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No. 546984

thread to discuss pro-anas, wannarexics and attention seeking spoops.
previous thread: >>>/snow/500530
don't discuss:

No. 553543

File: 1523554263477.png (885.44 KB, 1634x1202, Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 11.0…)

I thought you weren't checking lolcow anymore, Aly? No one in the comments of her posts with the scratches across her neck (>>551757 and
>>551753) was telling her that her soft BDSM is another destructive criticism. They were all very "aw man I wish I had a dom/daddy."

No. 553547

*destructive coping mechanism. Was going to word it as "no one was giving her criticism" to begin with. sage for neuroticism.

No. 553803

"This guy didn't rape me! Wow! What a keeper!"

That…that's the bare minimum for decent human behavior. Oh my God.

No. 553962

File: 1523580549307.png (1.05 MB, 752x1370, Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 8.47…)

In one of her fifty thousand videos on her story, she says that her "hookup" is a part of the kink community and is "bi, he's poly… basically everything, you know?"

I audibly laughed when she said that with the most forced nonchalance. This bitch loves being the center of attention and couldn't handle being in a poly relationship for even a week if she tried. She even went so far as to say that "regular sex" is ruined for her now. It's like she doesn't realize that most people enjoy being tied up and spanked lmfao.

No. 554085

File: 1523587387988.jpeg (138.3 KB, 750x937, 311CC1BD-5A30-4F4F-AD67-490312…)

Tune in to _brookeleblanc ‘s latest string of videos on Instagram talking about her nasty crotch sweat and flabby cooch. Gotta end it with her crying of course.

No. 554226

Nasty, major cringe, does she realise that she looks like a complete fool

No. 554270

OP, your choice of pictures cracked me up for a solid 3 minutes at work.

No. 554487


You didn’t really explain why though. Personally I feel it’s because society very much validates anorexia and those who experience the weight loss symptom of eating disorders, and invalidates or minimizes all other EDs because apparently if you don’t look sick you must not be sick. Having an AN diagnosis is like having an official label that makes you feel like your ED is valid in society’s eyes. Because if you don’t get thin enough to warrant an AN diagnosis it feels pretty invalidating unfortunately. Despite the fact that all EDs are serious and torturous. Sorry for novel

No. 554535

Okay so Ik this might be the wrong place to ask but do you guys have any suggestions for good/inspirational/honest (aka not pro Ana scumbag) eatingdisorder accounts?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 554538

…you mean recovery accounts?

No. 554556

@merryrosehowley is the first one that comes to mind. she also has a youtube channel.

No. 554615

Anyone else suspect Crying Emily is going to go all Lacey Spears on her chunky monkey once it's born?

No. 554713

File: 1523651368125.jpg (814.35 KB, 2048x1956, IMG_9007.JPG)

When someone tells Brooke off. I'm sure she'll follow up with more crying videos.

No. 554715

Did you know she's about to turn 40?! She still lives with her parents.

No. 554719

>>554713 I originally followed her because I was interested in her physical recovering from severe laxative abuse, but then I realised what an entitled brat she is. Her parents buy her everything, but yet she still plays the victim card. She says it's all their fault she has an eating disorder. She acts like a teenager.

No. 554726

That's beyond unacceptable. at least the other girl works & has a family. I hate moochers.

No. 554776


Oh my god. That woman who commented on her post - used to be friends with her on MySpace - literally in like 2004/2005.

She was on an episode of Dr Phil or similar to do with her eating disorder and the burns she got as a child.

No. 554799

If so she doesn't talk about either one. I've followed her a couple yrs and never heard that.

No. 554822

File: 1523658007139.png (1.67 MB, 1125x2436, C9D41426-AADC-4356-9CF2-D3DE23…)


It was Tyra she was on.

I am positive it’s the same person, but if I’m wrong it’s some coincidence that she would look so similar and have the same type of burns.

No. 554841

Oh wow. Idk about that. Really similar. She's way sicker now if the same person. That's really sad she isn't better but I don't think she's wanted to. That's why she hasn't been to treatment in so long.

No. 554865


They are ‘both’ called Cassie too so I would say it’s 100% her.

No. 554866

>I don't think she's wanted to. That's why she hasn't been to treatment in so long.
It is the same person, Cassie. I've been friends with her since the myspace days too and if i recall correctly… Tyra sent her to Timberline Knolls, but she wasn't medically stable and TK sent her to inpatient, which Tyra didn't pay for and so Cass got fucked financially. That girl has been through a LOT. I can't even imagine what I'd be like if I lived though what she has. She may not be the picture of "recovery" but she's much improved from where she's been.

No. 554871


Yeah I don’t think she seems like she wants attention or anything. Just a lost soul I guess.

Fun fact: when I originally went to her ig from the screenshot and realised who I thought it was, the only person it showed me who follows her also in common with me is Bekah.

But now an hour later, smorven is now following her.

Hi smorven.

No. 554913

Ive never seen her like other anachans/munchies. She never asks for money or anything, give tips, feel entitled. she finished college and became a teacher. She also got married and has a little girl. She doesn't fake being sick with 8,000 illnesses. She was doing better but she's been going backwards lately. That's all I know.

No. 555230



No. 555330

Another anachan who conveniently found veganism in recovery

No. 555391

I'm the anon that recommended her. I just discovered her the other day so if she's "problematic" or "dishonest" then go off but at least give reasons. She's not a big YouTuber so there's no drama threads about her online outside of MPA, and there they're just screeching about "she's vegan to continue restricting!!"

No. 555599

File: 1523733471668.png (2.7 MB, 750x1334, CDA334C3-2115-4A20-9FF0-99D50E…)

Suuuuurre Bekah you’re not at ALL trying to get attention for being so soooper sick, you just wanna post about your pup. You just happen to post yourself with tubes galore too. Ugh

No. 555695

The heart monitor isn't even hooked up

No. 555807


peep that stark difference between this bulls hit and when legit people pose their pets and take cute flattering photos of them..

No. 555885

She sure loves being sick. It’s actually pretty disgusting (I only say that because she’s been given loads upon loads of intensive help yet has never chosen to use it). Plus she literally taught people in ED treatment how to purge though a feeding tube.

No. 556065

File: 1523785986633.png (987.21 KB, 750x1334, 2BA3994A-3BD5-4974-ACDB-8C5295…)

In completely unsurprising news, Bella is once again claiming gross negligence from the hospital and is begging for escape tips.

Was she always this stupid or has her diet of energy drink, Diet Pepsi, and the misery of everyone she knows caused her brain to shrink?

How many days until she is back on her futon to scam donations and document how many days she goes wearing the same pair of underpants?

Will her dramatic claims of medical neglect go anywhere?

No. 556139


I doubt she’s even really in erc (has phone but no real pics?), but I’m amused at the image of her trying to scurry over the Colorado border to freedom clad in nothing but her sweatshirt and granny panties like she does in all her pics.

No. 556159

I completely agree. Way too many pic opportunities for her to get asspats in erc if she were there not to have posted by now

No. 556694

Absolutely OT but I've been thinking of making a MPA General thread since last thread's infiltration of their users, the fact that it's now against their rules to mention lolcow, and how when MPA users were brought up in the last Pro-ana Scrumbags thread people were bitching about "this thread is about Instagram anas only!"

There's also the recent site glitches on MPA, people on looksmax saying the admin was really an aging pedophile and that's why the glitches haven't been fixed in months, etc. to go off of.

I wanted to see what anons that frequent the pro-ana scumbags threads thought before I just went ahead and made a thread.

No. 556959

def in favour of that, anon.

No. 557016

File: 1523882107318.png (1.69 MB, 750x1334, 0928FFD8-7D98-45D6-9C0E-801EE7…)

Here’s a tip: Stop purging then!

No. 557051

File: 1523887569207.jpeg (325.88 KB, 750x1174, F762495E-D4C6-4F12-9F7F-8175FB…)

I never see this girl talked about. She claims to be eating 3000 cal. Vegan and has had multiple IP stays.

No. 557085

I agree - I think everyone with bp-an or bed wishes they could be r-an. The thing will Allegra is she admits sh doesnt want to gain weight so how the fuck will she recover ?

No. 557097

Oh I hate this bitch. A while ago I saw someone comment on her photos something like "Don't take this the wrong way, but you don't look like you're gaining any weight?" and she responded with "I'm not, I'm maintaining, my doctors say it's okay."

Even if her doctors did give her the ok, I can only see that being because they'd literally take ANYTHING over her losing even more weight, not because it's healthy. And it's so fucking hypocritical too, pretending like you're in "recovery" when in reality you're just strictly maintaining your underweight, malnourished body. It's not recovery, you're just an anorexic (and an active one, at that) who is maintaining her weight.

No. 557157

I like the idea but not all lolcow users like the Ana threads and don't seem to know about the 'hide thread' button so could it be better just have some kind of general eating disorder thread when this one is full? It'd also be all the more interesting because those who complain about MPA users being posted probably are MPA users and don't want to be seen as fair game. Might as well lump them all in together.

No. 557299

I would just integrate it into this thread if you must since there isn’t really a difference, but the reason people are against it is because it attracts the wannarexics which is exactly what got these threads shut down in the first place. It’s why the disclaimer exists that you cannot discuss certain cows, because all it takes is giving attention to the wrong batshit e-whore for the entire board to go down in a self-posting, cat-fighting shit storm discussing which of their bonelord friends (or themselves, in crockpot’s case) is actually fat or a bitch or some other shit nobody cares about.

No. 557366

seconding this, and also the entire point of lolcows is that they have a visible, public internet presence. MPA is just a forum and most of it isn't even public (right?). obviously there are cringey people there but unless they are posting that cringe elsewhere like insta etc, it's not really lolcow material imo.

it's really just drama among wannarexics and that's the kind of thing that shits up this thread, brings in white knights, and makes the admins ban all ED cows.

No. 557394

i agree but i wish we would discuss people besides the same insta bitches again and again and stop ignoring every new cow that gets posted in here. it doesnt have to be mpa but lets talk about /something/ else

No. 557444

This girl is honestly ridiculous. Does she not understand that she's going to die?

No. 557487

yes. what you waiting for. do it. do it now.

No. 557500

File: 1523913941464.jpeg (303.65 KB, 750x1178, 83002A1F-251B-4C8A-9F58-D8F9D0…)

Surprised no one has mentioned bree.gets.better. She blogs her hospital visits and stays, looooves posting selfie and selfie with her tube in, etc, and is absolutely refusing recovery despite acting like she’s all for it.
Here’s her YT:

No. 557501

Samefag, meant *vlogs

No. 557700

Agree but from talking to her personally she is very sick, but yeah I think she vlogs and stuff because she has nothing else going on in her life that’s interesting whatsoever, because she’s too incapacitated by mental illness, so hence she chooses to document on her life on the internet.

No. 557735

The head tilt infuriates me. She’s been on instagram body checking and posting grim food for years.

No. 558275

No. 558276

No. 558279

File: 1524005633231.png (2.28 MB, 750x1334, ED4CF08F-2833-40CE-9DBE-0C4059…)

Aaaand again….profile pic. Can’t show off that damn tube enough

No. 558397

And what about all the people who are actually sick & very underweight but NOT posting all this stuff online, huh bekah? Someone needs to tell her she isn't as sick as she wants to be. I don't even think she's underweight. If so, marginally.

No. 558402

Man she’d be super gorgeous if she actually put on some weight

No. 558412

her obvious shoulder straining is so fucking embarrassing

No. 558594

File: 1524039192505.png (45.97 KB, 472x251, wp_ss_20180418_0001.png)

Crying Emily's baby's been born. I've left the pic off because it'd be unfair to post the baby on lolcow.

I hope this really does change Emily for the better, or at least she gets some decent help for the mentals.

No. 558841

File: 1524066898737.jpeg (426.87 KB, 750x1122, 73896E91-9D46-4669-99EF-DC852E…)

No. 558860

so confused by her barrage of glamor shots from a hospital room. like who actually does that??? it looks like she got hair extensions WHILE hospitalized smh

yah for real. also the fact that she had to make sure it was soooper obvious that she is celebrating her bday in a hospital bed boohoo

No. 559022

i truly hope she matures quick to be a good mom to this baby, maybe its what she needs

am i the only one thats just a bit put off by the name? maybe its the associating of the name ember and anorexic pissbabies

No. 559086

First thing I thought of when I saw the Ember name, yeah. I wonder if she saw it here first because it's not common at all in the UK. Evelyn-Rose is pretty though. I'm not even a clucky female, but the baby's cute for a baby.

No. 559744

File: 1524113165307.png (1.62 MB, 1067x1342, 20180417_201442.png)


Seriously. Jesus, obsessed with yourself much Bekah?

No. 559801

Might want to change your avatar (in the bottom corner).

And does Bekah wear a wig out of curiousity? In those pictures it seems like she always keeps her hairline covered or trimmed out.

No. 559810

haha, you're right. looks like she is wearing a wig recently. fuck, i hate seeing her on here. that crusty tube makes me want to barf.

No. 559916

This girl isn't a cow, she is genuinely very nice and struggling.

No. 559985

File: 1524150896756.jpg (317.87 KB, 1072x1843, Screenshot_2018-04-19-10-10-36…)


Yea it must be a wig because look at her hair before

No. 559986

File: 1524150929624.jpg (154.61 KB, 1078x1841, Screenshot_2018-04-19-10-11-05…)

No. 560000

I haven’t seen many people as obsessed with themselves and like pleased be sick and in hospital.

I understand like making the most of it but like in one pic she’s poseing appear sooper skinny and in the next she’s like a model with a wig and all this?

She’s really adding to that whole glamorizing ed and mental illness thing in my opinion it’s hypocrytical Bc on her secret insta she’s so pro anorexic

No. 560007


I feel like she’s looking for compliments on the hair so she can say it’s a wig that way she can point out how super thin and weak her hair is Bc she’s so sick … just another attention seeking thing.

I actually think her hair looks fine without it but she constantly must do things to draw attention to her illness and how sick she is

No. 560320

Not sure, and sorry if this pushes the lines of what's allowed to be discussed, but weren't those two friends at some point? Crying Emily and the E-who-must-not-be-named. Makes the name choice even more odd.

No. 560401

I literally cannot believe she wears that shirt. It makes her look mentally challenged.

No. 560458

and to add to it she's holding her arm like… away from her body so it can look as thin as possible. she tries SO HARD

No. 560643

File: 1524217948733.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 207.73 KB, 750x1334, image.jpeg)

No. 560646

I though it was a boy with tits


No. 560657

what the fuck even

No. 560696

File: 1524228198989.jpeg (89.85 KB, 640x1136, 9EE60206-3437-411D-8218-9F120A…)

Can we talk about she’s support to be 19/20 yet she acts like a 5 year old?

No. 560707

Even if I did quite like my body I wouldn't post shots like that on Instagram

No. 560713

Common trait of people with anorexia- revert to liking childish things- look at the way Paris collects soft toys , eats with kids cutlery and generally acts as though she is 5 years old.

No. 560732

I wonder if Bechah has Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

No. 560887

Does anyone know if Bekah actually changes her tube or its just for the “aesthetics”?
I know from personal experience(recovered anorexic) they have to change it weekly because of bacteria growing in the tube(can lead to infection) and change the sides of the tube due to the fact having it on the same side can leave trauma on the skin.
From what I can see in the pictures she posted it looks really dirty and still on the same side.

No. 560898


Did you see her live? Like do you think people give a fuck about her babyish mugs? There are people out there who waste their tax money so girls like can sit on her arse all day buying babyish mugs and teddies whist not accepting the help she is getting

No. 560914

Good question I wonder…. I think the longest I’ve had the same one in was about two weeks, I feel like it’s never hooked up so I wonder that as anything to do with it? Also she may have an nj which you need imaging for placement so she probably has it more long term I’ve never had experience with home feeds so I don’t know the protocol but she’s doing something wrong it looks grimy and she’s always slathering on makeup! Who even cares when your in the hospital anyway about makeup why bother! She cares so much about her sick image but isint that the last thing she’s have energy to do hair and makeup?

To me it looks likes she’s bored not sick and is trying to blow time by posting her photo shoots

No. 560916

Its possible, she really disregards the feelings of others, I mean Ik at a time she was sick but she’s being ott now it’s unbelievable what she puts her family through… faking passing out and hitting her head so she can have an ig photo with oxygen and a headbandage .. I feel bad for her family like she’s healthier but still wants to manipulate her body to appear sick

She already overexagerates her medical state to her friends followers for attention why wouldn’t she manipulate her family too, I wonder what they think of all this

No. 560918

She try’s so hard and mostly ends up looking average like that shirts giant wouldn’t s thin person wear a small and then that would be big? Like duh an xl shirt is big on everyone… she wears it to make the arm smaller by comparison

She’sd benefit from stopping social media she only posts photos to prove something like she’s thin or sick or a child whatever motive she’s trying to get across she’s living her life based on the reaction of others which has not served her well by any means

No. 560994


Exactly, you can tell she’s not that sick at all as if she was really ill, she’d take it out at any given opportunity. I know this for a fact as I would rip mine out when I was angry.
Also most people who are having feed via an NG would have someone next to them monitoring them due to the fact they could disconnect the feed as no anorexic wants to gain.
I was very ashemed to keep mine in and took it out when I had the chance to.
It’s like a fashion statement to her.
From her recent photo, it looks like she is connected however she clearly enjoys being the sick one. Alot of anorexics love getting tube fed for that reason as it proves that they’re “sick enough” and valid. It’s quite sad really.

No. 561011

I totally get you! When I was very poorly and needed an NG tube, I worked so hard to get it out ASAP because I knew that the longer it was in, the harder it would be to have it out as you start relying on it. I didn’t go one day where I only had nutrition through the tube, I was always pushed and pushed myself to manage even a few sips of ensure before having the rest down the tube when I could no longer manage another sip. I took some pictures with it in to put on ig but in a way to document my journey and I certainly didn’t post a million pictures with it. As soon as I got the tube, I worked damn hard to get it out and not rely on it, it did kinda make me feel validated as being actually poorly but it was overall painful and irritating(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 561097


Oh, Bekah LOVES her tube. She's so excited to have it back on her face where everyone can see it. When she had the g tube, she had to hang it out of her shirt because she couldn't handle people not seeing how sick she is.


I have had one in for several weeks before and the nurses never said it had to be changed very often. But I'm sure Bekah's never gets used. I never see her hooked up at all. Plus she just seems like a trashy person, so who knows what's growing in there.

No. 561110

File: 1524273447310.png (1.98 MB, 1080x1599, 20180420_191243.png)

Can we just talk about Bekah's horrific makeup skills? Like, who TF told her purple eyeshadow was a good idea. She needs to put on some freaking chapstick. And those eyebrows need to be attacked with a weed whacker.
And she sells Mary Kay? I can't imagine she sells a thing with her makeup looking like it does.

No. 561206

She really needs a wash

No. 561248

It’s supposedly an nj tube, so it’s probably not changed that often, if ever, unless it clogs or breaks. She used to have a j tube that was in her stomach and could be hidden (not that she ever hid it though), but she made up some sob story how her body rejected it and went back to an Nj (which is harder on the body for sure, since they’re bigger than ng’s and rub the nose and throat raw). But a nasal tube is just so much more visible for those asspats! And her “health issues” are all either symptoms of her eating disorder or results of the same ed. She’s not some super special spoonie warrior like she claims, she’s just an attention-whore ana chan who isn’t getting enough asspats any more. Nor does she want recovery, she’s been given a ridiculous number of chances and squandered all of them. She’s a terrible person who only cares about herself. I’d say she’s definitely a candidate for narcissistic personality disorder.

No. 561306

File: 1524298945817.jpeg (264.19 KB, 750x1201, 3FAD872E-3B5C-44D8-99E9-79DC4F…)

What a fucking train wreck. She acts like a spoiled 16 year old who just discovered sex and wants to rebel against her parents.

Your mom wouldn’t hound you about destroying yourself if she didn’t care about you.

No. 561320

File: 1524300461876.png (436.52 KB, 640x1136, 8C0B08D4-BD69-42FF-8992-57C601…)

I’m sorry Tilly but no doctor would say a BMI of 15/16 is weight resorted.

She was actually doing well but she’s starting to become milky again.

No. 561328

Someone rescue that baby right now. Emily is the worst candidate for motherhood. Called it once and will call if again, if she keeps it it will be found hungry and dehydrated next to her bloated corpse after an OD.

No. 561618

No. 561638

yea thats not acting. she -is- an entitled little brat who is imposing her own misery but maaahmmy is ruining her by wanting her to have a food

No. 561664

File: 1524345284610.png (2.23 MB, 750x1334, 7C8C6E64-25DD-47DF-9287-EDC597…)

What a little bitch.

No. 561667

File: 1524345417047.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, 19CD405D-2688-4B40-A605-1498C5…)

Samefag as >>561664 but she also complained about how she knows her “dom” (kek) is using her for sex and then went on to call him “hon” in the same story update. This bitch is gonna be an absolute mess when she becomes too skelly for him to want to fuck.

No. 561669

File: 1524345458717.png (1.22 MB, 750x1334, E1C02322-9CB2-44C9-A49C-E26A16…)

No. 561671

File: 1524345514916.png (1.28 MB, 750x1334, 5BA534A1-AEAA-48EA-905E-C945D0…)

samefag. “hon”

No. 561762

File: 1524351725354.jpeg (134.99 KB, 750x1079, 75AA2691-76F1-4B88-AD8B-B5BECF…)

She has to beg for people to buy from her….

No. 561786

No. 561787

File: 1524354296358.png (2.84 MB, 750x1334, F28B4E72-47ED-4BCD-97CE-F338EB…)

She’s doing it here too, her shoulder is at an awkward angle just to make it seem smaller ugh she looks redicukous with her stupid poses.

No. 561789

File: 1524354452134.jpeg (183.74 KB, 741x1039, 74079DE1-695F-49BD-8026-5E1353…)

Yeah I bet she does…wouldn’t surprise me normal people don’t take that many selfies and talk so much about themselves.
Also…if you wanna go home, try maybe actually doing what you’re supposed to do? Like quit faking it and being a baby and eat your damn food? No one feels bad for you anymore lol. We just think it’s pathetic.

No. 561790

File: 1524354526520.png (Spoiler Image, 2.21 MB, 750x1334, 9C15173B-5E21-43C2-95BB-89E4F2…)

What happened to the nice hair????

No. 561821

Got to look sicker for those asspats kek. She’s a nut job.

No. 561859


Right? Normally when people want to go home they'll just eat to get out… I'd be more sympathetic to her struggle if she wasn't taking soo many pics to show it off and prove there is one..

No. 561973


I had to block her, I don’t even want to see her in my explore feed. I thought she MIGHT actually be serious about recovery and not being a hypocritical little cunt but she hasn’t changed a bit.

No. 561980

Ah, the old ‘posing next to a chubby nurse trick’ to look thinner. She’s insufferable.

No. 561996

She's just an attention whore brat. She knows she is triggering people and likes it. She is 100% doing it on purpose because she literally has nothing better to do. She has said before that she likes the attention even though it is negative. This is the same kind of shot she pulled before. She says she can only weigh 45 kg because of her knees But she is running. That is complete and utter bullshit. Running is faaaar worse for your knees than being at a healthy weight (not to mention your bone density is garbage when you maintain low weights). She is probably just bored and lonely again and looking for internet drama.

No. 562077

Her doctor is the same as some other Melbourne anas who are not weight restored but he just lets them live underweight because he’s too busy with his divorce and talking to his patients about his kids

No. 562083

File: 1524395859754.png (798.99 KB, 640x1136, C1751CB6-E0B7-4165-887E-827700…)

Imagine claiming you’re in “recovery” yet complaing that the nurses are making her fat. She should be grateful that she is getting treatment.
Typical ana chan

No. 562109

File: 1524402399825.png (329.6 KB, 376x539, uhuhtillly.PNG)

Only thing I see different is props? Glasses, book, and a different hair tint. I fail to see what's changed. She's not facing a true recovery, she's still warping the idea of recovery into a watered down version to suit her disorder.

On the bright side at least if she goes to treatment at some point she technically shouldn't get kicked out for smoking in her room, she's apparently giving up.

No. 562118

>I’ve come such a long way from when these were taken

I think she’s referring to both pictures as “before” pics, as opposed to before and after

No. 562135

File: 1524408693692.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 200.92 KB, 640x1014, F6B0B8F2-6A63-4E58-BAD3-BE707E…)

I am raging. Regardless of body dysmorphia you know logically when you’re extremely underweight and this is just completely irresponsible. You can say all you want that you FEEL like a fat whale but when you know matter of factor that you are emaciated saying you are a fat whale is fucking stupid and makes any of your vulnerable followers who are bigger than you feel like shit

No. 562149

File: 1524410666928.png (2.1 MB, 750x1334, 7ABD0688-5867-4D89-B768-92C465…)

Do they not realize how ridiculous they look?!

No. 562284

It looks like she's wearing a skin suit and you can see her cell phone in her pocket.

