he's been, he even says in the pregnancy video that he's been eating more because Hila does and that's why he's gained so much.

No. 758823

It seems dumb to get a face tattoo, make a video about it and then get offended in the comments. This child-on-Instagram tier freckle job is bad, too. Taking the high and mighty stance when you're so invested in dumb internet trends you get them tattoed on your face is pretty funny. Hopefully she'll grow up one day.

No. 758962

> her responses were fine. People are too sensitive.

Seriously?! Imo, that's a SimplyKenna tier respose to followers/viewers and we see the way that went for Kenna. A youtuber as small as her should be waaaay nicer to followers/potential followers if she wants to grow her channel at all. Her personality isn't even the bitchy type some youtubers go for to warrant those responses

No. 758987

Can you imagine what these two look like walking down the street?

I don’t think Ethan is ready to be a parent either.

No. 759015

Yeah it looks a bit bigger than before, and he did say he was eating more because Hila is pregnant. Like waking up and making a pizza for her or something.I always felt like Hila might be anorexic honestly and it kinda freaks me out that she's not gonna eat enough while pregnant.

They might not be ready but TBQH they're more ready than most people I've seen. Rather have them raising kids than the trashy druggies I see with 20 kids every single time I go anywhere.

No. 761008

so there is this guy who is making fivver and youtube videos dressed up as jesus christ and stuff and i got this video recommended where he says he needs money to take custody of his kids.his ex wife and parents are a part of a cult he says he escaped and he was the same for his kids

i havent been really watching him but this video didnt seem really honest.as if it was staged up.only one of the comments i found claims this is a scam(which i somewhat believe)but i dont know much about the guy apart from the fact he gives off a weird vibe to me

No. 761057

What happened to his weight loss journey he kept posting on IG about?

No. 761131

His crying seems so fake. Only like two tears and his nose doesn't get red at all.

No. 761186

he caught The Depression and got fat again. and then hila got pregnant so he did too.

No. 761626

File: 1547061140618.jpg (120.76 KB, 720x960, CEELpoq.jpg)


op of the post but i looked a bit into it and he seems to have a reddit account where he posted a photo 3 years ago with his nieces and nephews as jesus christ and he also said there that his wife calls him crazy and she is afraid of letting him see his kids.
there's definitely the possibility that there's something up with him and his wife has valid reasons not to let him see the kids,but at least the backstory about the religious cult and the ex-wife is likely true.he also posted the picture under the exmormon subreddit which is probably the cult he talks about in the video

No. 761652

jesus christ anon lmao not everyone is aiming to be the same carbon copy youtuber. chill out. if you honestly think her responses are tHe BiTcHiEst ThiNg PosSiBLe you need to get outside more.

No. 761669

yea this guy seems like hes full of shit tbh. the crying was so forced and fake, he gives me a weird vibe too, and the entire story sounds like its was specifically fabricated to trigger people on the internet to feel sorry for him. especially the "reeeeee all religion is bad!!" atheists and the "reeeeee the mother has custody of the children!!!" crowds. my bet is this is just a scam.

if there is any semblance of truth to this situation, i bet the ex wife has a good reason to keep him tf away.

No. 761671

The cult is probably made up to gain sympathy. He's probably just like every other deadbeat dad trying to get custody of the kids in order to control his ex-wife and torment her with court battles. He'll probably end up getting a lot of money from MRAs.

No. 761676

how much would you like to bet that by cult he just means that they got to church or some shit but hes saying cult to make people feels sorry for him kek

No. 761691

Wow I love both women and this video is great.

No. 761694

ugh this guy. He's spamming every single comment section constantly.

No. 762113

I'm pretty sus about this whole thing. Like, how can we be sure that he's really telling the truth?

Also I hate how the people (esp. the edgy memelords) seem to believe him and support him quickly

No. 762853

I'm not sure about Hila, but I suspect Ethan's mom might have/had an eating disorder if you watched as far back when she was at a hospital for a heart problem. I've known girls with eating disorders that end up being hospitalized for heart problems and Ethan's mom is really skinny. I find Ethan's immaturity heartbreaking to be honest, I feel like Hila is going to have to take care of two people all by herself with little help while Ethan watches porn and farts all day.

No. 763016

I mostly just hope he doesn't go full depressiontard and become a useless lump once the baby is born, but he does seem excited to be a dad and they did try for a long time to get pregnant. The timing just seems bad. I'm surprised they kept trying when he was so depressed.

