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File: 1655132301701.png (311.62 KB, 480x360, japan.png)

No. 219948

Previous thread: >>>/w/216275
Discuss your (in)famous (ex-)Japan-vloggers here.

BEFORE POSTING: Please keep on topic. Post proof about topics before tinfoiling. Report all Sharla and Chris non-proof posters and move on.
Don't post here unless you have proof of discussion, this includes dating between Chris and Sharla. Encouraged that anons report all posters asserting dating without actual proof, this is NOT a ship thread
TRASH TASTE HAS THEIR OWN THREAD >>>/w/218113 , DO NOT POST ABOUT GARNT, JOEY OR CONNOR IN THIS THREAD ANYMORE SINCE ANONS APPARENTLY NEED A 3RD JVLOGGER THREAD. So please keep all their family and other friends off this thread from now on

This thread is only for the following cows now.






Rachel & Jun


Tokyo Creative



>Previous Milk:

>absolutely nothing
>just a bunch of tinfoil about dating and nothing actually concrete at all and it filled the whole thread

No. 219967

>implying tkyo’s unhinged livestreams count as vlogging
Lmao thanks for the laugh nonnie

No. 219971

It's from the bio 3 threads ago. I copy/pasted.

No. 219997

>Don't post here unless you have proof of discussion, this includes dating between Chris and Sharla. Encouraged that anons report all posters asserting dating without actual proof

What is this absolute retardation about reporting every post without proof. This is a gossip/discussion board fam, not a detective agency.

No. 220000

kek love this, as if all the random shit discussed in the entirety of this site needs "proof". This isn't a court of law Ace Attorney, it's a website where weeby women make fun of fat girls and trannies.

No. 220008

Anons calm yo tits, I think they just mean if you’re gonna tinfoil at least back it up. Plus they do have a point.. topic is done to death we just need to see the damning evidence!

No. 220012

Ntayrt, but no this is actually an IMAGE board. So if there is no further proof to discuss WITH LINKED IMAGES, just sit out.

And this is coming from someone who mostly believes they are dating. I don't even mind tinfoiling over NEW pictures of their Europe trip. But the boring back and forth over "yes they are, you crazy" /"No they aren't, you crazy" on the same old "evidence" has to stop. It's frustrating for both parties and very boring to scroll past for the rest of us who are just here for the milk.

No. 220021

To use such a strident definition of imageboard would kill a lot of discussion across this site though. And people are discussing the linked images in these threads. I agree that it is a lot of rehashing on either side. For instance right now me just saying "Nobody goes on vacations with platonic male friend!" would be annoying, as it's already been stated over and over and adds nothing. But that's not what the OP says, the OP suggests that any Chris and Sharla discussion shouldn't be posted unless you have 'proof', which is retarded. Once an image is shared, discussion will be had regarding such the image. That's how these threads work across the farms, not just here. Look at /pt/ and /snow/ sometime and you'll see reams and reams of text dedicated to one image posted by some obnoxious camgirl or drug addict. Don't even look that far, the pixielocks thread on /w/ is full of discussion about like, one or two images.

No. 220025

There was PLENTY of images of their cups, furniture, Chris deleted livestream etc in the last thread lmao. What else do you need?

No. 220026

Anyway, Sharla hasn't posted a pic from England in nearly 4 days. I'm guessing this means she's no longer there.

No. 220027

kek love you anon

No. 220028

PROVE IT reeeee

No. 220029

But their cuuups.
The sammmme. Oooooo.

No. 220030

NTA, but pretty sure that anon were mocking the "post proof!!!" anons

No. 220062

Honestly, what do you want? on one hand you ask for proof, people post other proof syou ignore it all, and m bring up the cups over and over again as if it’s the only proof?

No. 220064

On the contrary, I think it's especially needed here since there are so many CxS anons that devolve into autistic screeching whenever someone doesn't take their tinfoiling as the "100% TRUE FACTS SWEATY!!1 REEEEEEE" that they love to claim it as. Discussion is one thing but there has been so much reaching in prior threads.

No. 220065

You’re very self-revealing because you love to use to the word autistic a lot, and log in about this time.

No. 220067

I'm not sure who you think I am but try again, chief. You're way off the mark. I'm a long time observer of this thread and don't post nearly enough to have anyone be able to suss me out.

No. 220070

Either way the use of the word autistic is definitely your mark. Lol

No. 220074

Really, who do you think I am? You're wrong both about the timing and my use of the word autistic, this could describe any anon in here if that's what you want to go off of. You seem to think yourself very clever for connecting dots which aren't quite there (unsurprising if you're a CxS stan) which in turn amuses me, but let's stay on topic and use the thread as it's meant to be, shall we?

No. 220077

Well puppetmaster, I hate to tell you but this very strict definition of imageboard is unlikely to be enforced especially for this thread when you see the state of the rest of lolcow. Either you embrace the culture of conversation here, which is different than your classic scrote-focused imageboards (men, by nature of their inferior comprehension of emotion and text, need visuals in order to understand anything at all) and people do also communicate through text here. There has been reaching, anons who said they're getting married on this trip or whatever are pretty stupid. But it's equally stupid to act as if it is impossible, or even unlikely, that two very similar people with a lot of coincidences that point towards them dating…aren't dating. You can't shut the discussion down point blank because there are a lot of flashing red arrows pointing to them dating. The only proof one way or another that will be concrete is one of them saying yes or no, and that isn't going to happen. And if/when it does, it will cease being milk. Until then speculation that is grounded in some form of reality is "milk", and open to discussion. Tinfoiling is crazy shit, that's completely off the wall, like saying Sharla is dating TkyoSam.(infighting)

No. 220079

Implying that i'm a scrote because I don't accept speculation and circumstantial evidence unquestioningly? By your logic, a whole bunch of bullshit could be proven as "true". What I take issue with is people screeching that it's 100% fact when at best either narrative could be the truth. If someone said something on a stream or there was some comment or whatever, yeah, we need to see a screenshot or something, otherwise it's just word of mouth. Also, it wouldn't be that hard to prove if they actually are, but it remains to be seen because the current evidence doesn't quite cut it. It's how aggressively the CxS anons push their tinfoil that does it for me, especially when it's on crumbs of mostly circumstantial evidence or coincidental stuff. I never said it was impossible or unlikely, but I don't buy that it's the ultimate and only truth.(infighting)

No. 220082


jfc just kys both of you who fuckin cares

No. 220113

But their cuuuuuppps.
Cuuuuupssa. Saaaaame. Oooooo.
Cuppy cup cup.(shitpost)

No. 220124

This thread in a couple years.
"Just because Sharla is pregnant with Chris'child doesn't mean they're dating. How do you know that he wasn't just the donor and she really wanted a child?"
I think the little breadcrumbs were there but between going to England and Kent specifically together and Chris freaking out and deleting the year old live stream hours after it was mentioned here. The case is closed.

No. 220125

File: 1655206932543.jpeg (561.13 KB, 2048x2048, 532084DC-C1C4-4EB0-A275-35985D…)

You’re the one that refused to move on from the cups and ignore every other Evidence

No. 220127

Oooo Daiso cuppy cups.
Cuupppppy cup cup.

No. 220129

The thought of Chris and Sharla being a couple really pisses some people of huh. What’s the big deal, they look cute together.(bait)

No. 220135

File: 1655216150487.jpeg (788.67 KB, 1220x1533, ACF14BE5-C6CE-4457-B5CA-C3D90B…)

Yup the daisy cup so cheap, but Sharla just treat it like something precious to her, for kicks.

No. 220138

you have a hard time with irony, eh?
I guess you are very young or don't get out much. The pandemic really did a number on many of us, it's ok

No. 220139

tbf, "autistic" is a commonly used term on lolcow, newfag

No. 220140

the word autistic doesn't mark anyone. what do you think sperging refers to?

No. 220141

See, that's the thing. Everybody is annoyed NOT because there is possibly circumstantial evidence that points to them being a couple and you pointing that out.
it's the frilly shit.
> between going to England and Kent specifically together and Chris freaking out and deleting the year old live stream hours after it was mentioned here
He deleted it, yes. The whole Chris freaking out is your headcanon that is just annoying.

No. 220142

So what is your explanation then? That he would just up and delete an old livestream out of nowhere? Please, tell us what you think is the most likely reason behind the deletion.

No. 220144

holy fuck, nonnie!
Could be a number of reasons. There was a few bars of music in the background that got a copyright strike. He didn't like how his belly looked. Whatever. However… THAT WAS NOT MY POINT.

Seriously, you clearly don't get it. It's not about the breadcrumbs or whatever. It's about the friggin frilly narrative you weave around them in your head, and there alone, without any concrete evidence for them.
OOOOH, he FREAKED OUT! He was sleepless ALL NIGHT while deciding, should I take down the video? Should I not? WhatEVER shall I do? Whatever shall I DOOOOO??

Calm down.
they are most likely together and this is where your headcanon can stop, unless you're somehow obsessed with them, then go crank out a fanfic on Wattpad.

To reiterate for the comprehensively delayed:
- does there seem to be circumstantial evidence pointing to them being together: YES
- do we know anything about how they feel about revealing it or not, why they are choosing not to, and all these other details you are adding in your little noggin: NO

You cannot make milk out of him "freaking out" if you don't know that he did.

No. 220145

There was no music in the video nor did he show his belly.

If the grass outside is wet and I know it’s just rained, I (and most people) will assume it’s wet because of the rain. If my face is red after a full day out in the sun, I assume my face is red because of the sun. If Chris deletes an oooold video mere hours after it was posted about here and he didn’t delete any other videos nor does he have habit of doing this, I’m assuming he deleted it because it was talked about here. Simple.

No. 220146

It seems we will never escape the CxS debates. Can somebody create a separate thread just for the two of them so that all the nonnies polluting the past 4-5 Jvloggers threads with their debates can go there?

Like at this point, it's obvious this whole thread will devolve into another CxS argument.

No. 220147

As I said, and this is the last time I reply to you, because you clearly have some sort of issue:
I agree that it is the most likely explanation.

But it's not the only one. And your entire head cannon story is definitely not something you have proof of. ("Chris freaked out")
By the way, you are revealing your logical flaws in your example:
> If the grass outside is wet and I know it’s just rained, I (and most people) will assume it’s wet because of the rain.

Here, we have the situation: the grass is wet and the MOST LIKELY explanation is that it rained.
He deleted the video and the MOST LIKELY explanation (TO YOU!) is that he took it down because of the crap on here.

But you write "and I know it's just rained"
Except here, it's that you ASSUME (probably rightfully) that they are together. You don't KNOW that for a fact.
But your assumption is so STRONG that it bends everything the way YOU want to see it.

I'm a data scientist and it's ok, many people struggle with stats and probabilities/likelihood.(infighting)

No. 220148

> There was no music in the video
ahahaha, prove it! oh wait, you can't because he took it down.

No. 220149

Dude, what else is there to talk about? Literally nothing, sorry but all jvloggers are drama free atm.

No. 220150

literally, they have to make up shit for the others (Aki didn't travel. Her and Joey must be breaking up! lmao)

No. 220152

I watched that livestream back when it aired and he’s always very careful not to use music.

Besides, it’s probably still available on wayback machine or something

No. 220154

He unlisted that video like 6 months ago. He has a rule where he unlists most of his live shows a few months after as the views dry up. It's hilarious watching folks on here decide it was unlisted last week as some kind of knee jerk reation.

No. 220156

>He unlisted that video like 6 months ago.
Post proof.

No. 220157

Nope, I scrolled through the Chris Abroad channel the other week and it was there along with the other livestreams he did around the same time. Those other livestreams are neither deleted nor unlisted. Try again.

No. 220159

It also wasn’t unlisted, it was made private, something he has never done to a livestream before as far as I know.

No. 220164

File: 1655226376323.png (294.75 KB, 538x440, Screen Shot 2022-06-13 at 12.3…)

They're not all Daiso cups. That could be explained as a coincidence considering how ubiquitous they are. What isn't ubiquitous is the exact same expensive Lomonosov teacup. Daiso doesn't sell this, and it is definitely the same teacup they're using. Really hard to explain this one as anything other than they live together and share items between one another.


No. 220170

You just made that , he never said! He has live streams on up on his channel that’s older than that one. Yes, he has been deleting recent ones, but that whole deleting thing is a lie that you just made up! you can’t prove it, because it’s not true! The person that took the screenshot from the video 3-4 days ago, so how can the video been deleted 6 months ago? Lol

No. 220173

How do we know that person took the photo several days ago? Where’s their proof?!

No. 220175

You can see the date next to where it says 'screenshot' it says 2022/06/09

No. 220176

Seeing sensible nonnies like you in this thread decimate the unhinged headcanon anons with FACTS and LOGIC restores my faith in this board, at least just enough for this thread, anyway. Thank you for your service. It's honestly refreshing.

No. 220177

lmao it must suck to be a denier

No. 220180

File: 1655232048214.jpg (605.09 KB, 946x1200, 22-06-14-14-40-42-166_deco.jpg)

No. 220182

>>220173 this is the l post from 6 days ago.
Lol so your saying that this the person had a picture of saved on their phone from a video that was deleted 6 months ago, and waited till until 6 days ago to post it on here? Lol

No. 220184

King and Queen of Jvlogging

No. 220186

File: 1655236454577.png (249.98 KB, 401x600, xfilescup.png)

No. 220187

Hahahha this is pretty fucking funny, I think they are possibly dating, but some of the shippers are insane.

No. 220188

This is the cup that changed everything. If Sharla hadn’t tweeted that photo no one would think they were a couple lmao

No. 220190

File: 1655239116508.png (36.41 KB, 300x300, pepelaugh-emote.png)


No. 220193

File: 1655241019849.jpeg (686.45 KB, 1182x948, 904DCF08-8167-4D6E-B982-960DEC…)

The deniers no matter what evidence is given.
“The cup, the cup the cup. “
They think they are funny, but it’s laughable how hard they want to fight everything, by pretending the cups is the only evidence!
They are like flat earthers, no Proof will ever be good enough! Lol

No. 220204

I was in the same situation as these two once. And the headcanons of people can actually be quite wild and even harmful (not here, I think, but who knows…)

No. 220207

I am furiously tipping my hat to you, sir!

No. 220208

while literally all the "deniers" are saying that they think they are together but that you are overreacting…
yeah, totally the same thing, lmfao

No. 220212

no, there are plenty of people saying they’re just friends and are travelling together platonically, check the last thread.

No. 220219

To be fair to deniers, and I really disagree with them, they mostly say it is possible. There is maybe one who was vehemently passionate about them not dating, but I think she's given up after the big collages of them being photographed with the same shit. Truth is it is technically possible, of course, that they are just friends. I 100% think they are dating, and that is the likeliest explanation for all these coincidences, but we shouldn't get super twisted up about it either way. I also think a lot of deniers really like winding up some of the more passionate believers, so just try not to take that bait.

No. 220233

wow! level-headed people exist! Kudos

No. 220235

> but we shouldn't get super twisted up about it either way.

agree. and…
> I also think a lot of deniers really like winding up some of the more passionate believers, so just try not to take that bait.

That is so fun to read, though. No matter what side one falls on.

No. 220248

Norm has been super subdued with his replies on his latest videos. Wonder if he is actually trying hard to not explode since being removed as moderator and essentially caught out by the AiJ crew

No. 220267

I was believer even before the first hints of evidence!

No. 220319

File: 1655311940978.jpeg (760.17 KB, 1125x1069, 611A150A-4CD2-4BE9-8B94-A222C6…)

Liked by the man himself

No. 220320

That is a really nice view. I suppose the mystery here would be who is taking a picture of Sharla in such an intimate setting? If Chris IS in Spain, and she is still in England, that's definitely a sign that they're not dating. Of course, we can't tell if she's actually in Cornwall based on this picture, it could be a photo from the past 4 weeks just posted now.

No. 220322

File: 1655313348952.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1284x1546, 7D99DFEF-9DC3-4698-A2ED-A5CDAB…)

Lol down the beach from this hotel is where Chris took this

No. 220331

I think Sharla is in Santorini based on that pool pic. I could be wrong, but I was looking at places to stay there a few years ago before the pandemic and so many of the fancy hotels look exactly like that. It seems like a pretty un-Sharla-like choice of a holiday destination though but it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s where she (and perhaps Chris?) possibly is.

No. 220332

Dude it’s a photo of a white wall and a swimming pool. If you can deduce what country it is, yet alone the island you’re either the king or queen of speculation or someone in on soenthing.

No. 220334

File: 1655317159769.jpeg (656.97 KB, 2048x2048, E88CA111-D982-4602-86B2-3CE196…)

Since Sharla, stated the name of her hotel on IG was https://www.scarlethotel.co.uk/ google maps will show all of y’all that this is the shore of the Scarlet hotel. That’s the same shore that this picture of Chris was taken from. But it’s just a coincidence, lol

No. 220335


Evidence of them dating wont get better than this. But it is still circumstantial and they could just be traveling together as two platonic straight friends in their mid 30's.

No. 220337

Probably traveling with a group of friends. Nothing to indicate they’re dating, just hanging out. A whirlwind uk tour!

No. 220339

Santorini is famous for its white stone houses. There are plenty of hotels with private infinity pools that are divided by a white wall like the one she showed and it looks like a tanning bed that’s suspended above the pool. Those are also common in Santorini.

No. 220340

Many hotels and villas in Spain look like that as well. I think Sharla is sensibly posting places after she leaves so we’ll find out eventually.

No. 220344

I have been all over Spain many times and no, they don’t look like that. Show me one hotel on costa del sol that looks like that. I could be wrong but my gut is telling me she is in Santorini. Whether she is or she isn’t I doubt she will ever tell us though.

No. 220346

LOL they make it so obvious don’t they. And Chris is finally liking Sharlas content I see, right after people here talked about how he wasn’t!

No. 220348

I literally lived in a white villa in Spain with a pool right on the sea like that for 6 years of my childhood but go off. You only have to Google hotels, villas or vacation rentals in Nerja and hundreds of them are white like that.
It’s a piece of wall and pool water with the sea beyond. It could be anywhere on the Mediterranean or Aegean.

No. 220350

With a curved wall? And a bed suspended above water? That’s like, trademark Santorini.

No. 220351

Half of Spain’s pools are surrounded by white walls hun. Not sure why you’ve conjured up Santorini.

No. 220352


This too. I thought Greece or Tunesia, but I knew that it would fit the narrative with Spain - so that's a more realistic guess.

No. 220353

I can show you half a dozen pools in Santorini that look exactly like the one in her photo. Betcha can’t show me one pool in Spain that looks exactly like that.

I also haven’t seen Chris say shit about going to Spain lately? He seems to have dropped those plans, perhaps in favour of something else? Like I said, I could be wrong about all this. We will have to wait and see.

No. 220355

Lol so now that we have sure proof of them being together. Your go to is that it’s a group trip. No proof of a group trip, you are just throwing stuff against the wall. In the past they have taken many many group trips with other and they have posted those groups photos. But this trip only single shots.

No. 220356

Not to split hairs, but it’s not a curved wall. It’s a straight dividing wall that slopes down at the edge. It could literally be anywhere by the sea.

No. 220359

File: 1655322975949.jpeg (476.76 KB, 2048x2048, B2013BB9-6CEF-4FC5-91B1-A0DFCB…)

Sure i here ya. I knew someone was going to say that so I’m going to crop in and show you a better picture of the same coast. Those that help to show that they are in fact the same?

No. 220361

Oh no I wasn’t talking about that picture. Don’t need to convince me that they’re together! Haha I was referring to the pool wall in Sharla’s picture.

No. 220364

Well dang. People are good slooths on here. Lol

No. 220365

No they’re not. They’re hardly concealing it.

No. 220370

Maybe, but the whole set up looks exactly like it could be from any of the many fancy Santorini hotels.

No. 220374

Maybe off topic, but that jacket looks great on Chris.

No. 220381

Last thread had evidence of Chris ooopsie showing Sharla apartment and him deleting the video just some hours later.

No. 220382

Maybe this is a Chris friend.

No. 220384

File: 1655328827643.jpg (375.78 KB, 1080x1147, IMG_20220615_163323.jpg)

Anon there wanna derail the true.
The video went private just hours after an anon here revealed Chris mistake.
Here is a screenshot showing the link towards the video.

No. 220386

Even if they are in Santorini I don’t think we will ever find out because those private pool hotel villas are usually expensive as fuck and neither of them likes to show off.

No. 220391

1 year and 4 months old video,400k+ views goes private out of blue…
He did commit a mistake by taking action too fast after the anon exposed that shot.
The screenshot was taken already so no point in making it private . Maybe desperation move?

No. 220404

Sharla says on IG she doesn’t wanna leave the UK and she will be “back soon” …. probably right around Christmas eh

No. 220407

Doesn't wanna leave..
Poor Maro.

No. 220408

He’s probably having fun with Ushka and her many cats, I’m sure he’s fine.

No. 220425

I feel like Pewdiepie and Marzia are trying so hard to be wholesome and positive with these japan vlogs but honestly it's just seems a bit forced. And yeah, them treating dogs like babies is super weird, the vlogs are boring af, I cannot believe that they managed to make living in Japan with millions of $$ look depressing.

I know it's just a vlog and I'm not expecting any kind of intelligent social commentary or observations but damn I simply don't understand how he thinks that showing ice cream toys and random t-shirts and plants is entertaining to anyone? Such a boring, artificially-wholesome couple.

No. 220430

yes, he generally directs his life around what you say on here. everything he does, he does it for you

No. 220431

because anon had been looking at pictures of Santorini, so that's their entire frame of reference.
again, the same crap. C&S probably are together but the whole stuff around that is some anon's headcanon without any proof

No. 220432

At least either of the two of a friend lurks here tbh.

No. 220433

you might want to look up the full wording of tbh

No. 220434

That’s not true, I’ve been to Spain several times as well as France and Italy. I’m just saying, I poured over photos of Santorini hotels when I was planning my trip and many of those hotels looked a lot like Sharla’s pic. That’s all. Google it for yourself if you don’t believe me.

Of course they could be in Spain or France or Italy or maybe they’re still in England? Maybe they’re not even a couple and we’re all way off base? None of us know anything for sure. It’s all speculation.

No. 220435

> Of course they could be in Spain or France or Italy or maybe they’re still in England? Maybe they’re not even a couple and we’re all way off base? None of us know anything for sure. It’s all speculation.

Can I hug you now?

No. 220437

My bad it was "or".

No. 220438

It fits with the so called "control freak" personality he has(his own words).

No. 220441

I think anon meant that tbh means to be honest. unless you're one of them, you can't be honest about this assertion, which is speculative at best

No. 220447

>Maybe they’re not even a couple and we’re all way off base?
The only logical alternative scenario where a man and a woman in their 30s will live together in a foreign country and also visit the man's home country and family town together over several weeks, is if he was her single and gay close best friend and for some reason all his male friends and boyfriends were busy for those weeks, so…Chris is a single gay man? Either that or they're a couple. idk who's in love with Chris or Sharla itt but it's time to get over it kek

No. 220449

Wow, the reading comprehension of a ferret.
You literally cut out the one sentence you wanted to quarrel with, ignoring the progression that preceded and followed it. Are you just on here to argue? The point of anon you're replying to was to point out that all of this "Santorini? Or maybe Spain? Or Cornwall?" is speculation.
Tell me you're 12 without telling me you're 12.

No. 220454

I think you all are conditioned by what Chris said about going to Spain but it may actually not happen in this trip.

