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No. 146474

Before Posting/Lurking: All things featured in this breakdown are factual and documented through public web archives. If you are posting old cosplay photos, please check previous threads to avoid reposting. No tit/chest hole nitpicking. No cowtipping. No doxxing of ex-Kou Klan or anyone else related to Lori or Kevin. Yes, we’ve seen the pockybox, dj ranmas site and the con interview. Archive your links & sage when applicable.

Previous Thread (#6): >>>/w/140775

The threads were mislabeled so I corrected the list.

Lori Lewd (Lorena Cerda) is a 35-year-old costhot and batshit kinnie from NY. With 20 years of lunacy behind her, farmers have been working diligently to stitch together the madness into a coherent timeline. She got her start as a rabid Sailor Moon cosplayer which launched her into infamy and Moonie drama that lasted for over 10 years alone. Lori has since dropped her Usagi shtick and settled for a short-lived Zero Two skinwalk. Over the last two years, Lori has amassed over 100k followers and secured brand partnerships with multiple online boutiques and jewelers. She is currently clawing her way into a Dolls Kill partnership by running herself and her lover into debt. Our story follows the lunatic hag and her bishie prince, Kevin Hanft, a 27 year old BNHA cosplayer and general douche.

Vintage Milk:
>She is known for abusing partners emotionally and physically, breaking peoples belongings when she throws temper tantrums, threatening rape and suicide, mooching off friends and family (living rent free and destroying peoples homes with her trash, indoor smoking, making them buy her things, forcing them to sleep on floors and go without bedding, etc.), manipulating those she deems “beneath” her into false friendships, obsessing over better cosplayers, sex workers and artists and lying about nearly everything under the sun.
>Her ex-husband raped a developmentally challenged friend of Lori’s and when she found out she pressured the victim, “C”, into suicide. “C” then attempted by taking pills and drinking alcohol. Luckily, “C” survived. She never apologized or tried to right this situation.
>Goes through husbands like pantyhose and typically only marries for housing and money.

Condensed Milk:
>Suicide baited Kevin and demanded he cut himself to prove he didn’t like another women all while she cheated on him
>Both her and Kevin are admitted lurkers of /cgl/ and lolcow, often responding to comments made about herself on all forums >>>/w/69649
>All of Kevin’s friends HATE her >>>/w/59614
>Her current kin is Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx, truly believes she is her and that the studio copied her to create her likeness. Thinks all cosplayers are copying her >>>/w/71344
>photoshop and snow filter abuser >>>/w/69405
>”vampire” and “anime genetics” >>>/w/67231
>Will relentlessly tear down other cosplayers who do Zero Two better >>>/w/56943 >>>/w/68339
>”Suffers” from an Eating Disorder and is proud of it, flexes the “loli” title >>>/w/68579
>Undiagnosed Cluster B / NPD behaviors out the ass

Previous Thread Re-cap:
>Lori has gone full thot and started making penetration videos in a last ditch effort to keep her remaining OF subs >>>/w/143644
>Kevin is fully delulu >>>/w/145906
>Lori is dropped by Bisou Lovely, Lewdcomplex & Ardani Studios for her unaddressed behavior and negative attention
>Ravewonderland posts her photos only to get hounded with negative comments, mostly remarks about how creepy and gross the post was, forcing them to delete the post entirely >>>/w/141763 >>>/w/141780
>She started exhibiting more signs of resentment towards Kev, often flirting with simps and ignoring him entirely >>>/w/142449
>But Lori just had to prove the haturz wrong immediately after it was pointed out >>>/w/142462
>$300 dollars goes missing and Kev really just can’t figure out who took it! >>>/w/142234
>The MooMoo conspiracy continues, there is no sense left in this husk of a man >>>/w/142486
>Kev continues his FB tirade by making everything even WORSE >>>/w/142487
>Kevin would like to speak to (have someone doxx) Moo and Vamp’s parents to I guess….. Allow him to go travel to their houses and complain? >>>/w/142662
>Lori continues to fuel Kevin’s psychosis by adding to the conspiracy >>>/w/142739
>Anon shuts that down immediately with this nice little clip >>>/w/142760
>Lori accepts a scam “ambassador” brand as her new sponsors to replace the ones lost >>>/w/143434
>Kev is desperate for clout, so much so he uses Lori as a literal prop >>>/w/143556
> Terrifying OF vids surface >>>/w/143728
>Lori responding to literal pedos who simp her loli bullshit >>>/w/144335
>The money is running dry which means Lori is on her way out >>>/w/145355
>Lego hand pussy >>>/w/145934
>Kev’s indirect response to anons criticizing his advertising decisions >>>/w/146268 >>>/w/146279
>Conveniently Lori has soooo many vet bills to pay and she has NO money! >>>/w/146302
>Kevin wishes Moo and VBamp a very go fuck yoursefl and die in one of his milkiest rants to date >>>/w/146345
>Some guilt-ridden ”anon” has a touching introspective moment, nice try >>>/w/146332
>The bomb we’ve all been waiting for finally drops >>>/w/146400
>An ignorant Kevin continues WKing the woman who doesn’t even like him anymore and is begging to be saved >>>/w/146406
>Kev’s rants and pleas are taken to reddit where he wah’s on his promo sockpuppet >>>/w/146423
>Then of course he deletes it and returns to shit talking people anonymously >>>/w/146432
>Anon catches the only reply which contained some hard truths >>>/w/146440

Currently Kevin and Lori are in the midst of a crisis. With Kevin fully off his rocker and Lori clamoring to “escape” his “abuse” after “ruining her dream”, we all patiently await the nest sperg out and scam GFM’s to save her decrepit ass.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

>Monster Girl Vibes: https://www.facebook.com/iota02/
>Personal FB: https://www.facebook.com/LoriLewd
>Kevin’s FB : https://www.facebook.com/kevin.hanft.5
>Lori’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iota_zerotwo/
>Kevin’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adollaskye/
>Twitter: https://twitter.com/iota_zerotwo
>DA: https://www.deviantart.com/kou-usagi
>Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/people/usagikou
>OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/monstergirl
>Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/LoriLewd
>Amazon Wishlist: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1K5H3M8IH92VA/?ref_=lol_ov_le

Archived Milk:
>pockybox investigations
>wank about the rape incident https://web.archive.org/web/20130311093424/http://www.journalfen.net/community/fandom_wank/685335.html?thread=63139863
>usagi’s wank page http://web.archive.org/web/20110908004206/http://wiki.fandomwank.com/index.php/Usagi_Kou
>tgtn attesting to Lori's cancerous nature
>Djranma’s site https://web.archive.org/web/20070807233745fw_/http://www.djranmas.net/html/lori_cerda/main.htm
>Lori's psycho response to Scott's confession
>cringe engagement video posted by Kevin
>cringe ED article
>the sailor moon movie

>Lori’s KF thread #2

Dead Accounts:

No. 146475

OP here, I know I messed up spelling and links I just hurried so we have a space to post new milk as it comes since I'm assuming it will be very soon.

No. 146480

Thread pic has me HOWLING, good job OP

No. 146491

Bless you op

No. 146495

Countdown until Lori moves onto her next paypig with the ever-present sob story of aboose begins now!

No. 146496


Fantastic job - thanks so much for this great OP!

No. 146498

How much does it cost to rent in the ghetto of Utah?

I bet that the specific amount of money Loony is asking for was not for a pet but for herself to find a place for the next two months.

No. 146499

File: 1619130682613.jpg (118.39 KB, 898x1280, IMG_20210422_081038_957.jpg)

I managed to catch this Reddit comment before it was removed. This is the only non-bot interaction he's had on any of his Reddit posts about Lori. That's his sock account that replied.

No. 146500

File: 1619131118473.png (91.27 KB, 1452x376, Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 6.37…)

new comment on one of kevin's reddit posts

"he messaged me and threatened me"

No. 146501

File: 1619131195110.jpeg (84.94 KB, 567x640, 931342DA-0DED-4FD2-991E-325DDC…)

if she wants to stay in the area? Average 1.1k for West Valley City, UT. Found this on Zillow. Perhaps? My bets on her moving in w/ someone. She doesn’t have proof of stable income.

No. 146502

What are the odds. $900 exactly.

No. 146505

>keep hiding behind the internet, just like me

I love how retarded and easily manipulated he is. I bet Lori forces him to post all day and prove he is working hard to earn her subs.

Then >>146302 adds up if she plans to room with someone for the short term. She's fishing for one of her OF subs that she added on facebook to come and drive her and her bags of plastic to his place soon.

No. 146506

Honestly, I don’t think Lori has another guy lined up right now. Otherwise she wouldn’t have stuck with Kevin for this long. If she does have someone to support her, they are probably way below her standards. She doesn’t exactly have a lot of choices to choose from, and the quality of guys around her are just disgusting. If she was still in her 20s, she can pull of all this fucked up shit with some fuck boy. Now she’s stuck in a living hell hole because of her own doings.

No. 146508

Guess we gotta stay tuned for next thursday lol see if she posts about an appointment or an apartment. According to that post she’s got the money saved but wants cushion ig? I agree with >>146506 i don’t think she’s got a man on (lego) hand so I’m thinkin she temp moves with a “friend”. Do she even have any friends that are girls??

No. 146509

It’s honestly insane to me how delusional Kevin is. He JUST had a meltdown on Facebook saying that all the hate is unjust, that they’re the victims and the ones being abused, that they never talk shit about others… and then within hours he’s on Reddit being a huge fucking asshole to anyone who even slightly criticizes Lori and talking shit on them.
Like, what? I seriously don’t understand what’s going through this kid’s head.

They both try so hard to convince others that they’re perpetually victims and that everything posted online about them is false, but then turn around and prove it all true. Lmao.

No. 146510


She's too old and crusty IRL for any guy to keep her beyond a free pump and dump, so she's likely working out her best options.

I know someone in previous threads kept saying the pets were going to be harmed or something but now I am starting to believe it. And believe there's possibly physical abuse in their household. Everything they ever say and do is so unhinged and screams abuse behaviors.

No. 146511

I’m scared to think of what’s happening in their house today after kev’s several unhinged posts and Lori saying she’s afraid of him.

They both just need to get far away from each other tbh

No. 146512

weren’t there screenshots leaked of his DMs that confirmed the physical abuse?

No. 146513

Slight nitpick but I wish people would stop calling Kevin a kid. He's 27. He will be 28 in October. He's nearly 30; not a kid.

No. 146514

Considering he peed on her costume, I wouldn't be surprised it was in response to her hitting him or some shit. Absolute degenerates.

This. He's a grown neckbeard.

No. 146516

Like anon >>146501 said, it wouldn't matter if she scrounged up cash for a deposit because she has no proof of steady income, and since she claims she can't foot a $900 vet bill she probably has shit credit to boot. I'm inclined to believe the vet costs are real and they really are that broke, but if she manages to get that money she's more likely to blow it on ugly weeb lingerie than try to move out without a simp to mooch off of long term.
Fucking kek. I hate scrotes but it cracks me up how her they'll play into her loli fantasy for the sake of coom, but even at the bottom of the barrel her simps don't fawn over her. She's definitely struggling to find any takers to be Kevin's replacement.

No. 146518


Now that’s she’s filtered to hell she won’t find anyone online that is going to stay because she will be an episode of catfish. She may get someone in person because her real face would be what they saw first.

No. 146522

File: 1619134028586.jpeg (225.88 KB, 856x1280, 7D35BA0C-295F-4895-8CD3-0D5B3D…)

49 mins ago to her insta story. That left eye is bloodshot to all hell. Probably furiously smoking with all the drama going on today. Also wtf is this fashion sense supposed to be it’s so bad.

No. 146524

File: 1619134612855.jpg (13.42 KB, 419x172, 65416061324351.JPG)

AND her roots are coming in lol

No. 146530

Oh God OP Anon, that's perfect!!! I seriously laughed my ass off when I saw the thread pic but the entire intro golden. Nice work!

No. 146532

I think the vet bills is a ploy to get money behind Kevin’s back. If they’re not, that’s very sad because she shouldn’t own animals she can’t afford to take care of. Kevin ruined any “chances” she had with his sperg posts and “lies” claiming abuse. Kevin should be working to support his half of the bills and not living off loris shit income. He posted about living the ferrets and claiming he will take care of them no matter what but when it comes down it it he won’t even go get a job to afford a vet bill. How can he still WK her after she posted wanting to leave him? The fuck.

No. 146534

File: 1619138632282.png (642.79 KB, 2048x1292, Screenshot_20210422-174327.png)

Another comment from Kevin's reddit post.

No. 146535

Oh no! Another one of Vamplette’s army has made it to Reddit !!!!1!

(Sarcasm if it wasn’t clear.)

No. 146536

Kevin needs to calm the fuck down, he’s making it worse for himself and Lori.

No. 146537

He wants people to know who he is but the only rep he’s built up over the last three years is being a pedo-baiter’s shitty PR manager. Seeing someone google him in real time is delicious.

No. 146539

Isn't she still friends with that Venus girl and Ender? They're girls who are surprisingly still okay with her, although it's odd they won't "rescue" her from Kevin and let her move in with them.

No. 146541

Does Kevin do a dirty delete on his milkiest Facebook posts after they get capped? Or does he just leave them there? Are any of the ALL CAPS RANTS from this morning still up?

No. 146542

File: 1619139551438.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1242x1783, 5746E5D7-6791-46CC-BAC2-0F4305…)

New story post of her hanging out with another girl. She’s definitely planning on moving

No. 146545

Go check yourself

No. 146553

Looks like she's visiting old work friends from her days at forever21. Wouldn't shock me if she's prepping to use one of them as a way out until she could hook a new dude. She did fuck ender after all.

No. 146557

She's going to need to find someone to move in with that let's her shoot her OF's garbage and if she's leeching off someone that's going to be hard.

No. 146562

That girl better run as she’s about to get in the middle with all this High school drama bullshit with Lori about to leech off her and Kevin will start stalking and harassing her through Messages about taking his waifu away.

Like seriously can’t they stop posting things out in the open if they don’t want it to be spread? They knew were watching them but they keep giving us milk everytime shit went down.

No. 146564

It must be some sort of serotonin release. They probably dont have anyone to confide in so they have such a buildup of frustration and emotion they have no choice but to have a meltdown/drop “hints” to the general public. Maybe it’s part of their argument system? To let the other know they angry via social media posts. Dysfunctional and immature smh

No. 146567

>They knew were watching them but they keep giving us milk everytime shit went down.

I actually think there's a TON of shit we've missed just because they'll post pleas to Facebook and then delete within seconds to minutes; we've all seen this happen. It's very lucky when farmers have caught these moments. I think there are likely many many times that either of them have been desperate and have reached out through Facebook and then quickly deleted the status, without it ever having been seen or capped by someone here.

No. 146569

This girl looks young.. Lori is going to use the fuck out of this girl if that’s her back up plan.. I sure hope she doesn’t fall for it.

No. 146570

File: 1619151275849.jpeg (822.4 KB, 1242x1488, 1E45CA96-77A5-402B-A9EC-9E681B…)

Was curious to see if her friend had any photos on her Instagram of Lori unedited and she did lol. This one was from 2019 and you can only imagine how Lori looks now…

No. 146571

She looks just as crazy as Lori so they're probably peas in a pod. Putting money on her either helping Lori move or lodging her and her mountain of shit for …. An indefinite amount of time. Imagine housing a 36 year old woman who does nothing but play dress up all day while pretending to be childlike. Chills.

No. 146572

That user has been on reddit for 1 day and has only one other comment not directed at Kevin. Don't poke cows.

No. 146577

Not every person is a cowtip. Most people make throwaway accounts on Reddit.

No. 146578

File: 1619156719150.jpeg (434.85 KB, 1208x1629, 0A54A104-57E2-47D5-A92C-F8066B…)

“Let me Step on you little simp” does she step on Kevin? She gets a lot more likes when she posts her own content, Kevin shilling her shit is creepy. He should just get a job.

No. 146581

I think that >>146311 got to them so she's posting to show that she still "has friends" topkek

That or like everyone else said, she's suddenly making small efforts with people in an attempt to gain them over for housing.

No. 146598

File: 1619164262668.jpeg (336.96 KB, 1536x1536, 8D5926A3-A4C5-4185-A1AF-B9E0F2…)

No. 146601


It's almost jarring how much she filters out the colours of the photos to make her skin look pinker and whiter.

Her friend looks like she's flushed due to Lori focusing on only editing herself instead of others.

No. 146606

So let me get this 100% crystal clear. Kevin: posts everytime he and Laurena get into a fight and details how abusive, toxic, and manipulative she is. People say, "gee, might want to try ditching her.. seems like a bad relationship". Also Kevin: Stop posting negativity about her!! I just wanted advice, not for hate.

Two words for you Kevin the ever present lurker.. cognitive dissonance.

No. 146610

Right, cause you have to casually stop by a store to get pics of you with your friend. I bet she went there so she could say let's hang out without it being weird. I wonder when the last time she called her was.

I smell the lurkie loo too Anon but I think they have the farms on auto refresh at this point.

>Most people make throwaway accounts on Reddit

People do that a lot if their looking at questionable content.

No. 146616

Nice knockoff Louis Vuitton mask

God she is so average looking and her average friends really showcase that.

No. 146618

36 year old woman visits much younger “friend” at clothing store meant for teens and college girls

Not creepy at all

No. 146621

Ehhh 21 caters to Lori's age group the forever young at heart crowd love it. I see more moms buying there than actual 21 and under unless they have some pop culture shit.

No. 146630

Agreed, 21 def caters to her age group since they're the ones who were the companies demographic when it first opened. But those Moms who still shop there drive their 40grand SUV's to the mall after dropping their kids off at daycare and then dump their 21 hauls out on king sized beds in the house they got bought for them by a husband who has a career.

Loonie rode the bus and counted her change and then dumps her bargain bin item onto the dirty floor with her plushies and ferrett shit.

No. 146644

I mostly just find it awkward that middle aged Lori is bothering this "friend" for a selfie while she's clearly working. Girl's got her work lanyard on and everything.

No. 146649

It was only to prove to us that she has friends. She never ever posts any one she's with unless people are talking shit about her being a social pariah. She does the same with Kev. He's just something that matches her aesthetic. The girl probably doesn't even know she's a prop to Lori.

No. 146655

File: 1619194313062.jpeg (26.02 KB, 640x247, 49629A87-D994-42E0-8970-C626F0…)

is she buying 1k followers daily or every other..? She was at 110k when I viewed her stories for lulz not even 24 hours ago. She’s done nothing but post stories lately+her content isn’t good enough to net her 1k followers overnight like that.

No. 146657

Yes. The majority of her numbers are entirely faked. IG and Twitter are where she spends all her money. She used to tag coomer ig accounts that repost for free / a charge until it died out and stopped working. Now she pays for 1k every couple weeks. One time she jumped from 100k to 107k overnight much like this instance. Her likes and amount of reposts do not align with what her organic numbers should be at over 100k. If I had to ballpark her actual following I would say maybe 10-17k of them are real and active. If that.

No. 146659

I'd say she averages about 500 per buy. I noticed her follower count always goes up by .5 which is really suspicious and then occasionally. 1 up or down which is probably legit. What a waste of money.

No. 146662

Girl needs to get a tiktok that’s where the numbers are at haha

No. 146664


If she had a TikTok her content would be the most boring shit ever.

No. 146666

Even 10-17 actual followers there's hardly any sincere interaction.

No. 146668

tru but it would at least show she’s trying. Imo all the “real” influencers main tiktok now anyway and just post the same shit to their instas. Her not being there even tho the looks she’s trying to go for are hella popular over there is just proof she’s nothing but a fake

No. 146678

Isn't it against IG's ToS to buy followers?

No. 146683

Are y’all high? On what planet are 30-somethings with actual lives and jobs buying clothing from Forever 21? No sane woman pushing 40 is buying clothes from shit tier places like Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe unless they’re white trash or a wannabe influencer like Lori or Kelly Eden.

No. 146705

Theory, and maybe I’m giving Lori too much credit: Is it possible she edits herself so much online so that she can maintain an air of anonymity in real life and not be recognized by simps out in public? It means she can never go to a con again, but if she’s at all ashamed of her line of work, it would almost make sense.

No. 146707

Lori isn't that smart, nor could she ever cognitively accept she is anything less than 'perfect'. I know we joke but she is actually 100% delusional–She has a mental disorder. She cannot, deep down inside, accept that she isn't what she filters herself to be. Even if she probably looks at the mirror to pick apart what she can 'improve' on, and is very obviously badly insecure about everything, her identity to herself is that filtered mess we see her posting.
If she truly was ashamed, she wouldn't wear the clothes she does in public, she wouldn't wear her gaudy makeup, and would either hide her hair with wigs or style it differently outside.

No. 146709

OT but…I noticed you said with jobs Anon…sadly, theres tons of 30-40 somethings who think they're like the Real Houswives or some reality show character that spend all their time buying garbage clothes from stores like 21 and especially target. They have money and time to burn. None of them have jobs and just like Loonie they're mentally stunted.If Loonie had been smart she could have been one of them.

No. 146710

Those clothes are embarrassing for a woman her age. The fact that she wears them out shows she's shameless so I can see how she really is delusional. I can only imagine other adults looking at her and trying to figure it out.

No. 146717

you "Saw your homie" at their place of work that they cannot choose to see you at.

No. 146722

File: 1619214834055.jpg (445.21 KB, 1074x1432, 20210423_165224.jpg)

Looks like Loonie might have a new sponsor

No. 146725

Yes it is, which I surprised she hasn’t been banned yet. The way she is buying that shit she will be at 1m followers in no time.

No. 146727

Every anon you replied to even stated stunted/forever young/and such crowd. Forever 21 caters to Lori's mental group hard. Sorry your clothing of choice is favored by Lori and others fam.

No. 146732

No wonder her OF is doing so poorly

No. 146741

File: 1619223286489.jpg (40.54 KB, 250x559, 2113109-f49015a3d8d3588c181abf…)

I don't like to copy pasta but this came from the other farm and it's worth the post.

It's pretty sad Kevin spins his situation the way he does. I can see trying to deny some of it, but the receipts are directly from their own mouths and she's been documented for ages. But to try and say people lie about her photoshopping her pics is straight up insanity.

No. 146754

File: 1619235883082.jpg (221.16 KB, 1080x1067, Screenshot_20210424-132510__01…)

Our newest entrant in the cow trifecta is still on her soapbox sperging paragraphs on kiwi. The parallels between her and Looni are starting to become more noticeable so I'm posting despite the inevitable "hi cows". The cognitive dissonance between the both of them is palpable. Hypocritically being critical of Lori whilst putting on a more palatable persona/holding back in order to be more well received gives me immediate flash backs to pull. I can't be the only one observing this minor cow as she orbits Kev and Lori's lunacy.

No. 146755

Yeah let’s see him try to confront his so called bullies in real life. If he’s not able to Confront his abusive waifu then I doubt he would confront anyone. Even if he did try to confront them he would be escorted out by the police since he’ll be acting crazy. So Kevin I do hope you see Loris secret post about you and is trying to dump your sorry ass. Also you better make sure that you unfriend Miranda before she catches you and accuse you of cheating.

No. 146756

They talk negatively about everyone including the brands they had “deals” with. Remember his comment about the lewdcomplex shirts? She’s tears down other people for over a decade now with proof. And “OUR DREAM” but it’s all Lori. His shilling and online spergs have only ruined any “chance” Lori could have potently had. She would be better off without him.

No. 146757

File: 1619236678429.jpg (832.67 KB, 3263x3263, Edited to hell and back.jpg)

Samefag. Image for clarification

No. 146763


Based. Kitty is obsessed with Lori. She has single white female Lori skin walking vibes. If you go to kiwifarms, you’ll notice Kitty has liked every single Lori related comment on the farms with a time stamp for each. She is on the farms day and night spending all her time away from the box factory on Lori threads. She also self posts here and is the anon that is always closely counting and reporting on Lori’s Instagram followers and engagement.
Kitty looks like she’s in her mid thirties and is trying to stay relevant and youthful with the ethot Amazon plastic clothes thing. Does anyone know her actual age? She acts like a young retard but has a soccer mom face and neck.
Both are pedo pandering, stuffed toy collecting, minimum wage cows, but I find Kitty to be so much more of an annoying try hard, “pick me” than Lori.

No. 146765

no one cares. Go make a kitty thread if you want to discuss her jfc stop shitting up lori's thread.

Lori is 100% the biggest cow of the two anyway, literally 20 years worth of milk. No one gives a shit about how pickme some rando insta thot is, they're a dime a dozen.

No. 146767

the "go make a kitty thread" argument doesn't really work when she's still lori-adjacent, similarly but to an obvious lesser extent, like Kev is. kitty gets barely discussed and you WKs flip your shit, fucking relax she's not hijacking the thread.

that being said you're retarded if you think Kitty really is the bigger cow here. it's pathetic that she's constantly lurking and posting in the KF thread when what she should have done is said her initial piece and moved on. Don't think that makes her on Loris level but it isn't off topic to take note of and laugh at since she's part of the Loony circus too at this poi t whether you anons like it or not kek

No. 146769

are you retarded? How was anything I said WKing her at all? There's already several posts about her here and it's annoying because there's so much milk coming in and you anons sperging about kitty's posts on kiwi and shit are cringe as hell and if you're going to keep bitching about her non-milk, go and make a thread. Obviously you can't because there's no milk, lul.

