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File: 1567683185935.jpg (1.16 MB, 1236x1560, 1567026131691 (1).jpg)

No. 864285

Phoebe Tickner is a 21-year old self proclaimed queer, Jewish, disabled femme, non-binary social justice warrior. [Read: Straight, white, morbidly obese woman with no personality except for being a victim.)

>NEET who leeches off of her father and autistic lorry driver boyfriend while she sits on her ass all day on Instagram. Posts roughly 60 Instagram stories a day.
>ACAB communist with a police officer father.
>Found wheelchair in thrift shop to use as a ~uwu so disabled~ prop, decides it’s not enough and online begs for an electric one. Makes her boyfriend drag it up and down three flights of stairs for her for photo ops. Posts picture of herself falling down some stairs due to her various "disabilities."
>Yells at people on Instagram and demands they pay her money for “educating” them.
>Sexually assaulted another woman at vegan camp; plays it off as a drug induced misunderstanding and believes she shouldn't be held accountable because it hurts her own feelings. Cries about being a rape survivor not long after.
>Claims to have IBS (despite every doctor telling her that she only has symptoms of IBS, not the actual condition) and bleeds from the ass daily and it’s totally not because of the massive amounts of booze, pizza, coffee, and HUEL she consumes guys. Screeches fatphobia each time a doctor tells her that her pain is related to her obesity.
>Doesn’t "wash" for weeks at a time.
>Sells sloppy traced digital art as her only source of income. Complains daily that it's difficult running her "small business" because no one buys her preschool tier crafts. Guilts people into buying her "art" daily.
>Has online beef with Jameela Jamil for getting somebody’s pronouns wrong. Comes off as completely unhinged.
>Feeds her cat a strictly vegan diet.
>Says her favorite part about her boyfriend is that he has a job and works overtime, sometimes 6 days a week, and brings in money. Proceeds to insult him and says his best traits are that he's really weird and strange. Proves she takes him for granted and considers herself Queer because he wore makeup one time.

Old milk
>Reactivates Instagram (again) after a 2 week break, claiming she tried to kill herself but Henry stopped her thankfully!!!
>Passive-aggressive stories about her neighbours.
>goes on holiday (twice!) despite being so super skint u guise
>has a post removed by Instagram for harassment and bullying, reposts it while REEEEEEing about how SHE is the VICTIM here
> still constantly having to apologise for not sending out her Etsy goods
>Made a gofundme for a foldable wheelchair costing over two grand. Made the amount in a few days but instead of being grateful moans about fees and being able to withdraw the money.
>Revealed that three only drug she is on is low level codeine.
>Claiming to be a sex worker despite only uploading some amateur porn.
>Spending money on skincare, horrible earrings and nail varnish whilst Henry works 14 hour days.
>Claims the voice she uses in numerous YouTube videos and Instagram stories is fake and she makes herself sound posher due to 'internalised classism', puts on a new chav voice
>Shows more evidence that all her "art" is traced including one of her face where her real eyes are left in and one of a stock image of a wheelchair.
>She attended London pride, marched with a group called voices4. Many photos reveal her looking insanely fat spilling over a tiny wheelchair with Henry struggling to push her.
>Posts that she rarely wears underwear and would like advice on buying large underwear for fat pussies.
>Uses the word 'cunt' in Instagram posts but then acts shocked when Instagram removes them.
>Makes 'Boris is a cunt' badges and receives multiple warnings from Instagram. Blames this on Instagram being 'fatphobic'.
>whines about having to miss driving lessons due to her "chronic illness"
>More evidence of cat abuse.
>Rants about how "small fats" (size 16) can't use the word fat or be part of the body positivity movement.
>Lots of drama happens when she picks up her gofundme wheelchair, it's not right, it hurts her, it can't do kerbs, she can't store it.. She doesn't say thank you to her followers and just whines.
>Threatens to overdose on her pain meds (let's us know through a Facebook post). No one comments as she has no friends.
>Attacks Jameela again.
>THE BIG DRAMA: she comes after a band called weareshepherd for having a song called 'kiss my fat ass'. Despite good representation in the video, feebs loses it due to no infifat people being featured. Her and her followers flood the comments of the bands Instagram and Phoebe sends the Australian women insults such as 'wallaby'.
>Instagram deletes her comments and sends her warnings. She's doesn't listen and gets her account deleted.
>DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD, on Facebook she blames someone hacking her account and begs her followers to ask Instagram to reinstate her.
>She just got access to her back up account.

New Milk
>More drama and reeing as her main Instagram gets blocked for the fourth time. It's clearly for her constant posting of peoples usernames (encouraging brigading) and her bad language yet claims that it's because Instagram are fatphobic. At one point she claims she's been hacked.
>People bring up her old sexist and anti-semitic tweets, she claims ableism and fatphobia prompted these call outs and she is innocent.
>An Instagram account calls her out for being ungrateful for her chair and only coming for women, she cries on her Instagram stories about how she is being targeted and bullied.
>She has another suicide attempt (she claims), but it's OK shes not emotionally abusing Henry as she told him he can leave whenever he wants!
>Constantly talks about the posts that got her account removed, without realising (?) that will get her account removed again.
>Can't figure out how to back up her photos from her Instagram account, rather than google it she expects free education from her followers.
>Refers to every single pain she has as "burning"
>Phoebe goes on a spelg on Facebook about lolcow, claiming that she only buys her nail varnish with her own money! Henry doesn't have autism! He hasn't got a fat fetish!
>Starts a nail account so we can see more of her gross dirty nails!
>Claims losing her main account badly effects her business, shes so poor and disabled!
>Describes being sensory overloaded as her head 'burning'.
>Claims Rupauls drag race is classiest, trans-phobic. but shes allowed to watch it.
>Trying to push the narrative that shes too poor to afford medical expenses (she only has one pair of glasses!) despite living in the UK and having the NHS.
>Needs a ramp to get out of her third floor flat???
>Lovely photos of her swimming in the sea sans wheelchair or cane.
>Constantly shares her PayPal info as "people have asked for it"
>It's her birthday! Despite how she looks, she is only 22! Shuts her etsy shop for a week (yet shes so poor???)
>More of her pushing the 'I have autism' narrative.
>Henry has to work so she cries on her social media that she is anxious and needs someone to send her money for a takeaway as she has no food in the house! She's going to starve!
>Just got her main account back
>She's going camping! Prepare yourselves for the delicious milk!

Instagram: @fatvegfemme
YouTube: @fatveganfemme
Pornhub: @fezxoxo (NSFL)
Etsy: @FatVegFemmeArt

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No. 864286

File: 1567683282719.jpg (328.78 KB, 647x841, 1567091238092.jpg)

No. 864290

File: 1567683605601.jpg (789.99 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190905-115839_Ins…)

Evi has the same condition as Jameela. But yet feebs has never given Jameela any leeway…

No. 864291

File: 1567683784306.jpg (476.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190905-124317_Ins…)

She's been at home doing nothing, she couldn't have prepared for her holiday before the day they're leaving? Lazy bitch

No. 864292

and this little piggy cried, wee wee wee all the way home! can she not be negative for five fucking minutes

No. 864300

imagine being in a tense and stressful situation trying to get things done brusquely arguing with this bitch, and while you’re frantically looking for things or w/e she proceeds to shut down and abandon you in reality for 5+ minutes just to silently fume on her instagram story

No. 864305

i don't understand why someone who's pretending to be severely disabled would even want to go camping in the first place. like i can't imagine camping is very easy for people in wheelchairs. it's obvious she won't be in her wheelchair most of the time because she's only 'disabled' for internet points but she's not really selling the delusion to anyone with this trip. although i guess camping is normally seen as a cheap holiday, so that's probably why she picked it: to keep up the illusion of being working class.

No. 864309

She's said she's staying off Instagram whilst camping, so no one can see her folicking and swimming without her wheelchair

No. 864312

I know that Henry's probably a bit naive, but shouldn't that raise questions in his head? Phoebe makes him wheel her around at Pride, take her wheelchair up and down the stairs of their building and basically support her in all her daily, mundane movements, but she's going to be able to move around in an uneven, rough terrain for an extended period of time.

No. 864326

lol ok let’s pretend that pheebs works so hard at her job and she’s having a whole week off… but she couldn’t use the free time to get ready for camping? sounds like she left everything til the last minute for henry to deal with. she really is a lazy arse.

No. 864381

File: 1567699673032.png (370.78 KB, 1874x1080, Bildschirmfoto 2019-09-05 um 1…)

Anatomy for her Uni application 2019..

No. 864384

Is camping really seen as cheap though? Equipment like tents and what not can run a pretty penny, so unless she already owns this stuff (didn't see anything really indicating that she did on the last thread), it seems pretty expensive for someone who's supposedly so poor.

No. 864396

that's true. you can get 2 man tents for as little as £15, but to call them "2 man" is a stretch as it is, and there's no way one of them would be able to fit feebs. she'd probably need at least a 4 man for just her, let alone henry, so maybe a 6 man. her parents may already have the tents, but if she had to buy them out of pocket, it would set her back over £100 at least. holidaying in the UK in general is seen as less luxurious and more cost effective for english people, because there's no paying for flights.

No. 864397

Her uni application for 2019? It's September, applications for this year are long closed.

No. 864401

She wants to go to Uni to be a midwife but god, can you imagine?
She rolls in, in too much pain to wash for weeks, with long ass nails. If you ask her to wash because it's a hospital, you're ableist.

A woman screaming in pain causes an autistic meltdown, and she needs to go to her safe space (work provided) and get noise cancelling headphones and slime (work provided).

All this Uni shit makes me wonder if there is a normie Pheebs under there. One who wanted to be more than a blob on instagram. Go to Uni, interact with actual humans, please.

