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File: 1552352133657.png (978.75 KB, 1276x646, 1552325227474.png)

No. 39600

Kelly Eden (n.) is an infamous trend-squatter who has attempted joining communities that include (but are not limited to): emo/scene, goth, Lolita, kawaii, gamer/nerd/otaku, BDSM, table-top gaming, LARP. Claims to be a mental health advocate, advice-giver, and newly psychic. Is also a serial shooper.

> The epitome of a has-been who has never really been anything

> Heavily tattooed, breast-augmented, lip-injected, and poorly lipo'd
> Gets liposuction because she wasn’t “seeing results” in the one single week that she worked out and never corrects fans who praise her for “looking great after working out so hard”
> Has a penchant for "collecting" friends with rainbow hair - has dubbed her friend group the "Fellowship of the Rainbow" (recently seems to have had a fallout with entire Fellowship)
> Has a Society6 store where she sells mugs and other march with stolen art on it; has been called out on it before and refuses to acknowledge it
> Was featured an a Splat campaign wearing a dyed wig which wasn't even dyed with Splat hair dye
> Made a video with her ex-boyfriend Davey Suicide in where she skreeeeee'd at him for about 50 minutes and demonized him at every turn
> Lost a cousin to suicide and milked his suicide for all it was worth
> Has a roommate Phi, a sweet but boring girl who is often featured in Kelly's videos and is basically Kelly's new forced BFF/errand runner
> Posted a video with Phi trying to decide what fantasy hair colour to dye Phi's hair where Kelly basically told Phi every colour looked bad on her and told her she couldn't dye it blue or pink because Kelly ~might~ dye her hair blue (which she poorly did later on)
> Fetish for clowns (most notably Pennywise from IT) seems to have disappeared for now, mostly due to falling out of trend
> Posted cringey "thirst" videos and stories on Instagram and YouTube where she listens to kidnap ASMR videos
> Posted a lot of poorly done shibari done by someone who doesn't know what they're doing - often features poorly donned undergarments and her chestne
> Was severely pushing the LARP and D&D things until recently, where her fans expressed that they do not enjoy those videos
> In light of a drop in views/engagement on YouTube, has been panic-uploading videos with very empty content which hasn't improved her viewership at all
> Made “Ask Kelly” videos where she talks about herself and her problems disguised as “giving advice” for 20 minutes
> FotR allegedly had a panel arranged at a convention - promoted it rather hard but then blamed venue for poor organization when they had to announce the panel was canceled on the day of the convention
> Her and her boyfriend are known to lurk (and post?) on lolcow
> Consistently dirty feet; claims it's her "brand" instead of owning up to the fact that she's just a dirty person who doesn’t shower
> Serial Tweeter about how "depressed" she is
> Lays claim to several mental illnesses including - depression, anxiety, BDD, bipolar disorder; none of which are known to be legitimately diagnosed
> Claims to have been going to therapy and being on meds
> Has been wearing a lot of awful wigs instead of either dyeing her hair again or investing in a good wig because “it’s easier”; she is too lazy to fix or wash her hair
> Attempted to transition to powder blue (also the colour of her LARP character's hair) and failed quite horribly, was photoshopping hair to be more blue and eventually resorted to wearing wigs after cutting hair short


> Got liposuction on thighs and subsequently won’t shut up about how big her butt looks (despite it looking like two pancakes in a diaper)

> Made a lighthearted and “fun” video exploring an abandoned Nazi camp with her cousin Jimmy, who was sporting a red arm bandana while she cracked Nazi jokes over and over while whimsical music played in the background
> Got flamed for video, eventually took it down after deleting negative comments on her posts about it (is a serial comment deleter)
> Posted an “apology” which was typed up in notes and doesn’t feature an apology at all whatsoever
> Sister Madi has been poorly defending her on Twitter; is just as bad as Kelly, if not worse (must run in the family)
> Seems to have parted ways with entire Fellowship (notably Steph, Envy, and Courtney recently) and shades them at any chance she can get
> Has really been scraping the bottom of the barrel for friends lately (see: recently suddenly showing her support for fellow Nazi sympathizer and criminal, Doe Deere)
> Has a new creepy boyfriend from LARPing who WKs her here and is into BDSM
> Whined about wanting a pink stove because her black stove doesn’t fit her “dollhouse aesthetic”; made a Ko-Fi for people to donate to instead of just buying one herself
> Has an upcoming Japan trip and has been spamming videos and selling overpriced merchandise that she got for free to make money for it (is also selling her portrait paintings again)
> Listed items on Depop as “new” even though they had been clearly shown being used in previous videos/posts
> Revamped Patreon because she wasn’t delivering on any of her promises for over a year (most notably skit videos)
> Has been trying to skin walk Jillian Vessey (milk bath photos, trying to create a word for her “style” which is actually all stolen)
> Got fat-burning injections
> Claimed that Bob Ross isn’t “fine art” and his techniques are cheating
> Tried to ride on the Michael Jackson documentary by claiming that she was abused by someone famous
> Turns 30 in summer, is throwing a prom themed


> Stole her dad's ashes to make a painting

> Denied liposuction until enough people put the heat on for her to own up to it; now makes videos about experience and offers promo codes for liposuction
> Former roommate Dre got her start on Kelly's channel, and once she had her fame, she moved out; speculation over if Kelly booted her or Dre left on her own (lots of salt there)
> Previously dyed her designer dog pink to fit her aesthetic
> Whinefest over Hello Kitty for not sponsoring or partnering with her; listed all HK merch on Depop (which was marked as sold despite her still having said merchandise in the background of her videos)
> Major debacle with attempt (and eventual success) in returning an Angelic Pretty dress that she was too stupid to read the price of; didn’t apologize for it and in turn accused the store it was purchased in of “doing poorly”
> Continues to demonstrate how unintelligent she is (didn’t know what Nova Scotia is, says she “wasn’t taught in school” about Japanese camps, etc.)




No. 39603

File: 1552353564540.png (623.18 KB, 1768x768, t.png)

Screencapped before she deletes/blocks all of these people kek

Madi really is doing some damage. Just stop tweeting girl

No. 39604

I'll be surprised if she actually apologizes. She obviously think she did nothing wrong, just like every other dipshitty offensive thing she's done. She'll probably die before she says sorry.

You're right tho, Madi is making it 10x worse.

No. 39608

She didn’t apologize to the fan she directly hurt when she ruined their handmade fan art they sent her, even when they commented about it to voice they felt hurt. She had Dre do it. And yet again she’s not actually saying sorry here, and is letting someone else defend her. Fuck no she isn’t going to for real apologize. She will paint herself as a victim blaming all this backlash on haters that couldn’t use this as a teaching moment for her and just lashed out at her. Some fan will explain it nicely to her in a tweet, she will retweet that tweet along with bullshit like “see this is how you confront someone about their mistake.” Then move on- rinse, repeat.

No. 39609

I genuinely think kelly is dumb as bricks. It's not an excuse in any way, but only someone legitimately stupid could see that doing this is only harming her, her channel, and her reputation even further. Even if she truly doesn't think she did anything wrong, if she had even an ounce of sense she'd make an actual apology.

No. 39610

File: 1552356611407.png (263.05 KB, 628x740, c.png)

Dang Claire go off sis

I feel like deep down, she wants to call Kelly out for not apologizing, but doesn't want to ruin the friendship

No. 39614

Claire's always been leagues ahead of kelly in terms of maturity imo.

sage for no contribute but i wish she'd just ditch kelly.

No. 39615

It’s like whenever I think Kelly can’t get much worse, here she goes. The boyfriend, sensual scratches, completely terrifyingly creepy- not only is he literally a 2 out of 10, his fetish tendencies make him even more appalling considering how obviously unappealing he is to the vast majority of people. I just don’t even want to imagine what kind of shit they pull in bed together (and I’m experienced and seasoned in BDSM and know many people in the LA community, so it takes a lot to weird me out).
I couldn’t even get thru the nazi camp video: I have lived in LA my whole life and I have even visited Murphy Ranch once. It’s not an uncommon place for LA people to go hiking or even take photos. However to make the disgusting jokes and mockery she made (with her previous history of questionable behaviors) with her clearly white as copy paper cousin with a red arm band was just so wrong. I couldn’t get through the video.
Any of her so-called friends who are not calling her out on this behavior strongly are complicit in her racism and promoting subtle or not so subtle nazism. I’m nauseous.
Kelly needs to not be monetized on YouTube at all. She gets worse and worse.
She hasn’t talked about therapy in a long time and I bet she stopped going. It wasn’t helping anyway. I feel really grossed out and so far away from when I first found her and was an adoring fan.

No. 39616

A person on the last thread kept asking if somebody downloaded the video.

There's a poster on PULL who has the first 13 minutes but doesn't know how to post it there. I'd help out, but I don't know jack shit about editing videos together/posting videos. If somebody could help them out, we could have the first 13 minutes.

No. 39619

I mean, she is good friends with doe deere so obviously she is too ignorant to see that dressing like a nazi is insensitive as all hell.
Probably why she didn't address her cousin's armband.

I'm curious to see if Phi speaks out about this being she is German.

No. 39620

From what I know most Germans are very apologetic about what happened so I wouldn’t be surprised if she does. I hope she does. It’s the right thing to do.

No. 39621

So true, I actually had a little hope for her recently but she's already crashed and burned as far as I'm concerned. Whether it's laziness, apathy, mental illness, or all of the above she just can't create, nor recreate, content up to par with what drew people to her channel 2-3 years ago.

It's over for her. When Phi finally gets tf out of there ol' sensual can move in and maybe they can produce their own BDSM/fantasy/pastel-hot-garbage amateur porn

No. 39622

Fuckin cackling at "ol' sensual" kek

I am curious as to if Phi is going to move out/possibly already has moved out. I never see her at home anymore in her stories. It seems like she never wants to be home or around Kelly and has distanced herself quite a bit.

No. 39623

File: 1552360871534.jpg (35.42 KB, 500x363, pngrkn5ti41rv4jqx_500.jpg)

imagine having to apologize for your whole country because your roommate e-thotted herself right into a nazi scandal.

fuck man the whole family has internet poisoning. how embarrassing

No. 39624

Hahahahaha omg that was too funny and I’m almost willing to wage bets that you are right.

No. 39627

her bf liked madi's tweet about "not being allowed to remember history lol yikes

No. 39628

I can't wait for ol' sensual to move in with Kelly and they become one if those couples who want to showcase their happiness to the whole internet to see. Imagine the insta stories, the gross videos, the cringeworthy photos.. please god please pleaaaase

The whole Fellowship of the rainbow must be having a shitton of laughs watching Kelly crash and burn because of the new drama

No. 39632

File: 1552362946501.png (289.13 KB, 1010x882, dude.png)

This is him, right? Pretty sure I found his Fetlife.

No. 39633

File: 1552363018911.png (52.37 KB, 581x211, steph.png)

Stephanie RTed this which I feel is kind of shading Kelly kek

I bet they're really happy they jumped off of that burning ship kek


As >>39616 said, somebody on PULL has the first 13 minutes but needs help uploading it somewhere. Nobody else has the video as of right now.

No. 39635

File: 1552363447994.png (332.59 KB, 2112x1760, lemmedomya.png)

I don't know why anyone would want to have the same username on Twitter as their Fetlife name unless they don't care about their shit getting found out. I'll cap the profile, it's pretty lol.

No. 39636

File: 1552363532645.gif (1.62 MB, 358x200, giphy.gif)

No. 39637

File: 1552364149780.png (187.75 KB, 465x761, lina.png)

Oh stfu Lina, we all know the only reason you'll defend your pastel queen until the end is because you want to bang/skinwalk her.

When is she going to realize that Kelly doesn't give a single fuck about her other than what Lina can buy and give to her for free? Stop validating shitty behaviour Lina. She just wants your money, she doesn't care about you otherwise, and will throw in some pity comments from time to time to keep you around.

I'm pretty sure that Lina is the stalker that Kelly mentioned early on once in her videos too, but doesn't want to call her out directly, because then that mean that her money train would be gone.

No. 39638

Awww Kelly is his little obediant Dolly….. Bet she's a 'brat

No. 39642

File: 1552365518854.jpg (100.47 KB, 1080x445, IMG_20190312_043714.jpg)


No. 39643

Tbh kelly seems SO dense and like she doesn't know anything outside of her white colorado ass family history. I remember on her IG live someone said something about a Chancla and she had no idea what that was. She lives IN LA with the biggest Mexican population and she really had no idea. People in the comments asked her if she even has any Mexican friends lol. So i'm not surprised at all she posted this video.

No. 39644

I saved the video. I'll try to see where I can upload it so she can't get it taken down

No. 39645

Maybe LiveLeak, TinyPic, or Photobucket?

No. 39648

>>39644 i suggest liveleak, anon

No. 39652

This is the cringiest shit I've ever seen….

No. 39654

I gained access to his Instagram. Sad to say there isn't much to see. He followed me back almost instantly so if anyone is dying I'm sure they can get in. It's the same username.

The only weird thing was that he called himself "daddy" and has metal claws that look akin to Catwoman's saying he needed to sharpen them. Nothing else was amusing. He just seems to really like scratching shit.

No. 39655

File: 1552373401254.png (63.53 KB, 353x336, 2019-03-12 17_49_08-laughing p…)

oh my GOD. kelly really let this ugly little chinless wonder put his microdick inside her while he larped being a primal gentleman or whatever the fuck. i have no words.

No. 39656

WAIT wait wait idk whether this is an old profile that hasn't been updated, but does that mean Kelly is just a side chick if he has other girlfriends/fwb ?? I thought she referred to him as her boyfriend in a video…

No. 39657

The concerning thing about that is he is in several "relationships" according to his own fetlife page, so what is Kelly? Other than massively more attractive than I bet those other people are, I mean

Also note the Rebecca of playlist fame (see end of last thread) is one of the people he is in a relationship "pack" with

Add larping to that and he is 90% fictional. Obviously being a smol 4/10 man was not a riveting enough existence on it's own

Since we know you read the thread, scratchy, why don't you lose the fetlife page and cheesy usernames and go exclusive with Kelly? It just makes you look like even more of a loser than before to keep all this going

No. 39658

He was liking photos 10 days ago so he's been on there recently.

No. 39659

OK what are those 74 pics though before he deletes them

No. 39661

some of these look like copy pasta material lmfao jesus

No. 39662


of course kelly would eat thaT "DADDY" shit right on up.

No. 39663

samefag but the milk has been so good last 2 days i wonder how the white knights from the last thread feel about her now kek, wouldn't surprise me if they make up excuses for her too

No. 39665

his sensualscratches twitter account seems down !!!

No. 39666

Wonder how long it is before she's into ddlg

No. 39667

And the Fetlife profile is gone too.

No. 39668

shit, he really is watching us like a hawk huh !! and he was frightened too (maybe bc he doesn't want Kelly to know he fucks other girls).
anyway fetlife anon, that was a golden find so thank you for the laughs, also we still have screen caps so that's good enough.

No. 39671

The account's still there, he just deleted his comment from Kelly's post. Wonder if he realized she's a train wreck and not worth it.

No. 39674

For a self-proclaimed psychic you would think she would have seen this coming…

No. 39680

Holy Clothing (as in.. the LARP clothing brand) follow him on instagram. Also his account is public now, and virtually empty? I have a lot of questions..

No. 39683

>>39643 I always asked why the hell the fellowship of the rainbow had no color other than hair color and bad tattoos when they are in freaking Los Angeles (TONS OF PEOPLE OF COLOR LOL LOL)! Two years ago I called her out with a comment on IG about why no friends of color…she got miles jai and Envy in the picture who now have no interaction with her. Takes her cousin to this Nazi camp and sees nothing wrong with it while his ass wears a red sleeve shit, she says dumb shit and pastel music plays. Dates a sausage looking dude who sides with her. Has a clueless sister who just gets high in mommas basement. Fuck kelly get out of the house girl you are like a nazi incel with sausage boy.

No. 39687

File: 1552398329261.jpg (30.87 KB, 640x480, DlZv30kU8AAOXKf.jpg)

He looks like that creepy baby from rugrats

No. 39688

File: 1552398576369.jpg (93.62 KB, 911x615, followers.jpg)

She lost another 99 followers yesterday, no doubt will be plenty today too. She will have to start paying for dummy accounts if she wants to keep her numbers up

No. 39690

thanks anon. much appreciation when you do reupload it.

No. 39692

OMFG this is the best thing to happen in all of the threads I follow for a long time. I'm shook as fuuuuck hahahah
Of fucking course this guy is into LARP, he needs that so he can, at least there, be the person he wishes he was. They complement each other perfectly, it's scary. I dare to say that Sekrill Ol Sensual is perharps more of a cow than Kelly herself. He sounds like a 16 year old "goth".
He is PERFECT for her and I truly hope the relationship only grows and that they become an internet couple soon.

You put in words what I couldn't: he is 90% fictional!!! He's taking the whole "don't dream it, be it" really seriously.

And now, the real question: what will be their powercouple name? Kekrill? Sekryola? Sensueden? Let's vote. I go for Kekrill.
(By the way, do we know what his real name is?)
I love you Sekrill, please never ever stop being yourself and marry kelly as soon as possible, she's your soulmate

No. 39693

Whooaaa flashback. This thing scared the shit outta me as a kid.

No. 39694

Samefag to add that I'm already imagining a pastel medieval fantasy bdsm wedding mess. It's too good not to happen.

No. 39697

I vote Kekrill, phi is their child.

No. 39700

File: 1552408293357.png (878.08 KB, 720x1044, Screenshot_2019-03-12-09-29-51…)

Even his Instagram was scrubbed of chuuni evidence. Someone's lurking

No. 39701

Kittens and butterflies…

No. 39702

File: 1552409522393.jpg (186.55 KB, 1322x812, fabio.jpg)

These comments haha

No. 39703

Oh dear. The milk here today is too good. “Phi is their child”
Fabio seems like the type do white supremacy BDSM role plays.

Please, let them come together in a show, but pray they don’t procreate.(emoji)

No. 39704

File: 1552410628079.png (970.65 KB, 739x590, fetlifechick.png)

Ha ha, you're welcome. There was actually a lot more shit on profile, like his stats (5'5" – yes, he really listed his height and a LONG ASS list of kinks (besides the normal summary of tagged kinks that Fetlife lets you put). But it was SO much and like 3 AM.

I guess I feel sort of bad for him – he can't help how he looks or anything – but jesus, why would he get involved with Kelly? Some of the chicks in his photos weren't terrible looking, and they were younger than Kelly.

No. 39706

File: 1552411508530.png (245.87 KB, 504x927, kelly-eden-nazi-video.png)

I screenshotted a few of the negative comments on her video before it was deleted (a good few hours before it was taken down though). Apologies if this pic isn't good quality, I edited it on my phone.

No. 39709

There is just something really unsettling about him. But do people in the BDSM community have really low standards or what?

No. 39710

God I CAN'T get over how ugly this no-chin motherfucker is I'm losing it

No. 39711

>>some of these chicks are not bad looking amd younger than Kelly

Yeah, cause Sensual here deserves a young and pretty thing. Are you looking at him? Kelly looks AMAZING compared to him.
I'll have to say, I never imagined Kelly would be involved with a guy this ugly and cringeworthy since she cares so much about what other people think of her. Even if she doesn't see him as cringeworthy, she isn't blind. Do you guys think they're official by now? Why isn't she parading him around? Specially now that she has been dropped by every one of her friends and is forced to show off old accquaintances to prove she still has people caring for her

Also, why do you talk like being younger makes a woman better than the other? Yikes, creepy

No. 39713

I don't know much about him other than he's a cringey edgelord and pretty fug, so I don't think he's necessarily a bad dude. Kelly, on the other hand, is awful, so, yeah, I wouldn't wish Kelly on anyone unless it was someone who was also going around Nazi camps loling, someone who demands returns at AP like a spoiled brat when it's against policy, and, well, you all know the rest.

I imagine she is with him because he has clout in LARP and/or he dotes on her.

>Also, why do you talk like being younger makes a woman better than the other? Yikes, creepy

Because Kelly probably hates that she's almost 30 and it makes her feel inferior? She's 'toxed to hell, filled up in her face like a balloon, and doing anything to prevent the natural course of aging. Chill, anon.

No. 39714

Funnily enough, I think this is the best picture of him we've seen.

No. 39715

I'm surprised there are no hashtags going around like #kellyedenisantisemitic

Man, she is showing all of her true colors with this stint.

No. 39716

>>39709 kekril has such a typical ugly nordicfag face i can't look at that shit

No. 39721

File: 1552421238157.png (194.76 KB, 1080x1175, 20190312_130532.png)

More Claire subtweeting Kelly from last night

No. 39722

I love this tbh. I hope that Claire calls Kelly our to her face too. If she stick she around Kelly, I hope that she continues not to take her shit like the rest of the FoTR used to generally do.

No. 39723

Girl on PULL uploaded the first 13 minutes. I’m trying to link it here but I keep getting an error whenever I try to make a post with a link.

No. 39727

File: 1552422590871.jpg (106 KB, 1075x871, 20190312_162721.jpg)

His page is now wiped. Kek sensual pigface loves lurking here.

No. 39728


Kelly eden looks FAR from amazing, even next to sekril, they both look average/below average as fuck. I get that its easy to get distracted by the photoshoops but she is a short girl with fucked up proportions like balloon tits and child legs, a botched thigh gap, weird lips and fried hair thats some ashey/green blue atm that shes probably not going to get out unless she cuts it. that rash on her chest she has isnt very inviting either, maybe if you squint.
its most noticeable when you place her next to phi in videos, phi looks a lot better proportioned and taken care of then Kelly does, honestly I don't think Kelly "can do better" then sekril in fact i think they might be a perfect fit, two pretty average people that more importantly seem to have a personality to match. as creepy as it is to claim sekril should get a "younger" gf its also pretty weird others are so focused on Kelly getting "a hotter" bf

No. 39729

I don't see her as being out of his league at all. She may be pretty but she has an ugly personality. She seems super hard work, remember her video with Davey just screeching at him. Jesus. I felt so bad for him. And I feel bad for this guy too, he prob also thinks he's punching above his weight and let's her walk all over him in true brat like fashion

No. 39730

File: 1552425665466.jpeg (362.07 KB, 1080x1440, 120C68A4-4E80-4BD5-A5A1-12B772…)

Sekril looks like a mongoloid version of Ike.

I’m really hoping Claire calls Kelly out on Twitter, she’s her last friend next to the orange haired one whose name I can’t remember. Her last video, she threw shade at Envy and Stephanie has been out of the picture. Failship of the Rainbow has come to an end, and I want to see it crash and burn even more.


No. 39732

can somebody link the PULL thread where the video is? I tried looking for it but all I can find is old kelly eden threads

No. 39735

No. 39737

File: 1552430893737.png (171.31 KB, 369x381, 1552362946501 (1).png)

>they call me scratch for good reason

No. 39738

come on you guys, no matter how much you hate kelly's style, shes a million times better looking and better in general than some weirdo BDSM manlet with incel face.

No. 39742


no she really really isn't, I wouldn't fuck either of them but no, no matter how hard she shoops her pics

No. 39745

Remember back when this thread first started roasting him and wk posts about how ~buff~ he is popped up? 100% selfposts.

Physically she's absolutely out of his league, even if she's a shit person with botched lipo. It just speaks to how bad her personality is that she can't find a good looking guy willing to put up with her shit lol.

No. 39746

Thanks anon. Y’know, this site has some ridiculously hilarious examples of failing at life like Kanadajin and Luna Slater, abhorrent individuals who abuse other people like Onision and Venus Palermo’s mom (or who hurt innocent animals through their self-centeredness like Taylor Dean) but I gotta say Kelly is still one of the most loathsome people featured and if monetising her cousin’s suicide and making it all about her wasn’t enough to turn people off, maybe this will be, and she might actually have to do an honest day’s work instead of being paid to be vapid, moronic and insufferably vain. (Yeah I know this is way too optimistic, sorry for rant etc)

No. 39747

All this milk makes me so happy lol. He is such a loser!

No. 39748

Not to WK but apart from not being stunning and into a few kinks, has this guy actually done anything wrong apart from obviously having some sort of brain damage for being with Kelly? I feel everyone is going in hard on him and it's getting kinda cruel with the comments being made on his appearance. And before anyone says 'Hi Sekril' I'm not. I hate Kelly but I just feel the comments on something he cant help is kinda horrible.

No. 39750

I'm not talking about his looks. I'm clearly talking about his cringey fetlife profile. Even if he wasn't with Kelly, what he wrote is enormously embarrassing.

No. 39752

Samefag. I forgot to sage. Sorry

No. 39754

>"sensual scratches" username all over the internet
>5 different "love" personalities detailed in great length on his fetlife profile (which is extremely active)
>looks like that
>outed himself as reading and posting here multiple times
>LARPer who turns game romances into irl romances
>multiple BDSM playlists on public youtube

Yeah nothing to mock here

No. 39755

Seriously, this guy's as cringey as they come and its made even more hilarious that Kelly is so desperate for attention and such an actual retard herself that she'd openly fuck this creep lol

No. 39760

I honestly am curious to see if she's gonna give in and say something else about this whole video fiasco or just eventually start posting on social media again and act like nothing happened. This is too good lolol

No. 39766

File: 1552443540743.png (363.7 KB, 508x390, bilbo.png)

Nibba looks like he came out of a hobbit graphic novel

No. 39769

Okay, so I uploaded the video to liveleak. It says it's awaiting moderation but here's the link anyway sFHLg_1552439321(Namefagging)

No. 39780

Oops sorry, here's the full link https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=sFHLg_1552439321

No. 39785

speaking of the fellowship crashing and burning, anyone wanna take a swing at what final straw was for steph and dre, her “two best friends ever?” i wonder if it was everything over the years or one final event that opened the fotr’s eyes to her cuntness.

also, i wonder if she’ll start making videos with sam again. she was the only normal person friend kelly’s ever had it seems.

No. 39786

Are Kelly and Dre really not friends? Dre seems to be the only one she will purposefully bring up and say positive things about, or at least she did in a couple videos iirc.

However I also wouldn't be surprised if that's Kelly making a sad attempt at desperately trying to "keep" friends

No. 39787

I really like Sam, I'd watch more videos with her. I can't watch anything with Phi because the fakeness radiates through the screen. Sam is the opposite, incredibly genuine (If I'm thinking of the right person, her childhood best friend)

No. 39789

kelly follows dre on ig, but dre doesn’t follow her back. obviously following isn’t everything, but i’d say it’s a “if i see you in my friend circle i’ll be civil but i don’t like you” thing. i wonder if it was something involving the apartment and dre moving away?? phi, let this be a warning to get out while you still can unless you wanna hear mr scratch a lot banging ur bff blow up doll a room over in shitty shibari.

