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No. 161851


Previous Thread (#9): >>>/w/155617

#1: >>>/w/24583
#2: >>>/w/54057
#3: >>>/w/67368
#4: >>>/w/84714
#5: >>>/w/132036
#6: >>>/w/140775
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#8: >>>/w/146474

Lori Cerda, known as Lori Lewd or Usagi Kou, is a 36-year-old photoshop addicted pro-ana costhot and anime fictionkin (otakukin for the oldfags) from New York state. With 20+ years of lunacy behind her, farmers have been working together diligently to stitch together the madness into a coherent timeline. Lots of interactions and receipts have been lost to time, either deleted or made private, keep that in mind as we continue.

Lori got her start as a rabid Sailor Moon cosplayer in the early aughts which launched her into infamy and Moonie drama that lasted for over 10 years alone. In Summary; a well-liked, cute and young cosplayer that wowed people as Sailor Moon had one of the hardest and fastest falls from grace. It’s a story rife with lies, theft, squatting, cheating, jealousy, cult-like behavior and lots of violence. To put it lightly, it blew apart the entire Sailor Moon community in the US and honestly, the news carried across the world. The juxtaposition of Usagi and Lori piqued the interest of many people. Some might call her one of the OG cosplay lolcows. After becoming a joke to the majority of the US cosplay community Lori dropped her Usagi shtick, married a few times and stayed mostly quiet.

2017 changed all that when Lori met Kevin “Skye” Hanft. Once the two cosplayers met and fell in love, Lori quickly reverted to her past behaviors and became Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx. Kevin feeds Lori’s delusions and is a whole cow on his own. He serves as her meal ticket and guard dog. At the first sign of any inconvenience or drama, Lori will blow the whistle and sick her dog. If you lurk long enough you will spot a wild Kevin masquerading as anon. Do not interact. He is retarded and he will spend his time trying to track you down. He has a documented history of digitally stalking commenters, accusing them of being anons or Momokun/Vamplette and threatening suicide/murder.*

Over the last three years, Lori has amassed over 110k followers (through purchasing bots) and had brand partnerships with multiple online boutiques and jewelers. She is still clawing her way into a Dolls Kill partnership by running herself and her lover into debt.

Vintage Milk:
>Textbook ugly-duckling-turned-mega-bitch after high school
>Known pathological liar, her entire cosplay career was a farce built upon other seamstresses work and props
>Abused partners emotionally and physically, breaking peoples belongings when she throws temper tantrums, threatening rape allegations and suicide
>Mooched off friends and family (living rent free and destroying peoples homes with her trash, indoor smoking, making them buy her things, forcing them to sleep on floors and go without bedding, etc.)
>Manipulated teenagers, mentally ill/handicapped cosplayers and any others she deemed “beneath” her into false friendships
>Had a rap for being a nymphomaniac, or at very least hypersexual, often pressuring people into sleeping with her when she wanted it. Many times it was in public, at cons or restaurants and other extremely inappropriate spaces.
>Held vendettas against better cosplayers, sex workers and artists.
>Used her many livejournals to harass and slander other cosplayers like Zan for existing in the community and cosplaying
>Her ex-husband raped a developmentally challenged friend of Lori’s and when she found out she pressured the victim, “C”, into suicide. “C” then attempted by taking pills and drinking alcohol. Luckily, “C” survived. She never apologized or tried to right this situation.
>Went through husbands like pantyhose and typically only married for housing and money.

Condensed Milk from the 10’s:
>Self-identifies as a Loli, shares Lolicon on Twitter and follows pedophiles back on IG and Twit
>Racist anachan with high-school mean girl tendencies
>Painful failtroll with a history of trying to troll /cgl/ and /w/
>Forced bf Kevin to self harm to prove his loyalty when she found out he had a female friend she didn’t know well
>She cheated on him anyways and used his car to go do it
>Both her and Kevin lurk their own thread and Momokun’s
>They break up and make up constantly, almost every other day
>Kins Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx, truly believes she is her and that the studio copied her to create her likeness
>”vampire blood” “anime features” and ”good genes” something something
>Will relentlessly tear down other cosplayers who do any cosplay better than her
>”Suffers” from an Eating Disorder and body checks in every post
>Queen of fucked up Meitu baby face shoops
>Edits herself skinnier all over despite wearing XS-S clothing
>Panders to pedophiles and degenerates without shame despite having many underage followers
>Spends her life fetishizing East Asian culture heavily, specifically Japan, somehow still butchers Romaji
>E-begs for money and subs EVERY SINGLE DAY
>Abandoned her old terminally ill cat so she could have ferrets. The cat died alone without care
>Claimed her ferrets were seriously ill and couldn’t go to a vet, got money and then ended up buying new DollsKill and a new weed vape cart
>Kevin lost $300 randomly and vaguely blamed it on Momokun’s friends when it was really just Lori
>Kevin has a running delusion that fellow cows Mariah (Momokun) and Vamplette are the OPs of every farm thread and are solely responsible for the surfacing of her past
>Lori undoubtedly sowed this seed to use as a deflection, she continually brings it up and talks to Kevin about it publicly even when it’s not related to anything at the moment

Last Milk Delivery:
>Kev started selling his cosplay tips aka telling people randomly he “won’t give that info out for free” because it’s on the ~spicy~ >>>/w/155693
>Lori still believes she’s creating trends among teen girls that have existed for years >>>/w/155826
>Lori’s candids from the farms found their way into a facebook group dedicated to shaming users of fake makeup and extreme filtering >>>/w/155989
>Anon has a chat with someone who’s seen Lori in real life >>>/w/156001
>She just looks dirty >>>/w/156006
>The fake Louis Vuitton arc >>>/w/156043
>Kevin trying to prove the LV is real >>>/w/156090
>Reddit users with working eyes keep commenting the obvious, which makes our love birds rage >>>/w/156322
>Lori flexing her silver plated nickel LV Louisette knock off, tres chic >>>/w/156439
>20 YEARS LATER and Lori is STILL posting about high school bullies >>>/w/156696
>Lori implies she’s a booth babe on call for cons and parties (kek) >>>/w/156814
>TOES >>>/w/156952
>Kevin continues to try and lure people into giving Lori money on her OF so he can give them cosplay tips >>>/w/156976
>Lori breaks the hearts of every wig company as she announces that she does not partner with wig brands, her hair is too meta >>>/w/157149
>Kevin lives in the living room like a cuck and it’s hilarious we even thought Lori gave him a room >>>/w/157158
>Anons try to decipher just how many retard scrotes are subbed to the forbidden spice >>>/w/157280
>Obligatory ”Please be nice to each other dis con season!! uwu” post >>>/w/157305
>Anons clean up some old candids to compare >>>/w/157845
>Kevin is an IRL anime boy still and you’re just a hater okay, HIM BEAUTIFUL >>>/w/158048
>Another al-dente Kevin sperg post on Reddit, this time about ‘defamation’ and ‘bullying’ >>>/w/158152
>Kevin decides it’s time to threaten people in the DMs AGAIN on Reddit >>>/w/158264
>The comments keep coming and Kevin can’t delete them fast enough >>>/w/158276
>A former victim of Lori’s comes forward and leaks her porn, RIP >>>/w/158406
>What happens after anons open these leaks can only be described as beautiful >>>/w/158411
>The leaker comes to the thread to do some Q&A >>>/w/158452
>Kevin’s harassment of reddit users continues >>>/w/158463
>Escalates all the way to Discord and separate accounts, all this over a comment about Lori and what she did to the leaker when they were underage >>>/w/158485
>Cheap Satin Serenity Moon Power Kick! >>>/w/158586
>Lori’s “natural body” cope is kicked up to 11 after her leaks >>>/w/158626
>Beware the WK, this poster is absolutely either Kev, Lori or one of Lori’s remaining “friends” >>>/w/158721
>Anon backs up the leaks in case of a DMCA >>>/w/158732
>Kevin and Lori clean up the comments, worry not, the post history is still up on their profiles >>>/w/158840
>Anon leaks her emails and reminds us what her real voice sounds like >>>/w/159096
>GilPhotography gets cancelled for being a creep to young women, he deletes all his accounts taking his work with him. This includes many of Kev and Lori’s candid DitF photos from 2019 >>>/w/159233
>Kevin continues to ass kiss and annoy Reddit mods so they instaban all crit comments
>Kevin doesn't care about Anonymous haters because he hurts himself for fun all the time and that's very sane >>>/w/160133
>That boy looks DAMAGED >>>/w/160590
>For the low price of $10/monthly, you can be Rikki 2.0, paying a swamp witch money to watch her seize uncontrollably and complain about her abusive boyfriend >>>/w/160846
>Kev is demoted to nonexistent, not even BF >>>/w/161105
>YRU Shoes decides their business is doing too well so they slapped our saggy Looni right on the front page! >>>/w/161401
>Someone comes for Lori on a promo post and Kevin spergs >>>/w/161447
>Hating Lori is literally a felony and organized crime
>His case worker will be sending all 7 anons lawsuits in the mail, so look out for that
>Kevin shows his true power level, revealing his lawyer has already ruined relationships and lives >>>/w/161455
>Kevin gets Klarna-sempai's attention (probably because him and Lori give them great business by putting all their crap on afterpay) >>>/w/161482
>Lori's gold digger tendencies jump the fuck out >>>/w/161539
>More faking porn (NSFW) >>>/w/161696

Spicyyy? Declining. Jowls? Sagging. Aging? Rapid. Hoard? Growing. Living? In squalor.
Congratulations on 10 threads, Lori!
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I know this looks different from the previous OP’s, whoever took over after thread #4 messed up a lot. This is a corrected version with more details and the following edits.
>Fixed numerical order of threads
>Fleshed out introduction
>Added vocab for newfags and also for fun
>New links
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YouTube videos:
>VangelinaSkov's videos
>Buffering Cat's breakdown
>Lori's racism

>Monster Girl Vibes: https://www.facebook.com/iota02/
>Personal FB: https://www.facebook.com/LoriLewd
>Kevin’s FB : https://www.facebook.com/kevin.hanft.5
>Lori’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iota_zerotwo/
>Kevin’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adollaskye/
>Twitter: https://twitter.com/iota_zerotwo
>DA: https://www.deviantart.com/kou-usagi
>Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/people/usagikou
>OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/monstergirl
>Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/LoriLewd
>Amazon Wishlist: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1K5H3M8IH92VA/?ref_=lol_ov_le

Archived Milk:
>pockybox investigations
>wank about the rape incident https://web.archive.org/web/20130311093424/http://www.journalfen.net/community/fandom_wank/685335.html?thread=63139863
>usagi’s wank page http://web.archive.org/web/20110908004206/http://wiki.fandomwank.com/index.php/Usagi_Kou
>tgtn attesting to Lori's cancerous nature
>Djranma’s site https://web.archive.org/web/20070807233745fw_/http://www.djranmas.net/html/lori_cerda/main.htm
>Lori's psycho response to Scott's confession
>cringe engagement video posted by Kevin
>cringe ED article
>the sailor moon movie

>Lori’s KF thread
>Forbidden Spicy Imgur folder for the lulz

Dead Accounts:

What farmers sarcastically call Kevin, stands for Bishounen or “pretty boy”.
>Spicy / Forbidden Spice
This is what Lori calls OnlyFans because she believes her saying the words “OnlyFans” ruin her reach, it’s totally not because it’s her.
One of Lori’s many nicknames based on her short-lived “Lori Lune” phase.
>Sempai / Baka / Onichan
Lori can’t speak or sound out Japanese for the life of her so this is what she spits out, it is always inaccurate and unironic.
>BB / Loli / Gremlin
These are terms Lori uses to infantilize and objectify herself. She has an obsession with being a loli, she is an unapologetic autopedophile.
This is Lori’s dog whistle for farmers. (ex. “Hi MooMoo~” “I’m a cute MooMoo”) It recognizes her status as a cow and she thinks it’s a reclamation that gives the term less power over her. (Spoiler: it doesn’t do anything but make it worse)
Lori’s pet name for her girl crush Momokun
Lori mentally has regressed to a 12 year old, resulting in her using meme lingo from decades ago. She still thinks it is not only relevant but cute and charming.
Anyone, seriously anyone, who has anything critical to say about Lori in any respect. Comments about Lori that are not worshipping her will be blocked or the users will be harassed for days on end by Kevin and Lori.
Lori’s eloquent defense of Kevin’s looks.

No. 161870

File: 1626561021322.jpeg (139.42 KB, 828x896, 6AD5638D-3E9E-4D5B-8DEF-07FF29…)

Looks like Lori unblocked him, that was fast.

No. 161872

Good catch! 11 likes have been re-added, after graciously being accepted back onto Lori's friend list.

No. 161873


Beautiful job with this sardonically entertaining intro to lunatic Lori, anon.
This write-up is spectacular in detail, content, snark, and scope and your efforts are deeply appreciated, OP anon.

No. 162129

File: 1626576952886.png (1.98 MB, 1482x2048, Screenshot_20210717-195330.png)

New video shows her waist filter glitching, if you look at her hair, the couch and shoes carefully you'll see. Now I understand why she posts those spazzy clips instead of full videos. This is hilarious, hag can't even make a simple 30 second video. It has to be seconds repeated and stitched together as to not show the faltering filters.

No. 162167

I second that! Awesome job OP.

Again with the awful outfits. That bra over a cropped turtle neck looks seriously confused.

No. 162168

File: 1626611691364.jpeg (97.62 KB, 828x619, 971D8245-B5AC-4F3B-8656-0C4041…)

Lori is unstable af, first she unblocked him, now she unfollowed him, although he still follows her

No. 162169

Yeah that's insane. Blocking someone in general seems bad for mental health, let alone your "fiance" on a daily basis.

No. 162184

>>162129 I don't get it. She thinks creeps are going to pay for her non nude images, in the same 4-5 poses, in the same room over and over, identical to the free crap she all ready posts on her insta?

No. 162212

It's like she only unblocks him to check his comments and let him think that they're on good terms. I swear it's like she goes "Are the haters all gone yet? Are the threads about me gone? No?" then she screeches and hard blocks him. It's pathetic how scared of confrontation she is. She knows she's fucked and if anyone really held her to the heat, she would have a psychotic break. You can't just push people like a narc for 20 years then get away unscathed. I can't wait for con season and what that might bring in terms of milk. I hope soemone has the guts to say "Hey, aren't you the 40 year old Zero Two that made that guy cut his leg open?" to her face. Can't block words people say to you in real life KEK

No. 162273

She spent half her life too retarded to get a sugardaddy, and now is too retarded to make money as an OF thot. There really isn't anything she can do right.

There is no way she's making anything off OF. Otherwise, she'd be making more content on the platform instead of e-begging everywhere else and posting that bootleg LV thing.

I don't think she's ever going to a con again. She knows candids will destroy the fake image she thrives on.

No. 162276

So agree Anon. I think it's some kind of manipulation. I wonder if it also has something to do with her hiding comments or convos from him. It's weird and you'd think Kevin would have enough balls to tell her to stop it if he was actually her fiance.

No. 162277

File: 1626628617337.png (808.92 KB, 2059x990, vprtvMpoYRu.png)

Collection of some recent Lori insta comments. Someone calls her a man, someone asks what phone she has and she says it's "a good phone," she says her spinal cord injury prevents her from being a stripper, she says she likes being her "old self" when someone says her acting like a 12 year old is cringe, and a comment about haters saying she's all Photoshop but videos don't lie.

No. 162280

File: 1626628816403.jpeg (48.07 KB, 554x336, 507A33B5-F6A7-476C-8EF3-3F9B75…)

No. 162281

File: 1626628975813.jpeg (24.88 KB, 800x450, ECE23CBE-4340-4A0E-AB20-B9DE80…)

Does this retard really not understand how clothing works? All sizes fit ”easier” if you are buying the correct size, fatphobe.

No. 162283

KEK! Let me guess, their 7 ISPs all match the harassers, right?

>videos don't lie

Who does she think shes fooling? Her shopping skills suck and she only uses shitty apps and filters. If you compare the face from her videos to the face she created in her stills you can see the stark difference. If the videos dont lie than why two different face Loonie?

No. 162288

>Its nice to be skinny
Who says shit like this lmfao

No. 162305

Someone who is naturally chunky and stumpy. She's only thin atm because she's been subsisting on lettuce leaves and smokes since living with Kevin.

No. 162309

File: 1626635353743.jpeg (126.21 KB, 750x593, A0E4DC0D-8752-47A4-BE4A-4DCCC8…)

I hope she does continue to go to cons and continue exposing herself

No. 162311

i think she just means "clothing looks better" since she thinks being skinny makes her superior. i honestly would take gaining 20lbs than to ever be/look like her, and i have an ED

No. 162329

Shes not that thin, it's mostly filters. She looks pretty thick in some shots and her butt looked huge in some of those OF leaks IMO.

No. 162333

If you mean huge as in saggy, then yes.

No. 162335

Anon, she parks her Hank Hill ass 9 inches from the camera then shrinks her head. Of course it looks bigger. That's the perspective illusion. Are you the hand sperg from last thread?

No. 162337

She wanted to brag and talk shit on bigger girls so bad but didn’t want to get called out so added that last bit kek. Lori is a freak And she’s not skinny. She’s skinny fat . Fat belly and weird skinny arms

No. 162340

She was a lot thinner in 2017 or so when she was tagging all her posts #under100pounds and showing off her ribs in every pic

No. 162344

It's because that's the only 'brag' she has on more successful, wealthier thots like Moo, who she is eternally jealous of. She hates seeing fatass Mariah splurging on fillers and trips when she has to grift third rate brands for sweatshop merch.

No. 162345

No Anon, I'm not and sorry but I dont think shes that thin and there are some pics, especially in that OF dump where she has some meat showing.

No. 162347

I think that's why I find her body unattractive imo she IS skinny but she's so out of shape she's just doughy. Like you can tell she's one of those girls who won't work out because she thinks she'll "get bulky" so she's just skinny fat

No. 162353

Definitely Skinny fat and at that age where it starts falling faster without excercises. Shots like this >>162129 you can see shes all squish and smoothing with filters but there's no muscle to be seen.

No. 162356

100 percent true! Lori is trying so hard to be the real anime girl but she forgets she's not in high school anymore and anime girls are usually about kids and Lori is so close to 40
so sad all she lives for is looks nothing in her world makes her happy but looking a certain way it’s even above her happiness it’s really sick

No. 162357

wow I forgot all about that. she was a totak skelly back then. that was the brief Miku skinwalk/MLP/renfaire era

No. 162359

File: 1626644543480.png (679.62 KB, 825x1476, Screenshot_20200812-190748.png)

She was hella skelly. In picrel she's definitely sucking it in, but she's also sucking it in photos now and we don't see any ribs at all.

Not to WK, but I'm actually glad she has SOME kind of meat on her bones again. This was not an excellent look for her. It's not an excellent look for anyone.

No. 162367



No. 162368

Different anon and I agree that she's not skinny. She's built like a plank and you can see the belly fat if you pay attention to shadows and highlights on her body and the creases her fat creates on her underwear. She poses from the front all the time or uses her legs to cover up the fact that she has a huge pudge under her belly button. I know because I've seen friends utilize poses to make themselves look completely different. And let's not forget all of the warping behind her of her door and the walls, and poofing her cheeks in a poor attempt to hide face gains. Sure she's not a huge heifer, but let's not lie here and say that she's skinny. She's average and is getting chunkier by the day. I wouldn't be surprised if she does mass photoshoots to have "content" while she gains.

No. 162389

she has posted before saying she couldn't afford food at this time in her life so thats why she was thinner. remember Rikki paid some of her bills and then stopped when they broke up, which is when she got so skinny

No. 162402

Whoever did the photoshopping for this did a good job, and it was long ago so she was thinner. However, the picture was still totally edited.

Even in those days, candids show she wasn't an uwu smol pale elf waif.

No. 162414

Couldn’t afford food because she spent it on unnecessary junk. Just typical Loony priorities! Not surprising that she can’t show her face without filters now because of her rapid aging from her shitty lifestyle. It’s not uncommon for people to look younger than their age these days with easy access to gyms, nutritious diets, and more. Unfortunately Loony is too lazy to do any of that and she has no money for self care.

No. 162419

She looks okay, just a bit on the skinny side, doesn’t look scary skinny to me. Probably the ribcage deformation exacerbates her lack of fat.

No. 162430

File: 1626658874896.png (2.05 MB, 1109x2048, Screenshot_20210718-184000.png)

I love how shitty her photos look next to everyone else's every time she's reposted.

No. 162439

Is this a self post? Or related to Lori/Kev in any way? Why would you post someone else's account in the Lori and Kevin thread?

No. 162440

lori is on the bottom right of this photo grid, which is from a cosplay fan account
the person was posting to show how much worse she looks than other people doing the same style
it seemed pretty clear

No. 162441

I'm dumb and didn't even see Lori there lol. I thought it was all the same girl, sorry!

No. 162444

File: 1626666241496.png (1.15 MB, 825x1246, lorithinkskushisbeautiful.png)

She was living in Seattle at the time, and we had JUST legalized for recreational weed usage. Looni was trying to ride that "influencer" train at the time to appeal to the local audience. She posted a lot of weed related content that's still on her feed if you scroll way back.

No. 162450

she fits right in with those cgi abominations

No. 162461

the Lee Pham namedrop from last thread had me looking up LoL cosplayers kevin might have known. and surprise! Kevin's in this 2014 cosplay video at 4:45 as Pulsefire Ezreal. he is credited in the description as Krooked Kev Cosplay.

sage for non-milk. his armor was pretty good. wonder if he misses having friends and crafting more seriously.

No. 162469


It's been nearly a decade and whatever his skills were have only regressed. Many cosplayers now have far more abilities and resources, on top of healthy or younger looks.

He and Lori would look so ragged and out of shape compared to others if they dared go to AX. Loony will never be a booth babe, kek

No. 162484

They all look equally awful honestly…

No. 162512

All of them look disgusting and fake. The point is that the quality is worse and it's clear she wasn't posted without having to ask and send photos. The photos the owners posts on their own volition are clearly very different from Lori's.

No. 162514

File: 1626702145783.png (480.39 KB, 2048x1194, Screenshot_20210719-064138.png)

No. 162518

>11 hours ago.. 4 likes/1 comment

Way to go simps!

No. 162521

File: 1626703782868.jpeg (90.14 KB, 828x416, 664127E0-9242-492A-BEE3-9376C1…)

Imagine disagreeing with someone’s opinion of your content. Of course she doesn’t find her own repetitive photos and videos boring, she’s the one making them. Can’t take criticism for shit

No. 162522

That one comment is her posting the link to OF god she’s a loser I’m getting second hand embarrassed

No. 162530

Mfw I get the same amount of interaction on my lurker accounts with 40 followers that Lori gets on her "brand" accounts. She needs to just get a job.

No. 162533

To be fair every person on that page is a blonde weeb with 100 filters applied, she fits right in

No. 162542

Any functioning adult would read this status and block her. Nobody with a life worries about what critics on lolcow have to say. Nobody with a brain would advertise by saying "help me get back at those bitchezz!!1"

She does all the work for us, making herself look increasingly unhinged and greedy.

No. 162547

Yeah funny to deep think about pay me to see my selfie’s that you don’t care about so I can get back at hater sites that shouldn’t matter and that most people wouldn’t even notice but her life runs on haters.
Do any of these sites show any signs of us caring that she gets X amount of Simps it’s more us talking about her bragging about the 4 likes she gets on there

No. 162551

File: 1626709964705.jpg (37.62 KB, 699x562, success .jpg)

Most the likes are just friends who don't even buy subs or share her posts. Kek. She's a repeat flop. Of course, she still has a Kou (Kayla) hanging on to her Lego labia. Love that her link comment got no interactions. Bet after Lori reads this, there will be more likes on all the specific things we pointed out. I'm still chortling about Kevin wow reacting the "Shut up and give women your paycheck" status. That post 100% was her shading him for not buying her something/giving her cash.

Hah! It's already starting. She's going to steady lose organic numbers unless she goes full camwhore and flashes b-hole or her vag constantly, WITHOUT stickers. She should have known greedy scrotes would toss her aside after half a year. Her subs are abysmal, she begs for tips implying a severe lack, she has to beg for her cheap ass Amazon lingerie now, hasn't bought new shoes in a few weeks. Clearly she's spending more than she can earn and she's in a rut. Sucks to be a terrible unskilled laborer selling your body for change with the spending habits and ego of a CEO.

She's so full of herself she genuinely in her black, bitter heart thinks that we talk here because we wish we could wear scratchy Chinese lingerie and tacky out-of-season egirl boots. To her, we are all bitter fatties like Momokun who envy her lifestyle, boyfriend, face, body, etc. She knows as well as we do that it's all fake but her ego would shatter permanently if she ever internalized that thought. I bet she spends all day blaring club music, smoking weed, eating out and watching anime to avoid the chance of that thought occurring.

No. 162558

Spinal cord injury? She can find clubs where dancing on stage or pole tricks aren’t mandatory. If she can wear those heels I’m sure she can work in one of the gentleman’s clubs easily if she wants to.

No. 162560

Tbh they are all heavily edited pictures and I bet all this makeup looks super cakey IRL. She stands out because the rest of the girls can actually work with a makeup brush.

No. 162565

The real reason she can't is cause she can't talk to people let alone seduce men into mindlessly giving her tips. Her voice is shrill, she has no personality besides being a childish brat and she hates people. Also… you seen her dancing vids? Lori has no rhythm it's painful.

No. 162567

For me it's the mirror pic with horrible lighting and no depth. The other edits are at least of decent portraits. Other girls seem to at least have an eye for framing shots. Lori is more concerned with her body filters and hiding her jaw.

No. 162571

Why does she want to look jawless
What’s wrong with having a jaw is it not kawaii enough

No. 162572

You overestimate men.
When they have their beer goggles on they will tip anything.

No. 162579

No way. Maybe in buttfuck Utah or some kitschy dump working a day shift but not anywhere else. Most successful strippers I've seen or met in the states are leagues ahead of Lori. They have curves without forcing it, if they're slim they're not saggy skinny fat and they can beat their faces. >>162577 you're right about the token comment. That's really her only chance. Same with her booth babe dream. Her only shot is doing something hamfistedly inclusive that touts Cosplay being for everyone. Idk if anons have seen those groups but the whole "we have one of nearly every demographic that ticks the victim of -ist/-phobia" list and they're always horrible quality and sad to look at.

No. 162587

File: 1626717938826.jpg (5.6 MB, 2701x3265, Remini20210719105823078_mr1626…)

Her new story is so stupid she's calling OF spicy macaroni, fixed her blown out selfie she posted on her story. Wrinkled and bloodshot, so kawaii. Looks like you're the one that gets a wrinkle every time you LOSE a sub.

No. 162592

Just looks like normal eyes? People do have texture irl

No. 162595

Can't even afford the cheapest Wish lingerie now and have to resort to begging for scraps, Lori? Pathetic.

Her ugly brows look like she took a pink oil pastel and haphazardly drew crooked lines above her eyes

No. 162596

I still can't believe she brags about her eyelashes. There's nothing wrong with them but the few mentions she's made about "not needing falsies" and "just a good mascara" are so weird to me considering her lashes are pretty average looking, even sparse in some places. Dumb nitpick, I know.

No. 162597

Agreed. Especially on the freckled eye, there's barely anything there. My friend who abuses mascara and has her eyelashes fall out constantly has more eyelashes than Lori does

No. 162611

that's just it, all this stuff is normal and no one would pick it out or barely even notice if she didn't brag about how she was an ethereal, all-natural, eternal teenager

No. 162623

File: 1626728803648.gif (511.06 KB, 540x399, 2c196268611012defd06f639c956ef…)

I swear the anons who come in here like
>She's 35 she just looks her age, you're ageist
>Texture and wrinkles are normal, nitpick
>She's not chubby in candids, ana-chan etc.
have not read OP or other threads. Like >>162611 is saying, it's picked at because Lori says her filtered body and face is natural and she calls herself a loli. She says we photoshop every photo posted here and that videos prove her edits are "real". If you're insecure and feel the need to defend your body vicariously through Lori, remember the woman is a delusional liar and bully. She's the one who genuinely puts down women and teens for having flaws, publicly. Farmers are just feeding her a spoonful of her own poison and challenging her delusions. Relax. You're not dead cause you're in your 30's and yes, wrinkles are normal. We all agree on that. So long as you aren't parading around with a fake baby face making porn and calling yourself a vampire loli while screeching about natural beauty, you're fine.

