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File: 1719340636761.jpg (17.15 KB, 300x300, addyharajuku-3.jpg)

No. 329103

25 year old TikToker and self-proclaimed J-fashion expert. Addicted to the internet and only leaves her house to go to anime conventions.
>loves telling people which J-fashion/alternative clothing brands not to support
>countless "the issue/truth about_" videos
>constantly criticizes various fashion styles and fandoms for views, despite being in many of them
>"self harms" occasionally
>loves giving her "brutally honest unbiased opinions" on Japanese brands and cultures
>pulls connections between fashion styles and political issues out of her ass
>no one recognizes her mental instability and the fact that she's a hikikomori because she's not a 30-year-old man living in filth
>whines about people giving her weird looks and/or "photographing her" in public because she wears bright makeup and hair
>"we need to make anime conventions safer for minors", then discusses communities rooted in self harm, suicide, depression, and hypersexuality with underage followers

No. 329104

This thread feels like a self post, especially since Addy is aware of farmers discussing her

No. 329105

It's not, it was requested on the requests thread on /pt/

No. 329109

It's been requested on /pt/ and /ot/ multiple times for more than a month.

No. 329110

File: 1719348769756.jpeg (442.16 KB, 828x960, IMG_8032.jpeg)

Anyways, moving some screenshots from the thread request thread to here,
Addy made rounds on weeb Twitter, got shat on in the comments and whiteknighted herself

No. 329111

File: 1719348804943.jpeg (467.04 KB, 828x1225, IMG_8035.jpeg)

No. 329112

File: 1719348862519.jpeg (387.73 KB, 828x1183, IMG_8038.jpeg)

She’s clearly not someone who can handle people not constantly kissing her ass yet she really wants to be an influencer

No. 329113

Please add the ones from the last and current consoom thread as well.

This video creeps me out. She's way too happy mentioning that her backpack was owned by a Japanese child.

No. 329115

>omg! problematic media! don't buy this stuff!
>proceeds to buy it herself

No. 329118

You missed a lot of milky information nona.

>Has a gooner brother that used to skinwalk belle delphine and fetishize egirls

>brother is now a tranny and Addy refers to him as "sister".
>defends his gross behavior on the internet
>he "borrows" her clothing and goggles and also films in his sister's coomer room

Warning about this video, Addy twerks and slaps her brother's ass.

Her brother's TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@juicygirltv

No. 329119

File: 1719352487500.png (407.14 KB, 585x1071, IMG_0537.png)

Moving some other content from /ot/ here too, her DMing someone on twitter

No. 329121

These are the type of people who have a NSFW channel in the discord group.

No. 329122

File: 1719352735527.png (130.36 KB, 887x597, pickmedefense1.png)

pt 1

>Created a Tiktok discussing Pixyteri as a lolcow, briefly mentioning Chris-chan

>Users point out how terrible Chris-chan is
>Addy defends Chris-chan, saying he was manipulated and that what happened to his mother never would've happened if it wasn't for the internet
>"we failed him" "he was neurodivergent" "I work with speds so I know what I'm talking about" uwu

No. 329123

File: 1719352758894.png (635.76 KB, 1680x2341, pickmedefense2.png)

pt 2 with more comments

No. 329125

The dictionary definition of "handwringing" could just be scrapped and replaced with this screenshot.

No. 329126

>their behavior (from my experience as a TA) was very standard for a lot of autistic adults.
So raping his mother was just "standard" autist behavior? Why defend a rapist that she doesn't even know so hard. Everyone hates Chris-chan.
She could've said it was a Japanese backpack and left it at that. Lots of weeaboos like randoserus because "anime". It's really creepy she specifically points out that children wear it.

No. 329127

Yeah she has a lot of milky info not listed in the OP but I guess someone can make a more through description for the next thread whenever that happens

No. 329128

of course this fucking retard is caping for chris-chan. literally nobody on the internet told him to rape his mother.

No. 329130

cringe. they probably influence each other and hype up each other's coomer interests and degeneracy. also it's really creepy he wears her stuff.
she recommends coomer figures to minors, so it wouldn't be that much of a shock. she shills sonico all the time.

No. 329133

Her and her brother probably have shared fap folders. GAG.

No. 329136

>I've got a thick skin
If you have such thick skin, why are you getting stressed about some random tweet and going out of your way to message and write tweets about it? It's embarrassing.

No. 329138

oh god she's trying to bounce like an autistic child, and you can tell her "stimming" is artificial. she looks fucking retarded pretending that this won't go in her useless junk pile the moment she stops recording.

No. 329139

>she recommends coomer figures to minors
Please add an example of this

Also if it's not too much to ask, can anons please download and upload her tiktoks here? In case that platform dies, they'll be archived forever

No. 329143

We also need proof of her working with children at schools.

No. 329145

It’s in these screenshots nona. She says she’s a teacher’s aid and has students. If Addy admitting that herself isn’t enough proof for you, then idk what else is. I don’t think she would be lying about it. If she was lying just to seem “credible” on the subject, that would be really pathetic. >>329122 >>329123

No. 329146

File: 1719378588356.png (36.39 KB, 897x183, 1715379509195.png)

Pulled this screenshot from the /pt/ thread. The original anon said it's in reference to a video about Sonico figures.
It seems that Addy considers "sfw" to be anything not showing nudity. So blatantly sexualized figures in bikinis or up-skirts are OK for minors to own in her book.

No. 329148

File: 1719379031761.png (818.51 KB, 1804x1381, 1715452140453.png)

Adding to this, the large-sized Sonico figure is one of the "sfw" things Addy owns and shows off often. I censored her picture and name, but this girl is 16 and wants to buy it, and apparently she already owns 5 other Sonico figures. These are the minors Addy is advertising coomer figures to.

No. 329149

These are links, i just want to make nonas aware of, that when these get deleted we can’t see them anymore. Makes more sense to download them when they’re ready milky.

No. 329156

She isn't even replying in this screenshot and >>329146 She's referencing specifically SFW figures unrelated to the sonico comments. The comments are a year apart. Where does she consider the bikini one SFW? Also why not block out the other unrelated posters telling her she shouldn't get the figure because it'll get her grounded?

She can't be held responsible for minors buying NSFW figures based on them wanting to collect what she does. That's a bit of a reach. These kids need parents to watch what they spend money on.

No. 329163

>can minors collect her sfw figures
The "her" is Sonico, anon. Anyways, I'm not the original anon that posted this screenshot, it was in the /pt/ thread. I'm only re-posting it, so I don't know what specific video this comment was in. Anyone else can post screenshots.

No. 329165

Requesting someone to download and upload her tiktoks here, as many as possible but specially the pixyteri one, thanks nonnas

No. 329166

File: 1719392442743.mp4 (2.22 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_717148195740924646…)

Samefag. Here's my contribution(learn2delete)

No. 329168

Why didn’t she bother to wash off the residue left from that huge heart sticker on the front

No. 329169

That's embroidery anon

No. 329171

it's even weirder that she's excited over this if she really does work with students.
>petplay ears in the background
wonder if those are her's or her brother's. yuck.

No. 329172

File: 1719394996121.mp4 (15.12 MB, SnapTik.ltd_1719393949.mp4)

got it nona.
these are the corresponding comments. i looked at the comment section again and it looks like she deleted all these comments >>329122

No. 329177

Sorry, nonna. I just wanted to be sure we got them.

No. 329180

File: 1719410430005.mp4 (5.53 MB, 1080x1920, concerning.mp4)

>brother takes your clothes from your closet and wears them
>tee hee just quirky sister things!!
I’d kill myself if I ever found out my brother was going through my clothes and wearing them. This is such an obvious point of concern but of course you have to kiss up to troon butt. So gross how he has the acting skills and composure of a porno actor.

No. 329183

>using they them for chris chan
Why is she misgendering our brave and stunning goddess?

No. 329184

That doesn't mean she's promoting this stuff towards children. Don't try to make some weird pedo or grooming thing out of this.

No. 329187

File: 1719420656518.mp4 (11.85 MB, 576x1024, Why do women love to collect s…)

From Consoomerism thread #11
The cope is off the roof. I hate fake weebs like her

No. 329190

Samefag I linked incorrectly the post in the consoomerism thread kek oops, here it is >>>/ot/1879851(learn2delete)

No. 329191

Didn’t say that, anon. You’re making those insinuations yourself. I only said that it’s weird to get excited over something that “Japanese school children wear” (how she described it) if she works with students herself. She should think it’s mundane, but is excited about it. It should be just a backpack. No one has said she’s a pedo.
And I didn’t say she was promoting petplay either wtf. It was just a comment on her grossness as a person. If you don’t know her, she’s into ecchi and coomer shit. You need to learn to read. Are you new to the board?
She’s a dumbass thinking a sexualized character that was made for scrotes with a fat fetish = positive representation.

No. 329192

File: 1719422202759.mp4 (12.88 MB, Here are some more anime figur…)

Here's another video from that thread
She's the definition of superficiality and retardation

No. 329217

>This particular figure is very safe for work
>Turns the figure around and you can very clearly see the panties

No. 329227

One thing is buying one(1) coomer figure by accident or because you didn't know that the character was from a coomer game/anime/whatever, but buying multiple? You can't say that wasn't intentionally.

No. 329228

How is it that she claims to be an 'expert' in anything when she doesn't even bother googling the character of the figures she's buying? She's got to be playing dumb so she doesn't get cancelled by her audience, she even mentioned she only looked up a character because a comment called it out.

No. 329237

She is so full of shit about the Senran Kagura fig

No. 329239

Yeah, it's literally a high school gym class outfit

No. 329242

She's so fucking stupid holy shit

No. 329256

File: 1719447202504.jpeg (87.82 KB, 645x545, gagxztnfo94c1.jpeg)

Exactly, she definitely knows and is bullshitting. She claims to be an expert on anything Japanese, knows about other school uniforms, so she knows it’s the gym outfit. She should stop being a hypocrite and own up to liking coomshit. You can’t be preaching on what is unacceptable to own, then get it anyways and play dumb.
>Totono is horror, I only regret this figure because of the cost
Ok but it’s also an ecchi visual novel. She’s not mentioning that’s the reason why it’s 18+. Can’t have anyone view her as a pervert though, right? I can see why people on Twitter were annoyed with her when she cosplayed one of the main characters. She's always on about “this and that media is problematic because of minors!”, meanwhile this particular vn is set in high school. picrel.

No. 329257

Thank you to the nonna that made this thread!! This cow deserves one.

No. 329258

>built more like the average woman
Oh brother

No. 329260

File: 1719448186215.mp4 (16.89 MB, Snaptik.app_738490198644708483…)

New Tiktok. Kinda strange timing that something like this is posted after an anon complained other anons were "making some weird or pedo grooming thing out of this" when no one in this thread has accused her of being a pedophile.
>just because you like anime figures doesn't mean you're a creep
OK, buying a giant Sonico statue in a bikini isn't necessarily pedo behavior, but it does make you a degenerate. Anybody owning suggestive coomer figures is gonna be seen as weird and creepy.

No. 329263

It's a figure. Honestly reading into plastic molds like this is a real stretch. Sonico objectively does have good designs.

No. 329266

It’s not reaching considering she’s the one who virtue signals about not owning certain figures.

No. 329270

File: 1719453693950.jpg (275.3 KB, 720x992, addyharajuku.jpg)

you forgot the lines where she says she rapes children and has sex with dogs. Does Addy not feel weird virtue signaling while cosplaying this?

No. 329272

Animation and designs aren't even fucking good? It's stupid self insert seinen shit for incels

No. 329273

File: 1719454738142.jpg (36.78 KB, 739x415, images-1.jpg)

My main problem with Addy is how ugly her makeup and styling is. She can outgrow her weird not like other anime collectors nlogisms but her face really doesn't suit kawaii shit at all. I'm not calling her outright ugly, because she's not that fug (for a britbong). She has nice eyes. I just think she should try something else that doesn't make her look harsh to look at if she really wants to be a kawiwi internet princess. Maybe she should copy Mikan or something.

No. 329274

would not be surprised if there's already lurkers from tiktok here trying to derail and whiteknight. she's mentioned lolcow before.
addy was also caping for chris-chan. she knew how idiotic that was because all those comments she made about it are gone now.

No. 329275

Isn't she a special needs teacher or something? I think what Chris Chan did was repulsive and wrong, but I'm trying to decipher if that's where she's coming from, some weird empathy for the mentally ill psyop

No. 329278

That doesn't mean she does?? People have been cosplaying from hentai for decades, Bible black has dogs too, but no one screams at those cosplayers.

No. 329279

Her makeup/style is really just foreigners bad interpretation of what they think kawiwi fashion is

No. 329280

those cosplayers aren't going around policing what is unacceptable media. people have an issue with her being a hypocrite. "rules for thee and not for me". get it through your thick skull.

No. 329284

There are so many transparent tiktok white knights in this thread, what is this? YWNB whatever you think a farmer is, just stop

No. 329312

Cosplaying from a hentai is fucking cringe no matter what.

No. 329313

The excessive makeup makes her look ugly and older and not as cool as she thinks she looks. She should cool it down with the lopsided shaky eyeliner all over her face and punched in the face cheeks.

No. 329317

She's over 18 to be consuming the media though. Doesn't make the media good.

No. 329320

It's incredibly apparent, isn't it. They don't have good critical thinking skills or reading comprehension either if they don't realize the hypocrisy and what makes her a cow.

No. 329335

Yes exactly, I don't know why people like her don't actually keep up with what's currently trending in Japan when it comes to kawaii fashion and makeup, it sure ain't painting half your face bright pink and black.

No. 329338

Agree. I’ve never watched her shit because any time it comes up I roll my eyes because it’s very much “western retard thinks they look so Harajuku!” but she just looks stupid. If you want to dress like that, you do you, but it’s not “Harajuku” or J-fashion. It’s always the people who clearly have no idea what they’re talking about that posture themselves as experts.

No. 329340

>Weird fetish relationship with brother
>collects hypersexual figures from an artist that drew toddlercon of the character
>cosplayed a character that is a shotacon and zoophile
No wonder she is out here defending chrischan, there's something really creepy and degenerate lurking underneath the surface here.

No. 329343

>“western retard thinks they look so Harajuku!”
This, kek. To think we haven't progressed past Gwen Stefani and Lady Gaga yet. For someone so ""knowledgeable"" in Harajuku fashion she really does look like every other ugly tiktoker wearing the ugliest Danganronpa costume. She just doesn't look right. Even if you judge this cosplay >>329270 the eyeliner is so wonky. The anime character she's trying to cosplay looks soft, glowy, gentle, like today's Asian makeup trends (even though that game came out ages ago), she could had chosen something more fitting. Instead she looks like she's wearing a westernized doll costume for a fair. Just totally wrong.

No. 329345

Not to derail too much, but the fashion right now is boring as fuck in Harajuku. Even some fashion magazines have stopped publishing because they have admitted that fashion is boring and not like it was in the 90s/early 2000s. She's just wearing Donganropa irl cosplay basically. She can't say what she's wearing is popular there right now because it hasn't been in the last almost decade.

No. 329352

She did a gyaru version of Pochaco and it’s one thing to have your own twists on cosplays but it reminds me of Jessica Nigri where she’s not cosplaying a character, it’s Jessica Nigri as X character

No. 329353

File: 1719509460043.jpeg (3.15 MB, 4096x3072, IMG_8187.jpeg)

Dropped pic but also including her Sonico, she just does her own makeup with the cosplays

No. 329355

TA positions are highly competitive and even qualified teachers get turned down for them. They're also minimum wage positions lol. I find it hard to believe that she would be permitted to have bright pink hair as teachers and TAs have to dress quite smart.

No. 329358

Can someone prove already that she isn't a teacher? That would honestly solve this.

No. 329362

She's right it is kinda fucked up to say this to a stranger, especially a woman.

No. 329363

zoomers are bloodthirsty to cancel each other.

No. 329364

She is defo not a teacher, she may be a TA though.

No. 329366

TA is a pretty low tier job I don't know why nonnas are in disbelief about her working in that field. I've seen people working in child and infant care with colored hair where I live.

No. 329367

File: 1719512570664.mp4 (7.24 MB, 576x1024, ssstik.io_@addyharajuku_171951…)

I'm just happy we have a new (potentially very milky) /w/ cow because I was getting tired of Pixielocks' retardation and other's lack of milk. Here's my contribution with her "Harajuku outfits".
She gets butthurt so easily for someone who says she doesn't get butthurt easily.

No. 329368

this menhera/yumekawa shit is unfortunately what is popular in harajuku nowadays. you should watch cybergrl's harajuku walk video. half of the people there are wearing some variation of this style or jirai kei. it's very unoriginal.

No. 329369

>"that's the thing it's all about nuance"
exactly, that's why people are calling her out. buying figures and cosplaying isn't inherently weirdo behavior, but buying lewd figures and showing them off to underage fans and also shilling them to said underage fans is creep behavior. cosplaying an erogame character for edgelord points is weirdo behavior, especially one that is open about bestiality and pedophilia. the nail in the coffin is simping for chris-chan, only degenerates give him a pass. its not a good look.

No. 329371

It is one of those weird low tier jobs with shit pay, shite conditions but is somehow still competitive as fuck. I've been to interviews where 5 others have also been interviewing.

No. 329372

It really doesn't look menhera/yumekawa to me. It looks like emo zoomer fashion straight out of TikTok. It might be slightly inspired by menhera, but it really doesn't come across as that.

No. 329373

Okay, so the consensus is she is a TA or something. Maybe working in administration for all we know. This doesn't even matter lol

No. 329378

all those pieces she is wearing are from brands like ACDC rag and whatnot. she is a brandwhore but can't style for shit.

No. 329380

File: 1719514523621.mp4 (1.3 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_725059275111543938…)

Nta, wow. The quality looks like shit. I thought it was polyester from aliexpress. She definitely makes it look trashier kek
Her brother is really creepy. I'd feel bad for Addy if she wasn't a degenerate too and defending chris-chan. Vidrel, this video is from 6-30-23 (about a year ago), and he was stealing her clothes even back then. Looks like he was using her hair dye as well. Filming exclusively in her bedroom is also kinda weird.

No. 329381

>implying women are never pickmes
She literally excuses Chris Chan for raping his mom says none of his behavior was his fault. And long before he had internet noriety he has now, he was still sexually harassing women and even drew porn of him having sex with his only female friend (named Megan) even after she constantly told him to stop. And she was a teenager while he was in his 20s. Imagine telling her that it’s not Chris’s fault he sexually harassed her? Jesus christ.

She shits on others for owning figures from problematic series such as Monogatari, Senran Kagura, Oreimo and even condemns them, saying she had no idea and bought they because they were cute. But all of these shows/games were largely popular among zillenials her age (and younger millenials) when they first came out. She’s 25 years old, there’s no way she was unfamiliar, she just wanted to virtue signal. And at the same time, she cosplays from a eroge porn game (Totono), featuring a character who rapes children and animals? Why even virtue signal at all if you like something like this?

No. 329382

None of this makes it okay to call her a pedophile

No. 329384

oh thank goodness this cow got her own thread

No. 329385

File: 1719515258944.png (213.78 KB, 1404x454, IMG_8189.png)

This is all she said so it doesn’t confirm anything exactly as to whether she’s a teacher or TAb

No. 329386

Her reasoning was blaming Chris's mental health, it's not excusing what he did. It's examining a bigger reason why he did it. That's not being an apologist. You're trying to string something together as if there's an even deeper meaning aside from what she's giving at face value. She's an adult playing adult content and she seems very capable of seeing the difference between real life and fiction.(whiteknighting)

No. 329387

I don't really think she's actually a full on creep like her brother, but she is definitely an extreme flavor of pick me and possibly an ageplayer with the randoseru thing…
It's just so incredibly retarded that she then bitches about anime like this and acts like she's somehow on the moral highground.

No. 329389

> she seems very capable of seeing the difference between real life and fiction.
She clearly doesn’t if she denounces owning certain figures

No. 329390

File: 1719515491645.mp4 (5.99 MB, 576x1022, Snaptik.app_710212934196588058…)

5-26-22, about 2 years ago. This was apparently when he still went by "he" and was only crossdressing.
>same pink and brown split hair like his sister
>same crappy "harajuku" eye makeup as his sister
Seems like he was already skinwalking Addy before officially trooning out. I don't think it's the other way around where she copied him, although he has been doing the split dye since 2020 so it's possible for the hair.
Also, the bedroom is still the same where he is typing. Tinfoil, do they share a room?

No. 329391

shut up Addy(>hi cow)

No. 329392

She literally says Chris was manipulated into doing raping his mom >>329123

No. 329393

File: 1719515780331.jpeg (284.65 KB, 1365x1365, I get buying ones like this be…)

It's not even like they're particularly subtle eroge figures…
Kek, and that cap left out that Aoi fucks ugly bastards, little boys and dogs too.

No. 329395

File: 1719515875461.jpg (45.3 KB, 604x401, tumblr_mzm6geggqc1qcfgs0o1_640…)

>super fashionable

No. 329396

File: 1719516185509.png (124.98 KB, 1042x370, TAComment.png)

This comment is in the same screenshot as the one you pulled this comment from. She does say she has experience as a TA.
However, that doesn't mean she still is one. She might've worked as a TA for only a year or something, who knows. We know how heavily she exaggerates about her "experience".
I posted that cap. I did see the one about old men, little boys, and dogs, but I thought it was maybe a troll edit (the original I found was posted on iFunny). I've never played the game so idk what's in it. I took that particular cap from Reddit, but the moids there must've removed the other text to make it more palatable. I guess it's real and that eroge game really is that nasty.

No. 329397

>but I thought it was maybe a troll edit
I've played the VN, it's not an edit. With that being said though I think it's questionable if Addy herself has even played the VN. She seems like your typical Sonicofag who claims to like Totono because it has the same artist but has never actually read it.

No. 329398

I pulled it from the thread request so I didn’t know there was more to it.
I don’t understand her caping for Chris Chan because it feels like it became a consensus that his early years of being bullied on the internet went too far and was gaining more fans than trolls as of recently (before he raped his mom). People really wanted to believe in him but he ruined himself, on top of still pissing away his money on toys instead of bills and not wanting to take constructive criticism, there’s nothing to defend with that moid.

No. 329399

no, its the influence of her troon brother, simple as, she probably does feel sorry for Chris for the bullying in the beginning, but even if she finds his rape of his mother deplorable, he also identifies as a true and honest woman, she feels compelled to relieve him of any responsibility so as to not get her brother's bad side, who could probably rip her clothes or jizz in them if he's angry enough.

No. 329400

File: 1719516747666.jpg (4.03 MB, 3216x4668, Naitou-kun.full.1548090.jpg)

Sonico's for pick me ass bitches, Naitou kun is the actual good shit but Addy doesn't like fujos so she'd likely disagree.

No. 329402

>Kids shouldn't be cosplaying Hazbin hotel characters but kids buying super sonico figures is perfectly fine!
I don't know why she still pretends to enjoy cons it's obviously fine not to, I personally don't but literally every time she talks about them when it's not for an ad she just complains about them and how annoying people are and how much they smell at them (water is wet).

No. 329403

More of her complaining about conventions and pretending that she likes her fans

No. 329404

>It's examining a bigger reason why he did it.
didn't know being obessed with pokemon and sonic made you want to rape your mum. you only really need to feel sorry for tard up until they're 14(if male), 17(if female).

No. 329406

Exactly, the majority of the internet lost sympathy for chris chan after what happened to his mother. Addy should know that. Trying to psychoanalyze him now is insensitive and retarded. He might've been bullied but he also harassed women and was a rapist, simple as. There's no going back from that.
That's possible too, there were a lot deranged trannies defending chris chan. Living with one must be exhausting.
But in that case, it's kinda strange for her to refer to chris chan as they/them.
>Kids going into adult convention spaces
>taking over a shared space is irritating
Wtf is she going on about. The large majority conventions are all-ages and have teenagers. Sure teenagers can be obnoxious, they're teenagers, but they're allowed to be there. She's so whiny.

No. 329407

Her troon brother is disgusting and probably wants to skinwalk her

No. 329408

>probably wants to skinwalk her
It’s not a probably, it’s an absolutely kek

No. 329410

File: 1719518214945.mp4 (9.79 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_735818507913632489…)

A classic.
>buys second-hand coomer figures
>"teehee let's just look at them under blacklight for fun"
>sonico figures glow with stains
She's really out here thinking sonico is only bought by other totally wholesome fat girl animu collectors.

No. 329412

Pls download her videos and post them instead of just linking them in case TikTok gets nuked or she deletes her videos, thanks

No. 329413

God EW. I know there's a likely chance that will happen to anyone who buys a second hand figure (even more so if it's eroge but don't put it past moids to cum to the most innocuous nendoroids) but like, can't she fucking wash them? A quick dish soap with gloves on will fix this

No. 329414

File: 1719518680022.png (386.16 KB, 503x583, IMG_20240627_140333.png)

She's so much cuter without that heavy makeup and she actually looks her age. Why does she downgrade herself with heavy egirl makeup like that.

No. 329415

I assume it's more attention grabbing and good for clicks, same reason people wore danganronpa cosplays that looked literally nothing like the character.