Also I 100% believe Hila restricts like mad, it's not a secret that she eats very little. She used to be very disapproving of Ethan's weight and that was back when he wasn't nearly as fat. I wonder if she's secretly freaking out about having to eat more or being hungrier.

No. 763623

Hila doesn't seem the type to be image obsessed, she's not ugly or even close to it but certainly not very girly and image conscious so I doubt it but who really knows? Some girls are just naturally very skinny, I guess you can only tell if they've ever been larger at any point in their lives that's usually a tell tale sign they're not at their natural weight. I definitely think Ethan is a bad choice for a father especially for a daughter, he seems perverted and makes way too many child molestation jokes obsessively. I really want Hila to develop a backbone and force Ethan to take care of himself and help out, she needs a girl friend really bad.

No. 763636

I'm so late but Alex Jones recently lost the case against the parents of the Sandy Hook victims, meanwhile pewdiepie said a few months ago
>he's just a silly funny guy, why did youtube censor him
Oh, you know why.

No. 763659


Pewdiepie sharing the Jesus Christ dude's custody-battle patreon without really knowing both sides of the story too is sketchy at best.

No. 763666


i agree.it's probably because he helped him in the past too and it would be weird to drop him now where he is(allegedly)in a very difficult situation

jesus dude uploaded a video about pewdipie saving him and it's difficult to watch because of how ingenuine it seems.no matter what,this thing got him lots of views and support.i wonder if/when it comes out as a scam in a few months and what will happen then

No. 763701

Pewdiepie just recently called out people for bindly trusting a streamer claiming they were female (he called them out after it was revealed said streamer was actually a guy, ridiculing twitter users who defended the streamer being female before the reveal)

I wonder why he can't see the irony in now blindly trusting that jesus guy?

No. 763719

The whole Jesus thing is interesting. It makes sense why a religious 'cult' would be an issue and I have little to no doubt that it's connected to Mormonism. That being said, the entire fucking thing is so weird and over the top?

The first video was different because we got to see him as him and not Jesus, but even then the emotion just seemed to fucking fake. The the video that followed was just as weird in tone.

Pretty sure Pewds is supporting him because his entire subreddit is literally full of the guy.

No. 763858

It's even in the same exact video kek

No. 766034

Anybody see the light beef between Trisha Paytas and the rewired soul? Any thoughts and opinions. I think it's hilarious he's able to get under her skin like that.

No. 766053

>pewdiepie doesn't pander to the SJW progressive leftists.. does that mean he's automatically a nazi?
No, it doesn't mean he's a nazi but "accidentally" promoting nazis and antisemitism multiple times now makes him just as good as one. There, does that make your mental gymnastics easier?

>literally all he said was that the guy's video was a good anime review, he didn't even know the user behind that channel. jfc
Why do you act like it's not his literal job to know the content he's choosing to promote 80 million people? Are you kidding me? The guy is a millionaire multiple times over for sitting in a dark room and watching other people's content on a computer and you're saying it's too hard for him to do 2 minutes of research? Google's too far away? All of his fingers are broken so he can't click on the user's profile? Poor baby, I hope his giant stacks of money are tall enough to hide him from the mean sjws :(((((

No. 766190

Wow…..you sjws are scary. Get off the internet and go take your antidepressant.

No. 766230

She got mad because deep down she knows he's right about her relationship with Jason being toxic.
I don't like his videos but her reaction is pretty childish.

No. 766337

So this chick is being thrown around in people's YouTube recs.

>went to frat party as a high schooler
>met frat guy there who was interested in her and he didn't care about her being trans and even stood up for her against his brothers
>He wasn't exclusively dating her, they were never dating to begin with
>He was talking to other girls, wasn't trying to sleep with her either compared to all the stuff she keeps saying about how SHE isn't going to sleep with him [he wasn't trying]
>she gets invited to a frat party after he said he wasn't interested for a while [claims ghosting when he wasn't ghosting her as he was honest about not being exclusive and seeing other girls]
>he comes up to her at the party after being a host and walking around and she complains about being invited but ignored the whole time [girl its a fucking frat party and it's his frat house, he isn't going to just stay with you alone and he never said he was either, you were merely invited]
>she couldn't left at any time but keeps calling herself a dumb bitch for staying there and he took her upstairs to talk privately, NOT for sex
>says blah blah other girls keep trying to play because Im in a frat house and you're like the only genuine chick I've met in a while
>She is laughing at him while he's being sincere because he didn't want to date her right away [she's vapid as fuck]
>fast forward and he's interested in a girl and she basically sabotages the possible relationship by telling the other girl to block him because he's only a fuckboi [again he wasn't trying to sleep with the trans girl to begin with]
>he messages her and asks why she is talking shit to girls he is interested in and when the other girl is interested too.
>called her transphobic slurs because he's butthurt as hell and knows it'll piss her off and then blocked her which she thinks is hilarious because she doesn't think her talking shit to other girls to make sure he can't get with anyone is shit talking