No. 562495

This is honestly disgusting

No. 562580

Who is that girl with bekah I creeped on her a bit after they posted photos together and I can’t for the life of me see why she has a tube! Unless she was thin like forever ago I can’t see why she needs it
And yes to this nearly every admission ends like this for me you get sick of the ppl and environment and you play the game to get out so to speak and if u still want to do behaviors just do it when you leave! Not trying to be negative but if u struggle it’s like that and bekah knows this like every other patient where it’s not their first hospital rodeo, the thing with her is she loves the attention and ppl constantly taking care of her and feeling sorry for her, she wants to be there and only says she wants out to act like she wants recovery and a life, it’s hard to support her anymore Bc she’s a lying manipulative and cold hearted person.

No. 562627

File: 1524437425331.png (973.21 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180422-184754.png)

Poor girl not only has a huge tooth ache they won't let her go to the dentist for but now look! A raging fever too?!?! KEK
Someone get her out of there

No. 562631


Her name is Willa and I have no idea how they met, but she supposedly has gatroparesis. Yeah, "gastroparesis." Just like Bekah. It's the diagnosis du'jour these days, along with Ehlers Danlos that is suddenly an epidemic? So many ED people claim they have gastroparesis as an excuse not to eat. "Everything I eat makes me sick, so I can't eat anything."

No. 562938

Ikr! POTS is another one which I actually think bekah claims too I’d probably meet the criteria for pots and gp but obviously it be from my experience with bulimia

Electrolyte imbalance happens so quickly when your doing any type of purging which can cause the same symptoms as pots and prolonged starvation causes gp to a certain degree why would her dr even diagnose that if they know she is currently anorexic? Like she is symptomatic from the ed not an undiagnosed pots or gp I don’t doubt that she experiences some of the symptoms but honey they are from the anorexia! She is just floundering back and forth from chronic illness to ana recovery warrior whatever gets her the most sympathy from her perceived audience she wishes to manipulate she’s pro ana
Imagine what her fb friends that stand up for her ridiculousness would say if they saw the delicate ballerina insta!!!

No. 563013

Someone posted screenshots of it on her acct on fb once it was great…but she quickly deleted it and people were STILL standing up for her saying it was her right….so rediculous. Like it’s one or the other bitch you can’t be recovering and pro Ana…

No. 563014

Bekah doesn’t have POTS, GP, or EDS. She has an eating disorder, and is trying to claim other illnesses to get more asspats, since everyone is sick of her ana chan, manipulating ways. I’d say same for the other girl, if she’s willing to hang out with Bekah. Physical illness just gets so many more asspats that an ed now. It’s really gotten ridiculous with the number of ana chans and wannarexics who are claiming EDS/POTS/GP. But they do it because they think it makes them special, it gives them an excuse to not eat or use behaviors and to be underweight, and it takes any responsibility out of their lives. No one is expecting a person with GP to go to therapy and work to get better. But as much as Bekah pretends she’s not, she’s just a pathetic ana chan who’s wasted her life and tried to repeatedly drag others down with her.

No. 563017

Most people with EDs actually fit the criteria for POTS and even GP if they just get very basic testing and their EDs aren’t factored in. But you cannot be diagnosed with true POTS or GP if you have an active eating disorder.

No. 563018

File: 1524455175649.png (2.19 MB, 750x1334, EB8793A8-4CA2-44A3-900D-B92FB4…)

And more glamour shots, and soliciting for people to buy from her. Get a real job. You clearly need it since your whole life is a joke…

No. 563100

Do we even know why she's in the hospital? Normally I'd expect her to be shouting every little problem from the rooftops, but she's said very little about it. That's very suspicious to me. I just wonder how she manipulates doctors into thinking there's something wrong with her. I mean, CLEARLY there's something off in that brain of hers, but I don't think there's anything wrong with her that's not ED related.

No. 563104


Oh absolutely. When I'm not well off, I can claim every single one of those symptoms. Doesn't mean I have GP or POTS.
Bekah needs to understand that people stopped caring about her a long time ago. Everyone is so sick of her bullshit. It is common knowledge that she's never trying to get better and is in love with her ED, yet she throws up another gofuckme every so often, begging for money and claiming she wants recovery. I'm betting on another one any time now.
She's not a spoonie no matter how hard she tries. There's nothing wrong with her except for being nucking futz.

No. 563183

Lel @ smorven saying she’s not skeletal and doesn’t have an ed.

No. 563295

That’s such a good point about how claiming illness like gp and pots gets her out of therapy but like that won’t work Bc she’s made everyone in the world who knows her aware of the anorexia like she needs to pick one (the anorexia obvi) and address if

I’m not sure either I don’t go on fb often but most of her recent posts had nothing to do with why she was there just that she was and is here for the glamour shots!

Any recent posts on delicate ballerina insta explaining? Can someone with access post recent milk from there

No. 563316

Diff. anon. I like her and I think she's an overall good influence, but I get that she can rub people the wrong way.
She seems a little too thin for being in post-recovery, and yeah she does have a petite frame. But there isn't much of a difference between her before and after photos. I know her doc approves of her maintaining her current weight tho so maybe that's a nitpick. She also "feels very strongly" about being vegan and having an ED, and felt "like a number" because the rehab place she went to didn't have vegan options. I don't think she is using veganism to restrict, but she sure is fucking annoying about it.

No. 563338

File: 1524512023100.png (181.76 KB, 750x1205, IMG_9331.PNG)

Since someone on here said someone with a tube would be trying to remove/manipulate the feed & not show it off all the time like she's proud & loves it— she made this post lol

No. 563809

imagine trying to enjoy a day at the beach, and then you look over and see this undead wight taking vain body selfies of itself while it lays on the sand

No. 564348

I instinctively want to bury her in the sand. Dead bodies are unsanitary. My lizard brain wants to stop whatever she has from spreading.

No. 564506

Is this recent? What a stark contrast to her pro recovery Facebook… the nurses are responding to her behaviors probably her adjusting the rate, so this shows that (if from recent stay) she’s doing things that would keep her longer or sabotaging herself, doesn’t sound like someone who wants to be out of there it looks like someone still so fully emerced in anorexia and that they need a 1 to 1.

No. 564530

From like yesterday I believe. Her fb is bull crap, she has a pro Ana acct she posts to, which is her real self, unfortunately she blocked me from it though because i called her out on her shit.

No. 565364

File: 1524679218936.jpeg (156.67 KB, 750x828, 6229E51D-AF0F-4B94-92BE-2E84DA…)

Geeeeeez how narcissistic can you be?! Using yourself as a cover photo….

No. 565370

File: 1524679543029.jpeg (212.88 KB, 750x1334, 5617CE49-A512-474E-9A50-D9F279…)

So Tilly started the Kadee thread… wasn’t expecting that. Just more proof that she’s a big a POS as she claims us to be.

No. 565387

Do you have a link to the Kadee thread?

No. 565391

different anon but


No. 565396

File: 1524681630048.png (14.91 KB, 246x205, B3850D0B-2B00-479E-A428-B5C67D…)

Coming from a current Ana-Chan this is all terrible to me. I don’t give a flying fuck about anyone else’s recovery journey. I don’t care. Fun fact, they still look fat

No. 565400

File: 1524681884088.jpeg (107.51 KB, 1600x1063, DD1D814C-DB1B-4196-A88A-F0A784…)

They remind me of the downies at my school. Same facial expression. Kek

No. 565402

Pretty sure nobody in this thread cares about your fucked up views

also, learn to sage

No. 565480

no1curr, and it takes strength to fight to get well than it ever does to stay in sickness. Good luck with that "Active AnaChan", there's no pride in being unable to feed yourself or make proper choices for yourself like a toddler.

No. 565519

Who is this/ who are you talking about?

No. 565645

File: 1524693927997.jpeg (190.77 KB, 721x1155, 0B5EFE29-1919-455D-9915-C85777…)

And again glamour shots who does their makeup like that every day in the hospital geez

No. 565726

Someone whose speshal toobz are going to get infected by cheap makeup so close to it

No. 565734

Those two in the post I refranced making these weird faces and this pic I posted of what the downies at my school do. They make weird faces and that’s the closest photo I could find to it. Do some digging anon,

Sage for explaining

No. 565736

I don’t want to argue the whole toddler thing but thanks regardless. Honestly being ana is fucking retarded.

No. 565815


No. 565855

For someone as conniving and manipulative as bekah she sure does try to give the “holier than though” appearance off on this faux Facebook she has. Constant go fund mes, narcissism and manipulation like why throw on the fact your Christian in the bio? Seems like shes bored and the only thing she has to do is make a Facebook of her ought self. If she was truly portraying her actual self she’d be way more open with the ana stuff… although she does make up for it with the posing in ones like this >>565645
And i aggree with you anon like i don’t even have energy or motivation to put makeup on now who would care to if they’re supposedly knocking on deaths door in the hospital…only bekah kek!

No. 565913

Interesting she would admit this. But since she was actually “murdered” and didn’t commit suicide like originally suspected, I guess nothing would really come of it. Kadee was one of my favorite cows. RIP to her sad short life.

No. 566261

File: 1524757735962.jpeg (163.22 KB, 750x837, B7589C48-74E6-4439-A9DB-CE67B5…)

Brooke got her pics from the underneath we are women project, if they all look this gross I would never want to take my clothes off again. Of course she’s not picking this one as the one to go in the book because you can’t see enough of her face. It looks better hidden.

No. 566329

wait, she was "murdered"?!? what does this mean/why with quotes?? I thought she killed herself… Please share details.

No. 566520

Info is over on the Kadee threads. >>314796
She was given laced heroin which resulted in her death by her "#bestfriend". Her friend was charged with manslaughter.

No. 566792

Tilly is really milking the Kadee thing in her Instagram stories. What a creep.

No. 566834

she claims "to be better" and trying harder and whatever but she is still a certifiable sack of shit.

Like, what TF is up with her and her retarded tag thing? I assume it is because she literally LIVES to stir up drama on the internetz

No. 566894

Oh, it absolutely is. Everything she's ever done is a calculated move to cause the most drama possible.

No. 566969

Oh dear god. I wish she would accept my follow request so that I could just keep up with her privately rather than checking here every week or so. I genuinely hope that they both end up okay.

No. 566978

So frustrated with Tilly, I thought she might have been trying to change. She even said she'd drop the anon ask site. But no, she needs drama and attention - it's like she's hasn't a personality without it.

It's called being a "dry drunk" Tilly, you don't just white-knuckle recovery because in the end you'll end up where you came from, or you end up living a miserable life until the end.

No. 567011

She’s a fucking bitch who gets high on her own drama. Reeee y does everyone get mad at my tags reeee can’t gain weight because of my knees. Plus a fucking bully.

I think the thing with Tilly is she’s starting to realise that she is ENTIRELY average. There is literally not one single remarkable thing about her. She thought that she was smart but IB has shown her she’s barely average, so she can’t cling to her intelligence any more. She knows she’ll never be as skinny as her ana idols. She’s starting to realise she has absolutely nothing unique. So her last beacon is to create drama and pretend people give a shit about her. Which no one does.

No. 567019

File: 1524824757346.png (297.53 KB, 475x649, wp_ss_20180427_0001.png)

You're not missing much. She's spamming pics of the baby and gushing over her. Pretty baby tbh.

One pic of her in the birthing pool and this one attached. I hope her good mood sticks around, but…it's Emily, y'know. Things with a newborn get tiring quickly.

No. 567034

File: 1524828583631.png (1.04 MB, 640x1136, C929F55F-C1FA-4DDF-9DC8-324DE6…)

> Says she doesn’t glamourizes eating disorders
> Posts selfies with her bones hanging out

No. 567036

>huh, this doesn't look ana at all
>"just had a baby"

No. 567184

So Trashley's weird friend Joltography has been crawling around on my insta stories since Kadee was mentioned. Have you guys seen her lately? Girl went from lanky emo girl to butch metal lesbian.

I love it when these wannas hit 20 and their metabolism comes to a screeching halt. It's so satisfying.

No. 567188

Oh boy. I can't even tell you how tired I am of Tilly and her antics. I've known her for years and I once considered my friend until she did something really cruel to me after I caugh her in a lie. I really don't think she's capable of change. She's been doing this for as long as I've known her. Most of the Nicole Grey drama is Tilly.

No. 567203

This is stupid and very judgmental. You're basically saying people aren't really anorexic when they're 12 bc they're not in full puberty yet.

No. 567215

Yesterday I went through the previous two Kadee friends and if anyone wants context:
>22 y/o obese munchie
>claimed she had ~40 health conditions
>health conditions included, but not limited to, cervical cancer, anorexia, blood clotting disorder, lung problems, polycystic ovary syndrome, drug addiction.
>frequently appeared on her thread to samefag and white knight herself, as well as post as herself.
>befriended Kellyrocksrecovery
>faked coma/overdose several times.
>took a few short “breaks” from social media.
>came back after one break and made a secret account. Each time she was caught she’d immediately delete and make a new one, only for it to be found again.
>created a fake person named “Maggie,” her new best friend besides Kelly, eventually “killed” her off.
>was called out and she deleted (?not completely sure) the account.
>one day Kelly makes a post inferring that Kadee had passed away.
>most anons were skeptical up until her obituary, even afterwards there was skepticism because of the vague wording, “passed away suddenly.”
>eventually a news article came out about a 55 y/o woman being arrested and charged with manaughter in Kadee’s death.
>the woman had given Kadee heroin laced with fentanyl.

I don’t mean anything disrespectful by posting this, and I’m certainly not trying to start shit. I had just spent all day yesterday going through those two threads and I know other people probably don’t want to do that but still want to follow the drama. Also sorry if I got anything wrong or left something out.

No. 567217

>"this is stupid and very judgemental"
>reading and posting on lolcow

No. 567230

Thank you, anon. I still see people throwing around the idea that Lolcow is responsible for Kadee's death, and that she committed suicide over "bullying", both on site and off of the site. Kadee was beyond help before she even came to the attention of this site.

No. 567233

She looks like she has PCOS. Sucks for her if she does.

I don't think that's what anon was saying at all.

No. 567751

File: 1524891031475.jpeg (140.1 KB, 750x1101, FBD0CD14-4CEA-4E21-BE82-ECEB37…)

Who does this in the hospital? Again….weird. Why the fuck is she even there?! Also we.

No. 567806

At least this means she's going to wash her face for once.

No. 567814

Not necessarily, it looks like the peelable charcoal mask type. The charcoal clay mask (wash off one) is much lighter in colour. She might just peck the little bits off and skip the cold water part.

No. 567832

File: 1524900099027.png (638.31 KB, 530x953, thaneofwindhelm.PNG)

Wonder if Bella is planning some sort of "mother help me escape" scheme? There must be a reason why they didn't let her mum see her for two months.

And Tilly is whinging about being starving after eating (gasp) two carrots. Well with all that running I'm not surprised that you're hungry from eating only a low-calorie vegetable. SMH. It just feels her attention seeking is getting worse in parallel to her behaviours, just hoping it doesn't get to cray cray levels of ODing on livestream again.

No. 567920

File: 1524917357083.jpg (321.44 KB, 577x818, typical.jpg)

samefag to add: img,
and she took her sarahah thing down, trying to "rise above". Yet without the attention from anons and asspats from friends over negative comments she gets too bored, and restarts it again. She's been talking openly about certain cows, and now asking people if she should start losing weight again.

At this point i think i'm done with her, she's not going to change her spots. You can do things externally to change the way you seem tilly, but you're still you underneath (and so are your issues without being faced).

No. 567952

That's if she's even in hospital. We've seen no actual proof.

No. 568128

Screenshot when this cow talks about other cows.

No. 568380

File: 1524953290448.jpg (146.27 KB, 720x1035, _20180429_010642.JPG)

Oh man I hate eplipsey too!

Does she not realize tags are useless on a private account.

No. 568420

If she’s actually having seizures, it’s because she’s purging and has been purging for over a decade. And she doesn’t have EDS, POTS, or GP and needs to stop tagging them. She’s just a pathetic ana chan who’s wasting everyone’s time, since she’s not even attempting to recover.

No. 568421

Sounds like she just needs to listen to Rachel Platten.

No. 568897

File: 1524980646681.png (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 1079x1732, 20180428_234315.png)


No. 569140

Are people like morve and Paris still alive?

No. 569258

File: 1525026973139.jpeg (180.25 KB, 750x1059, E9B5F852-CBC8-46F0-9CE5-095D0A…)

Andddd more glamour shots….

No. 569337

Holy photoshop, Batman! What an attention whore

No. 569397

>>569140 - yep, still going. smorvens now magically "never had an ed" and it's all chronic issues/sensory issues and she's "not underweight". (Jesus christ - she's uploaded a video of herself on stories doing some sort of weird chicken funky move today, showing what she does for sensory issues. She looks like a bony malformed chicken.) She really needs to stop the purging.

And Paris is still posting, stopped following as her food comment cards were getting seriously depressing to look at.

No. 569553

She wishes she looked like this. This looks more like Britney Spears than Bekah.

No. 569624

Smh having seizures but still when enough to sit up, pose, snap a picture, write a post and add all the tags, like really ?!!!

So into herself that she needs to post two of the same shot she just looked so good in both had to post them all!

But like she goes back in forth between over the top photo shop to editing the contrast to where she looks like a sunken in skeleton…making the editing more obvious lol but on top of that I think she’s gotten caught shopping the size of her body… if she obviously photoshops her face it would lead one to think that she has in the past photo shopped her body. She’s probably too into herself to see how she’s coming off as fake an inconsistent to her fb friends

No. 569627

Paris’ account is god awful to follow. Every twenty minutes it’s a new tragedy or ‘everyone can recover except meeee’ schlock accompanied by either the exact same meal decorated with tsumtsums, notecards about being worthless, and dirty toothpicks with little paper animals or her creepy journal filled with photos of herself crying.

Her videos are a whole other thing which defies explanation or reason. Shes gonna do this exact thing every day until she dies in her 30’s, smothered by plush toys and printed out crying selfies.

Smorven is just an asshole who never got past being the smartest kid in third grade. She’d get a lot further in life if she stopped insisting that she’s a tortured genius and speaking down to all the normie scum who don’t exhibit her “amazing self control” or punch themselves in the head over being made to ingest a calorie.

No. 569632

If you think her Instagram is depressing to follow, you should give her Twitter account a try. I honestly think it would be better off if she passed away gently in her sleep.

No. 569684

I think if she stopped clinging to her sadness and anorexia she’d be fine.
There’s zero indication that she is doing anything at all to help herself and daily photos proving that she is choosing to wallow in and feed her depression. She could get better but she won’t, because getting better is much harder than doing nothing and having her family and followers rush to comfort her with presents and excuses and validation of her self indulgent behaviour.

She’s not pitiable imo, just content spending her life in bed with her bad moods.

No. 569732

If she’s really having seizures, where are her selfies of her having had peed her pants?

No. 570068

Omg kek that's not glamorous! Bekah wants the a la carte version of every illness where u pick and choose what you want! Although she’s probably just flat out lying. I wonder if she’s on any type of medication that would cause seizures ir she’s straight up acting? Doesn’t she know that the if she’s not having seizures nothing will show up on the ekg and scans? She’s so stupid honestly she’s not even good at faking

No. 570073

Very good point that’s why I’d question how much is an act, why not try and change the sad feelings, she’s not happy but comfortable living like depressed wallowing and anorexic it’s also an excuse to stay in her anorexia I mean Paris has been eating and dancing with candy bars for months and the weight hasn’t changed.

No. 570121

Paris is just enabled by her mother and brother to carry on with her ed and sponge off disability benefits . I seem to remember a few years back she had a big falling out with a girl on ig/you tube called Emily Norley - Paris was harassing her - they had been together in Rhodes farm I think.
Sad think is monone would nice if Paris did die!

No. 570125

Smorven has put up a story showing her various ASD stimming behaviours . The thing I don’t get - and as someone who has ASD and my own stimming- the actions are usually unconscious and out of my control- prior to a melt down - not something I can just turn on to pose for a video.

No. 570145

If she's really having seizures….she probably caused them. One, she purges a LOT, and two, she's done it before.

No. 570151

File: 1525103728281.jpeg (133.07 KB, 720x1046, C6D94C53-B874-4ABC-ACD5-3C1B02…)

Jesus how many selfies do you need? Vain much?! I swear she only has selfies on her fb page….like who does that other than selfish narcissistic people? Plus If she really hated how she looked why post so many selfies?

No. 570162

True its hard not to deny she’s narcissistic however she also really has something to prove and that’s why all these selfies are usually to also show the tubes monitors and iv. Also she’s pushing the mary k thing - most ppl she probably sells to are family and close friends, the more sick she appears the more sympathetic customers she receives. Just being manipulative yet again for money!

No. 570214

I thought that too. I doubt any of the autistic people I know would be able to just stim on demand for a video like that. All part of morven’s bs attempt to seem more severely autistic than she is. no doubt she’s on the spectrum but she used to work at Starbucks - hardly the best environment for someone who apparently stims intensely whenever there’s noise or strangers around?! She’s trying to play her ED off as a sensory issue so no one will call her out for all the problematic shit she says.

No. 570236

And I can't imagine rugby matches are autism friendly places!

No. 570280

It just pisses me off to see this girl posting about how worthless she is. She's chosen to be worthless. She could choose to do something else.

No. 570467


As someone with ASD, I can confirm that you can have control over stims. I use stims to block sensory input, like rubbing my hands together beside my ear to block out an annoying noise, or rubbing my knuckles together when there's too much going on around me as this gives me something to focus on.

Sure, sometimes I do it without thinking/realising, but pretty often I'm in full control of my stims and use them to help me function. I consciously use them to prevent a meltdown, as well as subconsciously during them.

I can also show others what my stims are really easily because it's not like I'm dissociating and doing it. Sometimes I don't realise I'm stimming straight away, but I generally do notice eventually. I know a lot of my neurodiverse friends are the same. Maybe it's different for you, but that certainly doesn't mean your experience is the same as everyone else's.

No. 571395

File: 1525217619416.jpeg (131.51 KB, 750x1090, D4FC212E-A745-4F7D-8407-ABB15C…)

Apparently it’s gonna be a monthly begging…. can’t brlieve anyone buys from her

No. 571409

Doesn't look like they do.

No. 571621

File: 1525234383934.png (114.17 KB, 640x1136, 00DD5219-E83A-4D94-A48F-CA7DF8…)

Insecure about her tube… sure

No. 571875

It scares me that it's a little girl, too. That poor kid is going to emulate her mother.

If Emily does suffer from postpartum, I doubt she'll broadcast it on social media. She's a pretty good actor, and I get the impression that her next phase is going to be "happy mummy of a perfect angel".

I hope she starts a blog.

No. 572089

File: 1525296311117.png (2.52 MB, 1074x1730, 20180502_152306.png)


You're right. The fear and anxiety is crippling. She can hardly show her face.

No. 572093

I talked to a girl who knows bekah in real life and it was comforting to have my suspicions about her confirmed. Basically, she's nuts.

No. 572161

Share more. What is she in the hospital for?

No. 572694

Everyone who I’ve met that knows bekah has agreed about her manipulative nature but most ppl do not talk to her any more Bc she’s so rediculous, could you share any recent milk from your conversation

Oh my gosh how does she find the time to do all this marketing when she’s so sooper sick! She acts like she could die any day yet the focus is on selling cheap makeup and scamming? If she put half as much energy into recovery and as much interest into taking care of her body or letting others, as she does with her terrible makeup application she’d be better physically!

Her vanity never ceases to amaze me

No. 573113

did sadlilstrawberry’s account get deactivated lmao

No. 573237

File: 1525398711245.png (229.07 KB, 334x551, 2342.png)

idk can we finally include eugenia cooney in this thread? she might act nice and friendly at all, but seriously she get's off about her looks and shows it off whenever possible. She is as pro ana as one can be.
image related is from her newest video "i cant believe what happened" from april 22

No. 573277

So Aimee Archiga had a bit of a meltdown yesterday because she has relapsed so bad that her therapist was not going to see her until after she did 12 weeks of ED treatment. (Why chronic, treatment resistant people like her get the highest level of care while others who really want to recover are left to there own devices both mystified and infuriates me, but I digress.) She then later posted that she tried to get Kaiser to let her speak to a mental health professional because she didn't feel safe and they wouldn't let her, and said she loves everyone and goodbye. Now her profile is gone. I really doubt she actually offed herself because she is such a needy attention whore but should be interesting to see how it plays out.

No. 573309

hoooly fuck.

No. 573311

Is she in a public store doing this??

No. 573338


I don't think my friend knows what's going on with her right now. I just noticed the other day that they were friends on FB. I asked her how she knew Bekah and she said they were in treatment together a while back.
At first she was like… she's a really nice person… but I pried a little more and got her to admit that she's a mentally ill attention seeker who likes being sick.
So, she basically confirmed what we all think about her anyway.

No. 573341

File: 1525407662905.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1737, 20180503_221844.png)

I'm starting to feel like it's almost unnecessary to have commentary on her anymore. Her own captions speak for themselves.

No. 573375

sadly, yes

No. 573392

>>573311 - from what i recall there were no changing rooms so her mother was helping her try on clothes without a stall. It was awkward all round really.

>>573237 - Can we not? She's not pro ana. And hoping the youtube commenter faggatory stays where it is rather than ending up over here. Someone faked their death in the ED community (possibly set up from the get go) and blaming it on her as well, so everyones jumping on that bandwagon at the moment. If she was a proper cow she'd warrent her own thread again, but she's just not that milky.