No. 329417

Now men will cum on random objects in hopes a woman will touch it by accident. Not that they don’t do it anyway, but they’re going to jerk off to this specific video. Dumb ass

No. 329421

Her skin is so clear and she has cute features, she doesn't even need makeup. Just a little blush and mascara and gloss would be enough to look kawiwidesu.

No. 329423

File: 1719519611307.mp4 (4.27 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_736857819632691126…)

that's not speshul enough. she has to be not like other girls. she makes necklaces out of plastic roaches nona.

No. 329424

People at anime cons never had etiquette or behaved, it sucks but that's the audience you're pandering to. At least they asked instead of taking a photo without her permission.

No. 329425

File: 1719521757075.png (94.13 KB, 1172x344, wfgfnesdfverhetfxd.png)

first it was TA, now it's teacher. which is it, addy?

No. 329427

File: 1719523041920.mp4 (16.67 MB, Snaptik.app_737933020360191516…)

The naivety could have possibly saved her, but she is actually aware. In this TikTok, Addy says that she's watched playthroughs and played the game. So she knew about Aoi being a shotacon and zoophile and cosplayed her anyways, despite Aoi checking every mark on Addy's problematic list.
Inb4 her whiteknights complain, it's not about her cosplaying a hentai character, it's about her being a hypocrite.

No. 329428

Aoi is basically the representation of all eroge heroines, it's not that she herself does that in the game, but that the character represents the idea that anime characters in eroge are made to do heinous shit. No1currs about the game lore, but the game gets very meta about this, Aoi being the only one truly aware that she's in a game and she'll keep reincarnating into future (nitro) game heroines because coomers exist and demand that out of her.

That of course doesn't matter, because Addy is an hypocrite anyway. She could openly like this shit and she wouldn't be as obnoxious.

No. 329429

Gross, this skinwalking fag making all these tiktok dance motions is incredibly creepy to me. It's like a family of cows.

No. 329430

File: 1719524215140.png (271.91 KB, 1344x502, ah yes sonico is definitely ai…)

Saged for sort of OT but I fucking hate this term so much, it's not a fucking Japanese term it's just a western term made by annoying coomer pick mes.

No. 329431

>created by women for women
KEK sure jan

No. 329433

File: 1719524909037.png (Spoiler Image,1.49 MB, 979x820, are you feeling empowered yet …)

It's legimately impressive how stupid these people are.

No. 329434

>"I've never seen anyone cosplaying aoi at a con"
>character apparently has sex with dogs and children
I get that cons are full of absolute degenerates, but I can see why no one would want to cosplay this character. Again, wild she so aggressively gatekeeps/defends an artist who has drawn toddlercon and makes content with these themes.

No. 329435

no one called her that stop trying to make it out like anyone said that kek whiteknights I swear

No. 329436

Where did she say she doesn't like fujos? Genuinely curious.

No. 329437

She hasn't directly spoken about them, but she pulled one of her signature NLOG moves on how 'she was so different from the other girls because she didn't like Hetalia'

No. 329439

File: 1719525800440.png (108.47 KB, 570x669, braindead desu.png)

No. 329440

Imo the design is pretty cute. That alone is enough for ppl to cosplay.

No. 329441

>problematic fandom
>ew people shipped kaito and len?
maybe ot but vocaloid is so harmless. people were interested in how their voices sounded together and the designs, they weren't thinking about ages or how "problematic" it could be. they're robots ffs.
damn she is really retarded. does the UK not teach WWII history? or is she that stupid.

No. 329442

No. 329445

kek and she tried to say in >>329402
that the hazbin fandom is worse than hetalia or homestuck? how old is she? it sounds more and more like shes larping a super knowledgeable otaku whos been attending conventions since the early 2000s.

No. 329446

I've Heard the term erokawa since the 2000s but I've never really understood what it was or what's applied to. For the longest time I thought it just meant something like ero lolita fashion or stuff like illustrations by Junko Mizuno. Are there sources to verify that it is in fact a westerner term?

No. 329447

>whos been attending conventions since the early 2000s
She pretty obviously hasn't since she's only like 25.

No. 329448

>I don't know what axis powers means
For someone who is a "teacher" her school education is abysmal

No. 329449

At most on the Japanese side it's just a term used in JAVs, not cutesy Junko Mizuno illustrations or moon kana outfits.

No. 329451

girl what her country got bombed to hell and back by the germans how is she not aware of the axis powers kek

No. 329452

History class was just not kawaii enough, anon

No. 329454

File: 1719530050673.mp4 (13.41 MB, Snaptik.app_735966093256753488…)

Addy discussing Huniepop, specifically HunieCam Studio, the game about managing cam girls and prostituting them. Includes a "teen" category and a character named Lillian, who is implied to be a minor. The double standards with Addy is just astounding.
She also discusses her headcanon of one of the characters being based on the "famous lolcow" pixyteri.

No. 329456

There is huge difference between liking childish things and literally collecting figures of naked children kek. I don't think she's a pedo buy she's def an enabler

No. 329457

Did she learn this retarded agp smirk from her brother

No. 329463

File: 1719537662858.jpg (227.31 KB, 1080x938, 1000036627.jpg)

Tinfoil: either her brother coomed on the figures at some point without her knowledge or she asked him to coom on the figures for the content.
There's no way she got the figures so recently for the video that many of them shine.

No. 329464

File: 1719538156993.jpg (274.95 KB, 1210x1595, Yaoinostalgic.jpg)

It will always be weird how people including Addy will speak on making cons safer for minors and problematic things going on in cons but still pose with a replica yaoi paddle. Wouldn't a yaoi paddle symbolize sexual harassment?

No. 329465

She changes her moral high ground to fit whatever is convenient or makes her look good in the moment.
In this TikTok she's telling kids not to cosplay and go into "adult convention spaces". It sounds like she's blaming minors >>329402 So which is it? Should cons be safer for minors or are you telling them to gtfo of conventions because they smell and make you uncomfortable?

No. 329466

Bet her brother got her into this.
I wonder who Abby would have developed into if she didn't have a coomer tranny big brother.

No. 329468

File: 1719539955157.mp4 (10.22 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_699297171139833370…)

I'm sure he's definitely influenced her a lot. I looked further back into her TikTok, and it seems that the whole "sister shtick" is a very recent thing.

Vidrel, Addy was defending her brother from another TikTok user, but she referred to him as "friend" back then. Revealing themselves as siblings and making "sister" videos was definitely his idea.
>we've literally sat on my bed doing eachother's makeup
GAG oh there is definitely something sinister about her brother

No. 329470

File: 1719541268079.jpg (71.58 KB, 1016x364, smnM1Yv.jpg)


No. 329472

After seeing the way she slapped his ass I could believe it. Is her brother older or younger?

No. 329473

Did you even watch the video? Says she washes them, just didn't wash that one

No. 329475

File: 1719544742085.jpg (304.75 KB, 638x578, ZVSqPcB.jpg)

If you look closely, there's some spots on the playboy sonico too.

No. 329476

Jesus fucking christ this is why I hate fat (in this case female) weebs. They’re okay with this disgusting display of oversexualization because “it’s my body type doods!” (it isn’t) and oftentimes embrace it themselves. Also I don’t understand the mental gymnastics some niggas go through to justify liking coom.

No. 329477

What a weird thing to do, why did they wait until he started transitioning?
>making sister videos was definitely his idea
Totally getting this vibe too. Interesting his makeup styling is exactly like hers, the eyeshadow application, eyeliner, as well as the contour and highlighting of the nose. Because she wears so much next to her eyes you can't notice it as much but he does the same blush style as her across the nose as well. He's literally skinwalking her in front of her face and probably making her do his makeup aside from forcing her to share clothes.

No. 329478

File: 1719545589445.mp4 (7.52 MB, 576x1024, SnapTik-dot-Kim-abf51ecd79f931…)

The exact same makeup. If only she was aware how AGPs work. Red flags everywhere.

No. 329479

i would get her on my tiktok for you page but i always scrolled past her shit. i didnt know she had a tim brother but thats very amusing to me

No. 329480

>He was grooommmedd
>Fully grown man who fucking repeatedly raped his disabled, bedbound, very elderly mother and posted about it on kiwifarms talking about he was "dating" a "mature woman"
This is one of those opinions which is unforgivable, along with racism and thinking nazis are cool, like instant write off as a person if you think there is any excuse for chris chan's shit.
You can tell her social network is neckbeard perverts who relate to chris chan because how is this an opinion a young woman genuinely holds? Most sane people were traumatised hearing that story, log off the internet for a week typa shit. "He was autistic" get to absolute fuck you moron, autism doesn't make you do fucking elder abuse sex crimes.
Same, I didn't realise she was such a cow until seeing this thread

No. 329485

While her brother is absolutely a degenerate tranny I don’t think it was him. Huniepop was very popular in the mid 2010’s and even YouTubers like pewdiepie and markiplier played it

No. 329489

>its not a term i ever heard in reference to WW2
i call bullshit, also, i refuse to believe that she works with speds and autists and yet somehow never came across a WW enthusiast or military autist.

No. 329490

the first one barley looks harujuku lmao, shes just a brandwhore who puts a few acdc rag peices together and calls it fashion(sage your shit)

No. 329491

acdcrag is polyester and feels cheap as fuck

No. 329500

it's also fast fashion. yes it's better than buying directly from shein or aliexpress, but it's still fast fashion for sure considering how insanely fast their release rate is. same with dearmylove, another shitty brand that addy shills for all the time that churns out dozens of releases every month. here she is virtue signaling about how you shouldn't buy fast fashion and how it goes against the spirit of alt fashion and how much SHE personally cares about people in 3rd world countries. addy, you do realize that dearmylove and acdc rag (as well as many other jfashion brands with quick releases) are literally fast fashion and are likely produced unethically, right? any brand that produces ethically clearly labels where they're produced usually "made in China" or "made in Japan" or elsewhere and that not having it visible anywhere is usually a huge red flag. she also talks about how she gets mad at other influencers doing hauls for fast fashion brands. at the same time she excuses HERSELF for "unknowingly" buying fast fashion because it's sooo hard to avoid but it's ok because she doesn't try to so it doesn't count when she does it! and when she was younger she would diy stuff!!! but now nobody else should buy fast fashion!!! she also doesn't even give a list of brands that she likes to buy from, instead she says people should only buy secondhand or thrifted items while she continues to buy fast fashion garbage. she's quite similar to pixielocks, she virtue signals about sustainability and ethics while buying hordes of cheap polyester crap and plastic from japan.

also if somebody could download and cut this video in two that would be great, i can't edit files atm and it's over the size limit.

No. 329505

>also if somebody could download and cut this video in two that would be great, i can't edit files atm and it's over the size limit.
Seconding, I hate the size limit

No. 329506

The girl she's replying to is absolutely correct.
Ewww God I even confused them at times, this shit is too much

No. 329509

>You can tell her social network is neckbeard perverts who relate to chris chan because how is this an opinion a young woman genuinely holds?

It's probably moids hate watching her because she collects figures and is cutesy, maybe even more AGPs like her brother. Maybe add weird pickme handmaidens to the list.
In any case I really, really hope she grows the fuck out of that opinion, she's probably just regurgitating things she heard youtubers/people on the internet say and really doesn't understand the real weight of the situation. What CC did wasn't okay, it was terrible, and justifying him just because he's mentally ill means she hasn't considered how horrifying it was for his mother to go through that. No one deserves that. It's hell. Where is the sympathy for the victim? If you asked any normal person on the street, specially any normal non woke non terminally online woman her age, would she agree with Addy's opinion? Or would they be absolutely weirded out? Why is she defending a mentally ill male rapist? No amount of grooming and autism could justify him.

No. 329512

File: 1719563320804.png (337.61 KB, 406x871, image_2024-06-28_012837240.png)

No. 329521

By the way she contorts her face, I think she's just into the Belle Delphine style, and since she's a coomer, I wouldn't be surprised if she was even trying to imitate her to some extent, or maybe her troon brother told her to do it, older or younger, he's a gross coomer too.
I wonder though, even though they're grown ass adults, does their family knows the shit they're doing? Because I like to think that most people wouldn't tolerate having a coomer living under their roof.

No. 329526

For anyone that doesn’t know how AGP men work, they get off to the idea of being a woman. The fetish is rooted in humiliation (because to them being a woman is) and sexualizing themselves (because they think women are sex objects).
As it is a fetish, AGPs usually take heavy inspiration (skinwalk) from their wives, girlfriends, crushes, and even sisters. They want to BE them and also by taking their image, they can pretend to go through sexual scenarios as them.
>Brother stealing Addy’s clothing
>Copying her makeup style
>Copying her hairstyle
This is all skinwalking. The very creepy thing about this is, AGPs get boners from doing this. Wives with AGP husbands often report catching them stealing their clothing and underwear and wearing it in secret. In this case, her brother is doing it publicly because in the trans community, degeneracy like this is acceptable. It’s all part of the fetish, and he’s doing this to his own sister.
AGPs are also usually involved in sissification fetishes. This means being forced to be a woman or girl, including forced to dress and act as one.
>Makes Maddy do his makeup on her bed
>Pick eachother’s outfits
>Who’s the better sister?
This is all part of the sissy fetish. The getting your makeup done scenario is often goals for AGPs and they get off on it. If you look through her brother’s older TikToks, the majority of them are skits on being forced to crossdress for whatever scenario he’s come up with.
I just wanted to point this behavior out to any nonas or lurkers that don’t know just how devious her brother is.

No. 329527

She was like, a legitimate child (not even a teenager) when yaoi paddles and Hetalia were popular. I get that you can research things from the past, but I’m pretty sure she watched a few tik toks and thinks she’s an expert (like everything with her). And I suspect that if she was old enough at the time, she would have been running around in Hetalia costumes being cringe just like all the other kids who were doing it because it was what was popular.

No. 329528

>addy licks a lollipop suggestively
>next shot his coomer brother is the one with it on his mouth
Goddamit, fucking freaks, I swear. I wanna puke, the fuck is this shit??

No. 329529

erokawa is a japanese term but it's lolicon lingo. it was actually used for a short time in jfash comms in the 90s-00s as a way to be edgy though, but not much anymore. the western term you're thinking is ero lolita.

No. 329532

File: 1719589024527.png (133.42 KB, 1935x2048, 1000036768.png)

Oh god, I didn't notice, it's literally the same lollipop.

No. 329535

it seems like some kind of weird incest vibes, again probably related to the anime coomer fetish both of them have going on.

No. 329537

I've seen her face pop up a few times around various threads and her self-righteous condescending attitude towards the culutres she claims to enjoy always grinded my gears. I think zoomers and gen alpha would do good to reintroduce "poser" back into their lexicon because jesus christ.

No. 329549

>it was actually used for a short time in jfash comms in the 90s-00s as a way to be edgy though
In the west or just in general? And why exactly did they do that?
>erokawa is a japanese term but it's lolicon lingo
What does it mean? Does it have to do with clothes or is it something more sinister? Sorry for asking I just can't with these people using shit terms for their totes legit japanese fashion. Micky Moon also uses that stupid word

No. 329550

Kek agree, she's a poser and a wannabe.

No. 329558

File: 1719614401524.png (Spoiler Image,220.93 KB, 338x374, totono.png)

totono also has shota scenes. Its not something that happens off-screen, its literally part of the VN she played. She's such a massive hypocrite. Trying to police what women can do while playing VNs with shota content in it and cosplaying underage girls who get fucked in every position possible. The mind of the ironic weeb is incomprehensible to me. She's like the type that would call out a woman for owning a sexy Free!! anime figure because the characters are underage, but then go and pickmemaxx to the extreme by defending chris chan and cosplaying chracters from eroges.

No. 329560

She's literally one of the biggest hypocrites out there

No. 329561

I see the Belle Delphine influence too in both her and her brother, in the way they move in their videos (that kind of awkward, hold pose for a second, tilt body to other side, hold pose again, while creepy grinning) I think they are anime-sick if that could be a thing.

she's flying under the radar a bit, but she seems like someone who will do anything for attention and is currently doing a lot of anime coomer fetish dogwhistling, it seems innocent at first glance like her grandma won't know she's a deviant, but she knows what she's doing.

No. 329563

File: 1719617710955.png (Spoiler Image,2.81 MB, 1640x1481, abby chan supporting lolicon a…)

>cosplaying a pedophile underage girl
>playing an eroge with shota and underage girls getting fucked
>supporting a character created by an artist that has drawn lolicon before
>supporting a company(nitroplus) that has made VNs involving rape, underage characters and ryona
>encouraging minors to support said artist and company by buying sonico figures

Abby is the physical manifestation of ''rules for thee but not for me''. Sorry for big autistic collab, but this is the artists and companies Abby is promoting and encouraging minors to support. Friendly reminder, according to abby women liking hetalia is problematic, but financially supporting a company that makes lolicon eroges is super wholesome uwu because sonico is bodyposi kawiwi representation!!

No. 329564

File: 1719619331233.png (419.46 KB, 1492x364, so smol uwu.png)

No one buys your humble brag.

No. 329565

Not to mention that she also owns figures from lolicon anime that she complains about (Monogatari and obvious lolicon anime Alien 9)
I wouldn't even care past rolling my eyes if she wasn't so hypocritical about it.

Can't believe she's pretending that her figure collection is SFW when the majority of what she owns are Sonico figures.

No. 329566

why doesnt she just watch the office and collect michael scott funko pops like other normalfags? that way she's not supporting a culture and medium who's bread and butter is sexualized women and little girls

No. 329567

File: 1719620589402.jpg (1.33 MB, 2320x1242, xcsnKkC.jpg)

She really is. Picrel, Addy claims to have been going to anime conventions since pre-homestuck. Homestuck came out in 2009. If she's 25 now, she would have been 10-11 back then. She loves to brag about being involved in the con scene since the 2000s, but unless her brother (who would have had to been much older than her) took her to conventions, I don't believe it.
This actually made me sick.
>have round baby face
>still get ID's
>but I have an adult woman body
Uuuh this a really weird "flex". That's creepy to be proud of having a "young face" that gets ID'd but an adult body. I guess a lot of zoomers brag about still looking like teens, but for "holier-than-thou" Addy to do it when she's always going on about not sexualizing minors…

No. 329568

File: 1719621592679.jpg (479.67 KB, 798x1064, SBjjfpq.jpg)

Addy's playing dumb. Whining about how she owns a lolicon figure that's in a "gray area" and trying to convince her viewers that she didn't know when she bought it. Meanwhile, on her Twitter, she shared a figure of Saya no Uta. While the visual novel does have a horror aspect, Saya is lolicon and there are graphic sex scenes between her and the MC. She has an underage body. There is also a graphic scene where Saya is raped by an old man. This would be considered problematic by her standards and yet, she's sharing this figure announcement to her followers.
It seems that she plays a lot of eroge with this sort of content. Can't play stupid and virtue signal when she could have researched this beforehand.

No. 329571

Imagine having the thot daughter AND the gay son, goddamn they must have had lead swimming in their fathers nutsack when he decided to impregnate their mother kek

No. 329572

Addy is annoying and retarded as fuck but God do I hope she gets the fuck away from her creepy skinwalking brother, I wouldn't wish that on any woman (but ofc she's too much of a retarded handmaiden to realize)

No. 329573

Some of the material/paints cause them to glow, it’s not all semen. I collect figures and usually only buy new because of this reason and some glow under a blacklight.

No. 329574

File: 1719624930003.png (143.86 KB, 1004x884, coomer figures have coom shock…)

The white paint would glow, but those splotches on the stomach areas look suspicious.

No. 329575

Right? I would kill my son myself if he fagged out and trooned out.(alogging)

No. 329576

do people actually believe that someone got paralyzed by a yaoi paddle? lmfao

No. 329577

File: 1719626671883.jpg (263.41 KB, 1236x1010, Rq79tPs.jpg)

Found Addy's brother's age. He is older than her. On his Twitch, he says he's 28.

No. 329578

>you will be getting a smacked bottom
omg why does he talk like boomer into spanking. Fucking gross.

No. 329579

makes Addy slapping his ass in his coming out TikTok even weirder.

No. 329580

>Juicy Girl

No. 329581

>She's like the type that would call out a woman for owning a sexy Free!! anime figure because the characters are underage, but then go and pickmemaxx to the extreme by defending chris chan and cosplaying chracters from eroges.
Kek that's infuriating. She can own as many creepy figures as she wants but she's retarded for policing others on what's politically correct or not.

No. 329582

>Since pre homestuck
I am around her brother's age, I was like 12 when I went to my first anime con with one of my parents because I begged them to (I was very into Naruto kek). That was pre Homestuck. It was the most awkward shit ever, it's not an environment to let a child in, I was absolutely too young. She would had been around 8 years old back then. The math is not mathing.

No. 329584

File: 1719628395005.jpg (88.41 KB, 1190x416, 1aqX1m5.jpg)

Empathy for a man who raped his disabled elderly mother. She's scum. So disgusting, makes me sick.

No. 329585

>I see the Belle Delphine influence too in both her and her brother
To be fair all egirls are/were influenced by her in one way or another

No. 329586

>that kind of awkward, hold pose for a second, tilt body to other side, hold pose again, while creepy grinning
i see it in the retarded mouth movements and "posing" too, attempting to imitate the exaggerated facial movements of anime characters, it's more obvious in her brother who somehow dislocates his mouth when smiling.

No. 329587

i'd assume she's underage, not for the reasons she wishes they were tho.

No. 329588

I agree. Some weird sibling love thing going on here (plus the "we do our makeup together" thing creeps me out). It's grossing me out. And according to this vid >>329565 she knowingly has a figure from an incest anime. If she's being hypocrital about it all, then who's to say that maybe she's also hiding something weird in there. Alas, there's no real proof, but there's something freaky going on with her trooned out brother. Maybe he's the one that convinced her that what CC did to his mom wasn't """that bad""" (gag, vomit even).

No. 329589

Probably because of the stupid danganronpa tiktok makeup and ugly clothes.

No. 329590

so not only is he skinwalking egirls, but Y2K aestheticfags too?

No. 329591

just look at her, her retarded wannabe-autist behaviours in her tiktoks make her look like those underage DID/autism/OCD larpers obsessed with cosplay

No. 329592

His sister, he's skinwalking his sister.

No. 329594

File: 1719629533408.png (506.62 KB, 608x876, IMG_20240628_203540.png)

>I have a round baby face but an adult woman's body ~
Bruh. Lmao. Sure Jan.
This comment also sticks out as something that a neck beard into
loli would say to groom a minor. It gives me weird hentai vibes and I hate it. The "uwusosmollll" shit is fucking cringe as usual but even more on someone like her.

No. 329596

She gives me the vibe that she not only wants to collect Loli figures but that also she wants to be one. It's too much coincidence. She only makes videos on what's right and wrong or correct and incorrect in fandom and anime because she wants to save face and pretend she's actually totally not a freak. This is why she's so hypocritical. I assure you that if she never made stupid videos like these policing others or pretending to be a wannabe know it all, she would absolutely fly under the radar because egirls that collect stupid eyebrow raising anime figures in the name of animecore are a dime a dozen on tiktok. She knows she wants to let the freak shit out but she can't do it because she will be exposed. Too late though. Her and her brother are attention starved weirdos.

No. 329597

When she talks like that she reminds me of those teacher's pet type of students that want to always give right answer and be praised by it for how smart and mature they are. It looks insecure.

No. 329598

i wonder if she believes she looks like super sonico considering shes fat

No. 329600

yes. pochaco too. she's that delusional. like every other pervert weeaboo fatty coping.

No. 329601

File: 1719631844904.png (120.36 KB, 358x572, taruco.png)

does anyone have that tiktok where she said she wanted more Super Taruco merch? it was one where she was talking about sonico and her obese friends. She was showing an acrylic standee of sonico, pochaco and taruco in bikinis. I want to see her reaction when she finds out Taruco is 17 kek. I honestly wish nitroplus would retcon sonico's age and make her 17, that would filter so many of these holier-than-thou ironic weebs that just want to consoom coomery figures and act smug towards other weebs that arent policing people in the hobby.

No. 329603

She's not the only one. There are unironically so many coping fat weebs who think sonico is "fat girl representation" KEK

No. 329604

File: 1719632418741.jpg (82.36 KB, 1312x444, bgZrNLS.jpg)

I'll upload the TikTok in a moment, but picrel is what she had to say about Pochaco and Taruco being canonically 17. This looks like cope because she wouldn't want to throw away her figures.

No. 329605

I want the opposite, all of these characters need to be at least 18, it's weird looking at them dressed like that and knowing they're 17. I also think no fat or overweight woman irl would feel represented by that coomer shit. Addy and the rest of her terminally online clique is just delusional and they want to become anime but they're not thin enough to larp it.

No. 329606

File: 1719632758537.mp4 (18.11 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_730290903917894377…)

>Obviously they play into certain adult attractions, but if you're a girl who just loves collecting girl figures and feminine figures of women, I think these are great
Ah yes. Sonico, Pochaco, and Taruco are just the type of role models that overweight girls and women need. So empowering, much feminism. Retard.

No. 329607

File: 1719632964329.jpg (151.4 KB, 800x1000, 51jb9xxE_2BeL.jpg)

they are the mascots of a company that makes loli eroges, does it really matter if they are 17 or 40? we know their audience is pedos anyways. Sonico has a TODDLER figurine that looks like this. Yet people like addy still support the company while shitting on women who like hetalia or BL.

