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File: 1581049398510.png (3.5 MB, 1512x1512, 1579459922569.png)

No. 929121

First Thread >>738758
Second Thread >>836614
Third Thread >>871951
Fourth Thread >>892447

Heather Steele is a former retro toy collecting and Fairy Kei fashion Youtuber who, at the end of 2018, decided to have a major meltdown and turned all her social media into a public diary. She began cheating on her allegedly abusive husband, and re-wrote herself as some sort of pop Victorian goth and witchy explorer. She got incredibly defensive of her sudden change. In her defensiveness– which she vaguely admitted was to win the affections of a man– she threw a lot of her supporters under the bus, has been unreasonably cocky and aggressive with a lot of people including former friends, and distorted the criticisms (which were towards her overall behavior) into a narrative claiming everyone is just attacking her for her fashion and hobby choices.

She has a history of incredibly self-focused and self-destructive behavior. Over the past year, she has wildly flipped between “I’m a strong woman and I don’t need to validate myself” to having public meltdowns on social media, only to delete them within an hour. Despite this, she denies she’s mentally ill and attacks the mere notion she needs help, once again using the “people hate me because I’m goth now” narrative.

Heather has alienated herself from all her old friends, but continues to act like everyone was just a bad person and she’s a victim who fled from a terrible life. She used and manipulated several people in her life, and spent her 20s being a homebody mooch, then went on to claim she was “living in a hellhole with an abusive husband” in order to garner pity for a Gofundme and claim she was going to be homeless. She is now living back at home with her parents and has a job and a car, but continues all her usual crazy and continues putting all her energy towards seeking approval from “boys” and her followers.

She has tried to start up her Youtube channel again, but doesn’t seem to have any consistent plans despite claiming otherwise.

Other characters (because the “Ryans” can get confusing)
>Adam: Heather’s ex husband. Not a stellar person himself, cheated and lied too, but Heather seems to exaggerate the “abuse”. Funded her and bought her gifts. Dating since 2012, engaged 2016, divorced 2019.
>Adam’s new gf: “Hates Heather”, according to Heather. Heather used the new girlfreind’s visit to springboard into a breakdown about how she was in danger and going to be homeless.
>Ryan 1: Motivational Youtuber. Heather latched onto him and he apparently tried to help the dysfunctional couple by suggesting Heather seek therapy. Eventually they both threw him to the dogs.
>Ryan 2: Ryan Z. Urbex’er whom Heather latched onto and physically stalked several times by using other people for rides. Met up again Oct 2019, Heather posted some cutesy things, and in less than a day those posts were removed and she put him on blast.
>Ryan 3: Short-lived gamer boy met through Tinder.
>Damian: On-off Urbex boyfriend. Eventually put him on blast after their 500th breakup.
>Ryan 4: Craig. Graveyard photographer Heather briefly dated, but they appear to still be friends.
>Ryan 5: Clay. Alleged new boyfriend?
>Juliet/Dera: Former friend who put Heather on a pedastal. Heather took advantage of this and used Heather to stalk Ryan 2 Jan 2019. Car ended up in a ditch and they’re not longer friends. Juliet has come out to explain what happened and reflect on it.
>Sisters: Younger and older. Moved out to Cali where she met Adam at the start of the last decade under claims her elder sister was trying to kill her.
>Parents: Claimed her parents wouldn’t take her in because they voted Trump. Is now living with them, but doesn’t admit to it.

No. 929138

File: 1581050896213.png (1.52 MB, 896x1552, sss.png)

they are still together

No. 929139

File: 1581050981543.jpg (147.18 KB, 1080x1920, 82905882_483218072571074_36432…)

No. 929144

Wow…he looks so happy.

No. 929146

>Heather took advantage of this and used Juliet to stalk Ryan 2 Jan 2019. Car ended up in a ditch and they’re no longer friends.
Excuse the typos. I wrote this up fast.

>the contrast between her smiling and him looking 200% dead inside.

She went from happy, to meltdown, to happy again, and likely only because she went on a date. But she's clearly not mentally ill.

Yeah, there was another shot but he kinda just had an awkward shit-eating toothless grin.

No. 929150

File: 1581052891754.png (1.56 MB, 870x1546, smile.png)

>>Yeah, there was another shot but he kinda just had an awkward shit-eating toothless grin.

here it is for those interested in seeing his smile

No. 929152

he just looks confused in this one, like Ashton Kutcher and a camera crew burst out of a vintage ottoman

No. 929189

That’s not even a smile. He doesn’t like selfies, being treated like a trophy, or his love life being publicized, but he also isn’t one to speak up. Wonder what Heather would do if she found out he still lurks his ex’s social media.

No. 929219

I dont know what looks worse, her dress or his face? Both equally are ugly as fuck

No. 929228

A mom taking out her special needs son to the mall. How cute.

No. 929270


>Adam’s New Gf:

Fun facet to this part of the tale:

Apparently, when this ‘went down’ Heather suddenly pulled the ‘I’m your wife not her. I belong in that apartment and she doesn’t. She needs to leave.’

So, what makes me lol the most about this is that Adam is ‘so abusive’ until heather realizes she’s been replaced, and now suddenly she wants to play wifey again, rather than taking this opportunity to ‘escape her abuse.’ This is why I do not believe she was ever actually in any danger. Thoughts…?

No. 929272

Replying to myself because I forgot to add: Also, I’m still trying to figure out why heather thought she had the right to tell Adam he wasn’t allowed to have his gf over to HIS apartment when I’m sure heather never paid a dime of the rent, continually talked about how she wanted nothing to do with him, and how she wanted to leave. Then all of a sudden when her cushy no responsibilities life was in ‘danger’, she pretended to care about their ‘relationship’?

No. 929277

File: 1581088857301.jpg (14.26 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (1).jpg)

His hairline is tragic. Dude's got a haircut like a blonde bert.

No. 929291

Nice one Anon. Though Bert and Ernie have a far healthier relationship than Heather and her pet Lurch.

No. 929353

File: 1581102362547.png (457.82 KB, 750x1334, 9C28D985-40E7-4D34-9068-A7AB3D…)

Mommy’s playing chauffeur for her 30 year old daughter again. So much for “adulting,” huh?

No. 929370

>rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare rare

No. 929372

Funny thing is, I live in the general area she lives in, and it’s really not that bad. She’s just a goddamn coward. She’s such a strong independent woman until it comes to actually doing things.

No. 929416

someone needs to tell this bitch there are people who live in more northern places, who cant see the roads during the winter, who get black ice multiple days a week, who get feet of snow in a matter of a few hours, and still manage to get from A to B.

No. 929421

I can understand being a new driver and feeling daunted by driving in certain weather or at night, but she needs to practice and it's better to get that practice in now than in the coming weeks where it's likely to be worse and more frequent.

Honestly, it's like she's a STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMAN until it better servers her to be a helpless scared baby so she can make people do things for her.

No. 929425

File: 1581115016639.jpg (693.17 KB, 1080x1800, 20200207_173633.jpg)

Remember what you put juliet through? It'll come around in full circle.

No. 929430

File: 1581115795544.png (2.63 MB, 750x1334, 0EAA45C5-DD38-40D1-9EB4-C45172…)

Lol I was thinking the same thing. She wants to complain about driving in this, but girl forced someone to drive in worse than this so she could stalk Ryan Z.

Also we get it Heather, you lurk.

No. 929444

canadian anons scoff at the idea of this somehow stopping someone from using their car

No. 929541

it's barely an inch of snow… that would take five minutes to scrape off. how would this stop anyone from driving their car?

No. 929572

you just don't understand how hard it is to be Heather, anon

No. 929573

even the weather is against her for changing the way she dresses and for changing her hobbies

No. 929574

She also made it very apparent that she had NEVER cleared off snow from a car before in her life. How do you go 30 years in life without ever having cleared off snow from a car? I mean…even if you didn’t have your OWN car…you still helped out and would shovel for your friends or your family like a decent human. But the actual second hand embarrassment I had while watching her try to figure out to how to use a wiper was so cringe.

No one is impressed that you have gone 30 years without ever shoveling off a car. And that is less than an inch of snow so it isn’t even an impressive amount of snow to be shoveling anyway so who is this for? People in the Midwest and Canada are laughing at you. If you are now going to spin it as “oh I have to make sure I’m taking care of my car that I refuse to drive in the snow because I’m really not that independent, but look at how I take care of my car…I shoveled it so it can get sit here and not be driven and get snowed on again…woooooowwwww.” Again…who are you impressing? All of us who regularly drive in the snow and have to shovel our cars on the daily would never choose to do this horrible task just for a cute IG post and leave our car in the driveway-especially if we had chauffeur mom to the rescue? Who by the way, you aren’t fooling anyone…everyone knows the “place you are staying” and the “person who gave you a ride” is your mom. So why don’t you say thank you to her instead of trying to hide it. The more you hide it, the worse it looks for you.

Anyway…when you actually become an independent woman who regularly goes to work every day and actually has to shovel their car for a reason…THIS…whatever it was you were doing for attention will not be it.

I swear she is trolling. She has to be.

No. 929578

Why would she think that clearing her car off while the door was open was a good idea? I am confused about why a 30 yr old woman is so useless at life.

No. 929608


I've never seen anyone more useless. On top of that, she is an over privileged bitch. Adam catered to her and now mom is. This girl doesn't know what hitting rock bottom is, has no freakin clue. People need to stop enabling her, AKA mom. 30 years old and just cleaned off snow like it's a fuckin accomplishment, holy fuck heather you should be completely embarrassed.

No. 929690

>I swear she is trolling. She has to be.

I don't think she's that clever.

No. 929701

I am over 30. And have never driven a car, since I'm legally blind. But I know how to clean one. What the hell heather?

No. 929732

Same kinda. I no longer qualify as legally blind but I don't have a license because it's more financially feasible for me to use public transport than to buy a car. A lot of these things don't even take experiential knowledge, just rudimentary common sense and she still manages to fail at them.

Those icicles indicate her car's been sitting there for a little while, too.

Watching Heather fumble over things most people have a basic grasp on in their teens would almost make me feel sorry for her, but the way she broadcasts this stuff purely to prove something to internet strangers, she really isn't deserving of any pity.

Honestly I don't even know what Clay, Craig, or any of these other guys even see in her. She's not very bright, she's inept, she lies, she's wildly unstable, she's extremely codependent, she's completely unmotivated. She has no social life, no viable future plans; keeps putting all her energy towards validation from strangers and pipe-dreams that won't go anywhere. Like they can all do leagues better, so I don't get why they stick around.

No. 929734

She's easy, that's the appeal. She's so desperate for male attention that she'll do whatever it takes to get them to stick around.

No. 929735

It's really obvious that she throws herself on them and wont leave them alone. She showed up at that guys job iirc and took photos of him looking terrified. She's an easy desperate sure thing. Dudes will put up with her shit for awhile, I'm sure she showers them in compliments and nudes

No. 929744

File: 1581190180516.jpg (627.79 KB, 1080x1806, 20200208_142957.jpg)

Her younger sister looks more accomplished then her, but I don't think that's saying much.

No. 929750

Are you sure that’s her younger sister, I thought she was as about 16/17?

No. 929754


It looks like her sister, they have the same smile and face. But I hate to say it, just because someone is 16/17 doesn't mean they can't get pregnant….

No. 929759

This looks more like a mother daughter picture than 2 sisters.

No. 929760

File: 1581191805185.jpg (1.25 MB, 1920x2560, 20-02-08-14-56-52-731_deco.jpg)

99.9% percent sure it's her younger sister…

Pun intended for the 99.9%

No. 929765

She has an older sister, too. The one she was claiming was trying to kill her so she could flee to Cali with the guy she was with before Adam.

No. 929788

That’s not any of her sisters

No. 929840

She’s 30, looks 40, and acts 20. I don’t think her brain has developed past the level of high school. It’s astounding she even has any following left at this point. But most of her life recently has been like a car accident, it’s too difficult not to look away. It even baffles me as to why any proud man out there would even want to be with this parasite. She offers nothing, works hardly, can’t drive herself anywhere, is in massive amounts of debt, lives with her mother, and is still legally married. That’s not exactly prime dating material. These ‘men’ are either past the state of desperate, or have a hard case of ignorance towards narcs. Ryan #5 seems to be running the gauntlet with her though, and if I calculated right has already lasted longer than Ryans #4 and #3. So maybe our little gun toting cowboy will be the one to take her in when no one else wanted her around.

No. 929870

>She's so desperate for male attention that she'll do whatever it takes to get them to stick around.
A couple days ago she was suddenly excited over a signed Anne Rice novel when she's admitted multiple times in the past she's not a reader. Anne Rice and RL Stine are probably the only "gothy" authors she knows. Reading is really the only one of Clay's primary hobbies that's accessible to her.

It's coincidental because Rice is universally hated for shitting on her fanbase multiple times.

>She showed up at that guys job iirc and took photos of him looking terrified.

Yeah, Ryan 2, and that wasn't all she did. The person who drove her from PGH to WV was a random Tinder guy who was never seen or heard of again. The reason Dera was driving in a blizzard was because Heather wanted to go stalk Ryan to another event, and he ended up not even going so it was "the worst birthday ever". I think there was another time she tried to stalk him. She was using one of her side-profiles to interact with his, which means he probably had her main blocked.

Then she posted the leg photo in the OP image, and I wouldn't doubt that and the dinner photo were taken without his knowledge. My guess as to what happened was that he was trying to get her to knock it the fuck off in the most polite way he could manage in hopes of damage control, and she didn't like that, so she put him on blast so she could spin it as him being some kind of shitbird fuckboy instead of just some guy she unhealthily obsessed over to the point of changing herself for his approval and repeatedly stalking him in person.

>our little gun toting cowboy will be the one to take her in when no one else wanted her around.
He won't be able to take her in because he doesn't live by himself or own the place he lives. Unless he plans on moving out and getting a place with her, but her issues with instability, lying, motivation, codependency, etc would wear into him fast. He has over a dozen guns and tons of ammo out in the open, several knives and swords. As unstable as she's shown herself to be, that's just a sad, shoddy third grade baking soda volcano ready to blow.

No. 929929

File: 1581223848523.jpg (170.54 KB, 1080x1920, 83549526_638160096941407_64966…)

Finally a normal pic instead of a mirror pic of the two of them. They don't look good together as a couple.

No. 929931

to be fair they don’t look good individually either

No. 929932

i kek'd

No. 929933

File: 1581224287599.jpg (137.28 KB, 1080x1920, 83928694_478368766164111_78004…)

No. 929948

Two people who are mentally and emotionally teenagers in the bodies of 30-something year-olds. Though I guess anachronisms are just part of both their aesthetics so it isn't completely unfitting.

No. 929971

As a couple they look awkward together. Also he’s really short. And who the hell took this picture of them in a target? God something about this picture just makes the whole thing a mess.

No. 929974

If that's Target, I'm gonna assume he must have picked her up from work because snow is scary n stuff, and she had a co-worker take it.

He's 5'10" ish, she's just always wearing her Killstar debt boots and he always stands like he's trying to unstick his balls from his thighs.

No. 929986

He looks like he doesn't know what a camera is and is confused and frightened by it.

No. 930035

Aw, did mommy take her little boy shopping for new school clothes? Cause this is the creepy vibe these photos give off. The dude looks visible perplexed, also.

No. 930039

kek. My sides anon.

Does Ryan #5 wear circle lenses or something? Why does he look straight possessed in every photo of him she takes? His bone structure is almost handsome, but it's entirely ruined by the cringe ren faire tattoo taking up his entire neck/jawline, whatever the hell that haircut is supposed to be, and that god awful soulless stare. Heather just looks like miss potato head or something. Those glasses really do her no favors.

No. 930041

It makes me laugh that it seems she bought a coat to match his.

No. 930047

Holy crap anon i think you're 100% right. Creepy!
As an aside I appreciate that wrinkles ribbon on her neck that looks like it just came out of the plastic.

No. 930082

File: 1581277539347.jpeg (3.33 MB, 3024x4032, 987C0310-732A-42ED-B8CE-511DA0…)

Did some digging. Here’s him not looking dead inside, and stage one of that tattoo. He wears contacts but not circle lenses. I think part of it is that she keeps getting him facing forward and his eyes are kinda close together and his Mohawk and completed neck tat just elongate his face to the point of being visually jarring.

No. 930096

In all the pictures, Heather looks like the cliche 45 year old single aunty who decided to take her nephew on a shopping trip and is definitely trying wayyyyy too hard to be young and hip and is missing the mark. So cringe. That white hair color is hard to pull off for anyone, but on her it makes her look like an actual grandma and is horrible against her skin tone. Her make up choices also are not doing her any favors. Always choosing the wrong pinks and weird shades that don’t complement her skin tone…it’s like a product of the 80s which again ages her so she seems like that single 45 year old aunty. They use that color palette because it was cool when they were youngsters and just never stopped. Does she not look in the mirror and see the resemblance to those people? Or look in the mirror at all? She takes enough selfies, you would think she would notice. Again…if she changed her hair and make up, she might look her age, but I guess she wants to look 45 and act 20? The pictures are even more cringe when she is with this new boy toy who looks barely 20. Really looks like she took her nephew shopping. The cringe is real…not a good look. And matching coats? Such an aunt and nephew thing to do. I can’t with her. I guess we should be happy she bought a coat to cover up the rest of that outfit though. Such a mess.

No. 930098

Man, how many filters does she use on her selfies. He looks like a completely different person here. kek.

He looks like idubbz ugly edgelord brother or something. I just can't get over the receding hairline and necktat.

>boy toy who looks barely 20
Nah, dude is balding and uggo. It's the 50 layers of filters she's using to smooth everything out.

No. 930099

She'd look much better with dark hair and better glasses. I'm not sure why she insists on the white hair and glasses commonly worn by middle aged men. It ages her badly and don't match her "goff queen" aesthetic.

New guy has hair like Sloth from the Goonies.

No. 930111

>sloth from the goonies
Some of these roasts are gold.

He’s 34 by the way. I think his Facebook has some photos from the days he used to dye his hair brown and wear a ponytail mullet with emo bangs.

No. 930115

His neck tattoo is just as cringe as Heather is in general, so at least he won't be getting embarrassed about her uwu real witch in halloween clothes schtick

No. 930116

Both she and him appear to have the same enlarged irises in the one she posted shopping, like they are wearing lenses. So I guess she face-filters everything

No. 930118

Ouch. That neck tattoo. When you want yoyr neck to look like the side of a stoner's van.

He doesn't look chiselled so much as sandblasted.

No. 930119

holy shit that made me laugh so hard. Is this dude into poetry or was that Ryan 4 (Craig)? She is posting a bunch of poetry in her stories today.

No. 930171

No. 930198

idk, she's managed some Killstar pattern clashes that would even offend the blind.

No. 930199

File: 1581292545766.jpeg (52.12 KB, 550x1144, 5D7C0F88-9B4B-4C04-8194-11FBB2…)

No. 930204

>binge eating and too depressed to clean her room because of anxiety about youtube.

>having to explain why I dress this way now, bla blavalidating myself…

Heather. Nobody cares about how you dress. They care about how you act.

>all this misinformation going around….

Uhhuh. Sure. If you have any kind of proof that what's being said about you is misinformation I'd love to hear it.

>and then I get a nasty message from somebody online because I didn't reply to their DM. I mean, really, can I get some personal space? It's not all about you, you're just some stranger on the internet!

Ah, Heather appreciating her fanbase.

Also refers to her boyfriend, presumably LurchRyan.

No. 930209

>hair like sloth from the goonies

Ya'll are killing me rn. Holy shit anons.

No. 930221

>Is this dude into poetry or was that Ryan 4 (Craig)? She is posting a bunch of poetry in her stories today.
No that's him.

One of her poems today was about how love is finding someone just as weird as you. I know Clay has this self-defeating mindset that he's just too weird to have a successful relationship– he told me this once. In a previous thread, Heather stated multiple times that she's also too weird and no man will ever find her attractive. They both seem to suffer from, I guess "Special snowflake" syndrome.

With Heather it's kind of like she's the female equivalent of Reddit Incels, "People don't like me because I like [hobby]" but it's actually because they're an absolute paint-chugging muppet.


The span of ONE week:
>Happy to be doing youtube again, doesn't need to prove herself, has so many plans
>Asking her followers for video ideas, posts some unsettling self-focused answers and segues into two paragraphs of breakdown.
>So happy again. Patently obvious it's because of the dude.
>Horribly depressed again, for all the same reasons. But everything is because of the internet.

Also how did she get a nasty message from someone because she didn't reply to their DM? She's said multiple times in the past month alone that she doesn't check her messages because of the "haters".

No. 930242


Is it be or does he look like a total douchbag?

No. 930244

she's a fucking liar, it's been shown time and time again.

No. 930247

"Horribly depressed again, for all the same reasons. But everything is because of the internet. "

Here's an idea Heather and i know you lurk….if the internet is so depressing….then get off if it

No. 930310

But Anon, then she'll have no one to seek approval from aside from her boyfriend who is going to get tired of her emotional baggage and instability and realize she doesn't actually see him as anything other than an object to be used, flaunted, and treated like her spine due to being unable to grow her own.

Looks like she's editing another boring video that won't break 1k views in a week.

No. 930319

She is a talker, not a doer. She is not this self professed creative person she wishes she was. She doesn’t have any new content and never will. If she had new content, then she would just make it. This has nothing to do with haters picking apart her new video if she makes one. She just has nothing to make and is too lazy to get off her ass and actually work hard and make new content. She will talk all day long about how she is bursting with creativity, and she is one with her camera and has so many ideas, but that is all it is-TALK. We don’t hear these ideas. Her IG is cluttered with other people’s creative words from other people’s poems and songs. Not hers…other people’s. That doesn’t make her creative. She literally asks her IG audience for video ideas. Then she puts out in the universe that she “can’t” make all her millions of wonderful and amazing new content because of her audience of haters that will invalidate her. Right…so it’s the audience’s fault that she can’t put out content she doesn’t have and is too lazy to make. And on top of that, she secretly hopes that her audience will beg her each time to come back to YouTube and say how much they miss her videos and each time it feeds her ego and narcissism. So she does it over and over and over again. “I’m coming back.” Ten minutes later. “No I’m not” ten minutes later. “I’m coming back.” Ten minutes later. “No I’m not.” And on and on. All to feed her ego and narcissism. People who are actually bursting with creativity and can’t live without being creative don’t just talk about all their ideas-they put them into action with zero focus on what others think and zero focus on others validation. If they do talk about their creative ideas, they don’t talk about it abstractly, they go into detail and discuss how they plan to put whatever that idea is into action and the majority of the convo isn’t about why they can’t create the idea or what others would think of the idea-the focus is on the idea and how can they make it happen. And then guess what-they make it happen. None of this-“new content” abstract nonsense and then woe is me pity party/validation shit show. A true creative person will create. A lazy, narcissist will talk and complain and continually say they don’t need validation all the while ranting and trying to validate everything they are currently doing with zero self awareness. And as long as she is living that super hard lifestyle at moms, she won’t be “creative” anytime soon. Actually working and making a video…yeah right. She is a talker. Not a doer. She isn’t creative. She just wishes she was.

No. 930328

What ever happened to her print shop? Or the second round of prints she ordered? Last she mentioned it she was trying to figure out how to set it up.

No. 930404

>”Rant Time”
Dress however the fuck you want. Be whoever the fuck you want. Do whatever the fuck you want with your hobbies. No one cares about that stuff. Stop being a narcissistic bitch who only cares about what people think of her. Stop acting like your problems are the worst there could ever be and there couldn’t possibly be someone who struggling more or hurting worse. Stop shitting on the people who stuck with you through all your lies and fell for your sob story because they TRUSTED YOU. You betrayed your fans and placed all the blame for YOUR ACTIONS on them. That is why you have ‘haters’ not because you wanna dress like your 16 year old self in your goth phase again.

No. 930480

In that most recent rant, she says that she has "a lot going on in my life" but isn't she barely part-time at Target? She has no social life, so what exactly is she doing aside from saying she's going to do this and that without ever actually doing it? Idiot.

If you're so depressed Heather, then make an appointment with a doctor/therapist and deal with that shit. There's no excuse.

No. 930486

But Anon, Heather has already explained to us that therapy is for crazy people. And she's not crazy. And the relationship councellor she went to with Adam said she was being unreasonable. So clearly they're full of it.

No. 930496

Sometimes I forget that she's smarter than professionals. I mean, look at how stable she is and how well she's doing. She definitely functions like a normal 30 year old. My bad.

No. 930568

Posted another rant but it’s the same old broken record personal pep talk.

No. 930645

I'm literally two seconds in and I've already burst out laughing.

No. 930657

I like how hard she tried to make herself cry in that time frame also, Hahaha. She’s fucking ridiculous. Own up to your shit Heather and grow the hell up.

No. 930662

She sounds like a kid who rehearsed a monologue to audition for the school play, and is trying way too hard to sell it.

>bla bla take back my power and bring back my creativity.

>social media is not a good place. It's an easy place to vent, and it's an easy place for just anyone to react to it.

Heather the fucking genius. This took you awhile hun. Too bad you don't seem eager to get off the internet for a while.

>keeps mentioning "I'll be driving to work" because she's adulting y'all!

>bold new chapter. Life is finally mine. Can't quit social media because she is just so creative.

>not justifying changing my style anymore. Whenever I was a teenager this was me. Everybody started hating me when I changed my style.

Bitch, nobody cares. We care about the gofundme scam and you talking shit about your old cummunity.

>starts to cry when talking about her drivers' license and "buying her own car."

>has a "fulltime job" but the hours have dropped a lot. Was working day and night.

Which is what we call a parttime job.

>switches back and forth between soft meak sad little girl voice and angry Karen wanting to speak to the manager voice.

>"I don't want to sit here and talk about myself. This is the last video I'm making like this"

>shows off her "art."

That was exhausting.

No. 930665

She didn’t even credit her mom for helping her out with a place to stay or the car she “bought herself,” huh? Not surprised at all. And you’re right anon that lie fest was exhausting.

No. 930681

She's delusional. She is her number one fan.

No. 930682

Did anyone ever care about her wearing black?? Why does she think the way she dresses is so important? I remember watching one of her videos after her aesthetic change and she was babbling about dressing "sexy" but she was just wearing a black shirt and jeans. Ugh. I wish I could just go back to watching you videos. This sucks. I was one of the people who sent her "sparkle mail".

No. 930683


Rant from earlier today.

Being cocky and arrogant doesn't make you right or smart, nor does it negate the stalking, harassment, theft, and lying, which she continues to deny even though this thread is now the second result upon Googling both her alias', and the only saving grace is that it's a clusterfuck of commentary and difficult to sort through, on a site many people would turn away from purely because of its reputation.

If your mantra is “Fuck the haters!” and not “I’m going to assess where this criticism comes from, and either improve and grow, or ignore it.”

Then “the haters” probably have a fucking point.

Heather, no one cares about you being "fake", even though you have previously said "I'm still Heather Sparkles, I'm just trying out new things" and constantly complained that your cutesy aesthetic was preventing you from being appealing to men.

We care about you stalking someone who wouldn't return your affections, and you putting him on blast when he tried to give you closure and make you give him space.

We care about you routinely saying one thing and then contradicting it a week later solely for pity, like how you said you were getting help driving, then said no one was helping you, or that you had your learners permit, and then that you spent 500$ of crowdfunded money on driving lessons.

We care about the fact that you have routinely taken advantage of people, even using people for free rides so you could stalk Ryan at least three times, and coerced someone to drive in a Blizzard just so you could see this guy.

We care about the fact that you have alienated or shit-talked every single person who has attempted to even so much as offer you simple advice to get out of that bad situation, and how you turned down all that advice and the programs you yourself said were suggested to you.

We care about the fact that you go through enormous mood swings regularly, but deny the fact that you're mentally ill and in the process, belittle people with mental illness by implying its this dreaded, shameful thing.

We care about how you continually called the toy collecting and fairy kei communities cringey, childish, weird, etc because you were busy trying to prove yourself.

>"Because of other people"

No, because of YOU. Stop blaming others, stop seeking approval from others.


Everything you have gone through is self-created drama, or embellished. You weren't starving or in danger, you were offered multiple services to help you get out of there, and you turned every one of them down.


You don't need to constantly go back and talk about who you were as a teenager. Are we all supposed to go back to whatever we were as teenagers or else we're inauthentic?

>genuinely into those things

But you kept saying that was just a phase, you were never comfortable, you just felt accepted.

>Doing very bad things to me

If he was doing "very bad things to you" you wouldn't have turned down the programs suggested to you by followers and by the marriage counselor.

>people said I'd never be able to do

You yourself said you'd never be able to afford your own car, but now suddenly it's other people.

>bought myself a little something

No you went on massive spending sprees and admitted yourself that you were in debt with Killstar.

>you're not going to have this power over me anymore

If that were true, you'd just fucking create. You wouldn't feel the need to make these videos or your quickly deleted Insta stories at all. The video alone PROVES people still have power over you.

No. 930690

That was soooooo cringe. The opening and the way she was talking coupled with the background music…hahahaha. Oscar worthy. Almost found some tears Heather…so close.

The most offensive thing in the video was her saying when she shared her “soul”-her troubles at home-everyone turned their back on her. On what planet Heather? Your audience convinced you to start a go fund me and gave you their hard earned money because they believed you were actually in trouble and wanted to help you. How dare you say they turned their backs on you when you took their money. No. You turned your back on them when you proceeded to repay their kindness by belittling their community and telling them you had played a character and that you thought all of the stuff they liked was childish and they needed to grow up, all the while taking that money they had given you and going on Killstar shopping sprees and rewarding yourself every two seconds with some new tacky purchase. And you have the nerve to be mad at them for being upset with you about how you spent their hard earned money when they thought you really needed it and were in danger. This isn’t about you changing your fashion sense or style. This is about you stealing people’s money and then belittling the very people you stole from.

And girl…you aren’t fooling anyone with how you bought your car. Once again…can we get an F in the chat! Your poor mom. She is either a saint or seriously stupid for enabling you. Why she does all this with zero thanks I will never understand. She puts a roof over your head. She drives you when your independent self just can’t hack it on the roads and you best believe we know she co-signed and helped pay for that damn car. Stop playing.

And once again…you made a video we have seen at least fifteen times before. So congrats. Continuing to prove the point that you are not a creator, but a talker. Completely delusional one at that. Can’t wait to see this video again at least fifteen more times.

No. 930694

Aaaahaha awesome, you caught the bit at the end that she abridged for the video! Was
>"Sometimes you just gotta put the hat on, fix your hair a little bit, and tell the haters to fuck off"
a little too edgy for youtube, heather?

No. 930701

so unbelievably cringey. I have so much secondhand embarrassment for her it's unreal. also, her explaining how she came about dressing in fairy kei is a lie. she has said before she began dressing that way because she was being slut shamed in whatever style she had before, so she dressed in cute ways to shut them up and just stuck with it I guess because she was accepted so well, but it turned out to be all completely fake and so disingenuous. All she is at this point a fucking broken record. it's so exhausting to hear the same shit spew from her mouth. just stop already and get help heather jfc

No. 930707

Does the Download button on videos work for anyone? I think we should be collecting this and other videos in case she ends up deleting them.