No. 573423

File: 1525420577974.jpeg (37.33 KB, 306x416, 442C5036-7C79-4AC0-AE15-0A3CCD…)

Nta but how is she not pro-ana?
Or does purposefully pulling slimming poses while a barley clothed skelly not count? Or do you think it’s a coincidence her arm is constantly sticking out at a 90 degree angle and her toothpick thighs are often in the frame?

No. 573441

i definitely agree that she's pro… not because she's visible but because she does anything she can to accentuate her stick figure

No. 573460

I can't help but think if she were normal weight she wouldn't have past some thousand subs. I bet most people who sub are just teenage anachans looking for thinspo or gross middle aged men with an anorexia fetish. And of course she milks that, that's the only remotely interesting thing about her. I feel bad for saying all this because she's nice and all. That's why even though Cooney keeps being brought up now and then on here there is barely anything to talk about; she's just that bland.

No. 573472

File: 1525430408678.png (626.35 KB, 701x1055, Untitled.png)

for sure anon most of her subs are the morbid curiosity types

No. 573491

she’s definitely pro ana in the sense that she sees nothing wrong with her ED, and she definitely accentuates it, but she’s never said anything remotely negative about anyone else’s weight or looks so i can’t say she’s a cow. she’s just very ill.

No. 573498

Acute, really? Lol that won't happen. She WANTS to go to acute. I can think of a handful of people who need it. Bekah is not on the list. She's right. She isn't skinny. She's probably doing something to make her arm look smaller- like flexing & pulling on a bed post. And for someone who stays in a hospital bed- her muscles would be somewhat atrophied likely thereby making her appear bonier/smaller.

No. 573501

>>573423 I'm guessing we have different meanings as to what it means to be pro-ana. She doesn't seem to be the type off camera who'd encourage people to starve, to purposefully normalise and encourage causing harm to yourself.

We don't know what it's like for her body dismorphia wise etc. because she doesn't openly speak about it. She doesn't even talk about things she eats/doesn't eat out of not wanting to influence people. Doesn't talk numbers either.

To me she just seems like an ana chan who is not "all there" so she ends up doing stupid things, and youtube/talking to people is probably all she has - which is probably at detriment to her health.

Part of me gets frustrated with the family, why haven't they done more to try and get her help, but then remember that we don't even know what the family has done because everythings kept private. Certainly feels like they've never given her too hard a line though, 'go inpaitient or..'.

I'd like to see her with more weight back on her, her personality seemed a little more there and energy. So who knows what she might be like at weight and nutrient restored. But i do agree she'd probably lose a lot of subs and attention, it's the shock factor that keeps people around.. which is why youtube is detrimental to her health, she probably knows that.

Not meaning to seem at all whiteknighty if it's come across that way, i just don't understand the fascination, or what there's even to talk about with her. It's just bland watered down soy milk.

But again, she's just not milky. There's not much to kek about, most crap comes from "haturz" and overly obsessed fans. She's too nice, doesn't want to rock the boat, and rather plain really. I don't get the need to bring her up unless something actually happens.

No. 573538

File: 1525440362766.jpeg (235.03 KB, 750x1006, image.jpeg)

Going back to Lottie who says she hates her body-so why post it on the Internet ?

No. 573553

everyone who criticizes her is a neckbeard concern trolling for youtube views. they think that her existing with anorexia and not exploiting the horrors for views is "promoting anorexia". and since she never fights back the bandwagon just keeps getting bigger it's gross. and to be fair sometimes families trying to help can make you worse since they don't know fuck-all about what being anorexic actually is. i've always felt so bad about eugenia and the way people like onision have sparked criticism and scrutiny towards someone who is in their lane for an ana not actively in recovery.

No. 573556

It's one thing I don't get about some people, I can understand "body checks" but in private only. I don't understand the whole sharing images if you felt so much shame about your body and disgust you just wouldn't? So there's clearly some pay off they're getting from it, which probably would be the attention and ass pats.

Scarier though when there are kids following suit, I don't think they're aware of the ramifications of their actions. And because 'others are doing it, it must be normal' to them. Pretty sure even if their accounts are private it's still sharing CP or at least pictures that could be used by unsavoury types? Not everyone is as they seem online after all.

No. 573560

Okay I don't understand this logic. These aren't ana poses. Do anas need to wear baggy clothes and hide their bodies or else they're promoting their illness like. That second pic is a classic scenegirl mirror selfie. What do people want from her lol. These threads should give you enough knowledge on what pro anas actually do there's a reason Eugenia threads never stick.

No. 573569

Of course she doesn't fight it, she enjoys it. Stop acting like she's so innocent. What about that video of her trying on old clothes she floats in? Or the times she "accidentally" flashed her vagina?
But anyways, the reason she enjoys it is because she is severely ill. There's no reason she should be attacked this vehemently and some of the concern trolls are annoying but many have a point. At this stage it's just harmful to her (sometimes very young) viewers.
She's not a cow though.

No. 573603

Highly doubt acute will take her…they’ve denied her before (not for insurance but due to her past treatment issues) and they only like to take people who are serious. She can’t deny her ed anymore though lol. It’s all her ed, she doesn’t t have anything else.

No. 573606

Holy fuck. That pic was painful to look at.

No. 573650

what does her pussy have to do with ana lol. in any case what would be the solution? anas in recovery can be just as harmful as pro anas because they're just humblebragging about their weight and food. people just want eugenia to be a generic ana vlogger who poses with ensure and a thumbs up and talks about how #strong she's fighting during every video about anything else she does. people spamming her accounts telling her to eat and that she doesn't have to be thin to be beautiful even piss me off that's not helpful. young aspiring anas don't depend on eugenia for thinspo so even if eugenia dropped off youtube they'd find someone else that's the whole point of anorexia it's a mental illness it doesn't depend on the existence of an anorexic who has to audacity to not be in recovery.

No. 573690

Does anyone know how ashleyshalleat is doing? The girl with that terrible mom who took all those gross pieta style pictures of her?

I wonder about her a lot. I hope she’s getting better but with that mom who knows.

No. 573729

I definetly aggree that she wants to go there and isprobsbly pushing it, and the fact she can get in proves she’s not sick enough to go there, I’ve had my own experience of not being accepted at places Bc of medical instability but those are less prepared then a place like acute which deals with the most severe cases and are more qualified for sicker people.

Also she probably is posing as usual, maybe even editing it’s so easy to make yourself look slightly different in face tune app and suddle changes could go unnoticed if not too blatant so I aggree there’s some manipulation

Although her captions speak for themselves it’s amazing to see the discrepancies from the insta, which I don’t follow but I do check out her fb now and again and when I come on here the delicate ballerina posts shock me. The text more so than the photo Bc she never surprises me with those. I’ve actually come to expect tube, poor makeup and posing in every bekah post now

No. 573789

File: 1525461832428.jpeg (198.12 KB, 750x995, image.jpeg)

No. 573791

vacuum, use it

No. 573824

Post the video or pic

No. 573856

I hope she's okay. She's one of the very few people mentioned here that I genuinely feel sympathy for.
Why don't these people ever tidy their surroundings before taking full-body photos?

No. 573860

Well, I think if they don't care about themselves (depression etc) they're not going to really care about the things around them. Unless they have compulsions to clean and things i'd assume.

Unless they think they're that interesting to look at that no one will look around at what else is in the frame of the picture, it's all "me me me".

Plus she probably just lets her parents do all the housework, too much work and time to pull up a hoover.

No. 574096

Account is deleted/disabled. No pix

No. 574097

These are also wtf and saw cows.

Btw, Why are most these girls naturally gorgeous? Thin yeah but really pretty. I wish I could keep my hair like they do…lost mine.

No. 574107

I had seizures with ana and am now bullimic but there's no way in hell I'd be posting selfies and chronicling my Eating Disorder. (Who says upfront they have PTSD to a public Instagram? It's one think to be on TV to get help but broadcasting your life to the world? I don't get it…

Compared to Rachael Farrokh (who actually wanted to try recovery and didn't complain or walk all over people) these girls are attention seeking brats with nothing nice or redeeming about them.

No. 574118


None of these girls are naturally gorgeous.

No. 574152

buy a wig anon, some of them do.

No. 574172

Eugeenia is as dry as Ashley Isaacs give both of them a rest. Funny thing about Eugeenia is she never gives self depreciating comments like the other girls and just features all the cute stuff she buys. I'm not even sure if she's aware she has anorexia and maybe has some syndrome where her body doesn't tell her she's hungry? She seems too outgoing and happy. I still like her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 574189

Only that she is getting increasingly more desperate for attention, whether this is calculated or starvation-induced brain damage is debatable. But she knows her body gets her views, 99% of her viewers wouldn't be there otherwise.
It is one thing not be ashamed of your body, it is another to try on old clothes that are so loose your entire panties are hanging out, or to start prancing around in your underwear in public. If you think none of that is intentional then you are an idiot.

No. 574289

File: 1525518626158.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 54.6 KB, 469x703, image.jpeg)

No. 574529

Dat asshole gap

No. 574972

I’m sorry a what?

No. 575030

next step from thigh gap - when your asscheeks atrophy so much that there's a big gap between them

No. 575051

>it is another to try on old clothes that are so loose your entire panties are hanging out, or to start prancing around in your underwear in public.

The point is that that isn't something exclusive to ana. She doesn't do tumblr ana poses, she doesn't brag about food, she doesn't even talk about exercise. There's fatter girls who brag and show off their gym bodies or even unhealthy whale bodies just to get attention from it. There's no witch hunt for that behavior. I don't even understand the logic behind her clothes. If they're her size she's showing off, if they're too big she's showing off. Again, she isn't displaying behavior exclusive to anorexia. But someone as thin as her will be seen as a living trigger no matter what she does. She can't win. Acknowledging that she even has an ed will just be opening a can of worms. No one will ever be satisfied because their concern in her body is self-serving in the first place. I wouldn't give a shit either.

No. 575183

Actually she did have a pro ana tumblr in the past and the name was something about Jack skeington… also I know it was hers because this was long before her YouTube escapade I can try and find screecapd somewhere

I’m not saying she is one or the othering terms of pro ana but Ik she has social media where she flaunts her body.

No. 575260

File: 1525636426946.jpg (23.64 KB, 800x452, maxresdefault-800x452.jpg)

>She can't win.
Yeah she can. She can get help and recover.
> If they're her size she's showing off, if they're too big she's showing off.
No one is making her show off her body or her clothes. The majority of people aren't dancing around on camera showing off their bodies. You're acting like she doesn't have a choice.

What's with the Eugenia Conney wks? Unless the mods step in and say not to talk about her, I don't see what's the problem. She's a public figure with a skelly body. She's going to be talked about. Just because you like her or pity her, doesn't mean she's off limits.

No. 575267

She should be off limits because she's boring AF

No. 575268

I don't get why she doesn't get banhammered from insta. Others have had accounts deleted for less bone show than she gives.

How she has "fans" is a mystery. She's so fucking irritating. It'd be less so if she expanded her vocabulary a bit and left out the "haha" every caption.

No. 575269

>there's no witch hunt for that behavior
There are still corners of the internet still making fun of fat people. Entire YouTube compilations making fun of extreme fatties. Anorexics aren't more persecuted, they're just less common.

>nobody will ever be satisfied because their "concern" for other people's bodies is self serving

Well at least you get this.

No. 575287

We're talking about 'winning' in the context of satisfying people. We're in a thread full of milky, manipulative "recovering" anas who are likely still just as miserable as they were before before attempting recovery. Are they winning? No one would leave Eugenia alone if she made some 30 minute video about her eating disorder. Not only because the concern trolling is for promo but because there's no guarantee she'll recover or stop ~triggering~ people since she could just become an even bigger cow.

>The majority of people aren't dancing around on camera showing off their bodies.

It's the ig thottie age everyone is dressing skimpy. In the end all you're saying is that anorexics can only exist from the neck up otherwise they're promoting their eating disorder by just existing. If Eugenia recovered she'd still be dressing the same because she dresses like a typical early 2000s scene queen.

tldr; Who cares. The concern around her was sparkled by neckbeards(and Onision l o l) jumping the body-posi bandwagon for subscribers who apparently had never encountered an anorexic before and pushed the idea that she's ~promoting her illness~ since they've never seen the real cows do it lol. Also no one is saying it's illegal to talk about her everyone is entitled to their opinion. You can say yours.

No. 575328

File: 1525642021415.jpeg (159.66 KB, 733x1085, 8A06851C-8627-459A-B23E-EA73D1…)

The thousands of selfies-
Aka I wanted to show off my wires and tubes and how sooper speshul I am

No. 575329

File: 1525642066280.jpeg (155.32 KB, 749x1101, A6A7AD7A-B45D-46A7-8407-30D52D…)

Most people don’t pose like this for fun dumbass….

No. 575331

File: 1525642148109.jpeg (137.47 KB, 724x900, B60B68F4-F7CC-4C14-8F71-2BA959…)

Such severe gp yet drinking coffee alllll the time? I call bullshit, with severe gp coffee is absolutely a no no.

No. 575332

No. 575333

File: 1525642209805.png (2.76 MB, 750x1334, 735BA0CC-D226-44DF-91C0-3609FD…)

AKA I’m 5 and have nothing better to do. And she wants to show off yet again her wires. I just don’t get it

No. 575340

File: 1525642768749.png (1.61 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180506-153034.png)


She's such a child. What is up with these girls being stuck in fantasy land with their stuffed animals and Hello Kitty and their stupid crafts made for 5 year olds? Bekah does it all the time and Paris is the worst. Remember when Bekah would wear those stickers on her face? She looked so stupid.

No. 575346

File: 1525643430825.png (1.51 MB, 1080x1717, 20180506_154915.png)

No. 575376

It's about time for her to grow the fuck up

No. 575386

#edsoldier in the tags though really? Soldiers are people who serve in the army and FIGHT against something or protect something. The only thing she’s protecting is the comfort of her eating disorder and the only thing she’s fighting for is a good angle for her tubes! She is honestly coming off so rediculous, her ott nature with tubes and desire to show off child like tendency’s is so annoying from the stickers to the Disney to the outfits of kids clothes

No. 575518

File: 1525658645633.png (1.64 MB, 1080x1744, 20180506_195848.png)


Oh, she LOVES to casually mention that she buys kids clothes. I remember when she posted this one and she got ripped apart in the comments. Of course she acted all innocent like she didn't say it on purpose, but unfortunately she deleted all the good comments. It's a tragedy because no one was putting up with her bullshit that time.

No. 575521

File: 1525658941840.png (1.62 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180506-194650.png)

So, Tilly decided she wasn't going to be vegan anymore because she was doing it for the wrong reasons. (Well that's obviously true.)
But she tried it for one meal and now she's done. She's a nut job for thinking anyone believed her in the first place.

No. 575542

They can be comforting but I believe Bekah and Paris do it to seem more "fragile".

No. 575545

I think it goes hand in hand with being a munchie ana combo. People like Bekah see people suffering and incapacitated with chronic illness and are jealous that those people aren't expected to do work or have many responsibilities.
Many adults with chronic illness are embarrassed and frustrated by being incapacitated, specifically because it makes them feel like a codependent child, and they try to do things on their own whenever they're able.
Bekah seems to LOVE having a life similar to a codependent child, and will jump at any chance to get a good job sticker for pooping or call herself a warrior for taking a hospital selfie.

It's good to be proud of yourself for pushing through hardship, but these women use that concept to justify acting like toddlers that just got a flu shot every waking moment.

No. 575581

Oh Tilly, you need a slap.
Obviously you're doing it for the wrong reasons if you're willing to go back on it.

No. 575603

She's like that pony girl from To The Bone.

No. 575639

Eating Disorders manifest around puberty. They're stuck in their middle school phase. The kawaii aesthetics brings a sense of child-like friendliness. If it's cute and innocent that means they feel they can use it to indentify themselves as children. In short—not grow up.

Yes, it's an illness but it is usually co morbid with the fact they have remained infantile in their adult identities and accomplished nothing. (Also a by product of PTSD and the need for control over family and others) They have no other "identity" than being sick and attention whoring on social media much to the burden and disgust of those who see their behavior as toxic, controlling, and manipulative.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 575647

If Bekah is so desperate for attention why is her instagram private but her FB public?

No. 575650

Okay, figured it out. She wants to deter users who will call her out on insta but leaves Facebook so those closest to her can pity her and buy products to "support recovery"

No. 575936

It’s not even as big of a deal as she makes it honestly. If you have met bekah you know she’s really tall and even if she’s weating kids it’s probably large Bc she’s so tall and to be honest other than length an xs in women’s doesn’t feel much different than a childrens large or xl, Ik Bc I wear both lol. That’s nothing I would broadcast to anyone not even a friend or Bf Bc why? Like for her it comes off as ana not so humble bragging. I like what this comment was saying >>575545
That’s a good point, I always wondered about what the reason why she clings to the chronic illness facade vs the private ana insta, and mostly yes she wants to be lazy and not have to try at recovery but still wants to be a warrior. She had to keep the insta private to still be able to have her fb asspats, very calculated!

No. 576137

I would personally buy Bekah a new uwu xxl recovery t-shirt if she agreed to throw out her hand made one.

No. 576154

I’m sure she would except the free shirt but not under those conditions, she needs the diy to show that she does fun crafty activities despite being so sooper sick. Give her a break all she can manage right now is kids crafts and taking insta pictures she’s got a lot on her plate it’s just not food kek

No. 576300

File: 1525740605487.png (2.18 MB, 750x1334, 34E4DD93-C0CF-4E55-B984-42211E…)

And more childish stuff

No. 576331

The staff member has the same idea as >>576137

No. 576367

She says on instagram it's cat & jack from targets kids section

No. 576406

File: 1525747333323.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1594, 20180507_204002.png)

Oh good god. You can't write this stuff.
There is a problem missing from this list. Fucking insanity, that's what.

No. 576419

Most of that is self-induced

No. 576578

unsure why she needs to brag about having a long list of issues at the age of 23 or whatever…. i wouldn't be proud of that lol.

No. 576622

why does it say anorexia twice tho?

No. 576629

JFC: Anorexia, and Anorexia Nervosa are two different things. Anorexia can occur in someone who doesn't have the mental condition of anorexia nervosa, it simply means a lack of appetite I believe. Anorexia nervosa is the mental health condition.

No. 576694

Exactly! I’ve had an ED for a large portion of my life and experience the symptoms related to the conditions she listed, many people with physical side of effects of their ED could get the same dx as these she thinks she is so special! Also I’d like to know which one of bekahs parents have EDS since it is a genetic condition. Just because she’s flexible from being a ballerina she assumes she has it, like how was she even diagnosed? And with the pots as many people have already mentioned it’s self induced and would go away if she ran her feeds
Kek at the shirt! Note the obvious tube flaunting, couldn’t just show the shirt could she!

No. 576699

File: 1525788640623.jpeg (56.8 KB, 750x486, 4A7D36AA-E91F-4858-A256-227CF2…)

oh Ashley!

No. 576716

Ash's thread still exists >>>/snow/241927
It's just on autosage till she dies or moves out.

No. 576782

You have serious mental issues Layla. I know it's you because you're making the same arguments you make every day on hundreds of videos.
Not every anachan is an evil goblin who wants to make all the children starve to death. I think Eugenia is extremely sick and has been so for a long time. She probably doesn't have the mental clarity to understand how she comes off to other people. Starvation effects the brain like every other organ.
Also, body dysmorphia is a real mental illness. You say she should know how her body is influencing people, but how could she possibly know that if she sees herself 20+ pounds heavier than she is? Her mental illness makes her incapable of perceiving the severity of her situation. At most, she might see herself as being slightly thin, if she doesn't see herself as fat.
She isn't giving anyone tips or telling them they're ugly, she's just existing. I see nothing wrong with that.

No. 576792

Was that Layla W? mid life crisis queen who seriously needs mental health help? effin' kek if she is here. She's a potential cow herself. Girl has major issues.

No. 576848

I still can't understand why adult grown women who I assume have successful jobs and careers ( as opposed to young teens/twenty somethings who have nothing to do but wallow in their illness and promote it on social media) post full naked body shots- the flower/hand coverage doesn't do much! Do they not worry about work finding out or someone in their office coming across their IG?

No. 577206

Yeah you can report anything to a doctor and have it listed. Doesn’t mean she actually has half those things. Because she doesn’t. She’s just a pathetic ana chan who refuses to accept she’s not super special, and who just needs to grow up and stop her pathological lying.

No. 577385

File: 1525873809701.jpeg (48.37 KB, 559x646, image.jpeg)

A few weeks ago she was adamant that the Haldon Unit wouldn't take her back.

No. 578055

ooo, is that Ashley Isaacs? It's been so long since I've heard about her. Glad to see she's somehow still alive.

With Eugenia, I mean, she obviously doesn't want to recover- which is fine; her choice, her life whatever- but I think it's such a shit double standard how much shit she gets in the comments about dying and anorexia. She fucking knows. She's been this weight for a long damn time now. Eugenia has nothing else going for her tho. Can't drive, no job, no hobbies, literally nothing interesting about her except her anorexia (altho, I'm sure if TLC ever made some ridiculous show digging down to the reasons of her ED, it'd be a goddamn gold mine). Like, the fact that she has literally nothing but youtube and whatever the fuck those videos are even about really fucking sucks.

No. 578080

Good points about Eugenia, when it comes to the comments I think that everyone is entitled to comment what ever garbage they want and she has to take the criticism because she chose to put her life on YouTube, no one is forcing her although it does seem like a strange relationship that her and mother have to be filming her sick daughter half nude in public, regardless of illness or ed it’s inappropriate and I think the mother has some type of mental condition. It could be all for the camera her silly giddiness, but filming her and allowing her to do that in public was very very odd.

There is literally tons of overweight youtubers who get praised for body positivity and even though they are at a unhealthy weight like Eugenia they do not get people saying they should be banned. I think she has young and impressionable followers yes but you can’t make Eugenia get off just Bc she’s popular (for whatever reason) I wish she would address her weight and say Ik I’m underweight and unhealthy it just bothers me that she ignores criticism and says she’s not trying to hurt her fans she’s not a bad person bla bla bla but by acting like your wait is ok you are setting a bad example she doesn’t need to do an anorexia coming out video but Jesus stop trolling!

No. 578337

File: 1525983217007.png (181.78 KB, 640x1136, 53E3EB59-9979-4515-94C9-1978AE…)

So Tilly has ehlers danlos all of a sudden kek

No. 578434


Who doesn't these days.

No. 578788

File: 1526007036228.jpeg (170.56 KB, 750x809, 69C50379-1940-4E6F-AFBB-97EBE0…)

More childish behavior

No. 578789

File: 1526007092070.jpeg (204 KB, 750x1099, 65D94831-B7BA-4E6A-9150-F8523C…)

More tube porn she haaaaas to show it off

No. 578790

File: 1526007125777.jpeg (172.63 KB, 750x976, 304C85F1-62EA-47D6-A8EF-447F85…)

And pointing out that she’s skinny….

No. 579026


And scammed a warrior blanket out of it fucking wow.

God this chick is so fucking basic.

No. 579258

File: 1526041383000.png (663.78 KB, 750x1334, 22905319-5607-4925-9153-A4A96A…)

Tilly has a new thing of “i need to lose weight” now accompanied by telling people in recovery that eating a pint of ice cream or a bag of chips is unhealthy and too much food and disordered. Also saying 3000 calories is too much for an underweight person in recovery. Pro ana much i wonder.

No. 579260

File: 1526041435724.png (817.89 KB, 750x1334, 88079BB2-783E-4362-9D8E-1D9FA5…)

No. 579261

File: 1526041451909.png (793.77 KB, 750x1334, ECDF16C5-1766-4F04-A023-2E738B…)

No. 579262

File: 1526041463614.png (530.75 KB, 750x1334, 85037185-B686-46F4-822A-CCCE1C…)

No. 579263

File: 1526041479856.png (773.54 KB, 750x1334, FBE7D24A-C6A8-4306-998A-6FD5D3…)

No. 579264

File: 1526041493162.png (775.25 KB, 750x1334, D9C7F599-26FF-4CDC-8179-0F440C…)

No. 579265

File: 1526041506117.png (850.83 KB, 750x1334, 13F81833-0018-43C4-B221-1D52A5…)

No. 579268

File: 1526041638020.png (643.02 KB, 750x1334, D15C1910-F06A-49E0-BFB3-801676…)

No. 579269

File: 1526041670782.png (868.86 KB, 750x1334, BDBC87E7-BA89-4867-8F38-881014…)

No. 579270

File: 1526041684705.png (682.02 KB, 750x1334, 7C9BC161-5D75-492C-AD71-44FBE0…)

No. 579295

Sooo it’s a friday night in Australia and this fucking loser has nothing better to do than shit on other people’s recovery?

No. 579330


I was watching greys anatomy last night (not a paragon of medical fact obvi) but a doctor diagnosed someone with ehlers danlos and it was like a whole fucking plot point that the disease was crazy rare and making that diagnosis was a very heavy decision (but could be proved with genetic testing). Anyways I laughed.