I think Sharla said she was going to be outside Japan for 1 month, so she or they must be close to returning to Japan.

No. 220458

but the white pool walls that only exist on Santorini!!!!!!! /s

No. 220459

Yes I think are leaving the Uk soon! They should be back in Japan this weekend if not early next week

No. 220487

Why stop speculating about Chris there. Maybe he’s a shapeshifting alien from the planet Kunthoe.
Or maybe he’s just a friend showing another friend around in between them hanging out with other friends.
The possibilities are limitless.

No. 220488

Cuppy cuppy cuuuuups.
Has become.
Sanntoooorinnii. Santorriiini.
I wonder if they took their cups with them.

No. 220493

See, why wouldn’t Chris say he went to Spain if he went there? He’s talked about going on the podcast, but has seem hesitant about it lately. Yet Sharla posts a pic of a pool that does not look like it’s in the UK? That fancy SPA hotel in Cornwall they went to had a pool but it did not look like that.

That’s why I think they are abroad, but NOT in Spain. Because if they were, Chris could just say so and Sharla could keep posting pics from England.

Add to this the fact that the pool looks like it could be somewhere in Greece … makes you think.

No. 220494

It makes you think….if you’re a creepy obsessed lune.

No. 220495

No, but Sharla’s pool pic made me go hmmm. That’s all dude.

No. 220497

Funny how Sharla posts pics of missing Maro for the first in like two weeks (?) right after this gets poster here …

No. 220498

File: 1655370166841.jpeg (293.46 KB, 828x1177, 68CFBE1F-6C9A-45E9-B41C-D3A85A…)

This looks like it could be fun

No. 220506

No. 220508

Let’s all go.
I’ll be the introverted weirdo in the corner with the hat who acts shy and awkward until I sink my teeth into some juicy gossip and comes alive at the seams.
Let’s all bring matching cups and Santorini bath tubs.

No. 220515

Yes, beautiful blue china at a white wall Santorini pool. Very nice!

No. 220516

NOOOO! He deLEEEETED. A. VIDEO. There is ONE and only ONE possible explanation for that! Because he is SO ASHAMED of Sharla.
Why would an alien delete a video. Why? Gimme one reason. Just one other possible reason!
/s and lmao

No. 220517

> makes you think
Does it?

No. 220519

Why do you think he deleted it?

No. 220520

Sharla doing a Cornwall photo dump … I don’t think she’s still there after a week but she sure wants us to think so. Who knows though.

No. 220522

Yes I used my brain and thought

No. 220540

Your style of typing is so obvious, I could probably tag every post you've written in this thread but here's a few for starters
in summary, integrate, and dragging on wordddss liikkee thiiss is annoying and unfunny, like there's a 9 year old itt

No. 220542

Lol this is great!!!!

No. 220543

LMFAO. I wrote two of those posts.
Not everyone in this thread is a condescending prick. Some of us have a sense of humor.
Cuppy cuuuuuups.

No. 220545

Ntayrt, but I wrote one of those. I'm fairly certain of who YOU are because you love taking taking shots in the dark hoping one of them will make the mark, but they're all misses, love.

No. 220547

Why is Chris still making fat jokes about himself on Twitter? Didn’t he say he had some health issues because of his weight gain or did I imagine that?

No. 220549

It’s like they think they’re a fucking detective in an Agatha Christie novel, solving the great mysteries of Lolcow.
Still I’m sure they feel good about themselves and that’s all that matters.

No. 220550

He said that when he had his mandatory check up that his cholesterol was high.
I don’t think he mentioned anything else.

No. 220553

He’s making a joke about British food. If you think that’s classified as fat shaming you need to choose another moral hill to die on.

No. 220561

I interpreted it like this as well. When I went to the UK I got crisps with every sandwich I ordered, it's crazy. But then again, wonder if USA is worse (never been there).

No. 220567

He's British and leans heavily into the sarcastic brit persona he's not sensitive about the weight and any health issues he'll self depreciate about. The main health thing was his ear, anything with his weight like his cholesterol and blood pressure is "hypothetical" and won't be obvious to him outside of being embarrassed at the doctor until he's older. I don't think he'll ever actually make the lifestyle changes to actually stop from ballooning up long term. Everything he says indicates he thinks he just needs to hit the gym hard for a little bit until it's down and not have to worry about it again. But that will just lead to yo-yoing even heavier and he's done it many times before. If he was here I'd tell him not to focus on the weight but to find a healthy activity maybe like Kendo and find healthy recipes/options he likes instead of fried chicken all the time. Going down in weight gradually while not thinking of it is better than feeling like you're suffering for a temporary intense month or so before giving up.

No. 220592

he said the entire second half of 2022 will be a vlog series about losing weight

No. 220597

>I'm fairly certain of who YOU are

You're one of those delusional oldfags who doesn't know how to imageboard and thinks every anon who disagrees with them is the same person, got it. I'm not very active in this thread but your annoying responses still stand out like a sore thumb.

No. 220598

Samefag, I'm only here to have fun and don't even watch these jokers, but the dating "secret" is amusing plot to follow especially with how anons dig up this obscure evidence.
posting on lolcow requires integrating which means being anonymous and trying to have a typing style which doesn't stand out and identify yourself. If the one or two retarded anons stopped using ALL CAPS FOR EMPHASIS and draaaggiinng ouuut wwoords because they have the sense of humor of a small child, then all will be well in the world (and you will actually be following the rules of the board)

No. 220599

Please don’t be so woke

No. 220601

The obscure evidence is the funniest part of the are they or aren’t they dating drama. Chris even deleting a video (most likely) because of it lmao.

No. 220611

And just like that they are back in japan. Look for sharla to post that she got back either tomorrow or this weekend but just an FYI they got back today.

No. 220613

How do you know?

No. 220615


Did actually you mean to reply to >>220540

The projection is astounding. Unless you are the poster in question, but i'm not here trying to police people on typing style or make blind accusations.

The irony of it all is i've been doing exactly that and been accused of being a different anon each time by a certain bumbling detective wannabe here who's convinced that me and other anons are the same person, so who's the real problem? Jfc, it's gone from mildly amusing to old and tiresome real fast. I was and am not any of the anons i've been accused of being which really says more about our detective's lack of credibility than anything else. And before it starts again, no, i'm not >>220549 either. Some of you need to go touch grass, breathe in some fresh air, and get some vitamin D. Might clear your confusion and brain fog a bit. I'm done.

No. 220626

Am I the only one here who gets a hard on for Paolo From Tokyo?

No. 220627

Pewdiepie and Martina should do some collab together.

No. 220630

Does anyone over the age of 12 watch Pewdiepie? Hard to imagine his audience enjoying jvlogging.

No. 220631


He's apparently "living the dream", so he's somewhat of a weeb-bro hero at the moment. He's still raking in enough cash from subscribers so I guess that speaks for itself.

No. 220635

Imagine someone correcting him in person lmao

No. 220636

Do you want him to mope about it like in the past?

No. 220637

The meltdown would be glorious. Please someone do this and film this. This is the milk we needed all along.

No. 220638

He did a full check up too(said in his podcast).
It seems he is in the doors to enter into a bad condition if not careful,the UK trip was a last joy food wise.
He did a video about it that soon will be posted.

No. 220639

I honestly can't tell if Norm's a major autist or a BPDfag, but damn do we need the content.

No. 220643

Weren’t they supposed to be 5 weeks in the UK? I don’t think they’re back yet, the Shinkansen story on Chris Instagram could be an old one.

No. 220658

She doesn't want you to think she's there. She posts stuff delayed to prevent possible stalking or similar crap, like one of you showing up with a telephoto lens to snap pictures of her canoodling Chris next to a pool that has white walls around it

No. 220659

Didn't think hard enough to think how the expression "makes you think" is used, it seems.
It has a very specific connotation

No. 220660

No, I appropriated the style of the posts you referenced below. The cuppy cup ones. Not the others. Sorry.
It was too tempting.

No. 220661

NOOOO!!! All the people who use a particular style are the saaameee person, cuppy!

No. 220662

You do realize that there are people who are copying one or two of the ones who did it originally, right?

No. 220663

I still think those photos were taken in Santorini or somewhere else in Greece btw, it looks exactly like those hotels with private infinity pools influencer go to and flood Instagram with photos of. Anyway that does not necessarily mean Chris and Sharla went there, those skincare products could have been photographed by the company Sharla collaborates with to make those boxes. I think they collaborate with many influencers.

No. 220664

Agree. I'm also one of the posters referenced but not all of them.
And this level of detective work and the conviction behind it is exactly how they present the most circumstantial of evidence as 100% facts.

I'm having fun watching the they-are-together-detective crows doing their thing and losing their minds when people poke holes in their evidence. I think they are a couple but showing you how unhinged you are with your silly fanfictions about real people is also important.

No. 220666

There have been no holes poked in any evidence though, that’s the problem

No. 220667

Yeah I always assumed she was posting after moving on for this reason. Like she posted a pic on Twitter and some fan said “Oh you’re in x town I could have come to see you!” Like I’m sure they are fine with chatting when they bump into people but they don’t want to meet up with every random fan, they’re on vacation. Not that the person likely meant any harm but imagine if they took up every offer to meet up they’d have no time to themselves! It’s like the people who always say “Oh I want to buy you a drink when I come to Japan!” to Chris. He’s always good at just avoiding it but it’s got to get old.

Although I guess Lily successfully stalked him into a 3 year relationship haha. I think he’s learned his lesson.

No. 220668

How convenient for you, huh?

No. 220669

I at first I thought it was a PR picture by the company, until she posted a video and it’s clearly her hand and the water. But also if her history is anything most of the posts or pictures she posts about the products were done in her bathroom for example so those are her shots.

No. 220681

Pointing out that evidence is circumstantial or non-existent (Santorini, anyone?) is poking holes.

No. 220687

No one is saying “this is 100 per cent true, here’s evidence” though. No one is claiming that they absolutely are in Santorini or Spain, just that they could be based on the photos Sharla posted. Same with the mugs, the furniture etc. We’re all just speculating here.

No. 220691

NTA, but trying to pass it off as true and stating matter-of-fact that they are dating and referring to each other as 'girlfriend' and 'boyfriend' really isn't helping your argument. You and other anons are trying to pass it off as 100% true and it's fucking cringey as hell. Seriously, when this thread ends, I'll make you guys a nice Sharla and Chris thread, because you derail the hell out of this one with like >>220681 said, circumstantial shit.

No. 220706

When you have anons claiming that there is no other explanation for something, then yes, they are claiming that they are presenting 100 per cent true facts.
If people were saying that they are just speculating, the convos wouldn't have dragged on for 3 threads.

No. 220713

Maybe you just need to assume all the other anons here realize that they're not trying to prove this in front of a jury. Often all we have with regards to any cow is "circumstantial" unless someone digs up a police report on Luna or taps Shayna's phone or something. We can all just see with our eyes and make our own suppositions based off of what 'evidence' there is. I agree with you that stating they're dating as a fact just empirically cannot be true, but I don't think its as cringey as you do. The Santorini thing was whatever, because obviously they (or Sharla, as she's the only one who shared this white wall pool image) could be anywhere. A lot of pretty Mediterranean resorts look like that. This thread really gets so vicious over something as goofy as sweet, simple Sharla dating chubby, simple Chris. They're probably dating, it isn't a astronomical impossibility that they aren't, but looking at all the circumstances I've got to assume they are. If I were one of the two of them and I wasn't dating this person that it looks so, so much like I AM dating…I'd just make a short video or a pinned comment somewhere saying we're just friends. They never address it even though they both get loads of comments; I agree with anons who say that in some way, they must kind of enjoy the speculation - because they could end it all by saying something (truth or lie!) and instead they leave it unaddressed. Maybe watching us all fighting is great tea conversation, relaxing upon the white walls of Santorini.

No. 220737

You summed everything up, thanks anon.

No. 220739

It might just be me, but I prefer paolos content over the tc/tt (which I don't have interest in even though I like anime) groups. I also like to watch the occasional tkyosam, and miss a lot of the older motocycle/camping jvloggers that aren't popular though.

No. 220755

Hopefully Paulo brings back more of his videos featuring secret foodie spots as borders slowly slowly start reopening to individual tourism.

No. 220756

I wish I could attend this meet and greet to witness this anon. We need more Norm milk, especially as to his current friendship status with the AiJ crew

No. 220780

Yea those were cool. I think it would be cool if he started making vids just skating around town in the non normal tiny roads with his wife.(learn2sage)

No. 220792

Reddit mods said they were fine with the speculation

No. 220793

Dude has such a great sense of humor.
His warm gentle smile melts my heart.

No. 220805

File: 1655471119866.png (7.9 MB, 1125x2436, 572AF60B-F4C6-407C-AE36-F302B7…)

I wonder whose hands are on the background ;)(;))

No. 220806

He’s so authentic and real. A real gem in the jvlogger world.

No. 220807

FML you speak the truth.
I wish he was my father.

No. 220812

there was no need to show the other persons hand or plate … she could’ve just shown her own plate

No. 220819

Stuff in the background looks like Greek food to me!

No. 220820

Lol I love the Greece theory

No. 220823

My thoughts exactly lmao

No. 220828

>>220805 if you Google Santorini it looks just like this

No. 220832

It's in Cornwall anons.
Both are or were at the scarlet hotel.

No. 220836


I've seen a few anons say that in this thread, but where/when was that stated on the Reddit? Although I can't really see them getting assbothered about speculation here and there, there's a difference between that and the creepy headcanon that ends up here.

No. 220837

It’s a pasty

No. 220852

File: 1655483240874.jpeg (1.98 MB, 1284x2249, 0D904ADA-FA57-41A9-9FE7-4967D9…)

Yes they were but… thst pool picture does not match anything from scarlet hotel in Cornwall. It does look very Greece or nerja Spain, which was a Place chris plan to go to.

No. 220853

File: 1655483316611.jpeg (46.4 KB, 751x325, 14467822-6608-45C1-B4AF-76078D…)

Looks like this place

No. 220861

Theres no blue ceiling or walls. Stop being this massively autistic about where it should matter she took a promotional image/video. Why the gem does it even matter? This isn't milky at all.

No. 220862

It’s just interesting if they did go to Greece/Santorini but didn’t post anything about it on social media. Those hotels usually are picturesque so influencers always post a ton of photos.

No. 220864

I don’t think so, it’s missing that curving wall divider

No. 220871

You’re an idiot where do you see blue sailing all walls? dumbass

No. 220872

There is a better pic posted on her Twitter where you can clearly see the blue is the sky and the sea and that white thing poking up looks like it could belong to a parasol maybe?

No. 220873

File: 1655486692134.jpeg (1.79 MB, 1284x1685, 3E491B80-2628-48A8-8171-07BCF7…)

Oh yes a much better picture with a little bit more detail

No. 220876

Honestly looks like it could be any luxury hotel in Santorini. If that’s where they went, good for them.

No. 220878

File: 1655487415836.jpeg (40.08 KB, 550x366, images (6) (18).jpeg)

This is the same natural pool of her insta.

No. 220879

Doesn't look like it and who cares anyway? Not a single anon is able to pinpoint this. it's fucking useless.

No. 220880

A natural pool, yea, in that hotel they went to in Cornwall. That place doesn’t have a real pool though, like the one in the photo of the skincare products.

No. 220884

Chris said on Twitter that he would like to go to Greece

No. 220900

It must be Santorini! What other explanation do you have for white walls and blue skies and a pool?

No. 220902

Gotta love the unhinged anons that turned a white pool divider into It must be Santorini.
Not Mykonos, or Zakynthos, any of the other dozens of Greek islands, or Spain or the Algarve. No. It must be Santorini because one anon happened to have been looking at hotels there.

This is exactly how you guys treat any circumstantial evidence about these two. "wow, there are hands?! On a picture Sharla posted!" Ooh! She must be sending us messages because nobody ever has anybody's body parts on their instagram stories unless they clearly want to cue us in about their relationship status.

No. 220905

Even if it is Santorini or another island in Greece we will probably never find out anyway …

No. 220908

With the obvious exception of the pool photo, Sharla has been recycling photos from the same place for a little over a week which leads me to believe that a) she probably left Cornwall a little over a week ago and b) she is now somewhere where she maybe doesn’t want to post photos from.

No. 220914

Santorini anon, have you ever been anywhere else in your life that could look similar? Because I strongly believe that is Portugal, like I’m really dead certain. Saw it with my own eyes /s

No. 220917

Of course it could be somewhere else. I just said I thought it looked a lot like Greece and those typical hotel rooms they have there. It’s all just speculation.

No. 220918

File: 1655499918867.jpg (323 KB, 1920x1439, astra-private-villa-imerovigli…)

Clearly, the picture was taken in Greece. The white wall, infinity pool, wooden sunbeds hovering the water are all typical for Greece. Idk if Santorini or Mykonos but surely not Cornwall.

Also, don't expect a lengthy vlog from her. She said on her Patreon that her camera broke.(clearly, this is a tinfoil )

No. 220920

I agree, it seems likely that it is Santorini/Greece. If they stayed in one of those private villas some fancy hotels offer then good for them. Those are usually pricey but the views are breathtaking.

No. 220921

There was a comment in Chris post (YouTube) that complained about his collabs with Connor and got deleted,it had a fair amount of likes kek

No. 220922

Because he filmed a Wacky Weekend with him in England?

No. 220923

No the person was mentioning less Connor and more Natsuki/Ryotaro.

No. 220933

If you're curious about the state of Chris' body/health before he left for the UK or if you're that one anon who's so in love with Chris that you absolutely refuse to entertain the idea that he might be dating Sharla, you can see him without his shirt on in Connor's latest video, after 13:50.

No. 220950

Who are you even talking to? Do you even know how to reply?

No. 220977

Why are people obsesse with Chris’s weight, why do people care?

No. 220985

He's not fit or ripped. He has a belly but he's far from being obese and anons on here are acting like he's the next cast member on my 600 pound life (or whatever the show is called).
If a Japanese doctor told him that he has to look out for high cholesterol, it's most likely not as dramatic.
People on here like to pretend that he completely wrecked his health.
Like you're all fitness models sitting around eating carrots all day.

No. 220987

I’d still fuck him

No. 221011


The camera broke but a professional youtuber doesn't carry a second camera, an expensive iPhone with a great camera or has someone around to borrow a camera lol

No. 221017

File: 1655519610224.jpg (221.08 KB, 900x1080, 1654556169901.jpg)

It's crazy how much downhill he went from there to the current state.
That video with Cdawgva was recorded around May 9(twitter video showing him reading that Trump book) and this last livestream June 3.
Not even a full month and he gained a decent amount of weight it seems.

No. 221021

He has said his health is fucked anon.Before the UK trip he took tests besides the cholesterol one; he didn't say what ailments he's going through but he mentioned something like : "if now I don't improve my health I will probably gonna need to permanently take pills in a few years".
I guess this was due the doctor diagnostic.

No. 221028

His last patreon livestream information right anon?
That upcoming video about his plan post trip migth reveal more.
At least he acknowledges he's not right which is something big from someone with his ego.

No. 221029

Probably has high blood pressure due to him eating a ton of fried chicken like every day. He doesnt care to learn how to cook, even though most Japanese meals are very simple rice, veggies, some meat- usually chicken. It's the easiest shit to cook but he eats garbage from 7-11 and probably doesnt even walk around. He's lazy

No. 221031

It could well be Greece, or Spain, or the resort in Mexico that I was at pre pandemic that had those same type of pool loungers. There is nothing in either of those pictures to indicate where they were taken aside from at a pool, next to a body of water.

No. 221067

I don’t think it’s Spain because Chris initially talked about going to Spain but as time went on stopped talking about it. If he went there I think he would have been open with it because he had already talked about it. No reason to keep it a secret.

No. 221068

Shouldn’t an iPhone work pretty well for the vlog-type videos Sharla makes?

No. 221075

permanently take pills suggest he has high blood pressure, definitely a side effect of even slightly increased weight or poor health if you're predisposed to that.

No. 221076

Are you his bathroom scale?

No. 221078

honestly, he's not the healthiest but far from being in acute danger.
Good for him that he wants to get fitter. That is always a good thing. But pretending that he's this obese person who's in imminent danger of horrible health problems is a bit much. Even if he said that he messed up his health.
That's just something people say when they've gained a bit of weight and have been eating a bad diet/not exercising and all that…

I mean, clearly, as he's quickly approaching middle age, making sure you eat better is not a bad idea but it's not an indication of actually having a "messed up body".
My husband keeps saying he cannot have anything with lots of sugar because he doesn't want to become diabetic. He's a muscular fit dude who really doesn't have to worry.

No. 221086


No. 221087

No. It is obviously Santorini. Get a brain.

No. 221088

There isn't a reason to keep this vacation a secret. (if they even are on vacation)
Let's add pop psych to the pop sleuthing you guys do.

No. 221089

I also think it’s Santorini

No. 221093

It doesn't even matter. For ask anyone knows, these were taken months in advance for marketing purposes.

No. 221094

Sharla’s nails in the video where she holds the products look exactly like they do in those photos from Cornwall. Most likely the pool photos were taken just a few days after the Cornwall photos. Makes sense if they did a little trip to Santorini or somewhere else that’s warm before heading back to Japan.

No. 221111

If they’re on vacation in Greece or wherever I think it kind of makes sense to keep it private. Neither of them usually shares that much of their lives anyway and also probably don’t want to risk being spotted together there by viewers.

Santorini is also a typical couples-vacation spot, it’s very romantic, not like going to Spain. Especially if they stayed in a private villa with an infinity pool, which it looks like judging by the photo Sharla posted. So if that’s where they went, people would probably ask questions if either of them posted photos from there or filmed vlogs.

No. 221137

I thought Chris was pre-diabetic?

No. 221141

kek I thought the same thing, nobody is watching Sharla's vlogs for their amazing film quality. If she just didn't want to film I doubt many of her followers would care. Her videos in the UK would've been fun but most people definitely watch her content to see Japan, so I doubt they'd be too disappointed.

No. 221146

File: 1655570920446.jpeg (346.16 KB, 1150x1215, CA9AE3CA-38EA-41AF-B0AF-EBC2D1…)

Again you wanna make an argument based on zero facts, csuse you want to be right. sharla has never use marketing shots for those products post! those products are specifically Curated for her, by her! she always takes those pictures herself and usually in her bathroom. these are not marketing pics or advertising pics. If you look at the products they are all open and used, meaning these are her own products!!!! This is the way she does it per the pic here in the past

No. 221172

Jesus Christ can you lot stop arguing over the most pointless shit?
You can argue both points till you’re blue in the face but neither one will agree will they?

No. 221187

>My husband keeps saying he cannot have anything with lots of sugar because he doesn't want to become diabetic. He's a muscular fit dude who really doesn't have to worry.
What's the point of talking about your husband when Chris is not a fit dude and received a serious warning from his doctor? Some of you guys have been too desensitized by the high % of obese people in your countries that you're confusing morbid obesity with plain obesity, and no longer know what a "slightly overweight with a belly" or "just chubby" 30 year old British man should look like. Chris looks far closer to someone with a BMI 30+ than 25, and you can see in the video he has high body fat and not much muscle.

No. 221188

Why is this annon so obssed with chris weight? Lol it’s so weird and cringe

No. 221216

Just to say that some people worry even if the condition they worry about might not be imminent.
And by the time his worries reach this board, he's 300 pounds and dying of heart problems.