No. 162653

She and Kevvy routinely shout into the void with selfish requests and somehow expect something different to magically happen.

The other girls look like girls, Lori looks like she needed to pose and make faces really hard and overedit to kind of look like them if you squint.

No. 162667

File: 1626742043887.png (827.75 KB, 1080x2097, Screenshot_20210719-174444~2.p…)

Prepare for a slutty version of Belle (a teen's VR character basically) and borderline appropriative face paint and jewels from the craft store. This is going to look awful and I love it.

No. 162668

the fact an anon literally fuckin called it LOOOOOOOOLLLL

No. 162669

In more shocking news, Lori has again blocked Kevin on Facebook. I really should start keeping a calendar of this.

No. 162676

saw it coming from a mile away. the character already has the stupid rash makeup and pink eyebrows that she refuses to improve or change

No. 162679

Can't wait for her to claim she was totally absolutely who this character was based off of like she insinuated with zero two. kek

No. 162681

File: 1626751950191.png (1.65 MB, 1223x2048, Screenshot_20210719-190646.png)

No. 162682

God I wish she would put this much fucking clothes on. This would look better than her early 2000s stripper get ups.

No. 162685

I think it's more of anons, like myself, getting tired of the constant nitpicking. Like, we get it. Lori looks like an "old hag", "swamp creature", "abuelita" etc. it just gets old reading these same comments and borders on retarded when we have anons hyper-analyzing her poor quality shoops to tell us she's nasty or that the very obvious shoop is a shoop. No shit. We have eyes. It's already been confirmed she, along with everything she owns, is fucking disgusting. It'd be great if anons could just curb their enthusiasm when making these comments since it makes the thresd pretty repetive especially during these dry seasons of milk.

No. 162698

I legit thought this was Michael Jackson at first.

No. 162715

What did he do this time? Pls anon make a timeline. This is twice in one week!

No. 162719

Ayrt, I wonder this myself (about what he did this time lol). He was blocked on Friday (July 16, 2021) at the same time he started sperging on the yru shoes page. Lori unblocked him the same day and allowed him to follow her.

I really should try to keep a timeline. Do any of you have suggestions on how best to do this? Some sort of app or calendar or something? I'm a phonefag but I do have a laptop. I just don't use it for lolcow stuff. Thanks!

No. 162767

Agreed. The no nitpicking rule being thrown out the window actually kills these threads.

No. 162808

File: 1626796927432.jpg (Spoiler Image, 114.08 KB, 1200x1650, OP.jpg)

OP here, I agree. The novelty has worn off and it puts us in a position to have the threads locked or auto-saged like the Venus ones. The focus should always be on her actions and while that includes looks, it shouldn't be brought up until something big happens. (ie. she changes the way she edits her face into a new one, changes skinwalk, etc.) I will add more to the top disclaimer in the next thread. Something like, 'No face, chest or hand nitpicking. No "de-filtering" and troll edits.' We can't force people but maybe shaming them and making it a declared rule will dissuade anons? Hopefully, Admin can find some new jannies for /w/ soon so this retardation can be extinguished during dry periods.

No. 162857

File: 1626815054989.png (1.15 MB, 1035x2048, Screenshot_20210720-135835.png)

Belle skinwalk is starting. The dots will become a staple in her makeup and I'm sure the pink will come back. Buckle up. I wonder if she will LARP as a singer/virtual idol like Belle.

No. 162862

First she was the IRL crybaby soft girl Usagi

Then she was the IRL inspiration for the tough as nails psycho from DITF.

Now she will be the IRL inspiration for Belle and whatever personality it will have.

No. 162863

I feel like I'm the only one who wishes she'd go back to Usagi full-time, because the idea of a 40 year old woman trying to be Sailor Moon well into her menopausal years is hilarious.

No. 162872

File: 1626819957270.jpeg (647.1 KB, 750x940, 34241AC4-6B39-47B2-A842-395592…)

her tongue is sooo white!! it looks like it has a thick layer of nasty gunk. her breath must be unfathomable also her fake cleavage. we all know she has a crater for a chest lmao

No. 162874

File: 1626820575899.png (988.98 KB, 1319x2048, Screenshot_20210720-153149.png)

I decided it was time to look into the owner of YRU to see the person responsible for the awful shoes and Lori's reposts. Zabastian Amadeus. Enough said. Turns out he's an absolute quack. Will post receipts. A very weird wook type who believes in 5G conspiracies and gets healed by rocks and shit. No wonder he doesn't care, he's delusional.

No. 162875

File: 1626820597115.png (966.84 KB, 1121x2048, Screenshot_20210720-153125.png)

No. 162876

File: 1626820751464.png (1.46 MB, 1103x2048, Screenshot_20210720-153322.png)

He owns another company that sells clothes, I really just get retarded money hungry fag vibes. Someone who is very asleep and waltzing through a daydream just stacking money he makes off strippers and tacky insecure Lori's around the world.

No. 162878

File: 1626820883038.png (1.46 MB, 1641x2048, Screenshot_20210720-153355.png)

This is what sent my sides into orbit. So strange. This is what one Ayahuasca trip does to the upper middle class.

No. 162890

You made me curious so I checked him out. Seems to be some rich Asian guy who makes shitty music and shitty fashion. He’s why Kiki wishes she was.

No. 162892

File: 1626825149224.png (840.8 KB, 2015x2048, Screenshot_20210720-152554.png)

Saged for non milk, this comment though. I really hope he's lying.

No. 162909

File: 1626829488744.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.63 KB, 650x428, GOdqL4w.jpg)

honestly looks like thrush (picrel)

No. 162913

Excessive smoking causes thrush. My bet is that Lori is trying to lose weight she's gaining by fasting and going back to liquids and smoking cigarettes and weed. The coffee posts and weed pen sightings, added with the white tongue… looks like it to me as a former ana.

No. 162917

I noticed that Kevin hasn't liked any of Lori's recent Facebook statuses and he normally reacts to every one. Is it possible she blocked him on FB too? Does FB remove reacts from people you've blocked like Instagram does? Because there's still that shocked react from Kev on her repost about giving women your whole check.

No. 162925

it's not like instagram where it removes all the blocked persons likes and comments. she could have blocked him and you would still see the shocked reaction. i think its safe to assume whenever she blocks him on insta, she does it on facebook, too. but yea, he's been kinda quiet which is a little sus.

No. 162946

even with all the filters and editing in the world, she's still fucking MISERABLE at doing her makeup. that liner is a modern tragedy. considering she's been around for a while, you think she'd have clued on or at least learned from some tutorials and shit. ~all natural~ that shit looks like you could scrape it off with a trowel. learn2makeup lori kek, I guarantee people who have half a brain cringe when they see this shit.

No. 162950

she does her makeup with the same amount of effort she puts into everything else she does in her life

No. 162956

She puts on a full face every day and literally never gets better at it

No. 162961

He probably decided to stop reacting to her posts considering his get zero interaction from her…

No. 162963

Lmao this far in? Unless you're kevvyturd passive aggressively posting this (and based on your ability to sage I think it's safe to assume you are not), I'm pretty fucking doubtful.

No. 163009

It's not like the head of the company is reposting her. Some poorly paid employee is suppose to find people to post and trolls social media for images that fit their asthetic so they can have free advertising. YRU or anyone else reposting Lori has little to do with them liking her, just the company showing the product to make more money. Lori getting some reposts is meaningless and she gets crumbs like discount codes. Its pathetic really but a narcissist like her is stupid enough to fall for it and keeps wasting her life for some companies gain. I doubt this Zabastian guy even knows who she is or cares.

No. 163010

This. She's just going to forever be broke and circling the drain.

She could have stole enough of Kevin's cash to move out months ago. Because she has an overinflated ego, she's retardedly buying polyester and junk from dropship brands then taking pics to advertise them for free.

Her thinking it's work or a collab when they just gave her a coupon code to keep buying more garbage shows how clueless she is to how the world works.

No. 163233

Can someone please tell me if this old woman has a job?? Like a real job? There is way too much milk for me to sort through to find the answer to that

No. 163239

Nope, her job is shooping herself for onlyfans. I think Kevin used to have a job but also doesn't now.

No. 163242

No, the only real jobs Lori has ever had is working at a sex shop and a Forever 21. Now her "job" is scraping pennies on OF and advertising fast fashion for free. Sorry, I mean, partnering with brands to make a percentage back on her sales using her influencer code at checkout. Which translates to pocket change better off found in a purse or couch.

No. 163246

File: 1626966936293.jpg (60.46 KB, 773x451, typical.jpg)

Kind of late but, whatever. Ranmas and Lori are having a ball gawking at the trainwreck that was Blerdcon this year. Of course these two ghouls are chortling like pigs over cosplay drama involving people 10-15 years younger. I bet Lori was even in support of people non-stop harassing the Sakura cosplayer that won. (TL;DR for the confused: BlerdCon is a black nerd con that held a best in show, a white girl who did Sakura from CCS entered and won then, black cosplayers lost it online.) These two sad sacks want everyone to be friends and be kind, unless it has nothing to do with them, then they want to see suffering and chaos. Even if its in their own community. God, for two has-beens who complain about the toxicity of Cosplay, they sure contribute and revel in it each chance they get!

No. 163250

DJ Dramas is the absolute worst. His only joy is being a second hand witness to drama that doesn’t ever involve him and writing lengthy, revisionist commentary about it where he makes believe that he’s involved somehow.
He’s also a soft incel and doesn’t understand why girls that are15-20 years younger “don’t fall for him”.

No. 163251

Thanks. But wow, i'm a whole decade younger than her with a career. I can't imagine being 36 and jobless… because you're too lazy?? Like how does she pay her rent? And wth is she going to do when she is too old to produce on OF? This lifestyle is an anomaly to me…

No. 163254

We don't know fully how these two idiots pay rent, but, here's some theories we always fall back on.
>Kevin actually has to work full-time and lies about it because once he said Lori pays for everything and he's a stay-at-home ferret dad
>One or both of them is on assistance beyond the pandemic stimulus checks
>Lori's daddy or other men are funding her outside of OF and anywhere Kevin could trace (he isn't allowed access to their money IIRC, Kev said she handles all the finance stuff like budgeting, main bank accts. which…. kek okay)
>All of Lori's money that doesn't go from OF to her bank account is money she stole from Kevin (if he is allowed his own stash)
>Neither of them have money and everything is favors and debt
All of them are plausible. Personally, I think Lori and Kev scrape gov assistance together and add OF money on that to pay bills, it leaves them with nothing and then they both do retail therapy with credit cards and afterpay.

OT but Lori doesn't seem the type to do taxes, do you ladies think she's going to get nailed by the IRS for keeping her OF tax-free? I know you are required by law to do it when you've put your gov info into a site like OnlyFans. The US gov can see you've made money doing sex work online and not stated it, right?

No. 163262

All very interesting theories and equally pathetic for them.
As a lady myself who does things like, a step down from OF, i highly doubt the gov is going to hit anyone who does OF with fine, unless the amount she was making was astronomical. But it sure would be funny and well deserved if they got her kek…i can't stand old ass women like this

No. 163269

People actually taking the word from a grown ass man who wears the same moldy Luigi cosplay to every con?
Adam, Lori isn't going to fuck you. Move on

No. 163308

File: 1626978413875.jpg (107.64 KB, 1024x768, 54130-d29189e566175d8b8cea6b1c…)

>this guy will never get laid
Anon, I would put a little respect on the name. He is not only Moldy Luigi, he's the legendary Ranma Saotome.

No. 163311

File: 1626978656621.jpg (122.34 KB, 1076x858, cucked_again.jpg)

Kevin didn't get his Air Forces. Shout out to whoever is scamming him right now. Hopefully he just loses the money and doesn't get the shoes.

No. 163325

File: 1626982874643.jpeg (717.55 KB, 1640x1997, 28062B8A-23ED-4196-AD3F-5BEEAE…)

I wonder if moo and vamp received their cease and desists yet? Kevin fails to forget he started everything, moo and vamp merely reacted.

No. 163326

File: 1626983197258.jpeg (130.04 KB, 1129x441, E0968C98-340F-4855-A97F-299024…)

“It’s super hard to name my abusers”
Kevin, you drop Mariah’s name every chance you get.

No. 163328

File: 1626984637735.jpg (86.83 KB, 1850x363, just sayin.jpg)

I thought this was Lori over in /pt/ but turns out it was our boy Kev! Time stamps line up. Right on time, Kevin. I swear he has an internal alarm clock that tells him when to sperg.

No. 163330

Wait, that nony9799 account posted her face and it wasn't vamps or momokun. How can he still push the narrative that its them doing it alongside proof that it's not? Never change Kevin lol

No. 163334

Nony changed their pfp too, it was the photo of her holding a sign that said "Whats my IP, adollaskye?" or something. So this is an old screenshot posed to make it look more plausible. He's being a little snake. Nobody interacts anymore though cause he's crying wolf and people know better now.

No. 163336

File: 1626985763368.jpg (83.34 KB, 694x667, Untitled (1).jpg)

Already edited as of 20 mins. He's stalking.

"3 years ago. Mariah Mallad posted a photo of my leg cut open and called Lori a monster when we genuinely tried to get my life back on tack. Right then and there I lost most of my friends and lost almost all respect I had for every cosplayer who turned their back on me. If you're not one talking shit, that's admirable, we don't shit talk you either.

Today Lori gets comments like this on sponsored posts she worked hard for. Vamplette aka Collette Michelle goes around leaving these comments as well. Almost every cosplayer I knew is friends with these two and refuse to drop them despite the abusive behavior.

This is a direct result of Mariah Mallad painting Lori in a negative light on my public post 3 years ago when we mutually decided to move in together the 2nd time. We never even broke up. My friends knew NOTHING about the real me. My biggest mistake in life was feeding bits and pieces of negativity to my friends because I was single for 5 years. Everything I didn't understand, I voiced to young, petty cosplayers who grew to view Lori as toxic. My friends proceeded to call the cops on Lori THREE times in attempts to pull me out of the situation, lying to them saying we were in danger. Mariah also got in contact with my utah ppl and parents to help pull me away from her. I decided to leave temporarily to try and appease everyone but that didn't work either. The only lesson I ever learned is friends and even family members have said the same backstabbing slanderous garbage, no one has your back and humans are beyond disgusting.

This costs us money and would-be subs DAILY. I think about this every day and I hate it. I hate drama but I hate those named even moreso. Fuck you if you think it's okay to do this. Is there anything I can do besides try to take legal action? The blatant harassment shows no sign of stopping but neither do we. Instagram does a terrible job at keeping hate in check. I'm so happy they added "block thus account AND accounts they create" the only good thing so far.

(lol btw the injury was a cosplay accident, Lori was taken back about something my friend said and i got upset, my knife slipped through the material, I don't cut foam on my body anymore. I've been too embarrassed to admit it until now. I freaked out at the time and kinda blamed my friend which dug everything deeper when I thought it they might apologize after seeing the rift they caused, but I was wrong.)"

No. 163337

File: 1626985811656.jpg (71.68 KB, 682x525, image (2).jpg)

Edited his other one as well. Probably came here to read then went back. Hi, Kevin. We saw you sperging here.

No. 163338

Kevin posted saying it was Lori that “made him” cut himself. Even if that was a lie, it was perpetuated by Kevin himself. He hasn’t ever explained it any other way until this post blaming someone else and making up a lie about foam. Most of loris sponsored posts would be completely left alone if not for Kevin’s online sperging or WK responses about law suits in the comments attacking random people. If he didn’t respond to any of this, it would probably be a dead issue over a year ago. He is such a fucking lying scrote. He is literally to blame for loris current backlash (she is an asshole but he’s created all of the current drama she’s getting “backlash” on). He is literally to blame himself. He is so far gone. If he would just stop, and maybe get a job or put his energy into literally anything else he would be better off. I wonder if they see moo in person what’ll happen.

No. 163339

And yet he's still blocked by precious innocent Lori on Instagram lol. What a great relationship.

No. 163341

She's probably bitching him out at home and forced him to post these or he posted these to try to appease her. How pathetic kek

No. 163343

File: 1626986795538.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 57.84 KB, 540x960, 25CC0C08-825A-43AE-9A15-632C86…)

Was gonna say this. The only person who started the narrative that Lori made him cut himself was KEVIN. Here Kevin, in case you need a refresher on what you, yourself, have said. Picrel.

No. 163344

At this point, I hope Kevin knows what he's doing and is just trying to push her away KEK. It would be a pretty based move to dig up her past, villanize her, make it even more public then leave the gaping wound to her ego and image to fester.

No. 163346

There's no way Kevin is this smart.

No. 163348

Warning: extreme gore. I've seen this photo so many times in the Lori threads and it still makes me sick.

No. 163349

I really hope people will stop repeating the "Lori made Kevin cut himself to prove his love" story. I always thought it was bullshit, even with everything else horrible Lori has done. I always thought it was a manipulative "Look what I did for you!" tactic by Kevin. He never even says Lori made him do it. Just that he did it to prove something.

And even now in his revised story he's saying that he blamed the cut on his friend in order to solicit an apology from the friend for "causing a rift" between him and Lori.

I know people were more likely to take Kevin at his word a few years ago but I hope this shows that he's just as manipulative and shitty as Lori.

No. 163350

No clue on her tax situation but if she gets any disability funds and they find out she makes of money, they'll make her pay every cent back..garnish wages, seize tax returns, in extreme cases file against your bank acct. Does any one know if of sends tax papers like a 1099NEC ?

No. 163353

Even if Kevin was even REMOTELY pressured to do it to himself, I would think he wouldn't just share it. It's a disgusting picture and sharing it to Moo alone is trouble because she shared it with everyone on Facebook.

No. 163357

If you earn more than $600, you'll receive a 1099-NEC form automatically. OF has all your personal info and gives it to the IRS so they know exactly where you're raking in what. She definitely made than in a year and absolutely spent more than what she has earned on clothes and shoes. A lot of which were not business expenses, but will likely be listed as such. IMO sex workers shouldn't get money back on anything aside from whatever lingerie/explicit clothing they own, sex toys and products required for maintaining them, etc. Those are clearly required when doing porn. Lori could only really claim a quarter of her purchases and that one dildo, if it's not years old and disgusting. Don't think the IRS is going to refund her dollskill shopping sprees. If she is on disability, she's grifting and could be slapped with fat charges. It's still tinfoil but I would not be shocked at all.

No. 163359

I love how Vamps said something ONCE on dollskill and now they’re lying and saying she’s on every sponsors page and leaving comments. Stop lying Kevin. She said something once and you cried and screeched. Stop milking it kek

No. 163360

I'm confused as usual. Didn't that Nony account in his post do a face reveal and show it was neither vamps nor moo?

No. 163361

You are correct. Kevin is showing an old screenshot from before she did the face reveal even though she did it in the middle of arguing with Kevin. He's being deliberately manipulative with that screenshot in order to make the tumbleweeds on his friends list think the account is Moo or Vamps. I bet Lori was seething when nony turned out to be a girl who is younger and prettier than Lori, kek.

No. 163366

File: 1626991267489.jpg (8.88 KB, 720x201, IMG_20210722_145838_148.jpg)

I am dead. Nony just did a laugh react on this post.

No. 163367

KEK omg
he's going to flip out.

No. 163369

Ayrt, now there's a second laugh react from someone named Sabrina. None of these people are Vamps or Moo. Kevin truly is a gift.

No. 163370

File: 1626992735030.jpg (66.43 KB, 828x978, nonyfb.jpg)

Nony and her friends who were unrelated to any of this are sharing the post now. They are the only responses to it.

good job Kevin.

No. 163371

I love these people. They just outed him as a liar because she will instantly direct people to the comments he left and her nony acct. He's not fooling anyone with this now! There's no way to connect these women to Mariah or Collette.

No. 163386

File: 1626995418583.jpg (86.86 KB, 720x1133, IMG_20210722_160932_914.jpg)

Nony is hilarious. She keeps making statuses with pics of herself referencing Kevin and how she's totally Momokun.

No. 163393

But Kevin, what about your totally legit lawyer who was going to get you the IP of Lee Pham and every anon and make everyone give you both money for copyright infringement?

No. 163395

>Kevin has a running delusion that fellow cows Mariah (Momokun) and Vamplette are the OPs of every farm thread and are solely responsible for the surfacing of her past

I can’t laugh hard enough because that was me. I didn’t create threads but I absolutely necro’d her “vintage milk” one to say that she was skinwalking Zero Two now.
So I will SO HAPPILY take responsibility for THAT because hey y’all - Kevin is def nuts.

No. 163408

File: 1626998892173.png (1.33 MB, 1567x1080, psycho.png)

No. 163417

File: 1626999657665.jpg (149.61 KB, 2048x2048, nonyfb2.jpg)

Nony just made an account on KF to drop these. She says that Kevin is currently messaging all her friends but has blocked her.

I would assume Lori/Kevin are going to attempt to contact Nony and her friends jobs?

No. 163418

File: 1626999660718.jpeg (160.27 KB, 1125x864, 9119CEF8-915E-42AF-9F1F-331D13…)

No. 163419

She's talking about the caption nony posted "might make my bf stab himself". She's implying doxxing her then getting her fired, like the cunty Karen she is.

We know you're reading so; maybe muzzle your dog more often, Lori. You can't and won't do shit. You lie about having lawyers and doxxing peoples parents. You're both cowards and are literally too poorfag for any legal defense. You don't even have a case. Seethe and moisturize, hag. You're rolling downhill faster than you can say "My lawyer has destroyed relationships and lives, want to keep going?"

No. 163421

I wish her the best of luck, considering neither my friends nor myself put that kind of info online

No. 163422

Damn, grandma is getting cranky.

No. 163423

Nony will be fine. They can't prove she's harassing them. Laugh reacting and making two jabs at someone on selfies isn't going to go to a court. Dude said 7 nonnies share the same IP and he knows who they all are. Also, Kevin doxxed their apartment a few threads back. Doubt that the man who did that would know how to find her. He couldn't navigate himself out of a fucking bathroom stall if he tried.

No. 163424

Lol what does he even want people to report you and your friends' accounts for? Mentioning him, Lori, and Moo by name? Lmao he's delusional. I am absolutely loving this. Kevin and Lori vs a band of randoms who aren't doing anything but laughing at the shit that they (Kev and Lori) have posted themselves. Thank you for this blessed milk.

No. 163427

Just like you don’t get to tell a rape victim to kill themselves and still be an “influencer” Lori. Too bad they weren’t making fun of self harm but how you and Kevin are morons. Seethe hag.

No. 163428

Yeah Lori, self-harm is no joke. That must be why no decent companies want to sponsor with you!
His attempts at being threatening is not only pathetic but low IQ. You could literally flip his script on himself and it'd be more accurate because those screenshots of his leg came from a concerned friend and it's exposure (along with whatever Lori and Kev willingly do and put out on public themselves) is the reason they're so unsuccessful and miserable. And him thinking this makes him or Lori look any better is just laughable.
Quit poking the cow already. You're becoming on par with Kitty whatsherface with the intentional cowtipping and self-posting.

No. 163429

Jfc.. Kevin is a stalker. Bonus points if nony is a minor.

No. 163430

“Using names for clout” just like you trying to gain clout from momo and vamps by lying and saying everyone is them? You’re projecting hard Kevin

No. 163432

File: 1627001147922.jpg (71.84 KB, 611x585, ok.jpg)

>groping people and blaming adhd
>threatening people and blaming your autism
I love Kev and Lori claiming autism when they're being boolied. Its insulting to autists, kek.
That's my favorite. He just posted a status and dropped their government names, blamed them for everything and pleads with everyone to report them and signal boost them being abusive. Cognitive dissonance; ascended. These two are dangling by a thread financially and emotionally. Such sweet milk.

No. 163436

There was a small part of me that was like “maybe kevin/lori have changed. sure they’re still batshit but maybe they’re not as toxic of people anymore” and felt a little bad for them. But after reading everything they’ve both posted today and kevin trying to lie so hard saying it’s a “cosplay injury” when HE HIMSELF sent the photo of his leg cut open saying “wah wah I did this for her”, any semblance of that is gone. They’re terrible people and I don’t believe they’ll ever get better.

No. 163437

Oh please, no self respecting employer would even take her phone call. The majority wouldn't entangle themselves in what would sound like kiddie drama.

No. 163443

File: 1627003280745.jpg (59.1 KB, 720x840, IMG_20210722_182008_535.jpg)

Lmao nony is brutal. I love it.

No. 163444

>Kevin spergs and exposes Lori's abuse
>Lori abuses him more and blocks him
>Kevin wks and lies that he's not abused
>Lori unblocks him until she needs to gaslight him again
>Kevin spergs and exposes Lori's abuse

This daily cycle kek

The revisions to his story only happened after he was so far deep in a sunk cost of his life and money on Lori.

It took years for the transformation but now he even turned into a Lori himself, even typing like her, being superficial and obsessing over petty things.

Now Kevin spends his time online stalking and harassing people the way that Lori does, too. They'll never be employed at this rate, a quick google search shows how awful they are.

No. 163445

>They'll never be employed at this rate, a quick google search shows how awful they are.

Agreed. Most companies do a quick online search before hiring. You find out more than on an interview. Even private accounts have tells about an individual. Imagine googling her and finding "Lori Lewd", 36 year old uwu pedo baiter in Amazon underpants seizing to Melanie Martinez.

No. 163446

The people from Kevin’s spergout found KF and this site by just googling their names.

It’s over for them for employment and they know it. They just want to deflect it onto others.

No. 163447

he's like the male alter of Laur trueman, same responses, same knee jerk nonsensical inaccurate legalese…he just has to respond to every thing.

No. 163448

Every single person who bitches excessively about being cancelled on the internet inevitably gets excited to cancel someone else

No. 163449

Bet Lori is screeching at Kevin to doxx that girl. There's no way that Lori in all her prolapsed anus of a filtered face isn't threatened by others' youth and cuteness.

It's disturbing how far Kevin and Lori would go in stalking and harassing just about any Reddit or IG commenter that isn't a bot.

No. 163461

Are we celebrating cowtippers now or are these self posts? Either way, embarrassing.

No. 163463

Sus for sure and if they keep interacting after posting here I'd say its tipping.

No. 163465

Okay, I don't know why you quoted me when I posted Kevin's posts of her. It's milk and was only posted to capture his status. I'm not the nony girl, so maybe watch where you point and look closer at the posts you're quoting. She's just going to go to KF where they ass kiss girls like her and Kitty, so just let it die. How Lori and Kev handle her from here on out is milk. I hope you and other anons don't start bitching about how we're the selfposting cowtipper egirl because we share statuses about her by Kev or Lori. Anons in here love to play sleuth and call out nonnies but fucking suck at it. If you paid attention you'd see most of those share the same file name as the KF ones and they were posted around the same time. I know which KF fags cross-post here. I watch them. Shes a facebook/ig normie who found her randomly, it's pretty clear shes not a bored and reckless farmer.

No. 163466

I posted a few of those. I just figured it was another example of Kev threatening randos that have nothing to do with anybody.

I think the only post that is actually from her is the last one.

No. 163467

kek. breathe anon

No. 163468

Honestly, we probably have the cows themselves among us right now. This is the milkiest shit we have had in quite a while so.. Who would not appreciate this?

No. 163470

File: 1627012477735.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1206x1226, 9AC3917C-7386-420C-9973-63769E…)

That YRU Chinese shoe company is so retarded and as bad at customer service as Lorena is at being a loli. They post up filtered to hell pics of their products and people are asking for the “coral” shoes but can’t find them because they’re fucking red kek

No. 163475

Apparently everyone is a farmer and a cow ITT and any post that isn't nitpicking Lori's jawline or Kevin's shoes is a selfpost. Milky as ever both in terms of what they're doing and how anons are acting here, kek. Happy milk delivery day!

