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File: 1537516865493.jpg (309.62 KB, 633x747, shreg.jpg)

No. 693335

Summary of Shoe’s past:
>In her pre-internet days used to be a typical guido looking trash, was a bully in high school
>Discovered internet and got addicted to male attention so hard she dropped her education (film school) and became a Boxxy skinwalker
>Spent her days constantly attention whoring on Unichan, trying to be "the better Boxxy", pretended she's a "shy nerdy gurl uwu"
>Went on a vacation to Mexico with few unichan neckbeards. Obese one named Kenny stole her phone and posted her nudes on the net because she rejected his advances. (Note: The sword and door pics are not her.)
>Befriended a unichan guy (Ian) who would later become first lolcow.farm admin; possibly gains a mod status, uses it to know who is shit-talking about her on lolcow.farm (2014)
>Dated a seemingly normal guy, dumped him because her fanbase didn't approve she is dating a black guy and because he told her that she should get off the internet. Also cheated on this guy with Skeptic.
>Starts a youtube channel "shoe0nhead" supposedly for criticizing feminism - though she doesn't present any valid arguments instead uses her internet "fame" to shit-talk women and present herself as "not like the other girls".

Summary of Skeptic’s past:
>Blamed (still blames) his parents for his intellectual failures and his general stupidity because, in his words, “they weren’t smart enough to raise a genius.”
>Goes to a community college and majors in art. Shortly after he fails out.
>Made a shitty web comic for three years that was on the same level as Sonichu from ages 19-21. (he was willing to make more of these comics in 2015 when he was 31)
>Becomes a Messianic Jew, first cult he joined, and goes into debt from doomsday prepping. Believes in crazy conspiracy theories, like “The Simpsons” can predict the future.
>Becomes an atheist because of Amazing Atheist videos. Joins Atheism+, his second cult. Atheism+ guys can’t stand him and eventually dox him to make him go away.
>Spent loads of money on man-child toys and would hide them from his wife.
>Cheats on his wife with various women (Shoe0nhead, Jenny McDermott, and a catfish who went by River, including a few other unknown women). His wife found out and sent messages to these women telling them to not contact him anymore. Shortly after, he gets a divorce and immediately starts publically dating Shoe.

>Shoe: 27- Still addicted to internet (male) attention- no education other than high school, no career prospects, no skills.
>No real personality either, changes her opinions constantly based on what will make her gain fans.
>Dates an obese guy with intellectual disabilities who treats her like shit and spends all her money on bing bing wahoo toys - Desperately wants to be seen as a young girl.
>Acts like a teenager online even though she's almost 30, can't form an argument worth shit
>Lies about her past, pretends she was a "friendless wallflower shy gothic nerd girl uwu" even though she was a popular guidette with tons of friends who bullied nerds.
>Still obsessed with shitting on women while she coddles men like babies, huge double standards
>Still a bully, now online, sends her fans to attack smaller channels and random people she doesn't agree with (never goes after big channels).
>Huge coward, will block you if you point out her hypocrisy. (She will block your followers too)
>Googles her name all day - finds comments about her that don't even mention her directly. (this includes looking through posts and tweets with the word “shoe” in them)
>Makes everything about her, can't talk about a topic without inserting herself in it.
>Has nothing to put on her resume except "dunking on terfs xd"
>Got dragged by Brittany Venti and some of her former alt-right chan buddies for throwing Lauren Southern under the bus for trans and leftist brownie points. Venti later went and made Shuwu Saga vids, one of which was taken down twice.
>Still never made that video with Lauren Southern because her fans have the memory of a goldfish and she didn’t need to appease them anymore.
>Tries to make an LGBT artist’s suicide attempt about her. Acted like he already died for pity points.
>Goes on to say she was friends with him when she barely ever talked to him and was planning to make a video about him, but never does.
>Goes to Vidcon wearing obvious butt pads and was laughed at online for it.
>Brought up in a ‘would you rather’ video that people believe her bf has Jacob’s Syndrome (aka a retard). However it doesn’t seem like she realizes it says more about her MENSA IQ dom daddy than it does about those who believe that.
>Even though she said she would only make LGBT videos for pride month, she goes and makes an extremely low effort (even lower than usual) video on Gorillaz. In it she “””debunks””” a religious zealot who thinks rock-and-roll is the devil with an argument that boils down to just “yeah.”
>After Vidcon, her bf released a 40-minute long vlog packed to the brim with cringe and disgusting close-ups of his face.
>Soon after, Shoe released a video where she goes to a gun range with Blaire White, and lies nonstop. Claims to have only gone to a gun range once and being afraid of guns in the video despite the fact her gun nut ex took her to gun ranges all the time and owning a gun.
>Threw a few temper tantrums on twitter because people gave her the slightest criticism.
>Deleted her ask.fm, as well as unlisted videos on both her main and side channel. Wouldn’t want anyone seeing she’s not a ~thicc smol pwecious uwu~
>Shits on women who joke about drinking wine, then proceeds to make chicken tendies REEE xDDD jokes
>Posts one tweet that's somewhat pro-woman (criticizes r/theredpill for being manipulative and abusive), gets shit on by her fanbase hard so she quickly goes back to defending MRAs
>Lately has been shitting out bad videos faster than usual, obviously in need of quick beta bux
>It's been noticed that Mister Metokur (Jim) has been avoiding to criticize her and Preg even though he has no problem with criticizing whatever thing skeptic community does.

Previously on the uwu smol bun and shitty daddy dom trainwreck show:

Related Threads:
Shuwu fans: >>>/snow/634342
Contrapoints: >>>/snow/537938
Blaire White: >>>/snow/192045

Shoe links:
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0aanx5rpr7D1M7KCFYzrLQ (shoe0nhead channel)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOrpD6svgE3L3CCnWk52JSg (shoe0ffhead/shoe & skeptic channel)
https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Shoe0nHead#External_Links (collection of old links and accounts)

Skeptic links:
https://www.youtube.com/user/armouredskeptic (armoured skeptic channel)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf1iroepad-o5w2il-06Gjg (armoured media channel)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtb3OOZwXGjwYMIXTu5zMKw (armoured gregory channel)
https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Armoured_Skeptic#External_links (collection of old links and accounts)

Info links:
Shuwu Saga Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpNB9_GDpuo [DL][Archived Copy]
Shuwu Saga Part 2: Electric Boogaluwu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWnk4gkMuzw [DL][Archived Copy]
Skeptic’s Autistic Origin Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWuWRsayzCY&feature=youtu.be [DL][Archived Copy] [DL][Archived Copy]
Shoe’s ED Article: https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Shoe0nhead
Skeptic’s ED Article: https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Armored_skeptic

No. 693339

File: 1537516979970.png (111.28 KB, 584x774, 1537486092011.png)

Reposting from previous thread

No. 693340

File: 1537516999028.png (68.5 KB, 621x431, mra.png)

No. 693346

File: 1537517459775.png (392.04 KB, 576x608, WrxbpjI.png)

No. 693352

she dresses like such a grandma its so bad on her
she should go back to her jersey shore look that actually suited her

No. 693354

File: 1537517862438.png (64.26 KB, 400x434, uwu.png)


What an unfortunate pic.

No. 693362

>"You don't need to believe in anything, just shitpost aggressively on twitter"

No. 693406

File: 1537523512093.jpg (141.18 KB, 1200x684, xxF8gVo.jpg)

Even back in the day when I sort of liked June I always thought it was so fucking laughable when people posted her ~powerful quotes~ as if it's some 2deep4me shit. Same goes for any of the ''skeptic'' and trad thot retards.
This is less a criticism of her because I know she doesn't take herself that seriously, more of her embarrassing fans. I know this pic had been posted before but wtf man. Makes me laugh every time I see it.

''You don't need an ideology bla bla don't let anyone tell you otherwise'' isn't deep it's some disney movie tier life lesson. Jesus. She might as well have said ''just be yourself uwu :3''. I guess they needed something that didn't sound to meme-y to advertise her.

No. 693415

I love the fact that the fourth one isn't even a woman lmao

No. 693418

why is her hand almost bigger than her head? She was just lying about being "smoll and dainty" because she got weirdly big/gangly hands and feet.

No. 693419

File: 1537525029098.png (36.61 KB, 614x245, wcjzt6n.png)

No. 693424

File: 1537525683257.png (144.36 KB, 190x456, stalker.png)


june….he's coming…

No. 693443

This is missing a word, it should be
>The four horse-faced women

No. 693450


You don't need conviction
You don't need integrity
You don't need solidarity
Your patreon is important and dont let anybody tell you otherwise


No. 693476

You could put on a poetic black background and a shitty white text saying "like, oh my god, like, totally" and it'd have about the same amount of substance as this handmaiden horseshit.

Yeah, the true sign of being able to be friends with everyone is that she blocks every single person who challenges or disagrees with her. She's just that open to people from all walks of life.

No. 693484

File: 1537534950808.jpg (72.55 KB, 1066x720, IMG_20180921_150229.jpg)

Oh my god

No. 693508

>kill me if i ever show cleavage uwu

No. 693539

she looks like she's trying to cosplay kelly eden.

No. 693559

File: 1537543451986.gif (3.28 MB, 300x231, Ray-J-Stare-VH1-For-the-Love-o…)

>the blocky browneyebrows
>the garnet red lips
>the blotchy indian red hair
>the failed nose contour
Jesus christ. She aged from 34 year old to 50 and looking 34 with caked on makeup and the power of botox.

No. 693566

Im never not blown away at how fucking retarded her fan base is. Imagine watching an angry average looking girl bitch about any woman who disagrees with her, make fun of the mentally disabled and block people on twitter daily and still think she's a "uwu smol friendly bean :3"

No. 693573

i thought it was an especially forgiving hontra cosplay

No. 693600

It's so funny how they wrap it as something intelligent or meaningful, 10 times more so than it actually is especially considering her personality and opinions lol

No. 693608

She's just parroting what other people say and what she says is garbage. She would already benifit a lot if she read a few books and got out of her bubble.

And capitalist society doesn't let people develop into truly authentic individuals. Their mentality is a crowd mentality. They deny the existence of systemic ideological and social influences and ironically they get influenced by them the most.

No. 693624

I'm in stitches over this gif bless you anon.

Why can none of these skeptics do their makeup properly? And she worked at a makeup counter?

She looks like a trillion years old. 28 is not even that old, wtf. Is it possible she is like Lauren Simonsen and lies about her age?

No. 693631

Wait this is shoe and not some MTF troon she's hovering over?? Jesus christ

No. 693655


No, anon. you misunderstand. This is satire. She is showing cleavage ~ironically~.

No. 693664

Lmao. Even her shitty video quality can't hide her terrible makeup and aging skin.

(Nothing wrong with aging, everyone ages. It's just that she so desperately to hide it with her terrible camera)

No. 693665

Yeah ~ironically~ as an excuse to show her cleavage ;)

No. 693770

File: 1537566199651.png (324.8 KB, 596x484, Screenshot at 2018-09-17 17-02…)

from kiwi lol

No. 693832

File: 1537571117479.jpg (83.08 KB, 613x1023, S2B32uj.jpg)

No. 693833

File: 1537571133956.png (23.49 KB, 553x140, A8Jad6e.png)

No. 693839

>Shuwu smol brain: High skirt check leg back check cup my ribs daddy shrek check hidden chin check hold breath check im totally smol underage girl ~uwu~

No. 693841

the buttpads are back, lads!

No. 693842

File: 1537572159357.png (554.94 KB, 592x1156, 1.png)

He's liking these tweets and flirting while he's sitting right next to his fiancee.


No. 693848

File: 1537572316874.png (849.96 KB, 894x1156, 2.png)

Katweegee is another self-hating woman with female guilt just like June.




No. 693851

does this crust bitch only own one bra? why would she post that photo? she looks like a sweaty saggy skinny fat grease ball

No. 693857

File: 1537572762146.jpg (106.91 KB, 768x1024, Dnp61RPU0AEvgt9.jpg)

No. 693858

File: 1537572770892.jpg (99.67 KB, 1024x768, Dnp60sbU4AAvrya.jpg)

No. 693898

Did he respond with a gif of himself?


No. 693909

File: 1537577285164.png (55.08 KB, 580x484, ePS7lqv.png)

No. 693923

This is one of the most simple outfits I've seen her in and it's still terrible, the neckline of that top doesn't makes her shoulders look even wider AND it doesn't go with that skirt at all. It looks like she's not finished getting dressed yet. Not to mention those cheap Mary Janes look terrible and her choice of hosiery is weird, they look almost like sock boots because of those socks.

No. 693954

I thought the skirt was a plaid jacket she wrapped around herself

The buttpads are also making her just look fatter tbqh

No. 693965

File: 1537587137483.png (304.23 KB, 588x556, TbKAFUi.png)

she covers more than half her face in every picture as of late.

but she's just so much more dignified than those harpies who use filters.

No. 693982

>Reluctant Centrist

How embarrassing. Fuck.

No. 693987

File: 1537589669442.png (78.15 KB, 1080x421, Screenshot_20180921-212513~2.p…)

I'm just now able to post this but I think it was a response to this tweet >>693833
Though of course she deleted it

No. 693991

Or maybe they all think that you already are a douche and none of the "tee hee :3 daddy babbie uwu ~" shit can hide your guido rage.

No. 693992

Omg what is this outfit. This is garage sale tier clothing. I can’t stop laughing.

That skirt looks like an attempt to salvage a dead school teacher’s uniform and those shoes and socks literally look like they belonged to an 8 year old.

No. 694004

He watches loli hentai, he has no right to criticize weebs…

No. 694012

File: 1537593504122.png (50.11 KB, 146x240, 20180921_221703.png)

Ewwww wtf how crusty and nasty looking her wigs look like she sprays hairspray on it and then straightens it. And she never washes it

No. 694032

She looks super old lol

No. 694037

She looks taller here maybe it's the shoes

No. 694046

File: 1537598752947.jpg (135.34 KB, 1200x900, Dnq2-LqUUAAV-xC.jpg)

No. 694048

what a freak circus

No. 694051


Blaire boobs are not on speaking terms

No. 694052

Eww Robbie Blaire White's refund gap is nasty

No. 694056

File: 1537600535815.jpg (102.13 KB, 739x1200, DnrhzcOXcAAa10A.jpg)

No. 694057

File: 1537600543817.png (24.16 KB, 566x202, overwhelming.png)

No. 694058

robbie's foundation is bothering me so much. greg looks miserable. maybe it's because he's sad he has no chance with any of the trannies.

No. 694070

Goodness is it halloween already?

No. 694090

she looks like contrapoints here for some reason, what the hell

No. 694091

File: 1537608924075.jpg (171.33 KB, 477x232, AIWAX2L.jpg)

His smile and optimism: gone. Seriously though, he looks so pissed off. I know that >>693770 is shooped (it's not his hand with the phone) but he always looks like he's annoyed with her. Look at his face and body language compared to Shoe's.

Since the ''bitches wish they had my disney princess waistline'' shit has been brought up in her threads she's always been covering up said area or editing it.
The photoshop is so obvious and shitty too, look at those wonky lines and the comparison between candid photos. Love how the top of her skirt is all messed up and crooked in one photo but a straight line in the other.
I wish she would stop doing this because she knows she has young girls looking up to her…

No. 694103

File: 1537609932901.png (17.07 KB, 654x119, lel.PNG)

found in her likes. she really thinks she's a victim, huh?

No. 694145

I ran the photo through fotoforensics and couldn't find any hint of photoshop but her hoodie makes her look frumpy as hell, she looked like she gained 20 pounds in a day

No. 694159

File: 1537622166452.png (40.36 KB, 589x458, we love a hag kween.png)

why does she make fun of twitter language when she unironically tries to use it herself

No. 694164

Is that the Theryn guy or whatever his name is, that Magdalen Berns made a video on? Cringe

No. 694165

No. 694183

File: 1537628260122.png (899.42 KB, 837x819, when u meet mtf irl and they a…)

hello darkness my old friend

No. 694216

>tfw blaire has wider shoulders than gregory

No. 694225

File: 1537634396186.jpg (129.79 KB, 768x1024, DntgPLjWkAAqbvp.jpg)

No. 694226

File: 1537634426791.jpg (131.71 KB, 1024x768, DntgPLnW4CATnya (1).jpg)

No. 694235

File: 1537635067859.jpg (228.29 KB, 1200x1035, Dntl6QCUwAAkQBs.jpg)

No. 694241

kek daily reminder that mtfs passing is literally just a meme

all their handmaidens are busted too

No. 694251

Wow, blaire is gross af without his special filters. Looks like a lizard creature

No. 694252

Why can he not dress himself??

No. 694281

this is hell.

No. 694297

File: 1537640794074.png (844.66 KB, 1080x1422, Screenshot_20180922-151510~2.p…)

uh… t-the wage gap
lol she knows she sucks at debating

No. 694299


this is so so sad, I was hoping at least one phrase in there would be intelligent or insightful but nope…

Imagine thinking so highly of yourself and being handled with the bar set so low

No. 694320

File: 1537644582679.jpg (78.17 KB, 1200x584, DnuJQS1WsAA7K3J.jpg)

A rare pic that hasnt been manip'd

No. 694322

Omg theryn is considered one of the hot trannies hahaha the internet is pathetic
Also Rob’s boobs are on 2 different sides of the planet

No. 694333

~no reason~ doesn't really happen past the age of 10 and it's a shitty coping mechanism to tell yourself that. a more productive approach would be to realize that people can hate you for all sorts of reasons, but if it's not a reason you think is important or worth changing about yourself, you can relax and not care.

wow yeah, i remember in the mags video thinking theryn looked a little better than most troons, but in these candids he's worse than hontra.

i don't get why she doesn't take her own advice. if she really internalized this philosophy she wouldn't remotely align herself with liberalism, trad, anti-feminism, centrism, transactivism, or any other of her flavor of the month -isms.

No. 694335

Lord have mercy

No. 694336

Her feet look really big? So much for being smol.

No. 694343

she's getting so fat it's hilarious. this is why she's saying "i LOVE THICC GIRLS." it's just damage control for getting fucking fat. she wouldn't look so fat if she wasn't anachan back in the day, but this compared to that, oof. but sure june, you just WANT to look like thicker girls… you know, the ones you constantly make fun of.

No. 694344

laughed out loud at the "too-slim face" remark. sure, june.

No. 694347

File: 1537647874935.png (530.82 KB, 500x533, when she takes her wig off.png)

maybe this is what june meant when she said he looks like brendan fraser…

No. 694349

woah. theryn acts like they pass really well and are "better than real girls" on youtube all the time, but "she" looks manlier than greg in this photo. oddly enough the most feminine looking people here are jaclyn and greg though.

No. 694351

File: 1537648297576.jpg (707.46 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180922-223008.jpg)

Shoe honey. It's OK to not have a Disney waistline. Live your truth.

No. 694353

Sad that 2 dudes look better in dresses than she does.

No. 694368

We need to convince her that being "thicc" is good

No. 694386

It's weird seeing here next to an average looking guy since most of her pics are with shregg or trannies.
Holy fuck she is so pathetic. Just accept your 30 inch waist. How is she going to accept herself when(hopefully not)she gets pregnant with shregg's demon spawn? Is she going to shoop her waist then too? Lol

No. 694394

that smile is too creepy
I swear, June, just accept you're a little tub tub than you used to be

No. 694402

seeing her next to an average guy reminds me why she has to date greg.

No. 694405

File: 1537652707804.png (856.8 KB, 866x699, vffvvffv.PNG)

shuwu n preg (+ others) in this stream just now https://youtu.be/mqUUJi_EZcY?t=326

No. 694437

File: 1537655370283.jpeg (221.65 KB, 750x417, A96D721B-CA57-4A2E-9CB0-D36FF0…)

How is Mayu so creepy.

I’m not watching this whole thing. But watch her at 12:55 as June makes sure the camera gets her PDA with Preg. She looks right into the camera. This girl gets so high on attention.

No. 694438

File: 1537655394432.jpeg (212.98 KB, 750x414, 385120A6-2070-4DE3-97EF-13AE33…)

No. 694470

How kind of you to pity him.

No. 694471

kek anon, go get your eyes checked.

No. 694473

File: 1537657521903.jpg (176.89 KB, 900x1200, DnuRq0sUcAAfrBW.jpg)

No. 694475

File: 1537657534625.jpg (18.89 KB, 583x190, DnuwbCrUcAArZBp.jpg)

No. 694476

File: 1537657608867.jpg (187.82 KB, 1200x900, DnuH4zdXoAI7kwI.jpg)

No. 694479

Go to 8:27 to hear Mayu's very uwu cute feminine voice

No. 694481

those fucking ears…la creatura que dios olvido….

No. 694483

File: 1537658195730.jpg (211.16 KB, 900x1200, Dnu9fvuU4AAk5_z.jpg)

No. 694495

I hope that hoverhand is a joke.

