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File: 1536437152767.jpg (546.44 KB, 800x600, 1535293466757.jpg)

No. 684027

Previous thread: >>>/snow/670334

>finally bought a bed after sleeping on a piss stained rug for months

>edgelord bf has returned from his visit to see her and there's potential trouble in sti paradise
>"daddy punches so hard", leaves no real marks on her, confirms tumblr dom status
>still no alien porn
>more clips/videos from hardtied and lovinglyhandmadepornography have come out, just as crusty and cringy as everyone expected she'd be
>trying to charge $100 for advice on sexwork
>still allowing minors to follow and comment on her social media
>continues to beg for money while spending it on things she doesn't need
>finally growing her pubes out to hide her infected vag
>professional shoots in la to make he feel like a "real pornstar," keeps underwear on the whole time because everyone lives in fear of her vag
>her arby's rost beef vag looks horrible in hi-def
>her and fupa are moving into a house together
>fupa confirmed for father of three, does shay even know?
>still has no idea what lube is
>made the most disgusting pedo pandering video on the planet, complete with impregnation fetish and diapers
>apparently 86 dollars is the most she's ever made on cam in one night. pathetic.
>didn't go to LA like she said she would, instead made a video with lovinglyhandmade where she got a heated metal rod shoved in her asshole
>finally chopped off her claws into the world's ugliest french tips
>thinks that her and kyle nathan perkins have found "the one" house in tulsa, oklahoma and plan to move in next month
>openly admitted to lucking kyle nathan perkin's month old dried cum off of a t-shirt
>badly photoshopped shrink porn!
>fupa's bought a house! all shay's dreams are gonna come true!

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- no doxxing
- do not include or harass Shay's family
- remember to sage posts that don't contribute to the milk



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No. 684029

File: 1536437584700.png (335.94 KB, 846x585, 1536421718262.png)

from the old thread. kyle nathan perkins' facebook is back up and he's still too ashamed of shayna to change his relationship status. but yet he's apparently bought a house to live in with her? hmm

No. 684031

File: 1536438074761.png (Spoiler Image, 2.61 MB, 1334x750, B6D83B6B-3BFF-48D5-B5E5-5DCAC7…)

Absolutely worth every penny. I would pay less to see a good stand up show, but seeing shayna being tortured and trying to fake like she’s enjoying it is just way funnier than any comedian. Can’t wait to leak the whole thing to you guys

No. 684032

No. 684036

lol the first thing he mentions is 'people talking shit'. He's so insecure, it's ridiculous.

No. 684039

>wigger confirmed
>McMansion confirmed

No. 684041

Sorry about the fucking lawnmower in the background - I didn’t realize how loud the yard guys were

No. 684046

this lardass fucking w a d d l e s
>out of breath from like 15 steps
do some fucking cardio

No. 684048


I'm not american but the house looks like the type of thing that is the first to be destroyed during a hurricane lol


Please do! She already looked super nervous during the pre-show tho.


truly honored that my edit was chosen to be the next thread pic.

No. 684050

who is talking shit about Fupa besides what we say here on lolcow? Lurker much?

I can't wait for their neighbors to realize how fucking nasty Shay and Fupa are. I bet the people in that cul-de-sac are likely normal as fuck, and seeing some wrinkly Middle Aged Dad and a 21 year old moving in who gets bruises and shit will be considered a great improvement to the neighborhood.

Also, showing a house that you bought in your name while having abandoned your children doesn't show how good he is at taking care of anyone. He barely offers emotional support, and she doesn't do it either. They ask for that shit publicly on tumblr while acting like their relationship is soooo great.

No. 684052

File: 1536439899454.png (13.31 KB, 558x263, 65431384684.PNG)

I would love to know why they think people are jealous of them. Kyle needs to shut up and waddle his ass back into the AT&T training building. You don't hustle or stunt on anybody, you fucking hillbilly.

No. 684055

lol this is just some cheap house from 15 years ago that was built big for the sake of being big. I'm sure that was cheap as hell for the square footage. White trash always thinks big house=rich. These things are literally a house of cards made out of plywood. I would worry for them considering the amount of tornados Oklahoma sees.

No. 684058

Implying shayna will leave their empty mcmansion more than once a month.
Tornado, but yes. These houses are likely in a plain and are basically dominoes. Have fun, shay.

Shay actually moving to bumfuck nowhere OK with this raggedy ass pedophile is one of the most bizarre and unforeseeable turn of events I've seen on this website. When is she getting moved to PT?

No. 684060

File: 1536440174205.png (51.36 KB, 551x891, bottombarrelbitches.PNG)

Aaand all of the tumblr whores scraped themselves off of the bottom of the barrel to compliment Shay and Fupa on their cheap new home. They want that attention.

Also why does Fupa think he is a hustler? It's not like he is an entrepreneur, or somebody who works multiple jobs or has multiple streams of revenue. He tries to act like some rich dude, but he is just a bumpkin from Oklahoma.

Also, real men with status don't try to flex with the house they bought in fucking Oklahoma LOL. Sorry Kyle. Bitch you thought.

No. 684061

kek he sounds just like a 17 year old boy

No. 684062

I’m just waiting for all the problems to start with it, it’s going to be a pigsty in no time

No. 684065

>seeing shayna being tortured and trying to fake like she’s enjoying it is just way funnier than any comedian
If you think watching someone be sexually tortured is funny because you don't like them, you might have something grievously wrong with you.

No. 684067

Anon, this whole site is about laughing at the bullshit these people put themselves through, Toughen up is you’re gonna be here.

No. 684068

But she signed up for it. It's not like she is being forced. How much sympathy can you have for someone who chose to do this to themselves? Sick of people feeling sorry for Shay in any capacity. Shay is the one who has problems for voluntarily signing up to be tortured by these sick fucks imo.

No. 684072

“Do a little flex here” lmfao bruh you’re not black why are you trying so hard to use slang.

No. 684074

this, that was such a male thing to say. threads about whores always attract crazies.

No. 684076

and whiteknights, apparently.

No. 684077


I know, right? The dumb bitch signed up for this. I have zero sympathy. Acting as if she's being "sexually tortured" is comparing her to people who suffer from real sexual abuse. Fuck outta here.

No. 684078

She consented to it and claims all the time to enjoy it. It's not like someone has abducted her and is torturing her.

No. 684079

File: 1536441355506.jpg (15.22 KB, 500x312, OVK2Vlt.jpg)

While i'm disgusted at people who masturbate to this kind of content, seek it out and create a demand, Shay seems to think this shit is easier than working retail and WANTS to be in the position she's in. She has options, still chose to be with fupapa and hits herself for pennies. What other reaction are we supposed to have?

No. 684081

She claims to enjoy it, but anon is getting off to the fact that they think she's "trying to fake like she’s enjoying it". I don't feel remotely sorry for shayna, just pointing out that anon is a creep.

No. 684082

Lmao first off… Why is he trying to sound like a young black rapper? Bruh, you're an ugly old white dude. Second, the grimy carpets and beige walls are absolutely SCREAMING rental.

No. 684083


I found this listing thinking that it had to be the same house (it's not). Turns out the layout of their house is pretty much the same as every shitty mcmansion in OK. Can't wait until shay pees on the laminate floors one too many times and they start to peel up.

No. 684084

File: 1536441770324.jpg (14.65 KB, 389x593, devil.JPG)


No. 684086

I'm about to piss on my pink rug in excitement

No. 684087

I wonder if Fupa is watching Dolly work. As much as he claims to be fine with her doing sex work I've noticed he doesn't really seem to be? I can't imagine for someone like him he'd be too excited about other men spanking his girlfriend while random men get off to it.

No. 684089

He fake supports her because he's one of the cloutchasers he's constantly complaining about

No. 684094

File: 1536442258632.png (21.54 KB, 70x135, fupa#2.PNG)

I agree. He has even co-opted the name Mattel for himself to use. It makes him look like a cuck.

Funny thing I noticed is that guy who she passionately kissed during one of her most recent Insex shoots (the ones that she chooses to go to, but whiteknights still feel sorry for her) also likes to show off how he wields guns.

Shay sure knows how to surround herself with the right people. Pic related, it's Fupa #2 from insex with a rifle.

No. 684096

Clearly she just needs to have a poly relationship with Daddy and Gun Daddy. I mean as much as Kyle likes to pretend he's Edgy Dom Daddy he's the one getting cucked by random men who are more dom than he is. The best he can do is bap Shay in the face without leaving a mark and stick his sausage fingers down her throat while at least these guys can turn her ass red.

No. 684099

File: 1536442999260.png (594.71 KB, 800x880, tumblr_inline_peeamhVlE11vcprk…)

>Don't be jealous just hustle!

nigga. he works at at&t. he's in his 30's wearing dainty little baby leather gloves he got off amazon for under 20 dollars. he wears graphic tees and basketball shorts and acts like all "daddy doms" everywhere got nothing on him. rest assured, they're all trash-ass freaks, but but he's probably the trashiest AND the freakiest.

he's his own comedy act! you really can't write shit this fucking funny.

No. 684104

M’bad if this has been discussed, but how come shay isn’t in /pt yet? She’s had some of the best milk this year.

No. 684108


I bet she must feel so safe being tied up by men who openly talk about being violent towards women and own guns.

No. 684111

There was a request made but I don't think anyone on staff replied to it.

No. 684120

Drink your daily amount of water or he'll show up next to your bed

Doing gods work anon thank you

No. 684124

Hey stop hating y’all. This is totally how a grown man acts

No. 684128

I was laughing so hard when he use the word stunt. You made it bro. mediocre lifestyle achieved

No. 684135

anon said they were laughing at her, not getting off to her. those are incredibly different things.
there are women out there that love that kind of bdsm but shay just isn't one of them. which is totally fine, apart from she's so desperate to be a "uwu bdsm princess" to be interesting, cause she's got nothing else going for her. so it's hilarious.

No. 684138

Any updates anon?

No. 684142

WOW. I’m not saying his voice is super high or anything but it’s def higher than I assumed it would be. I was expecting him to sound like an old man who smokes a pack a day or some shit

No. 684159

Love how he keeps circling around the kitchen and living room over and over to pretend like he's showing tons of new rooms to try to make it look bigger, lel. Also his cringy wigga voice is making me vomit, what a fat ugly embarrassing bag of garbage

No. 684160

I thought I was imagining that. Baller.

No. 684164

File: 1536448852408.png (Spoiler Image, 1.23 MB, 1334x750, 17C509A8-7002-4602-9EA6-B9CF1A…)

I took like 50 screenshots I’m just waiting for them to upload to Dropbox. In the meantime let’s take a moment to realize how unfortunate her smile is when she can’t see herself

No. 684168

Same because his 1st gen iPhone camera is so horrible but then I realized and was blown away by how pathetic the video was. You can tell it's in a white trash deserted area, plus the house is not as big or as nice as him and shaytard are exaggerating it to be, and it's also NOT done upperclass suburban house like dolly dumbshit is also saying it is

No. 684171

File: 1536449756227.png (Spoiler Image, 1.43 MB, 1334x750, 47873524-AEFE-463A-8009-A136D3…)

Ok here’s the link with screenshots + a screen recording of her getting punched around.

Also I had to post this one directly. why the hell did they zoom in on her pussy? like actually, aren’t they supposed to be making her look attractive? Why would they do her like that…

No. 684172

uhh this is the most embarassing video ever LOL a grown ass man with three kids trying to prove himself to strangers on the internet. why is he talking like that? he didnt talk like that in the video shayna posted when she met him. she should be embarrassed. that's the kind of stuff to get his ass jumped. anyway cool house i guess, congrats for doing the most basic adult task

No. 684174


this looks like a twink's body lmao

No. 684176

Not to sound like a privileged asshole but this house looks fucking cheap? The upstairs is basically a dead end with 4 doors and like no upstairs living room and only a half bathroom upstairs??? The cabinetry is piss ugly and their counters in their kitchen look like the counters in my kitchen when I rented a $600 per month apartment (cheap as all hell here), like not even granite counters? All this tells me is they’re gonna have unfurnished unused rooms. Could have bought a NICE two bedroom but let’s be honest that would have cost him actual money.

No. 684178

He sounds like such a redneck/ white trash. And the house isnt that great or nice.

No. 684179

File: 1536450465249.jpg (27.29 KB, 947x565, wew.jpg)

looking great, Shay.

Thanks for the laughs, leak anon.

No. 684180

Exactly. The house is built like all those super cheap identical rented houses in the projects from the ghetto lol and he keeps trying to make it look bigger by swirling around in the living room filming the kitchen, and the kitchen is fucking small as hell too. Like I'm not saying the house is TINY or horrific but it's not close to being impressive for a fucking 30 something year old to be living in. And the fact that shay thinks this house is a suburban dream house uwu shows how desperate and deluded she is.

No. 684184

I was about to post this too omf I'm dead fucking spare me

No. 684189

So is that girl in the cage just like an accessory for the show…? I feel bad if she has to stare at Shays pussy/asscne the whole time.

No. 684190

He looks nothing like he sounds
He looks way older in videos than photos and he already looked old in photos. Is that how he really talks is that done OK accent or is he just trying to be autistic

No. 684192

This is the worst and strangest floor plan. The master bedroom downstairs? A tiny dark windowless bathroom in a random room in a useless second floor.

It looks like a cheap 70s condo/duplex

No. 684196

I know she listed NOT wanting to be called "thick af" under her limits during her show, but she actually does look THICK…as in super wide and lare. not THICC just THICK… NO ass and NO shape whatsoever. Such unfortunate body proportions. kek

No. 684203

Sooo many chins. Unfortunate face also.

This is disgusting. She should have just left her pubes full to hide all the boils she has. Almost all of them are so white they're ready to pop. Gag!


I'm still confused and dumbfounded on the state she shows up to her shoots in. Her hair and makeup always look so bad. You would think for how bad her pussy and ass look, that she would compensate for it somehow. Fix your face, your hair, personality… something!!

No. 684213

"such a male thing to say"

No. 684218

Idk where you’re from but I live in the south and every house I’ve ever lived in or been to has had the master bedroom downstairs

No. 684219

Oooo a three car garage and 2.5 bathrooms. Fucking living large bro. Must be proud of that $75k house.
I can smell the musty carpet through my phone.

No. 684221

She looks completely dead behind the eyes.

If I was Shayna, I'd probably kill myself. Her life gets more depressing and upsetting every day.

No. 684223

He also said there’s horses behind their yard
They probably live out in the boonies

No. 684225

This is a supposed to be a "flex"?

Oklahoma is the 6th CHEAPEST state to live in. Out of 50 states, that's pretty damn cheap.


Same anon. Square footage and price depends on location, with that said they're in Oklahoma suburbs. Not exactly the most ideal place to want to move to unless you have specific reasons like fam or work. You're obvi going to get more for your money in areas less desirable to live in. The house on it's own isn't very big, add the fact of their location, and it's very underwhelming. He obviously didn't spend that much on it.

It doesn't look like new construction either. All the fixtures and finishes are all inexpensive and cheap materials, such as the kitchen and bathrooms. The counter tops are that cheap laminate, and not natural stone like quartz or granite(which Shayna said was a "must"). Floors are carpeted, appliances look extremely outdated.

It definitely isn't a trailer or an apartment, but calling it a "flex" has been pretty humorous. Pretty much in line with their "Mexico Vacation"/"traveling the world" which was really just her flying herself out to his hotel comped by his work and water and snacks on his daily stipend. Kek.

No. 684228

Holy fuck, the video in there was hard to watch. She legitimately looks terrified and at the end she’s basically having a panic attack (sobbing, hyperventilating, quivering) and if she enjoyed it at all she’d be displaying at least some sort of telltale sign. I know we’ve gone over that she doesn’t actually like any of the shit she subject herself to, but damn the end of that video of her getting slapped in the face made me feel violated. girl is in too deep.

No. 684230

I legit think it was more because her lash was coming off, and not having lashes on is one of her biggest insecurities.

No. 684236

5 bedrooms… 1 for them, one for sex, and the others for his kids? :x

No. 684237

No. 684239

anon, I don't think that is the right one. This one is significantly nicer than the one in the video Fupa posted on Snapchat.

No. 684240

Also adding in the fact that he has 3 kids. He needs to be able to house all of them during his days. They got a 3 bed 2 bath… If she's going to have a room to be her "studio", are the kids going to have to share rooms?

No. 684242

that's not the correct house by any means. look at the kitchen for a start

No. 684243

That is definitely NOT it. Not even the same floorplan. They have nasty carpet that's not even laid right, their kitchen has laminate not natural stone, etc.

No. 684254

She's an actress, it's her living. She's a bad actress. It's not that deep.

No. 684256

All of this. Fupa is the king of a one horse town lmao. And like that other anon, not to sound privileged but this house is awful. The layout is so redundant, and all the carpeting is trashy, and the linoleum looks insanely cheap. The bathroom are outdated, so is the kitchen. There is no flow at all, and fupa better plan on changing ALL those carpets when they move in, but he seems like the nasty type who wouldn’t. Which is going to be incredibly expensive. Also, I wonder if he put it under his name or shays name? I’m pretty sure fupa isn’t dumb enough to actually buy Shay a house, but rather buy himself a house and let her live there until he inevitably gets bored of her.

No. 684259

It's definitely not under Shay's info. You know that bitch ain't got credit.

No. 684262

Yeah, that’s 100% not it. Look at the placement of the fireplace, and how absolutely shit their kitchen is, for starters.

No. 684266

File: 1536462310836.png (Spoiler Image, 610.36 KB, 759x447, w.png)

Is that self harm on her wrist?

No. 684267

i think its hair or abrasions from ropes/restraints.

No. 684268

How is this sexy? He looks like an older sibling going "stop hitting yourself".

No. 684274

Why have anons completely ruled out the possibility of this being a rental???

No. 684276

>thinking shay would cut herself and not make a big point about it on tumblr about how shes so angeries with people who romanticize self harm uwu five minutes before posting pictures of her own with her trashy heart filter

No. 684277

This house hasnt been updated since like 1999, who tf shows off their wooden toilets, cheap sink and basic, cheap ass countertops and its out in the boonies. You cant flex with cheap shit, fupa.

No. 684282

not to mention neither the living area or the kitchen are going to seem even remotely as nice or spacious once they haul in a flea infested couch they picked up off the side of the road. those bedrooms are going to feel like broom closets once they get a bed and a dresser in, too. neither of them know anything about interior design (though neither do i), but neither of them own a goddamn thing do they? and fupas sure as hell not about to drop $$$ on some pastel chaise to put in shaynas baby beating room. this is going to be a fucking mess and i am excited

No. 684284

No you're dead on; it's like a condo/townhouse which is basically a slightly nicer apartment
My $700 apartment looked like this so I'm betting Fupa is paying around that in bum-fuck nowhere Oklahoma

No. 684293

This is really small square footage wise. The second floor is literally one room. I used to own a house like this a flyover state, mortgage was around $1000 a month. That's less than what most people who don't live in the middle of nowhere pay for rent on apartments. It's not a "flex" when the only reason you can afford a house is because it's in the middle of nowhere (yes, you can have neighbors in the middle of nowhere, this is America after all). It's obviously a cheap, mass-produced house and the fact that he needs to brag about that is pathetic.

No. 684319

This comment. Even with a fast home buying process, it takes a couple of months minimum. Unless you're fucking desperate and buy the nastiest house available, that no one else has expressed any interest in.

There's finding a house with no one interested in or offers already on it, dealing with the real estate agents, inspections, pest and building approvals, the contract, the conveyencing process, there's the home loan approval process, then if everyone involved is happy, your contract goes conditional for 30 days or so. That's AFTER all the before. Renting is the more logical scenario here. whatever it's a fucking dump anyway. nothing wrong with renting and there's nothing special about owning

No. 684320

unconditional* i mean

No. 684327

whats the POINT in having so many rooms when there's only two of you anyway? how insanely expensive is it going to be to furnish that entire house, especially since shay has practically no furniture. and decorating to the point where it doesnt look like an empty warehouse?? what a dumb idea to buy something that big for just two people

No. 684328


He'll probably move in some of his furniture from his current home, and then buy as he goes and act like he's ballin.
As for the rooms, i feel like there will be one for them, one for Shay (her words), and the rest for his children if he ever even has or sees them.

i hope he doesnt make his kids share rooms just bc Shay needs somewhere to be disgusting.

No. 684331

File: 1536468562715.jpg (Spoiler Image, 204.36 KB, 720x1074, 20180908_234818.jpg)

So sexy

No. 684347

I just can't get over the fact that this dude is a father… Instead of having his children as his cover photo, he has a picture he found on the edgy side of Tumblr. You can tell he never wanted those children in the first place. I just can't believe this guy is almost middle aged

No. 684348

I doubt his kids will be over there tbh, if his ex has any idea what he’s getting into

No. 684353


yeah can you imagine her bringing the kids over and seeing shay, high and drunk at 10 in the morning? i'd turn around and get my kids back in the car lol

just imagining him telling his kids to not go into "shay's room" is… ugh. like is she gonna cam while they're there?

just imagining it is fucking nasty. i hope his ex keeps them away from it, then again i get the feeling he doesn't even see them at all even if he has access.

No. 684354

Why are her tits so low on her body?
Is she missing a chromosome..?

No. 684357

What vid is thread pic from?

No. 684363

File: 1536475129608.gif (732.4 KB, 300x168, tumblr_pds6s5S1Cx1two5gm_540.g…)

>basing your entire personality around being a weird pants-shitting retarded baby
>looking like a crackhead grandmother in your porn shoots


No. 684368

I tuned into the preshow for that live stream last night and it was so weird to see how completely awkward and uncomfortable she was. Her mannerisms reminded me of an insecure teenager.
I still don't understand why wants to portray herself as this BDSM queen when she clearly isn't into it all. Degradation is prevelant even in vanilla porn nowadays but that doesn't mean that you can't make money from softer stuff. The market for respectful, female focused porn is growing pretty quickly.

No. 684376

The house is incredibly outdated. Black appliances went out of style like 20 years ago. Also those wooden toilet seat covers are an embarrassment. The carpet also looks nasty.

No. 684380

the worst part is, they're never going to upgrade anything in the house. It's not like they're going to spring for a new kitchen or new flooring. It's always going to be gross outdated shit. Honestly he probably could've found a nice house in oklahoma for cheap, instead he went for some big mcmasion. I wouldn't even call it that kek.

No. 684399

She always looks so scared and upset whenever she gets punched, how can anyone buy that this is her fetish?

