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File: 1623509355145.gif (6.97 MB, 300x400, 1619738461483.gif)

No. 155617


Previous Thread: >>>/w/146474

Lorena “Lori” Cerda, known as Lori Lewd or Usagi Kou, is a 36-year-old photoshop addicted costhot and anime "kinnie" from New York state. With 20 years of lunacy behind her, farmers have been working together diligently to stitch together the madness into a coherent timeline. Lots of interactions and receipts have been lost to time, either deleted or made private. Some archives have disappeared but a lot remain. Refer to the link list at the bottom of this post.

Lori got her start as a rabid Sailor Moon cosplayer in the early aughts which launched her into infamy and Moonie drama that lasted for over 10 years alone. After becoming a joke to the majority of the US cosplay community Lori dropped her Usagi shtick and settled for a short-lived Zero Two skinwalk. Over the last two years, Lori has amassed over 100k followers (through purchasing bots) and had brand partnerships with multiple online boutiques and jewelers. She is still clawing her way into a Dolls Kill partnership by running herself and her lover into debt. Our story follows the lunatic hag and her bishie prince, Kevin Hanft aka Adollaskye, a 27 year old BNHA cosplayer and general douche. He only feeds Lori’s delusions and is a whole cow on his own. If you lurk long enough you will spot a wild Kevin masquerading as anon. Do not interact. He is retarded.

Vintage Milk:
>Known pathological liar, her entire cosplay career was a farce built upon other seamstresses work and props
>Abused partners emotionally and physically, breaking peoples belongings when she throws temper tantrums, threatening rape and suicide
>Mooched off friends and family (living rent free and destroying peoples homes with her trash, indoor smoking, making them buy her things, forcing them to sleep on floors and go without bedding, etc.)
>Manipulated teenagers, mentally ill/handicapped cosplayers and any others she deemed “beneath” her into false friendships
>Held vendettas against better cosplayers, sex workers and artists.
>Used her many livejournals to harass and slander other cosplayers like Zan for existing in the community and cosplaying
>Her ex-husband raped a developmentally challenged friend of Lori’s and when she found out she pressured the victim, “C”, into suicide. “C” then attempted by taking pills and drinking alcohol. Luckily, “C” survived. She never apologized or tried to right this situation.
>Went through husbands like pantyhose and typically only married for housing and money.

Condensed Milk from the 10’s:
>Racist anachan with high-school mean girl tendencies
>Suicide baited Kevin and demanded he cut himself to prove he didn’t like another women all while she cheated on him
>Both her and Kevin are admitted lurkers of /cgl/ and lolcow, often responding to comments made about herself on all forums
>They break up and make up constantly, almost every other day
>Her latest kin is Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx, truly believes she is her and that the studio copied her to create her likeness
>holy mother of Meitu editing
>”vampire blood” “anime features” and ”good genes” something something
>Will relentlessly tear down other cosplayers who do any cosplay better than her
>”Suffers” from an Eating Disorder and is proud of it
>Flexes the “loli” title and panders to pedophiles and degenerates without shame despite having many underage followers
>Fetishizes East Asian culture heavily, somehow still butchers romaji
>Undiagnosed Cluster B / NPD behaviors out the ass
>Has a running delusion that fellow cows Mariah (momokun) and Vamplette are the OPs of every farm thread and are solely responsible for the surfacing of her past

Last Milk Delivery:
>Kevin took to reddit to defend Lori against the waves of comments calling out her past and creepy editing >>>/w/146499
>Threatened physical violence against redditors >>>/w/146500
>Lori shifts her focus to posting in Cosplay groups on Facebook resulting in wild cow sightings >>>/w/146578
>Kevin continues his sperging on Facebook, leaning even heavier into the Momo/Vamp conspiracy >>>/w/146741
>Word of Usagi Kou rising from the dead spreads through the cosplay subreddit where Kevin posted her, digital slap fights ensue >>>/w/146876
>Kevin has his meltdown on the Anime Expo Fans page complaining about the "toxicity" of Cosplayers >>>/w/146895
>Commenters own Kevin by pointing out the obvious about Lori and condemning her shoops and attitude >>>/w/146904
>Kevin rage quits and deletes all the L's he took publicly
>Lori asks where her "Utah homies" are at AKA "somebody come save me" >>>/w/147542
>Kevin comes to the thread to defend Lori, gets his feefees hurt and threatens to kill an anon >>>/w/147771
>Upset nobody is harassing the neighsayers, Kevin takes to harassing individual cosplayers on Instagram >>>/w/148648
>Lori asks for contact with some sort of Google employee, presumably seeking someone to wipe her threads and drama from the first pages (get owned by SEO Lori 'Lorena Cerda' Lewd) >>>/w/154464
>Lori debuts a naked Umaru-chan cosplay, new skinwalk? >>>/w/154666
>DJ Ranmas is back to sucking on Lori's saggy asshole >>>/w/155149
>Farmers bust Lori's Photoshop before the poor old girl can even refresh the thread >>>/w/155493

With Lori increasing her visibility on social media Kevin doesn't have, his death threats & her cries for help, we can only assume the two are at each other's necks. IRL yandere / deredere drama, not exactly the kind of IRL anime vibe they were going for. Time for another episode of the Kev and Lori show!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

YouTube videos:
>VangelinaSkov's videos
>Buffering Cat's breakdown
>Lori's racism

>Monster Girl Vibes: https://www.facebook.com/iota02/
>Personal FB: https://www.facebook.com/LoriLewd
>Kevin’s FB : https://www.facebook.com/kevin.hanft.5
>Lori’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iota_zerotwo/
>Kevin’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adollaskye/
>Twitter: https://twitter.com/iota_zerotwo
>DA: https://www.deviantart.com/kou-usagi
>Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/people/usagikou
>OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/monstergirl
>Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/LoriLewd
>Amazon Wishlist: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1K5H3M8IH92VA/?ref_=lol_ov_le

Archived Milk:
>pockybox investigations
>wank about the rape incident https://web.archive.org/web/20130311093424/http://www.journalfen.net/community/fandom_wank/685335.html?thread=63139863
>usagi’s wank page http://web.archive.org/web/20110908004206/http://wiki.fandomwank.com/index.php/Usagi_Kou
>tgtn attesting to Lori's cancerous nature
>Djranma’s site https://web.archive.org/web/20070807233745fw_/http://www.djranmas.net/html/lori_cerda/main.htm
>Lori's psycho response to Scott's confession
>cringe engagement video posted by Kevin
>cringe ED article
>the sailor moon movie

>Lori’s KF thread

Dead Accounts:

No. 155622

Great thread OP. You really cleaned up and organized the info very nicely.

No. 155634

File: 1623531470801.jpg (88.46 KB, 677x587, loony.jpg)

Nice organization OP, saw some things I haven't seen yet, like the Sailormoon movie.

Even back then she was using extensions that never matched her bleached hair or roots.

No. 155648

File: 1623538277515.jpg (3.06 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_06-12-03.50.37.jpg)

This is from her story today, I turned down the brightness to where it was pre filters, compared it to her posts on insta. The skin whitening is out of control. She's so ashamed of her race it's sad. It only comes out as a "gotcha" to accuse haters of racism. Yuck.

No. 155650

Her latest two posts are once again reposts.. like not just her wearing the same stuff again, but obviously from the same photoshoot posted months ago. The pink sheer bodysuit with the cat ears was first posted March 1, and the blue dress with shit over it was first posted may 1.

Wtf does she do all day? She barely posts anything new, it's all stuff from months ago.

No. 155652

File: 1623540970637.jpg (955.5 KB, 1080x1812, PicsArt_06-12-04.32.10.jpg)

Samefagging forgive me but oh my god I put clarity on 25% and this foundation is separating so bad, I can't believe she goes out like that. Also kek at the black line where her nose originally was and the blown up bug eyes with sharpened pupils.

No. 155653

She probably watches YouTube and plays WoW. She's always posting pics where you can see her watching old musicals from her YouTube playlists she made in her Moonie days (sailormoonftw is her channel btw.) She plays dress up, buys clothes, reposts photos, scams on her OF, checks her thread religiously and then sleeps when she wants. Kevin has admitted all this. She is just a slovenly NEET neckbeard in loli clothing.

Funny how as soon as >>155648 was posted she posted an unfiltered story that shows her skin tone. Lurk harder you aging hag. You're only getting wrinklier and more bald.

No. 155657

She overlined her lips in hopes that they'd look bigger under all the filters. One can only imagine how ridiculous she looks at her age with these outfits and hanging out at in a Utah Walmart.

No. 155667

File: 1623552743263.png (1.14 MB, 1166x2048, Screenshot_20210612-195054.png)

Convinced still that Lori proofreads every post he makes. Why is he so desperate for this shitty brand to notice him?

No. 155668

File: 1623553405482.jpeg (52.37 KB, 541x568, 4A14D0BB-CFDA-4CF6-960B-B7756D…)

Good job OP. On new thread.

No. 155670

File: 1623555014675.jpg (649.59 KB, 1440x1080, PicsArt_06-12-08.26.37.jpg)

Meme dump

No. 155671

File: 1623555038737.jpg (588.94 KB, 1080x1325, PicsArt_06-12-08.30.06.jpg)

No. 155693

File: 1623584819938.png (1.49 MB, 1576x1280, scraps.png)

They are broke as fuck.

No. 155711

I really hope they go to a con but I don't think they can afford to.

No. 155714

They will beg their way into one. They lied about knowing someone sick with Covid to get a free year of WoW. If they had to put Kev in a wheelchair and make him drool on himself and scream to get discounted or free entry to any event, they would. They have no shame and will go to any lengths to get what they want.

And we all know how badly they want to flex on the haters (and Momokun) at a con. They hovered around her at the last AX they went to kek. They won't pass up a chance to harass moo and start drama.

No. 155728

It looks like she also tried to blur the red lines on the whites of her eyes kek

No. 155732

File: 1623618341047.png (1.59 MB, 1048x2048, Screenshot_20210613-140333.png)

New low for Looni kek
Her teeth look so warped and she fucked up her hand, the extensions are begging for death.

No. 155733

File: 1623618390979.png (140.95 KB, 1805x2048, Screenshot_20210613-140255.png)

Cuck is still on soft or hard block

No. 155735

Her tooth is melting into her upper lip. Damn Lori you getting sloppy honey.

No. 155737

File: 1623621496943.png (1.08 MB, 1044x1080, Untitled (3).png)

fixed it for you lori, this is more accurate to reality lol

No. 155751


Sage for nitpicking. She's probably wearing some shitty matte foundation. Which, for older women, it's not really the best choice. It really will set into her fine lines and wrinkles.

If I had to wager, she knows nothing about skincare. She probably buys shitty overpriced products filled with shit ingredients and fragrances under the assumption that because it's being sold and Sephora, and expensive, that she's actually taking care of her skin. lol

No. 155752

HAHHAHAHA WTF HAPPENED TO HER MOUTH? I can’t believe she looked at this and thought it was good to post.

No. 155794

File: 1623687981888.png (2.15 MB, 1187x2048, Screenshot_20210614-091828.png)

I have a theory that Lori is insanely busted right now due to the stress and has been posting month old photos and stories. I thought this post was new because she posted a story in the dress that day, turns out this set is over a month old. I think she's hiding for a reason and throwing up some of her thousands of pics to pretend everything is fine and she still looks good.

I don't believe it for a second. I want to see that hag as she is now, if she's been posting old photos for this long she must be fucked up looking. Probably too poor to do her roots or nails so she's cried herself to sleep the last three days.

For all we know Lori could have taken every photo she will ever post like a year ago. That just makes me want to see her IRL or candids even more. If we thought AX was bad, I don't even want to think about the near future LMAO

No. 155818

File: 1623708128297.jpg (94.88 KB, 805x1279, IMG_20210614_134419_425.jpg)

Kevin out here thinking he's creating trends by wearing generic street wear, kek.

No. 155819

Guapi isn't even a legitimate brand. It's pretty clear it's a drop shipping website with marked up fast fashion from China

No. 155821

File: 1623709763167.png (1.25 MB, 1263x2048, Screenshot_20210614-152659.png)

>Creating trends
I'm going to collapse a lung from laughing. I want to see /fa/ eat this dude alive.

Lori is still spamming the same 3 photo sets to Cosplay groups. She really is the laziest costhot

No. 155826

File: 1623714165023.jpg (52.48 KB, 1280x639, IMG_20210614_164237_831.jpg)

Speaking of creating trends, Lori invented elf ears, e-girl blush, and puffed cheeks.

No. 155829

That tank top is literally from the sale section at Hot Topic lmao "creating trends" from the clearance section maybe

No. 155830

Lookin like a raw chicken breast from the waist up - so hot right now.

No. 155840

Oh my god I'm cackling so hard the echo can be heard from S P A C E
he IS an unseasoned raw chicken breast.

No. 155843

Did he piss on his head too because his roots look like shit

No. 155844

File: 1623726539185.jpg (484.95 KB, 2048x1749, a65.jpg)

She really is just repeating the same behaviors over and over. Nose bridge blush and elf ears have trended in Japanese media (where she gets her entire everything from) for decades. Elf ears filters have also been trending in the west since Instagram launched the filter feature. Delulu!

I don't know how someone so painfully average can attribute so much to themselves like anyone even knows who the fuck they are outside of the cowverse.

No. 155845

Good lord Kev your hair is more fried and frayed than Lori's shitty extensions. He looks like his knees have buckled and he's about to fall face first into her pile of plushies, dirty thongs and ferret crap.

No. 155854

File: 1623729814718.png (1.49 MB, 1754x2048, Screenshot_20210614-210016.png)

Are we supposed to believe he's happy? He looks soulless.

No. 155862

Kevin's really rockin' the soggy ramen look.

No. 155867

what's with the pose? he looks like he has just shat his pants and is bending his knees to prevent it from sliding down

No. 155873

He looks like he has jaundice. Or a meth habit.

No. 155889

Yeah but the difference is that in Japanese media, they do the nose blushing correctly. Even loads of actual good cosplayers are able to make it look good which is a stark difference from Lori, who sucks so much shit at all kinds of makeup that it just looks like a huge rash or like she got punched in the nose specifically.

She probably thinks that she started the trend because nobody else has done it as poorly as she has and posted it publicly, where people can actually see the embarrassment. And she's still living in the delusions that she started the elf ears when it's been a popular thing in media for a few decades now. Kek way to be a follower of trends, Lorena.

No. 155903

File: 1623772391056.jpeg (523.93 KB, 1618x1817, 42AD7022-FAD8-4087-86BF-EDCED1…)

Stop trying to make excuses for pedobaiting uwu

No. 155904

I thought this was from the MTF thread when I saw this on the front page

No. 155930

Every post she does is such a cope over how little money she has and how old she is.

No. 155944

File: 1623782916689.jpg (137.86 KB, 783x1279, IMG_20210615_114845_682.jpg)

Yeah they're definitely broke.

No. 155953

Did she really go outside wearing only a mesh top with pockets covering her nipnops?

No. 155954

Yeah, same excuse used in the early aughts. "My evil abusive religious mommy who is lesbophobic and daddy with money no care me, somebody please just buy me this little keychain I am so abused and poor" and then that snowballs into "I literally deserve everything because of what I've been a victim of. I can't believe you would just turn on an abused latina like this. I trusted you. Now you're telling me to move out cause I won't pay rent and I'm messy?" Psycho bitch has made 0 progress in 20 years. How is that even possible. Your broken childhood doesn't excuse being an autopedophile who reposts lolicon. Doesn't excuse draining people with good hearts of their money for crap cause you can't be bothered to fucking work. Doesn't excuse sexualizing children or acting like the typical Asian woman stereotype, sexually insatiable, tiny, stupid and childlike. Deplorable actions, manipulation and hoarding can't be washed away by a boo hoo "muh poverty". She's no better than Mariah with her ADHD crutch. Rapey grifters of a feather flock together and they hate each other for reflecting themselves. I need a shower, I feel disgusting now.

No. 155955

Who says that but cringe people like Lori

No. 155962

I know for a fact Momokun has.

No. 155963

Oh? Do you have caps? I was looking to see if Lori had posted anything using that word. It really feels like oldfag trying to be hip and quirky uwu

No. 155965

J-nig has as well.

No. 155966

I've seen a lot of spergs Lori's age use it online. Not that it isn't cringe, but probably not that milky.

No. 155967

NTA but can confirm Momokun has said it and caps are in the old threads somewhere but I don't remember how long ago or what thread

No. 155968

I mean why wouldn't Moo be here? She reads her own thread all the time.

It could be a random oldfag, but the comment is such a vapid nitpick and Lori and Kev love coming here and fanning flames. They've tried defending themselves, posting selfies, saying "stay mad" samefagging (I have the feeling they keep kitty posting out of spite since every farmer hates kitty) so it just seemed like the case. It's been a few months since we've had them visit their own thread too.

No. 155969

File: 1623798994256.jpeg (343.29 KB, 1242x1867, 1C267EB0-B398-49E2-B958-FDB48F…)

Does he have nothing better to do than obsessive brag about his cardboard styling? Get a job or a better life purpose. They are both so tacky.

No. 155970

old people from cat groups also usually use the term

No. 155972

He'd look hotter if he shaved his head and got a buzzcut

No. 155975

>always a pile of clothes, shoes or junk in the back of every photo Lori and Kev take
this makes me reeee how hard is it to clean and fold when you're at home all day? How do they not suffocate themselves in that space that's just accumulating more and more useless impulse buys?

based old lady cat group anon

No. 155976

His hair looks like a wig made out of shit you would find in a dirty shower drain

No. 155977

I hope you're right anon because that would be hilarious if it was found to be either one of them, but I also think it's a little more common among oldfags than some farmers might imagine.
His combover in this is hysterical. I don't understand how some anons itt can thirst over him. He looks like an unwashed autist.

No. 155984

Is kev wearing dress socks with this "summer fit" kek. At least he matches Lori in both psychosis and lack of style.

No. 155986

I'm starting to think that she goes in her car to take pics just because of the more flattering indirect lighting and pretending to go places. Then she goes back inside.

She turned the brightness to whiten her skin really high on this pic, hiding everything as usual.

It's all dirty laundry and their pics look smelly. Bet the car is a dump, too.

Bet the thirst posts were his own..

No. 155989

File: 1623809137013.png (1.61 MB, 1249x2048, Screenshot_20210615-171620.png)

From KF, wild Lori spotting in a fake makeup shaming group on Facebook

No. 155990

File: 1623809161229.png (514.9 KB, 2048x1091, Screenshot_20210615-171545~2.p…)

Apparently she does have the gall to leave the house.

No. 155991

This "fit" just looks like he went shopping in the boys section of Wal-Mart. It's hilarious how much he cheapens the look of his precious brand stuff with every outfit.

No. 155994

God someone get candids pls

No. 155995

Did she give more details?

No. 155996

Where is this on KiwiFarms? I don't see it in her thread? Can you link to the actual Facebook post?

No. 155997

No. 155998

Please follow up on this post, we need candids! I'm hoping for a complete spergout from her like when Kaka was sighted all ragged in Walmart wearing a ridiculous outfit.

No. 156001

File: 1623819403061.png (783.7 KB, 1696x2048, Screenshot_20210615-215242.png)

No. 156002

File: 1623819424929.png (394.35 KB, 2048x1509, Screenshot_20210615-215322~2.p…)

No. 156003

Lori would wear cosplay to work kek

No. 156004

Wait are they saying she doesn't even look like the bottom row?!

No. 156005


kek incoming kevin sperg about how they don’t use filters and are perfect and animu-faced and eternally young irl

No. 156006

File: 1623820716970.png (378.35 KB, 2048x1069, Screenshot_20210615-221803.png)

Yes anon. She's saying she looks even older. Cropped my petty messages cause not milky but this is her last response, she said she has musty energy. I'm dying.

No. 156008

File: 1623821451453.jpg (87.69 KB, 300x400, 1596847775720.jpg)

>she just looks dirty
top fucking kek.

No. 156009

sage for nitpick but why does kev’s upper torso make up 75% of his body. he looks super long with baby legs

No. 156011

File: 1623822528012.jpg (32.84 KB, 680x680, 83c897f90bf4ad9e3cc85eeb3d9a0d…)

It's the tall tees he wears. They make his torso look really long. I never noticed the baby legs tho fucking kek

No. 156019

The idea Lori looks worse than the comparison images everyone uses ITT, plus the fact this anon messaged the person who saw her irl like ok, but how old are we talking is so funny, and adds an interesting dimension to the recent breakdown Kevin had when he spent a whole day trying to assure strangers on Reddit and Facebook that Lori really looks like her shoops.

No. 156033

Lori & Kevin, you can prove the haterz wrong and shut us up once and for all by uploading a candid. But you won’t because you know her entire appearance is a lie.

No. 156036

There's some SS rank sperging about to go down, I can feel it. Let's pray Kev or Lori grace us with a "candid"

No. 156043

File: 1623855864510.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1877, Screenshot_20210616-080251~2.p…)

>has to literally beg and grovel for subs
>complains about bills she can't pay
>Kevin can't afford real clothes or a phone
>posts this like it's a flex and not exposing her for being a materialistic cunt who can't stop lying to get shiny things

She's like a retarded ass bird that just collects shiny stuff despite it never making a solid nest.

No. 156044

wtf did she buy that would fit in that tiny ass box? a keychain?

No. 156047

I honestly would not be shocked if this was from AliExpress and she's just stupid/brave enough to tag LV in it to make it seem Authentic.

No. 156050

A keychain or something equally laughable and for poor people who LARP as wealthy.

Oh absolutely. Everything she owns aside from the Dolls Kill is Chinese sweatshop crap. The plushies, lingerie, props. Even DK is flammable sweatshop trash, it's just a "certified LLC"

No. 156051

Wow, if the candid leak is true than the situation is even more dire than we could have guessed. I figured she just looked like a typical 36 year old, but she's actually looking older?

It's certainly possible. There's a trick for oldfags to use medical tape to give yourself a facelift by sort of taping up your skin under your wig. That and some heavy face mask usage before a con could knock a few years off that would be apparent in her day to day life when she doesn't do that.

No. 156052

>tfw your manslave has mental breakdowns over people finding out how ugly you really are
I swear Kevin has a natural talent for fucking Lori over kek.

No. 156055

Kevin is Lori's karma. She's skated by on the backs of level headed people for too long. It's about time she was trapped in a relationship with someone who can only make everything worse for her. Praying he goes on a rampage because of this, I miss him.

No. 156056

Tremendous, I hope they get candids! It makes sense that she looks grimier and older than the pics IRL because even the pics are taken from a distance and those were from over 3 years ago now.

Remember her fake LV mask? She probably bought a fake box on ebay for ten or so dollars, since that's the amount she usually spends on everything she does.

No. 156059

Usually I would say that's ridiculous but Lori is such a materialistic poorfag that she would absolutely buy a box or a fake box on eBay and put another knockoff in it.

Even if she did buy real LV trinkets, you can buy a lot for under $100. Laces, belt buckles, keychains, mini bags, just dumb tourist shit to prove you shopped at LV.

No. 156060

File: 1623863500843.png (318.72 KB, 1029x2048, Screenshot_20210616-101047.png)

Lori is fuming because she's limited comments on pretty much every share or public post she has made. Don't worry, hag. Someone posted your Kiwi thread in that makeup group that has tens of thousands of REAL members. Hundreds of which laughed at you and asked for the tea. Enjoy that wave of recognition, you're famous, Abuela!

No. 156063

Agreed, the overpriced small goods are something Lori would buy online except she was e-begging for her ferrets vet bills just recently.

She would never go to a store in person because she knows she can't afford anything.

No. 156064

But how can this be? The haters are all momokun! Right?

RIGHT?! /s

I checked that makeup post and it was so active that the admins had to shut off commenting.

No. 156065

A day late but it's called grow the fuck up and move on. So when Lori is 60 is she going to say damn I should buy me an adult life now? Sad sad sad

No. 156066

Yeah, it's the contrast between her ebegging for vet bills and posting this LV box that really gets me. Even if it is fake, posting those two things so close together is obviously just tasteless and makes it look like you aren't prioritizing your animals at all

No. 156067

Were there more comments? Would love to see screens!

No. 156068

over 300 comments! Most of them saying Lori is Asian fishing and a racist for using Chinese beauty apps and a few white knights saying OP was jealous, but also a lot of them remembered her as Usagi Kou and that she made Kevin stab himself

Her kiwi farms and cow threads were linked and lots of people asking for the tea.

No. 156069

This looks fake.. Besides the washed out colours which one can argue it’s the filters, the ribbon looks flimsy and the text is not filled in like the real ones. Overall, it doesn’t look authentic to me in my opinion. Honestly I don’t get why she would show off LV when it has the reputation of being a boomer brand like Coach. She wants to act like she’s still relevant but everything she says and does is so outdated and weird..

No. 156073

I wonder if it was OP or if maybe Lori asked the Admins to stop it? Usually that group doesn't do it so it's fishy.

No. 156074

>I miss him
I do too nonna, I do too… On the brightside, if this doesn't send him into a flying rage, then it'll be a nice build up for their next fight or kevin's inevitable meltdown.

No. 156077

Please share the screens anon!

No. 156087

Came here to say this. Makes you wonder if the ferrets were ever really sick in the first place…. She lied about knowing someone I’ll with COVID to scam someone for a free year of WoW so it would not surprise me in the least if she was lying again to sucker people out of money for sympathy.

No. 156090

File: 1623870559877.jpg (96.49 KB, 1280x967, IMG_20210616_120517_933.jpg)

They went to an actual LV store according to Kevin. He wore a dirty black t-shirt and was complimented.


