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No. 216275

Previous thread: >>>/w/203508
Discuss your (in)famous (ex-)Japan-vloggers here.

BEFORE POSTING: Please keep on topic. Post proof about topics before tinfoiling. Report all Sharla and Chris non-proof posters and move on.

Previous Milk:
>Norm removed from Chris Abroad Subreddit
>Sharla, Pete, and Chris traveled to UK
>Grant's wedding is coming up
>Trash Taste also in UK for Comic Con
>Sharla bought a house with her friend in Tokyo and are starting a series to update and renovate it
>PewDiePie moving to Japan announced
>Micaela [Mikaeradesu] is pregnant and is due in August

No. 216297

Wish I had more to update the bio with but nothing of substance was in the last few threads worthy of last milk.

No. 216307

Na ,Chris was not as popular then(before covid) as he is right now. Big YouTubers, streamers,twitter personalities know him and more now.He used to be more mild and locked to a certain type of people unlike now that is widespread.
One can find people referencing him in random YouTube comments of way different type of videos kek

No. 216308

Besides Gigguk and Joey, he is the most popular content creator for Japan that western viewers watch and his content isn't even anime like the other two.

No. 216322

Didn’t you say you didn’t start watching Chris videos until February of this year? How do you know his popularity status before then? He was super popular before the pandemic, he had like a million and a half subscribers. Of course he has gotten more popular, but most Jvloggers have like Sharla, heratlas, currently Hannah etc. Chris popularity growth is not because of TT, it’s because people sat inside for years unable to travel so they watched travel videos instead.

No. 216323

My comment was to highlight that he wasn't as popular as he is right now back then.The growth during the pandemic was massive.I do know that he was known before just not at the current range.

No. 216327

Do you think they both have the same audience? If you do then you are braindead anon.
TT has an audience that in most cases would not touch a Chris video normally but thanks to the exposure due Chris being close to them they do.The range of type of viewers has increased that's why TT has helped abroadinjapan and at the same time AiJ helped TT.
I'm not saying only due TT abroadinjapan has grown but it was a fair factor.
Im not the fresh fan btw.

No. 216366

Norm in Dogen's video. Interestingly, Dogen liked and replied to Chris, Emma and Aki's comments but not Norm's. Norm also released his own video of Dogen's house a day before Dogen's, but no comment from Dogen. The other guy who was at the house, Ohara, hasn't released his video yet.

No. 216368

You forgot that Norm moved to Kyushu supposedly to train to become a pilot.

No. 216372

Norm is the worst

No. 216373

Interesting how Sharla has been all over Kent these past few days per her socials

No. 216386

Chris got popular from his own series,still currently the most veiwed Japan series. It has absolutely nothing to do with Trash Taste. This was before the pandemic too. Just say you don't keep up.

No. 216397

Did AiJ really help TT? TT is good but pretty niche, unlike Chris. I don't see a big part of Chris' audience (often a bit older, 30s+, looking to travel Japan on holiday) wanting to watch TT (whose audience is usually younger, into anime, memes etc)

No. 216398


uhhhhhhhhhhh pretty sure Chris has been the top jvlogger for past few years lol
The female group fell out of popularity a long time ago. Rachel retired, mikaela is over youtube, taylor went back to hk, mimei has been forgotten, sharla makes mediocre videos and depends on her fanbase now. Mikan does a better job at making videos than sharla now lol. Out of everything Chris puts the most effort into his videos. Most of others barely leave their city. Trash Taste is popular because they have good synergy and a breath of fresh air compared to what's been around for the past decade. I don't think Chris or TT really affected each other's popularity but chris does happen to mesh well with them

No. 216400

Sharla also depends on Chris for her videos. Every single video she makes with him does well so she puts him in the thumbnail even though he's barely in the video LOL.

No. 216403

TT formed [June 2020] after Chris was already popular and established from his videos and work with TC. I don't know what anon is talking about regarding Chris only getting more popular after. Maybe it looks that way if you only ever watched the TT crew and only saw Chris here and there, but overall, no. They definitely didn't help push his popularity.

No. 216404

Samefagging real quick, but just to add, why are we even comparing their content? Chris doesn't even do anime and the audiences are completely different. That's why you don't see a spike in his popularity just because he shows up and knows these guys. Chris doesn't need them, if anything they need Chris. You're comparing a vlogger to anime reviewers. There's a massive difference.

No. 216406

Again anon when did I said he wasn't popular on his own? I said he popularity increased a lot due trashtaste.
Popular -→ even way more popular.

No. 216408

Agree, I never heard of Trash Taste until Chris started collabing with Connor. Also basically everyone into anime is also into general Japan shit, but not everyone into Japan travel is into anime. So just naturally Chris has a larger pool to draw from in terms of subscribers. Weebs and normies who like travel alike. You’re only subscribing to Joey if you like anime, although he and Connor are both (smartly) branching out into more general Japan content too.

No. 216409

NTA, but that logic doesn't track. He didn't get more popular from anime YouTubers. The pandemic made his already released JaJ videos in 2018 rewatchable because people were home and couldn't travel. The pandemic itself boosted his already popular YouTubing. Trash Taste only existed because of the pandemic. Chris showing up on their show boosted them because it brought his fans to their videos/recordings.

No. 216411

Seems like they don't understand how great is that now even the weeb/anime community knows Chris broad/abroadinjapan.
Show me those communities knowing and referencing Chris back in the first journey accros Japan era.
Even in the Vtuber community he's known…

No. 216413

His popularity didn't increase a lot because of TT. Just because the TT subreddit is very active and talks about Chris a lot, does not mean that his popularity IN GENERAL increased because of TT. Like the other anon said, it's because people sat at home and couldn't travel.

I'm pretty sure TT viewers/the anime community knew about Chris well before he first appeared on TT. There's usually a lot of crossover between people into anime and people into Japan.

No. 216414

Exactly because his reach already existed. TT had nothing to do with it. Don't do this blatant disregard for facts.

No. 216415

To be fair, isn't anime like just 25% of TT's content lol
Most of their pods are about just their experiences and living life in Japan. It's been a running joke that TT started with the intention of being a gamer/anime centered show but the subject just gets brought occasionally or is sprinkled in. Their after dark show has been made into a gameshow type of thing and then they'll do challenge videos outside of the pod.
To me TT is just a newer and fresher style of jvlogs instead of the past shit of starting videos in selfie mode and "hey guys… i got to run some errands today so I thought i would take you with me sdklfjdskl" sharla type of shit

No. 216417

Then stick to who you like watching? I don't see what sort of competition you're trying to make up here between the two when it's one person vs 3 as well and two separate styles of videos.

No. 216418

It was a give and take honestly.
One can't deny that TT audience is in a big percentage made of younger people unlike Abroadinjapan.
Also being exposed to communities he normally doesn't touch is great too.
Chris fans getting crazy for some opinions jeez.

No. 216419

I really wouldn't call them jvlogs. They talk about so much more than just Japan. Their podcast is like most podcasts: some dudes shooting the shit for a couple of hours.

Jvloggers like Sharla are still pretty popular, but not like they used to be. I would say CurrentlyHannah is the "new" type of jvlogger, a lot more travel and higher camera quality and less "selfie mode" vlogs.

No. 216422

Again, if you're going to keep making arguments about how different the audiences are like you did >>216415 too, then why are you even trying to compare them and say one benefitted from the other? Seems like a nitpick now since you keep pressing that the audiences are different and the filming is different.

No. 216424

If you think we are arguing on who's better then you are missing the point.
I only started to point how TT helped Chris to grow even more due the chance to bring exposed to communities he normally doesn't touch because unlike a major part of gaijins in Japan he's not a weeb.

No. 216425

Chris have said plenty of times his his audience is more older so
It's a valid argument.

No. 216426

Has Chris said that his audience is younger now than it was pre-pandemic? He grew a lot but it is entirely possible that his audience also got older or stayed the same.

No. 216429

Considering his new reach to the communities I have already mentioned its fair to say his younger audience have grown.I still think the older audience is bigger thought.

No. 216432

But how much of his audience is younger? Your argument is that his audience grew a lot from 2020 onwards because of TT. If his audience is still mostly older folks, then your argument falls. His popularity increased because of the pandemic and people sitting at home, not because of TT.

No. 216433

File: 1654035544827.jpg (382.83 KB, 1080x1262, IMG_20220531_171837.jpg)

I think you are into something with the vtuber stuff kek

No. 216441

It’s very intresting isn’t it ?

No. 216442

So were Chris or Sharla spotted at MCM at all? I would imagine fans took pictures of them if they were there.

No. 216444

anyone watching the pewdiepie japan vlogs? they remind me a lot of the og jvlogger content from back in the day. the only bit of tea so far is in the second video, felix showed the town hall he and marzia registered at, and unsurprisingly he lives in one of the most central and expensive neighborhoods in tokyo. i loled that he only made it two videos in before revealing the neighborhood that super fans can go stalk

No. 216448

Been watching them and same. Maybe there will be a jvlog revival thanks to that.

No. 216449

No one, literally no one said they were going to MCM! they are in the UK to attend their friend ‘s wedding and to vacation. Ps the friend is not Garnt!

No. 216451

It was a refreshing Japan vlog to me personally. I actually like Felix because he doesn't come off as a scrote and isn't married to an e-thot. The vlog also felt natural and not over-hyped.

No. 216453

I didn’t think they would be there, but I was curious if they were. I wonder if there will be any pictures from the other wedding that Chris is attending that Sharla may be attending? I feel like its possible we will get a ‘reveal’ soon given how flagrant Sharla is being wrt being in Kent. She is liking tweets mentioning the two of them being seen together. Even if Chris isn’t, she seems kind of like she is antsy to say they’re dating. Or not, whatever the case is. She isn’t hiding that they are traveling together and it seems like thr next natural step is to clarify their relationship, platonic or romantic.

No. 216458

I was more into Chris and not that deep into anime but the bridge to Chris to TT is a lot milder than the three boys (except maybe Conner's) individual content. If you like one young guy with a British accent talk about random Japan adventures and food you'll probably like three young guys with British/Aussie accents talk about random Japan adventures and food. They don't go into anime as much anymore and only a handful of podcasts end up with a niche topic.

The biggest factor to all of them though is probably the lockdowns where watching them have fun in Japan was the closest most people couldn't get to travelling also while likely being stuck at home.(learn2sage)

No. 216481

If I were multi-millionaire I would also move into a fancy part of Tokyo. Don’t get why that’s surprising. Why should he choose the ghetto kek

No. 216488

I wonder if seeing Garnt and Sydney being able to show their relationship without issues migth affect Sharla(if she's indeed dating C).
Personally i'd feel envy of them in her position,having no need to hide my partner and go out with him without having to worry of people seeing us together or anything.
Kinda similar too Chris and Garnt two big YouTubers of 32yo…

No. 216492

This exactly and is not even about posting pictures with him,showing him off or else just freedom in general.
At your 30s having to worry about such things must feel so suffocating.

No. 216494

really surprised Martina can bike 6 miles in her condition. I know Simon is a huge narc but I can’t shake that she’s a bit of a munchie

No. 216495

There are also examples of other big name YouTuber couples who have gone through nasty breakups in the public eye. Not every relationship ends well. Sharla has already had to gone through the embarrassing ordeal of talking about her divorce online. If she and Chris went public people would probably be up in her comments speculating about her showing Chris too little (have they broken up???) or too much (she’s getting more viewers/followers, benefitting from the relationship!!!) and thus can’t win.

And by not revealing their alleged relationship, they keep people on their toes. “Are they dating?” speculation is a lot more fun that “have they broken up?” speculation.

No. 216499

she mentioned this in an old video from their original channel but she has an electric bike which does most of the work for her

No. 216500

I mean if one bad love experience will make her act like that then I don't know what to say.
About the comments well it might happen at the beginning if they reveal it but as time goes by no one will care just look at Garnt/Sydney, Joey/Aki, Markiplier/Amy,etc.
Also living in fear that it will happen again is just not healthy.
I used to think the speculation was a factor but honestly she not even interesting for that matter,most will just say "well finally, let's jump to another train".

No. 216501

One bad love experience? She was with her husband for 7 years. Divorce can be traumatic even if you don’t have half a million subscribers on YouTube. She has always been somewhat private, didn’t talk about her relationship with her husband that much. It’s different for everyone, maybe she’s perfectly fine keeping her alleged relationship with Chris a secret.

No. 216505

I was honestly surprised that they still wanted to move to Japan. I feel like the Japanmania is so early 2010s and thought they'd change their minds by now

No. 216510

Can definitely be traumatic I know it's just that holding too much to the it it's not healthy.Learning a lesson from it? Sure.
Developing a possible fear of failure idk.
That's just my view obviously.
I guess both can well be the type of couple that likes to do everything in their house only.
Even the most reserved people I know like to go out with their partners and do shit.

No. 216511

I’m assuming all of their friends know about it. Just because they’re hiding it from their viewers doesn’t mean it’s unhealthy. Michaela didn’t show her husband or even say she was in a relationship for years. Neither did Taylor R and she has a much bigger following than Sharla. It worked out well for them.

No. 216521

Taylor is a poor example because her motivations for hiding her then-boyfriend now-husband were unique. She hid elbowsan because she wanted her viewers to think she was independent and getting work on her own when this pudgy middle-aged man was bankrolling her career and private life, which would make her look like a gold-digger. Also, if Sharla was truly private, she wouldn't have responded to shippping and relationship comments at all. Chris is the one trying to avoid everything as much as possible.

No. 216532

Sharla deletes comments too. Someone noticed her when Chris dropped her off at the airport when she went back to Canada and she deleted that comment and also that time when you could hear Chris’ voice in her apartment in a video she filmed with Natsuki.

No. 216551


Private to some degree, she is the one that pushed her ex-husband to be on social media and to appear in her videos. And she try really hard to have him in her videos without hiding his face.

With Chris is obviously different for obvious reasons.

No. 216554

I’m trying to catch up with last thread+this thread but holy shit, it is not a good sign when there are paragraphs of text saying the same thing over and over again. I really do think there needs to be a separate thread for jvloggers and Chris/sharla discussion.

No. 216559

7 years? And anons here were speculating that there was a chance of she getting married in the UK…
It's unlikely marriage will pass through her head until a fair amount of time,5+ years at minimum perhaps.

No. 216560

They have their own thread but I think belong here since they’re so inactive these days. On the subject Marta has been giving me subtle munchie vibes for awhile. Munchie is maybe a strong word BUT I think she does overstate her disability to her followers, especially after Simon left. I think it got her more sympathy & views which was stuff she needed after the divorce. I mean…you move to a foreign country where you barely know the language and live alone, AND you have days where you can’t even get out of bed from pain? Either she’s retarded or a touch munch.

No. 216561

Well my unhealthy claim is linked to developing a vigilant behavior when going out together.
Eyes everywhere so they'll always gonna have to watch around such for a couple is a pain in the ass.
I mean by being a public figure one needs to do that already now we'll add another layer…jeez.

No. 216562

Some people remarry quickly, it’s not like there’s a set amount of years you have to wait lmao. It’s different getting married at 36 than late 20s/early 30s. You know what you want. Not saying they’re getting married, but it’s not at all unusual to get married 4 years after a divorce.

No. 216563

eh, idk about that. They’ve been spotted together several times since the dating rumours started. Even if they weren’t trying to keep their relationship a secret I doubt they would be packing on the PDA anyway.

No. 216564

They have we know that but as always the friendship card is used.
Frankly we don't know their PDA behavior it could just be them making sure to be in certain places,Japan is good for that and even more when you don't go to the typical touristic places.
That and well the covid benefits of reducing the amount of foreigners that could recognize them.
Just heard the AiJ podcast and Chris said he was recognized hours after arriving and going into a restaurant kek, JP needs to fully open so milk can drop.

No. 216566

File: 1654089713357.jpg (336.51 KB, 1080x1379, IMG_20220601_082137.jpg)

Is's so charming seeing Garnt and Sydney current situation.

No. 216569

Bot of you are fucking retarded. Martina has an electric bike and if you've never used one it's like using a stationary bike with 0 resistance. So it makes sense she can go that far.

No. 216571

No. 216572

It’s not just about the electric bike anon, take a breath? This thread gives you conniptions no matter who the subject is I guess.

No. 216573

Whatever the case may be, Martina def seems to have chilled out a bit since divorcing the scrote and actually seems more normal and less…extra? idk

No. 216574

Is Aki not attending the TT wedding?

No. 216576

She has her own thread

No. 216579

It's more than one anon calling out retarded takes. If your whole issue is this fake munchie bs, without proof again, then stop posting. If you need somewhere to tinfoil out the ass, go to /ot/. Asking this thread to stay on topic without tinfoils isn't a hard thing to do but apparently nitpicking and creating fanfuction gets you off. Its an electric bike ffs. It's easy for a reason, its not conclusive to anything else you're trying to pass off about her. Go to their own thread if they have one like the retards who keep bringing up Aki when she has her own thread.

No. 216583

Whether or not she is attending a couple of other j-vlogger's wedding is relevant to this thread though…I'd be surprised if Aki doesn't attend considering Joey seems very close to Garnt.

No. 216585

That logic means no one should have a containment thread bc they all know each other so hurr durr.

No. 216587

Well the wedding is this weekend and Aki is still in Japan! Everyone else who is attending has flown over to England already!

No. 216592

Well she probably isn’t going then. Not unheard of I guess but kind of weird. Most couples attend weddings together, it’s a pretty romantic event. I guess if in the pics from their wedding Sharla is there and Chris isn’t (as we know per Garnt’s stream he isn’t going to go) that will be pretty good evidence they are not dating. If Sharla isn’t there well…jury will still be out.

No. 216595

If you're friends with the person, does that mean if you're single you can't go to weddings? Attending a wedding isn't based on if you have a SO to bring. This isn't the 1930s.

No. 216597

Sharla ain’t going to the wedding; she’s just letting people think she is. In reality she’s going with Chris to whatever wedding he’s going to.

No. 216598

You’re reading something very odd into what I’m saying. If Sharla is dating Chris and doesn’t bring him to the wedding, that is kind of weird. Since they both know the couple and are in the UK. If Sharla isn’t dating Chris, its of course markedly less weird if she goes without him. Joey going without Aki is kind lf weird, again because they both know the couple and are in a relationship themselves. Of course single people can go to weddings? But generally if you ARE dating someone you bring them with you.

No. 216599

Frankly I don't remember Sydney and Aki interact.

No. 216601

Which is funny because they’re both pickme NLOGs, you’d think they’d be friends. Maybe Aki is jealous Syndey is actually getting married to her coomer weeb boyfriend?

No. 216605

LOL another day, another photo of Kent on Sharlas social media

No. 216606

They aren't dating, so doesn't matter and wouldn't be weird.

No. 216607

I dunno, they might not be friends but they’re probably still friendly. Don’t think there’s any beef there.

No. 216608

File: 1654099134083.png (4.16 MB, 750x1334, 6EC6BE11-3D4A-4E9B-92A9-F3D5E6…)

And here’s Chris having an enormous breakfast with someone sitting across from him. Wasnt he supposed to be dieting on this trip? Nothing says diet like 3 kinds of meat at breakfast kek

No. 216613

I wonder who is sitting across from him

No. 216614

How can you be so sure? I feel like it’s more likely that they are dating than that they aren’t at this point

No. 216616

Guys guys, Sharla attending Garnt’s wedding is not up to debate! We have said this 1,000,000 times on here already!! She has already told her Patreon that she is NOT going Garnt’s wedding but to another friends wedding . She is not friends with Garnt or Sydney!! Anyway, I think that Aki may have had some sort of a blow up with Sydney or Garnt. At the very least even if they just are not close friends, She should have been invited because she is Joey live in partner and Joey and Garnt are besties.

No. 216620

File: 1654102425054.jpeg (621.89 KB, 2048x2048, 249DC59B-E10F-4AD8-A63C-A2F7EC…)

The same person that posted that she is visitong in his hone city. Lol They are doing a shit job hiding that they are together.

No. 216622

Whitstable is really lovely, I'm sure they're having a great time. Sharla doesn't know how to drive, does she? Since she lived in Japan for a lot of her adult life. In that case it is very nice of Chris to drive his completely platonic friend around everywhere in his hometown.

No. 216625

LOL she could have just ignored saying where it was. But of course, Kent, where a certain Chris Broad is from. Does she enjoy the speculation?

No. 216626

You are wrong he said he said he'll start a diet regime when he returns to Japan.
For his UK trip he said that he'll enjoy the food because it has been 2+ years.

No. 216627

Anons already when over the convenience of staying somewhere with friends. It's not a big deal and a way that people travel besides Sharla.

No. 216628

I remember that he said that he'll record stuff during the Queen jubilee with connor/Joey.
Only saying this because the other dish seems to have meat and Sharla is pescatarian right?or maybe she was just lying about it.

No. 216629

Sharla has been caught lying about her diet x amount of times over the years.

No. 216630

Could be that she just left the area to be honest so she no longer cares about saying the place.
I guess during the trip they'll move around the country.

No. 216631

Thyroid issues will make you change diets over and over and over because of how it fucks with your metabolism. It's not a lie to change diets because of your health. Stfu.

No. 216632

I don’t understand why this is funny to you, we know they’re both together in Kent? We established they travelled together please fuck off.

No. 216633

Then I don't see the point of labeling herself with x type of diet frankly.
Her reasons to change are valid after all so no one would complain.

No. 216634

You can change your diet over time??

No. 216635

Some people seem to think that they’re just a couple of platonic buddies in their 30s travelling together just the two of them and not a couple

No. 216637

At that age fooling around seems dumb honestly.

No. 216638

shh anon, be careful, we're about to get an earful blogposting from a certain person about how they're in their 30s and unmarried and how they are traveling with loads of scrote buddies and England's beaches are like the best in the world and have loads of international tourists a-a-and…anything at all to try and stymy conversation about Sharla and Chris.

to be fair Sharla doesn't really label herself vegan anymore from what I see. She still eats vegan food on occasion but that is just a choice, not her lifestyle.

No. 216640

No. 216641

But I don’t want to fuck off. It’s just very enjoyable seeing how upset this makes you. Cheers mate!

No. 216646

You're literally admitting to talking about the dating shit just to troll the thread and constantly derail. Yeah, fuck off.

No. 216651

And deleting those comments only draws attention because there's nothing odd about a friend dropping her off at the airport or hanging out with her when another friend is around, especially if that other friend is Natsuki.
>Does she enjoy the speculation?
She has to as this point.

Dogen liked Joey's recent comment on his video, but is still ignoring Norm on youtube. Strange that he retweeted and responded to Norm on twitter three days ago. If something happened, it happened very recently.

No. 216655

File: 1654106638510.png (1.18 MB, 1456x722, Screen Shot 2022-06-01 at 2.00…)

Dogen seems like a nice guy, but I'm not the only one who thinks his house looks like dogshit right? The low ceilings are part of being in Japan, I get that. But tones of the house are just awful, mismatched wood and it blends very poorly with their admittedly very nice garden. Just one giant closet for the entire family, an absolutely dinky room for his daughters that he bragged was "symmetrical" kek (to the left in this screenshot) it seems like a total mishmash and very ugly to look at. It's one thing for that to be your house in Japan…but to call it your 'dream home' and be the one who made all these choices? It's ugly as fuck.

Norm is such an unlikeable dude, it doesn't surprise me that he may have finally gone off on someone that he actually knows and they're ignoring him. That amount of venom and bile can't just be saved for YT subscribers, but I doubt he'd ever be openly rude to someone with loads of subscribers like Chris or any of the TT guys. Dogen is pretty low tier so he probably felt safe being an asshole.

No. 216656

No one ever posted proof of deleted comments, so where so this idea she is deleting comments anyway? Just because you can't find comments catering to what you want to read?

No. 216658

Nope not at all! Speaking the truth and not making anything up to troll anyone. We are discussing the topic of a popular jvlogger couple who are working overtime to cover up that they are. Then there is you/ or people like you, who like to call people names and are hell bent on saying that they are not a couple. Your reaction is soooo over the top, so it’s kind of a funny side benifit. So nahhh we will not fuck off, the conversation and observations will continue because some find it intresting. You don’t get to tell us what to discuss simply because you don’t like the topic, soooo

No. 216659

Post proof they are dating.

No. 216660

I’m pretty sure someone posted screencaps of the Natsuki video a thread or two ago

No. 216661

Yes the proof of the deleted comments were posted on here many many many times. To which the likes of you said, it does not mean anything! And round and round we go!

No. 216664

Here it is. Whether you think deleting comments means anything or not, the "proof" of them being deleted has been posted in a previous thread.


No. 216665

What proof would your like pumpkin? If you’re looking for 100% proof, which can only include a picture and video of them sitting on a couch cuddling in their apartment, while declaring their undying love to one another forsaken all others, you not gonna get it here, some move on, ignore the topic!

No. 216667

No. 216669

Apparently there was an availability issue with Dogen’s house video, didn’t post when it should have. Norm tweeted to watch Dogen’s first and Dogen thanked him. Interestingly though Chris, Joey, Aki, Emma and other JVloggers commented on Dogen’s vid but don’t see them on Norm’s.

No. 216670

Perhaps Chris is hiding his relationship because he's afraid of what people like anon might do who absolutely refuse to entertain the possibility that he's dating other people. If Chris and Sharla really are just friends, it must be a one-sided friendship where Sharla has invited herself along because why would Chris deliberately not like tweets that tag Sharla with him?

No. 216671

Whitstable is not his home city/town. He mentioned that he's from Maidstone.

No. 216673

They're both in Kent.

No. 216674

Honestly yeah I always thought it was weird they didn’t have collabs more often, especially since they both do weird coomer content. I don’t think they hate each other but they probably don’t like hanging.

No. 216677

This makes me wanna do an experiment….
What if we comment right now saying we heard Chris voice in that video with Natsuki, we put the timestamp.
I wonder how much our comments will last .