No. 579474

She could have easily just taken a photo of the head band or maybe no selfie?! Every chance she gets to take a photo of herself and post it she does! Not too mention it’s anoyher time to show off her posing, and tubes. And I hate being in the hospital it is so fucking boring no smokes or coffee or anything! It’s disgusting and you can pick up other things if your have a weak immune system. Other than attention I just cannot see the allure for bekah like Ik she’s anorexic but usually most hate being ip for treatment because out of control! There’s ppl more sick than bekah who never go to a hospital, never document it for social media and just go about there lives. The thing for bekah is she has no life other than being sick and now she’s absolutely addicted to the attention she gets from being sick.

No. 579618

Exactly. Like, fuck off tilly you nasty little rat. I don’t see why anyone follows or supports her, she doesn’t give a shit about anyone apart from herself. She just tries to make people feel bad because she has nothing going for her. She’s so thick she doesn’t even know what a proper binge is

No. 580076

So does like Paris follow and unfollow accounts in order to get that following or what? This is the 10th time (no joke) in a couple of months that she has done this. My instagram is purely cats, nothing to do with eds. lol.

No. 580077

People might like her if she were nice to them, but she's a catty little gossip who can't be trusted.

No. 580078

Yes. Block her.

No. 580134

She really does have no other life. She's so obsessed with finding ways to get attention that she can't even be a normal person. All she has is being sick and she's in love with it.
I once commented on her IG that no one knows anything about her except that she sick and her (so called) illnesses are her complete identity. She wrote back, "My illnesses are not my identity! There are plenty of things I talk about." Yeah, right. Like what? She's changed it since then, but at the time her profile was nothing but a list of her problems. It literally said anorexia, pots, eds, etc, etc… I'm just like, suuuure you don't identify as your illnesses.

No. 580144

File: 1526108331737.jpeg (145.31 KB, 679x980, 9D2FD1A7-30A5-43C1-B1AC-3DB0C0…)

Wow just wow…..no words are even needed. Who puts a profile pic like that?!

No. 580151

File: 1526110180873.png (1.84 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180512-102639.png)


No. 580195

I can’t believe what i’m seeing

No. 580227


The thing I don’t get right is how her parents are letting her do this? Like unless she’s sneaking food into the house but she orders like six packs of ice creams and cookie dough jars and says her mom buys things for her. Soo.. wtf? Like what is wrong with her parents?

No. 580357


No. 580389

Has Morven been up to anything milky? Or has she gone quiet…

No. 580410

Just posting on her story about food she makes for support workers and her usual deliberately obtuse sarahah answers. “Please don’t ask any more questions” and then proceeds to answer ten more two minutes later

No. 580414

And also occasionally mentions that she doesn’t wish to exist/have a life in the future. Any bets on her trying to off herself?

No. 580530

>>580357 i thought the same (especially with her commenting on it) until i realised the phone topper is different, unless she's like those sort of people who have multiple phones. Doubt it's Tilly, and she needs all attention to be starved from her to be honest.

No. 580548

Isn’t she super Christian? I seem to remember that being one reason she’s never attempted before… also she’s constantly supervised by a support worker/mothership/fatherkins, maybe to stop her trying to do something silly?

No. 580648


1st poster here, can confirm am most likely not tilly lmao. the funny thing being, i sent the screencap before viewing her story (though, wouldn't be surprised if she found the pic through lolcow. who came first, the chicken or the egg etc)

No. 580779

File: 1526167612740.png (2.07 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180511-092651.png)

I'll just leave this right here.

No. 580853

If this isn’t a self post we’ll get a few a day by the end of the week. She’s desperate for anything to throw herself into that isn’t growing the fuck up. Every shitfit she throws means her life goes back to easy mode since “she’s struggling with this much responsibility” and nobody gets to be mean to her (ie offer up constructive criticism or means of self-help) if she’s crying.

Her whole life will be nothing but variations of this over and over and over until she decides to quit being a spoiled baby and does the hard work to get better and be a normal person.

No. 581026

File: 1526183723405.png (425.02 KB, 307x547, parismelodyraven.png)

paris, stop bodychecking, get over yourself and get a life

No. 581151

File: 1526197812145.png (97.61 KB, 1640x305, tillyMPAAgain.PNG)

Seems like Tilly is back at MPA it seems, so much for recovery. Sharing tips about which types of food are lower calories, like tuna versus her new fav salmon in water. Back to purging as well, because who doesn't do that in recovery? as well as restrict calories. Totally normal. Must be her "stupid body" right?

I don't think she understands what recovery truly is, it's not all about weight. Like recovery from alcohol, you can be a dry drunk and white-knuckle abstinence, but that's not real recovery.

And she said treatment isn't an option because 'waa waa IP centre will hold a grudge', bitch please you're not that special for them to hold a grudge against you, pretty sure there's been more outrageously behaved people who have come and gone and been accepted back in their time. They just want you to get well so you can actually do something with your life. The perpetual victim mode is doing my head in quite frankly. You choose to check lolcow, you choose to keep up sarahah, you choose to do stupid things and then share it online, you're a victim of your own hands.

Pardon the rant. It's just so frustrating when you try and be nice to her, try to help her see what's going wrong, and all she does is shove it in your face as if you're just talking to a brick wall. She thrives off this all and it does my nut in. She says she's changing again, going to be more positive, let's see how long that lasts (again).

No. 581169

deleting comments related to the topic of your clear eating disorder is not the way to go kimiperi lol.

i wouldnt care but the fact she tells everyone shes got a fast metabolism and is naturally that small is bs and is dangerous. i dont get how no one else sees how passive aggressive she is and how snarky she gets when confronted about it, plus she is vegan.

No. 581175

File: 1526202380928.png (451.52 KB, 524x947, kimioperisecret.PNG)

I don't understand the "plus, she's vegan" point. Plenty of people are vegan now a days, it's not inherently disordered.

It does make me wonder what she was hinting at with her instagram story sharing her private twitter post. Maybe she wants to come clean about her ED but is torn? (orrrr.. probably way off base).

No. 581177

File: 1526202864852.png (241.45 KB, 379x456, glit.png)

She reminds me of eatglitter, another vegan who claims she's healthy and small because of her diet and metabolism when she looks like a corpse in the face. She even has a recipe book she promotes and claims is the key to health. She gets straight aggressive though, claiming anyone who is genuinely concerned for her is a "hater" or will say it's sad no one can mind their business and wants to just "bring other girls down".

No. 581192

Just wanted to say some people really are naturally skinny but her face makes it so obvious something's wrong lol
also, the fact she's constantly showing off how skinny she is

No. 581193

tilly is fucking cancer. One of the worst of the whole ana/ """recovery""" community. Wonder if she'll ever wake up and see how toxic she is. Seeing her back on mpa does not surprise me a bit

No. 581195

I used to like her until I saw how she dealt with the comments about her ed. There's nothing shameful about just admitting she has a problem. the way she handles it just makes it look like being this skinny is sustainable and healthy. She has lots of people looking up to her, I bet there is no picture of her body without a single comment saying "wow i want your body"

No. 581230

File: 1526211293354.png (561.87 KB, 469x543, glit.png)

I only saw pics of her body here and there, the ones with the gold framed mirror. I assumed she was using angles or editing for the overly lean legs so I didn't think anything of it at first because I do know girls that look as small as I first believed she was and are healthy but then I found her instagram. She's so ribby and her face does show how malnourished she is.

I also find it ironic this ex-scene queen I've followed online forever now who used to be anorexic follows her.

No. 581319

Okay, this woman's not pro ana or a scumbag as far as I can tell, but I need to ask - does anyone know who Terri "Anorexia Death" is on youtube? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTj92MhGaj0sMdZHdEZjdxA

No. 581340

Holy fuck.

No. 581349

Yup, she makes Ashley Isaacs look healthy.

One of the commenters said they saw a nasty comment from Amberlynn, and I take it that means Landwhale Amberlynn Reid? Idk, I'm just really curious about this woman. Who said eating disorders weren't glamorous. She looks like a dainty ballerina.

No. 581392

Why is her face so bruised up? Would thay be from falling or just from touching her face and being so malnourished it leaves marks?? This is so sad

No. 581400

She fell when a guy bumped into her. She explains it in this video.

Good for her that she's trying to recover even in her condition.

No. 581416

File: 1526233263035.png (298.51 KB, 409x382, id.png)

She tells her story in the Past Is The Past video. I found her showing her ID and it says she was born in 1963 (or 1969)? Anyway, I'll stop posting about her now (shoud've watched them all before posting sorrrry), but this bitch >>580779 I bet she wouldn't want to live in her shoes for the sake of looking ~unhealthy~

No. 581431

That’s so interesting! I’m surprised she didn’t say oh Im a Christian or something like that, she says she reads the Bible and bla bla bla but I see no evidence or proof of that! It’s all for show and asspats like the only distinguishable characteristic is one that is an illusion for the purpose of her sick and feel bad for me identity. Bekahs the kind of person who would be like oh god we’ll heal me or something but then doesn’t consider that an actual Christian would know humans have free will and she needs to make the changes herself. She’s someone who practices religion for external reasons or like because it makes them look good. Which goes back to what your saying everything is about improving her sick and helpless identity

No. 581626

File: 1526246249568.jpeg (222.7 KB, 733x1105, B377A65C-717C-45DE-8FB3-EF34E6…)

>>581431ummmm sure I’m sure she did Bekah rolls eyes or if she did you asked for it. And a mom? Yeah right you aren’t and (hopefully) never will be.

No. 581627

File: 1526246276086.jpeg (146.26 KB, 735x1106, 3DB7A934-FA9D-4B6E-A548-BDB635…)

And again the one she posts hassss to have some sort of tube in it

No. 581785

She so obviously asked for Her mom to take this, like her mom took it by her own volition on her own phone how would bekah know to ask her to even send it to her so she could post it? She’s so full of shit with this staged photo, she’s done many like this where she’s holding Libby her fake service dog and like after a procedure pretending it’s candid. No mother would want to take photos of there child so vunderable like after a procedure with tubes lol it’s not normal!
this has to be an old photo Bc she’s got the peg tube not the nj correct? Leave it to bekah making it about her on mother’s day

No. 582048

It's an old pic

No. 582146

Maybe my eyesight sucks but it looks like 1949 to me?

No. 582153

It does, but in one video she says her mom is 70 so im assuming its a 6

No. 582238

>>No mother would
Sorry to blog post but some mums would. Not defending her at all. My mums taken a picture of me whilst I had some sort of nasal oxygen tube in, can't remember much of what happened - think it was a seizure from alcohol dependency & withdrawal. She showed me the picture when I was better hoping it'd "shock me out of it", I was mortified she did. And they certainly didn't make their way online.

But I've got a feeling that's not the situation here at all, she probably did ask her mum.

No. 582272

File: 1526287663892.jpeg (165.91 KB, 740x959, 72A97667-C2C1-4A69-91B6-F49CCD…)

Such a creepy person.

No. 582274

70yo would make it '49

No. 582314

>5'03 and 126lbs
Damn, she once was so healthy…

No. 582696

I feel bad for this girl actually. She is so lost in her ED. I can't tell if she actually wants to get better though. I think she's miserable, but she likes the attention.

No. 582750

File: 1526326178835.jpg (Spoiler Image, 143.29 KB, 1920x1080, assholegap.jpg)

I'm not sure if her photos are up on those anorexic porn sites, but a lot of men would love to jack off to her asshole gap.

Image is spoilered for a reason.

No. 582769

OMG i wish i could go back in time 5 seconds and unsee that. holy shit>>582750

No. 582791

I wish i never clicked on that oh my god

No. 582916

are those her labia??? look like sad balls

No. 583138

You know what is kind of amusing about Tilly? Even MPA users hate her… Says a lot doesn't it.

No. 583182

didn't even register to me as a human tbh.

they look like little deflated balloons.

No. 583246

who took the pic, and why?? is this some fetish stuff?

No. 583271


I can't believe this is a real person.

No. 583515

That's not true as far as i'm aware, just tried it with my dummy account from main. All the chrome extensions do is give you the ability to anonymously (and without giving a view count) view stories that you can actually see (i.e. public, or if private you must be accepted).

No. 583582

Emaciated woman porn is a fetish, yes! They have their own pay-to-view sites and everything.

No. 583617

Enough self-posting Tilly. Every few post you drag yourself back up evidently mad that no one wants to talk about your irrelevant ass anymore

No. 583837

File: 1526410622802.jpeg (172.61 KB, 729x1109, image.jpeg)

People need to realize that their story posts aren't private even if their account is! Using Chrome it's easy to see anyone's story post.

No. 583881

You already posted this and then deleted it, i replied to you. >>583515 - you're a little bit mistaken.

Not sure who this person is but there's nothing really special about an ana chan in underwear. Good for her I guess if she is having a good day? But you're clearly a follower of her or are her herself.

No. 584147

Oh look - there's an ana chan dragonfly flying out of her panties. Whoever that is, she's very tidy for an insta ana. Their rooms are usually shit tips.

No. 584223

I’m certain she’s the one sperging out in the unpopular opinions thread about ~uwu perfect body bmi 13~

She’s a dumbass and will never stop being one.

No. 584230

How can you use chrome to see private story posts?

No. 584652

Chrome IG story - but it only works on a desktop version not a tablet or phone.

No. 584732

File: 1526471931277.jpg (512.81 KB, 1066x1436, Screenshot_20180516-074633.jpg)

Lottie is back at her ridiculousness. She nearly died a few days ago–she went to hospital for chest pains and found out her heart was failing and organs deteriorating. She then ridiculously said they were "pumping her full of crap" aka the stuff saving her and I guess she got some sort of electric shock. For some reason she wasn't sectioned.

Did this experience give her some sort of epiphany? Yep! She now realizes she's the most comfortable she's ever been in her body, at bmi 13.9 and being allowed to eat 700 calories a day. She's feeling confident and walking over 10,000 steps a day. Anyone have any clue why her team is allowing this?

This is all while she's giving advice and telling other people that their 1800 calorie meal plan isn't enough.

No. 584877

has anyone heard of skinnysugarplum on insta?

girl who posts videos and shit in her story of her doing countless bongs, throwing drinks away cause omg 2 many caloriez and tells how she lies to her family and friends to purge and not eat.

also posts countless body checks with caption DONT REPOST!!11one1(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 584878

File: 1526483410819.png (484.84 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-05-16-17-00-06…)

This makes me so angry.. “I hate my life, I don't want to exist blabla; Then why don't you kill yourself!?

People who really want to be dead kill themselves.

No. 584880


paris cracks me up shes such an attention seeker. one day her accounts private then the next its back to public and why the fuck do u post pics of urself crying and dancing whilst taking like a crumb of a bite of food and pretending to chew like stop

No. 584923

>I hate my life, I don't want to exist blabla; Then why don't you kill yourself!?
Humans have a innate desire for self-preservation. Even with strong suicidal ideation there's usually a part of the person that still wants to live. That's why most people who seriously attempt or actually commit suicide often have indicated their intentions beforehand. That's why so many suicide crisis charities, helplines and programs exist all over the world. No one would use those services if people just wanted to die and then killed themselves without having any urge to live at the same time. If someone says they "want to die" it usually means they want help to not feel like that anymore. I don't see why that would make you angry? I know you're just venting about an attention seeker but what you said is dumb af.

No. 584944

>Then why don't you kill yourself!?
This is a pretty ignorant comment. Wanting to do something and actually doing it are very different things. It’s very reasonable that she could want to die but not actually go through with it.

No. 585390

I don’t want her to kill her self but I’d love to only w what she thinks she is getting/achieving by making these weird displays and scrapbooks and accessories for her plate.

What’s her reason for adding suicide poetry to her 64grams of cherry tomato? Does she hide it from her family or just sit in front of them making depression-themed craft and displays. How much healthier and happier would she be if she put as much effort into getting well as she puts into orchestrating and posing her mental illness every day.

No. 585853

People who want to be dead don't usually kill themselves, you fuckwad. I've truly wanted to be dead many times, but here I am.

No. 586013

Well, if you truly wanted to be dead, you wouldn't be alive today..

No. 586023

Yes here you are offending other people anonymously.

No. 587239

File: 1526645296706.png (814.45 KB, 750x1334, 25EC16C9-9379-49DA-B5D5-7B5AA3…)

Part 1
Bekahs random post about her EDS, half of the stuff she’s making up because lord knows if she was having subluxations social media would know about it! Your body hurts Bc you are malnourished and don’t run feeds…

No. 587240

File: 1526645345422.png (711.27 KB, 750x1334, D03CC8B2-943F-4BB3-8A1A-09847B…)

Part 2
Bekahs random post about her EDS, half of the stuff she’s making up because lord knows if she was having subluxations social media would know about it! Your body hurts Bc you are malnourished and don’t run feeds…

No. 587242

>what is suicidal ideation

No. 587245

File: 1526645957519.png (731.97 KB, 750x1334, 6BDCD635-81FA-4A19-B06B-37B431…)

Your not a victim for sharing your story but you are if you do absolutely nothing to fix your situation lie about trying and manipulate people and beg for money…also raging courage? She would be more courageous if she dropped the chronic illness act and just focused on her eating disorder. I mean somehow she gets a boyfriend and some ppl can handle her but she has not chance at a real life if she doesn’t drop the act that’s covering up her anorexia she’s not fooling us but is she fooling the doctors? She said she’s hospitalized for Ed’s two going on three times in this post >>587240 bs it’s obviously for the anorexia! Her joints and body hurt Bc she’s deconditioned from sitting in a hospital bed and that can influence the heart rate too not just the anorexia but her idle lifestyle if laying around. If she got up and moved and ran her feeds she’d feel better probably. But it’s obvious she doesn’t want to be better she needs the ed to support her chronic illness facade

No. 587311

File: 1526653584259.png (736.87 KB, 720x806, IMG_20180518_151542.png)

so this spoop was comparing herself to ashley… why would you even want to compare yourself with that i have no idea

No. 587312

File: 1526653641382.png (87.87 KB, 720x516, IMG_20180518_151556.png)

No. 587524

Is anyone else wondering why she has her surgeon on Facebook

No. 587846

Ash is thinner and has no hair. That girl's face isn't as old as Ashley's. Must try harder to reach your #thinspogoal.

No. 587850

File: 1526681143088.png (298.86 KB, 640x1136, 562484B1-0AE4-498C-9C07-45EBED…)

Part 1

No. 587854

File: 1526681357721.jpeg (33.04 KB, 640x177, 950C6A8A-4168-4051-B229-64546F…)

(Part 2) this comment made me rofl

No. 587882

which scene queen? i'm actually dying to know, lol.

No. 587915

that is beyond ridiculous. "I'm not comparing" yet aspires to be her. Sick.

No. 587918

Sassii is totally nuts. I’m surprised she’s back tbh. She left for months and I assumed she died. Ana chans don’t care that their bone idols are shitty people like Ashley or shmegeh, they just think it’s great how ancient they look. Like a less extreme version of the ones who keep photos of holocaust victims or famine victims to use as motivation.

Sasii isn’t quite Ashley tier yet but the competition could prove interesting.

No. 587923

File: 1526687757073.png (270.78 KB, 640x1136, F99C9F83-0029-4A71-9309-5B3837…)

I feel bad for her parents. Imagine having to deal with your adult daughter throwing a tantrum over fried sausage and writing a sob story about it on the internet alongside a scantily clad #booty pic

No. 587985

God I hate stupid vegans. I guarantee she doesn’t know the first thing about basic human physiology and all her knowledge is from biased and pseudoscientific vegan sources. She’s not throwing a fit because ~meat causes cancer!!!!,~ she’s throwing a fit because sausage smells good and she’s hungry. Leave your poor parents alone, selfish girl. Just because you’re miserable doesn’t mean they have to be too.

No. 588065

Wait I was going to say omg I can’t see this article again but this comment >>587854
made it worth while! Kek! This article and story just highlights Bekahs need for attention from others like she needs to look like a sad sack for those personal asspats that moment with the barista probably didn’t make her day but I’m sure the article made her life!

No. 588072

She’s throwing a fit because her parents have dared to defy her demands and now she isn’t in charge of what everyone around her eats as well as what she eats.

If it wasn’t veganism she’d be just as rabid and petty about something else retarded. It’s not about them eating meat it’s about them not following her commands and acknowledging her as supreme food authority.

No. 588188

Sasii is extra depressing when you realize she's 28 years old.

No. 588234

there's a vegan thread in /ot where this would fit as well

No. 588250

Link it pls

No. 588265

File: 1526724032675.jpg (47.06 KB, 520x467, weak_by_tonstaar.jpg)

Tonstaar. If you google her name and anorexic, her old emo deviantart shit comes up. When I looked her up just now for the pic I looked at her twitter and ironically her most recent retweet is, "Wish I could delete all my old pictures so people would stop telling me I looked better when I was dying" lol.

No. 588691

There's not much of a difference between Sasii, Ash and Paris. The three of them are all women in their 20s who chose to wear children's clothes, rely heavily on their parents, and starve themselves to avoid responsibility.

No. 588870


They are all Bulimic. Sasii always posted her videos of her after purging chocolate begging her followers to agree it was blood coming up not chocolate. Then in her next video she'd say how she ate sooo much food but be proud of her cos she doesn't purge smh

No. 589768

I had to unfollow her after that. She's absolutely demented.

No. 589911

File: 1526869465138.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-05-20-10-41-50…)

Tilly is, as usual, being a huge cunt but I think I figured out her game. She is a total shit to everyone on the Internet acting as if she is not being completely ridiculous and hyper anachan because that is what she intentionally does to "trick" herself into her ED. It is totally retarded and makes her into a complete asshat but it is the only logical explanation for her being such a psychopath and pretending like everything she says is 100% normal. She must be a nightmare of a human in person, no wonder she has no friends. She is the absolute worst but gotta keep rage following her for the laughs.

No. 590093

Starvation makes you angry and irrational, it’s not that deep.

No. 590134

>>589911 - She could be just craving the attention (negative or otherwise) from other people because her family never give a damn about her (apparently). Poke the bear so she can turn herself into the victim and get the attention that way. She needs a real therapist to break her down and build her up so she can have a real chance at life (and not just leave her be because it's easier to leave her to her behaviours and illogical thought patterns as long as she's not losing weight to a deathly point.)

She really needs to talk to her therapist openly, otherwise, her PD is never going to get treated. She's just going to go around in this cycle and waste her life, and harm others on the way. I don't get why she thinks she has OCPD though. Even us posting here is feeding into her behaviours, she needs to be starved of the attention so that maybe she will be forced to look at herself.

No. 590774

I smell another self-post. Sad you aren’t getting any attention tilly?

No. 590816

Exactly what I was thinking. She needs people to trash her.

No. 590887


Christ she's a fucking loser.

No. 590895

Tilly doesn’t want to be well. She maintains harmful behaviour because she likes the payoff (attention, feels edgy and tough, convenient victim card should she need it, unquestionable excuse to quit anything)

Wellness means responsibility and accountability and doing things other than navel gazing and stroking her ego.

Look at her online presence. Literally nothing other than ‘look how good at science class I am’ and ‘look how anorexic I am’ theres zero hobbies, interests, socialising, not even materialistic crap just selfie after selfie after selfie and caption after caption about kinda sorta getting better but not so much so that anyone will pressure her. She has nothing outside of this crap palace of a persona she’s made and even though it’s suffocating her she wants to build a crap gazebo out the front.

No. 590940


100% selfpost. the australian phone provider gives you away tilly. why do you like dragging yourself so much? log off and get help you retard

No. 590947

File: 1526985789027.jpeg (729.33 KB, 1235x1861, 0EA28F35-B700-4652-99AC-EDA6E5…)

I’ll just leave this here

No. 590949

File: 1526985999745.png (499.09 KB, 1242x2208, ABA3EA40-B787-408B-B7F6-BC6ACC…)

No. 590951

File: 1526986028449.png (514.33 KB, 1242x2208, A84AFC14-8D7B-4CDF-8EB6-B8C12A…)

No. 590952

File: 1526986104438.png (507.08 KB, 1242x2208, 48271DDF-EBEF-47FC-A0C9-E3AD35…)

No. 590953

Is it surprising that she’s elitist about the one thing she’s succeeded at? Weight loss is all she’s got since the crushing realisation that she’s not actually a scientist.

Of course she doesn’t want disordered individuals who have entered treatment before becoming dangerously underweight to be a part of something that’s 90% of her whole identity. If that happens she might be lumped in with the normies.

No. 590975

File: 1526993104399.png (505.69 KB, 1242x2208, A1F94534-441A-481B-9BB6-DEECF1…)

No. 590976

File: 1526993142405.png (537.14 KB, 1242x2208, FA4ABC16-448D-4338-963C-3B42BC…)

No. 590977

File: 1526993208863.png (537.49 KB, 1242x2208, 2C2F1D6C-CCD3-4718-A7B5-7EAE96…)

No. 590978

File: 1526993254576.png (520.21 KB, 1242x2208, CAA27840-C211-4DB3-853B-2836CF…)

No. 590979

File: 1526993282354.png (495.03 KB, 1242x2208, CC6AEB05-3198-4C46-99AA-0028D1…)

No. 590983

She legit calls out the hierarchy but then says there should be a hierarchy.
It’s so funny reading her talk about what the masses think but really it’s just her own perceptions.
Also how can she write a blog about the negativity of pro Ana sites when she’s on one???

No. 591056

It’s so pathetic that she went to the trouble of making a blog just to write about AAN vs AN. Just shows that her anorexia and underweight BMI are the only things she’s proud of.