No. 221218

God, you are strange. I hope you get help.
A bmi of 30 would indicate obesity, not morbid obesity. And while Chris is clearly past the 25 mark, he doesn't look like a 30. Yes, he doesn't seem to have a high percentage of muscle and he clearly carries some extra weight but he'll try to change that.
Stop obsessing over the weight of a dude on the internet and get help!

No. 221236

Nta but what are you guys on about?He's objectively overweight and slowly creeping towards obesity. Even he would agree.

It's not for nothing he has mentioned wanting to make a more serious attempt than usual to loose weight in the decently close future.

No. 221238

well he did mention that hes been feeling down recently, guy talk for being depressed so hes probably resorted to comfort eating and spending too much time at home. The problem isnt his weight, its the trend that he seems unable to reverse. It also looks like hes thrown in the towel on improving himself as a film maker which leaves him stagnant career wise.
how is he going to turn himself around on this slow but destructive path?

No. 221239

One of his last tweets gives the vibe that the trip helped to make make him wake up from the bad dream.

No. 221244

If I was stuck in Japan for 3 years without leaving I’d probably lose my shit as well.

No. 221267

It’s his life, his body, if he wants to eat himself into obesity, that’s his problem not ours. The people we should care or worry about, is our actual real life friends and family, not a random YouTuber!

No. 221298

He put his life online for the public, of course people (fans and non fans) will say something, especially if he's gotten fatter and fatter. You sound ridiculous for giving a shit. People are gonna talk because that's what happens when a youtube with many followers puts themselves out there. Same way people talk about Joey and Connor.

No. 221303

>A bmi of 30 would indicate obesity, not morbid obesity.
And? The point is that people here think you need to be morbidly obese to be obese.
>And while Chris is clearly past the 25 mark, he doesn't look like a 30.
Google men with 30 bmi.
>Stop obsessing over the weight of a dude on the internet and get help!
Chris is the one who brings up his weight and health, and periodically made it a subject in his videos. He's the one saying he's going to be making changes after he was told to do so asap.

No. 221308

This place has become a Chris and Sharla fanfest. Can't even talk about slightly negative topics the vloggers bring up themselves without some fan harping in when this is lolcow.

No. 221313


Norm doing a small tour of his new place and still makes no mention of having a wife or kid.

He does at the 10.15 point in the video mentions "possibly having roommates in the future"

Did he and his wife get separated and that's why he's in Kyushu? Or is his wife just bankrolling him on this pilot's license adventure?

If she's a lawyer, I can't imagine she'd leave working in Tokyo to move to Kyushu(learn2embed)

No. 221315

You can’t do nothing about Chris’ weight. So this weird discussion about his bmi etc, feels like some sort of weird parasocial projection. Chris is not your friend, sure a comment on his weight here and there is fine. But it’s almost like you want to him to loose weight so that he can fit into whatever fantasy, you want to project on him, or who you think he is. If he thinks he is fat and needs to loose weight, he will do it for himself and his health, not for you or anyone here. This obsessive discussion about peoples body’s is cringe.

No. 221316

It’s been long rumored that they divorced a while ago

No. 221321

File: 1655663772932.jpg (498.59 KB, 1080x1814, IMG_20220619_133302.jpg)

Chris is still in the UK btw

No. 221323

This is exactly what I think too

No. 221324

Probably went back to the UK after he went to Santorini or Spain for a few days … lmao

No. 221328

After reading their recent escapades documented on here (some evidence of time delay before posting etc), I wouldn't assume anything about where an influencer is located based on their posts, he could easily have agreed with that guy to schedule a Twitter interaction as promo even if the meeting was a while ago. Makes sense to me considering large fanbase = statistical chance of crazies, and just general safety things that anyone should do.

No. 221329


Oh really?

Did someone show her the shitty comments he makes on YouTube when he gets all pissy?

No. 221330

Since the apartment is provided by the school I think the roommates would likely be other flight school students, not his family.

His previous videos at home in Tokyo made it pretty clear he was not living with them. Unless he had rented an extra apartment just to film in which seems unlikely given how cheap he says that he is.

No. 221335

Chris is the one brings out the matter so it's completely normal that it becomes a talking subject around.

No. 221337

>feels like some sort of weird parasocial projection. Chris is not your friend
Anons are discussing what's in his videos and what he's said on social media. You're the one acting weirdly defensive, as if he's your friend.

No. 221399

This! It's not his weight, it's the trend.
And then we can stop arguing about whether or not he's obese, anons weirdly obsessed with Chris's weight >>221236
Like yeah, I keep talking about how I am creeping closer to obesity when my bmi hits 21, doesn't make it a real threat, unless there actually is some underlying problem.

No. 221401

No! They are in Santoriiiiniii! white pool walls! Only Santorini has white pool walls and warm weather.

No. 221402

Creepy anons are obsessed with any fucking body type. "Sharla's too plump, Chris is too fat, Taylor is body checking and too thin".
It fucking annoying and it's not healthy for the anons that I'm assuming are teens based on their naive world views.

No. 221405

It’s been over a week since Sharla posted the pool pic, Chris always said he planned to spend a week in Spain so it makes sense that they’re back in the UK now after vacationing in either Spain or Santorini or somewhere else.

No. 221406

Hey Chris is the one opening the gates and bringing attention to such so it's inevitable that people show interest.
Even more when by his own words it's a problem that goes beyond looks.
If it's looks only I wouldn't care but if it's detrimental for his health well that could affect his content.

No. 221416

I’m guessing the wife must have somehow found out he a fat fetish as per subreddits he mods. He must have been a shit dad and husband spending all his time either working/vlogging, 24/7 monitoring and having autistic meltdowns in the comments section, and then finishing his day off ‘bating to fat chicks

No. 221422

Where the hell did everyone get the idea that that account was his? I feel like one anon said it as a possibility and now it's fact. The username (lets_talk_about_it_eh or something) might hint it's a Canadian but there are lots of Canadians…

No. 221428

Literally was the mod on the Abroad in Japan subreddit that was removed, known for their aggressive dictatorship. If you look at their other replies left on other subreddits it’s exactly the same as Norm’s style on YouTube

No. 221450

Jesus Chris, affect his content? He makes video about Japan! He is not saving lives here, nor is he the only one making those videos! Lol don’t worry, if he eats himself into a coma, your skinny healthy life will go on!

No. 221497

He has talked about doing more adventurous content but having issues due well his state.
He wants to do more things anon if you don't follow his stuff shut up.

No. 221537

I think you're spot on with "artificial". I do thing toys and plants would be entertaining content -if- it was from people that seem genuinely interested in what they're showing, not people that are clearly padding the time, no different than anyone making a video and point to a random pebble and saying "oh, look a pebble, how intredasting".

No. 221541

"He's mentioned briefly that he'd like to do more adventurous content so that must mean he will climb Mt. Everest next and he's not fit enough to do that"
Doing a 2000km cycle and all the other crap he does is not adventurous at all. /s

No. 221551

One of my pet peeves with chris (even though I like him enough overall) is that he's years into bringing up his own weight and health in vids and in livestreams.. and never changing. It's groundhog day. He could just keep all that offline but he doesn't. He brings it up, he half assedly mentions plans to improve his health and then he appears in a livestream telling us he's eaten 5 meals so far that day and he's full but he's thinking about grabbing some street food anyway. It's getting old that HE keeps bringing it up so much.

No. 221560

That is one of my top pet peeves with him, too. It's always the weight, the fitness, and the short film. None of which will happen.

No. 221563

I'm more bothered by the short film stuff than anything.
Look how he is addressed by that editor/writer >>221321
"Filmmaker" kek

No. 221566

Isn’t that most people? Lol every January the gym is full with people who said “this year is the year I am going to get in shape”. The by February most people fall off, to do the same thing over again the next year! But yes, I very much agree that Chris is full of it when it comes to loosing weight and doing a short film. chris wants the result but he doesn’t want to do the work requires to fulfill those things. He doesn’t want to eat healthy he doesn’t want to exercise. He doesn’t want to relinquish control that he would need to, to actually do a film, nd staying in Japan, will not move his movie making career at all.

No. 221569

When it comes to the movie making point he sure has the $$$ to travel and study properly then return to Japan.
Maintaining his YouTube channel and his personal dream seems doable.
Well that's the view of someone from outside, who knows what else is cutting his wings or something.
I thought meeting Ken Watanabe would give him the confidence to put more fuel in his goals but nope.

No. 221571

Looks like both Sharla and Chris are back in London

No. 221572

I mean with that said, chris has been hanging out with the film makers in Japan this year. Writing, making film takes time, an incredible amount of resources and money. We don’t 100% know what he is doing behind the scene, Chris can be pretty secretive. But mostly he has described that being stuck in Japan for the past 3 years, took a mental toll on him. It’s hard to be created when you’re struggling mentally. While I also sent think that Chris set him self up for failure by saying he’s going to make a short film over and over again. IMO, He has been making short films all along for his videos, especially JAJ. They really well produced well executed and well put together, those are short films. Anyway he is 32 so he has a long road ahead to make strides towards his goals!

No. 221574

File: 1655734053444.jpeg (854.42 KB, 2048x2048, A7BB4CCE-26B8-46BB-9121-6942C3…)

No. 221576

Funny how they keep popping up in the same places at the same time?! I’m guessing they went to Cornwall after spending time in Kent and London, then they went abroad for a week, then back to England for a week before heading home to Japan.

No. 221580


I mean you can see Chris in Sharla's latest video, she is not hiding it.

No. 221581

File: 1655735783382.jpeg (714.44 KB, 1888x1888, 2AAB6DF5-6802-469F-A7DC-B8B61C…)

Funny how the same exact breakfast that chris has back a couple of weeks ago, matched her post and her video. Also Sharla fake vegan with the eggs lol

No. 221588

Interesting how Sharla shows Chris in the vlogs meanwhile Chris is out here deleting videos that connect him and Sharla

No. 221598

No, only the supersleuths on here are realizing that they are popping up in the same places!

One video. Possibly because shows that they are living together. Circumstantial

No. 221601

He is all over her last video but, She keeps clear of mentioning that she is in a double date the whole time lol

No. 221605

Looks like her and Chiaki have been staying together and traveled to London without Chris too. Anons are way too obsessed with this dating thing.

No. 221606

She hasn't called herself vegan in a very long time. Or ever?
Often choosing the vegan option and being plant based the majority of your meals doesn't mean she's a strict vegan. Stop policing what people are claiming about their diets. You anons on here always policing influencers' food intake because they often eat plant based stuff and you somehow assume that they claim they're vegan really need to reevaluate your hobbies.

I'm vegan and have become fairly strict over the years with myself but for others, even if she's only 80% plant based that is a massive reduction and a positive influence on her viewers.

No. 221611

They stayed together for what looks like a few days, this was probably when Chris was off filming with Joey and Connor. You can literally see Chris in the video. We also know they went to the same place in Cornwall.

No. 221614

Unless she's an abusive partner who's forcing him into something he doesn't want, he's probably aware of being in her video, so stop with this silly implication that he's scrambling to hide their relationship.

No. 221618

Huhh? Are you okay?

No. 221620

You are so cute! So chaiki joined her for a few days= they are not dating lol. IGNORE everything else. Lol

No. 221626

Sharla acknowledged that she filmed with Chris in the comments

No. 221627

Not to mentiined that anon doesn't have a thyroid issue, otherwise theyd know most people with either disease type, usually yoyo and flip diets constantly because of it. This isn't even milky or an issue. You don't just have to stick with one diet once you're declared and she hate bangers in her latest vlog.

No. 221628

Post screenshots. Stop coming here just to make statements. This is an imageboard, retard.

No. 221643

Why are you so angry? Geesh such a strong reaction

No. 221644

Agree!!! But Sharla Is also at fault, she was so smug about her becoming a vegan and alliated a lot of her non-vegan audiences by being super preachy about it. Now that she has stopped, she seems like a hypocrite now. Ps it’s fine that she changed her mind, but so some may remember how insufferable she was when she first became a vegan. I mean she tweeted that she didn’t want Joey to call her honey because she was a vegan lol

No. 221646

She said in the comments that Chris is in the video.
She's with chiaki so he has no issues with revealing such it's a perfect alibi

No. 221650

Are some of Sharla’s male fans scared she is dating Chris or something? I saw one of them made a comment that it ‘made sense’ that she would film with Chris in Kent because he’s from there. Guess what also makes sense? That they’re dating each other.

No. 221653

File: 1655741703521.jpg (329.75 KB, 1080x1808, IMG_20220620_111258.jpg)

Such negative reaction,it feels like a parasocial simp feeling threatened.
Anyways here is the answer.

No. 221656

How did that translate to him being there the whole time?

No. 221658

Chiaki husband is also in the video this is giving double date vibes.
Anyways with Chiaki there she has the perfect excuse kek
By the way how odd to not promote the video in twitter as usual.

No. 221659

Honestly you are fighting a loosing battle. It’s obvious that they have been there togeher the whole time. they left Japan the same time, same exact fight. They both attended the same mysterious wedding (aka chris’ sisters wedding) They have been popping up the same exact place at the same exact time, this whole trip. They will leave Uk for japan this week. Surly, even if you don’t want to believe that they are a couple, you can at least see that this 6 weeks in the UK was a Sharla and Chris trip. Lol u try to hard!

No. 221661

An emgine isn't indicative of a same flight. Your reaches are insane. They posted showing up there on different days too. He was there a few days prior. You can't just make up that they delayed their posts for your convenience.

No. 221668

Were you dropped as a kid?

No. 221669

You know what! You are 100% right! I am insane for making those connections. You are the sane one. Nothing to see here, they are not a couple. ALL OF IT IS A COINCIDENT! THEY AFE NOT A COUPLE! Happy now pumpkin

No. 221671

That was definitely a new level for a denier.

No. 221675

Where's the issue in what I said? You use lack of proof as definitive proof and fill in the blanks where it makes sense for you.

No. 221677

I think they're dating too anon, but deniers can always say that they were traveling together as friends and we really can't dispute that. Technically, sure, they could just be good friends traveling together. While you and I may think there is no chance the two of them would travel around platonically, but it isn't impossible. So we can't 'win' against that argument unless Sharla or Chris say they're dating, or not. We can make educated guesses and assumptions based off of our own experiences…but none of it will ever qualify as 'proof'. All we can prove to them is that they traveled together, it is impossible to prove what like, was in their hearts as they went to-and-fro like that. I think deniers have a harder time ignoring the evidence of them living together in Japan, like the infamous (not) Daiso $100 teacup that Sharla and Chris both used independent of each other. Instead of explaining how/why they would each have this cup, they just mock it and try to distract back onto the subject of the Daiso cup or whatever.

No. 221678

Like I said you want to ignore everything, so I will live there with you and say, NOTHING TO SEE HERE. It’s pointless at this point, every time we bring some thing here to show you another layer of proof, you say it means nothing’ so nothing will be good enough for you. So again nothing to see here, they are not a couple! does that make you happy?

No. 221681

If Chris deleting that livestream didn’t convince deniers nothing will

No. 221683

Referring to the traveling specifically. They posted different days of arriving. The engine on a generic fleet made specifically for overseas travel, isn't proof of them taking the same plane and just delaying posts. Most anons agreed Chris arrived in England first, so I don't even know why you're trying to backtrack it. She also used a selfie stick for most of the YT video with Chiaki. Chris showed up, great, but that also doesn't mean he was there the whole time in London. From Instagram, we can see they met up at some point anyway, but for the most part looks like she traveled to London with Chiaki and met up with Chris, but was a girl date. He wasn't the cause of going in to the city.

No. 221684

I wonder if Chris will drop a comment in the video or acknowledge it twitter wise kek

No. 221685

Always drops one to mask up stuff.
In her"new" apartment video he commented saying how good is the moving services and dropping a joke.
It's funny and cringe due both living together yet he makes weak lies.

No. 221690

I bet I heard his voice starting from 11:52

No. 221691


Eureka you’re so right oh my God why didn’t we think of that? they are not a couple!!!! nothing means nothing! They just happen to be showing up the same place because sharla happens to like those place too. Its fine, it’s okay, you are right! Everything else before this trip in Japan, that shows that they live together, and are a couple, everything during the trip to prove that they are traveling together for 6 weeks and will happen to leave for japan at the same time is a Just a coincident. It is just us, jumping to silky conclusion. You are right! you are so right we’re just insane! Thank God you made that comment now I see clearly!

No. 221695

LOL I forgot about that. This whole thing is wildly entertaining.

No. 221696

I mean there’s a few minutes from 11:09 on bc where you can clearly see Chris and Chiaki’s partner Nick walking ahead of Sharla and Chiaki.

No. 221697

They’ve all hung out before, they visited Sharla and Chris in Morioka in 2019.

No. 221701

True. They went to that onsen resort in Aomori and Sharla and Chris flirted non stop. I bc always thought Sharla was pretending to be rooming alone on that trip. Chiaki and Nick also visited Sharla in Korea along with Chris and Lily before the break ups.

No. 221702

File: 1655748172503.jpg (230.24 KB, 1080x1542, IMG_20220620_130003.jpg)

I wonder if they have a list of the things one will comment in the video of the other when "collab" happens you know to sell the "meeting".
Chris lives with sharla.
Also Chris:

No. 221704

It's truly pathetic the lies but at the same time I guess some people migth find it cute too.

No. 221706

In that video where she shows her hotel room you can see another suitcase in the background by the door, presumably Chris’s.

No. 221711

Also Mark my words. You will see this is the only video she puts out about her trip to UK, because that was the only time she has chiaki with her. All the other weeks she was alone with Chris so they will be no other videos. But I bet once Chris puts up his video with him Joey and Connor, you will come back here and say that “see Sharla is not even there”

No. 221715

She mentioned that her camera broke don't forget (private livestream).

No. 221717

Sharla and Chris have all their viewers fooled … so many comments on her video about how it’s too bad she didn’t meet up with Chris or they should’ve filmed a video together because as luck would have it they were in England at the same time!!!

No wonder Chris deleted that livestream, I think they’re probably afraid of what their viewers will say when they find out that they have likely been living together for 3 years. Personally I don’t care, good for them if it’s true, but maybe some of their fans will get upset.

No. 221720

I wonder how many of those comments are people just wanting them to admit that they are together. If you watch their content it’s clear that they’ve been together the entire trip. You’d have to be particularly obtuse to not realize. The only time they were apart she was filming with Chiaki in London, that was the day Chris did that livestream with Connor.
(They both mention the Jubilee fly over)

No. 221721

She also mentioned that she will only do 1 video during the trip during her member livestream. So the camera breaking has nothing to do with it.

No. 221722

Her audience are so dumb lol cause he is all over that video. Lol

No. 221725

It’s embarrassing quite frankly.

No. 221729

Because they "gotta gatekeep the lolcow board"

No. 221730

perfect moment for some tinfoil
it's the anon who thinks Chris is morbidly obese and they're scared he'll ruin Sharla

No. 221734

When was Sharla smug about it?
She mentioned it in relation to a weight-loss diet. When/how did she annoy non-vegans?
> I mean she tweeted that she didn’t want Joey to call her honey because she was a vegan lol
Doctor! We're gonna need a sense of humor transplant, stat!
Not everything people say is to be taken at face value. How would that even make sense?!

No. 221736

that is exactly what they do. I believe they are a couple but the level of reaching and inserting silly headcanons into empty space is ridiculous.

No. 221738

God, can you stop pretending that all the people appearing in their videos are some sort of beards?!
She might just have chosen Chiaki to be in the videos because she was hanging out with someone we seldom see in her videos. Not everything is a make-believe conspiracy that you super smart super sleuths decoded.

No. 221741

I read this as 'super smart super sluts' kek

No. 221743

Ooooh! That super masking!
He can be with her and not want to hide it and still make a comment about the amazing moving service because… get this, it's actually great and he likes it.
Are your lives that sheltered and boring you desperately want to create conspiracy and intrigue around two J-vloggers who are as vanilla as they come?
Like, there's enough crap in the world to deal with.

No. 221744

No shit, Sherlock!!
He's in that part of the video. kek

No. 221745

You pick apart everything. “Give me screen shots” you get them. “Tell me how x equal y”
Dude just chill, let people tinfoil. You seem to take this all so personally, it’s hilarious. Why so mad? You’re easy to spot.

No. 221746

Kek thank you

No. 221747

How the fuck is that a lie?! Everything he says is literally true?! how does that even imply in any way that he wasn't part of the moving process?

No. 221751

Is this an ESL issue? How is his comment in any way meant to mask anything. Why would they have to have a friggin list of stuff to comment?
Are you an actual human able to communicate with other actual humans?
Literally all he said: 1) Japanese moving companies are amazingly coordinated; 2) that's not how it works in many western countries.
How is any of this implying anything?

Stop. reaching.

No. 221752

You clearly have not been around long enough to see her now deleted I am turning into a vegan video. She got so much backlash from it, she later deleted it. Also she was with a group of friends who all turned vegan during that time frame and they were all super smug about it in all of their videos. They would ewe meat eaters or meat dishes. After her friendship with Meime chick fell out, meime husband DPR called her and the crew fake vegans. that is y Taylor had to do an IG post explaining why she stopped being a vegan, because when they that crew first came out as vegans, they were very smug. All of them have stopped the pretense but Sharla is the only one still pretending to be one!

No. 221758

Ah yessssss the esl Police is back! Are you okay boo? you are reaching so deep into the denial bucket, that I am starting to worry about you. Sending love to you and the rest of u 2 deniers. Hugs and kisses. Also hate to break it to u 3, the earth is round

No. 221762

File: 1655754490384.png (9.16 MB, 3356x1850, Screen Shot 2022-06-20 at 21.4…)

If it's "the perfect excuse" then, by your logic, she was doing Chris back in 2018 in Korea as well? Since the same four people are on this picture she shared in her 2019 Vlogmas Aomori video.

No. 221763

I believe they're together but this is not evidence!
a) post a picture.
b) did you also see the amount of crap (including a large pack of cat food) she's bringing back? She probably checked multiple suitcases.
Many of my flights to Japan allow me two checked suitcases.

No. 221765

probably not, kek, based on their (lack of) abilities

No. 221767

I was talking about the Aomori video from 2019, when she visited an onsen resort with Chris, Chiaki and her boyfriend. In that vlogmas video she gives a tour of her hotel room and you can see her suitcase open on the floor and there's another big suitcase by the door. That was just like a two day trip, why would she need two large suitcases?

No. 221769

I like the viewers foolishness kek
"oh you visited affable man home city you should have recorded something with him"

No. 221770

I am not denying that they are together. They like 99% are!
I'm denying the fucking reaching that is happening on here!
Do you even understand the difference? Does your reading comprehension stretch that far?

Like "yeah, they have to plot what they'll write on each other's videos, for conspiracy, ooooooh!"
Get a grip, people!

No. 221772

It's cute. I hope Chris and Sharla reveal their alleged relationship like those two actors from the show the 100 (I think it was) who just revealed their relationship by posting wedding photos. Imagine how shocked Chris and Sharla viewers will be lmao.

No. 221775

Wouldn't surprise if they hook up since long ago .

No. 221778

Probably not at that point. Since Lily was on the Korea trip and Sharla was still with her husband. But the Aomori trip for sure. They were flirting like crazy and the break ups were a long time before. Chris and Lily in like the first week of January 2019, Sharla said in her Mar 5 moving back to Japan video that she and her husband hadn’t been together for a long time.