Just would like to point out how flattering that flash is to June’s wig.
I swear she has not worn one wig that looked anything like a humans hair should

No. 694499


i bet any money she's wearing spanx there

No. 694509

Of course she puts a bunny on her bag uwu
Is she wearing large heels so we won't criticize her for being desperate to look smol?

No. 694516

both of them are looking more and more like farmers' caricatures of them as time goes on

No. 694524

This con is the gift that keeps giving. Holy shit. I don't even know where to begin.

No. 694530

File: 1537661980735.jpg (106.61 KB, 1200x675, DnvORktX0AUEtIj.jpg)

No. 694537

File: 1537662390399.webm (14.57 MB, 1280x720, uWPmy0ha1LNf1Mjy.webm)

No. 694539

File: 1537662415431.jpeg (174.56 KB, 1242x927, 8DEB779D-CC97-4A83-B95C-D28698…)

“Feminism.. in itself.. is almost like, a religion.” audience claps, shuwu attempts cutesy dance Cringe.

No. 694541

It would be funny if she is one of those anti-fur people because those bunny keychains are made with real rabbit fur. The again she doesnt give a shit about olie so this isnt a shock.

No. 694546

How annoying, even if she was just memeing.

No. 694556

how many shy girls do you guys know that act like this?

No. 694560

Her truth is she's a busted guido pandering to neckbeards and dating a literal sped. Why would she want to live that lol

No. 694575

File: 1537664937130.jpeg (330.72 KB, 1198x682, 1DE0431C-C422-4AC2-B700-FA2BD9…)

She’s probably a farmer herself. Kek

No. 694582

File: 1537665765249.jpeg (389.08 KB, 1227x1461, 5CEFC76B-D74A-4A3E-B307-E0275B…)

Gotta love the fence-sitting to appease to both her Lefty friends and trad thot ones. Imagine her retarded seal clapping

No. 694585

File: 1537666011168.jpeg (181.5 KB, 1168x385, C8A0C966-B8FF-4DA2-BA5A-7FDA8D…)

In the replies

No. 694609

If you have only one bra that fits then you basically only have one bra lmao

No. 694613

why would you want to pander to these people??? why???

amazing how proud and happy she looks to be surrounded by that sea of losers in the vid above. she truly feels no greater joy than from getting attention and being wanted by smug but truly unintelligent uggos.

No. 694615

File: 1537668573844.jpg (157.89 KB, 1200x800, Dntzb-GWkAA-2QP.jpg)

No. 694618

he dresses like a fat child

No. 694632

Jfc preg looks like a dusty high school prom chaperone with that outfit. Can’t even wear matching shoes, and settles for those dirty Converse. The laces on his left shoe look untied, too. But what more can we expect from a ~MENSA-tier~ convention led by skeptics

No. 694634

She keeps patting her wig in the background, it's so weird.

No. 694637

Both of their shoes piss me off. Aren't they both in their 30's?

No. 694639

>Aren't they both in their 30's?

Lol, yes.

No. 694640

Even in high heels, wig still tries doing the leg crossing thing to appear “smol uwu.” She just had to make herself the same height as that girl next to her.

No. 694642

The girl with a crop top with jeans manages to look more tasteful than June. Amazing.

No. 694644

File: 1537670467216.jpeg (309.09 KB, 1242x475, FDF14854-67A9-405C-9E76-A903C8…)

She’s only liking MythCon tweets pertaining to her tranny friends. She’ll safely tweet her support for Sargon of Acuck’s debate, while virtue signaling in her likes.

No. 694648

File: 1537670819862.jpeg (263.65 KB, 1142x945, 9C21D631-C482-47D5-A8CB-8B8D96…)

So they have a Feminist going up against a “Men’s Rights Activist” who isn’t shoe. With Shoe’s following, I’m shrprised she wasn’t chosen to be in this panel. What’s the matter, too anxious to publicly sperg about something you know nothing about? Yet she can ask a stupid question like this with all the confidence as her redneck fans slob all over her. Kek

No. 694649

File: 1537670824835.jpg (97.71 KB, 1024x768, DntgPLlXsAEoX1Y.jpg)


"look at me I'm just like Christian Grey!"

No. 694651

File: 1537671142660.jpeg (317.89 KB, 1134x1001, 6C745D0D-58C0-4DD9-A1A7-A7F3E6…)

Alpha Daddy Dom Preggory cries oppression over “slurs” used against him.

No. 694653

File: 1537671656163.jpeg (267.83 KB, 1242x744, A35C125A-B6BB-43A9-AB10-333A49…)

Preg liked this tweet in response to this selfie. People actually think he lost weight.

No. 694656

File: 1537672009794.png (145.27 KB, 1226x642, smFSaCN.png)

from the replies section lel

No. 694670

File: 1537672759614.jpeg (382.43 KB, 1242x1513, ACA6AD50-24BD-465B-85F3-E02D16…)

cutepup being sneaky and passive aggresssive lol

No. 694678

File: 1537673162937.jpeg (273.05 KB, 879x1024, CFA5E2C6-8EF9-4A07-863B-96CD61…)

Why can’t he wear properly fitted clothes?

No. 694686

File: 1537673505552.jpg (148.38 KB, 1200x675, Dnv3WHQV4AAqBCd.jpg)

No. 694694

File: 1537674459482.jpeg (135.85 KB, 1222x669, CD89FFCF-2C31-47E9-A393-1D3023…)

Saw SomeBlackGuy’s livestream, and him and Groceries talk about the threat MythCon received today. SomeBlackGuy said he thinks it was Sargon’s trolls who called in to make the threat, and Groceries makes it immediately about himself by saying, “Yeah, that’s more likely. I don’t think it has anything to do with MY panel.” He then combed his hair. He’s so fucking smug and thinks everything revolves around him.

No. 694698

When the white trash edgelords mom makes him goes to prom and lets him pick out an outfit at goodwill

No. 694705

i think he's in denial about how fat he is. going up a size would wound his fragile ego.

No. 694706

while shes no 22 inch waist chan, she does look fairly curvy. these are hip/buttpads, right? kind of kekking though knowing she'd be making fun of her current self 3 years ago if she saw a woman her size

this is so obviously passive aggressive. lmao, pup really does probably like preg's attention or just gets off on the idea of stealing attn from big youtuber and knowing her man is into her

No. 694707

Christ she is looking haggard. How long is she going to dress like a teenager? She would look so much better in professional clothing. I mean, this outing is part of her "job" right? I do applaud her decision not to speak on stage, though.

No. 694711

I love how 8chan is making fun of the neckbeards cheering on shuwu, making fun of manlet preg and posting all the unflattering pics of blaire, redubbing him "blaire wide"
They have no mercy kek

No. 694715

what thread, anon? i cant find it

No. 694716

it's just the dress, I know a girl who's a literal board who can look curvy in a big skater skirt and tucked in skirt, considering how insecure june is I wouldn't doubt if she was wearing them

No. 694719

The pinned bloodsports thread

No. 694727


that one cycles and isn't archived, so disappearing posts aren't unusual

No. 694760

I know, but im talking about right now where they are talking about mythcon and her lame comments about feminism being a religion for neckbeard attention and ass pats.

No. 694766

File: 1537683980245.jpeg (868.3 KB, 1242x1388, BEA8AEA2-0CC5-4E6C-A97C-96B479…)

Love how Shoe isn’t the one retweeting or liking all these tagged pics of her, however Preg is. It’s probably because she looks unflattering in all of these.

No. 694770

Her whole “feminism is a religion” bullshit is seemingly the only thing she contributed to MythCon. Even then she only spoke for 20 seconds, from the audience, and Preg was the one who answered to her. No one challenged her because her alpha daddy uwu saved her. This is her way of avoiding making an even bigger dumbass out of herself while still looking plenty educated to her MRA followers.

No. 694772

File: 1537684549953.jpg (493.41 KB, 2048x1536, fdJSAqy.jpg)

No. 694773

File: 1537684586883.jpg (130.92 KB, 1200x600, DnwNBVYUUAACONV.jpg)

No. 694779

File: 1537685731370.jpeg (142.77 KB, 1024x697, 801F351B-343F-4E1A-8B33-6638D2…)

No. 694780

File: 1537685746668.png (1.08 MB, 1200x600, SMOL.png)

kek, her arm is the same size as preg's

No. 694783

Saged for reaching but in all her pics with other people, the other person always has to be clenching her ~Disney princess fairytale waist uwu~ It’s a standard pose when taking pics with others, but knowing shoe she likely makes people hold her waist to appear slimmer

No. 694784

File: 1537686402074.jpg (10.19 KB, 275x240, 1526901291143.jpg)

AAANNNDDDD im bringing this back

No. 694790

File: 1537687603185.png (973.15 KB, 1196x789, CCFA94BA-D286-47F9-95B5-E53D76…)

No. 694806

Savage lmfao

She looks really gummy in person btw

No. 694807

Ty I made that. Lol have you met her-got any good stories to share?

No. 694809

Kek I stole the pic from 8chan, bless you anon. I second this. Anything milky about June? Did you see her today?

No. 694812

Ty, I've been posting in 8chan because this site doesn't seem to cover the youtube skeptic drama which is a pity because its really blowing up with multiple cows right now and with the candid thing it will be interesting to see if anyone comes to snatch junes wig over it (no pun intended)

No. 694813

The way she wears her convention pass on her hips, lel. Notice how in the other semi-candid photos of her where she’s with the trannies she’s wearing her pass around her neck, like a normal person. But with her fans and at the con in general, she wore her pass on her giant gravitating hips uwu trying to draw attention to her ~physique~. Imagine all the “giant scawy strangers” looking down at her and glaring at her hips to look at her pass. Saged for speculation

No. 694816

The Disney Princess waistline shit gets me every time because even if she WAS super skinny it would still be an insane reach. Elsa's waist is the same width as her face, which is the whole point of that article, however stupid and pointless it may be.
Even the most ana of the anas would still have a waist wider than that of a Disney princess.

No. 694818


"june! i'm so grumpy! trolls are calling me a fat loser beta just like my mean ex wife who used to make fun of me for being a nerd! and my high school bullies!"

"oh shhhh it's ok my little greg! those bullies aren't here anymore to put you down! i'm here to take care of you! how about i give you my youtube paycheck early and you can buy yourself a new funko pop!!!"

"o-ok i guess. i'm still the dom though!"

"of course greggy! you're june's big strong alpha!!!!"

No. 694819

Its all part of her pandering to her audience to be their perfect waifu and upkeep the ideas that the reason feminists dont like her is because they are ~jealous of her for being smol uwu~ and not the reality that she baits, deletes tweets and then tries to play victim-something she accuses others of doing.

No. 694822

File: 1537692433865.jpg (16.17 KB, 527x174, slide_378810_4472418_compresse…)

this is from the buttfeed article.
which one looks more like shuwu at any weight? the left, or the right supposed shapeless blob?

No. 694823

File: 1537692593093.jpg (49.09 KB, 480x640, nurmi 3.jpg)

samefag but disney princesses basically just have the waistline of a skinny woman with a really tight corset. tfw shoe claimed to naturally look like maila nurmi without the assistance of corsets

No. 694826

File: 1537693086467.jpg (143 KB, 768x921, sure jan.jpg)

No. 694827

File: 1537693423043.jpeg (352.26 KB, 1548x1935, 3E2B169C-26EA-468C-B77A-FAFBB1…)

Old milk but I didn’t know she spergs about her magical Elsa waistline each year. Here’s 2015, 2016, 2017. I thought it was a one time thing. Also lol “(always women)”

No. 694829

>I can't form my own opinion lest I piss of one of the groups I'm pandering to desperately, so I'm clapping for both uwu

No. 694833

File: 1537694307910.png (290.76 KB, 468x510, 1531088320936.png)

kek, of course she would. this is the same girl who said this and kept repeating how her breasts look exactly like this and that breasts that don't look like this are saggy and ugly.

she's always trying to make herself seem not just attractive, but unattainably attractive, like, attractive to the degree of fantasy.

No. 694834

File: 1537694362733.png (449.13 KB, 764x622, 1532720767935.png)

even when she was thin she never had that waistline. i can't imagine making this waistline thing this much part of my public personality when she never had a waistline

No. 694838

Was he smelling someone's fart? Thats what his face looks like. Does he feel disgusted by people he takes pics with?

No. 694842

kek this bitch really thinks we aint got eyes and can see her basic ass

No. 694843

LOL Hasn't she founded this site herself? This rule only works when it comes to her, not other people? She became popular because of hating on feminists and women + shitting on people she thinks are worse than her. She's so self-unaware.

No. 694845

Or maybe just a hypocrite.

No. 694848

hahaha what an attention whore

No. 694850


Cutepup is a vile bitch but I hope she keeps cucking June.

Remember when June pretended she liked her "titties" and Cutepup ignored her and just kept flirting with Preg? LMFAO

No. 694852

>these look exactly like my tits

unnatural, plastic and stuffed in a shitty push-up bra?

No. 694853

>>694322 I was gonna say the same thing. In his pictures online, he looks beautiful and passible, but that jawline in candids is a giveaway.

No. 694854

holy fuck, thank you for reminding me of this gem. i needed this laugh rn.
she's trying to backtrack nowadays with ''hehe all boobs are good boobs :3''/''i love thicc girls''. she really thinks she's slick.

june's audience is at least 80-90% male and to be honest it's a lot easier to deceive men with stuff like this because they do not have a woman's body (so they just can't relate) and they're generally not as good at detecting photoshopped images of women, which is why overly shooped insta thots have such a huge following. most of her fans can't see through things like this and she knows it.

No. 694855

It’s still there. The retard needs better glasses.

No. 694857

>>these look exactly like my tits, unnatural, plastic and stuffed in a shitty push-up bra?

No, as in imaginary. Just like her disney princess waistline, wit, charm and intelligence, none of it exists except in her little head, the only ~smol~ thing about her.

No. 694859

File: 1537699514524.png (23.73 KB, 1053x153, oh please kek.png)

Kek is this shuwu or maya do you think?

No. 694861

Looks like Shoe or Armoured Skepdick is awake.

No. 694863

>Armoured Skepdick

Nah, no way he defends her on the net.

He's the type who'd be like: "I make my dumb bitch of a gf suck my dick then send her back home so I can flirt with my side-bitches."

No. 694866

wait, hold on, act like what? Do you mean the little bouncing dance thing she did?

No. 694867

Oh, that reminds me, at around 10:39, Skepdick uses her back as a desk. ~so submissive and SEXUAL~.

No. 694879

Mayu is CREEPY. He keeps following them around like a dog on every convention and stalking them on twitter. It's too much.

No. 694885


I was thinking the same thing. Can the please at least keep the ddlg mutual jerk off shit in the bedroom. The audience seemed to enjoy it too though. Maybe these two got this tip from Silicon Valley?

No. 694897

This bomb threat bullshit looks like a PR stunt to me. Who would care so much about them? Omg. Even if it wasn't they take themselves so seriously and overvaluate themselves.
''Our opinions are so dangerous to all those looney postmordern neomarxist religious feminists that they wanted to bomb us/disrupt the event risking to get fined/arrested by the police. We won't back down. We won them. We're heros of frezepeach''

No. 694918

File: 1537709585254.jpg (142.27 KB, 1048x1393, KpJAIV8.jpg)

humble, self-aware kween

No. 694926


I can't find it anymore but I distinctly remember June claiming her measurements were something like 34-23-36. It amazes me this supposed meme queen doesn't seem to know shitty lies like this don't just disappear from the internet

No. 694935

like she could ever compare to the queen of 'thicc' how deludied is she? she looks more like a Thelma Ritter bodywise imho old lady no shape body

No. 694940

he'd be right though, no one gives enough of a shit about him to form an opinion, let alone call bomb threats on his behalf.
he's literally at the bottom rung of the "skeptic community" but is dumb enough to think the lack of feedback is from being a good "skepticist" or whatever the fuck he wants to call himself.

No. 694959

She also once noticed she was being filmed by another youtuber and changed the pitch of her voice and also ran to preg and started PDAing it up like in front of her fans and everything

No. 694970

>Drinking socially lol

No. 694972


No. 694974

kek the fact she's doing the leg crossed thing WHILE looking at the girl during the picture just proves she's trying very hard to be at least to her eye level

No. 694976

he doesn't even read "tranny" in that pic, he looks like a normal guy who dressed up as zooey deschanel for halloween as a joke.

No. 694985

File: 1537714891173.jpg (12.67 KB, 220x226, preg.jpg)

No. 695011

She must be so insecure about her having such an average body. Every other girl has a waist like yours, you're nothing special June. You're not even thin anymore, just average. Poor, pompous fuggo fridge. Next year she will be full on mom bod and I can't wait.

He really has no self-awareness, I would feel bad for him if he wasn't so nasty and creepy

They both dress so badly, and are nasty and ugly. A match made in heaven! At least the shorter wig looks better than the longer ones, but both their outfits are a huge mess. They should leave their homes more than once a month so they would learn how to dress in public, this is just embarrassing.

No. 695025

File: 1537718404974.png (57.17 KB, 1782x208, triggered greggs.png)

I think this one was made by pregory, kek

No. 695027

Has he lost weight or did he finally decide to buy clothes that fit his belly

No. 695099

i'd bet money she's literally wearing heels the first time ever just to "prove" to "haters" that she toootally isn't what we say she is. that outfit is atrocious too. june just start wearing pants and t shirts again like you did before greg. you look like a mom trying to look hip. you're too old and fat to be dressing like that.

No. 695106

File: 1537724812606.jpeg (512.65 KB, 1684x1156, 4B896164-9E57-4966-B3C9-DEEC02…)

kek and when people don’t clench her smol waist, she holds it herself

No. 695127

She wants her neckbeard fans to think that she’s so “smol” even in heels. She wore heels to prove to us that she isn’t trying to be smol all the time! But she’ll still do her retarded knee bend when taking pics with others in an attempt to be perceived as “im so tiny uwu look how small I am in, even in my mom’s heels!”

No. 695136

Lol dat tacky engagement ring even looks bad from a distance

No. 695143

Looks like something straight out of Claire’s. Preg is larping an autistic pirate, and his earlobe piercings don’t help. The thought of him getting those done at Claire’s with a piercing gun is satisfying. Saged for tinfoil

No. 695150

File: 1537726730995.png (13.79 KB, 588x113, bishuwu.PNG)

It's bi visibility day! A two year old message from Shoe~

No. 695159

Ah yes, once again, liking women is just all about liking teh bewbies x333!! What's that, feeling genuine attraction towards another woman and wanting to be in a respectful, loving, mature adult relationship with her and going through life's ups and downs together? Sorry can't hear you, too busy staring at some TITTY BOOBIES xDDD!!!!!

No. 695165

Yeah, why would you silly lgbts feel oppressed!? It’s not like people in other countries are caned publicly for attempting to have gay sex! Or like the gays are ostracized! Me, a smol westerner bun, knows it’s okay to be gay for the twitter aesthetic :33

No. 695171

the fact that anyone would think this retard with the brain of a 13 year old who still lives in her childhood bedroom has legitimate experience with anything in regards to sexism or biphobia like wut. she's spoilt as fuck yet jumps on her shitty webcam to screech about how feminizm dum lel XD when she clearly hasn't done a single difficult thing in her life. i guess she believes women get everything handed to them because she herself has had everything handed to her, and is so shortsighted she can't imagine life being different or harder for anyone at all.

No. 695180

ikr. pretty sad that we normalize alcoholism in women by encouraging them to smile and hold up cider

No. 695196

>i guess she believes women get everything handed to them because she herself has had everything handed to her, and is so shortsighted she can't imagine life being different or harder for anyone at all.

yeah this is like 90% of june's ~dunks~. some women hate catcalling? well she doesn't mind it so it's not a problem. some women don't have ideal figures? well she believes she has one so anyone who doesn't must just have problems. some women want careers and to be dominant? she can't relate so they're probably deluded or lying.

so up her own ass that despite her fence sitting for other topics, she can't simply be sympathetic to other people's problems even if she hasn't experienced them herself.

No. 695209


What a fucking cringefest omfg.

Also when you google "Mythcon" , you get a convention of the same name that's centered around myths and fantasy literature and which has existed for almost 40 years.

I wonder how those people feel that a bunch of cringey anti-sjw youtube personalities have plagiarized the name of their con and made it about "fighting feminism - free speech!! xDDD"

No. 695222

The irony is that June contributes to a lot of the stigma against bi people with her political bisexuality

No. 695227

every video of hers is basically "women don't like getting told they're the dumber sex? well POOR MEN have higher suicide rates. AAND ur mom gay lol! bye" holds up ollie to camera

No. 695229

is ''I like bewbz xDD'' the only thing she can think of when speaking about her '''''attraction'''' to women? she couldn't make it more obvious that she's faking it, jfc
her fake bisexuality annoys me the most about her because her motivation behind it is so transparent and it's disgusting and embarrassing. I cannot believe she is almost 30.