No. 684405


They won't even change the toilet seat. Idk but when I move into a new place, I buy a new one because I don't want to sit at the same place where some strange used to do their business. And the same thing about the carpet which one anon mentioned earlier. Filthy place for filthy people. And it gets even worse once Shay starts doing her nasty ass porn on the floor.

No. 684408

her cover probably is that she's loving it but she thinks that guys will wanna see her crying and whimpering. but it doesnt seem like she actually likes it at all

No. 684420

It's going to be top stuff when "mommy" is camming in the room next to where the kids are sleeping.

No. 684434

its gonna get real dirty real quick with the two of them being lazy pigs

No. 684437

File: 1536489726698.png (Spoiler Image, 298.78 KB, 594x502, 085645.png)

Leak anon you really took these screenshots at the right time

No. 684469

She is crying in that video. Why does she put herself through this.

No. 684473

I mean the house size makes sense because he has 3 kids, but are they even going to visit? With their apparently 24/7 bdsm lifestyle??? Look, you do you, but if you add kids into the mix it's fucking gross. And if his kids aren't going to visit, father of the year reward.

No. 684496

yeah she is literally sobbing by the end of it. and you can see its not acting either… that video was a whole 3+ minutes of her face getting slapped and punched, you can't even see any nudity, just violence, barely qualifies as porn. it is so clear she isn't into bdsm and her whole personna is a scam. i almost pity her

No. 684497

Near the top of the last thread. You’ll find it.

No. 684499

He said he doesn't, which is funny, because he basically admitted he rather jerks off to the other girls

No. 684512

File: 1536502978681.png (Spoiler Image, 646.04 KB, 1280x720, fE0u6BEQ.png)


I have never seen a woman with literally no shape wtf? Like this is the WORST angle i have ever seen her ass and it does -0 favors holy shit

No. 684519

jfc, her body has no shaoe at all, she looks like a saggy little boy

No. 684536


is that why pedos are into androgynous, underdeveloped women?

bc they're all secretly gay af and love that "i'm a 12yo boy" look?

No. 684539

gatta luv dat boipussiass amirite?

No. 684545

I'm glad she signed up for this so I don't have to feel bad for her but looking at the video as if it was just a random person, Jesus Christ it makes me sick. I guess you get what you ask for. Way to go Shay, absolutely thriving.

No. 684551


if i didn't already know better and hadn't seen old pics of her, i would seriously believe that shayna's a tranny. the manly build, her mannerisms, acting like a caricature of how men view women, even her infected genital area resembles a neovagina. it's sad too, because she was pretty cute during her stoner days and she's gone that far downhill in what, only two years?

No. 684560

Meth does wonders huh?

No. 684581

File: 1536512883387.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 97.92 KB, 610x1200, 10C5D2A1-37CB-4F44-8756-D8110E…)

meth head auntie wakes up after a week long bender

No. 684606

Shayna needs to sleep for like 3 years

No. 684610

Even less if he actually bought it .real estate in most southern states is very inexpensive. Looking at the space they got for themselves you can tell it hasn’t been upgraded in years so he probably got it cheap

No. 684619

um, Oklahoma is smack dab in the Midwest buddy.

No. 684621

she should just kill herself or disappear off the internet completely

No. 684643

File: 1536518142895.jpg (34.66 KB, 189x648, grumpymattel.JPG)


then she wrote, "I can't sleep so im going to get drunk again"

No. 684644

File: 1536518166238.jpg (42.83 KB, 278x609, drunk.JPG)


No. 684648

always with that damn lovehearts filter like we get it shay you hate your natural face but this really isn't any better

No. 684690

Lmao she can make up reasons all she wants but it's clear her bdsm stint is the reason she's sad enough to turn to drink

No. 684715

File: 1536523976961.jpg (34.47 KB, 750x563, 5ae0e76519ee8625008b46a6-750-5…)

The Census Bureau in the US has considered Oklahoma to be a Southern state since 1950.

No. 684748

How low do you have to be to wish death on someone? You’re about as disgusting as shay

No. 684750

Ok this is a stupid argument, literally nobody cares what region OK is located in geographically lol

No. 684752

She prob posted it tbh

No. 684753

I kinda agree that we’re all not a bunch of 12 year olds playing WOW and don’t need to say Shayna needs to kill herself. We are here to gossip about her milky decisions and the train wreck that is her life, not to wish death on another human

No. 684755

I was responding to the anon who said it was located in the midwest. I saged my post. I am not trying to argue. don't tell me how to post on lolcow. you didn't even have to respond?

No. 684765

Nobody's telling you how to post, only that it was a stupid post. It's derailing either way so just relax lol

No. 684775

Ive been thinking about this for a while and I think that Shay and Fupa will be together for a little bit, if not an actual while. I think they’ll last at least into 2019. I think from Fupa’s perspective, he struck gold. Shay is honestly the BEST he can do right now. I don’t think anyone hotter will touch him, especially not someone he meets in person FIRST. she’s young, she has no kids. She’s selfish so she likely will or has expressed the sentiment that she doesn’t want children ( i’m not saying that it’s selfish not to want kids, so don’t jump down my throat pls). Because she’s likely not interested in kids and has zero moral compass, she won’t badger him about not seeing his kids, or will buy any lie he tells her. This means he’s pretty much off the hook for childcare. His ex wife is happily remarried with other children so I doubt she’s particularly eager or waiting on Kyle to pick up the slack. Shay is stupid as hell. He is also stupid as hell. They are emotionally and mentally PERFECT for each other. It’s like they’re both in a high school relationship.
From Shays perspective, Fupa is the man of her dreams. Right now she thinks she wants men to hurt her, and that’s exactly what he does. He’ll be able to for a long time. She also barely finished high school and had zero skills. I’m not white knighting at all, but I think for Shay this is an upgrade in her mind. She’s moving out of a raggedy apartment into a house that, lets face it, if anyone else was moving into we wouldn’t be ripping apart so much ( I truly think that the house isn’t terrible, it’s Fupas attitude toward a regular home that’s so laughable).

So idk, I think they’re phenomenal for each other. Sure it’ll be an incredible train wreck to watch. But I don’t think anyone should hold their breath for a huge blow out break up. Considering how vain they both are, these two will dig their fingernails into each other if it means proving the haters wrong.

I do have a question though, does anyone have a timeline of when Fupa was obsessed with that other girl before Shay? I’m interested to see if there was any overlap between the new girlfriend his ex wife was talking about and this online girl that wouldn’t meet him.

No. 684799


nah you hit the nail on the head, esp about her stance on kids. it's a win/win for fupa because any decent person would encourage their partner to pick up the slack with their kids. shay on the other hand doesn't give a shit about anyone but herself, so she won't bring his kids up at all except in a negative way to complain.

also yeah, no one is gonna touch fupa except nasty shay lol. like shay is literally the best he can do and that's sad, given the state of her.

i agree this will only last longer than anticipated, because they are both so stupid and stubborn and riding that 'tumblr relationship goalz' title that they will continue to be together despite hating each other.

No. 684823

Midwest is Michigan Wisconsin Iowa Indiana Ohio Illinois and some of Missouri maybe. Oklahoma is a no. That’s basically Texas.

No. 684824

True but I’m from the Midwest and fupa claiming Oklahoma is part of the Midwest very annoying

No. 684826

Yes this. Especially because the closet is as big as her current apartment. Although I do see her accidentally getting pregnant not sure if they would splurge on a abortion.

No. 684829


was gonna say, he seems like the type to not use condoms and she's 100% not on bc lol

hopefully they do abort, because christ these two do not need a child

No. 684831

If anything she’s lucky as fuck? Who else would do this for her? It’s almost like fupa just chose to ignore all the fucked up things she’s ever done and the condition of her pussy must be no big deal? How desperate are these two?

No. 684837

This is essentially what I was saying. They both found each other. They’re both monsters. Some people are brilliant and can’t find someone to settle down with ever. Although I mean if i had to choose between being with Fupa and being alone I’d pick the alone option for sure, but that’s because I like to think I’ve got SOMETHING going for me at least.

Also I think they 1000% would have an abortion. If Shayna got pregnant she would fucking lose whatever remains of her sanity. She IS a child. Just pretend she’s 16-17 years old and her actions start to make sense on a developmental level. Considering her growth came to a screeching halt around there…. what do you expect.

No. 684841

i agree with most of this but remember fupa has the tedency to cheat on his ~babygorls~ (remember that one girl in an earlier thread who he ditched for shay on tumblr and was answering asks about how “dolly mattel stole my daddy uwu”). they’ll probably be alright together until fupapa find a new ddlg teeny bopper to manipulate and cheat on with on the side/leave shay for. hes a piece of shit its bound to happen agajn

No. 684843

He was rawing her disgusting vag in those shitty Snapchat videos.
No wonder he ended up with three children he clearly doesn’t care about.

No. 684845

Shayna would push herself down a flight of stairs. At least I’m hoping.

No. 684850

Something tells me that cheating wouldn't necessarily be a deal breaker for Shay. She 100% seems like the type to blame the other woman and take the guy back no matter how many times they cheat. She might even be the type to suddenly decide she's poly because it's an excuse for their partner's infidelity and earns them kink points.
We already know she's desperate and this relationship is the best set up for her. He'd probably have to tell her to fuck off before she'd even consider leaving.

No. 684852


Nah cuz she claimed she was polya and then immediately claimed that the bf "cheated" with the gf just cuz they played without her. the only way she'd be polya is if all attention is on her, not taking any away.

No. 684872

This is actually why I asked if anyone had a timeline for his previous online relationship with that girl, because I was curious if he was cheating on his in real life gf with her.

No. 684891


From what I've gathered, it sounds like be was unfaithful to his ex-wife as well.

No. 684892

this is like a grosser, less popular onion and lamey kek

No. 684921

I'm like 99% sure she is on birth control, she has a scar on her inner arm that is exactly like the one you get from the implant so I think she has the implant right now

No. 684923

File: 1536543984595.jpg (223.83 KB, 1920x1123, dm1.jpg)

She's live on MV, https://live.manyvids.com/stream/?Dolly%20Mattel=

Cringe and obnoxious as usual.

No. 684930

she's actually talking to people for once

No. 684932

She's talking about prostituting herself, and casually talking about it as a part of her resume. "i've been doing sex work for a couple year, fucking people for money…I don't sugar anymore though"

And then talked about fucking people for money "isn't the line of work i want to be in anymore"


No. 684934

If you weigh the cost of abortion vs. raising a child, it's hardly a splurge. I'm sure even if she did want kids, fupa would pressure her into getting an abortion. He seems like that kind of dude.

No. 684935

imagine if a “billie” is introduced to mattel mansion KEK

No. 684936

back to the shitty pink talons i see, the french tips werent the best but anythings better than this

No. 684938

File: 1536545047134.jpg (182.2 KB, 1556x830, dm2.jpg)

The milk is overflowing like crazy…

She's was Rambling for like 15 mins with a bunch of contradictions and some self ego pumping … then stopped and said "can someone get me naked" begging for tokens.

Now she's rambling again about sex work and about her dad and her decisions. And the same old shpeel about how she's doing this for her own happiness and they don'y support her.

Now she's crying, and playing victim.

Now randomly talking about wanting to get her lips done

No. 684940


because venting and crying on cam when people are trying to find videos to cum to, is definitely the way to get paid and be a good cam girl.

her viewers arent her therapists, and they arent gonna act like one either.

No. 684941


tbh, I feel like this is something that could actually happen. I would love to watch that play out.

No. 684943


It's seriously frightening how she legitimately believes in her own delusions.

Does she seriously believe her parents are the bad guys for not supporting her in her choice of being in sex work?

Now saying how she "hasn't made any tips tonight… and I've been sitting her for like an hour"

i left for a little. but came back to her

- talking about Conor, dating for 3 yrs, then broke up after she started camming

No. 684944

"I would have never dated him if he bought my videos"

No. 684945

Pretty confused by the tone of this livestream, she's venting and answering questions like you would on IG not on a camsite lol. She blocked the only two guys that were there flirting with her, and when someone pity tipped her 100tps she just thanked them lol. That was her opportunity to turn the mood & start working

No. 684947

File: 1536546058720.png (Spoiler Image, 834.18 KB, 1105x618, Screenshot_997.png)

No. 684955


Just wait til the moment that she strips and people she all the boils and open sores all over her pussy. In almost all of her cam streams, she spends time trying to hide her pussy and ass by strategic angles. She's since grew her pubic hair out, but shes trimmed the sides. They are still visible thru the hair, and the skin exposed on the sides are just riddled and infected with so many boils and whiteheads.

Someone just tipped her goal so its about to happen/

No. 684957

She’s talking unusually fast. Rambling

No. 684958


i feel like she's either manic or on something tbqh

No. 684963

File: 1536547432800.jpg (Spoiler Image, 194.89 KB, 800x451, 01.jpg)

No. 684964

shes acting like she’s never gotten a tip in her life lol

No. 684965

File: 1536547496761.jpg (Spoiler Image, 332.09 KB, 707x800, 02.jpg)

No. 684967

What if she moves to Oklahoma and fucking quits doing sex work because she can just mooch off fupa

No. 684972

File: 1536547797987.jpg (Spoiler Image, 133.14 KB, 1182x740, 94774.jpg)

Why is she talking about leaving? She's finally getting tips, yet she leaves?

I think she's scared to show off her pussy on cam tonight. Her breakouts looks really inflamed.

Now she's talking about her pussy and about shaving, and pubic hair. she said

"I'm not too comfortable with my down here" (points to pussy)

No. 684974

i mean that's obviously going to happen. she hardly does "sex work" as it is. she's very lazy and unmotivated and he has opened the gate for her to sit on her sweaty ass all day and pick her boils while he's at work.

No. 684976

I really gotta give her credit. For someone who really has a horrific looking genitals with breakouts of boils, pimples, and sores all over her pussy. She hasn't let that stop her from doing sex work. Call it delusional or denial, but she's tenacious. Any other person wouldn't even consider porn an option, let alone post nudes of themselves if their pussy and and ass are always covered in breakouts.

No. 684981

She went bezerk when she was getting tipped. Then started doing some awkward gawky dance and stripped to Britney Spears. Super Cringe.

Then after getting naked, she started talking about pubic hair and shaving and being uncomfortable about the way her pussy looks.

Then now people stopped tipping and talking. She just said "Why'd you guys stop talking to me"

Hmm… I wonder why… KEK

No. 684987

File: 1536548565200.jpg (Spoiler Image, 581.06 KB, 1278x765, kek.jpg)

-Gets tipped with clothes on.

-Takes clothes off.

-People stop tipping and talking, and leave.

She's complaining that people stopped tipping and talking to her.

Shouldn't that be a giant red flag to her…

Alright I've had enough laughs

No. 684988

lol i like how you left out minnesota, literally the most midewestern state

No. 684989

Watching her paddle her bruised hank hill ass is so depressing wow

No one cares shut up.

No. 684992

It was just a joke relax.
Wew, imagine getting this upset about a random ass comment you don't like.

No. 684994

she looks like she wallowed in mud all day and forgot to clean her ass, its so disgusting.
(also how can you like ponyo but not spirited away or howls moving castle?)

No. 684995

Her MO is basically mooching and leaching off someone until they kick her out. She did it with Connor, then with that guy she moved to WA for. She even mirrors that behavior in her friendships.

Tbh, Shay's going to burrow herself into Fupa like a tick and just suck his resources until he gets sick of her shit. Fupa's a beta with so much insecurity who feels like he's got so much to prove to people that he's going to try make it work. Even if he's beyond miserable. He likes the new found attention way too much, Even if its from a bunch of strangers on the internet.

No. 684998

She's singing in a weird whiny baby voice and talking a mile a minute about random bs like how it just started raining. There is no way she's not on something. Or having some sort of manic episode.

No. 685001

people stopped tipping because she took her bottoms off and they finally saw how disgusting her pussy looks.

i would legit be so offended and triggered if i didn't know about the state of her genitals until after i tipped or bought a vid.

No. 685004

File: 1536549739607.jpg (312.01 KB, 1080x1605, Screenshot_20180909-232050_Fac…)

Is Kyle predicting the future with this pic?

Went to his Facebook, saw this really quick and thought it was him in his new (already trashed) house lmao

No. 685005

File: 1536549831139.png (Spoiler Image, 1.43 MB, 2060x1212, Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 8.20…)

No. 685006

I left out Minnesota and Kentucky because I refuse to associate myself with these states
I started all this and I apologize. It’s just funny at this point. Serious apologies

No. 685007

Shes using this cam session like therapy with all these random bits of personal info that no one asked for.

No. 685008

File: 1536550010106.png (Spoiler Image, 657.27 KB, 1096x566, Screenshot_999.png)

wtf is she doing

No. 685009

I've never actually watched her camshow, I don't watch cams or have an account and I always seem to miss them when they're posted about here. Is she always like this? I'm honestly convinced she's on drugs, she's acting really erratic.

No. 685010

File: 1536550058308.png (Spoiler Image, 132.55 KB, 393x176, Screenshot_1000.png)


No. 685011

I watched for a couple of seconds and was so annoying I had to turn it off. What’s going with her? She sits and moves so awkward

No. 685012

I've caught a few of her streams and Ive never seen her acting erratic like this..

No. 685014

Did she just go offline? Was about to watch

No. 685015

She's talking about making a fart video. Please god no.

No. 685016

shes still online

No. 685017

File: 1536550654976.png (5.95 KB, 430x76, Screenshot_1001.png)

poor guy

No. 685018

File: 1536550733888.png (Spoiler Image, 903.09 KB, 500x1400, wtf.png)

Never seen her live before, nor do I really watch cams ever. Is this typical for cam shows??

No. 685021

Now shes telling off the 2 people who might actually buy her porn, saying their opinion isnt relevant. She'd rather talk about her pussy hair.

No. 685022

I've tried two different devices and it's still showing as offline for me. I'm not from Massachusetts, can you get IP banned even if you don't have an account on MFC?

No. 685023

She looks and sounds like a 14 yo boy

No. 685024

she's talking about someone who she blocked on snapchat, did she ever talk about that.

No. 685025

File: 1536551194118.jpg (Spoiler Image, 639.46 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180909-234625_Chr…)


No. 685026

No. 685027

Oh whoops, I'm used to her camming on MFC. My bad

No. 685029

File: 1536551373177.png (Spoiler Image, 833.75 KB, 1071x605, Screenshot_1002.png)

My internet keeps going out at the best times

No. 685030

File: 1536551459999.png (135.17 KB, 278x225, Screenshot_1003.png)

No. 685031

her trying to get sympathy on this stream is so annoying. shut up and stop milking pity points with your lies, Shay.

No. 685032

btw, she is flying her cat in cargo. fucking dumb bitch ugh, fly with rib in the cabin. it's not right to fly your cats in the cargo especially if they are not acclimated to travel.

No. 685035

File: 1536551735528.png (4.83 KB, 409x40, Screenshot_1004.png)


No. 685040

File: 1536551968608.gif (Spoiler Image, 17.3 MB, 480x582, SmartSelect_20180909-235412_Ch…)

No. 685041

File: 1536551992484.gif (Spoiler Image, 17.06 MB, 474x457, SmartSelect_20180909-235453_Ch…)

No. 685048

File: 1536552203198.png (575.3 KB, 1128x372, and like that shes gone.PNG)

she's offline now. chat is funny to read tho with the response to >>685035

No. 685049

File: 1536552217733.gif (Spoiler Image, 9.68 MB, 403x409, SmartSelect_20180909-235757_Ch…)

Shay said goodbye awkwardly like 5 times

No. 685059

What on earth is happening on her ass? Did she use the paddle?

No. 685060

Does she not have a bed or a chair or something ? She seriously does camming on a blanket in the corner on the floor? Wtf. Does she only live in one room?

No. 685061

She has a couch she sleeps on

No. 685066

File: 1536555082212.png (10.77 KB, 270x320, 96545434.PNG)

yeah, "someone" is just taking ribmeat down to oklahoma for you from WA. that makes soooo much sense Shay. First of all, the only person she hung out with before Fupa in Seattle is that older dom guy who has a BDSM dungeon in a basement.

We all know she never leaves her apartment and has no friends besides that. So this story is bullshit. Unless she really has the old dude who she used to fuck in his BDSM dungeon delivering her cat to her.

I wonder how Fupa feels about that.

No. 685080

KEK! that's not impressive at all, there was only 2-8, that were online doing LIVE at a time.

No. 685082

God I pray for that poor cat.

No. 685093


i've always been so bothered by the fact she has a cat at all, i doubt she makes enough from her career of e-begging to afford food, litter and cat toys, let alone regular vet checkups but she always seems to put enough money aside for her weed/alcohol habit & cheap amazon clothing hauls… when you can barely take care of yourself you shouldn't involve an animal, the only potentially good thing about her moving in with fupa is that he makes a basic income and the cat hopefully won't be neglected as much

No. 685139

File: 1536563850249.jpg (Spoiler Image, 168.42 KB, 599x589, Screenshot_20180909-235230_Chr…)

I'm triggered

No. 685141

i have watched in on her night cam sessions several times and a couple morning sessions on mfv. in a lot of her sessions she seems bored and uninterested. other nights she seems really talkative and not dismissive to the ppl that chat w her. the cam before the live hardtied was really weird. some commenter said how she thinks its cool that shay loves her job because the customer was prostituted when she was young. shay was quiet for like ten seconds then launched into how much she loves her job. she may or may not have said something sympathetic to the commenter, i don't remember except my feeling of shock about how she handled it. she just went on about how much she loves her work. she talked about the human barbie and how she looked like an alien and shay wouldn't want to look like that. unless she had money to. she kept getting tipped privately and didnt get publicly tipped until like an hour or so into her session. she definitely was vocal about being tipped publicly. i haven't seen her cry like the images you guys have posted, so it seems like a continuation and elevation of her erratic behavior.

No. 685144

*commenter, not customer. i forgot to sage as well.

No. 685145

File: 1536564845056.png (138.13 KB, 501x529, 6464684684654.PNG)

Didn't she only get a bit over 800 tokens this session? Idk how much MV tokens are worth, but I bet that's only 50 dollars or something. Anyone know?

also, shay loves to insert this "teehee i am a 12 year old" shit way too much. it's so nasty to me.

No. 685170


next thread image please

No. 685192


without having watched the stream,
that gif looks like she was crying and is about to cry again. like she can barely contain her goodbye-smile from turning into a crying grimace.

if you knew nothing else about her and saw this, it'd just elicit pure pity for that "poor naked girl"

No. 685194


if there is a single woman who /NEEDS/ to do deadlifts/hipthrusts/squats it's ya girl Hanky Hittel.