No. 146770

Kevin making threats is hilarious, what does he think he's going to do? Especially when there's no proof of them doing anything. I bet this posturing is all an act to make Lori be nice to him meanwhile she's on her way out.

Stop derailing the thread. You're that one anon posting long OT paragraphs whenever Lori and Kevin are at their milkiest and have been told time and time again that nobody cares.

No. 146771

Kevin sounds honest to god paranoid and out of touch with reality. I mean, he keeps blaming Moo and Vamp for any negative comment or failed sponsorship, like he keeps mentioning fake accounts like everyone else on the internet is Moo's sock puppet or Moo herself. It's fucking insane.

Unless he gets help first, something terrible is gonna happen when Lori finally dumps him.

No. 146772

ayrt cry harder about it dipshit. like I didn't even reply to you and yet you sperg out over it anyway. if you are that pressed about it it's easy to ignore and move on, Personally idc about kitty but what the fuck is your tism fit over kitty being posted doing to contribute further lori milk? the answer is it isn't and you're just as guilty of it as the anons you're crying over. or better yet maybe contribute some more lori milk instead of pissing and moaning like a fag

No. 146776

Peter 5:8 — Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.

Stupid ass Kevin needs to rebuke this bitch asap

No. 146791

My question becomes, why tf aren’t Kevin and Lorena coming for Kitty? They go so hard for moo and vamp daily over shit from 2019 or earlier, yet kitty is on the farms daily shittalking both of them. It’s out of character for them to not go for the jugular when it comes to haters so I’m wondering what’s the reason?

No. 146799

I don't dispute that Lori is the biggest cow. And we're free to discuss related cows especially when they're so intertwined anon. If you've read any other thread you'd know that.

>You're that one anon posting long OT paragraphs whenever Lori and Kevin are at their milkiest and have been told time and time again that nobody cares.
Firstly that's multiple ayrt and secondly that's the first post I've written in months schitzochan.

No. 146800


This is hilarious. What app did you use, anon? Looks exactly like her edits.

No. 146801

Real simple. Vamp, and vicariously through her Moo, have a big following. Kitty is a nobody in comparison. Big following = big drama = possible new subs.

No. 146804

I’ve just seen Lori and Kevin go off on nobodies all the time. Like that Twitter girl she told to hit the gym and Kevin’s Reddit spergs to randoms. They’ve come for obscure cosplayers with no following as well… so why not Kitty? Especially since it’s straight up personal? It’s just so weird to me knowing Lori’s history of going after randoms for way less and people like Soni who visited the thread that one time. Lori went apeshit. Kitty roasts her hard on KF consistently and Lori and Kevin have never made a peep. Are they scared of irl confrontation or something?

No. 146808

I think it's because Kitty knows more about Lori irl and seems more reputable than randos or Moo, so it'd be easier for people to believe her if she brought up dirt on Lori.

I feel like we aren't getting the whole story from Kitty either.

Maybe Lori is scared that Kitty will bring Rikki into it or ask him more about stuff or proof of dirt on Lori. Probably some legal stuff or something. Lori is definitely scared of Kitty over something.

No. 146811

As the person following Lori's socials and reporting them here, I'm not Kitty. I've been tracking her numbers since thread #4. Reign in the tinfoil. She would never post here because we all refuse to give her ass pats, she'll probably stay on kiwi where they treat her like a D-list celeb.

This. Kitty probably has access to receipts and messages we haven't seen. Otherwise Lori would have been months into harassing her by now.

No. 146826

File: 1619274579559.png (1.39 MB, 1060x2048, Screenshot_20210424-072625.png)

Saged for no milk, I just can't figure out who this guy is. Is this Jeff? Or another ex of hers? I ran "Usagi Kou Lori Lewd" through Google to check the results and this image came up under her flickr. I don't recognize him. I don't need spoon-feeding for this time frame I just wanted to see if anyone could identify. I don't think this pic has ever been posted to either farm til now.

No. 146828

Kitty's association with Lori is the woman Lori's BF cheated on her with. She has limited to zero credibility in my book and while Lori may have skin walked her for a while the rest of the story is one sided from a bad source. We all know Lori probably got cheated on because shes a psycho-bitch and she probably hooked up with the wrong dude but Kitty should be as non issue at this point.

No. 146831

Kitty doesn't need her own thread. But if she's being posted in here, it needs to be more then just her boring comments about Lori's face. That's literally nothing and there's no need to obsess over all of her commentary about Lori.

Didn't Soni know her IRL for a long period of time? None of that makes sense. Honestly Lori probably doesn't read the KF threads, so it hasn't come up on her radar. They only ever talk about lolcow

No. 146834

Lori absolutely read KF. She's proven it by responding to their posts with shit she posts on her Instagram and Facebook. Those cowards wouldnt dare respond over there. It's well organized with receipts galore! She couldnt deny a thing the way they laid out the evidence. It would also be way more obvious because of the sites interface. Those losers known what's written about them is true. Kevin the cuck accuses people of hiding all the time because they do too. Although, it's really obvious when they post here, they just think we cant tell. Stupid people always think their pulling one over when their obvious as day.

No. 146836

I usually hate the kitty derails, but kek, she is straight up starting to sound like KT talking about Suzy. Might be time to make her a thread. /w/ is half dead anyway.

Damn. Kitty is busted. It's funny to see her old polish mom in a party city costume looking ass railing against middle aged Lori tho. Real housewives of cosplay cons.

No. 146838

>Real housewives of cosplay cons.

Kek Anon.

No. 146846

why is Lori wearing her 2018 AX badge? I’m laughing at the idea that Kevin thinks people on Lolcow photoshop her tagged photos! Like is he ok? these photos or online for others to see for themselves and him to say people are cyberbullying poor Lori like look at your GF maybe if she didn’t cyberbully other people she wouldn’t have had been in this problem even if some people blame Kevin for all of her backlash cause he's a retard. Lori is still one to blame for her behavior

No. 146852

Lori was the nastiest cyber bully for decades and it warms my heart to know she has panic attacks from people treating her the way she has treated others. How does it feel to be bitchslapped by karma for being an evil nasty cunt your entire life?

No. 146856


obsessive to check every post on kf to see if she liked them

No. 146864

File: 1619286689917.png (207.65 KB, 1450x930, Screen Shot 2021-04-24 at 1.50…)

Kevin really needs to stop fighting with random people about Lori.

No. 146866

Nta, but it's not obsessive of Kitty to be liking every single comment/post? Okay anon. We don't need to stan one loser over another. They're both embarrassing cows.

Did he not see Lori's post about him ruining her chances of "living her dreamlife" or did she convince him it was just momo and vamplette shooping screencaps or something? kek

No. 146867

I can't remember his name. Brandon, maybe? He was around a long time ago before her "marriage" to Steven. She lived with him. It was during her brief Chobits phase. It wasn't long lasting.

No. 146868

If you have more milk on that please spill. He is the only one I never heard about and I can see why he didn’t put up with her leeching tactics lol. Was he older or younger than her?

No. 146869

There’s a link on each user’s page that lists all their activities. You retard.

No. 146874

It's so easy to see who liked what on KF, you just need eyeballs, there's really no "checking" necessary.

He really cant accept how many people hate her and how few people like her pics. His remarks are so stupid, it's almost embarrassing to read them.

No. 146875

File: 1619289694611.jpg (392.8 KB, 1057x1879, 20210424_133800.jpg)

Kevin throws a little bitch fit over something getting taken down on someone else's post, then thinks the mods put it back up even though it's not there.

Extra Kek for his comment lower in the list..she has everything she ever wanted. Yeah, sure Jan.

No. 146876

File: 1619289891824.jpg (374.33 KB, 1063x1889, 20210424_134411.jpg)

Kevin the Cuck keeps fighting with randos on Redditt and proving his idiocy.

No. 146877

File: 1619289932574.jpg (518.23 KB, 1080x1859, 20210424_134435.jpg)

2/2 samefag

No. 146879

File: 1619290196033.jpeg (329.98 KB, 1134x1418, FD5E1096-0BC5-471A-B253-9647EC…)

No. 146880

File: 1619290213879.jpg (99.47 KB, 906x1279, IMG_20210424_114817_578.jpg)

Kevin's Reddit freakouts are grand. In this exchange, Kevin has gone into an unrelated girl's post in order to complain that his Lori post was removed.

This girl, understandably confused, asks what she did wrong and Kevin says that he just HAD TO use her post as an example to complain about mods. He is unhinged.

No. 146883

More of Kevin twisting the situation to his convenience. They definitely are trying to play victim. No one is calling her a little girl, those comments called her out.

No. 146884

He's a moron, oh wow hoorah lulz

Btw Kuckin doesnt realize, they didnt put it back to up. It's not there.

No. 146885

File: 1619293703298.jpg (395.98 KB, 1080x1636, 20210424_144647.jpg)

3/3 samefag

Yeah Usagi Kou never talks shit about anyone. Keep arguing with people who know what a steaming load that is Kevin.

No. 146887

Did he forget he was logged in on his sockpuppet, or does he go back and forth between his accounts like that on purpose? Every single thing he says these days makes him come across as a unhinged freak, it's beyond just a big ego now

No. 146888

File: 1619294606813.jpeg (159.45 KB, 1281x639, B9DA673A-198E-4CB5-A2B0-BD2136…)

I’m fucking crying from laughing so hard. He’s sending everyone straight here.

No. 146889

I've been laughing my ass off!! All week he's been sending people here, he's getting her name out there alright!

No. 146890

As someone who posts and makes money off Onlyfans casually, what kevin is doing is actually detrimental to her "success"! Why the hell can't she posts these "promos" on reddit herself? He's making her look even worse than she already is! It's super weird to get your fiance to promote your onlyfans and not just post yourself on reddit…. do they even know how reddit works?!(nobody cares)

No. 146891

File: 1619294918388.png (1.4 MB, 1280x3702, KevinDoubleMad.png)

>be a freakin rager

I'm laughing so hard, anon. I was actually in the middle of capping that same Reddit thread. Kevin is so mad and it's making my whole day.

No. 146893

I love that user name, "Standardlog"

Is he sure? We've seen him in that sweater dress.

No. 146894

File: 1619296052570.jpg (88.78 KB, 910x1280, IMG_20210424_132643_254.jpg)

Kevin is still posting Lori to r/cosplaygirls but this time he's asking ppl to not be mean.

No. 146895

File: 1619296679175.jpeg (323.67 KB, 828x1205, 3D97F77E-3CCF-44CC-8D07-695625…)

Kevin really is just having a full on breakdown

No. 146896

He is off his fucking rocker today. I’m almost inclined to believe Lori has possession of his phone and is just posting on his accounts. This is so fucking weird in lieu of everything else he has posted today.

No. 146897

c'mon now she didn't look mid-twenties when she was that age, never mind now. She has a mature face shape, and chose the wrong style for it, she's look a lot better and make some money in say, the vintage clothing community, but she went for the dead-end onlyfans thot route instead.

No. 146899

Nobody cares thot

No. 146900

Dying to see the responses to this when people realise who his precious fiancée is…

Also, he’s complaining that the cosplay community supposedly has a thing against cosplayers over 21, then complains that someone likened Lori to a little girl. He is completely incoherent, batshit insane, and he’s going to get them both banned from every con and cosplay group they are in…

I am so here for it.

No. 146903

File: 1619299835818.jpeg (60.18 KB, 1280x519, comment FB.jpeg)


Here's a response that got deleted immediately.

No. 146904

File: 1619299933526.jpg (138.98 KB, 899x1280, IMG_20210424_142955_275.jpg)

I'm compiling them. Here's one.

Really really sad desperate shilling. Lashes out at this girl then begs her to join Lori's OnlyFans, fucking hell.

No. 146905

>she only edits the lighting

this fucking guy

No. 146906

Wasn’t Lori the original ageist? Pretty sure there’s LJ caps of her age shaming floating around somewhere.

No. 146907

File: 1619300446610.jpg (89.51 KB, 432x1280, IMG_20210424_144009_383.jpg)

These comments are happening in real time

No. 146909

File: 1619301022643.png (752 KB, 1392x979, 2008LJ-Screen Shot 2021-01-31 …)


Yup. Lori is indeed an ageist cunt.

"Also, I'm not one for big age differences, so if you happen to be really young, or really old for that matter, please don't bother. We probably have nothing in common. Late teens to mid twenties folks, no youngins or old foggies." - Lori's LJ, 2008

No. 146910

what does he think will realistically happen if he posts there? Someone is going to realize who he is, especially when he’s being such an aggressive asshole.

No. 146911

File: 1619301183453.jpeg (507.83 KB, 1173x1854, C335D59A-6C61-479D-B9DF-917FD7…)

He’s even turning her supporters against her lmao

No. 146912

File: 1619301304541.jpeg (360.24 KB, 1162x1248, 4A1E0268-FB90-4A70-A064-97A1FC…)

And sending everyone straight to this thread! Kevin you absolute retard! We have receipts and photos of both of you being toxic, abusive, and problematic. You are singlehandedly creating your own fucking problems!

No. 146914

File: 1619301719641.jpg (610.42 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20210424-150021_Fac…)

Kevin's making a video to explain everything to us. I am so excited for this video. He's really having a straight up breakdown today. Guess he didn't bother to try to get thag weekend Amazon gig.

No. 146915

Holy shit. The comments were way more asspatty than I expected (what kind of idiot really believes shit like "they hate her for being too beautiful?") and it's STILL not enough for king Kevin.

No. 146916

Is he trying to say that every single post that he posted himself was because his "phone got hacked" now??

No. 146918

He's probay talking about the person that leaked the Facebook messages and posted on Reddit.

No. 146922

For reference, the transcript of that (now deleted) Reddit post can be found on page 10 of the KF thread.

No. 146923

File: 1619303170361.jpg (127.26 KB, 694x1279, IMG_20210424_152514_908.jpg)

>Fuck you. Go buy my gf's onlyfans.

Lori is going to be seething when she wakes up, kek.

No. 146924

this guy has completely lost it
i mean he was already deep into it but it's getting really bad and i don't think he can be saved anymore, he will probably suicide bait her for months or years when she find another guy

No. 146925

He has completely fucked any chance he had of making a career in cosplay or prop making. Hilarious.

No. 146927

>It's probably just jealous people who aren't independent enough to be able to pursue sw

I'm cackling, the comments are amazing. Imagine this being your opinion/outlook on life.

No. 146928

It's self sabotage for sure, he knows what he's doing and lives for the drama.

No. 146929

I'm curious where she is when he's going full mental all afternoon. He's really lost it, you'd think she'd attempt to stop it to try to save herself a bit.

No. 146931

there are some things he can say were actually leaked like DMs that moo gave to a rando farmer but what about all the other ones that he posted himself?

posting about how she abuses him and that she's batshit insane, the leg stabbing, the stopping him from having any friends, the stealing his car to go cheat, how she doesn't give him sex, how he has to work to support her and she doesn't give him anything…

the list goes on. his biggest enemy on social media has been himself.

No. 146932

>Internet sloooths

Oh my god kev. This is so funny. It's sleuths if you were wondering.

Airing your dirty laundry online constantly is probably the main thing destroying both your careers, you should not be running any kind of social media account when you thrive on drama this much.

No. 146937

Wait what? She’s secretly telling people she wants to get away from someone whose name starts with K?

No. 146938

It’s in reference to this post I assume.


No. 146939

I like how he totally glossed over the whole doesn't love him and trying to get away from him and focused in on how his name starts with K. Maybe he truly has selective hearing (reading?)

No. 146940

Holy cow.

Boy she wants to ditch him. Not surprised tho. He’s been unhinged lately.

No. 146942

I’m not Kevin kek, just a semi regular on this thread who doesn’t keep up every day.

No. 146943

Dude I’m so excited to see the video

No. 146944

This guy is so unhinged literally posting to different sites on how the internet meanies are out to get him. Must be hard balding in your 30s Kevin from the stress of having to defend your loony narc gf

No. 146945

Oh wasn't calling you Kevin, was adding onto your post.

No. 146946

Do anons who have followed Kevin for a while know if he was always so stupid? His unhinged posts are as bad as a little kid having a meltdown, he's not thinking anything through at all. Did the ED get to his brain?

The only way his reputation would recover from this is if they broke up and he said this was all deliberately done to sabotage Lorena, but we know that's not the case. He's really just starting fights with everyone on Facebook and Reddit for no reason.

No. 146947

He’s said he’s going to make a video before. What would a video even accomplish? He has no social media reach anymore and he thinks everyone he speaks to is a hater. He has to realize that wouldn’t be a good look for him right? Or is he really that far gone?

No. 146948

Guy’s got to be having some sort of psychotic break. And yeah, where is Lori while he’s picking fights with randos on the internet in her name?

No. 146949

does lori have contact with her family or does her family hate her? They must have realized how crazy she grew up

No. 146951

That’s my theory tbh. He must be deliberately sabotaging Lori

No. 146952

Packing up to move on to the next kawiwi plushie decorated couch

No. 146953

Tbh all of us would watch it. Plus his ex friends and “haters”
I’m betting he will get a few thousand views, more if gossip channels shoot a reacting video.

No. 146954

Maybe she left to "stay with a friend" because it's just to stressful and thats why he's going full breakdown mode today. Probably not but there had to be some sort of catalyst for today on multiple sites to sperg

No. 146955

Ashley lewis is a cowtipper though. She posted a bunch of stuff about how she's a true fan of usagi kou and how it's ok to age and then posted "hi cow". It's just making kevin's paranoia justified.

No. 146956

Omg Kevin has actually lost it

No. 146957

They had a full interaction after but it's not showing in the comments (for me anyway) and she said she was calling him a cow. Still cow tipping though.

No. 146958

I want Kevin to record a video series about how he’s been manipulated and gaslighted by Lori and how Lori pushed his mental health to the verge of breakdown with honest commentary. But it should be aired at the right moment, like when Lori moves on to the next simp. Maybe then he could save face.

No. 146959

True definitely a catalyst there.
Maybe she’s leaving him and he is trying to prove how loyal he is one last time.

No. 146961

Plot twist Kevin was slowly ruining her reputation because of her cheating and abuse and he destroyed any chances of her living her best life

No. 146962

File: 1619306873152.png (67.19 KB, 451x782, hicow.png)

No. 146963

Are they Kevin? Are your friends telling you you're lucky? Also you owe this guy $1,000

No. 146964

File: 1619307081257.jpg (602.99 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20210424-162843_Red…)

Usually smart to post images on image boards especially with comments about an image.

No. 146965

No. 146966

If those are good photos the guy needs eye transplants.

No. 146967

"All my friends" so like….imaginary friends, because he has no real friends left

No. 146968

Is she…outing herself as a farmer in a really odd way here?

No. 146971

I didn't get caps in time but it was a separate interaction where she states hes the cow and he sperged out on her a bit. Nothing to milky so I didn't cap.

No. 146973

It’s so fucking funny he’s leading people to see the truth and evidence on her. He keeps lying that all of it is from “ hacked phone” lol when it’s mostly from them both posting on Facebook about the abuse l

No. 146975

Maybe the anon who said he was doing it all to get back at her was onto something. Leading as many people to lolcow as possible. Also shes not following him on insta, her profile doesnt mention him and her most recent posts are all the same bikini pics likely taken at the same time. Maybe shes finally left and thats why hes sperging.

No. 146979

File: 1619310005849.png (706.6 KB, 2048x1729, Screenshot_20210424-171929.png)

No. 146980

File: 1619310124657.png (663.55 KB, 1155x2048, Screenshot_20210424-172128.png)

No. 146981

Kevin…. no one has personal army of fake Reddit accounts specifically made to tell you your fiancé shops her photos.

Honestly this all used to be funny but now it’s kinda sad.

No. 146982

Kev, it's fiancé or technically fiancée for a female, you're welcome.

>fiancée's meitu'd face

No. 146986

Can't wait to cc this post in the future after they break up and he's rage posting about her actual looks topkek

No. 146991

Kevin y'all literally tag a company that has "ddlg" in the name, do you even know what that stands for? Stop defending your pedo behavior.

Has anyone ever pointed out how disgusting it is that Kevin is into all of this shit? Super sus tbh

Also hilarious how he's linking it and talking about it. He thinks that people are going to disagree, but it's just going to make more of the remainders of his friend's list think about how her content is exactly like that. Imagine posting this where your family must see it too. They must be so ashamed and embarrassed of him topkek

"petite woman" lmfao nobody is judging her by her size, it's about the way she's acting/dressing on purpose you fucking fried brain dolt

Can someone reply to these with comparison photos I'll fucking die laughing

"Rumors" when there is literal proof. Keep trying, Kev. Lmfao at "no one's losing followers" wasn't he JUST complaining about this (and constantly, too)? Dude needs an uber straight to the mental hospital seriously

Oh the story changed to "stole my fb login" didn't he previously say that he accidentally left it logged in himself??? Get your story straight you delusional ballsack. Also him saying this just proves that things are uglier in reality than what they try to portray to us. Keep destroying your own narrative.

I'm convinced that she blew up on him and that's what caused this shitstorm today.

No. 146993

Stay at home dad? Is he referring to DDLG?

No. 146995

>she has everything she already wants

Kek, Kevin and Lori really don't know how to hide the truth. The way they sperg out at same randos they're e-begging from is great, even posting on unrelated threads is pathetic.

If Loony had everything she wanted, he wouldn't be begging people to look at her sagging vag on the internet.


This is amazing. It doesn't sound like him always though, it sounds a bit like Lori telling him what to say. There's no effing way she's silent or doesn't have a hand in all this. Almost all his posts are complimentary of her not looking like an old hag.

No. 146996

I know it's fucking great right? "She has everything she wants!"

Then why the fuck are you ebegging for her Kev?

No. 147000

File: 1619315862615.png (532.74 KB, 2565x838, mGKMzKm6cd.png)

Kevin has edited his Reddit account info to be a joint account that he shares with Lori because he kept breaking rules about not posting content on behalf of other people.

No. 147001


got me rolling. that was obviously Lori's idea

No. 147002

if i didn't know any better i'd almost say kevin's actively trying to sabotage her by bringing more attention to her documented track record as a soulless ghoul lmao

No. 147003

I bet Lori's at her F21 friend's couch and meeting up with her next possible paypigs rn and that's why Kevin is trying so hard.

Lori probably said if he gets her x amount of subs, she'll come back.

No. 147005

Who is he talking too? Are people from Redditt supposed to see his FB somehow? He's really lost it. All anyone ever has to do it meet her to see she doesnt look like her pics. She didnt even look like that when she was young. Its an entirely different face she creates.

No. 147006

Mini dumb tinfoil but I think she could be using his accounts to post these hot takes.

I could see it both ways, where she is threatening him to use his accounts to defend herself, plus the writing in many of them is really strange. Of course they could still be written by him, considering how crazy some of his posts in the past have been.

Regardless, him advertising (or allowing her to advertise using his account) for Lori's cringe OF photos on reddit and asking people to sub are beyond pathetic. What a bottomfeeder.

No. 147007

I wouldn't put it past Lori to be egging him on just so she can go post privately about how crazy he's being and ruining her life. It's clear that she hasn't asked him to stop, he would do anything she says. It's probably easier for her to feed his psychosis and twist the narrative than it is for her to get a job and save up.

No. 147008

Recent posts have such a fixation on insisting she looks young, it's just lighting and ~all natural with superior genetics~. That's something only Loony herself ever said.

He has nothing to gain and no reason to kneejerk and take it so personally when people say she looks old af and even looked older 20 years ago.

Pics of her less filtered face from before she made stupid expressions are literally all over the internet, she's been trying to rebrand with a new identity to hide it.

No. 147009

File: 1619324408194.jpg (219.57 KB, 1080x1725, Screenshot_20210424-211747__01…)

More reddit comments. I wonder if the deleted comment was another Kevin sock.

No. 147010

The 4 hours ago comment was Kevin's main account. He had said "isn't that what cosplay is?" Or something to that effect. Didn't cap it, though he did go through the other reddit post that got taken down and deleted all his comments. Looks like he's trying to unsperg.

No. 147011

Looks like he deleted the entire post on Facebook too. I'm not seeing it anymore. Guess lori woke up and raged.

No. 147012

someone with the name "gayfornero" roasts Lori's Nero cosplay. Funny.