No. 216678

feel free to go check the comments of that video yourself. it's nowhere to be found. it's so funny how some people think it is IMPOSSIBLE that sharla and chris might be living together. why is that so weird?

No. 216679

I have noticed Chris often looks red and itchy in his videos this past year, especially on liveshows. he also sneezes a LOT. there was cat hair on him in one of Connor's videos. i don't think that's coincidence, i think it's because he and Sharla are living together with Maro and therefore his cat allergies are flaring up.

No. 216680

Girl we all know Maidstone is his home city. They have been in Kent the whole time and Maidstone is in Kent close by to all the locations they have been visiting. Honestly y’all r not that thick r you?

No. 216683

Honestly, there is really no better way to "prove" they are deleting comments than the above, unless a nonnie doxes her youtube account to prove that Sharla deletes comments. Which by the way, would prove nothing to you. At this point I really suggest any anons who want to talk about Chris & Sharla or any other j-vloggers for that matter just ignore the sperg who only ever interacts on this thread by fighting with other anons about what constitutes proof or tinfoil, or whatever. You can really tell who it is because they get unnecessarily riled up instead of just responding in a normal way to the suggestion that two people they'll never meet may be dating.

No. 216684

And they are not shipping tweets at all just people thankful of meeting them.
Either avoiding due the hiding the relationship(bad job at it) or an ass towards the fans.

No. 216686

If you use chrome you can search for key words, and those comments were deleted. It’s clear as day. no need to argue what you can see and prove with your own eyes. You are being ridiculous.

No. 216687

If they were just friends they could just laugh off the rumors. Now he makes it weird by completely ignoring Sharla's existence online. Like, hello, it's obvious.

No. 216688

That's something i've always noticed in his livestreams and it was more evident during the ones at his apartment.
If it's due Sharla cat then lmao what a fool to torture himself at daily basis.
Clearly the other option is that his apartment and studio are dusty as hell but again he has asthma too so not cleaning properly would also stupid.

No. 216689

many people with allergies have cats, they just deal with the sneezing. he must love Sharla a lot to put up with that.

No. 216693

Since Sharla started posting UK related tweets he hasn't like or commented in any.
Knowing Chris you would think he would pull one or another joke at her because it's her first time in the UK but nope.Even more with Sharla latest post of a place in Kent too.
If anything he's making thing even more obvious plus this tweet of a person from Kent:

No. 216694

Cat allergy+ashtma don't forget.
Maybe those anons saying he was always horny for her since long time were indeed talking with some sense.

No. 216697

5 anons commenting about it would be funny , seeing how fast she deletes it will show her panic.

No. 216700

Did I say that they both weren't in Kent? Did I say that Maidstone isn't in Kent? FFS

No. 216703

lol yes thank you do much for pointing what we already knew, in an attempt to derail. Lol, Anyway our point was, that they have both been in Kent together. People have spotted them together and it goes hand in hand with they are a couple rumors. Thank you, next.

No. 216707

That Chris tweet about his meal,he's no hiding he's with someone maybe he's indeed addicted to speculation like Sharla is.

No. 216708

ya like he could have just shown his plate but nooo gotta show the other one as well!

No. 216711

But didn't he say that he was going to make changes when he went to the uk or did anon from last thread mishear him? In either case, he admitted he was having health problems due to his diet and he's going to be in the UK for over a month.

No. 216713

How is simply mentioning that that town isn't his hometown an 'attempt to derail'? Yeah we all know that they have been in Kent together and that people have spotted them together. If they were in his hometown that would add some weight to the rumours.
Why are you being so snarky over this shit?

No. 216716

Indeed there's extra information about his health he's not revealing but he did a full check up.
Apparently he's preparing a video about his health.
And to add on what previous anon said… yes he said will eat the food UK has to offer because it's been so long.So after the trip he plans a permanent change …if he can keep up his own word idk.

No. 216717

A new low for Chris.
Speculation chaser is degrading action for any content creator.

No. 216718

people who deny even the possibility of sharla and chris: what makes you so convinced they're not a couple? because they don't deny it, why do you?

No. 216724

why do you even need hard solid proof? you guys act like it's impossible for two straight people who have obvious chemistry, who are of the same age and profession, who are both foreigners living in japan, who live in the same not-super-popular city, who share the same cutlery and furniture, who are on vacation at the same time to the same place for the same amount of time, who travelled on the exact same flight there – to be dating.

No. 216725


Post solid proof of dating. Stop tinfoiling.

No. 216726

Hilarious you could write a post like this and still get a moronic denier in the replies >>216725

>post proof

It's a gossip site, we can only post what is shared publicly online, if that extensive list is not good enough for you idk what to tell you

No. 216727

why? it's just speculation. no harm in it. it's like celebrity gossip: "this celeb was seen with this celeb, maybe they're dating." zendaya and tom holland went years before confirming their relationship, and by the time they did it all of their fans already knew about it, even without solid proof.

jvlogging gossip these days is a pretty dry well, this at least is fun to speculate about especially considering how hard they're trying to keep this alleged relationship under wraps. what else is there to talk about in this thread?

No. 216729

just fuck off at this point

No. 216731

It’s just the same annoying piece of shit that’s keep posting every few days “post proof” because they are losing there mind and clearly wanna fuck one of them. Who does the loony anon wanna fuck? sharla or chris?

No. 216736

Lol, it’s so amusing isn’t it? do they expect
these 2 to say single forever and not date anyone? If no, why is the possibility of them dating so far fetch that people fight so hard to say they r not. I begining to think it’s either Chris or sharla’s simps on here, waiting for their turn lol.

No. 216738

I think one of the reasons they don't make their relationship public is because they don't want to deal with the "when are you getting married? when are you having kids???" parasocial questions they will inevitably get asked.

No. 216742

There's always been C/S apologists here.

No. 216745

Pewds/Marzia,Joey/Aki, Garnt/Sydney don't get such treatment by their fans so why would be different from Chris and Sharla?
Do they think of themselves as a top level couple able to lure all the parasocials or what kek
At max there will be extra talk when announced then it will die off and just another YouTuber couple.

No. 216746

Also the down bad parasocials follow certain type of YouTubers…
Currently the YouTuber in JP with the most amount of crazy ones is Cdawgva.

No. 216748

It’s strange how they act as if talking about Chris and Sharla dating is like an insult to either one of them. They are cute together if they are dating. The whole reason this speculation started in the first place was because they have chemistry. Watch Chris in his latest collab with Emma, they are obviously not ‘into’ each other. Compare it with any interaction he has with Sharla and its just obvious. I don’t see why this is a personal affront to that anon, but they won’t answer, just screech about proof over and over. Then when Chris and Sharla announce they’re dating we’ll just never hear from them again.

No. 216754

In that Valentine's Day video with TC you can really see the difference between Chris/Emma and Chris/Sharla. The way he looks at Sharla, biting his lip etc and Sharla works so hard to make his favorite chocolate from scratch … while Emma treats the whole thing as a joke and Chris takes the piss out of her crappy chocolate.

No. 216761

Chris is a big softie when it comes to Sharla. He carries her purse up an entire mountain, points out cats to her, he drives her around looking for pokemon manholes because it makes her happy, he apparently puts up with her cat despite being allergic. Compare this with his snarky personality with literally anyone else like Emma, Connor, Ryotaro, Joey.

No. 216768

Another thing you have to know about Chris, is that he is notoriously quick to like any Twitter post from Sharla. But in his attempt to cover up the UK trip he has revealed much. Sharla is all over his home town posting pictures, talking about the food, the weather, going to events with him etc. but he has not like or commented on any of those posts. A simple comment like “hey you in the UK, my home country, my home town, how do you like it? nothing, zero, zilch. If they were “just friends” that he said to “hey come to my country and hang out,” there’s no reason that he could just not comment casually on her post, about things that she said or did. But he has strategically and deliberately stayed far far away from anything having to do with Her being in the UK. His lame cover up by dissociating so much from her being in the UK and with him, has become the biggest self reveal. you’re doing too much Chris! Lol

No. 216779

Either a speculation addict or he is simply too dissociated of what he's indirectly showing.

No. 216781

They probably talk about that in person. Why would they interact online about that shit when they are both physically there?

No. 216782

One isn't dating, go figure

No. 216783

Lol, you clearly dont know how social media works, lol.

No. 216788

I think you are missing the point.
If the goal is to keep this possible relationship hidden then him acting as if she wasn't there with him is dumb due already being evidence.The logical route would be his casual jokeful interactions with her in socials.
"Why would they need to interact online if physically they are together" because the point of hiding the relationship is selling to the viewers that they are not together anon.
One reason of him not doing stuff to try to fool us is that he knows it's impossible to hide it so he abstains from lying and chooses to be silent.

No. 216789

Yeah that's the usual strategy.
I remember that back when the earthquake happened neither Chris or Sharla commented in each other posts about the situation,plenty of Sharla/Chris friends commented plenty of the ones they have in common too but those two good "friends" never interacted.
I found it quite weird and started to doubt.

No. 216790

I think he is just not talking about it or being as lond of obvious as Sharla because his ‘brand’ is grumpy, cynical British guy. He may think it will turn his audience off to know he’s with Sharla. He did hide his other gf after all.

No. 216791


I think they are dating but he is back home, he could be having breakfast with anyone, friends, family and so on.

No. 216792


I would be very shocked if a guy like Chris who put a small fortune into making his studio look like a movie set ramen shop wasn't maintaining it. Chris is a very visual person which is why his filming and photography are ahead of the other jvloggers. He wouldn't let his set collect dust. Pet dander seems more likely. His allergies can't be too bad as he also did that infamous documentary about Japan's cat obsession


I hope he gets this together. In my experience people who say they will do X especially if it's a diet after such and such day/event rarely ever end up going through with it. It's a mental trick like procrastination to make us feel better about not doing what we should do. I think his main issue is he looks at diet as a big event (remember the first JAJ was partially to lose weight) rather than lifestyle changes. He could still enjoy his classic British foods or fried chicken just in more moderation and in partnership with more activity.

No. 216793

Grumpy,cynical British guy…he doesn't use his social to act like that frankly otherwise his Twitter would be full of brand only stuff nothing of his personal life.
I wonder if he even actually believes his audience is there due him being single or something ,it would be hilarious if he really thinks that kek.
Oh definitely he's in Kent so him meeting old friends and chat is possible.
When you record you can cut up any moment it's not flattering so using the "cat nation" documentary as argument is kinda weak.
Yeah dust is unlikely that's why the cat point sounds valid plus the rest of jvloggers when doing livestreams are always ok so I doubt there's some kind a everlasting flu or something. It's just him with the usual symptoms regardless of the season.
Personally it sounds like a living hell to keep up with the allergy symptoms even if not so strong.

No. 216794

With a mild allergy imagine sleeping in the same room with the cat,gosh it sounds dreadful for me.I love cats but if i were allergic to them I would keep my distance regardless of the level of allergy.
I bet traveling to the UK is huge relief for him due not longer being congested at a daily basis.

No. 216796

He doesn't own or live with cats.

No. 216798

Maro is a cat … I think it's a big possibility that Sharla and Chris live together:

1) he hasn't shown his apartment since before he broke up with his old gf 3 and a half years ago
2) sharla refused to show an entire room in her apartment during the tour = that is most likely his office

No. 216799

The theory is that such is due sharla cat because both live together.
Every single livestream he is like affected by some mild runny nose which could be a symptom of his cat allergy.
I think in the livestream with chiaki he was fine but most likey due just returning from Okinawa.

No. 216800

Single part of his brand? kek
That's only applicable for Cdawgva I think.

No. 216801

by being single he's relatable to other single men who watch his videos. he often talks about "sitting alone in a room eating fried chicken" which wouldn't be the case if he were dating vegan sharla.

No. 216802

This migth sound odd for me but:

No. 216808

Another reason they aren't. Circumstantial shit like a single cat hair doesn't mean they are dating. You keep bringing up obvious reasons why they wouldn't be.

No. 216809

I don't think men sit and look at Chris and say "he's just like me" kek.
His type of humour and the British stereotype is the main catch.
There can be fans who have the hots for him but unlikely it's a major part of his audience so his relationship status it's not a core point of abroadinjapan.

No. 216811

they're not dating because she's vegan? lol you think vegans only date other vegans?

No. 216812

The cat hair was just mentioned as an extra detail the main point is him always being in some kind of mild allergy symptoms whenever he livestreams.

No. 216817

He's white. He's born allergic to everything. Cats probably aren't his only allergy.

No. 216819

Interesting how his allergies only flared up after Sharla brought Maro back from Korea

No. 216839

What's with Brianna of Morena in Japan doing in the thread pic? I haven't seen anything recent about her. She's always been a cow but her thread never took off

No. 216840

Chris usually likes most of the things Sharla tweets and her IG photos and he comments on some of her YouTube videos … but now there is total radio silence from him. Not a single ‘welcome to England!’. If they are just friends travelling around Kent together, why wouldn’t he at least acknowledge her?

No. 216841

File: 1654165398270.jpeg (432.71 KB, 1343x824, 0867DFE9-AD49-4370-9D42-835DAE…)

karen is in the uk with them? lol everyone is in the uk except aki it seems

No. 216842

Isn’t she good friends with Sydney?

No. 216850

They are both there. There's no reason to do it online. That's such a dumb reach.

No. 216851

That's why anons keep saying who the fuck cares who's there since everyone is going to the UK.

No. 216855

Chris and Sharla are there for another reason though, they arrived waaaay before anyone else, they travelled together, they’re the only ones in Kent etc. Do the math.

No. 216859

I honestly don't get the hype. He seems like he is on a verge of a midlife crisis, lost his passion for youtube but forces himself to do it because it is litereally his life at this point and there is nothing else in his life to fill up the gap. He clearly lost touch with his audience as an ageing millenial still trying to cater to an audience that is now over decade younger than him. Him and Marzia moving to japan just perfectly illustrates that they are trying to to fill up the void of their empty life and making it exciting again even though it all seems forced.

All that fuss about the dogs and treating them like literal children, taking the private jet because they can't breathe in the cargo is also pure pain to watch. The hyprocrisy and cruelty of adopting some of the most sickly and inbred dog races finally shows. Marzia should finally drop the eco friendly business woman pretense, it doesn't fit at all their privileged lifestyle.

No. 216862

I also don't get the hype, I think he's just a legacy Youtuber and that's why people follow him at all anymore. He was the first guy doing the sort of surface, charming memelord dude gimmick. I think moving to Japan is probably something they wanted to do being weeby and all, but cynically it's also an opportunity to re-invent his channel as more of a J-vlogger or travel thing. Which is kind of evergreen content for a millenial compared to trying hard to keep up with memes for zoomers.

No. 216870

These NLOGS marrying porn sick scrotes are disgusting, but I guess they belong together.

No. 216873

That doesnt look too bad. Just a standard english breakfast. he probably missed his home town food.

No. 216874

Every single one of these men are fucking hideous. Norm is the ugliest, since we all know his personality now.

No. 216876

Pete was there. Can we not do this again? You guys ruined the last thread.

No. 216877

Pete isn’t in Kent though. Why would Sharla and Chris arrive together a week before the rest of the jvloggers, just to hang out with Pete for one day at the podcast event? An event Sharla had no connection to? They’re there on a couple’s trip.

No. 216879

Pete was there, so you have any idea where he's staying? What about all the other people going? They also didn't leave at the same time. He was there with pete days before Sharla. Imagine thinking she can't possibly want to hang with friends even though most of her friends are podcasters, at a podcast event so she's not twiddling her thumbs in a country she's never been.

No. 216890

Lol y’all try to hard! Pete was at the podcast event because the company that he owns STAK, was hosting a booth!! The abroad in Japan podcast, is under Pete’s company, so yes Pete was there. Sharla had no reason to be there other than to accompany Chris. The podcast event was in London! Other than that trip to the podcast event and today for filming and live stream with Conner chris and sharl has spent all their time in Kent! So yes, Just friends. Nothing to see here

No. 216891

She came with Chris and Pete, not just Chris. Weren't even sitting together except as a group. Move on.

No. 216893

Had Sharla ever met Pete before? I can’t remember. If they’d never even met that makes it even more obvious she came exclusively to support Chris. Platonically of course. Either way Pete and Sharla certainly don’t hang out much given he lives in the UK and she lives in Japan.

No. 216894

Chris, brought Sharla, his friend/editor Dave and his dad to the podcast show. Pete was already there hosting the booth for STAK. Get your facts straight! Stop arguing with people who knows what they are talking about!

No. 216895

Yes twice, during the journey across Japan trip in 2018, and during a trip to Sapporo snow festival in Feb of 2020.

No. 216896

Pete lives north of London I believe. They absolutely arrived at the same time. Same view out the airplane window, same airplane route (JPN - Brussels - London), Chris posted his airplane tweet two days before Sharla posted her “English roof” tweet. Chris didn’t hang with Pete until the podcast event, daaaays later.

No. 216897

Exactly. It wasn't even just the 3 of them, let alone a date. Anons are insane.

No. 216900

What a weird assortment of people to bring. Obviously his editor makes sense; but who brings their dad and platonic friend to an event like that? I’m sure Sharla and Chris’s dad were both bored as hell. I guess maybe they could’ve talked to each other while Chris and Pete spoke, but i remember how awkward it was when I first met my very platonic friend’s dad.

No. 216901

Of course it wasn’t a date. Going with your boyfriend to support him at an event isn’t a date. It’s just part of being a supportive girlfriend.

No. 216903

She's not 10. Why is that awkward? It's a group of people, not some wedding or boyfriend introduction. Where do you get this idea Sharla isn't into listening to podcasts just because she's not in one? Same with his dad.


No. 216906

The point we are making is that Chris bought three people that were very important to him to an event showcasing his podcast. He bought his very good friend, his dad and his girlfriend. Sharla had no reason to be there other than to be supportive of Chris, Sharla is not really close friends with Pete. Does Sharla going to the podcast show event mean that they are dating? NO. But the totality of all the dots leads many to believe that this trip and everything else is not just a coincident.

No. 216907

Sharla knows Dave, they hung out in 2019 when he visited Chris in Japan. Remember: Sharla and Chris probably already lived together by then.

And it must be nice for her to also spend some quality time with her father-in-law.

No. 216909

I wouldn't call pete and his editor detrimentally important.


No. 216910

Yeah, in attendance were two people important to Chris’s career, Pete & Dave. Then a person clearly important to his personal life, his dad. And then his very close friend with whom he shares no romantic chemistry, Sharla. The event was specifically for podcast creators, right? From what I read it was mostly a place for amateur podcasters to hear talks from more established ones.

No. 216911

No what? Deniers stay grasping at straws LOL.

No. 216912

Your logic means anime conventions are only for anime creators. These events are public, it wasn't an expo only for creatives. It was an event for the podcast community.

No. 216913

Idiot Pete owns the company, he was going to be there regardless! STAK his podcast company had a booth promoting ALL their shows! Pete podcast company host some of the biggest podcast out there!! he did not accompany Chris, this was his gig he invited Chris as a guest speaker! Dave is one of Chris closest friends besides being his editor!

No. 216914

Sharla is a known part of the podcast community. That's why she travelled thousands of miles to attend with her close friend Chris. A good career move for her.

No. 216915

It isn't a reach it's just his usual behavior.
It would be weird to comment and stuff if both are hanging around everyday thought which is most likely the case so he doesn't comment at all.
He refrains from lying so he is just quiet.

No. 216917

File: 1654183273379.jpeg (169.33 KB, 750x817, EE0D95CA-D651-4F2E-B21C-56BD09…)

So it was open to the public but pitched more to those interested in starting their own podcasts or getting advice from established types like Chris and Pete.

No. 216919

Yes your right! Sharla has made a point to attend all the podcast expo all over the world!!!! Noooooooo????? Yes,because she has not and would have not if Chris was not there.

No. 216921

Lol Sharla podcast dropping soon? Lol

No. 216922

Watch the space. Chris was in London today filming with Connor. Bookmark this post, you will see either today or tomorrow Sharla posting London pictures. I wonder who she is with? Don’t ever say I didn’t warn you LOL

No. 216923

>global podcasting community

You okay, anon?

No. 216928

With chiaki living in London sharla can easily post and get away honestly.
Btw the studio to record the podcast is in London so Chris have been there already,in the last podcast he talks about taking the train .

No. 216929

And the upcoming comiccon is where?

No. 216931

MCM Comic Con has already been, Sharla and Chris were not there, they were traveling round Kent.

No. 216933

We have been saying over and over again that neither chris or Sharla were attending any comic Cons, but done peopke likes to live in denial!

No. 216936

No one said anything about Chris and Sharla. TT was supposed to be there but no one was posting anything.

No. 216937

> > whether you're an independent podcast creator, an established industry professional or a business leader [sic]

Expos are often open to the public but are geared specifically to those involved in an industry. It's very different from a Comiccon. It's also really a non-issue considering whether or not Sharla likes podcasts isn't really relevant to the fact that she is probably dating Chris. This thread gets so derailed by a certain anon who demands proof and then argues with anyone over what they provide. inb4 "it's because its not proof REEEE"

No. 216938

Headline at the top
>for creators, the industry, and podcast fans

Uh huh.

No. 216939

God he looks so fucking good here, I wish I was the one he brought back home to the UK so I could watch him stuff his face with a pwoper English breakfast after cathartic morning sex in our seaside bnb. I’d feed satan both my kidneys to be Sharla for a day.

No. 216941

Lol he will not make it to 40

No. 216942

File: 1654185760905.jpeg (711.82 KB, 1284x2240, D58F5B51-CE84-46EA-A0DD-FEC32A…)

Poor aki, it has to suck to have been left out of this wedding! She is still in Japan

No. 216943

She gets the house to herself. She's probably loving it.

No. 216946

Anyone know whose wedding Chris and Sharla are going to?

No. 216948

I have seen many suggestions. But my guess is the it’s his sister’s wedding!

No. 216954

Literally all 3 tweeted about Comic Con multiple times.

No. 216955

What makes you think that?

No. 216961

Meaning posting photos or anything. Don't be dense.

No. 216964

Legit thinking she migth not get along Sydney.

No. 216967

They I don’t which is fine. But to skip your partners best friends wedding means it’s something more like a fight a major fight!

No. 216970

File: 1654193900640.jpg (850.82 KB, 1080x1937, IMG_20220602_131520.jpg)

Now she's in London ,such coincidence.

No. 216971

File: 1654193912911.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1284x1899, 19A33236-861A-4512-AF1E-0F098A…)

hate to say I told you soooooooo, but right on q she posted about being in London! but that’s just a coincidence lol!

No. 216973

Chris most likely already show her all Kent.
Now time to be in London for some days I bet.

No. 216974

It’s funny Sharla and Chris didn’t go to MCM but are now visiting London. They were there the day of the podcast event, though. They must’ve just had a lot going on in Kent. It’s a very pretty area but not a place you’d necessarily want to spend many days at as an international tourist hanging out with your platonic buddy and his dad. I’m looking forward to whatever Chris and Connor filmed in London, wonder if Sharla will appear in it or will be hidden away.

No. 216976

File: 1654195051272.jpg (707.14 KB, 3464x2309, Picsart_22-06-02_13-35-47-774.…)

Well it didn't take long for them to be seen together.
Just "friends".

No. 216977

The pub she took a photo of is about a 20 minute walk from the Sherlock Holmes museum. I hope they didn’t waste their time in Madame Tussard’s, its a complete tourist trap. Mayfair is really nice though. Great place to have a stroll with a friend or boyfriend.

No. 216978

Not really strange that they were not at Comic Con, aside from Sharla liking Pokémon they are not really into that kind of thing. Neither of them make content that would fit with Comic Con. Chris was at the podcast event and she went with him. They went back to stay with his family in Kent. Now they’re back in London, Chris streamed with Connor who is free since MCM is over. It’s not that hard to take the train to London, cheaper than trying to stay in hotels in London the entire trip during the Jubilee.

No. 216980

The lady knows there's more than simply friendship there instantly.
Frankly they should just reveal it, it's getting tired their weak attempt to still hide it.

No. 216981

She sounds like an absolute retard

No. 216985

No one mentioned them being there. Anons are taking about TT.

No. 216986

I haven’t looked at this thread for a couple of days but can I please emphasise that we know they travelled together and are together for the duration of their stay? This isn’t hot of the press scandalous information.

No. 216987

File: 1654196235376.png (1.96 MB, 1928x953, pantry desk.PNG)

There were parts of Dogen's house that I really loved, namely the courtyard, onsen bath, kitchen, and porch area just outside the kitchen, but the daughter's rooms is really… yeah. I didn't even notice the mismatched wood kek. I love the table just outside the daughters room but their room… is it just going to be their beds in there and that's it? What if they want little knickknacks and stuff? I like the aesthetic of it all but I struggle to see it as anything more than a showroom. I hope he'll show us more of us once they're all moved in, I'm interested to see what the space will look like with people living in it.

Also the desk space in the pantry is fucking weird. What the fuck is she gonna do in there that she can't just sit at her big kitchen island?

No. 216989

Someone on Twitter already said they spotted them at the Sherlock Holm museum with Chris

No. 216990

“No. 216974
It’s funny Sharla and Chris didn’t go to MCM but are now visiting London.”
I was responding to that post.

No. 216991

Kek it only a few hours for that anon words to be fulfilled.
Isn't it just good friendship?Chris his personal guide,traveled together,both in Kent,now both in London.
Chris long awaited trip after 2.5+years was to help sharla in her trip ,such friendship.

No. 216994

I agree on the kid’s room, but it’s unfurnished so it will presumably have some storage for toys etc. When they put in the dividing wall they will be 2 tiny spaces. Hate the desk in the hallway thing for the kids, you have to block the hallway to sit there. The desk for his wife does give a spot to sit down and use a laptop or write a letter or shopping list. I don’t want to stand at my kitchen island all the time. The living room is so small for 4 with that uncomfortable sofa. None of it is designed for comfort or privacy. I like the look but the actual living space is not good for 4 people especially once the kids get a bit older and want privacy. Pretty but impractical for a family imo.