No. 685205

farmers have speculated that she just leaves the cat alone when she went to la/mexico etc. so yeah.

No. 685208

File: 1536577256783.png (4.24 KB, 508x97, Screenshot (264).png)

she posted this on tumblr so she was def in the middle of some type of mood swing. could it be from after the live hardtied thing? sub drop or something.

No. 685219

looks like she has balls, jfc

No. 685227

her vags has such a terrible shape i can’t even! never seen pussy looking like that. honestly i would find it disgusting even without those bumps and infections, just because of the shape

No. 685255

She's fucking depressed because she got the piss slapped out of her the other day for that livestream and she's mentioned she doesn't accept aftercare
I don't understand why she's so self destructive. She clearly needs aftercare but instead she just drinks and has mood swings

No. 685267

I always kind of suspected that insex and the other company she’s working for didn’t even bother to offer her aftercare. She kept repeating over and over how great the companies are and how they offered aftercare but she’s so “hardcore” she prefers to go without it. It after farmers pointed out that the companies are on record as treating their models and performers really poorly.

No. 685275

I wouldn't be surprised if she cries after streams. She doesn't make a whole lot and it's gotta hurt when people abandon the chat the minute the takes her clothes off.

No. 685306

It's hilarious because it's her own fault. She doesn't take care of herself. She also signs up for these "bdsm" shows and also her own fault she doesn't get aftercare. It has to do some mental damage to just be abused then go home.
I was also wondering where ribmeat is during her streams since animals aren't allowed to be on. Since her apartment is probably so small does she just lock him in the bathroom or something? Kind of sad.

No. 685440

being the "top earner" when there was less than 8 girls on at a time doesn't really mean much. there were times where there were only 2 girls streaming. kek

No. 685476


remember when she claimed she used to do ballet? lol

No. 685487

as much as I dislike shay, seeing her neglect getting aftercare after getting the shit beaten out of her makes me worried for her. Its not like fupapa is willing to comfort her after either so she's screwed…I sense a meltdown coming soon lmfao

No. 685510

Shay the kind of bitch who finds out they're knocked up and decides the best way to deal with it without asking for help is to just drink until she miscarries.

No. 685534

She bragged about opting out of aftercare, as if she was better than other porn stars for doing so.
As awful as it is to watch, she literally asked for this.

No. 685554

what exactly is aftercare that production companies can provide? hugfests? idg bdsm.

No. 685586

a bit of affection and reassurance she's alright. Water, something to eat and a bit of a rest, since that shit takes a lot out of you. depends. I have no idea what it would be in a purely professional setting, but i imagine not drastically different from a personal one.

No. 685686


the only explanation i think there is is that shayna's doing this as self harm, which all of these bdsm tumblr girl personalities also do anyways. i know a lot of people have their doubts about shayna's mental illness claims being true (for good reason) but i think there's some truth to it, people who are truly well in the head don't gravitate towards "hardcore" bdsm, this job is only making her get worse and she doesn't seem aware of it at all

No. 685719

Personally I do think that she is depressed at the least. She’s living a sad life and it shows. I hate her but I wish she would just give this up and get a basic retail job. At least it would be regular income.

No. 685726

Maybe I'm looking too much into this, but the veiny fucked up breast looks kind of hard? It doesn't wiggle as much as the other one. Actually doesn't wiggle at all. Also it almost seems like lumpy when you see it from the side or 3/4 or whatever.

She really needs to go to a doctor

No. 685790

The sad thing is she might feel like she's past the point of no return with this lol especially with how her lolcow threads have exploded and the revealing of fupa. Tbh though if she actually did quit this shitty fetish porn and tried to do something else, I think a lot of people would support that (even the h8erzzz).

No. 685924

seems like you’re looking to much into it. breast density varies among women, and won’t be the same in both boobs. It also depends on your natural body type and chest size. She seems to have a fairly narrow chest, with slightly narrower hips. not inverted triangle, more like rectangle shaped. With a body type like hers, normally A-small B breasts are normal. She has large B, almost C breasts so it makes the skin on her chest look super stretched out and thin, causing the veins to show through and for them to look very dense.

And no, it has nothing to do with a vaccination like she claims. Human bodies are weird. It’s why when you see smaller chested women get implants, they tend to look very dense and some women even need skin stretchers before the procedure to make sure the skin won’t get too thin.

No. 685935

Tomorrow is milk day my fellow anons I can't wait

No. 685944

Set aside the fact that their both gross. Even if they werent disgusting this situation is just strange as fuck.

No. 685947

I wonder what’s going to happen when they get into their first fight and they’re over the “honeymoon” phase. Shay has a problem with letting her delusions run her life so when even the slightest thing goes wrong she breaks down. I wonder if Fupa can handle it.

No. 685958

Presumably she got an implant when she was 18 or 19. They last for 3 years. I wonder if she's gonna remember when to replace it with a new one kek

No. 685971

It’s like Christmas Eve except all the presents are probably going to make me cringe or recoil in disgust

No. 685972

she’ll be the kind to let it sit and fester in her body, never go to the doctor, and then complain online when she starts getting sick about how horrible her life is and how she needs money to fix it.

No. 686007


a few threads ago somewhere she had mentioned that there was a deformity on her body so she had an operation for it when she was younger. some anon speculated that maybe one of her boobs used to be significantly smaller than the other, so she qualified for surgical correction and got a natural looking implant to make them match. weird and unlikely as this is, i still think it's a good explanation for why one of her boobs is veiny (skin is streched more) and harder/firmer.

No. 686010

breast implant surgery would never be done on a child. it’s extremely rare to see it done on 16-17 year olds. even if she did have a breast deformity (very unlikely), they would have waited until she went through puberty to do anything.

No. 686012

bitch probably had some Neanderthal lumps on her shapeless body, kek. I doubt it was anything serious. Shit, she probably just got her tonsils removed and considers that serious surgery.

No. 686026

anyone else notice that she has not said what state she’s moving to? she explicitedly stated when she was moving to washington and even gave the city. before she was talking about moving to MA with fupa i think. Now she has said nothing. It def has less to do with privacy and more to do with being embarassed about moving to Tulsa lol.

No. 686044

You guys have the memory of fucking goldfish. How is it that every few threads someone starts up the argument that she has had a boob job when her tits are completely normal for her frame and there is absolutely nothing to suggest that she has. They do not move the way fake tits do and who in their right mind would get fake ones that are a big B or small C. Plus she has specifically said she isn’t into body modding. She’s too conceited to even think she needs fake ones.

No. 686051


as much as i agree that the tit speculation needs to stop, she has claimed that she'd get a nose job and lip fillers and "maybe some plastic surgery to look more like a ~~Bimbarbie~~"

No. 686053

She also hasn’t put out a new schedule or kept any customers updated of when she will be back up and camming?

No. 686054

True she definitely mentioned saying she’s considered getting work done on her face but she specifically said she wouldn’t have her tits done so we should just stop talking about it because it’s a waste of time.

No. 686059

Even if she wasn't depressed or otherwise mentally ill before, the life she chooses to live has to do a number on her head.

No. 686102

Breast surgery like that on minors is rare and reserved for extreme cases. I had a friend who has one A cup breast and one FF cup breast. They gave it to her.
Dollys natural breasts are small, and every womans breasts are naturally a bit uneven. If its not extreme, they wont do it on a minor.
Im pretty sure she just has a weird breast.

No. 686108

as someone who is visiting tulsa for the week for an work/event thing, there is no way she won’t get bored here. the thing is, it’s not bad if you venture out and try new things, hang out with people, actually DO things…she lives in seattle now and what does she do besides lie on a filthy carpet and spank her ass acne?

now living here with that boring ass dough boy kyle nathan perkins would suck, because he looks like a boring turd. i saw a big at&t call cenetr here, not sure where he works but this place looks like a long-dead department store that’s been converted to cube hell in the shitty part of town. top kek

No. 686151

She does have a scar under the right breast, in the place one would expect. It’s certainly possible there was something going on with her breasts; a tumor, or even plastic surgery. Pediatric plastic surgery is performed for deformities and disease, and anons who insist that’s not true are straight up lying. There are two hospitals I can think of off the top of my head who do breast surgery on young girls, St. Louis Children’s Hospital and also a place in Philly that I’m forgetting. I’m sure there are more around the country.

No. 686168

No, we're not lying. Because if she had something seriously wrong with her tit and had to have surgery for it and poor her, she would have milked that story a million times by now. They do NOT to surgery on minors unless its necessary.

No. 686183

all it takes is a quick google search to know that breast surgery isn’t allowed by the FDA on minors under the age of 16. After 16 you need parental permission. Unless you have a tumor or other serious condition, breast augmentation is not done on pre pubescent children.

If it’s on the left side, she could have had a heart condition possibly.

No. 686184

its just an ugly tit, i highly doubt there is anything medically wrong with her or she'd be hollering about how she's disabled.

No. 686187

lol this, i think her veiny boob is just another very gross feature of her, however i have noticed that it looks even worse since that guy was punching it so

No. 686198

I know this is old news but this really bothers me.

Your cat is meowing because she's scared and she doesn't know where she is. She's meowing because she's looking for you. She's meowing because she's afraid.

I would never have some stranger just pick up my cat and take it cross country for me. Jesus Christ, she doesn't deserve to take care of an animal.

No. 686216

Poor cat. I wonder what kind of garbage food she feeds her.

No. 686224

File: 1536715307005.jpeg (123.25 KB, 750x1334, D4FA044D-17A3-4EFF-9E80-4C8531…)

I thought this was shayna lmao

No. 686229

I've been spending way too much time on this site. I had a dream/nightmare a few days ago wherein she made a cameo with her cat. there was some major disaster and instead of taking her cat with her or setting her free, she just left the poor thing locked in her dank little apartment. Which is probably exactly what she'd do.

I'm a cat lady. It's not a problem.

Obviously saged. I just wish she'd rohome the poor thing instead of making it suffer with her, when she obviously is indifferent at best, and neglectful the rest of the time.

No. 686230


theres no way that she'd rehome Rib. that'd be proving everyone right about how horrible of a cat mom she is.

No. 686263

File: 1536719724378.jpeg (834.73 KB, 1242x1228, BC80A704-D8D3-4C26-9975-774723…)

I’m gonna take a guess and say the customer that bought this for her isn’t going to be very happy about her just throwing it away since she’s too stupid to find a simple way to ship it. God she is dumb.

No. 686267

>didn’t donate or properly dispose of
Although, maybe it’s best she didn’t donate it. Who knows what fluids and filth are on that bear.

No. 686274

This is the biggest move I've seen Shay make so far.

No. 686275

It’s probably best she didn’t sell it, or give it away honestly. who knows what juices are stained in that poor bear.

No. 686287


because it wouldnt have fit in one of those boxes she scammed her customers into buying amirite

No. 686326

I guess she doesn’t care now, but it’s quite easy figuring out where she lives from this picture (and the park she filmed that dirty feet video at).

No. 686347

well she's moving tomorrow so better get sleuthing anon /s

No. 686353

Most camsite tokens are worth about ten cents. So she made maybe $80 max.

No. 686395

Being put in time out and/or caged is a fairly common punishment / play. May not be your thing, but it’s not unusual. Doesn’t sound like you’re submissive, so not really something you’d partake in, understandably

No. 686404

not that anon but just the way that fupa and shaytard talk and are about this stuff makes me go "what the fuck" at stuff like that post, because it'll end up being shaytard living in a disgusting dirty cage pissing in it very likely. plus it's not like they practice high quality bdsm.

No. 686439


yeah and this is pretty vanilla bdsm lol. it's sorta funny every time they try and act so 'hardcore' online, because we all know the extent of their play is him fucking her in missionary while slapping her face a few times.

No. 686578


first and second thing i thought of but this narc bitch would never fucking think of cleaning it or having it cleaned. imagine the joy that could've brought to some kid or children in a kindergarten/etc.

No. 686582

I hate it when kinksters show up to explain how its ok what shay and kyle do it's only that it's them doing it that makes it gross. If their sex lives look sad yours do too, sorry.
Anyway, she could've easily vacuum sealed this likely in the way that it arrived. How the fuck is she shipping her bed/futon if she can't move this bear that can easily be squished down. Did she just put her princess napkins and fairy lights in a box and go "yep! this is all i need"

No. 686585

Pretty sure she said on snapchat that she sold it.

No. 686615

yea I agree, personally I would love the "ackchyually insert something about bdsm, they are so vanilla tho haha unlike me and my daddy, we are v hardcore ;)" to be a bannable offense in this thread…

No. 686632

Or you could let them explain BDSM since clearly you don’t understand it? All it does it help prove how truly vanilla the two of them are. No one is trying to say they’re more hardcore or better, at least from what I’ve seen? Get the sticks out of your asses and go off your autistic ranting. It adds to the thread by proving it’s all a facade.

No. 686636

I’m fucking cackling. It’s been almost a year and they finally came out with her pathetic MV Loft shoot as filler for the last few pages of their MV Mag. How sad. I’ll post screens in a second.

Link: https://www.manyvids.com/download_mag.php?folder=hjNwZ5VuVu3m&token=hjNwZ5VuVu3m.pdf&title=MVmag_issue19&issue=20&magType=mag

No. 686639

File: 1536774865646.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1242x1886, ECED3C65-9DA7-45EA-9045-B85770…)

Crusty Mattel

No. 686641

she almost looks kind of good here, I guess relative to what she looks like now

No. 686642

File: 1536774941844.jpeg (209.41 KB, 1242x386, A68F089A-EACC-419A-BB80-DC4D87…)

>“coloring and collecting pink thing actually consumes a large portion of my life”

Shayna that’s not cute, that’s really really sad and just proves you have no friends and never leave your home.

No. 686643

It’s the heavy editing and lens flare effect. There’s a lot of editing on all these photos, not just hers.

No. 686644

Not gunna lie, for Shay this actually looks okay, not a good style for her but okay

No. 686645

File: 1536775028172.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 581.44 KB, 1242x785, 84B04137-76D0-42E0-90A4-08289C…)

“This is all I know how to do, please depict me as an idiotic narcissist who can’t model and only wants to take pics of myself”

No. 686648

She really can’t model though, all her pics are the same poses and boring face.

No. 686649


"I changed my name from Bambi Doll to Dolly Mattel in
February of 2018, I still went by Bambi when I was at
the MV Loft. I chose that name initially because I have
big brown doe eyes, and I walk & wobble like a newborn
deer after getting fucked. "

i thought she said that she picked the name bc she wobbles like that in heels? like i remember her saying that before she changed her name.

No. 686650

File: 1536775117344.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 678.58 KB, 1242x1006, 9D5D36F2-6309-4CCC-AF60-5CBBF2…)

No. 686651

She probably did and is too dumb to remember. Remember anon, it’s all about giving the edgiest answer possible in Shsy’s mind, regardless of truth.

No. 686653

Just screenshot it newfag

No. 686655


why does it matter to you, you get the information either way.

No. 686656

Seriously though, look at all of the other models and then look at Shayna. She looks drugged out, bored, and like she thinks she’s too good for it. the other girls actually know how to pose and give different faces and poses and make it interesting. She does the same 3-4 poses every fucking shoot she does.

No. 686657

Because it’s an image board. Plus it’s easier to read.

No. 686661

File: 1536775599755.png (94.88 KB, 307x276, Screenshot 2018-09-12 at 1.04.…)


Why does she feel like her entire life needs to revolve around this aesthetic and porn, is my question. Like other porn stars, camgirls, tumblr swers, ect know how to differentiate between their online personas and their real lives, but for Shay it's just "my life revolves around porn and things that are pink. I have no dreams or aspirations, besides fucking your dad."
Idk, I just dont understand the mindset.

No. 686662


they edited all the veins out lol
But on the other side, those pics >>686645
look so much more professional than whatever she has done in LA on that musty couch tho.

No. 686669

the only position she can pretend to have an ass with

No. 686670

they’re exceptional compared to that. She literally went to an old crusty man’s house in LA to fuck her sweaty greasy self with toys used by other women. She’s such a pig.

No. 686671

Your dom sucks just as bad as Kyle Nathan Perkins, there's not a single exception. All BDSM practice is a facade, that's quite literally the point. "im a expert ur just dumb obv". Sad!
These are surprisingly good compared to literally everything else she has ever willingly posted (admittedly a very very low bar), infinitely more professional looking than her recent casting couch but she keeps sporting that weird half-open mouth that gives her a very sad fish face, like one of those animatronic bass that plays country songs.

No. 686682

Sorry you have autism about BDSM. Maybe next time make your own thread about how fake BDSM is. Have fun!

No. 686683

But going to the vet would involve going out of the house and Shay only does that to get alcohol or dollar store items. Or to pretend like she has money by going and walking around the mall.

No. 686685

I still can’t rationalize why she’s moving further away from her place of work. Does anyone understand this?

No. 686688

File: 1536777942040.gif (443.84 KB, 187x134, tumblr_lnus0jZ1Kw1qdmbr2.gif)


It's happening!

No. 686694

Because fupa is providing her with a McMansion and she has zero business sense

No. 686702

do you guys think he will charge her rent ?

No. 686704

stop being embarrassing & chill out

these pictures actually look kinda good. for once they've decided to edit out all that ass acne. shay doesn't even look like herself though. this is a great look into how she could look if she put some effort into taking care of herself

No. 686711

She is such a piece of shit. On her snapchat she posted this picture yesterday but today she took a video of rib in a tiny, flimsy cat carrier, crying, obviously scared out of her mind and Shay decides to film her instead of trying to comfort her. But guys, she's a GREAT cat mom!

No. 686712

He'll probably just expect her to be his maid/mother

No. 686717

Based on what his ex has said about his fat lazy ass I wouldn’t expect anything less. She’ll probably think it’s just ~*uWu bdsm*~ and not realize he’s a fat lazy piece of shit who works at a call center and treats her like he’s reviewing an employee.

No. 686723

My fridge is empty and ready for some refreshing god damn milk, let the disgustingly cringy porn gifs come

No. 686732

Poor Rib, if someone is actually picking her up and she's not used to long car drives she's just gonna be vomiting and feeling terrible, I can already imagine Rib running away because they accidentally left the back door open to the yard.

No. 686740

LOL i love how these are literally the only decent pics ever of her, and of course they are very heavily edited and photoshopped. i think they rounded her ass in them a bit too. the one singular time when shaytard did a shoot with a not-retarded/very lazy photographer and editor.

No. 686741

She’s not going to be there until around 10-1030 EST tonight.

No. 686762

i didn't notice that until you mentioned it but they definitely have rounded her ass! we've seen enough pics of shay's saggy teenage boy ass and it's never looked like that before.

i can't believe she didn't want to fly with ribmeat because she'd be annoyed by her meowing. like if you love your cat, you'd want to comfort her in a stressful situation like that. cats can't understand why they're cooped up in a cage and travelling for a long time. i don't know any good cat mom who wouldn't wanna comfort their babies or who would get annoyed when their cats meow, which is both adorable & something normal that cats do!

No. 686765

Plus yknow if it was really that much of a burden to her she could listen to music via headphones or use earplugs.

Just shit excuses.

No. 686770

where are her balls?

No. 686773

hidden. these pics are also a year or more old.

No. 686790

I really hate how she is one of those types of people that types/talks in a stupid "cute" way on the internet which is completely different than how she actually talks in real life. Imagine how cringey it would be to hear her try to use the dumbass word "heckin" irl. Stop trying to make heckin happen shay it's not going to happen

No. 686801

it's even worse because her speaking voice is that of an awkward 17 year old stoner high school boy lool

No. 686846

she went to the MV loft right after this past New year's. She hadn't filmed with insex yet, I think they were the people who roughed up her pussy, or possibly that lovinglyhandmade guy. It was after the punching/slapping happened that her pussy started looking so deflated

No. 686847

File: 1536793115583.jpg (25.72 KB, 545x256, hard work.JPG)

guys theyve worked so hard for this. a whole 4 months of hard work seeing each other only twice. im pretty sure they are both delusional and/or brain dead.

No. 686849

>"gone through so much"

like fucking WHAT?

No. 686851

it's depressing how much worse she looks now than in these pics that are only 9 months old. she is soooo worn out and looks much older now.

No. 686853

after she changed her name to dolly mattel it really started going steadily downhill for her, looks wise.

No. 686855

Her vagina turned into balls during that time too

No. 686866

Maybe she has had a bartholin cyst on her vagina? Speaking from experience, it would definitely explain the swollen look of it and then the deflated saggyness can come afterward. And her being so fucking rough on her pussy, having such terrible hygiene, and never using lube could've definitely caused one.

No. 686874

Everything she’s had has been on the outside. That kind of cyst is towards the inner labia and inside of the vagina. Plus you would absolutely have noticed one.

No. 686879

They are on the outside. And they vary in sizes. Depending on when it may have drained and how big it got, it absolutely could've gone unnoticed. Like I said, I've had them. A marble sized one wouldn't be noticeable except to her and could've still caused that deflated look. Anyway, its just speculation on my part but it does make sense with her hygiene and sex habits.

No. 686886

She said doing porn is a “performance art”

No. 686892

Save the armchair diagnosis, the girl has a saggy lobster claw vagina because she's used up.

No. 686906

She clearly doesn’t know what performance art is lmao. Or just art for that matter.

No. 686909

hey hunny no one needs to know about your disgusting infected vagina okay. save that for some odd medical gross out board you weirdo.

No. 686913

Shay's vagina is 100% infected but cysts like that (that she does not have) are normal. Stop being twelve.

No. 686914

Less about being "used up" and just because she literally abuses her body including her vagina, asshole and tits. No wonder they all look horrible.

No. 686915

That's exactly what I mean by "used up" though.

No. 686917

Usually the term is used to mean having a lot of regular sex.

No. 686925

Okay Encyclopedia Brown lmao don't try to act like what I said didn't make total sense and describe her vagina situation.

No. 686930

If she's planning to suck his dick while he's driving I hope they both get pulled over and fined, that's as bad as drunk driving

No. 686938

she'll probably film it and sell it as "high quality exhibitionism" kek.

No. 686955

File: 1536803196428.gif (9.2 MB, 270x480, sped.gif)

>while i jump up n down like an idiot

No. 686959

She looks so special needs

No. 686961

wonder if we're gonna get another gross airplane bathroom masturbation vid. it's certainly low effort enough for her.