No. 329608

What gets me is that it's not like non-fetish figures don't exist, there are plenty of non-sexual Miku figs to collect for the weeb larp that are actually okay to recommend to her underage audience, but she recs them the fucking porn game company mascots. She rants about protecting minors when she's literally the one exposing her minor audience to fetish content.

No. 329609

This whole parroted “b-but they’re girly figures of girls!” excuse that gets thrown around for buying coomershit is so played out.
It’s worse than claiming that plastering your walls with photoshopped sports illustrated covers of 19 year olds with boob implants in bikinis is just being girly.
The world is filled with actual pretty dolls and figurines and art of women, if she would step outside her weeb bubble to see it.

No. 329610

because she's a coomer. Most miku figs are actually cute and she comes with cute stylish outfits, meanwhile 98% of sonico figures are just different bikinis and or figures where she looks like a hooker/stripper. But sonico is pinku kawaii and that activates the consoomer's neurons.

No. 329611

File: 1719633699316.jpg (78.58 KB, 632x1000, f5c2213eadce468a95c2ec84b6115b…)

Even adorable Sakura Miku exists for the pinktard girls. Addy is such a hypocrite trying to pretend like she isn't a gigacoomer. Any non pornrotted pinku kawaii woman would pick Sakura Miku over sonico every day.

No. 329612

I feel disgusting looking at this
>Yet people like addy still support the company while shitting on women who like hetalia or BL.
Didn't nitro make BL games too?

No. 329613

but she’s not fat?

No. 329614

File: 1719634266166.png (266.6 KB, 1920x962, asgdfhg.png)

just ignore that it's sexual gais! consoom them however u want!11!!
this is the vid link if you want to see comments: https://www.tiktok.com/@addyharajuku/video/7302909039178943777

No. 329615

This is so cute and the outfit is so nice and normal. Why can't nlog Addy pick this one instead?

No. 329616

Burger-chan…she may not be morbidly obese but she's still fat.

No. 329617

File: 1719634345720.jpg (386.5 KB, 1016x912, pochaco age.jpg)

According to the nitroplus official page, Sonico is 18 years old and both Pochaco and Taruco are 1 year younger than her according to their birthdays, but they say 18 next to their birthday despite it being 2007 vs 2006. I assume the official site "aged" them up afterwards, but they're both supposed to be younger than Sonico.

No. 329618

what's with the '~' abuse?

No. 329619

File: 1719634967194.jpg (33.8 KB, 452x678, images-1.jpg)

>Occupation: gravure model
>All of them are naked blobs of fat
Is this what women on tiktok are aspiring to nowadays? At least I heard that Sonico is actually studying to get a degree in marine biology in her anime.
They couldn't had picked worse representation than this. There's plenty of other plus size anime characters out there that aren't stupid, there's this one for example. Her name is Eunice and she's a hard working inn keeper in a Rune Factory Harvest Moon game. But no one cares because she's not naked with pink hair.

No. 329620

why is the anatomy so poor on this figure

No. 329621

File: 1719635654150.png (4.56 MB, 2450x2461, supah sonico kawaiiiii.png)

NLOGS gotta nlog. I wonder if she suffers from some sort of faux bisexuality thanks to the hentai brainrot. I imagine she must not get the same rush of dopamine from seeing a cute girly figure vs a super coomerfied one like sonico.
yeah, they do. But she's an hypocrite so she would probably cry about how dramatical murder is super problematic and you shouldnt buy aoba figures while she orders another hot glued sonico off amazon.

No. 329622

i wish i could buy the toilet yaoi figurine just to irk her

No. 329623

fat girl with yellow hair and fat girl with glasses are absolutely fat, i see it as well, but Sonico? how tf is Sonicoom fat? she's just a hourglass/inverted triangle type, she brought up her thick thighs but so many degen hentais have girls with heavy lower bodies, why not look to porn if fetishizing body types still counts as rep to her? did Addy start anamaxxing or something, is her body feeding off her brain cells?

No. 329624

only addy thinks sonico is fat because she needs to justify reasons to support her coomer purchases

No. 329625

They just see an anime girl with balloon tits and go
>omfg she's literally me!!!!
without looking at the rest of her body and/or thinking about how breast tissue isn't the same thing as fat on the breasts from…being a fatty.

No. 329627

She would call you hashtag problematic but then she would buy this shit >>329607 and say it is an a-ok figure for minors to have because she's totes very cute and totes not gross at all

No. 329628

She's larping a deviantart teenager from 2008

No. 329629

File: 1719637251775.png (1.15 MB, 1067x1212, Mal.png)

funnily enough sonico spergs acknowledge how problematic that figure is, and even advocate against buying it…but they keep supporting the company that made that figure in the first place. They are the worst kind of consoomers.

I found her MFC, she doesnt seem to like anything that isnt mascots(sonico, miku) or mainstream slop like CSM.
She owns quite a few figures of some lolibait japanese vtuber that i doubt she has ever watched.

No. 329630

They must produce these kinds of ironic weebs in a fucking factory, not a shred of personality to be found in such a large collection.

No. 329634

Kekking at your picture nonna
She has some ok non sexual figures in there. Why couldn't she stick to those? Are they not speshul enough?

No. 329639

Her brother wouldn't be able to coom on them for content.

No. 329640

File: 1719641174212.jpg (173.35 KB, 1080x1589, 1000011158.jpg)

Wow I sure love these unproblematic, 100% nonsexual figures of adult woman that I totally believe Addy has a deep, nuanced grasp of the lore for(sage your shit)

No. 329642

What is this even supposed to be?

No. 329643

I saw her at MCM alone at a stall and none of this was happening, she wasn't crying or wearing headphones and this was near the end of one of the days. If you're going to whine about being overstimulated, leave the event? Nobody around seemed to care about her existence when I saw her. Only recognised her out of the corner of my eye due to the hair.

No. 329645

> I wonder if she suffers from some sort of faux bisexuality thanks to the hentai brainrot.
it also probably doesn't help that she lives with her brother who wears a woman costume and openly sexualizes women 24/7.
> I imagine she must not get the same rush of dopamine from seeing a cute girly figure vs a super coomerfied one like sonico.
the randoseru excitement, the weird "i have a baby face but adult body uwu", playing eroges with teens and lolis. she is really messed up and has coom brainrot, might have been indoctrinated by her brother or other neckbeards online.

No. 329646

File: 1719647135781.jpg (31.62 KB, 800x800, 6519-catherine-fullbody-figuri…)

Lolibait figures and Totes SFW Sonicos were already addressed, but I have something more.
She has the same figure of Catherine I have.
Honestly? I like the game and the design, no bones about it. But with her preachy attitude about sexualised figures/characters… Why would you own a figure of a literal sex succubus who homewrecks a marriage and who's canon art is 99% risque fanservice?
Panty&Stocking while not being explicit itself, is explicitly about sexual references and BDSM allusions.

I wonder where her hypocricy really ends.

No. 329647

Samefag, but I of course worded it poorly.
It's not an issue for owning figures of coom characters from games/anime. You like what you like, unless it's underage/rape coom or something like that.
The issue is that she has a teenage audience. To whom she promotes her interests and dancing around how it totally isn't sexual and you can pretend it's not sexual and if the nips are covered is SFW.

That tiktoker who said there WOULD be a controversy on her abusing or grooming minors was entirely correct.
She already is technically grooming minors by suggesting to engage with sexual media in a "totes believable nonsexual ways".
Newsflash, Addy. Any child liking Nekopara because of the cute anime absolutely WILL see gross underage catgirl porn just by virtue of being in the same fandom.
Any minor who cosplays the "totes nonsexual designs" of sexual characters, WILL get interacted inappropriately with at the con or receive sexual DMs from creeps.

No. 329652

She probably doesn't even know when Homestuck came out and just said that to make herself sound experienced. I'm the same age as her and I didn't attend a convention until I was 13 (2011, two years after Homestuck started.)

No. 329654

File: 1719654196427.png (Spoiler Image,184.9 KB, 256x363, 56238-f7cdf.png)

Kek’d at the loli figure in her WL, she’s got a hello kitty sukumizu and everything.

No. 329655

The Saya PUP is also on her wishlist
To be fair she has the Aoba figure (you know the one) on her WL, but I also doubt she’s played the VN.(sage your shit)

No. 329656

File: 1719654742284.png (362.41 KB, 646x433, image.png)

And more figures she owns of eroge characters who are underaged
She sure is terrible at sticking to her holier than thou stuff, huh?

No. 329657

This anime is so trashy that any tiktok zoomer that gets associated with it I will just assume they're just pretending and only care about it because of the 2000s yandere trope visual novel aesthetic or whatever

No. 329658

I find it sad how some, presumably, underage girl is capslock scream-crying for Addy's judgment on the age of these porn characters. These girls are clearly going to her for guidance on what is right or wrong when she's the last person you should go to for moral advice and wisdom. It's gross.

No. 329659

Really, even back then everyone hated it and trash talked it. She’s collecting it for ~aesthetic~, which a lot of nlog edgy weeaboos do, but those girls own it and don’t virtue signal.

No. 329664

This anime will always be associated with bad taste and Mad Thad for me. The men who sincerely like it, like Mad Thad, are disgusting pedos. Women who like it need to wake up and watch better media.

No. 329665

File: 1719657214199.jpeg (965.93 KB, 1284x2208, IMG_5961.jpeg)

>Last visit 14 minutes ago
Uh nonnies. She’s lurking. I don’t see any of the figures talked about here in her wishlist anymore.

No. 329667

lmao embarrassing damage control. Of course she would lurk. She went from 629 on her wishlist according to this post >>329629 6 hours ago and now down to 354? She's really panicking there.

No. 329670

File: 1719658109156.png (167.1 KB, 738x282, image_2024-06-29_034803495.png)

since addy's lurking do you think he posted this for us kek

No. 329672

oh no, the guy who steals his sister’s clothes, skinwalks her, and does other gross incest shit is calling us terfs. what ever shall we do? kek

No. 329675

>To piss off the terfs
Couldn't even think of an insult? Lmao braindead troon. Yawn.

No. 329676

File: 1719660683076.jpg (1.58 MB, 5587x1453, FamiliesNamed.jpg)

It's truly the anime equivalent of a bad soap opera to me. Just add more sex and retardation. The only thing to come out of it is the nice boat meme (dead meme) and the infamous knife scene (no1currs). I don't trust people who like visual novels like these, they swear that they're good but are full of stupid shit and disgusting fetishes. If they wanted a real good thrilling VN they would be playing fucking ace attorney lmao but that's just not niche and aesthetic enough.

And I just want to mention, school days is full of incest and the lore has a shit ton of weird familial relationships in it. I had to think for a bit to remember the name of this crap anime kek, but there's even a very infamous graph detailing it, picrel. When I saw this the first time I was speechless.

No. 329677

>Last visit 14 minutes ago
What time zone is she in?

No. 329679

Looking at this and comparing it to Sakura Miku, I think both are cute and the colors/clothes are aesthetically pleasing, but this one in particular feels off. Why is her skirt raised that way? I guess that's my biggest concern. And why the eggplant? This, if purchased by Addy, would totally be one of those figures she immediately makes a "why I regret buying this figure" video on. Why even buy it and why even wishlist it. The picture is perfectly clear.

No. 329680

she's british she probably uses western european time

No. 329681

she has almost 600 figures? where does she get the money from?

No. 329682

File: 1719662025425.png (849.58 KB, 1315x1020, IMG_20240629_054442.png)

Side to side comparison, I guess that for the untrained eye these two are basically pretty similar, a newbie could end up buying these two together and admittedly they would look cute together on a shelf. But if you really look at it closely, Sakura Miku has a more shoujo-esque approach in design, and the other one uses moe points that traditionally are associated with things that men like in Moe anime characters. Female vs male gaze if you will. I'm not sure if I'm explaining myself correctly but the focus of Sakura Miku is the clothes and flowy hair in a fashionable girly way, while the other focuses on the pose (bum out, skirt flaring) and the expression (about to eat something, mouth open). Also wtf is that eggplant even suggesting? I suppose it's something related to the character but it feels suggestive.

You can't tell me that the analysis I just typed out isn't something Addy noticed by herself already, considering she loves analysing things on her tiktok page like the know-it-all she desperately wants to be.

No. 329686

She collabed with Romwe at some point (Shein brand) and I'm sure she has similar brand deals as well.

No. 329688

there's no way her job as a sped ta gave her that much of a disposable income. her mfc account's 9 years old so she's probably been leeching off her parents for plastic toys since 16. i wouldn't be surprised if growing up with parents who'd constantly let her and her brother buy useless shit is the reason why they turned out like consoomerist coomer retards.

No. 329692

>school days is full of incest
Her tranny brother and her seem to be into it, so it checks out
Or she is just lying about her collection, where is she even storing all of this? In boxes? Has she shown her collection on a tiktok?

No. 329693

File: 1719666513406.jpg (538.46 KB, 1080x1918, 1000046546.jpg)

She only shows some shelves, but yeah there's no way it all fits in there considering she also has a bunch of monster high dolls, a nana collection, etc. God what a depressing life, there's nothing more to her than being a consoomer

No. 329694

File: 1719666888348.jpg (102.75 KB, 738x282, 1000037178.jpg)

You can play tictactoe on his forehead.(non-contribution)

No. 329696

The general proportions on the Sakura Miku figure are also a lot more shoujo by comparison while the other figure just looks like traditional moe style proportions

No. 329698

>average hello kitty fans room
No you fucking loser, don't lump hello kitty fans with the likes of you.
Something that I don't get of these consoomers is getting so many figures, I get that some figures look pretty on the promotional pictures like most of the Madoka figures. But once a shelf starts looking as cluttered as hers, you would think that anyone would stop or at least choose from the ones they really really like.
I particularly don't get getting the same character with the same outfit even if she's posing differently, it's annoying to the eye.

No. 329700

Notice how she placed the disgusting coomer figures on the top row like they’re the highlight? Kek. Not a single ounce of shame.

No. 329703

>complains about vocaloid shipping
>totono fan
of course

No. 329706

I have always found it weird how females tend to get a pass for being into loli/shota stuff under the premise of "cute" - Addy is so open about being into weird shit that if a guy had the same vibe it'd be gross and uncomfortable.

No. 329707

It's no different for men, lolicon and shotacon are pretty normalized in anime spaces no matter the gender. Just take a look at Genshin Impact, tons of pedo men "collecting" the loli characters and nobody fucking bats an eye.

No. 329708


No. 329709

omocat was a woman that made a shotacon t-shirt and she got nearly cancelled for it. kyary pamyu pamyu was a real shotacon that expressed interest in little boys and people are wary about her now. women get criticized too.
men are way more open about horrific shit and they don’t get slack. just take a look at reddit or any anime youtuber. they’ll openly like teens and loli and no one calls them out.

No. 329712

Damn. Let's make it a habit of archiving all her shit first before posting it here.

No. 329713

File: 1719679219612.png (974.04 KB, 1261x847, edited.png)

Her tagged photos are pretty golden, she's apparently associated with some Insta content creator page and this is the photo of her they posted?? It's so photoshopped, she removed her uwu chubby little girl baby face.

No. 329714

they don't, many women are pestered for liking yaoi with highschoolers in it, meanwhile actual lolicon males get a pass.

No. 329715

>Queer icon
Which fake flavor of queer she claim to be?

No. 329716

File: 1719679458160.png (1.49 MB, 1517x871, metabakeoff.png)

She also was somehow invited to a Meta bake-off and won with her troon "brother." It's so funny how he won too but he's slanting his body at the side so he doesn't tower over the actual women.

No. 329718

I dont know why this girl makes me think of gordon ramsay with egirl makeup. they have similar bone structure

No. 329719

The way the woman next to Addy's leaning brother has her body fully turned away from him with such a forced smile made me chuckle. I'm sure it's so everyone is in frame, but it's a funny pose.

No. 329720

In japanese convenience stores they literally sell dvds of real little girls posing sexily in swimsuits but god forbid women have hobbies

No. 329722

Something about seeing the cutesy cat ear collection next to the bunch of naked lady coom figures gives me the ick. Without context, it gives me furry troon vibes

No. 329723

File: 1719683950856.jpg (74.16 KB, 554x554, images-5.jpg)

I agree, if she really liked her collection she wouldn't showcase it in a hoard like fashion like she did. She's only doing that because she wants it to look like those collections that obsessive moids in japan have. I'm pretty sure it's on purpose, and this may be why she has like 600 figures, just for the aesthetic. I don't get why tiktok animecore girlies have the need to copy this sucky lifestyle at all

No. 329724

She needs to learn not to smile with those ugly ass nasolabial folds ffs wear less makeup it makes her look even older
I see what you mean lol(nitpicking)

No. 329725

I think people were desperately grappling for edgy animu girl style content in the 2000s but nowadays that's not a problem anymore. You can simply toss a coin and it'll land on some cute+edgy yandere anime girl. So there's no reason to go back to an anime like that to begin with. And I have an inkling it was her shit brother the one that introduced her to it on purpose, he just has creepy vibes in general and Addy is too stupid to realize

No. 329739

File: 1719689358349.png (32.55 KB, 131x164, galko chan.png)

she owns a figurine of galko-chan, an anime created by a guy who was arrested for cp possesion. That anime is also ecchi and sexualizes the protagonists, who are all underage high schoolers

No. 329740

NTA but I think anons misread, she had 600 figures on her wish list (figures that she wants but doesn't have) not that she actually has 600 figures. Even with the amount she has it still looks tacky though.

No. 329742

File: 1719691475314.png (123.9 KB, 720x447, IMG_20240629_140147.png)

No, her myfigurecollection page did say she owns 561 figures. At least it did here >>329629

No. 329743

File: 1719691617778.png (64.18 KB, 652x507, IMG_20240629_140236.png)

But then 7-8 hours later she removed a bunch of shit and now it's down to 393 owned. I think she may be lurking >>329665

No. 329744

why is the lower half of her face turning yellow?

No. 329746

File: 1719692438126.png (26.1 KB, 526x249, 1000046547.png)

because she's cosplaying as this

No. 329748

Contrary to what CSI might have you believe, a lot of other stuff including many cleaning products also flouresce under an UV light. Its probably just a splatter of soap.

No. 329749

She didn’t remove anything. The 300+ amount is figures only and the 600+ amount is all items (figures, goods, media)

No. 329750

300+ is still a shit ton of figures to own

No. 329751

This is such a reach

No. 329754

File: 1719694854058.png (227.04 KB, 720x1430, Screenshot_20240629-155743~2.p…)

No. 329756

File: 1719695199076.jpeg (257.86 KB, 265x376, IMG_5962.jpeg)

Doesn’t change the fact that she made a whole video about it heavily implying it was coom.
Not really. If she’s going hard about what figures are acceptable to own, this would also be considered some gray area for her. Picrel, I also saw a manga cover with foot fetish but that’s easily found on Google.
I think she did remove some, because I can’t find this lolicon one that anon was talking about in her wishlist anymore >>329654
This is the second time an anon said discussing her figures is a “reach”. Addy puts a lot of weight on this “plastic” too and judges people who own certain things, criticizing her collection is fair game.

No. 329757

Iirc she made a video saying she regret buying it but she still has it, she also said she regret buying the Monogotari/Senran Kagura figures which are sexualized anime series but whose creators were not arrested for CP, which she sold off

No. 329759

The whiteknights are back.
It’s likely pansexual (not real). It’s one of the few “sexualities” that’s acceptable to troons. She probably doesn’t want to offend her tranny brother.
Or she could just be simply “queer”. Any nlog with danger hair calls themselves queer. There’s no commitment and you look spicy.
They aren’t just any cat ears, those are pet play ears. It’s a kink. I’ve seen her brother wear some of them in TikToks, so I’m not sure if they’re Addy’s that he’s borrowing or if they’re actually his collection. They seem to share a room.

No. 329768

File: 1719699777090.jpg (1.28 MB, 2128x1240, dCJHMX1.jpg)

New TikTok. Still advertising the figure release of Saya no Uta. She doesn't care that Saya is a vn that includes
>saya being a lolicon obsessed with sperm
>nudity of a child's body
>graphic sex scenes with the MC and Saya
>multiple rape scenes that span several minutes, sounds included. Saya and MC raping a woman, and Saya being raped by an old man.
She is such a hypocrite.

No. 329770

File: 1719699857039.jpg (113 KB, 850x537, sample_c6a7b29b13b3295ff33e10a…)

she either doesnt watch the anime her figures come from, or is lying to justify having problematic taste in anime. I watched galko chan and its as ecchi and moidy as it can get.

No. 329772

In her words she really liked it for being 'body positive'

No. 329773

>galko chan
ok, she's retarded. How can you watch something so obviously fanservicy like galko chan and describe it as ''wholesome body positive representation uwu''. Galko chan even has shota and loli fanservice.

No. 329774

I don't know if I can believe either thing. It may be soap, it may be cum, it's weird and disgusting either way. I don't put it past moids to resell dirty figures like that. However…
>Doesn’t change the fact that she made a whole video about it heavily implying it was coom.
If she really planted this so she could excitedly make a video about her second hand figures having cum on them… Then that's fucked up. Kids watch her. Maybe she did this for the aesthetic or whatever (? Gross.). It's not something to make a fun little video about anyway, I would be so embarrassed. I would throw the figure away. But tiktokers are stupid and they have no boundaries when it comes to making shocking content.

No. 329775

I will never watch this show but I did see a review once calling it body positive because the main character is a nice girl or something and her classmates judge her thinking she's a hoe or something because of her appearance, so she proves them wrong by being herself (I don't even know if that's true or not anyway). That sounds sweet in theory but we're talking about a big titty anime gyaru, these characters are always overtly sexualized and it's clear what the intentions of the creator were here. He wants to sexualize the gyaru schoolgirl with very little subversion. This is not body positivity.

No. 329776

I think she just thinks every anime girl with huge tits and thighs is 'body pos'

No. 329777

File: 1719701126789.jpg (Spoiler Image,437.95 KB, 850x935, sample_cedfb3dcd132a0cc866ecd0…)

the author has a fat fetish. But addy is retarded and thinks japanese moids drawing fat high schoolers = body positivity!!!

No. 329778

I'm so fucking tired of the "body positivity movement". Why be proud of moids sexualizing your body, istg. These pickme women sound like trannies bragging about getting catcalled on the street.

No. 329779

I'm sure a whiteknight is going to say
>but she was a monster! she's not ackshually a child! just looks like one!
Addy was criticizing Monogatari for having a 1000 year old vampire with a child's body. Saya should also be unacceptable according to her standards.
Addy tells her followers to ignore media that was created with fat fetish in mind. Caps here
>>329614 "Consume the way you want to! uwu"

No. 329780

>I think she just thinks every anime girl with huge tits and thighs is 'body pos'
That's stupid.
I have a similar body to this illustration (I have annoyingly big tits) and trust me I do not feel represented by this shit. Just because overweight and fat characters are being sexualized by coomer moids it doesn't mean I'm being represented or that I feel flattered. Anyone who feels flattered by this shit is basically porn addicted and not very smart. Addy can't keep talking like she absolutely knows what women want to be represented by. Porn fodders aren't body positivity. Moids would fuck a raw chicken breast if they were desperate enough, I do not feel any more attractive being compared to anime girls by terminally online tiktok idiots like her.

No. 329781

>Addy was criticizing Monogatari for having a 1000 year old vampire with a child's body. Saya should also be unacceptable according to her standards
This is what I don't understand. Why is she heavily criticizing one thing and then turns around and gives a thumbs up to the thing she just criticized? What does she gain from this cognitive dissonance hypocrisy even

No. 329782

File: 1719702156748.jpg (109.42 KB, 1200x1105, 22-facts-about-amethyst-steven…)

if addy wants fat representation she could watch american cartoons instead of chinese ones, but pic rel isnt as kawaii desune as an underage anime girl drawn by a convicted pedophile. Has anyone else realized that both sonico chan and galko chan were drawn by pedos? any rational person would look at all the evidence and conclude ''ew, both sonico and galko are drawn by degenarate men with porn brainrot'' but not addy, to addy the pedo moids are allies that want the fat girlies to feel represented.

No. 329790

>to addy the pedo moids are allies that want the fat girlies to feel represented.
And don't forget she will defend Chris Chan as a victim but god forbid women enjoy yaoi.

No. 329795

JFC does she fucking NOT regret buying something? How can no one notice that she's just a retarded idiot with no fucking personality that follows trends?

No. 329796

notice how she doesn't call Chris chan "she"

No. 329797

File: 1719706270963.jpg (442.59 KB, 1400x1308, rxDRcWp.jpg)

Do you think this is her real name? She was in a VICE article in 2022 about Menhera fashion. https://www.vice.com/en/article/wxda5q/what-is-menhera-fashion

No. 329800

Oh my god she has a waifu cup. She is peak coomsoomer. Should I post her boyfriend she made a quirky tiktok video with?

No. 329804

She's just another dime a dozen egirl anime plastic consoomer. Of course she would have that cup. Sure, post it.

No. 329806

What is the point of fuxia blush? Like from her point of view even

No. 329808

>Should I post her boyfriend she made a quirky tiktok video with?

No. 329809

Is it common to buy used figures cause it seems disgusting?