No. 39790

in all her time on youtube has kelly ever used her platform to raise money for a charity? or made something that features herself doing something like volunteer work that directly supports a cause or organization? or is that too off brand because it pulls focus away from her?

No. 39792

thank you
I actually don't think this video was bad at all, she just kept making unfunny jokes at the beginning like "oh there are nazi shoes up on that phone line" and "they drew arrows on the ground but didn't say they were pointing at, ahh fuckin' nazis"
this has been said before, but my issue is more that kelly has been an SJW in the past and dragged people for way less than this.
I also have an issue with the fact that her cousin was wearing a red arm band in the first half of the video, what the fuck.

No. 39795

File: 1552470561363.jpg (96.67 KB, 500x356, One possible character would b…)

As Anon said, Kelly is a narcissist who only cares about herself. It doesn't matter how many people call her out on he vid, or how many subs leave. She won't give a proper apology because SHE doesn't see a problem with it.
He 'apology' note made it quite clear that she is unwilling/unable to grasp why people might be upset with the video.
She's not sorry she made it, just that it likely got reported and demonetized.

Toxic people like her sister just re-enforce the notion that Kellys opinion is all that matters and anyone who feels differently isn't welcome.
Fans that have likely supported her foe years, yet have the nerve to express a differing opinion automatically become 'haters' who are no longer welcome, and are told that they should just unfollow if they disagree with anything Kelly says. Anything they do say against Kelly gets deleted anyway.
Allowing her sister to snub people before deleting her posts like a little pussy is going to drive people away even faster.

Kelly is so utterly obsessed with her cosmetic appearance that she forgets to work on being a better person inside. It's self-evident as to why she has no friends. Any stragglers still affiliated with her should cut her out before they get dragged down too.

Also, If what Kelly said about being scared of and intimated by attractive people is true, then perhaps Sekril is perfect for her. Happy bondage Kelly.

No. 39806

No and I was thinking about it the other day that I don’t think she’s even ever done a simple giveaway either. I could be wrong because I can’t sit through her videos anymore but I was watching her since she started and can’t recall anything like that. She gets so much free PR it would be easy to do one and have not spent a dime on any prizes, but it all goes on depop at her inflated prices.

Also that liveleak link says the video was removed for violating TOS.

No. 39808

He is so fucking cringey, mate. Don't tell me he sounds like an amazing person from all that stuff he wrote. Also he defends kelly, so he agrees that she's right in her actions. Look, saying that this guy is ugly doesn't mean we're saying you are ugly too if you look like him in some way, don't get offended.

This 1000x. I feel people are defending this guy just BECAUSE he is ugly.

No. 39810

I think we are defending him because he may not have signed up for this willingly. Kelly mentioned his LARP character casually, which was a mistake because even that is traceable. She has obviously been trying to protect his identity, and everyone here decided to use their stalker gifts to find him and put him on blast, kind of unfair. Say what you will "He deserves it if he likes HER". "He's a kink perv" etc. Etc. But, it's just gross to go after someone that didn't do anything wrong other than care for someone that people on here dislike. Kelly even said that he treats her good, which is different from her exes and maybe she can learn from him. I don't think Sekril ever posted on here. He or Kelly is definitely lurking tho. Obviously. This is Kelly's page. Milk away. But why is everyone allowed to talk about Sekril and put him on blast, but if you mention Dre or Steph too much, it's "derailing" ??? Like…get Sekril his own page if you must???

No. 39814

you do realise you're trying to be morally superior on LOLCOW of all places, right ? mocking cringy people is the whole point. do you think Kelly is discussed here bc she submitted her profile of her own free will ?
jason, as a grandiloquent deformed sex goblin with autistic fetishes, is more of a lolcow than Kelly, and he feeds into her cowishness as much as his being her boyfriend reveals things about Kelly to us, so he definitely deserves his place on this topic.
his milk is so golden that his antics even divert attention from Kelly's nazi video, which is usually something people love to be offended about. if that's not proof he deserves our attention, idk what is.

No. 39815

she says he treats her well now, I get the impression the smear campaigns against her exes only starts once they dump her crazy ass to make herself the victim and them evil, she doesn't accept any blame when her relationships break down, that doesn't just apply to romantic relationships look at the fellowship

No. 39820

You are such a romantic aren't you? So we can't mock this MASSIVE lolcow because Kelly is trying to protect him and he truly wully likes her and treats her right. You do realize that any lolcow can have a significant other, friends and or family that care for them right?
You should try PULL, they are far more gentle and caring of cows feelings than we are here.

>>"Just because he likes kelly!" or "just because he is a perv/kinky!"

If you will try to use this rhetorics we could say about her "just because she has had bad plastic surgery!", "just because she's obnoxious!", ad infinitum.

I feel like the anons(or anon) who are defending Sekrill empathize with him because they see him as an ugly duckling, someone who is just "one of us", trying to be happy in a big mean world with his fetishes, his hobbies, his new found love…
That's not the point! Almost everyone is trying to be happy while not looking like a model and liking some particular sex practice. The point is that HE. IS. CRINGEY. IN. EVERY. THING. HE. DOES. That's requirement number 1 to be a lolcow: being so unbelievably cringey that they manage to gather a small community on the internet of people baffled at the things you do.
That's what going on here, do you understand it?

No. 39825

Then he should have his own page? If Steph and other fellowship members can't be discussed on Kelly's page, why is Sekril an exception, is the point. Really. Milk on Sekril alone is a derailment. Milk on Sekril and Kelly is another thing.

No. 39832


Jason isn’t a public figure, dipshit. Why would we make a thread for a nobody?

No. 39834

File: 1552496204772.jpg (53.73 KB, 540x540, 51211.jpg)

why does he need his own thread? he associates with kelly, he approves of what she says and believes and is dating her. i think he belongs here tbh

No. 39841

he belongs here just like the fellowship (or what’s left of it)
all the milk we get from them always leads back to talking about kelly which is the whole point so…. what’s the problem??
that and a lot of times when people get into relationships they slowly start gaining each other’s traits and interests, so sir scratchpost and kelly should be talked about together in the same thread

No. 39844

Steph and other fellowshit members are briefly discussed here, when it's something associated with Kelly but they have other claims to fame. Jason's reason to be famous is Kekrill alone.

I'm getting tired of justifying why me and everyone except you is just discussing Kelly's cringey boyfriend. Everyone else think it's okay so shut the fuck up and stop trying to minimod the thread. Don't like the Sekril news, don't read it, honey. Who cares? we're having fun, it's not derailing the thread at all, everyone seems to be enjoying the small glimpses into Kelly's bf life. Whyy does it annoy you so much?

No. 39847

i feel like it miiiight be him trying to convince us he's not a lolcow / trying to have a separate thread in the hopes that since he's less known than Kelly, he will receive less negative attention.
idk, >>39810 sounds like this post on the previous thread Jason made about "why do you mock sekril and Kelly, aren't you ashamed that someday their children will see this", the moralfaggotry sounds really familiar. and also the fact he says Kelly tries to protect his privacy, etc, what do you guys think, am I paranoid ?

No. 39852

>stalker gifts

literally googling sekrill brings up his TM wiki page with pictures. It's not rocket science.

No. 39856

She should give up youtube and just transition to pornography like some of her ex-friends. She could have a much better career in that.
She's already mostly there with her heavy makeup,fake boobs, lips, thigh gap lipo, revealing pics. She could show off her bondage gear properly, because she seems to enojoy that.
She admitted she loses followers every time she does show stuff like that because of her current audience, and didn't she say in one of her videos that she doesnt want her channel to be 'family friendly'?
She seems to hate the fans she has now so perhaps making the transition to something more mature would be smart, and attract a new demographic that is better suited to her.

No. 39865

I want to know if he is still in a pack with Missalistair123 and RebeccaRuthless and why the hell is is mentoring MissAlistair123? Who wants to be mentored by him? WTF lol lol.

>>39810 Also, bitch go to PULL please. He keeps liking her shit, posting on her comments, and has him in her IG stories and talks about it in her stupid videos, mentions they kiss …it is a no brainer. Go away, stop derailing. The Fail-o-ship of the Cringebow has a separate thread because there are too many of them and they do stupid shit, example Dre trying to dance goth by ocean (best shit ever)

Also, her freaking Crayola story (on Twin Mask) makes so much sense why they are together.

No. 39869

Which one of Kelly's cousin didn't invite her to the wedding?

No. 39873

File: 1552511498508.png (923.31 KB, 1165x737, scratch.png)

No. 39874

Nah bitch, different anon. I would find this shit hilarious if it was about my parents. Disturbing, but ultimately hilarious.

No. 39875

Wtf? How does one obtain these wounds? Did he unleash the beast on himself?

No. 39876


Thats fucking lipstick

No. 39878

It's from a caning.

No. 39882


Some of the smallest ones look legit. but those big ones certainly look like lipstick LMAO. He crossed the line between enjoying BDSM and being cringy af.

I dont get what he's trying to show off about with this eaither…Seems like the typical guy who will sext you really nasty stuff and then get extremely awkward and stiff at the moment of truth

No. 39884

Holy moly didn't know what caning was Oh MY gOD. The rest is Wet and Wild Walmart lipstick tho. giggles maniacally wtf..

No. 39887

Kelly girl protect ya pussy from this dude

No. 39894

It looks like someone posted a kid's face on a grown man's body. Does he have a legit disorder or is he just massively ugly?

No. 39895

omg those captions and replies is the cringiest shit. this man is in his 30s

No. 39898

I laughed so I hard I woke my dog. what the fuck is that caption lmao. also, even if we did have a seperate thread for kekril people would post about him here anyways so I don't see the point in that.

No. 39900

Did he remove his profile? Does he read here? Because I can't find but I'm also a newb to the website.

No. 39901

I wonder what Miles Jai must think of this whole Nazi ordeal….

No. 39906

Lol imagining Kelly reading this shit and getting turned on I am dying. This is exactly the kind of sperg she is

No. 39915

File: 1552519972160.jpeg (331.01 KB, 750x734, 6F07AC9B-5E7C-4A7D-AC73-2842F0…)

on sekril rumors section

No. 39916

File: 1552520016674.jpeg (513.31 KB, 750x968, BBB708EB-6DB6-4BAE-BC2A-F9814D…)


No. 39918

oh forgive me layola crayola

No. 39919

It’s definitely lipstick (you can see bits where it’s gone all bitty in his chest hair)
Then the smaller stuff looks like nail scratches, not caning
It’s too informal and the lines are too solid to be caning, plus primal tends to be “teeth and claws” rather than using implements

Saged for kink sperge

No. 39924

Bitches, this is not lipstick. It sure looks like it because the red trails are comprised of small dots just like lipstick when smeared on paper on a wall but 1- this is not how lipstick looks like on skin
2- the small dots are from superficial blood vessels bursting from scratches done with long nails. They're wide because the whole nail edge was used to make them, horizontally. I have had scratches that look like this (not from kink play)

He's trying to show that he is super mega kinky, kinkier than thou, the kinkiest.

Omg yes hahah and she definitely does, her LARP character backstory makes it really obvious.
They both have the most Mary Sue characters I have ever seen. Layola is the sexiest elf ever who is kidnapped into sex slavery but she is so sexy and so special that the king (or smth) prefers her to his wife. Jason is fulfilling all of his fantasies of being a bad boy stud, who, of course, is always up to his neck in pussy.

I'd pay to watch them interact on LARP and I'd pay double to watch their role play sex.

No. 39927

Bet you dollars to doughnuts that their sex role play IS Crayola and Sekril.

No. 39930

Not to mention he uses the same cringe username all over the internet. If typing username into google is stalking, everyone on the internet is guilty

No. 39935

That's so embarrassing, holy fuck..

No. 39942

Sure thing Scratches.

It's been removed. Try another site?

No. 39954

Normally I don't like to bash people's appearances, but there's just something incredibly repulsive and slimy about his appearance. He reminds me of Peter Pettigrew from Harry Potter.

No. 39956

Btw I checked earlier today and Kelly officially isn't friends with any of the fellowship on fb anymore except for Claire, Katie, and Molly. Katie, I'm guessing because she forgot to delete her.

She was still fb friends with all of them until recently I guess. The last time I checked was late Jan/early Feb

I really hope that one of them speaks up on what happened there or speaks up about this whole video controversy. Claire kind of has but is still playing it safe to stay on Kelly's side (although I'm sure that she's going to get cut off soon since she spoke up even the slightest bit against miss can't-take-any-criticism)

No. 39968

>the most heart warming smile in all the land

Yikes. And it's so obvious he mixed up irl with larp life to be with Kelly.

No. 39970

File: 1552571276615.png (805.98 KB, 930x588, lindsay.png)

One of Kelly's only other remaining friends, Lindsay, conveniently going on a social media break one day after Kelly's piss-ass apology.

No. 39971

What a reach. Someone is talking a social media break and it has to be because of Kelly because they're friends? Please

No. 39976

I wonder what happened that Kelly’s channel (and herself, for that matter) started going downhill? I used to love her videos and now she’s such an unlikable person.

No. 39979

I honestly think she just got comfortable now that more of her pre YouTube skinwalker and shorty behavior has been shared on here. She was also probably happier because she had a friend group still putting up with her shit and boosting her ego.

No. 39988


No. 40003

This has come up several times in these threads- Stephanie is Mexican.

Not that having Mexican and black friends means you're not racist.

No. 40027

With friends leaving and her subscribers going down I wonder how long till she starts selling nude pics.

No. 40032

Hey kelly, please consider doing LARP porn, I think it’ll be a hit

No. 40034

i don’t think she’d do this even if she was desperate. she has to know by now either all her patreon content would just be discussed/posted here, and everyone would just compare her to steph. she’ll just keep posting half assed shibari and attempts at lewds because she’s uwu sexy but not SLUTTY like all these other girls !!!

No. 40039

File: 1552627149088.jpg (15.67 KB, 320x312, vigo-the-carpathian.jpg)

Everytime I see a photo of "Scratches" I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out who he reminds me of.

Pic related. He looks like a downy Vigo the Carpathian.

No. 40048

With the recent Fabio hair pic especially, this is so unbelievably dead on.

No. 40049

No. 40051

File: 1552656294607.png (2.3 MB, 1718x972, Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 11.2…)

I was thinking more this.
but honestly the kinky shit/bdsm crossed with this/kelly being sexually involved is a clusterfuck of cringe
also maybe it's because her "friends" hate her and she's trying to flex on them that she's alpha and doesn't care or some shit. I can see this being a weird, calculated move by her.

No. 40053

Holy fuck, poor beans! that aging is so unfortunate

No. 40061

In the beggining I was not into dragging Sekril because I thought that maybe he is just a nice,nerd guy who just wanted to have a big titted girlfriend. I never expected that he is such a deviant. And I think he will be dissapointed with Kelly because I'm pretty sure she is not into BDSM or shibari, she is posting pics like this so thirsty deviants like Sekril can subscribe to her. I'm waiting for dramatic video from her titled: "my ex boyfriend wanted to scratch me" lol

No. 40071

Omg me too! This but with someone else in the mix

I think she is pretty into being submissive. Just read her LARP character bio and shit, she really gets off on being humiliated and abused. She also used to listen to kidnapping ASMR to relax.

I don't think you got why we are laughing at Sekril. It's not because he is "sexually deviant". It's because he is cringey as fuck while trying to show off all his kinkiness, this bad boy image he has of himself, everything. The dude is the definition of a "wanna be".

No. 40073

Okay Stephanie, you are somewhat Mexican. LOL

No. 40075

Am that anon…. why not a mix of Beans AND Vigo?

No. 40076

She should do an "I'm sorry" video. Honestly, she would get more views than usual.

No. 40085


kek don't give her any ideas

No. 40088

File: 1552696196422.png (392.6 KB, 1440x2560, words have meaning.png)

With the new boyfriend and all, I just got to wondering when the last time was that she mentioned how very bisexual she is?

Has she ever been with a woman? Has she ever had a girlfriend?

I don't doubt she's kissed a girl, likely to get a guy's attention, but… yeah. I'm still highly skeptical. I get that it's cool now to be 'queer' along with mentally ill etc., I've just never once understood why; although nowadays words mean whatever the individual decides they mean, anyways. Fuck the dictionary.

I've been reading through her thread on PULL, and the image posted got me to wondering; sorry. I know this has nothing to do with anything being discussed or what's actively going on with her of late. Except her having been flirty with Phi - especially after she decided she's a they.

No. 40097

she's a bistraightual for sure

No. 40102

She made a point, after everyone called her out on only mentioning boyfriends, and being attracted to men; that finally she stated she has been with women briefly but didn't care to explain further. Pretty sure she made out with a chick on a Blood on the dance floor video once. This does not make you bisexual. But, whatever.

No. 40113

How DARE YOU imply that she has to kiss women, date women or at least be attracted to women to be validated as a bisexual? Bisexual is whatever one say it is /s

Jokes aside: 1- the first person does have a point, which has nothing to do with Kelly's complete lack of one. 2- she didn't say where "someone just left a comment" so I'll tell you, it was on one of her threads on lolcow, pretty sure it was #7 or #8.
It's okay to be bisexual without actually consumating the act, you know who you are attracted to. But it happens with teenagers or older people who never had the courage to admit it and take a step in this direction. Kelly is a 29 year old alternative woman living alone in LA who is VERY vocal about being bisexual and whining all the time about being single. There is no way she hasn't dated or hooked up with a woman by now if she is really bisexual. Kelly just claims that to be special, I bet she just likes lesbian porn, but liking lesbian porn alone doesn't make you bisexual, it's really common for straight women to like it, there's even data out there about it

Because it was not Beans hahah, I still have yet to find it who is the other one he reminds me of

Yes, do give her ideas! I'd like to watch her as she desperately tries to pretend she's sorry while at the same time not admitting to have done anything wrong

No. 40139

File: 1552737927842.jpg (293.67 KB, 1080x1541, IMG_20190316_120032.jpg)


No. 40144

Poly LDR with Pixielocks when??? Perfect fake aethstic lesbian relationship for these two uglies - and the distance means they'd never actually have to have sex, while they continue fucking their straight boyfriends.

No. 40145

What sad fuck paid for this shit? You could find a shirt like that at any fast fashion retailer without having to pay so much for shipping. And this bitch photoshops everything but she cant take time to erase her chest acne?

No. 40150

I know asemmetrical boobs are 100% normal but that had to be a shit surgeon to not cover that difference in their consultation to balance things out with her implants. Unless she requested the surgeon leave it which I can’t see someone doing given the choice. If not for looks but the sake of bra shopping alone.

No. 40151

Samefag sorry but $25 shipping?!

No. 40155

are her pants just riding real low or is she half naked here for some reason

No. 40158

Jesus her nipples are like salami!!!! Why are her areolas so large

No. 40166

Not WKing but it’s not like anyone can control that sort of thing on their body like she does with the bad surgeries/diet, etc. They’re nipples..

No. 40169

True. Mine are like 2 slices of bologna and I am fit and have always worn supportive bras. It's in the genes, and no complaints yet. XD(no1curr XD)

No. 40170

Yes they can. Good boob jobs come witha areola reduction because implants can stretch already big areola out. Just further proof all her plastic surgery is cheap and mediocre.

No. 40269

That picture looks so nasty like she’s sweaty and smelly

No. 40281

File: 1552823503792.png (273.96 KB, 1576x510, Screenshot 2019-03-17 at 11.45…)

My favourite part about the 'Sensual Scratches' youtube channel is that he's subscribed to very few channels like Kelly, Phi, Twin Masks, etc… but also a creepy channel full of 'dating hacks' for beta men lol. It's full of videos about how to pull women, how to satisfy women, hacks to make them think you're an alpha male, how to get out of the 'friend zone' etc. hilarious

No. 40282

(samefag) example videos from the channel, so cringey

No. 40284

File: 1552823667005.png (2.51 MB, 2216x1684, Screenshot 2019-03-17 at 11.47…)

shit I fucked up the image, sorryyyyyy

No. 40285

No. 40292

What worries me the most about this shitty videos is the amount of views they have. Like people actually watch them expecting to get laid lmao

No. 40303


I know right? I actually hope Kelly reads this thread and runs for the hills

No. 40327

In Sensual's case it actually worked so I guess they're right when they say you have to find women with low self-esteem. There must be a lot of Kelly's around

No. 40353

Kelly’s social media has been dead all week.
Wonder if larp is going on this weekend.
Or maybe she’s tied up in bed with sekril

No. 40356

I'm sure she's just trying to lay low after that Nazi tour vlog. I don't think we will hear from her for a while. This is way worse than the Angelic Pretty dress fiasco.

No. 40391

I really don't get why people are so upset about the "Nazi" vlog. She didn't sympathize with nazis or make super edgy jokes. Most of the video was just her and her cousin walking around in the woods and then eating at a japanese restaurant at the end. Y'all realize there are people who are actively trying to recreate the holocaust right? People are way too fucking sensitive. Her lolita dress scandal was worse than this.

No. 40395

Casually leaving out the music choices and red arm band and lack of sympathy in her apology that wasn’t an apology either. Stack that up with her other problematic insensitive actions. She already defends a pedophile, no fucking shit she’s getting dragged for this too.

No. 40401

I think her breast are shooped bigger, if you notice the other Depop pictures there is an incosistency in the other picture (warp tool).

No. 40402

Also, LOl she has an Irregular Choice Dumbo bag for sale, listed as Brand new with tags…but her sister used that bag at Disneyland for Dapper Day. How many things are listed as new?

No. 40404

Me neither! The cousin wearing a red armband is weird and stupid, but that wasn't even a concentration camp or anything of the like. They weren't even real nazis, but american nazi sympathizers who got absolutely nothing out of that camp.

BUT, I agree she deserves the backlash for being so damn stupid and insensitive. That pseudo apology without admitting any guilt is so narcissistic, classic Kelly.

I know she took dahvey's side but what exactly did she say? HOW can anyone defend a pedophile?

No. 40409

Honestly I think that it's not the video in general, it's other small things that really added up. Like the lighthearted music. The red armband (seriously, who thought that was a good idea???). Her blockhead sister defending her and making it worse. Her last post which lacked an apology.

It's the fact that she can't put her stupid massively overblown ego aside for two seconds to properly apologize. People were clearly hurt by her video and her lack of apology, people whose families have gone through this shit. She doesn't get to say that she didn't hurt anybody, she doesn't get that choice. Even if it truly wasn't her intention, she needs to apologize. It's also the actual fact that she IS laying low and not posting. She's waiting for it to blow over before getting back to her usual obnoxiousness. All so she doesn't have to apologize.

What a cunt. How high above everybody do you think you are, Kelly? If anything, you're below all of us, even the worst of us. Get your airhead out of the clouds. Being humble is free and won't cost you anything. Her parents must have been some real shits to raise such awful high-and-mighty sewage people.

No. 40410

>hacks to make them think you are an alpha male

His life

No. 40415

File: 1552900966851.jpeg (170.71 KB, 1242x1173, 205B6EFC-B03C-4919-A9D2-5B433F…)

Kelly is back and the first thing she posts is a poorly done self portrait. How vain could someone be? She’s past narcissistic at this point

No. 40416

File: 1552901001305.jpeg (365.76 KB, 1242x1855, 6F7C7D59-9F10-4380-83FE-A981B8…)

No. 40423

yah i agree. what the video told us was that Kelly is a dumb uncultured insensitive self-centred airhead, not that she's literally Hitler.
I couldn't comprehend all that outrage when the discovery of sekril's creepy antics, who are leagues funnier than the nazi vid, happened at the same time.

No. 40424

>Hack 1:
>LARP with a character who is a badass alpha male mercenary playboy so everyone has to play along
>Hack 2:
>post on anonymous forum that you're actually a really great guy who totally looks like he works out

Is it just the angle or does this look derpy as hell?

No. 40429

That is really really bad

No. 40431

File: 1552916078528.png (203.33 KB, 863x683, 1543353983942.png)

No. 40438

so a person is only a sex offender if they're registered as one? that's some really warped logic. ppl commit crimes all the time but guess it only counts when they're actually sentenced.

No. 40439

Obviously she’s doing a self portrait…she has no more friends. Or she will turn into one of those “I can always count on me! I’m my best friend!” types

No. 40448

File: 1552926154489.jpeg (254.14 KB, 750x906, ABDBFFD6-F3D5-46CC-B9C9-7AA8B0…)

i cant believe all her delusional fans have to say is “welcome back kelly!!!!! don’t let the haters get you down!!!!” it’s literally appalling how up her ass they really are. i’ve only seen 2 comments calling her out so far (i bet she deleted the others immediately) and all her fans are basically telling them “shame on you for saying our kelly-chan isnt off the hook!!1!1!1”
kelly doesn’t do anything for her fans but beg for money, i literally can’t wrap my head around why they wk her to these lengths???

No. 40461

I don't think it's fair to assume shitty people automatically have shitty parents. Plenty of people are cunts regardless of how they're raised. Plus it takes responsibility away from the individual, which is exactly what Kelly wants.

No. 40479

File: 1552951610511.png (55.9 KB, 609x275, wow.png)

her first tweet in a week since the "apology" tweet

y i k e s

No. 40480

this is both insensitive and basically illiterate. well done

No. 40504

File: 1552974909386.jpeg (229.64 KB, 1242x1270, 3E882E85-4919-4711-BEBD-59C765…)

Another self portrait. With the painting she did with her dad’s ashes… didn’t she say that she sold that one?

No. 40506

This is the world we live in.
On this day, Outrage incel culture has
given us a pillar of "what is even going on anymore".

No. 40507

Christ is this seriously the video that people found so offensive? The only thing that was truly off putting about her behavior is that it seemed like she was trying to show off in front of her cousin, making cringe-y jokes every five seconds. She was annoying at worst.

No. 40520

People were pissed that a pretty, privileged white girl could flounce around a Nazi camp cracking bad jokes and get paid for it without acknowledging why that’s fucked, yes.

No. 40521

File: 1552993992641.jpeg (287.76 KB, 736x921, 6346E89C-BBE8-4509-8031-06C9F1…)

Girl should just have a full mental breakdown and be Shane’s next project. It would do wonders to increase her numbers.

No. 40524

that response, rofl

I mean, it's pretty disrespectful and tasteless. She didn't even apologize properly. it wasn't just one person finding it off, it was a lot of her followers. She lost subs for it.

No. 40525

The way she talks hurt my soul. This bitch is so annoying

No. 40534

She's an attention seeking liar, she put a clickbait title 'exploring abandoned NAZI CAMP' and then later was forced to admit that it's not actually a camp, and no nazis were ever housed there.