But to do that you need A levels, it's a competitive field, and you are interviewed in person before being accepted on a course. As soon as she powerchairs herself in as her whole body jiggles, they'll fucking laugh her away and she will sperg about ableism, being the victim again.

No. 864407

British universities are exactly the sort of places that'll have safe spaces and groups that advocate for "autist" needs.

No. 864411

File: 1567702934730.png (37.98 KB, 1184x540, requirements.png)

Not for midwifery or any other nursing course. Maybe a gender studies course, sure, but this is medical not just being an armchair academic.
also kek a work experience I hope she brings up her art

No. 864433

Bitch can't even be self employed what makes her think she'd actually be qualified to work for other people? Her mind is just astounding

No. 864457

It's like she doesn't realize that being a midwife means you're on call all the time. No sane person is going to hire a fake autistic, immobile, completely unreliable, disorganized, unwashed lump for a midwife.

God can you even imagine the lengths Feebz would go to make the birth about her? Instagramming how bored she is and how she's "overstimulated by all the loud noises" and whathave you?

Good thing she's an unmotivated slug and will never become a midwife.

No. 864461

I think she means applying for the year 2020-2021 in December 2019-January 2020, maybe she's thinking of applying as early as possible.

No. 864468

she'd get upset if the doctor says "it's a girl/boy" because that's assigning the baby's gender based on its genitals and not how it "feels inside"

No. 864471

Isn't an anatomy course too triggering for a snowflake like her?
Lord beware, maybe someone dares to say females have vaginas and males penises.

No. 864595


Indeed. Nursing and midwifery get you out in the field almost straight away. I do know of some disabled docs, who managed to avoid doing rotations in the ER as a reasonable adjustment, but there is no way you can do nursing or midwifery off your feet.

No. 864688

Did you all not see the date if the post? Late 2017, not posted this year, I think the midwife idea is long gone

No. 864810

File: 1567776584331.jpg (646.03 KB, 885x1712, Untitled.jpg)

No. 864814

she’s not bitching about how inaccessible the wilderness is? shocking

No. 864818

Of course she managed to walk around. Can't take an electric chair out into the woods.

No. 864821

>Thought I'd log on for a bit to say hello!

She's really addicted to her phone huh? There's no reason she couldn't enjoy her camping experience and snapped photos and really unplugged herself from the toxicity and terror of instagram and then posted everything after the trip was said and done, but nope, she MUST go on instagram during her trip.

No. 864829

Walking on straight, even roads and home causes pain but walking on uneven terrain is completely fine huh? Makes sense

No. 864892

why do they have 2 tents? i thought it's just 2 of them camping

No. 864894

I think her parents were with them? Could be wrong tho

No. 864896

one for phatty

No. 864999

Inb4 phoebe comes home and claims she’s in “immense pain” from the camping trip to remind people she’s “disabled” to cover for the fact she didn’t have her wheelchair with her and got around fine

No. 865209

File: 1567840209029.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190907-081045_Ins…)

I'm hoping she actually snuck away to a fat camp

No. 865222

>>865209 please, she’d rather eat herself to 500lbs than admit she’s unhappy about not being thin

No. 865229

100% sure she didn't actually bring the chair and walked around just fine, that's why she's not taking more pics

No. 865231

Hoping to god they feed Polly some actual fucking food

No. 865238

fuck henry looks like a pinhead next to that troll

No. 865243

Yeah her head looks unnaturally wide and large

No. 865247

how the fuck can she go camping if she can't walk up and down the stairs of her flat??? i mean i know England isn't the amazon or mt Kilimanjaro but ffs phobe not even a shred of self awareness as usual


No. 865253

She complains about kerbs yet nature isn't exactly an even terrain.

Why don't more people see through her?

No. 865270

File: 1567862080468.png (2.37 MB, 750x1334, 88220673-897F-492D-BFB4-1D853A…)

“i’m so poor i can’t afford glasses” this pic is from july 14 and these are diff glasses than the one she’s wearing in this pic but ok pherbert

No. 865281

Are they sleeping in separate tents?

I mean she already told all of Insta that they stopped having sex long ago so I guess there's no chance of romance on the trip either way

No. 865377

Fuck you fatbo. I had to save to get a second pair of glasses because mine were old and scratched. Sage for fuck all contribution - but she has no idea what being poor actually feels like. And to be fucking frank poor people tend to feel ashamed for their lack and hide it, not wear it for oppression points, just coz pubey wants us to fund her gut busting takeaways.

No. 865862

File: 1567937677524.jpg (365.99 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190908-111522_Ins…)


No. 865872

wait for it

No. 865898

she came home a day early then

No. 865970


the glasses in this pic aren't cheap either…I have the same pair and they're £100+

No. 865986

File: 1567958005972.png (225.25 KB, 640x1136, 63B0AEF6-6F67-4A9B-97C7-C12A14…)

pheebs is back on her anti jameela bullshit. more screenshots incoming

No. 865989

File: 1567958078453.png (948.05 KB, 640x1136, 1CE1731E-3BFD-49D5-BAED-F8C7D3…)

No. 865990

File: 1567958209466.png (803.04 KB, 640x1136, 3532E86A-CCF4-429E-9806-3295AE…)

you’re the cunt with minimal accountability, not jameela

No. 865992

File: 1567958318776.png (636.13 KB, 640x1136, F065BF08-25E2-493E-B28D-8116AC…)

so dramatic

No. 865993


She spews false accusations and slander and wonders why she gets deleted. Keep eating your feelings Fat girl. Maybe one day someone will care.

No. 865998

Jameela comes off like a sanctimonious, smug little suck-up and I can't feel bad that this is happening to her. Fat positivity warriors don't deserve mainstream support and it's good that they make themselves more unsupportable through their conduct than fatlogicians ever could.

No. 865999

Why does she keep making weide close up pics of her face for her insane ramblings, just take a pic of the wall or something. This is horrifying

No. 866002

I can't view any stories on the fatvegfemmex account, is she deleting them or is she back on another account?

No. 866006

File: 1567960803410.jpg (661.49 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190908-173712_Ins…)

She's jealous that she wasn't invited

No. 866008

Her camping trip didn't relax and calm her then?

She'll get her account deleted of she encourages brigading against Jameela, she never learns

No. 866010

File: 1567960995359.jpg (796.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190908-174358_Ins…)


Omg she's ridiculous

No. 866016

lol Pheebs attraction and having sex are part of a romantic relationship, that and you have the right to leave a relationship at any point for any reason

No. 866018

Does she think it adds to the 'profound insight' factor of her posts perhaps? I can see her thinking it would humanise the things she says, but in this case it's to a detriment

>>866006 You literally have videos up of yourself on PornHub under the 'curvy' and 'bow' label kek, fetishists are all you have

No. 866019

"I'm furious"

See pheebs could have the most laid back and chill life ever if she just disengaged from social media and didn't wind herself up. She's home all day making badges and petting a cat while henry brings in 95 percent of the wages. Why does she choose this for herself over a chill life? Some people would kill for all that relaxing me-time at home

No. 866022

No. 866029

That's right. Partners should never voice their needs or wants, they should just walk out on their partners for easily fixable things. No compromises!

No. 866065

you know, out of all the things she shares she never shares actual screenshots of these "death threats" but God forbid you criticize her that screenshot is instantly on her story

No. 866072

jameela should just quit sucking up to these sjws in the first place. once you're appealing to that crowd, it doesn't matter if you're a bi woc using your platform to try to help people, there's always gonna be a fat straight white woman with they/them pronouns (our feebs and her ilk) who will discredit everything you do and try to get you 'cancelled' because she's soooo much more oppressed than you. people like feebs love being victims, so they get mad if you actually try to help people like them, because they truly want to wallow in their self-proclaimed victimhood. jameela should stop pandering to these weirdos and put her energy into actual causes.

or she should start using they/them pronouns. i bet feebs would have a breakdown about that.

No. 866073

The vast majority of people can deal with that 5 pounds gain over winter or you going up a dress size or two as you age or get pregnant etc.. these fats really dilute the word 'abuse' if you can't even comment on your partners lil beer gut etc without that being oh so abusive

No. 866076

The funniest part is being a woc isn't a choice, being bi isn't either … but being fat sure is and that's somehow the most important issue that we all need to get woke about

No. 866096

I‘m completely baffled by their ongoing hate for jameela.. usually woke idiots love to focus on race, so how is it okay for a bunch of white british/american women to walk all over and lecture an indian woman?? Very white supremacist of you feebs..

No. 866111

she’s back on her main account

No. 866126

File: 1567971657253.jpg (1.05 MB, 810x2321, Screenshot_20190908-204057_Ins…)

No. 866127

File: 1567971685205.jpg (900.18 KB, 1080x1246, Screenshot_20190908-204143_Ins…)

No. 866128

File: 1567971750027.jpg (742.76 KB, 1080x1698, 20190908_204314.jpg)

Her hand is so fat!

No. 866137

So one tent for sleeping and one for food! I Guess

No. 866151

all that booze lol
henry probably needs it to stay sane. can't possibly be for our disabled bby angel phobos

No. 866152

File: 1567973683867.jpeg (35.97 KB, 275x225, 1553424515398.jpeg)

Fun fact: Despite sharing every element of her life including detailed descriptions of her bleeding anus from eating too many takeaways and drinking too much wine (all while pretending to be too poor to afford basic necessities), Phoebe has never actually shared any evidence of a single "death threat" and the most likely explanation is because she has never, EVER received one.

I'm sure plenty of people have said "You're going to die if you keep eating like this", but that isn't a threat as much as it is a statement of complete scientific inevitability.

