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No. 179758

Previous threads:

Taylor R is a “hardworking” “self-made” “successful” former model and Youtuber from Canada whose main claim to fame used to be copying Dakota’s embarrassing 2012-2015 living doll phase. She’s since abandoned this endeavor to copy Casey Neistat, the Kardashians, Jenna Marbles, Safiya Nygaard, and Valeria Lipovesky, among others. In the past, she focused on bad DIY videos and boring 30-minute vlogs in which she recaps serious challenges from her week, including hiring assistants, eating food, drinking coffee, exercising, seeing various scam artists (fortune tellers, naturopathic healers), and getting herself pregnant as soon as possible. Since then, Taylor has entered a narcissistic era, producing such high quality content as:
* How I Became the Most Beautiful Woman in the World
* Hong Kong Fortune Tellers Criticized My Face
* Stuck at Home and Stuck in Life (in my HK customized house that cost millions)
* Surprising Husband with an Outfit from When We First Met
* What I Eat in a Day (flaunting her bones)
* My Husband Picks My Outfits for a Week
* Inside Hong Kong's MASSIVE French Community (featuring Taylor's ignorance of French and inability to do research)
* Ripping Off Other Content Creators (various)

Her husband, Tom Lip, bought her a giant engagement ring from Tiffany’s and a diamond wedding band with the bundles of cash he earns running “digital marketing” companies. One of these companies, MenClub, was exposed for featuring at least 8 underage (age 12-16) girls in skimpy clothing on their site. After news of this spread, Taylor made two videos defending the right of men to ogle children (it’s “cultural”! Don’t like, don’t click!), stated it’s just one or two people who hate her, and insisted that she was never an escort, a claim no one ever made seriously. The purpose of the MenClub “private room” (which requires an individual to vet the applicant’s salary) is still unknown. Taylor claims that it’s for latte-making classes and "cigar nights." Apparently there were a lot of parties with girls though: >>129120 and help navigating hostess clubs in Japan >>129123. Tom's defense of his business ethics throws new light on Taylor's dolly phase, given that he immediately recognized how to make money from Taylor's "innocent" look while still dating her. Tom has denied any responsibility for Menclub’s content and continues to employ the perverted author of all the underage model features. The perv continues to comment on underage girls’ bodies and gets paid to do so. An anon found an article advocating that men date underage girls in the archive.org record of Menclub: >>126757

Most of Taylor's work since she started dating Tom can be traced back to his businesses. Taylor started out by working for BeautyExchange, did work for MenClub (though she denied it), and was promoted by Studio 54. There are probably many other connections between Tom and Taylor's "success," despite her insistence that her "success" is separate from his. (He finances the entire lifestyle she displays on her blog.)

Taylor has started her own business, TOAT, which is a complete rip-off of Gwyneth Paltrow’s goop website, right down to the code, which her web designer copied and pasted from goop >>121540. TOAT is meant to be a lifestyle website, but is rarely if ever updated with articles; those that exist are practically useless. The real purpose of TOAT is to sell overpriced basic clothes with a huge mark-up for shipping and give Taylor the opportunity to be a model without actually having clients book her. Taylor refuses to discuss whether the cheap-looking products sold on TOAT are made ethically or where they come from (but she toured the packaging center! Because that’s important). Among her eternally sold-out products are a number of knock-offs, the most notable being the bee earrings sold by TOAT (rip-offs of Chanel’s bee earrings). Interestingly, TOAT is now the owner of the domain menclub.hk, and it seems Tom’s employees are listed as employees at TOAT. Yet there’s zero evidence of TOAT being registered as a valid tax-paying company in HK or in Canada. TOAT is now dead: Taylor’s reasons for this include “you guys wanted more sizes” (other than ‘one size’), “you guys want to know where things are made,” and “COVID caused many packages to get sent back.” Oh, and she abandoned TOAT to become a TikTok star.

Taylor still manages to be relatable after “giving up” modeling by purchasing two condos with Tom’s money (one in downtown Toronto, one custom-built in Hong Kong) and flying back and forth between them. Her new full-time jobs include getting her face thoroughly frozen with botox/fillers, getting free staycations from luxury hotels, going to expensive restaurants, traveling in first class & by helicopter for no reason, and getting pregnant by Tom. Thanks to the miracle of modern science, she finally ac

She got IVF during a pandemic despite barely trying to conceive naturally, and after an embryo stayed in her for 2 weeks before jumping ship, she and Tom decided to “take a break” from IVF for a year. After begging people not to ask if she’s pregnant or tell her she looks pregnant, she started a fake-out “infertility series” in September 2021. After telling people it wasn’t a pregnancy announcement and using her friend’s stillbirth to wring more sympathy out of her followers, she announced that modern science had in fact located water on Mars – wait, no – an embryo stranded in her uterus. So the series was all a ploy for clicks after all, no surprise there. We were treated to many handmaiden-esque shots of Taylor injecting herself and crying over her “inability to make Tom a father.” Meanwhile, savvy anons pointed out that the result of her IVF cycles revealed Tom’s sperm are fucked up and can barely fertilize eggs even when trapped in a petri dish with a bunch of them. Taylor yelled at a cowtipper who accused Tom, who is “in his low 40s” kek) of contributing to their inability to get pregnant.

Anything that happens in her life (such as an ovarian cyst, COVID, her assistant leaving to do more worthwhile work, or a 2-week old clump of cells exiting her uterus) is immediately used and milked for views from her teenaged followers and brainless stans, whom she brainwashes with her unique blend of stupidity, pseudoscience, and defenses of her (and her husband's) moral failings.

Beware the white knights and stans in Taylor’s thread. Focus on the milk and ignore the filler, farmers.

Taylor’s Links:

Tom Lip's controversial site for men: https://www.menclub.hk/

Old links (no longer updated):

No. 179760

By the way, these are all Taylor's own thumbnails, and I could have easily made a grid with 20 of them. These faces are all she can do to approximate emotion now.

Do you think she will tell us where to get pregnancy-safe botox? Since she's busy telling us everything else in and around her body is pregnancy-safe….

No. 179761

Thank you for making the new thread anon, op pic is perfect and amusing additions to the thread summary. Good thinking to add Tom in the thread title too.

No. 179762

Brilliant thread pic

No. 179765

I only feel bad that I didn't have time to do all the autistic linkbacks to previous thread posts but I felt a few are sufficient anyway. I didn't write anything that didn't happen or isn't documented. Ugh, and there's a sentence fragment, sorry about that, wish I could edit.

I saved more pics so we can make future collages. Not that I have to save them, she's not going to take them down.

No. 179840

Damn anon you hit this out of the park. Nice work!

No. 180068

I honestly thought her infertility struggle shit was just to pacify hubby so she won't have to actually have a baby to ruin her body? I guess she went through with it though.

No. 180147

File: 1635930811400.jpeg (188.22 KB, 828x1296, FEE7B887-0F05-469A-967B-45CA25…)

Kek at her figure and trying to desperately squeeze into her old clothes

No. 180162

why do this to yourself?

imagine how intense they must keep the a/c in that house, given that she is always wearing sweaters and sweatshirts in the middle of Homg Kong's brutal summer. It's still 27-28C every day there.

No. 180290

She's so terrified of becoming like her fat sister lol

No. 180320

I noticed she's always wearing sweaters. I never understood why she never dressed appropriately for the weather. I know she misses the real fall weather but still.

No. 180340

It’s actually more like 24C here nowadays and most people have started to wear sweaters and jackets. However, I agree that at home she shouldn’t need to wear them or have the A/C on anymore.

No. 180346

it's more the fact that the whole summer she was dressed in sweats and sweaters, which even I couldn't wear in much milder temperatures. HK summer is a nightmare of heat and humidity, how frigid is their apartment, then?

No. 180348

File: 1636039555311.png (1.68 MB, 1080x1348, IMG_20211104_162316.png)

I stumbled upon a controversy, that Taylor got Rosies ears chopped professionally to make her look more teddylike, but others claim its only the fur that was removed. people in the comments kept arguing about it with no definite answer.

No. 180349

good god, this is "cropping". The ears were surgically removed.

No. 180358

I don’t like Taylor but a lot of people here in HK are used to wearing layers in summer because the A/C is freezing in public places. As for Taylor, she probably doesn’t need to be in the heat much anyway so she can most likely get away with wearing whatever she wants (especially since Tom is paying).

No. 180360

Great work on the new thread, anon!

No. 180364

this is a thing?? good god she's a monster

No. 180367

File: 1636044548375.jpg (55.64 KB, 643x459, 546547658799.JPG)

I hate "Taytay" so this would have been another reason to hate her so I went and checked but Rosie still has those floppy ears. Do your research.

No. 180406

why do her bike shorts look they're painted on in mspaint? that ass cannot be real, you do not just gain weight in your ass and keep little stick legs like that …

No. 180410

LMAO wow I wonder

No. 180419

File: 1636056449506.jpg (250.54 KB, 1349x1687, 3 vs 5.jpg)

I'm glad someone else brought this up because…where is said ass in this photo she just posted on Instagram, with caption comparing 3 months vs 5 months pregnant. Either she edited her butt out of this image or she's editing it into the other ones.

No. 180428

how the fuck did she achieve that look of short stubby ears then?!

No. 180430

What's that term for posting a picture, seemingly innocent but for everyone informed evidently posed to show how uwu thin a person is? Because there's no fucking reason she needs to be in her bikini to show her bump get bigger. She's fishing for "omg you're pregnant and still so thin!!". She had such a difficult time with getting pregnant and now she's probably starving this child by desperately trying to not gain weight.

No. 180431

And here she was an anachan before growint the bump.

Can it possibly be she photoshops the dog in her instagram pictures? in the videos she has vague flaps,
in the photos they are stubby and short wtf

No. 180447

She doesn't know how to exist without being this vain. I honestly hope she gains a ton of weight in the third trimester, postpartum, or when they try for girl baby. She seriously needs a reality check and no one should go through 33+ years of life without any real world problems. Like oh no her grandpa died and she was """chubby""" as a child and her creep ass husband demanded she get fertilized if she wanted to stick around. She needs to fuck off and be a parent for 5 minutes once this baby is born.

No. 180493

You are absolutely right, since everything else is exactly the same. I won't watch her videos until they are uploaded on a non-YT site (don't support pedophile apologists, puppy farm supporters, and rich grifters) but her latest one seems to be about oh boo hoo my bodyyyy is chaaaanging.

No. 180497

File: 1636093502359.jpeg (304.71 KB, 750x1235, ED3CA305-3AC8-4456-8670-DFF7BB…)

Yeah she posted this on Instagram in addition to the video

No. 180498

File: 1636093527011.jpeg (387.45 KB, 750x1247, A090F04A-C477-4FC9-958C-B1B15A…)

No. 180501

Tell me you have an ED without telling me you have an ED.
>M-muh control!

No. 180513

Too many people glorify pregnancy, it's an awful thing to go through and can oftentimes cause permanent damage to your body.
I'm glad she's not completely pretending everything is fine, people need that reality check that pregnancy isn't as magical as everyone makes it out to be.

No. 180514

She sounds a bit cray in the last paragraph, and should probably stop saying "before he was inside me" in reference to her son.

Wait till she finds out your teeth can fall out, hair can fall out…gaining some weight is nothing. Take your vitamins and keep eating, who gives a fuck about weight gain. You could've afforded a surrogate anyway.

No. 180546

Right? The amount of red flags in that caption and the latest video. Oof.

No. 180548

I knew it, all the recent pics/videos of her showing off her bod, "cHaNgEs" always seemed like such a self-cope.

No. 180558

Wow hello eating disorders
We always knew it
I mean, pregnancy sucks and it’s way too glorified, but wow

No. 180575

I hate how she normalized eating disorder behaviors and got so many people defending her about it. "She's a model! She has to!" No, lol. A lot of models are naturally skinny or whatever. She doesn't have to do a god damn thing. She chose this and marketed it to teens as a normal, healthy body/food relationship. It's fucked up as hell and she ought to apologize.

She's also lowkey fearing the Botox wearing off since idk if they will inject very pregnant women.

No. 180614

This might be nit-picky, but it always bothers me when people write "struggling mentally". If she were to write just "I sometimes struggle with the changes" in the first sentence and "My son has challenged me physically and emotionally" in the last paragraph, the meaning would be unchanged, especially since when people speak of having emotional challenges it is often understood to be related to the mind (where we process emotions). Her need to put an unnecessary "mentally" in this post twice just screams "Pity me because mental disorder!" I could just be feeling overly bitchy, though, because so many cows are using mental health issues as fun personality quirks these days.

No. 180629

she has always seemed to eat extremely healthy as well as working out. I guess she started as a pre-teen since she was fat as a kid. I can honestly understand how a person can develop a complex about gaining weight after working hard to stay in shape for more than half of their life. I don't think she is restricting or anything of that nature (she could've been tip-toeing the line in the past though), rather, she is just horrified at a thought of backsliding on her efforts to stay in shape. Accusing her of having an eating disorder now, is really grabbing at some low hanging fruit.

No. 180631

I mean have you seen what she eats even now that she’s pregnant? Pregnant women can even get away with eating more calories a day since they have extra energy expenditure but she’s still eating like <200 calorie starvation meals like a rice cake (because can’t eat bread when you’re starving yourself) with an egg and a slice of tomato on top.

No. 180632

come on. She has gone from "I used to be faaaat (never was) and now I'm a healthy lil angel" to admitting she wasn't menstruating during long periods of time as a model. She freaked out about gaining weight in another video so that she could advertise a weight loss app in the next. When people pointed out her swollen face, instead of saying she got injections, she said she needed to go on a diet.

Her vegan phase was another ED thing, and her gluten intolerance is also bogus. She ate a lot of gluten in her foodie series. But now she's back to eating veggie burgers on lettuce leaves. She asked her doctor several times about whether she is gaining too much weight during her pregnancy. like lol wow. idk it's so fucked up and if you can't see it, well, just wait, because this ride ain't over yet. She probably thinks she can stop her baby from being enormous by not eating, but the baby will leech nutrients from the mother always.

No. 180633

…how can anyone entertain such vapid shit.
Someone tell this tart she isn't special just because she let an uggo nut in her.

No. 180641

It's an IVF baby, you must be new. She avoided direct nutting in this case.

No. 180647

Doesn't mean she hasn't tried before.

No. 180664

it's almost more disturbing because of that, kek

No. 180724

>Accusing her of having an eating disorder now, is really grabbing at some low hanging fruit.
Get a grip WK. She's a vain former model obsessed with her appearance and has had obvious body checks in her photos and videos for years. It's not low hanging fruit, it's common fucking sense, especially paired with the language she uses to talk about her changing body.

It's actually really insufferable to have such little direction and purpose in life that you only care about getting pregnant to secure the bag, and then spend the whole pregnancy trying to show off how slim you still are and crying that people aren't allowed to comment on your hypocrisy and obvious fixation on gaining weight.

No. 180746

the bodycheck/mental health hating starts to get way over the top again, that chick is probably scared shitless and goes through a whole lot of psycho crap right now, of course she is stressed, anxious and tries to keep herself motivated/convinced/sane. However that may look like to her, god beware we can acknowledge she is a fucking human that is flawed and now occasionally terrified of the risks and changed happening, thats not milky, thats impossible not to do. I would too if I had to bear that warthog child and had no skill besides modelling.

No. 180747

calm your raging microtits, kiki.

yeah, but the fact her "son challenged her emotionally" does not logically exclude her having mental problems related to the pregnancy and maybe even the neurologial changes that are bound to happen. I see a huge risk in her of post partum depression as well, no idea if this will end in excessive workouts and starving to get that figure back.

No. 180748

Let's not be nasty, now. She has one other skill in skinwalking. Dakota, Valeria Lipovetsky, the kardashians, Gwyneth Paltrow, etc. I still can't help but wonder how hollow her life must be. It's so odd how she has no qualities of her own, everything about her is constantly an emulation of others. No wonder she wound up with warthog, kek.

No. 180790

this blow-up doll face she makes in the thread pic started when she was a model. she was never that good at modeling unless the face was unimportant for the photo. I imagine her good shots took a lot of coaching, otherwise why does she post these ridiculous clown faces?

No. 180801

I love how she apparently thought only her belly would grow a bit and everything else would be unaffected. she's really buying into all those insta lies, although she herself is spreading them. she ought to know that fitfluencer pregnancies aren't real. I'm so looking forward to her psychosis when she's getting a shit ton of stretchmarks or a c-section. you can always lose weight, but you can't get rid of stretchmarks or big scars. tough luck uwu moderu

No. 180804

Not everyone gets stretch marks and C section scars are usually so low that no one would even see them unless you are naked or wear your pants/skirts incredibly low, which I haven't see Taylor ever do, so I doubt that's going to be a real problem for her.
And looking forward to someone's misery is really low.

No. 180806

>taytay usually wears loose fitted clothes, so I doubt gaining a little weight is going to be a real problem for her

learn 2 sage wk

No. 180807

Sage your shit WK. Taylor profits off the exploitation and sexualization of underage models and likely traffricked women through her toad husband's illicit business practices. Which she defended, because she benefits frok it. She is not a good person and anons can speculate on her shortcomings and fucked up psyche as much as they want to IMO.

With her frame size in comparison to tom, she very likely could need a c-section due to his warthog genes. The scar wouldn't be life shattering for others, but this is taylor we are talking about.

No. 180809

are you retarded? her thumbnails have nothing to do with her modelling, she, as usually, just imitates what every other imbecile does on YouTube - make obnoxious click bait faces so people view. If she gets you to talk about her cringe outside of YouTube to other people, all you prove is that her shit is working its marketing purposes already. Every nutsack who wants cheap clicks does it, it's not specific to her.

No. 180819

Her stupid thumbnails are not what "gets people talking," we have mostly been talking about her morally bankrupt husband and how vain and delusional she is being about the pregnancy. Maybe you should hop on back to yt if you feel the need to defend milady from any perceived slight.

No. 180830

Did you think this was a gotcha?
First of all she's definitely let that uggo nut in her.
Secondly, her big cry about her changing body is made worse by the fact that she chose IVF and knew exactly what she was getting into.

No. 180895

you missed the point entirely. Nobody claimed anywhere it's "what we talk about" here, but strictly referring to her choice of thumbnails, it is something for people to react to and then act upon, resulting either in clicks translating to views or people mentioning how stupid her face always looks in thumbnails around other places of the internet, which therefore gets her name around and/or generates attention again. Anon didn't ask about the thread, they asked why she would make such thumbnails. And your dumbass sperges about me hopping back on youtube whiteknighting lmao good for you bubu.

No. 180915

File: 1636347617344.png (6.34 MB, 1125x2436, D085DACF-A1C0-4AA4-8AED-8975A5…)

she really has no idea how much bigger she’s going to get, does she? look at her mom and that one sister. no going back girl. 4-5 MONTHS left to grow and she’s already posting obsessively about her belly and not fitting into her clothes

No. 180921

idk about the anons with the gleeful
>she's gonna get so much bigger
the only pregnant women I've known did get a larger belly towards the end of the pregnancies, but the rest of their bodies stayed the same. I'm afraid there will be no obese Tay arc that those anons are hoping for, she's definitely gonna exercise and surgery off any excess weight and skin too.
She is definitely bodychecking with this shit though, rather cruel of Tom to put an anorexic through a pregnancy in order to keep her wife-fund when surrogacy was obviously an option, and they were halfway there with the IVF usage.

No. 180930

>I'm afraid there will be no obese Tay arc that those anons are hoping for, she's definitely gonna exercise and surgery off any excess weight and skin too.

Yupp. As soon as that baby pops out it will be handed over to a nanny and Taylor will basically move to the gym.

No. 180940

Agreed anon. I’m neutral about Taylor. She obviously has body image issues, a lot of people address those issues before they turn 30 but Taylor somehow still covertly exhibited ED like behavior into her 30’s.

At the risk of being called a wk, I’d like to say it’s funny to see anons laughing at her pregnant body and fantasizing about her getting stretch marks and shit tho. She is rich, she can afford a PT and will probably bounce back in shape in less than a year. Stretch marks after pregnancy are overrated tbh, if she is worried about them she can always get a tummy tuck or laser too.

No. 180943

Definitely agree with you. She’s not gonna become obese and she likes to go to the gym and eat healthy. She’ll be fine i think. The more annoying i find her bitch about her pants not fitting etc. girl your pregnant. Your baby is priority now and not your vanity. It’s obvious she’s riding on those pregnancy hormones. Girl needs to chill.

No. 180946

I'm not laughing or hoping she'll get stretch marks or loose skin, that's gross behavior. But I hate the way she is posting about fitting into clothes. Literally who buys button-fly jeans "two sizes larger" so they will fit during pregnancy? Those are the absolute least forgiving jeans to fit into. It seems like she is just showing off how only her belly and "butt" doesn't fit into stuff. It's disordered, she's always had an ED and pretended not to. Now she can't deal with it and she doesn't do anything that isn't tied to her appearance, so she's freaking out. Even TOAT was a source of image-based ego fuel for her. No competition, since she's the only model for her sketchy knock-off clothes probably made in sweatshops. Sews her own label in the clothes, how lame can you get.

There's nothing Taylor does or is that really extends beyond her looks. I guess she'll be a mom now, but I hope she has thought about what she will do as she ages. She has started and stopped so many things, including the all-holy grrrlbossbusiness. And let's say something happens, she gets sick/hurt and Tom leaves? What skills does she have? She writes English with errors. She has no original ideas and regularly shows us how she's gullible and dumb. If all that money went away, what would she do? Migrate to more money.

No. 180948

Yeah there are definitely underlying reasons when anons are gleeful about the possibility of her becoming obese and having irreversible effects of pregnancy. (Not that it’s likely to happen: as soon as she gives birth she’ll be back at the gym and getting cosmetic treatments.)
One must be toxic, jealous and pretty milky themselves to shit talk a pregnant woman like that. Before anyone calls me a wk again, idgaf about Taylor. I can’t imagine myself living with Tom. I’d rather stick to slightly younger six figure salary guys with whom I connect better, plenty of them out there.
Stretch marks bo hoo? Like, everybody gets them to some extent and they’re not that bad? Even if a woman doesn’t get laser treatment and only works out after pregnancy they’re not that visible after a couple of years.

No. 180949

This showed us her ED, full stop. That "fat" around her bra(0:57)? She's wearing the wrong size or it's from carrying her bag. It's such a stupid thing to claim is from being out of shape. She complains about her cellulite, pretending changing her body weight or composition is going to change the fact that she's a woman.

The "weight loss app" video was preceded by this one, where she cries about being the heaviest she's ever been: 53.7kg at 170cm. BMI of 18.6. Why did she ever agree to do this ad, knowing that it will look anachan as hell?https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV17W411w73d

No. 180951

Sage for samefagging but what’s the reason behind her puffy mid face? Too much cheek filler or under eye filler migrating? It looks like the weight of excess filler is pulling her face down. Is it not possible to dissolve them?

No. 180957

File: 1636378659109.png (430.93 KB, 537x350, Screenshot 2021-11-08 at 08-37…)

you can definitely tell how small she used to be wow. she looks completely different now

No. 180965

what interest has taylor actually shown in parenting or preparing for baby? friends and family send her baby supplies in every video which she casts off to the side to give twice as much screen time to ketchup chips. all she talks about is clothes and what she's eating. not a word from tom either about what he's looking forward to besides matching shoes…

No. 180975

none. she just likes to buy things so she is excited for that.

No. 180976

>baby supplies in every video which she casts off to the side

Maybe because she's got a nanny lined up she doesn't actually plan on doing any of the childcare stuff. Baby is just a prop for photos like her dog is. There will always be someone to hire to do all the boring stuff, someone to help them study when they're older, it's all covered by staff.

It's weird to realise she is continuing the relatable young woman larp when she's actually settling into a very tradwife lifestyle, "help" included.

No. 180984

File: 1636391602769.jpg (149.73 KB, 720x1175, IMG_20211108_101143_680.jpg)

Tay got Tom this Bitcoin birthday cake.

No. 180988

> "Count all my fav things in side".
Well, I see money. Quite a lot of it actually.

At least not ashamed to admit it.

No. 180991


I felt the same way too. The story that other day where she was trying to force fit into her biker shorts was what pissed me off.
I have two kids. I know what it’s like to be pregnant. Everything so far about her has totally rubbed me the wrong way as a mom-to-be. She put too much emphasis on trying to fit into her old clothes and kept mentioning being mentally challenged by this pregnancy but honey, being mentally challenged is not NEW. Everyone (especially pregnant women) are challenged mentally everyday. I had diabetes during both my pregnancies and had to be on insulin and a super strict diet. But it is a blessing to be pregnant so don't whine about it; especially she is not really showing us the “ugly” side of pregnancy. Her struggling with IVF is also such a hoax to me. To me it sounds like she is insinuating she has a mental illness and trying to get sympathy from followers (who I assume her audiences are younger and wouldn’t know what she’s going through)

No. 180993

The fact Tom's a bitcoin bro is the cherry on the cake, pun intended. Running a dodgy men's website/company featuring 14 year olds and a secret member's area not shitty enough? Why not shill scamcoins along with all the other worst people in society.

No. 180996

oh god, yeah, don't get me started. his Bitcoin shit last winter was fuckin annoying and out of touch

now tay pretends she can't just donate to this charity like rich ppl do. nah we have to shill her dumb video

No. 181000

he had girls as young as 11 and 12 featured there!

No. 181001

why on EARTH would she want to fit into her old clothes now? Let me put it this way. I had an appendectomy and the situation meant they had to make a larger cut. Why not just wear comfortable clothes now? I wore soft clothes for months to help my body feel good in recovery. Why not do this?!

No. 181009


Because she is very self conscious and in order to stay relevant and maintain her status as a “fashion” influencer she has to look the part. She is such a Valeria wannabe. It’s so stupid how she follows no one but it’s so obvious all her inspirations come from her.

No. 181012

there are so many cute, fashionable, and comfortable clothes though. I guess I don't get it. Baggy jeans are back. Covid means loungewear has stuck around. Oversized shirts and knits are still stylish. So work out and be healthy, but idk, just buy new clothes already? She can afford it 1000x over. But that would be too logical.

No. 181021

it was expected she will take any chance she can get to make her pregnancy the topic
it's the last chance she has to pretend to be relevant to her bought viewers before she balloons

No. 181024

This isn't milk. Sage your shit.

No. 181026

this summary is god awful. Quality over quantity, dear.

No. 181068

i think when she gets bigger than Tom is when she’ll lose it

No. 181075

Preggies are only supposed to eat about 200-300 calories more and you really don't need it til the final trimester.

That's essentially an extra snack or slightly heartier normal meals.(learn2sage)

No. 181085

>200-300 calories more
Sounds like some bullshit number you pulled out of nowhere with how variable pregnancies can be.

No. 181087

Even still, underweight women need to gain anywhere from 28-40 lbs, and you know Taylor is going to freak out when she starts getting close to those numbers.

No. 181101

different strokes for different folks…I like it, it's different

No. 181106

My point was she should be eating even more now, but her meals are literally like 150-200 calories each and very disordered/restrictive looking. I didn’t say she should be eating 5 pizzas a day or anything, there’s a middle ground between starving and gorging yourself anachan

No. 181168

I think her meals looks really good, especially what she makes for breakfast. She keeps posting about the tomato, avocado, mayo, and egg sandwiches she makes in the morning.

No. 181173


Totally. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her giving content about her meals (which do look healthy, and that’s great) it’s just her portrayal of constantly trying to show off how she can wear things and still look “bumpless” or attempting to wear clothes she wore pre-pregnant. Lots of people I know (I also live in Canada) work out while pregnant and maintain an active, healthy lifestyle but manage to gain an appropriate amount of weight to sustain a HEALTHY baby. She’s setting a wrong impression to her young viewers trying to be fashionably skinny while pregnant.