No. 147017

>I wonder if the deleted comment was another Kevin sock.
>Your Reddit account is too new. please wait 24 hours before posting.
That's a kek from me

No. 147018

in b4 kev's "i'm a mentally ill bean you guys are so mean uwu" comments

No. 147023

Thank you, I’ve used the snow app and I edited the already edited picture to max out the UwU kawiwi teen effect
It was more than three clicks

No. 147024

He’s either sabotaging her from the beginning or going to play the mental illness card for sympathy points

No. 147031

A lot of this starts making sense when you see that Kevin views Lori as an extension of his value as a male. That's why he's so fucking offended when people correct him that she's all shoop and pedo pandering. That breaks his delusion that he's with a young hottie who's making it in cosplay, and not with an older mooch who is never going to take off because she made too many enemies then lied about her appearence. He doesn't want to face reality because he might have to deal with the fact that someone as unaccomplished and average as Lori is the best he can do. A secure man wouldn't waste time on the internet arguing with and trying to push on strangers that his woman is attractive.
Perhaps a part of him believes that if he starts fights and kicks up some sympathetic controversy, it's all it will take for Lori to really be "discovered" and gain fans so he can gloat to everyone that he actually did make the right choice. So that all his burned bridges might have been worth it, and to validate that he is with someone attractive–bc uggos aren't ever successful on OF /s. But that's not happening, and he's biggy mad about it. How could these plebs not recognize his, I mean their, worth, he ponders.

But Kevin is out of time and he's of waning use. Lori has seen through him. That all this bullshit is really about himself, and not about her. He protests too much online. Behind closed doors their relationship is chaotic and abusive. Lori requires a simp that's all about her and only her. Kevin requires admirers and enablers. They're both narcissists with slightly different motivations.

No. 147041

>That breaks his delusion that he's with a young hottie who's making it in cosplay, and not with an older mooch who is never going to take off because she made too many enemies then lied about her appearence.

I agree with this and it's why I question the sabotage theory, despite it possibility. There's a lot of rage behind these comments. You can feel how manic he is typing some of these responses.

No. 147047

Underrated comment..

It’s 2021. It’s very hard for someone as shady, mean and abusive as Lori to accomplish her dreams of making it big in the cosplay world. Especially with her shady past documented all over the internet, no reputable brand would dare work with her. If it was just gossip within the cosplay community she would still stand a chance but we are not living in early 2000’s anymore. You can’t post proof of what a shitty person you are and still expect to be put on a pedestal.

No. 147053

He’s absolutely obsessed with her it’s really unhealthy. If I was Lori I’d be creeped out af and embarrassed. He’s actually ruining her whole career at this point

No. 147054

It's to easy to find everything that trailed behind her. She was dumped by the cosplay community a long time ago. It looks to me like she was tolerated when she started going to cons and cosplaying again around the SM crystal era but she was never going to be a big thing, to many people ready knew what a shithead she was.

No. 147055

He thinks everyone from reddit and facebook are the same people, aka Moo and that other chick

No. 147060

I agree, creepy af….

Yeah we are living in an era where shitty people get called out for their shady past. Even people who didn’t leave many trails but have wronged a couple of people face backlash.

Maybe Lori knows she stands no chance so she just gave up and started posting penetration videos…..

No. 147066

Real talk, what was the "dream living" Loony believed she was on the verge of getting in >>146400 Is it being an influencer or making oodles of cash from OF?

Even if she tried to fix her toxic attitude and drama, she never had a chance based on looks or creative ability.

No. 147067

I think it was being an influencer of some sort. She can still be a sex worker if she wants to, Johns don’t care if she’s an abusive person or not.

No. 147068

If she didn’t have a toxic personality and she had self awareness about her looks she could be many other things than an influencer. She would work harder and make more money. She could also look better, by working out, fixing her teeth and getting hyaluronic acid injections for a more youthful look.

No. 147069

Fucking THIS. It's exactly right about the dynamics of their relationship and paints a picture of their future (there isn't one) Lori will "leave" first. Some of her posts show she's been fishing for her next host to parasite off of right now.

No. 147081

It looks to me like she was tolerated when she started going to cons and cosplaying again around the SM crystal era

Even then, she showed her true colors and shit talked the girls who won the contest to be booth babes at Anime Expo and acted like she should have won.

No. 147083

KEK. Underrated comment

No. 147091

Perfect pick me Lori response, thinking she's booth babe quality when she's not even close.

No. 147098

File: 1619383760737.png (2.92 MB, 2048x1517, Screenshot_20210425-134144.png)

It's really funny that she only does the upside down phone angles and butt-5-centimeters-from-the-camera trick. It's almost sad how much goes into her photoshoot process. 2 light boxes, constant filtering, extreme posing that someone with a broken spine couldn't do, the sucking in, flexing everything she can to look toned, strict angles, specific angling with her tripod to give an illusion of hips, the strained faces she holds for probably hours and then even MORE editing after that. What the fuck.

No. 147099

lol i think she has a booger

No. 147100

Typical skinny fat sex worker posing to look curvy

No. 147101

Fucking kek, the blown out cheeks with an out of focus face is not doing her any favors. Also the socks with fishnets so we don't roast her toes sticking through them.

No. 147105

looks like she took our advice once again


No. 147110

File: 1619388831784.jpg (4.15 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_04-25-03.09.22.jpg)

Saged for nitpick but I feel like this has been getting worse and no one's really noticed? Her room is so gross. It drives me insane how she just shoves all her clothes under her sofa and covers them with stuffed animals. She keeps all her lingerie and socks in a dusty basket and we all know she doesn't wash them after taking pictures. You can see the lint, hairs and other stuff on her darker clothes like in the cow pics. Her closet is a nightmare and she just shoves everything she can fit behind those mirrors. Does she not have closets? I don't understand. Also love the wigs just thrown all together in a tupperware with no hairnets or bags. She's such a pig. Her name is so fitting.

No. 147111

File: 1619389368082.jpeg (19.26 KB, 554x554, 7BCFE66C-5BBD-4E9F-AB49-5B7A74…)

Please get one Lori. Since you read the thread. And a few more Tupperware’s if possible

No. 147115

File: 1619390906876.jpeg (512.67 KB, 750x1369, 56DFFB0F-98EC-4113-9803-20FFB2…)

Kevin is losing it again

No. 147116

File: 1619390940197.jpeg (67.4 KB, 750x300, 60B6DDC8-0802-458C-899A-994765…)

No. 147117

File: 1619391012985.jpeg (786.67 KB, 750x1276, 7C6B8026-0CAA-4591-B006-39F6B7…)

What tantrum # are we on now? 5? 6?

No. 147118

File: 1619391042890.jpg (2.34 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_04-25-03.44.33.jpg)

Seems like the theory about her scamming for rent is right. If Kev is the ferrets "stay at home dad" with no job that explains it. Shiro likely has this ailment. She's talked about them being lethargic before. If her space and appearance reflects how she cares for others and animals, she's likely neglecting them. Surgery ranges from $300-$600 maximum. Meds aren't that expensive. It's not likely the bill would stack up to her near exact amount in rent. I'm not even gonna label tinfoil cause the abuse threats and past friends remarks are massive flags. No reason to NOT suspect it.

No. 147119

File: 1619391174540.jpeg (159.9 KB, 750x621, 677938BF-8694-48D3-8523-F71FFB…)

So why do you continue to bitch and moan then kevin? Why not go cry to skaters and sneaker people about your deranged GF who makes you do her dirty work for her like a dog. Where is your handler anyway? Fucking Rikki?


No. 147120

File: 1619391279142.jpeg (666.08 KB, 750x1270, 73E383AA-D720-461E-9C7D-926832…)

Looks like his fans on his personal fb page aren’t really amused with him either.

No. 147121

File: 1619391304839.jpeg (183.63 KB, 750x619, 0379DDFB-70E2-49BF-9076-1A3F02…)

No. 147124

Eve has a history about as long as Lori's when it comes to harrassment, bullying, inappropriately touching people in public, threats of getting the law involved on people, etc, but most of her ex-friends just quietly left her and the ones that haven't don't want to rock the boat. I'm zero percent surprised to see her name here trying to stir up drama and "liking" posts just to make fun of them.

No. 147125

That's so wrong!! People legit use those forums to get help and of course Loonie would use it to scam. I hope she actually uses that money for the reasons she posts but I agree its doubtful.

Um, yeah. He's no man. Hes a lazy kid trapped in a psuedo man's body. Any normal woman would dump his ass to the curb.

No. 147126

Eve doesn’t force their significant other to attack people.

No. 147127

>Any normal woman would dump his ass to the curb
Exactly, that's why he never really had a relationship before and is with someone like Loony

No. 147128

>I get bored of everyone that isn't Lori at the 6hr mark
I wonder why Kev's friends don't want to pander to him anymore, what a mystery

No. 147130

His posts about skating or shoe collecting would have nothing to do with Lori, therefore = less drama.
Bragging that she pays your way when you’re physically able to work is disgusting.
Lori probably wants to to game 24/7 so you leave her alone and she can DM other men.

He clearly needs an actual job/life so he will stop arguing with people on the internet all day. He should stop posting about Lori all together, it’s creepy for someone to shill their partner 24/7. She should be promoting her content by herself.

No. 147135

Kek I'm convinced he's catching the Lori wants to gtfo vibes and she's probably guilted him that it's his fault people are ruining her sponsors etc. That's why he's sperging and promoting her so hard, he thinks if he just fixes things her issues with him will be fixed.

He thinks all the emotional abuse/neglect would go away if he could just get rid of the haterz.

It's funny how hard he's self sabotaging. This is pretty typical behavior of a codependent, immature relationship with a cluster b type, honestly. They're both such speds

No. 147136

None of these tricks are going to get her anywhere.

Shes too old to gain new fans with the younger crowd and shes to damaged to get back in with the older crowd but that's not the real reason shes failing.

Shes failing because no one outside of those groups is interested in her. Who is watching her? Some neck beards? They can blame whoever's they want but there's millions of people online and NONE are interested in her. 0 interaction on all platforms! None of the reasons they think are why she's not having success.She flat out doesnt have what it really takes. The regular consumers OUTSIDE of who they claim hate them have already shown that.

No. 147138

Imma vote for lolcow awards

No. 147144

I doubt it’s a scam this time. I think she truly needs the money now that we know that Kevin is a deadbeat.

Also, Kevin is so crazy, manic, and obsessed with Lori that I no longer believe Lori made him cut his leg. I think that he suicide baited her after the alleged cheating and cut his leg in his devotion to her.

Kevin is the reason Lori has a thread here in the first place. Kevin’s inability to keep his business behind closed doors and constant leading of people to the farms has ruined Lori’s current name. I would have never known about lolcow if he didn’t constantly post about it.

If Lori never dated Kevin, her past would be behind her and there would be no milk here other that anons nitpicking her shoops.

If she leaves Kevin, he’ll kill himself, and I’m sure he reminds her daily of this.

I know Kevin is the cosmic retribution for her Usagi Kou past, but I honestly kind of feel bad for her.

No. 147145


> I love her and will never stop until I die

No. 147148

She cant take him humiliating her for much longer , she's too narcissistic.

No. 147149

I’m 100% with you on this. Kevin is seriously unwell. Like I feel Lori is in a bag situation. 70% of her wages is paying for her toy boy to play games all day while he spergs about her on the Internet, which causes her old drama to come up and makes her look like a freak like him. Why the fuck lori paying 70%? It’s her hoe money?? Why can’t Kevin work and pay his half of the rent?? Wtf??
She’s def a shit person and a narc but I do genuinely think Kevin is has her in a bad position, sure he even confirmed once she dumped him so he an account to message her a suicide note????

No. 147151

>designer clothes
Kek, grown men his age can afford real designers and not this myspace shit on their own because they're out working.

This is grim but I wouldn't be surprised if she's trying to shed herself of the ferrets so she can move to another state.

It's what she deserves. Nobody held her at gunpoint to make the life decisions she did.

If it wasn't Kevin, it'd be someone else. Anyways she's now looking for someone else so the cycle will continue.

No. 147161

LOL most of the girls who were picked weren't lookers themselves. It was clear that Wayne just picked his friends like he always does. Not that she would have been picked if it was based on looks because the people picking have been around long enough to know not to touch her with a ten foot pole.

No. 147169

Are there more details on this story? Which AX was it?

No. 147174

I actually agree with this. From what we are seeing at least, she pretty much never engages with Kevins bs. He seems really fucking manic and obsessed.. I do believe she helped lead him there, she's just as shitty but it's almost like she's met her match and she is in a stump. Imo tho, I really don't think she would give a fuck if Kev said he would kill himself if she said she's leaving. She might even encourage it because it's one less problem to her. She's probably still there till she figures out where to go.

No. 147181

You reap what you sow

No. 147196

Maybe it’s because Lori has a notoriously shitty reputation in the cosplay community and no one knows her in your lame ass sneaker groups? Fucking duh Kevin

No. 147204

Don’t let Loris silence fool you. She 100% has a hand in Kevin’s manic posting and is either telling him what to type or posting herself under his accounts. This bitch is just as crazy as Kevin, she’s just better at hiding it now than she was 20 years ago. They’re both freakshows.

No. 147215

Feels good knowing Kevin is Lori's karma. Anon's should stop feeling bad for the two of them. They're psychotic, did you all forget what you read in the last 5 threads? This is what happens when you fuck around for twenty years but run every time it's time to find out. No escape now. Sucks to sucks, Looney. Suffer!

No. 147223

This. It's pretty ironic that her last ex cheated on her and her current bf is a raging narc. Karma decided to point and laugh at her after all the things she has done.

No. 147231

It's hilarious how he tries to gas her up, because he makes it sound like she's his mommy and she takes care of him, and gives him treats like a good little boy, rather then her partner. It's utterly pathetic. I don't even think it's intentional either, he's just that stunted and stupid.

I think you're right, because pre Kevin there wasn't much to talk about anymore. But I don't really feel sorry for her. She has a decade of shitty behavior building up to this. You reap what you sow.

No. 147243

>she buys my clothes
>pays rent
>lets me game all day
>never gripes about my lifestyle
>does my hair and makeup
>takes care of our four ferrets
>keeps me company

So, you just like having a mother figure as a wife? Someone to wave her magic wand and do things women are good at for you? You're 27 and you depend on the most unstable cos thot to give you everything you need. Once she kicks him to the curb he's going to go crawling back to mommy's basement and Sunday service. What a tiny little baby man. Kek.

No. 147245

Ok but where is Kevin’s video testimony? We’re waiting Kevin.

No. 147261

File: 1619456610048.jpg (47.03 KB, 1280x620, IMG_20210426_095948_858.jpg)

Interesting. She doesn't shut this down. She doesn't say she's already taken. Sure, she says "homies" but she's basically begging to be rescued from Kevin at this point.

No. 147264

You know what, kevin's tactics might actually be working… Compared to his pathetic displays, I dislike lori less. I almost feel some kind of second hand revulsion, like if I were her, no matter what a crazy stupid bitch I was, I'd feel such disgust with this retarded manchild. From an entirely narcy pov he's not only lost his prior use, but he's also now causing infinite issues on top of that. He's nothing but net cons and keeps adding to them.

I don't agree with the anons speculating she's using his accounts to post. She might be encouraging it in a way, but I think it has to have gotten to a point even she must see it as helpful, surely..

No. 147267

Unhelpful, mb

No. 147277

So true. I started out reading these threads interested in past Lori drama and now all I care about is Kevin's rage posting. She's so boring compared to him, and she definitely hates him. They aren't going to last another few months.

No. 147281

>she buys my clothes
>pays rent
>lets me game all day
>never gripes about my lifestyle

I read these as she's got Kevin under full control.

-controls his/their look and doesnt trust him to do it himself

-keeps him with her (cutting friends out made it even easier, no where to go)

-knows where he always is

-keeps her mouth shut so he doesnt try to change anything

No. 147284

I can't believe it but I'm actually agreeing as well. Don't get me wrong, Lori is a drama magnet and I think she will cause shit no matter who she's with, but Kevin is just as bad for her as she is for him.

I know we all used to think it was a one-sided leeching situation, but just going by Kevin's posts, especially that recent one, I'd be sick of him if I was Lori.

Like, I know they aren't making bank no matter what Kevin says. Yet Lori is paying the majority of rent while Kevin gets to game for however long he wants and play picky about what additional income he gets (re: the Amazon warehouse job)? He goes around the internet dredging up her ancient bullshit and trying to "defend" her all while begging for subs?

Lori is a witch but Kevin is hardly a prize either. They'd both be better off apart.

No. 147288

I hate that I'm agreeing with this but I had this same thought the other day. Kevin has turned into the abusive psycho in my eyes trying to manipulate Looni of all people to stay with him. I'm sure she's been looking into any possible out she can now but she has so few options she's stuck with this sperging moron who's fucking her over more than any person contacting a sponsor ever has.

I only feel mildly bad for her because she's a monster but being stuck with someone who likely suicide baits on the daily isn't something I'd wish on anyone.

No. 147289

Lori, if you dump Kevin I’ll buy a year of subs to your OF.

No. 147291

>but Kevin is just as bad for her as she is for him.

I think so too and they both come off as perpetrators in their relationship. Its doubtful Loonie the abuser is being abused by him but still abusing him and now he's abusing her as well.

>Kevin has turned into the abusive psycho in my eyes trying to manipulate Looni of all people to stay with him.

She'll bounce when the next paypig comes along no matter how much he looses it and he'll move on to be the abuser in his next relationship since she taught him so well. Hes gonna take all this shit with him

Love the Loonie banner LC added recentently. Topkek.

No. 147297

>Kevin is the reason Lori has a thread here in the first place.

So right on Anon. She was vintage milk with a dead thread back in the day. She was just a boring repeate of every other woman her age trying to be edgy and then the Kevin situation happened and her thread got milky. She'd be long forgotten by now. Honnestly she's just a nobody who alters her face and does porn. She was and sadly probably will always be an asshole but big deal.

No. 147302

I love the Lori banner too kek

No. 147303

KEK, you hear that, kevvyboy? The overwhelming majority of lolcow currently posting in your thread believe you! You weren't lying, you aren't the victim, she didn't make you cut your leg, and she and every other woman in a 100 mile radius should ditch your ass.

I don't think Kevin will actually kill himself if she leaves, either. I'm waiting for the down the road mtf tranny pipeline to begin, ladies. Watch it happen, he'll try to become the gf. Calling it.

No. 147311

This is what I don’t get about Kevin. He wants to backpedal so hard on everything he has said but like… that makes him a liar and the abusive psycho. Does he not realize this? Either he was abused or he lied. Which was it Kevin?

No. 147313

Speaking of banners, who is the "daddy's little porkchop" and the girl with "thriving" in glitter font? I'm new and don't recognize them.

No. 147316

Hi anon! Type "sage" in the email field for any non milk related posts. It'll help avoid getting redtexted for derailing.

The "daddy's little porkchop" was some tradthot pickme from one of the chans that ended up going the camgirl route at some point. Can't remember her name as this was years ago now, but her thread was somewhere in /pt/. If it's "thriving" it's probably Shayna/Dolly Mattel, her thread is in /snow/.

No. 147323

Don’t Mormons excommunicate? Apostasy, cohabitation, fornication… I would be surprised if he was welcome home after all of this.

No. 147325

So much about this reminds me of the Jodi Arias story where Jodi was a sex addict who killed her Mormon boyfriend

No. 147328

They do. I live in Utah and it’s incredibly difficult to imagine a practicing Mormon family being okay with their son dating someone who sells her body online and panders to degens.
I’m pretty sure Kevin’s family has disowned him which is why they all deleted him off their Facebooks. He mentioned still being in contact with his mother, but I don’t think she approves of his decisions in life and doesn’t want her Mormon clique to know her son is an unhinged man child dating a 36 year old internet thot. He also had Lori living with him while he lived with his parents so they were exposed to her lunacy first hand and promptly gtfo of that situation.

No. 147329

Not all of Kevin's family has deleted him from Facebook. His brother Dan and a relative (I think aunt?) Joanna leave likes on his posts sometimes. A user on KiwiFarms who used to be friends with Kevin said that, while he and Lori were living with his parents, they made Lori live in the attic and get a job, which was that Forever 21 job she had. I'm sure everyone hated that living situation.

No. 147349


Thanks, I knew to type "sage" but put it in the "Subject" field like a tard.

I'll have to browse the site more. I'm loving the Lori threads, especially since Kevin started his most recent rampage.

No. 147360

Wait so they don't still live with Kevin's parents? Why do they only take pictures in that tacky ass crowded bedroom if they have their own place?

"daddy's little porkchop" is Mystery, her posts were all tagged on lolcow when she outed herself as a farmer. Kind of an entertaining dive if you get bored.

No. 147370

they have their own 2 bedroom apartment and do not live with parents anymore.

it would appear they have separate bedrooms, which is even sadder.

No. 147373

>Why do they only take pictures in that tacky ass crowded bedroom if they have their own place?

Because if the cluttered background in Lori's pictures serves as a tell, the rest of their apartment is a cluttered hoard of filth that they don't even bother to decorate or make look nice. If they thought they had something good they wouldn't hesitate to photograph it and attempt to boast.

No. 147374

All of you open your eyes! This recent Kevin was created by this manipulative woman! He is sperging out because he has no one left!!! His friends, family, and now his career/ work life is gone! She thought she wanted someone who was obsessed with her by taking away all of his independence and now it bit her in the ass! She is overwhelmed and now from what it seems the roles has switched. It’s all on her now she is the sugar momma to her sugar baby. Welcome to being responsible now Lori, she isn’t used to this and is use to leeching off someone else and she doesn’t like it and is ready to run. Also Lori is silent for a reason. The girl has learned that any time she opens her mouth it will be screenshotted and shared which would hurt her even more with sponsors. She is letting kevin fuck himself by fighting her battles don’t you see it! He is desperate and arguing because she is probably obliterating him mentally and emotionally it’s all his fault she is losing money and that he needs to fix it. Kevin wasn’t doing this before and because she has a following she isn’t going to ruin it instead she will allow Kevin to burn for her. Wake up folks! Your looking at two sick delusional people except Lori is the puppet master and Kevin is the puppeteer she is and will always be in full control of him that it has caused him to have a mental break down.

No. 147378


This, she groomed him to be a paypig and it backfired. She continues to be the controlling hand but is mad she can't leech off him anymore.

No. 147379

Lori being the puppet master of the retarded duo just makes Kevin look like even more of an infantile, pathetic manbaby kek. Poor thing so helpless, 27 years old and throwing narcy temper tantrum melties due to the MASTER MANIPULATION of that dastardly usagi kou! Such tragedy! /s

You don't end up where Kevin is by being a well rounded individual with 0 personal issues of your own. Just because he didn't put them on display prior to this doesn't mean they came out of no where. Lori can manipulate, gaslight, guilt trip, emotionally neglect/abuse, whatever all she wishes - at the end of the day this absolute faggot still makes his own choices. They both shit the bed and have to sleep in it, but kevin is the one picking up the feces and smearing it around; doesn't make a lick of a difference to me if Lori is convincing him to.

No. 147385

She's definitely the reason k-sped is currently having a mental breakdown. Can't say I feel sorry for either of them since they're both bargin-bin tier "human" beings. With
the way things are going, this whole saga will become an episode of forensic files. I wonder if anyone cares enough about either of them to intervene?

No. 147386

The "wake up sheeple" energy of this post is topkek anon.

No. 147396

Anon Kevin is an idiot, theres nothing to open our eyes to. They're two of the same, and Loonie might be a controlling psycho bitch but Kevin proved to her it was ok to do whatever she wanted to him the day she stole his car and went to cheat with Rikki. He stayed involved with her after that. He condoned all of this. Roles don't just switch, abusers dont just become victims. They're both nuts and I agree with >>147379 he probably had problems to begin with or would have walked at the first sign of insanity.

No. 147397

She stole his car, visited another man to cheat on him, and now he defends her on social media platforms.
The level of cuckholdry in this relationship would put the bdsm enthusiasts to shame.

No. 147418

File: 1619533805921.jpeg (163.11 KB, 750x798, F3752B6B-6289-4C2C-8023-44CD8B…)

Saw a post that Kevin shared and it looks like they’re getting ass pats.

No. 147428

Same old Lori, still in denial that any of it could be her fault.

So which anon was it that made Lori make all of her life decisions? Yeah, None.

No. 147429

Sage for tinfoil but I legit believe they are abusing substances. May be meth, may be aderall for all we know. I met several people with amphetamine addictions and you get the same seizure-like moves and the breakdowns during withdrawal. Plus Kowvin was complaining about his mom putting him in rehab. Could also be coke but I doubt they have the money for that.

No. 147432

File: 1619541225933.jpg (228.33 KB, 1439x1157, Screenshot_20210427-123158_Fac…)

and then she shared it, and the only reaction is from Kevin lol.

No. 147433

Agree that neither of them are a true "victim" here. They're both stuck in a cycle of codependence and abuse. Though it sounds like Kev's days are numbered now that Lori has become the paypig of the relationship. Even she realizes that this relationship is doing more harm to her "dream life" and is obviously looking/waiting for a way out.

Cola is a whole cow too. This is at least the third thread in /w/ she's randomly appeared in. Nice Happy Meal in front of coochie propic tho. kek.

They're pretty obviously not on meth, but adderall wouldn't surprise me. It's super easy to get a script and abuse, but I don't think either of them could afford it right now. It's probably just them both being absolutely manic autists tbh.