No. 686965

she desperately needs to wash her hair! it probably smells as bad as it looks. gurl come on

No. 686967


dat neck lmao

No. 686969


she has unfortunate body proportions lol

No. 686975

how does one human being manage to be so retarded and just plain fucking ugly to look at? this gif should qualify as emotional abuse lel

No. 686979


it still baffles me how she's in sex work at all. her body has no shape and is the definition of "skinny fat" and her face is below average looking.

the icing on the cake is her vag and asshole are absolutely disgusting, what people see in her i'll never know. seeing kyle though, it makes sense her infected cunt attracts his greasy chode.

No. 686991

I wonder how many people at the airport thought she was special needs

No. 686995

theyre gonna be living together and fucking on the reg, and I wonder how long it will take Kyle Nathan Perkins's dick to get acne from her busted snatch

No. 687001

According to her snap Fupa is on his way to pick her up as she just landed. Here we go boys!

No. 687010

omg yes pls I am blocked but so excited to see this

No. 687032

Im so excited, i really hope they get on chaturbate soon. I love watching them “interact”

No. 687033

File: 1536809953321.jpg (64.16 KB, 617x786, u776ruvxggd01.jpg)

This is gonna be the milk of the century.

No. 687085

File: 1536817269092.jpeg (83.99 KB, 1242x670, 59CE246D-7612-4619-87B6-FD2850…)

Ohhhh … I get it now…. This is why Shay looks so haggard because she had a good childhood!!!!! Shay you had a good childhood and you def did not get hot in your 20’s you seriously look like shit so this whole post is a joke

No. 687086

i cannot handle this level of delusion and manipulation. i hate this stupid cunt jesus christ

No. 687088


lmao she's delusional if she thinks she's "hot". calling her average is too kind, in reality she has a below average face. she's in that weird category of not ugly, but not attractive either.

No. 687090

i mean.. in MY opinion, from everything i've seen, she's one of the most hideously ugly creatures in existence lol in terms of personality and looks, but yeah, i don't know though because in that gif from today she honestly looked super awful and closer to the straight up disturbingly nasty category instead of the middle.. if she looked like she did 2 years ago then i would agree that she's in the center.

No. 687092


believe me, i don't find her attractive at all and she is looking worse by the day. she just looks old, crusty and used-up. it's why i'm still surprised people even watch her cam, there are way more attractive girls with much better personalities.

like if i wanted to look at someone like shay, i'd look to a homeless shelter first lol

No. 687130

File: 1536825096898.png (109.02 KB, 1012x230, Screenshot_2018-09-13-04-47-46…)

Does anyone know what the fuck a barefoot rabbit on a greasy griddle means? That sounds really stereotypically backwoods American (so what fupa would say) to me but I don't understand the meaning. Nor do I get why Shay would be talking like that

Also I'm really surprised they haven't said anything on their tumblrs since she landed and he parked. Is there anything on snapchat? This just feels really weird to me since they usually post everything, and it's not like they love each other that they'd turn off social media after seeing each other again after months of not

No. 687135

Rabbit fast, rabbit foot very hot so rabbit run faster.
And I'm guessing she's trying to be cute…? Not sure.

No. 687153

Pretty sure that specific term is from Spongebob. Yes it’s a colloquialism from the south. Like “drunker than Cooter Brown” or “hotter than a cat on a tin roof” but using it like that… just nasty.

No. 687155

Thought fupa said snapchats would be 🔥 milkless so far

No. 687160

Have they at least picked up Ribmeat?

No. 687170

Considering she said they'd do that the moment she got picked up I'm near positive ribmeat was in cargo and that's how she would arrive the same time he would. Honestly my worry of them going radio silent was ribmeat had died or something. Probably not the case but I really worry for that cat

No. 687176


Is it really that far-fetched to suspect that she may be somewhat intellectually disabled? Her social skills, decision-making abilities, adaptive skills and behavior in general do seem impaired, even before she started cultivating her "little girl persona".

No. 687180


It’s called mentally ill and self medicating because she refuses to go to the doctor.

No. 687188

Yeah she’s posted on snap a lot of him carrying her luggage, driving to the house, showing off some of the house, a frog outside and rib exploring and jumping on shelves in the walk in closet.

No. 687190

Yeah it's pretty obvious that Ribmeat was put in cargo. She clearly lied about having some random friend pick her up and drive her down to meet them, because 1. Shay doesn't have any friends. 2. Even if she did have friends, it would take the best friend in the world to drive a friend's cat all the way from Seattle to Tulsa and back (I just looked it up and it would take 30 hours each way, so 60 hours in total). 3. Literally everyone would demand a payment for that journey, and Shay wouldn't be willing to give them money cos she has to beg for "boxes" from her followers so that means she's cheap & expects things from other people without paying.

She obviously realized that her followers were upset with her decision to put Ribmeat in cargo, which makes sense, especially as she chose to do it because she doesn't "want to listen to her meowing". So to avoid backlash she made up this story, forgetting that she's publicly said she doesn't have any friends (or want them, apparently, but that made her sound like an obese person saying they "chose to be fat cos it's sexy nowadays"). Shay doesn't feel guilty because of Ribmeat's comfort, she feels bad because what do her followers think of her? She's so incredibly selfish.

No. 687213

If she’s doing soooo well she should have just bought the whole row and flown with it!

No. 687215

can snap anons pls post these? orjust any milk from their snaps? I do not have the app

No. 687222

Kyle Perkins probably knows she looks like a complete idiot in public and refuses to take anything but posed pictures lmao that's why his snap is so dry

No. 687229

He lurks like crazy so he likely saw that we made fun of Shay and laughed at how she looked when she "jumped for joy" the first time she met him. I doubt he's doing it for her sake but his own self-image.
Side note, she wouldn't look so fucking stupid if she actually was the type of person to jump for joy. It's obviously forced and fake which makes it look ultimately hilarious and awkward

No. 687232

Wait… didn’t fupa have a ginger cat? What happened to it?

No. 687241

File: 1536846769261.png (34.77 KB, 664x572, 2018-09-13 09_49_13-kyle natha…)

we did it.
first page google search results for "kyle nathan perkins" "kyle perkins oklahoma" and "kyle perkins tulsa"

No. 687249

I would but I don’t know any way to do so without Shay knowing. She’s getting really tough on screenshots and screen records. If anything milky enough comes along worth losing her snap I will.

No. 687254

Also I just listened to these with sound and Fupa says he’s ‘flexing like Terry Crews right now’ bleh. All because their neighborhood has a name and everyone has brick mailboxes kek. Shay is so amused with the simplest things it really showcases how shitty her quality of life was when she posts snaps with a videos of her pantry saying ‘we have a PANTRY is this real life?’ Or a video saying ‘my house has stairs, stairs that go all the way up there!’ Or squealing like a stuck pig about how an average sized room with a spotty paint job is ‘oh so biiiigggg’

No. 687255

you can download one of many screen recording apps for free that don't show that you're recording her snap. it's actually really simple to use, I did when I had Snapchat, you might want to try it

No. 687266

If you have an android then do the native video capture on that. It doesn't show up as screenshoted or filmed if you do a video capture (I actually didn't know there was a way to see if someone had filmed your videos until this thread, only knew screenshots). Obviously double check first but that's what I do (on my phone the shortcut is volume up+power). No idea for other OSs though except apps

No. 687268

Let me know which one really lets you record without detection and I will. All ones I’ve tried alerts them. And yes I have IOS

No. 687271

I believe Fupa said he had 2 cats that were at his sisters? So where the hell are they then lol

No. 687273


his "dead sister" or another one? i thought he said he didnt have any family?

No. 687276

File: 1536851319657.png (1.93 MB, 750x1334, E819612A-008C-4A51-9ED6-3F3CEA…)

I was watching beauty do’s and don’ts and the “don’t” side reminded me so much of shays makeup I just had to share. Got quite a kick out of it.

No. 687280

what’s her snapchat name? can i try to follow her without paying? or is her snapchat private and only after paying you can follow?

No. 687283

You have to pay and then tell her your username so she can add you (and make sure that you've paid)

No. 687304

File: 1536854032604.jpg (775.57 KB, 1915x2554, IMG_3396.JPG)

Mfw I try to kill time while waiting for the hopefully outrageous milkflow once thing 1 and thing 2 are done white trash fucking and remember they still got social media pages to brag on and clout chase.

No. 687332

Where is Dropbox anon! We need the milk!

No. 687333

I'm here with you anon, I can't imagine the stupid shit they'll do and the eventual fights they're gonna have

No. 687341

I hope they tear up that house. They’re sooo proud but it looks so cheap.

No. 687344

They're both immature and just think that the bigger a house is, the better it must be. I doubt fupa took into account the actual quality of the building

No. 687347

Oh yeah it looks gross the video Shay took of the stairs showcased how dirty the carpet already is, which probably makes her think of her own shitty rug and make her feel at home, as well as the walls with missing paint. Oh and no pink room, I thought Fupa was going to paint? Yeah right this just screams rental kek.

No. 687349


it'll be fucking hilarious if he's convinced her that he bought it and then the landlord wants to come by for an inspection or something.

No. 687365

So do y’all think they’ll lurk here together or try to hide it from each other for as long as possible

No. 687366

they prob already do and probably talk about it with each other

No. 687368

Agreed, they probably sit and whine about it to each other constantly

No. 687394

Download a screen recording app

No. 687397

How could they not after Fupa was outed as the sad fatty who works at a call center and neglects his kids so he can play pretend with a 21-year-old who pretends she's a baby, aka Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, OK kek>>687366

No. 687398

If you recommend one to me that actually works I gladly will.

No. 687400

I'm sure you can look it up Anon

No. 687419

I have looked it up. There are no apps that do not alert the person from what I have read and tried and I'm not about to do the time-consuming phone to computer 20 step process. I'm simply asking if the anons who have suggested I get a screen recording app know of any that actually work and don't alert the person.

No. 687429

do you have an old phone or ipod? i use that to save people's stories lol

No. 687474

File: 1536869784213.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 499.81 KB, 1233x1029, 774C52F6-68C1-46E5-8E80-A5186B…)

When you have to hike up your bikini cut underwear to make it look like you have some semblance of an ass. Kek.

No. 687476

>the lighting
>facing away from the light


No. 687479

Dark lightning is good news for her and her aggrevated ass boils.

No. 687481

File: 1536870002607.jpeg (129.75 KB, 1242x243, BF09809D-4DB9-481F-8329-49D288…)

She really has no idea how to be a findom. She only does it when she’s really desperate for money too. She acts like she’s a completely submissive bimbo Barbie one day, then tries to pretend the next day like she’s a competent findom who knows how findom works. (1/3)

No. 687483

File: 1536870044424.jpeg (453.05 KB, 1242x1036, 0E8FFA06-99AC-4FAB-8BE1-E08A58…)

She really thinks findom works this way. Don’t offer it as a service if you have NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE DOING. (2/3)

No. 687484

was thinking about the same thing tbh xD using laptop’s camera could work too

No. 687485

File: 1536870104285.jpeg (428.5 KB, 1242x977, 98EBCFC6-346A-49C7-974F-3AC8C6…)

(3/3) she thinks it’s just being rude and calling men losers and pigs with small dicks and they pay you for it. Her stupidity is ridiculous.

No. 687487

why would you call him a pig and then send a little heart?

No. 687489

Because she doesn't know what she's doing

No. 687490

but I thought Fupa Daddy was going to take care of you Shay? Why do you need to beg for money?

Oh right cuz Fupa isn’t gonna pay for shit, kek.

No. 687493

look at her archy back lol

hank hill is working extra hard to try to have an ass today

No. 687494

>someone willing to send money for your shitty nudes

>curse them out ane blocks them

I…I don't think this is how you play the game

No. 687495

Her character is so inconsistent.

No. 687499

Why do all camhoes think they're a findom just calling guys pigs.

It's like when they make fuck all acting a sub they try go to the domme side and think it's just calling guys pigs and referring to themselves as a goddess.

No. 687500

…Is…is she ok?
She does know you don't have to be poorly LARPing a "domme" 24/7 when you're trying to arrange services, right?

No. 687511

every goddamn day she gets more cringy and pathetic wtf

No. 687519

The only camhoes that do it are the ones that don’t have anything original about them and just switch around to what they think is popular. Then they get mad when no one buys from them because there’s nothing interesting or good about them.

Stick with the bullshit barbie crap, Shayna. It’s much easier for someone as retarded as you. Findom actually involves having a brain.

No. 687526

File: 1536871971708.jpg (29.46 KB, 237x599, no bath.JPG)

so she never took a bath in seattle because there wasn't enough hot water? she probably showered rarely because of that too. stop showing people how often you don't bathe shay, its not a good look.

No. 687527

I realize this is nitpicky but why is the tub barely filled?

No. 687528

she doesn't want to wash TOO much, anon. remember, she enjoys her dirtiness.

No. 687532

After she took this picture she prob instantly got out and returned to her filthy carpet on top of their couch. Her legs barely even look wet kek

No. 687534

clearly she washed anon, shes got a tiny bit of soap on her leg. thats enough right? kek.

No. 687541

File: 1536873181047.jpg (Spoiler Image, 872.92 KB, 2000x3000, dol012BMB_361754035.jpg)

I wonder if Shay's parents know she moved in with some deadbeat who has 3 kids and lives in Tulsa now. I feel really bad for her parents, I am not going to lie. She had all of the resources to have a great life and she chose to be a begging camwhore who is the laughingstock of the community. How do you even come back from something like this kek?!

I found the entire ATKingdom foot fetish picset she did: http://kitty-kats.net/threads/dolly-mattel-footfetish-set-361754-x186-07-29-18.2596359/

All of the pictures are clickable, have adblock on.

No. 687545

looking at the full length body pics, its so obvious that she doesn't know how to model and is very insecure. just in how she holds herself and only does 1-2 poses, its obvious she is not a model and doesn't know how to model unless she has a front facing camera. can't really call yourself a porn star if you can't even model or act.

No. 687546

oh my god. i hovered my mouse over the spoiler pic you posted and i'm amazed at how her vagina LITERALLY looks like a tranny's post op ballsack after they got their dick turned into more of a vag. it's saggy and repulsive and it really looks absolutely wrecked and mangled.

No. 687547

File: 1536873827829.jpg (Spoiler Image, 573.91 KB, 3000x2000, dol012BMB_361754153.jpg)

Wow that was awful.

Yellow/brown clown ass feet, crinkled vagoo and awkward poses.

No. 687548

and in the photo set its so dry and she just keeps pulling and stretching her labia. shes dumb to think it doesn't affect anything.

No. 687549

File: 1536873874246.jpg (33.87 KB, 456x421, sex face.JPG)

"show us your sexy face"

No. 687550

File: 1536873903807.jpg (Spoiler Image, 101.43 KB, 846x638, full body.JPG)

these awkward af full body pics. eek. 1/2

No. 687551

File: 1536873915891.jpg (Spoiler Image, 104.64 KB, 846x638, full body2.JPG)


No. 687552

The sad thing is, you know she was given direction to at least get these half assed poses.

No. 687553

that half falling off eyelash, lmao she looks like a meth addict they found in LA and were like "hey honey you wanna make some money?"

No. 687555

well…they probably attempted to give her direction and when they realized this is the best theyre gonna get were just like, welp guess we gotta shoot it.

No. 687558

File: 1536874190008.jpg (Spoiler Image, 477.38 KB, 3000x2000, dol012BMB_361754062.jpg)

Her butthole is not even clean.

No. 687559

tbh it just looks like her flat ass

No. 687560

File: 1536874278535.jpg (Spoiler Image, 140.22 KB, 700x712, fat guy butt.jpg)

looks like a ballsack but also a fat guys ass crack up close with a gaping black hole of mysteries at the bottom

sorry i posted without spoiler at first lel

No. 687561

have you never seen an asshole? theyre usually dark like that.

shit comes out of there anon.

No. 687563

i think they're referring to the weird little. not the brown… flecks of stuff stuck to it, not the little brown… freckles?

took me a sec to see it, too

No. 687564

those are freckles. seriously have you guys never seen an asshole before? her vagina is the trainwreck, her asshole is just normal. besides the fact that she dry fucks it.

No. 687566

oh, and check out those big lumps too. an infected, lumpy black hole of terror..

No. 687567

You’re still supposed to clean your asshole before a porn shoot. Especially if you’re spreading it like this.

No. 687568

I just assumed we never seen her bathroom because of how horrible it looked

No. 687570


Clean? Yeah, but it's not like she needs to bleach it. most assholes are dark and discolored unless they're bleached.

No. 687572

lmao what is dirty about it? take a pic of your own asshole and im sure youll find its not sparkling clean.

or maybe you shit from your mouth, idk.

No. 687574

they really shouldnt ever do close ups of her vagina. just wide shots. really really wide shots. so wide that we can barely see her. perfect.

No. 687575

Before an up-close shoot of your asshole, take a washcloth or wet wipe and wipe down any left-over TP particles from your asshole. It's not that hard.

No. 687576

File: 1536875031902.jpg (Spoiler Image, 306.15 KB, 479x492, a perfect ballsack.jpg)

you cannot tell me that this isn't a fucking b a l l s a c k

No. 687577

can you just stop with your autistic butthole rant? no one but you thinks that assholes should look sparkling white. theres clearly no TP or shit stains on her ass anon. surprised youre not more offended by her disgusting vagina.

No. 687580

how about we all just stop measuring the degree of dirtiness in this hoe's anal appearance. we know the inside of her ass is all kinds of fucked up but unless we see TP or something on the outside, let's just not ruin our minds by examining that repulsive area.

No. 687583

File: 1536875621127.jpg (Spoiler Image, 161.07 KB, 284x419, rotting green meat?.jpg)

not sure if nitpick or not but i noticed her labia looks almost green on the right side? does anyone else think it looks greeny-yellow?

No. 687584

Her vagina is literally popped. What happened to it? It didn’t always look like that

No. 687586

File: 1536875718425.gif (11.17 KB, 287x325, 27C4DED1-A7BC-482C-874A-D7D608…)

No. 687588

well anon, when you piss on your carpet and in diapers as an adult, im sure it can probaly turn the skin off-color after a while.

it also could just be because shes streatching the skin so you can see the inside.

No. 687589

still sexier than anything Shay has

No. 687592


no, not the stretched skin, i'm talking the big thick flab on the right side, it looks much more green tan the rest of her vag area and labia etc.

No. 687594

well yea it could be from pissing her pants so often and not cleaning herself properly

No. 687596


Damn she's a lot bigger than she lets on, like
A LOT. She actually has a tall frame, lack of a waist with her body proportions make her look like a tree trunk. These photos especially are so unflattering. She looks so giant. She looks awful.

No. 687597

omg you can see the poop crusties im dead

No. 687604

oh my god you're right actually, this bitch did not even remotely clean herself before doing this upclose naked shoot. literal shit is on her ass all over the outside. now i agree with the earlier anon who was saying how her ass is dirtier than it should be, it's not hard to fucking wipe your ass properly and shower before you do this stuff!

No. 687605

I bet you that tub wasn't cleaned before she decided to soak and simmer in all the germs and dead skin cells, among other nasty build up from the previous owners. Gag! The place wasn't in the best shape in the "tour" fupa gave. Especially that foul carpeting.

Also. Is that dirt on the wall? That's disgusting.

No. 687606

i thought we were done with this subject?

buttholes arent clean areas. expecting her to have the money to get it bleached is just wild. you can scrub your asshole till it bleeds but itll still be dark.

No. 687607

wtf pic are you guys looking at that youre seeing shit stains and TP? cuz the one im looking at is a normal asshole with a wrecked vagina underneath.

No. 687609


i didnt see what they were talking about until i looked closer. there are teeny tiny little flecks of something light brown (probably stained toilet paper) around the actual hole.

No. 687611

LOOK CLOSER LOL instead of bitching, take a closer look. we are not talking about the darkness, we're talking about how she literally has tiny pieces of shit on the outside of her ass. it's so easy to SHOWER and to wipe properly, if you can't see it then look closer.

it's not TP, unless it's shit stained TP. it's actual pieces of shit and it's clear that she did not shower or wipe thoroughly before doing a porn shoot which is gross.

No. 687613


No. 687614

She's notorious for having debrs, dirt, and actual poop on her genitals in her porn, she's always dirty. There's a screen caps from one of her vids where there's a piece of feces along with strands of hair on her dildos etc in some of the earlier threads.
Its not about the discoloration of her skin. It's the fact that there's literal pieces of feces stick crusted on and around her asshole

No. 687617

its freckles.

No. 687618

…. you're clearly fucking blind, get some glasses.

No. 687621

I'm just going to assume none of you have ever seen an ACTUAL asshole besides bleached and edited ones. people can get freckles around their asshole. she has had shit stains in videos before but these are very light brown spots. theyre FRECKLES.

No. 687622

File: 1536877174644.png (Spoiler Image, 312.62 KB, 510x380, Screenshot 2018-09-13 at 5.18.…)

it looks like toilet paper or something in the creases of her actual ass hole. now can we move the fuck on? you know the milk is dry when everyones fighting over something like flecks on a shitter, a notoriously dirty one at that.

No. 687623

its freckles.

No. 687624

its fucking freckles, incels.

No. 687628

the fact that any of you looking that closely (and for such a long period of time) at her asshole is disturbing, quite frankly.

No. 687629

File: 1536877292350.png (Spoiler Image, 98.14 KB, 227x163, vomit.PNG)

No. 687630

File: 1536877295595.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.62 MB, 1782x1926, poop.jpg)

it's shit.

she didn't wipe herself before taking the photos.

No. 687631

oh my god. what we are talking about are not freckles. jesus, not our faults you can't goddamn see straight.

they're literally chunks of something but okay. no fucking freckles look like that. i'll just assume kindly that you don't understand what we're looking at.

if you think those are freckles, you're mentally retarded. whatever keep in fighting over your pathetic shitty eyesight i guess. i'm not wasting my time on someone who thinks those are freckles and thinks calling the rest of us incels is helping lol

No. 687634

you took the time to circle random lint bits on her asshole? that could be from her underwear or the cheap shorts she was wearing. you all sound just as retarded as her.

its freckles.

No. 687636

microscopic lint bits on her asshole = dirty shit stained asshole?

yep, you are all just as retarded as her.

No. 687637

i dont like shayna but really people? arguing over weather her asshole is dirty or not? she has so much more milk and your fighting over that?

No. 687639

Could you wk for her a little harder please?

