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File: 1548552714023.jpeg (206.37 KB, 922x1153, 8A23410C-DFDA-4CDB-8F89-8EC3E6…)

No. 29119

> Kelly Eden (n.) infamous trend-squatter who has attempted joining communities including, but not limited to, emo/scene, Lolita, kawaii, gamer/nerd/otaku, and now is attempting to establish herself as a mental health advocate, BDSM/Kinkster, advice giver, table-top gamer, and LARPer.

> the epitome of a has-been who has never really been anything

> heavily tattooed, breast-agumented, lip-injected, and poorly lipo'd
> has a penchant for "collecting" friends with rainbow hair - has dubbed her friend group the "Fellowship of the Rainbow" - recently been seeing FotR mentioned or included in any of her social media less and less frequently
> recently featured an a Splat campaign wearing a dyed wig which wasn't even dyed with Splat hair dye
> made a video with her ex-boyfriend in where she skreeeeee'd at him for about 50 minutes and demonized him at every turn
> lost a cousin to suicide and milked his suicide for all it was worth - still continues to bring it up every chance she gets
- recently acquired a new roommate - Phi, a sweet but boring girl who is often featured in Kelly's videos and is basically Kelly's new BFF
> posted a video with Phi trying to decide what fantasy hair colour to dye Phi's hair where Kelly basically told Phi every colour looked bad on her and told her she couldn't dye it blue because Kelly ~might~ dye her hair blue
> recent fetish for clowns - most notably Pennywise from IT/
> been posting cringey "thirst" videos and stories on Instagram where she listens to kidnap ASMR videos
> posting a lot of shibari done by someone who doesn't know what they're doing - often features poorly donned undergarments and her chestne
> severely pushing the LARP and D&D things
> in light of a drop in views/engagement on Youtube has been panic-uploading videos with very empty content which hasn't improved her viewership at all
> making advice videos where she talks about herself for 20 minutes
> FotR allegedly had a panel arranged at a convention - promoted it rather hard but then blamed venue for poor organisation when they had to announce the panel was canceled on the day of the convention
> known to lurk lolcow
> consistently dirty feet - claims it's her "brand" instead of owning up to the fact that she's just a dirty person
> serial Tweeter about how "depressed" she is
> lays claim to several mental illnesses including - depression, anxiety, BDD, bipolar disorder - none of which are known to be legitimately diagnosed
> claims to have been going to therapy and possibly taking meds?
> has been wearing a lot of awful wigs instead of either dyeing her hair again or investing in a good wig
> trying to transition to powder blue (also the colour of her LARP character's hair)

> stole her dad's ashes to make painting featured in left of OP image
> denied liposuction until enough people put the heat on for her to own up to it
> former roommate Dre got her start on Kelly's channel and once she had her fame moved out - speculation over if Kelly booted her or Dre left on her own - lots of salt there
> previously dyed her designer dog pink to fit her aesthetic
> whingefest over Hello Kitty for not sponsoring or partnering with her
> major debacle with attempt (and eventual success) in returning an Angelic Pretty dress that she was too stupid to read the price of



No. 29120

>has amped up twitter and Instagram wailing about mental state for pity
>NPC larp wedding announced for her
>announced lipo on her thighs after dropping medical woe hints on insta stories
>Toshi temporarily in cone of shame while she got said surgery
>confirmed to have split ways with envy and Courtney

No. 29121

previous thread:

No. 29122

File: 1548568162528.jpg (584.65 KB, 1080x2012, 20190127_004338.jpg)

Such beauty, such grace

No. 29123

So it seems that Kelly has been scrounging around to make money. She's been getting ready to sell things on Depop, redoing her Patreon, and advertising her mugs on her stories. Me thinks Phi is moving out in a few days or next month. That, or she wants another surgery.

No. 29124

Where did she confirm shes split from envy and courtney?

No. 29125

The back and fourth on Twitter saying their side, the last thread had those screenshots but they both confirm friendships ended and talk about their side of the same issue. It’s not questionable anymore like it still is with steph and dre.

No. 29126

Confirmed was probably a poor choice in wording

No. 29127

She tried to shoop her lipo turkey neck but it still shows kek

No. 29128

I don't see anything in that thread besides unfollowing her from Instagram that indicates she's not friends with Courtney.

No. 29129

The only thing that was confirmed was that it was one of the fellowship members with the crystal tattoo. She still talks to Steph, so most likely not her (although I do think that they have severely grown apart). So that leaves Courtney, Dre, Envy, and Kota.

No. 29130

There was an exchange on Twitter where envoy vague tweeted about a toxic friendship and kelly responded in a pretty catty way. Then jelly more recently tweeted about friends not being there and using her and Envy replied about going through some health struggles and having to prioritize herself over toxic friends. I don’t know if the tweets are all shit up but they were shared here. Courtney has also made similar vague tweets about kelly being toxic along with her pink birthday hair Instagram post, someone commented “kelly Eden who?” And courtney loved it. Everything that’s been put out it’s very clear kelly is not friends with envy or Courtney anymore. The others not so much as none of them have had any public exchanges.

No. 29131

Sorry about all the typos, it’s really hard to scroll in the text box to edit:/

No. 29132

File: 1548612207338.jpeg (263.9 KB, 640x2507, 174E1AC1-8937-4700-BAFF-E054DE…)

No. 29133

File: 1548612822735.jpeg (385.15 KB, 640x3413, F0E208E0-8832-4BBF-AE3E-3FFDC6…)

No. 29134

her surgeries (except her boob job) have been free. they're sponsored by the office performing them. at least, that was her excuse last year when it took her 4 months to announce she had lipo done, because the videos had to "get approval from the sponsor."

i wouldnt be surprised if phi is leaving. she's seemed strangely distant since she left for christmas, like there's been few fun-friendly omg we're BEST FRIENDS posts between her and kelly

No. 29135

File: 1548616715917.png (475.66 KB, 925x411, Screenshot (136).png)

I wonder if Phi's post was really directed at Kelly. All of the others obviously are though.

Dre recently made a long ass post on insta about how much she loves and appreciates Kota as a friend which seemed genuinely sweet. Whereas the last time she included Kelly in a post was in September along with Courtney and Claire. Makes you wonder if she also cut off Kelly after the fall out with the others.

It would make sense since Kelly made that dramatic post about feeling lost in life since "everyone left her" (as if she didn't actively push them away).

No. 29136

File: 1548633123135.gif (2.72 MB, 524x470, 2883f5924b2c080a7273cb11799adb…)

No. 29137

Oh Phi, 'View Tweet Activity' only appears on your own Tweets posted. Why would you post on here? I honestly think they all need therapy. Dre has a big ego and hides her big family secret of being well off. Courtney Dawne gets money on Patreon when her parents support her with their business, and she mooches off people for social media exposure and likes since she came from a cow town. Steph has a brother she never talks about and neglects. Kota is normal! Vidvidka works her butt off. Claire is trying to get her partner to notice her but he is busy being "Thor" look-alike for his stupid show. Envy is a drama starter and pcos… is not rare and many girls have it and work full time jobs to support themselves and can't take days off. All just go back to liking eachother.

No. 29138

File: 1548639717232.png (52.98 KB, 578x448, ss37.png)

Oh shit, I don't have twitter so I had to double check your claim but you seem to be right anon

Is there any other giveaways that could confirm a self-post? Although I have to admit I hope Kelly doesn't fuck her over because of this. I would shit talk my roommate too if they were a cow like her tbh.

No. 29139

Guys we discussed this in the last thread. Phi screenshotted her own tweet and posted it on her instagram story. The instagram icon isn't on the screenshot because you can press down during a story to pause it and the icon disappears.

No. 29140

Wtf is this and why is it here? This is not kelly related, gtfo

No. 29141

Unrelated, but I think Dre and Chris are an item. Not that it even matters but I wonder why they deny it and get mad at fans for speculating? It honestly would not be the end of the world if anyone found out.

No. 29142

I was under the impression he was gay?

No. 29143

This was discussed in the last thread. Apparently it was a screencap an Anon took from Phi's story but I have doubts. Anon also was using German typing conventions. No proof Phi posted it directly here, but a little suspicious. Phi has mentioned lolcow on Twitter before.

No. 29144

Dre constantly ship-baits to get her teen audience in a tizzy. He is gay and has a boyfriend afaik

Take it to the fellowship thread

No. 29607

File: 1548701776355.jpg (301.83 KB, 1080x1087, Screenshot_20190128-185211_Twi…)

Oh here we fucking go. Apparently no more shitty Dacian Brats can be recorded without tha patreon money!!! She is so transparent.

No. 29615

oh no,,,,,,, no more boring as hell dacian brats,,,,,, what ever will we do,,,,,

No. 29616

Is she actually trying to imply that she pays everyone there for their time? That’s rich.

No. 29621

Gee thanks Kelly, I hated the Dacian Brats series, and this is coming from someone that used to like your channel.

No. 29624

Oh god can this DB series finally stop?? Id rather see her doing an eyemakeup with Liquid lipsticks that that

No. 29650

File: 1548716310191.jpeg (173.06 KB, 640x2272, 83E8152B-F778-40F4-854F-A56659…)

Kelly lurking the criticism over her patreon scam and the sailor moon skits she’s promised for two years falling through it seems.

No. 29657

what video does the IT skit appear in because as far as I can see it's not a stand-alone video, nice try kelly, cost you over twelve grand for this did it?

No. 29677

It's in the two-part series about what fears people have

No. 29711

She hasn't mentioned orgasming over the IT clown for a while now. I wonder what is filling the void. LARP? That's… actually kinda sad. But is it the lesser of two evils, or not?

No. 29736

Jesus I’m so glad she stopped with the Pennywise romance shit

No. 30358

File: 1548797726177.jpeg (338.23 KB, 640x2559, 16E85B75-05EE-442F-A4EF-E306F4…)

Kelly got an article written about her work on YouTube, it’s not milky really but she once again brags about her (stolen) house design concept, and says she’s trying to find a balance between life and “work” lol.

No. 30361

>I want to do more in the world, create purpose for my life
And you've made 0 progress. I wonder what "purpose" actually looks like to her.

>I'm really focused on family

>muh mental health
Classic Kelly Eden bingo squares

>implying her pity party of a channel is "work"

Yeah it is a lot of work persuading people you're someone you're not, especially when you don't have a real self behind the persona. When will she snap?

No. 30363

File: 1548801126779.png (1.66 MB, 750x1334, D848DA9A-ACA0-4B8F-AD8C-023228…)

Honestly her boobs are so big it does not go with her body at all her, ass is entirely TO flat it just looks odd

No. 30365

File: 1548804446658.png (929.92 KB, 750x1334, AD045715-B348-433D-91B1-9D6B23…)

Like…you can see the difference the lipo made but since she’s not toned and her tits are so huge it just makes her look like a mom…

No. 30367

Could this picture be any darker? Why do I feel like she's gonna be on the goth-train again? (Or at least her failed attempt at goth) And I cannot help but feel like it's inspired by Jake Munro. I wish she would leave them alone. She is thirsty as hell for him. Then again, he was a male in her vicinity…so she just had to have his attention. Hopefully I am wrong.

No. 30369

Stumbling around her dimly lit room alone in a dominatrix outfit for the lieks. She whines about being single so much, but also loves whoring like this out for the internet. I cant see her ever letting it go if she does get with anyone. Sephiroth is the only guy for her lmao.

No. 30370

*whoring out like this

No. 30372

Fictional characters in general are perfect. She can project whatever fantasy she wants onto them. Dating IRL, she'd make the fantasy then try to mould the person to it, like she did with her friends. And that'll make them leave fast.

Jake got more into his own failed attempt at goth recently, I wonder if it's related.
Kelly never mentions him though, have they interacted after he visited?

No. 30373

You can always tell when someone went the lazy lipo route instead of actually bothering to work for their body. Her legs look like shapeless noodles, her stomach is flat but has absolutely no muscle definition so she looks like some kind of weird plastic doll.

Her body reminds me of what a teenager would draw when they're trying to draw a sexy woman but have no concept of anatomy. big tits on a shapeless noodle body.

No. 30376

Who was her house design stolen from?

No. 30378

her old roommate Demonpuff

No. 30379

I think he commented on her Twitter not long ago. Kaya and her have been interacting more lately. Which would lead me to believe whatever drama was there, they have brushed under the rug. However, it makes me all the more suspiscious. Girls like Kelly will do that to reel the boyfriend back in. Just totally inferring.

No. 30380

Also old Myspace scene queen Audrey Kitching.

No. 30382

i think its the first or second thread there is plenty of pics of demonpuffs salon which has the same baroque wall pieces, hanging stars, same color theme and a few other things that kelly has too

No. 30390

I'm totally new here (& excuse my english) and it's really interesting what you guys are writing about her. I also used like to watch her content but then I realized there is something wrong (or better said fake) about her. Her videos lately are uninteresting except few ones…
I don't know why she is like that but she is embarassing herself. Hopefully she gets back to her old content but you will never now. lol.

+ I think some of her former felllowship members are doing the right thing to get rid of her. When I watch a video where they are cosplaying the Powerpuff Girls and Kelly somehow attacked Courtney I was like damn Kelly you can Cosplay whatever you want too… (I think Courtney was Bubbles?)
Are there more websites like lolcow or gossip girl?

No. 30391

*gosspip guru oh jeez haha :D sorry guys(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 30399

File: 1548830240264.jpg (240.8 KB, 1080x1268, IMG_20190130_063615.jpg)

She tagged this as KAWAII. This isn't kawaii at all. Kawaii means cute and this is more provocative. I mean she looks good but not kawaii.

No. 30400

This photo kind of screams shop in some way to me. Something about this doesn’t look right. Like I know she got lipo and all that shit but something still looks off.

No. 30401

I agree, I feel like everything below her boobs was shrunk. But maybe it's a testament to her proportions being messed with.

No. 30402

Now y’all know damn good and well that is shooped to the hills and back. When’s the last time her body ever looked like this is a candid?

No. 30404

This photo is so fucking weird. I can’t tell if her proportions are like this because she’s super short and has a horrible boob job or if it’s shoop gone horribly wrong. Probably a combo of both? But god do I wish a breast reduction was in her future.

No. 30405

Came here to post this. Look at the lollipop head and giant boobs, since when has Kelly looked like this? Please also note the blurry, bendy road to her left and right.

No. 30410

It's sad when you've gotten plastic surgery on literally every part of your body and still look like that. How unfortunate.

Plastic surgery also isn't going to fix your issues Kelly. Your ugly personality will always make you hideous.

No. 30414

is it just me or does she look like she's trying to be Stephanie now? the short blue hair, purple fur jacket and crop tops? probably a huge nitpick but theres so many similarities to me

No. 30417

God her massive tits are so stupid. Her head looks too big for her lower body too so I'd echo the sentiment that it's all been shrunk down

No. 30419

The combination of her tattoos and balloon tits make her so unpleasant to look at

(The goblin king tattoo is fucking hideous)

No. 30423

File: 1548840558468.jpg (82.78 KB, 337x353, pske.jpg)

Up the saturation and sharpen and you can see the signs of editing such as on her stomach and around her legs and butt. It distorts the pixels when you edit areas, not to mention the weird dimple in her right thigh.
Imagine getting lipo on your thighs only to have them edited smaller still

No. 30424

File: 1548840607347.jpg (223.09 KB, 618x1080, ke.jpg)

And then of course there's this spoiler

No. 30430


that's the worst bit isn't it.
this is normal. this is what an untoned belly looks like. it's perfectly natural to have a stomach that looks like that but these wretched instathots feel the need to normalise hyper-airbrushed bullshit.

kelly of all people as a "mental health advocate" and "open about plastic surgery and body positive" should fucking know better.

No. 30432

Can somebody please tell me what is Dacian Brats about? I swear I always start to watch it and after 12 minutes I need to stop because I have no idea what's going on. I know that they are playing characters and it's something like LARping but I still have no idea what's the storyline in this.

No. 30434

how tf did you manage to get through 12 minutes of that shit lmao

No. 30437

They are all kid students at a school, competing to be the best student. Phi, "V" in game, is a half celestial slave to Tilley, Kelly's effendal love child of her Twin Mask LARP. I can't stand to watch much so I don't really know the storyline. Everyone is either too quiet or you have to endure Kelly and Phi's shreiking and laughter at ear bleeding noise levels. Also, her creepy smiles at John….the DM…I'm just waiting for her to have a Freudian slip and call him Daddy. That's the vibe I get from those two. So cringey. It's boring. To say the least. And Kelly gets super peeved if anyone is the center of attention but her. Especially when Phi tries to be interactive. Kelly literally has temper tantrums when the game isn't going how she wants. It's only partially in character too. Then blame it on PMS afterwards. You sure do PMS a lot Kelly.

No. 30439

of course it looks off; her head is as wide as her fucking waist.

No. 30440

Her neck…

The comments on this photo are sad.

No. 30441

I agree. She has young and impressionable fans. To not be honest about photoshopping and plastic surgery isn't fair to her fans. They are already facing pictures of unattainable bodies. And also.. just totally dishonest. Why would you take credit for "hard work" when all you did was get fat sucked out and things tightened?

No. 30442

Yeah, does she not realize we know what she looks like in real life? The neck, the tummy, the definition of butt to thigh. Stop the photoshop madness.

No. 30447

She has no fashion sense. She just weres basic bitch outffits, adds some pastel and calls it kawaii fashion.

No. 30454

Her hair looks so ratchet now. The make up is awful aswell, what’s with the thin eyebrows?? And the way she uses eyeliner makes her eyes tiny and sad. That’s anti-kawaii or american-kawaii

No. 30455

all of the times i've seen this photo i never noticed the girl behind kelly and the contrast between the two is killing me. she looks cool but still larp-appropriate, like something you'd actually see in a medieval fantasy setting, and the whole getup looks expensive with leather and metal accents? and meanwhile kelly is wearing early 2000s bargain bin victoria's secret lingerie. like. lol

No. 30464

She shrunk the entire bottom half of her body and left the top normal, and also shooped the legs (that kneecap does not look normal)
Plus the face barely looks like her but thats standard Kelly stuff.

No. 30465

>the face barely looks like her
Even her edited pics don't look like each other though. And since she never edits consistently it's always super obvious lol.

No. 30487

File: 1548887354254.jpeg (56.49 KB, 438x478, 99803B08-9812-4E8F-9A83-BD5326…)

that neck shop though

No. 30499

File: 1548898718267.png (102.92 KB, 750x843, IMG_8669.PNG)

Kelly wishes she had body like that too

No. 30507

File: 1548903440922.jpg (505.16 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190130-184900_Twi…)

no. btw FF is alot more creative than just fetish wear. keep reaching kelly.

No. 30509

Her plastic tits literally look like they aren't even a part of her body. They're in her damn chest.

FFS Kelly

No. 30510

File: 1548906290736.png (539.29 KB, 720x1084, wp_ss_20190131_0011.png)

Zooming in there's blue stuff on her leg. Just the lighting, or a failed shoop?

No. 30511

File: 1548907107885.jpeg (95.45 KB, 640x1136, A471DCB1-A290-4679-AA84-A26586…)

YIKES, Kelly. Did you get tired of half assing your photoshop too?

No. 30513

File: 1548909696068.jpg (1.13 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190130-204110_Fac…)

officially deleting Facebook now.

No. 30525

While it's extremely likely that Kelly would be that lazy with her shoops, this looks like lighting to me tbh. I've seen coloured lights "outline" people before

No. 30532


To quote Tyra Banks- you've lost your neck.

No. 30540

>she looks good

Holy shit are you blind? Her proportions looks weird as hell.

No. 30565

hashtag kawaii

No. 30570

This is pretty extreme editing even compared to her other pics. She just got surgery, why does she feel the need to edit even more all of a sudden then? Perhaps it was botched…

And kek watch how she never puts up the MyStErY sUrGeRy video.

No. 30572

Looks like an ad you would see on the side of your screen for imvu or whatever that sim chat server thing is called, just without the text over it.

No. 30577

If you look long enough at her neck it looks like her entire body was edited to look elongated and it makes her already edited thinned out body look really really messed up.

No wonder she "has" body dysmorphia or at least body issues out the tin yang. She will never ever look the way she did when she was 20, or even in these edits. Girl needs help not more surgery.

No. 30579

This looks like cheap BDSM mom porn

No. 31127

File: 1548962012856.png (265.65 KB, 598x536, singlemoms.png)

No. 31138

This would have been so much better as the thread pic kek. Wasn’t really sure what to go with when the last one was about to lock

I noticed she rewrote/updated her patreon. I’m curious if any ex-patrons can confirm her being active or not in her discord or not and through her other perks?

No. 31167

My god, the pixelation on this photo around her body. I thought my eye sight was finally failing on me.. but upon looking, it looks like she shopped it horribly THEN saved it as the wrong file thus this mess.. And she thought this was a clean, "professional" appearing photo to post on IG? Oh god

No. 31171

File: 1548977642303.jpeg (1.26 MB, 959x2242, 08725A37-FD3F-41E9-BBDF-8749BB…)

Here, an unshooped Kelly

No. 31172

I'm really surprised there arent rules against kelly's top since it looks like she's one sword swing away from having her tits flop out.

No. 31186


this was before her lipo. stick to the facts.

No. 31189

She was never active in her discord. Ex-patron here.

No. 31193

File: 1548989829370.png (165.74 KB, 720x958, wp_ss_20190201_0009.png)

I pointed out in the last thread how she never updated her patreon since writing it…keep lurking Kelly lol.
And for some reason she's still promising skits, but this time only if she gets a certain amount of money. Doesn't say the amount but she's nowhere near yet.

No. 31194

How much did you pledge? Did she follow through with all the other patron only stuff?

No. 31212

OT but I’ve noticed a few threads of obvious snowflakes moved from /snow to /w, anyone know why? I can’t see anything posted about it

No. 31218

File: 1549022769400.png (519.16 KB, 633x766, this bitch.png)

I can't with this bitch

No. 31222

Her personality is so fucking disgusting.

No. 31223

Anything weeb adjacent goes here, she's still a snowflake

No. 31228

File: 1549036227962.jpeg (376.32 KB, 640x1089, FCE7C7DE-2230-4AA2-BE51-02B108…)


Her in a corset is a representation of her depression apparently too. She sounds like every middle school kid that thinks their completely normal emotions are on a higher level above everyone and ‘no one will understand’(minus the provocative photos I mean).

No. 31230

honestly this is so sad. She looks perfectly fine here. The Lipo, fake tits and shoop makes her look worse imo.
I'd put money on that if she got her implants removed or replaced with a smaller size she'd actually look nice and not dumpy.

No. 31232

Is she really oblivious to how annoying and obnoxious she is?

No. 31235

I agree, I think her boobs are still too big for her size but despite what some post on here; she’s never been fat looking, and her arms were fine and so was her neck. However after lipo on both her stomach and legs, they do look so out of proportion. The photoshop is a joke emphasizing it all even more.

No. 31237

I can't with this little shit, is she only bringing up kh now that the new game got released? wasnt it "final fantasy villain" before all this, Kelly please fuck of with your fakery, putting on some black sex shop tier bdsm outfit that looks like u got it from the bargain bin is only making u look like a desperate housewife who pooped out to many kids and is trying to find some "fun" online.

No. 31238

…..which kingdom hearts villain? if she means the organisation they all wear zipped up almost floor-length coats, the only skin they show is their faces

No. 31239

File: 1549043271540.png (88.17 KB, 616x477, k.png)

delusional excuses

No. 31241

Lol ok Kelly. Just admit you only think it's bad and worth judging if someone else does it and that your "mental health" or whatever excuses everything.