No. 147438


> and now his career/ work life is gone


I would agree with you anon if he wasn’t like this from the very beginning. He didn’t turn into this, he was always sperging and manic. At first we thought Lori’s “abuse” caused his mental break, but he was in the “rehabilitation “ facility before Lori came into his life.
And “rehabilitation” may mean psych ward.
He’s obviously a type one bi-polar, and she has characteristics of BPD. It’s a match made in hell.

No. 147442

>he probably had problems to begin with
This, but also she smelled a virgin

No. 147448

No real contribution, but it cracks me up that Lori has to wear her old rags because Pedobait Coompany dropped her and nobody will pick her ass back up.
Seethe in the same 4 bras you have, Loonie

No. 147461

File: 1619550493390.jpg (150.38 KB, 1080x783, Screenshot_20210427-120647__01…)

She's now claiming "haters" are editing her content into oblivion.. wtf dude

No. 147463

Are her 'spicy' pics less edited or are they more? They keep trying to bait people in to her OF as if thats where she posts her real face. Bonkers

No. 147465

It never fails to make me laugh when she tries to send random women who just like her clothes or makeup to pay for videos of her shoving things in her vagina. Wtf are you doing dude. Some people can sell anything to anyone but she's certainly not one of those people.

No. 147471

I want Loony to go make a video or Kevin about how they're the victims in all this kek.

This, she knows he was a sheltered autist that she could shape into a paypig.

>haturz edited my content

As if her real unedited manface wasn't already plastered all over the internet for over two decades.

No. 147476

>now that Lori has become the paypig

Anons I know this been said by a few but Lori is no pay pig!

They are lying like they lie about everything to make it seem like she makes money. We have looked at her stats and they haven't changed since we posted them up the threads. She isnt making much of anything.

No. 147479

if she's not making money and Kevin isn't.. then who is?
either Kev's mommy and daddy are sending money, or one/both of them are on govt assistance

No. 147482

They probably have credit card debt like everybody else

No. 147485

I highly suspect they scrub from his part time job, his parents and some govt. services too. She might make something but her OF has even dropped. Theres a great as analysis on KF about what someone at top 3.5 on OF makes and it's like 300 bucks a month.

>They probably have credit card debt like everybody else
Agreed, I bet their neck deep in credit card debt and I bet most of it is in Kevin's name.

I bet Lori killed her credit ages ago.

No. 147487

This is how they have so much clothes and junk but one vet bill is too much for them. A lot of vets won't take credit payments.

No. 147490

Wait, she's claiming her haterz are posting edited photos of her? We're ripping them directly off her social media. The delusion is reaching new levels.

No. 147491

File: 1619555261179.jpg (142.54 KB, 1072x888, nolikes.jpg)

I didnt put the dates in order but this was last week on her OF. Hardly any likes. I really doubt shes making anything. She makes muh money…more Kevin lies and Lori delusion.

No. 147493

Wow, shes getting desperate. The girl even said she scrolled her instagram.

No. 147496

So what she is saying is we can edit a video that was uploaded on YouTube and replace it with are edit haha

No. 147497

Now she's just going to try and gaslight the thousands of people that have seen her Kiwi and LC threads, all the people who saw her IRL for years and everyone with working eyes who sees her social media? Seethe, hag. You're ugly in real life and you will never ever be even close to what you dream to look like. You're only getting older and more bitter.

No. 147505

I think it’s Casey

No. 147508

Kevin says Lori is why they can afford things, she has everything she could ever want, but she's also making all the money while he's in credit debt. So confusing.

The way she writes is cancer, trying to sound like a zoomer and failing.

No. 147514

>she makes so much she has everything she wants
>can’t afford to take care of her ferrets

No. 147533

File: 1619571285966.jpg (3.24 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_04-27-05.53.01.jpg)

What is wrong with her tooth on the right side?

Also gotta love the begging for shares after being bitchy about people asking to do share for share. I thought you were the breadwinner, Lori? Kevin boasts about your income all the time, what's wrong?

No. 147536

>Theres a great as analysis on KF about what someone at top 3.5 on OF makes and it's like 300 bucks a month.
Most money made isn't going to be in subscriptions, it's in unlockable content and tips. She's definitely not making jack shit in sub money, but it's hard to say if she's got a paypig or two lurking in the DMs. It's pretty obvious they're both broke though with kevin asking for job leads and both of them begging for more OF "simps" constantly.

No. 147538

Im sure this is true for some people but it just sounds like SW cope. There's plenty of evidence now of what kind of money the majority make so now they all claim the real money is all secret and can't be accounted for? Sure.

No. 147540

Wouldn't be surprised if one or both of them recieves ssi benefits due to their disabling insanity.

No. 147541

Yeah maybe, but I've lurked other SW threads and twitter enough to see it's at least partially true. OF even has it set up so that you can set an amount to unlock content? There's really no way to tell for sure, but given how little interaction Lori seems to get it does seem unlikely that she's making a lot off it.

No. 147542

File: 1619578256307.png (2.28 MB, 828x1792, 795EC1C1-6A1C-431B-B079-A6D19E…)

Sounds like she’s actively trying to get away from Kev as of an hour ago, has anyone ever seen her seeking out Utah “homies” before? Also he removed the recent pics of him and her and doesn’t appear to be following her. Again.

No. 147543

File: 1619578539509.jpeg (516.03 KB, 2400x2067, HUD.jpeg)


Lori follows HUD (Housing and Urban Development) on Instagram, maybe they get a Section 8 rental.

No. 147545

Why do you have so many screengrabs of people she follows? I know the context for why you would think they are problematic (ddlg, lolcows, etc) but also a bit strange of you to have that.

No. 147546


screenshot is from KF lol

No. 147548

Why doesn’t she become a stripper if she needs urgent money

No. 147549

What kind of strip club would take some almost 40yo with no tits? Are there truck stop strip clubs in Utah?

No. 147552

Rural stripclubs have heinously low standards. I'm sure she'd use the "broken spine" excuse though.

No. 147553

The truck stop rippers here has one leg. I think Lori will be fine.

No. 147554


Even the most horndog normie isn't gonna vibe with her spazzing as she sits in the middle of the stage making tard faces.

No. 147555

While I respect that you've never been into a seedy rural stripclub anon. They absolutely do not give a fuck. The one and only time I made the mistake of wandering into one half the girls were visibly on drugs and the dudes were as you'd expect too. Lori would actually fit right in if anything.

No. 147556

Lori would break her ankles trying to walk around a pole in any pair of the heels she's bought. Let alone doing tricks and shit. Can't 360 no scope ping pong balls out of your pussy with a broken spine.

No. 147559

Her Lego hand pussy would grip onto the pole as if it were an extra hand.

No. 147560

Mmm this confuses me. Not blog posting but I have an OF. When I was too 3.5%, she would be earning around 1k-2k. However that’s impossible if she has only 1/2 likes, you only really get 10% like ratio unless I ask for more (I have 550 and get like 47-60 likes a post) you can also like your own posts lol.
I think she’s lying about her % or she doesn’t cash out until end of the month and is letting it pile up to bring up her percentage. Either way she is not making mega bucks. I’d say she has like 20-45 subs and one big major simp who’s spoiling her.
Plz Kev bring the milk

No. 147562

Nice catch, anon. I think they both blocked each other because all their likes on each others' pages have disappeared as well.

I'm sure the photos are just hidden and will reappear after this fight like usual.

No. 147563

I’m confused,What makes this milky? I only recognize Venus and doe deere as lolcows

No. 147565

Have you been to an actual strip club? Some women push their fifties and as long as they are not hideously ugly they get hired

No. 147567

Somebody here or on KF posted about something being wrong with her eye (the dark spot) and suddenly she posts this. We get it Lori; you and Kevin live on this site 24/7.

Regarding her tooth- she has the Tom Cruise tooth, where it's in the middle of her nose. Can't find the picture of her smiling to prove it, but I promise it's out there. She's also squeezing the sides of her mouth hard to cover up her missing tooth. If she had gotten it fixed, she'd post more of that side of her teeth showing to "prove da h8eRz wrong"

She missed editing her jaw on the pic on the right. Look at how big it is compared to her other photos kek

god when is she going to learn how to do a proper winged eyeliner. it looks like a 13 year old experimenting with makeup for the first time. hell, 13 year olds would probably do better than that nowadays.

top fucking kek anon

No. 147574

>heh, ackshually.
imagine going to a strip club.
i'm sure this is somewhere in lori's bright future now that it's been put out there.

No. 147576


The middle tooth is also why she had to use FaceApp to paste an uncanny smile into her pics in the previous thread.

No. 147577


She’s trying to get away from. Kevin

No. 147582

File: 1619589172651.jpeg (310.65 KB, 1242x1758, 49CC9D5A-0A83-4DE0-9ECE-ABC364…)

Nice meme Kevin, now go get a job instead of living off your “disabled” GF.

No. 147595

Sure wouldn't rule it out. The broke bitch is slanging her Lego fist e-pussy to the best of her ability and can't even manage to make a living wage. She's pretending her monthly neetbux allotment (and/or section 8 voucher) is actually hard-earned hoeing money. This is the tinfoil hill I'll die on .

No. 147599

Not to dentalfag but on the subject of her missing tooth - since it's been missing since her teens/early 20s she's most likely had the space close to the extent where a denture or implant couldn't be placed without some ortho beforehand. That's not even accounting for the probable bone loss. It'd be an expensive fix at this point, and she wasn't the smartest for leaving it this long. It's weird someone so enamoured by their own looks has neglected their teeth to this extent.

No. 147601

Man. I know Lori is a horrible person but I really feel bad about the upbringing she must've had. There have been posts about how her parents were neglectful/abusive and it just sucks. It's obvious they didn't give a shit about Lori, neglecting her health issues and then marrying her off twice before she was 18. It's pretty sad.

No. 147603

Did her parents really marry her off or was that just part of her Sailormoon skinwalking?

No. 147604

File: 1619603366669.jpg (76.3 KB, 500x680, x.jpg)

Fixed it for you, Kevin

No. 147607

>20-45 subs
Its doubtful with her interaction she even has that many. At the monthly tier that would be about what anon said, around 200 to 450 a month unless she has some secret Simps but that's doubtful.

>When I was too 3.5%, she would be earning around 1k-2k.

There's analytics that say what 3.5 makes and it's not 1-2k. Plus that's a huge difference statistically and wouldnt apply to the same percentage, its mathematically impossible.

No. 147608

I had no clue she was married before Luis. She was legit married to him though. Like marriage certificate and all.

Does anyone know if she was legally married to the first husband?

I've thought this too. Lots of talk about Kevin's family, not much about hers. It kind of explains why she doesnt just go home if she needed to leave there. I do know she claims a bad childhood. I'd feel sorry for her but since shes an adult shes responsible for her own decisions. Even if the family sucks, you dont have to suck too.

No. 147611

Is that dried blood on her nose?

No. 147612

I shouldn't have worded it like that. It wasn't some arranged marriage type situation. By "marry her off" I meant more along the lines of, signed her over to some man so they wouldn't have to be parents anymore. You have to get parental permission to marry if you are under 18.

No. 147617

File: 1619611971482.jpg (451.5 KB, 1080x1144, 20210428_070534.jpg)

She changed her OF and it looks like shit. Who would pay after seeing this retarded blurry garbage? Wtf are we even looking at here? Her back? She's so clueless.

She repinned the posts she had at the top, she picked the ones that had the most interaction which is still pathetic. She had one post with 75 likes and a few around the 40 like mark. Scroll down and all her recent posts are 1 like. She's always lurking and so fucking reactive. Its hilarious.

No. 147619

Not gonna speak to her childhood situation but I know as recent as her living in Washington, her father was sending her money kind of on the regular. He also used to interact with her on Facebook while she was living with Steven. Not saying that means it was a healthy relationship but she was getting something out of it at least up until that point. She also has an older brother, who I think had a drug problem but I could be remembering that wrong.

No. 147622

Just wondering but shouldn’t they be saving for the wedding? At this point it’s never going to happen.

No. 147624

I doubt they'll actually marry. It seems like a mistake for both of them at this point.

No. 147629


Track record proves marriage was always Lori's choice and if her parents said no, she'd do it anyway.

It's now 20 years later and she's still looking to get married in hopes of a free place to live kek.

No. 147633

In past threads it was revealed that her mom is religious and never got along with Lori because of her behavior. They didn't send her off with men, they allowed her to enter marriages with grown men because they didn't care what happened. It's what Lori wanted and her parents didn't care enough to keep their teen daughter out of the hands of grown men. Her dad has inconsistently supported her financially throughout her marriages. Like anon said further up, when she was with Steven that was the last time we for sure heard about him sending money. He could still be doing it now but we wouldn't know. Basically, her parents are shitty and her mom is the worst of the two but they aren't like, Carrie's Mom level insane. Her family situation never comes up or seems to bother her and we don't have concrete evidence pointing to a life time of Lori being an abused child. Honestly on the outside it looks like a spoiled girl getting everything she wants while the family puts their energy and anger towards the trouble child. She could continue doing fuck all and at least her Dad will be happy she's not committing aggrrevated assault and robbing people. The bar is so low for her and her parents could really care less what she's been doing for 20+ years. I'm not going to hop on the sympathy train. Even if we're all wrong and its way worse than anyone could guess….. Bitch get therapy. A once a week session costs less than your shoes.

No. 147634

She only did it to signal she's watching farmers. That's it. It's an awful shot that shows nothing but the cow headband and bra top. Paired with her mispronunciation of 'Senpai' that farmers made remarks about last thread. Doubling down on the "HI MOOMOO" BS means she's bound to have another meltdown.

No. 147635

>track record proves marriage was always loris choice
That explains why Lori is the one who asks “are you sure?” during the ax proposal

No. 147653

Well it looks like shit and that makes her sound even more retarded. Its pathetic she pinned the few posts that had some likes. Those "high" numbers are even so low it shows even more that she has no fans. Every move she makes as a response makes her look more desperate.

This is a perfect example, her posting about the "freckle". Saw some speculation on this on KF and they're dead on. She needs to get it checked. I work with someone who had a spot on her eye like that and it turned out to be occular melanoma and turned stage 4 real quick. She's 34. Instead of being a retard take care of your shit.It's all about the exterior for this dumbass.

No. 147654

But her freckle and chest hole make her a unique gremlin. She's perfect how she is!

No. 147666

My guess is Lori makes about $2k. Engagement on OF is always painfully low. Granted her likes right now are CRAZY low, but there's no reason for guys on there to like anything anyways. In the interests of Data, my OF is currently between top 7-9%, and I've earned about $1200 for the month with 55 fans. She's made a big deal about PPVs so the majority of her income probably happens in DMs. The way she asks for specific numbers of more subs (like 10 or 20) makes me think she's aiming for some even number of subs like 60 or 80 and that she likely has a whale or two that keeps her percentage as high as its is. The scrotes on Kiwifams have no fucking idea what an OF thot makes, you should never take their word.(Blogging)

No. 147680

The info didnt just come from KF. It came from actual analytics done by actual financial analysts. It can easily be looked up online and broken down by percentage rank on OF which I did after reading the kf thread.

We dont know what she charges for ppv so you cant just assume she makes near 2k. She might make a big deal about ppv but everything about her is fake, and she probably thinks she can fool people into thinking she makes more than she does.

Considering ppv is behind a paywall for subscribers I find it highly unlikely that someone at 3.5% with her shit over edited pictures is getting people to pay for more after subbing to create that kind of a financial increase.

Dont forget, theres a post around here where she asks for advice because people were unsubbing before the end of the month and she couldnt figure out how to change her account so they prepaid. Doesnt sound like she's doing that well.

No. 147681

I guess I just don't understand how you can figure that top 3.5% would make so dramatically less than someone at 7%, is what I'm saying.

I personally feel she's making around that much or is emboldened that she can keep herself afloat on a whale while she looks to ditch Kevin. She was fine clapping back with him when she believed it wasn't hurting her income.

No. 147682

if she was getting paid so good why did she say >I don’t have the means to get away wouldn’t she just leave? And why ask someone to help her with her ferrets it’s a good way of showing how broke you are it’s like asking someone for help on your kid's hospital bill

No. 147683

Because users like Lori don't use their own resources for anything. Everything is an opportunity to get someone else to do it for you. If she moves out on her own, then she's responsible for paying her own way. If someone helps her out in some way then she's potentially identified a new victim to leech off of or at least some funds that aren't her own. She's not scared, nothing is preventing her from actually rectifying the situation. It's just how she works.

No. 147684

Yeah I can see why that would be a question in trying to figure out how much she makes but it has to do with ratios. So for example if your at 7% and Loonies at 3.5 and the average account makes 40% of their earning from ppv sales and tips you could have less subs and make more money but I was reading that the stats they have for OF payouts also include all 50mil subscribers so that means if you make anything your going to fall upper tier above those who made nothing like dead accounts. So if you remove those dead accounts from the stats someone at 3.5 could fall into the bottom of those making as little as a buck a month.

Honnestly, I dont give a shit what she makes, I think it's impossible to take all factors into account like tip caps, percentage paid to the site (20%?) And taxes. I just dont think she makes shit. You might be right though…

She's def not scared, she's waiting for her next hand out/sucker to come along. She doesnt pay her way, she's a scrub. I bet she wont even pay for the ferrets vet bill if she had it.

No. 147686

You’re 100% right I dunno why anon can’t accept some ppl in this thread have an onlyfans. 3.5% is at least 1k. You’d better insisting she’s lying about 3.5.
I have 700 in my pending and I’m top 3.1%? It fluctuates as you cash out tho I believe. 1-2k isn’t enough to cover 70% of the bills for two adults with much left over. I think she is lying about percentage personally

No. 147702

I'm sure people accept you have an OF since you won't shut up about it, but what you're saying goes against literally all other available evidence and you're an anon whore on lolcow so of course people are taking it with a grain of salt.

No. 147704

OF percentages can fall just like they rise. I'd believe she was maybe 3.5% at one point but I seriously doubt she's holding that position or held it for long

No. 147709

I sold ONE photo on OF and it automatically jumped me to top 50% so I don’t think the bar is that high honestly…

No. 147719

>I have 700 in my pending and I’m top 3.1%
This thread is really falling to shit, kek

No. 147723

I'll take retards infighting than cowtipping any day. The last thread was a shit show too kek

No. 147736

File: 1619709034574.jpg (3.93 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_04-29-08.06.00.jpg)

Now I guess her ferret is fine. They don't look healthy. Their fur looks greasy and brittle, Puck and Shiro look like they're almost always asleep every time she posts. She puts water in their kibble and the kibble looks like cheap grain filler shit. It would explain their fur looking that way. I doubt Loony ever brushes them or supplements them with appropriate oils. She really hasn't had these ferrets for that long and two of the four look like they're on the way out. I wonder if she even notices how they look? All four of them especially Puck and Shiro looked way better not even a year ago. How much you wanna bet she's just going to keep doing what she's doing and slowly kill them all?

No. 147738

I'm just surprised that she doesn't use them for photo ops. You know people online go nuts over cute animals. That might be some incentive for her to take better care of them too. Poor creatures. I hope somebody can rescue them from her crazy ass and her psychotic bf soon. Lori and Kevin don't deserve these babies.

No. 147745

Why does she even have so many ferrets? Did zero two have 4 ferrets?

No. 147749

"Everything here is factual and sourced"

Every post here is an opinion or a bad photoshop of them lol

No. 147752

Be careful what you speak on. Most ferrets die 2-4 and almost all of them develop adrenal or insulinoma at some point. I've seen the vet bills in the ferret forums. People who have ferrets over 4 that are this healthy are e excellent caretakers and they are lucky to have them this long and they look extremely healthy for their age. Ferrets don't bath and bathing them is unhealthy. They aren't greasy you're all idiots. Nothing in here is "factual"(Off topic )

No. 147758

The only bad photoshops are the ones she actively posts on her feed, but go off, I guess

No. 147760

Right lmao

How can she not be photoshopping when her real face is shown in the tagged photos on IG?? I’ve been lurking for awhile and anyone who has eyes can see that she photoshops. So ur telling me the people at cons purposely photoshop her to look bad and then…tag her in it?? Yeah no lmao

No. 147761


Who is this anon?

bad English, defending Lori, insisting everything here is photoshopped and opinion

Have we been graced by Kevin’s presence?

No. 147771

File: 1619722162047.jpeg (622.08 KB, 1242x2079, CC858B1E-BCBB-46BA-BB18-24154B…)

Kevin confirmed.

No. 147772

File: 1619722299113.jpeg (518.86 KB, 1242x2010, 2E0A5865-F705-45A2-91DD-46F7FA…)

Definitely doesn’t photoshoop their photos guys. Lori come get your man. He’s making you look so much worse than ever before with his sperg posting. Embarrassing.

No. 147773

It blows my mind that he exposes them this much. I wouldn't be surprised if half the posters on this thread were people that came here from his Facebook.

No. 147774

File: 1619723193737.jpeg (86.46 KB, 1024x790, 3A57DFCC-3BF7-40C2-9322-FBAE88…)

He’s absolutely lost it

No. 147776

Yeah i came from his fb lol what a way to give yourself away kev.

No. 147781

The person means oils in the food, Kev. Animals need certain minerals and vitamins and oils in their food.

No. 147783

>I will fucking kill you
Damn this dude has lost it, inb4 his facebook gets deleted for this tho

Ah, so he's pulling the old Vicky Shingles "I don't look like shit without filters and editing, my haydurs just photoshop me that way!"

No. 147785

he is losing it

No. 147793

Is he referring to the three photos on the banner for op? Because everything else is capped straight from their feeds lmao

No. 147794

Kevin deleted the unhinged post already.

No. 147795

Historically speaking Lori hasn’t taken care of her other animals with great care and just pawned her cat off on someone else. The ferrets are old and probably are fine other than old age shit, but why does she have them if she can’t afford the vet bills? Again Kevin could get a job and actually contribute instead of sperging about their health issue and OP being “wrong” while gaming all day while Lori takes photos of her lego vag for simps.

No. 147796

Beginning to think Kev sees Lori briefly every 3 days and no longer has any idea what she looks like. Guess she can’t stand being around him long enough for him to get a good look, too busy “working” and looking for a new provider.

No. 147797

“People have to photo shoop you uglier” those are loris own IG/OF posts that are reposted here in exact “quality” as her original posts (most of the photoshops is the shape of her body to make her look curvy) is he implying she is ugly? LOL

No. 147798

“We” paid (it was all Lori) and “friends” say about you behind your back, nobody here claims to be either of your “friends” Kevin.

No. 147799

Good job crazytrain, you just sent more of your friends list here where they can see what a shit tier person your ugly fiancée is. The only photoshop here is the one she tries to pass off as natural lmao

No. 147800

File: 1619729586026.jpeg (956.13 KB, 2880x3840, 53EDE954-8218-4760-83BC-26A80B…)

No. 147801

theres very few caucasian people over 20 who have big eyes small noses and young porportions like that lol

No. 147802

File: 1619730225199.jpeg (413.44 KB, 1640x1510, 91AC62F5-C455-4F23-9F1A-CEA697…)

Reposting these just in case there’s any newbies from Kevin’s friends list who are curious about who’s really abusing photoshop uwu

No. 147803

Don’t forget the video of her at the con

No. 147804

There's very few people regardless of age and ethnicity, who look like that naturally. Only with photoshop and/ or plastic surgery.
Nature does not create such abominations.

No. 147805

Blows my mind that there were anons thinking he looked cute or good in any way in earlier threads. Must've been underage falling for the emo haircut he used to have or some shit, goddamn he's hideous.

Like I unironically think even albula lori could do better (appearance wise.. fuck who am I kidding, at this point it's everything wise lmao).

The most mind boggling thing about all of this to me is how is lori not flipping out on him telling him to stfu? Like surely if she has enough sense to know she needs to be quiet now, she can see that he's just making a fool of them?

I'm loling so hard, who does he think he's rallying or convincing with his spergs? Even if a bunch of his ex friends WERE behind everything and all the shit he believes was true, NO ONE CARES LOL…. Why should anyone care? There's literally 0 reason for them to give a singular fuck about you or lori, kevin.

Near tear to my eye this sped took the "everything here is factual" meme play on 4chan's old slogan to heart and thought we'd be offended too. Hahahahaha holy fuck.

If I thought my fiance and I were being misrepresented and people were believing the false truths, you know what I'd do? I'd fucking prove to bystanders through my own behavior what I'm really like. Of course, kevin is doing this by proving through his spazzouts he's in a psycho sped, but he doesn't seem to have the ability to conceive that's what everyone else is getting out of it.

No. 147806

>>147771 I'm scared to come back to this thread and see he offed Lori and himself in some sort of weird "Let's be together forever with no more pain/If I can't have you nobody can" downward spiral. Not from Utah but are there no sliding scale/income based clinics around there that he can't get on meds? I know it's possible to get prescriptions virtually free for up to a year at certain places if you fit the criteria which is pretty broad.

Probably been discussed before so I'll sage.

No. 147807

Aw they dumb? These photos are pictures Lori posted before falling down the shop rabbit hole. Hell even some pictures are from random con goers who like that shitty anime.