>This took you awhile hun. Too bad you don't seem eager to get off the internet for a while

A lot of this sudden self-awareness is likely less Heather, and more Heather regurgitating what her boyfriend tells her. She's done this before where she'll quote something she read or what someone said to her in order to sound like she knows what she's talking about, but she'll never actually ruminate on it and take it to heart.

>going on Killstar shopping sprees and rewarding yourself every two seconds
>you aren’t fooling anyone with how you bought your car.

These two things also happened at the same time, and she'd only just started at Target. She wouldn't have been able to afford her car yet.

>her troubles at home-everyone turned their back on her.

It boils my blood, as someone who has actually been in a very dangerous situation before, that she keeps exaggerating what Adam did and painting him as this horrendous monster who abused her rather than just some guy with a saviour complex. I really wish he'd sue her for defamation at this point. She posted those chop-shopped videos of his "abuse" and claimed the only reason she never shared them before was that she was taking him to court, but that never happened.

She has a platform and a voice, and she claims to have been abused so horribly and she clearly is able to be vocal about it, rather than repressing it. If she's so pressed for content ideas, why not make videos to offer advice and support for other victims and survivors of domestic violence? Oh, right, because she's lying about it for public pity.

What a fucking toilet person.

No. 930723

doublepost but her constant "this is the real me because it's how I dressed as a teenager" spiel is also funny because a lot of people I know started dressing like that because they were depressed, and she looks so in all the pictures she posts of teen goth Heather. So apparently "the real Heather" is a depressed teenager. I guess she's not lying.

No. 930737

She keeps saying people are talking shit about her art and her clothing, and I don't see where she is getting that. She's turned off all comments to anyone but the people she knows will give her glowing comments, so where is she getting all this "hate"? Even here, no one gives a shit about her changing her style or taking pictures for her "art". She really does need some therapy to talk through her thoughts. Heather, the world isn't out to get you hon. Honestly, you aren't that big of a deal.

No. 930755

Do Anons want screenshots of Ryan 5 lying about his involvement with my former friend to downplay it and make her look crazy? Or is that too OT?

Her pumpkin carving video still has comments enabled and the only things there are the exact things said in this thread. No one is criticizing her fashion there.

No. 930777

No. Don't post those. Give us a summary if you want. But don't post anything from your former friend.

No. 930781

She looks like "the hitcher" from the Mighty Boosh. But that's the only problem I have with her style. I actually didn't find her channel until after her "re as l Heathet" phase. Sorry to blogpost, but I was in an abusive relationship with a gaslighting Narc for about 12 years (15-26) so I really felt for her. I actually believed her "nobody wants me to grow up and change" bullshit for a short while because that had happened to me. So I approached her from a position of sympathy. It was her own manipulation, lies, and unhinged behaviour that made me dislike her.

Heather, the problem isn'tvyour style or interests. The problem is you.

No. 930848

File: 1581433326365.png (566.62 KB, 750x1334, 3C1E54D4-A6D0-4777-81E6-7DAB58…)

I forgot to share this, which was just before her rants. Idk if she deleted it. “Seems like a waste of time” but did it anyway. Opted to make a video filled with her contradicting herself instead of creating content, even though she still hasn’t opened her print shop, was shown editing a video yesterday, and could have gone out to take more redundant photos of trees like a high school student in their first day of photography class. Instead she chose to devote upwards of an hour to getting dressed and made up, recording, and editing that video which regardless of content, was completely unnecessary and self-serving.

Content creators create CONTENT, things that appeal to others. If she’s doing these for herself and doesn’t care about public reaction, she’s not a content creator, she’s just a hobbyist with an inflated sense of importance.

No. 930905

Who is she even talking to in that new YouTube video?! Lol. Trying so hard to play victim instead of just posting new content.

No. 930940


I'm starting to get the impression that her playing-victim videos are her new form of expression and art lol, she seems to get powered up by ranting against the haters

She probably sees it like those channels for self-empowerment and helping others now. Girl acts like she's giving a Ted Talk whenever she whines ugh

No. 930959

Yes! She just posted a new YouTube video reviewing the same boot over and over and over and over again.

Wait…she didn’t buy the same black boot from Killstar over and over and over and over again? She bought different black boots from Killstar that all look the same? Oh and a pink pair that are actually the same as one of the black pair? Wow!

The guilt of buying all those boots when she should have given back the go fund me donations is best shared in a haul video to continue to flaunt to your old community that you just don’t give two craps…

Well thank god we have her bringing us this creativity and new content. Never seen anything like it. I don’t know how she was holding all that creativity in. Phew.

No. 930982


Creative free spirit that she is!

No. 930987

>working hard
>treat myself

Never change, Heather.

No. 930990

lol! beat me to it anon.

this qween of fashun tho and let's not forget what a "badass," she is because she wears cheap ass killstar boots.

No. 930994

She shows off five pairs of boots in that video but has only worn one. She doesn't really care for one pair but "it was only fifty dollars."

Her mom must be so proud…

No. 931011

She could put all that boot money towards a pair of New Rocks that would last forever and be a lot more comfortable.

No. 931052

Former friend's an objectively shittier person than Heather, but Clay also lead her on, backed away, rinse repeat for several years. She put him on a pedestal and ruined a couple friendships over the guy, so she's not entirely innocent, but there was never any excuse for how he treated her (or me, but that's a long, OT story).

Things I have logs of her saying he did:
>Cuddled during a Christmas visit and they talked about how they're still interested in each other but he needs to get over his ex and she needs to get her shit together
>Held hands for hours on at least two occasions
>Planned dates, he did most of the event planning since it was her coming out to PGH
>Almost went on a road trip to NOLA just the two of them
>Sent him a long confession of her feelings, and "the way Clay responded was positively while at the same time not really giving me a straight response to my admission" and "the relationship I had with him did change toward progress"
>Shared a private room and bed during a convention I was present for and witnessed, only three months after sending her confession
>Kissed, and he insisted on cuddling

In 2017 she quit trying for him and went around calling him a douche again, and got involved with her fiance.

Clay and I discussed his involvement with her, but every time, what he said didn't match up with anything she'd told me. His claims:
>"She came out for the 4th, nothing happened because I just wasn't feeling it."
>"We were never together, she wanted us to be and I don't think she handles being told no very well."
>"I kept having to keep sporadic contact with her because any time I would try to be friends she would start pushing and it was making me really uncomfortable."
>"I felt really uncomfortable the whole weekend. I felt like I was only there with the expectation I was going to hook up with her." (re: the convention he shared a bed with, kissed, and cuddled her 3mo after she sent her confession)

Clay's an incredibly lonely person and it's mostly because of a lot of self-defeating behaviour and habits. He does things that cause people to get fed up and leave, but every time someone does something as a direct consequence of what he does, he plays it off and/or shirks/dodges responsibility instead of actually examining the ways he hurts people and working on those aspects of himself. He's wants to be wanted, and it backfires on him tremendously because it's an incredibly selfish want where he's also prone to rose-tinted goggles. He told me all his relationships were just "one bad decision after another" but when that's the case, usually the underlying is YOU.

I know Clay well enough to know that once the novelty and high wears off, he's going to start seeing the reality in that she's not actually the person she tries to portray herself as, and he'll become exhausted and overwhelmed by her rampant toxicity she aggressively denies. Clay really sucks at communication especially when he gets in his moods and Heather will not take well to that. Likewise, he will not be her backbone. She seems to have already put him in the same "mentor" position she's put a couple Ryans in, which means he's trapped. He's the next Ryan Z and her codependency will turn nuclear.

Black Friday or not, I'm going to guess that's all at least 300$. She has next to no social life, doesn't leave the house, none of those heels or platforms are good for rough terrain or abandoned buildings. She's likely only doing this because she still wants Killstar to notice her, but she's gone above and beyond to absolutely tank her reputation so that will never happen.

She has no plans for the future. She has no goals other than teenage pipe dreams that will not cover the cost of living.

New Insta stories rant. She regrets her video from yesterday but says they were thoughts that needed to be said. She made that statement in yesterday's video about how the internet is a bad place to vent- she says one thing while doing the opposite. She cannot differentiate between needs and wants.


Since she said she's thinking about taking down her video from yesterday, here it is for archiving.

No. 931104

Theres no sound in the YT video.

No. 931123

I was thinking the same thing. Especially since those fake metal heels make her killstar boots look like new rock knockoffs.

No. 931126

Huh, weird. I wonder if it nuked the audio when it made me split it. The file itself is fine, so I'll just Dropbox it.


She won't because it's not about buying good boots, it's about being noticed by Killstar-sempai.

No. 931129

File: 1581465722379.png (6.92 MB, 1242x2688, 869F2DFA-E433-4EA6-BA94-DC7077…)

So how long before we see a post showing she bought this ($54) and an explanation as to how she ‘EARNED IT’

No. 931197

Will it be earned or will it be a treat?

No. 931210

She spent like 140$ on makeup after getting out of Adam's house including expensive palettes and every single selfie since then she's had nothing but the same black eyeshadow and pink lipstick.

No. 931218

There were 6+ pairs of boots in that video
The cheapest boots were $50.00

So I take it no paying it forward for that gofundme lul

No. 931267

Lol of course not. That would actually be respectable and nor self-fulfilling.

She's locked in her own bubble. She could pay it forward, she could actually work on self-assessment and self-improvement and use her platform as something good, wholesome, and beneficial. She could become an incredibly respectable person by being someone who is actually honest with herself and works on her flaws and tries to assess where they come from, but instead she just aggressively denies them while blaming everyone else and she'll never donate her money to charity because she could be hoarding useless shit instead.

No. 931393

She already deleted her crying victim video from YouTube.

No. 931423

Of course she did. Wonder if she's going to film a new " last of these videos I'm going to make" video.

No. 931436

She archived it, but you can still get to it using the link from here. Don't know how she forgot how to properly delete a video, as deleting shit shortly after posting is her favorite thing to do.

No. 931438

She really loves tacky stuff.

No. 931589

File: 1581567300139.png (3.5 MB, 750x1334, A6125E1B-0202-47DE-BA79-64A3EA…)

This is both hilarious and therapeutic to watch.

No. 931595

I agree the velvet box is a bit much but the eye shadows themselves look bomb. Of course Heather isn't exactly a beauty guru and will probably only use 1 or 2 shades. It's her $54 treat though for working those hard part-time hours at Target.

No. 931723

File: 1581609225925.jpeg (169.53 KB, 749x723, C47D0821-67C7-47E3-8F4F-B3FFF0…)

Heather you’ve known this guy for like a month. Maybe two.

No. 931917

JFC, she has the emotions of a 12 year old..

No. 931938

File: 1581647839884.png (415.54 KB, 750x1334, F52304F4-144D-48DA-B714-26782D…)

“Independence” your boyfriend is the root of your happiness right now because your codependent. You live with your mom and aren’t working on finding your own place.

No. 931949

Imagine the blow up when this relationship inevitably falls apart. Oh boy.

How did she even meet Ryan #5?

No. 932002

I think my favorite thing about the poetry she posts that other people have wrote is that it’s not even good. Not only does she not write her own, but the poems she shares are horrible. Lol

No. 932020

I mentioned this in page 4 mI have a brother that walks the same way, he's Bowl Legged, that's why he looks like his balls are always sticking to his thighs

No. 932021

lol now I could call them Fucking Furries

No. 932022

That's Jefferee Starr for ya lol

No. 932023


My bet is either Tinder or Instagram

No. 932191

>Imagine the blow up when this relationship inevitably falls apart. Oh boy.

Someone theorized in a previous thread that she'll try to go after his shooting hobbies to paint him as a violent monster, and I don't think that's too much of a reach.

She keeps pushing the envelope further and further with her accusations towards Adam. Her last video said he did "very bad things to her", which is a pretty fucking obvious allusion to physical/sexual violence even though we all know that's a steaming crock.

It's also pitifully obvious she's devoting more energy to this than to literally any other, far more important thing in her life and hasn't gone on any actual "adventures" despite continually talking about how adventurous she is.

No. 932562


Do we have any video of this? I'd love to see that

No. 932564

Of what? Her saying Adam did "very bad things to her" was in the archived Youtube video.

No. 932592

I smell a defamation suit. She’s ruining every little chance she has of building any case against him (Not that she has actual evidence anyway). By posting all this pathetic shit and making slanderous remarks with no evidence to back anything.

No. 932613

Doubt it. She doesn't make specific accusation. Any legal representation would argue that "bad things" is a subjective thing and can refer to all sorts of things. As long as she doesn't name specific things she should be legally fine.

No. 932655

Law degree here. By stating that ‘my ex husband abused me’ she is making false accusations with intent to make her ex husband, who we all know by name, look bad. In the very least it is slander. She’s doing so in hopes for financial gain.(lawfagging )

No. 932688

Don't forget she also shared recordings of one of their arguments and her horrendous acting and equally horrendous attempts to edit the videos to omit stuff.
>>892069 and beyond

Back then she said she wasn't sharing them because she needed them for a court case. Of course, nothing of that sort has actually happened.

Aren't they still legally married? I remember some business in a previous thread about how her maiden name was Novak or something and she never changed it to Faylor when they got married. Is he still paying for the storage facility, since she seemingly hasn't done anything with her old stuff and complained about a month ago that he'd try to take her stuff in the divorce.

No. 932730

As far as I know she’s paying for her unit.

No. 932740

She says she's paying for it herself. Might be her mummy, but it certainly isn't Adam.

No. 932780

File: 1581873165578.png (523.31 KB, 750x1334, 0D09926A-F9E9-4CE7-9E29-4D8BFD…)

And she just posted a video about it. Nice coincidence.

Another case of zero self awareness talking about the haters. Grabbed a recording. Gimme an hour or so and I’ll post it when I’m free.

No. 932820

What is her "other online revenue source"? Is it her selling pictures of her feet?

No. 932830

My guess is that she's finally selling her toys/old clothes.

No. 932832

Tracklist for Heather's newest album:


> 1. I'm gonna sell my stuff

> 2. People hate me (they just don't understand me)
> 3. Not going to explain myself
> 4. Hold up let me explain myself
> 5. Everybody hates me nobody likes me I guess I'll go eat worms (cover)
> 6. Manic rambling Feat. Heather's ego
> 7. I'm moving on I swear
> 8. Pipedreams
> 9. I have to work all the time (even though I JUST said my hours were massively cut)
> 10. I'm moving on I swear (the remix)
> 11. People think I'm crazy!
> 12. I'M NOT CRAZY!!! I'm a HUMAN BEING!!!

She has had three of these mood swings in the past week and every upswing involves visiting him. She's so wildly codependent and has done nothing to address the core issues that keep impacting her life.

She had another but I didn't grab it in time and its already deleted. Just started talking about putting together a new video and I didn't get anything after that point.

No. 932843

I really, truly hope she tries to post another video trying to sell her vintage toys and gets showered with downvotes and people angry that she's yet again trying to suck money out of the toy collecting community after disparaging them and calling them creepy and childish. She really just can't "move on" like she so often claims she is doing because she just wants our damn money so bad she just can't let it go. If she would just stop trying to milk the toy community for all they've got, people would forget eventually. But she just can't resist the easy money she could make from the last few naive souls in the toy collecting community and doesn't mind taking advantage of them for her own financial gain one bit.

No. 932845

Oh FUCK no. She says she's thinking about starting up thrifting for toys again in order to flip them online. Heather, absolutely not. Leave those toys in the thrift stores for the collectors and hobbyists, the people with children that they want to have the toys they had when they were kids, and the people who will ACTUALLY ENJOY THEM. Imagine being a toy collector in her area now having to compete with her greedy flipper ass. This shit is why people hate you, Heather, because you don't mind stepping on other people's toes if it can benefit you.

Rather than get a second job, she wants to revert back to what she knows and what is fun and easy. Thrifting all week is much more fun than working another part time job, and we all know spending is Heather's favorite activity. I just don't understand why she thinks starting up a vintage toy flipping business is a wonderful idea, when she literally was just going on about how she doesn't have space and doesn't want to keep paying for this storage unit. This woman is unhinged, narcissistic, and dumb as fuck.

No. 932873

Thanks for the summary and "kids in the hall" reference Anon. Good to hear Heather is playing all the classics.

No. 932901

>these toys are archeology to me, and so is climbing into old buildings.

Cool. Some people get a four year archeology degree and do either physically demanding fieldwork or painstaking labwork. But I guess they could also just go to goodwill and pose for selfies next to some flaking plaster.

>I want to start my own business. I've never been able to figure out tax stuff.

Oh here we go.

No. 932942

She obsesses over this guy and she hasn't even known him two months yet. Oof.

She's not even going to get anywhere with that, nor is she going to even begin if she can hardly drive herself anywhere.

She keeps focusing on a dozen different pipe dreams and never pulling through with any of them, or just doesn't have the skill or knowledge. I sold stuff online (Ebay) for several years, it's neither stable nor reliable income unless you're going the whole nine yards to get yard/garage and estate sales first thing or bidding on storage units. One of the reasons the BJD community disliked her was because she'd flake on sales or take forever shipping stuff. Considering how her behaviour largely hasn't changed much and she's been flaking on literally everything else, it's bound to be a repeat of that.

She is making almost every single mistake I made ten years ago and aggressively (and publicly) deluding herself into believing she's this stable, mature, strong woman when really she's just dangerously unstable, pitifully codependent, and frightfully stubborn. She refuses to assess any of her horrible habits and actually fix her life. She keeps being an absolute pissbaby to mentally ill people by crying "I'm not crazy!" in the middle of a breakdown instead of accepting the fact that she has some sort of emotional regulation and Cluster B disorder, and she is going to continue ruining her life and her relationship.

No. 933059

File: 1581947397094.png (6.19 MB, 1242x2688, 1C2B0452-D7A4-400C-A558-A7863B…)

>>this post of hers is old as hell but I laugh now because of how ironic it is

No. 933241

I've sold vintage toys online. Stock doesn't move fast and it's more about the community than turning a huge profit. I love finding toys at the thrift store, cleaning them up, photographing them and sending them to a new home. There's way more money in flipping brand name clothing if the intention is to get paid quickly.

No. 933283

He'll yeah, anon, make that money! Do you think the community would take her back? Because it would definitely look like she was trying to get her old popularity/some money out of it rather than genuine interest/hobby. We also know she wants to do this in lieu of work, which isn't smart based off what you're saying about slow moving items.

No. 933296


No, the toy community will never take her back. Not only did she insult them, she showed everyone how mentality insane she is and they don’t want that in their community. I’m sure a lot of them have come here and are now informed. the only supporters she’d have are people who are too stupid to see what’s going on.
She’s on her own as far as communities. No one will take her.

No. 933397

She already has a ton of stuff to sell off already that she could have sold off gradually months ago but she hasn't done this. She has no need to buy more toys. She does not have to identify herself when selling these items (choosing somewhere other than depop) so it's not a problem. She's just made flimsy excuses. The only way a purchaser may identify her is through paypal AFTER the purchase but if she sells things other toy collectors want there is no reason why they wouldn't buy. Of course if she tries to sell them at extortionate prices she'll probably have a hard time shifting them. But I would think she'd just want to make some quick money so she should sell them at sensible prices as she now claims to want nothing to do with the vintage toy collecting community. I think she is probably keeping the best items for a future youtube video hoping to get a ton of views because otherwise she would have sold off virtually all of the toys she had by now (save for a couple that may have sentimental value) I'm very cynical of her motives and it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if she attempts to do toy related videos in the future as she's so cheeky.

No. 933520


That bitch ain't selling shit, period. She's been saying she's going to sell shit for god knows how many years, even when she was in her "darkest hours" she didn't. She's a selfish brat.

No. 933637

File: 1582095640542.png (2.11 MB, 750x1334, 7C176D35-AA02-44F4-880E-3E5B8B…)

She went to a black metal coffee shop once and now she’s becoming Corpsegrinder.

No. 933717

uh oh i smell a trouble in paradise

No. 933722

Absolutely not. Back when she was still in the toy community, she kept saying she was going to sell things and never did. She had boxes and boxes full of toys in the garage at the apartment she lived in, and just kept them even though she "didn't want them" and "didn't have room for them". Selfish brat is right.

No. 933752

File: 1582135740155.png (1.49 MB, 750x1334, DD98A3DC-6DFC-4DFD-8DBB-3882FB…)

>“Until I settle into another place”
you have zero concept of budgeting and just showed off your room that you spent money decorating instead of prioritizing saving for an apartment and nest egg. You said your hours were cut and even though you later lied through your teeth (which you also waste money whitening) and used that “I work all the time” line, it’s patently obvious you’re trying to find alternative income because of the latter.

>“Not welcome to”

Wonder whose fault that is. Why does she feel the need to bring this up all the time? This person asked about your collection not whether or not you’ll post them again. Jesus Heather.

No. 933838

File: 1582150488395.png (924.36 KB, 750x1334, C5E4F86D-14B4-4BBA-8E66-380997…)

New Instagram stories up. Just the same old story all over again:

- she’s “back on YouTube” for the 300th time this year, and she’s serious this time guys. Ok?

- has to figure out what kind of a content creator she is since urbex isnt panning our
for her.

- says that most of her new content will have to be filmed in her room because it’s too costly to travel out and film in other locations especially for urbex.

- she’s basically having to start from the ground up again as a YouTube creator. Granted she’s doing it on a solid foundation from “whenever” she was a toy collector….Still banking on that YouTube money because she has ZERO faith in her own ability to really start over again.

No. 933839

File: 1582150575977.png (882.45 KB, 750x1334, CF80A54F-07E3-4022-9B52-E88A70…)

Girls need not apply. Spoopy boys and those willing to provide transportation to the front of the line.

No. 933859

I gotchu, Anon.

She needs to learn to stop wasting her time on these videos. Other, successful content creators don't spend five minutes every three days talking about their plans, they set up a release schedule and spend their time creating.

Half of this video is just excuses as to why she can't do something. Heather just admit you don't actually want to do anything other than sit at home because it's what you're used to since Adam let you get away with it throughout your 20s and you don't want to step outside of your comfort zone.

She says the house she wants to take photos of is on a busy road and she doesn't know what people will think with her standing there with her "big ol camera" Heather where do you think real estate photos come from? People are too caught up in their own lives to care about some chick with a camera they see for two seconds on their way to wherever.

She says she has no idea what her new thing is going to be, despite having said several times she has plans.

No. 933862

Good looking out anon.

Also “busy road” sounds like code for many cars and her being afraid to drive there and people honking at her for being slow.

No. 933868

Her face looks fatter. All that binging and sleeping all day isn't doing her any favourd.

Only Heather can talk about how much "creative passion" she has one day, and then admit she has no idea what to film the next.

No. 933873

she ends every sentence by going on an upward inflection. It's annoying. To anyone that knows her in real life, does she speak this way in person?

No. 933990


Update. She wasn't satisfied with the video she recorded of her antiques collection but since she got all dressed and made up she might drive to Sheetz and do an "eating video". She might not though and she might make it at home. Either she's trolling or she's so desperate for cash she's trying to hit up the niche fetish scene.

I thought she was totally done eating crap food though?

Heather one day you'll realize that you're the root of literally every single struggle in your life and that your continued denial of this fact and screaming "I'm not crazy!" in the middle of your third public meltdown of the week is a surefire sign you need therapy and medication, not youtube and dick.

No. 934056


Already has two cameras but might buy another at nearly 500$ because it's on sale, but still has Paypal credit debt (Killstar debt probably). The expensive camera will be "a treat" if she can dedicate herself to Youtube.

She has two other cameras. One is small but apparently not good quality. The other is her DSLR and its huge and heavy so she doesn't want to use it.

"I'm trying to be a youtuber but I don't know what I'm doing. I want to come back. I want to film my life and adventures but the truth is I don't really have a life or go on adventures. […] I don't really know what I want to make. So that's why I want to just start being a vlogger."

So basically, Heather latching onto pipedreams instead of living in the real world and wanting to blow more money on something she doesn't actually need but is trying to justify getting herself further in debt with.

After this she posted a preview of that room tour video.

No. 934144

If she has supposedly moved on from the toy collecting hobby because it's supposedly childish and fellow toy collectors suck etc (she herself was critical of the hobby and the people who are devoted to it) why is she holding onto them? She's trying to play victim again by saying she's not welcome to show her pony collection but the idiot brought that on herself by bad mouthing the hobby because she's now all grown up and supposedly moved on. She'll always be terribly immature, the toy collecting hobby and its community has nothing to do with that. She's also super impulsive and wasteful with money, she needs to make more money not spend it on stuff she doesn't really need such as another camera. There are people on youtube that don't use expensive equipment yet they are still popular because they have watchable, interesting content. She needs to come up with original content, not just shopping hauls and room tours.

No. 934150

If she wants to be a vlogger just buy a goddamn GoPro. Honestly. Or she can get over it and use the DSLR because if she’s such a good content creator, why is she so afraid of people knowing what she’s doing?

No. 934164

Hell, she can film on her phone. Lots of people with larger followings than she has do just that. Or sell her old camera to buy one that is better suited to her needs.

No. 934191


What an embarrassing humblebrag.

She spends a remarkable amount of time lamenting about her financials (and lying throughout) then flashes her multiple equipment options like they’re simply not good enough to document her shockingly simplistic life and trivial pursuits she touts as extraordinary.

She then has the gall to announce her intentions of spending yet more money she doesn’t have so that viewers can somehow be rewarded with an improvement in the quality of her vlogging efforts. Which is, in itself extraordinary because she routinely claims she’s universally hated for such efforts.

If she were homeless, she’d be vlogging about which of three cars to sleep in that night while giving strong consideration to begin claiming a fourth option.

No. 934196

File: 1582219282246.jpg (454.28 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200220-182032_You…)

So many adds in one video…

No. 934229

Here we go. Behold the hoard! Absolutely better than paying rent or saving up.

No. 934231

watching at 1.75x speed because she speaks so slowly. She is gushing about her boyfriend in this video because he bought her a tintype.

No. 934232

So much gushing over over the rickety cowboy. Apparently he's "the one" and "the man of her dreams. Lurch's malnourished cousin must be real special, because she's never said THAT about a guy before.

No. 934250

I remember when she used to say "I'm not going to share my personal life with you guys anymore "

New video…

"So I'm dating this guy, he is the one, he's so amazing"

2 months of dating and he's the one, nothing ever changes lol

No. 934252

She said that about Ryan Z. when she became creepily obsessed with him.

No. 934255

Yup. My point exactly. And I believe Ryan no1 too.

No. 934271

I don't know if it works to prevent views/revenue, but it's worth a try even if it just skips ads.

I thought he was "the one" after knowing him for years and finally giving him a chance, because he and I related on a lot of levels and it felt uncanny. My friend of nine years thought he was "the one", and in the end, him and I dating caused her to throw an enormous shitfit even though she said she wasn't into him, and she tried to alienate me from friends because his and my involvement was a jolt to her ego because it said "you were never good enough but she was". My childhood best friend thought he was "the one" but hit a really bad spot in life and latched onto both him and I to a creepy degree, and it just added a self-inflicted layer to their suffering and I almost lost them.

He's just not THAT great, and I really don't know what it is that grants him this weird, "senpai" status that causes people to fall so head over heels in a month or so of knowing him, where lives are so negatively impacted. I think it's because he gets caught up in the dopamine rush of the "honeymoon phase" so he draws people in and he's unique enough that they think they've struck gold, and it becomes like an addiction.

It's obvious he's the next Ryan Z except he's given her more than Ryan Z did. If he ever wants out or starts backing away things are likely to get real volatile.(no1curr abour ur relationships)

No. 934440


New one. Every second of this video baffles me.

No. 934442

Does she really want to appeal to feeders by doing a mukbang? Or does she need an excuse to binge? Because nobody wants to see her eat.

No. 934462

Part of me wonders if she saw the comment last thread someone made hoping she doesn't try to get on the mukbang trend.

No. 934486

Lol she actually did it. Right after saying she was going to stop bingeing on junk. Either that or she really is trying to troll the "haters". Guys lets keep it up, maybe she'll binge eat herself into one of those reality shows for morbidly obese people and she can finally fulfill her dreams of stardom.

No. 935034

No. 935040

I cannot watch this. I have some issues with misophonia, and she makes these incredibly exaggerated eating sounds. Just ..gah…

No. 935064

Someone please summarize this, I simply cannot watch more than a couple seconds at a time.

No. 935069

Curious to see if she'll continue down this road and put on a bunch of relationship weight too tbh. She's already pretty shapeless.

No. 935079


Dude she swishes her drink in her mouth like mouthwash before swallowing it every time.

No. 935081

to make things worse, it's steamed almond milk and peanut butter.

No. 935082

She chews with her mouth open and talk with will her mouth is full. Absolutely disgusting

Can't wait for her to do more of these and end up overweight.

No. 935085

She moans every time she takes a bite. Is this what it's like having sex with her? Disgusting. She tries so hard to be Trisha Paytas.

No. 935089


Someone count how many times she says “mmmm!!”

Take a shot every time you hear mmmm!!

This might be good for her since she wants to make videos but doesn’t have any ideas what to make, also she likes to talk about pointless shit. She can eat and constantly repeat herself AND get a video to post about it all at the same time.

Also, she has the personality of a 70yr old lady. Constantly repeating herself and pointless conversation to go along with the way she talks and the kind of words she uses. It’s cringey, dated, and feels forced.

No. 935106

>Got lost driving to Sheetz because she didn't want to use her GPS
>Stuffs her face with food
>Says people message her about having anxiety about getting their drivers license
>Tells them to get driving instructor and to practice driving to work or to a store
>Compass necklace because she's "free and independent"
>Getting lost driving to the gas station makes her think she can drive anywhere now
>Ordered test prints of her photography
>Dreams of traveling and vlogging it
>At the very end says the road is soooo busy and "you know what, I don't have to go to Walmart THAT bad" kek right after saying she can drive anywhere because she's so confident now

Stupid video. Nobody cares about your driving or gas station food, Heather.

No. 935289

Thanks for taking one for the team Anon.

No. 935441

Sage because old milk. But youtube recommended this old video of Heather's. And at around the 9:30 mark you get a real glimpse into how fucked up Adam's and hers relationship was, with things getting borderline abusivr by the end of the video.

No. 935467

@10:06, Heather tries to convince Adam to let her go into Goodwill for "just a peek in the toy section real fast," and because they're borrowing someone's van and it's late, he says no and then it sounds like he says, "I'm trying to be a little responsible here, let's act like grown-ups." Kek.

No. 935526

Oh my god that poor man. She’s spending so much time shoving that camera directly in his face antagonizing him and publicly shaming him over something so fucking petty. Shit, Heather. I hope you keep pushing the accusations and he files a defamation suit and shows clips like this. He looks so uncomfortable and like he’s trying not to have a completely justified frustrated response in front of the camera.

Though the reality is I’m sure Adam and Ryan Z both just want nothing to do with her anymore.

No. 935666

File: 1582426135745.jpg (663.64 KB, 1080x1816, 20200222_214217.jpg)

I called it, she wants to "collect again"

Her collecting was the "real me"

So, what is the real you heather? Are you fuckin serious? First, collecting toys wasn't the real you. Then this stupid wanna be goth shit was the "real me"

For the longest time people on here say she has a mental problem, I didn't believe it at first but she's consistently proven time and time again that THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU.