And she puts out this video to shame him when honestly this bitch didn't even need to butt into business that wasn't even her's in order to cause drama. Like she KNEW this would cause drama. What a fucking bitch and she's acting all saintly and painting a dude who was an asshole because you are trying to make his life your business. Like wtf is that mentality? Trans people like this should not be applauded, they should be appalled.

No. 766353


The video description is the icing on the cognitive dissonance cake!

>Are we really surprised at this point?? It's really common for transgender people to have to deal with transphobic outbursts from people they've dated/are dating. Usually, these outbursts are consequences of toxic masculinity (which pressures men to reclaim their toughness in situations where they feel it's been threatened or questioned). This is why trans women are murdered by men who've cat-called or flirted with them before realizing their trans identity, or by past lovers who feel guilty for being intimate with a transperson. I'm not saying that's what happened here, but I definitely think his reaction is due to toxic masculinity in some aspect, at least.

>ALSO SIDE NOTE- I’ve escaped frat boys and am now in a happy, healthy, loving relationship ❤️

No. 766363

Like fuck what he said isn't right, but girl you forced that out of him. You went in, disrupted something that wasn't even your business because you're a nosey bitch who didn't get what she wanted. Like youre in the wrong, if not more. Not that him saying that stuff, again, was okay at all, but he knew that shit would piss her off. No doubt she added details to this story to attempt to make herself look good and victim. I've fucking met girls like this who are trans and for some reason they all think drama that doesn't exist needs to be made a thing by their own hands because EVERYTHING is their business. No it's not. Butt off. Way to try to ruin soneone's life by calling them something they aren't just to make yourself look good. Its no different than breaking up with someone and then calling them 'fat' because that's the only defense your butthurt self has.

[omg sorry for posting this so many times. I keep forgetting to sage. I don't leave PT often]

No. 766395

nta but it's proved again and again that people are too dumb to actually get sarcastic jokes and most always end up backing up the dumb things the joke was about because they are compatible with their inner believes to start with or are stupid kids.
Do you really think him normalizing the edgy nazi, racist, misogynist, jokes won't have any effect at all on his very impressionable 11 year olds audience or serve to justify the ideias of his b-tard fans?
Also, Sweden has quite the antisemitic problem so it's not really a stretch to think that the reason he finds a lot of that edgy "humor" funny is because deep down he believes in it.

No. 766444

I don’t want to come off as defending the things he’s said, but it’s not Pewdiepie’s responsibility to change his content and make it pg just because he has some impressionable kids in his audience. If you’re angry at him for that you should also be angry at every other YouTuber with borderline innapropriate content, because that’s the stuff that children are watching on the Internet. Does that make it ok? No, but It’s the parent’s responsibility to make sure their kids don’t watch things they might disagree with, and not grow up with bad ideaologies. Felix has a lot of sketchy shit that could be brought up and discussed, because he’s definitely not a person who doesn’t have faults and he’s had a lot of drama that’s actually milky, but somehow everyone who reads Vox and their grandma will always turn a blind eye to that stuff to rehash to same shit over and over again.

>Generalizing all Swedes as antisemites

It’s weird that you would make a serious, sweeping and negative generalization about an entire country of people having an anti semitism problem, but are angry about Pewdiepie making edgy jokes.

No. 766464

I'm sure the worst anti-semitism comes from the muslim population, not all muslims are anti-semitic but the ones who happen to be are hardcore about it. Christian Europeans might snub you or make jokes but they probably wont burn down your synagogue or kill you.

No. 766468

Well anon, share his true milk then.