No. 31242

Coming from the chick that looked down on Pokémon because it promoted animal abuse(until Pokémon go came out and she needed to ride that hype train anyway) kek

No. 31246

So OT. But, can we all take a moment to appreciate the fact that Jeffree Star's latest "look" is a blue wig, that has to be the same color Kelly is going for. I know it's a coincidence. But damn

No. 31251

Sage for personal observation, but you know what the most frightening thing about Kelly is?

This is it.

I have no doubt that she is sharing 100% of herself on the Internet - there is nothing more to her personality than this trainwreck of indecisive subculture references/ #aesthetic nonsense, meek trendy virtue signals to the sjw crowd, and a disturbing dichotomy of preaching empowerment while obviously suffering from body dysmorphia and desire to look like an idealized male-gaze fuck toy. And all of it is a selfish exercise that she hopes will pay off monetarily. Let’s be real. Every emotion, fear, desire - she carelessly shares it all. There’s nothing underneath. She simply is not an interesting, creative (everything she does is derivative to the max), nor pleasant person. And that makes me pity her.

No. 31262

Agreed, she's more shallow than a petri dish.

Be careful, if she knew how to contact you, she'd send her very few remaining minions after you for being a "jealous hater", kek

She's already almost at the rock bottom of her decline, and that is why she is clinging to any sort of relevancy by jumping from trend to trend. Her looks are long gone, so she's relying on extreme photoshop and plastic surgeries while crying woe-is-me, acting like she got some life-saving surgery (all while never revealing what she had done). Her friends are pretty much all gone, so she's clinging to her roommate who is pretty much trapped with her until she can move away. She never had any brains to begin with. Nobody wants to date her sociopathic/psychotic ass, and she's rapidly getting older. Yet, all she can do is blame it on everybody else, or blame it on her depression, instead of fixing her shitty personality. I've known many people who may not be the prettiest barbie dolls physically, but have hearts of gold, which in return make them the prettiest people in the room. Kelly has a disgusting personality and that already makes her the ugliest. At least it's starting to reflect on her physically now, too.

Honestly, she should just give up the social media personality and move back home with her mom and sister. Her money is slowly going to dry up with the more viewers/fans she loses, unless she has a dramatic wake up call and suddenly decides to /genuinely/ be a better person/work on herself instead of whining to the internet for attention. She needs to accept ALL of the blame for all of the things she's done wrong instead of dishing out the blame to others/mental illness. There's no doubt that she has mental illness, but there's only so far that it can be excused (as I'm sure or hoping that she's realized by losing all of her friends). Must be sad that she lacks substance so much that people only interacted with her for fame.. and now she can't even provide that to anyone, so she's suddenly all alone.

No. 31263

Is it wrong that I wish she would just switch to "Story Time" videos?

No. 31277

I was in the $10 tier and no, I didn't get any other tier cuz she won't ship international (I don't live in America).

No. 31282

you mean just more excuses for her to talk about herself, exaggerate a story and throw more pity partys then yes

No. 31288

File: 1549071721539.jpeg (271.33 KB, 750x1103, 3A4FF780-4BA1-49C5-B5D3-13523E…)

She cosplayed at the Alita Experience though…

No. 31289

>maybe i'll even put it on and wear it.

No. 31290

Seriously. she sounds like an idiot. every single villain in those games wear long coats. Even the women arent showing a crapton of skin. i think the woman in orgy13 only shows a little chest. ??

No. 31291

I genuinely hope she spares us, she ruins every character she touches.

No. 31293

That is one of the figures she was going to sell for her spring cleaning. Now she deleted that post. and again a fan of this character >? What an idiot!

No. 31294

>my girl

Noo, damn it. Aranea highwing is a freakin bad ass. She isnt even lewd in any way. Why her and not Lunafreya ??

No. 31295

That is one of the figures she was going to sell for her spring cleaning (see No. 768417). Now she is again a fan of this character >? What an idiot! Probably cuz the cosplay was free or made by her seamstress friend for free.

No. 31296

sorry, posted twice on my phone. She will look stumpy and stupid anyways

No. 31297

kek, who made this, the foam is bad, is this from bonanza.com China store bought ?? lol lol

No. 31301

Her hair in this photo is no where near as blue that she's been photoshopping it to be lately kek

No. 31315

What u wanna say he copies her?? No way

No. 31328

So Courtney Dawne posted some boring pics on ig of her enhanced breast (plastic or the victoria secret push up bras) and she wrote[Post an assumption of me] and people replied with guesses, but— she seems to take a jab at Kelly i feel. Courtney now puppy follows and copies some cosplay girl name Taylor who looks like a rat.

No. 31343

No…haha. I was saying that I meant that it's hilarious that someone she doesn't get along with, now has her dream color. Obviously, he probably doesn't even care about her existence nor know what she's doing.

No. 31348

I agree with the earlier comment about the other larp girl in the background. Had a look at the twin mask larp fab page there are some truly beautiful players. Most of whom, unlike Kelly, are actually appropriately dressed and look like they belong there.)
Perhaps wearing progressively fewer clothes and sexualising her char is Kelly’s way of trying to compete with them.
I wonder if she will get surgery on her butt next

No. 31361

File: 1549139676712.jpeg (231.33 KB, 750x1133, E5EC2E59-D02C-4842-8BD1-7CEABD…)

Nice wig kek

No. 31366

That tit fat

No. 31382

/dyes hair
/still wears wig

No. 31388

File: 1549152212603.jpg (95.53 KB, 1080x547, IMG_20190203_000306.jpg)

No. 31396

>What made you leave?
Um, you being a terrible person and self-absorbed hypocrite and scammer?

No. 31402


Well kelly, for me it all started when you used a sign someone hand made for you and Dre as a bridge so your dog could take a shit. Dre was the only one that apologized to top it off. I would say it’s all gone downhill since, but it’s been made clear she’s been this way a long ass time.

No. 31405


Everyone’s saying they miss her videos with her friends ….. but she doesn’t have friends anymore so idk how she’s going to fix that one, yikes

No. 31409

You can see the faint halo of shoop around her entire bottom half

No. 31413

on her recent insta story she's been posting her old paintings once again as well as mentioning using her dads ashes and posting a pic of them….smh

No. 31414

What a cheap looking dress. The lace doesn't line up at the seam. Doesn't help that her tits are making the seams strain.

No. 31421

For the arms, why did she only shoop the right forearm and leave the rest? She's getting lazier and lazier

No. 31433

No. 31448

a few years ago before you had po box i asked if i could send you some stuff and you said yes and then never replied so i had all this shit in my house that i had to re sell over time. lesson learned well, dont buy stuff for youtubers and i was an idiot.

No. 31465

You said it. That's your own damn fault for being stupid enough to buy a bunch of shit for someone you saw on fucking youtube.

Lesson learned.

No. 31474

Kelly, no need to be rude.

No. 31479

Lol that's not Kelly. But yeah don't waste cash on a YTer that doesn't care about you. You're on this thread, you know what she's really like now.

No. 31494

Don’t waste money on a YouTubeer. Period.

No. 31504

i literally just said that lol
tbh it was a 1 time thing, im not usually the type of person to do that but i really did like her, was a blessing in disguise though i guess cause i ended up piecng stuff together more.

No. 31505

File: 1549227508005.jpeg (293.55 KB, 727x1222, F6C06D8F-C7AE-4E13-A56E-C7E7F2…)

She’s so shit at styling wigs

No. 31507

"i want more" didn't she sell one on depop for $500 or something

No. 31521

Already missing having pink hair Kelly?

No. 31524

Oh now embarrassing. She forget her pants

No. 31525

File: 1549235130903.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x1850, Screenshot_20190203-180435_Dep…)

No. 31527

my bad. $200 is still a lot for a sweater but those ones are really popular

No. 31556

File: 1549252267941.jpg (690.19 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190203-194724_Twi…)

there she goes begging. I'm assuming shes on a manic high right now and thinks she can start all this new shit. I give her two more weeks and she will get nothing accomplished. Kelly your not a gamer your not a weeb shit your lot even a fake nerd girl. your a hanger on trying to cash on an niche that's your not even trying to get fully emerged in your barely touching the surface you are superficial. if you really are about thay life this shit would come easy.

No. 31564

might be wrong but wasn't it her who was making fun of people for being excited about Kingdom Hearts earlier last year on twitter?

No. 31573

No. 31574

yes, i think there is a screen cap in the previous thread

No. 31576

Didn't she get all that stuff from Alienware she never uses? I can't.

No. 31586

File: 1549272010112.jpeg (152.25 KB, 750x1085, 0708A37C-B5E9-469C-AC2F-6D5420…)

She’s really trying to get free stuff as If she used any of the gaming stuff Alienware gave her !!!

No. 31592

It’s too hot in LA to wear the sold sweater, so naturally she had spend money on another one and decided not wearing pants will make more sense to avoid over heating.

No. 31594

>when it's a bad CGI job but she's thirsting on the post anyway

I understand, I'm more inclined to work with cute equipment but she literally has an entire brand new alienware setup which she has never used

Just put pink vinyl stickers on it or put fairylights around it if it isn't cute enough. That stuff is probably trash anyway

No. 31595

Her hair is so greasy and she looks strung out without makeup. Probably "muh mental health lol I played too much VIDEO GAYMEZ and take such long naps uwu"

No. 31596

Kelly, if you love gaming so much, why are you using custom colored controllers as props for your figures?

No. 31603

Whatever it is, if you make it pastel pink Kelly has to show the public she wants it. "Hey guys I'm so ka-why! I'm so special!!" Ka-why are you so insecure and desperate to "prove" yourself?

No. 31612

File: 1549296568133.png (858.68 KB, 1159x1096, t.png)

Today in Kelly Eden Twitter news;

Kelly misspelling words left and right still kills me. Do you not have spell check, Kelly?

Oh yes, it's definitely the "algorithum" that is fucking you over, not the fact literally all of the replies to your tweet are saying that they miss your fellowship vlogs and that you have no friends to vlog with anymore.

It's common sense that depression could never be cured with working out, which we all know that you never do. Give up the act.

The photo of her that got cut off says, "will never ever apologize for being me!". It's funny that she thinks it's self-serving for "randos", when it's a quote that could have easily been said by her. I wouldn't be surprised if she put that text over her photo years ago.

No. 31614

File: 1549297646442.png (2.16 MB, 640x1136, 2B69D218-5B56-4F96-A8C9-301F93…)

I know it’s partially the thing she’s doing with her lips, but she doesn’t look like her photos at all here.

No. 31615

Also maybe from the super dialated pupils

No. 31617

God she looks super old. What even is this photo?

No. 31619

It was an Instagram story of her next to that cat.

No. 31620

File: 1549299534432.png (1.77 MB, 640x1136, 19A863CB-4128-4867-AE09-5AE84E…)

*came by to monitor how phi dyes her hair

No. 31628

>I love when randos use my pics for their own messages
I bet others love it when you retweet their ~deep~ messages not because you agree but because you want to feed your own fake persona.
Girl has less substance than a piece of paper. Why not fix it herself instead of leeching off other people? Cos she's the entitled amazing Kelly Eden ofc!!

No. 31629

She actually looks like a stoner tf

No. 31630

This makes me uncomfortable. Why is she there as a "surprise"? More likely, she's trying to make sure Phi doesn't go pink or blue…Who does this?

No. 31632

That's exactly what I was thinking too! When I started watching Phi's stories and saw Kelly, I was expecting Phi to have gone piss yellow by the end

No. 31633

Phi didn’t even go “rainbow” she just got a few blond highlights… also Kelly looks pissed lmao

No. 31640

File: 1549312341433.jpg (909.34 KB, 1920x2560, 19-02-04-20-26-57-279_deco.jpg)

>I wonder why I never heard that
Maybe cus you're not actually a gamer and don't keep up with this stuff kelly

Sage for old milk

No. 31644

kek at Kelly thinking this is a FFxDisney game - the addition of FF characters was because he could not because it was a legit crossover; there was no FF characters in DDD either.

No. 31650

Who even thinks of KH as a FFxDisney crossover? Is she stuck in the early 2000s? FF has not been a big part of KH for a long time now.

No. 31653

She's an idiot, but people are legit pissed off at KH3 because it's all about disney and there's barely any actual KH lore/Sora stuff in the game, which makes no sense since it's supposed to the final game.

I doubt she's kept up and played the others though

No. 32007

She's obviously just sad her husbando Sephiroth isn't there, she doesn't care about the other ones.

No. 32009

File: 1549323943037.jpeg (191.54 KB, 700x1080, FCAC3D36-965C-4F6A-B58E-7974A0…)

No. 32010

Does she draw her lips on because unshoop pictures she barely has any fucking lips

No. 32013

File: 1549326249999.jpeg (199.36 KB, 736x1109, 25083692-2983-4EAF-81FC-FEDC7E…)

No. 32014

File: 1549326303208.jpeg (228.11 KB, 750x1100, 78EEE5CC-5077-4D83-9649-576440…)

She’s so blind you guys

No. 32017

did she photoshop out her hipbone on her leftside???

No. 32021

Most likely, we all know she's not thicc like that kek

No. 32023

She forgot to edit that post lipo lumpy belly button.

No. 32024

saged but its not the final game, its the whole xehanort arc finished but they are still going to ride this puppy as long as they can, also the reason for the lack of FF is BECAUSE there is so much stuff going on with sora and the organisation and all that jazz (which is really obvious if you play more then only the main 1 2 and 3 game) that the original characters made for KH are basically replacing the final fantasy cast on square enix's part.
It's painfully obvious Kelly is at most a casual fan of the game and there isnt anything wrong with that but it makes the gate keeping of her earlier all the more painful to see.

No. 32027

It's so funny because literally EVERYTHING about her is fake. The botoxed face, the hair, the lips, the neck, the boobs, the stomach, the sides, the thighs, her personality. She's literally a walking lie. I pity whoever she ends up with, if she ever ends up with somebody. Let alone reproducing, oh god, her children will come out looking so differently (please don't reproduce, let's keep advancing the gene pool not making it go backwards)

No. 32031

>I got contacts so look at my photoshopped body!

I know her photo choices don't normally make sense but ???

No. 32032

File: 1549333306796.jpeg (549.79 KB, 1070x1001, 54316446-1504-4B2D-B779-D5593E…)

No. 32033

File: 1549333387702.jpeg (435.26 KB, 1073x806, CAA73AA6-6891-4433-9032-D13F28…)

No. 32043

Get ready for some super edgy self portrait photo copies

No. 32052

Literally all she painted in college was the same shit she paints now. Crappy "photo realistic" copies of photos of her friends and loads of contrived self portraits.

When she needed cash she did shitty still lifes of furbies and teacups and shit. So I have no clue what she's talking about, unless it's the literal 2 paintings she made about her dead dad using his ashes.

Your concepts aren't dark or deep Kelly. You lack the depth and honesty to create true art. Ffs.

No. 32094

I've never been impressed by people who paint from photos, it's just copying, a monkey can do it too.
Yes it can take some time to learn to do it well, but it's just practice rather than creative talent or a god-given skill.
I'd like to see her try some more abstract or imaginative things that come from her head, not copying something off a photo on a computer screen.
I went to art school and you learn to get out of the habit of copying. Drawing from life can help with practice in the early stages but I believe real art comes from inside your own mind.
Kelly chose to copy stuff, rather than paint anything more imaginative and original. It kinda sounds like she's blaming it on being an influence which doesn't ring true. A true artist paints what they're passionate about, not stuff they don't enjoy just for likes or whatever.

No. 32098

Sage for blogpost but I’ve never had an eye exam and gotten glasses/contacts the same day, I’ve always had to wait 2 weeks for them to be made/ordered. What’s she talking about kek

No. 32099

Glasses you do have the wait but with contacts you can leave with a pair as long as you put in a full order for more. They can’t reuse them in your exact prescription anyway, but they have to make sure the fit is correct.

No. 32102

>complains of “randos” using her picture and slapping text over it
>steals photographs and graphic designs without permission from the artists for her shitty society 6 store where she copy pastas them onto mugs, laptop covers, and pencil bags for $$$

No. 32108

Side note, the reason that old black corset doesn't fit is it's the same on she's had for years and posted on her depop saying it was made for her old 32B chest before her implants.
Funny how she apparently sold it 2 years ago saying she was never going to wear it, yet still has it

No. 32132

What is her cup size now? Her social media photos obviously aren't reliable and how they look way bigger on her stumpy body already don't make it easy to tell.

No. 32139

File: 1549389812448.jpg (291.53 KB, 1675x837, lolscam.jpg)

She says she's a 32 DDD in one of her comments here:

Also she liked another seller selling that ugly cat jumper for $45 and another $129. Wasn't she asking like $200 for it ….

No. 32140

File: 1549390128476.jpg (171.23 KB, 1654x837, barter.jpg)

Ever noticed how when people try to haggle on her over-priced stuff, she says no or just ignores them entirely.
But she haggled on that pink dress she wore out with Dre, eventhough it was brand new and already a fraction of the retail price. She sells her B.J dresses on for way more than that.

No. 32141

File: 1549390558730.jpg (165.89 KB, 1654x837, barter2.jpg)

Imagine haggling on a $14 skirt which you wear to death, but boasting about how your mirror comes from the Houdini estate in a video, embarrassing

No. 32148

I’m guessing she haggles with people because she banks on people with the same taste possibly knowing of her or following her and that they will just be excited she wants their stuff and will give her the discount.

No. 32149

File: 1549391856737.jpg (221.57 KB, 1423x722, advice.jpg)

Kelly should follow her own (unsolicited) advice and offer what things are worth, not try to rip off innocent people.
Like did you see the girl who traded a betsy dress for one of Kellys flower crowns, and then there was a video of a girl saying it fell apart even when she took good care of it and only wore it a few times.
Not sure if it was the same girl or not, but she was asking like $200 for those crowns of such poor quality, but then haggles over cheap items to try and get them for nothing.

No. 32157

God she’s so bitchy

No. 32163

Who is she to go on someone else's page and tell them to lower their price? that's some fucking entitlement.

No. 32169

File: 1549398162247.jpg (563.55 KB, 1080x1314, Screenshot_20190205-202123_Ins…)

She looks like she is coming down from heroin…. seriously, what is with this make up? It's horrible on her!

No. 32170

File: 1549398499521.jpg (132.08 KB, 884x541, sag.jpg)

Maybe she's getting more intelligent though.
I guess spinning a $20 jumper for $200 shows she isn't as dumb as she acts.

Side note, why does her body always look so saggy? For somebody who cares so much about her looks you'd think she'd be sporting some supportive underwear but it looks like she doesn't wear any at all

No. 32175

why are her yoga pants riding so low just at the back, pull your damn pants up girl, hell get some high-waisted ones that will flatter you instead of making you look like you have a protruding gut

No. 32176

Because she doesn't work out or tone it. She's had all these procedures, she needs to just do some toning and she's look so much better and probably be happier with her body but she's too lazy

No. 32178

Kylie Jenner's body was the same way last time I checked, though that was admittedly years ago; she couldn't stand exercise and subsequently looked saggy and doughy to an unusual level in candid photos despite her entire body undergoing surgeries to shape it.

No. 32191

is this her being lazy or is this a legit shot at making an outfit with the items she is supposed to be showing off because this outfit as a whole is terrible, doesn't make the items look appealing at all and all I can focus on is her super droopy tiddies

No. 32209

I think she has them on backwards. Leggings are cut larger in the back to make room for your butt and if you wear them backwards they'll dip down like that in the back.

No. 32211

Does anyone know about the larp drama involving Kelly? I want to know why people in twin mask dislike her? Also did she really have sex with one of the players?

No. 32216

learn to integrate. Don't type anything in the subject field. Several people from twin mask posted in the last thread, you can read all about it there.

No. 32218

File: 1549411215197.jpg (648.39 KB, 1080x1847, Screenshot_20190205-185901_Ins…)

Why? So you can steal other people's ideas like always?

No. 32224

She's so droopy and lumpy, imagine getting multiple surgeries only to look like that

No. 32226

maybe she wore it like that to make I look like her 'giant' butt makes it go lower

No. 32227

You can tell she's feeling herself sing her recent inner thigh procedure. All the leggy pictures.

No. 32228

They're probably just too small.

No. 32234

File: 1549418920257.png (562.26 KB, 750x1334, 9EB5724B-A36A-4AFE-83B9-DE45E1…)

The gross larp guy?

No. 32235

How much you wanna bet it’s 100% the LARP guy lmaooo

No. 32249

File: 1549425159114.png (567.86 KB, 720x727, wp_ss_20190206_0001.png)

Then why are her thighs edited in so many of them?

No. 32259

Why did she get lipo on her legs inner thigh? she doesn't need them. No more lipo kelly! No more anything like that.

No. 32262

The skirt is already a low price ! ! Kelly you make money easy. Imagine someone asking Kelly to go lower for an antler crown for 30bucks. Some betsey johnson dresses are more because Bj made either 1 or 15 of the rare onez which keep their value. So rude to bother that girl. I use to work at a bj store.

No. 32267

Can somebody screenshot her new gross milkbath photo? I can't right now but parts of her wig are in the water and I can only imagine how disgusting that wig must be right now knowing that Kelly doesn't ever care for any of her wigs

No. 32271

the larp guy often comments kelly's pictures in her personal facebook page. I bet it's him.

No. 32273

File: 1549435580848.jpeg (623.23 KB, 750x1033, 6128F61A-7F25-4277-A14A-2449FA…)

No. 32275

what the fuck one tit is way bigger than the other lmao

No. 32276

what the fuck can someone explain this picture to me
it's like her body became a hand

No. 32287

She's laying in a tub of water, at least that's what it looks like to me. Like a very milky bathwater. I was also confused about her legs first

No. 32288

File: 1549450243853.png (1.72 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190205-162048.png)

No. 32293

If it is the larp guy, I would be insulted being called a fan if I were him. I’m sure he had no idea who she was until she started larp. Isnt Phi bi? Maybe that’s why she all of a sudden isn’t in anything Kelly posts? Or maybe it’s someone we haven’t even seen or heard of at all. It really could be anyone. I just find t so strange how Kelly overstates every aspect of her life but not her relationship. I get that everyone has their right to privacy but you’d think she’d be gloating.

No. 32295

I really like this picture but now you point it out HOW DID THIS HAPPEN that's not even what false tits do

No. 32297

>lina getting triggered

No. 32298

still cant wash the feet lol
yeah i thought of that after i posted, still looks kinda funny though

No. 32299

I think she dates several people at once, just based on the varying timelines and stories about it, so she doesn't mention anything in detail so either guy can't ID himself

No. 32307

File: 1549459096927.jpeg (806.38 KB, 1080x1252, 7483D409-4E90-4650-A50A-460D9A…)

Sorry for answering such an old post I just catched up on the thread.
Tried to make it less shopped and more “normal”

No. 32308

She actually looks great like this, I don't understand the obsession with looking like a fucking lollipop

No. 32309

This is such an improvement. If someone wants surgery to feel better in their body that’s one thing, but she still tries to photoshop herself to hell and back so she’s clearly isn’t happy still. I think she would start to love herself a lot more if she stopped with body shaping all her photos all together- she would still get insane amounts of compliments and it would stop her crazy cycle of surgeries to look like a photo shopped version of herself. She never had a terrible body to begin with. Her biggest issue is that fucking personality, how she treats people, and passing others’ creativity as all her own and her own style.

No. 32310

I absolutely agree with this.

No. 32312

File: 1549465483453.jpg (1002.04 KB, 1333x2000, gross.jpg)


No. 32320

Gollum. I can't even imagine how nasty that wig is going to smell

No. 32332

File: 1549473937475.png (637.27 KB, 720x776, wp_ss_20190206_0014.png)

Of course all stomachs do this when you sit down, but can't believe she didn't photoshop hers

No. 32338

Considering what she said in her newest video about dating someone different last month I think this is true . Whoever she’s dating now is a different person but i’d definitely feel offended if she called me a fan on her IG story if i were him .