No. 695243

File: 1537732036139.png (229.74 KB, 575x379, oof.png)


he also tweeted
>Shoe fans are the easiest ppl in the world to rile up lmao

No. 695244

File: 1537732090060.jpeg (274.46 KB, 2048x1152, 620F9684-D987-4785-BB02-E4345C…)

No. 695248

File: 1537732317680.jpeg (642.99 KB, 2048x1536, 631DA090-295A-4F5F-9232-E61AEA…)

why does she do that weird head tilt in most of thes pics

No. 695251

june looks like fucking grimes in this pic kek

No. 695255

don't insult grimes, she's actually cute sometimes

No. 695256

File: 1537732736652.jpeg (177.32 KB, 1144x727, B5BF7C65-8D33-47CF-8AB1-AD2745…)

Twitter replies

No. 695259

June's eyeliner always looks like it's a mistake. Does she think having the wonky fashion sense of an awkward middle schooler makes her seem younger, fueling her creepy pedo bait fantasy? Like whenever I see a picture and her fucking horrible basic makeup and no blush and crappy eyebrows, and dry nonexistent lips, where the only focus is two black opaque thick lines surrounding her eyes, which are already big and too close together, it looks like she didn't ever learn how to do eyeliner and just picked up a pencil and called it a day. She looks like that meme of when you try to correct your wing and just end up looking like a panda. The girl couldn't make herself look flattering if she tried. And her fucking horsey whoville face pisses me off, it's like she gets more haggard and boney and elongated the more she ages. BUT AT LEAST SHE'S SHORT LOL RIGHT GUYS00!!@#213

No. 695260

Hmm, I think that girl is more Shreg's speed. They look like a couple, because they're so bodily similar. June looks like the third wheel.

No. 695263

shreg and the pictured fan look better together, like shrek and fiona, compared to shoeptic which just looks like shrek and donkey

No. 695266

requesting a comparison pic of her in mythcon last year to now.

i think it's funny how much black she's wearing, i thought she liked wearing uwu pink girly clothes?

No. 695268

File: 1537734491296.jpg (181.65 KB, 1124x598, wawe.jpg)

No. 695276

>Haha I like bewbs xD
Straight girl confirmed

No. 695279

left pics: aw, the donkey comparisons are just an exaggeration

right pics: ….oh

i'm sure it's been said but she really out to lay off the black inner corner eyeliner. that's for people with wide set eyes who want to make them look closer together…the opposite of june

No. 695280

omg is he fucking blind

No. 695286

File: 1537735335541.jpeg (32.16 KB, 400x400, 901D3CF2-9428-4AC3-8941-953900…)

This sim is literally a more accurate representation of her irl than the pics on her social media

No. 695288

File: 1537735656739.jpg (415.75 KB, 1295x775, 1531914356747.jpg)


I like this one

No. 695294

Kek anon this is incredible. Right down to the dad bod (on both of them).

No. 695306

omg the traits and aspirations. too accurate

No. 695466

Wasnt june exposed for cheating? Also taking special ed classes and stealing your wife's money for star wars isnt very chad like skeptic

No. 695474

She went camping with preg very soon after she broke up with Andrew (an askfm of his is out there saying "that was quick"). Remember when she said that she confessed to preg and was rejected at first? Then when did they get together exactly to plan a romantic trip?

No. 695509

what are these aspirations? not familiar with this v of the sims

No. 695523

gdi this gets me every time, top fucking kek

No. 695565

Still no promised bideo on being gay in third world countries sorry rizzy

No. 695566

*Being gay in an islamic third world country

No. 695567

She looks nothing like Aubrey Plaza? Why does she always say/imply that she does?

No. 695575

File: 1537759288153.jpeg (233.8 KB, 1242x1001, C0505684-3FAA-424A-834B-6547F5…)

Kek so what exactly did you contribute to the discourse? Also she doesn’t have the guts to flat out says SJWs, to avoid getting attacked by her Lefty audience.

No. 695585

File: 1537759579945.jpeg (358.73 KB, 1215x1716, C82EAF15-86A3-4F4A-B7A6-C6FC13…)

Shoe liked this asspating tweet where a fan replied to her 20 second “Feminism is a religion” statement. Do they even know what they’re on about?

No. 695621

If committing to an ideology instead of fence-sitting is religious then sure. Whatever these losers say.

Do the alt right even like shoe anymore? I feel like they would find her degen and a coward.

No. 695622

File: 1537765358910.jpg (152.54 KB, 1200x900, Dn1NmSoWsAEVjys.jpg)

No. 695623

File: 1537765413284.jpg (109.36 KB, 1200x800, Dn00j6QXsAES9iM.jpg)

No. 695624

File: 1537765421794.jpg (109.75 KB, 1200x800, Dn00kjrXkAAgPDw.jpg)

No. 695626

File: 1537765541971.jpg (136.44 KB, 1200x800, Dn0lySMXkAAyYOP.jpg)

No. 695627

File: 1537765565779.jpg (105.84 KB, 1200x800, Dnz0eejXUAAM6KC.jpg)

No. 695628

File: 1537765578879.jpg (105.67 KB, 1200x800, Dn0qDE7XcAEDy4V.jpg)

Last one

No. 695630

Exactly what I was thinking. June seems to be under the impression that supporting any system of ideas at all is bad. Which is lame considering a lot of the freedoms she gets to enjoy now is built on people defending an idea

No. 695631

File: 1537766281189.jpeg (375.06 KB, 1182x670, 38B2D415-FBB7-4176-AE4E-2E07C5…)

“Bi icon”

No. 695632

Greg actually looks ok in this pic but then you scroll through the rest of them and he looks like someone’s drunk uncle

I’m loling. I bet Mayu was secretly disappointed June wasn’t wearing the same exact collar. June looks especially like Leafy in this pic

No. 695633

File: 1537766690922.jpeg (702.67 KB, 1188x1561, E2291AA8-5740-4D77-A04A-CE4B85…)

lol just enough “girls supporting girls! she’s so pretty!” to please her SJW fans, but also enough “even if she wasn’t pretty” to stay true to her woman-hating MRA ways

No. 695637

File: 1537767409475.jpg (9.57 KB, 185x178, free thinkin.jpg)

No. 695640

i kek'd. i actually think that's mayu's brother.

honestly guys, i hate to say it, and i used to think june was way out of his league, physically, but i'm starting to think pregs is the more conventionally attractive of the two aside from his spare tire and 9th grade fat boi fashion sense.

she is looking so rough and the party city wigs, impossibly close-set eyeballs, bad weight distribution and jigsaw cheeks are making him look so much better in comparison.

honestly june is almost serving troon-realness with her looks, her aliexpress shit clothing and cheap wig that is honestly a hallmark of trannydom, and it's sad. the wig really does not help her cause. why can she just not get some decent $200 wigs? there are decent $30 wigs that would look better than this if she just fucking googled how to treat them to look better.

>mfw youre a 20 yo troon and even with spiro and estradiol you're at the mercy of your shit male genetics and your male pattern baldness is already on full display despite buying circle lenses and $9 pleather chokers

No. 695642

File: 1537768049379.jpeg (184.79 KB, 750x811, 96A5460C-B72F-4076-A0E8-6A3DD2…)

I just made this my twitter avatar and was blocked within an hour and all I did was like a few tweets

No. 695644

File: 1537768202758.gif (1.78 MB, 480x360, block.gif)

No. 695647

Kek so you just made it your avi and she already knew it’s supposed to be her? We know she lurks but this is next level. Imagine if she hasn’t lurked recently and she just automatically assumed it’s a charicature of her

No. 695651

>mild, aesthetic-based attraction to girls, very minimal and non-sexual
>so i just call myself gay
>bi icon shoe0nhead

is that a joke post?

No. 695659

Fuck I just checked it out the amount of white knighting is off the charts
The guy is an asshole but this is funny, btw is there a story as to why he dont like or is it just political leanings?

Maya loves wig0nhead because he nicked her trick (fat girl angle shot+shitty eyeliner=makes you look somewhat feminine) pjw pulls it off better than the both of them.

No. 695664

File: 1537772852414.png (574.62 KB, 632x622, fucking kek.PNG)

this was savage lmaoo

No. 695666

File: 1537773078735.png (68.63 KB, 598x561, lol.PNG)

wew that's tasty

No. 695667

File: 1537773491063.png (380.29 KB, 541x307, pregs.PNG)


bideo of pregs and june. i can't imagine they're laughing or relating or having a good time about anything except mocking this woman singing for either her weight or voice or both

No. 695668

File: 1537773568762.jpeg (299.26 KB, 1186x1467, 2553FAC0-42A7-4F71-B3DF-BE27E7…)

No. 695671

>tfw Mayu still looks like the epitome of a neckbeard even though he shaves it off

No. 695673

File: 1537774011260.jpeg (540.4 KB, 1936x1936, 69FD7D7E-DA15-4CC1-A60D-E46E5A…)

No. 695692

Lmao I love it

No. 695697

Even these are too flattering, in reality they are closer to

No. 695699

Makes her look shorter. She's always kneeling, leaning her body to her side and tilting her head because if she stood up straight she wouldn't be such an uwu smol bun uwu next to other people.

Here's a fun drinking game: Take a sip every time she's posing with other people and a.) holding her waist with her hand b.) tilting her head c.) leaning her body to her side d.) kneeling down e.) stepping her other food forward.

It's funny how she keeps going on about how greg has such a massive alpha build when in actuality he has a terribly unfortunate fat distribution. He has feminine hips, small, girly arms, chubby cheeks and a pot belly. Even Blaire has wider shoulders than he does, the second he takes that ill-fitting, super padded jacket off he shrinks down.

No. 695702


Ricard Carrier was ousted from the liberal feminist crowd over sexual harassment accusations. It must kill him that he has to pander to Shoe's audience.

No. 695742

shuwu wearing the fucking lanyard around her ~~disney princess waist~~ is the cringiest thing I've seen in a while.

in case you didn't know how smol she was, she can fit the lanyard around her waist!! someone please get this girl a hamburger!!!! such smol so skinny

No. 695744

not like it has anything to do with her having literally no ass or hips and she just pulled that thing on her like a new diaper

its that waist is soooo teeny tiny~

No. 695816

File: 1537797549090.jpg (39.65 KB, 557x377, 23.JPG)

No. 695828

Oh so now feminism itself is almost a religion according to Wig. Aka she implies dogma and cultish behavior.

But few months ago she was sucking up to her libfem friend and claimed there is good and bad feminism, bad feminism being radical feminism (lol of course).

Of course, now that she is around neckbeards, she has to imply that feminism itself is bad.

I wonder how her libfem friendo RantingF feels about it. Does she just ignore when Wig switches her opinion in favor of neckbeards.

No. 695860

File: 1537802130102.jpeg (446.64 KB, 1536x2048, 2EDBDC10-46BD-43C3-AA50-FCE106…)

Her leg crossing tiny bean pose didn’t work this time.

No. 695862

Kek skepdicc looks more comfortable with this fan than he does with Shoe. He’s holding her, meanwhile shuwu awkwardly clings on to the other girl. This captures their cucking dynamic.

No. 695912

The fan is cuter than Shoe, I see why he's holding her close. Also that all lives matter shirt, smh. Go hard or go home. Wear a white lives matter one if you aim to trigger. Isn't that the whole point of this boring skeptic community?

No. 695919

oh god once again she looks pained being next to a cuter girl who isn't caked in makeup and is shorter.

No. 695945

Honestly he’s been way happier taking pictures with his female fans then he has taking pictures with June or the tranny-squad
He’s regretting his life choices so much rn

No. 695964

I like how she’s positioned slightly back to look smaller lol they’re not even on the same horizontal line as her

No. 695995

why is she so obsessed with this? as if looking somewhat smol will make her more attractive and younger lmao

No. 696008

File: 1537813724104.png (17.45 KB, 239x200, Ironically thats very true for…)

I love it how every single female fan of hers turns out to be smaller than her.

Even better when a good portion of male fans are also shorter than her too.

Not so smoll after all, eh June?

No. 696065

File: 1537819340592.jpeg (394.32 KB, 998x1997, FD6879AA-74FC-4A86-BFE5-3CDF5F…)

Much better.

No. 696087

She is way cuter than shoe. She has no makeup on and you can see her hairline unlike shoe whose wigs have no middle part or side part in them

No. 696124

I keep forgetting she tweeted about this. rofl. No woman's tits, unless they were rock hard and fake would look like this in a bikini top.

No. 696179

File: 1537829978859.jpg (433.66 KB, 2896x2896, 20180922_211113.jpg)

Has she ever denied she had a breast aug? Does she really claim her boobs are real? Or does she just avoid the subject? That's so sad and pathetic.

So like her parents let her pick her hair out until its balding. Bought her a wig and probably bought her get a breast aug. They let her fly to cabo with betacucks on the internet? Jeez, her parents seem like the "cool" parents until you realize all they've done is enable shuwu. I would feel bad for her if she didn't make it her life's mission to degrade feminists.

No. 696182

She has denied it before.

No. 696183

wow preg, your new girlfriend is cute! good on ya buddy! maybe now you'll have the drive to loose some weight and stop being a degenerate daddydom with someone whos normal! /sarcasm

No. 696191

June the bisexual, loves boobies and ladies soooo much but has no idea how the female body works uwu

No. 696193

june's aspiration i believe is popularity, the three traits they picked were crazy, jealous, and mean. greg's aspiration is wealth and his traits are glutton, slob, and afraid of commitment. i may have gotten something wrong somewhere but i'm p sure that's what they are

No. 696195

wait why tf is june's dress cut so oddly? it's like asymmetrical. the left implant looks like it's ready to pop the fuck out. someone explain

No. 696196

so has to try so hard to be nice. you can tell that it doesn't come naturally to her.

a few years ago june would have called her ~fatty fuck mcgee~ and filmed her.

No. 696199

The money she's saving on quality wigs isn't going to clothes.

No. 696204

FIX YOUR FUCKING SKIRT. i have the same skirt and it's fucking on the wrong way. i bet if she acknowledges that she'd just giggle like a retard and go "muh adhd~ uwu~"

No. 696209

No. 696214

File: 1537832591258.jpeg (107.83 KB, 1120x1680, 60079076-736D-4980-91F8-1EE439…)

It’s just super cheaply made. The first thing I noticed was the uneven hem line where the fabric is mishapen near her left boob.

It looks like it’s made out of the same material as athletic wear. Some kind of stretchy Lycra/polyester/spandex blend. Good for working out but it stands out in a bad way in a formal setting.

Idk why she wouldn’t invest in a nicer dress. That neckline is actually flattering for wide shoulders. I’m wondering if it’s this dress from Lulu’s. If it is, she paid $60 for it. Massive rip off. Saw a knit dress in a similar style to this for $45 at Nordstrom lol.

No. 696220

I actually think it is the $60 dress from Lulu’s. I bought a few things from there once and it is literally overpriced AliExpress quality stuff. I returned everything I got there except an oversized scarf that I use as bedding for my dog when I take her to my office. I can’t believe how June consistently overpays for things… I actually believe she paid thousands of dollars for her wigs now.

No. 696234

That is hideous. She has no idea how to gauge quality on anything. She overpays like mad on everything. She's making bank, honestly, and she's wasting all of it on poor quality crap that she's massively overspending on. Between her and fatty, they'll both be living in cardboard boxes and have nothing to show for the time that they made decent money.

No. 696235

File: 1537833800774.jpg (82.48 KB, 1000x1000, bluwu.jpg)


the extra $47 is to get it in Goffik Princess Black.

No. 696242

File: 1537834342239.jpg (106.31 KB, 1200x900, DnwSH7pVAAEO_3F.jpg)

guy in the middle's 5'6. smol bun forgot to squat.

No. 696248

Is it really flattering for wide shoulders? I’ve never noticed shoe’s shoulders before and I thought the dress made them look big in a bad way

No. 696262

Tbh the way she spends her money keeps me from getting jealous that she essentially makes $1000 an hour. I work full time and I would never quit my job if I made that much in patreonbux. I’d just spend another 4 hours on top of my work hours and invest that shit like Monopoly money to see what happens.

Meanwhile June probably spends 1/4 of her money on insurance alone.

No. 696263

holy fuck this triggers my autism after you girls pointed out that her dress is uneven.

could it also be it just doesn't fit her weird upper body? It looks too tight or maybe her giant shoulders just give that vibe. I didn't know it was possible to not pull of a black dress, it's like the safest thing to wear out and yet she still fucks it up.

No. 696268

It's totally unflattering. I knew her shoulders were big before, but this dress makes it hard to notice anything else

No. 696271

Her shoulders/back are pretty large anon. It’s not apparent in her videos because she angles the camera down. But a halter top minimizes the upper half since the amount of material will be smaller than the skirt.

No. 696273

If I had June’s body type I would be powerlifting squats and deadlifts and just go for an athlethicc appearance. I’m really not sure what else could be done. The diaper butt clearly isn’t working.

No. 696277

File: 1537836223599.jpg (91.12 KB, 748x616, june tries it - golfing.jpg)


>I’ve never noticed shoe’s shoulders before

obligatory golfing picture goes here.

No. 696301

they aren't noticeable when she's thin. she happens to have bone structure that is top heavy/broad shoulders, AND gains weight basically only in her shoulders, stomach, and neck/face. it's unfortunate.

No. 696303

File: 1537838818355.jpg (92.27 KB, 1023x682, MG_1349-1024x683.jpg)

>Amidst the YouTube Junkies of MythCon, I Witnessed a New Kind of Radical Centrism

No. 696307

>Except that, in the way they actually think, the folks I met at MythCon are the very opposite of conspiracy theorists. They have as much contempt for conservatives who dismiss evidence of anthropogenic global warming as they do for raw-food locavores who insist GMOs will turn you into Frankenstein’s monster. From what I could tell from casual conversation, many of MythCon’s radical centrists work in the tech field and inhabit online worlds completely saturated by the passing idioms of social media. Inside jokes about favourite YouTube stars often blur quickly into conversations about ideology, information technology and digital privacy.

oh my god

No. 696310

File: 1537839284780.png (189.22 KB, 593x566, pregory the predator.png)

Oh shuwu control your "daddy" hes at it again kek (This reminds me of a tweet years ago june made about feminists being mad pregs was obsessed with her 17 yr old huge titted body, I wonder how many tricks maya will pick up from his idol)

No. 696311

File: 1537839400065.png (44.22 KB, 596x305, trans.PNG)

wait hes not 17 is he?

also bonus kek

No. 696312

I think hes lying about his age as he does with a lot of things, for attention.
He's only following after his idol wiggy after all.

No. 696320

File: 1537840816850.jpg (66.58 KB, 1200x600, 1531409893709.jpg)

Mayu is the true Mythcon creeper.

No. 696324

File: 1537841364906.png (323 KB, 467x555, ZzxE7yX.png)

No. 696325

File: 1537841387975.png (9.79 KB, 70x80, Cr2UIe8.png)

No. 696329

Sorry if this is considered derailing, but fuck Greg's getting fat(ter). He's starting to look more and more like Randy from TPB only with a shirt on.

No. 696332

mayu looks like he smells like yeast

No. 696336

lmao what a subtle roast of June. also, is mayu implying he’s Jewish? or making a bad anti-Semitic joke?

No. 696339

File: 1537843562283.jpg (27.54 KB, 182x275, 1537765578879.jpg)

decent pits tbh

No. 696340

File: 1537843772262.jpeg (26.95 KB, 315x419, 7636D02D-7DA4-427F-BFD8-738BF2…)

>ughhhh guys r just soo creepy following me around and stuff because I’m pretty I hate it tbh and I’m not gonna brag about it on twitter, it totally happened ….that’s what happens to girls right?

No. 696350

He is Jewish and always says these things.

No. 696357

Thank you for sharing this, anon. This is gold.

>A typical specimen was a white-hat hacker from the Boston area whom I met at the after party. He had trouble even articulating any one reason why he’d come to the conference, except to offer, “Let’s just say I have a lot of cultural interests.”


No. 696362

File: 1537847388478.png (12.4 KB, 631x205, june's career in a nutshell.pn…)

No. 696363

>radical centrism
Shoe being a fencesitter doesn't make her a centrist lmao she just wants to appeal to everyone.
Actual people I know who call themselves centrists talk about ideas and opinions that don't appeal to left or right wingers because they just do things to spite each other rather than wanting to actually make things better for others. Shoe just thinks it's a free for all and wants to have tons of friends and not make up her mind.

No. 696365

b-b-but muh street harassment isn't real

Do kids start balding at 17 these days

No. 696382

File: 1537851148248.jpg (168.68 KB, 1200x800, KrOvoKz.jpg)

No. 696387

yeah exactly she's the absolute worst type of fence sitter. her thinking is cartoonishly dualistic for issues where the truth is most likely somewhere in the middle, but for issues where you pretty much need to pick one side or the other because they can't coexist? then she supports both sides uwu

it's kind of maddening

No. 696388

that wig is so bad the sudden change in hairline just gives it all away. also what hair naturally forms waves like that?