No. 766627

Ill agree at least that it isn't his job to police what other people's kids watch. If their kid if going to watch a trailer of SAW, that's on you. Not the video owner's fault your kid is watching it and there is zero way for YouTube to police the videos based on age because that's millions of videos having to be individually reviewed and no company is going to do that shit and self labeling content wouldn't work either.

No. 767535

I have two question. Can you guys help me out?
I've been wanting to support the podcast "Cold ones" by anything4views and maxmoefoe on patreon. I'm not financially living in a rose garden, but I do support a few creators I find entertaining. I was thinking of supporting them with only 8 to 10 euros, so not too much. But I don't want to throw my limited funds away.
question 1: recently on lolcow I remembered that incident when maxmoefoe did a podcast and idubbbz joined in and they raised some 10.000 dollars. Max did not deliver on the videos he promised and someone here mention he suspiciously took his girlfriend on a vacation shortly after being donated the funds for videos. Has Max ever addressed this issue or refunded the people?
question 2: Max is pretty much the laziest and flakiest youtuber I know of, and Chad is a mess, not even a hot mess, more like a gross mess. Are they worth throwing money at? Will they deliver? Or should I give money to some other creator?
I found the few podcasts they released so far kinda entertaining if you ignore the blatant alcoholism.
God… question 3, I guess. Is it morally okay to support their alcoholism?(no1curr)

No. 767555

save your money and treat yourself to something nice, I'm sure they're fine without it and you're still supporting them without any sacrifice on your part by just watching anyway right?

No. 767557

max consistently buys overpriced pokemon stuff

he does not need any more money

No. 767584

I like the podcast too, but honestly I think they're gonna be fine without your money. If they're struggling they can just buy less booze for a while.

No. 768080

File: 1547880764326.png (863.45 KB, 1206x669, 1476606801843.png)

ot, but its weird how much hila looks like his mom

No. 769078

Anyone keeping up with this ricegum/h3h3 drama? He made a video talking about how Ethan shouldn't be depressed because he has "money and fame" and then goes on to say that the reason Ethan is depressed is because Hila is "boring". I knew he was a double digit IQ scumbag but damn if he didn't take it to a new low. There's some other stupid drama with him too but I cbf to look into it.

No. 769094

I don't really about for H3H3 either way, but I honestly thought this was really sweet. It's always nice to see men who aren't embarrassed about how much they love their wives, and bragging about something other than "she's hot!!". He seems genuinely proud of her.

Also I only ever hear about Ricegum when he's fucked something up in an astronomical way. He really seems like he belongs in the 2005-2010 era of the internet, so how he's survived and made money this long is an absolute mystery to me.

No. 769125

they're doing just fine without some random people's donations. the fact that most of these youtubers are making loads of money but still accept fan donations is so appalling to me lol

No. 769132

Irrelevant maybe, but Sweden has a huge problem with Neo-Nazis, ever since the 90s at least, it's not just the Muslim population.

No. 769148

File: 1548056394630.gif (2.87 MB, 480x270, jenna.gif)

>but it’s not Pewdiepie’s responsibility to change his content and make it pg just because he has some impressionable kids in his audience
so you're saying between a grown ass man with millions of dollars made from kids watching his content, and kids…..it's the kids' responsibility? because Pewdiepie doesn't know any better and the kids do? ok

>If you’re angry at him for that you should also be angry at every other YouTuber with borderline innapropriate content

Well first of all if you consider antisemitism to be "borderline inappropriate" I think that says more about you than anything, and "every other YouTuber with borderline inappropriate content" doesn't have 80 million subscribers. Sorry, you don't get to make your fortune and cushy life off of public favor and also not accept any criticism from that same public. That's just not how it works, he's not a monarch. It's not as if he started a massively popular business that he can hand off to someone else and keep his personal life to himself, his job IS to keep favor with the public. If being publicly criticized for his words and actions by the people who are paying his bills is too hard for him then he shouldn't have a job in the public eye. He could just go work at fucking Best Buy or something. It's literally not that hard to not be a nazi.

>Felix has a lot of sketchy shit that could be brought up and discussed, because he’s definitely not a person who doesn’t have faults and he’s had a lot of drama that’s actually milky

ok so share that instead then

>If their kid if going to watch a trailer of SAW, that's on you. Not the video owner's fault your kid is watching it and there is zero way for YouTube to police the videos based on age because that's millions of videos having to be individually reviewed and no company is going to do that shit and self labeling content wouldn't work either.
Except Pewdiepie gained his popularity as a lets player – a genre popularized and predominantly watched by kids. It's one thing if a kid watches a SAW trailer of their own volition, it's a completely different situation if Cartoon Network started showing SAW trailers.