No. 32339

I wonder if she’ll get LASIK now that she needs glasses

No. 32340

Only if it's free and sponsored. Kek. Expect her to tweet at them soon

No. 32344

But first she needs to rake in the eyeglass sponsorships for a while.

No. 32346

Was about to say this. If she's submerged in water and they're still dirty the filth must really be caked on there

No. 32351

This furthers my suspicions that she doesn't shower, pretty much at all. No wonder she's started wearing wigs (besides not wanting to style her hair). I wonder how much she stinks irl

No. 32357

This whole video. Even just the first two minutes. Kelly demonstrates how dumb she is while being annoyed by Phi the whole time

She also seems put off by Turkey in general

Also acting really ungrateful that she has to do a two sentence ad read for a package of food that she got sent for free. She deserves to lose all of her followers and sponsors if she acts that way.

No. 32358

File: 1549485883569.png (162.4 KB, 487x740, f.png)


No. 32360

Idgi what feet?

No. 32361

In her milk bath photo, one of her feet is sticking out of the water (she has her leg folded back) and it's still dirty even in a bath

No. 32362

Kelly looks so annoyed at everything. and she's making it super obvious that she has zero interests in turkey. awful

No. 32366

and the whole over dramatic disgusted face she made through out …stop trying to be 'funny' and waiting for a reaction out of phi every time smh

No. 32368

File: 1549490812110.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1093x1348, 032D3ACB-B37B-4E3B-8C71-274A04…)

I know next to nothing about bondage or shibari or whatever it’s called but even I can see that this is some janky ass rope work

No. 32370

shooped hair in thumbnail more blue? she looks like the hotpokket emote on twitch. kelly just buy a different hair dye

No. 32379

She keeps going on about how everything is bland. It's clear she doesn't realise that not every sweets or cookie in the rest of the world is not as sweet as the United States'. I live in the states, and I cannot handle how sweet everything is here – including the bread. But of course, Kelly (to my knowledge) hasn't traveled to anywhere in the world other than Japan.. So I highly doubt she would know how not crap and sugar-filled the rest of the world's sweets are.

Side-note, I can't see how Phi can live with someone like Kelly.. But maybe Phi is really good at ignoring the bad in Kelly and is one of those people that try and find the good in everyone.

No. 32382

It's obvious she didn't want to do this sponsor, but felt like she "had" to bc getting free/discount stuff fits her speshul narrative and strokes her ego.

Also, why do her thumbnails always look like they're made by a preschooler? Kelly has experience in modelling and art.

No. 32384

Unbelievable, gets sent something for free and she doesn't have to do content about it but since she has no other creative content she does a youtube video with it and jabs them (Treats) for not paying her? PLease sponsors just STOP SENDING HER FREE SHIT! Dear sponsors, Treats hello@trytreats.com Roger Jin don't send her more shit. LASIKS run away, Razer company Min-Liang Tan don't send her crap. She needs a personality change not surgeries. Why I stopped following her is her shitty behavior.

No. 32385

Phi's hair is bad. >>32358
Kelly did a video where she googled herself on a footfetish site and was mad her feet didn't have higher ratings. So it might be a reference to her rating.

No. 32387

at 3:50 in the video "So many plugs, not enough to put food on this table" It is called getting a job Kelly or producing good content. Like you are really starving >>> try coming to poor places like lower Mississippi. Also, you are selling mugs from stolen art on your society6. The way she screams (annoying), I unsubscribed so long ago.

No. 32391

File: 1549504467589.png (774.58 KB, 1190x766, kjhjlk.png)

k e k

Can't talk to them herself so is trying to have her minions pressure the girls into doing videos with her. And if they say no they seem like the bad guys

And blaming "sexy" photos over her follower losses is hilarious

No. 32393

Yeah it's called celebrityfeet.com or something. Pretty sure the only reason she cares is bc it has the word "celebrity" in it.

No. 32415

They were probably horrified at that "rigger's" work.

No. 32420

oh no there's more coming

No. 32436

Atleast it had some content that could be interesting to some people. Bts of a shoot is way more interesting then bashing candy and… well.. pretty much anything she does.

No. 32442

File: 1549542658026.jpg (112.13 KB, 877x649, Screenshot_20190207-123025_Chr…)

Hun, you was losing followers way before the sloppy rope post.

No. 32445

She walks around barefoot in a warehouse studio space and is happy to get into a bathtub full of powdered coffee creamer and food coloring? She could just bring and wear flip flops and build a brand that isn't based on posting generic, unimaginative and ultimately unsexy photoshoots that seem stuck in the last decade. She's gross and boring.

No. 32450


Literally nobody is following kelly for this kind of content, her fans are all normal women who like cute stuff

Unfollowers would come from thinking she is becoming a sexy account. People look at instagram at school, work and in public and don't wanna look like a fetishist in front of their boss, it's understandable. It just makes more of a statement than a normal bikini photoshoot which you see everywhere. When's the last time you saw shibari on a billboard?

No. 32461

"they're not paying me but they should be" girl they sent you free shit?? Phi seems actually interested in the turkey facts and stuff and Kelly's just over it. If I didn't know I'd be inclined to believe this was phis video and kelly is the guest

Ofc, too sexy is clearly the only reason people would unfollow kelly /s
She's so deluded it pains me

No. 32467

watched some of the bts video & i can't even. first its 'ya boi' now its 'baby' girl your reaching 30 please stop

No. 32469

File: 1549562356546.jpeg (555.83 KB, 2048x2048, 673C219A-7102-4CF0-9D50-314A01…)

I knew as soon as I saw that thumbnail she was copying Jill. I mean it’s not an original concept whatsoever but then there’s this comment she left on Jills pic. And we know Kelly has a history of copying everyone around her and being envious of other girls.

No. 32481

File: 1549566519022.jpeg (452.12 KB, 1242x1783, F9DA03F0-DC80-44FA-AF3A-1983C2…)

she’s becoming self-aware

also wtf is this wig

No. 32488

I'm all for admiring the female form, but every time she posts a pick with her butt out I just think how unshapely she is and how square and droopy her ass is. Like it's the most un-sexy butt I've ever seen on a girl. In fact both my exs had better butts than that and they're guys….
I'm surprised she hasn't had a bbl tbh, and that she doesn't even photoshop it to look nice if she's not going to tone it with exercises.(no1curr about ur exes butts)

No. 32493

funny how in the twitch live you can see how annoyed Kelly is for not being front and center and not talking 24/7 like she does in db

No. 32500

File: 1549572578114.png (1.64 MB, 750x1334, 1FBA068E-5E3B-4C44-A59A-BBC9E5…)

No. 32502

Jill definitely did it better, Kelly's is a disgusting mess

No. 32508

Dnd ain't larp kelly you don't need to wear a costume

No. 32510

But then she won’t be the center of attention, god anon/s

No. 32511

Lord mercy, the right thumbnail pic makes her look like smeagol lmao.

No. 32519

wtf she copies EVERYONE no matter what it is lol.
the larp shit is so boring i don't know how anyone can go through watching it, i just went into the d&d stream and its like the same thing just them sitting there talking, the music was so loud i couldnt hear them sometimes too, what a shit stream.

No. 32529

File: 1549586834817.png (1.79 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8816.PNG)

Everyone is looking nice and then there's Kelly. Shake and go wig, and minimal effort make up

No. 32530

is she skin walking momo o brien now?

No. 32531

kelly just looks so bored and out of place in the twitch

No. 32532

isn't momo friends with lovely lor and Alb? wonder if that is awkward

No. 32534

they made a lolita video but i havent seen any other thing besides that. i think momo even commented on the kelly video at one point.

No. 32535

File: 1549590347695.png (27.92 KB, 980x144, momo.PNG)

sorry to samefag but i found the comment

No. 32542

Momo has said in a recent video that she decorated her apartment in Kelly Eden's style. She was inspired by the dollhouse. They are now officially running in the same circles due to Twin Mask now. I'm not sure if it's really skinwalking. Not being a wk. Just in this case, they are both kind of using one another for access to each others LARP, D&D, and ultimately viewers/potential subscribers. The skinwalking is near mutual.

No. 32555

Not unexpected, Kelly has 0 original ideas because she isn't her own person. She just skinwalks other people.
Wonder how long before they suck each other dry, and how they're going to do it.

No. 32574

I think Momo and Kelly are gonna clash so hard. They both seem to enjoy being the center of attention in their own ways. Kelly tends to go for the m.o. of sexy/thotty/special. Whereas Momo probably likes to be the sing songy adorable little pixie. So their little pair will likely implode. I just want to see how Kelly will compete with Mom's ukelele and singing. It will be a good laugh I think.

No. 32580


I was literally thinking the same thing! How is Kelly going to stand Momo taking all the attention!! Already Phi is calling her adorable and saying she wants to protect! Kelly is going to have a fit when they actually larp and no one’s following her around trying to protect her or caring about her in general lmao

No. 32624

Who is Momo? Please throw in a photo and some background here

No. 32626

See >>32529 Momo is the girl in the middle, on the right side of the table. Though she is wearing a wig…that is indeed her. Just google Momo Obrien. She has a Youtube channel, etc. She's mostly into LARP content and puts out good content about it. She travels and does all sorts of LARPs. Well, apparently, they are hanging out now. I believe Momo is going to the next Twin Mask LARP with Kelly.
Not really much milk there…yet. I don't know who found who first, but Momo has discussed her common interest in pastels. And she admires Kelly's home decor.

No. 32631

They will most likely skinwalk and feed off of each other.
Whether that'll make them friends or turn them against each other will be fun to see. Cast your bets now, folks.

No. 32634

Does Momo have a boyfriend? If so, all bets on another TT and Jake situation kek

No. 32637

i did notice on the twitch, Will the commentator guy? (still new to dd) was very passive with Kelly, like he was just annoyed with her being there and kept hurrying her turn, i don't blame him when she would ask what everything was or ment….

No. 32638

yeah, she's with this 70's pornstar looking dude

not the alt band member kelly is used to

No. 32643

Kelly has no type really. If it's a male and he has scene cred ( whichever she is in at the time…)she wantssss. Dave Navarro and Davey and Davey have no similatitudes in personality at all. Wow…she likes Daves….Is Momo's bf named Dave? XD

No. 32649

Stop calling Momo a skin walker. I think it’s easy to see someone who is associated with Kelly and shit on her but damn guys. Her content is really good and she seems to be a genuine person who’s just really bubbly. I just hope she realizes Kelly is not worth her time and doesn’t give into her ‘everyone love me’ schtick.

No. 32669

Momo has good viewership due to her quality content and so many other friends she probably won’t lean on Kelly for clout/attention that much anyway.

No. 32672

We were saying that the skinwalking will be somewhat mutual. Momo admits she stole her home decor from Kelly. Also, gets some pastel inspiration from Kelly also. So….not sure what the argument is. And they are obviously using one another, to what end…I don't know. But why else would they both agree to hang out? They have little in common and live nowhere near one another.

No. 32673

You underestimate the needs of Youtube Content creators. They are always looking for a route to get views, subscribers, etc. No matter how popular they are.

No. 32689

except women in general have droopier asses than guys, because guys have more muscle. more muscle = firmer butt.

No. 32695

ay yo they have the mexican bread on the table

No. 32701

First time posting, so excuse any errors. I actually found out about Kelly when Momo tweeted some years ago about her top 5 or 10 favorite youtubers.

I can see them being fans of each other, but their personalities seem totally different to me. I can’t imagine them getting along and being good friends.

No. 32898

File: 1549715366716.jpeg (157.96 KB, 750x1095, E19440E0-90EA-46D6-84E7-A5D6BA…)

Speaking of skinwalking, I’m getting sick of the whole Jnig ‘I’m so quirky with my lame attempts to make funny faces in sexy photos’ thing Kelly does. She posted four photos similar to this on her insta… Kelly, no1 curry just stop.

No. 32924

File: 1549735810454.jpeg (Spoiler Image,63.25 KB, 660x439, B06ACE5F-ADF4-4D39-AFFB-147D5E…)

No. 32927

Kelly is annoying with her self pitying. She had really great ideas for youtube content and now is losing everything because of her laziness. People are stealing ideas from her that means she is doing something good. If only she could pull herself together, be more open, and stop talking about depression 24/7 she could get more subs and views. Also if you like it or not you can't deny that thanks to her most of the fellowship of the rainbow became famous. I would never know who is Courtney,Stephanie or Dre if I didn't saw Kelly's videos. She is so stupid seriously. I think she is getting older and start to less like weeboo things that she used to. That's why she is becoming so boring.

No. 32928

I think the girl next to Momo is also LARP House? Another LARP youtuber, and leagues better than Kelly.

No. 32931

Yes, that's her. But she somehow knows John and his wife, the founders of Twin Mask. And so the connection to Kelly comes full circle.

No. 32933

Its ridiculous Kelly complained about friends using her when her entire career has been her social climbing. She’s only coasted so long doing it because she hops from one person(s) to the next until she’s gotten as far as possible or what she wanted from them. All her celebrity Dave boyfriends(groupie modeling launch), demon puff(entire sense of style and decor), Dre(added channel interest which she mulled as long as possible and got pissed when Dre branched out), phi’s LARP hobby which she fully took over- front and center, Momo and the larp house people are next. I know I have to be leaving out plenty others.

No. 32934

noticed she's followed some of the 'fellowship' again and jessie page.

Also find it weird how she still mentions then in videos when she was nothing to do with them. smh anything for clout

No. 32937

I don't even think she mentions them for clout. It's to prove people like us wrong, that she still is friends with them. We know she lurks. So she's will be telling something totally off topic and find a way to mention she just did something or saw a fellowship member. She needs us to believe that her little group isn't dissolving because it makes her look shitty. But yeah, it's obvious she is going to use Momo for…whatever. She's running out of trends. I give it a year and she will be doing lewds for Patreon.

No. 32952

>phi's larp hobby
Wow i didn't even know phi's the one who started it. Maybe i don't lurk enough but they act like it's Kelly's idea, e.g. Her making phi her literal slave.
Kelly is so desperate to be the centre of everything…but does nothing to be worthy of it. So lazy and entitled that she wants things, and people, to just fall in her lap.
I'm just waiting for someone in her circle to snap. So far the ones who've had enough just quietly left.

No. 32957

I think it was actually Lindsay who introduced her to LARP, Twin Mask specifically. Ironically, I'm not sure if she participates in Twin Mask anymore since Kelly came in and made herself center of the show. Also Vivika participated in LARP and D&D before Kelly. I think Phi was only into cosplay prior to Twin Mask. But obviously, she would be more inclined to do LARP, than Kelly.

No. 32959

Phi was doing LARP first. That's why Kelly started LARPing, as part of her "new roommate we're inseperable bffs!!!!" phase. She's the only reason Kelly was able to worm her way into a main storyline.

No. 32963

File: 1549775555253.jpeg (580.88 KB, 750x1104, 7473512E-C5A9-4081-9C35-C5C02D…)

Old milk but seriously . . . why the hell is this worth $160

No. 32964

Because someone was stupid enough to buy it from her for that much. Of course it's not worth that much and no less anything near $60 either.

No. 32966

Wow! This girl Molly was ousted out of the fellowship sooo long ago for lord knows what reasons. Jelly would not even talk to her and was such a bully. I can’t believe kelly managed to rope Molly back in now that she has NO other friends. She’s using her to watch toshi while she acts a FOOL at Larp. That’s really disappointing, Molly- stay away from this toxic vampire mess with a ratty head of hair. Kelly totally copies the shit out of molly and also will 💯 try to steal her boyfriend.

No. 32967

File: 1549776759787.png (367.85 KB, 750x1334, EF411B4D-29DB-4CBD-AE6F-22BD83…)

Image I forgot to post

No. 32970

Going back to molly means she literally has no one else. I think Envy used to be the one who watched Toshi, which is pretty solid evidence that Envy is the fellowship member Kelly went on that sad rant about. She does have the matching tattoo.

But I’m surprised Molly would agree to this. She was REALLY hurt when the fellowship dumped her and talked a lot about how mean they were to her. She never named them but it was obvious who she was talking about. Kelly must be super desperate for friends now.

No. 33071

sorry to ask but what was the entire situation with Molly?

No. 33089

Molly shared something that was private, the fellowship found out and some ditched her except for that lolita one> Claire. Claire was old roomates with Molly. Molly was at the Jereth labyrinth Ball 2018 and taking pictures with Vividka (shared on IG), i noticed after that that Kelly unfollowed Vividka, maybe this was after or before they took an ig pic together. Molly had the "therapy dog" a pomerian and that's where kelly got the idea of getting a damn "therapy dog" a pomerian as well. In old videos i remember Steph and kelly making a remark about how they had to boot a friend out for "not being able to keep a secret" . A lot of Mollys pic were deleted on the fellowship members account. Who knows what Molly shared but she seemed like a normal person.

No. 33097

She got a pet just cos someone else did? She literally can't make a decision by herself she's so dependent on others. No wonder she has to create a fake persona online, her real self has 0 substance.
I'm surprised she hasn't gotten bored and dropped toshi if he was an impulse buy. Or maybe she is bored, and that's why she's so desperate for a sitter she went to Molly.

No. 33107

I’m similarly surprised Molly would do this. Maybe it’s just out of concern for toshi and not Kelly. At least that’s the best case scenario. But Molly has a tendency to stay with people even when they aren’t as good of friends to her as she is to them so, I wouldn’t be shocked if kelly continues to use her.
Why is kelly so awful? I hope LARP comes to a bitter end soon.

No. 33108

I hope she's getting paid to babysit. She would be dumb if she was doing it for free for someone who doesn't deserve favors.

No. 33118

She posted and deleted a story yesterday about how her hair is fading and she's not sure about the blue anymore.. Kelly just give it up and let Phi and Courtney have the blue, we all know you're going back to pink soon

No. 33122

Ohi honestly looks dumb with her new hair and blue wouldn’t help her much

No. 33149

Maybe she should try actually bleaching her roots and then adding the color

No. 33154

Or at least not using lime crime’s shit hair dye..

No. 33158

Molly a normal person? Please. She is the worst. She’s one of these annoying SJW types that goes out of her way to ruin people she doesn’t even know, is a horrible drunk and airs every bit of her dirty laundry online, everyone abuses and assaults her. So it’s no wonder she couldn’t keep a damn secret, she can’t even keep her own.
It seemed to me that Kelly has been biting Molly’s style lately as far as the LARP thing goes
Molly seems desperate for friends, so of course she’s gonna watch Kelly’s dog… Kelly is just a user, her “friends” are there when convenient for her or if she needs an accessory in tow.

No. 33181

It's not shit ‍♀️ she just has tragic roots(emoji)

No. 33182


if you must defend shitty hair dye at least sage

No. 33188

Are we talking about Molly McIsaac? why the fuck are people defending Molly. One look at her fb and you can tell she is an obnoxious SJW.

Apparently she is an unemployed leech "feminist" who lives off of her boyfriend. lmao

No. 33189

I don't mean to wk Kelly, but this photo idea is far from original. I believe kelly got the idea from jill but it's hardly something she came up with.
Wtf is this wig color.

No. 33194

It is shit. Lol I’m a stylist and it’s only a semi permanent made to last 3-4 weeks if not washed very often. She could achieve the same colour if she used a more permanent brand.

No. 33210

File: 1549907528225.jpeg (93.01 KB, 750x863, F22E781F-254D-436A-A317-890B54…)

Stop trying to be so quirky and sorandumxD! Nigri doesn’t look good on you

No. 33219

You know its the power of lipo when face down on a hard surface = three+ chin ripples of loose skin.

No. 33220

File: 1549909554600.png (368.43 KB, 611x581, wp_ss_20190211_0021.png)

Looks like she's wearing a loose flesh coloured mask, tf

No. 33238

I have no clue how modeling works outside of hobby and for like a specific produce/company etc. but is this new photographer paying her to model for them or the other way around? The photographer hasn’t shared any of her photos and she’s clearly done a handful of different set up shots with this person. Like, who’s paying for these? Do they even have a purpose when they’re not for sale? Is she hiring photographers so she has instagram content?

No. 33241

She literally said in the video that they're friends so it just some fun for them

No. 33247

That bad posture bc of plastic tits l

No. 33248

Okay thanks, I haven’t been watching her boring content my bad.

No. 33267

if you want answers, watch the videos anon

No. 33272

That's not planking but ok sis. Just wanted another excuse to show off your newly lipod legs. What surgery is next on your grocery list?

No. 33275

Arms are next, kek

I'm just surprised that she didn't do her arms first, maybe she's holding off because it'll distort her tattoos

No. 33277

File: 1549940310931.png (467.63 KB, 923x593, b.png)

Stay lurkin, Kelly

We all know that you're going to go back to your obnoxious pink

No. 33286

File: 1549944548048.png (667.64 KB, 750x1334, F33B55F8-D469-4D41-9BDC-884BBE…)

Wonder if because she lurks she knows that people at The LARP are getting sick of her attention seeking ways so now she’s taking a break from it for this game.

No. 33287

Did she wear the same costume as usual? Obviously it's southern California so it's not freezing, but even at around 55 degrees out Kelly's usual Layola costume could just be too cold for comfort and therefore prompt staying inside most of the time.

No. 33288

File: 1549948628225.jpeg (97.65 KB, 750x706, 65D18784-0EFB-4C89-A42B-19C77E…)

when you can’t strongarm your friend into dyeing their hair yellow to complete the ~rainbow of friendship~ so you have to take matters into your own hands

No. 33298

yes, please go piss yellow hair

No. 33353

For herself she might actually try to do the yellow nicely, unlike when she wanted clown yellow on phi, so when she fails it'll be even funnier.
Of course, she could just buy a good quality wig. But she won't.

No. 33377

Actually, tf why is she not just buying a rainbow-wig collection?? Wiuld make everything so much easier

No. 33384

Probably because you as the wearer /know/ wigs are fake, temporary. If you build your identity around having xyz colored hair, there’s no joy looking in the mirror and seeing you don’t really have that hair color, so you can’t even claim it as part of your quirky cardboard personality.

Hence why she’s considering jumping colors again so quickly. Her hair isn’t blue because she insisted on using a shit tier dye. She could easily aim for a slightly different shade of blue, have her hair gently lightened, use a fundamentally BETTER dye, and be happier with it.

The joke is really on her - to get pastel blue your hair has to be perfectly WHITE beforehand or it’ll turn green, which according to >>32898 it looks like it is. She did no research and her stylist was either stupid or not honest with her. So she looks in the mirror and on top of the (let’s be real) self loathing, she has no marker to say “at least I’m still me because I have this”.

People who love wearing and switching between wigs are usually much more secure in themselves and their personality as a baseline than kelly will ever be. (example and cow in her own right - Mykie (aka glam and gore from YouTube))

No. 33387

Kelly probably used a weak hair dye and didn't bother white bleaching it due to her planning not to keep blue for a long time, I think it was very obvious she wasn't going to permanently switch from pink, because if she didn't know her hair needed to be super light or that the blue wouldn't catch on to her roots she'd be…. incredibly stupid since you need the same kind of intense bleaching for pink to happen.
Thing is tho, blue DOESN'T leave your hair, its one of the most difficult colors to get out and is near impossible ontop of that pink is always going to make it look purple since it wont be able to cover the blue in her hair. even tho she used such a weak hair dye, blue stains like hell the only option she has now is to cut it out or switch to something darker

No. 33403

File: 1550006920407.jpeg (186.9 KB, 747x1210, C13C3004-31C9-491F-8786-04CA56…)

No. 33405

true, she's never getting rid of the blue staining. I got blue tips on natural blond hair and my hair had a green undertone for months, not even in the hair saloon was it possible to get it removed.

