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No. 284431

Thread #1 >>54749
Thread #2 >>166105
Thread #3 >>197809
Thread #4 >>208755
Thread #5 >>229285
Thread #6 >>261505

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tchall
Cosplay Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ManaKnightPage/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/manaknight/?hl=en
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ManaKnight
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@manaknight

Terry Hall aka Manaknight is a self-proclaimed "famous", "old (30+)", NB and Ace cosplayer who is actually a 40 year old man that lives alone in his 3-4 story townhouse in Maryland. Although he has typing abilities equivalent to an someone having a stroke, he makes a well documented six digit number salary that he blows towards buying video games that he never plays, cheap costumes, and attending cons by himself since he only has "fans", not friends.

Despite being incapable of blending his neckline and having a skincare routine consisting of bathing in Palmolive dish soap, he has found a way to stay relevant by purchasing multiple fake silicone breasts and relying heavily on Meitu/Beauticam for his cosplays. He has obsessions with: bathrooms, chicken tendies, and stalking white girls under the age of 25. He hates: doctors, alcohol, the Kalahari, and strippers. 

Recap of previous thread:
>Coworkers are no longer bigots and he's now cosfamous at work >>261508 , >>263108
>Only replied to a 17 year old girl's compliment on TikTok >>261536
>Denies that he clout chases, but admits that's been his cosplay goal >>262122
>Donates to "cosplay charity" >>262643
>Bitches about money despite constantly buying new cosplays and "needing" to attend cons >>263007 , >>269692 , >>270231 , >>274146 , >>274960 , >>275569
>40 and lonely fishing for friends >>263588 , >>263648
>Store has no cupcakes :( >>264036 Drives 1 hour away to get cupcakes >>264394
>I'm ONLY they/them now grrrrr >>265144
>Terry being old complaining about fast food >>266338 , >>279357
>Terry Hall has a "date" with a coworker >>266508 , >>266543
>Virtue signals wearing masks at cons, but doesn't wear mask correctly >>267026 Terry maskless at Katsu >>282154
>Typing with a stroke becomes more apparent >>267302 , >>281497
>Books 9AM haircut appointment even though the mall opens at 10AM >>269858
>Looks like a whole ass dad/manlet while hanging out with the girl that used him for a ride to a BBQ party >>270415 , >>270429
>Delusional about being a quality cosplayer when he's just being "brave" and using HEAVY filters >>270533 , >>278613 , >>281555 , >>281617
>Shares a gofundme, doesn't bother to donate >>270646
>Makes decent props, but still paints like dog shit >>270731 , >>270906 , >>280005
>Wore zentai suit with fake breasts for a small chested character; >>273830 40 yr old man with fake breasts selfie >>271190
>Audio clip of Manaknight talking about being "clingy" >>271190
>Raw photos of Terry looking haggard af >>272658 , >>272711 , >>272799
>Candid of Terry lurking in the wild by his lonely self >>272876
>Terry pops a possible skin cancer bump on his head, then contemplates, but never actually sees a doctor >>274252 >>274309 >>274310
>"Cosfamous" Manaknight blasts a follower on his story >>274957
>Self diagnosing he has ADHD >>275337
>He is now Agender/Ace/Aromantic, but didn't bother to update his age to "(40+)" >>276143 , >>276186 , >>280636
>Terry getting mad that his employer still needs to operate business while he's on vacation >>282041
>Big ass forehead at Katsucon >>282065
>Terry gets stomach problems at the con >>282469
>Terry's post Katsu report >>282812 , >>282813

No. 284448

File: 1678000510496.jpeg (163.65 KB, 805x555, B9C5D44F-D360-4198-8FCF-BF3EE3…)

While we were in-between threads. At first I thought this meant locally, but he is willing to fly just to spend a few hours at an amusement park. He must be hella lonely and desperate for someone to pay attention to him

No. 284450

File: 1678000638750.jpeg (165.22 KB, 828x412, 58782DCA-2FEC-4B6C-A751-2F61C9…)

Why does this sound so fake to me? All his props are wish-tier level awful.

No. 284451

File: 1678000701459.jpeg (455.47 KB, 828x796, 51F0270B-ECFC-4B9F-9DC5-1FFAB7…)

No. 284452

File: 1678000782807.jpeg (45.37 KB, 815x267, 8EAE22B9-8DBD-42EC-8A54-C499DE…)

No. 284456

Didn’t even know there was a feature like that, how much time does this man spend on Facebook??

No. 284469

File: 1678026085737.jpg (76.58 KB, 1080x854, Screenshot_20230305-091548_Fac…)

This is in response to Otakon removing their mask policy. So much for supporting safety.

No. 284474

File: 1678028627950.jpg (341.51 KB, 1080x1874, Screenshot_20230224-142415_Ins…)

Lol saved the piece of fiction of this story too. Terry's props become family heirlooms.