No. 156094

The sales representatives at luxury stores absolutely despise people like him. If he was complimented it was 100% backhanded and he was too retarded to realize. I've seen LV and Prada reps side eye people in Hugo Boss suits. Kevin in his Hanes three-pack shirts and fake Jermy Scoot Wangs absolutely would get worse treatment. Those people judge you by presentation, they don't care if you can afford the stuff. You're still an embarassing customer.

No. 156095

If what Kev says is true then they actually did go to the LV store and purchase something after begging for money.


No. 156097

Why would he post this a day later? And not take a pic at the store or something?

"They complimented me" sounds like Loony fiction. Anyone working in luxury who compliments them like that is doing it because they're calling attention to how they're wearing fake clothes.

No. 156098

KEK Kevin feels validated because a retail employee “complimented” his bottom of the barrel sneakers & he had to make an ig post to immortalize it. Never stop being you Kevin.

No. 156105

These are the same people who lied about knowing someone with Covid/having Covid to get a free year of WoW it's a couple threads back.

No. 156106

The dude rolling in the comments knows what's up. He can't even fool his friends list anymore, I bet everyone just hate watches him like Lori.

No. 156107

I looked through that guy's profile. I think he found Kevin via hashtags because he uses the same tags for his posts (#eboy etc). He doesn't follow Kevin or Lori and they don't follow him. This was a random encounter and he laughed at Kevin lol.

No. 156108

File: 1623878034693.jpg (93.64 KB, 1280x1229, IMG_20210616_134536_324.jpg)

Not that anon but I'm going through the comments and this person who confused Lori for Momokun is my favorite so far.

No. 156110

They really are so similar in behavior it's hilarious. If Lori sees this she's going to an hero.

No. 156113

Lori. You’re never going to “make it” as an online influencer or egirl or whatever the fuck you’re trying to do. Your name is already eternally tarnished (real name AND your online persona) with a simple google search. Your best bet is to apply for a job at Taco Bell or even the Red Lobster that you love so much and pray that the manager who does the hiring doesn’t vet potential employees by googling them before they make the decision to hire. Get crackin because it’s probably gonna take you a few tries with your unfortunate appearance and poor track record maintaining an actual job.

No. 156114

she does go out dressed like this, horns, extensions and all. i ran into them at best buy a few months ago and you could recognize them from aisles away.

No. 156116

is she really 5ft? and are the extensions as crusty as they look?
praying a utah anon gets candids, this reminds me of kiki being spotted at walmart. creamy days

No. 156118

You guys need to take pics I need a candidgate please

No. 156123

File: 1623894085908.png (1.23 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210616-183804.png)

This is sad. She has a shopping addiction and she's baiting people with pity, just like shes always done.

No. 156124

File: 1623894153997.png (3.35 MB, 2048x1517, Screenshot_20210616-183739.png)

Samefagging but those purple toes. Cut off circulation is so kawaii.

No. 156138

Please take candids if you can next time!

No. 156156

This is retarded who wears fishnets like this?

No. 156271

File: 1623958587585.jpg (437.36 KB, 1057x1283, 20210617_142721.jpg)

Another new faces to add to the pile. No surprise she wasted money on those stupid cat hands. Not even my 10 year old niece would want that crap. Guess she thinks she found a new way to hide her old lady witch hands.

No. 156273

Was there an explanation for the LV box yet?

No. 156284

It IS just to hide her hands. It's so funny watching her insecurities just control her whole life. Every single thing we say gets under her skin so much she will beg for money to change it and "flex". It's especially pathetic considering now we all know she's even more haggard and disgusting in person. The older she gets, the more intense the filters will be. She's going to go full Jeff the Killer in the next 5 years and I can't wait, honestly. Beautiful karmic justice for her cunty self.

No. 156285

File: 1623964720762.jpg (102.67 KB, 928x1280, IMG_20210617_141750_336.jpg)

Looks like she's doing an armpit check to see if it stinks.

No. 156287

judging by the expression it really did

No. 156289

She thinks the anime eyes translate into 3D when you open them as wide as you can, bit she literally just looks like she has that condition that makes your eyes bulge. It's so fucking creepy, it's troon Kubrick stare level. She's going to have the worst eye wrinkles and I bet she's been smoking so much more with how blurred the eye whites are in her recent pics.

No. 156290

>showing teeth
>dead eyes
serial killer

No. 156297

The ugly fur bikini just kind of makes it look like she has an unusually unruly blonde bush. kek

No. 156308

Lori says she made that herself.

No. 156312

File: 1623979092240.jpeg (774.19 KB, 745x1470, C610CE39-280B-4C25-8666-EE0232…)

NTA but here’s the post that says she made it. Other anon is right though. it really looks like a bush.

No. 156318

Why would you proudly proclaim you made this? Why does she repeatedly post her L's?

No. 156320

I really hate how she is now adding snarls to the cheek poof face. I didn't think it could get worse but now she's sneering the side of her lip up all the time like she's smelling shit.

No. 156322

File: 1623990009843.jpg (92.82 KB, 1280x1090, IMG_20210617_205609_202.jpg)

The only replies Kevin ever gets on his Lori threads are comments about the over editing. Bottom comment got removed by a mod but you can still see it on the user's page. Screenshot also shows these replies are in the "Moo moo Saber" thread.

No. 156324

The day those candids of Lori drop is the day her shit is over permanently. Her time is really running out to find a new grift. Old girl is gonna be working that broken spine out in a truck stop strip club very soon.

No. 156327

File: 1623999728978.png (733.1 KB, 1080x1920, LoriseMpainihonjingodesu.png)

sage for autism. What, exactly, does Lori think this is going to do to get her more "seMpais"?

No. 156358

How is it so hard for her to just spell it right? When she does this she just looks like a retarded and racist hag. I hope she gets dogpiled by zoomers about her "asianfishing" (kek) so much that she just breaks

No. 156374

She has spelled it this way for soooo long too, so it will be funny if she starts to spell it correctly after her daily lurk of the thread.

No. 156387

Are her toes sticking out of those tranny's socks?

No. 156439

File: 1624048841551.png (3.27 MB, 1567x2048, lv.png)

from her facebook, this is what she got from LV

No. 156441

File: 1624049041243.png (986.95 KB, 1080x1476, lv-2.png)

No. 156444

That's the Louisette Bracelet, $400.

They're really struggling I guess!

No. 156447

She got the cheapest costume jewels she could find in store.

I bet she's seething because Moo is wearing real gold pieces worth more than her life kek.

No. 156456

Her poor ferrets. So much for their vet bills. I wish someone could come into their dumpster of an apartment and remove them for neglect. Also lmao she'll drop hundreds on for THAT but wouldn't cough up money for Kevin to get checked out for kidney stones.

No. 156458

Wow, why even bother? This is something you’d get someone else as a gift. Surely that money could have gotten her and kev a load of fast fashion, something more their speed and style.

No. 156501

Disgusting. What about their animals?

No. 156507

That's so lame. I at least thought she got a wallet or something useful and she got an underwhelming bracelet

No. 156516

A wallet would be too far out of her range unless it was a card holder.

This was a pointless spend, especially since it will tarnish before she ever has reason to wear it outside.

No. 156520

You're right, it's not even gold plated. Lmao, congrats Lori, you spent 400 bucks on costume jewelry that doesn't even fit your style to flash the LV logo in front of your bot followers, I'm so jealous~

No. 156521

Exactly, costume jewelry is one of the most wasteful and short lived things you can buy from a luxury house next to only maybe phone cases. She'd have been better off saving a bit more and getting something that would last, this is like burning $400. I hope they at least paid all the vet shit beforehand.

No. 156530

It looks kinda used and tarnished already (hence the purposeful blur). Wouldn't be surprised if she got it off of ebay for less.

Hope people take this post into account the next time she ebegs for subs or money.

No. 156537

File: 1624112196270.jpg (965.51 KB, 1297x1080, PicsArt_06-12-06.21.46.jpg)

I couldn't sleep last night so I made this KEK I really should have added the bracelet she just got

No. 156555

Haha I bust out laughing! Lori now reminds me of beavis and butthead no career no real job just running around acting like she’s on some type of drug

No. 156559

This is fantastic, anon! Early but my vote for next thread pic

No. 156566

File: 1624127237143.jpg (280.05 KB, 1310x2766, yeahdatsfake.jpg)

Even better it's fake.
Dead giveaway is the cable chain links. Her knockoff chain links are larger and round where the real LV chain is tighter with little to no gap.
There's a reason she blurred the image and didn't focus on the LV engraving.
Side by side comparison

No. 156568

Costume jewellery from LV is literally designed and priced for uneducated people like her.

She probably bought it from amazon or aliexpress.

No. 156572

File: 1624131740754.gif (977.56 KB, 220x220, tenor (1).gif)

Holy shit. Just when we thought it couldn't get more pathetic.

No. 156578

The LV on hers is silver too but the original is gold.

No. 156590


Imagine being such a failure at life you can't even fake not being poor.

No. 156592

File: 1624137036061.png (481.22 KB, 1271x2048, Screenshot_20210619-140653.png)


No. 156604

File: 1624145350322.gif (369.94 KB, 220x220, tenor-3.gif)


And the absolute cherry on the top is Kevin's fake story about the LV employee that complemented his aliexpress ugly shoes.

Like, goddamn these two make me laugh so hard

No. 156629

it's also alllll over taobao since it is one of LV's more basic pieces, it is easier to replicate.

A lot of the sellers are shady af too, and are using authentic LV stock photos for their listings.

No. 156633

This is the part that's wild to me. I know Lori and Kev are idiots but did they really make up a whole story where they pretended to go to an LV store just so Lori could flex an Alibaba knockoff to own the haterz?

No. 156635

Considering all of the things Lori has lied about in her life, and the things Kevin spergs about to maintain his denial of their sad reality, it's really no surprise they would do something this pathetic.

No. 156644

If it was actually from LV it would be packaged differently and there would be tissue paper in the box

No. 156647

Exactly the first thing I noticed. As somebody who actually HAS designer jewelry, the cheap chain links were an immediate giveaway that this is a fake knockoff. I’m embarrassed FOR her. Imagine posting this and thinking that you could fool people.

No. 156660

I once bought a knock off Vivienne Westwood necklace to compare to my real one for a blog post, and let me tell you, the packaging it came in (from Amazon) really tried hard to pass as real brand packaging. So maybe she was so impressed by the packaging and thought “I could totally pull this off!” And Kev saw an opportunity to flex on the haters for the times he was caught with knock off shoes. Pathetic really on both parts.

No. 156689

Another dead giveaway is that he 100% would have taken the photo in a mirror at the store to "flex on da haturz".

No. 156693

There's no way those two would dare go in any store other than F21 dressing the way they do. If that did happen, we would have seen at least some pics or video of them looking like clowns.

Even for something on the lowest tier of products, where it was clearly a lot of money for them, she would have been offered to get it engraved or personalized for free. It's unusual she didn't do that, and toaster quality pics aside that's the biggest giveaway.

No. 156696

File: 1624218101680.jpeg (68.95 KB, 1326x466, 6EDE735D-5383-444C-8BE1-378678…)

It’s been decades sweetie. You need to move on.

No. 156715

File: 1624231565812.jpeg (13.72 KB, 182x275, 1610582114046.jpeg)

>hotter than you
low bar

No. 156716

No way this bitch wasn't the bully in high school. The people she tormented probably get a kick out of finding this thread and seeing where she's at now in life.

No. 156739

Kevin stalks this thread religiously, he likely saw the first posts that were shocked she would spend so much and tried to double down on the "own". we all know he's not above lying

No. 156756

hell no, she probably bullied other weebshits, but she was a nobody.

No. 156757

I can tell you for certain that there are people who are laughing their asses off since first thread over this bitch.

No. 156760

I can see her having been bullied for being a weebshit herself by normalfags, then bullying other weebshits during the Sailormoon skinwalking phase.

The way that she's using memes to pretend she's "hot" and able to afford things is such a cope for how her real face and bottom feeder lifestyle turned out.

No. 156763

Sounds like something the pig would say herself. No way she didn't bully people endlessly in high school. It's really obvious that cosplay is what gave Lori her ego and vanity, and that began in high school. She's just the bully she's othering. If she wasn't then, you know, these threads would not exist about her and she would probably be successful somewhere.

No. 156777

File: 1624300075839.png (1.06 MB, 1166x2048, Screenshot_20210621-112514.png)

Classy, baby's first props on top of baby's first counterfeit. Imagine how dusty everything is. The way she keeps boxes and constantly has to have her most expensive stuff out in plain view drives me insane. Its not even in places that make sense. Just randomly strewn across the floor and crammed into nooks on her cluttered dresser. Just go full hoarder.

No. 156784

Pretty sure she dropped out of high school according to former Kous or one of her exes. So her reign of high school bullydom didn't last long.

No. 156789

File: 1624307609914.jpeg (48.54 KB, 275x183, 4084F67D-9621-4200-B4EF-92F670…)

(Took the image from another thread, but i checked the news as well to verify). So, looks like OF is looking to get rid of adult content. Will she look for an actual job or try harder to ditch Kev?

No. 156791

She'll probably become a cam girl and continue to do porn.

No. 156795

This is hilarious. Sluts gonna be mad they need to actually work for once in their lives.

No. 156797

is this twitter for ants?

No. 156799

Wtf is this screenshot

No. 156811

Eventually people who want to do sex work will be forced back into the shadows and only those who are determined to do it/are sucked in via trafficking will be able to make money. If e-whores want to keep doing this, they'll have to splinter services to different sites and probably host their own content on their own sites if they want to make a decent cut of revenue. Dumb broads like our lovely Looni will give up, have a breakdown about not being able to work because "muh disability" and then she'll silently slip into a sales associate position at Hot Topic or something. Its really funny that all she amounted to in OF's short run was a measly $200-600 a month. I've seen death fats with less followers get more money.

No. 156812

OF isn't going anywhere yet, much as I'd love to see that platform and all its associated grooming and pedophilia die - they are seeking outsider investments and testing the waters for offering different content types. OF originally was intended more like Patreon for celebrities, rebranding now will absolutely not work since it has become part of a certain cultural era. Probably just covering their bases in case they get nuked by some law change in the future, like when pornhub had to delete half their site.

No. 156814

File: 1624316736658.jpg (44.88 KB, 1280x546, IMG_20210621_155655_643.jpg)

That's okay. If OnlyFans isn't an option anymore, Lori can always be hired as a cosplayer or a booth babe at conventions!

No. 156816

They do granny conventions now?

No. 156823

Bold strategy, Lori. People will see your real face.

No. 156825

Uwu Cashier Lori saga coming soon!

No. 156827

I work in an account coordination firm that supplies/reaches out to influencers for gaming cons and such and I can tell you right now they are massively strict about who they hire. One second google and all of lori's drama is everywhere and they would not want that associated with their game. Not even talking about how ugly and haggard and old she looks, that's a whole other thing– but you don't hire anyone whose personal life takes attention away from the cosplay/game. It just becomes a waste of money for the clients. There are very few exceptions (EG jnig, kamui who have their own drama, but nothing like this) if they're very famous/well known/liked/talented. Not even ready raider would touch her lol.

Kevin's "I'll kill you all" sperg was probably the biggest nail to that coffin on top of her own drama. I really hope she tries some how to apply because she would be laughed at so hard.

No. 156828

do they have plans to attend any conventions this year? cons are coming back and kev said he was going to work on some cosplay. i can't imagine they would attend knowing people would want to get candids of lori.

anon, what happens in the con scene if someone says something like that on social media and it's capped? some anons in here said that would get them banned from events but am pretty sure Moo was "banned" and still showed up to cons

No. 156829

It really is incredible. Lori was laying low and hadn't really made any waves since the late 2000s. She could have reinvented herself, made a half hearted apology to the community (if it was necessary), and been accepted back into the cosplay world. They're a bunch of degenerates anyway and I don't think they would've cared about old drama from over a decade ago.

But that isn't what happened. She got with Kevin (seemingly only to stick it to her ex Rikki) and this is her life now, managing a sperging man-baby by providing him with gaming accounts so he will stop crying on the internet about how bad the relationship is.

What a gift for us on lolcow though.

No. 156832

File: 1624326381836.jpg (69.44 KB, 1280x897, IMG_20210621_184321_192.jpg)

Kevin updated his Instagram bio to let us know that a YouTube/Twitch account is coming soon. I sincerely hope this happens.

No. 156833

>40yo weeb in retail

At that age people expect social skills and experience. Nobody would want her, not even Hot Topic.

When was she ever hired for a con or booth? Usually when someone is hired for this, they have a track record of bringing value. I bet she has been applying non-stop with her catfish pics and people keep finding her real pics.

No. 156834

File: 1624326594917.png (3.52 MB, 1525x2048, Screenshot_20210621-184811.png)

uwu forever loli desu

No. 156837

Wow, is she trying out less filters or something? Her face looks unusually haggard.

No. 156839

I think that's an unshoop or something, she would never ever post this if it was real.

No. 156840

wow her waist isn't brought in and her face is unfiltered what is going on

No. 156845

omg is this a raw? did she upload this?

No. 156847

there is no way this isn't a troll photoshop. she would never post this.

No. 156848

File: 1624335523878.png (3.06 MB, 1440x1471, deshoop.png)

Definitely a deshoop, no way would Lori out herself like this. The exposure has been turned down, the face enlongated and the waist straightened.
I added the Instagram photo on the right for comparison, right is what Lori posted 10 hours ago. Left is an anon's deshoop.

No. 156853

File: 1624338137077.jpg (106.35 KB, 1080x1080, 11fatt1535583949862.jpg)

nice job to the original deshoop anon, many keks
reminds me a fair bit of this unedited nugget

No. 156854

It IS edited, it just doesn’t have all deformers she use now.

No. 156856

You're absolutely right. She could have easily pulled a "that was over a decade ago! I'm a changed person!" and kept up appearances, but unfortunately for her, her brain is too small and her ego too massive. kek

I really hope she attends some cons in some of her new outfits. I don't doubt for a minute that deshop is at least 90% accurate

No. 156869

Wow, i know it’s not the og pic but… the old-hag hands, the waist, the blown-squirrel cheeks, the shadow over the moustache, the overall outfit… Man, this is tragic

No. 156872

File: 1624355777485.png (2.49 MB, 1440x2143, SDpidKFWRbLt.png)

I just can't imagine anyone would want ass pics this fucking weird. Does Kevin not take her pics anymore?

No. 156874

Wow her body proportions look so much more normal here, I forgot what she looked like before being perpetually warped into Slenderman by Beautycam and Meitu

No. 156880

Lori, there is a reason there aren’t any anime about 36 year old magical girls…

No. 156897

File: 1624375297509.png (1.98 MB, 1151x2048, Screenshot_20210622-082032.png)

Sempai pls

No. 156911

Especially with the stupid expression.

I wonder what colour her skin really is because she makes hers look so white to hide imperfections that everyone can tell it is over edited. There are probably veins and stretch marks all over.

No. 156940

Baba Yaga lookin ass bitch

No. 156943

No wonder Kevin has lost it. Imagine seeing that every day and then it withholding sex from you.

No. 156951

File: 1624397278908.jpg (4.43 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_06-22-02.24.32.jpg)

Her editing is so bad. It's the most inconsistent I've ever seen. These are untouched, just compiled for comparison.

No. 156952

File: 1624397378873.jpg (3.3 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_06-22-02.25.17.jpg)

Loli elf queen goddessu, do you think she left the house like this?

No. 156955

The skin texture on her feet/legs show her age in the second photo

No. 156961


Did she forget to edit her face in the first picture or what? Her real face is showing

No. 156965

File: 1624403958648.png (2.03 MB, 3403x1279, perfectfeet.png)

If you say so, Lori.

No. 156966

even her toes resemble lego hand

No. 156967

ewwww her feet

No. 156972

It's likely a still from a video, you can tell she is hiding her jaw with the text box.

No. 156973

File: 1624406764214.png (Spoiler Image, 3.61 MB, 2048x1982, Screenshot_20210622-170211.png)

Perfect petite gentle loli feet uwu

No. 156975

File: 1624407496595.jpeg (89.9 KB, 365x302, 73352EF9-23A7-4A1F-8C19-594A05…)

Why is the space so fucking big.. ugly ass gremlin feet

No. 156976

File: 1624408084212.jpg (162.14 KB, 911x1280, IMG_20210622_172602_304.jpg)

After driving off hundreds of friends and people who were genuinely interested in Kevin's cosplay, he now half heartedly begs for people to pay him for prop making tips.

No. 156978

Who would want to give their hard earned money someone who is so open about coveting money 24/7 while never trying to earn it with real effort? The depths of their materialism and the way they burn every red cent they get should put anyone off of financially supporting them

No. 156982

google is free, nobody needs to pay this idiot when there are thousands of much better tutorials for free online kek

No. 156983

you guys are seeing the door gap behind her hair massively warping in the middle picture too right topkek

No. 156988

So say someone did msg him to ask a question about how to make a prop. would he be nice or would he stick them immediately with the "fuck you pay me" schitck before offering some mediocre advice? Cuz that's a good way to lose even more friends.

No. 156991

That shit needs to be spoilered. She has misshapen feet with hammer toes. It's sad that she continues to insist she has a perfect uwu body when nobody is paying to see it.

It's quite shameless how they've resorted to begging.

No. 156993

It's from body filters kek

>did somebody message him
Nobody talks to Kevin but his brother I can promise you that much. He's just doing what Lori does, hell it might even be her typing it since he's proven to be quite unhinged.

No. 156998

He used to tell people to subscribe to Lori's only fans if they wanted tips on prop making lmao. I guess that didn't work.

No. 157002

Just like Loony telling people to join her OF to find out where on aliexpress she bought her LV.

I can't get over the sheer audacity of the two of them. Both thinking they're famous, interesting and even worth paying to interact with kek.

No. 157006

Lori is so off the mark and about 3-5 years behind with trends. And Kevin, literally no one interacts with your Facebook to begin with, so who are you talking to? If either of them had more than one shared brain cell, Kevin would make a YouTube channel and shill that instead of granny-chan’s pathetic onlyfans and his sad Facebook account. And Lori, if you had more than bots for followers I’d say make an Amazon storefront since half your crap is off of there anyway- but you need an actual following for that and bots don’t count.

No. 157012

>blocks 90% of people on fb
>privates account
>DM me for prop prices or pay for tips on prop making.

Make it make sense idiot.

No. 157013

That's the best part. He's asking the tumbleweeds to pay to interact with him. He locked everything down, deleted and blocked HUNDREDS of people, and now he's shouting into the void. I can't understand the mindset. Does he not realize that his own actions have completely fucked himself over? Nobody is going to contact him at all, much less to pay him for prop making tips. He's lucky that one dude who runs a Utah convention still interacts with his posts. I'm surprised by that actually. It must be a smaller con that doesn't know about their drama.

No. 157023

File: 1624455898198.png (433.82 KB, 1080x1831, Screenshot_20210623-064122~2.p…)

Funny you bring it up, she has an Amazon Influencer storefront but abandoned it because nobody cares. She thinks that she's going to "influence" people (specifically younger women) to buy her Amazon clothes and copy her faces so she can become a popular girl and trendsetter. The hag forgot her only followers are bots, AGP goblins, sissy maskers and people's stepdads.

Meaty Kek at her profile pics and how edited they are.

No. 157024

File: 1624455996363.png (645.92 KB, 1212x2048, Screenshot_20210623-064107.png)

If you look long enough you can find her Amazon reviews talking about how tiny she is.

No. 157026

at least its not a wedding ring… Thankfully Kevin has not married her yet, he satisfied her with a shitty bracelet. >>156441

No. 157028

The irony is they don't even listen to what their miniscule audience asks for.

If Kevin made a video documenting how they're cosplaying at walmart or an OF exposing Loony's candids, people might actually pay to see the cringe.

Wow this is so edited, are you able to get it larger? It would make great fodder for those transformation gifs across all her face edits.

No. 157029

She'll never make a good influencer because she thinks she's original and gets assblasted when one of her fans ask her where she got something. She's a middle schooler who wants to be admired yet play a game of keep-away regarding her shit. Deep down she knows that anybody could copy her in the same way she copied another thot's style and never gave credit, except someone else who's younger, prettier, and has a better personality could actually find success unlike herself. It bothers her tremendously and she's very insecure about it.

No. 157031

File: 1624461927026.jpg (3.81 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_06-23-08.24.11.jpg)

Collaged so I don't have to spam pics. These are only from early to mid 2020. Her editing changes so much and so drastically. These are her two pfps and worst edits from that era.

No. 157032

File: 1624462097598.png (2.98 MB, 1829x2048, Screenshot_20210623-082726.png)

Sorry this is the right profile pic, I dropped it

No. 157033

Final samefag I literally can't tell the photos apart, I keep posting other ones from the same set. But you get the idea they all look the same. I'm so tired of having this woman's pictures saved to my gallery LOL

No. 157037

Holy whitewash Lorena

No. 157039

At this point it almost feels like Lori is only posting for the farms. Think about it. She never answers the handful of ‘fans’ (aka curious onlookers) when they actually ask her a question, 90% of her followers are bots, and she pounces on the opportunity to ‘respond’ to any criticism on here in a future post by aggressively photoshopping said imperfection that was critiqued. She is full on obsessed with these threads and it is so pitiful. I hope when I’m her age I won’t be desperately flashing my butthole for a couple bux and seeking validation from strangers online. Get a job and get a life!!!

No. 157040

File: 1624468253342.jpg (182.04 KB, 1600x869, intro skin-movietheater1564691…)

Right on with that read. That's been said for the last few threads, everything she does is a response to farmers. At this point "making it" and money are secondary. Lori realizes that our attention and contempt is the closest she'll get to a large community of women giving her attention for her looks and boyfriend. She so badly is trying to continue her Usagi golden days by retracing her steps and trying to do all the same tricks. We're all she has, all the other eyes on her don't know her history so to them she looks like a cracky loon in teen clothes.