No. 696393

File: 1537853158284.png (1.52 MB, 1080x1541, Screenshot_20180925-022127~2.p…)

No. 696396

Turning back foot to the left and stepping for ward with front foot to twist her waist. Looking up out of the corner of her eye.

No. 696413

File: 1537857034902.png (79.29 KB, 564x450, baJQegz.png)

No. 696414

File: 1537857054695.png (58.14 KB, 582x352, MQKd4oH.png)

in her likes, lol.

No. 696417

File: 1537857281825.png (132.74 KB, 566x600, 0P35skw.png)

this was also in her likes. even though she's a fake bi who screeches ~ban the hets~ every chance she gets

No. 696427

you know you're oppressed when your biggest pet peeve is just misguided and tone-deaf but enthusiastic support

No. 696433

Is this moron talking about the same shuwu who threw lauren southern under the bus for victim points and asspats?

No. 696456

All those MySpace angles can’t hid his receding hairline.

No. 696458

But wait! At the end of the last word there’s an asterisk mark to read further. Maybe there’s more edge!

She’s probably too much of a wimp to wear it outside her skeptic circle jerk.

No. 696499


Music Man Mike is like all those other useless lefty 'feminist' woke men. Happy to insult and promote misogyny against 'terfs' and other feminists but will turn a blind eye to racist, neckbeard loving women-hating women like shoe when they pay them the slightest bit of positive attention, or play dumb that she's said anything transphobic, racist or sexist. Abuser-defending Hbomberguy and ShaunJen are the same.

No. 696504

so male harassment is only acceptable and real when it's against barely passable ftm semi-stalkers for smol and helpless points.

but, when it happens to actual women, they're just making it up because men are the defenseless ones against those mean women! how dare they complain about unwanted male gaze and someone following them?? they're just trying to express their feelings towards that beautiful woman, and she had the nerve to tell them off.

welcome to being a woman, isn't this what you always wanted?

No. 696512

Right? Her wigs always trigger me for some reason. Like they never look like they are sitting on her head right and it’s just bumpy and weird.
Also kek at how it mysteriously doesn’t look shiny anymore in the pic she posted herself

No. 696524

He just browses 4chan too much, they are the ones who always use goy/goyim

No. 696540

I’m pretty sure this is actually a social justicey shirt and after the asterisk there’s a “some restrictions apply” or “unless you are…” or something like that. So it’s not an edge lord thing. I could be wrong though.

No. 696685

this is unironically shoe though lel

No. 696693

i can't tell if shreg looks more disgusted being by mayu or his own wittle uwu gf~

No. 696696

god the difference between how she looks in videos versus candids is disconcerting. she looks normal and even cute in her videos, but real life? i don't know what's worse, the lack of fashion sense, ugly body shape, chubby hamster cheeks, horrid color she always paints her nails (i bet it's called uwu princess pink~ or something), or the cheap disgusting wigs. june, seriously, try to dress yourself in things that look FLATTERING for once, not to look as "young" as possible. it's not working. you're 27. dress and act your age. dumb bitch is stuck in the mentality of a high schooler who wants to be popular.

No. 696697

her attempts to look less ugly are so transparent like wtf june at least TRY to make it less obvious

No. 696873

File: 1537918234957.png (17.64 KB, 581x143, sargon.png)

as bad as shaun/hbomberguy are, even they try their best to keep their distance from shoe. even more than contra does.

cap unrelated

No. 696881

well, contra's whole schtick is that he's trying to convert people, so i get him cozying up to similarly minded retards, but i guess even he realized the pandering was too essential to her formula for her to ever give it up.

No. 696906

File: 1537920562562.png (34.51 KB, 599x267, 4QRQngn.png)

from her likes
>June: bullies people for a living
>also June: uwu why don't these internet meanies think of me as a good person???

No. 696915

Good people dont need to convince anyone. blaire is just mad that people see him and wig0nhead for what they really are-hypocritical attention seeking cunts.

No. 697092

Sargon is leaving the internet cause of that article on him that illustrated all the stupid shit he said.

June is stupid.

No. 697154

can this meme fucking end jfc

No. 697166

Shoe and Suzy have FAS. Lauren is a reach.

No. 697170


I wonder if this is related to Blaire claiming a trans rights advocate was forcing her daughter to be trans for attention when really she was a conservative Christian who only became an advocate for her trans daughter.

No. 697184

File: 1537948185592.jpg (57.04 KB, 518x619, xfffs.JPG)

asdgfdsad i'm ascending

No. 697186

KEK, i cant believe this is real. i cant believe an actual human spent time making this

No. 697224

File: 1537951735836.gif (385.93 KB, 490x294, NMUGSIy.gif)

>conservative Christian who only became an advocate for her trans daughter.

No. 697246

>>697184 At least they got the busted faces right.

No. 697348


It would be hilarious if this person is trolling. They got those bloated mugs perfectly

No. 697350

I live for their faces. They look exactly as in real life. Because of the armor, Sceptic looks slightly better but Shoe looks like a newbie artist fucked up her face. And the best thing is that that's not the case, this is how she really looks like.

No. 697425

wow she perfectly captured his "just smelled a fart" face. impressive.

No. 697430

Why are girls so catty to each other? Jesus Christ, stop making me want to defend people I don't like.

No. 697478


>why are girls so […]

found the wig0nhead fanboy

No. 697479

She annoys the fuck out of me to be honest, almost as much as her fedora boyfriend. But why so much focus on her appearance? Talk about low hanging fruit.

No. 697492

Honestly,I don't think people would be talking about her appearance so much if she wasn't so vile and rude towards any woman above 120lbs. Her whole career is build off of "dunking" on other women, which usually means calling women fat and making fun of feminists makeup (how ironic).

No. 697498

Willing to bet the only reason skepdick triggers you is because he's cucking you with your waifu. Regardless, fuck away. Y-chromosoid retardation isn't welcome here.

No. 697501

File: 1537980881182.jpg (23.22 KB, 500x500, 2d071175fe8a6fea15f566fbf9541e…)

Farmers tend to be nitpicky about looks, but as >>697492 said, because June is obsessed with shitting on other women's looks while promoting a fake "manic pixie disney girl of your dreams" image of herself to appear better than the other girls. With that kind of "pick me" attitude, it just comes natural to criticize her looks.

Preg also thinks he's a big husky alpha and we shit on him too. It's just that June is much more obsessed with her (fake) image while bringing others down, so that's why it happens more often.

No. 697619

Shoot m e i f i e v e r

No. 697652

Hence my original question. It's a self-perpetuating cycle.

>b-but she did it first

Why engage in shit flinging? Her fedora tier atheist/individualist ideology is what people should be tearing on because that's actually a net negative to society.

No. 697663

I'm not disagreeing with you but I think it's interesting how Shoe keeps getting special treatment on this, even after 20 threads. Every other cow like Shayna and Luna are absolutely RIPPED to shreds for their appearances, waaay harsher than shoe has ever been made fun of and no one bats an eye, but in June's threads there's always at least one person defending her when farmers make fun of her looks (or point out that she lies about her appearance).

Not saying you're wrong (the appearance-related insults are crazy on the site overall) but I'm just surprised that she is the one who should not be made fun of for the way she looks when it's a major part of her persona. She's built her ''career'' on a fantasy, pretending to be a ~perfect dream waifu uwu~ by being so disgusting towards other women's appearances.

No. 697670

I see your point. And in case it wasn't obvious I don't come here often so I don't really have the context.

No. 697671

File: 1537993694227.png (231.91 KB, 500x564, 1530890209348.png)

its to remind everyone of the wonders of angles, lighting, and low resolution
you'd think people would learn after magibon but nah. never4get the haggening

No. 697697

The only reason she is e-famous is because she has mis-represented her physical appearance while tearing down the appearance of other women online.

No. 697706


Everyone on this forum knows she’s an idiot. Arguing against her opinions only produces feedback like “she’s just joking lol” or “she likes to exaggerate, she doesn’t mean it” and can be handwaved away by her and her fan base as people being terfs that hate her bc she’s the cute girl who isn’t a withered old lesbian and loves men and bewbs lol tee hee.

Criticism about her looks however… not only is it something she can’t argue against because most of it is plain to see but it’s also interesting to see how much quicker she is willing to address these criticisms and/or “fix” them (see: butt pads, “self-deprecating” humor, etc.).

No. 697719

I don't understand why morons come into shoe threads and pretend like her appearance related criticisms are out of line because this is the bitch who literally said that women and girls who wear high waisted jeans are "bitches" trying to copy her body type.. and do people not look at photos like all of the ones posted in the last2 days here of her atrocious mythcon outfit?? It was a train wreck with her desperately trying to look like an uwu curvy young schoolgirl and it was awful lol. And that's not even 2% of the milk on her choices.

No. 697722

This is so spot on. Especially about her only picking on women uglier or older than her while she is ACTUALLY BALDING.

No. 697727

Also the fact that she's lied about her measurements for some fucking reason? She's obsessed with looks and bullies average looking girls while fooling her audience of dumb boys with easy camera tricks and photoshops

No. 697732

File: 1537998366127.jpg (105.16 KB, 409x472, 20180926_144350.jpg)

Reminder her retard fanbase actually thinks she's good at makeup

No. 697735

Can't tell if you are a newfag or really that dumb. Are you lost?

No. 697736

File: 1537998606389.gif (2.97 MB, 700x393, clap.gif)

No. 697739

I don’t get it either. I wonder if these same people go back to June and ask her why she shamed women for being fat and in general.

In fact, I invite the poster who addressed us in the first place to ask June and see how fast they get blocked or put in their place by her stans on Twitter.

No. 697744

File: 1537999224734.jpeg (458.06 KB, 1937x1937, 55CB827A-52EE-4E21-BEA4-606AAE…)

Her eyeliner is outstandingly bad.

No. 697804

jesus, how can youbuild a fanbase based on being the chinese knockoff boxxy when you can't even do your eyeliner right its been YEARS

No. 697867

Her wig not being laid flat makes her look like a conehead here

No. 697895

because we're doing it on a bitchy gossip chan and she's doing it on a twitter with an impressionable fanbase

No. 697940

June was a mod here. Her whiteknight Ian made this place possible. It's a delightful irony.

No. 698105

It always looks like a conehead tbh

Also regarding making fun of her looks,
This bitch literally said about high waisted shorts: “Bitches using tricks to look like they have my waistline”
Now she gained weight and wears high waisted.
If that’s not beautiful to you idk what is

No. 698137

I mean….at least her foundation seems pretty good lol. And it's the right shade. The rest of her look, is just…tragic. Girl couldn't even spring for some tinted lip balm and some 7 dollar ardelle lashes (why are they so shiney???)

No. 698143

honestly dat lash glue

No. 698454

No. 698455

File: 1538056217753.png (55.09 KB, 603x321, z0meSga.png)

No. 698462

No. 698465

File: 1538057086251.jpg (65.64 KB, 345x387, dreamface.jpg)

Anyone else notice Shreg is making this face less in recent pictures? Is the mockery finally sinking in?

No. 698472

File: 1538057731703.jpg (46.18 KB, 486x494, IMG_20180927_161309.jpg)


w i d e

Imagine next year Mythcon and Prune & Preg still haven't gotten married. "It's the visa guys! So hard!" kek

No. 698482

File: 1538059263357.jpg (79.03 KB, 839x543, Capture.JPG)

He didn't stop doing it, this was 2 days ago.

No. 698486

But the reply I was responding to with that picture was posted 6 days ago.

No. 698507

Oh whoops, sorry I'm a dumbass.

No. 698574

File: 1538067456863.png (47.66 KB, 609x251, uhuh.png)

Another classic example of shuwu reblogging misinformation for asspats. Doesnt she always complain about feminists doing this? However it works because her little incel white knight is reblogging her. Funny she talks to him and mister metokur whos gonna do a live chat on him, I wonder if she'll ever be forced to pick a side.

No. 698614

holy fuck sherratt is still shilling for her?? literally nothing she does or says aligns with his supposed current politics. will the left please just eat him please

No. 698634

File: 1538072616353.jpg (34.09 KB, 331x276, 20180927_104148.jpg)

No. 698640

File: 1538072942374.gif (558.97 KB, 500x275, tumblr_mq3cf9fDw51r51r3ro1_500…)

on a scale of disney princess and fatfuck mcgee she really is shifting downwards kek

No. 698709

Sheratt is a joke. Alt Hype calls him shitrat lol. Speaking of Alt Hype, he sticks to race realism and says degrading feminism is low hanging fruit. Wonder what him and sean last think of shoe lol they probably think she's a dumb cunt.

No. 698735

greg's mythcon panel

No. 698837


she can be the first plus-sized disney princess :3

we need a disney princess with backrolls uwu

No. 698866

It was proven that was staged but her neckbeard fans are still in the thread jerking to their revenge fantasies about beating a woman senseless over a fake video. They want to be able to assault women so bad lmao. She's absolutely pathetic to be pandering to this crowd.

No. 698891

I hate how she says "I wonder if this is really staged?", she's such an idiot, she's too stupid to research. She just couldn't wait to stoke the incel rage mob.

No. 698916

It was actually staged by one of government-related organizations to disrupt feminists. I mean the woman in the video has been previously linked to bloggers who shot payed videos for such organization.

Of course she just had to be involved in this fearmongering of feminists. That's the only thing she does and that's what gives her likes, clicks and attention. Perhaps she even believes in it herself now.

No. 698957

>her fans having fantasies about brutally assaulting women
>russian staged video to trigger and encourage that same anti-fem reaction

Jesus.. I guess they got what they wanted but really.. Russia? Isn't there a saying for women that if your bf or husband hits you its because he loves you?

Had an old friend talk about how DV isn't taken seriously and a lot of girls want to leave the country as soon as possible because the men there are drunks and violent.

No. 698971

That's who this girl is tied to.

Some guy from the video also confessed that all the men were actors and they got payed for it. It was confirmed he and the man on the video are the same person. Journalists wanted to interview him about it, but he deleted his social media.

No. 699037

File: 1538099312665.png (539.57 KB, 604x1684, stealing jokes.png)

i don't even need to say it, but she deleted the tweet

No. 699038

File: 1538099326999.jpg (38.05 KB, 1023x348, DoJQnIsVAAAC_Sv.jpg)

No. 699039

File: 1538099337746.jpg (51.17 KB, 1023x641, DoJQnIsU8AAdtd5.jpg)

No. 699107

Feminism-obsessed earthworm looking hag.

She is disgusting. I bet she wishes it was real.

No. 699112

File: 1538107795117.png (341 KB, 616x720, sargon.png)

No. 699200

Why haven't we called her out for this before she's stolen more jokes than Amy Schumer

No. 699242


>"this is a callout post"

>carl chuckles smugly in her general direction
>"i shouldn't have sadposted idk what to do when internet things seep into IRL. sargon and i are not in a fight. we never were. i'm just soft and will die in the culture war please send buns uwu"

No. 699262

File: 1538122413323.jpg (34.45 KB, 800x450, thumb.jpg)

Did she make that pic herself?

No. 699263

>i'm just soft and will die in the culture war. please send buns

She reached critical levels of ~uwu~ when she tweeted that shit lmao

No. 699274

Oh cool, June's, like, so above sargon vs. metokur. Oohh, now she doesn't have to pick a side! Slick.

No. 699425

No. 699503

>Isn't there a saying for women that if your bf or husband hits you its because he loves you?

yeah and there are too many anti-feminist assholes who are ecstatic about this video even though it's been proven to be fake. shoe would fucking love it here

No. 699525

File: 1538158462134.jpg (524.81 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180928-111045_Ins…)

Does she ever actually put effort into things before bitching about it on Twitter?

No. 699537

She knows nothing about the wage gap. Yeah it disappears once you take into account everything that even creates it! AWW!! BugManFace.jpg

No. 699594

Is this her trying to save face cause she stole someones joke?

No. 699673

File: 1538168713503.png (147.23 KB, 917x426, bugwoman.png)

No. 699699


next thread pic pls

No. 700005

File: 1538197468252.png (2.48 MB, 1440x1908, Screenshot_2018-09-29-00-03-02…)

Oof look at that scalp

No. 700011

File: 1538198819911.jpeg (152.38 KB, 851x963, 5CD169E9-F6F5-4DF8-91A1-C14A76…)

I cannot imagine how awful the rest of her scalp must look if this is how the front of it looks, jesus

also peep her insane lighting and turning the photo sideways to hide her face. that’s shit you do in middle school shoe, not as an almost 40 year old woman lmao

No. 700015

the millennium falcon toy box in the back.

No. 700019

honestly, she's starting to make suzy look facially elegant. june looks so fucking derpy. has she always looked this odd or is the makeup just getting more retarded? and yikes, that hair, that wig, that wig placement. why??

No. 700036


I think this wouldn't look bad if she just hid her bald spot better.

I mean at least the wig looks decent and this type of hairstyle makes her cheeks look less bloated.

She does have a Suzy face though, I wonder how it looks like without all those filters and careful lighting…

No. 700080

June's face looks like god hit the randomize button

No. 700085

She's so rodent like omg. I used to think her nose was her best feature but it only serves to make her look like a rat… combined with the buck teeth and philitrum, fohget aboutiiiit.

No. 700086

shoe isn’t an “almost 40 year old women” lolwat she’s like 28

No. 700088

src plox *~*~*~

No. 700104

You want a source that she isn't nearing 40? Where did you even get the idea she was that age? Wtf

No. 700109


Took literally 3 seconds to find the article, lazy ass.

No. 700111

I know this is a super unpopular opinion but I honestly think if Shreg lost some weight, learned to dress himself, and stopped making those retarded faces he'd be decently handsome.
He'd still have the personality of a trash can though.

No. 700134

I think it's mostly because June can't style herself for shit.
Her eyebrows look different here, they're very straight and elongated compared to her usual slightly rounded brows. It does not suit her and just emphasizes her close-set eyes, same with the inner corner eyeliner. She'd look so much better if she learned how to actually work with her features.
As for her wig…I don't get why she can't get a damn lace front.

No. 700207

If she actually put the wig on right, she would looks way better with this hairstyle tbh. It’s more age appropriate and it doesn’t look as outdated.

No. 700229

calm down it was a typo, I meant to type 30

No. 700233

When are you getting basemental to make them crackheads, fam?

No. 700234

File: 1538235747632.png (60.51 KB, 768x480, 1531501318219.png)

No. 700250

Lmao Mayu in ruins

No. 700394

I really despise the fact that she wears wigs. I think it lends her credibility that she simply doesn't deserve.

If people saw how bald she was (because she is so neurotic she yanks out her hair, not from cancer) they wouldn't listen to her

It takes self-restraint and control to not yank your hair out.

I really wish she would stop being a fake bitch.

No. 700496

No. 700497

a bunch of beta orbiters just automatically funded her $2000+ for this ahahahaha

No. 700499

No cause it's on her second channel

No. 700505

File: 1538259050806.png (267.37 KB, 606x952, degenerate.png)

No. 700516

she keeps making fun of steve shives in this video, but she would absolutely throw a temper tantrum if any youtuber treated her this way.

why is she so obsessed with him in the first place? does she want to get in his pants like she does with contra?

No. 700519

>fake bitch
But that's her brand, anon..

No. 700522

This is really nitpicky, and kind of silly, but it bugs me just a little that she is wearing that Superman shirt. My sister's boyfriend has that shirt. I'm not sure if they make the same exact shirt for women, but if not, what bugs me is that she is wearing a men's shirt to probably seem like a nerd/tomboy/coolgirl. Or maybe I'm looking into it too much.

No. 700524

it's probably skepdick's

No. 700525

File: 1538261072763.jpg (114.56 KB, 900x1200, DoPsuf0W0AAQNAN.jpg)

No. 700526

File: 1538261078859.jpg (65.37 KB, 1200x600, DoPuJkZXoAAlb6s.jpg)

No. 700529


No. 700530

Same anon that commented about this. I wanted to add that I think the shirt looks good on her as a comfy, cute, oversized shirt. It just seems weird that she is wearing something like that compared to the "lolita" lacy girly stuff that she usually wears

No. 700532

I was thinking that, but it looks too small to fit him. It's possible though

No. 700539

i thought the same thing. he maybe used it when he wasnt so obese

No. 700556

He’s acting like it’s because he’s so big and tall and manly, but he’s just on a tiny regional jet. I’ve flown on them for short trips before; it’s two aisles of two seats, or two seats on one side and one on the other. I’m 5’5” and even I feel cramped on them.

I hate their Big Strong Daddy and ~uwu widdle girl~ schtick so fucking much.

No. 700610

>mythcon is a circlejerk
>shuwu: UM what's wrong with circlejerks???
kek, as expected of shuwu.
and no, a progressive wont show up because anytime they disagree theyll be immediately shouted down regardless of what they say, because no one actually wants to hear a debate at these cons. they just want to "win" with 0 understanding on a subject.