No. 181187

Yeah, her fixation on staying as small as possible is like not the point of pregnancy. It's to have a healthy baby. It's so deeply sad to care more about looking bumpless than making sure your body is able to nourish a healthy baby. It gives the impression that she cares more about being model thin than the health of her damn first born child. And then pushes her ED brain logic onto her huge, impressionable audience. And why does she have a huge platform? Daddy warthog. Mess.

No. 181235

You can literally look it up.

Pregnant women are only supposed to eat 300 calories extra.

That is "eating for two" as it is meant to be.

No. 181237

Whatever you say Dr. Ana-chan.

No. 181241


Not sure what the issue is.

I'm not anorexic nor promoting it. What it does to a person is terrifying and many times fatal. I have seen people I know suffer of ED'S. I would never advocate for women to starve their bodies and their developing children.

All I'm saying is the well-documented and universally accepted fact that women need only 300 extra calories in the final trimester.

It surprised me too to learn but that's actually what is healthy. Taylor's eating seems fine to me. Certainly more than 150-200 like someone said. The food often looks good and seems filling.

What she does have a problem with is her acceptance of her changing body. I do believe those "bumpless" pics are a way of coping— that she shouldn't showcase in front of her audience. She's incapable of stopping herself from sharing it though. Seems like she needs public validation.

No. 181259

During the final trimester women need about 450 extra calories: https://health.gov/myhealthfinder/topics/pregnancy/nutrition-and-physical-activity/eat-healthy-during-pregnancy-quick-tips

>>First trimester (first 12 weeks) – Most women don’t need any extra calories.

>>Second trimester (13 to 26 weeks) – Most women need about 340 extra calories a day.
>>Last trimester (after 26 weeks) – Most women need about 450 extra calories a day.

For some reason Americans seem to think it is acceptable and a requirement to gain 50+ lbs when pregnant and eat nothing but junk. Yes, you will gain weight, but it should remain within a specific range and you should actually alter your diet to compensate for the additional nutrients you will be needing.

No. 181262

Have you ever been pregnant? You surely don't sound like it or you have been one of the lucky ones not expereincing any of the very common problems: First you will throw up whatever you eat half of the time, then random smells - including food types - will make you completely sick, while at the same time you will have incredible cravings for all kinds of foods - including unhelathy ones you could not even stand before pregnancy.
So stop shaming woman for gaining 50+ lbs or eating junk during their pregnancy
because they do not have the self restraint of a person with an eating disorder like Taylor.

No. 181270

I'll post caps later, but Tom's birthday dinner included basically everything that pregnant women are told not to eat:
- raw oysters
- raw fish
- wine
- soft unpasteurised cheese

Then he shames Taylor for getting pizza afterwards? Haha so funny, look, I know your birthday should be about what you want, but you just ate a whole meal of foods she won't eat, right in front of her. At one point Taylor just had a salad, while Tom Wank had fancy raw fish. Oh, and don't worry, he had a birthday lunch too, and a big cake and a PS5 and this man is disgusting

No. 181274

All these dumb gym clips. Look how tiny I am everyone! Taylor, you could have used a personal trainer back in the day when you were doing squats and upper body stuff hilariously wrong. Awful form, even dangerous at times.

No. 181277

File: 1636532645337.jpeg (238.88 KB, 765x1090, 4F176B46-DF0B-42DB-823C-A3B314…)

Kek at her butt. Her body looks like before pregnancy though. I hope she shuts up now with her sperging.

No. 181282

Whenever I see videos of her at the gym I wonder how it
is not totally embarassing to her to go to the gym with her assistant (!) and have her film her while working out.

No. 181284

it kind of looks like the padded yoga pants i've seen on taobao.

No. 181286

Why does her ass hang like that

No. 181290

it really looks like foam pads, never seen a hanging ass like this on someone. it looks so fake

No. 181292

She filmed everything she did for so many years, now it's probably uncomfortable for her to do something without an audience…

It looked weird before but it's so ridiculous here. There's no way it's not some plastic surgery.

No. 181296

We need one of the freaks from Dakota's thread to scrape through her content and figure out whether she got a BBL or is just wearing pads to balance out the belly (I imagine that makes sense in her head)

She wore fake butt/thighs for a video before, as a joke so it's very possible.

No. 181304

File: 1636551636028.png (7.29 MB, 1170x2532, AF85E590-7ABA-4FCD-A88D-31DCB7…)


I think during her babymoon at the Ritz she was already gaining a bit of weight around her love handle. Looks like her butt always was kinda flat but wider on the sides. The lululemon tights probably made her butt look more lifted. Definitely looks like she’s gained a bit of weight no matter how restrictive her diet is and how much she’s been hitting the gym. She still has 4 months to go…she’s in for a REAL SURPRISE. Her friend Jessica is the same: petite girl but a HUGE bump. (I’m absolutely not saying there’s anything wrong or bad about that) but these girls will sure be surprised when you stretch that big….it’s gonna be quite a sight after.

No. 181306

Lololll triggered much?

No. 181307

File: 1636553505069.jpg (1016.88 KB, 1027x1429, Screenshot_20211110-091123_Ins…)

Going to the Ritz. In filthy tennis shoes…..how embarrassing(nitpicking)

No. 181308

File: 1636554914007.jpg (273.49 KB, 585x900, ElbowSan.jpg)

Pretty sure he is the type of guy who pressures her to look perfect always (like shaming her for eating pizza wtf dude let her have some carbs), while he looks like a fucking potato on a daily basis….

No. 181312

she got the pizza because she couldn't eat what tom was eating! And maybe the other options didn't appeal to her? or they had a set menu? As >>181270 said, it's prettt fuckin rude of him to eat literally every food preggos are supposed to avoid right in front of her. I bet he topped it off with a big fat cigar.

No. 181318

Well.. she didn’t marry for love so she just has to accept who he is. Some people are just that materialistic. God knows how she copes with it tbh, but then again she literally can have anything she wants so who cares if my husband is a potato right??

No. 181322

No, just more understanding and compassionate towards others than you.

No. 181324


Anything to have a half asian baby for aesthetic purposes. I hope it's a boy and not a girl.

No. 181333

it has to be a butt pad or something
if that's her real ass, I feel bad for her

No. 181339

She confirmed its a boy

No. 181341

File: 1636571174246.png (347.58 KB, 1080x1015, Screenshot_20211110-210522.png)

in her video when she is in the bikini, it's not there

No. 181342

bet taylor could've gotten pregnant without ivf treatment if she had chosen a sperm donor. he looks like his cum smells rotten

No. 181350

>all this elaborate angling and leaning back to disguise the fact that Tom's a manlet

No. 181376

If you're pregnant and that insecure that you don't want anyone around you to ever enjoy other food, you're crazy. That's such a stupid thing to even think of, anon. It's not rude, it's food. She'd be legit crazy if she told him he's not allowed to eat certain things because she is pregnant, even if it was just a diet too.

Sage your retarded nitpicking about how much weight someone should gain while pregnant.

No. 181378

Considering bitcoin is going to be restricted in China, this should be interesting. Unless he's investing it in US coins.

No. 181383

literally everything he ate, she could not eat, and then he mocked her for getting pizza "after a nice French meal." It's negging.

No. 181403

And we've seen her be mocking towards him before. I think it's their dynamic, anon, not actually being malicious that she can't eat anything.

No. 181405

Tom isn't going to drop Taylor for you anon, unless you're like 14. No need to justify his dickish behavior. It's inconsiderate. Married couples usually celebrate things together? So like it's weird to have things catered exclusively for you with no consideration for the soon to be mother of your child? Let her have some pizza.

Also what negative things has Taylor said about him? I'll wait.

No. 181412

You're reading way too much into what I said. Get your gross fanfiction out of here. I'm not Taylor, you retard. Your vendetta is showing.

No. 181435

File: 1636611274649.jpg (1.13 MB, 1500x1500, BeautyPlus_20211111075317670_o…)

Forgive my reddit spacing and length.

It was easiest to use the weeb app to make this collage, sorry. That's every pic Tom posted from the restaurant+ his negging. Imagine, for example, being a vegetarian and your partner wants to celebrate his birthday at a moid steakhouse where you can only eat bread and salad. Or you're not allowed to eat or drink some things for medical reasons, but your partner has a meal consisting of every one of those things, right in front of you.

There is no reason why Tom could not save this hedonism for next year or go out with friends there, and ask to celebrate his birthday somewhere where his pregnant wife can enjoy more of the meal.

Sure, I'm just making dumb conclusions, like everyone else on this site. But as I was flipping through the pics (simply out of food interest) I thought, "this has to be a joke! he didn't… did he?!" It just got weird.

The "mancave" cake she bought him is the pinnacle of weird, too - although to be fair, Tom's cake for Taylor last year was likewise bizarre. It's pretty ballsy to just come out and say (in cake form), "My husband likes to watch sports, drink coffee that looks like poo, stuff his face with chocolate, play the PS I just bought him… oh yeah, and he loves money!" I noticed her reel shows a couple past cakes but leaves out the one with the big MenClub logo. The Gundam one was hands down the best.

Taylor does have problems "designing" cakes though. Her cakes for Mimei and uh that other jvlogger I forgot… they were also random and chaotic collections of "things Mimei likes." I always attributed those messes to whatever vegan bakery she had make them, but now I think part of that chaos is her fault, too.(learn2integrate)

No. 181437


You act like Taylor didn't want to go to this place and was forced to go and watch him eat food she couldn't have. Their relationship is good enough where they do banter like this, lot of couples do too. She's pregnant. There's tons of food she can't eat and it would be abusive on her part to force him to never go anywhere until she has the kid, not letting him also enjoy food he wants. I don't know where anons are coming up with these whacked out conclusions because it makes for good drama.

No. 181442

Take your meds Reddit autist

No. 181443

Like, she even did eat food at the French place. She didn't sit there with nothing to eat at all, she just couldn't have the sea food and stuff. I'm allergic to certain foods and my SO makes jokes sometimes. I don't think she's taking to heart. They are joking around and it's so obvious.

No. 181475

The restaurant part is uninteresting but if my partner just made a video about how she misses her anorexic model body and is obviously hyperaware of her eating, I wouldn't tease her about getting pizza after a date where she might not have been able to eat the stuff she wanted.

That's the only thing that stood out to me, since Taylor just made that "waah my bodyy" video

No. 181478

Of course she's going to miss her body. She's morphing into something about to give birth. I didn't get anything anorexic shaming and I highly doubt he watches her videos lol

No. 181479

>And we've seen her be mocking towards him before. I think it's their dynamic, anon

Their dynamic is negging and intentionally manipulating your choices in order to mock them (she had to order something else rather than share, given what he ordered, then mock what she ordered wtf), very cool

No. 181480

I used to be vegetarian for about a decade and I definitely side-eyed when a guy friend would know this, and order some hearty bloody steak meal when we're eating opposite each other.
It's even worse here since she's clearly having the baby for his sake, and those foods are harmful to pregnant women/would harm the baby.
Doesn't really bode well for him being a good dad later on since this kind of "humor" goes down very badly with kids and just makes them hate the person doing it.

No. 181482

After looking at the pictures it's actually a bit weird (samefag as above) because he didn't even order a proper meal, literally just ordered a list of things pregnant women can't eat which sit lonely on the plate. Raw fish, oysters and soft cheese are all sides with the way they're presented here, not main courses. French and everyone carb up on the main course, they don't just sit there eating sides like Katherine over on /snow also seems to think kek.
There is literally no main course here. It was so intentional.

No. 181483

>not letting him also enjoy food he wants

Let's be honest, I don't think Tom has any problem enjoying the food he wants, very odd of you to frame it like Taylor would be some dictator to him when it's quite clear he calls all the shots.

No. 181484

>I'm allergic to certain foods and my SO makes jokes sometimes

Goddamn raise your standards girls, what kinda joke can be made from kek this food might kill you from your significant other?

No. 181486

Yeah! I didn't see any main course in his stories!
The cheese was dessert though.

All I see Taylor eating is salad and some tiny dessert. Maybe she had bread and butter while he had the oysters, but I only see butter.

No. 181487

samefag, but pretty much all of this could have been ok-ish until he says she's ordering a pizza "after a nice French meal." Uh, where was Taylor's "nice French meal"?

No. 181488

Oh no poor Taytay who literally participated in upskirt photo events to bag this dusty manlet who’s spankmag features old men talking about banging high schoolers, has to watch her scrote eat seafood and make jokes about it while she is preggo! How will she ever cope, its not like she has spent her entire abroad career using her wealthy family’s money to land her a geriatric loser willing to give her an autistic azn age gap baby.

No. 181491

god shut up. She didn't "participate" in that by choice. Tom's gross company called attention to the incident, which is disgusting, but they didn't run the event and Taylor and the other models didn't know the event organizers were perverts.

No. 181494

Tom had nothing to do with that event. It was some big HK fashion event, with a strange and unfortunate red carpet design. That's it.

No. 181512

File: 1636643500213.jpeg (113.61 KB, 720x1600, 2021-11-11-171028_1.jpeg)

They didn't even eat that cake

No. 181527

They did the exact same thing last year with another expensive cake, an anon researched and it was like $100-200 of cake iirc. I think she eventually ate one piece after a week and threw out the rest.
Just more frivolous spending from the house of Elbow.

No. 181529

Found it - even more expensive. $300-400. wow at the white knights sperging after that got posted too

No. 181530

She ate at the restaurant too??

No. 181536

This cake cost more like $325-$500 US. Taylor had it custom made from the very expensive bakery Complete Deelite.

No. 181537

I think they both just buy cakes because they think it's what you have to do for occassions. Both of them never finish or really eat these things they get for each other. It's such a waste and stupid thing rich people do.

No. 181546

bread salad tiny dessert
what a nice french meal

No. 181550

Did anyone think maybe she craved pizza anyway?

No. 181562

>It would be abusive
Don't use big words you don't know the meaning of.
>to force him to never go anywhere until she has the kid
Kek what? Being considerate of your pregnant wife is not even remotely the same as the same pregnant wife demanding her husband never go anywhere? What in the strawman hell
>not letting him also enjoy food he wants.
Dude is a millionaire! He could eat this stuff all day every day or go out with his friends, if he has any, like another anon suggested. Like work your tiny brain a little and imagine celebrating a birthday with someone you are married to and carrying the child of and they literally eat exclusively things you can't eat and expect you to just watch. Does that sound like a healthy dynamic?

No. 181608

File: 1636683023355.jpeg (254.68 KB, 1125x2047, 865F22A0-22DB-4A62-8B8A-CA979E…)

No. 181619

You sound retarded. She seemed fine with pizza and she still ate at the restaurant.

No. 181675

File: 1636726581154.jpg (1.49 MB, 1500x1500, pt2021_11_12_15_11_54.jpg)

I think it pretty much looks like them both being "in" on that food banter thing. They are constantly milking it now on both their socials, which is why I think it's a communicated thing. Like a badly executed comedy bit, that doesn't work because Tom is such a shit person in reallife, that portraying him as a shit person funwise comes across as a joke without ever having a punchline hitting.

Taylor seems to have an obsession with her "Look how skinny I am pregnant while eating all this shit!" as some sort of new "mother-style-bodycheck" routine.

No. 181705

what the fuck is this hairline. why does she have horns.

No. 181836

File: 1636756322269.jpeg (Spoiler Image,468.97 KB, 828x821, 0F5F3ACB-047E-4AE0-AF25-36DD69…)

pdo thread lift maybe?

No. 181844

This is just nitpicking, her eyes look the same as always.

No. 181906

Is it just her five head or is her hairline slowly disappearing?

No. 181912

Definetly receding on the sides, probably from long term veganism and ana behavior.

No. 181956

I assumed it was a filter, the edges are blurry and strange. I don't know why she is doing these hairstyles with her forehead showing, as it does give a balding look, especially combined with whatever she is doing to her hair. Nitpicking maybe but ever since she went to a more natural color her hair often looks greasy or uncared for. I blame the fact that she is probably still using trends like the "curly girl" method when it's unsuited for her hair type. She just does whatever other people are doing, no regard for whether it is good for her hair.

Since she stopped bleaching it (as much) temporarily, she probably has more natural oils in her hair, and it could necessitate washing slightly more often. Didn't surprise me how infrequently she washed when she was larping as pRiNcEsS bLoNdE but now it just looks sad most of the time

No. 182167

File: 1636889062045.jpg (747.94 KB, 1600x1200, pt2021_11_14_12_21_20.jpg)

It seems like she has very little to do right now, in her stories she dressed up as Tom which pissed him off, so she changed in a pyjama like suit that presents her belly and talks about her chanel calender… I'm just saying, it's these frequent 180 degree turns within one story that make you irritated what's even going on and what the concept of her as creator even is. Comedy and then luxury?

No. 182168

she's got to gain more weight to look convincingly like Tom, that chubby lump

No. 182207

You mean when she walked by his room and didn't stop in front of the door and just kept walking, so we only saw a pan of him? he didn't yell, frown, or do anything. He literally sat there with his usual dead-pan look on his face. Pissed? She didn't change because he was pissed, she changed because it's a brand post and if you can't tell, she's joking about dressing as him because of her lazy clothes. The way anons read their humor together as if it's drama, is fucking wild. At least accurately report in the posts you make.

No. 182216

in the story he says "babe, what you doing?!" in a pissed tone, dont get your knickers twisted because people might intetepret something differently than you. You cant see his face, so there is no way to tell wether he was frowning or not and a 5 second video doesnt leave much space to react as him anyways

No. 182217

Anon was pointing out there is no real concept, or at least it doesnt work, as her comedy & luxury combo tastes like mixing milk with orangejuice.

No. 182219

You do see his face. You see his face for a long pause. You think he suddenly flipped out and raged somehow when he was out of frame? He's monotone as hell except when he extends "Dooooing?" This isn't the milk you think it is, anon. He wasn't pissed. Wishing he was isn't going to change that.

No. 182220

It's the same relatable shit every influencer does. Showing yourself like the right and then doing #AD in luxury. It's the whole "See, I'm just like you when I'm not doing these brand deals!" type of self marketing and people heavily buy in to it. Look at Tiktokkers and the whole "Every body is beautiful, so let me show you when I'm not posed and how FAT and relatable you can be with me now"

No. 182230

Whiteknight is whiteknighting, he does the same disapproval reaction to everything she does, it doesn't deserve defending but also is nothing new. It would be more interesting to see him enthusiastic about something she does for once.

Also what's going on with her nails? Are they bruised at the base?

No. 182264

And I thought I was nitpicking.

No, her hand is not bruised, it’s just very bad choice of manicure. You can see it in her stories, some of the nails have brown base around the bottom of the nail that from afar may look like injury.

I don’t think the wild boar man is pissed, he is doing his usual “baaabeeee” skit that her fans find so cute. I on the other hand want to puke when I hear his always monotone and sleepy voice.
She was probably shooting another unfunny reels or tiktok of “life in mixed relationship” like she did recently. As someone in the same type of relationship I felt cringe.(learn2sage )

No. 182333

File: 1636983000865.png (1.21 MB, 1080x1540, IMG_20211115_143005.png)

what is so hard to grasp about the concept he seemed mildly "annoyed" by it, for me annoyed is the same as pissed. Non of us no anyways how he found that. She continued the parody on him anyways. Is she making fun now of his slob look?

No. 182334

kek imagine buying 12$ tickets to take a nap. He is as out of touch with the world as her.

No. 182335

it's clear he snores and that's why he falls asleep in public or athis desk

No. 182340

File: 1636987509474.jpg (206.99 KB, 867x401, pt2021_11_15_15_43_23_mh163698…)

Another gross and objectifying triumph from pigsclub…

No. 182344

He’s old. That’s what old people do.

No. 182359

He wasn't though? Nothing about his reaction was annoyed or pissed. It's not going to be true just because you want it to be.

No. 182360

As if you don't think men do this already? This is actually about making sure women don't need to deal with sick fucks who sexualize their job. These robots have been in production for a while too.

No. 182378

Her temples just get hard when she chews, mine does too and I look dumb as fuck

No. 182445

Better hairline than Kiki and Kota combined kek

No. 182447

>doesn't know chinese, relies on google translate
lmao nonnie there's things to be mad about, but your botched translation of an article doesn't justify it

No. 182453

it's possible to find all three uggo, wk. Taylor there looks fucking bizarre, and the video is all blurry there too

No. 182469

lmao butthurt anon, google translater botched this, not the anon. the choice of pictures is shit anyways.

Her 5head is not really milk, it's currently just her comedy cringe and momma bodychecking…

No. 182567

Looool I saw them in my dream and I was Tom’s second wife
Soap soap soap showers vigorously(No1curr)

No. 182875

File: 1637121391731.jpeg (390.36 KB, 1120x1397, 27A84CA9-2147-45A7-AE97-0CE583…)

what the fuck is going on with the perspective/camera angle here? massive feet, tiny face! whyyy(nitpicking)

No. 182882

Angles so her wild boar faced husband won’t be exposed to be her height/shorter than her. She always does this pose when posing with him so he looks taller than her. She would bend her body and move leg upfront.

No. 182884

holy shit why does he dress like a slob. his shoes… ugh

No. 182886

All the money and he can buy new sneakers or at least but them in the laundry jeez

No. 182889

Looks like she's flipped the camera upside-down on the tripod, but leveled it so it's not as weird like Lori's photos.

No. 182891

god so many tech guys i know are like this
they will have like thousands of dollars sitting in their bank account but own one pair of ratty tennis shoes and wear them for literally every occasion. tom sounds like a guy who got rich young & doesn't know how to fit into high society other than buying fancy things, including a younger model wife.

No. 182893

File: 1637132775490.jpg (Spoiler Image,44.81 KB, 563x751, 4a3bd8bee6807a214c35472676bc38…)

His shoes are meant to look like that, they are Gucci Rhyton distressed sneakers. A lot of luxury brands started a weird trend of selling new sneakers that look dirty.

No. 182898

He always dresses like a 14 year old at special events. Casual button up with rolled up sleeves, cuffed jeans, and sneakers. Its always so harsh next to his wife who gets dressed up for the occasion lol

No. 182899

"Elf princess marries lowly human" fantasy story, like punch above your weight some more why don't you Tom
For most people they just look like gross old used sneakers, how are you supposed to know the difference?

No. 182902

because some of us actually follow fashion trends and buzz around certain brands. I wouldn't expect people on this board to recognize those Gucci sneakers….or any Gucci shoes for that matter.

No. 182903

These are ugly dirtly looking sneakers. Just because they have Gucci written over them doesn't make them not look dirty or ugly.
But this is luxury brands concept in a nutshell: Some people care more for how pricy something is to show off their wealth instead of caring for actual aestetics and would literally buy dirt from a "luxury" brand.

(And no, I am not jeleous. You'd have to PAY ME to get me to wear such ugly sneakers)

No. 182904

Doesn’t matter if they’re Gucci shoes, they look disgusting and with the rest of his hobo appearance it looks as though he found them on the street. I’m sure there are people who can still make them look expensive, but he is not one of them. Especially next to his wife who always looks styled from head tot toe,

No. 182907

well then you're dumb af kek

No. 182923

taylor is no elf princess but tom is actually troll-tier

No. 182926

You know these brands and designers are laughing at their tasteless dumb consoomers who buy this shit right?

No. 182947

File: 1637160187672.png (1.36 MB, 1580x890, just why.png)

I really don't get why she refuses to buy some actual maternity pants or shorts. This must so be uncomfortable already and it will not get better.

Of course stretchy skirts and dresses will often work for pregnancy also, and that's fine, but she keeps trying to fit into pants and shirts that clearly just do not fit her right now. What the fuck Taylor?

No. 182972


I had the exact reaction. And she’s only like what? 26weeks? Her baby is due in March that’s still a full 3.5 months and that’s when you pack on the most pounds LOL
I feel for the unborn child

No. 182975

This part was hilarious because she was like "There's a lot of skin on show under maternity clothes" like?? There's skin on show…under clothes…generally. She's such a fucking idiot, absolutely no thoughts head empty.(learn2sage)

No. 182979

I’m super curious…I sifted through all her YouTube channel and Instagram posts comments and I’ve NEVER seen a negative comment? Or anyone that calls her out on her bullshit?? Is everyone just drinking the Taylor koolaid or is she deliberately deleting them?

No. 182991

File: 1637169865547.png (679.49 KB, 1124x634, tay.PNG)

Anyone else noticed this pixelated area on the new video? I wonder what it is, normally they are keen to show everything on their House.

No. 183001

It's a censor. Probably for some kind of privacy for his company [idk if he takes stuff home to work on, so he has ad materials or past ad materials] or maybe a competing sponsor of Taylor's, so she can't show it in a video because they don't want to lose the sponsor.

No. 183002

The doors leading to rooms and bathroom are these sliding doors with massive glass in it. I think that’s the one leading to bathroom, so if marshmallow man was taking a shower I’m glad she spared the view. One time she posted him sunbathing and I felt like puking.(sage )

No. 183007

I never said I liked the shoes. I think the whole concept is stupid.

no, everyone else who thought the shoes were actually dirty are dumb af.

No. 183010

This. A lot of anons will just say it's not their taste now to cover up their stupidity. Walking around in places like China, tons of businessmen even wear sneakers. His wearing those are the less uncommon thing.

No. 183042


it's "dumb af" not to know every shit meme release fashion brands come up with it troll+empty the bank accounts of dumb consumers like yourself.

I can see defending actually good, beautiful, innovative fashion (of which there is plenty out there) but it's hilarious that "generic white preworn sneakers except it's an expensive brand" is the hill y'all chose to die on.

No. 183073

Calling out the nitpicking because you're wrong, still means you're wrong lol

No. 183110

To me this is such sexist bullshit, Every time the man is clearly smaller than the woman (so fucking what?!) many couples come up with some kind of ridiculous picture-yoga to force his height and shrink her down. No idea how fragile of an ego and what internalized misogyny must be going on there, to insist on such toxic nonsense… He is chinese, she's a tall model type, OWN it and be happy ffs.

I love extraordinary fashion and wouldn't know they are gucci either, but think we can just all agree they are ugly as fuck and gucci ceo branch must be in tears laughing at their customers.

No. 183119

File: 1637192802347.png (1.52 MB, 1080x1755, IMG_20211117_171351.png)

monsterbutt is well and alive.

I still can't explain how dem cheecks flactuate from today to tomorrow. Kim K shorts? Workout? PS? Woodoo?

No. 183157

Exactly, surely its a bigger flex to land a model while still being a manlet? smdh some men will spend their entire lives trying to cover up a small insecurity
probably a mixture of those weird aliexpress butt pad leggings and shoop

No. 183164

This is actually something a lot of women get when pregant. Fat distribution is all sorts of fucked up. See how it's leveled out, but not up? It's not implants or filler. Also before someone mentions the legs not getting bigger, neither are her arms. All the pressure on her lower body is also why it's pretty leveled out. Her stance is tilted back because of the belly weight. This is really common.

No. 183197

She's actually barely 5'7" but I agree with you about everything else. Who cares which person is taller? Taylor is pretty much a tradwife though, let's be honest. She's the sitcom wife to a sloppy Peter Griffin / Barney Rubble. I would be pissed if my partner messed up her hair and mocked my flaws in tiktok videos but he's captured his aging princess so he doesn't care. He won the wife game among his colleagues. And you can see how desperate she is to stay the same size WITH THE SAME JOKER SMILE WTF in their anniversary photo while he's let himself go completely.

No. 183215

No it doesn’t prove that at all? You sound like a scrote. It proves that TAYLOR would fuck anything for money. Not women in general.

No. 183302

Sucks you don't have that dynamic, not insecure,type of relationship.