No. 284487

thank you OP for putting this up. you're a hero!

what happened to his zit/cancer? He had a scar of it at Katsu but i don't remember reading an update since ALA

No. 284496

No. 284584

File: 1678135237922.jpg (254.92 KB, 1080x726, Screenshot_20230306_154002_Fac…)

you cosplay from plenty of franchises that you have 0 interest or knowledge in so why is this suddenly stopping you now?

No. 284592

Lack of attention, lack of zoomers, and he'd need to be able to make things from scratch.

No. 284598

He doesn't have the patience to learn how to play FFXIV. He seems like the type that can't take criticism and if anybody were to say anything to him or even make a suggestion, he would go whine about it on Facebook.
Yeah I don't think many younger zoomers play this game. He wouldn't get the attention he wants.
>He'd need to be able to make things from scratch.
I've seen some pre-made cosplays of it before. I think his only reasoning is that it won't get him enough attention.

No. 284608

File: 1678161658412.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1284x2272, 07FDC85F-5724-4A88-A270-7BF199…)

Creepy old man vibes

No. 284618

Imagine the smell. Dust and hobby lobby after hours mixed together.(sage your shit)

No. 284632

I'm surprised no one had asked him Genshin game questions. I bet he can't cause dude hardly plays the game. He probably hasn't even done his first ascension yet. The amount of genshin characters he cosplays from has been disgusting. He's like rushing to cosplay every single one except the smallish baby face characters. I'm tired of seeing his lonely cakey face in genshin business.(sage your shit)

No. 284637

Mfer really has posters of himself up on his walls, what a clown.

No. 284641

>He's like rushing to cosplay every single one except the smallish baby face characters.
Nope. In the past he said he wanted to cosplay Klee, but people rightfully shot him down. After that, he’s stayed away from Genshin characters similar to her.
>Who wants to come by my house to see this room?
No. Gross.

No. 284643

There's plenty of younger zoomers in the game, but there is already more successful groomers on them so Terry wouldn't stand a chance. He's probably only bringing this up because of FanFest, it would be too hard for him to get a ticket so he's preventively shitting on it now to cover his bases with the three non-farmers that read his posts.

No. 284654

Dying at the 'masterfully' crafted props being stored in a recycling bin. Guess it makes eventual disposal easy.

No. 284663

No cause this room is embarrassing for a man your age.

No. 284692


A while back I asked him what his world/adventurer level is on one of his fake gamer boy Genshin spurge posts. He absolutely did not respond. Didn’t even like the comment. I’m not one for gatekeeping bc I’ve cosplayed characters I know nothing about but enjoyed their design, but he’s obviously going thru Genshin chars bc he knows it’ll attract the wine zoomers.

No. 284804

File: 1678280282774.jpg (882.54 KB, 1080x1938, Screenshot_20230308_075555_Fac…)

And Terry?? Cosplays with long sleeves and pants ain't anything new. Do you know how many people who are going to cosplay in the heat with long sleeves and pants?? I'm ready to see any pics of him dirtying that cosplay.(sage your shit)

No. 284813

I'm ready for the post at otakon 30 minutes after he puts it on "sorry guys I had to change. it was just TOO HOT"

No. 284814

Looking forward to the Eula trainwreck when he wears that to a con.(sage your shit)

No. 284815

Not my husbando, you ugly nit!
But for real, why does he even have a crafting room if he doesn't even sew anything?

No. 284819

I saw this post and I just saw his ugly drag style makeup and snow Ap filter on this character. I seriously wanted to tell him he should skip this cosplay and stick to his ugly af inuysha character.

But as much as I love sesshomaru. but it does say something he want to now pick a character that canonically marries the child he raised.

No. 284821

To brag. It’s like how he buys a bunch of video games so he can post on social media and say that he’s totally a gamer, despite not finishing or even playing what he buys.
He’s made a whole crafting room, including adding a sewing machine that he will never use, so he can pretend to be a totes professional “I make everything myself” cosplayer.
> but it does say something he want to now pick a character that canonically marries the child he raised.
I thought the same thing. He’s probably hoping to find a zoomer cosplaying as Rin. He’s a creep.

No. 284822

has flashbacks to his candid inuyasha photos where he looks like he's melting

No. 284823

I didn’t even notice that sewing machine. He only use it to make those ugly boot covers, but I'm sure he trying to imply that he made/alter his cosplay to seem more legit and impressive

No. 284833

File: 1678297443584.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1284x2217, 42C1CF51-AEB6-42E8-B8B3-071DE9…)

Ugly AF drag queen Xiao… Seriously wonder why he cried over not cosplaying XIV when he cosplays all the Genshin characters and he has no idea who they are.

No. 284836

He's so gross. Some people should just stop cosplaying in general. I've seen cosplayers into their 40s and 50s, so it isnt an age thing, but something about Terry is so predatory.

No. 284838

It looks like a pretty shit machine too. Probably picked up the cheapest one walmart had to offer, not that he needs anything more advanced. Doesn't even have the foot pedal out.