No. 687640

you absolutely have to be trolling. nobody would care if your autist ass wasn't constantly yelling "its freckles!!11" when it's fucking FECES! i'm laughing too hard i need to calm down. no freckles are chunks of material hanging off someone's skin. now just stop

aww now you're double posting the same thing over and over cause you're wrong, blind and embarassed :(

No. 687641


all the full sized photos from her other shoot with that guy.
idk if this album was posted or not, i know th other one was

No. 687644

can you stop zooming in and studying her asshole like its a science project? theres teeny tiny bits of lint in between the creases of skin. really not that big of a deal.

No. 687645

There should be a ban on close ups of shaynas anything. >>687629 but yes this isn’t freckles. Fucking disgusting. What the fuck is going on here? She has to have some kind of low iq or something g

No. 687646

File: 1536877910893.jpg (103.61 KB, 3000x1995, dol012BMB_361756096.jpg)

My favorite photo in the whole set is this watermarked one that doesn't even have Shay in it kek. Finally a good picture of her!

No. 687647

why would anyone even want to zoom in further on that?

No. 687648

if youve never ever once in your life gotten any kind of lint anywhere on your body then by god you must be a saint. its not shit.

No. 687650

all of these are basically the same, wth

No. 687652

why would lint look like shredded flakes of shit covered toilet paper???????? please explain. also who wears underwear that specifically puts flakey "lint" right in your asshole? you reach so hard i honestly think you're borderline WKing, because it's just insane to think that that looks anything like lint.

No. 687653


No. 687654

yeah but the difference between you and I having lint on our bodies and Shay is that we aren't getting those areas photographed for money. She's a whole mess regardless.

No. 687655

File: 1536878280757.jpg (Spoiler Image, 522.31 KB, 3000x2000, white shit.jpg)

tiny white specks of lint/tp.

unless she has white feces, im thinking that yeah, those arent shit stains.

No. 687656

to me, it's obvious TP. it has a yellow tint. that does not resemble lint at all to me.

No. 687657

File: 1536878381062.jpg (Spoiler Image, 541.11 KB, 1228x746, assne.jpg)

first thing you see when you visit her twitter is her ass pimples. She made it her banner, but the photo just zooms straight into it on pc.

No. 687658

do you expect her to take a microscope to her anus and make sure every teeny tiny literal SPECK is gone? because if so, youre really really weird. you had to ZOOM IN even more than the pic already was to even see them.

lint mainly comes from cotton. lint can 100% come from TP, kek.

No. 687662

yeah she should make sure her fucking ass is clean, and that she doesn't have a deflated cunt before she goes and gets closeup photos taken of them. jesus christ.

No. 687663

Oh my god stop, you're more annoying than Shayna with your defenses and bullshit. People are pointing out that she new it was up close and she didn't use a wet wipe or water to clean the area free of TP. Are you happy now? All explained for you?

No. 687665

uh… why are you acting like it's hard to spray your asshole in the shower? i'm not infighting anymore, i'm just genuinely asking because it's not hard at all to clean your asshole on the outside. it's not a struggle in most people's daily routines, let alone a wannabe porn stars.

No. 687666

Jesus christ they can't even deliver good milk despite the fact they've moved in together, fucking everyone here is arguing about lint and freckles and circling zoomed in photos of her ass hole like absolute autists.

No. 687668

really? how can one see that in a mirror by themselves if you needed to zoom in on the already mega-zoomed in pic just to see it?

its not like she has friends who could help her out.

No. 687670


No. 687671

you take something called a shower where you clean your ass with soap and water before doing a nude shoot lel

No. 687672

tfw we were all pumped for explosive rich creamy milk today but instead everyone has an hour long fight over shaytard's dirty asshole

hilarious but also infighting and fucking disappointing.

No. 687673

you can wash it all you like, lint can still stick in the creases in your skin. plus she was sweating like a pig during the shoot and wearing linty shorts with no underwear.

but i guess you expect her to take her pants off during the shoot, wipe and scrub her entire genital area, then go back to shooting.

yeah, sorry to break it to you, but photoshoots dont work that way.

No. 687674

Can we get the WK blocked??

No. 687675

File: 1536878876181.png (18.19 KB, 564x253, Capture.PNG)

Surely a snap anon can screengrab some stuff? They must not want to post on tumblr.

No. 687676

Sorry Anon, forgot you're the leading expert on photoshoots and asshole cleanliness.

No. 687677

hopefully. i'm tired of false shayna asshole propoganda.

No. 687678

Hey man. Calm down. She’s not a real porn star. She’s a low budget shit show. (Literally) we all knew she was disgusting and we’ve all seen her poopy butthole before.
Anyone here remember her swimsuit Barbie video with the shit stained bottoms.
It’s nothing new.

No. 687679

oh im sorry, i forgot i was supposed to whole-heartedly agree with every dumb nitpick made, especially the ones that make no sense and cant tell the difference between a legit shit stain and tiny specks of microscopic TP lint.

No. 687680

They must need money for barbies dream house already.

No. 687681

Lets all just MOVE ON and focus on actual milk, she had TP bits on her ass we all understand.

No. 687682

she was doing her fake findom shtick this morning so they must be, kek

No. 687683

Don't have to agree, just don't have to sit there and fight for an hour about an asshole.

No. 687684

in almost every thread we have this asshole nitpick anon. its getting kind of weird.

No. 687685

and i literally mean that they nitpick about her asshole.

No. 687686

Does anyone have two devices where they can record their phone while playing the snapchats??

No. 687688

well until you stop pretending that the average human gets a bunch of shreds of lint in their ass immediately at a shoot that perfectly resemble shitty pieces of TP, then you have no right to accuse anyone else of "making no sense" cause you literally sound like a desperate WK.

i could, but i'm not paying shay to get the snap so :/

No. 687689

Has Kyle posted anything? His snap is free

No. 687691

And anyone new showing up and us immediately getting shots would get you blocked for sure, we gotta depend on our Snap anons

No. 687693

if anyone has a good idea then tell me if you want to do the whole record screen with a different phone thing.

No. 687694

File: 1536879577318.jpg (Spoiler Image, 718.67 KB, 1920x3304, 1517388544514.jpg)

At least the other time there was a piece of shit out of her ass from another video. (photo)

human shit- >>487913

The point is, she's just dirty, she admittedly doesn't shower or bathe for weeks on end, and doesn't clean up before she "

hair on dildo - >>487930

No. 687712

These posts are beyond autism. I’m glad that the collective trained eye of rageanons has successfully clued us all into the fact that, yes, indeed, this is in fact lint. Or not. Who fucking cares? Why are you all reposting and analyzing pictures of her nasty asshole? Learn to love yourselves and stop acting like incels, fucking hell.

No. 687713

why is there STILL a delusional WK non saging loser in here? pls leave

No. 687715

This is probably Shay trying to defend herself. Actually it’s probably Fupa based off the insist idiocy.

No. 687716

You need to learn what the definition of a white knight is. You use it constantly, but you use it wrong. Cheers, boo.

No. 687718

Because every person who points out your white knighting is the same person? We all think you are so stop.

No. 687719

oh my god you are cringy. admit it looks like shitty TP and move on, calling other people names doesn't make your humiliating ass look better. also you're the first person i've called a WK in shay threads so congratulations, deluded moron lol

No. 687721

File: 1536882533153.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 222.22 KB, 1563x1563, AD7F1562-A475-4497-8597-49F1AD…)

Changing subjects! why does she post a photo set and reblog it only two hours later? Is she that desperate for notes?

No. 687728

Her giraffe neck really stands out in that first photo

No. 687730

don't do tarakotchi dirty like that anon

No. 687732

Yes, my theory is that she thinks people must not have seen it and that's why she didn't get many notes/reblogs so she reblogs it to try and get it on more people's dash when they're scrolling through. And then she gets mad at the people who either casually or pity-liked it because she wanted reblogs and takes it out on them by blocking them (resulting in less notes next time because she fucks up and removes her few supporting followers who maybe just didn't feel like reblogging that one or reblogged it to a non-main)

No. 687758

i can't believe i had 82 new messages since i last checked the thread a few hours ago only to see you guys discussing about what's on her asshole.

but anwyays, fupa hasn't posted anything on his snap with Shay since she arrived which is kind of funny. he only snapped an hour ago about going to home her for the first time. zero milk

No. 687759

samefag, sorry. i meant "going home to her for the first time"

No. 687760

Now THIS is literal pieces of shit coming out of her anus.

She just needs to adopt hygiene habits. Porn is supposed to be her profession. So this is unacceptable. She already has boils, breakouts all over her pussy, asscne, etc, then you add being unkempt, dirty, and unhygienic on top. This has been a steady problem for her. How hard is it to shower before or even take a wet wipe to your parts before you shoot. She also even said she had period blood on her that she didn't notice while shooting a vid (from her 21 embarrassing video). Clean yourself.

No. 687769

File: 1536887936597.png (921.22 KB, 505x937, 96663248.PNG)

We get it Shay, but you still lied about how you got her down there. You are still a neglectful piece of shit. I can't wait to see where she is in 10 years kek.

No. 687782

the absurdity of the dirty asshole discourse is bringing me so much joy, i'm crying laughing right now

(but yeah it's clearly soiled tp and she should have made sure her butthole was clean before having close up pics of it taken it's just common sense)

No. 687786

Please…..please PLEASE no more asshole debating. I’ve been waiting so long for this moooove-in milk and this is what I get?

No. 687787

me too, i was crying laughing throughout that whole thing. i also found it hilarious how someone thought soiled TP pieces were "freckles" lol

No. 687791

>>687787 they didn't think the TP pieces were freckles. they were referring to the actual freckles she has there. jesus…

No. 687792

s t o p

No. 687794

so they were acting like a blind moron then?? pls just shut up and chill the hell out, you're taking this joke about shay's dirty asshole and turning it into another melodrama lol

No. 687795

all you’re doing is adding to it. so you need to stop as well.

No. 687796

meh i can't help but respond to the pushy idiots when they make stuff up to excuse their stupidity

No. 687800

you’re not helping by continually instigating though. Just leave and come back when you calm down, damn.

No. 687802

Anon, you are way too concerned with tiny pieces of TP lint, fr.

No. 687803

Why are we having to monitor the thread so much today can you guys grown up?

No. 687806

File: 1536891651261.jpg (32.31 KB, 466x583, dirt.jpg)

From Insta, you can see dirt in the corner of the windows and in the molding of the wall. And her obviously sucking in.

No. 687807

i love how her hank hill body is easily displayed, like her upper body is so much wider than her ass and hips.

No. 687809

File: 1536891752367.jpg (21.86 KB, 145x104, dirtcloseup.jpg)

No. 687810

it doesn't matter how much she arches her back it's always going to be hank hill ass

No. 687811


the house looks so grimy. like it wasn't cleaned before they moved in… and they certainly aren't going to clean it themselves or get it professionally done. so now they are living in someone else's grime and will contribute their own filth to it as well.


No. 687813

Imagine how bad it'll reek of weed and sweat and old cum that Shay occasionally sucks off tshirts

No. 687815


as soon as shay stepped into that house, it stank. i imagine she smells like unwashed pussy and old weed.

No. 687816

But anon, she took a BATH with WATER

No. 687819


oh right! in the tub that probably has a layer of dust in it. how could i forget lol

i wonder if fupa will actually force her to shower or if he's just as gross as her when it comes to personal hygiene

No. 687820

I know this sounds insanely tinfoil hat ish, but is that a fake window? One of the kinds you put in basements to make the room look lighter/ less depressing?

No. 687821

In every photo he posts he looks oily and covered in sweat and constipated so I'm guessing he's just as bad as her

No. 687823

Nah looks like a normal frosted window

No. 687826


true, we've all seen this grease pig lol

No. 687830

ant-size, try again

No. 687834

well when you rent/lease a cheap home, it’s not always required that the previous owners leave it clean…or in any kind of good shape for that matter. The first thing she should have done when she got there was unpack essentials, wash some bedsheets, clean the bathroom, and take a shower. But of course the first thing she does is put Fupas sweaty chode in her mouth, takes a bath in a dirty bathtub with only a few inches of water, take some terribly lit snaps and then went to bed.

So adult, truly thriving.

No. 687839

she’ll probably just put her few pink things on the floor, put some Christmas lights up, call it a cam studio and say she’s completely moved in, kek.

No. 687848

download bluestacks (android simulator) on your computer and put snapchat on there, then screenshot that way

No. 687885

Honestly, the whole place looked pretty scuzzy from what could be seen in the video Kyle made. The carpets were in really poor shape, were worn out and wrinkled? The blinds were tattered. Even the bathroom is covered in mildew/mold and is dirty. It's no wonder he did such a quick video.

A small, outdated, dirty place like that out in a place like Oklahoma really isn't anything to show off or brag about. The only nice part of the entire place is the fireplace which may or may not be a real one and the walk in closest. It's insane she thinks this is luxury living.

No. 687889


considering the one room apartment she lived in with zero furniture, she probably thinks she's rich now lol

No. 687894


Every house I've lived in has had a fireplace. I wouldn't really consider that "nice" either.

No. 687907

Really though my 800ft apartment has a fireplace… She’s just been living in such a shit hole that she’s excited about the most basic aspects of an actual home. To be fair this place is obviously much nicer than the last one but I give it less than a month before it’s absolutely filthy and they’re both waiting for the other person to do the cleaning.

No. 687926

That’s fucking disgusting

No. 687927


What punk rock there is about giving roadhead?!

No. 687928

File: 1536907491062.png (11.99 KB, 1152x648, stop.png)

Reposting because I had a spelling error. (sorry again for the shitty screenshot) Doesn't get much more "punk rock" than that lmao

No. 687929

File: 1536907891788.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 2000x3000, dol012BMB_361754169.jpg)

Shayna's such a model lmao

No. 687931

>I'm so punk rock!

No. 687934

She has the most unsightly vagina I´ve ever seen

No. 687944


But can someone edit her vag to look actually nice??

No. 687945


What is the point? Everyone knows how it looks like.

No. 687947

For shits and giggles(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 687955

sorry but you're going to have to learn photoshop if you want to jerk off to her

No. 687958

How the fuck do you get ingrown hairs like that? There’s so many sores and it’s spread over her entire pussy like wtf she is the grossest thing I’ve ever seen
How can she look at that and think “mmm sexy baby yes~”

No. 687963

There's been a lot of speculation about her sores and I never felt the need to get all blogposty but honestly I used to suffer from a similar issue. I'm pretty sure that it's something to do with the texture of my body hair or my skin but I basically can't shave or wax parts of my body without breaking out really badly, and trust me I've tried everything. I don't know if it's the same for her but I imagine if it is they probably look as bad as they do because she picks and has bad hygiene on top of that issue.

If she does indeed have the same issue I do it'd be incredibly easy to fix, which just makes the whole thing more depressing.

No. 687986

File: 1536920240750.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.18 MB, 2000x3000, A1589D10-3FC5-449E-B614-BB7FC9…)

I’m no photoshop expert but I decided to give it a go as I had some free time on my hands. I smoothed her vagina, gave her a slightly more feminine shape, got rid of her dark circles, made her nose slightly smaller, got rid of the greasy spotty shine on her face, and warmed the pic up so she looks more alive. I think I did a good job

No. 687990

a lot of these photoshops are complete shit but you actually made her look a lot nicer, which is hard with shay. good job anon. the only problem is now her teeth look more pronounced, like buckteeth. maybe from editing her lips? ive never noticed her teeth that much before.

No. 687992

Thankyou, I tried! And forgot to mention I whitened her teeth too, that’s probably why

No. 687993

Wtf is it about Shay that brings all the disordered vagina anons out?

No. 687999

This is what happens when snapchat anons don't share images on the image board. People end up bitching about booty lint forever. Wtf

No. 688005

What's fupas snap?

No. 688012

Pretty sure it’s the same as his tumblr handle

No. 688015


No. 688016

difference is huge especially in the crotch area!

No. 688038

File: 1536929032690.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.37 MB, 3000x4000, BFEFC653-D25B-43DE-9BB8-4106E7…)

I did a couple more just to test my photoshop skills (because let’s be real, making shay look good is a challenge) and it really made me realise just how dirty ATK did her. Both of these only took roughly 5-10 mins to fix. Imagine if they’d actually put effort into her shoot, she could have looked a lot less like she’d just crawled onto their set out of a dumpster

No. 688041


Should have fixed her weird lopsided nipples

No. 688043


Maybe fetish fans prefer more "raw" material, I guess? I wouldnt want to see that either though, kek.

No. 688048

>>688041 I didn’t want her to look TOO different, subtlety is the key when editing

No. 688052

She really could be pretty if she just put in real effort, not gorgeous, but pretty.

No. 688066

Late to the party, but that shit is so dry and crusty, you can literally see the skin flaking off her inner labia in >>687547. I wonder if she constantly dry-fucks herself because she just can't get wet?

Imagine getting into a car accident because some drunk idiot was giving her fat ~~daddy dom~~ a sloppy blowjob on the road.

No. 688082

She has like no clit? Like even in pics where the fucking thing gets pried apart by her grimy nails, there isn’t even a hint of a clit under the clitoral hood
Maybe that’s why the cunt is always dry as a desert. Ultimate tinfoil: Shayna is mtf

No. 688083

Can you imagine being one of Shayna’s pedophilic buyers?
>what u expect: bald ‘innie’ child cunt like she claims to have

No. 688086

the entire structure of her vagina confuses me at this point. it might also just be that i've never seen one stretched wide open in so many different positions before.

No. 688133


nothing can fix those sad dry lips

No. 688142

File: 1536943508945.jpg (42.88 KB, 253x615, shays life.JPG)

No. 688143

File: 1536943539476.jpg (28.58 KB, 250x542, makeup.JPG)

No. 688147

“You deserve it” I’m sorry wtf has she done to deserve to sit in the bath all fucking day? She’s literally only slept and had sex all day. She’s just being praised for being a lazy fucking cunt

No. 688148

>pimply, pus-filled diseased ass and vag right on the bathroom counter
>calluses, rock hard feet with built up sweat and dirt crusted and caked on right on the counter
she literally looks and acts like a Neanderthal

No. 688150


probably nitpicking but jesus christ her feet look giant

No. 688152

File: 1536944148430.gif (1.67 MB, 500x281, 56E7290D-2C0C-46F0-98C2-B90E20…)

She woke up to him having sex with her?

No. 688153

sorry for double post but holy shit her feet look MASSIVE? She has to be like a 9.5 or 10?? they’re fucking big foot status. she probably has bigger feet than mr. baby hands Kyle Nathan Perkins

No. 688157

I think she’s like a 7-7.5? She has shoes on her wishlist and she asks for that size. Pretty normal for her height tbh. Could just be the way she’s sitting. Her feet are really dirty though. Why not scrub them while you’re in the bath?

No. 688159

That tinfoil is so funny because when we first posted Fupa, LOTS of anons thought he was a FTM trans man, KEK

No. 688178

Yeah… Quite fucked

No. 688179

She’s calling a bath tub a jacuzzi kek

No. 688184

they were probably jacking off to it

No. 688188

He’s letting her be lazy so he can start asking her to cook, clean etc…honeymoon phase. Get ready lol

No. 688202


Shay in a 7.5? I find that extremely hard to believe based on her own pictures; her feet look the same size as Luna Slater's kuk

I think it's funny that she pushes this 'smol pink babby girl' image sooo hard and doesn't think to crop out her feet. She's mentioned how her big hands make her feel insecure, but I'd be more worried about the giant flippers

No. 688209

My brain can’t even comprehend such a thing. If any one of you jacked off to content created by Shayna you’re worse than she is and probably deserve your own thread. But I have a hard time accepting the fact that anyone is turned on by anything she does despite the filth

No. 688226

Someone tell shaynut that every time she says fupa stops her anxiety/depression or whatever, she proves that she’s faking it? Anyone who loves a mentally ill person or is mentally ill themself, knows that love or a partner doesn’t fix your brain. These things don’t magically go away, they’re chemical imbalances in the brain and you actually have to do work to regulate them, like taking medication or exercise.
I honestly wouldn’t care this much but it’s so irritating that she’s always acting like her fake mental illnesses give her a struggle of some sort. Or every time she gets called out for some bullshit she whines about how the backlash she’s getting fucks with her mental health. Like no shaynut, you’re not struggling, you’re not a victim of anything, you just don’t want to be a mature adult so you make your fake mental illness(es) the scapegoat.

No. 688238

I almost read over that, gross as fuck. I imagine she won't think that's hot anymore once the euphoria passes and she wakes up to this dude showing his dick into her.

No. 688240

File: 1536951614022.png (Spoiler Image, 3.26 MB, 2000x3000, Adobe_20180914_194902.png)

All is ever see instead of shays gross vag is Homer Simpson's face. I think it's my brains way of protecting me from the visual trauma tbh.

Pic related

No. 688246

her feet look way longer than any 7.5 i've seen, including myself.

No. 688252

>that zit on her face
They didn't try to make her look nice at all, huh.

No. 688255

Tbh a lot of the heels she has look a bit to small for her, so maybe she’s more like an 8-8.5? you can’t tell foot size by just a picture, I’m just going with what sizes are on her wishlist.

No. 688256

>literal brick body shape
>vein on titty seems to get worse every week
>giant, relentless boils, pimples, ingrown hairs and god knows what kinds of infected lumps all over entire genital area and ass

only the ugliest losers on tumblr give this hoe money. the average guy on pornhub wouldn't even find the courage to jerk off to her.

No. 688257

She's been wearing the same underwear for the past 2 days lol

No. 688260

I could be crazy but maybe she asks for size 7 shoes to fit her "smol" aesthetic and then trades them in for a larger size? I wouldn't put it past her

No. 688261

File: 1536953706536.png (Spoiler Image, 9.6 MB, 4000x3000, just use the blur tool my dude…)

Tried to fix her nips but i'm no pro obviously. This took about 10 mins so why could the company not have at least blurred her skin out a bit?

No. 688263

Because they're cheap and lazy, like shayna

No. 688265

I mean any company who even considers shooting with a girl in that state probably doesnt give a single fuck lmao but good job anon maybe they'll hire you

No. 688269

Hey man, Neanderthals get a really bad rap. At least they knew how to make tools and took care of the old and sick. Shayna can’t even take care of her cat.

No. 688272

File: 1536955010844.png (28.49 KB, 543x410, 663513516.PNG)

Shay forgets how to take baths

Who forgets how to take a bath. . .