No. 183316

Has Tom finally found the thread, what you mean fam? Nobody wants their "dynamic"

No. 183332

AYRT. I'm a lesbian, so definitely not lusting after a chubby manlet 14yo older than I am, nor Taylor's bimbo lifestyle.

No. 183357

All that money and luxury but he couldn't be bothered to get his pants hemmed. Man, you know he is short when he has to fold his pants that much. If Taylor is 5'7 and he's shorter what do we suppose his height is?

Bet she's happy about the bottom growth as she's complained in the past about having no ass. Both the belly and the arse got her looking like a kidney bean though.

No. 183365

Lots of people have making fun of their SO dynamics. If you're taking it to heart, that's a you problem, but this isn't some new thing couples do. It's like the anon who said he was 'pissed' when he wasn't.

No. 183377

she posted bikini photos and the ass is missing, see here >>180419
that ass isn't real

No. 183386

It's not the same angle either, but it's still in that same low back position. That leg is also not tilted back, it's forward, so you wouldn't see the pronounced cheek. It's stretched because of it. Basic anatomy, anon.

No. 183404

As someone with similarish proportions to Taylor (height and general skinny white girl proportions, but with thicker arms and legs) I can tell you if your ass is flat from one position >>180419
it doesn't suddenly shoot out from another, >>183119
not to that extent. It's absolutely asspads in her gym leggings. Gone again here >>181341

It's literally only there when the leggings are on.

No. 183448

Hmm, I guess Tom has a growing fetish for booty. I wonder if she's just testing the waters before taking the dive.

No. 183452

I remember her saying in an old video she shaved off her widows peak. Maybe she's getting a little razor happy?

No. 183477

what the fuck? is that really something people do? wouldn't the hair just grow back all spiky and weird?

No. 183478

It grows out unless you keep it trimmed. No different do from dermaplaning your peach fuzz on your face

No. 183481

Your comparing complete sideways shots to 3/4 shots.if youhave that body with the same hip dips, you'd know it's not pads.

No. 183802

File: 1637450745578.png (3.13 MB, 1080x1434, IMG_20211121_002517.png)

I lost it in her vlog when she was sperging about that fit guy doing push ups and then tilts the camera on tom with a "look at this guy…and look at that guy" lmao she knows.

No. 184068

kek the beginning of the end??? or the beginning of a alimony saga if fupa-san refuses to do a 4 part weight loss video series?

No. 184101

I noticed her Insta bio now says Living in Hong Kong (From Canada) rather than the prior living between Hong Kong and Canada which I guess is her acceptance she won't be living in Canada.
She got played by Tom purchasing "their house" in Canada which an anon found was available for sale recently. Probably trapped in HK for the next 18 years now.

No. 184162

or maybe it’s because we’re in the pandemic you fucking idiot. many countries still have border restrictions which make travel and immigration harder. Australia haven’t even let in most people for more than a year. people all over the world have had to change life plans.

No. 184177

Your whiteknighting is getting more and more obvious fam.
Flights are being accepted all over the world including Canada (Australia being an exception which is irrelevant here) she is vaccinated so should have no troubles travelling.
>Who can come to Canada
>Canadian citizens (including dual citizens), people registered under the Indian Act, permanent residents of Canada, or protected persons (refugee status) are allowed to enter Canada.
Tom may not be able to visit (see below) but Taylor can, it's not like she can't afford it.
>Fully vaccinated foreign nationals may be allowed enter Canada for discretionary travel.

No. 184190

Taylor said she didn’t choose to visit Canada during the second trimester cuz when she came back to Hong Kong, the quarantine rule is super strict.
She needs to quarantine in a hotel for 14 to 21 days at her own expense (which shouldn’t be the issue in her case). I think what’s stopping her from going back is that she won’t be able to make it to all the pregnancy checkups. And it’s difficult to move appointments around.

Therefore, stay in Hong Kong seems like a reasonable move instead of going back.

No. 184193

You don’t have to quarantine if you’re fully vaccinated. I’ve left the country twice this year.

No. 184208

y'all are acting as if she isn't pregnant, which is when she is not supposed to fly at all anymore.

No. 184221

What was the point of buying that apartment ("Our baby will be born in Canada) only to sell it few months later?

Thought it was Tom's attempt to hide money from CCP that is taking over Hong Kong gradually.

No. 184226

She needs to quarantine 14 days when returning to Hong Kong, not when entering Canada.

No. 184227

they got a care package of things "from their other home" so I don't think that place is on the market.

No. 184228

What does that even mean? Their empty apartment in canada without anyone living in it packed up a care package and sent it to them? I don't think so.
"from their other home" refers to Taylor's family in canada, not the condo. Someoen posted a screenshot of it being for sale for a few million in the last thread, so it is on the market.

No. 184236

where's the link to the screenshot then? It was never posted. The place isn't empty, either - they left tons of stuff in it.

No. 184237

I was the person that posted about the listing but I didn’t post the screenshot as it reveals the exact address including the unit.
I can confirm the listing is still on the realtor website.

No. 184240

Why are you so invested in them still living there? Like they clearly don't and don't intend to. They could always move or spend part of the year there once the baby is born, but Taylor kind of gave that up with the profile bio change.

Surprised there hasn't been a SHOPPING FOR MY MIXED BABY :0 video, but yeah, she would have a whole other space to decorate and sperg about. Probably doesn't want that kid exposed to Canada at all and wants him to grow up thinking white blonde women are mythical unicorn-like creatures like his dad.

No. 184253

“taylor gave that up with the profile bio change” loooool like she can’t change it back lol

No. 184261

Quarantine is required when she go back to Hong Kong after visiting Canada.

No. 184282

lmao i'm not invested in anything but i also don't just believe random shit without proof so

No. 184320

You don’t need to believe me, I’m not going to dox her just to prove people something.
If the property gets sold that’s a different story but at the moment it’s still on market.

If you want you can do your own digging, it was even on torontolife.com back in 2018.

No. 184465

sage for retardation and late af but her forehead looks like its pregnant too kek

No. 184498

Anon this is an imageboard. Put up or shut up. No one wants to read your not capped stories that no one can verify

No. 184507

There's nothing wrong with not doxxing people. Stop being lazy and the last thread.

No. 184512

I literally gave you the website where you can find it if you’re this eager.
FYI doxxing is against rules of lolcow.(sage)

No. 184514

If its public already its not doxxing you fucking idiot

No. 184526

Calm your tits and take some anger management class. The penthouse is up online but it’s not officially advertised as Taylor’s therefore putting it up here would reveal her Toronto address and would be considered doxxing.

If you don’t want to believe me nor look it up yourself on the website (again, torontolife.com, September 2018) I have given you then it’s your problem not mine. Why would possibly anyone make up their Canadian flat being up for sale?

No. 184540

Ignore that crazy anon, if they care so much they can dig it up themselves. There is no need to post that kind of information here, she's a fashion vlogger, it ain't that serious.
Calm down crazy doxxing anon.

No. 184543

it is, you hostile psychotic asshat. The intentions of linking this on lolcow - a board known for its bashing and hating - are completely different from the necessity of listing the address in a framework of selling and offering to showcase its validity. An address here can lead to spam bombs, harassment or even physical threat. On the listing, they have control over adding and removing their own address. Here it stays for every vendetta hungry lunatic like you, and cannot be removed. Lolcow did good by forbidding doxxing, it's one of the worst things you can do to people online and put them into unforseen longterm consequences that you would know nothing of.

No. 184565

Canadian real estates is being used for money laundering by most Asians.

No. 184682

only Taylor can go to her friend's baby shower and make every. single. picture. about her own bump. Can't have anyone forgetting she's knocked up.

No. 184724

File: 1638035178328.jpg (1.24 MB, 1500x1500, pt2021_11_27_18_43_15.jpg)

Can someone please explain to me how Taylor manages to be the center of focus on every on these pictures and those asian women sperging like crazy about her baby - while it's not even HER own shower? Is this the infamous white wharshipping?*


No. 184726

tbh i'm not even sure she did this herself, they seem pretty much into it to, as if she is some sort of pregnant goddess, because she is what, tall and blond? unasian? she doesnt even strike me as such an attentionwhore, but the asian chicks are freaking out on her pregnancy.

No. 184727

It’s not white worshipping nonnie get your head out of your ass. Taylor forces her way to the front/center of every group picture she’s in cause she’s self absorbed

No. 184731

nobody can proof if she is forcing herself or if the others warship, get ye head out ye ass yoself anon.


Judging by these pictures Taylor should be hated passionately by all the others, but she keeps being invited. They must have their reasons. I'd go too with "rich white friend makes me look popular"

No. 184736

These photos are embarrassing, the way they're posing with the bumps and airkissing, like just pose like normal people. The cringe is shared equally among them all.

No. 184737

By those kind of photos you'd think they are all high class celebrity.

No. 184738

yeah, expensive venues, food, brand clothing, big followers over social media. You are supposed to think everyone wants to know what they are up to, who they date, where they go and expect them all over magazines and news… but its just bitches with money.

No. 184739

she’s just a prop to them, your token basic white girl to round out the photos. her bump is a novelty. I’m sure outside of dressing up and spending money these women have absolutely nothing in common with taylor, it’s the basis of their entire relationship

No. 184740

Did she keep getting filler? Or is it baby weight gain in her face? It looks like her cheeks are pregnant.

No. 184743

Samefag as >>184736
the table 4 babes one is particularly funny since Taylor looks like a happy lesbian getting spooned on one side and a woman resting her head on the tiddy on the other. Then in the group photo on top right, the friend cradling Jess's belly. It's so strange to me like your hand is inches from the vageen here, what even are these poses.
They're posing like a kpop group of someone of note but it's just some rando women who like shopping. They seem too immature to be having babies at the least.

No. 184748

this isn't wrong. we've seen it a thousand times. pretty sure she is front and center in the pic they took at mimei's birthday party. mimei is in the back and you can barely see her at all

No. 184749

huge handmaiden vibes, it's repulsive

No. 184758

File: 1638054592716.jpg (1.62 MB, 1500x1500, pt2021_11_27_23_58_36.jpg)

I'd have to go with the "decorative white girl prop" theory too, when she is with her asian crowd she is always either the center of the picture or right next to the person who should be…

No. 184761

File: 1638054672314.jpg (1.25 MB, 1200x1600, pt2021_11_28_00_07_40.jpg)

…opposed to when she is with her white friends, where she is neither center, nor next to someone centered.

No. 184764

File: 1638055057574.jpg (865.89 KB, 1778x1000, pt2021_11_28_00_13_05_mh163805…)

I mean, they even took pictures at someone elses wedding, that are just her. Many of those group photos, if I didnt know any better, as a viewer I would have always assumed it's her wedding, her birthday, her anniversary… but then again, those people seem to put her into that role.

fitting caption she put on her assistant as a bonus.

No. 184772

woof. i forgot how rough that white blonde phase looked on her

No. 184774

Ngl if there were a real housewives of hong kong or some bullshit like the rhobh, and taylor were in it, i'd be obsessed. I wonder how she functions in these social circles/events. I love cringe content lmao

No. 184781

Looks more like the mom and Taylor liked having photos together because they are the only people pregnant and pregnant people do this shit at showers all the time. There isn't some hidden malice behind this. Anons look for milk when there even isn't. Also aren't these the photos from her phone? Of course photos taken for her feed have her as the center in most of them. The other girls did the same.

No. 184782

How would you think it's her wedding? She's not even in a wedding gown and she's in a row with other bridesmaids. Don't reach, anon.

No. 184785

The wedding photos are just as strange as I remember, she really dyed her hair platinum (stereotype blonde bride) and posed directly next to the bride for *someone else's bridesmaid/wedding pics. Then back to brown hair again evermore. It was like a proxy wedding for Taylor.

No. 184786

Post the other girls pics for comparison then, so far it does look suspicious.
I see it more as Taylor using the other women/people photographed as props for herself rather than the other way around.

No. 184788

Samefag, inb4 our resident whiteknight disputes this: she dyed her hair for her own registry office wedding too, sure, but making visual content and mdoelling is her job, she knew how this would look. She could have dyed her hair or worn a wig in the bridesmaid photos if she didn't want to feature in these photos or for it to look as transparently attentionseeking as it did.

No. 184789

I think it’s mostly due to the fact most of these pictures are related to Jess’ occasions and she’s supposed to be her bestie so she would be close to bride/mom to be in the pictures.

For other’s she’s just a photo prop - table four consisted mostly influencers and Taylor had the biggest followers count from all of them, I think they just wanted to get some of her HK followers. These girls never hang out with Taylor.

If you think about it for her it may be her own baby shower, because who will come to hers? She hangs out with Jess, Joyce, the girl that did Jess’ baby shower (marketing girl), her assistant and her husband. Jessica had her grandma fly in and quarantine to join her for baby shower and be there for her birth. I doubt anyone will do that for Taylor.
So she’s left with these 5 people and maybe some she doesn’t really keep in touch but just doesn’t have anyone else.
She didn’t have a bridal shower until after the wedding and until she was in Canada. Her wedding consisted of just 4 people, then and witnesses (again - the only consistent friend: Jessica), family just on the camera.
Now with her firstborn she’s again pretty much alone aside of very few friends.
She always said she wanted a big wedding, she wanted to have a big family. So far she didn’t get any of that, but Jessica did. Had a bridal shower, had a beautiful big wedding, got pregnant faster than her and with a baby girl, now she’s having a massive baby shower in a fancy country club with her family even flying in to be there for her. Taylor is not getting any of that, so at least she can feel like it was her own.
I have no doubts they are friends, but I can bet Taylor feels bit unfair or jealous.(learn2sage)

No. 184806

>pregnant people
Women, anon. Only women get pregnant.

No. 184808

also, showers of any kind are so over the top estrogen filled, women start acting all sorts of goofy. It is like some weird primordial instinct (for some people) to fawn over someone who is pregnant.

No. 184817

She dyed her hair pink for some stupid video about making herself into an Instagram model. She did it right before this giant wedding she was meant to be in. And then she said she had to go back to platinum blonde because the hairdresser couldn't tone it down or something. It was a really bizarre excuse. Will find the video later.

No. 184818

File: 1638086118060.jpeg (363.89 KB, 1200x919, 1272E476-76E2-490E-9256-3D9853…)

No. 184819

saying this is primal is misogynistic bullshit, women in china and US get intensly socially conditioned to make pregnancy a huge deal, so huge, as if it's the only purpose of their existance as a woman. In europe nobody gives a shit. Showers, gender reveal parties, gigantic weddings etc is not a thing here. And we have the same hormones, we are just not raised as if it's the 1950 with our worldview how we are supposed to act.

No. 184825

I agree with both of you tbh. as someone with tokophobia i see a bump the last thing I wanna do is rub that shit or coo at it but the amount of women I see flip a switch and turn retarded around preggos or fresh out hospital fetus in tow women are myriad.

I find this a pretty interesting observation that she falls into a pecking order around other whiteys lmao, wonder why she's beta to sharla. probably because sharla is a notorious bitch behind the scenes

No. 184826

Agreed, I'm a eurofag/britbong and I'm one of the anons who think these photos are hella weird. Nobody gives a fuck about someone else's pregnancy here, (or marriage tbh) barely their own, many people keep working through it and nobody else bats an eyelid. It's definitely not just an "estrogen" thing, it's a culture thing. If people in the UK did a photoshoot like that everyone would think they were nuts.

No. 184831

oh no, I totally agree with you, that's why I said "some people". There is definitely a "type" of woman when it comes to overly obsessing over pregnancy stuff. It happens all over Europe as well, they may not do stupid gender reveal parties, but middle aged women and babushkas lose their shit over babies and are always wanting to give unwanted/unneeded advice.

source: I've seen it many times in person, from Western Europe to Eastern.

No. 184832

I think the easiest explanation for the "pecking order" is that these are pics with fans (the teacup pic), pics taken by sharla (you can tell she's holding a selfie stick thing), or purikura, which is not really like a normal photo.

Photos that Taylor posts tend to have her own mug front and center, even if they include other people's kids or her family. She's one of the most narcissistic body-checking bitches on Instagram.

No. 184843

lower left is family picture LOL hardly relevant

No. 184862

She's been trying to get pregnant forever. You make it sound like this isn't something she should be excited about considering how painful her part in the whole implantation process is compared to her husbands. She is that type of women who gets overly excited about her pregnancy and being around a baby shower, before her baby shower, while pregnant probably made her excited too. She's not in the center of every photo and pregnant people love taking pregnant photos together. It's such a common thing.

No. 184881

Taylor can't count, anon. Remember that when you decide to try adding up the number of months they "tried." For example, they just had their third anniversary. Yet all their videos claim 3 years of fertility treatments. That doesn't add up at all. But I don't need to lead you through it, it is obvious to everyone that Tom was demanding a kid asap and they made up a reason to go nuclear with hormones and shit

No. 184891

>pregnant people
you're one of those nut cases aren't you?

No. 184901

Sorry if this has been talked about before, but what do you guys think she’s like off camera? Still her bubbly pregnant self?

I remember when I was pregnant, I’d get pissed off at random shit, especially things my husband said. When her husband talks, I’d get so pissed off at some of the things he says but she still seems to worship him. Can’t tell if it’s all for show lol(learn2sage)

No. 184903

She has zero brain cells i don’t think she’s smart enough to realize shit and get angry at it

No. 184908

I'm sure she does get angry, Tom is rude at best, but then she thinks of her several thousand dollar handbags and hair scrunchies and shoes and calms down.
She made her choice; she could've got a nice looking man or a pleasant man easily, since she is attractive with an easygoing personality, she chose money.

No. 184911

nonny, you mean right
weird sampling of pics

No. 184917

>pregnant people

No. 184926

Tinfoiling a bit, but I wonder did she went with second IVF round because Jess got pregnant and she didn’t want to see her bestie living another of her dreams

No. 184928

The timing is absolutely related, both Jess' wedding and pregnancy perfectly timed to match from a woman who built her initial public image from skinwalking Dakota Rose. She even did a (quite close tbh) Taylor swift copy video recently, mimicking others is her thing.

No. 184943

I know, right? This wk has a signature phrase. Hey person, Taylor shoves herself to the middle of every pic. In all of 2021, she posted three pictures or thumbnails that were not of herself. Two featured Rosie. One thumbnail was about her husband's inner arms. She can't bear to be out of the limelight for a single second.
In 2020, 6 photos or thumbnails(/cover photos) didn't have her in them. 5 were of Rosie. 1 was a book about racism because of BLM.

Imagine making this video while you are secretly pregnant and scooping up all the sympathy points: https://www.instagram.com/p/CTzXN8xBQZJ/ What's stopping her from conceiving? Literally nothing at that point, since she is already pregnant.

No. 184949

I know it's a bit offtopic but this video reminded me of her PCOS and how crazy I find that it took her so long to "discover" she had PCOS. From her videos I take that, although she tries to eat healthy and work out, she never takes her health seriously. She just eats healthy and works out because that what a "model" is supposed to do. However, when she has had medical problems, for example in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xl148PfRIA she seems super off. Like, she is in tremendous pain but she decides to go home from the hospital because she does not want to explain again to new doctors what her problem is or just to see if it goes away even if doctors told her she should get surgery… like wtf. This kind of behaviour really pisses me off and I don't think she should be laughing off from serious problems like this and giving such a bad example to her followers.(newfag)

No. 184970

Idgaf about all this, the only thing i dislike about taylor is her knowledge of mensclub's shadyness and her deliberately looking away, everything else seems petty, but entertaining.

No. 185017

Photos taken from her phone specifically for her feed, shouldn't have her in the center of them in most of those posts? That logic doesn't even make sense. It makes sense in what she posts that she takes most center for things like thumbnails. For the baby shower, she isn't the center in every single photo. This is just looking for a reason to complain about her being self absorbed, but there is literal logic to why on her person feeds, she takes most priority.

No. 185019

She's at the center of all these >>184724

Other anon has a weak point but it is pretty weird for our self-conscious no-confidence so shyyy retired model qween to only post 3 things all year without her mug in them. That is self-obsession. Look, Valeria does the same, but it grates a little less, because it's somehow less vapid and whatever old Gary does, it's a lot less skeezy than how Tom got his pile of bitcoins. God I hate him so much.

No. 185357

To clarify any speculations, I just watched a video where she says their age, Tom is 44 now, she is 32. It is an age gap, but not that big of a deal.

No. 185393

File: 1638466563402.png (2.72 MB, 750x1334, 776432CA-FC90-4D2F-9CAB-1A2E77…)

Seems like she finally splurged on a pair of appropriate pants.

No. 185432

It was probably so she could throw in ‘Mom to be’. Insta bios don’t really give you a lot to work with here.

No. 185627

File: 1638589141493.jpg (83.73 KB, 437x393, Screenshot_20211204-123826_Ins…)

No. 186369

File: 1638967994363.jpeg (902.65 KB, 4032x2266, 7C8C29B7-93E6-4F99-A145-B01ACD…)

Taylor whining about how overwhelmed she is because she took on sooooo much work because we all know she’s a poor, lower middle class woman forced to slave away until her due date to pay the bills.

No. 186373

She sure is getting fat! Her face in the story talking about the Xmas tree/renovations…boohoo ANOTHER reno to their home eyeroll(learn2integrate and 2sage)

No. 186375

lmao they have to move out for the renovations, poor them. I hope her chode husband is flipping about the btc dip
but did you really call a pregnant anorexic fat? check urself anon

No. 186377

samefag but she definitely has gotten botoxed during pregnancy, The skin of her eyes, her eyebrows and her forehead don't move at all

No. 186389

Learn2sage and get your bodyshame in check, she looks better than 99% of preggos I'd know irl.

No. 186396

She's pregnant, you anachan retard. Go drink some water and rehydrate your raisin brain.
I noticed that too.

No. 186397

File: 1638974280329.jpg (1.09 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20211208-153716_Ins…)

jfc taylor..

No. 186398

That’s not her getting fat anon that’s just the pillow face from all the cosmetic procedures.

No. 186399

File: 1638974432758.jpg (943.27 KB, 1080x1892, Screenshot_20211208-154020_Ins…)

previous story until someone corrected her.

No. 186403

Came here to post this kek she is so fucking dumb

No. 186405

I would have assumed this was a autocorrect typo if she hadn't admitted this lol. She should just have left it and not said anything.

No. 186406

File: 1638976346478.jpeg (104.16 KB, 631x360, 88FC73A0-DFD2-443E-9A92-E7A544…)

It’s all water under the fridge

No. 186412

File: 1638978858816.png (2.8 MB, 1080x1851, Screenshot_20211208-175153.png)

this is why they need a converter. How fucking unnecessary and wasteful they are. She had no business hosting anything about sustainability because she does not give a fuck about it

No. 186413

samefag but this is the same as pixie getting a microwave from the UK or wherever the fuck

No. 186426

honestly why go through all the trouble… she could just not plug it in and use those string lights with a star attached bought locally. I'm sure it'll only be like $10?

No. 186438

Of course she had to get a balsam hill tree, kek.

No. 186467

The tree is probably made in china kek

No. 186478

File: 1639000583716.jpg (863.27 KB, 1080x1684, Screenshot_20211208_225537.jpg)

I'm actually concerned about Rosie - sorry if this has been discussed before, but what's the reason her tongue always sticks out?

No. 186481

she is the result of a long process of inbreeding and was purchased from a teacup poodle puppy mill in hong kong. Her tongue doesn't fit in her deformed, tiny mouth/jaw. She can barely chew normally, which is why Taylor has to cut up her food and used to soak her kibble. Taylor defended her purchase of Rosie several times, and even made excuses for why Rosie had to have surgery on her leg (deformed tendons iirc) and also had to have teeth removed (tiny toy breeds are notorious for having teeth problems if you do not or cannot care for their teeth).

It's sad. It is abuse to breed dogs like this.

No. 186489

The tongue sticks out because of the teeth removal, not the jaw shape. Dogs don’t have lips to hold everything in/closed, so without teeth the tongue just flops out. I’ve known several non toy breed dogs who had to get teeth removed with they were elderly and their tongue stuck out after.

Her face literally looks like a rubber Halloween mask holy shit. She’s getting into botched territory

No. 186503

File: 1639014495323.jpeg (109.46 KB, 500x500, 849D0B63-87FB-4D33-A8A8-AE05F6…)

Does anyone know how taylor first got her following? I know men’sclub is who put her on the map, but it seems like her audience is mainly women and not gross men?
Like her old blog was also targeted towards women as well. Just curious how the audience change happened.

No. 186504

File: 1639014817190.jpeg (331.96 KB, 828x992, 94038F0B-2461-442C-9A9E-B06DE1…)

OT it is the missing teeth but also poodles are super prone to teeth problems to start and like >>186481 said micro toy poodles fucked up genes make it even worse.

No. 186513

Beauty exchange that was Tom’s very first business actually helped her more with her audience than men’s club. Beauty exchange is one of the most popular services for women in HK

No. 186514

it stuck out before she had a tooth or two removed

No. 186515

Kota's blog seemed to be for women too. It was just a shrine to her own narcissism.

lovetaylor was an overt attempt for Taylor to do the same

No. 186537

Pre-tom, she was a youtuber vlogging her Hong Kong life. She was a student in Hong Kong Uni's nutrition department while modeling.
Got popular for being a typical pretty blonde white girl, sweet personality, health conscious videos, beauty, hong kong life, etc. I don't think there were any other foreigner vloggers at that time too.
Then i imagine Tom talked her into dropping out of uni to go be an idol in japan where she got more popular.

No. 186538

nitpick but I really hate those nails, goddamn. You can tell she really hasn't done a day's (hard) work in her life or she'd realise this style makes them look bruised (base) and dirty (tip) but it probably just reminds her of expensive pralines.

No. 186544

She took like one class in nutrition. There were definitely other foreigner vloggers. She got the idea to do what she did after Dakota started getting popular for doing almost nothing.

Yes, she had more interest in nutrition but was pretty stupid and ended up saying a fair amount of incorrect information, too. If you watch her old video on vegan/plant-based stuff, there is so much misinformation in it - way too much for a true student of nutrition.

I can prove that she tried to be the HK Kota if you want, but I need to be find the evidence of her old stuff and show you the dates. It's pretty damning. But ffs she took one class in nutrition and everyone believes she really is some advanced student of nutrition. I wish people acknowledged me as an expert in Chinese art then, because I took one university course on that subject.

No. 186555

What's up with this retarded nitpicking, it's a tree for christmas ffs. She can reuse it every year instead of throwing it away like a real one and it makes sense its from the US, as HK people constantly sperge about having not enough trees, especially with the expats staying due to corona and all wanting a christmas tree as they are used to. This kind of "milk" sounds like "omg she bought a christmas ornament, can you believe it!" "Woah, Taylor ordered takeout food, what a scandal!" "No way, did she get a fan in the midst of summer?! That psycho!!" pissing your pants there for hardcore normie shit just because it's Taylor. Your stains are showing, Kaka.

Regarding sustainability, her driving, heating and clothing habits are what counts most, not petty shit like this.

No. 186561

Please allow me to introduce you to her fake Christmas tree from last year. You know, the one she already owns/owned. https://m.bilibili.com/video/BV1Bi4y1c7tw

No. 186580

so what exactly happened here? was it not big enough? are they doing two? did she sell or gift that away? i get the US nitpick being stupid though, all we order here comes from china and nobody bats an eye, but when it comes from elsewhere suddenly it's fancy.

No. 186582

k m8, are you hosting a show on sustainability and fashion, pretending u care about it? Thought not. Speak for urself, not all of us order chinese crap.

No. 186597

companies like that never do their research tho, remember when david dobrik got chosen for a nationwide anti-bullying campaign? It was the biggest fucking irony in the universe.