No. 216996

The onsen was awesome, I can't deny that. But yeah impractical is the best way of putting it. I know Japanese homes are far smaller than most European or North American houses but this one was small plus lacking in functional sense. That tiny couch embedded into the wall, the random narrow nooks, and yeah the daughter's room having space for a couple of futons only. Also the idea of one closet for the entire family sounds kind of sensical at first blush but I feel like it gives a lot more opportunity for accidental intrusions and like, losing your own shit because your sister or daughter accidentally/on purpose took it. And the wood, that triggered me hard. Mismatched wood can look good, but it has to be artful and very clearly deliberate. In Dogen's house it really looks like they just bought a palette of cheap assorted light-to-medium woods, cool tones, warm tones, whatever…and just used them blindly. And the ceiling being lacquered looking wood as well? I think it may have been laminate. It looked so awful, and made the house look even more cramped. I'd be interested to see how it looks with stuff in it but right now it looks like a weird knock-off made of various balsa woods of a Muji prefab house.

No. 217000



No. 217005

i didnt watch pewdiepie before now so he is definitely inviting a new audience with the move. i'm just so curious how the ultra-rich live in japan. it's like an adult playground to them i think. also, i used to watch marzia before she decided she was too good for the internet and his new videos reek of her influence. frankly these vlogs are just marzia vlogs but featuring felix.

No. 217007

Sharla and Chris have been seen EVERYWHERE together. Random small towns in Kent, the podcast event in London, same flight to England, now in London again … I wish I too had a great platonic friend like Chris!

No. 217008

This is what anon refers :

No. 217013

>Person posts where they are on social media
Oh my god they have been spotted everywhere!!!!!
You lot make me laugh

No. 217014

btw Sharla is vocal about being in Kent, shows the same view out of the airplane that Chris did, replies to people on Twitter who saw the two of them together, posts about being in London the same day Chris is there. does she want people to talk about her and Chris? she never denies it, maybe she secretly likes the gossip.

No. 217016

>I know Japanese homes are far smaller than most European
True for apartments but not really the case when it comes to houses outside urban areas and Dogen lives in Beppu. His house reminds me of the ones on "Before After" where there's a lot of built-in furniture because the plots are small and the houses were oddly designed and inconvenient, which is why they were chosen for remodeling in the first place. When are Rachel and Jun finally going to do their house tour?

No. 217017

One time is a coincidence, two times can also be coincidence, three times is a pattern.

No. 217030

File: 1654204627805.png (911.97 KB, 645x778, Screenshot 2022-06-02 at 22.13…)


or a g&t (though looks like chris has a beer)

No. 217032

I'll add Chris photo of his meal and not hiding he's with someone (other plate in the photo).
Feeling both are testing the waters if people are able to connect the dots.

No. 217033

Seems like a cider which fits with Chris who prefers them more than beer and how bold of her to post that,one can easily tell it's Chris.
Anon here >>217032 is probably into something…Sharla maybe is tired of such unnecessary secrecy.

No. 217035

In Connor's last stream, Connor asks Chris how look they're staying in London for and he says "WE are in London for about …"

Who is this mysterious 'WE'?

No. 217041

Maybe a silly question but do you think Chris series with Cdawgva "wacky weekend" will lose steam if it's confirmed that Chris has a girlfriend?
Sounds stupid but wanna hear opinions.

No. 217042

Why would it? It’s about wacky places to visit, not about their personal lives. Chris channel is not very personal, he doesn’t really let his viewers in much. So he doesn’t really have a parasocial relationship with his viewers. Conner while a bit more personal, has made it very clear that he will not divulge
much about his personal life. So a great portion of both of their viewers are not there because they’re single,dating ,married etc. they tune in because they like their content.

No. 217049

No, it’s not like people are serious about shipping them. At least I don’t think so, but who knows really.

No. 217055

Yes it’s a joke, no one takes it seriously! Lol

No. 217057

The Royal We, duh

No. 217066

I’m shocked that she actually posted a photo of Chris

No. 217083

This is an imageboard.

No. 217085

You can fool around at any age as long as you're a consenting individual with another consenting individual (or individuals)

No. 217111

Gotta be 18 to post here.

No. 217169

Water is wet

No. 217183

Sharla seems to like England a lot. When will she convince Chris they should move there permanently?

No. 217199

They need chris income And Chris Income is very in Japan base right now.

No. 217201

If he wants to become a real filmmaker he should move back to the UK. He has done basically everything there is to do in Japan.

No. 217203

File: 1654269989776.jpeg (515.34 KB, 1284x2204, 4FBA13F2-922F-4E52-AFE1-7A14D2…)

Tkyo Sam has entered the shipping chat. Lol

No. 217212

Honestly he looks like a pos doing that, especially since its not confirmed

No. 217218

He is a pos regardless

No. 217228

I wonder if the mod would do us a favor and look into that one user who spent the last 4 threads undermining all talk about Christ/Sharla, attacking all users and kept trying to shut down the thread to ~protect them~

No. 217245

His brand dies if he leaves japan.
I guess he could gain cash if he improves his "Chris abroad" second channel.
But it will be way less than the current income.

No. 217247

You sound personally hurt by this and should seek help if you feel entitled to vindication by randoms on an anonymous board

No. 217252

The competition is stiff in the UK, unless he plans to start over and go to film school there, which maybe he will. As someone who's lived in both places, I think Sharla might have a harder time living in the UK than Japan.

No. 217253

How so, with regards to Sharla? The UK has more crime than Japan but otherwise is a pretty ‘easy’ place to live. Housing is pricy but not astronomical if you don’t mind flats or living away from London. She could even not drive and be fine, lots of public transportation. Again not as much as Japan, but I don’t think there is much culture shock or big differences for her lifestyle. She isn’t Japanese after all, she is a Canadian living in Japan. IMO she already seems like a twee British girl. Cats, tea, plants, bad fashion sense…

No. 217256

He has said that he will live in both in the future. As for Sharla adjusting to UK or where ever she eventually chooses when she leaves japan? I have no doubts that she will adjust well. She is not super sentimental and left her home country she was 19 and has not looked back since. Living out of her comfort zone is who she is, she likes the challenge. But like chris I think she will go back to japan a lot for her Airbnb and stationary businesses etc. it’s clear that Sharla is working to deversify her income so she doesn’t rely fully on YouTube, which will make her leaving Japan easier.

No. 217262

Get help and stop tinfoiling

No. 217264

Sharla appears completely in love with England, I am sure she will adjust fine.

No. 217265

England is nice. Good she's enjoying it.

No. 217276

File: 1654284765726.jpeg (328.84 KB, 750x630, F2B76EE3-9DDF-4F37-9397-5441C3…)

Never seen a YouTuber personally that doesn’t have their girlfriend model there new merch/clothing brand. When I first saw this I thought it was a new gf, and joey ended things with aki. Nice views though.

No. 217278

Ummm interesting,I suppose he will no longer promote Apari clothing.

No. 217279

there are actually some really beautiful places in england

No. 217280

She’s a lewd cosplayer

No. 217282

File: 1654285691499.jpeg (822.63 KB, 750x728, 15B76000-54A9-40E6-83B6-72D7CC…)

He needs skinny hot models not FAT people(nitpicking)

No. 217285

I've lived in the UK, North America and Japan. Japan is a lot more convenient, but I was thinking in regards to her personality and career. I think even the jump from Japan to her home nation wouldn't be easy since she lives in an expat bubble in Japan. Sightseeing in England is very different from living there and she's in her mid-30s, so it's not like when you're a uni student and don't have to worry as much about responsibilities.
>Living out of her comfort zone is who she is, she likes the challenge.
I don't think we're talking about the same Sharla.

No. 217289

LOL Japan is notoriously one of the most difficult countries for foreigners to live in. Visas are difficult, banks are difficult, living is difficult, getting an apartment is difficult, fitting in society is difficult, Jobs are difficult! Sprinkled all of those with a heathy dose of racism! Japan literally is the opposite of “convenient”for foreigners, it’s a grind, you can only go so far career wise! People that moved to Japan move to Japan because they love Japan and I are willing to overlook some of the major pitfalls. UK in general is a much easier society to live in, to function, to Rent/buy and to have a career especially if you’re white from Canada! The only thing that’s convenient about Japan is its public transportation and that it has really good convenience stores, that’s about it lol.

No. 217292

You are so wrong. Sharla, has chosen mostly expat unfriendly locations to live in! That’s why her Japanese is so good! During her total stay in Japan she has lived more outside of Tokyo than within Tokyo. the last city she lived in, Morioka has very very very little foreigners and the same could be said for sendai. So the statement about her living mostly in an expat bubble is wrong!

No. 217296

File: 1654288347429.png (130.29 KB, 750x1334, A2891D57-C067-42F0-98C6-78CF68…)

Why didn’t he add the male model?

No. 217297

I’ve had a feeling for awhile of a breakup happening soon. Whenever they are together Joey seems uninterested and annoyed. Who knows what happens off camera.

No. 217298

This is questionable…(lrn2sage)

No. 217300

I believe it’s him who is shitting up this thread, always have.

No. 217301

Don't know why he wouldn't add the male model to the description, but Luke Craig is PeachMilkyTea's boyfriend for those who don't know. She's not particularly milky except for that she is VERY boring and has gotten a lot of plastic surgery, but she's not really botched. I don't know if it means Aki and him broke up but I've long thought she really puts up with him hanging around with sexy women a lot. Particularly Shibuya Kaho, who is kind of 'pleasantly plump' compared to Aki. Like that may be Joey's type.

No. 217302

Sharla went to Hever castle which is close to Chris hometown. She has really been all over Kent at this point.

No. 217304

Her stayinh back in japan and not going to the wedding is starting to show some sort of crack on that relationship

No. 217306

Or she didn't want to travel. Partners not traveling together isn't a sign of a fucked up dynamic. Wtf logic is that?? They just did a video together for her channel.

They both work for TC.


No. 217312

Neither one of them work for TC! Y’all keep over estimating TC, as this big company that represents jvlogger, It’s literally a dying company lol. Joey works for geexplus. And peach milky works under another agency.

No. 217313

File: 1654293176053.jpeg (Spoiler Image,621.62 KB, 750x1056, 0E33CF4A-0BA3-4EC5-B04D-209477…)

Most milky thing about her is her bad photoshopping. The thighs to arm ratio is laughable. Her ass isn’t that big clearly in the clothing advertisement. Besides that she is the average scandalous cosplayer. I have also noticed some distance in Joey. The wedding without his girlfriend feels off.

No. 217314

Where did you see that Sharla went to Hever castle?

No. 217315

Have you actually lived and worked in both Japan and the UK? Or are you just repeating what you've read on the internet? Housing is far cheaper and more conveniently located in Japan. It's much easier to get a work visa if you're a native English speaker with just a BA and no other skills in Japan than it is in the UK. Sharla doesn't have a traditional career history and would have more trouble getting a UK work visa with the same credentials. She lived in Morioka, not somewhere in the boonies in Akita or Aomori, because that's where she went on exchange when she first went to Japan. She moved there twice when she returned to Japan because it was cheaper and she already knew people there. Sendai is the largest city in Tohoku and are we pretending Chris wasn't one of the main reasons why she moved there? Sharla went to Josai Intl U and after uni, still spends the majority of her work and private time in English with other foreigners, and on top of that, most of them are associated with youtube. That is a bubble. Her vlogs have hardly changed over the years. Her biggest life change was getting married and moving to Korea, but she soon divorced and moved back to her comfort zone (Morioka), and her other big change is the airbnb, which is located in Japan. I'm not talking about which country is better, btw, I'm talking about Sharla's career and personality. She's not in her early 20s. She'll have to work harder to make new friends and start a career, if she moves permanently to the UK and she isn't particularly wealthy. She can depend on Chris financially and for work and friends at first, but I think she'd get bored and it could also affect their relationship. I don't think it'll be easy for Chris' channel, either, and Chris seems to realize that since he's talking of living in both places.

No. 217318

In her twitter replies

No. 217319

Sharla is doing a patreon livestream tomorrow, someone should ask if she's going to the same wedding as Chris. Put an end to the discussion.

No. 217320

I thought it was strange that she wasn’t modeling with her boyfriend tho. Just because she loves cosplaying and photo shoots. It would have been pretty popular for a couple photoshoot/ merch vid imo. Most couples travel to friends weddings together. it’s not like he’s on a business trip. He’s on back with all his friends, going to a wedding. If that happened to me or one of my friends you wouldn’t hear the end of it. I just don’t think they are together anymore or soon to breakup

No. 217322

Joey and Aki give me roommate vibes, not couple vibes

No. 217323

Maybe Aki can be Joey model for bigger sizes kek

No. 217324

Yes I lived and work in both countries! UK was and is much easier to get a visa as a professional in my 30’s. Japan may be easier if you want to teach English, but visa in japan for a professionals was not easy. Anyway you have a lot of assumptions about her finances, ability to get visa, and why she chose to live in morioka. She already has a lot of friends besides chris in the UK. Many people living in Japan are forced to stay in foreigner Buble because it’s hard to make deep friendship with Japanese people as a foreigners. Either way I am not concerned about how she will get her visa she can work that out for herself. I am not concerned about her finances she can figure it out for herself. people all over the world immigrate to UK all the time and have a fine and happy life that is more well-rounded and fulfilling than those who have immigrated to Japan.

No. 217326

Oh that’s funny because that’s where Chris used to work when he was in college

No. 217329

lmfao the coincidences just keep piling up huh

No. 217333

Peachy and Joey do.

No. 217335

NO they do not! Joey nor peach are part of TC. Joey left TC about 2 years ago.

No. 217337

I think they are dating and cheating on their SO. Makes sense m taking photos together

No. 217339

sharla is with Chiaki today so I bet her next vlovg will be here I am with my friend Chiaki hanging out in London with no Chris. And then all the deniers will come in here screaming
“see she’s not even eith Chris, she’s with that girl Chiaki!” Lol it will be fun! Mark my words!!!!

No. 217341

dhe did Joey have been friends for a long time! She models a lot in Japan including cosplay, and she is one of Aki’s best friends. She is Also in very long term relationship with a good friend of both Joey and aki, Luke. They are Irish and will be leaving Japan soon! So whoever says that must be some sort of immature, incel.

No. 217343

Chiaki returned to the UK yesterday so defenders can say nothing plus we already have tweets of people seeing her with Chris in London.
Her own Instagran story shows Chris kek look >>217030

No. 217346

Head is cut off. Calm down.

No. 217347

Don't know where you're from or what your profession is, but just like in Japan, you need a company to hire you and demonstrate you have special skills to get a work visa in the UK in your 30s. Perhaps you're new, but Sharla has talked in detail more than once on her channel and in interviews about why she moved to Morioka each time. It's not that hard to gauge whether or not she's very wealthy if you take into account her views and how much one makes as a part-time translator with a side business shipping boxes of stationary, and the very cheap rent was one of the reasons why she said she moved back to Morioka over other places.
No one is forced to live in the foreigner bubble, but you now admit that Sharla does live one.
Just because someone is white and and an English-speaker doesn't mean they'll have an easy time living in the UK.

No. 217349

Many people have sex with there best friends boyfriend. Not saying this is happening, but saying they are best friends means nothing.

No. 217350

No the don’t, wtf. Saying someone does something doesn’t automatically make it true.

No. 217352

Go to the Japan general or some shit. Not all fireingers think places like these are difficult or don't care stfu already. Literally no reason to be infighting when its off topic and involving tinfoil about dating thats not even confirmed, much less moving confirmed. Jfc.

No. 217353

kinda random but does anyone know when they'll be leaving japan? feels like they have been talking about it for years

No. 217356

What’s your point? Moving to another country is always difficult, no one says going to be easy. But you want us to project that life in the UK is gonna be hard, when you have no way of knowing what her plans are. For me or you to speculate about how she’s going to get a visa is silly, she is a grown adult, it’s not impossible to get a visa howerver difficult, and it’s her problem to figure out, I frankly don’t care how she manages it! I have no way of predicting if she will like or not like the UK, it’s really none of my concern, I just don’t care if she stays or leave Japan for Timbuktu, TBH. My point is she is equipped to deal with a change of culture because she has done so twice! she’s not a child, she is not stupid! Either way it’s her problem to figure out. All I know is if she can manage to live and make it in Japan as long as she did, she can manage the change elsewhere. It’s not that serious

No. 217358

Sharla has said 3 years

No. 217359

Nothing is confirmed about Sharla moving to the UK. Why the hell are you sperging about it?

No. 217360

You’re clearly an incel who has never been in a relationship because the idea that Joey taking a picture with a peach milky equates to them all of the sudden to having sex is so immature. Do grow up!

No. 217363

Exactly, I don’t think even sharla knows where or when. She just knows she’s not going to say in Japan forever. The rest is just silly for us to debate!

No. 217364

But the ChrisxSharla shippers say the same thing because of just photos, no confirmation. You don't get to pick and choose tinfoil if theres proof, right? Convenient Aki isn't there and they look like they have chemistry.

No. 217366

They’re also both single, unlike Joey and Peachy. And chris and Sharla have chemistry,
and have been traveling together. Aki and Joey may be on the outs but who knows. She could’ve just not wanted to go for other reasons.

No. 217368

I would honestly take her to the thot page since her gimmik is cosplay modeling and not so much vlogging like everyone else ITT >>>/w/174607

Does she even have milk though besides she shops?

No. 217372

I knew you were going to equate the two because you are dim and stupid. No one, literally no one here that believes that Sharla and chris are a couple has based it on a mere picture or a video of them together. But I am not going to do this silly back and forth with you, believe whatever you want.

No. 217375

Agreed. Chris and Sharla’s chemistry has been evident since the first Journey Across Japan. In the produced videos and in lives including the ones on his patreon, they are so clearly into each other. She stayed on the entire trip not just the episodes that she appeared in, and they have taken so many road trips together including with Chiaki and her husband as well as Chris’s long time friend Dave, not just with other Vloggers. It’s not just a few photos, it’s many hours of on screen interaction. Not to mention Lily the ex and Chris visited Sharla in Korea and she vlogged it but after the split she unfollowed Sharla and deleted all her YouTube videos.

No. 217376

This, kids, was the day Timmy learned about the communicative power of tautologies.

No. 217386

How am I an incel? I said I don’t think they are sleeping with one another. Are you cable of reading, I’m esl and still choose to read peoples full posts. I just think it’s funny you think it’s impossible to have sex with your best friends bf. It happens all the time in the real world. You keep calling people incel for really no reason. Maybe don’t jump down peoples throat to start an argument before even hearing or comprehending what they have to say. You seem a little slow. I DONT THINK THEY ARE HAVING SEX.

No. 217387

You completely are making stuff up, literally said they arnt having sex. Only one anon thought they might be dating, and the didn’t know who peachy even was it seems like. The other anons just tinfoil Joey and Aki are having a rough patch with there behavior they are showing on the internet. Your argument doesn’t make sense. ChisXSharla was never about 1 photo, I don’t think anyone thought they were dating from that photo.

No. 217388

I dont think so, just seems like a normal girl who photoshops. Not a big deal.

No. 217419


“Many people”. No. Stop living on pornhub.

No. 217446

File: 1654349323722.jpg (281.52 KB, 1080x660, Screenshot_20220604-144803_Ins…)

Sharla's Patreon Stream:

-90% talk about British Food

- No mention of meeting or travelling with Chris even though this picture was taken in Herne Bay, 15 minutes from Whitstable

- Vlogged in London with Chiaki

- Wants to come back to England in winter

No. 217450

They were also spotted together by people on Twitter in different parts of Kent. she didn’t mention any of those places? Or the wedding she’s going to?

No. 217451

I’m calling it now: a trip to England around Christmastime to visit “friends”

Chris also conveniently travels to England at the same time

No. 217453

Yes she is over Japan and so ready to leave lol

No. 217455

It seems like the only thing keeping here there is Chris

No. 217456

Also one thing to add to your list, a slip she may not be aware that she made .
She spoke about how the shower head in the place didn’t work properly.
Chris mentioned to Pete in the podcast that the shower head in his Airbnb was broken.

No. 217457

Also eating fish. I suspect that she stopped being a vegetarian long time ago. But she still pretends publicly

No. 217458

And no mention >>217457
She mentioned that she is not on a strict diet while there.

No. 217459

He has a family home there. Why would he be in an air bnb when anons made it clear before that he hates air bnbs.

No. 217460


Chris said on the Cdawgva live he was coming back at christmas (or planning to)

No. 217462

He hates it, but stays in them all of the time both in and out of japan. He literally said in his podcast that he is staying in an Airbnb. Also in his Patreon livestream he said that his parents didn’t keep his bedroom. I suspect that he didn’t want to stay in his childhood home for 6 weeks with his girlfriend and wanted his own space to come and go as he pleases.

No. 217465

Oh winter…. like Chris used to do before pandemic.

No. 217469

Another line to the tiger I wonder if deniers are still alive.
I bet they will say they are staying together to save money kek
Was the background the same as her public video?
I'm suspecting they are now living in London due the amount of things that Chris has to do plus the tourism.

No. 217470

Was the livestream free or are you subbed then?

No. 217471

The background is diff. It looks like she was in the kitchen. She refers to chiaki visiting her and being upstairs. So it may be the same place but diff room

No. 217472

It’s a Patreon live stream

No. 217473

Yes. Thats why I'm asking if you are subbed or not because paywall unless his Patreon livestreams are free. Asking how you know.

No. 217474

What? Don’t you know how patron works?

No. 217475

You know Patreons usually aren't free, right? You're telling me there's no saved video of the stream? Anons keep going on about live streams and podcasts, but don't link to anything and want the thread to take what they say in those videos at face value when posting. If an image can't be produced, at least link these videos. There's no much up in the air, but conveniently everything is untraceable because of 'streams'. It's not asking the impossible. Just no point in taking all these unproduced takes as fact without seeing something from the cows themselves.

No. 217476

Sharla not even mentioning her attendance to the podcast show kek

No. 217478

The house may not be big enough for him. Most parents downsize when their kids leave the nest.

No. 217479

Yes, but many people are his and her Patreon member and can easily validate what is said. But honestly,I don’t know what you want. Just sharing a little bit of what is being told on their Patreons stream, because some people are curious. Clearly we can’t link videos because it’s behind a paywall. you can take it or leave it. It’s a moot point to argue, you’re not seeing it, so you’re choosing not to believe, and that’s fair enough. Anyyway both of them, especially chris are very careful, and don’t give much away. For example chris deliberately held his live stream on May 15, before he left for the UK, when he usually holds it the last Saturday of each month. I suspect he did so, because he did not want people to recognize that he and Sharla where at the same place. Sharla is very loose with her dates and held Mays livestream in June and was very very careful to not even mention chris name, I mean she spoke about Connor more lol. just giving you a little bit of tipbits of what we heard, like I said take it or leave it.(post caps or gtfo)

No. 217488

Were you there when this slip up happened? >>166830
Shame that none of you patreon members bothered to take a screenshot, that would have been actual solid proof.

No. 217495

anyone here can see that they're together, why do we have to do the 'solid proof' debate again? i think it's fun that they haven't given solid proof, putting all the pieces together is a lot more entertaining. imagine if they just said 'yes, we're together'? yawn.

No. 217496

i'm sure sharla and chris are just platonic 30-something friends saving money staying in the same airbnb.

No. 217497

Post any of it. Seriously.

No. 217499

NTA but cough up a few bucks and sub to her patreon herself if you don't believe.

No. 217500

Joey has always been friends with tons of costhots and sex workers, It’s hardly news. I saw him hanging with some big names at an event in the US years ago and Aki was nowhere in sight, maybe not even in town. Whatever this is probably isn’t any different than they’re usual arrangement. Either Aki is very trusting or they are open. Having an actual model for your merch is normal.

Re: Sharla and Chris, I used to believe it was bullshit and I still dont see the “chemistry” but the travel is enough evidence for me to buy it. You don’t just secretly travel and stay with your platonic friend. They must be really fearful of the relationship messing up their brands, which I get. They’ll be expected to make videos together. Should they ever break up the fans will split and Harass them for years.

No. 217512

With all this is happening i wonder if Chris gave up on his dream to do a short movie.
Feeling he's losing steam dunno if it's due his private life or just health but last streams he looks wasted or forcing himself too much.
His last video was really just an ad for that hotel and one badly done even,the views were not as usual too.

No. 217522

Dude’s been at the top of his game for a long time. He’s been upfront that not going back home for 2 years took its toll. Trashing his ear probably didn’t help.

No. 217527

He's been kinda dull like the only new thing he created was wacky weekend but yeah he mentioned being stressed due being trapped in JP…
I guess I'll wait his content post travel to judge properly.

No. 217536

Tkyosam and Tokyo Lens are the ones to watch.

No. 217545

He's been talking about that short film for years. It'll never happen. He's just one of those guys who comes up with big ideas and never fulfills them unless he's externally motivated in some major way and then it will flop as soon as the external motivation goes away. He doesn't even have an idea for a story and every thing he points out on the podcast as an idea for the short film sounds like saccharine, student film level shite.

No. 217598

File: 1654407034158.jpeg (747.75 KB, 1125x1102, 0E91DD80-0CF6-4EFB-8988-DF9E97…)

Out of curiosity I went to check on the old jvlogger crew and pdr/mimei have a kid now. Good for them!

No. 217627

Sharla was openly married on her channel before, learned her lesson when she got divorced that its not good to have your relationship on your business page. If they are dating, its not much deeper than that. Can we just ban the brain damaged Nonnie spouting weird bullshit like >>217032 ?

No. 217629

Garnt wedding today according to his post.
I guess today is also the other wedding Chris and Sharla will attend (dunno if the same).
Don't try to moderate dumb anon.

No. 217630

Their wedding is on a Sunday? That’s pretty odd.

No. 217631


Eh not really, wedding venues are booked up years in advance and they do weddings all weekend. I've been to weddings on thursdays sundays and even a monday.

