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File: 1565297454954.png (1.52 MB, 2000x2000, 1563883569332.png)

No. 850532

Phoebe Tickner is a 21-year old self proclaimed queer, Jewish, disabled femme, non-binary social justice warrior. [Read: Straight, white, morbidly obese woman with no personality except for being a victim.)

>NEET who leeches off of her father and autistic lorry driver boyfriend while she sits on her ass all day on Instagram. Posts roughly 60 Instagram stories a day.
>ACAB communist with a police officer father.
>Found wheelchair in thrift shop to use as a ~uwu so disabled~ prop, decides it’s not enough and online begs for an electric one. Makes her boyfriend drag it up and down three flights of stairs for her for photo ops. Posts picture of herself falling down some stairs due to her various "disabilities."
>Yells at people on Instagram and demands they pay her money for “educating” them.
>Sexually assaulted another woman at vegan camp; plays it off as a drug induced misunderstanding and believes she shouldn't be held accountable because it hurts her own feelings. Cries about being a rape survivor not long after.
>Claims to have IBS (despite every doctor telling her that she only has symptoms of IBS, not the actual condition) and bleeds from the ass daily and it’s totally not because of the massive amounts of booze, pizza, coffee, and HUEL she consumes guys. Screeches fatphobia each time a doctor tells her that her pain is related to her obesity.
>Doesn’t "wash" for weeks at a time.
>Sells sloppy traced digital art as her only source of income. Complains daily that it's difficult running her "small business" because no one buys her preschool tier crafts. Guilts people into buying her "art" daily.
>Has online beef with Jameela Jamil for getting somebody’s pronouns wrong. Comes off as completely unhinged.
>Feeds her cat a strictly vegan diet.
>Says her favorite part about her boyfriend is that he has a job and works overtime, sometimes 6 days a week, and brings in money. Proceeds to insult him and says his best traits are that he's really weird and strange. Proves she takes him for granted and considers herself Queer because he wore makeup one time.

Old milk
>Reactivates Instagram (again) after a 2 week break, claiming she tried to kill herself but Henry stopped her thankfully!!!
>Makes more passive-aggressive stories about her neighbors
>goes on holiday (twice!) despite being so super skint u guise
>the second trip is to Glasgow for what she says is a present to Henry for his birthday, but ends up being a trip for her and her interests only
>on said trip drags her actually autistic partner to a gay club where he is assaulted with lights, sounds, crowds, and unfamiliar people. she is unbothered by this but still sits at a table drinking and complaining that no one thinks she's queer even though she totes wore her queer shirt and whining about how she "forgot" she was disabled and hurt herself going down the stairs to the club.
>spends the next day laying in bed saying her whole body is in pain, she manages to get to a cat cafe, vegan restaurants, and a meetup with another instagram sjw tho
>has a post removed by instagram for harrassment and bullying, reposts it while REEEEEEing about how SHE is the VICTIM here
>accuses a small business (Lucy and Yak) of not wanting fat people to wear their clothes because they cannot produce clothes in size XXXL+, brand offers for her to call and talk about her concerns with them but she refuses and makes an instagram post about how terrible they are
> still constantly having to apologise for not sending out her Etsy goods
> is trying to fix her bad skin with 10 new products all at once
>Made a gofundme for a foldable wheelchair costing over two grand. Made the amount in a few days but instead of being grateful moans about fees and being able to withdraw the money.
>Revealed that three only drug she is on is low level codeine.
>Claiming to be a sex worker despite only uploading some amateur porn.
>Spending money on skincare, horrible earrings and nail varnish whilst Henry works 14 hour days.
>Claims the voice she uses in numerous YouTube videos and Instagram stories is fake and she makes herself sound posher due to 'internalised classism', puts on a new chav voice
>Shows more evidence that all her "art" is traced including one of her face where her real eyes are left in and one of a stock image of a wheelchair.
>She attended London pride, marched with a group called voices4. Many photos reveal her looking insanely fat spilling over a tiny wheelchair with Henry struggling to push her.
>Posts that she rarely wears underwear and would like advice on buying large underwear for fat pussies.
>Posts a sob story that she missed out on Lizzo tickets because she had to book a wheelchair space (despite the fact that she can walk and could have brought a normal seat), Lizzo tickets are £100 yet she claims to have no money to contribute to her wheelchair.
>States that small fats have no place in the body positive movement.
>Buys her giant underwear from M&S, but guyzz, she's allowed to buy unethical clothes because she's so poor!! No one else can though.
>Uses the word 'cunt' in Instagram posts but then acts shocked when Instagram removes them.

New milk:
>Makes 'Boris is a cunt' badges and receives multiple warnings from Instagram. Blames this on Instagram being 'fatphobic'.
>whines about having to miss a driving lesson for to her "chronic illness"
>Expects people to find the most perfect accessible venues and had public arguments with people on Facebook about it.
>More evidence of cat abuse.
>Rants about how "small fats" (size 16) can't use the word fat or be part of the body positivity movement.
>Does a story takeover for hellomynameiswednesday, demanding accessible venues, oh and hire her as an advisor.
>Lots of drama happens when she picks up her gofundme wheelchair, it's not right, it hurts her, it can't do kerbs, she can't store it.. She doesn't say thank you to her followers and just whines.
>Threatens to overdose on her pain meds (let's us know through a facebook post). No one comments as she has no friends.
>Attacks Jameela again.
>THE BIG DRAMA: she comes after a band called weareshepherd for having a song called 'kiss my fat ass'. Despite good representation in the video, feebs loses it due to no infifat people being featured. Her and her followers flood the comments of the bands Instagram and Phoebe sends the Australian women insults such as 'wallaby'.
>Instagram deletes her comments and sends her warnings. She's doesn't listen and gets her account deleted.
>DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD, on Facebook she blames someone hacking her account and begs her followers to ask Instagram to reinstate her.
>She just got access to her back up account.

Instagram: @fatvegfemme
YouTube: @fatveganfemme
Pornhub: @fezxoxo (NSFL)
Etsy: @FatVegFemmeArt

Previous threads:

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No. 850536

File: 1565297609090.jpg (113.12 KB, 786x1093, 1564591718091.jpg)

Other thread picture contenders

No. 850541

File: 1565297798889.png (1.72 MB, 750x1334, 1564841309325.png)

No. 850543

File: 1565297830504.jpg (756.15 KB, 1080x1920, 1564601826808.jpg)

No. 850544

File: 1565297894369.jpg (412.22 KB, 1080x1538, Screenshot_20190808-215833_Ins…)

No. 850552

File: 1565298898651.jpg (216.76 KB, 1080x1121, IMG_20190808_171336_755~2.jpg)

Kkkasper.the.klown irl

No. 850576

File: 1565304371023.jpeg (390.33 KB, 750x1836, 55F13F06-C4FC-4273-9E15-28FFC0…)

Oh, you mean this chair you were just bitching about a week ago?

No. 850577

File: 1565305006397.png (7.79 MB, 1242x2208, 1565294020748.png)

-Repost from last thread, not original anon, people like this literally grind my gears so bad and they're always such lolcows. I can't imagine anyone in the UK not giving up their seat unless they themselves needed it because the glares from other passengers would be so intense. Posts like this reveal who these people really are, both so entitled they expect to be the centre of everyone's universe and have everyone attend to them and utter socially awkward cowards who can't do something as simple as ask for a seat for themselves.

kek the resemblance is uncanny, even the cellulite

The anons in the last thread called it on the ramp-based money begging, there's even a possibility she herself got the idea from lolcow. Expecting a GoFundMe any day now.

No. 850584

trying to look in as much pain as possible

no wonder people dont take invisible illness warriors seriously. can absolutely imagine them sighing and moaning and shifting as loud as they can in hopes to scream ableist asshole to anyone. and whose to say the person youre trying to jack the seat from doesnt have an uwu illness either. but maybe thats me hoping for a cane fight between to entitled munchies

No. 850587

What good is a ramp on her front door when she has to climb three flights of stairs to get to it? She's so full of shit

No. 850589

GoFundMe for three-story twisty-slidelike ramp when?

No. 850590

File: 1565306500473.png (252.82 KB, 720x1272, Screenshot_20190809-001923~2.p…)

My local public transport give these badges to anyone for free but I've never ever seen anyone wearing one.

No. 850599

File: 1565307393847.jpg (172.54 KB, 1200x1200, modern-house-with-integrated-s…)

<<Hideous closeup instastory frame>>

So hey guise, as I explain constantly it's unimaginably difficult for me to function as a kweer jew poc queen who is disabled and a recovering anorexic and also a proud chav. You should, then, all know the drill; I will literally die without the money to move into a mansion with an accessibility slide from my bed to the TV, where I think of excuses to delay sending out my products to people. And if anyone doesn't give money you're all privileged tory terf cunts who should fucking eat shit and die

<<Crying next frame>>
I got stuck in the slide like Augustus Gloop and Henry had to ease me out with car oil, this slide is a piece of shit and it's oppressing me with it's fat phobia

No. 850621

Oh what a thread pic! Brilliant!

No. 850623


Transport For London released them too, they're free. I've seen quite a few people wearing them.

No. 850624

I love that she put her hashtag on there and the top pic is still the blob fish drawing.

No. 850626

>Henry had to ease me out with car oil
I'm fucking dying lmfao

No. 850640

thanks for including the all-important save henry shoutout, op

No. 850651

you're a prophet, anon. how do you know them so well?
>hey folx gimme muh iSlide while I watch iTelly and slap my iPad with my AKSHULLY FAT, dirty hands haven't washed in weex but my nails are cute and draw fat autistic chix in obscene colours with their junk out to educate the people and vanquish the ebil SMALL FATS and earn a living ….FAAANXXX!!! (tower of unsent packages collapes noisily in the background knocking over wine bottles and Yankee Candles like bowling pins)

No. 850652

Toppest kek

No. 850734

File: 1565329902074.png (767.25 KB, 720x1184, clip_now_20190809_061627.png)

countdown to new iPad gofundme in 3,2,1…

No. 850755

I wonder why she cropped her head out of the picture? Looks odd

No. 850760


probably because she has a face like a smacked arse, which makes her look like an ungrateful cunt (which she is) kek

No. 850784

File: 1565347649673.jpg (367.88 KB, 1080x1680, Screenshot_20190809-114734_Ins…)

She's deleted all the other photos off this account

No. 850786

She's definitely up to something.

No. 850788

Can't wait for fatvegscammer to try to sue instagram for all the emotional trauma they caused her

No. 850793

File: 1565349770203.jpg (653.22 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190809-122243_Ins…)

No. 850794

File: 1565349816152.jpg (350.43 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190809-122250_Ins…)

No. 850795

She needs to be careful what she posts, Instagram will delete her quickly if her posts get reported for bullying

No. 850797

File: 1565350049632.jpg (1.04 MB, 1079x1917, Screenshot_20190809-072135_Ins…)

isnt she the one who demands people pay her for educating them?

No. 850801


do as i say not as i do, kek

also didn’t she have a VPN icon on the top of her phone screen, where the signal strength and battery are. pretty sure i’ve seen it in some of her own screenshots

No. 850819

It's hilarious because Feebs doesn't have any rolls, she's literally just a ball now.

No. 850824

there were size 16+ women and disabled women who needed that music video she sperged about but they don't count bc they aren't as huge as her

No. 850837

"Hey I'm trying to ban evade but Instagram won't let me, help!"

No. 850845

I fucking hate people complaining about instagram’s policy

It’s not human right to post your selfies. If you don’t like the company then don’t use the product. If your whole business model and sense of self appreciation depends on instagram then maybe consider following the rules

No. 850850

Oh yeah, I think someone pointed that out in the previous threads. Didn't some anon also say that she was banned from here and probably used the VPN to lurk?

No. 850855

File: 1565363053953.png (1.44 MB, 1080x1403, Screenshot_20190809-160412.png)

No. 850858

She is a first rate retard wow

No. 850863

pheebs, a communist society isn't going to enable your nailpolish and takeout addiction

No. 850864

i reckon if phoebe actually had money she wouldn't be involved in politics at all, what with her two years ago showing flashy cars and trips to paris, you can tell she just uses social justice to defend herself and not others.

No. 850865

She literally cannot help herself

No. 850889

Does this cunt even know what that symbol means? Imagine if she lived in a communist society.

No. 850891

File: 1565368068739.png (199.42 KB, 750x1334, 9C8C44BD-5CA8-4486-84D6-F0ACE8…)

Lmao in Soviet Union her ass would be prosecuted for тунеядство (social parasitism)

No. 850902

"please teach me ban evasion!!!" and she wonders why the account was removed…

No. 850941

File: 1565373380675.png (1015.96 KB, 750x1334, 72A20D58-3085-4607-9600-2E01E0…)

Forever a victim.

No. 850942

I wonder if Henry ever snaps at her for her self pity. It’s so draining. And I’m just a stranger on the internet. I assume for people she knows in real life, it’s hard.

No. 850945


if she has to rely on social media for her “business” then she needs to… do better. if her insta was a plug/ad for her etsy shite, she’s never been professional then? endless spergs in her stories and forever too lazy to pack and ship orders. damn.

No. 850957

Might be good for her, she'd lose some weight

No. 850958

File: 1565376513264.jpg (667.53 KB, 809x1740, Screenshot_20190809-194749_Sam…)

No. 850960

Maybe she's bored of her business and is doing this on purpose, she has an excuse to quit doing any work and still be the victim.

No. 850962

Her constant use of the word fat on literally everything gives me Chance Carmichael vibes, she is so insecure about her body she weights it up (lol) by fetishisng herself

No. 850964


Put sage in the email field unless you're adding new milk

No. 850974

File: 1565378120588.png (249.36 KB, 1242x1420, IMG_2662.PNG)

is there a British queer eye we can submit feebles to? is that cow tipping?

No. 850975

File: 1565378183070.png (253.79 KB, 1242x1550, IMG_2661.PNG)

No. 850979


Well taking phrases too literally is an autistic trait

No. 850980

Truly the words of someone in abject poverty. Giving up on your business and not caring if it fails is the expected mentality of someone on the verge of being unable to pay bills and going without food, right?

No. 850981


Is it just me or is the heart unsymmetrical? Doesn't she have a cricut?

No. 850982

why do they have to coin terms for everything? just say they're newly trans, there you go

No. 850985

imagine bragging that your cat is fat…

No. 850987

samefage but making up new terms every second to seem "speeshul" creates the confusion in the first place. don't be mad just because someone hasn't heard of your stupid snowflake term

No. 850992

First thing I noticed even before the symbols lmao

No. 850998


I think they took it from the term baby dyke

No. 851023

nitpick, but shouldn't it be "my favorite breed is rescued"? or am I going crazy?

No. 851027

i think you can say rescue as short for rescue cat
the pun is that its used like a breed name, using "rescued" wouldn't make sense in context

No. 851038

File: 1565386705100.jpg (210.79 KB, 810x1452, Screenshot_20190809-223825_Ins…)

She's hiding

No. 851039

So she conned people out if two grand and now disappears.

Wonder if she'll return the wheelchair

No. 851045

“And I’m just a stranger on the internet” perfect. so so good. I wish we knew the opinions of people around her - she’s so wholly disgusting to me I can’t BELIEVE she is truly a real person. It’s like a soap opera.

No. 851046

File: 1565389757647.png (1.13 MB, 750x1334, CE948693-8FC6-4A2F-BAF7-B72802…)

From facebook

No. 851047

File: 1565389790452.png (990.9 KB, 750x1334, 13A6B181-E051-423E-94CD-445351…)

And image caption

No. 851048

Yep. I feel like people spend 90% of their social-justice-rage-time online arguing about the semantics and stomping their gammon feet about minor shit

No. 851067

Bet that company thought that they were going to get promoted on her IG, not on her Facebook which has 90% less followers

No. 851082

File: 1565396004044.jpg (414.15 KB, 1080x1820, Screenshot_20190810_010812.jpg)

How has Feebs done anything positive in any community she claims to be a part of? She hates women, she hates thin people, she hates other fat people, she hates cis people, she hates rich people - she's just a horrid person.

Pic related, why can't her orbiters see just how vile she is?

No. 851125

kek, if cbd is all it takes to relieve "lots" of her pains, shes admitting again shes not really in extreme disabling pain

No. 851203

File: 1565422822425.jpeg (278.62 KB, 1125x2142, 7D4342C8-7960-482A-8DF6-89017A…)

This account on Insta is out for Pheebs and I could not be happier personally

No. 851204

File: 1565422896902.jpeg (709.59 KB, 1125x2184, 19A56E28-13BC-42D2-959C-EAB03A…)

No. 851205

doesn’t look like a farmer, either, which is a good sign and also not very surprising. seems like feebs has managed to alienate a pretty huge chunk of people in all of her ~communities~

No. 851206

File: 1565422927838.jpeg (773.43 KB, 1125x2192, 387CF1BC-20CD-4D6A-9E2F-A3104F…)

No. 851215

Phoebe will just pull out the same old "I was young! I didn't know any better!".
The amount needs to focus on the more recent stuff

No. 851222

The new Instagram page exposing her brought up a good point. Her sudden lack of caring about her Instagram is probablt because she’s refunded the wheelchair and is spending the money on dick candles.

No. 851235


tbh i think there’s a difference between being ignorant/unwilling to learn, and being downright vile when she fetishised black men, being pro nazi even though she now claims to be a “jewess”, and implying being vegan means nothing if you’re obese.

also let’s not forget the fact that she tried to RAPE someone, and then blamed it on drugs.

are people too scared to call her out because she claims to be non binary, disabled, and autistic?

No. 851237

Yes. No one wants to be the first to admit the emperor is naked.

No. 851243

She most likely bought the wheelchair specifically for planned public appearances. She thinks of it as a prop when she wants to sell her idea of being disabled at an event or on social media. Props don’t have to be functional or convenient, so the weight limit and stairs never really mattered. So unless she’s really given up on the facade, she’ll probably keep it around for the next lgbt or vegan event

No. 851249


Feebs is about as unforgiving as people get, so it's funny when she claims 'I was young' but we see her basically acting the same nowadays with her anger and her cursing people out and telling them to eat shit, she's just as angry and fucked in the head right now as she was back then

No. 851252

File: 1565443413033.png (2.5 MB, 1125x2436, 757987F5-2BEF-459A-95B1-2DC954…)

the beast is back…

No. 851253

she absolutely deleted herself and then blamed it on other people. >>850960 called it

No. 851254

Instagram is throwing her a bone until her next eventual fuck-up and she gets BANNED FOREVER like moo

she blocked herself from signing up, too then? reach harder

No. 851255

The only thing that’s changed is that she found socially acceptable targets to bully.

No. 851256

File: 1565444605709.jpg (86.02 KB, 1024x1821, 66856143_1234835636676006_7435…)

No. 851258

Does ‘light activism’ mean you have to stop harassing people and calling anyone who disagrees with you a cunt? Poor baby.

No. 851259


she’s had the account since 2013? around the same time as her shitty tweets then lmao who cares about the lost pics, feebs? if 2013 is in the past and you didn’t know any better! leave it kek

No. 851260


yep, anon. and she verbally abused jameela jamil but she calls it activism

No. 851261

File: 1565446028680.png (2.93 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_2742.PNG)

>The only thing disabled on this page is me

good one pheebs

No. 851263


Does she have to give Insta staff so much fucking attitude all the time

No. 851265

File: 1565447555681.png (5.47 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_2744.PNG)

No. 851266

File: 1565447643273.png (6.38 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_2745.PNG)

classic manipulative narcissist behavior to play the victim. i guess the people who fall for it have had less therapy than we have. maybe this will actually make it to her accountability tab this time.

No. 851268

File: 1565448613069.png (4.86 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_2747.PNG)


No. 851269

I thought she weighed too much for the chair and it made her insurance invalid?

No. 851271

she was bitching because she was worried she was over the weight limit and didn't want to weigh herself because it would "trigger her eating disorder". We never heard if she actually weighed herself at that point, which I find sus since she loves talking about herself and her fat body. And like, one would think she would HAVE to weigh herself while shopping for chairs that have weight limits, so she would know which ones to look at. But apparently not, it's okay to leave that up to chance as long as it's other people's money she's spending. If it's too small, that means the chair is just being fatphobic.

But now suddenly that she's been called out for being a whiney, manipulative ingrate, she's changed her tune.

No. 851272


Why is she so stubborn and set on staying in the same area when she's essentially housebound as a result of choosing a third floor flat just because she likes the area?? Her logic is retarded

No. 851274

Exactly, so how can it be "built for her weight" if she's over the weight limit? I think she is trying to clear her name now that all the accusations and complaints about her are being (rightfully) brought up by that account, and that's why she's suddenly praising the chair

No. 851279

I'm so happy her account is back, let the milk flow! I can't wait to get my weekly dose of rage

No. 851281

Why does the flat have to be in Southend? If Henry works in London wouldn't it be easier if they moved closer there..

No. 851282


If money is tight they really should go for whatever is cheap and sort of handy for henry, fuck feebs and her weird preferences

No. 851286

I don't really get why Pheebs and Henry moved in together, she can't contribute towards rent or bills equally to him so really it'd make more sense for her to still live with parents/ He's busting his arse to pay more than his fair share and why should he?

No. 851289

File: 1565452368225.png (2.73 MB, 1242x2208, 1DDF36ED-B84F-44AB-8335-CCD52C…)

She deleted these already btw.

No. 851290

File: 1565452396137.png (1.87 MB, 1242x2208, 67EF64BB-BE23-499E-A294-21E831…)

No. 851298

i’m sorry feebs but if you’re obsessed with cancel culture and think jameela is unredeemable (for a lot less than your *~problematic~* bullshit) then you should be unredeemable too. sorry, your logic, not mine.

No. 851299

File: 1565454172999.jpg (120.69 KB, 750x1334, 67319768_371914593449192_79548…)

No. 851300

Can someone with a twitter find these and archive them? Or at least get a HQ screenshot? I'm surprised they were glossed over just now, she might delete them.