No. 186598

mere months away from this kid popping out and STILL no insight on what taylor actually looks forward to about motherhood. she’s too busy doing instagram ads for the duty free store and contorting her body into clothes she’s never going to fit into again (how many “wow, you can’t see my bump in this outfit??” moments is she going to have on camera?) shes even dialing in christmas, which is about 35% of taylor’s entire identity. i’m exhausted already for the luxury-hotel-for-weeks phase while her contractors knock out a damn wall. I’m Chinese and this superstition/pregnancy rules shit she keeps bringing up is stuff your sketchy grandma on facebook would post, not what you’d actually plan a fucking pregnancy around in 2021.

No. 186599

I found it interesting how she couldn’t get over “how tiny” the baby nikes her husband bought were, like they were for their brand new baby. those are toddler shoes. the kind you’d strap on an 18 month old who’s already up and walking. she really has very little context or understanding about the person she’s bringing into the world. 2022 is going to fuck up this two brain celled “youtuber/model~“ whose been playing pretend house on camera for her entire adult life

No. 186600

imagine being rich and stupid enough to buy expensive shoes for a toddler who will outgrow them in a few months. Shoes are even worse than clothes as most toddlers run around without shoes or have no reason to wear shoes (easier to balance barefoot). A lot of idiots do this shit though so w/e.

What sucks for Taylor is that she may be giving birth without any of her family there unless HK eases up on its restrictions. She has time though.

Still doesn't forgive her whining about having to save money for ivf/icsi (at the most expensive clinic in HK) while just flushing money away on $600 cakes and christmas trees and knocking out a wall. Not to mention all the cosmetic treatments and luxury meals.

No. 186604

she is pretty to me but holy shit her eyes are so scary in these photos. im so glad circle lenses kinda died out.

No. 186611

>I’m Chinese and this superstition/pregnancy rules shit she keeps bringing up is stuff your sketchy grandma on facebook would post, not what you’d actually plan a fucking pregnancy around in 2021.

I guessed as much, wonder why she does it.

No. 186612

They definitely didn't die out, cosplay thots wear them constantly. You just don't notice them anymore with all the big eye filters and other crazy editing going on these days

No. 186617


When really rich people whine about money is because they’ve to spend it in something out of their way and it’s annoying, not really because it would make any real difference for them. Their “saving money” is way different than stop buying extravagant cakes too.
There are tons of babies for free that are even already made (shock), if she really didn’t had money to fabricate a luxury one.

No. 186621

>retarded nitpicking
Buying something that you intend to use for years that you need to buy a costly converter for when the same product exists locally/you already own one is objectively stupid.

You sound like an offended consumerist, like no one is coming by for you personally and the probably hundreds of dollar you spend a month on takeout sweetie.


Oof. This.

No. 186629

she also had a magazine column in some popular magazine where she would talk about fashion stuff.

No. 186632

You know, I wondered about this. Why is she making such a big deal about the restrictions? Tom's mother is deceased. His sister lives in Paris. Is Tom forcing her to live a certain way? I kind of doubt it. We have never - I think - heard about Tom having other close relatives in HK. Certainly no people close enough that they would lecture Taylor on what she can or can't do.

Maybe there is some other vlogger who talked about crazy preggo superstitions in HK. If so then we'll know she saw the opportunity for clicks and copied.

No. 186633

to clarify, I mean people who seem emotionally close and involved in Taylor's life. Tom had no family at the wedding, not even virtually.

No. 186641

She just want something to boost clicks, it’s not that deep

No. 186661

That’s why dogs are all Mutants or mutts. They are not natural animals, they are man made sticking with someone as long they are being fed and some idiots think dogs smile when they stick their tongue out but they are just being dogs

No. 186669

I don't really understand why they stay in Hong Kong anyway. A lot of places now do the whole remote thing and neither of them have any family in Hong Kong. Even moving to Paris is closer to her family (I'm sure Tom could figure something out visa wise set up an entity or whatever). Is he really so selfish and unwilling to live outside of his comfort zone?

No. 186671

>Is he really so selfish and unwilling to live outside of his comfort zone?

One for Taylor to ponder, you're exactly right.

No. 186680

Not milk. Sage your spergery ffs

No. 186698

and you sound like a bitter armchair psychologist who loves pulling assumptions about strangers out his ass to feel something. no idea how you got that rubbish past that giant dildo on the way out.

Maybe because they want a Hong Kong born resident, Taylor surely knows how to make mad cash out of a mixed baby with a white model mom. I guarantee a clothing line for toddlers on toat.

Yeah, but she is gullible as fuck, maybe she feels some sort of guilt for "taking so long" to get pregnant (although we know whos fault that is…) that she is extra submissive to toms ideals and wishes, such as staying in HK for birth and utilizing renovations as an excuse for a luxury hotel stay after she just sperged about sustainability on TV.

No. 186702

Anyone know the actual relation to France his relatives have? I’m just gonna assume they’re immigrants, and Tay uses it as a way to pretend ~they~ have fancy French relatives.

No. 186707

His sister married a French dude.

The reason why Taylor won’t move is that outside of HK she will be another boring white influencer. She honestly has no competition in HK, she's the most popular white influencer in HK. And with a mixed baby she can continue to milk that popularity.

They could easily live in Canada, close to her relatives and friends. But she wouldn’t be as successful anymore as a lot of her content is showing Far East to Europeans and Northern Americans. Without it she’s just a pretty girl with botoxed two brain cells that she has left.
Maybe if she decides to retire her online persona then they will move but until that she will milk her being a white person married to Asian dude with a mixed baby. And trust me, mixed babies are a big deal here. People go crazy over mixed babies.

No. 186709

It seems like they’re bound to stay in HK because Tom wouldn’t really be worth much elsewhere tbh

No. 186711

File: 1639098532911.jpeg (45.39 KB, 275x185, 571D41CF-6F26-443A-A030-89540D…)

Ngl I miss the golden era of skinwalking and photoshop.

No. 186715

The fact that there are grown women that aspired to look like this makes me fucking cringe to death

No. 186718

Omg were they going for toddler!?

No. 186719

At some point I want to put together a timeline with Taylor's skinwalking pics. I think Kota's trashy and fake, so I'm no fan of hers. But Taylor's skinwalking was pretty unreal and she got almost no criticism about it. It wasn't like that b4by.jpg girl but so creepy in other ways. She's never addressed why she suddenly wanted to be (in her own words!) "a kawaii doll in Japan." She's made it into this huge joke now, but the Dakota copying, heavy Photoshop, and filler/botox are still big elephants in the room. Well and her knack for only dating wealthy older Chinese men.

No. 186723

File: 1639102111889.jpg (85.12 KB, 864x550, tumblr_mm1vt1JT3z1rrye22o1_128…)

I know she copied Dakota's terrible website banner picture. And her sheets. And the whole website format kind of.

No. 186724

File: 1639102522809.jpg (41.62 KB, 500x497, taylor_r_67100.jpg)

Dakota changed her banner in early 2012 at the latest, I think, but I'd have to check. She removed her site from archive.org.

Taylor was barely doing anything this extreme until late 2012, early 2013. In 2013, by the way, she officially began her relationship with Tom after "talking to him every day" for 6+ months, during which time her posing on FB was a lot of kissy faces and weird childish clothing on her frilly bedsheets. Tom had a custom-made Blythe doll made for her in fall 2013.

No. 186726

obviously these aren't the bedsheets, if I find them I'll put it here. But a lot of girls had those fugly grandma sheets.

She bought the same Irregular Choice shoes as Dakota on that same ridiculous trip where she pretended to be alone, eating at fancy restaurants and getting room service: >>>/w/38066

No. 186732

So funny to read her old trip posts where she always writes "I did blah" when there's clearly someone else there taking the photos, paying for items. You can even see someone in the background of the M&Ms photo looking directly at the photographer. She gets taxis when it's pefectly safe to walk anywhere in London, especially the places she visits. And young girls don't tend to eat alone at restaurants (while dressed as schoolchildren)
Visit to Paris specifically during Chinese new year which she mentions in the first few lines, gee I wonder why, maybe Tom's family.
If she was actually talking to him every day those conversations must have been unbearably dumb/google translate nonsense since his English and her Chinese are both lacking (much more on her side)

No. 186743

Unbelievable that she acted like she was alone and paying for it all. All the things she did are what anyone would normally do as a first time tourist with just a few days, so it's not wrong to take taxis to save time. Tom was doing his own shopping, too. She flubbed by showing all the tables and tea set for two servings and mentioning where men's clothing was, likely whenever Tom and her split to save time.

She sure enjoyed flexing Tom's money as though she was a successful model which is interesting. It's so new money and almost like she wanted someone to know she is expensive to date. The business class seats and designer purses were on full display but not the man, kek. She must have been embarrassed about how Tom looks for years.

No. 186759

In the case of London it's far quicker to walk+tube than taxi and be stuck in traffic, and the taxi price is extortionate. I noticed in the Paris post she does actually walk everywhere (including nearly 700 steps up the Eiffel Tower, Tom most certainly wouldn't have joined her) which suggests he left her to her own devices then, and she bought chocolate boxes instead of constant restaurant meals. He seems to love to eat and drive everywhere.

>She sure enjoyed flexing Tom's money as though she was a successful model which is interesting.

I don't know exact prices but there's thousands of hotels, meals, visits, clothes etc in each of her old blog posts, she really wanted people to think she was paying for all that.

No. 186763

File: 1639128710856.jpg (750.17 KB, 1200x1600, pt2021_12_10_10_26_11.jpg)

I think the area around her mouth looks that way because of her acne scarring, not necessarily fillers.

I always wondered, did Taylor copy Kota just because she was popular and white in Japan and this was what Taylor wanted too (so imitation for success and it could have been anyone, as the style was trend) or was it because it specifically was about Kota and there was some personal obsession?

No. 186767

There was definitely a personal obsession. It was just too much direct copying for it to be a random pick.

No. 186769

You can thank patriarchy and men's disgusting obsession with childified sexuality for those looks, men get some sort of power feeling in pedophilic roleplay, albeit denying everything when asked directly, while teen-look porn magically stays nr1.

I get that she excessively copied Kota, I'm just wondering that if there had been another more popular white girl, wether Taylor would have copied that instead, or if this was specific to Kota no matter her popularity. Taylor doesnt strike me as the type who skinwalks due to personal obsession, but rather copies everyone and everything that is successful, like that shit with toat and goop.

No. 186770

File: 1639135209547.jpg (592.84 KB, 1778x1000, pt2021_12_10_10_26_42.jpg)

Maybe she wrote this I did thing because Tom was paying for her but didnt want to go public with their relationship yet, they both mentioned they were in other relationships by the time they first talked (Taylor said she fell for him 6 months after her breakup) so maybe they agreed to stay lowkey because otherwise they would look like fucking shit to their exes too soon. Or maybe Tom wasnt sure about her, a bit embarassed and suggested to fake him out of her trip to maintain face lol.

No. 186771

I worked in England for a while. The Underground is so much faster than any other kind of transportation in London and taxis are prohibitively expensive. I first visited alone in my late teens and it was really easy to use the Underground. Why wouldn't they do that, rich or not? It's like paying 20x more to go 10x slower.

No. 186773

The dates don't really work but I really don't care. The whole thing is gross enough. Velvet.hk was a conpany Tom started with his ex and then Taylor was there posing right away. Idk there is something about his ex and the businesses and his bad reputation on HK forums (stuff about his companies being places where bosses and subordinates get it on). I can't get any closer to understanding the history without a native speaker of cantonese though. But neither of them are beloved in some of the trashy HK forums.

I just want to know why beautyexchange, toat, and menclub all share employees and web domains and office space. they are literally intertwined. Is this a money laundering thing? I'm serious, because why would you register menclub.hk with a beauty exchange email address and then for all the employees listed for the domain, list that they are employees of TOAT, a company which cannot have made any profits with its dead idiotic website. Yet curiously the site still ended up shilled in local HK media about good lifestyle websites. Crock of BS

No. 186774

A long time ago, an anon got roasted for suggesting that Taylor put her own thread on pull. But I didn't understand why. Because the very first thread she ever had was a thread in a "beautiful people" area or something. The thread was for people to fawn over her as the "nice Dakota" I shit you not that is exactly what it said. "This girl is like what Kota this she were, but she admits using lenses! and goes to one uni class!" (well they were right that Taylor is miles ahead of Ostrengas in looks and manages not to be a raging bitch most of the time, eap back then). This was in one of the earliest pull forums. I was there to laugh at Dakota and Venus.

So I kind of think it was a personal obsession and I don't put it past her to have made that thread. When her site was posted it took fucking years to load because she did it just like Dakota's (endless or near endless scrolling) but since it was loading uncompressed giant pics from China even my fast connection would give up sometimes. I saw she tried to start a fan community on her own tumblresque website, which was pretty narcissistic for old Tay. I think it didn't take off (or she wanted to attract people), so she put her link in pull.

I'm ready to get smacked around just like the other anon but it makes a lot of sense, especially if you think about the very very first pull, not the later iterations. She was in a kind of pathetic simping part of the forum.

No. 186776

Was that the same Blythe doll she threw away in that closet cleaning video where she got rid of her dolly stuff? It’s so weird how she completely abandoned the Dakota look as soon as she left Japan and Kota was becoming less popular. She really bases her whole identity in what’s popular

No. 186779

That's what I mean, at least to me it looks like it wasnt personal. If Taylor had an actual obsession with Kota, she would have continued the skinwalk through the years, but she dropped the entire thing the minute she left japan, therefore to me it seems that Kota was just a vehicle, not a target. As soon as she entered HK scene she began her Jess and Valeria larp, because that was the trend there.

No. 186787

It's not about speed or paying, since that isn't an issue. Privacy, convenience and peace of mind, resting feet, and avoiding crowds or weather are some reasons.

No. 186807

Yeah fair enough. Kota was also a big fat joke by the time Taylor left Japan. What was she going to skinwalk anymore? Being a lump? So yeah, you're right, she is an opportunist

But the obsession was super strong for awhile

No. 186808

Don’t forget that her dad is rich, and she used his money for a lot in the start. So it was probably her dad first, then Tom’s money once they were “well established” as a couple.

No. 186812

One of the worst weeb shit she did was that bedroom tour video, and how obvious it was that she put pre-recordsd audio of her “speaking” Japanese on top of it. Pullfags ate it up and fawned over her for being “the better dakota”, while ironically she faked it - at least dakota knew some Japanese back then too.

No. 186817

Kota is still super cringe. But if I were stuck in a crisis situation in East Asia, I'd team up with her before dunce Taylor. I hope Dakota just gets some education and a normal job. She can learn things unlike her bonehead sister.

No. 186854

They were both, as well as Venus, doing all the live doll type makeup and antics annd while every one of them tried to get into modeling. I dint think she was copying Dakota. They were all just desperate to look like Japanese lolita magazine girls, but white.

No. 187083

No, come on, she was definitely copying Kota. At least Venus did her own gross and creepy doll thing. Taylor was straight up skinwalking and it was obvious.

No. 187087

She straight out skinwalked her, and you’re autistic if you can’t see it.

No. 187100

Then I guess she has been pregnant for 10 years now

No. 187111

Learn2sage whiteknight and get off this thread until your braincells reach at least the count of taylors.

agreed, she did skinwalk, yet it seems not for the sake skinwalking, but being an opportunist, as usual.
Makes her a great match with tom…

What actually does Kota do nowadays?

No. 187115

File: 1639232990796.jpg (1.07 MB, 1000x3120, pt2021_12_11_15_25_17.jpg)

failing in everything and faking a life she doesnt have. Here a few screens from Kota's thread regarding Taylor, I think it's hilarious Kota was attempting to skinwalk Taylor skinwalking her. But Taylor had actual model attributes and was consistent with work and content, plus having toms coin as her resource and not having to ride some lowlife japodick to be able to stay there like the ostrengas.

Every white wannabe model in japan was skinwalked at that time, everyone copied everyone, even if the initial imitation was about that person itself. you could witness originals trying to skinwalk their skinwalk-versions.

No. 187152

File: 1639255947556.jpeg (195 KB, 667x419, 93175381-38F4-447F-BA01-C615F3…)

No. 187176

Her face looks sculped by clay

No. 187193

Taylor needs to chill on the cosmetic surgery/procedures, she and koots are on the opposite sides of the spectrum. Koots desperately needs PS while Taylor can’t stop getting PS.

No. 187213

I will never get over how wide her face is and how huge her cheeks are. No normal person looks like that!

No. 187218

I was today years old when I found out that cheek augmentation can be done with basic fillers. I am guilty of having defended her against having this a long time ago, because for some reason I thought it was a surgery…

No. 187227

Nah, she definitely has cheek and chin fillers, botox in the forehead and maybe tiny touch ups of filler to soften nasiolabial folds and a bit fuller/sculpted lips.

No. 187235

It’s also obvious she had her boobs done.

No. 187240

Yeah no, she has filler face really fucking bad. I'm not kidding when I say this is maybe the worst case I've ever seen

No. 187243

Anon I thought kota’s alien face shoops were real and that she had surgery lmao.

No. 187244

Learn2sage and her boobs look pretty natural to me, they never changed in size in a matter that couldn't be done by a good push up and the money for them she does have. In one of her videos she shows her expensive bras from japan who are lined with mad pushup padding.

No. 187252

It's more likely she would wait until after pregnancy.

No. 187264

Doubt it anon, nice try though. The face is pretty obviously plastic though

No. 187389

I think her fillers combined with how normal pregnancy changes your face shape/adds on weight, is what is making things look extra bad.

No. 187435

This makes sense to me. I think she just wanted to be the "better" more successful Dakota. The difference was she had money. It was hilarious.

I think everyone was more gullible back then or simply just younger. It was also decently rare to have access to PS, or you had to know how to pirate it. I knew Dakota and Taylor edited themselves, but I don't think I realized how much. Looking at Taylor's old blog photos, they look so weird now. I remember them all looking more "normal" to me. This includes pretty much everyone that was popular and photoshopped on the internet back then.

Anyway, this is fun and I'd love to see that timeline of Taylor copying Dakota that anon was talking about.

No. 187488

Tay copied Dakota because Kota managed to get signed to Bravo Models International with 0 modeling experience or references, based on obvious photoshops all because she was willing to speak fake Japanese and act like a baby thot in schoolgirl uniforms. I can imagine a moderately successful model who is actually beautiful thinking she could do the same thing with bigger & better results, but that just didn't happen. Taylor had Tom funding her, but Tom is Chinese and she was trying to break into Japan, where Kota already was and getting big jobs because she had a sugar daddy who found her online and brought her to Japan to fuck her way through his network. Taylor was never gonna be able to pull that off with Tom around.

No. 187631

cool world we live in, when the only way to make it as a female model abroad is to be a hand around fleshlight to ugly, wealthy males. a dream come true.

No. 187662

Which is why only damaged narcs like Dakota and Taylor go for modeling. The industry has always been like that and trying to push the "she just got lucky for being BEAUTIFUL!" narrative inspires young, naïve women to try it out to prove their "beauty" just to be used and thrown away in debt after a few years at most. Modeling is all nepotism and sex favors, Taylor only remained well off when she ruined her ability to model because she was okay with being creepy ass Tom's kawaii white ageplay princess.

No. 187797

Does Tom receive any financial gain from having a Canadian kid?

No. 187811

As far as I’m aware accounts and other financial things can be set up in the kid’s name and money/assets moved there without causing much suspicion and keeping it out of the Chinese government’s reach, so yes.

It’s not just the rich that do this. A Chinese couple I know live here in Europe and have been investing part of their family’s (those back in China) savings here for security.

No. 187813

He can launder money more easily. It's the reason so many Chinese are buying up property in Canada through their kids or extended family.

No. 187817

it’s weird but telling that they’re not having the kid in Canada. Canadian citizenship is a golden ticket for travel, mobility, and opportunity to work around the globe. way less restrictive then a Chinese/HK passport (yes there is a very distinct difference, I’m combining the two because that’s the direction things are going with mainland China’s nationalistic bs.)

If Taylor ever tried to leave Tom, her baby won’t have Canadian citizenship like she does. AFAIK Taylor doesn’t have HK citizenship either despite their shotgun wedding. imagine the custody battle nightmare. without Tom and Tom’s money Taylor has no reliable way of remaining in HK with her child if/when things go south.

No. 187819

Taylor cannot obtain HK passport/citizenship, only very few foreign nationals without Chinese blood can obtain it. However she will be eligible to obtain permanent residency after living for 7 years in HK which is basically like citizenship but without right to hold a HK passport.

A child born outside Canada to a Canadian parent and meeting certain requirements is a Canadian citizen so they only need to apply for the passport. Since they reside in HK it would be more troublesome to apply for HK residency for the child if it was born abroad - even to a PR parent holding HK passport. It makes more sense for them to give birth in HK so the child doesn’t need to wait 7 years to obtain PR etc.

No. 187851

She's married. Stfu.

No. 187853

This isn't some plot by him doing a full long con with her.

No. 187862

Shotgun wedding? Where the fuck did you get that idea?

No. 187868

She clearly wanted and teased a big fairytale wedding with her family like all of her socialite friends had. Then boom, out of nowhere hot pink fugly tuxedo and bleach blonde hair courthouse wedding. There must have been something time sensitive going on behind the scenes because this was pre covid yet she had her family there via facetime.

No. 187876


I was also extremely surprised her wedding was very underdone considering her feelings reflected in basically any of her wedding related videos.

Taylor also loves planning too, I wouldn't be surprised if she has or already had a Pinterest for her fairy tail wedding. Maybe she'll have a second /grand/ wedding with her child in it? Maybe a "wow she bounced back so fast after the baby! She looks great in the wedding dress" kind of thing?

I also assumed that maybe she was pregnant when she got married? It doesn't line up with her current pregnancy but I don't see the need and I doubt it's company related lol.

No. 187883

i think the fast discount wedding is most likely do to some canadian real estate deal that tom wanted, and so needed to marry taylor asap to use her as way through some legal jargon and loopholes. Because i'm pretty sure they revealed they bought a canadian mansion a couple of months later.
House is sitting empty still. I dunno if they actually plan to live there or tom is being the typical hong kong/chinese money launderer parking money into canadian real estate; further fucking it up for canadian citizens who can't buy a house most cities anymore.

No. 187900

It has nothing to do with her being married or not. There are plenty of foreigners married to HK person and they are not eligible for it either. To obtain HK passport one of the three criteria is literally being a Chinese National which she isn’t and she won’t fulfill criteria to become:
A person is regarded as of Chinese nationality if he/she is a Hong Kong resident:
(a) of Chinese descent who was born in Hong Kong or other parts of China; or
(b) who fulfils the criteria of Chinese nationality in the Nationality Law of the People's Republic of China.
If the person concerned has declared a change of nationality and is no longer a Chinese national, he/she is not eligible for a HKSAR Passport.

No. 187903

Samefag as above, don’t know how to edit.

I thought they got married so he can avoid the tax while purchasing the property, but torontolife.com mentioned the sale in the September 2018 while they officially got married in HK in November 2018 so the timeline is bit off.
Unless he could file for tax return later on or something, but I’m not that familiar with Canadian tax law.

But I totally agree with everyone, that wedding was so not like her. I kinda wanna laugh when now she tries to play it cool like this is actually what they wanted, when all her videos in the past says this is definitely not what SHE wanted. I could have believed it would be fine if at least her family was there but she just had them Skype in, with her father on the toilet instead taking her to the altar.

No. 187910

No. 187940

It’s obvious you know nothing about pregnancy.

No. 188006

LOL, are you the expert? I have been pregnant and I am a mom. Her boobs were big before she got pregnant. They look too perky to be natural, bra or not. You can see it i when she wears a bathing suit. But please, go on…

No. 188864

Ffs sage your autism.

No. 188871

>too perky to be natural

Gee someone must have done some sneaky surgery on me!
Her boobs are suspect only because she obviously has cosmetic work done on her face and a suspected lip lift to create that unique shape, nothing unusual about their size or perkiness though kek. A usual tell would be seeing the silicone insert creating a strange shape at the upper chest but I have never noticed anything like that on Taylor.

No. 188873

Autism? Is that the best you can do?
Who raised you to have no empathy? You should be ashamed of yourself. Why so butthurt that you were wrong about me having no idea what pregnancy is like? I hope if you are a parent (and I hope you are not!) you teach your kids better than that. Grow the f up!

No. 188874

Samefag as above, you can see in this anon sc there's no telling weird silicone circle at the top of the chest, it looks completely natural. There's a type of insert which is teardrop and less obvious so it doesn't rule it out, but this is a completely normal chest as far as I can see. The size isn't big enough that they would need to be dropped if they were natural, it's a C-D which is still among the smaller sizes.
Sage for boob autism.

No. 188875

Can't believe you used a homophobic term like butthurt, think of all the gay men who will read your post and be offended anon! /s

(autism/autistic is a common imageboard insult used despite many people here admitting they are autistic themselves, calm down newfag and write sage in the email box so you don't bump the thread…with your autism)

No. 188876

Sage for being easily triggered. You know being outraged isn't a hobby right? Homophobic slurs now? That's ridiculous. a) Everyone has a butt. b) My understanding is that one gets "butt hurt" after getting a (verbal) spanking. If it wasn’t so asinine it might be funny. yawn(Back to twitter)

No. 188879

You aren't saging. Sage goes in the email field.

No. 188890

Can someone please contain this frustrated, easily triggered soccer mom? Take your shit to meta Karen, someone that lurks around lolcow won't get to hold moral lectures on other users, especially about empathy and parenting lmao at that selfrighteousness. And Learn2sage

Regarding the boob thing, I agree they look completely natural to me. She can influence the size a bit with different bra types but it never appeard to me she would alter them surgically. there was and is absolutely no need.

No. 188891

Taylor was always the kind of "modest" type when it came to showing skin, posing sexually or portraying any kind of potentially promiscuous content, besides a few asexual bikini shots, she never really produced an form of content that would warrant a need or desire to get implants. She doesnt monetize her body sexually, has no raunchy photography or modelling content and doesnt have an Onlyfans or alike. And the modelling she has done so far for years never required her to change to implants, because she and those people were already content with her natural C-D, which suits her natural frame well. This woman has zero reason to alter her perfectly fine breastsize.

No. 188893

I agree with the part about not wanting to alter her breast size. She says she's not a D but I bet she's never bothered to get measured. There's no way she ever had surgery, the thought is ludicrous tbh

She has some really weird body issues and I don't really feel like commenting on the rest except to say that some of her pictures were sexual in a certain way and they were definitely produced for men. But breasts didn't really feature.

No. 189822

what I find wild about that karen too is we now know that Taylor has been on n off fertilization treatments for years as well as gaining some slight healthy weight and now being pregnant…. All of these things make boobs bigger.

No. 189990

File: 1640265017733.png (1.52 MB, 1080x1490, IMG_20211223_132952.png)

Did she really insert and stretch those flowers in photoshop to pull a tumbleresque mommy blogger?

No. 189991

File: 1640265372035.jpg (958.24 KB, 1200x1600, pt2021_12_23_14_08_16.jpg)

I think it's ridiculous what kind of ginormous deal they make out of getting pregnant. a chinese manlet unloaded in you, what is the great achievement here? if you look at her friends jess' instagram, there are hundrets of stories and posts of her belly growth, a highlight with dozens of pregnancy shots, a thousand dollars worth babyshower mimicking an A-list hollywood party and countless selfies, gifts and posts about that god damn bump. Her filling multiple pages and cover about it is even entering worship terretory and I genuinly think these women are completely out of touch with reality and have way too much money to their disposal to get them back into it.