No. 147808

You'd need him to believe he needs meds first, anon. The problem here isn't that this psycho can't afford them, he wouldn't take them even if he had them. He has 0 self awareness, if you haven't noticed. Needs a lot more than meds lmao.

No. 147809

What's interesting is after a whole week of doxxing himself on reddit, facebook and leading people to the thread, not a single wk has appeared.

No. 147810

Getting on meds would require that he admit he has a problem first…

And I’m pretty sure that Lori is just sitting back and letting him make a fool out of himself so she can use it all against him when she leaves later. They don’t look like a couple anymore, just a washed out ex cosplayer who won’t admit she’s finished and her last crazy stalker fan.

No. 147811

Kevin you just gotta accept she hates you and she’s looking to get rid of you

Better check her phone kek

No. 147814

>And I’m pretty sure that Lori is just sitting back and letting him make a fool out of himself so she can use it all against him when she leaves later.
It'd work in the sense of that I almost like lori in contrast to this nutter… But, it also makes no sense because this and leading people here are more "damaging" to her than needing some excuse for getting tf away from him.

Like I can't fathom how she feels she'd get more out of framing herself as a victim later, when she's losing more having spergy bring people back here/generally dislike her due to his advertising attempts.

I half wonder if she is legitimately "fearful" of him fucking her over and is just laying as low as possible til she gets her out to avoid his sperg rage being targeted at her/her things. He pissed on her old suit and suicide baits her a bunch, so who knows what else.

No. 147817

I disagree, I think Lori is at an utter loss, she has always been the puppet master and now her puppet is off his strings and turning into a monster. He's not like the others she can threaten with less sex, offing herself, and whatever else she's used to. He's probably already doing you leave me I'll kill you and myself on her. He's wholly dedicated to her and sperging out on her honor. She has no idea how to get out of this one. Her best hope is one of her OF simps or whoever she dms on insta taking pity on her.

No. 147818


So they admit they dont take care of the ferrets? That's an emergency price, not your run of the mill cost. A good vet wouldnt even charge that, they would tell you to put the animal down.

No. 147819

>I can't fathom how she feels she'd get more out of framing herself as a victim

She was already doing it and it's her ticket to finding her next paypig. "Please help" kek.

This. I can't wait for the Kevvy blowup once he sees what's on her phone.

No. 147822

>Better check her phone kek

Bet she keeps it pw protected just in case

No. 147823

File: 1619734503258.gif (111.75 KB, 237x300, muhphotoshop.gif)

here you go kev, I spent 30 minutes on it so hope you like it x

No. 147824

File: 1619734539259.gif (35.17 KB, 130x186, nofilter.gif)

same fag

No. 147825


Is his hairline receding?

No. 147827

>Blows my mind that there were anons thinking he looked cute or good in any way in earlier threads.

He always looked gross to me. I remember his awesome sperg about how anons called him fat and unclean kek

No. 147828

File: 1619735443365.png (3.33 MB, 1048x2048, Screenshot_20210429-153019.png)

No. 147834


He looks like he's trying it sneak his dick both into the pic and into her pants all in the same photo. Wtf is this pose? I guess that "photoshoot" they did last month provided him with enough photos to make him feel like he can prove to his "haters" that he's regularly around Lori.

No. 147836

This puppet be straight off his rocker

No. 147837

File: 1619737300458.jpg (47.93 KB, 1080x823, FB_IMG_1619546786051.jpg)

Oh hey that's me. Come do it faggot those wing shoes ain't finna do shit. I'll slap the box dye off your head

No. 147839

That just won't do, anon, he wants you to COME KILL HIM, THEN!

Fucking lol

No. 147840

File: 1619738461483.gif (6.97 MB, 300x400, liar.gif)

took these two photos from an old KF poster. 'only light and filter' my ass kevin. She literally sculpted an entire face. Her jawline/chin area is 100% a completely different person, not to mention everything else. I don't know if you're retarded or lying, or both.

Btw 'she literally does two taps, that's it' on meitu is still bullshit because she could of easily made a saved template of her favorite filter/lights AND facial restructuring for things to be fast, so those 'two taps' can still be an entire facial restructure.

You can't deny anyone photoshopping these. This is from a con video that's still up, and a photo she posted herself. Unless you're going to start lying and saying people who take those con videos purposely edited HER AND HER ALONE to look like an ugly old hag, lmao.

No. 147842

Holy fuck this can't be real lmao

No. 147843

It's like a picture of a 40 year old vs a 17 year old juxtaposed. Sad thing it's just a 40 year old photoshoping herself lol

No. 147847

it 100% is real. I just used two samples of her face, one from the con video, and one she posted herself then edited so you can see what areas she changes. Some notes for anons who don't see it everything:

- obvious skin whitening + smoothing, this also whitens her hair.
- eye enlargement + eye brightness + eye whitening + under eye circles removed, elongated eyes slightly
- skinnier nose, smaller nostrils, nose bump moved down
- lip enlargement + lip 'lift'
- COMPLETE restructure of her jawline, chin point, buccal fat, etc.
- slimmed down face over all (cheeks etc)

There's probably some more subtle ones I'm missing (like adding a make up filter she's not wearing to darken/emphasize the make up she's wearing irl) but those are the major ones she clearly does. All those steps take time on their own, but can very easily be saved as a preset on any photo app now a days (meitu included kevin) so instead of spending 20 minutes on one photo you're 'just doing two taps'.

No. 147848

This is incredible, anon. Great work.

No. 147849

Anon that's amazing!!

No. 147850

Thank you!! For the eye-opener! these look like two different people sad she must really hate how she looks

No. 147855

Amazing. Please make this next thread OP pic!

No. 147856

Choke on it Kev your abuela is busted and you know it. Good work, this is better than all the other edits made prior. Also my vote for next thread pic already.

No. 147858

I second that

No. 147863

The only reason Photoshop anon even made that (very embarrassing for Lori) image was because of Kevin's sperging about how she only hits 2 buttons and changes the lighting.

This morph is better than any side by side we've ever seen. Beyond exposed.

No. 147866

File: 1619743479336.png (399.65 KB, 480x447, 89345.png)

Every time Kev spergs out all I can think about is this stupid old meme.

No. 147872

KEK perfect anon!

No. 147873

This is a lot to unpack. First of all, who actually said they wanted to kill him/for him to kill himself? Like where did he even get that from, what a reach. Second, the lady doth protest too much. He sends everyone right over here, anyone who MIGHT care. Which brings me to my last point, which is who is he even telling this to? He’s screeching to the void and he should know it at this point. Few people on his FB give a shit. Because nobody wants to touch the dumpster fire that is the three ring circus of Kev and Loony. Sad.

No. 147876

“show it to your friends”

I think they are, kev….

No. 147902

He should post it on Reddit. He gets a lot more reach there so it’s a more efficient way of ruining Lori’s “career.”

No. 147904

File: 1619755514867.gif (732.78 KB, 300x100, liarloribanner.gif)


No. 147924

this is such a good banner!! hopefully it goes up soon!

No. 147929

Extraordinary work anon!! I too vote for next thread OP pic! It really shows how huge the difference her real face is to her edited one! She definitely isn’t the vampire princess she thinks she is!

No. 147936


No. 147937

He needs help, please get help Kevin. I’m serious.

No. 147939

Jesus kevin is such a whiny little punk ass bitch. Are we even sure that he actually has a penis and testicles?? He's caping maaaad hard for that primeval cunt even though she hates his fuckin guts lmao. Man the fuck up, pussy.

No. 147945

File: 1619769739550.jpeg (128.84 KB, 828x683, 723CA2B4-4913-4A26-AB01-67E123…)

Not sure if this is a cow tipper or someone genuine who saw his unhinged screech into the void on FB, but if it’s genuine… I’m sure this is how many people formerly in his circle are feeling as of late seeing the absolute insanity that he’s been spewing.

*repost because I dropped my pic

No. 147948

Deleted now.

No. 147958

His "I'll fucking kill you" along with thinking these threads are all Moo makes me think someday we might see some epic sperg from him where he tries to drive to her like one of those 5G people going to hunt down the towers

No. 147959

It's ironic how he used his alleged schizophrenia as an excuse for his many spergy posts before and why he reached out to Moo but then declined her help, but on the other hand does everything to avoid getting therapy and meds for it. I thought they had so much money to buy designer clothes? Why not invest in meds and therapy instead?
I also think the situation is going to escalate soon and while I don't wish harm on them both, they sure let every chance slide to get better…

No. 147972

They don't want to get better. Lori has always thrived on being in situations like this because it gives her a chance to cloud her shitty behavior under the guise of being a victim. Most recently with Rikki. He was a massive dick and in the end she used to record the audio of their fights and put them on Facebook to make people feel sorry for her. She used the ferrets as a sympathy plea then too. It's all the same. Kevin is just blowing up on social media which Rikki didn't do. We saw a glimpse of her repeating past behavior when she made that now deleted post about not loving Kevin anymore and needing help to get out. She's planting seeds. We'll see more when she's closer to getting out.

No. 147975

Kevin do you even know what suicide is lmfao get a dictionary my duuuude, first graders have more knowledge than you c'mon. I can only imagine how many of the people who know him irl screencap these unhinged posts and text them to each other to laugh at him lol

He also posted on the other board:

Dude lost it a long time ago. I'm beginning to think that either his emo hair blocks his view or he has bad vision and just can't afford glasses if he really thinks that they look like this irl lmfao.

I kinda want to see him "take us to court" so he can get his ass handed to him by the judge for wasting his time. What a sensitive fucking idiot.

What happened to the video you were going to make Kevin? To "prove da h8rZZ" wrong? Is it because you know that we're right? Topkek


No. 147984

Kevin, we want the video we were promised uwu

No. 147987

Yeah, come on Kevin! Cancel us kween yaas sksksk expose them

No. 147993

Kevin taking the “ Only a fool would take anything posted here as false.” tag line serious oh my god. Kevin is truly the gift that keeps on giving

No. 148003

He's referring to the top of the thread
>Before Posting/Lurking: All things featured in this breakdown are factual and documented through public web archives.

Kek either way the shit is true

No. 148006

>I'll fucking kill you
Holy shit. Mass shooter Kev when?

No. 148008

yeaaaaaa so i'm not gonna contact any conventions but i wouldn't be surprised if someone cowtips, especially in this thread. he's mentioned before he's going to confront people at cons if he sees them and now he's threatening to actually kill them. death threats are enough to get someone banned from the convention scene entirely.

No. 148013

Also, with these I will kill you threatening spurges sounds a little like Shinji Aoba and that’s not good he’s been isolated too long and should get help ASAP

No. 148014

I thought the same thing. Threatening this is dangerous and he is practically asking for cons and future involved sponsorships to ban him.

No. 148016

did anyone anywhere say that they going to kill him? i think the most people have said was he might pull a murder-suicide and that he probably suicide baits to keep his relationship.

he really has ruined any chances of Lori doing anything or going anywhere. he already had before, but death threats are serious. with saying he’s going to go up to people if he sees them and now saying he’s going to hurt people and they’ll have to kill him to make him stop, he has absolutely ruined any chance of them attending any event again. even people who aren’t on here or KW will see that and freak out because he posted it publicly!

good job kev.

No. 148021

What’s even worse Lori now has ammo to make a clean break and has proof to show how mentally ill he is. Great job kev now when she screams rape people will believe her as well as everything else psycho your doing.

No. 148022

That's karma for her. She created this situation and manipulated Kevin to have no friends and be increasingly unhinged.

It's clear now that these developments were part her plan to latch onto a new simp who will "rescue" her. I hope when the cycle begins anew that the new guy to pump and dump her starts leaking even sooner than Kevin did.

Kek with his rainbow jacket and plastic shoes? He wishes.

No. 148024

File: 1619800623979.png (4.18 MB, 2048x2042, Screenshot_20210430-093537.png)

I'm no PS anon but I tried

Wish I could play Sekiro but just as Kevin running through AX looking for his Abuela's bullies and their parents.

No. 148025

He probably deleted it solely due to the sponsorship thing and not because he realized how crazy he sounded

No. 148026

I love that he deleted it like hundreds of people aren't going to see this and also save the screenshot. Thousands of views on Lori's KF and God knows how many here. He really screwed the pooch.

No. 148030

Work of art, anon.

No. 148036

new thread pic vote already. I don’t even care if abuela isn’t in it. This is the best.

I love his pigeon toed knockoff Nike feet

No. 148040

File: 1619804477623.png (57.62 KB, 441x302, ZHmHih5.png)

seconding this but would be nice if >>147840 was photoshopped somewhere into it. unless it gets immediately uploaded as banner kek. anyway good job, i'm wheezing

No. 148041

Funny thing is, he’s thinking of Moo and Vamps and that they’re in the thread when moo is too busy in her own and her new house kek. I wouldn’t be shocked if he tries to harm our other Cows. Stupid Kevin ruining his cosplay plans because he refuses to get help and go on meds.

No. 148047

You are so right anon, wow, Kevin is really ruining lori's "career" and whatever reputation she had left, anyone could destroy them with those caps, no wonder lori is desperate to leave him. He's really ruining her "dream". I'm totally against cowtipping but some people won't think the same and that's sad, they complain about their lives being difficult and they're making them so much worse by themselves.
Kevin get help, this is still funny but you are definitely losing it.

No. 148066

File: 1619816420070.jpeg (408.49 KB, 1242x2337, image1.jpeg)

Found this on the other farms. Sage because I sure if this was shared here yet?
User points out his knock off sneakers. Kevin flips out like a dumbass as usual.

No. 148067

>her dream
Influencing didnt exist back her day Kek

No. 148068

File: 1619816682960.jpeg (176.76 KB, 1242x968, image2.jpeg)

No. 148071

File: 1619818482135.jpeg (76.08 KB, 828x318, 7DF40A52-5FEF-45F8-837E-920082…)

sorry if this has already been posted but I kek’d at the top of his Reddit profile saying granny NEEDS MORE SUBS in all caps

No. 148072

I wish he'd acknowledge the fact she's trying to leave. I really want to know what story she spun to explain it? Filtering out the haters? It's all a fake? Edited by anons?

No. 148073

They both refollowed each other on insta again so I guess everything is fine!

No. 148074

if it was a trick to weed people out, I think he would have been gloating by now and calling out the people that got caught. that post along with her suddenly meeting up with friends and asking who’s around in Utah proves it for me.

it’s probably easier for him to keep living in denial. i do think she is still trying to get out. it’s probably been crazy in their home all week. after the death threats she is probably fuming even more at him because that can hurt them a lot worse than anything else

No. 148075

He's constantly baiting Moo and Vamps because it's the only time he interacted with people who have fame and is now regretting the fact that he's not a speck on anyone's radar.

>making it big

There was never a chance that either Kevin or Lori would be anything. They're a bunch of ugly poorfag slobs in Utah begging people look at Loony's dry-aged legovag for handouts.

No. 148082

What is too hard for them to get? If you are talking about the innermost parts of your relationship to random internet people… that's not a healthy relationship. Why is it not healthy? They are both nucking futs.

No. 148086

File: 1619827393495.jpg (329.17 KB, 1600x900, iuFWYX4URI.jpg)

>all because lori is sexy as fuck

That's some extreme coping from an onlyfans boyfriend

No. 148091

Kevin: omgz LOL don’t take the internet so srs
>takes the internet more serious than anyone

No. 148092

The year of our lord 2021 and dudes be selling their s/os' nudes to random dudes to nut over (no according for tastes).. No wonder there are more and more lesbians.

No. 148093

File: 1619830460305.png (2.12 MB, 2550x3300, 9CE6B9CF-EEE3-4FF3-9DFD-EEDA71…)

I just want them to see the fan art I drew

No. 148098


No. 148100

rofl omg. i love you

No. 148101

Omg dicks on her head so accurate!

No. 148102

File: 1619835433118.png (1.24 MB, 1628x1182, Screen Shot 2021-04-30 at 1.21…)

From the other farms, wasn't posted here yet. Kek, just as the one farmer reported, her OF is just like her repetitive Instagram pics with an occasional nip slip.

No. 148113

Fantastic artwork. Looks just like the real thing.

No. 148114

File: 1619844777225.jpeg (223.8 KB, 1242x1331, 4DCDC079-8A70-4FB9-8A20-2C6A31…)

Aint that the truth.

No. 148119

I don’t think Kev got the joke in this meme oml. Next he’ll be saying “me and loony are retarded that’s why we fight but it’s okay uwu retarded Spanish content creator” ala his psychosis and “mental health” defense of their public fights

No. 148121

I'd imagine this post got the most likes from any of his posts in the past year or two because so many people agree that he's fucking stupid lmfao

No. 148124

Didn't an anon here sub and leak that she never posts anything a few threads back?

How many memes did he get backwards now?

No. 148134

Um..Kevin …
"Smooth brain refers to an idiot or someone dumb."

He's right for a change though Topkek!

No. 148139

This is art. God damn anon! A+

No. 148140

Yes. An anon here subbed and posted what they saw. It really was just instagram photos she had already posted before and mild nudity.

No. 148173

Wasn’t she starting to do penetration too? Or “penetration” since the stickers were covering whatever she was doing.

No. 148181

Aw look at that… it's becoming self-aware…

No. 148221

File: 1619933996004.jpeg (683.26 KB, 2048x2048, 9C4628B6-5040-49BE-AA19-74DE5F…)

Hi I’m that anon. Here you can see that her images are the same as what she posts on Instagram

No. 148222

File: 1619934317398.jpeg (675.19 KB, 2048x2048, 62CAB19D-8F8A-4676-99B4-DB15A3…)

Sage for samefagging but yep she does not try

No. 148223

Why does she keep referring to her “homies”? I never see or hear anyone use it anymore and I feel like it’s just one more thing that ages her.

No. 148233

I'm more confused on where this supposed boobie is showing, bitch is flat as a board. And no, I do not consider her sternum deformity as cleavage.

No. 148234

this is hilarious anon

No. 148238

I think by "boobies poking out" she means that her top is lifted up to reveal the bikini underneath. I, too, don't see any "boobie" whatsoever. No nip or nothing, either.

No. 148243


Literally where, Lori?

No. 148246

File: 1619964707372.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1125x1632, D6DE1160-9523-4DD5-BD80-23F7DB…)

Kevin has boobies she can just upload his for the onlyfans haha

No. 148273

Unsurprised and her stupid face is still in that one expression thinking it hides how old she is kek.

They're both troon tier.

No. 148274

Can't wait til Kevin tries to go out and befriend cosers just to have them find his bullshit and remove the tags and block em. Remember Kev, you could have been peacefully working on your little LoL and Fate costumes for upcoming cons. Maybe had you not threatened to kill anyone and sperged you could have even tabled something or been a guest. Sucks to suck. Nice tits btw if you're reading this Bishie-sama

No. 148281

Yep. She's basically been reposting the same 10 photoshoots on IG and OF for a year. She thinks just because she took 600+ photos in the same seated pose but different poof faces that that counts as a lot of varied content. The strawberry elf and cash cow photos were first posted in February. Those are just two examples. 3 months of posting the same exact pics everywhere with no variation. Most of her OF pics are clothed and she has the gall to bait people into paying her money. No wonder she has to beg. Now even if she did make new stuff everyday, word is that her OF is a scam. Too late.

No. 148307

I noticed that, the entire past years worth of post all look the same.

Shes a bore no matter what. Even if she wore different outfits or did different poses, that fake face isnt even cute. Her body is whatever and expression isn't ever interesting. Even if she was an actual run of the mill egirl I couldn't see her doing that well. You can tell she has no personality. Even in her cosplays she always seemed so boring to me.

No. 148327

Kev’s FB is gone again as of today.. another argument?

No. 148328

It would help if they actually went outside and did fashion shoots lmao.
They must have fought again LMFAO.

No. 148330

All his likes are gone from Lori's pics too, which usually means one of them blocked the other one. You can still see Lori's like on the "birthday month" pic Kevin posted though. Neither of them follow each other anymore either, kek. That lasted like 2 days that time.

No. 148335

File: 1619995857695.png (2.26 MB, 828x1792, 0FBEF829-0236-46F6-BB05-F34199…)

No. 148337

We need a timeline anon who keeps track of how many times they unfriend or block each other.

It's fun watching these two stooges try to slap each other through the internet daily.

No. 148349

Why does Kevin constantly bring up cosplay as a subject, when he doesn’t cosplay or make anything recently for himself. Cosplaying doesn’t make you special, and he brings it up constantly like a power play. Every cosplayer is more than just “cosplay” that’s being a general human. Bitching about the cosplay community constantly and yet he still posts in their groups and plans to go to cons. Wtf

Can somebody track how often they follow/unfollow for a month? That would be interesting. They must’ve had a fight. I bet Lori is feeling smothered by him and wants space to text random men again. Why hasn’t Kevin addressed her post about wanting to leave?

No. 148358

Kevin and Lori are those kind of people that never grew up after high school. They’re trying to relive their good old days by trying to stay relevant, but they are so out of touch with the world. He got a glimpse of the spotlight and think he’s hot shit from then on. Especially Lori, she’s so stuck in the 90s that her comments are so cringey and awkward to read. She can hide behind a million filters, but she can’t hide her age with that trashy ghetto attitude.

No. 148366

Kevin how many times are you going to rephrase the same shit on every social of yours I promise you literally nobody cares about your incessant whining.

God how does Lori put up with him? I can't stand her trashy ass either but imagine this bitch boy being your fiancé. How fucking embarrassing.

No. 148376

Kek of course he has bitch tits. Why am I not surprised. No wonder he's in a constant state of distress. He has literally nothing going for him, his life has spiraled out of control, and on top of that he's a gynecomastia'd freak. Kev needs therapy, meds, and a training bra asap. Goodness gracious the laughs just never end with these two.

No. 148380

File: 1620037219665.jpeg (209.79 KB, 750x1334, 766DBA66-2229-45AD-9D5F-48EF51…)

I fixed it.

No. 148474

File: 1620061764387.jpg (1.02 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_05-03-10.07.09.jpg)

She's buying likes or something. How do you jump up to 70+ likes on a post we JUST saw having like max 20? The rest of her posta have her average like ratio. So just the first four images and videos are the only ones with over 30+ likes. Kek. Looni if you're going to try and inflate your shit to look good, but it for every post you haggard retard

No. 148476

Those are much older posts, perhaps she had a lot more subs back then? Yeesh that's sad

No. 148479

She probably has those images with more likes pinned at the top. Most likely they are her MOST liked images because they are pinned there because everyone sees them first (which is telling because it's such a low number for her claimed % and most popular posts). When you post new photos they appear under the pinned photos which is why they have dramatically less likes.

No. 148502

File: 1620073828497.png (1.4 MB, 1223x2048, Screenshot_20210503-132825.png)

Kevin's back on FB

No. 148504

I wonder does Lori delete his fb for punishment and allows him to reinstate when he licks her lego puss for forgiveness.

No. 148511

File: 1620078015128.jpg (14.01 KB, 243x300, 7a68b2996496028f8a8c0e777bea7b…)

His hair looks like someone's old fuzzy legwarmers got left out in the sun for a month

No. 148548

Yup. She repinned a bunch if shit last week after an Anon pointed out she had no likes.

No. 148553

File: 1620095919155.png (Spoiler Image,1.4 MB, 834x1190, Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 10.3…)

anon, those are old, pinned posts that are the first thing you see. can confirm, those are going to obviously have more likes.

No. 148556

I keep forgetting how warped her torso truly is; Why call it "the spicy" when her "tiddys" look like beady rat eyes set dead center in Her "uwu petite" torso? Just let Kevin do the nipple photos since his tits garner 8x the interaction you're getting on your pair of Make-A-Wish chest hickies, Lori.

No. 148558

File: 1620099327588.png (42.43 KB, 741x457, yikes.png)

getting new people to shill her onlyfans now. guess kevin wasn't working hard enough!

No. 148565

Her language really dates her, oh shit it's hot reminds me of early 2000s, Paris Hilton and dudebro kinda language.

No. 148567

Why am I not surprised Jessie Pridemore is friends with this hag

No. 148593

File: 1620134614054.png (124.97 KB, 570x1266, 123.png)

saged for reaching but this post I just stumbled upon on reddit reminds me of kevy lol

No. 148595

File: 1620135088813.png (40.58 KB, 677x313, 123.png)

samefag, cropped out the last sentence because I'm retarded sorry

No. 148597

I don't think it's a reach. It sounds just like him down to how he gets defensive when given advice. Timing and story adds up.

No. 148614


it’s not riddled with poor grammar and spelling errors. Kev can’t form a coherent thought, much less type one out.

No. 148615

I saw some of this person’s responses. They aren’t justifying bad behavior or attacking the people offering advice either.

No. 148616

Yeah, that's why I think i'm just reaching, it was mainly the "you don't know me" and "fuck you" that reminds me of him. kinda wish it was him though ngl

No. 148617

What, no Lori in his pfp or cover photo? Definitely fought topkek

No. 148625

There was a post of her defending Lori on facebook but I didn't think she would stoop low enough to peddle Lori's onlyfans on her own Twitter… It looks like garbage sticks together. I hope people call Jessie out for this. She can't explain her way out of defending grandma when the receipts are all over.