No. 221779

Chris filming backdrop changed in June 2019, they had probably moved in together by that point. I don't think they cheated on their partners, they probably got together inspring 2019 and then moved in together by summer.

No. 221780

Oh in that case, I do believe they were sharing a room then as well. The way she was filming him in that video was very much a gf-bf sort of playfully annoying each other way

No. 221781

I actually wonder if they were separated around the time of JAJ and that’s why she went originally. Some time apart that may have cemented things once she and Chris spent all that time together.

No. 221782

They have time what they post at some degree anon otherwise it will be too obvious.
Like Chris picture in the beach and sharla later pictures of the same area that was posted later.
So it wouldn't surprise me if some comments are just to mask up stuff.

No. 221783

Oh yeah, the tone of voice when they were talking at the dinner table. So obvious and cute.

No. 221787

File: 1655755716084.png (6.42 MB, 2722x2068, Screen Shot 2022-06-20 at 22.0…)

I think they were about to get together at that point but that is not a suitcase by the window.

No. 221789

>it's the anon who thinks Chris is morbidly obese and they're scared he'll ruin Sharla
Honestly, anon. Your fixation on those of us who've pointed out what Chris himself has talked about multiple times for years is getting a little weird. No one called Chris morbidly obese. I can't tell if you're so in love with Chris that you can't absolutely can't stand anyone commenting about his body, even if it's a topic in his own videos, or you have some body issues of your own and the comments are hitting a little too close to home.

No. 221790

I’ve actually met Norm before and I don’t believe what people say about him being a snake. He’s was a really nice guy to us when we were there.

No. 221791

Not the anon you're replying to but there's many of us who have pointed out that the ones obsessing over his weight are weird.
Also, I'm a straight guy who's not interested in Chris sexually.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 221793

lol you are about to get a bunch of screen shots of norm being a snake lol

No. 221796

By the front door, not the window. You can see from 10:57 onwards.

And they were probably already living together at that point as Chris had that filming backdrop that looked exactly like Sharla's closet room from June 2019 onwards and which then didn't change until July 2022.

No. 221800

We have said it already that it became a point of discussion because Chris talks about it in the first place.
If the content creator is fixated about X issue then it's normal the viewers will react and drop opinions about it.

No. 221802

The closet room kek

No. 221803

I would check out his latest video.


No. 221804

LOL well that's the only thing she showed in that room during her apartment tour. Empty, save for a piano and closets. Then she never showed the room again!

No. 221805

Post specifics anon. When/where/why

No. 221808

It's not enough to believe they're dating, the shippers want to control the whole narrative and have everyone believe their wild headcanons too, in which they've been somewhat successful via gaslighting and intimidating anons who question them. I suppose I can't blame those anons who seem to have shifted their opinions in order to fit in and get the shippers off their asses, as it's more of a social survival tactic than anything.

No. 221809

Norm is holding his douche behavior so much lmao.

No. 221810


As I remember it this was heavily implied in the behind the scenes stuff that Tokyo Creative did.

No. 221813

What headcanons? I feel like most theories people have had on here have been backed up with plenty "evidence". Obviously none of us can know for sure if any of them are true, but they don't seem that unbelievable to me.

No. 221814

Sharla thanks Chiaki on Instagram for 'showing her around England' LOL. Did Chiaki go to Cornwall too?

No. 221815

Poor Chris no recognition.
I guess he was compensated in other way.

No. 221816

>there's many of us
>I'm a straight guy who's not interested in Chris sexually.
So the comments hit too close to home then, gotcha.
We've talked waay more about Chris' body in the past and in far more detail, and it wasn't a problem back then. Why is it suddenly a problem now? Why so weird about and obsessed with people discussing a subject Chris constantly and recently brings up himself? Chris is going to continue to talk about his body and weight, so best get used to anons talking about topics that actually come up in his vlogs and streams.

No. 221817

Maybe headcanon isn't the right choice of word for the brand of mundane arguments i'm referring to, but the reaching in here is insane, and anyone who questions the reaching gets aggressively labeled as a denier even if they acknowledge the possibility or fully believe that Chris and Sharla are dating. It doesn't really make one want to take the claims seriously when anons are arguing like their lives depend on it. Things that are factual or highly likely are usually backed up, getting aggressive or pissy over people questioning statements that seem to be colored not by fact but someone's imagination is pretty unhinged to me.

No. 221818


Because that's your headcanon. Confirmation bias. You see what you choose to see. If the only tool you have is a hammer, all of a sudden everything is temptingly looking like a nail.

So, example: most people on here assume they are together and they have not made an announcement of it yet for whatever reason. It might not fit their channel (esp. Chris's stuff) or maybe they're over all of that sharing, which might apply to Sharla who got divorced after a very long relationship but fairly short marriage and a move to another country…
But the headcanon people on here are weaving tales of how they're using their friends to hide it and how they are panicking when something comes out, how they are spending a ton of effort on hiding it, etc. etc.
And in older threads it was also stuff like "he must have cheated on Lily and Sharla on her husband".

No. 221820

>I'm a straight guy who's not interested in Chris sexually.
>So the comments hit too close to home then, gotcha.
No, thanks for worrying but I am fine. Chris does remind me of my best friend a lot, who has a similar physique and is British too, so maybe I'm defensive. But, realistically, they are overweight not at death's door sort of obese!
That's all.
It's generally the case on these forums that people take one small thing and run with it. And by the time it hits a couple of comments, it's blown out of proportion.

No. 221823

Chris wasted no time deleting that livestream after it was posted about here. I would say that’s a pretty panicked move.

No. 221825

Rational people exist on here? Thank you for restoring my belief.
I literally caught a vibe between them when watching their journey across Japan segment, so I wanted to look up what's what. I did not expect this.
I'm just a guy who was looking for information on the Shimanami Kaido and got a bit curious about the lives of two Vloggers.
Meanwhile, I went through a rabbit hole where I was believed to have a thing for Chris and/or Sharla as well as being obese.
It's wild!

No. 221826

You'd say that because you've set yourself up to believe that and to interpret everything through that particular lens.

No. 221828

No, it’s because it’s the most logical conclusion. That livestream was old, he never deletes livestreams just unlists them, the other livestream from that time were left untouched even though they had lesser views etc. Yet he deletes it ASAP after it gets posted here? You don’t need to be a Sharla and Chris shipper (which I’m not lmao) to arrive at the conclusion that he deleted it because the video showed what people here thought it did.

No. 221829

Do any of ya'll watch Currently Hannah?

She's signing with Tokyo Creative apparently. I watch her quite a bit when I need a break from Sharla, Chris, and Emma.(namefagging)

No. 221833

Oh please can you buy yourself a brain.
Yes anon Chris woke up and randomly privated that specific video that was being discussed here.
1.5 year old with 400k views out of blue goes private just hours after the screenshot here.
Can you at least be a denier that is parasocial about them?
That way at least one can ignore you.

No. 221837

>But, realistically, they are overweight not at death's door sort of obese!
No one has said anything about Chris being morbidly obese or at death's door. You are the ones who've been exaggerating and overly sensitive. Chris is the one saying his weight is affecting his work and that he could have serious health problems unless he changes his habits right away, and that's why anons have been talking about his weight.

No. 221838

I wonder if the people who refuse to even entertain the thought that Chris and Sharla are an item are the same people on Chris's subreddit who commented on that shirtless photo saying they have a crush on him.

No. 221839

Why are you so triggered.
Also, the anons pointing out that you reach a lot are probably not the ones who should buy themselves a new brain.

No. 221840

On here, the rate of the ones who think there's nothing between them is like 1 out of 1000 comments.
The rate of the people who believe they are together but who refuse to entertain your personal headcanon is a bit higher. And I believe you feel some sort of way about that. Maybe talk to someone about that.

No. 221842

I have no personal headcanon. I just believe that they're a couple and have been for quite some time. Is it weird to think that or something? If it would turn out to not be the case I would be surprised, but I also wouldn't care because I don't ship them, unlike some people here.

No. 221845

If you think Chris deleting a video just hours after it was discovered something here is a "reach" then it's back to school season for you frankly.

No. 221848


No. 221856

No one said any of that, retard.

No. 221862

Retard annon is back!!! Do you get paid for each time you type retard?

No. 221867

Sharla goes to all the places Chris goes and is in England for the exact amount of time Chris is (unlike the TT boys) and her viewers don't think it's a bit odd? At all?

No. 221872

Oh no,just a swift read in the comments and you will see plenty of indirect messages.
Not direct enough to earn the prize of Sharla deleting them though.

No. 221876

I just saw a bunch of ‘they’re there for the TT wedding!’ and ‘wow you should meet up with Chris!’ comments

No. 221880

But that is precisely the point. Most people on here believe that they are a couple but only some create these intrigues around that very simple fact.

No. 221883

Well, I'm guessing not many things in life give you the opportunity to feel intellectually superior to your fellow man, so if this be it, so be it.

No. 221884

maybe they prefer to not be creepy idiots who like to insert themselves into situations they don't belong in?
Maybe they want to give C&S the privacy they deserve?

No. 221886

What intrigues?

No. 221887

If you feel you need to be intellectual superior for that suit yourself kek

No. 221888

If I remember well he's writing a book right now in the hopes to finish it when abroadinjapan 10 year anniversary hits
So there's that when it comes to his current projects.

No. 221890

Of course they deserve privacy, I was mostly talking about comments (probably made by shippers) that say stuff like "why don't you meet up with Chris?" How can they not see what's going on here?

No. 221901

I find her super boring. Her videos are well filmed but she has basically zero personality. The only one on Tokyo Creative who actually can carry a channel on their own, imo, is TokidokiTraveller. and even she is pretty hit-or-miss. The rest of them are just kind of empty seeming husks designed to sell Suntory products to people in foreign markets who can't even buy them. In that case, Currently Hannah fits in great kek

No. 221902

Did anyone else feel Sharla's England video was awkward to watch at the end? During the haul, Chiaki seemed really sweet & Sharla seemed annoyed with her.

Also, it is undeniable at this point that Chris & her are together.

No. 221912


Sharla became vegan for ethical reasons , that much she said in that I'm vegan video.

No. 221918

So now that she has dropped bing a vegan I guess those ethics no longer matter. Like I said she didn’t need to FN announce it, she could’ve just been a vegan and kept her life going, but because she was smug and wanted to get on her high horse she did a video.

No. 221933

You can buy suntory products in the US

No. 221935

meh this was such a common problem among influencers who became vegan. When they first learn about it or start going vegan they felt like they discovered some great secret and were so pushy about it. I think everyone is like that they first start something new, especially when it was a lifestyle trend a few years back. Now people got burned out and chilled out, became less annoying about it, and many became 90% vegan/vegetarians due to the inconvenience of going out/travel. Seems like sharla fell into that as well.

No. 221942

It's not an issue. Shut up about it already. This was so long ago too.

No. 221968

New vegans are absolutely crazy, I've been shouted down by people who have been vegan for like 2 months online when, at the time I was vegetarian for 20 years, but apparently they know better kek. Nothing worse than someone trying to shill their new lifestyle choice on you

No. 221983

Are you okay? A simple convo about fake vegans is really getting to you!

No. 221984

So true! My only issue with Sharla, is that she is still pretending to be a vegan. All her other friends have own the fact that they stopped. But she stool pretends lol. Anyway it’s not a big deal, she is dating a guy whose blood is made of fried chicken, sooooo lol

No. 221988

Deniers (especially on Chris subreddit) often use the argument that Sharla is a vegan therefore she cannot possibly be dating Chris

No. 221990

Her ex wasn’t a vegan lol

No. 221991

Who cares about facts and logic, deniers gonna deny anyway. They probably want Chris for themselves.

No. 222002

Yuck they can keep him lol

No. 222014

People's diets change. She still mostly eats vegan food.
Also, answering the question her subscribers ask her a lot doesn't make her smug.
Saying that she's vegan is not being smug.

If you want to know what a smug vegan looks like, I'd direct you to that Jubilee video featuring vegan superhero Erin.
All (but one) other people in that video were also vegan but none of them was smug.(derailing)

No. 222015

Are you saying that Sharla was like that?

No. 222016

How the heck is she pretending?
She's eaten meat in several videos!

Most of her meal choices seem to be vegan that doesn't mean that she pretends to be vegan.
I had a beyond burger yesterday. Am I pretending to be vegan?

No. 222083

I will forever love that video

No. 222085

Show me 2 screenshot of her eating meat in her videos since she became a vegan?

No. 222086

Watch her latest vlog. Anons posted it and have talked about how she's eating sausages in it and stuff while traveling in London. Don't be a lazy ass when it's been in discussion for the past day already.

No. 222087

File: 1655839606802.png (992.92 KB, 1086x684, Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 3.26…)

kek uh, one screenshot couldn't possibly be enough in Autistic Women's Court, nonnie? I don't know if Sharla eats meat or not but she surely is enjoying things with cream and butter in them while she's in the UK, which isn't vegan. picrel from her latest video, afternoon tea. She's definitely not vegan anymore, which she has every right not to be, so what are you demanding proof of?

No. 222088

yeah our afternoon teas are lots of cakes and creams and sandwiches. so not vegan at all and i have never heard of anywhere that does 'vegan afternoon tea' idk

No. 222089

I actually could care less, if she is a vegan, I am just enjoying getting you very upset. You said you have seen her eating meat on videos, to only come back with your go to lame line, autistic! Lol and a screenshot of a cake lol

No. 222091

“How the heck is she pretending?
She's eaten meat in several videos!”

This was what you said, and you got upset because someone asked for proof?! Y’all love to say this is an image board! Your stupid screenshot of a cake is proving the point that you made up something and now can’t back it up with pics. Anyway it doesn’t matter if she is a vegan or not, it’s not that serious. But also choose a better line then autistic, bye(autistic samefagging)

No. 222092

If you watch that Vlog when they put down her meal the server says “Veggie breakfast” or something along those lines so those are vegetarian sausages.

No. 222095

Correcting myself. Sharla orders the veggie breakfast.

No. 222096

This doesn't matter. Jfc.

No. 222117

I’m NTAYRT originally, I posted cake to “prove” she isn’t vegan. I’ve never seen her eat meat but vegans also don’t eat dairy and eggs. I also don’t care, I’m not the one asking for exactly two screenshots of Sharla eating meat. What are you trying to get proof of, if not her being no longer vegan?

No. 222121

I’ve never seen her eat meat. Occasional prawns or something with dashi. Things with dairy or eggs. I think it’s more that she tries to mostly eat vegan but is less strict than she probably was starting out. As someone else pointed out, it’s pretty common for new converts to veganism to be quite vocal about it.

No. 222127

File: 1655845474405.png (2.85 MB, 1816x1156, Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 23.0…)

The person who got upset because you asked for proof from being too lazy is not the same person who wrote that, fyi.

In the past months, whenever she went to do something traditional, she'd eat the local foods even if they include meat, if memory serves.
Also, she had eggs in that veggie breakfast, she had eggs and dairy in other dishes too. So that's enough of a "proof" if you needed that. Not sure why proof is even needed here, since all I said is that it's extremely silly to say that she is "pretending" to be vegan and then full on showing eggs and dairy products on her plate. But because you asked so nicely, here's more picrel for you, nonnie.
Don't know why you're so triggered.

No. 222136

She's had meat dishes but picked out the veggies while eating, leaving the meat.
That is not a vegan thing to do, commonly…
I think she just dislikes meat since she grew up vegetarian.
Like I randomly remembered she had Jjimdak with meat so that was one I could look up quickly. But there she also says she'd just eat around the meat.
She's clearly not that bothered by it and it's possible she'd have it if it's part of a traditional meal as >>222127 said. But I don't remember seeing her eat meat, so there's no proof for that.
Still, clearly not vegan. But she's eating vegan meals most of the time based on what she shows and seems to often go out of her way to go to vegan places.
A completely valid and common diet nowadays. No reason to look at her as some sort of fallen vegan for that. She never struck me as smug or in your face about it.

No. 222141

>i’m enjoying getting you upset
NTAYRT but you’re a ridiculous derailer and baiter who can’t even figure out the saying ‘couldn’t care less’
‘I could care less’? So you care, but you have the ability to care less than you do? Get tf outta here lmao

No. 222157

Meeeattttttttttt I am looking for your hee eating meat pictures! Image board

No. 222158

Show me the meat lol lol

No. 222173

Just ride the New York Subway long enough and it's bound to happen.

No. 222181

ya'll care too much

No. 222182


I was temp banned for asking a legit question. I'm not Hannah. I was curious as she seems more popular than some of the vloggers listed by op.

Also, Sharla and Chris are dating. It doesn't matter. You don't need proof and don't have to believe it.(it was for namefagging just like now)

No. 222184

Yes you are spot on. It’s whatever really it’s a difficult to be a vegan or vegetarian in Japan. so it’s her choice she can do what she pleases. Live and let live lol

No. 222185

Lol all those damn rats. Anyway, we have beat this subject to death. it was a good for a laugh though.

No. 222262

Why the hell are you all arguing over her veganism? This is so 2013, she has always been a vegetarian but eating vegan was a trend, lots of people got called out for it when really what they should have been saying is I eat mostly plant based meals.
This is all it boils down to please shut up fgs

No. 222263

Yeah it looks like a bunch of anons have come here from Chris's subreddit. It would explain the anons that were defending Sharla during that discussion about her association with Norm and the ones who keep mentioning about how hot Chris is and how they want to fuck him. Though it does remind me of tkyosam self posting the same kinda shit here. I could see Chris doing that, we know he lurks here now thanks to him immediately privating that livestream kek. Perhaps this anon was telling the truth? >>193945

No. 222274

File: 1655907683927.png (1.39 MB, 1326x866, Screen Shot 2022-06-22 at 7.54…)

Lol. Sharla saying how much she likes shopping in England because the clothes fit her well then showing one frumpy dress she says she can't be bothered to try on. A+ vlogging

No. 222278

Whats the milk? She's shopped western styles before.

No. 222280

nta but the milk is it's funny to state you love shopping in western stores, and then not bother to try on one item

No. 222281

What are you on about? Of course she has shopped for Western style before, she’s not walking around in Kimonos all day. The point is a lot of the clothes in Japan doesn’t fit her body type well, but here she is in London picking the frumpiest things!

No. 222282

I love how 14 hours after the last comment that said ok let’s move on, we have beat this subject to death. You post an essay, and then demanded for people to shut up about it. LOL WHEN NO ONE WAS TALKING ABOUT IT!

No. 222286

She really has bad taste in clothing other than just standard casual sportswear. And please, don’t get me started on those ugly ass transition lenses. I’ve only ever seen unfashionable asian uncles wear those.

No. 222290

No. 222325

I would hardly call that an essay. Also have you considered people who don’t live in your time zone?
Also lurk more.

No. 222334

The sunglasses are being promoted by her sponsor. Doesn’t mean that she would necessarily choose them herself. The frames were nice. Her taste in clothing is pretty basic. She bought several pieces including a blazer, that little blue cardigan, the silk blouse for the wedding. All pretty age appropriate choices for her.

No. 222339

>>222184 It is insanely easy to be vegan/vegetarian in japan. You realize the entire country was vegan/vegetarian till ~150 years ago. There are so many veg options, even in a medium size city like Sendai. This is one of my favorites in Sendai- http://ohisama-nikoniko.sunnyday.jp/(unsaged derailing)

No. 222352

Doesn't the country put fish in everything like miso soup? So no the country was definitely not vegetarian until recently kek(unsaged derailing)

No. 222356

I kekd when she said it was expensive yet flew business class. She is a good match for Chris with their terrible taste in clothing

No. 222370

AND alleged stayed in one of those fancy hotels in Greece. Those rooms with infinity pools usually cost a pretty penny. No wonder she didn't vlog there, if that's where they went.

I get it though, she probably just wants to be relatable to her viewers.

No. 222371

It's making more and more sense when Chris answered by saying love is expensive in his last livestream lmao

No. 222373

Wouldn't surprise me if he played a monetary role in the acquisition of that house in Tokyo tbh.

No. 222377

Good on Chris for treating his girlfriend right. With how many Youtube and Patreon subscribers he has he must make a lot of money. As he should.

No. 222389

I mean, the frames are fine. But the sponsor is a glasses store, meaning she didn't need to choose the transition lenses. She could've chosen anything. It's such a minor thing nonnie but Sharla's taste in clothing is pretty lame, and the glasses are extremely bad. She's in her mid to late 30s, not 50. She dresses not dissimilarly to her friend Ushka who is like, twenty years older than her. Sharla is a nice girl and I like her, but you can't deny her taste in a lot of things (home decor, clothing, cat garbage) is kind of like a fun 50 year old wine aunt at best.

No. 222393

I’m just suggesting that since it’s a sponsored post we don’t know whether she chose to have the Transitions lenses or whether they wanted them featured.

I’m not that fashionable so her style doesn’t bother me. For her age it’s fine. The main thing I dislike about her home decor is that Elon Musk picture!

No. 222493

Somebody likes to pretend they've been to Japan, eh?
It is not that easy to be vegan in Japan. There's animal ingredients in everything. They find ways to put dashi or egg or dairy into everything that would seem vegan.
Granted, when you've lived there a while, you probably know a few places you can go to.

No. 222495

> alleged stayed in one of those fancy hotels in Greece

Cutting-edge journalism there. You're assuming that based off of one picture of a tiny sliver of a pool with a tiny piece of a white wall next to it. And of course the fact that one anon (you?) had been looking at hotels in Santorini around the time they saw the post.

No. 222497

I didn’t realise this was a place full of journalists. Sure, it could be Spain. Or Mexico as some anon suggested. But it looks like Greece to me, what can I say.

No. 222513

I was listening to Chris podcast 14:18 he mentioned coming back from his holidays flying back to England. So we know that his plans were to go to Nerja Spain, wonder if they went there or Greece instead ?

No. 222523

I think if it was Spain he would mention it because he already talked about maybe going there. I think they went to Santorini.

No. 222540

Which podcast episode? I can’t hear this on the episode that was release yesterday.

No. 222543

The Wednesday one titled “The art of a deal!”
Starting 14:00 If you listen to the apple podcast APP!
Exact quote
Chris: “if it was the UK, where I flew back from my holiday the other day, and like my luggage just disappeared, for hours.”
Pete: “oh yeah, how was your…how was your trip?
Chris: It was alright
Pete: oh you lost your luggage
Chris: yeah, it took a while, but I did get it back……

No. 222546

Post it? You know how to embed, don't you?

No. 222550

Sorry I don’t… but I will if you tell me how :)(:))

No. 222551

Thank you. Well, I suppose that means Sharla was with him considering the pool pic.

No. 222560

It checks out IMO

No. 222566

It’s interesting how he’s reluctant to talk about it, but when he goes on trips with Connor, Natsuki, American Pete all those guys he always talks about it on the pod. Now there’s no details though.

No. 222571

Odd..why Pete stopped midway?
It's a trip whatever the case unless there's something else.
Anyways as some guessed he left the UK briefly possibly with Sharla.

No. 222573

His vacation,holiday,etc all can be described as trips.
Honeymoon was the word probably and he change it kek

No. 222575

LOL I don’t think they were on their honeymoon but perhaps he proposed. If they went to Santorini that’s a really really romantic place to do it!

No. 222581

Lol look at you stirring the pot!!!