No. 189992

It’s because they have no other redeeming qualities besides being pregnant en then being a mother. These women have absolutely no pressure to do anything meaningful with their time and have an endless stream of money that allows them to just sit around and gloat on social media all day. It’s ridiculous, but their pregnancies define who they are…

No. 190000

File: 1640269154068.jpg (49.37 KB, 682x239, lol.jpg)

I’m super curious…I sifted through all her YouTube channel and Instagram posts comments and I’ve NEVER seen a negative comment? Or anyone that calls her out on her bullshit?? Is everyone just drinking the Taylor koolaid or is she deliberately deleting them?

Yeah, I've noticed this too, few years ago and I thought how surreal this looked. I wouldn't be surprised if this narcissist has hired someone just to delete negative comments. Because you know, even the most helpful and positive video on youtube can have that one random nasty comment. Once I read that Dakota Rose used to delete negative comments, so why wouldn't Taylor?

No. 190005

there are scrolling ones on bilibili and a few scattered in her YT/IG comments. I have some screenshots. Her stans rip apart anyone saying something even slightly critical. Wouldn't surprise me if her husband's tacit approval of the China takeover of HK means that Chinese netizens are paid to defend taytay too. But who knows

No. 190006

I believe she mentioned in the video where she "came out" about her age that she had filters set up on YouTube to block any mention of words relating to her age - so we at least know she does that.

No. 190026

sorry if this is spoon feeding but what video was that?

No. 190028

Yes she did, it's easy to avoid negative comments by filtering. She probably has a lot of words filtered. golddigger, fillers, fat, etc, insults and complaints are easy to guess and filter out. And probably gets her assistant to moderate them on top of that.

Generally nobody has 100% positive comments, it's all attained by filtering and blocking, depending on platform.

No. 190029

She has literally said in an IG story once that she would start deleting comments that upset her. Screenshot is probably in an older thread somewhere. She did that in response to a comment that made her go apeshit. Something about her gross husband. She said you can say anything you want about her but not about her loved ones and then later said she shouldn’t have posted an angry response like that and that she’d delete comments like that in the future. So yeah she’s definitely deleting comments

No. 190095

I downloaded that sperge. I'll put it on streamable later. It was pretty chimpy. All because someone said Tom's sperm probably weren't good. Taylor is peak handmaid and it's really gross.

No. 190215

No worries, I found a video where she mentioned doing it. It's in this one at about 6:25

No. 190231

New vlog is out. Nothing exciting. She finally bought pregnancy pants but to me it still seems like she’s is ashamed of her belly. She seems to want to hide it under big shirts.

No. 190255

I wouldn’t find it surprising if she’s still struggling with the weight gain. I think waiting to buy maternity clothes hints at it. But she doesn’t seem ashamed of her belly. She wore a swimsuit and a tight dress throughout the video. I’m guessing the big sweatshirt/maternity jeans combo is more for comfort

No. 190262

then sage, if there is no milk

No. 190271

I think it has to do with the fact that big shirts over comfy pants tend to cut better lines on a bulging midsection than something form fitting would in most angles

No. 190293

Funny how the doctor said she needs to cut carbs kek I’m surprised she left that in

No. 190309


What a dreadfully lonely life.

No. 190330

>>189991 pretty spot on with their lifestyle. im a few weeks ahead of taylor in my pregnancy and cant relate to her at all. Also an expat married to a foreigner but nothing about her pregnancy has been relatable. I get being proud of sharing how funny ur belly is but shes trying way too hard to make her pregnancy viral. But i guess thats tiktok… it also urks me that her and tom cant have a proper conversation and how every time they communicate its just her coaxing something out of him. i get language barriers but its been years together and this is their level communication?

No. 190334

I find it so strange that they're getting renovations done now when she's entering her third trimester. If it's to babyproof or whatever, it makes no sense for them to have not started this process earlier. Moving is so stressful, why put her through that? Also the Chanel no. 5 scent testing seems like it would be a pregnant woman's nightmare.

She's so "busy with work" the normal holiday shopping and decorating antics are gone. The San-Tay antics are gone. Not a single mention of Taylor Swift. This could seem like growing or maturing from another creator, but it more comes across as her losing herself to this whole pregnancy tradwife arc. Like if anything this is her last chance to act like a forever teen and be the center of attention but she seems so low energy. And SMH at Tom acting helpless like he can't give her a massage or something when she's in pain.

I kind of hate Taylor but it's also sad to see her very obviously missing her family. She really sold out on the things she really values in life just to be the trophy and babymaker of this creep.

No. 190350

>been years together and this is their level communication
He's clearly stunted to a degree. You know how men are usually immature… More so than women their age. So they need a younger one. He 'needed' a really younger woman and he's still more immature?

No. 190360

Huh??? What are you even saying.

No. 190369

>Moving is so stressful, why put her through that?
Moving is only stressfull for us "normal people". I doubt she has to even lift a finger, pregnant or not.

No. 190375

lmao "birthday blues" in the caption. ofc. every tay birthday is a tragedy. I will wait for this to be uploaded elsewhere bc I don't give pedo apologists YT money

No. 190396

It’s so funny to me that she does not gain any followers kek Taylor nobody cares

No. 190407

I use hooktube for every cow video.

No. 190408

hooktube still gives them views and money, I thought

No. 190409

after all those years telling us she doesn't eat red meat or pork, we are getting the truth: making ham, eating pork chop rice? I mean, fine, but what about that video about her diet when she said she didn't eat pork because pigs are fat? kek

(I'm vegetarian so all meat is gross to me, but her ED-inspired "nutrition" videos were ridiculous)

No. 190444

she mentioned before it has to do with chinese culture. they can’t do the nursery until the 3rd trimester.

No. 190496

I just dont understand the fuss about it. Now she is cleaning out her closet before "the move", just how long is the nursery building
supposed to take?!

No. 190513

I still kek over their fucking lie "we're moving to canada!!"
that must have been totally to fool the people looking at money laundering and fraud. they never "moved" there.

No. 190514

lol i love how she complains about missing family then says i have a lot of reasons for staying in hk…my friends..my husband. okay?? that's it? girl your husband can move and your friendships seem so shallow go back home to your family damn

No. 190520

something i think keeps getting underestimated is her overall mental state. yes i know, this board hates taylor, but even if i dont agree with many things she does, i cant help but feel sorry for her when you see for 2years now or so how fucking miserable she is. Her shallow, loud, flashy friends and their collabs, just as buying all this shit might "destract" her, but to me she is clearly suffering from depressive episode or similar. Its not normal to have a breakdown every time you have a birthday. Its not normal to feel lonely during a pregnancy while surrounding yourself with people constantly and its not normal to be unable to hold just any potentially meaningful convo with your generally unsupportive husband. Anyone would start to deeply feel like shit about life and she's only hurting herself more with not doing anything about it other then crying on vlogs.

No. 190523

poor little rich girl
Spend your sympathy on people with actual problems, anon.

No. 190535

LOL right????? She’s soooo spoiled and never had to do any “work” and complains about her “eating disorder” and how “poor” she is and how she “struggled” with fertility. She obviously doesn’t know REAL couples who struggle through fertility can’t get pregnant for 6,7,8+ years! And need to save for years to afford IVF! I just can’t stand her>>190523

No. 190538

Learn how to reply please Karen, quote the post you're replying to first before writing your own, and write sage in the email box so you don't bump the thread

No. 190561

I just can’t feel sympathy for someone who made those choices. She decided to be a model, she decided to move abroad and stay and she sure as fuck choose her friends. It’s not like she didn’t have choices in life, she just choose vanity and internet fame over everything else. Her priority’s are fucked. If she’s unhappy or depressed because of her crumby choices that’s on her.

No. 190574

I understand your point, but I think its bold to assume she actively chose all this, while many people are just really "incapable". Those people never properly learned to form healthy priorities and just follow the behavior that has been modelled to them their entire lifes. if she doesnt know any better, she "can" only follow one way of living, without being able to reflect about it, she just perpetrates what she "knows". This would also explain why all of her friends are the same, she doesnt really form any hobbies besides social media trends and has no own identity besides what she copies of successful others. Of course its her responsibility to "learn" about that deficite, but as long as you can't detect there is something toxic going on in the ways you were raised/conditioned that is impossible.

No. 190575

never understood this hate about rich people can't be having any problems. so money makes you inhumane suddenly and invalidates everything that you go through?

i think its hard to tell wether its a concious choice or she just slowly suffocates in a life that is suggested to be what she is supposed to want and doesnt really fit, or if she actually wants it. either way, she is miserable and its not a surprise by that lifestyle. pretty unhealthy how much she dismisses her depressive tendencies. post partum will hit her like a bitch if she's gonna have it.

No. 190578

holy fuck, I can't imagine having all this concern for the wife of a dude who expressed from day 1 that he like kawaii childish women. A guy who dates his employees. Taylor said she spent hours talking to him everyday. Given his abysmal command of English, how much do you want to bet that she sent him kawiwi selfies and he said "whoa babe like princess" over and over?

Her sisters have normal marriages. Taylor is a vacuous bimbo who probably barely made it through high school. Her greatest struggle was the year she spent with some normal baby fat before puberty.

Poor suffering Taylor! Let's think of her mental state! Hey anon, when she was excusing her husband for his pedo website, when she was telling lies about being self-sufficient since she was 14, when she was letting her followers mock a minor's self-harm cuts on her IG (because the minor said the giant eye photoshop was creepy), how was her mental state then?

No. 190579

she fucking chose all this, yep

No. 190601

I honestly don’t get why some people keep defending her. She’s a social media influencer who deletes all her negative comments. It’s like she’s an ostrich hiding her head in the sand refusing to come to terms with reality, then slaps us with mental health struggles. Lady, if you can’t stand the pressures of it, get off the internet, remove yourself from showcasing your personal life and take an actual break! I have never seen her taken a “social media break” and completely takes advantage of her struggles to gain followers. She also apparently follows no one. Yet we all know she copies Valeria to a T. She clearly takes ideas from other influencers but doesn’t acknowledge it and claims it all authentically her own. We obviously know her husband is a pedo and has super shady business yet some people still worship their relationship and lifestyle?! I’m legit confused how that is worth defending

No. 190615

It's not that rich people can't have problems per se, it's that their problems are instantly trivialized when you consider most worldly issues can be solved with money. Pitying Taylor is pointless and pathetic

No. 190645

why are you so butthurt over an anon claiming she has a poor mental state and might not know how to navigate out of it because she doesnt realize it? nobody defended her lifestyle, husband or work. its one thing to make fun of her and critisize her phony actions, but there's no need to dehumanize her into some vendetta-chan scapegoat for everything thats wrong with rich influencers, so you can wipe the foam off ye mouth. Taylor's shit but she ain't the devil.

No. 190646

that point is hard to argue tho kek, taylor does manipulative shit things for her own gain and systematically stays silent about others (so condoning them), but then in other situations she seems vapid and dumb as fuck. Or maybe this is your typical Paris Hilton act, so everyone thinks your stupid and not capable of being that calculating.

No. 190652

she is shit, no one is trying to make her into a lori. she has all the money in the world to get therapy and be a better person. she chose narcissism.

No. 190668

I finally watched this video and loled hard when she said this because of your comment anon. You're absolutely right. I'm typing this and showing lots of skin under my clothes. In fact, I'm naked underneath them.

No. 190712

File: 1640633831745.jpg (927.48 KB, 1000x2039, pt2021_12_27_20_36_54.jpg)

she obviously meant exposed skin due to clothes staying open as she doesn't fit you retard


why isnt she going to therapy anyways? it is fun to be miserable? is she monetizing on it?

Also, this.

No. 190714

File: 1640634042034.jpg (1.07 MB, 1778x1000, pt2021_12_27_20_40_03.jpg)

The fake-assery of these pictures tho. the fuck they're laughing about? bet she made tom do 100 takes of this and he just force grinned to get it over with. it looks so pushed omg.

No. 190728

like the first recent picture where he isn't manhandling her fucking bump like a monkey grabbing at fruit

No. 190730

clearly Tom is farting loudly in this moment. Rosie smells it, her nose is in the air. Taylor laughs with a note of despair, because while the stench of grease and pork assaults her nose, she has her Instagram picture Her bump reminds her that she has fulfilled her sacred duty, and also ensured that the money will keep rolling in, no matter what

No. 190731


God, his dead eyes are killing me. How can someone be so expressionless?

No. 190742

and he's in such bad shape man, that dude is close to having bigger boobs than her.

No. 190840

File: 1640713065432.jpg (9.5 KB, 206x275, 1463064388070.jpg)

I don't think it's dermal filler it looks like korean style fat grafting to me.

There is absolutely no way she treated her tear troughs with dermal filler, you can only get these kinds of results with fat transfer because filler migrates so easily

No. 190843

File: 1640714186288.png (208.87 KB, 414x286, babyface.png)

It's actually very popular among asian women to get the baby face look and can make you look 10-15 years younger. Imo it's how Taylor managed to age backwards.

It's really rare to see a caucasian woman who's had this style of fat grafting done. Western surgeons are way more conservative with placement and volume.

No. 190898

These two are the same women? She has caked on makeup and yellow teeth on the left but she has nice cheekbones and bone structure. She looks like pedobait on the right. Am I the only person on lolcow who hates the chipmunk face?

No. 190908

Yes it's the same woman, her name is bongqiuqiu, Singapore blogger famous for her plastic surgery transformmation

I wonder if Taylor went to the same surgeon (Dr Oh at REGEN)

No. 190915

File: 1640771335871.jpg (112.53 KB, 660x567, sbsfront.jpg)

Oh god, I remember finding her blog back in the 2010s and thinking… this must be normal for girls with a lot of money. It made me terrified of getting any surgeries though, because I honestly liked her look before most of them. Also seemed like they really botched her nose and upper lip.

Picrel: the left picture looks sweet and younger to me!

When would Taylor have done fat grafting though? Maybe you are right but there must have been some downtime for that.

No. 190916

File: 1640771821685.jpg (141.53 KB, 660x704, CIMG3575.JPG)

That before and after is from her second batch of surgeries, she had fat grafting and a nose job 1.5 years before those pics were taken so she already looks much younger even in the before pic

I think Taylor must have had it done just before she moved to Japan. I wouldn't be surprised if she got v-line surgery as well. Her jaw is much wider in her pre dolly modelling pics

No. 190917

File: 1640772330163.jpg (125.76 KB, 660x600, be1.JPG)

Found the blog post of her first fat grafting, minimal swelling and bruising only took a week for her to recover

it's remarkable how much younger it made her look:


No. 190928

I literally see nothing wrong with the left picture. She’s pretty. On the right picture see looks like one of the cookie cutter Korean beauty pageant girls. Uncanny. Also the upper lip was botched.

I think tear through fillers or under eye fat grafting works, but in this case it’s all over the face and she looks bloated. Maybe I don’t like the chubby teenager face but it’s nice to see your bone structure peek through in your 20’s and 30’s.

No. 190929

Body image issues. She calls herself manly and tired looking on the before pictures when in reality she looks attractive. Sad.

No. 190931

File: 1640779999994.png (115.8 KB, 275x247, 1425829738695.png)

Because women are told that if they don't look like infants they are past their prime, so they pay to look "puffy and cute"

No. 190933

Weeb culture, not even once

No. 190934

she is also married to an uggo. Why do women do this and then marry the ugliest men

No. 190940

Probably because they still feel ugly and that this is all they deserve.

No. 190943

She's got that round (on profile) forehead anons have noticed Taylor has on the right. Caucasian women don't usually have curved foreheads.

I prefer more structured faces than the swollen baby look, I had a babyface for too long and used to hate it. Happy days when I finally got cheekbones.
The swollen face also makes your other features look smaller which is unappealing.

No. 190945

God I’ve read her blog and it’s the most depressing thing. She calls her old self manly, angular and ugly in every other sentence. She looked okay. It’s a pity that in asian cultures not only society but female members of the family gang up on women to make them feel shitty about their appearance while they’ve literally inherited these looks from their family.

No. 190947

File: 1640789540475.jpg (41.88 KB, 786x340, 88f94b7a65dbf2a2e0f3a83c003bc8…)

Forehead's different now for sure

No. 190987

He looks so much like a dog, more than rosie actually.

Left pic is so much better. She says she hated her forehead, just wear bangs keks.

No. 191007

File: 1640827951597.jpeg (41.42 KB, 225x225, 451DA550-86AF-43CB-B441-25BEA3…)

I don’t get why would she prefer to have that forehead that looks like nuchal hump in fish than her absolutely normal forehead. At this point from the side she looks like her forehead is also pregnant and she can’t make any facial expressions because her eyebrows literally don’t move.

No. 191027

Fucking ewwwwww I can’t stand his warthog face. Should’ve censored that shit lmaoo

No. 191035

she’s also friends with xiaxue who’s had a TON of plastic surgery so maybe it was just a ‘thing’ in their clique

No. 191060

I really don't think it makes her look younger. It makes her look like she has a birth defect

No. 191062

File: 1640859937998.png (617.12 KB, 605x548, Screenshot 2021-12-30 12.23.29…)

This is pretty EDed imho. "Look at how I'm exactly the same except for my bump." Sick.

No. 191063

That’s not flattering at all lol also all this pregnancy sperging seems so fetishy to or at least weirdly obsessive

No. 191068

Why is she walking around like that??? I'm sorry but this makes my skin crawl. She's so obsessed with letting everyone know she's PREGNANT and literally shoving it in their face.

No. 191071

Ok this isn’t r/childfree calm down anon

No. 191072

Agree with this anon though it’s weird and looks ugly. We get it by now Faylor

No. 191074

She's wearing a hoodie/jacket, I'm sure it was zipped up as soon as the photo was taken.

No. 191080

It wasn't before, she was walking around like that, why would she zip it now?

No. 191081

It's obvious that she doesn't want anyone thinking she is fat.

In 2018 when she did that diet app ad, she weighed herself and talked about how her bad bra fit was "flab" and she had cellulite and her pants don't fit: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1qs411L7i1
(thanks to the anon mentioning it above because I never watched this vid before)
She put her weight as 53.7kg at 170cm, which is BMI 18.6.

Right before this vid was released she had total breakdown about weighing more than she ever has in her life https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV17W411w73d
lmao Taylor get a fkin grip

No. 191088

It's pretty normal for women to be obsessed with showing off their pregnancy, especially if it's their first child and after an infertility journey.

She has some serious issues she needs to address but this isn't one of them.

No. 191089

Anon are you dense? She’s not only showing off her pregnancy, that’s normal, she’s comparing her old body with her current body, to emphasize that she hasn’t gained much weight during her pregnancy. Which is ana-chan behavior

No. 191090

uhh I wasn't talking about ED behviour I was responding to this:
>Why is she walking around like that??? I'm sorry but this makes my skin crawl. She's so obsessed with letting everyone know she's PREGNANT and literally shoving it in their face.

I don't know about the weight thing. Could be true, it's kind of a reach though.

No. 191092

The anon you're quoting appears to be the same karen from here (except she learned how to sage) >>190535
>REEE real couples who struggle with fertility
Nobody here cares that she's pregnant or that she obviously hyped up her "fertility struggle" for views, idk why this one anon is so pressed about it

No. 191095

she doesn't look the same, her legs are bigger and her face and chest are fuller, you gain weight all over when you're pregnant (as you should). She is working her angles here in both photos.

No. 191103

Can’t wait till she’s gonna post pics right after delivery to show off “how she doesn’t look like she just gave birth”, or complain about a tiny ass stretch mark to be ~open and relatable~

No. 191104

Holy shit

No. 191125

The "I'm so open and relatable" thing gets annoying after a while.

She'll act like she's above being fake and keeping up appearances and soooooo open but she'll never admit to the surgeries she's had. She has a completely different jaw, her cheeks are dimpling from being overfilled and her forehead is frozen and swollen from botox and fat grafting and she expects people to think that's just how her face is?

No. 191164


I remember when that video was uploaded how all the landwhales had a meltdown because she mentioned her weight (BMI 18.6 is perfectly normal).

No. 191193

Yeah, 18.6 is normal. But she was moaning about having flab and fat and shit. That's also retarded. Wah, I'm no longer technically underweight! Wah I weigh more than ever before! That's fucked up message to project.

No. 191304

all taylor’s posted in the last couple of days is other people’s tiktoks. not a word about new year’s eve, welcoming the new year, the year of her baby’s birth, nothing. reality’s catching up with tay tay fast

No. 191326

She posted some stuff now including she was peeing when the countdown was happening because she’s just ~so reletable~.they moved to that temporary home now apparently

No. 191337

no clue where you got this from, but 18.6 is not normal. go back to MPA, anachans

No. 191340

18.5 is cut-off for underweight
The real eyeroll and anachan thing is Taylor calling herself flabby and fat at 18.6. "This app helped me lose 5 lbs!" so healthy, stupid bimbo

No. 191354

her mangled dog had to be on a glucose drip because it is too small to get sick and still live. That's not cute. I hate everyone who wants a dog like that.

No. 191368

>gets annoying after a while
Her life is so boring.
There are so many vlog about HK expat where people show great stuff to do/great places to see, people with actual fashion sense kek.
Her life is so hollow, fake and boring.

No. 191369

Why are we spammed with that chick? fat grafting has been around for ages, it's no rocket science and any anon writing novels to defend taylor "being natural" should maybe do some damn research about what is possible with plastic surgery. you sound like those primal men who look at hardcore filtered instagram models and think everything they see is real.

yes, of course she got it done. the results last a very long time.


No. 191370

I wondered that too, isnt new years eve a celebration there too? no posts about the actual move? no roomtour? is she just sitting there , eating and keeping her furry shrimp mitant alive?

No. 191371

File: 1641061791225.jpg (663.76 KB, 1200x1600, pt2022_01_01_19_28_33.jpg)

This was an absolute shitfest again, they are sperging so hard about presenting their babies like luxury products, I won't be surprised if some of them are born with a mole shaped like the gucci label. this is way over top and they will raise spotlight addicted narcissists.

No. 191373

File: 1641062209179.jpg (418.06 KB, 1080x1638, Screenshot_20220101-123424_Ins…)

All the temporary talk sounds like one big body image cope. I bet the rent apartment is some downsized basic HK apartment with shitty plumbing.

No. 191374

File: 1641065250138.png (2.7 MB, 1440x2069, botox.png)

Spare a thought for the people who had to put filler/botox in the face of a heavily pregnant woman, she has dimples but no smile lines, that's not how skin works.

No. 191376


She looks in pain.

No. 191380

She also got her hair done right? That’s not her natural colour. All that sperging the baby can’t be around constructions but she gets chemicals in her body

No. 191386

Anon, face dimples arent where the nasal folds are. Those ARE smile lines. Dimples tend to exist without smiling and are closer to the cheeks. Some of you literally have no idea what you're talking about.

No. 191388

you're insane if you think it is possible to have those particular smile lines and no nasolabial folds or movement elsewhere in the face. Bitch is frozen solid, it probably feels uncomfortable for her to open her mouth and chew

No. 191389

Anon those are both smile lines and folds, she's not 55 years old and she's taken care of her face for years. Theres clearly a filter over this, probably old botox too, but those aren't dimples. Dimples are a little higher up and on the cheeks/ right below the apples.

No. 191398

>nitpicking over use of the word dimple to describe phantom smile lines with no adjoining line to the nose (the infamous nasolabial fold)

I wasn't being scientific, the fact it is a not a full smile line gives the appearance of a dimple as in floating cheek indentation, obviously they are not literal dimples.
Belle Delphine had similar phantom floating not-dimples with no adjoining line in her recentish con photos. Massive giveaway some treatment has occured, arguing over semantics and definitions doesn't counter the fact she is missing normal expression lines on her face that even children have. There's also barely any expression in the rest of her face.
I'm more surprised she continued to get beauty treatments while pregnant as whatever you put into a pregnant body also potentially affects the baby, hence why you should not drink or take drugs.
Jasmine Chiswell who I follow and is similarly pregnant at the same time (about to give birth) appeared to keep bleaching her hair too, I guess social media women really don't give a fuck.

No. 191399

File: 1641084849188.png (2.08 MB, 1440x1918, 085368.png)

Samefag, this is the other photo in that post where you can see similar uncanny valley facial definition (or lack of it)

No. 191430

she's so insane about what she's eating (not putting a sprig of parsley in the soup, looking up if mayo is safe for pregnancy, not using bio-oil on her belly…)

it's so hypocritical to have these injections and botox while acting like a character in the Handmaid's Tale about her pregnancy the rest of the time. But she probably has some doctor through her friend Jess, who has her little rich-lady beauty treatment center (despite having 0 knowledge of aesthetics or skincare).

I was going to defend her hair color, since she certainly went dark to hide her (dark) roots - she was another one larping as Barbie blonde for the longest time. But now it's obvious that she's had highlights and color, so who knows. I don't really think hair dye is dangerous for pregnant women (have vague recollection that it's a myth) but I've never been pregnant so idk.

No. 191436

>When would Taylor have done fat grafting though?
I have a feeling she got it done sometime before this Sony photoshoot (she appears at 3:02). I read that with fat grafting, the swelling lasts much longer and I think she underestimated how long it would last. Then I think she went and got fillers on top of the fat grafting and that created the puffy waxy effect that she now has

No. 191438

without starting a big discussion about the vaccine… uh, did Taylor get a booster?

No. 191443

File: 1641145636167.jpg (953.49 KB, 1500x1500, pt2022_01_02_18_45_08.jpg)

I don't know if she isnt too early yet, but she must have gotten the others too within her pregnancy, so that cant be a reason.


(Picrel) I agree with the anon who posted the video, this is when she most likely got the grafting done. the swelling is extreme and as a first timer she underestimated the visible healing time. it has been referenced often throughout the threads as one of the more intense examples of her getting stuff done in her face.

No. 191444

You guys know you CAN dye your hair while pregnant, right? That doesn't actually effect the baby. This isn't the 1940s where these old wives tales make sense.

No. 191448

she didn't get the others during her pregnancy, she bragged about getting some priority in her age group and got both vaccines super early, before she got pregnant

No. 191450

ntayrt but the post you quoted literally says that

No. 191480

Do they even use the mrna shots in HK? Thought they were on the sinovax train. If it's not the mrna stuff she'll be fine.

No. 191489

She was at the hairdresser's at the end of November (Took a screenshot because I liked her haircut)

No. 191538

who else has a feeling we’re on Rosie death watch? :(((:(()

No. 191575

That genetic dumpster fire byb dog has looked on the verge of death forever

No. 191587

File: 1641301134445.png (1.25 MB, 1080x1496, IMG_20220104_133933.png)

She did, but that furry mutated shrimp looks especially beat up now.

No. 191617

Go to the dog hate thread. Her dog being small isn’t milk. We get it its immortal but that’s about it.

No. 191628

the fucks wrong with you, i love dogs and hope rosie has it as good as possible, but that doesnt change the fact she looks in horrible condition and inbread af. she is cute and perfect, but not well.

No. 191635

File: 1641322405410.gif (489.77 KB, 500x200, Mila-Kunis-Crying-Laughing-Gif…)

>furry mutated shrimp
my sides

No. 191637

File: 1641322949652.jpg (146.77 KB, 640x1067, 1444376890038.jpg)

When do you think she had the jaw surgery?

No. 191639

>We get it its immortal but that’s about it

No. 191657

Not Wking Taylor but this is from a video where she said 2021 would be the year she got pregnant with any luck, and she'd be able to go back to that spot and take the same photo.

I get it that she does ana shit sometimes and she's incredibly public about her pregnancy but I think this obsession some of you have with hating her for being pregnant is fucking weird. This isn't any different from anyone else taking progress photos in the same clothing for 9 months.

No. 191663

Same nonnie lmao
I keep seeing this thread get bumped and it’s always anachans freaking out about a pregnant woman gaining weight(no shit Sherlock) or the fillers rehash. Tay hasn’t been milky in years

No. 191673

If she got a jaw shaving, which is an incredibl dangerous procedure, I would have suspected her to go to South Korea for it, as they are the world experts in these surgeries and not that far from china. But I don't think there is any evidence on it.