No. 163481

File: 1627018280359.png (435.78 KB, 748x778, Screenshot 2021-07-22 10.25.48…)


No. 163483

Typical loony. She doesn’t even have a sailor moon cult group to send after people anymore. Hypocritical behavior, “peolle contacted loris Brand deal posts for
Being an abuser boohoo” and then Lori turns around and attempts to do the same thing Kevin won’t stop bitching about. And the brand deal issue was created by Kevin himself. Constant victims, fucking losers. Kevin self harmed and is blaming it on random people, that’s disgusting behavior. Lori has been silent about his stabbing photos this entire time, she is also pathetic. They won’t do shit against these people. Die fucking mad Lori you scum bum ass bitch, ugly ass useless parasite. Go get a fucking job and stop whining on the internet. Nobody cares about you. .

No. 163484

File: 1627018471982.png (168.02 KB, 748x778, Screenshot 2021-07-22 10.26.39…)


No. 163485

Kevin Lori = abusers. Let’s be clear here.

No. 163486

File: 1627018566398.png (50.42 KB, 743x270, Screenshot 2021-07-22 10.26.58…)


No. 163488


>Google HR number

What is this about? Still trying to scrub her internet history?

No. 163489

Is it “self harm”? Because now Kevin is saying it was a foam cutting accident. So is Lori or Kevin the liar ? It can’t be both as true.

No. 163490

Why are these fuckers so stupid?

No. 163491

>want fame
Why is everything about "clout" with these two? The only thing that anyone has to gain from them is keks. That's it. That's why these threads keep going. They do it to themselves. They shit their pants and blame others for pointing it out and laughing at them.

No. 163492

They probably don't understand some people don't want to be famous.

No. 163493

kek friends only post. lori you still have moles!

Didn't Kevin post the comment from ig today and accuse it of being vamplette? And now he's saying he exposed "orbiters" even though he posted it himself and the actual commenter came out to fuck with him? he still thinks they're fake!

No. 163494

no, she is threatening to contact the employers of these people. It looks like someone on the friend's list works for google.

No. 163495

They have asked for Google contacts before and I don't think they got anywhere. Actually I know they got no where because nobody who works for Google would want to help them in any way even if they did know somebody, which they don't.

No. 163496

It's been painfully obvious that nony is a cowtipper from the get go, wtf is it about Lori that attracts these petty attention whores. Her immature comments dragging them aren't milk imho. Hard agree with the anon who said she's akin to that kitty chick at this point

No. 163498

Who cares, there’s so much milk
Shut up

No. 163499

This proves that Loony and Kevvy are stalking and harassing people all day.

The only difference is Lori is more careful to hide her posts from public while she lets Kevin be her patsy.

>wanting to call the manager
Lori is so retarded she thinks employees of Google can be bullied by some lowbie in HR. That same HR person would literally Google her and find out she's an asshole who does a multitude of things that are HR violations or illegal.

On top of that, the HR person would likely report her to local authorities for stalking and harassing one of their employees.

No. 163501

the cringiest part of all of this is Kevin insisting people are using him and Lori for clout

Kevin all your Facebook posts get two likes if any, Lori's bought followers don't actually have any investment in her. no one outside of farmers and LJ users from twenty years ago know or care who you two are. there's no clout to be gained, it's all just for shits and giggles. the delusion of this guy just amazes me every time

No. 163502

File: 1627022521598.jpeg (20.52 KB, 358x147, 2F13479B-5E30-4543-AC01-77B5F6…)

Not the Billie skinwalker/onision simp cowtipping lmao

No. 163503

If he and Lori actually had clout, they'd have found a way to make money instead of being bottom feeders and social rejects wandering the Walmarts of Utah.

They run around in outdated polyester and plastic thinking the snide remarks from disgusted passerbys are real compliments.

No. 163504

No, there really isn't? What milk is there other than another on the clock Kevin sperg that has almost nothing to do with the cowtipper kek. Sorry if you've been starved and any little drop is amazing to you, the rest of us still have standards

No. 163506

Over filtered hoe attention hungry for new LC commentary I see

No. 163507

> the rest of us still have standards

do you know where you are

No. 163510

Yes, check back when you figure out how to post off reddit

No. 163514

File: 1627027630372.jpeg (345.16 KB, 1668x546, C3AAA514-253C-4E2E-8CFD-222830…)

she’s been around lolcow for about a year maybe more. i wouldn’t put it past her if she is self posting for attention. a little advice to danny, don’t use your actual name and face when you’re fucking with cows, some autistic farmer might recognize your face and the girl you’re still hopelessly skin walking. >>>/pt/784948

No. 163515

File: 1627028358986.gif (2.47 MB, 320x180, 6A4818A6-5448-4EBA-B37D-50660A…)

holy shit that's embarrassing

No. 163517

File: 1627028688728.png (10.73 MB, 4476x1640, E9AC3311-3054-4336-B553-4760CA…)

This girl deserves her own thread tbh

No. 163518

If any anons do wish to create a thread on her, then please meet up in the thread request. It's fucking hilarious seeing her get called out like this, but ultimately she's irrelevant to our thread cows and just trying to get attention via them

No. 163523

So nony is that girl who would photoshop herself to match Billie? I didn't even recall this until seeing these posts but I seem to recall this girl is also a cow. No way you'd tie yourself to Kevin in any way (Posting her face repeatedly) and not be a cow yourself.

No. 163527

The fact that she couldn't even do the 'nonny'/'nonnie' right despite lurking for over a year amazes me.

Where are all you anons claiming this cowtipping/selfposting attentionwhore was bringing milk at?

No. 163529

File: 1627035009229.jpeg (157.2 KB, 892x751, 44FF5AB0-30F3-496B-ABB2-67ADE3…)

No. 163531

This isn't entertaining, isn't milk, isn't actually involving lori or Kevin. It's just the cringe attempts of an attention whore to get some shred of recognition by sperging.

In fact, the milkiest thing about this is that someone is so pathetic they think Lori/Kev are the coat tails to ride.

If you're the tard self posting: please fuck off, you aren't interesting
If you're a legitimate farmer who misguidedly thinks this is relevant to the thread: it is not. Not even while saged.

No. 163532

She's prolly a billie Skinwalker, so stick her in that thread. Doesn't warrant her own thread for that b.s. alone.

So what if she cowtipped? We got to see the two idiots sperg while the milk is nothing but powdered nitpicking about how much of a fugly grandmother Lorena is.
We also get the bonus of the two of them trying to call themselves autistic to shame us away from calling them just that.

No. 163533

The fact she's connected to Onision (via being a Billie skinwalker) has this making a lot more sense, she likes to tie herself to walking disaster humans with a downward career trajectory. Agreed that we don't need to see every post she makes now, it's basically lolcow posts except tagging/responding directly to them (cowtipping) so it's both retarded behavior and against site rules.

No. 163535

She’s cringey for trying to force milk tbh

No. 163537

Also regarding someone upthread who thinks she's the one who outed them to sponsors, I'm sure they have more than a few dedicated haters after nearly two decades of being assholes on the internet. I know archive anon (the one who spammed previous threads with like 50+ old photos of Lori from 2003, and still regularly throws one in the thread) is an oldfag who was involved with the original group (friend of one of the Sailor Moon cosplay group around Livejournal era) since she knows too much to not be directly involved. But that's nearly two decades of hatewatching for archive anon.
Another poster mentioned she is someone Lori simply insulted once in person (said her cosplay was shit or something) when she was a teenager, I don't know if she still posts but just an example of how Lori and Kevin attract haters so easily. That person said they'd been hatewatching for like ten years after that.
Then, Kevin regularly sperges on Reddit and elsewhere, bringing people to both this thread and the Kiwifarms one (imo that is made by archive anon) and bringing even more eyes onto their antics.
Kevin trying to guess who is writing which comment while constantly collecting more hatewatchers is a losing battle. And we see Lori still being a rude asshole to everyone she interacts with.
Nony is a cow but not necessarily involved with prior cowtipping and meddling, though certainly suspect. The reality is it could be any of maybe two dozen longtime haters they've accrued.

No. 163538

(Sorry for long spergy post, just elaborating on this idea Kevin has that it's only Moo or this new chick every time, when they constantly gather new haters with their dumb antics)

No. 163549

I mean, he instigated with the initial post, no?

No. 163552

1. None of her random followers and coomers are going to contact stranger's jobs
2. Even if someone showed their employer that post and she explained what it was about nothing would happen. Can you imagine being HR and finding out the whole situation and taking these two seriously?
>Yes hello, I am a smol loli from Utah and your employee bullied me by misremembering something my psychosis bf wrote when he was sending people his bloody stab wound pix. You should fire her and simp for my spicy spicy!

No. 163561

File: 1627042272545.jpeg (499.24 KB, 1103x1208, 6E68B519-7533-483A-A569-3C3188…)

More edits to his Facebook post. I love how he felt the need to add “the knife is vewy shahp” like he’s a toddler to the newest version of the leg slash story. Really Kevin? A knife was sharp? I'm sorry but I laughed too hard.
He also admits in this edit that he is “very close to seeing what a lawyer has to say”, hence making all the previous lawyer threats ust as we thought- Kevin barking hot air into the void. For those keeping track, the post is up to 12 edits according to the edit history and they are on the hour. Go outside, Kevin.

No. 163562


Sorry for deleting earlier post, i wanted to add a few things

So I'm one of the people she's threatening to contact jobs. My husband (who has nothing to do with this) she's also seeming to include in this by the looks of that screenshot? But it looks like it is friends only so I can't see the full post. Sorry, I had no idea who these people were before this honestly, I just thought it was funny they were talking about being hackermans with an IP address and my husband did literally nothing lol

No. 163565

Sorry you are now involved in this nonsense because you wrote a comment. This is why this website discourages cowtipping (contacting these people directly) it's very much meant for commentary from a distance. Like a nature documentary. Triggering online crazies leads to things like this, random married couples who have never heard of them before getting threatened. I'd avoid interacting with stuff Danny posts since she seems to orbit mega-cows as a hobby.

No. 163568

all because an idiot laugh reacted on his post. congrats, kev and grammy, more screenshots of you recently harassing people randos can show to the next brand dumb enough to feature you. Do these dumb shits ever think long term?

No. 163569

Sorry about that. I would just block them and select the option "block all accounts they may make". They can't do anything but they will bug you for days if not weeks if left alone. Also, yeah. Seems like Danny has too much fun poking the shit and got you into this mess.

No. 163570

guys, you need a refresher on cowtipping. it's for when people actively posting ITT purposely post something they can link back to themselves ITT for attention, not for people who get flack from cows for innocent posting then stumble upon the site after. no one knows who ITT knows lori/kevin irl (and that's kind of the point) so we shouldn't assume anyone and everyone is cowtipping. especially when people who find us after being harassed by the cows often provide the best milk.

No. 163571

'this costs us money DAILY'
yes, all that's holding abuela back is the occasional troll. not her declining looks, lack of content on a highly competitive platform, history of abusive behavior. No, it's the odd comment that prevents the cash flow just rolling in.

No. 163572

And how curdled is this milk? Who fucking cares if she used to "skinwalk" Billie. Billie looks like every other white woman with danger hair. She wasn't ITT until recently so I don't know how it would be her cowtipping. Just because someone has had a degree of relation to cows in the past doesn't mean they're all autistic fuckwits spending all their time looking at cows and making problems. Someone ITT is very guilty of something and keeps calling every other girl that pops in this thread a self poster or a cowtipper OR a kitty clone. No way it's not the same 1-2 anons. More people would rather see their spat than they would ignore it because Danny used to mod a forum and was posted to an old irrelevant thread. Also, that post just looks like someone accusing a random who isn't on LC of shit. Just another anon trying to be a detective. A million women look like Billie and Onision has had so many fans. To say she's aware and just some destructive farmer with intent to manufacture all this milk is just jumping the gun. Some screen cap of someone talking shit on here isn't going to persuade us into not watching the shit show. Fuck off.

No. 163574

Can you really say they are being harassed when they go out of their way to post photos poking them? Looks like a 2 way street after a while imo.

No. 163576

None of us posted photos of them besides here though I don't think

No. 163579


No my point is this is a two way harassment so how is anyone going to come to threads claiming harassment when they did it right back. Please. You get what you give.

No. 163581

Because the initial posts mentioning her scream selfpost? Not only that but it was only her and her friend reacting to Lori and Kev's retarded posts, along with using a candid photo of Lori which she probably got from here or kf. Sorry if not everyone likes when attentionwhoring idiots mess with them, when Lori and Kev do a perfect enough job making asses of themselves on their own.

No. 163583

>likes when attentionwhoring idiots mess with them


No. 163588

Anon, the post you first quoted wasn't speaking just on this situation. They mean in the past random anonymous cosplayers have come ITT and gone to KF to share info and their experiences without attention whoring. Nobody was this critical or quick to throw out the time where Lori went after that 16 year old who then clapped back at her for a minute. Everyone loved that. The girls usernames and name were front and center. People posted her profile. That wasn't a problem or harassment but now this is? Weird how there's such a switch up. The 16 year old did the same thing. She trolled Lori for days online. I don't see a difference in these situations aside from age.

Cool, I guess anytime people on Facebook or Instagram clown on either of them, we'll just have this argument every time about whether it's calculated self posts or not. Lori has been posted to Facebook groups and on Instagram reality. She's gaining more notoriety and anons need to accept that people will start messing with them publicly. Doesn't mean they're farmers. Doesn't mean they're cows worth stalking. It's so obnoxious to see the same group of people infight about who the hell is who and who's attention whoring. It floods the threads and makes people stop reading here. It helps Lori and Kev look better if we're all shrieking accusations and infighting.

Can we PLEASE just stop posting Danny like we did Kitty and call it a day so the thread can go back to normal?

No. 163589

File: 1627050647869.jpeg (106.07 KB, 1125x306, 0C50A963-7623-426A-83D6-16CF01…)

Anon, she’s still a moderator of Onision’s forums, and she still interacts with him. The screenshot I pulled her mod status from is relatively recent. She’s an obvious farmer looking for attention. I’ve mostly lurked in this thread but I noticed Danny has a habit of overinvolving herself with cows.

No. 163591

>Can we PLEASE just stop posting Danny like we did Kitty and call it a day so the thread can go back to normal?

How you gonna do that when you basically just WK'd the bitch.

No. 163595

Yeah people throw tantrums when someone disrespects them but responding only eggs them on. They would fail faster if people just ignored them after these interactions. Farmers might like the milk but their not harassing you if you keep engaging with them.

>Danny has a habit of overinvolving herself with cows

Which is why this is self-post BS. She asked the intital question that got Loonie all worked up about Kevin's leg. She knew who Lori was and instigated the entire situation.

No. 163600

File: 1627052379825.jpeg (240.86 KB, 1262x1428, BC06C77C-052E-4836-BC03-620960…)

Remember when the most dramatic thing happening was Kevin in desperate need of a dancers belt? Now he’s threatening lawyers and violence. How far we’ve come. Personally Kevin’s rage posts light up my day, so this has been entertaining, but come on guys. Don’t poke the cows! Here’s an olden day photo of Kevin severely lacking a dancers belt with his little twink moon boots to lighten the mood. Carry on.

No. 163602

anon please read your post before posting so you dont gotta post the same thing three times

I do kinda miss these days tho

No. 163610

I miss his Doritos chin shoops that matched Lori. I really hope they do go to cons in the following years so we can have more cringe videos of Lori acting like she's 12 in her cheap flammable Saber dress and musty Zero Two suits. I don't care if they even produce milk during, I just can't rip my eyes away from their cosplay atrocities. It's what made me and probably a lot of us invested in her crap life. Now that Lori just wears hooker garb and Kevin dresses like a swagfag, they're honestly so boring. More predictable than ever, even including Kevin's clockwork temper tantrums. Even this cow prodding milk isn't giving us calcium. Anyone else feel like this? Are we just in a lull before another storm or are these cows dying?

No. 163614

I really think we're in a lull before the storm. Their impending breakup is going to be hysterical. Lori's not as stupid as she looks, I'm positive she'll catch another simp soon enough and be ~swept away from her abuser~

No. 163617

Any guy she pulls will be worse than kev. Every successive boyfriend has been getting more gross

No. 163618

File: 1627057943295.png (1.23 MB, 1235x2048, Screenshot_20210723-093032.png)

Lori shares a TikTok on why certain IG posts aren't getting any reach

No. 163619

File: 1627057988781.png (451.25 KB, 1323x2048, Screenshot_20210723-093052.png)

I just thought this exchange on that post was funny. Sage for non milk.

No. 163626

So, what will the excuse be when she still gets no likes or interactions?

No. 163632

Which is it, Kevin? Self harm or a "cosplay knife accident"?

No. 163633

File: 1627066035014.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 553.02 KB, 2400x1985, nony9799 legcutkevinlielorisel…)

No. 163634

Kek, imagining her shrieking all this in a nonsensical rant like on that phone call someone posted.

It feels like things are reaching a fever pitch with how active Loony and Kevvy are getting in trying to prove they're a super successful and attractive powercouple with clout others are trying too steal.

Mainly I hope he pees on her costumes again and she is caught cheaing on him again.

No. 163635

I've always wondered what would happen in a hypothetical situation where Moo or Lori's ex or someone else they hate subbed to Lori's OF. Would she screech or keep the money?

No. 163636

I didn't wanna bother saying this, but medfag here. You can the scar was a self harm scar. There's specific markers we have to look at to see if something is self harm/accident/caused by someone else when doing reports. One is the way the cut is tapered to the right side. If it was truly an accident in the way he described, it would have a puncture wound first (a deep cut) with 1 very thing taper.

However, the way he described it makes no sense as even the way the lines are clean indicate he cut himself with a box cutter (or an extremely sharp knife… But I'm leaning towards box cutter from how clean the tapered lines are). And there are 2 tapered lines, not 1 (if you go off by what he says).

He also very clearly pulled the cut open to expose it more. You can see it from not only the fact it's more exposed by also the bloodmarks indicate he stretched the skin with his fingers. Why would someone who had an accident purposely pull his skin apart to further damage it if it wasn't to create an illusion of further damage to a viewer?

Essentially, he 100% cut himself with the intent that someone will see the scar. I highly doubt this was an accident as he's described. If it was an accident, it wasn't the way he described what so ever.

No. 163641

No. 163643

Have you even read the thread lmao? The self poster been on lc for years fagging up other cows and clearly went out of their way to post that question for their rage. It's cowtipping and attention whoring and they keep going at it.

I really hope some of these retard takes are just her trying to samefag defend herself because otherwise some of you need to stop posting and lurk moar.

No. 163644

You've got to be blind, new or legitimately autistic if you really can't suss out this obvious cowtip/self poster. If you're incapable of telling the difference between them and randoms getting caught up in things, then that's fine, but know others can very easily tell.

What you consider "good milk" doesn't excuse cowtipping. It'll just encourage people like this girl to continue in the future and attention whore via it. And it won't always cause milk, most of the time it ruins it.

This girl is literally now just posting farm takes to her friends on social media and directing them at the cows to try to get recognition. It isn't something to post here, especially when it's not involving reactions from kev/Lori. It's shit, transparent behavior that just leads to future messes. There's a reason it's not allowed here, sorry you're blind to it just because you got another kev sperg that would've inevitably come around without this tipper sucking turds.

No. 163648

I’ve had my hand slip while cutting foam. It doesn’t go that deep. Anyone who’s ever had a cosplay injury mishap would know he’s full of shit.

No. 163650

Is anyone on the page actually reading or believing his string of lies?

Like Lori, he's a retard who thinks he can rewrite his origin story when it has already been documented and exposed. Sadder still, nobody even cares.

No. 163653

Thank you medfag.

No. 163663

Oh silly anon, they've figured out already it's because of those dastardly tricks social media plays to force them to not be seen! The haters are at the homies houses forcing them not to give their support!! If only there were C&D's on the way to save them… Rip

No. 163670

Does Kevin write this Bullshit blindfolded his shit never adds up it’s just like he spews
Out some shit that he thinks that’s going to help his case this shit would never hold up in Court and could you imagine them both under that heat and debate he would go ape shit and try to attack people in the courtroom they would toss him into jail and Lori would take the cake using her crocodile tears saying how he abused her lol then they be spewing some shit on each other

No. 163684

He thinks he looks internet tough by claiming he MIGHT talk to a lawyer. As if any lawyer would even give this twink the time of day.

He's too scared to reach out to anyone, just like Lori being too chickenshit to ~phone google~. Anyone they reach out to would more likely report these tards to authorities.

No. 163685

What irks me is that he never fucking takes responsibility for his shit. He tries to make it like people "twisted" his words when they were just acting on what they were told by HIM originally because they cared about him. I doubt they'd try to get him away from Lori and give him shelter if they were trying to destroy him. Dude is so fucked in the head.

And notice how he's like "wah wah this costs us money and would-be subs daily" Kev you're giving granny too much credit, she'd probably be lucky to get one sub every few months even without all of this topkek. Nobody is interested in paying for the same-faced, super low-quality, filtered to fuck and back content; not to mention that the same type of content is posted on her IG for free all the time. Her nasty attitude always shone through before this drama as well, with threatening to call ICE on a former friend, telling a disabled girl to kill herself, cheating constantly, putting down other women when she felt threatened or jealous, etc. It's all very well documented, and so is her real face that she tries to hide so much with filters. What happened to that lengthy YouTube video defending yourselves you were going to make with Lori, Kevin? We're waiting.

As for the knife incident… cutting foam wouldn't cause a giant gaping wound like that and you know it Kevin. You're just continuing to make excuses for Lori and your behavior in a poor attempt to gain favor with the little people that you can count on less than one hand left in your life.

I'd love to see him screencap -entire- posts like this (and not just picked and chosen parts to feed whatever pathetic agenda he has) calling him out on his bullshit and publicly respond to it on his facebook, but he won't because everybody knows that he's too chickenshit. He thinks that he's so sane and that they're right/high and mighty about everything when the reality is the complete opposite.

Anyone with anything more than peas for brains could read this post and these threads with documentation and deduce that Lori and Kevin are abusive losers that probably belong in jail with all of their tax evasion, threats of harm/murder, and harassment of anyone who dares to say anything constructive or negative with reason to them. He keeps threatening legal action, and I sincerely hope that he does go forward with it because it's going to severely backfire on him and Lori and land them in jail. That, or I hope that somebody that they have affected decides to take legal action against them and put them in their deserved place. That's a big reason that why they want these threads gone I'm sure; it's compiled evidence of their illegal activities.

No. 163693

Can we get a thread for Danny? I have a milky farm load of dirt to unload about her.

No. 163694

You should make the thread then, or take this to thread requests

No. 163697

Wait,were at "might" now? What happened to all those legal letters they had sent out? (Sarcasm, if you cant tell)

No. 163699

He's a compulsive liar who can't even get his lies straight. Just like the whole gaping wound situation. Dude needs a lot of therapy, probably to be locked up inside a straitjacket in isolation before he hurts himself or somebody else physically too. What a deluded nutcase.

No. 163700

My friend is actually part of the maintenance crew for the apartment complex Lori and Kev live in. He’s been in their apartment for general upkeep and the monthly pest control service that every unit receives. I really want to spill all the creamy milk he’s given me, but I’m apprehensive about it because it could jeopardize his job. Yet at the same time, these spergs deserve to be doxxed. What do you guys think?

No. 163701

this could be extremely milky but… proof? that's a lot to claim.

No. 163704

In the >>163561 screenshot he says

>I'm very close to seeing what a lawyer has to say

Kevvy is close to maybe talking to a grown up, who will maybe charge them a few hundred of their maybe from OF bucks an hour!

No. 163705


Obviously this would be amazing to read about but gotta have some evidence.

No. 163706

They hurt their ability to get sponsors and followers with what they share and their own behavior more than anyone else ever has

No. 163707

>I’m so happy they added block this account AND accounts they created
Yeah Kevin cause we all know you love that block button!

No. 163711

Post about it in the skinwalkers thread in snow for now? >>>/snow/1010834

No. 163724

File: 1627084737013.jpg (83.31 KB, 720x906, IMG_20210723_165756_607.jpg)

Kevin changed his FB bio today.

>I'm okay, are you?

No. 163725

No doxxing allowed on lolcow, fam. You can describe what he said about them/the apartment without disclosing where it is or any private info. Also nobody "deserves" to be doxxed, that's a shit take. There's a lot of psychos on the internet and they don't deserve any access to victims. People a lot worse than these two clowns.

Unless you are misusing the word doxxing in which case ignore my rant. But doxxing is shit. Remember when someone leaked Belle Delphine's (mom's) address and some scrote took a photo of some note taped to the front door? It's just weirdo stalking at best and dangerous at worst. So yeah, spill the beans but retain all private info please. Against site rules and also a shit thing to do to dox someone, regardless of their character flaws and past. This is not a website where we cowtip (interact/harass personally) dox (share identifiable personal information) or make armies to harass cows with. It's a gossip board.

No. 163727

if you post dont post proof if it jeopardises his job, internet gossip is not worth that.

But i would love to hear what you got to say even if its vague

No. 163730

kRoOkED kEv turning the tables on us with his le deep and introspective question, kek. >>163700
If you got milk to spill, you may as well spill it but don't doxx them and give out personal information. Knowing their address and stuff like that is not useful or milk worthy in any way. Also, Lori and Kev lurk here regularly so RIP to whichever poor maintenance worker steps foot into their apartment next.

No. 163732

Calm down, they were already doxxed on kiwi and nothing happened.

No. 163733

"My girlfriend breaks my computer and other shit, withholds sex, steals my car to cheat on me with her ex, steals $200(+?) from me to buy overpriced plastic shit online and pretends it wasn't her, makes me stab myself to prove my loyalty to her from my friend Jade, screeches at me to defend her honor online, alienates me from everybody I know, makes me delete any female that she feels threatened by, makes me lie about past situations to save her reputation, ruins my chances at becoming e-famous with Moo, makes me dye my hair a color that depresses me to follow her cosplay agenda, serves me lettuce on a plate and calls it a meal, makes me work while she sits on our filthy floor that she couldn't even clean to make content for other scrotes to jack off to, blocks meon the regular, won't post me on her page or acknowledge me as her bf/fiance, makes me post her granny ass on reddit, and makes me fight her comment battles for her so she doesn't look bad and it can all be blamed on me, but I'm totally okay guise!!!1!!"

No. 163735

Oh sorry, I forgot "gives me her hand-me-downs and gifts me cheap shit once in a blue moon as the lowest tier of effort in our relationshit"

No. 163738

Kiwifarms is run by a creepy nonce and full of very weird, obsessive users, lolcow and kiwi are only alike in that they discuss cows. The rules are also completely different. It was ok on Kiwifarms doesn't make it acceptable here.

No. 163741

No doxing? Anon already said it's someone who works maintenance at their complex. We all know Kevin and Lori lurk all day. Guys already doxxed, wouldnt take much for them to march down to the complex office and fulfill some of their "you'll loose your job" rage.

No. 163744

I remember that, always wondered how brain dead you have to be to post your own addy by accident.
Still feel bad for any poor schmoe getting involved with these two when he works there. Save the guy his freaking job.

No. 163747

File: 1627091603851.jpeg (325.25 KB, 967x1440, 0AB4A252-64E6-4C03-A40B-50F3D3…)

This outfit is so tacky

No. 163748

lmao the background looks almost exactly like >>141156 at this point

No. 163749

Woof. This style does not suit her frame at all. She looks incredibly stumpy and wider than usual. This pose really shows a form closer to her real shape. The dress crumpled by the garter clips the socks make her look like a literal crack whore. Looking like a lady boy! Werk it mama, get that ten dollar bill.

No. 163751

I disagree, she has a pretty nice body type. I’m not autistic enough to a-log about my insecurities like you’re doing right now anon.

No. 163752

WTF? Everything about this is hideous.

No. 163753

KEK. I pity the anons who think what she delivered is quality milk. You all must be absolutely parched.

As if using a sockpuppet named "nony" wasn't obvious enough that it was a cowtipper. She had to be an onion orbiter/clout chaser and over all skinwalker too.

No. 163756

This entire thread is filled with self-hating, nit-picking, autistic, vendetta Chan’s.
All they do is recycle this cow’s 20 year drama, and write fan fics about how fat and old she is.
This thread is dry and hasn’t been milky in over a year.
It’s just a bunch of former cosplayers that are stuck on reliving the glory that was Lori’s Sailor Moon years.
There are better threads to lurk.