No. 700641

File: 1538271077442.jpg (18.46 KB, 280x366, what.jpg)

why God, why

No. 700652

I really feel like she's trying to appeal to every type of greasy neck beard so she can milk the attention

No. 700716

File: 1538282327614.png (143.35 KB, 584x1356, 6R68aOA.png)

No. 700719

god this hoe is so disingenuous

No. 700725

File: 1538283072550.png (291.45 KB, 728x503, riQJGS0.png)

I remember June's mom liked a bunch of wine memes on facebook.

No. 700727

Nah, being called a degenerate isn't meaningless, you just have no self respect June. You can be an uwu sex slave and think pedophilia is a kink and suck tranny dicks all you want, but normal people will always think you're gross.

No. 700761

Are there any pics of her without her wig?

No. 700762

Sorry forgot to sage

No. 700781

Nope. There's just the hat one

No. 700826


>if I pulled that off would you die

>it would be extremely painful
>you're a big guy

No. 700870


In one of her first anti-feminism videos, she's wearing a Mega-man shirt even though she never played anything from megaman franchise at all. It was a ploy to gain attention from men and her unichan orbiters advised her how to do it back then.

So you are not far off.

No. 700911

File: 1538314775324.png (738.66 KB, 1080x1729, Screenshot_20180930-083007~2.p…)

June, Contra's trusty donkey steed, rushing in to his defense on a vid with less than 8k views that dares to even mildly criticize him

No. 700912

File: 1538314799042.png (661.89 KB, 1080x1729, sketch-1538314442680.png)

Part 2

No. 700916

Why is so so obsessed with Contra? The feeling is clearly not mutual.

No. 700919

it "proves" she isn't alt right or anything because they wouldn't support Contra, but it also means she gets to keep pissing off feminists because lots of feminists wouldn't support Contra either. She gets to have edgy opinions but they're edgy to many sides at once so she doesn't actually have to have any views of her own other than "bleughh dumb feminists"

No. 700920

It's hard to take anything she says seriously when she doesn't capitalize sentences. I don't understand why she goes out of her way to do that.

No. 700924

imagine how disgusting and sweaty the shirt smells

No. 700932

why does she expect to be taken seriously as a "political commentator" or whatever she calls herself while still pulling her obnoxious uwu bdsm shit? like choose one as your online identity, you can't have both and expect to be seen as this kinky person obsessed with her "dynamic" who also is "le smart political entertainer"

she should just delete everything honestly because people who actually care about politics really like "skeptic" youtubers anyways

No. 700933

she probably just has autocorrect off

No. 700956

It looks dumb.

No. 700976

kek june knows exactly what she is doing when she wears this or the mega milk shirt and posts preg's anime ass mouse pad on twitter. if she was honest about it i wouldn't give a fuck but she still pretends to be ~so nerdy and not like other girls uwu~. annoying.

No. 701029

That’s sneaky of Roaming.

I tried to call and email my senators on the Kavanaugh vote and received automated responses to both things. Protests isn’t hysteria, it’s one of the few ways to participate in democracy and it works.

That’s shitty of them to shame people for participating in that. I’m sure Roaming wouldn’t shame pro-life protestors who harrsss private citizens at clinics.

No. 701103

Can't believe you left out the hideous spider leg false eyelashes. In candids that's the #1 thing my eyes are drawn to because they look like a fucking horde of daddy longlegs are crawling out of her eyeball, I don't know why she wears them, if she doesn't naturally have lashes, ripped them out, or they're super short and hard to see, but they're ugly and then I notice how bad her eye makeup always is.

Her look when she started out during gamergate suited her way better, especially the wigs being more reasonable, I honestly don't get her look now or what she's going for. It's a weird mish-mash.

No. 701110

Speaking of Milwaukee, someone in the last thread pointed out that Shreg is sucking off RLM to try and get on their show because he'll be in Milwaukee. I thought that was reaching a bit until I started re-watching BOTW and HITB episodes I skipped, and sure as shit he's in the comments of so many videos kissing their asses. The most useless fucking comments too, like 'a baboon driving a tank? this movie got so much better lol' Like shut the fuck up Greg, you're embarrassing yourself.

Luckily RLM seems to ignore him but a part of me would loves to see him sperg out on their show and watch him squirm while Mike passive aggressively insults him.

No. 701185

i completely agree. the gamergate video where she has that short straight wig it doesn't look so cheap? sure the whole "gamer girl t shirt" thing is annoying bc its obvious pandering still (that's all june knows how to do anyway since she doesn't have a REAL personality) but tomboyish baggy shirts and pants suit her way more. maybe mostly because she got fat so she looks thinner? for some reason too her makeup looks less ridiculous there too but i can't fucking figure out what it is besides the lack of creepy spider lashes. if she started going back to that look, lost some weight, and shut the fuck up for once i would hate her less.

No. 701188

File: 1538337718660.png (990.82 KB, 962x670, wonky lookin ass.png)

samefag but i take it back look at her eyeliner it doesn't even match up what the fuck june. for someone who has "done eyeliner for years" she sure as fuck hasn't gotten any better

No. 701202

I don't even care if she has a bald spot in this. It's about time she tried something new instead of clinging onto her 2005 sideswept emo/scene kid slanted bowlcut fringe.

No. 701215

anon i wholeheartedly disagree because i believe her forehead is too ugly to show the world. what an unfortunate face she has.

No. 701278

Disagree anon. The outdated hairdo is way worse than her forehead.

No. 701299

it just makes her look even more like a tranny but i guess she probably wouldn't mind because then she could befriend more troons

No. 701306

Nah, that smosh haircut has got to GO.

No. 701447

File: 1538358691428.png (301.01 KB, 571x630, BUDGET FRIENDLY UWU.png)

No. 701544

How does June and her fat boyfriend have their kinky bdsm sex (that vanilla normies totally don't get) without June dropping her Wig? I mean bdsm is rough stuff.

No. 701556

June's never mentioned them doing anything other than oral, maybe she sucks him off and he holds her wig in place
Or maybe they use kink devices like rope or straps to hold it on lmao

No. 701612

it's so fucking creepy how much Anisa channels June, this video did it for me. i felt something crawl up my spine when i realized why i was so confused watching it.

sage obvs because who gives a fuck but jesus christ, these cows mimicking each other when they're all the last thing a real person should be like. the skinwalking is getting out of hand.

No. 702129

Is the 21 year old girl in the Glamour Magazine videos "70 People Ages 5-75" series Shoe's little sister? She's the spitting image of Shoe. saged for dumb. At 1:13 btw

No. 702194

except she's actually charming in a plain jane kind of way instead of obnoxious and immediately unlikable like our guido princess

No. 702218

File: 1538451319736.png (120.4 KB, 611x569, IEvI0cu.png)

but… greg will never, ever, ever defend june the way she defends him? where was he during the whole lauren southern ordeal?

No. 702219

samefag but that's not her sister. her sister's in this video

No. 702294

Which one of you made this?

No. 702460

is that really shoe? did we mindbreak her? lmao

No. 702536

the irony in this tweet is so fucking amazing. imagine being this un-self-aware

No. 702546

Does she think she and her daddy (the real one) represent dynamics between men and women in society when it comes to these things?

No. 702556

Yes. She can't relate to experiences outside her own.

No. 702563

The person that published it said Brittney sent made it.

I guess she's working on a 3rd video. This gon be good

No. 702573

She's gonna risk her channel? There was a rumour June and Preg have some youtube pal who was striking her channel.

No. 702591


With the Mundane Matt controversy still fresh in everyone's minds, and the general consensus being that critique and commentary shouldn't be flagged/censored, June and Shreg would have to be stupider than we all think to go after Brittany now.

No. 702632

it's so sad that i'm shocked she even made a joke about that guy being on a watchlist. i'm sure some of her rapey fans complained about her making that joke at the expense of rapey men

No. 702635

She looks Mexican in this thumbnail. Not that that's a bad thing but it's weird how herself/others call her white

No. 702694

It's Halloween bitches

No. 702696

Do you mean pale, anon?

No. 702733

File: 1538509339048.jpg (496.51 KB, 2896x2896, 20180921_201959.jpg)

Yeah! That's what I was looking for. Although she isn't nearly as bad as Venti though when it comes to photoshopping her skin pale so props to shoe for that (can't believe I actually am saying something nice about june). I don't know why but it bugs me

No. 702792

File: 1538515671144.png (243 KB, 546x311, Untitled.png)

That last bit tho, kek
(This is a video on twitter I dunno how to download it)

No. 702795

She's gained some weight, everyone has noticed, but it's not bad/good. It'd be nice if she just accepted her body type.

>>694351 And you're right, it's ok to not have a disney princess waistline. Looking insecure is a terrible look on anyone.

No. 702802

Love the file name anon, made me kek

No. 702903

File: 1538526892157.png (105.27 KB, 586x768, dump ass.png)

No. 702916

File: 1538528388206.png (138.33 KB, 257x323, 20181002_205914.png)

Jesus Louisus

No. 702919

File: 1538528685587.jpg (27.59 KB, 500x425, grimace.jpg)

No. 702920

that's what an "alpha" looks like folks ;)

No. 702938

File: 1538531560424.png (442.48 KB, 640x1020, SLKQkdW.png)

No. 702939

File: 1538531567588.png (60.91 KB, 504x614, DmnGt5D.png)

No. 702955

He's the man with the plan :^)

No. 703003

the way she talks is so trashy jesus. no wonder greg lusts after other women

No. 703005

File: 1538539841351.png (206.7 KB, 616x780, thanksgiving.png)

>feed half assed shlock you don’t actually care about to your audience
but that's june's career

No. 703026

mmmm nice thicccccc hips

No. 703032

"I have a list of topics that rustle mine"

Thst's because you take offense and get angry at the stupidest things and the lowest hanging fruit, which usually very few agree with anyway. Not to mention you seem to go out of your way to be annoyed.

No. 703112

File: 1538551020522.jpg (49.15 KB, 900x281, but_then_she_goofed_by_thestra…)

he looks like a fucking teardrop

No. 703216

File: 1538575249016.jpg (146.97 KB, 750x493, 20181003_100009.jpg)

Found this and couldn't resist

No. 703220

File: 1538575835148.gif (2.9 MB, 290x189, 735.gif)

Anon this is so accurate im fucking crying TY!

No. 704017

File: 1538655647756.png (35.83 KB, 622x285, JrpjUXf.png)

maybe this is a nitpick, but why couldn't she just dm him

No. 704024

Because then she wouldn’t get attention for it

No. 704041

Because she's not really that sorry, she just wants to shoe everyone how "she changed" or some shit.

No. 704095


Virtue Signalling, you know, the exact same thing she goes after other people for doing.

No. 704228

File: 1538676459655.png (81.84 KB, 660x329, june.PNG)

it's really sad, her RTing her jokes that she feel didn't get enough attention. i really feel like it's worse than laughing at your own jokes, especially when she mocks other women who really are funny. like she'll literally mock any female comedian.

also pedantic but it really bothers me that she thinks bees shit honey…

No. 704267

Wow, how unfortunate.
He's gotten so fat that he looks mentally handicapped, or did the body merely catch up to the brain?

No. 704347

so at age 27 she's still "doing barrel rolls" and thinking her bug poopy XD jokes are not only funny but a testament to how young :3 at heart she is

No. 704543

File: 1538711173338.png (299.55 KB, 590x942, BH0eXL6.png)

No. 704544

File: 1538711195248.png (536.2 KB, 1194x768, w9n36s3.png)

No. 704545

File: 1538711216131.png (138.67 KB, 628x848, vnI6z4c.png)

No. 704546

File: 1538711280621.png (67.05 KB, 620x454, g1r2mpE.png)

>"I love self-deprecating humor!"
>spergs out anytime people joke about her
okay, june

No. 704579

I distinctly remember shoe not only shaming a guy for white knighting her but actually getting her other followers to mock him because " i have a boyfriend, i dont need you to defend me" oh how times have changed kek.

No. 704594

File: 1538714745416.png (302.77 KB, 626x1026, vol1re8.png)

No. 704721

Rantingf is braindead. Also legit what is there to talk to June about except hating women and loving dick and trannies?

No. 704727


RantingF is a pathetic budget Laci Green. Typical libfem with no real analysis constantly asslicking misogynists (and racists) for asspats that they disguise as 'bridging gaps'.

Its a wonder she hates Jaclyn Glenn so much - I don't see a difference between her and shoe. The three of them are trash anyway.

No. 704898

Jaclyn glenn is like a fusion of armoured skeptic and a left leaning lauren southern

No. 704932

i hate this shit, you freely associate with le "alt lite" how can you be mad when people label you that? ESPECIALLY when you never give your views on anything besides trannies and feminism.
people will fill in the blanks unless you set it straight. i.e. in video form, not in 2 sentences on twitter.

also the only reason shoe isnt a tradthot is because /pol/ would never accept her for dating a black guy that one time. that's the ONLY REASON. no one else but stupid libfems will take her attention-seeking ass.

No. 705065

File: 1538778993928.jpg (426.36 KB, 2896x2896, 20180923_185149.jpg)

Does rantingF ever show her face? I'd be curious to see what she looks like given shoe only befriends those who are equally as uggo as her. Zoedoeslife, marinashutup, robbie, theryn, jaclyn. Pic related, one of June's friends lol. They dunk on terfs together(nitpick)

No. 705094

But this tweet speaks the truth. Why is Shuwu so offended by it?

Holyshit, I thought that was Ethan from h3h3 for a moment.

No. 705176

now that i think about it, is shreg bigger than ethan?

No. 705179

File: 1538792683083.jpg (105.5 KB, 768x768, ujbs3n1xlpry.jpg)

definitely. ethan has like a little pot belly. shreg is 9 months pregnant.

No. 705245

File: 1538799838826.png (510.22 KB, 745x592, what's pictured online vs what…)

No. 705261

neither look good. she looks kinda like jon heder in the 2nd pic.

No. 705320

File: 1538812685621.png (264.21 KB, 560x494, symbolswitchout.png)

the "online" image is supposed to look good, anon! her fucking face looks like when a kid that draws anime from how to draw anime books tries to draw normal sized eyes instead without changing the face shape

No. 705379

looks like a trap in both tbqh

No. 705387

hahaha I love it she's trying to pass it off as cool and chill self-deprecating humour while what she's doing is ''avoiding the criticism'' by admitting all the things other people can accuse her of which is the opposite of cool&chill because it shows how her narcissistic wounds are easily hurt so she goes out of her way to avoid wounding again.

But yeah her fanboy army is so blind they have a certain image of her in their heads and they never check the reality cause anti-feminist stances by a ''cute'' so far young female and constant cock-sucking went to their heads. She perfectly knows that.

No. 705534

right picture hee-hawed at me

No. 705842

File: 1538902984958.png (280.97 KB, 1099x420, 45.png)

>be wig
>cherry-pick an article
>cherry-pick one part from said article
>women are THIS BAD guys!!
>except me of course, i love dick :33 uwu

the absolute state of wig0nhead

No. 705862

File: 1538907631738.png (46.55 KB, 596x426, m4O3m2U.png)

This sounds suspiciously SWERFy.

Aren't SWERFs the devil according to June.

No. 705864

File: 1538907665680.png (77.96 KB, 587x561, Wv4GoGe.png)

No. 705868

File: 1538908523833.png (83.67 KB, 619x505, Rj3HDCk.png)

No. 705883

Vasectomies can be reversed tho? Its like one of the first arguments incels and maga's come up in terms of how women have to jump through several hoops just to get to decide she biologically doesnt want to have kids anymore, yet men can just drop their testies down and tie it off.

No. 705901

Yup. It's also much cheaper. What I don't get about this >>705842 is while sterilization is usually a decision a couple makes together in private, it still falls on the person who decides to have it, they are the ones who goes to the doctor, makes appointment, gets the surgery etc. Never get sterilized just for your partner, it should also be because you, yourself, don't ever want the risk of having kids.

So her trying to make this a "poor guy!" situation is retarded. A woman getting that procedure is way more dramatic process, has more risks, rarely can ever be reversed and bad hormonal after effects. Even still, if a woman got sterilized and broke up with their partner and blamed him for now not being able to have future children, she also be in the wrong because again, it was ultimately her decision.

So yeah, as usual shuwu tweeting stuff she doesn't know about.

No. 706057

>any woman anywhere does anything that has nothing to do with men

>shuwu gets offended

No. 706066

I love how she has no problem doing stuff like this, just being a complete fucking bitch for no reason, but if someone were to ask her straight up 'why are you being such a bitch? Let people believe what they want' she's jump through hoops to try and make herself seem like she's just kidding or not being the bad guy.

She gets so ridiculously offended at women for everything, being serious, making harmless jokes, and everything in between, she immediately hops on twitter and starts sperging out. Just like the SJWs she seems to hate so much.

Just admit you're a misogynist bitch already. I'm glad people are starting to get sick of her useless ass.

No. 706122

>anything men do is false accusation
>look at this awful shit WOMEN do (not me uwu)
>I’m big gay btw

No. 706124

I'm 100% sure she just lies about being bi so anytime anyone point out how much she hates other woman she can go, "NO SEE, LOOK AT ALL MY TWEETS ABOUT TIDDIES I LOVE WOMEN uwu"
As someone who's bisexual, its laughable seeing how she thinks women see other women

No. 706254

how is sitting in your childhood bedroom being BIG MAD about feminists on twitter and drinking pink drinks with your piss-smelling rabbit on the daily any better though

No. 706311

boobs am i rite fellow gays?
it might also have something to do with shreg tho

No. 706438

Rizzy seems ultra milky himself tbh

No. 706446

It's actually much worse, and pretty funny that wig can't even see that. It'll probably all hit her at once when she turns 30.

No. 706484

yeah its painfully obvious that it's all just to pander to men as much as possible, not even just greg. june's entire schtick is "how do i get as much male attention as possible?" and pretending to be into women is a huge trait of coolgirls, and june is a quintessential coolgirl. she's so painfully bad at faking her "bisexuality" too.

No. 706486

No. 706488

Calling him a "gay boi" sounds so insulting and fetishy. Also, why couldn't she have had this conversation in private? She doesn't give a shit if he sells himself or gets hurt doing it, she just wants to look like a ~sweet caring momma~

No. 706490

File: 1538978388711.gif (523.21 KB, 480x240, mamajune.gif)

reminds me of how she called herself mama june in the discord chat, I wonder if she intentionally did it or not as honey booboo's mom was also called mama june

No. 706510

File: 1538981420850.png (4.37 MB, 4000x2753, kicking women is hot eeeee.png)

this was in her likes

I guess it's OKAY to be a male feminist if you show women some good ol' equality by kicking them. She seems to be creaming over this guy lately, he is a twink body-wise after all, just how she (truly) likes em

No. 706512

File: 1538982167674.jpg (24.57 KB, 486x676, Do5ucWGXoAAxerN.jpg)

No. 706513

File: 1538982291185.png (370.49 KB, 905x652, Screenshot_42.png)

S-see daddy! I like thicc secret too! Hehe…boobs are cool x3 looks for follicle to pick

No. 706527

>You can put a bag on someone's head but you cant put a bag on their titties

The pinnacle of a shoe0nhead fan

No. 706528


>A youtuber, whose gf appears in his videos, told me I'm his thicc secret.

>And now his cuck of a girlfriend is trying to pretend that she likes me. Lmao!

We, the vanilla normies, just don't understand.

No. 706540

why would you want to make this your life?

No. 706681

"I just want you to be safe rizzy but i'm still not doing that video i promised about being a muslim in a third world country gay boi uwu"

No. 706722

No. 706796

Please say this isn't recent. I've been in the June threads for many moons now, and seriously, I still can't believe this is a grown fucking woman talking like a teenage incel. How did it come to this? It's so pathetic.

No. 706991

File: 1539040152877.png (92.94 KB, 594x822, female comedians.png)

No. 706994

I'm not even a feminist and I don't think that last part is funny at all. The pandering is so fucking obvious. "Look at me! All feminists are stupid! Yeah, I'm a cool girl. Please like me!"

No. 707002

I think that was a reference to some guy in Canada roundhouse kicking a female prolife protester. There’s a video and everything.

No. 707018

Why even mention "female" comedian like what does it fucking matter if she is female?? Why is it always about this with her? I don't really use Twitter but I'm willing to bet a search of her tweets for "comedian" will more often than not be proceeded by "female."

No. 707023

She's talking about this guy

No. 707037

Well this made my entire year. This man deserves a prize for his service to society.

He doesn't even actually kick her, does he? Looks like he just kicked the phone out of her hands, she sounds more than fine.

No. 707097

Lol when will shuwu stop pretending she has a tiny perfect waist. You can tell she thinks the waist is the second most important all because she's forced the meme for years that hers is soooo tiny and rare :333 when in reality her waist used to be relatively small because she had ugly chicken legs and no hips with big shoulders and arms, and now that she's ballooned up, her waist is legit just tubby and wide but LUCKILY she has her buttpads and oversized a-line skirts plus big t-shirts to wear to cover it up more so she can keep pushing the lies (assuming that this is recent and not from like a year ago)

No. 707122

File: 1539052646180.jpg (108.51 KB, 1200x900, DpBgUiDVsAAVgYM.jpg)

No. 707123

File: 1539052664528.jpg (79.4 KB, 1024x768, DpAjrP6W0AM51Qe.jpg)

No. 707124

File: 1539052675306.jpg (130.69 KB, 1200x900, DpBgST3UcAAln0Z.jpg)

No. 707126

File: 1539052739063.jpg (114.04 KB, 1200x931, DpCIeHPUwAAPl-I.jpg)

No. 707131

Jesus this man loves his face more than anything.