No. 217632

File: 1654433493892.jpg (154.75 KB, 1080x1046, IMG_20220605_075001.jpg)

Indeed.It did surprise me too.

No. 217637

I've been to a Wednesday wedding. Not everyone has the luxury of a weekend event due to jobs and much easier to man a weekday usually. Tends to be a little cheaper too.

No. 217648

Sharla likes every tweet about the wedding … isn’t that behaviour a little weird if you’re not going to the wedding and don’t really know the bride or groom?

No. 217649

No1currs at this point and post caps or just shut up about it until the wedding or something.

No. 217650

She is probably going to the wedding. We will have to wait for pictures to be sure though. Maybe she took Aki’s spot.

No. 217658

I swear, some of you guys have never had friends or been to a wedding. This is extremely normal behavior. You will get tons of Likes from people you have varying levels of a relationship with when you're getting married.

No. 217659

Lol how old are people on here? Have you guys ever been to a wedding or know a close friend who has gotten married? She took aki spot? She likes tweets therefore she is going? 1) It’s clear that there was never a spot for aki 2) is everyone liking the tweets going to the wedding?

No. 217660

Anons won't post caps so who knows?

No. 217683

The fucking oreimo wedding icons lmao

No. 217686

They're so cringey, but they're definitely a good match. May time never sever the bonds between this coomer and his NLOG.

No. 217796

Anyway like I was saying sharla did not go to the Garnt wedding, because she went to Chris’s family‘s wedding As his date!

No. 217798

This is a imageboard

No. 217800

The pictures of Garnt and Sydney wedding are really wholesome (flooding twitter).
Not gonna lie Chris not attending makes him look like a crap friend,the TT gang will definitely bully him without rest.

No. 217805

I guess not many of you are married or are at an age where friends have gotten married. Depending on culture it’s quite normal to not invite everyone you know, especially if it is a newer friend. How much money you have to spend, how intimate you want the thing to be, etc etc are all things to take into consideration.

One thing that is true for all cultures I know of, is that you usually bring your SO - unless you live in a culture, where you don’t have official SO’s before marriage. Not inviting your SO can be alright if it’s for monetary reasons (“we can’t afford to invite everyone we know, if we have to invite SO’s, so we opted for just inviting our close friends”), but it can still be quite dramatic.

IMO, the fact that Ali isn’t there is not a good sign for Joey and Aki. But the fact that Chris and Garnt don’t necessarily know each other that well, or that there might be a more important wedding for Chris doesn’t mean they aren’t friends.

No. 217808

Yeah they gonna use that to mock Chris,fully deserved but it will be just in the healthy British bashing.
Hopefully at least he send a gift.

No. 217810

File: 1654527147893.jpg (295.91 KB, 2048x1152, 20220606_094852.jpg)

Chris is way younger than Pete but looks older somehow,his shit as hell habits are definitely catching up with him.Perhaps he doesn't realize that he's no longer in his 20s.
Latest picture from his Twitter.

No. 217812

Yeah but it’s weird she traveled to where the wedding is taking place without going

No. 217814

Chris' sister got married last week, though not the same day as Grant I don't think.
Sharla was 100% his plus one(this is an imageboard. post receipts)

No. 217816

How do you know Chris’s sister got married anon? you should really post caps. If there is any photos of Sharla at this wedding with Chris that will be a pretty clear indicator they’re dating.

No. 217818

Because she wasn't going. It was anons fangirling over their dating obsession and making assumptions

No. 217819

The wedding seems like an extended invite list the same way people invite coworkers sometimes.

No. 217823

Here's how(3.2 Do not share names, pictures, or social media of people unrelated to the drama being discussed, for example family members, friends, or coworkers.)

No. 217826

Interesting. Please share if they post any pictures with Sharla, because while I believe it photos will be pretty indisputable. Then the only question will be why they hid it?

No. 217829


Will do. Honestly I think they know everyone knows and don't care - why should they? They're under no obligation to share anything about their lives that they don't want to.

No. 217832

File: 1654530412424.jpeg (462.36 KB, 960x967, A439AA57-C1E0-4BE4-BE7C-A02435…)

It says a LOT that editor Mudan was at the wedding but not Aki.

No. 217833

True no obligation although if things get obvious (with pics) it will be quite clownish to still hiding it.
So far they are ok.
I see then how odd Chris didn't attend to Garnt wedding.
I guess he had another wedding besides the one of his sister.
Sharla saying a friend of hers was getting married was true probably so Chris went with her instead.

No. 217834

Even the Vtuber Mori calliope (DEMONDICE) went too.
I'm buying the idea that Aki is not friends of Sydney tbh.

No. 217835

Definitely not obligated by any means, I don’t watch either of them for romance or anything. And neither of them claim to be single, but in Sharla’s case she does such day-in-the-life content that it seems difficult to hide her relationship. If it were me, I wouldn’t bother hiding it because it isn’t a big deal. But she does and that is her choice. Just wonder if theyll always hide it.

No. 217836

Crappy food,drinking a lot,overweight,stress,no exercise,etc.
Oddly enough this downhill trend got more intense since he supposedly started to date Sharla(aprox 3 years ago).
The old gf probably asked him to watch himself kek

No. 217839

Chris sister got married? Did Sharla go?

No. 217840

Didn't Garnt say that it will be a very small wedding and only very close friends will be invited lol

No. 217842

From the looks of it, it was a decent size wedding. The only thing I know is that Garnt said Chris could not come, because Chris had another wedding. So it’s clear that chris was invited but couldn’t go.

No. 217843

Yes!!! The friend wedding Sharla was referring to was chris’ sister

No. 217844

Was not same day as Chris sister wedding so nope.
Another person wedding.

No. 217845

Mori is a close friend? I guess she having something with Connor might be true.

No. 217847

While I don't discount the possibility Sharla has a friend in England other than Chris's sister who got married, I think you should provide some caps like the other anon did with regard to Chris's sister getting married. Any proof that Sharla attended this other wedding?

No. 217848

That's my conclusion because Garnt said Chris had a wedding for the same day so if his sister was before then there's an extra wedding.
Sharla joining him is quite likely but this point is a guess obviously.

No. 217849

How do you know? I haven’t seen her say that anywhere.

No. 217850

I don’t see any Sharla photos at the TT wedding I guess she didn’t go after all

No. 217851

File: 1654534580269.png (4.77 MB, 960x2079, B02480BA-E4FB-4C8B-8E1E-4E20CC…)

Aki seems to be insinuating she was too ill to attend the wedding, yet she went to that fireworks show and to Osaka.

No. 217864


No. 217865

Anon, stfu. Don't act like you knew this as if you're some insider. There's no photos or anything anywhere. Either post caps or calm the fuck down with your autistic sperging.

No. 217875

File: 1654540032674.jpeg (514.85 KB, 1904x2048, B3204A0E-5388-4CF6-B6F0-7E7BB1…)

Even Karen showed up to the wedding. I think this just confirms Aki doesn’t jive with everyone. She sort of mentions it in her older videos that she feels all alone and has no “real friends”, but it was played off as a meta skit.

No. 217884

She is good friends with Sharla.

No. 217885

Seems like after Joey left Tokyo Creative he gained a lot of friends and expanded his career but Aki got stuck even friend wise.
I didn't know her channel had 3 million subscribers due the views she gets I was thinking she had 1 million or something.

No. 217888

Aki had the most subs before Trash Taste if i remember correct.

No. 217898

Her channel is dying

No. 217900

Lol you are back I see. Do you get paid to argue with all your little might and to tell people to SFU? You say it a lot. Are you okay? The only person that needs to calm down is you. Sending you some hugs, with my thoughts and prayers!

No. 217901

Why does she always look like she needs a serious shower and to wash her hair? She is so greasy !

No. 217902

Alcoholics tend to sweat

No. 217910

She’s a close friend of Sydney’s at least, they have a video together on Sydney’s channel too.

No. 217922

Heck more than abroadinjapan and cdawgva too.
Seems so,the current views are a shadow of previous years truly on the way to become less and less relevant.
Even Joey presence doesn't help much.

No. 217924

How do you know that’s his mum? Has he said his sister is named Emma?

No. 217925

If you lurk enough you will find Chris in her facebook.

No. 217926

and other family members. His sister still follows Lily.

No. 217927

I looked it up on fb and your right. his sister openly posts about him on her fb page.

I can’t believe Sharla wore a black suit to her SIL wedding LOL

No. 217928

Well maybe S doesn't care about his looks much so he has no issues in going all out with his bad habits. Definitely on the way to lose a lot of his charm if not careful.
My headcannon is that she doesn't want to lose another partner so she lets Chris mess up his body in order to make him unattractive to other girls.(headcanon bs)

No. 217938

File: 1654551259230.jpeg (738.6 KB, 1276x676, 2F41B05D-E778-4F04-886E-8160D1…)

His sister looks like Sharla!

No. 217939

People really think Chris is unattractive cause he's a little chubby? lol pls

No. 217941

that's his sister??? she has a yt channel? oh wow, she does look like she could be Sharla's sister lmfao. maybe it's just the angle though.

No. 217945

Yah he's a hottie

No. 217950

File: 1654554674154.jpg (240.14 KB, 1080x1723, IMG_20220606_172744.jpg)

Anon he was little chubby back 2019 or early 2020 he was even better that the average Englishman I'd say.
Right now he's way beyond that.
There's one thing you gotta learn about Chris he knows camera angles pretty well if he's controlling it it's unlikely for you to see the real deal ,this is a photo from Tokidoki video(april).
Dark clothes are no longer helping.

No. 217951

>spend all your time obsessively sperging tinfoil
>flatly refuse to provide any proof of anything
"obviously everyone else is the problem!"

No. 217952

I can't stand Dogen. He reeks of insecurity

No. 217953

Definitely a similar face structure as Sharla…..odd.

No. 217954

I get you but I still would.

No. 217955

They have the same chubby cheeks/wide jaw. Nose looks similar too and the hair. The eyes look a little different I suppose. Other than that they look very alike. Trippy. She does not look like Chris at all.

No. 217957

He is sitting on a chair the same colour as his hoodie, it's making him look bigger than he is.

No. 217960

Alright e.e
I wonder if he realizes the facial similarities it's hard to ignore them.
Yeah not much alike I guess she's more similar to the father,there's as video of him with young Chris in YouTube (killer robots competition).
Chris is really similar to his mother.

No. 217965

Cmon you guys, we got to be scraping bottom barrel if “sharla/Chris is real” because his wants to shag his sister.

No. 217966

File: 1654556169901.jpg (221.08 KB, 900x1080, IMG_20220606_175456.jpg)

Huh you think he's sitting straight? I realize the position anon.
I paying more attention to his tummy,cheeks,and manboobs which are way more notable than before.
Here June 3 Connor livestream…ad I said the dark clothes no longer help.

No. 217968

Wtf we are noting the similar face structure anon.
Don't tell me you don't see that?
If you are jumping something easy to realize to what you just said then get help for real.

No. 217970

Are you a weeb or something? what is wrong with you?
How does your mind go to such ideas?

No. 217972

I really do like Chris, but why does he wearhis tshirts so tight anyway? Nobody would know that he got as chubby as he is if he just wore bigger tshirts. It’s like, skin tight. Wear a size up for god’s sakes, maybe 2.

No. 217973

The cameras inside the plane are stationary, but it still doesn't seem like a good idea for someone like Norm, who's obsessed with presenting a certain image on his channel and isn't just recording for studying purposes, to have cameras rolling while he's learning how to fly. I wonder what his teachers think of him.

No. 217975

He has mentioned having a hard time finding clothing in Japan. Now in UK maybe he can find some.

No. 217976

Pete looks way older here. Chris looks older when he has his goatee. Here he looks more or less his age.

No. 217977

Call the OED editorial staff, stat! The definition of 100% has been changed, it seems

No. 217978

Same thought here I really doubt he's unaware of how unflattering is using such style of clothing.
I think he trusts his camera work which to be fair hides it pretty well.
I think he really likes tight tshirts,plenty of old videos show such even before covid.
In his podcast he mentioned buying new shoes only,his size 10.5(UK) was hard to find in Japan.

No. 217979

IDK, if his sister just got married and Garnt accidentally let slip Chris is here for a wedding (which Chris himself has not said a word about) and Sharla is here for a "friend" wedding but won't say which friend then it is pretty likely they went to his sister's wedding together.

No. 217981

On par I would say,Chris eyes are the reason I feel.
I think facial hair helps actually.

No. 217982

Your headcanon is dumb

No. 217984

You must lead a fucking sheltered life if you think that your bf/gf being attractive to other people is a major problem for most relationships. you need to go out more

No. 217985

people are dumb. especially the 15 year olds or orthorexics anonymous posting this crap here

No. 217988

I wonder if Chris will propose to Sharla now that she has probably met his parents and family?

No. 217989

Sharla defenders out sudden appeared kek

No. 217990

Who is defending Sharla? Over what?

No. 217992

I think anon has such idea due Sharla divorce maybe he thinks Sharla will be unable to find someone else in the case Chris leaves her.
He's someone not into marriage from what I've seen but who knows maybe the recent weddings changed his view.
If anything it wouldn't happen so soon after his sister tbh.

No. 217995

WTF, why wouldn't Sharla be able to find someone if Chris "leaves" her? She's attractive, seems nice and got social skills.

No. 217997

This thread is getting more creepy by the day. From harmless gossip to edging towards full blown internet stalkers. Not comfortable with this.

No. 218000

It's a headcannon baby you don't have to like it.
Yes out of sudden a bunch answered to my comment.
Well a bit of that,Chris is still young and not gonna lie fairly attractive,JAJ1 did show it.
Let's be honest in Japan the potential partners are limited you either met a gaijin from the group that most know or JP chicks are the option and he already experimented with the later.
If he gets into a better shape,JP opens to tourists and he travels as before then I don't see why would she not worry after all didn't he abruptly ended a 3 year long relationship with his previous gf so nonchalantly.

No. 218003

Literally no one said, but interestingly thats where your mind wen, so who’s the sick one?

No. 218004

He never seemed that into his ex, but obvi the stuff they post on social media don't tell the whole story and he is a private person so who knows. Maybe he was very into her. But that could be why the relationship seemingly was ended "nonchalantly"

Also with Sharla he puts up with her cat despite being allergic LOL if that isn't love then what is. They also seem like a very good match.

When Chris is at his hottest (though I always think he is quite attractive) they are on the same level of attractiveness IMO.

What does tourists have to do with it? Chris only seems to date people who have lived in Japan for a long time.

No. 218007

Oh so you guys bring up his sister for no reason and go “wow she looks like sharla” when the last 3 threads have been you schizos trying to prove that they’re dating? Fuck off. It’s creepy regardless with or without context

No. 218008

His ex Lilly moved to Japan to be with Chris, so I don’t know about that he only dates people it’s been in Japan for a long time part.

No. 218009

Am I the only one who finds Sharla's house renovation vlogs quite boring? I think she is just using them as filler while she's in England though.

No. 218010

did she? fuck, that must have sucked getting dumped then. I'm shocked she actually stayed in japan.

No. 218013

Pretty sure Lilly was a fan of his or something before they dated?

No. 218014

The way she got heavily purged from Chris friends circle tells that it was a rough ending otherwise why try to erase her if good terms.
I say tourists and Japan returning to his before covid stage due the higher chance of partners ,right now is limited to be honest.
The more cards the more temptation as always.
Is not only dating anon simply hook ups would not surprise me with how he good he is with secrecy.
I say good shape Chris is more attractive than her honestly,I can mock him right now but journey accros Japan 1 Chris was a delight.

No. 218015

Yes she was all over his comment section, while living in Europe on most of his videos. She tried to be super witty, and sarcastic. But some started to notice she was a super fan, and called her out, saying she was trying to be Chris girlfriend, she denied it, but the rest is history lol.

No. 218017

You can go back two threads and get a general picture of the odd situation with the past gf.
She got purged from Chris circle of friends overnight and yes she and Sharla used to follow each other in twitter too.
A normal ending of a relationship would not provoke such behavior,why try to erase her presence.
It was guilt from him definitely.

No. 218019


How to tell an anon hasn't ever had a relationship (let alone one end in a shitty way).

This is pretty normal anon, especially when a friend group has taken a side.

No. 218020

Huh? If it's true that the start of his new relationship(with S) was like that then I agree with being wary.
This is cliche but i do follow the idea that "a bad beginning makes a bad ending".

No. 218022

They were her friend too anon.
Heck Chris and Lily traveled to visit Sharla in Korea even.
A good ending in a relationship doesn't provoke such things anon, the way you answer tells me you are yet to have a healthy one.

No. 218023

So let me get this straight because I'm not sure I follow: you think Sharla is fine with Chris getting fat because once tourists are allowed in Japan she's afraid Chris will leave her for a tourist?? lmfao.

No. 218025

well shit, girl knew what she wanted and she went and got it! good for her. if i were a famous youtuber i would feel weird getting together with a fan though.

No. 218026

Jeez anon it seems you can't read the general picture.
The headcannon of that person is simple in order for reduce the chances of him dumping her she's ok with him fucking his body.
It's dumb honestly.
The tourism,travelling him getting into shape was said by someone else.

No. 218027

She recently tweeted in response to a silly statement a commenter made under her tweet about Chris . Something like I don’t want my ex name on my Twitter timeline. She has made a couple cryptic tweets about him, here and there. she’s super salty & has not moved on. 3 years after the breakup, she has yet to have another relationship.

No. 218028

Wouldn't be surprised if she's one of these creepy anons. I mean she did obsessively comment on his vids prior to dating him lol

No. 218029

Old nonnies here know how losing weight and Chris unable to keep his word are the every year failed promise.
He just went overboard this time.
That's his shoe size?odd it was never revealed before.
I'm just surprised don't think weird.

No. 218030

Yes, she got a free apartment and travel throughout Japan for free, so good for her. Yes the power dynamic of a YouTuber/ famous person dating a fan can lead to a disaster. I will say this he really was not a big YouTuber when they first got together, but still it’s very dangerous.

No. 218031

I don’t think it’s weird we didn’t know his shoes size before lol. How often does a thing like that come up in conversation?

No. 218033

i m a g e b o a r d

No. 218035

Anon I already replied to you about this >>215375 >>215404

No. 218036

He likes tight Tshirts,he has money he could simply order a bigger size and problem solved yet he doesn't do it.
It could be also that the brand he likes doesn't make bigger sizes e.e

No. 218038


Can you post her channel? I'm curious about the content she makes(sage)

No. 218039

File: 1654569155209.jpeg (322.96 KB, 2048x2048, F1CF2D99-ADEA-4E8C-A5CF-E398C9…)

No. 218041

Lily was in the comments of almost every Instagram post he made until she finally took a trip to Japan and they met. The Aokigahara forest date was with her. Then she moved to Japan to live with him. I wonder just how dependent on him she was, if she had a job. It would be even harder to be broken up with suddenly in that case. Especially if he was already with Sharla. That was not long after their Korea trip where they met up with Sharla and her (now ex) husband. Then Journey happens, he spends all those weeks with Sharla and breaks up with Lily a month or so later.

No. 218045

He cheated I bet.

No. 218046

Chris is hot and wearing those tight tshirts over that belly makes him even hotter. Mm.

No. 218049

It will explain the purge towards her and how she reacts at him being mentioned.
And this >>218035 which seems believable.
Looks like it's the case such crappy guy honestly,that would explain how he mentions in her stories or examples his past gfs but never Lily.
He mentions the JP ones and the one he had before going to Japan.It wouldn't surprise he feels guilty.

No. 218052

That's why it makes no sense they'd be hiding. They would've been seen way more than just an anon camping outside their building one night at 11pm and seeing them hold hands once. Kek

No. 218053

Calm down with the bad tinfoil. Is it hard to believe she maybe didn't feel like dressing up and going? She might be the designated pet watcher too? Or she just didn't want to go.

No. 218059

Maybe she was feeling unwell around the time that they were leaving and didn’t want to risk being out of Japan if there was a chance that she had covid.

No. 218061

My god J-vlog content so far this year has been so fucking dry. Zero good milk & no standout content at all. The only real milk I’ve seen this year is probably Aki not attending garnts wedding. Hopefully shit picks up the latter half of the year so we can stop bickering over the fucking chris/sharla shit.

No. 218062

To be honest JP has been closed 2+ years.
Who's gonna see them? Other gaijins? Most live in Tokyo and the ones who go to Sendai probably know about their relationship already and JP people don't care.
Pandemic played on their favor that to hide their shit no doubts.
Almost 15 days in the UK and they have been spotted together more than once already,that's way more than anything we had in the last year I think kek.
Once JP fully opens they'll have a bit more difficult.

No. 218063

Anon, give it up. You don't need to keep pressing they are dating every single time you post. You're saying the whole of Japan wouldn't care about them dating, not a single person in Japan? Really? The whole country keeping it a secret because of Covid. Do you hear how insane that sounds? You sound so stupid every time you try to connect these dots that don't make any sense.

No. 218064

Pray tell what pet do they have?

No. 218065

Im talking about her friends, anon.

No. 218066

All of these maybes don’t make any sense! In the best case scenario if she for example got sick and couldn’t go, she would have perhaps congratulated them, tweeted her regrets about not being able to attend. She would have at least acknowledge the wedding on her socials and their socials on Joey’s socials or on anyone’s Social‘s that posted pics, videos etc. But the fact is She has not liked, retweeted or commented on anything to do with this wedding, leading up to it, during it or afterwards. Come on guys it’s obvious!

No. 218067

Why can't she do that personally through a text? Why does it have to be some big show online? You sound insane.

No. 218068

Just my way of an FYI AKi would not be pet sitting anyone’s pet, because dad he is very allergic to them. But more importantly why in Gods name would she stay behind to watch Someone else’s pets and miss the wedding of 2 of your old friends and the wedding of one of your partners best friend?

No. 218069

No. 218070

So who else Is team "it's none of our business/who fucking cares"? Jesus Christ dude this topic has been strung out for so fucking long by both sides.

No. 218071

Yes I’m insane. When all a good portion of your friends are posting pictures about a Wedding they attended, one that your boyfriend flew 12 hours to attend. the wedding of 2 people you have worked with and know for over 5 years, and one of your boyfriends bestfriends wedding. When your job involves social media, a simple like of a very public wedding of a public mutual friend in your line of work and in close friend group is a reasonable thing to Expect.

No. 218072

Can the Chris/Sharla shit get a containment thread so the winning side can all go circle jerk themselves if they ever get their answer?

No. 218074

There's no concrete milk either. It's all a bunch of maybe and circumstances. Anons aren't wrong when they have called out Sam before for posting here. We already he craves the attention and anons like >>218062 really have the energy he gives off, not to mention the lack of reddit spacing, but still reddit format. He also has a GAB which means he's a Qanon supporter most likely which means he loves conspiracies like Chris and Sharla dating, as anyone can see from the gross post he made about them without, again, proof. This Chris and Sharla thing needs to stop. Unless they come out about it, I'm just going to do what the OP says and report anyone who keeps derailing about them dating. This has destroyed this thread completely.

No. 218075

Because she probably didn't want to go and like she said, she's sick? If she's saying she is sick/ill, why do you need to question it? Why does there have to be some other conspiracy? Get ahold of yourself.

No. 218082

Aren’t you the one making conspiracy theories saying that she probably didn’t want to go because she was sick.? isnt that what this thread is about to discuss jvloggers and things that we observe? It is odd that she didn’t attend a wedding! the reasons we don’t know, and we’re discussing it. why do you feel the need to insert the “it’s nothing so let’s not talk about it.” If people want to talk about the subject, they’ll talk about it! So you relax! you calm down! Honestly you are in so annoying! you come in here to tell people I don’t like this topic let’s not talk about it. What are you contributing? what milk are you bringing? nothing but complaints! why do you get to determine what should or should not be discussed? Why do you get to determine what’s interesting or not interesting? Why do you get to say that it’s nothing so let’s move on?

No. 218083

Anon, come on. I'm not even going to read that past the first few words because she says here she has body aches and stuff. Just because she isn't saying 'sick' explicitly, doesn't mean she isn't unwell.

No. 218084

Hey fuck on off outta here toadstool you're boring and stale and your posts read like you stink of cheese. Go log off and take a bath.

No. 218085

Whatever I don’t know what’s wrong with her, I’m not saying she’s not sick, I’m not saying anything about her illness. I wasn’t talking about her illness. I was talking about her not attending a supposedly good friends or old friends wedding and her media black out of that said wedding. I was talking about her not associating with that old friend since that friend moved to Japan, and that there seem to be more to the story. that’s what we’re discussing. There seem to have been a crack, a separation of friendship that happened between Sydney’s and Aki’s, long before the wedding. Is it earth shattering news? No are they allowed not to get along? yes it’s just a topic of interest because the wedding just happened so people are discussing it!

No. 218087

Only you are toadstool, everyone else thinks it's boring now make like a tree and fuck off.

No. 218088

Did you really log on here to type that lame line as an attempt to be witty? It didn’t work.

No. 218089

No. Get a new line, Fuck off is not working

No. 218090

Go home. Nobody wants you here. The Meta thread is fucking all bitching about you, can't you see when you're being annoying?(infighting retard #1)

No. 218091

No! Everyone is complaining about you! You use the same insult, nothing original or good it doesn’t work! How about you go home!(infighting retard #2)

No. 218114

for people who want to discuss the trashtaste crew, it'll be easier here

No. 218120

Surely a passing fan would have snapped a pic of them together in London by now?

No. 218121

Don’t think they’ve spent much time together in London. First they went all over Kent and were spotted, then at the podcast event and were spotted, then I think someone saw them near the Sherlock Holmes museum, then he was with Connor and she was with Chiaki in London.

No. 218123

Why do they need their own thread?

No. 218130

Caitlin (her.atlas) is pregnant/has already given birth! She hid her entire pregnancy it seems like.

Is Sharla the only "older" j-vlogger who isn't a mother?

No. 218140

Parents fucked up when naming Garnt
>Many people have sex with there best friends boyfriend

Maybe the degenerates you know, anon
She really looks just like her. It's not uncommon for guys to like girls who look like a female version of them, it's kinda cute imo but funny how similar they look here.