No. 284841

You can’t hide those man shoulders behind makeup Terry kek

No. 284853

File: 1678308683726.jpeg (54.48 KB, 828x306, BBDDFA43-CA75-41CA-AA45-0C3677…)

Mr I-don’t-even-understand-what-sex-is

No. 284854

Ewwww barf gross

No. 284865

ew, wtf. this man is 40. No one needs to know this!

No. 284870

File: 1678315286548.jpeg (507.27 KB, 1284x1059, C27C6DD5-F14E-475C-A47D-B6984C…)

It’s called innovation you old crusty shit. No wonder they’re probably trying to teach someone your job behind your back.

No. 284879

Nah he's right this happens all the time in every industry and it's never innovation, it's just bullshit steps that make life harder lmao

No. 284895

His attempt to look sexy makes me sick. Creepy af

No. 284908

File: 1678328044437.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1284x2084, 8349668F-B7E3-4168-8422-1FD60D…)

Giant wall o text

No. 284910

my head hurts from reading this. I can't believe this man is making six figures yet he can't type 3 cohesive paragraphs

No. 284941

Jesus christ 99% of his statuses are literally just "who asked?" He doesn't work in healthcare and he basically never wears a mask anymore anyway, why the fuck does his opinion matter on anything?

No. 284952

Why do he pretend to care? Katsu had a mask mandate and he posted several selfies and photos of him inside with no mask. Every time he post these status all I read “I am a hypocrite.”

No. 284976

Half a day later and only two reacts and zero comment. People either couldn’t read his word salad or didn't want to call him out of his bull shit.

No. 284988

He also posted like 4 Covid test stories. If you really care about Covid wear a damn mask

No. 284993

His posts used to get so much more interaction, I wonder if people are actually starting to see him for who he is

No. 284997

>cons no longer forcing people to wear masks because of the cdc

nigga, nobody cares about covid anymore except for doomer chans, people over the age of 55 who likely get sick all the damn time anyway, and political faggots with worms in their brains who stopped evolving after january 6th, 2021. get over it.

>testing and vaccinations won't be free anymore

i mean we all knew this was coming eventually so why is he explaining this to everyone like he's a nurse or has some kind of insider knowledge? most everyone is sick of getting their nostrils swabbed or having to get stabbed a million times every year just to do normal things anyway. i see no one complaining except for random old people like him who still go out and cough and spit on everyone with impunity, but then get mad at 20-year-olds for going to starbucks without a mask cause you might kill someone's 99 year old grandmother by farting on her.

>things are going to start changing

you don't say…

No. 285020

File: 1678387850662.jpg (768.57 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230309_135029.jpg)

people have nothing original to say about him because he literally has nothing going for him. they just compliment him on what he shoves in their face on a daily: his shit makeup and props

No. 285166

They wouldn’t say that if they saw that crusty cake mess in person without all the filter. The man is a living jumpscare.

No. 285176

>nigga, nobody cares about covid anymore except for doomer chans, people over the age of 55 who likely get sick all the damn time anyway, and political faggots with worms in their brains who stopped evolving after january 6th, 2021. get over it.
Based but don't forget trannies. It's yet another excuse cluster b faggots like them get to moderate other people's behaviour.

No. 285194

File: 1678464496575.jpeg (107.45 KB, 818x513, CE32594B-D83A-4757-9A4C-8F7BC2…)

Is he self-aware?

No. 285226

File: 1678477645306.jpg (93.78 KB, 1080x429, Screenshot_20230310_144441_Fac…)

wasn't this an 18+ con that was heavily advertised with NSFW themes and guests? why would he care about it if he claims he's sex repulsed and gets grossed out by bots sending him "lewd" pics via text?

No. 285261

Nice catch. Watch him back track and be like “I didn’t know it was 18+” but he just want to get creepy selfies with his friends.

No. 285293

he's nb and ace, but he surely follows a lot of e-girls. I hope more of his fans pick up on this

No. 285384

File: 1678565394506.png (985.75 KB, 1284x2778, D31D0FC6-568B-48F1-BBAC-944B8C…)

him bragging again

No. 285388

I’m so sick of his bragging. What exactly is the point of the poll? Mr moneybag has the option of skipping that $100/hr job to hang out at malls while some of his zoomer fans don’t even see $100 a day.

No. 285390

He is such a tone deaf asshole.
>some of his zoomer fans don’t even see $100 a day
hell a lot of people only make a little more than $100 a DAY. I hate his bragging. How did this retard even get his job? Was it a diversity quota? Nepotism?

No. 285393

His Zhongli looks so gross and cakey. I hate how he widens his eyes like that.

No. 285406

File: 1678573648669.jpeg (204.22 KB, 1284x1717, DBA80C53-5542-4AB3-9930-3D6331…)

Money is all I know

No. 285416

File: 1678579221001.jpeg (296.26 KB, 1284x2276, 1D3DB8D0-8196-4D24-BF84-7B8241…)

You look like you’re trying to figure out if it was a shart or not Terry

No. 285466

He looks like a confused old granny. Not even snow could fix this cosplay on him.