No. 329810

File: 1719711207253.png (737.24 KB, 720x956, IMG_20240629_192957.png)

Screenshot for posterity, I'm sure she thinks that anime waifu is also body positivity representation

No. 329811

File: 1719711533821.png (62.3 KB, 562x370, Screenshots_2024-06-29-20-38-1…)

She has a sponsorship for that stupid brand.

No. 329841

Sorry for being late, here is what you pull for being a pick me with naked anime girls in your room kek. She needs to stop grouping herself as just a "quirky sanrio girl!" when she is so much more than that. Stretching the narrative that woman who just likes a cute kids show = degenerate

No. 329845

She barely has any sanrio stuff, she's just a dumbass coomer. I wish actually sanrio autists were spergy enough to call her out on her boring collection.

No. 329846

That's free merch, she doesn't collect it technically. It's not GFuel, it's the other anime drink company, but their mascots are all sexualized.

No. 329860

File: 1719725558178.png (301.03 KB, 431x544, IMG_20240629_233131.png)

No. 329861

File: 1719725598217.mp4 (2.19 MB, 576x1024, ssstik.io_1719725455022.mp4)

downloading and uploading it, the big Sonico figure is there

No. 329864

I don’t know if this on topic or not. I would not wear this in public in any part of Japan (even in Harajuku). People are going to think you’re weird or lame. Alternative people don’t even wear this bag. If someone wearing it, it’s probably for a costume or something. Don’t take the chance.

Jirai is the most common Alt type you will see. (And their male counter part) I’ve been seeing a lot of y2k (not mcbling type, more acubi leaning type) now you’ll see occasionally other styles or uncommon looks, but it’s just not as common (a lot are weekenders). And some people avoid a lot of “hang out places” because people take a pictures of them with other permission. But I’m going off on a tangent sorry.(learn to sage)

No. 329865

Ohhh, do you live in Japan nonna? Would you like giving more insights on the current Japanese alt and normie fashion landscape? Also please write "sage" on the email field before replying

No. 329868

File: 1719729737957.png (Spoiler Image,1.86 MB, 1212x868, dead Addy is dumb.png)

Nta, but it's non-existant. A lot of street photographers have openly said that kids don't experiment anymore and fashion is no longer interesting. It's become more bland. 90s/2000s grudge is popular right now again which is weird, but it's not even experimental. I'm not going to derail further, but Addy has a very narrow minded idea of a a westerner's idealization of Japan street fashion. When I say 90s, I'm not even talking big hair emo type. It's literally just the clothes: jeans and t-shirt. Some Uniqlo added in.

Edit: I added pic related. Not at all what I was looking for, but I capped it because it even mentioned uniqulo lol Has Addy even been to Japan? People aren't even running around in cosplay and the maids are all in front of host clubs, so it's not even normies.

No. 329871

She has a few videos of a trip to Japan, but I think her weeb consooner ass mostly stayed in Akihabara. She bought tons of anime figures while visiting.

No. 329872

Can you link them please?

No. 329875

Unfortunately you do run this risk of figures possibly being cummed on even on non-sexual figures because men are gross. As a consoomer this is why I don’t buy used preowned and only buy new in box.

No. 329876

she's also mentioned in this BBC article about coquette randomly, no pictures:
https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-68055142(this is an imageboard)

No. 329877

He looks like a normie? I was expecting him to be some non-binary emo moid or smth.

No. 329879

Is he 10+ years older than her? Those would be some really deep wrinkles and eye hollows for a mid 20s guy to have

No. 329880

Every single person in that photo has them anon… they're normal

No. 329881

He does look significantly older. That’s kind of on brand for nlogs and girls who have autopedophilia, which Addy seems like she has considering that she plays loli eroge, collects loli figures, wears a randoseru specifically because it’s used by Japanese children, and the whole “I have baby face and still get ID’d but I have an adult body”. Having an older boyfriend is part of the “I’m so small and young” larp.

No. 329882

File: 1719743288013.jpeg (482.2 KB, 1284x1119, IMG_5976.jpeg)

Interesting. I get the feeling she wishes she could be thin.
Also, somehow this also seems a bit hypocritical to me. Aren’t coomer anime girls and figures also setting unrealistic body standards that women can’t attain? Sonico and Pochaco, who she loves to shill as body positive plus size representation, don’t exactly have the most realistic body proportions. They have thin arms, flat stomachs, skinny legs, and gigantic boobs. We know overweight and obese women don’t have all of these qualities.

No. 329883

It's embarrassing how she's always harping on about things being problematic like she's an authority figure. She's just another tiktoker who loves coomer anime, hardly someone who can moralfag about problematic issues. When it comes to Sonico and the other fat fetish characters, it's funny how she turns a blind eye to the fetisization of fat women and the inherent misogyny present in these characters and games. Oh right, she said to "consume them outside of this way." All the inappropriate loli crap she owns? It's fine, it can be consumed outside of that way tee hee. It's just that simple, nonnies.

No. 329884


No. 329885

So coquettecore is something she has the high moral stance on but her kawaii uguuu randoseru titty anime waifu shit is ok?

It sounds like insecurity and she pretty much copes about her weight by relating to porny fat anime characters and convincing herself they're totally ok because they're body positive. I don't get it, she's not even that fat.

No. 329886

He's probably freaky in bed

No. 329895

He looks like he cums under 5 seconds and that he needs to choke and slap someone for a semi erection.(weird non contribution)

No. 329896

I think she's just doing the same thing that emos did back then, it's the same 'us vs them' bullshit that will never stop existing.
Like, back then, emos were mad at normies for wearing other base colors that aren't black and not layering, now we have e-girls seething because coquette goes against their styles guidelines, not knowing that, on contrary to the usual dollskill/shein slop, there are lots of brands that makes "coquette" (clothes in pastel colors, with flowers and frills) quite accessible, I can even think of a particular store that even makes dresses and skirts that have safety shorts, underskirt /and/ pockets in many sizes that aren't the Japanese "L" also known as western M.

No. 329898

from her facebook (easy to find if you search for her name) she's fairly doxxable in terms of general area of England she lives in, looks like she's friends with some other minor cows at least online (rin, katy straub)

old youtube channel here, nothing on it:
linked youtube channel shows which university and which course she attended

No. 329900

what linked youtube channel? red shoot animations?

No. 329919

No. 329921

File: 1719769090657.jpg (50.38 KB, 720x960, alida.jpg)

Damn she looks so much better without the crunchy dyed hair and 2020 e-girl makeup. Didn't wear amazon fast fashion polyester too it looks.

No. 329923

This is 8 years old and filtered to death, not really comparable

No. 329931

This is so much cuter and kawiwi than the shit she puts on her face now. She would look so much better like this even if she still wore her overpriced polyester japanese clothes. I don't know if Addy lurks or not but I hope she's smarter than pixielocks and actually improves herself with the criticism anons gives them in this thread. At least her looks would be easier to fix than her nlog brain rot.

No. 329933

>I think she's just doing the same thing that emos did back then, it's the same 'us vs them' bullshit that will never stop existing.
Kekkk, does the coquette vs egirl weeb rivalry even exist? They overlap a lot.

No. 329936

File: 1719776932566.jpg (18.37 KB, 220x220, 35925896_2030424803647807_3196…)

Picture on her blogger profile, she also has her info publicly there. She needs to learn basic cyber security.

No. 329939

File: 1719777758376.png (26.09 KB, 829x168, image_2024-06-30_130218702.png)

>"Favourite band: Asain Kung-fu Generation"
what an expert on japanese culture, she can't even spell asian right.

No. 329940

Of course she likes Leon The Professional, kekw.

No. 329943

File: 1719779036551.png (3.23 MB, 1450x1612, IMG_20240630_141450.png)

Addy's Flickr, this is what her room and collection looked like before. It looks like she mostly collected posable figures to take pictures of them. I guess she traded in her photography hobby for consoom and attention on the internet.

No. 329944

File: 1719779206546.jpg (360.37 KB, 1023x767, 23933876589_3f48a86751_o.jpg)

No. 329945

File: 1719779328283.png (430.79 KB, 1191x811, image_2024-06-30_132825120.png)

not sure ifs there's much milk but i found the videography account she used in uni

ironically, 5 years ago she criticized influencers advertising through content while all her content today revolves around a product.

No. 329947

File: 1719779923018.png (1.55 MB, 1431x1444, IMG_20240630_143417.png)

I don't get it, even back then she still had figures from characters and shows she said she regrets buying (does anyone remember the exact video?), these are from oreimo and monogatari

No. 329948

File: 1719780280047.png (49.3 KB, 720x548, IMG_20240630_144239.png)

She really does

No. 329949

She makes it sound like there's a rivalry because she needed a reason to shill buying shit fast fashion bullshit.

No. 329955

Honestly her figures don't bother me. I don't care about NSFW vs SFW stuff. What I hate about her is how annoying she is. I had to block her because of how up her ass she is about being knowledgeable about Japan when she goes out of her way to idealize it.

No. 329958

File: 1719783224615.mp4 (1.56 MB, 360x640, videoplayback.mp4)

This guy is also a consoomer

No. 329959

Two cringe peas in a pod of consoomerism.

No. 329960

They're the perfect match. Both of them are into the overconsumption of shallow mainstream media.

No. 329961

>proudly showing that ben 10 random ps game
is this a meme or is he just autistic?
if he is autistic maybe he met him when she was working as a TA for young adult autistic people? >>329385

No. 329968

File: 1719787037418.png (1.03 MB, 720x1344, addybf.png)

He also wears her clothes

No. 329969

This gives me the heebie jeebies

No. 329970

File: 1719787437276.png (1.78 MB, 1406x1348, brother.png)

the troon brother also borrows her clothes btw I hate this dude's facial expressions so much, he really has the typical troon face and smirk, even the one on the left looks full of envy.

No. 329979

All these accounts that Addy owns and there has been no indication that she works as a TA or a teacher or went to university to get a teaching degree. She says she is one, but is she really? I can’t see her being a teacher with how stupid and irresponsible she is.
Lurk moar, this has been discussed extensively since the beginning.

No. 329980

>Lurk moar
For what? Posting more proof? Give me a break.

No. 329982

File: 1719790496783.mp4 (679.48 KB, 360x640, Choosing_which_figures_to_save…)

Thing is she has sakura miku figures, they're simply not special and coomery enough for her.

No. 329983

File: 1719790564942.mp4 (716.84 KB, 360x640, videoplayback-1.mp4)

Checks out.

No. 329993

we already know her brother borrows her clothes and the video you screenshot was posted already retard

No. 330001

>picks pink coomer figurine over sakura miku figurine

No. 330015

Thank god it’s not a rando Asian guy that’s trying to pass off as Japanese or Korean

No. 330016

File: 1719813179046.png (1.16 MB, 720x1351, lol.png)


No. 330017

If you mean these, they're different videos, he's just wearing the same shirt >>329993 no need to get this upset over nothing

No. 330028

That's a weird comment to make. How many East Asian guys even live in Britain or wherever the fuck she's from? I doubt amwf is common there.

No. 330035

File: 1719831747990.mp4 (14.39 MB, 288x512, addyoreimo.mp4)

I had to split it into parts but this is what she said about the oreimo figures

No. 330042

File: 1719835286800.mp4 (9.8 MB, addyhshinobu.mp4)

And this is what she said about the monogatari ones
>I always try to keep my collection super sfw!
>It's ok because I tuck it behind my other figures so nobody can see it!

No. 330043

File: 1719835641388.mp4 (1.59 MB, 576x1024, I like them y.mp4)

I don't understand how she can criticize body pillows if she has a big sonico in a bikini figure in her room. I say this as a body pillow hater myself. It just doesn't make sense, can't she keep the hypocrisy to herself? is doing this giving her online brownie points or something? The audio too. "I like them young!" like she doesn't have figures of young looking characters she "regrets buying" in her collection

No. 330045

File: 1719837053602.png (1.78 MB, 1430x1349, kangel.png)

Not really that milky but I find her obsession with needy streamer overdose kinda cringe. It's a videogame with nsfw themes like self harm and drugs and it looks like she's glorifying it (saw another video where she calls her the best egirl or something). She has an obsession with keeping her brand clean but then gets this tattoo. In another tiktok she insists she wants her page to be a warm and welcoming safe space for everyone. Idgi. She also has a thing for Sonico, Riamu and Lain so I'm not surprised. Maybe she thinks Kangel is mental illness representation or some other larping cope like that.

No. 330047

There's no way she doesn't believe she's literally the character, that's what she's doing, all that she's obsessed with is just her wishing she was the characters of the media she consooms.

No. 330049

This looks trashy. Get an art print and admire it, not whatever this is. It's cringe and showcases her arrested development in a bad way. So harajuku kawaii menhera.

No. 330051

how does that dml dress fit her so poorly it goes up to size 5xl. did she buy the wrong size on purpose?

No. 330055

The pillows are more gross. At least sonico is wearing clothes and looks cute, not with a coombrained seductive retarded look on her face like most moid figures. The pillows have 2 sides and almost 100% of the time has nudity on one side with a post sex, possibly cum covered, variant.

I would not compare these.

No. 330064

File: 1719848374467.png (841.15 KB, 741x1506, 1000001306.png)

>At least sonico is wearing clothes and looks cute, not with a coombrained seductive retarded look on her face like most moid figures

No. 330065

We shouldn't be surprised at her tastelessness after seeing the moid she pulled.

No. 330066

Not sure why you posted that. Yeah, she is wearing clothes unlike most body pillows. She also has a cutesy surprised face, not a tongue sticking out of her mouth, eyes half-lidded post sex face. There is a difference.

No. 330067

Girl stop defending the giant bikini fig with sculpted nipples.

No. 330068

I'm not defending it. I'm saying the way pillows are made, they would most likely be more coomery than comparing it to the Sonico bikini figure. I didn't say I liked the figure or that it's not sexual at all.

No. 330082

Both suck. Get over yourself. They're the same level of coomerish.

No. 330085

She doesn’t have clothes on though. In fact, it looks like she’s taking off her shirt. I wouldn’t consider a string bikini as “clothes”. No normal person would wear that day-to-day.

No. 330095

>shinobu figurine
i thought she totally didnt watch monogatari

No. 330100

She explains it here >>330042

No. 330101

So she went to university to learn photography and film? At what point did she become a TA or a teacher for autistic and special needs adults? I'm starting to think she lied about having that experience just to justify her defending chris chan. The only time she has ever mentioned being a teacher or TA is when people began calling her out for that.

No. 330102

why does it always need the “female empowerment” excuse? i see nothing wrong with dressing slutty or sexy, but there doesn’t always need to be a feminist reason behind it. it’s like an automatic disclaimer “i’m not dressing for men! i’m dressing for me!” nothing wrong with wanting to be desirable by others (and that includes men)(sage your shit)

No. 330103

File: 1719872689176.jpg (91.93 KB, 850x609, karen araragi.jpg)

so she buys figures from shows she has never watched? or is she lying about watching monogatari. She owns another figure from monogatari >>329947 its weird she bought a karen figure since it doesnt fit her kawaii uguu loli aesthetic.

No. 330107

>Why Karen Araragi
Because I must remind you nonna, she kind of has an incestuous relationship with her brother the main character in the anime. Vidrel is one of the most infamous scenes in all of Monogatari.

As for if she watched it or not, she's saying she watched it as a teen and liked Katy Perry amvs of Shinobu and thought the character was cute but then someone came to explain it to her that she's problematic or sum. So until she was told off she was pretending not to know all this time I guess, I also don't understand very well.

No. 330108

The way she defends incest just because some infamous moid was groomed into it is starting to sound so sus. I can't be the only one who's noticing a pattern here.

No. 330111

Unfortunately women are made to believe that they have to justify every single choice in the name of something bigger like a social cause or else they'll be shamed for it nonstop. Notice how this never happens with men and they can be total sluts or coomers and everyone will clap for them, no justification needed

No. 330112

sonico’s body changes depending on the figure, sometimes it’s chubbier and sometimes it’s just curvy

No. 330114

I thought it was sus how many incest animes she was watching.
Your point about chris chan is a good one that I hadn't thought about. It was incest as well. Tinfoil but I'm thinking her older brother shared a lot of this incest anime with her to possibly groom her. I don't like throwing that out there, but there's a lot of weird things going on between them. The lollipop sharing, slapping each other's ass, sharing clothing, doing each other's makeup on her bed, filming exclusively in her room (that could actually be shared). Him being a troon and skinwalking her is a big red flag too.

No. 330116

File: 1719876401887.jpg (Spoiler Image,19.59 KB, 537x370, images-1.jpg)

Don't forget school days with the crazy insane incest family tree >>329676
>I'm thinking her older brother shared a lot of this incest anime with her to possibly groom her. I don't like throwing that out there, but there's a lot of weird things going on between them.
I agree, I get that vibe too. His brother may be the one who made her get into anime in the first place too, it's something that happens pretty frequently, an older sibling watches something and then the younger one copies. Her brother is old enough to have gone to cons pre homestuck and he may have taken her with him. The way he transitioned into an egirl the moment she got internet famous is also sus. I'll just say, he has a potential to be the bigger cow in this scenario.

I think some of Addy's earlier collection may have been passed down from her brother, too. Please tell me I'm not the only one who would feel weird owning a Karen figure when the toothbrush scene exists. I feel gross just looking at it ffs

No. 330118

So she was “obsessed” with Shinobu as a teenager but never actually watched even a few episodes of Monogatari until after receiving this figure (which is btw a newer figure it came out in the last few years)? Hachikuji is in the first season almost immediately. Even the Araragi sisters and Shinobu’s lore comes later than her (not even the first season) so I don’t buy it.

Also not picking up on the incest in Oreimo is so a lie lmao it’s literally in the title. She would be so much more credible if she just said “I used to like these series a lot because in general it was normal to overlook this shit back in the day but now I feel weird as I’ve gotten older” or something like that. She just seems like she doesn’t know what she’s talking about collecting siscon figures and pretending she didn’t know it.

No. 330120

File: 1719879573100.webp (71.62 KB, 630x750, ten-count-anime-seems-to-be-co…)

i dont understand why she doesnt just watch cutesy shoujo for women and collects sexy anime boy figurines like pic rel if she really wants nsfw anime figures. What compels a straight woman to collect disgusting objectifying figurines of women and watch shit for moids while larping as le woke feminist on tiktok. These type of ironic weebs are such walking contradictions.

No. 330121

File: 1719879733170.gif (146.21 KB, 220x110, you-cant-sit-with-us-mean-girl…)

She can't be cool as farmers are.

No. 330122

File: 1719879961815.jpg (33.42 KB, 452x452, towa-slow-damage-16-scale-figu…)

she isn't strong enough to handle it. only a few of us can be stacies after all.

No. 330123

Because she's an NLOG, she's too much of a cool girl to indulge in any interest that has icky lame girl cooties all over it like shoujo or bishies, no, she's cool. She likes bouncing tits and ass and objectifying women.

No. 330124

She just needs to be the Cool Girl because everyone loves Cool Girl. She likes moidy films and bouncing anime tits. She may also have some type of fetish so she sees herself in those anime characters, the randoseru and sonico larping is telling.

No. 330125

She may be learning about "girlhood" from her tranny brother too. That's all they think being a woman entails.
>no addy, collecting figures of anime men with abs is icky and no man would want you
>you gotta be part of the guys addy, like what they like
>guys like when you act slutty
>if you're sexualized it means guys think your hot!
just some things I can hear coming out of that creep brother of her's. And even though Addy's brother is a troon trying to be a woman, he's still going to be concerned about men's feelings (because you know, he IS one).(fanfiction)

No. 330126

These figures are hot af

No. 330129

Not for nothing but you don’t have to have a coomer brother to be groomed into liking moid anime and I think too much blame is being put on him and making her seem almost victimized. Most of the stuff she likes, despite being someone obscure to normal modern anime fans, was pretty run of the mill for /a/ in 2010, a time she seems to be stuck in. This is just what you would be into if you wanted to fit in with the “real anime fans” (moids).

No. 330134

I guarantee if she had these there would be femboy tinfoil.

No. 330135

File: 1719892738519.png (343.81 KB, 864x1920, 1000003815.png)

oh hey she did the same to me when I called out her cosplaying and collecting from "problematic" series while also cancelling people for the same thing lol

this is like a quarter of it

No. 330136

Can you please upload the uncensored version??? This is important

No. 330137

That's bullshit lmao, she's a woman. Only people calling her out would be other women who thing yaoi is problematic.

No. 330141

If you're going to cowtip/force milk, then don't be a pussy and post it.

No. 330142

Couldn't you post it without the unnecessary scribbles? This is retarded

No. 330143

This is actual milk. Post it without the censoring. You can remove yourself, just post the messages. I

No. 330144

>femboy tinfoil
what does this mean? those arent femboys

No. 330146

Not sure if anon’s coming back, but this is what I can pick out from the screenshot.
>only collect the SFW figures of adult Sonico
>Is consuming or cosplaying 100% ethical. No
>Many mainstream movies have abuse
So again, just more “rules for thee but not for me” bullshit. She doesn’t like being confronted about her hypocrisy. When she makes videos criticizing media, for her it’s all or nothing, so it’s ridiculous that she’s defending herself like this.

No. 330147

I want to know what anon said before Addy leaks it.

No. 330148

I can't believe I'm about to transcribe this shit just for the sake of the thread. This is what I think it says:

1) I consume and cosplay sonico (…) design and her (…) design is her actual age and 99% of the merch out there. (…) and was victim(?) (…) out of the blue (…) that (…) happened (…).
2) I have one (…) second hand (…) sonico merch, always (…) sponsors over her. (?) money to nitroplus or Tsuji I also only collect the SFW figures of sonico as an (…) collector unlike doll collecting (…) or inspired(?) figures from other series.
3)Is consuming or cosplaying 100% ethical (…) and unfortunately there are few fun/(?) (…) main (…) (sorry this part is hard to make out) rare fanatic hence my collection of it. I forbid(?) my (…) fully (…) because (…) want to and there's (…) a lot of media. Many mainstream movies have abuse beyond the (…)

Anon if you're still there please upload whatever the original picture said and all the retarded messages she sent. You can censor yourself.

No. 330161

I should've added this is from like 2 years ago, I promise I didn't cowtip. She messaged me. And censored because I didn't need her searching her messages and seeing it was me. I just wanted to show she seems to have a habit of unloading on strangers. It's just useless rambling defending herself, it's really not mikly at all. Sry.

No. 330163

File: 1719904607318.png (26.71 KB, 783x602, addy.png)

proof it was from 2 years ago

No. 330164

Ok, can you post the actual messages though? Come on.

No. 330165

Girl she's not going to hunt you down, she probably does this to everyone and she's not going to remember. You're safe and she has no power over you or anyone else. You can always block her anyway. Like I even doubt she knows this thread exists, and if so, what about it? She's an hypocrite and it looks worse on her if she goes on your dms to discharge her rage again, it's fucking gross and stupid on her part. Post her shit for future proof and accountability. She's not going to blast you on her social media either, and if she does then that's a cancelable offense considering she always insists on her content being friendly for anyone. Plus she would have to admit again that she uses lolcow and it's dangerous if her post history sucks. Just do it.

No. 330166

She already can tell its you because you did a piss poor job of censoring the messages, at least post the full milk we want to read her excuses.

No. 330167

Stop teasing and give us the full milk.

No. 330168

Just post it and stop baiting. She probably does this to everyone and likely has been doing this to people for years. She can’t do anything to you for posting these messages. There’s not going to be repercussions if you’re worried about that. She’s not going to cancel or out you, like another anon said it would make her look far worse and then other people would come out with their screenshot convos. You don’t have to be scared, you’re just another rando to her. One of many people that don’t like her. Post it without the censors.

No. 330169

She's a terminally online egirl that collects figures of coom characters and discharges her rage on complete strangers because she can't take criticism and you think you are the one who's going to get affected by revealing her messages? Come on.

No. 330170

everyday of my life i lament that i don't have the Yaoi Jesus or the Gojo Gym figurines(no1currs)

No. 330171

Since you provided more context and have proven it's an old interaction I removed your cowtipping ban. Feel free to post the full screenshots since it's not like Addy won't know who it was if you put red scribbles over it.

No. 330172

this person >>329119 seems to be just fine and dandy after posting Addy's messages on twitter so anon shouldn't be so afraid of posting them. This place is anonymous anyway.

No. 330176

this will age soo bad

No. 330177

File: 1719917593283.jpg (136.68 KB, 1080x702, 1000019906.jpg)

Someone asked about this figure and this was her reply. She's pretending not to know the reason why the figure exists.

No. 330178

"I don't know why they did that" uh huh, keep feigning ignorance kek, this whole comment is a mental gymnastics mess.

No. 330180

She loves doing mental gymnastics. Why would a company known for making hentai porn games create a loli character version of their porn character? Wow, makes the noggin go a joggin

No. 330181

Maybe instead of the amount of mental gymnastics she does daily, she should hit the gym and maybe try to talk to real people, away from her ugly scrote of a boyfriend and with a restriction order against her brother.

No. 330186

kekk anon


thank you nonna

nta but addy mentioned lc on tiktok so she most likely already knows she has her own thread now. if anon has her name or picture attached to her account, it's understandable that she doesn't want to share the conversation, although part of it are already legible.(learn2integrate)

No. 330188

Nta but edited the pic a little and this is the full message (spacing for the different messages):

I consume and cosplay sonico as a fan of her adult design and her adult design is her actual age and 99% of the official merch out there. The child figure/art was very out of the blue decision that was never repeated or pushed.