You want to revert back to toys because you want to make money. Here's an idea heather, GO.GET.A.FULL.TIME.JOB.

I'm so tired of the same speech over and over, omg heather just fuckin be a real adult and do something productive with your life. You're useless and stale for YouTube, just call it time of death 2018, your channel died. Accept it.

No. 935686

Gotchu (again) Anon.

She'll say "I'm not going to focus on it" and "I'm not going to validate myself anymore" while doing just that in these videos. Like you said she wants to get back into toys because she knows that's what makes her money, and she knows she's gonna catch flack after all she's said before so she's trying to preemptively justify it.

No. 935697

File: 1582430883089.png (3.34 MB, 750x1334, B1C53098-42CB-4EED-8E6F-22CAC9…)

Doublepost but look what she shared hardly a day after stuffing her face with Sheetz for YouTube and a week after saying multiple times that she was done eating junk food.

No. 935708


She is desperate for attention. Desperate for the attention she used to get when she was a youtuber. She wants people to love her, she wants people to praise her. That is the mind of a narcissist.

No. 935715

File: 1582433791203.png (4.45 MB, 750x1334, 6925BAFF-D614-4D7C-9068-5B8A4C…)

All that energy wasted on trying to be praised and liked by an audience and she can’t make any friends. Poor Heather.

No. 935717


Aww, she wants us to feel bad that she's back stabbed everyone and used people for her own advantages

Heather, if you read this, fuck off. You have pissed off every community, go get into the slime community or some shit, maybe you have a shot there.

No. 935719

I like how she tries to say “I’m not a bad person,” as if she’s trying to convince herself as well as her audience. She really needs to sit and watch all her rants in one sitting to see that she’s clearly not mentally stable.

“I love mlp. It’s the real me!” Bitch, what happened to you burning your toys? We all knew you’d try to come crawling back.

No. 935720

I love that she's eating a cookie here and then posting something like >>935697 shortly after. Why do something today when you can just endlessly talk about doing it tomorrow. kek.

No. 935724


Constantly repeating herself, at the end, nothings changed.
“Adam, you were wrong and I was RIGHT! I was riiiioighttttt!”

She should have edited that out. It’s cringe. Poor Adam.

No. 935731

No not the slime community. She doesn't need to be in any community that has a lot of impressionable kids or is generally a positive community. She needs to like, get into Yugioh or that weird subset of obsessive K-pop fans or something.

No. 935765

File: 1582445777583.png (4.45 MB, 750x1334, 25C0F56A-AFC4-4612-996C-8FA08E…)

Didn’t she just go out and buy a lens today?

You want to lose weight and be healthy, you have a nice camera but it’s too heavy. There’s a way you can kill two birds with one stone, you know.

No. 935831

Honestly I would accept her back if she just admitted to what she's doing wrong. She keeps doing that narc thing where she's like "I'm not crazy, you guys are the crazy ones. I've done nothing and you hate me for no reason!"
If she just straight up admitted to all the rude things she said about the toy community…idk.

No. 935832

There has to be a site we can watch her videos without giving her revenue. Pls I don't want to help her in any way.

No. 935860


That bridge BURNED a long time ago. I wouldn't accept any apology from her, nor would she ever apologize because in her mind, she did nothing wrong.

If she tried to come back, she would 100% get shitted on. People would open bot Instagram accounts and rip her a new one.

The problem is that she is lazy, lazy and doesn't want to get a real FULL TIME JOB.

She can stick to her photography for all I care, everyone think they are a photographer in this day in age, I'll let her have that. But she needs to stop with YouTube. That ship has long sailed, people feeling bad for her has long sailed, she fucked herself, let her suffer.

No. 935915

File: 1582482417756.png (Spoiler Image,2.29 MB, 750x1334, 232A82EC-6B9E-465E-852F-F85D9C…)

Oh boy… (1/2)

No. 935916

File: 1582482597908.png (1.39 MB, 750x1334, 46A13E89-0534-4A69-B867-E15F70…)

Didn’t mean to spoiler it, it’s just a camera post but I mis-tapped.


She obviously bought that lens if she’s experimenting on it in her house. There’s a chance she returned it but considering her history of lies there’s a nonzero chance she bought both is and hoping people don’t notice so she doesn’t have to VALIDATE HERSELF as to why she bought a lens and then a whole other camera.

No. 936359


Sage because again this related to old milk

Oh my god when she made him admit that he was wrong he looked so uncomfortable. I was waiting for him to start crying honestly. Like you can see it in his eyes, like he was thinking ‘oh god here we go again’. I just saw pain. I can’t speak for any other instances, but in this video alone, she’s bullying him and she’s instigating him, almost hoping to get a violent reaction so she can say ‘omg I was just messing with you.’ The fact that she has to keep saying ‘that’s how we are. This is how we are. We’re not really upset.’ Even though the look on his face said different. Like he put up with her walking all over him on the daily. Living with her would give anyone anxiety or depression or some kind of mental disorders I swear. How is this man still living life..? IN NO WAY am I WKing but watching that video was very triggering placing myself in Adams shoes. It makes you really wonder if anything she’s ever claimed, abuse wise, can even be trusted.

No. 936383


She's a very foolish person. When she knew her marriage was over she should have simply given youtube a break for 18 months or so while focusing on her real life. If she'd sorted herself out and got a proper job (instead of trying to get a new boyfriend that would apparently be impressed by her new goth look etc and think she's so mature) she could have got her own place, then just continued with content she'd done before. How can she show off her collection when she has no filming/hobby room like she had before and just has her bedroom? She doesn't know who she is and people don't have the time or patience to waste on someone who keeps changing her mind so frequently and likes to bad mouth anyone who gives her constructive criticism because she can't handle any form of critique, PERIOD. She isn't mature and most sensible adults won't find her silly behaviour attractive.

No. 936719

File: 1582608533663.jpg (16.22 KB, 564x454, ZhFJ5UJ.jpg)

Is why it's not just a matter of apologies. We've also seen how Heather tends to say one thing and do the opposite- often while saying it. She has a whole lot more to apologize for than just what she's said about the toy community, and quite frankly, it's not so much about apologies as it is showing that she's capable of self-reflection and growth.

She used people to stalk and harass a guy, then publicly dragged him to thousands of Instagram followers when he wouldn't give her what she wanted. In her mind he was just a fuckboy who used her.

She used Adam and his weird saviour complex so she could be a NEET and live comfortably on his dime and when that wasn't working out anymore, she cheated and embellished details. In her mind he was an abusive man who trapped her and "did horrible things to her".

She wanted to show off for a man to win his affections so she attacked your community to performatively prove her worth. In her mind you're all just babies and haters.

So she can apologize to throwing you guys under the bus, but she never will, and even if she did, until she can stand up and show that she's actually learned from her own mistakes and made appropriate choices to combat them instead of just re-writing the past to make it everyone else's fault and changing her tone in her Insta stories despite still spouting the same old (pic related) narc narrative, it'd just be empty words as blood for the masses.

Here's her latest Insta story.
>Saw ClayRyan again, doesn't get to see him much because they're both adults with full time jobs
>Basically her Knight In Shining Armour
>Everything is beautiful and wonderful
>Internet shit doesn't matter, everyone just misunderstands her
>She has an income and a car and materialism isn't her game anymore
Comparatively, it's the same old stuff from previous Insta story diatribes, but she's just presenting it with this blissful joy rather than bitterness and a cocky attitude because she knows that won't win her any points. If she truly was living a happy life, and didn't care about the internet hate, she wouldn't feel the need to constantly do this. This is always just Heather giving herself a pep-talk in the mirror, except her "mirror" is social media because contrary to what she says at the end of the video, she thrives on outside validation due to a lack of self-reliance.

No. 936907

Anon(s) always coming through. Thank you.

I feel like she's calling herself a "misfit" "outcast" as if that's a term clay/ryan says about himself and what they call themselves as a couple, lol. I'd like to see her stories whenever he breaks up with her and what kind of stuff she will say he "did to her."

No. 936963

God, all she does is repeat herself. Does she listen to herself when she talks? Making memories, living her new life, being in "love", being a misfit, people don't understand me, "haters", etc. You say this shit every few weeks. Shut up Heather.

No. 937013

Misfit my ass. Bitch is basic and socially awkward if anything. Who cares if you eat lunch alone at work. Get over yourself it’s common.

No. 937075

Oh look, someone got desperate enough to start selling shit.

No. 937080

File: 1582681732037.png (910.34 KB, 750x1334, 660DA9C4-7A62-49C9-A4CF-798E87…)

No. 937081

File: 1582681774004.png (597.8 KB, 750x1334, 3E4036CE-6A5D-47C7-B787-0E6DFB…)

No. 937082

File: 1582681801920.png (539.99 KB, 750x1334, BEEC23E2-1747-48A2-AFA1-ADFDF8…)

No. 937084

File: 1582681825570.png (742.83 KB, 750x1334, 574C73D0-D7FA-4FB5-BC7E-54DC37…)

No. 937086

Was just about to post these too, anon. She dirty deleted real quick this time, didn't she?

No. 937089

Someone is lurking their thread…Heather stfu no one is sending you hate mail. Stop repeating the same bullshit and go sell off your bullshit toys.

No. 937091

Yup! Had a feeling she was going to delete them since she’s been obsessively stalking this thread.

No. 937098

I love that metaphor. For one it's a reflection she's stuck in a grade school mindset. For two it has no basis in reality. Even the most "bottom-rung" kids had friends. Saying that you "ate alone" just means that not even the other outcasts could tolerate you. It's not an indication of independence like she I guess thinks it is.

She keeps talking about being misunderstood. That's a self-defeating narrative often spouted by toxic people who isolate themselves with their behaviour, then pin it on other people by claiming those people just don't Get Them.

Her tone of voice isn't authentic in any way, it's like she's reading from a script. She doesn't truly believe these things, she's just being showy and trying to make herself believe them by making other people believe them and reflect them back to her. Her audience is her mirror because she put zero points in her Self-Reliance skill.

No problem. Whenever this windbag has stories I'm like, "here we go again" and just tap a couple buttons and set my phone aside and then it's like opening a present except that present is rancid bog water.

She's put him on such a pedestal that she's likely going to not just go after him, but say her life is over. The thing with Narcs/Cluster B's is that when it's good it's great, when it's bad it's the end of the world as we know it and nothing feels fine.

There are billions of people on this Earth. People DO have their own lives. The hate she's getting stems from her own actions and SHE is the one doing the gaslighting. The proof of her actions is all in these threads or tucked away in her old videos like the one Anon shared, it's just a pain to sort through.

>I need more time.

You sure have enough time to post this shit on social media, Heather.

Either way, that's meltdown #4 in about two weeks. Not sure if last night's bad acting counts as one.

She's saying she's been boycotted. Is there a call to boycott her sales somewhere, or is this another case of Heather's mental illness doing its thing?

No. 937119

>she's just being showy and trying to make herself believe them by making other people believe them and reflect them back to her
Spot the fuck on.

No. 937125

File: 1582687840438.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, E10DA3A8-5CE9-423E-ADDF-B9C18C…)

Just like. Make your meltdowns motivational speeches and no one will notice they’re meltdowns. The patented Heather Method.

No. 937254

File: 1582714681606.jpg (588.33 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200226-115440_You…)

Well. Lets see how this goes….

No. 937379

File: 1582738736052.jpg (832.38 KB, 1080x1770, IMG_20200226_183636.jpg)

No. 937388

What the actual hell? Is she trying to claim this is a haunted item? I know some websites don't allow the sale of so called "haunted" or "cursed" item. So maybe she's circumventing that?

No. 937395

File: 1582740939816.jpg (214.53 KB, 1080x885, IMG_20200226_191310.jpg)

of course she is keeping her collection.

No. 937460

File: 1582750479086.png (2.86 MB, 750x1334, 1B12C7C4-B61B-4F20-B980-8CAB84…)

No one cares about your hobbies, Heather. Do your photography, live your life, but stop acting like you’re a social pariah just because you decided to choose a different path. People are holding you to task for your deceitful and destructive actions and your aggressive denial that said actions are rooted in a mental illness that you should be seeking professional help to work through for rather than masking with hobbies and thus faux motivational persona.

No. 937511

I thought this was a toy she found at the Goodwill bins?? I know she found an environmental carebear at the bins but I dont remember which one.

No. 937514

File: 1582757637269.png (533.96 KB, 750x1334, 8FE4FE5E-03FC-4DA8-8499-6D7748…)

See a therapist. Get on mood stabilizers. Stable, healthy adults don’t have meltdowns on social media weekly, Heather. Stop masking it as you being “over it” when you clearly aren’t.

No. 937516

File: 1582758067457.png (2.5 MB, 750x1334, 6152ED37-242D-4B4C-BD6B-A35366…)

No. 937520

Thin-skinned people are not made for the internet. Stop reading here and turn off all messaging and comments if you can't handle it.

No. 937523

Pity party much? She just wants the attention from her shitty enabling followers to tell her what she wants to hear. She’s definitely unstable and she needs to seek out a professional rather than rely on “yes men.”

No. 937526

Soooo…..her tome on YouTube is done for buuuut….she just bought a brand new camera and lens to vlog/shoot youtube vids for??? And doesn't get why the "haters" see that as money that could've been used to pay back the go fund me donators/and or charity she promised to give to …ok.

HEATHER YOU STUPID BITCH.Let me Barney this for you. It's not validation people people want, it's JUSTIFICATION.

How is sweet fucking hell can you justify spending money on shit you CANNOT AFFORD??

- You ungratefully and disrespectfully live with mommy.
- You used money given to you by generous and kind people, and then continue to spend spend spend on frivolous things. It DOESN'T MATTER WHEN or WHAT you used that money on at the time, it's a slap in the face to everyone who helped you when you're in NO POSITION to be buying ANYTHING. AT ALL!!
- You shop for expensive organic bullshit food then stuff your fat filtered face with junk. TOTALLY REDUNDANT.
- You're a fucking idiot. Plain and simple. This next breakup is going to extinguish you. Guranteed. I can't wait

No. 937540

>tired of being painted as a monster for the things I love to do
She loves manipulating people to drive her to tinder dates, disparaging her generous mother behind her back, and having constant public meltdowns? Makes sense honestly.

No. 937552

>Forced out of hobbies
I don't get why she acts like a few "mean" comments on the internet equals someone holding a gun to her head and saying she can't do what she "loves" anymore. If you're tired of validating your existence and explaining yourself, just stop, dumbass. Go do the thing you want to do.

Seriously. It's like her real hobbies are pity parties and being melodramatic about next to nothing. She spends more time and energy on responding to the "haturz" than she does into any of her hobbies. It's absurd. I guess finding herself the perfect spooky boy didn't solve all her problems like she had hoped it would?

No. 937560

What the fuck is wrong with her? Seriously, I've never seen someone bitch and rant so much about being an "outcast" and validating her dumb ass self on the internet lol she is unbelievable lol

Seriously, how is she not embarrassed? She's publicly humiliated herself time and time again. She has no self worth.

No. 937566

File: 1582764197988.png (155.09 KB, 540x435, tumblr_p689hmAfi71vrc2qto1_540…)

She's posting all this and hasn't responded to stuff on her sales Insta.

>I'm tired of being painted as a monster for things I love to do.
Like emotionally abusing your SO's and then trying to claim you were just an innocent helpless victim? Or stalking men who didn't want to be with you and then trying to "call them out" to your 3k+ followers? Or calling an entire community that supported you and sent you gifts cringey and childish because you wanted to prove to a man that Heather Sparkles wasn't "the real you" at the expense of others? Because that's all I see people painting you as a monster for, Heather.

She's only going to get worse. Hardly anything about Heather has changed.

Pic related. She keeps pulling this "I'm just a human with emotions" bullcrap, the problem isn't that you have emotions, it's that you handle them like someone half your age and you have a hair-trigger response to everything.

No. 937572

Saged bc no1cares but does someone know where is her outfit from in the antiques collection video?

No. 937657

File: 1582775904613.jpg (1.43 MB, 1920x2560, 20-02-26-22-56-38-624_deco.jpg)

More bullshit rants, she just doesn't quit

No. 937658

File: 1582775926355.jpg (1.06 MB, 1920x2560, 20-02-26-22-57-09-084_deco.jpg)

No. 937659

File: 1582775952614.jpg (1.46 MB, 1920x2560, 20-02-26-22-58-01-551_deco.jpg)

No. 937729

Now certain followers of heathers have posted video rants of people are so mean on the internet, people in the toy community can be so mean. Well, your precious heather is isn't all innocent sparkles. I guess birds of a feather tend to flock together and just rant on Instagram stories.

No. 937788

More cows in the making?

No. 937806

File: 1582815210835.jpg (189.64 KB, 595x519, deirdre.jpg)

It's been bugging me for weeks, but I finally figured it out…

No. 937844

File: 1582823901866.png (205.68 KB, 431x633, Screenshot 2020-02-27 at 17.17…)

Oh, vanity…

No. 937850

lmao, wow, of course it joined her collection. She wishes so badly to be a "ghost." No Heather, the souls of those in the photos you collect won't help you manifest whatever bullshit you're trying to put out there to prove how "goth" you are or what an "outcast" you are.

No. 937883

Ghosts don't binge on fried food and make disgusting chewing noises.

No. 937926

She's like 90% Killstar so if you haven't already, check Killstar.

There’s just so much wrong with this.

She’s locking yourself in the same old self-defeating patterns. Just because your environment is different doesn't mean your life is.

She made a lot of bad choices last year while you were on the outs with Adam and trying to win Ryan Z's affections. All of it was public. People aren't making things up about her; they're assessing things she’s said and done. There isn't some grand conspiracy against Heather just because Heather stopped being pastels and glitter.

What she calls "misunderstood" is that every time someone critiques something destructive, she feels the need to weave a web of justifications and excuses and when people see through that, she gets upset and claims they just misunderstand. Heather stop trying to dodge responsibility by trying to force people to be satisfied with some far-fetched deniability of your motives and choices.

She latches onto her uniqueness like it’s made her both a social pariah and is the core of her identity. When your image is the core of your identity, you become hypersensitive to criticism.

She was clearly deeply affected by some childhood trauma and THAT is why she needs a doctor. Not because of her hobbies or style of dress, but because everything she does is founded upon that trauma which runs so deep, she cannot sort through it on her own. No amount of adventures, photography, Youtubing, or shopping will help her– they're all the sober equivalent to drinking sorrows away. Like no one’s saying don’t do them, but she treats them like a cure and spends more time and money on them (see: today’s prints) than on actually working on herself and getting the help she needs.

She keeps having these meltdowns and then it’s all better. Then another, and she’s better. Again and again ad nauseam. That's not just "being human and having emotions" like you claimed in a previous episode, Heather, that's a symptom of a much larger issue.

A doctor will have the knowledge and resources to assist her but she keeps acting like that’s this shameful thing. It's not shameful to have cancer and it's not shameful to have whatever it is she has, but she needs to seek proper treatment because what is shameful is routinely destroying relationships, isolating yourself, wild emotional fluctuations, and weaponizing your emotions. Her deep attachment to her boyfriend so quick further indicates problems. She hardly knows the guy.

If buying a new camera and selling her toys brought up such a visceral reaction, that is not normal, and she’s had several meltdowns last week before listing toys or buying new camera stuff, so this cycles back to your tendency of making excuses. Heather stop blaming outside factors for your magnanimously inappropriate public emotional outbursts.

Setting aside the validity of her claims for a moment. She isn’t the only person on this planet who has been abused, heartbroken, lost their home, backstabbed, had to start from the bottom, etc. Heather your situations are not unique to you, but your responses are, and they are wildly inappropriate and destructive.

STOP being so catastrophically stubborn. STOP making excuses. STOP trying to pin the blame on other people or events. You are responsible for yourself, your actions, and your emotions.

Get. Help. Heather.

Or don't. And complain about the haters more. Welcome thread 6, "I got kicked out of my mom's house for prioritizing my hobbies over my responsibilities and my boyfriend got tired of my drama and dumped me and now he's the scum of the Earth and tried to murder me" edition.

Sorry for wall of text. It's like she always wants to do what's comfortable and not what's needed. The money she's spent between the new lens, new camera, and metallic prints altogether probably breaks a grand. She said herself that her hours were cut, mentioned that she still has debt with Paypal. But I'm sure that's not true and we're just misunderstanding words that came out of her mouth.

No. 937942

It's shillstar. Like pretty much all of her clothes. Girl has no sense of originallity. But don't waste your money. The quality is bad, the price is exorbitant, and the company is known for shady shit like not paying their models and stealing art from independent designers.

No. 938052

Solid points, anon. Echoed a lot of what many others have said time and time again. But realistically speaking there’s just no way Heather can afford to see a therapist in order to work through these issues.

She works a part time retail job, which doesn’t offer her any medical benefits. She’s too old to be under her moms insurance. She’s too reluctant to look into government assistance programs that could help her get some insurance. I just don’t see a feasible way for her to get any professional help even if she was open to it.

No. 938088

There are free or income based mental health services. There are advocacy programs especially for domestic violence survivors as she claims to be, who will help her get on Medicaid and gain access to any services she needs and qualifies for. If one of her videos from before leaving Adams house is any indication I think someone did suggest 211 to her or something like it. There is online therapy but she won’t be able to get a diagnosis and it still costs money, but if she outlines her habits and is honest with herself it’s still a help, and it’s better than her current habit of Splitting and having these episodes on people or the internet and telling herself it’s a healthy outlet for her totally normal emotions.

Her parents might be willing to help pay for psychiatric help but if her mentality towards mental illness is any indication, it’s possible they’re mental health denialists and she was raised on that notion. I don’t know.

Where theres a will there’s a way, and Heather has the will, but only towards stuff she wants and is used to.

No. 938317

But see, that’s the thing. She’s NOT a domestic abuse victim/survivor. She’s a liar and deep down she knows it. That’s why she doesn’t ‘take advantage of all the resources she has’ because she has lied her way through life since she was a child, no doubt. I’ve never met a woman who escaped an abusive marriage/relationship who prioritized having a boyfriend 24/7. They always shut down or went on to focus on themselves and become strong. A lot of them feared men for awhile and refused to be in relationships. The fact that she lies about something this serious is disgusting and it makes real abuse survivors look bad.

No. 938375

Many domestic violence survivors do indeed search for another partner. She was in an extremely codependent marriage and still exhibits signs of codependency. Hence the need from validation and acceptance from everyone, especially men.

No. 938391

>my personal experience is the only valid experience

jfc why are the regulars in this thread so fucking retarded

No. 938418

Can’t afford it how? Part time job or not, the money to buy all the garbage she does has to be coming from somewhere. Even if she somehow wasn’t eligible for Medicaid she easily could have had several sessions with a therapist instead of buying fuckloads of ugly, expensive crap.

No. 938438

Her dependency on/constant need for a partner isn’t from ‘being abused’. It’s, as you stated, her depending on someone for everything she does/needs to do because she lacks self confidence and has to be told to do/forced to do something in order to do it. She isn’t capable of making decisions for herself. This bitch wasn’t abused. It’s very obviously a lie. I’m pretty sure that’s what the anon you relied to was trying to point out.

No. 938439

Has anyone seen a glimpse of Bowlegged Ryan on her feed?

No. 938454

Agreed. Almost like the human experience is subjective and people deal with trauma in different ways. >>938317 really shouldn't be talking about what "real abuse victims always do." Because some absolutely rush into new relationships, either for protection, or validation. Being abused is scary and does a number on your self esteem. Both those things can bring people to seek out romantic partners. Some women indeed shy away from seeking new partners. And sometimes it doesn't influence their dating habits. People are just different.

Saying that "real" abuse victims shy away from dating just because Heather lied about being abused and likes to dickhop is dangerous. Because it invalidates the experiences of actual abuse victims who seek out new partners. They don't need that on top of everything edlse.

No. 938483

Apologies if it came off as that’s the only way abuse victims act. That’s not what I meant. I just worded it shitty. Obviously everyone reacts to situations differently. I meant more specifically that it’s obvious SHE is not a victim of abuse because of how she acts. She shows no real signs of being abused and because she has some fake story about how every ex did (insert sob story) to her it just doesn’t fit. Obviously everyone experiences things differently and copes differently but based on how heather acts, when she’s scared of something/ dislikes it/ claims to be traumatized by something, she finds every excuse to avoid it. Sorry for slight text wall/rambling, just didn’t mean to come off as saying ‘if you didn’t react this way you’re a liar’. It applies to her only.

No. 938492

I won't refute her abuse. But her codependency and her excuses for it are nonsense. I can see her codependency being used against her and Adam using it to his advantage. Her being abused doesn't excuse her behavior nor her taking advantage of others. Her abuse isnt up for debate. The problem is her bs behavior.

No. 938505

It is absolutely up for debate. "Believe everyone that claims they were abused" is bullshit. Me too was a mistake.

No. 938572

Wow. Hold on there. Just because Heather is a shitty person does not mean the Metoo movement is invalid. Vast numbers of women face abuse and intimidation ranging from minor but constant harrassment to full on sexual abuse. To say that the fact we are finally speaking out about it is a " mistake" is deeply fucked up.

It is important to believe women, because women are so often not believed.

There is one Anon here who seems to have a real MRA streak to them. I've noticed them before. Whatever sad incel bullshit you have going on is your problem, and has nothing to do with this board.

No. 938581

>>938505 that's just gross. In the earlier threads you can read about her situations in her marriage. Thr Me too movement is important af

It seems she's reached the point where she's trying to salvage what's left of her fan base and her channel. I don't understand how someone that was Kawaii for so long suddenly is into the dark and the macabre. That mukbang was cringey af.

No. 938685

File: 1582942756226.jpg (452.73 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2338.JPG)

Performatively bringing it up every other day in either a rant, faux motivational speech, or quote only shows it still impacts you and you’re not as “over it” as you claim to be, Heather.

Latest pep talk:
https://streamable.com/t7w5r Nothing new, really.

Oh I know she's lying, but that doesn't mean she can't lie her way into getting some help. Though you're right and she probably fears professionals will see through her act. Might have when she was 302'ed.

I'm >>937926 >>938088, Anon you replied to is someone else.

To address this discourse: I used to live with an abuse advocate and people do absolutely cope differently. However, this debate over #metoo and whether Heather was abused based upon her proclivity for pursuing a new relationship is moot not to mention entirely off-topic. The Sparkles video above shows Heather did her fair share of emotional abuse and I’m sure there’s more in her old videos. The way these things usually work is that both sides end up engaging in what could constitute abusive behaviour because the initial victim usually doesn’t up and leave at the first sign of abuse and starts acting out in defense. I think Heather was the initial abuser based solely upon the extreme behaviour she’s shown, and then Adam might have responded in kind like snapping at her when she's crossing a line, and she's using that. She’s absolutely exaggerating when it comes to that topic. She shared recordings of one of their fights she claimed she never shared before because she was going to use them in court, and all it shows is him trying to poorly work things out with her and her over-acting, fake scream-crying, and each of those videos was spliced to only show certain parts. If she was down to Earth and stable I’d believe her side more, but everything she’s put out there shows her ass as the type that will engage in manipulation and weaponizing her emotions for personal gain.

I mean it’s hard to bring this up without her twisting it into “people hate me for changing”. She keeps trying to use her HS goth phase that a lot of people her age went through as a way to prove she was always goth and Sparkles was her trying to win people over. Back when she was still hung up on Ryan she said she changed and started being her real self because of him, and “boys didn’t like kawaii Heather, now I’m more mature”. It’s one thing to have old interests rekindled or gain new interests, but Heather restructured herself and then kept trying to advertise in a manner that’s characteristic for Narcs who study the “object” of their affection and try to become what they think the idealized version of that person wants.

She mentioned him as her “amazing boyfriend” in today’s Instaramble. How he’s put up with her drama this long is beyond me, but he has a history of struggling to tell people "no" and if her attachment to Ryan Z is any indication, she has a history of not taking no for an answer.

No. 938725

re: her latest pep talk
So she IS going to make content again. Was it not just yesterday she said she was quitting youtube?

No. 938747

File: 1582951384124.png (2.14 MB, 750x1334, AE3DA4DD-B52B-4E3A-B6C1-8E7F83…)

She’s emotionally trigger happy. When it’s bad everything is awful and everyone hates her and she can’t come back to YouTube. When it’s good it’s great and she’s thriving. Emotional stability eludes her and she can’t admit to the fact that that’s not healthy and make the appropriate choice to do something about it.

Also what even is this.

No. 938768

Newest video

Lens: 126$
Bag: 12-15$
Previous bag: 23$ says she's keeping it for another camera.
Plus 6% state tax and whatever she spent on the new camera. Not sure if she gets an employee discount and how much that might be.

Might do more Mukbang despite saying she eats like she because of depression and wanted to eat better.

Flaunting her boyfriend again.

Afraid of deer for some reason? "I don't want them to mess me up"

Needs to film boring vlogs in order to get in the hang of being a YT'er again. "I promise interesting videos are on the way, I'm just in the early stages of coming back. Thank you those of you that still support me there's a lot we need to talk about but I'm not going to focus on negativity."

No. 938785

God that was dull. She put in so much filler to make the video over 10 minutes long. Have to get that ad revenue.

No. 938794

>A lot of people have been messaging me requesting more eating shows.

I find that very hard to believe.

No. 938795

File: 1582963032137.jpg (19.05 KB, 340x340, Janice_m15.jpg)

She looks like Janice from the Muppets.

No. 938796

File: 1582963094409.jpeg (190.74 KB, 750x813, 991D5F3F-7B0A-464E-AD02-344A9A…)

I mean she’s gotten two comments supporting though Angel is kind of kissing her toes in every post. “I don’t check messages because I get so much hate” “I got a lot of messages requesting more mukbang” do counteract each other.

No. 939072

IF she's getting a employee discount, its 10%

No. 939098

IF She works at Target, this would be her discount

"Target hands out a 10% employee discount. This discount is good for both in-store purchases as well as stuff you buy at Target.com. Also, according to this Target employee, workers get an extra 10% off fresh (and frozen) fruits and veggies bringing your discount to a whopping 20%."

No. 939099

Fucking kek, in her most recent story she's now saying her channel is dead and her "time as a youtuber is over." Literally less than 24 hours after saying she's coming back and promising new videos, and less than a week after purchasing an expensive, brand new vlogging camera. Her cycles are coming quicker and quicker. I'm convinced a total breakdown is on the horizon.

No. 939111

Streamable Anon here. I’m at an event and couldn’t record this one but I saw she posted another video. It’s already gone as per usual.

Heather: FUCK your pride. Get help.

No. 939115

Of course she deleted it all. She's a fucking joke.

She also mentioned gaining 20 pounds so now none of her expensive tacky clothes fit her. She said she's going back on the starch solution (how will that work with your fast food mukbangs???) and that she hates herself for gaining the weight back. Honestly, why does she hate herself for her weight gain and not for her absolutely ludicrous mood swings and undiagnosed personality disorder? I can't imagine that's a fun brain to live inside.