As a side note I've become a bit of a fan of Jameela Jamil lately. She does espouse some very childish views around feminism but the majority of her message is stuff like "Hey teenage girls, don't take diet pills". Essentially she seems to be doing good, and she is the positive role model that a wretched hate-filled troll like Phoebe can only ever dream of being. Meanwhile Phoebe just discredits any cause she latches on to, leaving nothing but a trail of self-inflicted victimhood, hate and abuse.

No. 866156

I want to "like" that her hair's been fucked up too.

Is she using "fat" as a derogatory term here or was the hairdresser a mere small fat?

No. 866165

>Why does she choose this for herself over a chill life?
But anon, how could she cope with the absolute misery of being so obsese if she couldn't direct all her energy into being angry at others for not being similarly miserable, maybe improving their lives with diet/exercise, etc?

No. 866198

File: 1567977442935.jpg (1.13 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190908-221704_Ins…)

No. 866199

File: 1567977461553.jpg (44.45 KB, 637x397, kim-pop-1-637x397.jpg)

Meh, you've definitely got a point, but where a massive section of teenage girls in the west could do with losing quite a bit of weight and aren't simply mentally ill for understanding this, 'don't try diet pills or detoxes and instead love the body you have' isn't really going to do any good whereas 'don't try diet pills and if you need to lose weight, you can do so with help from a doctor' would probably be more effective. In defence of Jamil's fat haters, this sort of you're-beautiful-the-way-you-are rhetoric coming from a slim woman who is famous in part for her looks and MUST understand how to look after herself comes off as disingenuous. I imagine for people like Phoebe, support from pretty people breaks their little circle jerk of subcultural misery.

Also, I'm not sure I really like Jamil going after influencers who are paid to advertise detox teas; it seems more shallow and performative than anything, and she'd probably do actual good work campaigning instead for the weight loss marketing used to be legally recognised as dangerous, like cigarette packets, to make the companies involved responsible. As it is, 'clapping back at the Kardashians' comes off very, 'look at me, I'm so much better than these unwoke women'.

That tweet, getting back to Phoebe, really encapsulates her general mental state, doesn't it? Everything she ever posts feels like an outburst. Imagine having so much anger inside you all the time like that (inb4 posting on lolcow). She must be absolutely exhausting to be around, I bet she is the kind who throws things in rages.

Also, why do all these campaigners feel the need to swear all the time? Is it some kind of feminist statement or something? It makes them sound so juvenile, and even if they are making a good point I can't take it seriously in the slightest.(derailing)

No. 866202


Holy shit anon, sage your pointless rant

No. 866203

File: 1567977600441.jpg (566.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190908-221801_Ins…)

No. 866204

How much more time for herself could she take? Or does she mean time focused on self improvement and growth rather than cyber, food, alcohol and shopping addiction?

No. 866211

Does she hate women? because so many of her posts sound very anti women or just the way she speaks is very self hatred for women in general


>weight loss is abuse

holyshit. i honestly fear for the future if this is the continued mindset

No. 866212

>Ok, how do we insert racism in the most non racist issue

>I got ya, fam

This is bonkers.

No. 866245

I agree with everything you said anon. Going after the Kardashians is stupid, they're the lowest possible hanging fruit and I can't help but roll my eyes anytime I see someone calling them out. And I think the reason SJWs swear so much is something to do with "smashing boundaries" and purposely trying to make people uncomfortable. Not sure but I've noticed that too. These Pheebz types hate people like Jameela because she's everything they WANT to be but know they can't, skinny, beautiful and (actually) Indian. Even if she gained 200 pounds they still would find something she's doing wrong.

No. 866281

She absolutely hates women and is famously repulsed by pussy and has never eaten one yet still claims to be ~kweer~

No. 866285

Yep, her supposed feminism is pretty sub par as she constantly tears other women down, I think when she screen capped someone calling her out on this she just scoffed that she could never be a bully…4 bans later…she will never learn

No. 866371

this is really what infuriates me about her "queerness". its much more than just internalised misogyny, she actively hates and tears down women at any given opportunity. Her behaviour is so far from love. The fact that her only vaguely lesbian interaction with a woman was attempted sexual assault speaks volumes. Not that she's really dangerous or anything, just a fat fucking bully. honestly she doesn't even seem to respect her other whale softboi friends that much unless they're giving her undivided attention. her bitterness and jealousy cannot be stopped lol sperg over

No. 866420

the sheer size of her head… her ratty, straw like hair… if i saw that in the woods i’d run for me life

No. 866645

did feebz go private?

No. 866670

File: 1568068177035.png (134.08 KB, 1358x720, private.png)

seems like it. so much for needing your instagram to sell shit.

No. 866689

lmao, she'd be less inclined to shit on people campaigning for animal rights in other countries if she saw how animals in places like China are kept and slaughtered. Fucking moron
That's really strange given that she didn't seem to be getting any major heat. Perhaps she was confronted on something in private?

No. 866694

File: 1568072213655.jpeg (505.12 KB, 828x1538, 04730FE2-1C6A-4196-B46C-979920…)

No. 866696

File: 1568072255483.jpeg (235.77 KB, 828x1515, 45962DE3-BD26-497E-AA1E-79D938…)

No. 866716

nah, my friend has a private account and she posted a story to close friends only, which was removed by instagram because nipples were showing (through a sheer shirt). insta can see what shit you post, pheebs.

No. 866778

…does she think instagram can't see anything if she privates her account? lmao

No. 866794

I think it's more to do with the fact in her head she keeps getting deactivated because all the fat phobic trolls keep mass reporting her for doing absolutely nothing wrong, not that insta are doing it themselves. So if she goes private all the haters cant see her stories and report them.

No. 866806

she’s so stupid it hurts but it’s hilarious too

No. 866810

Worry not, milk-less anons. Her chronic need for attention will overrule this notion sooner rather than later.

No. 866839

i always forget how young she is
only 22…. is she really planning to be this miserable for the rest of her life?? fuck

No. 866843

There are several FB&Insta Screenshots here which prove, that even her "friends" post here. Going private will not help at all.

No. 866870

Isn't it pointless for Insta to try and deal with all her rule breaking/harassment when all she does is move back and forth between these two accounts so she always has one account that is fine to use?

Maybe off topic but someone I follow on Insta posted about their electric wheelchair being stolen yesterday and today they have a GoFundMe up for 2 grand. It's an account where the person spends thousands on collecting build a bear toys and they have no savings. The chair was 'stolen from their garage when they went in the house for a min' Pheebs has really opened my eyes to scammy fucks and forever-children who spend massively on fun hobbies and get strangers to pay for every emergency

No. 866966

File: 1568132759858.png (292.74 KB, 1242x1830, IMG_3912.PNG)

No. 866967

File: 1568132791586.png (420.99 KB, 1242x1599, IMG_3913.PNG)

No. 866969


ahaha this is shit. fatvegfemme at least rolled off the tongue. Fat queer on wheels is just ridiculous, she just wants even more munchie points for her fake wheelchair needs. May the milk continue to flow out of her obese ass (sorry for that mental image)

No. 866970

she's obviously trying to move on from all of the drama revolving her last username. whenever you google it, there's horrid tweets from her twitter, all sorts of exposes.

No. 866972

lol less than 24hrs and she’s public again

No. 866978

Fat queer on wheels sounds like a troll account made by a channer, but if she likes it… I still hate it.

No. 866981

I don’t really get how fat queer on wheels is an easier handle to explain than fatvegfemme. At least fvf has somewhat postive associations, like something if you were a bopo event or lgbt art fair you’d be somewhat charmed by. “Fat queer on wheels” in the wild is going to be met with discomfort and concern at best and offense at worst. It’s a choice alright.

No. 866993

Jfc making this fake disability her identity, she's gone full on Munchie. I still don't get what she claims makes her need an electric wheelchair, chronic fatigue and IBS??

No. 866997

It fascinates me how these munchies are convinced this is how actually disabled people act. I want to ask if they really don't see how fucking obvious it is but then I remember there are enough idiots that buy their bullshit so they don't need to

No. 866998

Her *~totes real guys~* fibromyalgia which she takes co-codamol and a baby dose of tricyclic antidepressant for. She’s not attended a pain management course, seen a consultant (probably bc she knows they’d suspect faking) or tried recommended lifestyle changes for it such as exercise, a healthy diet and losing weight because…well, it’s Feebs. Gotta jump to a wheelchair straightaway for those oppression points!

No. 867030

File: 1568142020057.jpg (456.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190910-195849_Ins…)

So she's a prick

No. 867031

File: 1568142057018.jpg (424.26 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190910-195854_Ins…)

No. 867032

File: 1568142096841.jpg (601.41 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190910-200017_Ins…)

She's so so butthurt that she wasn't invited to curvy con

No. 867033

…isn't that basically the same thing?

No. 867034

She could reverse her mobility issues with a single year of committed dieting but I guess all she wants to commit to is sloth. How pathetic she makes her fake snowflake labels into her whole identity. The bitch can walk.

No. 867059

yet she’s the one to gatekeep, no small fats allowed!!

No. 867066

Admitting she can walk and can easily undo all the shit she's done to her body/herself means she wouldn't be eligible for your money!! Free handouts is all she wants and all she's after. No one would give her money for takeaway or even buy her dumpster fire tier art if it wasn't out of gullible pity.

No. 867070

Lol, nice try Phoebe. It won't be long before Lolcow is the first thing that comes up when you Google Fat Queer on Wheels.

No. 867100

she's committed to this bullshit and made it her entire identity, now she's never ever going to try to lose weight

if she lost weight, then she wouldn't be fat, and she wouldn't need the "wheels"

Pheebz you are your own worst problem. You are going to kill yourself.

No. 867104

File: 1568152487044.jpg (10.19 KB, 252x200, fat queer on wheels.jpg)

When I think of fat queer on wheels I think of img. If I didn't know her, I'd think it was img or a butch dyke on a motorcycle.