No. 157043

God even three years ago Kev looks haggard. And this is exactly right. Lori takes these threads as boosts to her ego because she thinks everyone is jealous of her.

No. 157044

File: 1624470747427.png (1.31 MB, 1080x1880, Screenshot_20210623-103342~2.p…)

Baby face? She looks so fucking gross what the hell is with her body dysmorphia hahah

No. 157045

Lego toe inc

No. 157046

File: 1624472546813.png (119.26 KB, 328x499, Gilgamesh_Babylonia_Singularit…)


Looks like we can expect to see Kevin dressing up as Gilgamesh from Fate/Grand Order based on the thing on her head.

No. 157048

It always makes me laugh haha Jealous of what exactly? She doesn’t even have a car to drive I can’t even imagine the feeling of being trapped in like that waiting for someone to drive me around not having any freedom but I know she likes being inside the house she’s like forever in quarantine!

No. 157050

File: 1624472844190.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1125x2087, D7052D98-30F2-43EF-84BD-0E0A06…)

Same fag what is that black spot on her leg if that’s a mole she should get it checked out cause black moles could be cancer but then again they don’t have money to go see a doctor they need to buy cheap cosplay hats lol

No. 157052

Kek she made her head smaller than her thigh

No. 157053

She looks like a goddamn child with the way she edited her face. That's disgusting

No. 157057

No matter how much she edits her face, her old lady hands give her age away.

No. 157058

Is her nail curving with the pop socket?

No. 157059

Why does no one call her out for her blatant pedophilic tendencies? She reposts CP art and self identifies as a loli. I don't understand why NOBODY is saying ANYTHING besides farmers. Are there just that many pedophiles and Lori has her comments locked down? At this rate she's going to be mid-fifties dressing like a sissy, tweeting even more explicit CP and her asshole. What the fuck? Like, seriously she's beyond predatory at this point. She is every rotten thing you could possibly be. Sexually, emotionally and physically abusive and a pedo to boot.

No. 157060

File: 1624477473906.jpg (172.88 KB, 1080x1681, 666e.jpg)

She never vacuums, explains why she's always covered in hair, makes me wonder if her 'moles' are sometimes just crumbs and dirt sticking to her. Sooo gross.

No. 157062

File: 1624477542466.jpg (50.55 KB, 1080x295, Gross.jpg)

Smoking and never dusting is also making her ceiling and walls musty. She really is rank and probably smells like bong water and Body Fantasy Japanese Cherry Blossom.

No. 157063

Thanks I would have never guess!
good to know it’s just poop on her leg haha!

No. 157064

Her real body size is kind of shining through in these edits though. Even if she did squish her face down to half it's size.

No. 157069

File: 1624478873818.jpg (2.17 MB, 1829x2031, Screenshot_20210623-082726_mr1…)

I have too much fun deshopping. I think I'm getting closer to her real face

No. 157073

File: 1624482370570.png (3.06 MB, 1080x1923, Screenshot_20210623-140023~2.p…)

>I love archive fashion
He says with his secondhand Moschino knockoffs. Cheap hardware, the foil is cracking, everything is awful. He looks like he raided a Ross dress for less.

No. 157074

File: 1624482455707.png (1.16 MB, 1443x2048, Screenshot_20210623-140120.png)

These are very yellow, their filters wash everything out

No. 157075

No. 157079

Did the just glue some random squares of vinyl on the front? Wtf kevin

No. 157086

This is a very gay item choice, just saying Kevin. Like gay stripper tier.

No. 157088

We are probably her only real thoughtful audience, other than bots and people who want to jerk off to photos of teenagers (thinking of the "are you legal" comments her shoops get)

No. 157092

Might be a nitpick. I don't understand Kevin's fashion choices at all. Celebrities and models (even with stylists) can barely pull off a look with those gold pants. What is he gonna do with it? Wear his fake wing shoes and a hot topic bargain black t shirt and top it with a hideous holographic jacket? Who's gonna compliment him next? An imaginary Gucci salesperson? Even scene kids can dress themselves better than him.

No. 157093

File: 1624497237048.png (2.22 MB, 1080x1884, Screenshot_20210623-181219~2.p…)

>>156537 must have gotten to her KEK

No. 157094

File: 1624497291141.png (3.88 MB, 1995x2048, Screenshot_20210623-181224.png)

Love how shes forcing a worse expression just for farmers. Everyone clap for the cow!

No. 157095

File: 1624498740633.jpg (154.88 KB, 791x1279, IMG_20210623_183809_249.jpg)

Here's the pic with feet included..

No. 157096

That top right pic is pathetic, she wishes she was a child but doesn't understand anatomy.

She's running herself and Kevvy deep into debt trying to impress us.

No. 157099

She is STRETCHING that second toe over to her big toe as hard as she can to try to close the massive gap between them. Someone's feeling awfully sensitive about her perfect kawaii feet.

No. 157100

Is she wearing diapers topkek look at that poochy fupa

No. 157103

File: 1624505621021.jpg (65.36 KB, 1280x948, IMG_20210623_192036_633.jpg)

Kevin changed his Instagram bio again and now it says "hypebeast cosplayer." Lori must have allowed him to put her back in his bio but she still won't follow him.

No. 157105

he looks like a used qtip

No. 157107

File: 1624510674440.jpg (153.26 KB, 782x1280, IMG_20210623_215629_844.jpg)

Kevin's a shoe reviewer now.

No. 157110

It’s Kevin’s room!

No. 157113

confirmed for real they have separate rooms then?

No. 157118

Oh my god, he's going to wear these gay golden pants with those hideous gold winged shoes isn't he? Kevin's gonna look like some ol fools gold aliexpress King Midas.

No. 157121

He unironically wishes to dress like 2021 Goldmember

No. 157129

It looks like Kevin’s “room” is the living room since they gave fake wood there and carpeting in the bedroom.

No. 157131

Made me chuckle. His piss yellow hair kinda matches the gold.

No. 157135

Used q-tip roughing it on the couch

No. 157140

You got a good point! they don’t put carpet in one room and Wood in the other I guess that means they live in a one-bedroom God that living room looks ridiculous to put them stupid-looking posters and cosplay crap hanging up on the wall in a living room so immature and gross

No. 157142

I thought Loony's trashy room was for show since it had her desktop pc up until Kevin said those were "his" toys.

I bet when they get along, they sleep on that slouchy air mattress thing and at other times he's just on the couch like >>157129 said.

No. 157145

This isn't PULL, stop

Is she wearing a Burger King crown to show that she supports racists or to try to associate with memeing teenagers or literal children or what. I mean I guess we know she can't cook but yikes

No. 157146

It's honestly hilarious and a little sad. If he had taken the time to build up a portfolio, build a website and continue to build his following like he started out, he could be making some money on selling armor tips/tricks or commissions.

No one is looking at his content now because of his freak-outs, and no one is just going to give him money for "tips". He's just trying to find ways to beg for money at this point.

No. 157147

It was >>156537 that set her off. She's wearing it to let us know she's 'watching us' or whatever.

No. 157149

File: 1624552496582.png (2.21 MB, 1159x2048, Screenshot_20210624-093148.png)

Yeah, like what? Youvimi and Apsanil? None of them are reputable or quality Lorena. You respond to bots and take codes from dropshippers. She's literally just looking for a reason to get compliments on her hair because she knows how fried it is. It looks like it won't grow much further which is even funnier considering how much she loves to brag about her perfect princess hair. You're shedding at a staggering rate so maybe you SHOULD invest in some wigs, hag.

No. 157151

lmao I missed that, thanks! Way to stick it to us Lori, I'm sure all of your "fans" on IG totally understand why you're wearing a BK crown too. Doesn't seem crazy at all

No. 157152

Lorena literally nobody is trying to collab with you. Who are you trying to make a poor attempt at fooling topkek

No. 157157

>Wear 6 inch platforms with your toes poking out of fishnets
>Stand in an uncomfortable position with hips jutted out, chest back, sucking in stomach to appear smaller
>Furiously poof out cheeks and bug out eyes in every photo
>Wear cheap, scratchy tulle and polyester shit
"Wigs are soo uncomfortable, guys!"

No. 157158

File: 1624560873220.jpeg (815.91 KB, 1242x1256, 97EFDD70-4527-4208-A5D2-CCBD80…)

Kevo confirmed to be stuffed in the living room. Lorena even let him get his own floor length Walmart mirror. How sweet.

No. 157163

File: 1624563326709.jpg (63.46 KB, 976x850, _91408619_55df76d5-2245-41c1-8…)


No. 157167

File: 1624566693370.png (2.54 MB, 1137x2048, Screenshot_20210624-132909.png)

Thanks for the bump, sage your autism next time.

She's just straight given up

No. 157174

>Lorena: I'm so full of opportunities and have tons of money, people want me to be a booth babe in cons, I can afford painted trinkets from LV

>Also Lorena: please sub to my OF, my pets are dying, I'm eating lettuce and fast food at middle age in Utah, my LV trinket is actually from dhgate

All her "collabs" are dropshippers giving her a discount code to buy their junk.

No. 157183

File: 1624574438489.jpeg (259.55 KB, 1080x1440, E4p63hlVIAAIMvk.jpeg)

Dirty towels on the floor, trash bags stuffed into closet

No. 157186

Oh my god, why does she DO THIS? She's almost 40. She's even started hanging shit off the blinds. There isn't any free space anywhere. You have to step over a bunch of crap and avoid walls because of the sheer amount of flammable fake flowers and streamers and whatever party city shit she buys. It's atrocious. I haven't seen a bedroom this bad, it's seriously becoming a hoarder pit.

No. 157199

How poor do you have to be to not have curtains kek

No. 157206

For Real, she thinks she can decorate but even if she knew how, why would it matter with all that filth and junk, haha and I love how she waisted time editing her waist and making look like she has a tiny wrist but then her arm turns into monster size but I guess that’s why they call her monster girl cause her big fat toes and hands

No. 157214

And he's still using her old phone. Kev, at least buy a new phone case and pop socket, man. Hide that you're using her reject phone.

No. 157217

Man, Lori really gives little dude all her scraps. I can't imagine being 27 almost 28, using my gf's phone, having to go without or downgrade my lifestyle to make space for hers, etc. He has no personality, no friends, no fans, all his holy grails are secondhand or counterfeit. A couple good ol' TJ Maxxinistas.

No. 157219

File: 1624590727893.png (2.28 MB, 1166x2048, Screenshot_20210624-200939.png)

Okay… Me too and I'm 5'6" we own a few of the same pairs of socks and I can promise you that's not indicative of you being 5'0" EXACTLY. 0 days without Looni mentioning how short she is.

No. 157220

kek i think >>157060 got to her, she's sitting on a blanket now. also looks like she might be trying to show how clean her room is now with showing more bg. lurk harder loony

No. 157221

Still looks like a hoarders paradise with the random overflow of plushies spilling out onto the floor. You can barely tell they have any actual furniture in the room.

No. 157224

Her height isn't why those socks are long. Her short stubby legs is why. She wears them high to fake having shape.

If she was offered money to be on an episode of hoarders she should take it. Imagine her and Kevin in HD wearing weeb counterfeit goods crying as their life's work of collecting junk is thrown into the trash.

No. 157242

File: 1624616074359.png (1.92 MB, 1280x2062, makesmemad.png)

Kek, even Lori's real followers are calling out her bot followers without realizing it.

No. 157243

I dunno, that person's profile pic is an ass so they are probably also an ethot. Which means they would know how common it is for losers to purchase bot follows

I bet that person is calling attention to the wonky numbers on purpose as a kind of dig at Lori.

No. 157247

File: 1624627593112.png (1.52 MB, 1183x2048, Screenshot_20210625-062244.png)

She wants to look 8 years old but the hands say AARP member

No. 157250

Her bangs are so choppy and her eyebrows are always so ugly

No. 157253

File: 1624633406162.png (344.15 KB, 1173x2048, Screenshot_20210625-080115.png)

Posts incoming; here's why your ranking doesn't mean shit Loti

No. 157254

File: 1624633447756.png (425.97 KB, 1488x2048, Screenshot_20210625-080203.png)

>0 likes in 9 minutes but you're in the top 2.9% of the creme de la creme

No. 157255

File: 1624633474032.png (327.67 KB, 1165x2048, Screenshot_20210625-080216.png)

Her engagement is the lowest it's ever been since she started OF

No. 157256

File: 1624633519035.png (311.37 KB, 1188x2048, Screenshot_20210625-080233.png)

Previous posts would get 10-15 likes now she's maxed out at 9 LMAO

No. 157257

Hmm this is interesting. From what I know about OF she makes way less than me and I'm not top 3%. The ranking doesn't really mean a lot at the end of the day but she might be lying about this

No. 157258

I could keep posting forever but yeah, we need an Only Fans anon to show us what is making her lose money. It's likely just her IG photos reposted but I'm still morbidly curious. It's crazy how much everything is REALLY going downhill now.

Also nobody said this or mentioned it and it's OT but I think they moved Kevin's stuff to make people think the doxx on KF isn't real because they pointed out the exact floor plan but suddenly all of Kevin's stuff that WAS in a room with carpet is magically all now in a room with hardwood and the living room rug. Hmmmm.

No. 157259

She just can't keep subs. They don't renew past one month once they see that her content sucks

No. 157260

It is possible she is making that much. The low engagement could just be because she does most of her stuff in ppw and therefore 1 on 1 contact instead.

But it is also incredibly easy to go take a schreentshot from someone else and say oMg u gUyS iM toTeS tOp 2%, and we already know she lies a lot so im gonna lean towards that.

No. 157261

Again with the "local stores" bullshit.

No. 157266

I don't believe that even the nastiest scrotes would buy her vids. Why would they buy her pedobait when there's coconutkitty and plastic cosplayers like bishoujo and her ilk? Their content at least feels sensual to a degree, Lori's content no matter how explicit feels like a granny with a baby face mask figuring out how to be a slut on camera. No way she isn't stealing screencaps like she lies about her followers not being bots. Her rise to "influencer" status is entirely fabricated. All her platforms show the majority of her numbers are inflated. Only one she can't fake is the stats publicly listed on her OF, which conveniently excludes the percentage.

No. 157272

I bet she found the image to flex. It’s probably not her screenshot

No. 157277

is there actually a reason that you would zoom in and cut it out like that? Does it show private info that you should be showing that off like that? Not that it makes any difference with her pimp sending her special sticker to brag about lol nothing I would be proud of but Lori is a stupid hoe

No. 157280

i'm not a mathfag but let's try this.

>How much approximately does she bring home in a month as top ~3% creator? Follow along if you'd like, link is here for lazy anons.


Makes sense to start at June. From the first all the way to today, excluding days without posts, lets look at the likes. It's not exact but it shows who is actively liking her stuff, they likely buy her dm content regularly.
>June 1st
>June 3rd (3 posts)
>June 5th (old content pre-new phone)
>June 7th
>June 8th (3 posts)
>June 9th (two posts)
>June 10th
>June 11th
>June 12th
>June 13th
>June 15th
>June 16th
>June 18th
>June 19th (two posts)
>June 20th (two posts)
>June 21st
>June 22nd
>June 23rd
>June 24th
>June 25th (today as i'm writing)
currently one post at 3 likes

10 likes per post on average, we know she at least has 17 active subscribers. If she's charging $10/mos and we assume they're buying single month memberships, that's $170 a month. If they buy longer memberships its actually less for her. But lets stic with this since we can clearly tell each month the numbers drop. Signs point to most people only staying a month. OF allows tips too we can't forget, with those in account she probably rakes in near or a little over $200. Now OF takes a 20% cut so that'd leave her with $140-170 give or take. I'm sure there's random fat tips here and there and it's rough but even then this is sad. Why would you ruin you reputation, risk employment discrimination, family issues and risk parasitic sexual relationships with random men when your state offers a minimum of around $100 and a max of $780 for disability? Especially when you supposedly have a disability severe s spinal injury/deformation. I guess being a cheap trick is her dream after all?

No. 157281

forgot to add, it's not likely her dm exchanges regularly exceed the sub cost. nobody would pay for content thats more than the sub, nor would they regularly tip more than the sub cost. i've done this shit, scrotes are cheap and when you price yourself that low it comes down to singles. kek.

No. 157284

Also an onlyfans anon here. People definitely pay more than the sub price in ppw messages.

No. 157288

I made around $200 a month when I did OF and it said I was top 30%. the % ranking means nothing.

sage for thottery

No. 157289

I would bet she’s managed to hook a couple pedo/weeb scrotes who whale for her. Since OF ranking is based on monthly earnings, and her interaction is so low, I think if she is actually in top 3% she’s doing personalized vids/pics and a handful of gross dipshits are paying BIG bucks for them. There are a lot of sick fucks out there willing to pay big money on “young looking” girls doing personalized shit on video for them. She mentioned foot fetish stuff too, which can make big money, but her feet are hideous and strange so idk how that works for her. In addition to all that, she probably gets funds from curious people subbing to her OF from her insta every month.

2.9% isn’t /super/ impressive. I’m sure with dedication a lot of women could hit top 5% in their first month or two. And on OF those decimals matter. The difference in the earnings of a 2.9% and a 2.5% is thousands of dollars. Plus the constant influx of women trying out OF and either stopping or not doing well will continue to push top earners up, since the ranking is based on your earnings compared to others. You don’t start making absurd amounts of fuck-you cash until you break 2.0%. But 2.9% would still be over $5k a month probably.

Also keep in mind the type of men who use OF. They don’t care about the filters. They don’t care about the spazzy movements. They don’t care about barely getting content. They don’t care about Lori’s past. They just want to get off.

No. 157293

I don’t know how reliable this site is but if these stats are correct there’s no way she’s top 2.9%. Estimates only 200+ subs.
Also huge kek at “ Listed in categories: #big ass, #feet”


No. 157295

Yeah but you're probably not a scary hag like she is so it makes sense other people make more. You see what i'm getting at? We don't need the influx of sex work anons humble bragging about how much they make. nobody care and it's apples to rotting oranges.

No. 157296

Is that active data though? Or a sum total from the start of her account? Her engagement on insta and twitter leads me to believe she only has about 10-20k real followers on insta and MAYBE hundreds on twitter. Plus this looks like it was written by a bot so who can even say it's in the same ballpark.

No. 157300

The recent meltdowns must be over getting exposed on the fake LV.

She never tags the stores or takes pics at the stores because she can't and didn't shop anywhere in person.

Also, most ethots I assume know how to hold a conversation. I can imagine hers are all about begging for more money.

>gross dipshits are paying BIG bucks for them

If that was true, we'd have seen major changes in her life. She hasn't improved but has actually regressed in the past months.

No. 157304

My guess is if she is actually a top 3% earner (possibly $3.5k~$5k / month or more) and not just straight up lying, then the reason we haven’t seen her situation improve is because she’s either:
1.) paying for all of her and Kevin’s expenses and rent. Neither of them seem to be responsible with money at all and are constantly blowing cash on overpriced, retarded Chinese garbage.
Do we know if Kevin even has a job currently?

2.) Saving up a lot to move out of Utah and away from Kevin and maybe get a place in CA or NY or some other overpriced shithole

It’s so hard for me to believe she’s a top 3% earner given the situation her and Kevin are in, though. She was literally just begging for help with $600 vet bills a month or two ago and Kevin is constantly complaining about his lack of funds.

No. 157305

File: 1624652655716.png (2.25 MB, 1202x2048, Screenshot_20210625-131905.png)

STFU Lori you're infamous for being a raging narcissist and bully to literal teenagers as a 35 year old. You're an insecure sagging cunt and I hope Momo eats you whole at the next con you attend. I can't wait for all the candids. So many more people are watching her and most of them are in the community. Ugh, it's going to be like the keek leaks all over again.

No. 157306

File: 1624652710541.png (2.29 MB, 1104x2048, Screenshot_20210625-131841.png)

Bakadouche at it again with the moon boots.

No. 157310

>Saving up

Lori would never.

She's just too retarded. Anytime she a little money she spends it all in one go in attempts to impress us. I imagine their credit card debt is massive.

No. 157311

"Local stores" aka swap meets

"conventions are opening back up so be kinder to each other" oh yeah? like when your husband raped a disabled girl and you told her to kill herself? or do you want people to be nice when they see your haggard ass unshooped granny face kek

No. 157313

Misread this as Babadook and didn't even question it

No. 157333

>"No rudeness, just have a chill time with your homefries."

tinfoiling, but maybe this is more directed at Kev than her other cosplay haters. he's the one who threatened to start shit with people at cons and said he was going to kill anyone who said things about them. she might be trying to cover the damage from that still by spreading uwu PoSiTivItY!

No. 157337

File: 1624664715465.jpg (14.02 KB, 319x319, 5IOFLpwf_400x400.jpg)

>Brown lady
My sides, wtf did he mean by this

No. 157338

sage bc autism but it's the same mirror

No. 157340

I love that they move that mirror from the bedroom to the living room and fight over it to take selfies hahaha!

No. 157341

File: 1624667596953.png (3.16 MB, 1549x2048, Screenshot_20210625-173139.png)

I need an art anon to do a detailed Lori portrait like the ones anons make for Mariah. The absolute state of her room.

No. 157342

File: 1624669199807.png (543.31 KB, 2048x1273, Screenshot_20210625-175934.png)

No. 157345

Is that a birdcage in the bottom right?

No. 157347

a prop one with a plushie in it she uses in her "shoots"

No. 157349

File: 1624680972747.png (1.42 MB, 1153x2048, Screenshot_20210625-211601.png)

Some beautiful fan art from kiwi

No. 157351

File: 1624681335722.png (2.31 MB, 1212x2048, Screenshot_20210625-212045.png)

Miccostumes side account reposted Lori but confused her with another shoop costhot KEK

No. 157352

File: 1624681396513.png (1.41 MB, 1114x2048, Screenshot_20210625-212119.png)

The acct in question if anyone wants to look, it's nothing milky but she's absolutely FaceApped into oblivion.

No. 157354

Good catch, the colour of the mirror changing shows how extreme Loony is filtering her skin to look white.

Imagining them carrying that stupid mirror around the apt to make selfies because they can't simply ask the other to take pics.

Maybe he saw her candids and is pointing out her WOC status as a Spanish lady.

No. 157355

File: 1624685175851.jpg (158.1 KB, 787x1280, IMG_20210625_221440_378.jpg)

New feet pic

No. 157359

Something I didn't realize until now is there's actually three mirrors in her room, the silver or white one the detailed border, a bright teal one, and then the one a couple posts above me that's plain white.

The recent ones with different mirrors than the usual intricate border mirror give an um, interesting perspective into what her room really looks like.

No. 157360

Horrible goblin woman in her natural habitat, the grimy plush pit. Instead of vacuuming she should just cover the floor in more stuff and blankets. She should just start stapling blankets to the wall and hanging plushies. Just make your whole apartment a tinderbox.

No. 157361

self post?

No. 157380

If it was a self post it wouldn't say "followed by etc etc"

No. 157382

I'm still trying to figure out their apartment. She's in her living room here, because you can barely see the top of their stupid couch she screeched and posted about on her Facebook when they first were moving into that apartment. She went on and on about wanting it and then bragged about it when they got it. So with that being the case idk where Kev is standing in that room that isn't carpeted in his weird fashionista posts.

No. 157384

File: 1624713359362.jpg (72.5 KB, 446x1152, 3ADAu9p2gg8WjlWzUWYXfFvUBPOCbt…)

she is posing like tracer to hide her jowls lol

No. 157388

He hasn't improved in his work at all has he? Those cuts on his foam look so sloppy. You can get a Dremel for cheep, go in there and clean up some of those sloppy cuts.

No. 157390

I’m sure that’s her bedroom cause it’s the room with that computer in it as pictured here >>157219 so they must have moved her couch to the bedroom and made Kevin make the living room like his bedroom you can also see in Kevin’s photos he always has that dirty flower styled carpet on the floor and you can see the sliding door for the patio or backyard in his photos

No. 157392

File: 1624717545982.jpeg (1.53 MB, 2880x3840, 4DBEB879-28EF-4651-9BF7-71A33D…)

You can see the same poster and cosplay prop they have up on the wall in the living room

No. 157399

kek so they really do exist in two separate rooms. his computer is in a different room than hers. that feels so dysfunctional for an “engaged” couple.

No. 157400

Would not surprise me if they broke up but are too stubborn to admit it

No. 157408

I bet they aren't engaged anymore and it's all just an act to keep farmers at bay. I don't believe for a second that they even like each other or that it's going to last past the end 2021. Once that lease is up, Kev is gonna be on suicide watch and Lori is gonna be on some other dick.

This is why I think they hate each other because who the hell puts their fiancé in the living room? She treats him like a literal dog. Collar and everything. Disgusting

No. 157432

Yeah I couldn’t agree more I don't see a point of saying you engaged if your not exactly planning on ever getting married or even admitting your with that person she's so embarrassed by him lol he’s a joke and she thinks she’s the hot shit but she’s got nothing going for her so they are two peas in a pod

No. 157433

File: 1624739385077.jpg (90.64 KB, 821x1280, IMG_20210626_152821_031.jpg)

What did Kevin mean by this?

No. 157450

Kevin had his insta description as Lori’s fiance not even a week ago. It’s changed now but he seems to still think they’re “engaged”. He’s so delusional, honestly.
Meanwhile she doesn’t even follow him or engage with him online in any way lmao.

No. 157454

trying to justify screaming at Lori for "witholding" sex again, Kev?

No. 157457

It's a relationship where neither gets anything from the other. They are only together because Loony wanted a place to live on his money and her other plans didn't work out.

No. 157460

Samefag. They are fighting. Lori blocked Kevin again on Instagram (all his likes are gone and he's not following her anymore), she hasn't posted any stories today and she's a daily poster.