No. 191679

Its like a lot of anons have never been pregnant or have never been around pregnant people. She's not cradling her belly any more than any other pregnant lady, her obsessing over a child in her isn't out of the ordinary. There's shit to nitpick, but half the stupid things anons bring up, aren't relevant and just vendetta because they don't like Taylor. I'm not a fan either but I'm also not pulling half assed reasons.

No. 191681

She didn't. She's always had that jaw, most people when they age, their jaw slims down. Especially when you're already skinny. We'd see it and she'd have a hard time covering it. Its not as simple as just putting makeup over her scars or incisions.

No. 191682

>pregnant people
Women. Only women get pregnant.

No. 191686

Anon, shut up.

No. 191689

…Jaws get wider with age, they don't 'slim down'.

Also she probably had v-line surgery before she moved to Japan and started vlogging. Also the incisions are not on the outside they cut from inside the mouth so there would be no scars. Why are you just making shit up?

I know botox can make your jawline slimmer but the change in her jaw is too drastic for it to be just botox. She literally went from having a square wide jaw to a point v-shaped jaw.

No. 191691

With healing, yes. We'd notice.

No. 191694

Of course you'd notice, but I'm saying she had the surgery before she became an internet personality. Before she started vlogging in Japan, but after her period of being a jobbing model in HK.

So there's no reason for you to notice unless you look at her pre-dolly modelling pics.

Also with healing what? The incisions/scars are inside the mouth, you don't ever see them.

There's no way to know whether she got v-line surgery but it seems highly likely to me. Jaws don't just change shape like that on their own. Fat usually doesn't rearrange itself on its own either. It can increase/decrease, but a change in distribution usually doesn't happen on its own.

No. 191695

I heard this post in the voice of that character from Donnie Darko, chuuut uupp. Only women can get pregnant, sorry about it.

No. 191701

Women get pregnant, handmaiden. Back to Twitter with you.

No. 191707

The people that are more annoying than trannies are retards that get triggered over words

No. 191708

Seriously. They know I meant women. They just want to be autistic.

No. 191710

lmao get out, stan. She is absolutely milky, just not because of her weight or dumb cheeks. Shit like that will get the thread autosaged again, which is probably the goal of some posters.
>Tay hasn't been milky in years
only a fan would write this sentence and with "Tay" instead of "Taylor"

No. 191711

Nya but i love you for that reference nonny

No. 191713

An anon complained about her getting her hair done while pregnant which most people know doesn't even effect babies. >>191663 isn't wrong about the nitpicking. Or the "theres no smile lines" when she has them >>191374

Whats the milky part or did I alsi miss something other than anasperhing, weight gain, and filler talk?

She started young. Also no doctor would do surgery on a chin when a childs bone structure hasn't fully developed. Have some common sense. There's bad doctors but she and her mom wouldn't take her to some shady shithole in Korea. Literally nothing you say makes sense aside from wishful thinking because it fits into your storyline for her.

No. 191715

Do you have some kind of disability? I didn't say she had it done as a child, I said she had it done between her Hong Kong and Japan periods as an adult.

If you look at her modelling pics from before she became a dakota clone her face is very different. The difference is unlikely to be natural or just makeup. That's all.

I'm not taking any more bait.

No. 191716

No, I won't be rehashing the interesting parts of the Taylor thread for you. Try reading. Every thread has nitpicks, doesn't make everything else worthless. You can also choose not to read the thread. I highly doubt she had vline surgery but I don't care and just ignore these posts.

No. 191717

File: 1641367267543.png (470.46 KB, 1080x609, Screenshot_20220104-125400~2.p…)

skimmed through that boring fashion thing she cohosted. What a bad choice for a cohost: fast fashion queen who revamps her whole closet every season with new clothes. Having a baby is only interesting for her because she can buy more stuff. I'll have to cap more from the series when I'm bored

No. 191724

> only a fan would write this sentence and with "Tay" instead of "Taylor
Please take your meds

No. 191739

These anons think they can use the threads as a free-for-all for sure reason and that going over old thread topics is fair game. That's what old threads are for. No one here is a fan. We are tired of the nitpicking because of lack of real milk.

No. 191879

Stop shitting up the thread complaining over a lack of quality content then. Your comment is just as unnecessary.

Do you have a link to where this is streaming or even the name of the show?

No. 191886

Sure, I think all of the videos are tagged #FrontlineFashion on this profile in the video tab: https://instagram.com/getredressed

They are also on bilibili. I'm not clear on the exact name of the show and I can't listen with sound rn. Might be ReDressed Awards.

No. 191935

File: 1641536156990.jpeg (202.99 KB, 1125x1973, 2C5C7B11-42E5-4A6F-BB7C-C4D01A…)

No. 191937

File: 1641536374562.jpeg (334.66 KB, 1125x1865, 52EC0408-FB2C-4A8B-9E78-B222FD…)

her brain is fucking fried man

No. 191939

The fucking what is this??

No. 191942

She's losing her mind, it's time to stop trying to make pregnancy content and take a break, Taylor

No. 191947

this is some inflation fetish shit. i feel sick reading that.

No. 191948

I keep remembering something an anon posted last year, specifically the part about how being pregnant is a fully formed personality trait for taylor. Here's the quote, anon got it right on the money. All we hear about is her as a ~pregnant woman~ eating, shopping, and moaning. And holy cow, all the thumbnails on that getredressed IG show her overfilled cheeks and botoxed face. Horrifying.

>Hi, I'm a multimillionaire expat who wants a baby even during the apocalypse because that's a whole 9+ month personality trait! I have literally nothing in my brain.

No. 191979


Now she won't run out of context bcs there will be "new mom" tiktok videos and postpatrum content, then what gluten free vegan foods- my baby eats in a day videos! Yay!

No. 191985

I see that only 6% of Hong Kong has had a third shot. Taylor wrote she got the Pfizer one back in the spring. She's virtually unprotected now.

No. 191988

A narcissist who completely lacks the ability to self-reflect and filter herself and now that she's pregnant she just has to talk about every aspect of her body and her bodily functions. I mean she has a vlog that she titled 'I farted in front of my boyfriend'

No. 192003

File: 1641588530154.png (306.93 KB, 362x641, blondedrink.PNG)

Never heard Taylor talk about her drinking habits.

No. 192004

she has
one little sip is also completely okay so it's more virtue signaling

No. 192006

>one little sip is also completely okay
are you sure

No. 192007

It's up to her obgyn which you're not.

No. 192008

pretty sure if you found out she had "one little sip" you would be crucifying her in this thread

No. 192009

Tom should change his glasses, because to me she's looking in a totally different direction.

No. 192010

ntayrt but how many times do you want to defend your idol? A sip is basically nothing. No one suggested she should chug the glass ffs.

No. 192011

I think she shouldn't chug the drink. she needs a beer bong for that blonde ale

No. 192015

File: 1641598147438.png (1.7 MB, 1080x1883, Screenshot_20220104-080648.png)

Wow, Tom. That sure is a breakfast for a growing boy

No. 192025

you mean a completely normal breakfast in hk but ok

No. 192045

Think anon is referring to the quantity, that's as much as I eat in a day and that's just breakfast…

No. 192063

Well he is a greasy and overweight man so…

No. 192064

Ok anachan, no need to brag about under eating.

No. 192076

Don't have to be an ana-chan to see that's two full meals and what he thinks is appropriate for one. I would be full with the eggs and toast OR the bowl of noodles and beef but couldn't eat both. Like obviously there are exceptions for holidays and special occasions or being super hungry but it's wild to act like that's a normal breakfast when if an American posted this all of the comments would be "KEK AMERIFAT BURGER OBESITY LMAO GO HAVE A HEART ATTACK AND DIABETES"

No. 192080

Calm down and Google authentic breakfast in HK or something. I lived in there and street shops run by older ppl would typically serve pasta in soup with egg, sausage or meat of your choice as topping plus a toast and a milk tea. It's a normal set.

No. 192091

are those eggs cooked enough? The white looks runny. Sorry for dumbfag question.

No. 192093

what flavour is the broth in that breakfast noodle soup?

No. 192098

Sure, why not? Not sure that's how you do it in HK, but in other parts of Asia I know my friends will just throw a raw egg over their rice bowl in the morning so that the heat from the rice will be all that's cooking the egg and it's basically half raw. So it wouldn't surprise me if all over Asia they don't have the "don't eat raw eggs"-paranoia some western countries have.

No. 192100

ok, but the steaming hot rice cooks the egg. It's different when it's separate like this.

No. 192116

they're fried, you can see the cooked whites around the runny whites. I guess maybe you'd call this "done over a little too easy"

No. 192120

I mean sure, but you also dip meat in raw egg and eat it for sukiyaki. Raw eggs are no that big of a deal in a lot of countries.

No. 192140

At leadt in japan eggs are safe to eat raw. They’re highly controlled. Idk if it’s like this in hk as well but could be

No. 192142

Ok I thought this was common knowledge but chickens in many Western countries are a different breed and actually carry salmonella much more commonly. This is why the yolk is yellow in American chickens and orange in Japan, they are different breeds. The paranoia is legitimate, because they statistically carry salmonella frequently lmao.

No. 192148

thanks for explaining, I didn't know

No. 192191

There is nothing wrong with not liking a mutant creature that stick with anyone as long they are being fed

No. 192238

Yolk colour has to do with how healthy the chickens are and what they're fed AFAIK. Here in the UK the yolks of the eggs I get from true free range chickens are orange in colour whereas the eggs from battery chickens tend to be a pale colour so I'm not sure it has to do with breed.

No. 192274

Fuck off. Nobody cares. Go sprerg about your love and obsession for mutts somewhere else. Fucking nutcase.

No. 192275

Are you slow?

No. 192365

It was a thing for every aspiring Asian vlogger back then. They were all trying to look like angelababy and casual surgery was ok because angelababy did it, it was the beginning of PS normalising. I'm like 99% sure Taylor got swept up in that wave.

No. 192369


in the United States, they scrub the eggs before selling them in stores. When the egg shells are scrubbed, it removes a natural protective layer/film on it, which then makes the shell super porous and prone to absorbing contaminants, viruses, and bacteria such as Salmonella. This is why they have to be refrigerated in the states, while in places like the UK, eggs are sold on regular unrefrigerated grocery store shelves.

No. 192371

One sip is not going to do her any harm, hell, even a glass of beer would probably be ok. It is excessive drinking that is frowned upon during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester.

No. 192376

Mostly comes down to the chickens being vaccinated. Most countries, they are.

No. 192413

Do you guys think she will exploit her child as much as all the other family vlogger? It will for sure make huge numbers

No. 192441

Nope, it's not just "excessive drinking". It has been proven over and over aghain that even "moderate" amounts of alcohole can harm the baby. Plenty of info about it out there, so just google it.

No. 192443

a sip ain't moderate, stop

No. 192445

Pregnant woman here. I’m residing in one of the safest countries for childbirth worldwide. My doctor explicitly told me (in the beginning of my pregnancy, too) that a glass of wine once or twice a week is perfectly fine and absolutely no reason to worry. Again, really good and renowned doctor in one of the safest and best countries for childbirth in the whole world. So let Taylor (and every other pregnant woman you ever encounter) have a sip or even a glass of beer if she wants, it WILL NOT harm the baby(don't use emojis)

No. 192454


THIS is legit the dumbest shit a "Doctor" can tell a pregnant woman… go ask all the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Babys if a glass of Wine or Beer, once or twice a week (wtf?!) was worth ruining an innocent childs life.

If you can't pull yourself together for fucking 9 Months you probably shouldn't become a Mother at all for fucks sake! Why even take the risk?!(sage)

No. 192459

A doctor is not a scientist. That is in no way good advice for any expecting mother. We are not living in the 1950s anymore, please look up actual scientific studies.

Also can we please have this thread auto sage again? None of this is milky.

No. 192467

just ban the ppl who don't sage non-con posts.

No. 192518

File: 1641840073793.jpg (1.33 MB, 4096x4096, GridArt_20220110_183839849.jpg)

Saged for zero contribution but I noticed identical comments on her latest video from different accounts. Like it's obvious that a large portion of her subscribers are bots, but it's funny to see it so clearly.

No. 192526

Can you link those comments? Considering her following, 2 comments isn't really proof she's buying flowers and systems in Insta/FB/TWTR/YT are fast to purge. Anons still act like boots aren't detectable really by the AI anymore. They get mass deletes hourly and daily. Its so obvious when someone buys and Taylor's isn't a good example because it's just bots in general, not really her controlling them. Even basic bitch accounts get bot followers and when your channel is big, it's more common to get random bots. People do get paid to have bots repeat programs for fake engagement and to phish. That's the whole point.

No. 192598

The comments seem a bit specific to be random bots appearing without request, more like she or her manager typed that comment in for the bots to say. I've scrolled all the comments under one of her videos once and I didn't see anything like that (can't remember why but I read them all, just to see what people said to Youtubers or something) so maybe a new technique?

No. 192622

Exactly i think any women who drink alcohol during pregnancy is a first step of abuse to try to harm an innocent baby and should not be pregnant in first place, i don’t even know how they can really take the risk for it. This is an excuse for alcoholism since most don’t like to admit it.

No. 192626

File: 1641923510781.jpg (440.09 KB, 1080x1895, IMG_20220111_195009.jpg)

Her new tiktok video literally looks like it's for people with pregnancy kinks, I don't know why anyone else would like to see stuff like this.. I don't mean you should hide your pregnancy or anything but this is just weird

No. 192630

It's not though. I don't get how you're reading this as fetishy.

No. 192643

it does to me as well. It's fucking weird.

No. 192651

Dear God I hope she isn't making money from these weird pregnancy videos. Like I guess you can dance while pregnant but like, why and why record it. Is it my view on pregnancy outdated? If I had a kid swimming in my uterus I would simply not dance like this showing my belly. It's weird and it bothers me but for my own sanity sake I hope this is chill fun time and not a fetishistic thing.

No. 192654

Like, looking back at this, I saw it as just another pregnancy photo, but these pictures are getting weirder. You do you when you're pregnant and have fun etc whatever but like in one of her latest videos she's also wearing a very skimpy bikini and dunno I just don't want to be disrespectful but it's really starting to look like she's milking this for a kink. Call me crazy but yeah

No. 192657

Wow, she's REALLY obsessed with her belly. No one cares, Tay, stop breaking your spine trying to show it off, good lord.
Someone said she made pregnancy her personality and I agree. This is getting out of hand.

P. S. She has an ugly belly and looking at it makes me sick, sorry for OT, but I had to express it somewhere.

No. 192658

Just wait until after the kid pops out and the content changes to "wacky mom who lives in sweat pants with her hair in a bun because mom life am I right???!" like all the other mom accounts

No. 192663

Are you guys really never around pregnancy or something? Just say pregnancy needs to be kept behind closed doors or something if you hate it that much. She's not doing any more than any other mommy blogger. MirandaSings is a great example of internet mommy belly obsession. Being pregnant brings in lots and lots of views. Of course she hams it up. Reminds me of everyone telling the Japanese weight lifter that she's not allowed to lift while pregnant. Nothing she is doing is for fetishes.

No. 192665

I've been around a lot of pregnant women, some of whom are Extremely Online and have tiktok, IG accts. None of them walk around with a bare belly. They wear form-fitting clothing but I've seen their full skin-showing bellies only in two contexts: beach photos and maternity pictures. I do think it's weird how she does these weird borderline sexual things showing so much skin now (the wrapping paper thing, the squat dance). But hey, she also simulated getting shot in the head while pregnant, so it's not like she's remotely normal

No. 192667

I'm so glad the women around you cover up? You just have to punch in the pregnancy tag and there are tons of women in bikinis and bellies out. This isn't some Taylor only thing. Just people like being pregnant and aren't ashamed. She's fucking around with her belly out. She's not trying to seduce pregnancy fetishists. That's such a creepy and autistic reach. These people get PAID to pay their bellues online. Idk if your crowd doesn't get funds this way, but pregnancy = views = money. There's no hidden OFs people she's trying to entice.

No. 192672

Just say you are pregnant and these opinions triggered you and move on

No. 192674

literally every sexual thing Taylor has done creeps me out. You act like she didn't make pics for men who are into ageplay and lolicon. She did, go scroll back to 2012-2016 on her fb or ig. She married a dude who liked her childish immature act. Sure she knows what sells, does that mean people can't point out that her content does appeal to certain degenerates? It's not the first time a YouTuber has done it - look at Yumi's preggo videos.

No. 192677

No is taking about non-pregnant Taylor. We are talking about what she is doing now, anon. Not her bad attempts at lolita.

No. 192680

lolicon ain't lolita, nonny

No. 192686

I feel the same way about her belly. She just looks so wierd to me since I'm used to her hiding her belly before she was pregnant.

No. 192689

Ironically she has done both lolicon and lolita. Like she was a model for Juliette & Justine and her whole Japan, living doll arc was trying to look like a 12 year old for Tom and views.

No. 192692

I can’t even watch more than a few seconds of her new reel….I get that she’s using her pregnancy to come up with new posts/reels but I just don’t understand why she has to go the sexy/skimpy route. Before all this she was never the type and all of a sudden she’s trying to be all “sexy” while pregnant. To me this looks like a desperate last attempt to promote how she’s still “skinny and looking good” while carrying a child and a big baby bump.

No. 192697

Sage your posts and if you call socks, covering your full front, and literally its only her belly out sexy, you gotta be confused. Those suspenders are for maternity too. It wraps around the base of the belly. Its literally something they make FOR pregnancy.

No. 192706

Are you blind? Clearly you’re not a full fledged Taylor fan because if you actually looked, prior to her getting pregnant she’s maybe shown herself in a bikini or worn super skimpy stuff less than 5 times. She can do whatever the hell she wants but she needs to decide what audience she’s trying to target?! You wanna be fashion but also produce pregnancy content but also be funny?! As most of the anons are saying, she looks DUMB AF

No. 192716

To me it's pretty obvious Taylor does the "love my belly!!" content because she doesn't, absolutely no chance a model or ex model is waking up with swollen and changed features and not freaking out, she expressed as much in the demented tiktok she was planning here >>191937
It's not to be sexy, it's clearly a mix of coping and pisstaking.

No. 192748

>Just say pregnancy needs to be kept behind closed doors or something if you hate it that much.
Anon that's such a reach, nobody said they hated pregnancy or pregnant women. Or that pregnant women should be kept away. We're just pointing out that the way she's milking this is just weird. Too many skimpy bikini videos and too many uncomfortable bare belly dancing videos for someone who looks like they're going to give birth soon

No. 192749

Sorry that you have no standard for yourself but if I was pregnant I simply would just dress normal.

No. 192755

did you watch the wrapping paper one?

No. 192757

sure but I can't feel bad for her. She bleated about wanting this. Imagine being a model or ex-model and needing emergency surgery. Imagine being in an accident and having to heal. These are things people have no choice about. She's having a kid, she paid tons of money so she can have that pedo apologist's baby. What did she think would happen?

She clearly doesn't want to be pregnant and I see no evidence she wants the product of pregnancy either (the baby). She wants views, she wants praise, she wants to do useless renovations and shop.

No. 192759

Totally agree. For someone who’s having a baby in less than 2 months and constantly putting out “pregnancy” videos she hasn’t really ever done any content that has to do with the baby himself. What’s the renovations for anyways? I haven’t watched any of her YouTube vids. But if it’s ask for setting up a nursery why doesn’t she do updates on it like she did when she was doing content for her place ie back in Japan and her place in HK (home tours etc)

No. 192765

Maybe she’s not showing or talking about the renovations/baby room because they’re just paying people to set everything up for them so they don’t have to do ANYTHING for it. She’s showing baby stuff but it doesn’t feel like she’s actually seriously shopping. Idk though, I don’t watch the videos.

No. 192766

Looking at photos like these I wonder whether Taylor put a single thoughts into how these photos and videos might affect her son's future?
Everyone should know how everything you put on the internet will stay on the internet forever and how children are made fun of or bullied for the most trivial things or even no reason at all. Will this haunt her son for all of his childhood? Or does she think her son will be proud of her for being the quircky cool parent she thinks she is?
I would literally be ashamed like hell if that was my mother.

No. 192777

File: 1641993903425.jpg (1.1 MB, 1200x1600, pt2022_01_12_14_12_35_mh164199…)

I agree that this retarded pregnancy shaming is absurd, a woman can act and be sexy any way she wants at any given time, preggobelly or not. That said, every female YouTuber I know who got knocked up destroyed their entire identity down to "mommy vlogger!!1!" 24/7. It's the most annoying and dull thing ever, nobody gives a shit some dude busted a nut in you and compells you to somehow act as if there is not more to life than popping out a baby.

(picrel) Can't believe that Bimbo Concept is real, had a good laugh. Her life really seems reaching so much for drama and content. She spends more time on the damn dog than her son. Also, gotta love that the luggage in the thumbnail is surprised.

No. 192782

Ironic how they waited to move because muh chinese pregnancy superstition but then she had to go to the emergency room. And now they’re staying in a crappy apartment where the restrooms don’t work. Girl where is your dignity.

No. 192784

>I agree that this retarded pregnancy shaming is absurd, a woman can act and be sexy any way she wants at any given time
Written by a libfem or a scrote… Imagine playing the sexy pregnant woman game for male views. Couldn't be me. It's pretty degrading.

No. 192786

I take the libfem, you can be the scrote. I meant that shaming her being in a bikini just because she is preggers is stupid and hateful, taylor on the otherhand slowly crossing the line into fetishy behavior is disturbing in a sense that anyone who would post this to the internet really must need mad attention now.

It almost seems as if she is panicking and realizing she is almost due and the glowing mommy times on her social will be over. this child will be dressed up like a doll for views by her, never talk a word deeper than "hello" with his manlet father and handed over to a nanny the second the cams are off.

No. 192788

I agree about the bikini, even though I did write that I was disturbed by her belly belt squat thing. That felt fetishy. So does some of her other content focused on her belly. It's just bizarre.

No. 192789

Didn't Jess get a daughter? I bet as soon as those kids stand up without falling, Taylor and Jess will set up a forced romance/friendship narrative for them and milk it into oblivion on their socialmedia.

No. 192793

Tom's role in this pregnancy is extremely gross too. He is constantly pawing at her belly, telling her to be careful, drinking alcohol and eating stuff she can't eat in front of her. She wraps herself as a "gift" for him and he says, "I like the gift, tho" and pats her fucking bump.
Way too focused on what's inside her vs. her as a person. It is similar to how he made the whole process of pregnancy her problem more or less.

No. 192797

It feels to me Taylor really hasn't prepared for what pregnancy was going to be like and the stuff she needs to get ready before the baby is born. Like she only just got these compression socks, refused to buy pregnancy clothing for the longest time etc. It's like she has this rose tinted view from social media that everything would be fun but to me it seems like she's suffering quite a bit.. I haven't seen her buy anything for the baby herself, no clothes, toys, teethers or pacifiers etc and she didn't even realise that baby furniture wouldn't just be delivered within a few days. It's almost as if she's entirely avoiding it and doesn't want it to become reality. I do wonder if she will get an au pair though because there is no room for someone to stay with her full time so she'd still have to put up with the baby during night time at least.
I've also been wondering how Rosie is going to react to the baby? If she likes her routine so much I'm sure she won't react well to a crying baby.

No. 192802

lmao, princess Tay Tay definitely wasn't ready for the ugly parts of pregnancy and parenting. She thought she'll be a bit bigger for a couple of month and then get a perfect baby that looks just like her and not her uggo husband, that won't cry, poo, puke all the time.

Wait til she finds out post partum is actually harder than the pregnancy. We'll never hear the end of it.

I also find her stupid justification for late renovations being "Chinese superstitions and contractors who also won't renovate because of it". Like, since when does she follow Chinese traditions, that even most of young Chinese don't take seriously? Isn't moving while pregnant also a bad omen?
What about the date of birth? Will she have a c-sec so the baby's born on an "auspicious" day? etc etc

No. 192813

Oh FOR SURE they’re gonna hire help. In Asia it’s super common to have help 24/7; help with baby, cook and clean. Given their lifestyle they will definitely go that route. She’s gonna be doing virtually nothing and nursing herself back to “pre-pregnancy” figure. Just wait for the: the doctors cleared me for light exercise so I’m back to working out. Personally, I feel like she just wants a baby because her sister had 3 kids and it took her this long to get preggo…I don’t think she even likes kids(learn2sage)

No. 192814

sage your sperging please. It's obvious which posts you write because of the all-caps words. People like you make it more likely that the thread gets auto-saged, and it really shouldn't be. So get with the program.

No. 192815

There was nothing weird about their post, calm the fuck down. Multiple people can have the same opinion.

No. 192817

>inflation fetish tier animation about her tits
>borderline belly striptease porn
>obsession about brief period during which she was chubby as a kid
anyone who is debating this pregfet era is dense or innocent

No. 192818

. Would you rather he ignore her belly? Imagine how hurt she'd be if he was less invested in the baby and more focused on her only. They are both excited for a kid. It works look life he doesn't give a shit.

No. 192819

Did you watch the video about the boobs? It was a tiktok trend involving what being pregnant is like and the boobs were about how they got bigger/out of hand as an exaggeration. Its the trend that uses the Shrek 'It Is You' song.

No. 192821

are you kidding? The same anon has been posting unsaged non-con posts with random words in all-caps for days now. It's annoying.

I have similar opinions but manage not to sound like a rabid jackal and I know how to sage my froth

No. 192822

>your wife wraps herself as a gift for you under the tree
>you look mortified
>you grunt, "baaabe" like a Simpsons character
>your sole moment of affection is to pat her bump
>you mumble, "I like the gift though"
>you only seem to regard the fetus as a gift, not the woman carrying it

Thank God I'm a lesbian, men are vile

No. 192824

it's hands down pregfet fuel

No. 192825

File: 1642016936371.png (133.96 KB, 1440x491, 633566.png)

I just realized this is not a typo and she really thinks "hear witness" is the phrase like >>186399
Bear witness to, Taylor

No. 192826

idk seems like she just forgot to delete one of the words, she's a total airhead

No. 192832


anon…he's excited. Who the fuck would not tell their pregnant wife to not be careful?

No. 192852

Taylor's misheard everyday phrases that she uses for years without being corrected is my favorite content. I laughed about "mine as well" for days. I genuinely don't know how you can get to 30 without understanding these phrases.(sage)

No. 192855


Uhh gross? I guess some of you never have been pregnant (or in a relationship lol).

Men are clueless when it comes to pregnancy. While a Woman undergoes a lot of changes physically and psychologically, a Man is nothing more than a bystander. There is not much they can do anyway, so rubbing the Belly is as near as they can get to their Child and feels relaxing for a becoming Mother aswell.

What else is he supposed to do? They're fucking rich, I doubt he needs to help Taylor with Laundry and household.

No. 192910

Lmao some of y’all are just over analyzing every second of her content

No. 192919

Taylor hasn't been Milky for years, that's why some Anons get nuts whenever she posts something, like "OmG dId YoU sEe HeR eAt ThAt CaKe?! GrOsS!!!" when honestly she's not more cringy or problematic as every other "content creator" anymore.

Some of you Guys need a reality check instead of posting random shit to pass it as milk lol

No. 192920

do you just capitalize random words? You're not even consistent like some Germans are, since you did an adjective too

No. 192921


Just say you feel triggered and move on.

No. 192926

Oh hi it's Taylorhasn'tbeenmilkyforyears anon back again.
Your example about eating cake? I have never once seen someone complain about the way Taylor eats or what she eats, if only to say she doesn't eat enough perhaps? Never seen someone say gross and something about Taylor and food, not once. People call Tom gross though? Like do you even read the thread or just wander past once a month to say taylorhasnn'tbeenmilkyforyears and then leave again?