No. 591103

It’s insanely obvious. Scrolling back in the thread any time Tilly is brought up it’s by someone with a Telstra phone provider who types the same way as Tilly does. No one else cares enough about her to bring her up anyway. She’s boring and average at just about anything.

No. 591170

File: 1527009039804.png (285.27 KB, 680x545, tilly.png)

Let's starve this retard of attention and report all of her posts.

No. 591176

literally all these screens are from tilly again. at least be more sneaky?? can she please get b& with her cancer

No. 591211

File: 1527012819121.png (441.54 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7660.PNG)

Paris just posted this

No. 591216

samefag, just noticed this message was sent in November last year?

No. 591282

FWIW, if you screen grab while holding down on the story you're going to get a full screenshot of the story page without your own provider/time/battery etc. on top. So at least for the sarahah story posts from Tilly's account it is not proof of anything other than it is a full screen grab of what was originally a screenshot tilly took to post the sarahah

No. 591316

Paris is really really screwed up- she makes up hate messages and sends them to herself just to get sympathy- she's sad. All she worries about is getting followers-supposedly part of the IG recovery community - but for 1 she's not in recovery nor has she ever been, and 2 it's a very one sided community as she hardly every comments on other people's accounts or replies to comments. And she can't be as unwell/suicidal/anorexic as she pretends otherwise she would have been put in hospital by now- has she ever been IP?
I can understand popular accounts wanting loads of followers because then they attract advertising deals etc/brands want to be linked with them, but what on earth brand would want to be linked to Paris and all her pathetic childishness?

No. 591322

Compared to some of the anorexic body posts on here she's actually got a pretty good body.

No. 591327

So Sasii probably didn't send this?

No. 591335

that seems like an effort to fake…

No. 591515

Look, if sasii can post about Ash the way she did, I don’t find this hard to believe considering Paris’ amount of spoopiness etc. Sasii seems obsessed with being the spoopiest but considering her background, doesn’t come across, usually, as obvious as some others do. It’s still obvious that she’s as disordered as well it comes, also Paris gas tonnes of asks she doesn’t answer , and Sasii had just recently msged Paris which would push her notifications to the top, so it’s totally plausible that this was actuall Sas.

No. 591896

Wouldn't put it beyond Paris to make it up herself

No. 592072

I wonder what the deleted message was.

No. 592146

If you randomly scroll through so many of the people who follow Paris I'd bet money that she has invented a lot of accounts herself just to get followers- lots of them are so pointless ( as in the accounts) and totally unrelated to eating disorders or have only a few photos .
She used to have a 'friend' called Dani and they would send each other 'fake hate messages' yo try to gain sympathy - but between them their grammar and spelling were awful so it was obvious they were doing it themselves ( like the difference between your/you're, their/they're, where/were etc. Paris has no life . She must deep down be gutted that she's never been IP or had a tube because then she could call herself a proper anorexic instead of a fake time waster sponging of benefits.

No. 592229

it's a screenshot of her own screenshot though…

No. 592253

I have the weirdest feeling that Paris is participating in this thread.

No. 592289

I don’t get how she could fake this when sasii is an actual account?

No. 592413

They both want attention so they send fake hate.

No. 592934


No. 592939

File: 1527189845168.png (836.67 KB, 640x1136, BC6CE4F1-1D32-4CD1-B568-009914…)

Nice dress and lighting change. Sooooo recovered

No. 592950

>>592939 - saw that too, i was so tempted to comment but i'm pretty sure i'd end up blocked. So much weight gain, so recovered.. (is she even eating any of that weird food porn she has on the go? Makes me feel ill looking at it for some reason, it's a strange mishmash of when i was a child bulimic)

No. 592951

her fucking muscles and tendons look like a road intersection

No. 592990

File: 1527195724277.png (613.98 KB, 640x1136, A7CCB0F7-70AA-4786-937A-FD837C…)

No. 592991

File: 1527195744342.jpeg (9.32 KB, 212x95, 73ED3A38-429A-4332-87EE-D55A08…)

huge KEK

No. 592994

am i blind or is there a lot of blurring going on around her arms/legs ?

No. 592999

File: 1527196165788.png (1001.1 KB, 640x1136, F9D14172-65AD-47DB-A9DE-166CC0…)

Something weird going on with that?

No. 593001

Pretty sure that's just the door/baseboard behind her.

No. 593013

Is she the one who takes extreme closeups of her moldy crumpets?

No. 593015

she's having a complete breakdown rn i swear to god

No. 593019

Have you seen the comments on her post, it’s either people saying yeah fuck the haters or people saying wtf you’re not a healthy weight and she’s kicking off with them

No. 593022

File: 1527199182271.jpg (162.27 KB, 720x809, 20180524_235915.jpg)

What a cunt

She also posted a video of her standing in front of a mirror (totally not bodychecking of course)

No. 593026

File: 1527199453320.jpg (108.28 KB, 353x775, IMG_20180524_155035.jpg)

Imagine my horror when I realized it wasn't looking at her hand in this photo.

No. 593033

Kek I thought that too!!

No. 593093

What's up with her inner thigh? Massive chunk missing and a random patch of skin sticking out just under her knee. I genuinely can't tell if this is shooped to make her look bigger or smaller.

No. 593115

I think it's the wall/floor behind her blending into her skin.

No. 594637

File: 1527371127770.jpg (452.53 KB, 1079x1704, 33754876_1770324289689335_1473…)

Hey all im new and have been reading through this thread(s) and wanted to talk about spaceshiptorecovery. She claims shes recovering but then posts shit like this blaming her 'relapse' on her therapist, then when her followers call her out for being shitting for doing that and saying she should take responsibility others just attack em. She also posted something the other day saying she was breaking a 7 day fast or something crazy like that and someone called her out saying she posted herself on her story the day before eating a bagel and that she should be more honest with herself and her followers about her recovery and she just attacked em for it. I tried finding the post again but I think shes since deleted it or changed the caption.

No. 594670

God I can’t stand her. Her therapist has a masters degree or higher and she’s dropped out of community college 4 times because of her “schizophrenia”. Yeah sooooo much smarter and more successful. Also a few weeks ago she claimed her weight loss was was solely due to her aplastic anemia and not her eating disorder, but now she’s in a relapse and it’s her therapist’s fault? Kek

No. 594811

File: 1527386420647.png (170.99 KB, 640x1136, 063EAC62-B6B2-46F4-A206-6B3094…)

Now merry rose howley is using her dad’s “some kind of attack” to get some publicity on the internet and say “in yo face” to her critics

No. 594977

Bekah has been oddly quiet on IG. Anything fun on her FB lately?

No. 595048

File: 1527415654240.png (493.38 KB, 720x934, IMG_20180527_115841.png)

I am wondering if sasii reach help one day. She always posts storys of food that she “won't throw up“ but this… Idk, looks like she's proud of this shit. I hope she gets help before it's too late.

No. 595057


LOL @ her reflection in the glass of the scales… now we need some CSI motherfucker to zoom in and enhance on that skeleton vagooner

No. 595076

There are a lot of people suffering from an ed I feel sorry for but she's not one of them
She obviously enjoys the attention. I can't with her ~woe me why do I keep losing weight~ spiel. Not throwing up could help. But apparently she wants to be just like Ashley

No. 595077

File: 1527422474242.jpg (413.27 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180527-140030.jpg)

No. 595081

Maybe crazy people are different but I’d assume most people really scared for their health gonto hospital instead of posting a picture to Instagram.

She knows damn well she’s tangling with death and wants ash and paris and the other skeletons to know it as well. It’s like Bella constantly asking about seems and electrolytes. She knows she’s sick, and wants medical attention but not the actual necessary treatment (hydration and food)
I wonder what treatment is like where sasii lives?

No. 595113


I'm not if it's been said, and sage bc of it, but it irritates me to no end when Anachans put TW in their descriptions, like it's supposed to fucking excuses uploads like this. I hope she falls and breaks her brittle bones.

No. 595115


I'm not if it's been said, and sage bc of it, but it irritates me to no end when Anachans put TW in their descriptions, like it's supposed to fucking excuses uploads like this. I hope she falls and breaks her brittle bones.

No. 595124

She'll be dead in a week, sadly.

No. 595141

File: 1527435136849.png (346.11 KB, 720x1220, 20180527_163107.png)

I can't believe her doctors let her down this badly by ignoring the fact she obviously had anorexia

No. 595142

File: 1527435156626.png (135.87 KB, 720x770, 20180527_163044.png)

No. 595164


Who's posting using her account? I thought this sounded really flippant
>happy.guts.recovery Sofia is fighting for her life now but if God takes her to be with him,she is sure in a far better place !

Maybe it's because I don't believe in a god, but idk, it sounds weird to me. (No disrespect intended).

No. 595178

This was posted on her gofundme, perhaps others maybe family have access to that page?

Also about the mention of god if it is her family those thoughts are normal, usually ppl to turn to god for reassurance when a loved one is dying to like put them at ease if they die.

This aspect is truly sad, like if someone w has access to the gofundme they probably see the insta and obviously know the person (I don’t follow her) but like how could this go missed! I feel really bad that this happened to her, does anyone know if she was ever even treated or evaluated or anything relating to psych?

No. 595181

File: 1527439789664.jpg (1.12 MB, 1079x1412, IMG_20180527_104819.jpg)

Y'all remember the Fit Vegan Ginger?

No. 595182

File: 1527439828206.jpg (780.79 KB, 1075x1412, IMG_20180527_104838.jpg)

No. 595183

Nooooooo. Thanks, anon. There goes 18 months of trauma therapy up in smoke. WHY???

Still underweight, then.

No. 595191

Her mother has access to her Instagram; she’s posted for Sofia on her account. It’s actually fucked up, Considering the girl’s not a cow- like she definetly has health issues which is probably why she wasn’t brought in for (AN) treatment, they generally only take medically stable people in ed centers. That being said there’s a definite element of negligence at play. It’s sad, she seems sweet despite being an obvious anachan. It’s definetly struck a cord with a lot of her followers- they should take it as a warning.
To be honest it comes across that her mother is at ease because she’s not in pain and suffering Her family definetly knew this was inevitable. They probably are feeling a certain sense of closure.
Then again just an anon and dont know the girl but this is what I’ve gotten from her account (Re. That post of her leg talking about her mother crying, her family seemed to have started grieving by then). It’s sad but I suppose it was too late for her to get better…

No. 595239

Sasii is dying of refeeding syndrome and pretending there are no hospitals in Kuwait.

No. 595374

File: 1527455423863.jpeg (230.47 KB, 750x1334, 0614BB56-AF01-4FEF-B4DA-D2C3FE…)

She’s proud of the fact that she’s at this low of a weight. There is no denying it, there’s no hope for these kind of anas imo. Sad but true, they want to be the spoopiest and don’t care if they die getting there.

No. 595379

YES I miss her fucking thread. New milk?

No. 595404

File: 1527457559377.jpg (228.25 KB, 710x999, 20180527_234441.jpg)

I genuinely dislike sasii tbh

No. 595410

She has a thread already >>/snow/163049 if anyone wants to discuss her or post new milk. I don’t mean to mini-mod, just trying to be helpful.

No. 595436

Oh fucks sake joltogrphy sticking her giant autistic face into anything. Since you’re obviously a farmer, fuck off you creep.

Who’s Sofia?

No. 595450

I don't know what you're getting at, why call me a creep? I did not post this because of joltography? I posted it because of the comment about sasii, I have no desire to discuss j on here again

No. 595465

I’m not calling you joltography I’m commenting about seeing her in every single anachans business, being a creep and obsessively whiteknighting anyone mentioned here. Jfc dude.

No. 595469

not sure how this could be interpreted as a selfpost, anon

No. 595470

Oh shit happy guts recovery is basically dead. Vegetative and severe brain damage.
Doctors told the family to remove ventilation and let her go. They’re crowdsourcing for nurses to keep her running on machines until an infection finally takes her out.

No. 595477

Jolt is obviously obesssed with the spoopiest of anachans. I think she acts like she is helping them by befriending them, but really she just reads here to get find them & then obsesses over their looks over her own, since she’s a “normie”. Sorry Jolt but your Ana fetish is gross and you need help. She reads here and is also most likely a huge contributor to these threads I wouldn’t doubt it if she’s some kind of sociopath or something.

No. 595479

She’s more of a cow than half the spoops who’s asses she’s trying so hard to lick.
She’s gotta have something majorly wrong upstairs.

No. 595481

Anyone with access to Morven/Smorven Stirling? still claiming that she doesn't actually at all have an ED but that it is 100% autisms and gastroparesis causing her oh so super special issues? Not seen her spoopy face on here for a while.

No. 595483

I follow her but she’s not doing anything interesting. Dental surgery, making food she will never eat, slamming her face into the walls. Usual morven stuff.

No. 595492

Realized that when I realized Jotography isn't German. Disregard.

No. 595502

Clearly also checking here daily for mentions of herself lol.

No. 595514

Is her forehead still permanently bruised?
You'd think someone of her supposed intelligence would want to do anything she could to protect her brain.

No. 595519

Jolty's got to have a skinny fetish. She's been following them since the Ash thread at least. It's not like she's even ana herself. She's butched up and thinks she's a Gladiator. I've seen Ash's friend, the slow one, post at spoops mentioned here, and I recognise that curvesbetweenmyribs from Aly's comments, but the usual ed ig club basically have eds, but jolty's just a sick fuck.

I don't follow smorven, but I follow that Scots girl with pretend DID. I saw Smorven comment on her account recently about eating disorders (what else).

These cows stick with the herd.

No. 595535

Smorven is reasonably smart and speaks like a thesaurus to prove it. She probably thinks everyone is too stupid to see how obvious it is that she’s anorexic. I know textural shit is part of her autism but, her choice not to delete all her feelings of shit proves that a lot of it is either playing up the autistic symptoms around food to hide her anorexia or it’s straight up a lie.

She spoke heaps about purging, terrible self image and calling herself fat, spoke at length about her laxative abuse and conveniently forgets that her mother discusses her online.

If she doesn’t think everyone else is a big dumb pleb she’s delusional. Either way she seems to enjoy being mentioned here because she always makes sure her followers know about it.

She needs to eat some antidepressants and be knocked down a peg or two on the high-and-mighty scale. She’s nearly as unbearable as she moans her life is.

No. 595537

Oops wrong anon meant to reply to >>595514

No. 595539

Jolts is purging. Her puffy cheeks and constant weight fluctuations give it away.

Smorven is not reasonably smart. She's not even book smart. She's an autistic brat with a huge ego.

No. 595568

Tbh I don’t think smorven reads anything cause she’s starved herself half blind. She speaks like those guys that have finished a creative writing course and one time read some Nietzsche, with a large splash of cryptic and vague Facebook style attention seeking.

I’ve said it before, but I’m pretty convinced jolty has got some developmental disorder. She’s spooky as hell the way she latches on to all these people and stans for them. She’s like a Beyoncé fan but for anorexic bitches.

No. 595656

File: 1527481665361.png (155.13 KB, 640x1136, B146A326-8BCF-414E-8134-DE384A…)

Sasi’s followers are giving her all the attention and sympathy she wanted and knew she would get by posting her weight

No. 595691

I just picture her smirking and rubbing her hands together like Gollum. She’s literally gonna die for some asshole pats.

No. 595699

Oh my lord, I can’t velieve Rachel/Cassie is still playing at DID. Any updates on her?

No. 595701

>>595481 - She has been posting on other ana chan posts though, just saw on sasiisadness's post 13 hours ago she said "you can stop by changing". For someone who "doesn't have an ED" she sure follows enough ED accounts. But she's not doing anything all that interesting, but then again i stopped really paying too much attention after she started cancelling important appointments to hang out with her social worker (effin creepy). Annoys me how hard it is for most of us to get help and yet there's people like her.

Does anyone know how lottie.lives is doing? Think she ended up doing a cull or something, follower numbers are down.

No. 595703

Not permanently, but every there’s a new one recently because the dentist was at the same hospital she was in when doctors dared commit the horrendous abuse (feeding the spoop) so presumably she smacked her head into something. She only posts stories these days and it’s mostly just food she’s never eaten and rugby. Seems she’s stopped taking selfies entirely.

No. 595707

She’s gotta keep an eye on the competish.

Since happy guts recovery/Sophie is now braindead I’m really curious as to who is next. Ash can’t die because her cockroach pilots won’t allow, but the she appears to be giving up. Sofie westerling is looking like she’s been to Dachau but still chipper, morven is going blind, seizing, fainting, puking, and produces no heat so she can’t be too far off imo, paris might rattle around into her thirties if she keeps up her sugar dances every few days.

No. 595725

Sasii is obviously next. Just look at her.

No. 595728

Yeah she looks pretty haggard and 25kg is what a 7-9 year old girl should weigh.

No. 595731

File: 1527491347885.jpeg (164.28 KB, 692x754, 82BC56B3-3C40-4D71-84C4-6D89F3…)

Thayna de oliviera has gotten absolutely terrifying.

No. 595738


KF keeps up with her.

No. 595746

Please note kf also seem to think she wants to fuck her dad so…

No. 595751

File: 1527495173206.png (489.17 KB, 640x1136, 06F14B7B-CD4E-441F-9C38-C7ED06…)

I agree but apparently Sasi is jealous

No. 595752

Sasii seems like a narcissistic bitch. It’s like she obsessively follows all these other spoops just to compete. She’s happy to insult them or sabotage them if it means she feels like she’s better at anorexia than they are.
She’s probably more jealous that thayna has fetishist stans than of her looks.

No. 595756

File: 1527496115878.png (11.06 KB, 283x218, sure.PNG)

I just went through the comments on her pictures and jfc she's got a lot of sick assholes follwing her

No. 595758

File: 1527496707992.jpeg (29.17 KB, 465x316, 667767EA-9836-447A-A8BF-BCF158…)

Wtf is wrong with them?

No. 595760

File: 1527496927318.jpeg (301.91 KB, 750x1095, 7D5381D8-B0CE-4728-8150-622519…)

This guy really wants her to notice him.

No. 595776

File: 1527501195127.png (90.98 KB, 1184x539, 01.png)


Brief summary. She didn't post from the time she was sent to the special DID hospital (maybe a couple of times of nothingness)which was 4 months. I logged into the account I follow some old cows on and saw her post recently.

>She's deleted every post before the end of March.

>She's being made to leave the DID unit for her behaviour and "non engagement. Smorven's ~helping~ her find some other hospital
>Looks like there's nowhere else suitable
>Her eating disorder's suddenly appeared again, as has her OCD.

Img 1/2

No. 595777

File: 1527501213204.jpg (113.87 KB, 933x597, 02.JPG)

No. 595820

Lottie is still in the hospital. She is refusing to gain still. She was admitted with constant heart issues and collapsing. Posting body checks on her venting, still hasn't gained. Said she's only accepting IP to discharge herself immediately. Oh, and she started blaming staff for her behaviors and freely posting about pocketing food and pacing. Girl is on bedrest and doing over 8,000 steps a day.

No. 595847

File: 1527511521318.png (997.53 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180528-134523.png)

No. 595892

Go to the hospital you dumb attention whore.

No. 595894

File: 1527518946429.png (109.08 KB, 748x1111, IMG_4715.PNG)

She's so weak and skinny she can't stand on pointe properly at all. Who is letting this girl do ballet??? They're delusional

No. 595901

I'm convinced J is just some sort of sociopath. You can see it in her eyes. She follows all these autopsy and forensic accounts, is OBSESSED with death metal, and has access to small animals that keep getting hurt or sick. She gives me the creeps.

The KF thread is great for archival purposes, but they're obsessed with Anna's sexuality. No doubt Anna is fucked up, but holy shit.

No. 595907

My god she looks like an old woman

No. 595911

No half decent ballet school in their right mind would let her dance. But it looks like she goes to some rinkydink dance school who will put anyone on pointe so….

but seriously what is up with these anachans who decide they want to become classical ballerinas in adulthood?!? it is truly the least attainable goal ever to try to learn ballet without have trained as a child.

No. 595938

It's part of the "teehee I'm dainty" complex so many of these underdeveloped idiots have.

No. 596035

She started dancing when she was seven

No. 596041


No. 596053

File: 1527536140930.png (206.48 KB, 750x1204, IMG_0304.PNG)

Her bio says prorecovery. She keeps showing her meals and talking about how disgusting they are and how she's flushing them down the toilet and sharing pictures the whole time. How on earth is that recovery? She's 20. No ones forcing her to be there probably. If that isn't enough she shared a rant today about how dare they forget her coffee and who do they think she is. Then today she says how she so skinny that she's rolling around on her tailbone and it's so disgusting. Is underweight yes but she's not that thin.

No. 596054

File: 1527536252987.png (1.64 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0307.PNG)

SHe's also sharing videos of herself talking about how gross it is and flushing food and blotting food.

No. 596061

She won’t accept my follow requests since culling her folllowers. You think I’m best off making a few posts to make my ‘recovery account’ seem more realistic?

No. 596065

That's a bit psycho and a bit obvious if she reads here.

No. 596067


Idk that girl looks pretty Ana to me, not just "underweight." The lack of nutrition is probably fueling her shitty attitude.

No. 596072

“She's not that thin“
Mate, her bones are sticking out, she clearly has anorexia…
I wouldn't eat that toast either, but I argree that she should bring her life together

No. 596074

File: 1527537530209.png (156.03 KB, 750x1204, IMG_0308.PNG)

No. 596075


Agreed, they're trying to get them to want to eat and they serve that? Should get an Italian Nona in the kitchen instead.

No. 596076


Yeah, that isn't normal. She has almost no muscle, either, which is disturbing.

No. 596079

I’m just trying to work out how I can follow her since she’s so strict. Whoever is following her on here must know their stuff because she only has a few followers and they haven’t been deleted

No. 596113


Can't tell if she photoshops her instagram pics wow. you have to be very sick to not realize how scary looking you are compared to the other people in your photos. Hope she gets help.

No. 596141

File: 1527542833924.png (236.81 KB, 750x1175, IMG_0314.PNG)

Just sitting in the chair exhaust her till she passes out then how can she go outside as a reward after doing this??

No. 596142

File: 1527543023405.png (374.33 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0315.PNG)

Is she going to start using one of these LOL?

No. 596169

>>595776 she used to be so interesting! she's kinda disappeared as of late

No. 596219

File: 1527548771720.png (355.51 KB, 312x554, image.png)

but she won't ''take the advice'' about getting help? i legit reported her account so many times for self injury and they say that it doesn't violate their ToS… wtf. i truly wonder if sasiisadness would get help if her ig were to be deleted

No. 596224


She's toned down the ~alters~ thing and signs herself "Rachael". It looks as though cameras weren't allowed at the place she's at. I'll update on her situation when there's news. If she starts playing up with the DID thing I'll post in the DID thread (somewhere here) or if it's the ED I'll stick it here.

I've reported loads of times the same accounts that've been public and look like rotten.com with self harm, but do ig do anything? Usually not.

These stroppy anas always call the ones who lay down the facts "haters". To love them means you tell them they're doing wonderfully incredibly well when they're not.

No. 596248

How TF does Bekah keep convincing these medical people that there's something wrong with her? She's just an attention seeking moron whose only problems are self inflicted. Now she can't sit up in a chair?? If she's been in the hospital so long, why isn't she fed and hydrated? That would take care of the issue.

No. 596344

I think she must be lying about the real reason she's still there. So what is it? If anorexia anyone with an ed would be trying to burn the calories coming in, not purposefully waste muscle and therefore the ability to move. She may be pretending she can't move wel. Who knows. Her.

No. 596442

File: 1527566662882.png (409.47 KB, 640x1136, 3C184520-7938-4248-BBA4-6E0C50…)

She’s not a huge cow, but I think in ana chan land, “raw and real” is code for “I’m married to anorexia and I’m proud”

No. 596484

File: 1527574524096.jpeg (1.45 MB, 3072x3072, 08CE361C-88A4-493C-92F2-65775A…)

Any one follow darcyandrecovery? Currently inpatient but does drugs on Leave gets hate for it and then whinges about hate

No. 596539

Wow, nice to see some new Suspiria leaks, kek

No. 596598

that´s a lot of story posts my gosh

No. 596599

damn forgot to sage sorry for that

No. 596624

how old is she? if she's "like 8" then she has no business being posted here.

No. 596628


>seen by 164

nice self post lmao

No. 596629

Lol the name of your anon title and the fact that you’ve made a self post. Someone ban this twat.

No. 596647

File: 1527599528445.jpeg (497.49 KB, 1275x1923, FB0A462A-81B2-44F9-AB14-DC4C80…)

No. 596649

File: 1527599895440.png (463.15 KB, 711x1132, 20180529_141739.png)

No. 596654

You look 20 trying to pretend you're 14 and btw a glass pipe only costs about $10 these days, scumbag.

No. 596785

File: 1527610653773.png (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 720x1175, IMG_20180529_175805.png)

I'm following her for a while now and actually she was once very pretty
How can you do that to yourself damn

No. 596797

Polish? I’ve noticed there are a lot of anorexic polish girls. What’s the deal over there?

No. 596809

File: 1527611998326.png (64.98 KB, 917x234, moorecoveryunderage.png)

You're too young to be on this site.
Even though you're 24 pretending to be a little kid kek.