Vegan mustn't be enough of a minority to bother to identify as one now.

(I'd spoiler, but this guy is less repulsive than Feebs).

No. 867106

Wow, if she included IBS into that name, it would be perfect. All the things that oppress her.

No. 867107

omg anon stop sending her death threatsssss (aka real, definitive consequences to her own kneecapping of her mobility and metabolism)

No. 867113

he’s actually got better tits than Feebz

No. 867179


Does a name have to encapsulate the person? Isn't that what the profile is for? She really has no identity except for her 'oppressions'.

No. 867180


Hilariously she's shading BodyPosiPanda here, who was at CC and is an actually successful not-hamplanet woman.

No. 867214

Oh, maybe she’s going to break vegan!

No. 867247

File: 1568184226655.jpg (474.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190911-074356_Ins…)

No. 867291

File: 1568198290427.jpg (872 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190911-113812_Ins…)

Another close up eye-roll photo

No. 867300

her new name is already taken on facebook. this ogre is so stupid.

No. 867301

lol Stealing the name from a real disabled gay?

No. 867328

File: 1568203671384.png (1.6 MB, 1080x1693, Screenshot_20190911-130802.png)

…and starts again tomorrow morning

No. 867329

File: 1568203773181.png (309.29 KB, 1080x1567, Screenshot_20190911-131015.png)


No. 867335


i think phoebe thinks that because she's been able to "hide" from her past previously, simply changing her handle will solve all her supposed problems. i am guessing she is going to have a huge tantrum in the next day/s.

No. 867340

actual disabled people dont identify by their disabilities. this bitch is so fake

No. 867343


It's interesting you say this because I was thinking about how different people who've chosen to be disabled act from actual disabled people. I have a friend who's been paralysed for 6 years and she does everything in her power to blend in with able bodied people and do everything they can do. She once said to me recently that she'd only ever consider pulling the alarm cord in a bathroom if she was dying. I cannot for one second her making it her identity like this, but I guess if you're choosing to be disabled you can make it more quirky and fun(no1curr)

No. 867347

I can just imagine a bunch of actual chavs watching Phoebe scoot past in her powerchair and the joker of the group yelling “Look at that fat queer on wheels!”
Except now she’d think they were fans of hers.

No. 867364

Just when I think I can't despise her more, she makes a mockery of people who are actually disabled. Like anon, I have friends with some of the list of disabilities she claims and none of them would want their insta handles to read something like 'autistic_deaf_lezzer' or 'Bisexual_IBS_Babe' - because they don't define themselves that way…because they're not trying to prove to the world that they're disabled like Pubey is. She's only just got on wheels because she's decided she can't be arsed to walk.(no1curr)

No. 867372

File: 1568213687816.png (412.67 KB, 750x1334, 4234F585-8960-4F59-8C70-F01F66…)

Taking bets on how long it’ll take for her to be deleted again. The stupid cow really doesn’t learn.

No. 867373

File: 1568213707002.png (584.13 KB, 750x1334, 07A6321A-D43E-40F1-B4F6-FFCDA3…)


No. 867374

File: 1568213841274.png (1.09 MB, 750x1334, F78078B4-8168-4778-A7B1-BBCA5D…)


No. 867378

>a questioning but reasonable message is "abuse"
>but constantly insulting Jameela and other "cunts" she doesn't like (who are almost all women) is not bullying and totally justified

No. 867384

Notice how she doesn't even answer the question because she has no disability that would require her to have a wheelchair. It's actually incredibly easy for disabled people to get wheelchairs and they don't need to do internet crowdfunding for them, but all she has is her feeble fibro excuse which is literally just discomfort from being a beached whale.

No. 867390

How is she not embarrassed to be throwing this temper tantrum online? This is why feebers is nothing but a joke you can't be seen as a serious advocate when all you do is scream like a child

No. 867396

Her fibro hands must really be burning after all these long replies

No. 867399

That's her on the defensive. Because she can't give a reason for hauling her fat spotty arse around on a powerchair she has to retaliate. Yep, that's what little kids do.

She could kill with kindness and be nice to pissy DMs, but she goes full tilt playing victim. Even though she's disgusting I don't wish her harm BUT I'd really love for something to happen where her lie about disability comes crashing down on her. Without the disability she hasn't got, she has nothing. She's queer but has a man in her bed, being fat aint exactly uncommon in the UK, so the chair is her identity. Fuck me, if she had therapy from now til forever she'd still be a mess.

No. 867401

File: 1568218759287.png (4.07 MB, 1125x2436, 63E88B5A-F10C-4A5B-9325-3E1F54…)

I’m on the edge of my seat

No. 867402

File: 1568218839362.jpeg (252.84 KB, 640x580, 9FAFC9F6-D5A0-4257-8FC0-57F3CA…)

No. 867403

Some shit about non binary I'm guessing. Looks ~spooky~ for Oct 31st.

No. 867406

It'll be 'dairy is scary', because she doesn't have an original thought in her head.

No. 867407

You're right, didn't think of that. It never occurs to me that she'd find anything that can be consumed scary.

No. 867410

Yeah Pheebz, usually a job people deem as worthy is one that gives back into society with taxes or at least some kind of service to other people, not a fucking hobby tier button making business a literal middle schooler could do better. There is actual, proper work you can do from home, she's just too lazy to either take the initiative to set up a real business or work for someone else.

No. 867411

although they would never call her a "queer" because she's so obviously a straight cis woman who is completely gender conforming. it is funny how most of these genderspecials are more gender conforming than your average women.

No. 867440

"Sending a hateful message to someone you don't know"

Like Phoebe doesn't constantly name and shame strangers 100% of the time.

No. 867456

that message wasnt even hateful in the least. the person was genuinely curious about their disability (they dont have) and about the people who paid for her chair. rofl holyshit. Phebes is having a meltdown over this??

No. 867470

Everyone knows u should never ask questions, otherwise her story might start to fall apart

No. 867513


kek that first image is 50% her bitching about how it's too heavy and hard to manoeuvre! That's not gratitude!

No. 867514


i bet she can because of her definitely legitimate eating disorder history where she ate a sensible amount of food

No. 867649

File: 1568292755465.png (593.93 KB, 750x1334, C35B5170-2BD9-4008-A338-ED4D1E…)

Oh dear. No, you actually are a horrible person. There are much better ways to approach people whose actions you disagree with. Your social skills suck.

No. 867650

File: 1568292779440.jpg (180.2 KB, 750x1334, 69340881_156194505494594_54297…)

No. 867651

File: 1568292829762.jpg (161.53 KB, 750x1334, 69016419_519727295460560_83554…)

No. 867652

File: 1568292894801.png (3.55 MB, 750x1334, E714A3C5-9A40-44D4-9517-C92714…)

Does she seriously think people want an indepth history of what she's done with her hair? This just screams self obsessed

No. 867655

File: 1568293007243.jpg (159.62 KB, 750x1334, 69028816_2389453404464663_9048…)

hmm I wonder how insecure she feels when she looks at old photos and realises she lost all her youth + mobility due to weight gain

No. 867656

the hair talk is boring soz but feebz seems to grow really fast, probably from all the calories she consumes

No. 867657

holy shit, she's really let herself go in such a short time. What a shame.

No. 867658

She tries so hard to be ugly now and has gotten so much worse even since the start of her first thread that I genuinely forgot she used to be fairly cute when she was just chubby and still cared about hygiene.

No. 867665

her split ends have split ends dear lord. how can someone live like that (or can she even lift her arms long enough to wash her hair)

No. 867668

>>Shoulder length hair


No. 867669

I really need to know how Phoebe graduated. I think her arrogance is based on an inferiority complex because she is stupid.

No. 867675

Feebz has NO boundaries kek she posts about her dead bedroom and literal shit on her "business" profile.

No. 867676

She didn't graduate lawl she's a dropout

No. 867682

File: 1568300737126.jpg (108.21 KB, 750x1334, 69018871_1874906585946100_2796…)

No. 867683

File: 1568300786759.jpg (118.98 KB, 750x1334, 70237556_127573101923994_80141…)

No. 867686

Jesus Christ on a cracker, she's so greasy and sick looking. You think she'll ever figure out that her problems are due mostly to eating too much?

I can't imagine just resigning myself to feeling like shit constantly.

No. 867687

this is exactly what i was thinking lol. if she wants more manageable hair, then cutting it to her shoulder isn't going to get that. it's going to take the exact same amount of time to care for as before, just shorter strokes of a brush… but hey, considering how exhausting the idea of brushing her hair is >>867683 maybe that's worth it.

No. 867695

i understand SOMETIMES going a few days or so without showering when ur really down bc lots of ppl get depressed n can’t be bothered sometime. however. this nasty greasy skink bomb bitch does this on the reg and it’s disgsuting. it’s not a “win” to bathe twice a week and jus marinate in your own disgusting secretions sweat and filth. i mean she even claims she just bathed and she still looks greasy and dirty. she’s realy just absolutely disgustingn and repulsive i can’t even begin to imagine how badly she smells on. daily basis. “it’s a win for me” god how gross and pathetic

No. 867700

honestly i'd feel sorry for her if she weren't such a piece of shit

No. 867702

File: 1568303413392.png (8.5 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_3967.PNG)

In no way is shoulder length "cutting it all off"
does anyone have where she said this hair gave her gender euphoria?
she looks like strawberry shortcake ate the joker.

No. 867708

Such an unflattering color and her eye makeup makes her look like she has pink eye.

No. 867710

File: 1568305881810.jpg (785.15 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190912-173012_Ins…)

I find it hard to believe she goes without eating

No. 867711

Ah yes gender euphoria for a hairstyle that evokes no androgyny or masculinity whatsoever. She truly loves being a girl.