No. 157483

File: 1624771040040.jpg (571.82 KB, 2048x1146, Screenshot_20210626-221326_mr1…)

Filter glitch on a Facebook video

No. 157484

Is it actually? Or is it an edit again?

No. 157485

Was this the video? https://www.facebook.com/LoriLewd/videos/10164708562460431/

She looks like a troon with stuff in her mouth. Hope someone saves it before she deletes it.

No. 157494

File: 1624788888050.jpeg (152.34 KB, 1203x1020, 0AF43A4D-FCAE-4178-A906-900B11…)

When the actual face looks just like de-filtered edits lmaoooo

Why the long face loon?

No. 157495

File: 1624789258404.jpeg (337.87 KB, 1194x1727, EE9C3FEC-6679-4A21-903F-3419F1…)

I wish they would’ve hit her with “a store in the city!”

No. 157545

File: 1624810506473.webm (1.41 MB, 720x964, 192846580_1544560705875364_263…)

here you go

No. 157549

This video irritates me because it's a big hair bragging caption about how "cosplay hits differently when you use your own hair" and talking about how she's taking her rEaL hAiR down in the video… And then you never see her take her hair down. She just removes a bow and her hair is still in a bun looking the same. There's no hair reveal at all, just taking a bow out. I don't know why it annoys me so much.

No. 157559

It annoys me because not wearing a wig is like not wearing any makeup. It just looks off in cosplay.
And doesnt this character have flax hair anyway not almost white?

No. 157576

No interest in this topic but I was browsing the front page out of boredom for a change and this gif is just absolutely brutal. Made me laugh out loud.

No. 157579

File: 1624824521311.jpeg (90.35 KB, 750x1000, CD681F2A-8F77-4F91-BEB2-907BB2…)

She be looking like lord Farquaad with that head shape

No. 157585

The bun is so different shade from her bangs that I wouldn't even be surprised if it was some kind of add on she can't take down since she seems to think extensions=natural hair anyway

Idk why but the vid looks like she has something in her mouth and it's super weird

No. 157601

She hasn't changed since skinwalking Sailormoon.

Lorena has fried damaged hair and is wearing cheap extensions. Sure hits differently when you're balding doing a "poof pout" to hide your nasolabials.

No. 157613

File: 1624834501963.png (1.47 MB, 1084x2048, Screenshot_20210627-155323.png)

Wtf is with her knees

No. 157615

File: 1624834585535.png (2.43 MB, 1151x2048, Screenshot_20210627-155531.png)

No. 157617

She's been slowly gaining weight. She may be able to badly shoop her body skinnier than her usual ironing board shape, but her poof pout really gives away how much weight she's gaining in her face topkek. Going to moo route I see

No. 157629

walking on thin slices of eva foam is such a bad idea

No. 157642

compare these to this
cleaned her carpet and put up LEDs over the musty ceiling. she's lurking incredibly hard

No. 157647

Ehhh I mean she HAS gained weight but I don't know if she's gaining. She's certainly not thin like she was in 2017 when she was hashtagging her posts #under100lbs. I'd say she's put on a good 10-12 lbs since those days after getting with Kevin. She certainly isn't fat but she has to stretch and position herself in ways that hide her flabs. She's skinny fat. She doesn't exercise at all so that makes sense.

No. 157649

agreed, also she was only ever that thin because she had no money and was starving which she admitted herself

No. 157654

Her insistence that she gets clothing items at 'local stores' is fucking bizarre because most towns will have maybe ONE trashy stripper lingerie store, and she lives in utah, so probably not even that. And her "thigh highs" are all cheap generic fishnet stockings she definitely gets off of amazon. So why can't she just say she got them on amazon, when she has no problem openly shopping at places like dolls kill? Make it make sense.

No. 157663

She doesn't want to admit all of her outfits amount to less than a whopper at burger king.

At the same time she wants to seem like a fashionista who found one of a kind rare gems at an adult entertainment shop kek.

No. 157666

She does look like she gained a bit of weight which is no big deal but makes the edits look even more obvious.

The shape of the calf post shoop is ridiculous.

Everytime she uses that peasant top you can see how flat chested she is.

No. 157667

I'm not surprised her idea of clean is stuffing it all up against the wall in neater piles. She needs a garbage bag and pitch fork for that room.

No. 157682

File: 1624895369909.png (716.43 KB, 2048x1902, Screenshot_20210628-080128.png)

Again with the non-answers despite people already outing her for her AliExpress trash. That girl she's responding to probably intimidated her by virtue of being young KEK.

No. 157683

File: 1624895774290.jpg (378.97 KB, 1080x2037, 20210628_105558.jpg)

Did she edit this to have more hip fat than usual?

No. 157684

File: 1624896706995.png (850.03 KB, 2048x1781, Screenshot_20210628-091039.png)

No. 157685

File: 1624897079284.jpg (928.19 KB, 1183x2048, Screenshot_20210628-091332_mr1…)

Yeah it was prob closer to this, the waist and side of her face are entirely blurred and real messy when you look hard.

No. 157687

Lori, you haggard cunt, it would take less time to just type the store and name of the set. Reason #39273 why she will never make it as an uwu influencer.

No. 157702

She's had the lights. It irritates me to no end that she just….gave up halfway across the ceiling. Like why not stop in the corner or just do one wall if she didn't have enough to do two. I just don't get it.

No. 157703

File: 1624909090242.jpg (116.69 KB, 981x1280, IMG_20210628_143626_028.jpg)

This is that cow that self posts in the fellowship of the rainbow thread, kek.

Also "already baller lips" lmao Lori really thinks she's something special.

No. 157705

File: 1624909969503.jpg (36.83 KB, 846x624, Untitled (1).jpg)

>baller lips

No. 157706

File: 1624910669887.jpg (155.51 KB, 1075x603, raw.jpg)

No. 157708

They were probably too expensive so they could only afford a smaller length of it

No. 157713

Lori we all know you can't afford to get anything done kek

No. 157717

File: 1624916954821.jpg (98.19 KB, 717x1280, IMG_20210628_164658_528.jpg)

Kevin lost his fiance status and took it out of his Instagram bio so he's trying to get back into Lori's good graces by posting her to Reddit again.

The only comments that he's ever gotten on her pics have been negative. It's quite something to see. The "best" comment they have received has been that the quality of the photo is too low. Nobody wants your pics, Lori.

No. 157722

File: 1624919397136.png (1.91 MB, 1170x2048, Screenshot_20210628-094043.png)

>Kevin fucked up and owes me big time because I'm influencer royalty so I'm plotting on how I'm going to waste another $600 on Dolls Kill

Dolls Kill won't even post her to main anymore, she's not being posted as often as other e-girls on the brand Instagrams (YRU, clubexx, etc.) and her quality is declining due to the amount of filtering. She's really fucking herself over big time with this charade.

No. 157723

File: 1624919595951.png (415.16 KB, 1648x2048, Screenshot_20210628-152443.png)

Three likes in seven hours compared to the typical 2-4k she gets on insta within the same amount of time. Oof. What are you gonna do when it's con season and the mask slips Looni!?

No. 157724

File: 1624919759116.jpg (2.64 MB, 1919x2560, vnj88seigq771.jpg)

Holy fuckin shit you guys. Is she trolling us?

No. 157728

This isn’t ahegao and she looks ugly as fuck.

No. 157729

She's so ugly and has zero sense of fashion. She looks like one of those tweaked out homeless people who dress like washed up clowns.

No. 157732

File: 1624921316167.jpg (1.58 MB, 2328x1876, fidler-crab-PS-2008-08-28-20.3…)

her hand sizes be like

No. 157740

KEK did she blur her carpet instead of running the vacuum?


No. 157741

I personally like the chunk of ratty wig hair stuck to her enormous crooked toe.

No. 157742

The extension hair stuck in the toes, the fact her foot looks like a fucking baby hand, all of this… This is bad. When scrotes on reddit roast you like it's time to apply for unemployment.

No. 157758

looks like it, either that or used the acne remover/clone tool in snow/meitu
she has her PC set up in the back so who knows if she goes full kotakoti and has photoshop up at all times. wouldn't be surprised
images you can smell. we know she walks around in filth and wears shoes/smokes/has pets inside which must be pretty musty.

also re: the plushies everywhere, she's trying to keep up with the zoomer trend of squishmallows (vid attached related), hence the hoarding of them. she considers it a flex, even though she's pushing 40 and should be giving those to her children like a normal woman.

No. 157759

Where do you think she gets the zero two from? She's ugly and has no fashion sense. She's zero for two.

No. 157760

>baller lips
>baller lighting

Like a cool boomer mom. You can sense how jealous she is of 20 year olds on that post.

The same dirty room, ugly poses and faces every time…

No. 157762

File: 1624931680925.jpg (38.68 KB, 1280x537, IMG_20210628_203324_953.jpg)

Kevin and Lori switched up their Reddit bio again. They took out the "Zero tolerance for negativity. You will be reported." bit and added "influencer" to Lori's description, lol.

No. 157776

Anon, adults can like stuffed animals. Especially girls. Guys are taught through media to get bears for Valentines and such. I'd rather get a squishthing than a bear and it's a collecting thing for some people like Beanie Babies were. The same could be said for figures, but adults buy up POPs all the time too and the old Nintendo amiibos. Sucks kids don't have money and parents are slow to buy. There way better shit now than existed during Lori's teen years tbh. She does it to flaunt, absolutely, but owning these arent just for kids. You may also think 30 is too old to wear pastels and like Disney. Don't some anons say the non-21 year old cows are past their prime?

No. 157785

I think their point is not about the childishness of the toys, but Lori intentionally larping a zoomer interest to try and appear younger to her followers. Obviously you can have fun interests at any age, but it's clear the toys are part of her online persona and not a genuine interest of Lori's.

No. 157789

This. She never genuinely likes the things she's buying to impress us.

It's all part of her low cost attempts at skinwalking people or characters.

No. 157798

This cunt is gonna end up looking like gimpgirl555 in a few years lmfao she already has the dumpster diving looking “fashion sense” and the haglike features down kek

No. 157799

Seconding this. She and Moo are two peas in a pod, both hoard and buy the most frivolous of shit to flex on randos/us. The only difference being that Moo has actual scrote money to burn meanwhile Lori has to e-beg or swipe one of kevin's checks just to buy cheap chinese crap.

No. 157806

No. 157824

Shes not 21, she over 36. Most this age dont spend all their money on plushies and toys. If your wasting money at 36 its usually on actual clothes, vacations and cars. The toy thing is weird and excessive and no armchair but seems like part of the mental issue leading ber to believe she looks as young as her edits.

No. 157834

>swipe one of kevin's checks

I wonder if he ever realized that she stole his money.

No. 157836

Of course not, she probably blamed it on one of his old female friends who lives in CA or Moo. He said he knew who did it and that they were pathetic but he didn't get mad at Lori. Still so funny to me that everyone BUT Kevin KNOWS Lori took it.

No. 157845

File: 1624982736539.jpg (3.18 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_06-29-09.02.47.jpg)

I put the best still from that AX fan video posted here through Remini and compared it to her cosplay pictures on Instagram from the same timeframe. Meatiest kek.

No. 157848

Omg anon. This is gold. I was literally wondering if there was a way to clean up the pixels! A+

No. 157859

Her hair is as red as her horns so much for not wearing a wig it would have been more accurate but wigs are itchy but hair extensions don’t overheat you in hot weather gosh she’s a retard

No. 157867

File: 1624992926679.jpg (207.94 KB, 512x511, Remini20210629085138086_mh1624…)

this app is beautiful

No. 157868

Holy shit that 'stache

No. 157878

She honestly looks good on the left here, I don't know why she insists on being a kawaii teen when her face and personality is better suited to playing characters like Batwoman and Maleficient, like strong heroine/baddie roles.

No. 157881

Because she's stuck in a continuous loop of time keeping her permanently thinking she's a young teenager. She's so delusional she actually believes the things she says. She believes she looks like her pictures in the finished product and that filters just highlight what's already there when in actuality they turn her into a completely different person.

No. 157882

100% agree, don't forget Lori the new 9.1 patch for wow comes out today. Gotta make sure to post that you're playing it to get all those gamer subs. Would probably have better luck spamming your "spicy" in trade chat than on reddit.

No. 157883

That pic on the left still looks heavily edited. Her skin looks like crap, this looks way to smooth

No. 157885

File: 1624999462997.jpg (1.03 MB, 1058x1058, Remini20210629085517112_mr1624…)

No. 157886

I'm sorry but she looks like a man

No. 157887

Absolutely 100%. It's so funny seeing these compared to her shrunken baby head plastic skin selfies. She's built like a chubby 11 year old boy and has a man jaw with an ugly nose. Unfortunate.

No. 157888

she looks so unhappy, like she definitely knows she has the saggy skin she is so afraid of. the pure copium

No. 157897

You know her feet and hands really betray her age but at times I thought anons were giving her a hard time about the jowls. But they're right, she genuinely looks like abuela taking her nietos trick-or-treating. I can't believe her and kev pretend she's an eternal loli online when she looks really rough for her age irl. She should just market herself as a cosplay granny instead of larping as a teenager.

No. 157903

File: 1625004082907.jpg (1.46 MB, 1352x1720, Remini20210629145149516_mr1625…)

No. 157907

She's actually fine looking, but her obsession with clinging to her lost youth, insane photo editing, and overall immature shittiness makes her seem like such an old hag in a way that wouldn't be the case if she was a normal woman in her late 30's.

No. 157912

I dunno if I agree. Remini uses machine learning to fill in the gaps in a raster image. That means that a lot of times, depending on the amount of sampling the app gets, the 'gaps' are usually cloned around the pixels nearest. Essentially, her skin is way more smoother than it would be IRL. A lot of her pores, wrinkles, acne scars etc, are most likely smoothed out due to this. She 100% looks way worse than this image. You can almost see it because the app cloned a bunch of pores all over her face. That means that irl she probably has a ton of blackheads/pores especially around her nose and cheeks around her nose. Not to mention the dry skin under the eyebags which are notoriously the first thing to show your age even through surgery (look at madonna for example, even all that surgery and her eye bags are obvious).

TLDR - App smooths it out. She is wayyyy uglier in person, and this is an old photo to boot.

No. 157934

She looks mtf. Her face suits older anime villains with harsh lines, or even marvel characters like Loki.

No. 157935

I wish she would use a different pose other than this one. It s not in character. Makes her look harsh and stern/sharp with the same constant expression to boot.

Not to kitty fag, but the plushies are creepy part of her skin walking kitty. Kitty posted an elf IG photo and Lori put her elf ears on in the next set of her own photos. Fucking creepy man.

No. 157939

Does zero two do the hair flip in the show? Lori does it three times in that video!

No. 157940

Same I don’t get that pose she does like Lori does two same poses in public and that’s it. I don’t recall zero two having a resting bitch face but I guess Lori got to hide them missing teeth and wrinkles

No. 157960

File: 1625018376871.png (672.53 KB, 1303x2048, Screenshot_20210629-185309.png)

Abuela decided he's had a long enough time out.

Don't listen to rabid anons prior, she is absolutely watching Kitty like she watches this thread. She makes her little clapbacks at farmers which includes Kitty whether the girls like it or not. I'm sure Lori's autopedophilia has to do with it too.

No, Lori just wants to flex her "real hair" and how she is too good of a cosplayer to use ugly wigs. I bet she thought she was the hottest one out of the whole video.

Yep. The app does that and all this footage is amateur and blurry anyway. >>156001 >>156006 >>156002 solidified the fact she is haggard as fuck irl and fighting for her life to hide it. Anons are so soft on her and don't realize that we have still NEVER seen her true face.

No. 157962

I feel like she could be a mature/handsome woman if she styled herself right, but the weird "smoll loli waifu uwu" bullshit definitely makes her look older/troonish.

No. 157964

She doesn't know how to pose in character, she isn't a teenager and knows it would look comedic to do a youthful pose IRL so she assumes a speak to the manager pose.

No. 157965

Zero two don't do the hair flip in the anime. it looked more like she was playing with her hair Lori makes it look like a bug is flying around her or like other Aron said I need to speak to the manger look, Lori can’t do anything right!

No. 157994

Yeah definitely. The aesthetic ages her so much. She’d look much better if she learned to do makeup to fit her face and had dark hair.

No. 158011

File: 1625060344300.png (980.92 KB, 1080x1522, Screenshot_20210630-063612~2.p…)

Oh my god her smile is so scary what the fuck LMAO please Lori just go back to bitch face this is serial killer level shit

No. 158012

File: 1625060393743.png (2.13 MB, 1881x2048, Screenshot_20210630-063633.png)

Imagine if you saw a 27 year old man like this in public

No. 158013

wow what an angle to take a picture from. He look like a thumb

No. 158019

She's not smiling she used facetune to edit her poof pout into a smile

He's not helping the "used q-tip" comparison with this picture topkek

No. 158036

i’ve only ever seen those shirts worn by cringey middle schoolers and here we have a grown ass man wearing one unironically
i’m gonna barf

the scene kid hair is killing me too, what a fucking disaster

No. 158046

File: 1625069219675.png (1.3 MB, 2048x1500, Screenshot_20210630-090423.png)

Uh, is that normal? It looks like her iris is falling apart. Those eyelashes need Jesus.

No. 158048

File: 1625071069205.jpg (1.05 MB, 1404x1404, PicsArt_06-30-09.36.34.jpg)

1080p for the Kev fags who might still think he's cute

No. 158052

File: 1625073961932.png (1.23 MB, 1303x2048, Screenshot_20210630-102030.png)

Can't speak for anyone else but, I'm WAY younger than Lori and me and all my friends know of Rayearth, Slayers and all these other series she thinks are so obscure and only elite oldfags know of them. We get it, Lori. You've seen Clamp series and watched all the classics. Doesn't matter anyway because we know you don't actually like or care for any of it. If you DID you would probably be a better person for all the moral lessons and nuanced political stuff seen throughout the golden age of anime. You can pretend to have taste all you want, hag. The 19 year old e-girls have already seen it, they have better Shoujo tattoos, no wrinkles and they're coming for your subs. Cope with your YouTube OP playlists and Squishmallows.

No. 158053

jeff the killer kind of vibes

No. 158054

Kek she acts as if people today can’t watch the animes she’s referencing, she’s older than my step mom and the same age as my boyfriend’s mom, and him and I both have seen the “classics” she’s referring to

No. 158062

It's the results of her eye enlargement tool usage in her editing apps. The broken iris and eyelashes both.

No. 158065

She's boasted about her eye freckle, but idk how it could be THAT large just from the tool. Also I think her eyelashes are just long but she can't do makeup for shit and probably doesn't want to at this point.

No. 158069

File: 1625084272084.jpg (60.68 KB, 700x510, 83734e6277bece9d8f0fa6b3dcf366…)

She's over-filtering to hide that it's a FaceApp smile pasted onto her face.

The tells were pointed out in an earlier thread but they're still visible.

No. 158072

This looks like something straight out of Faces of Meth

No. 158076

I’m new to this cow’s thread so apologies if this was already rehashed, but why can’t she just smile like a normal person? Why does she need to photoshop a fake smile? Everything about this bitch is so weird. Children have laugh lines, and crows feet when they smile, and “nasolabial folds” too, why does this bitch try so hard to not look like a human being with skin?

No. 158079


Lori and not smiling in pictures is a thing. She has a missing tooth (I'll try to find a picture) and is desperately afraid of getting wrinkles.

In addition to her fear of aging, Lori is obsessed with the idea of looking like a "real life" anime character. She's an insane otherkin.

No. 158080

she’s missing teeth, which doesn’t fit the kawaii uguu aesthetic she’s going for

No. 158098

I brought this up once and got screeched at for daring to suggest Lori could ever look good in any cosplay, but… yeah. I agree. Her face has good angles for certain types of characters. She has high cheekbones. Filtering the hell out of her face takes all the dimension out of it, and it looks gross, like dough.

No. 158105

if she had the actual capability to accept her age and invest in better diet/ skincare to look good for that age, she would honestly make a really great Utena, or similar mature characters from the ~vintage shoujo~ era she claims young people don't know about. she could even keep the stupid pink hair

No. 158110

>why does this bitch try so hard to not look like a human being with skin?
She's like an alien trying and failing to blend in

No. 158112

Please keep her out of my sword lesbian fandom. Please. I beg. We don't need KKK 2

No. 158117

I've always thought Lori had a nice face and she looked really good during her Seattle witch phase. The uwu loli babby stuff is fuckin gross and doesn't suit her haughty features whatsoever.

No. 158120

oh god i would hate for her to actually try it, but she never will. also pardon my ignorance/ sage for ot but wtf is kkk2??

No. 158129


Back in her Sailor Moon skinwalking days, Lori created a cosplay club named the Kewl Kou Klan (KKK). She treated the members like complete garbage and did horrible things to them. Eventually, the KKK'ers officially told her to fuck off with a big public letter on social media detailing how she abused them. At the time, it was a big deal in the cosplay community.

Lori is always looking to start a new KKK because she's a narcissist. Lori doesn't have or want friends. Instead she prefers minions she can control.

No. 158131

File: 1625107647484.jpg (105 KB, 450x553, kkk-public-proxy-searsportrait…)

No. 158132

File: 1625108457693.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1242x1704, 503CB2BF-1FD9-45BD-B686-BAF684…)

Looney was pretty with the face she has. The problem is she has now over shooped herself that now when you compare her current face with her filtered one it’s a complete catfish. She fucked herself doing that because people wouldn’t give a shit about how she looks if she wasn’t lying about it. This is one of her cosplays when she was with Steven this is when she was the most attractive/normal I had ever seen her.

No. 158135

even at her hobbit height and convex chest, she would've made a way better Lady Dimitrescu than moo.

No. 158142

She would have bought false teeth before she buys fillers, but if her OF is anything to go buy she can't afford basic dental care.

The pics from this set were shooped really well, I guess the guy she was with did it.

No. 158143

Totally agree. If she went back to her witchy phase when she was in WA, she would look so good. Even her blue/purple hair era was pretty imo. The egirl wardrobe she has now just ages her infinitely and the white hair is so beyond dead. She looked great in black, I kinda wish she would do that but keep her hair cut.

No. 158144

File: 1625112031259.jpg (409.31 KB, 1080x1993, 20210630_225846.jpg)

I think the image is just so over edited and blown the fuck out that it distorts all that is natural to look unnatural

No. 158146

File: 1625113056958.png (1.9 MB, 1662x2048, Screenshot_20210630-211714.png)

Kek the warping

No. 158147

Why did they ever think that group name was ok to use?

No. 158150


Because Lori is a horrible person. Do you know about the anime con rape incident? She's a sociopath.

No. 158151

I know it sounds completely insane to zoomers but being overtly offensive was considered edgy humor and very common among dorks back in y2k. In general it was seen as super cringe but otherwise wasn't considered that big a deal at the time, not like it would be today.
>It's a cult of popular cosplayers harassing us
>It's impossible to find out who it is
>It's the same fucking people
Which is it Kev? Do you know or don't you?

No. 158152

File: 1625116381677.png (743 KB, 1460x3291, whinyliarkevinreddit.png)


Great response to Kevin:

"Um, now I know you threatened me this morning, you have a bunch of people who hate you already. I couldn't agree more with the comment above, sounds like lies to me and you know why people are "bullying" you. I never knew what lolcow was but I googled your name Adollasky and WTF! You really are sick pedo baiters! I knew it when I saw that picture of your "GF" LOL! Apparently there's a lot of awful things posted about her. Now I know why you reacted the way you did, your both crazy. Ok I'm done, blocking."

No. 158153

I know. I'm just more surprised that it wasn't ever called out even back then.

I'm a millennial and I remember edgy humor back then, I just feel like this would have been a bit too far for all people to be silent about. Especially since they were plastering it everywhere. There was a lot of stuff acceptable back then that wouldn't be today, but I remember people not being ok with the KKK even way back then.

No. 158154

"doctored images" ok kevin what say you about con videos then? are all of those "doctored" by dA hAtUrZ too? >>157706

No. 158155

File: 1625119126496.jpg (Spoiler Image, 996.57 KB, 1227x1488, PicsArt_06-30-10.56.46.jpg)

Only "doctoring" we do here is unphotoshopping. I wish I could see the legendary tantrums Lori must throw when she sees haters and reads her thread. Hi Abuela! I know you'll see this later. You look like Nosferatu when you wear elf ears.

No. 158156

Hope it didn't come off as wk, I definitely think it's fucked and would have been red flags to people but there wasn't a whole lot of public call outs back then for shitty inappropriate humor. As another example, look at the stuff koots and keeks got away with. There were definitely people who thought it was gross, but their behavior wasn't widely shamed until later.
Kek how can he sperg about doctored images seeing her irl every day compared to her crazy overshooped photos?

No. 158157

Like another anon said: Edgy humor back in the day. I'm pretty sure that even if they went with CKK someone somewhere would've called them the KKK after Lori's antics pissed enough people off. She's done worse than have this as an acronym for a little cosplay group.

No. 158189

File: 1625150044584.jpg (547.86 KB, 1110x1092, PicsArt_07-01-07.31.33.jpg)

fixed some old candids that were blown out and blurry

No. 158190

File: 1625150087162.jpg (3.26 MB, 2606x4096, PicsArt_07-01-07.34.23.jpg)

This one is pretty good KEK

No. 158191

File: 1625150398184.jpg (1.63 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_07-01-07.40.03.jpg)

No. 158194

this one is too good

No. 158199

File: 1625151851787.png (798.01 KB, 825x1431, lori-witchy-handmadenecklace.p…)

Agree that Washington Witchy Lori was a good look for her. Also my favorite of all her personalities. Maybe because she was doing things she seemed to be actually interested in at the time, like making that jewelry.