No. 939495

I mean it just draws back the the clinical narcissism if that’s what she has. Narcs and people in that general cluster just want tangible things they can hold over others to prove they’re better. More possessions, prettier, bigger family, more accomplished. It’s why they’re so dangerous in relationships and as parents and super commonly abusers. They usually have an idealistic perception and any deviation from that upsets them. It’s also probably why she’s become so attached to ClayRyan so fast. She doesn’t love him, she loves the idealized image her mind created of him.

Heather either cares more about her image because it’s something she can flaunt, or she’s still hung up on the delusion she can model for Killstar. Her bog water personality isn’t a blip on the radar because she doesn’t see it as a tangible thing she can flaunt.

No. 939497

File: 1583107826244.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, F095E28D-596D-4238-96F8-AF386F…)

That’s called codependency, Heather, not independence. If you rely on another person to magically fix your violent mood swings and be the retaining wall for your happiness you’re not being self-reliant. Plus the wild highs are probably why your meltdowns are getting so frequent. Maybe work on fixing your pendulous emotional state.

No. 939577

New video. It was a long one so I had to make two recordings. They do overlap so just skip ahead in the 2nd one.

Making a ton of accusations against Adam including claiming he was a pedo. While there is hard evidence in her old videos that she abused Adam, there is also evidence in the first thread he was creepy towards women. Whether or not he was a pedo, I don't see anything to prove or disprove that claim. True or false is moot, with her status, posting these things online is unnecessary and only gives people something else to talk about.

It it's true, she needs to stop posting about it and just seek out an actual trained professional already.

If it's untrue, I really hope Adam files charges. I hope he can take these videos to a lawyer because it's not like he's some anonymous silhouette. She's been pushing the envelope farther and farther on accusations towards him.

Other than that it's the usual stuff about how people hate her and think she's crazy because she's goth.

This long video seems like a direct response to her meltdown from a couple days ago, though. It's an endless cycle she refuses to break free from. She'll have a down-swing and have a meltdown on Instagram. Then she'll have an up-swing and try to justify that meltdown by saying she has an amazing life ahead of her. It's the same old song and dance.

She wants to vlog but the only thing she ever seems to want to talk about is drama.

No. 939583


Funny, I watched it earlier when she first posted it and said to myself "I don't think she realizes how this can turn ugly real quick if she hasn't had her divorce yet"

Now, those videos of course are deleted. I don't know why she bothers posting anything, she literally deletes it 10 mins later. But this was the same shit over and over except with the added adam being a possible pedo, which, is a very strong accusation unless she has proof he was a pedophile, which, I don't think is the case. I 100% believe he is a fuckin weirdo and likes younger girls, but to the extreme she was making it out to be? No.

She needs to seriously take a step back and just stop posting lol she creates storms all on her own. No one else is making her look like an idiot except herself.

No. 939696

I don’t understand how someone who is disgusted by children (he’s stated this directly and indirectly by the way he’s reacted to kids/the memes he posts) could ever be a pedophile. She’s reaching here. And how many men do you see going for older women? Most men instinctively like younger women. That’s not illegal and I doubt he’s ever went for anyone who’s under legal age. What agenda is she trying to push here? Is she really trying to start this bullshit again to cover up her own insanity? Clearly he’s not a pedo if he went for you, grandma heather.

No. 939697


Her allegations are getting more extreme and will land her in hot water if she continues. It is highly unlikely that she was ever abused by her husband or that she truly understands what domestic abuse is. A man who allows her to devote a whole room to her toy collection and spoils her rotten, is only guilty of being a complete push-over. He was a prick for putting up with her behaviour for so long as he did, should have broke up with her long ago as she's trouble. If he ever dared disagree with some of her ideas or put his foot down when she wanted something, that to her is abuse. People like this are an insult to women who are truly victims of abuse, be it physical, sexual or verbal. If she had been a victim she wouldn't have dared sleep with another fella like she did for fear he would have beat the crap out of her. This spoilt brat just wants sympathy and an excuse for her terrible behaviour. Hopefully if he finds any libel against him online he will be able to record/save it for future use should they end up in court. Though she's so sneaky deleting the comments so soon after she's intially posted them it's tricky but not impossible if someone is lurking ready to pounce and grab screenshots ASAP. She certainly should not be making those allegations via the internet when she has a divorce still looming. She's clueless!!!

No. 939701


Oh and if for example, he'd gently teased her now and then(with no true ill will intended) when they were a couple she's now probably trying to nitpick everything he said to her from her mind and though not bothered by it at the time, is now claiming he was abusing or bullying her. It's all nonsense. She should keep her big mouth shut because most people will be so fed up with it by now, the only one who ends up looking moronic is herself.

No. 939734

She's way to insecure to be on the internet. Why does she stress so hard on what's she's wearing? Truly no one cares. Just wear what you want. But when it's this killstar throw away fashion stuff people are gonna make comments about it. She never looked good in the kawaii stuff anyway. It's just one extreme to the next but if she feels good then she should just do it. But she doesn't feel good and she needs to blame someone for that.

No. 939774

File: 1583164083979.jpeg (164.61 KB, 750x1163, 87941EF7-8AE8-4D0D-9D1B-2FD795…)

She’s using her sales account to like her own selfie. Conceited much.

No. 939856

She said in one of her posts from the past week that she feels good after she does these, so it's just a coping mechanism and she completely lacks the critical thinking skills to realize it's not a healthy one.

Good call on his repulsion towards kids. I think she was trying to accuse him of being attracted to teenage minors rather than children. Some of her claims are an obvious reach though. I don't see how him wanting to "adopt" teenage girls is sexual. If his coddling and savoir complex towards Heather is any indication, he seems more paternal than pedophiliac.

Him masturbating on the couch isn't predatory when they're married, unless she told him she was uncomfortable with it and asked him to stop and he refused, but even then he's not a predator, just an ass. I get that maybe this was weird to her but it's benign and probably the biggest thing in the whole video showing that she's just grasping at straws and has little in the way of even anecdotal evidence of her claims. "My mom said he's a creep" is hardly evidence. Subjectively being put off by someone doesn't mean they're objectively a predator.

When she was trying to find another man after Adam, her whole spiel was that no men wanted Sparkles. Maybe she's flipping that to the next (il)logical conclusion of "If Adam was attracted to me then, clearly he's a kiddie diddler."

Also, she'll shit on mental health when people want to claim she's bipolar or Cluster B Narc/Borderline/Histrionic, but she's fully willing to self-diagnose with PTSD when it serves her narrative.

No. 939904

File: 1583182287961.jpg (871.04 KB, 1080x1733, 20200302_155115.jpg)

More blah blah blah

No. 939905

File: 1583182315250.jpg (305.44 KB, 1080x1859, 20200302_155101.jpg)

Uh huh…ok heather.

No. 939924

But you're NOT happy. That's the thing. If you were happy, you'd just log off and enjoy your life. Instead you're ranting, crying, and binging online.
If anybody really believed you were passionate about anything but yourself, you wouldn't get nearly as much attention as you do.

No. 939942

Masturbating on the couch? In his HOUSE? What a predator oh NO. Meanwhile you can’t tell me she never masturbated in that apartment while he was there. Besides. She probably made him sleep on the couch so technically wouldn’t that mean he was just doing that in his bed? Again, in HIS apartment that HE paid for?

And yes where is her proof that he ‘goes after young teenage girls’? Is that her knock at his new gf who seems to act more mature than heather ever has?

Adam traded in heather for a newer model so that makes him a pedo. Perfect logic heather.

No. 940068

Everything she is saying about Adam sounds credible. He seemed to have enabled her codependency. He seemed to like keeping her that way. And masturbating all day in your living room is creepy af. It's not normal. In a vlog where they visited her family he seemed extra excited and friendly around her little sister.

No. 940081

>I don’t understand how someone who is disgusted by children (he’s stated this directly and indirectly by the way he’s reacted to kids/the memes he posts) could ever be a pedophile.
Dunno anything about Adam, but 'look! I hate X! I don't want anything to do with it, like ever!!!' is the oldest trick in the book of people that want to hide their unfulfilled obsessions and desires. It's like a kid saying that that toy that mommy refuses to buy them is stupid and for babies anyway.
In my opinion it's much mire suspicious that a guy claimes to be disgusted with kids. Most people thst don't want children in their life act indifferent about them.

No. 940091

Here’s a fun idea. Why don’t we just figure this shit out for ourselves instead of believing the cow? Since everyone seems to be so fascinated.

And also, you can certainly not like something and be disgusted by it. A lot of people have strong viewpoints.

And what’s so weird about him being excited to see his FAMILY? From what I heard, he was actually close to her family and she probably hated that and that’s why she continues to spin lies.

Masturbates on the couch all day? Sounds like she’s talking about herself. Obviously he went to work if he had to support her lazy ass.

No. 940144

"All day" was surely one of Heather's patented over-exaggerations, but if someone is paying to live somewhere you damn well better believe that they can masturbate in there for however long they want to. It was Adam's apartment, he can do whatever he wants to his dick in there. What a fucking stupid thing to care about.

No. 940151

Clearly Adam facilitated that lifestyle. He didn't want her to work, that being said she was his wife and that was her home so yes shes entitled to not want him to jerk off in the living room all day. She maintained the household thats obvious from her videos. The problem was the aftermath where she had so much trouble being independent when she should have been from the start. The problem is her not dealing with issues with her ex husband correctly, she used people to try and attain a man to take her out of it. She fucked up alot but when bringing up Adam into the conversation he fucked up alot too and fed into her shit. It's good to see her driving and working but she's still a jerk.

No. 940156

idk if you're codependent, can't drive, don't work and a guy that you literally can't get away from is jacking it in your eyeline when you have nowhere else to go, sounds pretty abusive to me.

No. 940158

Him jacking off in front of her in a shared living space without her consent is sexual assault. Period

No. 940162

Why do you keep insisting that he just jacked off on the couch all day? He worked a full-time tech job, that simply does not make any sense. White knight begone.

She had an entire room with a closet and bathroom to herself and, again, why are you idiots just believing her? We have video evidence of her lying and exaggerating about this divorce from day zero. No wonder she posts emotionally unstable rants claiming she was abused all day long, morons like you will go up to bat for her and feed her narc fuel supply at the mere suggestion.

Why are we now okay believing what Heather has to say? Because it's about Adam? Because it's about a woman being hypothetically "abused" by a man? This board is so quick to be intensely catty and suspicious of shit until a man enters the picture, then it's full-blown retard city. Seriously, if you all have posted in this thread before ragging on Heather for her other wildly unfounded accusations about the toy community, the BJD community, or her "haters," and only know are you choosing to believe something she has to say, you're braindead and hypocritical.

No. 940174

The only people falling for it are those "two" people, who always post within minutes of each other. It seems suspicious like they are the same people. Why does she keep throwing Adam under the bus if she is "free, independent and happy"

No. 940193

>>>”She maintained the household thats obvious from her videos.”

Some housewife she was. For the majority of their marriage Heather would moan about the clutter of boxes filled with her and Adams things (mostly hers, being her thrifting purchases) that she needed to sort through them but never did because she was too busy doing her make up and filming another shitty video. She said many times the boxes were all over the place because their garage was at full capacity already. The most anyone ever saw her do at home on camera was feed the cats and herself.

No. 940234

Because she needs something to gain pity points from her ‘fans’. Because she probably hasn’t finalized her divorce yet and is probably trying to create a front to try and get something out of said divorce. Again, she’s probably lying, exaggerating most of this. Adam is an asshole, yeah, but he doesn’t seem like the perv/creep she’s trying to make him out to be. People who are in the wrong typically feel the need to constantly defend and reassure (Heather). Have we ever seen him do this, even once? The fact that anyone here is suddenly stupid enough to believe her now…

I agree with the other anon. If you want answers to these questions so bad, find someone who would know and be truthful, and ask them.

No. 940239

>Other people just don't want me to be happy

The projection. She can't manage to be happy on her own so that lack of happiness has to be everyone else's fault. I wonder if she's getting all this from Clay. I don't think she's friends with any of his friends at all. I feel like they're both just enabling negative, defeatist, self-isolating ideologies in each other.

She says she's over the negative thinking but this "the world is against me" is the epitome of negative thinking. All her problems would be solved if she'd just own up to the things she's done wrong and take some personal responsibility, then be self-critical. Of course, she only seems intent on digging her hole deeper. These were both deleted less than an hour after being posted.

That doesn't mean he was sexually attracted to them.

Not sure if you're being sarcastic or you just forgot Heather has legs.

Unless he was forcing her to be present and watch, no, it's not assault. Maybe it made her uncomfortable but discomfort is not the basis of sexual assault, deliberate removal of power is.

The only valid grounds she'd have for a sexual assault claim is if she asked him to do it somewhere else and informed him it made her uncomfortable and he refused and antagonized her with it. However, we won't know what the whole picture is.

The bottom line is that she's making these vague allegations immediately following a series of meltdowns, as a way to justify them and self-diagnose PTSD despite being awfully disgusting towards mental health in every other case. She isn't coming out about sexual assault in solidarity, she isn't engaging in a calculated call-out to prevent future incidents. She's grasping at anything and everything she can use to explain her emotional instability instead of just seeking out the proper avenues to deal with it.

If he really did all these bad things, then she can collect the evidence and use it in divorce proceedings as a basis of why she had to leave the marriage, not fumble around in an Insta story she deletes 20min later because she thinks simply throwing accusations will magically absolve her of all guilt and give her leverage against critics.

Agree 100%, Anon. When I shared those videos, I'd hoped people who've had more experience with Heather and Adam might have some better input but I figured it'd turn into a battle of opinion. I know this is probably a sensitive topic to some people and victims often struggle to be believed, but Heather has a history of lying and being snippy towards Adam. He's by no means a saint and definitely seemed to lie and misunderstand boundaries, but that doesn't mean he was predatory or pedophiliac.

She keeps throwing him under the bus because despite saying she doesn't need to validate herself, she does anyway because she knows she's sitting on a throne of lies and half-truths. Paranoia of being exposed runs deep.

No. 940277

Agreed. Don't know anything about Adam either. But just because you're disgusted by small children doesn't mean you're not into young teenage girls. They're completely different.

Sorry to blogpost, but I feel it's relevant. The adult guy who groomed me at 14 also said he hated small kids. It was actually part of his playbook. "I don't like kids. But you're not a kid, you're so mature…"

Again, not saying anything about adam either way. But there is proof on the previous boards that he is a creep towards women. Things don't have to be black and white, and it doesn't excuse the way Heather is acting.

No. 940303

Okay yes but as someone who knows him, his other friends, heather, etc, he’s not like that. This whole discussion is just wrong and it’s no better than heather’s accusations. This could all be used in a defamation suit. Let’s make it clear he is not into kids, teenagers, or anyone under the legal age. Just because guys date women younger than them does not mean they’re creeps or pedos. Most guys just like to date younger women. This needs to stop because these jumping to conclusions and false accusations could result in him losing his job. Like the guy or hate him, wanting that is pretty fucked up. I’m pretty sure he’s just trying to escape the aftermath of his shitshow marriage, and as someone who went through the same thing, this is just sad.

Why everyone is suddenly so obsessed with the idea of Adam being into kids is fucking weird. If you have a fetish you want fulfilled, this isn’t the place for it. Making criminal accusations like that without any proof is a really bad idea. Heathers word is not solid proof. We don’t believe any other goddamn thing she says (with good reason) so why are you suddenly believing this?

>>”older threads” what the fuck proof was there then? More ‘heather said?’

Heather said he was creepy towards her sister? Heather also said her mom hates her guts and would never speak to or help her again and yet look who she’s living with. Isn’t it quite possible that she’s lying about this too?

No. 940314

Their apt was trashed. Heather didn't maintain anything lol.

No. 940317

Heather literally had an entire room to herself in that apartment. Not to mention, Adam had a full time job and was at work most of the day. She's obviously exaggerating, but it isn't like they were cramped in some small space and she was forced to watch him sit on the couch. Even if Adam truly is a shit person, he has every right to lay on the couch during his down time considering he was the one providing for them both.

I don't understand the slander against Adam now when she hasn't been with him for over a year. She's so comfortable sharing all of this information now, when all the evidence we've gotten (like those videos of her screaming at him) only makes her look bad, but she didn't attempt to do anything while she was still in the situation? That makes sense.

I'm all for the #MeToo movement, but Heather is a known liar and manipulator and I'm not sure why people are so quick to take her side.

No. 940321

Point of interest: if what Heather is saying is true and Adam is into kids {which I hAVen't seen proof of) why didn't she call him out about it untill after they broke up. Was she okay with dating a pedophile?

No. 940324

That's what I don't understand. In the videos that >>939577 posted, Heather claims that she talked with her mother about this and her mother agreed that Adam was a creep, and they felt uncomfortable having him around. If this is true, why didn't they do anything about it back then? Why didn't they start to gather evidence on him while it was happening? Or put a stop to it since they knew what was going on.

To me, the fact that she spoke to her mother about it is further proof that Heather is a liar. All she has done is talk shit on her mom up until she moved back in, and even now she pretends that she's just in a temporary living arrangement and NOT living with her parents again. She's so quick to throw the people in her life under the bus if it can make her look like a better person. The political differences she claims she had with her mother? I call bs.

No. 940534

File: 1583280874723.jpg (564.41 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200303-191142_Ins…)

Here it comes, another gofundme in the future .

No. 940540

Her computer shit the bed and now she seems to think she can't sell online? She said her
"only option" is to go buy a printer that can connect to her phone so she can print shipping labels. I sell online all the time and don't own a printer. Why is her solution to problems always to spend money???

She also said "I don't know if my computer is under attack from a certain individual" which is a whole new level of paranoia.

No. 940542

Is she actually serious right now? Has she heard of a library? This is just an excuse to not sell her collection and back out sales because clearly she bit off more than she could chew running to the post office every day. Girl grow the fuck up. Go to the damn library and print your labels there. Not everyone has $1,000 computers and you sure don’t need them to print damn labels. My god…ups will print them for free. Most ups stores and the post office can access your eBay accounts if you set up an account with them and you print your labels there. She is something else. Everything is always the end of the world.

No. 940544

Omg I could not stop laughing when she immediately assumed her computer was being attacked by a “certain individual” I seriously can’t with her. Just take this as a sign that you have the maturity of a five year old, this is a blessing, and get off the internet. Overreact much about a damn computer glitch. She probably just forgot to update something, but sure she is being cyber attacked. That is the only logical explanation and the only solution is to close up shop because there is just no other way to print labels now. How did she survive this long??? I mean…seriously???

No. 940549

File: 1583282439510.png (144.46 KB, 470x898, Capture.PNG)

Aaaaand stories are deleted and now replaced with this.

No. 940579

"That's it, that's the end of all my hobbies. Everything that makes me me, gone."

Good lord, she should not be tying her identity to her hobbies. She catastrophizes so quickly. It is so uncomfortable to watch someone self destruct online like this. She needs professional mental help so badly. Her family needs to help her because she clearly can't help herself.

No. 940620

File: 1583291416698.jpg (1.37 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2547.JPG)

Re: posts this morning, I feel like Heather posts more about why she can't go out and "adventure" than actually adventuring…

Second video. Didn't get the first one you guys are talking about with the accusations I can assume are toward Adam because of his career in computers. That's ridiculous though. He has zero way of getting malware on her computer unless she clicked a shady link.

It sounds like her CPU dying, from what she says. Windows just did an update that fucked with some people's computers but since her boyfriend went to school for computers I'm sure he's already suggested everything that could diagnose that.

She says she's going to buy a printer for her iphone, which could run 200$ if she's using one for letter paper. I assume her printer must not have AirPrint. Heather, the library is right there. If you want to save up money for a new laptop, don't spend it on something you don't even need. You have an iphone which you use to record these Insta videos, you don't need your several hundred dollar Canon to vlog right now. Someone suggested the library on her latest post and she said she can't because the library doesn't have lightroom. There's a wealth of online photo editing tools.

For such a creative person, she has no adaptability.

The over-emotional reaction leading to things like straight-up accusing Adam of attacking her computer and believing her life and all her hobbies and everything that makes her to be over is another drop in the bucket towards Cluster B. When it's good it's great, when it's bad it's awful and everything's over. I can't imagine what it's like being in a relationship with someone like that.

No. 940626

She's baiting her new Ryan to save her, nevermind a gofundme…what a pathetic waste of space.

Hmm wonder why she can't afford to get it fixed? Or even a refurbished one under $500?….could it be karma for buying a new camera she can't honestly justify spending money on?

I think so.

10 gallons of crazy in a 5 gallon bucket ladies and gents. You get what you give.

Let the shit show begin!!

No. 940672

File: 1583296296003.jpg (283.72 KB, 650x1126, whatevengoesoninthisrelationsh…)

How does she not know such a rudimentary detail about her boyfriend who she's determined is "the one"? Does their relationship just consist of them going to the mall and talking about how unique they are? That's some real 90s goth there.

Her CPU is over-heating and throttling. Either the thermal paste is shot, or I wouldn't be surprised if she uses it in bed and covers the vents with blankets.

No. 940680

Heather you live with your mom and sister. Surely they own a computer and printer for you to use to print your shipping labels. If anything this mishap should compel you to really get that sale/collection purge going if only to be able to afford to fix your computer or get a new one entirely.

No. 940688

She said that’s what she’s going to be doing. Clearing her storage out so she can afford a new one or to get it fixed. But she can’t youtube or edit photos without her laptop.

No. 940731

File: 1583304616907.png (600.61 KB, 750x1334, 1F9104EB-BBCF-4280-9876-098893…)

When will she learn. You don’t need to vent, Heather, you need to learn how to manage your emotions. No matter what else is going on, taking to Instagram to flip out and say you’re done for and allege your ex husband is attacking your computer is not an appropriate response to a computer problem, especially when you have alternatives.

No. 941146

File: 1583375732636.png (3.38 MB, 750x1334, 9D6F7979-BD4C-46C0-87D7-9D9F79…)

>leads me to believe
If something is overheating you don’t continue to damage it further by using it. Sort and photograph your toys to list, read a book. Or else your laptop and whatever is on it might go from salvageable to a total lost cause.

No. 941197

File: 1583384655368.jpg (868.32 KB, 1431x2363, gvLZzxg.jpg)

First off, you made the decision to go apeshit about it and post it for all to see. Sure play it off as some joke as you continue to have embarrassing meltdowns on the internet and wonder why people talk about you.

Second, I hope this doesn't mean she has been keeping her computer on all day everyday even when not in use? How could she be so dense?

No. 941370

File: 1583433959324.png (1.96 MB, 750x1334, 1CB72696-DA55-4C66-82CA-FF760F…)

This isn’t just limited to Heather but I really wish people like her would stop taking words on Instagram as gospel. If doing what’s best for you pisses “a lot” of people off, maybe you’re not a great person.

No. 941418

This crock is along the same lines as "if you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best!1" and it's just a way for shit people to cope with their shittiness.

No. 941528


What's wrong with leaving a PC on all the time. Servers are on 24/7/365 Businesses leave their computers on all the time. I leave my PC on all the time its been proven that it's better for the longevity of the computer to leave it on. Than to turn it on to use it and then turn it off. After i leave my computer I lock it and the monitors go into sleep mode 1 minute later.

No. 941900

I think they meant that, in light of something probably "overheating," it wouldn't be a good idea to just leave it on …
She posts the most juvenile inspirational pics; I swear it's what a 12 yr old would find profound, ugh

No. 941949

I feel like Heather spending her 20s a deliberate NEET has just stunted her growth immensely. She's had next to zero life experience to humble her and nothing to really challenge her worldview. She only ever seems to want things to go according to her expectations and loses her mind over minor setbacks like this computer thing. Instead of owning up to the fact that her reaction was unnecessary she'll just call it venting, blame someone else, blame an outside factor, anything other than sitting down and thinking critically about her actions. Your computer didn't make you do anything. People who rely on their computer for all their income have computer issues all the time and they don't '''vent'''' to an audience of over 3,000 people and act like it's the end of the world and then accuse an ex of hacking them.

The only people I've ever known like that in their 30s have only gotten worse over time. They're a lost cause and most of them deny anything is wrong because they've made it that far so clearly everything's fine. It doesn't help that her boyfriend seems to be enabling and supporting her behaviour.

It depends, but getting into the details would be wildly off-topic. It's not terrible but you have to clean it out more and Heather doesn't seem like she'd do that much. There's zero reason to leave a PC on all the time if you're running on SSD and I assume Adam built it within the past few years so she probably is.

Yeah. If its her CPU she risks frying it, and that's going to be the most costly thing to replace- more expensive than her camera. She said she cleaned it out which is good but she probably needs new thermal paste.

She's been pretty silent the past couple days. Hardly any quotes even. Holding out hope her string of breakdowns over the past couple weeks lead to some serious thinking.

No. 942191

File: 1583551908849.jpg (192.92 KB, 1080x1920, 84077501_2580155212308101_3015…)

incoming rant in photo form

No. 942192

File: 1583551971134.jpg (260.18 KB, 1080x1920, 87529808_629364614568098_53944…)

No. 942193

File: 1583552042183.jpg (148.92 KB, 1080x1920, 87623835_1331989973655927_8704…)

No. 942194

File: 1583552085553.jpg (188.95 KB, 1080x1920, 88197185_1057919557907729_6024…)

No. 942195

File: 1583552137419.jpg (181.7 KB, 1080x1920, 89060834_489289281955002_77251…)

No. 942196

File: 1583552179382.jpg (310.33 KB, 1080x1920, 89738653_2549042735218481_8119…)

No. 942199

If we could fast forward a year, she'll probably be posting the same goddamn screeds.
>me the real Heather I'm allowed to spooky fuck the haters

No. 942212

>Holding out hope her string of breakdowns over the past couple weeks lead to some serious thinking.
Oh god damnit, Remind me never to have hope for this boisterous hag and her emotionally deficient ways.

You think you're a queen but you act like a spoiled, bratty princess because that's how you spent your 20s and that's what's been ingrained into your mind.
>I offer no apology for […]
No, you offer no apology, period, and then create a strawman because "People hate me for changing my lifestyle" is easier than "People are disgusted with me for how I acted and continue to act."
>I'm allowed to be spooky and still love old toys.
Does she just think that once you pick a lifestyle, you have to align with every facet of that lifestyle? Heather the only person who seems to think it's strange to be "goth" and like toys is you, because you're the only person who keeps talking about it.
>I'm not Heather Explains
Then wtf you doin in these posts every week?
>I break the rules
What rules? I know about a dozen people who are just like you, but a lot more down-to-earth.
>you can keep being a miserable, jealous being
There's nothing to be jealous about. You're not successful, you don't have a respectable personality. You rely on external validation to do anything so you're not independent. You're hardly even driven or disciplined when all you are is talk, talk, talk.
>feel SO insecure
If you're so strong and secure, why do you keep making these rants? You know what strong, secure people do? They just exist, they don't have to stand on a podium and announce to the world how wonderful they are and "fuck the haters" at least once a week. That's a sign of someone who doesn't believe what they're saying about themselves, like when creepos call themselves "nice guys" and then scream at women.

Switching to mobile to post the others Anon missed, and one from earlier.

No. 942214

File: 1583555104987.png (2.38 MB, 750x1334, 397A7D46-9258-4A79-9ECA-8CBC1C…)

The fact that she always does these over same-y selfies is also a sign of self-obsession.

No. 942217

File: 1583555150256.png (1.59 MB, 750x1334, D7B8CF0E-7DEA-4C02-AE77-89D519…)

No. 942219

File: 1583555252406.png (3.41 MB, 750x1334, F0763E01-CF08-4C64-8060-CE1AAB…)

No. 942221

Lord, she's obnoxious. She has no fucking chill.

No. 942224

File: 1583556083702.png (365 KB, 750x1334, 9338EFA1-6666-44E6-BA99-6C7063…)

>gave up on popularity and success
Actions speak louder than words, girl.
>became a villain
And I’m sure calling your ex husband a pedophile in a very public rant while providing no evidence and shaky anecdotes and then accusing him of hacking your computer is not in any way malicious and villainous?
>you were never a real friend
So those friends who tried to help you when you were on the outs with Adam and ended up blocked were only in it for the sparkles? Was Dera only in it for the sparkles? Nobody made you a villain, Heather. People choose to be villainous and are regarded accordingly. Nobody who loses their entire social circle is ever an innocent victim.

Last one. So much for her diet. Again.

No. 942279

Every one of her rants are the same shit. Either she's depressed and the "haturz are making her quit" or she's manic and "no one can stop her, not even the jelly haturz". She's becoming so predictable and boring. Just imagine if she actually put as much effort into creating content as she did stressing out about lolcow.

Imagine thinking you need to adhere to only one style of dress at a time and loudly defending keeping an ugly pastel sweater to a bunch of strangers on the internet. The whole "I wear black now, get over it" really does seem like less of a personal preference than some weird edgy teen phase at this point. She's so stunted.

No. 942333

This is why she’s my favourite cow. She is so fucking ridiculous. How can anyone be this deluded?

No. 942355

>I'm not Heather Explains
Actually lol'd

No. 942388

Surprise surprise. It was all deleted before morning. Even though she keeps framing these rants as motivational speeches for her followers, she knows they're emotional meltdowns and not worth keeping up. How can ClayRyan put up with her? Or is he afraid she's going to have a conniption if he leaves? Honestly he should just like ghost her or something.

No. 942560

>I'm not Heather Explains

I lol'd too
Ironic since this barrage of posts is all explanation and nothing else of value

No. 942713

File: 1583662349593.png (438.18 KB, 750x1334, 7584499B-B324-4EE7-B138-1A6DF8…)

Sage because it’s not terribly “milky” but these were some posts she had up and quickly deleted in favor of the series of features she had last night, and it’s peculiar she deleted them but left up a couple other posts unrelated to the features.

No. 942714

File: 1583662374486.png (1.63 MB, 750x1334, B71FA3A7-0C41-4AD5-A382-ABEAFF…)

No. 942715

File: 1583662586537.png (467.14 KB, 750x1334, 4B98D2DD-3E4E-4755-B53D-D9F40F…)

It was just another case of Heather talking about why she can’t do something so either she realized they were pointless and deleted them, or saw the criticisms here.

No. 942752

File: 1583678804895.jpg (274.03 KB, 1080x1297, 20200308_154549.jpg)

I doubt we'll be surprised. But glad to hear you're having multiple rare days off.

No. 942795

Her brain really can't understand that no one is mad at her for wearing a black shirt & skinny jeans. Actually most toy collectors I know don't even wear fairy kei clothes, they dress normal.

No. 942810

ot but do you know of any toy collectors who do dress alternatively? Ever since Heather shit the bed I've been looking for someone to fill that void.

No. 942811

It’s not that she can’t understand it, I don’t think, it’s that she deliberately crafted that narrative so that she didn’t have to take any responsibility for the way she behaved last year. It’s a straw man. It’s easier to shoot down the critics by claiming everyone is just being petty and bullying her for changing her lifestyle and fashion than it is for her to admit to any of the series of events that actually transpired by her own destructive choices and take the time to be a genuinely respectable and good-natured human being by giving a genuine apology, paying the GFM money forward, and working on the poor emotional control and selfishness that lead to it all.