No. 851301

File: 1565454271207.jpg (121.12 KB, 750x1334, 66801070_378293786130734_24680…)

No. 851302

File: 1565454360969.jpg (108.86 KB, 1440x2562, 67224556_403607886927465_38336…)

No. 851303

File: 1565454405059.jpg (404.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190810-172604_Ins…)

No. 851304

File: 1565454414801.jpg (145.68 KB, 1024x1821, 66349155_388803491775174_69166…)

No. 851306

File: 1565454844466.jpg (778.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190810-172947_Ins…)

No. 851307

She's only saying thank you because she's been called out

No. 851308

File: 1565454906397.jpg (862.54 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190810-172921_Ins…)

Muh pains

No. 851315

They were definitely not glossed over, have a look at the first thread, loads of screenshots of her problematic tweets

No. 851316

Kek all the attacks on instagram staff she had her supporters levy has done is draw attention to her usage and constant rule-breaking. Turns out she really can't do whatever she wants, no matter how important she is.

No. 851317

>I've never hid this

Literally deleted her twitter as soon as the tweets were found

No. 851319

Is it possible that she Photoshopped this to avoid having to keep the story up?

No. 851321

Also, what happened to Phoebe’s outrage at white people profiting from the cannabis industry… is this business black owned? Or does it not count because it was free for our Phoebz?

No. 851325


Judging by her artwork she's not capable of doing that

No. 851329

File: 1565461080762.jpg (872.33 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190810-191705_Ins…)

No. 851330

File: 1565461177980.jpg (447.64 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190810-191735_Ins…)

You only come after women you twat

No. 851332

File: 1565461233298.jpg (580.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190810-191745_Ins…)

Oh how convenient

No. 851333

File: 1565461265524.jpg (437.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190810-191811_Ins…)

She's so full of shit

No. 851335

Maybe some of her followers have woken up and are finally reporting some of her horrible highlights

No. 851338

Phoebe you literally use your thousands of followers account to harass people

No. 851339

The thing is you never criticise men you misogynist shit

No. 851345

Main account deleted again.

No. 851349

File: 1565464727954.jpeg (358.87 KB, 1242x1868, 6FD0BB68-8484-4AC0-88CC-E7EA07…)

No. 851351

File: 1565464934218.jpg (427.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190810-202202_Ins…)

No. 851352

File: 1565464956927.jpg (576.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190810-202221_Ins…)

No. 851354

File: 1565465004103.jpg (552.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190810-202227_Ins…)

No. 851356

File: 1565465081924.jpeg (97.72 KB, 750x1334, DC85DA20-1EC8-448F-931F-940D77…)


No. 851357

So fucking dramatic

No. 851358

threatening to kill yourself because your Instagram was removed… amazing.

No. 851359

translation "i cant even harass anyone without my account being removed"

No. 851360

File: 1565465596113.jpg (192.54 KB, 1080x942, Screenshot_20190810-203302_Sam…)

No. 851361

she thinks people are trying to ruin her life because she got caught kek all people do is point out her shitty behaviour and attitude

No. 851362

All she had to do was lay low for a while, instead she argued about her tweets, put up pictures of products that she knows Instagram didn't liked and linked to accounts.

She's actually an idiot

No. 851365

Can anyone explain why conservatives hate poop?

No. 851372

Henry better hide the butterknives tomorrow

No. 851375

Nice subtle passive aggressive implication that she could another night. So transparent, Phoebe. Bet Henry is looking forward to that drama filled night ahead of him. Poor sod.

Honestly, she really needs to get herself off the internet for a while and get back in touch with reality. Get some fresh air, Phoebe.

No. 851377

Judging from her old tweets she has never been in touch with reality

No. 851379

Lol I first read it as conservatives hate “food”

No. 851381

>If I don't get my way I'll kill myself and it'll be YOUR fault.
This is such evil, manipulative narc behavior. Rather than doing any genuine self-evaluation or accepting responsibility for her actions (including punishment by IG for bullying others) she uses threats of violence against herself to turn blame and guilt on others and try to make them forget anything she did wrong.

No. 851384


Wish her family would sign her in to a psych ward, if nothing else it would teach her to stop making suicide threats so fucking lightly

No. 851388


Well put, I'm convinced that her and henry have all sorts of drama in private too cos 'personalities' like her can't have healthy relationships

No. 851393

Omg just realized it says POOR not poop. Knowing feebz, poop makes more sense.

No. 851394


Is she kidding? She says she has more of a voice because she's a perpetrator? Ugh

No. 851396


LOL so now she's thanking donors, after it's been pointed out how ungrateful she sounded.

No. 851398


I think the "returning the chair and keeping the money" is a reach but she's definitely just fundraised for a prop. Even if she can get it out of the flat with a ramp, how will she get it down 3 flights of stairs??

No. 851402

>Instead of talking to my loved ones and realizing what's important in life, I'm going to plan my butterknife suicide because every single one of you ruined my entire life

Okay, psycho. If instagram is the only way to get traffic to your shop, you should have stopped harassing people after the first strike against your account. Nobody should feel bad for someone as stupid as Phoebe, thinking she's above the rules of ig now can't handle the consequences. Hope she does something to send herself to the hospital and the professionals can deal with her.

No. 851404

Please no, the NHS doesn't need people like her sponging off resources they already don't have

No. 851410

File: 1565475985480.jpeg (640.62 KB, 2048x2048, 20340FB4-58BC-4D74-9198-523280…)

Contrast between pheebs n henry’s Profile pics on fb - wheeling around a monster vs when they first got together and had fun together because she hadn’t morphed body positivity into eating herself ‘disabled’ - he must be so confused and sad right now.

No. 851418

>he must be so confused and sad right now

he is also still an adult with a full time job and bills and hobbies and the ability to take care of his daily needs. so despite the fanfic anons have that he is an uwu autistic so vulnerable he still has the ability to leave if he so wishes. phoebe was mentioned at first by a family member. no doubt he has the support of people around him no matter what this fatty decides to do to manipulate him

No. 851420

Ever noticed that he never posts any pictures of her body? only her face

No. 851432

not so easy to get out of an abusive relationship though, especially when feeb keeps threatening suicide via butter knives

No. 851437

especially considering her victim complex and how she would almost definitely falsely portray him as the abusive one for that sweet clout

No. 851497

that family member also said this is his first real relationship and he's autistic so he has trouble standing up for himself/understanding how toxic it is. sure he's an adult with autonomy, but he also doesn't have experience with recognizing and avoiding/escaping abusive relationships. tons of people get trapped and have trouble leaving all the time. it's hard for anyone.

No. 851501

>he is an adult, able to hold a job, has hobbies, jadda jadda
>he can stand up to first-time psychological abuse and easily leave a relationship
404 correlation not found
this is as much a fanfic as anything here. you're speculating about his abilities and lack thereof just as much as anyone here. the fact is that Pheebs is a big bully and nasty gf, so why would ANY healthy, capable human being stay with her? points to him actually being vulnerable and I find the speculation to be fair and agree with posts like >>851497
He's still self-responsible but it doesn't hurt to empathise with a man who has literally let himself be reduced to the role of a carer and emergency responder of a vile, extremely demanding partner for some reason.

No. 851509

I know this isn't pheobe's but this is actually super true.

No. 851521

we know nothing about henry aside from seeing him randomly in photos pushing phoebe around. anything talked about here regarding his role is filtered thru how phoebe sees him. for all we know he's living for this shit. stop writing fanfic about this #SaveHenry crap, we know nothing about how he actually feels. taylor nicole dean sure was happy with her abusive dirtbag of an SO.

No. 851523

i don't disagree but i'm pretty sure the first contributers to this thread personally new phoebe and henry, i think one was even a family member..

No. 851527

She was first posted in the personal lolcow thread by a frustrated relative

No. 851532

and taylor n dean is a suitable comparison or a reference for anything because?? people are gonna speculate differently and have different opinions on this matter, deal with it

No. 851561

Imo I don't think Henry actually knows some of the shit Pheebs does. Doesn't he work long hours every day? He isn't around her constantly to see a lot of her bullshit. I feel like Pheebs screams into the void of IG every waking minute because she is lonely af and has no-one else but Henry and the occasional meet up with her family. And Henry might follow her on social media but with the constant slew of posts she makes every single day, I doubt he has the time to check up on every single one of them.

No. 851578

File: 1565529711135.jpg (441.46 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190811-131706_Ins…)

No. 851607

>falsely accused of posting inflammatory comments and messages

that's like, her entire online presence. I think even she would agree that the stuff she posts is inflammatory, but she would think it was okay ("omg what an activist") because she's only attacking women who are more successful/thinner/more attractive than she, and politicians

No. 851622

File: 1565536967746.png (63.86 KB, 643x287, Screenshot 2019-08-11 at 16.22…)

The evangelicals and attack dogs of the sorts of political circles Phoebe moves in would say the people she attacks are literally killing minorities by disagreeing with their view of how society should be in any way whatsoever (politicians) or simply for being prettier and more successful (e.g. Jameela Jamil), thereby making people like Phoebe feel bad inside for letting themselves go like this. To these people, wrong ideas and hurt feelings are just as bad as violence. It's this attitude which allows them to call people evil cunts without any moral qualms, they've been unpersoned for their unacceptable divergence.

No. 851628

That Phoebe account (star.rizer) has vanished. Brigaded by Pheebs minions?

No. 851632

All this drama has really helped Phoebe's shop. It was at 2155 sales when her IG was taken down on the 5th and she's currently at 2207 sales. That's a whole lot of pity purchases

No. 851636

Like all bullies, she can give out abuse to others without a second thought but the instant someone dares criticise her or tries to call her out on her own bullshit she can't take it.

No. 851637

Sounds like a lot then you remember the 15c commission on badges, her most popular product

No. 851645

That's laughable, no wonder she doesn't care about deadlines

No. 851652

her posting about how she's excited for walks on the beach in autumn when she complains about curbs and says she can't go out now.. how do people not through her fake disability shit ?

No. 851658


Read the rules, newfag.

No. 851660


Sage your shit before calling out other people

No. 851661

File: 1565545277115.jpg (601.48 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190811-183030_Ins…)

No. 851662

File: 1565545317631.jpg (752.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190811-183043_Ins…)

No. 851666


No. 851669

>I love the food so much
Yeah we all noticed

No. 851719

Nah that's magnets. She has a badge maker so they're probably somewhere around £1.30 profit.

No. 851737

5 examples of food, and 1 activity. kek

No. 851750

Yes, let's wait for a season to eat and drink stuff that can be made and consumed any time of the year… Oh right, she doesn't cook for herself or anything cause muh disabilities…

No. 851754

and then just backing out with an "etc"

No. 851791

soooo feebs got called out in private for banging on about her own account while forgetting the accounts of her comrades, I'll bet.

No. 851869

Main account is back

No. 851870

Well, I doubt she's packs and brings them all to a post office.
She's barely making any money by actually selling her products.

No. 851916

File: 1565609767199.jpg (477.1 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190812-123452_Ins…)

No. 851917

File: 1565609790536.jpg (604.65 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190812-123445_Ins…)

No. 851919

File: 1565609820701.jpg (627.35 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190812-123501_Ins…)

No. 851920

File: 1565609854412.jpg (636.33 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190812-123509_Ins…)

No. 851921

File: 1565609902372.jpg (689.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190812-123515_Ins…)

No. 851923

File: 1565609952573.jpg (517.93 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190812-123523_Ins…)

No. 851924

File: 1565610014582.jpg (515.08 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190812-123555_Ins…)


No. 851925

File: 1565610037578.jpg (535.84 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190812-123607_Ins…)


No. 851927

File: 1565610365732.jpg (387.45 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190812-124438_Ins…)

No. 851929

what's that thing she always says? oh yeah, Google exists. literally just look it up.

No. 851930

Screenshot and save to your computer, it’s not science you stupid cow.

No. 851933

File: 1565612007117.png (1.44 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190812-131329.png)

Always so fucking ungrateful

No. 851940

sounds like she's finally getting around to all the orders she promised would be shipped out over a week ago.

No. 851946

Calling yourself a boy doesn't make you more oppressed, Fatty.

No. 851948

She learned nothing from those reports. It's still just "me me me".

The video was reported because you were using it to send hate to that woman for telling you to calm downand that you didnt understand the music video.

The shirt was because it's hate speech against an entire group of people.

The "hair appropriation" one was you trying to send hate to an individual AGAIN.

Yes, your account should be about your business and not used to manipulate your audience into attacking others. It's just as shitty as any other extremist that bullies and uses hate speech.

If you were into real activism, you would see that this isn't how things get done. You don't win by being a fascist.

No. 851951

And the "accountability" highlight is literally just screen shots of you using racist and anti-Semitic language and telling people to kill themselves. How do you not see that this isn't fucking allowed?

No. 851953


I swear she posts an eye-roll pic every day, why is she so in love with that particular pose?

And yeah rolling your eyes at your paying customers is nearly as ungrateful as taking two and a half grand for a chair and whinging that it's not good enough. What a sweet soul she is

No. 851954


It's not instagram that needs to calm down hun..

No. 851972


oh my god she's so dumb

even if she doesn't think it's hateful, Insta has removed it. she's going to get banned again just for talking about the stuff that was removed. a perpetual victim.

No. 851978


You'd think she'd eventually get the hint that her own perception of what counts as hateful or harassment is completely off

Instagram staff do not have some personal vendetta against her or any reason to target her, they're acting on set rules

No. 851979

File: 1565620831636.png (747.66 KB, 1080x1798, Screenshot_20190812-153907.png)

The perfect event for rapey ol' Feebs.

No. 851989

What fresh hell is a "kiss-in"?

No. 852009

Rightclick, "show page info", media tab.

No. 852011

I looked on amazon and the most popular at home badge maker can make 3 badges a minute,180 an hour. Woe is you feebs it must be so exhausting for your ~disabled body~ to work for less than an hour a day

No. 852036

File: 1565633047106.png (1.58 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_2794.PNG)


No. 852062


Yeah 'some' toxic traits. So many on here have said that she's the worst cow they've seen

No. 852076

It's probably not even her being self-reflecting. She's probably directing it at her haterz.

No. 852089

A soft n hydrated "genderless blob"

No. 852098

she's definitely trying to flip it back like "you guys are toxic and can't understand that you're the problem here, not me!!!" and not using this to self-reflect at all. typical Beefy.

she has 8 threads here documenting her past and present shittiness, she has multiple people online publicly telling her she's a bully. She has no friends other than the boyfriend she emotionally abuses (threatening suicide and forcing him to be responsible for her safety whenever she has a bad day.) she's now been banned twice on IG for harrassing people and only got reinstated by pressuring those too scared to oppose her into becoming her personal report army. she's manipulative, selfish, lazy, and aggressive, and a sexual predator. she needs to look in the mirror and read this quote out loud until she realizes she's the toxic one.

No. 852107

File: 1565642429076.jpeg (556.03 KB, 639x2219, 616B1892-B4F7-49E3-8C07-EB972A…)

this daft bint thinks she knows what IBS is. top kek at IBD being tagged. they are NOT the same thing. try again feeb

No. 852111

Maybe she should remember that people have invisible illnesses next time she rants about people parking in the disabled bays

No. 852112

File: 1565642904350.jpg (571.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190812-214830_Ins…)

Lazy bitch

No. 852113


She's just traced one of her older artworks

No. 852115


I miss the days where she would tell us in detail about her bleeding anus when she had "IBS" flare ups.

No. 852118


Oh look it's basically a list that only contains the hidden/unproven illnesses that feebs claims to have herself, how 'aware' of her to invite us all to think about those illnesses and the poor sufferers

No. 852131

transfer?! she's not immobile. she's terrible.

No. 852134

imagine living out your feedee fetish and larping as a wheel-chair-bound person every day and letting your bodily abilities decay and being able and fine when it suits you

No. 852137

if she could draw this "whilst in pain" she probably isnt really in serious pain, and she continues to acknowledge it, kek

No. 852141

at age 20. grim fucking existence.

No. 852142

File: 1565646611094.png (1.7 MB, 750x1334, F043D101-A597-440D-B5B0-73AA16…)

maybe i’m just ignorant but wtf kind if autistic person would want to go to an event like this ? Peebz, what about sensory overload ??

No. 852146

bet you a shitty badge from her etsy shop she drags actually autistic henry with her

No. 852149

where gays/lesbians kiss in public as a form of protest, in short

No. 852172

File: 1565650158267.jpg (32.79 KB, 1280x720, Ahenobarbus Henocied.jpg)

why do these big freaky eyes she draws remind me so much of this cursed image

No. 852209


So this much-needed crowdfunded wheelchair is having the same use as the "piece of shit" old one - taking Phoebe to Sainsbury's once a week. Great.

No. 852211


I'll bet you she's only going in order to reeeee about access and ableism and them not having a creche for attendees' children.

No. 852242

i wonder if it meets all the guidelines in that accessibility list she made. she certainly doesn't seem to care…

No. 852274

Having a sore asshole is not a disability.

No. 852279


if phoebe is non binary who does she kiss, a blobfish?

No. 852334

That would at least be the same species for her.

No. 852355

File: 1565682415424.jpg (121.55 KB, 750x1334, 68917677_485390145365696_71590…)

have you tried not being a cunt?

No. 852378

instagram: you’re on thin fucking ice ms tickner
feob: fuck you and your fatphobic ice, and it’s mx tickner! REEEEEEeeeee!

No. 852379

File: 1565687157698.jpg (598.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190813-100550_Ins…)

No. 852381

Hint: it's all that Chinese food, coffee and Huel. Yes IBS sucks but you don't appear to be trying fodmaps at all

No. 852382

She probably doesn't know what fodmap is. Or if she does probably thinks its "oppressive diet culture"

No. 852384

I looked through her food highlights and I noticed that she cooks full on meals for her lunch. So she has a full dinner for lunch and another one in the evening.

No wonder she's fat. Most people just have a sandwich.
She must have quite a bit of money to afford to do that.

No. 852393

File: 1565690527740.jpg (537.52 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190813-110137_Ins…)

No. 852398

she's performative about everything but this is next level manipulation

No. 852401


Yeah bottles of wine, take away food and coffee, if she's suffering it's self inflicted at this point. It takes 30 secs to look up the basic foods to avoid with ibs

No. 852404


She's baffled??

If a good chunk of your posts go against guidelines and count as bullying and harassment in the eyes of unbiased instagram staff… take the fucking hint

She's going to repeat her pattern of bullying behaviour and somehow expect different results

No. 852408

This fat cow is the most emotionally illiterate person on earth

No. 852417

her endless outrage at instagram slapping her on her fat wrist has to be one of her worst attitudes so far

No. 852423

her breakfasts are also astoundingly large

No. 852433

File: 1565701097038.jpg (37.09 KB, 421x655, Capture.JPG)

Seizing the means of production!

No. 852473

She'll be REEEE-ing that nobody kissed HER and how much ~pain~ she's in while making Henry push her around complaining about the noise and crowds and ~muh autism~

No. 852488

What a spoiled lazy cunt thinking badge making is hard work.

No. 852490

Such hard manual labour. She needs those mega portions to keep up her energy for that. Phew.

No. 852492

File: 1565711794897.jpg (803.74 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190813-165618_Ins…)

It's crazy how ungrateful she is

No. 852493

File: 1565711834789.jpg (508.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190813-165632_Ins…)

They all seem to struggle with proper letter placement

No. 852494

This and I think even any normal person without IBS who eats a huge portion of greasy takeout, wine, coffee, and a couple thousand extra calories of whatever quadruple-portioned crap ends up feeling like garbage in their digestive system too.
IIRC this is why she was never diagnosed with IBS but rather "symptoms of IBS" which means the doctor probably saw how huge she was and immediately thought "this fatass is just doing it to herself" since they're used to seeing fat whiners with self-inflicted discomforts every day.

No. 852497

Congrats on your huge backlog, you lazy piece of shit.

No. 852498

I don’t doubt that she has a ton of stomach issues, but in what universe is IBS a disability? That’s like saying fucking restless leg syndrome and asthma are disabilities kek

Anyways I’m positive she’s never done anything meaningful to try and fix the problem because it involves a lot of dietary restriction which of course means that she would literally starve to death bc of the mean doctors

No. 852509


'send positive thoughts'

That's something you say after a cancer diagnosis hun

No. 852510


Thing is if you have IBS you get so used to have an upset stomach that you barely bother telling anyone, you certainly don't take to social media to announce it because.. it's an everyday thing. This only proves that it's another attempt to get pity

It's unpleasant yeah but she doesn't even have to leave her house or use public transport with an upset stomach. Stop to consider that reality, Pheebs. Or people with crohn's disease

No. 852553

Knowing multiple people who do fodmap to ease whatever’s going on in their body, I can categorically say no one really talks about it because it’s boring, gross and personal and not seen as a disability at all. No idea what disease beefy is larping at to get her wheelchair bound but most people who use a mobility aid that can at times walk focus on rehabilitation of movement rather than slapping their fat ass in a chair and rotting. She doesn’t have ibs she just eats massive quantities of food that tax her digestive system. We’d all have bleeding anuses if we ate like her.

No. 852581


So strange that she uses an image of her stomach on fire to illustrate ibs. I've had 10 years of it but no burning stomach pain… It's just like her burning joint pain where it feels like she's on fire.. lol all sounds so made up

No. 852601

Her burning stomach pain is probably from eating way too much every single day. The massive stress on her digestive system must causing the pain, yet she thinks/passes it off as ibs/(ibd for some reason) and not her feed a family of 10 portion sizes.

No. 852611

I have to agree with this. I think she’s just suffering from all her damn binge eating. She eats rediculous portions and eats shit takeaway.

Didn’t her doc say she just has some ibs symptoms? But not ibs? She is so full of shit.

No. 852612


Yeah and sorry for grossness but if she literally eats three times the amount of food that a normal person eats (as we've seen) then she surely shits out three times as much. That's probably all her ibs really is

No. 852614

I'm just amazed her gallbladder hasn't exploded by now

No. 852618

Or she hasn’t had kidney/gall stones lol

No. 852661

File: 1565734201338.png (1.93 MB, 750x1334, AC03D95E-8253-4AFD-9A85-2820E3…)

And The Complaining Saga continues!!!! is this ungratefulness agitating anyone else more than usual or? Is it just me haha
She’ll never be happy no matter what the situation. This Cow really needs a reality check / something bad to actually happen so she realizes how good she’s got it. So fucking ungrateful and why anyone would want to support her

No. 852665

Her followers should see this and feel obligated NOT to order from her by Feeb logic. Since it hurts her so much?