No. 596906

Despite the obvious emaciation, she's still pretty but 19 years old - wow.

What state's her health in?

No. 596929

File: 1527620802404.png (1.14 MB, 1152x746, Výstřižek.PNG)

she's czech (or maybe slovak living in the czech republic)

not too well i imagine. she's in and out of hospitals ever since she got to 22.5 kg and finally admitted herself to a hospital bc she couldn't breathe or something.

No. 597033

File: 1527628692541.jpg (66.57 KB, 438x784, db1989205705fc138c8f5e80eea5cc…)

>"sorry darlings, ill reply once i feel better. my whole body hurts now and i had to go to the ER to get stitches on my lip and i also knocked out one of my teeth. ill read your DMs later."

No. 597055

>>596224 she's claiming eds on her story. Classic munchie illness.

No. 597124

Because pictures of corpses scare the children sasii.

Oh shit look who made it to the top of the deathpool.

No. 597243

Honestly I kind of feel for her, she’s got a private account with almost no followers and it looks like she’s on a Canadian gen psych ward which generally provide literally no support and almost never tube so it’s not even like the threat of that encourages someone to eat. Unless this is a self post then fuck off I guess

No. 597260

Oh shit, mixed up her follower and following counts but my point stands.

No. 597562

Anyone follow kara/recovery.chii? Kind of regret not following and just lurking because she went locked just recently. Girl hasn't gained any weight and was getting pissy when people (rightfully) called her out on eating the same thing every damn day and plateauing for the past… year? Yeah.

Kind of makes me sad because she seems smart and I'd like to support her but in the end she's just another instagram ana putting on a show of "recovery" and not actually going through it.

No. 597584

She said she’s taking a “permanent” break from Instagram, because it’s not helping her recover

No. 597611

On the other hand this COULD be good for her because we all know the instagram ""recovery"" community is godawful but I can't help but find it a little skeevy she's doing this right as she started getting increased flack for her quasi-recovery. Feels like she just couldn't handle hearing she's not as great at "adulting" and recovery as she thought.

No. 597694

File: 1527701120096.png (432.86 KB, 929x603, sasiisadness.png)

No. 597817

Do you have screenshots

No. 597880

Sorry a little late on this but damn… the not being able to sit up thing is rediculous, she sits up for an extended period of time often to take photos, how is she able to sit up and hold a 6 to 9 pound baby and pose for a Facebook photo this is nonsense! On Facebook she’s fine looks thin but not severely underweight but on insta she might as well be on her deathbead..and like you said here >>596248
She should be fine like obviously this is all for sure If she was more physically sick or even as sick as she claims nurses would be hooking up iv and upping feeds and making sure that was taken care of rather than making a board like that, so fucked. She loves being treated like a child and she’s kind of desending into munchie land with how she’s acting

No. 598027

Sasii is annoying as fuck. I know it’s already been established she’s a huge cunt by pming people they’ve gained etc. but something else is I notice she likes and comments on heaps of other ana accounts but refuses to follow them! Can’t stand the thought of people having one more follower..

No. 598124

No they were in her story

No. 598285

So SkinnySugarPlum got tubed today after posting all about how shes been skipping or barely eating the meals given to her and only drinking the lil shot glass of ensure she gets given with em. Now that she's been tubed she posted 3 to 4 different things on her story urging her followers to help her get out of that hospital because theyre 'awful' and 'not helping at all' and just 'making her worse' she also notes that there no way she can possibly get out due to being there under the healthcare act or whatever sooooo

No. 598328

Sasii is basically just Ash 2.0.

Ashley is the Wicked Witch of the West and Sasii is the Wicked Witch of the East.

No. 598580

hope she gets weight restored. she's an attention seeker but it's scary how small she is

No. 598589

File: 1527789075324.jpeg (297.89 KB, 1125x2168, A3620A3C-991B-42CF-9C44-26A7C9…)

This account is fake as fuck. No way she could be like this eating what she posts, unless she’s purging. She probably just took loads of body checks at some point and is posting them on repeat.

No. 598590

File: 1527789087288.jpeg (475.26 KB, 1125x2167, 1B1DBD73-1AE3-45F0-866A-A30D7F…)

No. 598591

She was upset about not having her coffee but I don't recall her saying anything about "who do they think she is" I personally find her more genuine than most of the recovering ana's on insta.

And she is completely emaciated. In what world is 75 lbs not thin?

No. 598594

It's attached to a picture shared here. She doesn't look 75 lbs to me unless short

No. 598598

Jesus christ I'm not even the anon you responded to but this thread is full of obnoxious ana-chans who are just as bad as the people they discuss. I mean I shouldn't be surprised but if all the milk you got is "umm this girl looks more 90lbs than the 75lbs she claims, what a lying fatso LOL" I don't know what to tell you. If someone clearly healthy/overweight claims to be underweight then sure, but this is just reaching and pathetic; it's not milk.

No. 598612

Thank you!

No. 598614

Tag the picture

No. 598652

she is recovering, just slowly. her photos from six months ago are way way smaller

No. 598662

File: 1527793118698.png (Spoiler Image, 614.07 KB, 591x585, skinnysugarplum.png)

in what world is this "not that thin"?

No. 598681

>icon is literally her emaciated as fuck legs
>posts bodychecks


No. 598686


No. 598717

S2g this exact pic was on Tumblr like 7-8 years ago at the height of the b&w ribcage blog trend. People commented about the shadow behind her legs and how it ~was like ana was a dark shadow behind her~ #deep

She's all over the popular ana ig accounts for literally years, I was looking back through dutchierecovering and a few others recently and saw posts from her from like 2014. Her account seems so fake and shady, like she's really just a wannarexic trying to cosplay as a Skelly.

No. 598798

I don’t know if this was already discussed but.. i’ll just leave this here.
Scary O.O

https://www.instagram.com/crawl2438(read the rules & usage info)

No. 598815

that's pretty sad. that photo of her mouth is hideous

also, anon, in future leave the name field blank and write "sage" in the email field :^)

No. 598902

She already has been discussed and decided not a cow.

No. 598913

Her face is still totally normal for one

No. 598914

Put her up next to crawl. Not the same.

No. 598922

Supposedly the last weight you lose is in your face

No. 598930

File: 1527811189742.png (591.02 KB, 640x1136, 4FB5D316-290E-480C-98DA-B15CE7…)

I can’t believe people are paying her for this shit, dammit

No. 598936

I hope this isn't real or that lady is gonna die.

No. 598984

File: 1527815175327.jpg (29.88 KB, 315x311, Capture.JPG)


If she's getting help as an outpatient, then how come her next weigh in is in October? She'd be getting weighed weekly. Even monthly would be too long a gap.

Found this on a genuine recovery blog. I don't follow maurecovery, but I used to see her comments here and there.

I agree there's something sketchy about her, but I haven't seen the rest of her account (does she show her face?).

No. 599006

I'm not a wk so don't ban me, but I know this girl and she's legitimately struggling. I think she uses insta how she does because it's the only outlet that she has. I don't think she intended for her account to get as large as it has but she's definitely not attention seeking. She's very very sick and doesn't deserve to be on here. She's not milky, she's ill.

No. 599047

agreed. i've been following her for a while and even though she was reluctant to be admitted i think she is genuinely trying her hardest to recover.

like as soon as she got the tube in she ate 100% of her meals so she can get the tube out. if she wanted to keep the tube IN for ana cred like bekah, then maybe she'd belong in this thread.

No. 599054

I'm glad that someone agrees, I was worried about saying anything but I don't want her to see this shit and have it hinder her recovery.

Girls like Bekah and Bella belong here, not girls desperately trying not to die.

No. 599715


I don't think she's ever shown her face, has been asked to do so but always refuses. Something does seem really off about her, but I do kinda believe she's a spoop.
Been curious about her because she's from the same country. As for the weigh ins, it seems crazy but is plausible. Knowing the mental healthcare system here, if she's been sick for a really long time and isn't actively seeking treatment herself, the system's just given up on her and gives some half assed automated check ups every few months.

No. 599958

Do you think she's another weird fetishist like imskinnybeautiful?

No. 600119

I don't think I've ever seen a photo of her face, and her recovery seems vvvv slow.

No. 600123

Sorry if these have been posted before…looking back through smoven's account

No. 600124

File: 1527953951544.jpeg (189.3 KB, 733x1092, image.jpeg)

No. 600125

File: 1527953972974.jpg (149.49 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

No. 600185

A lot of us agree. I really think there's just one person who is ignorant and posting negatively about her.

No. 600189

Finally she acknowledges it.

No. 600240

Either Sasii is dead or inpatient.
tbh I think the first

No. 600269

Nah she's had times of not uploading for 20days or so before. Guess time will tell.

No. 600343

I think she's gone. She was in refeeding without medical supervision and continuing to lose weight.

No. 600387

Ah, I see Morven's back. It's not about the ED she has because it's completely ALL attributed to ASD. All of it. Funny how she now, she is able to relinquish any responsibility that she has in regard to getting healthy. Because it's totally all ASD and gastrowhatever. Nothing to do with the restricting and vomiting at all.

No. 600974

Sasii is definitely dead.

No. 601123

>>600974 do you have evidence? or just an educated guess?

No. 601330

if you continue to insist she's dead without proof, we'll assume that you're sasii herself and you're trying to get people off your back. spill.

No. 601503

I think Sassi is dead too.
I mean she had a bmi of what, 8? She was also purging a lot too and this in her condition..

No. 601527

File: 1528089256671.png (103.41 KB, 640x1136, 8F9CC394-8B6B-4D23-97C2-3D589E…)

More pretentious blog posts obviously driven by her ED

No. 601528

File: 1528089334663.png (446.37 KB, 640x1136, 5FA9F4D9-B625-4147-8633-E3A929…)


No. 601540

no1curr about tilly

No. 601592

File: 1528100271647.jpeg (784 KB, 3072x3072, 91A43C8B-2A72-4A07-8605-952E54…)

I could not do all these things and still live longer than you Tilly

No. 601594

She can’t be that intelligent if she reads the telegraph…

No. 601601

Stop posting about tilly, you're just doing her a favour by giving her the attention she so desperately seeks

No. 601619

>>601601 exactly. We don't give a shit about her.

No. 601641

File: 1528112719158.jpeg (203.01 KB, 640x902, FCD6D9C2-8B60-48CF-9B5F-E86916…)

You guys still think she photoshops her legs?? That arm ain’t no edit!

No. 601668

jesus i didn't even realise that was an arm

No. 601683

Jesus christ. I try to be nice about people's appearances and I know anorexia is about far more than just look, but that just looks… disgusting. How do you let yourself get to that point?

What's more, if she's Finnish, how and why the hell is she outpatient? You can get forced inpatient even as an adult if your BMI is below 13 (and hers definitely is), so why isn't she hospitalized?

No. 601703

Agreed. I don't mind discussing attention seeking cows, but people are basically gossiping/making fun of sick anorexics who are not cows. They already have issues. They're probably also reading this.

No. 601862

Can someone that follows Crying Emily give a quick update? Feel the need to know whether or not her poor babby is still alive.

No. 601867


She's definitely around, alive, and the baby is doing well from what I can tell. Modeling baby blankets/gear or something, from what I gather.No screenshots worth posting; literally ALL of her baby (who is quite the qt might I add).

Crying Emily seems to be 100% focused on the little one and being a mother; pleasantly surprised.

No. 601929

File: 1528142168721.png (607.71 KB, 480x543, wp_ss_20180604_0001.png)

All anon above said plus a pic. I didn't think it was inappropriate to post this because you can't see bebe. She's totally in love with the baby and dresses it all fancy. Emily looks really happy. She's still thin, but looks healthy. This spawning could be her saving grace. I really hope so and I'm majorly surprised she's so stable because I thought she was a lost cause. Hope she stays in a good place. It suits her.

No. 602019

Anyone here speak Arabic? Her full name was Wesam (Sasii is short for Wesam), she lived in Abu Halifah, Kuwait.

No. 602070

I saw her facebook and from what I saw she seems to be doing well. I hope she continues to get better.

No. 602210


good to see she is still holding on to the stereotypical ana-pose of standing with their feet together just to show their thighs don't touch.

I mean seriously… who fuckn stands like that IRL?!

No. 602223

This is such an excellent surprise I hope she keeps it up and stays happy.

Totally expected either murder suicide or suicide and baby dead of dehydration. She seems to have taken to motherhood fairly well. Maybe she’s growing up

Lots of people? I stand with my feet together. It’s not just an anorexic thing.

No. 602237



humans with two feet stand like that, are you serious? jfc, nitpick much?

No. 602387

She just wants to show off her wide birthing canal. It's a mummy thing~

No. 603305

File: 1528295221073.png (Spoiler Image, 412.05 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-06-06-09-19-21…)

This bitch is so insufferable. She's a mid 30's bulimic who live at home leeching off her parents yet she is outrageously judgemental of literally everyone. Her posts and stories are always her looking down on other people it is so infuriating. Does she not realize how absurd it is for her to be judging people like this when she is a grown ass adult woman who is incapable of holding down a job, spends her days binging and purging and bitching and moaning all the while living off her parents??? I do not understand how someone so completely dysfunctional is able to so freely judge other people without recognizing the irony of the situation

No. 603307

Whoops sorry for the spoiler

No. 603498

File: 1528315993288.jpeg (310.8 KB, 1258x1904, A038AC45-63D1-4EFD-B94C-846121…)

Morven why are you angling for EDS? You’re just another anorexic, any physical issues you have are a result of starving yourself and vomiting every ass’s turn

No. 603831

Kek that’s absolutely ridiculous and not how EDS works at all. It takes that long to deal with a single dislocation, let alone have multiple ones. Besides, true full dislocations are not an every day occupancy for EDS, multiple ones even more out of the ordinary. And if she really had that bad of joints, there’s no way she could rock climb, her hands and wrists alone couldn’t do it.

She’s just another ana chan looking for an excuse to maintain an unhealthy lifestyle (I guarantee POTS and GP are next for her), and get even more asspats. Medically-sanctioned passing out and refusing to eat! Not ED at all! And all those sweet, sweet painkillers for EDS. Getting high and my doctor says it’s okay because I’m sick!! Spare us the sob story, she’s full of shit as usual.

No. 604135

Morven claims to be "unable to lie" and wants to be an orthopaedic surgeon. She has a great deal to learn about dislocation. And lying by omission….

No. 604160

6 dislocations would have you face down on the floor in agony. 1 true dislocation and you would be in a huge amount of pain and definitely not rock climbing. She is so full of shit

No. 604503

You stare at two Instagram posts about dislocations. Each Instagram post was posted by a different skeltal. You know the following things:

1. One poster really has Ehlers Danlos in addition to her anorexia, the other is a pro-ana malingering retard who blames her autism for being an asshole. From your phone, you cannot distinguish between the two anorexics. Worse, once you post someone to Lolcow, they're on there forever. The Internet never forgets.

2. One of these Instagram posters always tells the truth. The other one always lies. Unfortunately, it is impossible for you to distinguish between the two women because you're special needs too.

You have permission to ask one poster one question to ascertain which post belongs to the lying sack of shit. Remember that you do not know which ana -really- suffers from Ehlers Danlos and which is trying to be bendy and trendy, and you may be asking either the truth-teller or the liar – and that this single question determines which skelly you post to Lolcow.

The question is: What one question asked of one spoop guarantees that you are not posting a genuine EDS sufferer to Lolcow, regardless of which starving mentally underdeveloped woman-child you happen to ask?(autism)

No. 604554

The fuck are you on? Shut up

No. 604635

No. 604711

To be honest I’m shocked she was allowed to climb within the facility. I mean, usually they don’t design the harnesses for extremely skinny/extremely fat people plus if she really has all these health issues causing her to take frequent seizures don’t they need to be included in the disclosure before they can utilise the facilities? Wouldn’t they refuse her to climb if she’s sooooo unwell, surely she’d be too high of a medical risk and potential lawsuit from her rich parents if something were to happen? Either way she’s a total liability not to mention a rude, malingering cunt.

No. 604743

Because she binges and purges, you dick.

No. 604746

This whole thread is fucking stupid tbh. You are all just as bad as the "cows" - just a bunch of ana chans.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 604926

This is the dumbest rendition of the labyrinth riddle/ knights knaves logic puzzle of all times. Also TF is up with saying that you can't discern the difference bc you're special needs? YOU'RE special needs for posting that weak attempt at pseudointellectual bullshit

No. 605013


Hi Morven(hi [cow])

No. 605356

Sounds like the kind of drivel morven would come out with.

If she is claiming welfare/benefits such that she gets a disabled parking badge, then how the fuck does she go climbing?! And climbing isn't exactly cheap to do- so no doubt she's sponging off 'the parentals ' to go. And if she was as physically unwell as she makes out nowhere would clear her for safety.
For someone who is supposed to be so suicidal that she needs a support worker or a parent looking after her 24/7, then how come she I allowed to go climbing , where all she would have to is unclip herself.

No. 605482

1/4th of these Anas are shudder sad cows

No. 605496


Thanks for updating was wondering how Emily has been doing. Good for her.

No. 605567

morven’s not actually suicidal, she’s just addicted to all forms of attention.

No. 605684

File: 1528512914557.png (310.42 KB, 640x1136, 2A7B417B-55DE-4829-8BD8-ED1E37…)

Her captions in general are cringy but i snorted when I read “angel wings”. These ana chans smh

No. 606141

I’ve been dealing with anorexia for like fifteen years and literally have never heard the term “angel wings”, even google hasn’t been able to explain it to me. So I guess it’s cool her dad knows the deep cut pro ana terms???? must really help with their communication.

No. 606169

I've heard the term before, but I thought it was a reference to the book about a very young girl with anorexia. She felt the more she starved the more her "angel wings grew" (they're just shoulder blades but in her head, it was angel wings). Certainly not terms I think a dad would know? Would be even more disturbing if it is a pro-ana term and he knew it.

No. 606216

File: 1528581261702.jpeg (247.06 KB, 750x949, 3D8A53C9-6C35-4E2E-8EC6-97765C…)

Hey I’m new to this threat! Idk if she got mentioned already but Kimiperi looks PRETTY ana in my eyes, she claims to be totally healthy n shit

No. 606249

She was already mentioned yes. She's stuck up and iirc someone posted her photobucket or whatever site linked to her ana pictures or similar. It was a few threads ago

No. 606261

File: 1528584151852.jpeg (234.55 KB, 750x865, 13FEC781-3DBF-43B1-96BE-A22F13…)

Oh alright I take a look at that!

< pic: this brand posted apic of her and they got a lot of backlash or concerned messages from their followers, kek

No. 606263

File: 1528584193556.jpeg (202.05 KB, 750x1097, 5D0DA535-5216-4C9E-AD75-421D97…)

No. 606459

File: 1528594960278.png (985.12 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7620.PNG)

Kind of random, I legit can't believe how much food she eats! Like it's not even healthy yet she's still so scrawny. Also can't deal with how messy her room is! Like srsly!?(learn to integrate)

No. 606461

Also can I just say I'm glad we're avoiding the Tilly topic. I stopped following her cause she was just so infuriating and I feel like this just giver her the attention she so desperately craves

No. 606479

She's either not eating it all/if at all or she purges cos damn.

And further proof that ana chans all live in filth…

No. 606504

Her poses and facial expressions in that vid remind me of a fashion show except with the model being a shriveled up emaciated spoop. Super creepy

No. 606572

File: 1528607399356.png (384.71 KB, 640x1136, 5AE7EA4D-96CC-49CB-B199-AA42CB…)

She poses so ridiculously to get this big thigh gap. She “had” it when she was weight restored too.

No. 606608

Probably throws it up because she eats mouldy shit.

>So you mention her just to ruin the lack of her boring shit?

Lmao what? Do you have screenshots of her claiming she can’t lie, that’s amazing.

No. 606624

Angel wings are a muscle on top of your shoulder. I heard the term years ago from some guy who was really into lifting. Apparently it’s a difficult muscle to get to show - at least on a built physique? Idk.

No. 606670

I dunno.
I have a winged scapula at the moment due to muscle and tendon injuries, which just means that my shoulder blade is jutting out like a little wing. Angel wings seems like a nice way to call it. Very common place to get angel wings tattooed, too.

No. 606735

Oh that does make more sense. My bad,I’m a bit of a tourist in this thread.

No. 606768

I had to unfollow her. Something about her REALLY makes her appropriate for yjis thread

No. 606782

Has anyone brought up Katy and Maria ? The twins- they are really screwed up and Lord knows how they became Drs!id say their bmi is around 12 ( sorry no photos -technical glitch).

No. 606799

>>606782 post their accounts ect

No. 606838

Would be nice to know their accounts, can't find them. But you mean these two right: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2004003/Anorexia-pact-Identical-twins-compete-disturbing-way.html Sad really.

No. 606841

File: 1528652509282.jpeg (224.77 KB, 705x951, 49F9A89C-ACA4-4926-80B4-090EA8…)

Bekah attention whoring in the hospital again.

No. 606848


What's with the bedroom eyes?

She looks like she's gained.

No. 606861

Fuck, they sound awful. 20 years of anorexia to “punish” their parents for their dad once making a totally innocuous comment to their mum. How are people that manipulative?!

No. 606905

ROFL I hope she sees this

No. 606947

Really early on they were mentioned. Their instas were public at the time but now they're private. They both seemed to live in Costa coffee and posted the cups.

The pages are bookmarked on my laptop so I'll post links later. Probably still private. They were both very weird. You could see the ana brain damage was bad.

You could look for them here, but we're talking maybe a couple of years back they were posted briefly.

No. 606967

File: 1528663233777.jpeg (80.67 KB, 746x608, 582F5626-3758-4B33-89E6-2765E9…)

I mean it’s the daily mail so if that’s in any way accurate to what was really said is debateable. Their mum seems to publicly stand by them. found one of their instas fairly quickly, journeytoemma is a follower.

No. 606996

I remember one of them was a lot better mentally. The other just wrote about wanting to die. They remind me of the "silent twins" who had a weird pact thing going as well. They went down a criminal path, but at one point they'd restrict and b/p together. Twins freak me out tbh.

No. 607007

Still not at the laptop and not sure how this phone copypastas, but the doctors were mentioned in the Ash thread #6 >>>/snow/606996
Scroll down a bit. The other twin's link doesn't work any more.

No. 607009

Yeah, that fucked up >>>/pt/76718

No. 607011

“aim 12.5” wow such recovery

No. 607016

I dislike her so much. I don't even know why but she posts like 50 pics of the same meal and the videos where she desperately tries to dissect everything with her fork/spoon are hilarious, it's such a disordered thing to do, I don't know how people can believe she's doing a good job at recovering

No. 607597

I'm in the uk where I assume most of the people with EDs ( mainly anorexia)!- are on benefits like ESA and PIP, yet an awful lot of them ( accounts from IG ) have one if no more pets -cats/dogs/ horses- and pets aren't cheap to look after…. If pip is supposed to help with the extra needs of being disabled dies that include a pet? Yes I know animals are therapeutic etc but still - just fir examples, Katy and Maria, Lottie, morven, Paris .

No. 607977

I know this is a trash site but genuinely disabled people should be allowed to have pets FFS

No. 607983

there's a difference between a cat and a horse, though

No. 608111

File: 1528762944865.png (249.7 KB, 640x1136, FB211866-63A3-4EA7-ACEF-7F1FC6…)

She and her dad are friggin creepy. I smell incest

No. 608160


Oh god the cringe, is her dad John Green or some shit because this really reads like a bargain bin young adult novel.

No. 608169

>He runs his thick fingers over my damaged skin

Between that and the "angel wings", t sounds like she's writing creepy fanfiction about her dad.

No. 608271

Likelihood that this actually happened = 0

No. 608320

My theory lately is that she has a minimal/strained relationship with her father and REALLY wants daddy’s attention so she writes these fantasies of what a caring father daughter relationship looks like.

No. 608389

What does she even need the feeding tube for? Her face looks fine except for the strategic make-up

No. 608397

This probably doesn't fit here because she's not ana chan currently, but any opinions on alwaysmarghi? It's really grinding my gears how she's constantly posting before and afters and it's always the same few befores too

No. 608414

She was already mentioned multiple times on here. Imo everybody who clings to the fact they're an "ex anorexic" still isn't over it

No. 608542

she also really seems to have lost weight lately. it's sort of hard to notice because she constantly posts pictures from that one naked physioball photoshoot when she was at an obviously healthy weight, and not all of the "afters" in her constant before/afters are current, but in her day to day pics she looks thinner again.

her constant posing and OTT "model expressions" are really annoying. she seems extremely self-obsessed, and not in just a healthy "good self esteem" kind of way. her recovery blog seems all about making herself "famous" and getting sponsors, not genuinely others-focused (see her refusal to quit posting before/afters despite people constantly telling her it's unproductive, and how she often deletes negative comments).

No. 609125

File: 1528852112433.png (585.38 KB, 640x1136, FC6A49F0-A4AE-4626-B57C-D4446F…)

She was posted under her old account fighting.for.a.better.me a couple of times and I honestly think she’s underrated on this site. Super obsessed with her “atypical anorexia” and does so many fake things to seem sick. My favorite is she regularly eats this 800+ cal lunch but when she goes to group therapy she all of a sudden is struggling too much to eat anything. Attention seeking for sure

No. 609240

She is so self obsessed. She had a gofundme for her dance classes kek.