No. 942943

File: 1583723890966.png (714.39 KB, 750x1334, 1704F29F-99A8-46BA-A976-9F161A…)

No. 942944

File: 1583723935817.png (630.42 KB, 750x1334, D9A02238-7726-4723-A604-225A30…)

No. 942946

File: 1583724527777.png (757.99 KB, 750x1334, 712285B6-9870-4CF5-92C2-CF4DDE…)

Beat me to it, Anon. Missed the second part tho.

No. 942949

Same shit, different day. How many times are we going to hear the same rant and excuses? The haturz can only be her scapegoat for being lazy for so long.

No. 942962

This cow is boring. She is just a broken record.

No. 943013

Sage for no milk but I stopped reading past the first sperg post with over 15 me, I, or my's in it.

Just go be the best you already, broken records eventually get worn out.

No. 943054

All deleted, obviously.

>dealing with people who just won't let me be happy.
>Other people trying to censor and control me
Comments on her stuff are either disabled or mutuals only. She can see previews of Insta messages and ignore them. She acts like she's being routinely harassed by a mob but not only is that not happening, she's kept her social media on lockdown so it factually can't. Her pumpkin carving video is completely unmoderated and the perfect place to comment these threats and toxicity, but all there is, is legitimate grievances.
>I'm just to old for this
You're too old to be having weekly Insta stories meltdowns and not actually owning up to all the problems you created through your own poor choices, and too old to continue latching onto grade school to justify your self-defeating isolationism, but go off I guess.
>I'm happy
You clearly aren't, and you refuse to actually make the proper choices to address that.
>This goes back to middle school
Yes, you were the only person in the entire world who was every bullied in grade school so all your habits and ideologies are totally acceptable and not the sign of a deep-rooted problem. Stop blaming -children- from over a decade ago for your behaviour as an adult, Heather.

When the majority doesn't act as you do, maybe you're doing something wrong. If you're thirty years old and still using middle school bullies to explain your depression and isolation, you might need to think critically about that.

She has a bad cold now. Stick around for the next chapter in the Heather Saga: "I think I have corona virus. I'm going to die and I'll never be able to Youtube again and it's all the fault of [my ex husband/the haters/my parents].

>Just go be the best you already, broken records eventually get worn out.
Pretty much. But as far as I can tell, Heather hardly knows what "herself" actually is.

No. 943146

That is the worst excuse I've ever heard. FFs just get some sunglasses and use the sun visor like everyone else.

You're labeled as a poser because of your fake attitude and lack of depth, Heather. You don't fit in because your intentions are ingenuine from the start. That's not other people's fault if they recognize that and call you out for it.

I mean, there's Princess Peachie. She's like the anti-Heather. Although, she doesn't make videos much on her collecting any more, but she has many on her channel. She goes through most of her collection in her old flat tour video. https://www.youtube.com/user/PeachieAngelPrincess

No. 943167

Not just sunglasses, but she’s perfectly capable of walking around locally and doesn’t have to deal with driving with sun glare. I thought she lived in a fairly rural or suburban area with some graveyards in walking distance?

I just noticed her and Ryan 4 (Craig) are no longer mutuals on her main (still following witch of the lens but I don’t know how often she uses that one). I don’t recall seeing any posts about it but if he left, good for him.

No. 943179

File: 1583783129416.png (3.66 MB, 750x1334, A197532A-9317-4A01-B81C-E1628E…)

Lol wtf. If shes as sick as she’s claiming, why isn’t she telling him to stay away until next week to avoid spreading what she has?

No. 943184

To be fair, he already looks like he has both rickets and tuberculosis. So really…

No. 943225

"I'm sooooo sick you guys. Like so horribly sick I can't go out even though I want to soooo bad. I just want to throw up and I struggled to clean my room. I can totally bring myself to primp and get all dressed up though."

Jesus Christ lol.

Update: I glanced at both their profiles and he still has Likes on her posts, but none of hers are on his posts, which means he has her blocked. The Heathbeast claims another victim.
>for real though, I hope it was just a case of him getting fed up and pulling a virtual "leaving without a word in the middle of the night."

No. 943232

Godspeed Ryan no4. Run wild, run free! But most importantly, run far and quietly. And be glad that you got off easy.

I actually think he was my favourite Ryan. Much more hilarious than Ryan's 2 and 3, but not as obviously uncomfortable as ClayRyan.

No. 943236

>which means he has her blocked

It makes me wonder which Heather Explains rant was the dealbreaker.

No. 943243

I feel like people have just forgotten about Damian lol. He was never even considered a "Ryan".

He was by far the biggest mess because they kept breaking up and getting back together like, what, four times? And twice put each other on blast and she went buckwild with shit like this: >>838170 . Trashier than a TLC reality show.

>Heather Explains rant
Lol'ed. It's like the shitty, whiney, vapid knockoff Clarissa Explains It All.

Probably recent, considering it looks like he Liked one of photos from the barrage she put out a couple days ago. That lines up with either the benign posts that got deleted >>942713 in favour of a dozen "Features" of other graveyard and urbex photogs (which I don't remember if he was a part of or not), or these: >>942943

Everything is only speculation, but I wonder if her "poser" rant was influenced by this. Either way, if it was silent she'll figure it out eventually and I hope he remembers to block her other five-fucking-hundred sockpuppets.

No. 943246

File: 1583796220262.png (3.04 MB, 750x1334, FE22F862-4ECE-452A-AAFD-BA70A2…)

But she’s so sick and “puking everywhere” part 1

No. 943248

File: 1583796298380.png (2.45 MB, 750x1334, 6416812F-0CD1-4C43-9998-B1E930…)

Part 2. Miraculous recovery once your boyfriend decides to come over because you’re so sick.

No. 943260

File: 1583797693320.png (4.07 MB, 750x1334, CDCCAA57-4797-4FB4-A06E-44948E…)

Or someone asked her why the absolute fuck she was putting her boyfriends health at risk especially during a pandemic. Posting the previous ones just for record-keeping.

No. 943261

File: 1583797751128.png (457.82 KB, 750x1334, 1EA7333B-81F9-47CE-B19A-3AC5FD…)

No. 943262


No. 943264

File: 1583797842022.png (1.69 MB, 750x1334, EF0E8C67-2ECE-48A8-A112-E9691F…)

No. 943265

File: 1583797874825.jpg (643.9 KB, 1066x1896, 20200309_194747.jpg)

Who THE FUCK ever taught this toddler how to dress?? I mean seriously, wanna add another tacky pattern to really draw it all together or what?? This dumb bread takes EVERYTHING to the extreme…including her 1990's smokey eye slapped on mask…ffs…

No. 943272

File: 1583799021910.jpeg (139.05 KB, 746x715, 56B09B2B-7E08-4212-AF2E-D9F7CF…)

Oh, and some bonus ClayRyan irony from his Tumblr.

Ha, yes.

No. 943284

Is literally no one (no one current, Peachie is great but obv not making toy videos anymore) filling this niche? It was just Heather?

No. 943301

That might honestly be why she was popular. It sure as fuck isn't her charming personality or boundless charisma.

No. 943310

File: 1583803852714.jpeg (5.74 KB, 183x275, download.jpeg)

Holy shit! I just realized who clayryan looks like…

No. 943311

Woman has no sense of self. She needs makeup to literally feel human. She ties her personality to her hobbies and appearance. No wonder she can't seem to understand why people don't like her. All she is, according to herself, is her hobbies and appearance, so why would other people view her any differently? It's honestly super sad.

No. 943343

File: 1583810293084.png (3.49 MB, 750x1334, 9A5B1713-AA4D-4C36-A6FE-35DE13…)

Quite the quick recovery from being sooooo horribly ill she wanted to puke everywhere, to being perfectly capable of going to a graveyard and the mall as long as someone else drove her. At least she’s not risking someone else’s health.

No. 943351

Generally black is a slimming color but heather looks particularly bloated in this. All those patterns look awful together too

No. 943378

She looks large. Is shopping all she does with clayryan? going to the mall is such a teen date.

No. 943460

File: 1583831556131.png (277.6 KB, 750x1334, DF87F533-C57F-4002-BDA0-A8E0D4…)

Dropping this series and some personal observations.

No. 943461

File: 1583831715548.png (4.59 MB, 750x1334, C982466A-6E9A-4746-A230-C09606…)

These are all awful like he wasn’t even trying to get a good photo and was just trying to get it over with. I don’t know if he was using he Canon or phone for these.

No. 943462

File: 1583831763292.png (4.45 MB, 750x1334, D143486A-48D0-4481-8CE2-CE76B3…)

No. 943464

File: 1583831948815.png (3.79 MB, 750x1334, E5D76582-9891-4EC4-B68A-CBA502…)

Look at how blurry these are.

But more than that. For someone who claims to be so into old graveyards and whatnot, she doesn’t seem to know one of the number one rule of graveyard photography: Do not touch old graves. They’re not your fucking props, Heather. You risk damaging them, just like old sculptures in art galleries.

No. 943506

This hotmess should have stayed home. "Sick" looking like a middle aged lady. Touching everything in the mall and her stupid boyfriend following her around. Now he's probably going to get sick.Probably then fucks her in the back seat of the car from behind not wanting to see that face. Then drops her ass home and goes home.This is probably what they do everytime he hangs out with her. Which seems to be once a week.

No. 943528

File: 1583845990611.jpg (3.82 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2695.JPG)

Last one. He can take stellar photos of his weapons and dog but can't even manage a mildly decent photo of his girlfriend. Good priorities though.

Longpost observations.

Heather is not a reliable source for the status of her relationships and will flaunt the fuck out of someone for clout with zero regard for their actual feelings. A guy can be giving her the cold shoulder and she'll tell Instagram he's sooooo into her. When she last saw Ryan Z, both photos seemed like they were snuck without his knowledge so she could boast about being out with him, until something caused her to do a total 180, edit the caption, and start flipping out. She had the same giddy teenager attitude when she was taking photos and videos of him after using a Tinder date to stalk him in WV.

The thing about ClayRyan is that he’s kind of a coward when it comes to emotional things and will basically just not speak up because he wants to avoid conflict even if it means making things worse and hurting people. If he can just avoid the consequences, then nothing else matters.

I've known of him since 2010 through a close friend, and he and I had been friends since 2015. From what I know of him, it’s entirely possible he’s well aware of her rancid personality and has been essentially biting the bullet (pun intended) because of how quickly she put him on a pedestal and was saying he was “the one”. It’s probably easier for him to just suck it up and remain in a relationship but keep it fairly under wraps, than it is for him to break up or even ghost her because he knows she’ll have an enormous conniption. Or he feels like being supportive of things like her photography and hobbies will gradually "mend" her.

Her meltdowns (pep talks included) are reminiscent of some trouble both of us had years ago with a friend of mine who hit a terrible spot in life and latched onto us. Clay doesn’t like petty drama, is put off by people having unprovoked "episodes", but he’s patient with people to a fault. He's also not a fan of being treated as a trophy, and all I've seen from Heather is her usual shallow shit. "Look at my amazing boyfriend!" "Look at what my boyfriend bought me!" It's the usual "me me me" and pathetically shallow.

Clay has a local friend who I went to HS with who is also an active part of that antique shop and black metal coffee house he took Heather too. She's super into occult, graveyards, and literature. She seems like someone Heather would be fast friends with, but in all the time Cleather have been an item, there seems to be no sign these two are friends, even just online. Heather is not friends with any of his friends at all from what I've been told, which is doubly peculiar when you consider one of the biggest ways he could help little miss lonely is to introduce her to new friends. He keeps his relationships fairly private but not that private, especially if he’s as in love with her as she is with him.

The Tumblr thing earlier probably isn’t a case of cognitive dissonance, but doesn’t know how to get away from the harpy without triggering Armageddon.

So, sage for minimal "milk" but I figured I’d at least offer a little more perspective on the disaster. He's clearly not helping her get any better if Anons' comments about her meltdowns being more frequent are anything to go off. Craig seemed like one of her big supporters so him having her blocked now is a sign of something.

I see a number of directions this could end up going but none of them are the pretty, fairytale future she seems to want. Heather is basically just Courtney Love'ing him.

Not even half of Heather could fit in the backseat of his car.

Yeah, I don't get it either. For how "adventurous" she claims to be, she seems to pick the least adventurous places.

No. 943564

Oh, sorry for doublepost but I forgot another point in the “Heather is probably exaggerating their relationship”.

They see each other Mondays and Heather claims it’s because they’re adults and work all the time, but it’s been two weeks in a row she’s also made a remark about having at least four days off.

Clay works two jobs and it’s likely his hours have changed but one is early in the morning weekdays and the other is inconsistent hours but not every day and he’s close enough to the owners that he can request time off. Monday’s it’s closed and Sundays it’s reduced hours. In the spring and summer, shooting season happens and he’s usually busy doing other outdoorsy stuff too.

The last time we saw each other he rearranged his schedule and drove 5hrs each way to hang out Fri-Sun morning. So if he can manage the time for that, it’s peculiar that they’re only seeing each other once a week when they only have an hour between them and she hardly works.

No. 943581


There have been others (kewtqween) but they haven't received anywhere as many views as Heather and a few have given up relatively quickly which continues to prove the theory that people weren't exactly watching Heathers videos because of the content but because she came across as rather babyish and had the advantage of appealing to kids despite owning toys that most wouldn't really relate to or be interested in normally. She spoke in a childish voice, had pink hair and acted like a kid (with enticing video thumbnails) which meant that she appealed to a lot of teenagers not mature adults. There are other toy collectors that produce regular quality content and have no where near the amount of subscribers because they behave in a more grown-up manner and youngsters simply don't find that as attractive. She fell into the trap though of being a supposed toy enthusiast by making her channel more and more about kawaii fashion etc because she'd seen some of the most popular toy collectors on Instagram happen to be interested in fair-kei/kawaii culture as a whole. She represented the very thing many of us adult toy collectors detest the most, which is the stereotype that to collect toys from that era (80's/90's) that happen to be colorful or pastel in color, you're also retarded, childish and are only interested in the so-called pastel aesthetic that is all the rage at the moment. Very boring, unoriginal and restrictive. She started to behave in a manner that she deemed was how most folks that collect toys from that time period act. Considering most people that were kids at that time are around 30+ years of age now, I'm not convinced many of them would be drawn to her silly persona. Take Bellastoychest for example, she collects toys (mainly those that are usually associated with men) and although her… urm cleavage is the main allure to male viewers, she does come across as truly enthusiast about collecting and preserving toys and she has a sense of humour but isn't juvenile, plus she's about the same age as Heather. I follow many people who happen to like the fairy-kei fashion trend who also collect toys but with Heather it didn't feel right and she obviously wasn't being genuine about how much she wanted to wear colourful clothes and have fantasy colored hair because she decided to toss that all aside and wear mainly black clothes with a bit of white. Yawn. Don't know why people limit themselves by wearing only certain colors etc but she could have worn a range of clothing, from goth, to cute and funky and still continued with toy videos if she'd been truly passionate about toy collecting but she proved she hadn't been honest and then had the audacity to turn on other toy collectors. There is an opportunity for someone to fill the void she's left on youtube and I think it's only a matter of time before it will happen. Someone far more alluring than her will probably come on the scene and be far more positive and informed than she was.

No. 943591


Some folks collect toys because they are interested in their origin/heritage and enjoy safeguarding them for future collectors, others just like collecting them to place on a shelf just to look cute & pretty (for an instagram photo). If the latter applies then as soon as they are bored with the kawaii aesthetic, they are no longer interested in the toys. Originally it appeared that Heather was a toy enthusiast (like the former) but she soon became the latter so as soon as she ditched "the look" the toy related videos had to go as well. Although she claims she still likes my little pony, she was super quick to criticize other toy collectors that wondered quite rightly why she was so quick to give up the toy video content. She's so foolish. Wonder how much longer she'll be going through her current phase before she moves on to something else, steampunk maybe or something else she discovers on youtube/Instagram.

No. 943675

File: 1583866744333.jpg (431.44 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2725.JPG)

And once again. How? The only way people can even contact her to "harass" her is through messages she can see previews of and choose to ignore. The only thing that could possibly be driving her away from Youtube is her own fucking paranoia and lack of motivation.

Re: her style change, it was confirmed back in the first threads by her own words that all her changes were to win Ryan Z over by crafting someone that would appeal to him. Her attacks toward your community were to prove to him that Sparkles was just a fake persona she
I know there's more but I don't feel like pouring through all the nonsense to find them.

No. 943700

heather, didn't you proudly announce not long ago you were going to get skinny again? or because you've finally trapped a spooky "boy" now you can forget about the healthy eating nonsense?

No. 943715


So essentially she let her desperation to snag another fella ruin the potential her channel had, a disastrous decision which to many at the time would have been obvious. I know I was genuinely stunned when she decided to abandon the toy collecting videos as her channel was starting to gain momentum. All she had to do was inform people that she had a lot of personal stuff going on and that she'd be taking a break for a few months. I don't understand how she thinks dressing the way she does and hanging out in graveyards makes her more attractive or mature, it's illogical. She's so wishy-washy, she had the perfect opportunity to mix things up a little, she could have still done toy related videos while experimenting with wearing a host of clothing styles. Rainbowgothbrandee is an excellent example of someone who effectively mixes up the gothic look with vibrant colour. She is classy looking though and knows how to style herself whereas Heather often looked frumpy in the fairy-kei sweaters simply because she hadn't chosen the right size that would be most flattering for her or co-ordinated them properly. She tries to convince people that the reason why fellow toy collectors turned against her was because she changed her wardrobe but the problem was that she just gave up the toy hobby (and publicly denounced it on Instagram thus insulting other collectors) just like that, it happened in no time at all really. If a man can't accept you because you like collecting toys or wearing colourful clothes, its very sad indeed. She's just pretending to herself if she thinks her latest image/persona is going to hold up over time and that whoever she happens to be dating isn't going to see through it in time. It's no fun having to put on a pretence all the time and you have to be super insecure to date a guy you suspect may have nothing to do with you if they discover you like cute stuff etc. Surely her latest man has seen most of her youtube content from the past (he won't have to scroll down far) and is going to be super suspicious about who the heck Heather really is. Most of us are confused, so he sure ought to be too.

No. 943766

Anon looking for alternatives to Heather, this was in an old thread, does it help you at all?

I also found this when looking for the evidence of her changing for Ryan. Here's the post where she says she's going to match the donations to a women's shelter, which of course she hasn't, and just spent several hundred on a new camera, lens, 2 bags, and more expensive metallic prints for a shop she's been talking about opening for six months now, but I guess that was all a massive waste of money.

She said she showed him her Sparkles stuff and explained it all to him, obviously giving him the Heather-brand run-down but he's not retarded and after all her meltdowns as of late, I'm sure he'll begin to get suspicious and do his own investigating. He does know about this thread. Heather cannot front and hide her ugly truth forever.

No. 943777

>I'm sure he'll begin to get suspicious and do his own investigating
I wonder how he'll feel once he.'ll learn that Ryan no1, Ryan no2, Ryamian, Ryan no 3, and Ryan no 4 (tadpole Ryan) were all at one point "the one."

Or that she took her tinder date to stalk Ryan no 2.

No. 943829

I always like to recommend Nerd Burger to folks looking for interesting Youtubers into 80s and 90s toy collecting (among other things)! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbaO5f90hBUUnzYDqNLwseA

No. 943890

File: 1583894744411.png (2.54 MB, 750x1334, 0F8DEDE5-1E81-47D8-987D-C702A6…)

She did exactly what I expected her to do and is posting all these Clay posts because she now has to “prove” their relationship. All I see is a narc trying to show off her trophy boyfriend with flowery words to woo him and not a grown woman who truly loves and respects her s/o.

The comment under the boot one is amusing as hell because her boots are perfectly clean and hardly even a scuff because she doesn’t actually go on any adventures.

Yep. Ryan 1 was the person who meant everything to her, and she and Adam called him manipulative because he tried to help them. Ryan Z was worth rewriting herself for but once he no longer fit that idealistic image because I can only assume he tried to let her down easy, he was gone. Ryamian was “her world” and the person she wanted to build a future with, but every time they parted she was perfectly okay with putting him on blast and when they got together again there was no apology or correction.

Clays notoriously lonely which is probably why she’s had an easy time manipulating him, kinda like Damian actually. The only men who seem to put up with her are men who have their own pain and insecurity, and her shallow brand of love makes them feel good.

No. 943925

Definitely get the vibe that she's way more into him than he is her. I imagine with her very open schedule, her over eagerness to see him, low expectations/being excited over any little thing he does, etc. makes her a fairly easy to maintain girlfriend aside from her constant mini breakdowns. She seems like she's always riding the high of hanging around him when he is around though, so maybe he doesn't even have to deal with it and that's why she's still taking to the internet to cry and vent endlessly about everything?

Really though. She's the type of girl you take on a stroll through a target and that's a "date". Dude barely has to try and she's screeching on about how "omg amazing!!!" he is.

No. 943929


New video up. Oh lord the same song and dance about "this is me and imma do me".shes getting back into BJDs and vintage toys again lol

No. 943949

Lying again about working 40 hours a week and how she's just so tired and busy and can't get out and film because she just works soo much and soo hard.

I don't know how many more times this woman is going to repeat herself. It's as if she doesn't remember saying these exact same things 50 times before and has to keep bringing it up, and nothing changes.

No. 943954

“People were afraid of me in school”
But didn’t she claim to be bullied for being different in some old video? I wouldn’t be surprised if she was actually the asshole.

“All I would do is go out and shop.”
Umm, don’t you still only do that???

Haha, this bitch is delusional as hell, “why I’m hurt.” The fuck out of here. She’s just trying to salvage whatever follower count she’s lost, is what it comes off as.

No. 943963

She mentioned her boyfriend again at the 20 minute mark. She says she was ranting and he sent her a picture of them holding hands and she no longer cares about what people think about her. She doesn't care that people want to ruin her life.

No. 944033

Remember her previous video being "the last of these videos I'm going to make?"

No. 944058

She looks a lot bigger. Is ClayRyan a chubby chaser?

No. 944064

Saged because it’s wild speculation and not milk but

Is she pregnant? She keeps talking about feeling sick and nauseas but then goes out becauee she’s suddenly better, she’s been WAY moodier and somehow MORE emotional than usual…she keeps eating junk food because she ‘can’t help it’ (cravings?) even though she keeps saying she wants to get back on her diet, and she looks super bloated and like she’s gained a whole lot of weight.

Again it’s just speculation, but if it were true holy shit.

No. 944079

She definitely looks like she has gained weight, but she also looks much rougher and older (e.g. broader face, lines) without her usual 100 layers of selfie filters.

No. 944085

OMG LOL if that is true, then that could open up a whole new can of worms with her. Also is the divorce between her and Adam final? If not couldnt that fuck over Adam?

No. 944088

File: 1583937767691.png (707.08 KB, 861x464, HS.png)

Her chin totally shaved down in the right selfie filter

No. 944094

Invid link. I'm still not 100% sure this prevents view revenue, but it's worth a shot and it blocks ads for those who don't have adblockers:

>I'm over it

No you aren't.
>The fashion change
Strawman. Again.
>I just felt so insecure all the time
All your behaviour since your Ryan-inspired goth witch phase has shown nothing but insecurity. You talk about how you don't have to explain anything but you do anyway. You're incredibly focused on your image.
>all changes in my life means I need to go see a doctor and I'm very sick
You meet multiple criteria for multiple mental illnesses. A casual observer can see that you're unwell, and it's not the fault of others because even if people were waging war on you for dressing goth, your reactions are not a healthy response.
>You really wanted me to stay in a life I was so unhappy in?
Wut? People telling you that you need to see a doctor is not people saying you need to stay with Adam, it's people saying you need to be responsible for your own health and well-being and seeing a doctor would have also assisted you in getting out of his house. The fuck is this statement, even?
>It just felt like people didn't see the human being behind the content.
Just went and watched that video, she doesn't mention her divorce or alleged abuse. Afaik from what I've seen in this thread, a majority of her Adam stuff at that time was on Snapchat, FB, and Insta. I'm sure she's exaggerating the number of comments she was getting, and you can't blame people who aren't familiar with her or only knew her through Youtube for not knowing the whole picture or why that stuff was in bags, so to accuse those people of being cruel and caring more about toys than a person is short-sighted and feels like she's just further trying to pull guilt trips and pity parties.
>I'll do my hair and makeup and not know what I want to film
First of all, you do not NEED to do your hair and makeup, especially if you're just going out on adventures.
>trying to ruin my life
You just mentioned going to other youtubers channels and reading their comments, do you see them having to disable comments and constantly talk about the haters? Your responses are your own.

God, I knew it the moment she started getting all dressed up she was going to make a Youtube video despite saying she was done for.

You guys keep comparing her to an old lady, and her repeating herself over and over just makes her look like she has dementia.

So, here, >>942715 she says she has three days off. I think I recall seeing a post claiming four days off, but I guess it wasn't logged. Four weeks ago there was this >>932780 40 hours would mean she needs to be working ten hour days, but Target's shifts don't exceed 8hrs and that's not factoring lunch break, which for an 8hr shift is about 45mins.

He didn't send her one, he Like'd one of her Instagram posts from yesterday.

Maybe I'm wrong. He might not be retarded, but he's so emotionally raw he's willing to accept the shallow love of someone like Heather. Wouldn't be the first time I've seen someone lose themselves in the flowery speech of a clinical narcissist. It's only been two months though, so I doubt they've had to deal with many conflicts and lovers quarrels.

Everything she ever says about him is he did this for me, he gave me this. She never talks about who he is or talks up his hobbies and goals or why she thinks he's such a wonderful person outside from how he does things for her. She only ever talks about what she gets from him. That's not love, that's idealization and codependency. I'm sure she compliments him on stuff, but her public flaunting of him reeks of that kind of self-serving, shallow obsession and he's treated like a retaining wall for her "wonderful new life".

I think her sickness was just a bug going around work and she was likely exaggerating it but is so clingy that she can magically drop that if being horribly ill meant she wouldn't get to see him that week. I think she's always ate junk food it's just more apparent now because she's hopped on the Mukbang trend. Anon might be right in that she's more emotional because she's trying to keep up a persona with ClayRyan and fears she'll scare him away if she rants to him all the time instead, and I think him being in her life but not putting his foot down and telling her to stop it with the instability and meltdowns means she thinks that it's perfectly healthy to "vent" every time her mood drops.

If it is true though, that would be a mess because they don't have the time, space, or finances for a newborn.

Also I keep forgetting this, but if her family criticized her goth phase and political beliefs so much, how exactly are they okay with her dating a heavily tattoo'ed guy with a mohawk?

Not to WK, but she's looking down at her phone in the first one and has overhead store lights, and the second one she probably spent more time pushing her chin out to get a good shot and has her professional lighting.

No. 944100

It’s probably just a filter. All snap filters my chin shrinks.

No. 944104

Shit, she posted a new youtube video yesterday? It was up and then down in such a short period this time. It's now set to private. Why even bother, Heather?

No. 944107


You could try Rosemaryonette, she's into the so-called pastel aesthetic, is known for her amazing make-up designs, and collects toys. She is interested in a range of toys not just vintage, but generally cute, kitcsh, creepy cute and some more bizarre but interesting and comical vintage dolls/figurines. As she has a real job she only posts videos now and again when she can as filming and editing can be somewhat time-consuming but if you haven't watched her videos yet it's certainly worth checking her channel out.
Sarahstrikesback is a collector of vintage toys (not really into kawaii fashion) but stopped making videos as she's much more successful on Instagram and it's far less hassle taking photographs than making videos where you spend the majority of the time rendering only then to get a few hundred views after several months. Again she has a more mature outlook than Heather.

No. 944111

Jesus, already? This is why I do what I do, logs means she can't double back or gaslight, and its better than secondhand commentary and greentexts.


No. 944117

That would be both hilarious, and deeply tragic for any potential child. Nobody needs a narc as a mom. She'd just show that baby off, and then let other people deal with it until it's old enough to provide narcissistic supply for her.

But honestly, I think she's just fat. She's had a history with binging, and she lost a lot of weight before. She just couldn't keep it off. If anything, she probably feels like shit because her diet is terrible and her exercise regimen non-existant. If you go from a relatively healthy diet and working out to eating lots of sugar and fat, and a sedentary lifestyle without the dopamine of regular exercise, it's going to affect your mood.

If she binges and gets high on sugar and fat, and then crashes and feels bad about her choices that could really exasperate her mood swings.

No. 944126

It wouldn’t be his kid. It would fuck HER over because if their divorce isn’t finalized, it’s just proof that she cheated/committed adulatory and she would get nothing from him.

No. 944131

You’re probably right but it would be hilarious. Obviously I’d feel terrible for that child but her freak out would be legendary.

No. 944162

Thank you to the anon who saved the video!

I couldn't finish watching, it's so redundant. It's the same shit over and over. She's like stale bread growing mold.

The bottom line is that she reads this shit on here and goes into panic mode. Listen, if you want to wear black, just fuckin wear it, no one cares. But to keep justifying why you do, it's stupid and a waste of time.

She can live her life, no one on here or Instagram is stopping her but herself. Go make whatever videos you want, just don't expect to get the same views or watchers like you used to.

There are a ton of people who collect vintage toys on instagram, no one needs heather to do it. In fact, there are so many instagrammers who collect vintage toys who have better pictures then what she posted. Her pictures were overly filtered, just like her selfies.

I need to mention this but, my god heather, that hair color really doesn't suit you. It makes you hair look dirty and greasy. If she went with a nice brown color, she would look so much better. This platinum blonde color is gross on her.

Lastly, COLLECT WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT. A lot of people stopped giving a shit on what you do in your life. But you dragging it out and constantly reminding people that people hate you for changing is ridiculous. Get over yourself. You like vintage toys still? Great. You like old vintage photos? Great. Keep posting what you like, just stop whining like a bitch.

No. 944192

Her latest video is such a drag! I hate listening to her talk, but it also makes me laugh because of how dumb she sounds. I feel like there's no way she can hold an intelligent conversation, so I understand now why she goes through boyfriends as quickly as she does. She has nothing to offer.

She always says that people that don't even know her are the ones judging her and hating on her, but I've seen plenty of comments bashing her from her former friends. So, no, Heather, it isn't people who don't know you.

It's annoying how she's still trying to play he victim here. Anyone falling for it is an idiot.

No. 944308

I always find it hilarious that she keeps insisting a ton of people hate her cheap mallgoth aesthetic and want her to go back to dressing fairy kei, as if fairy kei is insanely popular and cheap mallgoth isn't literally every other teen's aesthetic right now.

No. 944483

File: 1584005003196.png (1.75 MB, 750x1334, 0ED68DB7-A705-4D37-8EAA-93D424…)

I think this trip was with Damian. I get that she’s apparently editing and seeing these but imagine dating this girl and watching her post melodramatic song lyrics about an ex from months ago. I guess Clay Ryan isn’t good enough to heal all her wounds.

No. 944484

File: 1584005244269.jpeg (276.03 KB, 746x987, BC8F5620-EF93-4B0C-914D-397043…)

Part 2.