No. 852666

yeah because pressing buttons is SO painful…

No. 852682

not just you. I feel like she's getting nastier and nastier by the day. Maybe she's complaining more often by now or her sense of entitlement is more apparent after recent shenanigans

No. 852683

She makes it so obvious that she's barely had a real job. Sage for blogposting but I worked for a merch company, and in the button room two of us would just put on a movie and have hundreds finished before lunch. It's the easiest job in the world for a disabled person. There's nothing wrong with her shoulders, elbows, or hands. Of course, now that I've posted this it'll be "muh carpal tunnel." God, she's the worst.

No. 852684

I don't know why she doesn't just own her BED. She could be an "ED WARRIOR" if she tried to do something about her intake. She could get a body back, regain mobility, and wouldn't even have to offend the other fatties, as this is about her "mental health" rather than trying to lose weight for aesthetics (even though that's all she'd care about, secretly).

No. 852693

But anon, she had to press the buttons AND slide them in packaging AND slap on labels! It's backbreaking!

No. 852697

That's an idea that requires a lot of traits we know Phoebe does not have. It would be a smart move, for one.

No. 852754

addressing mental illness with the purpose of actually getting better instead of wallowing in pity is challenging. if the last 8 threads have shown us anything, it's that phoebe is workshy, lazy, and not interested in actually bettering herself.

No. 852765

she's more in a feeder-feedee relationship with herself. and it shows in the way she's getting off on how large she's becoming.

No. 852819

Because most obese people don't believe that BED is a real thing. Pheeebs would actually have to own up to the fact that she doesn't eat normal portions, own up to the fact is she obese and getting bigger by the day, own up to the fact she doesn't take responsibility for her life right now. And we all know she refuses to own up to anything. If she admits she had BED then she'd have to admit her "disabilities" haven't been lifelong like she claims and its actually her massive weight gain. And she needs that fat, disabled, queer coin and oppression points and she's too much of a lazy ass bitch to give that up.

No. 852831

File: 1565778685297.png (1.9 MB, 750x1334, 6F237E49-4FA0-47B7-ADE0-FB9F47…)

Those nails are nightmare inducing.

No. 852843

>bad sales
>“I am poor and suffering!!”

>good sales

>“I am in pain and suffering!!”

She really just wants people to hand her money without having to do anything in return, doesn’t she.

No. 852857


Can you blame her when they gave her £2.5k in a week for a chair when she did nothing to deserve it?

No. 852888

Could she perhaps be posting this out of worry over government investigators seeing evidence of her working without much of an issue, and it harming her benefit claim? I mean, if she manufactures badges without complaint, you could easily argue (quite rightly) that she could get a job in an office or a factory without an issue as she has no issue with her hand dexterity.

No. 852893

The irony is, she's clearly severely mentally ill, and could probably get some kind of benefit legally, on account of her untreated binge eating disorder and physical condition of being an absolute unit. It's so sad seeing someone sit at home all day complaining, with absolutely no prospects or hope for the future, when she's surrounded by support and could easily go to trade school and build a proper life for herself. She's still so young.

No. 852903


All her complaining yesterday made me think this too, desperate to get on them benefits somehow

No. 852929

Her lips look swollen and infected all the time, it's really unsettling

No. 852930


All her posts on instagram won't negate her lack of medical evidence from professionals though. It amuses me that she doesn't seem to realise this. Plus she can post all the boohoo it hurts me type posts she wants but she undoes that hard work immediately with posts about attending concerts and posting weird pics in Scotland with her fat twin. She literally hands them her own contridictions on a plate. Silly Phoebe.

No. 852936

agreed. despite what people might think, the disability benefits system in the UK is surprisingly hard to swindle. you have to go for regular assessments that are pretty demeaning where they test your physical capabilities as well as mental. (make you walk up and down steps, lift stuff, do intricate things with your hands etc). like an anon said earlier, there's no way that they will let her get away with publically broadcasting how she makes badges and packs them by hand as if she couldn't sit in a factory and do the same thing.

No. 852938

she could get onto universal credit without needing to work if she could get a doctor to provide the job centre with evidence she is unable to work due to her mental health issues but they also encourage you to be taking anti-depressants or seek out therapy to prove that you're "dealing with it" for lack of a better term. basically, drs won't let you use mental health issues as an excuse to not work if you can't prove you're making the effort to also better yourself in that time. I feel like she's much too lazy or proud (or stupid) to even go to the drs and admit she has a problem there. the binge eating is really going to kill her at this stage though. she's heading towards amberlynn reid levels of eating herself to death now

No. 852939

Hell, even with mental health issues, Universal Credit still will make you look for work. I was on it for six months earlier this year, fully disclosed my mental health issues from the start and they were like "look for part time work then we will move you up to full time work if we think you can cope with it". The only way Pheebs could get any sort of UC without the work search part would be to prove physically she cannot do it. Since she makes badges, they will absolutely take that as proof she can do at least something workwise like packing orders, etc.

No. 852948

You can get it for mental health and have no obligation to look for work. Phoebe wouldn't qualify for it herself unless she pulled a load of medical evidence out of her fat arse but it does happen.

No. 852949

Adding to this, if she claimed ESA she'd be put in the "Work-related activity group" (guessing). For that she'd have to have reviews every 4-6 months with a DWP person who checks what you're doing to get into a position where you'll be able to work eventually. Eg, you have to show you're doing things to get better - seeking therapy, to be attending therapy, to be on specific meds - with proof. That's your "work related therapy". Idk what the situation is when you're living with a partner, but she's more likely to get benefits if she's doing something other than whine about pain on ig and whizzing around on a Pheebmobile.

No. 852950

work related activity* not therapy.

Lying around on her obese arse doesn't count.

No. 852952


Phoebe isn't entitled to ESA (the "too disabled to work" benefit) because she lives with Henry, who earns a salary above the threshold. I don't think it's a particularly fair system, even in her case, but she doesn't qualify due to that let alone her actual ability to work.

No. 852954

File: 1565800260073.jpg (636.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190814-172347_Ins…)

Harassment and bullying again.
Shouldn't she only be using her account for business?

No. 852955

No, I agree it isn't fair. She'd be better off living on her own but she wouldn't want to lose her slave.

No. 852956

File: 1565800332693.jpg (435.66 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190814-172355_Ins…)

Shocking! She's not attaching women!

No. 852961

??? This is pretty clearly a tent put up in a closed off lot for an event. What is wrong with these people that they are so desperate for something to complain about

No. 852962

File: 1565801231040.png (528 KB, 750x1334, 63AE220B-7314-4403-B23F-D65345…)

her account’s down again

No. 852963

suspended again! god is good.

No. 852964

Shocker. She literally couldn't stop posting things that incited witch hunts.

No. 852970

instagram is pissing me off tbh. just keep her fucking account down who cares about all the trolls asking to reinstate her account! at this rate she’s obviously not gunna learn, she’s had her account disabled like every other day for the passed week or so. like how many times are the gunba shut it down and reinstate it. let the pig and her piglet minions squeal and reeeee about it like really, who fucking cares.

No. 852971

>no sage
>needlessly aggressive
Phoebe, stop falseflagging.

No. 852981

biggest kek

No. 852999

File: 1565806720337.png (295.73 KB, 1080x2062, Screenshot_20190814-201706~2.p…)

Always the victim

No. 853005

did she delete the post? because i just checked and it’s not there lel

No. 853006

Lmao no one believes you, Pheebz. You worship dick.

No. 853012

File: 1565808094362.jpg (59.69 KB, 954x960, 67886666_496126417880289_45673…)

saw this and immediately thought of pheebs. she's going down a dangerous path and it wouldn't surprise me if she surpassed 600 by the time she hits 30.

No. 853025

I love when cows think that a forum existing is harassment. Like no one forces you to read here, you moron. If it bothers you so much stop lurking.

No. 853028

Imagine if she got real harassment, like she brings down on others when she incites brigading from her followers.

It's almost not even fun anymore to keep up with this cow. She's such a self-blind twat.

No. 853030

just imagine Feebs having a real job, you know like one of those where you're sometimes supposed to be on your feet for 7h and constantly be nice to people. Can't wait Henry dumping her so she knows what real financial struggle means.

No. 853034


Well that's probably the first time she's admitted henry 'pays the main bills' as she puts it lol

One thing she didn't address was the couple of anons claiming henry was using certain apps while at work and then deleting them on his way home, wonder why that didn't get a response?

No. 853038

phoebe having autism is as likely as her taking accountability for the attempted sexual assault and pro hitler tweets

No. 853040


She only shared it with friends, so we know the person posting this is friends with Phoebe. Or Phoebe herself.

No. 853042

not only that, but it's not the shops fault either for being on that spot. it's the festivals job to plan out where tents go, so all these people are villanizing this shop over something that may have not been their choice

No. 853045

Proof that she lurks here.

Phoebe stop bulling us, go away and don't post status' about us!

No. 853050


Not Phoebe.

No. 853054

Love how she admits he pays the bills but that's ok cos she buys her own nail polish and she got him a present lately??

Does she seriously plan on living with one wage between the two of them forever? Most people plan mortgages and moving up in life but it takes two people giving an equal effort to get anywhere. I mean henry is working a normal job so can't carry another person through life like that

No. 853055

all this does is prove her manipulation

>when I get suicidal I literally tell him it's ok if he wants to leave me

because saying "ok" in that situation to a suicidal person is ???

>I paid off most of our council tax debt from years ago!

SEE?? I DID A THING Henry does everything else but I did this! Years ago, but it happened!!

>I literally just bought him a random present, if I lived off of him and exploited him, why would I do that??

Pheebs you fucking narc, that's textbook manipulation

No. 853062


Exactly! As if he can leave comfortably when she's screeching suicide. It's not giving him the choice to leave when there's no real choice for him to make. She's so manipulative. Does she genuinely think she isn't essentially forcing him to stay?!

I don't know how she can sit there and write that she buys her nail stuff with her money and that's okay because she bought him a present too. How about you pay your share of the bills and actually contribute, you waste of space! Can you imagine sitting there painting your nails in a flat your partner works for, eating food your partner works for, shitting up the toilet your partner pays for, and then actually moaning about your life every day on top? She's such a leech.

No. 853092

As with last time, none of her "allies" are posting about getting her account back.

The fat Scottish girl, Wednesday, voices4ldn, fatqueenbee, littleboyblue - none of them actually care about Phoebe. They just like having her posts to share to show how "woke" they are.

No. 853093


Food he buys and then doesn't get to enjoy because she eats it all


No. 853103

WOW not only does she lurk, it seems like she reads every single post here religiously. Take a step back, Beefy, you shouldn't raise that blood pressure any higher than it already is

No. 853106

File: 1565820487526.gif (2.41 MB, 328x202, 547b419887048553d509dff989063f…)


"I pay bills if Henry can't afford to"

No. 853178


Henry would be better off too. He might be able to do some things he enjoys instead of spending his free time carting Phoebe to queer events.

No. 853233

Here's a concept: if you DIDN'T buy yourself nail polish and other personal items, WOULD you have enough to cover half the bills? Or at least closer to half? Because if so, you're a fucking asshole for spending the money on yourself instead of helping.

She literally is telling us that Henry pays for the bills while her arts and crafts pays for her to get herself things - and him a present! Because I'm sure he loves getting a present more than his partner providing her fair share! That way he can work more overtime, which she just loves about him!

Whether you're partner makes more than you or not is irrelevant. You should always pay half. If you are using half (or in Pheobe's case, more than half) of the resources, living space, utilities, it's only fair to pay for that. She's actually a piece of shit and I hope what she reads here, what with her obviously lurking, makes her feel bad. But I know it won't, because she's a total fucking narcissist. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 853265

I can't with her


But his family member who posted her to begin with said Henry was autistic, I trust the family member over pheebs any day.

>I tell him its okay to if he can't handle it and wants to leave me when I get suicidal.

That's super manipulative too? If he knows you're feeling suicidal and you're pulling this "its okay if you leave me" that's emotional manipulation because you know he cares for you and are using that against him. Pheebs you're disgusting.

No. 853271

ADD and autism have some similarities. I think the family member was misinformed. Henry doesn't seem like he has autism aside from a special interest in cars.

It's been brought up before that Henry being autistic may be incorrect - I think he has a sibling with more intense autism?

No. 853285

Phoebe, once again I'm assuming you're reading this, this thread wouldn't exist if you weren't such a malicious twit.

I'm pretty sure, besides your heinous tweets from years ago, what triggered this thread is the night you had dinner with Henry's relatives and posted intimate details slamming them for no good reason to thousands of people. You are a bully.

You are not oppressed. You try so hard to grasp at any labels for sympathy, while overshadowing people who actually struggle.

Targeting individuals (not even politicians. just random people) is not activism, you have time and time again been manipulative to your followers.

No. 853297

She's absolutely reading these. We're the "forums." I would say she was cowtipped but I would rather bet money she just google herself. This site is the first thing that comes up in search.
Phoebe, just stop being a HUGE bully and so disabled that you can't self-print pins? You're life will get worse if you seriously don't start taking care of your body.

No. 853301

stop appealing to the cow and trying to spoil milk

No. 853304

ADHD and ADD are common among people with autism. In childhood, autism can be misdiagnosed as ADD and vice versa. The two commonly coexist. ADHD (ADD) is thought to be hereditary.

Considering the fact that Henry has a brother with autism, I wouldn't think it was outrageous to assume that his family member was telling the truth that Henry has either both or one or the other.

Phoebe doesn't know about autism or any other medical diagnosis related to autism because she doesn't have it.

No. 853314

Nah she knew about being posted in here way back when she was posted in the personal cows thread. She's known about these threads since Day 1 - probably from that same reason, though, googling herself. Can't see how else.

No. 853325

"Henry pays the bills because he makes more money than me"
"If Henry can't afford to pay them I do"

So you can help more, you just don't. Also she makes up half the shit in that post or cherry picks the dumb anons who get the facts wrong or assume something stupid. Or misunderstood what were actually saying. Dumb cunt

No. 853448

Exactly, like she looks shitty even in her idealized version of events lmao

No. 853450


She buys herself nice things while he pays the bills.. she can dress it up any way she wants but she's basically a shitty version of 'a kept woman'

No. 853454

File: 1565871975545.jpg (306.52 KB, 1080x1082, Screenshot_20190815-132617_Sam…)

She has such a tiny audience on Facebook that she basically gets 0 engagement with her posts

No. 853456

File: 1565872311961.jpg (739.9 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190815-133008_Ins…)

Maybe leave the house if you want people to see your nails

No. 853458


Lady of leisure spending hours on her nails, it's a hard knock life for feebs

No. 853467

File: 1565875253568.jpg (662.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190815-142051_Ins…)

No. 853471


Did this bitch seriously give herself cow nails lmao

No. 853473

Its fucking 2 colors and nail art is like all she ever does, how did this take her "hours"?

No. 853474

File: 1565877938982.gif (183.88 KB, 500x270, CanineMerryHoneybee-size_restr…)

It is absolutely baffling that she is reading these pages and pages of posts about her; she's one of the most actively posed cows on the site, and still continues to provide us with a steady stream of horribleness and drama. If I were in this position and read pages of people calling me abusive, pathetic, talking in detail about why my actions are so wrong I'd be so utterly embarrassed I'd -delete fucking everything- and have a long hard think about the way my life is going, yet she seems to take no notice to any of the advice posted here at all or even respond to the shaming.

No. 853480

>>852999 She… already confirmed she doesn't have autism, and that she's being tested for it?? Why does she keep playing the autism card?

No. 853481

oh anon i was thinking she’ll start killing pups to make a big ass tent of a fur coat kek remember when she said she doesn’t wear panties? with the coat, she’ll literally be all fur coat and no knickers lmao

No. 853483


This is udderly ridiculous.

No. 853492

File: 1565881194020.gif (5.84 MB, 480x272, DEEA6470-BC63-4182-A82D-FC3796…)

No. 853497

seriously, all you need to do is a white coat and then slap on random shapes with a dotting tool. this would take an hour at most if you're anal about drying time. she exaggerates everything she does, it's crazy.

No. 853502

Desperately trying to convince herself she's active and her days aren't utterly empty

No. 853503

Keeping your cat at an overweight or obese level is straight up animal abuse. Someone please rescue Polly from her clutches before she ends up with feline diabetes or kidney issues.

Also that's some straight up emotional manipulation shit. Telling your partner "please leave me, I'm a mess" to force them into saying "no it's okay I love you, I'll never leave". It's not wholesome in any way at all.

No. 853505


"I keep telling him he can leave me anytime"

lol that is not a conversation that keeps happening in a healthy relationship, holy fuck

No. 853507


Fully leaving social media would kill this girl

Like girl your nails don't need their own fb page no matter how much the insta ban is breaking your heart right now

No. 853513

File: 1565884714637.png (307.88 KB, 595x803, nails .png)

Okay,sorry to sperg about nails, but these are expensive brands and the brand Holo Taco and phrase 'holosexual' is coined by a youtuber with maybe 8 mil subs. Her new brand of polish Holo Taco launched and to get it you basically had to be the first to click the link.
The collection she seems to have got is $60.00 plus maybe $15 shipping.

No. 853518

File: 1565886389279.jpg (438.6 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190815-172610_Ins…)

Self aware?

No. 853519

File: 1565886411068.jpg (495.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190815-172620_Ins…)

No. 853523

File: 1565886510851.jpg (766.7 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190815-172641_Ins…)

You just want your followers back.

No. 853524

Wild that she's supporting an already wealthy straight cis woman like simplynailogical. You'd think "holosexual" is some kind of lgbtq appropriation.

No. 853526


That was all over the news early in July. Probably too busy painting her nails to notice.

No. 853527

File: 1565886932277.jpg (64 KB, 1247x283, 0.JPG)

No, people are doing something about it.

No. 853533

she had to be glued to the computer to have been able to get this collection this early. prices weren't advertised beforehand either, nor what the collection would include. she really makes Henry pay all the bills while spending $60 on a nail polish collection plus overseas shipping without even thinking. this shit sold out in less than two hours.

No. 853536

Don't forget import tax. That was probable an extra £8 at least.

No. 853547

I tried to get this collection and it sold out before I could nab it and I camped out for the launch. Damn phoebe, got exposed yourself.(no1curr)

No. 853548

File: 1565889892685.png (792.14 KB, 750x1334, 547B2EC6-FC47-477E-B056-967868…)

aw don’t worry feebs, you only feel that way because it’s true x

No. 853564

Finally she's becoming self aware

No. 853574

Serious tin foil but hellomynameiswednesday shared a post about not being pressured into sharing things, wonder if it's aimed at feebs.

No. 853739

doubt it. it seems like they are genuinely friends or at least like each other. wednesday wouldn't have let phoebe take over her stories for a day or include her in her drawings if not

No. 853812

File: 1565936232641.png (1006.94 KB, 750x1334, 162155A4-36F2-4863-AFEA-CCCBF6…)

No. 853814

You are neither tho

No. 853823

File: 1565939188470.jpg (137.39 KB, 750x1334, 67107382_477000099762899_24609…)

No. 853824

File: 1565939209628.jpg (119.6 KB, 750x1334, 67075765_517357995738793_82051…)

No. 853825

File: 1565939247796.jpg (157.26 KB, 750x1334, 68719847_381896389191633_35199…)

No. 853872

so appeal the termination and stop acting like a bitch all over their platform if they return your account, holy shit. Like it's not this hard and she, as always, is adamant to make it as difficult as possible so she can have something to whine about

No. 853876

I love that her number one enemy right now is the same thing she's pitifully addicted to

Her love/hate relationship with instagram really highlights how she can't get along with anyone or anything

No. 853877

File: 1565952042825.gif (488.95 KB, 500x260, B422DBD4-CA7F-46A9-841A-B89481…)

me every time instagram deletes feeby

No. 853883

At least she's kind of acknowledging that the bans were just her fault, as opposed to the 'im being bullied and my account taken down by bullies' narrative
Though that won't get her as many oppression points lol

No. 853893

File: 1565959780642.jpg (709.54 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190816-134935_Ins…)

No. 853902

says a lot about her treatment of her followers that she knows people would assume she blocked them rather than assuming she got deleted

No. 853903


What kind of idiot reuploads things that have been flagged as abusive or violating the policy? Oh right.

No. 853905

Etsy literally provides you with sales graphs. The reason she isn't showing hers is that sales actually go up when her IG is disabled.

No. 853923

Nah, the real reason is any graphs will show that she has one or two sales every so often and then mass ships them when she can be arsed with the bonus of making it look like she sells loads. She'd ruin the "woe is me making 100 badges and the pain owwwww" angle she goes for.

No. 853926

anons actually confirmed her sales went up when her IG was deactivated

No. 853929

No, because she lies about when she ships things. She marks them as shipped on Etsy, which then sends the customer a notification email, then announces on social media a week later that she isn't actually sending stuff out until the weekend.

No. 853956

Anons have shown that based on her sales, her products and how she produces and prices them, she barely makes any money whatsoever through this poorly-run hobby "business" regardless, and she has confirmed that she uses the money to buy frivolous shit for herself like $60 nail collections while Henry pays for everything necessary, so why should anyone pity her for this?

No. 854084

Her nail polish spending and how she flagrantly shows it off is kind of shocking, as she claims she buys this herself and Henry pays all the main bills. We’ve added up how expensive her ‘self care’ habit is - you know you could chip in to the council tax or any and every bill you get. If she was genuinely poor, then she would put her money toward the essentials. Poor people generally don’t have the money or the fucking time to spend on luxury nail products.

No. 854089

You’d probably grab a Barry M nail polish every now and then and have done with it.

No. 854101

Equally she shows off what she eats and how much of it, anyone who has ever been hard up knows that’s not what being poor tastes like or looks like.

No. 854115

Yeah there's lots of decent cheap nail polish out there, bitch here is buying from expensive international indie brands, it's not just the actual products but shipping and import as well. There's no way her little hobby "business" is paying that well.