No. 40562

ot but she wasnt forced to admit that it wasnt, she stated it in the video.

No. 40563

File: 1553031969894.png (344.09 KB, 929x446, k.png)

that's a funny way of saying that you were laying low to let the steam blow over

No. 40564

>I haven't felt this inspired in years.
It's… a self-portrait. jesus christ get a clone and go fuck yourself. we all know you want to.

No. 40567

>paints self portrait to practice technique and likeness.
>copies her ultra photoshopped pictures kek.

No. 40573

>My narcissism is necessary to improve my art ok

No. 40580

No. 40587

Kelly tries really hard to try to sound like she knows what she's talking about, but her obsession for the "rules" only show off how uncreative her mind is. She has to justify everything she does with what art school told her

No. 40613

Lol wet on wet is what Bob Ross used too, the method kelly claimed was 'cheating'
At least Bob had an imagination and painted from that, instead of copying from a photo like Kelly does

No. 40614

Samefag but sorry forgot to sage

No. 40623

File: 1553102896866.jpg (74.1 KB, 578x849, gaming.jpg)

Kellys gaming pc that 'doesn't work' ???

No. 40633

Hahahah yes! But in her mind Bob Ross is lame because he thought anyone could learn how to paint and teached in a way that made easy for people with no previous art training to follow, so they could have a hobby. Kelly on the other hand thinks of herself as this super special talented person who went to art school because she is naturally talented and there she developed her talents even more because she had formal art education. This bitch learned nothing but some names of techniques (and wrongly), she paints like a complete amateur who never ever even watched some YouTube videos on techniques. Sure she knows "how to" paint, because well, it ends up looking like something, but she's not super talented as to not need a lot of improving nor she ever improves.

No. 40638

File: 1553114455375.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 17.84 KB, 474x647, images.jpeg)

Came across this old pic of Kelly, she looked so much better without the disproportionate breast implants. She has a nice body shape when she's not super overweight and those implants. Also, her nose looks super different from now, I'm aure she had a nosejob

No. 40639

File: 1553114622948.jpg (216.49 KB, 573x993, CYMERA_20190320_174309.jpg)

Samefag to add one more pic. You can't tell me this is the same nose she has nowadays. The worst part is that I think she looked better before

No. 40640

Again one of these pics where she looks just like Jeffree Star
>>40638 she looks so much better with natural tiddys!!

No. 40648

Honestly though how much of this was photoshop too?

I definitely agree she looked better before. I think most women gain a certain amount of weight once they hit a certain age and her fake tits didn't help her out much with that. Fake tits were a bad move.

No. 40662

god she looks so much better without implants

But man was previous anon right. She’s got some huge areolas

No. 40684

And one of the thing they teach you in art school is never paint from a photo, especially a self portrait. Because of distortion

No. 40703

She only has like 3 poses she rotates through doesn't she?

No. 40706

From that pic where she has a see through thing on, her areolas look big, but not huge. In this pic >>40638 the white bar is not taking a lot of space so they seemed to be way smaller. I think they got stretched because of the implants, which is weird, since nowadays most implants are inserted through a hole made cutting of the areola, which is then reattached. When they reattach it, they always reshape it so it looks proportional. Weird that not only it didn't get smaller, but bigger.(Ew)

No. 40709

Is that sensual scratches, cus he ain't fooling anyone about him working out with those arms

I was thinking the opposite. The white bar is thick enough that it really exaggerates how big her areolas are. I'm really puzzled as to why she didn't have them reduced with her boob job

No. 40721

I don't think her having large areolas is a big deal, and I say this as someone with the culturally accepted perfect size and appearance nips

But yeah, implants are a bad idea if you have a slim waist and thicker arms and legs (which I also have) since then there is no slim part to highlight, it removes shape rather than add it. She got the implants to copy stefanie at the time.

She should look into illnesses resulting from implants, I've read a lot about it and it would tally with the timeline of her health problems.

No. 40723

File: 1553165744724.png (2.44 MB, 750x1334, B7CDD70C-A9AB-4066-90B1-9B4349…)

It’s easy to look at her old pics and think she looked better then, but when you look at her unedited next to other people it’s obvious how photoshopped her pics are even back then and that she never looked like that either

No. 40759

>I never play video games but when I do it's the Sims
I feel like the "fake gamer girl" stereotype is greatly exaggerated and more often than not a misogynistic gatekeeper tactic, but she sure is the poster girl for it.

No. 40763

she could've gone for still big tits but smaller implants than she has, they would look so much better than the humongous things she has now, they're so disproportionate, they make her look very stumpy

No. 40778

1 month left until Easter. That's when we'll really be able to tell what is left of the Fellowship. I bet Kelly will say she was too depressed to do Easter this year to cover up that she has nobody to invite. Do you think the rest of the fellowship will gather without her?

No. 40782

As someone who does not paint or draw at all even I can see that Kelly's newest painting is just…off? The paint might look okay (again, I don't know these things) but her face proportions seem off? And it just doesnt look like her. Does she realize that it totally doesn't look like her?

No. 40787

She's back on YouTube. Acting like that whole Nazi thing never happened.

No. 40793

Of course, she's going to just ignore it all until it blows over, it's the Kelly brand.

Might wanna learn how to pronounce your sponsor's name before you hit that record button next time, Kel.

No. 40795

Could she be anymore of an airhead?! All that matters is pastel! Really Kelly? I also love how hard she is pushing this Lindsay friendship.

No. 40796

In kota's story a few days ago she put they she was shopping for her waster party. But it will probably just be with her new mountain goth friends like roniiit and maybe dre

No. 40801

I agree with you, the faces are always something out of the uncanny valley.

She calls herself short and petite kek. You're short but not petite, Kelly.

Funny how she's doing hauls now but was trying to get people to donate to her new oven/saving up for Japan? Her followers are so dumb.

No. 40803

File: 1553205424059.png (309.3 KB, 929x444, fjkds.png)

Who is she painting here? Kota?

No. 40804

Kelly's art might look so flat and weird looking because she literally just copies a flat image

No. 40805

You're right. Has she ever painted anything that wasn't copying an image or something that's right in front of her?

No. 40810

It looks very much like Kota, 99% sure it’s Kota. Which is super awkward considering Kota is not friends with her anymore. Also lol at how no fellowship members will be at Kelly’s for Easter and everyone but kelly will be at Kotas. Kelly is burning out like a slow and painful decline

No. 40811

Lindsay is a good friend because she finds the clothes kelly like lmao okay then

No. 40813

She’s 30, right? That’s disgusting.

Also, not a correct usage of the word kitsch. She really didn’t pick anything up in art school, did she? I’d argue that she’s kitsch incarnate with her wardrobe full of pop culture - hardly high art at all. But of course that’s Kelly, she’d like to think she’s much more considered and creative than she really is.

No. 40821

the whole "oh, why is my perfume on here I wasn't wearing this with that perfume…? oh right, I was hugging the boy I like" thing really makes me think that she's having Sensual "Sekril" Scratches use the Sephiroth cologne, which, LMAO.

sage for pure speculation, but I can totally see Kelly doing that.

No. 40828

Funny how in the thumbnail the ring is on her wedding finger.

No. 40833

Honestly, seeing her in her haul video just makes me pity her. 30 years old, botched lips, fake tits, ratty pastel hair under a receding wig, tons of makeup, falling-out with her closest friends, not progressing in life, dating a creep, and gushing about children’s clothing right after yet another fiasco… It’s sad. Everything bad about her goes back to poor judgement and an off-putting personality, and what’s even more sad is that she’s quick to blame it on something or someone else, whether her depression or “call-out culture”. I’ve been watching her for years hoping she’d turn around, but she’s really hit a new low.

No. 40842

I don't think it is, he has like dirty blonde, straight, thin hair. Whoever that is has coarser curly dark hair. The one with the headphones is obviously a kid so I'm assuming cousins?

No. 40846

Those are her cousins, she said so in another story that day


No. 40851

She likes the boy she likes so much that she never posted a pic of them together or anything AT ALL about him, we had to dig all the Kekril by ourselves because they are not showing off this relationship. Is it sad that I'm pretty sure they both are embarrassed of each other?
Amd, OF COURSE she's making him wear the sepiroth cologne kek

Yes! It's so sad it makes me actual pity her and wish she just walked out of the internet and tried to sort her life out, get real treatment fornher depression, therapy, realised that all this spending on childish things will not fill her void, will not keep her young, will not make people think she's special.

No. 40858

does anyone know where the original picture for this painting is? I can't tell if its kelly or Steph

No. 40871

Who is this video for exactly?
Not everyone can afford liposuction and that's the only reason Kelly can fit into the kids section clothes
"I'm small and petite" no kelly, you had all the fat sucked out of you.

No. 40894

File: 1553269015087.png (743.62 KB, 862x458, Capture.PNG)

Ham arms

No. 40896

I have no clue how she fits her arms in there. I know when I try on something that's too small for me, it's always my arms that are busting out like the Incredible Hulk. Of course, I actually work out.

No. 40898

Next thread pic fucking kek

No. 40901

File: 1553274660104.png (366.74 KB, 862x458, heh.png)

No. 40902

I would love for someone to send her this shirt. Or, failing that, this should be the next thread pic.

Does she not see herself for what she actually looks like? I mean, she's not fat. But with the lipo she's gotten in various places, the parts of her that haven't had the fat sucked out of them look disproportionately huge.

And you just know that's gonna feed the cycle of her getting more and more unnecessary lipo, and she's just gonna keep getting closer to resembling a plastic surgery monster.
On the one hand, I feel bad for her, but on the other… her refusal to get actual, proper help so she can just keep on fueling her issues with a ready-made scapegoat pretty much negates feeling bad for laughing at her.

Grow the fuck up, Kelly.

No. 40927

File: 1553282965466.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, CEE7EBD1-66D6-4AE1-8C22-209B1B…)

If the pink had taken it would’ve been a thing of beauty… Kelly would’ve been so salty. (saged)

No. 40933

File: 1553288044531.png (752.65 KB, 2154x1206, narc.png)

this shit reminds me of 2012 tumblr when every bitch bought kids clothes to show how TEENY AND WAIFLIKE they are. it's fucked up tbh.
she's like a fucked up crossover of Sh0e and Kiki kannibal, this video was so cringe with the sped-up dancing. it would be cringe for anyone other than a 16-year-old to behave like she does.
and every time she says "lookit" it makes me hate her even more.

No. 40934

That would have been great. I am sad we missed out on kelly’s reaction but the grey does look really great in that instastory, like she can pass as a person again and not just a fake blowup doll.

No. 40935

Damn that hair is GREEN.

No. 40937

File: 1553289892231.jpg (598.25 KB, 1080x1801, 20190322_172222.jpg)

We can assume this is about kelly

No. 40964

Seconding this for the next thread photo

Honestly I just imagine the rest of her body matching her arms and I think that'd look better than the Frankenstein body she has going on right now. Seriously all she'd have to do is get off her lazy ass for half an hour a day and work out a little. She'd be able to maintain her body then. I don't buy her "genetics" crap. She's just lazy.

Fuck I wish the pink would have taken too. I think she'd look great with it. She looks so much better without her blow-up doll expressions/makeup too. She looks pretty here tbh.

As much of a cow that Steph can be sometimes, I like her the best out of all of the fellowship. She has the most personality and I'm glad that she let go of Kelly. Kelly would always use her and try to obnoxiously outshine Steph in everything. Now if only Steph would give up the empty sex doll look, she'd be more likable.

Now I'm wondering if Kelly is doing those paintings of the FotR as apologies or something like that. Because >>40504 looks like Steph, >>40803 looks like Kota or Envy, and the most recent one on her Insta looks like Phi. I tried looking around for the reference photos she used and I couldn't find them. Maybe it's from unreleased photoshoots that they did?

No. 40977

It looks black with the very ends of the hair in grey?

This is so much self righteous bullshit

You are a fucking genius! That's what's she's doing, portraits as a way to apologize to the fellowshit! I can't wait

No. 40979

File: 1553311103437.png (552.15 KB, 1288x753, topkek.png)

Holy shit, did anybody catch this in this previous thread? I was trying to see what happened to this thread when it was temporarily locked earlier today, and I saw this, topkek


Sounds like Kelly, Madi, or SensualScratches SNAPPED

No. 40981

Holy shit lol what a sperg

No. 40984

File: 1553315267939.jpg (18.35 KB, 401x141, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.jpg)

saged for off topic but it's interesting that phi is following the same twitter user that blasted kelly over that nazi video

No. 40987

File: 1553316511712.jpg (87.08 KB, 750x750, IMG_9395.JPG)

They're from photoshoots for Kelly's antler crowns. These are different ones but she's used Stephanie and kota to model for her before

No. 40988

This person literally just repeated the same thing over and over like 40 times, I'm not even joking.

It's "You don't know kelly yet you decide to spend your time focusing on hating her, being mean and bullies and it says a lot more about you than it says about Kelly" written in slightest different ways. I fucking swear, just read it.

I don't know what this person expected by leaving this comment but one thing is for sure, it really does exemplify the intelectual level amd emotional maturity of Kelly's fans.

Don't you love it when the WKs say that because we gossip about people on the forums we are obviously all unhappy, ugly haters who are obssessed with Kelly and have nothing else to do than to talk about her? Topkek

Bitch, it makes zero sense. It takes like 5 min max to read the new comments and leave one yourself! Also, what's up with this idea that of someone criticizes others' appearance they MUST be ugly and jealous? What forbids beautiful people from talking shit on others' looks?

No. 40991

I'm pretty sure that Phi hates Kelly. If not obviously, then secretly. I really wouldn't be surprised if at this point she has already moved out or is looking to move out. It seems like to me Phi was excited at first to move in with Kelly because she was a fan and also wanted growth for her social media, then quickly realized that all of Kelly's shit isn't worth it. She hasn't posted anything even remotely closely related to Kelly in a long time. The last thing I remember her posting that gave me a chuckle was a question that she answered. They asked her for her pet peeves and she said a dirty home is a pet peeve and that she cleans her room and bathroom every day. Knowing how disgustingly filthy Kelly is, I would not be surprised if it was subtle shade.

Ahh you're right. I saw those but was looking for the exact photos.

No. 40995

Far from Wk kelly but the way those bitches use her to get a boost on their social media growth is outrageous. Kelly sure is a real piece of work but no one deserves to be blatantly used and discarded this way. They can put themselves on pedestals, like Phi posting on twitter that "it is difficult to realize you're the toxic one in the relationship but to forgive bla bla bla growth bla bla learn bla bla", all they want, like if they care for Kelly's mental health but they don't

They're all a bunch of catty cunts who think of themselves way higher than they are. Kelly included.

No. 40996

I swear you've posted this exact same comment in the last few threads.

No. 41001

Yep they have. And they keep sprinkling Kelly's name in there to seem like they're not WKing her. Kek.

No. 41008

it was really not cute the way she was sniffing the shirt for perfume in the F21 haul, but it got me thinking- is there any hard evidence that Scratches is the guy she’s into? He looks so different/creepier from her past bfs, I’m struggling to imagine him eliciting this kind of behavior from Kelly

No. 41013

Oh Jesus I normally read everything in these threads but I could only manage three lines of that.

No. 41016

He's been spotted in the background of her Instagram stories, it's him. Calling him 'boy' seems a little inaccurate but it's him she's talking about

No. 41022

as much as kelly painting the fellowship to apologize would be ridiculously funny, i just don’t see it happening. however i DO think she’s gonna try to apologize to everyone soon, and then take whoever she has left to make her annual easter party vid. here’s a question tho: do you guys think steph will forgive her? kelly always made it clear in all her fellowship vids that steph was her first and favorite friend, but you could literally see the unedited manipulation at times. personally, i see steph trying to make amends with kelly because she’s a mature person, but she’ll keep her at a distance and it’ll never be the same again. this will also probably mean we’ll never get steph on kelly’s channel and they’ll never post about each other.

No. 41024

Not to mention Kelly's attitude and moods putting a dampener on their trip to Vegas and Stephs wedding. You shouldn't have to baby your friends

No. 41027

That's the first time I post this, for real.

I can't picture it either, I need a couple pic as soon as possible!

Do you think she'll make the easter video even with like 2 or people along her?

No. 41042

File: 1553372736873.jpeg (148.15 KB, 750x734, 7E84ADAD-DA38-4199-8931-899284…)

1. What are your headphones even plugged into?
2. Your controller isn’t on

No. 41048

Has she shown her actual hair at all recently since the blue fail?

No. 41050

Literally a fake gamer girl meme and duh anon she’s so far up her own ass she finally decided to plug her headphones in there

No. 41052

It's been a long time since the last time she showed it at least online. She recently even posted a video of her painting with the hideous wig glued on. How insecure and vain she must be to prefer being uncomfortable (wigs are not comfortable and I will die on this hill) while working man.

No. 41056

Why does she keep insisting on wearing matted and dry wigs? They look terrible.

No. 41131

File: 1553418956335.png (642.46 KB, 924x592, kjhgj.png)

Guess she's not doing apology portraits kek

Trying to make money for your Japan trip, Kelly?

No. 41134

There’s something always off with her perspective…

No. 41141

Her art is boring imo.
She also posted a snap story (or instagram post I dunno) where she just looks at the picture on her laptop and copies it. Traditional art noob here but… what's the point in just copying the picture? I understand if the person was standing next to you and you're doing their portrait, or just looking at a picture as a reference and that changing a lot of things, but she just copies…
I mean correct me if I'm wrong or just plain uneducated but… eh?

I wonder why she didn't tag the headphones in any of her posts…? Scared of people stealing your "brand" Kelly?

No. 41144

Art nerd since childhood who makes a living out of it here. Her art IS boring. Copying from a picture undeniably takes skill, yes, but is it interesting? Is it creative? Is it original? Imo not so much. Maybe her paintings make some people feel something and they probably are truly a creative outlet for her, which is pretty great, but personally I think this type of art is boring, she doesn't event bring anything new to the pictures she copies, which could be very interesting and would give her work some personality, but sadly she just copies.

And about the headphones, I'm pretty sure she doesn't tag them cause they were not sponsored and she would never give traffic to any person or company who doesn't give her anything in return. They're from Razer btw, she already tried on Twitter to make them send her stuff kek

No. 41170

That’s really weird to paint people that don’t want to be friends with you anymore to try and get money. Like her old ones it’s whatever because they were already done and up for sale, but just continuing to make more for sale once they’ve left is…weird.

No. 41178

File: 1553441131336.jpeg (94.02 KB, 750x621, 33F9A4D1-0B1B-4094-B11D-077F51…)

If it happened 6 times in a row maybe the problem is you Kelly!!!!!!

No. 41190

Can someone who has twittter pleeeease comment this back to her??? She is such fucking victim, classic narc

No. 41191

Can someone who has twittter pleeeease comment this back to her??? She is such fucking victim, classic narc

No. 41192

Can someone who has twittter pleeeease comment this back to her??? She is such fucking victim, classic narc

No. 41214

Sooooooooo is this about our good friend scratches or is it referencing the fellowship?
Sage your fucking shit! Plus no one is gonna do that coz it's cowtipping ????

No. 41268

I think she probably means her fellowship since so many of them pulled out recently

No. 41284

imagine Kelly having self-awareness

No. 41288

stephanie, courtney, envy, dre, kota and… scratches? who’s the 6th?

No. 41290

Phi maybe? Maybe she finally realized to make a run for it

No. 41292

EVERYONE paints from pictures, it's called referencing. You can paint from real life or from memory but copying a picture doesn't make you less of an artist. Tired of seeing people who do not paint or draw say that using references is cheating. Source: am artist

Thank you. The problem is not "copying photos", it's not adding nothing of your own to the piece. And also NEVER doing any work besides just transfering the image from one medium to another. I think this one painting looks okay, but yeah, boring as fuck

YES! Wonder what these people are feeling about this, I'd be outraged and would give her a piece of my mind, to say the least. Why did she ever thought it was okay? Kelly is so fucking entitled and borderline retarded, I just can't

Definitely Phi! Highly doubt that Sensual will drop this bone anytime soon. I would be so fucking disappointed that Kekril is over before we can't even properly cringe at them. Kekril has so much to offer still

No. 41293

Phi or Vivka

No. 41295

I’m failing to see how they “brutally” betrayed her. Is it because they wanted to dye their hair pink/blue/other colors that they wanted? Because they didn’t want to babysit her and be her bitch when she’d get vain uneccessary plastic surgeries? Kek

No. 41297

kek. She's trying to play the victim card. Too bad people are falling for it.

No. 41308

i totally forgot they did that for her and she made a whole ya vid about “guyzzzz look my friends are sooo nice and take care of me!!!1!!!” meanwhile steph was subtweeting her from a couch away lol
also agree with this
as an artist, all of us have at one point or another, referenced for a piece through a photograph. but there’s a difference when you think your signature as an artist is referencing and transferring like kelly. that’s where you FAIL as an artist. kelly is bland and not interesting behind her kawaii-ness, and it shows through her art. her idea of originality is drawing her “friends” in antler crowns and stealing her dad’s ashes to draw herself pretty crying. sure, in terms of technicality, she’s a fine artist. but where it really matters, she’s a bland and boring artist and i’m surprised anyone buys her art at all. all her facial expressions in her paintings are the same and the colors are never as vibrant and extravagant as they could be. she’s simply lackluster.

No. 41312

i work as a commission artist and i work from photos all the time. It's nothing special in the terms of creativity so as for Kelly trying to pass hers on as unique pieces and going on how people called her a prodigy makes me cringe so much. Yes being able to draw and paint is an amazing talent yet Kelly just comes across she's the only one that can do it/knows everything about it…….girl please

I hope Phi has moved out but wish she would get called out as being left 6 times? Wish she'd get the hint its her

No. 41314

She deleted her “betrayed by 6 people back to back” woe is me post already

No. 41317

It's funny to me because threads back there were posts from people claiming to be from the Fellowship saying how sick they were of Kelly, and people didn't believe them. Guess it really was them, kek

No. 41320

Do you remember where I could find some of those threads? I'm interested in what they had to say

No. 41323

The friends that dropped her are, Steph, Courtney, Dre, Kota, Envy, Vivka, and Chris. She was always standoffish towards Chris, and that really showed when Dre moved out. I don't think Phi ever really liked her. She always looks at Kelly like she's over her completely.

No. 41329

I know we have a lolcow thread about her, but wtf can she have actually done to get people dropping her like a hot potato? Like those other people are cows too, cutting ties with Kelly doesn't make them any less so. Does she call them crying at all hours of the night and day or what?

No. 41330

I havn't been on the threads until now, but I felt that things weren't going well when they got the fellowship tattoos. Something to try and help hold on to the relationships that were slowly slipping away

No. 41335

File: 1553475170313.jpg (458.81 KB, 1280x916, 19-03-24-19-50-29-731_deco.jpg)

Kelly isn't the brightest bulb in the box is she? Girl, trying to act like you don't read these threads but here you go.

No. 41336

What do you mean?

No. 41338

Labeling it 'ala' prima is such a classic pseudo intellectual Kelly move. "I know the lingo guys!! I'm an art genius!"

No. 41339

Hey, when you make a post that has no new information you should type "sage" (minus the quotes) in the email field, this way it doesn't show up when people are looking only for unsaged posts

No. 41344

People like Kelly are insidious. She makes a big deal about her mental/health issues and how much she loves her friends. You start out feeling bad for her and want to help. It's all manipulation. She will never change, she will only ask for more. There is only so much narcissistic behavior you can tolerate before you figure out they REALLY don't give a shit about anyone else. Little things add up over time, and show you who she truly is.

No. 41345

remember when kelly made justin have a pillow fight with her, then stacked stephanie’s whole unzipped suitcase on top of him before laying on him in skimpy pjs??? if i was steph i would be mad too.
remember when steph and kelly (+ another fotr member but i cant remember who) took a vacation after austin’s death and kelly ruined the whole trip for them by being passive aggressive and saying she didn’t wanna go in the first place?
remember how she used to use dre as her token “goth bff” for clicks and likes and almost tried to profit off of it with that glitter and gloom shit that wasn’t even her idea?
remember the members like roquelle and nina who are CONSTANTLY left out and “not important and special enough” so they never get invited to anything?
if i ended up being friends with kelly, i’d be unhappy and try to get away ASAP too. they’re all cows in different ways, but kelly is the queen of the herd. it was about time this happened.

No. 41346

Wait, wasn't Kelly going to stop doing Youtube and doing something else? Didn't she say she was filming a pilot for something and some of us thought it was porn? But here she is still uploading videos, I wonder what happened with that.

No. 41351

I remember her mentioning something about a tv show offer or something back when Dre was living with her because people kept telling her to call it glitter and gloom then. I don’t really think there’s much to be expected to come from the pilot IMO. She couldn’t even follow through with streaming once when the opportunity was handed to her completely for free. She didn’t even have to leave her house to get all they gave her and she still couldn’t bother.

No. 41354

>>41336 Kelly lurks these threads and will do or say things that the threads are talking about. I think in this thread that someone posted what ala prima was and it was in reference to the technique that Bob Ross used because Kelly hates Bob because she called him lazy a cheat painter and junk for using wet on wet (ala prima) and here Kelly is using that technique.

No. 41358

she was tweeting and instagramming about a "really big project" that could "change her life" and let her "be free of youtube" and considering we've heard nothing about it since those tweets in jan/feb, we can probably assume it's not happening. then again, this shit sometimes takes months to nail down, so we may not know anything for a long while. still, if she had good news, we would know about it by now, at least in a vague-tweet.

No. 41359

maybe that's it, but when she said she was making a pilot it was only a few weeks ago and dre moved out like a year ago. it was posted on either this thread or the previous thread, I couldn't find it through scrolling though.

No. 41361

File: 1553484608169.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1125x1910, totally gonna be a TV star.jpe…)


I found this in the previous thread


the poor trapped bird.

No. 41376

Honestly if she's thinking about getting into acting she should take same acting courses before embarrassing herself. The only thing she knows how to act is a blonde airhead. We saw that in her sailor moon 'skits'.

No. 41380

File: 1553498369313.jpg (988.54 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190325-001738_Twi…)

looking kinda rough. oof

No. 41385

I'm no painter, but oof!
That is so… wonky.
I don't know why she calls her shit 'hyper-realistic'', technically she's pretty good most of the time, but more often than not, her portraits are kinda cartoon-y; like graphic novel cover art, or those kinda realistic but not fantasy prints.

And her friends, family and fans support and encourage her delusion. Why do all cows, without fail, not have anyone who tells them the truth? Everyone in their lives blindly supports and agrees with them.