No. 867715

She's so desperate for asspats holy shit. Congrats on doing the basic of most basic tasks, you useless cunt.

No. 867719

My thoughts exactly, only super girly girls would ever consider shoulder length hair "short".

No. 867723

cut it all off by leaving 5 inches. okay lol.

No. 867726

Honestly we should be impressed she "only" went two days without bathing herself. She usually pity-brags about going a week or more.

I don't understand what kind of mentality would lead someone to not only share this kind of a slump but document it extensively on instagram for (ostensibly) their customers? If you're depressed and not taking care of yourself whatever, it happens, probably not as often or as long as it does to her but eh. But who in the hell would want to broadcast those extreme moments to people? For what, pity??? Don't worry Feeble people already pity you plenty.

No. 867749

This actually looks pretty good to me, do you reckon it’s takeout?

No. 867765

do you know or are you guessing?

No. 867771

She dropped out, I know her irl

No. 867778

Please provide us plenty of milk about her IRL antics

No. 867783

Please provide some proof anon

No. 867786

Don’t tease us anon, we need story time.

No. 867791

go home, peebz

No. 867792

my bet is that she hasn’t skipped a meal in years. her idea of skipping a meal is eating a whole bag of chips or something instead

No. 867793

if she weren’t such a piece of shit you’d have nothing to feel sorry about because she’d be living the normal life she’s completely capable of living. she chooses this

No. 867833


Idk how I'm supposed to prove this without outing who I am. An admin is welcome to confirm I live about 30 minutes away from her. I've shared photos from Facebook with the friends of friends icon before.

I don't actually have that much dirt on her because we just went to the same schools and the few stories I do have would make it obvious who I am. She's been fat and difficult her whole life. The photos of her looking a more normal size are from when she'd lost some weight, which I guess she did too quickly and instead of finding a healthier way of losing weight she did this.

I'm not a doctor so I can't tell you if she has any medical conditions causing her to be fat. But I can tell you she's always over eaten.

I'm not surprised she's become this way, she's always been a massive attention seeker. In school she used to threaten to snitch on the kids selling chocolate bars unless they gave her one for free

No. 867838

im pissing myself imaging a tiny, fat, red faced Phoebe bullying her way into getting fatter.

Never change, feebz

No. 867863

That’s good enough anon, thanks for sharing. That chocolate bar thing is hilarious tho

No. 867877

Ignore this shitty bait. We don't call completing high school graduating and using the term dropout is really weird in the UK. It's impossible to actually drop out of high school without your parents facing legal action, you can't just decide to stop going. It gets taken really seriously.

Anon maybe actually google how schooling in the UK works.

No. 867901

File: 1568327303704.png (1.28 MB, 750x1334, 31E2DFC4-8322-4AC2-B647-0CD0CD…)


She dropped out of A Levels, although I think she was doing a BTec. As you can see here, I have a mutual with her dad on Facebook and a UK phone network

No. 867914

File: 1568328943306.png (1.02 MB, 750x1334, F6C1EA93-D8EC-4F34-B28A-2AAAA5…)

I can only see this because I have mutuals with her old account.

No. 867915

I take it back then anon, nice proof. Anon you were replying to meant graduated high school though, it's not quite the same thing as dropping out of optional a-levels.

No. 867970

I'm the original anon who said she's a dropout, and I'm not British. I have seen on previous threads that she never finished whatever you guys call sixth form..

this is why phoebe probably had to put together experience for her midwifery uni application, if you complete sixth form im guessing you would go straight into a uni course.

it has been mentioned on other threads that phoebe never completed school, that's why she's a NEET. she possibly attributed it to her immobility or possibly mental illness? lol

No. 867975

Oh my god proof that she had an actual, real life, human friend who isn't Henry or her parents! Granted, its seven-year-old proof, but wow.

Silly anon shes not a NEET, she's SELF-EMPLOYED and runs a SMALL BUSINESS. Just don't tell the disability council (or whatever the brits call it)

No. 868005

File: 1568348682378.jpg (59.76 KB, 750x1334, 70603048_647002999143772_87488…)

You, a woman in a het relationship, literally identify as femme, a lesbian term. There are no aspects of your persona that don't conform to femininity

No. 868039

File: 1568365091203.png (4.66 MB, 1125x2436, D10888AC-31A7-4919-8593-92FEB6…)

Imagine being so privileged that this is ur biggest problem

No. 868040

Guarantee if she got a proper job her mental health would improve, being by yourself in a flat all day is only gonna make u feel worse. And all her money problems would be so much better but no of course she would never even consider that

No. 868041

Surely this is a sign that shit tier etsy badges aren't working out for you and its time to actually earn real money. I know she's just posting this for sympathy money and some idiot is likely to fall for it but I really hope one day the sales just stop altogether too so she actually has to do something.

No. 868046

>I really hope one day the sales just stop altogether too so she actually has to do something.
She won't do shit as long as she has other people to leech off, I bet if Henry dumped her she'd just go back to her parents. She's convinced she's fundamentally incapable of working and will never improve herself or her life until she acknowledges that she's just fat, not disabled.

No. 868049

it's so frustrating to see her reposting something intended for gay women as if she relates. feebs is hyper feminine anyway, so this meme doesn't even apply. she has long hair, wears makeup, women's clothing, does her nails, she's engaged to a man. but she's 'not like other girls' (or 'nonbinary/queer') and hates women so apparently this applies…even though it doesn't in any universe.

No. 868054

File: 1568370057007.png (576.63 KB, 640x1136, B8024B35-1EA5-47A7-8AF7-82ED0C…)

me, me, ME

No. 868055

>"daily abuse"
>just people asking why she has "autistic" in her bio if she's undiagnosed or why she needs a crowd-funded wheelchair
I know some /fit/ retards sent her some dumb messages too, but most of the PMs she screenshots are really inoffensive.

No. 868063

I'd love for her to finally get the autism assessment and be told she does not have it.. we all know what her reaction would be

No. 868071

LMAO last month she was getting her army to attack an australian band because the women in their music video weren't fat enough! even though one was a size 20 kek

No. 868077

If I was a customer, I’d feel guilty for ordering and not make an order, due to how much she goes on about the pain from having to pack and fulfill orders, and the eye roll selfies when she has to work.

No. 868080

God she’s such a narcissist, everything has to somehow relate back to her and her ‘struggles’ I bet at some point she criticised jesy nelson for loosing that weight claiming it was fatphobic or something

No. 868083

Youtube is full of documentaries on things like limbless kids being barely cared for in poor orphanages.. but feebs is upset watching a BBC Three vid about pop stars getting weight comments..

Feebs is the exact person BBC Three appeals to though, they come out with such trash

No. 868091

File: 1568382426749.png (1.25 MB, 750x1334, 44E20400-37FD-4285-A822-3DEB0C…)

No. 868094

I love how she responds to trolls with responses that two to three times the length of the original message lol

No. 868096

>Doesn't give a shit about your weight loss
>One paragraph salty reply to a few innocuous lines.

She's definitely bitter than she doesn't have enough self control to lose weight herself.

No. 868099

fuck this response pisses me off. idk who sent the msg but they sound quite young? naive maybe, a teenager? maybe they genuinely wanted some advice and this greasy troll had to be a cunt. and she doesn’t even have a history of EDs (just shovelling her gob). if megan crabbe (think she’s a recovering anorexic) had the same msg, i doubt she’d respond like a spiteful cunt

No. 868101

i wouldn’t be surprised if she talked shite about the singer during her pro-hitler twitter phase

No. 868104

Assuming this isn't a troll, if she's so bodyposi she definitely could've gone the "weight/fatness doesn't matter!!" route to make herself seem less like an ass, but nope, she decides to do this.

No. 868105

File: 1568384816595.jpg (135.42 KB, 750x1334, 69725841_2357443627687372_4953…)

No. 868106

She's telling potential trolls the exact things to say to bug her, not the smartest

No. 868120

Main account removed again!

No. 868125

she is literally, knowingly making a 15 year old girl a target. how low can she actually get??

No. 868130

Imagine being triggered that someone wants to better themselves and be healthy. Unlike them, Pheebs can't lose weight and can only gain more.

No. 868132

but she's not bopo she's just fucking fat and gross lol

No. 868133

File: 1568391058013.png (446.58 KB, 750x1334, C1A60E58-E04B-44C0-B8C2-54DAC0…)

No. 868134

File: 1568391115217.png (817.66 KB, 750x1334, 14126E02-54B0-48FE-AEEC-E6201C…)

No. 868136

“Why do u want a disabled person to struggle financially” when u make urself disabled by overeating and being lazy and then get ur own account removed because of your own abusive actions then u don’t get to feel sorry for yourself

No. 868138

Maybe stop buying so much food and nail polish, feebz. That $60 bottle recently could have went to a few bills.

This cow. It amazes me how she can go camping and somehow magically walk around in the woods, but she's too disabled to brush her hair - during the same time period

No. 868140

this bitch really thinks we’re the sole reason her business is failing because she has to blame everybody else, but has she just not seen how shitty her “art” is? She took a whole week off when she could’ve hustled for money or looked for low-demanding jobs that’ll let her scoot around to her heart’s content

No. 868142


Maybe spend less money on takeaway and expensive frozen vegan food. Eat half as much at your meals. I can't imagine how much money she wastes just on food.

No. 868143

File: 1568392762505.png (1.57 MB, 1066x1794, Screenshot_20190913-173439.png)

Phoebe, that chart means fuck all unless you show us the whole thing

No. 868144

She's acting like we're throwing stones through her windows or stealing from her. It's not lolcow's fault that she keeps getting suspended; she bullies people, makes their names public while talking about how awful they are, hoping her followers will go attack them. God forbid she get punished for inciting harassment, which is a legit crime. As for the money, it's her choice to price her goods too low to make a profit.

