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File: 1582936454742.png (472.21 KB, 757x554, darlingpeesuit02.png)

No. 84714

Skinwalking cosplayer, known for skinwalking Sailor Moon in the early 2000s and currently Skinwalking Zero Two. She has also been known to abuse multiple partners and is currently "engaged" to a younger cosplayer named "KrookedKev".

>Believes she is the IRL perfect ZeroTwo, that ZeroTwo is based on her and everyone else is copying her

>Suffers from an Eating Disorder and is proud of it.
>She is know for abusing partners including mooching off family, demanding sex at inappropriate times, pressuring into engagement, cheating, stealing, breaking stuff, threatening to cry rape if she doesn't get her way.

She has emerged from retirement to cause drama and abuse her boytoy.

Previous thread updates -
>now "officially" engaged since Kevin "proposed" at Anime Expo.
>the couple came into the thread themselves to take shots at anons, resulting in a ban
>all of Kevin's friends including the guys get verbally abused by Lori for coming near him
>jumped on the Patreon bandwagon to sell lewds and feet pics
>continuing her long-time habit of accusing others of copying her just because they're cosplaying the same character
>trying to be Belle Delphine
>Kevin turned out to be just as big of a cow as Lori who couldn't stop posting embarrassing shit to facebook, still thinks he "looks like a sexy anime guy"
>Lori ruined Kevin's headphones so he peed on her Zero Two suit… the suit has not been seen since

Her Links:
Her Old FB - https://www.facebook.com/earthenserenity/
New New FB - https://www.facebook.com/usakou/
Her instagram - https://www.instagram.com/iota_zerotwo/

Previous thread: >>67368

No. 84716

File: 1582936613092.jpg (76.84 KB, 640x800, 85220547_142193703656370_43036…)

She's still trying to pretend like she's cosplaying Zero Two as usual… but no sign of the suit other than a likely latergram. Big difference from the constant, unending photos of her in the same outfit over and over

No. 84744

File: 1582964864669.jpeg (101.3 KB, 720x960, EFD2DF01-102E-4237-BFDD-042462…)

Glad someone made a new thread, I’ve been waiting to post these.
Horrifying photoshop and still doing her zero two makeup/eyebrows even though she’s cosplaying Rapunzel and it makes no

No. 84745

File: 1582964898798.jpeg (75.6 KB, 467x960, 904E128E-B4C1-454D-AAC8-FFDA6E…)

>>84744 nightmare fuel

No. 84749

Never realized she was lining her eyes with that white/silver glitter as well as the red shadow. That looks like shit.

No. 84761

Looks like “I’m so perfect I don’t wear lashes” Lori finally caved and wore falsies. You can see her natural lashes layered under the falsies in that closeup. At least curl them and put mascara on them so they blend!

No. 84833

Wow she sure enlarged the eyes as much as possible, then saved the photo, reopened it, and enlarged them again.

She looks like an insect

No. 84835

Where’s her nose?

Too bad she abuses those editing apps. She’s pretty irl imho. No point in making her face look featureless like that.

No. 84836

I’m confused. Is she cosplaying Zero Two cosplaying as other people?

No. 84838

Her excuse is that pink hair is "her thing" so her eyebrows have to be pink as well, which makes all her other cosplays look like shit. It would be very easy to just cover them with makeup when she's cosplaying other characters but I guess catching sight of herself in a mirror without pink eyebrows might destroy her irl Zero Two fantasy.

No. 84846

Ot but thank god someone made a new thread, bless anon.

Yes, kek. That's how you know there's a level of insanity and compulsion behind her skinwalking. Looni is a true skinwalker if I'd ever seen one.

No. 84856

kek. She maxed out eye enlarging, skin blur, and nose resizing for sure. She looks like a creepypasta at this point.

I like how despite all the extreme editing, you can still make out just how shoddy her makeup application is, the lashes are coming up off her inner eyelid, and her lips look chewed up/dry too.

That warped neck shoop from her shaving down her jawline is really the icing on this zero two cosplaying Rapunzel shit cake.

No. 84865

There’s a booger chilling in her left nostril

No. 84874

File: 1583074844943.jpeg (322.83 KB, 1947x1947, 90B3474F-630A-47EE-A65D-7FB0E2…)

No. 84889

That is the same rapunzel costume she has had for years which was purchased also. She took pictures with it on her cosplay.com account a long time ago it looks like she just added a Chii wig to it. And her eyelash claim is the same as her 'real' fake hair extensions.