No. 854288

i love how she feels her acc being deactivated affects other people at all.
insta is extra evil because it's making her followers upset that shes gone lol, in the end it just makes her look more conceited. I doubt anybody misses her iconic posts besides farmers and her weird IRL friends

No. 854320

After this last burst of sales I honestly think her etsy is over. Unless she stays quiet on FB and expands on there somehow there is no way her crap will sell… and her IG is probably gone forever this time (hopefully).

No. 854458

Next chapter of this story will be feebs getting kicked off of fb for getting hateful on there too

No. 854464

was looking through older threads and was reminded of this nightmare fuel >>810379

No. 854468

File: 1566067436175.png (951.84 KB, 640x1136, 6F5379A0-1CAD-4D91-9190-6D8D1F…)

watch out beachgoers, the southend troll is on the loose!

No. 854470

underrated comment, i kek'd

No. 854508

File: 1566077229005.png (3.46 MB, 750x1334, D706A262-5A27-46B8-A5C3-93756D…)

Henry, take a picture of me rolling down the beach NOW

No. 854544

She's properly splooging out of her chair

No. 854551

this picture unironically instills some kind of i have no mouth and i must scream type terror in me

No. 854556

cannot wait for her to tip over

No. 854568


I never checked to see if the seat of her chair was adjustable. She needs a bariatric chair, honestly.

No. 854601

That chair looks small and uncomfortable. She’s spilling out of it. Doesn’t seem like the right kind of chair for her. But I don’t know shit about wheelchairs.

No. 854615


I do, and it's not.

No. 854648


No. 854651

File: 1566094835026.png (868.5 KB, 640x1136, 8DE1B369-43D8-4312-8B71-3D0D13…)

i see feeber dragged henry to another pride event

No. 854662

I wonder how Henry feels about being a straight guy in straight relationship with a straight woman and doing all this Pride shit? It's downright fraudulent, its relying on the goodwill of others to get away with it and he has to know it.

No. 854692


She identifies as Trans, too. Lmao. I seriously wonder sometimes he feels about dating an fakeboy. I know some people who are biological cus straight females but also claim Trans? Not sure what the deal is there

No. 854696

being a straight cis girl doesn't get you as much attention or clout online as being a ~*~trans activist smashing the cis-tem~*~. Calling yourself trans without having any gender dysphoria or making any sort of effort to be perceived the way you supposedly feel is standard fodder for silly little girls who think that a string of oppression labels on your instagram bio is the most groundbreaking and important thing ever. Plenty of lolcows do it.

No. 854711

She hasn't even earned the title of 'fakeboi' tbh, at least they make an attempt to look boyish (even if it's a uwu softboi twink look). She literally just acts and presents as a woman with no signs of actually wanting to be male, or identifying with masculinity, or a preference for androgyny etc, she doesn't even have shallow anime related yaoi fetishes influencing her and that's the bare minimum for most. She seems to identify as trans rather than male if that makes sense, and of course it's all bullshit to give herself undeserved sjw authority and oppression points.

No. 854712

Pardon my typos. I obviously meant cis straight females.

Heh I guess but I'm genuinely curious as to how they defend these labels and identities if or when confronted by people actually afflicted with such issues. Especially their S/Os, like Henry. Poor man.

No. 854735

It’s no longer #poorhenry. He’s clearly an enabler.

No. 854785

They don't really ever have to defend it because it's socially a bit of a no-no to quiz trans people about the legitimacy of their transness in those circles. If someone asks a question she doesn't like, she'll call it transphobia, put it on her stories, and rather predictably at this point get banned for being a sour cunt to people.

In her world, if you asked what exactly about her birth gender she doesn't like, she'd have fuck all to actually say asides from equating any query as tantamount to a hate crime. They/them'ing is purely for attention.

She has no life asides from complaining on instagram, drawing blobs and making badges. She has a lot of time to think about ~*~herself~*~ and ~*~muh identity~*~.

sage for pointless rage.

No. 854795

File: 1566132277123.jpg (978.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190818-134436_Ins…)

She used to do nice makeup when she went out but she's really given up now

No. 854799

i know nothing about cars or what happens at car festivals but lel going to a luxury car brand festival is totally a typical activity us poors like/get to do

No. 854809

Alfa Romeo is cheap trash

No. 854811

see what gets me is that her disablement is a self fulfilling prophecy. Whether she's genuinely disabled atm doesn't matter cause her refusal to walk like a normal person will lead to atrophying of her legs which in conjunction with her rapidly growing weight will make walking incredibly difficult if not impossible.

tl;dr if she keeps growing at her current rate she'll need a wheelchair whether she wants it or not

No. 854813

Anyone can go look at cars you know. I had a partner who would go look outside luxury dealerships at the cars, and there was often a bunch of other people clearly with no intention of buying.
Spiteful Nitpick af. Every car brand you perceive to be luxury has a whole string of cheaper vintage models behind it.

No. 854815

>>854813 whoa okay, i wasn’t being spiteful or trying to nitpick. i literally know nothing about cars, like i said in my last post. i didn’t even know car festivals existed until phoebe mentioned it

No. 854829

File: 1566139197762.jpg (997.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190818-153958_Ins…)

No. 854830

File: 1566139227995.jpg (883.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190818-154010_Ins…)

No. 854831

File: 1566139279847.jpg (841.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190818-154017_Ins…)

No. 854832

File: 1566139322577.jpg (846.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190818-154024_Ins…)

She's so huge

No. 854839

I gotta say, it's nice to see her doing something that Henry enjoys for once

No. 854851

File: 1566142227662.jpg (999.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190818-163027_Ins…)

No. 854853

how convenient that she gets overload at an event for Henry, but the gay nightclub and Pride was totally fine

No. 854854

Yo honestly this picture makes her look legitimately special needs. She looks so… simple…

No. 854856

I hadn't even thought of that. So Henry had to roll her to some ~safe space~ for her to "calm down", wasting time and taking him away from the event for a bit. Meanwhile he has to suffer through the loud, obnoxious shit she brings him to.

This'd be fine if she actually had autism, as those things happen, but the way she describes sensory overload is so tumblr. The very fact she thinks sensory overload is rare and important enough to deserve an insta story is suspicious.

No. 854859

It's not sensory overload for your ears and head to hurt from extremely loud noise. As much as she wants to find ways to prove she has autism, physical sensitivity to loud noise is an extremely common thing that a huge portion of normal people experience. She should have just prepared by bringing earplugs like people do for concerts.

No. 854864

Of course she ruined it lol. And yeah, why wouldn't you bring earplugs and sunglasses if you know it's an issue?

No. 854868

Yeah, anybody with a shred of common sense about cars knows that F1 engines are loud as all hell and it's recommended to bring earplugs to a race for everybody in general, not just for people with sensitive ears or anything. She absolutely should've known to prepare beforehand.

No. 854870

Because, as per her access document, she expects these things to be provided at events free of charge.

No. 854872

Her description of sensory overload is total BS, it is not experienced as a burning fucking pain in your eyes, ears and head, it's literally a feeling of restlessness and discomfort…no pain involved

No. 854904

Funny how her fibro pain is a burning pain, her ibs pain is a burning pain, now her autism is a burning pain??

I think she just likes using the most dramatic descriptions of pain and she's decided that 'burning' garners the most sympathy

No. 854905

Sage for somewhat off the topic of her current escapades in autism, but - is building credit not as big of a deal in the UK as the US, or?

Curious because if a young woman her age in my country had no bills to her name, no car loan, and no other lines of credit with payments to maintain - she would really be setting up for trouble ever being able to buy a home or expand a business. Even if she's counting on leeching off Henry (and his inevitable successors)…surely she has to realize that despite all her "empowerment" she's doing literally nothing to empower herself economically.

People have speculated about fat fetishes, but honestly I think she's like a reverse ana-chan. Her actual fetish is helplessness (see also: opreshun complex the size of Jupiter).

No. 854907

I really don’t think she finds her fatness sexual. She found out about body positivity, ate for Britain and decided to make it a disability so she doesn’t have to work or be accountable for her actions. She pretends she loves her big fat belly because it’s ‘empowering’ - but she hates women and any iteration of the female form, hence why she turned herself into a genderless blob.

No. 854910

File: 1566149834668.jpeg (69.56 KB, 650x690, 3CCDF7DA-5CEA-44C4-85BC-A3230C…)

She looks like Wayne Knight in this picture

No. 854913

haha fuck you're right

No. 854914

i find it hard with white couples sometimes to tell if there related or not but if i saw them in public id think that she was some disabled relative like a sister or his cousin lol

No. 854921

It's hard to look like you have down syndrome when you don't.. but she manages it

She looked normal in her thinner days but with that fat head now her features look ridiculously small and all scrunched up together

No. 854922

File: 1566152015835.jpg (676.76 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190818-191233_Ins…)

No. 854947

File: 1566157680432.png (1.92 MB, 750x1334, 8729BFD5-CE6B-4332-A06F-AA0459…)

You’re white, cis, straight and able bodied

You’re just fat

No. 854951

If she was really fat n proud she'd admit that it's her weight that prevents her from getting around easily.

No. 854961

Why does it say womxn and not women? Is this another dumb tumblr sjw term that I'm not getting or something?

No. 854965


No. 854968

It's a pretty old term coined by feminists to be more inclusive, like womyn or any of those other spellings. Doubt feebs knows an ounce of feminist history though.

No. 854970

I expect it's so there's no MAN in the word.

No. 854971

File: 1566159970200.jpg (33.47 KB, 634x177, 0.JPG)

Adding this, I googled.

No. 854981

File: 1566160760424.gif (492.06 KB, 176x216, 13D857FD-C746-4D91-B2DE-929239…)

No. 855004

but the term "women" includes women of colour….
and these sjws insist transwomen are women so this term is essentially meaningless. but it's exactly the kind of "woke" terminology feebs loves to use, just like folx, another meaningless term

No. 855011

It's like that black gay activist who says the terms gay and lesbian don't include black people and it's like ??? but they do??? Also I'm still not over "folx", I had no idea "ks" is a gendered marker lmao

No. 855019

File: 1566167754302.jpg (125.15 KB, 960x960, 68906349_722090108261919_23609…)

No. 855027

i bet she’s not wearing knickers. dirty cow

No. 855030

File: 1566171609870.png (120.16 KB, 358x432, 69b.png)

No. 855037

I don't think you meant to come off as a perv but, anon…lol

No. 855039

She only has one pair big enough for her giant "boi pussy".

No. 855043

It's clear as day she's too big for that chair, she makes it look flimsy and as if it's about to buckle under her at any minute

No. 855048

she is literally so repulsive

No. 855059


TBH I'm just happy they're doing something Henry likes! I think Phoebe adopted the "I like classic cars" thing from him as she has no identity of her own, but he is genuinely really into them.

No. 855061


Shame she wouldn't fit into this car she likes so much

No. 855067


This really fucks me off because maybe that thin white woman could have suffered anorexia when younger because of pressures to diet, so why would her voice not be as valid in a debate about promoting diets to children, just because she is still not fat*?

*"Thin" means not fat in Fat Activist speech. Anyone wearing a straight size is "thin".

No. 855087

Somehow Phoebe Tickner has managed to claim ultimate victimhood while simultaneously embodying THE most oppressive stereotype in all of recorded human history.

An overfed straight white englishman.

No. 855088

Fucking kek'd

No. 855129

pls no logic anon

No. 855130

All I see is Pepe peering out from underneath that denim jacket.

No. 855133

>>855037 oh no kek i’m just remembering the fact that she doesn’t wear any unless she’s wearing a dress/skirt but in this particular pic… the dress just billowing and horrified passersby get a glimpse of her sourdough boi pussy

No. 855135

File: 1566190104026.jpeg (43.02 KB, 640x349, 1D7991B5-7952-454F-8369-230AE1…)

No. 855136

File: 1566190143070.png (1.86 MB, 960x960, D3AAAD43-9C4E-4853-BC47-AEBD1B…)

save him.

No. 855154

She makes all of those oppression badges and doesn’t wear them? Is feebs finally starting to snap out of this phase ?

No. 855158

the wheelchair looks way too small for her, like Hagrid in a Smart.

Do we have any legcels/wheelys here who know if this wheelchair actually fits her?

No. 855159

i think it's been mentioned somewhere upthread that no, it doesn't, and without proper fitting and measurements that chair is a genuine risk for her health

No. 855160

Top kek anon

No. 855165

File: 1566210042307.png (1.28 MB, 2502x1260, Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-19 um 1…)

Phoebe, you are way too fat for this chair. Look at this HEALTHY, NORMAL sized person in the wheelchair and how its supposed to fit. I included the BMI Chart so you know how much weight you need to lose.

And don't drive around without the safety belt, Love!

No. 855172

Being in that way too small wheelchair must be more painful than the so-called “burning” sensation she gets from her fibro. That can’t be comfortable at all

No. 855176

why did she bother going to the showroom then? it seems like she only sat in the chair she found online to see if it could hold her weight and ignored the employees there who wanted to help her and make adjustments, etc. she probably REEEE’d and went back to the car and left poor henry to make the payment. the employees must’ve had enough of her so they thought it was better just to let the fatty get her precious uwu prop and eventually hurt herself for real when the thing buckles under her 350lb arse. that’ll teach her to fuck about with mobility aids unnecessarily.

No. 855193

Is there a chance she has already voided the warranty by using the chair over the weight limit? At least she can't return the chair and spend the refund money on penis jewellery now.

No. 855206

File: 1566226693831.jpg (176.24 KB, 750x1334, 67439025_665316217300601_97879…)

I don't know who the person is that Phoebe linked, but it's so mindnumbing that she doesn't realise that the vitriol she has participated in recently is still wrong. All abuse and harassment of individuals is wrong, regardless of your political affiliation. Do you think Instagram staff are sympathetic to your fat activism Phoebe??

No. 855212

Wtf does an account exposing your shitty behaviour have to do with upholding "Eurocentric heteronormative ideals"? If she's talking about why she's being targeted it's still dumb because she is European and from the part of Europe people think of as the west (also, a fat white British woman? Stop the presses). She's obviously a fake bisexual (sorry feebs, but being curious isn't being bisexual. Even if you tried a rape a girl to try it out) but even if she were bi, she's not visibly anything other than straight

Also, if this is "violent oppression" to make fun of a cis, white, cunt then you're just as guilty girl (except arguably half the people you go after aren't even cunts). Not to mention she goes after a brown, mentally ill, and disabled woman too because she made a slip up in the pronoun world that she was actually sorry and apologized for. Unlike Pheeb's "accountability tab" where she doesn't indicate sorrow or a want to get better, she just thinks it would look better if she exposed herself before anyone else does because some idiots think it's the same thing as being properly open and bettering yourself

No. 855219

>eurocentric standards
>white woman

No. 855237

File: 1566234400060.png (271.35 KB, 485x1024, Screenshot_20190819-125850_01 …)

No. 855238

File: 1566234443606.png (198.14 KB, 485x1024, Screenshot_20190819-125900_02 …)

Minor sage for derailing but this sort of bullshit drives me insane. “I can’t put into words how depressing it is to look in the mirror as a girl and see a masculine hipless/waistless figure.” Like, FFS. I’m sure there are plenty of “women” who look like you who are just fine with their bodies because jesus christ imagine there was something more important going on in the world/your life/you didn’t fetishise “women” as this absurd performative huge tits and makeup barbie creature. Gross.
Also lol at the idea of Pheebz ever donating to any of these people ever(>>>gendercrit)

No. 855241

take this shit back to the GC containment thread. none of this post has fuck all to do with phoebe except that she reposted it.

No. 855242

also, that’s not how you sage. this is how you sage.

No. 855252

File: 1566237562303.jpg (1013.95 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190819-185639_Ins…)

No. 855254

File: 1566237646745.jpg (905.99 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190819-185720_Ins…)

I used to work at a vet and we couldn't test blood that quickly. I'm also surprised that Polly was savage enough to need sedating. Sedation is dangerous and restraining a non feral cat is not that hard.

No. 855260

Hmm, vet bill begging incoming? If Polly did go to the vet I hope that she got fed proper food there.

No. 855262

She's raised £3300 in a day. Feebs must be seething with jealousy

No. 855267

Sedation doesn't necessarily mean anaesthetic. They probably gave her valium or another benzo and they wont allow pets home if it's the first time they've had that class of medication just in case.

No. 855276

Sorry to be a cat sperg, but it breaks my heart to see that cute little face suffering at the hands of someone so vile

No. 855281

File: 1566245778622.jpg (772.28 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190819-211612_Ins…)

Are these the same neighbors she accused of being loud

No. 855334

next thread pic pls

No. 855335

Another cat sperg seconding this. I know we're not supposed to go "save polly oh god" all the time, but I feel so bad for her. I hope Henry feeds her appropriate nutrition for an obligate carnivore behind Feebs' back.

No. 855450


I guarantee that safety belt is fatphobic. I mean, won't reach around her gut.

No. 855452


Sorry for samefagging.

This wheelchair's USP is that it's light and foldable/portable while still being a powerchair. It's not made to the user's dimensions like a custom powerchair is, but the leg guards and backrest position are adjustable though this doesn't stop her looking like she's literally bursting out of it. Maximum user weight is 330lbs, and I think Phoebe is still some way off that. For now.

No. 855536

File: 1566287617705.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, 1564516534633.png)


See >>>/snow/846099

This is as close to proof of her being over the weight limit as she'll admit, I reckon. I'm confident that she is.

No. 855539

Sorry for samefag, but I don't think 330lbs is actually that far off, if at all. She's very tall, 5'10/11 as far as I recall. 330lbs would give her a BMI in the 40s, which is very possible from looks alone.

No. 855559

I don't know how anyone can think 330lb is a stretch. She's huge! I wouldn't be shocked if she weighed more than that.

No. 855579

I've had my cat in for blood tests at the vet and they did it in less than an hour

>trigger my eating disorder

I kek'd

No. 855596

>begins every other sentence with ‘so’
>i feel so fucking unwell rn

nitpick af but it’s rlly annoying when she says these things constantly

No. 855597

Until I read about how stupid that was I always assumed it had to do with avoiding terms like Volk and their racial connotations. But no, as always, they're stupider than you thought.

No. 855603

It's as big as her vocab is ever gonna get.

No. 855658

The constant gratuitous ‘fucking’ and ‘fuck’ make her sound like a feral young orange chav who argues with security guards at Tesco entrances and yells at her kids that she’s going to foookin batter them if they don’t stop swearing. I guess that’s Phoebe’s chosen aesthetic but it’s something most people would avoid like the plague if they wanted to be taken at all seriously as a marginalised speaker.

No. 855661

So many people say "so.." at the beginning of every sentence. I headbutt them (in my head).

Her speech/writing really does show how feral she is. Has anyone ever seen her post something where she shows a genuine interest or knowledge in the causes she bangs on about (ie Syria)? It's all cut-up copypasta she finds on the first page google takes her to.

As for her weight, I'd like to see some undercover DWP inspector watch her heave her chair out then ride off on it.

No. 855675

File: 1566317086763.png (720.85 KB, 640x1136, FAB59368-E3D6-45C4-8D53-C86D49…)

pheebs shared this

No. 855688

Another gofundme that she doesn't donate to. She's quick enough to take everyone else's money, though.

No. 855699

File: 1566320663148.png (107.38 KB, 439x690, Screenshot 2019-08-20 at 17.49…)

I saw this, Wednesday has an absolute trip of a story in which she (?) talks about having bipolar disorder and psychotic episodes where she thinks she's a god. She seems to have had a psychosis 'what do you wish people knew' q and a and posted the replies, and it's the most aggravating uwu take care of us we struggle shit I've ever read. Here are some choice responses:

'However frightening it is for a friend/carer to observe, it's triply terrifying for us to experience' (meomemememememememe no one is important but meeee)

'We aren't dangerous' (lmao ok)

'bpd with psychotic symptoms exists too! both have such a stigma. it's hard to connect' (I wonder why)

'that telling me it's scaring them isn't helping me' (the only important thing ofc)

Must be going to an absolute ratchet surgeon to be getting this top surgery, she's clearly unstable and unable to give informed consent to have any kind of cosmetic surgery. Side, what do gnc people even have surgery for? What are they transitioning into, a genderless doll?(derailing)

No. 855749


Sage for stupid rant but that Wednesday person (?) is going off atm. Previous anons have mentioned how her art is “ok” or something along those lines. Well, it’s a pile of shit that’s not much better than Pheebs.
I wish Wednesday was slightly more milky to deserve her own thread.

No. 855751

Are you the same moron who got redtexted yesterday for your unsaged gendersperg? How many bans before you understand that no one gives a shit about these people?

No. 855762

Does top surgery really cost 17 grand?

No. 855766

It only says 15k now?? these scammers can't help themselves.

No. 855792

Yes, I've seen it $15-$18. Depends on the doctor and place I guess.

No. 855795

File: 1566331292044.png (1.64 MB, 1080x1324, Screenshot_20190820-210027.png)


Christ. She lives in London yet can't even be arsed to use NHS gender identity services that are based there. Says she needed the surgery since she was 20 - if she really did and went through the process she'd fucking have had it by now. What a fucking waste of money. She's even got these pics of herself in a harness that emphasises her tits a couple images back.

How long until Feebs decides that she's had Massive Chest Dysphoria since she was a foetus and crowdfunds that?(derailing)

No. 855833

Well people who actually need wheelchairs/mobility aids aren't always bound to them and many do try to walk when possible, because unbeknownst to Flubby pretending to be immobile is a great shortcut to actually becoming immobile.
No one cares, go rant about Weds in the personal cows thread or something. Fatass is never quiet for long, this thread doesn't need forced attempts at milking unrelated cows.

No. 855904


Apparently now at the age of 26 Wednesday has decided they can't possibly wait the 2 years it would take to get the surgery on the NHS.

And like Phoebe, many of their donors will be marginalised or mentally ill and poor themselves. At least Wednesday won't call a lack of boobs a "piece of shit" in front of them haha

No. 855946

i looked thru the donor list and the peebz didn’t donate anything. “all i can do is share i’m so skint bc i’m gunna buy these nail polishes and plastic earrings” headass

No. 855951


No it doesn't. Even the best private surgeons in the UK cost £7-10k max and that's including consultation fees. You also need a referral from a therapist but that's maybe £300 for the appointment.This is straight up scamming(stop)

No. 855956

she'd probably fit in the fakeboi thread if anons want to discuss her there

No. 855969

I kinda care, if there no milk for the moment of Phoebe it's kinda interesting/funny… and relative enough to some extent.
Maybe she could have her own thread soon…(this is not the thread for it.)