No. 41387

Oh wtf. I usually roll my eyes at anons who say her art sucks but she is one of those artists who only practices by doing a full, shaded, coloured piece instead of doing practice sketches in between paintings. Her great colouring and shading is totally wasted on messing up the basics. Plus those super dead eyes = dead painting.

Art is supposed to make us feel something. Maybe she can paint some nazi shit to do that.

No. 41389

>flattest fucking hair… putting white lines on top of 2 base colors does not equate hair shading Kells
>did you even try with the lace??
>that broken ass nose
>different sized eyes
>skin has variety of colors but everything else is flatly monochrome…
Jesus the only passable thing is the color rendering of skin. But the anatomy is all fucked so it doesn’t even matter. Looks unfinished amateur at best and down right embarrassment at any other time.
She’s obviously that bitch in school who thinks slathering paint on it will cover up a shoddy foundation and fails regardless.

No. 41398

File: 1553508115553.png (1.53 MB, 1366x1060, 0horrifyin.png)

these are honestly horrifying

and the prices topkek

No. 41399

Feels like she needs some cash so she rushed these out lol

No. 41400

she's going to Japan soon, I think. also I think that maybe Steph bailed on sharing the studio with her so now she needs to pay for it herself. or Phi moved out. idk

which is hilarious because Courtney posted on her insta that she's going to Japan next month too kek

No. 41403

Here you go:

Also laughing at this old post >>>/snow/409917 because that's kind of what I feel like she was trying to do with her "six people betrayed me" tweet.

No. 41404

Her actual painting is okay (but very muddy looking), but man her ability to draw is not there. These as a sketch would be awful

No. 41405

The nose on y0u’vE gOt mAiL is waayyy too small, but seeing four of them together like this- the lips she paints are what throws them off for me I think. The rest I honestly think is pretty ok, not hyper realistic or creative, but ok. Just the lips ruin the face with their shading and highlighting. They just all look totally off.

No. 41406

I know some of the people in kelly's former circle. I know anons are going to ask for proof but there's nothing I can really post without outing them or myself, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

One of the biggest complaints I've heard about Kelly is that she used her friends/the fellowship as accessories rather than treating them like actual friends. Everything has to be about content all the time and she was always shoving cameras in people's faces when they just wanted to hang out like actual people. She's also very demanding of everyone's time and attention, but doesn't reciprocate when her friends need support. She'll go months without contacting someone and then only reach out because she needs someone to watch her dog, shit like that. She also acted like she was doing everyone a favor by including them in her videos and giving them "exposure," but they all pretty much had their own things going on and their own followings that aren't related to Kelly. Steph, envy, and Vivka have their lewd patreon stuff and cosplay, Kota has her music, Dre has her whole goth fashion thing, Claire has lolita, Courtney has her gamer gurl twitch streamer thing. They pretty much all had followings that they built separate from Kelly, and some of them have way bigger followings than she does and wouldn't need her "help" anyway. I don't know Kelly personally but it also seems to me like she tries latching on to the things her friends are more known for, like no one else can have success without her trying to have it too. Everything I listed above that the other girls are known for is something Kelly has tried to do herself at some point (and mostly failed).

from what I understand, most of her friends leaving her wasn't an out of the blue thing either. She acts like she never saw it coming but i know at least a couple of the girls had tried to talk to her about her behavior before, and kelly claimed she would do better, but then went right back to doing the same things. So they just got frustrated and decided enough was enough I guess. I don't think any of them hate her or anything like that, they just didn't want to keep putting energy into someone who kept taking and taking and never gave anything back.

No. 41409

I like that she is throwing shade with those titles. Honestly this is very impressive to have made 4 paintings in a week (and they ain't small). I know we are roasting your art here Kelly but I would love to see lots more art on your channel, you do have a talent.
(we know she lurks).

No. 41411

that flower lace looks a child painted it, jesus

No. 41413

That's not talent, it's skill. Not mutually exclusive but definetly different things.

And how spiteful you might be to title them like that, they seem just detached and edgy titles but when you think about it deeper it totally shows it's shade to them. That's really mean, specially considering it's very possible they would see those paintings… She loves them? My ass. She paints them out of spite, which, if it's true they're not friends anymore, is fucking weird that she painted them specifically in the first place unless she's either apologizing or trying to make them feel bad, and we know it's totally the later cause you don't apologize to nobody by trying to make money out of their faces.

Kelly darling you're not cute, you're vile and pittiful and it's showing.

No. 41416

File: 1553520394997.jpeg (615.45 KB, 1585x2048, 2B0216D0-3C61-4CE0-9E98-040E2E…)

I know the face isn’t straight forward so the eyes won’t be in the same position on both sides but she’s got the lips straight forward, the nose too small and entirely in the wrong position, and with how the rest of the facial features are laid out, the right eye is slothed upward weird. I second that she needs to sketch more and paint less when it comes to practicing.

No. 41420

File: 1553521418338.jpeg (783.49 KB, 1936x1936, 102BC6A5-6139-489A-8ED3-4B5C59…)

Not perfect but some quick facetune and now it actually resembles kelly.

No. 41421

honestly only one that looks intentionally skewed is "unread' and its def the best of the bunch but "you've got mail" is SO bad it hurts. kelly really has good technique in hair but her skin and drawing leaves a lot to be desired…

No. 41422

File: 1553524472834.png (91.66 KB, 597x482, Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 14.3…)

some of kelly recent likes on twitter

No. 41423

File: 1553524696062.jpeg (145.91 KB, 640x376, 6BE50C71-E82B-43B8-AE82-D21926…)

Phi also retweeted this a handful of days ago

No. 41425

god I tried editing the "you got mail" one with facetune and its such a caricature lmao the nose is fucked up, and the eyes too of course. Does she really not do an undersketch? That's so foolish, even the masters would do sketches to lay everything out.

No. 41427

I posted it with a facetune side by side after deciding the lines weren’t enough. It was really fucking wonky, her art almost actually looks like the one that did get fucked up with bad facetuning. She posted how she zooms in on parts of the photos while she paints and it’s super obvious that because she does that and doesn’t sketch, it makes all the positioning and proportions so off from each other.

No. 41430


She is wasting some serious talent here. if she would take her time and practice more these would turn out so so so good!

No. 41431

Agreed, if she focused on her art rather than wanting to be famous she could be successful artist

No. 41434

I really do think the final straw was when she asked her friends to take care of her after her second lipo . You can’t forget about your so called friends for months then remember them the moment you need them to do something for you!!!

No. 41436

File: 1553535748526.jpeg (231.71 KB, 733x1300, 9CCD23CA-9645-4977-AB49-AC9EE6…)

I don’t think Kelly did larp this month, but Phi did and has been posting about it.

No. 41437

File: 1553535841477.png (287.98 KB, 750x1334, 37BC9D11-C043-405D-8FD7-CE6DA6…)

Also somebody took photos and there were tons of an elf girl with pink hair , maybe Kelly’s been replaced

No. 41445

I feel like now she cant profit off of larp, and she got a potiential boyfriend, she probably doesn't care anymore. I hated the dacian brats stuff but its kinda a shame shes chasing views without any passion. I much preferred LARP videos to her modeling ones, or her opening PR that she doesn't give a shit about. The larp videos were really milky too. I don't think she realizes that it takes time sometimes to build up views for things like larp, she didn't even give her audience a chance to change. That's why her channel will continue to fail, she lacks any cohesion or passion in her work. It's all soulless like her paintings.

No. 41446

>>41436 wait, "bleed" wtf

No. 41452

I didn't know what it meant either, found this online:

Bleeding, bleeding all over.

‘Bleed’ is a term used in Nordic larp. It is the idea of dissolving the boundaries between player and character, so the things that effect the character in-game, have an emotional impact on the player out-of-game and the issues dealt with by the characters in-game speak to the biases or emotions of the player. It is about nurturing that connection, exploring the interplay between character and player and allowing for crossover between in-game and out-of-game ideas and feelings.

More info: https://larping.org/why-are-we-so-afraid-to-bleed/

Sounds like Phi might be battling a lot of demons of her own and maybe had a bit of a release in game.

No. 41454

In Kelly's progress videos it shows her blending the paint with her fingers…. Does she not realize oil paints and thinner are toxic? I picked up paints the other day that were clearly marked as "known to cause birth defects in the state of California" and to avoid contact with skin

No. 41460

File: 1553545766573.png (249.52 KB, 1440x1263, Lina.png)

I just realised I haven't seen Lina comment for a while…did she finally say something too perverted and Kelly blocked her?
Screencap is search on Kelly's followers on Insta, unless I'm dumb and she had a different username than that

No. 41462

Courtney mentioned on Twitter that she's going to Japan in a month. Is it a fellowship trip?

No. 41463

The obsessed tranny was Lina Scott.

She's none of the ones you posted.

No. 41470

Yes, that was my point: She's not following unless her username starts with another word

I just checked Twitter and she's still following there, but her last two interactions were nazigate on the 12th and saying she loves Kelly's art yesterday.

No. 41473


Guess I misread your post, sorry. Thought you couldn't remember his full username.

No. 41479

File: 1553548933673.png (1.57 MB, 1508x866, screenshot.png)

lina still follows kelly on instagram, along with her toshi account, her sister madi, phi, dre, and the rest of them

and she posted this yesterday about kelly's antler thing, looks tacky to me but each to their own i guess

No. 41484

>>41452 thanks for doing the reaserch, anon! Actually that term does make sense, i was thinking some sword retards poking each other.

No. 41487

File: 1553552904069.png (242.59 KB, 583x623, kek.png)

seems like she's out of money or something lol

No. 41497

Even then… is it just me or does the face look super swollen? There's still something really off about it

No. 41499

Why waste your followers money on art supplies when you can just use your fathers ashes for free, Kelly.

No. 41502

It's a larp term, they mean 'character bleed' where the characters emotions and yours blend together, it's pretty common.

No. 41514

yikes you can see the paint chipping off, I doubt lina would have worn it if she considers it "art", Kelly really did make these things as cheap as possible. You got scammed sweetie

No. 41517

maybe that's partly why she's such a fuckin' idiot, all the paint fumes can't be doing her much good

No. 41533

File: 1553598273233.png (129.6 KB, 750x1334, 5D40AD2C-7AE3-4D60-9B29-2B26A6…)

Of course Kelly isn’t a fan of ‘cancel culture’, bitch is always on the verge of being canceled. Also, doesn’t this tweet sound eerily similar to a previous post on this thread?

No. 41538

can't take a screenshot of Kelly's Ig story right now, but seems like she's painting Stephanie now. Can wait to see her reaction kek

No. 41539

File: 1553605098397.png (380.01 KB, 518x698, Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 12.5…)

yup looks like stephanie,

side note, does she not know how to zip up boots ?smh

No. 41541


"side note, does she not know how to zip up boots ?smh" It's because her calves are too big.

No. 41543

She said it's Vera Bambi….???

No. 41546

Yeah, it definitely looks like Vera to me.

No. 41569

File: 1553622526196.png (799.31 KB, 800x1036, IMG_20190326_174743.png)

I don't have words.

No. 41578

this new kelly the fine artist thing is pissing me off. yes ok u have a college degree but when it comes to art it means NOTHING. it means you wasted money. that’s it. you can find YouTube tutorials for almost everything a professor can teach you. and kelly specifically is so PRETENTIOUS about her art like she’s the only kawiwi artist out there doing something “original.” how can you say you’re inspired when you keep getting inspired by the same things over and over?? especially if it’s painting ur ex friends that want nothing to do with u kek

No. 41579

someone wants that tattooed on them??? the delusion

No. 41582

Her exploitation of death every time she gets an opportunity is actually really disturbing and sociopathic IMO. I feel like how she's shown to handle death is beyond cow behavior. I know everyone grieves differently, but can anyone think of any celebrities or public figures or even anyone they know having this kind of reaction to a loss of a family? Like going on a social media pity tour complete with uncomfortable or inappropriate photos, paintings, mentioning of private details in such a tactless way. It's really chilling to me. I hope her little cousin is resting in peace.

No. 41583

No. Most people just make a simple memorial post that's actually about the person who's died, and decidedly not about themselves, unless it's to mention how much they'll miss them.

Kelly is at least unique in that regard, I guess. Which is just about what matters to her most of all.

Oh, wait! Onision. Onision makes anything and everything about himself, including shootings, bombings, deaths in other people's families, etc.

No. 41591

I'm so confused. Why does she say it's Vera, but looks damn identical to Stephanie's Twitter thumbnail?

No. 41595

File: 1553640401004.png (3.82 MB, 1242x2208, 20F943A4-E220-4EAB-BC5C-947AEA…)

Looks like she finally dyed her whole hair

Her jaw looks shooped as fuck though

No. 41596

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

My guess is that it would be to piss off stephanie

Yeah, it's really strange. Id she was someone all about death, gore, horror etc it would make some sort of sense. But she likes to put herself as this really sweet, kawaii, cutie little thing that lives in a rainbow pastel world and still…

Her art is so 2004. Like those pics of scenequeens with bloodied cupcakes, destroyed stuffed aninals etc. She's so dated.

No. 41605

Oof her stomach looks rough. Girl hit the gym and tone.

No. 41606

There is without a doubt a very blatant element of narcissism in how she presents the deaths of her father and Austin. I've gone through very similar deaths in my family and just imagining handling them the way she has sickens me.

No. 41608

Those ripples around her belly button are from lipo. Her skins elasticity obviously it that great.

No. 41619

File: 1553650973834.png (2.67 MB, 750x1334, 5DADB993-FD17-4865-AEE9-550D0A…)

And yet another shining example of this

No. 41643

File: 1553667341900.jpg (268.7 KB, 1662x691, hh.jpg)

Kelly went live on Twitch…

No. 41644

Wooh she stay lurkin

Also my god. Her neck.

No. 41648

My guess is that she’s trying to be this kawaii cotton candy looking girl but on the inside she’s ~so deep~ and full of darkness and struggle Blabla reminds me of yandere girls in anime, correct me if I’m wrong

No. 41652

File: 1553674358996.png (418.52 KB, 807x595, jdsfg.png)

Literally nobody asked for your poorly-made shitty crowns. Lina posted about it and we discussed it here.

She's really pushing for money, kek. I really think that Phi may have moved out. Imagine if Scratches moves in? Oh the milk that will ensue

No. 41659

Ever notice how all of her models are wearing wigs? That's because there's absolutely no way to get these pieces of shit to stay on your head unless you can attach it to a wig. I bought one years ago for $200 and it was the worst purchase I've ever made. It's about $5 worth of cheap plastic flowers and spray paint and impossible to wear.

No. 41660

I knew there had to be something else wrong with them than just cheap materials. Of course they're not wearable. And Lina doesn't wear her's cause it doesn't stay on her head. I've never seen a picture from a fan who has bought these and actually wore them.

No. 41670

She literally painted the same image years earlier already,cant even come up wit new ideas huh

No. 41671

File: 1553685105235.png (48.79 KB, 461x215, fb.png)

"I'm not going on fb anymore"

five minutes later

"hey it's ya boi just kidding I need help so I'm back lololol"

No. 41672

Agreed. Some had a big following before Kelly, others not so much. So Courtney comes from cow land and begged Kelly to be in a Hugo V shoot desperately, kelly mentioned she could tag along, Courtney then desperately squeezed in. Courtney before Kelly was a disaster. She did not have a huge following, it was under 400. Courtney had messed up blue hair and weird dimple piercing on her face (kek). She turned gamer girl after moving to LA and trying to get money somehow on her little twitch/patreon ….when her parents support her.

Stephanie had a following of under 2,000k and met Kelly at some stupid cat chocker brand (MANTRAP) modeling shoot, soon after being around Kelly her popularity went up and so did the youtube, then Stephanie got inspired to be like Vidka and got boobs. Stephanie then started losing followers by her lewds and finally she just became a porn chick so her following increased. Stephanie does not work at all and sits at home, her parents support her so I think her husband likes her doing porn to pay other bills. LAZY

Vidka's following was huge because she was a former suicide girl and posted lewds on patreon, her following was high before Kelly.

Dre (Andrea) looked like a fat lesbian when she met Kelly, squeazed in to the stupid doll house with the red head boy, she was a nobody, but soon started to care more about her appearance (cauze Kelly does shove the camera at everyone), then she ate up the attention about being a goth girl because she is always sad about how her parents not helping her out with money when they do.

Kota had a big following due to her whole fairy shit and steampunk outfits.

Envy had somewhat of a following but got more exposure after Kelly and then joining with Stephanie making lewd content. Never cared to hear envy shit.

Claire was a lolita with a following of 11k, acted like a rep for Angelic Pretty.

Nina and roquelle ??? Sadly no gossip i know.

No. 41674

What about Katie, Molly, and Lindsay? Anything about them? Or Phi? I don't remember what Phi's accounts looked like before Kelly but I'm sure that they weren't anything like they are now

No. 41677

Katie was Doe Deere assistant at Limecrime(media). She was not that known but Doe added to many instagram posts …. soon plus size gals and Disney addicts followed her. Her following was average, but after meeting Kelly they did increase. Katie threw shades at Limecrime after leaving (she couldn't handle her job), this was after the whole financial credit phising attack on limecrimes page that doe was too stupid to resolve. After limecrime Katie became very close to Kelly for exposure (the whole pink hair shit).

Molly had an average following, people love her drama so they follow. She is a social butterfly.

Lindsay had no following, totally lacks personality.Like Envy I don't care about this girl.

Phi omg….her/"they" whatever ..following was like 4,000k before Kelly, there are screeshots of it on some thread on here… I don't recall. Gossip is low I don't know much. Pays to be a sag member but its part of her school(kek).

No. 41687

Stephanie started youtube before Kelly did. Stephanie did not get popular by being around kelly lol.

No. 41689

Molly McIsaac was on a SyFy “reality” series called Fangasm back in 2013. I think that’s where some people (including myself) were probably introduced to her.

No. 41697

File: 1553703296203.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1125x1559, D115899B-4E09-4451-A201-DD8579…)


No. 41699

Am I the only one who loves pastel kawaii aesthetic, but finds Kelly's execution of it ugly AF?

No. 41700

No, I do too. She just doesn't have an eye for it.

No. 41702

Whoa! That must be her bad side I've never noticed the size of her nose before. I guess she shops it. That's really not a good angle for her

No. 41703

fuck's going on with her neck?? Are they zits or something?

No. 41711

I’m pretty sure she says she breaks out in hives if I’m remembering correctly, but she also has chest acne so and with how often she wears ratty gross wigs I could easily see how he neck would have a breakout.

Also I agree her pastel execution can be really bad. I seriously hate the mix of purple hued pinks mixed with the rosy pink pastel constantly. Also she never cleans or reupholsters her furniture she paints and it looks super off having old dirty fabric mixed with bright color woodwork.

No. 41716

Yeah she had a treatment done on her chest area before to try and get rid of the acne/scarring which resulted in her having cross-cross marks all over it for a while. Guess it didn't work cause recent vids/pics it looks like it came back.

No. 41726

>>41677 Kelly met Katie from working with Lime Crime briefly. Both she and Kelly quit around the same time, Doe is an absolute bitch. So, I don't blame Katie for quitting. The shit about Doe is as long as the shit about Kelly.

No. 41730

The nose is a normal size, what is really offputting is the neck full of zits

No. 41738

Wait Kelly worked at lime crime or am I misunderstanding

No. 41741

>>41738 Yeah, it was literally RIGHT AFTER she quit working at ABH. Kelly threw her very first Easter party Doe, Steph, Katie, and two other girls attended. Kelly posted that dumb "let's all fan our hair out and lay down on the gras in a circle" pose she makes everyone do for Easter pics (that was actually the very first one), and wrote about how she was sad that her time at ABH was done but how happy she was to be part of the "line crime family" and that she couldn't wait to start a new chapter in her career. Then we heard absolutely nothing else about it. I have followed Kelly since 2013, there's a lot of shit that went on before she got a huge following.

No. 41744

This is sooo fascinating to me. Are used to think Kelly’s content was good and I was a fan, but thought that she just went downhill from the fame or something. Turns out her issues have been prevalent for a long time, before she was even known. The job instability is another bad sign. She can’t maintain working relationships so she Hass to resort to YouTube. I wonder what she’s going to resort to next. Do share any milk that you have from the path that we can use to better understand her actions today.

No. 41748

File: 1553723757593.jpg (410.36 KB, 919x1280, 19-03-27-16-51-57-806_deco.jpg)

Any other long time supporters? Remember when Kelly quit Lime Crime to work at Makeup Forever and only worked there for about 4 months? She quit there not long after her promotion to do YouTube full time. If y'all go to her tumblr in the 270 and up pages is where most of her very old posts and old photos live.

No. 41749

File: 1553724271038.jpeg (325.97 KB, 750x1145, 3997E63D-E6AF-44B7-AEDD-9FD962…)

Dre didn’t mention Kelly in her 5 years in LA post kek

No. 41754

She didn't mention anyone specifically…
But yeah, we know how she couldnt care any less about Kelly. I thought she had just moved out but apparently, they broke up the friendship once and for all. Do we know why?

No. 41755

best guess is that kelly is controlling and tried to make dre go out with her during the day which was dre’s only time to sleep. kelly is a day person (said she gets up at 6 every day in a vlog) and dre is a night person (most her makeup jobs happen overnight for music vids/photo shoots)
also kelly’s just an asshole and dre was just her token goth friend
honestly i knew they weren’t friends anymore as soon as kelly said they weren’t doing mail monday’s together anymore and dre would be doing her own mail videos, it wasn’t hard to tell dre simply didn’t want to be in kelly’s vids anymore.

No. 41762

I’m sure Kelly’s Regina George “I made you!” type of tweet when Dre hit a milestone in subscribers helped demolish the friendship too. Kelly just can’t stand to see people more successful than her. Everyone around her has to be less famous than her

No. 41763

kelly edens dollhaus HAS BED BUGS. thats why we do not visit anymore.

No. 41764

>>41763 and who might this be now

No. 41766

no idea but i love it

No. 41769

i wouldnt be surprised if some of her bad skin issues are actually bed bug issues tbh. bed bug bites look a lot like the “hives” kelly claims she has

No. 41771

I've had bed bugs before due to a neighbor and I can confirm that if you aggravate the bites, they look like her "acne"/"hives"

Good fucking luck to her getting rid of them. You have to wash every piece of fabric that you own and have the place sprayed down multiple times in addition to getting rid of your mattress/any electronics/furniture that they could have buried themselves into. Even if one survives, they can come back in full force in a few months. They don't need much blood to live for a long time.

I just feel bad for poor Toshi. He's probably getting it the worst.

And if she's traveling, that's even worse. Because she's going to spread the bed bugs to wherever she visits. They cling to your clothes.

No. 41772

File: 1553733087639.png (390.07 KB, 585x578, kjsh.png)

yikes look at the condition of that chair

No. 41773

It looks like she literally just painted it with gloss and it's flaking off and showing the original colour underneath.
Painting fabric is not like painting wood. You have to use a certain type of paint and even then you have to seal it with wax or something similar otherwise it stains clothes and flakes back off.
It's much better to re-upholster if you can (and a chair like that would be pretty easy to do - just some fabric and a staple gun and some new trim for the edges. The seatpad is worn down though and needs new filling too.

I feel like a lot of her home looks fine from a distance in videos but if you look at them close up in some of her photos/videos it's actually very shoddily done in places, and dirty too. I wouldn't be at all surprised if she had bugs, especially being that she never seems to change her bed sheets either, she's had the same blue pink floral one for YEARS.

No. 41775

Toshi should be fine. Unlike fleas, bedbugs have a hard time moving around thick hair/fur. That's why women get more bites than men on their legs and arms. And you need extreme heat to dry and get rid of them (family member worked as a exterminator for bed bugs)

No. 41778

i understand if you don’t wanna confirm your identity, but around these here parts we got rules. proof or fake milk. (though i could definitely see her having bedbugs with the way she takes care of her apartment)

No. 41779

Looks like she removed the Sephiroth mug from her Society6 store (or it was removed for art theft)

No. 41780

No. 41781

probably art theft, was it the original art?? honestly idk how she calls herself a respectable artist while at the same time profiting off other people’s art.

No. 41783

File: 1553740031982.png (1.03 MB, 1159x646, hair.png)

that hair is so patchy

No. 41784

Its because she doesnt have friends anymore to trade hair services with shoutouts

No. 41785

if the original artist contacted s6 they will remove the product automatically, but its also going to trigger a review of all her stuff by an actual person, so her s6 may be going away entirely, since almost her entire gallery is stolen art. (current s6 seller here)

No. 41788

kelly is such a damn hypocrite. although I can't think of specific examples I know that she has contributed to 'cancel' culture in the past and dragged people for things that weren't that bad.

No. 41802

this video was one of her most pathetic yet she said she got two of these codes to make these “a long time ago” and it’s fairly obvious she got two codes to you know, maybe make her and one of her many colorful friends! or make her and phis character! she dances around the second figure/code the whole time. “Maybe I’ll uhh, give this as a gift to someone” “we’ll get to the second one when…..we get to it.” she really has no friends left. near the end she seems like she sticks with the idea of giving it as a gift so I’m sure layola will have a chibi boyfriend in her future

also worth skimming to listen to kelly completely not understanding that the figure is 3d printed (which I guess it doesn’t state but maybe I’m just assuming most people know what 3d printed stuff looks like.) most of her downsides are explained by the printing process (lighter colors so more kawaii, rough surface that she suggests you doodle on.) she’s happy overall even though she can never decide if she thinks the figure is really made out of plastic or not

No. 41803

Wow that figure. I would've returned it. Her justifications and standards are shit.

No. 41806

File: 1553754081288.jpg (1.57 MB, 4032x1960, 20190327_231843.jpg)

she doesnt sanitize all the crao she picks up. she just spackles paint on it. pic i have enclosed not the best quality but it was a bite and after staying there a couple of times i realized what they were. Fron then on if i go over whatever clothes i where i imediately shove it in a dryer. i dont even bring my purse in.

No. 41808

why do I feel like this is vera

No. 41809

cause Vera is a shaddy bitch. Canadians…

>>41687 Also, Stephanie had no following dear. She was a nude model for art school, had an asian boyfriend that cheated on her, she was trying to be punk, but was boring. Her family spoils her ass. She cried and made her way to LA with that ugly old man of a husband who has no career. She had a sad following for her stupid lara craft cosplay.

No. 41810

No, Kelly didn't work for limecrime. She just got freebies from them. She got close to Doe Deere because she kept bothering her to hang out for tea. Then Kelly left her job at ABH and got a job at Makeup Forever where she lasted two weeks.

No. 41811

she never asked us to paint us. just cause she took the pics doesnt mean she can use them. she is also being shady with the titles for them. of course i left you unread.