I have only ever bought second hand for all my sonico merch, including the cosplays (minus 2 from sponsors) I have given 0 money to Nitro Plus or Tsuji. I also only collect the SFW figures of adult sonico as an adult collector (unlike collecting nsfw or implicative kid figures from other series)

Is consuming or cosplaying sonico 100% etical? no and unfortunately there are few fully sincere and unproblematic anime out there with Madoka being my favourite series and one of the rare unproblematic ones (hence my collection of it) I dont hide my collection because I am fully ok with talking about this because there is nuance to it.And there is nuance in consuming a lot of media. Many mainstrean movies have abuse behind the ..(sage your shit)

No. 330189

>one of the rare unproblematic ones

No. 330190

>I dont hide my collection because I am fully ok with talking about this because there is nuance to it.And there is nuance in consuming a lot of media
But I guess this nuance applies only to Addy and her incest figures and not anyone else.

No. 330191

File: 1719927179019.jpeg (137.09 KB, 1440x1440, IMG_5989.jpeg)

>Many mainstrean movies have abuse behind the
Like Addy’s favorite movie, Leon the Professional? The one with pedophilic implications and that was originally meant to have a sex scene between the minor and main character?
She sure likes throwing around the word nuance when it comes to herself. Yet she’s sold figures when the media has been deemed problematic by her, and criticizes others when they own figures of anime she doesn’t approve of. Where’s the nuance then?

No. 330192

File: 1719927629833.gif (1.13 MB, 220x124, explaining-meme.gif)

This immediately made me think of that one sped up gif with the fat guy explaining something on the whiteboard. I'd edit Addy's head onto this guy because this is what she's doing. It's all drivel. Rules for thee and not for me.

No. 330195

File: 1719931308372.jpeg (109.45 KB, 977x537, IMG_2269.jpeg)

retarded scribble nonnie come back we wanna see her poor excuses for why she’s allowed to be a degen and no one else post the milk

No. 330201

Anon needs to post uncensored. This is shitty milk otherwise

No. 330204

Literally scroll up, an anon posted the transcript

No. 330206

File: 1719943290962.jpg (Spoiler Image,8.27 KB, 274x184, 1000026193.jpg)

So she acknowledges the lewding of child sonico, but conveniently ignores baby sonico. The artist quite literally drew her using a potty training toilet and breast feeding among other creepy fetishy things. What's the "nuance" there exactly? Picrel is the least offensive image from the set.

No. 330210

>nta but addy mentioned lc on tiktok so she most likely already knows she has her own thread now.
Nobody browses /w/ on the regular so I think we're safe.

No. 330211

No, anon needs to post it uncensored. I don't believe their transcript bc if they were worried addy would find them, the transcript alone would get them found too.

No. 330212

So you want her to comment on something she might not even know about? Come on.

No. 330213

>I consume and cosplay sonico as a fan of her adult design and her adult design is her actual age and 99% of the official merch out there. The child figure/art was very out of the blue decision that was never repeated or pushed.

I really don't believe the bullshit lies she says, she says it so convincingly and like an authority on the matter

No. 330214

File: 1719946281852.jpg (233.04 KB, 864x1920, edited.jpg)

It was a different anon who used photoshop to be able to read it and posted the script, here I've done the same

No. 330227

nta but if she's such a big fan of sonico that she says she is, she should know about that. it's really pathetic she claims
>was very out of the blue decision
when sonico is from a porn company that regularly makes lolicon. i'm sure she's come across that art before, but feigns ignorance.

No. 330228

File: 1719948678586.png (5.63 MB, 3528x1256, addy collection.png)

>I also only collect the SFW figures of adult sonico as an adult collector (unlike collecting nsfw or implicative kid figures from other series)
her collection sucks anyways and she literally has this shinobu figure >>330042 I wish she just stopped lying and admitted she likes coom figures instead of masking them as being "totally safe for work" girl they aren't. I would even give her a pass if she only had like one or two, but no, the giant fucking sonico and hoards of bikini girls makes her look like an hypocrite.

No. 330230

File: 1719949032308.mp4 (2.27 MB, 576x1024, menhera haul.mp4)

for example, this is her "menhera and yami kawaii figure haul" and it includes this figure >>329640 from a vtuber that I'm assuming she likes watching because she has a lot of merch from the character. this is not even menhera/yami kawaii, just because she's wearing a nurse outfit doesn't make it menhera/yami kawaii. and I say this as someone who dislikes that fashion.

No. 330235

File: 1719950134184.jpg (196.72 KB, 1042x864, fKIN6bZ.jpg)

I was looking through Twitter and found these tweets made during May. If this is actually true, it would be really milky. Tinfoil, if this is true, it was probably to prove she was a real menhera or jirai kei expert.

No. 330238

so this is why she likes needy streamer overdose then, because she's a cutter? sending pictures of self harm cuts to random people is a big no. vidrel is a very infamous event you can trigger in the game.

No. 330240

File: 1719951124366.jpg (671.41 KB, 1672x737, 9LucxgZ.jpg)

Imagine asking your followers to help fund your "SFW" Sonico cosplay. We haven't seen her wearing this, so I guess nobody wanted to see her half-naked kek
>Anyone who donates will get sent a picture (SFW)
Her brain is rotted from too much porn consumption. In what way is this SFW? Her whole boobs are out and barely contained by some nipple covers. Better hope the people who potentially donated were 18+.

No. 330241

It's crazy how so many people think that if something isn't graphic porn that it counts as SFW

No. 330246

Exactly what >>330227 is saying. She's obviously aware of the child sonico stuff and is talking out of her ass to defend it. If she knows that much and can't be bothered to do her own research before adamantly defending a lolicon artist/company that's entirely on her.

It's wild she thinks this is sfw. I know she's terminally online, but imagine someone trying to make this argument to HR. kek

No. 330248

She has enough fucking money to go to japan and buy figures in akihabara but not enough money to buy a stupid ethot cosplay? This e-begging is egregious not only because she has plenty of money to spend in idiotic shit like this but also what kind of imbecile would see a girl with her tits and ass out like that and say "yes this is totally sfw outfit!" she needs to stop deluding herself from reality, not even the most porn rotted of libfems think like this, Micky Moon is an example (another idiot with a Sonico obession that at least is sensible enough to post her bikini and short skirt pictures on her nsfw twitter).

The "Anyone who donates 15+ pounds will get sent a picture (SFW) of myself in the finished cosplay with a personalized thank you sign!" shit s giving onlyfans model and I doubt those pictures will come across as sfw to begin with. Who would buy these anyway, her troon skinwalking brother??

No. 330249

File: 1719952147191.mp4 (16.14 MB, online safety.mp4)

This shit is so rich coming from her considering that in vidrel she talks about "online safety" and "never being too close to strangers" and "wanting her content to be a warm and welcoming space for everyone". Click to watch, I don't understand this idiot.

No. 330250

Because scrotes and fans volunteer to give these people. They grift bc it's easy.

No. 330253

File: 1719952556613.jpg (371.56 KB, 1184x2048, 6Zb1S2O.jpg)

She asked for funding 3 years ago and there are no photos online of her wearing this cosplay, so it's obvious even dumbass scrotes didn't donate to her cause. She looks like a fridge so it's for the best it didn't happen anyways, it would've been embarrassing. Picrel is police Sonico.

No. 330254

So is this it? Her real dream was to be an e-thot but she's not pretty enough for that so she resorted to this retarded, haphazard japan expert persona for her attention whoring needs? Is that why everything she says and does reeks of ignorance and hypocrisy? Because even she doesn't believe what she's saying and just needs to get attention from any avenue possible once she realized e-thotting was unviable for her?

No. 330255

File: 1719953280605.png (313.61 KB, 600x604, addy.png)

she was ngmi

No. 330257

File: 1719953614815.png (523.32 KB, 396x624, needy streamer dress.png)

btw the dress she's wearing while talking about online safety is a needy streamer overdose collab with a jfashion brand. for those who don't know this game features a terminally online attention seeking egirl character with bad coping mechanisms.

No. 330261

File: 1719954386458.mp4 (2.32 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_701488255441939994…)

I think you're onto something. This TiKTok is from 2021. She doesn't look the worst actually, the wig looks nice, but it's the focus on the boobs that makes me cringe. You may be right, she wasn't going viral being a cosplay ethot so she decided to become some Nippon Kawiwi Harajackedup expert instead.

No. 330265

you mean a guess on what she wrote to anon because its 99% censored? its shit milk if we can’t actually read it be serious now

No. 330267

check this out >>330214 the message can still be read

No. 330270

File: 1719955995034.gif (494.79 KB, 500x175, IMG_1699.gif)

yall newfags have fun with your barely legible milk. it still should be posted without the shit all over it, stop trying to argue that fact kek

No. 330271

File: 1719956002636.mp4 (7.29 MB, 1080x1920, Anyone+a+super+sonico+fan%3F+%…)

She still kinda does this just more low-key. The sexy egirl thing didn't stick so she had to try something more """reachable""" and """content friendly""". I think she really wanted to be an onlyfans-esque thot and she still kind of does and that's why she's so obsessed with Sonico and coom figures. It's proven that what she thinks is sfw is complete bullshit and that she's coping hard. I think she thinks she's too good and too artsy and smart to go full degenerate on main so she has to resort to shit like this >>330240

No. 330272

Everyone needs to remember that when Addy says it's OK for minors to collect Sonico's SFW figures >>329146 this is what she considers SFW >>330240

No. 330275

File: 1719956332807.mp4 (891.5 KB, 360x640, videoplayback.mp4)

I mean she said it herself
>Born to serve online
>Forced to be called a goff outside

No. 330276

Megacon that is in Orlando? (this from last year?)

No. 330277

Wait. Didn't she say she likes sonico because her bodytype is relatable? Wtf is this. kek

No. 330279

It’s called ego surfing for a reason

No. 330280

Addy's word has been proven to be worthless ITT kek, she just spouts whatever random shit she thinks will let her get away with being a coomer.

No. 330283

File: 1719957446847.png (267.73 KB, 280x506, online safety.png)

Subtitling this itt in case the video shits itself just to give an idea of how much of an hypocrite she is

>Scene girl: It's a blessing to receive emails from you guys. I want you guys to know the dangers of actually doing. Addy: I think it's time to have a bit of a heart -to -heart about parasocial relationships and not pedestalizing creators that you see online.

>I am incredibly lucky to have such an amazing community of people here on TikTok and on other social media platforms. I was literally blown away at how many people came over to say hello or to take photos when I attended Megacon this weekend.
>But, just like my friend Claude Beauty, I also get a lot of messages from minors who want to be friends and who want to interact with me on more of a one -to -one basis. The thing is, when you watch a creator online, it's very easy to build up what you perceive as a relationship with them.
>You start to trust them in the same way that you might do a friend. I think this is especially prevalent for creators who have more of a talking content style because it almost feels like you're on a FaceTime with one of your buddies and it's just a little bit more personal.
>The truth is, as a minor, you are in a position of vulnerability even if you don't recognize it yourself. Unfortunately, you can't always trust a creator is exactly how they present themselves online.
>If predators look like predators, they'd be easy to spot and easy to avoid. Obviously, I myself know that I am not a creep and I'm not out here with dodgy intentions but you don't know that because you don't know me.
>I want my content to be a safe space that feels personal and warm. Of course, if you come and say hi to me in person, I'm going to match the exact same energy that you give me and I'm probably just as excited as you are.
>However, outside of a polite back and forth that you may get from an adult creator, they should not be trying to be your friend. If an adult creator is messaging you consistently and telling you details about their personal life and listening to yours, they might be someone to avoid.
>Adults online have absolutely no business talking to minors. 20 year old creator does not have any business being friends with a 15 year old. Now of course, just like everything, there are nuances to this.
>You may happen to know the content creator in a different capacity than just online or perhaps a content creator is just giving you very wholesome feedback and is generally trying to interact in a way that is non -personal but very friendly.
>I would love to stand here and say that every content creator I've interacted with has been a completely wholesome sincere person but I'm gonna be honest with you, I have seen a lot of predatory behavior from other people and it does make me uncomfortable when I know that minors are messaging them or hanging out with them.
>I have unfortunately met quite a few creators that I think personally cross the boundary when it comes to interacting with their followers. I definitely think that this doesn't just apply to young people but also just vulnerable people.
>Now I'm not saying that you should not message content creators, that you shouldn't give them positive comments or that you shouldn't interact with their content, that's absolutely not what I'm saying.
>I love it when I get messages. However, please just be aware and very cautious about what you choose to share with adults online. Unfortunately, you never know someone's true intentions and it's far more important to keep yourself safe than to have an online friendship with a creator that you admire.

No. 330284

Why does her mouth look crooked

No. 330285

She loves doing the AGP smirk for God knows what reason.

No. 330287

File: 1719960099224.mp4 (1.04 MB, 360x640, videoplayback-1.mp4)

If Addy can do cuter egirl makeup like that why does she resort to painting herself like a danganronpa cosplayer would

No. 330288

>i dont know why they did!
i dont know Addy, maybe because the designer and nitroplus are both very openly pro loli. If only she did research on the things she consooms.

No. 330290

File: 1719962811548.png (6.34 MB, 2825x2360, so unproblematic uwu.png)

>I have given 0 money to Nitro Plus or Tsuji.
i really dont believe this. Also giving them free advertisement is giving them money anyways, encouraging your underage followers to go consoom sonico figures is giving nitroplus and tsuji money.
>with Madoka being my favourite series and one of the rare unproblematic ones
madoka was made by shaft, the studio that made monogatari, dance in the vampire bound, tsukuyomi and popotan. The writer has worked on loli VNs like Saya No Uta and the character designer, Ume Aoki, worked designing characters for lolicon VNs and doujinshis. Madoka is so unproblematic indeed that it also has heavily sexualized and fanservicy official art AND official sexualized dakimakuras.

She really thinks she can decide what is and isnt unproblematic when she doesnt know shit about the media she consumes.

No. 330292

Yeah these don't look too terrible. Just an average cosplayer. Nothing to write home about.

This. The poster gave us no milk and we now have 3 different people pretending they can read it by assuming what the text even is. It's worthless.

This is still guessing. This isn't helpful because Addy can pretend we don't have full context and people scrolling by aren't going to bother to stop and read a faded assumed discussion.

No. 330293

Don't read into tags because if you watched Madoka, you know there are no catgirls. The lolicon thing is a tag for their age and fanart that involves the girls where people say Homura is like a cat. You can technically enjoy these series without being a creep and having ulterior interests. Madoka is gory and fucked up and does have cute designs and that's what makes it good, not lewd side. I understand what she means by liking something and still condemning the obvious fan service, but that's Japan as a whole for all their anime. Even the wholesome stuff has lewd content somewhere, probably in Comiket.

No. 330294

File: 1719964058070.mp4 (16.58 MB, child coded.mp4)

The mental gymnastics run so deep, in this video she talks about child coded characters and she doesn't really add much to it other than "child coded characters are children", she mentions Lucky Star, Dragon Maid and Sonico as well
If she just admitted she likes cringe shit instead of trying to pass it as sfw crap she would be so much more likeable

No. 330295

The show is pretty SFW compared to something like My Dress-Up Darling or even Tales of the Abyss. It's not the same.

No. 330296

I'm sorry I shouldn't have posted anything, I didn't realize how intimidating and serious this would be. With the feedback I've already gotten I don't think I feel comfortable posting anymore.
I really wasn't trying to bait or cowtip or anything, I just wanted to show she has a habit of info dumping on strangers. It's shittily scribbled because I did on my phone while I was on the go and wanted to avoid leaking private messages, but I did a very shit job at that and that is 100% my fault.

I didn't realize it would cause this much anger. I'm really sorry.(post the milk or gtfo)

No. 330297

Anon posts your caps without all the scribbles. That's literally all anyone said. Stop playing victim for some reason.

No. 330298

>shouldn't have done it
Honey you posted a screenshot from 2 years ago with literally nothing this thread hasn't already clocked about her hypocrisy. It was barely milk to begin with. You would've been better off not "censoring" because the thread wouldn't have given much of a shit in the first place.

No. 330299

File: 1719964746287.jpg (42.2 KB, 596x612, girl-comforting-her-crying-fri…)

Nobody is angry at you, we just want the full caps, please chill and just upload the thing it'll be okay I promise

No. 330300

File: 1719965100955.jpg (Spoiler Image,198.62 KB, 1280x1837, Super_Sonico_10th_Anniversary_…)

>Don't read into tags because if you watched Madoka, you know there are no catgirls.
thats not related to madoka, those are the lolicon VNs the character designer Aoki Ume worked on.
> You can technically enjoy these series without being a creep and having ulterior interests.
except she seems to acknowledge nitroplus and tsuji santa are lolicons and she doesnt financially support them, but she doesnt have a problem with shaft, urobuchi and aoki ume who are also lolicons? she clearly talks out of her ass and never does research unless she wants to shit and moralfag about anime she doesnt like, like hetalia.

Anons ITT are obly subjecting her to her own retarded standards. If she didnt claim to be an anime and japan expert, and then make 5 billion tiktoks talking about which anime we shouldnt support, while supporting shit like pic rel she would just be a run of the mill degen weeb and nobody would care. She's encouraging minors to support shit like this too, she's foul.

No. 330301

File: 1719965253842.mp4 (4.54 MB, 576x1024, 2021-2023.mp4)

Addy's 2021-2023 accomplishments include buying the giant super sonico figure, kek
I didn't need to unspoiler this holy shit I'm sick

No. 330302

File: 1719965391615.jpg (415.59 KB, 902x902, QigDHWo.jpg)

Anon it is not that serious and no one is angry.
>wanted to avoid leaking private messages
Well you did. Scribbling didn't help and obviously, other anons were able to edit it to see what was underneath. You may as well post the screenshot without the scribbles since it's pretty much out there already. Addy isn't going to come after you or blast you online. She spams messages to so many people.

No. 330303

File: 1719965552020.png (179.42 KB, 252x460, sonico.png)

leaking private messages isn't bad when it's only hers and her stupidity being leaked, you'll be fine. Just look at this person leaking them on main >>329119 it's going to be okay
I'm kekking because she made her moid carry it for her

No. 330304

File: 1719965747013.png (450.55 KB, 653x476, 23702709709243.png)

I thought that KOI2 thing was going to be some sort of real life jfash mag but it's just a shoe brand sponsorship, not the most flattering angle I must admit

No. 330305

>the child figure/art was a very out of the blue decision that was never repeated or pushed
And this is the art and figure in question. Actually disgusting

No. 330306

the figure came out in 2014 and the new pedo baby art came in 2016 for the 10th anniversary artbook. Any normal person will see the baby pedo art or the pedo figure and at the very least stop shilling the character to minors, but not addy. Coom figures are like oxygen to her, she cannot live without her ugly plastic toys for moids.

No. 330309

File: 1719967857340.mp4 (8.26 MB, addy first con.mp4)

Addy's first con experience, mentions getting groped by a 40 year old man and some vendor handing her a yaoi manga with len and kaito in it

No. 330312

this is why minors shouldnt go to anime cons, anime is not a medium for kids and it attracts the worst kind of moids.

No. 330315

Why does she always wear these dumbass goggles on her head? I’ve never seen anyone wearing j-fashion wearing them, it’s more of a steampunk or cyberpunk thing. Does this dipshit think that anything that’s not completely Western normy style = Harajuku? I don’t understand how these brain dead zoomers think they’re experts about styles/trends/events from before they were even on the internet.

No. 330317

>Why does she always wear these dumbass goggles on her head?
because she likes the loli vampire from monogatari

No. 330318

File: 1719969117826.jpg (58.51 KB, 500x500, 4R8edUa.jpg)

I don't remember which TikTok it was, but she explained that she wears goggles because she liked the Vocaloid, Gumi (picrel). She also inspired her current hairstyle.
What I think is weird is how her troon brother starting wearing hers after seeing her wear them.

No. 330320

They seem pretty close. I wouldn't put it past Addy to say she looks good in them and actually suggested wearing them.

No. 330321

File: 1719969434299.png (566.87 KB, 638x734, shinobu.png)

She actually mentions here >>330042 that she wears goggles because she had an obsession with Shinobu from Monogatari as a teen, I think the Gumi thing might be another lie kek

No. 330323

here it is her akihabara haul
>bought moldy haruhi figure and more super sonicoom

No. 330324

i think to begin with she's insecure of her body type and bought into the "body positivity is when men still want to fuck you" bullshit and looked to ewhoring to cope, found out Sonico is sometimes depicted as being chubbier so she starts to cosplay as it, buys a few figures alongside it, ewhoring doesn't pan out so she gives up and pretends Super Sonico is a great series for fat rep to justify her shelves of Sonicoom figurines.

No. 330325

opening with the lolicon figurine and the scream.mp3 to then show a figurine from a lolicon anime she bought is chef kiss. Why cant she like normal anime? all she likes is moeshit for scrotes.

No. 330326

same as why AGPs doing it, they're trying to imitate the exaggerated expressions in anime that egirls also do as a copy of Belle D.'s coy expressions

No. 330327

>drawn like an adult woman
teenage girls can also grow into such a figure, so many degenerate scrote stories about their daughter possibly growing into her body or some girl in middle school that they harassed for her growth spurt. retarded groomers also try to excuse themselves with "she didn't look 16". imagine looking at a character with pink hair and an outfit as retarded as that and still pretending she's on the older end of being a college-age student.

No. 330328

I'm not guessing or assuming anything, I literally played around with the levels until it was legible. Do you not know how photoshop works?

No. 330330

>If predators look like predators, they'd be easy to spot and easy to avoid.
so she knows this.
but she still defends this, a company doesn't have to release Loli Ass Slap Stimulator 5 to cement it's status as a pedo company, Sonico is only 18 because legal reasons, they wish they could go even lower, they release shit like this >>330300 because they can tolerate pedos as being their consumers, they'll take any demographic, including fujos for their subsidiary N+C.

No. 330331

lmao, you will never be FRUiTS magazine material

No. 330332

No matter the age, sonico's body doesn't interest pedos. This is such a reach. She looks like a fully developed woman and even in the anime she has a full time job like an adult. She is an adult in all facets.(derailing)

No. 330333

the designer of sonico literally draws baby porn. Men can be both into hentai big titty monsters and babies, their degenarcy knows no bounds.

No. 330334

Anon, she doesn't own the baby figures and she doesn't suggest anyone buy them. Tthe author also makes of age, adult content for adults. She is an adult buying the adult content. She can say still like the adult figures for aesthetic reasons and call out the bad side of the franchise too. Sonico does objectively have some cute designs, she's not an ugly character even if she's made for male eye candy.

No. 330335

whiteknight chan, she shits on other people who like ''problematic'' content like hetalia, but we are supposed to defend her and give her the benefit of the doubt for supporting an artist who makes baby porn and a company known for lolishit like saya no uta? if she doesnt like getting called out for consooming problematic stuff then maybe she should stop politicizing what other nerds like.

No. 330336

I'm only talking about Sonico. I didn't say she isn't contradictory.

No. 330337

This is about addy and her hypocrisy.

No. 330338

How can she defend this company? This is fucking nasty.

No. 330341

File: 1719976496323.png (383.63 KB, 1097x476, not directly supporting the co…)

she lies so fucking much, too. She claims she doesnt directly supports nitroplus and tsuji santa >>330188
yet she just pre-ordered an ugly ass sonico figure

No. 330342

The way she briefly acknowledged the loli sonico artworks/figure and then just skims over it is so funny. “I condemn it” So what? It’s still a coom mascot made by pedos. There must be some other personalityless anime girl for her to obsess over. Does she really think she has a similar body type to Sonico?

No. 330343

>the only way child coded characters are bad are when its used to fetishize a character
so lucky star, where kanata's dad is implied to be a pedo who's into his daughter? the anime she has like 50 figures of?

No. 330345

>She is an adult buying the adult content. She can say still like the adult figures for aesthetic reasons and call out the bad side of the franchise too.
You're right, but the whole ordeal is that she tries to pass them as sfw figures and her impressionable young fans end up buying them. Nobody would care that she has coom figures if she kept it to herself.
>she shits on other people who like ''problematic'' content like hetalia, but we are supposed to defend her and give her the benefit of the doubt
>if she doesnt like getting called out for consooming problematic stuff then maybe she should stop politicizing what other nerds like.
This kek. This is one of her biggest problems, She also can't take any criticism about it even though she loves criticizing others. And when people do call her out she sends them multiple long DMs justifying herself. She wouldn't be so much of a cow if she learnt to have thicker skin and if she didn't politicize others so much.
>There must be some other personalityless anime girl for her to obsess over
Again, there's sakura miku, but that figure isn't special enough for her.

No. 330346

>bunch of sonico
>needy streamer overload
>mirai nikki
>nana figure but only for the aesthetic
she's so predictable…

No. 330347

>Only male figures on her list are the twincest brothers
The incest theme strikes again, there's so many of these in her collection it's fucking funny.

No. 330348

Having multiples of one character feels so pointless to me, does anyone know what I'm talking about? Just one or two if you like the design is enough

No. 330349

ouran is the only anime not made for scrotes she seems to like

No. 330350

File: 1719980009252.png (254.59 KB, 539x358, Honey.png)

Does she genuinely like it or is she larping because it's a 2000s anime? and has she said anything about the twincest brothers or picrel?