Watch anon. Watch how they will reee and attack this post and accuse me of being either Lori or Kevin. It’s really entertaining. Like throwing slurry into a piranha tank.


No. 163757

I'm more curious why not just hide the thread? Or report comments for nitpicking instead of adding to derailing, infighting, and general shitting up of the thread?

No. 163759

It honestly disgusts me how he treats the people that care about him. I don't want to give Mariah too much credit but his other cosplay friends seemed to show genuine worry and care and it's sad and gross to see the nasty things he says about them. He needs serious help if he thinks anyone is really out to get him.

No. 163761

>This thread is dry and hasn’t been milky in over a year.

Why you here then looser?

No. 163762

>there are better threads, Lori is the victim, totes no milk here, please stop bumping this to the top of google
Maybe try to integrate and don't make posts that are centered on Lori's POV, or the specific things Lori is mad about?

The thread has been objectively entertaining and super active to the point of bringing new people here.

No. 163763

They’re writing some autistic bait so they can derail and infight since they hate the thread. Why else?

No. 163764


This and many other posts from the past 24-48 hours have been overtly and covertly pro-Lori/Kevin. Lots of attempts to divert attention to other threads, minimize criticism of Lori/Kevin, hyperfocus on Nony/Kitty to avoid discussions about Lori/Kevin, etc. These suspicious posts also have a similar candence, use of language, and a defensive hostility that sounds familiar to posts by Lori/Kevin.


No. 163767

You're trying hard to emulate the way people speak on here but you're failing hard, dude.

No. 163768

the cows are coming from INSIDE THE FARM kek

No. 163769

The biggest giveaway is the constant projection. Lori and Kevvy aren't slick because they can't help but say everyone who criticizes them is jealous and ugly or fat.

I can't wait till Moo or some other wealthy cow notices their constant slandering and sues them into homelessness.

No. 163770

Bruh people are allowed to discuss. That's why the posts are saged. Not all saged posts have to contain milk. That's what the whole saging-process is for. If you have a problem then report it and move on, let the mods handle it. Stop mini modding.

Exactly all of this. On top of him having meltdowns on facebook today, I wouldn't say that it's farfetched. And on top of it he learned how to sage too!

No. 163771

This edit style seems a lot closer to what she actually looks like than usual, some progress.

No. 163781

Don't jeopardize your friend's job over this.

No. 163788

I mean seriously though, does she has no neck or is it her meaty man-jaw that makes it appear this way? I need to know. Someone put a BOLO out for Looni’s neck.

No. 163789

I assume it’s from having her shoulders tensed, which just makes the proportions look super odd

No. 163793

Maybe a head enlarging feature on the app she uses? This one stood out to me as well

No. 163796

Has she edited her gigantic clompers to look smaller?

No. 163802

Seriously, she has an unfortunate face. Sure sag she’s not serving us the stupid puffed out cheeks but this isn’t any better. She looks like a man cross dressing.

No. 163814

File: 1627122147408.jpg (6.31 KB, 299x168, DKmode.jpg)

was trying to figure this out today, had just woken up and thought it was just me but no this is a hard thing to look at right? the huge head and yaoi hands?? my brain can't make heads or tails of this
photographer or graphicdesign anons pls why does this literally feel like an optical illusion??? MINE EYES
anyone remember DK mode from n64/goldeneye (picrel)? same vibes

No. 163815


Is this to show off all the "free shoes" she gets?

No. 163820

File: 1627126352432.jpg (339.16 KB, 550x733, d57mn1q-83ecfd3c-cc10-45ed-aa0…)

yes. and trying to ~show the haters~ how many sponors she gets when everyone knows she has to buy this out her her porn-pocket with a discount code to collect all this fast fucked fashion.
any Utah anons want to dip back in and explain how absurd this would be to spot in the wild?
also lmao @ the stuff from her carpet aka "the mole" we thought was a skin thing but turns out is stuck to her from her filthy carpet makes a re-appearance, confirmation she recycles images from the same days? she's added a hello kitty rug to her wishlist (https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1K5H3M8IH92VA/) on amazon, not including a shittonne of cow-print/related items and clothes. either a dig at the farms or momokun, or both?
her wishlist is kekworthy considering 1. abuela 2. ferret/cigarette/weed/unwashed stank 3. polyester 4. basic belle delphine/ethot shit
ganbatte, make those haters seethe Lori-Kou-Itoa-Belle Senpai!!
also, she's a shitty weeb?? like a super casual one considering how much she tries to keep up. your age is showing lorena, spend some of the spicy~~~ money on a crunchyroll subscription or some shit instead of heels that make you look like you should be running a low-grade fever and have a tits-out-for-tips job. which you do.

No. 163826

something about her head here is really fucking weird.

>>163749 agreed. she is trying hard to emulate that egirl style but she can't quite get it. stop blaming trolls and algorithms for your crap engagement and put some effort into it, Grandma.

No. 163828

>a-log my insecurities
If you want to pretend to be a snarky LC user maybe learn what the lingo means. Kek. The anons in here are radiating nuclear levels of autism and butthurt. Cry moar.

No. 163837

I wonder how upset Lori is going to be when Moo starts making pedo lite content in her new photo studio she's decorated to look like an elementary school room. It sounds like 'Loli' Lori's wet dream. It's funny watching Lori and Kev spite her and say she's coat tail riding. Lori gets free shoes where as Moo has enough money to start ridiculous business ventures and fail, not before getting to LARP and scamming the same few hapless cosplayers or photogs. Lori, honey, where's your kawaii nippon studio?

Also just randomly thought about this but I bet that Lori's anxiety is going to be through the roof when she reads about maintenance-chan spilling the milk to his friend. They probably won't let anyone in for anything after they find that out. Or they'll threaten a lolsuit against the complex for "gang stalking" LOL.

No. 163841

How does she have the “most expensive phone~” yet the photos from ten years ago have better quality? Was it the most expensive Cricket phone? Her photos are so grainy.

No. 163843

yea that happens when you take pics through snow/meitu and then filter them again

Im fairly sure she had an actual camera before to take pics with too

No. 163844

I mean it’s not illegal to talk about weird shit you saw in an apartment you serviced. Also I’m sure there’s more than one sole maintenance guy. Usually it’s a separate company altogether providing the maintenance with multiple employees. Good luck to them trying to figure out who/when it was. Spill the milk. They can’t prove anything.

No. 163858

File: 1627142627278.png (1.42 MB, 1271x2048, Screenshot_20210724-090248.png)

No. 163860

Yeah because people think she's older KEK never forget the girl that called her haggard and dirty irl

No. 163863

They give you that look because they can't believe you dress worse than a randomly generated sim at your age, bruja. Be glad they didn't laugh in your face.

No. 163876

All the Mariah/report Nonny posts are gone from kevvy’s Facebook

No. 163883

What’s the point of removing them days later when they’re capped forever and the drama already happened? I never understand his mindset.

No. 163901

Yeah what's with the influx of obvious newfags desperately trying to integrate and subvert conversation the past few days? I'm just catching up now and can't unsee all the Reddit spacing.

No. 163933

"Pretty nice body types" don't include crater chests, plank styled sides, stumpy legs, and no ass. Let's not pretend that her photoshopped body is what her body looks like irl. She probably could have a nice body type despite her chest if she actually worked out, but we all know she sits around eating and editing pictures while arguing with dA HaTuRz. All while her bitch dog works his ass off to afford their apartment. I'm willing to bet that she doesn't even contribute to rent at all and all her earnings go to buying overpriced Dolls Kill merch online with the excuse of "their business expenses!" to pathetic idiot Kevin.

No. 163935

I bet they give her that look because they can’t believe she styles herself the way she does at her age. A look that says “you’re how old, dressing like THAT?” She really pretends those haggard candids didn’t come out from those cons.

No. 163938

It's 100% that, or just trying to be nice. It's got to be one of the top "compliments" used insincerely or backhandedly.

No. 163939

I didn't realize what the background clutter was or even that it was intentional or meant to be flex. A middle-aged woman proudly posting lonely edits of herself surrounded by cheap junk in a dirty apartment is impossibly sad.

I bet the tea from >>163700 is something like the place being full of feces and smelling awful. Hope the maintenance dude suggests eviction.

The string of posts in a row defending and complimenting Lori all happened at the same time.

No. 163946

And they happened the same time Kevin was freaking out on facebook. Just a note.

No. 163950

File: 1627171728092.jpeg (225.51 KB, 632x946, 1613941382606.jpeg)

Lets be real, literally no one says that shit to her irl. Its just a fantasy she tells herself to cope with looking like a crinkled paper bag and posts it online so it seems more believable she looks like her photoshops. Picrel was taken a few years ago and she looks very much in her mid 30's and we all know she doesn't look after herself so no one would be surprised by her age. Can't imagine how old she looks now though.

No. 163961

the stark comparison of her candid shots and what she uploads is so fucking funny tbh
i would bet an exorbitant sum of money that her and kevin avoid upcoming cons at all costs and make retarded excuses for why they aren’t there but ~really want to go!!!~
she’s forever doomed to sit in her cheap chinese garbage landfill of a room lest someone snaps a pic of her actual 36 year old face

No. 163965

Her whole life is a massive cope where she online RPs being pretty and popular by complimenting herself and screeching at random teens she's threatened by. If she had as fortunate a face or body as she claims, she would have had a normalfag life offline by now, being wealthy and popular.

She is so unfortunate she has to puff her face and do the same angles because she can't get fillers and uses snow apps on max sliders. She is also so unpopular that she buys followers, and she's so undesired that she begs for subs or engagement.

Someone on facebook said they saw her looking worse than even these age old candids and I believe it. There's no way she's getting anyone with decent money who'd let her grift in Cali and if she does, it's a matter of time until she's dumped and becomes a meth head on skid row.

No. 163967

She's posted a few things recently where she seems excited for cons to be starting back up. Tbh it will be really sad for her if she skips out on something she really enjoys just because people on the internet are mean to her. That makes me sad (for her) to think about.

No. 163968

nah i think theyll both go and then claim they lOoK ~*eXacTlY liKe ThEiR PiCtUrEs*~ and try to stick it to the haters.
I think they are both too delusional to realise they dont look like their edits and will blame it on angles, bad lighting, bad photographer, bad day, claim its been edited to make them uglier. Its all happened before. Its hilarious

No. 163970

>people on the internet said things about someone who is disproportionately a raging cunt to others on the internet

Kek good one anon

No. 163984

Why is this her only life passion? She is not “old” being mid thirties by any means. How she dresses and acts is tacky and childish, vapid and phony. That’s what the look is for, disgust. Why not get an actual job or hobby and have something else to brag about. It’s literally so pathetic. This is all you have for your “personality” and he’s not even accurate you look older than 30s girl.

No. 163990

The reason she avoids Cali is because she knows she has no chance here with the kinds of women who rich lonely dudes latch onto. They're either naturally beautiful or so plastic that they'd float in the ocean. She's nowhere near naturally beautiful nor can she afford plastic surgery, so she stays in the states where her only competition is inbreds that she's sliiightly more attractive than (for now, she's aging like milk). Nobody would give her a second look here unless they were staring at the crazy pudgy mom-looking midget fashion disaster. I've seen homeless people on meth in the dumps of dirty Hollywood dress better than her.

No. 163992

In Utah she's not even competing, she's just out there scaring mormons in Walmart and Forever 21. She keeps saying she's moving somewhere better for years and has nothing to show for it.

It would be a fun arc for her to steal Kevvy's car and drive to Cali only to have a meltdown because she can't afford to live there and has no chance against the women there. She literally has zero to offer any men with means, neither looks nor youth. Even her eggs are expired.

No. 163999

Remember when she asked if anyone wanted to road trip with her to Nevada about a year+ ago? Wonder what that was about.

No. 164004


When Lori travels, she typically cheats on her current romantic partner. This is a longstanding pattern and she cheated on a variety of boyfriends (including Kevin) during her past trips to Chile, San Diego, and Washington.

Lori traveling = Lori cheating

No. 164041

Her face looks like mini-Raven Sparks here.

No. 164042

She's a fucking horrible human being but this is scrote-thinking.

No. 164043

Agreed anon…Someone had to say it. This expired goods narrative that always comes from ironically extremely expired mouldy incels, we don't need that kind of stuff here. She's done enough to not need to resort to muh expired eggs as critique.

No. 164047

Men are Lori's target audience, of course their opinion matters.

No. 164050

Scrote detected

Stop internalizing scrote ideology

No. 164057

File: 1627227738845.jpeg (1.37 MB, 3710x3461, 6BADBD7D-C2D2-4065-9D46-E38C82…)

Their shoe fetish is getting out of hand how did this start? do they think it makes them that extra was this a Lori thing or was this all started with Kevin or was it that half a brain cell with them combined that thought If we just have shoes we don’t need jobs money Health care and a car

No. 164059

Lmao what’s so special about these cheap plastic shoes. Nothing to brag about… It’s not like they are getting free Jimmy Choo’s

No. 164061

That's the thing. They value those stripper shoes and Jeremy Scott wing shoes. Therefore they think the rest of us assign that same value to their shoes. They think we are jealous that Lori gets discounted Chinese stripper shoes. It's quite funny.

No. 164067

You can find these exact type of shoes in pretty much good condition at your local goodwills for like $8 kek

It's really nothing to brag about but they're piss poor so of course they look at free handouts for the needy with starry eyes.

No. 164073

no house, savings, decent furniture but plenty of cheap plastic shoes. I'm so jealous.

No. 164077

It’s absolutely hilarious. What’s even funnier is Lori gets these shoes to stomp around their dirty apartment and nothing else.

No. 164085

File: 1627240686621.jpeg (170.11 KB, 1125x919, 0E64E1B6-617D-4278-AE30-B0F5EC…)

In their universe shoe’s are money

No. 164086

Birds of a feather. Another cow who deserves their own thread

No. 164107

Getting married to secure a living is literally her playbook for two decades. She's over 3 husbands in and engaged but still trying to find someone new and failing spectacularly. She's trying to find the next scrote to provide for her, so scrote thinking does matter to her.

No. 164121

Agreed. I know some people who are friends with Jessie and everybody talks behind her back. Nobody likes her or has anything nice to say about her. No wonder she's scraping the total end of the barrel by kissing ass to bottomfeeder Lori

No. 164128

Jessie I've heard is pretty open about "canceling" and attempting to yank away platforms for abusers. Why not this one?

No. 164130

Why does Kevin talk like a petty gay man.. Jesus christ, at least try to sound intimidating? He is so fruity. That or it's just Lori typing this message.

No. 164131

File: 1627260435945.png (354.5 KB, 552x609, Capture.PNG)

Have these been posted? Ive read the threads but I cant remember seeing them.
She was posted in a page on aradani about how to wear the ears but not ofc her pics are removed and replaced by someone else.

No. 164133

File: 1627260645125.png (457.11 KB, 563x577, Captutre.PNG)

and the other one

No. 164134

It's a shame because she's pretty in her own natural way. Just not the loli she wants to be. She has a mature appeal to her. But I mean, she's also rotten inside.

No. 164135

It sounds like Lori typing it, otherwise it's hilarious and fitting that these speds would equate getting $5 worth of plastic after overspending like clowns on dropship companies with success.

They probably think that other people can't afford to simply buy whatever they want. It's a cope how they truly believe everyone else on the internet must be e-begging and desperate for handouts like they are.

No. 164145

Agreed. It really is a shame. Lori has a very sculpted face with harsher features but I think they all work together for her face and that she is pretty in her own way. The sharp nose works with her pronounced jawline and chin. Even Kevin (or "Kevin") in that cringe status about how perfect Lori is physically, said she has a jaw that can cut diamonds lol.

Her face edits are just horrifying.

No. 164151

Wow she was actually pretty back in the day. But you can see from her eyes that something is off. Imagine if she didn’t bleach her hair to this orangey single color blonde and kept her dark lock, and invested in her skin and teeth instead. She would look very pretty but that requires self acceptance.

No. 164158

Lori has unblocked Kevin and allowed him to follow her on Instagram again lol.

No. 164171

She WAS pretty back in the day in a mature way. Never in a kawaii loli dainty smol girl kinda way.

But, as >>163950 has shown, time has not been kind to her. Being rotten inside eventually reflects on your physical appearance Lori.

I really wonder if she'll stop being such a poser one day and do a true 180 and not just for show. Although I doubt it with her narcissistic personality. She and Kevin are each others karma.

Also if anything, they're the true haters here. They hate on everyone who is doing better than them (which isn't hard to do to begin with). Projection much? Imagine being lower than rock bottom.

No. 164180

Reallyyyyy open about shoving herself into cancel drama that has absolutely nothing to do with her in any way. It's an obvious smoke screen to hide the shit she does.

No. 164197

it's literally all she has. she is empty.

No. 164203

File: 1627293779716.jpeg (240.94 KB, 1640x1257, 290ED0A5-951B-4AC3-B58C-079ECB…)

Decided to peep Kevin’s cosplay account and stumbled upon this. No wonder they live like absolute slobs. This gave me anxiety. There’s no way either of them haven’t tripped or fallen over all the crap on their floor in those tall clunky shoes.

No. 164208

ugh, that's so fucking disgusting

No. 164226

Absolutely disgusting. The place was never cleaned and is probably full of roaches. The dust is the brightest thing in the pic. No wonder a maintenance person came to check.

No. 164232

File: 1627314928703.png (1.57 MB, 1257x2048, Screenshot_20210726-085436.png)

Kevin changed his FB bio again. lol

No. 164234

This photo is dated 2014 though. Not WKing but clips of Kevin's workspace don't look this bad now, could be hidden on purpose but, let's not be silly nitpickers on a 7+ year old pic from Pre-Looni era. We know both of them are slobs and the best it gets is Lori's neurotic ever changing mountain of plushies and shoes on blankets.

Private account except for his public vitriol spergs when he gets attention hungry. Same with Lori. All they withhold behind a request and sub is them privately gaslighting you and spinning sob stories to get pitybux. Who the fuck would want to talk to people who take screenshots of every message and fight with random people almost every other day, if they aren't publicly emotionally abusing each other. Absolute LUNATICS!

No. 164237

I know this is an old pic but holy shit. The bare mattress on the floor. Men are fucking disgusting

No. 164240

I don't think Lori is going to break up with Kevin. She hasn't been able to find a new scrote to leech off of, she's isolated herself, she's a tryhard loser without a kewl klan to back her up. She's going to be stuck in Utah for the rest of her life with psycho Kevin snarling behind her.

No. 164241

Was gonna say. The reason I posted (and left the date visible) was to show this is and has been his/their way of life for god knows how long. Remember michi and ruka’s testimony about what a dirty sloppy roommate Lori was? The two of them together must live in absolute filth. I can’t picture either of them wiping something down with a paper towel or running a vacuum… if they even OWN a vacuum.

tldr; old habits die hard

No. 164242

a few threads back, anon posted that message where she tried to get a guy to see her and he was getting weird vibes because she was acting like she and kev weren't together but this dude couldn't come to her apt. She's been trying to get out for awhile. I agree that she's stuck; if she had any out, she 'd have taken it by now.

No. 164247

I totally forgot about that. Lol! That must really mess with her, having to accept the fact she really is stuck and her chances of hooking another sucker are fewer by the day. That's probably why shopping is her cope and it's kicked into overdrive.

No. 164258

File: 1627326285718.png (456.42 KB, 938x340, dontusemyinfo.png)

and again!
"don't use my info"

No. 164273

That's absolutley disgusting. I cant understand why anyone who would post that mess.

No. 164279

his hood looks like a flaccid penis around his shoulder. he literally can't dress himself despite being almost 30!

No. 164290

"Don't use my info" is very rich from someone who has been threatening me with my info for 4 days over a laugh react

No. 164293

Anon read the rules and lurk moar, regardless of him threatening you, you still have to abide by LC rules to post here. Popping in every few days or so to post this kind of blog text is not what the site is for.

If you would like to share his harassment, then posting screenshots of his new messages would be more suitable.

No. 164300

I can imagine them fighting and blocking one other over the mountains of dirt on a daily basis. They're truly made for each other.

I bet she's been reaching out to her OF subs or commenters in hopes of a scrote to take her out of the scam state.

The only subs of hers we hear about were people who are only there to leak how bad her content is though. It would be funny if one of them got DMed.

No. 164304

Haven't posted on here yet, Anon. I think you have me confused for someone else

No. 164310

Eh, shes average and nothing special, not pretty just, not ugly. Honnestly, her body is shapless imo and her face is rather masculine.

No. 164311

He made a random post saying he wanted to shoot or kill people not even a month ago. He’s also got that leg cut wound photo on the internet and lied about it being loris fault or “foam accident” for years. He has an obvious eating disorder and body dysmorphia, dating a known abuser, harasses random people on Reddit, doesn’t leave the house, doesn’t talk to his family, was cheated on, lost all of his friends, no money, no job, no education, he is very obviously “not okay” homie. Lori doesn’t even try to help Kevin at any capacity other than “allowing” him to game while she private chats with random men for pennies so she can buy ugly shoes to wear in her dirty ass apartment. Pathetic.

No. 164315

File: 1627342431169.jpg (77.67 KB, 720x1111, IMG_20210726_162944_340.jpg)

They posted on Reddit again. Barely any engagement.

No. 164316

What I don't get is why didn't he say it was a foam accident all those years ago? I call BS. It's a new poorly thought out excuse that he made up.

No. 164318

She's putting her trolling captions on Reddit now too? KEK

No. 164326

File: 1627351154750.png (2.59 MB, 1399x2048, Screenshot_20210726-184846.png)

She can spend hundreds playing UFO catchers at Round1 but can't buy matching sheets and make her bed properly. Those wefts want to gain sentience to commit suicide. Buy new ones. It literally looks like straw.

For real he threatens people every other day. He's still harassing the nony girl and company, according to her KF posts. They've fuckin lost it. They're in here lurking every day and trying desperately to integrate and find ways to intimidate who they think is stalking them. Beyond pathetic. It's all they do aside from grinding to blow it all on literal garbage.

No. 164334


she would look great with a Mia Farrow short hair cut. The long hair ages her terribly,makes her irl face horse-like.
Obviously sage for opinion no one asked for

No. 164340

Someone should compile a collage of all of the stupid hilarious poses she does to hide her granny hands topkek

I oddly agree with this. Maybe a short blunt bob or a pixie cut.

No. 164356

Ngl the first time I read that I thought he meant foam as in styro (sh term for dermis) kek

No. 164377

Shut the fuck up. You're just as big of a cow as them.

No. 164378

Again, anon. I think you're mistaking me for somebody else because I hadn't posted here before that. Kevin stalks a lot of people.

No. 164395

You don't even know who it is. Stop posting this shit in the thread because you don't know who's posting here. Take your vendetta to /ot/ and stop derailing.

No. 164405

File: 1627400259958.jpeg (118.38 KB, 828x284, 82495517-D00F-4AB7-B137-494856…)

Someone bumped the previous Lori thread roleplaying as her and Kev, lmao

No. 164406

File: 1627400590694.jpg (54.8 KB, 720x527, IMG_20210727_084227_297.jpg)

That really was Kevin who bumped the old thread lol.

No. 164408

Simple, you're both poor as fuck spending your covid govt gimmies on followers and knock offs to fake it.
Keep focusing on us "haterz" while your no longer fiance but now girlfriend posts about how she wants to ride the next dick out of your filthy apartment.

No. 164409

File: 1627401272235.jpg (42.54 KB, 720x448, IMG_20210727_085351_456.jpg)

>toxic home wreckers

Who is he talking to?

No. 164410

>The milk are milking themselves

Imagine being 10 threads about yourself in and still not understanding the meaning of milk on lolcow

No. 164412

Actually, the problem is you can't help but make everything public cause this drama is the only attention you get. Keep acting like you hate it Kevin. Both of you know this is all you amount to collectively and this is the most fame you'll ever have. Both of you ruined your lives, kicking back with a joint and watching you two spiral into debt and insanity isn't bad or a crime. You're bad people. Karmic justice, moomoos.

I love that every time I talk about them stalking the thread like maniacs they bump and old one or come in guns blazing here with vitriol and WK bullshit. So predictable it's about time to make a bingo sheet for each thread. Hi Kevin, don't you have indifferent people online to stalk for weeks on end and threaten with physical violence and lawsuits? Schizoposting on main is usually where it starts and the schizoposts come after about two to three "normal" Kevin rant posts, which I'm sure he's editing as we speak. Oh boy, what a Tuesday.

No. 164414

>retard crusty Kev explains Jeremy Scott and Moschino to an LV sales rep like the dude doesn't fucking work in the industry
>somehow that's a W for him and not just tardsplaining the culture to someone deeply ingrained in it
>not realizing it's his job to entertain you and be cordial and attentive

No. 164416

Out of all the things for Kevin to sperg about amongst the hundreds of shit being discussed why the whole bootleg LV milk from an old thread? That’s so fucking embarrassing holy shit

No. 164418

Ayrt, he did already edit the one about Lori's real LV. He added the part about "Are we rich or poor? The internet can't decide" lol they've always been poor. I don't think we've ever accused them of being rich. Throwing away money on useless crap isn't the same as having money.

I love that, of all the things for Kevin to focus on that we have talked about recently, he gets mad a month or two after we were talking about Lori's LV bracelet being fake and probably clowned on their outfits. He had to make sure to set the record straight on that one lol. Ok Kevin.

No. 164419

Out of everything we've laid bare in the sun, that's all they think about. Really shows you just how vapid they are. Horrific actions? Lying? Stealing? Eh. Call them fat? Call their clothes fake? You're getting a C&D and being slabbed with a class action lawsuit claiming libel and gangstalking. It's absolute insanity and they lack the ability to be self aware.

No. 164421

Like that's basically why both of them always get knock off shits instead of the real ones? These two are broke asf, it's a fact everyone knows so why even ask? ~lmao~ He thinks he's such a great person for sticking with Lori, when in reality he's clinging TO her, completely one-sided. You'd think that by the sheer amount of time they spend everyday to look at themselves in the mirror they'd realise that they're the problem but no, must be everyone else. The more he sperg the more he's outing Lori and himself, keep rolling the snowball Kev!

No. 164422

>learn high fashion
Kevin you're the tard who didn't realize you had bought knockoffs until farmers pointed it out

No. 164423

File: 1627402918400.png (900.19 KB, 1978x2048, Screenshot_20210727-091804.png)

Picked up that SC for you, nonnie. Yeah, nobody ever claimed them being rich. Like you said, them spending thousands on crap in a month isn't indicative of wealth. You can work minimum wage jobs part time and buy a bunch of crap. Doesn't make you rich to constantly be losing money. I think he just wants to convince himself by slipping them being rich into his screams at the void. They could never be wealthy because of their spending kek.

No. 164424

The best part is none of that even happened.
If, IF they actually went to a LV store there would have been pictures, either in the store or in front of it to show everyone how baller they are (kek).
The bracelet is a cheap knock-off to the point where you don't even have to be knowledgeable about designer brands to spot the obvious fake. It looks like shit and they were probably fooled by someone using photos of an actual LV in the listing. IF they could afford anything from LV, Lori would flex it in every picture. She doesn't flex the bracelet because it's a joke and embarrassing to have such low quality crap.
LV employees would have second hand embarrassment for them on sight and would cringe at the smell.

Kevin is trying to out-lie Anisa the pear at this point.

No. 164434

>learn high fashion
Anyone who knows shit about fashion could have told you costume jewelry is a retarded purchase that hIgH FAshUn houses use to skim money from broke casuals, next

No. 164436

File: 1627405641454.jpg (1.43 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_07-27-10.06.10.jpg)

Saged for no milk but these all immediately made me think of Lori. Somatic narcissist sounds like her, nobody can really know but damn is she batshit. Now Kevin is like this too.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 164439

Yall bought the cheapest thing in the damn store!! God this is pathetic

No. 164443

They didn't actually go to the store, anon.

No. 164452

How long until Lori blocks him again for this spergout? He really can’t help himself.