No. 218144

She’s almost 32 years old, this is very immature behaviour. She needs to move on.

Plenty of people get dumped, it’s a part of life.

No. 218183

I think she's not into that.

No. 218190

Maybe not but it has to be a little weird to see all of your Japan friends become moms while you’re left behind. The only other jvloggers Sharla hangs out with now are like 10 years younger than she is. What’s she gonna do when they become moms as well? Just film cat and pokemon videos for eternity?

No. 218193

Your tinfoil sucks. Not every woman wants fucking kids. A good chunk don't with the state of the economy across the globe.

No. 218197

your personal obsession is showing. Why would it be weird?
And how is it weirder than seeing your non-Japan friends become mothers?

Is she the first woman to decide against kids you've ever come across?

>What’s she gonna do when they become moms as well? Just film cat and pokemon videos for eternity?

you are pathetic. She's gonna live her life like before. It's not like stuff stops being fun when you turn 40 and are childless. The horror!
She can be a fun aunt, if she wants to be around kids. Or not if she doesn't. How does anything have to change.
I sincerely hope you're like 15 and life is just a big, big mystery to you.

No. 218198

But literally all her Japan friends have kids and I’m just saying, she did want them at one point. I know Chris has said he doesn’t want them though so maybe that’s what changed her mind.

No. 218200

god, obsess over something valid, sperg.
She said her former partner wanted kids, so she didn't dismiss having them. She's never struck me as particularly motherly or home-makery.

No. 218204

Sharla doesn’t even want kids tho, she has said that many times.

No. 218205

I mean weird as in everything has changed, all her friends are going to be busy doing mom stuff. It can be a struggle to adjust and to find new friends.

No. 218207

>other women have kids so Sharla should handmaiden herself

Scrote, stfu

No. 218209

She made a Q&A video where she talked about wanting kids though. If she only wanted them because of her husband then they must have been a pretty bad match to be honest.

No. 218210

got, stfu, scrote

She said it's something she didn't discount but it was never a particularly great dream of hers.
you are either 13 or a total idiot.

No. 218211

Yeah, there is really nothing weird about Sharla not wanting children. Some women don’t want kids, she has hobbies and interests she can enjoy for the rest of her life. As you get older you generally have less friends anyway so it doesn’t matter if they “all” have kids. Plenty of people never have children and have happy, fulfilling lives. I don’t think its worth speculating on if she said she doesn’t want kids, she doesn’t.

No. 218212

Man do guilt trip women into changing their stance on kids sometimes. She clearly never really wants kids. Also brain gets dumb when you're in love, so she mightve wanted it because of her marriage, but realized its really not what she wants.

No. 218215

Some people can change their mind after their friends have kids is all I'm saying. Of course she doesn't have to have them if she doesn't want them.

No. 218216

and it totally depends on your partner and your life with them. maybe her ex was someone she could imagine kids with and now she doesn't. it's not black and white.

No. 218231

Really, it doesn't look like her best friend Ushka has kids? There's plenty of people who don't, get over it. She doesn't appear to care and it's really none of anyone's business.

No. 218234

>that would explain how he mentions in her stories or examples his past gfs but never Lily

Or because she is somewhat known to his fanbase and he doesn't want to start drama? lol

No. 218238

I have noticed Chris ex Lily often likes her own tweets

No. 218240

File: 1654621541753.jpeg (388.13 KB, 1055x1381, E8CACBDD-255C-438F-9AF6-D651CF…)

They have Been spotted. The picture was posted on here.

No. 218241

That’s my favorite thing about her lol

No. 218242

There's something weirdly cute about that.

No. 218246

LMAO if ever any evidence was needed that she’s lurking in here. There’s nothing cute about liking your own tweets. That’s just phenomenal desperation with a side dish of narcissism.

No. 218247

ushja has 2 teenage age boys.

No. 218248

I know right. The fact she unsaged her hasty second post moments later to try and look like a different account was a real giveaway. I never thought she’d actually been in here until now.

No. 218249

Chris' taste in women fascinate me. He's had 3 girlfriends in Japan as far as we know and they don't seem very similar to one another, not looks wise and not personality wise.

For example Lily seems to share a lot of her personal life online while Sharla is very tight-lipped.

No. 218252

File: 1654623088562.jpeg (784.47 KB, 1284x1790, FB54C634-40A1-440C-94A0-77C9B7…)

My other fav thing about her is how much she tried to set her stake in the jvlog world but lost footing After the breakup, so she tried to make friends with the twitch japan streamers

No. 218256

She seems a bit awkward to me. She still follows Chris on IG and still has her Chris Instagram stories saved under a heart.

No. 218257

ok i'm definitely a little surprised by her.atlas announcing she had a baby. i watch every video she posts and had NO idea she was ever pregnant. she hid it weirdly well… she was a month along last july, so she had her baby in february-march this year. there's a vlog from january where she's wearing a sweatsuit and it's not obvious AT ALL that she's pregnant, but I guess it was baggy enough to hide it? and then there's a vlog in april of her going to the gym and she's completely fit/thin with a flat stomach in leggings. she must not have gained almost ANY baby weight.

just goes to show how easy you can hide your private life with a little bit of effort and how easily viewers can be duped..

No. 218260

File: 1654623776468.jpeg (896.57 KB, 1284x2056, 37E1FED1-41ED-4088-B7C8-E5FFC5…)

Actually, what I find, more Intresting is that out of 10 years living in Japan he has had 3 serious relationships, 2 of wish were with foreigners. It’s rumored that after his 1 serious relationship with a Japanese girl, he realized that it was not his thing. Per lily his ex that’s one reason that Chris keeps his relationship with white girls a secret, because he is afraid he will get slack for not dating Japanese girls.

No. 218261

Its mind blowing isn’t it? I suspect her not living in a big city like Tokyo, helped with the hiding. Also she is tiny, and probably only gained belly weight, and quickly lost the baby weight! Good for her!!!!

No. 218262

I think he mentioned this on the podcast, that Japanese people are disappointed when he’s not with a Japanese girl. But Chris viewers are mostly in Europe and North America and he mostly hangs out with non-Japanese people and Ryotaro and Natsuki both seem to like Sharla so this doesn’t track.

No. 218263

Why didn’t he invite Lily on Journey Across Japan? It would have been a good way to introduce her to his viewers and they had been together for like two years at that point.

No. 218267

I don't think Chris likes tight shirts. He just rarely updates his wardrobe even though his clothes no longer fit. If you watch his videos, you'll see that he's been wearing the same unwashed, wrinkled shirts for years. No offense to Natsuki, but he should also go to a different hair salon and get someone else to cut his hair. Don't know what small circles the anon who claims he looks young or like your typical Brit his age, but he actually looks older than the average guy because of how unkempt and out of shape he is. He's 32, not in his 40s or 50s.
They're obviously referring to the natives in Japan. Chris and Sharla are practically unknowns among the Japanese population. Duncan and Mimei get more recognized because their audience is mostly Japanese.

No. 218269

He doesn't speak much Japanese, he's overweight and a youtuber, which eliminates most potential Japanese women he could date.

No. 218270

Well the wisdom of not putting her on JAJ is evident, because it was only a short month after JAJ ended, his relationship with Lily also ended. But the first thing that she listed in why he didn’t feature her on videos was PRIVACY. So that may have been the biggest factor

No. 218271

Yeah it's pretty obvious with the timing of the breakup and Lily unfollowing/ not interacting with Sharla at all afterwards, yet still interacting with the others that that's what happened. Also her still being bitter as fuck after more than 3 years.

No. 218280

Sydney and Mori are friends IRL

No. 218281

I don't think there was cheating involved, I think Chris and Sharla got together months after breaking up with her husband/his girlfriend.

That being said, there was definitely tons of chemistry between them, especially in livestreams they did together. Every video they did they got lots of comments about their chemistry. That must have been tough for Lily to watch, even if they didn't cheat.

No. 218295

>I don't think there was cheating involved
Why not? Everything about that situation points towards it. Why else would she be this salty kek >>215392 >>218039
Also I'm pretty sure that this anon was her >>180560

No. 218296

I love cunts that cling to allegations with no evidence. You must be a blast to hang around with.

No. 218298

It's called the baby fever phase that most women have.
We don't know if she already had it,once it passes it's unlikely to change your mind.
At 36 she's most likely with a proper idea about the matter.

No. 218301

That doesn't even make sense. You're being unhinged again.

No. 218304

She's salty because her boyfriend dumped her. Doesn't mean there's cheating involved, I have never seen her act salty towards Sharla.

Chris was also constantly sick and exhausted on Journey Across Japan, when would he have had the time to cheat? I don't buy it.

No. 218306

Yes the timing seems a bit suspicious. Perhaps, that he is one of those people that quickly move on to the next relationship. Either way we have no way of knowing for sure. But sadly Lilly has not moved on, it’s been 3 years since the break up and she has not had a relationship sense. Perhaps she’s waiting for him to take her back? If so that’s sad.

No. 218309

The cheating is a big option anon,don't think of Chris as another higher type of guy or something.
Sharla could have tease him until he dumped his gf.

No. 218310

JaJ1,the chemistry in camera and sudden end of a 3 year relationship…
Yet anons think cheating is unlikely kek
"Too tired to possibly cheat"

No. 218312

You can have chemistry and still have the willpower not to do anything. Neither Chris nor Sharla seem like cheaters.

Seriously, when would he have had the time to cheat? He rode his bike day in and day out and edited late into the night.

No. 218313

Sharla keeps posting Kent photos lmfao. She must love that place.

No. 218314

>>218310 I have a tinfoil theory, or a hunch really. That Chris had been in love with or at least had a huge crush on Sharla for years. But he knew he had no chance because she was married, and as soon as he found out that she was getting a divorce and she had potential feelings for him, he took the plunge and drop the French girl like a bad habit.

No. 218315

but I thought he said he didn’t like Sharla until he and lilly went to Korea though

No. 218317

This video is one of their first collabs about 6 years ago. She was already engaged to her ex. You can tell that he is either nervous around her, because she was a bigger YouTuber or a little crush. https://youtu.be/b9I-yB7udRg

No. 218318

Kek he's had feelings for her for a very long time. >>159121
Him saying that he didn't like her until visiting her in Korea was a lie.

No. 218320

How do you know it was a lie?

No. 218321

Yai, to me that comment he made about Sharla during the livestream, felt more like a boy who had a crush jabbing the girl, rather than expressinghis true feelings. Like deep down inside his dislikes of her “positive sunny personality” stemmed from his crush on her, IMO. This is another of their first interactions. It’s hard to read where his nervousness around her stemmed from, but to me it reads like a crush. https://youtu.be/SF9rKJvDjU0

No. 218322


This >>159121
It was obvious that he had a huge crush on her in their first collabs together. In his interactions with her online back then he came off as a whiteknight/simp.

No. 218323

This is kind of cute. Chris having a crush on Sharla for ages explains why he puts up with things like living with a cat even though he is very allergic. I still don't think they cheated on their partners though.

No. 218324

I doubt Lily would still follow Chris on instagram if he had cheated. Most likely it was a breakup filled with hurt feelings as most breakups are. There are no easy breakups.

No. 218330

Doesn't seem like…geez are back to the parasocial anons who think they know them above the rest?

No. 218333

Wasnt Sharla in JaJ1 already separated?

No. 218336

To be honest her Instagram account is irrelevant the last post was July 2021.
If she was active on it then I would agree,most likely she no longer uses Instagram.

No. 218337

Parasocial? LOL just because I don't think they seem like people who make rash decisions (i.e. cheat on their longtime partners while on a trip, thus risking their reputations and careers).

Why are YOU so sure they cheated? Were you with them on the trip?

No. 218338

By 2021 she had been broken up with Chris for 2 and a half years. You don't think it's a little odd to follow your ex after all that time?

No. 218341

I don't see anything cute on a life of eternal runny nose and tissues in your pockets frankly.
Back in a wacky weekend video a crappy hotel room almost triggered his asthma ,in the video we can see Chris eyes a bit red even.
Can't picture dealing with the cat allergy on dialy basis even if mild it's a everyday annoyance.
I say i respect his choice but finding it cute? Nope.

No. 218343

I accept the chance of that happening that's my point.
If both alone what risk there was?
It's not like recording team had Chris or Sharla in a leash pal.

No. 218344

It would be odd if she was active there,trust me I'll side with you if she had a fresh posts.
But it seems like a abandoned account.

No. 218345

I'm surprised of how highly they think of content creators.They have desires and can do crazy things as anyone the only difference is that they will try to be ridiculously private.

No. 218346

I meant his reply to that comment is cute. Him having a crush on her is cute. And that crush explains putting up with the cat allergies.

It's his choice, clearly he values Sharla over a non-stuffy nose. Plenty of people give up things in order to be with people they love.

No. 218347

But she was active up until 2021. After she and Chris had been broken up for 2 and a half years. And she still followed him. If he had cheated on her in 2018 then I don't think she would follow him in 2021.

No. 218348

It's a new place why would she not surprised.Chris must be happy she's enjoying Kent.

No. 218349

Maybe she was unaware of all the pieces?
And again we have her twitter behavior towards him.

No. 218353

I do enjoy the CxS drama but there's no new milk.
What is being discussed right now is just past threads stuff.

No. 218359

Man, the Chris/Sharla stuff is repetitive and boring now

Where’s all the Norm being a prick news?

No. 218369

Anons do it to bait discussions now.

No. 218456

File: 1654681947669.jpeg (207.65 KB, 1299x1080, tom-brady-gisele.jpeg)


people are subconsciously attracted to people who resemble themselves. Check out the insta @siblingsordating

No. 218476

She may not act salty towards Sharla but she unfollowed her right after being dumped and pretty much ignores her existence while she still contacted her friends like Rachel, Micaela, Victor and others in her desperation to be part of the jvlogger clique or popular gaijin clique.
In this twitter reply >>189833 you can tell she has disdain for both of them.
>When would he have had the time to cheat?
Literally any time they finished cycling and went to a hotel or Ryokan at the end of the day, like in this livestream vid where they are both in a hotel room together late at night >>208129 and at the end of the 'I got stuck on top of a mountain' vid. You can also cheat emotionally which is what happened at the very least.

No. 218480

If they cheated, why didn't Lily expose them? She had every right to and it would have certainly damaged Chris' image. Sharla's too. The fact that she has kept quiet makes me think they didn't cheat.

No. 218485

She probably doesn't have any proof so what would be the point in her attempting to expose them when it would just be her word against theirs? They also likely blacklisted her to get her out of the picture and cover themselves which is probably also why she gets ignored by their friends on twitter kek. They and their friends could easily shut her down and call her a liar and say that's she's just a bitter ex. She would likely just end up getting harassed by their fans.

No. 218486

Maybe he didn't cheat but I've known guys had their eye on a new woman while still with someone else…they generally don't feel remorse for dumping one and moving on a day later because 'well that's not cheating' but for the injured party it feels pretty close to being cheated on.

No. 218491

I don't think they cheated, but I have never seen Sharla so giggly and foul-mouthed as she was on Journey Across Japan … clearly Chris makes her happy. I also thought it was interesting how he said he disliked her before but liked her now because she "swears" lol.

No. 218492

> Kek he's had feelings for her for a very long time. >>159121

Does nobody here understand his humor? Like that's an admission of feelings

No. 218493


Or, you know, he wasn't happy in his old relationship, so he broke up. and Sharla was single too, so they started a relationship.
The tinfoil on some people…

No. 218494

Women do that too. Stop just demonizing men. In more liberal societies, cheating is about as prevalent in women as it is in men.

No. 218495

> interesting how he said he disliked her before but liked her now because she "swears" lol.

That was a joke?

But IF they are together than it'd be nice if he makes her happy

No. 218496

Yeah, this is fairly common. It's not cheating per se, so her charging forward with a bunch of angry tweets claiming he cheated wouldn't have been "true", necessarily.

and that's definitely not an admission of feelings or anything dramatic like that, but people (Chris is a human after all not just a joke making robot) generally don't joke about dating people that they may actually want to date. Like joking about dating Connor is way more obviously a gag as Chris is heterosexual. Joking about dating some woman is a joke that probably has a grain of truth for most heterosexual men.

No. 218497

Don't think so, he seemed serious when he said it. He said he didn't really know Sharla before he visited her in Korea and thought she was annoying, then he got to know her and liked her because she's "cool and fun an cynical and she swears"

No. 218507

She's the same when shooting with Natsuki

No. 218509


No. 218510


Gosh, I hope nobody ever reads into every single phrase I utter as much as anons here do.
Not everything is pregnant with a deep meaning.

Unless there is proof, this is all still speculation.
I wish them the best, whomever they are dating and I'd like some proof. Then people can go crazy interpreting every burp they made in each other's direction

No. 218515

Just being around each other isn't proof at all and now there's old flame cheating tinfoil which makes zero sense at all

No. 218517

I have never seen her look at Natsuki the way she looks at Chris. Just go back and watch JAJ. No cheating I don't think but chemistry. Lots of chemistry.

No. 218518

There is plenty of proof that they are dating and are living together … just look at these past threads. No proof of cheating though, which is why I am sure they did not cheat.

They most likely got together a few months after each break up. Then he moved into her apartment.

No. 218519

I also doubt they cheated, my guess is that Chris liked Sharla for a long time and took his opportunity when it presented itself (her getting a divorce) to date her. It's not cheating but it still would hurt his ex-gf to know that he had a crush on some girl while they were dating. It happens in relationships. Either way, I definitely think they are dating, the nonnies who demand 'proof' won't be satisfied until Chris and Sharla publicly announce they're dating, if they ever do. You can not believe it if you want, but the coincidences + their on-camera chemistry IMO add up. I think they're a nice couple.

No. 218538

That’s because you’re deluded into thinking she and Chris are an item. Sharla is totally the same with Natsuki! They are 2 different people, and Natsuki does not speak English.
Urrrgh you tinfoilers are so cringey I almost die of secondhand embarrassment reading your theories.

No. 218541

At this point it’s more embarrassing to not believe they’re together. The proof is overwhelming. Add to that their obvious chemistry that people always comment on in their videos.

I just don’t understand deniers? I don’t ship SxC but it’s so obvious they are together.

No. 218599

>She may not act salty towards Sharla but she unfollowed her right after being dumped
With that timing, there's not much reason for Lily to drop Sharla unless she knew Chris and Sharla were already dating or planning to together. Maybe Chris and Sharla didn't have a physical relationship while he was still with Lily, but they may have already started an emotional relationship and decided they would date before he finally broke up with Lily. It's not cheating per se, but kind of assholerly on Chris' part because he should've broken up with Lily much earlier. Visiting Sharla in Korea with Lily is kinda gross.
Adding onto that, Lily is unhinged and there might be some skeletons in her own closet that she doesn't want Chris to reveal. Or they have some kind of deal that requires her to keep quiet, so she makes passive-aggressive comments instead.
Not that they cheated, but Anons who think Sharla and Chris or other couples aren't capable of cheating in general are very naive and probably quite young. Many people who are otherwise perfectly nice, kind and upstanding cheat, even under the noses of their close friends. People who don't cheat just don't, not because they act a certain way in public or with non-romantic friends.

No. 218616

You and others really seem intent on gaslighting everyone into accepting your tinfoil as facts instead of seeing it for the groundless speculation it actually is. I know tkyoham is in this thread pushing it too, manufacturing fake drama in an effort to boost his failing channel so he can say "I TOLD YOU SO!" and give himself some sort of credibility. The only people I see getting worked up over whether or not they're dating are you obsessive schizo stalkers whenever someone points out the invalidity of your claims. Most of us are just tired of this boring ass non-milk, and if you provided actual solid proof, we wouldn't have an issue with it, but again, it's just dreadfully boring, so the question is what do you gain from insisting on them secretly dating? You all obsess like someone who's madly jealous that Sharla's around Chris from time to time and so you see her as a threat, even though Chris is no prize and will likely never be aware of your insignificant existence.

No. 218653

It's only gaslighting if it isn't true. I feel fairly certain that Chris and Sharla are an item.

I would say that it's the deniers that seem to be into Chris and therefore do not want him dating Sharla despite a mountain of evidence.

No. 218659

There is no evidence nonny, it’s just circumstantial he said she said no one took a screenshot.
Yes they have travelled together and are currently in London. No they are not getting married.
None of it is undeniable proof of their relationship. You can reee and joke that the deniers will still shut down real evidence but you’re just in denial yourself.
Agreed I think it’s tkyoham too, have you noticed any thread in /w/ to do with anyone associated with Japan is just full of the same type of infighting bullshit? (oh except Mikan because he thinks she’s ugly kek)
You don’t know for certain that it is true do you? What you’re saying is gaslighting anyone who doesn’t believe! I don’t want to fuck Chris, I just wish you lot would fuck off with your weird obsessive fan fictions

No. 218664

Personally I think they are together and I think they make a good couple. If they’re not it doesn’t bother me lol but I do think they have great chemistry, I’ve thought so since Journey AJ1. I think the whole “didn’t like her at first” was because he only knew her online persona, very cute and gentle, no swearing, etc. Then he got to know her as an actual person who he got along with really well, they spark off each other. Also he’s got family in Vancouver and she’s from Victoria. He’s been to BC a couple of times at least.

Idk about kids from Sharla’s pov, she may not want them, or she may just not want to discuss it with the public. Chris has mentioned kids in the past and said he wouldn’t want to bring them up in Japan. If they were in a long term relationship they’d have to figure that out. But that’s their business.

I like them together and kind of hope they are, in a “two people that I think are cool and would work well, hope they’re happy” way. If not, then whatever. The speculation gets them lots of engagement so I guess it’s working. They could easily just say that they aren’t together and that would be that. The fact that they don’t is significant.

No. 218667

Half the losers on this thread are just Tkyosam pawns LMAO.

No. 218675

I barely know who Tkyosam is – I just see what's right in front of me. They live in similar lookin apartments, have the same cutlery and furniture, they have amazing chemistry, always travel together, Pete slipped up on the podcast etc. It's not rocket science.

No. 218684

The vending Machibe idea is pretty cool, from Sharla’s house renovation video. Good way to make passive income

No. 218685

She said she is donating it to cat shelters

No. 218686

I’d never heard of him (TkyoSam) until I saw him in this thread. I’ve never seen a video. I mostly watch Chris and Sharla, only watch others like Tokyo Creative videos, Tokidoki traveller, Ryotaro, that I saw through C&S. occasional Connor or Joey if they are with Chris. I’ve watched a few of Norm’s after seeing him on Sharla’s channel. I don’t mind some of his stuff but I don’t like what I’ve learned about him as a person here and on other gossip sites. Watched the Dogen house thing because of Norm and seeing him with Chris but his content is not interesting to me and his personality is meh.

This thread would be dead without C&S speculation since there’s nothing interesting otherwise.

No. 218690

I'm laughing my ass off on how Chris evades anything sharla related since his UK trip.
Dumb strategy from his part or simply doesn't wanna lie so silence is the best option.

No. 218695

In a livestream on his second channel Chris did a year and a half ago ('eating only family mart snacks for dinner') Natsuki facetimed him in the middle of it. Chris turned his phonescreen toward the livestream camera and accidentally filmed into what looked like Sharla's living room in the second apartment in Morioka. I think he was sitting in that room with the sliding doors that Sharla basically never showed on camera.

The image was flipped, but it looked very similar to her second apartment. That's what convinced me they probably were dating and living together.

No. 218696

>>218317 wow Chris looks ten times better here. And I like his more natural personality here way better than his super sarcastic lowest common denominator grumpy Brit humour that he does non-stop these days

No. 218697

He does look good. He looks so tired these days, I don't think he's getting enough sleep poor bloke.

He has Flanderized himself now. It's a shame, but I think most of his viewers enjoy his super sarcastic grumpy persona.

No. 218698

You might want to look into the definition of "proof"
A conjecture might be based on some data that might indicate that they are together.
Correlation does not imply causation. And the fact that they own the same cup can come about by many different ways (e.g. friggin IKEA making everybody's stuff!).
This doesn't mean that they AREN'T together. But evaluate your priors and how they might influence your views.

Those of you who are SUPER into thinking that they are together evaluate everything on the PRIOR belief that they ARE in fact together. Everybody else has a different prior and evaluates the evidence accordingly.
Eventually, we all might get to the truth.

No. 218700

That first cup that gave them away was a rare antique cup actually. Not IKEA. Look up Lomonosov tea cup. You think it's likely that they both own teacups that probably are decades old?

No. 218709

What confirmed it for me was seeing him carry her wallet in one of her videos. As a woman, you don't let just anyone do that. Skip to 14 mins in.

No. 218712

He also carried her purse up a mountain in one video. It's so cute and boyfriend-y.

No. 218713

Ok, you have updated my prior beliefs somewhat. That is less likely to occur by chance than the simple IKEA cup that some people posted (the taupe sort of color).

I'd actually like them as a couple and was just pointing out that proof is something else than data pointing in a particular direction. particularly when the data can be interpreted many ways

No. 218715

People like to considerate a lot on 1 cup but it’s actually 3 separate types of cups we have matched. His office chair, his computer, and props used in his videos.

No. 218716

Also the closet doors, the sliding doors, the curtains … it all matches Sharla's extra room. In one of her videos you could also see what looked like his slippers in the background.

No. 218717

man, I hope they never announce it. What would we do for entertainment?

No. 218719

A shame ,I think he could definitely return to that stage the issue is his weak will I don't know if by default he can't eat less amounts of food or if it's a side effect of stress.

No. 218721

Good catch.
Can't picture the scenarios in which I would let a guy carry my wallet.She is recording so maybe that's the reason although she could have easily put it in her bag.

No. 218722

File: 1654732155650.png (500.36 KB, 1063x866, Screenshot_20220609-004056.png)

Yeah you're right it does look very similar. Looks like the same ceiling with the dark line going around and same lights, looks like the same wall design and TV too.