No. 192929

Why do you come here then

No. 192933

You’re nitpicking. In a previous video she went hiking in the same place and wished she’ll be back with a “bigger belly” (alluding to a possible pregnancy), and she thought it would be cute to wear the same workout clothes when she finally got pregnant.
This thread has been a mess for the couple of weeks with constant nitpicking and tinfoiling. Have you guys ever been around a pregnant couple before?

No. 192936


No dickhead, I'm not that same "Taylorhasn'tbeenmilkyforyears" Anon. Believe it or not, people do share opinions and obvisiouly focus on more than nitpick bullshit.
The "cake" one, was just an example for that, she could literally just breathe and some Anons lose their shit to quench their thirst lol
So feel free to replace "cake" with any other word if it sits better with your dead brain, Retard.

Now move on and stopp crying for your non milky queen, you're derailing the thread.


For the same reason as you, Anon.

No. 192941

I've been around pregnant women and I've never seen one do the extreme body checking and boasting about fitting into the same clothes, in the same poses, throughout the entire pregnancy, no. Taylor has been completely over the top about squeezing into all her pre-pregnancy outfits the whole time she's been pregnant. That isn't normal.

No. 192944

Let me tell you a secret: My sister is a midwife and almost every pregnant woman has tried fitting in their pre pregnancy clothes a couple of times, including tearful breakdowns. Not every Woman might admit it but yeah…

Not saying that Taylor isn't exaggerating but it's not unusual for pregnant woman to do that. While the majority does it behind closed doors, she's probably showing it off because she's making money with it.

No. 192945

so you come to laugh at Taylor? that's why I'm here. Where'd you learn English?

No. 192946

She’s not boasting about fitting into the same clothes, she’s doing a cute albeit silly reenactment of a previous hike in the same workout clothes. You are the one who wants to think she’s boasting. She doesn’t have an ED, she cooks healthy meals, works out and is not whale sized.

You guys are nitpicking every damn detail about her life, from her clothes to how her husband acts and none of it remotely reflects the truth. Her husband, as boring as he is, has been with her to most appointments and seems to be supportive. The dude just doesn’t express his feelings as western people do just get over it.

Y’all seething for a pregnant woman. Seriously mods need to autosage this thread.

No. 192947

But anon how can you know better than the childless anons who obviously know everything about pregnancy

No. 192948

Are you kidding? They LOVE doing that. Its even a trope in movies that pregnant people keep trying to wear their old clothes/fit back into them. Since if the other anons are right, a lot of you don't know anything about pregnancy.

No. 192955

she has been boasting about fitting into old clothes. It's not just pne post. You clearly don't care about facts.

No. 192956

If you came to harp about Tay's and
Tom's perfect and healthy relationship, then you are in the wrong place, lmao.
Tay doesn't have an ED? Funny.
Tom going to appointments? Must be a hard job to go to a hospital with your pregnant wife. It's the bare minimum.

Sure, some anons are reaching when it comes to criticising her, but you are not much better, but in the other direction.

No. 192964


Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you the "Has run out of arguments, must kek at english skills"-Anon


I don't know what ya'll expect Tom to do? Dude is doing the best he can to support his wife like other Anons pointed out.
Not acting over the top doesn't mean he's not excited or doesn't care. You can see him touching Taylors belly while their Son is moving in her recent Instagram story, he wouldn't do that if he wasn't interessted in her or his child. And believe me, I heared from Guys who refused to do that because they felt uncomfortable with that.

No. 192967

File: 1642105691250.jpg (191.22 KB, 1080x1912, IMG_20220113_212309.jpg)

Related Screencap

No. 192974

man the lad is gonna have a hard time. the bitch already blatantly states that he "challenged her" before he was even conceived.

also, post what you think is the sexiest tay pic

No. 192982

Duh, of course he's happy to have a child, that was his wish to have a kid, not Tay's.
Since when is touching a belly or going to the obgyn a big deal? He's been glued to the damn belly since day one, anyway.
What else could he do? Hmm, I don't know… May be being an emotional support to her? So she doesn't feel miserable, because she obviously does. Help her with cooking, cleaning, the list can go on. The fact that some men are pos doesn't mean the rest praised for doing the bare minimum.
It tells you a lot that Taylor was "thankful" that he was helping them move. As if they shouldn't be doing it together in the first place.

No. 192984

cunt woman post(scrote)

No. 193000

hope your misogynistic ass dies in a fire.

like most men in that situation, tom has been skating by with the bare minimum though. and expects applause for lifting his fat pinky.

could it be rosies relationship to taylor is deeply unhealthy? she cant even have functional relations to a dog it seems, let alone her husband or friends…

No. 193001

> tom has been skating by with the bare minimum though
wtf, he literally bankrolls the entire enterprise
taylor, while being a rather cute fuckable face/cunt, is a total loser piece of shit, especially considering her starting stats (upper middle class in 1st world, canada). her "modelling", when not micromanaged by tom, was pathetic and laughable. her academic pursuits were what, 1 class in some community college-tier shithole? tom buys her food, tom buys her clothes, tom basically micromanages her into making money, tom showers her with gifts, tom pays for a car, for condos, for fucking everything. with meager income that taycunt had, she would have to put rosie down just not to starve to death (probably would avoid the expense of putting her down in a clinic, and tie her in a black garbage bag and throw it into a trash container).
you're a butthurt ugly cunt who wants taycunt to receive 10x the deserved profit, as opposed to 5x the deserved profit, because you think that you, as an ugly shitty butthurt cunt, will by extension receive more for less as well (adjusted for the difference between your and taycunt's fuckability index).(raging moid)

No. 193004

>Cute fuckable face/cunt

Jesus christ moid, put it away and fuck off from this women's gossip imageboard

No. 193011

Omg Anon, you do notice that you sound like a frustrated Bitch that's compensating her own sad depressing private life, do you?

Who says he doesn't help her with all that?! Maybe he does and prefers not share it with the entire world like Taylor does?
Do you record yourself while doing the dishes or laundry to post it on social media? Would you like to film your Spouse when they're having a breakdown, just to show how much of an emotional support you are? Use your brain for once, Anon!

No. 193015

Do you expect him to record everything and over share?

No. 193021

this sounds like a man who got dumped by his sugar baby or someone whose sugar daddy abandoned them kek. seethe more

No. 193033

why do you fucking type like this

No. 193034

Btw is she still friends with Sharla or any of the other former jvloger?

No. 193038

Why? What's wrong with it, weirdo?

Was wondering the same, Sharla is still following her on Instagram while Taylor unfollowed? She stopped reacting to her posts around December last year but is maybe following her with an secret, private account, who knows.

No. 193044

ntayrt but it is really weird and you are here, on a gossip board, stanning your queen. be gone.no one cares about your squee over Taylor's husband or belly.

No. 193045

Taylor was watching Sharla’s vlog in a clip in her last video. It was around Christmas so yeah I assume they’re still friends. Probably just too busy atm.

No. 193047

File: 1642154202896.jpg (672.09 KB, 1080x2021, IMG_20220114_105430.jpg)

Hah! The irony! No one cares about boring nitpick aswell, yet you're here. Also not defending anyone, just stating the obvious to lost Anons lol.

Anyway, pic is from her new reel. The Boots are hideous.

No. 193048

She's really struggling to look put together now she can't snatch her outfits off of the Zara mannequins anymore.

No. 193065

At first glance I thought she was naked under the coat, this is so unflattering.

No. 193067

that's the most tragic outfit I've ever seen

No. 193069

Why is she wearing a belt? This is cursed

No. 193121


A bloated chipmunk on stilts

No. 193131

oh god, it looks like she's going to let the baby slip'n'slide right out onto the pavement

No. 193134

File: 1642182012991.png (175.8 KB, 204x394, Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 12.3…)

Kek. I use to like her fashion but it's just going down hill.

Have they even started preparing for the baby? Like clothing, bedroom, diapers, formula, toys, monitors ect? I would have thought she would be flaunting off expensive baby clothes she found cute or something.

No. 193141

Yes. Keep up.

No. 193143

I honestly hate splash of color fashion trends. This is popular all over Asia as 'trendy' and the cool thing to do like Pharell's stupid bucket hat in the US. Tacky isn't fashion.

This. I don't understand what the anons don't get about Tom being off camera for the most part and a lot of what Taylor and him do are Tiktok trends. Of course he'd be awkward on camera and he's a dude who rarely shows extroverted emotions. None of that means he's not supportive or caring and somehow using Taylor [that one really makes no sense]. Anons need to wait for really milk.

No. 193149

it would have looked natural if she got a deep plane face lift with fat grafting ontop of it. Her face fillers look like fat slapped ontop of sagging skin(sage )

No. 193185

The only Baby clothes I saw, were the ones her sister (?) sent her. Girl is too busy recording cringe material for her reels. "Priorities" I guess..

No. 193278

It's kind of sad honestly. Like is nothing about this kid worth celebrating? Baby clothes are cute and her audience shares half a braincell so it should be easy? Is posting his gift designer baby clothing a security risk because they are wealth hoarders? You just know that's not going to be an issue when Tom pushes until they get a girl or girls good enough for modeling.

No. 193313

Lmao, everything about this outfit is a trainwreck. I don't even know what is the worst part of it. So much for a "designer" and a "fashion influencer". And the funniest thing is that she genuinely thinks she looks great and stylish.

No. 193314

May be another "Chinese tradition". She seems to be invested in these superstitions.

No. 193318

It's not. She's just a selfish person who only thinks of herself.

No. 193319

Or maybe they just haven't posted it yet. I don't see Tom carrying about the gender. Where are you even getting that? Some of your headcanons are weird.

No. 193320

This is sooo bad. Even without the green heels (why is this bitch wearing heels when she's super pregnant anyway?) The colors make her look washed out and she looks like a bloated corpse trying to stay cool

No. 193321

Yeah it's weird that someone whose channel was 80% buying useless clothing from Zara and H&M and at one point pretended to be a girlboss selling and modeling Shein is posting absolutely nothing about baby clothing. If she wants to be a mommy blogger, now is the time to practice.

She has time to make dancing belly tiktoks, but can't do normal people things like "Oh I got these little shirts or this soft toy for the son I'm about to birth in a few weeks." No talk about names or what their thought process is behind naming. No mention of school or education. She's not going full nutritionist and researching DIY baby food.

Some of you are weird in your defensiveness. She's acting like a pregnancy content creator who doesn't want to admit to herself that pregnancies end with babies usually.

No. 193323

He has repeatedly said he wants it to be a boy in the IVF videos.

No. 193328

ofc they want a boy. She doesnt want to compete with a daughter and Tom seems like the typical narcissist who needs a son to 'carry on his legacy'

No. 193335

File: 1642276175671.jpg (785.91 KB, 3040x1440, Screenshot_20220115-194739_You…)

Wouldn't be so sure about that anon. In her moving in video to the HK apartment, Natalie found one of Taylor's old bags and Taylor said she's keeping it for her daughter and I'm sure that wasn't the only instance where she said something like that.

No. 193337

Taylor definitely wanted a girl. Tom did too, that creep

No. 193338

no way, he said the opposite before they started ivf. Check old threads. Everyone found it weird.

No. 193341

I remember Tom buying baby Jordans for his future son. You don’t give a babygirl Jordans

No. 193346

So you're upset she isn't pushing out content you see other people do because you demand she do it. That's such a stupid take, anon. She posting what she wants. What other mommy vloggers do isn't exactly the only thing she has to post and she still has a little bit to go before birth. You don't think she'd wait to post that stuff? You sound like an unhinged in-law. No one is defending her, but also you jumping to such dumb conclusions is worst.

No. 193356

11 years ago, anon

No. 193473

>you're upset she isn't pushing out content you see other people do
I'm not upset and I don't watch preggo content creators because I'm not pregnant or interested

>you demand she do it

I'm not commenting on her videos or reaching out in DMs asking her to show baby clothes you weirdo wk

>What other mommy vloggers do isn't exactly the only thing she has to post

Again, I don't watch mommy bloggers. I have watched her videos sadly for years at this point and her buying useless fast fashion and "starting a brand" has been a big part of her content and image.

>You sound like an unhinged in-law

Because I think it's fucking weird for her to not talk about or make content about stuff she's getting for her child when most of her content has been about buying crap? For someone as obsessed with flaunting her pregnancy belly as she has been, it's strange to not bring up getting things for the baby, or naming the baby, or literally anything normal moms-to-be would talk about.

No. 193498

If you don't care or watch mommy vloggers then why are you sperging about what they posts vs what she hasn't posted. Make your complaint make sense. You want her to post content you think she should post. That's where you're getting at.

No. 193556

Not defending her, but there is nothing wrong if they're not sharing anything related to their son, for maybe safety reasons?

The number of mommy bloggers who put their babys on display, fully visable with uncensored faces, full names, sharing bedrooms, clothes, locations and other sensitive information with strangers is extremly high and I never understood how they're not concerned about their kids safety.

So if Taylor and Tom decided to keep things private regarding their son, I'm totally with them.

No. 193570

I vividly remember a video of her saying that she always had this fascination with big familys and that she wanted at least 4, boys and girls mixed if she could.

That sounded like a longterm dream of hers, but watching her act now about just the first pregnancy, I'm not so sure there will be plenty of siblings…

No. 193579

kek, nah, the number increased after things got serious with Mr Moneybags. I can't seem to timestamp the video, but at 7:55 she answers a question about kids, saying she wants one boy and one girl.

No. 193707

File: 1642508555793.jpg (287.35 KB, 1080x1676, Screenshot_20220118-070757_Ins…)

Chipmunk Joker

No. 193732

>bimbo concept

late to the party, just wanted to add that bimbo means baby in italian, so it's not such a stupid name for a baby store or whatever it is

with that said, she becomes more and more disgusting as the weeks go by. the way she degrades herself, absolutely appaling

No. 193757

Did anyone see that story of hers the other day? Idr what it said but it was like “haha pregnancy is kinda tough” and she looked like she had been crying but trying to cover it up by smiling the fakest smile. Her eyes screamed “I am having a mental break.” Girlie finally realized she actually has to give birth and have a post birth body and child. Hope the bag is worth it.

No. 193760


First time replying so idk if this will work.

Speaking of Taylor changing things up as things get more solidified with pedosan-anyone noticed how much more vocal/brave she’s gotten with him? Like telling him off/giving attitude? Ex. The escalator part in her new vlog. He also seemed angry in that part. Fight vibes. Guess she feels like since she’s about to birth the bag securer she can say what she wants now.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 193777

Or on edge preg hormones which for some women is pretty severe. She does a relatively good job at keeping cool though. They are fine, anon. You're reading way more in to it than what is actually there.

No. 193781


Idk did you see one of the vlogs where she made the domestic violence hand signal? There were a handful of comments pointing it out. Prob just awkward hands though.

No. 193783

File: 1642539175790.png (3.14 MB, 1792x828, EF0A3C4A-3A13-4542-99F1-06D6CC…)

>is not allowed to see or visit her own home because of ebil chinese construction pregnancy superstition
>rented apartment to flee construction is surrounded by construction
Make it make sense

No. 193787

Watched her latest vlog - thanks youtube for recommending - had the biggest laugh. Turns out the uglyass "colourful" outfits were sponsored. Way you go, sustainable influencer Tay Tay, promote online shopping! For trends, not the less! ​
Lmao at her finally realising that it's not a doll inside her, but a real human being that will he born soon.
Double lmao at her citing "being very busy" and hence not having time to shop for the baby. Sure, Tay.
Also, poor girl, had to tolerate that awful noise of construction and whatnot during the day like a regular plebeian. You know, like most of Hong Kong residents. Must suck to live in a big city. Anyway, that looked very tone-deaf to me, tbh.

Also, is it a coincidence that she addressed most of the topics we have been discussing and criticising here? Like the baby names, shopping for the baby, the "Chinese traditions" etc?

No. 193788

Because it's not really the (only) reason why they moved. It's actually a good idea to not breeze in the dust. That nursery room is right beside the kitchen and the living room, so it will be inconvenient to live there as it's being ripped apart. Plus, the construction probably goes much quicker in an empty apartment, no one to disturb or dance around.
They should've named the more logical reasons behind the move but of course they had to bring up "traditions".

No. 193790

I highly doubt this tinfoil, but which vlog?

No. 193793


Episode 11 I think. It’s around 6:27. She’s talking about time so I think it’s just her dumbass trying to count to 6. But would be a clever cover up. She could say “babeee I was just talking about time” if he asked.

No. 193794

Noticed this too. Interesting how she continually does that. Willing to bet she sends her assistants to this thread so she can damage control. I still stand by the idea she had something to do with PULL shutting down. Timing was right after the MenClub stuff was exposed there.

No. 193812

File: 1642548556426.png (87.13 KB, 1440x317, suffer in silence.png)

Horrible tinfoil considering the wierd fake massage video of her face zoomed in, wincing and crying with this caption. Could Tom be getting violent now she's preg and can't escape? Maybe rough sex? Her content is getting weirder…

No. 193815

That vlog was just comedic and cinematic gold.
Apart from the fugly outfits as seen on real housewives of new york circa 2008, my absolute fav scene was:
Millionaire autist creep riding worlds longest elevator with his much younger preggo trophy wife.
Her: this is a long elevator that i want to use for content on youtube were i post to give my life meaning
Him: baaaabe, no one care !! ((Pls stop acting like a stupid tourist, dont make me look like i knocked up a random party girl))
Her: i am a business woman! Its for my business! People care about me!
~ soft transition to 'bimbo concept ~
And yes, i think most of us know that bimbo means baby, something you can pick up if you are not completely ignorant to learning other languages, unlike taylor. Its still pretty funny.

No. 193816


Yeah that’s definitely how it read.

No. 193817

This is so unlikely.


No. 193820

File: 1642550097666.jpg (701.25 KB, 1778x880, pt2022_01_19_00_52_27_mh164254…)

I saw that story too, she looked absolutely exhausted and depressed, but then again, she never shows these parts of pregancy she is clearly going through.

(picrel) Taylor looks really unhealthy imo. And that god forsaken relationship with that dog is getting creepier by the day. I hope she is at a healthy weight for the safety of the baby and herself upon birth.

No. 193838

No. 193840

File: 1642556615578.jpeg (506.49 KB, 2048x2048, 645EE664-731E-4699-A72D-98306E…)

No. 193846

Ah yes, watermelon chic.

No. 193853

She just posted a reel about her and Tom fighting. Taytorthot is stalking this thread like crazy.

No. 193859

Post it, jfc

No. 193860

File: 1642569492470.jpg (630.31 KB, 1080x2055, Screenshot_20220118-211709_Ins…)

Massive bait. It's just another 'relate to me' video like the one anons demanded was boob inflatiin fetish stuff when it wasn't.

No. 193862

I've seen same video on tiktok few weeks ago by someone else so it's not even original. First words were bit different but playstation turns on sound in the end was same so..(sage)

No. 193866

I see she's dabbling in my relationship is shit relatable content on TikTok, it doesn't require mind reading to apologize versus playing more vidya.

No. 193871

her content is weird, no one "demanded" anything. it makes no sense to ride in here on a white horse to defend your cow from imagined insults about some vid from last week or whenever

No. 193876

Can't relate, I actually communicate with my husband when I'm upset but I guess that's not cool and quirky.

No. 193919

Because you two are adults, not a bimbo who's still 15 mentally and a manchild, who cares more about his toys than his trophy wife (can't really blame him, though). These two definitely don't know how to communicate with each other.

No. 193926

It's a trend. She didn't come up with it.

No. 193951

this woman is giving birth in a month and has admitted on screen that she hasn’t prepared for labour in any way, read any books, done any postpartum research, fucking nothing. Tom is so done with her in the latest video and it shows. the “Chinese tradition” bullshit he used to get her to shut up about anything and everything is wearing thin too. they have no chemistry as a couple. they can barely hold a conversation together. cannot imagine these two trying to communicate as parents.

No. 193972

Bold of you to assume that they'll be communicating with each other or the child after it's born. There will be a nanny behind the screen handling the kid, while girlboss Tay "works". Tom will likely take no part in childcare anyway, because he's "a man" and taking care of the kids is a woman's job.

No. 193975

You guys ever think about what would happen if he left her? Would she get enough money to be fine? Or any at all? Does the kid actually mean she’s set for life no matter what?

No. 193976

I find it really strange they haven’t really prepared. She’s handling this like a surrogate, with distance. She would usually sit down and talk about her feelings and future plans but all she did was trying on ugly clothes and eating. Another thing i noticed is how fucking privileged she is to message her doctor at night or at weekends when she has a feeling?? Poor doctor she must be so happy when TayTay gives birth

No. 193980

when you pay for the most expensive ivf in HK, you would think 24/7 access would be included

No. 193988

She posted something about not knowing the baby's name yet lol(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 193989

It's really weird, especially when he could come early at this point and still be healthy. That's not uncommon at all. The complete lack of shopping content or preparation or brainstorming baby names and actually addressing all of the vague "Chinese traditions" she's been subjected to with even her level of research is weird and no it's not all about preventing stalkers.

No. 194001

If she wants to prevent stalkers maybe she shouldn’t show her whole life online to as intimate detail like embryo transfer.
Last weekend I saw her moneybag on a coffee run in Sheung Wan, so you can figure out they stay nearby. Add 3 constructions nearby that she mentioned and you can narrow it down even further if you’re really cuckoo. In Japan there was a guy who figured when his idol was staying by reflection in her eye from the selfie she posted there. HK is not a big place and it’s actually very easy to bump into someone randomly.

Whoever chose Sheung Wan for a pregnant lady to stay at must be insane. A lot of stairs and walking up and down the hills. No wonder she spends all day at home.

No. 194010

Not really. It's not uncommon to wait. Some cultures even wait until a year. Maybe don't get all your baby info online and in media. Anons are right, some of you don't know anything about pregnancy or how anything works. Don't know why this rush rush rush idea is all some of you think about.

No. 194011

Or she just isn't sharing most of it.

No. 194019

File: 1642646510117.jpeg (513.57 KB, 1125x1726, BDA3F858-D598-4D9E-83B8-8138B6…)

nah they haven’t done shit

No. 194029

It is pretty normal to have your doctor's contact number for things like what she had concerns about. Probably overly cautious because of the initial fertility issues.

No. 194030

Colleen Ballinger didn't have a name for her first kid for like…an entire week AFTER she gave birth.

No. 194040

Don’t baby’s sleep without pillows and duvets when they are really fresh?

No. 194041

Um. Yes. Those things are highly dangerous in a crib.

No. 194047

Oh look, yet another man whos becoming a father, yet has not infomed himself the slightest about a baby's needs. Because that's the woman's (/nanny's) job.

Pisses me off so much, not just in Tom's and Taylor's case, but because that's still so common. Send a father to buy diapers for his child and 80% won't even know what brand/size the baby needs.

No. 194048

It is pretty alarming that he's wanted a kid for so long and never learned that babies die every year because of things like pillows and blankets in the crib. But he is learned in all the dumb superstitions.

No. 194050


These two can't hold a simple conversation together. She does not speak Cantonese and Tom can't barely express himself in English. That's been clearly shown on the last video she posted. The two moments where she asked him about the Chinese renovation and name traditions, he just couldn't explain it and she was making faces and clearly pissed off. I am actually surprised that she is showing this in the videos… such awkward moments.

No. 194058

File: 1642680266530.jpg (23.43 KB, 165x237, Screenshot_20220120-210203_You…)

From her latest thumbnail. Can anyone make anything out?

No. 194060

Taylor talks to Tom like hes a foreign exchange student she just met. I hate how she asks him the most basic questions about hk culture, like she hasnt been living there for a major part of her adult life. They are so awkward together it hurts.

No. 194061

So manchild Tom has so little knowledge about babies he could actually kill it when Taylor isn’t around, and Taylor who was so desperate to have a child, and who is so crazy about shopping and buying crap, has barely prepared anything for her baby…. Okay then.

No. 194062

I think that’s “Lennon” on the list. Which is the name of Jenn Im’s baby.
The one below it looks like Boone….. idk lol. Two below: Drew? Bottom one: Jude

No. 194063


I think I see Lennon, Drew, and Jude.

No. 194065


I can see Lennon and Jude - is her husband a Beatles fan?

No. 194067

Did Taylor have to turn to IVF due to the damage from having an ED? Or does Tom’s sperm just suck?

No. 194068

it’s Bonnie/Bonny? in the video when Taylor began asking Tom (seems like this was the first time they sat down and searched for names, for content for the video…) he immediately started moping about how he’d want Bonnie for a girl. the only suggestion he showed any interest in was Lennon, which Taylor made clear she also wanted for a girl lol

No. 194073

If i'm to take a guess

unknown (Jin maybe? )

No. 194074

Loewe, not Boone

No. 194077

Why are her posts getting weirder? What was that crying massage reel all about?

No. 194083


Can't read the second to last one but she mentioned Cohen in her video so might be that.

No. 194088

She talks to him like he’s a child babbling. She always repeats what he says to make it clearer for the video. You’d think with all her ‘current reads’ she’d do some research on Chinese culture. I’d have to after constantly hearing someone tell me what I can and can’t do. Especially if I’m married to someone who is big on traditions and now live with them in their home country. It’s not like she’s in Japan or Canada where she can just blow it off. I’d want to know for myself if these things are real and what else is there.

I’m disgusted they haven’t bought anything for the baby, but Taylor found time to order a bunch of ugly clothes for herself instead. Totally ready to be a mom.

No. 194089

Go watch it. Anons anyway pointed out is just 'relate to me' content for quick likes. That's literally all tiktok is too and it does get her like/ follows. Not weird, just smart imo.

No. 194090

Most men know nothing about children.

No. 194094

File: 1642704494812.png (1.37 MB, 1079x1689, Screenshot_20220120-204600.png)

Her getting salty about this makes me rage. The one time people warn her about something actually dangerous, she gives this Mikanesque "besties" comment?! If my partner were that stupid about baby safety, I wouldn't be showcasing it on IG.

No. 194101

People did jump to conclusions. This isn't even her. Buying now doesn't mean it'll be used immediately. Tons of parents even buy clothes months out and toys because that way you aren't panicking you don't have something when you get the okay to start changing up stuff.

No. 194110

her husband literally came and gave her a list of things they needed right away, so yeah, he did think they needed a duvet and pillows for the crib. Nor did she indicate clearly that she, the queen of dunces, knew not to put these things in a crib

No. 194118

she has PCOS which is something you are just born with and not something you can cause to happen. People with PCOS have a ton of hormonal and fertility issues.

No. 194120

she said she has it but never actually had cysts, so who knows. She was squirrelly about it, never showed a dr or nurse mentioning it or evidence of it, period. possibly it's an easy thing to say to avoid talking about Tom's sperm, which can barely fertilize eggs in a petri dish

No. 194121

oh man, I wonder if Tom is going to make her partake in 坐月子/zuo yue zi after giving birth. It is basically where they confine the mother indoors for an entire month and don't let her bathe or get fresh air or literally go anywhere.

No. 194123

didn't she film a video about how she had an ovarian cyst literally rupture and she went into surgery for it?

No. 194127

cyst was one single functional ovarian cyst that happened to twist her ovary. They never saw or mentioned multiple cysts. She had bad luck with the one, but any woman who ovulates gets functional cysts. A few will have a problematic one. If you watch her video on it, you'll see that she never mentions PCOS or anything pathological about the type of cyst.

No. 194128

This is pretty culturally relative, to give Tom the slightest benefit of the doubt. In a lot of Asian countries babies sleep in the same bed as their mother and father, and really the SIDs rate is still higher in the west. A sheet in a crib is something that is actually pretty normal even in the UK. America it's tantamount to child abuse but in a lot of places in the world sleep is treated differently for babies than the USA. A lot of people would think the way we have babies sleep is pretty sterile and creepy, like an incubator or something. And yet still our SIDs rate is higher than average, so…make of that what you will.