No. 41814


The fact she immediately puts up the paintings for sale without any other information than size and and what type of board she used shows how little she cares for the painting and just wants the money.
Usually you should put a varnis on any kind of painting to make it durable - and if you paint with passion and love you want itto last forever. But on oil paintings you cant/shouldnt put on a varnish before it is completely dry which takes up 6 to 12 months.

She must be so needy of money at that point.

No. 41815


Omg please put a copyright claim on her art!

No. 41816

Molly tried really hard to cash in on her 15 minutes of fame from this terrible show, and even went so far as to claim that they edited it to make her seem like a bitch. They didn't. She's just like that. She's always been thirsty for fame and only really became friends with Kelly in the first place because kelly had a large following.

Lindsay has no following and is a mediocre seamstress, my guess is that Kelly keeps her around because she will sew stuff for her for cheap. Interestingly, Claire is also a seamstress and seems to be much more skilled, she made Stephanie's bride sonico and Dre's black butler costume. My guess is kelly doesn't hire her because she won't give her an efame discount but that's just tinfoil.

I think Claire actually got most of her boost in following because of dating her boyfriend, he's a youtuber with 800k subs and has 70k on instagram. So i would say it's probably because of him more than kelly.

Katie's following is mostly built around disney stuff. I find her really boring though and her photoshop is so offputting, so I haven't really followed her. I don't know what her following was like before Kelly but even when they were freinds it didn't seem like they hung out that much.

No. 41817

Copyright is an actual thing. You have to go through a process to make something copyright.

No. 41820


You don't, you have rights on your images. No one can just go ahead and sell something with your face on it without agreement! Same how no one can just go ahead and take a photograph of you without asking

No. 41821

Grey? it looks black. She is starting to look like a baboon.

No. 41823

If someone is trying to profit off of your image and you haven't signed a model release to give them that right, you can absolutely fight it.

if you signed a model release for the photo that's a different story but somehow I dont think kelly had the foresight to ask for model releases

No. 41825

An incel has been blasting kelly instagram about the nazi video

No. 41826

if you are a friend of Kelly's you would know she titles her art like a scenester hipster. I don't see the issue. Vera go back on twitter and complain about United Airlines 50+ times. :p(:p)

No. 41827

I doubt it's Vera. She hasn't been to Kelly's more than once. This person mentioned going multpile times. Also, I don't think she has painted Vera. The one she said was Vera looks like Steph. So, I'd guess Kota, Steph, or possibly Envy (an older painting). If it really even is one of them at all.

No. 41830

This is why I never buy into that "squad goals" bullshit. You guys acted like this amazing, healthy, mature friends group that everyone should aspire to have… but then in reality you're so toxic and dysfunctional that several of you and your friends are anonymously airing your dirty laundry on a drama board in your late twenties/early thirties.

No. 41831

Why post a link to his empty IG instead of caps of his comments?

No. 41832

again, we need proof you went over kelly’s. a photo of a patch of skin is nothing, you could’ve gotten that from anywhere. because of your skin tone, it seems like you’re either steph or envy, but it really could be anyone. we’ve had fake sources before.

No. 41833

I think it was pretty obvious they weren't goals. That doesn't exist anywhere. Every video was riddled with passive aggression, battling to be center of attention, etc.

No. 41834

this aged like a carton of eggs

No. 41838

i know this was said in the old threads before, but i wish kelly went down the suicide girl with an interest in cosplay path instead. she looks genuinely good with tats and less plastic surgery, and she does have some quality pieces to display. she would’ve suited the edgy twist a whole lot better, and she could’ve brought that into her cosplays to make them more interesting. now she’s just a boring plastic cow like a ctrl+v of every other la girl.

No. 41843

I agree, but I think Kelly really wants a female audience and that path obviously skews quite male.

No. 41844

i'm not that anon but wtf proof could she even provide? lol. the majority of every thread on this site is speculation. we have seen, in action, how filthy her apartment is. her black feet are all over the internet. she literally talks about how she finds abandoned furniture or buys stuff second hand. it's not like bed bugs are a far reach

the subtle white knighting in this thread like >>41826 and >>41830
is ott. kelly is a garbage person and pretending that her friends are "just as bad" doesn't change that so, like……. stop

No. 41849

Phi posted an insta story clearly in kelly’s apartment so it might be safe to say she probably hasn’t moved out like it’s been speculated(I was starting to believe she did too).

No. 41853

Also, she lives in an apartment. If your neighbors get roaches, bed bugs, etc. It's only a matter of time before you will too.

No. 41866

>>41849 i thought she was just ghosting her but still living there. I wish we had more milk on phi but she just seems so boring.

No. 41871

Wasn’t there an old video about a roach or a spider or something in her home with Dre? It was called “attacked in our own home” or something and in it she filmed close ups of her floor and it was FILTHY and there were other dead bugs. Wouldn’t be surprised if she got bed bugs, esp. after keeping her place like that

No. 41874

You guys are being ridiculous, her apartment isn't that dirty. Jfc you're acting like she could be on Hoarders or some shit. Also, bed bugs don't even have anything to do with how dirty your place is. You can be the most emaculate OCD person ever and still get them.


And yeah, we should absolutely not believe anything anons claim without proof. We've already had people confirmed for lying about shit in other threads. Don't let your thirst for milk cloud your judgement.

Besides, if you think Kelly wouldn't milk the fuck out of having bed bugs for pity points, you clearly haven't been paying much attention.

No. 41875

This. You can pick up bed bugs literally anywhere. So even if you have a clean house you can still get them.
However, I wouldn't be surprised if she did have bed bugs because of all the vintage furniture she buys. Thrift stores/garage sales are a great place to pick them up and if you don't treat the furniture before bringing it in, you can get an infestation.
Also, only 15% of people react to the bites so if she and Dre/Phi don't have a reaction she might not even know they're there.

No. 41876

I'm so sick of people claiming to be former friends of Kelly or friends of her friends without providing any actual milk or evidence. I get not wanting to out yourself, but either spill the whole cup of tea or keep it to yourself. Shit's getting old.

So far all these anons have contributed is "she treats them like accessories and makes everything about her!" Like no shit, we talk about that all the time. We don't need ~insiders~ confirming shit we can already plainly see in her videos.

As for the bed bugs, even if it's true, it's not the slightest bit interesting or milky at all. Who the fuck cares if someone has bed bugs unless you're someone who actually goes into her house?

No. 41877

Yeah, between the vintage furniture and her traveling, it wouldn't be super shocking if she got them. But I also feel like if she did, it would be all we heard about from her for months.

No. 41879

It's not milk. It was in response to everyone inquiries as to why they don't hang out with Kelly anymore.
>>41877 I don't think she would talk about it. It's embarassing, as it is taboo. Bed bugs are associated with being unclean, etc. Bit we will never know until she admits it.

No. 41880

File: 1553806456061.jpeg (217.97 KB, 727x1189, 49DD3D36-69FC-4F46-AB95-4AA68C…)

What a mess

No. 41881

I just watched her Chibify video. Of course she made her Layola chibi wear a blue bikini. Because that's totally practical LARP battle wear. rolls eyes

No. 41882

File: 1553808270334.png (1.21 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20190328-130805.png)

No. 41883

People who wear wigs with shitty hats floating above their head always look stupid. Also, this is why tattoos are dumb when you can always wear merch of what you like. That big ugly goblin king tattoo on her leg looks awful

No. 41885

Her glasses are too big for her face, and they're ugly. And if any of her old friends are actually on here, please be more specific. You don't have to state your name but come on. Spill the milk on why none of you hang out with Kelly anymore BESIDES her treating you guys like accessories, and provide proof.

Anyway, Kelly seems to be slowly turning into an ethot in addition to being a larpthot. I wonder if she knows that in order to be a gamer you need to play more than Final Fantasy…on just a playstation.

No. 41886

Did Kelly say she was larping this weekend? Didn't see any evidence that she did. Phi definitely went and has been making posts about it but nothing to indicate that Kelly went with her.
I'm really not a fan of how Kelly is dressing now either.

No. 41888

idk, people on this thread claim to want proof for everything. Remember nobody believed me when i brought the whole gallery nucleus fiasco uo, i showed proof i was there by taking a photo of her walking behind the gallery and then everybody attacked by saying "omg who takes photos of people in public, youre a stalker". Then they wanted photos of the wristbands to "prove" I was there. Like come on.

The person posted a photo of a bite, it should be taken with a grain of salt. It's nothing far fetched, and although i dont think everything that's said on here is true, some of you guys want "proof" for the smallest things.

anyway, saged for rant.

No. 41896

What the actual pastel barf shit is this outfit. She looks fucking terrible. Is there really nobody around her to tell her how godawful this style is? No taste whatsoever. Go back your princess clothes Kelly, that looked better than whatever this train wreck is.

No. 41897

i feel like it’s a little different tho?? yeah the anons asking you for proof were dumb bc it was a semi-public event, but this is in her home. you don’t actually KNOW kelly irl. asking for proof that a random unsaged anon has been to kelly’s home enough times to get bit by her bedbugs isn’t farfetched. also it’d be nice to know if they had any more milk.

No. 41898

For once her nasty huge saggy tits aren't sticking out like always. I know this is shooped but it barely looks like her. She looks like a preteen.

No. 41900

More like a middle-aged woman pretending to be a preteen…

I know she's not "middle-aged", but I feel like she's really starting to look older. Some people can still pass for early 20s in their 30s because they have softer, youthful features. But she has definitely lost hers, which her failed cosmetic procedures and shit diet has likely perpetuated. What's weird is she did not look nearly as aged a couple of years ago. Really has hit her hard in the last year.

No. 41902

Bed bugs are disgusting AND embarrassing , so shut the fuck up white knight. It’s valid milk.

No. 41903

Yeah she looks horrible when she's not wearing her wigs and makeup. She's going to go crazy with the botox and lipo later on in life.

No. 41904

File: 1553819677878.png (492.58 KB, 888x709, roach.png)

No. 41910

Umm EXCUSE! She cleans every day! She works sooooo hard to keep her house in order! /sarcasm
You’d think she would’ve, you know, at least cleaned before filming. But that’d require effort.

No. 41911

What kind of "proof" would you guys want of why her friends dumped her? it's not like there's a signed friendship termination contract or something jfc. Being treated like accessories and Kelly's extreme selfishness are perfectly valid and believable reasons for why her friends jumped ship, and plenty of them posted things on their own social media that alludes to it too.

While her former friends might not care about kelly's reaction, outing yourself as a farmer draws a huge target on your back. If i found out one of my friends was posting things about my personal life here, i wouldn't want to have anything to do with them either. There's no way for any of these anons to actually prove they know her while staying anonymous so you can either take what they say with a grain of salt, or ignore it.

No. 41921

That’s really gross, such a big roach. I think kelly thinks she’s clean because she picks things up. One of the types of people that don’t realize there’s a difference in cleaning and picking up, wiping up a mess vs disinfecting.

No. 41922

… except that you got caught lying in that thread. What are you even talking about? The only proof you posted was that you were indeed at the same event, but the story you told about her got confirmed false by the event's Twitter. It's all right in the thread.

Also, yes, it is creepy AF to photograph some girl you don't like without her knowledge at multiple events. Cow or not, stalkerish shit is still stalkerish shit.

Proof they're actually a friend of hers? No one is asking for a record of their exact conversations, but we don't even know whether or not they actually have ever met her. We have no reason to believe these are actual former friends and not random anons making shit up for shits and giggles. There is absolutely no reason to trust them at all.

No. 41925

Jesus Christ, go home white knight.

It was a public event and everyone was asking that anon for proof of them being at the event, which they did. Regardless, that’s even harder to ask a previous friend to post “proof” that will put them out.

Smh you’re stupid, go back to twitter and go brown nose Kelly.

No. 41926

You can’t be serious about taking a photo of a cows in public being stalkerish. Not this shit again. It’s a public event. It happened twice. With different people. In Los Angeles. In a popular event.

Fuck off, you sjw mongoloid.

No. 41932

anyways, here's a new video when you're done.

No. 41933

File: 1553836741866.png (8.11 MB, 2436x1125, 9144D4A1-C439-4EF6-8F26-5DE587…)

Hmmm weird that people speculated that Cera was the one who said she bed bugs….

No. 41934


No. 41937

jesus christ are you new here? using the “go home wk” comeback is so old. if someone’s gonna come in the thread with a random ass pic and say they don’t go to kelly’s anymore bc she has bugs, we’re gonna need even a little shread of evidence. you wanna blindly believe them? go ahead and be my guest. but if they’re bold enough to come on the thread and join us in talking shit when they know her irl, they should be bold enough to back up their claims.

No. 41939

And how exactly would you like them to back it up, anon?

Honestly, fuck off with that 'stalkerish' shit, this isn't PULL, do you want milk, or not? You sound like an annoying sjw.

No. 41944

File: 1553843180605.png (1020.9 KB, 1246x641, v.png)

Kelly next to Vera is a hilarious sight to behold kek

Although Vera is looking pretty blown up herself nowadays, she needs to tone down the filler and botox before she looks like Pete Burns

No. 41945

I don’t know anything about Vera, she’s pretty but man, she seems so… fake and mean. Kelly on the other hand seems pretty desperate to show that she’s not as lonely as we all know she is. Vera gives me the vibe of a fake friend who you know is gonna pick you apart behind your back.
On another note, if you look at the comments on the video, the guy who sent Kelly a box of Japanese stuff way back commented, talking about more possible goods to send? Does anyone know what the deal with this guy is? Is he like another Lina-esque groupie?

No. 41947

tbh I think she's amping it up around Kelly. I've watched some of her other videos and she seems likable and like a shy girl. If she didn't do the whole thot e-girl shit while jacking herself up with plastic surgery and instead made interesting YouTube vids, I'd subscribe to her.

It's the same with Steph. They've got the personalities for it, unlike Kelly who has to rely on being obnoxious af/the centre of attention, but they choose to use their bodies to make money instead. What a waste.

No. 41949

Ugh… that awful outfit… she be looking like kawhy trailer trash. The “knock me up pawpaw” crop top twist, the hooker cut-off shorts, the “teehee I’m so cute” hair… The flute only makes her look even trashier. Wearing pretty dresses can’t make you a lady, Kelly, if you can’t carry yourself with grace and style.

No. 41951

If she actually does have bed bugs, it's pretty fucked to go to an event like that to try on clothes with that nasty wig she wears 24/7 and probably sleeps in.

No. 41954

Vera looks like a waxwork of Victoria Beckham here

Also extremely suspect that a video with her comes out along with mystery bitching in the thread, hi vera

No. 41955


If I see her horrifying midriff one more time I will have a panic attack

No. 41957

Yikes Kelly you poor vagina is going to suffocate in those super tiny shorts. She reminds me of honey booboo kek

No. 41959

Someone who gets plastic surgery to stay thin vs someone who actually works out for it kek

This picture says it all folks

No. 41960

File: 1553863932516.jpg (80.17 KB, 882x497, barbiedress.jpg)

God bless this member of staff fangirling over Kelly in the new video

No. 41964

Battle of the minty green hair. They both posted last night right around the same time.

No. 41965

File: 1553866951732.jpg (328.48 KB, 944x1208, kellycourtney.JPG)

No. 41967


Courtney’s is actually green and looks really nice and well done, Kelly looks like a grandma who’s just had her green rinse topped up kek

No. 41968

Looks better on Courtney. Kelly heavily filtered hers so you can't see how patchy it really is, like in >>41783

Speaking of, why are they still going to that Nina girl? I think Courtney did hers herself or went somewhere else which is why it looks good, compared to Kelly's consistent patchy dye jobs. She was the same girl who Steph went to for pink hair right? And instead she got grey hair? How is she still in business lol

No. 41970

>Stephanie trying to dye her hair pink
>Courtney dying her hair mint green

It's very obvious they are trying to do this to wind up Kelly…aren't these people like 30 years old? So immature. Kelly's haircolor gatekeeping is immature also, but they are no better

No. 41971

Kelly totally copied courtney who has been that bluish green for a minute. Kelly just did that color, probably during her little "hiatus". She stopped wearing that ratty wig, now she has ratty hair extensions.

No. 41972

Kelly comes for every one of her former friends' aesthetics. She's done it with Dre, Stephanie, Kota, Clair, Roquell, Katie, and now she's doing it with Courtney. And Courtney had her hair that color before Kelly got Nina to do her hair.

No. 41973

File: 1553870716498.jpg (120.42 KB, 1280x884, 19-03-29-09-45-11-268_deco.jpg)

When did Stephanie unfollow Kelly?

No. 41979

Courtney was going for this color over a month ago, but it came out wrong. What's more likely is they no longer have to worry what Kelly thinks, and can dye their hair any color they want. I highly doubt they give a damn about what Kelly thinks.

No. 41980

A little while ago. This has already been discussed.

No. 41982

Head is too big for her body now. She looks malportioned. Them shorts. Omg. As if you'd walk around like that.

No. 41983

Courtney had that hair color ageees ago before the purple. Steph did too

No. 41984

File: 1553880344691.jpg (21.43 KB, 556x216, larp.JPG)

Oh how quickly she is to drop another hobby.

No. 41987

She may have dropped it because everyone but Scratches fucking hates her. She's an attention whore and detracts from the experience of others but trying to put herself in the spotlight.

No. 41988

yep. there were a few posters in the last thread from the game that mentioned she's not well-liked, because she was unfairly favored by the guys running the show. she's also butt heads with several former friends of hers that still attend regularly, like vivka.

No. 41993

What fresh new trailer park hell did these bimbos come out of?? Who dresses like that in public?! How old are they?

No. 42026

File: 1553907875381.jpeg (1 MB, 1125x1817, E2587887-60C2-4D0A-9B0F-F01654…)

No. 42028

whats up with the hairline. it looks like she has a front piece type wig on with those edges. Or she really added PS to color.

No. 42029

it's very poorly photoshopped, yeah. you can see the bleed over on her neck and on the white bits of the background.

No. 42030

It’s more than likely due that got on her forehead, that weird staining happens to me sometimes if the hair stylist is a little sloppy in their application

No. 42035

Arian oil? What an unfortunate typo.

No. 42047

she can't be this stupid, it has to be on purpose kek

No. 42065

Nah. As time has proved over and over before, she has shown no trace of actually having a brain.

She can't use grammar properly or spell for shit. She didn't know that Nova Scotia is an actual place, and she didn't know about the Japanese internment camps. She's quite literally just a bimbo.

No. 42066

File: 1553940434514.png (669.7 KB, 1366x768, kek.png)

She changed her Instagram bio to add her Amazon Wishlist and surprise surprise, it's all stuff for streaming

Didn't she get a ton of totally free shit to stream with? What happened with that? She did two streams max and that's been it…

Also kek she's doing Mail Mondays again a.k.a. send-me-free-shit (to sell later)

How long until the 'woe is me muh student loans' tweets? Or tweets about how depressed she is for being broke

No. 42078


This bitch has everything she needs to start a stream way better than most people and yet she wants her fans to buy her stuff. An honest person would just begin like this and upgrade the equipment as their twitch grows, but no, she wants people to buy her the rest of it. The way she's not even ashamed of how she operates is beyond me.

No. 42084

all that wishlist stuff is so expensive, jesus christ

No. 42108

It really annoys me how influencer friends will unfollow each other then get annoyed when people ask about the status of their friendships. Half your content centered around these people, of course people are gonna wonder what happened.

Can't they just stay following each other but not be friends? Isn't there a function that allows you to not get things from certain people in your feed even if you follow them?

No. 42127

and she doesn't even take atvantage of it either, she could have streamed herself doing all of those paintings in the art section and grow her twitch, but the stream the other day was really laggy so she needs to fix it.. other than that there's not really much wrong with the stream so idk why she's not really trying, lazy?

No. 42128

same fag advantage* can't spell for shit lol

No. 42129

You can mute on Twitter and on Instagram.

No. 42132

She's using an extended router which I think is making her internet unstable. She is planning to stream art on Twitch which is a really good ide, so hopefully she does that. She's very chatty and Twitch loves a chatty art streamer, she just has to fix the internet connection.

No. 42137

File: 1553983471296.png (435.91 KB, 720x531, 6B20C173-0158-45D3-BDAF-4587F6…)

Feels like she hasn’t been to therapy since she posted this gem

No. 42151

Norvina of abh has said she’s dropping people from pr cuz they’ve been selling stuff. I wonder if kelly was one of them

No. 42179


I'm surprised that Kelly still gets PR from anyone. When was the last time she got anything from Lime Crime? It seems that SugarPill only has an occasional business relationship with her now seeing how they seldom send her anything and never shout her out on their platforms. I hate the way she just acts so entitled over PR as well, it's really shows on her PR reviews. Especially her condescending know-it-all explanations. That alone should show companies that she just wants free stuff. Most companies do have a "no resale" policy for their PR. Only donations and subscriber giveaways are usually allowed.

No. 42195

Norvina was referring to the knew people she added to the PR list since about 1k were just added on. Most PR is only sent out when brands put out new products. Sugarpill/Limecrime is definitely still sending her all their new releases. They don't share her because she isnt posting any makeup photos/trying to be recognized by the brands on insta.

No. 42196

i 100% agree, she acts like she didn’t even ask for PR, she’s just so uber good at makeup that they send things to her. the only reason she gets pr is because she either worked for the company before, or begged them on twitter/insta to be added. then she does these reviews that on one hand seem like she doesn’t give a shit and that the videos are a hassle for her to make, but on the other hand seems like she cares almost TOO much and that she’s like the fucking makeup gatekeeper. if i was a brand, i’d be confused about whether to send her pr or not bc i wouldn’t even know if she liked what she was getting half the time

No. 42205

File: 1554049744378.jpg (200.68 KB, 1080x1086, IMG_20190331_172702.jpg)

I hope she starts wearing diapers

No. 42216


Here she goes again jumping into a fetish/kink that she doesn't even have because "mUh AeStHeTiCs". So I guess we can expect more poorly researched psuedo "I know what I'm talking about" videos about DDLG.

No. 42234

File: 1554075081581.png (832.77 KB, 824x917, Screenshot_1.png)

Sage for no milk, but I was brainless scrolling through this "ugly wedding dresses" article and bam.

Although they do compliment her, I kek'd.

No. 42237

i think she looks gorgeous with minimal/subtle make up, the myspace drag makeup that she puts on every day is hideous and ages her a lot wow

No. 42252

File: 1554096001442.jpg (116.02 KB, 1062x856, SMT.JPG)

The issue when you get fanart tattooed, Kelly, is that you may not be the only one lol

No. 42433

No. 42437

Her tattoo is by Nikko she has a vlog about it

No. 42439

Nikki is not the original artist, Sunmomo is… Fact check

No. 42450

It's way better than Nikko's that must sting kek

No. 42461

Right… but this is a tattoo of the same image on someone else, by a different artist.

No. 42462

Much much better than Nikko Hurtado lol.

No. 42463

Yes, Original artwork is by Sunmomo. Kelly got the tattoo without permission from Sunmomo because she couldn't "blah blah blah get in touch with Sunmomo and coudn't speak Chinese" when there are so many ways to contact an artist… like going to their website, emailing them, and using google translate.
Kelly used google translate on a date with the Japanese guy because she didn't know any "kanji" lol. If she can use google translate for a date ….she can sure get permission from the original artist to see if tattooing their artwork is okay.

No. 42464

Wow this person did a really great job making it look like the original art. I looked at the tattoo artist’s Instagram and so many comments on that image tagging kelly and Nikko angrily as it they seriously were the original artists. What bullshit.

No. 42467

File: 1554123115059.jpeg (264.05 KB, 640x869, C65C5D65-50B7-4ADA-9DED-6B6E20…)

Her fans are so delusional

No. 42468

File: 1554123382330.png (2.15 MB, 640x1136, 56FDA5AE-99D0-4735-85B8-252F2B…)

Nearing diaper levels

No. 42481

Nikko specializes in portrait tattoos if I'm not mistaken. So, he will tattoo art on people if you bring him a photo. He makes a living tattooing faces and other artists' work on people. Kelly's fans need to get that fan art belongs to the original artists and not the tattoo artists who tattoos them. Kelly never even mentioned the original artist of her sailor moon tattoos, she made it look like she worked with Nikko on the design of the tattoo and now people are thinking that other tattoo artists are copying Nikko (which is a huge no no in the tattoo community).

Kelly stealing other artists' work and trying to pass it off as her own while preaching, "support artists," is so hypocritical that it's actually funny.

No. 42484

It does look nice, but I can't help but agree that it looks like she has a 5'o clock shadow. Strange. I'm not sure I would say it's better than Nikko's for that reason.

No. 42486

People are incredibly dumb, I guess Kelly's intentional failure to credit the original artist correctly has led to this ridiculous result

If you tattoo someone's art on someone else's body without any permission…you absolutely do not get credit for originally making the art. Nikko does great tattoo work, but that doesn't transfer copyright over to him.

Also I dunno why the second tattoo artist shaded the upper lip like that.

No. 42487

I agree. I feel like both artists should have turned down this piece, unless the new one was with permission of the artist? It's a huge ethical issue.

No. 42511

SensualScratches is attractive and clearly looks like he works out. He’s also so poetic.
He’s way out of Kelly’s league

10/10 would let give sensual scratches

No. 42514

Actualy Kelly doesn't need permission from Sunmomo because Sailor Moon copyrights belongs to Naoko Takeuchi. Also I have tattoo of Lord of rings Evenstar and I didn't ask Tolkien for permission lol!!
The thing that worried me is her writting on customized ps4 pad: "everyone dies". Did she forgot about death of her sweet cousin which caused return of her deep depression?

No. 42521

Dre just posted about a "reality show" with Hot Topic, it might have to do with April's fool, but if it doesn't, do you think it has anything to do with that so-called pilot Kelly has talked about??
Maybe it's too far-fetched, but could it be that she was chosen for the show as well but they ended up replacing her with somebody else?

No. 42532

It is obviously a joke. If you need further confirmation, read the comments.

No. 42593


Actually, that's not true. While fanart of Sailor Moon or any other copyrighted characters is technically illegal, the owner of said copyrighted character cannot publish an artists fanart without the artist's permission. So if someone did a drawing of Sailor Moon, Toei couldn't start selling that fanart without the artist's consent, so while the artist doesn't hold the character copyright, they still hold the copyright for their fanart.

No. 42600

File: 1554171410180.png (440.34 KB, 613x743, y.png)

couldn't force phi to get piss yellow hair so might as well do it herself kek

No. 42601

File: 1554171838891.png (343.99 KB, 1060x670, m.png)

Content for free? Bitch you have eight ads in a ten minute video. And you have a Patreon where you take people's money while doing nothing. When is the last time that she had an update there? In February?