No. 285535

File: 1678614400692.jpeg (378.46 KB, 1284x2266, CAC96269-DD4B-4268-9EFE-CFFCE5…)

The scent of desperation is thick in the air

No. 285536

How delusional is he? Everything he listed, either no one cares about or it's not the flex he thinks it is. He can't even tag six friends because he knows he doesn't have any.

No. 285541


He has a very strict diet. Umm soda, waffles, and chicken tenders is not a strict diet. It's poor health.(learn to sage)

No. 285552

These are the six most boring facts ever! Why would anyone care about any of this? Very creepy too. Cardcaptor? I call BS he graduated top 5, or even top 5%. This man seemed barely literate.

No. 285557

Cardcaptors was on television in the early 2000's, he would have been nearly a grown ass adult by then at least. Looks like he always liked em young, barf

No. 285564

Don't be an idiot anon people who are technologically intelligent normally have the shittiest grammar it's not a stretch to say he could be damn good at his work and just a retard with the English language there's countless types of intelligence and they're not all mutually inclusive

No. 285570

FVII came out when he was sixteen. he's technically not wrong but this fact made him sound younger than he's.

What the fuck did he mean by "into cosplay for 19 years"? fapping to cosplay photos for eight years?

what a weirdo

No. 285572

He might be very skilled at engineering… autists often are really good at stem stuff because they’ll be very book smart and able to remember tons of facts while having no real common sense and social skills. It’s likely he spent his college time studying and working hard in school because he had no social life, much like now. He probably also means top 5 in his major/program as opposed to the entire graduating class.
The whole can’t mix food together also screams autist, that’s a common trait when they can’t stand different foods touching each other. Saying his stomach is sensitive is obviously a cope though, since all the fried/high fat foods he eats would not be handled well by an actual sensitive stomach.

No. 285583

He went to college a LONG time ago, when not nearly as many people went as they do today, especially not for stuff like engineering. So I believe it. The dept was likely a small one

No. 285585

>I cannot eat many sandwiches/taco because they mix too much different food together.
Kek fucking autist.
>My stomach is also very sensitive towards a lot of food so my diet is strict.
Just say you're picky about food, Terry. Greasy chicken tenders and sugar-filled cupcakes aren't exactly safe foods.
Kek you sound personally offended. We're here to laugh at the cow.
Agreed, he was probably only top 5 in his own program and was in a small department.
Also, some majors don't require more than 1 English class and many classes beyond that don't care about writing or reading comprehension, so people stay illiterate. Annoying.

No. 285694

File: 1678673742324.jpeg (60.23 KB, 1284x520, 678A0A83-5B1B-4B11-AFBB-987E23…)

Wonder how much he spent

No. 285720

1k at best. What a waste.

No. 285734

File: 1678717246779.jpg (144.4 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_202303.jpg)

I honestly don't remember this video going viral at all? and curious to know who would genuinely be "stealing" this video of his shit 02 cosplay anyway

No. 285736

Kek the credit is literally in the tiktok watermark but okay, Terry. I don't think viral means what he thinks it means.

No. 285743

File: 1678721423382.jpg (307.91 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230313.jpg)

yet another RIP post for someone he probably only knew in passing, but wants the sympathy for anyway

No. 285757

none of the glasses he wears fit his pinhead and weird close-set eyes. They just further highlight these awful features.

No. 285762

You're not being shared because you're popular Terry. Last time I saw this going around, it was being in a hispanic FB page where it was mostly laugh reacts

His RIP posts always sounds like he's signing a yearbook

No. 285767

He didn’t know them? He didn’t know any of them?? Why is he like this? Taking a photo and liking a photo probably from 5 years ago don’t count!! Like he always make it about himself and how he always love their cosplay?? No real memories or ties with them. Probably a 15 seconds interaction at most. I fucking hate him.

No. 285784

if he actually cared, then he would have shared her gofundme page she had set up to help pay her medical bills. He doesn't care about anyone but himself.

No. 285785

looking through her insta, he hadn't liked or commented on a single post she made until the update from late Feb. so clearly he didn't actually know or care about her until he realized he could probably use her for sympathy soon. how can you be so broken up about someone you never interact with?

No. 285789

Gross, I'm tired of seeing his disgusting tongue all over the place every time he cosplays girls and little boys.

No. 285833

File: 1678778104364.jpg (36.91 KB, 800x450, Craig_The_Halo_Infinite_Brute_…)

so with that pic for the thread, am I the only one who sees a little resemblance with the meme brute from halo infinite?

No. 285991

File: 1678838126759.jpeg (168.99 KB, 1284x2277, BBDCA618-2735-4299-A9DB-D45F3E…)

Can’t wait for the faces he’ll make

No. 286013

I swear I am going to strangle him if he make another “oops” i bought x cosplay post. Stfu you been talking about buying these cosplay days before you posted if not hours before you posted.