No. 944485

File: 1584005427118.jpeg (319.55 KB, 750x990, C61394A9-F127-45A7-A9BF-3804CD…)

And old milk but when trying to figure out of that was a reference to Damian ir Ryan I found this. Poor Clay Ryan has to live in Ryan’s shadow.

No. 944508


Exactly I was thinking the same thing, it wouldn't cause problems for Adam because he wouldn't be the father of the child (it's easy to do the math and work out it wouldn't be his as they've not been a couple for a considerable amount of time now) instead it would be one of the men (probably her latest BF) she's had sex with recently. The courts aren't going to favour her just because she's pregnant with someone elses child. A divorce settlement is only about the assets and debts gained during their marital union. Anything alse outside the marriage is inconsequential.

No. 944514

The conflict arises against heathers favor because she’s still legally married. If she were pregnant with another man’s child, that indisputable evidence that she committed adultery. (Outlined as sexual intercourse in her state). That would mean that if this was taken to divorce court, she would be awarded NOTHING. She would lose all her chances at alimony or anything. But since there is already evidence that she’s cheated in the past, she still loses all chance. Pregnant or not. I have no idea why she’s dragging this out. What does she think she’s going to gain? She screwed herself. Just let go of the goddamn past, lady. If you want to be ‘free’ so bad, sign and get over it. I’m sure adam is fed up with the bullshit.

No. 944707

New vids:
Talking about what she plans to do with her channel, and if she actually goes through with it it's one step in the right direction, but she's still bringing up the "hate". She's on a new Heather Explains, this time about "disrespecting graves". People minding their damn business walking in graveyards get it from crotchety old ladies all the time, so what? As long as you respect the specific graveyard's rules and don't use them as props/touch them unnecessarily, it's fine, but she has a tendency to use graves as props and touch them unnecessarily like in the photos from Monday.

>Nobody needs a narc as a mom
The thing about NPD is that it's an inherited trait because those habits become ingrained during developmental years. Narc parents make narc kids who in turn make more narc kids until one manages the self-awareness and responsibility to end the cycle, which is why I personally think raising awareness of Narcs is incredibly important. Recognising clinical narcissism helps prevent future kids from having to grow up in those awful environments, and people like Heather who SHOULD be getting professional help to treat those traits.

They grow up with this idea that image is everything and subjective imperfections are a grave sin. I don't disbelieve Heather about some aspects of her upbringing and I can totally see her being an outcast who was mocked and had people "fake scared" of her. I can see her parents being typical narcs who were super strict on things like her appearance, behaviour, choices, and performance. But she refuses to actually address any of that trauma and the subsequent behaviours outside of blaming others for "giving her PTSD" while still shitting on the mental health community.

>Thank you to the anon who saved the video!
Welcome. I figured she would deleted it because of the nature of it so I grabbed it quick.

She's not pregnant. Her having morning sickness would mean she'd have gotten pregnant less than half a month into her relationship with Clay. He's not the type who would be irresponsible enough to knock up a chick he just met, and hopefully I'm not wrong about that. Neither of them have the time, space, or money for a newborn, and IMAGINE the PPD she'd have (I don't want to, honestly).

Didn't an Anon say they knew Adam and Heather (the one who confirmed he's not a pedo)? Do they know if the divorce is finalized? I feel like Adam is stuck between a rock and a hard place because he probably just wants to live his life and be free, and knows how much of a mess the divorce will be.

No. 944713

Doublepost because she made another one. I'm gonna fuckin commit sudoku.

I don't like belittling at someone having a panic attack but I guess I find it hard to empathize with someone who keeps talking about how independent they are and dangles it above everyone (and from her neck, apparently), but can't even manage to do anything on her own, and aggressively refuses any sort of therapy for her veritable cocktail of mood and anxiety problems.


No. 944718

kek this tinfoil thought's more amusing to me than the pregnancy one. Imagine, ClayRyan is a grody feeder and only dates girls who let him feed them and Heather only agrees out of desperateness to keep a hold on him.

No. 944776

She has a new rant on right now (someone please record it) where she claims she almost got kidnapped in the parking lot at Wal Mart after she got lost on her way to film a video.

Apparently she went in to get some chocolate to munch on in her car, and she was parked in a secluded part of the parking lot because she “likes to avoid people and other cars.” When she noticed a guy in a white truck with his door opener just staring her down. Apparently she panicked and couldn’t figure out how to lock her car, so she high tailed it out of there.

No. 944791

No. 944799

she's disgusting when she eats

No. 944801


https://streamable.com/chzp6 (wait a couple seconds for sound)
https://streamable.com/oq5bm Other Anon got the rest of it while I was uploading everything, so only the beginning of this is fresh.

The thrilling (debatable) conclusion of the latest saga. In which Heather is okay (but is she, really?). She also has to pee really bad but has to do a lot of walking. This is the part when she drops trying to appeal to the feet crowd and the feeder crowd and starts trying to make bank off a different fetish (she didn't say this, but you all must now suffer the thought).

Heather is not okay. She also almost got kidnapped at a Walmart parking lot apparently. Now she's at home stress eating. She's also cringe but like, she has to make that cringe marketable, instead of going to therapy.

Her boyfriend and photography are the most important things in the world to her, which isn't codependency and likely to make him feel suffocated at all.

Is this what she's like in real life? Or is this just an Alex Jones kinda thing? I can't imagine what it must be like talking to this girl. Even when she has the opportunity to say something meaningful, engaging, and intellectual like her vintage shelf video, all she does is focus on herself. Butts Cassidy has GOT to be getting tired of this.

I would honestly rather listen to a man getting his balls caught in a zamboni than listen to what Heather has to say most of the time.

Yeah I was trying to grab everything. My phone is running out of space so I hope this goddamn gas station Emilie Autumn can shut up for the rest of the night.

No. 944803

Thanks Anon.

Agreed. She literally had a chip falling out of her mouth. Complaining about the calories in vegan pizza while stuffing her face with chips.

Who the hell would want to kidnap heather? Has she been watching youtube videos about the dangers of white vans.

No. 944839

File: 1584069117520.jpg (268.25 KB, 1080x1147, 20200313_040825.jpg)

Goddammit she needs to get off the internet.


Poor guy was probably just getting something at walmart and ended up staring at the hysterical grandma who couldn't handle driving.

No. 944961

Yeah, honestly I was thinking “isn’t this like those human trafficking hoaxes thatve been going around?”

Also when you think about it… given the time she shared that on Insta, plus the time it would have taken for her panicky ass to calm down, it would have happened around 8pm. It wouldn’t be entirely dark out yet.

According to Google Maps and looking at the Brownsville parking lot, it would be incredibly difficult if not impossible to get away with a kidnapping without a soul noticing.

I’d bet she saw a van with two guys minding they damn business and started freaking out and they were staring on, confused by what was going on, and she just spun a story out of that so she could once again justify another stupid fucking mood swing and get attention instead of taking a lick of responsibility for herself.

Good job lying about something serious using a rumour that’s gotten innocent people killed, Heather.

No. 944974

Forsomeone as big of an attention whore as she is, and always having a link to post her social media drama, you'd think her dumbass would've gotten a decent photo or video of the alleged kidnap van. All talk no action fucking sped as usual.

No. 945040

Three things and them I'm off to have the adventures this conceited swamp demon wishes she had, so if she posts more video rants, please someone record them.

Confirmed Craig definitely sides against Heather now. He shared an obvious reference to her freakouts yesterday. I'm not going to share a screenshot because I respect and empathize with people who have the mind to recognize how fucked up she is and leave.

Her latest story, Clay obviously looks incredibly uncomfortable, but whether that's with the relationship or with her dragging into into a completely pointless selfie yet again, who knows. She has the caption "miss you" but you just saw him four days ago, Heather, you goddamn sea urchin.

She's removed the "Live YOUR life" caption that she was giving herself ass-pats for here >>937125

No. 945063

Good on craigryan. Hope he doesn't have to deal with too much fallout from Heather.if he wants to join our little community he is more than welcome. All he seems to want to do is listen to skinny puppy and skulk around graveyards in peace.

No. 945264

File: 1584165002175.png (249.25 KB, 750x1334, 156772AF-13B0-41BB-9E2F-ECDC2F…)

I’m surprised this has never been discussed here but I’m so utterly baffled by this person. They comment on every single one of her photos with a solid paragraph treating her like she’s a flawless saint. I’d say beta orbiter but this person appears to be an older woman judging from her posts.

No. 945308

She comments on Heather's YouTube channel too. Shes really annoying and I'm wondering if its heather herself but I dont have proof just a feeling. Also wanting wantingangel has no posts either. Just weird all around.

No. 945317

I googled the name and she comments on other people’s instagram posts too. She just seems like some older religious woman who wants to be supportive but doesn’t seem to grasp the dangers of feeding the destructive ego of someone like Heather.

Also >>945040 once I came home and saw it again the ClayRyan photo seems to be from their first malldate, not recent, based off their outfits. He still looks so uncomfortable though. There hasn’t been photos of them together in a while. Just her holding a limp hand.

No. 945328

File: 1584182510612.png (662.65 KB, 465x823, 342.png)

Dropping the pic for reference for other anons. It's definitely an old pic.

No. 945339

Yeah. His expression made (and still makes) me so vividly uncomfortable that I couldn't look at the photo for more than the two seconds it shows up on her stories. I don't get how this girl can see that and go, "Yeah, this looks like a perfectly happy couple, I should post this!" Maybe Adam was right and she is autistic.

Clay unfortunately won't speak up when he's uncomfortable, and will typically just back away in that discomfort, but I understand that's virtually impossible with Heather because of how goddamn clingy and entitled she is, and how she's already latched onto him hard enough to be making worrying statements like "The only things that matter to me are my photography and my boyfriend." I don't get how this screeching croissant can say things like that and still delude herself into thinking she's so independent. When you put objects and people in the position of power over your self worth, you're risking severe emotional distress when you lose those objects and people. Typically the things that should matter the most are your hobbies and beneficial personality traits– things you have power over. Her photography is an okay thing to latch onto like that, but she needs to not depend so much on Clay because all she's doing is making him feel like he's bound to her forever.

Someone being that important isn't romantic, it means that you've basically trapped them in an emotional cage because if he ever were to tell her that he wants to break up, she'd likely have one of her biggest meltdowns yet. That's what I assume happened with Ryan Z; she didn't want his platonic friendship, she wanted him to put on her shelf, and when he made it clear that would NEVER happen, she freaked out. Everything to Heather is an object to stick on a shelf, including these men.

No. 945357

He looks like he's been taken hostage. Blink twice for help ClayRyan.

Here's to hoping the coronavirus scare will keep heather at home and he can have a bit of a breather.

No. 945395

File: 1584201228183.jpg (372.85 KB, 1080x1233, Screenshot_20200314-115301_Ins…)

The psycho commenter is definitely a deluded fan…how sad.

No. 945415

>Everything to Heather is an object to stick on a shelf, including these men.
This is a classic narc tactic. Anyone who has no experience with narcissists and is skeptical of the claim that Heather is one, just read up on some of the classic narcissistic behaviors and you'll notice they all scream Heather.

No. 945428


LOL at that fucking nerd with a neck tattoo.

No. 945453

This person always writes long paragraphs and Heather either likes the comment or says thank you. Remember Heather said she would block users who have no profile pic or any pictures. Surprised she kept her on her list.

No. 945456

File: 1584212238807.png (350.94 KB, 750x1334, 75809731-4E4E-410C-8F46-0F3497…)

Yeah i wouldn’t be scared or panicked either if I had a mommy like hers as a safety net.

No. 945470

Some of us don't have functioning immune systems. I'm sure it won't be very bad for Heather. I have a friend going through chemo.

No. 945472

>Here's to hoping the coronavirus scare will keep heather at home and he can have a bit of a breather.
Silly Anon, a virus scare will only keep Heather from her "adventures". She's already shown she can go from wanting to vomit everywhere and hardly being able to get out of bed, to being well enough to have her boyfriend drive out and gallivant around with her within the span of three hours.

Two more in Allegheny (PGH) today. In reality there's probably hundreds more cases in western PA alone, just that many people weren't getting tested or couldn't due to accessibility. She works at a major department store and has had a higher chance of exposure for months, which is why it was incredibly stupid and selfish of her to make her boyfriend visit while she was allegedly really ill, especially considering he works, lives, and shoots around older people.

All her stuff about blocking people is bull.

Yep! And her rapid attachment. She idealizes him and probably love-bombs him if her public presentation is anything to go off of. I pointed this out earlier, but every time she posts about him, it's not about him, but about what she's getting from him. NPD falls into Cluster B along with Histrionic (lying about almost being kidnapped, embellishing her homelessness).

No. 945473

File: 1584214603794.png (1.72 MB, 1242x2688, 1166BD27-429C-49BB-88B7-30DEB5…)

So that’s how she’s going to justify being a jobless lazy leech now? Newsflash, Heather…lots of women suffer daily from ‘female problems’ and lots of them have it far worse than you do. That’s not to say it doesn’t suck, but stop acting like no one knows what it’s like. Stop using it as an excuse to be lazy.

No. 945487

It's either Endo or PCOS. No shit she was turned away by doctors, that's been the status of female health for decades, unfortunately. She needs to go tell her mom to take her to the ER if it's that bad. They'll put her on morphine for the pain for now and she can get tested for the above. There's more than one birth control and pretty much everyone cycles through medications until they find the right one.

Also is this her lurking and trying to say she's not pregnant and that her illness was just PMS and not actually illness in the most elaborate way possible? Haha.

No. 945581

Without a doubt, she is squashing those pregnancy rumours in her own special way.

Heather's comment fan is a bit frightening. She seems obsessed.

No. 945585

Or better yet, a womens clinic. God fucking bless womens clinics and their many services.

No. 945624

File: 1584238000322.png (1.85 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20200314-220537.png)

Uh oh… break up?

No. 945653

Either that, or she got lost on the way to the walmart again.

No. 945660

Yeah. Planned Parenthood offers sliding scale based on income iirc. I get that things are tough sometimes but Heather just complains on Insta stories. She never tries. She never sits the hell down and says, "Alright, there's a problem, and I need to fix it," and with Heather she's got more problems than she's got pores on her face, apparently.

Did she delete her Insta stories? There was one that said "I'm so lonely. I think I'll edit some photos," and then another that just said, "I'm so lonely. :(" I think it's pretty solid evidence combined with the quote. If it's true, I'm incredibly relieved that he's safe, but with her attachment to him she's definitely going to be extremely hurt. I hope that the past half month and this is a wakeup call that she NEEDS to set aside her pride and all these delusions and just take responsibility for her mental health by being introspective and/or getting professional help.

I haven't heard anything from him, but I don't think I will.

No. 945670

And this is why you don't attach your happiness to one individual person. Not to mention one you've only known or have been dating for how long? Next ryan countdown starting when?

No. 945677

I honestly thought ClayRyan would last longer, if only out of fear of the fallout. But I'm excited to see what kind of specimen Ryan no6 is going to be. If they don't go through a Ryamian-esque breakup and make up cycle.

No. 945687

Whoever this user is I find it really weird that he or she “Likes” every comment in Heather’s post.

No. 945738

This could be totally unrelated, but Craig (Ryan 4 I think) posted a picture of himself with a girl on his Instagram stories. I won't post a screenshot because he should just be left alone but if it's not a breakup with clayryan it could be this.

No. 945744

Ha. If she’s crying over an ex publicly while dating someone else, I can’t see her remaining in a relationship for long. That’s big controlling narc behaviour and an all-consuming void of red flag for ClayRyan.

No. 945832

The crying post is deleted but all the relationship posts are still there.

Not sure if that means anything yet. I guess time will tell. She left her CraigRyan gallery up for weeks into her relationship with ClayRyan, and she might cling to this relationship for a while.

No. 945909

File: 1584298413183.jpg (713.12 KB, 1079x1862, Screenshot_20200315-145311_Ins…)

You're shitting me? All your dreams are dead? Just stop…

No. 945912

Maybe, just maybe a real job could pay for all that to be fixed????

No. 945913

Maybe all of these dramatic posts is because of her period. She said her "female issue" has come back horribly like it did before, she used to post this way back in kawai days of her claiming to be "sick" and feeling "ill" when it was just her period and pms. I don't know why this past year she hasn't complained about it like she used to until now, but she definitely used to always use this as an excuse to why she couldn't do anything or get anything done. Maybe her crying post was because she's in pain from it and her pms is making her extra emotional and feeling lonely. I mean hey I get that way too with mine sometimes, no shame there. But of course I wouldn't post it for thousands to see either. Apparently it's making her feel hopeless and all her dreams are dead though, but ok.

No. 945915

No one in the house has a computer and an SD card or thumb drive so she can transfer them? She could spent a small amount of money on storage and go to the library, then upload them somewhere like Dropbox, download them to her phone, and post.

It’s just like I said earlier. This girl would rather complain on Instagram and act like the world is falling apart than take the time to examine the problem and find solutions.

No. 945917

Her dreams die with tech failures? That's so shallow and sad. I thought she loved to explore and go to graveyards and antique shops? You don't need wifi for that. It's only a dream of she can brag about it.

No. 945935


Fucking this. This shit is what makes her come across fake in her interests. If she really was passionate she'd find a way. It seems like she only wants the perks of showing off hobbies without actually putting in the work.

Her one true hobby is laziness and whining. Anything else she does is just an avenue to do more moaning and procrastinating.

It's the only thing she does with convincing passion.

No. 945984

She COULD just sell off her toys…
but she'd probably rather just set up another GoFundMe.

What happened to living for experiences Heather Explains? You don't need a new computer to go out, explore and make memories. She lives for that internet validation.

No. 945997

>all my dreams are completely dead
Her dreams are to be a vlogger and photographer? But she also keeps talking about how she does this for herself. If those are her dreams, she's going to need to market herself, which means learning how to appeal to an audience. She doesn't seem to be able to decide whether she actually wants to do this for herself, or if she wants to make a career out of them.

She keeps talking about her "new content plan" but she seems to have no actual plan. She had an idea last week, but that just turned into freaking out because she had to veer off her determined path due to traffic, and then ending up at a Walmart where she made up a story about being kidnapped, based on a hoax that's gotten one person killed and a group of Rromani assaulted.

She doesn't seem to enjoy going on adventures. She shared those snow videos last night of that field right by her house. Why not venture into the forest? There's so much to find and photograph in forests.

I wish she'd take the time she spends whining on the internet and more time learning about photography and editing. A lot of her photos are better than your average snapshot so she's definitely trying, but she seems to have no grasp on a lot of the fundamentals. Like all the shots she uploaded today, the only decent one is of the pillar, and she over-filtered it. Vignettes have their place and you shouldn't be using them on everything. She tends to turn the contrast way up, and in a lot of her photos either she seems to have no idea what the subject actually is, or it takes up the entire photo. The samey tree photo and the… whatever that urbex one is are just junk. The green statue is an interesting subject but incredibly dull in how she framed and edited it.

Her sales Insta has been dead for a week. She seemed to sell most of it, so why not sell more?

No. 946059

File: 1584323434883.jpeg (288.95 KB, 750x845, 7D0A019D-6257-45BD-B04B-3A320D…)

Found this post from a Psychologist in Europe regarding Narcs and this describes Heather and a lot of her recent statements about loneliness and how people just don’t understand her to a T.

No. 946062

File: 1584323563913.jpg (157.42 KB, 1080x1920, 89846304_242079420292412_63697…)

No. 946072

What if she's just being overly dramatic because she has a cold and isn't going out because of the Covid-19 situation?

Heather, people are dying. You're just too boring to entertain yourself. There's a difference.

No. 946101

File: 1584331456799.jpg (104.95 KB, 399x455, 20200316_000243.jpg)

No. 946170

I really love how hard she dunked on herself with the "heather explains" quip. kek.

No. 946172

File: 1584354332404.jpg (334.45 KB, 1080x1858, 20200316_062321.jpg)

Oh spare me. If she really wanted to do her part she'd stay her dumb ass off the fucking roads. Nobody needs to see her pathetic ass for the whole 6 hours she's gonna work this week.

Cue community savior in 3…2…

No. 946188

>do my part for my community
What part? You HAVE to go to work until the government or Target says otherwise.

What ever happened to "doing your part" by paying forward the 500$ you said you were going to donate to a women's shelter?

No. 946317

She could have done “her part” last week when she was sick by staying home: instead she forced her boyfriend to come over and take her shopping and to the cemetery.

No. 946320

She’s claiming that was just PMS (in saying last week she was wanting to throw up), but she’d also said everyone at work was sick too as if it was a bug going around, so who knows.

But yeah, if it was a bug I’m pretty fucking pissed she made him come out.

No. 946419

File: 1584416193316.jpg (951.82 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3042.JPG)

>I'm not who you think I am
Generally, people don't have to prove themselves and people don't get this amount of criticism or for this long without having done something to warrant it. You chose to take certain actions, consequences of those actions happened, and now instead of accepting the consequences or admitting to fault and making things right, you just complain and spin bullshit stories like claiming people hate you for completely superficial things. It's an endless cycle of self-destruction you make the conscious decision to perpetuate.

This is only as difficult as you're making it, Heather.

No. 946432

I have to wonder if she is constantly posting about how lonely she is on Instagram to somehow guilt trip her bf to spending time with her. It seems like she doesn't see him very much and she is going really overboard crying about her loneliness.

No. 946519

Maybe he's doing social distancing and she's salty about it.

No. 946573

Heather has some IG stories right now. It’s official her BF dumped her!
If someone can screen record right now I’m sorry I’m unable to.

No. 946578

File: 1584462069615.jpg (1.13 MB, 1920x2560, 20-03-17-12-20-22-698_deco.jpg)

And…the moment we saw coming. He broke up with her

No. 946579


Hope I did that right, first time recording. New IG stories confirming he dumped her!

No. 946580

File: 1584462268408.jpg (40.06 KB, 606x1077, hey guysss.jpg)

>hey guys, I just wanted to talk to you cos I know I do have some friends here
>so my boyfriend broke up with mee

No. 946584

Fucked and chucked yet again. Corona is gonna make it a bit harder to find a new Ryan immediately.

No. 946585

He broke up with her because she is so negative? So she must be way worse in person than she is on instagram.

No. 946586

You didn't push him out with your "negativity", whatever that means. He's rightfully creeped out by you.

Half the video is just her repeating over and over that she loves him and doesn't want anyone else but him and will never be able to love again. Completely obsessive.

No. 946587

But I thought he was the one! And they understand each other perfectly? Wonder how long she'll wait before she starts shittalking clayryan.

Well, on to Ryan no6 I suppose.

No. 946589

Girl, it's been 2 months since you dated him. It's ok to be sad, but it's not the end of the world where you will never love again.

This is so unnecessary.

No. 946592

And she just learned to love again after Ryamian and Ryan Z.

No. 946594


And she continues to wonder why men run from her. Men don't like obsessive behavior like this. It's unattractive and this gives them so many red flags to hit and quit it while they can.

Clay can also be a piece of shit? No idea but from these past couple of Ryan's, there is a pattern showing..

No. 946595

I don't think anybody likes this kind of obsessive behaviour. It's creepy and wrong. We've seen in the past with Ryan Z that she's perfectly capable of full blown stalking.

Wonder if Clayryan found this board yet.

No. 946603


I believe in one of her past rants she had told clay about this site so he had a heads up. I think she tells most people who she dates about this site.

No. 946604

She ought to. It's pretty prominent when you google her.

No. 946624

Can you imagine living like this? Pinning everything on external validation? 'Falling in love' and breaking up 4 different times a year? It's really embarrassing. There is no happy ending for her unless she really get serious help.

No. 946628

Yeah, I just… I can feel empathy for her suffering, but I can't sympathize. What she is doing by sharing this, the series of "lonely" posts, and the crying post, is just pouring salt on her wounds, which is what she seems to always do. All she's doing is engaging in the same old behavior that pushed him out. Heather has this habit of saying one thing while doing the opposite, and that's what's going on here.

Why doesn't she message Angel, or any of her other close followers, or any of the people who commented on her crying post offering to help, before she took it down? She does not need to broadcast this to an audience of 3,000 people who followed her for her graveyard or toy endeavors. She just wants either pity, or to guilt him into loving her.

>I definitely fall too deep in love
>it's going to take me a long time to get over him because I just love him so much
These statements just show how poor her self-awareness is. She admits she falls too deep, too fast, and then instead of reflecting on that and taking a step back, she goes on to engage in exactly the behaviour she just admitted wasn't healthy. Heather, you idealized him. Please learn the difference between love and infatuation via idealization. You have known this man for less than half a year, and have been "official" for two months. You haven't had the time to really get to know even half of him.
>I knew it was going to lead to this.
So do what everyone has been urging you to do and be self-reflective and mindful of your behaviour.
>It's going to be really hard to date again because I found my person, I found everything I've been looking for.
You said that exact same thing about Ryan Z and Damian. You're going to say it again in the future. You need to take a step back and get to know people before deciding they're "the one", and you need to stop regarding every breakup as the end of the world.
>There's nothing I can do to fix it.
Yes, there is. Work on yourself and stop making excuses and shirking blame for everything. You are negative and that's evident in how you're responding here and how you respond to every minor problem in your life, but you can work on that, you just keep choosing not to because you don't want to leave your comfort zone of isolation, melodrama, and other bad habits.

>starts shittalking clayryan.
That sounds like a terrible idea, lol.

Amen. "I will never love again", it's like a teen soap opera. Heather of course you'll love again, people have learned to love again after their s/o's have left this world completely. Just process this and work on yourself before getting caught up in these weirdly intense idealistic romances.

>Clay can also be a piece of shit?
He's not a piece of shit, but he doesn't always handle things well and then tends to just distance himself. Him actually breaking up with her is pretty big. Tinfoil but I just kept getting the feeling like he was in the still in the "dating" stage of getting to know her while she was running ahead into the "I love him, I want to marry him, he's the only person I ever want" stage and he wasn't down with it, but didn't know what to do.

I linked him here before they'd even become official. He knew, but I don't know if he's read through. But yeah, this thread is the second result upon googling both her alias', it's not hard to find it once she brings "the haters" up to everyone every three days.

No. 946641

At least she realizes it's her fault this time. I don't think the Heather Explains of two months ago would be willing to shoulder any responsibility.
This crumb of sympathy will be retracted if she goes on about this for several weeks via nightly stories.

No. 946649

She will. Then it'll be the "I am a strong independent woman who doesn't need a man" phase again. Some sad solo "dates", and the hunt for a new Ryan will be on.

Somebody posted a "heather cycle" image on the previous thread, and it's pretty accurate.

No. 946656

File: 1584473079363.png (464.16 KB, 497x403, heather thumbnail.PNG)

breakups are hard but the way she overreacts to a 2-month relationship ending (blabbing about losing her one true love on social media) really does highlight how emotionally stunted she is

maybe by the time she's 40 (getting there) she will be more adjusted but hard to say lul

No. 946658

This dumb broad straight gets what she deserves.
One second he's the only one for her and she'll never find love again, the next hour she's trying to make him out to be the bad guy and if she loses some weight and makes youtube videos they'll be lining up for her…

NO DUMB DUMB. You are just a shit person that drags literally everyone down with you into your rabbit hole of bullshit and lies and manipulation and HE got out before it was too late.

I GUARANTEE he NEVER told that psycho broad that he loved her. She's nothing but a delusional little girl looking for her next champion that'll never come.

When you KNOWING AND PURPOSEFULLY put your personal business out there for the world to be a part of, it is no longer personal and therefore you do not value it.

If you truly respect yourself, keep your shit to yourself and stop the self-humiliation. You are so embarrassing it's pathetic.

No. 946661


Whoa….anger much? Yeesh. Get a snickers

I believe the reason she posted these stories is for clay to see them. They are still friends, he'll eventually see her stories and reach out to her

No. 946665

Damn. Did Heather murder your parents or something? And are you seeking vengeance by means of capslock?

None of us like Heather, but jesus…

No. 946672

File: 1584474364561.png (610.17 KB, 615x497, u mad.png)

thank you vidanon for the stream
much appreciated

No. 946675

"I was warned about these Gemini boys"
Is anyone recording this or should I?

No. 946677

File: 1584474624101.jpg (33.77 KB, 600x327, dis_gon_be_good.jpg)

pls record anon
thanks for taking one for the team

No. 946679

Sooooooo many stories oh my god.
https://streamable.com/j76m4 posted after the one the other Anon shared.

She's skirting the line of demonizing him. Even blaming it on him being a Gemini, though one of the first things that tipped me off to them being involved was a series of posts with her gushing about Gemini's and how she wanted to be an Aquarius rather than a Capricorn because of all the positive stuff she was reading about Aquarius x Gemini pairings.

She's saying she needs to get back in shape and the boys will be liming up before she knows it. Heather please, work on your personality, not your image.

She's trying to avoid blaming him by blaming the internet haters.

I bet she thinks he will, but I'm going to bet he won't view her stories at all after one second of this. She's destroying her chances of even continuing a friendship with him.

Clay is not "your person", Heather, he's his own. Trying to force yourself to dislike him so you can feel better is just gonna be a bad time.

No. 946686

this is amazing
much thanks

No. 946689

I like how she jumps to "I need to buy a new coat"
never change Heather

No. 946694

My god, she didn't even wait four hours, let alone a day.

No. 946695

Kek I thought that too, she's always looking for an excuse to make superfluous purchases.

No. 946696

File: 1584477259568.jpg (46.26 KB, 606x1077, modern love.jpg)

>I can't, like, go on Tinder tomorrow and find another him

It's ok though, fuck social distancing. She has a coworker coming over to take her out.

No. 946725

>> “I’m not close to my family.”

Are you kidding me? You live in your moms house (RENT FREE).

You drove her car for a while.

She co-signed your new car.

She drives you to work when the weather is bad.

And you’re not close????

No. 946729

She’s going to try and find people to hand out with over the weekend. How stupid is this woman-child that she doesn’t realize that any sane person out there is not going to risk their health to spend any time with her? Bless that coworker who is taking PITY on Heather, but he/she needs to focus on their wellbeing and let this petulant, egostiscal girl deal with her own problem.

Put your big girl panties on Heather.

No. 946738

>People wanted dirt on me
Your whole yard is dirt with a "free dirt!" sign embellished with Vegas lights.

Yeah… So much for "this is my fault".

>I can't, like, go on Tinder tomorrow and find another him
Ha, no. I don't know what she's thinking. Looking for meaningful relationships or long-term commitment on Tinder is like looking for a cedar tree in the Sahara. Heather, develop your personality and cultivate your own happiness first, then find people in real life rather than through an app that's pretty much for hookups and flings.

Tbh she doesn't need to be close emotionally to her family for all that. I'm sure her parents just want her to learn how to support herself and not be homeless, but yeah, she's so taking advantage of that.

I think it's good that there's at least one person willing to take her out somewhere. If she can have someone to maybe calm her tf down and talk some sense into her while also avoiding going to any crowded places, that's a plus.

No. 946751

Every post after that one mentions the exact same thing. Get a grip and eat a Snikers yourself. Caps lock implies emphasis Snowflakes…

No. 946762

Oh wait. You're the incel Anon. That explains it

No. 946780

Next up in today's saga:
She decided to show her friend some abandoned buildings and I guess they were confronted by police for walking around the lot.