No. 148630

someone really needs to make a thread for her as well. I have a treasure trove of milk to contribute.

No. 148637

Disregarding everything else in this picture, lack of tiddy included.
Wtf is that ugly long sleeved top? Did she steal it from Luna Slater?

No. 148638

Why do I get the feeling she is prepping her followers by showing her ferrets so in the next few weeks she will make a giant emergency go fund me to ask them for money and take that money and haul ass to the next simp or simpette couch to live on.

No. 148648

File: 1620152740757.jpg (107.25 KB, 828x1359, kevisthatyou.jpg)

sage for more massive massive tinfoiling, if we're posting about possible kev sightings in the wild…it's a small world i guess.

a cosplayer from georgia i follow on IG posted this spam of hate comments she had gotten. a lot of them involve her age and repeating insults that have been said on here. there's five screenshots of comments and they kept coming. she seems to imply that it is our boy behind the sock account with the description and the comment.

No. 148649

she has done this exact thing before so i'm excited to see it happen again. hope she steals his car lmao

No. 148655

File: 1620158587727.jpeg (252.88 KB, 1242x1805, 1A635CE0-781B-41D6-9920-04B107…)

Sorry you fell off the bed into loris dirty crotch clothing that’s never washed, or the dirty floor with ferret shit that’s never been vacuumed.

No. 148658

File: 1620160813818.jpeg (405.22 KB, 1536x2048, 4390C8DD-E25D-47CF-90DD-563649…)

Happy to finally see Lori embrace her chest hole

No. 148665

Lmao @ her ~showing more~ aka full on vs the usual barely noticeable nip slips.

Lurk harder peasant.

No. 148667

Please do. She is a trash fire.

No. 148668

At least she's not making the poof face, literally anything is better
I still believe she is literally putting objects in her cheeks to make them poof. I think it would look really different if it was just air.

No. 148670

The giant pile in the middle of the floor
The two little framed things on the wall
The light that only goes halfway across their wall.
Victorian couch with shit all over it
I'll never tire of trying to figure out their apartments layout and why there's so much shit and back alley furniture.

No. 148671

what's with the fish skeleton decoration behind her chair?

No. 148672

Hasn’t it been established somewhere they have separate rooms in the apartment? I think we only have seen “her” room and not Kevin’s

No. 148673

I think this is Kevin's room:


We can see some props on the wall behind him and a desk with a computer. This is a reel where he's making a prop.

No. 148675

Holy shit, his brain is melting

No. 148676

That looks like it's probably a living room corner with a bunch of stuff on the walls behind him. Based on the sliding glass door with the long blinds. Maybe he doesn't have room to spread out to make props because all of Lori's shit is on the floor.

No. 148683

He looks insane here

No. 148687

Kevin has a tiktok called AdollaSkye (user1069956883555).

No. 148688

File: 1620177884526.jpg (25.03 KB, 540x540, dfsawrr.jpg)

is this or is this not an image board, anon


No. 148690

Says user not found, anon. Link?

No. 148691

This sounds more like Lori tbh, you can feel the envy with the "saggy baggy old lady boobs" comment. Projecting much? You don't even have anything on your chest that would be capable of sagging, Lorena Pig.

No. 148694

No. 148696


Link: https://streamable.com/8kewv9

And because Kevin watches this forum religiously and pretty much immediately privatized his tiktok, here it is. He only had one video.

No. 148699

File: 1620190980188.png (1.37 MB, 1340x1050, wtf.png)

What is this shit? Is he trying to flex his "designer" gear?

No. 148700

anon don’t you see?
he’s trying to get rich or die tryin’

but until then he’ll just look like a hobo

No. 148701

Wow he privated that v fast

No. 148702

where are you guys seeing he privated it? I can still see it on tiktok

No. 148709

Same; I can still see it in my browser with no TikTok account.

No. 148721


He dresses like some local Russian bums in my country. Are these actually designer? Or is it some aliexpress stuff and does anyone actually wear these winged shoes, because these threads are my first time seeing them.

No. 148722

It’s “designer” as in small so called luxury brands out of NJ that nobody knows who tf they are, for a try hard like Kevin it’s oMg DeSiGnEr brando. Gucci, LV, Chanel, Balenciaga. Those are real designer brands just to name a few. What a loser.

No. 148730

Oop sorry I was just going by the anon that posted it but you're right, it's still up & public

No. 148733

File: 1620224124768.jpeg (47.99 KB, 500x333, 9B5FCA67-BDFC-44E9-9CA1-8F05E7…)

Sage for nitpick but as someone on #hipster tumblr in 2011, it always bothered me that he calls his (knock off) Jeffrey Campbells designer. JC was the one responsible for this picrel godawful shoe trend that you can now buy off Poshmark for $40. It’s hardly high-end or worthy of bragging.

No. 148739

Exactly, all of his ~designer~ is that low tier nobody knows who they are stuff that will be on postmark for cheap next year. Now watch him start buying rip off designer shit like those fake LV masks him and Loony have and try to claim it as legit. Except some of us here collect brand and would recognize it from a mile away. And then he’ll cry “darn scammers got me again!” when we point it out. Idk why they try to act like they’re so high end when they live in the ghetto like?

No. 148740

I think it’s good he is on tik tok. He makes the right video he can easily go viral and gain a following. Do I think it’s going to be with his lame fashion? No not unless he gets more up to date with it because he currently has the look of 2006 scene kids with some mismatched outfits. He adds cosplay and his props he will be golden and may surpass Lori because she has the 20 years of receipts. She would never do tik tok because she just can’t lay there and poof her face and Instagram is dying imo… Also it’s about time he starts focusing on doing things for himself because he is on borrowed time with her .

No. 148741

File: 1620226972015.jpg (145.64 KB, 640x640, 99182660_l1bVcsCA2Z.jpg)

He's not talking about Jeffrey Campbells, the winged shoes are Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott. They were everywhere in 2009-2011, and I still have a pair of the first run of them with a different wing design. Picrel (not my pic though) is the JS WING 1.0 from 2008, the ones Kev sports are 2.0 and a knockoff 3.0

No. 148746

File: 1620227551651.jpg (40.01 KB, 1000x912, 61u7RP6dPGL._AC_UL1000_.jpg)


This is the (to my knowledge) last iteration of the model, which Kevin seems to be obsessed with to the point of settling for knockoffs.

His affinity for these shoes shows how dated his style really is, I'm coo-coo for chunky sneakers but in the last few years I've only worn them with particular outfits. Tighter, less bulky and low-key sneakers are more trendy, more functional and absolutely more mature.

No. 148750


These actually look cool. The ones Kevin wears honestly looks like someone tread through seaweed.

No. 148755

File: 1620231444019.jpeg (513.3 KB, 898x639, A3A83158-1E45-4729-9BBB-681E30…)

Or looks like he is wearing trumps wig on his feet

No. 148757

He has three pairs of these faggot wing shoes. One pair black, gold and fucking camo. He dresses like a gay drug dealer who deals out of their moms basement.

No. 148759

Just checked the prices, only $300. So 300 is considered luxury designer items to them? Kek. They even have a teenage grasp on money.

No. 148760

Lol he's too sensitive and mentally unstable for tiktok. The gen z kids would rip him and his granny pig apart.

No. 148763

all his pants appear to be the “guapi” brand and average around $109

which isn’t very expensive for “designer” at all but isn’t he always begging for lori to get more subs?

No. 148790

Damn, thanks for enlightening my small mind. Guess I will never truly understand the rich lifestyle Kev is living because I'm too poor to do so.

No. 148796


>uploaded and posted here 15 hours ago

>over 200 views

but I thought we were all momokun kek

No. 148797

File: 1620244577284.jpeg (91.17 KB, 1242x963, 4AF54EFE-AFC1-4EC0-BCA2-36D49A…)

Oh no Lori, he’s getting female followers!

No. 148798

File: 1620244669735.jpeg (265.71 KB, 1242x1227, 8CE167FD-F1A1-48DD-9BDE-FEFDB5…)

He got way more views/likes than Lori gets on any of her posts (that aren’t bots).

No. 148800

does any anon know where the obsession with designer clothes came in? is this also a lori influence?

i know a lot of poorfags get into knockoff gucci and LV thinking it’s real and they’re getting a bargain but kevin didn’t seem to care about flexing up until recently. maybe since he isn’t making cosplay much he needed something else to show off?

No. 148805

Kek he's getting what looks like Spanish speaking teens liking stuff because he used #guapi

Just a poorfag Loony thing because she flexes every cheap brand she wears like a badge. In their delusional minds, they're going to be influencers for bigger brands and will ~die trying~.

They've never stepped into a luxury store in their lives and are probably frothing at the mouth because Moo is wearing pieces that cost more than their combined net worth will ever be.

No. 148813

File: 1620249834715.png (1.91 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210505-142234.png)

Nice warping Looni. We all know you're shaped like a 2x4. No point in lying you ugly hag

No. 148814

File: 1620249885481.png (2.11 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210505-142109.png)

No. 148815

File: 1620249977739.png (2.3 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210505-142245.png)


No. 148822

>"get rich or die trying!"

Or you could get as job like a normal non delusional person?

No. 148830

Sage for opinion but I don't think Kev wrote any of that. He never used to be vindictive. Sure he takes things personally and lashes out a lot but it's always in self defense or perceived defense of Lori. Can't see him hunting down women on Instagram to meticulously leave hate messages on every single one of their photos. Lori on the other hand has a history of this kind of behavior.

No. 148832

Not saying it was definitely him but lately his crazy behavior has been escalating. Egged on by mistress Looni, I could see him capable of something similar

No. 148833

This is hilarious coming from the sjw

No. 148842

File: 1620262130380.jpg (108.12 KB, 1280x1107, IMG_20210505_174747_406.jpg)

No. 148847

Sasquatch ass feet. Kek at her calf edits

No. 148907

Them stompers look like actual hooves omg

No. 148918

Kek. She will break her back once again while trying so hard to look curvy

No. 148926

he gonna die trying

No. 148928

Oh come on. Who puts the holes of fishnets over their toes like that? That's so weird.

No. 148955

I think she just doesn't know how to wear them. Not sure why fishnets confuse grandma so much, I've heard tales they existed back in her heyday.

No. 148960

Saged for possible tinfoil here but she wasn’t she trying to get in with the foot fetishists a while back? Could be she’s on the DL with them again or wants more to sub.

No. 148962

It does seem like she is trying half-heartedly to get in with them, but it's not working, like everything else she does.

No. 148979

Kinda nitpicky question but am I stupid or did she put blushes on her knees?

No. 148986

Yes or edited it in Meitu. She's trying to look like an anime girl so bad but failing fantastically. Imagine being almost 40 putting blush on your fucking knees to look like a sexy cartoon child I hate this bitch so much.

No. 149008

File: 1620345968383.jpeg (213.55 KB, 1125x2000, 3CA1E211-3788-4310-BA72-DE068D…)

I seen this meme and thought of Kevin the clown so I fixed it

No. 149011

You know, for that just-gave-a-bj on the carpet burn look. Duh!

No. 149034

File: 1620354483637.png (3.05 MB, 828x1792, 4C368C96-03C8-4370-B8AD-D91E54…)

This is a particularly bad look even for Loony. Wtf is her face shape?

No. 149042

mumps are very kawaii apparently?

No. 149043

File: 1620361625417.jpeg (Spoiler Image,778.45 KB, 2048x2048, 55700161-5EFC-4EF4-A445-FCD5AC…)

New set, 27 images, all for the same pose and angle

No. 149049

What is happening to her mouth. What is that lump?
Totally not edited.

No. 149059

File: 1620368910286.jpg (67.69 KB, 1117x1280, IMG_20210506_232707_958.jpg)

lol, those lips. Lori, plz.

No. 149066

Lori looks like she has mumps and downs at the same time.

No. 149075

She is trying so hard to emulate a child’s face… fucking disgusting dude.

No. 149089

That tattoo looks so old and aged very poorly. I'd say that looks like a 20yr old tattoo and really shows her age despite the face filter bs.

No. 149102

Lori is gaining weight and that makes me smile so big! Knowing the only thing she has to carry her is her body, I hope she blows up like Mariah and ruins her body. The second she gets fat it's all over and she'll be nothing but Meitu and skin flaps. She'll have to sell her whole wardrobe. Kek. Or even better the bitch will finally starve herself to death and just fucking die already

No. 149104

Why do I get the feeling that Lori is one of those weebs that can't be sexy but is so sexually driven they're basically a rapist

No. 149128

Wtf is going on with the right side of her upper lip? It's a completely different shape. Almost like she cut and pasted part of her bottom lip there.

No. 149138

File: 1620407487194.jpg (1.1 MB, 1887x1080, PicsArt_05-07-10.09.33.jpg)

Made some fan art while the milk machine is down.

No. 149141

I've thought that too. For someone who puts so much emphasis on appearances and being sexy, every single pic and video she has put up has been so unattractive it's unsettling. She 100% fakes it entirely when getting fucked, probably screams at the top of her lungs. I guess it makes sense though considering all of her boyfriends are also depraved and strange

No. 149153

These two images are so striking close together because yet again that is nowhere near the same face

No. 149154

I saw that too kek the fat is just dangling in the breeze off of her lifted leg hahaha

No. 149155

She was always chunky, she just got better at hiding it since she's no longer getting candids taken at cons.

No. 149166

I don't know if I'd call her straight up fat, but she is definitely "skinny fat". It's pretty obvious Lori thinks she can just anachan herself back to being slender from time to time instead of ever lifting a finger. It shows in how loose and flabby her body looks in movement and it's only going to become worse as she gets older. Lift a weight Lori.

No. 149176

I'm late but I just realized this is the same dirty table Loony's nasty vag was on.

Looks like something from a garage sale without all the uwu filters to whiten it.

No. 149204

That Asian girl ahri (or whatever the fuck her name is) is a mad shopper. Otherwise accurate work anon.

No. 149210

Thanks. I added her cause I know that's what Lori likes to think she looks like as Zero Two plus she's liked her pics before.

No. 149213

The poofy cheek mask and the momokun poster are perfect

No. 149223

File: 1620463297668.jpeg (449.84 KB, 750x1003, 2789E5C3-540E-4C06-8FB9-910C33…)

Doesn’t she have a broken back?

No. 149224

File: 1620463391937.jpeg (Spoiler Image,493.58 KB, 1535x2048, 9F5D5D48-EFDE-4417-94CD-6776EA…)

No. 149228

File: 1620464493513.jpg (72.79 KB, 1280x939, IMG_20210508_020109_182.jpg)

She actually mentioned this recently.

No. 149240

So hardworking, much sacrifice.

No. 149249

Shes trying so hard to do different poses. Its all still the same pic and worse since she's not even showing anything. These angles are so weird. She has no clue what she's doing.

No. 149251

Looking wide here kek

Of course she doesn't, she only chose doing OF cause she thought it would be easy. She forgot that it's only easy money and work for women who are attractive, well liked and have sex appeal. Lori would have been better off becoming some dumpy receptionist LMAO

No. 149258

File: 1620493836449.jpeg (245.33 KB, 1080x1440, 4B48050C-F44F-4908-9AF2-3B09D5…)

Not sure if this was posted but look at that gap she calls cleavage kek

No. 149259

File: 1620499068796.png (2.98 MB, 828x1792, 745FCBB1-8550-44CB-BC41-1DEDA1…)

What is going on with her TEETH here oNGG

No. 149261

the hands lol
how long do we guess until she starts filtering the shit out of her hands too

No. 149262

i mean most peoples legs do that in that pose. i do think though that she has an ED and isnt naturally super skinny

No. 149263

I have so hard time believing these are the same person wtf

No. 149264

Ew what the fuck? It's either rot, food or filter glitching. It's so gross. She looks so bad.

No. 149265

Anon her hands ARE edited. She smoothed them and bumped up the skin tone to mask the wrinkles and veins.

No. 149266

It's her Tom Cruise middle tooth

No. 149267

File: 1620502218168.jpg (119.3 KB, 1246x1280, IMG_20210508_122844_427.jpg)

These are what her hands look like edited.

No. 149270

Why doesn’t she get Taylor r fillers then

No. 149273

Let's be real, Anon. Fillers cost money. Syringes cost anywhere from $500-$800.

No. 149274

File: 1620504758037.jpg (122.58 KB, 877x1280, IMG_20210508_131037_653.jpg)

Lori is broke as fuck and still begging for money for vet bills.

Or maybe "vet bills." I noticed that Kevin doesn't follow her Instagram again and all of his likes are gone (again) which means Lori blocked him.

No. 149280

File: 1620506910399.jpeg (431.43 KB, 1535x2048, 1885EB5C-8D66-4DF9-A1E0-43644E…)

Her harpy talons

No. 149292

Why would she even post this, it’s so unflattering. The sides of her eyes look like they’re melting off and the filter glitch makes it look like she has a Maureen Ponderosa level dead tooth.

No. 149294

What fresh hell is this?

No. 149295

she should pretend to have a dick or just do full porn already. she has nothing special anyone will pay for

No. 149297

File: 1620514858496.jpg (166.33 KB, 1300x1300, 87784075-witch-hands-set-with-…)

Definitely the filter struggling with her "tom cruise middle tooth" as the another anon put it. KEK

Lori got them witch hands

No. 149298

How can she be this bad at makeup? She wears the same face every day but I guess practice doesn't help…

No. 149304

It looks like she attempts to push in her fingers to make them appear slimmer, but the proportions start going all wonky like what happened to her middle finger and she can only do so much liquify before the lines on her shoes and fishnets become warped without a doubt. Her pinky looks hilariously small because that's the finger she was able to edit the most cause there's nothing behind it.

No. 149310

File: 1620525529144.png (Spoiler Image,2.4 MB, 1076x1422, Screen Shot 2021-05-08 at 9.56…)

new OF post. her recent posts haven't been really milky, and only getting around one-three likes per post.

No. 149313

girl if you're gonna shave your vag, maybe mow down the beard around your asshole too
also kek @ the fact that this pic makes her asscheeks look a mile apart

No. 149315

I think she has naturally slim hands but they get caught up in the edit warp to create broken looking things like this >>149267

No. 149316

Looks more like shit smears to me. kek

No. 149321

either those socks are too tight or her legs are just that saggy. probably both. that's a lot of fat being pushed out, especially on that left leg.

No. 149323

KEK her asshole looks like a crater. she wears those stupid horns so often, they're probably stuck there

No. 149333

lmao she has that blown out anachan asshole

No. 149334

Chill, it’s the shadow from one butt cheek on the other one. Seriously the nitpicking is getting strong. (Not Lori or Kev btw before anyone starts)

No. 149339

The fact of the matter is that it looks like unwiped shit and normal people don’t have a “butt check shadow” that looks that dark

No. 149340

Why is everything this bitch wears always all twisted up? The thigh highs and even the underpants look just thrown on. Those underpants look like flea market polyester, really gross.
That brown as crack looks like she took a dump and didnt wipe.

No. 149350

File: 1620571941170.jpeg (41.74 KB, 300x300, 804FB3E2-8194-42B9-9042-9971F7…)

You came to a gossip thread to tell people gossiping about a photo not to gossip….. wut

No. 149352

File: 1620574714436.gif (Spoiler Image,752.62 KB, 300x169, CalculatingPlainAchillestang-m…)

look where you are

No. 149357

File: 1620583385401.png (1.82 MB, 1546x2048, Screenshot_20210509-110134.png)

She started doing her eyeliner even worse and the nose editing is so extreme her profile just seamlessly blends into her hay hair.

No. 149358

File: 1620583495920.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1874, Screenshot_20210509-110123~2.p…)

Samefag but her new nails are warped and chonky. Broke bitches love money signs, don't they?

No. 149359

it's her ass on the left…

No. 149360

The shadow excuse doesn't line up. That looks like an unwashed hairy cavern even after massive filtering and editing.

She probably looked up a tutorial on how to make small eyes look bigger with makeup but this just called attention to how beady her eyes really are.

Her prolasped anus expression looks melted off her face lately, filters unable to keep up?

No. 149367

One thing I don't understand is why puff up your face when you're going to edit the shit out of it anyways? Makes zero sense tbh.

No. 149368

The rounder she can make her cheeks the easier they are to edit without blowing out pixels and getting warped lines. When she doesn't puff them a bunch and stretches the cheeks, you get the bleeding jawline and weird puffer look.

No. 149369

Why is gossiping so fun?

No. 149371

Fuck off scrote!

No. 149374

the brain of a lolcow.farm user
asked why they like autistically gossiping about internet cosplayers, assumes i'm a man

No. 149375

Men didn't like duck face 15 years ago and they definitely don't like it more more, where does she even come up with this stuff?

No. 149378

Because if she's not puffing her man jaw face full of air, the nasolabials are too deep and cause shadows.

No. 149379

Thats cause moids like you can not hide their dick and balls even through text. Cringe.

No. 149381

learn to sage, male.

it looks like her lips are melting off her face in this, lol. She looks so retarted

No. 149385

I was about to say the same about her face, the whole thing looks like it's a melting candle. Why so droopy, Lori

No. 149392

GET A JOB. Don’t have older animals with health issues if you can’t afford them. If the animals meant something to either of them, they would get any job to ensure they were actually taken care of instead ebegging.

No. 149404

File: 1620626832028.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1242x2175, 51C67AC6-A4C6-4F4B-9BBE-68B4AC…)

I think the nonnies who called him ugly got to him. He edited his hugeass nose and is now trying to take up commissions since he couldn’t or wouldn’t settle for a second job. So much for them rolling in money like they claimed earlier.

No. 149405

>gamer headset on in bathroom
>meitu'd face
Kek, I wish Kevin posted more. Also, where's his video?!

No. 149408

He's that shade of yellow girls end up when the tone of their foundation is off and they neglect blusher

No. 149414

Is he new to commissions? 3 in what time frame? I cant see them being quality if he's trying to turn them out that quickly. Website, references, payment method? If you just take random commissions your asking for a chargeback at some point. Why is everything they do so lazy and half assessed.

By the time he makes anything will the ferrets still be alive? The way these two keep carrying on about them it doesnt seem like they would live long enough for as ny treatments if it depends on their lazy asses to scrub up money and that's if Lori doesnt filter the money into her talon fund.

No. 149423

The both are trying to play the worlds smallest violin for their ferrets, yet Lori uses that same money they so call need to get her ratchet nails done with tacky dollar signs on them. Guess her pets aren’t that important.

No. 149429

yeah really, who the fuck e-begs for their pets and then gets a set of nails with dollar signs on it.

Can any nail anons speculate how much her clownish claws cost?

No. 149439

$40-$60 is average I think, but Lori's are kind of poorly done and misshapen so maybe she's getting them done for a little cheaper. That's also not counting tip, which I somehow doubt Lori tips well given her previous Karen like rants and behavior.

No. 149447

His shoops are as bad as Lori's. That's not his actual face shape or nose.

No. 149453

And don't forget the random toys and dirty clothes she keeps piling high in her room.

Let's be honest, the ferret fund is her gtfo Utah fund.

No. 149488

I thought she posted that they were like $90 or something once when she was being a Karen and complaining in tweets that they weren’t done well a while ago. I could be mistaken though

No. 149520

It shows their priorities. The nails she gets would run more expensive because of how long they are, custom design and added details. Honestly cheaper end for that long would be like $80.

No. 149533

this. also remember she has a juice habit and I guarantee her anachan tendencies will involve probably some semblance of diet foods etc. probs a tinfoil but we've seen her cooking/karen rants about no sauce on her wings (would be funnier and more ironic if it was ribs kek) so god knows. and like anon said, the tacky clothes/plushies and from what it looks like recently bleached roots >>149357
also lmao at her blatant attempts to fix her makeup, taking bets on whether she's trying tutorials or snow/meitu to up her game. it isn't working, maybe it's the twitching that makes it look like a four year old busted the crayons out

No. 149661

File: 1620788132188.jpeg (694.71 KB, 1180x1258, 7306A679-CAB5-48FA-A9EB-2A0DAD…)

Her edits have just de-evolved into morphing her clothing/hair into her body..? It looks intentionally pixelated + blurred to try to cover the editing.

No. 149739

That's also the effects of putting it through too many apps and saving the photo on that UI before the phone gallery. It ruins the photos each time slowly.

No. 149743

File: 1620839599528.jpeg (1.3 MB, 2880x3840, 270122A9-0342-4909-9DEB-A1C2DC…)

It’s hilarious how bad they look like Her chin on the left has been melted in her hair there are better Quality pictures of Pluto than her own selfies and her eyes look like she got one looking to the left and one looking straight I’m sure it’s her looking in the mirror other one looking at the phone she’s so good at multitasking haha!

No. 149750

File: 1620843883246.jpeg (Spoiler Image,563.38 KB, 2048x2048, 9EE0018F-17B9-4D9D-9F84-57BE36…)

Ripped directly from his Instagram, side by side. Bomb ass lighting doesn't change your face shape Kev.

No. 149753

He looks very jaundiced and like he had been crying before taking this photo. It looks like he totally made his eyes larger and his skin smooth but it draws to the fact they are puffy and red.