No. 286030

File: 1678850925644.jpeg (76.4 KB, 1284x1573, B244F584-2453-48B1-86F1-88F783…)

You waste money on like 3 different cheap cosplays to piece them together so the cosplay looks “perfect” to you

No. 286097

File: 1678898290043.jpeg (77.98 KB, 750x885, E0017B7D-68F1-4BBB-BC5F-7F7F95…)

I got curious so I looked it up. Maybe if he stopped spending all his time on fb, he could actually learn how to sew and make quality props

No. 286101

5000 a DAY? Wtf? I didn’t think that was humanly possible. He must follow so many people and pages and likes everything. Terry is terminally online.

No. 286105

File: 1678900742104.jpeg (98.43 KB, 1284x678, 3B9C7510-CCFA-4174-9696-C5B119…)

You always say you’re a loner so who are you hanging out with? Your props and wigs?

No. 286107

he keeps making these posts as if he actually spends time with people when we all know he just wanders malls and arcades during his time off stalking zoomers or hoping he'll "run into" one

No. 286109

>you cosplay what you want even if it’s niche
Tf?! All he does is cosplay popular stuff that’ll get him the most attention possible. Including stuff from series he’s never watched and games he’s never played. He’s stated before there are cosplays he wants to do of characters he really likes, but hasn’t done them yet because no one would recognize/care

Honestly at this point I feel like this whole nb/ace thing isn’t just part of his act, but is an actual weird fetish he has. Like he wants to put on this naive little boy persona, then gets off on the idea of sharing nasty stuff while people go “he just doesn’t understand/know any better uwu”

God that preview image sickens me

I didn’t know her so I looked her up and saw she died of cancer less than a year after being diagnosed. Fucking horrifying. I hope she’s at peace now

Meanwhile Terry won’t even get that thing on his forehead checked to see if it’s skin cancer. Complete fucking moron

No. 286120

All he does is brag about money, buying shit online and not making his own costumes. So tedious. No wonder he has no friends

No. 286121

This and some people work weekends so it isnt like anyone cares or this is new. All he does is brag about the money he makes and the OT he works. Get a life, Terry

No. 286130

File: 1678908607923.jpeg (156.37 KB, 1284x2240, 55F09619-69F2-427D-8503-A323F0…)

You go out of your way to talk to a zoomer about yourself

No. 286143

Why does he keep making these “sorry I’m too busy to hang out” statuses every few weeks? Who’s actually hanging out with him?

No. 286151

>usually say nothing until someone else says something
says the man who invades people's space at cons just to talk about himself and then hops to the next person when they don't show him enough attention, while not letting them get a word in anyway

No. 286188

For someone jumping at cons to people to get a selfie with them, old man terry for sure doesn’t seem much of an introvert.(sage your shit)

No. 286199

File: 1678931064182.jpeg (87.14 KB, 803x889, E83C3421-A657-40B9-8C3D-834A25…)

Who? Didn’t he say no one wanted to date him because he black or is he talking about all the woke assclap for his half ass drag cosplay?

No. 286200

Yeah I think if someone casually says “I like your makeup” he interprets it as people liking his face and finding him attractive

No. 286231

zoomer be nice to an old man
terry: she wants to have sex with me

he's so creepy!

No. 286306

File: 1678990992083.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1712, Screenshot_20230313-151907.png)

(sage your non milk)

No. 286316

so? i don’t get why you posted this lol yes he sells his cosplays sometimes that’s the least creepy thing he does. posting this random woman for no reason

No. 286361

File: 1679008477718.jpeg (311.75 KB, 1284x2237, FCDD9324-802E-4C12-8375-84ABF0…)

Probably smelled the chicken on your breath

No. 286365

File: 1679009458924.png (13.99 KB, 209x275, EE94D991-16C9-48A3-AE26-3CA1E5…)

Just wanted to add his last “no one wanted to date me because I’m ugly and black!” Post. Why do agender, aromatic black autistic care about dating or being found attractive

No. 286375

Didn’t he just complained about being too busy at work and don’t have time to hang out? Not even a day and he’s out at the mall harassing the poor animals there. Make up your fucking mind

No. 286455

File: 1679057906160.jpg (156.27 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230317.jpg)

tldr it's a post about why autistic people love anime so much. so I guess he's really leaning into autism without a diagnosis now huh. wonder what happened to his aversion to autism because he wouldn't be "normal" anymore?

No. 286463

Maybe because autism is hip now among his zoomer victims

No. 286465

I don't understand anyway why he doesn't fully lean into the austism. He could use it the same as the "asexual" and "agender" as a way of seeming non-threathening/clueless.

No. 286483

File: 1679072092156.jpeg (412.65 KB, 1284x2242, 55ACE005-4F68-4FCE-8374-5B719C…)

Strict diet

No. 286487

He eat like a child. Im glad he larping as asexual because no women is ever going to put up with his chicken tendies diet.