Picrel includes handmade by Lori necklace

No. 158206

File: 1625156041460.jpg (103.12 KB, 1124x1280, IMG_20210701_111236_557.jpg)

Two new Reddit posts. 21 upvotes on the bottom one, 0 upvotes on the one saying "Someone says I use too much Photoshop." Sure Lori. Just a single someone said that lol. No replies of course.

No. 158213

Saying something nice about ol Lori is gonna give me indigestion all day but that pendant is pretty damn cool. Sad she didn't stick with it cuz i bet the designs would have got better, too.

No. 158217

It's not pedobait though. Lori looks old, even in edits she looks like shes at least mid 20s minimum to guys. She doesn't look like a teen. She looks like someone who can't stop trying to compete with young thots.

No. 158219

File: 1625157689133.gif (813.25 KB, 320x180, Crazy_Eyes_Anai.gif)

>Someone said I use too much photoshop. XD I know, the bows are just in the worst spots right?c;
How does she still type like an LJfag? It's so painfully obvious that she herself writes everything. Constantly complimenting herself on reddit and facebook, spamming the same low quality sets to cosplay groups over and over. She probably sits in that dent on her mattress all day looking like pic rel when she does it. Just hit me; she's rapidly approaching 40 and will likely still be doing this when she is. Holy shit.

No. 158223

It doesn't matter if Lori looks 20, 40, or 70 years old. The ethot content she makes is disturbingly childlike and infantile on purpose for pedophiles. Lori has made it very clear that she panders to loli fetishists and that's fucking gross.

No. 158227

This is the funniest candid of them together holy shit
Also I love that this was back when Kevin was fat

No. 158228

File: 1625159846788.jpeg (242.43 KB, 827x1464, 2F359E64-D183-4324-A27C-5F9F3E…)

I searched the Lori lewd hashtag on ig and stumbled upon this gem. Who did this lmao

No. 158232

You know with how much she's posted to facebook groups I wouldn't be shocked if it wasn't a farmer. The fakeup group post directed a lot of new people to the thread. This is hilarious though, I was just thinking about how fucked she would be if people posted the fixed candids and de-shops in a more public place.

No. 158234

god yes, the way she writes is so dated, it really gives her away as peaking in the early 2000s. What kind of psychopath is using XD in 2021? Have some dignity girl.

pls no emoji ban it’s in context

No. 158235

Definitely a farmer. They follow Claire, Vamp, Moo, Meowza, Dyvex, YRU, stores that Lori follows & businesses they've checked into in UT. Kinda creepy.

No. 158243

These are all pics from this thread, farmer confirmed

No. 158247

How long until Kevin says this is Moo/Vamp again?

No. 158253

It will happen whenever Lori sees the account or the thread. I don't think he'll sperg but I expect him seeking more legal advice on reddit kek

No. 158257

Plot twist/tin foil - it was made by a butthurt Kevin after a fight

No. 158264

File: 1625172628222.png (711.08 KB, 1279x2048, Screenshot_20210701-134903.png)

I guess I'm getting a cease and desist for commenting on his reddit posts? I came here from googling her name when I saw that other comment. He probably removed both but they mentioned Usagi Kou. This guy is strung out or something.

No. 158265

To add, I'm new to reddit so I don't really know what he's implying of me doing edits or my post history when I've rarely posted. Does he think I'm someone else or is he just like this?

No. 158266

>>158264 yea no, no lawyer would say this. And no they can not afford one. Youre fine.

No. 158267

File: 1625174553813.jpeg (276.75 KB, 828x592, 7D8E8A25-3536-4089-903E-900425…)

That neck looks older than my mom’s, and she’s over 50

No. 158269

Can a USA lawfag explain this? Say he did send Moo/Vamps a lawsuit for harassment. Does he send it in the mail? Not only that,, how would he cease and desist a random Reddit account? What lawyer would even take a case like this?

No. 158272

You don’t have to study law to know they’re just fucking bluffing. If they actually have a case against someone, their lawyer will send out the necessary documents to that person. I can see someone believing their shit if they were as equally as stupid and uneducated as Kev and Lori.

No. 158276

File: 1625178650210.png (61.6 KB, 574x381, theresnophotoshophere copy.png)

Comment from 1 hour ago from Lori/Kevin responding to someone linking an Imgur album of candids on Lori's Reddit post.

Kows, if you're actually starting a lolsuit, the first thing your "lawyer" should have told you to do is stop interacting with the haters.

No. 158282

File: 1625180856482.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 702.09 KB, 2448x3265, 737EC13D-2617-476E-AC7A-6194E3…)

The table shes sitting on looks so nasty and it’s making me wonder how grimy her whole home must be

No. 158283

File: 1625182114949.jpeg (944.09 KB, 1242x1841, 4934DE17-7640-43DC-8DB2-3C04DA…)

Bitch is trying to kill herself and her doormat

No. 158287

>outdoor con candids
Why does he imply outdoor candids would not be what they really look like? If anything that would be the best indicator of what someone looks like naturally in normal light, those outdoor candids are more reliable than some meitu pic posted to social media

No. 158289

Is this not harassment itself? And now you have proof of him harassing you.

How about we bring up Lori's taxes? I severely doubt that she's been writing down any earnings that she's been making online.

Or should we bring up when you recently threatened to harm/kill people at a convention Kevin?

They seriously need to shut the fuck up before they seriously get in legal trouble. Everything here and on KF is posted with screenshots and proof so they literally have nothing.

He's just trying to scare people, but it's going to backfire on him when somebody with legal connections gets sick of him and actually does something about it.

As someone who has actually filed a harassment/stalker case, his lawyer would have advised him to do everything with a paper trail through tangible mail/through email and not through a social media message with unnecessary information in it. Nice try, Kevin.

Also notice him saying "I'd never give out HD content for free" and talking about how "people are about to owe us a lot of money". These two are seriously such struggling money grubbers, it's sad.

He's seriously the most pathetic person that I've ever seen on social media and that's really saying something. Literally acts like a preteen going through some bad puberty.

No. 158290

I love the nasty coffee table lol that's one of my fav looni things

No. 158291

File: 1625184997435.jpeg (234.9 KB, 750x1288, EB942D1E-34E5-4AC1-866D-0B76A2…)

No. 158293

“Support my content or get fucked?”
Who even speaks like this?

No. 158294

Imagine thinking that people are going to support you after speaking to them like this.

Lori come get your dog, it's out of control and is going to land you in jail.

I really hope that Vamp and or Moo actually take legal action against them. I feel like they'd have a somewhat solid case against these pathetic hobos.

No. 158295

i followed him for his cosplay props and got tired of him asking his followers to subscribe to his weird gfs onlyfans and i commented on his post saying i think it's really creepy to ask his friends to subscribe and he messaged me that so i decided to google his name and have been lurking ever since. they are both pathetic and clearly miserable.

No. 158305

Still seething over Vamp despite no one in that circle even thinking of him for years.

No. 158306

Lol yep he’s so out of any loop that he wishes that someone was thinking about him only action he’s getting is from these farms

No. 158310

This imgur album and another one of Lori are being downvoted en masse. Anyone got an in for friends only posts? The only time she gets this kind of support is when she makes Kevin recruit LoYaL hOmIeS to defend her and report accounts. Also, Kevin has started to clean his comments up. Two have already been deleted from today.

It's funny how he used to go on and on about how Lori is the first person to bite and put people in their place, yet she hides behind her retard manchild like a coward. You're a woman, Lori. Act like it. You give women and bisexuals a terrible rap.

No. 158311

I don't believe they've deleted any comments. If you go to the main adollaskye page everything still seems to be there. When mods remove your post, it still shows up on your page so I'm sure that's what's happening.

Interesting about the imgur albums though.

No. 158312

Kiki and Kota had their own KKK company. There were others who did this stupid shit too. An unfortunate characteristic of the era.

No. 158323

They'd have a good case for defamation if someone ever compiles all the receipts.

Free money for them and more debt for Kevvy and Loony is how that story ends.

No. 158344

Kevin and Lori have been publicly calling Moo and Vamp out by name for several months despite none of us being them. I would love to see this blow up in their faces. Fortunately for them, Mariah and Vamp don't give two shits about Lori and Kevin so nothing will happen.

No. 158346

huge kek. i've made a lot of edits for this thread and I'm in australia. love that she doesn't realize it's the internet, we're real people and her shit is spreading. moo doesn't give a fuck, she's too busy with lipo and being a degenerate weeb to even check up on either of them. unless it's to watch them burn every bridge in the cosplay community while they're still on it.

No. 158352

Not to WK but dark edgy humour wasn't cancelled like it is now. The point of it was to rile others up or make whoever saw it do a double take but it was absolutely not called out.

No. 158359

File: 1625220366682.jpeg (112.91 KB, 640x480, 2B5111F7-5D68-4A5E-951E-A46C30…)

Gotta love when history repeats itself!

No. 158379

>S-stop bullying me! Hey! That's my catchphrase! You can't just flip it in a way to mock me. I…. I'll SUE YOU!11!!
>S-Stop posting photos of me I posted! You can't just post tagged and untagged photos of me and compare them to my filtered photos! That's literally LIBEL! I HAVE ALREADY STARTED THE LAWSUIT!!!11!

The hag never changes. Not even a little bit. Not one bit.

No. 158403

Exactly. The millions she won from suing livejournal posters for using her super unique ‘copyrighted’ phrase must have depleted! Can’t wait to see the piles of money she will take in by suing anons on the internet for posting their opinions. Because we all know if it isn’t a direct compliment, it’s illegal uwu

No. 158406

File: 1625245965788.jpg (189.32 KB, 720x1026, IMG_20210702_120333_552.jpg)

Found this on Reddit. This person leaked a bunch of Lori nudes in these imgur links.

https://imgur.com/a/ljCgo0n https://imgur.com/a/mpelO1c

No. 158408

Moo better start saving that Lipo money. Lori and Kevin are gonna sue her for defamation for leaking those aboose photos of Kevin’s leg and Vamp for destroying Lori’s chance with dollskill.

No. 158410

Defamation implies that it's untrue though right? Any (fake) lawyer who looks at this will have to be presented with the full evidence and context, which really doesn't make either of them look good…

No. 158411

File: 1625247898913.png (Spoiler Image, 1.94 MB, 1635x2048, Screenshot_20210702-104449.png)

Oh my god these are so much worse than I imagined. Who can actually cum to this? I will never find my sides again, anon. Thanks for sharing this. What a milky few days.

No. 158412

>at barely 17
>Lori allegedly trying to get this person into camming so she could leech more money from them
Holy fuck, absolutely disgusting

No. 158414

Well into her 20's would have been like 2011-2015 approximately right? So when she was transitioning out of her Moonie cosplaying and doing stuff like Tangled? I really hope this person comes here or goes public with this. She's irrefutably a predatory person and her pedo pandering has to stop. Full stop.

No. 158416

File: 1625249341622.jpg (Spoiler Image, 74.99 KB, 459x612, blurryfeet.jpg)


Christ it looks like she was just flailing around on the bed shaking her feet at the camera and this was the best she could get. Are these recent?

No. 158430

B-but anon that's the best she could do! Abuela hurt her back you know? Did you forget she's injured her spine and can't work at all?/s

So much for high quality pictures for the paying customers. Of course everyone would love to look at her blurred feet. For a person who edits her pictures so much, you'd think there would be some quality control but nah

No. 158450


Kev big mad. Post is now deleted.

No. 158451

So Lorna's "uwu spicy" OF is just glimpses of her rashy ass crack?

No. 158452

File: 1625268224316.png (195.92 KB, 960x1281, BB_girl_things_♡_2.png)

Reddit anon here. My experience with Lori was extremely limited and quite a few years ago now but if you have any questions, feel free to ask. For transparency sake, I did originally post something similar over on kiwifarms but it seems that has been blocked? I'm not sure. I've read rules on both sites but apologies if I make new fag mistakes. I can confirm that her onlyfans is a bargain bin version of her IG. You very seldomly get a slip of nipple/butthole and the private images/videos she sends via messages almost always have a sticker over them like you see in her promotional content. Saging just in case.

No. 158454

Hi Redditor anon I got a few -

How did you meet Lori?

What husband was she married to when you met?

Do you remember what year it was?

What nonstop threats did Kevin give you in DMs?

No. 158455

The mods of r/Ahegao_IRL (or whichever sub she posted in) removed the post but it still shows up on Reddit anon's main page because she didn't delete it.

KiwiFarms has been experiencing DoS attacks for the last several days; is that what you mean by blocked?

I'm also curious about the Kevin threats, kek. Are there more screenshots of messages you could share?

No. 158456

Welcome anon! Could you possibly screenshot the DM's/threats that Kev was sending you?

No. 158457

*screenshot and share

No. 158458


We met through my sister, the three of us used to play WoW together. I don't remember the guys name but this was around 2013/2014. She had a falling out with my sister after stealing her art as her own and just being a bad house guest. She would put cigarette butts out in our carpet, eat whatever she wanted without paying a dime only to complain about there being no food "she could eat" in the house and eventually started stealing personal belongings. She was with us for maybe 2-3 months before up and vanishing after a particularly bad spat where she full on punched said sister in the chest and broke a bunch of shit. I will see if I can dig through old Facebook messages because I'm almost certain they're still there.

As far as the spam goes, it was primarily through discord and reddit puppet accounts. I started getting them not long after my original comment so I'm almost certain the two events are linked.

I'm not sure how either sites work as I am a passive lurker so again, apologies.

Saged because potential blog post.

No. 158460

Goddamn Lori is such an abusive piece of shit. So sorry you and your sister experienced that. Was one of the Reddit accounts StandardLog6262? That is another of Kevin's accounts that he used to post to Reddit to whine about people "harassing" Lori. Can you share the spam threats anyway? I'm sure they were all him. They are such garbage people.

No. 158461

if receipts are given, this means Kev has an ongoing history of jumping onto sock accounts to harass spam people.

Pretty funny he likes to claim ""harassment lawsuit"" when he's the actual harasser.

No. 158462

I noticed Kevin projects a lot whenever he goes on rants. One of the things he "clapped back" with, when Redditors would insult Lori's pics, is he would accuse them of posting from fake accounts. But I've been watching his Reddit pretty closely and most of the people who were critical were frequent posters who posted in many subs. Meaning those are their main accounts. I wondered why he kept going on and on about "people making fake Reddit accounts" and now I know why.

No. 158463

File: 1625272156693.png (65.96 KB, 581x456, Reddit_Harassment~2.PNG)

Should I compile it all into a google drive or something?

No. 158464

non-contribution, but thank you for blessing us with this milk, anon. You're not posting like a newfag at all. saged.

No. 158465

Lol did he just say you’re jealous of how young Lori is? That’s hilarious omg. A google drive would be good but I think it would be fine also if you wanted to just make individual posts for each of them

No. 158466

An imgur album might work, or a Google drive as long as you don't require us to sign into our Google accounts.

Also lmao this is GOLD, anon. "We get lots of comments every day about how great and model like we are." My sides.

No. 158467

I know we all think this is Kevin, but the last two messages made me think Lori typed it

No. 158468

>stock us

No. 158470

This is definitely Lorena. This comes across as her retarded “xD” passive aggressiveness. If it was Kevin he would have threatened to kill them by now.

No. 158472

Same anon


No. 158475

I don't understand, why did you subscribe to her OF if she treated you so poorly?

No. 158478

Sage your shit and also do you know where you are, anon? There are farmers subbed to Shaynus/Lori's content to hate watch or collect milk.

No. 158481

God they're so retarded I love it

No. 158483

Every successive post is a massive projection of how ugly, unsuccessful, fat and not-model-like they are.

I love this song.

No. 158484

>>158475 I am not subscribed to her content. To my dismay, I have a close friend who is utterly obsessed with her and believes her dodgy shops as true. This is why I have free access to her lack luster porn. I never paid mind until I came across that hostile reddit post and did a quick google search showing she has not changed.

No. 158485

File: 1625280811223.jpg (87.97 KB, 1024x1024, CollageMaker_20210702_19440008…)


It seems he/she/they have been lurking as they have been mass deleting but not fast enough. I am tempted to leak the remainder of her content as it is honestly terrible but gives you a good chuckle all in one.

No. 158486

> Holds out bowl

Leak that shit.

No. 158487

Is there a prefered method/etiquette? Google Drive seems the easiest considering the amount of crap she spams but I'm not sure if that'll be accessible to others anonymously.

No. 158489

This is nuts. Leak it, anon.

It's a shame about your friend who is subbed and obsessed but simps will be simps.


No. 158491

I love how they’re bombarding you with harassment on multiple platforms while adding cringe emotes, they’re literally 11 year olds

No. 158492

Has your friend not seen the real pics? Maybe he should go to an eyedoctor.

>your ugly
>stay jealous

Imagine being 40 years old and doing this.

Plus thinking they'll get away with it. These leaks are the best thing I've ever seen.

No. 158494

> reported for hate speech
> prettier than you
> butthurt your ugly

Oh God I'm dying over here. Sure Loonie. Keep em coming.

No. 158495

File: 1625282660456.png (1.49 MB, 1767x2048, Screenshot_20210614-075726.png)

Anon, you have to leak. Please. This is amazing. I haven't been this giddy since the Moo leaks.

No. 158496

Here's hoping this works. Lots more where that came from but hopefully it'll be enough until I can go through the rest.

No. 158499

File: 1625283728711.jpeg (331.91 KB, 828x1269, 2CC719F6-774A-46F0-958A-4676A1…)



When I look this user up on Reddit, it takes me to an account that moderates a ton of cosplay and nerd-centric subs. This is one of Kevin/Lori’s socks?!

Sage because no idea if I’m reading this completely wrong.

No. 158500

Homegirl needs to do some squats, her ass has zero muscle and it makes it look looong. It boggles the mind when NEETs don’t workout, like you can’t find 15 minutes in your busy schedule to watch a blogilates video on YouTube?

No. 158501

Gross. I didn't even think to look at the profiles honestly. Potential new boyfriend/simp perhaps?

No. 158502

That is one saggy ass.

No. 158504

Wait by deleting do you mean they’re deleting their messages to you? What are they deleting lmao (also please keep going with the leaks)

No. 158505

File: 1625288193809.jpeg (298.58 KB, 1080x1440, AUDOsjR.jpeg)

Bless you, Redditor anon, this is amazing. And horrifying.

I've never been one of those who made fun of Lori's feet but good GOD are these some stompers. Her feet are H U G E.

No. 158506

This just seems like Lori became a Redditor and Reddit mod. I've mentioned this before but Lori is smarter at the internet than we give her credit for. Not by MUCH. She's still an idiot. But she's been around and knows how to play people. I doubt Kevin has anything to do with this account. He's even more worthless than Lori.

No. 158507

Holy shit her feet ARE huge LMAO and isn’t she short as well? Fucking built like a hobbit

No. 158508

File: 1625289792039.jpg (100.8 KB, 1080x1079, lolwtf.jpg)

holy fuck the two videos at the end. What the fuck am I watching? I'm laughing so hard, Jesus Christ.

No. 158510

I've never had a greater urge to a-log until reading those "threats". Lori should really reflect on the way she acts before someone taller than her obviously with much smaller feet makes her. I'm dumbfounded it hasn't happened yet.

No. 158511

I am in the minority here, but this doesn't seem like Lori. Back in the aughts, there was a site/fourm called Cosplayfucks (or Cosfu), making fun of shitty or dramatic cosplayers. I remember Lori coming to her thread and interacting with the posters. She was more trolly and less '[you're] just jealous].' So I am skeptical on if that is her. As for the distinct typing: I am two years older than Kevin and remember typing like that growing up. Considering his fashion sense, it's obvious he does not know how to adapt and change. Plus people in relationships sometimes pick up idiosyncrasies from each other and typing style is easily one of them.

No. 158512

File: 1625291548247.png (1.51 MB, 1440x1284, sexy.png)

Please never make this expression again Lori

No. 158513

Kevin has definitely picked up on certain speech patterns of hers. "Spicy", "gremlin", there's a bunch of other words and phrases that she uses that I notice he started using as well. I can't remember the others right now but I wouldn't be surprised if it was Kevin behind the keyboard but with Lori screeching directions at him from the sidelines.

No. 158514

Samefag, the last video is so funny. She gives me the impression of someone who is sex-repulsed and sorta has no idea how it works or what sexual attraction is. The last video is a cross between a cat cleaning itself and someone having a leg cramp.

No. 158517

If the account gets reported for harassment, she should get de-modded.

I wouldn't be surprised if she used accounts like these to sockpuppet compliments or boost Kevin's posts.

No. 158522

Yeah, that reddit account is throwing me off too since I doubt she's spam promoting other girls 24/7 like that. Either this is a simp account that she has access to or this was on an entirely different website(?).

No. 158525

How does Lori manage to take so many cursed images.

No. 158527

She looks like shes struggling to keep both legs in the air in the second vid. Girl literally has no muscle mass from sitting unemployed all day.

No. 158530

Are these three the same person? It wouldn’t be Lori no? Because they mod for all these other subreddits of other women and we already know how she feels about other women haha looks like a super simp/creep but pls correct me if I’m wrong

No. 158532

All three of these accounts attacked the Redditor anon in the same way using the same insults after they called Lori out. Two are from Reddit and one is from Discord.

That one Reddit is weird though. Why would any of them be mods on subs where other people are posted and promoted?

No. 158533

If those videos at the end are what she calls sexy, no wonder she has to latch onto virginal weeb boys that only have hentai they've masterbated to as a sex reference. Long nose, long ass, long feet and seizure spazzing is not spicy, it's bizzare.

No. 158539

lmao, you are acting better than usual posters. Lurking is good

No. 158540

File: 1625309146989.png (9.55 MB, 1640x2360, 1CFB311C-3931-41EF-AAAC-41D358…)

Brush your tongue.

No. 158541

All of Lori's posing or clothing is copied from other OF girls, wouldn't be surprised if she did modding on the side as insurance in getting people to her OF for when she leaves Kevin.

> :)
> XD
> :3
The granny emojis, claiming jealousy and hyperfixation on looks or youth cement it as old Lori and not Kevin.

No. 158542

Every single time I see a post of theirs using those emotes I get secondhand embarrassment. Growing up using that on aim and msn is one thing, it’s another to latch onto that cringe shit as an adult.

No. 158550

File: 1625318181518.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 171.01 KB, 640x853, C3A17CD6-3625-4DF9-B45C-5C7339…)

She forgot to edit her nose in this one kek

No. 158555

File: 1625321783037.png (Spoiler Image, 471.32 KB, 961x586, what.png)

she was too busy editing her ass. what is this even?

No. 158559

File: 1625322597104.jpg (685.8 KB, 1440x1926, Screenshot_20210703-001609_Vid…)

Redditor anon leaked a whole bunch more Lori pics and vids on page 97 of her KF thread, kek. (Link to videos: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/lori-cerda-usagi-kou-lori-lewd-zero-two-lori-lune-and-kevin-hanft-adollaskye-skye-krook3dkev.82745/post-9350387 I haven't watched these yet because they crashed my browser 3x lol)

Have another cursed image, anon.

No. 158560

ayrt and I am fucking deceased kek

literally the most shit tier shoop she’s ever done what the fuck

No. 158562

Even with the layers of editing, you can see she's actually old and droopy with a mexstache. Where's that anon who de-shoops pics?

No. 158564

File: 1625326699171.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1440x1926, 31D47A68-48DC-44C2-890B-019555…)

Not that anon but here you go lol

No. 158568

Apparently they’re not viewable unless you have an account ?

No. 158569

File: 1625332315555.jpg (3.76 MB, 2380x3182, PicsArt_07-03-09.43.31_mr16253…)

You rang?

No. 158570

File: 1625333149302.png (936.07 KB, 2048x575, Screenshot_20210703-101648.png)

This is true, Lori. You wasted your best formative years being a leech. You put all your energy into being a queen bee and even then you failed miserably each time. You place all your worth on your youth but now more than ever you're old. You're only getting older and more unstable. You're only losing money. Eventually, Kevin will either leave you, kill himself or you'll be abandoned. Every time it happens you end up more and more behind. You're going to be 40 shooting videos of you naked, seizing like a child with mental disabilities on a dirty table for change. Literal change, like dollars and quarters. You will have nobody and your body is already well in its decline. If you wanted to make bank doing porn you should have done that years ago. You're aging out unless you become a GILF. So yeah, what a life. It's fun to watch, I'll give you that. Everyone loves watching people suffer and be cringe.

Don't forget Lori, you're stuck here forever.

No. 158571

Omg!! She posts sensored porn, my sides I'm dying!!! Seriously just log in to kiwis and see for yourselves, it's hilarious and humiliating at the same time. If I paid for this shit I'd be furious.

No. 158572

Yup, and she still doesnt see how pathetic she is

No. 158574

Is anyone else having this issue?

No. 158575

KF has been being DDOS’d the entire week. It’s probably a temporary security change.

Sage for unrelated.

No. 158576

Here ya go. Hope this one works.

No. 158578


Are men really so retarded that they get off to this? Like the effort is so minimal, I can't believe she even bothers uploading this shit.

No. 158579

I can't imagine actually paying for this garbage. She's not even trying. Her room looks like a hoarders haven, her shoops are off the charts BAD, and she makes those stupid faces while doing what looks like taking a seizure.

Sure, Lori. Keep spamming the spicy.

No. 158585

Holy crap I can't look at these with a straight face. Why would anyone pay for pictures of someone whose trademark faces are either "trying to hold in puke" or "just let out a wet fart", pictures that are largely just mirror selfies AND for your money you get 849 pictures in the same pose but slightly different face? Especially after watching the videos I'm convinced Lori should pay her viewers for having to see this, in the first video she looks like special needs and in the second it looks like she's having a seizure. The "content" is so low effort, honestly who the fuck would PAY to get to jerk off to this?