Expect lots of IG stories complaining about this

No. 33412

Is that a cheap Esther rip off?

No. 33416

Looks like it

No. 33418

No. 33426

at the end of the video:

"ask me anything you want! except about how much it costs. i'm not comfortable sharing that. so don't ask me about the money. i'm sure if you call wave plastic surgery they'll give you some costs."

because your surgery was fucking free in exchange for a video, which is sketchy af. ngl kelly's body image issues are super wild to me because she looks absolutely no different from before she had lipo done (both times!!!). frankly if anything her stomach looks worse than it did before

No. 33429


I suggest Kelly brings warmer clothes next time.

No. 33431

File: 1550020476057.png (Spoiler Image,1004.09 KB, 1329x752, e.png)

…just gonna leave this here

girl you need to do some squats. what happened to your ass being "too big for shorts"?

No. 33438

her whole body is just average, even with all the surgeries it looks skinny fat like she should have just hit the gym consistantly

No. 33439

in the video she claims she goes to the gym 4 days a week and eats "very healthy" so this is her body with constant exercise and steamed veggies for every meal. unless she's lying… she wouldn't lie about that, would she???? (im being sarcastic, she's completely full of shit lmao)

No. 33442

is it that bad to be “skinny fat”, i’m kinda like that, except leaning more towards “fat”
but yeah

No. 33443

it's not bad at all, what is bad is Kelly's obsession over her body with such little things

No. 33445

this is the definition of a bitch who never works out.

No. 33446


It's only bad if you're Kelly who lies about her eating and exercise habits. She claims about all these "problem areas" whereas her therapist could help her with her dysmorphia to the extent where Kelly doesn't have to see lipo as the only answer. But even then she's likely saying she has "dysmorphia" because that's trendy and attention seeking than "I don't like how I look, but will do nothing to change." She's almost as bad as Toxic Tears but Kelly at least does the bare minimum of shilling for free plastic surgery.

I'm also worried about her disclosing her pain med use and depression. With addiction in her family and her baseline mental health I worry about any opiod prescription, even with a low dose she'll likely have

No. 33447

If she was going to the gym she would post about it all the time just like when she was actually going and seeing results, then the second time she started going and posted non stop about it to try and mask her stomach lipo.

No. 33448

>I work REALLY HARD 4 days a week for my body and see so little progress
>4 days a week

No. 33455

not in itself like it's only bad if you've spent money to look like that lol

No. 33472

File: 1550039246115.png (286.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190212-170245.png)

No. 33478

I couldn't even tell the pic on the right is her, that must be an old pic..

No. 33481

Can we talk about how ugly and fat she looks in that cardigan?? It looks like it’s about to burst over her balloons

No. 33482

4 days a week is pretty normal. You can see great results on 4 days a week

It obviously depends on how you wanna look buy skinny fat is a body that takes no effort. It's weird to go through multiple surgeries to make yourself look like you have never worked out in your life lol

No. 33491

I have no issue with people getting liposuction or any kind of cosmetic procedure, lord knows I would get some if I had the money. but this video ticked me off because she talks about having body dysmorphic disorder and basically says that the liposuction is to fix it. BDD is a MENTAL condition and you shouldn't get cosmetic procedures to fix it because they probably won't; you will still feel unhappy with your body. she didn't put any kind of disclaimer or anything saying that if you have BDD you should seek therapy… actually she should have just not mentioned her BDD at all in my opinion because it just gives the idea that plastic surgery can cure mental illness. I hope she doesn't have a ton of young impressionable fans but it seems like most youtubers do.

I don't think she looks fat at all.

No. 33492

File: 1550057734606.png (655.9 KB, 1064x544, sekrill.png)

on the topic of larp stuff, I looked up the guy Kelly has been talking about stalking/protecting her that she implied some… illicit stuff had happened with their characters.

I had expected him to be some sort of alt-looking badass thorin-type. He definitely doesn't look like the usual type Kelly latches onto.

No. 33496

fucking hell, how old is he? he looks like he barely grooms

No. 33498


I think he must look better irl. Probably works out too.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 33511

I feel like a nerdy larp guy is better than going for an alt-looking fuckboy. Maybe she's finally learning

No. 33519

yeah he's not that bad looking imo

No. 33522

Seeing him try to be all badass when he looks like a hobbit is kind of comical but that probably goes for most people into LARP and hey, who cares. I agree that he doesn’t seem like her type at all though.

No. 33536

Hey dude, your self posts are really obvious, hope Kelly knows you're avidly watching her thread on lolcow

No. 33542

Have you seen his fb? His body is not bad. So, yeah, he probably works out. If your friend had a Lolcow page, wouldn't you lurk? And he really isn't ugly. They must like each other as friends at least in real life as she mentioned they hang out at Twin Mask, out of character. She politely said she wasn't dating him (I can't recall where). But even if she were, who gives a flying fuck? For once, she may actually be dating a good guy. Why must you assume that anyone who disagrees with you is a fellowship member/Kelly or bf?(This is derailing)

No. 33543

File: 1550079733416.jpeg (8.86 MB, 3000x3000, 344CC4A0-4BCE-4994-98B0-E4A9C0…)

Is she for real, she’s losing followers by the day, not just when she posts bad shibari.
If you really think it’s cause people are prudes and you don’t like losing followers Kelly then maybe stop posting that stuff and start posting things you notice that viewers like?!

No. 33552

Oh, I wasn't saying he was. I don't doubt these aren't very flattering pictures. I just noticed he's verrrry different from the guys Kelly usually runs after.

No. 33553

If you skim 'Layola's' wiki entry, she sounds like the most OP, Mary-sue ass character. It's comical.

No. 33564

Honestly, who wants to follow someone that floods theor feed with lingerie, boobs and booty? That is not viewer friendly for public consumption. What does she expect? Who is she doing these photos for? Noone asked for Shibari. You cannot be kawaii and give lewds the next day.

No. 33565

Well duh, Kelly wrote it all herself. Crayola is wish fulfilment for how she wants to be with some fantasy thrown in.
Speshul chosen magical girl who is also royalty, everyone including her kidnapper wants to bang her, and phi's character is her literal slave.
I don't see her leaving larp any time soon.

No. 33573

He looks like he smells like sweaty feet ew

No. 33574

What is a mary-sue char?

No. 33607

Have you seen his fb? This is an image board, if you have pics of this guy looking ripped and not ugly, you should post them.

>For once, she may actually be dating a good guy

Based on what is he a good guy? Having nerdy hobbies doesn't automatically make you a better boyfriend than an alt douchebag.

No. 33608

If you look at just the top of her body, she looks like a plus size model. Then you look at the rest and it's pretty average/slim. Those balloon tits are doing her no favors, they make her look disproportionate and they don't look natural at all. She could be so much more delicate and kawaii looking if she got rid of them. Her old tits were fine. Also, I'm sure that the gravity of them is making her torso wider in time and making it harder for her to exercise. She used to have some curves on the sides of her stomach and some toning, but now her sides are starting to look more plank-like and man-ish from the tits down and the lipo made her stomach look doughy.

She would have still been attractive had she never had gotten plastic surgery in the first place. The same goes for Stephanie.

No. 33612

Not to mention the photograph she shows in the video of herself at her “peak” from working out 4 days a week is super outdated… that photo is at LEAST 2 years old, if not more. She does not work out or eat healthy as of recent and she’s lying if she’s insinuating that’s her current lifestyle.

No. 33614

short version: a super powerful hottie who everyone loves/wants to bang/protect, gorgeous and 'special' basically.

No. 33626

I's still wondering in my mind if she had sex with him during larp? Cause she implies that they did things more then making out.

No. 33627

Nobody is looking at your facebook dude, you seem eager for a bit of that Kelly limelight though. No woman goes looking for more photos of a 4/10 guy such as yourself, sorry.

No. 33634

You are vapid af. Honestly….
You think just because I disagree that I must be him. You are laughable. The same people blasting Kelly for being superficial will put a complete stranger on blast and call him a 4/10. Really…
And look his fb up. I'm lazy. He commented on one of Kelly's last fb. Look for yourself.

No. 33636

you even talk like a pretentious dudebro nerd.

No. 33639

Ah those foolish females. They couldn't be more mistaken

No. 33640

File: 1550108450987.png (5.99 MB, 3192x1928, sekrill collage.png)

ok i did what u said

and this dude clearly doesn't work out.
he looks skinny fat

Maybe a bit portly around the middle

he likely doesn't work out

also defending him and kelly makes it seem all the more likely that youre him

especially with the way you fuckin talk, you sound like an asscanoe

No. 33643

his biceps are nearly as nonexistent as his chin

No. 33648

It blows my mind that anons in this thread are saying this guy is decent looking.

>ugly middle hair part

>gross lady lips
>round ass potato face shape

Y'all need higher standards, because this guy is ugly as fuck, regardless of whether he works out or not.

No. 33652

I wonder what made Kelly fall for him then. It obviously wasn't his personality bc the point of larp is to act as someone else.
Maybe he fell for her looks and she's toying with it.

No. 33657

I’ll never understand why she alway talks about him being so ~sexy~ and ~intimidating~ in character. in one of the first videos she keeps going on and on about it while phi looks at her like she’s insane. there’s no way this guy is the big catch of twin mask right?

No. 33661

looks like he has DS

No. 33662

tinfoiling about TwinMask plot: maybe there's a dude pretending to be sekrill, and thats whose stalking kelly's character/

No. 33664

her constantly looking down and obviously reading from notes is what bothers me the most about this video lmao

No. 33667

Looks like Layola has a new LARP relationship. Whether or not this relationship is just in-game or not, I can't say. But anyway, Layola's twin mask wiki was updated today with this new rumor:

>Rumor has it that Lyola is being courted by a Drir, and her current flame Sekril hasn't taken it very lightly.

Wonder who the new guy is.

No. 33668

same here. Wonder if she's getting tired of the 'sexy' hobbit lmao

No. 33670

Funny how it was updated today

No. 33684

File: 1550123812989.png (184.92 KB, 617x759, kek.png)

"how dare anyone shift the conversation away from me and not 100% support me in every single decision I make!"

No. 33687

Probably because she doesn't think he fans will look him up and call it out. She wants them to think a sexy assassin dude is following her around and protecting her.

No. 33688

this bitch can't handle any kind of criticism.

No. 33689

File: 1550127428587.png (764.27 KB, 927x594, w.png)

that wig is so sad

and she looks like she shit her pants/has a huge dong

No. 33691

Oh thank goodness I thought I was going a little crazy there. I maintain that he looks like a hobbit or a gnome, very much not like some badass mercenary antihero or whatever he’s going for. Embrace the gnome life dude, gnomes are cool.

Doesn’t he have some kind of authority within the group? Maybe that’s it, combined with him pandering to her super special Mary Sue persona.

No. 33692

That picture looks so ratchet and dirty I can’t

No. 33694

"you're such an inspiration!" how? what is inspiring about this at all?.. she is about as inspiring as a fucking wet sock. go be "inspired" by the people she copies atleat

No. 33697

samefag, at least* (apparently I can't spell for shit)

No. 33699


>"Unless you've been there, and you've been through my journey, you just don't know how much it means to me!"

Kelly. You're not the first person with body dismorphia. You're also not the first person too lazy to hit the gym.

God I hate it when cows lie about their excercise regimen when thermodynamics exist.

No. 33700

He looks like Alex Jones

No. 33702

why you gotta do alex jones dirty like that

No. 33703

Yeah, according to Kelly's videos on TM he's basically famous in the larp. Or his character is at least. So probably a combo of power/notoriety + catering to her OP persona.

kelly, social climbing even in a fake world, kek.

No. 33704

God, I don't think she would. She probably just let him grope her or smth

No. 33710

probably doesn't have any feeling in those ugly saggy balloons anyway kek

No. 33712

Obviously people are going to be less enthusiastic about cosmetic surgery in this day and age. The last decade has been about body positivity and teaching young women they should embrace the body they have rather than modify it with plastic surgery. That’s why everyone has that “you do you but nah” attitude. I honestly don’t think it’s healthy to be encouraging surgery to her young fans or others with body dysmorphia. Kelly is a delusional moron and the last person I would ever turn to for advice or healthy coping mechanisms.

No. 33714

That's the funniest thing today about body positivity. It's been a big topic for the last decade and all its resulted in is thousands of girls walking around with the same filler faces and drag makeup, more people going under the knife to hack at their bodies for photographs they'll photoshop anyway.

No. 33719

Crayola is with Alex Jones. Oh kelly, just because he does D&D or larping doesn't automatically make him a normal-good guy. Those are the neckbeards that live in momz basement or someones basement. I bet he lives in a basement. He has the 1990s middle hair part. Maybe she likes him because he looks like a backstreet boy fan . Happy Valentines Day!

No. 33720

On the felloship of the rainbow thread, someone posted how phi tagged Envy on having short hair and being androgynous or something stupid. Wonder how Kelly feels about phi's actions on talking to Envy. Recall when phi wrote a thing on twitter about growing and learning from your actions, it was totally a dig at Kelly.

No. 33736


I bet they have a lot of kinky sex.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 33750

Bitch you have BODY DYSMORPHIA. Not everyone agrees into have cosmetic surgery to remove a little fat on their thighs or have watermelon sized tits.

No. 33753

File: 1550166477970.jpg (137.21 KB, 692x692, Griff-tannen-back-to-the-futur…)

No. 33765

Imagine being this weak… kelly, they're called "opinions" and sometimes… you won't like them

No. 33789

File: 1550189104348.jpeg (136.96 KB, 750x1334, 19951F5E-E70A-4E77-BB10-C30ECA…)

Recently stumbled on this porn star on pornhub who does sexy ASMR and couldn’t help but wonder whether kelly also found her and is now copying her aesthetic

Sage for tinfoil

No. 33790

Honestly I’m a very generous person about physical appearance/ but this guy is one of the most BUTT UGLY people I have ever seen. He is gross. How could anyone call him hot.

No. 33796

She’s on YouTube and goes by Mycherrycrush. I feel like there’s tons of girls that have done this pastel tumblr look though

No. 33803

because she's desperate

No. 33806

Ew, doubt it.

No. 34969

It was definitely him in the thread calling himself hot (I love how he doubled down on it when I called him out, thus confirming it)
But, while he is definitely not anything to write home about, Davey was not particularly blessed either. He has interesting hair and style, LARP guy is a big name in LARP >>33703 and Kelly seems to be enough of a fantasist that this is impressive to her. She primarily is impressed with fictions which float around people rather than actual people.

No. 34974

He looks decent in the first pic on the bottom left, otherwise not good. However you can tell that he probably doesn't have a lot going on in the brain department because he's interested in a slutty and vapid airhead like Kelly.

Kelly is used goods, she has been fucked and dumped by random guys.
Kelly is insanely obsessed with herself to the point of going to LARP (her HOBBY, not job) with her tits hanging out, endlessly desperate for attention.
She's so desperate for attention infact she monetized a minors suicide and cries about being depressed every single day on social media for suicide.

Not even mentioning her cringy obsession with "muh bad boys" and "kidnapping/rape/violence ASMR"… like, can't he do better than this mess?

No. 34975

Correction, I meant top left picture not bottom.

No. 34978

File: 1550231497106.jpeg (312.02 KB, 749x1189, EEEEFB7B-66D9-44EF-8567-27D695…)

My pony needs a bath because he’s rolled in shit in the field, should I die him pink? /s

No. 34979

“Used goods”? You sound like an incel, Jesus lmao
The problem isn’t that she’s slept with multiple people, it’s that she’s an awful person

No. 34980

Why do I still feel like this is larp guy posting kek

No. 34986

File: 1550242762901.png (61.29 KB, 720x213, wp_ss_20190215_0013.png)

When cows collide
(TT not this rando Vox)

No. 34999

I think the main reason kelly is single is because every single thing about her screams that she's insanely high maintenance. you know he wouldn't even be able to keep a toothbrush at her house if it wasn't pink. Guys will pump and dump a girl like that but dating them is a nightmare.

No. 35002

>Can't he do better
He's punching far above his weight already.
Agreed, I mean judging someone by their hit-count screams "man" to me but she is very high maintenance. She seems to need about 5 hours of solid attention a day. There's probably a man out there somewhere prepared to give it, but LARP guy seems like a chump just on the basis of coming in here and pretending to be a girl typing "he probably works out" and then angrily adding more comments when we point it out

The keks

No. 35022

File: 1550257683126.jpeg (292.79 KB, 1125x1651, 04449481-1118-4482-A107-3EA381…)

No. 35024

>t. used goods

There's literally studies that the more sexual partners a woman had the more likely she is to be mentally ill and have an unhappy marriage. It's not an incel thing, not all women are slutty and used up.

Kelly on the other hand is.

No. 35028

Except those studies don't take into account the fact that virtually all women who abstain from sex before marriage are religious and thus infinitely less likely to divorce even when their marriage is a miserable cesspool though. They're also way more likely to pretend their marriages are happy when they aren't at all.

Sorry, but I take any study regarding happiness in marriage with a massive grain of salt because a) such studies are purely anecdotal and b) I've seen first hand the extent people go to convince themselves their happy when their marriage is a complete shit show.

No. 35030

Human trainwrecks like Kelly have trouble maintaining lasting relationships, more news at 11.

Nah anon he’s probably too busy working out~

No. 35031

Can we not bring innocent Twin Mask players into Kelly's threads? Come on guys.

No. 35032

No. 35034

We could but he was dumb enough to go hard with Kelly to the point she doesn't shut up about him in her videos soooooooo, no. Not to mention she basically lied about him to make herself look better.

No. 35066

He potentially has banged/is banging Kelly.

No. 35078

File: 1550288245793.png (1.14 MB, 1051x768, depop.png)

Isn't that her Hello Kitty Microwave that she "sold" on Depop in the back of her new vid? Hasn't she also been caught wearing things that were marked as sold on her Depop too? Makes me wonder if she's really selling these things or just making it as sold/having the items returned due to the nasty way that she takes care of her belongings kek

No. 35079

Jesus what on earth is wrong with her lips?

No. 35081

you can mark things as sold on depop I believe, she might have decided to keep it but just marked it as sold herself to keep with the whole 'boycotting sanrio' crap. Or she regretted selling it and got another one

No. 35087

Did she delete her Instagram? It's gone

No. 35089

File: 1550293654263.png (100.78 KB, 1834x1096, Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 9.06…)

this is what I see when I attempt to go to it, I had to find someone who had tagged her, she wasn't showing in search.

No. 35090

File: 1550293744115.png (40.93 KB, 635x180, Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 05.0…)

but kelly i thought you said pokemon was just like animal cruelty and its one of the worst things to exist and digimon isn't a rip off at all and thats the best ever……smh

No. 35093

It’s not showing up for me either. Wonder how long it’ll last and what bullshit reason she’ll tell everyone once she starts getting attention for it on Twitter

No. 35094

Her Ig is definitely deactivated and I feel like it’s because everyone’s at Katsu and she might feel like she’s missing out , Because what a odd time to deactivate …..

No. 35098

File: 1550298075389.jpeg (506.12 KB, 750x1244, 1732BF07-2429-4268-8BB8-082042…)

It’s back already

No. 35108

She has several listings that have "sold" but that she still has and uses/wears. Her studded corset, the microwave, several other things. You might be able to mark things as sold but it's easier to just delete the listing if you decide you dont want to sell it anymore.

I went through and capped a bunch of the feedback on her depop. A lot of her customers are the same person buying things 3-4 times, and even when they don't receive the item at all they leave positive feedback because they are obviously kelly stans. I'll post the caps if anons want.

No. 35112

File: 1550303996560.jpg (4.64 MB, 5950x3850, scammer.jpg)

Same anon as >>35108. I went ahead and put together a quick timeline of Kelly scamming this same person repeatedly. They've bought from her at least 4-5 times, the biggest purchase being this studded corset. they purchased it for $400 over a year ago, but kelly was photographed wearing the very same one just a few weeks ago. This person seems to have a habit of leaving 5-star reviews before they ever receive the items, and even left one 5-star review for a necklace that they say broke after wearing it a few times.

Once you've left a review on depop you can't edit or delete it. so kelly has just blatantly scammed this person and is flaunting the item they paid $400 for. You can tell these are new photos and not old reposts because she has her shitty blue hair.
Also included for lolz: caps of her in the comments of the depop listing saying she'll "never wear it" and that's why she's selling it.

Scammy as fuck.

No. 35114

I hope she refunded this person, they seemed so enthusiastic about this stuff they never got! Or maybe she sent it and they returned it.

No. 35115

I know it's been said before but nothing screams 'fake gamer girl' more than buying a custom controller just to use as a display piece

No. 35116

Her hair looks so fucking dirty, what a mess

No. 35117

File: 1550313514943.png (834.85 KB, 782x501, cruel.png)

I've started reading The Cruel Prince.
It's a children's/young adult book but I saw a lot of people loved it so I decided to check it out.

knowing that Kelly loves it makes me think it won't be that great

No. 35118

File: 1550314612896.png (227.22 KB, 385x262, ff.png)

Jeffree Star released a video talking about how he got his lips injected with silicone and that's what caused the sides of his top lip to hang down.
I just noticed that Kelly has the exact same problem with her lips

No. 35120

The dude is her new boyfriend. Everyone at larp thinks they are both problematic. He’s into having a “kinky” girl way above his hot level, and she’s into all the attention from someone buying her shit. It’s obvious from her Facebook.

No. 35121

The dude is her new boyfriend. Everyone at larp thinks they are both problematic. He’s into having a “kinky” girl way above his hot level, and she’s into all the attention from someone buying her shit. It’s obvious from her Facebook.

No. 35122


No. 35125

Yea that’s what I was thinking as well when I saw the video. Wasn’t it supposed to be some lipo issue tho?

No. 35128


Yeah, one of the telltale signs of lip injections is when the lips appear very bumpy like this. Basically, this happens when you get bad fillers from somebody who doesn’t know what they’re doing

No. 35129

Screenshot it! We wanna see the juicy sources.

No. 35131

this is tasteless as fuck. WOW. What the hell!

No. 35133

No Kelly., society tells women that they NEED surgery in order to look good for others (men.) You just fell right into that trap instead of eating right and working out. shut up, you dumb bitch

No. 35134

Why doesnt she leave his fur alone because she's not a fucking accessory? people who dye their pets are the worst trash

No. 35135

That's some fucking psycho stuff. I hope her family tells her that's inappropriate and creepy.

No. 35136

You sound like a massive basement dweller. Get out of here.

No. 35142

>people: that’s nice Kelly but I don’t think anyone should feel the need to get surgery to feel better about themselves
>Kelly: help help I’m being repressed!

IIRC she went out of her way to get a white pom just so she could dye its fur pastel.

No. 35147

That and the pastel keyboard… what a waste.

No. 35149

Before seeing these screenshots i thought for sure the idiot Kelly blatantly but also successfully scammed was lina.

No. 35151

She literally bought the dog cos someone else did and she thought it would be nice for some photos. It is an accessory for Kelly. Just like how she saw her (ex) friends as expendable Barbie dolls, trying to control their fucking hair colour.

No. 35153

File: 1550335076514.png (1.62 MB, 750x1334, 160D2825-6DA1-4401-9CC3-55FF26…)

Bitch is gonna need another lipo soon when she drink her coffee like that

No. 36045

I notice she no longer does "sit downs" pseudo therapy chats with Phi anymore. Maybe Phi wanted space?

No. 36055

File: 1550345173867.jpg (143.15 KB, 437x541, Screenshot_20190216-192447_Ins…)

Holy shit, has she done something to her face?