No. 164455

File: 1627408824268.png (2.27 MB, 1080x2175, Screenshot_20210727-105606~2.p…)

So basically he's going to copy that and try to one up them despite having raw edges and looking like shit? Maybe focus on learning the absolute baby basics before you go hard. Everything he's been making has been steadily declining in quality.

No. 164460

Last minute school project vibes

No. 164481

File: 1627414041823.jpg (77.06 KB, 737x386, image.jpg)


No. 164482

File: 1627414099678.jpg (62.61 KB, 1055x465, Untitled (1).jpg)

He's sperging on Vangelina's two videos about Lori and disliking all the videos about Lori. Fucking delicious. One more pic inbound.

No. 164483

File: 1627414174208.jpg (38.13 KB, 1102x274, Untitled (2).jpg)

Go on, git. Get your public defender, loser. Everybody is laughing at you.

No. 164488


Again with the lawyer shit. Kevin, step one is to shell out $500-1000 to an attorney to issue a cease and desist if you believe that there are people of libel/slander (since most of this is via written material most of your accusations is for libel). Your lawyer would then get the email address or home address of the person you want to stop libel/slander and the attorney would send a letter warning the one accused of libel/slander that should they continue that you (Kevin) will pursue legal action.

If none of this has happened yet and you're blowing smoke out of your ass about "how happy your lawyer will be" you have absolutely no case. You will not be able to take anyone to court without going through the proper procedures (e.g., the cease and desist letter).

No. 164494

It's amazing the mental gymnastics that must be required to justify reusing a scare tactic that has no weight and repeatedly gains them no leverage

I used to, in a way, pity Lori for Kevin's spergs thinking she must have at least an iota of sense after all her manipulative years to be ashamed of him… But after her status passive aggressively implying the threat of people getting fired, there's no doubt in my mind she's onboard and probably flips at him to do it.

When she made the status about him ruining her career, I thought it could be in reference to these spergouts. In reality they both must think it all goes back to Kevin's self harm debacle with moo. I bet that's the sperg out pipeline:
Lori spazzes out > directs it at Kevin > Kevin spergs publicly to appease Lori > Lori eventually "accepts" him back into her good graces when she feel he's done "enough"

It was wishful thinking to imagine she's mad at him for this behavior. I'm sorry to the anons who said this is her MO and I misguidedly thought there was no way any woman, even Lori, could tolerate Kevin's retarded outbursts. They're both, truly, unapologetically, this fucking stupid.

No. 164495

Even a lawyer in a strip mall will laugh them out of the office. Legal professionals can smell the poor on them. A cease and desist doesn't mean shit anyway, just a scare tactic of notice of intent to pursue further action. Kev obsessed with how everyone else sees him yet ignoring his aarp girlfriend looking for the nearest exit. Get off the farms you retarded scarecrow and check your girl's phone.

No. 164503

I am truly baffled by what a fucking dolt this manbaby is. It's like every day he wakes up and thinks, "How can I go online and prove that I'm actually more stupid and embarrassing than they already think I am?"

It's obvious that we get under his and Lori's skin and that's fucking hilarious. He literally has no case and isn't going to do shit. If anything all of the evidence compiled here and on KF is going to be bad for the both of THEM.

How is he going to sit and claim that we're making up shit about him and granny when HE'S the one who wrote everything, and all we did is screencap it and post it? Topkek.

Cry harder Kevin. We'll continue laughing at what a joke the lives of the two of you are.

No. 164505

>my lawyer

Kevin, you just admitted the day before yesterday you didn’t have one lmao

No. 164509

If you were rich why can’t you take care of your own animals vet bills without begging for handouts? If you were rich why don’t you live in an apartment where you both have actual rooms (or share one like a normal engaged couple). If you were so rich, why do you buy fake knock of items? What a wind bag with no self awareness. We all realize if Lori actually had money (because Kevin doesn’t work) she would leave him. She even made that post saying she wanted to leave because his sperg posts are ruining whatever she had going for her. When will this manchild stop.

Kevin is the origin of all of those “lies” and “slander” people bring up about lori. He literally started every single “rumor” about her within the last five years. He will sperg out and say he’s being extorted, used, lied to, threatened, she breaks his stuff, she made him cut his leg, she made him unfriend any female, and then 24 hours later it’s a different story completely but both stories are perpetually started by Kevin himself. And then he goes online and rages saying people are liars, none of this makes logical sense. If he wouldn’t have spread that information himself, these situations wouldn’t be happening. They are both so fucking demented it’s absurd.

It’s nice to have nice things in life, sure. But they don’t work for them, and her OF is the same photos she posts on her IG. He is the worst social media manager i have ever seen and is literally ruining anything “positive” lori had. There are other qualities of life, instead of shoes and playing wow. Like having healthy relationships, saving your money, investing, taking care of your animals, traveling, seeing your family, not being a hypocrite unhinged person threatening to shoot or kill randos.

No. 164510

Scene: stubble faced creature propped up on a broken chair like Gollum among piles of dirty clothes, cardboard boxes, and rank smelling plushies while aggressively typing about how poor he so totally isn’t~ on every social media platform he can think of in his pink jumpsuit and golden shoes. I can’t stop laughing.

No. 164511

As a Utahfag I find it especially hilarious that they both seem to think they’re some hot shit rich folk power couple but live in fucking West Valley of all places. Can’t afford downtown SLC with your massive spicy OF funds that you pretend to have, huh?
Utah really doesn’t have many ghetto areas, and yeah, there are some decent and livable chunks of WV, but overall it’s a crime ridden shithole and the only reason anyone would go there is to buy drugs or hook up with fat rave chicks. I would actually not be surprised if they’re both lulled to sleep every night by a constant stream of police sirens and screaming meth heads.

No. 164514

I wouldn’t call whatever Kevin is doing to her “career” “supportive” by any means. He also seems to be jealous of her in a strange way.

No. 164516

How is the YT video putting them into any real danger? He doxxed his own address online and made a post about wanting to attack people physically. He needs a therapist.

No. 164517

Yeah, that's exactly it, anon. I couldn't put my nose on it but you explained what I was thinking. He seems jealous that he's not the one getting the sponsorships and the "free shoes"

He never promos himself or talks about anything he's doing. Just what Lori is doing and how she's ""grown""

No. 164522

This also explains why he always talks about Lori's success as THEIR success. Lori supposedly has the following, the sponsorships, the spicy OF subs, but in Kevin's posts he always uses the royal we - our clout, our subs, our money, our looks.

No. 164528

>Get off the farms you retarded scarecrow and check your girl's phone.
Kek you're going to cause them to get into another fight.

No. 164530

So Kevin brings more negative attention and reminds everyone about Vangelina's vids. Using that brain cell like usual I see.

No. 164533

File: 1627428489144.png (1.09 MB, 1981x2048, Screenshot_20210727-162503~2.p…)

This faggot is really scared. He deleted my comment replies (or maybe I'm blocked?) but I still have notifications.
>We're both innocent so this is only going to go one way
Yeah, both of you will be in this same position two years from now. You're talentless narc lumps and you can't do shit about it. Seethe.

No. 164534

he is obsessed with haters being anonymous. does he want each critic to post their full address or something? what a spaz

No. 164536

Yes Kev, we see the only way this is going to go: murder-suicide.

No. 164540


>I love when I find peoples videos about us and they think I'm above not commenting.

Kevin they wait for you to comment for exactly this reason. they know you're not above it and you make an ass out of yourself every single time you do it.

Did he only just now find the Vangelina vids? they're old. I felt like I was in the wrong thread.

No. 164542

I think they spend tens at best on junk. Most of their spending is probably in card debt or afterpay traps.

>my lawyer is going to be happy
Meaty kek imagining >>164510 while he's a keyboard warrior hoping to get unblocked by his equally smelly abuela in the next room.

Kevin has been trying to promote himself and failing, just like he does with Lori. The difference is earlier Lori stupidly spent his money on buying followers and none of it materialized into anything.

No. 164546

File: 1627430642937.png (623.3 KB, 1146x2048, Screenshot_20210727-170027.png)

No. 164547

I love that he’s calling people’s YouTube accounts with their names and profiles attached “anon”. There really isn’t a single synapse firing in his head.

No. 164548

Imagine posting this where the very few remaining brainwashed people who know you are going to read this and start doubting you topkek he just keeps ruining everything for himself doesn't he? God I've never seen such a stupid human being. Lori must despise his guts right now.

No. 164550

File: 1627431665899.png (153.76 KB, 1233x394, i _will_fucking_kill_you.png)

uhhh Kev, I'm pretty sure these aren't "rap lyrics" and this is what they're referencing.

repost from thread #4 and not new.

No. 164554

Did this idiot just send his remaining friends and family members to the lolcow thread dedicated to exposing them? Are we sure this guy is not learning disabled?

I'll give him this: he does keep the milk flowing.

No. 164555

it's a repost from thread 4 showing what the youtube comments are referencing when they said Kevin has threatened people but yeah he's sent people to lolcow from facebook tons of times.

No. 164557

Um is he aware people have been calling her out for 20 years? Shes has people call her out directly for years and still does when they comment on Ig, Reddit and Fb.

No. 164558

File: 1627434437492.png (1.23 MB, 828x1792, 8C9C2962-73D5-471F-81E2-F182FA…)

He’s so smug when he thinks he caught someone being wrong, guess he forgot about >>164550 those are some dope rap lyrics Kev, who’s the artist?

No. 164559

First it's the foam that did it and now it's rap lyrics that did it.

He trying to rewrite history before getting a lawyer-san?

No. 164560

>Watch me change history.
One of Kevin's greatest lines ever.

No. 164570

Wanted to compile everything directly from Kevin and Lori from previous threads that showed how horrible they are and that can be used in court against them should they try to actually go to a lawyer. Kevin likes to claim that he's being harassed and wasn't abused/etc. but screenshots say otherwise and include things that they themselves could legally be in trouble for (not to mention that Lori 99.999% most likely doesn't file taxes on her earnings from OF).
So tired of him constantly lying on Facebook so here you go. I'd spoiler it since it's long but I can't.

>>53138 (these ones confirm that those came from his messenger so he can't claim that they're fake)
>>142234 (remember when Lori stole $300 from Kevin and convinced him it was "haterz" from Cali kek)
>>142662 (trying to get info to harm somebody will run reaaal well with a lawyer Kev)
>>146345 (threats)
>>146400 (Lori hates him kek)
>>146500 (more threats from Kevin)
>>146914 (this one again confirming that the screenshots from his messenger were real should he try to claim that they're fake in the future)
>>147771 (where he threatened to kill people/do a murder and suicide)
>>148648 (more harassing and threatening people on sock puppet accounts)
>>158264 (when he "claimed" he was serving cease+desist letters already, isn't it harassment at this point since he's lying?)
>>158291 (making false accusations that somebody is vamplette "spying" on him)
>>158406 (more threats from Kevin)
>>158485 (harassment)
>>161455 (more threats and false accusations against people who probably aren't even involved in anything anymore)
>>161470 (falsely accusing somebody named "Lee Pham")
>>163325 (more false accusations from Kevin and lies like "we never even broke up")
>>163417 (threats from Kevin)
>>163561 (revealing that his previous threats of using a lawyer were false)
>>164482 (more harassment and threats of using a lawyer)

Such a stable relationship. Such stable, "innocent", "okay" people. "It was a foam accident" /sarcasm

Also somebody recently mentioned that they commend them for not doing drugs in Utah. This is more than likely false, as mentioned in the past by Moo that drugs are/were involved; they're just probably better about hiding it.

No. 164573

Kevin already deleted the comments where he was fighting with those two people - or at least I can't see them anymore. Thank you anon. This is awesome. I hope someone does try it kek.

No. 164574

Of course he did. Mostly just scrolled until I saw caps in past threads, I probably missed some things here and there but that's most of it.

Just a reminder to Kevin that these came directly from you and Lori. YOU are the cause of your own suffering so stop being such a bitchbaby about it and take responsibility/accountability for it all and stop trying to project onto others in a lame attempt to rebuild or protect the dignity that you still think that you have.

If people got sued/cease and desist letters for making negative comments about others online there would be lawsuits flying left and right at a 100 mph. Get a fucking grip Kevin. You're such an embarrassing human being. Even shitty psycho Lori looks somewhat normal next to you.

No. 164576

he really is a bitch. she took his balls, stomped all over them, rubbed the bloody mess in his face and made him say thank you for it.

there will never be any kind of suit. they would get crucified in discovery phase.

No. 164577

Looking at the old posts again, Lori looks normal because she uses him to post online. I can't wait for Kevin's inevitable tell-all when she dumps him for Rikki again or something.

No. 164579

I'm thinking he's going through the threads again, that's why he bumped the last one

No. 164581

File: 1627442243439.jpg (71.2 KB, 720x1011, IMG_20210727_201450_265.jpg)

Here's Kevin trying to say it's just song lyrics guys I swear.

Plz keep in mind Kevin is 27 years old. 28 in a few months.

No. 164583

Again he did this to himself and Lori, him bumping the old thread and making spaz outs on fb caused the compilation of abuse and legally questionable activity by them. Kek.

No. 164597

This post has been deleted since anon posted receipts in a clean orderly format. Checkmate Kevin. We can counter you and Lori's bullshit for the rest of time using your own public information YOU disclosed. The more you threaten lawsuits and claim slander the more ammo your "haters" and "stalkers" have to call you a psycho. Hell, even Lori knows to just let you take all the hits and do her virtual barking. Hahahahahah.

No. 164598

For once Kevin was right in calling cowtipping anon "anon"

No. 164600

The interaction with his posts are abysmal. He's had this up for over 9 hours and not one single react or comment to it. His other posts barely manage one interaction with them usually too. Top fucking kek what a loser.

No. 164621

I used to sympathize with Kevin but now? Not so much.

No. 164644

So Kevin spent the past two days pulling the old man yells at clouds meme. And the posts were in a span of all day. If he spends the day threat posting again, I'm going to think he's either super part time, or unemployed.

No. 164653

>I don’t really lie


No. 164657

File: 1627467709045.jpeg (134.1 KB, 1215x1081, 143B363C-46C3-4FCE-A58B-CDEBFD…)

Kevin’s Facebook is gone and his ig bio has zero mention of abuela. Master does not approve.

No. 164660

Kevin saying "don't support harassment" is essentially saying "don't support me or Lori" kek

No. 164665

He looks like a dirty qtip

No. 164667

wonder how much receding hairline he is hiding under that mop

No. 164681

>He looks like a dirty qtip

That's an A+ morning Kek right there Anon.

No. 164686

File: 1627478728253.png (727.61 KB, 2452x2654, lori keyboardwarriorhypocrite.…)

She's sperging out KEK

No. 164687

her screenshot is worthless and it shows nothing to prove her point. i’m sure this employer really gives a shit kek

No. 164688

god she's such a Karen, she constantly betrays her age by going to companies' pages and google reviews to complain about any random poor experience she has with a worker.
pretty sure the facebook page for the entire henry ford health org which includes like, seventy different hospitals/medical centers, isn't going to dig through their list of employees for this Lorena. her screenshot doesn't even show anything it just talks about momokun lol

No. 164690

File: 1627480171653.jpg (31.12 KB, 405x833, FB_IMG_1627480141167.jpg)

this is the screenshot she posted, what is an employer even supposed to take from this?

No. 164692

She has no idea how the world works. She thinks anonymously contacting people's parents and posting on workplaces' social media is a safe way to harass people. As if the opinion of a middle-aged woman calling herself Lewd and making tard faces holds authority.

She and Kevin are truly the same person now. I hope someone responds and makes her delete her post in shame.

No. 164693

Imagine leaving a Karen comment like this under the name Lori Lewd. Who would take that seriously? Whoever sees this is going to gain nothing from her screenshot, and then most likely google who the heck this Lori Lewd clown is and find the farms. Great job leading the world to the receipts of you being an abusive, violent, pedobaiting thief.

No. 164722

Don’t worry Karen I mean Lori I’m
sure with covid still running rapidly hospitals full of people dying and Healthcare workers in an all-time high demand I’m sure they will fire that employee who puts their life on the line everyday just cause she laughed at you I’m positive they googled Lori and laughing with her

No. 164725

Wasn’t this a cosplay accident? Why they calling it self harming again

No. 164728

Wow, just when we thought Lori couldnt go any lower. Posting this on page about the beautification of a cancer pavillion is absolutely disgusting.

No. 164729

LMAO that's not going to go anywhere for her. I can't believe she would do this on a post about a cancer treatment facility? Like if you're going to do it just message someone why the hell would you go to THAT photo and leave that there? Way to show how you don't give a fuck about anything but your free shoes and numbers, hag. God, she is beyond insufferable. She mutated Kevin into her mini me and now the two of them are uncontrollable tards, shrieking and foaming at the mouth when they don't get what they want like toddlers. Jesus Christ.

No. 164731

A cosplay accident that Kevin blamed on his friend in order to manipulate that friend into apologizing for causing a Kevin and Lori fight.

They're really trying to get people fired over laughing at a Kevin post. And their screenshots don't even show anything lol.

No. 164734

She is mad that people actually have jobs

No. 164738

Alright, Nonnies. Quiz Time!
1.) How did Kevin wind up with a gash across his leg?
>Cosplay accident, cutting foam on himself
>Act of dedication to prove to Lori he was serious about not having feelings for someone else
>Act of self harm with no external factors
>self harm + Lori egged him to prove to her that he meant it gravely when he said he only wanted her or whatever

2.)How did Lori end up with a new thread?
>Mariah Mallad, owner of Lolcow Inc., created the thread years ago to ruin Kevin and Lori's life
>Lori kept acting up and farmers recognized her
>Lori was minding her business until her stalkers made a mean thread about her and planned on ruining her life
>Kevin has a bad habit or airing out dirty laundry publicly and dug up a lot of shit trying to double down on defending her, making it worse
>Both Kevin digging up her past and Lori continuing to be a cow is what did it

3.)Bonus Q: Who is Momokun?
>Fat sack
>Lori's nemesis
>We are all Momokun, anon. Trick question.

Jokes aside, Lori and Kevins switch up about the leg cut makes me believe 100% it was Lori egging him on while he was on the verge of doing it. They can't keep it straight and she usually never defends him unless it has to directly do with her character or something she could be blamed for.

No. 164742

I don't buy that it was a cosplay incident. Lori would have screeched at Kevin and made him explain that years ago to save her own ass. This is a new narrative they're trying to spin.

No. 164745

Agreed, plus Lori and Kevin wouldn't be going after people's jobs for "joking about self harm" if it was a cosplay accident either. They can't keep their lies straight.

No. 164747

theyre a non profit medical org,spread out over several facilities. they help some really poor sick people. they arent going to give a shit about ambiguous facebook drama. what a disgusting selfish bitch

No. 164768

File: 1627502000231.jpg (2.25 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_07-28-12.51.47.jpg)

Wow, so they don't have drivers and are so understaffed to the point of fully comping meals and Kevin has a car? Maybe instead of spending his time doing Abuela's job for her and harassing/threatening women online he should get that fucking JOB.

No. 164771

They're so poor that he gets excited over any cheap free handouts. It's like he can't even see how sad that looks on them.

No. 164773

It's the obsession with free things and feigning being well-liked and recognized as influencers. Lori is the type to think she just got a bargain on a free bikini with $12 shipping. Kevin is the one to publicly brag about getting "the hook up" when brands send standard small goodies that go out with every order. Terminally rarted and online. Like, who brags about free pizza on public? It was likely a lunch deal for cheap anyway kek. It's the little things like this that pull back the curtain on them more than anyone else ever could.

No. 164776

What's sad to me, or amazing I guess depending on how you want to look at it, is that with tips Kev would probably be earning WAY more than Loris spicy if he just took that dominoes job. And delivery driving isn't, like, THAT hard.

No. 164780

Then maybe he could get some Olaplex, a haircut and some real in-season luxury brand if he saved up! You know, granted Lori doesn't lay claim to it for her "business expenses".

No. 164782

The funny thing is that 1.) She's going after my husband, who was not involved in this one bit except for being in my wedding photo? He literally did nothing in this situation.
2.) He doesn't even work here anymore, so she's screaming at a brick wall

No. 164784

I think I should sage this for non milk. Is that how you do it? I'm sorry idk how to use this

No. 164788

Sage goes in Email, don't put a name or subject. Sorry she's trying to undermine your life (even though she's failing miserably.) Truly, you don't deserve it and moreso he doesn't because he quite literally did nothing. Hopefully the page removes the comment or it's reported for harassment.

No. 164792

They did actually remove the comment lmao, I checked, they do not gaf

No. 164796

still showing for me, she must have blocked you

No. 164798

Oh dang lmao thank you. She probably blocked me

No. 164800

Any bets that he didn’t fucking tip?

No. 164802

i didn't think it possible but kev is more allergic to work than lori

No. 164804


Dominos constantly has deals for $5 pizzas.

He probably spent more on gas just going to get it. Why don’t you be the driver since they’re in need, kev? That’s not a bad job.

No. 164817

I can't believe any of us felt bad for Kevin. He is such a psychotic scumbag. Apologies for no contribution, but catching up and reading everything he says really makes it hard to see him as any kind of victim anymore.

No. 164818

>>164817 I feel like an idiot but I still feel some compassion for him. Probably because ive been in an abusive relationship so i relate.

He was obviously not ready for a relationship mentally, he seemed very childish even at the beginning of their relationship and Lori is so so so much more experienced it was so easy for her to manipulate an unexperienced guy that was probably a little desperate for a gf, thats the impression I got atleast.

I cant remember how long they been together exactly but the absolute mental stress put on him is insane. I can see her as the type to keep him awake at night before work because he looked at her wrong or whatever reason.

He was on a good way to become an actual known cosplayer but now hes lost everything but her and hes angry but he probably doesnt know exactly why so little lorena is whispering in his ear its all the haters fault so he became the perfect little attack dog.

I really do pity him.

No. 164820

I think Kevin is legit autistic. He’s almost fucking 30, when Lorena got him he wasn’t some young virginal boy, but a retarded mommies boy. Another reason why they live in squalor. Men who are mommied look for another one in their relationship and he thought he got that when he got with Lorena. But jokes on him, she can’t even take care of herself. They played one another. Kevin is an ugly autistic weeb, he probably doesn’t have a job because no one would hire him above minimum wage.

No. 164822

At this point I don't even think that either of them would be hired by anyone other than Goodwill or McDonalds, lol. They just take anyone and don't care. Even then I'm sure they'd get fired.

No. 164824

i love kevin's character development

No. 164825

File: 1627518129738.jpg (79.66 KB, 720x1099, IMG_20210728_172130_478.jpg)

More Reddit spam

No. 164828

>Kevin, honey. It's 5:00pm. Time for your daily Spicy Forbidden Ancient Spice Reddit Spam! Don't make me threaten to report you for raping me~

No. 164832

This is how I feel about Kevin. It’s pretty obvious he was groomed by Lori and is suffering from stockholm syndrome or something. I wouldn’t absolve him of all blame because he’s gone off the deep end now, but he’s never had a real girlfriend/relationship before Lori and she’s fucked him up pretty bad. He worships her.
He’s even mentioned in the past about how he would go above and beyond to please her and get nothing in return (like when he said he gave her a 2 hour massage and she screeched at him or w/e or how nothing he does is ever good enough for her).

Kevin had potential with his cosplaying but as soon as Lori came into his life everything went downhill. He became obsessed with her. He lost all his friends, his family seems to have disowned him, he’s no longer a functional adult like he was before her. He used to have a job, was in college, had healthy hobbies like skating and crafting, had friends.
It’s really sad what he’s become. He was desperate for female attention, and unfortunately, Lori was the one who got to him first.
I don’t think he’s autistic but he’s definitely spergy. He’s mentally stunted. It’s like he never grew out of being an unstable emotional teenager. He doesn’t process things the way a healthy adult should.
You could blame his Mormon upbringing for that probably tbh. Lori probably also exacerbates his retarded behavior.

No. 164836

Yeah no, everything is everyone else’s fault. It’s never his fault. Kevin is a spaz and Lorena has hit the jackpot with this one. He’s going to never let her go now and I’m here for this shitshow. She got with someone just as stupid as her. I believe the tinfoil that she didn’t tell him to cut himself but he did it thinking it would please her. Let’s not make this into another “Lainey is a victim uwu she was groomed!” argument.

No. 164853

File: 1627526699645.png (1.09 MB, 1460x2048, Screenshot_20210728-194156.png)

Same 3 likes by the same 3 people that always like her stuff. kek. She's constantly advertising to literally no one to feel wanted and like a rEaL oNlY fAnS eGiRl. I'm guessing the whole time Kev was on his way to get free $5 pizza she was staring at herself through Meitu filters and eating Burger King. I cannot wait for her metabolism to drop out and watch her balloon from her fast food deep fried diet. She eats the same foods as infinifats almost every day cause the useless hag can't even cook food. Bahahahaha

No. 164855

I wonder if Lori finally realized that Kevin is the best she will ever do. It's been at least a year of her having to support him on top. It's what she deserves.

I don't think she'll balloon up yet, she can't afford to, what with Kevin going out for free pizzas.

No. 164873

I agree with the rest but Kevin wasn‘t a minor when they met. An immature adult maybe, but he wasn‘t ‚groomed‘. Words have meaning, don‘t be a retard anon.

No. 164884

You can be a victim and still do bad things. He was in the wrong when it comes to momokun and the haters but when you compare Lorena and Kevin, Lorena is worse.

No. 164901

Am I the only anon who actually finds Kevin more pathetic of the two? Like they're both cringey retards, but somehow I manage to dislike Lori less in contrast to him.

The idea she ruined him somehow is stupid. You don't get to where Kevin is at if you weren't already onboard. It took two to tango.

No. 164909

I agree. I don’t think Lori corrupted him. I do, however, believe Lori was 100% a catalyst in Kevin’s downward spiral. He may have learned some narc behavior from her to some extent but by no means do I think he is this innocent little baby turned evil by the dark lord Lori Cerda. In fact, I think the whole leg slash bs was Kevin self harming to be manipulative, like, “you made me do this to myself because of x y z!” I think this Jade person sparked a fight, Lori had her usual “I am never in the wrong” attitude and probably told Kevin to kick rocks, and because it was closer to the beginning of the relationship, he was probably truly afraid she’d leave, so he self harmed and claimed she made him do it- as in her actions caused him to respond by cutting himself. Wouldn’t be surprised if he suicide baited her as well to make her stay, considering that’s a hand Lori has dealt in the past as well. They both suck tbh. Lori is just more tactical from experience. She has screenshots from twenty years ago still floating around of her being a problematic cunt so she lets Kevin be her meat shield and fight her battles for her.

No. 164920

That sounds like victim blaming to me.

No. 164930

Go suck retarded Kevin’s dick. Hes not a victim, he’s just as manipulative as the hag. What is it that farmers see in Kevin that they want to coddle and protect him? Their own autism?

No. 164934

Have you read these threads Anon? These two lunatics are victims of each other.

No. 164945

I don't think Lori really is because Kevin has NO clue what a functional relationship is or what healthy boundaries look like. Kevs love life could have gone better had Lori not been the manipulative psycho she is. Lori knows better too after being hounded for apologies and acknowledgement of wrong doings. Which spoiler; she claims SHE is a victim of all their abuse. She never apologizes and she just moves on to the next ignorant and accepting person who buys her crocodile tears and muh trauma made me this way sob stories. Someone like that isn't really a victim but an accomplice in their own trauma by driving those around her, quite literally, insane. She made this mess by pushing him thinking he was another cuck doormat who was cheating on her anyways. Turns out he made him more sick and in turn he has become obsessed with her rare bouts of attention and affection, that's all he spends his time chasing. The abuse against him is excused in his mind by her victim complex and lies. The mentally ill and "neurotypical" have been abused and manipulated by her throughout decades. I understand inherently he also has a slight advantage because he's bigger and a man, but Lori is not above extreme physical violence, whether it be hitting him or destroying his belongings which there is proof of. She literally took a blunt object and smashed his shit. You cant tell me that she isn't responsible for pushing him down a spiral leading to diagnosed psychosis. Fuck that bitch, he's just as crazy as she is because he's a clone of her now. Had he met a well adjusted woman his age with desire to be independent and happy, he would not have spiraled out. Full stop. Men can be victims in situations like this. Just cause you think he sucks and you hate moids doesn't mean you can drop the nuance and lowkey WK Lori's batshit ass.