No. 769170

I don't get pewdiepie's massive popularity, he just reviews memes and commments on stuff without adding any fresh perspective. I miss the old days of youtube before vlogs and commentary channels dominated and people made skits or short films, everybody is just out for the sweet sweet revenue and sponsorship money.

No. 769171

what does ricegum even DO? i've never heard of this cunt til idubbbz CC'd him and just now i checked his page and he has 10 million subs? wat.

he's so stupid it's painful, why do kids like this kind of shit?

No. 769172

If Ethan loved his wife he wouldn't embarrass her, grow up a bit, and stop watching so much porn. Their relationship is extremely unhealthy and co-dependent, if you actually watch a few of their podcasts and listen closely Ethan is kind of a fucked up person.

No. 769174

kids are the ones shrieking the n word and other slurs all the time because they pick it up from other kids in video games and other places edgelords convene. even if felix cleaned up his act they'd be exposed to it literally everywhere else. and then once they go into the real world and realize they can't chimp out they'll grow out of it.

>watching porn
wat. he does? was this in a video or something?

No. 769186

Ethan has said a bunch of shit that shows what an asshole he is and I believe that the relationship with hila isn't the best since she seems submissive aside from her introverted character

also this video

No. 769190

he thinks he's some kind of deep intellectual but he's just an idiot. the guy is getting way too comfortable on his little podcast show and seems to be forgetting that there's like a million people looking at this shit. cant wait to see what else is gonna come blathering out of this idiots mouth confirming that he's just another run of the mill misogynist.

No. 769205

I agree that it seems co-dependent and a bit toxic… On the other hand,
>If Ethan loved his wife he wouldn't embarrass her, grow up a bit
- you're applying your standards to their relationship. This is how they both are. Hila may seem more reasonable because she's quiet and awkward, but in reality she's equally weird and cringey. They fit together, I doubt she would be happy with a "grown up" not embarrassing Ethan. That's their vibe I guess. Not every woman wants the same (sorry for a truism but yea).

I think it's admirable how much he loves her and it's rare for a man to appreciate his wife so openly and wholeheartly. For me, he seems genuine. BUT it also says a lot about him, how intensely grateful he is for her. His self-esteem must be non-existent and I bet it's not easy being with such a man, let alone have a family.

No. 769218

what makes this even more weird is how back before h3h3 even had half a mill subs, people legitimately thought hila was his sister, long before we ever saw his mom appear in a video.

No. 769227

File: 1548076053897.png (41.72 KB, 399x322, 26437B62-B9ED-46CA-9BC8-9E226C…)

Some of the dumb stuff Ethan has said like praising John McCain did garner him criticism from his fan base and the most recent controversy that I could be bothered with was when he didn’t upload any videos and then posts an ad for his mobile game and still put ads on that.


Damn he put on weight like crazy

No. 769268

Agreed. Plus, I have a vague memory of him in one of their podcasts, when he announced that Hila was pregnant, talking about how he "nutted inside of her" and grabbed her boobs when they had sex like a complete autist, with Hila cringing on the side… who speaks of their wife like that

No. 769291

>unironically believing pewdiepie is an antisemite


No. 769590

Those standards are universal, his immaturity isn't even funny its cringy.

No. 769595

>I think it's admirable how much he loves her and it's rare for a man to appreciate his wife so openly and wholeheartly.

Are we watching the same video?

No. 770556

Japan vlogs anytime now!

No. 771505

He went from overreacting to video games to overreacting to memes. He tries so hard to remove the "video game guy from 2012" image so he makes edgy content for edgy kids now. i wish his career would stumble and fall.

No. 773206

I don't think Hila was cringing, if anything she's just embarassed and is just laughing at what Ethan's jokes.

No. 773207

Ethan does love his wife, he just have problems like having depression which can make him do and say stupid things sometimes. They have a healthy relationship. If they weren't then maybe some of the anons would have already pointed it out earlier. There's isn't any signs of codependency in their interactions.

No. 773208

And before anyone says I'm depending them, I'm not, I'm just saying what I see and know about them.