No. 856049


Certified wheelfag here since age 5 (thanks a fucking lot, transverse myelitis!). Without belabouring the intricacies of wheelchair measurement etc…

Short answer: no. And that's a problem because unless you are at a stable weight, your wheelchair should be a tiny bit larger than you need.

Long answer: this is a part-time wheelchair, designed primarily for people who have some residual mobility, the ability to transfer independently (as opposed to chairs that are designed to accommodate lift transfers) and need the chair primarily as a convenience measure to preserve energy. A couple of points:

- She's not using the safety belt, which is a bad idea. Probably because it doesn't fit her, but if she hits a curb or a pothole or something, even at a relatively low speed, she will fly straight out of the chair and might end up actually needing a wheelchair.
- The photo taken from the rear shows the safety belt is looped and hanging out around the back. That's the worst possible place for it. It can get caught in something, which can get pretty disastrous, both for the user and the chair.
- The same photo also shows that this is not a chair with an integrated seating system or whatever the hell they're properly called. These systems are moulded to measure, and intended to keep you in a fixed position. You should actually not be sitting straight up but slightly reclined so that it keeps you in place. Without this, she's basically not held in place but subject to movements in all directions. That's ok for an indoor wheelchair, but when used outdoors on irregular terrain, it will cause her muscles to tense up and might even cause whiplash.
- She's very clearly bulging out of her wheelchair on the sides. That's bad, because circulation there is reduced, and that can cause incredibly nasty skin infections. A well measured wheelchair would have ensured that her spine is upright and she's not 'sagging', preventing the sweat between her skin/fat folds from accumulating fungal infections.

It's absolutely bizarre she couldn't even be arsed to ask a doctor to write a wheelchair referral letter (that's free, it describes the need and it's up to you whether you pay your way or let the NHS buy it), and even more bizarre that just for the money, an unconscientous vendor sold her a chair that will make her worse off.(blog)

No. 856052

phoebe is one of the milkiest cows even without her main social media but ok

No. 856053

this was very informative, thanks wheelanon.
I had to laugh at the mental picture of her tumbling down a hill like a wheel of cheese due to not wearing her seatbelt

No. 856055

Incredibly insightful! Thank you for your much needed insight!

No. 856065


I was thinking about the lack of safety belt earlier too! I never wear mine but my chair is tilted so I'm not prone to falling forwards out of it if I hit a bump whereas Feebs is both bolt upright in her chair meant for short term use, and unbalanced because of her weight.

No. 856090

File: 1566401154704.png (776.27 KB, 750x1334, FDAA415E-D4D8-42DB-A36B-C1123F…)

Links to a post about why we should all boycott uk drag race, and as usual she’s exempt from her own rules

No. 856097

Wouldn't asking her doctor require her to be diagnosed with something in the first place? Apart from the morbid obesity, obvs.
I can't imagine them entertaining that shit for 5 seconds.
Prescription: stop stuffing your fat face and walk, you malingering tool

No. 856101

I think honestly that Pheebs might actually feel like she's properly injured or disabled. I have a feeling that she's been spoiled all her life that the tiniest difficulty in life feels like a mountain. She probably had mommy make her food until very recently which is why she wasn't nearly as ballooned up as she is now. Now that she's able to gain so much weight (and considering how narcy and dumb she is), she might actually be confused or in denial about why everything hurts. And then because she's lazy, she's not pushing herself the tiniest bit to simply even walk. And of course will never admit wrong and try to correct her weight

On top of all this of course she's an attention whore who also wants money just handed to her à la Shayna so she broadcasts what she actually probably thinks is what being disabled and poor is like. It's such a shame that most of her followers either don't have the brains to question things, or are fake poors/disabled themselves and can't call her out for all the really identifiable falsehoods she puts out

No. 856124


Why are we supposed to boycott UK Drag Race? Is it because we're all fucking bored of drag queens now?

No. 856126


I don't doubt that Phoebe is in pain and uncomfortable, she is very overweight and this puts strain on just about every body system and causes joint pain and damage. Also her lack of movement, a knock on effect of being in pain and tired from being obese, just makes it worse so she's starting to associate moving with pain. Self perpetuating cycle.

No. 856129

File: 1566407901784.jpg (696.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190821-181828_Ins…)

Or course the dumb bitch falls for this

No. 856130

File: 1566407929616.jpg (634.22 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190821-181822_Ins…)

No. 856131

File: 1566407967822.jpg (695.31 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190821-181845_Ins…)

No. 856137

This is literally an old popular Facebook post from several years ago with "Instagram" poorly pasted over every instance of "Facebook."

No. 856144

File: 1566410259153.jpg (981.1 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190821-185802_Ins…)

She could crowd fund for a haircut

No. 856148

She at least could get it chopped for like a tenner. Stupid excuse

No. 856152


Phogre has a receeding hairline because her hair is always in a bun, what does she want pretty hair for.

No. 856153

if all you're getting is a cut, just tell them not to use products. or hell, trim it down yourself. she acts like the most basic of things are beyond her.

No. 856154

Bring your own fucking products or do the scissors have to be vegan too. Also manic panic phoebe, you could at least do the length that colour even if you don’t feel comfortable bleaching your own roots. But that’s like a tenner max anyway

No. 856155

the fact that she reposted this just shows that she doesn't verify anything and just jumps on anything her little sjw circle has posted. i don't know how anyone could genuinely believe she's an activist after seeing this. she won't even take 2 seconds to verify whether this poorly edited chain letter is true (and she's gulliable enough to believe it in the first place) i'm surprised she hasn't posted an onion article yet.

No. 856156

But anon! She gets sensory overload when the scissors make the cutting sound, and she gets a burning pain whenever she bends down to pick anything up so she'd have hair scraps all over her floor. She physically can't. You better stop or you're going to trigger her eating disorder again.

No. 856169

This shit is a filter to weed out people who know old internet chain emails and people who dont, what a fucking mong.

No. 856197

this is so dumb, even for phoebe. we already know she dyes her own hair, and you can get a haircut for $15 if you don't go somewhere fancy. a cheap salon won't even use product unless you specifically ask.

hell, most poor people just cut their own or get a friend to do it. I guess she grew up middle class though and never had to worry about mom cornering her in the bathroom to give her a trim.

No. 856198

A lot of salons will let you bring your own products, she could pick cheap stuff in Superdrug and go with it. Hell, most salons will have a vegan product available.

Or she should invest in some hair cutting scissors. I haven't being to a hairdresser in 10+ years cos my bf cuts it for me. It's not like its too hard to do, but I bet she thinks its beyond her.

No. 856200

It's beyond her because of her 'pains' - you could easily cut and dye your hair like this at home. It's not a complex haircut and she has light hair anyway. Scissors, some bleach and some blue dye…but she wants to be pampered because she's so poor and hard done by. No one can be that fat and poor…on top of nail polish and dick candles - you can easily spend 15 quid to do your hair at home.

No. 856209

Aaaand if she'd actually suffered any hardships in her ife, you'd know that 'poor people' do their hair at home. If you can spend all that on nail polish and food - you can wheel your fat arse to superdrug and get supplies in for your recedding hair.

No. 856213

god, please let us see feebs try to cut her own hair, fail miserably, and then threaten butterknifeicide and crowdfund for a better haircut

No. 856232

Yes the minds of everyone poor is complaining how expensive it is for professionally styled and dyed hair and the luxury of vegan products. I know poor people want cool shit too and feel nice and pampered, but they save. Here in the US, a lot of poor people usually wait till income tax to buy luxuries, but spend most of their lives unable to even get dentures in their early 30s because of living in a car as a teen. Pheebs doesn't even know how to play a poor person, much less actually be one.

No. 856241

Jerome Russell powder bleach - £3.99

Jerome Russell peroxide - £1.13

Cruelty free.

The blue dye is however much you want to pay. Even £land do it.

No. 856256

…then don't go to a salon???
There is no way the UK doesn't have any cheap chain haircutters. Not everyone can afford to even think about going to a salon or even a place that doesn't just spritz your hair with some water and then cut and comb it. Christ she's so privileged, normally I wouldn't care but she actually thinks she can larp as someone who grew up poor and shits on Henry's family while she expects salon service with specialty products.

Get your hair cut short by some place cheap then buy some Punky Colour hair dye at the drug store (or whatever good brand she can find). Tbh considering she never washes her hair and body she could probably use SPLAT hair dye as well with no issue.

In all honesty though, if she had 60$ to blow on one nail polish collection then she can easily pay for and afford salon cut and colour. She just maybe can't pay for it until she makes a few more sales and doesn't spend the first bit of money she gets for more boob socks. Or until Henry gets his next paycheck to steal from

No. 856263

the barber shops in the uk are pretty cheap, I’ve usually seen 10-15 pounds for women’s cuts and it’s about the quality you’ll see at Americans chains like Great Clips. Salon cut and colours are out of most people’s budget lmao I hate how entitled she is

No. 856269

>>856213 butterknifeicide, KEK

ngl i want to see pheeb with a buzzcut, i’d die from laughing hard

No. 856270

Student hairdressers at colleges or salons give colours and cuts on certain days for a very reduced price.

No. 856274

File: 1566425018503.jpg (349.57 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190821-230300_Ins…)

What Phoebe posts, and how she acts are two vastly different things

No. 856279

File: 1566425169872.png (544.52 KB, 640x1136, 21A4F0F8-CA1E-4011-A414-093550…)

No. 856280

I bet she has a weird shaped head.

No. 856281

File: 1566425284988.jpg (854.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190821-230840_Ins…)

No. 856282

she thinks that reposting this stuff every couple of months is the same thing as taking an honest look at herself and the privileges she holds. i've never seen her do an honest self-reflection. every time she writes an essay on ig it's about how she's the Most Oppressed.

is she denying that she sexually assaulted someone and made those tweets praising hitler? what happened to accountability?

No. 856285


She's so dumb, she just got her Instagram account taken away for bulling, yet here she is sharing people's full names again. How can she not learn.

No. 856290

Ëven ignoring her wheelchair scam, people only buy her badges to support her and her supposed identities, so she does receive money. No one would buy her low-quality items if she admitted she was a privileged straight English woman.

No. 856291

File: 1566425674520.jpg (871.03 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190821-231505_Ins…)

No. 856292

File: 1566425711460.jpg (865.32 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190821-231512_Ins…)

Clearly hit a nerve

No. 856293

She's not just "faking pain", she's mistaking pain and limited mobility from her body buckling under massive rapid weight gain with having an incurable disability. Of course she's not having fun or making much money but she's taking the laziest way out of avoiding confrontation with her addiction (food) by indulging in her misery, playing it up and acting noble about it instead of doing the tougher work of meaningful self-assessment and subsequent productive change of what she does with her life. 600 pound bedridden people aren't lying about being in pain and they're not having fun or becoming rich either, but it's clear why, and she's almost arrived at their lifestyle already.

No. 856295

kek she’s clearly upset

No. 856296

poobz always complains how brushing her hair is “painful” and i was always like wtf is she on about? how could everything be painful even brushing ur hair? then i see this pic and realize it’s probably due to the fact that it’s a disgusting matted dirty mess. literally looks like one giant knot. can’t believe this ogre is engaged let alone in a relationship jesus chris t

No. 856297

If she tried, she could drop that weight in 18 months. She's painted herself into a corner where if she says she's losing weight intentionally she'll be disowned by the uberfats.

No. 856298

why is that even a club anyone would wanna be associated with lmao

No. 856300

who else is going to buy her shitty merch

No. 856327

She'd have to fake an illness and blame that for the weight loss.

No. 856360


Gosh it's almost like the drag scene was started by cis gay men…

No. 856363


if she had any ability to think for herself whatsoever she'd look up hairdressers who could come to her home, so many actually disabled people use services like that

No. 856366


Sorry, which portion of the wheelchair did she pay for herself? Her GFM raised over the amount required by at least a couple hundred pounds.

No. 856367


It's not a disability when you can cure it by losing half your body weight.

No. 856378

most likely those "surprise fees" or taxes of 200 she was having a melt down over

No. 856411

I think you’ve hit the nail on the head anon

No. 856435

Not entirely.
But the point is Phoebe's hypocrisy here. There are people in the Uk drag community who rightly see an issue with it but Pheebs is just about that virtue signalling while at the same time screaming "yasss qween" when Cheryl appears.

No. 856451

File: 1566447338135.jpeg (116.17 KB, 269x340, 1551898918055.jpeg)

sage for mild ot/non-milk but compelled to add: I was scrolling back through old threads to see how long lolcow had been documenting phoebe's nonsense. She's only been here 5 months or so, and it's been a fucking landslide. First picture is what most of us got introduced to. My my, she's gained.

Phoebe will be the cow I remember when it comes to the Lolcow Awards this year. She's the milky gift that keeps on giving. Even when she's banned from instagram for behaving poorly, she still finds ways to be obnoxious online.

No. 856456

Totally agree anon, I binge-read the feebz threads yesterday and was more entertained than I had been with any cow for a long time. I think she’s /pt/ worthy personally.

On another note, it’s incredible how much she’s gone off the rails mentally and physically in just the 5 months we’ve been aware of her. She looks 10 times healthier in the first thread image than now, and that’s saying something.

No. 856458

I almost want to say it seems like she's being affected by the threads, but there's a little more sympathy in that statement than is really owed. I think she has really taken 'being called out' very badly - which is hilarious for someone so happy to blast others and demand accountability in public spheres.

She's a privileged little girl who is dreadfully uncomfortable being reminded of her wrongdoings. She's comfortable attaching oppressed identities to herself because she probably thinks it negates being quite so shitty to everyone.

She's young and could actually learn a few very useful lessons - about knowing when to keep the trap shut and also about limiting online content. If she didn't volunteer us all this shit, nobody would be talking. She seems pretty determined to learn this the hard way, though.

May the milk continue to flow. Bless this terrible cow.

No. 856522

File: 1566475275146.jpg (662.64 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190822-130105_Ins…)

She makes everything about her. No one cares about your shitty artwork.

No. 856526

Why do all three of the sexual assault survivors have to be fat, non-white, LGBT and disabled? Do straight, normal weight survivors not matter?

No. 856540

File: 1566479182070.jpg (559.85 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190822-140637_Ins…)

What the fuck is she on about. She hadn't sacrificed anything to pay rent, she doesn't pay rent.

No. 856544

Expensive nail polish and etsy purchases are more important than paying health or rent first, huh? It's amusing to see where her priorities are.

No. 856549

Buying makeup and a $10 pair of pants that say RESISTANCE on them because they were on sale was totally sacrificing your health to pay rent, Feebs.

No. 856572

That’s the point she is trying to make but is too stupid to communicate: that the straight, white, thin rape survivors are believed, but others might not be.

Of course she is living in a fucking dream world if she thinks straight, white, thin rape survivors are believed!

No. 856615

What the hell is going on with the middle ones hair kek

No. 856622

Lol why do these people assume Kylie Jenner is obligated to pay their rent? Reeks of envy.

No. 856647

If she couldn't afford to pay her rent she would be getting housing benefit. She doesn't because Henry earns too much by working. Also what healthcare is she paying for? She uses the NHS.

No. 856681

File: 1566498092338.png (917.12 KB, 579x1189, DA64D36F-0E0C-438E-BC49-13E9F5…)

Dr Now came out with a new book guys lets all throw 50 cents and get it for our beloved phooble

No. 856690


But she upped the GFM to cover the fees and if she was actually disabled she'd be VAT exempt (works by self-declaration, doesn't need any certification, benefits proof etc) and not pay the extra tax on products for disabled people.

No. 856691

Not even tinfoil - Phoebe is jealous of how much worse income inequality & healthcare access are for minorities in America. She acts like she has to deal with food deserts and hyper-expensive whole foods & fruit/vegetables, too. Pretty sure she's always posting about USA politics because her life genuinely would be pretty shit here, and she'd possibly even have somewhat of an excuse for being an unemployed fat piece of shit.

No. 856693

I don’t think she did? I feel like she posted crying when she had to pay fees because she had to pay a paltry amount out of pocket. If I’m remember incorrectly forgive me.

No. 856700

Yeah I seem to remember the same as you. Didn't she have to pay £200 in fees, cried about it, then said that she couldn't pick up the chair for another like week cos of the fees and the processing of the donations?

No. 856711

Yeah (other anon here) I wanted to check my memory so I found it 2 threads back
>>834975 Here

No. 856752

I also love the implication that women are never believed, whereas men I guess are totally always believed when they talk about being victims of sex crimes. In reality the opposite is true, of course, but Feebs lives in her own special brand of reality.

No. 856754

File: 1566506030284.png (1.76 MB, 1280x916, 8pvzruuz86g01[1].png)

She really put a badge saying "FAT" on the fat person, huh. Ben Garrison watch out, Feebs is coming for your brand.

No. 856758

Those ARE men, anon. Boys can be femme too. Stop assuming gender, you fascist /s

No. 856790

Tranny mod b gone please(take your complaints to /meta/)

No. 856804

This dumbass could be buying beans, rice, and frozen vegetables but instead she buys hugely expensive frozen premade patties and takeout food that she eats at least 3,000 calories of daily. "We've had to sacrifice our health to pay rent!!!" Ok lol. She even gets mobility aids donated to her and all kinds of free medical treatments and tests in her country which she doesn't even need. When has she ever done anything comparable to selling plasma to pay rent? Her rent is taken care of thanks to Henry's work, unless she counts HIM being overworked as "WE."

No. 856821


No you guys are right, my memory failed me on that one!

But love how she considers her contribution to the chair (200 pounds) equal to the donations she elicited from actual disabled people.

No. 856949

File: 1566544579644.png (1.82 MB, 750x1334, A6A08964-7D9E-402C-8F08-A8D636…)


No. 856950

File: 1566544582598.png (2.19 MB, 750x1334, 2D10442D-4172-4EE8-9221-23D611…)

fatvag has been given her account back yet again

No. 856952

File: 1566545172623.png (1.04 MB, 640x1136, A61EC7A9-BEE4-4767-9575-8E4AD3…)

Peebz is mega poor but she can afford a gel lamp.

No. 856954

Ah, yes, the time and money to maintain nails like that definitely screams 'I'm destitute'. /s

No. 856955

It’s a disgrace that she dares to beg for money from people who follow her, and then buys things like a fucking gel lamp. She’s preying on the vulnerable. Horrible, horrible waste of life.

No. 856956

Forgot to sage this

No. 856957


It's gross that she doesn't bathe or shower regularly, yet grows her nails out like this. Imagine the crud that gets under them. shudder

No. 856964

you can delete posts for the first 30min after you make them

No. 856983

how do her natural nails look like shitty acrylics? and all of that shit could buy a weeks worth of groceries for the average person

No. 856985

Her nails are always pretty nice imo (although I don’t know what I’m talking about when it comes to nails) what’s stopping her doing this as a job. Surely a salon could make allowances for a “disabled” person

No. 856987

Do you really want to force some poor unsuspecting women to have to sit close to her only-showers-once-a-month ass for minutes if not hours at a time? Plus it'd require her to go outside and wouldn't let her make her own schedule (i.e. put everything off for weeks and then spend a day complaining about how much "work" she has to do) which is definitely ~ableist~ in itself.

No. 856993

She NEEDS her hair ‘professionally done’ fuck off Fakey

No. 856998

I wonder if she will go to a men’s barbers or a standard women’s hairdressers. Hehe.

No. 857008


How long until she publicly bullies someone and gets taken down again?

No. 857010

It could totally work, in a nail salon you just sit there and do the work on the person's nails. She could even go to a trade college to professionally be qualified, she has a portfolio so she'd easily get a job if it weren't for her personality.

No. 857011

She totally strikes me as the kind of person to have very thick curved nails, look at how thick and curly her hair is.

No. 857018

>>857011 yep, i remember seeing her toe claws in previous threads. vile.

No. 857026

File: 1566570734761.png (1.39 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190823-082616.png)

I am only size 18. Am I fat enough to define my experiences? I may not be a hamplanet but people sure don't treat me like a thin person.(nobody cares)

No. 857028

Nope, doubt you'd even be considered a "smallfat" according to her.

No. 857030

it may have been brought up before but i really think shes trying to get fatter just to try and be the fattest, most oppressed bitch around.

No. 857070

File: 1566580029323.png (178.75 KB, 520x626, Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-23 um 1…)

Phoebe has 9 Nailstyles on her FB Nailsite, the used products are worth c.a 160 £ ( = c.a 200$).

She's a leech. Scammed really poor people to donate money for a wheelchair und chinese food.

Numbers on the picture are in £ btw.

No. 857079

You're in a size range where alot of docs would mention your weight at every appt but by Feebs standards you're not oppressed enough to be fat

Fat is the new black!

No. 857082

on their own I don't think this is a big deal. spending 5 - 10 quid on polish every few weeks that lasts awhile and is something she finds joy out of isn't that bad. but compounding that with claiming she's staved off her and Henry's healthcare because of how poor she is and that she didn't pay a cent of the base cost of her chair, only the "surprise" fee she discovered once the fundraiser was up… she can't have her cake and eat it, too. flexxing how poor she is while still being able to buy a $50+shipping nail polish set is unbelievable.

No. 857101

File: 1566586055780.jpg (876.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190823-194426_Ins…)

She's so dramatic, it's not that expensive. Stop whining about your first world problems

No. 857103

File: 1566586278809.jpg (915.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190823-194442_Ins…)

No. 857105

Drag race has been pretty good at showcasing people from different races. What is she on about

No. 857106

File: 1566586390880.jpg (1 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190823-194454_Ins…)

"I neeeed a ramp!!!"

No. 857109

I guess the upcoming UK version only has white drag queens. She's been on about it a bit recently

No. 857110

File: 1566586535744.jpg (613.21 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190823-194512_Ins…)

Nightmare fuel

No. 857111

Phone lagged. Great. anyways, why do you NEED to get it done professionally? No offense, but just ask a friend or henry to cut it off for you. It’s not that hard and perfect hair should be the last of her worries…

No. 857112

File: 1566586570541.jpg (891.76 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190823-194535_Ins…)

No. 857114

File: 1566586675496.jpg (482 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190823-194626_Ins…)

She loves attacking the vegan community

No. 857115

File: 1566586817519.jpg (579.61 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190823-194657_Ins…)

No. 857117

truly a punchable face

No. 857119

does she mean ramp in the front door? or the stairs from the third floor? imagine a steep ramp like that kek she’s gonna roll down and crash

No. 857120

These people really work hard to stay mad constantly, huh.