No. 164949

WK Lori? UM NO ANON. Nice milelong tinfoil though. No one WK'd her just because they said Kevie was also abusive. The way he speaks when he "defends" her on the internet is even abusive. You think someone who behaves that way publicly doesnt loose it in private too and you think she is never the recipient of that? Where'd you get your psych degree, Pheonix Online?

Who cares about what caused it. He picked her and if he cared about her he would work full time, tell her to do the same and tell her to stop hoing on the internet and try to build a legit life for them both. Does he have a brain? Then why let her live like such shit? There's more to abuse than just obvious. Who cares how it started, they both continue it.

>Had he met a well adjusted woman his age with desire to be independent and happy, he would not have spiraled out.

Really? How do you know?

No. 164950

Lmao are you also a BPDfag who leeches off men because men aboosive and it can't ever be the girlfriends fault? No one ever said he didn't lose it. You're sus as fuck and absolutely capping for Lori. Is it you, hag? Had enough and decided to finally step up for yourself instead of sicking your dogs? LMAO. Tinfoil my ass, bitch. Proofs in the pudding. 10 threads, start catching up.

No. 164951

Anons, let's try not to infight. It's not productive, and I think we all would love if the thread didn't get auto-saged, which it probably will if this keeps on.

Thank you nonnies.

No. 164952

Agreed. They both suck and they make each other suck more. That's the real answer and that's why we're here. Move along.

No. 164982

Exactly, anon.
Lmao go back to Tumblr or Twitter or whatever shithole you came from. As someone whose been through severely physically and emotionally abusive relationships, for you to think Kevin is a victim absolved of his sins is a slap in the face to people in those situations. He and Lori can be mutually abusive, but at the end of the day, regardless of her influence, his choices, actions and retardation are still his own. If anything, if you truly believe Kevin was some pure and innocent angel before Lori, then I'd feel even less sympathy. Lori was clearly a mentally ill narc from childhood, but in your world Kevin chose that path and once knew better kek. I don't believe that at all. Sounds more like you're either projecting your own scenario and incapable of reading what we've seen in thread, or a friend of Kevin's who thinks he needs a redemption ark and will enable him by not holding him accountable for his own behavior. They're mutually toxic, and you projecting that you got groomed by someone and acted ways from their influence doesn't = Kevin's situation.

No. 164983


no matter the situation, you can't do anything if a person doesn't want to change/leave.

tho i do think a lot of this is amplified by drugs. Kevin does have a sibling who was addicted to drugs (+ the only one of the immediate fam who seems to keep tabs on him via fb)

leave the rationalizations to kev's hypothetical therapist if they rver break up

No. 164985

Nta but do you have a cognitive impairment? I get the impression you're the same anon every time screeching that anyone who dislikes Kevin without blaming it purely on Lori is some Lori wk. Literally no one ever says anything in wk of abuela, we just also dislike Kevin all on his own and don't see him as some blameless victim. Take your meds kek

No. 164986

Nvm I figured it out. This is one of those anons who personally feels victimized by abuela and thinks if Kevin isn't seen as a victim that somehow invalidates their own experience with her, isn't it?
Don't worry anon, we aren't talking about you when we say the dirty qtip is responsible for his shit self regardless of Lori lmao. But if the shoe fits, maybe you need some self reflection and acceptance instead of cope spazzes. Cbt resources free online for you any day, anon.

No. 164995

Oh my god stop slapping each other. Nobody cares and you'll get the thread autosaged. There's no milk, just fucking stop sperging.

No. 164996

This sounds like that Down syndrome looking bitch kitty. She thought Kevin was cute kek. The line about him meeting a “well adjusted” woman gave it away. Also they seem to have forgot when he pissed on her suit like a fucking dog does.

No. 165003

Kek wouldn't be shocked, her barely relevant involvement in this drama and the attention she got at KF for it is all she has going for her. Really has a thing for granny's sloppy seconds, yikes

No. 165010

OT but wtf is this "slapping" term for infighting, I've seen it a few times now.

No. 165012

File: 1627614662040.jpg (142.08 KB, 1300x1070, teenage-girls-fight-pair-activ…)

Like slap fighting but digitally. Think pic rel when you read anons bickering.

No. 165013

Literally everything in this picture is blurry Lori. And the French frys color looks filtered to Hell and back. Jfc

No. 165015

That's just the bomb ass lighting of the Burger King drive thru, anon! Don't be jealous of her vampire genetics uwu

No. 165021

Looks like either she or the company deleted her dumbass comment lol.

No. 165050

nope still there, she banned you too

No. 165100

File: 1627658385841.jpg (124.06 KB, 720x1193, IMG_20210730_081812_190.jpg)

I'm laughing. Shadowbanned for rap lyrics. Trust me, we see all your stupid shit Kev. It's just that nobody cares except for farmers.

No. 165109

File: 1627660532594.png (323.12 KB, 1440x2006, Screenshot_20210729-222217~2.p…)

Ready to skinwalk since April.

No. 165114

Yep. Get ready for the shitty white eyeliner face paint, scarves, the same busted extensions and pink hair. Belle isn't a streetwalker nor the kind to ever be caught dead in anything close to Lori's style, so is she going to tone down or just slut the teenage VR Idol up to 11? If she's doing it to get clout she's probably going to have to drop the onlyfans and sex work image. General fans of Belle will not be happy when they see that. It's confirmed Lori just skinwalks whoever is the #1 waifu at the time, right? (Sailor Moon, Zero Two, now Saber I guess?)

No. 165121

Lori sounds passive aggressive
>>I been ready since April
Like wow ok so you been waiting so much longer or maybe that’s just me

No. 165126

File: 1627664981215.jpeg (808.38 KB, 2880x3840, FD9822C2-0D6A-4136-8FE2-42D4A8…)

Looks like Lori is also hitting on jessie

No. 165130

File: 1627665384295.jpeg (13.55 KB, 275x263, 1623378128928.jpeg)

She's so brazen with her bullshit. Already calling that she's got the "platonic love can be romantic, it's not cheating and if you disagree you're a bigot" defense locked and loaded. I wonder just how often she's flirting heavy with people on her Facebook, presumably, right in front of Kevin. Why would you want to add fuel to that fire when he's clearly violently obsessive?

No. 165135

File: 1627665696005.png (318.46 KB, 1215x2048, Screenshot_20210730-102030.png)

She's really successful and I'm really jealous of her.

No. 165141

shadowbanned is that cope they through out to make sense of how little attention and interaction they get. the trolls are all he has now…well, trolls and abuela until her next paypig turns up.

No. 165153

File: 1627671946784.jpeg (418.98 KB, 2880x3840, D6412B79-EA5E-474D-82C0-3E57A7…)

someone posted this on kf and i didn't see it here but she is so desperate to get rid of kevin and find someone else.

No. 165161

File: 1627676617797.png (2.66 MB, 2160x1350, DPQzOgM7wVKwMgl.png)


No. 165163

wonder if he demands she post a selfie with him touching her every few months or he threatens to stab his leg again

No. 165169

They look so awkward and Kevin is always lurking behind her and touching her like he's afraid to get intimate. It's so unnerving and uncomfortable to look at. It's wild how just from these pics you can see Lori's narcissism (staring at herself on the phone screen, making her the center focus) and Kevin's obsession and desperation despite being a background character (behind her ALWAYS, sometimes in submissive positions, lowering himself, unnatural limb placements to show ownership of the body which is common in photos of abusive couples.) They think it proves they're happy and cute but it really shows how forced that image is. No smiles, they never look at each other, the list goes on.

No. 165170

He looks like buffalo bill lmao

No. 165179

Their hair is so so fried kek

No. 165180

Why am I not surprised that Kevin likes Ska lmao, god they're so fucking lame

No. 165181

File: 1627681222787.png (1.79 MB, 1211x2048, Screenshot_20210730-143609.png)

Looking more and more like a board with each day that passes. Them fries are really filling her out! She used to be so skelly now she has a middle aged mom bod. You can see it through the endless filters, no matter how hard she tries. KEK. Dress looks like sateen scraps sewn up in a labor camp and the company is so shady. She accepts these "partnerships" then never makes any money and just abandons the brand before finding the next one. She's so desperate to save money she'll take any offer for 5-15% off clothes that cost cents to make. Another cheap plastic tablecloth to be stuffed into her nightmare closet waiting patiently to go to a landfill and poison the ground. <3

No. 165190

Her hand is horrifying. Notice how she doesn't poof her cheeks much anymore, the fat was really starting to show when she did that kek

No. 165197

File: 1627688579859.png (1.99 MB, 1626x1188, theyknow.png)


No. 165198

File: 1627688677874.jpeg (803.17 KB, 1646x2406, boringpics.jpeg)

from the other farms, comments on her latest pics. simps are getting tired of the same shit.

No. 165201

Can you imagine how this went?

"Babe they're writing on lolcow that we never post pictures together. Let's prove the HaTuRz wrong by taking some coldly posed ones for social media with my sick cheap dirty shoes on the dirty carpet"
"Fine whatever if it'll shut you up but I have to edit them to oblivion and back and I'm not going to be posting them on my page. It'll drive possible suitors away."

No. 165204

I have to say, they both have pretty good hair here.

The one hand on thigh pose Kev does is always so awkward.

No. 165210

If that looks good to you, I think you need to go to a salon and get help. That color isnt even true to real life and it's clearly so broken and frizzy. I don't know if you're on mobile but, yeesh. Look closer.

No. 165214

does this bitch even know what a ring light is for?? why tf is she using it like this

No. 165223

Their hair is pee yellow, she uses an abnormal amount of filtering to get it looking white. Even his black shoes and shirt are glowing.

Because if she used stronger lighting instead of app adjustments, it would expose how old she really looks.

No. 165224

Nice cameltoe.

No. 165225

She needs more simps to buy Quick Blue and cheap toner, stat! Sub to the spicy!

No. 165230

I wish they would clean their apartment and take care of their animals. Instead of putting a carpet over the filthy flooring for photos. >>165161
Literally so awkward. They don’t even look like they know each other let alone engaged.

No. 165242

>kevin stand behind me. if you're right next to me, you'll take up all the space in the mirror.
>y-yes sweetie
kek. in the second photo he's this close to hover handing her.

No. 165257

I am willing to bet my life that the couple pics were posted on Kevin’s page and not loris lol

No. 165258

But of course. Also of note, he (as of this posting) archived his post already kek

No. 165276

this, except he's clearly trying to flex his shitty knockoff clothes while she takes pice for a "brand deal". they have so little self-awareness they don't realize that anyone who knows them can see how staged and filtered this is, but also that they look like trash.
even if they had money, which they don't, you can't buy taste.

also hate to hairdresserfag but BIG YIKES, but I think you'd have to be blind to miss how fucked both their hair is.
waiting for her to get her roots done, re-do the pink and go full belle skinwalker. anons before called it, she's already doing (a shit version) of the makeup/dots under the eyes
lori you're pushing 40 and you've never been cute. short with masculine features could have made her an amazing cosplayer but she just HAD to be the cutest smollest uwu gremlin spicy bean in the bowl, homies. have you subbed yet??

No. 165284

File: 1627740385657.png (705.49 KB, 2048x1985, Screenshot_20210731-070543.png)

Wake up babes, new Kev lore

No. 165285

Would love to point out that he doxxed himself by posting a video of him opening a box shipped to his house. The label was clearly visible and the person who doxxed them provided as much proof. He's going to try and go after random underage YouTube commenters when the people responsible are farmers from KF KEK. Let's see how threatening children on YouTube goes for him. Also, Kev, when are you NOT a suicidal psycho on the verge of calling authorities and a lawyer? You say this shit every day and nothing ever happens. We are all laughing at your q-tip ass. Now go call 911 and tell them you're being bullied.

No. 165286

Does that last part imply he's going to …. Ask people pay him a wage to deal with people he pissed and tipped off in the first place? HAHAHAHHAH KEVIN nobody is going to give you fucking money. You're hilarious

No. 165290

Why is he trying to pretend anyone wanted him to kill himself??? That's new

No. 165291

File: 1627741339419.jpg (98.39 KB, 720x996, IMG_20210731_072124_763.jpg)

Kevin has called the police.

No. 165292

File: 1627741569891.jpg (223.91 KB, 640x480, d1w2wq-6ee8cb94-53cc-4fd6-b9ca…)

kevvo doesn't realize we all know he's too much of a narc and a pussy to an-hero. too busy seething over lolcow to realise there's real reasons to kill yourself, not boohoo LC boolies
cunt just get offline check your abuela's phone kek
pic unrelated, just thought lori's wig looks better than her current hair and how badly the platinum would clash with her complexion if the filters hadn't blown it out into the stratosphere

No. 165293

Well, he's up and at it early today. Granny must have her feelings hurt. I'm sure the Utah PD will get to work right away on arresting Mariah and Collette!
Imagine what he would find LMAO he probably doesn't even want to think about it.

No. 165294

whats the time there US/utah anons? I think maybe either it's a day off for kev to sperg or it's lori on his accounts or it's a joint effort. I personally tinfoil his fb is all him but the reddit and insta posts are up for grabs for ~spicy content pushing~ by lori
I'm going to do a KF-style autistic rundown of all the times it's either obvious or implied/suspicious that they've replied to the farms. aka getting new carpet and LEDs in response to the criticism on here
I was going to say nitpicking but it isn't? it's like bedbug picking, they're infested and can't be helped unless you bomb the whole thing.

No. 165295

Its like 8 or 9am right now but it's a Saturday. Not like they have anything to do on weekdays anyway but still

No. 165296

File: 1627742628856.png (241.07 KB, 2048x591, Screenshot_20210731-074146.png)

I still don't know if they've checked KF though. That's where their actual problem is. They're organized and nitpick less so they look to have more credibility.(keyword look) if they looked at it I think they would go full Jessi Slaughter / Dad Livestream mode screaming about ruined lives and the police being on their way to arrest all the cyber terrorists terrorizing his innocent small wife.

No. 165298

Kevin you posted your own address you fucking retard.

And most of the stuff posted is stuff you or Lori did yourselves. You literally have nothing.

He's so desperate to find a crime here when it's going to backfire and send them to jail for their own crimes topkek. Way to project you inbred.

How does he not realize how embarrassing this looks for him to the one or two remaining people in his life? Baffling. Truly baffling.

He literally did all of this to himself and is blaming nonnies online. Imagine being that weak of a person.

Dude seriously needs a straitjacket and solitary confinement. Maybe some prosthetic balls too since he has none.

No. 165303

Hey Kevin make sure you direct the popo to this post specifically for crime evidence, there's a lot here that can be used! >>164570

No. 165306

File: 1627744003059.png (287.29 KB, 2048x1085, Screenshot_20210731-080622.png)

No. 165310

The only names he has are of scorned ex-friends that he cut off and pushed away. Mariah, Colette (Vamplette), Lee Pham and like a few other random people that were/are cosplayers. I'm sure he legitimately gave them Danny Frost as a suspect despite it clearly not being her name. He's an absolute doorknob so we can rely on him being 100% wrong. Hopefully the cops at least laughed.

No. 165314

At this point he's harassing people. This isn't going to go the way he wants it to topkek. He's so convinced that it's just a select few that he doesn't realize that most of us are just a bunch of randos who found them through browsing here or were led here after following them by them themselves.

No. 165316

Right, I deleted my post because I don't even know these people's names myself except Moo…but he definitely named that lot (if he even called the police at all, since it's only been an hour, I am suspicious) since he's posted multiple times blaming them for…everything that's ever happened without proof.

Kevin has turned into more of a cow than Lori imo, she's just peacefully being a meitu/snow edited bitch while Kevin REEEs on Facebook and Reddit all day long and creates drama for himself.

No. 165320

Kek he's such a dickless low test faggot. Lori is more manly than he is. We sure kevin isn't ftm ? bc it would explain a lot

No. 165322

Absolutely. It seems like Lori just relegated him to cleaning up the drama but doesn't realize he keeps making it even worse with each attempt. I'm sure she thinks filing a police report is going to stop it because they both live in La La Land where the cops are totally going to go visit Moo and interrogate her and the gang of stalkers she employs. Kevin is just such a treat with his near constant whining and victimization blog posts. Watching them go from a few likes to being entirely ignored feels like drinking a tall glass of cold water. Dude could headline it with "I'm going to kill myself." and still nobody would do anything except maybe Danny's friends would laugh react it.

No. 165329

The police can't do anything. IF …and that's a big if…he even called, he would have been told that unless he has compiled names, user information including state and location, emails, phone numbers and documentation of dates and length they couldnt even file a report.

Because internet harassment has no direct laws associated with it police can only address issues such as stalking, blackmail and direct harm. It's crazy but if someone directly off the internet is harassing you the police must meet certain criteria. Online harassment is much more difficult for them to adress.

Not responding and blocking users is usually part of the evidence needed in these types of cases. They have a lot of documented evidence against them. I really legally dont think they gave a leg to stand on.

Also I'm calling Bullshit on hom calling the police. He wouldnt have posted anything so confidently if he had. Law enforcement doesnt take reports over the phone, be would have been told to go down to his local precinct. There would have been a story, not a lame ass post with a few scentences.

Kevin is a liar.

No. 165333

File: 1627747994929.jpg (256.53 KB, 1080x1501, PicsArt_07-31-09.13.11.jpg)

No. 165337


I can't wait for this to backfire because these tards don't even pay taxes. Good job on the beginning of many police records of you, Kevvy. I'd love for a copanon to speak up about misuse of resources from scam artists such as they.

Bet Loony REEEEd at him to call the cops since that retarded line of thought is her style. She probably promised that maybe she'll be nice to him if he does it for her, so he's pretending he did.

No. 165338

This is spot on. Pretty sure police reports are public record in Utah from my 10 minute google search. Someone better versed correct me if that's wrong.

No. 165341

File: 1627751824824.jpg (120.65 KB, 720x1109, IMG_20210731_101350_324.jpg)

Kevin has deleted the statuses about calling the police, made 2 edits on the status about how arrests will be made, and made this status (pic rel.) talking about his mental health being in a good place LOL.

No. 165342

Police are allowed to lie, I wonder if they told him they'd take care of it just to get him off the phone.

No. 165343

This post is so sad. He looks like an incel posing with his realdoll waifu.

No. 165344

Those filters got him looking very hee hee ch'monuh

No. 165346

I mean yeah I'm pretty sure he doesn't have a job or else he wouldn't have so much time to dedicate to online spergery. Him and looni prob live off of fraudulent ssi. And yeah, block that dumb fuck ; he's all bark and no bite but why subject yourself to his unique mix of mental retardation and insanity if you don't have to

No. 165348

File: 1627754390610.png (373.34 KB, 1055x2048, Screenshot_20210731-100028.png)

Sorry deleted cause I felt stupid worrying so much. Here it is again. Now looking through this page I can see he really isn't going to do anything. He's really dumb for this cause now he's just making more threats. That list another person posted further up of his BS is crazy.

No. 165350

he won't do shit. ignore his posturing and go about your day.

No. 165351

They look like weeb versions of those kids from Village of the Damned

No. 165352

Not to mention there’s nothing illegal about “supporting harassment” he’s just banking on people getting scared just like when he was pounding his chest saying “REEEEE my lawyer is going to send out papers!!!” literally just more autism from him.

No. 165353

File: 1627754916322.jpeg (230.49 KB, 1640x1099, 236E7F69-CCD9-4E4D-A597-F2AB90…)

One of my favorite things about Kevin posts is the edit history

>does anyone think joking about this stuff is a joke?

Kevin, you are a gem please never change.

No. 165359

Nobody: "…"
Not a single soul: "…."
Nobody for two weeks: "…."
Kevin: "Leave us alone!!!"

No. 165362

File: 1627756988466.jpg (229.14 KB, 946x2048, 20210731_133512.jpg)

I'm blocking out the name, but here's what was sent to one of Nony's friends. More to come

No. 165363

File: 1627757072957.jpeg (141.2 KB, 946x2048, received_443237223304100.jpeg)

He thinks nony's group leaked his address

No. 165364

File: 1627757126058.jpeg (132.03 KB, 946x2048, received_529288058292120.jpeg)

No. 165365

File: 1627757150224.jpeg (136.7 KB, 946x2048, received_230580518934038.jpeg)

No. 165366

that's not how it works, kevvo the wonder tard

No. 165369

Kevin is like "don't post false accusations about Lori stabbing me!" Then falsely accuses Nony and her friends of doxxing him

No. 165370

Uhhhhmmmm someone correct me, but wasn't it a random YouTube commenter on the Vangelina video that posted his address that he was saying was Vamplette? What do these people have to do with anything? Why is he saying it's someone's friend doing it?

He really really actually thinks it's all the same people.

No. 165371

He believes one of us (nony or nony's friends) posted the address. I'm not the one in the screenshots, but one of my friends asked me to post them) Most of us haven't bugged him for like 1 or 2 weeks.

No. 165372

The "police department" would never "give permission" to contact people someone is claiming is harassing them. You provide info and lawyers slap them with no contact orders. You'd never be encouraged by law enforcement to do that. Not to mention, this would be spanning far further than Utah so you'd have to get multiple different police departments involved and informed. No way this all "went down" in the few minutes between his posts. What an idiot.

No. 165376

File: 1627759341100.png (254.33 KB, 1048x765, Screenshot_20210731-122026~2.p…)

This is the person responsible on Kiwi. Nony & friends KFs have yet to be confirmed but they did make separate accounts and have very different voices when writing.

No. 165380



Kev's a bit late on this I see

what is he going to do now? call the police back and say no wait! FAGGOT FUCKER actually did it!

No. 165389

>The "police department" would never "give permission" to contact people someone is claiming is harassing them.

The fake ones in Kevin's delusion did.

No. 165393

yeah he's definitely been obsessively reading through old threads here and KF. I'm guessing he tried to ignore the threads for a while, and then went crazy when that one cowtipper went after him and started catching up.

No. 165396

Maybe he got blown off but probably not lied to by them. I still doubt he ever called them. I actually looked this up because I never heard of filing on the phone. So it turns out you can but they send an officer to your home to verify and complete the report. So even if he did call, they would have gone to his house.


They are and initial contact is public information. So if it was real and goes into the system anyone could look ig up.

No. 165397

G-g-guys we should really nuke these threads, Kevin has the fbi in his back pocket ready to arrest the internet and I’m really afraid of them coming to my house in the east coast to throw me in Utah jail for comments we posted on lolcow!!! Please stop!!!

No. 165402

I can't wait until someone counters by actually suing Kevin and Lori into homelessness for their harassment and stalking.

No. 165406

He better not have given the police Vamp and Moo’s names, I can’t see either taking kindly to contact from the police even if it’s just for questions or anything like that. Unlike him and abuelita, those two can afford to slap them with a cease and desist from real lawyers. I’m here for it though if he keeps poking those two bears.

No. 165409

Love how he says “You should consider the morality of your own actions” “you don’t understand harassment” and then calls the guy fat and old in the same message. Kevin you are fucking retarded.

No. 165414

the lack of self awareness almost feels like satire

No. 165419

Even if he listed random names, he has zero proof of anything. Screenshots can be doctored and he doctored his.

Any cop looking into this just has to spend 5 minutes googling him and will find out that he's batshit and a compulsive liar.

I'm on the camp of him not going to cops. For one, he and Lori are probably guilty of crimes we don't know about and they want to lay low. For another, he is harassing people and escalating his LARP threats like "arrests". No officer would ever entertain him.

No. 165420

Imagine what a little pussy ass boot licking bitch you have to be to cry to the police because the internet hurt your feelings.

No. 165422


>We don't want money or property. We want peace.

Last week:
>Get ready to owe us some $$

No. 165426

I really wish someone had called Kevin on his bluff and asked for the police station the report was filed at, the name of the officer who he reported the lolsuit to, and the report number.

No. 165428

File: 1627771871056.jpg (622.08 KB, 1242x2079, idiot.jpg)

Here Kev make sure to include this one in your police report

No. 165429

Kevin has deleted all the posts today that said he talked to the police.

No. 165430

My sides, this motherfucker acts like a deranged boomer.

No. 165434

Welp, hopefully he learned something lurking here: if he did file a report, anons could find it. So now that he knows people can easily disprove his bullshit threat, what will he try to intimidate us with now?

No. 165440

I really super hope he puts out the video about "setting the record straight" about his life with Lori and what his day consists of and how he's totally not abused like he said he was going to. Kevin has made several mentions about starting a YouTube channel or making videos and I would really love to hear Kevin's side and I think it would be a good way for him to express himself too. Perhaps he could even play some of his songs he said he wrote. He could wear his cool outfits and wing shoes for the videos.

No. 165443


i know this post is /s but I think he knows making a video channel now won't give him the "peace" he's looking for.

his only viewers would be farmers. lolsuit threats first to shut up the HATURZZZZZ then he can take his sperging to the tubes.

No. 165446

I'm one of nony's friends and for the record, I genuinely feel sorry he's suffering like this. I don't think anyone wants him to kill himself but honestly I had no idea who he was til 2 weeks ago when she showed me the insta thread or exactly how unstable he was. I'm not sorry for laugh reacting but it makes me sad that this is enough to crumble his entire week.

Saged for non-milk (I put it in email i think i did it right, sorry for boomer moment)

No. 165447

Didn't he say he's using this opportunity to start a go fund me? kek

I hope an anon does find it, there must be online search tools for reports in Utah.

No. 165449

Hey, kevin, you dumbass lurking faggot. SALMON OIL SUPPLEMENTS ARE GOOD FOR FERRETS.

No. 165450

File: 1627776898569.jpg (103 KB, 750x741, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f…)

Don't feel bad. He's a dickhead. They both are reaping what they've sown for years.

I'd love to know the badge number and see this supposed report, since Utah legally requires it to be public information. Kevin, you silly little shiny man. Momo is gonna get you and your Abuela too!

They're probably already sick and on the way out, knowing Lori she doesn't give a fuck and they're accessories to her.

No. 165458

File: 1627779499955.png (11.55 MB, 4707x2944, pinkoutfit.png)

I made a pink outfit collage out of these Kevin pics.

No. 165460

>tfw even kevin can come up with different poses
kek. take notes lori.

No. 165461

Aw poor kevy, looks like Lorena refused to take his faggot pics so he had to use a clicker. The poses are ridiculous.

No. 165463

File: 1627780979442.png (829.3 KB, 1102x625, spicygranny.png)

at least he's serving some variety. lori too lazy to even make an effort to cultivate some paypigs

No. 165464

why the fuck is he posing like hieroglyphics

No. 165465

faggot fucker posts a lot on that thread and here at the same time from what I've seen. I highly doubt they're anyone other than a garden variety autist anon so kevin thinking it's moo or vamp or nony is absolutely wild

fucking kek at the username though, fitting for a mortal enemy of kev

No. 165466

I can't wait for the inevitable "faggot fucker ruined my life" FB posts.

No. 165470

File: 1627787601324.jpeg (452.51 KB, 1242x1474, 780124E0-1100-4ACA-AE6D-779B80…)

Lorena needs to reel in her mangy dog, “appreciate all bodies” kek

No. 165472

>unironically uses the term bullying when referring to people calling her out on any of her numerous lies
>appreciate all bodies unless I don't like you
This bitch. Wrinkle.

No. 165474

People want to buy a product they like. Loonie sells sex and cant accept that she's not a product that fits the demographic in almost any category. Shes not sexy as a woman her age and not sexy for a the age she pretends to be. People notice and the guy commented what he thought. He probably just typed it without thinking and meant it but suddenly got responses so politely tried to bow out.

He doesn't have to appreciate "every body", especially if hes considering spending his money to buy the product.

No. 165475

This. Soon she'll be surrounded by nothing but a few thousand insecure women who think her edits are real, commenting "so hot" and "step on me omg" and the money will come to a screeching halt. Moids are bored and they want a new toy. Lori thinks she's still got it.

No. 165480

Riiiight, Lori. "We don't like bullying" "We appreciate all bodies here" my ass.
This you?:

No. 165481

this is making me SCREAM

No. 165483

a cease and desist letter from an attorney is just a nasty note someone spent money on
attorneys have no power to make people do anything

No. 165527

>we just want peace

Then break up!