No. 330351

she probably watched it when she was younger. Most of her taste seems to be things she watched when she was a teen since stuff like ouran, lucky star and oreimo were really popular in the early 2010s

No. 330352

File: 1719982013490.png (476.15 KB, 720x1266, IMG_20240702_224514.png)


No. 330353

I don't get this timeline, was she was going to cons in the 'early 2000s-2010s'? I would believe if she went to her first con when she was 15/16 in 2010 or so, but why include 'early 2000s'? Just say cons in 2010 were really different than they are now, it still gets the point across. Bothers me how she adds in early 2000s cons as if she went to them. She really uses her length of cosplaying as a merit to make younger cosplayers/minors take her more seriously.

No. 330354

I would only believe it of she meant 2009 or something

No. 330355

>180000 yen
She should have at least ordered a less expensive one if she claims to give them 0 money kek

No. 330361

She did this shoe Collab where they made her own pair of "Addy the baddy bear" shoes. She only posted them like once or twice a few years ago. Recently made a tiktok giving a "fair and unbiased review" of Koi Footwear where she doesn't ever mention even being sponsored by the brand/having a discount code with them, let alone the fact that they literally made shoes designed and named after her. She spends the whole video kissing ass to Koi and harping about how great and affordable it is. Openly invites criticism of the brand in the comments, comments completely shit on the brand. Completely biased review from her obviously with weird non-disclosure of brand relationship

No. 330366

Where did you get that claim from? Anon, the cosplay fundraiser was three years ago

No. 330369

She's not replying to the cosplay fundraiser though

No. 330370

This one? She mentions the shoes being named after her

No. 330372

File: 1720014928387.png (627.35 KB, 898x2340, 1000038513.png)

The way she moves her face is just so bizarre.

No. 330373

File: 1720015629882.png (1.5 MB, 864x1920, edited_2.png)

There you go blind-chans.

No. 330374

>never watched monogatari
>didn't know senran kagura kek
>i used to be obsessed with this vampire (shinobu)
>just watched AMVs
>got told about the very obvious "issues with monogatari"
like how >>330118 said, knew nothing about the series yet felt bold enough to claim to be "obsessed"? we need to bring gatekeeping back

No. 330376

File: 1720017797280.png (314.73 KB, 864x1920, lastedit.png)

I took longer than 30 minutes for this extra edit, so I apologize for posting the same milk again, but here is a better edit. It doesn't get more legible than this.

No. 330378

thank you nonna, newfags don’t understand the importance of having clear cut milk. us being “blindchans” isn’t nearly as bad as the mental gymnastics cows like to do when being confronted with their stupidity. no room for error means no weaseling out of what was said.

No. 330379

I'm fairly sure there was a dedicated post solely about Koi a few months back but I can't seem to find it, could be deleted or I could just be misremembering. Did find this one while looking for it where to her credit she does disclose the brand relationship, but she really overplays the quality of the shoes and the whole comment section is just ripping into the brand for having horrendous quality and the shoes falling apart in only a couple of wears

No. 330380

File: 1720019254827.jpg (162.37 KB, 720x1170, Screenshot_20240703-115842.jpg)

Found this cringe on her old resin Instagram, the hentai mask is just barf. Also says on one of the highlights on that account that she won't do "strong" fetish language but is "pretty open minded", so basically she'd make ddlg gear as long as the wording was subtle enough

No. 330381

File: 1720019558472.png (41.8 KB, 156x291, IMG_2867.png)

>smol egg
did she steal this from her brother? its giving femboy to tranny pipeline accessory. maybe addy is a real life kikomi? this image has creepy vibes all over it I don’t like the incest tinfoil but she doesn’t help

No. 330383

Other gems from that page of shit she wrote on necklaces include "baby sket" and "clown thot"(sage your shit)

No. 330387

File: 1720024250329.jpg (4.25 MB, 3464x3464, 1000038561.jpg)

Sage and Sorry for autism, I made these two collages with the weird necklaces that are obvious Ageplay and fetish shit.

No. 330388

File: 1720024296208.jpg (4.5 MB, 3464x3464, 1000038562.jpg)

And samefag to add another few necklaces and the FAQ.

No. 330392

Her brother should definitely wear that

No. 330396

It’s not that deep anon, it was just a tumblr esque phrase people would use like “smol bean” “I’m a potato” etc

No. 330397

You can see it here, on her myfigurecollection account she has a 180,000 yen (roughly $1,200) sonico figure in her ordered section. It doesn’t come out until 2025, so it’s a preorder and not secondhand. So much for never giving money directly to Nitroplus, Addy just loves lying to cover her ass

No. 330399

Ayrt, my bad, I'm a blind idiot. I read the comment as "claims to have 0 money"

No. 330400

Her legs look like uncooked pastry. And her neck is so large. She is the Creepshow phenotype complete with blind faith towards the most seedy and depraved moids/moid activities.

No. 330406

File: 1720032873347.png (1.77 MB, 770x952, koifootwear.png)

here's all of the pics

>Our 'Yami Kawaii Drop 2' campaign pays homage to Shoichi Aoki's FRUiTS Magazine

>From 1997-2017, FRUiTS Magazine documented the individuality, creativity and culture within Tokyo's Harajuku district. Showcasing the evolution of fashion subcultures including Decora, Kawaii, Lolita, Streetwear and Yami Kawaii, FRUiTS Magazine is a publication that will always have a place in KOI's heart.
>Shoichi Aoki, editor of FRUiTS Magazine, stated the ending of the publication in 2017 being due to a “lack of cool kids on the streets”.
>The campaign for our latest Yami Kawaii drop shines a spotlight on the UK's Yami Kawaii cool kids, that exist not only online, but as a dedicated subculture in the UK and globally. We can undoubtedly say that these cool kids still exist.
>Shot in Shoreditch, London, which is undeniably the UK's answer to Harajuku
>Starring our favourite Yami Kawaii cool kids @addyharajuku, @velvetxvalium and @plue589. Thank you for f*cking with our vision

I think she's wearing white tights

No. 330409

That might’ve been what it meant. I see what anon means though, a popular phrase for trannies especially TIMs is “having your egg cracked”, which means the moment you realize you are trans. So it’s possible her brother or even some other alphabet person asked for a phrase like that on a necklace.

No. 330411

File: 1720036788316.jpeg (115.27 KB, 828x774, IMG_1386.jpeg)

Back when Koi launched their Yami Kawaii collection they sent out an email talking about spotting Addy in London (in Camden?) and praised her as the inspiration for this collection. I believe it was also posted on their website but I can’t find it right now. There are a few stories on TikTok about the owner of Koi being a creep so I’d love to know how they approached Addy on the street.

I stumbled across this podcast Addy took part in whilst looking for the above. I haven’t got the energy to listen to it myself but I’m sure a lovely farmer will summarise.


No. 330412

File: 1720036881644.jpeg (573.89 KB, 828x1208, IMG_1387.jpeg)

No. 330413

I don't understand her insisting on always wearing those goggles even when they don't make sense with the outfit. Her sense of style is so bad for an 'expert'

No. 330415

She wants to larp as a mix between Shinou, Ramona and Gumi. She probably thinks it's super animecore and a staple just like her gay ass pink stripe in her hair
I would had expected something more based on Needy Streamer Overload since she likes it so much tbh

No. 330416

Bottom right picture is probably the worst, it makes her look or showcases her weird fupa. I wonder why she likes anime girls with big beeasts when she doesn't even seem to have any amount of cleavage? Plus she's not really fat enough to have actual fat girl breasts, you would think that she would go more for the "thick thighs" type since she has tree stumps for legs.
At least moo actually has big breasts, flat like pancakes yes, but it makes more sense for someone like her to like Sonico even kek, I say, Addy has more like the body of Shayna after her botched surgery.

No. 330418

File: 1720039076204.png (945.49 KB, 720x1011, IMG_20240703_143705.png)

Her haircut looks so weird from behind

No. 330419

File: 1720039235141.png (423.5 KB, 720x941, IMG_20240703_143956.png)

Ewgh, was she trying to look sexy here?

No. 330423

File: 1720039868233.png (719.76 KB, 720x1205, IMG_20240703_144631.png)

Addy and her creep brother shilling trannies while dissing JKR.

No. 330424

Her brother is such a creep. He could be posted in the TIM thread over in /snow/ with all this testerical raving about always being a MA'AM. He's another biological man who watched too much hentai and wants to larp as a "sexy anime girl" with a flavor of incest added in. Also, who is Addy to say people are afraid of "cis straight men"? People are afraid of men period. She's so obnoxious.

No. 330430

File: 1720041880776.png (904.52 KB, 720x1195, IMG_20240703_152154.png)

We should honestly also post him here, he belongs right with addy in this thread.
>Those fake giant tits
Bigger than her sister's and as big as Sonico's.

No. 330431

File: 1720042212402.mp4 (3.81 MB, 1080x1920, (ib-%20%40wiggly_spine%20%20)%…)

>People misgender me all the time!
>I didn't chose to be trans!

No. 330432

File: 1720042385013.mp4 (4.46 MB, 1080x1920, makeup wipe.mp4)

oh my god I take it back, it looks grosser when her brother does it, click to play

No. 330433

File: 1720042625006.mp4 (5.64 MB, 1080x1920, hrt 6 months.mp4)

>6 months on hrt
>myt favorite things so far
>my skin is softer (you look the same)
>less body hair (you probably shave every single day)
>body shape changing (literally looks the same + has corset on)
>I smell different (you're putrid inside and out)
>better mental health (the jokes write themselves here)
>finally being at home in my own body (wriggles like a retard)

No. 330435

File: 1720043316266.mp4 (4.59 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_701567136862473754…)

It's definitely a fetish. Not that we already didn't know that, but before her brother officially came out as a trans "woman", he made countless TikToks with situations of being "forced to dress like a girl" or "being transformed into a girl". Typical sissification or bimbofication stuff you would see on something like DeviantArt.
Vidrel is one of many scenario TikToks he created. It would take possibly days to download every single TikTok he made with this theme, but I'll post a few so you get the idea that this started as a fetish and will always be a fetish. 1/3

No. 330437

File: 1720043390467.mp4 (3.01 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_700864729829294413…)

E-girl juice skit, something he has done several times. 2/3

No. 330438

File: 1720043493099.mp4 (5.15 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_699339835514975360…)

Undercover skit. This seems to be his favorite, because he has multiple TikToks about going "under cover" or "hiding his identity" by dressing up as an e-girl. 3/3

No. 330439

>hoodie and ugly shoes
wow so alternative, so groundbreaking.

No. 330440

i dont care about this trannoid he's dime a dozen in the MTF thread.

No. 330442

>conveniently avoids wiping 90% of the makeup off

No. 330444

then go to the mtf thread? no one is stopping you.

No. 330445

He should spend less time making tiktoks and more time making dental appointments, they are severely misaligned and he's missing a tooth in the front. He makes weird sideways smiles to try and avoid showing the missing one. Also he could larp Belle even more obviously with braces, win-win.

No. 330446

File: 1720048405851.png (2.9 MB, 1578x930, brother.png)

This guy is fucking disgusting, is the "egirl juice" why he's called "juicygirltv"? looking at these videos reveals how much he wanted to skinwalk Addy for the longest time, that smirk is repulsive and he's doing that fucking ahegao-ish face in one of them. There's something perverse about wanting to become the sexualized version of an egirl knowing his sister is an egirl herself.

No. 330447

I would give literally everything for these two to use their whole mouth when they e-smile and stop using the Pixar smirk

No. 330449

Same person who supported a tranny raping his elderly mother, makes sense. I'll skip taking morality advice from you, Addy, I know which person I'd rather be trapped in a lift with between a weird incestous rape apologist and a children's book author.

No. 330451

She's so beefy looking without the filters and angles (also lol at comparing Shoreditch to Harajuku)

No. 330453

File: 1720049215755.png (752.18 KB, 854x665, 3498803273024097324.png)

you're right, he's either missing a tooth or it's extremely orange and rotten

No. 330454

Addy probably thinks the rape threats JKR gets on a daily basis from trannies is justified.
She's wearing pink bike shorts. It's possible she's wearing some very sheer white tights, but I'd believe it if her legs were that pasty. She is bri'ish after all, coupled with the fact that she's a weeaboo that probably never goes outside.

No. 330456

File: 1720049998054.mp4 (4.61 MB, 720x1280, 544D6245C467D07D500F54A8DA4AE1…)

Never mind, he does have a rotten missing tooth. He's reading some messages about "biological women" that his followers sent him in this video, posted only minutes ago.(posting too much about her brother, this is a thread about addy)

No. 330457

File: 1720050061509.jpg (47.3 KB, 640x640, GJpw2kEWYAALryH.jpg)

>You were born with the brain you have that tells you what to do and if it says you're a girl, you're a girl.

No. 330458

File: 1720050077352.png (769.03 KB, 720x1261, IMG_20240703_173818.png)

Meanwhile, as this troon can't shut up about himself on his current instagram stories, Addy's grandfather passed two hours ago.

No. 330459

File: 1720050389644.png (1.04 MB, 720x1258, IMG_20240703_174319.png)

>I'm told to kill myself everyday

No. 330460

Female and male socialization strikes again, she's probably crying and he's just living his life normally.

No. 330461

It's bleak isn't it.
He's probably lurking this thread more than Addy is tbh. Troons are such narcissists. I'm surprised we haven't seen a full tard meltdown from him yet.
>stands in the way of your freedom
the freedom to invade women's spaces and jack off in women's bathrooms?

No. 330462

File: 1720050870263.png (226.24 KB, 550x1224, IMG_20240703_175328.png)

he literally can't shut the fuck up

No. 330464

File: 1720051156413.png (6.01 MB, 2860x1248, he looks the same.png)

his "journey" so far

No. 330465

File: 1720051348603.png (2.7 MB, 2852x1272, dms.png)

>I get so many dms from young trans people
>I always read what you send everyday

No. 330466

All that money and he's still fugly. That is a rough 28. Should've spent it on fixing his teeth instead.

No. 330467

File: 1720052964550.mp4 (2.39 MB, 720x1280, trans woman cis woman.mp4)

>How our conversation went before my first date with a man…
>trans this cis that
I don't even get it

No. 330470

File: 1720053135116.png (331.24 KB, 1432x608, comments.png)

and the comments are pretty much as bad as you'd imagine

No. 330471

>"biological woman is shuch a shtewpid focking phrase."
how did he find this inspirational? he probably spazzes out with "gender euphoria" when he gets his "period cramps"(constipation pain). these retards don't know anything about female biology, yet they love to complain about biological women. faggots like him are too stupid to realize our testosterone level literally raises on our period and it isn't doing anything to help them achieve girlhood. also imagine naming yourself zelda kek.

No. 330472

Incredible, the closest they get to being real women is being annoying NLOGs.

No. 330473

All of those “women” sound insufferable. Why do they always sum up being a women by referring to stereotypes? Like we are so emotional and we have body problems

No. 330474

> Zelda
Of course the troon renamed themselves that

No. 330476

File: 1720054351976.mp4 (8.75 MB, 1080x1920, An99lRcUztR3kasazO3fpw_DtVQ528…)

Last story of today
>called his girlfriend to cry about trans issues
So he doesn't care about his grandfather at all like Addy does huh

No. 330477

His voice is a jumpscare. I never heard him talk before, so it genuinely spooked me.

No. 330478

She’s so fat and her outfits are so ugly and crusty looking. She looks like the beefy theater kid that smells like onions who would make random noises during class and think they were cute when everyone was annoyed by them.

No. 330479

Hopefully this makes some nonnas actively check his and addy's instagram and screenshot their stories for any potential milk

No. 330480

are you guys totally sure that they're actually siblings? if they are siblings, i wouldn't be surprised if he resented his grandfather for saying something transphobic like once, but even then he's an attention whore and would make his grandfather's death about him.
i have no idea what his actual name is but when i tried to look up his trans name and addy's last name nothing related to him came up. are you sure the "sister" thing wasn't a one off "we're so close that we're sisters uwu" thing? and in the past she's referred to him as a friend.

No. 330483

what is that haircut actually? he looks like a quirky background stoner character. also his face and hands are trying to imitate the sassy pretty girls he sees on his TL but his shoulders are giving male in an argument he knows he can't win.

No. 330484

one split and it's all over

No. 330485

>i smell different
>i started stealing my sister's stuff

No. 330486

this specific flavour of brainrot is so painfully 2020, egirl makeup in full swing, lipsyncing, retarded dancing, skits

No. 330487

>how did he find this inspirational?
good little handmaidens get to be up on the platform with Reverend Tim for writing propaganda for the Church of Troon

No. 330488

File: 1720057286465.png (10.2 MB, 3608x1786, Untitled.png)

here's a collection of degenerate memes he's posted at the end of his instagram posts. being trans is clearly a fetish for him. i doubt this is ironic shitposting he's deadass about this shit. his subby petplay fetish is fucking retarded.

No. 330489

This has to peak some people.

No. 330491

File: 1720058086798.jpg (2.34 MB, 2138x931, tIFZW6W.jpg)

A disturbing but probably predictable development. So those petplay cat ears hanging in Addy's bedroom actually belong to her brother.

No. 330492

File: 1720058221321.mp4 (1.99 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_716337076701338342…)

Vidrel, the TikTok where the screenshots are from. Nothing particularly interesting, just him becoming an "egirl" when he puts on the cat ears.

No. 330493

>He even copies Addy's dye job
Get away from him, girl, start running!

No. 330494

This is really making me wonder, is this just some sort of filming room? Because she always almost only wears the sped googles, I really haven't seen her wear any of those animal ears without him around, or maybe I just haven't watched that many videos of her tbh, I discovered this cow via lolcow.

No. 330495

File: 1720058487905.jpg (1.31 MB, 2264x1248, hnY0qf1.jpg)

A weird ass comment from Addy.
I almost hope this anon is right >>330480 and that they're actually roommates or something. Their potato faces are really similar though so I think they are siblings.

No. 330496

I'm serious what's with these men and dogs?

No. 330498

File: 1720058752941.mp4 (1.21 MB, 360x640, videoplayback.mp4)

Even as a guy he looked too much like Addy
>Let me buy you a drink!

No. 330499

File: 1720058912994.mp4 (1.04 MB, 360x640, videoplayback-1.mp4)

He knows his teeth are rotten, they're an insecurity of his.

No. 330500

File: 1720059097451.mp4 (1.01 MB, 360x640, videoplayback-2.mp4)

He made this bedroom video so I think they both have separate ones unless it's a big room and we aren't seeing something. There's more on his youtube channel https://youtube.com/@juicygirltv

No. 330502

File: 1720059362892.jpg (912.24 KB, 718x1180, SHTBDNg.jpg)

I guess it's a possibility? I assumed it was her bedroom because that is where her pc is set up and she has menhera-chan posters everywhere. Picrel, you can still see the cat ears in the background by her pc
So those ears may even be hers? Either way, it's just all too weird especially now knowing her brother has a petplay fetish.

No. 330503

File: 1720059444644.mp4 (939.66 KB, 360x640, videoplayback-3.mp4)

I think he does have his own cat ears but they're displayed similarly to Addy's. What manga is in his wall though?

No. 330504

File: 1720059520119.png (300.67 KB, 548x283, Screenshot 2024-07-03 231723.p…)

He streams in a different room, you nonnies need to calm down with the incest tinfoiling

No. 330505

>What manga is in his wall though?
I can't make out majority of it due to pixelation but the blonde girl in the top right is from Koi to Uso (run of the mill ecchi romcom)

No. 330506

We're just pointing out the fact that her brother has a known petplay fetish, and Addy also happens to own petplay cat ears. It's weird.(tinfoil)

No. 330507

File: 1720059947338.jpg (1.1 MB, 4032x2268, looney troonies.jpg)

was this posted yet? here's both of them in a table full of trannies, including finnister and the OF tranny he's dating.
Can anyone identify everyone at the table?

No. 330508

File: 1720060078432.jpg (510.17 KB, 2048x1536, GD8sv57X0AArpHb.jpg)

omg philosophy troon as well, what's with this clique of UK trannies?

No. 330509

I don't agree with the incest tinfoil but it really does feel like at the very least Addy's brother influenced her coom hobby heavily, it's not far-fetched seeing that they seem to be close and share interests. He even drags her around to hang out with other known degenerate troons like finnster >>330507

No. 330510

File: 1720060243072.jpeg (413.6 KB, 1536x2048, GJTMAHoWQAE8DVr.jpeg)

the troon to the left front is lich_qween on twitter, some close friend to troonyboy

No. 330511

This looks so dumpy compared to other people who try to replicate old jfashion mags, like ita.toys

No. 330512

No wonder Addy is so coom-brained and thinks half-naked figures are SFW, she's hanging out with trannies.

No. 330513

File: 1720060732257.png (441.98 KB, 728x337, Screenshot 2024-07-04 080624.p…)

the girl in the left back before the kubrick stare troon might be runabyte

No. 330514

File: 1720061603138.jpg (20.66 KB, 512x512, addy.jpg)

lol(unsaged fanart)

No. 330516

Actually, what if Addy is the one into incest anime like oreimo and school days, and even if Robin (juice girl) wasn't her brother, she calls him brother/sister to fullfil that fetish? Considering they "do each other's makeup" he probably also gets something out of it(fanfic)

No. 330517

File: 1720062490390.jpg (824.7 KB, 1619x587, Rcspr3K.jpg)

It is strange, isn't it. This could very well be plausible since they didn't start featuring each other until they made "sister" TikToks together. Before, Addy and him would refer to eachother as "friends". I also don't see her around in his very old videos, although his mom is in them. Picrel, censored because she isn't involved. He also shared a shirt with his mom.
He skinwalked Addy so he does like her (platonically or not who knows), and she's into incest tropes. Posing as her "sister" fulfill's Addy's fetish, and it also gives him "gender euphoria".

No. 330518

>He also shared a shirt with his mom.
He still wears it here >>330476 I would be utterly disgusted if I was the mother knowing the shit he posts >>330488 and how he views womanhood >>330467

No. 330519

File: 1720063566243.jpg (2.42 MB, 1509x2064, 9UwiXzK.jpg)

Screenshots from the outfit roulette TikTok from his mom. Lolcow doesn't allow dragging cow's family and her face is all over it, so that's why I'm not embedding the TikTok.
She probably thought this was just a cute video with her son, but knowing he's a degenerate and has a crossdressing fetish, I can't help but think this is really odd he's filming this for his page.(derailing about her brother)

No. 330521

Poor mom, the guy was probably trying out his autogynephilia with her clothes

No. 330523

File: 1720065261617.jpg (94.95 KB, 1268x423, T0CFXEy.jpg)

I guess his real name is Ashley? I found these comments on his old TikToks. Does that help any anons figure out if he's related to Addy or not?

No. 330525

File: 1720065483406.jpg (146.47 KB, 533x800, 8257003_orig.jpg)

It's a little creepy just how much information I've been able to gather just by digging a little deeper, not doxxing her tho. I've found a lot of old stuff and it's actually kind of innocent and harmless and not particularly milky, she was really interested in figurines and was trying very hard to make a youtube channel reviewing them.

No. 330526

File: 1720065734333.png (141.27 KB, 680x453, CVtWwYHWIAAynX3.png)

her art is pretty funny tho

No. 330529

>she was really interested in figurines and was trying very hard to make a youtube channel reviewing them.
Can you post one of her reviews please?

No. 330530

Kek doomed from the start, funnily enough his new name isn't as feminine sounding

No. 330531

File: 1720066649800.jpg (258.77 KB, 1100x733, 3440420_orig.jpg)

She had hundred of videos linked in her twitter but they're all deleted, the closest thing to a review is this blog she wrote which ironically is of coomer loli figurines, here ya go

Her name isn't Ashley

No. 330532

Anon we're talking about the male. His name is likely Ashley.

No. 330533

oh, kek nvm then

No. 330535

File: 1720067182554.png (607.79 KB, 720x707, IMG_20240703_222448.png)

Pre fame Addy was actually quite cute, why did her styling go to shit?

No. 330536

File: 1720067252732.png (793.38 KB, 720x1137, IMG_20240703_222657.png)

She had a jacket with that message on it

No. 330537

She's wearing a bdsm harness and she looks the same.

No. 330538

File: 1720068027768.png (2.3 MB, 1393x874, image_2024-07-03_214002669.png)

get this guy off of picsart jesus christ(derailing about her brother)

No. 330539

File: 1720068897904.png (504.87 KB, 819x419, Screenshot 2024-07-04 015037.p…)

cute! while I'm stalking her you're stalking him, do you have anything on his last name? I'm thinking that will be the easiest way to tell if they're actually siblings since Addy never mentions her family in anything

No. 330540

Reminding everyone that this is a thread about Addy, not her brother. It's fine to include him here or there especially when they make content together but don't spam posts about him. If you think he's milky enough feel free to make a thread about him.