No. 158586

File: 1625341414660.gif (14.94 MB, 400x541, ezgif-2-55a62b0997b6.gif)

Just like a sped peep show KEK

No. 158587

File: 1625341631618.jpg (135.64 KB, 720x916, IMG_20210703_144453_103.jpg)

The answer I always see given is that OF is more personal than porn and given that Lori sends personal dms if you pay to chat to her, maybe it's that? But given her OF bio says to "keep fantasies about me to yourself" she probably sucks at that too. Pic related Kevin "liking" a status where she sexts with other dudes. Lol pathetic.

No. 158590

>do sex work
>fake your sex acts
>repost old sets to hide the fact you look like a weathered leather bag in kids clothes with no makeup or extensions
>I look this kawaii and young naturally everyday because I'm anime!!1!
>try to sell a fabricated face and body to fulfill pedophiles
>keep your fantasies to yourself
>posts clothed fetish content
>most of it is censored and clothed anyway
>so much it makes censored softcore look extremely explicit
>most of her posts are cosplay and fantasy/sci fi
>flirts in dms
>laughs at and rejects people who make advances despite her entire "job" revolving around selling the fantasy
>outright shames people for not subbing to the forbidden spicy of a thousand suns
>pressures women asking for makeup tips to buy her porn and dm her money

She's so shit at this and so absolutely psychotic. Is she a tweaker? She looks like a deflated tweaker.

No. 158592

It's like she's having a seizure!

No. 158593

Is she roleplaying as a horse? Wtf is with the weird leg kick. It literally just makes her look like she’s a horse and those are her hooves

No. 158596

File: 1625347680168.jpg (65.65 KB, 613x613, CollageMaker_20210703_14182513…)

She really does do her sets in one go only to slowly release them over time. I've even noticed a few instances where she just reposts older content to pad her feed. Her premium content is the true scam though as it's just the same crap she's already posted, a bit longer or in a slightly different pose/facial expression. I'm hesitant to share those in the event that she can figure out the account I'm using resulting in a ban. With that in mind, you seldomly see her bare chest, let alone anything else. I have yet to come across any video, premium, or feed that wasn't censored with those ugly, childish stickers she uses on her feed. Just because you add a filter onto your sets, doesn't make them new, Lori.

No. 158597

I really don't understand the poses that show ¾ of one ass cheek. Like ???

No. 158599

File: 1625349390072.png (1.06 MB, 1227x2048, Screenshot_20210703-145403.png)

Too late we leaked everything there is to see! I've archived the Imgur but I need to back up the leaks on a secure site. Here and Kiwi could get DMCA'd but encrypted private links are above Lori's intelligence lmao. I've also got the first leak too from a couple threads back. Congrats Lori, here's your first real taste of doing sex work!

No. 158600

File: 1625351460242.jpg (1.2 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_07-03-03.29.41.jpg)

The editing is sooooo bad in her new pics. Unphotoshopped is on the right

No. 158610

tinfoil but, someone is bumping dead threads on this board with meme images. could it be Lori and Kev trying to hide this or be annoying?

No. 158613

How pathetic that she has to act like she's getting DMs. We know that inbox is drier than your personality, Lori.

Big big yikes. She looks like this and Kevin spends all of his free time defending and promoting her while she withholds sex from him? What a fucking loser topkek. Bargain bin Kurt Kobain needs to get some therapy.

No. 158620

File: 1625358815916.png (234.67 KB, 2048x1171, Screenshot_20210703-173108.png)

Tinfoil but I think Kayla is her only friend. She's the only person consistently liking her stuff and being tagged in things.

No. 158624

I bet she does her shoots this way because she needs to take tons of pics to get ones that the filters catch the right way and she keeps going back through them for usable shots to post over time. I think shes actually busted and she cant shoot that often. She probably has to starve herself for a few days and she has so few clothing pieces to choose from that shes limited even more. Why else would she pull stuff like her old peasant skirts out to mix them with junk from Amazon? She has no resources to work with.

No. 158626

File: 1625362012584.png (1.68 MB, 1187x2048, Screenshot_20210703-182451.png)

>this body is 100% natural
fucking cope boxchan

No. 158627


That is her posting on behalf of a different page for cosplay girls. So does this prove that the weird Reddit account is actually hers after all?

No. 158628

Samefag maybe not. Seems like anyone can post on that group because it appears to be public and anyone can post on it. Sage for autism.

No. 158632

No, it's a public group but she does communicate with mods and admin as her posts ALWAYS have privacy restrictions so you cannot comment unless she knows you won't out her or post a candid. She had comments public until people from the fakeup group spotted her.

No. 158633

Tinfoil, but I feel like this is Lori's attempt at a jab at Momo because of her recent nose job? (And history of other cosmetic work of course)

No. 158634

Maybe. It seems more likely that she would be indirectly responding to us because anons post de-photoshopped images of her using candids as a basis. She really publicly seethes over that and her new favorite thing to screech about is "doctored images" that constitute as "libel" or "defamation" as if her edits are herself in the flesh. More than anything she's really just trying to convince herself that she is that small and curvy. She's insecure about it to the point of self harm and suicide and it's blatantly obvious. In no time she'll be begging for plastic surgery funds on GoFundMe while bullying Mariah on Facebook with her privacy setting on Friends Except.

No. 158637

File: 1625367971629.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 309.79 KB, 1242x1561, 849E0F70-94ED-4925-A31B-910360…)

Does Lori not know which way a butt crack is supposed to go?

No. 158638

File: 1625368072821.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 312.2 KB, 1229x1470, A842104B-A5F5-4F89-AD43-C403A3…)

The butt looks like it’s melted. “100% real body here” she claims. But it’s 100% photoshopped.

No. 158639

Learn to spoiler and sage. These have already been posted up thread.

No. 158641

Anon its just a no muscle ass is all. Also known as a frog ass.

No. 158645

File: 1625374192711.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 316.56 KB, 1080x1440, UnUPxgd.jpeg)

wtf I know that's got to be her thigh but with how it's shooped it almost looks like a sack falling out.

No. 158648

Anon, that's a labia. I think it's looking distorted because of the tight thigh high? ( And the shoop ?)

No. 158651

It looks fucking black, weird how she’s a serial shooper but won’t lighten that.

No. 158655

Doesn’t she have a back tattoo? Did she just photoshop a giant rash there instead?

No. 158656

Uh… that's a shadow.

No. 158659

File: 1625381834100.jpg (Spoiler Image, 279.28 KB, 1080x1704, Screenshot_20210704-165638__01…)

I thought this was an overreaction but then I zoomed in…

No. 158660

She's only saying she has DMs because anons here said that's the only way she can make money with no subs, but to get DMed you'd have to have people interested in you to begin with.

Imagine being so ugly IRL and role playing having pretty privilege after hours of insane shooping, but still being poor from buying bot followers.

Loony you're just too old and undesirable, you won't be able to fake it till you make it. Nobody wants to sub to your spedcy.

No. 158661

I don't understand why she doesn't just bite the bullet and do actual porn. It's not like it'd make her any less unemployable than she already is. Or ruin her reputation even more than kevin or herself have.

No. 158665

What? It's still a shadow

No. 158666

Please explain what kind of shadow this is, because I think everyone else is seeing a sack of blue balls barging out from her garment. Look at the how her cooch blurs together with the ‘shadow’. That shit does not look natural.

No. 158668

Never before have I seen such a good example of physically sperging out holy shit.

No. 158671

How tf you seeing a shadow, how did that other anon see a labia. I literally can't see anything but what looks like balls, there's even a line of skin attached so it's clearly not just something behind her.. I know obviously that can't be what it is but I'm seriously mind fucked at how that's being seen as anything else

No. 158672

File: 1625389909411.jpg (203.69 KB, 1080x1400, Screenshot_20210704_031050.jpg)

Like actually are we all looking at the same thing here what the fuck is this

No. 158673

I honestly don't know how to explain it other than it's a shadow. It doesn't look anything like balls, the white is fat pushing the stocking into her groin or the white sewn in liner of what she's wearing, the shadow is partial ass cheek too. It's just a bunch of unfortunate clothing cutting off areas and distorting her body.

No. 158674

Jfc is a shadow. The thigh goes into the ass cheek anon.

No. 158675

I'm sorry but are you actually looking at it? Like adjust your screen brightness or something it doesn't look anything like what you're describing

Don't get me wrong it's obviously not actually a ballsac but her ass doesn't hang that low and her thigh doesn't make any sense, it's gotta be some malformed shoop filter shit she didn't catch… Like look at where her hips are even with shoop that can't be where her flat ass is sagging ???

No. 158676

it's a shadow baby girl don't trip too hard. lorena just sucks dick at photoshop.
wait shouldn't say that, sucking dick is probably the only skill she has.

No. 158680

Can you… Outline what part is supposed to be her thigh vs her asscheek in this "shadow"? It looks like a distinctive solid mass I'm front with a darker outline to me, with a connecting gradient into her skin. What's the part that's overlapping the front of her right thigh? (our left; side with the tattoo near her hip). Why would a shadow including her asscheek be infront of her other thigh?

No. 158695

Anon it’s just her butt / thigh fat squished out of her too tight stockings. Looks weird because of the lighting and shadows but nothing abnormal. Tight stockings are a fetish in the hentai community so I assume she’s trying to appeal to that demographic.

No. 158696

You anons have got to be retarded to be tripping this hard over a shadow when its obvious for anyone who knows anatomy and is a woman, to tell what a thigh connecting to an asscheek at that angle looks like. Anyone who knows basic anatomy knows theres rarely a distinctive bump seperation from ass and thigh when you bend your leg up like that.

No. 158698

It’s a shadow with razor burn/stubble bc her pubes are thick and dark. She should wax.

No. 158699

Tbh I'm more put off by her Lego hand shaped vag eating her weird lingerie bottom. That's gotta hurt.

No. 158700

File: 1625413522626.jpg (50.83 KB, 600x337, 1485970246681.jpg)

>shadows of her pectus are lighter implying she's sucking in big time
>collar rings are warped
>pixelated splotches and black lines blown out from liquify show where her waist extends to naturally
>abused sharpen tool but blurred other areas into oblivion to feign "high quality"
>cheap Leg Avenue tier fake silk panties pulled up as high as possible and knotted right at her waist
>doesn't even give her shape anyways, looks like that turkey plush in a bikini; sad saggy boxchan body cope
>shoes aren't even buckled correctly implying she threw all of this on haphazardly after makeup
>black/grey cuticles and visible glue lines on the underside of the nail where her real nail tips are
>editing warped the strings on her bottoms
>edited boobs, still looks like a tranny
>bean head with the Karla Holmoka signature poof pout

She really looks like a whole ass tranny. K E K. It's so funny seeing her seethe over naturally beautiful and feminine women. She wishes she had soft angelic features so bad. That's why she gave up on trying to be a model, now she knows the best she can get is doing puffer faces through 6 filter apps for someone's pedophile uncle.

No. 158701

Can we all just take moment to appreciate the fact that yet again, this is all Kevin’s fault? I wonder how many lashings he got for being the driving force behind Reddit anon leaking her onlyfans. Thanks Kevin!

No. 158703

She blocked him again so he's definitely being put through the ringer. I always wonder what his punishments are. We know about the dead bedroom but I feel like her Joan Crawford temperament would drive her to starve him or revoke his finances so she can splurge, making him work even more and be away from her for longer. Also, she could be cheating too. That's her wheelhouse. She follows some neckbeard simps who seems to be on the west coast. She never follows everyday normie men unless they're giving her something she deems worth her while. Especially cause they don't share hobbies or interests like anime or cosplay. If you look at her followers you'll see what I mean. There's a handful and they all look like types to waste their money on a ticket to some psycho who puts out for anything.

No. 158705

More info on the neckbeard simps? I don't think any of them would deal with her IRL.

No. 158706

poor Kevin JUST got done with time-out and Lori finally followed/unblocked him after how long? …months? now he’s back to being blocked again kek
the fact that he stays with her and defends her is so pathetic, their relationship is such a disaster

No. 158709

I just checked. She didn't block him, just unfollowed him lol. The way to tell when she blocks him is when he stops following her and all his likes disappear from her account. He's still following her and the likes are still there.

Lori never follows Kevin for more than a few days before unfollowing him.

Kevin truly is the cow that keeps on giving. I really hope he starts that YouTube and twitch channel soon!!!

No. 158710

Nayrt but one of them is named mark_w_linnert. He posts stuff like "gorgeous sexy angel baby I wish I had a girl like you in my life I would spoil you so bad" type stuff, under his real name, on nearly every single one of Lori's posts. I said a few threads ago that Lori will leave Kevin for one of these neckbeard simps as long as they can provide her with a house. She has said this multiple times in her interactions with people.

No. 158711

File: 1625420044868.jpg (2.39 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_07-04-10.32.03.jpg)

These accounts stand out to me. I blocked out kids faces. The elkokoro dude has an OC waifu and she has her own account. It's really funny. Will reply with pic.

No. 158712

File: 1625420183363.png (1.47 MB, 1214x2048, Screenshot_20210704-102428.png)

Also that Tekaiii person looks REALLY young. It creeps me out. Her followers look and seem even younger if they aren't Jason Womack types.

If the anime art guy makes Lori free fan art I feel like it's a safe assumption he is a loyal subbie to the forbidden spice.

No. 158717

File: 1625425023604.jpg (Spoiler Image, 266.9 KB, 1080x1440, NGmNfqd.jpg)

surprised no one has mentioned whatever the FUCK is happening with her tits in this one

No. 158719

where are these getting leaked?

No. 158720

it's the same imgur album that the reddit anon linked here >>158496

No. 158721

None of your business.

No. 158722

she has a chest deformity– her chest is concave. She tries to hide it but it's pretty difficult when you have your tits on display.

No. 158723

Hi, WK. For anyone reading and lazy, its here.
Link is archived. Kiwi is also hosting the photos. >>158599 has archives. It's not going anywhere and neither will the first leak.

No. 158724

Not that anon but they asked where they were being leaked, not why. I don't think they're being a WK lol.

No. 158725

>None of your business
Who would say that in response to asking where the pictures are from? Only someone on the defense or lost on context.

No. 158726

I'm retarded, I thought you were replying to the person who asked.I never even saw that post. Carry on.

No. 158729

File: 1625427356302.png (2.82 MB, 1080x1440, imagen_2021-07-04_143553.png)

why the fuck does she do this with her feet????

No. 158730

It’s not even in focus, for one. S tier premium spicy content totally worth the cost of admission right there!

No. 158731

If someone told me this was a troon body, I’d believe them.

No. 158732


No expiry date, if it 404's it's not on my end.
It's compressed, I'm going to find backup places to upload the whole thing unzipped. Unless you're a tard, you'll figure out how to unzip the folder.

You can't sue for copyright now because you've got public record of your lackey threatening to kill people both on and off anon. You can't do anything. Just in case you're reading and scheming on how you're going to own the jealous fat anon bitches, Lori.

No. 158733

File: 1625428504252.gif (968.05 KB, 245x245, 1468719007744.gif)

edited skin color vs. the toes

No. 158735

>>158717 Her photos look like they come from one of those gore websites.

God punched her crumpled chest so hard it wasn't even good as fetish model material no matter how hard she rephrases "UWU UBER SPICY BEEP BEEP HOMIE CONTENT".

I kinda want her to change her name to MonsterChest.

No. 158740


I'm so jealous of her figure. :( I've always wanted a twink body.(:()

No. 158743

Kev been real quiet on Reddit since the outing. No promoting, no clap backs, no lawsuit threats.

What a shame KEK

No. 158757

Lori probably panicked then chained him up and gave him lashings after people brought up legal dirt that she could be sued for

No. 158760

Lori really do be out here dropping the ball on weird niche fetish opportunities, though.

MonsterChest would prob get more simpbux than this egirl skinwalk shit she does now.

No. 158761

Kek considering how low tier Kevvy is, any of these low tier men even if they're living off their parents would be an upgrade for Loony who is just "passing thru Utah" for years at 40.

No. 158769

Kek it really is hilarious how much Lori hates Kevin. From the constant replies to people about how she's "just passing through Utah," to the mentions where she basically says she'll do whatever a sub wants as long as they buy her a house, to the private Facebook post about how Kevin ruined her life and her dream, it's clear she's looking for an exit strategy out of the relationship.

I hope she finds it tbh. I feel a tiny crumb worth of sorry for Lori, being stuck with someone as pathetic as Kevin. But really I'd just love to watch a new chapter where these two buffoons are split up and telling the internet all about it.

No. 158773

I want Kevin to dump her for his own good, but without him we won't get the amazing milk. This thread has been a trip ever since she leeched off him and ruined his future. It's only fair he ruins whatever was left of hers.

No. 158775

Whatever happened to the rest of her Kous? I know we've seen the Venus and Mars, but is Lori still in contact with the others or did they cut her off for good?

No. 158776

Forth of July posts. Her signature "poof pout" alone should be reason enough to punch her, never mind her grating voice and disgusting personality. My god.

No. 158778

She looks retarded when she keeps doing that puff mouth with the violent head shake. What is that even supposed to be? No one's turned on by this and she's delusional.

No. 158779

File: 1625462578739.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 780.22 KB, 828x1049, 3B669A0F-39FB-427A-B223-3907B1…)

Holy moly they’re like frog flippers

No. 158780

Did she change her filter settings?

She looks like a tranny a lot more than usual.

No. 158782

eeew her feet look like they belong to gollum, what the fuck is going on with the toenails they're so ugly

also holy shit they're as long as her entire calf, bet you could hear a slapping noise when she walks on a flat surface

No. 158784

File: 1625464014768.jpg (39.16 KB, 484x613, Untitled466_20210704224345.jpg)

Speaking of her legs, what the hell is going on here?

No. 158787

That's a calve muscle being squished to the side because it's on top of the other leg. Calves do this all the time. Not shocked her calve muscles are at least toned enough to do this considering all the heels she wears 24/7. Bikers and swimmers have these muscles pretty prominent too.

I swear, some of you have never taken an anatomy class or have just got to be trolling around nitpicking.

No. 158790

She’s an ana-chan who has never worked out a day in her life. Her wearing heels for a photoshoot in her filthy bedroom for ten minutes, half of which she’s literally sitting on the floor, would not give her a biker’s or swimmer’s muscle tone.

No. 158793

This. People who don't work out have no idea what actual muscle looks and moves like. Loony is naturally heavyset and never exercises, her shapeless legs were just being pushed against the bone because she was straining to pose in a specific way to hide her numerous flaws.

She wears flats outside according to candids and heels have nothing to do with it. If she could afford to eat, she'd blow up to her natural weight again.

No. 158806

So… did she post anything milky or a response to reddit anon? As much as I love reading paragraphs of nitpicks and looking at her filtered nudes, I'd rather see some crazy from everyone's favorite couple.

No. 158808

Then don't know what to tell you anons what it is.

No. 158809

File: 1625483307947.png (2.23 MB, 1399x2048, Screenshot_20210705-060112~3.p…)

Nevermind the calf and frog feet wtf is going on with her thighs and why does it look like a large chicken bone?
Is the purple area supposed to be her ass crack, if so she has an alien ass with no definitive split or asshole.

No. 158827

Seconding. Is there any new update or is this just going to turn into a week of people nitpicking at her shitty photos? We know she has gross feet, who fucking cares. Where's the milk?

No. 158832

File: 1625493912952.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 244.85 KB, 1080x1440, zye9XyC.jpeg)

c'mon anon it's just a shadow from her hand as you can see

No. 158838

The filters dont hide her age either, the shape is clearly that of an older woman. Even if she worked out, working out only tightens the body, the shape still changes with age. She clearly has never worked out, she looks doughy.

Also these are the most boring nudes I've ever seen. Nude and still just laying there covering it all up. Is this a response to anons who said her OF was boring sensored porn? If so, it's not any better, sexy or interesting.

No. 158840

File: 1625497751982.jpg (163.72 KB, 1072x1057, Screenshot_20210705-100726_Duc…)

They cant go that long without flipping their shit. I think for a while they tried to keep quiet but they couldnt help themselves on reddit. Comments always being deleted since they cant handle the truth, that people know her and shes not well recieved or liked by most. All comments are always deleted because they run from thread to thread begging mods to delete them since their all negative. I'm sure they try to preempt telling mods their being stalked and bullied.

No. 158842

Uwu dainty teenage lady feet

She must have a specific deranged fetish simp who loves closeup high res feet photo to make them a focus like she does in so many photos, this will put off most normal people - maybe a longstanding fan who pays well.

No. 158846

This leaves me wondering if the places she uploads her "content" would have to be seperatly copyrighted for her to even have the right to send a DMCA notice. Some places you liose that right, even if your work is copyrighted and some sites the images are auto copyrighted to the company you uploaded them too. I'm not sure what those legalities are with OF or Insta. I think legal input would be necessary and that isnt free or cheap so I totally agree they would probably try and use some shit web service with the "do it yourself" style notice and fail miserably not understanding if their even within the law.

No. 158848

KEK! I remember her pathetic LJ rules. I know that shit is posted somewhere in these threads. God imagine being so hated you have to pretend your so popular your being stalked to stroke your fragile ego. Sad.

No. 158856

The filter to look younger and feminine with big uwu eyes made Kevin look like her sister.

No. 158861

These anons post and feign any knowledge of anatomy and lighting just to nitpick.

No. 158863

Anything you post has a copyright automatically added to it. You don't have to file a seperate one.

No. 158872

File: 1625505329304.jpg (132.81 KB, 720x1180, IMG_20210705_121420_600.jpg)

Fuck you, forest fires! Lol

No. 158873

thats so retarded lmao

No. 158874

Is he ok

No. 158880

LOLLLL god I can't handle Kev's wigger phase its too cringe

No. 158887

He acts as he cares about fires he couldn’t care less just post your dumb selfie Kevin no one believes a word you ever say

No. 158889

the red eyebrows looks so stupid, is she cosplaying a clown or something?

is her brain so fried by her bleach jobs that she forgot she doesn't have pink hair anymore?

No. 158892

Ayrt, after posting it I wondered if he was trying to make a "Forest of July" play on words? Which… Is even more cringe lol.

No. 158902

Wanted to know where does her bangs start I was sure they were more in the front before I’m thinking she might be wearing them clip-on bags here unless she cut the shit out of her hair and made half her head bangs

No. 158916

>wigger shit
>moving mirror into position just to take a selfie
>using Lori's phone with girly accessories

They're both truly people of walmart.

No. 158928

File: 1625524414265.png (1.78 MB, 1080x1878, Screenshot_20210705-152951~2.p…)

She loves pushing this image of her being naturally graceful and natural in club wear. We know for a fact she never wears the heels out and goes for orthopedic ass slippers. The riskiest she gets is her Anthony Wangs and even those look spotless like she has never stepped foot outside her carpeted room. We know you wear the same shirts and vests from 15 years ago so you can feel like you never aged or got fat. You're so fake everyone sees through you. It's not even like wearing Dolls Kill is fucking weird or out of the norm. It is the norm. Every egirl dresses like this. They are all carbon copies that lie about the same shit and bite each other's styles intentionally like the BPD psycho stalkers they are.

No. 158929

File: 1625524491238.png (1.31 MB, 1195x2048, Screenshot_20210705-153000.png)

>implying you coined the poof
lori looks like a bulimic stripper trying not to yak on stage.

No. 158930

She looks so pretty with more natural filters

No. 158933

Love the fingers over the jowls she can't edit out any further. Saggy!

No. 158934

>Natural filters
Baby that's still shopped to shit. She has a man face.

No. 158935

File: 1625524900989.png (1.12 MB, 1273x2048, Screenshot_20210705-153909.png)

Succubi are immortal anyway so it's redundant to say 'ancient'. It's so clear she's just inadvertently admitting her age so she can go "omg I literally talk about how old I am all the time" so she can get away with being an "ancient" loli. Also she just thinks admitting being a hag is owning the '4chan trolls'. Sage for nitpicking autism but she's just so stupid unintentionally it hurts. She makes women look bad.

No. 158939

Even with that blur, her giant ass nose is still apparent and I don’t even want to know what’s going on with those flakey lips.

No. 158942

I mainly only lurk her thread so sorry if this was discussed already but by 4chan trolls do you mean that she’s also being made fun of on 4chan?

No. 158953

I agree with whatever anti-lori sentiments you expressed but
>Succubi are immortal anyway so it's redundant to say 'ancient'.
Is a weird hill to die on.

No. 158968

She was originally first mentioned on /cgl/ once her drama exploded. Since those users can't gossip on /cgl/ anymore, we talk about it here. She has referred to anons as 4chan trolls but not recently. More like a vintage inside joke about her Usagi days.

No. 158979

She does the pink brows because she's scared as shit to do darker brows. They'll make her look more hispanic and we all know she's scared shitless of looking hispanic and only brings it up when she wants to find the most bullshit excuse to defend herself with.

No. 158980

File: 1625534403694.png (133.71 KB, 532x690, B5DD0D75-02CF-400E-8031-BEAB04…)

i always assumed it was part of her ~uwu smol animu loli~ schtick of poorly copying japanese makeup. picrel, the red eye liner, pink brows, and harsh blush

No. 158986

That's exactly what it is but she has chosen to die on the hill that she invented that entire look.

No. 158988

The character Zero Two has red liner. She just uses Zero Two as a base for anything she does. It's not some geisha shit.

No. 158997

Not those anons but, she’s been doing that ugly eyeliner before Zero Two. It’s the whole reason why she thinks they ‘inspired ‘Zero Two off of her when they don’t even know she exists and it’s some stupid basic red liner that’s been around for ages that she probably copied from someone.