No. 286561

To be fair, it's really difficult to find a doctor who is even willing to screen an adult for autism, much less diagnose them with it. There is a weird attitude in the medical community that it's a pediatric disorder, and that any one who really has it would've been diagnosed already as a kid.

No. 286577

I never said "get diagnosed with", though. He can just go full "I'm autistic" online without any real diagnosis.

No. 286616

I mean there's been a resurgence of adult men being diagnosed with it since it's "easier" to diagnose in men vs women. Part of why men make so many excuses for being idiots and creeps. Not to say that they either aren't lying or are fibbing results to get the diagnosis anyway, but still. Either way, Terry is terrified of doctors anyway so he wouldn't go to a doc to get a diagnosis. If he leans into it, it's just an excuse for him to act the way he does. Autistic people tend to be self-aware at least and he's doing everything he can to act like he's not because he's uwu socially awkward.

No. 286660

i hate to rain on his pity parade but who wasn't called ugly at some point in their life growing up? children are not known for being kind.

No. 286670

File: 1679178433033.jpg (340.81 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230318_1824.jpg)

weird behavior filming random people arguing and posting it to close friends only. what was the point of this? was this him trying to make another "lol I'm in such a ghetto area" post?

No. 286762

File: 1679212553008.jpeg (197.95 KB, 1283x1741, E9F78B0E-97EC-44A1-833E-B7982D…)

Why are you apologizing? I really doubt your presence was missed Terry

No. 286764

File: 1679212651829.jpeg (134.95 KB, 1283x1577, 209C3776-4F3E-4353-86A1-8AE44D…)

You clearly haven’t cut out enough you 40 year old man

No. 286782

I really doubt a lot of people asked him to go to a meetup. Why does he always apologize and make it sound like him not being there actually disappointed people?

I can’t even imagine how annoying he’s at meetups. Keep inserting himself in people’s conversations talking about how amazing he’s.

No. 286783

it's a ploy to make him look like he's "cool" and extremely popular so in turn he will actually get invited to meetups.

No. 286789

Terry please keep this to yourself if you see this. This does not make you look good

Also, if their tones seemed like they want nothing to do with you, leave them alone. You’ll be happier.

No. 286815

>I wanted to apologize to everyone for not being at cosmeet
>I got offered events/hangouts
He talks about this like he was supposed to be the guest of honor at a con

No. 286816

Anons take photos in person of Terry from cons, but he's being weird? Literally the same thing.

No. 286868

File: 1679248647310.jpeg (298.36 KB, 1284x1970, 718C0A8F-DDB1-4328-BB9C-5042CC…)

More junk

No. 286898

Terry’s a cow that overshares and already has a large presence online. These are some Walmart randos he filmed. If he thinks he’s so “cosfamous”, he should be used to getting candids taken anyways.

No. 286956

File: 1679279808692.jpeg (209.32 KB, 1284x2266, 4E221D4F-1D1E-49B6-9121-3E4D1A…)

You should work out more Terry, you’re skin and bones.

No. 286968

>hi zoomers! I need help! Here’s a pin of my exact location right now!

No. 286984

So tired of hearing about “friends” terry they are not your friends! They are young adults with lives!

No. 287007

if you get that tone from them then why keep bothering them? I don't understand the concept of keeping up "friendships" with people who you can tell don't like you. either that or he's just an idiot and assuming that someone with less time/energy for messaging a lot = not liking him

either way why keep talking about this as if it's going to make people want to suddenly give you better energy? if anything this is going to make less people like you if you're constantly whining about people not talking to you with the exact tone you want

No. 287164

File: 1679396606524.jpeg (415.11 KB, 1284x2256, 699FC73B-0853-4A88-90AF-7BF3D6…)

Maybe… cause it’s from a friggin sweatshop in China Terry

No. 287165

File: 1679396752110.jpeg (278.88 KB, 1284x2252, 6A554184-1122-4004-9797-54B632…)

Such a gamer… That’s why there are some still in the plastic wrapping right?

No. 287172

File: 1679404047816.jpg (97.9 KB, 1080x1082, Screenshot_20230321_090504_Fac…)

literally none of these. he didn't even put down a category for older/age appropriate men even though they're pretty popular too, but put down "older babe" lol okay

No. 287178

Maybe he should use all the money to commission people to make cosplay exactly how he want instead of being black listed from random aliexpress shops.

I notice this too? It so noticeable that he doesn’t want anyone choosing older mature characters. Is that why he been avoiding certain male character.

No. 287182

>Older babe
>Hot girl
>Cute girl
Ugh these descriptions from old fart terry make me cringe, especially the “older babe”. So gross he’s putting all these female characters in categories like this.
Also, take note that this list is already in order of his preferences. Female characters are at the top, and if he must be male he would rather be a young boy than a slightly older man. He already has an unhealthy diet he enforces for autist reasons, but I’m sure he enjoys the side effect of being malnourished so he can, in his mind, “look like a cute girl or boy.”
Kek can you imagine the poor seamstress though. He would be ridiculously picky about the smallest details. It’s good to get what you want, but I feel like he would be harsh just because he can. I think he actually gets a kick out of pestering people and being bossy. Aliexpress can only do so much, but I think he would be more strict to a cosplay commissioner because they are capable of doing more. Terry is a nightmare customer.