No. 857135

No one would want this smelly aggro bitch to their nails, while she harps on about being oppressed for eating herself to death, plus looking that bad in a beauty environment is a big no no. She lol’s at everyone calling her out and her account has been disabled 3 times? And she still doesn’t realise she’s the problem, because she’s spoiled and self obsessed.

No. 857136


8 out of the 10 queens are white but since 87% of the UK is white then it pretty much reflects the UK tbh.

No. 857143

So they're not all white, that's my mistake. Gay men of various body types nevertheless. Isn't Phoebus a fan of the American show? I feel like I've seen her talk about it.

No. 857157

she talks so much shit about the show but CONTINUES to watch it. she is the poster“boy” of having your cake and eating it too

No. 857168

how delightful, a female ignatius reilly

No. 857176

God Phoebe, please shave your head. Just imagine

No. 857185

Something I don't understand about her is how she seems to genuinely dislike being stuck in her flat - but it's not like she's actually stuck in her flat, she could just as easily walk down the stairs on her own! She hates being stuck in her flat so she… choses to be stuck in her flat?
It's like she put her hand on a hot stove top for no reason but instead of taking her hand off the stove she just spends her days complaining about how much her hand hurts and how she would be able to take her hand off the stove if only people donated more money to her, all the while genuinely hurting. I just don't get it.

No. 857188

Wow she actually looks semi-normal in this one. She should wear her hair down like that - and wash it and herself - more often. On a less appearance-related note, I love how she went on and on about how the new wheelchair was gonna be the one thing that'll finally get her out of the house and out into the world and now here she is, with the chair, not even bothering to get out of bed. Classic Feebs, never change.

No. 857192

yeah let's not forget how she had no issues at all barhopping when she went on vacation even though she had to walk around, go up and down stairs, and stand for extended periods of time. how do you go from doing that for an entire night to not even being able to stand for a minute to lift your chair over a curb?

i'm sympathetic to people who have diseases with flare-ups, but she talks as if she can't walk at all which is blatantly false

No. 857195

She probably does experience some pain when she's out and about, it's just caused by her morbid obesity rather than any sort of disability. She clearly wants the easiest way to get around without having to lose weight or withstand any sort of physical exertion or discomfort, and that's a chair.

No. 857199

she doesn’t hate staying in her flat. she needs an excuse to not have to work, so she pretends her paaainnn is so bad.

Am I the only one who thinks it’s obvious when Phoebes posting here??

No. 857209

She still looks infected and filthy

No. 857216

she doesn’t hate staying in her flat. she needs an excuse to not have to work, so she pretends her paaainnn is so bad.

Am I the only one who thinks it’s obvious when Phoebes posting here??

No. 857219


Which posts do you think are Phoebe's?

No. 857220

so like a ramp for all 3 flights of stairs she has to go down just to get out of her building? lmfao imagine her running into the walls, due to the momentum, if that were true

No. 857221

Blue hair will not suit her skin tone at all.

Blue hair is super hard to pull off, it's very harsh and can really wash your skin out. She'll hate it and not be able to get rid of it, as blue colour stains the hair shaft green.

It'll be an amazing meltdown so I'm hoping she does it for the glorious milk.

No. 857267

it's self-sabotage and avoiding responsibility. I mean, she's even sabotaging her body's abilities. her whining and complaining makes it sound ridiculous but I believe she really is miserable up there

No. 857278

"hamplanet" kek! I wonder if princess Pheebs in her tower could become so fat and cause so much gravity that small fats start to orbit her

No. 857300

This colour won't even last long, maybe longer than others (bc she never showers) but will still wash out, and the curls won't last longer than a day. I can't see anything here she couldn't do herself- the colour isn't complex. She sure loves to look where to spend money for a self proclaimed commie.

No. 857321

Interesting that she loves one of the few things she’ll never ever be able to change. Surprised she hasn’t used her freckles as some sort of oppression issue yet. Tbh I think they’re kinda cute.

No. 857330


She says she has asthma, but never mentions it except when listing all her non-disabilities. I'm guessing she'd use that as a reason not to work in a nail bar.

No. 857333


I'm wondering what she's even referring to with "sacrificing health for rent". Maybe she means her medications, because she's not eligible for free prescriptions due to Henry's job paying above the threshold.

No. 857335


Powerchairs can handle hills, though. Hers even has safety anti-tip wheels visible. Is she that heavy that she's worried about toppling?

No. 857393

watch out pheebs, what if someone brings up how despite being so poor and broke and unable to work you are, you are still on a vegan diet, which signifies that even poor disabled people can be 100% vegan? kek. idiot

No. 857415

If she's on more than one medication a month she can get a prepay card which costs like £10 a month. She could just not buy a few nail varnishes a month to afford that.

No. 857427

"No diversity" includes picture with a POC. Like for all I know there's 29 white men and one black/brown man but Pheebs ain't educating me with that photo. After checking an article I've found that two of the ten are visible minorities (potentially more minorities I just couldn't tell from pics and be arsed to research). Aside from the fact that this isn't that bad for representing England as a whole (maybe not London but dunno), many minorities are very much not into outlandish sexuality so that skews the selection pool by a lot too. If your culture very much doesn't approve of screaming about sex you're very unlikely to be in drag

Tbf, the vegan community is pretty notorious for its racism and overall ignorance and privilege, but that post didn't actually talk about any of that. It's random vapid "woke" drivel written by someone likely as uncaring towards other races as Phoebe herself. It just looks good on her profile and the next time someone points out that Phoebe disproportionately singles out minority women for the worst of anger she can point to this post and go "how can I be racist when I totally post about how racism exists?".

No. 857438

File: 1566647986535.jpg (64.78 KB, 500x600, royal-caribbean-opens-perfect-…)

I was going to suggest a waterslide instead of a ramp like pic related but she'd probably get stuck in it.

No. 857482

Exactly. The thing she as a food addict wants most is also to say the pain is from a mystery disability and not from obesity. It's normal for extremely overweight people to experience pain while walking, to avoid stairs at all costs and take the elevator, etc., but if Phoebe admits that then she'll not only be turning against her whole infinifat community but also forced to tackle her ongoing issues with food rather than pretending her healthy past weight was anorexic.

The idea of Feebz catapulting down a waterslide like a steel ball is hilarious.

No. 857510

Her 10th time threatening to shave her head cos brushing her hair is just too much work.. go ahead hun nobody is stopping you

No. 857513

File: 1566666835843.jpg (510.87 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190824-181417_Ins…)

Clearly we're bad feminists for not being fat.

No. 857520

Jfc these people can't be serious. They're mad because people try to look after their health? This annoys me so fucking much.

No. 857522

maybe fat people are doing their own thing without you phoebe because they see through you or they’re housebound and ill because of their health problems and can’t be arsed to go to festivals where you ham up your self inflicted disability…… god her fucking attitude

No. 857523

if she shaved her head she would immediately regret it and it would be like christmas come early

No. 857543

Lmao this bitch can’t be fuckin serious

How does this even remotely begin to make sense?? You’re not a feminist if you aren’t fat? What? I can’t wrap my fucking brain around this one. Explain, phoebe

No. 857544

File: 1566674455065.jpg (1.07 MB, 810x3131, Screenshot_20190824-202114_Ins…)

No. 857545

File: 1566674658860.jpg (671.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190824-202322_Ins…)

No. 857546

File: 1566674699443.jpg (641.39 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190824_202450.jpg)

No. 857553

File: 1566675412813.jpg (751.93 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190824-203547_Ins…)

So many nail varnishes

No. 857554

File: 1566675437921.jpg (655.26 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190824-203639_Ins…)

No. 857558

File: 1566676305676.png (145.81 KB, 496x315, Screenshot 2019-08-24 at 20.52…)

She'd probably pretend it was cancer or a dissociative episode and GoFundMe for a rainbow wig

Fat kids already hate themselves, they're in an unnatural, uncomfortable state, never get to fully enjoy running and jumping with their friends, and are being robbed of their childhood by their scumbag fat fucker parents. I hope this fat positivity shit ends soon with some good old-fashioned high profile deaths to really drill the point in, it gets me angrier than literally anything else that comes out of the social justice crowd and it's so mainstream now. I can't wait for the day when someone is allowed to just say, 'shut the fuck up, you ugly fat bitch', and the spell of pretending fat people are in any way desirable is broken.

No. 857561

Imagine thinking that kids being morbidly obese is fine. This bitch is fucking ridiculous.

No. 857563

File: 1566677038560.jpg (768.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190824-205616_Ins…)

No. 857569

Do you think that if she was the parent of a child with Prader Wili she'd leave them to eat their self to death? I think she would.

No. 857572

File: 1566678545844.png (337.26 KB, 583x512, Screenshot 2019-08-24 at 21.20…)

As an oppressed uwu ana snowflake (diagnosis and everything, suck it EDNOS plebs) I am sick to death of every time any suggestion whatsoever is proposed to tackle child obesity people screech about encouraging eating disorders. It's such a small amount of people who suffer (0.3-0.4% of young women and 0.1% of young men) and then you look at overweight children in the US and it's 30.7%. What I'm trying to say is, everyone needs to calm down about eating disorders and maybe swallow the pill that their kids are too fat, need to lose weight, and they've utterly failed as parents to the extent that an app needs to step in to teach children how to eat properly. There are so many people responding to this new app saying they went to weight watchers as children (with a doctor's note) and it made them feel bad, can you imagine how big you have to be to get a doctor's note to attend a weight loss session at fucking eight? And actual respectable organisations are encouraging this deflecting 'but what about eating disorders????' nonsense.

But anon, taking away their food would hurt their feeeeeelings and obstruct their self-care! If they feel like they should eat, they should listen to their bodies!

No. 857575

>My page is a safe space for fat people
Unless they’re “smallfats” aka anyone smaller than her, in which case they can eat shit, right?

No. 857578

I can completely understand the concern over why a company, whose money is banked based on how long someone stays fat or at least yo-yos on their program, wants an app that targets children.
An app doesn't "need" to be pushed onto children, there's an agenda at work there.
Why do we need to give kids a program before they've begun barely getting an education on nutrition and fitness? What will the app solve if they live with families who force bad habits onto them?

I don't like Phoebe, but the difference between her and children is that she can actually help herself if she wanted to.

No. 857584

Nutrition and fitness education in the UK is…lacking, and trusting parents has clearly failed. I can see the merit in having the app available so interested children/teens can educate themselves on actual healthy eating, provided it actually gives this info of course.

I see your point about corporate self-interest anon, but the backlash doesn't seem to about that at all, but people being horrified by the mere suggestion that kids need to be put on diets because they're fat.

No. 857637

as if she would do something meaningful to help with her pains and self diagnosed CFS. we all know she wants to eat herself into severely debilitating obesity.

i dunno anon, there are far too many healthy weight kids with negative body image thanks to media and unrealistic beauty standards. when i was 13 i skipped meals and overexercised til i got sick, just because i was considered fat even though i was 126lbs/healthy weight for my height. a lot of girls/kids are in the same boat.

however, i do agree that child obesity needs to be tackled but i think the emphasis should be on health and nutrition, rather than beauty standards/anything that’d cause negative body image, you know?(blogging)

No. 857695

…so she wants people to gain an extremely unhealthy amount of weight so SHE can feel more validated?

No. 857721

So she wants skinny people to be more vocal about fat oppression yet throws a fit when they are …?

I don’t get this girl

No. 857725

Kinda ot but for background - The app is a 'traffic light' system. Green for 'go' foods, amber for foods to eat less of, and red for 'stop' foods eg. soda. It's not calorie counting. A kid who wants to learn how to eat better might do fine with it. Why say "ok kids get no tools to use for themselves at all"? Obese kids are essentially being abused by their caretakers, give them a fucking tool to use.

No. 857736

Look, I get you mean well and I'm sorry you felt bad about your weight but this app has nothing to do with that. Teaching a kid that junk food is bad isn't going to fuck with their body image, the fact that they're already fat fucks might but that's their parents fault for abusing them and letting it go so far that they need to lose weight. These aren't healthy kids and even if they are thin, they very likely can still benefit from this app because parents aren't teaching their kids proper eating habits and you need to catch that shit early.

Also, besides the fact that we are no longer in the 80s to early 00s anymore and nobody aspires to be Twiggy, seeing thin people doesn't cause eating disorders. You might get disordered eating but this app can even help with that if your parents fail you there too. Eat well and you'll be healthy, simple as fuck in theory and if this is taught from childhood then the kid can actually intuitively eat and be fine never counting a calorie in their life. Anorexia is a lot more than just wanting to be thin and those wanting to be thin or not have any body fat are far more complicated than simply wanting to look like a movie star or something

No. 857789

Jesus she's only 21?! I thought she was 24-25 at least. Fat and hate really does age you.

No. 857800

I guess it's not ot since the outrage around it is clearly what Phoebe's reacting to

No. 857804

File: 1566734825047.jpg (454.41 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190825-130635_Ins…)

She's really on the disabled train today.

We get it Phoebe, you're disabled

No. 857805

File: 1566734871427.jpg (361.33 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190825-130641_Ins…)

You're not fatigued, you're just fat

No. 857806

File: 1566734925212.jpg (526.79 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190825-130658_Ins…)

"by the way, I'm disabled, so the heat is worse for me"

No. 857807

File: 1566734957891.jpg (425.58 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190825-130708_Ins…)

No. 857808

let's change a universally-understandable pictogram because feebs is having a whine.

No. 857812

hahahaha holyshit. what. This is the most pathetic thing i've seen in a while. The wheelchair symbol is universal though. It doesnt mean only disabled people use wheelchairs. is she actually retarded?

No. 857813

Most people work outside in this heat. she needs to shut her mouth. All she does is sit on her fat ass and post online

No. 857827

File: 1566741082466.png (8.87 KB, 960x960, 1242[1].png)

Ah yes, everybody looks at the pictogram for disability and thinks that it means that everybody who's disabled is in a wheelchair, just like how everybody looks at this pictogram and thinks that women only ever wear skirts and also probably don't have necks or facial features or hands

No. 857834

Funny how everyone has a visible disability and then you have a black person.

No. 857857

Does she not understand what a universal sign is? It's a single sign, it can't fit every possible combination of disabilities and skin color

No. 857858

apparently beingblack is a disability in itself kek

No. 857877

File: 1566750959377.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, 6E918EE3-0A91-45C9-9612-256B71…)

hmmm thought she couldn’t eat fried foods??? KEK

No. 857890

She has to eat chili fries for her terrible IBS that plagues her with burning pains obviously.

No. 857897

For someone so insistent that you can be disabled without being in a wheelchair, she sure as hell wasted no time securing herself a prop wheelchair for maximum believability.

No. 857899

What do gay people have to do with people who aren't British citizens and overstay their visas, come here fraudulently or commit crimes while here? Is it an 'accept absolutely everyone and everything, even obviously illegal and unacceptable behaviour, or you're a bigot against anyone'? Is it that the race card is so overplayed, you have to argue for discrimination against everyone for your point to have any gravitas?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 858002

File: 1566768780098.jpg (1.16 MB, 804x3243, Screenshot_20190825-223327_Ins…)

No. 858005

File: 1566768936767.jpg (906 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190825_223601.jpg)

It's low hanging fruit to make whale jokes, right?

No. 858011

How can anyone look at this and think "yep, she definitely needs an electric wheelchair"??? Her scamming is fucking insulting.

No. 858013

File: 1566769234304.jpg (439.3 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190825-223741_Ins…)

Guys, don't forget, she's disabled

No. 858015

File: 1566769277426.jpg (816.77 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190825-223840_Ins…)

No. 858019

her tiny round pea head on her enormous frame lolol

No. 858023

this is absolutely not someone who needs an electric wheelchair. a sedentary lifestyle is one of the worst things someone with fibro can do for their health, and a doctor would never recommend an electric chair unless there were other issues at play.

she can stand, she can swim, she is clearly capable of walking on her own. she scammed people for that chair because she doesn't need it

No. 858027

this is absolutely not someone who needs an electric wheelchair. a sedentary lifestyle is one of the worst things someone with fibro can do for their health, and a doctor would never recommend an electric chair unless there were other issues at play.

she can stand, she can swim, she is clearly capable of walking on her own. she scammed people for that chair because she doesn't need it

No. 858042

File: 1566772444267.png (276.37 KB, 458x533, feebz.png)

Her neck is melting into the rest of her body.

No. 858044

her fat distribution is so unfortunate she's a fucking giant apple with pancake tits her BMI must be off the charts with how she carries all her weight in her stomach

No. 858047

classic lmao

No. 858051

The term fatphobic never made any sense to me. People arent scared of fat people. they're more disgusted by people who are so lazy they get this big, then seek entitlement. I read about people saying it's 'fatphobic' to allow weight limits on lifts and roller coaster rides, etc. Pheebs seems like that kinda cow

No. 858052

She looks like mid-transformation Violet Beauregard

No. 858061

>The stares
That beach looks empty as hell, if anything she secluded herself on purpose, and I bet no one was actually giving her stares she's just projecting her insecurities.

No. 858305

How dare you care about something if it's not the thing I care about!!!!

No. 858309

Holy shit. Bitch is acting like "Chronic fatigue" is polio or MS. Literally "pick up and grasp objects." How about you try picking up and grasping a weight and moving it up and down you lazy ingrate.

No. 858353


Look ma, no wheelchair!

or cane either

No. 858407

File: 1566846459546.png (874.56 KB, 640x1136, BD904B2B-14BF-45D1-9EA6-AA4C9F…)

grimy nails, and she looks greasy

No. 858416

Her face always looks like it's got some active infection and her lips look herpy as fuck

No. 858498

File: 1566861529861.jpg (691.81 KB, 2048x2048, CB8B336E-694D-4637-8B6C-D5E72A…)

August 2018 vs 2019. She actually had a chin and cheekbones!

No. 858514

her titties look so fucking gross in the first pic jesus christ

No. 858523

Gotta represent for that one titty twice the size of the other one demographic. She'd put that in her Instagram bio if someone told her it made her "marginalized".

No. 858525

Is that Henry basically hover handing her? Kek

No. 858550

File: 1566868091633.png (479.29 KB, 920x435, Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 02.0…)


Sorry to derail but this person's been "disabled" a matter of months, no apparent diagnosis unless they're purposely leaving it out, and already has a service dog "in training".

Phoebe's likes are a goldmine of milk.

No. 858551

You really can tell as much by her overly dramatic post that Pheobe liked. The only "illnesses" she cites are unnamed and "psychiatric".

No. 858572

It's really jarring seeing how normal Henry looks next to her, even back then. Clean, groomed hair, good skin with no faggot face paint on, clothes that fit and aren't something that a seven year old girl would probably wear. It's wild.

No. 858574

I seriously don't see how anyone even relatively normal can date someone like her. Henry must be a feeder or a bit of a cow himself.

No. 858582

There's probably a degree of it as all enablers kind of are, but I wonder if he's also just kind of blind to it at this point, that it's become his new normal. Not to harp on about #saveHenry2k19 but he is a sperg after all, and Phoebe's loud, and incessantly overbearing. He might just be easily lead/a huge pushover. He may have pushed back a bit at one point but with how explosive Phoebe is who knows how that went. At any rate, I do feel sorry for the poor bastard.

I wonder if his relative who originally posted in the personal cow thread still lurks here.

No. 858585

How is she not embarrassed by this? She doesn’t need the damn thing. Imagine her zooming into the doctors like this with no diagnoses that warrant it. They’d be gobsmacked

No. 858587

No. 858594

File: 1566874251130.png (191.39 KB, 500x281, 8YD2er0.png)

Phoebe is an evolution of Daffyd Thomas, the only queer disabled fatso in the village or anywhere

No. 858595

File: 1566874380465.jpeg (24.19 KB, 474x273, th.jpeg)

No. 858607


Agree! Honestly, in the pics where she's in her chair and/or he's pushing her along (like the Mario and Luigi ones, and the pride march or whatever it was pics), he genuinely looks like her paid carer and she looks like she's a "special" girl out on a day trip from the residential home. That pic with her stood with the cane and her goofy face and saggy uneven braless boobs and his hover hand is another.

I don't know how she can look at the pictures of herself and not take responsibility for the fact she does this to her body.

No. 858659


I can't wait for her next doctors appoinment! Now the doc will be ableist as well as fatphobic!

No. 858663

You're forgetting classist, transphobic, and sexist. Obviously. I bet they haven't even bought a fucking stupid badge. Oppressor!

Phoebe's GP must feel like they have to walk on eggshells. If they so much as imply that weight loss would help, they'll get reeeeeeEEEE'd at for triggering her eating disorder. She's probably resistant to physiotherapy because it seems like effort. She's the kind of patient who just wants magic pills and lots of attention.

She probably makes Henry take her to appointments too, despite his work schedule.

No. 858665

I think the fact that this is his first relationship is also a good reason why he just takes her attitude without any (from what we know) complaints.
Most people lets anything fly in their first relationship because they don’t have anything else to compare it to, him being on the spectrum might also push his maturity back so while he’s an adult he might still have the mind of a stupid teen

No. 858700

She doubled in size since then– My bad, her "disability" got twice as bad since then through no fault of her own.

No. 858705

File: 1566901905249.png (1.46 MB, 750x1334, F5A3B25D-3B4B-4FA0-A78E-27B188…)

It’s 30 fucking degrees where she lives, does the cat really have to wear a bandana? Are we covering up the never healing sores that Pheebs claims has healed? God that bitch infuriates me.

No. 858771

>>858705 she loves her little shit so much that she doesn’t give polly proper nourishments.

No. 858782

File: 1566924716536.jpg (118.49 KB, 750x1334, pt1.jpg)

Got a few story grabs coming up…

Phoebe is a literal cow now I guess.