No. 159006

File: 1625555354811.jpg (38.25 KB, 460x393, skinwalking.JPG)

nah man, the blush is her attempt at skinwalking this other chick from Kevin's friends list. She even lifted that "smol bean" bullshit. This other chick does all of her shoots in her room as well, and also has it cluttered af, but it at least looks clean.

No. 159016

No one is going to give you attention for trying to ride the coat tails of loris thread, self poster. Go scrounge up some confidence instead of seeking out some inkling of relevancy on image boards.

No. 159017

Not sure how I managed to drop my quote.

No. 159026

who are you and why would she be skinwalking you? all of you ethots do your makeup in the same fashion because all of you copy off each other, then claim originality lol there really is no way to pinpoint the source of the weeby ethot makeup.

No. 159029

Man out of all the places to promote oneself why would anyone do it on a toxic gossip site? Not even the most braindead ethot is thirsty for that kind of attention, stop tinfoiling. Nta but I’m sure they just brought her up since she’s on Kevin’s friend list.

No. 159039

You should have read the rules and gotten your nose fixed before you posted here, honey. The egirl look doesn't suit you and we know you aren't smol. Just another skinny fat 5'5" painfully average pedo baiter. The people attracted to this thread are the worst. KEK.

No. 159048

Not to mention Lori has been using the term "smol bean" for years, maybe even a decade, at this point.

Not to WK Lori or anything, but reach harder self-poster.

No. 159049

>She's on Kevin's friends list
Where? Lori never lets him add women that aren't fat or old looking. She has rules set in place for him because she would lose her mind if he cheated on her.
>who would look for clout here
A dumb whore who posts all her info publicly and has 5k friends and 6k followers on that same account she just posted. Sorry, someone totally random posted for no reason.

No. 159054

Are you blind, willfully ignorant, a massive newfag, the self poster or all of the above? Retards do it all the time, some even try to start threads on themselves. It's incredibly transparent and usually phrased a lot like how that post was because they don't have 2 braincells to rub together to conceive what someone else would actually say about them at a glance.

In the off chance it isn't a self post (which I honestly don't believe), the op is a retard for thinking it had any relevancy or was worth posting here and needs to lurk moar (apparently you as well, miss "Nta"
… Kek)

No. 159058

>Man out of all the places to promote oneself why would anyone do it on a toxic gossip site?
>Toxic gossip site
It's this part that made me kek the most

No. 159073

As a Britfag, her using the term 'lewd poof' is fucking hilarious.

No. 159081

File: 1625605296356.jpg (25.8 KB, 720x447, IMG_20210706_160014_841.jpg)

New Reddit post! 32 upvotes, no replies, not bad not bad. One of their more successful posts, kek. Maybe r/Ahegao_IRL is more harsh than r/RealAhegao.

No. 159082

File: 1625605536712.webm (337.9 KB, 720x1280, 212634448_326700788999391_7278…)

Picturing this aging NEET holding ridiculous puffer faces and wiggle dancing from third person is depressing. You can see its just her playing dress up in front of a tripod in her dingy room. She's just in there most of the day rewatching the trailer for Belle going "that's so me", playing WoW and posing like a heaving cat for a few hundred bucks. Even other e-girl OF types have friends they go out with, they do fun things and document it without it having to be forced and processed to shit. The peak of her year was probably going to the mall to get Louis Vuitton, if it even happened. I can't imagine this being me at 36. That's scary and sad.

No. 159090

File: 1625608361963.webm (1.2 MB, 720x1280, 211152968_235753511486159_3177…)

>Even other e-girl OF types have friends they go out with, they do fun things and document it without it having to be forced and processed to shit.

Lori makes comments sometimes about being a hermit. But I think she's just content leeching off Kevin.

Also you reminded me! I forget to upload this video of her from the other day pitching up her voice to sound like a little girl and begging for subs.

No. 159093

OP here and not the thot in the picrel. I just thought it was funny that this chick was chilling in Kev's friends list since it looks like Lori copies everything she does. He has probably already deleted her though, since he is paranoid af. Go browse his friends list before he locks it down, there may be similar thots on it.

No. 159095

Anon idk if you are the e-thot in question or just a rando but Kevin does not follow this girl lol. I know him and Lori monitor this thread like crazy so he may have just unfollowed her after you posted this because it spooked him. Lmao. Or Lori screeched at him to delete her.

No. 159096

If anyone gets harassed by accounts and can check emails, here's a list of some emails Lori would probably use for throwaways.
Also any email with the following is a giveaway
>varah lune
>klaxo or anything DITF
>endymion (less likely but possible)
Kevin's only known email
Anything MHA or WoW related is probably a good bet. Wouldn't be surprised if he used his WoW name for accounts like Lori does.

Funny she thinks she can get away with that voice when she actually sounds like link below. Her accent is probably softer but there's no way a squawking smoker like her would have a little voice like that.

No. 159099

They likely cut her off and only give her sprinklings of validation in passing out of pity. I've avoided digging for the other Kou's because it seems unnecessary. If they were still enabling her madness we would have seen them already like we see Kayla. I honestly think Kayla is her only friend.

No. 159100

Is this a six and a half minute voicemail?! Damn that's deranged lol.

No. 159103

you know what, I am a retard and just realized she follows HIM on facebook. Under his "friends" it only shows people who follow him.

No. 159105

File: 1625612931609.jpg (19.65 KB, 872x272, luls.JPG)

also, picrel. I bet it makes Lori fucking seeeethe that this chick follows him, lul.

No. 159107

Yep, almost 7 minutes of pure Lori sperg.
>Oh, Jesus Christ, I am, like, beyond upset right now, like, it… The majority doesn't even have to do with me. But, like, honestly, people, Scott is a motherfucking asshole. Like, I just stumbled upon a very, like, fun little exposé testimonial little thingy that he wrote in the last month about me. And it's funny because me and someone else were talking and we were pretty much saying, 'Well, replace Lori's name with his name and that's closer to the truth of, you know, what really happened.' And it was just…it's really no fun. Like, I feel really bad because, like, I've been talking to, like, a couple female friends that, you know, had gotten involved with him. And, like, each one was a little upset at me for, like, not warning them what type of person he really was. So, I've pretty much decided that this is the last straw and that people need to be warned the type of person he like really is. He's not a fun guy. Like, his online personality compared to his real life 3D self is a totally different thing. Like, I'm going to explain it one day, like, I'm honestly… This is the last straw. I saw that post. It's, like, he hates drama, he says, or you know so he claims, that he hates drama and he just wants to forget about me but why is it that he keeps on fucking feeding the fire? Why does he keep on crossing that line and doing stuff like… Oh, the ring drama, it was just like… I'm not even going to think about that. But, like, even like after that, I would have assumed that he wanted to stop the drama. I didn't think I'd find this little online testimonial thing. It's like…he says all these horrible, mean things about me. Doesn't he think that maybe, in some way, people aren't really going to believe him? Like, I don't know. Like, I'm just sitting here just wondering what type of person was I like involved with? Like yeah, I was eighteen years old at the time so I was a little young and a little stupid, you know. Like, I'm going about to turn fucking twenty-one and, like, I don't know. Like, I don't know if two years is that much… like, two and a half years is that much of, like, a difference to totally jar somebody out of the type of person they used to be but anyway. Just talking about me right now. I'm still… Jesus Christ, things are about to get really, really ugly. Like, I've been trying to let this go, but he just keeps on crossing that fucking line. Like, I just want this [indecipherable] calling me out. I want him to stop talking about me. I want him to stop bitching to my friends about me 'cause, like, he's dumb. Like, he assumes that, like, my friends aren't going to tell me. He assumes that, you know, my friends aren't going to tell me that he, you know, wishes that he choked me harder the first time and that, you know, if I so much as look at him funny at Katsucon, he just might do it again. It's, like, people really need to know the type of person he is. You know, he's a psychopath. He's got so many delusions and it's ridiculous. Like, I feel really bad for all the girls now that, like, he's fucked with mentally, that have actually spoken to me about it. Like, Jesus Christ, in the next month he's about to have, like, a brick house fall on top of him. I have so much shit on him. I have so much information. I have so much backup that I haven't yet used because I wanted this to go away. I wanted this to just stop. I wanted people to just let it go. This was…over a year ago, you know, well over a year ago. And, like, I guess maybe I should have spoke up sooner. Maybe I should have posted my side of things sooner. Maybe I would have been a little bit more credible had I posted these things before he did, had I complained before he did. But, you know, I like being a bigger person. I like kind of ignoring the things because, you know, I've had to deal with drama a lot during my life. But, like, I don't… He doesn't deserve people to be nice to him. Like, he's, yeah… It's going to be a lovely, lovely five page essay that I'm going write on the bastard. And like, hopefully, people can actually see him. Well, no, people have already started to see him for the person he is and, like, mutual friends that are no longer mutual friends because they've decided to ditch his ass, have them come up to me and been like, 'Yeah, sorry. We didn't see this sooner.' I'm like, 'No, don't worry, not a problem. You've figured out he's an asshole now. That's all that matters.' You know, in the end people see, you know, who's the better person in that type of situation. But, um, But, yeah, he's crossed to the fucking line now and about to get royally fucked. Like, if you stay neutral, like you might have to take sides, I suggest you tell me because, like, if you don't want anything to do with him, I'll filter you [on LiveJournal]. You know, the less leakers I have the better. I will start deleting people pretty soon, though, that I think will tell him. It's like maybe three people. Then, [indecipherable] leak to him. So, like, you might want to tell him he's about to be royally fucked with. If he dares to try to do anything at Katsucon, because, knowing the type of person he is, he will. No, actually, no. He knows. He knows not to do shit in public. He's always been hoping that's more… But, um… But making a little… post about him, so are a couple other people. And, um, it's going to be for the entire public to see because I was getting sick of girls getting fucked coming to me and being like, 'Why didn't you yadda yadda?' Like, people need to know that he's an asshole, a complete asshole. And, um, yeah. So, I'm going to go now. And this, um, I'm utterly annoyed by all this. And, at least now, by taking some action, it puts a stop to it…to this bullshit. It really needs to end. Anyway, tomorrow, so I should really be getting to bed soon. I'll talk to a few of you later. Bye!

No. 159108

Stop posting this person; it's even worse that you're double posting about them. It's not milky. Kevin doesn't follow her and even if he did, that isn't milk. This is just a random girl that follows Kevin. I highly doubt Lori knows she exists. I don't understand how you call yourself a retard for not realizing he doesn't follow her and instead of quietly going away you make a third post about her. You are either really stupid or you are that girl trying to spam your shit on lolcow. Fuck off.

No. 159110

Most likely. Lori is possessive even when she's cheating on her wallets.

No. 159124

I didn't read the whole thing but her speech pattern has all the hallmarks of someone who is guilty and lying about everything they're saying.

No. 159174

Every time Lori says "like", take a drink.

Its as if the way she spoke never changed from the early 2000's to now. Outdated linggo isn't very Kawaii lori. And trying to appeal to the new generation isn't working out either. No one likes to watch softcore seizure porn.

No. 159199


She always looks like she is having a seizure. It's so grating. Who tf thinks this sort of bullshit is attractive???

No. 159216

File: 1625668313487.jpg (911.46 KB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_07-07-07.29.51.jpg)

Finally I got a pic where you can see the shading and wrinkles when she poofs. Put it thru an HD filter and ran it backwards through Meitu to take the face filters off.

No. 159228

File: 1625670166151.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1125x1400, A1751624-3F74-4BED-BD8E-BA1C73…)

she's got a white and a pink dresser in her room and a foam black chest to keep her junk in she looks like she lives in a resale shop nothing works together it’s just put there also them pigtails gross your not a baby Lori and don’t sexualize baby’s

No. 159233

File: 1625671438073.jpeg (525.11 KB, 1125x1754, 1625650613453.jpeg)

One of her and Kevin's fave photographers got cancelled for being a sex pest to underag girls. Birds of a feather flock together. He took their AX pics as well as some other ones that have since disappeared. He deleted every account so unfortunately those candids are gone unless farmers have it archived or saved. End of an era, those photos are worth more now in cowcoin.

No. 159299

File: 1625685174702.jpg (107.28 KB, 605x1280, IMG_20210707_115126_166.jpg)

I have the Gil Photography stuff saved but it's on a separate sd card. I'm sure other farmers do as well.

Someone left a negative comment on their Reddit post from yesterday lol.

No. 159311

File: 1625689373058.gif (277.26 KB, 640x360, 2021_S1_E19_Satoko_Twitch.gif)

Kevin wishes he was dating the loli woman she photoshops herself as. Unable to cope with aging and their poor decision making they've just fully sunk into a daydream. The kind that only appeals to other coomer escapists with porn addictions and naïve teens who like e-girls and j-fashion. How the fuck does someone let alone TWO people end up like this? Can they ever becoming functioning people with realistic goals and real friends? She really is stunted mentally.

No. 159317

There's nothing wrong with the hairdo, anon. Very common hairstyle with weebs.

No. 159320

She pulled the chin and head shrinking slider all the way to the maximum huh.

The pandemic made it all possible. If they were still going to cons at least we'd get candids and maybe they'd be outside more.

No. 159321

Except most weebs aren’t habitual pedo panderers like 40 year old Lori.

No. 159329

File: 1625694139579.png (572.69 KB, 1295x2048, Screenshot_20210707-143913.png)

No. 159332

Kevin also uses zeldakid@gmail.com I think

No. 159338

I didn’t know just cause other weebs do it that makes it ok to do also.
yeah pigtails are fine but when you go and put little pink ribbons in it and sit next to stuff animals and pose like a child and try to make it sexy. sorry if I hit your home there are other ways to be sexy don’t have to make little girls look like a sex toy’s when your 40 years old and using apps to make your self look young for the perverts

No. 159339

>a crime! A real actual crime!

No. 159340

Kevin, how is talking about photoshopping pictures a real actual crime? I hope his lawyer-san comes to the thread!

No. 159341

>you're psing it yourself and posting about it and sharing it
They really have built up this gangstalking-level mentality that anyone who recognizes anything they are outright doing is in on "it" and out to get them

No. 159348

KEK she still has the blanket on her disgusting poop and hair covered floor instead of cleaning, lorena is ugly inside and out

No. 159381

it's so funny to me she brags about top percents on onlyfans. people making real cash on OF like Trisha Paytas or Momokun just drop cash as a flex.

can you afford a $30,000 unnecessary cosmetic procedure Lori?

of course you can't, otherwise you'd have paid long ago to fix your missing tooth and caved in chest.

No. 159391

Reddit fagmods are nuking comments on her posts again, Kevin just sperged the fuck out accusing someone of stalking them but the mods deleted before I could screenshot.

No. 159392

Boo. Do you know the username of the person? Because when Reddit mods remove posts it still shows up on the poster's userpage.

No. 159399

File: 1625707595871.jpeg (643.42 KB, 828x1415, 42FAD905-2BC8-40C7-A92B-7E9397…)

I think it was /u/timoteiiii

They’ve been reposting the Imgur album in comments on Lori’s Reddit posts. This was their last comment. Kevin’s response was deleted.

No. 159400

File: 1625707850692.jpeg (244.37 KB, 630x725, 9AD45645-C979-4638-B839-2B1132…)

Samefag.. the user above was banned from the subreddit and Kevin had this to say to the mod.

No. 159405

Oh right, thanks, I doubt timo has been harassing them for weeks. I keep pretty close watch on their Reddit and 9 times out of 10 it's established Reddit users who call them out on the Photoshopping and pedobaiting but they are all different users. Now I can't say what's happening behind the scenes in private messages and whatnot but it's been different, well established accounts, calling them out each time.

No. 159412

File: 1625710392476.jpg (15.1 KB, 229x275, 1566862076487.jpg)

KEK Timo just looks like another random on reddit who's into cringe weeb stuff and came across Lori and Kev's account. They really can't help but accuse EVERY single naysayer of being a dedicated stalker. Don't you think after all these years of supposedly being stalked you would have an airtight case against multiple perpetrators? They act like thinking Lori is fake and disagreeing is grounds for a class action lawsuit. How insecure can you be?

No. 159416

The two funniest things Kevin's said on Reddit so far are "I thought people on Reddit were supposed to be cool" and now this: "Mods on Reddit actually come to the rescue"

Both said unironically. Absolute lol. I should start a Kevin quote database.

No. 159422

>so far
>as if she wasn’t just posting about “thanks for getting me back to 2.6% homies!!”

So she struggles to even stay in that percentile, yet still brags? As if that means anything at all even? Meanwhile literal nobodies are in a higher percentile than her. Delusional.

No. 159456

KEK Kevin saying they've never dealt with harassment before when he sperges on the regular about people coming for them every single day out of jealousy. Which is it, Kev?

No. 159470

Why do I find nothing if I search for kevin's peofile "adollaskye" on reddit ?

No. 159487

File: 1625752777132.png (511.67 KB, 1765x2048, Screenshot_20210707-213337.png)

It's Timo again. Lori or Kevin or whoever is trying to make this story up that I spend weeks harassing them with multiple accounts and that I am stalking. This is only my 5-6th comment I've left on anything. I rarely post and I don't talk to or message anyone except when Kevin used adolla to message me and threaten me

This is what he or Lori (idk who) said to me but it's only part of it because the mods deleted it so they stopped making everything worse lol

No. 159488

Adding: I was never blocked by them or pages before then and they kept talking to mods like I'm the one who is leaving every negative comment they receive ever. They just want to pin all this on me and act like they didn't harass and threaten someone else the same. I really wish I could show mods the picture of Kevins Facebook status where he said "come kill me" and "I'll kill you" to someone from this site.

No. 159496

I love how they pathetically lie to every mod but have to run from one sub reddit to another. The mods can see that the comments are all coming from different ISP addresses but probably dont care and just need to keep the rules of the boards so they delete comments when their just doing their jobs. This kid actually thinks the mods believe him. I'm sure the two of them know its way more than one person. They can keep lying to others, but they know the truth.

Still, even if it was the way the try to portray it, where's all the other positive comments supporting her supposed "un shopped all natural" photos? There are NONE!! EVER! Never a possitive comment, so obviously not only do the "haters" know the truth about her but everyone who looks at her pics can tell they are fake as fuck. There never being any possitive comments is more telling than the negative ones.

Watch, now her posts will be full of sockpuppet compliments, wait for it.

No. 159513

Sockpuppet accounts should be reported and considering Lori/Kevin joined to spam and other users, they should get banned soon. People need to just send mods the screenshots and stop responding.

No. 159519

File: 1625764222432.png (289.82 KB, 1271x2048, Screenshot_20210708-101023.png)

Wow, that advertising must be working. No wonder she's top 2.6% I mean, look at that engagement. The last few days she's been blowing up. She got 9 whole likes on a post this week. I don't know guys, they're like really successful and rich and I'm really jealous and ugly with no money.

No. 159528

What I won’t ever understand is there are so many influences out there with thin bodies and very beautiful faces, girls born with silver spoons! does Lori even wonder why they don’t have 3 sites laughing at them she always pulls the jealous card but no one would ever want to be Lori even if she looked like her filters she’s too old and has no brains and has nothing to show for

No. 159540

This is how you know the top %2 thing is a lie

No. 159542

Lori is a terminal NLOG so she thinks by virtue of being her obnoxious and caustic self that she's intrinsically above all other women and she thinks men think that too. That's why she does the "I'm a weirdo" "I'm a loli" act. Other small women can just rake in tens of thousands monthly by being sexy and well kempt. Lori truly believes she deserves that and more for selling clothed photos. That's how special and sexy she thinks she is. When she looks in the mirror she only sees her edits because the truth in her reflection is too hard to ever swallow. Her flexing her percent is just us watching her try to convince herself that this isn't a waste of money, time and life. The percent doesn't mean your successful anyway it's just based on how often you post and your interactions in dm. It's not about how popular you are. You can be Top .3% and only have 10 subs. The feature is there to trick sad, struggling women into thinking sex work is achieving them something real and meaningful.

No. 159548

Sorry anon but you're wrong. The percentage is calculated by total money earned on the site. It's not something that should be taken too literally as there's a lot of factors contributing to it, but it's an okay way to measure popularity on OF. Lori is lying about her % for sure

No. 159549

Different Anon here, but actually >>159542 is correct too. Those percentages are based on "account performance", not income alone and that's within a month period based off what she charges. So, her percentage is not based on what someone else may be doing, but the algorithm determined compared to people with same number subs per cost, interaction, etc…she's whatever 2.6 percent. However someone making 80K that's int top 3% is not ranking againt her stats.

Therefore, percents on OF is a big asspat from their pimp to pushing out content and bring Daddy OF's his buckeroos.

No. 159552

She only charges like $24 for 3 months. With little to no interaction on her posts and begging for subs, shes probably ranking against bottom of the barrel then. I bet she sits there all day pressing refresh page.

No. 159553

So she's making as much as the top 2%? So all of the users in that bracket make 400-1k bucks a month? Cause Lori DOES NOT make more than that. She DOES NOT have the numbers. She DOESN'T get tipped because she constantly has to beg like a dog. I hear something different every time but the one common thing that seems to make sense is your activity on the site not your earnings. Cause how can no-name fuggos be top 3% if they average 4-10 likes? Like, the earnings theory doesn't make sense at all. Can anyone explain this WITHOUT them going on a tangent about how they're actually top 2% too and they make more than Lori, or whatever? Anons have a habit of blogposting about their OFs and I dont' care. I just want hard facts on what quantifies the top percentile.

No. 159555

So fucking cheap there's no way she makes anything livable. The price per month is abysmal. One is $10, three is $8 and finally twelve is $8.50. Lori would be lucky if she got 2 or 3 year subs ever, otherwise Abuela is doing the e-girl equivalent of picking through scrote couch cushions.

No. 159560

If she were truly making top 2.6% OF earnings there’s no fucking way they’d be living out in West Valley, Utah.
Unless she’s saving (doubtful) or blowing 90% of it on garbage (maybe).

Utahfag here and WV does have some “nice” areas, but it’s a notorious ghetto and suffers from A LOT of crime. Extremely cheap to live there.
West Valley is a shithole which honestly says a lot about their income to me because the majority of Utah is very nice and affordable outside of SLC and Park City.

If she made top 2.6% I don’t understand why she wouldn’t at least live in SLC or some other state since she can’t seem to shut up about how Utah sucks and she’s ~just passing through~.

No. 159565

File: 1625773802869.jpg (327.23 KB, 890x887, sue my fat ass lori.jpg)

Here you go @monstergirl on OF, Monster Girl Vibes, @iota_zerotwo AKA Lori Lewd AKA Usagi Kou. I would love to see Reddit user u/AdollaSkye and their numerous sockpuppet accounts come defend this or threaten a lawsuit. If you wanna fake play the legal game we can just double down and go out of our way to be as hamfisted as possible with fair use. SEO sucks ass, you suck, you're a scammer and a pedophile and I'm so sick of seeing you in my community and every where else. Your enabler Kevin Hanft AKA AdollaSkye and formerly known as KrookedK3v is just as disgusting and has threatened to kill people over posting criticism. Guess what? You cannot and will never be able to do anything about it. Ever. This will be here forever just like the rest of both of your histories. Cope. Seethe. Sperg.

No. 159566

File: 1625774003451.jpg (132.33 KB, 652x750, 47389395.jpg)

Text covers some of it, heres this. https://www.instagram.com/p/CRE6xEaj7Bl/ if the quality is too poor.

No. 159567

File: 1625774612018.webm (754.81 KB, 314x426, 213859593_498864684533244_8690…)

No. 159568

She's proving us right with this I literally don't understand. The creases are right there and the waist is wider but she still has every face filter on. Taking body filters off doesn't negate the fact that isn't her face. The indirect jabs at farmers with every other post is really sad, used to be funny but now this is her whole life. She doesn't do anything but lurk here and rage on reddit.

No. 159570

File: 1625775297398.jpg (63.5 KB, 720x541, IMG_20210708_130419_434.jpg)

New Kevin outfit. Lol

No. 159573

No anon you're right, none of that adds up so she's fucking lying. She probably photoshopped her top % screenshot to try to drum up interest or something. I don't believe she's actually top 2% at all

No. 159576

Clean your carpet kev. Neither of you have real jobs and nothing but time.

No. 159577

File: 1625776066406.jpg (1.07 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_07-08-01.24.12.jpg)

She's probably using someone else's screenshot.

>you're editing my photos and that's a crime
Then you're going to maximum security prison for your internet felonies.

No. 159579

File: 1625776488091.jpg (59.41 KB, 640x360, 5e31959c645a48fb64d02ec81717f9…)

future apartment mgmt clearing the unit after they move out

No. 159581

OF top % isn’t only based on how much they earn

It’s a really weird algorithm that makes each creator feel like they’re doing well, even if they’re not. That’s why you see so many people brag about being in the top 5 or 10%. I don’t remember exactly what the metrics are, but it’s not based solely off of how much the person earns. It’s something to do with how often they post, their profile is viewed, clicks, messages/interactions, and a few other things.

No. 159584

both him and Lori have hideous fashion sense, it never cease to amaze me

No. 159589

Omg hahaha, I almost lost my iced coffee
>>I’m just passing through quote
is such a joke. bitch you have been living in Utah forever now your way past the passing Through

No. 159592

File: 1625779814594.jpeg (53.17 KB, 613x578, 7F55B3CC-6105-4B05-A4F7-95ADB8…)

Clearly the face of someone who is thriving

No. 159595

File: 1625780333159.jpg (351.33 KB, 768x1024, original (2).jpg)

No. 159600

his obsession with these ugly ass hand me down shoes is hilarious to me.
still can't believe he bought used SHOES of all things, you may as well buy someone's used underwear

No. 159628

File: 1625790764495.jpg (511.6 KB, 2048x1866, Screenshot_20210707-150724_mh1…)

Let out a laugh when I saw Lori's reply to this post.
Sage for not milky.