Kevin says he’s good with fashion but his outfits look like randomized sims outfits

No. 149760

She always looks like she's holding in a burp but trying to be dainty about it

No. 149763

For real, his eyes are so red/pink

No. 149766

File: 1620855154941.jpeg (402.69 KB, 1242x1554, E2605BF7-B2FE-4266-8416-83C5B6…)

The fucking mirror. He just squeezed and elongated the entire thing.

No. 149767

She's so fucking disgusting and grimey for trying to make faces that are "childlike". Instead she just looks like what she is: a middle-aged Karen throwing a tantrum. This looks like the face a Karen would make after she asked to "speak to the manager" and is waiting for the manager to show up. Topkek. Nice roots too Lori, we see the yellowing in the left pic though. You forgot to edit that.

I swear her eyes get droopier with every picture she posts. Really aging there eh?

No. 149773

File: 1620858629138.png (241.98 KB, 732x914, Spaghettification_(from_NASA's…)

he's crossed the event horizon, there's no escape now

No. 149774

lmao anon I'm dead

No. 149780

File: 1620860634154.jpg (88.65 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-1.jpg)

Remember our boy Kev is probably still in full psychosis and not sleeping at all like he admitted weeks ago. If he looks beat to shit like he's just been up all night crying, it's cause he was kek. Same with Lori. Their eyes are constantly bloodshot and pink from bursted vessels from screaming at each other and stress. I bet they look like this IRL.

No. 149798

Sage is it the lil part next to the horn in the left pic?

Also serious question but what’s wrong with roots lol

No. 149804

Nobody wants to subscribe to her ugly melted shoops yet she keeps doing them in hopes of a different result. Definition of insanity.

No. 149819

File: 1620875576898.png (3.98 MB, 1659x2048, Screenshot_20210512-201200.png)

Your daily Trainwreck. She can't coord for shit.

No. 149823

File: 1620876648076.png (126.85 KB, 261x269, 76xY5Qs.png)

Yea it's shit but real talk anons the fuck is behind the mirror and dresser??

No. 149824

That's where she shoves her ferrets when she's not using them for sympathy money.

No. 149829

Is that a ferret in the pile of junk on the bed? Squeezed between the strawberry and the pink cloth.

No. 149830

Who wears their underwear on top of fishnets? This “look” is retarded. She also has her weed pen in the basket to the right, it’s also super gross she has her cheap stripperwear just in baskets.

No. 149833

File: 1620891158373.jpeg (969.86 KB, 1242x2298, C84D40DB-8CA5-48A9-A30C-549931…)

Imagine if Kevin went the way of the neko faggot? Kek. I wouldn’t think Lorena would find this attractive given her past ex’s were more masculine in comparison. This guy asked to shoot with Kev in his recent longboi pic.

No. 149834

Question is this guy gay? Cause I'd love a Lori gets dumped for dick by Kev dlc story. Especially after Lori only came back on radar because his stupid ass sperged out about her.

No. 149842

File: 1620897513244.jpeg (483.37 KB, 1242x1376, 6A1B7029-A667-4544-8533-937A85…)

Dug a little and turns out he’s dating this chick who is probably who Lorena has actually been skin walking. They both own a shop too. The weird neko fag has the dissonance store that sent Lorena that hoodie once and she gave it to kevo kek. He also has a onlyfans with his gf but he also has posts on there about how any of his fans like when he fucks the girls who model his shit clothes. There was also another public post on his OF saying how he ended up making fucking a girl he met off tiktok. They were only suppose to collaborate for tiktok content.

No. 149844

I think Lori would date anyone who gave her the time of day if she was desperate, which she is. So Kevin dressing like this she would hate (because she hates Kevin), but she would date another different guy who dressed like this.

No. 149851

Someone on KiwiFarms said that the cat guy and bassdrip had broken up. Lori and bassdrip used to follow each other and interact on insta but the same KF user said Lori doesn't follow bassdrip anymore.

No. 149863

When did they break up? Their joint OF was last accessed in May and she still is in the same room they share so they’re still living together. Last they spoke of one another was in April

No. 149868


off-topic but i searched this dude up and his tiktok makes me cringe so hard. Thx i hate it.

lori is def gunning for him tho, but I doubt he'll be interested in her-she's no way cute irl, conventionally attractive or good at e-girling.

also what's up with rave shit looking so plastic and cheap? is there even quality rave gear?

No. 149884

She's been skinwalking a combination of egirls. She thinks just cause she's not committing to stealing a singular look that it's not stalker level. She immediately dropped Bassdrip after she broke up with Meowza after they had clearly been friendly and talked up to that point. Now she only follows Meowza and Kev talks to him. I'd bet money on them attempting to get him to collab just so Lori can cuck Kevin in the name of breadwinning.

There is quality rave wear it's just way above what any of these girls can afford. Same with the fetish wear, it's all elastic cord trash but they want to look expensive. Dolls Kill and all the other brands they buy from just pump out tacky knockoffs of brands like Moschino, Jeremy Scott, etc. "Influencers" like Lori and Bassdrip seethe in their Amazon Prime Creepyyeha knockoffs and it's fitting because the shell matches the insides.

No. 149895

Yeah because if you don’t want to spend $500 on a tee shirt that cost $5 to make you’re seething?

No. 149908

When you're vapid brand whores like them, yes. Yes you do seethe.

No. 149912

No. 149934

> I doubt he'll be interested in her-she's no way cute irl

Imagine taking your delusional ass around thinking you look like your shoops and dragging your 36 year old plain jane Mom bod behind you. If if they met up I bet the guy would be more interesting in Kevin than the Lori. She can try all she wants but at this point shes just a catfish.

No. 149995

File: 1621007240554.jpeg (578.65 KB, 750x1028, F22AC7C5-7790-4730-84A9-32406D…)

This woman is almost 40

No. 150018

So what? Why should someone stop enjoining their life at 40?

No. 150019


Most people pushing 40 "enjoy life" by having careers, hobbies and friendships, not spending all of their time twerking alone in their bedroom while attempting to photoshop themselves to look 14.

No. 150023

>triggered and being obtuse

Wearing knockoff scraps in a dingy apartment and puffing out your cheeks before using a million filters to make a Monet interpretation of yourself to catfish the internet isn't normal.

No. 150026

Shes trying SO hard to hide those witch fingers, oh bless her heart, nothing will cover those grandma hands

No. 150028

It's fine to still wear weird fashion or cringe hobbies it's just that she does literally nothing else. Her life hasn't changed a single bit in 20 years. Most people near 40 do something different than when they were 20

No. 150040

Fair point anon, it isn't embarrassing because she's pushing 40. It's embarrassing because she's dressed like a retard and would still look just as bad in it if she were 20

No. 150042

That's a good point, it's still embarrassing if she were 20. But it could be brushed aside as her still being young.

No. 150045

File: 1621029366030.png (Spoiler Image,1.92 MB, 1230x1234, Screen Shot 2021-05-14 at 5.53…)

wow telling people to sub for the same damn image!

No. 150057

File: 1621033813179.jpg (99.91 KB, 1080x1350, 23594707_140503300043383_86387…)

This pic was taken years ago, makes you wonder how much more haggard she looks now and why she wont post anything without massive filtering anymore.

No. 150058

they'd look a lot better without the witchy nails. it does say a lot that her Snow filters don't mask the look of her hands. They must be pretty bad irl.

looks at my <30yo grandma hands with large knuckles and spider fingers, sighs

No. 150060

File: 1621034436357.jpeg (171.11 KB, 1124x1279, 34856671-798A-4F8D-AFF2-99BB73…)

Why is her right hip so pink? it’s even going over her fishnets is it from the app she uses or Something else? I would say lights but I’m pretty sure half her right side would have a pink shadow

No. 150076

File: 1621045555603.png (Spoiler Image,1.61 MB, 1008x1258, Screen Shot 2021-05-14 at 10.2…)

new OF post

when will she learn that no one wants to buy porn with that expression?

No. 150080

Anon dont be worried about your hands. As long as you dont have a cunty lori attitude im sure you have hundreds of beautiful qualities.

No. 150090

File: 1621055495850.jpeg (186.35 KB, 1242x1679, D0E7A3E2-A6B2-4716-833F-24F414…)

“Vampire skin genetics” = saggy double chin ?

No. 150105

File: 1621070549887.jpg (119.23 KB, 960x622, 1029 - Nosferatu [1].jpg)

Well I mean, she didn't specify WHICH vampire…

No. 150107

>Why should someone stop enjoining their life at 40?
She never enjoyed her life in the first place. Can't stop something you never started.

No. 150126

Those empanadas and pizza are catching up to her, huh? Kek.

No. 150131

That's where the ferrets are kept

No. 150381

File: 1621174149684.png (3.37 MB, 1421x2048, Screenshot_20210516-070549.png)

>back in my day only uggos didn't use their hair and eyelashes for cosplay
>Did you know these are my REAL lashes?

That's great Obaa-chan now take your Seraquel and go back to bed

No. 150382

Samefag her eyelashes look like cockroach legs

No. 150390

Yeah there is a lot of great mascaras these days that could work miracles so caking the shit on making them look like shit to say these are my real lashes is a real joke!

No. 150392

Notice how she says natural? mascara is not natural last time I checked.
I guess it goes with her natural nails natural hair color and everything that’s so natural on Lori haha

No. 150395

Hasn’t this already been debunked? She used to post about never wearing falsies bc her lashes are so speshul but anons posted her eyes where you can clearly see band.

No. 150396

>brags about ~muh natural lashes~
>wears plastic ears

ok hun

No. 150400

Her makeup is horrible I can’t even look at it for more than two seconds
Just fill in the eyeliner correctly dude

No. 150401

Those do look like her real eyelashes. So I hope other anons don’t come at me for stating the facts. She has olive skin in real life, not a surprise she has moderately okay lashes. Her makeup on the other hand..
She actually reveals her age with this attitude towards falsies. This millennial pick me attitude is special to those women born in the 80’s who normalized mean girls and bullying.

No. 150403

the pink eyebrows bother me so much. why does she insist on doing this??? it’s so bizarre and doesn’t look good at all

No. 150404

No doubt they are, it's just the fact she boasts about it like it matters. She's so insecure she needs to be reassured that everything on her is natural and perfect from her eyelashes down to her clompers. Shows she's kept the same elitist attitude she had in her Moonie phase.

It's entirely to spite anons who said it was ugly. She would look better with light brown brows with a slight arch but she's committed to triggering people at her own expense no matter what. Forgot to cap but she also posted her weekly "hi lolcow" moomoo posting yesterday before posting the eyelash story.

No. 150416

Her eyelashes are so straight and short, invest in a curler Lorena

No. 150423

>Loony claiming anything is natural

I can tell Kevin lowkey hates that he knows how ugly she really looks and she also hates that he knows.

I can't wait till the inevitable breakup and for Kevvy to sperg out and hopefully leak some amazing candids!

No. 150431

Her eyelashes look fine but nobody would mistake them for fake lashes. Never change Lori

No. 150450

It really does age age trying to humblebrag about clumpy mascara coated eyelashes in the day and age where eyelash extensions are so common and accesible.

It doesnt make anyone envious of her oh so “natural” looks, it just makes her look lazy compared to the sex workers who do put in their time, thought and money into their shoots and beauty treatments

No. 150452

Christ, I am so sick of her making this fucking face

No. 150454

That’s harassment so I hope he doesn’t do that

No. 150459

File: 1621211505528.png (1.78 MB, 1219x2048, Screenshot_20210516-173119.png)

Grandma feet

No. 150461

There was already proof that she does wear fake lashes. The lashes look coated in mascara absolutely awful, the makeup is so lazy and horrific to look at. Lori is too lazy to put any effort into anything but brags about wearing elf ears “all day” like that somehow matters. All day, in your apartment all alone? Sounds definitely like something to brag about.

Get a job doing anything to pay those vet bills and to get away from Kevin. I wish Kevin would remark about her post saying she’s scared to leave him. He is absolutely a monster.

No. 150463

She shopped out the knuckles on her hands now they're melting and bending into the edited jowls.

Her neck has been missing in pics since >>146570 it's probably too hard to edit.

No. 150464

File: 1621218270295.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1125x1430, D5D59BEC-9716-41CD-9BF0-65E6F7…)

You can tell how old she is the way she dresses. Her underwear is pulled up so high they are stuck up her butt giving her a UTI

No. 150466

She's trying to make it look like she has a waist instead of being shaped like a surfboard

No. 150468

that’s weirdly back along with other ugly Y2K fashion, though
she is accidentally on trend

No. 150478

why does she make this retarded face on every selfie, does she actually think it's cute??

No. 150486

>Grandma feet
Yeah, if grandma was an ellusive forest dwelling bipedal ape-creature.

No. 150488

Harassment, Anon? Praytell. It's not harassment to talk about an ex and share photos you two took together.

No. 150496

It's a troll post. Only Loony hopes he wouldn't show the world her true busted face.

No. 150528

File: 1621263208354.jpg (586.12 KB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_05-17-07.51.30.jpg)

She unfollowed Kevin again today and Kev's profile photo is back to a picture of them together. She must be pissed he's just trying to play WoW all day while she "works". Again, I would pay to see what goes on in that grimy weeb den.

No. 150536

She’s probably mad because now she has to choose between staying with him when she wants out or having her candids leaked

No. 150539

Do you think it's actually unfollowing, or does Lori block him or soft block him until he behaves?

No. 150540

To be fair, high cut everything is in style. Swimsuits,lingerie, pants, bodysuits. "Vintage cut" so you're correct and its totally in her element with her vintage self. The thong sticking out of her pants is particularly dated and was hideous in the mid-2000s when it was popular. Usaggy Hoe lewks.
OT sperg but you can't hardly find low rise skinny jeans and its infuriating. Even skinny girls look like they got a baby bump and long butt. Only cute with a pose and filter, not irl.

No. 150543

Kevin's next meltdown when?
I swear I really don't get how they haven't broken up yet, I guess some people just need relationship drama to live…

No. 150596

Lori doesn't have anyone else to wrap around her finger, and Kevin doesn't have anything else period.

No. 150600

File: 1621296526163.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1242x1998, 24E99F06-4DAD-4A3B-AA12-D60003…)

Imagine being at a grocery store and seeing a nearly 40 year old woman with tacky horns on

No. 150602

it is so fucking hilarious imagining either of them walking around utah. it’s such a super conservative state where both men and women tend to dress modestly.
you really don’t see a whole lot of “extravagant” styles outside of SLC and teenagers kek

No. 150604

With all the filters used in this photo gotta be funny to see a crappy old looking lady in shitty makeup walking around with horns on people thinking it’s a crack whore on drugs

No. 150605

it’s funny she’s bragging about wearing horns like she gets brownie points. there are all kinds of different looking people in the world wearing different things it does not make her any extra special like she’s the only one that dresses so different and horns have been trending for a long time now I love how original she thinks she is.

No. 150606

Kek the angle of the photo makes the one on the right look like a dog dick

No. 150611

Not to kitty fag post but kitty wears horns in almost every tiktok she posts. Lori is still skin walking/copying and seething kitty

No. 150613

Fucking sage please. No one cares about that whore.

No. 150616

We know. Please sage.

No. 150629

>serving people of walmart realness

I hope a Utah anon comes across them similar to how Kaka once was spotted in Walmart, then had massive spergouts over candids being out there.

No. 150690

How long until we get a wild candid of Lori in a walmart or something? There's no way she doesn't get stared out of places any time she leaves her home like that. If I saw a 40 year old wannabe e girl hobbling around in platforms and horns I would absolutely post her to a people of WalMart type site. She's the evolved form or people who wear cosplay to stores in small towns. Just make those people extremely slutty, like they have deep seated issues with sex type slutty, and give them 0 swagger or sex appeal.

I almost hope this thread dies a bit so Looni can rebuild her confidence and go out in the world to make us more milk, kek.

No. 150695

File: 1621357410216.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1125x1946, 3F86F303-C7BD-4D2F-BD08-4A2790…)

God they are so annoying, well here’s the 60th time he’s removed everything of her

No. 150701

Does he remove and re-add her content manually each time? or is it a softblock/block thing?

No. 150708

Those people are also usually teenagers

Who is this stuff aimed at? Coomers don't care if she wears horns and elf ears to the grocery story. Teenagers might find it intriguing, but she's not really followed by teens, they have other teens doing this stuff they can follow

No. 150726

he just hide the posts

No. 150812

File: 1621442429385.png (1.37 MB, 1175x2048, Screenshot_20210519-093946.png)

Does Lori even make enough money to break off her lease or is that why she's still there playing dress up? For someone who's so scared and at risk she seems pretty comfortable and unpacked. Having known ACTUAL abusive situation, no victim just waits. If it's life or death and animals or kids are at risk, nobody just gives up and goes back to playing around in the same home as their abuser. Like clearly she isn't even playing along to stay safe, there's legitimately no threat. Trying my hardest not to A-log but I don't believe this woman has ever been a victim in her life. It baffles me how strongly she reacted and reached out and how silent she is now like nothing happened.

No. 150819

"影响者" lol fucking cringe

No. 150820

Does it even say influencer?

No. 150821

It’s because she genuinely is not a victim and is only trying to manipulate others into thinking she is so she can continue to float along through life and keep people on her back burner in case she needs them. She did the same thing with Rikki. She constantly cried abuse but always ran back to him… even after she started dating Kevin.

No. 150827

This looks horrifying, what's the blue stuff on the way to her vag?

She really gave up on trying to hide how messy her room is.

No. 150832

I wish she would Clean her room.

No. 150834

It’s a very very VERY blurred out version of an old tattoo I believe.

No. 150841

File: 1621453220927.png (53.23 KB, 1080x402, Screenshot_20210519-123744~2.p…)

Not Kitty-fagging but I wonder if this is her talking about Lori and acting like she forgot her?

No. 150848

It does, anon. But it looks and sounds stupid because it's so obviously Google translated she might as well buy the ones that say chicken noodle soup on it. Plus the font is ugly asf.

No. 150862

It literally means influencer as in someone who influences, but it's not the term used for the type of online influencer she considers herself

No. 150867

How long until someone messages the brands about this ewhore and tells them how obsessed she is with another ewhore and how she bragged about stealing said ewhore’s husband. She’s just as old and as much of a cow as lorena now

No. 150874

Not wking but Kitty hasn't even done 1/4th of the shitty shit that Lorena Pig has. She's an ethot who probably had a hand in a breakup who seeks attention on KF sometimes, and thaaat's about it. That's not much to be cancelled over.

And Lori wasn't married to Rikki, they were just dating from what we all know. She probably wishes that she were married to him instead of being stuck with a cringelord sabotaging her "career" online tho topkek

No. 150875

Shh, don't engage with the "anons" who periodically bring her up

unless Kitty does anything explicitly about/to Lori, she's just a million other too-old, 2000s anime weeb "e-girls".

No. 150879

Seconding this. This thread isn’t for Kitty it’s for Loony so unless something directly relevant between them comes up then I don’t think we should be discussing Kitty here. Take her to the ethot thread and stop being getting off topic by bringing her maybe, maybe not shading Loony.

No. 150883

It’s Kitty self-posting. If we all ignore and not engage, maybe she’ll go away

No. 151057

Holy shit late af but I'm literally crying laughing bless you anon

No. 151070

File: 1621629310756.jpg (70.33 KB, 640x640, e8mazyvna5911.jpg)

I found this old photo on reddit, probably already posted somewhere but it's yet another photo where she looks nothing like her edits.

No. 151073

Why is her ass literally a box in the back here? What kind of proportions are these topkek

No. 151080

OT but does anyone know where the black top is from

No. 151081

probs from dolls kill but I'm sure you can find an identical one for much cheaper on amazon or something

No. 151093

Lori isn’t someone Kitty forgot existed. Kitty is on the farms in the Lori threads daily. Must be some other hoe she’s planning to steal a boyfriend from.

No. 151100

It’s the hip armor

No. 151114

you kitty spergs are annoying. Go make a thread about her stop shitting lori's thread, who fucking cares.
I'm lowkey starting to think all these retards are lori posting since she has no outlet to bitch about kitty anywhere else.

No. 151116


In case you hadn't noticed, this is NOT a Kitty thread. This IS a Lori (and Kevin) thread that Lori (and Kevin) rightfully deserves for mass amounts of bullshit behavior.

Anons, can we agree to a "No Kitty Sperging" rule for all Lori threads unless there's direct Lori drama involving Kitty?


Agreed. I'm guessing that an official "No Kitty Sperging" rule on all Lori threads would shut down one of Lori's last available avenues to:

1) wow us with her exceptional "trolling" skills
2) continue to avoid addressing any of the allegations here or on KF

Lori and Kevin are cowardly pieces of human garbage. Let's keep the focus on them.

No. 151132

File: 1621672668574.jpg (108.88 KB, 993x1280, IMG_20210522_013659_685.jpg)

Lori has grown self conscious of her witchy hands and is hiding them with sleeves lol

No. 151137

Omg no one cares about Kitty but the 6 responses to the retarded posts about her are just as annoying and clog the thread just as much jfc

No. 151142

The ring light and her phone being visible in the reflection is a reminder of how sad she is.

The bottom half of her face is starting to look like those long nosed monkeys.

No. 151146

Imagine being almost 40 doing this in your home. How has Lori not necked herself? Her life is a total fucking joke

No. 151162

File: 1621697468377.jpg (678.55 KB, 1066x1777, 20210522_103040.jpg)

Kevin's posting her shit on Reddit again.

No. 151163

That hip shoop is absolutely fucking atrocious. They didn't even try to hide the shoop. Fucking sad kek.

No. 151164

Baffled by how her content can continually decline despite her having all her most wanted shoes and dresses. You have everything you want and THIS is the level of content you put out? Hate to say it but at least young Loony tried to look like she tried really hard. Hag loony has given up so much you can see it in her soulless eyes kek

No. 151185

She posts the same thing on repeate. Who wants to look at let alone buy the same fake looking pic of her in the same sad outfit showing nothing. Does she think just flashing her crotch is worth paying for? She doesnt even do anything worth seeing.

As usual, no likes or comments.

No. 151208

She always sits on this weird dirty old coffee table for her pics and I notice it every time

No. 151216

It's cause it shows how uwu smoll and tiny she is! It's a "mini" coffee table as she likes to call it. It's part of her UwU loli delusion

No. 151217

Is she showing her crotch to have sex appeal to cater to men right? Why would men want to look at a chick with a red noise and a sunburn and a duck face like someone said before men hated the duck face I’m sure they still do hate it now Lori wants to be so anime they all have tiny lips and yet she’s trying so hard to look like she’s got something but there are no lips to be seen

No. 151232

Lori reminds me of The Grinch

No. 151240

She keeps calling it "the spice", is that what other thots call it or just her?

No. 151340

I’m convinced part of the reason her shit doesn’t sell is because no one has any idea what “the spice is.” I also have no idea why she doesn’t use the swipe up feature on Instagram instead of link in bio, since she has more than 10k followers

No. 151341

They're bots that's why. She's also scammed her way on the Amazon influencer program even though nobody gives a fuck what the hag buys.

No. 151346

File: 1621727216349.jpeg (432.46 KB, 1125x1286, F9A1FBA3-A21A-48E2-85C6-B3F94E…)

She’s must have bashed Kevin’s head in the dresser and all his glitter brains came out hahaha

No. 151347

Wtf that actually looks like blood spatter. That's really creepy. I wouldn't put it past Looni to bash his head in. She's a psychopath after all.

No. 151351

Yeah a lot of her followers are esl assuming they aren't just bots. Maybe they don't know lol

No. 151358

Probably because the dirty carpet is hard to edit.

How many more parts of her does she have to hide or shoop? Hair, face, hands, nose, lips, cheeks all hidden in just this pic.

There's nothing unedited of her in the non-OF pics. That's why nobody cares to see more of this old goofy woman.

No. 151359

File: 1621735188171.png (3.07 MB, 1562x1323, ____.png)

Lori let Kev use her "backdrop" again.

No. 151361


. . . I hate cosplay.

No. 151363

File: 1621737029204.png (1.97 MB, 1051x2048, Screenshot_20210522-192950.png)

What is this retarded face?! Why can the two of them not just make normal faces?

No. 151366

File: 1621737295143.jpeg (227.33 KB, 1242x2058, 21627DD7-5447-4762-866D-196514…)

That face when MOO sends her minions to troll Lori.

No. 151367

He makes that stupid face in EVERY single pic of him in that cosplay. I've never seen the anime. Does that character make that face a lot? I've seen other cosplayers as the same character before and they don't make that ridiculous face.

No. 151369

File: 1621738454383.gif (392.25 KB, 480x260, 36F6AC86-F933-40FB-8838-5F27A1…)

Is he serious?

No. 151372

His face when finding out Lori posted pen vids on OF and still nobody is subbing.

No. 151373

Holy shit I actually screamed irl at this I'm dying

No. 151384

File: 1621748401886.jpeg (552.37 KB, 800x1000, A15A30B0-F600-45D9-B9A6-06FAC7…)

I've never seen the anime but I think I found the picture that inspired him

No. 151395

Yea that character does make weird faces but still, that dude completely misses the mark trying too hard to mimic it. That's why so many western cosplays look like shit. They try too hard to re-create facial expressions from animated characters that just look ridiculous on real people. It's the same with the western cosplay scene doing ugly makeup to recreate anime character's features but end up looking like clowns because you can't translate these looks onto real people.