No. 165558

File: 1627827981467.jpeg (95.49 KB, 850x621, 1627780918819.jpeg)

Kev and Lori after reading back their behavior and ignoring all of it

No. 165559

File: 1627828375321.png (1.26 MB, 720x2540, cloutbomb.png)

Kevin is busy yelling at people on Reddit who are bored of Lori's spicy and want more variety. This person was perfectly respectful and Kevin explodes, accuses them of lying, cloutbombing (?), and being a dick. What a great "social media manager" Kevin is!!

No. 165561

He would castrate himself if it saved Lori lifting a pinky finger to do literally anything beyond the absolute, bottom of the barrel, bare minimum. Lashing out at former subscribers is going to permanently ruin her "job". And he can't just delete his comments now and act like he didn't. There's screencaps, when scrotes google her they will see how they get scammed and they will probably leak her shit just to make fun of her like OF anons did. Then they'll see how her runty little dog barks at people who dare ask for anything beyond scraps when they pay you money for services you don't provide. Lori really thinks that the "implication" is enough and that she isn't bait and switching. She absolutely is and that in itself is illegal lol, if you advertise uncensored full nude and toy ppvs but then all people get is a sticker over a gif of her hiding a dildo making the cat puke face…. That doesn't count. Partial frontal nudity isn't full nude or porn. She thinks she can take in a salary being some hag of a Skinimax soft core feature but nowadays coomers are so busted they only want full nude hardcore porn. You would think she would know that as a sex crazed psycho with a loli fetish, but apparently not. By the way, we don't talk enough about how she's a fucking pedo bc she loves lolis. Kevin does too. Mother fuckers are literally almost 40? Oh my god these two are disgusting.

No. 165565

She has changed though. Instead of constantly looking like she's going to wheeze or upchuck, now she looks bored and most times, contemptuous! Her clothes have changed too. Since the vet bill and LV bracelet her clothes have become noticably thinner and cheaper. Her background changes all the time as she adds to her Round1 stuffed animal hoard. It's like the scrote didn't even notice she changes her claws and puts different YRU Nightcalls in the back. Silly scrote! Now instead of just the ahegao, she sticks her caked white tongue out while pulling down her shirt. Big changes. Not to mention…. Floor blanket? Enough said. She has the range. He's an idiot.

No. 165567

Holy shit, Kevin really is losing it. He sounds insane in these replies

No. 165568

They can't take a hint. Their posts get pitiful likes compared to others in those subs and no engagement in comments.reddit is a dead end for them but they won't stop trying.

No. 165571

Topkek underated post

No. 165573

File: 1627832714887.png (862.34 KB, 1161x2048, Screenshot_20210801-084458.png)

No. 165574

File: 1627832737748.png (799.71 KB, 1148x2048, Screenshot_20210801-084510.png)

No. 165579

The first one is an obvious cowtip. The tentacle guy actually brings up good points but they probably won't take notes, I don't think they even have enough room to set up any kind of solid photoshoot spot in their house.

I've been wondering though, people have posted censored pics here where she's squatting over a dildo, are those false advertisement or are they censored even on OF? Since the leaked pics all just had ass shots with panties on and I think 1 pic with no shirt and this guy is talking about her only doing nip slips too

No. 165581

I can't find their account now but yeah, seemed like a new account. Both those comments were deleted as well as Kevin's.

No. 165582

Yes the "toy" videos are just a dildo next to her privates, covered by a sticker and she's making the ahegao face pretending like she's fucking herself with it. All of those videos are covered by stickers.

No. 165584

>nearly 40 years old
Do people on reddit think that lori posts on that account?

No. 165600

I thought it was Lori replying because the account said ‘my OF’ and ‘my IG’. She probably let it slip because she’s raging like a maniac and forgot she’s pretending to be Kev.

No. 165601

I don't think Lori posts on that account and it's all Kevin pretending to be Lori. Both are probably right!

She blocked Kevin on IG today again. Maybe for causing a scene? KEK

Where's scoreboard anon?

No. 165610

Well, we don't, we know it's Kevin but for some reason Kevin larps as Lori in his posts on reddit. I guess some randos buy it

No. 165615

That's right lol I didn't read the full wall of text.

No. 165627

Lori is clever enough to keyboard warrior under Kevin's accounts but because she's too busy screeching at people for not liking her pics she keeps slipping.

Using Kevin's facebook and reddit accounts to harass and stalk people gives her a clean break from evidence when she breaks up with him.

No. 165632

Kev has deleted the recent photos of him and Lori off Facebook too and am I reading it right that she's blocked him again?

No. 165633

It looks like it

No. 165634

No recent pics of her on his Insta either but dunno if that's what happens if you block someone

No. 165635

The photos stay up, the tag just goes away

No. 165636

Does he think she will pretend to love him again if makes all the haterz go away?

I cannot figure out why he thinks his autistic screeching into the void will do any good? I mean I'm laughing at his antics, but what's the end game here?

No. 165639

That reddit comment, ' you can't afford the good stuff 'is 100% Lori. She's used that insult on other people's cosplays since the LJ days

No. 165640

I was thinking the same till this day she flaunting how much she can spend and how it makes her extremely special

No. 165649

We're not buying it, she acts like they can afford anything then begs for subs, vet donations, money to get away, buying blatant cheap knockoffs, etc.

We know you're both piss poor cheap losers.

No. 165676

She's never even been middle class and falls for every poverty trap.

Bragging about having money on socials while begging it in the same breath is such karma.

No. 165682

Its hilarious because for those of us who actually afford nice lives can smell how broke she is at a glance.

No. 165693

“Try to arrange some type of go fund me to account for the 3,000 lost in between bills and the sheer work hours it takes to deal with these cringe lords” what does Kevin mean 3,000 lost in vet bills. How much did they made off ebegging for their ferrets? I don’t think they raised the 3,000 from ebegging. But i thought they were “rich” and could afford to take care of their animals? Nobody owes you 3,000 try getting a job to pay it yourself loser. His “dealing with these cringe lords” is actually ruining any chance lori ever had to make money by fucking up anything she does. He is the worst at his “job” of trying to manager her online, in fact he’s making her lose money. He leaked his own address online and it’s been up for months. Literally nobody has told him to harm himself. He is the cringe lords posting fantasy larp shit he’s made up screaming at the moon on his FB That gets zero reactions. Also posting and saying he wants to harm himself is so manipulative it’s disgusting.

No. 165697

I was wondering that too, "lost vet bills" means nothing. He's just saying he's owed compensation but is trying to make it sound more justified lol

No. 165700

File: 1627876653798.jpeg (556.07 KB, 1234x2078, 43A40D2E-76BF-4785-8721-C89E03…)

Now kevin has a stalker? When he’s literally stalking nonys friends and their work places. Sure Jan. His cosplay banner is 97% cosplay he made pre lori. She killed his craft. If he enjoys his life. Why does he say he wants to self harm, and shoot people? That doesn’t sound healthy to me.

No. 165701

File: 1627876735801.jpg (184.24 KB, 1080x1920, 229198892_1177793246059954_106…)

Calls people snakes while being the worst friend and a useless boyfriend. Your "girl" is flirting behind your back and hates you, you're the only one who doesn't see it. You probably think it's a momo conspiracy or a well orchestrated lie because there's no way Lori could be using you so blatantly, even right? Retard. The pandemic made y'all extra pathetic and toxic. Thanks for broadcasting it to the world for free almost every day, Kev. Who needs streaming or TV when you can just watch two idiots try to trick everyone into thinking they're hot, young, rich and successful?

If you have to post about how happy you are all the time, you're visibly not happy and coping. Have fun being played and doting on your psychotic Abuela. She hates you so much, you'll never even know.

No. 165702

I don't think they ever got ferret money or needed it, it was an attempt to get them out of whatever debt hole they fell into in pursuit of knockoff LV.

At first I thought Lori stole more money from him but he doesn't even have a basic job or education to know how compensation works. To even gain pity for GFM money you'd have to be in real need, not a narc who pretended to get COVID for WoW. They're hugely disliked shitty people and have no friends. No money is coming to them.

No. 165703

who's his stalker now? the person on reddit that left him constructive criticism today?

No. 165707

get a job, kevin. you're not going to magically be gifted 3k for whatever debt hole you morons are in right now. but getting out of house and earning money would be good for you.

No. 165710

File: 1627882052748.png (7.97 MB, 1242x2208, A66B3C7F-6327-401E-96DC-DCDFEF…)

Just Kevin enjoying life NBD. “The pandemic made people foul” and yet he threatens someone daily, harasses random people non stop, threatens to kill him self, threatens to shoot people at conventions, yeah so “happy”

No. 165723

On that note, he wants us to believe they’re so uwu well off from Looni’s hoe bucks, yet he wants a go fund me to raise money for their VET BILLS of all things. First off you shouldn’t have pets if you can’t afford their care and need to ask the internet to gimme bucks. Second off, are y’all doing well and wealthy or are y’all struggling to pay vet bills Kev? Which is it?

No. 165724

kek underrated

The guy is shockingly nice given Kevin's autistic spergout at him. Sound advice too, but we all know Lori is allergic to any kind of "work" and Kev is too busy screeching away any chance for her to gain new subs or brand deals.

Cute seeing him post about how happy he is now yet exclusively using pics of all his old costumes/builds pre Lori.

No. 165728

They use ferrets as a way of getting pitybucks and they wouldn't be the first to fake animal illness or disability for money on GFM.

He and Lori have been super specific about how much money they are in the hole with. Before it was $600 now it's $3000.

No. 165762

Ngl I might have peed a little reading this

No. 165763

Love how Kevin's big "fuck you I'm so happy lel" story post is cosplays he made more than 5 years ago, and all BEFORE Lori came into his life.

How the fuck did he select all of these without realizing they were all pre-Lori? How was that not a wakeup call? The delusion is unbreakable at this point.

No. 165775

Fucking hell just by the way he speaks alone is enough for anyone to see how unhappy he is ~LMFAOOO~ Still can't get over how he hates his life so much that he's basically begging people to go kill him on that I'll kill you post, no sane person would say that. He must be so full of hatred towards himself and the world, school shooter material right there.

No. 165819

File: 1627920061970.png (633.2 KB, 1985x2048, Screenshot_20210802-085211.png)

>it's great :D my clothing wouldn't fit if I had bobs
No, you'd be bumped up to a regular small or petit medium if you had breasts and being anything over XS triggers the fuck out of you. Acts like she can't find clothing designed to accommodate all sizes of breasts… Please. Your extreme self loathing and anorexia are showing. But please talk about how all girls are spicy queens at every size.
>deeprun tram
I know it's her being a quirky gamer girl referencing WoW architecture, but it just sounds like she's admitting to being ran through without the video game context. Kek. Love the scrote responses. No matter what she puts they go "I want your boobs", "sexy mmm show more", "sexo wow vagene". Even if she replied with "my dad died" they'd probably do the same. It's so funny. All she wanted was to make money and be popular, she definitely found that but niche and in the most degenerate corners. It's like shes in a position to never have a real conversation beyond her sex organs and how hot she is. Over time that must really feel shitty, you're basically never spoken to like a person. Even a little. May as well be a literal silicon fake butt with a hole for benis.

No. 165857

i mean shes not wrong. Its almost impossible to fit boobs in aliexpress clothes.

No. 165867

File: 1627929434761.png (1.2 MB, 2048x1350, Screenshot_20210802-113628.png)

This is new lmaooo
He thinks it's a W but he looks retarded with this in his bio.

No. 165876

ROFL with the dirty qtip display pic

He's so fucking cringe. The second hand embarrassment for him is off the charts.

No. 165883

File: 1627937450229.jpg (17.05 KB, 441x302, 747f58c55390f26aa9896330c4176e…)

Holy shit, thanks for the laugh!

No. 165886

File: 1627937663829.png (299.4 KB, 1900x2048, Screenshot_20210802-135224.png)

I wish someone would take one for the team. This video is almost 5 minutes long. I can't even imagine what it is. Knowing her it's probably just her talking but I just know it's high octane cringe.

No. 165888

File: 1627937720445.jpeg (28.39 KB, 250x363, 8CE9D0C8-9421-4FA5-AB4F-572D36…)

he's truly as delusional as lori at this point holy shit

No. 165897

Especially the second one in the bottom row topkek tf is that???

No. 165902

Loony's frame is built wide proportionally, especially her bottom half. See >>163950

Even when starving herself she looks lorge in candids because she's stumpy. That's why she has to be flat to fit.

MTF vibes, even his shoulders shrunk.

No. 165925

File: 1627947499182.png (809.02 KB, 1439x2048, Screenshot_20210802-163636.png)

>I'm such a smol widdle shy intwovuwt loli uwu pwease be nice tew meh >.<
Shut the fuck up Lori. You're shrill, loud as fuck and always have to be the center of attention. Plus you fuck anything with money and a pulse. Not very uwu introverted if you ask anyone.

No. 165936

Should juxtapose this pic with the violent shit she normally spews.

Guess she's trying to rewrite history, just like Kevin!

No. 165966

File: 1627968501019.png (55.34 KB, 634x359, Screenshot 2021-08-02 10.27.54…)

No. 165967

File: 1627968529879.png (163.75 KB, 623x692, Screenshot 2021-08-02 10.27.31…)

No. 165968

File: 1627968563482.png (195.93 KB, 474x790, Screenshot 2021-08-02 10.27.04…)

No. 165969

File: 1627968619022.png (164.89 KB, 559x765, Screenshot 2021-08-02 10.26.10…)

No. 165972

>If you were ever responsible for any of the bullshit, and kevin ends up dead because of it, that's all on you now.

fucking unhinged. dead by his own hand or by yours? even his own would be forced by her.

No. 165974

>if kevin ends up dead beacuse of [cyber bullying lmao] it's all of your guys' fault.

Come again?? If he's suicidal then drop his ass off at the sanitarium. It's obvious that she wants him to off himself so that she can be the ultimate victim. The only problem is that kev is batshit insane and is 100% going to take her out with him. We're watching a true crime show play out before the crime actually happens.

No. 165975

Totally sane to fantasize about your partner's death on main. The emoji is a nice touch. I bet Kev feels loved, kek.

No. 165977

So the hag is having a meltdown. ♥️ Good. Seethe and squirm. You're months late there's nothing to be done. If either of you die, nobody cares and it's on both of you and nobody else.

No. 165978

Wait what? Kevin is going to end up dead because we screencapped things that THEY THEMSELVES said and posted it online where they can't delete it? Surely these delusional idiots can't be serious.

The way she worded this kinda makes it sound she already murdered him and is trying to pin it on the internet topkek.

Grow a spine, you two. It's not hard to take responsibility for things you've said yourselves instead of crying WAH BULLIES for people reacting how normal people would to the absolute bullshit you spew.

They're probably out of money and are getting evicted or something like that that's their own fault, causing these meltdowns lately.

No. 165979

>The way she worded this kinda makes it sound she already murdered him and is trying to pin it on the internet topkek.

She's well on her way in gaslighting him to suicide and using his death for a sweet pity GoFundMe.

Maybe she discovered he has an insurance payout and has designs on using it to get surgery then hook up with someone new in LA. Straight out of the Sheena Duquette playbook.

No. 165986

Being attacked on all fronts is cracking her facade.
Perpetrators are:
- Lolcow
- Kiwifarms
- Reddit people
- Former subs
- Current subs
- Instagram users
Suddenly we are not momo and vamp anymore?!
It's the start of "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" arc

No. 165988

They aren't going to go to the police for shit.

They have nothing to go on and once anyone starts investigating, the paper trail all leads back to them trying to abuse or scam people.

No. 165990

Whoa wtf. Anon, do the comments say anything interesting?

No. 166001

>they're probably getting evicted
Oh, that'd be hilarious. I can see Lori giving shit to Kevin about not making ends meet and Kevin bringing up that Lori doesn't make shit on her onlyfans and that he's the only one putting in "the grind" leading to the recent blocking/regularly scheduled kevin meltdowns. Combined with the moratorium ending, and Lori still not finding a replacement for Kevin, I can only hope for an arc as milky as this.

No. 166006

considering Kevin thinks we're all momo/the magnificent 7, it'd be interesting to see how far and wide their degenerate activities have spread. I'm in the southern hemisphere so the keks never end being accused of being a momocunt footsoldier. Kevin is just an idiot who is really easy to hate and laugh at, same with Lorena.
LOVE hearing us/utah farmers and the poor few who have IRL interactions because "she looks dirty and old" even if untrue will send both of them into the perpetual clusterfuck cycle of NOO WE RICH AND CLEAN
care for your pets and your hygiene and maybe go outside on occasion (dressed normally, god forbid)

No. 166012

just as people were starting to go with "well, Lori at least keeps quiet now on her account" she pulls out some kevsperg of her own

>If Kevin ends up dead

What the fuck is this even supposed to mean
Why only kevin lmao
How would anyone say it like this and think it's doing them any favors Christ

No. 166013

But kevin posted the adress, the other person just reposted the insta vid that was up for months?
Is she going to report kev to the police?

No. 166014

>if Kevin ends up dead
But he just posted >>165700 yesterday saying he has enough happiness to last him 200 years? They contradict everything they say so often it’s hard to keep up.

No. 166019

Absolutely. And in return Kevin will send screenshots of us, saving screenshots of posts they made, to the police.

And while he brags about it on his social media, we will also take a screenshot of him, taking a screenshot of us, making fun of screenshots we took of posts they both made. The circle of life.

No. 166026

tinfoil but feeling like these are her and kevvy 'harassing' her. maybe its just my own 'tism, just sounding too try hard

No. 166045

Way to admit that Kevin is broken down, like we couldnt all tell.

Exactly Anon, Kevin posted their address FIRST with the package video. They have noone to blame but themselves. Plus their so stupid they admit it's their address, confirming the information. How dumb can you be.

I knew Lori would loose it eventually. Good to see her true colors come forward. Still a liar, pretending like she's innocent.

No. 166046

That checks out. The timing of when these accounts were made and the specific posts or language sound like more of their own sockpuppeting to coincide with their victim story.

If an investigator sees how Kevin acts, they'll also know she caused him to be suicidal and probably suggest he get into therapy kek.

No. 166047

Introvert? KEK!!! That is such bullshit. It made me think about the first time I met Loonie she jumped up on stage at rehersal for a cosplay contest and grabbed the mic from the MC and started prattling on in Japanese as fast as she could. She looked so stupid and manic. The entire room was clearly a little sickened by it. My group of friends couldnt stand her over the years and avoided her at cons because she talked so fuckin much and everything was about her. That was before all her dramz. Shes an obnoxious twit who never shuts the fuck up.

That bullshit aside, how can a 36 year who dresses up like pedo bait and flash their asshole online call themself an introvert?

No. 166050

If they go around threatening his potential suicide to try to shut down criticism then nobody he calls is going to take their claims seriously. Usually he is the one putting his foot in his mouth, but her saying this makes them look worse than ever. No idea why you would dig yourself into a hole by repetitively posting threats of harm to themselves or others publicly like they have, it guarantees everyone can see what they're actually up to.

No. 166051

Anon I thought you're being a bit exaggerating but you're not joking at all. I just watched the Otakon interview (start at ~16:10) and holy fuck she's so insufferable. 10 seconds into the interview and she's already talking over everyone, and then proceed to stand at the very front grabbing all the attention. Her face when she's talking about the live action was such an arrogant bitchy look too, so much for being an introvert.

No. 166056

She just comes off as pretending to know anything about…anything? Its painful to watch lol why wont she just leave after her time is up

No. 166059

I definitely thought the same too anon. sounds suspish, reeks of Kevspeak

No. 166061

Smells like some fucking bullshit. Clearly isn't a cowtipper, nobody would be this brazen. It likely isn't any of nony's friends cause they would have already slipped and given themselves away. They're too dumb to cowtip but smart enough to not do this. The whole "contacting sponsors" thing is sus. She has none left? Apsanil and the other AliExpress stores aren't sponsoring her. It just looks like them trying to make the most aggressive and vindictive looking accounts they can so they have something to bother cops with again. They know that what is actually happening isn't enough to pursue any legal action. These retards really think adding to it is going to strengthen the case like they won't trace back those accounts to them. Kek. What a bountiful time~

No. 166062

Lori and Kevin if you’re going to lie about police reports and retaining attorneys — get your terminology right to be credible. Libel is written. Slander is spoken. Idiots.

No. 166067

File: 1628005522968.png (1.28 MB, 2048x1535, Screenshot_20210803-084405.png)

Gender special Kev inbound

No. 166086

I saw this coming from a mile away

No. 166087

She clearly has not matured and she wasn't a child during even that ancient af video (AFAIK she was even married many times by then). I can't imagine running into someone that retarded IRL.

>how can a 36 year who dresses up like pedo bait and flash their asshole online call themself an introvert?

The same way someone claims they're all-natural whenever they can't afford to upgrade their uwu perfect body or learn how to use makeup so they resort to running apps ten times over until their pics aren't visible.

The best is just looking here any investigator will notice the timing correlations and will find out who really owns the account when they ask instagram to look up the data.

It won't get that far because they are scared of the cops and believe because they're scared, people on the internet must think like them, too. Just look at what happened last time the cops intervened, they surely have a record.

Countdown till these two tards get slapped with fines.

No. 166089

Once again, I'm reiterating my prediction that kev is gonna troon out

No. 166091

"I can't help that normies think i'm 24 uwu"
but her real face is right under that caption?

No. 166093

I think she switched the numbers around. Also, Kevin is definitely the only person dumb enough to think Lori is under 30. Probably only because he hadn't seen her irl yet.

No. 166099

>>165967 there wouldnt really be anything to poke fun at if she didnt insist she looks 20 something and has huge eyelashes and just totally is super perfect

No. 166109

I thought this same thing once I saw the screenshots lol. They don’t sound like really people either.

No. 166163

The kevinisadumbbish account got suspended so now that person is uploading their (poorly formatted) screenshots to the cerda_u_piggy_ account.

No. 166169

Am I the only one who is annoyed by this account and the one before it?

Saged for nitpicking.

No. 166172

File: 1628039403656.jpg (41.02 KB, 460x356, cotnent.jpg)

No. 166173

File: 1628039663373.png (2.15 MB, 1219x2048, Screenshot_20210803-181325.png)

Bitch what

No. 166174

File: 1628039831327.png (807.73 KB, 2048x1390, Screenshot_20210803-181641.png)

Also lol who the fuck is this retard

No. 166176

I feel like this is them trying to reverse troll. Otherwise this tipper is the dumbest I’ve seen yet.

No. 166177

Oh my god lol I'm this anon >>166163 I don't know why your screenshots are all zoomed in and blurry and cut off at the sides. Maybe it's some weird thing Instagram does. All the screenshots are legible on lolcow.

I can see this being either possibility but at this point I just think it's a really dumb cow tipper.

No. 166180

Hard agree, this can’t be anymore obvious. The troll doesn’t sound like someone who posts here especially with those odd insults. Generally, cowtippers have been replying to Lorena with some truth to it. Also, the old pictures of Lorena are cherry picked out of the old selfies and not the most recent pictures taken at cons which are perfect indicators of how she actually looks. Honestly, this reverse trolling is just super fucked up and depressing for someone her age.

No. 166184

I get the vibe that this is Kevin

No. 166185

>with the moratorium ending
Covid unemployment was extended until Sept 6th, so if they were on it, they might also be having a meltdown now that their lifeline is being cut off. I can't imagine they've been getting by on just Lori's OF funds alone unless they have simply been taking advantage of the fact they had some protection against eviction under covid?

When all else fails. kek

No. 166186

>pictures of Lorena are cherry picked out of the old selfies

The pictures look like they're 20 years old and most of us have never seen them before.

The biggest giveaway is the constant profile editing in reaction to this thread.

Each time I load the account, the profile has said something different but always saying the thread is worse than Lori. Sounds familiar.

No. 166187

Most of the online claims have been proven by screen shots that Kevin posted himself. Kevin posted their address online and it’s been on kiwi for months, why are they sperging about that now? She hasn’t mentioned Kevin publicly in months on her socials, she only brings him up like some prop for manipulation tactic or for simp-athy. If she really was concerned about Kevin’s well being, She would get him help instead of instigating him to be a keyboard warrior for her on Reddit. He has made claims about wanting to harm himself, somebody should call in a wellness check.

No. 166193

File: 1628053416645.png (21.95 KB, 612x136, Screenshot 2021-08-03 10.01.45…)

Nah, just some people whose names I don't recognize being like "omg what's wrong with people?!"

Actually all the comments on those three posts were basically the same, except this one by Kev on the "um did we forget about older people I've dated?" post

No. 166194

It definitely is. He types like a child; super disjointed and riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. The tone is even the same. He's so stupid that his shriveled up chemically unbalanced brain can't even figure out how to type like someone else.

No. 166195

They made a post calling out lolcow and said that they don't support Lori OR lolcow. Lol okay.

No. 166198

File: 1628055000019.jpeg (365.11 KB, 828x1443, 30BE901E-39EF-4E1B-995B-AA32C7…)

Pretty coincidental Kevin starts demanding go fund me handouts meanwhile looks like one of their ferrets is gonna be playing kingdom hearts in the sky soon

No. 166200

So sad they have to bring them poor animals into their mess they make me sick

No. 166202

It's pretty obvious she originally came up to chat with the guy in armor because she saw he was being interviewed for the camera, and she was hoping to catch the chick's attention so SHE could be on camera. I've seen this posted here a few times and I'm surprised no one caught that.

No. 166204

Amazing catch, anon. Most of us haven't seen the clip in full. There was a short clip of just the part of her being racist that was usually shared.

The energy she has before and during is not of an introvert at all. It's an overconfident narc who can't help interrupting and talking about herself, she initiated the conversations and inserted herself. Almost 20 years of her referring to cheap extensions as real hair gives me such a hearty kek.

No. 166215

Fucking disgusting to know she asked for handouts for these poor babies, only for it to end up in it going towards nothing for their well-being, and now here we are.

No. 166227

what app does she use? snow?

No. 166229

yea, fuck these two grifters. would have been more humane to just put the ferret down than to let it suffer like this. this is how you know theyre sociopaths. even mentally defective people will feel guilt and pain for a pet suffering. not these two; just another chance to grift for cheap plastic toys.

No. 166233

Wow where's Kevin with his "OUR FERRETS ARE FINE YOU PEOPLE KNOW NOTHING ILL KILL, YOU COME KILL ME" sperg now? Looks like I was right all those months ago about them dying slowly because of neglect. I'm sure they'll see this and go "b-b-but they're like 4 years old!!!" That's not that old. They would be fine if, oh. I don't know, they didn't smoke weed inside and neglect them in cages in the living room and spent that vet money on the animals. RIP those ferret babies. You deserved better carers and a better life. Lori makes me sick.

No. 166236

God that poor thing looks so raggedy. They really don't take care of them at all do they.

These two shouldn't be allowed to have any animals, ever. Somebody needs to rescue these poor babies from these narcissistic psychopaths.

Her using the ferrets as an excuse for hiding like a coward from the internet while Kevin goes mental online and people call her out is disgusting also.

No. 166237

Hm. Ironic that that's how Lori's ferrets look but she was so bleeding heart about how abusive and evil pet stores are because of their treatment of ferrets. I don't know much but to me her Shiro looks like the same scrawny, sad looking ferrets in those anti pet store posts she uses to share.

Seriously. It's so disgusting that she's using it to get out of dealing with this crap they both started. She's too cowardly to be publicly sperging cause she knows she'll get bent in front of all her remaining pity party. So, here she goes, using her limp and sick babies to pluck on people's heartstrings for that sweet "free shoe" money. Wonder what Kevin is going to do in this scheme. I hope he runs the GoFundMe so we can see all his dramatic campaign edits about gang stalking and us killing his animals or whatever. God, these two are rock bottom but they just keep digging deeper.

No. 166239


No. 166240

Didn't she neglect or abandon pets before when they were no longer good for skinwalking?

No. 166244

Yes, she abandoned a black cat in her Moonie days. Her name was Isis, I believe. She got her because, Luna. Either that cat or a different one after her was abandoned when Lori and Kev first got together. Kevin talked about it in a Facebook post. Said something about how he felt bad but they didn't have a choice or whatever. I'm having a hard time remembering exactly when but I think it was when they moved into his mom's attic. I could be wrong. I know it's on Kiwi and a few threads back here.