No. 222585

I agree it would be odd if his sister got married and him too in the same month.
The proposal is a nice headcannon tho kek

No. 222603

lol itntresting

No. 222617

Surely it must suck to go somewhere picturesque (if Sharla’s pool photo is anything to go by) and not be able to vlog about it or show it off on social media because they’re don’t want to admit they probably are in a relationship.

No. 222624

I would agree but both of that channels are very Japan centric so this would be a departure from what they normally do so no harm no foul in term, in terms what most of core their audience are looking for maybe?

No. 222639

Was making fun of you using allegedly pretending like you're reporting facts. You're not. You made up a story in your little head.

No. 222640

I'm dying! Santorini-san is back with the proposal crap!

No. 222644

That pool indicates picturesque to you? Weird that.
She could be surrounded by ugly concrete houses and sitting next to a blue pool with a white wall.

So tempted to go out and recreate this with my temporary pool in the backyard and the white wall of our porch. Dreaming of Santorini!

No. 222645

Chris broad channel is anything he wants tho but it doesn't matter he is simply is not the type of guy that vlogs nonchalantly.
Even more due his occasional paranoid behavior lmao

No. 222647

They might be back in Japan.

No. 222648

Probably, unless Chris is tweeting at two thirty in the morning. It’s been 5 weeks so it makes sense.

No. 222651

Why is the thought of them maybe going to Santorini on holiday so implausible and upsetting to you, anon?

No. 222652

He does seem a bit paranoid, deleting that livestream for example!

No. 222653

Let's see in how many days each announce their return.
Btw S also shared a story so it kinda fits.

No. 222654

I want to see their coordination lmao

No. 222657

Well she just tweeted that she’s back in Japan lmao

No. 222659

Neither. It's just funny, the tales you weave.
No harm no foul. Mostly just amusing.
I think we all know that there's plenty of islands and beaches in Europe, so it's just amusing that people randomly assume a very specific island. It's even more amusing that some others then go "they might be getting engaged because it's so romantic there!" or maybe they're married and on their honeymoon!

I'm not upset by any of this. Just thoroughly amused.

Funfoil: The wedding they had to go to was theirs and Sharla's suit with a pink top underneath was a nod to Taylor R's pink wedding suit. And then they flew to Greece for some relaxation at the pool in Santorini (for who needs the sea when you can have an infinity pool!)

No. 222660

It's extra amusing to me because my mom's originally from Greece and even has family on Santorini but it never crossed my mind that the pool picture should be Santorini for whatever reason (granted, I do not stay at 5 star resorts when there)

No. 222676

They don't even mask it, jeez.
Maybe more loosening about about it.

No. 222678

Okay let's throw guesses…
When Chris will announce that he supposedly just "return"?
I say he'll do it in two days.

No. 222694

I can actually see her being this tacky kek

No. 222706

Guys calm down, we all know they are travelling together, this isn’t scandalous milky news

No. 222708

Right, why do some anons like it’s impossible that they went to Santorini … that photo looks exactly like it was taken there.

No. 222710

Doesn’t he usually livestreams on Patreon the last week-end of the month? That’s tomorrow.

No. 222739

That would exactly fit with 5 weeks since his photo from the plane's window so it's a great guess.

No. 222744

File: 1656078002287.jpg (876.34 KB, 4000x3000, collage.jpg)

I realise I'm fully indulging the autism in this thread but Santorini-san has got to me. This is why. Santorini is a fucking dot in the scale of the Mediterranean and literally anywhere in the Mediterranean could look like that pic (not to mention loads of other places in Europe). Maybe if I did a Google image search of Yalikavak and I found the same kind of pools then the whole thread would be sperging about how they got engaged in Yalikavak. Yes, it could be Santorini, or it could be any one of literally thousands of Mediterranean resort towns. And btw if you've never been to Santorini it's actually kind of tacky (no offence Greek-mother anon) so don't waste your money flying all the way there from burgerland where I assume you're from given your sheer idiocy.

No. 222748

What are you talking about? What the hell are these screenshots? While I agree that no one has no way of knowing if it’s santorini or not, from her post, you seem so unhinging about a none issue! And why are you so angry to end with that odd anti American comment?

No. 222754

I'm Greek-mom anon, no offence taken. Tourism has made many places in Greece tacky.
I was thinking exactly what you were. It's a speck amongst a sea of possibilities. And the fact that I've been there repeatedly, yet somehow that was not the first and only place that made sense to me despite being somewhat more primed towards Santorini speaks against it.

Also, it really doesn't matter but somehow Santorini-san is annoying me for the same reason.

No. 222755

Nta but you can't read a map? Clearly they are zooming into Santorini

> And why are you so angry to end with that odd anti American comment?

Tell me you are new here without telling me you are new here… Why is this thread specifically so full of new people?

No. 222758

Sharla in her latest Collab with kemushichan https://youtu.be/na0lNlU_DS4(learn2embed)

No. 222763

Sharla is most definitely leaving Japan soon, she is over it! Lol

No. 222768

They will probable move to UK, although she said germany after saying somewhere where they speak english(Older germans are not very good at speaking english)

No. 222770

IMO it looks like that photo was taken at one of the most popular and fanciest hotels in Santorini! I could be wrong of course.

No. 222773

Sharla can make videos anywhere that's her advantage due the type of channel.
If she were leave what about that house she just bought? I guess she will indeed resell it after improving it.
Chris brand thought without Japan it goes to the drain.

No. 222775

Im guessing its probable her friend that owns the most of it.

No. 222776

I disagree, both Chris and Sharla’s channels are very much Japan centric and they both would lose a significant amount of the audience if he left Japan. The only difference is Charlotte’s channel name doesn’t have Japan in it

No. 222779

Sharla's channel can survive a move. Her content is more like a day in a life.. Which can work in a new place like UK.

No. 222781

That's was happened to SoloTravelBlog. She left japan to field other things when his channel was blowing up due to gacha content and after that, everyone declined.

No. 222790

I don't think I can edit it anymore, but I meant he* left Japan.

No. 222801

Kek you have got to be trolling at this point.

No. 222810

Almost all of her vlogs say JAPAN, Japanese or Tokyo. Compare their views to the ones with "Canada."

No. 222812

True but a new country like UK would surely get views.

No. 222815

It's all full of day of in MY life content ,her content can work in other country without problem.
It might put some people off but it's quite likely the majority will stay.

No. 222820

Chris missed his chance to grow outside his main channel during the pandemic.
He should have started to use twitch during the lockdown and just play games like cdawgva did back then and expand his income,
I'm surprised how he let such opportunity to away now he's even more rooted to Japan.

No. 222822

Chris isn't the one who plays games for content. He is quite a perfectionist regarding his content and try to "semi" high brow his content(Youtube levels).

No. 222824

No, there is seriously a fancy hotel in Santorini that I have seen on Instagram (popular among influencers I think) that has a few really nice villas, one of them has a pool that looks a lot like the one Sharla took photos of.

No. 222825

Her friend Ushka already runs an Airbnb in Tokyo, I think she'd just add another one to her portfolio. TBH I think that was mostly the plan all along, Sharla put some money in, they do it up together, and then Ushka manages it as an AirBNB property. I doubt they ever had plans to literally sell it on since they already mentioned it's got elements that make it undesirable to actual Japanese people/as a long term dwelling. The adjustments they want to make to it as well, like their crazy idea to turn a tiny attic crawlspace into a 'sitting' area, is AirBNB type adjustments, not what you'd do to a house you wanted someone to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for.

I think you're underestimating the watching power of weebs, anon. I like Sharla but her channel definitely would lose a lot of viewers if she moved to an english speaking western country. Her personality (at least that she shows in her videos) is quite gentle and frankly, uninteresting. Again she's nice and I like her, but as an example of another jvlogger who actually had a 'bigger' personality, Martina from EatYourKimchi, when she did some content in Canada you can see the viewers decline. They have their own thread, just using them as an example of a jvlogger who didn't get views outside of Japan. Sharla won't find interesting and unique cat products in England, for example. Not everyone will go but people don't watch Sharla for her zany personality or humor - maybe if she opened up a bit more, the transition would be better. If she ever leaves Japan at all that is we're just speculating.

No. 222839

Sharla said that her audience will not be interested in her UK vlogs that’s why she only did one during her trip. It’s also her opinion that her viewers will drop significantly once ishe moves out of Japan but her goal is to make Japan a satellite home in the future.

No. 222840

I mean he still can shift his secondary channel. He has said in many interviews that Japan will always that he split his time between wherever he moves to in the future.

No. 222846

I agree Sharla personality is not very intresting, she is not adventurous, doesn’t have wide and varied intrest besides cat and stationaries. She is also a home body, most of of travel in Japan are paid sponsor from tourist boards, I don’t see most Europeans cities paying YouTubers to promote their cities like japan does.

No. 222848

Obviously this wasn't for his main channel dummy as I said expand his income.
Him rambling about whatever in YouTube Livestream gives him 7k+ viewers so this could have been used to build something.

No. 222850

Jeez her UK blog did 150k viewes in 4 days so far so there's people interested anon.
For a test video it would be a good result.
Doing one video only has more to do with her travelling around with Chris than anything else.

No. 222851

Indeed he said that,that's why I said missed opportunity.
Even if it was just to test the waters.

No. 222855

Chris is not dumb he surely knows about the opportunities he has in twitch,he is probably reluctant due being afraid of himself spilling the beans while streaming.
Still big cash opportunity ignored.

No. 222856

I am just quoting her. It’s her opinion that there is not as much intresting in UK vlogs. In her opinion the UK is pretty accessible, nor is it viewed as exotic or a super nich intrest like Japan. She thought her audience wound follow her for one video but not a series of videos. She said that she did some research on UK vlogs and there is not as much interest as Japan base content. She said that UK base Vloggers are personality driven rather than working as tourist ambassadors as she is. I have no opinion really, for I have no way of gaging intresting for UK vlogs. But I do think that if you remove the JAPAN bit her blah personality is NOT enough to hold interest for weeny audiences for a long term.

No. 222857

It’s clear that Chris is not money divren, lol he is okay with letting a month go by without uploading a video.

No. 222871

That's because he was close to be burnout due the long lockdown.
He was losing vision (his own words) that's why the upload schedule of this early 2022 has been messy.He talked about this in this month patreon article.
Btw Chris not boasting about the cash he makes doesn't mean he's no money driven anon.
All content creators are like that at some level.

No. 222872

Yeah I've seen some livestreams where he is messy with what he talks it's more common in the longer ones.
Personally that's cool,I like watching when content creators can be more honest with themselves it must feel liberating.
At the same time I've learned that C tends to think too high of himself so I guess this plays a role.

No. 222874

And compare that to her recent vlogs from Japan. She has more views for her week in quarantine video than for her vlog visiting famous sites in England.

No. 222883

It's not like people would not watch Chris show them around quirky places in the UK.

No. 222884

And there are no pictures of it and it has no name.

No. 222895

The thing is he’s really not interested in filming in the UK because it doesn’t excite him. What he could do is split his time between
UK & Japan film in Japan and also travel throughout Europe to make videos. there be a good look for him to eventually broadened out to filming in the US! I think he will see how successful the trash boys trip to the US has been with their Collabs and hooking up with LA base Youtubers, he will make his way there eventually since he has connections there.

No. 222904

Chris tends to limit himself frankly,I'd say if he was more bold his channel would have grown more.
And I don't mean he is not creative because he has done good projects my opinion goes more to him going outside the JP bubble he is in.
Is not a bad place true,he is in a safe and great position in comparison to other Jvloggers just feeling that for his "goals" he needs to do bigger jumps than only Japan.

No. 222907


With the amount of money he gets in patreon he can take a 3 month break if he wants.

No. 222908

Chris studio is Sharla studio as well ,lovely.

No. 222909


I think she is understimating her audience, her channel is a lot about her, she has a solid fan base that watches her videos because of her and not just Japan.

No. 222910

It depends how big are the goals.
If just doing any short film makes him feel fulfilled he can do that anywhere then call it a day and close this page in his life.
After it he can do YouTube as always then eventually retire.
Knowing his full ambition is key for your idea.

No. 222911

Each year the YouTuber life gets harder it wouldn't surprise me if taking such hypothetical break hurts his viewership and patreon numbers notably.

No. 222913

It’s a very small portion of her audience that are solely intrested in Sharla, she said that a great portion of her audience that watches her videos are new and are there for Japan with a side of Sharla according to he analytics. So she thinks her channel will continue but she won’t get the sane numbers as she does now.

No. 222984

Chris is BACK in Japan, to everyone's surprise

No. 223020

Lol what a coincident lol

No. 223023

>And in older threads it was also stuff like "he must have cheated on Lily
The vendetta sperg who started this whole discussion is obviously Lily.
>Writing style of posts is the same as her twitter >>146607 >>146902

>Mentioned breakup details >>146372

Like this anon says there was definitely a relationship overlap
>>218599 which is likely her motive for doing this shit. Pretty sure she's still posting here.

No. 223031

Here is a collection of posts about Norm. >>164767 >>184043 >>184045
>>185318 >>199014 >>199020 >>212983 >>212990

No. 223033

>>164834 P.S. anon didn't know how to embed.

No. 223034

Norm is the biggest Douche

No. 223043

File: 1656188934368.png (57.69 KB, 485x335, Screenshot_20220625-203637~2.p…)

Norm threatening to dox someone.

No. 223045

File: 1656189246673.png (342.12 KB, 987x1030, Screenshot_20220625-204251.png)


No. 223046

File: 1656189283446.png (551.84 KB, 984x1916, Screenshot_20220625-203950.png)

No. 223047

What the hell? How do people not distance themselves from him?

Even the videos when he's being nice to one of them, like Sharla or Chris, he seems slimy and oily.
Like when he was with them at that shamisen place and pretended not to play it to then show off. That in itself is fine/could be fun but the way he was then talking about it made me gag. He was glowing from self-adoration while desperately trying to pretend that he is humble.
Cannot remember which video that was.

No. 223048

No one cares about random comments. These mean nothing and aren't milky, aren't proof, or anything either. I don't know why you bother to post these. These mostly come from males too. This is a female imageboard. Scrote's opinions don't matter.

No. 223049

He's unhinged. What the fuck! Why are people still interacting with him? How does he have any fans?

No. 223050

They don't mind because they are the same.

No. 223051

Norm was kicked out of his reddit space. Where are you getting they gaf about him at all still?

No. 223053

Either that or they are aware of Norm behavior quite well so they don't want him to probably reveal CxS in an angry fit after being banned by them.

No. 223055

It took two days ,my guess was correct.
I can already picture the make up stories he will come up with of his UK trip and more for any future livestream.
"ALONE" returning and going blah blah blah blah top kek

No. 223056

Grabbing popcorn for the soon to be fooled viewers.

No. 223057

What !?! Lol

No. 223060

Norm fan here?

No. 223062

SHARLA says she is heading back to the UK in the winter. What excuse will she use that she travels there more often than Canada? Perhaps another wedding?

No. 223064

Did he also go on holiday to SANTORINI alone?

No. 223066

Girlboss. Gatekeep. Gaslight?

No. 223067

How are they the same? Where has any of them displayed similarly unhinged and awful behavior?

No. 223068

What's left to reveal at this point? That they've been married with three kids for 4 years now?

No. 223069

Santoriiiiniiiiiiii-san is back!

No. 223071

No lie I am pretty sure they actually did go to Santorini but I doubt they will ever say so. Maybe when/if they ever reveal their relationship.

No. 223072

For real who would even care if he revealed their relationship? Maybe some of their stans would be shook but other than that I don't think anyone would care!

No. 223075

The sexual predator stuff doesn't surprise me in the least. The way he's around the shamisen girls is creepy.

Norm working for free explains why Chris might use him, but doesn't explain why Sharla has been friends with him since she was 19. I think she'd be more than familiar than the anons at PULL and lolcow with his sock-puppet and other unhinged online behavior considering she knew him online for 10 years before they even met in person and she got him into vlogging. Not to beat a dead horse, but that's also why I'm skeptical she was just humoring Mira when they were gossiping about the rest of the jvlog crew and Mira was using sockpuppets to harass Rachel and others.

No. 223076

She will probably stay in Kent again ,needs more time to tourist around that place kek

No. 223077

Sharla simply keeps up with Norm shenanigans probably.
Great friend they are probably.

No. 223080

Maybe if Chris didn't have a Patreon stream to do he would have held off announcing his return to Japan?

No. 223089

This is an imageboard.

No. 223092

Norm kept plugging his overnite camping trip with Sharla - was it last year? Never ended up happening funnily enough nor was it rescheduled. Seems kinda gross now with the probability that C&S have been together for some time

The predator stuff is not surprising , creep is modding fat fetish subreddits. He uses that winky emoji too often as he does in his replies on YouTube

No. 223096

Cant find Norm username on reddit now?

Kek >>223043
“My online investigator”

No. 223097

Samefag, oh no he’s still there wanking over all the chubbies

No. 223125

I don't think that word means what you think it means, tinfoil anon.

No. 223126

File: 1656225976713.jpg (192.95 KB, 1080x901, IMG_20220626_014412.jpg)

As some previously said he'll indeed start a weight loss journey.
Will it actually happen thought?

No. 223127

File: 1656226475843.jpg (156.01 KB, 1069x848, IMG_20220626_015220.jpg)

The Chris x Sharla plus "natsuki" video got scrapped.Guess his Japanese was indeed crap as he said or couldn't edit away the flirting kek

No. 223129



He seems to think that he can change one or two things in his life, and then he’ll lose weight. He lives exceedingly unhealthy and has to change so many of his habits, that it is probably not possible unless he gets some expert help. In order to permanently lose weight he need to:

1. Get a better sleeping schedule and stick with it.
2. Do cardio in the morning.
3. Start cooking his own food or find suppliers, that cook healthy take away (practically impossible).

And those are just the big steps. He needs to stand up while working instead of sitting slouched over a table. He needs to put in regular small exercise breaks where he goes for a walk and a stretch. He should have a proper breakfast - something like oatmeal and not sugary yogurt, cereals or whatever. Drink coffee with a bit of milk instead of cappuccinos and coffee with syrup. He needs to find healthy snacks like carrots to have when he gets hungry or swap or snacking with more exercise.

And that’s just off the top of my head. I don’t think it’s realistic, but I do root for him and anyone who tries to lose weight. I always thought the people trying to change their life’s were the cool ones in the fitness center, and not people like myself who have never struggled with weight.

No. 223130

Only a few weeks ago he was saying on Reddit that hit was a fun video he was going to edit once he got back from England. I wonder what changed?

It is also the first video with Sharla on his main channel in years and he decides to scrap it? Unsurprising. It will not surprise me if she is not part of the new video. After deleting that old livestream it will also not surprise me if he never collaborates with Sharla again.

His need for perfectionism is annoying in my opinion, I thought it was good that he admitted that his Japanese was pretty crap in the video. Some jvloggers like to pretend like they are much better than they are.

No. 223147

I forgot where, and I hate when people say shit like this and don't back it up with images or sources, but he mentioned signing up for Operation Fit Club or something recently. So, for him, once again, it'll probably a massive event with plenty of fanfare to lose the weight rather than making small, yet increasingly larger, permanent changes to his health habits that will sustain themselves over time.

So he'll be like those fatties in boot camp year after year instead of realizing he can just say "no" to fried foods.

No. 223163

File: 1656244355652.jpeg (106.95 KB, 828x331, 110FBD05-164D-458E-AABA-7149F9…)

No. 223192

No lie I am pretty sure you actually are a green-skinned tiny alien but I doubt you will ever say so.

No. 223193

> Seems kinda gross now with the probability that C&S have been together for some time
Why is an overnight trip with a friend gross when you're in a relationship?
You've never gone camping with a platonic friend of the sex of your preference?

No. 223194

Yeah so weird,it is even quite rare for him to comment in Reddit too.
But he went on and was told don't worry it will happen .

No. 223198

Why do you spread half-assed advice?
all of the advice you listed is half true and half helpful at best, and mostly irrelevant.

People like you annoy the hell out of me. I'm a personal trainer and nutritionist. And you need to know way more than you see in those videos that he posts to be able to dole out advice. Looking at his body composition, cardio is less of a concern, he most probably needs to lift weights. and if he lives in Japan and uses public transport, he gets some cardio through walking anyways.
And standing up while working is advice you cannot give when you don't know his body. There is as much research against standing desks as there is for them.

No. 223201

Did anyone else watch Chris patreon livestream? I only watched the second half but I saw several people asked about if he went to Spain but he did not answer! Yet we KNOW he went on holiday because he said so on the podcast.

The Santorini theory seems more and more likely.

No. 223202

File: 1656258063582.png (856.24 KB, 1069x1709, Screenshot_20220626-162623.png)

Was the PULL thread about Norm archived?

No. 223206

Yeah in no moment he talked about it yet a fair number were asking about it.
Also he supposedly only passed through Switzerland as any other country while flying yet he talked as if he visit it or something.
Makes me remember Sharla unexpected trip to there that she tweeted 2 days ago.

No. 223234

>find suppliers, that cook healthy take away (practically impossible).

Are you kidding? There are all sorts of healthy delivery meal programs nationwide in Japan, not to mention all the takeaway places in the depachika and stations in the city like Sendai that sell healthy prepared food. Japan is one of the easiest countries in the world to eat healthy without have to cook for yourself. He'd have a way more difficult time eating healthy in the UK. Even the regional cuisine of Northern Japan is pretty damn healthy, but there's plenty of healthy western-style foods that he could get at any department store basement. If he wants to be a lazy bum and not cook for himself, he can still eat healthy, but he has to limit his junk food intake no matter what, which is the bigger problem for him imo.

No. 223243


If you really are a personal trainer, then you know that there are different schools and ideas. My point was primarily that he needs to change so many of his habits that it’s not realistic unless he gets professional help.

Also, he has too much belly fat and his arms looks like he actually does do weights, so knowing only his public persona, I would say that he needs to do cardio more than lifting weights. But he needs to do both. They are complimentary and not mutually exclusive.

No. 223289

Yes, that was strange. Now Sharla apparently won't even be in the video according to him.

No. 223302

They can't interact without being too obvious probably kek
Anyways content wise doing a video of "I talk in Japanese" is way more interesting if the other person is indeed Japanese.
That would be actual content than chatting with his gf in Japanese.

No. 223304

There are different "schools of thought" but there's also science.
And cardio is clearly not enough in many cases unless you're in a significant deficit. Can't outrun a caloric equilibrium or surplus. And stuff like "start with a proper breakfast" is what might actually get him into that surplus. What if he's not a breakfast person?
Also, assuming that he's constantly "hungry" for snacks so he should just eat carrots is not an amazing tip unless you actually know for a fact that he's constantly hungry.
He seems to be more the type to eat one or two meals that he doesn't know add up to a ton of calories.

All of these habits boil down to calories. And in most cases where weight creeps up slowly over like 10 years and then finally gets to a point where it's hard to ignore after something like a pandemic, it's due to underestimating how many calories are in a bowl of ramen.

No. 223311

Lol it’s also a crazy coincidence that both Chris and Sharla’s flight to japan via Belgium got canceled and both the to fly to Zurich Switzerland on their way back fo Japan.
Just a coincidence okay!

No. 223314

C and S going to the UK again in Xmas…
Again what a coincidence.

No. 223326

Lol it means nothing absolutely nothing

No. 223357

Following on this actual subject of Norm, is there a link to the archived PULL thread ?