No. 36057

File: 1550345250116.jpg (116.91 KB, 425x435, Screenshot_20190216-192501_Ins…)

No. 36063

Looks like bad lighting picking up the texture of her foundation and accentuating the lines/shapes on her face from her smile

No. 36067

pretty sure the first lipo vid she said she ate cream pies or some shit when she got out of surgery, i was like ???what lol.

No. 36068

yet she wants the razer one, kek

No. 36072

her lips looks different, she used to have a nice sharp cupids bow and now it's almost gone, what would she do that… she looks older and the lipo neck wrinkles are not helping.

No. 36077

Looks like she got even more botox

No. 36083

File: 1550352960814.png (36.21 KB, 424x301, 00.png)

Kelly isn't dating Sekril, he's gotta girlfriend

Unless she's doing her usual homewrecking

No. 36084

It's from two years ago, a lot could've happened since then kek

No. 36093

She heavily implied in one or two of her larp story videos that when they’ve kissed in character, they didn’t pretend kiss like other players do and instead actually made out behind some tents. She also mentioned being very embarrassed at being caught making out with him by a veteran player who clearly takes the game seriously.

No. 36101

Honestly, looking at it more.. looks like a combination of botox, lip injections, and a lower hairline. She also seems to have arched her eyebrows more (maybe from botox or not idek) but she 100% got more lip injections.

IMHO she also looks kinda happily drugged out in these, most likely from meds for her depression?

No. 36104


She does look happily medicated. I also think it's a nice look and she looks nice in general. I'm surprised at how good the styling is tbh.

No. 36106


You blind

No. 36111

Depression meds don't make you "happily drugged out." They dont make you feel happy, the just make you not depressed. Anxiety meds could, if she's popping xannys

No. 36117

Her lower face looks lumpier than usual, and yeah she 100% got more lip injections. Somehow the horrible ones she got last year after austin's death weren't enough.

No. 36118

File: 1550380433112.jpg (109.04 KB, 1440x1440, xtina.jpg)

She looks like what Christina Aguilera looks like now: full of fillers.

No. 36121

It didn't take me long to find them on Facebook with the screenshot you included. That person is with someone else now and has a baby not with him (clearly present in the photo).
What's wrong with you?

No. 36131

Get out of the thread Jason(hi cow)

No. 36135

It is Restylane Lyft the volumizers in her cheeks. Then the horrible lip fillers. Botox on eye smiles and forehead. I hate her new lips, I liked her old drastic cupids bow and normal lips. This girl has been fucking with her lips too much, I say 6 years.

No. 36137

Or pain killers from her last lipo lol

No. 36142

Naw man I actually really like her lips and the cupids bow

No. 36143

Explains why her under eyes are always so puffy. When the hell did she get those done?

No. 36145

Jesus, she really has the personality of a five year old. She is always seeking attention over every little thing she does and self-inserts with everything. I feel like I can actually hear this in her harpy voice due to how much she is constantly shrieking about how xyz is 'literally me.'

No. 36146

If Sekril isn't "THE LARP guy" then why would he be on here? I agree…he didn't do anything wrong. It's called roleplay, and he was originally sent to follow her by someone else. He's a LARP bad boy, and he threatened her with a knife. So of course Kelly would go on and on as she is into the kI'd napping bdsm. Whatever. Also, she baited yall y
to think he was super hot and mysterious and you had to go try to prove her wrong. Congrats on bashing an innocent guy and dragging him through the mud.

No. 36147

Also, same anon…I was born with a vagina.

No. 36162

Literally nobody cares about this guy except for him and yourself, if you are not him, I assume you're an irl friend of his because really.

No. 36178

They actively made out during the larp. They didn't just plan or say the characters did it, they straight up made out. Also his 'character' is now jealous bc she has another person courting Layola

Character bleed in larp is a thing. And it tends to be with situations like this. I say this AS a larper (though I don't go to TM)

We're well within our range to make fun of Sekril. Not only was he stupid enough to actually do shit with Kelly, he then donkeykicked into the thread and defended himself very, very poorly pretending to not be himself.

Honestly if I was him, I'd be angry that Kelly exaggerated and hyped me up so much because it just shows she's embarrassed of him/his appearance.

No. 36183

File: 1550443759763.png (523.46 KB, 794x533, Sketch (3).png)

Looks like "our boii" Kelly Eden was "diagnosed" with Hashimoto's.. Which honestly, I highly doubt it and is saying this for more attention. And why wait a few months before saying this? If she was truly diagnosed, she would have said something the moment the words came from the doctor's mouth.

No. 36237


Holy fuck is she serious??

No. 36244

Oh is that why she's gained weight

No. 36254

I think she's just using this as an excuse to why she's gained weight.

No. 36276

It's hard to believe she has something wrong with her and didn't complain about it endlessly/use it as an excuse for weight gain and laziness (also I'm no doctor but I thought this was like an older person problem?)

No. 36280

This is old, but I was looking into the people from this picture, and looks like Larp House knows Sekril? AND the founders.

Explains how Kelly and Sekril probably met out of larp.

No. 36282

was kelly famous before she was a youtuber? I discovered her youtube a few months back but I have always gotten the feeling that she was famous outside of youtube

No. 36285

>I thought this was like an older person problem?
OT, not to wk or claim that she's not pulling this out of her ass, but generally and unfortunately, many conditions and illnesses don't actually have a strict age bracket like people think.

No. 36287

She was on alt magazine covers a bit from what shes shown in her house tours, (she hung them up in her hallway, of course, ever the classy lady)

No. 36290

She wasn’t fAmoUs*~ but she was a b rate model

No. 36291

I didn't mean famous like red carpet famous, I just mean a public figure

No. 36292

medfag here, it can actually affect young women (a very common disease) and can make you gain 10 punds tops (it's not an excuse to be fat tho)

No. 36296

File: 1550495201632.png (307.71 KB, 640x357, kellyhips.png)

she really must shoop her hips in her IG photos…

No. 36297

It kinda seems like she doesn't have it because of the surface level way she's talking about it. But then again she talks about everything like that.
If she really does have it, would explain her weight gain and extra lipo, but she is taking it in such a ditzy way like "oh noes ya boi cant eat bread now i guess!! #relatable, send me memes!"

She edits almost every photo, in a lazy and inconsistent way.

No. 36342

File: 1550519162945.jpg (1.92 MB, 2560x1920, 190207000437l46.jpg)

The amount of editing in that left photo is embarrassing.

No. 36349

She really is a one trick pony with her modeling posing and expressions. I’m shocked she still gets photoshoot interest after basically a decade of the same shit over and over.

No. 36362

File: 1550524802306.png (Spoiler Image,1.37 MB, 750x1334, B067CB12-774A-4F10-BC86-479E61…)

She’s freaking out because the shirt had a black collar but then she wears black leggings with it ok

No. 36376

The way she butchers it with scissors in the video, bizarre and wasteful

No. 36378

I giess she was trying to be funny acting over the top but it just made her look psychotic

No. 36380

She doesn't really get photoshoot interest though. She bounces between the same handful of photographers she's worked with for years. In her last bts video, the guy seemed like your average "pro" photographer with a nice camera whose entire portfolio is generic shots of alt models. Kelly is right at home in that mediocre wheelhouse.

No. 36387

What a waste of a nice shirt. She probably won't wear that again after how bad she cut it.

No. 36416

Where is this proof they actually did anything? You just said you aren't in TM. SO….proof?

No. 36418

Yeah…but they almost always give meds…and the doc only told her not to eat gluten? Say whaaaaa?

No. 36420

It affects everyone differently, depending on thyroid activity. Please don't put people with chronic illness in a box just to shame Kelly's weight problems. It makes it VERY hard to lose weight. And you gain weight regardless of what you do if your thyroid is not functioning, and it fluctuates a lot.

No. 36430

in the second part of that story there is what looks like the razor rose quartz headset with the add on cat ears, so either she did get sent them and is too lazy to show them off or she just bought them herself in the end

No. 36452

Did she wear a pink t shirt under the t shirt she ruined? So by cutting out the black collar you can't even wear the t shirt anymore without looking stupid. Way to go.

No. 36458

Does anyone know where to buy that tshirt? It's actually really nice, with the black v neck.

No. 36459

No. 36460

That shirt uses stolen art from an artist I've been following for years. His name is Phazed on tumblr

No. 36468

The brand is Australian too so she either paid a lot of money to get it shipped over to her, or She's fully disrespected the company by hacking into the shirt when they've sent it to her

No. 36471

Wtf the black v neck would have still matched her aesthetic, she's even wearing black pants and boots lmfao.

No. 36486

File: 1550549142155.jpeg (616.08 KB, 1246x834, 8FD9E092-651F-4C2C-9E2D-8DC6EE…)

She misspelled cocktail. kek

No. 36487

i thought she hated sanrio? lol wat

No. 36492

Also thought she didn't drink.

All she does is lie, what else is new?

No. 36509

I wonder if it's because youtube will see the word "cock" and automatically demonetize it… Not saying that's why but it's a possibility

No. 36520

Again, she looks like she's going through a maniac episode. Does she not have any middle ground? It´s between histery and i´m so depressed I refuse to go out on the sunlight.

No. 36526

Hi, Hashimotos person here. This could easily describe a lot of things.
Those puffy eyes someone mentioned above. Yes, weight gain for sure. Depression. Check! If I was her I sure as fuck wouldn’t be doing these ‘procedures’ as it’s unnecessary stress on the body. That’s not gonna fix shit, just possibly make her sicker.
Eye roll at the gluten free thing. It’s not always true that one either hashimoto’s needs to avoid it, and $10 says she’s gonna be one of those annoying gluten free crybabies.

No. 36542

post caps , this is an image board

No. 36600

File: 1550603451079.png (925.15 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20190219-130934.png)

No. 36606

Anyone else thinks that the pastel stuff doesn’t suit her at all?
She looks too old or not cute, i think she’d fit more a pin up / darker style. She just seems like a grown woman not willing to grow out of her teenage years so she buys everything she sees in pink. Also she has ZERO clue how to dress herself? Like not the slightest.

No. 36614

Yeah, u r right. She always looks gorgeous in her "goth" outfits imo. Pastels, tennis skirts, crop tops etc do not flatter her at all.

No. 36619

File: 1550608981432.jpg (884.05 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190219-204035_Ins…)

OT, A pic from January but made me laugh

No. 36626

i did a click thru on her newest dacien brats video. the DM's wife hardly says a word and just looks.. annoyed the entire time. It's mainly just Phi and Kelly.

No. 36631

File: 1550611993835.jpg (518.12 KB, 1080x1762, Screenshot_20190219-213306_Ins…)

No. 36632

Her arms look like untoned sausages. She's just a lazy piece of shit

No. 36634

She said the same thing with her first lipo lmao. Once the hype is gone or she gains back a little weight she'll feel as bad as before. Go fix your brain, girl, this is not gonna help you on the long run.

No. 36644

This video has that Lindsey chick in it. Remember her asking what kind of videos people wanted to see and the response was more with the fellowship? I'm sure she's bothering who is still friends with her from there to "hang out" just to be used for videos.

No. 36647

On her Hello Kitty Cocktail video, she said she had to take a picture of them together to prove she had friends (25:35). Bahaha

No. 36658

Good. That's why people subscribed to Kelly. I will be honest and admit I did enjoy this video more than the crap she had posted for the past year maybe year and a half? It's been a LONG ass time.

No. 36669

I think you mean “coctail?”

No. 36689

Some adults can dress kawaii/pastel tastefully. Eg a video posted last thread about a "better version of Kelly and dre", about lolita and goth roommates – the lolita looked way better than Kelly.

Girl just doesn't know how to dress herself. Same can be said for TT who is trying to copy kelly, and only manages to copy the bad sense of style part.

No. 36690

looks like something from r/boltedontits

No. 36691

File: 1550631393329.png (1.19 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190220-035615.png)

My soul has left my body

No. 36692

File: 1550632855869.gif (2.64 MB, 264x240, 1547473895369.gif)

This is so beyond embarassing.

No. 36696

File: 1550633582402.jpg (729.05 KB, 1078x1329, Screenshot_20190219-222543_Ins…)

She is so tacky. Literally any other girl doing pastel kawaii style does it better than her. What's with the hairstyle, the bow, the bump on the bridge of the glasses?? Ugh it's all so ugly

No. 36699

How is it that almost all cows/snowflakes just seem to get worse with time?

Most people manage to get over dressing like tacky idiots in high school, or at least early college/uni.

They're a curious breed.

No. 36706

File: 1550636006383.jpg (340.34 KB, 879x595, clareig.jpg)

Clare posted on ig asking if she should keep her hair blond. Of course kelly had to try to convince yet another friend to dye it yellow. I like clare's response though

No. 36709

File: 1550636271736.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1125x1910, 0F3A5DAA-1AC4-4CF2-9DBB-CFEE27…)

Quitting YouTube? Okay.

No. 36711

Moronic caption, check.
Attention seeking photo with no relevance to the caption, check.
A classic kelly post. I hope she fails whatever the fuck this thing is and just gives up on everything all together.

No. 36717

I've tried to open this picture on my phone and laptop, and her profile keeps showing up as not there.

Is this just a glitch or am I blocked or something?

No. 36719

>in spite of all my dedication and hard work
Bitch where? This past year was her laziest yet and her friends finally left.
Imagine being a "content creator for 10 long years" as she claims (on patreon) with 0 to show for it except scams since you don't make real content. Even her updated patreon still says she does fine art and skits.

>my numbers just aren't growing

No shit.

>good vibezz happy feelzz
Surface-level, overused "positive mental health" phrases, check

No. 36721

It looks like she’s disabled her instagram again. It’s coming up as user not found

No. 36723

File: 1550642484223.png (676.55 KB, 750x1334, 6DD3DD69-EE5E-484A-998D-C476EA…)

Maybe porn?

No. 36725

"my hard work and dedication" she is literally the queen of pity patrys. kelly your dacian brats shit is what's doing it, it's boring content that no one subbed for. just keep copying other peoples ideas as usual and maybe it will get better… maybe

No. 36728

save yourself it's yet another photo of her sad flat ass from the one day she did a shibari photoshoot with a bullshit caption of her trying to make herself seem relevant and successful

No. 36744

A pilot? Bitch thinks she is gonna get a show or something????

No. 36749

>in spite of my relentless hard work and dedication
I’m actually cackling

No. 36752

File: 1550665541015.jpeg (100.76 KB, 634x632, 7C32A9B0-02D6-418E-8716-A23881…)

Don’t know who this is but she copied Cheryl’s hideous bum tattoo?

No. 36762

isn't that just a picture of Cheryl???

No. 36777


this is the ultimate nitpick i admit but why tf is her tongue brown it looks like she has a wad of roast beef in her mouth ????

also look at the fading on that crystal tattoo, it's not even that old

No. 36779

I think it’s a cookie or something else, not her tongue.

No. 36785

Nah it's her tongue. The brightness of her lipstick makes it look dull in color

No. 36794

Nayrt but holy shit you're right. I truly thought it was like chocolate or some shit

No. 36795

Kelly, dye your own fucking hair yellow and stop trying to make everyone else do it

No. 36801

File: 1550685127749.jpg (132.62 KB, 1080x534, 20190220_112254.jpg)

Kek what a bitch.

No. 36803

I, too, find it hard to pay rent when I'm busy spending all my patrons money on ugly sweaters, ratchet wigs and irregular choice shoes

No. 36812

Maybe get a real job

No. 36818

Nah, surely she will still be relevant on social media as a kawaii pastel goth princess when she's pushing 40. Her career as a Youtuber is gonna last a long time. sarcasm

No. 36828

and muh "student loans"

No. 36831

She posted a behind-the-scenes that Dre filmed for her and Courtney… from 2016.

It's basically a ploy to get the photographer to give her the Chobit cosplay images (that they probably didn't want to put their name on) and to act like she recently hung out with Fellowship

No. 36832

>need to be gluten free
I.. what? Hashimotos is an autoimmune disorder that your diet has little if nothing to do with.

No. 36833


Wtf she looks like an actual grandma

No. 36834

Don't forget, those Creepyyeha harnessed she hauled cost upwards of $300 EACH. Rent who? We don't know her

No. 36835

I wonder if she meant to say she has celiac disease as her recent excuse instead. It sounds like she just googled "conditions that cause weight gain" and is making it up as she goes along from there. The more she talks about it, the more the cracks start to show.

No. 36836

Pixielocks level of ugly lmao

No. 36840

she looked very pretty back then, i didn't noticed how bad the plastic surgery is getting, now she starting to look pretty botched

No. 36845

kek, but she's selling those on her Poshmark. @ yaboikellyeden

recently updated too, since her icon has her blue hair

No. 36857

File: 1550706745812.jpg (762.26 KB, 1080x1742, Garbage.jpg)

Who the fuck would buy this garbage for $65?

No. 36859

her free IC toy story boots too. Does she ever keep anything for longer than a month? It’s so wasteful.. I don’t get why she still gets sent so much.

No. 36860

File: 1550707520978.jpg (1.31 MB, 2048x2048, pixlr_20190220185842409.jpg)


I mean… She's selling this blouse she totally only "wore once" for $100. There's no way it's an Angelic Pretty version of small and fits over her chest. Along with a lingerie set she has worn a bunch of times, (but "only once for a shoot")…

No. 36866

This stomach lumpy as fuuuuuck

No. 36870

File: 1550709576911.jpg (262.71 KB, 1767x840, dbrats.jpg)

Isn't that blouse part of her Dacian Brats get up?

No. 36871

It sure looks like it.

No. 36873

File: 1550709922872.png (470.2 KB, 750x1334, 3234C3EF-1C83-41A4-9D3C-121B37…)

In her new video she leaves social media handles for everyone except Courtney and just calls her “other model” lol

No. 36874

File: 1550710311654.jpeg (250.83 KB, 1125x1093, ED82A3F6-8280-4AC1-AFA0-1B0ECD…)

It must suck to constantly be reminded that most people want the people she isn't friends with anymore.

No. 36875


Also, although she supposedly adores Hove, doesn't even leave any links for them. Also "From one artist to another" kek.

No. 36897

I hope she washes the items before sending, since she still wears some. Though like the hello kitty microwave she might not really be selling at all.

Also that "ya boy" thing is so tired and overused. She took it from a buzzfeed unsolved video 2 years ago and still can't let go. So quirky and unique!! Not.

No. 36905

this video is startling tbh just in how it demonstrates that her lipo surgeries changed nothing about her body. she looks exactly the same. and, also, she’s utterly botched her lips.

she is still a disaster at editing video too lol she left “insert title here” from fucking imovie like she’s a 9 year old and not a professional that’s been doing this 4+ years. yeah, kelly, it’s the youtube algorithm that’s killing your channel and not just you being a lazy amateur

No. 36906

File: 1550723043948.png (Spoiler Image,1.87 MB, 1640x862, titletexthere.png)

No. 36918

honestly i'm surprised how active her gossip threads are given how unpopular her actual content is? like how do the little people that know about her hate her so much

No. 36919

File: 1550728599177.jpg (112.31 KB, 367x600, kek.jpg)

something about this looks off but i can't place my finger on it

No. 36921

her nose(no contribution)

No. 36922

File: 1550729520875.png (137.97 KB, 750x1106, IMG_8973.PNG)

The dress was made to fit her before her implants. The cups were made for smaller boobs. That's why it looks like she's popping out of them

No. 36929

File: 1550734591160.png (303.03 KB, 720x771, Lindsay.png)

"One of the only people I know in LA who is truly genuine"

I appreciate the salt Kelly. I guess this means she's fallen out with the whole fellowship at this point. I noticed most people love the hello kitty cafe video with Lindsay, so I think they just like kawaii adventures and don't miss any particular fellowship members

No. 36936

There is some evidence that Hashimoto’s causes the body to mistake gluten for thyroid tissue, this causing an autoimmune reaction to the food… which causes a flare up. However, it’s not that common. Definitely doesn’t happen to me, nor any of my friends with the disease. She’s just consulting Doctor Google and is trying to be extra in regards to her diagnosis.

No. 36949

Looks like a porn actress dressed like a cute little thing.

I usually don't agree with anons saying she has a super mature face to be wearing cute shit, no one chooses the face they're born with. But this is laughable! The ginormous boobs, the "fuck me" face… if someone showed me this poc and said "look at this pathetic porn I found!" I'd believe it

No. 36954

Watching her pose for Chi is pretty jarring. Shes got really bad same face syndrome, but it's not so noticeable when shes modeling the same style of clothing. For example, throughout the video she has the same sultry expression which can be passable for the lingerie portion. But then she decides to be a cutsey character and it feels wrong. She could have tried to emulate the character and maybe it wouldn't be so bad, instead she makes blow up doll expressions the whole time.

No. 36961

The person who is constantly body shaming Kelly and hating that LARP guy should stop. You are calling her a terrible person but you are not better yourself for dragging a guy that is not even confirmed to be Kelly's bf. I wish you can post yourself so we can all see how beautiful and perfect are body shaming posters here. I'm not trying to be a white knight and I don't think Kelly Eden is perfect but this slandering and name dragging needs to stop. Now I'm 100% convinced that few of you know Kelly Eden personally and come here to bitch about her. For example I don't like Kim Kardashian but I don't go online and call her ugly bitch everyday and brag how ugly and disgusting her husband is. If you are associated with Kelly if you are brave enough come forward and say who you are. This is not gossiping anymore it's just a slandering page. She should sue you.(Stage III autism)

No. 36967

It'd be one thing to have a mature look while dressing up cutesy if Kelly's image was completely natural and she looked like she was actually having fun, but she got those ginormous fake tiddies and she's constantly trying so hard to be sexy and this combination makes her look like cheap milf porn.
no one is forcing you to read these threads.

No. 36976

Calling someone an ill-dressed, plastic bimbo isn't slander.

It's truth.

Where the hell do you think youare, anyways?

No. 36998

Yep I think so too. I think Steph tried staying neutral at first, but now has completely stopped talking to Kelly. Steph even did a pink wig photoshoot recently, and she has "Kelly" as one of the words filtered in her IG comments kek

Must be awkward living with Phi now. Bet she's trying to move out

No. 37009

I’m a retard and don’t know what you mean by Kelly’s name being “filtered” on Instagram… does this mean users can’t post a comment w her name or…?

No. 37010

comments with kelly in are blocked/deleted i think

No. 37024

How can you tell?

No. 37047

Im Dave Navarro

No. 37051

No. 37053

i think they all just grew apart. Stephanie does cosplay porn, courtney dawne almost does semi cosplay porn but is a twitch hoe. Dre is just doing makeup and acting big time, but has no personality. Claire is a weird lolita with her fake thor. Envy is a bigbig drama cosplay thot , steamfaire lives far, misslindsay just steals other peoples cosplays sewing patterns and ideas >so she will get devalued later. When bitches move to LA sigh

No. 37054

Go to bed Madi. Lay off the weed honey.

No. 37058

I laughed at this more than I should have.

No. 37071

I just did a test comment with a spam account and it worked fine

No. 37124

File: 1550843042882.jpg (119.13 KB, 960x570, 2ttn.jpg)

I didn't know Kelly and Sekril did Titanic cosplay.

No. 37129

What's that supposed to mean? Am I having a stroke?

No. 37130

I was just thinking – these ladies have been bridesmaids at each others wedding. Damn, look at them now. How quickly they fall apart.

No. 37134

File: 1550846346474.jpg (707.73 KB, 1118x1120, chob.jpg)

Some Chobits cosplay pics on Kellys lookbook uploaded a few years ago

No. 37152


I've been thinking lately that she may be getting the crystal tattoo removed. It can't be possible she is the only one with "fading" issues.

Has someone else had the same thought as me?