No. 707137

The pentagram necklace, tights, purple hair, faggy demeanor. This guy could probably use a thread too.

No. 707162

File: 1539054417907.jpg (199.96 KB, 1275x621, uhuh.jpg)

No. 707163

it looks like she's being ripped apart by opposing ham planet gravitational pulls here

No. 707175

H3 is a legit dad body, and at least he has redeemable qualities and is really loving to his wife. Greg is straight up at the end of a medical chart of dangerous obesity levels. Greg's cholesterol is probably skyrocketing, along with the depleting collaged in poor Juwunes skin

No. 707193

File: 1539059535822.jpg (26.15 KB, 570x760, il_570xN.1511384148_rf3g.jpg)

If you wanna know what she's wearing it came in like 6 other colors but she just had to get it in goffic black uwu it's also a crop top but im not sure if she's wearing the crop top version

No. 707194

Where the fuck are they

No. 707197

considering he says "i meant to kick your phone" immediately after it happened, i think its safe to say he didn't only get her phone. the pro-life woman is being an overdramatic asshole obviously, but i dont care for men who kick women for any reason

No. 707205

File: 1539060236112.jpg (161.7 KB, 1181x1181, tumblr_pb3qyuseOZ1wv4cueo2_128…)

She really blew 100 bucks on something she's only half interested in. (Yes, the pack this hat came with was 100 dollars and it was filled with silly trinkets barely worth 30 dollars lol, and this is coming from a Gorillaz fan.)

No. 707206

gorillaz concert

No. 707208

she would've called this guy a beta soyboy cuck if it were another man getting up in his face, but no since it's a woman that he kicks she stans him hard now

No. 707214

That guy is a dick and way too old to be acting like that.

No. 707248

Does anyone remember that boob job pic was going around and people claimed it wasn’t June because the girl had a belly button ring? Or how the sword girl nude was “proven” not her because June doesn’t have a belly ring?

@ 6:57 June says she has her belly button pierced. She was 19 in this video which is around the time people thought she had a boob job.

No. 707253

i noticed this too, there are also some pictures on her old insta of her buying belly rings, but i don't think i actually saw any pics of her showing that it was even pierced. so i wonder if she just lied about all of that too to fit the image she used to have back then…

No. 707254

jesus. first of all, he's wearing camo. disgusting.

he looks like he fucking hates her and is disappointed that he had to do this for her. i hate june but it's shit like this that makes me feel fucking awful for her. get a man that loves you june, not a tub of lard who can't even pretend to look happy with you. jfc.

No. 707286

does he love his face or does he love his fucking swoop hair? someone needs to photoshop a surfer going along his hairline.

No. 707289

File: 1539073345014.png (1.08 MB, 1124x583, be.PNG)

she had/has a belly ring

No. 707349

Shuwu forgot to mention that she thinks only "hot women" get raped/sexually assaulted/harassed. It was all on a blog post she deleted.

No. 707350

God she is trying so fucking hard

No. 707365

It's kind of depressing how few interests she has and how skin deep those interests are. I didn't even think it was possible to be so shallow.

No. 707381

File: 1539086681929.png (101.55 KB, 582x588, fSZFG59.png)

No. 707440

Is she the admin of this page too lmao?

No. 707441

she wore this just to show off tbh

No. 707475

no but she did admit that one of her friends use to be a mod in here and made her a mod as well… but I guess not anymore since this thread hasnt gone on autosage or anything. If she was a mod right now she will probably piss and moan about having her threads deleted

No. 707503

Ian wasn’t just a mod, he was the first admin who mad this site as honeypot for”juneposters”

No. 707684

Ugh is she still trying to push the "teehee I'm a kawaii anime loli I love hentai" shit even though she admitted she doesn't like anime and thinks hentai is too uguu???

No. 707689

it's fucking cringey, i remember she wore that shirt in an older video and she also has a pillow that says "anime in the streets hentai in the sheets" and she has a sailor moon blanket so??? wtf? who says they absolutely 100% hate anime when they and their SO have a ton of "teehee anime" shit. it makes no sense.

No. 708423

File: 1539137733370.jpg (56 KB, 900x1200, DpGa2N7W0AAbHBW.jpg)

fanart greg retweeted


No. 708431

This looks nothing like them im fucking crying

No. 708473

File: 1539140659058.jpg (201.61 KB, 900x1200, MYXJ_20181009220408_save.jpg)

No. 708479

A+ anon, too bad juwune isn't taller tho.

No. 708509

Can you make her butt pad stick out more? Otherwise spot on, anon!

No. 708512

File: 1539144340712.jpg (210.76 KB, 900x1200, MYXJ_20181009230550_save.jpg)

No. 708585

I fucking spat out my coffee this is 100% perfect anon, bravo

No. 708588

Like the other anon mentioned but for the sake of repetition: June had a fuckboy called Ian, Ian created lolcow to get score with girls and to collect IP addresses from people posting about june, hence the term honeypot. That's why he let June be a mod so she could stalk everyone who posted here. I was wondering why the shoe0nhead thread was so dead back then and only started gaining traction when Ian and Shoe left and gave the site to new owners and mods but the cat's been outta the bag for a while now.

No. 708591

Lmao the original looks nothing like them

If I saw your rendition though I would know exactly who it was

No. 708592

jesus christ what world do their fans live in?

immediately recognizable, 10/10

No. 708594

File: 1539151576454.png (161.65 KB, 614x684, iG3AUxH.png)

No. 708607

i love terves kek

No. 708611

the only people who get harassed in June's mind is everybody except "cis" women

No. 708631

>Why are these nasty evil terves so mean to entitled privileged fetishtic white adult men but understanding and empathetic towards self-hating young lesbians being affected by the misogynistic society around us??

No. 708661

I checked out that Chole profile, and she’s another one of those uwu gentle gurls that says edgy shit.

Being a kiss ass to beta males pays.

No. 708663

She’s from Long Island. Nothing but trash there.

No. 708967

Go to 7:18 and tell me this doesn't sound exactly like Shuwu.

I still cannot grasp why her and her fans see preg as a wide shouldered, buff guy?

No. 709611

>my main channel just reached 1,000 subs
Lol this is coming from the girl who said she would delete her channels if they reached thousands of subs because she was ascared of all the attention uwu

No. 709615

June never talked about her dog EVER all she talks about is her bunnies lmao she had more pets on her askfm btw (another dog and even mentioned that she had a bird at one point )

No. 709617

>Sushi's gross stop eating it

No. 709629

She just said she's wearing extensions? I mean this wig looks better than her wigs now?

No. 709797

I skipped around this video. It's interesting how June pretty much confirms in all her old videos all the stuff we accuse her of being now.

8:33 "If I want to be friends with someone I will like… not lie, but like pretend to be interested in what they like." (she keeps talking for the next 10 min about all the lies she tells people irl and at some point mentions having sex… again)

19:30 talks about how she spends all her money on retarded shit

24:00 "i love bitchy characters. i make lots of bitchy characters. nikki narcotic, nikki lasagna… me. i love bitch characters." talks about how she likes homestuck because one of the characters is a bitch and she wants to cosplay as her.

No. 709879

Anon where does she mention having sex? She just talked about ghosting what sounded like a handsome, financially capable man who lived in her city. But tbh like if you pay attention june loves talking about rejecting people who are interested in her.

No. 709882

and now she won't stfu about how skepdick rejected >.< her advances the first time they talked like the big alpha god he is, she's just a peasant compared to him :33

inconsistency is the only thing consistent about her

No. 709966

It actually makes sense because sometimes people who felt emotionally rejected by their parents in childhood either enjoy rejecting some people or fantasize about it to compensate that way. If that's the other way around then it's about unconsciously recreating her early relationship which such people also do. One doesn't exclude the other. She definitely has these issues with her attention hunger and love for her abusive relationship.

No. 710103

just ignore if this has been talked over but how could she have SUCH daddy issues when not only is her dad around but she has a sister who's normal?

No. 710124

Sage, but you can't know what was going on in their family and how it affected her. It's not about what other people see and how things appear on the surface, but what was actually happening. Relationship is a very delicate stuff. Also parents treat siblings differently and there are other factors in life. She said how she was jealous that her parents gave all their attention to her sister after she was born.

And people with daddy issues had dads present in their lifes. Like for example in the thing I was reading a child can have a cold mother and if it's a girl she could pay most attention to her superficial qualities. When a child doesn't meet emotional needs from their mother they seek affection from their father and they may get it by behaving a certain way that emphasizes on their gender, i.e. being cute and flirtatious. But the affection they get this way is never enough in the long term.

Anyway, I'm gonna end this 'analysis' cause many people hate it here and I'm tired of it too. Just wanted to point out that some things might sound contradicting to others but they actually have a certain logic behind them. And that this whole anti-feminist 'passion' is heavily influenced by her issues. She shouldn't be listened to.

No. 710131

I mean on the other side of barricade there are also many people with issues. Anti-feminists love to dehumanize them and laugh at them and discredit the whole ideology because these people happen to be proponents of it. But they don't pay attention at their own issues and how it influences things they believe in. It's really ironic she's the host of the most popular channel that is all about laughing and cringing at such people. She brings nothing to the table. Sage.

No. 710272

Her coworker asked her when the last time she had sex was and she said it had been 6 months ago

No. 710292

File: 1539283353795.png (3 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-10-11-13-41-00…)

June's poor attempt at whitening her teeth in this photo got me rolling

No. 710300

She looks legit jaundiced here

No. 710393

File: 1539290152461.png (501.09 KB, 1439x1361, Screenshot_2018-10-11-15-34-33…)

Shoe is currently getting lectured by her own followers… Again

No. 710398

File: 1539290380246.jpg (105.18 KB, 1900x1276, 16 year old mouth.jpg)

No. 710402

watch shoe sperg block everyone in that thread, if she hasn't already lel

No. 710436

Maybe if cunts like you, june, didnt mock IWD we wouldnt have another. Its funny she goes on about other people bitching about things yet she sperges out over literally nothing.

No. 710451


No. 710469

File: 1539293845563.png (347.5 KB, 1080x1365, Screenshot_20181011-183521~2.p…)

Apologizing is hard

No. 710470

File: 1539293986707.webm (2.42 MB, 1280x720, fupa jiggle.webm)

And so he descends further into madness


No. 710473

Theres a lot of things she doesnt know but still decides to open her mouth and let the rest of the would know how much of a dumb sad sack of shit she is.

keep it up shuwu.

No. 710493

KEK, accurate af, and bringing back the "16 year old mouth" reference. love you.

i love when she loses her shit that some of her audience isn't as far right or doesn't want to see her as disrespected, as she wants.

i still find this retard more likable than her and that's really sad. it's almost impossible to outdo this.

No. 710496

Where is this picture from?

No. 710502

looks like probably her snapchat.

No. 710581

File: 1539304317927.jpg (27.13 KB, 600x415, CdAQLrtXEAAd9UO.jpg)

>one national woman's day a year just isn't enough

No. 710595

i can't believe this hoe talks shit about cleavage when honestly this is a million times worse

No. 710610

It was from her Instagram story

No. 710686

File: 1539313874862.png (621.59 KB, 1440x2560, 1539272400924.png)

No. 710700

Why does she hate her own gender so much. It's bizarre.

No. 710703

Does anyone here believe they will actually have kids?

No. 710706

File: 1539315281969.png (260.25 KB, 400x300, Squidward_laughing.png)

>first we have to at least live together..

Is she throwing shade at skeptic or am I just reaching too hard?

No. 710721

The person who responded wrote a very educated reply. I love that!!

Shoe really hates other women so much. wow

No. 710840

i really fucking want to believe she is. it's hilarious how much she brings it up and bitches about it. this just further solidifies my belief that greg absolutely fucking hates living with her.

No. 710842

for the sake of the possible kid(s), i hope the fuck not

No. 710927

Of course she deleted that tweet. Could she fucking stand up for her own stupid shit for once or just… shut up from the start. She keeps saying uneducated things without owning up for it.

Some anon in this thread mentioned that she thinks everyone but cis women are oppressed and that's getting more accurate every time I see her say dumb crap like this. It's unbelievable how much she either hates other women or yearns for affection from men by making herself look better than other girls. Or both.

I'm usually against talking shit about people's appearance but because they're both delusional about Preg's looks and make it his "selling point"… his arms are so stringy and his shoulders are so narrow compared to his midsection. The person who drew this >>708423 needs to take another look at the reference photos. He's just kind of tall, not this super ripped big daddy they make him out to be.

No. 710931

sorry for samefagging but I just noticed he was wearing green, this should be his shrek the musical audition tape

No. 710960

Embarrassing. It's amazing how close-minded she actually is for someone who talks about ~open dialogue uwu~ nonstop. She is so blinded by her bizarre worldview on (bio) women that she's just LOOKING for something to get upset about (Never forget the ''the world loves women and treats them like retarded children'' tweet, too). I pray that she and shreg never have a daughter.

No. 710979

File: 1539336395529.png (1.27 MB, 1045x1324, AA78112B-54AD-41AB-BAB9-98E2B4…)

She’s really threatened by other women and sees them as competition. Look how unsmiling she is next to this smoller woman and her retarded squatting to look shorter in another candid pic.

No. 710983

Preg might want them in a disinterested “pass on my genes then neglect them because childcare is women’s work” kind of way, but I very much doubt June wants any. She might pretend to because it fits her uwu submissive nurturing perfect waifu image but she must be aware that raising children is hard work, she will no longer be able to roleplay as a sexy 14-year-old online and that all the precious precious attention will shift from her to the child. They both also seem like the type of people who think a woman is physically ruined after giving birth. Preg would 100% cheat on her (if he isn’t already) and would feel completely justified in it, and she knows it because this is the kind of attitude she actively encourages in men.

If she ever gets pregnant she’ll probably have an abortion on the dl or in the extremely unlikely event that she carries a child to term, she’ll dump it on her parents and pretend it doesn’t exist, especially if it’s a girl aka competition.

No. 710991

At this point I don't believe they'll ever get married and move in together, let alone have children, lol why would Greg ever want to bother with that? And didn't she say she was going to move somewhere closer to the Canadian border? Still nothing's happening.

No. 711020

File: 1539344696779.jpg (33.26 KB, 467x359, andyngoshoe.JPG)

So she mentioned musicmanmike and chrisousity as the "only people in their genre to come out and debate" but conveniently left out Marissa Johnson, the black activist who spoke on racism and BLM. Instead shoe retweets this, clearly loving how she got a hostile reception. Funny how 'Both Sides(TM)' shoe ignored all other Mythcon snippets except >>696413 for pandering, and the ones that mentioned her and Preg.

But she'll pretend she sticks up for everyone and idiots like this believe her.

No. 711050

File: 1539350953354.jpg (10.57 KB, 304x166, index.jpg)

Since I've seen it mentioned, know that RLM don't have a high opinion of its copycats, especially Skeptic, who totally didn't cry after they spit on him. It's hilarious he still desperately tries to get their attention

No. 711053

File: 1539352434584.jpg (13.42 KB, 98x274, 20181012_095205.jpg)

Lmao what the fuck is going on here this is what happens when you wear buttpads with a flimsy skater dress

No. 711066

I don't mean to write a milkless post, but this man is the most disgusting, below average monstrosity I have ever seen. He evokes the same reaction as the Hartley hooligans from me. Just disgust. At least I pity the Hartley kids, but this guy is just such a failure of a human being, from his flabby body to his gross fat face, to his pea sized brain. She's such a hypocrite for dating him. I am literally viscerally disgusted every time I see his fat, downsy face.

Shuwu Lou Who, come on. I don't rate you but man, you could do better.

No. 711069

Her ass looks like a loaf of bread wtf

No. 711243

Every time someone mentions Greg cheating I think of that Cosmo video where she Skyped him and accused of cheating on her as a joke and you could tell he panicked a little.

No. 711257

Damn she's so fucking wide now. When's she gonna jump on the "thicc" meme bullshit and body positivity?

No. 711275

he looks like a sleezy dude who would be arguing/flirting with the waitress at ihop after she catches him stuffing unlimited pancakes into his backpack.

No. 711397

according to shuwu RLM are "best friends and really close" to pregory

No. 711398

according to shuwu RLM are "best friends and really close" to pregory

No. 711489

Count Dankula is a piece of shit.

No. 711509

Greg is the epitome of an entitled male. He thinks he's hotter than he actually is. He thinks he's smarter than he actually is.

And he's white, and fat. So it's the icing on the shit cake. The fact that he has no respect for women makes me hate him even more.

No. 711674

Don't forget the sperging about his golden voice

No. 711686

When/where did she say that?

No. 711713

Headsup,I have a theory. I suspect Jade, mister metokurs gf is mgtow tier like shuwu with defending and babying men hence why she was mad about the venti ex bf leaks (Mad at Venti) and she is defending the guy despite being abusive, hence why metokur will not go after Shuwu. Metokur doesn't want his gf to get mad.

No. 711716

refer to the killstream for jade being mad and for the leaks they were posted in the tradthot thread

No. 711752

He’s the adult version of that annoying learning disabled fat kid whose mom keeps telling him that he’s a chiseled Adonis with superior intellect, and because he’s a moron he completely believes her and throws tantrums when others don’t play along. June is the mom.

No. 711798

Girl we knew your face was that of a horse, but now you've gone full Centaur

No. 711817

File: 1539430865334.png (16.53 KB, 577x114, onision.png)

No. 711820

File: 1539431295783.png (45.46 KB, 224x186, 1539012557207.png)

the video she's talking about. wonder if she still reads the onion threads here.

edit: fixed link

No. 711826

File: 1539432135636.png (196.58 KB, 1231x691, junekun.png)

No. 711848

This is very possible. The venti situation is exposing a lot of the antifem/altrighty groups who whine about 'muh masculinity', call themselves alpha or call other men soyboys, betas etc aka shuwu fans are right now defending her ex like he's a fragile woman after the leaks of him screaming like a 5 year old over eggs and his body. The irony is amazing. I can only think guys like Metokur must also have baby tantrums if Jade feels the need to defend 4chad.

No. 711883

im dying

No. 711899

During venti's stream about this issue, someone called JadesGhost donated to her with a bitchy comment defending Mason/4chad, is that her? It would make sense. Venti didn't realize it was mister metokur's gf so she just went on a rant about how the girl was probably a pick-me shoeonhead supporter lol

No. 711903

>onion purposely misgendering someone just to prove how "woke" he is
>what the fuck greg you absolute retard

No. 711907

>Venti didn't realize it was mister metokur's gf so she just went on a rant about how the girl was probably a pick-me shoeonhead supporter lol
The tinnfoil of Metokur and Jade being dick suckers to shuwu and preg is becoming more believable. I knew him defending shuwu despite being the biggest shill and fence sitter out of all the skeptics was fishy. I mean, he literally had of montage of skeptic cucks and didn't even include her on it during a stream.

No. 711931

Wish we had a thread for jade if shes like another june, defending every possible thing men do regardless if its terrible because shes a pickmeimnotlikeothergirls type. But we dont know too much about her?

Always thought it was because maybe june might have jim/james dox too

No. 711941

>But we dont know too much about her?
what is generally known is she use to go by jayd3fox and JemryMellows, typical 2015 /pol/ panderer(like shuwu), let Metokur finger her while on stream(ew), and has a butterface, would show lots of cleavage(le shock). She "left" the internet to keep Jim's identity safe or at least that's what a lot of people claim.

No. 711946

Sorry if this stuff belongs more in the tradthot thread but, just from this, it wouldn't be surprising if her and shuwu have talked since she was thirsting for that neckbeard attention during gamergate as well.

Her face is really unfortunate too.

No. 711958

Isn’t it nasty that right after Jim fingered jade live on stream, awhile later, after thisty ass June got together with skeptic she sucked HIM off on a stream?? I guess since junwu couldn’t get metokur she had to larp as his gf.

No. 711959

I'm definitely starting to believe that shoe has some stuff on jim, possibly messages from the GamerGate era where he revealed too much about his personal information? People that were around their group back then have said that Jim was a lot more open about his IRL life during that time so it's plausible. I don't know why else Jim would go head over heels defending Shoe and calling her and preg the "alpha skeptics" despite them being one of the biggest cows.

No. 711979

If you look at the comments of any of Jade's mirrored vids, you'll see lot of similarities between them and shuwu/preg's comments, with people making bdsm jokes like "has metokur let her out of the cage" or "is she still being groomed by him". It's fucken bizarre.
there is proof they def were talking(Jade, her and metokur) based on old tweets as far 2014. Shuwu broke up with her bf and got with preg in 2015, idk when metokur and Jade got together but I'm pretty sure it was by that same year.