No. 42602

File: 1554172113474.jpg (643.24 KB, 1080x1176, 20190401_222600.jpg)

Here are the two tats side by side: left is Nikko's aka Kelly's. Just for comparisons sake.

No. 42624

File: 1554182978447.jpg (29.35 KB, 747x232, shade.jpg)

it's an april fools joke post but possibly shade at kelly?

No. 42625

I don't think that you "NEED" appliances like the oven that fit your aesthetic when you've already got perfectly working ones. That's just you posting it to see if any of your diehard fans like Lina will buy it for you.

topkek. I hope so

eeeyikes. This is a case where I can say that her fans are just angry because the other artist did it better kek

No. 42627

File: 1554191270680.jpg (1.1 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190402_094102.jpg)

I think we need to put sunmomo's original in between to truly appreciate the comparison… Left is kelly's. I actually like hers better, the lips of the other one look like there is a huge zit on them. Those lips and the 5 o'clock shade are ruining it for me.

No. 42628

The eyes, hairline, collar, and general color is def better on the one that isn't kelly's though. Pity that the lip is slightly wonky and the weird 5 o'clock shadow though. Kelly's hairline is absolutely awful, and the over all yellow hue makes usagi look sick. She should get it touched up.

No. 42629


Depends how fresh the tattoos are and the angles photos are taken at, if you take into consideration the curve of the leg - the one that’s not Kelly’s definitely looks more proportional and raw around the edges…

No. 42635

The one on the right looks like a tranny Sailor Moon. That almost looks like intentional mustache stubble.

No. 42638

File: 1554204946355.png (890.33 KB, 750x1334, 094B054B-D8E5-4428-A0DA-72E99A…)

Nothing says “I’m sorry for your loss” like sending your “fam” to go follow and like posts on insta.

No. 42647

the stubble appearance might be from skin irritation, swelling can cause weird shadows. meanwhile both of them have shitty hands but kelly's has a wonky planetary symbol and is the bow missing the brooch? (brooch looks shitty on the other one, might have been wise)

anyone know who's on the far right? kelly tagged everyone but her

No. 42649

If that tattoo is fresh, the shading is made darker knowing tattoos fade once healed, so that's also a possibility

No. 42650

Sage didn't apply whoops

No. 42669

Wow, Nikko did a shitty job. Look at that wonky hand. The eyes look lifeless, the moon on her head, her necklace is too dark. Like damn that is a shitty tattoo. And yeah, an artist owns the rights to their fan art if they drew it. Of course they can't sell anything with that art on it, but people have to get their permission to use their art.

Didn't Kelly get human Luna tattooed where she used to have her mom? Isn't it from the same artist? Again not giving the original artist credit and having people think it's an original collab with Nikko.

No. 42684

they look like really crap drag queens, especially that blush? pink contour? on kelly and the awful blue lipstick

No. 42695

I can't unsee the 5 oclock shadow now. rofl

And yeah, unless your tattoo is custom (which most people recommend) someone can easily copy it or get the same one.

No. 42698

I agree 100 percent with that Pricilla person. You can work for your own shit. Expensive ass ovens and other crap, kelly can save up for. Fan letters is one thing, but her amazing wishlist is grossly overpriced. She's just lazy. That woman is right. It doesn't matter if she isn't a millionaire like pewdiepie. So all working class people have to e-beg now?

No. 42701

I don’t get why she doesn’t just swap out for a white oven if the black bothers her that much. Then it’s just a couple hundred vs thousands for something she admittedly doesn’t really use. Her kitchen accessories don’t even match anyway with the 10 different types of pink so I don’t get why she feels the need to get picky about the most expensive appliance that doesn’t match.

No. 42718

Why bother, she doesn't even cook

No. 42719

Honestly that person seems petty and jealous, and I say that as a person who posts on lolcow.
Having a wishlist is whatever. She's not forcing you to buy stuff

No. 42721

It's weird how the anons on here understand copyright perfectly, but all the artists selling unlicensed merchandise with copyrighted fanart all over it seem oblivious

No. 42722


Ok Kelly :)

No. 42733

There's companies who let you sell your own fanart of their stuff, it's not a big deal really (and there's also a legal void regarding this issue, but you can get yourself informed about it on Google for sure)

No. 42734


I think big companies let it carry on because 1. It would be hard to pursue all of these artists, especially when most aren't making enough for it to be worth it 2. They know it does add something positive to their game/anime, etc. It just helps build the interest in my opinion.

No. 42738


Wish lists are typically used for people who use all of their money to basically live. Meaning making sure bills are paid, there's food on the table, and any children and/or pets are taken care of. Kelly has more equipment than most struggling youtubers and streamers. She even has a studio to record in when most people record in their bedroom. Kelly has lights, mics, tripods, backdrops, a great camera for recording content and a great camera for vlogs. She also has tons of free stuff given to her by companies and stuff that she already owns like her gaming chair, her gaming/streaming computer, her MULTIPLE mac products (monitors and laptop), her razor headphones, most of her wigs she gets for free, most of her makeup she gets for free, she gets shoes from Irregular Choice and just sells them after she reviews them. Kelly makes a good chunk of money just from her patreon, there's no reason she can't one: pay off her student loans, and two: buy extra equipment. She has all of this money to go to Japan (around $3,000 just for the airfare) and to have random shopping trips or to pay for cosplays that she NEVER wears.

The point is, why does Kelly need a wish list when she can buy the items herself? Will she ever even use them anyway? I don't think so since she never uses the things she has now.

No. 42750

That's probably the whole point. She doesn't have to worry about the cost, putting them to waste, so these items are that much more likely to collect dust. Also, she knows she has crazy fans who will give her what she wants. She can save her money for personal trainers, plastic surgery, Postmates, seemingly useless photoshoots, and cookies. I'm saying this with all the sarcasm in the world.

No. 42761

Yes. Kelly does have crazy fans. When she makes the money to buy all these things. Remember when Kelly hid her patreon money earnings when it hit $1,000 a month? She will sometimes post her amazon wishlist and expect people to buy her things something she has been doing since 2007. The grossest thing is Phi copied her and got a wishlist too. Also, her former cows> Courtney Dawne hit $800 a month on patreon and hid it after people were calling out Kelly about Sailor Moon cosplay skits. Courtney also won't speak about her twitch earnings. Funny how Courtney Dawne's patreons number dwindled after ending her relationship with Kelly. Stephanie patreon was $15,000 a month last early year, I wonder how much she makes now. They are broke so they need money for Japan and streaming.

No. 42762


Phi can have a wish list imo. Phi is going to school, paying her rent and other bills, and most of the stuff is under $50 or is for cosplays/larping. Phi doesn't have as much money as Kelly does. Kelly legit makes THOUSANDS of dollars a month and is apparently struggling. From what we've seen Phi rarely travels and Kelly is going to Japan for the 3rd time in under 2 years. Not to mention that Kelly attached herself to Phi and Lindsay's hobby to make more content.

No. 42776

from what i’ve seen the only ones who don’t beg for presents and $$$ are vivka and dre. dre not only works on a lot of noteworthy mua gigs, but she also models for hot topic and foxblood. and vivka puts a lot of time and effort into her patreon shoots and makes sure you get what you pay for, where as stephanie only makes does quality shoots for collabs or big projects. i don’t wanna sound like a whiteknight bc i dislike all of them, it’s just an observation that i’ve never seen those two e-beg.

No. 42787

File: 1554277861077.png (426.74 KB, 929x594, k.png)

So has this become her usual spiel? Put up her wishlist and P.O. box everywhere and then go posting about how "depressed" she is for pity and presents to "cheer" her up?

I've also noticed that she usually doesn't reply to people on Instagram much either, but suddenly she's talking to everyone and replying to Lina (despite almost always ignoring her)

No. 42788

wow, seems so incredibly deep and serious. btw get rid of the wig and stop that stupid fucking drake pose. i'm sick of this retard posting shit like this acting like being depressed is "cool". if you were really that upset you wouldn't even be typing this shit idiot

No. 42791

Joking about being depressed doesn't mean you aren't depressed. With that said, yeah she's probably just upset and dramatized it for ~mental illness points

No. 42792

i meant she just does this all. the. time.

No. 42796

There is a difference between joking in closed circles / with friends and reminding everyone every other day ur so strong for facing this trendy mental health issue

No. 42798


Is it a weird shadow/line or are her boobs photoshopped larger?
They look so bad here, nothing fits

No. 42802


I hate how she does that. She hasn't even been diagnosed with anything by a professional, just herself. Kelly uses being depressed for pity points.

Does anyone know what video she said that she was contemplating suicide but like just talked about it so casually and made people extremely concerned for her. Did she ever go to a treatment facility for that? No?

No. 42847

That is so badly shooped around the waist and under her butt cheek

No. 42860

File: 1554327853775.jpeg (196.33 KB, 640x708, E895CE9C-63CB-4E96-B541-E5E5DE…)

Someone asked why kelly said it’s taken her two full years(kelly’s words) to get her twitch ready and this was in the replies. This just sounds ridiculous. Kelly would spend way less money and effort just living alone and having the extra room as a studio instead of renting that small room she got nearby. This is such a dumb excuse for a problem she created for herself. I doubt she has friends left chipping in for the rent of the second space.

No. 42863

Wow she is actually streaming rn https://www.twitch.tv/kellyedenofficial

No. 42864

"run her internet remotely" makes zero sense in this context.

No. 42869

This stream is brutal. Shes soooo boring!

No. 42874

Her butchering of Japanese is so tragic

No. 42877

Kelly is going to marry a fictional character…. why is she so hung up on marriage if she doesn't want the commitment?

No. 42880

She is relying so much on the stream chat, she doesn't know how to handle the silence at all. And the button sounds are horrible.

No. 42911

So the hairdressers asked to not be shown on camera, and Kelly still caught their faces and didn't bother to edit them out. It's like she's habitually inconsiderate, because in truth, she doesn't really care so long as SHE looks good.
Also, her hair is so awfully thin, yikes.

No. 42918

I swear she ruined Nina's sink with that shitty hair dye. That color is so patchy despite her incessant need to say how consistent it is.

Her eyebrows look different. It's almost like she's going back to the darker, sharper angle look she used to have (which I think actually suits her better)

No. 42926

That dye looked super chunky. Poor sink didn't stand a chance.

No. 42942

She hasn't dyed her hair for a whole year? She said before she stopped doing it because when Austin died she felt dying her hair was moving on without him. Has he been dead a year already?!

No. 42943


sage for emo blogpost but what? those are some of the shittest excuses for taking so long to start streaming. I have an absolute junkyard monster of a PC and it can still stream easily, shits not that complex especially when the computer was gifted to her. She's just too lazy to bother with it because she knows that twitch is saturated with cute girls so she won't stand out. Irks me that she gets so much expensive shit for free when it doesn't even go to good use, other than being sold on depop.

Also. that fucking hair is gonna really die off soon. I can't wait.

No. 42956

Fucking hell the sink. I would be so ashamed if I would be Kelly like idiot couldnt use a bowl!?

No. 42957

Almost but not quite, he died last June I think

No. 42960

Yeesh her hair is so damaged. Also I know they were only gonna colour it after but that bleach was not even. Also kek when wh shows the extension and goes "look at how consistent that is" it's literally so patchy

No. 42964

Titty streamers aren't doing so well now kelly is super late to the trend a bunch of them got suspended by twitch for it and if they post risque content outside of twitch so id laugh so much if she's spent soooo much to stream only to get suspended

No. 42967

Based on the poms and chickens in her latest IG Stories, it looks like she's clinging to the only friends she has left: in this case, Molly.

No. 42968

"The last time you colored it was April of last year." I'm so confused, because she literally cut and dyed her hair at the end of January: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFqtovJtxis.

No. 42970

She tends to exaggerate time to the point of lying. Like when Dre was moving out she kept going on about how they were best friends who lived together for years, and kept repeating 3 years, when the timeline for that just doesn't add up. Dre moved in at 19 and was with a bf for a while and moved out just after turning 21 IIRC.

She was also really creepy for saying how mature Dre was for her age to be the perfect roommate. And how apparent the love bombing was when Phi moved in ("I knew she was my new roommate right away, I didn't even talk to anyone else after! She's not like my other friends who get tired of me talking about obviously toxic boys who don't give a shit about me! So now we spend all of our time together!") It's funny how all of the hints of manipulative behavior that would pop up from time to time in her videos ended up destroying all of the friendships she profited from.

No. 42991

I think she meant a year since she bleached her hair….. Even though Nina said she put highlights in since.

No. 42996

She's desperately trying to round up friends for her easter party.

No. 42997

Animals aren’t fucking props, Jesus Christ.

No. 43001

I was shocked and bummed to see molly hanging out with kelly last night. Like, kelly does not give 2 shits about Molly and actually skin walks her a lot. Molly can do better.

No. 43024

File: 1554434155720.png (1.66 MB, 750x1334, C2F77E74-C6F3-4E72-B1FD-468FB9…)

Now I’m not trying to be too dramatic here, but as a “chicken person,” god fucking damn it Kelly! You can literally stress a bird to death! Baby chicks should be sitting in warmth and in a quite area, not your stupid party. Photo shows the chick stressed the fuck out, it’s too noisy and the bird is trying to get some fucking sleep! Babies need to sleep!

Also these are broiler chicks, meaning they are meat birds instead of egg layers. Give them two months and they will be someone’s dinner. So kawaii!

No. 43038

I was a bit concerned about dogs being anywhere near them. Even small dogs have a "kill small fluffy squeaky things" instinct, see: every dog toy ever

It was just kinda random to see chicks in someone's lap, just why.

No. 43042

why is she still wearing the ratty ass wig if she just got her hair done? sure her hair is patchy af, but so is that wig.

No. 43058

she got her hair done a week and a half ago and she likely hasn’t washed it yet so it’s probably nasty and a wig is necessary rn. she’s just very, very slow in editing/uploading videos, even when they’re as simple as her hair dying vid, which was just spliced clips with no effects.

No. 43064

She really doesn't care about animals. Holy fuck, especially around Easter us in the bunny and chicken communities are trying to educate people that these are animals with feelings, and can be stressed out, and don't want people touching them. This is the most basic bitch shit, I think once her Easter video comes out, pet YouTube is going to freak the fuck out on her, and rightfully so. But knowing Kelly she's going to act like people are being mean to her and manipulate her followers into thinking that she's in the right.

Someone please take her dog away from her. If she can't respect ALL animals, she doesn't need an animal companion.

No. 43068

I believe that is Molly's chicken. If they get used to being handled, they are perfectly fine, just like any animal. But that being said, Kelly uses animals as props, playthings, etc. And it's gross.

No. 43079

kek at her being such a gamer gurl omg that in her stream of one of the simplest sort of games to play she spent so long saying "what does it want me to do???!!!" even though it literally said right at the bottom of the fucking screen. This bitch is goddamn retarded I stg

No. 43087

File: 1554484322663.jpg (29.5 KB, 223x251, k.jpg)


Bald spot alert. She should just leave her hair alone for a long while.

No. 43094

>just like any animal

Except you can literally stress a bird to DEATH. I’m not making this shit up, you stress a bird long enough it’ll eventually have a heart attack and die right there, no matter the age.

Can you show me where it shows the chickens belong to Molly? Also, I was half expecting Kelly to dye the chickens cute pastel colours. Fuck, that’d be the day.

No. 43095

In some of the IG story videos, which are no longer there (time expired), you could see Molly's pomeranians. She also has a ton of chickens, too. She just got a few new ones and the one Kelly is stressing out looks like either Daikon or Chive: https://twitter.com/MollyMcIsaac/status/1109205551345328130.

No. 43115

>>43087 not to wk bc her hair is gross but are you retarded? That's the damn light reflecting from the dark hair.

No. 43130

She really needs to stop using splat hair dye.

No. 43154


Prey animals don't ever get used to being picked up. It stresses them out and they can die from shock. Kelly using them as props is pushing that narrative that you can just pick them up. She really doesn't need an animal.

No. 43156

File: 1554503707435.png (63.81 KB, 657x580, 123.PNG)

I didn't expect her comments to be roasting her compared to how they used to be, kek.

No. 43161

Ntayrt but it definitely looks like skin/a bald spot. Like none of her roots nearby are as "shiny." If she's balding or has a bald spot, I understand why she feels the need to wear wigs all of the time, but it's not like she doesn't have the money to get more than one. She's so gross, I knew someone IRL who was all about pastel and appearances but who didn't shower and loved buying new wigs and clothes but peed in containers in her room. I bet Kelly has a similar odor.

No. 43177

File: 1554512429711.png (79.44 KB, 873x461, 1234.PNG)

So this is something I just noticed that honestly bothers the hell out of me. On her new video, she posted that it is a partnered video with Splat and she talks a bunch about Splat dye, but SPLAT WASN'T EVEN USED ON HER HAIR!! Pulp Riot was used on her hair and she used the Splat dye on her extensions. Not sure if this should be saged or not, but this does add to the shitty behavior she embodies. This isn't the first time it has happened either. I remember a few months ago, Splat was using pictures of her in a wig that was colored with another brand. I hope other people realize this because it's not fair to Pulp Riot, since it's actually their product.

No. 43188

File: 1554514647980.png (660.26 KB, 903x595, ew.png)

yikes that saggy stomach skin and that punched eye makeup

she looks like that trailer park trash aunt who is the town whore and is full of herself.

No. 43189

Kelly lying again, what a surprise
she looks nasty and I don't mean it in the thoty way, she legit looks smelly kek

No. 43191

She is skinwalking Vera now. The smoked out eye, the fake mole, the lashes.

No. 43192

File: 1554517199871.png (402.46 KB, 1242x2208, 62FEA415-6BA8-4824-A192-BE96E8…)

So, sage for speculation, but I don’t think sensual and Kelly are together anymore. We all know phi and her are on the outs, but I don’t think that would make her miss so many larps. I think she and sensual split and since he’s so “respected” in the larp community now she can’t go back.

No. 43193

You're right. I was wondering why she went back to the sharp arched brows

Even though pieces of Vera are fake too, I don't think Kelly can ever get to her level. Plastic surgery or not. kek

I want to believe this, but you KNOW she would have made a bigger deal than that if they had broken up. Crying everywhere and playing victim. It's her specialty

No. 43195

You’re probably right, but if she broke up with him because he’s so butt ugly and is embaraced about being seen with him she’s probably do what’s she’s doing now….moaning about missing out on larp.

No. 43203

Just watched a few minutes of her spyro stream on twitch, as it's one of my favourite ps4 games, and man, for someone who always goes on about being a gamer, I expected her to have a better idea of what she's doing. She has really poor control of Spyro, and stupidly rotates the camera. I honestly don't find her stream interesting enough to watch all the way through. It's strange, cause I used to enjoy having her videos in the background.

No. 43205


Yet another one of her "favorite video games" that she has no idea how to play. If she jumps on the MK11 train, I'll push her off myself. This is ridiculous. She's literally a fake nerd girl.

No. 43207

I’m new to this page I honestly have no idea how it works but I’ve been a big fan of Kelly for over 2 years but recently she’s just been not the same and I really can’t stand her anymore.

I recently noticed her and “the fellowship” are not following each other on any socials. I’ve gone to all their pages to see if anyone has said anything but nothing. Does anyone know whatsup?? The only reason I noticed was because I saw she is removing her friendship tattoo. Or not? It looks really light in one of the pics she posted

No. 43215

Her lover body looks like a grandmas body ew all saggy and without muscles

No. 43216

and she didnt even know what discord is for lol. she also ate junk food a lot on stream, hope she doesnt eat that all the time, not good

No. 43218

That's pretty much what's happening. I think she's just letting it fade until she can remove it, but she doesn't want to commit because she knows that people will ask about it (even though they already have been).

Not confirmed but pretty sure they all had a big blowout with her a while back around the holidays when she was posting depressing messages about being alone blah blah

No. 43219

Non of us know what is going on behind the scenes, but obviously the fellowship had enough of Kelly’s bullshit and they all decided to dump her. Smart move by all of them, honestly.

Also, read the old threads and get caught up. The previous thread links will be in the thread description.

No. 43234

File: 1554550790641.png (470.55 KB, 579x576, m.png)

she looks like a zombie. this makeup definitely was not a good idea. her recently adopted color scheme makes me wanna barf

No. 43254

She's going for a Beetlejuice vibe. Those are the colors actually used for Beetlejuice, minus the pink that she's desperately trying to maintain as her "signature color", she even made her skin more yellow in her edit. Is this shade at Dre because she went to that popup a few days ago with the Beetlejuice rooms?

No. 43258

That’s a reach and a half

No. 43259

That is quite the reach.. the only makeup she seems to know how to do is this look with varying colors. The paired lip color is awful with it.

No. 43280

Are you crazy? This makes zero sense

No. 43281

File: 1554595662056.jpeg (95.77 KB, 1242x405, 8E007335-3E87-41A2-A625-6D0FA8…)

No. 43282

I already know I’m going to get asked to show proof and get called a liar, but I drove by Kelly’s house because I had an errand to do around her block and her building is getting fumigated.


No. 43283

topkek woooooow

People above were talking about bedbugs. If she got them, they most likely spread to the other apartments in her complex as well. Big yikes.

No. 43285

speaking of her “dollhouse” being an apartment, it still blows my mind that she’s done so many customizations (like the bunkbeds in the front closet…) and intensive painting. including fucking glitter paint, loll. when she moves out that landlord is going to die

No. 43287

She used to say that her landlord didn't know about any of it, then changed the story to say that her landlord doesn't care/approves. These were said in very old videos otherwise I'd link it, I don't remember exactly which ones

No. 43292

If her building does have bedbugs she better get her office done too. I also hope she tosses all those wigs, oof. And hopefully she hasn’t shipped anything on Depop/Poshmark in a while either. Finally giving back to her fans..

No. 43293

To be honest if shes a long term tenant the landlord probably doesn't care too much, and probably has got a large deposit from her to cover any damage/remedial work. Plus the fact that it's been featured on tv shows and youtube means they might get higher rent for it.
Sure she doesn't take the best care of stuff but at least she's not trashing it like some tenants do.
Hate her new hair colour, I litreally only started watching her cause of the pink hair , found her around the time of the pretty angelic dress mess up she made.

No. 43303

I will never forget how Kelly tried to manipulate her fans by saying Lor and Tyler were evil lolita girls who attacked her. She and Logan Paul are the worst people for international travel.

No. 43304

If you're able to, get a photo next time? that sounds crazy if she really did get bed bugs. those suckers are insanely hard to get rid of. You have to soak most items in 90 % alcohol

No. 43311

Would also explain why she's been spending so much time in her studio lately/actually streaming. Even Phi posted a story yesterday that looked like a shot of her sitting on the floor at the studio (so I guess she still lives with Kelly but is keeping it on the DL)

Not to mention that you have to throw all of your clothes into a dryer at high heat to kill off any that are buried in there… good luck to Kelly getting all of the bedbugs in her giant dresses, delicates, and such out

No. 43321

tho kelly has shown her place and her entire address (unintentionally) in vlogs and it’s really easy to figure out where she lives, it’s still not a good idea to share pics of the outside of the apt. it’s probably even against the rules

No. 43323

It's pretty prevelant to have pest control at an apartment. So even having proof they werr there, would not prove they are there for bedbugs. Stop driving by Kelly's house. It's fucking weird.

No. 43324

Did she say that? She made many bullshit claims about AP but I don't recall her saying anything about specific people who criticized her, iirc she just didn't acknowledge any of it other than some comment she made in one of her makeup videos after the incident, something along the lines of how "mean" the lolita community was.

No. 43325

They said they had an errand by Kelly’s apartment. Kelly lives in the ghetto off off Santa Monica boulevard and Western, near the Smart & Final and McDonalds. It’s nothing far fetched, White Knight. Go lick Kelly’s asshole on twitter and gtfo.

No. 43329

Also she used to vlog outside her apartment and never censor out obvious almost in-your-face shots of street names or building numbers/license plates. It's really easily to find her apartment with maps. You can see her shitty pink patio furniture outside too. She just doesn't care about being careful with that type of shit.

I really don't give a shit about where she lives, but I can imagine that it could put her into bad situations in the hands of wrong people. God forbid that somebody like Lina get access to her actual address. She needs to review her content more carefully before posting it all

No. 43331

Kelly or no, stalking isn't ok. I don't have to be a wk to say that. It's also not ok to try to hint to people where she lives. Just because Kelly didn't try to keep her location private, doesn't mean you should try to put it on blast. You are trash.

No. 43333

Take your ass to PULL. You’re annoying and you keep coming back to call people stalkers over public shit. Just leave, please. You clog the thread with your white knighting.

No. 43335

Yeah, it was it a video wear she was talking about that pink bow she wore for a while. She said the lolita community was toxic and that these two lolita girls made some mean videos about her and that the toxicity is why people are so hesitant to join the community. Lor wasn't really mean and neither was Tyler. Tyler just called her out in a sarcastic way. Kelly blocked Lor and I think is a few previous threads there's screenshots of Lor talking about it indirectly on Twitter. Kelly has the tendency to play victim and basically say that people attack her online for her mistakes. But that's because Kelly can't handle criticism and takes it as personal attacks. Like I remember watching Kelly's AP video and believing her 100% and taking her side, but then Tyler's video was in my recommended and watching Tyler's video really snapped me back into reality that Kelly fucked up and acted so embarrassingly. So, I can attest that Kelly does twist things to try to make it seem like she's the victim and everyone else is attacking her.

No. 43347

>God forbid that somebody like Lina get access to her actual address.

lol oh dear, poor lina

No. 43348

The people in the lolita community do seem like salty bitches with no personality though, lor and tyler being prime examples. imagine spending so much money to be in a group of terrible women like that

No. 43360

Nah. Kelly deserved the backlash she got from that fiasco. She made a mistake and should've owned up to it instead of making it seem like the shop was at fault or "desperate" for the money.

No. 43361

Sounds like someone got called out for being an ita

No. 43364

File: 1554684896031.png (3.16 MB, 750x1334, FA922BDD-C089-48FB-97B2-2E1E72…)

I mean she took a bubble bath outside her studio today so ….. lol somethings got to be happening. I think the studio only has a half bathroom.

No. 43368

File: 1554686847686.jpg (276.86 KB, 1080x1624, IMG_20190408_022627.jpg)

Smoking isn't very Kawaii.

No. 43374

What's the other thing? A weed vape?

No. 43375

sure is. interesting. kelly's always been against smoking cigarettes and pot "because of her dad's addiction issues." i always thought that was a strange stance to take as someone in the alt and nerd comm of LA where weed is really prevalent. i'm not surprised it hasn't held up tbh

or, you know, maybe she lied about that shit because she tends to lie (or exaggerate to the point of lying) all the time

No. 43377

isn't that just a Juul? i.e. not for weed

No. 43379

No that’s a weed pod. That’s a Stizzy, you change the pods. The container/pod is yellow, that’s weed.