Trying to steer away from this non milky fatboy + boringgirl topic

No. 223360

I get that non-milk Chris and Sharla talk gets boring and repetitive but holy shit, is Norm an even more boring topic. He has high milk potential if, say, he pissed off the wrong person, or people were actively holding him accountable or distancing themselves from him or the mask slipped somewhere but short of that, it's all just "here's a YouTube screenshot of him being an asshole to a fan" ad nauseam.

No. 223378

Pretty sure one could call out Chris if he collabs again with Norm.One could show the trash person Norm is and how Chris accepts such for his channel.
A situation like this could be milk but I feel medium to big Jvloggers are aware of Norm true online behavior u.

No. 223383

Post any of this information you are talking about?

No. 223409

NTA, but he did a Patreon stream yesterday so that's probably where that information is from.

No. 223411

File: 1656319141795.jpeg (84.61 KB, 828x315, B7C0B09F-A5D7-4AE4-A667-B4F22B…)

Well looks like Chris is still on good terms with Norm despite all the shit on the sub.

No. 223415

Told you they're all the same, that's why they get along so well.

No. 223420

File: 1656324685796.png (1.47 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20220627-101935.png)

A man of culture I see(moid)

No. 223422

My dude ur av is showing(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 223425

With the amount of accounts that get hacked into on insta these days I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the case for this one.
Not that I care but it’s kinda obvious that’s what it is
Go back to Reddit, scrote

No. 223426

How would you even have found this? You a BBW guy?

No. 223427

It looks like it’s the latest account he followed .. either he was hacked or he was just looking at the account and accidentally clicked follow

No. 223429

Maybe he was hacked by that Reddit mod lmao

No. 223430

Here we have it. He's not it top shape but he's also not as beyond as some anons would have it on here.
He's 10kg (22 pounds) overweight. His stats are also not amazing but far from extremely poor. That's not nothing but it's something he can fix quite easily.

Anons who were pretending that he "destroyed" himself and is absolutely unable to do certain things because he's soooooo obese and unhealthy, calm the heck down. He also clearly said that he doesn't eat crap every day.
All of you who are freaking out and pretending that he's TkyoSam over here, I really wish you experience that 10kg of extra weight at some point in your life to know that it's not that big of a deal.
I'm a personal trainer and nutritionist and post second pregnancy I had an extra 10-15kgs and somehow still survived.

He's 32 (and yes, I'd also say he looks older but he's been looking older than 30 for a decade, it's got little to do with having extra weight) and fixing a bit of extra weight and nascent health issues is not that hard at that age.
If he thinks that he'd be absolutely beat after a hike in the Japanese alps, he's just either exaggerating or misinformed. It's the friggin Japanese alps, you wouldn't even be that completely beat after the real alps. Just start exercising and you'll be fine, dude.

No. 223433

should just ask quinlan about fitness that mofo still hiking when still under the weather just to fulfil his promise

No. 223439

I guess he can be shit but he will try the brand to remain be clean kek

No. 223440

Chris might be into that you don't now anons ,indirect reveal of the possible state of Sharla rear lmao

No. 223441

Heper-scrote, get out

No. 223442

During her stint on JAJ half the comments on the videos were about her ass

No. 223444

…which decidedly didn't look like the ones on that, likely hacking, account

No. 223445

The weight he mentioned in the video is off actually.
In the patreon livestream of yesterday he mentioned that he gained almost 4 kilos during the UK trip so the BMI of 29 is already above 30 which is considered obese.
He mentioned to feel lethargic, ruined and exhausted previously plus reject friend invitations to do trips so anons were right.
One can see that he's capping in what he's saying when it comes to what eats because if he doesn't eat crap food that much then why he is gaining more than maintaining his previous weight at least.
You are personal trainer and nutricionist he ain't so don't expect him to do the proper steps dummy.

No. 223446

He's thinking ahead.

No. 223447

Oh that video definitely revealed he's an ass guy.
He was probably getting off with all those shots of her ass while editing that video back then kek

No. 223448

That mental image is yikes at least he's dating her so it's not so bad.

No. 223449

He can like butts that look like Sharla’s and still like butts that look like those on the account

No. 223450

Remember when Emma made that chocolate ass for him and said she hopes his an ass guy? lmao

No. 223452

Cheeky Emma I bet she caught him red-handed in more than one occasion.

No. 223453

> He mentioned to feel lethargic, ruined and exhausted previously plus reject friend invitations to do trips so anons were right.

He clearly had some depressive episodes during the pandemic…

> One can see that he's capping in what he's saying when it comes to what eats because if he doesn't eat crap food that much then why he is gaining more than maintaining his previous weight at least.

You know how easy it is to gain weight gradually?! You don't need to eat 2000 extra calories every day! It adds up. It's not like he ballooned up in 2 months (UK trip, maybe, if what you're saying is right). He's been working on these extra 10 or 14 kilos for a few years now.

> You are personal trainer and nutricionist he ain't so don't expect him to do the proper steps dummy.

I wish him luck and I'm sure he's not a dummy and he'll do it right.
Don't wish anybody bad luck when it comes to their health. Especially someone who seems unproblematic.

No. 223454

> Told you they're all the same
You ok, mate?
How are they all the same?!

No. 223455

It could be just a personal kink of him nothing else.Although yes that account could have been indeed hacked too.
I just checked and the last post of such account is in 2021 so it seems difficult to be hacked ,he would have recognize it and unfollow it long ago.
Im siding more with the idea that he was exploring the account and clicked follow by mistake.

No. 223456

It’s not that unbelievable that a straight guy looks at big butts IG accounts.

No. 223457

Since we know it’s likely Chris or Sharla or someone close to them lurks here (see: deleted livestream) I am guessing Chris will
soon unfollow the account.

No. 223458

Well his message about how he was feeling was a valid argument for anons ideas.
Most that follow him him know how he used to be chubby yes nothing odd but he did went above this last year and he admits it in livestreams.
I'm frankly interested in this direction he's taking so not bad wishes and idk if unproblematic…with Norm as his buddy I can't really trust him.

No. 223460

Yeah I took a quick look and yeah little chances to be hacked considering the date of the last post(2021).It should have recent posts so it justifies fresh hacking and C not realizing it.
He lurked around the account and follow it by missclick.

No. 223461

Wasn't the previous Reddit mod into that too? Moths lured to the same light.

No. 223462

Yeah, he was a mod of several similar communities

No. 223464

Why would someone hack him and just follow that account?

No. 223465

I'm a former personal trainer and here are my thoughts regarding Chris' weight/health.

1. He is obese. UK/Canada/US have skewed what that means in layman thoughts. He's not a 600lb life candidate. He's a shorter guy who is over 200lbs. He also doesn't seem to have much muscle.
2. He isn't going to drop dead tomorrow. He's out of shape in the way that the average office worker probably is. He more or less has a desk job as the majority of his time is editing and perfecting his videos. His health isn't that bad at least from what he told us. It's more so long term damage he has to worry about.
3. He could do the alps but it wouldn't be enjoyable for him. His refusal is probably more about how miserable he'll be the whole time rather than thinking he physically cannot do it. It's not fun to do physical activities when you're out of shape.
4. His obesity is reversible fairly easily and he has shown he can do it (journey across Japan original cycle) but it's more important that he make consistent lifestyle changes so it doesn't come up again. Rather than put hard effort into it and then stop when he likes the number.
5. He's still an attractive guy. Young thinner Chris was more attractive but Chris isn't bad looking like some people are acting.

Let's all just wish Chris the best.

No. 223471

No I mean the account he followed.
It's not a recent hack so C most likely follow it by mistake.

No. 223472

I wonder if Sharla knows about it

No. 223474

i agree with you for the most part but that's a lot of words just to say you think fat chris is hot and you're very smart

No. 223482

If it’s inactive it will probably take some time before he notices he’s following it

No. 223484

Anon needs to post this stuff. like seriously. if they are they, why can't the screen record?

No. 223486

Scrote poster, don't come here.

No. 223490

How can a screen record be posted on here?

No. 223494

>In the patreon livestream of yesterday he mentioned that he gained almost 4 kilos during the UK trip so the BMI of 29 is already above 30 which is considered obese.
Thank you. Chris simp acted like I was crazy for suggesting he was closer to 30+ than 25. >>221187
What a turn around, personal trainer. Earlier you insisted Chris wasn't obese at all
>And while Chris is clearly past the 25 mark, he doesn't look like a 30.

No. 223496


I would suggest that a lot of people in this thread need to read this

No. 223499

He doesn't look 30…
That anon seems to not even see the video properly,he mentioned how he uses clever angles to hide the it.

No. 223518

> What a turn around, personal trainer. Earlier you insisted Chris wasn't obese at all
You seem to assume that everybody is the same person? I'm the one who said he doesn't look like he's 30 or 30+. And also the one who said he's not technically obese. Which, according to his numbers (88kgs) he's not.
At least, pre-UK he wasn't.

I feel like a lot of people don't realize how small of a difference lies between 25 and 30. For reference, if you are a 5ft10 male (1.77m for my normal measurements friends); 88kg brings you to a bmi of 28 but just 6kg more brings you to an "obese" bmi of 30.
So… There are not the worlds of difference between these numbers, as many of you seem to think. Imagine weighing yourself one day and being 29, then having water retention the next and being 30. In any case it's extra weight that he should address and slowly work on. All I was saying is that y'all can calm the hell down with pretending that he's morbidly obese.

On an unrelated note: how short is he?

No. 223519

He’s unfollowed that Instagram account.

I think he’s around 5’9”. I’d say he’s a bit chubby not fat. People in England definitely tend to call you fat when you’re anything other than skinny. I think Chris going on about his weight is a combination of the English self deprecating thing and the Japanese culture of again, anyone not thin is automatically fat.

I wonder if a friend had his phone and followed that account as a joke. I can see Connor thinking that would be funny.

No. 223523

I don’t think Connor would do that to him and besides, Chris is in Sendai and Connor in USA.

He was probably watching some of the videos and accidentally followed! If he had been hacked he probably would have said so.

No. 223524


> I wonder if a friend had his phone and followed that account as a joke. I can see Connor thinking that would be funny.

Haha, I thought something like that too.
Not because liking larger badonkadonks is shameful or bad but that account doesn't look good or aesthetic.

No. 223525

Maybe that’s what he’s into?

No. 223526

I agree with him looking more chubby than fat.
And exactly, between anything above skinny being "fat" in Japan and the way he generally talks about himself, he makes a bigger deal out of it.
If he's like 5'9" or 5'10", losing 10kg is not a big deal and would bring him into normal weight range.

No. 223527

specifically the bad quality of videos (based on thumbnails, at least)?

No. 223529

Don’t think he’s that tall, he looks pretty close to Sharla’s height and isn’t she fairly short? He’s probably like 5’6”

No. 223530

I mean, no shame if he is but I can’t see him putting it on his Abroad in Japan Instagram. Bit unprofessional lol.
I didn’t mean to accuse Connor just meaning a friend could have done it and it’s kind of a younger person thing to do. I’m older than them and I would never do that but when we were younger I could see some guys I know doing it for a laugh. Especially when someone takes themselves quite seriously.

No. 223531

Yeah, which is ironic considering that he’s a perfectionist filmmaker who always goes on and on about shooting things in 4K and 8k quality lmao

No. 223532

Maybe he was just watching the account but didn’t mean to follow it?

No. 223533

Finally! bet he checked this holy site first.

No. 223534

That’s two things Chris has deleted shortly after it being posted about here!

No. 223535

He's almost the height as Connor.
I think he said he's just 1 centimeters shorter 5'9.

No. 223536

We are helping him indirectly kek

No. 223537

Ain’t no way he’s that tall. He looks much shorter to me. Connor is also pretty short but somehow looks tall.

No. 223538

"almost the same height"
My f keyboard.

No. 223539

He should be grateful, even though people post screencaps he probably would rather do without lmao

No. 223540

Maybe Sharla is the one lurking here and SHE found out

No. 223541

Was doubtful as well but there's plenty of videos and pics of those next to each other and Chris words make sense.

No. 223542

Either of the two or a close friend is the guess as always. Although a friend checking here and ringing them everytime he founds something seems quite hilarious so I truly think is either of the two.

No. 223545

Maybe Chris wanted to create a distraction from the Santorini rumours so he followed that account

No. 223548

Thinking the same. It's easy to click follow by mistake when lurking in Instagran.

No. 223549

For sure. He was probably just lurking, but the account has been inactive for a long time so how did he even find it? Maybe he lurks there regularly.

No. 223551

Still doesn't answer how the poster who found out that Abroad follows that account did. Did you randomly go around looking at big booty accounts that haven't posted in over a year?
Is this an inside job?

No. 223553

Yes, because those were such important rumors based on such solid evidence, kek

No. 223555

NTA, but Chris doesn’t follow that many people and the newest account you follow is always at the top of the ‘following’ list. Sometimes I’m also curious which people influencers and celebs follow. That anon was probably just checking Chris following list and noticed that account right at the top.

No. 223557

Chris refused to answer if he went to Spain, but he did travel abroad according to the podcast, and Sharla posted a pool pic that looks early exactly like a private pool at a hotel in Santorini … I believe the rumours.

No. 223558

It has to be a little embarrassing for Sharla though; her boyfriend accidentally reveals that he has (unless he was hacked) been watching a big booties account on Instagram? All their friends and fans could see he was following it.

If he was hacked he should go out and say so.

No. 223559

Legit didn't know about the top of the list. Thanks.

No. 223560

Addressing it, even if hacked, draws way too much attention to it. More than it needs.

And why would it be embarrassing for Sharla?
A very large percentage of men who know how to use the internet watch things of a titillating nature. A large percentage of women too.

No. 223565

File: 1656368599121.jpeg (667.24 KB, 2292x1284, AA6AE03F-13BE-4E51-9C57-61AE8D…)

Lol chris is the same height as Connor 5’9. He is taller than Sharla. Ps I went back to watch their old video to get a screenshot of their height difference and I forgot how much chemistry they had back then. While they both were in different relationships. Oooof it was soooooo obvious!

No. 223567

They look good here. Their chemistry is smoking in all the JAJ episodes and all the videos they did, even that video where she gets her ears cleaned.

Don't think they cheated on their partners, but honestly they were destined for each other. Good for them for realizing it!

No. 223568

Why would that be embarrassing. Everybody have their kink. I mean with all the people in the world that are in a relationship, or married that are watching porn, there would be a lot of embarrassed partners out there. But If you want to believe that only single people watch porn or has a kink etc, that’s in you! LOL

No. 223569

Of course, but maybe she doesn't want the whole world to know her boyfriend possibly likes huge butts? Sharla hardly looks like those women.

No. 223571

Same unsagged anon who also likes to add in a comment about Chris' attractiveness, unless we have one anon pretending to be be two different people to agree to their own comments, which has happened.

No. 223575

File: 1656369439418.jpeg (381.04 KB, 1952x1179, 57837CC6-720D-4188-A942-8078EB…)

Chris and Connor are similar height. Both have said they are around 5’9.

No. 223576

File: 1656369653644.jpeg (1.58 MB, 2211x1284, EEF59D34-D945-48D6-91D2-19F458…)

Joey who had said that he is about 6”2, height difference with Chris.

No. 223577

File: 1656369898596.jpeg (1.93 MB, 2172x1284, 1DA78735-C8BC-4075-89BF-9AAAA8…)

Trashtaste boys heights difference for scale. Garnt said is is 6’3, Joey 6’2 Connor 5’9

No. 223580

That's why he collabs a lot with Chris so the shot is not so funny lmao.

No. 223582

One is always closer to the camera. Need a true side by side.

No. 223584

Pretty sure he even jacks off to porn too despite being in a relationship it's quite normal frankly.
I'd say the quality of the booty in that account was really odd tho.

No. 223585

He said he was 5'9 anon and Connor said the same.
In fact he's just 1cm shorter.

No. 223586

Well due the mistake not being posted in twitter for example I don't think there's much of a problem…She might have a little talk with him tho kek

No. 223587

Agreed, the quality was indeed odd. Chris is also a very private person and is careful not to reveal things. It seems weird that he would be careless enough to accidentally reveal that he likes to watch that kind of instagram account.

Perhaps he really was hacked.

No. 223590

How tall is Dogen? Never realized he was tall.

No. 223591

In his last video he was 88kg as he said but in his patreon livestream he mentions to have gained 4kg due the UK trip.
92kg for 5'9 guy is already early obese stages unless he has thick bones.

No. 223592

Because he's private we don't know if he has odd kinks or anything anon.Due an old video we can infere he's an "ass" type of guy at least.
I feel someone hacking him would have done way more damage…my bet is simply that he missclicked while lurking.

No. 223593

4kg in a month? He did went all out and he mentioned to be walking a lot even.

No. 223594

Who else likes big butts? Our mate Normy. Wouldn’t be surprised if his “online investigator” planted this seed purposefully

No. 223595

What old video? The chocolate one? Maybe that’s why he roasted Emma’s chocolate ass so hard, he didn’t want to let people know he perhaps likes large butts lmao

No. 223596

I was just thinking that. Revenge for being ousted as a mod? Would he do that to Chris? Idk I’d think he needs the connection to Chris too much to jeopardize that.

No. 223598

all the jvloggers lurk here and have been caught lmao. They're probably on here more than most of us and refresh every 2 hours. Chris immediately unfollowing that account was stupid and makes it obvious.
sharla/chris are probably on here the most considering they want to keep their shit secret and monitor what people know

No. 223602

File: 1656373263740.jpeg (931.4 KB, 2048x2048, C8AEFE86-8381-4983-A69C-2890C8…)

Is it that big of a deal. Human heterosexual male like girls with big butts. I mean I would be ashamed to show that I have Joey’s taste in Lolis, but big butts is hardly offensive. I mean now we know why he doesn’t date Japanese girls lol lol. also we should have known he was an ass man from these 2 lol.

No. 223605

> While they both were in different relationships. Oooof it was soooooo obvious!
That can happen. Good for them for realizing it.

Also, do we know that she was still with her husband and not separated already?

No. 223606

a) I saged and b) no, not the same anon. And not attracted to Chris sexually. Do like his accent.

No. 223607

Yeah, I wish for better quality booty for Chris.

No. 223608

Na that would be a bad move.
Simply missclick has the most chances to be true due being something that has happened to all of us.

No. 223609

By bmi it's obese. In reality, we look at more factors. Like, many sports players would be classified obese by bmi… I've had a lower bmi with a higher fat percentage than now with a relatively low fat percentage. But yeah, Chris doesn't necessarily strike me as jacked, kek.

No. 223611

> sharla/chris are probably on here the most considering they want to keep their shit secret and monitor what people know

Do they, though? At this point it seems more like they're just leaving it unannounced. There's not much obfuscation going on.

No. 223612

Seems to me that S is more carefree lately.
C is paranoid as ever.

No. 223613

Oh yeah I know there are more factors that's why BMI is faulty and even regarded as outdated.
Still is useful when it comes to the average person .

No. 223614

Actually I think you’re right she was just using the ring as a diversion, because she was not ready to talk about it. but yes they were probably already separated if not divorced at that point.

No. 223648

I remember about a month ago when the deniers were trying to convince us that Sharla was in the UK to attend the anime convention and to go to Garnt’s wedding! Good times!

No. 223649


If you do the reverse math from his bmi and weight it reveals in the latest video his height is 5'8.5 or 174cm. Connor isn't tall. Even Garnt towers over the other trash taste guys but isn't that tall. He even mentioned that James May was taller than him.

Exactly. A lot of people don't understand bmi or what obese actually means. Chris is obese and has a 30+ bmi at this point. It doesn't mean he's the body type most people see as obese or that the bmi is lying. It's a simple formula that applies to most people especially since very few are the muscular athletes who are able to break the measurement.

No. 223650

Are y’all really arguing over Chris BMI ? LOL

No. 223651

Sharla is what I would consider good ass, not big big big. Lily on the other hand has untoned saggy bags that looks like the behind of a 57-year old, to go with her tree trunk legs.

Chris wouldn’t be able to prove it was Norm, so this could be likely .

No. 223666

this response feels sort of like a forced one, almost like he’s trying to keep him on side .

I’m time poor but has norm recently liked any of Chris or Sharla’s vids?

No. 223673

Uh… >>221218 and >>223465 didn't sage. If you aren't the unsagged anon, why were you even responding when no one was referring to you?

No. 223677

For all we know Sharla rear can be in worse state ,hard to judge without recent pictures.
Btw Chris can be into that.

No. 223681

Right? Oh, how times have changed. It’s mostly because Chris deleted that livestream.

No. 223713

Yeah Sharla seems a little more relaxed after the England trip.

No. 223714

Is it just me or does Chris seem to be completely over the podcast? Every episode it feels as if he’s just going through the motions. Pete is always fun and enthusiastic, but not Chris.

I also find it a tad odd that they didn’t film a video together in England, yet he found time to find a video with Connor. He must have filmed 15 videos with Connor this past year alone. Not that those videos aren’t fun, but he hadn’t seen Pete in like two and a half years …

No. 223717


I found it because a friend's IG account username starts with 'BB'. Typed that in and that account came up with the text saying 'Followed by AbroadinJapan

No. 223719

Chris once did a livestream and talked about how he fell off his bike during JAJ because he was “too busy looking at Sharla’s beautiful …… face” and everyone in the chat were dragging him because the pause between ”beautiful” and “face” was so long LMAO

No. 223724


The funny thing is Sharla was in the chat as moderator if I recall correctly.

No. 223725

He did the Podcast convention with Pete though

No. 223726

Yes she was and she was laughing about it too. Then he read a comment out loud that was about her ass and instantly regretted it.

No. 223727

Yeah and he seemed reluctant about it. Literally no promotion at all except on the podcast, he also didn’t post any photos or video from it.

No. 223728

Yes something we already know in advance and told y’all that she would show up as a support for chris. People were trying to say she Went to the Uk for the podcast event. Lol for when we already knew that Pete had organized a 30 mins interview with Chris at the event, only after he found out there date chris was coming to the UK.

No. 223730

He was also supposed to film with Pete, but didn’t and showed up to do the podcast with Pete to announce that he is leaving the next day and Pete was like hang on, weren’t we supposed to film together? I think he should quit the podcast, he puts 0 efforts into it

No. 223731

I remember one of her Patreon asked her about it and she called Chris a nerd for it lol

No. 223732

Really? Unless they were just joking around, that’s pretty shitty of him. And yet he filmed with Connor, whom he can film with literally whenever he wants.

He also never promotes the podcast on his social media.

No. 223734

LOL that’s pretty cute actually.

No. 223739

I really hope he isn't fading away from Pete or the podcast especially since he still supports Norm. Pete is a little too outspoken sometimes but is actually a nice guy.

Though I wonder how Pete feels about Chris and PewDiePie trying to work together. While I think Pewdiepie has matured now it was no secret that Pete didn't appreciate his edgy antics in the past. That's the only thing I can think of that'd cause a rift and Chris would of course choose Pewdiepie the biggest YouTuber over Pete.

At the end of the day though Pete is rich, has a podcast empire (abroadinjapan is something he does for fun) and his girlfriend is very pretty. His life is fine and will be fine even if Chris breaks up with him.

No. 223742

Pete seems a lot more humble, mature and easy going than Chris. Like you said he is also more outspoken, I appreciate that about him. He deserves better.

No. 223744

Somebody’s been having fun on photoshop

No. 223745

nta, but that wasn’t photoshopped lmao. I looked at Chris IG yesterday and that account was at the top of his following list. Now it’s gone.