Also fucking lol at her playing the disabled card. Some anons in here dislike Phoebe precisely because we've got some of the disabilities she claims to have, yet don't turn into entitled, screeching balls of hatred like her.

No. 868147

even when her business was doing "well" she still claimed to not be making enough money… most people would just find a second job at that point. there are plenty where she wouldn't need to stand. hell, work in a call center. she can solve these problems herself, relying on something as unreliable as etsy sales isn't smart business unless you're a huge store.

she hasn't mentioned her patreon in awhile. I'd think she'd be linking it constantly for more "stable" income. but then she'd have to actually deliver content for it lol

No. 868148

File: 1568393973586.jpg (455.31 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190913-175208_Ins…)

No. 868149

I love how she's blaming it on bullies mass reporting her. No Feebs, it's just your shitty behaviour.

No. 868152

This quote always comes to mind -

Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results

No. 868153

I'm not actually sure how she lacks the self-awareness to realise this pattern. She blasts someone on her story, then she's banned again. Could it be that call-out posts like hers are against the terms of service? No, don't be ridiculous, namecalling and encouraging dogpiling is absolutely fine, it's those darned fatphobes en-masse reporting her to Insta in order to fat shame her. She's a precious, dainty femme boy sometimes surviving on a paltry 1800 calories a day - how irresponsible it is of them to trigger her! She might just faint from starvation at any moment, with any luck landing in her insurance-void-from-weight powerchair and wheeling away, giving fatphobes the finger while everyone else stands and applauds her.

No. 868154

bitch your business is shit because you whine about how horribly crippling it is just to make some buttons all day, and also chew out literally anyone who sends you a message.

this is the one bitch who NEEDS to find her own thread. for someone who loves being a victim, it seems like she never googles her username.

No. 868160

She knows about the threads since the beginning. She just thinks everybody else than her is wrong all the time. We're stupid in the same way that she thinks doctors are stupid for linking obesity and death

No. 868166

File: 1568396774561.png (102.31 KB, 720x1136, 0_clip_now_20190913_184521.png)

is her backup gone for everyone, or just me?

No. 868167

Aw it's gone for me too. I assumed she'd blocked me lol

No. 868169

File: 1568396930080.png (234.79 KB, 992x1290, Bildschirmfoto 2019-09-13 um 1…)

No. 868170

just went to look at it while logged out, looks like it's been deactivated

No. 868171

Honestly I don't think it's just her "haters" any more.

I think she's genuinely alienated her "fan base" to the point that they're backing away from her toxicity. Aren't they all into positive vibes and being woke and all that? Phoebe is still stuck in her edgy angry teen phase and hasn't gained any self awareness or empathy.

That message from the 15 year old was a moment she could have used to talk about body positivity and self love but nope. It was all "WHAT ABOUT ME".

No. 868172

"I don't know what to do anymore"

Lol, stop harassing people you whiny cow

No. 868181

File: 1568397995542.png (517.89 KB, 964x1260, Bildschirmfoto 2019-09-13 um 2…)

am i the only one who think it's weird she communicates with her mom using fb?

No. 868185

She's such an emotional drain in this convo

No. 868186

File: 1568398265718.png (327.86 KB, 1764x834, Bildschirmfoto 2019-09-13 um 2…)

btw, she gets 65$ every month for doing n-o-t-h-i-n-g

she hasn't updated her Patreon in almost 4 months

No. 868188

“wish i could solve it all for you” and that right there is why phoebe is the way she is, totally spoiled

No. 868190

I can't tell if she means it or if she's aware that feebs is basically an emotional vampire so she pacifies her with shallow but supportive sounding messages?

No. 868201

If the last column is sales for September then she needs to include the fact that she took a whole week off for her birthday

No. 868202

If you minus the whole week, you're left with like 4 days. She's either stupid, dramatic or lying about the numbers. Or all three tbh.

No. 868207

I can't even figure out what these numbers could mean with any value as 1000+ except for page views

No. 868211

Actually you may be on to something, I checked her Etsy and she has 2,462 all time sales? So it can't be sales cos she wouldn't have like 500+ sales in one block?

No. 868218

It's revenue

No. 868228

Still doesn't make sense. Again, unless the trend line is her Etsy page visits, could she really be making £500+ a month?

No. 868230

I hope pheebz has siblings cos she's the kind of person that will not lift a finger to help her parents when they old or when one of them dies leaving the other needing help

No. 868231

lol if she’s serious about her business/brand, then she needs to separate her personal shite to another account. it’s not hard. but that’s not the problem, is it? she knows her products are subpar and the way she runs her so-called business is laughable. the only reason people buy her shit is because most of them feel sorry for her. and she knows that. so that’s why having a business only account is pointless because people who don’t know her aren’t going to waste their money on cheap tat.

i won’t speak for others but i don’t want to ruin her business or see her dead. i hope i’m not wrong in pointing out that most of us on this site are simply observing, not sending death threats or reporting her to instagram. i think she needs to take a minute to look at herself and wonder why she’s so disliked and — actually, this is futile because it’s easier for her to rage and grab oppression points instead of having some insight.

No. 868232

File: 1568403743968.png (243.82 KB, 1024x576, Etsy-income-1024x576.png)


This is what an Income Report looks like on Etsy and her picture looks the same

No. 868233

>>868230 she has an older brother. there’s a pic of him in an older thread and he seems very normal, quite nice looking too.

No. 868237

File: 1568403972173.png (164.13 KB, 1241x598, IMG_4009.PNG)

damn, her dad really thinks she's doing the best she can?

No. 868239

'bombard them with complaints'

She got her entitlement from daddy then

No. 868240

someone had to have a hand in raising such a mean spirited self-righteous prick like Phoebe, right?

No. 868241

And misgendering his own child???

No. 868243

Instagram must've had to take on new staff just to deal with all the shite from/about phoebe

Do they not see the big picture of them spamming insta staff already with her accounts being taken down WEEKLY

No. 868247

He complained about Instas "shit service" because he couldn't complain without having an account… That whole family is Low IQ

No. 868252

mhm. daddy is a copper too.

No. 868257

>donates loads to worthy causes
What, the few fucking pence she donated to that one charity god knows how long ago?

No. 868262

It would take 30 seconds for him to create an account but instead he encourages others to spam instagram with complaints that they are hearing about through chinese whispers at this stage

No. 868264


Her mum sounds like Cartman's mum right down to calling her "sweetie" and pandering to her obese kid.

No. 868265

Wasn't 22 year old feebs telling a 15 year old that she 'doesn't give a fuck about her problems' right before her account went down?

Let your parents enjoy their friday night feebs!

No. 868267

Especially considering it’s Shabbos!

No. 868272

So daddy doesn't have an account, which surely means he doesn't follow all her batshit rants at people in her stories ?

Man is taking her word for it and making a fool of himself with those rose tinted glasses of parenthood

No. 868276

So is she going to cancel her dad for misgendering her as she does with Jameela?

No. 868278

I'm amazed how perfectly her entire family fits that stereotype of the bully and their parents that think their spawn can do no wrong. It's kinda creepy.

No. 868280

Poor Feebs. If any other cop misgendered her she's be absolutely wetting herself with thrilled indignation

No. 868281

Yeah how come dad gets to be a cop and misgender her.. without being called a biggot cunt and cancelled?

No. 868283

She can’t cancel her bankroll.

No. 868284

No, I communicate and interact with my parents via facebook occasionally. It's really strange that she does so using her "official page" instead of as her Phoebe Tickner account, though.

Feebles you can't just keep doing these "callout" posts and expect them to suddenly decide not to enforce their harassment policies. And Instagram catching on to the ban evasion was only a matter of time, I'm actually surprised she was able to skirt by on it for as long as she has. If she continues down this route they have every possibility of getting sick enough of her shit for a range ban, and then what will she do?

No. 868290

Is it really? I wonder if she's hiding the rest of the graph because it shows she actually meets the minimum tax requirement. I highly suspect her business isn't legally registered and she doesn't pay tax

>Feebles you can't just keep doing these "callout" posts and expect them to suddenly decide not to enforce their harassment policies.
It's kind of amazing, she's like a living embodiment of the eric andre shooting hannibal meme. People talking about her indirectly on another website is harassment and killing her livelihood, but publicly shaming a fucking fifteen year old, whos obviously ESL and trying to be nice isn't? I can't decide whether she's actually retarded or just the single most spiteful and entitled person on the planet. She's just so fucking nasty.

No. 868292

Daddy daddy! Instagram isn't letting me play with it! Tell them off please!

God she is such a baby. Stop bullying children, Phoebe, and your account won't get shut down.

The whole family seem to be oblivious to how entitled they all are!

No. 868294

she donated to the very worthy most important cause that is herself by covering the taxes on her powerchair gofundme.

No. 868306

I really feel bad for that 15 year old girl, confiding in Phoebe and getting told to fucking stop it because Phoebe doesn’t care about her problems.

This girl’s crime was expressing a desire to loose weight for her health, meanwhile Phoebe at the same age was calling people niggers and retards.

So Phoebe subjects her to the public humiliation of getting called out on a page with over 10 thousand followers, a genuinely shitty low-point for Phoebe the bully and the most justified ban yet.

She is becoming more disgusting by the day, her aversion to getting a job so she can play with Apple products full-time is one thing, but she really is harmfully abusive towards women and girls and seems to have zero self-awareness of this.

No. 868313

She can set whatever date ranges she wants for these graphs. I wouldn't be at all surprised if she set it only up until September 1st to get these results. Obviously I'm tinfoiling a bit here, but it's been proven that her sales go up when her accounts are disabled. And it wouldn't be the first time she's used Etsy screenshots to back up her lies - several months ago she posted a screenshot that showed no available funds in her Etsy account but neglected to mention that it was a Monday and Etsy had just paid out.