No. 711984

I still need proof with her sucking him off on stream, I cannot believe this.
Also Jim confirmed he fingered Jade on stream earlier this month on Killstream
So basically June wants to be Jade, the whole BDSM kawaii so goth is just her mirroring Jade, who might not even act the same way anymore lol June is always late to the party.

No. 712004

File: 1539457774579.png (127.69 KB, 960x485, 1495807594213.png)

She alludes to it here.

No. 712128

to be fair the grooming thing is a running joke from sargon saying jim grooms kids into his troll army or w/e, not sure where the cage thing came from, but probably has to do with jade not really being around. Doubt either of these things have anything to do with BDSM or some shit like shoe and preggo

No. 712301

File: 1539489534212.png (63.49 KB, 735x385, irony.png)

So… whose gonna teach her? Everyone that disagrees with her gets blocked

No. 712312

File: 1539490186170.png (64.2 KB, 612x589, 93jO386.png)

>i don't want to look professional
>youtube is my profession

No. 712313

File: 1539490200692.png (93.88 KB, 625x649, wgRGgJu.png)

No. 712315

File: 1539490276134.png (480.78 KB, 1206x576, ILcK8Os.png)

No. 712319

>the style is supposed to be bad


No. 712337

lmao, really june? aren't you the type who makes fun of women with alternative style??
she's so fake it pisses me off.

No. 712487

File: 1539525004836.jpeg (141.89 KB, 723x506, 9523B1FC-8793-495F-91AC-80DACA…)

Look who wants to be relevant again.

No. 712661

Her motives are so transparent

No. 712729

Its funny because neither of them like her.

No. 712818

File: 1539556995943.png (75.9 KB, 618x586, dC4X8OR.png)

No. 712825

File: 1539557106360.png (20.37 KB, 579x195, zTxDkHy.png)

From her likes. Even though June's entire life consists of cringing at/slandering other people on twitter and youtube.

No. 712920

File: 1539567605674.png (78.45 KB, 605x517, rW4x4Yr.png)

No. 712921

File: 1539567623246.png (66.91 KB, 590x449, NST3pRd.png)

No. 712924

I wish someone would just cancel June already. Why does she think all these youtubers care who she is? Is this her trying to find a new community to latch on to?
Umm, sorry sweetie, you ain’t going anywhere with that baggage called Greg on your back… who wants to count down til their eventual breakup?

No. 712938

>i dont feel bad since you started it
I don't know the context but why the fuck would you say that to someone directly? Living on twitter has fucked up Shoe's boundaries.

No. 712979

Freudian slip?

No. 713047

No. 713048

Samefag but this video actually made me feel a little nauseous for some reason…

No. 713094

Yeah June hung out with the creepiest motherfuckers lol i remember one of her friends just had continous crudely drawn potraits of boxxy all over his photo thing on fb

No. 713101

Yeah, along with Rogue there also was Jessi Slaughter who June actively participated in bullying by creating a song mocking Jessi who was 12 at the time she had her nudes leaked and was relentlessly harrassed and bullied by gross teen/adult men on 4chan

No. 713107

Listen to Internet Tough Guys by shoe0nhead #np on #SoundCloud

No. 713112

Reminder kissless until 23 virgin June wrote love songs and dueted a love song with some guy


No. 713171

This is the same person who called another black woman a gorilla and defended others who did so. No one should be listening to her when it comes to racism.

No. 713174

Jim always makes Jade out to be scarier and more racist than him, the joke's more like he has to keep her in a cage because she's a rabid animal.

No. 713200

June was basically the queen on online predators and now she’s obsessed with appearing young and acting like a child because she knows that’s the key to maintaining their attention.

She’s got to be one of the biggest enablers on the Internet.

No. 713206

No. 713241

go to 21:20 and watch shuwu try her best an being totes bi "zomg so hawt boobies are my fetish"

No. 713256

File: 1539613840897.png (294.56 KB, 592x1018, qgXYwoe.png)

june is an average thirty year old woman who tries to convince everyone that she looks like a teenager.

she's no better than the radfem she's dunkin on lmao

No. 713257

File: 1539613860015.png (348.36 KB, 726x1002, 4cTLCvX.png)

No. 713268

So she's just not going to address how this PSA is fucking creepy and sexualizing the act of breast feeding and is instead gonna get all worked up about how "ADULT WOMEN CAN BE SKINNY AND CUTE TOO!"??? This is literally just one random persons opinion and she's harping on about it as if it matters at all.

No. 713272


Sounds legit.

No. 713274

When you bring up that she's a racist who hates large women, she says she changed… but she's still making the same anti-fem content and hanging out with people like Blair White.

No. 713285

This HAS to be Shoe pretending to be a dumbass boomer

No. 713305

She already capped her Dumbass stat so her being a boomer would sadly not give us more milk ig.

No. 713317

She wouldnt harp on sexualizing breastfeeding. Considering A) her audience probably does (and are probably the types to be offended at breastfeeding women in public lbr) and B) it reminds her that shes getting older and should start having kids

No. 713355

I completely forgot June called a black woman a gorilla. In Thomas Halberts video on Jeffrey Star he mentions something about how wrong it is to call a black woman a gorilla, and how we should excuse it anymore. Presumably JS or another similar beauty YouTuber called a black woman a gorilla.

It’s no surprise why June is protecting Jeffrey and attacking Thomas. He called out literally THE EXACT SAME behaviour she is guilty of.

No. 713413

She looks so bloated and uncomfortable. and shes not her try hard cutesy self, sumfin up

No. 713451

No. 713488

File: 1539632592917.png (32.37 KB, 731x298, Untitled.png)

>if this is true (which I doubt)
It'd take one minute to check, why is she so allergic to research? It's like she's trying to throw herself into any twitter drama she can find without bothering to get the facts.

No. 713517

You can tell she doesn’t want a gamer gate revival bc she doesnt wanna be forced to choose a side this time

No. 713521

"Most women in their 20s have this figure"

This really pisses me off. No, no they don't. Most women in their 20s do NOT have this figure. There are a lot of different body types and boob sizes. It isn't as simple as flat or small = kid, huge = adult

No. 713528

Lmfao she's trying so hard to pander to her lefty crowd

No. 713537

i don't want to get into this but also the figure is supposed to represent a mother, ie someone just having given birth… your average mid-20s woman does not look like that after giving birth, even celebrities take months to bounce back.

it really annoys me how june and her bootlickers ignore that and just go "tee-hee what do you mean? thats the body every 20-something year old has! these radfems just think every woman has to be fat" when its obviously not about that. child birth leaves you with stretch marks in most cases (on stomach and boobs), and in most cases you don't end up with a flat stomach right after you have a baby…

sage for rant but i love how june & other girls are going "thats my figure!" and missing the point. theyre gonna be shocked if they have kids

No. 713613

i'd prefer hearing june talk about how perfect her body is for the rest of her life than actually have children. can you imagine if she had a little girl?

No. 713623

receipts on alpha skeptics bit?

No. 713627

is this video (original) before or AFTER her and jim got in a relationship

No. 713628

I was about to say that!! The whole ad is gross because women's breasts should not be sexualised at all. this is why breastfeeding has been 'taboo' even though this is why we have breasts, but men sexualized them so much.

This ad is gross, but of course she has to make it about 'my body looks like this!!' wtf

No. 713629

>it's pedo
>that woman looks like an underaged girl

And is this really June's audience that she panders to? Retards who dont know what adult women vs underaged girls looks like?

No. 713630

I recall in this thread it was mentioned that Metokur played dumb on knowing who shoe was in a stream, where is that?

No. 713631

>defending J*

June isn't even a beauty guru, so why is she even talking to begin with?

No. 713633

I can understand Maddox, but what does Dick have against her? Is it because she’s appearing more liberal?

No. 713690

She's bored, has a fiance who won't spend more than a weekend with her every few months, and has zero hobbies. Wtf else is she going to do other than insert herself into more relevant youtuber's drama? While most of us work for a living, this is what she does, this is her life.

No. 713772

yet we're the jealous bitches that need to work on ourselves to have a career like hers, according to her likes lol >>712825

No. 713939

File: 1539665223240.png (726.84 KB, 588x652, we get it you're bi.png)

she's trying to subtly imply that she's hot here because

hot = inherently antifeminist, so
joon :3 = antifeminist = hot

she's not slick

No. 713966

File: 1539667666550.png (39.42 KB, 306x263, 3ny6SDr.png)

what happened to being ~armouredskeptic's footstool~? is she giving up on the bdsm crap?

No. 714011

It’s unsurprising that she doesn’t see the distinction between desperate jockeying for male attention and being naturally attractive, because in Juneworld it’s impossible to be the latter without doing the former.

No. 714064

Has she even talked about it recently? So much for the 24/7 bdsm ddlg lifestyle

No. 714066

Yes shuwu because you and other attention whores totally take angle shots, filter and edit photos for fun. It has nothing at all to do with garnering male followers, what a silly concept!

No. 714497


He has had Brittany Venti on his show multiple times, and he was recently shit talking her and Blaire on a recent AndyWarski podcast

No. 714572


Samefagging, let's go down the list, he calls her and the entirety of the "Skeptic" community fake as shit, he pokes fun at the fact that the majority of them are fence sitters that aren't actually skeptical of anything. He shit on raygun calling him CuckRayGun, and he recently brought up the Candid drama.

Safe to say Dick doesn't like her or anyone she's close to.

No. 714638

buy some new clothes june, jesus fucking christ. i am sick of seeing her in the same ugly cardigan, blouse and jeans.

No. 714802

File: 1539755086514.png (233.64 KB, 604x606, racist.png)

she's so paranoid.

and again, she's no different for constantly trying to expose people (really, just women) as transphobes.

No. 714806

File: 1539755235460.png (51.45 KB, 595x351, scientologists feminists.png)

No. 714867

File: 1539764548836.jpg (123.77 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

https://i.ytimg.com/vi/3lmCp7-LcOU/maxresdefault.jpg(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 714952

Lol who buys this bullshit? I wish she would just shut the fuck up about herself for once

No. 714963

File: 1539781873932.png (16.75 KB, 547x114, BJaZ2so.png)

No. 714988

did she seriously bring up the thing about barrel rolls AGAIN? she legit thinks it's cute doesn't she

we haven't humbled her enough lol

No. 714989

Honestly sounds to me like she has too much energy and her brain is rotting because she has no real stimulation in her life.
She's basically the poster child for what not to do if you want your brain to continue functioning after 50.

No. 715038

>let me take some current meme and try to make it about me.
>I don't really understand what the meme is about though. Uh
>"Holds up spork! as u can see im very random!!"

No. 715189

>muh adhd
>so random xD
>barrel rolls!!1!
did shuwu ever have a gaia online account because her 'personality' reads like what a user would put on their about me to sound quirky back in the day.

No. 715719

This is recent??? This is embarrassing… Imagine if an "sjw" said this, how attacked they'd be for being out of touch in making this lameass weirdly old meme joke just to make a veiled manic pixie dream brag about themselves.

No. 715831


Its recent, it has to be considering people are using the NPC term in reference to Gamergate 2.0 which June has inserted herself into… Again

No. 715855

File: 1539851180422.png (88.86 KB, 596x720, afC8iGp.png)

No. 715858

>i never said i was smart! gotcha!
bih please, in order to have a 'sociopolitical' channel/following, you obviously believe your opinion is the 'right' opinion and are trying to convince others of it, and that you're intelligent enough to do so. anyone that proselytizes like she does is either pandering or believes they are intelligent

like she's obviously just admitting she's pandering but she cant come out and say it without being called a prick-panderer and an endlessly thirsty attention whore, kek.

No. 715924

If she's not a smart xD, then shouldn't she stop giving her "sociopolitical" opinions to her million of young viewers?

No. 715950

>''i never said i was smart i'm just here for teh lulz and the cringe like everbody else xD i don't care about politics uwu''
>proceeds to run her mouth on political/socio-political issues to her 1mil+ very young and impressionable fans
she is so irritating and transparent

No. 716028

File: 1539876748753.png (484.49 KB, 586x560, VdncncP.png)

it's like she thinks hating terves is a replacement for having an actual personality

No. 716030

File: 1539876774714.png (49.87 KB, 599x565, efbKtnZ.png)

No. 716032

File: 1539876846397.jpg (67.94 KB, 733x743, 4a4a2305-adce-4a8a-a475-10863d…)

Yet she acts like she's somehow above cringe videos even though most of her channel is just her reacting to dumb buzzfeed and cosmo articles.

No. 716051

Of course she can’t. She’s straight, unemployed and hardly leaves her parents’ house.

No. 716056

Of course she can’t. She’s straight, unemployed and hardly leaves her parents’ house.

No. 716058

so are some anons ITT surely. june is just pandering and won't care until something happens to her.

No. 716223

I'm baffled as to why she would be against something like this. It's still pretty much her whole schtick, is it not?

No. 716229

june is so un-self-aware that she doesn't realize that this message sounds exactly like something she'd say in one of her stupid videos.

No. 716317

seriously? lol she does -absolutely nothing- with her time but sperg and creep on radfem spaces and she really "can't think of anything! :3" guys!

Give me a fucking break.. when is she getting cancelled my god.

No. 716550

wow, she's so rude. she should be lucky someone still likes her bald, obnoxious, aging ass. cause skeptic sure doesn't

No. 716631

She blocks out the name because the guy's a fan imagine if he was some rando who criticized her

No. 716637

This really just proves that she never read anyone of those evil terf/radfem books she claimed to.
I wonder sometimes if she really believes this stuff or if she's just scared of being labeled as an evil harpy terf.

No. 716779

File: 1539945265202.png (252.58 KB, 1012x498, 0qWAiRs.png)

No. 716780

File: 1539945337432.png (54.97 KB, 569x389, YsyZCLS.png)

>im hiding concern behind a funny tweet
sure, june

No. 716781

File: 1539945375616.png (55.28 KB, 624x364, WU4HrXh.png)

No. 716782

File: 1539945432690.png (128.22 KB, 1224x502, ETbotcZ.png)

No. 716784

File: 1539945471120.png (52.79 KB, 605x351, A4rbKKa.png)

last one

No. 716791


she's not really wrong here. CWC has always been more of a sadcow than a lolcow to me, guy is clearly deeply ill and so detached from reality I always felt bad to see people making fun of him.

No. 716802

She wasn’t concerned. She was being a bully.

No. 716803

lmfao this bitch only sent actual tweets to chris once someone said it was sad
>funny tweet

No. 716902

>Gets mad when Chris can't take care of his pets
>Can't even take care of her own pet

No. 716929

>using they/them pronouns for cwc
the troon pandering is real

No. 716994

Says who? Superficial lolcow that is broadcasting herself on the internet to huge audience

No. 716995

File: 1539971826141.png (118.79 KB, 781x581, Untitled.png)

Looks like the age comment hit a nerve.

No. 716998

they was used to address people before tumblr gender raging was a thing anon…

No. 717002

yeah, yeah. doesn't change the fact that cwc is 100% male and there's no reason to address him with they/them pronouns unless you are an extreme tranny cocksucker.

No. 717008

people like June pretty much ruined chris and his moms life (remember, she got fired a handle of time due to people on the net harassing her employer because of her autistic son), now, while hiding under a veneer of faux-concern for him and his family, june mocks him again.

what a nice girl!

No. 717023

uh whut? doesn't chris upload to YT? and with more frequency than june, I think

No. 717045

Why is she showing his handle. She just loves to send her fans to harass people.

No. 717049

File: 1539977162103.png (69.9 KB, 579x579, uwu.png)

No. 717050

Remember when June laughed about bullying a probably autistic girl in high school? So smol and sensitive uwu

No. 717057

File: 1539977964617.png (238.76 KB, 611x565, rndBg39.png)

No. 717058

File: 1539977985548.png (146.86 KB, 609x639, xvBEHZz.png)

No. 717059

File: 1539978005336.png (77.34 KB, 583x585, IiPM4Zw.png)

No. 717060

File: 1539978027080.png (210.5 KB, 569x603, TIOcmng.png)

No. 717064

File: 1539978140236.png (274.17 KB, 857x877, 54fUlbI.png)

>it really do be like that huh
she's "how do you do fellow kids" personified

No. 717067

June trying so hard to be one of the "girls" KEK
The wig does no justice

No. 717075

Honestly that wig is coconut head tier, if not worse. Coconut head's hair didn't look so plastered to his head. That shit is like robbie rotten x coconut head.

No. 717095

File: 1539982557706.png (343.47 KB, 608x528, dg349hl4.PNG)

Of course she clipped out the original tweet about TiFs attacking people AND retweeted this right afterwards. This is some gold medal tier handmaidenry.

No. 717118

>lol silly terf I’m not a narcissistic man, I’m a female NEET so desperate for male approval that I’ll pander to the lowest common denominator of pathetic loser and throw all other women under the bus in the process!
>checkmate, feminists!

No. 717151

How do people not see she has no hairline…

No. 717315

Putting this in my “evidence shoe0nhead surrounds herself with trans so she looks more attractive in comparison” file

No. 717351

This is ironic as shes bragged about catcalling and harassing women and young girls on the street, she shouldnt be let into any public bathroom tbh.

No. 717532

>the pro-life woman is being an overdramatic asshole obviously,
He attacked her,that's not being an "overdramatic asshole" to call him out for it

No. 717677

File: 1540060815141.png (617.62 KB, 579x807, Untitled.png)

No. 717685

Ugh Katie is just "another not like other girls" antifem that cant understand you can be feminist and support the right to carry/take self defense etc. Her personality is just "guns!" And people call her out all the time for having the susbence of a sponge. And june is literally trying to pander to every group possible

No. 717691

Lol hi boys look at how cool I am I like guns and women just like you!

No. 717698

Well she might feel empowered by holding it but does she even know how to use it?
Sorry for sperging

No. 717716

why is she misgendering awesome trans gal Christine?

No. 717718

she's such a piece of shit. chris is legit insane/autistic and should be on disability, honestly.

she doesnt mean it though. none of these tweets has any underlying sympathy or empathy to them. she's just being a bully-ass bitch. he's really unwell and if she cared she wouldn't have tweeted any of this shit

No. 717800

Don't dramatize it. She has the same right to pee in public bathrooms as you do. It's too harsh.

No. 717817

Yiiikes, she's so cringey

No. 717869

she's fulfilled her quota of tranny-pandering this week so now she's gotta suck off the right some so she can continue sitting on her comfy feels:3 fence

No. 717974

No. 717975

File: 1540108288385.png (74.35 KB, 599x325, Untitled.png)

No. 717983

Well, at least lardo did his research on this one.

No. 718010


Off topic, but every time I see this chick, I always cringe. She looks really hard in the face; very manish. And her hair is a tragedy.

No. 718028

Jim explaining his shoe/greg being alfa skeptics stance while sperging at vee. He's basically saying that "they're not better and do dumb stuff but they don't get involved in doxxing and gay ops". Honestly Jim as you probably browse this board also due to the kiwifarms crossposting, shoe fucking CREATED AN IMAGEBOARD with her cuck friend just to SPY on people talking shit about her. I'm not doubting for a second that she's still doing shady shit like this. They're most likely part of the "gay skeptic ops" just like everyone else, they're a part of their discord servers, they associate with these assholes, shoe is still sending her personal armies against anyone who thinks different than she does.

Also Jim got doxxed a while ago, so it's not the reason why she's defending these two. It just seems like it's good old personal butthurt against sargoy, trout and their lapdogs. Shoe has always sucked his dick and probably will continue to do so in order to avoid being targeted by him.

No. 718050

i saw jim asking his fans if he should do a video on skepdicks lul i knew he'd still cape for them. and how does he think shoe doesn't get involved in "gay ops"? the woman spends hours of her days harassing nobodies. she got her whole crowd involved in the schizo vet fiasco and then acted like nothing happened after multiple people told her to stop.

No. 718061

Gosh he's so exceptionally skeptical and smart, nothing like those reactionaries. So unique and intellectual that he parroted everything the reply tweets under June's tweet about that video said, including ''the copycats'' part. That part is rational and not reactionary at all even though real feminists don't care about that video and no one sane would ever have this idea of pointlessly throwing the bleach on males' crouches to get murderously beaten by them afterwards. Of course, he had to empathize on some random article on that site focusing on some random Asian woman's sexualized body to show what a manly man he is.

And she's like ''Yeah we're such a witty and smart couple. My bf is so manly, strong and smart. Don't you dare to laugh at us and criticize us. We're legit skeptics'' These two are such hardcore posers.