No. 330542

>She's wearing a bdsm harness and she looks the same
Alt girls have been wearing harnesses since the 2010s, if that's something you're going to pearl clutch over when she does worse shit then I don't know what to tell you, kek. Her makeup is also better than this shit >>329594

No. 330543

File: 1720070297978.jpg (49.18 KB, 576x1024, 6043b84a0051ac1c1ef572306d2bef…)

She had a younow account, I'm not too familiarized with this site, is there no way to look at old streams? (the tumblr she links there is dry and the yt is all deleted)

https://www.younow.com/addychan(sage your shit)

No. 330545

File: 1720072197025.png (216.44 KB, 446x468, izumi.png)

No I don't think so, but she has this tumblr linked to her page https://www.tumblr.com/your-waifu-is-me
Couldn't find any video of hers either, but this video has her featured: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WDMsnfzzKY she's just drawing so I'm not sure how milky that is so I'm not embedding it.

No. 330546

File: 1720072560298.png (37 KB, 734x924, linkedin.png)

So this was a lie lol, she's never had a job that matches her descriptions

No. 330547

File: 1720072600382.png (244.76 KB, 332x390, 2016.png)

And on that tumblr, she linked this facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/neonmeme/posts/1122869097757584 it's mostly just figured and links to her youtube channel. Her liking Sonico goes back to at least 2016.

No. 330549

If you're up for digging for her old profiles then I'll leave you a couple I found, they're pretty boring and didn't find anything interesting

No. 330550

File: 1720072900833.mp4 (190.88 KB, 400x400, 36588433_249959565788926_23195…)

https://www.facebook.com/neonmeme/videos/1983037655074053 kek
please if you're going to upload stuff like this, at least censor sensitive details like her workplaces

No. 330551

It's all public business-related information you find when searching her name, it's literally her linkedin

No. 330552

File: 1720073339101.jpg (499.42 KB, 1000x2032, no-game-no-life-shiro-pbksv.jp…)

holy shit she's a massive lolicon. Pretty much everything in her collection that wasnt vocaloid was lolis from scrote anime. She's cosplaying the loli from no game no life in that pic. Its always the biggest moralfags that end up being massive hypocrites.

No. 330553

She doesn't buy the lewd figures though, so she's not a lolicon. The figure in question isn't even lewd. The source material is just sus but that's 80% anime.

No. 330555

Bro don't even… u don't have to be buying lewd/nsfw figs to be a lolicon lmfao.. and aside from that, she's shown time and time again at the LEST that she's into nsfw media that centers around underage charas or charas that are meant to look underage…. if she was a man you would have been calling her a lolicon. shes just some loserfag pervert who wants to pretend she's neither.(sage your shit and integrate)

No. 330556

That’s really pathetic to be lying about being a teacher or TA just so she could look like an “expert” when talking about severe autists like Chris chan.

No. 330559

What the fuck? I’m not whiteknighting her retard. Chris chan was autistic and Addy defended him and said she “knows what she’s talking about” because she’s supposedly worked as a TA/Teacher for “students like him”. Literally her own words. You need to learn reading comprehension.

No. 330561

Then why are you replying to me dumbass? You need to learn how to type too and sage your shit newfag.

No. 330563

File: 1720076489126.png (Spoiler Image,3.74 MB, 2672x1251, sussy baka addy.png)

the source is extremely lewd. And it has incest shit between the loli mc and the protagonist. She also has a figure from hentai ouji to warawanai neko, another loli anime.

No. 330566

Insane to lie about working in special ed as a TA with no creds or anything. Just to have ppl take her fucked up opinions on Chris Chan raping his mom being justifiable LOL what a retard.

No. 330567

Sage your shit newfag

No. 330568

If she's lying about something ridiculous like that, she could be lying about anything. We knew Addy was a hypocrite, but damn. This takes it to a new level with her. She could very well be lying about having a sibling then.

No. 330569

They didn't start calling each other "sisters" until recent. Somewhere in here someone showed her "sibling" saying they're not related and just friends.

No. 330570

Interview with Addy at a tiktok related event, she says a couple things, mainly:
>Her dad had a VHS anime collection and that's how she got into anime
>She originally wanted to be a film director
>She has a film and editing degree and is qualified to teach in that area (meaning, she can teach about film and editing, nothing about special needs mentioned)
>The day she bought her super sonico figure was fated and she loves the character (something about finding her relatable?)
>She knows she's not "conventionally attractive" like other content creators
>The worst time in her life was 2021-2022, she felt lost and had a bad partner

No. 330571

I assumed that was because they didn’t want people to know they were related and so they tried to keep it anonymous and vague by referring to each other as friends. I guess they literally could be just friends/roommates and decided to lie about being siblings so they could make sister content together.
I’m not sure how Sonico is relatable at all. Her and Addy don’t even share the same body type. I don’t even think she has a fleshed-out personality since she’s just a mascot character.

No. 330572

>The day she bought her super sonico figure was fated and she loves the character (something about finding her relatable?)
god this is so sad.

No. 330573

>I’m not sure how Sonico is relatable at all. Her and Addy don’t even share the same body type.
she's a marine biologist(addy isnt), she's a gravure idol(addy isnt), she's in a band(addy isnt), she's sweet and educated(addy is a coomer who spergs in people's DMs and defends rapists), she's in shape has massive boobs(addy is built like a fridge and has small tits). She's coping hard if she thinks she has anything in common with some retarded animu character made to make men coom.

No. 330576

I wonder if she did a placement during her degree where she was essentially a TA for a film class for a few weeks, and that's what she's using as experience

No. 330577

File: 1720099090316.jpeg (59.05 KB, 710x710, E5839BC0-A7B9-43C8-A629-3E10C5…)

The way he laid that wig was so atrocious I thought he had a headband over his forehead. Then I got nauseous realizing no, he erroneously thought that was a perfect place to lay that shit down.

No. 330578

Ughhh this is so cringe why is he making these weird anime expressions and barely touching his makeup. At least in Addy's version it did look like the makeup was hard to remove

She does say "in and out of educational settings" so she's probably taught a few classes, maybe even some including retards, and she exaggerated the whole thing. Tons of people do that with their experience tbh but it's bleak that she did it to defend chris chan of all people. Experience @ Bandai is pretty impressive tho no?

No. 330580

She's an adult buying non-porn even though the source is fan service. Okay lol

No. 330581

Just because the figures aren't the girls getting fucked doesn't mean it's not weird to buy something from a source material that's solely about little girls having sex with their brothers.
How do you even explain that to friends? Kek, you either look like an absolute gullible and ignorant tard with no common sense or you look like a disgusting person that enjoys incest media with little girls.

No. 330587

File: 1720107006067.jpg (129.71 KB, 728x1092, 1000026228.jpg)

Absolute creature

Both of these people would look completely at home in backwoods trailerpark southern USA if it weren't for the outdated early 2000s MySpace aesthetic meets uwu kaweewee. They look inbred.

This is pretty damning. No wonder she doesn't actually care about the lewd baby sonico situation.

No. 330590

File: 1720109331874.png (3.24 MB, 1282x2326, addy.png)

if you ever wondered how addy would react to the criticism in this thread, this could be a good indicator
https://youtube.com/shorts/Jir6dLpJz8w (sorry I couldn't find the original)

No. 330596

>just because it doesn't allign with morals
>doesn't mean they're a problematic person!!
Funny how she talks in circles to try to get people off her ass while pretending to take a morally high ground on things like body pillows. She quite literally puts money into the pockets of companies that publish lolicon and promotes lolicon material via her collection? She's not even ignorant to the fact that these companies/titles contain "problematic" material, the need to coomsume is above all else.

No. 330604

I can't stand the way this pick me bitch does her makeup

No. 330609

god she's such a poser
>rick and morty audio
>"I'M A GOD!!!"
lain would never say that.

No. 330611

File: 1720117517492.gif (2.9 MB, 216x384, ezgif-3-82849147f2.gif)

proving again she doesn't know shit about the source material and she's just pretending to know
>muhh "let's all love lain exsdee"
this cosplay is repulsive. it gives me the idea that she views lain as an older version of ame-chan from NSO.

No. 330612

she says shit like this but would probably have a cow over transphobes, also, maybe people don't say a content creator is a bad person just because their views don't align, maybe you're just defending them because their views align with yours.

No. 330613

I hate that damn side shit smirk she does. She needs to stop hanging around AGPs. It’s not cute, it’s repulsive and looks stupid.

No. 330614

>Both of these people would look completely at home in backwoods trailerpark southern USA if it weren't for the outdated early 2000s MySpace aesthetic meets uwu kaweewee. They look inbred.
no they’d 100% be at home. Trailer park residents typically dress like them.

No. 330615

File: 1720119669812.png (965.69 KB, 839x727, rizz face i guess.png)

it's weird and it feels like she's invading my personal space.

No. 330619

That's one greasy, caked face cosplay. Lain wouldn't even wear makeup. Maybe she should give her face some air and room to breathe?

No. 330620

text not even a Lain reference, Addy just genuinely thinks she is

No. 330621

I wish I knew what she thinks she looks like, because I'm having a hard time thinking of how the hell is this face she pulls supposedly cute/sexy.
Even if she woke up skinny and with a hairstyle that wasn't "cutting the bangs for a doll for the first time ever and dying almost half of the front in pink with a marker because I fucked up" she could look slightly, but only slightly less retarded, she also needs some lips, Jesus, her upper lip disappears most of the times and her lower lip is also thin as fuck.

No. 330622

File: 1720125079647.png (609.1 KB, 720x1346, cutter.png)

>Omg so kawaii menhera aesthetic!!
this is weird and makes me believe she cuts and didn't she say something about not romanticizing self harm?

No. 330623

File: 1720125832653.jpeg (2.23 MB, 1999x14295, cc7bc0d6-a5e9-4330-bb22-009bf1…)

No. 330624

The face she pulls reminds me of looksmaxxing retards on 4chan kek

No. 330625

File: 1720126185937.gif (7.31 MB, 216x384, ezgif-3-04170f5f66.gif)

So I guess Addy and one of her friends approached the Koifootwear dude?

No. 330626

> And as my colleague pointed out the window to them, as my eyes slowly tracked towards their direction, I saw two figures gleaming, somehow emitting a radiant light within the dark and dimly lit street, other people around them.. became invisible

No. 330627

that dude is making his own retarded fanfic about addy kek

No. 330629

File: 1720127521244.jpg (57.56 KB, 800x583, 1000004684.jpg)

Not sure if this is derailing but the founder (Uzair Ahmad if anyone's curious) posted a lengthy ass screed on LinkedIn about designing boots specifically for plus-sized women and then most of the pictures for it look like picrel kek(derailing)

No. 330630

What in the wattpad did I just read? Bro sounds like an incel coomer. Bet she gave him one of those PSA video essays she does for 60mins. Yami Kawaii wasn’t under represented, by the end of 2021 it had ran its course and was already dead as j-fashion had moved on since 2016. But of course, Addy is late to everything, same with trying to hop on the Jirai kei train that sailed several years ago.

No. 330632

File: 1720129895611.gif (9.48 MB, 300x534, ezgif-5-eb21a0ebad.gif)

She can't even make a proper jirai coord. The backpack and the hoodie don't go with the outfit.

No. 330633

File: 1720130235904.gif (15.5 MB, 346x615, ezgif-3-e12349630b.gif)

Addy's smirk is just as repulsive as her "brother".
I haven't looked through her me hers content properly but I'm pretty sure she has said something along those lines, so I would appreciate if some nonny could verify that.

No. 330638

File: 1720133434405.jpg (48.96 KB, 714x749, 1717481818769.jpg)

>Complains about Japan consumption about loli stuff
>"I don't know why they did that".

No. 330641

Literally not Jirai Kei kek. She should just stick to being an e-girl Ramona Flowerz wanna be instead of trying to educate the masses on her bad takes on jfashion that don’t resemble anything happening currently in jfashion. Even Menhera did not look like Addy’s bastardized interpretation. She can do her own thing, it’s just grating she speaks for everyone else and has elected herself as spokesperson on topics she knows nothing about for internet clout then cries she can’t go to conventions, a place where she could literally wear a disguise, because people spot her (You could have done any other makeup and not been recognisable but nope she needs the attention) And why she asking Cinnagal about Jirai Kei as a source for her shit reel? Cinnagal can’t even do gal without looking like a troon.

No. 330644

File: 1720135775007.png (1.95 MB, 1304x1448, 211340470307_329696388963.png)

damn I thought she was going to stop posting for a while? she's back to consoom content

No. 330645

omfg this is so nauseating LOLOL.

No. 330649

This was already posted over a week ago >>329260
She posted that after her thread was made.

No. 330650

File: 1720137628664.jpeg (293.49 KB, 1170x2087, IMG_9684.jpeg)

Addy in full makeup whilst supposedly mourning her departed grandfather ranting about if you want to protect women don’t vote in a terf because uwu hate against trans women is based in misogyny because it doesn’t happen to transmen. Addy you’re on to nothing. The difference is trans men are just bpd attention seekers and not pornsick scrotes who are obsessed with being where women and girls change and pee.
>but men attack women anyway
So Addy why are you insisting of giving them MORE access to women in areas with no surveillance.

No. 330653

Oh okay, I'll just post the transcript then for archival sake

>Let's talk about media literacy and staying safe online

>Other Girl: "I'm betting there will be a controversy on you grooming a minor. No could, no would, will be controversy"

>Addy: Comments like this are becoming scarily common. I don't know what happened to social media the last couple of years, I can't tell if it's because so many big creators have been outed as being creeps.

>I've definitely noticed that for j-fashion creators, figure collectors, people who are into toy collecting, doll collecting, pretty much any hobby that can have some kind of overlap with a younger audience are suddenly having these sort of comments put on their profile.
>At first I thought it was down to poor media literacy and that's definitely still a factor, but it's almost like people want creators to be outed as this. Almost like it's funny to call a creator this kind of thing as if it isn't one of the most horrific things to be called in the entire world. The worst part is as somebody who has been a victim of this, as well as seen it on other people, this stuff is never funny.
>To imply that somebody is interested in kids because they collect figures, collect toys, because they have any kind of hobby that you consider distasteful, is honestly kind of wild.
>And the thing is, if you do have evidence of somebody being a dangerous person, if you do have a genuine concern about somebody, you take it to the authorities. Because these kind of labels, even when they're incorrect, will stick with someone for the rest of their life. We all know what happened to Inquisitor.
>There are worlds apart between not liking someone, not liking what they like, not agreeing with what they like, and them actually doing something harmful to other people. Just because you cosplay Makima does not mean that you're a creep. Just because you like horror movies doesn't mean you're a creep. Just because you collect anime figures doesn't mean you're a creep. Again, it's all about nuance.
>Now the thing is, this is kind of what happens when anyone gains a platform of any level. There are always people who want to come up with reasons to why they don't like them, people who come up with their own headcanons about this person. As soon as you put yourself out there in the public eye, you become public property. This means that a lot of people will come up with their own headcanons about you and will not be convinced otherwise, because they don't want to be.
>So again, even if you do have a bad gut feeling about someone, even if you find something that they do distasteful, and that's perfectly valid, instead of going full tinfoil hat, maybe just take a step back, block that creator, unfollow that creator, and just move on.
>So as much as we should trust creators to behave appropriately, unfortunately that just doesn't always happen. Sometimes it may be a genuinely innocent mistake, but sometimes it won't be. And as a young person, your main priority is your safety.
>As a blanket rule, adults online should not be being overly friendly with you. They should not be asking you personal questions and getting really involved in your life. They shouldn't be paying for stuff for you or giving you any kind of presents, and they shouldn't be exploiting you for free work or anything either.
>Now again, it is completely a creator's responsibility to act appropriately and put important boundaries in place, but the thing is, the ones that are dodgy will not do that. And so if you want to stay safe, if you are genuinely worried that someone's dodgy, just protect yourself. Because again, regardless of anything else, prevention is the most important thing.
>Please stay safe.

No. 330655

File: 1720138506023.mp4 (10.99 MB, 720x1280, E04A5F25FC5A5BA215A246AAF389F2…)

downloaded the video, you can use https://www.storysaver.net
>"men don't need to cosplay as women andtake hormones to hurt women, that's a million extra steps"
and yet they do.

No. 330658

File: 1720139176308.mp4 (8.23 MB, 576x1024, helloangelgirl.mp4)

since this cow started in the consoom thread, I want to post more of her consoom content. this girl's consoom habits are so weird. she bought a bunch of shit from an ethot "gyaru" store and put the bimbo doll song on top of it. click to watch it(nitpicking)

No. 330659

File: 1720139220014.png (331.29 KB, 284x472, wtf.png)

I can't be the only one who thinks this is weird. the store is called "helloangelgirl"

No. 330661

File: 1720139773491.jpg (258.63 KB, 845x1534, 1000039059.jpg)

KEK I know it means "Hello Angel Girl" but I really hope this is something she will only wear once at home and not outside.

No. 330662

i dont know why you are defending when she would be the first one to call out someone else for buying heneko and no game no life figurines.

No. 330663

everything except the stickers is so fucking ugly and tacky

No. 330664

> obsessed with Sonico because she's "relatable"
God this is just depressing lol..

No. 330665

I'm not defending. The complaint is she's buying adult figures, but she is an adult and she's not even buying the porn-specific posed figures. Those characters you mentioned have cute designs, even without her involved.

No. 330666

Something that's retarded about her acting like she "regrets" buying a figure is that she just doesn't resell them, it's dumb, why keep it in your room if you regret buying it? She can just give it away or sell it again to someone else, that's kind of why a second-hand market for anime figures exists.
Plus I get buying a figure because it's cute once, and not knowing anything about the source material, but doing so enough times so she has like 5 videos about figures she "regrets buying"? That's ridiculous.
In the end, it's pretty obvious how she's just some coomer who likes the attention and being considered an expert, these dumbass videos are just her trying to seem smart when in reality she's just exposing people to her incest fetish by also being a walking banner for said content. Like, just the fact she still has those anime figures in her room where she's constantly posting pictures of her mug and making videos with pre-stroke faces is basically free publicity, specially now that you can just search stuff by using screenshot from videos.

No. 330667

>addy makes tiktoks moralfagging about hetalia >>329442
>calling its content problematic and harmful(its just countries as anime boys)
>meanwhile she's allowed to like all the loli eroges she wants >>329768
>and cosplays shotacon characters from eroges with shotacon content like totono >>329558
>knows that nitroplus and tsuji santa are lolicons so lies about not supporting the company by buying sonico figures second hand >>330376 while preordering a 1800 usd sonico figure >>330341 and shiling a saya no uta figure >>329768
>makes three million tiktoks on figures she regrets buying because they are from animes with lolicon and incest content
>shills sonico to minors, a mascot for an eroge company known for loli and violent VNs >>329146
>this is what ''sfw'' means to addy >>330240
>also, defended chris chan >>329122

but uwu she's just a smol bean adult collector collecting her totally non problematic lolicon figurines we should leave her alone while she's allowed to moralfag about anime she dislikes

No. 330668

>but uwu she's just a smol bean adult collector collecting her totally non problematic lolicon figurines we should leave her alone while she's allowed to moralfag about anime she dislikes
That is not what was said.

No. 330670

just because the figures arent ahegaoin and spreading their pussies doesnt make them sfw. I know most people suffer from porn brain rot nowadays, but sonico is not SFW. She's literally a gravure model and her figures are meant to be gravure photoshots. A child shouldnt own sonico figures and sonico figures should never be shilled as ''SFW''. You are defending a moralfag that thinks Hetalia is too harmful but buys figurines from anime that promote pedophilia and misogyny. I dont understand addy white knights, she would be the first one to call you a pedophile misogynist racist for liking an anime she deems problematic.

No. 330671

Her figures may not be fully naked with drooling faces and pussy facing the world, but they still have their massive tits and asses out in suggestive clothes and poses, I'd say that's pretty coomery and not sfw at all

No. 330673

She also cosplayed from Hazbin when she said Hazbin cosplayers are problematic

No. 330674

Spazkid’s desk at newgrounds is full of half naked/fully naked anime figurines. I think he even had some of the same ones as Addy.

No. 330675

i love how her brand is both ''making my page a safe space for everyone uwu'' and being a massive sonico consoomer that posts videos of her half naked sonico figures to her audience filled of minors.

No. 330681

File: 1720162593013.mp4 (10.01 MB, 576x1024, ghibli park.mp4)

addie defends statues from getting molested at the ghibli park but will not spare a thought for Chris Chan's mother

No. 330682

Why is she incapable of being likeable? she could have just said ''what these men are doing is disgusting and clearly displays a level of porn brainrot thanks to anime, there are children watching'' but she had to start sperging about how statues can get molested and raped and humanizing fucking figurines KEK. she's literally insane, this has to be ragebait.

No. 330684

>humanizing fucking figurines
That’s her whole brand kek
She cares about figures more than real women and children being hurt.

No. 330685

File: 1720164298259.mp4 (12.96 MB, 576x1024, s assault and trans women.mp4)

she cares more about figures and men in dresses than real women and children. in this video she mentions something about csa and then talks about trannies and how they're completely harmless. honestly it was so much brainrot I barely could even pay attention.

No. 330687

I want to know her opinion about Harry Potter. I bet she thinks supporting jk rowling is literal genocide of twans folks!1! meanwhile she supports nitroplus and buys figurines from lolicon series

No. 330688

Negative upper lip is distracting me

No. 330689

File: 1720167218446.mp4 (11.8 MB, 576x1024, trans women's bathrooms.mp4)

there's this >>330655
and virel is yet more "let trans women use the ladies bathroom" retardation
>would you like your daughter to use the mens bathroom? trans women feel unsafe in the men's bathroom too
>if you see trans women using the bathroom for safety and it bothers your personal gender identity that's sad

No. 330690

the article she added just makes it seem like faggy "straight" men are the root of the issue lolz

No. 330691

people rather blame it on women and their discomfort around trannies than the actual root of the cause: men will molest, assault and rape anything if it appeals to them enough. didn't they love "gender affirming misogyny" anyway? >>330470

No. 330692

File: 1720169939417.png (119.62 KB, 950x344, Screenshot 2024-07-05 095825.p…)

>>330622 she does/did sh

No. 330694

Link to the thread? Was there more?

No. 330696

>>330694 >>>/w/90591 (hope this works) there's a few other posts, but the screenshot is the most milky

No. 330697

Daily reminder moids are subhuman and don't deserve love.

No. 330700


thank you for the transcript nonna. she's not entirely wrong but why is she acting dumb and leaving it at "collecting toys and figures" when she's specifically collecting loli figures and promoting games with incestuous and pedophilic themes? the only reason there's still some doubt about her actually being a creep is because she's a younger woman and most creeps are male.


No. 330708

No, she doesn't stop making up shit. If she was where's the proof?(whiteknighting)

No. 330709

Read the thread retard, proof is everywhere here

No. 330710

anon there's like 20 tiktoks in this thread of her talking about sonico

No. 330712

The last part, not all her followers are underage and its not her fault that an underage minor found her content
sonico is an adult, and highly sexualed. Shes in the adult market not in the children market.(sage your shit)

No. 330713

Don't be dense. You're clearly just fishing here. >>329146 is one example out of others you can read in the thread where she says it's fine for minors to own "SFW" Sonico, when her definition of "SFW" is highly skewed. If you're an adult, go live your hentai life, but don't be some half-assed animoo expert who shills shitty plastic kuh-why porn character figures to minors like Addy. You say the same thing in this thread and talk in circles.

No. 330715


ex-fucking-scuse me?? This anime cosplay shein crap is what they're calling gyaru these days? I guess when your whole concept of gyaru comes from z-list anime written by old scrotes with no grasp on the actual fashion other than the grasp they have on their shrimpdicks while watching gyaru AV, filtered through Gen-Z aesthetic brainrot, this is the result… Also, does she live with her parents or something?? How is she wasting so much money on this junk every other week, does she not have bills to pay?

No. 330726

File: 1720206974533.png (26.05 KB, 662x165, gyaru.png)

>This anime cosplay shein crap is what they're calling gyaru these days?

No. 330730

So Addy sending pictures of self harm scars to a follower could actually be true >>330235

You reek of the same white knight that was here at the beginning of the thread complaining that it’s “not her fault” minors are buying porn Sonico figures. It is. There’s screenshot proof of Addy saying minors can collect SFW Sonico figures, and screenshot proof that her definition of SFW Sonico is Pisces Sonico, a figure with her boobs and ass out. She is advertising and shilling Sonico to minors because she’s supposedly “body positive”, but is playing down the fact that Sonico is a porn character. There’s screenshot proof of that too, Addy telling her obviously concerned minor followers that Sonico can be consumed as you want, even if she was originally intended and created as fat fetish fodder. This is who you’re following and defending, a consoomer pornrotted weaboo shilling porn figures and defending rapists.

No. 330731

>How is she wasting so much money on this junk every other week, does she not have bills to pay?
I think she may live by herself at this point judging by how there's a microwave/kitchen right next to her room in this video

No. 330733

Doesn't she live with her creepy troon older brother who steals her clothes?

No. 330734

File: 1720208806684.png (614.28 KB, 554x502, invited.png)

I think they may not even be brother and sister? https://www.tiktok.com/@addyharajuku/video/7090203631512866054
Addy does seem to have younger siblings or at least two younger relatives judging by this older tiktok "figures I'd unalive my family for": https://www.tiktok.com/@addyharajuku/video/6969894156000955653 I'm not going to embed it because you can slightly see one of their faces when they run from Addy holding a (plastic?) knife.(tinfoiling)

No. 330737

Here's the more recent (2023) version of "figures I'd unalive my family for" for comparison, her tastes have changed a bit over the years. The totono figures are in there, the older one (2021) doesn't have them, though the older one only features like 3 figures
Something else I learnt while looking at her tiktoks, she's epileptic https://www.tiktok.com/@addyharajuku/video/7274686144925748512 but somehow manages the flashing lights imagery in her room pretty well?