No. 868320

This is insane. Does she really not realize how immature and downright nasty she’s being to a 15 year old? She’s a grown woman.

No. 868321

i guess she should apply for government assistance for dental appointments and eye tests then (hc2/hc3). oh wait she can't because their household earns too much to qualify. or she could stop buying expensive nail varnishes and penis socks, but those are necessities!

No. 868332

Shame her mum's account is private, she seems fun(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 868404

is it just me or is her facebook page down aswell? i checked logged in and out and it seems like it's gone.

No. 868409


Both her page and her main account working for me. Try this link


No. 868417

She is decent at nails and cooking imo

No. 868421

I've been thinking this too. She always says she doesn't make enough to pay tax but you have to do a self assessment if you earn £1000 or more per fiscal year.
She makes £780 just from patreon per year and with her etsy earnings she is definitely in the tax payer bracket

No. 868460

i had completely forgotten she even had one, so i'm not surprised no one's confronted her about it, but man do i wish they would. she has no excuse not to direct people's attention to it if her income is in such alleged jeopardy. she even updated her handle so she's clearly been there recently.

No. 868464

she picks her ass with those nails.

No. 868467


She could sort out her gum disease by buying a bottle of Corsodyl from any chemist or supermarket. Cheaper than a dental appointment. If her bleeding gums and out of date glasses prescription are that much of an issue why didn't she ask her parents for money to cover them for her very recent birthday? Oh and Henry pays the bills.


I don't want disabled people to struggle financially. Feebs isn't disabled though so whatever, and to her "struggling financially" means she can't afford luxuries. If she wants to pretend to be too disabled to work then she can't cry when she doesn't have enough cash to get more nail polishes.


In the last 12 months she's posted precisely two of those "monthly essays". I don't know how she still has Patrons.


It also means that he doesn't see the numerous ACAB posts that she makes or reposts.


Her nail polish skills aren't awful although they're so long and filthy underneath. Her cooking though, no. She's never posted an appetising looking meal.

No. 868471

File: 1568438341476.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190914-061530_Ins…)

Henry working long hours

No. 868489

jfc, providing for his ogre roommate has taken its toll

No. 868505


who of you mean bitches did this?

No. 868510

His eyes… good lord Henry he needs sleep and a break from that screeching bitch.

No. 868526

God, he got his gross close up lessons from the master, didn't he?

No. 868584

you did

No. 868591

File: 1568475464428.gif (4.42 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

No. 868598

File: 1568476114558.jpg (613.29 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190914_113942_com…)

She's so rude

No. 868603

"Maybe I'm not putting the right ones."

Maybe, just maybe, your stuff is shit, Phoebe.

No. 868616

Claims to fight for oppressed people and care about important issues = talks the ear off anyone that will listen to her whine about her tiny ickle problems

She has no idea just how small her problems are and I can't wait for the day she faces her first actual hardship

No. 868619

lmao her stuff is shit and she's not the right crowd for people who browse etsy, no one interested in supporting artists would want her work because it's so fucking bad, only people who're interested in virtue signalling and stupid sjw politics are and they're all on instagram and tumblr.

No. 868633

I think in a recent story she claimed that she does pay taxes bc she earns enough to

No. 868664

There’s a screenshot floating around in one of these threads of her saying she is unable pay taxes because she’s too poor. I couldn’t seem to find it though

No. 868665


Nah she’a repeatedly said she doesn’t pay taxes. God I hope the HMRC will get her some day, stupid cow.

No. 868666

She's said she doesn't pay taxes 3 days ago

No. 868689

I don’t know if I imagined it but there was a story of her responding to someone and the person said something like “our taxes go towards you being lazy” and she responded saying something like “I pay taxes dickead” but I could be wrong

No. 868727

No there's every possibility that you're remembering correctly. She backtracks and changes her story regarding how much she earns and where the money goes depending on the angle she wants to play. If she's a poor struggling small business owner, she makes peanuts and can barely afford necessities, let alone her eye exams and dental appointments! If someone is saying Henry pays for everything suddenly she's a Boss Bitch who goes halfsies with him on everything. She's too idiotic to think that any of this could possibly bite her disability hearing in the ass (although at this point its been so long I doubt she even has one set up anymore, or if she does its languishing in paperwork purgatory).

She's like this with everything, when her parents tell her that her dreams of being a midwife in the US or w/e aren't realistic or that she's never been with a girl or had interest in them and so saying she's "queer" is a bit misleading, her parents are abusive assholes. When mummies buying lunch or hair appointments, theyre so close!!! She's just a remarkably fake and deluded person.

No. 868732

not paying income tax != not paying any taxes at all. (not intending to wk just clarifying)

No. 868815

File: 1568518948414.jpeg (180.85 KB, 750x968, 33E8C150-2B4F-4EA7-9348-90E45B…)

If she wants to stop getting her account taken down she needs to stop ALL NEGATIVE POSTING that is directed at other people/groups of people. Instagram drastically increased its moderating and became a lot more strict a few months ago. A couple weeks ago I had a story from June taken down bc it said something like “men suck” they’re VERY strict now.

She will literally have to go through her Instagram story archive and delete ANY story saying anything like that, which will be a Herculean task considering she probably has 1000+ stories and 90% of them are shitting on other people. It’s not just about future/current stories, the mods on Instagram will literally give you a strike for past stories and remove them. It would be very simple, albeit very time consuming, for her to stop getting her account suspended, but we all know she has plenty of free time. She acts like it’s some big mystery or conspiracy against her.

No. 868907

she just swears that trolls are mass reporting her over nothing and it’s gettjng taken down. i lost my SHIT when she said “they removed me for posting pictures of fat bodies” she’s completely oblivious to that fact that she’s a huge bully. she literally just bullies and harassed and disrespects people and calls it activism bc the person will have one point of privilege for example maybe the person is white or straight or cis. poobs somehow tho forgets to acknowledge that she too is all of these things. even if she claims not to be cis or straight, it barely matters because she’s straight and cis passing.

No. 868926

Can someone get screenshots from the mutual aid UK group Phoebes advertising for? Are there posts from the degenerate herself?

No. 868938

File: 1568558440821.png (34.36 KB, 428x130, Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 12.4…)

Im not a part of the group but looks like feebie is no longer an admin

No. 868950

File: 1568559937259.jpg (6.89 KB, 174x315, 70638929_2194826903973330_6279…)


I'm not in the group but I may have found a few drops of milk. Pheebs shared a message from the admin called Eshe today complaining that cismen haven't been donating as much as women and trans ppl in this group. I mean why the fuck would they even be in a group like this, I don't know since they don't seem like the kind of group to even want men in it. But anyway the admin shared a breakdown of the most donations by cities. Southend (Pheebs city) isn't on the cut. Which means she has donated less than 5 times (if she even has at all). For someone that claims that a reason she needs her Etsy is so she can donate to causes, she doesn't actually do that much donating. The fact she shared the message on her fatvegfemme page probably means she is still in the group or at least friends with the admin but not an admin herself, so she can't use the "not in the group anymore" tactic.

No. 868967

I just saw that post. I love how they basically shit on cis men while simultaneously complaining that cis men don't do enough to help them.

Of course feebz would smugly share that wall of whinging.

I hope she becomes more active on FB since all the instagram bans – I'd hate to see this cow dry up.

No. 868970

wow anon ur magical. if only this could be common knowledge, she would be done. if only

No. 868978


Cis and white people are welcome to join the group to donate only. So much for "mutual aid".

No. 869863

What is her nail page ? She is posting there apparently

No. 869877


Also want to add her polly account isn't deleted so she still had two ig accounts technically. The polly one hasn't been updated, though. Just want to put that out there so we can watch for milk since she's been so quiet about her next steps.

No. 869879

File: 1568756719115.png (498.56 KB, 720x1280, U751wlo.png)

Also samefag but for anyone who can't view, she isn't really posting anything interesting atm. Just posting nail stuff, people getting her products, and still posting about reporting her account. That's about it for now. She's probably scared to lose this account, too. She is ban evading, after all, so her stupid ass should be worried.

No. 869983

Wanna take bets on how long it will take for her to go back to her regular behaviour?

No. 870015


Not long. This is the longest time she's been quiet on insta in months. Even when she went on holiday she couldn't stop.

No. 870084

What exactly is the point in begging people to 'report the deactivation to instagram' when it's instagram that deactivated it in the first place?

Where is the logic in that?

No. 870457

File: 1568899498793.jpg (124.46 KB, 750x1334, 69702571_427121764825659_47012…)

Looks like she dyed her hair.

No. 870458

File: 1568899563167.png (624.53 KB, 933x543, Screenshot at Sep 19 09-25-37.…)

Here's the picture from the salon account.

No. 870459

Oh ~no~, she really doesn't have the skin tone for this colour or facial definition for this cut. I hope it doesn't look as bad as I think it does.

No. 870460

speak for yourself, i hope (and am sure) it does

No. 870461

Oh god, not even the stylist was able to make that rat’s nest look good

No. 870462

Crazy how she can leave the house for… everything except a job.

No. 870470

Go bathe, Feeby.

No. 870473

That isn't short hair wtf.

No. 870475

File: 1568902547838.jpg (250.46 KB, 1440x2562, 69852618_1301361863320737_5109…)

Oh, lord. It got worse.

No. 870478

>>870475 Fucks sake Feebs, if you're already making the herculean effort to raise your hands to the back of your fat head to "finger comb" it, why is it so much harder to hold a fucking brush!! I can't stand this troglodyte.