No. 223747

I think it was correct.
He was just chatting with pete for 30-50 minutes without a panel to sign anything so calling people to come would be kinda unfair.
And well Sharla was there which was a major factor too.

No. 223752

Dude the venue had like 80 seats and even then a few people couldn’t get in. What’s the point in promoting event when you can’t invite many viewers in

No. 223754

He didn't liked any tweet tagging Sharla and him about the podcast event so it's obvious she was one of the reasons he abstained from promoting it.
(Yes he liked some that only tagged him and Pete)

No. 223756

And then Sharla went out and tweeted that she was at the event lmao

No. 223757

Not photoshopped. I am also not the anon who originally posted it but I looked right away after seeing it on here. He was following 220 with that one at the top. A couple of hours later it was gone and he was at 219 following. I also took a screenshot of his following showing it at the top.

No. 223761

Seeing Chris follow that account has changed my opinion of him. Hopefully he was hacked.

No. 223762

The number of people coming up with outlandish theories about the followed account… is it really so difficult to accept that your Chris-chan is an average scrote with average scrote tastes?

No. 223763


Considering the account hasn't been active in a year I really doubt it was a deliberate follow, but even if it was, why would that affect your opinion? Nothing wrong with people enjoying what they want to

No. 223764

What do you have against big booties lol? even though I doubt the validity of that photoshopped post, I can tell you they Chris was not hacked. If someone was going to hack Chris to hurt his reputation surly they wouldn’t pick the most benign of kinks to embarrass him.! Anyway, he never claimed to be a saint nor is he your boyfriend or your friend. Why would his preference for big butt women hurt your feelings? Is you bootie flat? If so I suggest you do some Glute bridges, or better yet, grow up!

No. 223766

It just seems unprofessional and I feel bad for Sharla.

No. 223768

He likes big booty and she doesn't have a massive one and she's got yellow fever and he's anglo. It happens.

No. 223770

Not at all. I just don’t think that he would follow that on his main Instagram that he uses to promote his work.

Doesn’t affect my opinion of him at all.

No. 223774

It’s unprofessional to like a body type? Also how do you know what Sharla feels about it? It’s important that you don’t project your own insecurities on other people you don’t know personally! You would Probably be shock to know that most people in a relationship watches porn and have all sorts of kinks, and that’s completely normal and healthy! The problem is you my dear, it’s a bit immature, but you do you. LOL

No. 223776

I liked that she's not a wuss like Chris.

No. 223777

It’s an outrage that makes roe vs wade seem even trivial. Hang him at once!

No. 223778

I guess some people think content creators have otherworldly tastes.
He's just a guy whose job puts him in front of a camera nothing else he jerks off to whatever he likes and more.
Not that I'm saying he's into that but if true it wouldn't matter for his job.

No. 223779

That's why it could be he simply was lurking and follw it by mistake.

No. 223780

If he's into big ass girls he should definitely find himself a latina.

No. 223781

my god, anon, it isn't worth photoshopping Chris following an account of giant twerking asses? How is that more believable than the idea that some heterosexual moid looked at a big gyrating ass and either purposefully or accidentally followed that account? No way more likely some girl on the farms photoshopped it to make Chris look like a guy who likes big asses, because that's such an unbelievable idea kek.

No. 223782

I’ve worked in graphic design for 7 years and that was the most obviously photoshopped crap I’ve ever seen. All the hallmarks.

No. 223784

Or a black girl. But I suspect that he is crazy in love with Sharla so that’s that lol.

No. 223785

You should probably look into another career then, because that wasn't photoshopped. after it was posted here I checked his following list and he was following that account as of yesterday.

No. 223786

He really does seem crazy about Sharla. The fact that he lives with her cat when he's allergic says it all.

No. 223787

LOL it's just funny because Chris is sooo private and such a perfectionist and one little ooopsie (or hack?) later and we know he possibly likes to watch half-naked big butts in low quality in his free time.

No. 223788

File: 1656434113329.png (686.33 KB, 828x1792, C9ED2B95-E312-4F9F-A982-238A1B…)

Really? Ok I’m again not the person who originally posted that but here’s the screenshot I took after seeing it on here. Might want to rethink that career.

No. 223789

I wouldn’t even care if I found out that my local rabbi, priest, preacher, pastor, Mormon elder, Iman, reverend likes big boobs or butts, let alone a random YouTuber LOL

No. 223795

He lasted almost the same with the unstable fan Lily so I would not rule anything.
At least not until they get married or have children.

No. 223801

Those girls from Colombia are something else, I visited the country long ago and they seem to have big asses by default.

No. 223803

He’s allegedly been with Sharla for 3 years though, that’s longer than he was with Lily I think. Also he and Sharla have insaaane chemistry.

No. 223806

File: 1656437335324.jpg (247.06 KB, 948x1993, IMG_20220628_122838.jpg)

This is either a simp of those two or one of their friends.
Several people have seen it so photoshop my ass I do even remember it got posted in trashtaste but got removed.

No. 223807

Saying they have chemistry as argument is kinda silly tbh due the fact we can't compare it to lily because she ain't a YouTuber,but they lasted a lot so something must have clicked to begin a relationship obviously.
Most guessed almost 3 with Lily as well .

No. 223859

True, but if she was his fan first as some people here have said then there’s a weird imbalance from the get go. At least Sharla and Chris started on equal footing as jvloggers.

Also Chris and Sharla’s chemistry is pretty rare, it’s not often it’s that strong and obvious. Everyone notices it, even casual viewers.

No. 223862

>Lily on the other hand has untoned saggy bags that looks like the behind of a 57-year old, to go with her tree trunk legs.
Oh honey, I think you might be confusing this board with one of your pro-ana shit shows. Please go sperg there about "tree trunk" legs on a completely normal-sized person.

No. 223863

> Yes she was and she was laughing about it too. Then he read a comment out loud that was about her ass and instantly regretted it.
No he didn't… Come on. It was all in good humor. You guys need to get a sense of that.

No. 223864

More than 1k upvotes…
A good chunk of users saw Chris horny(or mistake) hours.

No. 223865

4 days ago? how long was he following that account before he noticed? LMAO.

it's a little funny if he followed it right after his England trip, being alone for the first time after spending like 5 weeks with Sharla. either way, poor Sharla having EVERYONE know her bf watches this stuff.

No. 223866

> He didn't liked any tweet tagging Sharla and him about the podcast event so it's obvious she was one of the reasons he abstained from promoting it.
Yes, make absolutely everything about how he wants to hiiiide the relationship. yet they travel at the same time and shit.
God, you guys had so much fun "finding out" that you still want clues to look for even though the mystery has been solved.
In Scooby Doo, do you stick around after the villain has been unmasked to see whether they show how he filled out his tax forms wrong or something similarly silly?

No. 223867

Tell me that you're 15 without telling me you're 15.

No. 223868

Yes he did, even Sharla was in the chat saying so! It's even funnier considering he was streaming from what was probably Sharla's closet room in Morioka and she was probably sitting just a few rooms from him.

No. 223871

Why the heck would you say "poor Sharla"?
If you ever had a boyfriend or girlfriend, they probably also had some kind of kink and watched some adult type of entertainment. Assuming you're not 12.

No. 223872

> Yes he did, even Sharla was in the chat saying so!
Yeah and that doesn't mean that he has incredible regrets. Sheesh. Have you suffered from the pandemic a lot? Not much contact with humans?

No. 223873

Because they're both people with large followings and maybe it's not funny to have everyone know your boyfriend's kinks? ESPECIALLY since it looks like he followed that account just after spending 5 weeks with her.

People will say stuff like "well he ain't getting enough at home" and even if that's not true maybe that's hurtful for her.

No. 223876

And I think he only noticed thanks to someone posting it here kek.

No. 223877

Oh I'm not in doubt I'm just highlighting C weak attempts to not be "linked" to her .

No. 223878

Maybe he lurks here but not the TT subreddit? Unlike here I know the TT sub don't believe he's dating Sharla, but that was months ago so maybe people's minds have been changed.

No. 223879

Like deleting a 400k views livestream?

No. 223881

Okay I word it badly.
Chris attempts kek

No. 223882

I remember cdawgva said in his livestream "yeah Chris show that one" when he was doing meme review of the TT sub.
Maybe he checks occasionally.

No. 223883

LMAO he just up and deleted it right away, like no second thought. which looks panicky as fuck IMO, for one grainy-ass screenshot.

if no one suspected that Chris and Sharla lived in Morioka together, they sure as shit do now after he deleted the livestream.

No. 223884

Frankly idk why he did so,you can edit uploaded videos even the old ones without problem.
Throwing a 400k views one to the bin so rashly is dumb.It show us what is his most important priority.

No. 223894

What are you talking about? This was on his livestream and it can’t be denied. Many many people including me and other annon asap and hear that interaction.

No. 223896

Alone for the first time? They flew back together and live together lol

No. 223897

Yeah but he livestreamed on Patreon from his studio a few days ago … I assume he was alone there!

No. 223902

Clearly it's worth losing an almost half a mill views vid if it means people won't find out about him and Sharla. Who would even CARE if they found out they've been living together for years?

No. 223904

Okay I am just going to assume that you are 16 and have never been on a relationship. you are acting like he likes the trashiest, most shameful thing in the world. So let me break it to you, sexually active people have a preferences some like boobs some like booty etc it’s nothing to be shameful of, this is nothing to hide! my partner could be sitting right next to me and look at that and I would find it funny, it’s not that big of a deal. Hope you don’t shame your future partner for liking some thing this silly!

No. 223905

The thing is there was no need to lose them.A quick edit that cuts that part was enough yet he didn't do so.

No. 223907

I mean anon the screenshot was already taken so unless there was more in the video we didn't see I don't see the point.

No. 223908

him immediately unfollowing it such a dumb man thing to do unless he doesn't care that it's known he's among us everyday here lmao. Too bad sneaky sharla wasn't near him, i wonder if her eyes rolled to the back of her head when she saw that

No. 223909

Sure, but Sharla and Chris NEVER talk about sex in any way, shape, or form on youtube or their socials. Some youtubers do, but clearly, they are very private people.

I don't think either of thems comfy having millions of people now know Chris (likely, unless he was hacked) likes huge asses.

No. 223910

OK sweetie, it’s time for you to go to homework. Bye

No. 223913

Frankly I don't see the drama on Chris possibly having a kink for big asses.
It's at least a "normal" kink….one look in the web can show us the down bad kinks.

No. 223914

How do you go from this to pro Ana with those “no asses”? Go back to reddit anon if you’re so offended.

No. 223917

I am confident that Sharla has her kinks too, either way I am thrilled to know that he gets off and watching Twerking videos, Go Chris!! But also this is the most vanilla thing ever!

No. 223918

I'm losing faith on the hacked idea when such happens the hacker does a full mess in your account like deleting a lot of pics and uploading crap and promos, making you follow a lot of shit too.

No. 223922

It's funny how the account is inactive which could mean he's visited a few times in the past.

I also find it ironic that this comes right at the heels of his "I weigh more than ever" video or whatever. Sharla has visibly gained weight as well (which suits her IMO) so maybe this is a confidence boost for her, who knows.

No. 223923

Considering Chris range of followers a hacker would have instantly promoted random crap.

No. 223924

The account was the old reliable for a quick one?kek

No. 223925

If someone hacked chris this is the least embarrassing account to follow. you have beat the hack angle to death and this subject is just as boring as Twerking ! you can watch it on any music video on TV, so move on chick! Since we here let me me the first one to tell you the actual lyrics to the song WAP Is not “wet and gushy” lol

No. 223926

LMAO maybe that's what happened … perhaps he was in a hurry and thus his fingers slipped and he accidentally clicked follow!

No. 223930

This reminds me of Chris and Pete talking about the WAP song on the podcast and Chris talked (joked? hopefully!) about how it was an acronym for something "truly disgraceful and distasteful" LMAO

No. 223931

Exactly that hacking idea seems really unlikely.
Let's do a small timeline the Reddit post is apparently almost 4 to almost 5 days old and they returned to Japan around 4 days(Sharla tweet) as well so this could have happened just before the flight and during it.
Maybe a he did a quick one to be relaxed during the flight(flying is not his forte) and clicked follow by mistake.
Btw this also makes the idea that someone grabbed his phone and followed that single account really unlikely.

No. 223932

For real ?Then I hope it was just a joke from him otherwise I'll be really sorry for the poor Sharla at being with someone who thinks such is disgraceful or untasteful.

No. 223935

Most anons describe them as a vanilla as hell couple so it would make sense.

No. 223936

Yeah it was the "overseas tourists" episode from sep 2020, right at the beginning if you want to listed to it yourself.

No. 223937

Full missionary.

No. 223938

This is cracking me up, clearly you put a lot of thought into this, anon.

No. 223939

I mean the highly possible big ass kink of Chris is funny so i did extra work.

No. 223940

And no oral.
And put the cat outside the bedroom so it doesn't see kek

No. 223944

That cat is there watching for the full 4 minutes session of bland vanilla sex. Chris like big booty hoes and that anon, is in here tracking airplane flight patterns, to see when exactly he committed the great sin of liking big booty hoes! Girl grow up

No. 223945

It is funny cuz it's so unlike him to let something like this slip. Plus it makes the chocolate ass video soooo much funnier. Emma: "I hope he is a butt guy" lol gurl you have no idea ….

No. 223949

I figured it out, that Anon who is obsessively posting about Chris following the bbw Twerking account and their stupid hack theory, is Becky from the sir mix a lot song. “oh my God Becky, look at her butt it’s so big.” Lol girl are you mad that Chris won’t like you because you have no ass?

No. 223953

There's not much to track I mean by that Reddit post we can assume he followed that account almost 5 days ago which is around the time of his flight back to JP.It is quite easy to put together.
Top kek
Emma knows his shit I bet,it's not hard to realize when a guy is checking ass around and even more when big groups get together(old TC times) she was simply poking the bear to see if it reacts .

No. 223954

You read a bit much into everything.
Like the 10 people who'll know matter to her. This can be a joke she can torment him with for a bit.

> People will say stuff like "well he ain't getting enough at home" and even if that's not true maybe that's hurtful for her.

"People will say"… yeah, because chris and sharla are topic no. 1 all over the world. Got no other issues in life?

No. 223955

> which looks panicky as fuck IMO, for one grainy-ass screenshot.
…is what YOU interpret it to be showing.
> if no one suspected that Chris and Sharla lived in Morioka together, they sure as shit do now after he deleted the livestream.
You really live in a world where your stuff you post here is super important to a large number of people, don't you? cute

you guys are funny. I believe they are dating but I would love for them to come forward proving they're not because it would be hilarious seeing all of you weirdos bend over backwards to still make it "a thing".

No. 223956

Bit more than that, it was also posted on the TT sub and had like 1000+ upvotes.

Just saying, maybe now their friends know Chris potentially likes big asses, it could be awkward when they hang out like "we know they know"

No. 223957

Why would he delete livestream if nothing of importance was showing?

No. 223959

That's because you're not subscribed to the "Chris does everything, but actually everything, he does to conceal that he is dating/living with Sharla headcanon of some crazies on here.

No. 223960

Not everything of course, but I believe some things he does to hide that they are potentially dating, like deleting the livestream and not liking photos where Sharla is tagged at the podcast convention.

No. 223961

So based on you crap dedicative work, childish observations and stupidity, you decided that a grown ass 32 year old man, needed to sneak follow a big booties IG account on his public verified account, on a plane on his way back to japan while his sweet innocent angel nun like girlfriend was sitting in the seat next to him praying with her rosaries, for orphans? SHAME, SHAME SHAME

No. 223962

Jeez it's not my fault you have an impecable image of him anon.
You think at 32 or being a YouTuber makes him immune to kinks and shit?
Jeez grow up.
He clicked followed by mistake around 5 days ago nothing else.

No. 223963

Your awesome! so the TT boys will be embarrassed that Chris likes big booties when is garnts wife channel is solely based on hentai, porn and japan sex dens. Joey GF aki has an only fans, the trash these boys just interviewed a man who writes Hentai porn, Joey likes lolis, Connor likes milf and garnt is into incest, but Chris is the one that they will make it awkward? yup you r right. Lol lol

No. 223964

The anons thinking this is drama are young teens who spin every detail into weird fanfiction shit.
It's like the stories you hear about that are spun from like two lines between two obscure characters in a book or movie.
Same thing, ecxept, weirdly, in this case, it's about real life people.

Although, I've heard that babies struggle with distinguishing reality and stuff they see on screens. I wonder if that's still true for these anons.

Lol, "millions of people". You are cute. You and your delusions.

No. 223966

Drop it that is an anon who angrily accepted they can be together.

No. 223967

Don't go back to those pro ana sites, honey!
Don't let people tell you that the legs on this picture >>223602 of a slim to average woman are "tree trunk" legs. It's called cellulite and a very, very large proportion of women has it. You might get it to once you go through puberty. But it's ok. Puberty is perfectly normal and you shouldn't fear it.

No. 223968

Between guys no one will care,the worst will be just having ammunition to bully Chris which is something irrelevant because guys love to annoy the hell out of each other.
His female friends will not touch the subject…besides it's common.

No. 223969

Norm, if you’re lurking here, you and your online investigator have done a great job deflecting

No. 223970

I'm not much into this CxS shenanigans true but hey he does some things to TRY cover up clues.

No. 223971

But when Sharla hangs out with Emma and the other TC girls she will know they know Chris potentially has a big booty kink. Bit awkward, isn't it? Because Sharla doesn't look like those women.

No. 223972

I guess it will be an scenario where you have to not look at the big elephant in the room and go on.

No. 223974

It's been some hours and im finding hard to believe that this was done by a hacker or someone grabbing his phone and only following one old big booty account.
I guess we learned a new side of Chris which is hilarious.

No. 223976

Yet you cannot get past that B- in History? Laura, come on! Get your act together!

No. 223977

> the full 4 minutes session of bland vanilla sex
by all means, let's turn this into a share your personal kink sess. By the looks of it, 80% of anons on here have an "imagining C&S going at it" fetish.

> Emma knows his shit I bet,it's not hard to realize when a guy is checking ass around and even more when big groups get together(old TC times) she was simply poking the bear to see if it reacts .
You gotta get off the internet every few days. Go out, enjoy the sunshine, interact with actual real life people. Not just the fictions in your head, girl!

No. 223978

Anon at least it was a not weeb type of kink.

No. 223979

A true mastermind of disguise. kek

No. 223980

> childish observations
Cannot blame them for childish observations. Despite the rules stating people should be over the age of 18, there seems to be a swarm of kiddos on here spinning wild headcanons

No. 223981

Do I have to go out to understand guys look at asses nonchalantly and that some migth do it with high frequency?
Jeez anon if wanna defend or anything at least read what you type otherwise you are confessing to know shit about men.

No. 223982

> Jeez it's not my fault you have an impecable image of him anon.
By your reading ability, I'm guessing you're in the 3rd grade? Maybe a weak student in the 4th grade?
What are you doing on this board, Beverly! get off now, young lady!

No. 223985

ahahahaha! Surely you must be kidding?
Have you seen what the TT people put out there about their kinks?

Oh no! How ever will she cope? The humanity! So Aki doesn't have a problem with Joey's tastes in Anime being out there? Garnt's wife has no issues with what he puts out there? But pooooor, poooooooooor Sharla! Think of the shame! the SHAME!

No. 223986

Chris followed that account to hide his relationship with Sharla! He must have been thinking if he does that and people think that Sharla doesn't look like that, he cannot possibly be interested in her.
How else would you explain him following such an account using his professional IG account? There just isn't another logical explanation.

No. 223987

Or the big ass.

Do you seriously think anyone cares about that shit?

No. 223988

if you are a sheltered 14 year old

No. 223989

For real we have a bunch of puritans here.

No. 223990

Top kek

No. 223991

Not sure what you read but I was mocking the people who think that this is a big deal and that all of their friends will now and forever only think of that and only that whenever any of them meet.
Someone seems to think that Emma is a keen observer of Chris's kinks and preferences and will "poke the bear" to get a reaction because it's such a super important subject that just needs addressing!
Do you casually keep on trying to find out about and making remarks about your male friends preference for ass, legs, or boobs? Cause I don't.

No. 223992

I don't, check the answer to that comment.
Besides a common as hell kink.

No. 223993

Not sure what you read but I was mocking the people who think that this is a big deal and that all of their friends will now and forever only think of that and only that whenever any of them meet.
Someone seems to think that Emma is a keen observer of Chris's kinks and preferences and will "poke the bear" to get a reaction because it's such a super important subject that just needs addressing!
Do you casually keep on trying to find out about and making remarks about your male friends preference for ass, legs, or boobs? Cause I don't.

No. 223994

Well? how else can you explain it? You can't!
You deniers are so funny

No. 223995

> I don't, check the answer to that comment.
Many here seem to, though.
> Besides a common as hell kink.
Absolutely. Yet it titillates the heck out of people here. The amount of headcanon crap they can milk from this is staggering.
I'm seeing 10-chapter fanfictions being born. I hope there's a happy ending. No pun intended.

No. 224009

File: 1656472119368.jpg (840.95 KB, 1440x1662, Screenshot_20220628-230042_You…)

So up in my recommendations I get suggestion for a Jvlogger I never watched yet but is collabing with Sharla … in Chris' studio. It's really nice of Chris to let Sharla collab with others in his studio where he is only breifly featured after they come back from their platonic trip to the UK. Hahaha. I mean at this point they're probably just trolling the handful of deniers who refuse to admit they are dating.
Emma was just teasing Chris not trying some super mind game. She's probably caught him staring at Sharlas ass and probably Akis and her own a million times by now. Guys aren't as subtle as they think. It's not a scandal that Chris likes one of the two or three areas guys especially like on a woman. Half of the male jvloggers are open about way more niche lewd interests just look at trash taste especially Joey and Garnt.

No. 224012

Kinda feeling they recorded one after the other.
Chris was probably in the couch of his studio.

No. 224017

Post these fucking streams or screencap them. No1 believes any of these paywall supposed posts from all these people because anons have never, ever,for 3 threads, posted anything even timeline related. If you are IN the patreon, fucking post caps. At this point yes, why should anons believe anything you post? This is an imageboard, retard.

No. 224018

Even Jesse Cox follows SWrs.

No. 224044

Same. The title alone feels like she's sowing the seeds as to why she might leave and maybe move to England kek

No. 224045

So the insane shippers are still clutching at straws and insisting it's PROOF ! The state of this thread kek.

No. 224047

I would say at this point most people here, shippers and non-shippers, believe they are together. How many deniers are left? One? Two?

No. 224048

Chris just did an interview where he talked about how moving back to England will be a gradual process, at first he’ll visit 2-3 times a year then 5 etc. So it’ll probably be a while before he moves back. I think Sharla said a year ago that she saw herself in Japan 1-2 more years. She seems more eager to move than he does.

No. 224052

So much to unpack unpack here. First of all this was not shot recently as you can tell Loretta was pregnant during the shoot she has since giving birth to a baby girl. 2nd. This video with sharla is part of a two part interview the first video was with Chris and the second with Sharla. Unless Loretta is a great channel highly underwearing and more people should watch her.

No. 224053

I agree that this person you’re responding to is stupid. But I personally have seen many many pics on here from Patreon so you should go back and look at the thread to see those post. Because you’ve been making this argument over and over again while ignoring all the screen caps posted here from Patreon . It’s not possible to post screen recording on This website so screenshot with captions have been posted on here. Stop making this argument because you’re completely wrong!!