No. 330739

Epilepsy doesn't have just one trigger. Some people are fine around lights and it has to be a specific order which is the problem.

No. 330744

self post much?

No. 330745

Gyaru is hideous anyway to be fair. Not to say that these clothes aren't also ugly.

No. 330746

File: 1720219476168.mp4 (14.31 MB, Snaptik.app_738824810841065398…)

Addy made a new TikTok discussing Belle Delphine.

Ironic when her brother skinwalked as Belle Delphine and even Addy at one point wanted to be a cosplay thot. Sounds like jealousy to me. It's also really pathetic that Addy's going off about Belle harming women and trying to act like some feminist when she herself supports trannies, defends rapists, and purchases from companies that sexualize women and children.

No. 330747

She's just talking about belle delphine because we were talking about how it's obvious that both of them (her and her brother) are skinwalking her because of the way they contort their faces and do their makeup.

No. 330748

>Directly cosplayed child characters
You've also done that Addy (Aoi is a highschooler)
>You've repackaged the male gaze and sold it back to everyone as feminism
Ah yes because that's so different from you repackaging the male gaze and selling it as body positivity isn't it?
>You've sold out the kawaii fashion community
I'm not defending Belle Delphine, but I also don't see how this is any different from jojifuku women in JAVs.

No. 330749

She also has a cutter tattoo on her arm.

No. 330750

File: 1720221121645.png (283.99 KB, 342x396, lmao.png)

the nerve to portray herself like this

No. 330751

She’s such a narcissist. She really thinks she’s some authority figure on everything.

No. 330756

Not a Belle defender either but I've seen lots of grown women cosplay as mew ichigo and Yoko. It's fucked up that Gainax would constantly sexualize Yoko but like Belle they know who their audience is.

No. 330757

i hate belle but its so ironic she's calling her out when she cosplays underage characters from eroges and buys loli figurines from loli VNs

No. 330770

File: 1720244384955.mp4 (2.18 MB, 576x1024, figures.mp4)

she has a made in abyss and a genshin figure

No. 330771

File: 1720244415947.mp4 (1.49 MB, 576x1024, genshin.mp4)

but then she's like "ew genshin!"

No. 330775

File: 1720244623173.png (436.48 KB, 722x448, lain tattoo.png)

I don't know how she can misunderstand Lain this much and then get a tattoo of her

No. 330776

these back to back are hilarious considering she owns figures of both the loli and the lolicon brother from no game no life and the loli furry from made in abyss. Like always, its only okay for her to enjoy stuff with loli fanservice.

No. 330777

File: 1720246942915.mp4 (9.91 MB, 576x1024, amazon prime video.mp4)

she also did this sponsorship with amazon prime video and two of the anime she recommends is happy sugar life and magical girl site. like, I don't even care if she watches them or not, but why is she recommending them to her audience?

No. 330778

File: 1720248730869.jpg (190.24 KB, 850x1094, sample_900576f3d994d12b87b6a3c…)

Her lack of media literacy is astounding. She legit thinks Happy sugar life is some 3deep5u anime when it's just a fetish yuri loli manga with a yandere protagonist.

No. 330781

File: 1720252736639.jpg (Spoiler Image,726.79 KB, 732x908, NUbS3QV.jpg)

>made in abyss
As if the manga and anime didn't make it obvious enough, the person who created Made in Abyss is also a suspected pedophile. He owns a bust of a child and dresses it up in a school uniform. For someone like Addy who thinks she's the authority on problematic media, she ignores a lot of red flags and does 0 research. Or she probably knows and doesn't care because apparently she's the exception to her own rules.
She thinks anything with a yandere is 3deep5u. Other than loli and incest, every anime she likes also includes yanderes. Oreimo, Totono, Monogatari. She's a simpleton.

No. 330783

>Other than loli and incest, every anime she likes also includes yanderes.
She also likes magical girl site, needy streamer overload, and she may perceive lain as some kind of yandere too judging by her horrendous cosplay. She also has an obsession with the menhera-chan manga. I wonder if she even genuinely likes this because it all seems as recent as of 2020.

No. 330785

I'm not even sure if she even works for Bandai, as a teacher, or as anything anymore. She seems to have worked as a barista in october 2022 though.

No. 330786

It's always the low hanging fruit with her

No. 330787

Christ, her voice is so grating to listen to.

No. 330789

File: 1720267321192.gif (16.27 MB, 346x615, ezgif-6-fbeacc7ae2.gif)

>i dont understand why she doesnt just watch cutesy shoujo for women and collects sexy anime boy figurines
she's into goofy nerdy gamer guys and she says her boyfriend has "golder retriever energy"

No. 330790

jesus christ that saliva effect is gross. This is what the psyop does to women, turn them into simps for the absolute worst kind of men.

No. 330791

The pickme-ism is off the charts with this one, kekw.

No. 330792

> Into "goofy gamers"
> Gross salivating effect over them
> Calls coomer anime girl archetypes "relatable"
> Many of those archetypes are yanderes

This is all hinting at some DEEP levels of pickmeism kek

No. 330793

Gamers are absolutely the lowest of the low on the totem pole of men. Great to have a video showcasing her pickmeism.

No. 330794

File: 1720273939697.gif (9.71 MB, 346x615, ezgif-4-319c89d0fa.gif)

>Great to have a video showcasing her pickmeism.

No. 330795

>what year of school are you in?

Cringe. I mean, she doesn't look old, but her face fits her age, is she trying to larp as a lolicon 'uwu so young looking despite being an adult hehe'?

No. 330796

she wants to be a manic pixie dream girl so badly

No. 330797

Yeah, Menhera-chan, by the Ezaki Bisuko who glorifies self-harm and drug abuse, is a loli/shotacon, hates women and despises his fans?
Real media literacy here.

No. 330799

Considering the juvenile way she presents herself (i.e. her clothing and makeup), I'm sure some normie customers thought she was one of those tiktok kids. I mean, look at the shirt she's wearing in her tiktok. What grown adult wears childish graphic tees at work unless they work at some game store? She does look her age to me, and I'm sure a lot of other people as well but I can see how some customer might say that. It's not a flattering comment.

No. 330800

A lot of alt people get that from older people, me included. They see the weird way of dressing and dangerhair and don't look past it.
It's not a "oh, you look so young for your age", it's more of "you look immature to me, so you must be a kid, are you sure you should be here unaccompanied?"
It's patronizing and I don't know how she can take it as a compliment. Then again, she's obsessed with lolis.

No. 330801

File: 1720280275891.mp4 (14.54 MB, 576x1024, menhera chan.mp4)

She actually has this tiktok defending Menhera-chan, she says it doesn't glorify self harm because it's all just cartoony comedy in a japanese setting, or something.

No. 330802

Menhera stuff in general is contrasting cute against dark messaging, sure. And the general surface-level knowledge of Ezaki's manga would present you just that. Cute girls doing terrible stuff to themselves, saying how bad they feel. That's the point, showing how bad you feel.
But if you dig just a bit deeper, you can find all of the disgusting shit the author said about others, done to others. And then what he draws comes to you in a new context.
He also tried to own the entire menhera movement and trademarked the word, claiming he created the style (despite a manga and character by the same name existing before), so he worked very hard personally to decimate the community he makes his money off of. If we were a japanese board, I am sure Ezaki would have his own thread.
Basically, she only cares about surface-level shit and for an expert, she never looks even a level deeper.

Sure, some manga may have questionable themes and young characters, but you absolutely should look into the creators of it, because 80% of the time with japanese media, you're stepping on a fetish or pedo landmine once you try to engage with the fandom.

No. 330803

File: 1720281294809.mp4 (13.72 MB, 576x1024, mentally ill man.mp4)

She basically defended Ezaki Bisuko at some point saying that he only created the manga because he's a mentally ill man. She has a lot of videos about the manga on her page

No. 330804

ezaki does have a thread on 2ch lol

No. 330805

Yeah, Cris-chan is also a mentally ill man, apparently. Her song and dance are so transparent.
Mentally ill women are cool edgy yanderes she fetishizes and collects "SFW" figures of and cosplays as.
Mentally ill men are cool edgy guys whom she wants to fuck or who did nothing wrong in their lives ever because muh mental illness.

She's infuriating in her transparency and the fact she didn't have a large backlash against introducing her mostly minor fanbase to gateways to pedoshit, self-harm and all such is insane to me.

No. 330806

File: 1720281904530.mp4 (15.23 MB, 576x1024, does it romanticize mental ill…)

There's this other one, "does menhera chan romanticize mental illness? no because it was created by a mentally ill man!!" and she "finds it relatable and very deep" because of her own struggles with mental health as a teenager. She's also aware of the controversies with Ezaki.

No. 330808

File: 1720282715822.mp4 (11.18 MB, 576x1024, controversies.mp4)

And here's proof she's actually aware of the controversies, Ezaki Bisuko and his fans bullied a girl and tried to make her spiral into suicide because she bought a bootleg of menhera-chan

No. 330809

>She's also aware of the controversies with Ezaki
It's so funny to see Addy, the beacon of otaku knowledge and problematic call-out queen, support a misogynist. Won't someone think of our mentally ill men in these trying times? Since he's mentally ill, he can't romanticize mental illness. Duh, right? She's so full of shit. She's the prime example of being ugly inside and outside.

No. 330810

I'm just… sperging I guess, this is really "think of the children" of me.
But is there not a single thought in her brain that any minor who enters any fandom she mentions, will encounter coomers, pedos, nsfw and nsfl art. Harassment at cons or in public or in DMs from creepy adults?
Even looking up Sonico figures to collect, they're all there. Titties and pussies out inbetween the "SFW" crumbs.
Does she think that if she pretends hard enough, her viewers will be selectively blind to all the gross stuff around these characters and fandoms? Does she think everything on the internet is specifically tagged for explicit or harmful material and comes with trigger warnings or something?
Good luck when one of your fans gets into a totally safe for work but made by pedo-coomer anime and googles fanart of it. You just groomed someone to see porn. Thank god you're such an expert.

No. 330811

Addy logic
> Does this loli eroge romanticize cp? Well because the author is a mentally ill Japanese man and it was made in Japan by someone Japanese, did I mention Japan? It is satire because I said so and that’s why I buy the figures and I can relate to it because I was once a child but sometimes it is used by lolicons but the author of the loli eroge did not intend for that even though they made it uwu
She is such a shill I would think she was on his payroll

No. 330812

isnt sonico from nitroplus? they just cater to all coomers they can, fujos included.

No. 330815

>isnt sonico from nitroplus?

No. 330816

This is a woman who thinks super sonico is relatable. A character who's consistently portrayed as being kind of dumb.

No. 330820

File: 1720292128594.jpg (75.36 KB, 1280x720, 1000003857.jpg)

mahou Shoujo site has a whole arc about the bad older brother getting raped as a punishment, the whole thing is treated as a joke.

Also one of the magical girl items is a pair of little girl panties that the brother steals and wears. The mangaka has a history of being fucking wild

No. 330821

File: 1720292423169.jpg (19.04 KB, 225x350, 1000004784.jpg)

KEKKK I forgot about the older brother's mindbreak arc (which comes out of absolutely fucking nowhere and is fetishy as hell in the manga.) However, Magical Girl Site also has a canon trans character in picrel, so maybe in Addy's mind that automatically cancels out all the problematic elements because of muh representation?

No. 330822

File: 1720292492817.jpg (Spoiler Image,19.99 KB, 150x618, 1000003860.jpg)

Also this is how the author draws kids

No. 330823

File: 1720292588412.jpg (12.75 KB, 318x178, 1000003861.jpg)

Also Addy 100% thinks she's this character, who also cuts herself to use her magical girl powers

No. 330824

Doesn't he also do stuff to his sister (the main character)?

No. 330825

Genuinely surprised that Addy and her brother haven't done a cosplay and subsequent damage control over these two characters yet.
Yes, but afaik it's not typical anime shit, he's "just" abusive and a sadist.

No. 330826

File: 1720293052989.mp4 (11.91 MB, 576x1024, will I keep supporting menhera…)

When asked if she'll still support him, her response basically was "ah uh I don't know, I will keep my stuff and only try to buy second hand though" because the manga and the character are too special for her

No. 330827

File: 1720293566783.gif (5.9 MB, 288x512, ezgif-1-636187b119.gif)

She has a tattoo of that cutter

No. 330828

his other manga also has a rapey character whose whole thing is using his power as a cop to assault young women. Oh and he becomes a hero by the end. Though I doubt Addy will ever address this.

his description:
> Akuta is a perverse man who seeks excitement in his boring life. Despite being a cop, Akuta is initially shown to have little respect for his job or women, as he openly masturbates to high school girls that pass by. This love for women lead to him developing a quick attachment to Yoruka Hanzawa, although he gives more importance to her breasts than to her, giving her the nickname of "Titty-Chan" ("Lil' Miss Funbags" in the English translation). During the initial arrival of the Magical Girls, after abandoning his police captain to die, he is found hanging over naked women (presumably killed by the Magical Girls) with his dick out. Beyond that, Akuta is also shown to have no interest in women older than him. He has a love for excitement and action, openly popping an erection at the chaos caused by the Magical Girls when they first descended.

No. 330829

File: 1720294472206.png (201.74 KB, 531x518, Untitled.png)

dropped pic, him telling high school girls to strip

No. 330833

File: 1720295426197.gif (8.78 MB, 346x615, ezgif-1-de0c575399.gif)

>Mentally ill women are cool edgy yanderes she fetishizes and collects "SFW" figures of and cosplays as.
Her partner described her as having the looks of kuromi, the personality of yandere simulator, the style of nana osaki, and the mental health of some character named tiny tina from borderlands

No. 330834

of course she supports yandere simulator and yandere dev

No. 330835

The "will I still be supporting menhera chan" video is from february 2023
But she talks about a gloomy bear x menhera chan collaboration on september 2023 and asks the viewer if they'll buy anything from it

No. 330836

File: 1720297126224.png (36.5 KB, 640x324, addy.png)

No. 330837

This is gross. I’m sure Addy would defend this pedophile too, even though he literally owns a child’s bust in your picrel.
It’s already happened. There was a 16-year-old girl who began buying “sfw” Sonico because of her and now wants to ask her parents to buy the giant “sfw” Sonico for her. After this was posted, a white knight has come back twice to defend Addy, saying it’s “not her fault” minors buy this stuff. Except Addy is literally advertising it and has explicitly said it’s okay for minors to collect “sfw” Sonico (which to Addy just means she’s at least in a bikini or something, even if it’s only the nipples covered and everything else is exposed) The screenshot is here >>329148

No. 330839

> The style of Nana Osaki
The actual nerve of him to say this

No. 330840

She collects a lot of Vivienne Westwood including things that were worn by Nana Osaki and has some figures of the characters in her collection so I think she feels some kind of kinship towards the character

No. 330841

File: 1720298696944.png (1.79 MB, 1020x1212, self own.png)

No. 330842

pretty sure you can take the clothes off the konata figure

No. 330844

File: 1720300237070.jpg (100.87 KB, 675x1024, 1000039782.jpg)

Other fun facts about the manga:
>The girl who wears the magical panties is an idol
>she has a bunch of ugly men as servants
>she falls in live with the abusive brother of the main character
>the abusive brother is an asshole
>he hits the main character and makes her puke
>He's beloved by his parents because he's a better student than the main character
>he's somehow painted as a not so bad guy at the ending which is overall confusing
>cutter girl takes multiple pills because she's mentally ill

No. 330845

Wtf why does she have a figure that has a mirror underneath it? That's so fucking disgusting.

No. 330846

File: 1720300359044.png (Spoiler Image,2.7 MB, 1792x1280, konata.png)

Went to myfigurecollection to check and you are actually correct, the clothes can be removed and you can give her different outfits. She has a mirror on the base though

Repost because I forgot to spoiler

No. 330847

File: 1720301082513.jpg (280.82 KB, 1080x1920, 7590341405106001679de7185f5a38…)

she's very happy with it, it was one of her most sought after figures https://www.tiktok.com/@addyharajuku/video/7387495438988987680
what's up with her teeth though?

No. 330849

File: 1720305719838.gif (6.59 MB, 288x512, ezgif-6-ac4166e090.gif)

>My flex is owning both copies of the menhera chan manga

No. 330850

genuinely, where does she get this money? is her boyfriend bankrolling her?

No. 330852

Looks like she got tooth gems

No. 330853

I would assume she's earning a sizeable amount from the Tiktok Creator Fund, and according to her CV in >>330546 she was Assistant Brand Manager at Bandai until April this year so up until recently she would have had a regular income. No clue if this would be enough to fund her consoomer lifestyle however.

No. 330855

My best guess is credit card payments, she has mentioned it on some tiktoks.

No. 330857

sage your shit newfag

No. 330858

File: 1720311711483.gif (3.98 MB, 346x615, 39407093409097324.gif)

what "career in jfashion" is she talking about? even pixielocks has a more legit "career in jfashion" than her kek

No. 330863

Those figures are so ugly and corny, especially the Lain one. Weebs waste their money on the ugliest shit imaginable, how is she not embarrassed at all? At least spend money on decent jfashion or something

No. 330864

All her fashion inspo comes from coomsoomerism fast fashion and 2020 Tiktok. She is "educated" but still wear horrible pedo brands on the sake that it's secondhand!1!! Being a weeaboo since your teenage years and still being such a base level, pedo seinen loving, shein shopping one is so funny

No. 330867

Does dressing up and posting garbage jfashion takes on tiktok count as the jfashion career? Since that's how she gets paid apparently.

No. 330874

File: 1720331630250.png (Spoiler Image,681.33 KB, 2214x844, 754375890579840.png)

In her favorite game needy streamer overdose Kangel plays a visual novel where is heavily refence to be 'Sayonara o Oshiete'. It's about a trainee teacher raping his students.

No. 330876

Did she ever mention living alone? Since the only room we ever see is her bedroom, I wonder if she maybe lives at her parents. So with a job and no rent to pay, that'd leave her with many money to spend on dumb weeb shit.

No. 330877

this is so fucking cringe. No, addy, you arent a crazy psychopath animu woman, you are an ugly woman that gets offended at everything.

No. 330878

wasnt that girl the same one that got a child sonico figure for her birthday by her parents? lmao

No. 330880

File: 1720338391299.png (821.74 KB, 704x630, bf.png)

It's unclear if she lives with her parents or not at this point

No. 330881

she shouldn't be giving any kind of fashion advice period
>how to dress like a horror game girl
>just dress in the most normie fashion you can find with jeans, turtle necks, and vests
is that an aesthetic at all at that point? this feels slightly ragebaity

No. 330884

Aside from the fact she has a terminal case of Pickme, anons pasting in descriptions of the animes she's a huge fan of is really putting me off anime as a genre. Really revolting. And yes she is promoting this to a teen audience on tiktok, despite her protestations.
Comparing this girl to Jill I'm now thinking Jill really has her shit together kek, like Addy's life is entirely revolving around appeasing pedo gamer scrotes and it seems so shallow, like outside of making content and trying to be edgy there is literally no depth to this girl at all.

No. 330885

This was a trend on TikTok and yes it really was that bland. It’s about as plain as “Twilightcore” that was also popular, but this is for nerdy girls.
The majority of anime is pedophilic. I stopped watching after I was a teen because you cannot unsee the blatant sexualization of women and girls once you open your eyes to it. It’s in 99% of anime. I feel like most anime fans just push it off as “humor” because it’s so prominent in everything, or they’re high schoolers themselves watching high schoolers in anime so it doesn’t register to them as weird yet because they’re the same age. It’s telling that Addy has never grown out of it, and has even embraced it because she’s an nlog and her inner circle is full of pornsick trannies. The whole yandere kinning thing is also really immature.

No. 330886

File: 1720343475060.jpg (642.28 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20240707-100409_Ins…)

Addy talking about Alex

No. 330888

File: 1720344060912.jpg (127.5 KB, 1152x2048, 450164073_18439265032030812_40…)

No. 330889

Holy shit this is awful I used to see some of that girl's videos… I know her bird adored her and they were so bonded, this is sad as fuck(sage your shit)

No. 330890

File: 1720344505490.png (Spoiler Image,2.13 MB, 1432x2240, magical girl site.png)

Not to defend Jillian but if she really got her shit together and stopped smoking weed, she would have a decent chance at fixing her life. Jillian can also be a pickme at times but at least Jillian likes normal magical girls and collects stupid toys and plushes, Addy on the other hand has a shit ton of Super Sonico figures and recommends this >>330778 and picrel to her young audience.
>anons pasting in descriptions of the animes she's a huge fan of is really putting me off anime as a genre
Same. This whole thread is giving me disgust and I'm now wondering if I was wrong to ever like anime at all.

No. 330891

>similar sites
Guess Addy learned not to namedrop lolcow anymore, especially now that she’s on here kek. This sounds like a lot of anger directed at us.
I read through Alex’s thread yesterday and she was very mentally unwell even before a thread was made. Her life was chaotic. She also had lots of health complications. Lolcow didn’t make her die, she had way more problems to worry about than this site documenting her behavior.

No. 330892

What did Alex struggle with? Most new sources cite her divorce as a possible factor and say that her death was very sudden and unexpected

No. 330894

I don’t want to derail too much since this is Addy’s thread, but Alex’s thread is in /snow/ if you want to read up on her. The divorce probably had a lot to do with worsening her mental health, but she was doing questionable things during the relationship before that point. Farmers are thinking she passed of a heart condition because she had deteriorating health. She didn’t kill herself because Lolcow like Addy is trying to imply.

No. 330895

File: 1720345281367.jpg (76.61 KB, 576x895, 1894f2fd7724de576c9c15a8169f59…)

what annoys me is how much she moralfags while seemingly only watching anime for scrotes. Its not like there isnt a plethora of pinku kawaii aesthetic anime by women for women, like pic rel. It's so funny to me that she makes reeing videos about lolis and gross otaku men without realizing she's literaly the same kind of people she criticizes.

No. 330900

Shugo Chara isn't yandere and enough for her kek. The characters would have to constantly cut themselves or abuse each other and act edgy for her to like it. I'm surprised she doesn't collect merch from the show because it would fit her aesthetic. She collects things based purely on aesthetics considering she has Nana figures and doesn't even seem to care about it genuinely. On that note I don't think she likes Lucky Star genuinely either, her interest in it coincides with the sudden rise in animecore communities on tiktok.

No. 330910

Yeah, anime is rotten, and I would advise any parent to make sure their kid doesn't become a fan of it, especially in the current age. It's a shame, because there are truly some gems in the middle of the pile of shit, like Mob Psycho 100, Peach Girl, Ghibli's movies, etc. Japan as a whole is rotten imo, I recommend watching Tokyo Idols (2017) on Youtube to anyone who is interested in delving into the idol culture they have over there.

No. 330911

I'd advise against defending Ghibli, Mob Psycho and anything else related to anime on this thread because lolcow has a reputation of finding problems with every anime if you look hard enough. Some people in this board will jump at you for Ghibli. I'm not joking.

No. 330912

File: 1720358948951.gif (2.14 MB, 288x512, ezgif-3-a296a524a0.gif)

>It's so funny to me that she makes reeing videos about lolis and gross otaku men without realizing she's literaly the same kind of people she criticizes.
yeah that's the thing, she knows it gives her attention
she's using picrel to garner attention about gaza

No. 330957

File: 1720387790903.mp4 (14.83 MB, venus-and-pixielocks_Q3900YnY.…)

Had to compress the shit out of this video so I hope it's still ok to watch but she mentions Pixielocks and Venus in this video about jfashion and eating disorders
>Lets discuss Jfashion & ED’s! Disclaimer: in no way am I placing any blame or responsibility on any creators mentioned. These creators were victims of the same pressure of body image that we still currently face.

No. 330959

It's suspicious that of all the thousands of popular jfashion influencers out there, she chooses two of them with lolcow threads. Really telling on herself that she only spends time on here aggressively reading threads. Is she trying to garner pity by relating to them? Nice try Addy, but Pixielocks doesn't promote loli rape porn games and Venus has been abused horribly throughout her entire life. No matter where they are in life they're leagues above you.

No. 330962

I think it's a covert attempt at moralfagging kek

No. 330963

If she had come out in 2015 she would had been a bigger cow than both of them

No. 330970

ughhh I remember trying to watch this series when it came out, thinking it'd be similar to Magical Girl Raising Project, and it was utterly cringe garbage. I wonder if Addy will one day look back at all this as an embarrassing phase in her life? Her LARPing as a kawaii uWu mentally ill girl is just… It's like her entire personality consists of copying trendy tropes, but it's really awfully tryhard and unconvincing. Just like the way she pretends to be an expert on everything, or the way she tries to deflect criticism from her penchant for lolishit by publicly denouncing it as problematic, meanwhile her actions say otherwise.

No. 330971

Thanks, I fucking hate this

No. 330978

File: 1720393125281.png (250.92 KB, 720x1217, IMG_20240707_165516.png)

What happened on may 10th?

No. 330980

Addy’s talked about
She was definitely a lolcow lurker. Maybe she thought it was part of her “edgy” girl larp to browse image boards kek