No. 84940

lori lurking again confirmed
also that eyeliner is SO SAD. or maybe that dollar store caked on shit is just natural, almost forgot to envy her genetics this is lillie jean level of makeup skill my sides

No. 84946

I can’t get over how shitty that wig is

No. 85009

This is literally a photo of fake lashes. No one's real lashes have that very specific spacing. Nice try, Lori.

No. 85014

You can see where the lashes are disconnected from her eyelid. Try harder next time.

No. 85017

This is just like Steph/SparrowSong lying about her shitty elsa wig being her real hair while her real hair sticks out from underneath it. You can literally see where the cheap lashes are coming unglued at the corners. Cosplay skin walkers are on that next level shit.

No. 85034

Kiki and Dakota loved to claim their eyelashes were all real too. The Koreans noticed Dakota's falsies on that one show - you could see them in the extreme close-ups if you looked carefully.
Must be a cow thing. Can you imagine wearing lenses and falsies in front of people while claiming you're all natural? I wonder how they get up the courage to claim these outrageous lies.

I also enjoy the cow tradition of the "no makeup" pic, in which eyeliner, concealer, foundation, mascara, blush, and eyebrow are visible.

(yes i saged)

No. 85056

File: 1583208772007.jpg (438.83 KB, 1080x2066, IMG_20200303_051040.jpg)

didn't know she cosplayed Chii. Looked it up and holy shit she looked so different before Meitu filters were a thing. She has a very average face.

No. 85057

File: 1583208809714.jpg (409.79 KB, 1080x1730, IMG_20200303_051102.jpg)

also kek at this. Of course she has Mary Sue eyes

No. 85073

Those are fucking contacts what is WITH this bitch.

No. 85079

she reminds me of KT, the arin from GG stalker lmao same energy

No. 85106

Do we have to go back over a decade to find pictures of this bitch that haven't been edited to cartoonish proportions?

No. 85107

File: 1583265511300.jpeg (230.13 KB, 1242x861, 00DF5057-AAC3-46F6-84D2-13548B…)

So close to self realization….

No. 85119

Was about to ask if Kevin is still posting things on Facebook or if he’s learned his lesson to shut up finally after the pee suit debacle?

No. 85154


She lies about a lot of things yes, but her eyes are real

No. 85255

They're real until she enlarges them four times their actual size.

No. 85284

File: 1583448979693.png (2.62 MB, 1280x2631, redsuit_gone.png)

>Bringing back red suit

I wonder if it will be a new suit or if she/Kevin cleaned the pee suit?

No. 85286

File: 1583449495744.jpeg (3.38 KB, 300x300, resize.jpeg)

Who cares about the red suit looni, like wtf are those eyebrows?

No. 85287

File: 1583449926125.jpg (309.83 KB, 550x739, work075.jpg)

No. 85288

File: 1583449952545.jpg (199.49 KB, 550x291, rainboweye.jpg)

No. 85289

File: 1583450033812.jpg (262.27 KB, 600x800, normal_IMG_7369.jpg)

No. 85295

shes getting a shitty latex one commissioned

No. 85338

Lori, no one gives a fuck about your speshul eyes. They’re average. Goodbye.

No. 85599

File: 1583858574173.jpg (331.43 KB, 1080x1841, Screenshot_20200311-033842__01…)

Tfw you accidentally shop your head smaller than your supposedly petite animu gf. Also thirsty anons are in luck, he took our advice, the fugly black is gone.

No. 85603

File: 1583860269968.png (1.09 MB, 1746x1456, guhnetics.png)

im so envious of those genetics dude wow zerotwo irl

No. 85629


No. 85633

Lori wishes her chin looked that small/her lips looked that big from that angle kek

No. 85728

HOLY FUCK!!! LOL!! That’s the real her is what’s sad and it’s huge compared to her heavily filtered self! Kevin looks sooooooooo much better with that blonde hair compared to that inky ugly ass black hair that washed him out, only issue is his actual hair style looks like the 2006 scene emo hair LOL!

No. 85763

She claims she doesn’t use apps like snow or beauty cam but the fact that the text on their shirts is backwards is a dead giveaway lol. Those apps mirror your photos because most people find that more flattering.

No. 85858

Or a bogan who works at McDonald's and can't let go of his teen years

I never realised that was why, thanks anon. Ot but I feel like there's somet uncanny about mirrored pics, but I don't doubt what you said.