No. 166248

i thought this one was pretty old now? Wouldnt it make sense he doesnt look good?

No. 166259

Even if he's old, his fur shouldn't look like that. I've seen old ferrets who are well cared for many times and none ever looked that bad. That's just poor hygiene maintenance by the owners. Poor baby.

No. 166262

According to them, Shiro is 4. Ferrets can live as long as 10 years. Most pass between 5-7 from what I'm reading. For a 4 year old who's supposedly very cared for, Shiro looks very greasy and scrawny.

No. 166265


6 year old ferret according to this post.

No. 166274

Thanks for the correction. Idk if it's my memory or they've bounced back and forth, but yeah. Either way poor thing looks neglected.

No. 166285

Can confirm. She got Shiro and I believe the other ferrets when with Rikki.

Isis she got when with her last husband Steven. Gave up when she was five so Lori could move to Utah. Isis passed last year or year prior I believe.

And she had a Luna back in Sailor Moon days. Left on the east coast when she moved west.

No. 166295

File: 1628111408112.png (1.45 MB, 1080x1996, Screenshot_20210804-140743~2.p…)

This bitch just followed a MC account. Before she dumped her cat she followed ferret accounts. She only follows animal accounts for animals she's had or plans on having. She's already planning her new accessory. Change my mind. Absolutely repulsive .

No. 166299

Are u ok anon

Don’t ferrets sleep the majority of the day? How is caring for such a small animal that draining?

No. 166314

>I have limited energy.

Because taking Snow filtered pics takes soo much energy. Fuck off Lori.

No. 166316

File: 1628125387811.png (2.9 MB, 2160x1350, redkev.png)

NEW KEVIN OUTFIT! Why is he holding headphones?

No. 166317


Took all that money from the gofundme and spent it on bullshit instead of getting their ferrets vet care and she has the audacity to post about it for sympathy? They could sell their “designer” items to get money to take care of the ferrets. She only mentions Kevin or the ferrets as props for pity or money. She is such a sociopath. I wish somebody would call in a wellness check for Kevin or the animals.

No. 166318

I see some lego shoes that match lori’s lego body

No. 166322

This is his worst outfit yet

No. 166324

this fucker goes outside like this, pants lighting up. awful

No. 166325

>this fucker goes outside
Bold of you to assume.

No. 166327

Yesterday “Kevin is going to self harm”
Today posts selfies while ferrets are “sick”

No. 166328

Kek he really sleeps in the living room with his tacky shoe rack being his prized possession.

Any bets on what happens when they're evicted?

No. 166329

the fucking gold chain necklace lmfao

No. 166330

Christ this is bad

No. 166331

Did he get this outfit from the 99 cent store because it sure looks like it. Complete with the half popcorn ceiling and piles of boxes that should be put away in a closet, he just screams poverty.

No. 166337

Why is he wearing a mask inside his own home? Also, that outfit is atrocious. it's ugly and dated and i am embarrassed for him rn

No. 166339

the akatsuki cloak in the back is making me irrationally angry.

sage for autism

No. 166346

File: 1628147773929.png (1.4 MB, 984x2068, screencapture-facebook-adollas…)

He shared his ugly outfit on his FB page too

No. 166348

Retarded Spiderman

No. 166354

>Gentrified stores like Ross
Bruh. Wtf.

No. 166356

The sad realization that Kevin has more variety in his gay little photoshoots than Lori does- and it’s her full time job.

No. 166357

>used to shop at Ross
what he actually means, is his mom would buy him slacks and underwear at Ross because he is a man child

No. 166368

Kevin just…spends all his time alone in that room trying to gain Lori's approval with his internet posts, doesn't he? It's obvious with how much crawling he does in his captions while being utterly alone with his packages of cheap online clothing and his camera.

Sometimes Lori lets him into her den so he can do the awkward hand on thigh photos, then boots him out again once those are done.

No. 166372

What's funny is that stores like Ross probably have better clothing and discounted designer clothing (for whatever reason) than those he's waaaay overpaying for, shit looks like it came from the reject pile worth a dollar at the swap meet kek

No. 166377


He's buying cheap knockoffs of fast fashion that looks like shit, smells like shit, and is going to disintegrate in a few wears but thinks he knows what he's talking about.

The best is what little he thinks construes as "spending a lot".

No. 166380

File: 1628181254433.png (362.36 KB, 960x960, arctis-7.png)

He's probably holding the headphones so he can flex with his $150 gamer headset

No. 166382

Nah I think he’s holding the headset cause he wanted to draw attention away that he uses a clicker to take his shots. Also that headset is shit.

No. 166384

>Red dream
Made me instantly think of when you go to sleep but wake up with your period. This ‘fit givin me menstrual vibes~

No. 166386

>Ross and gentrified store

Kevin constantly shows how uneducated he is. When neighborhoods gentrify the products inside begin reflecting the external changes as lower income families in the neighborhood get priced out and leave, leading to a higher income take over.

I thought Kevin loved the finer things in life, so how is shopping in gentrified stores exactly an issue?

No. 166388

I also think he's trying to show his cheap crap headphones. He must think they are big bucks lol he and Lori always trying to flex but it just makes them look more broke

No. 166391

anon i have this headset and it is comfy and the mic is pretty good, i use it for work too. is there a better one i should get next??

No. 166392

He has no idea what gentrified means, kek. He must think it means normie or mainstream

No. 166397

I’ve found Nikes and Adidas and other “luxury” brands at Ross. A lot of overstock items even of higher end things can tend up at discount stores.

If I see his wing shoes there one day I’ll kek hard.

No. 166399

Yeah, Ross is a store for poor people. It's a discounted discounted discount store. Not sure what he's on about talking about gentrification, you won't see a Ross survive long in a gentrified area. He's flexing that he used to overspend for cheap new clothes at discount stores, and now he overspends on cheap used bootlegs on online thrift stores, because opening boxes and getting extra packaging trash with your order is fun? Um, congrats?

No. 166408

Kevin the absolute fucking doorknob really was like "oh I heard this word today and it's pretty so I'm gonna use it to make myself sound cool" without even being fucked to look it up. There is no other explanation for why he would call Ross Dress for Less by that term.

No. 166419

But he buys cheap fast fashion sweat shop clothing that isn’t known for being high quality. The items he wears are also not standard classic wardrobe pieces. They will not last long and are “trendy” outfits Even if you’re buying these things on sale, doesn’t mean you’re getting a good deal. You should be saving that money instead of blowing it on clothing items that you don’t need. You could save and take care of your animals which are more important than taking selfie’s.

No. 166424

now watch this moron turn around and start whining about needing money for vet bills again.

No. 166475

>Complains about bills but buys useless shoes

With these two always E-begging I say sell that shit on Ebay before you have the nerve to ask for another dime for doing nothing. How irresponsible can you be.

No. 166477

You're right, unfortunately since they can only afford dirty secondhand and Chinese crap they wouldn't make back even 1/4th of what they paid for it. Their best bet is tossing it all in a mystery bag for $20 each and calling it "e-girls/e-boy mystery co-ord grab bag" or something to appeal to impulsive zoomers. They derive all their self worth and confidence from material bullshit though, so chances of that happening ever in their lives are next to none.

No. 166478

File: 1628271523309.png (2.12 MB, 1228x2048, Screenshot_20210806-103817.png)

No. 166479

File: 1628271607746.png (1.62 MB, 2048x1361, Screenshot_20210806-103933.png)

He changed his bio again

No. 166480

File: 1628271817391.png (819.92 KB, 1184x812, Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 4.21…)

Messy room comments from anon must have gotten to her

No. 166481

File: 1628271879023.png (1.8 MB, 1628x1174, Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 4.46…)

No. 166482

Not like you were doing anything that required effort before, Grammy. Yes, posting the same 5 overly overfiltered pics and begging for simpbux to the spicy was grueling.

No. 166483

Lmfao this makes no sense as a caption… She's talking about herself but as if it's a common problem other women would have, on a post for coomer scrotes? Really knows how to appeal to her audience (lolcow/kf), I suppose

No. 166484

imagine advertising child porn on your apparel.

No. 166486

I am TELLING YOU these two are legitimate pedophiles. Liking lolicon is pedo shit. You don't have to diddle any kids to be a degen like these two.

No. 166487

Being a degen and being a legitimate pedo are two different things anon

No. 166488

He looks like a shovel

No. 166498

File: 1628286249682.jpg (85.07 KB, 720x954, IMG_20210806_144241_000.jpg)

Lori trying to get people fired because they/their wife laugh reacted at a Kevin post.

No. 166500

Non offending pedos are still pedos. Liking sexualized cartoon children makes you a pedophile. Lolis are sexualized children, often little girls. Lori literally calls herself a loli and does sex work. Shut up you fucking weirdo.

No. 166501

The girl said her husband worked there and that he isn't even there anymore so this does absolutely 0 but make her look ill-informed and psychotic. Fitting.

No. 166507

Lori basically virtue signals whatever the topic of the day is. Imagine being put in touch with this idiot to take information by your employer. Can she even hold a conversation with an adult?

No. 166508

Lori is such a miserable ugly cunt. If she necked herself I would feel zero sympathy.(a-logging)

No. 166513

Lori is to stupid to think that way. Her "Loli" shit only has to do with her. She's a self obsessed psycho.

No. 166529

Zoomers wouldn't want cheap used shoes, sweaters or underwear that was out of style over a decade ago though.

I hope whoever she's slandering for the past weeks reports her for harassment since all the receipts are right here.

No. 166533

Honestly would not be surprised about Kevin going for some girl in highschool to be his "real life loli waifu" after Lori dumps his ass to try and look for someone who is more sane and has a job

No. 166538

Life is not a MMO, get a job and take care of your animals and partner.

No. 166539

Love that he tangled the sad little supreme shoelaces around the dumb wings of his shoes in the saddest attempt to show them off.

They aren't going to do shit even if the guy still worked there. Just imagine getting pulling into HR because "sir, we've been informed your wife laugh reacted on a post on fb". Lori's been lying on the internet for so long she has herself straight delusional.

No. 166547

I really want somebody to sue their asses or for them to actually take somebody to court. They're getting fucking annoying with their tall tales. All evidence stacks up against them anyway. They think they're in poverty now? Let them keep talking fake shit online until they talk about the wrong person and end up literally homeless.

They keep talking out of their asses about taking things to a lawyer when we all know they can't even afford to see one. They reek of poor. Especially when they post their cheap purchases in a lame attempt to show them off. How embarrassing topkek

No. 166551

>Lori's OF funds
Yeah, neither of them see to be bringing in any stable income to live off of w/out government aid of some kind. Thinking about it now, their recent meltdowns could also be because they're looking for a cheaper place after skimping out on rent, but probably procrastinating, and Lori pushing for Kevin to wagecuck but he doesn't want to. I could see Lori just saying fuck it, and convincing Kevin to move out of state with her because "it's cheaper". Then, if she finds a new #2, Kevin's ass is stranded while she shacks it up with another downgrade. If not, then she's sticking with Kevin as his forever girlfriend lmao.

No. 166553

jesus fucking christ. this guy gives me do much secondhand embarrasment it makes me want to a-log. from the way he looks, to the way he dresses and presents himself, to how he tries to flex and especially the way he talks. he has sent my sides so far in orbit I no longer can contact them at all

No. 166556

It's been weeks of Kevin and Lori making empty baseless threats online. They're chickenshit poorfags who don't know how to interact with the grown up world where time is money.

They know as well as we do that any attempts to contact a lawyer will lead to them getting poorer (KEK) and any anonymous attempts to contact or harass employees at a workplace will get them named on a report sent straight to the police, because the evidence is right here.

Lori and Kevin likely have public police records already. I just hope a Utahfag finds it.

No. 166567

Lori thinks we are antivax because the person who angry reacted her comment on the Henry Ford post was some antivaxx nurse that works at Henry Ford and she's boomer enough to think I'm 3 different people

No. 166568

her stupid broken brain wants to speak to the manager over someone that doesn't even work there any more. 'Yes. a former employee of yours laugh reacted to a post my boyfriend made. I hope you treat this with the importance it deserves!!"

No. 166569

He's so funny, trying to be badass as he's relegated to the spare room with his pile of shoes and aliexpress clothing. I wonder how often Lori checks in on him, once a day perhaps?
Considering he always REEEs about how Lori is the only person he can stand to be around for more than a few hours, yet they appear to always be "consciously uncoupling" and he's like a roommate more than anything.

No. 166579

Do you think she'll even respond to this?

No. 166582

File: 1628348611914.jpg (137.89 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20210807-084200_Ins…)

No. 166584

Is that why his clothing pics get so little likes compared to his cosplay pics. I am with the tinfoil he’s going to troon out soon

No. 166586

I'm calling him trooning out after Lori leaves him. He's going to be longing for a mommy and sex object but won't find one his type (very small, young and very short) so he's going to have to wear a woman's skin to fill that role. KEK.

No. 166591

let the excuses begin for why they won’t be at cons this season. I doubt we’ll be getting any Lori and Kev candids anytime soon

No. 166593

"Hey guys, I'm taking a totally voluntary hiatus from the community that has soundly ignored me and refuses to interact with me after i alienated every body I knew involved in said community."
Just troon out all ready, kev. you'll feel better.

No. 166598

The last thing we need is another MTF troon invading women's spaces. I think he'll probably get a girlfriend his age, and just as cringe after Lori leaves.

No. 166600

>clothing, shoes, and gaming
how about getting a job or some education
these fuckers live the emptiest lives

No. 166604

File: 1628358646064.png (1.86 MB, 1231x2048, Screenshot_20210807-104027.png)

>high quality
>better than wasting money at outlets
Except outlets like Ross, TJ Maxx and similar all carry reputable brands that hold up decently so long as you take care. Most times people's cheaper clothes fall apart because they destroy them in washing machines and dryers on the wrong settings. I'm assuming they don't know shit about laundry or how to do any other chores. These online places resell the same flammable fast fashion trash. You can find clothes of equal quality on Amazon for under $40. It's arguably worse quality most of the time because it comes from random places all over Asia and there's no quality control. At least bigger brands have QC and rely on the same sweatshops until they collapse on themselves.

I don't understand how he can feel so swagged up and sure of it when he's perpetually trapped in 2012-2017 culture. His fashion is so many seasons behind there's no need to archive. It became so mainstream you could get knockoffs in mall kiosks. His archival line is just a cope cause he's lowkey aware he can only afford old stuff and dropshipped bootlegs. He's so hilarious. As a fashionfag I enjoy watching him more than Lori, honestly. It's like peeking into a time capsule.

No. 166610

He hasn’t made any new complete cosplays in years, and nobody cares. The cosplay community doesn’t owe him anything and he alienated anyone he knew that’s his fault. He posts weird flexes that aren’t backed by anything and complains constantly. Get a job, leave the house, do literally anything Kevin. Nobody cares about your cosplay (or lack thereof) anymore. People dislike you because of your whiny attitude and Lori. Those are valid reasons. Nobody owes you friendship. >>166479 dm for a collab of what? Standing in your apartment kitchen posing in a hoodie made for middle schoolers? The fuck.

No. 166612

File: 1628363376122.jpg (61.54 KB, 720x518, IMG_20210807_120844_901.jpg)

Kevin the spooky ghost

No. 166614

Kevin and Heather need to date. That's where the real milk is.

No. 166615

It lasts longer seemingly because they never leave the god damn house. Like he put sit on then presumably takes it off in exchange for lounge wear so all of his trinkets barely get worn. He’s such a maroon. Also side note, his blaccent that he tends to put on in captions when he’s trying to sound ‘hard’ grates on my nerves. You’re a pasty white bitch boy Kev, nothing hard or hood about you.

No. 166626


Who is the flex for. What part of this outfit looks good? I have so many questions.

No. 166642

File: 1628373444790.gif (1.27 MB, 250x225, d63507e1c071c5175a4dac7f7abdee…)

i like the way you think, nonnie

No. 166643

busy doing what exactly? he doesn't even have a job

No. 166646

Ohhhhh girls y'all are on to something. Anime showdown between Hagther and Usaggy Kunt.

No. 166648


i love this idea, but she's not ana/loli enough for him

No. 166653

File: 1628380123595.jpg (84.35 KB, 720x585, IMG_20210807_163142_317.jpg)

Yay for us, Lori/Kevin are trying their luck on Reddit again. Let's see how this round goes.

No. 166657


He's really still that butthurt about his vest huh

No. 166658

File: 1628382639663.jpg (88.45 KB, 720x945, IMG_20210807_172942_022.jpg)

This is Lori as a ram. Someone actually commented that these pics were a step up from the normal mirror selfies.

No. 166664

I'm confused by the narrative that he is part of the community or a cosplayer. We saw very little from him since this thread started other than snarls alongside highschool level prop skills.

Both he and Lori are only ever going to be known for being ugly tards trying to skinwalk teenagers and spamming social media with shitty meitu edits in hopes of subs to the spicy.

No. 166667

rofl Kevin really is so pathetic

No. 166669

File: 1628391349991.png (482.04 KB, 720x2436, tumbleweeds.png)

This is the worst I've seen her OnlyFans do since she's had one. 11-12 hours in and absolutely 0 likes. You have to go back to a vague "Yesterday" to see a post which has 2 likes.

No. 166671

I'm not surprised. Even if one person though a set was slightly bette, her pics are boring as fuck. >>166658 This is boring. Theres nothing sexy, cute or interesting here.

No. 166677

This is her just laying down, showing her shoes… there's nothing special about it? she looks stupid

No. 166686

Same pose, same room, same clothes, same edits and as usual hiding her face and body as much as possible. She is just trying to show off her plastic clogs.

No. 166711

It's so sad that all she does is try to flex her ugly stripper stompers on us. Like, everything she does is a reference or "one-up" directed at the girls here. She doesn't even have subs anymore, kek.

No. 166713

Do those little symbols signify views or how many photos are in the post? I can't see lori posting 19 photos at once, top post is 19 and no likes, next is 2 and no likes, third down is 12 and 2 likes.

No. 166714

Samefag, maybe it is number of photos and Lori's getting desperate and posting a lot more content for a change, this older one is 5 likes with a 6 next to that symbol.

No. 166725

On top of the content being trash tier, the way she types is such a turn off if a coomer even decides to read it.

Both she and Kevin manage to post like boomers, teenage weebs and wiggers all in the same sentence.

No. 166727

Yes. One is a photo symbol and the other is for videos. She posted 19 photos and two videos with zero interaction lol

No. 166738

File: 1628439589748.png (1.58 MB, 997x1991, screencapture-facebook-LoriLew…)

No. 166741

It’s almost like you have a fiancé Lori

No. 166744

>Lori pretending she's just a few subs away from being a wealthy executive

She was too excited to brag about paying for Kevvy's toys that she didn't pause to think that maybe this meme makes no sense for her and discourages people from giving her money.

No. 166767

Honestly, I doubt that she’s doing OF to make actual profit at this point. Nobody is stupid enough to keep pouring money into a failing business. I think she’s using OF as a front to catfish some gross frat boy so that she can get away from Kev. She’s definitely using OF as an excuse to flirt back at potential basement bachelors without Kev freaking out. I’m waiting until she lowers her standard to the point where she has to accept the grossest guy she can get.

No. 166874

>I’m waiting until she lowers her standard to the point where she has to accept the grossest guy she can get.
She's already got Kevin, anon

No. 166884

File: 1628518879063.png (1.82 MB, 1187x2048, Screenshot_20210809-071918.png)

She doesn't even try to hide the fact that she uses animals to fill her emotional needs and will neglect them when she feels better. Her drawings make me laugh it's like my high school notebook doodles but she's actually proud of this…

No. 166894

File: 1628526530461.jpeg (1.97 MB, 1242x2037, 96518EF0-7418-4599-BB2B-1C4D9F…)


No. 166897

How many neglected ferrets does she have? There seem to be a bunch in the pic.

I heard you can't have them in Cali and that's where she wants to go.

No. 166900

>heart condition/chest deformity
What?? Now she's pretending it's a heart condition?

No. 166902

Her marfan syndrome isn't a heart condition. She's so stupid.

No. 166905

She’s such a heartless bitch her animal just died and she’s pulling the pity card and talking about her chest. Lori is narcissistic she makes it about her and most people with a pet passing away that they love just stay off the Internet to grieve. With her nope gotta post that shit ASAP to get people to feel sorry for her Rest In Peace furry one you are in a better place

No. 166906

has she ever claimed to have marfans?

No. 166907

What? She doesn't have Marfans you turkey, she has pectus excavatum. It can be caused by genetic conditions like Marfans but it can also just be a condition on its own. She's just cursed with the uglies. It can cause heart/lung problems but there's no way she has any. She would have brought up how annoying her appointments are, or pictures of her routine EKGs or the pills she'd be on. She's just retarded kek

No. 166909

File: 1628529115715.jpg (958.08 KB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_08-09-10.05.45.jpg)

You deserved so much better, little bub. RIP. She spent her last days posting selfies and going on OF to e-beg. In other news she posted her kofi on linktree again. Anyone know this guy? Or at least see any followers with that name?

Agreed. She's milking this for money cause her OF is beyond dead. She only gets like 1-3 likes and likely no DMs. She's a heartless hag.

No. 166917

That's really sad actually, the ferrets never did anything wrong and are adorable. Whatever issues I have with these two, grieving a pet is hard

No. 166921

File: 1628539240004.png (865.74 KB, 2048x1386, Screenshot_20210809-125531.png)

Laughed when I saw Lori's comment. She has no skills to participate in WCS.
Sage for non milk

No. 166923

File: 1628539627199.png (1.67 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20210809-130420.png)

Most people log off to mourn. Lori continues to ebeg.

No. 166925

This is just continued bad behavior as a pet owner. Lori has neglected her animals since the dawn of time. She had a cat named Luna who she abandoned. When she was married to Steven she had a cat named Lena, then got a cat named Isis. She did not acclimate them properly and Lena did not like Isis, so she abandoned Lena (who then died a few months later - she made sure to post about it). When she stalked Kevvy to Utah she gave Isis away. Isis died shortly after.

Shiro and the other three (Suki, Puck and Pan) have absolutely been neglected this entire time. Shiro's passing is undoubtedly due to her not having any idea how to take care of any other living thing. The other three likely don't have much time left. Suki is the same age as Shiro, Puck is maybe a year or so younger, and Pan is the youngest.

No. 166926

File: 1628541275466.jpg (138.04 KB, 450x240, 9619f9947f6b1b4b65fb5e39e8dd72…)

i don't even know anything about ferrets, but hers all look so sickly, even the other guy looks like he's on his way out. a quick google search for "healthy older ferrets" shows how bad of shape her guys are in! (picrel)

No. 166927

File: 1628541842422.png (987.73 KB, 959x868, 6519195.png)

She proves time and time again she only gives a shit about herself.

No. 166930

File: 1628543893893.jpg (118.46 KB, 1500x1308, marfan-syndrome.jpg)



No. 166931

Jessie Pridemore is a freaking joke who has been riding the coattails of popular cosplayers for over 15 years now. Umi and Soni had her in their skit that they entered the WCS contest with, when they won, they axed her from the group since only two people can go to Japan to compete. I think she is still salty over that.

I still find it hilarious that her and Lori are internet bffs.

Someone really needs to make a dedicated thread for her.

No. 166933


Claiming she has a heart condition gets double sympathy in her evil mind.

Bet she was drafting her posts before the pet died and trying to find ways to make it about e-begging because she finally has content.

No. 166947

>New Yorker

No. Your not a NYer anymore Looni. How long has it even been si ce she lived there? Maybe she grew up in NY but after living in so many states, still saying "NYer" sounds pathetic, especially since after roaming around for half her life she more from no place at this point.

Kek. She's so stupid. She never said anything about a heart condition before. She just regurgitated something someone on the farms said about pectus excevatum for sympathy.

No. 166950

Ok sorry to medfag but but Anon isnt wrong. It may not be Marfan but Pectus is always a marker for a genetic syndrome which she likley has never had diagnosed. Generally the severity of the condition coupled with comorbidities would determine if a Dr sent her for genetic testing as a child. Considering how genetics has made huge strides in recent years, theres a good chance a person of her age would not have been diagnosed for various reasons. Even now a full genome sequencing can cost a ton and it would be huge leg work to get Drs to follow through. More than likley a Dr would recommend she got her PE fixed, which requires 3 bars put into the chest wall.

So yes Anon, I dont blame you for guessing Marfan but I dont see any of the other physical markers for that syndrome on her.

Ok sorry I'll stop.

No. 166984

Is the ferret dead in these pics bc if so I will throw up

No. 166998

No that's just what they look like all the time, she only ever posts these sleeping photos. Weird that the only time I ever met a ferret (friend's brother's pet when I was a teen) it was super lively yet these guys never bother to wake up.

No. 167013

Ferrets are more like cats in that they are very spunky for short periods of time but like to sleep/cuddle/den for 20 hours a day

No. 167038

File: 1628629745906.png (1.26 MB, 1227x2048, Screenshot_20210810-140758.png)

No. 167040


No, you cannot tell me you're this depressed about losing a fucking ferret. I lost all of my siblings a few months ago and you don't see me saying shit like this. This infuriates me on a deep, deep level.

No. 167045

But you can't turn your grief into pitty/a grift. They can and will.

My sincere condolences on such a loss, I cannot imagine it, my thoughts are with you anon.

No. 167047

I'm so sorry anon, that's absolutely awful.

I have no idea what Kevin is even vaguing about these days, there was that other post hinting at changes going on over the next few months. >>166582 Are they getting evicted?

No. 167055

I think so. They've been really grubbing for money lately and I wouldn't be surprised if they ARE getting evicted with how abysmal Lori's socials are doing and how Kevin's income is nonexistent

No. 167063

Sounds like eviction or breaking up. Not a big surprise if it was either one.

No. 167071

>August 8th
What's with the use of the date? Losing a ferret he barely knew and didn't take care of is suddenly like 9-11?

>find home again

Excited for the eviction arc.

No. 167074

Oh no! How will they move and find room for their ‘free’ shoes and plushies? I guess they’re going to the landfill sooner than I thought.

No. 167077

why does he have his hood popped like a collar lmao

No. 167081

Because he is a tremendous faggot, anon

No. 167100

File: 1628649463868.jpg (96.89 KB, 800x800, 98ab307f8f4b1629f25ba5a60e306e…)

if he didn't do that, we couldn't see the super cool badass skull

No. 167107

>they both start reee'ing about anons (correctly) tinfoiling about their upcoming eviction

No. 167108

The ferret passing is so tragic. They should not have animals. What did the go fund me money go towards if anything? They are disgusting degens using animals for clout/pity posting/e begging while somehow simultaneously “flexing” on haters.

He is shouting into the wind. Nobody interacts with his posts or views them. Why do you need to announce you’re taking a break to nobody? Just take a break. Go to a hospital. Get actual help. Leave lori. Get a job. She let the animal die.

No. 167109

Oh no, who will randomly start threatening strangers on Reddit on pig girls behalf? “No more socials” but who will post lorenAs spicy content ?? I mean the same 2 lifeless looking photos with a sideways photoshopped butt? Such a travesty.

No. 167124

Hmmm. This sounds like they are getting evicted to me. Perhaps they took advantage of not paying rent to buy all their knock off crap and now that the being evicted is lifting they are one of those who has to leave. That’s what happens when cheap clothes are more important than your living space..

No. 167146

Guys August 8th is when Shiro died, that's what he's talking about. Pretty sure he's being purposely vague so people will ask what happened and he can get sympathy points and literally any engagement on social media

No. 167149

Vaguebooking to make it sound like he lost someone to the rona. Not far off from when Loony was pretending he got the rona to scam freebies.

No. 167499

File: 1628880577503.png (2.65 MB, 1165x2048, Screenshot_20210813-114727.png)

Had no money to help her ferrets but after one dies from her neglect she can buy a tracksuit? Okay you psycho bitch. Who can have any sympathy for her? Seriously acting like a part of you died while you spent that very same vet money on shoes…. Even Kevin seems more upset than her