No. 43380

File: 1554693065871.png (1.89 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9701.PNG)

Envy and Courtney are at Ren Faire without Kelly. She was probably too "thotty" last year

No. 43386

Phi was there yesterday and so was Molly McIsaac but no Kelly.

No. 43387

This is bullshit. her "studio" is just a studio apartment in the same complex where she currently lives. It's not across the road, though she might need an extender for her internet to reach into that unit. But it's not that big of a thing, people have bigger houses than that with only one internet router.

No. 43388

File: 1554697391358.png (2.7 MB, 750x1334, 1691D71A-2A7F-455D-A688-1AD1EA…)

Not gonna lie i’d feel like shit if all my old friends where still out there having a grand ol time together and posting it all over the internet happily while I’m livin at my studio because my apartment has bed bugs lol. Sucks to be kelly right now

No. 43389

Lor is actually really nice, she even made it a point in her video about Kelly to say that she wasn't attacking Kelly. Tyler is also really nice. The Tyler in the LWLN videos is a satire character. Just because YOU don't have a personality doesn't mean others don't have a personality. Kelly is this you?

No. 43390

Is it bad that I'm wishing Steph did vlogs again so I could see their outing together? Kelly bores the hell out of me now.

No. 43391

I'm surprised Phi didn't go with them.

No. 43395

She probably had a class or something.

No. 43400

Same or at the very least I wish steph would vlog on her Snapchat or insta more. kelly is boring and Stephanie actually has interests and a personality. I think the personalities of the other girls (if they even want to do friendgroupy videos) would shine more with someone other than kelly holding the camera and having to BE THE STAR

No. 43414

I think Phi was at LARP this whole weekend judging from her stories

No. 43431

Is it confirmed she has bed bugs? Also where did she say she was removing her friendship tat

No. 43437

Phi was at Ren Faire Saturday.

No. 43439

On Twitter Kelly still follows Kota, Courtney and Vivka — But the rest are notably absent.

No. 43453

File: 1554744221125.png (1.17 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9707.PNG)

Phi was there with twin mask larp

No. 43462

Kelly wasn't invited by anyone. I wonder if she even cares that no one likes her. I wonder when her public front will crack and she'll tell everyone that she has no friends.

No. 43465

File: 1554749738592.png (3.6 MB, 750x1334, D7B428F1-B839-41BE-88EB-C1768D…)

This was posted in her stories along with another dude tagged in the video of the pug (not the same guy, the tagged one has visible tattoos). Whoever they are, they’re way better looking that SensualScratches imo

No. 43469

that guy did the dacian brats with her, I'm actually surprised they hang out as she practically ignored in most times in the videos or just seemed really pissed off at him (probably because they were making the lime light off of her smh)

No. 43472

I’m shocked kelly wasn’t the one that got this since she treated his death like a milky cash cow

No. 43473

File: 1554751845016.jpeg (499.12 KB, 640x1008, 0AEBC62D-6251-4CDF-81F0-121F7A…)

Sorry I hit the button too soon

No. 43483

this is so so trailer park, fucking hell

No. 43485

She mentioned covering it up at the beginning of one of her streams
It was a stream where she was playing yarny

No. 43488

She was just complaining she missed being Crayola. Well Kelly there was your opportunity

This feels weird and like they're making light of his death. Why the milk carton? Isn't that for missing persons, what

No. 43493

maybe I'm missing something but I don't understand how this is relevant to Kelly

No. 43494


I think that's Kelly's sister with an Austin memorial tattoo. Only instead of his picture missing on the milk carton it's his name.

No. 43504

Jesus christ that is so tacky and stupid

He's your damn relative why do you need to have his last name tattooed on you too?

Did you fucking forget it?

No. 43505

That's her sister's online handle.

No. 43522

Tinfoil but after looking through her sisters insta it really feels like Madi always really wanted to be close to Kelly, but Kelly's only recently started hanging out with her after she started losing all her friends lol. There are posts from years ago of Madi saying Kelly is her best friend, but (I might be wrong) didn't Kelly used to always say she dislikes her family?

No. 43524

We do not know really how close Kellys sister ws to that guy and what memories or relationship they shared.

No. 43525

Not to wk madi cause I hate her, but honestly we don't know if a milk carton had a meaning to them both, like a memory or something.

While I do agree it's surprising Kelly hasn't gotten a tattoo for Austin yet, it's also a sign that his death didn't mean that much to her as she made it seem. She would've gotten that tattoo already if she really missed him as much as she says.

No. 43526

Yep, she used to bitch about her mom and brother all of the time in her videos. Funny how she puts all this shit out there but then runs back to them when her life here starts falling apart due to her own stupidity

Ok Madi. By the way, sage goes in the email box.

tbh this is kind of stupid. People don't always get tattoos to remember their loved ones, otherwise I'm sure she would have gotten one for her dad by now and made a million posts about it

No. 43527

She does get tattoos of everything else tho, friendships etc. But still, she stopped talking about Austin as soon as people didn't give her a pity party about it.

No. 43529

Kelly only gets pop culture tattoos, I don't get why you are all surprised kek

No. 43537

Honest to god, if the two of them were actually ‘that close,’ he probably wouldn’t never even attempted suicide. The family is nothing more than a breeding ground of narcissists. Poor Austin was a fucking victim, they probably fucked with his mind on the daily.

My mother’s side of the family is full of narcs, they cause serious mental and psychological damage.

No. 43540

They would very well be a family of narcs but sounds like you're maybe projecting your own issues. People with close, loving relationships in their lives commit suicide all the time. I don't think that's something we really have any way of knowing, as far as that family goes.

No. 43544

It isn’t normal to want to die. Maybe he had an intense head injury, or maybe he was black sheep of the family full of narcs. People don’t become suicidal just because, and don’t pull that bullshit, “he had a chemical imbalance.” A teenager hung himself, in a home surrounded by family. I guarantee he felt alone in that house.

Maybe I am projecting, maybe I’m fully aware about narc abuse and the long lasting effects it causes. But whatever, let’s quit derailing this damn thread.

No. 43554

I too was raised in a family full of extreme narcs, Im the scapegoat and I can tell you:
>>43540 is right, you are projecting as fuuuuck

People commit suicide for a thousand different reasons. Let's say louder for the people in the back: people. don't. save. other. people. from. suicide.

Maaaaaaybe id they're a hell of a therapist, but even then… by the way, don't skip yours,please

No. 43567


No shit it's not normal. People kill themselves because they are depressed, dipshit

No. 43574

Didn't Kelly suggest from some of her posts that she directed him to some self-help phone numbers?
Imagine going to your relative for help and they're just like oh just call these people or something, they might be able to help you idunno.

No. 43576

Let's not talk about Austin again, he doesn't deserve to be dragged up in this thread when it was already discussed in depth at the time. Lest we forget Kelly's "aesthetic" grave photos and grinning photos during the funeral week. "On cloud 9" lest we forget

There is no doubt Kelly is a narcissist and her family are extremely likely to be too (they were grinning and partying during the funeral week with her)

It's super gross and all we can say is rest in peace, Austin. Get back to the present day in this thread and not disrespect him by theorizing, when you can read through the old threads and see the evidence.

No. 43588

No. 43592

Not gonna lie, I always enjoyed her lip color reviews, but this was just lazy and unflattering. She never used to leave her lips stained that badly between trying on different colors, and her application was really sloppy. Plus she looks like she just rolled out of bed. She really just doesn't give af anymore.

No. 43596

100% seems like she's meth'd out this entire video.

No. 43597

There's something off about her in this video. Her face seems bloated? Or melting? Something like that. Kek at her hair being so patchy and faded already

This. She seems like she's on something

No. 43600

File: 1554871923041.png (733.94 KB, 926x596, shoop.png)

dat shoop. Kelly remember that we know what your stomach really looks like

No. 43602

File: 1554872207373.png (611.24 KB, 618x582, kek.png)

No. 43607

>uploaded today
>just under 2500 views
yikes. Also that glitchy footage shows how she just doesnt care about her content anymore.

No. 43614

ive always found her inability to color match disturbing. these cool mints, blues and pinks do NOT suit her skin tone. she looks dead, and not in a chic way. she needs warm copper or brown tones in her hair.

sage for no contrib

No. 43618

that is not what a belly button looks like, has she made it look weird with the shoop? I am no expert in the matter I just know it looks weird

No. 43623

Not to defend her hair treatment because it is bad. But the bald spot could also be trichotillomania

No. 43624

The refrigerator handle…

No. 43625

They all look stupid. They didn't bother to tag the girl on the left (maybe she has no followers for them). A fat goat, a big forehead with a moon (throw that same wig you always wear Courtney), a 50 year old plastic face (wonder what depop she got it from this time and hope it actually covers her), and vividvivka (ransacked her grandmas)… Thots in ren faire.

^^^Also, that fridge looks warped. bad shoop.

No. 43626

It's normal. If you look at the full picture it slopes on the top part as well.

No. 43639

Her fashion sense is so lazy. She just slap on every pastel thot thing and calls it a day.

No. 43657

File: 1554914826677.jpg (67.01 KB, 931x600, Capture.JPG)

"Good Mormon." Wow, she really can't take the time to spellcheck a few sentence post?

No. 43658

Oh my god, this is the worst outfit I've ever seen her in!

No. 43681

There's no tag on her because it's a screenshot from her stories… that's Courtney's friend, Bridget Boltz

No. 43683

File: 1554932375999.png (719.98 KB, 920x592, ew.png)

I wish she would stop posting this horrifying picture everywhere. The color scheme in this is a fucking mess.

No. 43684

Is she that lazy? This pastel zombie look does not need to be reposted multipe times. Find a new pic!

No. 43691

holyshit, she is absolutely on some kind of drug here. her speaking so fast and going on random tangents is insane

No. 43714

Just turned on her stream when she got a text message from her sister, who sent her a picture of Austin holding a gallon of milk, then she goes on to say how Austin loved milk.

It seemed a bit out of nowhere. Wonder if she faked it due to the speculation surrounding her sister's tattoo.

No. 43716

Why can't she stop talking about her cousin's suicide? Pitty points? To keep her fans depressed?

No. 43741

"Austin loved milk" seems like such a hollow attribute, like they don't know him at all beyond milk. It's like someone getting a glass of water tattooed like "it's a memorial cus they loved to stay hydrated"

No. 43744

That's a fucking reach

No. 43747

File: 1554970475515.png (1.36 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190411-102837.png)

No. 43755

Naw, I got the same impression. The most memorable thing about him was that he liked to drink milk? Imagine killing yourself and the family you lived with immortalizing you with your favorite beverage. Most people have a quirk or preference about food or drink.

Lol at her conviniently forgetting envy holding her hand with set up and getting her connections and free shit. I can't wait to see how long she sticks to twitch before technical and mental health issues send her into fits of despair and depression.

No. 43762

Who is the person she tagged? I noticed she’s not following him/he’s not following her

No. 43763

Did she literally just begin streaming? Is that normal to be an affiliate so quickly? I feel bad for people that actually make a real effort on that site if it usually takes time.

No. 43764

File: 1554983118616.png (367.49 KB, 2048x1379, Screenshot_20190411-214435.png)

It really isn't the big deal she makes it out to be

No. 43765

I think half of those seven unique broadcasts were her just testing her shitty streaming connection.

No. 43771

Anyone see her new try on haul, it's the laziest thing I've seen in a while. It was meant to be of a new collection and she only bought one item from it, very misleading from the title. Also how can you get lazy with just trying clothes on???? Those videos are the basis of aesthetic youtube channels and you can't eve put that together properly?

No. 43772

Also I highly recommend PrettyPastelPlease if you're missing out on well produced fashion content.

No. 43792

PPP is hardly better, sage cus it has nothing to do with Kelly but where Kelly is going on and on about stupid packaging, this girl is just constantly having annoying interactions with her screeching bird which is 90% of the "review", her videos are like 30 minutes long without any actual content>>43772

No. 43808

ppp is just a bodychecking hoarder with an annoying ass bird but go off

No. 43809

She gives people pastel fashion ideas that are actually affordable. Her opinions are unbiased and she showcases a bunch of different pastel styles. Also, her bird is her pet. Why get mad over a pet? Birds are clingy animals, if you don't like him then don't watch PPP. Meanwhile Kelly only showcases expensive shit that isn't even cute or stylish. She hardly ever even puts together an outfit. And when she does she leaves out 60% of where she got or gets her pieces. PPP makes content for everyday people and Kelly makes content to flex. Kelly makes some of the laziest content, yet she thinks it's so hard.

No. 43821

PPP is obnoxious and snowflake-like in her own right, she freaks out when people criticize her, she buys a ton of cheap shit from fast fashion sites that's awful for the environment and its obnoxious watching her trying to catch the attention of bigger youtubers like simply nailogical and jeffree star. this thread isn't for her though so why are you shilling her?

back on topic >>43588 like everyone else said, kelly is so all over the place in the video, i'm just glad she's not making us stare at the packaging half as much as she did in her other videos. i almost thought she finally would stop throwing the packaging on the ground but half way through, nope kek

No. 43824

90% of clothing is fast fashion. Even the clothing from department stores. Yeah, it sucks for the planet but that's how most people buy clothes. Even buying a pack of socks from Walmart feeds into the fast fashion industry. Alex was brought up so don't get mad when people chime in about her.

Kelly also buys fast fashion and is so used to the pricing that she freaks out over any that isn't under $500. As we all know from the Angelic Pretty fiasco. And as someone pointed out earlier, Kelly gets things for free and is extremely biased towards brands that she likes or wants free stuff from. That Creepyyeha video she did was the most obvious begging without begging for free shit that I've ever seen. She acts like a selfish brat in every fashion and makeup review. Nothing new.

No. 43833

argument about PPP aside, you should delete your email from the email section when you post. i was wondering how this got bumped, if you ever don't have anything that's contributing you just put "sage" instead of an email in the email spot, that way you're not iding yourself https://lolcow.farm/rules

No. 43834

In her video with Davey Suicide, he straight up says she has a bad habit of exaggerating time.

And declaring people are your best friend right away like she did with Dre and Phi is classic Borderline shit.

No. 43836

Just because “everybody” does something, anon, doesn’t make it any less unethical.

No. 43842

It's a throwaway email. Had since I was a teen, mostly use it for spam and fucking around on the internet. I have like 12 emails. Thanks though

No. 43846

its against the rules, which the other anon linked. also, you're bumping the thread since you're not using sage. stop. threads are supposed to be bumped when there's something new about the cow in question. arguing about a random low quality youtuber deeply in credit card debt with an ugly obnoxious bird is almost exactly the opposite of what should be bumped

No. 43847

Can we make this thread about Kelly again? If you want to talk about others go make a thread.

No. 43868

that power is in your own hands, anon. just contribute instead of posting useless stuff like this.

newest video, and god i have to say this is such an ugly collection.

No. 43870

Honestly something is up with her apartment, we haven't seen it in a month it seems..

No. 43871

Dear lord that bra thing she got that she has in the thumbnail as well, that this is way too small for her.

No. 43873

File: 1555079492032.png (331.48 KB, 484x599, Screenshot (9).png)

Yikes. That must be uncomfortable.

No. 43876

they're bulging out, i wonder when she'll realize how hard it is to fine cute/interesting bra things like this with huge boobs? kek

No. 43877

File: 1555081700315.jpg (698.38 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190412-071456_Ins…)

Phi showing support for Stephanie on her live IG stream last night. None for Kelly kek.

No. 43878

She literally showed one item of clothing properly on and it was that stupid plastic bralette. This haul was so lazy.

No. 43888

Looking like an overweight suburban mom who spends all her money on shit she sees on instagram. How old is this bitch? She looks at least 38

No. 43890

Close anon, 34

No. 43899

Steph is ugly af and Phi is such an annoying tumblrtard tryhard with all this queer crap. Is she becoming trans or some shit?

No. 43902

She’s already going by ~they/them~, so basically lol

No. 43905

I’m laughing at how much she was sucking her stomach in this video. I’ve seen her once before in passing in person at an event recently and she just looks so chunky and stumpy in real life.

No. 43922

No. 43924

File: 1555121678573.png (675.7 KB, 926x594, ss.png)

Doesn't she sell all of her Smile Sciences packages on Depop? Kek "yes I use it"

No. 43931

My favorite is when when she posts her Smile Sciences sponsored ads in her IG Stories, but right before she posts that content she’ll post a slide that’s, like, “sorry for the incoming sponsored content, I have to do it.” Bitch, stop complaining.

No. 43932

File: 1555127019062.png (2.78 MB, 2352x1801, dp.png)

No. 43933

File: 1555127152188.png (289.33 KB, 465x628, college.png)

She's tweeting and complaining about college again. Give it the fuck up Kelly. Pay your student loans in private and move on

No. 43935

lmao i was just waiting for this post. i thought the same thing when she posted it

No. 43936

File: 1555128162102.png (660.72 KB, 803x594, yikes.png)

Is it just me or is something off about her in this photo? Like around her nose or something?

Also 3 hours?! From a supposed makeup artist? That makeup should have taken her max 1 hour. Also this is a really ugly look

No. 43939

….is she really pretending that her stream "cut out" because of the wind? Just admit that streaming is more effort than you thought and that an ~anime princess~ lifestyle as a grown ass adult might require some actual work every now and again. And no, not just plastic surgery work.

How has she coasted for so long being this lazy? I guess props to her for having such a popular but undefined brand that she can move on to her next victims, fans, and brands who don't care easily. Yikes.

No. 43941

Looks like a whole nother nose.

3 hours for what???

No. 43960

Smile science is literally defending her selling the shit they give her like what?

No. 43961

post a screenshot, this is an image board

No. 43962

File: 1555174454820.jpg (499.08 KB, 1079x1835, Screenshot_20190413-175235_Ins…)

No. 43963

File: 1555174483084.jpg (304.07 KB, 1075x1723, Screenshot_20190413-175247_Ins…)

No. 43967


I really hope that they aren’t defending her. If they send her enough to have leftovers, it should be a rule that those kits are given away to followers or friends and family

No. 43970

>selling the extras
are they as brain dead as kelly's whiteknights?

No. 43975

Even if she sells a bunch, say they give her one a month, she is probably getting them doubLe or more, back in sales from her advertising. They aren't losing money. Even selling them on depop, she is almost guaranteeing that some of them are gonna buy more from the company. They could care less. As long as she does an ad or two. Which usually isn't even required, she would just fall off their PR list eventually. They track how much she is bringing them through the promo codes. Business, kids.

No. 43979

many brands like this will send an extra kit for the influencer to hand out as a giveaway item. it's not required, but that's what it's there for, typically. her selling them is okay by most contracts. a little morally dubious, since that's not the intent, but she probably won't get in trouble for it.

No. 43985

i really hope this is a screenshot from your "friend" and you're not actually cowtipping, of course they're going to not be upset at her to you, a stranger, kek. they're a business and have to be professional. i saw some people also trying to call her out with accounts that have no icon and are private shortly after >>43932 posted. we can't get milk if you guys are cowtipping, as much as you might want her to get yelled at by a brand.

No. 43987


It was posted on twitter but i cant find the op now i think they went private

No. 43993

can't handle the amount of cringe in the stream right now please kill me this sephiroth rap

No. 44009

She called herself Kelly “Kahlo” (as in Frida Kahlo in one of her recent flower posts…….

No. 44016

Sage for tinfoiling in one of her streams she said she wasn’t going to vlog about larp anymore to maintain a work life balance I wonder if she got flak from the community for “other players” getting caught up in her online drama.

No. 44023

She always seems to be eating junkfood during her streams. I wonder if it's become part of her "aesthetic", where she's this bubblegum princess/ex scene queen who only eats poptarts and the like. We haven't heard her talk about exercise anymore, so I'm just waiting for her to get another lipo at this point when she puts on more weight.

No. 44031

She clearly hates her weight and lack of tone/nice shape that is normally given by muscle so it's a shame she persists on being unhealthy. Plus videos like "I tried -__ diet for a week" and "I tried __ workout for a month" are very popular and she could easily do a bunch of them with all her free time.

No. 44043

File: 1555260561477.png (1.87 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9814.PNG)

Hey guys I'm like super quirky and nerdy. Come listen to be babble and stuff my face on twitch! Especially since I can get paid from it now.

No. 44047

My guess is that while she was still in good terms with Phi and dating ol Sensual she felt more comfortable at LARP, but now she is getting insecure about how people think of her in the Twin Masks community.
If I was a noob at larp, who hasn't got any friends and everyone yhere thinks bad of me, I wouldnt go anymore either hahah

No. 44048

i'm gonna be so sad if the sensualsekrilscratches milk is done, it's like my fave part of this thread kek

No. 44051

She looks like a dirty goblin

No. 44057

Agree about sensualscratches being like the only interesting thing.
Kellys so boring now. Even if her old friends hate her now she could at least try to meet new people, and put out some more interesting content.

No. 44066

Me too, I was looking foward to Kekril so fucking badly, whar a disappointment. Does someone knows what is happening in this front? Maybe throw some of Sensual's social media accounts?

No. 44067

As much as I hate not seeing kekril, this is not a board for Sensual, since he has nothing to do with Kelly anymore I don't think he needs to be talked about anymore.

No. 44069

I to miss sensual scratches , but I really do think they're done , phi posted that she’s going to make a update video about her larp character because she misses it , I think kelly really dropped larp and everything that goes with it , sadly including sensual.

No. 44073

I thought the character thing was because Phi was playing a different character now instead?

No. 44077

I know this is standard Kelly, but it's crazy how larp was her entire damn personality only a short while ago (introducing herself as a larper like it's a career) and now it's suddenly gone from her life. Imagine having such little sense of identity

No. 44078

File: 1555284370416.png (243.01 KB, 487x675, f.png)


Texting, calling, and visiting only when you need something doesn't count Kelly

No. 44084

She said in a Twitch stream she is going to LARP but isn't going to post anything about it on social media anymore. Something about needing to keep it separt from work, which makes sense really.

No. 44124

Ok wk. this actually does not make sense because her actual day to day life IS her work so why would she keep this separate?

I personally know people from TM who told me she was known as a easy lay and everyone was annoyed, no one took her seriously, etc.

No. 44128

Her twitch streams are boring me to tears, have terrible tech issues nonstop, and involve her barely playing games cuz she is not that into them. Watching her streams is like this strange new form of masochism. It’s painful to watch her stale ramblings and mental illness sadly on display but I can’t stop. Praying for kelly.

No. 44136

So maybe she's still with Sensual and that's why she's not posting nothing about larp anymore. Because her "relationship", whatever it is, is what she means by "personal life". She must be scared of how much attention we gave to it. Do we know for sure if they broke up other than that vague post of her about being sad and lonely or smth?

No. 44149

File: 1555300097496.png (1.77 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-04-15-13-45-10…)

She looks really nice here but girl those armssss

No. 44159

She looks gorgeous in these. I have to say I'm enjoying seeing Kelly dress up like a princess every day for Twitch, and people seem to be nice on the chat (I have just lurked a bit while logged out). I think Twitch is good for her and really suits her personality (dressing up, looking pretty, rambling/chatting and getting attention). It's better to channel that towards people who actually want it aka her fans rather than sitting at home and making current_housemate be her free therapist.

But yeah she's been looking great this week, and working (if you can call Twitch that) every day, which is cool imo. Would like to see a painting+chat stream, I think that would do very well.

Apologies for the positivity, just surprising to see Kelly actually doing something brand-appropriate which seems to be working out. She's very attentive to new followers and subs, reacts and plays sound effects for them etc so she's really done her research on how to do well on Twitch and engage her audience. This might be a lot better for her than Youtube which thrives on clickbait. She is just a friendly kawaii girl and doesn't really do anything interesting enough to warrant viral fame.

Also I think it's good she is not reliant on her friends for content with Twitch, whereas on Youtube there is pressure to go on adventures which means keeping a gang of friends around, which she seems to be bad at. She's the kind of person who is friendly to everyone but can't maintain friendship/relationship due to the selfishness/narcissism/earbashing that we can see she does to everyone. So in summary Twitch suits her and I think this is evident by her going back to "on-brand Kelly" with the dressing up every day and interacting positively with fans and so on.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 44163

Saying "(If you can call twitch working)" doesn't make this wall of text any less wk. Lmao you tried to find issue with the only thing that isn't an issue

No. 44176

Damn, Stephanie looks like Miss Piggy. The nose and those lips scary

No. 44177

Now write to Irregular Choice…

No. 44187

File: 1555335165141.jpg (663.05 KB, 1582x946, 20190415_143201.jpg)

No. 44191

does she even try to get these things sold? Like it's not much effort to iron the clothes to take proper pictures..

No. 44193

I know it's been said to death, but for someone who just had lipo she looks so heavy (I know she's not and it's just her unfortunate boobs but I'm stunned at how much it ruins the look she's going for

No. 44209

Fuckkkkkkk her laugh is sooooo annoying and fake. She posted a clip from twitch and how the fuck can anyone listen to that for more than 5 seconds

No. 44219

File: 1555369610587.jpg (145.15 KB, 992x566, (Iamacoyfish) Carousel Nouveau…)

Something has really changed about her face in the last year or so. I know she's always had problematic skin, but at least she looked a bit more youthful without makeup. Nowadays she looks like someone who's sleep deprived, starved, ill or depressed.

No. 44223

Because she is all of these except for starved

No. 44230

I just always thought she was one of those people that just really doesn't look good without makeup. Because she does so MUCH make up and then Photoshopping on top of it. She's just not a natural beauty. Because she's not natural

No. 44240

File: 1555383260831.jpeg (290.35 KB, 531x750, 56E73029-7911-4026-B45B-FD7EA2…)

Something has definitely changed in her face and it’s not just lack of makeup.

No. 44241

her face looking jacked is a combination of her very poorly done neck/chin lipo and her botched lip injections that have caused her lips to go unnaturally misshapen. she seriously needs to stop going to wave for her plastics. they’re ruining her appearance. she’s going to them because she gets work done for free but that’s led to her being embodying the phrase “you get what you pay for.” her lumpy stomach, chubby thighs, crooked lips, and scarred neck are all borderline tragic.

No. 44250

And let's be real here, she's getting old. And her skin around her face is getting droopy and makes her look older. It's just something that happens in her age.

No. 44251

Also that hair color makes her look sick, at least the pink brought some color to her face..

No. 44257

Her face looks jacked because shitty surgery, yes, but she gained weight/is gaining weight and it shows in her face. Ya bois got a fat face.