No. 609569

I agree, I get the impression she's trying really hard for her before and afters or her story to go viral, or that stupid website that seems to have no real purpose.

Wow really? She doesn't really seem poor to me

No. 610139

File: 1528945133789.png (2.75 MB, 1194x2704, Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 05.0…)

Does anybody know what happened to Featherythin from tumblr? A thing or two about her was that she rarely showed her face and complained a lot about ppl re-blogging her photos.

She was constantly restricting, but daily getting stoned and binging on sandwiches with jam and peanut butter and then complaining, "Omg I'm so fat, look at this bloating". Very often posting sexy nudes in underwear or suggestive pics but then with a caption, "Don't comment on it! That's disgusting, you perv" or something similar. And constantly in a drama with her mom. Oh and I forgot to add she wanted to be a ballerina, or used to be one in her childhood. They said in 2017, she's too fat for that. Etc etc etc.

I remember her last post was about some drama related to her boyfriend, he came for a visit or some shit, and they had a another fight. And then she freaked out and her blog became deleted. So I wonder did she off herself or changed the name?

No. 610203

Yeah she isnt, middle class, gets paid to do modelling, yet apparently she deserves people to pay her dance class fees and living expenses while she’s studying dance.

No. 610217

Omg Margi annoys me sooo much. Extremely self obsessed and I was kind of appalled that she was asking for money for dancing- doesn't really seem poor at all. Also, Ik big eye brows are in but srsly! Hers are insane- not in a good way. I feel like she'd look better if the emerge even a touch thinner .

No. 610350

File: 1528969749859.png (801.83 KB, 640x1136, EBC20CC3-09DE-49F5-9F02-FFFA44…)

Never understood this girl. She claims she’s in “recovery” yet posts body checks, has breakdowns when she gains weight and openly talks about how she wants to lose. Typical ana chan who’s fishing for attention

No. 610445

Learn to crop your pics.
Zoe you just sound like another really bitter ‘recovering anorexic’. Don’t post people here just cos they aren’t as fat as their fdoe suggests they should be! saged for personal rage

No. 610734

Anyone know what the whole “i fucked up” thing tilly is pulling along with the fake ass “thanks for being friends” false suicide attempt bullshit is

No. 610742

>>610734 - again, just ignore her. She did it before, don't feed her. Mean remember that live OD stream she did, she's getting sicker because of the attention. She seriously needs to get off IG and get some sodding help for once for her PD.

No. 610787

Everytime somebody brings up tilly I instantly feel like it's a selfpost. Stop mentioning her. She does not deserve the attention she so desperately wants.
She should definitely go on the "don't discuss" list imo

No. 610799

suspicious how almost every time she’s mentioned, the person doesn’t sage. either she’s self posting or someone who knows her but isn’t familiar with this imageboard is posting for her.

No. 610808

Shit sorry, i dont ever post here, not a friend just saw her story and assumed people here would know what happened, i just view this board and very rarely post so honestly idk what or how to sage. I didnt think about the whole not mentioning her thing. Sorry dudes.

No. 611138

I am also curious about Tilly's shit storm this morning…. Anyone know the milk>

No. 611153

Newfriend you might want to read the site rules and useage information to avoid any futher infractions, they're both at the top of the screen. But to sage, just write sage in the email field.

Nothing milky really, she regularly spergs about things and then plays the victim when people call her out on bullshit. She posted something retarded about icecream in recovery (probably as a deflection because the only time her mum pays attention to her recently sounded like when she scolded her for "binging" on icecream), called someone a fake anorexic because they actually challenge themselves to eating icecream, and then the whole woe is me kicked in. Is there any reason why we need to talk about this redundant attention seeking cow? She baits on purpose for a reaction, people give her a reaction, she doesn't like the reaction and woe is me kicks in and then the ass pats because "haturz". I also agree with the including her on the do not discuss list.

No. 611197

this is the first time i've seen someone deemed too redundant to post about while still being a twat lmao what has she actually done? snow is practically nothing but redundant cows homwst did this gal manage to like… break the system.

No. 611209

Ah thanks man sorry about that

No. 611373

Because the attention we give her gives her satisfaction and we won't give that to her so just never bring her up again

No. 611704


tilly is so uninteresting I overread what is posted about her here everytime

I wonder if sasii is still alive. I think she´s not.

No. 611759

File: 1529093437509.png (178.47 KB, 640x1136, B26D709E-5399-42A0-AAD4-BB74CF…)

Saged bc some of y’all don’t want to see Tilly but for those that do, LOL

No. 611772

Any German farmers here? There's a German ana scumbag that's seriously getting on my nerves. She's telling random anonymous people to start Minnie Maud and posts her before and afters all the time

No. 611804

Post screenshots

No. 611807

File: 1529097210324.png (160.59 KB, 640x1136, 70C52BB1-C020-4CE9-BB99-5CCEE9…)

Her mom got on her for lying about her weight and food, definitely the most cruel and heartless parent poor her

No. 611808

Sasii was losing weight by the hour while attempting to gain under her mother's supervision rather than medical supervision. She is more than likely dead.

No. 611814

Not from germany but an austrofag. Never heard of this girl

No. 611818

Just scrolled through her account and it's boring. 0% milk

No. 611866


Also Austrian. Never seen, never heard of

No. 611881

I am >>611772
Was going to post screenshots but then I saw she's only 15 so against the rules. I hope the person I mean gets her shit together, otherwise she's a great snowflake in the making. Sorry guys!

No. 612113

File: 1529115965775.jpeg (138.31 KB, 750x737, 92B2A948-99DB-4F75-A974-DF69D4…)

I don’t do Facebook too much so I don’t know how easy it is to find these banners but damn she’s gotta be sitting on Facebook and social media all day… like really an EDS banner when you don’t even have it! Like trying so hard to have every aspect of the profile reflect sickness. She’s so into this persona she doesn’t have time for anything else other than to stop for a quick selfie or get her hair braided, only to take another selfie with the new hair, her I photos album must be like those art pieces that are like a bunch of tiny photos of one person that make up one big portrait of the same person kek!

No. 612174

i'm so fucking sick of hearing about bekah. if anyone should go on the don't mention list it's her.

No. 612190

Um. If your doctors know you have EDS (not that she has it, ffs) then you’re not a zebra. You know she heard Hugh Laurie talking about zebras on fucking House or some doctor was calling her a zebra totally sarcastically because her symptoms make no goddamned sense and now she’s incorporated it into her daily bullshit because she thinks it makes her sound even more unique.

Munchies are the fucking worst.

No. 612261

Nice. Are we the ones who crossed paths in one of the aly threads before?

No. 612268

yeah think so. maybe the only one around here.
Grüße from Wien


why, just why….smh
who would she be without her illness(es)?
what life would she have?
I think most of the persons talked about here want to be kind of famous or known on the Internet.
So they use what they can "best" and thats their illness. If they had a real hobby like art or music or whatever they prbly wouldn´t get that many asspats.

No. 612277

Danke, ebenfalls grüße aus Wien

No. 612380

I aggree totally! Ballet nor singing nor acting was good enough for her!
Unless she’s dancing around the stage making music with her tubes it’s not enough! She made this part her identity she had other things but nothing was sweeter than the illness or anorexia asspats. Also I definitely think she wants to be famous but the truth is she’s never been super skinny or at least not since she was younger. No one would put her on that proana bs Bc her photos are extra posed and the angles are severe. They are actually pretty blurry and sometimes have the saturation and brightness mixed with to emphasize certain things about her body. Not to nit pick but the thing that also annoys me is the hunch back to show the collar bones, one of my ed friends that knows her said she claims to also have scoliosis! Kek wow now anachan poses mean scoliosis. Facepalm

No. 613023

She's so boring lately. Get back to the milky Bekah we all love to hate!(no photos of kids)

No. 613297

Oh my gosh I agree. I don’t care about these random children she likes to pretend she is a nanny for. Can you imagine bringing your child to visit a loved one and instead of talking and visiting they just made you take “candid” photographs of them and your child….kind of strange to say the least

No. 613812

File: 1529295383681.png (963.21 KB, 640x1136, C20C62FD-EECE-43F5-909B-7A44DB…)

No. 613813

File: 1529295598671.png (172.99 KB, 640x1136, C5EB1211-FC8B-470E-B1B8-D4D057…)

“Taken accidentally” oh I’m sure
also, what sane person’s first thought when they cry over their siblings playing ps3 is “better dress up nice and get my makeup done and take a bunch of high quality photos!1!1!1”

No. 613818

File: 1529296607636.jpeg (340.23 KB, 1440x1992, Screenshot_2018-06-17-22-17-36…)

So about a year ago i used to talk to thane_of_windhelm on a daily basis. Even though she knew i too have an ED she would constantly send me bodychecks asking if she was fat and insanely small amounts of food saying she felt it was way too much and that she binged. Also would just say pro ana-esque things sometimes

No. 613819

File: 1529296644695.jpeg (367.97 KB, 1440x2076, Screenshot_2018-06-17-22-18-09…)

No. 613820

File: 1529296676683.jpeg (398.73 KB, 1440x2052, Screenshot_2018-06-17-22-18-37…)

No. 613821

File: 1529296703415.jpeg (369.42 KB, 1440x2034, Screenshot_2018-06-17-22-19-34…)

No. 613822

File: 1529296745951.jpeg (372.54 KB, 1440x2036, Screenshot_2018-06-17-22-20-01…)

No. 613823

File: 1529296767940.jpeg (409.26 KB, 1440x2070, Screenshot_2018-06-17-22-20-04…)

No. 613824

File: 1529296816063.jpeg (252.15 KB, 1440x1186, Screenshot_2018-06-17-22-21-58…)

No. 613826

File: 1529296844349.jpeg (229.29 KB, 1440x1014, Screenshot_2018-06-17-22-22-17…)

No. 613828

File: 1529296879244.jpeg (292.78 KB, 1440x1492, Screenshot_2018-06-17-22-26-23…)

No. 613830

smh anas always use choice words like “only” “small” “half/third/fourth” to emphasize how little they ate then they ask people if they ate too much, seen plenty of “recovery” accounts do that

No. 613835

wah wah wah. She probably thinks her modeling dreams are ruined because agencies are going for more normal looking girls, but no one wants a model who never bathes anyway kek

No. 613843

File: 1529298019181.jpg (Spoiler Image, 89.24 KB, 1080x1080, 22159103_242094803036203_25917…)

I didn't know who this was, so I decided to look at her IG profile. Why????? ew.

No. 613846

Besides the pro ana garbage she also enjoyed ranting in our conversations about all her medical problems in graphic detail and how horribly the hospital treated her and how 'fat' they made her.

No. 613993

I think the zebra is the "mascot" for EDS. it's completely related to that whole "if you hear hooves behind you look for a horse not a zebra" anecdote, but just taken to the next level.

No. 614128

File: 1529339824183.png (244.1 KB, 745x1257, IMG_0662.PNG)

1) why is she proud she put a kids puzzle together in less than a day?
2) why would she think her very grown father would want that over a different present? Like something grown men actually have regular interest in
3) why is the windows/walls/display covered in unicorns and coloring?!
4) this hospital room is looking more like a long term home than a paid for hospital room

No. 614197


she looks like she´s 10 or 11 or something.
why do all these grown up women want to look like kids?
thats weird and disordered

No. 614346

If I remember correctly, the zebra thing is also connected to the fact that EDS causes fragile skin that stretches and scars easily. So, ”stripes”.

No. 614691

File: 1529377849420.png (1.08 MB, 640x1136, 7C704A9A-7DBE-4C13-A4B4-4D06C3…)

No. 614706

Who's this

No. 614714

>but i’m gonna take a posed selfie of myself in a swimsuit first

No. 614721

Isnt that spaceshiptorecovery?

No. 614732

yes it is @spaceshiptorecovery

No. 614740

Okay but literally she posted a whole thing today saying she was quitting her job and that she applied to college again cuz she was inspired to by her coworker and said she was going to move and stuff so wtf is that bs???

No. 614754

File: 1529383012126.jpg (515.08 KB, 1078x1848, 35546828_1796740657047698_3836…)

No. 614756

It's really sad to know these are fullgrown aults with nothing else in their lives but to seek attention on social media.

No. 614793

File: 1529386871405.jpg (27.08 KB, 500x333, bars.jpg)

No. 614901

>and hopefully finding THAT someone while working on my degree.

What a weird reason to decide to go (back) to university. Was she at an evangelical Christian school or something? I’ve only ever heard this kind of talk from conservative church girls.

No. 614925

She looks like a grown woman who wants to be 10 or 12. Not someone that actually is or even close. To say she looks 10 is just to feed into her disorder. She looks immature and like someone who is progressing to early stage of life

No. 614926

Regressing ^

No. 614976

She had a therapist at the university who she had a huge crush on, I think she wants to get with him

No. 614994

Oh my gosh…. this is one of the ones I get second hand embarrassment from. Like geez I get your regressing but she is so proud to show off any aspect that makes her look like a child, I understand the kids clothes because it means thin or whatever but the pictures are too much and the puzzle like u said why would he want that from his adult child?
Does anyone notice how she does actually kind of talk in like a high pitched childs voice in her videos? If you look them up on Facebook try to skip over the singing videos they are just as cringey as the other things she posts

No. 615066

At the end she says "However stay tuned because things dont always go as planned" So probably planned the whole attention seeking sob story on her story

No. 615130


Bekah wants to be an eternal child. She lives in this fantasy land where she never has to grow up, take responsibility for herself, or do anything with her life. I'll admit that being in my ED held me back from maturing for a while, but good god. She takes this to the extreme. She acts like she's in kindergarten or something, wearing stickers on her face, clothes with cartoons on them, coloring pictures of unicorns, surrounded by a sea of stuffed animals.
Of course sure gives her dad a fucking puzzle. She has nothing better to give him. Certainly not a daughter that succeeds at anything except draining the system.

No. 615198

File: 1529439630452.png (3.45 MB, 750x1334, E7E40028-2E6D-4636-9B43-699743…)

She’s so flat omg

No. 615199

Who is it?

No. 615206

Where's she gone? Or just moved from bed to sofa? When is she going to grow up and stop scrounging off her parents to support her.

No. 615267


No. 615735

She’s on vacation somewhere with the parentals and lump of a brother. Queue multiple posts about meltdowns and it all being unbearable. How ungrateful can you be?! I don’t know any other people in their 20s whose parents pay to take them on holiday. She’s such a parasite, I feel so sorry for her family. They’re rich and could probably afford to go to all kinds of exotic places on vacation but morven would never allow it

No. 615842

Yeah but imagine the cost of her support workers taking her to the cinema twice a day and stopping her from slamming her head into a wall every other second if they wanted to get out of the house together for more than 48 hours. They have so few options in dealing with her shit.

No. 616022


I'm and adult who works and goes to school (also have mental health problems) I buy cute things and love kid movies but I don't act like Peter Pan. I have responsibilities and don't stay a burden to those around me. Beckah needs to realize she is 25 now. I'm tired of seeing these girls take advantage of those around them.

No. 616030

Quit blogging

No. 616045


I am trying to say it is possible to have an adult life with mental health issues. These girls are no exception. Not trying to armchair or microblog against rules, just trying to make a statement.

No. 616069

Morven just needs to grow up -what happens when her parents aren't around to mollycoddle her and the amount of money that goes into her 'care'- quite a cushy life really -going to the cinema a lot, going indoor climbing, going to rugby matches, going on vacations-if she's capable of doing all those then she's more than capable of doing some kind of work and giving back to society instead of grunt a benefit scrounger and using her ASD as an excuse . Of course we all know she doesn't have an eating disorder … But I'm willing to be that was listed as one of the reasons she can't wire and us abject to get welfare/benefits /the Scottish equivalent. She's the epitome of a benefit Freud-climbing she can't do things yet lives a life of cinema trips and jolly outings or holidays .

No. 616369

How does someone as thin as Smorven in that photo not have an ED what does she have?

No. 616596

She does have an ed anon, she just constantly claims otherwise. Pretends that it’s all due to her super serious special type of autism to manipulate her poor family and doctors into letting her get her own way

No. 616795

And denial is a key part of the diagnosis for anorexia,

No. 616798

Did anyone ever follow a youtuber called lollitaisdead76 or something like that- real name was SJ . She survived off cider and zero call,noodles. She was weird but interesting . She's not posted in ages

No. 616819

“Denial” has literally nothing to do with the diagnosis of any eating disorder, Morven aside.

No. 616894

I was worried about her also as she used to post videos regularly but hasn’t for months - I checked up on her channel the other day as I haven’t seen her vids in my sub box for time, nothing. She doesn’t seem to have other social media either. My guess is either in hospital or psych ward again or living up to her user name.

No. 617086

File: 1529611116930.png (211.7 KB, 765x485, download (3).png)

she's alive anon

No. 617159

Well she's still alive which is good

No. 617171

File: 1529614969313.jpeg (145.22 KB, 760x919, image.jpeg)

Yes denial does have a lot to do with the diagnosis of anorexia and refusal to admit there is a problem.

No. 617253

File: 1529616826700.gif (493.33 KB, 495x330, psa.gif)

all i can think of is that anti-drug psa from like 10 yrs ago with the girl melting into the couch from smoking pot

No. 617380

She says she is in full recovery but still categorizes foods as “good” and “bad” and projects it onto other people. I hope she still sees a therapist.

No. 617421


99% sure this is a self post….

No. 617437

No. 617508


You can't be in denial having an ED when you put photos of yourself out like that and manipulate people. They know very well they have an ED and want to keep it that way to reap the benefits of being chronically sick.

No. 617680

Looks like mummy bear's back to her old tricks.
The early videos seem legit though. Poor girl.

No. 618301

File: 1529691557294.png (1.09 MB, 640x1136, 28BCF979-685E-4EB3-AB3E-503207…)

anyone know this girl and do you think she’s a cow? she’s “recovering” and “trying so hard” and even runs a tellonym giving recovery tips, yet b/ps, self harms, and drinks at least daily. she also has this obnoxious ED poll thing where she posts “facts” from the internet and clearly she’s not qualified to back them up because she’s a high school dropout not a social worker kek. And as you can see from this screenshot she’s super dramatic and entitled.

No. 618492

>>617171 If you’re going to google “anorexia diagnosis denial” and post the first thing that comes up at least read the abstract, it literally says right there that there’s no valid or reliable measure of “denial” in AN, and clinicians disagree about its diagnostic significance.

No. 619118

It's pretty common for those with E.D's to have limited insight into their condition, which causes them to deny it's severity. BEAT is the main UK ED charity, so it's a reputable source.

No. 619173

I agree with you. Yeah especially anorexics like to flaunt their illness, but deep down there's the fear of not being sick enough. It's one of those things probably everyone with an eating disorder experiences. It's not said for show to hear they are really sick, the belief that you're not sick enough is a part of the illness. Denial can't be measured though and therefore it can't be a diagnostic criterion.

No. 619854

File: 1529837098131.jpeg (356.11 KB, 750x1191, 978F8BBC-4932-429B-B8C9-DB4CE0…)

not sure if this account is worth looking at but she claims to want to repay her mum for "giving up her life to help her" but eats almond milk and berries for breakfast every day and is always exclaiming how she feels huge and fat. doesnt want to try ip again due to "bad experience"

No. 619856

Ugh this girls another piece of shit clinging to her anorexia and refusing to do anything that might be expected of someone older than five. Nothing but ‘look at this clearly insubstantial meal I never deviate from!’ And ‘look how sticklike my legs are do you see? about from this angle’

Will die at thirty seven having invested her entire life to refusing food and colouring in.

No. 619938

Christ. She's one of Aly's stans and she comments on other ED igs. Major attention whore. She was in loads of newspapers banging on about her gofuckme.

No. 619998

Yeah Tinyboosteps takes the piss, I wouldn't be surprised if we find her dead soon. She reminds me of Paris. Always saying how suicidal she is. Although I do think it's a good thing she's trying to get her mum a break, ignoring the fact she's not recovering herself, she's obviously suffering and has been through so much shit she just cares for other people more than herself. Even if she is in denial. She's so pretty it's a shame. I don't think we should really be talking shit about her because she's different, once you read more about her and stuff. Idk, she just seems nice. Like she's just genuinely ill :/

No. 620006

File: 1529858554633.jpg (93.77 KB, 1079x784, _20180624_173818.JPG)

I knew her in IP and for months she cried and rocked on the floor in her room, you could hear her down the corridor and always had plasters on her arms. I felt sorry for her tbh,she was always tryna help everyone else and was such a nice girl. She's proper suffering. Not a cow. I know how she looks and how she comes across on insta, but I think she's been alone and fucked for so long she's liking having people care for once. Idk about the gofundme, but she's srsly a nice person. She was too scared to talk to me but still made me a birthday card and stuff

No. 620152

File: 1529870687938.jpeg (249.74 KB, 750x1008, 6DCB57CA-8945-4AF5-9AC7-A3B187…)

Bekah’s room looks like it belongs to a 5 year old, not 25. I don’t understand the obsession with unicorns and glitter it’s just weird. Get some adult interests.

No. 620153

File: 1529870782059.jpeg (221.18 KB, 732x1056, 5815BBDF-5AA3-4A6E-A989-782E19…)

Because that’s what normal people In a hospital do rolls eyes wtf is she even there for?? Seems like they just don’t know what to do with her anymore since no places will take her and she can’t be trusted to live alone. Seriously Bekah get a life.

No. 620266


Can we please find more interesting anas than Beckah?

No. 620297

Her videos are terrifying

No. 620318

File: 1529879817135.jpg (24.27 KB, 579x123, ant.JPG)

She took her ana videos down.

>The nation is devastated.


Maybe she's a nice person. I think she uses her illness for gains personal gains though.

No. 620339

Seriously tho where is the milk?
She puts on makeup, colours in, and generally wastes her life being an overgrown hungry toddler. There’s zero variation in her behaviour.

No. 620472

I was distracted by her awful hair. It looks like she bought blonde extensions and have them laying in her lap.

No. 620670


She always looks so dirty. Are they not showering her.

No. 620780


> I think she uses her illness for gains personal gains though.

Ehhh…she seems mentally ill and starved enough she may not be all there upstairs to gain control over her actions and state of mind. You'd have to be insane to put those types of vids up.

No. 620803

File: 1529916844819.jpg (115.73 KB, 1079x639, _20180625_094843.JPG)

Lol definitely stuck being a kid wtf

No. 620805


She's stuck in routine but she is trying. She's trying to get discharged from the ED service. She doesn't seem to think Ana is what's most important in her life atm, she says it's the 'other illnesses'… She's on a fuck load of meds too. If she ever wants a life or go to uni she's gonna have to drastically change. She can't even talk to a cashier if she wants a bag. God knows what's happening.

No. 620812

Oh my god they all are we’ve been over this ground so many times it’s been worn to barren sand. All ana chans are into Disney and kids shit. Beckah doesn’t do anything. These are not new things.

What’s next you’re surprised that Paris got another 20 tsumtsum toys and didn’t gain an ounce? Gonna ask how Ashley is still alive?

No. 620821


half these anas dont even do anything milky. they do what mentally ill people do and thats it.

>whines about gaining weight

>hey guys isnt this milk??

No. 620822


Bloody hell calm your tits, I was just saying here's another one to add to the list.
Besides, I think she's different. Idk, she seems genuine and nice, she should model. Not her body though fucking hell lol

No. 620823

She’s sick and sad but unless she’s making a fool of herself she doesn’t belong here. Anorexics being anorexic is the exact opposite of interesting or worthwhile news. Sorry if it came off as aggressive, it’s not anger just exasperation.

Plus beckah is honestly the most boring, useless person ever posted here and I can’t inderstand how anyone can care that she’s done another colouring book or put on more bad eyeshadow.

No. 620831

File: 1529923004110.jpg (173.03 KB, 1077x1429, _20180625_112507.JPG)

One of her stories

No. 621130

I agree partly but most of the milk is on her insta which I don’t know the name of but some ppl do and post those screen grabs. Her fb has become routine postings of bad makeup and glamour shots so not much there your right but I do still think she is a cow worthy of posting does anyone have any recent ig postings from her?

She looks …healthy but I feel like she puts on makeup to emphasize those circles, looks very strange. She’s doing a full face why not conceal it.. I mean who really cares when your in hospital, she just does makeup so she can get post selfies and get validation

No. 621166


Unless she thinks that giving eyebags is somehow that elusive smokey eye look? if so christ she needs some decent advice.

No. 621185

Sorry if this is not milky at all, or not attention worthy, but has anyone ever had run-ins with that maureen sabiski woman on facebook? in the community (even the pro-ana community by looks) she's toxic, and recently she's unblocked me (she blocked me after she pretended to be her daughter a few years ago. think i've still got screens of that - need to check my old hard drive out, asking me if she looked fat.) She unblocked me just to spam with me political shit and her woe is me story, how she's going to die and her illness is worse than anyone on the face of the planet. Has anyone else had run ins with this deluded chick and is there a way to tell if it's milky, or whether it's just someone suffering from mental illness? The delusions are fucked up and what she does to people is too. So torn if to post about her here or not.