No. 85909

File: 1584136035654.jpg (177.42 KB, 1024x1280, IMG_20200313_135737_773.jpg)

Why does Lori have a rash on her body, especially in the crotch area? Allergy from the latex suit?

No. 85915

Could be color bleed from too much editing

No. 85922

File: 1584140620928.png (2.16 MB, 2048x1280, rash.png)

You might be right. Here's the other two pics she posted.

No. 85969

She really be looking like a troon in these shoops. Her body be looking like a whole dude.

No. 86022

No lies detected. Also I can't imagine abusing filters to the point where I look radioactive and then thinking "this looks good enough to post!"

No. 86026

She has no breasts? Just nipples?

No. 86082

She has anachan level boobs, but the hip to waist ratio of twink. If those straps weren't cutting into her sides so strongly, would there even be any definition there? Makes me think back when Kevin was sperging about loving her "tiny waist". She's pretty petite, but also built like an actual plank.

Her face definitely looks painted on in these. Can't tell if she just washed her haggard face out as much as possible, or if she is legitimately wearing makeup three shades too light.

No. 86110

File: 1584248740903.jpg (Spoiler Image,52.91 KB, 545x600, 1526955637131.jpg)

Found this pic in the 1st thread, spoilers because NSFW boobies. Even at a healthy weight Lori's breasts are unfortunately small for her frame.

No. 86273

File: 1584408655969.jpg (197.51 KB, 1080x1329, Screenshot_20200317-121710__01…)

The most uncomfortable game of leapfrog ever played

No. 86274

File: 1584408707413.jpg (244.34 KB, 1172x1912, 20-03-17-12-27-39-959_deco__01…)

Samefag but the simplord in the comments is gonna be big disappoint kek

No. 86326

Can’t wait for all the unedited candids and for her to blame the “unflattering con lighting” lmao

No. 86378

Unless the con gets cancelled. Then we're stuck with another year of blurry Instagram reality edits or pictures from 10 to 20 years ago.

No. 86384

File: 1584492288483.jpeg (292.64 KB, 1220x1988, EB5937E0-04E3-461A-B1F4-84DCC9…)

No. 86385

File: 1584492318415.png (8.33 MB, 1242x2208, 62AA433A-A9D5-4912-9692-02509D…)

No. 86386

File: 1584492380075.png (5.81 MB, 1242x2208, 7D062265-7FC9-4706-9F28-84ED7D…)

No. 86393

He looks like he’s having lots of fun…….

No. 86405

Kev is simply a husk at this point. The pic confirms it.

No. 86419

>his smile and optimism gone

No. 86492

This is hilarious. He looks like a sad potato wearing glasses.

No. 86498

I admittedly chuckled a little too hard at this

No. 86501

Ive never seen a bigger cry for help in a mans eyes

No. 86544

Her patron has fallen a lot! Last time I had looked she was close to 25, but now she is down to 12. She could so much further if she would do multiple cosplays as well as not dressing like a 12 year old. A lot of her lewds are of child characters and it’s cringe.

No. 86557

People got better shit to spend their money on right now, not some lazy bitch who sits around in latex all day micromanaging her captive boyfriend.

No. 86567

Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if she got more patrons just by going back to Sailor Moon cosplays and doing lewds of that. The shit she does now is stale and didn't have a huge, lasting fanbase anyways.

No. 86624

The anons in this thread are on it. Kinda ot but I love how it took her until her getup was beyond stale to perfect her Zero Two hair. That being said we haven't seen any recent candids, so my backhanded compliment may still be misplaced.

No. 86677

File: 1584757050370.jpg (76.69 KB, 777x1280, IMG_20200320_172815_683.jpg)

She's pretty desperate

No. 86684

how in the world would that realistically change how often she clicks on "hey" messages? it's not like they get a "patre♡n" flag

why do people pay any attention this egotistical bitch lmao

No. 86706

File: 1584801994701.jpg (180.99 KB, 1200x800, 1209649391914.jpg)


She should do lewd photosets with the old Kewl Kou Klan, assuming there are any of them who don't despise her now

I think JJ does lewds now?

No. 86719

File: 1584813779237.jpg (229.78 KB, 1024x1280, IMG_20200321_105743_409.jpg)

Her caption for this post says that her "cronic" nausea usually keeps her from enjoying the outside world but now she doesn't have anywhere to go.