Despite all their rage, they are still just an incel that can't sage?

No. 946799

She makes it sound like she was arrested. It really sounds like she was just asked to leave.

Pretty sure we'll never hear about this colleague again. Heather cannot keep female friends. I mean, she can't keep male ones either. But if you don't have a dick she only has time for you when she's desperate.

No. 946806

My hearts broken and im gonna post a serious video of me crying about it. But hold on, lemme add those filter effects and then post it.

No. 946850

Her Insta is set to private now.

She'll probably go through the "denial" phase and try to performatively hide her negativity in order to win ClayRyan back, but without the actual effort put into anything beyond maintaining the image of it.

No. 946863

they are still following each other and her latest video is her acting super happy hanging out with her friend

No. 946867

File: 1584505816268.png (687.45 KB, 750x1334, F3D5242A-8154-427D-9690-FB4BC9…)

No. 946868

File: 1584505874396.jpeg (624.08 KB, 750x1113, 3C5A17E3-B18E-44FB-83B5-EA3C65…)

No. 946910

File: 1584517268300.png (974.82 KB, 720x960, Fresh bitch of bell air.png)

taking bets now on when Ryan 6 will show

No. 946911

>Despite all their rage, they are still just an incel that can't sage?
I love you anon.

This cow really milks herself, doesn't she? It's almost a shame it's a constant cycle of the same shit.


I give it a few weeks, but given the current social climate it might be a bit more difficult to find yet another sPoOkYbOy around her area. She's going to start getting a reputation in some circles at any rate.

No. 946931

I didn't get this for ages since it's pronounced "sah-geh" just for reference.

No. 946936

File: 1584532351652.png (668.64 KB, 698x1290, heatherexploits.png)

How many of the last few Ryans were pulled from tinder? Wonder if she's perked up because she's having luck on the app or she managed to guilt trip necktattoo douchcanoe into giving her a second chance.

Go back to /w/ weeb

No. 946944

This has already been posted, your icon is visible, and don't include your email in a post.

No. 946950


Omg lol I laughed way too hard at that.

I think they will get back together, she has to be dramatic first. Her videos of her crying sounded just as forced as the video clip she played when she was crying to adam about timmy.

Speaking of which, I really hope timmy is doing ok, especially during this apocalyptic time. Prayers for timmy and the other cat (can't remember the name)

No. 946957

Look, Heather cut me off as a friend whenever I tried to help her a few years back, so I have every reason to hate her but it sounds like she literally hurt you and you're angry. Calm down, sit back, and enjoy the train wreck like the rest of us.

This is hilarious, anon! My only gripe is a nitpick. She's 30, not 32.

No. 946971

I finally watched these videos and Heather is so bad at acting, jfc. I never believe her when she starts crying, it feels so forced and fake. When she mentioned getting back in shape and "there will be boys lining up before I know it" I cringed so hard. Why is so only ever worried about dick? Worry about yourself first, you idiot. She even said that all these men in her life lead her on just to get in her pants, but maybe that wouldn't happen if she wasn't so quick to give them what they want.

It still bothers me so much that she plays the victim when it comes to having no one to hang out with, not having friends, being shunned from different communities, because she did that to herself and won't acknowledge that she's the problem.

Now she wants to do Youtube again?

ClayRyan was the one? Really? Along with all the other Ryans?

She isn't close to her family? Yet her mother took her in at 29, despite having no job, no license, no life skills. Heather really is a piece of work, I don't know how anyone can stand to be around her for more than a few minutes.

No. 946976

Notice all her whiney stories are still up. She’s not wiping them like she normally does. She put her insta on lock. I really think she wants him to see them.

No. 946986

No. 947001

It's been more than 90 days and such Timmy and the other Cat are considered abandoned property, and so they now belong to Adam, and I'm sure he'll take good care of the Cats

No. 947017

Timmy and Tuna are being well taken care of and loved. I'm sure Heather has forgotten all about them at this point.

No. 947022


Next thread pic!

No. 947122

Tuna was never her cat and Timmy may as well never have been. I highly doubt she ever took care of him. It seems like he was just another object for her to flaunt. He doesn’t fit her witchy aesthetic so she threw him away along with all her pastel kawaii stuff. He’s better off if she just forgets about him entirely.

No. 947136

I have no mouth but I must scream.

It's so obvious she's trying make him pity her. She straight up isn't deleting stories at all like she normally does and has her account locked. She's at a point where she doesn't want her stories to stay visible, but she wants him to view them, and I know he isn't because I know he doesn't want anything to fucking do with this kind of drama.

She's now saying she didn't do anything wrong. I don't know if that's just Heather and none of her real life friends are challenging it, or they are and she's just not listening, or if they're trying to be "supportive" by enabling her and calling him an ass. Clay dodged a bullet (lol) by leaving this goddamn psycho.

She was bad back in the BJD days and I just forgot about her for a while but it just seems like she's gotten so much worse and continues to do so.

No. 947153

>I fucked it up/it’s all my fault/not that I really did anything wrong

>It’s so hard/only want him/sooo I’m back on tinder

Dis bitch

No. 947155

File: 1584567353153.jpg (43.81 KB, 606x1077, swipe left.jpg)

>I'm starting to have flashbacks of memories
>it's just hard cos I'm back on Tinder

No. 947156

File: 1584567533181.jpg (707.44 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200318-172048_Ins…)

I can't stop thinking about him…I love him so much!

No. 947161


Heather, when normal sane people break up with someone that they really liked, they take a break before getting into a new relationship. To heal themselves from the previous relationship. Or else you’re carrying baggage into a new relationship, which we know you always do, and fuck it all up again.

No. 947168

File: 1584570156438.png (4.06 MB, 750x1334, 381061EA-537A-4725-B646-BF8529…)

No. 947182

File: 1584573298946.png (355.84 KB, 826x968, goombastomp.png)

Or she's pulling all the stops and throwing all her cards in at once so she's trying to win him back with pity (crying), make him feel bad ("I know I didn't do anything wrong", "Why would you throw something away over something stupid?"), passion ("I just love him so much!"), and jealousy ("I'm already moving on by looking on Tinder"). Just… sweet baby jaysus.

Her "<3" gallery and all photos of him have been deleted. Good. Get help, Heather.

No. 947183

Oh this crazy chick…she's never going to get that you can't guilt a man with crocodile tears and professions of love into getting back with her…

Men want women who can hold their shit together and not publicize their downfalls to the world. She comes off as completely incapable of controlling herself and justifies it as "having feelings"…there's a difference between feeling and sharing your every mood swing with the world for pity. This girl will never find what she wants because what she needs to function is only offered by middle school aged boys. No adult male could possibly find her behavior atrractive. Ever.

No. 947248

Some unlisted Heather Explains vids

No. 947249

No. 947292

I see that the quarantine is serving you well lol. These are great and I haven't seen a lot of them!

Heather just so you know Ryan Z is single again. Redux.

No. 947438

So much narcissism. I can’t handle watching these.

No. 947468

File: 1584639349062.png (1.56 MB, 750x1334, 7FF93CA8-091F-49FF-8228-E2A99E…)

Not one single thought about how he feels…ya know, that person that she loves so much. Her relationship to humans is the same as her relationship to toys, clothes, antiques…things. They are all just things to collect, and as such, an extension of her personality. Ugly af.

No. 947473

File: 1584639930264.png (1.54 MB, 750x1334, 1EBF6A00-3609-41F4-B336-50CAB6…)

Yep! She’s in her banged-up tin garbage can, rolling rapidly downhill towards a permanent block! She’s named him, here’s hoping she’s not dumb enough to fully out him. Sharing the rest of the series for those without instas and those who aren’t following her since she’s locked everything.

Thanks Heather Explains YT archive Anon, btw.

No. 947474

File: 1584639954333.png (1.58 MB, 750x1334, 765A3AC2-1991-4CB3-B03B-392703…)

No. 947475

File: 1584640239679.jpeg (604 KB, 2048x2048, E27188DF-9F00-4E7D-836F-63FE34…)

That tear…I cannot

No. 947477

File: 1584640314204.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, 049CA7A6-4589-4995-A7DF-85C93B…)

If you love him, you wouldn’t be acting entitled to his returned affections and putting more pressure on him. Are you not satisfied with friendships? You burn every bridge because you expect a specific relationship with people and in the absence of that, you discard them and vilify them. Get back into BJD so you can treat dolls like dolls instead of treating people like dolls.

No. 947478

My sentiments exactly. What a fucking turd.

No. 947479

File: 1584640465317.png (1.58 MB, 750x1334, 19B51D0F-AF4E-4B9B-BB40-8810DA…)

No. 947552

File: 1584654640356.png (97.36 KB, 299x370, heather explains.PNG)

Introducting Myself
>Heather Explains

I do not need Validation
>Heather Explains

Why I'm Hurt
>Heather Explains

this basically sums it up

her woe is me emo selfies
tfw she has to include those tacky digital eyelashes every time

No. 947568

File: 1584657044589.png (2.03 MB, 750x1334, 5F5D2BFC-E89C-4831-A885-2879A0…)

I hope Ryan 6 turns up soon.

No. 947569

File: 1584657348317.png (3.45 MB, 750x1334, 957F0B93-33D3-44C4-91C9-B41B6A…)

She’s now driving around in a graveyard. Her big announcement is that she’s looking for people to hang with, to get out of her sulking zone and have F U N. Dear lord.

No. 947571


whenever (kek) she gets dumped she goes straight for that strappy boob top

please tell me I'm not the only one who has noticed lul

No. 947576

Well yeah, how else is she going to nab those spoopy boys?

No. 947600

File: 1584660518897.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, 252FA227-E350-4430-9AF7-A745C2…)

>Sitting here trying to forget about fuckbois and boys in general…
>getting some inspiration in my creative place

No. 947601

Yeah. It’s her ‘on display at the butcher’s shop’ top.

No. 947604

I'm not even bothering to upload aaaaaaall the latest videos. She's just walked around a graveyard and talking about walking around in graveyards and sitting in her car talking about walking around in graveyards.

Only thing worth noting is she referred to Clay as a "fuckboy". She also said she's not very intelligent so she can't really talk about the history of the places she visits like a real tour guide would, so she'll have to dub commentary over.

She's at least getting out of the house without needing someone to ferry her about, which is good, but we'll see how long the upswing lasts.

No. 947605

File: 1584660736676.png (3.36 MB, 750x1334, 91D07626-3779-47BC-B460-B78354…)

“I want to start a new series where I am a travel guide and we go to weird places and that’s what I wanna doooo…”

No. 947606

can someone upload these? I don't care if they are irrelevant I still want to see them. I can't see them now that she's private.

No. 947607

She's live now on IG, talking about being on 'sanitation' duties at work, and that is what she's doing for her community during the virus times.
She also announced she does not have to mix with the general public, and that she hasn't seen lots of 'sick people' wandering around.
Repeatedly declares that she is banishing the 'sad feels' and isn't going to bother wasting time on sad feels over people who don't give a shit about her.

No. 947610

Lol sanitation duties…hopefully Target is making her clean the shitters…

No. 947612

lol I know, she said she feels safe doing it as she's loaded up with cleaning products. No offence to any shitter cleaners, but I probably wouldn't be mentioning that on my wannabe urban hunting spoop machine live.

No. 947614

Saying right now that she wants to make a 'dark travel channel' because there's so many cool places she sees and wants to share them…a shame she's never heard of Atlas Obscura.
She also wants to make a paranormal team.
Says she can't be taking time to research stuff as she's such a creator all she can do is create and if she doesn't she will "die of depression".

No. 947618

Said that she’s doesn’t like talking about the history of the places she goes to because she’s “not smart,” but is “creatively smart and emotionally smart.”

Ok girl.

No. 947620

I've lost the will to live.
Was trying to give info for other farmers but it's just too fucking boring. Can't record it where I am. Can anyone else? Is quite funny when she's on a rant…

No. 947626

She is going off on live kek
>Massive FucK yOu to those people who talk shit
>My marriage ruined youtube channel
>I am a stubborn bitch and I will get through it all
>I love the rain. We sat in the rain on our first date. That's all I want. Is ThAt ToO mUcH tO AsK?
>I want a paranormal hunting team
Veering from manic high to bursting into tears. All over the place.
etc etc

No. 947628

>I have seen one apparition
>I have a lot of interaction with spirits
>One ghost portal
>I wanna get a night vision camera
Interminable excuses

No. 947635

Streamable Anon here. I have a couple, but my phone just does not have the space to grab everything plus her Live. Hopefully one of the other recording Anons grabbed stuff for the people who wanted to see it.

I tried my best to take it all down verbatim.

>says the "wannabe security guard" at the Brownsville general hospital "chased us, stalked us, got our names, got in his car and left. There was no signs, no barricades."

>I have such negative feelings about youtube. I don't feel like I'm welcome, I'm just this huge fucking disappointment
>I want to make a dark travel channel
>I have to be constantly creating or I'll die of depression
>Its why I'm always making videos always talking on here I just have to film
>I'm kind of like this fucking outcast people don't want to talk to me nobody wants to do anythign with me
>Sorry I'm just venting, thanks for hanging out with me
>Every tinder guy is like have you been to centralia and I'm like now
>Wants to get back to the positive and start meetups
>Whenever I opened up about the breakup, my Earth shattering breakup. He was everything I ever wanted and more, except he wasn't a photographer. We were dating for two months and then he fucking dumped me two days ago.
>The virus situation that's why this breakup happened
>I had been dwelling about shit that's been bothering me
>Told him I was so upset about everything that's been going on
>All I wanted to was to be with someone I loved
>Now I just have to face this apocalypstic scenario on my own
>I swiped liek every tinder person in my area and nothing
>I opened up my heart again after so long
>"fuckboy ghost hunter" (Damian? Ryan Z?)
>I fell in love with this guy and we dated for two months and it was so amazing
>I never felt like I could open up to him
>I opened up about how my ex gaslit me and the things he did to me, and he was always like "Oh it doesn't matter now"
>He had this strange way of handling the things I talked to hi about
>I just have to accept that he's gone
>Instead of selling things I'm actually helping people (re: her job)
>I needed to get over the internet shit. I'm done apologizing for how I dress. People are just fucking assholes, gatekeeping assholes
>I'm tired of people saying I'm crazy and that's why I do this shit.
>That's why I haven't done youtube I just bounce back to that
>I'm not gonna let that strain my life anymore. I'm a very take it or leave it person
>I'm just gonna be me no matter what
>I learned its not about popularity, the right people are going to like you for you
>I know people are disappointed because I don't post the kind of content I used to
>These are things I find beauty in and I won't apologize for it
>I feel like I'm not really for anyone (in response to someone giving her s positive comment)
>People need to fuck off! Just let me live! (said in a happy-ish tone, not angry. I feel the tone needs to be clarified)
>It felt so nice to have an amazing guy that I'm in love with. I just pictured so much
>There's cute little froggies and I wanted to find froggies with him and watch the stars
>It felt so good to have my head on someone's chest and feel safe
>I'm never going to forgive myself for fucking this one up
>At the same time I realize that I didn't really do anything wrong and maybe I'm better off
>Its so hard for me to find anyone
>I want to model but I've gained 20 pounds but it's hard for me to find a photographer, I want to take pictures I want to be in videos.
>I have a ton of drama with one of my ex's and nobody wants to work with me
>I'm really not a bad person, I wish people would just give me a chance
>Now I gotta figure out like how am I going to get a boyfriend, how am I going to meet someone
>How am I going to find someone who can handle my anxiety
>I was safe from this dating hell and fuckboys and it's not, the cycle continues
>I'm doing my best to be in good spirits.
>I need to start focusing on my art. What people don't understand is that every single one of my photos has a feeling behind it, and emotion, a story
>A lot of my abandoned photos are about a love story that was broken. I turned all that pain into art.
>The picture of the rose at the burned house. That was one of the first things we saw. Now time has passed and the rose is covered in more things.
>I do have prints I want to sell and now with this whole virus situation I don't know what to do. I need to get the right envelopes and I need to figure out the price
>I just feel like with the time we have now I don't think it'll do well I know everyone is holding onto their money.
>I have to be proactive I have to go out and search. I have to find my person. I would like to have a baby. I would like to have someone by my side on my adventures, I'd like to devote my life to someone
>I have vented online I have been through a lot of stuff. I'm not a bad person. I've just been overwhelmed and I vented. I made mistakes and I own it. I know situations I could have handled better
>I'm at a different point in my life. I'm mature now I'm on my own. I'm divorced now you know I work full time. I drive I own a car. The only thing I'm missing right now is my own place. At work my hours were cut.
>I know there are people who watch my story and follow me because of that situation and fuck you, fuck you I don't care (/finger)
>If only I had this mindset sooner by boyfriend wouldn't have dumped me
>He said you bring me down by being sad
>We're not gonna talk about him anymore. My whole life was ruined (referring to this past year, not the Clay breakup). People talk shit and I'm still here. >People have done crazy things to me and I'm still here. I will never give up on myself. I won't quit pushing forward for someone to love. I'm a stubborn bitch and I wouldn't have it any other way.
>I have so many ghost stories, like things I can explain to people. Portal sessions that were fucking crazy.
>I want to use my main channel because it's monetized
>Every time I make a video people just hate me, they're so disappointed in me. I just want to get back into filming again. That's why I spent the money and bought this vlog camera.
>I cannot continuously explain myself. People hate me.
>The last time I made a video with comments I had the most psycho comments I've ever read. The things people think about me are wild.
>I have to move forward or this is just going to fuck my life up
>It's time for me to start vlogging again, I'm just gonna do it
>If any of you know some nice explorer boys send them to my profile. Please for the love of god. (tone context again: she was smiling and laughing awkwardly)
>I'm someone who is constantly like, consuming poetry. I'm pretty intelligent. I have this really neat perspective on things I just can't put it into words. I'm a visual artist.
>It feels so good to sit here and talk to people. Me and my boyfriend we never talked on the phone. Like only once.
>I just hate people alone. I just feel like I can't really trust anyone.
>You guys are amazing thanks for making me feel better

For the record, I'm only writing the relevant stuff and proofreading while she's talking about things like how she enjoys the rain, and trying to find a way to play music in her car. Her whole live wasn't just her bitching. Aside from the "fuck you" to the haters, there was no crying or raging. It was mostly just her usual manic rambling and calm points in between. Other Anon says she was crying but I didn't see any tears. It sure sounded like she was on the verge several times.

No. 947640

>I cannot continuously explain myself. People hate me.

umm lol

Also, thanks anon for your contribution
I really hope someone is able to stream this

No. 947677

File: 1584671258940.png (1.86 MB, 750x1334, 3E52E463-CABA-473C-8031-AD4044…)

I apparently missed a couple things in my read through. Most are easy to figure out but “I hate people alone” should be “I hate being alone”. Also forgot to share the one screenshot I got because of the bottom comment. I really wish people wouldn’t encourage her but that’s what happens with the platform of social media. It doesn’t matter what your dumb belief is, 5 people support it and you no longer have to do any critical thinking.

No. 947683

File: 1584672422411.jpeg (321.08 KB, 749x1093, 3097ECCC-55F6-4995-A54C-1CDF51…)

For those that can’t see her profile and cringe quotes.

No. 947786

File: 1584702958332.png (2.44 MB, 750x1334, 09EB2D2A-B24F-4019-A66A-30BE8F…)

She’s a-comin’ for youuu

No. 947793

Bless you Anon. Taking one for the team.

Oh boy. Sucking in her stomach and on the prowl for Ryan no6.

No. 947803

I don't get how she keeps saying he was "the one" and "my person" and "the only one for me" while also saying he would never listen to her whining and they never even spoke on the phone? What exactly made him "her person"? Honestly, from knowing him, it sounds like it's the same as it always is with him. He's a decently attractive, motivated guy who has all these "bad boy" interests but isn't a douchey bad boy and is pretty laid back so these women latch onto the image and don't really get to know him on a deeper level. She clearly didn't know him all that well if she expected he was the kind of person who'd want to be around her incessant whining and instability.

I called it. He's not her therapist and he won't want to be. Hopefully she continues down this road of getting out and doing stuff instead of making excuses but I'm worried it's going to be just like it was with Ryan Z, where it's all an act to try and win him over.

No. 947816

How did she go from saying she "gained 20 lbs" just a day or so ago to now she "lost 7 lbs".

Also enjoy that her pjs are very not spoopy. Does killstar not make pajamas?

No. 947829

it's probably just water weight from all of her tears

No. 947834

She's just that salty.

No. 947902

Pretty sure she’s posted that picture before a few months back.

No. 948030

File: 1584751739177.jpeg (594.49 KB, 750x993, DD6BA3C7-E72D-480A-A2EB-9AF371…)

No. 948039

File: 1584754188822.jpeg (325.11 KB, 750x868, EA5A66AA-71E0-45B9-9B66-B418B7…)

>I’m way too good at goodbyes
But… you’re still following him…?

No. 948045

File: 1584755088142.png (2.3 MB, 750x1334, B077FF12-B116-436C-B812-7D6886…)

Holy fuck anon, this is beyond cringe…I know you are secondhand cringing with me lol.
The song. The song. 10/10 cringe Heather.

No. 948063

Yesterday on her stream she said the place she went to where she was confronted by a "wannabe security guard" was the Brownsville General Hospital. She said she and her friend weren't in the lot, but that it has no signs or fences or anything. I looked it up on Google Maps (Old Brownsville general hospital). The photo of her friend puts them right in the back alley on Baltimore St.

There's fences and signs on Google Maps, but the photos were taken in 2012. This Facebook page also says there's No Trespassing signs FB /pg/abandonedbeauty9/photos/?tab=album&album_id=285923381568009. It's possible that since Brownsville is such a dilapidated ghost town, the fences and signs have been torn down and no one has bothered with the time and money to put them back up.

Either way, it took me zero effort to find all this. It further proves Heather does little to no research. She just impulsively goes to these places to prove something. She's going to get into serious legal trouble, or worse, if she keeps this up. I hope she does get her Urbex team together and has someone who actually knows what the fuck they're doing who will also yell at her if she keeps trying to go into "bandos" with Killstar boots and no ventilation mask.

Yeah I saw that and it's like. She said last night that this was the reason he dumped her; that she was concerned for their future and she just wanted to be with the person she loved, then he said she was all doom and gloom.

No. 948294

File: 1584826183309.png (3.25 MB, 750x1334, C4EDBECD-1923-4B96-8C3C-A67F0F…)

No. 948298

File: 1584826851394.jpg (687.34 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20200321-213951_Ins…)

she's posting selfies every day without any effort or expression, it's so creepy

No. 948310

God I hope she bought that. I love watching her piss her money away.

No. 948319

File: 1584830176511.png (2.3 MB, 750x1334, DF1DBE83-2EAB-4F33-A0A1-6121AE…)

I remember when she used this exact song for Ryan Z too, because another Anon managed to screenshot it right at “happiness is like a butt”.

No. 948328

File: 1584831232012.jpeg (236.77 KB, 750x856, CC39E752-461E-4C3C-8D86-8ED865…)

She’s removed the lock on her profile finally.

But I don’t get it. What exactly is she hoping to achieve with posts like this?

No. 948362

I wonder if it eats her up inside. Knowing that none of her exes thought about her half as much as she thinks about them.

No. 948398

File: 1584844505670.png (2.43 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20200321-223356.png)

My god, she actually bought it…

No. 948399

Yes, go Heather go! Blow that money!

No. 948405

It's her "world is ending" rare treat

No. 948421

What exactly is she going to vlog? Her getting ready in her room? We’re in a quarantine, Heather! If they haven’t implemented it yet her area is bound to get locked down, which will mean that unless you’re going out for food supplies, Doctor/hospital, or have an inexpendable job you’re stuck at home.

But yeah keep splurging needlessly. Maybe that will fill the hole you keep digging yourself into.

No. 948458

She's really only driving the dude away more by acting so obsessed and melodramatic about the whole thing. They dated for only a couple months. It's really no wonder he ran.

Sounds like she's planning on going out to "film the new series". So she's going to abandoned places/graveyards during the quarantine? I wonder if we'll see people call her out on not taking the quarantine seriously.

No. 948514

File: 1584883419768.png (Spoiler Image,1.44 MB, 750x1334, 02EEAC9B-86F7-41EC-BF63-304AE5…)

Christmas has come early…
>I’m going to do a sexy photoshoot

No. 948515

Haha love this

No. 948519

>says she’s ready to come back to YouTube

No. 948545

File: 1584891641404.png (4.07 MB, 828x1792, CCE1E4BC-F23B-425B-B20B-E1D018…)

No. 948556

PA has closed all non-essential businesses but we're not under lockdown. I don't see the issue with her going out to film solo, though. She's more at risk working than she is going on solo adventures.

What confuses me is that she posts things like this is the end of the world and everything is so terrifying and claims it was the catalyst to her breakup, but she's still trying to hang out with people and (possibly) go on Tinder dates. She had a bunch of cropped screenshots of Tinder chats in her story last night but I don't know if she's just talking to these guys or planning to meet up. Co-workers are people she's exposed to anyway, but meeting up with other people outside of her co-workers just seems a little contradictory to her current mindset.

She talks like she wants a meaningful relationship, but what are her intentions with this? If she's trying to make herself attractive to guys, she's just going to keep reeling in the "fuckboys".

No. 948566

File: 1584896840141.jpg (1.39 MB, 1920x2560, 20-03-22-13-05-18-031_deco.jpg)

She's just being a spiteful bitch at this point. She's posting this saying "clay still follows me and he'll see this and he'll miss me"

All your doing is showing your desperate, spiteful, and pathetic. Goodluck with your life, you definitely need it.

No. 948571

She looks like a beef cow in cheap Chinese lingerie.

No. 948580

So, her taking pictures of herself in lingerie is for her and no one else she says? Great. Then don't share them with the world. It's for you and only you, right?

This girl will literally do anything for attention.

No. 948582

This reeks of desperation, Heather; not empowerment. Don’t confuse the two.

No. 948586

The only way these pictures could be improved would be her physically holding a red flag. She looks like a 40-something housewife trying to ensnare the paperboy.

No. 948590

File: 1584901052319.jpeg (428.92 KB, 750x1031, BB369043-3A05-4BF1-A3F6-C9341A…)

No. 948591

File: 1584901245675.jpeg (423.7 KB, 750x1100, 610E9F5D-F75A-460E-B725-E71488…)

No. 948592

File: 1584901342906.jpeg (31.53 KB, 226x332, 26588D97-CF00-4198-8B3F-D9E5F4…)

No. 948593

When you are trying to be cute to make your ex feel bad but you are dying inside.

No. 948594

File: 1584901481153.jpeg (380.4 KB, 750x1053, F1F0271C-38B6-441C-ABD3-D65142…)

No. 948596

She needs a decent twelve inches chopped off her hair, shit lookin like an old paintbrush. Each half of her scalp seems to taper into a handful of hairs

No. 948597

File: 1584901540868.jpeg (34.68 KB, 296x307, A28727B8-D056-4686-B16E-4AAEDF…)

Crazy eyes returns!

No. 948598

Omg, smiling grandma posing on the bed in cheap goth lingerie is not a look. The desperation is palpable. This woman has no idea who she is.

No. 948599

The glasses don’t help the look at all.

No. 948600

I can’t with this girl. This is a pathetic move even for her.

No. 948601

Oh my god Anon, I thought you were kidding lol. She seems to cut off right before saying more, did she delete part of her stories, by any chance?

I really don't give a contortionist fuck what she wants to do to herself, and I support her feeling good about her body, but Clay just wants peace and she's just being possessive and spiteful. I'm sure he wanted to remain friends with her and hasn't unfollowed her because that's just not what he does. He's not liking her posts, he's likely not viewing her stories so now she's trying to grab his attention with this, but this isn't the type of person he is.

Also she's saying she was fat and teased for it? But in all those old photos she shared of her HS years, she looked pretty skinny?

>All your doing is showing your desperate, spiteful, and pathetic. Goodluck with your life, you definitely need it.

True that.

No. 948602

File: 1584902568985.jpeg (495.74 KB, 750x1094, 7523A5DA-3DA6-467F-832E-0B5AE1…)

No. 948603

File: 1584902624589.jpeg (29.39 KB, 213x311, 1F7C582B-B856-4251-8245-442D4D…)

No. 948611

It's like the wild west.

No. 948612

Trying to be "the cool mom."

No. 948613

Haha bitch has gone crazy

No. 948614

You have encapsulated everything with this comment.

No. 948618


I did get cut off, I think there was an error when she was loading up all her stories at once.

This is just to grab Clay's attention. That's why she's posting the pictures on her actual page rather then her stories. Heather can't accept the break up. Hell. Heather couldn't accept when her husband found a new girlfriend. This is all typical heather behavior. If adam is happy, she'll post videos trying to make him out to be the bad guy of "wanting to go to a marriage counselor "

Same thing with ryans…and now clay.

Heather, since I know you will read this, this is not empowering. This is embarrassing, a reek of desperation, and if you want attention, just stick with tinder and go find fuckboys. Anyone who looks up your name will find the multiple threads of you. Really should stop while your ahead.

Stop being spiteful and just be the bigger person and move the fuck on already.

No. 948619

File: 1584905555922.jpg (212.48 KB, 576x744, 20200322_153205.jpg)

Omfg the eyes lol I can't!! Lol how cringe lol

No. 948620

File: 1584905853908.jpg (1.28 MB, 1920x2560, 20-03-22-15-36-40-100_deco.jpg)

Crazy obsessive to the left

Normal respectable person to the right

No. 948621

A sausage in its natural casing.

No. 948623

And here we go! Heather is deleting her videos lol what a tool lol

No. 948630

File: 1584908538433.jpg (565.63 KB, 1079x1543, Screenshot_20200322-162129_Ins…)

Wow…you just can't leave him the fuck alone, can you? Pathetic heather

No. 948631

Yeah, she commented on it too. I'm not going to lurk his profile, but just an FYI: he Likes every comment on his posts usually. If he doesn't Like her comment, he's ghosting her.

I have the part of her stories where she confesses she's posting them because he's still following her, but I'm busy so I'll crop it and drop it in a bit.

No. 948632

Uh huh….so you delete the video purposely saying Clay's name and that "he still follows me and when he sees this"

Yet…your still following him and liking his pictures? For the love of god, please go do something useful with your life, just for once. I can't think of a time when you were useful and a decent person.

It seems as though your only deeming quality is giving up the goods quickly. Good for the next guy to know.

No. 948633

File: 1584909183892.jpg (102.91 KB, 1080x521, Screenshot_20200322-163244_Ins…)

All I can do is shake my head.. wowm

No. 948642

She replied literally 5 mins after he posted.

No. 948643

Kek I can’t stop looking at this one. It’s just too awful.

No. 948644

File: 1584910322348.png (153.28 KB, 568x257, groceries.PNG)

Wow she's gone full psycho bitch LOL
I'll take 12 things people regret before they die for 100 Alex

She's built like a fridge
and those crazy eyes yikes

No. 948645

Hahaha I saw this comment earlier and just felt baffled

>built like a fridge

My sides have departed

No. 948647

This is the only part I got since I didn't really have the ability to record the whole thing, but just… the fucking psycho vibes she oozes when she suddenly shifts her tone and body language.