No. 37155

I don't think so but I wouldn't put it past her. I think hers is fading so much because it was done in very light colors with no outline at all. Tattoos done this way usually fade faster. If you look at pics of it when it was recently made it looks washed out as hell even since

No. 37164

Yeah, Kota just recently posted a vlog about getting a tattoo on the same arm as her crystal tattoo. Her crystal looks perfectly fine, so I agree – the light colors and no outline definitely made it fade (or look really faded) quickly.

No. 37167

File: 1550862167025.png (239.11 KB, 602x683, oven.png)

Here she goes again

If you want it so bad, buy it for yourself Kelly, since you're apparently so "financially stable" now. Or do you guys think she's going to go crying about muh student loans again to try to garner some pity/guilt trip her followers into buying it for her?

Speaking of birthdays, today is apparently Vivka's birthday and I'm seeing the rest of the girls (including Phi) wishing her a HBD. How much do you guys want to bet that Kelly won't.

No. 37168

File: 1550862453208.jpg (57.25 KB, 547x831, ovenkelly.JPG)

Did you see the Twitter replies? Wow.

No. 37170

It's not "awkward" to make a GoFundMe so you can get a cutesy aesthetic oven that you don't need. It's incredibly selfish and ridiculous.

No. 37171

File: 1550865205068.jpg (319.42 KB, 1080x1194, IMG_20190222_195212.jpg)

'our tipsy adventure'. Total speculation but drink driving?

No. 37173

What a reach. Hello Kitty Cafe has afternoon tea until ~5pm, and then it becomes drinks only at night. They obviously went for the drinks. Also, no one gets more than 2 drinks max there.

No. 37174

I feel like she just shares stuff like this in hopes Lina specifically will splurge on her. Others get her gifts all the time of course but Lina takes the cake with gifting and money being sent, Kelly is well aware. She could buy it on her own if she would stop blowing through her patreon money on dumb crap she ends up reselling a couple weeks later anyway. Or actually making a batch of her cruddy flower crowns again, something. It’s gross how accepted it is for so many people to constantly beg online strangers for free shit. I don’t know how she still gets mail after using a handmade fan sign for her dog to walk all over so it could go shit- she doesn’t value anything. Not even her dad’s ashes.

No. 37175

She doesn't even cook. She lives off of Postmates. Her old videos showed her struggling to make pasta and then adding nasty food coloring. She wants this for the most shallow possible reasons.

Meanwhile some people actually struggle to make ends meet and it wouldn't be unreasonable to start a GoFundMe for an appliance that's actually helpful for cooking for for someone who doesn't have the luxury of ordering takeout for every meal. She's completely selfish and spoiled.

No. 37183

In the vlog, she shows that they each get 2 drinks each then they split a third together.

No. 37189

I'm shocked that she'll be 30 this year, I thought she was at least 32, but in my mind she was a bad looking 35 year old. I'll be 30 this year and sje looks like she could be my (young)mother! Kek
Besides, she doesn't even cook, she just wants it because it's pink. Pathetic

What a reach! What in the post screamed "drunk driving" to you? It doesn't even mention cars. Tipsy= being drunk, that's all.

But wasn't it kelly that claimednshe didn't drink? Or am I confusing her with another cow?

No. 37198

Yes I also definitely recall Kelly saying she avoids alcohol bc if her dad. Apparently she broke that promise this year

No. 37199

i honestly thought she was turning 31 myself. She looks so much older than 35.

No. 37201

>I've never asked anything for my birthday
Yeah right kek. Oh, maybe she means she hasn't asked fans for a bday gift yet. Because that is exactly what this post is. I wonder how many will fall for it.

She already broke that """promise""" last year

No. 37204


Can she even do that? Is she renting or did she buy her apartment?

No. 37209


She said in the video that she never got these pictures back.. hmmm, then what are these lmao

No. 37216

They look like they might be snaps from a phone, rather than pics from a proper photographer.
She could do a diy with the kitchen oven/fridge/whatever. All she wants is the front pink, she could use pink spray paint for metal on them and diy something similar. Some people even use fablon/sticky back plastic to re-cover stuff. At least that would be more interesting to watch her to do than complain about her physical and mental issues.
When you look at her video views her DIY's are by far the most viewed. Honestly I don't even know why she's still doing that Dacian brats series.

No. 37220

Off-topic-ish (everyone is talking about Kelly wanting a useless pink stove that'll never be used and I'm bringing up shit she did in the past).. But I've been thinking about how Kelly used her father's "ashes"(/remains) in a painting.

A part of me thinks that she's lying about the fact that she used his "ashes" because when someone is cremated, their remains don't turn into actual ashes. Their remains end up turning into like really thick sand because in the end, all that remains are fragments of bones and those bones are put into a type of machine (like a huge-ass blender) that breaks the bones down into something smaller. And since that's the case, the paintings that she used these "ashes" in would have a bumpy texture because you can't blend in bone fragments easily into any types of paints, it's not as fine as pastel powder or mica pigments.

I've been trying to find any photos I could of the "ashes" she used, but all seem low quality that I can't see texture, etc.

No. 37236

I think the reason that she wants the pink stove is because the pilot she's filming involves her house. It's the only interesting thing she's got going for her and I'm sure that the black stove is the bane of her existence and she feels embarrassed by it kek

No. 37239

shitty review for a wig

No. 37255

The hair shes advertising is that crap from the dodgy chinese VP fashion website that got slated in her video 'VP Fashion are they good?' video last year. There were tons of comments complaining about the quality of the hair. Kelly replied to the top comment saying she would look into it but guess she didn't bother and decided to continue to plug them for coin anyway. The only way that company gets sales is from 'influencers' who get the product for free, and get paid to make a video about it.
The hair they send customers is also not the same as what they send out to influences, and you only have to glance at the dodgy terms on their website to see that its an unreliable and dishonest company. There are tons of bad reviews about them which Kelly has been directed to.
Kelly had to dye it THREE times is because poor quality hair is damaged and does not hold colour well, and synthetic hair strands mixed in with it will not take dye either.

No. 37275

this title gave me a fucking aneurism, it's like she's not even trying like wtf is up with the random punctuation and capital letters

Affordable human hair wig** unicorn hair dye; POWDER blue

No. 37276

As if shes wishing limecrime would change the hair dye container and has to use a knife to open it. I use that dye and I've never had an issue…. At all. What the hell

No. 37282

I was just thinking about those tea parties the fellowship used to do. What happened to those?

No. 37283

1. Her lips look AWFUL omg
2. “I’m a bit conspicuous on the Remy part” - does she not know what conspicuous means? She tries so hard to sound intelligent but clearly she just sounds like an idiot.

I can’t with this girl

No. 37288

Lopsided boobs again. What the hell is happening ( aside from ugly faux nerdporn coming soon)

No. 37289

It looks like someone fell into a box of ropes and couldn’t get untangled vs whatever the hell roleplay it’s supposed to be

Tinfoil: depop stuff marked as sold is her family or something just using a fake account to help pay bills

No. 37297

File: 1550940931868.png (1.11 MB, 640x1136, 721846ED-0CA3-4DC6-BD0A-55AB60…)

They even left her chest acne in kek

No. 37298

File: 1550940956418.png (1.65 MB, 640x1136, 3D74668E-0614-43ED-A3F4-08E0D6…)

A close up

No. 37304

This is so funny. she actually suits being on the cover of these kinda books

No. 37311


LMAO! OH MY GOD THATS SO FUNNY! Why hasn't she told everyone shes on a book cover???

No. 37314

Maybe they used her photo without permission, hence the giant red "EXCUSE ME?!?!" on the screenshot.

No. 37316

Yeah, judging by the ridiculously shitty shoop and the fact this is the only mention of it on any of her SM, I'm guessing this was done without her permission.

Given the name "Lyla" being so close to her LARP name, I wonder if this is a weird fan writing erotica inspired by her?

No. 37317

This suits her much better than YouTube, and she won't even have to make up a pretend persona for it. She looks like a retired pornstar and that's what these covers go for right?

No. 37318

File: 1550950735169.jpeg (317.83 KB, 1242x1529, 8ABB8C8E-4F9A-4E61-8508-B5B692…)


No. 37320

Lina is the writer lmao

No. 37326

There’s no way she’s saved up any of it herself. A few months ago didn’t she announce she had another trip to Japan planned soon?

No. 37342

No. 37344

God that video was so painful to watch

No. 37346


Holy shit, she is the WORST with money - totally disconnected. I don't care how much she's making: a studio space in DTLA, filled with the relics of her self obsession with her own appearance is fucking dumb when she's already spent money outfitting her home with #aesthetic. Also, I don't care how preemptively defensive she gets when she talks about her "bargains" with antiques - no working artist does that shit. You have to have a vision and an UPWARD trajectory to pull a move like getting a studio space, which we all know she doesn't.

It sounds like she's splitting the cost with Phi. We'll see how long that lasts.

What. A. Waste.

No. 37348

File: 1550959082809.png (9.03 MB, 1242x2208, C0C678DF-06DA-4797-9512-6C839D…)


So this was all I could find on the fathers ashes and the painting. It’s pretty disturbing she’d use his ashes in art work. They’re in her art story


No. 37349

File: 1550959117291.png (5.69 MB, 1242x2208, 339735FF-8DA5-4A28-9ED0-A13C74…)


No. 37350

She's had this studio for a long time, at least a year i think. I believe stephanie also splits the cost with her, she's posted photos working on cosplays in there.

No. 37352

Her paintings look good from far away but up close this is awful. Her eyes are so flat and lifeless, there's a tear running down her cheek that appears to originate from nowhere but no indiction of tears in her eyes, and why is her skin grey?

No. 37353


I'm not seeing any in the actual painting itself, just the normal paint strokes/paint textures. And the "ashes" actually look waaaayyyy too powdery. It looks like she put flour in her paint.

So.. uh.. Until I can find more proof that she did something so stupid, I'm calling BS that she used her father's "ashes" in a painting. I'm not convinced that she used human "ashes".

No. 37354


** meant to pout can't see any "ash" texture in the painting itself, I only see the normal paint stroke texture.

No. 37355

I hate how her studio is organized. She probably doesn't have a lot of space but the layout of everything just isn't conducive to work on anything.

No. 37366

Looks like really thick sand to me. >>37349

She must have made something so the ashes mix better with the paint, like grinding it with pestle and mortar.

Kelly is not the kind of person who just lies about edgy desperate stuff, she actually does the shit she says because she has to satisfy her need for drama. What is more dramatic than mixing her father's ashes to a "tortured artist" painting of herself?

I was shocked to see this closeup too! I have always thought that her art was pretty well done, even if it's uncreative as fuck but seeing this so close made me change my mind, she's not talented at all

If they are not talking anymore how are things going having a studio together? Must be awful having to talk to each other about payments etc

No. 37381

The camera focus was fuzzy 75 percent of the time. I hate the color of the shoot as well. Why couldn't she not use blue?

No. 37382

and she hired someone to shoot it for her is the crazier bit and said it was the same guy who shot that magazine cover of those horrible latex sailor moon cosplays she bought and made her human dolls sorry friends wear

No. 37383

It's crappy. I would've asked for my money back. The footage is unusable and certain points the blue overcast (if that's the correct word even) made me squint due to the extreme lighting. It was weird

No. 37389


holy shit that couldn't have been more cringey

No. 37392

Why didn't she just use one of those tri pods sitting there collecting dust? Would've been better quality.

No. 37398

She must've thought upping her brand was hiring a inexperienced someone to do her camerawork and is still referencing the same cringe memes for each video. Also, how many times is she going to use her safety net of a room tour or house tour to gain more traffic? It's old. She doesn't do anything of significance. I feel like most of these YT cows don't realise their content is stagnant, and their attitude is shit. Thats why people don't want to watch.

No. 37438

Kelly begging all her uwu weeb fans for money because she is "broke" is the cringest shite I've seen in a damn long time.

You're not broke sweaty, you make the stupidest fucking impulse buys to satisfy your self glorified image. Stop buying dumb shit- you have enough clothes.

Stop buying shit that you will wear once and then sell on your depop for 3x the og price. Stop taking luxury vacations, stop buying cosplays, stop buying stuff for your already cluttered as hell apartment.

You literally have no right to spend so much money and yet complain about being too broke to buy an oven or lighting because "boohoo my student debt".

News flash sweetie- your problems are first world. You have a working oven!!! youre just upset because it doesnt match your uwu kaweewee aesthetic. Either give it a bad paint job like everything else in your flat or suck it up and cry somewhere else, as for lighting?? Film beside a fucking window like everybody else and actually let real sunlight into that cave of a studio cause I honestly think all that artificial light has aged you.

Stop begging your obviously young audience for money when most of them probably have issues of their own. Or in case of an older audience actually need to live like responsible adults and not a 30 something year old trend-squatter with daddy issues.

(Sorry if this cut too deep lmao it's 6am, I haven't slept and I just saw her art studio video I'm fed up with this shit.)(Namefagging)

No. 37440

Instead of using implants for her expensively bad tit job the surgeons actually sucked out parts of her brain and used that in place of bumpy silicone. >>37438

No. 37442

I think you're being a little generous with the size of her brain, anon. Those lobes of hers would not have resulted in those deflated watermelons.

No. 37444

>>37442 I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they were nothing but air filled and she popped a tit trying to squeeze out that gross chest acne.

No. 37452

They somehow look even larger in person, I saw her at a con and got a photo with her and I couldn't stop staring at them, it was literally like she was just holding two big cantaloupes

No. 37455


Kelly Eden?? In the same room as fruit?! God has abandoned us.

No. 37458

For people who hate her so much you spend so much time on her. You know by watching her video, looking through her social media’s, or just looking things up so you can put on here.

No. 37462

That’s cute, you must be new here. Or just trying to provoke.

No. 37464

I always think its funny when people like this comment, like wow your post has completely changed our minds and we will all now publicly apologize to kelly and kiss her ass just like you do!

No. 37476

I don't hate her.
I pity her.

No. 37481

The noise she makes when she’s calling Toshi at the start is nightmare fuel

No. 37482

And he doesn't come to her, just stands there and stares at her then she tries to cover saying oh he usually comes when I call him! he must be camera shy! He was mostly sat away from her ignoring her so she then picked him up and death gripped him when he tried to squirm to escape, poor dog

No. 37521

File: 1551035502037.jpg (291.29 KB, 1731x1080, edenbra.jpg)

Her boobs do look like cantaloupes, especially when shes wearing a push up bra. They look slightly less ridiculous in unpadded bras.
She could have got teardrop shape implants to make them look feminine and natural in shoots so it looked more like lingerie modelling rather than porno shoot.

No. 37528

She actually looks good in that bottom left black outfit one, what anon was about her looking better in dark clothes is definitely true

No. 37531

lmao too real

No. 37571

I don’t know maybe both but you’ll never know(it was both)

No. 37572

I saw Kelly at the Dolls Kill sample sale. She was with Claire and another girl who I didn't see too well and they were being obnoxious as fuck. Kelly looked like a stumpy pile of pastel vomit with black boots. Her midriff was showing and you could see her lumpy stomach even from afar. She was wearing her shitty pastel blue (it looked green tho?) wig. It really wasn't a good look on her. Expect a haul video or something soon, they got two giant bags of shit.

P.S. nobodycurrs but I only went to entertain my friend as she shopped. I can't stand Dolls Kill, and as PC as Kelly can be sometimes, I'm surprised that she supports them. Didn't she model for them too?

No. 37577

Kelly is only PC when she has nothing interesting to say on Twitter and wants a little ego fluff of likes- she’s constantly contradicting even her own PC rants.

No. 37578

I think it was Lindsay, since she said she went too

No. 37580

Phi took the pictures of Claire and Kelly so idk if she’s the friend mentioned about but she was with them

No. 37587

Yeah it was Phi. I wasn't sure if it was her or not bc I didn't know that she had gotten a haircut (looked her up and saw the hair now, I don't keep up with her). I only got a brief view of her back before she walked out of sight.

No. 37591

File: 1551061643277.png (8.13 MB, 1242x2208, F7DE38D9-E86F-4739-A545-491C45…)

Photo of them from phi’s story

No. 37592

the way she wears the backwards snapbacks is just so cringey to me, its like shes a 50 year old mum trying to be a #coolteen

No. 37594

Whoa that looks so odd. Her lower legs look so chunky, wider than even her thighs after her leg lipo. Guess the surgeons didn’t even out the bottom during her discount surgery

No. 37598

Hi Lina(Hi cow)

No. 37599

File: 1551065311939.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190225-042539.png)

well the larp guy is at her house right now kek (posted on her instagram stories, couldn't take a better screenshot but it's definitely him)

No. 37602

I’m watching her amazing interiors episode and it’s kind of cringy. You can see that some of the stuff in her house doesn’t look as high quality as it does on her Instagram. And she discusses the pink oven as far back as that episode because she mentions to Dre that she spoke to the landlord about installing it or something.

No. 37605

kellys got sekril washing her fucking dishes on her instagram currently

No. 37610

File: 1551068426280.png (864.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-02-25-14-18-04…)

Wonder if she'll shut up about how lonely she is now that she has visual proof of him

No. 37612

looks like a balding old man in this pic lol

No. 37613

>Sekril thinking about being called a 4/10 on lolcow

No. 37614

Blegh he looks like an old fuck. Is she making him wash her filthy dishes? Kek

No. 37615

I actually feel bad for Phi having to see to see those 2 together in the same room. Especially kissing.

No. 37616

Leave the dude alone. They're probably gonna have kids. Do you want their kids to read this?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 37619

File: 1551072800373.png (222.38 KB, 404x441, 2019-02-25 16_33_12-cry laughi…)

sekril pls, kelly is not going to have your chinless babies

No. 37621

The fact that she made sure he was in the vid and WANTS people to know is disturbing. Anyone that desperate ought to be shamefully embarrassed

No. 37634

omg he's a total manlet. I didn't realize until I saw him in proportion to her house but he's probably no taller than 5'5"

No. 37644

You guys seriously pick apart every little thing about her look that are dumb af,she is not ugly and she doesnt look 40 wtf,annoying and cringy yes but this thread just screams jealousy thats why you have all this anons calling you out
Hard truth is you are all probably insecure ugly fatasses since you all sit on you asses all day and stalk her life(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 37645

Hi Sekril!(Hi cow)

No. 37646

Why are you even here if you can't handle the truth. Go back to watching them kiss Phi.

No. 37651

This is hilarious. I am hoping it's that idiot Sekril saying all this dumb shit. Notice everytime we say something about him a WK comes in to defend him and Kelly. Sekril go back tending to your cunt of a lazy Girlfriend.

No. 37664

this will probably sound stupid but can Kelly wear her boots properly and zip them up it irks me sm but of to her she won't look 'trendy' if she does smh(Sage this )

No. 37666

The reason Kelly must be dating such an ugly guy is because she gets intimidated by attractive men. She says she can't get into K-pop because the guys are too good-looking.

No. 37668

I dont know what sekril is and im not phi,i read lolcow on occasion its just my observation that yall from this thread seem really pathetic and envious and judging from some other comments in not alone(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 37669

To sum it up everyone here is that one meme where some ugly obese girl says omg shes so ugly and its really sad to look at so im gonna take my leave(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 37670

We are all obese? Well, if you aren't the pot calling the kettle black….
That comment made me cringe for her bf. Like, how awkward is that?

No. 37671

“I never really cook at my house”
“We never bake…I actually just like the color”
But you need that goddamn pink oven you spoiled entitled child? At least try to keep your lies consistent.

No. 37673

Oh, she has been actually transparent about it. She wants a pink oven for her apartment aesthetic ONLY. First world problems.

No. 37674

She’s creeping into Courtney’s trend territory now kek

No. 37675

Yeah, because hot people DO NOT gossip and talk bad about other people. How naive can you be, sweetie? In your mind all pretty people are angels that will never talk about other people being ugly? It makes it more obvious that you think of yourself as ugly and unnatractive. Kelly is not ugly, but she does look way older than she is, her plastic surgeries were all unnecessary and ended up not looking good, her face is looking super weird because of the fillings she gets, her lips are looking botched, her actual hair and wigs all are looking like shit and she dresses like she's a 12 year old weabo. She does all this things to herself, so we're not just "tehee, kelly is ugly!"

I'm livid! Thought that she was making out with that guy but she was embarrassed of him because she never showed him off on social media, but now the impression I get is that this is the first time she managed to catch a pic of him. He's clearly not posing. She is laying on her couch and took a discreet snap of him while he washed her dishes. How bad she must feel that fucking Sekril is refusing to pose for pics as her newest boyfriend? Which begs the question: why is he hiding this relationship?
Let's be honest: kelly is not ugly, we can nitpick all we want but lumpy stomach or not, she's still waaaaay too beautiful for him.

-Is Kelly super mega desperate?
-Is he amazing in bed?
-Is he super caring and a good person?

Place your bets

No. 37677

I'm just gonna guess maybe she doesn't want to put him on blast. Even when she was overtly proud of her bf's, they were always in the backgrounds of videos and rarely on her social media. She only features them when they are exes. ???

No. 37681


I'd bet money he's hiding it because he has another girlfriend that kelly is 'stealing' him from.

No. 37687

Maybe he's just a good guy and she got smart enough for once in her life to try a healthy romantic relationship that is not based on looks. As much as I dislike her I hope that's the case and she finds some fucking balance at least on one aspect of her life, we all know she needs some of that.

No. 37697

except that the issue in the relationship is usually Kelly and not the boyfriend, I know its common to think of abusive relationship= the guy being shitty, but Kelly's borderline personality and everything we've seen of her so far tells me that she is the problem (including her Q&A with her ex boyfriend) We've not seen anything from this sekrill dude so far except for what Kelly has been saying so I for all we know he really is a decent dude, but heres the thing about personalities like Kelly, they are manipulative as fuck. so no, Kelly isn't "worth so much more" then some random larp guy, I feel bad for him

No. 37703

I think it's a combination of kelly being desperate and being the kind of girl who likes to be worshipped by her bf. He seems like a not so attractive nerdy kind of guy who probably treats her like a princess because he's happy to be dating a pretty/"famous" girl.

No. 37705

>Phi's extreme highlight is disgusting.
>Kelly's frantic buying of more pastel shit she doesnt need
>nutella on her fucking lips while she's talking
>criticizing a manager for criticizing her worker "in front of customers"
>has anxiety about kpop artists because "they're so beautiful???" and "there's so many of them so how do people choose favorites"
>finds Backstreet Boys relatable because they were "kind of ugly"
>has to take vitamins because of a ~autoimmune disease~

I'm sorry but when did she talk about a autoimmune disease? Does she has the AIDS?
Also I am kind of a oldfag with this so seeing Phi interact is like nothing has changed. She's another caretaker for Kelly to ask for asspats. I wonder if they both (Dre and Phi) thought it's normal to be not only a roommate but a fucking caretaker for a adult woman.

No. 37706

Her IG has been gone for a few hours again

Wonder if she's deleting it or if it's getting deleted

No. 37710

She says she has Hashimoto disease. Which is an autoimmune disorder…

No. 37716

I agree with both of you. When i said that she is way prettier than him, I wasn't implying that she worths more than him, it was just about looks. Kelly is a real piece of work and it must be hard to be her boyfriend or roomate/bff/caretaker. I'll certainly feel bad for him if she treats him bad. But like >>37687 said, I really hope he is a good person and that this relationship brings something good for both of them. Maybe she realizes that appearance, aesthetics, outer beauty is not the main thing in life. But maybe that's wanting too much of her

I bet on it too! She loves to be "the boyfriend stealer", makes her feel like she won a competition of "who's the best woman" when she gets the guy. So sad.