No. 151435

File: 1621780032329.jpg (58.3 KB, 570x855, il_570xN.1715742693_alt2.jpg)

Bakugou is always angry but he never makes this retarded face. Here's the expression of a mad Bakugou from a decent cosplay for comparison.

No. 151436

thats not any better, a ftm who is holding in a shit

No. 151503

Cause Instagram will reduce your reach if you use swipe ups (dunno why cause it’s their feature?) or if mention onlyfans (so like www.onlyfans.com would flag her account)

No. 151541

You have to be an official influencer aka have the blue check mark to use that feature. Lori will never get one lol

No. 151566

Either a blue check mark or more than 10,000 followers

No. 151567

You can't do swipe ups directly to onlyfans on IG, they'll delete her account for sexual solicitation. She needs to get a redirect URL to use swipe up but we all know she's too stupid for that lol

No. 151583

Can you imagine Kevin having to ask Lori (who never leaves or cleans her room) to take his cosplay selfies in the middle of whatever she was doing. cringe.

No. 151591

File: 1621821557009.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1242x1578, 07105437-5A83-4A87-B49C-04378A…)

Looks like he’s doing the long thing again. Isn’t that a thing on Meitu or other apps where you can elongate yourself?

No. 152389

This is such a nitpick but posing with his big fabricated weapon in front of the princess bed makes no sense. If he wanted the red lighting he could just apply a filter to a picture, so either he doesn't pay any attention to details after all or he wanted to use the backdrop specifically because it's Lori's

No. 152409

Yes he is using the height tool. You can safely assume both Lori and Kev use every single Meitu feature available under "beautify"

No. 152424

Are you that Asian Cosplay Supremacist guy from /cgl/

No. 152427

His teeth bother me and this ‘expression’ adds 10 pounds to his chins

No. 152446

He looks like the deformed resident evil baby kek

No. 152517

Lori blocked Kevin on Instagram again and all his likes are gone from her photos lol. This has happened hundreds of times.

No. 152518

Is it so hard for them to just go outside and get pics in natural light?

This room is a cluttered mess of trash and no matter how many filters they use everything looks awful.

No. 152525

Why is it so difficult for them to break up? The repeated blocking/unfollowing episodes were interesting at first. Now they are as ridiculous and repetitive as Lori’s duckface. Just break up and move on to healthier relationships. Or be single and focus on yourselves.

/saged for rant

No. 152537

it baffles me that he goes crawling back to her every single time. they obviously block each other for a reason, right?? yet without fail a week later he’s promoting her insta and onlyfans and liking all her photos again. i don’t understand it at all.
why are they like this. fuck. it’s so embarrassing.

No. 152578

File: 1621911261973.jpg (87.08 KB, 1137x1280, IMG_20210524_195237_118.jpg)

Lori: Haters say my body is fake!

No, we say your face is fake and your photos are edited.

Bonus Lori telling a dude to pay for her bellybutton pics.

No. 152586

I mean, if anyone saw that huge dent in her chest they’d hope it was fake too. It’s so fucking gross yet fascinating when she does those semi-side poses. Like looking at a modern day freak at the freak show. She’s our Dented Chest-Chan.

No. 152596

File: 1621915813929.jpeg (325.13 KB, 1242x1855, 2F032AD5-786D-40C1-83C1-9D4131…)

Kevin needs to piss on her alternate suit.

No. 152598

File: 1621915899409.jpeg (207.15 KB, 1242x1443, 1E874516-CBAD-432F-8262-FC9F14…)

I’m surprised it zips up over her lego vag. How can Kevin be so complacent.

No. 152604

Nice New nail color /set. Too bad that money couldn’t be put towards your vet bills.

No. 152613

Nice? Bitch has salad fingers hands lmfao

No. 152618


Imagine being this delusional about what you really look like.

Did she… draw and blur all over her knuckles to hide the wrinkles? Her hands look like noodles now. It's almost impossible to see what her pictures are of because of all the layers of filters.

No. 152624

A poster over on KiwiFarms pointed out that in this shoot, she has a pic or two where the sleeves aren't pulled up over her hands and then it switches to pics of the sleeves covering her hands as if she forgot until partway through shooting lol.

No. 152756

She's reposting an old shoot yet again. Guess money is tight.

No. 152874

He looks like he just realized he shit himself

I feel like being ok with your gf having an OF (still cringe) and being ok with your gf suggestively telling internet dudes about her easy crotch access are kind of different levels, this is just sad

No. 152927

Kevin doesn't care about Lori advertising her pussy zipper. If anything he's going to help grandma roll out the "rustic" coffee table and the dildo. Lori is a possession to him like a trophy wife. He's so delusional and caught up in having "boo'd her up" that he thinks he's got it better than the simps. He believes that somehow living in the same apartment and having pity sex (if that) makes him not a simp. Even if Lori said it to his face he wouldn't believe it. In fact, she literally has and he acted like it never happened. Kek. It's not sad, girls. It's hilarious.

No. 153027

File: 1622090991452.jpeg (236.97 KB, 1125x683, AF0F60C4-CE84-4A4B-817D-5A1A46…)

you shouldn’t go to cosplay conventions if you have such a weak immune system I’m sure that’s her excuse for not getting vaccinated
I love how they say they are so broke then Lori makes it sound like she can just drop money on a boob job if she really wanted to but
>>really do love
her flat dented in smol boobs like you should be getting that hole in your chest fixed before even thinking about tits stupid hoe

No. 153066

Oh, it's Doe Deere. Cows of a feather herd together.

No. 153093

I don't ever want to hear them crying for ferret money ever again.

No. 153103

not to wk lori of all people, but the chest cavity nitpick is getting so old, its a birth defect, im sure if she could fix it it would have been done in childhood

No. 153104

File: 1622123614393.jpg (85.38 KB, 898x1280, IMG_20210527_065204_180.jpg)

Kevin double posting Lori in r/cosplaygirls. 9 and 29 upvotes, no comments.

No. 153117

Yeah you would think they would have taken care of her teeth as a child also and her mental health so

No. 153164

I just got to the part of the game. thanks for the kek

No. 153191

Can't afford cheek injections but acts like a boob job was a possibility. Sure Lori.

No. 153193

File: 1622157465598.jpeg (85.47 KB, 1242x530, 3CD7CEC0-FB7F-4AA9-9D43-A71629…)

Anon on OF can you message Lori ?
Good for you Kevin! Loris only talking to paying customers now. I hope somebody on there messages her and will WK and take her away from Kevin

No. 153206

Its weird that she shills this on her personal FB to her real life friends. They don't want to see your weird nudes Lori

No. 153249

Lorena we all know you haven't gotten your tits done because A) you're fucking poor, and B) no plastic surgeon would touch you with that concave chest issue.

No. 153283

Who the fuck is saying she did get a boob job?

No. 153300

I don't think they were saying she has, but that these are reasons why she can't get one kek

No. 153324

Loony is pretending she can afford one, even though she can barely pay her vet bills.

No. 153472

She's got a new simp on Twitter who keeps retweeting her and calling her waifu. Look out Kev, this guy might take your place.

No. 153474

Ma'am this is an image board

No. 153478

File: 1622323265277.png (2.36 MB, 1082x4657, itsmyhair.png)

This is from January but I don't think it's ever been posted. Lori pretending like her Sailor Moon hair extensions are her real hair and then calling her hair legendary and perfect lmao.

No. 153493

File: 1622328440940.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x1978, E1E987E1-7D24-460B-A9A3-B7C19E…)

No. 153516

File: 1622343681098.jpg (90.92 KB, 689x637, NINTCHDBPICT000575504118.jpg)

>my hair is legendary
>it just means my hair is flawless

No. 153524

File: 1622349072412.jpeg (239.75 KB, 1024x768, lorishair.jpeg)

Lori please. Your hair looks like this, but drier.

No. 153532

Loony still larping as a beauty who can cosplay Sailormoon shows how little her smooth brain has changed in 20 years.

No. 153547

It's crazy to me because her actual hair is about an inch or two below her shoulders and she gets long extensions and tries to pass it all off as her own hair and it's just as much of a lie as a wig is? When people ask about your "wig" they're talking about the two feet of artificial hair you're clipping to your head, Lori. Not your average shoulder length hair underneath it. Maybe this is just an extension (lul) of her "at a store in town!" non-answers.

No. 153725

File: 1622491816276.png (1.55 MB, 1080x1900, Screenshot_20210531-130711~2.p…)

Looks like begging simps isn't enough, now she's trying to bait farmers into buying her OF to nitpick her "bare-faced" (read as: blown out Meitu digital paintings) selfies. Who's actually dumb enough to pay $10/month to see clothed no makeup selfies?

No. 153726

>No makeup
>So filtered face is a single pixel

No. 153731

Golden comment lmfao

No. 153737

File: 1622500404112.jpeg (890.26 KB, 2718x2289, BD2A9759-231F-4112-883A-8B6EE1…)

Yeah with their eyes Blown up 5 times bigger than they really are! she also changed the shape of them why pay money to see a computer image you can’t even see clearly I went to look up this story cause I can’t believe the pixels in this photo it’s so bad yuck her older phone in 2013 took more of clear photos lol

No. 153756

I am simply amazed how deep fried this photo is

No. 153765

Sage and nobody jump on my ass for this, but I wish she dressed her age because she could look infinitely better if she did. There's nothing wrong with aging, Looni. We all do and we all will die. The e-girl shit doesn't suit you. It doesn't suit most people really.

No. 153776

Tbh she looked pretty while she was married to Steven. Her style needed a little help but it was way more suited to her than this bizarre mismatched bikini lingerie platform shoes fiasco she's throwing on every day.

No. 153779

Tbh I think everyone already agrees with you. The egirl thing has never worked for her

No. 153781

>deep fried
>a single pixel

I love farmers. A pre 2010 webcam has more pixels than this. These thots could fire up photoshop and edit themselves properly, but it stands to reason a lazy onlyfans thot couldn't be bothered to do that, and would rather just use a few sliders on an app and send these potato quality photos out into the world.

No. 153799

What is the point of bragging about buying the “best phone money can buy” if you drag the photos through seven hundred filters to the point the image is rough and blurred? You’re so fucking stupid Lori.

No. 153814

Yeah I have the same phone as her and the camera is insanely good. To pixelate one pic so bad she must be putting it through meitu like 10 times

No. 153818

It's amazing how she's figured out how to paint an entirely new face and body over hers but hasn't figured out video filtering. Too stupid to function.

No. 153829

File: 1622566184610.gif (7.6 MB, 554x1200, ezgif-7-266be46d5631.gif)

I fixed Loonie's face, now it looks more accurate. She really just shrinks her face size by 60%

No. 153831

It’s crazy because the photo to the left really looks great but for some reason she decides to wanna look like anything but that?

I guess having a jaw really makes e-girls hate themselves. That’s really sad to know tbh

No. 153832

It's less hating their jaws and more forcing proportions and bone structures that only exist in small groups of people. Most of the time, they're really just editing based off anime faces and bodies. That's why most e-girls faces and bodies have terribly fake shapes. It's not even a lack of editing knowledge or being lazy they just genuinely think people will believe it and call them "real life anime". Hence why Lori tags every photo of herself #magicalgirl #animegirl #waifu. Her weeaboo brain is so rotted she thinks she can trick everyone including herself into believing her photoshop is natural beauty and genetics.

No. 153833

personally I don't think she looks very good on the left. Her lips are tiny af, her nose looks weird for her face, and her eyebrows aren't arched well/done right. Her jaw has a little bit of a jowl going on her on the left pic as well, she probably has it way worse now. Her anachan shit makes jowls like no tomorrow when you age.

She doesn't look good on her 1000 blasted filters, but I get why she feels so insecure to have to do it, because she isn't really pretty, she looks plain and at some points downright ugly.

No. 153842

Honestly, that’s always been the thing I have found truly fascinating with Lori… the fact that the selfies she post are very clearly edited but she brags about how natural she is and how genetically blessed. If she really was, there would be no need for filters and shitty meitu shoops. Of all people, SHE is the one discrediting herself LOL. It’s actually pretty funny.

No. 153848

This! It’s hilarious cause it’s true she’s only making herself ugly cause she’s the one saying this made-up Version of herself is so beautiful! Making people having higher expectations on how you look she could have and should have been honest how she looks she could be like any other cosplayer you don’t have to look the way she wants to look to sell nudes or to cosplay it just proves more how much she hates her face and how ugly she thinks she is there is proof all over her old photos all over her Facebook she can’t hide the way she truly looks

No. 153864

Skinwalkers are constantly preaching about all the specific things they lack IRL. In Loony's case, every compliment she gives herself points out her insecurities.

Her crusty old mug is in a full face of drugstore makeup. Filters aside, she even erased her nasolabials and warped her jowls so much that her hair is bent. Imagine being so ugly as a "model" that you can't even take simple high res selfies.

No. 153953

I get it.

I definitely find it weird that she claims to look like this when she in fact..does not. Anime AX ( or whatever con she went to ) definitely proved that to be a lie.

Even though she’s not super pretty she doesn’t need to be, I’m sure if Lori just did lil touches to her skin that would be just enough and people would love that too but it’s already too late for that lol

No. 153989

Unless we see a resurgence of covid, it looks like the Fall cons are goong to happen. With Kevin getting into cosplay builds again, will they attend any?

No. 153993

inb4 he gets them banned from at least one con

No. 153995

Not just people who saw her at AX or AX photos, but you would think she would be humiliated knowing people who've known her for over 20 years know she doesn't look like this and see these edits and laugh their asses off.

No. 154016

she is not even ugly imo, but the e-girl thing makes she looks so uncanny valley and weird as fuck.

No. 154019

She’s gonna be too afraid to show her real face at cons, that weakling.

No. 154049

Honestly I think she's delusional enough to believe she does look like that. She doesn't even think when she edits her photos, it's just a going through the motions thing. It's like telling a lie so many times you actually believe it's true.

No. 154071

I think she just hates her face and also explains why she just don’t take Quality photos and just shop them cause then she will have to look at her self and what she looks like cause it’s so ugly to her.

No. 154073

How many other girls on OF have that bad of Quality of photos? Is it normal for their photoshoots look so bad like they put them in meitu bunch of times?

No. 154079

File: 1622672644306.jpg (60.07 KB, 1280x680, IMG_20210602_152335_073.jpg)

How dare you? Lori's selfies are of the highest quality.

No. 154096

File: 1622675856458.jpeg (107.87 KB, 828x440, EC4E4E36-798C-4528-A695-7CDB83…)

“Are you a minor”
“Idk the internet cant come to an agreement”

No. 154103

I would go to AX just to get candids of her and talk to kevin. I feel bad for MOO kevin is going to sperg.

No. 154105

File: 1622678886394.jpeg (949.42 KB, 828x1457, 8110A83D-70DC-43AF-A9A0-434A9A…)

No. 154106

I saw this the other day. The comment that the person made was "This isnt cosplay, it's just soft core porn. Throwing some horns on isnt a costume." Lol.

No. 154108

Exactly. She’s attractive in her own right but Lori needs to realize she could work with what she has instead of photoshopping herself to hell and back.

It’s second handed embarrassment just thinking about how someone will see you irl and be confused cause you look nothing like the photos you post online. I feel bad for the girl.

No. 154144

I'm glad that person said that. It's true, slapping on some horns does not equal an actual cosplay. She should really be wearing the suit or something. Fuckin dumbass Looni.

No. 154174

OT but when do we think Kevin’s internet time-out will be over? I miss him. Maybe he is working hard on his exposé video he said he was gonna make. I miss his truth-talk rants /sadface

No. 154282

I think you guys need glasses, or you need to get out more if you think that she's attractive in any way, especially now. She looks like melting butter with horns poorly fashioned to it.

No. 154283

hair hair looks so dry and crispy. it's insane to me she brags about how her hair is perfect even if it looks like an old straw broom.

No. 154291

File: 1622755808807.jpg (34.56 KB, 570x570, image00023-570x570.jpg)

It just looks cheap and uncared for. Here's a picture I grabbed from a random place with fresh, blended extensions. Hers are old and stringy at the bottom and have never really blended well with her hair. You shouldn't be able to tell in every single photo what is real hair and what are the extensions, especially with the low quality photos she produces, but you can. It's going to look even worse in real life.

No. 154297

whyyy does her bed sag so much get a box spring idiot

No. 154301

File: 1622760237244.png (1.21 MB, 716x874, badhair.png)

Here's a perfect example from her latest post. Every single post where her hair isn't behind her shoulder is like this. The dried bleached real hair is like a chunk just sitting on top of the stringy, thin extensions. I guarantee that IRL, from behind, it will look like she has a helmet of real semi fried hair with the sad little extensions sticking out from underneath. it's not a good look.

Her hair isn't anything special. There are a lot of girls with bleach blonde hair and long extensions. The thing is that she actually puts really little effort and money into it for something that's supposedly a point of pride. It's not a look that you go cheap with and any place that does extensions would do a better job. But she is probably just cheaping out and reusing the same extensions way past their prime. They thin out and lose hair just like your regular hair. The only people who would be impressed with her "legendary hair" are literal teenagers, what she has going on is an actual joke compared to even average salon extensions.

No. 154303

File: 1622760370225.jpg (44.94 KB, 640x480, download (1).jpg)

What Lori's hair probably looks like from behind

No. 154310

Just look at any unfiltered pic of Kevin's hair to know what her hair really looks like.

She does both of their hair bc they're poor af and his looks like shit. Considering he's a decade or so younger than her, and she barely knows how to bleach, her own hair must be ten times worse.

No. 154312

The thing about Extensions if you ever go to a salon is they just don’t slap that shit on like Lori does they layer it so it looks natural her hair is half the length as her Extensions and it does not look good besides she damaged her Extensions the way she combs them you can see all the hair in her bushes she does not take good care of them nor does she take care of anything

No. 154325

File: 1622770391220.jpeg (472.57 KB, 1068x653, 21FC3BF1-C085-4AED-AAD3-8DA392…)

She put on them fake silicone tits again

No. 154330

I honestly can't look away from her hand, wtf is going on there

No. 154341

There's something to be said about how much she shoops herself when her skin looks the same texture as silicone

No. 154346

>i like my smol bobs

Can't believe this retard was saying that when she wears breastplates.

Literally no part of her pictures are real.

No. 154356

File: 1622787335291.jpg (523.49 KB, 973x1104, PicsArt_06-03-11.13.50.jpg)

I can't unsee the face

No. 154368

Holy shit anon LOL

No. 154369

kek anon, amazing. new thread pic vote right here

best part about this specifically is the original photo is a bunch of selfies she self-posted captionless in a past thread to prove her ~ocean eyes~ were real (because it was too hard for her to resist) and this is what she gets instead. you know it makes her seethe, she thought it was a good selfie not realizing it's such a stark contrast to her hyper-filtered impressionist-looking eye-watering "photoshoots" she runs fifty times through meitu.
old Smol Bobs needs all the moments of clarity she can get, keep up the good work.

No. 154371

File: 1622795609173.jpg (262.27 KB, 600x800, 1583450033812.jpg)

samefag but here's the original for context. do enjoy.

No. 154381

This is spectacular omfg

No. 154386

File: 1622808626126.jpg (83.78 KB, 908x1279, IMG_20210604_050844_188.jpg)

Kevin's still trying desperately to promote Lori on Reddit. Most of his efforts have been down voted and have no engagement. That 2 reply thread at the top only has an automod reply so I'm guessing something negative got removed.

No. 154394

rofl imagine being as pathetic as Kevin. How long will he take this? He's probably going to waste his 20s being with Lori.

No. 154403

Holy SHIT I almost choked on my breakfast lmfao

No. 154427

That's why he's my favorite cow. Imagine throwing your life away and posting embarrassing love statuses for Lori. Lol

They just refollowed each other on Instagram today. Wonder how many days that'll last this time.

No. 154428

File: 1622820146240.jpg (80.71 KB, 1280x802, IMG_20210604_082034_328.jpg)

Kevin is DONE with his internet time out!
He and Lori are PISSED at this truth photo.
They are back to following each other on Instagram and Kevin has THE FOLLOWING to say about him and Lori looking like irl anime characters!!!

No. 154432

>we have anime-esq features
>told we look like anime characters by strangers on a daily basis
The delusion never ends, reality only gains more Meitu filters inside his warped psyche

No. 154434

Kevin you get told you look like anime characters because you wear full hologram tracksuits out to the damn store. They aren't talking about you and Lori's facial features, they're saying yall look ridiculous in a nice way

No. 154443

File: 1622823406026.jpg (139.6 KB, 1080x1920, 194290930_3258033607759723_244…)

I'm very sad I missed this tea. Did anybody catch it?

No. 154445

Yeah cause people in Utah to know what anime actually looks like he’s so full of shit Lori herself said she doesn’t come out of her room he’s just butt hurt about this thread again also looks like Lori got some tips on getting a different Inner tube as someone said on this thread way back

No. 154447

>Dye hair candy colors
>Wear anime tshirts
>Wear cosplay pieces like horns in public
"Wow, strangers say we look like anime characters completely unprompted!"

No. 154454

File: 1622828293241.jpg (549.54 KB, 1079x1751, Screenshot_20210604-103715_Fac…)

Sadly no, but he also replied on FB here. He's beyond repair at this point.

No. 154455

Wow he edited this status 7 times lol. That's Vicky Shingles levels of edits.

No. 154460

Kevin I know you're not the smartest person but even you should know that defemination is not something that's easily

A) provable in court in the US system
B) Completely pointless when there are literal FACTS with PROOF everywhere. Most of them come for your own posts for fucks sake!

If you're really that upset by it, please, go to the courts about it, I can't wait see everyone laughing at your face. I can't wait to see the day where lori dumps him for her new cash cow and he'll be regretting these posts so much.

No. 154464

File: 1622830910580.jpeg (80.52 KB, 1170x554, 0A2C39AB-938D-4C05-90E4-3B9AD1…)


Trying to find someone to scrub her bad name from the Internet perhaps? This is not the way.

No. 154466

Wow Kev, you really saved the community by not giving a nobody like Momokun a platform. Good job.

He's so delusional to think he's done anything besides making it all worse. They have no grounds for any of the claims they made. Now he vaguely hints at "crimes" being committed here? Bring on the lolsuit, twink. It's a great way to burn all the money you have cause you're poor as dirt.

Dumb bitch wants to wipe her threads, huh? Does she know her sockpuppet accts defending herself and upvoting her content is entirely public? Does she not know that even if it was stripped, the archives are backed up? This information will never leave the internet until the concept of the internet is obsolete. There's so many places like this that will pick up her drama. Can't wait to laugh at her desperate attempts to stuff her horrendous past under the rug just like she does with her dirty clothes and her couch. Bet the pig is sweating as we speak. You live and love to see it.

No. 154469

Seems the posts about the skinwalker tendencies struck a chord. Thanks Kevin for outing both of your insecurities once again.

Loony is so desperate to change history that she stupidly thinks someone who works at Google would entertain her bullshit, much less be able to help manipulate search results.

No. 154473

lori you dumb bitch, have you ever heard of the streisand effect? Even hyper rich celebs can't 'erase' public information/photos, what makes you think anyone at google cares about some nobody? LOL.

I have a friend who works at google as a backend dev, and I asked him about people requesting for this and he just laughed. Not only is manipulating public info like this highly illegal/unethical (not going to argue google ethics here lol) but even if they WERE to, she's some broke ass nobody, not even someone hyper rich/famous enough to go to the top about it.

Stay mad LORI LEWD that your toxic ass can be easily searched by anyone. SEOs doing gods work.

No. 154483

>crappy people … deserve it
So close to self awareness about why Lori's actions follow them everywhere, fucking lmao

Well, she either wants the search scrubbed or to ditch Kevin for a Silicon Valley sugar daddy

No. 154485

is he still talking about moo? "buying loyalty?"

christ kevin get over it.

No. 154489

samefag but have any of these "crappy people" paid kevin any mind the last however long? has anyone said a single thing?

kevin is the only one who still cares and the friends who say they believe him but won't do anything are prolly tired of hearing about it.

i do not think kevin is on anyone's radar but he thinks of nothing else.

anyone know why he loves lolcow so much but he's never mentioned kiwifarms? everything lori has done in 20 years is very nicely documented on there!

No. 154494


Kevin, as a fellow utah dweller: people are giving out random compliments all the time here - they are just trying to be nice or work in customer service and are hoping for an extra tip.
How desperate do you have to be to let this get to your head …

No. 154515

He removed all those current statuses from his Facebook lol. I wonder what they are so upset about today.

No. 154522

They wont dare talk about Kiwi, they have ever only responded to certain posts with more of their retarded clapback pics. It's way to organized over there for those idiots.

No. 154533

i feel like kevin and lori's only commonality at this point is refreshing this website and freaking out over instagram/facebook comments

No. 154535