No. 218728

And curtains too. It makes sense that he would have his office in the second apartment.

I suppose this means Sharla got the second apartment earlier than she said she did.

No. 218732

the idea that she needed a second apartment for her stationary business was always suspicious.

No. 218738

sharla is openly childfree - she has tweeted about it a few times

No. 218745

Fair enough, I hadn’t seen that. Having kids is not for everyone. I know lots of women who are happily child free.

No. 218747

Is this actually a thing? Generally people who are perceived to have "yellow fever" are mocked and ridiculed. Especially white men as the stereotype of men who want a "pure virginal submissive asian wife" is pretty prevalent (for good reason imo).

No. 218752

I think there’s probably a middle ground between those who have yellow fever and those who just don’t want to date Asian girls at all. I think Chris falls somewhere in the middle, where he doesn’t really have a preference one way or the other. But He has also said that he doesn’t really mesh well with the Japanese girls thinking. On a podcast talking about dating Japanese, the one he did with Sharla, he was pretty candid and said a lot of foreigners he knows who marry Japanese partners, tends to end up divorcing. He seem to have painted a pretty bleak opinion about foreigners and Japanese getting together, in his mind. So you can tell that his preference would be to date Western girls and his recent history has shown that to be the case.

No. 218761

>Women do that too. Stop just demonizing men. In more liberal societies, cheating is about as prevalent in women as it is in men.

Go back

No. 218763

That literally doesn't look like anything, wtf?? Especially when Japan is known for their copy paste layouts and appliances in apartments. You can't see the walls, or curtains either.

No. 218765

Aki appearance on trashtaste podcast gives us a clearer idea of the timeline for the 2nd apartment. In her video Sharla said she got her 2nd apartment in March/April 2021. But you see here in the video below, Aki refers to visiting the sharls back in Feb 2021 for aki bday. In the video Aki refers to upstairs. the 2nd apartment is the upstairs.starting 1:36. https://youtu.be/xqurcPbqKs4

No. 218766

But you know who else has a mysterious upstairs.? Yes that’s right Chris! This video where Chris friend Pete streamed at “chris apartment” you will notice that Pete also refers to Chris leaving to go “upstairs” yes that’s right the 2nd apartment. Starting at 3:17:30 Lol https://youtu.be/T0o2-zMEg0Y

No. 218779

The wall looks literally the same as Sharla’s faux concrete wall …the TV is the same … the lights match. In a photo Joey posted like a year ago you can see the curtains in the background and they look exactly like Sharla’s.

this also looks nothing like his old apartment. Don’t you find it curious how he hasn’t shown his apartment since 2018? Not even once?

No. 218783

People assume Sharla’s Japanese is amazing, but she is really struggling in her latest renovation video.

No. 218784

And he says he will “take him to the door” to say goodnight aka the front door of the apartment … so he can go upstairs to his other apartment. And Pete stayed in the second apartment where there was a sofa bed in the other bedroom as Sharla showed in her videos.

No. 218787


Her japanese should be better for someone living in the country +10 years. But at the end of the day her japanese is more than enough for the day to day stuff.

No. 218789

Sharla too. And she says how she’s going to ‘a friend’s wedding’ and let people think it’s Garnt’s when she showed up in none of the photos.

No. 218791

This. Not everybody who dates East Asian women has yellow fever and not everybody who lives there and doesn't dislikes them.
Most people are just normal and date whomever they like on many levels. One of those is also cultural expectations and all of that.
Many Japanese women might prefer more rigid social roles and progression towards a family and all that (not all!). That might be something Chris wasn't ready for.
Only his crazy Ex would claim that people are giving him a hard time because he's not with a Japanese person. If those people exist, they are dumb and unworldly and don't understand how relationships work.

No. 218793

I'd struggle with renovation language in English. what's your point

No. 218794

And you guys are the judges of that how?

Her Japanese is good. Her Keigo might have suffered since she graduated uni and hasn't been using it much but her conversational Japanese in all her videos where she goes to places like the homestay on a farm is fine. And she can read well.

No. 218795

The level of desperation on this thread brings me joy and laughter.

No. 218797

Her Japanese is actually great compared to other jvloggers. She’s also not afraid of showing her flaws.

No. 218798

Same. People really want to deny that Sharla and Chris are a longtime couple who live together. Why?

No. 218799

I find it suspicious that Sharla won’t show second bedroom (aka what is probably Chris office) in her new apartment.

No. 218808

I’m not sure that’s what the anon meant but you lot only read what you want to see.

We want to deny because the only proof there is are your deluded fan fictions.
Every single piece of ‘evidence’ posted here hasn’t proved anything, it is circumstantial. Yes you could speculate, and we have, but no you have to go further to say it’s all true.
You can believe what you like but please stop fighting with others when there is no concrete evidence of their relationship.

No. 218812

There is plenty of concrete evidence. Even if no one can say for sure they are dating literally all signs are pointing towards it being true. I’m genuinely baffled that some
people can’t seem to put two and two together lmfao but whatever if you don’t want to believe it’s all good.

No. 218814

File: 1654778067328.png (320.57 KB, 1080x358, Screenshot_20220609-132818~2.p…)

Yes this is what his old apartment looked like. Different light, different wall design.

No. 218816

It’s not only Chris’s ex that has said .
On the same podcast Chris said that his Japanese friends give him some slack for not dating Japanese women.

No. 218817

give slack means allow to do without repercussions. I'm confused about your point

No. 218819

“The slack” was my phrasing not his. Another way of phrasing what he said was that gave him a hard time/complained about him not dating Japanese girls. Exactly as his ex said in that tweet. That may not be the sentiment or attitude all over in Japan, but that has been his experience with his Japanese friends, that he has Mentioned many times in the podcast and mirrored there and his ex tweet.

No. 218822

Can you post screenshots of the computer, props and slippers? This is an imageboard you know.

No. 218834

File: 1654782139875.jpeg (305.98 KB, 1284x2778, BCFB0CF0-DAFE-4344-A1AE-A0C033…)

But it’s been posted on here a million times

No. 218836

File: 1654782734259.jpeg (552.84 KB, 2048x2048, 9C34321B-1A8D-4118-9D23-CDE133…)

Props used in chris video, found in Sharla apartment

No. 218838

File: 1654782849811.png (416.34 KB, 821x519, liltree.png)

Also, the little Xmas tree he had is the same one Sharla used in her old apartment.

No. 218839

Thank you.
>But it's been posted on here a million times.
No it hasn't. That's the first time someone had posted a screenshot of the slippers and no one has posted a screenshot of the computer.

No. 218840

File: 1654783620270.png (425.87 KB, 781x582, Screenshot 2022-06-09 150543.p…)

I don't know about the computer but that red power thing looks the same as well

No. 218842

File: 1654783720936.jpeg (457.04 KB, 1888x1888, 25E4FF98-0A03-4F05-A7B2-D1AC9A…)

Chris computer and chair, showing up in Sharla’s video.

No. 218844

Hope this satisfy the pictures of props that we just reposted again, satisfy you, you honor.

No. 218846

There’s even more photo proof, like the mugs and the closet doors being the same.

No. 218847

File: 1654784060571.png (145.69 KB, 690x229, sharlaprojector.png)

Same projector as well

No. 218848

Don’t think their the same tree. Sharla old tree was bigger and per the both of them in a joint Patreon stream, they brought that small tree for chris studio in Sendai.

No. 218849

We already know about them having the same mugs and closet doors.

No. 218851

Like I said no one had posted a screenshot of the slippers before and no one had posted that there was a different computer in her apartment. They only mentioned the office chair.

No. 218852

Actually if you look at Chris Christmas in Japan video and Sharlas old apartment tour video you will notice the Christmas tree decorations look the same

No. 218853

Yeah that's why I posted the pic; they're definitely the same.

No. 218854

File: 1654784920511.jpeg (561.13 KB, 2048x2048, 969C6A2E-FF76-495A-A815-068E35…)

Here are all their matching mugs and cups. For those who say it’s just ikea cup and it means nothing. I can see having one matching cup but three separate individual cups, what are the chances? Lol

No. 218859

File: 1654785145382.jpeg (314.24 KB, 1284x1219, 41D6C681-261A-4BC3-81CA-02AB17…)

Better pics of Sharla’s slipper migrating to chris office lol

No. 218865

She didn't know the word for wooden slats installed in a house for decoration.

No. 218866

Chris must have quite dainty little feet, or Sharla has some real clodhoppers. It's cute that they share stuff like this though. I really don't get why it's even up for debate whether they're dating or not anymore. The only "concrete" proof we'll ever get is if they tell their audience. And for whatever reason, they choose not to. It's not tinfoil to discuss all these little coincidences & strange circumstances. It would be tinfoil if there was zero evidence to support the idea that they are dating, but there is evidence. Some anons won't think it's enough and that's fine, but you really can't act like it's a completely out of left field tinfoil "fan fiction" at this point.

No. 218872

Those are not the same chair, the armrests are different shapes.
And many people have a mac. By that logic, Sharla and Chris live at my place
(jk, I don't own a Lomonosov cup)

No. 218876

are these from two different videos? If so, that is not just the same projector. That is the same shelf, drawer, and candle, and owl or cat or totoro cup underneath it

That would, for once actually be persuasive if it showed up in each of their videos as part of their apartment

No. 218877

She is so unmilky (besides the have they/haven't they thing with Chris) that people feel the need to bitch about her not knowing enough Japanese when it's something that they probably don't ever say in their own native languages

No. 218879

thanks for the compilation. those are quite the large bread crumbs

No. 218883

Im too lazy to find the pictures but at christmas they both showed curtains and the same christmas tree in their insta post.

No. 218884

File: 1654787637667.jpg (90.76 KB, 578x558, IMG_20220609_101031.jpg)

I saw this and I remembered this.

No. 218885

I find odd Chris to buy stuff like that too.
Just checked her video she says it's a super Mario collection that is normally out of stock yeah even more hard for someone like him to hunt down merch like that.
But unfortunately there can be an easy reason of why Chris have them,the slippers could have been too big for her so she give them to Chris as a gift.

No. 218886

The evidence is overwhelming. I could be wrong but this indicates that they have been “roommates” for years.

No. 218887

I can’t believe you guys have been pondering these two fucking for a year… wouldn’t be surprised if Sharla has been pregnant by him at some point. Didn’t she have some weird illness/life change about to happen last year?

They have my blessings tho, they are cute and I like both of them a lot.

No. 218888

Currently it would be more weird if they are not dating.
The guess is around 2.5+years at least.

No. 218891

Ikr?The UK trip solidified the idea of them dating for me,well at least more in this side than 100% sure.
Chris silly attemps of not acknowledging her presence is so hilarious.

No. 218892

Can someone please post the wardrobe doors pics?

No. 218893

Everything started with her posting a pic of that teacup … it all snowballed from there. if she hadn’t done that I don’t think people would have noticed

No. 218896

She had a massive thyroid tumour that had to be surgically removed. She’s got a scar on her neck. Not something that could be confused with pregnancy. She posted a full video about it.
I think the tumour is what prompted her to make the move to Sendai which all came about not long after the second apartment thing. All of a sudden she moved, then next thing we saw she was back from having surgery in Florida and recovery in Canada. Sendai is a much bigger city, and she has friends there, while her friend Mark had left Morioka.

Suddenly dealing with all the health issues would make her want to be close to friends and her boyfriend, and not be isolated. Also more convenient to get to Tokyo from Sendai for work with TC etc.

No. 218898

She and Chris most likely moved to Sendai from Morioka because he needed a studio and separate his work and home life because of lack of space (why they got the second apartment) and his cat allergies, not because she had a tumour. She said herself that her health problems started after she moved to Sendai.

No. 218904

Yeah I missed where she said that she had been in the new place 5 days when she found out. She said on that video posted Oct 21 that she’d been dealing with it for the “last three months” and the video mentioning the move was July 2, got the apartment was July 13, so I thought the diagnosis preceded the move. That was a fast move, then!

Sendai is way more convenient for her and for Chris, who had been living there for years. Also yes the studio which is not only great in it’s own right, but gives him a place to film that is not home where signs of Sharla are everywhere.

The mugs from “her apartment” appearing in his videos in front of that bookshelf that he’s had for years and done so many livestreams in front of is crystal clear evidence.

No. 218906

I feel like at this point either they are a couple or Chris needs a restraining order because Sharla is stalking him across the world even to Kent.
In all seriousness though I'm not surprised they're dating Chris and her have great chemistry and he mentioned she was one of the first people he found when he was looking for videos about Japan. It's not even really drama other than their sloppy attempts at hiding it. They probably are among the few people that can relate with their unique lifestyles of western white Jvloggers with millions of subs but don't particularly like anime.
The only red flag in all this is Chris' health and weight seem to be fast on a bad slope. I think this is more being stuck away from his family than Sharla though.

No. 218907

Maybe he's sure with Sharla so he no longer cares about his physique?
Like : "I no longer have to make an effort".
Some people do that when the relationship matures.

No. 218910

File: 1654795148896.jpg (20.78 KB, 700x700, 392510_6_1.jpg)

>>218840 that's a focusrite audio interface and they are the absolute most basic standard external soundcard, probably loads of YouTubers use these. I personally probably know 5 people who own one of these.

No. 218911

>>218834 sorry for the audio interface sperg but also they are not the same model of interface across these photos, looks like one is a solo and one is a 2i2 or a 2i4

No. 218918

The fact it’s not the same chair is my point. Lol. 1 chair is Chris another chair is Sharla

No. 218921

Yeah that is obviously the black office chair Chris has used for years. The brown one is Sharla’s but somehow Chris chair ended up in her Morioka apartment …

No. 218922

You have the summary timeline wrong. 1st) if you watch her “I had surgery” video she tell you she discovered she had the thyroid issue AFTER she moved to Sendai. 2nd if you notice “I’m out of quarantine” video she goes to Morioka to thyroid specialist doctors there. The most to send I had nothing to do with her thyroid issue she discovered her thyroid issue after she moved. I have long suspected that the moved to Sendai, had to do with Chris wanting to get a studio.

No. 218923

In regards to the MAC. Another point that you missed is that Sharla‘s computer is in her original apartment with her chair. This MAC is in the second apartment with a different chair in a different spot. In later videos of her original apartment, you will see she never moved her computer to the other apartment. So it could be two things she either has two different MACs, in two different apartments with two different chairs because she’s just so rich and wasteful. Or she has a Mac, desk and chair for herself and someone else (chris) has a Mac, a desk and a chair for themselves.

No. 218926

File: 1654798956101.jpg (347.91 KB, 1638x2048, 20220609_131934.jpg)

If he feels safe with her then yeah.
Is it the angle? or his neck is disappearing kek

No. 218928

Chris looks very hot here

No. 218930

I wish he'd wear his pants a little higher. It's not the 2000s anymore and it just makes his torso look huge and his legs look stubby.

No. 218935

File: 1654800047785.jpeg (414.6 KB, 1888x1888, D5C86DD1-8463-4995-8BB9-32443C…)

Another breadcrumb, Was the case of Chris office set up. We are all used to Chris’s old office set up with the bookshelf in the back of him, but since July 2021 set up has change. A mirror popped up and the room seemed more cramped. Do you know what happens since July 2021? LOL That move from morioka really revealed a lot!

No. 218936

The neck is becoming one with his face…

No. 218937

File: 1654800346507.jpeg (388.13 KB, 1888x1888, 8181CC8A-D056-49A6-B294-62C31E…)

And the biggest breadcrumb of all since the move, is the case of the window ledge. Noticed his old office set up, no window ledge, but all of the sudden after July 2021 his office grew a mysterious ledge. Do you know have ledges in all their windows from their apartment to her video?

No. 218939

Oh the recent twitter post,by his words it seems he has indeed killed his stress.
Will it be the year he makes progress in his film dream? Welp
Photo most likely taken Sharla kek

No. 218940

Is that the beautiful shore of Cornwall UK? Do you know who else who just so happens to be visiting Cornwall as well?

No. 218941

That boy ain’t never gonna make a film. Lol

No. 218950

He needs to study and keep up with updates in the genre which he apparently doesn't do.
Frankly he seems like an early aficionado despite all his talk and shit.

No. 218952

If he wants to grow at any level when it comes to make a proper movie or short film Japan is not the place.
US/UK are the places to go ,I think he could get contacts too.
His channel being locked to Japan limits a possible grow in his personal dream.

No. 218956

Who says he aims that high?I only heard him saying that he wishes to do a short film.
Not that is bad him wanting to go beyond but I think that if he wants that he should make his channel grow more so the the extra cash can tank his dream expenses.

No. 218958

They're not wrong. It wasn't a couple of words. She mostly spoke in broken Japanese and wasn't talking about anything advanced. The Japanese guy also simplified his language for her.
No, it's not good at all for someone who works as a translator/interpreter and she struggled with basic polite speech and grammar. Sorry, but just taking Japanese in hs doesn't mean you can accurately gauge how well someone can speak Japanese. It's very obvious Sharla doesn't speak it that often despite living in Japan. and I hope you're not assuming she can read well just because she can read signs and basic food labels at the conbini.
>Her Japanese is actually great compared to other jvloggers. She’s also not afraid of showing her flaws.
It's not at all compared to other Jvloggers who've gone to uni or grad school in Japan and who work in translation. Try Kemushi.

No. 218959

Sharlas apartment has those ledges. Looks like it could be the room she didn’t want to show on her apartment tour.

No. 218960

Sharla likes all of Chris UK posts but Chris ignores all of hers lmfao

No. 218986

What you may not know, is that Chris has started to hang with film makers that are based on Japan. Perhaps he is doing things behind the scenes that he may not speak of it publicly . https://www.instagram.com/p/CbcSpDsP8dF/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

No. 218987

What I can’t stand is the language gate keepers. Look at her business partners Ushka, she has been in Japan for 19 years and still needs Sharla to translate. Sharla did her best and knows enough Japanese to live. She does not care about perfecting her Japanese because she plans on leaving Japan.

No. 218988

"Gatekeeping," lol. She's supposed to be a professional translator and interpreter, wk. It's her job.

No. 218989

That livestream vid is no longer there. One of them lurks in this thread confirmed kek.

No. 218992

lmao it was there yesterday! he didn’t even unlist it he full on privated it. wow.

No. 219001

She stopped doing that job way before she moved to Korea 4 years ago. So perhaps her Japanese has atrophied because it is no longer her job to translate. Also she lives in a home that only speaks English, as supposed to before with her ex she only spoke Japanese. So yes the picking apart is gatekeeping. I was watching Dogan‘s video, in it he would constantly forget English words. Dogan is American, English is his first language, would we say that his English is terrible? no! Iwe understand that him forgetting English words here in there is normal, because it’s not the language that he speaking mostly every day. The same for Sharla ,she’s not speaking Japanese all the time every day because her home, job and good portion of her friends is English. So yes here and there she will forget a word, it happens to everybody that learns a different language!

No. 219002

He still has the link to the livestream up on his twitter (from feb 20 2021) … wonder when he will delete that.

No. 219004

sorry! not enough context. I take back my snark

No. 219005

It's the collar. He actually has a nice neck here (and looks better than in many recent videos)

No. 219007

Can we stop pretending that he's some obese blob? The man has some extra weight but he's by no means gigantic. I'd like to see y'all's supermodel physiques

No. 219009

Nice I didn't know this.
Guess he's not aiming too high so it's ok.

No. 219010

I'm half Japanese and her Japanese is fine. I struggle with Keigo too because I grew up in the US with just a Japanese dad.
She reads many things and clearly knows the readings of a lot of kanji.
didn't she go to uni in Japan?

No. 219012

to be fair, it depends on what she does interpreting for. She's not working for the UN or a home improvement company.

No. 219013

He or Sharla are reading this thread? LMFAO

No. 219014

If they do lurk, it explains the secrecy. Must be fun to hide the relationship.

No. 219016

Possibly? It must be weird as fuck scrolling through thread after thread and post after post discussing their alleged relationship lmao. Maybe they even post here? But I highly doubt that.

No. 219018

If he privated that video it possibly means that he did accidentally film into the living room of Sharla's second apartment. Good thing some anon got screenshots. Maybe there's another explanation for him privating it, but the timing is a little suspicious.

No. 219019

File: 1654814058914.jpg (365.43 KB, 1080x1133, IMG_20220609_172850.jpg)

Okay what more proof it's needed , yesterday and anon pointed out this >>218722

And now the video got privated.
Here it's the link to it if you want to check the status of it ,either of two or a friend pays attention to here a lot lmao.

No. 219023

If they are together, they must be very eager to keep this alleged relationship under wraps. I just don't understand why? What is so bad about Chris possibly living in Morioka with Sharla?

No. 219024

He could have simply edited the parts out, that's doable even if old video.
Y'all really make him panic kek

No. 219025

This is definitely is milk of them being together,not even 24hrs and they took action to hide the video.
Deniers can't say shit,no one has the power to private the video but Chris himself.
We indirectly got confirmation by himself.

No. 219026

Let's see how much that tweet lasts.

No. 219027

He could have just kept the video up and ignored it like they do with the videos with the cups, the furniture, the closet and sliding doors etc. Why did he delete this particular video?

No. 219028

Right? Not a very well-thought out decision. But I think he can always unprivate it if he changes his mind. Maybe he privated while he edits it? I don't know how youtube works.

No. 219031

Thinking the same…
Besides what anon shown, was there something more revealing in the video? If not why no ignore it like any previous similitudes we have found.
Panic moment at its finest.

No. 219032

Now you have done it anons I never expected you all making Chris shit his pants and quickly private a video.
Such a coward honestly.

No. 219035

Maybe the video is still available on wayback machine?

No. 219036

We've pointed out a few things in this thread, if he's removing content to hide it that is SUS & also… they'll have more than that to remove?! There is actually quite a lot of 'evidence' if you look for it.

No. 219037

From the same video, but the same projector is used in Chris' setup here? lol >>218859

No. 219041

File: 1654818246077.jpeg (317.79 KB, 2048x2048, 27E20E00-976A-443D-A64D-C62D5E…)

Matching everything

No. 219043

Wow! now I'm sure why we no longer see Chris doing collabs with Norm(before Norm travel) he checks this place and knows the evidence of the Norm trash behavior.
Simply a shame ,seeing Chris chill with the piece of shit that is Norm was cool.It exposed Chris real colors that he in fact doesn't care if shitty people are linked to his channel.

No. 219044

In the clincher of all! evidence is Chris clear voice in the background of Sharla‘s video. Starting 8:30 https://youtu.be/q2XiYqStAIo

No. 219045

Honestly it's really weird how much effort he is taking to cover it up. If they revealed it nobody would really care that much. The hardcore people already know and neither of their fanbases is based on using them as a relationship stand in like a lot of twitch streamers or even Conner to an extent. They're making it worst by acting so weird about it. Also after 2-3 years it's actually a serious relationship. It's not like Garnt or Joey or even PewDiePie had to deal with much hate because they dated other YouTubers.
His weight has never been huge by Western standards but sudden weight gain and a lot of how he's seemed lately isn't a good sign. There's lots of big guys and girls who seem healthier even if they're obese. As someone about his age it's not like being in your 20s you actually have to have some conscious health decisions as a key part of your lifestyle not just as a big event to lose 50lbs once or whatever. It'll come back.

No. 219051

LOL if it's true that they are lurking in here then they probably saw this post about Sharla looking like Chris sister. awkward.

No. 219053

The longer they are together the harder it gets for them.
The more time it passes the more you accept the material things of your partner as yours so it's obvious that you will fail from time to time to differentiate what's yours.
What we have found out it's with them being careful even kek
At this point it is silly to keep hiding it like unnecessary stress for both.

No. 219055

Is Sharla visiting Cornwall? Where did she mention that?

No. 219056

I mean, you see Chris walking downstairs at the beginning of that video. As much as I do think they are together, that one isn’t evidence of hiding anything. Natsuki is Chris’s friend, they’ve hung out all together lots.

No. 219058

File: 1654820538816.jpeg (489.77 KB, 2048x2048, DCA503F1-D2D7-4334-B909-E5D43F…)

Another thing to take note of. You’ll notice in her Sendai apartment tour she showed her bean bag for when she uses her projector. she carefully curated it to only show 1 beanbag. But in previous videos you’ll see she has two beanbags, a blue one and a gray one. Sharla Think she’s slick by removing the one beanbag from the apartment tour video, so no one would ask, why do you have 2 beanbags if you live by yourself? This goes hand in hand as to why a person living alone needs a 3 bedroom apartment. The mysterious 3rd bedroom that she couldn’t show because it was full of garbage! Honestly the cover up is comical at this point but not as comical as the deniers

No. 219059

That was at the restaurant where she said she and Natsuki were going to "meet up with Chris" even though his voice had just been heard in the apartment.

She also literally deleted comments mentioning that they heard Chris voice, why wouldn't she just say that they all hung out at her place?

No. 219060

It was a fair comparison by that anon,we all can see the face similarities.
The other anon who had weird ideas about it…yikes.
The point is that Sharla says they will meet Chris later meanwhile she hangs out with natsuki yet we hear him in the background xD

No. 219062

The biggest giveaway in her apartment tour video was that room that had "broken furniture" or whatever it was in it lmao

No. 219064

Again you’re not using your power reasoning. in the video while in the apartment, where you can clearly hear Chris voice in the background, she says we are going to go out to dinner and MEET UP WITH Chris. That’s what you are missing or refusing to see, why say we are going to meet UP WITH him, when he is clearly in the apartment? Because she’s lying, she wants people to think he doesn’t live with her!

No. 219065

Chris making that video private confirmed the relationship for me.
The extra coincidences just make the hole deeper.
And yeah deniers in the mud.

No. 219066

Oh, that’s a very nice (and $$$) candle. Cire Trudon. Guess business is good in the Broad/Meleon household kek

No. 219072

Now that you mention $$$.Not to undermine Sharla but i'm feeling Chris played a monetary role in her buying that house in Tokyo.
It would explain how Chris described love as "expensive" kek.