No. 287184

Make your own shit then, you fucking retard. Also, I've seen people buy premade cosplays and alter them or change things to make them look a bit better. Nothing wrong with that, but he isnt willing to do any of the work. I've never seen someone claim to be a veteran cosplayer but make zero percent of his outfits.

No. 287187

>older babe
Tifa is like 22, isnt she??
Also, why is he so obsessed with female characters that look nothing like his 40 year old crusty ass?

No. 287188

Guess older babe means “legal adult” and cute girl = minor.

No. 287203

My thoughts exactly. I’ve done that before when I didn’t have enough time before a con to finish a cosplay. It’s seriously so easy to add finishing details to something you’ve bought.

Like Terry you are paying $40-60 for a whole entire cosplay. Of course the sweatshop isn’t going to make it perfectly and have all those little details. If he weren’t so lazy and talentless, he could add the gems himself. It’s hard to believe Terry has been in this hobby for over a decade and hasn’t picked up any skills at all

No. 287226

You're mad that the product you ordered from China doesn't look like the picture? You've been buying shit from China for over a decade, c'mon dude

No. 287231

"the dropshipper costume doesn't look like the stolen picture they posted!!" idk what he expects when all he does is purchase cosplays from dropshippers, he should know the drill and have adapted by now to fix things himself. but like many others here have said, he's talentless and lazy. he doesn't deserve to call himself a crafter of any kind and the fact that he ever got picked to judge any cosplay contest when he posts shit like this constantly proving he has no skills himself is beyond me

No. 287234

File: 1679422646361.jpeg (387.48 KB, 1284x2279, 4871DD62-DD20-468F-9799-5C85B2…)

You’re male you’re not supposed to have tits

No. 287239

sounds like an excuse to not cosplay a POC character without sounding racist honestly. considering he's fine with cosplaying other flat chested girls and just adding large chests to them for no reason

No. 287245

File: 1679427238575.jpg (174.55 KB, 1920x1029, KS840zo.jpg)

>My face is more masculine looking
That's never stopped you before, terry. You've tried cosplaying little girls. He cosplays teen girls all the time with no regards to his old male face.
>sounds like an excuse to not cosplay a POC character without sounding racist honestly
Yep. I remember when a cosplay group asked him to dress up as Ekko from league of legends, and he got offended because it was a black character. As you can see from picrel, this character is skinny with not much muscle definition at all. So terry's excuse of "muscle build" is BS.
It's ironic how much he hates himself and other black people, but will still use his skin color for woke points when the time arises.

No. 287266

Legit thought it was papa legba from AHS ahaha

You're so right. Terry does have a known history that he hates being black

No. 287271

That’s something I hate about cosplay contests. Half the judges just get picked because they have a decent following on social media rather than someone who is actually skilled in some area of crafting. I don’t even think a judge needs to be good in all areas of cosplay, but they should have at least one area that they excel in like sewing, prop making, or wigs.

The area Terry is best in is prop making, but even that he’s not actually good at. Some of his props are maybe passable from a distance, but up close they’re amateur tier, which is pretty bad considering he’s been cosplaying for how long now? Was it 15 years or 20? It’s just crazy because he’s posted photos of entire garbage cans filled with props he’s made, but he somehow hasn’t improved the quality or tried new techniques. Honestly I would be embarrassed if I’d been cosplaying for that long and hadn’t shown any improvement. But then again he’s a well known narcissist, so he probably thinks he’s improving with every cosplay

No. 287273

He probably also avoided that character because he’s not capable of making the extra parts that he can’t just buy for the cosplay

No. 287287

File: 1679438964523.png (8.47 MB, 1284x2778, 4D49ED7C-4A6D-4074-99D0-AD022F…)

More chicken cause strict diet

No. 287296

It's hilarious he won't do Ekko. Everyone loves Ekko, he was even flavor of the month when Arcane first came out.

No. 287397

File: 1679459645593.gif (3.36 MB, 282x400, agpaupgni0u81.gif)

Who is he kidding, Testament's latest design is extremely feminine, easily just as much so as Ramlethal. You aren't shaped like this either Terry. kek

No. 287415

He looks more like Mr. Yan from Bodyline.

No. 287417

File: 1679466001730.png (252.93 KB, 633x634, mryan.png)

KEK, you just unlocked some repressed memories nonny

No. 287425

File: 1679468387420.jpeg (72.37 KB, 650x529, mryan.jpeg)

fuck i deadass remember that.

No. 287490

Holy shit I forgot about him. He legit looks just like that

No. 287671

i would be so embarrassed to post pictures of myself eating kiddie food at his big age.

No. 287698

File: 1679573848232.jpeg (228.09 KB, 1284x2252, 5E45ACBA-2729-4619-8B3A-CBCE27…)

Are you tripping old man?