I can't wait to see the next episode of this Sekrill chapter of K's life, it's the most exciting thing in this thread in a long time. Anons who go to the same LARP as the new couple, please please tell us every single detail you can about how they're acting together

No. 37725

Speculation, but some anons found his fb up thread and he had a gf that now has a baby. Dunno if it's his. But any decent man with a kid probably wouldn't be so quick to post photos with Kelly Eden.

No. 37731

Speaking of, didn't her npc character have a wedding in LARP last month? Whatever happened to that?

No. 37737

oh shit, so she might have legit stolen someones baby daddy? jesus christ kelly(please start saging your posts)

No. 37751

Nothing, it's just an npc/in-game thing. It doesn't mean she has any actual relationship with that person.

She obviously has a real-world relationship with this other guy though. I wonder whether their larp relationship or their real one came first.

No. 37752

Checked the girl’s Facebook and it is very clear that the baby is not his just like the previous anon said

No. 37756

I am 100% sure that they met in LARP, started flirting, they made the characters have a romance and then it evolved from there

No. 37759

I noticed that too. Wonder if it has anything to do with the larp dude showing up on her IG story.

No. 37765


>I'm sorry but when did she talk about a autoimmune disease? Does she has the AIDS?

If that isn't the dumbest comment I've seen I don't know what is.

No. 37773

it's a joke but go off.

No. 37777


>ahahaha it's a JOKE you moron, uh duh!

Sure but go off I guess.

No. 37791

At the very end she says she has to take vitamins bc she has an autoimmune illness

No. 37874

You do know there are hundreds of auto-immune diseases besides AIDS right?

No. 37882


She actually screeches "because i have a DIZEEEEEEEEEEEEZ" which she'll talk about later…so i'm sure we can expect a whiney video all about it.

No. 37883

oh yeah, I guarantee there will be a video on it with a patreon plug at the end lol

No. 37923

No. 37932

Maybe it's just me but she seemed way more normal in this than her usual vlogs. Maybe it's the friends she was with, since phi and claire both seem pretty low key

No. 37934

This is the most disgusting pathetic consumerist first-world bullshit I’ve ever seen. A dj playing while e-girls desperately fucking rifle through rejected alterna-fast fashion after waiting in line for eons? Barf.

No. 37939

Yea it’s ridiculous lmao but it’s Dollskill so what did u expect. The clothes/shoes they got look sooo bad and cheap and are basically made out of plastic foil?? Just go and wear a plastic bag gurl

No. 37940

I guess you only buy organic post-consumer handmade indie reusable clothes, huh

No. 37950

ugh phi keeps only replying comments about how cute their “new” look or haircut looks, i keep cringing

No. 37951

File: 1551268576557.png (544.79 KB, 1125x2436, BF67A725-AC25-4799-B41C-6B9C1A…)

Apparently the Instagram thing is not on purpose. I wonder why she’s being flagged or taken down.

No. 37968

Well, that hit a nerve. Don’t get your “vegan leather” panties in a twist. It doesn’t take much to buy second-hand, or simply live with less clothing than companies make you believe you need. It’s cute that you went after me as a person rather than rebuke my statement criticizing an industry that deserves to be criticized tho.

No. 37978

Is she a “they” now?? I don’t get her new style tbh

No. 37994

It bothers the crap out of me that Kelly has all these lights on inside her house while its clearly bright outside, I get if you have small windows you might want to turn on one light when you're home but she's got all these little lights turned on for "aesthetic" while they are about to head out the door. which is funny because the one video she uploaded before this she and phi are saying they shouldn't buy straws because its bad for the environment… (also while buying a ton of other plastic crap they really "need" of course)

No. 38007


She said they/them is preferred but she doesn't mind her old pronouns. Unsurprising, Phi is just like every other ""unique"" girl in LA.

No. 38018

LOL at 7:40 you can tell it’s literally KILLING Kelly inside that a stranger is complimenting Claire and not her hahahahaha

No. 38021

File: 1551300714530.jpg (Spoiler Image,108.21 KB, 540x466, Screenshot_20190227-205102_Ins…)

New insta pic. Kelly has been getting some camel toe inspo from stephanie.

No. 38022

She looks awful with that hairstyle, especially since she was model-tier before. I think she's trying to skinwalk Envy. Her constant shout-outs to every cosplayer in existence are so cringey on Instagram, she definitely craves approval just as much as Kelly, if not more

No. 38028

post the entire photo??

No. 38033

File: 1551304941508.jpeg (858.51 KB, 1125x1812, 087C9345-5EF4-4713-8D2F-428CBE…)

For someone who constantly shoops her waist to be hourglass shaped, she so inconsistent. That is a boxy ass shape if I’ve ever seen one.

No. 38034

File: 1551304946269.jpg (456.82 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190227-140214_Ins…)

No. 38035

Apparently she also doesn’t know how to pose to not look boxy lol model my ass

No. 38037

File: 1551305622829.jpg (130.68 KB, 1080x736, Screenshot_20190228-091045_Twi…)

Coming after Vivka and Courtney?

No. 38043

she got rid of all her curves with lipo, i don't understand why in other pics she edits them to be there again

No. 38049

I was being sarcastic, because while you do have a point, don't act like this isn't what every single youtuber and "influencer" on the planet does. Even regular people with disposable incomes spend it on crap more often than not. I agree that it's an issue but kelly isn't the only one doing it and it's not what makes her a cow. Maybe make a thread in /ot/ or something to talk about sustainable clothing practices.

No. 38052

No wk. But…You frighten me, zooming in like that to inspect her lady bits. Stephanie purposefully shoops or creates cameltoe. Kelly just has a vagina and is wearing panties. I'm just creeped out by this.

No. 38082

They do these haul videos because then they can write off the expense on their taxes by saying they bought it for the video.

No. 38123

Yo Guy’s she’s selling her paintings now https://kellyeden.bigcartel.com

No. 38132

Definitely read this as “selling her panties” kek.

No. 38136

She’s had these up for sale on this site for a few years, anon. This isn’t new.

No. 38143

anon was misled by kelly’s instagram. she posted a lie about never selling her art before and how she was “scared” to do so. meanwhile she’s been trying to unload that furby piece for over a year

No. 38159

File: 1551366589157.jpeg (222.92 KB, 740x1181, A94C054C-1875-41F3-8D46-993BE1…)

I mean…you’re actually not wrong.

No. 38166

File: 1551370751135.png (3.35 MB, 1242x2208, F73C8021-8757-4457-9CFF-6965F2…)

It really pisses me off how she sells things that she got for PR on her depop. You think it would kill her to do a giveaway or at least not sell them at market price since she already made money off them from her video.(namefagging)

No. 38173

I wish this shoe company would notice this and stop sending her freebies to her ungrateful ass. Half the time she doesn't like the things she receives.

No. 38181

And she's selling that expensive Japanese schoolbag she lusted after and got sent to review. Omg, the audacity.

No. 38193

File: 1551388513428.jpeg (296.3 KB, 1242x1550, 8D8A6166-F2D1-4D81-B3B3-F92A0E…)

kek at the first one she RTed. So hypocritical

that moment when you need $$ to spend on useless shit in Japan that you’re going to end up selling anyway

No. 38195

Jesus Christ, height makes a world of difference in how a cup size looks. I'm the same size, but mine just look decently big, not massive.(no1curr)

No. 38196

File: 1551388781480.jpeg (614.88 KB, 1934x1434, 364AD4CF-17DF-4745-980F-4DD1DF…)

“so sexy”

Remember when she would claim she was thicc.

Check those lipo hole scars yikes

No. 38198

you can literally see her nipple

No. 38200

I don't really think Kelly is a monster like a lot of people in these threads do, but I see her as a product of untreated mental illness and someone who uses their illness for attention and identity. Kelly embodies what mentally unhealthy people need NOT to be.

It isn't healthy to constantly update the internet about your mental state.

It isn't healthy to base your identity around your mental illness.

It isn't healthy to self-diagnose.

It isn't healthy to treat your body dysmorphia with regular cosmetic surgery.

It isn't healthy a and is just plain morally wrong to broadcast the suicide of a relative to the world in such an extreme way and make it about you.

It's really upsetting that she promotes herself as a mental health advocate when she is an awful role model for young women struggling with mental health issues.

No. 38203

she looks like Stephanie in the thumbnail

No. 38205

I mean her arms almost as thicc as her thigh now…

No. 38206

Well her huge tits make more sense now if her aerola is that massive. That aerola on her old tits would have been her whole tit

No. 38211

How is this a whole 20 minute video

No. 38215

She's running out of ideas, so she's talking about her favorite subject: herself and how much everyone loves her that even strangers put her on the cover of their shitty self-published romance novels

if you read the comments on her last couple of videos, it's really sad. A ton of people are saying how much they love the vlogs of her hanging out with friends, and those videos get way more views than the rest of her stuff. But she's down to like 2-3 friends who will even tolerate her anymore.

No. 38220

So I checked her bigcartel and something strange is going on. She sells the paintings with frame and without, but most of the time she's asking more for the frame than she is for the painting. Some are listed at painting+frame total price, some at painting only. What is she up to?
>Furby Sparkle Tea Party" Original Painting


>Without frame $200
Charging $300 for the frame with total list price at $500

>Furby Moon, Furb of Justice" Original Painting


>Original Painting Framed $400

She's charging $250 for the frame.

This screams scam to me but I'm not sure what. The self portrait she has updated Instagram with a caption under this painting that says (SOLD) yet it is still available on the website at $315 unframed.

The final painting is $220 without frame and $300 with frame.
So, you know she got all of these frames for maximum $15 each at a furniture store or thrifted, so why do they vary between $80-$300 each?
I can only assume either she desperately wants to keep the frames, and is hilariously valuing her art as less than the frame as a result, or she is trying to bump up the quoted sale price to say X was sold for $500 when it was really $200

No. 38238

Because the framed is the original? I didn't know she sold prints, but that would make sense. The unframed are prints, so worth considerably less.

No. 38240

Okay, she says “I’m not here to drag the author” but then has a 20 minute video basically making fun of her writing. At least the author can spell.

No. 38241

i dont get these bitches that get lipo and refuse to work out.

i thought that was Stephanie for a moment. wtf

No. 38244

not that anon but she doesnt sell prints. that's literally the price of the original painting without the frame. apparently a shitty frame is worth more than her shitty art kek

No. 38248

Is she including shipping? because it's significantly more expensive to ship a framed painting than an unframed one. Other than that, it makes no sense.

No. 38255

>the guy on the cover isnt really my type
Unlike the ugly ass Larp guy?

No. 38259

No shit eh?

No. 38260

If she's just selling the painting she could remove the flat canvas from the wooden frame and roll it into a tube to ship, but with the frame it'd probably have to go by a specialist courier due to the size. Wouldn't hurt her to have explained it though.

No. 38261

File: 1551426823793.jpeg (183.88 KB, 1242x720, A9735F8E-BB98-447F-BDD3-022E17…)

How many times has she’s promised to stream and hasn’t by now? Should be a drinking game kek

Also “HEY GUYS I HAVE SUCH GOOD FRIENDS SEE?” when we know you don’t have friends, you have people to use and discard

No. 38266

Those ones with the crazy frame prices are only small pieces, she hasn't listed any of her huge ones yet. The self portrait is largeish but that's sold as canvas only. The furby ones with $300 frames are just regular wall/coffee table painting size iirc, like maybe 15 inches across?
And yeah, no prints are being sold. I can see the added packaging and weight of the wood frame adding a little to the shipping cost, but $300?

No. 38267

Has anyone noticed her gaming PC setup she got for free has vanished? I wonder if the sponsor asked for it back as she ended up never using it. That was obviously capable of streaming with without upgrading it.

No. 38269

Her putting that last bit in all caps just makes it look like a dig at the friends that cut her off for using them. She’s never going to actually stream, but if she did it’s just going to be her constantly making that confused scrunched face then lots of “oh okay” and silence I feel. Also “ya boi” on repeat. She’s too boring:/

No. 38275

No. 38279

Is she acting more obnoxious and fake than usual because of the pilot she did? Is she showing whomever the pilot was with that she's kooky and awkward? It's super fake….. Good luck to her. I hope she gets the fame she craves

No. 38282

This was definitely a jab at Envy , but she got Kelly her old gaming system for free and she didn’t even do anything with it . If I was Envy i’d Stop helping her lazy ass to!!!

No. 38283

This is the worst closet tour I’ve seen. She needs to learn to organize properly, and I’ve also seen her ever wear like four of those items not including her LARP outfit. But seriously girl organize your fucking closet, go to IKEA and buy some extra hanger racks. Good lord

No. 38285

Kelly posted yesterday "GUYS ITS ALMOST EASTER!!!!" First of all, it's in a month and a half, so calm down. Also, I wonder what her Easter Party is going to look like now that she has no friends.

No. 38289

She's such a fucking cunt and a user. Does she think this is cute?

No. 38295

Wow how innovative another closet tour this will really boost those views and follows Kelly

No. 38312

This was definitely a jab at Envy , but she got Kelly her old gaming system for free and she didn’t even do anything with it . If I was Envy i’d Stop helping her lazy ass to!!!

No. 38323

So I guess she went back to pink hair?

No. 38327

no apparently she had the shout out part filmed 2 years ago but then the company didn't pay her so she didn't post it. But most companies wont pay you until after you post the content, especially if your channel isnt THAT big so idk what the deal was

No. 38328

no if you watch the shitty video she says that it was an ad for poshmark she recorded two years ago and since they never paid her she never posted it.she says on 6:20 if you want to suffer through that

No. 38329

One of the most irritating things about kelly is that she over explains fucking everything, sometimes things she has little to no knowledge about. The topics are all things you can almost guarantee most of her subscribers ALREADY KNOW. Like jesus christ who does she think follows her content that would have no idea about all these topics like Japanese fashion, popular brands, events, locations, etc, that all relate to her style and types of things she does. Plus just like overall repeating the same stories from past videos over and over.

No. 38336

File: 1551491247301.png (129.08 KB, 602x511, tt.png)

I'm speechless at your atrocious spelling/grammar most of the time, Kelly.

You'd think that she would have autocorrect enabled by now.

No. 38337

Kelly's tenuous grasp on English aside, whomever sent that message to her is a proper loony.

I wish she'd shared context; unless you cropped the context out? I dunno. But I'd love to know what prompted the message.

Maybe she thinks Crayola is a real person? And that Kelly really IS an irresistible, magick Elven princess whatever.

No. 38338

File: 1551494214394.gif (476.19 KB, 600x24, irony.gif)


Oh the irony of this part.

No. 38341


She's gonna burn out and crash super soon. She's been very energetic and hyper lately.

No. 38364

Wow so Poshmark paid her to promote them but she choses to sell most of the items on their competitor site Depop. Good ad Kelly.
The friend that told her it was a good investment to buy somebodys ugly old ripped prom dress must have been trolling.

No. 38366

Ew you can see her greasy real hair on the left

No. 38367

File: 1551529396691.png (679.49 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190301-142008.png)

No. 38368

This pose is really awkward and the longer I look the more awkward it gets. I can tell she was showing off her new thighs because she’s excited about them but it just makes her body look off. She looked fine pre surgeries and it’s obvious the older she gets the more she compares her body to old photos she photoshopped the hell out of as if they were how she actually looked. Kelly needs to quit comparing herself to fake photos- especially when she knows she faked significant parts and shapes of her body in them.

No. 38369

I find it funny that a lot of the stuff she has in her depop are things are showed off and raved about in her closet tour.

No. 38372

Someone needs to add that to a pic of her Star Wars and Final Fantasy cups she's selling and make it a lolcow banner

No. 38381

File: 1551543371705.png (1.08 MB, 1413x751, Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 10.0…)

She has several Lux de Ville (or spelled Seville by her) bags/clutches on there. Did she ever do a video or even a mention of these? Or did someone send these to her and they just went right onto Depop.

No. 38383

Maybe she bought them? Or it was sent to someone else? Lux De Ville usually only sends PR to goths and vintage/pinup influencers, as it's their target audience. That being said, if it was sent to Kelly for PR; she isn't obligated to do a video on it. But it would be the decent thing to do.

No. 38386

Wait a minute, she mentioned she is going to Japan in the beginning of the Dolls Kill sample sale video… who paid for this trip?

No. 38389

Kelly says in this video at around 5:20 she was gifted a bag from this brand and I 5:30 she said she has a ton of these bags.

No. 38408

File: 1551562082204.jpg (2.04 MB, 2560x2211, Narcissist.jpg)

Wow a self portrait? Never saw it coming

No. 38409

I second this

No. 38412

Every time she pulls that dumb tongue face i wanna gag. It looks like a bonbon or a gross raspberry
>>38408 i know only from this little taser that it’s a pic in her angelic pretty blouse it’s honestly one of the nicest pieces she has…

No. 38416

Ugh, how self obsessed.

No. 38421

so she's probably painting something from this set of photos: >>36057 which blows my mind because i personally think that's one of the worst shots of kelly's face that's ever graced the internet. she's not bad looking at all but this shit makes her look like trinity the tuck taylor out of drag, completely botched and distorted. wtf

No. 38426

All I could see from this photo set was Trinity! Sad they've probably had the same amount of work done but Trinity's body came out so much better

No. 38432

File: 1551571160733.jpeg (264.22 KB, 1242x1172, 7E7DE01C-750C-4938-AB36-C3AD47…)

Subtly calling us out eh? Kek

We can do both, yakno.

No. 38438

Yep, checking to see if people still follow each other is super time consuming and leaves no brain space for literally any other thoughts.

No. 38439

The tongue looks like a dick coming out of her mouth

No. 38440

Get off your high horse Kelly, like you've ever done shit to help the flint water crisis, or any person in need. Retweeting with a caption like 'omg im so much better than all of you because i care about the REAL issues' to your dying twitter account helps no one.

No. 38463

File: 1551589879846.png (144.77 KB, 495x766, k.png)

didn't kelly post an anti-semitic meme a while back?

No. 38470

Yes, she did. But, of course she had NO idea it was anti-semitic. She thought it was 'making fun of psychologists' or something.

No. 38482

She literally posted a "blue eyes white girl" makeup tutorial as a cute bat signal for white nationalist clicks and """"accidentally"""" posted a gross anti-Semitic meme claiming she didn't recognize an obvious anti-Semitic characature, but okay.

The sad thing is that it's ALMOST believable that she's that stupid and out of touch, but I can't believe a grown ass woman who is online 24/7 and whose livelyhood is based on social media doesn't know better. Any attention is good attention if it can be monetized!!!

No. 38487

shoutout to the time she posed with homeless people without their consent for a joke

No. 38490


No. 38495

Wasn’t she posing in from of a lawn where some homeless was sleeping? I think i also remember seeing that

No. 38503

She bought that pastel purple American Apparel skirt from a girl on depop who was trying to sell if for $18 , but Kelly wanted it to be cheaper LOL then she goes on to sell her old re-depop crap for tons of money and her free PR for $$$$. Pinupgirl sent her so much shit and she just resells it all. She talked so much shit about those Chotronette dresses and now loves them?

No. 38504

I will never understand someone who does a gofund me for a pink oven when there is so much other important crises in the world.

No. 38505

She keeps wearing those black shorts is it her lipo garment wear ?

No. 38506

Those awful Kylie Jenner lips. She looks like a california whole foods soccer mom.

No. 38509

I think it was posted in the previous thread, along with some other caps from her tumblr.

No. 38511

This is perfection

No. 38514

Kelly Eden is getting hate from everything she does. Buying clothes -bad. She should be broke and wear only 1 t-shirt and pants. Dying hair. Bad. She should go bald instead. Being depressed. Bad. She should be more fun. Being fun, cheerful and going out? Bad. She should stay depressed. You people who are hating and body shaming Kelly are toxic. You are calling her toxic but the truth is you are not better either. Why don't you find yourself new person for hate? Kelly should take example from Xiaxue and become really mean bitch who drags and call out all her haters and posts personal info about them. I'm wondering if she post facebook of your family member of friends and drag them, and make her fans to harras them you would see how awesome is online hating. Oh and by the way HI COURTNEY, HI STEPHANIE how is life going with your pathetic husbands? I guess it sucks because from excessive free time you come here everyday to body shame Kelly.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 38515

No. 38518

the WKs daily unsaged 'leave Kelly alone' paragraph, samefag started appearing pretty much religiously after MPB Sekril came into the picture which is all kinds of depressing

No. 38524

>Why don't you find a new person to hate

Lmao so it's fine as long as it's not Kelly

No. 38531

Well then. Did that make you feel better protecting someone who doesn’t give a fuck about you?

No. 38532

File: 1551643952007.png (550.03 KB, 680x611, 1543537685589.png)

No. 38536

File: 1551647144924.png (323.16 KB, 608x508, kota.png)

I just saw this on Kota's page and I'm cackling. This is 100% calling out Kelly kek

No. 38542

File: 1551649150590.png (49.78 KB, 582x184, envy.png)

Envy retweeted this too

No. 38563

shit, that's when you remember how much better she looks without the huge tits

No. 38570

Yeah. I don't think that she's fat, but those implants on her body type make her look fat. She looked tons better without them (and she looked taller too)

No. 38580

She was given them by her friend (or now probably former friend) @therealrockwell on instagram. She works for the brand. I think her real name is Raquel, she's in a bunch of Kelly's older videos.

No. 38591

No. 38592

"Look at all the packaging, its so cute" chucks it on the floor like a spoiled brat

No. 38593

this blouse is for sale on her poshmark, i wonder if she would actually send it to someone if they bought it

No. 38594

In her video kelly said she bought that blouse for 30 dollars, now shes selling it used for 100? What a scalper.

No. 38597

And what an idiot. If you're really going to scam, at least don't mention the actual price before reselling.

No. 38598

Whoops I meant her closet tour she said the price of the blouse, not the makeup review one, my bad

No. 38606

Why did she style the wig like that? It looks so awful.

No. 38617

In b4 she tweets/retweets something about "growing as a person" or "learning from past mistakes"

Both of which we know she doesn't ever do

Didn't she mention/show them off in a recent video? I'm too lazy to look up which one

No. 38619

File: 1551691054129.jpg (72.02 KB, 802x716, kkk.jpg)

That wig is horrible, it's really stringy on the ends and is really patchy. Didn't she supposedly get a professional to do it, sure doesn't look like it. It's not even mint it's full on green with random patches of blue at the top.

No. 38621

That is DTLA, what a bitch to take a picture by someone going through a tough time. She was probably 25 or 26yrold in this picture.

No. 38624

Well Sekril we didn't know you had a thing for Xiaxue who has pink hair and is short like Kelly but likes Donald Trump. Do you like Donald Trump Sekril?

No. 38625

We like to see who you follow Kelly because one day you like somebody and the next day you don't.

No. 38628

File: 1551700390000.jpeg (48.65 KB, 357x343, 1450A55D-6852-4613-971B-7DFD8B…)

Wait, is the Raquel you’re talking about the same one who was friends with Audrey Kitching? Raquel Reed? This explains Kelly’s link to Audrey and inevitable skinwalk. It’s all coming together.

No. 38637

No, she doesn't look like that and spells her name different. She was in the Fall/winter lookbook video Kelly did a few months ago.

No. 38663

Blast from the past, but different girl. Though both happen to have tats, be Hispanic, and obsessed with 1950s rockabilly retro-flapper look. Raquel is now doing pretty well as a burlesque model/dancer in Vegas and looks like she’s trying to skinwalk kim k. Though your spot on about kelly taking inspiration from Audrey.

No. 38677

File: 1551732193177.jpeg (151.37 KB, 750x1334, B43D1DB0-6056-4FAC-95BD-5A5F53…)

In her japan haul vid she said this was originally $118, bought for $40. “Worn once”. She’s too lazy to even come up with a believable lie.