No. 194129

samefag but it didn't rupture. They removed the cyst and saved her ovary.

No. 194131

there are some babysafe blankets marketed in the UK but no one is suggesting a duvet is safe, anon. I don't think this is the hill you want to die on here. I also have no idea how much to trust some countries' data regarding infant mortality

No. 194134

I agree a duvet is obviously unsafe, and never recommended. I was just trying to say that for Tom maybe the idea of a baby sleeping with a duvet isn't unusual considering culturally HK they often co-sleep. Fair to not be sure on some country's data, but I consider Hong Kong a relatively trustworthy government. Anyway this is a big OT and definitely not something I want to spend time arguing about because ultimately the safest place for a baby is in a crib with no duvets or pillows, and I'm glad Taylor recognizes that even if her husband doesn't.

No. 194136

Anons just want to make it milky by claiming they were going to put it in the crib asap when she and Tom didn't say that and his list means nothing because he's just clueless like most men when it comes to children. It's just a misunderstanding but they didn't do anything wrong. People are just desperate to jump down her throat.

No. 194137

She might follow it and it's a thing in multiple countries and cultures. It's not Chinese exclusive and it's smart considering covid. Stop just saying things to try and make him seem abusive if she does decide to stay inside.

No. 194141

ffs why are you wking this scrote when his own wife pulled a wtf face in the story about it? "They weren't gonna put it in!" "His we-need-this-shit-now list didn't say they were gonna put it in the crib!" No shit at least Taylor wasn't going to let him kill the kid, tho she chose to publicize his idiocy

No. 194147

I still can't get over the fact that she said she's too "busy" to read up on parenting and buy baby stuff….but not too buys to make stupid cringey tiktoks all the time and take instagram pictures…come on Taylor grow up

No. 194160

I think that B is scared out of her mind.
Shes keeping herself busy pretending having to do 'work' before the baby comes as if her income makes the tiniest difference in feeding the family. So its making cringy tiktoks to keep out the realization that shes about to have whole ass real life lifetime commitment child with a man that cant string together more than 3 coherent english words and that has the emotional capacity of a string bean, in a country that she doesnt speak the language of, with 0 friends and family. Also, if they decide not to vlog or show the baby, what is Taylor gonna do with her life? I think she uses her social media as a replacement for actual deep human connection that she obvs doesnt have in her life. But i guess they will show the poor thing, bc whats the point of having baby if u cant exploit it for money on the internet.

No. 194161

No one is being a WK by pointing out the obvious jumps people came too. It makes his mistake clear but also shows how dumb some of you sound.

No. 194172

Nah anon you’re just retarded. She posted the whole “he had a duvet and pillow on the baby shopping list” thing OVER a picture of her cringing, as in she knew it was a “yikes” thing because babies shouldn’t have that in their crib. You and everybody who messaged her are just autist morons who apparently didn’t get it

No. 194197

Weird how everyone wants to call her dumb and ignorant and bring up world war 3 when she does anything that could be read being intentionally problematic, but when she does something like post about stuff that could kill her baby for lolz, it's everyone else's fault for not getting the joke! It's so clear she's cringing from the expression on her botoxed face!

Like I read it as a joke, but with the number of wks this airhead has, I understand her fans earnestly reaching out to tell her that she might kill her baby. Especially non native English speakers.

No. 194198

Oh, that was her "cringe" face? It looked like a "awww, my husband is cute" expression to me.

No. 194207

It’s not wking to point out you’re being retarded and freaking out over a post that was obviously her cringing at her husband’s ineptitude.

No. 194210

God Tom's last name is horrible

"Crew Lip" sounds like a birth defect kek

No. 194211

it's kind of weird to broadcast that alarming stupidity of his on IG. But she really can't read a room, so.

No. 194215

It's not the first time that Taylor posted something that would make Tom look bad to her viewers. Either she does it on purpose, doesn't really get it or that's just how Tom is and there just isn't anything good/smart to post about him.

Just like when she started her baby-vlogs she constantly showed him shouting "baby baby baby I want baby baby now" like some caveman and then was upset that people got the impression he was pressuring her into this.
What did she expect? Why is she showing these things? We are all aware we only get shown glimps and pieces of their lives and many people (including Taylor!) defend it by saying that he isn't like this and we have a wrong picture because we just get shown pieces - But why isn't she showing what a wonderful man he apparently is, but just keeps showing us this grumpy, judgmental, constantly nagging, demanding and complaing manschild?

No. 194216

If there was a better side to him, other than his fat stack of money, im sure we would have already seen it. Taylor needs to post her life on the internet to give it some meaning, because just sharing it with tom is not satisfying.
Taylor: look! Tommy jr. is taking his first steps!
Tom: baaaaaabe, so interesting /eyeroll

No. 194221

File: 1642757824826.jpg (275.29 KB, 900x426, pt2022_01_21_10_29_46_mh164275…)

I'm kinda weirded out how she presented her latest sponsorship? First she pulls an overdramatic grimace-cry about how her underwear kept not fitting due to her growth (you can see how botched her face is), then posted the most unflattering photo of the brand that provided her stretch knickers as she appears to be too stupid to get pregnancy appropriate clothing on her own, and finishes with herself suddenly out of bed, with over the top half naked posing in which she seems super "fake happy", yet almost trying to out-compete the bigger models to convince everyone how much better she looks. Almost like a lowkey bashful "yes, i'm wearing their fatty brand, but look how much skinnier and prettier I am!" counter shooting to the pic she chose priorly. That entire posting was completely out of line and odd.

No. 194225

File: 1642761092019.jpg (30.1 KB, 513x528, Screenshot_20220121-112958.jpg)

I'm one of these people that always found her really pretty and her body looks great, even while being pregnant but her cheeks are absolutely horrendous now wtf??

No. 194227

Lmao anon if she posted one of the skinny models one of you would surely be criticizing her for cherry picking the skinny model instead of the plus size models. This is not milk.

No. 194228

>I think that B is scared out of her mind
I agree, I think not reading about parenting is sort of an avoidant defense mechanism for her

No. 194238

this is the picture that made me realize why she constantly overdraws her non-existent lips (to fill up the swollen void that is the bottom half of her face)

No. 194239

I don’t think Taylor is attractive anymore cuz she can’t stop getting surgery or fillers on her face. She constantly looks over done

No. 194252

She’s realized that no amount of money or being skinny/pretty can get her out of having to give birth-even if she’s able to elect for a c-section-and what that will do to her body. She has money to fix it up after but it will never truly be the same and she still has to do it. Across the world from family and with that toad. With only 3(?) friends to support her if they aren’t just for show. I’d be scared out of my mind, too.

No. 194253

Honestly she used to be so pretty even after fillers, but lately I’m doing a double take…I always heard filler ages you, yeah, but as time goes on the filler does not age well itself. I can literally see it puckering her skin. She needs it dissolved asap. She’s starting to look middle aged.

No. 194261

I think the first picture she posted id a repost from the beginning of her pregnancy. She is so annoying with her moaning about gaining and not fitting into her pre preg clothes. Literally your hip bones change. She needs to pic up a book asap

No. 194263

I'm not nitpicking or judging her bump, but is there a name for what's going on with her belly button? I haven't seen that before but I'm not really regularly looking at bellies. Is she blurring it out?

No. 194264

Its just a pregnancy side effect,
as the stomach expands the belly button can become flat and taut against the skin as everything is getting stretched out.

No. 194265

ok thanks!

No. 194266

Can you read? Because I didn't call you a wk, I said I don't blame her wk fans for reaching out to her. You just sound unhinged calling everyone retarded and getting angry at fans for trying to stop her from accidentally killing her baby because her face is too frozen to actually cringe.

The body checking while pregnant is pathological. I know it's fake but I can't in a million years imagine posting an image of me fake crying over my underwear being too tight WHILE I'M PREGNANT like.


No. 194270

off topic a little, but i was reading some of the older posts here and was wondering if anyone can tell me what "skinwalking" is?(absolute newfag)

No. 194286

Not everything you want to be milk is milk, anon. People jumped to conclusions about the crib and riding it doesn't somehow make you look more intelligent.

No. 194300

I only casually read this chick's thread but like: it's pretty obvious that she is not excited for this baby. She seems scared out of her goddamn mind. I really get the "I'm only doing this because this is what I'm supposed to do" vibe from her.

She's a sad one to watch. Throwing her hopes and dreams away to be a live doll for some rich man child. I would like to place bets now on how long it takes her to run back to Canada after the baby is born.

She is making a huge mistake. This girl is not ready to be a Mom. She doesn't seem to have any interest in being a Mom.

No. 194304


No. 194315

She chose this lifestyle, she married for that and not love so she’s gotta suck it up.

No. 194330

Her lips are the most revolting thing about her face and I’m kind of surprised how everybody talks about the fillers all the time but rarely bring up those rubber hot lips looking abominations. If they look this bad in photos I can only imagine how ridiculous they look irl, actual clown makeup.

No. 194362

Her mother was supposed to be with her for her last three months plus postnatal but she can't now because of the covid restrictions and honestly I feel bad that she doesn't have any support from her side of the family.

No. 194364

They decided to undergo IVF knowing the current restrictions, not once but twice. It was expected that she won’t be having anyone flying in. They also knew he has no parents to help on his side. It’s sad but it’s not a surprise, we are dealing with quarantine and travel restrictions since early 2020.

No. 194366

so all these dumb chinese pregnancy restrictions she's being subjected to are SOLELY because of Tom? Not even a MIL?!

No. 194375

At least she will have plenty of nannies to help her out.
Someoen who even needs an assistant just to film and edit videos when apart from some promotion appearance once a month that's all she has to do all day will need all the help she can get with taking care of a baby.

No. 194383

His mom passed away long ago, and I think his father wasn’t present in his life. She has no in-laws to pressure her or that she needs to please. And I know from experience is nearly impossible to please a Chinese MIL. I’m pretty sure if his mom was alive she wouldn’t be happy about Taylor’s online presence, her nose hair extensions or hair-vase parading around HK. She has it very easy.

No. 194386

>she constantly showed him shouting "baby baby baby I want baby baby now" like some caveman

Kek, the worst part is you're not even exaggerating here
Some of her recent posts give me (current) Kiki Kannibal vibes, is it just me? That kind of energy.

No. 194393

this is threadpic material

No. 194394

She seems scared, unhappy and distant. Maybe she doesn't buy much for the baby because she blocks out the whole thing. No money in the world could make me switch places with her now lol. I feel like they fight a lot behind the scenes, they most likely can't agree on the most basic things whether it be for cultural reasons, language barrier or overall differences they have.
I hope she will be fine tho.

No. 194395

It sounds horrible. She could’ve avoided it though. Why did she settle for this dude? I remember her saying she admired Steve Jobs and they both did so I wondered if she sees in him a dollar store entrepreneur SJ wannabe.

No. 194404

Being his gf/wife and all his money is the only reason she can stay in asia and the only reason she has some sort of a career is the fact that shes a white girl in asia (and tom getting her the jobs).
Leaving tom would mean giving up every single thing she has right now and going back to being a nobody in canada. Or losing the luxury lifestyle in hk and actually having to work (at least before the marriage and kid).

I think she was so preoccupied with trying to get pregnant that its only now sinking in what it will mean to be the mother of sugar daddy toms child. All that lux might be enough to compensate for being an emotionally neglected trophy wife but i dont think it will make up for being an emotionally neglected trophy wife and mother. Shes in for hell of ride.

No. 194407

and I also think, if anything, she'd rather wanted to have a girl. the sex reveal was really telling, she was shocked to find out they were having a boy and referred to the baby as "it" even after it was clear that he is a "he" as if she could somehow change the sex by ignoring it. she doesn't know what to do with a boy, she can't make a model-princess-mini-me out of him and that seems like less fun.
she really shouldn't be a mom at this point

No. 194408

Not only is it a boy but apparently also a oversized elbow-san bobble head boy

No offense to the baby, but im sure this whole thing isnt exactly in line with taylors ideal fantasy

No. 194411

With nannies around the clock, plus other help with the house, she will still complain how hard being a new mom is and cry about how her own mom isn’t there to help out. She will make a IG post or YouTube video about it within the first 2 weeks. The amount of attention she needs makes you think she never gets enough now and/or she is making up for whatever attention she was missing from her early life.

No. 194413

she's going to move to canada eventually though, like most people from hk.

No. 194415

I'm sure that's what she wants but Mr. Moneybag is the decisionmaker and he probably wants to stay

No. 194425

Pretty sure she got plenty of attention early in life. Her parents have always gushed that she was the perfect child, her dad was some pathetic shotgun overprotective type, and the hardest experience in her life was being slightly chubby at an age where it's entirely normal to have be slightly chubby.
She probably saw being showered with attention and gifts from Tom and the rich hk sugar daddy before him as the natural evolution of the attention and special treatment she feels entitled to. Especially after her completely sheltered modeling experience too! Like this woman has literally never experienced hardship, no wonder she was so game to secure the bag with the creep.

No. 194482

What's the point of this tinfoiling of hypotheticals when that's probably years in the future if anyone moves? You guys are really arguing over something that hasn't even happened.

No. 194556

She's currently freaking out in her insta stories about giving birth to a big baby. She really seems to be more bothered about everything rather than looking forward meeting her son. Yes it will hurt but it'll pass

No. 194558

File: 1642931221017.jpg (274.45 KB, 1080x1850, Screenshot_20220123_114655.jpg)

No. 194561

Have you been pregnant anon? Or been around pregnant women? After 8 months the pregnancy gets pretty uncomfortable and it is normal to have mood swings and be worried about everything.

Half of this thread is tinfoiling hypotheticals anon.

No. 194562

Not an OG, but I remember learning in med school that babies over 10 pounds are more often than not delivered via c-sec. Given that she's not big herself, it's either Tom's genetics or gestational diabetes, because, I'm sorry, but babies over 7-8 pounds are uncommon and birthing a big baby naturally holds bigger health risks for both the mom and the baby.

She's right to panic in this case, but instead of freaking out on insta she should talk to her doctor. I'm sure she's much more informed about big babies and labour than a bunch of strangers on the internet.

No. 194563

This reads more like her freaking out about gaining at least 12 more pounds, but she can only make like one facial expression so idk.

No. 194566

especially with a first time mother. My own mother has told me stories of how paranoid and freaked out she would get when she was pregnant with her first, and this was before internet existed and you had to rely on other people's second-hand tales, and checking out books from the library. I think Taylor just uses social media as a sort of coping mechanism so she doesn't completely worry herself sick.

No. 194570

Actually Just had a baby this year, so I know what’s she’s gotten herself into.(sage your shit)

No. 194575

IVF/ICSI is associated with abnormally high birth weight as well.

No. 194580

He gonna be fat, or maybe he's just growing fast right now and it will slow down.
It's kinda concerning how big this baby is right? She was a slightly overweight child but this seems like Tom's genes at work since her family are all slim iirc.

No. 194584

Not you insulting a Baby as being fat lol
Like the Anon above you already pointed out: IVF is associated with higher birth weight and regulates normally later on.
It has nothing to do with Taylor being chubby as a kid or Tom being heavy himself.
Some of you are just hightly uneducated and ignorant about pregnancy and babys, what the fuck lmao

No. 194588

Not anon who randomly capitalizes words and misspelt "babies" and "highly" critiquing other people's education.
Sorry if you're dyslexic but your posts have terrible grammar and it makes dunking on you too easy.

It is concerning, Taylor herself is concerned and I'm sure she knows all about IVF considering she's having an IVF baby.

No. 194595

ok i was with you up until you mentioned Taylor knowing anything.

She is concerned bc of her own body 100%. She is WRONG. Babies don't grow a pound a week in the final trimester. 150-280g per week is typical then. She is massively overstating how big he could get. Seems like angling for induction or c-section.

No. 194596

I’ve birthed two babies. Ultrasounds are not always correct. They only gauge the weight based on the measurements they take (they measure circumference of head, measure femurs, waist etc) and plug it into an algorithm to estimate how big the baby will be. Her doctors should have told her majority of the time it is not 100% accurate. My first the technician said my son is also big and at 32week ultrasound he’s like in the 97% percentile. I had to get induced because of high blood pressure and he was born full term at 38.5weeks: at 6lbs7oz. My second was even smaller 6.6lb. Absolutely I get that she’s nervous, but her team of doctors should have done their job at putting her at ease.

I genuinely don’t like her coming on to Instagram for the roasts she’s gonna get? Especially for things like this

No. 194598

No1currs. Go take care of your kids.

No. 194599

Are anons going to nitpick "what does this really mean" instead of just taking it at face value that she's sharing this info to seem smart so that like-minded people DM her? Most of what she's posts are things other people can interact with for a reason. This isn't about her wanting to be ana-chan.

No. 194606


They’re well taken care of thanks. Save your snotty remarks for someone else and try coming after someone with kids.

No. 194610

Is that why you're too busy to sage, your kids?

No. 194612

Nta but for the love of god, sage your shit, then maybe learn some proper grammar. It's nice to see some anons with baby knowledge share some insights sometimes but this isn't some baby forum.

No. 194613


Then what the actual fuck is this forum for then? The whole point is that Taylor is going through a pregnancy and instead of you anons going off about what you guys think I’m actually basing it based off of experience. I’m not ranting my ass off about me and if you anons can’t get the context of my reply I sure am not going to bother explaining myself

No. 194617

The anons who matter know you gain weight. This isn't rocket science and anons denying it just spout off about being untrue to cause infighting without any real effort to looking anything up. No one needs to hear your anecdotes from being pregnant.

No. 194623

kek ilu

No. 194628

I assumed she was sharing it to look smart, too. I mean, normally she would write 5 + (7*1) = 12
You know, 1 lb per week, times 7 weeks. But Taylor, who probably has a secret degree from Harvard like Tyra Banks, omitted the *1. Only the smartest can keep up

No. 194637

Most of her stuff is just posting for people to interact, not even just click bait, but some stuff women do relate to which is the whole point of her gig.

No. 194641


Ntayrt but fuck off with your Grammar Nazi sperg, english is not everyones first language, don't be so full of yourself, especially when they're right!!

No. 194643

Read the rules before posting, mommynonny

No. 194644

You do know we can tell it's you because you're the only sperg who uses double spaces before ramblings? You also don't need to be a native speaker to not sound like a dumbass kek

No. 194648

>Anon: this isn't some baby forum.
>You: REEE Then what the actual fuck is this forum for then?

Take your meds, it's not a baby forum, talk about Taylor. Nobody cares about your baby knowledge, most people become parents in their lifetime. This gossip forum (if you were wondering what lolcow is, it's that) skews younger so it's understandable most <25 year olds have no baby knowledge.

No. 194659


Oooh fuck you, I don't have kids nor do I have time to blog about birth expierince. I also know how to sage my shit, so do me a favour and sperg your "kek" in some other direction, Sher-plugyourass-lock.

No. 194662

Everything you’re saying doesn’t make sense. It’s a gossip forum, and last time I checked we were talking about Taylor, who happens to be pregnant?! I had every right to comment and I backed it by personal experience. You guys are fucking idiots. In no way was I spewing hate in my original post- all I said was that she sure likes to open herself up for criticism(sage your shit)

No. 194666

You're one dense scrotefucker, anon. Sage your shit, please and stop typing like a boomer.

No. 194679

Please can the Karens leave and go somewhere else, thanks

No. 194683

Whose going to tell her that 12lb babies aren't the norm? They'll cut her open and fish him out before he gets anywhere near that size. Especially in Hong Kong where they are csection crazy.

No. 194704


In East Asia definitely they won't let a big baby be pushed out vaginally… Even if it's a good size for Canada, lots of people make a big deal if it's over 8lb.

No. 194737

File: 1643020692192.jpg (515.06 KB, 1080x1917, IMG_20220124_113328.jpg)

No. 194738


I feel always uncomfortable seeing her pictures where she is showing off her naked bump in front of the camera. Does this girl not have any pregnacy clothes to wear? Srsly

No. 194739

Does she knoe C sections leave a permanent scar?

No. 194740

why do parents always feel the need to post random facts about their kids on the internet when no one ever asked for it

No. 194741

the kid has her husbands genes no wonder why it is so big

No. 194744

macrosomia is associated with ICSI in particular. but I am getting bad Twilight vibes from this, whichever part of that series had the mutant vampire baby rapidly growing and sucking all the life out of the mom

No. 194749

Are there temporary scars? A scar might be faint or unnoticeable (unless under scrutiny) but still be present. Some people heal beautifully and others, through no real fault of their own, scar horribly. Time will tell with her if she has a c-section. By the way, c-section scars are usually down pretty low and easily covered with underwear. I’d be more concerned about stretch marks

No. 194751

Same, this and her joker smile and bloated cheeks.

No. 194760

no offense but the very idea of "scar" means it isn't temporary. I don't know what you're trying to ask. Yeah, everyone scars differently. It's still a scar. I've had a laparotomy and will always have a scar, even though it's not as ugly as some scars I've seen it still makes me sad.

No. 194765

lol she’s such an insecure little bitch after making that reel about unsolicited advice. immediately bending over backwards to apologize to her audience of lonely 20 year olds and bot accounts in the stories. “YOU guys can dm me day or night don’t STOP telling me what to do ha ha ha oh god it’s NOT YOUuu. people are so mean to me for being entirely unprepared for parenthood!”

No. 194770

Moms constantly get unsolicited advice. Especially for stunting as dumb as people not getting her clear sarcasm. People took the duvet thing seriously. She also never insinuated the extra drama response you added to your post. >>194094 This isn't even aggressive in how she says it.

No. 194773

There was no sarcasm, you stupid fuck. She didn't write any disclaimer at all about that. Her fans wrote her out of genuine concern and this time I can't blame them or call them stupid.

No. 194774

The about-face was really somethin', unsolicited advice is extremely annoying, I'll give her that, but she relies on interactions as an influencer working the algorithm so she just has to deal with all the unwanted shit people are spewing.
I get angry getting one (1) unsolicited advice so I can't imagine how irritating thousands of them would be. But yeah, shooting yourself in the foot there Taylor to be mocking the people sending you shit when interactions, engagement and online popularity are all part of her job. It'll get even worse once the baby is out…

No. 194776

You can tell by her face she wasn't serious.

No. 194777

ok next time I report about something dangerous, like feeding my dog xylitol or bathing in mercury, I'll attempt to scrunch up my botoxed, fillered face into the appropriate look so that the <90 IQ part of my fanbase knows not to follow my lead. Look just go squee on her IG or write fanfic about poor rich Taylor, the misunderstood boolied goddessu. Why are you in this thread ridiculing ppl for not reading her frozen face properly

No. 194779

Anon, that's the same face women make when men say stupid shit, all the time. It's a universal look. That's not her usual frozen face. I get the argument you're trying to make, but her whole demeanor shows she was disappointed in Tom's shopping and made no indication she was going to put any of it in the crib. It comes down to people, yes, giving unsolicited advice because they couldn't read the room or sarcasm in a still image. Other anons have pointed this out already and her request wasn't exactly rage filled.

No. 194784

>Implying she can make readable facial expressions

Nayrt but not sure why you won't let this go. Some people took it as a joke, some people did not. Tone is hard enough to read through text, not everyone in her audience is a native English speaker, and this injected to hell woman can't make the facial expressions of subtle exasperation very well. If she gets unsolicited advice, it's because she was a dipshit for posting that.

No. 194788

I guess her audience is full of autists if they can't read her facial expression as "you're kidding, right" or need some retarded tone indicators. This thread seems to be full of autists as well, but one shouldn't be surprised.

Her lips would look so much better if she left her cupid's bow alone, that is such a stupid makeup trend

No. 194789

Reminder that this is the expression we are all supposed to read deep meaning into, it isn't universal for anything and the idea taylor plasticface is gonna start communicating with her viewers via facial expression alone is amusing.
I think she made the post intentionally neutral to not offend her wallet, Tom, there was more she could have done there if she wanted to make it really obvious.
Like Tom might accidentally kill the baby, bless him is incredibly passive as a take.

No. 194790

Sage for off topic but I don’t understand why social media influencers get mad when when people react, interact or “give advice” when they share the most personal, intimate details and the most vulnerable moments of their life. It’s only normal that people will “give advice” when she shares potentially dangerous or life threatening condition regarding her pregnancy because people are genuinely concerned. I guess it’s not too bad compared to someone like, Mikan.

On a different note I think she’s replacing social media with the real human connection she’s craving at this point of her pregnancy, but also at the same time it’s awkward to get a reaction out of total strangers so she doesn’t like it when people give advice. But what does she expect when she overshares every detail, especially when she financially doesn’t need to. She could have just birthed this baby in peace.

No. 194792

but then where would she get all those bloated viewcounts, all those ppl who want to see an "ex-model" with unlimited budget break down over the pregnancy her manlet demanded and financed? She loves attention. As long as it is positive.

No. 194793

Mutt owners are worst they shove their ugly dogs to everyone’s throat that no one care and some act like they care just to not be insulted by those narcissistic owners

No. 194804

"her clear sarcasm"
anon, please define sarcasm

No. 194805

I actually screech at people and children not to touch my dog since they think she exists to be groped just because she is a smaller dog. I'd be happy if everyone ignored her. Women with kids are worse than dog owners. But the worst people? The ones who have cats and invite you over without mentioning that. Thanks so much Irene. I'm allergic and tearing up in here because you never mentioned your three cats.

No. 194811

Since when is it anyone else's responsibility to look after your allergies?

No. 194829

No one cares Anon, go take your allergy pills.

No. 194843

Take your daily meds and allergy meds, anon. Take some for diarrhea too because you’re shitting up the tread.

No. 194868

File: 1643101118489.png (1.91 MB, 828x1792, D45454E0-824C-4709-BAC3-1E8794…)

Taylor made a new post on insta, revealing once again she only went to live in Asia for the rich white girl aesthetic and doesn’t even remember basic cultural norms

No. 194869

File: 1643101173904.jpeg (156.17 KB, 828x681, 92CA72E5-4415-4DB7-B967-EE1B41…)

How are you going to live in Japan and China since you were in your teens and not remember chopstick etiquette?

No. 194871

>will remember this from now on
The bitch has literally lived for years in japan and in Hong kong and she did not know this?? I’m out of words.

No. 194874

I’m like 99% sure this has happened before and she’s pretending not to know. She just doesn’t care.

No. 194881

Agreed, I feel like the chopstick thing is common knowledge if you're a weeb that knows anything about Japan, she's just too special for rules kek

No. 194885

not to mention married to a guy from HK…

No. 194889

Coming from the same very pregnant bitch thats currently not living in her own home because she couldnt do renovations earlier bc ~ superstitions ~
What a joke.

I wonder what languages they are gonna teach the kid, if Tom speaks canto to him Taylor is gonna be left out. Must be weird to be only person in your little family that doesnt understand the language spoken in the place that u live in.
Given that tay and tom can already barely communicate, them raising and parenting a bilingual child will for sure be interesting to watch.

No. 194892


thank goodness you guys were here to gatekeep how this goofy bitch rests her chopsticks in her goddamn bowl of noodles, what an absolute international travesty. hopefully justin trudeau won't have to rectify the damage it will do to canadian relations with hong kong. has the world stopped spinning yet? is xi jingping still in power? will the beijing olympics go on? i am sure all the 4 billion motherfuckers in asia just living their lives and dealing with real life appreciate it as well, how else could they go on living otherwise?

No. 194895

What is life like so far away from the point?

No. 194899

I think the local volcano is about to erupt

No. 194904

this is a custom for sticking chopsticks vertically into a bowl of rice