No. 44258

Your face doesn't immediately sag as soon as you hit 30, anon, unless your health plummets for some reason or you don't take care of yourself, and what Kelly does to herself is akin to self harm at this point tbh.

No. 44260

She definitely doesn't look well, and I wouldn't be surprised if her kawaii lifestyle was starting to taking it's toll on her because she's not 21 anymore (not that she's grossly aged, just that once someone is in their late 20s-30s they can't get away with disregarding their health the same way they could when they were young without it being evident). The hair colour is also tragic with her skin tone, and the lack of natural brows and her botched fillers don't help though - she seems to have done something to her nose too.

No. 44267

As a previous anon said, part of it might be that she's gained weight. Having it sucked out of her stomach, thighs and chin, the rest is disproportional ie her face and her arms. I also find her nose looks weird in some photos, maybe she contours it a lot with makeup on.

No. 44320

File: 1555487577380.png (3.82 MB, 750x1334, 681AC0D3-AF53-4F87-8D8A-0B4F57…)

This is from phi’s story she really does look way older then she actually is , her face is just really saggy , kelly how about you get that sponsored next because it’s not looking to good for you girl !!

No. 44324

Why would she have her hair done and make such a big deal about it if she's constantly wearing wigs? What an uncomfortable life

No. 44331

File: 1555499581774.png (164.78 KB, 750x1334, 0D55B499-203D-4921-A34A-C89A40…)

I feel like Kelly announcing she has her period is becoming as common as announcing she has depression. Also, Kelly dear, making the same “satanic blood sacrifice” joke every single time isn’t edgy. It wasn’t funny the last time, it isn’t funny this time, and it won’t be funny next time. Saged for no milk, just cringe.

No. 44332

As someone who actually owns wigs and hair extensions, I've always wondered why she insists on wearing them all the time. It used to be hair extensions, now it's wigs. Not only are they (at least from my experience) uncomfortable, but so also they require a lot of care. If it's real hair, it's going to absorb the sweat from your head, meaning it'll have to be washed frequently. Wigs and extensions that are washed frequently, tend to lose hair. On top of that, the colours she's dyed them are at best semi-permanent, meaning the colour would fade with every wash. I get that she likes long hair and calls it low-maintenance, but actually, wigs and extensions are anything but low maintenance. Not to mention, she's never letting her hair breathe, then she complains about her hair being weak or skin breaking out. With all that hair touching her skin no wonder she breaks out, considering the hair comes from another human being. This girl just keeps making wrong decisions over and over. In one of her recent streams she complained that her hair was so thin and just refused to grow past a certain length, while in the past it'd had been long and thick. She puts it down to bleaching and having Hashimoto's (I believe that's the disease?). But suppose she's only had this disease for a short time - long bleached hair can be maintained (again, speaking from experience), and as far as I can remember, she's had thin hair even at the start of her modeling career. Things like these just keep piling up. It's always one excuse on top of another one.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 44356

Didn't she get lipo suction in her face? Also she may have gotten botox which can take a toll on your face in the long run.

No. 44416

She probably just isn't putting all that effort in though anon. If she was washing them regularly she'd be posting about it regularly.

No. 44423

She can’t even wash her feet, you think she’s going to take proper care of a wig? Lmao

No. 44454

She showed up in laura lux’s stream saying “hey girl I miss you” no doubt trying to capitalise off her twitch success
Sorry I didn’t get a screenshot, it didn’t even occur to me at the time

No. 44472

File: 1555670821590.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190419-134531.png)

She spraypainted her studio fridge.

No. 44473

File: 1555670864905.png (1.79 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190419-134418.png)

No. 44475

Why does she feel the need to spray paint ever little think that surrounds her?? Not tacky enough?

No. 44484

What kind of adult wants to live like this? She's so stunted. This is how a young child would design a kitchen.

No. 44485

Generally speaking I don't have a problem with her supposed love of pastels nor her choice in decor, assuming it's genuine and not copied from others in an attempt to seem interesting. I don't think it's childish nor that she (or anyone) should stop loving colorful things as adults, even to this extent.
Having said that, this is a hideous choice of colors and a terrible paint job, and it doesn't even look good with the rest of her kitchen. Looks more like something one might do during a breakdown, as if it was done out of desperation than self expression.

No. 44487

Bipolarfag here, this all seems very manic of her. Even the newest lipstick video, the painting of the fridge and so on. This bitch needs therapy and possibly proper meds, this is just pathetic to see.

No. 44500

I just wonder how she is able to paint her fridge. I’m in a country where rentals normally rent with a fridge, so do you guys buy appliances normally? Kelly must own the large appliances.

No. 44510

In most US rentals, the large appliances (fridge, stove and sometimes microwave) come with the apartment. I very highly doubt she owns the refrigerator. Just like with all of the things she's done in the Doll House, she doesn't give zero fucks about her landlord.

No. 44511

File: 1555702532955.jpg (81.15 KB, 639x805, Capture.JPG)

"Maybe I should try blue again…" It doesn't matter, you're just going to cover it up with a wig.

No. 44514

okay but the fuck is that lamp??

No. 44520

File: 1555708652274.png (413.18 KB, 492x763, s.png)

Maybe ol' Sensual really did dump her, no wonder she doesn't go to LARP anymore

Imagine waking up in her bed and looking over to see this

Didn't she go on a date a long time ago with a guy who didn't call her back or something after seeing that framed photo of her and Sephiroth on her wall too?

She has that ugly ass lamp on sale for $250 on her Depop too kek

No. 44521

There’s a final fantasy event coming up in La, and if Kelly ends up going, I can’t wait for photos to pop on here and having the same autistic WK call it creepy.

No. 44522

Isn't this her studio though?

No. 44525

the "studio" is just a studio apartment attached to the garage of her current place. however, it's very common in LA for appliances (fridges/microwaves) to NOT come with the apartments. you have to buy them and take them around from rental to rental. kelly likely owns the one she painted.

No. 44536

File: 1555720122840.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1125x1548, 1C16446B-CD39-4108-AB54-DE60A9…)

She really out here copying Courtney’

No. 44545

I thought they’d make it long term since she settled for someone so far below her looks-wise while being equally cringey. But he was pretty clearly coming here sperging out and raging over the comments about himself and Kelly (judging by the typing style of some of those super long and spirited WK posts) so the stress and drama of that may have driven them apart. Poor old Scratches got to be such a sexy bad boy in LARP he must’ve had a heart attack reading about how he looks like a hobbit who got hit with an anvil.

No. 44552

File: 1555748213517.png (3.18 MB, 1334x750, 2797EAFA-18DC-483F-BD22-1069B4…)

I just watched her last stream and could not believe how sad and bitter she looked under her disingenuous smile and pounds of makeup. She claimed she isn’t having her Easter party this year because “everyone is busy” and she has nothing to do so may stream all day. I felt so sad for her because she is clearly unwell and lonely. I wish she would get on the proper meds. Also her skin (see pic) on her chest is full of what appear to be bug bites. She looks a mess. Praying for her tbh.

No. 44553

I'd be sad too if I had no friends. She should just come out and say it, she's lonely and literally has no friends and then go out and meet new people. ffs.

No. 44554

I don't feel sorry for her. She did this to herself. I feel like the FoTR gave her a chance to change and she didn't (remember in November/December when she and Steph seemed to have distanced themselves from each other but were still sort of interacting?)

It seems to me like the rest of the fellowship is still intact, and that they will throw an Easter party without Kelly. Wonder what kind of sperging on Twitter from her that'll lead to.

She just really needs to take time away from social media and reevaluate herself. She's so hellbent on playing the victim and finding people who "accept" her for how she is that she doesn't realize that that's not going to happen with how toxic of a person she is. Sure, the rest of the fellowship are cows in their own way, but I feel like they're mostly level-headed people who put up with as much as they could from her. She claims that other people are always so toxic but the real toxic people are those who stick around and enable/encourage her shitty behavior.

She needs to take a step back and get proper therapy. Maybe get a normal job and go educate herself on how the real world works a little. Learn some real empathy and what not. It'll be really hard for her to accept that the world doesn't revolve around her but it'll be good for her in the long run. Hopefully.

No. 44561

Okay Kelly.

No. 44563

Phi and Stephanie just posted each other on their stories, I’m not gonna screenshot but it’s clearly there. Obviously Phi is her own person and can do what she wants, but do you think Kelly tried to get involved? I know Phi and Steph we’re friends first but Phi still lives with Kelly. I wonder what this means for the two of them

No. 44565

Not much probably. It's not the first time they've been hanging out after all shit hit the fan. It's probably a hard situation for Phi but realistically, she doesn't have any other place to live at so.. Besides, she's a grown woman who clearly can make her own opinions about people.

No. 44573

People in the comments of her new video praising how "good her extensions look" and not realizing its the same ratchet wig shes been wearing for a year

No. 44589

File: 1555784336680.png (2.08 MB, 750x1334, 17647868-9FA0-4D5C-B03E-7EB893…)

No. 44591

I get this feeling she's only into ren faires/larp etc because she thinks she'll be the prettiest girl around and thus the central focus/main character

No. 44598

Somebody on this thread suggested she spray paint her appliances a month or so ago.
Hi Kelly! Why don't you go out and make some new friends you could have had a whole new fellowship for easter

No. 44600

This is exactly the reason. She's self absorbed. It's likely part of the reason she's avoiding TM too, with Momo and Cheyenne going, she's no longer the hottest/cutest girl there anymore.

saged for tinfoil

No. 44605

tbh i think people finding his fetlife probably freaked him out enough to break up with her, or that one instagram story she took (and seemed to catch him off guard because he looked horrified kek)

No. 44632

It looks like Courtney and Vivka went to the Renn Faire today. How awkward if they ran into Kelly? Who do you think she went with?

No. 44646

I saw her there. She was with a bunch of randoms who I've never seen on her stories or posts before. I always forget how short she is

No. 44647

Momo and Cheyenne aren't going to continue Twin mask, not regularly anyways. I think Momo is Canadian??? Both of them travel continuously from LARPs around the world. They were just guests for that weekend.

No. 44649

I've read through the threads but cant find an answer, what actually happened with her and stephanie?

No. 44657

we don't know, which is probably why you couldn't find the answer. there's a lot of speculation. kelly and envy had a falling out in december, likely due to kelly asking for help with another lipo procedure in jan/feb of 2019. envy had helped her with her first lipo in feb of 2018 and hadn't really been thanked. envy also put in a lot of work to get kelly started on twitch and kelly completely dropped the ball.

envy and steph are friends and it's probable that stephanie took her "side" in the drama, or at least didn't side with kelly hard enough for kelly's liking.

all of this being said, i found this earlier: someone called envy causing shit for kelly long ago, because envy is a known drama starter and supposed shitty friend: >>541172 and >>541516

i'm actually pretty impressed at how much foresight this anon had. pls come back, anon, and tell us more of your envy insight, because this behavior is now a pattern, apparently.

No. 44658


sry the post links didnt work, here's the full url

No. 44663

File: 1555823002001.jpeg (411.84 KB, 1242x1216, CF9A96C8-98E7-4C56-A125-59D9D5…)

From her tagged photos on Instagram. Her disfigured stomach is making me wanna vom

Lipo ain’t workin out too well for her is it

No. 44668

Of course it isn’t, she eats junk and sugar every single day impulsively and lies to herself that she’s healthy. Just like she lies to herself that she still has friends, only they’re only just “busy.” Who are these random you found kelly? Please go back home to CO and get off the fucking internet.

No. 44676

It kinda annoys me that she wears same ouffit to every larp and renfeir.

No. 44680

Also, I wonder if she and Nina are no longer speaking. It seems she dyed her hair herself (she posted an Instagram story with blue dye all over her hands). Either that or she ran out or money.

No. 44684

Well Kelly ruined Nina's sink and showed her face after she asked not to be shown in her last video so I wouldn't be surprised tbh

No. 44685

Do you have the link to the video? I missed that completely. Jeez.

No. 44686

go on steph's insta story right now. she posted a scene from the office with the caption "kelly is so right yall this is an important life lesson." is there a patching up in our midst?? were we bamboozled?? i wonder if they'll act like nothing happened.

No. 44689

she’s clearly referring to kelly from the office, not kelly eden. kelly is saying not to accept shit apologies. “i’m sorry you were offended” is a bad apology. that’s the point of the scene…

No. 44690

Here you go

No. 44694

Well she didn't tag her so if anything I say she's making fun of her

No. 44700

File: 1555872316612.jpg (370.51 KB, 1080x1642, IMG_20190421_174706.jpg)

I use a likes app because I have no friends and so does your boi

No. 44714

What is a likes app? I dont understands. She pays for likes? How were you able to find this out?

No. 44747

File: 1555932556457.jpeg (96.94 KB, 750x1286, 16499F32-9E0C-4CC7-A76E-10B33C…)

I wonder who decided to go on a Japanese dating app
Did she not learn from her last experience in Japan? Lol

No. 44748

File: 1555932752332.jpeg (267.88 KB, 750x1280, 243DD0B3-3D96-4988-851C-9BD969…)

No. 44751

File: 1555937950171.jpg (418.18 KB, 1079x1602, Screenshot_20190422-135829_Chr…)

Who the fuck would give her 100 bucks a month for this? (Besides lina of course)

No. 44772

I was at the ren faire on saturday, and I saw both Kelly and Vivka. Vivka was with a big group of pirates (it was pirate week), and kelly was nowhere to be seen. I later saw Kelly walking by herself, and I saw her again 20 mins later walking by herself. The faire isnt massive, but i wouldnt go alone.

And no, i didnt take photos as "proof", i didnt want the same retard WK to come at me calling me a stalker when its a public event.

Anyway, saged for no contribution.

No. 44778

File: 1555963157960.jpg (78.81 KB, 660x825, FB_IMG_1555962853030.jpg)

Saw this on Facebook. Sounds about right, Kelly will never feel bad about her shitty behavior.

No. 44792

File: 1555975370939.jpg (284.53 KB, 823x1438, IMG_20190423_001952.jpg)

Adult acne. Feel bad for her

No. 44793

The tiny size of the bumps looks like clogged pores from her foundation. Foundation frequently causes bad skin even with a good cleansing routine.

No. 44795

Soooo is she bangin that mrleozombie guy now? Trying to get some disney audience?

No. 44797

He's kinda hot

No. 44798

It looks like her make up is caked on. Definitely not a good look

No. 44801

omg which one? this is so pathetic

No. 44805

Well she was hanging with him at Ren Faire when I saw her and he does have a girl friend so she'd totally go after him. She sure says "fucking" a lot. No wonder Sanrio didn't want to work with her

No. 44817

Yesterday Vivka was at Ren Faire with Envy. Today Steph spent the day at Dre's house and they got their nails done together. Wonder how Kelly feels about that. So much for everybody being "busy" kek

Source from their stories.

No. 44828

Basically you can log into an app and put a picture up to be 'liked' in exchange for liking other people pictures randomly. Seems like that's what kelly did. You can also pay for various 'perks' i believe.

No. 44835

Lindsay went too and posted a group pic on her insta that doesn't have Kelly in it, she is in real trouble if even Lindsay who was the last remaining person still hanging out with her has left her now too

No. 44838

I was gonna be mad at you for posting something so nitpicky, but then again, she's got no excuse after all. She can afford liposuction and other plastic surgery, you think this bitch could afford some dermabrasion or a skincare regimen worth a damn.

No. 44842

She gets at least some of her proceedures sponsored. Idk why she doesn't lean in heavily into skin care or something, her caked on make up look is pretty much only relatable to drag queens and extreme insta thots. And it would go a long way towards making her look more youthful, definitely more than wearing tragic wigs, pastels, "it's ya boiiii"ing, etc.

Or like,to be willing to be actually clean all of her nasty neglected clothes, wigs, and furniture if she actually has bed bugs. Or just hygiene in general. When you look at her lifestyle,she seems like she probably smells bad.

No. 44867

can you share which app?

No. 44873

Dre's watching movies with Steph and Envy right now (insta story) while Kelly is home by herself. Yeah they're real busy Kelly huh?

No. 44890

File: 1556063649221.png (549.29 KB, 879x803, Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 6.50…)

saged because not sure if this is old news, but I just noticed on her youtube page none of the rainbows are under her "sisters" linked channels anymore, or under the related channels either.

No. 44892

File: 1556065153251.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1125x1914, 0461C330-EB17-4766-A6AB-91EFE0…)

Y i k e s

No. 44898

File: 1556067636827.jpg (616.69 KB, 1080x1864, 20190423_205900.jpg)

Jeez she's lookin so rough nowadays

No. 44908

File: 1556073667650.png (3.01 MB, 750x1334, 4A912F98-C412-4A6B-B7C7-BE1106…)

Oh god

No. 44921

File: 1556080080035.jpeg (467.62 KB, 1242x1840, 695F374A-7A2F-4267-9B70-CFFD30…)

what friends

No. 44923

File: 1556082398979.jpg (212.28 KB, 1079x955, Screenshot_20190424-060602_Ins…)

A fat khalessi

No. 44925

She looks absolutely nothiiing like Emilia Clarke, kek

Not even a tiny bit close

No. 44926

File: 1556086204108.png (568.83 KB, 609x745, twitch.png)

Probably upset that her all of her former friends are hanging out together and wants to dodge questions about it

No. 44928

All those recent posts on her insta story make me think she may be going through a manic phase and is about to crash soon … if she does indeed have bipolar disorder.

No. 44930

I was thinking the same. She seems to also always paint some random thing in her house to pass the time so she avoids moping around her home.

No. 44931

File: 1556105410259.png (498.24 KB, 1189x587, sbh.png)

Oh is this the excuse she's using now for selling her free PR merch now

Did your autoimmune disease also prevent you from using your Smile Sciences kit Kelly? Or all of the other free shit that you marked up on your depop?

No. 44947

File: 1556123718492.jpg (150.43 KB, 791x673, 1.JPG)

No. 44948

jesus christ

No. 44949

First of many posts like this I'd imagine

No. 44950

is this supposed to be funny or is she serious? I can't tell

No. 44952

File: 1556125608516.png (3.09 MB, 750x1334, A8AE2761-A908-4A3F-8AFA-AE3F9E…)

Is it weird that I’m happy she’s not uber-made up (dirty wig, cakey makeup, ridiculous accessories) to hang out with Dave. An actual healthy day out?

No. 44954

Ew, look how grimy that bottle is!!

No. 44955


Yikes seeing all her former friends hang out together not document every minute of it and actually enjoy the time they have together really might have gotten to her. Not going to lie it would definitely make me feel like shit if all my former friends were happy and I was home being a miserable mess.

No. 44962

she looks so much better without all the cake on her face

No. 44983

File: 1556140357046.jpg (740.45 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190424-170903_Ins…)

you called it! Off her insta

No. 44991

holyshit, she's so incredibly tactless

No. 45001

She's super close to making an important change in her life. IF she really is thinking about this issue in a serious way and isn't just whining for validation. Yes Kelly, contact your dead dad for validation if you need it so much, go to a medium or whatever if it comforts you but get off of the internet, for your own good. Go get treatment and REALLY focus on yourself. You are super close to getting the point, you can still turn your life around

No. 45002

No. 45003

Her body shape looks so odd in the photos she inserted into that last youtube video. It'd be one thing if she were all natural, but she's had all these procedures only to end up looking worse than she did before.

No. 45004

Leo is her Disney friend… yikes

No. 45006

File: 1556154788438.png (2.58 MB, 750x1334, 1C9DC034-FAA1-4B24-9915-0DF8D7…)

No. 45009

Watching Kelly desperately cling to her previous status is getting more and more pathetic. Name dropping Dave Navarro and going to Disney with your “Disney friend” Leo? Only because all your other friends (the fellowship that she exploited and capitalized on) dumped her and now hang out with each other? She needs to move back to CO with mommy, quit the internet, and figure out wtf she wants to do with her life like she should have ten years ago. I have no sympathy because her privilege and hypocrisy are too much!

No. 45017

Hey, i thought that the dress Kelly was wearing in the video looked familiar and it's the same dress Stephanie was wearing in that episode of "Say Yes To The Dress." that Kelly was in ages ago. I thought that was weird cause can't ever recall Kelly wearing that dress ever and now she has mint hair and decides to wear it.

No. 45026

File: 1556162197388.png (744.42 KB, 927x591, sfdjkg.png)

Something I will never understand about her is how she has so much money for useless shit like spray paint, wigs, etc but yet never takes care of herself properly. Her nails and toenails are always disgusting, her feet are always dirty, her house is filthy, she's too lazy to style her hair so she wears wigs, and so on. What does she do all day that makes her too busy to do any of these things? Besides sitting on her ass and typing up pity-me captions/tweets, I mean.

No. 45036

Lol Dave Navarro if you know don't anything about rock music is just as much of a washed up mess as Kelly. It's sad how she clings to any vaguely famous man for attention.

No. 45037

Yea.. the ‘Disney friend’ comment made me cringe hard… she used to have lots of ‘Disney friends’ who are all great girls that she is just using and tossing to the side until she needs them again for clout smh

No. 45038

That is so creepy ugh

No. 45050

File: 1556178871809.png (8.9 MB, 1242x2208, 589E0167-AA62-4861-B7FB-375A4A…)

Phi and Steph hanging out while Kelly is isolating herself in her studio painting anything she can get her hands on

No. 45051

File: 1556178931744.png (6.65 MB, 1242x2208, 4BC72322-0A11-4F88-8BA9-0BC79B…)

As well as Phi going home to mum instead of the doll house.

No. 45063

Didn't she say that her mom flew IN from Germany in her previous post? Which makes me wonder. Did she move out to a new place or does her aunt live in the US?

No. 45067

File: 1556196454359.jpeg (348.35 KB, 1241x1796, 1FD925DE-1128-48B8-B7F9-CE978A…)

My God she looks like a grandmother

No. 45103

Whoops, I just caught that she is with family and not at Kellys doll house

No. 45109

File: 1556214698950.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1217x1998, 864A3249-EAE9-4C1B-9B38-7A326C…)

Keep blaming others for your loneliness instead of critically self reflecting Kelly. Also, Audrey is fake af, just like Kelly

No. 45129

File: 1556228688359.png (3.75 MB, 750x1334, D36F8179-29F9-4A4E-833C-750931…)

There’s something seriously wrong with her

No. 45135

I am praying she isn’t going to do that. That will not look good at all.

No. 45141

calling it right now: she's gonna do it, it's gonna ruin the monitors/break them in some way, she's gonna set up a gofuckme to buy new monitors bc she's a yootoober and she NEEDZ them to do her JOB.

No. 45145

>>45109 she is really going down fast, like literally, in this manic episode
I scoffed so loud at this tweet WOW>>45144

No. 45154

File: 1556244490109.png (2.7 MB, 750x1334, F2A13C91-D550-4AB4-A876-6005B5…)

This can’t be fucking good for your computers

No. 45156

The heat from the monitors is going to peel all of that off. Not to mention that the paint is going to hold in more heat and will cause internal damage, leading it to break early. I hope that nobody gives her free monitors/money for new ones after they break since she caused it to happen

No. 45157

File: 1556246051658.png (370.32 KB, 524x626, 0.png)

Honestly shut the fuck up Kelly. Tell all of this to your psychiatrist instead.

No. 45159

Childhood trauma? What is she talking about?

No. 45160

I think she's probably referring to her dad being an alcoholic and whatever came with that.

No. 45164

Childhood trauma? She's so insufferable jesus christ

No. 45166

I can't believe this stupid bitch is almost 30 and acting like she's the only one who has ever suffered from a child hood trauma or bad childhood. People give her free shit and she practically lives rent free with no job. The fact that she has to paint everything a pastel blue or pink is insufferable

No. 45170

She is pathetic. Literally most people have have had childhood trauma, it’s not an excuse to act like a perpetual 12 year old in every way possible. Get a life kelly.

No. 45174

She's literally spray painting the CORDS directly on her desk on her Insta story, you can see the link spray paint getting on the desk.

I hope this pc fucking breaks.

No. 45175

File: 1556255924642.png (468.65 KB, 610x620, hjadfg.png)

She's so fucking stupid

No. 45176


This bitch is really gonna fuck up her entire setup for "aesthetic"… Not even surprising.
Can't wait to see how badly those cords start to chip after a few nudges of movement.

Wonder how long until she makes a post talking about how her equipment "randomly started not working"

No. 45177

She should have just bought white monitors if she wanted this area to look better.

No. 45178

File: 1556256700707.png (3.15 MB, 750x1334, C43FF1CF-1867-4633-B512-B308AA…)

Sage because of nitpicking but her stove is literally DISGUSTING!!!! she just left leftover ramen crumbs and god knows what else just sit there .

No. 45191

File: 1556263971016.png (910.11 KB, 746x777, ecec37f8a047d63fac6ece5a16b972…)

I stumbled upon this video 2013 as i was searching for Dhavie's rape allegations , Now im shook because why is young kelly looking like a gremlin?
Did she get her nose done?

No. 45192

Her nose is questionable but she also got the fat sucked out of her neck/under her chin so that might be it

No. 45199

Her nose still looks like that. She just carefully poses in front of the camera and edits her pictures like crazy.

No. 45208

File: 1556284751783.jpeg (135.01 KB, 750x871, 7CFAB8A3-24C8-42AF-89AB-6CBEDC…)

Just noticed she ended up getting her nose repierced…or just put a fake hoop there. Man, this girl is going through a CRISIS right now

No. 45215

That fellowship tattoo is gooone kek

You just know she put on makeup just so she could show off the (fake?) nose ring

Also her extensions in her buns stick out like a sore thumb

No. 45220

Honestly I fucking hate this girl. How can you ruined a computer equipment like that. It is clear that she didn't pay for it! I hope it gets ruined. Plus I really don't think she's bipolar or as any mayor mental issue. I am a psychology student and in my opinion (not professional) she's just using the mental health issue as a crutch. Her problem is she's a narcissist with little self control and lack of personality.(armchairing)

No. 45221

File: 1556289210869.jpg (266.4 KB, 720x1496, Screenshot_20190426_102509_com…)


No. 45229

File: 1556290699940.jpg (45.65 KB, 692x709, YHN7koM.jpg)


From her very outdated LinkedIn profile, looks like it was probably a job at her college. Probably wasn't paid but she hasn't even really had 5 real jobs, so she had to scrape the bottom of the barrel.

No. 45238

File: 1556292600318.png (532.2 KB, 750x1334, 293942A2-0CE4-445E-AAF2-F5E470…)

This was an incredibly painful exchange

No. 45240

File: 1556292903875.png (518.37 KB, 1366x740, tw.png)

Some things she tweeted recently

She's so fucking dumb

No. 45242

Did she not just redo Austin’s old room all pastel and shit?