No. 219073

Do you think maybe Chris and Sharla, if they ever go public with their alleged relationship, want to pretend they started dating AFTER she moved to Sendai? Maybe that's why he deleted the video, they want to pretend they didn't allegedly live together in Morioka.

No. 219076

Fair enough, I just went back and looked at the video and saw him right at the beginning. so silly to lie about meeting him if he’s going to be in the video. Just say we’re going for dinner with Chris. Even if they didn’t mention him being there right then, it makes more sense than a lie.

No. 219078

File: 1654823569465.jpg (517.16 KB, 1080x1732, IMG_20220609_200835.jpg)

It obvious Natsuki plays along with their lies but I can't stop thinking how low both of them are to use Natsuki this way.
Apparently there's a future video of Chris talking Japanese with Sharla joined by Natsuki.
Due needing a lot of traslation is being postponed for a later date.
(Or a lot of editing to not catch their lying asses kek)
I think this picture(April 14) is related to that video it fits with the time Chris said it was recorded….again Natsuki being used and probably paid.

No. 219082

When you put it like that it shows how Chris is kinda trash:
Hang outs with Norm knowing how shit he is and uses Natsuki as coverage.
Sharla too obviously,so they are indeed made for each other.

No. 219083

I can’t get over Chris deleting a video with over 400k views just like that?? So weird.

No. 219085

The only reason I can think of is that he has videos and more in which he comes out as a single guy.
So saying they have been dating since morioka will expose his ass.
He can keep his privacy obviously but well it doesn't gonna erase that he made profit of the lies.
Revealing that they have been dating since months ago helps him.

No. 219087

We need no further proof that anon catched Chris with his pants down and he entered full panic mode.

No. 219088

Shut up please! Chris will erase the video with Norm lmao

No. 219092

He should have waited a few weeks before deleting or unlisting it lmfao instead of doing it within like 24 hours of it being talked about here … it would have been less suspicious. He has unlisted livestreams in the past, but this video was up since February 2021 and he just happened to delete it now?

No. 219094

I don’t understand what’s low about somebody wanting to keep their relationship private and asking their close friend not to share it. I mean it’s their prerogative if they don’t want to share it with the world. I’m just enjoying seeing them from fumble and bumble in their attempt to hide it. The bigger Chris has become the more private he has become. I think it’s his nature, to not be a very open person, equally Sharla hid her dating, engagement and marriage to her ex for a very long time. So it goes hand-in-hand that the two of them are not going to be very open about their private lives, especially because combine between the two of them, they yield a large audience. Also Sharla went through a public divorce, I’m sure she doesn’t want to repeat of the prying into her personal life like that again.

No. 219095

What video with Norm?

No. 219097

I'm more happy than ever to have changed my likings.I used to watch his videos a lot but idk his persona tended to have weird moments I thought it was his build up stress but seems like one can't totally cover ones true self.
Don't care about who he sleeps with but that Natsuki and Norm points,yikes.

No. 219098

There's one with Norm visiting his ramen shop.
The rest of collabs are in Norm channel only.

No. 219104

What Natsuki point?

No. 219105

Oh mostly due selling natsuki as kind soul,one of Chris old time friends that he still hangs out with him.
Who knows how many times Natsuki being present was only as distraction rather I call him because my friend.
Yes my fault due believing such cliche stuff but still

No. 219106

Simply put.
Who knows how many times Natsuki was just a pawn when Chris and Sharla recorded together,his presence only to cover things up.
He probably got paid true so it was his decision too but it's still bittersweet looking at those videos now.

No. 219107

Frankly a bit silly both thinking they'll able to control everything the viewer sees.
The intentions are valid because it's their privacy but man they think too high of their intellect kek

No. 219109

What are you talking about? Natsuki is his old and very good friend that he hangs out with on an off videos. Sharla is his girlfriend and she would naturally hang out with her boyfriend good friend as well. There’s nothing nefarious about that. Chris was hanging out and featuring Natsuki in his videos, before he was in a relationship with Sharla. For example He filmed “Natsuki the movie” before Sharla and Natsuki loved it. Chris pays Natsuki to appears in his videos, which has helped Natsuki out financially because the salon is struggling. Your conclusion is really strange, Chris being relationship in with sharla, and filming with other people including Norm or Natsuki has nothing to do with one another.

No. 219110

Sometimes I feel like a lot of the people here have never had a social life or know how human socialisation works.

No. 219111

File: 1654826996948.jpg (166.19 KB, 1080x575, IMG_20220609_210804.jpg)

Never thought I would say this but PewDiePie is really giving away original Jvlogger vibes.
Peaceful,interesting and mildly fun videos.

No. 219112

you are making no sense! Natsuki has been appearing in Chris’ video before he was with Sharla. One has nothing to do with the other! LOL while I’m all down for discovering the little things they do to hide their relationship here and there. the idea that everything they do including the people they hang out with, is an attempt to cover up their relationship, is a very strange and immature assumption to make.

No. 219113

Why does anybody want the original jvlogger vibes, they were shit, lol

No. 219115

I know he knows him the longest anon I've heard the stories and also watched natsuki the movie.
My conclusion of them using them was due that video of Sharla lying of Chris presence in her video.
Natsuki was the tool here and I know Chris pays him.
I gotta mention of Chris has been complaining a lot about Natsuki lately too just the livestreams.
Maybe here it can be just my view due Natsuki being quite kind for me but don't gonna allow to compare it Norm .
Any person that calls Norm friend is by default at some level trash,Sharla and Chris equally.
"I'm careful with the people who are linked to abroadinjapan" says Chris pfff such BS.
Yeah my Natsuki point migth be personally odd but don't question my view of Norm.

No. 219117

Why would be immature tho?
It's clear how different is viewed the videos of Chris and Sharla together than the ones where Natsuki is included.
Derailing the viewer is a perfect way to avoid comments of "those two are definitely together".
It's not new friends helping cover up stuff online anon jeez.

No. 219119

Nah plenty were fake as hell that's why they didn't go anywhere.

No. 219120

What is this? actual milk here?

No. 219121

Everyone agrees that Norm is a piece of garbage, and I’m equally as confused as to why both Sharla and Chris refuse to see it. They both have been lying about Their relationship for three years now. The deception about their relationship has nothing to do with Natsuki, because they hide it with or without him. I mean look at this trip to the UK, it’s clear that they are together but they hide it. I mean, they use all their friends to hide their relationship, Natsuki, Aki, Norm, Emma, both Pete’s, all the trash taste people, etc. all know that they are in a relationship but keep it a secret. And lastly Chris complains about everybody, looks how much fun he makes of Connor, but he loves Natsuki very much it’s clear to see, Even Sharla has commented how Chris always makes sure to take care of Natsuki and that their relationship is sweet.

No. 219124

I got that feeling too, it’s kind of fun seeing it through someone else’s eye again as a new person to Japan. I think that having the move there in the continent that’s gonna come from is gonna be pretty nice

No. 219126

It’s immature because you are not capable of seeing things as a nuance. Life is not this or that, it’s layered, it’s gray. You conclude that Natsuki is only in the videos to divert people, or to avoid shipping comments. Whereas the totality of it is, Chris behavior hasn’t changed at all, he was hanging Natsuki before his relationship with Sharla and continues to do so. Most of the video featuring Natsuki on Chris’ Channel doesn’t include Sharla. In fact Chris Hardly put Sharla and his videos. Sharla, unlike Chris does the day in the life style vloggs, and naturally if she goes to visit a mutual friend of hers and Chris and needs a driver, Chris is the logical choice, since they live together. It’s something like “I’m shooting a video I want to feature Natsuki, but Chris is going to be there cause I need him to drive me and he’s also Natsuki friend, so he will be in the video too. Vice versus if Natsuki visits. So to conclude that she or he are only putting Natsuki in the videos so they can hide the relationship is silly.

No. 219129

Jeez the Connor stuff is banter, Chris have said how shooting with natsuki has become a chore due him escaping to smoke cigs.
Was asked if he will travel with natsuki(livestream) and he said that such would be hard due how behaves (I guess it's the cig addiction).

No. 219130

Jeez cut me the happy vibes of them.
I have no reason to see it as impossible both using him from time to time for cover up.
The moment it was revealed Norm true colors I lost faith in the morale of C or S.

No. 219131

Like I said Chris complains about everyone. We all complain about things about our friends we don’t like but we still love them for the totality of who they are. Chris is planning to take Natsuki and Pete that lives in Japan back to the UK in December to film. usually if he’s taking them to film he’s paying their tickets and accommodation there, so while he might be annoyed by Natsuki addiction, he still continues to feature him, and plans for future videos. Like I said a mature point of view is to see the big picture, instead of one aspect, when you examine a situation.

No. 219132

Y'all enticed by them that you have them in a pedestal jeez.
Anyways today an anon got us indeed milk so deniers will look like clowns here onwards .

No. 219133

But here is what you are not getting. Just because they put him in a video, it’s not meant to be some sort of diversion. It’s as simple as a mutual friend hanging out, just like they have done with countless other mutual friends. Why are you singling out Natsuki?

No. 219137

It's not that they are blind to Norm it's that they approve of him being over the top hateful to even mild criticism. I've seen Chris get pretty ranty about criticism before when someone commented not to be over the top or disrespectful when he tried some regional insect dish and acted like he ate poop. A lot of youtubers wish they could attack critics like Norm does. Chris is one who is self aware enough to not do it but doesn't like critiques on his videos or behavior.
PewDiePie is the most surprising YouTuber to me. I remember when he was always in the news for some controversy relating to being edgy online. Now he's one of the few I consider to have genuinely matured and unlike so many didn't morph into a delusional creature who is out of touch with reality or humility. I wonder what kind of content will he do down the line. More book reviews (he loves Japanese literature)? Or just comfy Jvlogs?

No. 219138

Probably hidden, not deleted

Not even that is milky. Especially when it's anons tinfoiling and nothing really about them together, ever.

No. 219141

Went private ,we have the link to it.

No. 219142

Pewds has matured a lot and his content as well, apparently he is no longer following a schedule just doing whatever pops up and feels like recording.
In his past video he mentions how having so few people recognizing him makes being himself so easy.

No. 219150

Yeah I don’t think there is anything underhanded about them hanging with Natsuki! He’s a friend. The whole complaining about him thing is just a schtick like he does Ryotaro. Definitely an English humour thing slagging off your best mates.

They both kept prior relationships quiet, I would not have guessed Chris had a girlfriend all that time with Lily but when you looked at her videos (gone now) and her Instagram you can see that she was there when so many of those videos were filmed.

They also probably wanted to wait because it’s not a good look for them both to break up with long term partners right after JAJ when so many people had been commenting on their chemistry., then move right into a public relationship. Whether they cheated or not, people would assume that they did.

The Norm thing… idk I feel like he is nice nice to other YouTubers, especially those who are more successful, so they wouldn’t necessarily see that unless they were really monitoring his comments. I’ve watched a few of his videos and never seen him attacking commenters so it’s probably deleted quickly.

No. 219151

Regional insect dish? okay, lol. So was he supposed to act like it was delicious? honestly Who cares? when people say for example jelly eel from England is gross, no one gets upset, but God forbid a dish from Japan is criticized. The Japan overzealous defending gatekeeper white knights, comes out of the woodwork, lol. That’s the point he was making and I agree with his reaction to that criticism. Other than that I think his reaction are not even the same ballpark as Norm, Norm has threatened to dox people for criticizing him. Norm is another level and both Chris and Sharla are very gross for continuing their friendship with him! It 100% Makes me side eye Both Sharla and Chris.

No. 219152

I feel we need a imagur or something with all the photos of Norm answers to his viewers.
I think there's a lot of screenshots here.

No. 219154

Perhaps moving to Japan will revitalize his content. Because his content is shit, lazy, boring, poorly shot and poorly edited. his view count are not matching his subscribers count, and he is basically riding the coat tail of his old success. the elite Youtubers with similar subscriber count as him are leveling up their productions and bringing new in exciting Content. His stuff is not new or exciting, so perhaps this move to Japan will revitalize his creativity, and he will produce some actual good content.

No. 219156

Also why are we asking for Chris to be held accountable to the things that Norm does? Many other Youtubers hang out with Norm why aren’t we asking them to denounce Norm. Norm and Norm only can be blamed for his bad behavior, no one else should be asked to dig through his comment sections to see how terrible he is. I am sure that Norm is not disclosing his bad behavior in his comment sections to his friends.

No. 219157

Being still friends and collabing with such character is a stain for hi brand honestly.
Was his camera man right? Imagine patreons knowing they payed Norm lmao
I don't think Chris should be held accountable but I guess most focus on how Chris tends to say how he's really careful of who works with him or who appear in his channel.

No. 219165

Fair point. It’s interesting that in the last JAJ in Okinawa that Chris did not use Norm.

No. 219176

Both of them are no doubt well aware of his behaviour. >>207341

No. 219182

He made it private, isn’t that basically the same thing as deleting it?

No. 219183


No. 219197

Which “job” are you referring to because she still translates and interprets for work? She didn’t forget one or two words. The subs fixed her grammar, completed her sentences, added words she couldn't say, made her sound more mature and polite than she was. She often trailed off and waited for the man to finish or clarify what she was trying to say because she didn’t know how to say it. Your speaking skills will suffer if you stop using them, but not that much for a basic convo, and it’s not like she’s been living outside Japan. People have complaining about her broken Japanese pre-Korea.
I don't understand why you keep talking about kanji and keigo skills because she wasn't using 尊敬語・謙譲語, she was struggling with basic desu/masu the entire time and 登録済み is elementary school level kanji. I know because I went to Japanese elementary school. Guess what? You’re not the only Japanese person here. Sharla did go to university in Japan. Her Japanese isn’t fine for someone who did even if her classes were in English.

No. 219199


Sharla doing interpretation or translations is way in the past.

Even in those movie jobs she got she was the assistant of the English coach for actors.

No. 219200

Nothing to do with Japan being sacred. It's just immature to go somewhere, eat their food for the sole purpose of mocking it for the camera and acting up how it was the worst thing ever like it's Fear Factor. There's food travel channels like Best Ever Food Review Show where they try a greater variety of things and you'd never see that kind of behavior on even the "weirder" things. Chris was just out to find something that's a novelty to mock as weird and was clearly acting up his reaction. It was very unnecessary. Going out of your way to waste or insult food is just something that rubs a lot of people the wrong way. I'd feel the same way if some Japanese YouTuber who did the same for jellied eels just to get a YouTube reaction.
If Chris thought he could get away with it without damaging his brand he definitely would be more like Norm. He doesn't like criticism and likes control.

No. 219201

You can un-private a video but its rare that people do.

No. 219202

Chris has a few unlisted livestreams but I don’t think he has ever privated one before. Very sus timing!

No. 219203

They should be enjoying their holiday but instead they choose to lurk here, possibly … lol

No. 219204

This, I mean she forgot how to say ladder ?? and her pronunciation at some points is very weird.
Also yes, a part of it involves a very specific vocabulary for renovation but isn't it why Ushka is doing business her? I think she's making most of the work, money and project-wise, and asked Sharla for help in translation and if she had experience in the renovation field, which Sharla easily exaggerated (10 years that don't add up) and couldn't be bothered less to look up words she knew she needed to ask about beforehand.

No. 219208

Why does Chris seem so afraid of people finding out about him and Sharla?

No. 219209


I also watched the video and she uses literally zero keigo. The renovator guy also uses no keigo and speaks very clearly and slowly. He also does his best to guess what Sharla is saying. I'm kind of wondering whether he started out using keigo and then just dropped it kek

I mean her awful Japanese is even obvious when you don't speak the languag imo by how often she has to use gestures to explain herself.

No. 219214

Yeah people saying they would struggle to talk about home renovations in their native language are being ridiculous, “add a ladder here” and “make this part flat please” aren’t rocket science conversations, but the staff had to say these things for her after she trailed off.

Her accent is also odd, but it’s just because she speaks in the same rhythm/tone she does in English, which makes things sound drawled

No. 219219

Y’all are so over the top! Chris desecrating the sacred local bee larvae dish! Reject his visa. Honestly it’s okay to say something is gross, to make fun or even to overreact for fun for a YouTube video. Every country has a dish that is rare and that a great majority of people find gross. look at the dish that everybody makes fun of from Sweden Surströmming. people eat it all the time for content and Swedes find it hysterical to wash! How many videos are there about people trying durians. Whole tv shows and YouTube channels are made trying weird and interesting food from other countries. The people from those countries are usually the one suggesting the food for others to try, because they too are curious to see the reactions. It’s not that serious, it’s a silly gag. Life is short, have a laugh and go buy that bee larvae!

No. 219225

Am I the only one who, in the few instances I watch one of her videos, has to put it at 2x because of how slow and LD she speaks?

No. 219227

I honestly am soooo bored with you Japanese language gatekeepers. I know people who after over 40 years of living in the USA, still struggle with their English grammar, finding the correct words, and pronunciation. I would never dream of criticizing them. We gave them grace, because we know learning a new language, is hard, and often it’s hard to get rid of accents or speak the new language perfectly, no matter how long they have lived in the new country. But you Japanese language gatekeepers always going on boards and YouTube comments, with the “he pronounce that word wrong, his grandma is terrible,” and y’all all time favorite “they didn’t use Keigo.” Lol stop, just stop. They are not Japanese, they will never speak Japanese perfectly. Who cares! Yes they live in Japan, but do they know enough Japanese to live their lives and not be a burden to the Japanese government or people? Yes! The rest I don’t care about, I don’t want to hear about grammar, or Keigo, or all the other nonsense, you Japan Gatekeepers get off on.

No. 219228

Does anyone know whereabouts in England Sharla’s latest IG stories are from? It looks like it could be the same place where Chris posed on that beach. If so, that makes another place where they have both been at the same time adding fuel to the dating rumours.

No. 219231

They don't "use" Natsuki as cover up. Natsuki is a fan favorite. And he gets compensated for his time.
Chris made an entire movie-length documentary on the man. Is that a cover-up too?

No. 219233

Norm is very likely super nice to their face, so they might just not know/ignore that he's garbage to other people.

As to them using all their friends to hide their relationship. It's not that hard. It's not like people constantly talk about others' relationships. It's not the secret service.
Have none of you ever been in a relationship that you didn't need everyone to know about but a few friends knew? Was that a big deal to those friends?

No. 219234

i find it fascinating that we've not seen marzia's face on camera once… hmmm… i wonder if she got some work done and doesn't want the internet commenting on it.

i am enjoying the vlogs though. they're probably boring to some people because felix doesnt do anything except go shopping. i laughed when he said he "doesn't ever buy things" in this vlog because that's all hes done on camera since arriving in japan.

No. 219235

Her accent is really quite strong. Compared to people like Loretta (on Kemushi chan), it's worlds of difference. But she's not atrocious. She doesn't use Keigo but that's not as big of a deal. Come on.
Also, all people, all over the world, use gestures in communication. In some cultures more than in others.

And the builder was likely speaking slower due to Ushka's presence?

No. 219237

As someone doing home renovations in English, which is my native language, that's pretty much how I sound. Looking at AD spreads doesn't make me an expert on crap like vinyl rigid and floating panels and all that.
I literally also had to fumble for the word "ladder" the other day and only got there through "step ladder" because my mind just went to "steps".

Not saying Sharla is perfect, just saying, being out of your comfort zone is hard.

No. 219238

I especially value the ones who make English grammar and spelling mistakes while whining about these Youtubers' Japanese

No. 219243

File: 1654870780590.jpeg (883.51 KB, 2048x2048, 302165CF-FEAD-4D2F-BDE3-D3B4F1…)

Darling, where Chris goes she will also be, lol. Like I said yesterday, they’re both in Cornwall UK. The tour of the UK continuous but don’t they are just friends and this is just a coincidence.

No. 219244

Aww romantic sunset strolls on the beach. Cute <3

No. 219252

Lol I never said anything was sacred or to deport him. I said two things.
1. He was really upset about that criticism.
2. To a lot of people it might rub them the wrong way when people do things like that and playing up the negative reaction. Especially with animal products. Though I will admit this maybe be a cultural thing. Where I'm from disrespecting or wasting food is seen as incredibly rude and with that said I'm sure I do things that would be seen as rude in other cultures.

I think Chris is a good guy overall but some YouTube trends are immature. You shouldn't be going out to mock other's cuisine at least with non constructive criticism. Norm is the extreme end of can't take criticism but Chris dabbles in it too. Youtubers in general aren't good with criticism because of the way the fame bubble works. But facing criticism with an open mind is important.

No. 219255

We most certainly can agree that most Youtubers including Chris has giant egos. But yes Norm is the worst! Let’s say that over and over because I can’t stand him lol

No. 219258

Norm was doing that project of learning how to fly a plane.
In general it's been a while since he worked with Chris.
Is not possibly they do or at minimum have friends lurking here.
Chris taking action against the video in 12 hours or so was a solid proof.

No. 219259

maybe it’s one of the Reddit mods who lurk here lmao

No. 219260

seems more likely than one of them

No. 219261

Most likely they are editing the hell out of it,I can picture that anytime Chris and Sharla collab both sit analysing the video to take out any clue like a pair of schizos kek

No. 219262

Knowing the room pretty well is necessary so it's most likely one of the two.
Well a close friend would know too I guess.

No. 219263

That video barely showed anything. I’m sure the average viewer wouldn’t pick up on it. Seems silly to make it private in my opinion. That basically just confirms the speculations.

No. 219270

That also explains how emotional and defensive someone >>219219 >>219227 here gets whenever Chris and Sharla are critiqued about their actual professions.
You're like the anon who won't stop saying saying Chris and Sharla aren't dating, prompting everyone else to post more proof. I wasn't even the anon who brought up Sharla's Japanese in the video, but only came in because you "fans" kept insisting she speaks well for someone like her and just forgot a couple of words.
Nope, it was for Sharla. He had to finish her sentences for her because she couldn't speak. Couldn't even say "lower" and "please." She added them in the subs.

No. 219275

She doesn't just interpret and translate for that movie production company and her Japanese was also broken back then. People here complained then, too.

No. 219278

I don’t care how good or bad peoples Japanese are, so I would never comment and say “oh Sharla‘s Japanese is so good.”Because I don’t care! My point is that some people, white mostly, love criticize other foreigners speaking levels. Can you imagine the reaction a commenter would get if they went on YouTube video, commenting about how bad the English of someone from Mexico was and they pronounced some words badly? People would right call out the person commenting, like that. It’s a silly, unnecessary complaint, So let’s stop with the judging of peoples language skills. Japan will not love you more if you speak perfect Japanese, lol.

No. 219282

>Maybe they even post here? But I highly doubt that.
Kek anons have mentioned Sharla's history of lurking and posting on other sites and here multiple times. >>159035 >>159069 >>159088
>>159284 >>172778 >>172820

No. 219283

Stop nitpicking this shit. It wasn't as if she couldn't talk at all. There's certain structures with same words with same meaning that will have different connotations based on the grammar used.

No. 219287

Last year or the year before, Sharla was telling people that they can get translation/interpretation jobs like her if they can become fluent in Japanese. If your interpreter couldn't even say "make it lower," you'd be demanding your money back.
Forgot to add that Sharla and Kim Dao once complained that a group of Japanese women were saying racist things about them while they were vlogging at a cafe, when the women were complaining about their co-worker and didn't say anything racist. Kim eventually deleted the vlog as more and more people pointed that she and Sharla didn't understand what they heard.

No. 219293

This site was also mentioned on the AiJ subreddit >>197615
So I wouldn't be surprised if either of them had been lurking and maybe posting here recently.

No. 219301

Chris ignores every single thing Sharla posts that is UK related yet likes her tweet about the house renovation lmao

No. 219302

If you google ‘chris broad Sharla dating’ this site is the first result so yeah they are probably well aware

No. 219303

Gotta use his influence.

No. 219304

File: 1654886680120.png (1.11 MB, 1283x820, cornwall.png)

Who said Chris is in Cornwall too? Yep, totally not dating.

No. 219305

Sharla seems fine with hinting at people that she’s in the same place as Chris is. She likes almost everything he tweets. Chris never makes the same kind of hints. Maybe he is the one who desperately wants to keep this relationship or whatever it is hidden and that’s why he privated the video so quickly.

No. 219307

With yesterday Chris mistake it's already a given that they are dating.
But ngl it's fun seeing their attempts of trying to fool people.

No. 219309

Yeah and it was a long video of 400k+ views so he's definitely into hiding the relationship.
For his second channel that's a good amount of views yet he didn't care so we know what is his priority.

No. 219310

They might as well come out with it, I highly doubt anyone would care

But that was a panic move for sure and probably one he regrets now because it probably confirms 1) they or someone close to them lurk here and 2) they lived together in Morioka for years and then moved to Sendai together. All of his sit-down videos and livestreams were probably filmed in that room with the sliding doors.

No. 219315

So we finally got new milk. Can everyone stop repeating the same shit about what Chris privating the video "means" or "confirms"? We don't need twenty people saying it.

No. 219316

This is a lot worse than I remembered. Sharla just made up shit and all three were so smug.
“She said, ‘Those people don’t fit in Japan. I can’t fucking stand them.’” Lady didn't say any of that or anything that could be misinterpreted that way.

No. 219331

Why are you all acting like we don’t know they are together in England? They aren’t hiding it, it’s obvious.. and I’m a denier!

No. 219332

They can't have been lying about their relationship if it hasn't been confirmed yet. IF they are in a relationship and want to keep it private, they are in NO WAY obligated to be open about it. The entitlement of you bitches is staggering. And if it ends up that they're dating, then what? Are you all going to bitch and tinfoil about their private lives until they split? All I see is people with nothing else of significance going on in their lives, for them to be so invested in some dull gossip like this. It is, to date, the most uninteresting Jvlogger milk i've seen. I keep hoping for some kind of new developments or relevant milk to get dug up, but it's the same dull bullshit endlessly.

No. 219334

Crawl back to your filthy hovel, ham.