No. 287700

I can't tell if he's trying to imply something (like he started a trend) or just making a weird observation? he really does just treat social media as his notepad where any dumb thought that comes to his brain has to be posted, huh?

No. 287703

it's a trend, i have been seeing people wearing oversized wire framed glasses a lot lately. also he looks like he's severely malnourished in this pic. like he needs a vitamin infusion.

No. 287714

File: 1679584265279.jpg (159.51 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230323_.jpg)

what happened to him not thinking he could pull Ramlethal off because he's too manly? why waste money on a cosplay hes probably not going to do? or is it to save face because he realized if he doesn't he's going to seem racist now that he's mentioned her?

No. 287752

File: 1679590086198.jpeg (347.06 KB, 1284x2265, D79712CD-72B3-451F-A7D4-96C7CF…)

From last night, but…
Did you put the 3D printer close to the bathroom so it will cover up the sound of your bowel movements Terry?

No. 288128

File: 1679664743059.jpg (193.27 KB, 1080x1233, Screenshot_20230324_092949_Fac…)

do these posts actually get him the attention he's looking for? especially for him to be making one at least once every few weeks. it just feels like he makes these because he isn't getting attention and thinks that reminding people of his existence in a long winded "it's not you it's me" post will make people feel bad for not reaching out to him?

No. 288131

in a weird way, it's almost like he's bragging about how stressed out and uwu important he is. how his super difficult job is like, literally killing him inside. don't you know how important i am? how i am the only one in the world who knows how to do these stupid programs and everyone else is a dumbass retard, except for me? that kind of thing. no one is messaging him. no one is knocking down the moat to talk to him. but he will bullshit and gaslight like he is…

No. 288142

these statuses are so strange. none of the zoomers care about your work. he probably feels important but he sounded like a boomer

No. 288149

"We're unable to hire new people" and yet he complains when they get someone to do his work in order to help him out because he takes off for days at a time to stalk zoomer girls across the country. What gets me about these posts of his is that he always elaborates with so many details that literally no one asked for. Normal people who don't have time for their friends usually just go "hey life's been crazy, text me if you need me," but Terry wants people to pay attention and pity him so he brings us all on a guilt trip about how uwu toxic his work environment is.

No. 288165

he complains about only being off 3 days for the month but then most of the year he seems to be off every other week? I get that he's taking pto but if he's truly the ONLY person who can do his job (doubt) then of course he's going to have to make up for all this time he's gone. he doesn't really have a right to complain

No. 288190

That shower curtain is a new level of cringe

No. 288199

File: 1679679837885.png (952.6 KB, 1284x2778, 8C2F4B47-74C3-422D-A25B-2A6FD4…)

You won’t Terry

No. 288242

Ain't no way this anorexic skeleton is gonna come close to having the body for that Sin cosplay

No. 288258


Keep complaining about your job Terry and you won't need to "fix" others mistakes or direct people. You'll be unemployed.

No. 288394

File: 1679710635279.jpeg (183.66 KB, 1284x1119, BD6B1A45-1B35-4E89-A142-16BF42…)

He can’t shut up about his job.

No. 288431


God if he wasn’t so obsessed with trying to impress zoomers with his mediocre cosplay and delusions of fame he could just use his con PTO to take it easy at home. Sadly he’ll just implode if he misses out on that opportunity.


Jfc the close friends zoomed in toilet pic made me cringe so I hard I turned inside out.

No. 288488

Old man terry isn’t driven by money though. So many people would jump in to work these $100/hour OT but terry would rather spend his time cruising the mall.

He clearly has more money than he needs. He does need healthcare but he spends zero dollar on his health. $300 cosplay? Oops I bought them again.

No. 288602

File: 1679786519657.jpeg (170.36 KB, 1284x1816, 8A02B04A-76F8-4256-BB97-EA2C71…)

God he loves those fake tits

No. 288626


Why the fake tits Terry? You aren't a woman! This is disgusting!

No. 288631


God he looks awful. That wig is atrocious.

No. 288661

File: 1679835838757.jpeg (362.42 KB, 1284x2265, 26429DCC-F75A-47AD-86C8-1DD067…)

And the beautiful 3d printed sword from the dangerous ladies is now fucked with his ugly paint job.

No. 288664

This is so sad. Also why is this close friends only? This man is very weird with his privacy

No. 288675


He doesn't want to hear any criticism. He only shares his posts with a limited audience to avoid being called out.

No. 288680

Those props could be made better with a little bit of prep and sanding. Too bad Terry doesn't like criticism and doesnt have patience.

No. 288696

with the way he gloops paint on all his props I almost can't tell the difference between his wooden props and the 3d printed ones. I'd be embarrassed if I was dangerous ladies constantly tagged in his shit lowering their prop quality like that

No. 288832

I saw that his 3D prints came out nice, but started to see how clumped up his primer layer was… this did not disappoint for what his end results were lol

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