No. 38678

she's a huge cunt. who the fuck thinks this is okay?

No. 38680

File: 1551734603043.jpeg (205.07 KB, 750x1000, B92D6E79-F135-4FBF-830F-5D2FDC…)

how is this a Pokémon trainer outfit…?

No. 38681

>pokemon trainer
>pokemon trainer outfit
>PlayStation sweater

No. 38683

It's going to be interesting to see what she impluse buys during her next Japan trip, shows in a haul video, then upsells on Poshmark/Depop.

No. 38685

File: 1551735947369.jpeg (389.93 KB, 1331x2000, D17F5F47-907B-401E-AE54-AD65B3…)

Wow such a gamer girl

No. 38690

File: 1551738199823.jpeg (181.92 KB, 749x1021, 07F71246-8EB2-4F96-8A57-B45EFB…)

Said she got this one for $30. Some oblivious fan is gonna buy it, and that’s the worst part-she knows the likelihood of a supporter buying it is high and she’s willing to scam them anyway.

No. 38691

>playstation sweater

…So pokemon

No. 38696

I'm not a kelly wk, but it's not a scam to resell something for more than you bought it for. People do it all the time, it's literally how anyone makes a profit reselling anything. It would be a scam if she sold it but never shipped it, or if it was in shit condition, or if it was some crappy brand that was never worth that much. But angelic pretty blouses easily go for over $100 so to call this a scam is a reach.

No. 38697

File: 1551740250245.jpeg (89.27 KB, 1242x483, B4D2C865-1C9C-47A8-A128-E6E2D2…)

“give me your prom photos so I can steal ideas for my prom-themed 30th birthday party at a venue that nobody is going to come to! yay!”

(I know she’s doing this from fb by the way)

No. 38698

Her face color doesn’t match her neck lol

No. 38705

File: 1551745274410.jpeg (239.01 KB, 500x600, 33ff265b-2dc7-49c2-a5f2-0767b4…)

According to Lolibrary, the bust measurement on this cutsew is 82cm. Yikes. There's no way she stuffed her balloon tits in there without stretching it to hell and back.

No. 38712

I lol'd IRL. I'm surprised that I can still be shocked by her stupidity, but here we are.

No. 38713

But reselling it for nearly the original price after wearing it far more than once but advertising as such? I think her justification in pricing something so extremely is that she knows one of her blind followers will buy it. She doesn’t need to mark it up in order to survive because she has people literally giving her free money through patreon, etc. so it seems like an abuse of power. It’s much different from the girl next door running a depop and marking items up $10 or so. (Not to mention the lip fillers, elective surgery, constant take-out, impromptu shopping sprees, trips across the world…she’s not exactly struggling as much as she wants us to believe, and if she is, it’s due to mismanagement of money).

No. 38714

Samefag, but I also wanna say that most of us critique Kelly because we’re disappointed. At one time we loved and believed in her, and were inspired by her, but have lost faith along the way. It’s sad but true.

No. 38718

File: 1551750550669.jpg (355.43 KB, 1080x1457, IMG_20190305_014821.jpg)

She didn't make this style up tho, there are tonnes of girls on twitch and sex cam girls that dress kawaii esque and have pastel hair

No. 38719

Beyond the fact that Pokémon isn't a Sony product, how is wearing a pink sweater a Pokémon ootd lol. This is no different to the shit she normally wears

No. 38721

This isn't a Pokémon trainer outfit. She was posting a pic unrelated to the caption as usual but this time tried to make it fit. Such a kawaii nerd gamer grrrl~

Speaking of which, wow thought she forgot about the controller. Guess it's just a prop now. What about her alienware twitch setup?

>my style is unique

>lists popular IG fashion hashtags, some that she doesn't even wear
Btw slight OT but she said she used to dress gothic, what made her go pastel kawaii?

No. 38727

Narcs tend to think they own and/or invented whatever shit they're interested in. This comes as absolutely no surprise to me.

No. 38728

Is she Pixielocks now and thinks she's ~unique~ enough to have her own special style name? Aging e-thot works. It's cringy to see her try to grasp for individuality when she clings to the generic and trendy "kawaii gamer girl weeabo".

No. 38729

She was never goth, or gothic. She wore some black while dressing like a scene queen. That's her idea of goth, I guess.

No. 38755

I don't know where you are looking but good fucking luck getting $100 for a blouse in the current market, its completely over saturated and things aren't retaining value like they used to, also the fabric of the main body makes it a cut sew which makes it cheaper than a blouse, lolibrary has the original price at ¥12,744 so her original $135 she marked down from was more expensive than brand new

No. 38760

Thank you!! She was not goth or grundge. She has no understanding of the styles at all. She wears combat boots and ties a plaid shirt around her waist, so she's grundge now? This girl….I can't. She truly thinks she is the most original thing, when in reality she is a mesh of everyone she wants to be like. She takes skinwalking to another level. Can someone be any more self absorbed?

No. 38761

Didn't she just rip off pixielocks' bath photoshoot? And now she wants to invent her own style? Of all the people to try to skinwalk lmao

No. 38762

She did skinwalk Raquel Reed for a bit, she painted her. Kelly tweeted at her repeatedly and instragram commented her post, so finally, Raquel Reed obliged. Kelly took a picture of Raquel at the movie theatre with popcorn and then painted it later on. She did skin walk through her, Audrey Kitching, and stole all of Demonpuff Tilly's house ideas. Tilly was inspired by her mama, and then would paint shit and then Kelly copied.

No. 38763

So trendy, so Japanese. So KAWHY.

No. 38764

Her style is WEaboo SHaty Riding DahrTY Feet.

No. 38770

Her face ruins everything. I don't mean to be needlessly harsh because I know she can't help her face but its so uncute and looks so mature that any "kawaii" picture is just ruined.

No. 38777

God why is she sticking her tongue out in all her thumbnails at the moment, its gross, is she trying to mimicking ahegao like all the other thots and failing

No. 38788

No. 38791

I'm really sick of ahegao at this point. It might take some huge fall from grace for belle delphine before all the ethots quit copying her

No. 38795

i don't know if the whole 'i don't really care about this' is a new act or whatever but I'm so surprised she's still getting sponsored and views when acting so ungrateful. Chucking the packaging and complaining the entire time for shit she got for FREE is so annoying

No. 38807

I was looking at some old pics of her and I am pretty sure she had a nosejob

OT but, what's the actual pronunciation of Kawaii?

No. 38808

File: 1551809696659.jpeg (253.69 KB, 750x1110, 11BC3D33-2D0D-461A-AD82-05ABE6…)

No. 38810

Kah-wah-ee. And it literally is used in Japan to describe anything cute…it's not really used as a descriptor for anything specific like weebs assume that it does.

No. 38812

Ahegao doesn't look like this. Does she know it's supposed to be an O-Face? If so, I wonder if she would keep using it for every thing she does now?

No. 38826

Her attitude in this one pisses me off. She could not have been anymore unenthusiastic and throws a hissy fit because the company was kind enough to send her a personal letter saying she'd like Bliss a lot, which is the pink lipstick. She also keeps mentioning how tired and sleepy she is, too sleepy to finish reading the spicy parts in a book she's currently reading.

Then Toshi starts to play with the packaging and honestly it almost seems like Kelly hates him. She gets irritated and annoyed but leaves the packaging on the floor anyway. Mentions she should feed him, but waits to finish recording despite that she could just edit that out.

Then she ends the video by smearing the lipstick on her face and screaming. Not cute.

But she did confirm that she has a boyfriend which must mean her and Sekril are official.

No. 38829

I really hate the way she titles her videos with RANDOM CAPITALIZED WORDS AT THE END

No. 38837

her refusal to edit her videos is part of the reason i fell off the kelly bandwagon over a year ago now. she isn't fucking trisha paytas where the dumb bimbo "i dont know how to edit teehee" act works (and even then it kinda doesnt work). she's lazy. this video is remarkably lazy. i cant figure why brands have her on the PR list still. she doesnt make any product look even remotely good

No. 38849

File: 1551831730037.jpeg (Spoiler Image,364.64 KB, 1800x1800, 0D915EEF-0E14-41D1-B51A-A5C8C6…)

So maybe Kelly is getting more work on her stomach? I don’t know. There was no comment on what the procedure was. Of course the other shit was post-op procedure.

Spoiler because of needles. Saging because I don’t know if milky.

No. 38851

aren't most people who attend prom underaged?? this is kinda crazy to ask for people's prom photos, even if they went years ago.

Also, google exists, bitch

No. 38853

>you look so young in this photo!!

>fountain of youth

Are they smoking crack?

No. 38854


Attitude aside, I think she looks cute in this video, I like the hair and makeup. Sorry fam.

No. 38863

She mentions a guy she's dating is coming over to make her dinner.

Looks like her and Jason are actually official now. No wonder he keeps coming here and sperging over the fact that we're calling out her shitty behavior.

Face it dude, you're a passing whim of hers, and you're never gonna get the screentime afterwards.

No. 38865

ya boi really needs to stop saying she goes to the gym.

No. 38866

lol lol lol botox aside, facetuning aside, blur effect, lol lol lol

No. 38878

File: 1551843718792.jpeg (418.82 KB, 1935x1548, A229183D-B45F-411A-8827-CFC0B7…)

She went live yesterday and hoo boy.

She didn’t know what Nova Scotia is.
Phi joined in for a little bit and Kelly started complaining about Phi being gone for too long because she goes to school and Kelly sits at home all alone. She told Phi to graduate already.

She’s mentioned wanting to dye Toshi pink again and said that she has cake treats in her fridge but can’t eat them because she has Hashimotos which means she can’t have gluten and that it’s an autoimmune disease

Someone said that they wanted more ask Kelly videos and she said that people don’t like her Ask Kelly and LARP videos (at least she knows)

After that I couldn’t watch any longer

No. 38889

I don't understand what part of her style is "grungy"

She didn't know what Nova Scotia is? Are you serious? And by the way you describe her interaction with Phi you would think they were married and not roommates. Kelly needs to learn to have boundaries. Jeez.

No. 38908

Her lips and laugh lines are so fucked

Also idk if it's the lighting but her nose looks really long and big in this

Although that hair color suits her more than pink, her ghastly makeup totally ruins it

No. 38925

I think her nose looks fine, not big or long. I do think her lips are off tho and she should stop fucking with them because it looks like she groupon that shit >>37610 and what the fuckkkk, girl don't date him! larper LOL

No. 38926

Date phi instead since she is they/them now

No. 38959

Kelly is dumb as fuck but I thought she looked sooo pretty in this video. That's a look that suits her: dark sultry makeup and the green hair. She should realize already that she looks 1000x prettier like this

I'm dying to see pics of them as a couple

No. 38960

File: 1551893325470.jpg (948.39 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190306_122310.jpg)


The screenshot reminds me of those hideous ones of kylie from back when she was using too much filler. I wish Kelly would leave her face alone.

No. 38980

Oh god why is someone asking her about Nova Scotia? It’s bad enough pixielocks stalkers all want to come here to have the same tattoo artist as her

No. 38988

File: 1551909738048.png (8.84 MB, 1242x2208, E7437EAB-A98F-4ED0-82F0-888D97…)

Wouldn’t it just be cheaper to do sit ups in her house? Or is that too much effort compared to travelling in LA traffic to this place to get injections that may or may not work in your stomach?

No. 38994

But anooooon… She tried EVERYTHING, she went to the gym 7 days a week, only ate healthy and nothing is working!! Only plastic surgery can fix it, anon! /s

No. 39005

Yeah the short cut she's trying to take is actually setting her back further.
And meanwhile she is doing nothing about that chestne.

No. 39006

Her body is going to look so awful as she ages. Her arms already look disproportionate compared to the rest of her

No. 39007

She's at home most of the day. She has Toshi to take on walks. It's not that hard for her to squeeze in working out during the day. But she'd rather waste possibly 1 to 2 hours dealing with LA traffic for an 1 long appointment when she could have "wasted" an hour per day just working out or even doing a half-ass work out.

No. 39008

File: 1551916570167.png (208.35 KB, 1077x588, br.png)

I was going to comment about her stolen art but somebody beat me to it kek

No. 39010

lmao kelly tried it. what a spicy hot take from the Art Hoe God, at least bob ross never tried to sell a painting of a furby for $500

No. 39016

File: 1551919122197.jpg (270 KB, 1080x1126, IMG_20190307_003744.jpg)

No. 39017

I really wish Kelly would not be Kelly for five minutes.Everything has to be a sob story about her

No. 39021

She's just going along with the rumours about MJ with no research… love seeing everyone in the comments correcting her, can only imagine how salty she's getting that she's being proven wrong

No. 39027

She deleted the original tweet kek probably because someone called her out in the thread

No. 39029

File: 1551923955866.png (136.79 KB, 615x598, KEK.png)

So it's only ok for you to use mental illness as an excuse for your failures and shitty personality then?

No. 39032

Says the chick that dated and still supports that pedo asswad from BOTDF

No. 39036

She deleted this to backtrack so hard.

No. 39042

'someone very famous' sucks of its true obviously. How does she end up with 'famous' boyfriends? Is she a groupie or what

No. 39044

Honestly, I would never trust this doctor with the amount of stuff she's getting and when she admitted to body dysmorphia. Anyone with ethics would have cut her off, if they even did anything on her at all.

No. 39045

i really need kelly’s art theft to blow up. someone with a platform needs to call her out. it’s fucked. she is making money, probably decent money, from society6 merch that she fucking STOLE from original fucking creators. she promotes it enough for me to think she gets at least a few hundred a month (that she can waste on cheap bullshit she doesnt need but that’s another comment)

No. 39047

It says right on the photo what it is, anon. "Forma for skin tightening after liposuction"

No. 39055

File: 1551933411403.png (367.83 KB, 630x768, wave.png)

is that a fucking stain on her flat?(nitpicking)

No. 39056

File: 1551933658753.jpg (472.65 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190306_224039.jpg)

lol the funny part is I just checked her society 6 out of curiousity after that tweet and delete BS and it's still "up" but when you click on the sephiroth phone case or greeting card it comes up with this error page. Everything else on there the links seem to work.

So… GG Kelly.

No. 39060


i know i have been ranting about cows' inability to get to the fucking gym but GIRLLLLLLLLLLLL.

IMAGINE the amount of content that would give her: "my gym/ mental health journey"

>workout routines

>journaling the change in her mental state as a result of going to the gym routinely, ADVOCATING SELF CARE AND MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS AND HOW EXERCISE AND MENTAL HEALTH ARE INTRINSICALLY LINKED and how they /could/ possibly improve someone's depressive states

>progress video of her body eventually

>(also actually for once developing an ass)

>more dumb ass haul videos because her toned body would look good in all sorts of slutty wanna-larp clothes

fucking kelly man. we know you lurk here. just get off of your fucking ass and become a fitness thot "but make it kawaii".

No. 39062

Jeez Kelly missed the entire point. At least know what you're talking about before you start slating it.

The whole point of the wet on wet method Bob Ross used was that it made it quick and simple to follow along. The paintings were classic designs and universally appealing to suit all tastes ('too commercial' according to kelly. Yet Not many people want a pic of your 'kawaii' furby hanging in their home Kelly, I don't see you selling many of those.)

The methods he used allowed him to fit a whole painting into a 30 min show, hence the quick methods and wet-on-wet process. (Whens the last time you did a full on oil painting in 30 mins Kelly?)
He used a technique that everybody could use to create their own painting at home, and his paintings came from his imagination. Kellys just sits and copys hers from a photograph.

Kelly has a serious superiority complex if she thinks the wet on wet method is 'cheating' and that she can do better. I don't see her paintings selling for tens of thousands. Bob churned out 30,000 paintings in his lifetime, how many has Kelly done?

She has a history of disrespecting artists (stealing artwork for tattoos , her mugs etc, failing or being reluctant to credit artists, insulting them by suggesting their subject matter is her, stealing ideas and other peoples aesthetic), and now she's caling out a famous dead artist, whose painting method blew up in the 80s and is even more famous today. Have some fucking respect Kelly.

No. 39063

I dont see any innovative techniques in kellys basic oil paintings. Unless you count disrespecting your fathers ashes, which adds precisely nothing to the appeal or quality of the painting.

No. 39070

Imagine getting plastic surgery but looking better in the before. Her lack of muscle gives her no shape, these are child legs lol

The whole point of Bob Ross is to teach people who don't have a clue how to make art. He's not trying to he a high brow artist, he's trying to get more people into art who would otherwise never touch it. The "fine art world" doesn't care about him because he's not even attempting to be part of them

No. 39072

This woman is an absolute fucking cunt. Imagine making up an abuse claim because people are schooling her in the comments. I honestly dont know how she goes about her daily life being the victim that she apparently is of EVERYTHING.

No. 39076

Is she just hanging out with Lindsay becauze she is going to Japan and needs japan info about digz and things to do and learning basic japanese: Kawhyy. I mean all of a sudden Lindsay is in the picture right before her trip.

No. 39078

She can’t talk about anything without making it about herself

No. 39080

I like that David Bowie looks better in the after

No. 39101

File: 1551981767168.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190307-164123.png)

No. 39105

File: 1551985352965.jpeg (94.24 KB, 750x282, 34C8AFB3-6DBB-4562-A454-895A23…)

Well that didn’t take long.

No. 39106

Literally looked better before. Thick ish but shapely, now it looks lime two wet noodles

No. 39118

‘Child legs’ was pretty accurate which is awkward paired with her waist up. I’m shocked she didn’t learn from her first Japan trip to buy a bunch of clothes that nothing is going to fit her chest- I figured she would’ve gone down a couple sizes after her stomach lipo.

No. 39137

File: 1552015250829.png (96.59 KB, 602x453, lol.png)


That tweet basically describes her

No. 39183

Oh kelly, she finally noticed. List of people she use to be close with but she hit the unfollow button so quick: Natasha Lillipore, Ophelia Overdose, Courtney Dawne, Stephanie Shaw Michelle (former bff), Kota Wade, Skinwalked Tilly Dinmore "wardrobe, house style, pastel colors, kitchen", Trevor Friedrich (old roomate who threw a party for her in when she first moved and introduced her to people), Megan Massacre, Molly Mcissac, Envy , Vidka…. the list goes on.

No. 39190

Was she friends with Megan Massacre?

No. 39194

File: 1552062031927.jpg (292.86 KB, 1294x754, kellymegan.jpg)

I don't know if they were good friends, but they were friendly enough. Kelly painted a portrait of Megan.

No. 39195

her chest tattoo is actually hideous.
there's always something really off about Kelly's paintings and I can never quite put my finger on what it is

No. 39196

well she obviously traces the human features like face and hands/arms on this one. there's a huge gap in detail between those areas and the rest of the pic.

No. 39197

How the hell does she get away with calling her paintings 'hyper-realism'?
They're not the worst, I guess, I never went to art school, but… yeah, no.

No. 39199

File: 1552064335320.png (287.26 KB, 750x1334, 0516110F-93D8-4D4A-9F84-67BFCB…)

She really isn’t friends with any of the fellowship anymore

No. 39205

It's probably because she clearly paints from photographs and likely has no innate sense of light and space. This flattens things out in weird ways. She's trying to go for photorealism, but failing hard.

No. 39219

That and it her paintings always looks like a midway point and like they’re all still unfinished. I think she gets lazy and just tries to get to a certain point that she feels is passable and hasn’t made an effort to grow her skills to take it further like it needs to be. Everything looks so flat and like she’s trying to cheat adding depth to only some areas.

No. 39220

and also the black shading muds everything out and gives it a very strange look

No. 39222

I think that's because she shades everything with no light source in mind. Everything is shaded equally, not like in real life when light comes from a direction.

If she wanted to shade her paintings like of the subject was in a room with lots of lights, with no particular light source, like a photography studio she shouldn't deepen the shadows so much, like in the dress we see here

Source: I paint, and my biggest struggle is this exact issue. Shading is hard, people! It's okay to struggle with this but don't call your paintings hyperrealism. I don't think she's awful at it, she's just okay. If the paintings were creative, original, interesting, people wouldn't detect everything that's wrong with them instantly.

No. 39223

File: 1552074576765.png (193.16 KB, 523x674, steph.png)

LOL one of the only times I'll say good on Stephanie.

No. 39228

I know this is old, but that cristal tattoo is bearly visible

No. 39229

File: 1552080128555.png (1.18 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20190308-200750.png)

Drop my image

No. 39235

Calling people who don’t identify as women women, nice one Kelly

No. 39237

File: 1552082841455.jpg (26.92 KB, 568x290, stephanie.JPG)

On Kelly's shout-out post for International Women's Day, someone asked about Stephanie. And then Kelly's sister replied back with a poop emoji. Hmm. I guess Kelly and Steph probably have split.

No. 39238

lol all the replies are like "this is not an unpopular opinion" kelly is in fact the one with the shitty hot take/unpopular opinion, no actual artist thinks bob ross was "cheating"

tbh i wish steph had just said who she was responding to, but that's a pipedream.

No. 39239

Probably explains why Stephanie put literally the entire Fellowship on her story for Women's Day EXCEPT for Kelly. Kek

Glad they're all away from Kelly. Her sister Madi seems like even more of a piece of shit too.

No. 39240


Where in the world did she call her work hyperrealism? It shouldn't even be called realism because it's not even close to looking realistic!!(namefagging)

No. 39241

tbf I think Steph tweeted about it first. Kelly posted her tweet about it hours later

No. 39242

you're right, kelly's tweet was like 8 hours later. kelly tried to make it seem out of nowhere but she was in fact being shady af, what else is new

No. 39244

File: 1552084174889.png (175.11 KB, 599x703, kek.png)

Was curious so I went on Madi's Twitter. There's a lot on there but this made me laugh. It sounds so made up for attention

"Severe daddy issues"

No. 39249

Looks like her sister deleted that reply as I can't see it but can see the girl's "I'm so confused" reply on her twitter

No. 39253

File: 1552089556578.png (101.95 KB, 600x436, m.png)

Found Madi's maybe throwaway account

The end of their tweet was confusing though. Were they talking about the girl tweeting Kelly asking about Steph, or were they talking about Madi "shading" Steph? Either way, kinda sus.

No. 39254

Just a faint, ghostly image of a small penis. Poetic

To be honest ot doesn't seem made up at all. Men like to belittle women for their tastes, specially things girly/childish like disney, princesses etc. And people love to accuse girls of "having daddy issues" in a pejorative way. I don't doibt they have severe psychological issues because of their father, he was an alcoholic, alcoholic parents fuck you the fuckety fuck up. Last, but not least, I can't fucking believe I'm having to defend kelly. Having a fucked up uprising is definitely something that helped shape every one of the flaws we see and hate about her today

No. 39260

File: 1552098180081.jpg (652.28 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190308-182309_Fac…)

No. 39261

Context? What's this have to do with Kelly?

No. 39266

I think it’s ironic that Kelly wants to talk about MJ but won’t talk about her fave Bowie who took a 15 year olds virginity in the 70s when he was on his 20s.

No. 39267

Because this whole MJ thing blew up again because of the doc. Kelly loves to jump any bandwagon to seem relevant and remind people she exists. Of the Bowie thing blew up she would be all over it too

I think the person is trying to say Kelly looks like this woman: old and masculine. To be fair, kelly only looks kinda old and kinda masculine because she has a very womanly face with strong features but insists to pair this (and the giant, in your face boobs) with cute and delicate clothes and accessories, so the contrast make her look really stark

No. 39269

They're not following each other on instagram.

No. 39274

No. 39285

Girl please take care of your skin

She moved on from being an empath to being a psychic now? Kek

No. 39289

that girl lied about her age to get back stage. bowie didn't know she was 15.

No. 39291

what? she said she is a psychic? that is hilarious