No. 159629

File: 1625790806829.png (906.77 KB, 1613x2048, Screenshot_20210707-150804.png)

No. 159631

Crazy how the drama queens are always the most insecure.

No. 159632

Cause they were the ones making fun of people in the first place so they try to be perfect as possible hoping they look more superior then you

No. 159637

Lori literally bullied and demonized people in the cosplay community. She’s by no means innocent. What a dumb bitch.

No. 159640

File: 1625799597333.jpeg (76.51 KB, 945x2048, body shaming.jpeg)

That's funny considering when she did this to a 16 year old lmao

No. 159646

File: 1625803669701.jpeg (704.42 KB, 1242x1650, age rant.jpeg)

This is even funnier now than ever, I forgot about these.

No. 159647

The difference in lighting edits between his pics and >>159577 is so huge, her hair color is probably piss yellow like her teeth.

How many years have they been together in the scam state at this point?

Nice midlife crisis cope. Imagine being so ugly and desperate for money due to being a failure, then constantly shouting into the void about how you're totally cool.

No. 159651

This is hilarious because Kevin isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. She just accidentally proved how stupid kev really is. Bless your heart lori.

No. 159703

He looked up to her as a “cosplay sempai” growing up, yet thought she was his age when they met? Sure Jan.

No. 159747

File: 1625849847474.png (1.22 MB, 1170x2048, Screenshot_20210709-095657.png)

Weird how she only shows 2/4 ferrets now. Watch her post her other two to prove she didn't let them die.

No. 159748

File: 1625850045782.png (1.9 MB, 1172x2048, Screenshot_20210709-095815.png)

Looking like white trash loitering at the Walmart nail salon while her tweaker husband steals stuff. What the hell is this outfit? The little kids Pusheen shorts with a mesh shrug and a ribbed bodysuit that's probably from Rainbow or some other sweatshop store in the mall. The cherry on top is her hooker money hoops. She looks like a streetwalker no matter what she wears but especially this People of WalMart garbage.

No. 159755

She probably pulls out whatever balled up garment in her many dressers and baskets and puts it all together and calls it an outfit. Kek her 2 toes are always struggling to stay together every time she posses like this.

No. 159758

It's hilarious that she's so insecure she has to point her toes and bend one in a way that closes the hobbit gap because we pointed it out. Every photo with bare feet she does it. She learned any other pose shows off her Men's 10 clompers that are the size of her calves. I guess tranny sized feet on a short surfboard body isnt fitting with the loli image.

No. 159760

I bet she told him she was "big on the internet 20 years ago" and he thought he'd be somebody by associating with her, only to realize she's just an oldfag nobody in need of an atm. They're both too stupid to function.

No. 159767

She talks like her tongue is too big for her mouth or something or all those years of chain smoking and weed are catching up to her lol

Kek she looks even more haggard than usual. The disgusting floor blanket is still there, how can she not see that the blanket makes her look even more retarded?

No. 159769

Why can't they just vacuum? The grime is visible everywhere. The ceiling and carpet are so musty.

No. 159771

It’s sad that the first thing I thought was “are these corpses”

No. 159776

Wonder how much yellowing of their fur was hidden by the obvious filters. Their greasy coats don't look particularly healthy.

No. 159808

Nooo both them and their bed looks so dirty and greasy… I feel so bad for them

No. 159809

File: 1625871280176.jpg (105.88 KB, 720x941, IMG_20210709_155351_914.jpg)

>Make sure to save my posts

No. 159816

File: 1625873771917.jpg (674.68 KB, 2000x3000, MV5BZjMyYjc3YjUtMjI4Yi00YWU4LT…)

She shooped out her belly button KEK

No. 159819

Is that KF open on her computer? Kek

No. 159919

File: 1625931978856.png (2.31 MB, 1231x2048, Screenshot_20210710-084156.png)

Another day about to be wasted playing dress up for lolcow and begging reddit pedo scrotes to give you a few bucks. Lori, we know you think that you're a master troll because you're still making $100/mos dressing like shit and seizing like an old dog on camera. Please, keep making yourself look worse.

No. 159926

KEK. I guess she sure showed us with her stupid cow bikini and ugly tights that don't match and your bizarrely shrunken head. Keep it up, Lori. Your troll skillz are top tier.

No. 159950

God she has an unfortunate face, whether you see her teeth smiling, posing or puffing her cheeks, she is just not attractive as she thinks she is. She really needs to learn her angles and just not do any of these. Why can’t she just take photos without her face?

No. 159962

File: 1625951255188.jpeg (1.32 MB, 2566x3499, 1F4A9E28-70A2-4632-8821-EA43B1…)

It’s funny that she so desires to have a Dorito face shape so I was thinking about what you said and used snow on Superman cause she’s got that Man like chin and sure enough his head shrunken just to get it the same way Lori does also notice there is one button on that app to fake a waistline

No. 159975

She looks way better in the pic on the left, her edited ig pics makes her look like a mouth breather.

No. 159976

When was the sailor moon cosplay taken?

No. 159985

2011-2014 era IIRC

No. 159988

File: 1625962295437.png (1.5 MB, 1219x2048, Screenshot_20210710-170856.png)

Kevin's captions are stuck in 2010.

No. 159993

somehow he is more cringe than Lori lol

No. 160013

File: 1625978648215.jpg (102.03 KB, 720x780, IMG_20210710_213508_301.jpg)

Kevin changed his Facebook a bit today. He changed his header image to his cool Jeremy Scott shoes and changed up his bio to beg for more only fans subscribers for Lori.

No. 160016

Do you think his auntie subscribed to Lori's spicy?

No. 160018

i’m sorry but there’s something so incredibly sad and pathetic about a man shilling his fiancé’s onlyfans every chance he gets. it’s so gross and weird and i don’t understand how any guy could be okay with that sort of dynamic in a relationship. you’re literally begging OTHER MEN to come watch your fiancé be a whore, kevin. and for what? money? how materialistic and vapid

No. 160024

It’s because Kev and Looni are lazy slobs and want to live the lazy slob life: not work, not pay for their own shit, basically they wish they could live like Moo. Because apparently being what, 36? And having nothing to speak for, no career, no home, no assets, is their life goals. Hate to break it to them but she’ll never be even Moo tier, so once OF dies out she’s done for. It’s not even like she loves that good off it, so once it dries out more, what are they gonna do? Work mall jobs/factory jobs in Kevin’s case til they’re geriatric? The jokes write themselves with these two.

No. 160028

someone burn these god damn shoes already

No. 160030

I'm just waiting for the excuses as to why she cannot attend cons this season. It's going to be, 1) stalkers!! or 2) my back!!

No. 160032

I can't get over that whenever I see a new pic of Lori on the front page or scrolling by, I always think from the thumbnail it's Kevin and have to do a double take.

She really makes herself look more masculine/rectangular.

No. 160070

I beg to differ. No doubt she will blame her simps for not getting her more subs to pay for her ticket. In reality, it will be because everyone who is aware of her knows she will be around and want to get pics of her non-filtered face to share here and KF.

No. 160115

If I didn't know better, he has Lori's gay best friend vibes.

Kevvy said he didn't want to work for Amazon but I bet it's because he tried and they didn't want him.

No. 160118

I can't wait for them to go to cons and interact with real people. I can see it now.
>tween comes up to take picture with them
>Bakugou leans in with his butter teeth and squints through his mask
>"Did you subscribe to Monstergirl on the forbidden extra spicy?"
>kid is frozen in place
At this point Kevin should just cosplay as her business card.

No. 160133

File: 1626022835474.jpg (144.27 KB, 720x1260, IMG_20210711_095244_222.jpg)

Kevin doesn't care about mean words on the internet because he abuses his body. This is a funny read. He ever tops it off with a sad slumped selfie to show how the internet cannot break him.

No. 160136

>Bakugou leans in with his butter teeth

Topkek. I bet Kevin honestly wants to go to cons because he likes cosplaying but Lori won't let him because she fears candids and him meeting normal people.

She likely will threaten him or spin a story as to why he can't go to conventions without her, too.

No. 160138

Has he tried not being retarded (or self harming)? Making cosplay should not involve impaling yourself, he also clearly burns himself cooking weekly (the 1-3rd degree burns)

A lot of these injuries could be avoided, and yet

No. 160139

"I'll make sure we have a good life"
and yet he doesn't have a job, & relies on Lori pay their bills with porn and grift free WoW time for him to sit on his ass all day.

No. 160144

Anon I laughed at this twice last night and now I'm laughing even harder because his aunt liked his current status here >>160133

Kevin has no shame. I bet he's tried to get his aunt to subscribe to the "tasteful lewd cosplay" stuff Lori does. He probably shills it to all his relatives like an MLM.
>Making cosplay should not involve impaling yourself
I love how a lot of the injuries Kevin talks about he acts as if they are completely inevitable but, like you said, he's talking about cooking injuries like dropping hot oil onto his bare feet lol.

My brain still hasn't processed the entire message yet.

No. 160154

If you’re hurting yourself during cosplay, you’re not doing it right. Injuries can happen when you’re working with some of the supplies, but it seems like he purposefully hurts himself and then calls it passion.

He shouldn’t be bragging about his recklessness. Normal cosplayers don’t lose “more blood than you’ve probably seen in your life” on their workspace.

No. 160156

Why doesn’t he just say he’s a cuck and gets off on it so they could at least fill a niche for that shit. There are couple OFs out there. But no, they’re both stupid and can’t market for shit

No. 160166

It's the fucking illidan quote that sent me. Then also knowing when he says his "idols taught him" he just means anime characters.

This mfer out there doing the Naruto run away from the "big mean internet boolies" in his mid to late twenties, I can't.

No. 160168

Isn’t Illidan the WoW character that got friendzoned?

No. 160172

What…what does this post mean? What is the point? All I’m getting from it is Kevin is proud that he puts himself into needlessly reckless situations and hurts himself doing relatively easy and simple tasks.

Kevin, what?

No. 160175

Anyone at his should properly cook and do cosplay without injury. He's just retarded and his cosplay ability was only ever highschool project tier.

No. 160176

File: 1626030443964.jpg (130.24 KB, 400x400, i-was-not-prepared-for-the-fri…)

More than friendzoned, she detested him. Maybe it's fitting for kevvypoo, kek. WoWfaggotry but I get the impression he's the kind of person to poorly play an edgy DH belf unironically. I bet he spergs out on people in game, too. One of those players who gets votekicked from an instance for being toxic/obnoxious, then whispers everyone still there while logging out between screeches so they can't reply.

No. 160185

He does actually main a DH, kek. Night elf though.
His character is named Dezastra on Stormrage iirc.

No. 160247

File: 1626041749396.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 29.78 KB, 250x445, B472E454-7762-4B70-A6C3-A52502…)

He forgot to mention the time Lori made him do this

No. 160257

>I've seen more blood on my work space than might see in your entire life.

Wasn't he trying to sell cosplay props? No one wants nasty infected blood on their commissioned props.

No. 160259

As time goes by I'm more and more convinced that Kevin decided all on his own to cut his leg. He is so unhinged even compared to Lori.

No. 160267

bruh the most you should injure yourself doing cosplay is burning your finger a little bit on a hot glue gun or something minimal like that. way to brag that you're not good at crafting cosplays.

and if he didn't care he wouldn't continously be posting about it. be in denial harder kevin

No. 160277

SAME. thank you. There's no doubt Lori is batshit crazy but this seems more like Kevin self harming and crying "LOOK WHAT I DID FOR YOU! LOOK HOW I LOVE YOU!" to Lori rather than "oh yeah? Cut yourself to prove you don't like that girl!" I really just don't think he is as innocent as his former friends and other farmers want to paint him as. I think he's just as much of a manipulative shit as Lori is, just with less victims.

No. 160278

Everyones a Nihalists now? LMFAO!
Wow, they will really try and find any way possible to blame anyone but themselves. So the world is so negative but their so possitive? If that was even true what self delusion would lead them to believe the world targeted them?

Not Nihilism Kevin, Narcissism and point that finger in the right direction.

No. 160282

Kek not too shocked there either, I can see him playing alliance even for the whole "hero white knight" shtick he idolizes from anime. Ironic all things considered.
I've always thought this, too. I think anyone with two braincells to rub together can put together she can't have truly "forced" him to do it, it's just that everyone was caught up with the Lori witch hunt at that time. I recheck the thread for his antics more than anything, Lori has learned to mostly keep her mouth shut in public it seems

No. 160284

Extreme school shooter vibes

No. 160311

I thought they already loved the good life according to Kevvo. Yet he can't even afford a new pop socket and phone case to hide the fact that he has to use Lori's old phone.

Kev, keep the updates coming for the lolz but you're not convincing anyone that you don't care about the shit show you started in all this.

No. 160324

Kevin started all of loris current online drama and if he didn’t he sure added fuel to it. Kevin sits and argues with people on Reddit 24/7 he is the bully. What an idiot.

No. 160336

See this Lori? We believe Kevin is the problem. Stop editing your pics into pedo bait and drop the proof that we know you have in text messages from Kevin acting weird

I remember when those messages leaked where Lori was basically threatening Kevin in an argument they were having to say that he raped her. I'm wondering if there is actual proof now, like chat logs where he admits to it?

No. 160337

I don't have the screenshot on hand, but in the convo when Lori is threatning him and saying "the rape needs to stop" He replies with "YOU ARE USING OUR EVENT TO BLACKMAIL ME" or something along those lines. What does that even mean? When he says "our event"??

No. 160338

Well, I wonder if he really did force her or pressure her until she said yes now. Remember when she did that post that said he yells "witholding" at her when she doesn't feel like having sex?


No. 160343

they were going to a convention? what other event could there be?

No. 160350

holy shit haha. I'm fucking loving what this spineless cuck has become. Lori is a nasty cunt but this guy is a walking sideshow even by himself and it's really amusing, I really hope he'll keep his word and start that YT channel

No. 160356

The image of Kevin just repeatedly squawking "WITHOLDING!" "YOU'RE WITHOLDING!!" in really scolding tone to Lori while she just fucks around on her phone or yells back at him to shut the fuck up is really funny to me.

No. 160358

They could’ve been roleplaying rape as a fetish during consensual sex and classic Lori uses that “event” to blackmail him

No. 160361

File: 1626085080804.jpeg (529.51 KB, 1407x1993, 45C1F836-D9A6-497A-A3B4-1F949B…)

Looks like the zerotwo ski walk chapter is coming to a close, and the Saber saga has begun.

No. 160366

File: 1626088440902.jpeg (441.85 KB, 828x735, 55729C61-5091-4138-9F19-C8D9B4…)

Lori skinwalking this character with her dorito shoops

No. 160377

do we have a timeline of all the anime girls she's skinwalked? or is it just Usagi, zerotwo, and saber?

No. 160383

Of course she's reverting back to skinwalking really pale and blonde tweens. She wishes she was a blonde bombshell so bad, it's so clear through her character choice. She wants to be the stereotypical American hot girl.

Just those three so far.

No. 160391

I remember she also skinwalked Emilia from Re:Zero and I think Shuvi(?) from No Game No Life, which was her nickname on messenger in the screen caps that were posted on Reddit. If you scroll back far enough on her Instagram you can see all of the phases she’s had, she usually tags the name of the characters.

No. 160393

The Emilia was a one off because Lori hated wearing the white wig, Shuvi was only because Kevin has a loli fetish and started likening their relationship to those characters (Shuvi and whoever else.) A couple threads back he would randomly call her that but she never really leaned into it like she did with Zero Two. The lexicon from Darling became her everyday slang, much like the moonie days. I think it goes from cosplay to skinwalk when she starts wearing cosplay pieces daily and talks like them.

No. 160397

File: 1626105228572.png (1.83 MB, 1165x2048, Screenshot_20210712-085118.png)

Posting black cosplayers doesn't make the racist things you've said for years go away Lori. You don't get away with calling Japanese women flatfaced and stuff Ghetto for decades, then get to act like you're so inclusive. You've been racist for most of your adult life! You just think making fun of people's features is normal and not racist cause you're a self hating brown woman who wants to be a blonde 14 year old little girl.

No. 160401

File: 1626105383269.png (2.11 MB, 1263x2048, Screenshot_20210712-085100.png)

Samefagging but I love how visible it is that all of his stuff is banished to the living room. Coats hanging on guitars, creased shoes. It's like there's a desk in there, his laundry basket, clothes, shoes, the front door, the sliding back door and a mirror. That's it.

No. 160406

Jesus. This looks like a kidnapped POV

No. 160411

White boys who can't dress themselves and steal all their looks from rappers will never cease to make me laugh kek

No. 160414

KEK does he keep his precious wing shoes in their boxes? Why can I imagine him cleaning them manically every evening and saying good night to them.

No. 160426

Notice how he posts about the shoes more than Lori or even his WIPs? Yeah, it's all he's got that's good in his life. Those little wings are the only things that make him feel good and you can tell. Same with Lori's new wardrobe. All they can do to stop the proverbial blood from gushing out of their wounds is stuffing it with fast fashion and numbing the pain with high concentrate weed pens.

No. 160427

Saber seems like such a weird character for her to choose. while her, Usagi, and 02 all have that "beautiful tough girl who eats a lot" trope going on, it just seems like a weird pick. her mannerisms aren't particularly obvious or cutesy, and so far in her cosplay posts Lori hasn't gotten them right.
I don't think it'll last as long as 02 did, it'll be until the next popular FotM main girl. Lori needs more attention then she'll get from the Fate community.

No. 160431

File: 1626108335275.jpeg (158.98 KB, 1280x720, ADB936E0-AD39-4CA3-AFE6-57E56E…)

I have this sneaking suspicion that Lori’s next skinwalk may be Belle from that upcoming anime movie of the same name. Lori posted about her once already and she already does half of her makeup like the character. Would be an easy transition from 02.
Although she’d probably only do it if the movie was a big hit so she could get those sweet, sweet instagram likes and more subs to her spicy.

No. 160432

>Pink hair
>Average girl who's actually going to save the world
>Beautiful vocalist
>Has the emotional capacity to care for and reform a troubled boy
>Main character
>All other female characters are forgettable NPCs
Absolutely she thinks this is her in real life. Lori is probably counting down the days til this drops so she can make Kevin go see it in full cosplay 7 times. Then she'll go home and sing jibberish along to the Japanese OST and film herself doing porn to it too, probably. I like to think of Lori as an autistic and isolated 14 year old girl who only knows how to be an obnoxious theatre kid who mimics hot girl protagonists.

No. 160433


WTF is going on with the ceiling? Why does only part of it have popcorn ceiling?

No. 160438

They're really poor and live in cheap apartments. The dox awhile back revealed that many of the models at their complex didn't have matching interiors. IDK if you're a burgerfag, but it's common for American apartments on the west coast to be half-renovated or mismatch. I've lived in units with ceilings like this before. It's a struggle unit for sure.

No. 160446

I think it's funny how that pink hoodie is one of the reject PR items that Lori didn't want because in the caption on Instagram he says that the pink hoodie "was one of the first pieces we were sent." We meaning Lori.

No. 160447

Given her racist past it kinda rubs me the wrong way with her using phrases like yas queen in this context but it's probably just me reaching lol

No. 160450

It's try-hard at very least. I see why you could feel that way, though. She has a habit of mimicking languages and vernacular when it suits her aesthetic or she thinks it will appeal to who she's talking to/shouting out.
>Yas, Queen and Slay are used when complimenting black and brown women or anyone LGBT
>"Sempai", Waifu, Loli and other buzzwords or bastardizations of Japanese will be used in contexts where she is really selling the sex fantasy of a real life anime doll with a virgin/whore complex. Always underage and always sexually forward.
Her appeals to black and brown women stems from her own disconnect & racism within herself, which is why it comes off like a white girl using AAVE. It's not in her daily lexicon and doesn't fit where it is applied. The next point is obvious, we all know Lori uses stereotypes of East Asian women to make money and porn. She's old enough to know what she's doing is inherently racist and ill-spirited but she won't ever accept the truth. You're not reaching or anything, you're just observant.

No. 160482

File: 1626119087678.jpg (59.84 KB, 720x648, IMG_20210712_121720_020.jpg)

Kevin answered this question actually.

No. 160486

File: 1626119778246.jpeg (211.57 KB, 1330x981, 28595A22-F815-4476-A951-AADC61…)

Instantly thought of Lori. Kinda funny this is what she is known for.

No. 160498

So his stuff is in the kitchen?

No. 160502

Yeah it really seems like Kevin lives in the living room/kitchen area. Someone on KF speculated that the layout of Lori’s room means they have a 2 bedroom, but we’ve never seen pictures of it. Kevin always takes pictures in Lori’s room or living room/entryway. His computer is set up by their back door, Lori’s computer is in her own room.
If they do have a second room I really can’t imagine it’s being used by Kevin, because why wouldn’t he take his pictures in there? Probably floor to ceiling full of Lori’s cheap Chinese garbage if it even exists.

Pretty pathetic for an “engaged” and “in love” couple. How does Kevin justify this?? lmao.

No. 160504

File: 1626126189207.jpg (151.5 KB, 1080x1920, 217413885_253788189461600_1625…)

The feet comments hurt, she finally did something about it. Kek at her sticking her witch finger between her leg and strap to show how uwu smol she is because its at the last grommet.

No. 160507

File: 1626126380602.webm (508.51 KB, 720x1280, 216547691_548458303192936_1798…)

Note how she never breaks eye contact with her reflection. The phone is upside down to make her jaw look smaller. She's so full of herself.

No. 160509

Dont people usually wear stockings or tights with these types of shoes? Her feet look weird.

No. 160524

It's not between the strap and the leg, it's just behind the strap flap

No. 160526

either way she's trying to show off it's on the tightest loop..

No. 160530

File: 1626130268532.png (3.08 MB, 828x1792, 4691CF30-594A-43D6-A225-0776D3…)

Right, shadow banned. That explains your lack of a following. Banned for what Kev? How does one come to that conclusion? Nobody likes you Kevin, stop being so delusional.

No. 160531

I'll never not be confused why she goes through so much trouble to filter/edit her face to this. It's not pretty and even if was natural I wouldnt think she was pretty.

No. 160533

Kek you beat me to posting this here. Not only did Kevin already remove hundreds of his friends from his socials, some for Lori and some because of his own paranoia, but anybody new who approached him about his prop making was angrily told to sub to Lori's spicy if they wanted tips or to ask about cosplay. It's really deranged how he's acted towards people the last couple of years.

No. 160534

this excuse has been popping up more and more lately from people who get low interaction on social media.
oh?? i’m not getting any likes or comments?? i must be shadowbanned!!! ):

kevin, people get shadowbanned for saying offensive or controversial shit. your hypebeast/e-boy/scene kid instagram is not shadowbanned. people just don’t care about your strange fashion and obsession with ugly shoes and creepy shilling of your fiance’s OF.

also that pose and hairstyle lmao i’m dying. this man is 27

No. 160535

Just checked out his wow armory, doesn't look like he plays much he has a few of the raids completed but he's only killed the last boss once or twice for some time now. Doesn't seem like he plays much, he's played a bit of 9.1 which just came out like 2 weeks ago and he's downed Sylvanas but missed the bosses in the middle of the raid. So guild group I assume and he joined in at the last minute perhaps?

No. 160537

I believe Lori is kind of racist even if she tries to hide these tendencies, but a lot of people say stuff is ghetto, used to be pretty widespread slang. Ppl only recently have started seriously reconsidering that word so I think it's better to focus on some other examples of her racism. There are a lot.

No. 160538

I think he’s just super casual/kinda bad. Former friend of Kevin’s here and I played LoL with him a bit. He’s never gotten out of silver, even when he was playing a ton of ranked. Idk how good he is at WoW, but his progression isn’t great.
His WoW guild is also full of his friends from his teenage years so I don’t think he was a space filler.

No. 160540

File: 1626132437591.jpg (68.35 KB, 720x996, IMG_20210712_162632_870.jpg)

Beep beep homies. Some very desperate Reddit shit coming through. https://www.reddit.com/user/adollaskye/

No. 160543

Other posts to Cosplay subreddits
>good photo quality
>Sets with props
>professional editing software is clearly used
>decent to excellent costume and prop quality
>some semblance of craftsmanship, even the titty cosplays
>girls know how to smile and pose for their face and body types
And then Lori is over here
>Amazon outfit
>Dollskill to prove you own brand
>Terrible quality
>Auto edited with free beauty apps
>Mirror selfies
>No sets or interesting props
>0 photography skill
>Same stiff posing that makes her look weird
>Everything is fake to the point of her being unrecognizable
>Has to literally paste on fake smiles in apps because she's so bitter, insecure and haggard

No. 160550

You left off discusting vag shots…that show no vag. So f'n spicy..Amazon underpants ooo

No. 160551

These Loosers are upvoting their own shit constantly. How many sock accounts do you all think they have?

No. 160555

They're both full on homelesscore at this stage. I wonder how much longer they can stay before getting evicted from the struggle unit.

"Shadowbanned" without receipts is a silly cope for their shit content getting barely any interaction other than bot. Actual shadowbanned people would just make multiple accounts and continue to post offensive shit.

No. 160565

Yeah I noticed he was "Rank 2" in the guild so he's an officer in his guild but the GM and other officers haven't done the new raid and it wasn't through the Looking for Raid, raid finder so someone invited him to do it. Just strange he'd have skipped the mid raid bosses.

Is their state still doing the eviction ban from covid? I know a few states you can't be evicted right now so maybe that's why they have so much money for clothes they're not paying any rent perhaps? Not to sure.

No. 160581

She under-enunciates her words so her face doesn't move as much. It makes her sound like part of her face is numb, or paralyzed! It's been getting more obvious, and worse, lately.

No. 160583

It's so the filters don't come off