No. 688273

File: 1536955131625.png (18.72 KB, 294x623, wtf.PNG)

Yeah, just sit there in the shower and let the water fall on you. Surefire way to clean yourself.

Also, the bar is set so low for this bitch eh? She wants to marry Fupa now because he is renting a cheap house in Tulsa. Wow.

No. 688276

It’s obvious she doesn’t even wash her ass properly. She’s too fucking gross.

No. 688279

I'm genuinely curious about the state her old apartment must have been left in, I imagine it was a disaster area and needed some serious deep cleaning

No. 688280

it really triggers me how she's such an arrogant liar. like shut up, only like 5 of your pathetic tumblr followers are buying into your bullshit about your life shaytard.

No. 688281

>a guy having cable tv is what makes him true marriage material for shay

so sad, so cheap, so classically shayna.

No. 688284

i'm dying at how out of touch she is right now LMAO. wow, every episode of spongebob? has the bitch not had a dvr in her entire life?

No. 688291

She’s way too easy

No. 688294


>the top floor devoted entirely 2 my new work space

wow i feel dumb as fuck to assume that Fupa might actually have something to do with his children… like let them even have a bedroom at their fathers house.
Its probably a lot better for them not to be there, but still man, it's really fucked to see a man that clearly chose a 21 year old cam whore over his children.

No. 688296

BY "top floor" I'm thinking maybe just an upper bedroom like some houses have at the very top, but yea I never expected Fupa to have his kids over there, I doubt he even gets visitations anymore.

No. 688299


so he'd have all three children in one room then, no?

because their upstairs was an open area, bathroom and door that he didnt open, closet maybe? and their downstairs looked like it had 2 bedrooms. (correct me if im wrong)

what if one of the kids decides to sneak up there and sees all of Dad's new girlfriends nasty shit up there?

No. 688300


samefag, but assuming he has his children over that is.

No. 688302

Like I said, I don't see him even having visitation rights, and if he does I;m sure his ex wife would need to see the new place and okay it since she obviously has at least mostly full custody. He's obviously not spending his birthday with his kids since him and Shay are making plans which makes me think he very rarely sees them.

No. 688306

At least I HOPE their mother has full custody, imagine Shay calling him Dad around those poor children while she's half naked and all over him?

No. 688308

File: 1536957899833.png (Spoiler Image, 60.29 KB, 750x562, IMG_3696.PNG)

She's really pushing the whole "gaize I do bathe!!"

No. 688309

She'd give those kids some real severe daddy issues if he hasn't already fucked them up by being a perverted freak.

No. 688311

With only enough water to cover my grimy ass!

No. 688316

Ew she’s just sitting in her own filth. Bitch needs a proper scorching hot shower or better yet a pressure washer.

No. 688317

Seriously what is up with her not even halfway filling a bath? Does she really not understand how bathing works?

No. 688318

Anyone else find it weird they're yet to post any photos together?

No. 688319

She probably just ran a bath to take snapchat pictures, not to clean herself

No. 688321


It blows my mind that's she shares shit like this on her "business" page. Like wouldn't potential/current customers find this extremely off-putting? No one looking for jack-off material wants to read this kind of shit and will keep it moving.

No. 688324

She doesn't consider it her business page, she's too stupid to realize that's how she promotes herself so only uses it as a personal blog she happens to sell shit on occasionally

No. 688327

File: 1536958929981.jpg (73.6 KB, 768x1024, sackoshit.jpg)

Fupa posted looking scruffy as hell and not in a good way

No. 688338

This won’t last. We all know she hates bathing. Literally hates washing herself. She’s lost a boyfriends over how dirty she is

No. 688352

she looks quite bloated and her hair looks like it smells like a litter box

No. 688356

What happened with the boyfriend? Been following Shay's threads for ages and don't remember it

No. 688360


This made me physically recoil.

Ever notice how he only posts from this…angle? It's incredibly unflattering to be putting his nasolabial folds on display like this. Not a good look fupa

No. 688362

This is super old, he just keeps reblogging it because he thinks it's cool
But yeah that a hoodie you'd see in the edgy teen section yikes

No. 688364

honestly wouldn't surprise me if she ended up getting fat and would also be quite hilarious. she's got someone else paying for her food on the reg now and we all know she eats like garbage.

No. 688381

OK anons, what's the most common. drug to find there? We know shay likes to get fucked up instead of getting therapy.

Maybe she'll become a junkie like Luna

No. 688382

lmaoooo this picture is perfect for seeing that he has NO CHIN under his beard. no wonder he always looks scraggly. it's that or straight up looking like a Bob's burgers character. I hope we get to see him clean shaven someday

No. 688386

you can get pretty much anything in tulsa. weed and meth are gonna be the most common, especially in south side. pills and coke are also pretty easy to find, mostly benzos. if you really know where to look i’m sure it wouldn’t be difficult to find heroin either but it would be a south side adventure for sure.

No. 688387

i can't unsee the homer simpson face ty anon

No. 688388

ew wtf. I had to re-read that. Isn't that borderline rape??

No. 688389

Anon, you have blessed us. rofl

No. 688391

jesus i love baths and my tub is tiny so it really irks me how she's not even filling it up properly please love yourself shayna fill that tub up and put some coconut oil in there or something

No. 688396


>weed and meth

so basically what she was doing in Seattle kek

No. 688397

Don't kinkshame them anon, they're consenting adults! Prudish to think badly of their rape fetish.
Fupa probably told her not to fill it all the way up because it's a waste of water, that or she thinks she'll drown in it like an autistic child.

No. 688402

Is that a sore on the middle of his upper lip

No. 688404

Imagine a life where you would have to tell your boyfriend before he falls asleep "hey don't rape me tonight I am not feeling too good" cause you're so delusional anything a man finds arousing is your "kink".

No. 688407

OK doesn't have medical marijuana, though, does it? Can't just walk into a store to buy it now. She's going to have to socialize a bit to find a dealer or beg Fupapa to buy it for her.

No. 688409

what upper lip? lmao

but yes I think it is. fupapa = herpapa

No. 688424


It's not borderline rape. It IS rape.

No. 688428

Now she doesn't have to pay rent her drinking will increase and as she barely knows fupa she prob needs drink to feel comfortable with him. And wine will make you fat.

No. 688431

One of the first pics we posted of him he was clean shaven, that’s the pic set where everyone thought he was a trans man. I’ll try to find it.

No. 688439

If you negotiate consent before hand, it's not but lets be real Fupapa wouldnt be into Shay if she wasn't so desperate for affection and praise that she doesn't even safeword.

No. 688445

sage this, pls.

where are snap anons from Shay's snapchat? Fupa isn't posting shit cos they need cuckcoins.

No. 688447

File: 1536969582341.png (19.74 KB, 261x797, wat.PNG)

I wonder who this "josh is here" guy is. He is calling Shay "Claire". Can't tell if farmer or if Shay was potentially talking to some other dude using a different name.

No. 688448

Yea he keeps posting stuff about people needing to follow her on Snap to see things, they;re both obviously desperate for money.

No. 688453

Alright that was kinda funny, mostly for the insinuating that Fuppa is really a girl named Claire (kinda suits him) confirmed ftm

No. 688455


she's already getting a little wine puff on her gut. for sure now that she has regular food she's gonna blow tf up. after a while your liver gets so backed up metabolizing alcohol it stores all other intake as fat. so if she's eating more and still drinking every day it's only a matter of time.

No. 688497

File: 1536974115198.jpg (79.35 KB, 263x587, shaytard.jpg)

Shay thinking she's a housewife for wearing sweats, you can tell she's sucking in more in these photos too, she's definitely gaining weight.

No. 688498

Another up close shot of how giant her feet are.

No. 688501

I love how she built up this ~big life move~ for months, and it has basically amounted to her fake anxiety magically disappearing, finally taking a bath for once, bragging about how Actually Great their shitty house is, and wearing sweatpants, because she’s a Real Housewife™️ now.

No. 688502

And still no Kyle Perkins from Tulsa, OK, pictures, what is he hiding? Why haven't they taken a bunch of "cute" pictures and videos yet that they kept bragging about making? Kyle too embarrassed about wearing a shirt while they fuck?

No. 688517

I sure as fuck hope his ex wife doesn't let him see their kids unsupervised anymore

No. 688523

Fupa's gotta mentally prepared to be roasted by farmers every time he posts a pic now lmao

No. 688530

Uh how is she supposed to be a housewife if she can’t even keep her shirt clean?

No. 688532

I just realized you can see her phone on a stand, she can't even get him to take pictures for her, she has to use timers on her phone.

No. 688537

Lol she’s only taken pics in the bathroom. Guess she doesn’t want to clean any other part of the house, if she even cleaned the bathroom.

No. 688552

KEK this is supposed to be a cute candid of her new life, but her phone’s on a stand, she’s posing, and she’s looking at the camera.

No. 688593

Yet we have still only seen her bathroom…

No. 688596


no furniture in the rest of the house lol

kyle is prob just as broke as shayna. pretty sure he was living with roommates before so what furniture could he have.

No. 688623

It's Fatty Mattel's birthday, I predict they will do fuck all.

No. 688633

How is this glamorous in anyway? Befitting the spoiled porn star image in anyway? This is The suburban family bathroom that every teenage bumpkin in Oklahoma wants to escape. I understand that it's an upgrade from her depression den in Seattle but shayna really thinks she's on Desperate Housewives. I have never witnessed more textbook white trashy ness…

No. 688639

I can't get over the fact that Fupa, the love of her life, the ultimate daddy does not buy her porn or jerk it to her work LOL
Imagine dating someone who expresses zero interest in your career or artistic pursuits let alone helping create content. She can say she DOESNT want him to "be a customer" all she wants but it's not him being a customer, it's call support and partnership you dumb bitch. He won't even hold a camera for you but you get to be the live in flesh light. She is getting so hoed in this "relationship".

No. 688679

Lol you sure about the whole her getting hoed in this situation? Despite how trashy it is, someone has to pay rent in that house and I’m sure Shayna’s amateur porn isn’t. Plus I doubt shayna is doing anything to support his call center career either. I think they’re pretty evenly matched tbh.

No. 688680

not to wk because i hate shay with a passion, but she did hype up that time he had an interview or some other important meeting. i’ll find caps later because her thread moves so fast but she reblogged it and hyped him up or something along the lines. i’m sure she’s not super supportive in person because we’ll, she’s herself.. i don’t think fupa ever reblogged her work/content posts before he was in them or promoing him in it, right? i don’t remember for sure, so feel free to correct me. i think they’re both using the fuck out of each other. shay’s using him for a place and fupa’s using her for internet fame. it’s a train wreck but i can’t look away.

No. 688688


i don't think it's supporting so much as trying to brag about it online

No. 688689

Sage for no screenshots but Shay said Fupa just got them a fridge kek he couldn’t even have that there for her by the time she moved in. And she actually took a video of him shirtless, albeit it was dark so you couldn’t really see but… Fupapa is getting bold.

No. 688694

Who the fuck sits down in the shower, unless they have to use a shower chair? She sounds so filthy.

I mean he's already filmed himself fucking her, he's already gone.

No. 688741

lol yeah when she said she sat down in the shower it reminded me of those trauma scenes in movies where the girl is sitting and violently scrubbing herself clean. if shay ever actually looked clean i would say she was doing that to deal with being raped at night by fupa and having all the porn promo pics of her look like complete shit. but she always looks gross and dirty so…

No. 688752


I sit in the shower because I grew up having showers in bathtubs and sitting in them and idk it feels comforting

No. 688758

Please save your blogposts, this is about Shayna no one gives a fuck about what you do and how you're like her. I swear this thread brings out every single person admitting they have vagina or ass bumps or some other Shayna like thing, no one cares.

No. 688765

Yeah fucked her with a shirt on. He's obviously insecure about showing off his dad bod, so it was shocking to see that he let Shay post something in which he was shirtless. But, again, it was dark. Still, he's getting more and more used to being his gross self on camera. Leaning into it, I suppose.

No. 688766

I don't know how any person, male or female, can look at the course that Shay's "career" is taking and think to themselves "yeah, I wanna be a disgusting struggling Tumblr "porn star" too"
They're both on the autism spectrum as far as I'm concerned.

No. 688820

Sitting in the shower isn't weird, not the same anon as >>688752
either, and not a fan of Shay and fupa. I mean maybe it is weird but it is not the result of trauma. It can be habit or because you feel weak or dizzy. In her case it's probably because she is unfamiliar with showers in general.

No. 688821

Kyle has posted photos of himself with a shamrock tattoo on his chest, and farmers had suspected the tattoo includes his last name since there was a censor bar over part of it.

Sure, the guy isn't in any shape worth flaunting, but I think the t-shirt fucking thing had more to do with not dropping clues about his identity than being insecure about his body.

No. 688839

You’re fucking mad. One sentence is not “blog posting.” Maybe you should go have some calm down time.

No. 688857

Shay and Fupa always get plenty of whiteknights. It's insane. Plenty of whiteknighting and infighting non stop in this thread.

I wish I could fuck up in my life like Shay and Fupa and still have people running around trying to defend all of the dumb and stupid shit I do.

No. 688906

Reasons we can’t get into pt.

No. 688910


Honestly at this point I doubt he has any custody, he doesn't seem like he fought for any, hasn't had any pics of his kids that I've seen on his fb for ages unless he deleted them after Fatty-Mattel-Reveal-Gate.

His ex wife has shared and made multiple posts saying "a real dad isn't biological it's the man who is there for his children" and, interestingly, "a dad is the man a daughter will judge all men against". If fupas ex wife knows anything about his rapey ass daddy dom play pretend behaviour then I imagine she wouldn't want her kids absolutely anywhere near him.

No. 688918

File: 1537037827814.png (Spoiler Image, 1.28 MB, 750x1334, 4DCC09E2-5C6A-4130-B5CD-4E37A9…)

The last photo she posted with this shirt on it was filthy. And here she is again promoting her work with a nasty ass fucking shirt on.

I get it, maybe the empty house didn’t come with a washer and dryer, but rentals usually do. If it didn’t tho, why you buy a new fridge over a washer and dryer for your dirty girlfriend fupa?

No. 688926

I’m becoming strangely more open to the idea that Fupa actually purchased this home.

I’ve never seen an rental that didn’t come with a fridge… maybe I’m just not skilled in my knowledge of rentals.

No. 688930

where i come from you can find rentals with or without appliances, it really depends on the landlord and what they want to offer

finding and buying a home is such a lenghty process that i can't believe that fupapa really did that so quickly. although the house seems shitty, maybe the realtors were in a hurry to sell it

No. 688932

Eh, Still not convinced. That was WAY too fast of a process, and plenty of home and even apartment rentals dont have major appliances included, or will give you the option to either rent the ones you want from them or to buy your own.

No. 688937

(OT) I recently got out of my rental home but when I had initially began renting the place only came with two fridges (one main level and one in the basement) we didn't have a washer or dryer because the landlord had taken them to his new home. We had to get the new appliances, in fact the lease pointed out that all "inside issues" where ours to deal with (leaks, broken windows, appliances etc) and anything outside (pipes, roof issues etc)was to be dealt with by them.

So it comes down to whoever Fupa got the home from, and what the conditions of the lease where, because I doubt this guy bought his own house in under a month, he's defiantly renting.

No. 688946

i agree that her threads often bring out morons saying shit like "wooow guyss i have dirty TP in my ass 24/7 too, don't bitch about shay having it!!" but i think >>688752 is much more reasonable because other anon said "who the fuck sits in the shower".

the issue with shay sitting though is because as we all know she never ever washes her hair and her body is always a dirty mess but that's obvious so anywho

No. 688949

Back on topiiiiic. I can’t wait to see the first content that comes from the new space. I do wonder if she’ll just end up doing the same on the ground, blanket spread out situation.

No. 688963

My bet is in about 2 weeks they're going to start hating each other

No. 688966

Wouldn't surprise me but you know they'd lie about it

No. 688967

I think the same, they're going to realize being around each other 24/7 isn't as fun and ALL SEX like they thought

No. 688968

i'm not even ashamed to admit that i'm looking forward to when it's 10 years later JUST so that i can laugh even harder at shaytard and foops lives, imagine where they'll be by then.

No. 688972

this whooole fucking thing is a recipe for disaster and i'm just waiting for the milk to flow tbqh

No. 688973

File: 1537043639422.jpg (38.65 KB, 583x246, cake.jpg)

No. 688976

File: 1537043857163.gif (496.2 KB, 500x341, tumblr_madghtZUsa1rx8lgjo1_500…)

No. 688983

Fupa showed the dryer and washer on his Snapchat before shay even arrived there, she's just dirty and lazy lmao

No. 689003

i don’t like the fact that we only speculate about the milk and not get the milk

No. 689005

They probably won't post any pictures of the house until it looks less shitty

No. 689019

im assuming nothing has been posted yet because they know everyone wants to see and shay is trying to make snapchat sales first.

No. 689037

I got you. Someone I know recently purchased a house and it took them a little over a month and they were very careful. It was a fixer upper. So I guess it’s possible, just not very likely.

No. 689041

But then she fell straight back asleep mid sex? Yikes. So much for big daddy dom.

No. 689043

sage for this but there is there not a due diligence period of at least 30 days when buying a house from a seller? That's how my agent explained it not even two months ago.

Seeing as there's no way in hell that's a new construction, I'm guessing if he DID actually purchase a house it was foreclosed, or it belonged to friend/family member before and got some kind of easy in.

No. 689044

File: 1537049828767.png (433.85 KB, 556x794, thisiswhatdreamsaremadeof.PNG)

Fupa still showing off that love and dedication. Whenever Shay makes posts like this, Fupa responds so passively and sarcastically. That kind of shit would crush my heart.

It's what she deserves though. This is what we are so jealous of, everyone.

No. 689049

what's that supposed to mean??? and in public too, so humiliating for shay

No. 689051

but that's what she LIKES, anon! she loves to be humiliated like the dumb bitch she is. Dont kinkshame her.

No. 689065

wow not gonna lie i'm actually kind of surprised that he decided to finally be honest about how he doesn't care about or love his own children + the girl he usually pretends to praise online. i mean, i know he never talks about his kids but i meant from the evidence we've all seen it's beyond clear that he's a horrific father, but now he's even publicly shattering the facade of making shay his little suburban barbie wife uwu. even the big old papa foop is admitting that shay is filled with delusions about her life.

No. 689073


I'd be surprised if Fupa DIDN'T buy it. The house is small, outdated, with the cheapest fixtures, finishes, about everything has to be worked on and replaced. All that on its own, then add the fact it's in an Oklahoma market. It'd be pretty sad if he couldn't afford it. What's even sadder is the fact he called it a "flex" and seems to think that this house is something more than below /average and something to boast about? KEK! It's not even move in ready at all, yet Fupa and Shay are treating it as so.

It's very telling that all that counts for them is that it isn't a trailer or an apt. Aside from being old/outdated, cheap finishes, Fupa's "house tour" showed that the place is incredibly filthy. I can't believe they even moved into that place in the condition it was in. Just confirms the very low standards they both hold. Very low.

What'd you guys expect though. Tbh, I thought they'd at least be able to get something a little nicer, or something at least updated, or not as dirty/dingy from all those "house hunting" posts they made. Yet all they have is that to show.

No. 689076

true the house is most definitely under 200,000$, the location and appearance is proof. and fupa is like 35 so it's not impressive at all that he bought some 150,000$ house in incest buttfuck area of tulsa.

No. 689077

Yeah I'd guess that it had been on the market for a while so the owners/realtors just wanted it gone

No. 689093

It's also very possible, considering his age, that he had been planning to buy a house as is and just decided it was for her to make her feel special.

No. 689142

She looks better in these than usual but still looks dirty

No. 689143

Again, this is not white knighting. It’s maybe blogposting, but every single time you rageaholics scream WK WK WK you sound deranged. And yes, you do need to calm the fuck down. Disagreeing with the lunatics of this thread does not = loving Shayna, fucking hell.

No. 689144

I think it's the warmth the hot pink adds as opposed to her normal pastel pink that washes her out.

No. 689145

Dude that was 9 hours ago, everyone has moved on.

No. 689148


i don' think any of the white knighting was anything remotely like blogposting, it was some insufferable moron who kept screaming about how they had stuff in common with shay over and over and they typed like a bitchy newfag. but it was like 3 days ago and nobody cares anymore

No. 689158

This bathroom looks so shitty and dated, kek.

I can’t believe Kyle Nathan Perkins & co. considers this a flex.

No. 689184

File: 1537068503645.png (30.95 KB, 570x477, 663462521154.PNG)

I guess our Snapchat anons have died or something. Shay is settling into her life as Fupa's maid quite well already.

If this is the kind of fun they will have on birthdays, I can only imagine how magical their normal days will be.

No. 689191

have any farmers heard of fupa aka Kyle Nathan Perkins from Tulsa, OK before he was with shay? i know he was seeing another tumblr gal beforehand but how “popular” was he before shay?

No. 689193

The short answer is: He wasn't.

No. 689406

no lmao he's some old loser that works in a call center in tulsa

No. 689418

Well, she used to allow screenshots and now she doesn't.

No. 689426

She is really going to fit in with the rest of the meth-addled trailer trash junkie population in Oklahoma. all she needs is two or three ankle biters trailing behind her and it’ll truly look like she was born and raised in the boonies of OK. really moving on up in life, Shay.
>very pornstar much glamour wow

No. 689447

I thought anons here mentioned there was a way to screen record without getting caught.

No. 689461


there are tons of ways to save an instastory without getting a notification. A quick google search into this subject shows you tons of possibilities. I mean farmers managed to do it all the time so it's not impossible tho.

No. 689484

File: 1537115029667.png (611.4 KB, 720x537, bestwife.png)

Happy birthday fupa xx

No. 689490

how the fuck did she manage that much of a mess? i've seen less clean up needed for a thanksgiving dinner.

No. 689492

lmao it’s an edit anon, that kitchen is actually a lot nicer than the one she has, KEK

No. 689493

why does she always look retarded

No. 689495

next thread pic

No. 689496

oh. jeez. good edit, ha

No. 689498

I made this on photoshop dear anon you're giving me too much credit here

No. 689510

File: 1537116499063.png (Spoiler Image, 1.5 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3634.PNG)

No. 689516

i'll give half the credit to your shooping skills, and the other half to morning grogginess.

is there something new here? cuz this was already posted yesterday, i believe.