No. 858784

File: 1566924793071.jpg (175.7 KB, 1440x2562, pt2.jpg)

Can't be arsed to google or ask another "artist" ?

No. 858785

File: 1566924843135.jpg (99.82 KB, 750x1334, pt3.jpg)

Obsessing over black women again.

No. 858786

File: 1566924869682.jpg (69.31 KB, 750x1334, pt4.jpg)

and giving herself a whole list of excuses not to "create art" even though it's just a hobby as it is.

No. 858789

Reminders like "it's okay to do nothing sometimes" and "you're allowed to rest" are meant to be for perfectionist overworkers who can't give themselves a break. Phoebe is on one long vacation drinking wine in bed.

No. 858791

She would hate her if she was thin. She's so vapid and shallow.

No. 858810

this is a reach. the cat isn't going to be overheating because of a cloth bandanna.

No. 858823

She's come such a long way..she used to fetishize black men, and now she's uh fetishizing black women. Well done feebs!

No. 858835

fuck off, phoebe is a known animal abuser. the ugly bandanas are completely unnecessary and like anon said, Polly had wounds under there, fugly Phoebe is likely trying to hide them. It doesn't matter that the cat is not overheating, it's uncomfortable for her and that's enough to not decorate a cat.

No. 858849

Wouldn't it also potentially be worse for healing the wounds by having them covered by the bandana and potentially trapping heat and sweat?
Not to mention I'm worried that the bandana might tighten up one day around Polly's neck as it isn't a proper collar and the cat is relying on Pheebs being decent at tying knots in a way which they won't get tight. And the cat is also relying on Pheebs being capable of jumping off the bed/couch to run to the cat to save her if things go wrong

No. 858894

cats dont sweat but it's an abomination either way because those bandana are so fucking ugly and look so fucking tacky on that cat

No. 858928

File: 1566937486461.jpg (797.54 KB, 809x2653, Screenshot_20190827-212324_Ins…)

No. 858929

File: 1566937543032.jpg (518.9 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190827-212516_Ins…)

No. 858930

File: 1566937571464.jpg (777.7 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190827-212520_Ins…)

Maybe she's Shadow banned?

No. 858937

Or maybe people don't care about some half-assed bubble writing and an advert?

No. 858943

I think a big portion of this entire worthless community is about taking advice given to overworked overachievers and applying it to their lazy worthless selves as a dual act of delusional self congratulation (I work so hard) and unnecessary and even harmful "self care."

ie. Narcissists reminding themselves to care about themselves as much (read more) than their partner. Obese overeaters reminding themselves that food isn't just for health and their more than their body. The lazy reminding themselves to take a break and the habitual consumers reminding themselves to treat themselves once in a while.

No. 858992

"But this is mainly to people who are middle class and above"! Bitch what the fuck lol. Of course Feebs doesn't have to give her money to people in poverty or participate in mutual aid, she can only receive! It's always "give me give me give me!" only with her. She thinks admitting that she has some privileged (see: she has a lot) means that she can absolve herself of responsibility of helping others that she forces on others. I'd like to see her give some of her money to help others for once, and not that shitty measly amount she donated to a charity from sales of that one specific button or some shit.

No. 859027

File: 1566942833036.jpg (493.84 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190827_225437.jpg)

No. 859030

File: 1566942886044.jpg (388.22 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190827-073052_Ins…)

Tracing them?

No. 859032

She's so fucking preachy. I don't think she had many middle class people following her.

No. 859181

I like how she acknowledges that growing up middle class is a privilege and then is suspiciously quiet in that post about the fact that she grew up middle class thanks to her cop dad. a cop dad that she could easily move back into, if she really needed to.

what about the privilege of having a safety net and not actually having to worry about anything, pheebs?

No. 859198

I think yes she’s been shadow-banned? . If you type in her username you don’t see her account come up until you type the entire name correctly. Which is weird and I assume means it’s this shadow ban thing? How do “they” do that?

No. 859199

All it takes is to see the demise of Lulu that another anon posted here before. When she was adopted: beautiful fur, and both eyes. After Pheebs: filthy paws, missing an eye, neglected coat.

And hey Phoebe, if you only feed Polly vegan because that's all she likes, then why did you feed Lulu vegan.

No. 859256


I'm sure she mentioned she was keeping the bandana on the cat because of the print/t shirt design which had it on her, so Polly's "famous" for wearing it now.


She would absolutely be "relying on benefits" if she could convince the meanies at the DWP that she was actually disabled and not just way too fat


FLOPPED again! That's a Phoebe bingo square for sure and now I'm tempted to make one.
Not everyone is going to look at their instagram often enough to see every single post from everyone they follow - only Phoebe has enough time to do that.


Can't wait for her End Heroin Stigma badges.

No. 859258


A shadow ban means that your posts don't come up in searches or hashtags. It doesn't mean that your followers can't see your posts.

No. 859370

"uncomfortable for her" what are you on about? it's a fucking bandanna. the cat has never seemed to mind it and phoebe claims she puts it on her because she thinks it's cute, not to cover injuries anymore (not saying this is fact, just that it's what she says currently). it's no different from a cat collar in terms of comfort for the cat.

No. 859398


Not to keep flogging a dead manatee, but cat collars are supposed to be elasticated in part so a cat can free themselves if it gets caught. The bandana isn't. But it's much of a muchness since they keep her in a tiny flat with no outside access. I wonder if they bothered having her vaccinated/dewormed etc.

No. 859548

File: 1566994339212.png (1.28 MB, 750x1334, 8D71F760-9A8D-467E-B5E1-BA6735…)

No. 859553

slightly OT but people on twitter are complaining about some magazine guest edit jameela jamil did about body posi, size inclusivity, etc. while being styled with clothes from brands that aren’t available/don’t cater to plus sizers… wonder how long before pheebs notices. we know she loves to REEEEEE against jameela.

No. 859563

File: 1566997025701.jpg (565.69 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190828-135003_Ins…)

No. 859565

File: 1566997056886.jpg (655.73 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190828-135018_Ins…)

No. 859572

Bitch its not the stigma that kills, it's the drugs. This is coming from an ex-junkie.

Please make a bingo!

Gofund me Louis Vuitton purse next!

No. 859580

That skin is abysmal.

No. 859585

File: 1567001054287.png (1.02 MB, 750x1334, BD249F45-4488-46A4-A4B2-0F6286…)

How, you ask, Feebs?
For starters, she definitely showers every day. She takes care of her skin and hair and puts effort into her appearance/makeup. More importantly, she is just simply fat, she's not a raging activist or attention whore (seemingly) and isn't trying to make excuses for her fatness by saying she's sick or disabled. This could be you too, Feebs, but you've completely let yourself go under the guise of disability and helplessness.

No. 859586

I've never known junkies to be all that easily offended, what's next 'heroin acceptance' cos lets not judge people?

Another post that screams -stay in your lane- really

No. 859589


If she doesn't, can we assume that she's actually learnt something from her multiple-ban experience?

No. 859591


Her skin is "suffering in the heat" because like everyone else she sweats more when it's this hot (30+ degrees in the UK over the weekend), but she doesn't wash her face enough.

No. 859592

stigma can prevent people from seeking help though
but yeah like this anon said, the vast majority of junkies don't really care about what you call them. there's no way pheebs has ever met one though and she probably only knows about addicts from her cop dad. she should stop speaking about things that she knows nothing about. if a thin person had a story that said "don't call people fat" she'd be all over them for it.

No. 859594

i have never known purely “the heat” to cause painful whiteheads, they come from dehydration, eating too much sugar, your pillowcase being unwashed, and not washing your face leading to the pores becoming blocked. not to skinfag but lol

No. 859598

It's so bad it has to be diet related, she doesn't even consume dairy so.. greasy or fried foods? The same food that sets off her ibs all the time

No. 859608

It could also be hormone related- the heavier you are as a woman the more likely you are to have hormonal issues which causes outbreaks. & PCOS which causes fat to distribute more around the waist and upper body as per swimsuit photos

No. 859682

Lollll I know Kayleigh (gaymisspiggy) irl and she’s definitely a cow herself. Pretends to be queer but is most definitely straight, just like Phoebe!

No. 859684

She probably consumes dairy tbh. I really don't think she's a strict vegan. It's a difficult diet to maintain and she has literally no discipline. I don't put it past her to play vegan online and eat cheese or even meat in private.

No. 859721

File: 1567016579657.jpg (407.97 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190828-192317_Ins…)

No. 859722

File: 1567016610855.jpg (696.41 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190828-192326_Ins…)

No. 859743

Does she think we haven’t seen her vids with her parents? It sure doesn’t look like they turn to her to fulfill their emotional needs.

No. 859745

File: 1567018500585.jpg (445.39 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190828-195502_Ins…)

No. 859766

>>859745 lol her enamel pins will look shite, worse than her badges i bet

>>859682 not to derail but i’m intrigued, didn’t she have a girlfriend? i came across her insta a while ago and saw the pic of her with a tear streak because she got dumped

No. 859773

Get ready for her to either spend lots of money and then complain about how nobody is buying them or for her to make some cheap diy pins and then complain that nobody is buying them.

No. 859779


I don’t keep up with her life but it was probably all for show. Everything she does is for Instagram.

No. 859786

I 100% believe that Phoebe gets non-vegan grocery deliveries whilst Henry is at work. Dairy binges coupled with eating vegan whilst Henry's around would explain her "IBS" too.

No. 859800

File: 1567026131691.jpg (1.16 MB, 1236x1560, bingo.jpg)

Ntayrt but I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring with a feebs bingo.

No. 859807

I love it, anon. Good job!

No. 859809

the comic sans is a great touch

No. 859825

>>859786 i was wondering about how feebs gets her post/deliveries? i’ve never lived in flats so i don’t know how it works but don’t you have to go to the actual front door to collect when the postman rings for feebs’ flat? but she claims she can’t use the stairs, and she gets a lot of post. hmm.

No. 859826

>>859800 top kek anon

No. 859830

>but don’t you have to go to the actual front door to collect when the postman rings
Hmm, excellent point anon. You would for parcels too letterbox, yeah. Even if she has a pigeonhole or something UK letterboxes are a standard size and most of this shit clearly wouldn't fit through.

No. 859835

File: 1567030892985.jpg (65.38 KB, 639x719, 54b2f99aae54b9fc456a4f350ad79f…)

Lmao perfect anon

No. 859846

Depends where you live. Lots of flats have a delivery buzzer and they'll deliver everything to the actual flat door. So she may only have to lumber to her flat's front door rather than down the stairs.

No. 859886


Nah, I think she's actually committed to being a vegan. Why else would she have started feeding the cat vegan food? Even most vegans acknowledge that cats are obligate carnivores!

Also that way she can say that she eats a healthy diet because she hopes we're thinking vegan = whole grains, pulses vegetables, tofu etc. However it's Phoebe so it's actually chips, fake meat, bread, wine and Huel.

No. 859916


This is a work of art! You did far better than I could have managed anyway!

No. 859923


In my experience of living in flats in the UK, the postie buzzes enough doorbells until someone lets him into the building and goes to each flat in turn. Any parcels that don't fit into letterboxes when the resident isn't home go back to the delivery office and a note is left informing them of this. Amazon/Yodel/other gig economy delivery drivers tend to leave stuff outside the door of the flat (but inside the secure building) or with neighbours.

But Phoebe is living in a converted house from what I can make out so it might be different. There everyone's post tends to get piled up in the hallway and people pick it up on their way in from work. I guess Henry does it?

Or if she's expecting a parcel maybe she actually does manage to "crawl" up and down the stairs on her own because muh $20 nail polish…

No. 859928

She's deleted from IG again.

No. 859970

fucking lol…this dumb bint was posting screenshots of what got her banned in her stories, what’d you expect pheebs

No. 859996


Are you sure you're not just blocked?

Also in "my post flopped!" news, she posted the swimming pictures and essay about being harassed on the beach to her "art" Facebook page and no one liked or commented. Is she "shadowbanned" there too? LOL

No. 860001

Her account has been removed. When you google search her account and click on the link that is meant to take you to her account a message comes up saying Sorry, this page isn't available.
The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed. Go back to Instagram.

No. 860021


Sorry, it's my first instinct because she has so many people blocked for not kissing her arse enough. I wonder what she did this time?

No. 860038

I wonder what she did to have her account removed again? She's been pretty restrained this time

No. 860058

in converted house flats it does tend to be different. there's either a divided bin downstairs or things just get left in the hallway. we all know pheebs regularly walks down her stairs anyway, because she doesn't have a stairlift or ramp.

No. 860059

Henry is a "devoted" Vegan and was one, before he met Phoebe. I wouldn't even be surprised if he forced the vegan food on the cats.

No. 860062


Incoming sperg

No. 860066


I have a feeling her account is somehow flagged by instagram permanently, no matter how "restrained" she is there must be some automatic trigger to shut off her account.

Also you can sage your posts by typing sage in the email field.

No. 860067

I doubt Phoebe eats animal products in her own time, it's ridiculously easy to gain weight on UK staples like soft drink, chips, crisps etc. If she lives around the corner from Tesco it's probably very easy to obtain cheap alternatives. Also we know that she loves to feel morally superior

No. 860071

File: 1567072675582.jpeg (141.61 KB, 735x942, 797600C8-961C-41AA-8D75-113CE5…)

No. 860077

File: 1567073802024.png (1.2 MB, 750x1334, AABF5340-7F7D-48CD-8B36-CC52D3…)

No. 860078

File: 1567073833306.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, ADD5A245-97D7-44ED-A74F-B2F431…)

No. 860081

she won't get any warning notifications anymore, as insta can close her account without a warning.

And Phoebe, Instagram gave you a shit ton of warnings, but your superiority complex didn't take them serious.

No. 860082

you're always unwell and depressed, you've just been cut off from your main mode of complaining and harassing. she is incapable of being a decent human being.

No. 860083

>>860058 yeah, that’s what i meant! isn’t it pretty much common knowledge that phoebe lives in a converted house flat and lives on the third floor without ramps/stairlifts. but she seems to get parcels no problem and constantly mentions how she or henry has to carry the wheelchair down the stairs… how do her thick fans not see through her? stuck in her flat my arse, she’s just too lazy to walk and doesn’t want sore feet cos she’s too fat

KEK insta deleted her again, this is delicious

No. 860085

File: 1567076137649.gif (1.61 MB, 316x174, 34EB44F5-8572-4AAE-AA6C-A119D3…)

seems like instagram just doesn’t like you, babe. insta is out to get you for sure, you narcissistic fuck

No. 860090

File: 1567077564570.jpg (597.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190829-121816_Ins…)

No. 860091

File: 1567077592257.jpg (642.98 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190829-121826_Ins…)

No. 860092

File: 1567077634490.jpg (587.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190829-121843_Ins…)

She's really going off on one, it's glorious

No. 860093

She's so convinced that it's the "lolcow army" that keep reporting her posts.

No. 860094

File: 1567077706936.jpg (784.75 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190829-121850_Ins…)


No. 860095

File: 1567077738922.jpg (662.03 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190829-121900_Ins…)

No. 860096

How does she get downstairs without Henry for her driving lesson?
And I'm surprised the clutch doesn't set off her pains.

No. 860097

File: 1567077814983.jpg (616.03 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190829-121906_Ins…)

No. 860098

As much as I hate Phoebe, she didn't seem to do much this time to trigger her account being removed. Maybe it really was hacked this time

No. 860103

literal pig, kek

yeah, insta just knew the feebs’ birthday is coming up, let’s ruin it for her, snort snort! /s

No. 860107

File: 1567079802163.jpg (129.32 KB, 858x661, IMG_0589.JPG)


> I really don't think she's a strict vegan. It's a difficult diet to maintain

It's not difficult to maintain at all. If you want to be in the best shape of your life as a vegan then yeah you're going to have to learn about basic nutrition and it takes real dedication. But if you want to resemble the animals you pledge not to eat, it requires the exact zero effort that Phoebe is so good at committing to.

Maybe 5 years ago when you were lucky to find a vegan sausage in a supermarket and vegan takeaways didn't exist, you had no chance if you didn't want to put in the effort and learn how to cook. But there is now every kind of vegan junkfood imaginable and entire communities devoted to finding "accidentally vegan" products (which through seemingly no intent of their manufacturer contain no animal products, and so are suitable for vegans - this includes many varieties of Oreos, Pringles, Doritos, etc.). Supermarkets now have extensive vegan lists including alcohol, most chain restaurants have at least 3 vegan options and Phoebe lives in an area with multiple dedicated vegan restaurants.

Even if Phoebe WAS poor and didn't have access to vegan restaurants she could still afford her daily 3-6k calories strictly vegan, bulking out staples like bread, rice, pasta and veg with biscuits, crisps and wine. But given Phoebe's seemingly limitless budget for Huel and takeaways, now intermittently bragging about how she makes enough from her Etsy stores to spoil herself, I don't think there's any reason to cast doubt on her veganism.

Also I saw this photo online with zero context and it just made me laugh thinking about how this could be Phoebe's next crowd-funded purchase. I'm sure Henry wouldn't mind carrying it down to the harbour after a long day's work.

No. 860111

fuck having a birthday week, make it a whole month feebs

No. 860112


No. 860113

But if she can't slap her belly on instagram stories - is she really alive or having a birthday at all?

No. 860115

it's going to be grim for sure but she can power through with enough whining

No. 860116

File: 1567081515768.png (741.83 KB, 750x1334, A629308E-97EA-487A-9DAC-F12AFC…)

more blatant e-begging

No. 860122

>insta deleted, gib monies!

No. 860145

File: 1567087455115.png (202.48 KB, 405x320, pig.png)

No. 860148

File: 1567088184184.jpg (845.32 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190829-151659_Ins…)

She's really going off

No. 860149

She's so deluded about the real world, other people do struggle to buy mattresses and dental care, but we save, work overtime or buy cheap versions. We go a few months not buying luxuries to afford a large bill. She's a spoilt child

No. 860150

Wow Feebs. What if it's your driving instructor's birthday soon too? Don't deprive them of earnings just because you can't be arsed to leave the house.

No. 860151

She said she's not financially privileged but most of the people are know don't have their car license because they can't afford lessons. Everyone pots money into different things.

It's also normal for people to make do with one pair of glasses and not go to the optician often enough because of cost. She's assuming things about people without having any real idea that these money things are things that a lot of people struggle with. They just don't moan about it on Instagram.

No. 860152


I wonder why there's a dent in her mattress.

No. 860153

The mattress pothole is because she’s fat. The gum issues are because she uses mental illness and the symptoms of her being fat as excuses to neglect her hygiene. The glasses are the cost of what she’s spent on nail polish and overpriced rainbow pants. It’s all reckless, short-sighted self-sabotage.

No. 860154

If you have all these ongoing problems, you stop your driving lessons and cock sock buying and put it toward these supposed necessities. The dent in the bed is prob down to her humongous weight. Anyhow, it's been mentioned before - she feels hard done by because she has to put money toward boring things rather than 100s of quid in nail polish. You're not poor, you're middle class and entitled without a job.

No. 860155

Does she honest to god think normal people can afford TWO pairs of glasses? Regular scale and polish treatments? What a fucking horror of a person. Sage for non milk

No. 860159

This is all normal stuff though? I mean people save up money for large purchases or dentist trips

She has a home, food, clothes, at least one car, a powerchair, a pet, nail shit and beauty shit that is wasted on her

She just sounds bitter that anyone on earth could have it better than her

No. 860160

Maybe she should budget her money more efficiently instead of buying penis candles, socks with crude designs, and overpriced nail polish? And surely her ACAB father would help her pay for her medical expenses anyway (as he and Henry surely do irl).

No. 860163

1. A lot of us sleep on shitty mattresses - save up for it and get a basic one from IKEA.

2. Boots opticians do free eye tests and have offers.

3. Buy some hardcore mouthwash and brush your fucking teeth twice a day. On the NHS it costs just over 22 quid for a check up.

All of this stuff combined would still be an issue for someone who earns a basic wage. You refuse to work and want to spend your money on treats and food.

It's not being financially privileged you nasty brat, it's just being a self sufficient adult.

No. 860165

Sage is it possible that she got banned again for promoting that CBD company?

No. 860166

Sage for no contribution, just when I think I can't dislike this self entitled, lazy, spoiled idiot anymore - she e-begs for basic necessities while constantly showing off her expensive nail polish collection. Fuck You Phoebe.

No. 860168

There is no way getting glasses costs £200 unless you get designer frames. The NHS will cover basic cheap glasses (usually ones under 60 quid), and even Specsavers has a £10 eye test option. Pheebs, since we know you lurk,I am saying this for you.

Go to a pharmacy and get some corsidol, it's like £9, and you'll be fine. A scale and polish isn't needed.

You mattress has a dent from your weight, but if you really absolutely need, you can get new double bed mattresses on the cheap for as low as £40. No it won't be ~ethical~ and ~vegan~ or made by a small queer indie black business womxn, but deal with it.

No. 860173

i really hate this cow. all she does is complain about how she has no money for necessities but she’s buying herself random bs clothes nail varnish earrings candles etc on a weekly fucking basis. “poor ppl deserve to have nice things” 1, ur not poor. 1, poor ppl do deserve to have nice things AFTER they’ve paid for their necessities. she’s a delusional cunt and i truly, truly do not understand how her idiotic followers cannot see that she DOES have money and just simply doesn’t budget and chooses to spend her money on bullshit. then when real financial emergencies arise she’s like “hehe oopz so poor” u dumb fat cunt, if u saved ur money like a normal not so entitled person, u could afford all these new things u need. stupid bitch

No. 860174

i’m really starting to believe that henry must be a cow himself because how in the absolute fuck can he stand by her in anything she does, the fucking monster. either that or he’s half brain dead

No. 860176

She's deluded. Her health is not compromised because she's not wealthy. It's compromised because she is extremely overweight and spends her money on nails and junk instead of basic necessities.

And why oh why would you have driving lessons (when you don't have a car) while you need eye care, oral care and a mattress?! She's just fishing for donations again isn't she!

It's crazy to me how she seems to genuinely think everything is someone else's fault.