No. 219337

I’m the opposite; this is the most interesting jvlogger gossip in a long time. What else is going on? Nothing. The glory days of good jvlogger gossip are long gone.

The fact that they are desperate to hide the alleged relationship by deleting comments and deleting 400k videos is mind boggling to me and it’s what makes the whole thing interesting. No one would care if they said “hey, we’re dating!” I don’t think either of them have obsessive fans who need them to be single nor do they have crazy shippers. I think people would just support them and not care about the details of their relationship.

Of course they’re entitled to their private lives but If the rumours are true they have been together for 3 years. That’s a long time to hide a relationship and it must kind of suck to be so secretive all the time. But it’s their choice.

No. 219338

You love it! Otherwise why bother to even write this long message about something you find so boring. Lol.

No. 219339

Weird, why would she lie about that… like do the words even sound similar? I think Sharla has a bit of a bitchy tbh.

No. 219340

What the fuck are you talking about? You think I’m tkyoham? I just admitted I don’t believe they are together…

No. 219342

Why don’t you think they are together?

No. 219343

Oh, how I'm going to enjoy it when a mod finally gives in to requests and we get to find out more about you, anonymous protector-sama.

No. 219344

>like do the words even sound similar?

No. 219346

The speculation regarding the potential split between Aki and Joey is far more entertaining, since there's more to lose there. If Chris and Sharla are a thing, there's not really much dirt to dig up between them. Chris is fat, Sharla's annoying, they'd make a very average couple. If the tension is what's got everyone so invested and on the chase, I can't help feeling like it leads to nothing. As much as i'd like for them to confirm that they are or aren't outright, that's unlikely, but I would like some more conclusive evidence rather than circumstantial. As it is now, it's simply not convincing or interesting enough for me to invest much attention in, but you do you.

If you're implying that i'm either of them or someone close to them, sorry to disappoint you, i'm simply a person who can't stand liars or those who force milk when it isn't really there. It should flow freely.

No. 219347

I get them not going public immediately since it would be a bad look if they were immediately together after breaking up with long term partners right after JAJ when everyone was remarking on their interaction and obvious chemistry. Waiting a bit makes sense. Being so obsessive about not revealing it is a bit weird.

I feel for Sharla because she had to do that for so long in her previous relationship/marriage where he refused to be on camera. Now she has a relationship where they film together all the time, and still has to hide that they are together.

No. 219348

I hope they hide it because they both want to, not just because Chris wants to.

No. 219349

Same. So sad if he’s the one insisting and she actually would want to be open.

I don’t think either of their audiences rely on them being perceived as available. Although obviously they both have fans who find them attractive. I think Sharla’s audience is probably mostly women. Chris’s more just people who are interested in Japan and travel.

No. 219357

I was surprised by how many scrotes respond to Sharla’s social media. When I used to watch her livestreams where she’d open presents from subscribers it was about a 50/50 split between lone males and women/couples sending her candy, et cetera. Just being a woman online means she attracts creepy simps, all the more since she lives in Japan. I don’t think she’d lose them though - she was married before after all. I think Chris wants to be taken “seriously” as a presenter and for whatever reason he must think publicly dating someone goes against that image. I don’t get it. Guess he wants to come off as grumpy and laddish, not romantic and loving.

No. 219359

She quit YT forever ago and you can see her face plenty on their Instagrams. He seems to respect she doesn't want her face everywhere on camera, but mentions her/shows snippets so the audience doesn't go, "Where's Mariza" all the time.

No. 219362

Yeah sorry anon I’m not that poster either but you’re not gonna get much out of the mods cause I equally report and moan in meta about the tinfoiling fan fiction.
At first (many moons/threads ago) it was just speculation. I was happy to tinfoil myself but it just didn’t seem like they were. I believed they were really good friends.
During the shit storm we get several people saying they’ve seen x y z but they don’t post anything to prove what they say. Also I feel tkyosam is in this thread, or at least someone who knows them. Someone does push the narrative.
Then people from Reddit show up, then anyone who asks for proof gets ridiculed, then the fan fictions starts.
Now some new screenshots have been uploaded that I will say that if they had been 3 threads ago the discussion would be more productive. Even though I don’t believe they are in a relationship, I appreciate the new screen caps because some of them do make me think differently.
As a ‘denier’ I only want to see what people speculate, I just get annoyed with the ‘trust me sis’ posts. This is an imageboard!

No. 219363


Because they want the validation or something.

> Chris never makes the same kind of hints. Maybe he is the one who desperately wants to keep this relationship or whatever it is hidden

This is such a crazy assumption. At this point, they are not hiding it. They are not openly saying that they are together but also not hiding
whatever it is that they're doing. When two adults are in a relationship, they usually make this sort of decision together. She wouldn't post her location, which is the same as Chris's without him being ok with that.

This! They can do or not do whatever they want together without making it part of their videos. they are not hiding anything. They are just choosing not to talk about it (yet, or maybe at all)

No. 219364

> Of course they’re entitled to their private lives but If the rumours are true they have been together for 3 years. That’s a long time to hide a relationship and it must kind of suck to be so secretive all the time. But it’s their choice.

Are you seriously naive and childish enough to believe that Youtube is their whole life? They are not constantly hiding something. They don't have paparazzi following them and they don't have to crawl into each other's houses through backdoors and freight elevators… They just make their videos about other stuff.
Grow up.

No. 219365

What's your damage?

No. 219366

He deleted a video that showed him possibly live-streaming in Sharlas apartment within hours of it being posted about here. She constantly deletes comments that talk about spotting Chris dropping her off at the airport and hearing his voice in her apartment. How is that not hiding it?

No. 219367

> Chris is fat

Whenever I read one of you whiners call him fat, I imagine a Tkyosam sized blob furiously typing away all night.
Chris is not as fit as he could or should be but like stop pretending like this slightly chubby man is obese.
I get that you're all Weebs who think people look like anime characters but the pandemic isolation is over, you can go outside and see real people again.

No. 219369

Na they are careful outside,pandemic has allowed a chill relationship when going out.
Now all is opening is easy to see how they are easy to spot.
Like two twitter users mention seeing them together one in a museum and the other in a shop(UK).
You are really dumb if you think control freak Chris is no wary of not looking like a couple if a lot of people is around.

No. 219370

Chris will not shag you anon no need to say he's just chubby cuz he isn't ,it clearly entering into fat territory if he continues this path up to him.

No. 219371

I bet this is the ex mod of abroadinjapan subreddit who is into chubby people.

No. 219372

I kinda miss that mod, the abroadinjapan subreddit is now basically completely dead

No. 219374

because anyone who says Chris isn't obese wants to fuck him. your world is very small, innit

No. 219377

In that anon defense when someone points out Chris shape here there's always comments here saying he's hot and more after some hours.

No. 219378

Hi I am the same uk anon who is not tkyoham or a person who wants his dick in my vagina.
I agree with you wholeheartedly.

No. 219379

I don't think he's hot (his friend CDawg, on the other hand, though…) just not fat fat.

No. 219380

> > This! They can do or not do whatever they want together without making it part of their videos. they are not hiding anything. They are just choosing not to talk about it (yet, or maybe at all)

I agree with this. I think they're definitely together but if they choose to never address it, that's fine too. Personally it doesn't impact my opinion on either one of them but neither of them have channels about marriage, or even that much "lifestyle" content - particularly Chris. Sharla is vaguely more day-in-the-life but well, if she chooses for some reason to pretend she is single, that's her prerogative. I watch her for a chill Japanese vlog vibe, not because I want to see her cuddle with Chris on a couch. SO I get it.

No. 219387

By the recent livestream of cdawgva I will say that if he's not careful he's close to enter into a bad territory.
Not exactly due the looks but because once the skin is stretched due overweight it's no longer the same unless you get surgery.

No. 219392

wait what? CDawg got chubby??

No. 219393

what the fuck? He'd have to lose like 100 pounds to have loose skin issues.
Do you have any idea about how human bodies work?

No. 219396

You are reaching, anon.
He's not morbidly obese and for people who are just like 30 or so pounds overweight, if you lose weight while also doing something to build up muscle, skin is never an issue.
You are either a massive troll or a confused 13 year old.

No. 219398

If you don't think they're together, why do you think he deleted that livestream?

No. 219399

Neither Chris nor Connor are overweight. They are also both good looking. Chris has talked about having health issues though so hopefully he gets that sorted out.

No. 219412

Is there a chance that Chris and Sharla are roommates? That could explain the deleted livestream. They don’t want people jumping to conclusions.

No. 219417

People forgetting the heartbreaking video sharla had to make to address her divorce. Nobody wants to do that kind of shit, if they are keeping it secret, it's a 50/50 decision, Chris is not forcing her to keep their relationship in secret, lol(sage your shit)

No. 219420

Roommates!? LOL that’s the best one yet. Chris a super independent 32 year old, who makes over 500k a year, rents and built a very expensive studio with a cat allergy. Sharla a 35 year old divorcée who is also financially independent, who just brought a house. This is the roommate ad: Guy with cat allergy who makes shit tones of money, seeking a white gaijin with a cat, to share a small, cheap and cramp Japanese apartment, in the not trendy cities of Morioka and Sendai! Lol!! I mean you don’t have to believe that they are a couple, but Roommates? Roommates? Honestly FFS, be more creative

No. 219422

Also Sharla kept her relationship very private. She dated, got engaged, got married to her ex, long before she told her audience. both Chris and Sharla are very private, they’re not going to tell the public anytime soon.

No. 219444

>Also Sharla kept her relationship very private. She dated, got engaged, got married to her ex, long before she told her audience.
Her ex was in her vlogs before they got married. He just didn't show his face.

No. 219445

>He'd have to lose like 100 pounds to have loose skin issues.
Not at his age tho.

No. 219449

Chris makes over 500k a year? Wow, get it Chris lol.

No. 219451

Didn't she want to show is face, isn't that why she did that nail reveal?

I don't think Sharla is all that private with her relationships, even though we didn't really see her ex's face, we still saw plenty of their relationship like how they talked to each other etc.

Chris on the other hand didn't mention or show shit when he was with Lily, just that now-privated date video and that was at the very beginning of their relationship I think.

Now Chris is out here panicky deleting over one year old videos showing him livestreaming in Sharla's apartment, while Sharla is not shying away from showing on social media that she spent days being all over Kent where Chris is from, she replied to accounts that talked about seeing her at the podcast event (as far as I know Chris didn't like or reply the tweets at @ Sharla) and now she posts photos from Cornwall where a day earlier Chris posted a photo that looks very much like it was taken in Cornwall.

I could be wrong, but it's feels like Chris is a lot more keen keeping their relationship or whatever it is under wraps, while Sharla has more of an 'idgaf if you guys know we're together' kind of attitude.

No. 219457

You’re quick to lol at that anon but what they are saying is equally as speculative as what you say.
Until Sharla and Chris prove otherwise there is as much ‘proof’ to say that they are not in a relationship as there is for it.

No. 219458

I think we can be pretty sure that they at least live together and have done so for quite some time, judging by the livestream he privated, the similar mugs and furniture etc. If they are in a relationship, who knows.

No. 219462

No she didn’t by the time her husband showed up on her vlo, they were already married. She just didn’t have an official wedding ceremony yet, but they were already married.

No. 219463

Like I said yes she did show her husband after they got married. We didn’t know she was dating, we didn’t know she was engaged, we don’t even know when she got married. She showed him well after they were already married. So the whole planning my wedding bit was because she was going to have a wedding ceremony, but they never got around to that they got divorced first. Lol

No. 219465

You act like he’s 600 pounds. He’s probably 30 lbs overweight and losing that sort of weight, he is not going to have excessive loose skin. Lol it’s like you have body dysmorphia and projecting it on Chris lol.

No. 219466

So you’re saying Sharla won’t show off Chris until they’re engaged/married? lol

No. 219469

Lol, I don’t think, they are ever going to put their relationship out there. But as time goes by, it will become more and more obvious.

No. 219470

It’s called following the line of reasoning. The have similar household items, slip on the podcast, the hearing chris voice in her apartment etc, Doesn’t lead to them being roommates. Because a person who is very financially well off, with a major cat allergy, would not choose to subject themself to living in a small apartment, with a cat, with someone they are not romantically involved With. It’s a line of reasoning it’s not about jumping to conclusions.

No. 219485

He's 32, ffs!
Also, you can be way older and your skin will still bounce back from like 30 or even 50 pounds weight loss. I'm a personal trainer and work with enough older people (to you that might mean they're 30 but I mean like in their 50s and 60s)

No. 219486

That is very probably the case.

No. 219487

lol. That's not what the post was saying. Just that she's more private than some other youtubers

No. 219489

The tinfoil is so strong!

If they are dating, they have surely talked about their online presence. So if Sharla is more open, it is surely something that Chris is ok with. Unless you guys believe they have a toxic relationship.

Instead of seeking the drama explanation to their different SOME strategies, what about the obvious one? That Chris tries to be less of a brand himself, whereas Sharla is much more focused on “day in my life” content, where viewers have to have a personal connection/ paradoxical relationship with her in order to stay engaged.

No. 219491

It's not the tinfoil, it's a lack of normal human relationships. These are all either people who have known only toxic relationships (one partner controls the other, everybody cheats and that's the only reason to leave someone, one is crazy, etc. etc.) or very young teens, who shouldn't be here

No. 219495

This video was after she'd already announced the engagement. Her ex appeared in other vlogs before they married and his nickname was Keyboard-san. I hate to say this but Norm is a better example of someone who actually keeps that part of their life private. Sharla did Q&As and multiple videos with and on her ex and complained about her MIL. The ex is the one who wanted privacy, not Sharla.

No. 219497

She vlogged other dates, also tweeted screenshots of his messages and commented on Keyboardsan art premarriage. You get the point.

No. 219510

She was already married at this point. You can go out to dates with your husband, you know that right

No. 219511

Again by the time he showed up on her channel he was NOT her fiancé she was already wearing a wedding band she was already married!

No. 219529

Why does she call him her fiance, why was she tweeting about her "fiance," and why did she announce she was engaged if she was already married? He was spotted in her vlogs even before she announced the engagement, which was talked about on lolcow. Taylor did a joke video on him for vlogmas 2016 because she accidentally exposed him in one of her videos and someone commented about it to Sharla. Sharla didn't say she was married until 2017.

No. 219538

What I am saying is the time line from when she announced she was engaged, doesn’t match when she actually started to wear her engagement ring on video. The first video that she ever wore their engagement ring was from April 2015. That video you posted from Taylor is from 2016, by that time she was already wearing a wedding band. So yes she did share she was engaged, but she was already married at that point, but letting the viewers think otherwise. By was of an FYI it was around March 2016, that she switched from engagement ring to wedding band.

No. 219547

Screenshots? Why would she lie for over a year, and tweet and make videos about "my fiance"? Why would it matter if he was actually her husband and why didn't she hide her rings? That whole situation is just weird.
>Meeting my Online Friend After 10 YEARS!!!
She's been friends with Norm since she was 19.

No. 219555

File: 1655003136854.jpeg (458.33 KB, 2048x2048, 49B703E5-FF10-48A4-A055-E222B9…)

So as you can see in the past even though there was clear evidence that she was one engaged she would lie and hide her relationship. Just as she’s doing now. Picture on the left was from April 2015 she was already engage picture on the right was from May 2016 she was already married. You noticed a change of rings. She’s wearing both a wedding band and an engagement ring.

No. 219557

File: 1655003551212.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1284x1784, 56121EF3-9D3C-4CFC-93A0-A9131D…)

Again she is very misleading to her audience because in her I’m getting married now privated video she has a Wedding band ring on. Lol . And then you never notice her mention when she actually got married, she just started calling him her husband all of the sudden in 2017.

No. 219558

If Chris ever proposes to Sharla (on this trip perhaps?) I wonder if she will ever show off the ring or keep it hidden like everything else.

No. 219560

File: 1655006717427.jpeg (805.24 KB, 1188x821, 0CC9C7D1-EF0F-459B-AE56-BB6DBB…)

I imagine her doing the “how it started and how it’s going”. By posting this picture of the first time they met, and the engagement pic. She is uncreative like that Lol

No. 219561

I'm actually really surprised at how handsome Chris was back then. He looks like a totally different person here.
Sharla more or less is like a vampire and barely has aged or changed. Chris shouldn't be so secretive about her. Just enjoy life.

No. 219567

Eventually one will notice the ring marks on either of two so it's not an issue.
Unless they decide that no rings which would be too extreme and bonkers…like grow up.
The continuation and increase of his bad habits killed that level of attractiveness.
Most English guys hotness goes downhill after 26 I think due the habits they are well known for,the ones who are careful exercise so they can maintain their good looks.
At least Chris dropped smoking long ago otherwise he would be more fucked up.

No. 219569

Kinda sure she uses a fair amount of make up.

No. 219571

chris is 5'9" so the weight he put on probably isn't all that much but because he's short it makes him bloat up quickly, he could quite easily lose it. Doubt this will happen though, the guy loves to eat out and he's in a country where eating out is easier and cheaper than cooking for yourself. And chris doesn't know how to cook either, all of the cooking streams and videos make that abundantly clear which is sad considering his age. He's done a weight loss series in the past so maybe he'll do one again and the results will stick.

No. 219573

He did say that once he gets back to Japan he’s going to go on a health journey. He’s going to do a video about it soon. Losing weight is not easy, changing eating habit is not easy, so if anyone is doing it, I hope the best for them. I try not to judge, or comment on people’s weight, because I know that food addiction can be even more difficult to break than some drugs addiction. but he has also mentioned that doctors have told him he’s headed towards dangerous path, so he certainly needs to make a change!

No. 219577

Honestly he will not keep the weight off until he changes his attitude about it. Usually in the past he'd make the weightloss into a big one time event and sometimes it would work but since it was an event he'd gain even more back. The only way it's off longterm is if he makes lifestyle changes that he will keep. It would honestly be better if he lost the weight slowly and sustainably rather than hyping up the super weight loss he'll have when he returns from the UK (another big one time event where he'll try big cuts and long gym sessions that aren't sustainable to him long term). JAJ1 was a great series but it was not a good tactic for weight loss unless he was planning to cycle across the country regularly. Perhaps he could get into kendo, aikido, judo, or some other Japanese sport which would make it good content too.

No. 219578

Thank you. Have anything earlier than May 2016? She was already calling him her fiance on twitter in March that year and he was spotted in her videos before the engagement announcement. Still, that means she lied for 1+ year, but for what purpose? If she didn't want people to know she was engaged or married, why say anything, why film with him around, and why show off her rings? IDK what that is, but it's not quite the same as being private.
At least she hasn't lied about Chris so far.

No. 219582


I think it is plausible that she wanted to tell the world and her husband didn't, so it took that long to convince him to let her do it.

No. 219587

Junk food and low or zero exercise plus drinking it's such a terrible combo.
Even with low exercise one can lose weight as long as one eats properly.I would bash him for not knowing how to cook but gosh I've seen 40yo+ people who doesn't know either.
I do remember him saying that the doctor said something about him needing to take pills in the future if he doesn't change.
It is indeed a bad situation.

No. 219592

Doing some research I see that plenty of YouTubers of Chris age are in a good shape and even fit like Markiplier,jacksepticeye,PewDiePie, Antony Padilla are 32yo as him and well they upload way more videos than Chris.
It's so odd when Chris supposedly has more time,I think he's just lazy in the matter.
PewDiePie is interesting he was lanky as hell but now he has managed to gain muscle and be ripped,great will.

No. 219594

What if he doesn't care much due having a partner already?
Some guys do that.
(Well unless they are into fitness since the beginning)

No. 219596

Keep in mind that people tend to become more private as they get older. The fact that she shared quite a lot of details about her last relationship doesn’t necessarily mean she wants to do the same now (but Chris doesn’t let her - what a twat, right?).
My observation is that she’s way more mature now compared to her “Korean” self. So no wonder she’s not blabbing about her current relationship (if it exists).

No. 219597

Makeup doesn’t make you look younger though. She has taken great care of herself and her skin. She’s also only 36, 36yos don’t usually look old if they haven’t partied and smoked and tanned a lot. She looks older than she did in the pic with Chris but she still looks great.

No. 219602

These guys all make low effort videos playing videos games. Hardly the pedestal to hold up to.

No. 219606

I would love this lmao, it would completely blindside some of her fans who insist her and Chris are just friends.

No. 219608

File: 1655025397228.jpeg (267.1 KB, 1284x1365, 130379EF-F010-4679-AB39-BD5B0A…)

Yes, this the first time I can find a video with the ring. APRIL 2015 , long before she announced her engagement.

No. 219611

I don't think either Chris or Sharla have lied at all. Chris got a question on the podcast about dating in Japan recently and he literally said he hasn't dated in a while and laughed. Neither of them have said they're single, despite what some of their fans seem to think.

I guess the only thing you could call "lying" is when Chris said he spent his 30th birthday alone even though it is possible he lived with Sharla at that time. Maybe she was away for his birthday though so technically it wasn't a lie lol.

No. 219619

File: 1655030975223.jpeg (417.69 KB, 2048x2048, D0215956-1FC4-44F7-A2CA-A3D4D5…)

They both lie all the time. One example sharla’s crazy explanation for the 3rd bedroom during her apartment tour. I’ll give you another example, these picture is his first live member livestream that Chris did after they move to Sendai, in July of last year. Read the caption and his lame explanation as to why the room looks different! Lol

No. 219623

oh my. what a coincidence that the backdrop in his apartment changes just as Sharla moves apartments! almost as if they moved from Morioka together?!

Is he sitting in the rubbish room Sharla showed? Because that explanation was very weird and that giant ass sheet she put up was also strange.

No. 219624

Dude who gives a shit. The guy is filming in front of a shelf. Have you really got nothing better to do than overanalyse meaningless scraps from endless live shows.

No. 219626

You care, you care a lot Karen.

No. 219628

Yes, lol that’s sorry ass sheet was covering his desk and such!

No. 219630

You could also spot the ‘things she was getting rid off’ in other rooms of the apartment during the tour. Like that lamp, for example. And it looked like his jeans and beige pants on the top shelf of the wardrobe in that room.

No. 219631

The timing is SUS as fuck, he has the same backdrop since may 2019 and then it suddenly changes when Sharla moves? yeah big coincidence.

No. 219633

It’s even more than the background change, it’s his bad explanation for it! he’s not a very good liar. Lol

No. 219635

I hope someone asks about the deleted livestream in one of his future livestreams, like they always ask about that deleted Lily video in the woods.

No. 219643

OMG THATD BE AMAZING. Fuck world peace when you can wish for shit like that.

No. 219644

YES PLZ. Like actually amazing rofl

No. 219646

Didn’t Chris say he would travel to Spain or did he scrap those plans?

No. 219647

We are both thinking the same thing, that last post from Sharla sure looks like Nerja Spain to me.

No. 219650

It look like a photo of a swimming pool to me. Don’t jump to conclusions.

No. 219651

What post?

No. 219652

England isn’t exactly known for its swimming pools and it’s not swimming pool weather in any part of the country right now

No. 219663

It is in Cornwall

No. 219665

It has barely been 20 degrees in Cornwall this past week, hardly swimming pool weather

No. 219668


No. 219672

>Any person that calls Norm friend is by default at some level trash,Sharla and Chris equally.
Maybe you're kinda right about that anon. As other anons have pointed out Chris doesn't seem to handle criticism or any negative comments well. >>167711 >>214941
>>214945 >>214949

>>219316 and this shit with Sharla being all smug making up shit saying that someone said some racist things about them. Like what the fuck? >>219339 agreed
Birds of a feather. >>184127

No. 219673

kek that "room full of broken furniture" was such a bad coverup, why would Sharla have a room full of broken furniture? If you truly can't come up with a better lie than that, you maybe shouldn't bother lying at all. Or just don't film an apartment tour? They've definitely never said they're single, but they do try and obscure the truth (if they are dating, which I think they are for sure…) but it is their prerogative. It just seems like a pointless thing to hide at this point.

No. 219677

I'm actually curious to see PewDiePie meet Norm. PewDiePie is more mature and self aware than most of this JVlogger crew. I don't see him getting along with Norm well. Given Pewdiepie's level of fame I could see the other Jvloggers aligning with him and Norm not collabing as much.

Despite all the effort they aren't very good at lying and covering it up. Chris hastily deleting that vid was hilarious and he did not think through how it'd just reveal he lurks here. I really don't get the point of lying. I would rather just sleep not having to remember lies or a big secret instead of lurking here to help cover up that I'm dating someone who is age appropriate and non controversial. If he was having an affair or Sharla was significantly younger than him it'd make sense. But the way it is now it's just weird.

No. 219679

Yeah anons have said some ridiculous things.
>everybody cheats and that's the only reason to leave someone
No one said this.

No. 219680

File: 1655054608766.png (331.67 KB, 1080x587, Screenshot_20220612-181211.png)

>Why would Sharla have a room full of broken furniture?
The big earthquake that happened on March 16. It was clear that she didn't want to show that room though.

No. 219683

Idc how good friends you are. Going on a multi week trip to their home country for their sister’s wedding. Going to all their favourite places including the town they went to university in, then to a Spanish seaside town that is extremely sentimental to them where their uncle lives…

It just is really unlikely.
Introducing your partner to your family, now it makes sense in that context.

No. 219685

What's the name of the seaside town? Barcelona?

No. 219686

No one even knows if they went to the sister's wedding. Why do you keep asserting things that are tinfoil as fact? Get a grip, anon.

No. 219688

I'm still laughing at Chris deleting it, way to make everyone know you or someone you know lurk here, Chris.

Sharla is like the best person he could have dated from a j-vlogging perspective, she is probably universally liked by his fans and she's not controversial in any way. But I think he just enjoys having his private life wholly separated from his professional life.

No. 219689

NTA, but isn't it highly likely that they went? if his sister had a wedding I'm assuming Chris would go and Garnt said he was going to a wedding. Sharla hasn't posted a single photo from her "friend's" wedding and I'm assuming she would if it was someone she knew like Chiaki. But since it could be Chris sister's