It cuts off at "and he's gonna see wh-" so I assume she was going for, "he's gonna see what he lost" or "what he's missing" or something like that.

Did she say his name? I didn't see that part of her stories.

I bet she has notifications for his posts enabled.

No. 948648

She’s lost quite a few followers since posting those thirsty af pics.

No. 948650

No, she just said "my ex still follows me" like he's pathetic. Yet she still follows him, likes his posts and comments so there's that.

No. 948657


No. 948659

File: 1584911964463.gif (482.01 KB, 300x300, Hank Holl.gif)


"It's not for any guys out there"
proceeds to mention ex

No. 948660

You can hear the switch flip

No. 948663

File: 1584912401914.jpg (1.06 MB, 1439x2093, Screenshot_20200322-172347_Ins…)

Cringe that she is still commenting on his posts. Like the dude dumped you, have some dignity. Reminds when she showed up to Ryan's tour. Yuck

No. 948669

sadly didn't cap it because I thought someone else would have, but she was posting messages/pick up lines she got from tinder yesterday (probably so her ex could see and attempt to make him jealous).

No. 948670

Im dying. I cant.

Heather…maybe try some seductive sexy faces…?

No. 948671

File: 1584913443983.gif (4.47 MB, 440x298, wat.gif)

That is her seductive face

No. 948673

File: 1584913683630.png (145.26 KB, 268x280, thousand yard stare.png)

thousand yard stare

she's the cow that keeps on giving
today is a good day

No. 948674

File: 1584913890987.jpg (451.8 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3168.JPG)

Thank you, archivist Anon. Also thank you because you seem to be getting all of these and I can stop trying to grab them lol.

Clay just wants to live his life and not deal with shit like this, which is the only reason he hasn't unfollowed her. He doesn't like completely burning bridges with people and I'm sure he enjoyed talking to and spending time with her when she was mellowed out, but this is asinine.

If he was maintaining a friendship with her that'd be fine, but it seems like he's just trying to ignore her and move on with his life and hope she moves on with hers (she won't).

Oh, I have most of those.

No. 948677

File: 1584914309856.jpg (549.75 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3170.JPG)

No. 948682

File: 1584914572322.jpg (460.53 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3169.JPG)

No. 948684

File: 1584914678032.jpg (1.14 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3166.JPG)

No. 948689

File: 1584915133073.jpg (569.8 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3171.JPG)

No. 948691

Is she into Fallout (and video games) or is she wearing it for the cool gamer girl/abandoned wasteland aesthetics?

No. 948693

Yikes, is she trying to make bowleg-kun jealous with these tinder posts or is she trying to prove to us that she gets a bunch of matches?

No. 948694

definitely not for the boys

No. 948695

She did a short video this morning when she woke up, where she said she was going to do her modeling stuff and she was definitely returning to Youtube. She mentioned the shirt and said she liked Fallout and that it was relevant and part of what got her into abandoned stuff. She's worn it before, and she used to do gamer stuff under KittySparkles and other handles.

Those songs. Oh my god.

No. 948700

File: 1584918398569.png (189.02 KB, 301x478, chunk.PNG)

gross lmao

like accidentally walking into the room when your grandma is changing

No. 948709

Kek, wow. She use to dress covered up, I never thought I'd see the day she'd do something like this. Now the wait for her onlyfans starts…she'll love getting attention from loser cumbrains, that'll really show all her exs what they missed out on, kek.

No. 948711

Kek exactly what I thought

I can’t wait for her to get out of work and post more of this gruesome shit

No. 948747

thinking about her trying prance around quietly so she doesn't disturb her mom adds another level of pathetic to this whole thing

No. 948751

At thirty years of age, I just picture her recording these videos and her parents and sister are hearing her through the walls wondering where they all went wrong.

No. 948752

As robust as she is, she still has no ass. WTF?

No. 948762

The videos of her in the lingerie give off such bad vibes. Like a sex trafficking extortion vibe. Very forced and awkward and self conscious.

No. 948766

If the coronavirus needs to infect anyone..please be her!

No. 948775

Lmfao…I dunno what's worse, the flat granny ass or those lyrics at the bottom..

No. 948791

File: 1584950925949.jpeg (527.64 KB, 1080x1080, 2812.jpeg)

Lemme help the girl out…

No. 948812

"Celebrating myself" has never looked more depressing. I'm all for sex positivity. And if this photoshoot was really just her celebrating her sexuality, that would be great.

But it's so clearly an act of desperation. She doesn't look confident. She looks bitter and constipated. She looks like a mom who signed up for a "sexy" photoshoot package because she wanted to present her husband with a risqué anniversary gift, and is now regretting it.

Heather, if you want to do this, make some money off it. That is far more dignified than doing this in the vain hope some guy who is clearly not bothered will take you back. If anything, this kind of desperate behaviour is why he dumped your baba yaga ass to begin with.

Bravo Anon.

No. 948825

Great Job

No, not you Heather.

Damn those glasses frame her schnoz in an unfortunate way.

No. 948831

For someone who claims to want to model she really has absolutely no clue about the right angles for her body shape, much less how weird her expressions come out. Definitely not “cute.”

She needs to really study other models if she ever wants to take this seriously.

No. 948838

>Baba yaga
Lol good call

No. 948859

File: 1584983069681.png (1.62 MB, 750x1334, DDE248D3-9DE8-4BBF-8430-2362F0…)

I’m not.

No. 948860

File: 1584983105996.png (3.34 MB, 750x1334, 4267EB85-B41D-49F9-9FA7-D33318…)

What even…

No. 948868

File: 1584984783108.jpg (727.43 KB, 1080x1617, 20200323_132843.jpg)

Heather looking like a pyscho in this photo. Why does she keep her eyes open like that. It's not even remotely sexy. She complains no one wants her but her comments are filled with male fans drooling over this cursed picture.

She really lives in her own world.

No. 948871

Her disparate attempts at being sexy really shine through on her mommy's twin sized spare bed…

Have you gotten a look at those leaving comments? 99% are chicks and the guys are old disgusting perverts…bet anything she's trying to appeal that that fat nasty that wanted to collab with her a while ago….she's beyond pathetic, but watch, her trolling here will reveal new "haters" and "slut shamers" stories…can't wait!

No. 948873


Her poor foopah is suffocating under that cheap lingerie.

No. 948875

Your right I didn’t see the comments under this specific one just the one where shes kneeling on the bed. She should get a Splenda daddy at this point. Only a divorced old man going through a midlife crisis would be with her.

No. 948878

File: 1584987456697.jpeg (188.32 KB, 750x1040, EF302DDD-AC7F-46F9-9B54-53A135…)

No. 948879

File: 1584987479827.jpeg (182.92 KB, 750x538, 03FC9D6D-E21F-4B8B-BE63-34AF87…)

No. 948880

File: 1584987518608.png (332.56 KB, 750x1334, A88D6974-7CAE-4AF8-99FE-BD4C1A…)

No. 948882

The only comments she is getting on this is from fat old men that she has no interest in. The other comments are from her fan based girls that are fuckin dumb and brainwashed to like every dumb thing she does.

I know she's trying, but she needs a lot of help. She doesn't have any sex appeal and those clothes don't do shit to help. She doesn't have a alluring face or body. I'm not trying to put her down but it's just the truth. Her face, is extremely comical to me. The trying to look sexy expression is so hysterical. Her body is just, there, not saying it's a bad body since "everyone's body is beautiful " but it's not an omg, wow curvaceous body.

Her eyes are like a deer in headlights 24/7 and she can't help that.

That said, she is making herself look ridiculous. The men will hit her DMs but in no way shape or form will respect her because, what is there to respect? She's useless, can't take care of herself, and has to resort to this to get back at clay who broke up with her in a respectable way and not through social media.

She's gonna meet up with the wrong guy one day and that will be the end of heather.

No. 948883

Wondering if she knows that developing arm muscles means doing some hard work.

No. 948885

File: 1584988014391.jpg (1.33 MB, 1920x2560, 20-03-23-14-26-08-332_deco.jpg)

Jesus christ she has no good angles. It's fuckin horrifying.

No. 948890

nah, she knows how to eat healthy, count calories and used to exercise regularly when she first lost a lot of weight. idk why she's not doing it again if she's been yelling about getting fit since new year's though

No. 948892

File: 1584991205628.jpeg (549.57 KB, 750x1284, F07CB470-AF85-4CB9-91E2-A77012…)

Stands out like a sore thumb. Just as with the Killstar brand, Heather doesn’t have the look for his type of modeling either.

At least lose the glasses next time.

No. 948901

Oh Heather. Gravity is not your friend.

Next phase: Heather the lifestyle channel?

She just isn't very good at this. It's not even about her face and body so much. Non-conventionally attractive models can do amazing shootd. But she just looks unhinged and uncomfortable. She doesn't look "empowered" at all.

No. 948907

Nothing gets me going like that forced yearbook photo grin

No. 948914

More like she just smelled her own bullshit…

No. 948927

File: 1584997661366.png (Spoiler Image,2.36 MB, 1125x2436, 1AEE005F-9C0A-4DBD-ADA6-2F26D7…)

No. 948934

File: 1584999259147.png (647.12 KB, 750x1334, D7036AAE-0E14-4825-9533-2074F1…)

No. 948941

File: 1584999786873.png (609.79 KB, 750x1334, F7AD3AF9-2447-4B96-BFBF-6E7F67…)

No. 948944

File: 1584999878343.png (692.53 KB, 750x1334, 1912DB05-0CE2-4454-80C8-E35D6E…)

No. 948945

Does this mean we should expect an OF sometime soon?

No. 948946

Knowing how most female 'influencers' nowadays opt for onlyfans, probably. This is kinda sad

No. 948951

File: 1585001011335.jpeg (687.56 KB, 750x1193, 2563DDDC-EC95-407C-8FE0-911A60…)

Was this account always 18+?

No. 948954

yes, but it was private from the start. She stopped at 9 posts.

No. 948961

Her next community will be onlyfans. Wonder how long that’ll last? I give it less than two months until she gets ostracized by the other performers.

Also her mom must be so proud of her/

No. 948971

I cant find this account now.
I wanted to follow it lol

No. 948975

Whoever made it has changed it. Total cowtip too.

No. 948984

File: 1585008661789.jpeg (361.69 KB, 750x1197, 58121EAF-C34F-4B0C-A68B-049329…)

No. 948985

File: 1585008803646.jpeg (390.16 KB, 750x967, 875070A3-3AE8-4407-BC36-9511EC…)

No. 948986

this is the face she makes as she watches you bleed out after you break up with her

No. 948992


Heather, close your eyes a lil bit.

No. 949005

Sides. Mine. Lol.

No. 949016

Ah. That sexy "trying to figure out if this is a bug or a piece of lint" look.

No. 949025

She kinda looks like she’s somewhere on the spectrum.

No. 949029

File: 1585015265307.jpeg (599.48 KB, 750x972, 58C175A9-578F-49E4-9C92-BA86FA…)

Clay rejoicing every second he doesn’t have to spend with this moping child.

No. 949077

She's so transparent it's funny
>Clay dumps her for being negative all of the time
>Sudden super positive "I love myself" phase triggered
>Also suddenly taking lewd pics and claiming "it's not for the boys"
>Literally said that she hoped clay would see them and miss her
>Basically describes him as her "dream boy"
>Also makes subtle digs at him in the same post
Also love that despite the positive facade we are seeing right now, she's still making boohoo sad lyric posts like >>948984 and >>949029

No. 949103

File: 1585058106849.png (334.83 KB, 828x1792, A6BB4458-8240-4EE5-8E12-AA4D63…)

I guess all attention is good attention?

No. 949110

File: 1585059748670.png (1.25 MB, 750x1334, 48AF7635-4093-4CDA-B2EE-3CC6F8…)

No. 949111

File: 1585059769163.png (885.15 KB, 750x1334, A394714A-48AE-4706-9047-7E72FD…)

No. 949112

File: 1585059836304.png (1.42 MB, 750x1334, BE52ECAE-9BC5-45E2-A270-D9B824…)

No. 949113

File: 1585059859292.png (1.49 MB, 750x1334, 5A5659F6-8B9B-48D9-A3B6-446C79…)

No. 949114

File: 1585059932187.png (1.69 MB, 750x1334, 3D14F557-295C-4338-9EA1-634E5E…)

Photo cred. to her “abusive husband.”

No. 949115

File: 1585059955790.png (1.49 MB, 750x1334, F1025DDB-B1AE-4D90-93A6-DBF081…)

No. 949116

File: 1585060002196.png (1.2 MB, 750x1334, 629A6F95-FF9F-406B-9682-900311…)

No. 949118

File: 1585060048566.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, 912FE89D-24B3-4F5B-BC0B-D9E58E…)

No. 949119

File: 1585060072674.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, D6BE32CE-5F58-4AA4-ADE5-C8B42A…)

No. 949120

File: 1585060157243.png (1.33 MB, 750x1334, D8F2631E-D483-4DB5-9753-02051B…)

Then how come she’s not a beaming ball of light all the time? She’s always doom and gloom with so much negativity.

No. 949121

File: 1585060178477.png (1016.39 KB, 750x1334, 2BE237BE-6391-4240-BB09-0E579E…)


No. 949122

She actually looks pretty there

No. 949134

File: 1585065488278.jpg (643.55 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200324-115408_Ins…)

"I blame part of this virus for my breakup"

"I am limiting myself how many hours I work, I don't want my family to get infected"

Oh, so you DO live with your family?

Sounds like she's going to quit her job because "she's scared" lol ridiculous

No. 949143

File: 1585067776752.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, C71D356C-C89C-4575-AD1F-FD5199…)

>>> “The last fucking thing we need is someone online terrorizing people.”

Yeah, like you’ve been doing to all the Ryans that have dunoed your frumpy ass.

Also, she FINALLY admits that she lives with mommy and not “on her own” as she’s been lying about for months. How fortunate you are Heather that you DO have mommy tonfall back on. Not everyone can be a hero on the front lines of all that unraveling, so it’s best that you stay home and get that onlyfans going already.

No. 949148

> Sounds like she's
Worked out she can use Corona as an excuse to
>to quit her job because "she's scared"

Fixed it for you.

No. 949157

Your awkward phase ended? Really?

No. 949169

File: 1585073742618.jpg (772.81 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200324-141225_Ins…)

"Take care of each other, spread kindness"

Yeah, you should take that advice and donate that gofundme money to "domestic abuse centers " since you claimed to do.

Oh heather, did you know since people are staying home domestics have went up 10%? And that certain states are opening domestic facilities to help actual REAL domestic abuse women?

Just saying heather…

No. 949203

>>949111 >>949116
She looks like a different person. I know she was younger and has a filter on these pics, but the shorter, dark hair and side bangs looks nice on her and the neutral makeup works for her. The small, dark frame glasses suit her better than her current granny glasses. Heather go back to this instead of this clown shit you've got going on now. You can still be goff with brown hair.

No. 949209

File: 1585080141701.jpg (135.64 KB, 1079x672, Screenshot_20200324-160007_Ins…)

Just do a damn only fans account already , you can not be a model with your face.

No. 949214

Agreed. I'm surprised, she was kind of cute in a girl next door way. The winged eyeliner, smaller frames, filled brows, and darker hair all looked a lot better than the mess she's got going on now. Love that she claims THIS was her "awkward phase" and not the mallgoth mess that is her now. >>949119

Calm down anon. You are starting to sound thirsty for her to do OF. kek. The cow will milk herself, this one always does.

No. 949234

Stupid nitpick but god her bugged out pug eyes are unattractive

No. 949239

File: 1585083828176.png (2.63 MB, 750x1334, 591530D1-DC28-4A22-8DF7-E7F423…)

> Calm down anon. You are starting to sound thirsty for her to do OF. kek. The cow will milk herself, this one always does.

She’s already losing the plot. The absolute stench of passive aggression, I can sense her breakdown gland twitching.

No. 949243

File: 1585084559900.png (3.61 MB, 750x1334, 7C496E7E-933D-482B-B37F-50D892…)

Spiralling into full isolation madness, she’s advising us how to get the complete Heather Explores look.

So, today is the day where she has declared her “person I am going to be”.

How many days until it all goes to shit, do we think?

This is going to be a tasty public collapse.

No. 949247

File: 1585085192431.png (4.97 MB, 750x1334, FF1DDC9A-287E-4D8C-B175-3FD23F…)

She’s flipped from self censorship to sharing her every brain fart and footstep.

No. 949263

File: 1585088206448.jpg (33.56 KB, 750x467, ER18FJJUwAAb69v.jpg)

ok wait this got buried under an avalanche of normal looking heather but this is fucking hysterical. "lovely tits" "thank ya!" holy cringe

No. 949280

Haha thanks anon, I missed that too. Amazing.

No. 949353

I don't know who's more of a degenerate. Her or those 2 furries?

No. 949356

File: 1585107615256.png (993.92 KB, 750x1334, 8BB3F7F9-4863-4F24-B556-3865C0…)

Looks like she found those seven pounds she lost the other day.

No. 949357

I thought this was some fakeboi in one of those weird threads

No. 949358

File: 1585108534182.png (589.92 KB, 750x1334, BA6584EE-EFF1-40D4-BF09-B6B506…)

No. 949380

Lmao…and that chore list I gave my responsible 7 year old…

No. 949384

An "ametuer" speller, too.

No. 949428

lol anon

No. 949451

File: 1585146847053.png (1.64 MB, 750x1334, C0A4FC1B-C06B-44C4-A261-BC0F56…)

Last thing you see before death…

No. 949472

She looks like an anxious camel who wants to talk to your manager.

No. 949516

Waiting for Ryan7 I see

No. 949522

Now now Anons. She's a perfectly servicable harpey.

It's not good when your two looks are "mediocre" and "horrifying."

No. 949528

It’s “amateur,” Heather.

No. 949616

File: 1585184591125.jpg (649.39 KB, 1078x1779, 20200325_210236.jpg)

No worries there! You creep the hell out of everyone, Heather.

No. 949617

File: 1585185004521.jpeg (435.27 KB, 750x1032, FA7DBA5D-FE51-4908-B03C-F6BFB1…)

This really should be Ryan 7

No. 949618

File: 1585185148537.png (Spoiler Image,1.38 MB, 750x1334, 08C30CAB-6444-42CB-9551-0965DB…)

No. 949623

She’s been flirty with him in the past. But I think he’s from abroad so the chances of him being Ryan 7 are nonexistent.

No. 949628

He's also in his 40s and looks like lex luthor with a chromosome missing. Not cute spoopy boy enough for heather. But as we've seen in >>949103 she'll take any attention where she can get it. kek.

No. 949639

‘Lovely tits’ kills me.
Yeah he in Germany but I can picture a long distance thing. Although he is too old and bald. You never know though.

No. 949879

File: 1585209788578.jpg (651.28 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200326-090136_You…)

No. 949920

File: 1585230132156.png (3.48 MB, 750x1334, 3D68C97F-57A0-4F68-BB16-029DB7…)

Could probably get the edit done if she just edited and stopped constantly telling us she is trying to get the edit done

No. 949946

File: 1585236986987.png (2.96 MB, 750x1334, 79100E05-15D1-4AD3-BC80-67E897…)

She’s sharing the news that the opening scene of her vlog is done. So we get this voiceover where she’s sharing her wiki facts about zinc gravestones, then goes on to say…”popular in the 1880s, then whenever WWI started…”
Come the fuck on Heather. If you’re facting, you cannot say a line like that kek “oh whenever that was”

No. 949964

File: 1585245373540.jpg (887.33 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200326-104639_Ins…)

shes got a new rant up this morning.

>> "Please support me because this is what I wanna do!"

ok but that's not how planet earth works Heather, you gotta have something to offer. The entertainment market is so saturated nowadays it's really hard to break in. With creative ventures you have to have something eye-catching or be a cut above the rest, or at least have SOMETHING to offer.

As an artist who has slaved the last 10 years with no recognition (not that I'm complaining- it helped me realize how much I value doing the art over having the art to show off) and is only JUST starting to get to the point where I like everything I make, her lack of action combined with expectations of fame and adoring followers drives me pretty batty. She reminds me of 15-year-old me tbh, big dreams and expectations and no hard work or self-awareness to make those expectations happen.

No. 949986

File: 1585248556033.png (3.43 MB, 750x1334, 6FF4DF3A-B09E-4B83-A757-F2BB4C…)

she says…
>so excited vlog nearly done
>bit worried it’s so heavy, she cried
>people might not like it
>so over it just wants to get it done
>hair looks awful so she looks awful
>YaY! I finished it
>didn’t exercise so I am going to get in my car and drive somewhere

No. 949988

spot on…she acts like a hopeful teen. She’s playing at being an adult. Hasn’t yet realised being an adult isn’t what she thinks it is.

No. 949997

File: 1585250249659.png (4.05 MB, 750x1334, 0BB7D842-9170-4641-B641-E76D68…)

Well that sense of achievement lasted for all of one nanosecond

No. 950000


she hits a big ol' mood swing a few times a day. I wonder if it coincides with checking this thread or Clay's insta, or any of the other Ryan's. She seems like the self destructive type who would constantly seek out the things that make her upset.

She really seems to focus hard on her new career as Professional Victim. Like she doesn't feel normal unless she's whining and upset about something.

It's a trap I used to fall into with anxiety and depression, it got so bad at points that happiness was foreign to me and made me feel strange and like something was about to go wrong so I would self sabatoge really quickly, and I'm sure I came off like a dick.

The difference is I pulled myself together at like 24 and didn't cement it as part of a martyr complex lol. I can empathize with her, but I have no fucking sympathy. She's over 27 now, scientifically her brain has stopped growing, and any self improvement beyond this point will be WAY harder work. I think she's pretty much stuck in this loop forever unless she goes to therapy and makes a massive change in her attitude.

Easier said than done though.

No. 950004

File: 1585253481201.png (1.74 MB, 750x1334, 131B40D5-56FB-4793-85DB-D86B38…)

Another rant.

- doesn’t know where to drive to and film. Feels like she wasted the whole day editing a video that won’t be well received anyway.

-dating apps not going very well. Hasn’t met anyone and feels incredibly lonely.

- hoped that her last relationship would be long lasting but that wasn’t meant to be. Feels like she’s destined to be alone forever.

- probably just going to drive up the road and come back.

No. 950005

File: 1585253669483.png (3.35 MB, 750x1334, 96E6F6B5-B120-4659-92D7-21EDE6…)

Yeah I get all that, we’ve all been there, some more than others, life can be shit. She’s on the verge of tears wailing about how lonely she is but clearly has people she can talk to, she’s capable enough to lament online so it’s not like she can’t facilitate any outlet for this shit. She’s done a days work and it hasn’t turned out how she wanted. Welcome to the creative industries dickhead.

Half the world is in crisis and she’s just yak yak yak seriously Heather…stfu.

No. 950006

Bingo! She's so stuck in her Professional Victim ways, she can't be arsed to just pretend like her "self improvement and positivity" act isn't more than just a passing moment. It's honestly really sad and pathetic to see a grown woman with this many privileges switch up between the woe is me and "I'm adulting so great!" acts daily. She lives for validation from strangers on the internet. She is constantly assuring people that she can't function like a normal human being without male attention. She has no identity despite trying to convince everyone otherwise. She keeps herself in a constant state of misery, hoping her pity party will bring along the next person she'll leech dry with her dependency problems. She could have room to excel if she could manage to cut off her validation hugbox social media accounts for a while so she could learn to actually live. Then she wouldn't be so miserable when life happens.
Thinking about it: nearly everything she does, she seems to do it so she could post it on Instagram.

No. 950015

File: 1585255542561.jpeg (239.85 KB, 750x411, A806E49A-AC97-4A96-BC7E-4FEB07…)

Aaaand it’s up!

No. 950049

More ranting and whining on IG stories. I’m anticipating an epic meltdown. She’s bemoaning the fact she has no friends yet must do something solid fun this weekend.
The world is on lockdown, dumbass.

No. 950056

I think she deleted some, I remember seeing more, but I snagged the two that were left up.


No. 950067

File: 1585268768707.png (3.86 MB, 750x1334, 6355DB29-FE55-4D5D-AD61-54687C…)

Thanks anon.

She’s on live now
>I have 3,000 likes on Ok Cupid but there’s no way I’m paying $30 to see who

No. 950071

Hope you’re getting this anon. It’s top drawer.

No. 950073

Admitted just now that she wants to use YouTube as a means to attract and find boys.

-would be just as happy having a couple of “cute boys to talk and text with.”

- would love to meet a boy and become a blogging couple.

- admitted that she “can’t even get laid.” Guess Craig couldn’t stick it in her.

- apparently talks to a psychic about her boy troubles.

- admits that she had times when she wants to get back together wkgh damian.

No. 950075

>>>”I don’t have an ass. I can’t become famous without an ass.”

>>> “I may be out of shape and not have a booty but I can work with what I got. I make up for it with crazy.”

No. 950076

File: 1585269937553.png (1.77 MB, 750x1334, 31010134-09A6-42B3-A4DF-629818…)

Says she’s bisexual but is “ideally looking to date guys only at the moment.” But has thought about dating girls in light of her recent boy troubles.

No. 950078

File: 1585270813766.jpeg (473.44 KB, 2048x2048, 421B1A73-353A-4FCB-BE8E-65A23C…)

Gotta hand it to King.Qatar, 10/10 for persistence

No. 950081

He's been creeping her livestreams for like a year now

No. 950083

And she eats it up because any attention is good attention.

No. 950085

Yeah she gets all chewy lip excites

No. 950316

File: 1585355263723.jpg (461.96 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200328-012548_You…)

There's only two comments on her latest video. And they're both from the same person.

No. 950317

File: 1585355298118.jpg (459.32 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200328-012540_You…)

No. 950319

File: 1585355348862.jpg (577.66 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200328-012609_You…)

Apparently she still has one fan

No. 950331

Not sure Heathers fans need to be shared here, she’s just another member of the toy community who hasn’t caught on that heather is a piece of shit. There’s plenty of them left

No. 950342

File: 1585358788755.png (1.54 MB, 750x1334, FB480B5C-5DB5-4E99-B608-3465F4…)

No. 950343

File: 1585358819307.png (875.72 KB, 750x1334, FF83B6BB-435E-4E2A-9CAE-4A5743…)

No. 950380

File: 1585366882274.png (782.2 KB, 750x1334, 05D40A43-E823-4C40-95FF-2F6369…)

She had a live a few hours ago. Same old story (dating online sucks, coming back to YouTube, wanting a spoopy big, wanting to explore etc.). She did say she wants to gonexooore with someone to “make memories”; translation: she wants a spoopy boy to drive her because she lacks the confidence to do so on her own.

No. 950382

File: 1585366973373.jpeg (192.17 KB, 749x1028, DBA3DE0E-63DE-4A6E-8042-BE597A…)

No. 950383

File: 1585366996374.jpeg (193.18 KB, 747x1118, 874867E7-EB08-4D54-ADB6-5758A0…)

No. 950385

File: 1585367384257.png (1.92 MB, 750x1334, BF73F6EE-C56C-474B-AAED-25EDA2…)

No. 950388

she's so delusional and immature I almost pity her. "out of time to go to school?" what? tons of adults older than her go back to school to open up new career paths for themselves. and really…"being on tv"??? I've only ever heard children say stuff like that - I genuinely don't understand what world she lives in

No. 950477

She isn't "too old for school" at all. I know people in their 70s who got their degree. There are other reasons, such as money, that could hold her back. But her age is just an excuse.

No. 950523

No Heather, you’re not too old to go back to school; you’re just too LAZY to do it.

Just like she’s too lazy to do research when doing voiceover work on her video; just like she was too lazy to get off her ass and list that collection of hers; or too lazy to get a job when her marriage was already over and instead waited till she had to be driven away to get anything going.

No. 950524

File: 1585412193257.png (1.39 MB, 750x1334, B654C6D5-C837-405F-B394-CA216A…)

No. 950526

File: 1585412301208.jpeg (43.18 KB, 386x495, BDD32D3B-AC96-47A7-AFB5-EA51F6…)

No. 950529

File: 1585412487836.jpeg (387.18 KB, 750x1080, 682FEFD8-D251-4503-B18B-06790B…)

Guess posting awkward and cringe lingerie pics to get the creeps off online is her way of helping people during this time of crisis.

No. 950530

She deleted this one because she was getting quite a few critiques from people.

No. 950532

File: 1585412818192.jpg (708.37 KB, 1079x1865, Screenshot_20200328-122622_Ins…)

Wtf is this idiot talking about now? I sware, she either makes up shit or she does this to herself.

No. 950534

presumably this >>950530

No. 950537

The healing power of boobs, thank you Heather. You saved us all.

No. 950554

It’s still there…but she seems to have deleted any negative comments. Did anyone get a cap?

No. 950562

To be fair, those pictures do encourage people to not go out and hook up with crazy women you meet on tinder. Which considering the current coronavirus measures is a public service.

No. 950575

Oh Heather.. I thought she didn't care about getting less views and being a small channel? I remember she said something like that in her recent videos.

No. 950672

File: 1585437666047.png (3.78 MB, 1242x2688, C8070501-07FB-4D64-AE1A-826497…)

Says she’s gonna stream soon. Anyone gonna record?

No. 950685

File: 1585441324656.png (4.1 MB, 750x1334, F91ACAF5-F6F3-4DEE-A177-8D93C9…)

Still no live.

Something that makes me laugh so hard every single time…her Killstar story highlight. There’s this walk that she does…it has me wheezing.

No. 950852

Just a thought, she could donate her respiratory mask and do some good.

No. 950884

File: 1585493171518.png (1.61 MB, 750x1334, E28DBCCD-79EE-4BF8-8619-85B3AE…)

The new Ryan, perhaps?

No. 950890

Oh wow. Clayryan looked like Herman Munster with a vitamin deficiency, but this guy looks like uncle Fester wearing a fake beard in order to rob a bank.

No. 950914

There was an actual Ryan commenting in chat. Is he one of The Ryans?

No. 950916

File: 1585504228158.jpeg (417.92 KB, 750x1066, DB05AC12-62FF-465B-A0FF-323C1A…)

This one. And I’m guessing he isn’t one of The Ryans.

No. 950936


Why has he extended his beard out to try and match his nose? That's just having two freakish attributes and showing people you're stupid enough to choose the 2nd one.

No. 950939

File: 1585508120946.jpg (1.06 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200329-132846_Ins…)

Ok? Do you want a medal? No one cares.

No. 950992

File: 1585515607550.png (1.43 MB, 750x1334, 7123769B-D7AC-48C2-AE57-203E4D…)

ffs what part of staying at home does she not get?

No. 950994

This isn't milk?

You can go outside, but you need to social distance yourself from anyone not in within your household. Her going solo is still dumb due to other dangers though.

No. 951329

File: 1585595477593.png (1.13 MB, 750x1334, 9A5870D5-DA56-455E-BE65-B163AD…)

No. 951361

I'm sure any guy would fall in love with your conversational skills Heather.

No. 952343

File: 1585683712431.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, 81DD031E-A05A-4E61-8016-2CAD63…)

She’s got her priorities on straight.