No. 224056

> collabing with Sharla … in Chris' studio. It's really nice of Chris to let Sharla collab with others in his studio where he is only breifly featured
After he and Loretta (who is an awesome J-vlogger, btw!) filmed a video there. They even make the joke at the beginning of the video… That she has just ten seconds before the video with Sharla starts? Were you somehow out to get a bowl of chips during that part?

> after they come back from their platonic trip to the UK.

This is an old video. Loretta makes a joke that it takes her a while to edit. I don't know if that was still the case at the time they filmed that but Loretta had a "day job" and couldn't devote as much time to youtube. Also, if she's had the baby a bit after filming that, then she's also been busy with other stuff.
She's had the baby she's pregnant with in the videos already so this is not a recent video.

> Hahaha. I mean at this point they're probably just trolling the handful of deniers who refuse to admit they are dating.

Sorry to burst your bubble but it might just be the case that not everything in their lives is about you. You "super sleuths" don't mean that much to them or others.
They are most likely dating and good for them. They most likely just chose not to make a big deal out of it (maybe yet, maybe ever?). And somehow that drives you guys nuts.
And whenever somebody, even people who also believe they're dating says something along the lines of "but that is not proof" or "that's circumstantial", you lose your shit and think that the people calling this non-evidence out are crazy.
At this point, you are my morning commute entertainment! Thank you for your work, comrade!

Half expecting two responses:
- the cups! the CUPS!
- the deleted lifestream! there is no other explanation than a millisecond glimpse of a ceiling being the culprit for its deletion.

No. 224057

that's because they are not part of the patreon. They heard something that someone heard from someone adjacent to someone who's actually paying.

Airtight case.

No. 224058

Cuppy cuppy cuuuups(retardation)

No. 224059

yes. They did. It's part of the videos. Both of them. And you can hear Sharla say something on topic during Chris's interview. Seriously, the nut cases who like to pretend that they were hiding anything about being there together need help. (>>224009

No. 224061

The title that she didn't choose and that Loretta likely chose because it's the most clickbaity thing from the interview.

No. 224063

I don't think the point of >>224045 was to be a denier. It was to call out the shippers. Not everybody who believes that two people might be together is an insane shippers. But the people on here who gather all of this "proof" that isn't proof and who spin shit about Santorini (which came out of the fact that one anon was looking at hotels there and the pools friggin happened to look similar) and an imminent engagement and about how they try to "mask" everything.
They are not fictional characters ffs!

No. 224064

Dude, it's not just cups. It's furniture, it's the fact that Chris room looks like Sharla's and it changed RIGHT AFTER she moved to Sendai. It's Pete's slip up on the podcast, it's the deleted livestream with the suspicious timing, it's the fact that Sharla is often his camerawoman, that they were spotted in several places together in England, the mysterious wedding they both attended and the pool photo Sharla posted when Chris also was on holiday at the same time, they flew into England together and they flew home together (via Switzerland).

Deniers gonna deny I guess but I definitely think they are living together and did so in both Morioka and Sendai.

No. 224066

I mean I personally believe that pool photo was taken in Santorini because it literally looks EXACTLY like a villa at a hotel there, I'm not even joking. That being said, those photos could have been taken by someone else like the company Sharla sells the products for or another influencer at the company.

No. 224069

You delivered! Thank you. kek
As I said, I believe it as well. I feel like there's some disconnect in your head about that.
I'm just not convinced by everything anons keep on insisting is "evidence". Because, you know, I know the definition of evidence.

No. 224071

Dude! Get with the program!!
The "mysterious wedding" was theirs!! They went honeymooning in Santorini and then Switzerland.
You're not up to date.

No. 224072

> believe that pool photo was taken in Santorini because it literally looks EXACTLY like a villa at a hotel there
You can see a sliver of a wall next to a pool. A sliver. You are so much fun. You totally came through! Thanks!

No. 224073

It's all in the details. The sunbed looks the same, the curved wall in the background looks the same, the white thing sticking up looks the same, the brick wall at the top left of the photo looks the same … I think it's the same villa, but like I said, doesn't mean Sharla was there and took the photo.

No. 224074

Fine, all of these things SUGGEST Chris and Sharla live together. Happy now?

No. 224075

Are you seriously getting this much from this?>>220873

No. 224077

Are you seriously getting this much from this

No. 224079

Yeah, but the full photo she posted on her twitter shows a little more.

If you look at other photos of the villa at the popular hotel in question, you can see that there's a brick wall on the top left and the white thing sticking up is a shade sail from the villa next door. The villas are separated by the white curving wall.

No. 224080

It's hardly a big deal if they went to Santorini though … we already know they spent time in England together.

No. 224085

What's the hotel's name?

No. 224086

That's my point. That there are people who think "yes, it's likely that these two are shacked up and together" and then there's a whole other kind of people. The ones who think up entire headcanons about where they've been and how they feel about certain things coming out, etc etc

The first is fine, the latter is just ridiculous at times

No. 224108

File: 1656508381258.png (217.3 KB, 1080x288, Screenshot_20220629-140529.png)

The person who commented about Norm's behaviour was part of a podcast that discussed content about Japan, mostly jvlogger content. They mentioned receiving messages about a few jvloggers so what they said about Norm is likely true. They also live there so may have been in personal contact with someone who knows him.

No. 224114

File: 1656511289354.png (1.35 MB, 1080x1038, Screenshot_20220629-142324.png)

P.S. found a couple of images of his PULL thread. Kek at 'extreme martial arts expert' and 'stunt man'

No. 224116

File: 1656511383900.png (462.61 KB, 1080x706, Screenshot_20220629-142546.png)

No. 224118

This one from their Northern Japan road trip. 07:26-08:12

No. 224120

Or anon can post them because past 3 threads, no stream posts or patreon content. Anons know they don't have access. They've proved they don't several times. At this point, it's not milk without caps.

No. 224125

It’s cute looking back at these videos knowing Chris and Sharla were probably already living together!

No. 224132

File: 1656514337543.jpeg (346.83 KB, 1773x1773, B09DA26D-4E02-4554-8FB5-F2581A…)

This pic already posted on here is directly from Patreon livestream you want find it on his channel

No. 224133

File: 1656514395044.jpeg (388.13 KB, 1888x1888, 7CFA2B8C-545F-44DA-A34E-DDBEFF…)

This pic already posted on here Patreon only!

No. 224135

File: 1656514471548.jpeg (210.25 KB, 1024x1001, A4780BFF-10F0-4EC9-BE1B-96281B…)

The infamous cup picture is from their Patreon only!

No. 224136

What’s the hotel

No. 224138

the podcast cannot be play, bummer
got any alt link

No. 224142

I shall wait for your apologies

No. 224144

These arent even in the context of what anon was asking for lol

How about anon party the most recent patron only post. Screencap the timeline post.

No. 224145

Seems they deleted all the episodes.

No. 224148

damn, that suck, just found out how PoS norm is. he did a meet-up last week . seem odd that there no update or a follow-up on the event

No. 224176

File: 1656521529328.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1284x2319, 74D94EF0-E6AE-4BD1-939D-DE0F03…)

The accusation is that no one has ever posted anything from Patreon and that is clearly 3 photos from Patreon so that was the answer to accusations. But here you go doubting Thomas. Same exact flight as Sharla

No. 224178

You miss absolutely nothing those three guys from KOK had no juicy details,. They didn’t do any research, it just the there of them constantly interrupting one another and dad Jokes. everything that we’ve spoken about norm on here is way more than they ever discussed on that podcast

No. 224180

File: 1656521849543.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1284x2637, 554FD806-5E70-4EC0-9EBF-D1DB3C…)

Also loved him talking about his sunburn. Lol Santorini people Santorini LOL LOL

No. 224183


No. 224192

Yasss Santorini. We know he went on holiday, but he didn't go to Spain … it all adds up.

No. 224196

I love that that poster was speaking as If they
The specific hotel but never mention that said hotel name!! we want the tea

No. 224204

Obviously a sunburn from the UK weather kek
Him ignoring all the questions in his livestream about the supposed Spain trip was hilarious.

No. 224206

To sum things up they are dating and went to the UK plus somewhere sunny too.
Chris deleted(went private) a video just some hours after an anon exposed him living with Sharla back in Morioka.
What else …oh yeah he has big ass kink.

No. 224207

It was not even exposed it was just an screenshot but such was enough to delete it ,top kek
Add that he's kinda paranoid.

No. 224209

I don't get why he can't just say "I didn't go to Spain, ended up going to [insert a sunny country here]"

Sharla NEVER said she went anywhere except England so it's not like his casual viewers would be suspicious.

No. 224210

Sharla and Chris sure have provided us with content this past month, despite them not being in a single photo/video together and Chris basically ignoring her on social media LOL.

No. 224213

Pretty sure his fans are asking out of good heart frankly because he said Spain was important due spending time there during his childhood.
A bit of an asshole if you ask me at ignoring them.

No. 224214

Wrong… there is a photo of them in the UK together, also chris is in her video about the UK.

No. 224217

And despite of that we still deniers around.
Those must be the C or S parasocial simps I guess.

No. 224221

Didn't the dumbass installed an app that showed the chances of you dying in a flight? Just before going into an airplane..
He is really paranoid if you ask me but I think that's a side effect of being a control freak.

No. 224232

They’re dating. They’re gonna announce it In the not so distant future.
Get over it. Talk about something else ffs.

No. 224233

I know right.

No. 224237

How do you know they’re gonna announce it?

No. 224245

Try not to make fun of peoples genuine fears! Fears are often irrational not based on reality and we can’t force people to stop being afraid of something that they feel. So if this is something that helps him conquer, it why are you criticizing it?

No. 224248

Yeah he does call himself a control freak, which makes deleting the livestream + accidentally following the big butts account even funnier.

No. 224249

It’s a pattern I’m noticing that the deniers. they’ll come in here screaming for proof, somebody will then post proof of something, and they won’t acknowledge it. Just today a denier was calling people liars, saying that the person that mentioned chris live stream was not part of Patreon. And then the person posted clear receipts from Patreon, but it’s not acknowledge they ignore it. Like clock work They will come back here in two days time and claim that no one ever post anything from Patreon.

No. 224250

That shouldn't be sagged. Everyone should know about this. Chyna isn't a minor celeb in USA, either. It absolutely enrages me knowing all the abuse Chyna went through and how she ended up dying. I remember her talking about finally being at peace and getting on with her life after moving to Japan. To think Norm not only sabotaged what she had going but contributed to her death… How can anyone work with someone like that?

No. 224252

Of course they did, how convenient for the anon, again.

No. 224253

Who the fuck is Thomas??

No. 224260

It’s an expression that stems From the Bible. Doubting Thomas - a skeptic, Who refuse to believe without direct personal experience. In the Bible Thomas After being told that people saw that Jesus was resurrected, refused to believe it because he didn’t see it with his own two eyes.

No. 224267

You are silly!!! The deleted podcast that anon was referring to was the King of Kanto podcast. King of Kanto podcast was a podcast that was critical of jvloggers. Each week they would pick a vlogger. And that anon wanted to hear the episode on Norm. But it’s convenient for you to repeat the same old stuff without looking at the context!

No. 224272

He's at least honest by calling himself that.

No. 224273

Because is dumb in my eyes.
I have fair fear to spiders but I don't gonna ever search the amount of types that exist in X place or something similar.
That's just adding extra attention to the issue.

No. 224277

File: 1656533673946.jpg (483.5 KB, 2048x1536, 20220629_151330.jpg)

Well I guess PewDiePie is a Jvlogger now so it's fitting to post this.

No. 224279

There are level of fears my dear. My best friend has a severe fear flying and researches which airline or planes has the highest crashing rates. She will go out of her way and would pay 3x as times as much money to take a specific plane on a specific airline. She knows that it’s irrational but this is the only way she can manage to work around her fear. So while your fear of spiders may not be so heightened that you need to research it, his fear of flying is big enough that he needs to do something to work around it. Nothing is dumb about that. a lot of people everyday battle with extreme fears, it’s a form of mental illness. Calling someone dumb for sharing their fears is very immature, insensitive and cruel.

No. 224280

This one! Yes, man, I found him insufferable in this. I actually looked up whether he's weird in other ways after watching that video and that's how I stumbled on people saying that C&S are a thing (which, aw!).
So I do wonder how nice he must be to them for them to want to hang out with him.

No. 224282

it all adds up if you are really bad at arithmetic.

No. 224285

People are not necessarily denying that they're dating. They're just not accepting any shitty non-evidence you choose to throw on here

No. 224288

Dude, what non-evidence? What is 'evidence' in your opinion?

No. 224292

How did those people arrive to that they possibly like be dating then?

No. 224293

This is just infighting bait at this point imo, some anons want to play attorney with regards to 'evidence' and proof when this site has always relied on conjecture and flimsy "evidence" to discuss milk. At this point I see them as Redditors who say "Source? SOURCE?" to any point or opinion that they don't agree with. Obviously we'll never be able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Sharla and Chris are dating, so it's pointless to argue that fact with deniers or people who just are trolling people who talk about them dating. At this point I think a lot of 'deniers' are really just riling up certain anons who take it really personally when they're doubted about Chris and Sharla dating. Don't let yourself get wound up and we can wait until Sharla and Chris literally come out as dating, which has got to happen sometime if they are dating. It's too ridiculous to hide it like, forever.

No. 224300

I saw the pics in twitter and let me say Aki shouldn't wear those type of bikini jeez.

No. 224301

Still waiting for the apology lol from doubting Thomas.

No. 224303

Oh gosh, so, there are clues that make sense and that have a very high probability of indicating that they are together. And many of these taken together could lead one to believe that they are, in fact together. However, then there is silly crap like "I saw a white pool divider, they are in Santorini" or "they are masking blabla" and similar stuff that is presented using the thinnest of circumstantial evidence.

No. 224305

I agree that Santorini was a stretch lol. But overall I think some find it funny to find their slip ups.

No. 224306

No one has said they went to Santorini though, just that it looks like the photo was taken there.

No. 224307

Santorini-san anon has been playing that broken record ever since Sharla posted a picture of a pool. It’s clearly her used bottles and her hand in those photos but the Santorini obsession is ridiculous. All for a pool and a white wall dividing the unit from the one next door. I have to think it’s a child that has only heard of one place in Greece because it could be anywhere on the Mediterranean. I really hope they reveal where they went on holiday at some point so we can stop hearing about freaking Santorini.

No. 224312

Can we please just move one from Santorini? You guys are obsessed

No. 224314

Yeah, the photo was clearly taken there, but that doesn't prove Chris was there on holiday.

No. 224318


No. 224321

It looks exactly like Santorini. Show me a place that looks like that that ISN'T Santorini and I will happily change my mind!

No. 224323

Show me this exact place in Santorini, then. What is it called? Not sure you're the anon who keeps saying that it's "that one very famous hotel" but fails to name it.

No. 224324

She's confident I give her that.

No. 224325

And more power to her! Why not wear that top?

No. 224334

File: 1656545863155.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1170x1298, D9C70718-1837-4237-87BB-D882FB…)

I hope worldofxtra actually troons out, he is a disgusting trashy racist liar who pretends to be Japanese while hating, degrading and dehumanising Japanese people for everything they do. He also looks like he stink and he’s going to stink even worse when he chops his dick off and starts taking hormones(a-logging)

No. 224336

Are you okay?! Never mind you are probably one of those white people that have a major hard on for japan, and can’t handle japan being criticized. White samurai lol lol

No. 224338

nigga, I'm latina.
proof: mogólica de mierda qué me decis whitoid?

No. 224339

She looks great

No. 224340

It's in Oía, I believe.

No. 224343

Looks like it

No. 224345

Do you think that the brain of this rotting filipino monkey is capable of forming any sort of constructive criticism? Japanese people see him for who he really is, a degenerate pervert, that's the reason why he hates them so much(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 224349


Clearly what this thread needed was more casual racism. Fuck off anon

No. 224360

I hope Sharla drops a surprise Santorini vlog

No. 224412

Kek. I think the Santorini theory is so stupid and clearly either a troll or some anon who has never been anywhere in the med. But it would be funny if they really did go there. Although the sperging in this thread would be unbearable if it turned out to be true.

No. 224414

Chris says on the podcast that he's gotten two back massages this trip and one of them was 'the other day' and we know that at the time of recording, he talked about just coming back from his holiday.

If I were to speculate I am guessing the first massage was at the SPA hotel Sharla was at in Cornwall, the second one was in Santorini (or wherever, but Oia has a ton of SPA hotels!)

No. 224415

This is really sad :( it's terrible what happened to Chyna (pure misogyny too) and I really hope he's just bullshitting here and that he didn't get her fired. Agree with anon above that this is genuinely milky.

No. 224420

Literally took the words out of my mouth.
Anons would go crazy and I'd love to be here for that. But I also think it's the most random thought ever.

No. 224427

I also think that maybe Chris is slightly more travel-savvy than to go to such an obvious tourist destination.

No. 224430

FARMHANDS please don't ban me the emoticon was a mistake I'm sorry! And I'm sorry for samefagging. Please forgive me nonas.

No. 224437

He said on Twitter he wants to go to Greece though

No. 224444

Sooo Chris and Sharla's friend Victor did a Q&A on his Instagram and one of the questions was if he's dating Sharla. He denied it so add him to the list of men who have denied dating Sharla and/or who Sharla has denied dating.

Guess who's missing from that list? That's right, CHRIS. Neither of them have denied dating the other, even though he's the person most people ship her with.

No. 224452


Why would anyone ask that? They don't have that much interaction in social media or in their respective videos.(sage your shit ffs)

No. 224455

Who knows? People are nosy I guess. But from what I have seen they are both pretty mum about their personal lives and they had cute chemistry in that Pokémon hunt video they did together with Chris. They also seem to have similar interests.

No. 224456

This isn't Tumblr stfu

No. 224460

Where did he say he want to go to Greece?

No. 224462

On twitter, he did a Q&A ages ago and someone asked him where he would like to travel and he replied Greece.

No. 224466

Greece is a lot bigger than just Santorini anon

No. 224468

Sure, but it looks like the photo was taken in Oia, Santorini.

No. 224470

Kek you're mental, not only are you convinced it's Santorini, now we even know the specific village.

No. 224471

Oia is the most popular place in Santorini; that's where all the best hotels are located.

No. 224475

nah. let's leave stan out of this. his videos are great(sage)

No. 224477

File: 1656598363090.jpeg (624.34 KB, 1284x1573, 7104DF52-B21D-4973-9576-9E10B7…)

It’s his bucket list lol

No. 224478

File: 1656598417043.png (2.66 MB, 1548x2048, Screenshot_20220630-151134.png)

Omg anon you're right

No. 224480

Lol Spot on!

No. 224481

from 4 years ago.

No. 224482

aHA! knew it!

Would be funny if this was a cruise ship (which are ew, so no!) and they actually went to ALL of the Mediterranean

No. 224483

No, that’s definitely a hotel in Oia

No. 224484

Place he wants to visit “The most” = Santorini trip for Chris and Sharla (or at least a part of Greece) is certainly a possibility.

Isn’t Sharla from Vancouver?

No. 224486

She's from Victoria, which is across the strait from it. I have wondered since Chris insists he has family in Vancouver on the podcast a few times if he meant Sharla's family, but I'm unsure.

No. 224489

Why is this edited?

No. 224490

This is an imageboard, retard

No. 224491

File: 1656600862601.png (5.52 MB, 1284x2778, A1A543F3-614C-4248-932F-4FF8D7…)


No. 224494

No one was even suggesting they were, nice self post and personal submit

No. 224499

Lol I thought it was the stupidest question myself. I. Just posted the pic. Because you were screaming image board. But I guess this is the thanks I get.

No. 224502

File: 1656604109085.jpeg (207.59 KB, 1464x819, 9FBC69A7-0230-4773-9DD6-8A6027…)

No, he has family there. On JAJ he told Sharla a story about going to a family wedding in Vancouver when he was a kid and his grandpa gave him a video camera to record it and that’s when he first got into filming.

Also on his FB page photos there are pics of him in Vancouver from 2008.

This video https://youtu.be/XaIeQChZrH4(learn2embed)

No. 224507

Norm may have caused a bona fide celebrity to kill herself but anons are more pressed about whether or not some white walls come from Santorini.

No. 224509

Chris has literally constantly repeated whenever asked about holidays that he wants to go to Nerja Spain where his uncle lives.

Santorini-anon: “BUT ONCE ON TWITTER he mentioned Greece so he definitely went to Santorini!!!!! Only Santorini in the whole of Greece and the entire Mediterranean/Aegean has white walls in the vicinity of swimming pools!”

No. 224513

You completely missed the point…

No. 224517

No anon is right. You guys see a hill and try to make it a mountain.

No. 224518

norm is a narcissistic lying piece of a turd that all anons here agreed he is a waste of time to defend with , on the other hand cxs is definitly dating and some dumb anons still think they just friends(sage)

No. 224519

Yeah and he completely ignored all the Spain questions on his Patreon stream. He said he went on holiday on the podcast but didn't say where, despite talking about maybe going to Spain previously.

Sharla posts a photo that literally looks exactly like it was taken in Santorini. Chris has previously said Greece is the place he would love to visit most. It's basic maths.

No. 224520

Does he receive this question often to warrant this sort of response? Is he someone people usually ship Sharla with?

No. 224535

File: 1656611381348.png (5.53 MB, 1284x2778, D8F476F0-1CD3-4A6B-BFD2-2E838B…)

No but he did get a question about his former friendship with norm.

No. 224543

What mountain? Saying they perhaps went to Santorini and stayed in a fancy hotel with a private pool is seriously no big deal. Good for them. Who cares if they went there?

No. 224560

>No anon is right. You guys see a hill and try to make it a mountain.
Uhhh, I think the people who can't move on from the Spanish vs Greek wall debate are the ones making a mountain of a molehill, not the people who think Norm sabotaging someone's life and possibly pushing them to suicide is milkier and more important than whether or not Sharla and Chris stayed in Greece instead of Spain.

No. 224608

Sharla got another cat(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 224610

How do you know this? there is nothing on her socials/yt to indicate it

No. 224611

Is this allergic Chris punishment for following the big butts account?

No. 224612

Yesssss lol

No. 224613


No. 224616

Now that I think about it, it makes sense because I saw Sharla's cat sitter's husband tweet "other cats are visiting" back when Sharla first went to England. CatS, as in plural.

No. 224622

Nothing in the socials to suggest that…
It would be hilarious tho.

No. 224623

Post caps for once in your life

No. 224625

Chris must really love Sharla if he is fine with her bringing another cat into their already small home lmao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 224632

Or she dumped his fat ass

No. 224634

Outside jokes,he doesn't have ass to be honest.
Despite gaining weight he still flat kek

No. 224635

Santorini is basically the European version of Cat Island, just saying. Maybe she picked up a stray there.

No. 224636


That doesn't make any sense, what about all the paperwork and waiting time to bring the cat to Japan?

No. 224638

Anon just said she GOT a cat, that could mean it is waiting at a cat shelter in Santorini or something, until it can be shipped to Japan.

No. 224639

Idk why y'all buying an an anon words without proof.

No. 224640

She got a new cat. I’m convinced she’s doing it for content lol

No. 224641

Okay for content can be a reason but where's the proof to support it.
I'm not even against the idea of it because it would be hilarious for Chris. But I want milk not tinfoil.