No. 870480


KEK it looks so damaged and the shade is horrible, can't wait to see her fat red face peering out from under that nest. What a waste of that hairdresser's efforts. It looks disgusting, and a totally different shade of blue to what she initially said she was going to get.

No. 870482

I'll await the phase where the colour will eventually fade to a green, with her red face its gonna be great

No. 870483

yeah that's never gonna come out and it's gonna fade to a horrible green, but with her red face and green hair she'll be ready for christmas in no time.

No. 870489

At least green will dull down the red tones in her skin. I think the blue is better than the pink, but >>870458 4 fucking hours of damaging it AGAIN was her problem with the pink. And with it being vegan and the amount of time and process means she spent a lot of money on this. I think Henry might have had to pitch in with her business doing so horrible.

No. 870490

File: 1568904537499.jpg (37.67 KB, 794x827, il_794xN.2007569177_7wm9.jpg)

wearing this t shirt at an appointment that probably cost well over 100 quid lol

No. 870492

File: 1568904613358.jpg (23.76 KB, 794x800, il_794xN.2017338651_4hyo.jpg)

No. 870494

a thumb in a plastic clown wig……. i can’t believe she’s such a narcissist and yet is totally ignorant to what flatters her image

No. 870495

It was her birthday present from her mom so I think Henry was spared

No. 870501

Well folx, blue hair is officially ruined for everyone. Fanx, Feebs.

No. 870504

Wearing a white t-shirt to get her hair dyed too.

No. 870505

My god, peak woke white girl culture right here. It’s always the white girls looking for oppression and calling themselves queer, that have never lived in the hell of communist regimes or have family that has, that flaunt communism as the Best Ever. She doesn’t even realize how fucking offensive this shit is, because only her brand of social justice is the right one. Better dead than red, Phlabby.

No. 870532


Any person nowadays who actually supports communism in the far left does EITHER acknowledge the failures of communism in the past, knows that true socialism or communism is almost an utopia and supports true marxist-leninist theory OR is a fucking tankie (pro-Stalinism assholes)

People who wear shirts like that by 100% have no idea what communism even means and just do it for the special snowflake points. Phoebe probably think of jeremy corbyn as a commie or something
This girl becomes more of an idiot every two seconds if that's even possible

No. 870545

File: 1568913154502.jpg (567.49 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190919-181146_Ins…)

No. 870554

it is weird what Instagram has been marking as harassment. I don't think they should be too focused on a story about 1 quid buttons saying "fuck conservatives." why are they wasting their time on her less offensive posts?

No. 870558

File: 1568915138784.png (168.8 KB, 640x1136, 3D085C73-810E-4C63-9C85-24BDE3…)

Went to the salon’s website. She’s so poor but can spend £173 on an ugly af hairstyle

No. 870559

lmao just as terrible as I was hoping. how does it still looks so fucking damaged?? (the fact the stylist thought it was good enough to post on the salon’s ig is hilarious too, have seen better box dye jobs than this)

also, 4 hours of bleach? along with the cut, rinse, blow dry (I assume) …that’s a good amount of time. no mention of fatigue or pain tho…seems like pubes managed to turn her super severe fibro off for a day too

No. 870561

I thought it's maybe someone from Germany, we have the Network Enforcement Act. If someone from Germany is on her ass, she can just delete her social media herself.

No. 870563

the haircut was a birthday gift from her mom

No. 870568

It doesn't matter. She's not poor if she's able to accept luxury gifts from her rich family. Her mom could have used that money to help her pay the light bill, etc. She's just middle class and consumerist like every other "Queer" white girl SJW.

No. 870577

$217 USD for THAT?!? Unless it's just the light and my shit eyesight, just by the bottom left corner of the textbox the shave's uneven and by the top right of it the color's not even. Maybe they rushed it up to get her squealing pig ass the fuck out of there.

No. 870587

God that fat roll on the back of her head is disgusting

No. 870611

It's clear as day she's never read literally anything but Instagram posts on the subject, she's thick as pigshit and is only using it (and everything else in her life) to virtue signal. Her "communism" consists of "rich people bad, me jealous!"

No. 870621

while being a shit ton better off than a lot of the ~poor working class~ she LARPs as. she’s destitute when it suits her. can’t afford dental or eye appointments but mum can fork out almost 200 quid on a patchy dye job. redistribute the wealth, feebs!!!

No. 870686

the daft fanny is a gammon hog with blue hair… how very Tory kek

No. 870858

File: 1568979113805.png (1.51 MB, 750x1334, 8CBA40D1-E08B-46F2-BC8E-A73394…)

A blue-topped thumb.

No. 870859

Ahahahaha you can already see roots, they really did a shit job

No. 870860

File: 1568980459224.png (569.54 KB, 638x760, Bildschirmfoto 2019-09-20 um 1…)

There's mold in the apartment

No. 870863

The happiness of this 173 quid hair job will last all of one day and then she'll be back to whinging about life and her poorness

She shows a recurrent pattern of only ever being perked up by holidays/gifts/events for literally a day and then life is shit again

No. 870871

This could legit be something from a horror movie. Vegan's supposed to be anti-capitalism yet they charge ridiculous prices for a cut and bleach. Can't think of a more fitting salon for the heffer.

No. 870873

Those prices aren’t particularly out of the ordinary for high end salons, anon. She said it took 4 hours, you’re paying for time and product. What is out of the ordinary is her claiming to be poor and then going to said high end salon. If she were really a poor sjw she would have dyed it herself like the rest of them.

No. 870875

that salon is far from high end

No. 870877

Her justifications here are that this is a birthday present from her mom, that having long hair is too hard since she's "disabled" (but how does the blue dye help?), and her usual "poor people can have luxuries too".
But for all the money her mom spent on her she could have gotten hair-cutting scissors and cut it herself, gotten the eye check-up she keeps talking about and probably new glasses, or at least paid for a portion of their cost. Whether she's poor or not I don't understand why she keeps putting off her medical check-ups that she says she desperately needs. It's like she wants to struggle.

No. 870884

>It's like she wants to struggle.

In a nut shell.

No. 870899

She has always claimed that henry has the rich family and hers is poor.. yet her mom spent close to 200 quid on a hair salon visit for her -adult- daughters bday.. I would consider that pretty privileged for a fucking 22 year old

And we all know she'd be quick to shame anyone else for getting that expensive of a hair cut/colour

No. 870904

abso fucking lutely anon. what poor person would accept a $175 haircut? if she was really poor she could’ve gotten a much cheaper haircut and paid bills or put money in her savings but no lol. how can she even pretend to be poor with a 175 haircut it’s absolutely insane! wtf is wrong with her and how in the absolute fuck can anyone be fooled by this idiot ?! anyone who falls for her shit must be even dumber than the feebz herself

No. 870905

spoiler anon, for the love of god. i didn’t want to have to see this. she’s so repulsive

No. 870914


Nah, not spoiler-worthy. There’s so, SO much worse you’ll be subjected to once Feebles gets her account back…

No. 870932

this, and I suspect she won't want to be told by any of them that her massive weight doesnt help things either. could she even fit in a regular dentist chair?

No. 870950

finally, something for henry to eat because you know the hog uses up their food supply every day

No. 870954

File: 1568999057621.jpg (163.58 KB, 1500x1500, FB_IMG_1568998735137.jpg)

Short hair my arse, that's 100% what a girly girl would say. Pic related, her new FB profile pic. Phoebe, You're a feminine straight woman who loves being a feminine woman and you most certainly fit the gender binary. You're basically a stay at home wife with your cute little hobby business and a man who works long hours that you leech off. You making him push you around in a wheelchair you don't even need at pride events you don't even belong at doesn't change any of that.

No. 870989

File: 1569005344931.png (144.16 KB, 640x1136, DD964FA7-E4A8-4D26-8CEF-9DC693…)

Saw this and thought of our Poobs

No. 871110

this smug bitch rly is feeling herself huh

No. 871153

sage for hairfagging but i don't even understand why the salon bleached it all again. the roots yeah, but her pink was so grossly faded that they should have no problem covering it with a blue that pigmented, way to make it even more damaged lol

No. 871168


GBP, not USD.

No. 871173


The only other person i can think of with that shade of blue hair is Agony Autie so that fits. Two people faking autism for attention.

No. 871177


I think because she's been done for bullying/harassment on IG before they're watching her accounts to see if she does it again even if it's way less bad than before.

No. 871244

i assume anon means 217 USD for 173 GBP

No. 871245

i reckon feebs went for blue because it’s a colour associated with boys kek enjoy your blue hair and fat boi pussy, you’re still a girl

No. 871249

her hair colour is also the only thing in her life she can control basically

No. 871261

It's also one of the most popular dangerhair colours/basic instathot colours these days, we all know she's dying to be instafamous. I also can't wait to see how long the dye lasts before she's ebegging for hairdresser bucks.

No. 871299

this picture is hilarious. yea, some people don’t fit the gender binary. is phoebe really trying to say she’s one of those people? you’re present as a woman in your heterosexual relationship. shut. the. fuck. up.

No. 871319

4 hours for what looks like an uneven home dye job. whew

No. 871326

She sure does love to waste other people's money

No. 871338

Blue’s usually pretty quick to fade but considering our pubes isn’t really a fan of shampoo or basic hygiene it’ll be a while. Hopefully

No. 871390

Her nails too. Classic miserable fat girl behaviour, changing superficial things about your appearance for instant gratification and a temporary sense of self improvement, but not actually losing weight or bettering yourself because that's too hard and isn't immediate.

No. 871527

Main account is back

No. 871530


is it possible she's just deactivated it herself? ive never seen someone lose their account and get it back THIS many times.

No. 871532

File: 1569145857891.png (1.67 MB, 750x1334, 41926849-F9EE-40BC-A3CF-2E7A24…)

how many times has she been “extra careful” lmao

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