No. 860184

File: 1567091238092.jpg (328.78 KB, 647x841, 69888016_2162408373869626_7759…)

No. 860186

random sidenote but i just have to add…how do people genuinely believe that pubez is poor. she is fucking huge. she’s a fucking planet. poor people don’t have the luxury of eating SO fucking much that they’re 350lbs. they don’t have the luxury of eating so much that they gain almost like 50 or so (just guessing) pounds in a year. is anyone aware of how much food she has to be eating for this to happen? and so fast?

No. 860188

my ultimate dream is for everyone, irl and online, to just abandon phoebe completely. she’s capable of getting her shit together she just chooses not to bc she knows she doesn’t have to. she’s the ultimate manipulator. if everyone just created bottom lines and abandoned her and made her fend for herself she would be just fine eventually. the feebz should be absolutely deathly afraid of the bad karma coming to her. she lives a disgusting and evil life

No. 860190

She’s just upset she won’t be able to beg for birthday gifts from her 14k followers

No. 860194

File: 1567092064063.png (82.33 KB, 593x446, Screen_Shot_2017-05-02_at_2.43…)

These types of posts she makes are the most telling. The fact that she blows money on clothes because 'sales!', or on nail polish,then claims to not have the money for things of arguably greater importance.
Do you think she's conscious of her bullshit or is she just dumb as a fecking rock.

No. 860196

I think she's dumb as a rock and feels totally hard done by and 'poor' when she has to buy basic things. Especially because she had to mention it was her birthday coming up and the unsolicited paypal link - no one asked for it, you just want something for nothing.

No. 860197

i doubt it because CBD is legal

this actually pissed me off. she is full of shit and a liar. most of her followers are british (i think) so they’ll know feebs is exaggerating but somehow they buy it? i’m sure her dad helps her out so she’s likely e-begging for money she’ll use to spend on vegan fuck off nail polish all she likes. transparent cunt.

No. 860199

'only one pair of glasses'
Like most people? People keep their last prescription glasses when then get new ones, in case something happens to the new ones.

No. 860229

Her nail account is gone now too

No. 860233

Poor big fat baby realising you can’t show off your riches and e-beg simultaneously

No. 860237

Any brits here know how long it takes to get to a "tribunal"? She's waiting for her benefits quiet a while now.

No. 860240


Doesn't matter if it's legal if she was banned for spam.

No. 860243

File: 1567099791122.jpg (620.46 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190829-183008_Ins…)

There's so many cows like her

No. 860244

File: 1567099825249.jpg (888.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190829-182949_Ins…)

That is strange

No. 860249

File: 1567100227525.jpg (583.26 KB, 810x3074, 20190829_183552.jpg)

No. 860255

> hugs (if you want them)


No. 860258

That's a different PayPal address from >>860116… And neither look like they're made for her business. ?

No. 860263

The person she’s promoting isn’t her, that’s why.

No. 860264

It’s not her, she’s posting it from someone else.

No. 860270

Oh god I feel stupid. I can see that now.

No. 860273

File: 1567102065605.jpeg (112.43 KB, 515x196, 67E2C98C-5D33-435D-B68F-F57BFD…)

Because you’re a shit person larping as queer, disabled and oppressed while you’re straight, fat and white. You’re getting called out because you harass people online, flaunt your materialism while begging for money. I’ve loved the milk, but we could do without you being a leech.

No. 860299

iirc she’s being fobbed off because she was determined not disabled at her first one, this is sort of like a soft version of “piss off”

also if she genuinely was disabled or on benefits she could have a free eye test and free dentist checkups so sux to be phoebe!

No. 860305

Do they have her banned by IP?

It's odd that they keep taking away and giving back her main account in the first place.

No. 860318

yep exactly. and you don't actually have to be on benefits to get an hc2 or hc3. all you have to do is prove that your household earns less than a certain amount. pheebs saying that she has to pay full price for dental just makes it obvious that she's not poor.
and also nhs checkups only cost about £20. if she opted not to buy a few nail varnishes in a month she could go for a checkup. priorities though.

No. 860325

File: 1567108624997.jpg (394.43 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190829-205522_Ins…)

No. 860327

This makes me think someone deleted her account. I don't think you even get to this screen if you're banned but it does happen when you delete. If its not sending her a code, it's being sent to someone else.

No. 860330

It can take a long time. Months to a year. She apparently had hers postponed once already due to lack of evidence though. Normally done to give a person more time to get medical evidence from their GP etc if it hasn't arrived in time.

No. 860332

File: 1567109777473.png (683.77 KB, 1080x1792, Screenshot_20190829-211606.png)

Good to know that Phoebe has ~found the magic~ in her racist sex pest days.

No. 860340

If she was really disabled she'd have a people who help her deal with benefits and anything else official. She'd have advocates who'd contact the DWP, GP etc on her behalf. An appeal wouldn't drag out this long. It's obvious she wasnt offered help from any social services because she's able to do it herself. That's good to know she's not wasting their time.

No. 860343

She wasted the time of the poor person who had to give her a colonoscopy, and various other doctors appointments as she scrabbles around trying to find a disabilty that sticks. She's obese and depressed - that's the diagnosis she's probably been getting.

No. 860345

She's just mad because her account is actually disabled while she still has to pretend to be it

No. 860346

The colonoscopy person was probably scarred for life. I know they see all sorrs, but her obese, sweaty, boil infested arse must make ling time doctors queasy.

Yep, she's wasted enough time. Buying, erm, crowdfunding a wheelchair doesn't buy you a disability but apparently she believes it does.

No. 860347

This is why she totally fucked up with her powerchair - she's not disabled and recieving any rehab, medical advice or care on her super expensive props. Lucky she didn't have to pay for it!

No. 860349

That's true. Im not a disabled anon, but some medic would surely recommend what she'd need, kind of like a prescription. Maybe someone would even accompany her seeing how a power chair's a life enhancing thing and a big deal for someone genuinely in need of one

No. 860355

That's all incorrect. People can apply for and receive PIP without requiring advocates to do it for them. Social services do not have to be involved. An appeal CAN drag out this long.

No. 860360

I didn't say she needed one. I said if she qualified for an advocate they would help her deal with it.

No. 860383

File: 1567115451318.jpg (525.81 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190829-225114_Ins…)

No. 860397

It's sickening that these spoiled idiots think instagram deleting the account of an obviously straight woman with a boyfriend is "queerphobic". There's literally nothing that isn't straight and gender conforming about her.

No. 860409

People send her nasty messages and she's losing her shit every few hours about people on Instagram, how is her not being on it a bad thing? They wanna sperg about mental health and self care but it's cool if she heavily relies on social media that is full of negative shit and constantly displaying her terrible behavior on it. The level of retardation from these people. And everyone and their mother knows to separate business and personal but not attention seekers who would tell people they're being targeted by a social media platform because they're fat and call everyone a cunt.

No. 860426

Asking consent to send imaginary fucking hugs. These people are so damn weak.

No. 860436

File: 1567121721003.png (62.11 KB, 200x176, 072.png)

underrated kek.

No. 860479

>It isn't fair.

Powerful words. Spoken by 12 year olds

No. 860514


"Classist crap"
Yeah rly I'm sure Instagram purposely deletes peoples accounts because they're poor

No. 860654

I suspect that Phoebe's non-offending nail art page etc. is being removed as 'they' are committing ban-evasion on the platform with these multiple accounts.

Whether it's by IP, MAC address or even just some app data or cookies, Phoebe seems to have been marked by Instagram as a problem, it's not just 'their' fatvegfemme account. Instagram knows that 'they/them' uses the platform to abuse and engage in the targeted harassment of others.

Of course an equally likely explanation is that Phoebe is just pretending these secondary accounts are being disabled to drum up more sympathy for losing the main one.

But what amazes me is how many examples there are of people who believe and regurgitate the sob story that Phoebe didn't do nuffink and instagram is actually being very 'queerphobic' (kek). Phoebe abused people online constantly, calling them cunts and telling them to eat her shit. Where's the supposed accountability? Phoebe was justifiably banned for instagram in accordance with the community standards and is now taking these vulnerable fools for a ride like they're an ill-gained, unsuitable mobility scooter.

No. 860662

File: 1567158210377.jpg (497.8 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190830-104319_Ins…)

No. 860667

She's loving being the victim

No. 860682

But.. she hasn't been following guidelines. She repeatedly reuploaded content that was removed for breaking guidelines and got away with it for a looong time before Insta even started doing anything about it

No. 860691

Girl is going camping - the most accessible of holidays! Can't wait for REEEEE NATURE NEEDS MORE RAMPS and MUH BACK IS ON FIRE.

No. 860695

File: 1567168036271.jpg (497.18 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190830-132710_Ins…)

Being her usual charming self

No. 860703

If only all poor people were allowed to take a week off work for their birthday.

No. 860707

File: 1567170637277.jpg (679.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190830-132716_Ins…)

No. 860709

File: 1567170686802.jpg (657.25 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190830-132723_Ins…)

No. 860710

File: 1567170729001.jpg (483.25 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190830-132733_Ins…)

No. 860712

She's so privileged, able to close her shop for a week AND go camping.

Poor self-employed people can't afford to not work for a week.

Infifat and disabled people can't go camping, they won't fit regular tents and can't risk being away from medical care.

God she's so middle class and privileged.
She really should give all her money to a poor, infifat, trans, black, crippled orphan.

No. 860714

>Infifat and disabled people can't go camping
At this point she's too fat to do any aspect o camping comfortably. It's like she chose the one type of holiday that would make her the most miserable/give her the most material to complain. Which she probably did, consciously or otherwise.

No. 860716

…..people save to go to concerts. Why doesn't she just move to America that way her everything should be cheap and easy attitude would feel more at home

No. 860718

She's really slacking on maintaining her disabled and poor image at the moment, isn't she?

No. 860727

lol who is she going camping with? i reckon henry, her dad and his lot. i can see feebs going glamping instead of good ol’ camping. but she probably has a huge airbed and deep enough so her whole body doesn’t touch the ground. oh i hope the airbed bursts, kek

oh wait, a caravan could be involved too? yeah she’ll sleep there while poor henry sleeps in a tent

No. 860739


Just say she. No one here gives a fuck and we all know she's faking for those genderspecial points.

No. 860749

Oh, good luck trying to get your business out there without social media Pheebs.. nobody outside of Instagram is going to be interested in traced MS paint garbage for art.
With her only viable source of promoting gone (i.e her main account), it will be interesting to see how she would fare this time at a stall.

No. 860806

sunday: hey sorry my body is burning and im sooo tiweddd can't ship anything till next week soz!

No. 860863

File: 1567198177919.jpg (885.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190830-214925_Ins…)

No. 860865

File: 1567198216737.jpg (821.55 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190830-214940_Ins…)

No. 860867

File: 1567198243827.jpg (627.5 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190830-215023_Ins…)

No. 860870


> moving with pain

> how could I

Yeah phorbs, this is just a nice PC way of the physio acknowledging that there is zero muscle under all your flab

No. 860871

File: 1567199104030.png (327.1 KB, 1242x1345, IMG_3202.PNG)

in case you forgot feebles is disabled and not a girl

No. 860873

File: 1567199349404.jpg (324.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190830-220932_Ins…)

No. 860880

>>860871 anon did u make this or did she make it herself omg lmao

No. 860915

this is literally her FB profile pic

No. 860918

how could she lose weight WITHOUT EXERCISE?

Maybe we’re wrong after all, she’s mentally disabled.

No. 860927

File: 1567206819200.jpeg (336.87 KB, 1242x1345, 59BD3908-5800-4AF1-9861-29E157…)


No. 861077


I wonder if Phoebs or her followers could name anyone who's "outright bullying" her.

No. 861084


One of the main optician chains here does 2-for-1 on glasses. As for the "gum infection" jeez just go to Boots and pick up a bottle of Corsodyl, it doesn't require a prescription. She loves complaining about things that even "financially privileged" people have to work into their budgets.

No. 861088


I think she's waiting until she's actually diagnosed with something to book a tribunal date. However, they only take into account your health at the time of application because it's back-dated from your application date. She'd be better off just starting the process again.

Or you know, giving up the disabled LARP and getting a job.

No. 861089


So she's bitching that the artist she likes is successful because tickets are more expensive?

What happened to needing mouthwash and new glasses?

No. 861138

why the fuck is she closing her Etsy while she takes time off? most artists who advertise on insta just say “orders placed during my vacation won’t be processed until i get back” or something like that

No. 861139

I honestly kind of dread how "accessible" and "inclusive" the future is going to be. It is going to ruin so many beautiful things. Mountains covered in ramps and machines that take the disabled (read lazy) across landmarks. Museums full of seating areas and whatever other nonsense these people demand. Tourist stuff is already so obtrusive.

No. 861234

This is so ignorant just stop

No. 861236

I know how dare actually disabled people go to see sights and museums

No. 861238

File: 1567251946500.jpg (431.43 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190831-124524_Ins…)

Maybe Instagram are being strict on copyright stuff? So no filming her TV and games?

No. 861240

File: 1567251978931.jpg (610.56 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190831-124541_Ins…)

No. 861263

File: 1567257279687.png (366.89 KB, 640x1136, 5FEB870D-7B95-4BAD-9D53-444462…)

>i’m literally working constantly
telling porkies, tsk

>i can take time off work when i want

actual poor people don’t have that luxury but keep on REEEing about how poor and oppressed you are

No. 861272


She just can't help herself can she? Posting this exchange with the other person's details visible is "incitement to bullying". She'll get her backup account banned!

No. 861279

“i own my own business” lmao u make arts n crafts at the shittiest possible quality. most children could produce the same shit or something even better. bitch can’t even trace lol talking about “im a business owner” ok pebo

No. 861397

File: 1567273385716.png (9.71 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_3213.PNG)

guarantee literally no one is doing that.

No. 861414

Seems made up but if somehow people are actually doing that couldn't she hmm.. tell them to stop, instead of telling strangers on Insta instead?

Most women complaining about being seen as objects are attractive women getting catcalled, not pheebs tho lol

No. 861446


OK but where is the space on her wheelchair to do this? (See: >>860871)

Hers doesn't have handles or frame work on the back, anyone trying to "use her wheelchair as an armrest" would be leaning their elbows ON PHOEBE, which we know no one wants to be doing.

No. 861457

File: 1567276480889.png (873.7 KB, 640x1136, 3B77ADB6-169B-4045-A5C8-D450EF…)

it looks like she’s at a fairground. why? not like she can get off her wheelchair to go on the rides. she’s probably too fat anyway

No. 861458

File: 1567276602666.png (1.22 MB, 640x1136, 83AC5DB7-F0F8-4781-9BE7-EA6A43…)

also this is from yesterday. i couldn’t tell if henry was being daft or genuinely playing. look at feebs’ trotter, vom.

No. 861464


It's the fairground at Southend Pier where they live. Not too far an excursion.

No. 861475

It's more probably that newer/younger physios/doctors are used to seeing these special cases who shriek even at the thought of healthy eating and won't change no matter what. It's more efficient time usage for the professionals to just give some simple exercises to these cases and move on with their day on to patients that do in fact take recommendations seriously.

No. 861524

File: 1567281880138.jpeg (20.61 KB, 500x437, F71F1927-B0FE-4D2C-A7BE-4794DA…)

Why is Henry dressed like George Michael Bluth

No. 861565

File: 1567286436315.jpg (497.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190831-221912_Ins…)

Super close up!

No. 861566

File: 1567286501190.jpg (532.74 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190831-221928_Ins…)

She was reeing about how no one should watch rupaul as it's problematic yet she is allowed to watch it…

No. 861831

OT but thank you, anon! I've been trying to figure out for the longest who Henry reminds me of. God, I could hug the shit out of you right now.

No. 861874

File: 1567328354958.jpg (583.95 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190901-095556_Ins…)

No. 861894

…what? she probably doesn't even know anyone deaf. And an anatomy course???? why???? Seems like a waste of time for someone with an "art" business

No. 861903

Nah anatomy is pretty standard for art professionals, though I'm not a britbong so idk how useful or relevant a "diploma course" on it is. Regardless get ready for her to screech on instagram (or facebook if she's unfortunately been victimized by bullies who report her for bullying uwu) about how none of the body diagrams are illustrations of morbidly obese people.

No. 861920

wow, truly uncanny. ty anon

No. 861925

Her ridiculous nails are going to make signing difficult.

Imagine having to concentrate on her piggy hands and disgusting nails for any length of time. It'd be worse than having to look at her face.

No. 861939

lmao i’m deaf and i’d love to see her sperg about how ableist deaf people/sign language are once she learns the signs relating to body weight and the like. not many signs in BSL are ~politically incorrect~ nowadays but i’m sure she’ll find something to be offended about

No. 861943

damn i meant fatphobic not ableist re. body weight sighs. although i’m sure it’s ableist too, knowing feebs

No. 861944

I can see her throwing herself into an anti cochlear implant frenzy and introducing COCHLEAR IMPLANTS ARE GENOCIDE badges into her range (written in that awful crayon bubble writing ofc).

No. 861949

Oh, duhh, my mistake. I don't know why, but i thought she meant like a medical course. I guess it doesn't really matter anyway since all her "art" is just her traced nudes.

No. 861970

>>861279 lmao right and it’s on a site she doesn’t even own lmao she doesn’t even have her own site or proper page just for business (unless u wanna say her insta and fb page are her business pages with those emotional and irrational spergs and suicide baiting … very business, very professional)

No. 861990

samefag, i can see that too. i have a cochlear implant so i’ll be pissed off if she tries that crap. there’s plenty of anti cochlear implant propaganda from the deaf community, we don’t need the nazi pig contributing to that. i bet she’ll say people like me have internalised ableism. fucking try us, feebs.

No. 862025

This anatomy course is the first useful thing that I've seen her spend her money on.

No. 862030

I fucking hate when people pretend that Etsy shops are real, respectable businesses. That's like me claiming to be a shop owner because I occasionally sell my old clothes on eBay

No. 862037

Nah, Henry's family probably saw her art and gifts it to her because she draws women like some 12 yo weeb draws hentai.

No. 862047

It's kinda funny if she's studying anatomy for art because since she traces, the anatomy is probably what looks the least bad out of her art. She could really do with a course that studies colour theory (which colours go nicely together, put simply), or line quality, or something like that.

If she ever became a fully fledged art cow, though, she'd probably make "it's my art style!!" excuses just like she makes excuses about everything else.

No. 862052

Not to defend Phoebe but being on etsy is cheaper and gets you more traffic than hosting your own website. I see a lot of legit jewelrers have a shop on etsy as well as a physical one or as a complement to their own website, just for the SEO aspect.

But Phoebe barely makes a profit since she has no idea how to price her goods, doesn't have a work schedule and for sure doesn't do any accounting for her shop, which are things one should do for a business. You'd think someone as "poor" as her would have to budget carefully to make her "business" worthwhile.

No. 862062

It's a convenient way for her to claim she works many hours in a week, nobody is there to oversee how much time she actually puts into it and how much she's just watching telly and browsing Insta

That and her pocket money earnings somehow mean she's not leeching off henry? even though she very much is leeching with him paying every major bill

No. 862165

File: 1567368314545.jpg (23.52 KB, 134x275, lol fatveg.jpg)

>If she ever became a fully fledged art cow, though, she'd probably make "it's my art style!!" excuses just like she makes excuses about everything else.

except she literally already did this, it took me ages but dug this up from an old thread

No. 862179

Anatomy course, but can’t afford eye care, dental appointment or new mattress. Ok…

No. 862182

Dear lord she is so passive aggressive and obnoxious. You know if you take an anatomy course, your instructor and classmates WILL criticize your work, right? It's a necessary part of advancing ones craft: being able to take constructive criticism.

No. 862352

I think about this interaction way too often, its hilarious and shows how manipulative feebee is

No. 862403

I wanna point out this 'anatomy course' is likely a free online thing like at the Open University, where you don't even get a real qualification.

No. 862409

um, degrees from the open uni are legit

No. 862410

um, degrees from the open uni are legit

No. 862411

um, degrees from the open uni are real. i know she isn’t doing a degree but still

No. 862412

fucking hell, lolcow is shitting on me this morning. can’t delete these two posts as the delete button doesn’t seem to be working

No. 862415

File: 1567419114507.png (1.21 MB, 640x1136, 03A90BD5-CF99-494C-A345-6AA207…)

grease alert

No. 862416

File: 1567419177109.png (515.82 KB, 640x1136, 2D7CC320-9FA9-40E9-9891-DC551A…)

No. 862420

Welp I had so much more faith in her mother since she called Pheebz out for never having eaten a pussy in her life. She probably bullies everyone in her life into submission, like when her dad wrote that letter on her behalf about how ~disabled~ she is. Her parents can't be that fucking thick as to believe her

No. 862422

22? Fuck me. I thought she was mid thirties, like one of those women who continues to dress like a toddler when they're nearing 40.

No. 862431

File: 1567426583516.png (882.4 KB, 640x1136, 390B706E-92A4-46CD-AB8E-B7D0B7…)


No. 862432

>>862420 me too anon. i remember when she made a dig when feebs said she wanted to go to florida or something for uni and she was like “you can’t even go to the doctors on your own and you wanna move to florida, fuck me lol”

No. 862448

do I have to get that Leatherface comparison out again?

No. 862464

What is even happening in this picture? What's the miniature lintroller for? Why the white mask? WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON

No. 862469

It's just a sheet mask and a pink quartz face roller anon, calm down.

No. 862471

File: 1567437011090.png (492.08 KB, 640x1136, ECB2A178-9035-453B-9D78-0A25A2…)

beg beg beg

No. 862472

miniature lint roller kek

No. 862473

Nobody asks for for your PayPal, warthog.

Do we have any pictures with some real life friends of Phoebe? I could swear I've never seen a picture of her with friends.

No. 862476

but how is she gonna go bowling? Isn't it gonna inflict so much pain and she'll be bed-ridden for weeks because of the strain? Oh right thats only when she's not doing something fun

No. 862484

they have push rollers for children, elderly, and infirm to shove a ball down a slope. She could co-opt that like everything else she does.

No. 862485

File: 1567439973808.jpg (84.36 KB, 453x331, condishunss.jpg)


oh man I can't wait for this one
(sorry my shoop skills are even worse than feebo's art but you get the idea)

No. 862525

File: 1567447449795.jpg (688.25 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190902-190147_Ins…)

So poor but uses a £25 palette… Kek