No. 689535

Lmao this is amazing

No. 689545

I second his

No. 689572

do you guys think that the rare time she leaves her house to go to walmart or something that she sees all the dads around her and thinks "omg all these dads are obsessed with me, they wish they could all give me money and have me as their ~hot~ little girl" or some deluded shit along those lines? i wonder if she just pushes the whole "ur dad loves me more than u" thing online or if she actually thinks that way in her head.

No. 689590

File: 1537124084802.jpg (Spoiler Image, 106.98 KB, 720x1011, IMG_3674.JPG)

I know this was already posted but what is her obsession with the bathroom? Is she too embarrassed to take photos anywhere else?

No. 689599

why does her leg look poorly photoshopped in the left photo lol

No. 689609


her tit looks super saggy too, compared to the right. just a bad angle i think.

No. 689610

sorry doublepost, i meant the left lol

No. 689615

holy shit. vote for next thread pic.

No. 689617

Wait guys did Shayna post that about herself lmfao

No. 689628

Yeah can see the delete and edit option in your screenshot 'anon'

No. 689629

You made my day Anon, next thread pic.

No. 689635

Diff anon but why are all the option buttons so crooked compared to everything else? Did someone just edit these into a regular screenshot of shay's blog to start shit?

No. 689637

Hmmm good point, it does look off.

No. 689638

The whole pic looks a bit crooked

No. 689640

oh yeah, that anon also has the edit and delete options which means it's edited somehow or they reblogged it..

No. 689644

If that screenshot was authentic the options would be straight. Case closed. Sage ur trash comments anon.

No. 689675

i don't understand why they edited it though because didn't an anon post an almost identical real screenshot of that post yesterday? i find it mainly suspicious because the edit + delete buttons are there which mean it's not an anon here for milk that's posting it, it's someone who reblogged it or something along those lines.

No. 689685

I honestly think someone photoshopped the image( badly) to make it look like shayna was self posting.

No. 689688

as i'm looking at her tumblr on my phone, the options buttons are slightly higher than the notes but not quite as high as in the version posted here today.

No. 689790

It's not just height, they're crooked and pixellated, doesn't look like the right size at all. Not sure why anon is trying to fabricate drama when she's already this much of a mess.

No. 689792

Yeah it’s definitely shopped. I’ve edited screenshots before like this, and the buttons in the picture just look sloppy. Don’t even line up.
Nice try to that anon, but stop trying to make milk where it doesn’t exist.

No. 689799

I second this

No. 689813

Vote for next thread pic

No. 689884

Except this is way too updated to be Fupa or Shayna's kitchen. They have shitty cabinets, laminate counters and not granite, and their appliances are from the 90's.

No. 689888

File: 1537144217924.png (1.2 MB, 1700x998, monster-children-sharehouse-1.…)

yeah, this kitchen is more like it lel

just give it a few months

No. 689909

mmmmm hows that Tulsa suburban living, Shay?

No. 689910

Fupa and Shay have no taste, these cabinets may be too rustic for them. KEK. Dishes would also imply that they cook and eat foods not from a drive thru or a chip bag.

No. 689915

Of course it is! Remember, he did put his mouth on the Vagina of Doom - sores are the best he can hope for, frankly.

No. 689947

that pic was from before he was with her

No. 689963

File: 1537155128912.jpg (212.79 KB, 1080x871, 20180916_203146.jpg)


No. 689979

Maybe at least she felt his tiny chode inside her this time, kek. Good kids

No. 689985

Snapchat anon, download Tweakbox, then download the Snapchat app inside of it. It should let You record without noticed.

No. 689987

We busted her chops hard these past 6 months. Why the hell wouldn’t she try to hide milk from us?

Maybe it’s finally getting to her.
Or she’s trying to be a stand up suburban wife and be classy.

No. 690016

i thin she is trying to post less because she lurks here and since lately her threads have gotten more popular and more and more people are joining in within the last month, she's trying a little harder to hide her cringy gross self from our criticism lol

No. 690032

knowing shay's hygiene habits….imagine the stench from that room LMFAOOOOO

No. 690034

nah i'm sure shay isn't posting as much since she moved in with fupa because her new life with dada isn't as "aesthetic" and "bimbo" as she wanted…do u think shay's followers who are convinced she's this uwu pink babygirl who's gonna steal ur dad is living in a dusty place with her fat bf??? they would be disappointed if they saw her actual reality

No. 690057

she is so fucking foul

No. 690084

File: 1537177212200.jpg (98.11 KB, 750x1334, 1ed06ac9-8ad7-40f8-a3db-5e0e73…)

forgive me father for i have cowtipped. i just couldn't take it anymore and felt so fucking terrible for the kids. i sent his ex wife kyle's tumblr to caution her. he was trying to hide shay from her so she won't find these threads and find out who she is. so i really thought she deserved to know. i hope those kids won't ever have to be in shay's vicinity.

No. 690086


the fact he's trying to hide her from the mother of his kids says a LOT. most parents want to know who their kids are around, especially if it's an ex-spouse's partner. it can be very stressful for kids to be introduced to them, obviously this differs from different kids, but she has a right to know.

kyle and shay are living together now so… wow, what a piece of shit. at least his ex knows just what a scummy person he is. i seriously hope she doesn't let her kids around shay, she is not a good person.

No. 690087

How is shayna okay with him being too embarrassed to tell people that he's with her

No. 690094

Fuck off with this cowtipping bs

No. 690095

i don't think this cowtip will spoil milk in any way. if anything it might prompt shay to reconsider being with someone who keeps her a secret.

No. 690096

I don't think you did wrong but why brag about it here if you only did it for the kids?

No. 690100

Is it stil cow tipping if they just showed his ex his blog? Anyway, I don’t really care about that.
I honestly had a feeling someone would eventually do this. Like he’s gotten tooooooo comfortable in his garbage life, and there’s no need for his kids to actually suffer through any of this.

No. 690102

Oh, jeez
With >>689963 this recent post tagging his blog name on her blog, she'll undoubtedly end up seeing his creepy tumblr in no time.

I sincerely doubt it was "for the kids" and more about this thread being dry with their snapchat-exclusive updates.

No. 690108

I actually did this per your suggestion but it always detects I’m using a third party app and doesn’t allow me to download snapfix :(

No. 690109


good going. i mean i'm glad his ex wife knows and hopefully will keep the kids safe from him (especially the little girl) but now this thread's probably going to get locked for good because you're not supposed to involve or contact family members of the cows…

No. 690110


No. 690112


Isn't this the second time anons have contacted family members because of Shay?

No. 690115

You could try an app called Mobizen , it mirrors your phone screen onto a pc, at which point you could record with obs or snapshot with snipping tool.


No. 690116

People posted about her family in early threads because of the lies shayna told about abuse, I can't remember if anyone actually contacted them though

No. 690118

it's almost like you want the thread to be locked. Tipper-anon dun goofed and got banned. Now move on.

No. 690133

File: 1537187592024.png (157.23 KB, 540x960, sadasd.png)

if you have android try this, Anon.
I use it and it's pretty good.

No. 690134

let's be real, probably not the first guy she's dated to do the same thing

No. 690138

Honestly not even mad at this if it keeps those kids away from Shay and Fupa, maybe having her be the reason his kids are taken away from him for good will make him realize how much shit he's gotten into. Kyle Nathan Perkins, Tulsa OK, you chose a 21yr old porn "star" know for her boils and disgusting behavior over your own children, good job.

No. 690145

it would be a shame if the thread got locked and i don’t ~condone~ cowtipping, but i’m glad anon did this. shayna clifford is a(n unsucessful) sex worker that panders to pedophiles and glamorizes violence and sexual abuse towards children, in addition to having a drinking and drug problem. kyle nathan perkins of tulsa, OK and shayna clifford’s entire relationship has overt pedophilic and violent overtones that they do not keep private. both of these individuals have proven themselves to be impulsive and irresponsible. this is absolutely not an environment children should be involved in or around. not to moralfag, but it is fucked up for us to collectively sit around on the interwebs and just spectate instead of potentially intervening for the children’s safety, just for the sake of keeping milk from drying up.

No. 690147

Agreed 100% and well said anon. At some point they need to be held responsible for their actions.

No. 690153

If you’re genuinely more worried about this thread being locked than looking out for the welfare of children then you’re just as disgusting as Shay and Fupa and deserve your own thread. You get the fuck out of here. We can’t allow children to potentially enter that home know what we know. Kyle Perkins is a rapists and pedophile and Shayna Clifford is a disgusting pedo pandering waste of space.

No. 690159

Especially considering back on Kyle Nathan Perkins Twitter account the only child he posted about was his daughter who I'm honestly sure has some of those CHILDRENS underwear that Shay parades around him for Fupa to jack off too. I'd be real fucking worried about having that little girl around him or Shay who would probably steal her clothing for her more authentic pedo pandering porn. That mother has a right to know what a disgusting human being he is.

No. 690160

I agree with the anons that are applauding the cowtipper. The ex needs to know what her kids may be getting into (assuming Kyle Nathan Perkins of OK will even get visitation). What I would suggest to future cowtippers is don't fucking out yourself here. Just do the tipping and watch the milk flow, you don't need our acknowledgement directly.

No. 690161

i am glad she is fully aware now. i dont think fupa had any custody anyway, but im sure this could solidify things. shayna and kyle are morons to openly post such foul things online. congrats shay, you played your man!

No. 690165

Someone should collect all the pictures of his face with Shayna and post them together, just for more solidified proof and so the mother doesn't have to go through and see everything to know exactly what they're doing.

No. 690169

No worries he's currently reblogging tons of their shit they've made together

No. 690172


So, Fupa was ok to have his kids over and being around musty Shay without telling anybody? Jeeez.




Now let's imagine that his ex is doing some in depth research and comes across the the fucked up shit of him with shay, damn. And what if this information goes around in his family/cycle of friends tho. Dude will be known for being some pedo fucker.

idk as much as I love Shay milk, that just ain't funny at all.

No. 690173

I don’t think so, but people were posting private information about her family and addresses and schools and such. I don’t think we will be locked again for just this cowtipper.

No. 690180

File: 1537194310308.jpg (Spoiler Image, 998.47 KB, 5099x1734, gross.jpg)

No. 690184

I feel the kind of photos that would be more of an issue are the ones where shayna's playing up to pedo fantasies and the 'lol see you at your dad's funeral' bullshit

No. 690189

But none of those have his face which makes them hard to serve as any kind of proof without the above ones.

No. 690190

You guys are all acting like the kids going there was a done deal. I doubt they would have, it's not like he's been having them with him before now. If she had suspicions already and couldn't tell what was going on, she wouldn't have just okayed it, I'm sure.

No. 690191

How do you know he hasn't had them and just not mentioned it? You can't be sure of anything.

No. 690203

The fact that some of you are willing to risk that fact is so shitty. Yeah you’re right, we don’t for sure know he had any custody whatsoever but the court system is FUCKED up. And at any point in time what if Shay decided she wanted to be able to push the whole “I’ll fuck your dad aspect” and she pressured him to bring the kids around so she could live out her creepy step mom fantasy. I know it’s a reach but if that actually happened and we could have stopped it and don’t I’m sure we would all feel pretty bad.

No. 690204

File: 1537196141787.png (126.98 KB, 562x688, 666994852.PNG)

I love how they are cleaning just now. These two haven't been doing shit but laying around and Fupa sticking his chodette inside Infecty Mattel.

I also hate the ugly ass fans of Shay's that always try to compliment her obnoxiously. Shay isn't remotely as attractive as Mila Kunis, landwhale Shay fan.

No. 690206

File: 1537196281080.png (11.11 KB, 263x326, 66338899655.PNG)

This makes me so fucking mad, anons.

Just because you travel a lot and aren't home doesn't mean you can have cats over dogs. Cats need affection and attention and care just as much as dogs do.

God I can't wait for Shay to get even more rekt.

No. 690207

File: 1537196387441.png (85.19 KB, 499x468, butbitchyouplayedyourselfho.PN…)

Why is this ugly ass cam ho acting so smug?!?!

Karma is a bitch, Shay. you can act all high and mighty all you want but you shacked up with a borderline pedophile deadbeat dad in the middle of nowhere for free rent, bills, and groceries.

so shut up.

No. 690208

she's putting on a front. we all know she cries daily over this thread and how much she actually hates her ~self made career~. this girl probably makes no more than 800 dollars a month. so jelly of her!

No. 690213


who the fuck even suggests getting a dog for a cat as a play mate? like yeah, they get along, but a cat is more suited to be a companion of a cat. i just hope shay doesn't get another, she barely takes care of poor ribmeat as is.

just because cats are less work than dogs, doesn't mean they don't need the same amount of attention and care. ugh. we all know this bitch probably just puts down a huge bowl of food and water for rib when she travels.

No. 690216

That’s honestly so fucked us to think about… just because a dog requires more attention than a cat it doesn’t mean cats require literally no attention. They still miss their owners, they still need affection, they still need to be played with. They are living creatures and slapping a bowl of food and water on the ground is not even close to enough effort. I swear if I find out she’s traveling and leaving Rib alone for longer than about 2 days I’m reporting her ass to an animal abuse hotline.(cowtipping)

No. 690220

Lmao he doesn’t even have a tv and needs to wait for hers?! KEK!!! How fucking sad.

No. 690230

I don't condone cowtipping but it kinda feels good that someone did it. Did you include caps/links of the degenerate pedo/rapey stuff on his blog as well?

No. 690240

His ex will be able to see Shayna’s blog, but she’ll need to be on Tumblr to see his.

The stuff with his kids aside, imagine how good it would feel to find out your ex downgraded to Shayna Clifford, kek.

No. 690242


She'd need a blog for both because they're both NSFW and if you dont have an account and turn "safemode" off, it wont show you jack shit.

No. 690271

When you’re so desperate to pretend like you’re flexing that you call shopping a ‘grocery haul’ Uber keks

No. 690272


eh it's not that hard to sign-up. all she has to do is register an email. it's not like their blogs are privately protected.

No. 690324

File: 1537208619866.jpg (49.51 KB, 254x353, dollymattel.tumblr.com.jpg)

No. 690343

I agree with reporting animal abuse if our speculation is right on how she treats rib

No. 690353

taking care of someone doesn’t mean cuddling with them and letting them dry fuck you shayna, wtf

No. 690372

lmfao umm how is shay in ANY way similar to mila kunis's character in that show.. they look nothing alike and don't behave alike either, because sure jackie was slightly stuck up and confident i think but shay has horrifically low self esteem but talks like a narcissistic crazy cunt online.

No. 690383

Jackie had an actual personality and Mila Kunis is hot af. Oh and Mila Kunis can actually act.

not really sure how it relates to Shay in any way.

No. 690388

real talk, i honestly don't even know if she makes 800.. judging from what we see her get in tokens and the like on average plus the average monthly amount of people buying her stuff i'd put her average at around 600$.

No. 690414

Stop cowtipping.

No. 690426

No. This whole thread is one giant clusterfuck and you seriously need to chill out. Shayna is a trash human as is Kyle but seriously calm the fuck down.

No. 690434

>Do not brag or announce having personal contact or interactions with a cow.
>Do not contact a subject's family.
Stop derailing. Bans have been issued.

No. 690495


This thread.

None of you gaf about his kids, stop thinly veiling your cowtipping as concern when they haven't been involved and probably won't be in the future. Dumbasses.(move on)

No. 690586

File: 1537227222815.png (Spoiler Image, 119.36 KB, 750x1276, IMG_6882.PNG)

Thread is dead now because everyone got banned lel. Anyway her ass looks even more hank hillish in her latest selfie, but at least hank doesn't have all the pimples and infections..

No. 690588

That's old

No. 690591

Oh, oops. I did not realize she reblogged it from herself

No. 690606

She does it a ton, every day is just a barrage of self posts

No. 690616

Please stop reposting old pics, thanks.

Has she posted a new work schedule since the move? Part of me wonders if she’s really going to bother with camming now that she’s living with Kyle. I can see them doing the occasional live feed together, because they’re gross like that, but…

Also wondering if she’s going to continue with insex or lovingly handmade. I think Kyle relishes being a suitcase pimp far too much to let that limelight fade completely, but you never know.

No. 690623

File: 1537229656462.jpg (130.36 KB, 1040x1117, Screenshot_20180917-201157-1.j…)

Lmao @ $1k in 3 days… Do they even have furniture or appliances?

No. 690624

Eh, you can easily spend a grand on getting basics like food, cleaning supplies, it’s not that surprising.

No. 690642

More rugs to piss on and silverware to lose under the bed you will eat in! we're so jealous

No. 690644


Lol a grand is nothing in terms of buying things for a new house especially when they have no appliances

No. 690686

She really is holding in this dairy but it seems she's gonna crack soon because even if she can't get her home "decorated" and set up her crusty cum smeared nick nacks. Eventually she will have to e-beg, now wether that comes through a melt down or good old regular 99% off, take a penny leavy a penny sales with a side of answering any(or self sent) tumblr asks so she can whine to herself & occasionally call her clients pigs because shes scurrying for any personality trait that will conjure up her some cents its teetering.
I wanna see how her underfurbished place looks when she shows it off with pride while it's barren with a handful of pink gimmicky household items, its not enough to set an aesthetic even since the house is "large" (in comparison to the studio which she barely managed to fill and alot was shit she owned previously) enough its just gonna be this bland ugly empty house with random bits of tat around. She also has camming to do eventually, damn anons im excited its a full on soap opera now and I commend anon snatching a ban for the sake of making sure pedo fupapa doesn't have even a shred of trust in the eyes of the mother.

No. 690782

I hope they buy some decent paint to get rid of all that beige.

Her crappy, cheap pink appliances will clash horribly.

No. 690801

File: 1537255354413.jpg (139.97 KB, 720x718, zcamera-20180918_032122.jpg)

Don't know if this has already been posted, but just fuckin' y i k e s.

No. 690810

File: 1537257990170.png (297.77 KB, 750x1334, F64CDFDE-399A-4D4A-92B2-5A7E9A…)

Double cringe

No. 690811


1k in 3 days? THATS IT?!? Wow they are pretty frugal with their money. You'd think they'd have spent 5-10x that.

No. 690814


I wonder what it's like inside her head, living in the land of delusions. Because out here in reality, she's so insecure, she got tricked by a broke obese redneck, kyle "Fupa" perkins, into moving into the middle of nowhere and downgrading her sorry life even lower than it already was. Now they're so cheap, broke, and white trash, he rinses her out? bc they can't afford BC or condoms? Or because he knows she wouldn't clean it herself and just let that shit fester and crust among her existing pussy warts and boils.

No. 690821

LMAO he wanted her to make sure we all know he scrubbed her pussy. Guess he realized how bad it was.

No. 690828


She had to tell all her friends so she made a text post on tumblr kek

No. 690842

Anyone else notice how not only are her pics only in the bathroom, but there are no products on the counter or decoration or anything. The shower curtain is bland and there’s not makeup or toothpaste or deodorant or anything on the counter or anywhere. You would think when you get to a new home you would start unpacking things and making your new home more comfortable but instead she’s more focused on taking stupid pictures in her dirty “suburban” outfits. She probably just unpacked her one box of 5 outfits to take pictures to prove she’s in her house her nasty fupa “bought.” Not even any hygiene products of his. Just gross. Well done shayna. We’re all so impressed

No. 690898

insex and lovinglyhandmade are in portland/seattle so shes moved away from the only two people willing to work with her gg shay.

No. 690912

File: 1537277866884.png (1.21 MB, 1068x1164, Screenshot_20180918-092724~2.p…)

I did some searching and found his ex's FB. I'm really glad she seems to be genuinely happy and has found a man who is involved and seems legit. He is way more attractive than the fupe. She is really sweet looking as well- Kyle really fucked up what looked like a pretty decent life. I feel bad for his kids, I really do.

It's so disturbing that Shay has major daddy issues and found herself a legitimate dad to play out her Electra complex, and that fupapa is into infantilism when his youngest child, a little girl, is 5……really messed up.

No. 690915

lol why does it look like his torso is longer than his legs

No. 690925

That's so sad how could you just abandon your children like that? Boy, Shay really fucked up

No. 690932

Like shay, Kyle's got very unfortunate proportions. He's fat but his legs are really skinny comparatively. And they are shorter than his torso it seems too which looks worse with the skinnier legs
Also, does anyone know of any sleezy porn companies like insex/LHM in Tulsa? I tried looking but I don't know what or how to search that tbh and found nothing. Shay has proven that she can't get proper porn companies so she's stuck with the seedy ones who use her up (ironically making her worse for the other companies)

No. 690938

she /might/ be able to get a job at a strip club

No. 690942

We all know she has no rhythm and can't dance for shit though.

No. 690944

true but it would be so hilarious

No. 690946

I can just imagine the lights getting turned down lower when she comes on stage

No. 690947

It might actually be a better gig for her if she can keep her gross vagina and ass covered somewhat which is basically impossible to do in porn.

No. 690962

She does not have the work ethic, resilience, or physical strength required for that tho. one shift and she would be crying in the back while all the other girls tell her maybe this just isn't for you. one bad customer (you get touched/assaulted a lot) and she would be out the door. plus no rhythm plus no stage presence plus people would pay for her to keep her pussy away from them rather than asking for dances, which is where all the good money comes from. one look at her crotch and they would say n

No. 690965

Fupa took a Snapchat video of Shay sleeping and all I can think about is her proceeding to rape her.

No. 690989

The fact he has 5 year old daughter makes all this very disturbing.

No. 690990


These are the early signs. It’s only been a week and she’s already cracking

No. 691000

File: 1537286558459.png (709.48 KB, 750x1334, E01E078B-5564-421B-AE97-234B97…)

So i think Fupa deleted everything from his tumblr, i wasnt blocked because im still following him

No. 691003

Nah it’s still there.

No. 691005

Thats so weird because once someone has blocked you on tumblr you cant be friends with them still

No. 691010

either post it or it didn’t happen

No. 691015


tumblrs been glitchy as hell tbh so it's probably just that.

No. 691036

File: 1537289577879.png (4.18 MB, 1242x2208, 60CD5C11-4BB7-4E34-AE87-AED47B…)

Nope he’s still there

No. 691043

File: 1537290663227.png (65.95 KB, 220x310, fupapi.png)


Fupa is shaped like Dr. Robotnik

No. 691046

No. 691059

damn it’s even semi accurate on the creepy facial features, except robotnik is far more manly.