No. 621197

File: 1529953056432.jpg (131.75 KB, 1080x1010, _20180625_195307.JPG)


This morning's 'crazy' outfit. Then later on she posted about her crying her eyes out after an appt because she was gonna be discharged but they changed their minds because her bone marrow is failing or smth.

No. 621458


I really don't think we should be talking about Becky, she's very troubled but not a cow. Not trying to wk, but I'd hate to see her suffer even more because of being discussed here.

No. 621505

Yeah she's not milky or a total dramaqueen. I also don't think she needs to patronized. She needs help.

No. 621829

Anyone heard anything of Sassisadness yet? I hate to say it but I think she's passed. I know we've spoken about her before but it's been ages. It's obvious she had serious refeeding and lost so fast. Does she not have a Facebook or anything?

No. 622044

File: 1530032331422.png (1.68 MB, 750x1334, 274CEF29-84C8-4F22-9839-07BA98…)

A lot caused by Morven’s inability to let go of the tortured autistic genius trope and stop banging her head into walls and purging every chance she gets while simultaneously pushing for the title of Most Autistic DESPITE being able to attend busy, loud rugby matches 🤨

Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t her parents super successful CEOs or something? So yeah. Totally not rich.

No. 622055

Rich kids who grew up rich seem to think their parents needing to sell their vacation home or getting a second mortgage on their mcmansions means they’re “not rich” and “have a lot going on.”

Morven if your parents are so “not rich,” why don’t you stop being a useless leech? Imagine being so entitled that you pretend you’re concerned with your parents’ financial situation while simultaneously and unironically being an enormous drain on their finances at 20-something years old.

No. 623749

Morven, if your parents are "not rich" it's probably because they didn't expect to have their 25-year-old NEET daughter eating away at their retirement fund. In fact, they probably expected their "little genius" to make something of herself and help them out when she grew up.

No. 624047

She leaves dollar bills and food wrappers behind as she lurks

No. 625341

Is this Carrie James from Facebook? (Sorry if it’s face blindness) but a girl passed away in the ed community recently and they look the same to me but I can’t find a definitive link)
(https://www.facebook.com/100020849780317/posts/193278954710429/ - post from her sibling I believe)

No. 625927

File: 1530397638505.png (303.54 KB, 640x1136, 035B36CC-1C7B-4A5A-BD1E-340FD1…)

So basically she was being an unprofessional twat at work and her parents fire her, then she runs away for 2 weeks and they bribe her with a promotion?? classic master manipulator anorexic

No. 625943

>money doesn't grow on trees
No, it grows off your father's nipples that you twist until he gives you some.
Must be nice to have daddy to fall back on. Bimbo.

No. 625947

Anyone else is following the downfall of MPA, basically all moderators and users are leaving site for a new one. It's so entertaining to see everyone there panicking and infighting.

No. 626020

Yeah. I think "MyPancakeAddiction" is a dumb name. I also think that it's kind of funny how the popular MPA-ers are making their own site.

No. 626219

There's MyPancakeAddiction, but also EatingDisorderCentral, which is fairly new

No. 626223

wait wtf happened to/on MPA

No. 626227

And Proana.online

No. 626249

File: 1530443625676.jpg (48.74 KB, 325x595, CJ.JPG)

Sorry for same fagging, was first time using my phone whilst away to use the board (instead of pc), and seems like a picture didn't attach. I couldn't find featherylights posts, but from the photos they seems similar and the beginning of her facebook she said it's a new second account.

No. 626256

File: 1530445425127.png (30.5 KB, 565x527, Lmao (2).png)


Basically the site has had some serious glitches for a quite long time. At first it was the dissapearing of chat, random acc deletion, but no one said anything cause everyone was defending the admin and saying that she works on it. Recently glitches got even more bad (notifications, search and pm dissapeared, post counts gone down overnight) and people got fed up. So one user created Mypancakeaddiction as a place to wait for MPA recovery, other user created PAO.Some ppl left to those.

But when even the most active moderators got fed, one of them created new forum, which will open on July 1st (today) and most of users are on board with her. Admin finally said something about the new glitches being there because of the new server, but said in a way that almost all users told her to fuck off and see how she will get the revenue money when no one will be active on the site.

So from now on MPA is basically dead and unmoderated.

Another thing is that all these new forum creations caused infighting. People are fighting about which one of the forums are securest, call people on Pancake elitist, tho most will probably go to the new forum moderated by the same mods, which is EDC.

I strongly recommed yall to read MPA shit is too entertaining.

No. 626258

i searched for her handle in quotations on google and found reblogged posts of hers on random pro-ana blogs. couldn’t see anything on her fb as i don’t have an account. i tried searching for obituaries matching her first name in missouri and texas but nothing came up. if that post is actually from her sister on her fb, i’m guessing it’s only been a few days since she died and no obituary is available yet. is carrie james her real full name? is there any way you can try to find public posts about her on fb by searching her name?

No. 626280

It seems as though it is her name unless both she and her sister falsified their names (either first, or both with the last as they're the same). The post from her sister (posted by Carrie's account) was on June 28th.

Her sister's accounts has public profile photos (no photos of Carrie though), and the people in it match the people Carrie posted in 2017 "my sis and nephew" but as there are kids in it I can't really share it.

As to whether she fake posted her death (and a few other posts) and used her sister's name as a signature, or not I can't tell. Her sisters' profile is private in general so can't check if she's had any posts actually about it. Normally I'm dubious when it comes to deaths in the ED community because faking deaths for attention is so rife.

Her sister said in a post that they're keeping the proceedings private, so she's not posted any information on it. >>626258

No. 626440

File: 1530466326810.png (200.25 KB, 750x1197, IMG_0781.PNG)

Proana mom of 1. She boasts how she need to lose weight and her diets. She has a little girl about 2-3 yrs old. It's one thing to struggle. It's another to give zero cares and try to do poorly.

No. 626454

that's a very carb "heavy" skinny girl diet(anachan)

No. 626482

Serious question, do most of these adult proanas not have a job?
I can't imagine having the energy or focus to do tasks or manage any kind of stress on an apple and muffin a day. Makes me believe they tolerate the lack of food because they don't have to work.

No. 626499

File: 1530474090501.png (143.99 KB, 640x1136, AC55B01F-CAAE-4490-8103-D656D7…)

She is having more of the same screaming tantrums that got her fired apparently. As any level headed rational person would, her father is questioning his decision but according to her, her immaturity is all his fault because he got her snowflake ass “worked up emotionally”. She needs to grow up kek

No. 626513

File: 1530475655839.png (1 MB, 720x1057, IMG_20180701_220155.png)

A little excersice is healthy though I don't understand her?

No. 626518

It depends on the person, and at what stage of physical and mental deterioration I guess. Going by memoirs there are people who have had serious jobs, and flung themselves into education until being unable to move/get out of bed. Comorbid conditions probably impact things a lot too, if someone has crippling depression or anxiety for example, then they're going to be more than likely unable to work regardless of their ED. It's not just a clear-cut thing, nor solely to do with being "pro-ana" or not.

No. 626523

Just a heads up, Aly has her own thread. >>602344
To Aly, everything healthy is a relapse. Eating a salad? gasp, relapse. Normal weight fluctuation? she's suddenly faint, and waif-like.

No. 626567

It’s on autosage, and her milk production is way down. I think she’d fit fine in here without overwhelming the thread. She’s a lot more entertaining than Bekah’s coloring books or Morven’s spergouts. Just my opinion!

No. 626619

Did anyone catch Violet Ell's (yeah, I know, that bitch is old news and no one cares about her) newest Insta upload? https://www.instagram.com/p/BkslNFgHtrU/?taken-by=violet_ell Didn't really know where else to post this, it proves she's been pushing for a pro-ana ~aesthetic~ even though she doesn't look like that at all

No. 626634

lol hope aly realises shes being posted here too

No. 626728

I really didn't realize it was her at first, and I wonder if it was posted by her or someone else. Doesn't exactly match the usual ~aesthetic~.
One or the other, at least I hope her underage ana fans realize there's nothing about her life to fantasize over.

No. 626772


how fucking brain damaged does one have to be to think it’s a good idea to make posts about how they scream at their daddy when he gets tired of their tantrums at the job they’ve been GIVEN??

i’d love to see this bitch actually struggle with something for once. not her looks or her daddy issues, but actually struggle, the same way every other grown ass adult has to in order to survive. she wouldn’t last a day.

No. 626846

File: 1530505820378.png (3.1 MB, 750x1334, 207DCB19-729B-4196-B2E2-017F5C…)

Eatglitter on instagram has her own personal diet ebook.

No. 626847

File: 1530506006886.png (2.93 MB, 750x1334, A3FEBF92-ACC0-4BB0-87D6-EE7896…)

Sorry samefagging to add photo. Clearly she’s so healthy and we should all buy her book

No. 626859

Does this make you losers feel good about yourself? Stalking sick people's Instagram on the daily just to gossip about them? You guys are just as sick/disordered if not more so than these so called "snow flakes".(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 626883

no one’s making fun of anyone for being mentally ill, in fact many users on here have/had a mental illness of some sort. The people posted on here use their illnesses to manipulate, get attention, and wreak general havoc to get their way. If you spent more than 30 seconds on this thread you would know that, stop wking or get off

No. 626919

Remembering her from a while ago in the thread. She looked 14-15 in some of her photos upon first impression she lacks so many womanly features starting with her tiny body. Maybe she's naturally petite, but her vegan diet sure isn't helping and you can seriously see the cheekbones in her face. (Which she hides a lot under her hair or with sunglasses she probably feels insecure about it)

I am a straight female btw not some perv. Her gallery is mostly bare skinned.

No. 626927

File: 1530518761893.png (87.49 KB, 1193x670, Screenshot_2018-07-02-01-59-33…)

No. 627035


>everything free "clean" lifestyle aka same old ana restriction shit but now with an orthorexic twist

>health and happiness

choose one

No. 627068

she deleted it and i bet you didn't cap it. i wanted the milk on this bitch.

No. 627160

If anyone is wondering what was in the video, it was basically just Violet sitting at a kitchen table looking completely out of it and drinking soda from a bottle. She says something in Russian and someone on Instagram translated it as "He's cute" or something along those lines. She looks bloated af and not nearly as skelly as her pics usually show her.

No. 627250

File: 1530564705668.jpeg (216.55 KB, 639x858, FCB76604-872E-4709-A43D-E95D53…)

I don’t know if anyone knows/cares about this girl, but why would you wear a full face of badly done drag queen make up and take selfies when you’re in hospital with a tube smh

No. 627266

Blegh. Spoiler that shit

No. 627304

An update on this situation: The person was fake, they faked an ED and stole images from a lolita/cosplayer. She probably made up having ties with her "sister" and took pictures from her too.

To the original anon that was looking for featherylight, maybe that's the reason she never posted many pictures of her face. She also could have just stolen pictures and falsified an identity? I'll never understand these types of people, or the people who like to fake their own deaths and conditions.

Wasted so much time yesterday searching through directories and obituaries, feeling like such a tool and a little sad for the people who were affected by this. Sorry for the fake news.

No. 627314

File: 1530569190209.png (175.63 KB, 750x1034, IMG_9194.PNG)

Yeah JtE posted this a few hours ago.

No. 627457

You can have lettuce and tomatos

No. 627549

Dont forget the cucumber!!

No. 627661

She looks like she's 40 but talks about her parents in her IG posts. Ugh I hate these nasty bitches who can't even shower.

No. 627672

File: 1530598578483.jpeg (163.36 KB, 638x846, 0A82ADF5-27E9-439E-A6E1-91572C…)

Definitely think em_thrives is a cow. I have been following her for years and she is constantly in and out of treatment(I know most anas are like that but there’s more). Not only does she have a large insta following, she has a YouTube as well and each time she is discharged she either puts on a huge fake #recoveryqween show or immediately relapses while whining about how she didn’t get enough treatment/she was discharged too soon. As of late she was posting 1 year transformation pics and her #vegan 10 dollar meals from Whole Foods on the reg but apparently that wasn’t enough attention so now she is posting about her VOLUNTARY admission to residential and noncompliance (“I won’t gain weight”, pulling out tube, refusing to eat etc”

No. 628136

I find this so revolting. Like okay yeah, maybe one tiny percentage of people can have this impossible body type and still be healthy. But this is not normal and not healthy for the vast majority. Yet she's making money out of it. Cashing off on insecure people who want to look like her, and who think they'll achieve it by following her diet. Which I'm guessing is nothing but a nice little introduction to developing a fucking eating disorder.
Another one doing the same shit is steqhs. I'd imagine kimiperi to be the next, unless she's already done it.

No. 628365

Tilly managed to upset people once again by saying being weight restored is fat

No. 628414

No. 628446

I thought we all agreed to not give her the attention she craves anymore? There's nothing interesting about her. But in her recent post she said she has a problem with weight restored people who fake relapses for attention.
>Couldn't possibly be talking about Aly, not in the slightest.

No. 628523

the person Tilly was referring to is @healingjose. Claims to be anorexic but is overweight and lies about her life for attention so is just as bad as Tilly if not worse.

No. 628561

Why do I always feel like Tilly is itt giving updates on herself?

No. 628578

She says she doesn't but it feels it, or someone who just really REALLY doesn't want to let her go as a topic. I mean come on, we're all bored of her, she thrives off the attention. Unless something actually serious happens then it's best just to let the remora be.

Though I'm surprised she's not kissed and made up with healingjose, birds of a feather and all.

No. 628604

The Venn diagram between cows who lurk and cows who self-post is a circle.

No. 628752

Lol don't mention her shell disappear without the attention

No. 628808

>>626927 - Good grief, someone showed me the book just and it is basically a $3 at most book at best (being generous) and they're charging $39 or so?

She thinks that calories, weight and bmi are scams (but this book totally isn't!). And instead of referencing things she says "google it". Most authors put time into their actual books and include tables and references.

It's basically an alkaline diet, mostly fruits and veggies (as you do because legumes and things are evil incarnate), expensive organic stuff only. She added a small bit about how she is a fake vegan (eats eggs, honey, and how she justifies it). And a few recipes at the end that she probably nabbed from other people.

I can't fathom how she justifies the price, but I guess she really needs the money for all that expensive pure organic food and alkaline only water and non-fluoride toothpaste. Urgh.

But I guess I'm not on a high enough 'plane' to understand it all, and how it's totally not encouraging orthorexia.

No. 629052

it's not uncommon for weight restored people to become heavier…and they can still relapse..

No. 629093


Judging by the scars on her face and skin tone could swear she's on some street drugs. If you're still living with your parents at that age you need serious help otherwise you have terminal cancer.

No. 629095

She does look healthier in her recent photos

No. 629104

She has really bad cystic acne probably from the 17 layers of makeup she wears 24/7. And she lives on her college campus but her parents pay for it all and she hasn’t worked her whole life save the past month or two- of course she had to leave because of treatment kek

No. 629262

File: 1530779067700.jpeg (264.1 KB, 640x990, 32C77F67-E00B-4C25-932A-00A325…)

Shit dude, Ariana doesn’t even have to fake being unwell anymore, she looks pretty damn sick

No. 629308

It’s so hard to tell with her how much is ED and how much is just her permanent granny appearance.

No. 629312

I guess but honestly I’ve never seen her face that frail looking, or her arms/the veins on them, even her collar bones seem to just be covered by skin rather than forcibly flexed/still healthy looking like usual

No. 629369

File: 1530798934120.png (173.57 KB, 640x1136, 61D2B873-C159-468A-A941-29D3BB…)

no words, just cringe

No. 629398

I want to wash her. In bleach. With a barbecue brush. She looks infested.

No. 629399

File: 1530803574623.png (Spoiler Image, 1.75 MB, 1872x1202, Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 11.1…)

daintyaly is ranting on her instagram story about people reposting her pictures to thinspo threads and blogs and saying she doesn't post half-naked pics of herself on her "platform" to be thinspo, but because it's "body positivity." spoilered pic is an photo she posted a day ago that's painfully obviously supposed to be thinspo.

No. 629422

Honestly cannot stand this girl. Why is she sucking in if it’s not meant to be thinspo? Because she has videos and some normal clothed outfit pics where you can see her stomach relaxed yet she still pushes that this is ‘actually how she looks’. Her stories are mega long and just boring. I think she gets triggered that she isn’t treated like the ‘thinspo queen’ she used to be by fellow proana instagrammers.

No. 629468

File: 1530809350350.png (1.77 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-07-05-12-48-49…)

She looks pretty skinny compared to a year ago

No. 629480

Her granny-like face kind of reminds me of an anachan that used to be on Tumblr under the URL odolnost, with the whole "I forgot to put in my dentures" smile

No. 629568

Alwaysmargi posted a video in which she shows her invisible stretch marks and highlights them with a golden pen. Is that supposed to be inspiring? Personally, I see nothing special in a skinny girl with no visible cellulite or stretch marks hijacking a movement that's meant to show there are bodies other than the one she has.

No. 629673

Thanks, I vomited a bit. She's somehow very unattractive and every post of hers is way too much sugar-coated.
Also her daddy: does she mop the floor with his face? Dudes with such beards always make me think that either they are too lazy to do their morning routine or insecure about themselves. One guy approx in his 265 lbs was growing beard and said that he thinks it makes his face appear more masculine and slimmer.

No. 629699

em_thrives low key reminds me of anna (creationnutrition) in the way she talks, if you watch her youtube videos she sounds low key manic and she has so many pix of her crying

No. 629994

This video was wild. She obviously has major issues

No. 630005

i miss kayla, she was so delightfully milky. anyone know what she's been up to?

No. 630007

holy fuck. don't get me started on this girl. people in the instahoes thread say that plasticandproud puts every little brain fart on her story but she has nothing on "aly"'s 16383 minute stories. 50% complaining about her shitty job at H&M, 30% beating herself up for being only 90 pounds or whatever, 20% preening in front of the camera.

No. 630090

Apparently she and her fiancé broke up and she's talking a lot of shit about him. She hasn't been on Tumblr for a while, yet as soon as she broke up with him, a gossip blog on Tumblr started receiving messages about her. I predict a return at some point. She can't live without attention and controversy.

No. 630094

File: 1530867450909.jpeg (225.07 KB, 750x819, ED0A2786-E6B4-481B-8CDC-0251C2…)

Was she the one who was obsessed with the ember/Emily drama from years ago and self posted? I don’t remember another Kayla?

Holy shit odolnost the nostalgia is strong tonight.

Ariana looks really skinny again. Pity she’s stuck with the hair dye. This is as bad as those horrific Christmas selfies

No. 630141

odolnost's name is kayla

No. 630279

File: 1530895260020.png (1.53 MB, 750x1334, 53BB7985-FF10-4A82-9BA2-60449A…)

oh man, if we’re on the topic of fake hoes that are clearly recovered but cling to their EDs as their only identity, let me introduce to you guys seekingashley. All she does is post about how she’s eating “more than ever” and her numerous ED visits and how she has “the most deadly mental illness”. She also straight up demonizes people on her story when they try to ask questions and posts constant polls about texting her therapist and tagging her dietitian in her little posts.

No. 630280

File: 1530895292217.jpeg (470.16 KB, 750x1160, 4A86BFD3-0E3F-4F61-8854-9D5BF9…)

No. 630283

File: 1530895400356.png (1.69 MB, 750x1334, 8DD2E445-817F-4C99-B0DB-386A70…)


Honestly bringing her up bc I’m so tired of these anorexic wannabes that are literally toxic and evil to everyone and then pretend to be victims and ask so blatantly for asspats.

No. 630301

File: 1530897252357.png (781.36 KB, 750x1334, 419ACD76-19D7-45A0-9FF5-9894F4…)

Also, don’t forget how she f*’s every guy she meets

No. 630310

Oh, I remember her from Tumblr. I don't know if she's someone to hate or someone you should be really sorry for. Whenever someone criticises her, she's convinced they are jealous haters and stalkers. She also insists she is way underweight and needs to gain a lot of weight. IIRC she's also insisted that she goes to the top school for her program when her university ain't even in the top 10 or w/e. At least back on Tumblr, she was straight up making shit up.

No. 630311

Does anybody have any more recent pictures of Ariana?

No. 630325

Does anybody know how old @wokeupwithashli is?

No. 630361

File: 1530905392087.png (1.61 MB, 640x1136, F8117FAC-A4E7-4FBC-80E7-D1460D…)

I swear ana’s have no sense of boundaries with clinicians

No. 630403

Fun fact, those of us with social anxiety can develop addictions as coping mechanisms. It's not that uncommon for someone to actually become hooked on pornography or hiring prostitutes/having impulsive sex. And not all social anxiety is the same, some things trigger others, some things don't. (But how can you be proud to be so cheap as to always screw around on the first date? i'll never know. So tacky and plain gross, love yourself woman.)

No. 630441


>(((the deadliest of all mental disorders)))

All these anas wave it around like a trophy as if other disorders should not be taken seriously so they can be the sooper sickest snowflake.

No. 630447

Fun fact, nobody came here to read your blogpost.

No. 630450

She was actually kind of pretty here. Just losing 10-15 lbs. would have been enough to make her look slim, I think.

Now she just looks terrifying

No. 630451

What? Her body looks fine here, not in need of weight loss. Her face just can’t be helped no matter what.

No. 630457

Yeah, you're probably right. I think those hideous shorts just made her stomach look bigger in the pic.

No. 630462

What is milky about her other than she now looks very ill?

No. 630473


but like, she is the sickest??? all her world renowned professionals say so!!

No. 630492

You must be new

No. 630495

By the looks of her she will probably head off to her 24th (?) treatment center soon and she will beg for money too and relapse right upon returning home

No. 630509

No I've just never seen Ariana on here before. She does not qualify as snow material as far as I've seen.

No. 630517

More than that my dude. As of last year she had been to 35.

If you don’t know about arianna then you’re new lel

No. 630518

She must be quite a few boards back then. But really no milk here.

No. 630523

jfc 25th treatment center??? Most people would be lucky to be admitted to one specialized ED center instead of a state mental hospital.

No. 630524


yeah she was at UNH and now goes to bowling green and is about to get kicked out lol

No. 630544

I don't see why they keep going into treatment if they're not going to commit waste of money and time

No. 630600

while recovery isnt what they are after, some people get addicted to treatment. people listening, community, care. whatever it may be. its not just with eating disorder patients, not uncommon for people to use inpatient for 'free' food or a place to sleep or to avoid legal problems.

No. 630623

Googling her name brings up some interesting results too…

No. 630654

She was also begging celebrities to help her spread her gofuckme last year, to fund her 28th treatment stay, after her insurance refused to pay and apparently dropped her (which I don’t think is even legal??). She also claims she though she was fat when she was 2. Bitch, 2 year olds think seasame street is real and don’t understand that you’re not supposed to poop in your pants.

No. 630657

Asspats. That’s seriously it. They want to be coddled and told how brave they are while they get to avoid any responsibility for themselves at all.

No. 630659

Seriously? She’s literally the definition of milk. She’s all over the internet looking for attention with her “oh poor me” story.

No. 630716

File: 1530942108904.jpg (50.76 KB, 401x713, 36707486_1824452227609874_9909…)

Yall!! Look at this, I'm pretty sure I saw this awhile ago saying happy.guts.recovery was dead or just others talking bout her but I guess she actually did die??
Also all the ana chans/wannarexics in the comments being like "Aww so sorry for your loss what was her instagram tho?"

No. 630746

File: 1530944897614.png (158.75 KB, 750x1334, C71814D5-E827-4022-94D7-103DB7…)

She gone

No. 630749

Yeah. According to her Gofundme, she suffered a cardiac arrest which put her into a coma April 13. Her parents brought her home on hospice, but I’m not sure exactly on when she died. I’m assuming very recently.

No. 630753

File: 1530945610290.png (1.54 MB, 1200x1525, Screenshot_2018-07-07-00-37-40…)

Well shoot. This really hits hard to see someone actually die from this illness knowing how the parents also had to watch. Keep in mind you can go into cardiac arrest from an ED even when your not at a low weight. Heart goes out to the family and deceased.

No. 630764

A vegetative state isn't technically dead but I'm sure she will wish for it with what little consciousness she experiences. Terrible that the family is going to keep her like that when they could let her go.

No. 630766

it's threads anon, not boards, and yes we discussed her a lot. maybe don't lecture on the subject of you haven't done the reading.

No. 630769

What migraine med? Because Stemetil (prochlorperazine maleate, a common antiemetic used for migraine) does cause tremors but it's a longterm thing that comes later in life, not a sudden and transient thing after use. If this is the med, she's using it as a cover.

No. 630771

Not sure, sage for blogpost but I have terrible migraines and was given Cymbalta for them, which almost immediately caused me to have tremors, then seizures about a week later. It’s rare I suppose

No. 630780

Severely brain damaged, non responsive, and ventilated is dead as far as I’m concerned.

When you’re bandaging a leather wrapped femur there’s no salvation even with the best intervention. She crossed the no return boundary years ago. It’s more incredible that she was able to stick around for so long in such a wasted state.

No. 630786

oh wow, sorry, I didn't realise that med was an option for migraine (stemetil and triptans for mine). thank fuck all of these meds will be superseded shortly.

yes sure, to us - but by law and medical definition, she isn't yet dead and her family say they aren't going to let her properly "die" despite doctors recommending or asking for it to happen. poor thing will be kept in that state.