No. 774586

Looks like our buddy Jason’s a creep and Brandon Calvilo is a creepy pedophile! Who knew.

No. 774664

No. 774878

what happened?

No. 774921

This video has all the relevant clips

No. 774943

I'm sure Ethan feels that he loves Hila, I just think he could do a little more to show it and not by broadcasting to everyone how much he loves her but by choosing sex with Hila over porn and helping her clean up around the house.

No. 774945

If Trish was a nicer person she would attract nicer people, she attracts creeps because she herself has some pretty creepy views on sex. The amount of rape jokes she's made and sugar daddies she's bragged about having by now is abysmal.

No. 774949

Yeah, his content is basically endless shit posts. And he's just mildly funny. I don't get his popularity at all.

No. 774950

I was gonna say those are not things he should get brownie points over but doing basic married couple shit like having sex and splitting chores would be a dramatic concept for his underdeveloped manchild brain.

No. 774952


seeing his viewer statistics, i'd say it's nostalgia.
the tweens/teens that watched him being cringy playing horror games and Happy Wheels now continue to watch him because it's just become a daily habit. people hope, he'll upload a gameplay again, and in the meantime, his meme/video/drama reviews are spiked just enough with "inside jokes", references and "Real Talk with F. Kjellberg" where he tries to analyse a situation from an "elevated level" that people keep watching anyways.

(also keep in mind his view counts hover around like, what, 7 million? more than 90% of his subs are dead, uninterested, bots or sockpuppets from the whole T-Series v P saga fuelled by Mr. Beast).

(on an anecdotal, personal, subjective, PURELY OPINION-bases level: i used to hate his cringy screaming and his shitty Swedish accent. up until like, 2017? i avoided him, then randomly watched one of his then more frequent gameplays, and he'd just stopped being cringy. he played games he wanted to play, he was didn't overreact, he was self-aware of his idiocy, just seemed a lot more genuine).

No. 774960

>they have a healthy relationships
you have no way of knowing that. With all we know even, we just see the tip of the iceberg as with any relationship.
I assume Ethan loves Hila but I believe/speculate he's not behaving like a mature and responsible husband and treating her the best and I believe he lets his depression control him too much.

No. 774966

File: 1549277310965.jpeg (72.75 KB, 960x540, 7B0FB8FF-9C2E-4890-BBAB-59B462…)

Surprise surprise YouTube dudes are not so secretly creeps. I’m living for this though, what a great way to damage your career by dating underage folks and openly hitting on women who are 20+ years younger than you.

No. 774967

Jesus Christ, yes, when I saw his mum for the first time I cringed to the point that asshole retracted, how can you fuck someone who looks almost exactly like a younger version of your parent. Feral.

No. 774968

Nayrt but I was genuinely disappointed when he made that first video in response to the Gillette advert and outed himself as being completely unaware of the shit women get everyday.
I'm used to his edgy persona and embarrassing attempts at sarcasm where he normally at least maintains some level of plausible deniability, but he really just showed his ignorant ass there and I felt bad for all his younger female gamer fans. The comments were such a mess with them diplomatically bringing up their experiences and imploring him to understand, and the boys downvoting them all and parroting "begone thot". He made a lazy apology that he "doesn't ignore that those issues exist" in the comments but didn't even pin it.

In the next video he lightly glossed over that he didn't know women get told to smile every day, but blamed the advert for not making the situation explicit enough for him to recognise it. He spoke about it for a moment of the video at most and didn't accept that he was ignorant in any way but the comments still had little boys REEEing that their king had been forced to apologize to SJWs or something, as if he had been forced to shave his head in shame.
Watch stupid youtubers and you get stupid content I guess. Marzia must be a tradthot to not have corrected him.

No. 774979

I don't understand Felix's hate-boner for women. He seems quite happily in a relationship and he never had any legal issue or whatever with women. He usually doesn't outright say something hateful but he does it all the time very sofly and subliminally. He seems like a douche imo.

No. 774986

Im pretty sure he hates marzia but being a lazy neet he doesnt want to put the effort into finding someone else so he settles, and that resentment grew to the point now that "all wahmins sux xdd" and he cant help but let this view seep into his videos. That or maybe just latent mommy issues.

No. 774991

Marzia must hate herself to be in a relationship with someone who hates women so much. At what point do you consider being in a relationship like that a form of self-harm?