No. 691070

don't do Ivo Robotnic like that

No. 691072

robotnik has more sexual charisma

No. 691078

cowtip anon here.

i won't post any more screens unless mods are fine with it, but fupa's ex messaged me again. she is in shock. he lied to her the whole time that shay's a GRAPHIC DESIGNER and hasn't even told her about her moving in. she also said the kids are going nowhere near him as long as she's there. she keeps reading the threads and finds it really disturbing. she thanked me for informing her because she had a bad feeling about this the whole time but wouldn't have found out on her own. i actually feel kind of bad for cowtipping but at least the kids will be protected. he probably doesn't care tho.

No. 691079

>shaytard the graphic designer
i'm ded

No. 691081

WOW damn graphic designer LMFAO


This is fucking rich.

No. 691082


can you just cross her name out?

No. 691083

i'm saying a prayer for his ex if she's reading these threads lol that is a lot to digest at one time

No. 691084

yeah did that last time and got b&.
i'd post again but don't want to risk the thread getting locked? is there a chance of that happening? i mean this one technically doesn't count as cowtipping this time because she messaged me herself without me prompting it

No. 691086

i would think they would at least allow a transcript

No. 691090

File: 1537294708961.png (20.61 KB, 267x554, chickfila.PNG)

Fupa took Shay to a fancy restaurant. I feel like she is bragging about the most mundane shit. None of this stuff that she mentions is particularly amazing, just normal run of the mill stuff. It's funny though because she made it seem like she was going to be living some glamorous life.

Couldn't even get a penthouse in Boston, Shay. You got the musty carpeted average house with a Chick-fil-A nearby.

No. 691091

File: 1537294840105.jpg (46.85 KB, 489x402, milk.jpg)

Finally, some good fucking milk…

No. 691092

who the fuck gets that excited over chik-fil-a???

No. 691094


LOL. Kyle knows he's fucking up so bad he's trying to keep his ex in the dark? Jesus christ, this is fucking sad. He's so ashamed of Shay he has to not only lie about her job that he's apparently so proud and supportive of, but doesn't even tell the mother of his kids that this nasty ass hoe is living with him?

This poor woman, I'm relieved she's keeping his kids away from that house because they should be nowhere near Shay.

No. 691095


But her contacting you at all is a result of tipping.

No. 691100

Gotta love how Kyle is still lying to her about important things as well. Kyle being the deadbeat idiot that he is likely has lied to his ex many times, and here is his still doing the same shit.

That means he hasn't changed whatsoever. And Shay moved in with someone who perpetually lies, cheats, and abandoned his children. She doesn't realize that eventually she will be on the receiving end of his garbage personality.

Everything seems nice and lovely right now for her, but he will find a younger girl eventually and kick Shay out.

No. 691102

File: 1537295224010.jpg (193.51 KB, 750x1292, b38d4951-2ab4-4ecd-b279-c612d9…)

ah fuck it.

No. 691103

File: 1537295284437.jpg (148.71 KB, 750x1284, 0ba126e0-b9d6-440b-ab3a-b8b367…)

if youre reading this thread, remember everyone is on your side and your info is safe.

No. 691106

So it seems like Kyle would have actually had his kids round with Shayna there calling him dad etc? wtf

No. 691109


I'm just glad that she isnt kept in the dark. Imagine where she's standing not knowing anything about a woman that could have potentially been around her children. Or if Kyle completely hid that she would be there and claimed to live alone and the kids were around her with the mom having no knowledge at all.

No. 691111

File: 1537295703425.gif (491.42 KB, 497x254, milk.gif)

Absolutely disgusting. I didn't think they could get any worse, but they always do. Thank god she's aware.
This milk is beautiful.

No. 691115

Yeah I'm sure her lawyer is gonna love the video of shayna dressed as a baby lol, but really though at least she knows how much of a creep he is now

No. 691117


Damn, so she saw all the nasty shit from shay? She knows what infected vag Fupa is banging? The god awful porn? All that pedo shit? Damn.


Didn't shay post something about being a graphic designer? If I remember it correctly, she once posted something about finishing a course in basic photoshop or shit like this?

No. 691118


Even if she did post about finishing some course most highschools offer classes in graphic design and computer arts. i took 3, doesnt mean im a graphic designer Kek.

(not like heh im better than her but more like a course in photoshop doesnt mean anything)

No. 691120

one of Shay's many lies. She also lied about being raped after she cheated on her ex Connor. She lied about training to be a ballerina. She lied and said her mom was being terrible about her cam modeling and said she was just jealous (not being a concerned mom who simply wants better for her child).

No. 691123


yeah not to mention she isn't a graphic designer, she's a desperate cam girl turned "porn star" who panders to pedophiles and their gross kinks.

that is a huge difference. not like fupa even beat around the bush and said she was an escort or something a little more "classy" just straight-up lied about what she does for a living.

No. 691125



>my info is out there

Maybe all screencaps of her info and social media sgould be deleted.

No. 691127


like her own porn isnt even done well, but she's toooottallllyyyy a graphic designer.

No. 691128

This makes me feel all kinds of weird and skeevy. I really hope shay does read her and realizes what she’s done. Her life is seriously fucked because we all know she’s too proud to admit she’s made a mistake moving in with someone who is ashamed of her, she’s going to be a mother to a grown fucking man. It’s becoming more and more clear that he only moved her in to be a sex toy and a mother to baby his fatass.
Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa Oklahoma, you should of just bought a flesh light. Fucking pathetic. They can keep pretending everyone in these threads is just a jealous hater but oh my fucking god. How shameful.

No. 691129

Shayna the amazing graphic designer who can't even heal brush her boils, how do I hire her

No. 691130


Didnt she like completely erase her asshole once while trying to do that?

No. 691131

none of her personal info has been posted that i know of. unfortunately she and many others have their info easily accessed through public records on google search. one of the downfalls of marriage and divorce – lots of public records with your name and location all over them.

No. 691136

I hope if Kyle’s ex is reading these threads, she decides to spill some milk. She deserves to vent, and Kyle & Shayna deserve the worst.

No. 691142

Heh, I wonder if the reason they aren't posting pictures with tubby in them is because he realizes how prominent this information is becoming and he's trying not to let his ex-wife find out the truth…

liiiittle late now

No. 691144

i agree. her or her kids' info wasn't posted anywhere, it was only accessed by farmers who found her through kyle's public records. she only has him to blame for being so irrespinsible about his initial anonymity. we've been pretty anal here about not posting any personal shit regarding non-cows (specifically family members). none of their names or locations were posted so it's not really a concern. he's the one who should be worried.

No. 691147

If Kyle’s ex looks at Shayna’s blog right now, the very first post she’ll see is that nasty ass gif set from Shayna’s diaper video, kek.

No. 691148

In case you are reading this you should really get your lawyer and take all of the rights Kyle has regarding the kids. We fully support you and I bet that you will win this case.

No. 691151

I’m pissed how did I get banned for “cowtipping” when I didn’t actually do anything and you haven’t gotten banned

No. 691155

Isn't it weird that they have to buy dishes, towels, rugs, etc? Couldn't fupa just bring stuff from his previous house??
He probs didn't own shit. Sounds like a real baller

No. 691156

They did get banned. See:

No. 691161


Screencaps of her Facebook posts and of an obituary that included her name were posted in previous threads. I just scrolled through them, and those posts have been removed.


For which post were you banned?

No. 691163

Support her how? This is the same thread that was talking about how cringe her Facebook was. Or are you forgetting that?

Leave these people alone, what the fuck. You don’t give a shit about these kids. You want to fuck with Shayna, fine, fuck with her, she’s a pig.

Why does everyone seem to think it’s okay to bother this woman to get some shitty hot take from her? This place is one big personal army request and it’s fucking weird as hell.

No. 691165

Seems like this wouldn’t even be the first time Fupa moved in a new, younger woman without telling his ex. She made a comment on Facebook a while ago (2016 maybe?) talking about how she suspected the woman was living with him because Kyle always had multiple pairs of her shoes by his door, and her car stayed there all night, but he denied it.

No. 691170

Nobody told anon to go and cowtip or talk to her. What's done is done and people are simply reacting to it, just as you have done.

I am one of the people who does think it's fucked up to have your kids around Shay and Fupa. But it's not like I or anyone else here begged someone to go and tell Fupa's ex about it. We have also discussed here at great length the fact that it is weird and gross as hell that Fupa is into the dd/lg shit when he has 3 children.

No. 691171

Oh yes, you know the milk is good when some butthurt anon appears and tries to spoil the milk with their holier-than-thou attitude.

No. 691172

Kek, I was one of the anons who said the fb posts were cringy and got yelled at. However, it is weird as fuck to potentially have little kids over to this guy's house. It's really not that unimaginable that anons would side with her. Anon has already done the deed, so it's too late anyway.

No. 691173

For this one. I wasn’t saying I would post about it here if I did but personally I feel a responsibility to notify the authorities if a child or animal is being abused. I would never do so without tangible proof and I wouldn’t involve lolcow in any way and because I never even did this it’s hardly a bannable offense just to say I would. Maybe I’m wrong though.

No. 691182

Where’s the milk? The mother is now justifiably freaked out. Milk would have been her saying something unexpected, like oh, joy, my ex-husband is fucking a sped camwhore. Get real.

No. 691185

She said Kyle lied about what Shay does. She also insinuated that she knows Kyle lied because she has a good lawyer. That sounds pretty milk-y to me.

No. 691186

lol chill out

No. 691192

I literally said this because I read that she was reading the thread.
I won't go now to tell her on facebook that she has to get some legal action or some shit but I tought in case she will read it she really should do it because I think what Kyle is up to is simply fucked up and I hope the kids will never have to see him again nor Shay.

No. 691198

I think that even if she doesn’t completely take the kids away from him (i.e. he still gets supervised visitation or something), there should be a clause in the custody arrangement that says he won’t have the kids around women his ex has never met. That way he’s violating the agreement if he does have them around Shayna or the next 20-year-old he’s fucking.

No. 691227

imagine shayna's butthurt face when her ~pro sex worker~ bf lied about her occupation bc it's obviously not a good one

No. 691244

Imagine him getting mad at her and trying to explain that the reason he can't see his kids is cause of her profession and her sperg out about it (ignoring that none of her arguments will hold water as she does pedo-pandering).
Now I doubt that he'd want to actually see his kids for good reasons, but I think he'd still be upset at his ex getting full custody cause he'd think he lost. Plus he seemed to like turning his kids against her (the totally stereotypical evil ex dad thing to do)

No. 691247

File: 1537303306885.jpeg (182.71 KB, 640x809, 69BC2C5D-E78E-4336-AA5C-B3D598…)

No. 691248

Is fupa gonna tell the mother of his children to 'smash that unfollow button'

No. 691268

I've been lurking the couple of last threads and I have a genuine question: why is Shay so hated? I agree that she's dumb, gross and mean, but anons here talk about her like she's some kind of a vile person. What did she do that was so despicable? The earliest threads are deleted, so I can't understand what made people hate her so much.

No. 691271

To name a few things, she cheated and cried rape afterwards, did underage porn she's openly admitted too, cried that her parents were abusive for not wanting her to do said underage porn, has made racist comments to other cam girls and praises Hitler, sexualizes children, scams people out of tons of money and is a genuinely awful human being.

No. 691272

Well there's this >>691120
She's also lied about abuse

No. 691273

if you had actually read the threads that are still here on lolcow you would be able to see quite clearly. I never saw the deleted threads either and I can tell she is a vile person. there are many threads on shay here, not just two.

No. 691277

How do we know that rape was a lie?

(not wk, only asking, because I already read about that, but don't know where to look for receipts)

No. 691278

don't remember exactly how but I know it was proven she lied and just wanted to hook up with the guy.

No. 691286

File: 1537305777444.png (75.4 KB, 1129x457, 1486603340608.png)

When I browsed Shay's thread on KF, I found these images. It appears as if a friend of shay's told the truth on her, or someone who knows her. we have had people who knew shay from high school pop up on past threads here as well (which you would know if you truly have been already reading about her here).


No. 691287

File: 1537305820059.png (90.41 KB, 1125x521, 1486603399181.png)

No. 691319


If she was blacked out isn't she not capable of consenting though?

No. 691330


they didnt say she blacked out, just that she knew pills&alcohol isnt a good mix.

No. 691331

She was conscious and if she was at a party everyone involved was probably drunk/on something too

No. 691352

yeah he'd totally try and blame it on shay but it's as much as his fault or more. she's a gross pedo-panderer who makes sexual videos in diapers but all that came to mind when i saw anon & her conversation was that awful rape 'ideal date' text post that kyle perkins made & is so proud of. he reblogs it all the time, talking about how his ideal date is raping & locking a woman in dungeon. and also all the rapey father-daughter gifs he reblogs. i hope he realizes his actions have consequences. i hope he never sees his kids again and they learn that he's a bad person, although they should never know the true details.

No. 691375

File: 1537310718698.png (638.89 KB, 750x1334, 44869AE5-95AD-49FE-8F55-D996C4…)

Shay advertisers herself poorly but accurately kek

I know we say it over and over but shit, she knows she’s a sex worker right?

No. 691415

She acts like she's just some random girl getting perverted messages.

This is her damn job, even if she isn't in the mood she should be faking it, it's not hard to talk to perverts, they're easy, yet she still can't do it.

No. 691428

Uhmmmm I get that that’s like a $400 purchase but shouldn’t her RICH daddy be able to afford that?

No. 691437


An anon called you out on Meta for cowtipping.

No. 691442

File: 1537314413379.gif (694.17 KB, 450x327, giphy.gif)

I love you anon

No. 691460


The ex-wife is probably going to call her friends and tell them what's going on. Imagine telling your friends that your ex is dating a 21 year old cam model who's obsessed with doing pedo-bait porn. Imagine if the ex-wife tells Kyles mom.

No. 691474

"Yea there's videos of him fucking her while she's dressed like a baby and one of him literally just punching her in the face repeatedly"

No. 691481

File: 1537316982292.jpg (100.87 KB, 1800x1200, IMG_20180828_172353.jpg)

Oh god I really hope we get first row seats when she finds out fupa is ashamed of her

No. 691500

If anyone happens to see this post can you link it? Just if you come across it I don’t expect anyone to search for it.

No. 691538

You did the right thing anon, Those kids are more important than whether or not this thread gets locked because of tipping her off. I hope his sorry ass never gets to see his kids again, not like he cared anyways.

No. 691549

can you imagine how horrified she probably is over this? imagine knowing nothing about taboo kinks and finding your young childrens' father online posting a video of himself fucking a girl with a binkie in her mouth.

No. 691552

Didn’t someone buy her a ps2 and she’s only used it for Netflix? Why would she now ask for a Nintendo switch?

Oh because she has no idea about recent game systems and saw the Nintendo switch and realized oh shit the ps2 is super outdated.

No. 691557

There actually isn’t any vids of her dressed like a baby while getting fucked by Fupa. So….idk what you’re talking about on that end. Obviously we all know she pretends to be a child in her videos, even going so far in one of them to say “I couldn’t tell them at school why I loved my daddy so much, you said that’s our little secret” which is pedo pandering at its worst.

No. 691562

File: 1537323690565.png (492.39 KB, 841x371, gervais.png)

Why does fupa look like an obese and balding Ricky Gervais? Mind you Gervais is a 60yo man and Kyle is only 33? Yikes.

Usually I hate cowtippers, but it's difficult not to support his ex wife in all this. Good to know the kids will never go near Shay and Kyle's weird pedo fantasy trash hut.

No. 691577

Even though I enjoy the info that came of cowtipping this time, you all realize you can still """do the right thing""" without coming back to brag about it here, right?

It's dumb any of us are pretending we aren't just excited for the conflict; if you really just wanted to do what you thought was right for those kids you could do so without it ever coming back to here

No. 691584


keep lurking, there is that vid from a few threads back where he filmed himself punching and fucking shaytard while she was using a pacifier, but his face isn't in those vids so it probably doesn't work very well as proof


god damn i really do hope the best for her and the kids, the cowtipping annoyed me at first but in the long run it's for the best and i hope she puts up a hell of a fight to make sure that disgusting freak isn't allowed near her children ever again

No. 691601

While normally we would issue a lengthy ban for cowtipping, in this case we'll allow the message caps because her name is removed and it provided milk. Please do not take this to mean we'll allow future cowtipping.

No. 691608

File: 1537327236809.gif (1.98 MB, 460x249, 46B08ECF-590B-4C91-8D64-FDB480…)

No. 691610

File: 1537327298579.png (824.3 KB, 649x559, 1517570618865.png)

No. 691621

Kyle's ex wife plz comment here I'll buy you a donut

No. 691638

TBH I think his ex wife doesn't owe us shit. She should just keep her children safe from this pedo fuck Kyle.

No. 691640

File: 1537330570684.png (167.34 KB, 393x424, 20180919_001320.png)

Ugh… Her face is so unfortunate here. Literal dobby incarnate.

No. 691648

File: 1537331397073.png (2.2 MB, 1440x2454, Screenshot_2018-09-18-23-26-54…)

they're still unapologetically posting, knowing that Kyles family life is basically gone up in flames now. His personal life, posted. His ex wife, not allowing his children around them. People know what/who he is. but that's totally fine guise bc he's got his totally awesome and hot 21 yr old ~~~suburban house bimbaby~~~

No. 691650

I guess I don’t consider just a pacifier being completely dressed up as a baby?? Because she definitely has completely dressed up as a baby and it’s not like it’s something she wouldn’t do. She’s not very subtle you know.

No. 691651

@ Kyles ex, I was hoping someone with more technical know-how would find you and inform you of these threads, ever since she moved in with him I’ve been absolutely terrified for your kids and wished I had a way of telling you. Keep them away from her

No. 691652

Dobby is fam don’t play Dobby like that

No. 691653

she looks dead inside, like she doesn’t actually like him touching her.

No. 691656


No. 691657

are you blocked? it's still there for me

No. 691658

File: 1537331981302.jpeg (576.7 KB, 750x1288, 8440D7A3-6BA7-4703-9F6D-83EE9F…)

Fake news

No. 691661

its a brand new account, how could i possibly be blocked?

No. 691663

File: 1537332575808.png (1.19 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180919-004456.png)

This is what she needs to show her lawyer. I'm so glad she got away from him (ex)

No. 691665

File: 1537332642380.gif (712.09 KB, 260x194, tenor.gif)

i still can't believe what a deceptive pile of shit fupa is wow. there really must not be an ounce of love in that man's heart. he'd really take this spindly, cumdumpster stink beast over his own damn kids.
i really hate that his poor ex had to find out this way, but i hope it's for the better. hope those children are okay in spite their father's shortcomings.

No. 691667

Honestly these threads have evolved more into me hating Fupa than Shayna

No. 691670

That brow ridge! Barbie's little sister? More like onision's.

No. 691672

It's just a theory but-
Maybe he realised that he is getting old and he doesn't have a chance for someone and took that chance with Shayna.
Sure she is gross but she has a pussy and she is insecure and doesn't know how to take care of herself?
So she is the "perfect girl" for him.
They will eventually get married maybe or not and will not have kids and fupa probably thinks a future with a stranger that didin't met him for too long and is already in love is more likely than a long "dating-having no succes/having succes-breaking up at some point" circle.
Tl;dr he is a selfish man who wants a pussy forever and doesn't care about his kids too much

No. 691675

The kids are better off without him really. He's an emotionally stunted 30-something manchild trying to live out his repressed sexual fantasies with his over a decade younger girlfriend who punches herself in the face for quarters and sells videos of herself shitting out plastic eggs and peeing in diapers.

While bdsm and roleplay is normal enough in relationships. The fact they have this gross father/daughter dynamic 24/7 alongside straight up rape fantasies, pedophilia themes, etc. are all huge red flags.

Meanwhile his ex wife is happily remarried, and living a happy, healthy, normal life.

He seems like typical mid 30's fuckboy who never grew up. He probably bought the dream of "get married, have kids", but ended up feeling trapped. I definitely think he'll get tired of Shay eventually. She tries really hard right now and nothing is "off limits" to her because she's so desperate to please. Eventually the fantasy will fade away though and problems will arise. I suspect, mostly financially. Her career has an expiration date with how rapidly she's aging and she's clearly incapable of holding a job.

No. 691682

come on anon. Shay and Fupa were using a pacifier for their dd/lg shit. Shay has porn where she does the same thing and more. Stop playing dumb and white knighting for their sick fetish.

Why the fuck else would she be wearing the pacifier? Can you honestly come up with a reason?

No. 691683

Are…??? Are you retarded? She was getting fucked and punched with a pacifier in and holding a teddy bear

Pretty sure she was pretending to be a child, it’s not that hard of a reach have you even SEEN half the vids or pics posted in the last five million threads?

No. 691688

I think the anon said that that thing is not really considered a really "solid proof" just for a girl to use a pacifier and a bear while she is fucked by a man who doesn't show his face for the ex to use.(i am not trying to WK or some shit but maybe that's what anon tought)

No. 691689

This onslaught of post of how ~totes in love~ they are would be somewhat pathetic from a regular person, but isn't this hurting her brand? I doubt the few fans she has are into cuckoldry, and it's not like this is her personal blog.

No. 691701

Let’s not forget y’all that Fupa AND shay stalk these threads. They will know sooner than later jay their jig is up…. especially Shay!!!
if he hasn’t heard it from her already…

She will probably be so happy and proud of him for calling her a “designer” instead of of grid work..

No. 691711

For the love of god please check your facts before making bold statements like this

No. 691717

I think a lot of anons are putting way too much stock into there being anything interesting coming from this. It's all well and good to know that ex wife has the upper hand here, but it seemed established that Kyle didn't have a lot of contact with the kids to begin with. This isn't going to effect him, just like getting doxxed didn't effect him.

No. 691726

I would bet hard currency on Kyle Perkins from Tulsa Oklahoma, renown pedo panderer, to be relieved he doesn't have to be in contact with his children.

He seems to abhor actual responsability and can't seem to form genuine connections with people. Children are probably something he produced because he viewed it as 'manly' but has shown clearly he had no plans to actually parent.

No. 691728


I agree. From all the information that has been revealed about Kyle in these threads, it seems likely that he'll simultaneously blame both Shayna and his ex-wife for any further restrictions of his access to the children, and continue refusing to take any responsibility for his actions and play the victim.

I can just imagine him in 10 years, trying to manipulate some other poor vulnerable girl with his pathetic bullshit sob stories "Oh, and than, AFTER I lost my sister to a xanax overdose, and just when I got over the heartbreak of the divorce - I don't know if I mentioned it, but I'm an orphan, and I did everything for my wife and kids, I tak