No. 718099

samefagging to correct *he's defending these two, fuck autocorrect

yep, she's got a ton of skeletons in her closet and she's been a part of multiple "gay ops". At this point I don't know if Jim is just oblivious to everything or if he genuinely has a hard-on in a white armor for shoe. He sure did forget about shoe getting Brittany's video taken down just a few months ago with a false DMCA claim, something Jim has been making fun of Mundane Matt for doing for like 4 months now. The best guess at this point would be that Jade approves of shoe which could be evidenced by the fact that she went out of her way to rise from her grave to bitch at Brittany during the recent boyfriend leaks thing.

No. 718119

>you begged me to make a video
She's acting like she's not responsible for sharing it in the first place >>698574

Nothing says skepticism like believing obvious hoaxes without even doing a google search.

No. 718163

Why would Jim go after Shoe? Compared to the utterly embarrassing and milky behaviour of other skeptics, her recent behaviour has been pretty mild. She is still a cow though.

Jim is just another sperg, he is a man in his late 30s who spends all his time making youtube vids and sperging online, getting way too emotionally invested in some of his subjects. He wifed an e-girl for God's sake. Have you guys seen any of Jem/Jade's older videos? If she hadn't got her shit together and left the internet to become a productive member of society, unlike her boyfriend, I'm sure she would have grown into a cow.

Like some of the other anons in this thread, I wouldn't be surprised if he has some sort of history with Shoe. He seems like her type after all; he's older, probably fat, seems to not have a social life outside the internet and is "big" online.

No. 718298

They have the same fanbase is probably the main reason he won't say anything. His fans would WK her almost as hard they WK him to others. Conveniently ignoring her is one thing, but actually saying that she has nothing to do with gay ops and doxxing is ridiculous. Anyone can take one trip to ED to see how bullshit that is.

Jim is one of those Internet tough guys that acts like he'll go after anyone and is impartial but carefully picks and chooses who he actually does because those retards he has for fans are the ones paying his bills. Shit Sh0e has done he'd go after no problem if she wasn't so adored by the fanbase he shares with her. Jim's useless and no one would be afraid of him if he didn't have psychotic fans with insane gay lust for him that doxx anyone who criticizes him.

No. 718302

They don't really have the same fanbase though,the skeptics™ don't like Jim

No. 718327

File: 1540156315984.png (192.75 KB, 581x639, QLKMrdJ.png)

No. 718343

aww poor innocent uwu shuwu got in trouble for ~mocking canadians~ and nothing else, just a sweet innocent little loli making jokes

fuck off june

No. 718358

File: 1540160420969.png (303.71 KB, 525x413, shoehoe.PNG)

No. 718369

File: 1540161411078.jpg (74.32 KB, 1200x712, DqECYAeWkAAfe77.jpg)

No. 718377

I'm laughing so hard right now. So basically, if you are born the sex you are born, that's it right?

(also, that fall out boy shirt. yikes)

No. 718431

what is this? tranny 2005 taylor swift?

No. 718434


She's a female, but that picture definitely didn't do her any favors kek

No. 718435

lol right. literally looks like that stereotypical lesbian high school coach.

No. 718452

Lmao, why do so many of shoe's hot takes age like milk

No. 718551

File: 1540193600662.png (200.05 KB, 602x982, p5MSU7z.png)

No. 718560

File: 1540194220685.png (56.49 KB, 614x390, duM5fXX.png)

from her likes.

if she truly feels this way about everyone and not just herself, then maybe she shouldn't have an entire youtube channel dedicated to making fun of people's cringe xd opinions?

all of the people she constantly hounds will always be attacked by her rabid fanbase for their old opinions.

she's just can't handle that people are treating her like she's treated them for years. she still says stupid shit all the time and never learns from her mistakes either, so

edit: forgot a tweet

No. 718574

File: 1540197501447.png (72.79 KB, 1001x229, blockingspree.png)



No. 718673

File: 1540222095438.png (202.22 KB, 633x601, 71234124214.PNG)

Don't you dare question Shuwu

No. 718686

File: 1540223265522.png (876.66 KB, 1208x2096, lmaooooo.png)

you know she's pissed about the replies

No. 718690

File: 1540223582097.jpg (25.06 KB, 547x232, DqDkme0X4AEpyFF.jpg)

No. 718692

File: 1540223681518.png (48.31 KB, 564x313, bFELZCG.png)

No. 718700

>a lot of repubs are socially liberal

she lives such an insulated life I'm almost jealous

No. 718702

>a lot of repubs are socially liberal
Maybe in your skeptic hugbox shuwu because a lot of those "republicans" you interact with are just talking heads.

You'd think she would've deleted these considering how often she does with other pandering tweets but, I'm under the belief she actually believes this shit.

No. 718703

>She actually believes this shit
Wig only believes thing as long as it'll make whatever base she's pandering too like her more

No. 718717

Lol FourEcchiTasty is only protecting her because he's a troon. He always acts like the "Gotcha Police" towards everybody else. Takes one to know one!

No. 718723

>Your past mistakes are now fuel to feed someone's Retweet Machine
This describes June perfectly but not in the way she thinks it does.

No. 718724

File: 1540228074586.jpg (48.02 KB, 577x426, EYY I'M UWUIN' HERE.jpg)

No. 718726

File: 1540228266442.jpg (86.07 KB, 602x823, her opinions.jpg)

No. 718732

File: 1540229345157.jpg (40.42 KB, 463x441, antisjwshoe.JPG)

No. 718733

>i dont want to start conflict uwu
god her fans are pathetic

No. 718753

It's crazy she finds any of this unfair. I still remember her "accidentally" retweeting something Shapiro said 2 years ago and using it to make one of her totally topical transgender points. This is nothing different, all these people want to talk politics on the internet(ESPECIALLY THE ONES WHO MAKE MONEY FROM IT) and get called out on being giant hypocrites whine that "it's just me being dumb years ago boohoo" need to realize that shocker people who follow you want you to be 100% behind everything you say so when there is evidence showing you aren't, of course people are going to call you out for it. That's literally something she has done herself many fucking times, and here she wants to cry wolf again and she'll probably again get away with it.

No. 718763

what good points did she make in that video? "pence is bad"? wow, so groundbreaking for pointing out the obvious. shuwu followers are blind.

No. 718768

File: 1540232548429.png (89.83 KB, 584x448, screenshot-socialblade.com-201…)

From KF. Anyone know what video she deleted?

No. 718786

If it's the Trump lgbt one she really is a fucking idiot lol. I remember she had it unlisted.

No. 718795

Samefag. It is the Trump lgbt one. A reddit link the video(from The_Donold, how fitting) it's no longer available.


Does she honestly think this isn't going to draw more attention on it?

No. 718797

Was it her "punch me in the face" video? Looking at the latest archive of her videos tab it had over 1M views, so it looks like it fits the amount of views lost before it got deleted.

No. 718836

shoe has survived so long off of speed deleting embarrassing stuff, if people start saving and reposting her stuff then she's donezo

No. 718839

On the topic of Jade can someone link her old stuff? Pictures or videos etc?
It would help piece together the puzzle

No. 718847

That's a good idea.

No. 718979

Sorry for the nitpick, but do you guys think she had a nose job done?

No. 718985

I don't, I think boobs were her Jersey birthday gift from the parents.
It was probably a choice between those or the nose.

No. 719192

Kek that banner pic. The "uwu don't attack I'm just a soft bun baby girl!" is out in full force I see

No. 719228



>I was only 25 when i tweeted that!!! everyone say dumb shit when they are kids mmmmkay

No. 719258

File: 1540277657827.png (364.14 KB, 603x645, shuwu the hypocrite.png)

I am here for twitter calling out her bullshit and snatching her wig

No. 719260

>trump will protect american gays from radical islam
Is June fucking retarded?

No. 719272

I mean, this was a pretty common talking point of milo and other alt-righters at the time. that doesn't excuse how dumb it is, but she always just parrots the same shit everyone else is saying.

No. 719292

File: 1540283352066.jpg (5.03 KB, 211x250, this thread rn.jpg)


it's finally happening

No. 719303

File: 1540286300236.png (154.67 KB, 606x1098, l4qgSwg.png)

This was in June's likes. Is she trying to throw Count Dankula and Blaire White under the bus now after sucking up to them for years?

No. 719304

File: 1540286384467.png (87.8 KB, 609x531, NRE147E.png)

Sucking up to shane uwu.

No. 719307

This sounds so fake

This hoe defends wig more than her fiance ever has. And dankula and Blaire are admittedly conservatives so ofc their politics about other stuff is more important than all trannies all of the time, unlike June, who claims to be a liberal with every breath she takes, while also defending trjmp/excusing him/downplaying criticisms of him, while also sucking sargons dick and calling black female comedians gorillas.

No. 719321

File: 1540292479403.jpg (161.33 KB, 1080x862, 03.jpg)

Wait, so Shane's series was paid PR but he is the king of yt and did a good job nonetheless? Ok

No. 719413

Her own fanbase is turning against her so she's trying to hop to a new fanbase and suck some Shane and Jeffree Star dick.

I hope she tries to pander to beauty community and gets roasted eben harder.

No. 719422

File: 1540305181208.png (800.07 KB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_2018-10-23-16-31-19…)

No. 719428

File: 1540305231059.jpg (17.37 KB, 471x353, 153945177274.jpg)

No. 719429


school girl outfit ewhoring : https://youtu.be/iGNy8prp4eA
lame anita sarkesian parody(*) : https://youtu.be/64R6h7M2uGg
fingering stream : https://youtu.be/yQeHVUtxsds
leaving the internet : https://youtu.be/bdi6zKqDE4E

silent bobs compilation (??) : https://youtu.be/tAUl9NCXprU

(*) openly admits to being a slut. when she left the internet complained about evil feminists caling her a slut. very interesting. 100% waifu material.

No. 719461

if she so desperately wants new youtube friends, she should consider changing up her content and doing something new, but ofc shuwu is too lazy and uncreative for that.

No. 719474

She should unironically be a wig review channel. A good portion of her fans have trich/hairloss it seems

No. 719546

anon, she can't even do that. she literally chooses the most busted, overpriced party city tier shit and the wig quality weirdly gets worse every year. her female fans are retarded but even they, i think, can see how fucking busted her wigs are.

No. 719559

>she has changed in the last 2 years
The people who think Shoe has changed just because she rants about TERFs more are so fucking stupid. Doesn't she still follow several unironic redpill accounts?

No. 719577

No. 719648


Hahahha I don't subscribe to trans ideology but Wig just tripped hard on her own feet.

>Baaaaawwwww it was just my ADHD speaking and i was still a dumb young edgelord guys i was only like 26 when i said all these stuff don't act like you are better than me?!?! poor me is suffering right now, send buns uwu

No. 719649

The beauty community is vicious now lol. Theyre pro cancel culture. If shoe dips her toes, she'd have all of her past dug up into sagas.

Could be wrong but isnt blair straying away from politics?

No. 719694

File: 1540325827081.jpg (112.05 KB, 900x506, shakeee.jpg)

No. 719699

>But alcohol is yucky and i hates it >w< i just do it for the memes! I-im not a social/casual drinker! Uwu

No. 719802

File: 1540335265813.jpg (113.27 KB, 595x1628, QSbr7EK.jpg)

and of course her feed right now is only filled with smol bun pics.

she's not like those other normie women who obsess over dogs and wine.

No. 719834

File: 1540338252768.png (655.34 KB, 1440x964, Screenshot_2018-10-23-18-43-36…)

June's doing some hilarious damage control right now

No. 719854

There needs to be more videos like this to point out her hypocrisy

No. 719869

Oh wow hm fascinating. Hey June, why don't you have a job?

No. 719969

Ummmm don't you know she works at youtube??

She even blocked some dude when he made fun of her for claiming that.

No. 720039

Someone should tweet her even when posting buns she cant help but support donald trump kek, that would piss her off. Her tactics are so transparent-no matter what you do wig0nhead no one sees you as these harmless smol fluffy buns-they see you as the grating, mouthy hypocrite you are.

No. 720099

File: 1540379761011.png (1002.86 KB, 588x1172, bsgKlQZ.png)

Sucking up to J*

No. 720118

If she watches makeup tutorials, why is her makeup still shit?

No. 720135

Bitches with that raccoon look never get over their emo phase.

No. 720158

File: 1540389518116.png (398.55 KB, 620x1270, moron.png)

Ok, bit dated but good, wiggy being called out by her followers for being the liar she is.

There are rumours shes about to throw blaire under the bus which imo will cause a huge shitstorm. In any case more and more people are slowly but surely waking up to her lies.

No. 720164

File: 1540390003271.jpg (84.39 KB, 615x790, AHAHAHAHAHAHA.jpg)

Samefag here: update: HAHAHAHAHAHA-what was that video june made about people who block are triggered or something?

No. 720198

File: 1540394956079.gif (1.82 MB, 480x360, 7124123412.gif)

No. 720199

File: 1540394983297.png (54.88 KB, 751x459, 712421421421.png)

No. 720231

File: 1540397389818.png (80.69 KB, 540x409, Screenshot_2018-10-23-21-21-30…)

according to kf this is from a count dankula stream with the ranting f

No. 720254

Shut up shoe you would never debate anyone stupid cunt

No. 720258

But yeah to the people still inquiring about june's strangely large gangly hands and feet youre not imagining it she literally is built like kermit the frog

No. 720357

Which is so funny and telling, because she's had a dog for years and NEVER spoke about him. Everytime pets were mentioned (on her ask.fm, twitter, videos) it was always "UGUUU OLLIE-CHAN uwuuwuuwu"

No. 720944

File: 1540483280757.png (1.11 MB, 1430x654, cover photo.png)

I wonder if she changed her banner again because of us pointing out her sm0l act

No. 720956

File: 1540484943441.png (61.33 KB, 590x586, UQoqrgO.png)

Deleted at the speed of light.

No. 720958

File: 1540485041562.png (194.03 KB, 592x672, t59jFGD.png)

No. 720960

She's so desperate to be seen as the "cool middleground kid" rather than the easily triggered shreking harpy he is. Dare I say it, shes even more pathetic than mundane matt.

No. 720966

the thing that annoys me about shoe most, more than any of her views or the stuff she does, is how spineless she is

woopsy doopsy these people are going to argue with me, better run away uwu

No. 720967

oh you can bet that if she ever had the balls to show her report page on stream it'd be a mile long

No. 720970

File: 1540485755909.png (53.44 KB, 579x401, cfOr4z4.png)

Anger issues.

No. 720976

This is why shes one of those bitches you gotta cap her tweets asap because shes such a fickle spineless cunt and so many have fallen for it.

Kek shes still mad about >>720164 tweet

No. 720990

she wants to be a coolgirl but all her angry tweets make her seem like a nagging, shrill bonerkiller instead

she could've gone down a non-political route to avoid the headaches but nope gotta put your entire gender down because coolgirl XD

No. 721000

File: 1540487415342.png (72.54 KB, 596x650, hKOP14D.png)

She's still going.

>you find a way to disagree & berate us

But all June does is disagree with and berate people.

No. 721009

Sperging out like this isn't something an always center uwu smol bun would do
>All june does is disagree with and berate people
But she does it in a passive aggressive and 'jokey' way,it's totally difference

No. 721010

Whatever you say, June.
I also appreciate the fact that Greg never responded to the criticism June is currently facing over Trump but here’s June playing keyboard warrior for Greg because someone criticised his shitty video. What a big manly Dom uwu

No. 721024

File: 1540489802196.png (535.08 KB, 1298x790, 258574699000212.png)

If june were ever honest it would look something like this

No. 721041

File: 1540491051461.png (315.87 KB, 576x1156, 1531442239700.png)

It seems like a good time to bring back this tweet from a few months ago. No matter what happens, Shoe won't admit she was wrong about Trump.

No. 721046

File: 1540491304764.png (61.85 KB, 580x408, 1531442479029.png)

Bonus, Shoe thinks that making fun of TERFs on twitter counts as fighting for gay rights.

No. 721143

>i'm not gonna protest
>i'm gonna fight alongside instead


But how do you fight alongside if you don't protest laws that are considered oppressive?

No. 721171

This appears to have triggered her

No. 721185

it sounds like she's gonna cry at 5:52 kek

No. 721193

>I said if he goes after LGBT I will be fighting alongside them. What does he do? Goes after LGBT. What did I do? Fight alongside them.
She's like a broken record.

No. 721194

All hail the gotcha boys! They really got miss shoe all riled up!

No. 721230

I really hate that stupid chuckle, it’s kinda like that Sargon chuckle. Why is she so insufferable? No, I will never stop complaining about her stupid nervous laugh. Don’t worry, this has been saged for no1curr

No. 721235

Because these days Twitter and Youtube is the political battleground and irrelevant idiots from both the left and right are the ones fighting on the frontlines. These people seem to have no personality or interests outside of this epic "culture war".

Legit sounds like voice cracks from nearly crying. So fucking thin-skinned.

No. 721237

>I stay in my lane of low hanging fruit!!!
Haha she's only started saying this after everyone pointed out her videos are easy shitty talking points that are for people stuck in 2015.

Also, she tries to talk about "important" topics on twitter so she really isn't "staying in her lane". Being critical of feminism isn't even something she's good at considering she barely does enough research for any of her videos. She just doesn't want to take credit for being wrong and the weight her videos have, even if she wants to down play them as stupid, there is a lot of people who take her literally and think even retarded shit like cosmo cringe is proof of a future gender war.

No. 721240

File: 1540507044980.png (75.28 KB, 616x543, fools gold.png)

Rational disconnects twitter is now full of shoe and gregs white knights trying to give excuses for them, man are these people dumb kek.

No. 721242

File: 1540507127289.png (61.62 KB, 622x702, shuwu tweet.png)

No. 721262

It really sounds like she's implying that Greg also goes after low hanging fruit but doesn't want to say it directly because it would make Daddy look bad. umu

"You go after like… Flat Earth! You're not the news! You're not smar- I mean… You don't care enough to go after real- I mean like… You go after what you want!" Your fiance, oh I'm sorry, boyfriend isn't smart Shoe, it's okay to admit it.

No. 721273

They only go after low hanging fruit because they see it as the most "safe" from criticism. Shoe doesn't like to be confronted which is why she flips out when it's something that isn't praising her.

No. 721311

do any of you have that gif of shuwu crouching for pics? I wanted to show it to my bf but i cant fucking find it lmao. sage

No. 721330

File: 1540514204112.gif (49.04 KB, 220x275, 1532512579635.gif)

I gotchu fam

No. 721467

How Greg says vague triggers the fuck out of me

No. 721502

Jesus, is she really getting this worked up over one, stupid tweet? Okay you made your point already.
I would almost think she must have zero shame to go all out on public sperg outs like this, if she didn't always delete and backtrack on everything she does.

No. 721531

I wonder if Shreg cried to her about it in private or if she decided to come out swinging to defend her little boy all by herself.

No. 721541

i dreamt about shoe having HUGE big flabby arms. sage for ot

No. 721547

>you come for me, i cry
>you come for my boyfriend, i attack
Fucking sad.

Shouldn't the dom lumberjack be able to protect himself? Actually, shouldn't he be the one protecting her?

No. 721556

She's being hysterical and dumb like she usually is on twitter but this time it's in audio. Someone should save it somewhere before she gets ashamed and deletes it. This is really milky.

Reminds me of my borderline narcissistic aunt with huge mental issues (I'm not exaggerating cause she actually tried to poison my relatives) when she was yelling at people doing something that didn't satisfy her huge ego. This sound and tone of the voice and speech is so familiar lol

This ho says she was suggesting the video was fake and millions of people begged her to make a video. But they only begged her because she fucking posted it with a thought of proving how feminists are dangerous which is what she's all about and what she's known for. She forgot that it was her bread and attention boosting tool despite actually being aware of that while tweeting.

This is about you saying ''Russian propaganda doesn't exist lol you're leftist idiotic lolcows'' and then being challenged with actual Russian propaganda. Same with Trump and LGBT rights. This just makes your videos and ''sociopolitical commentary'' totally irrelevant for dumb people that are your audience because non-dumb people know it the second they see your content.

Shoe, even your audience is able to see through your shit. Don't underestimate people.

No. 721569

Timestamp? Does he day it like vag? I know a Canadian that does that lol

No. 721582

if she prides herself on staying in her lane she should also stay in her lane of close-minded skeptics and stop trying to be buddy-buddy with shane dawson and jeffree star

No. 721595

File: 1540560264656.png (564.75 KB, 623x895, dot com XDDDD.png)

I thought she was supposed to be cozying up to ess jay doubleyews, why is she throwing them under the bus? classic fence sitting wig

No. 721601

How is this any different from what she does? She stalks SJW/TERF accounts all day and posts their p r o b l e m a t i c tweets with their usernames showing so her rabid fans can go after them.

It's obvious June sees herself in this situation, except this kid is a legitimately good person unlike her. And he was actually young when he said that stuff, not 26 years old…

No. 721605

The majority of the reaction to Brother Nature's old tweets has been a rejection of cancel culture because he was 12 years old at the time, shuwu can't even read the room

No. 721619

Fucking hell that projection kek. Stay mad wiggy.

No. 721629

File: 1540564885431.png (35.78 KB, 576x253,