Lol since when does she have chronic nausea? I thought it was her chronic back pain that makes her unable to work.

Well, enjoy this gross Lori pic.

No. 86814

chest wall deformity on full display here yikes

No. 86840


No. 87087

File: 1585082214390.jpg (87.11 KB, 1280x1155, IMG_20200324_133339_626.jpg)

Looks like if you pay for Lori's lewds you get to "chat" with her. Imagine Lori sexting thirsty Indian dudes online while Kevin sits at his computer playing WoW and trying not to cry.

No. 87116

That's exactly what I always imagine anon. Also, kek at how she can't stop spelling Patreon super retarded. This is the dumbest I've seen so far. You're talking to someone who's first language isn't English Lori, they don't get it…

No. 87120

not defending at all but the reason she spells it like that is Instagram will ban people for promoting their patreon. still retarded but that’s why. lots of costhots spell it differently to get through IG blocking it.

No. 87139

she writes like a bot, very endearing

No. 87225

Honestly thank god she has a reason but the tree emoji, I just can't.
Big kek, very accurate description anon.

No. 87227

File: 1585218777430.png (693.14 KB, 755x941, lbl.png)

So I found this…

No. 87256

File: 1585259974230.webm (678.16 KB, 480x720, Wiggle_Wiggle.webm)

Lori posted this to Twitter. It said "Wiggle wiggle join my patreon"

No. 87257

File: 1585260527206.jpg (58.25 KB, 943x1280, IMG_20200326_150550_717.jpg)

Lori also has a new foot fetish Patreon tier. She is up from 12 patrons, to 14.

No. 87264

File: 1585274771857.jpeg (229.38 KB, 1242x1365, 115F1B26-8F8C-401B-8DE8-E721EF…)

No. 87283

That's not her. Lori has a giant tattoo of a rose garden on her back. It's in her ED page. She's stealing others videos.

No. 87284


JJ is pretty milky herself, but she definitely hates Lori

No. 87285

omg why tho? Her feet aren't even "small and cute". Reminds me of Lilee Jean trying to show off her gross feet

No. 87288

>>87283 thats such bullshit. Anyone know whose clip she stole?

No. 87290

File: 1585324295640.jpg (481.11 KB, 1454x2048, ELZ_bNpVUAEXkRN.jpg)

its not the best shot but you can clearly see her back tattoo. its large. It's hard to cover up that's why she poses the way she does. it's huge rose garden she got done for fucking one of her ex boyfriends. it was for free.

No. 87291

That's the same blanket and wig. The tattoo is partially covered by her top/hair and either edited or filtered out the rest of the way.

No. 87294

You know she may have shopped out the rest because that tattoo is nearly her entire back and looks badly faded now.

No. 87299

It's also some of the same BS shes wearing in this pic>>86719

No. 87303

File: 1585340262606.jpg (10.28 KB, 489x438, FB_IMG_1585340183142.jpg)

Here, these are better

No. 87304

File: 1585340296036.jpg (8.52 KB, 237x328, FB_IMG_1585340190615.jpg)

No. 87308

I miss her non-shooped photos. Don’t think the woman has reason to be so afraid of appearing human in her photos. She’s pretty without the snow imho

No. 87318

That tattoo is atrocious

No. 87321

Those photos are like 15+years old and she doesnt look anything like that anymore

No. 87325

Kek at the weird extra garters she's using to differentiate her ass from her leg. It manages to make her small booty oddly saggy looking.

Thank you anon. This is precisely why she's a snow addict. She's competing with women nearly half her age and she actually wants to make money. Not to mention she's a narc and at this point she probably believes her own shop.

No. 87327

She's definitely shooping it out of pics/clips then. What an unfortunate looking tattoo. It looked faded already even back then.

Not that anon, but I do think she could be some kind of pretty. She has a mature face and an awkward teen boy body, but she looked pretty cute back during her ren faire phase. The look suited her and she didn't have to shoop herself into an entirely different person. It's pretty obvious that she's insecure about aging and her looks with how heavy she edits everything these days. Probably doesn't help she's desperately skinwalking a teenager anime character. Makes me wonder if she'll still be at this at 40. kek.

No. 87404

File: 1585464318801.jpeg (419.12 KB, 1242x1377, 286FDA40-9113-433F-9F14-BC8476…)

No. 87405

File: 1585464355028.jpeg (420.75 KB, 1511x2015, 301D4F76-E9B6-418E-B419-258F51…)

No. 87409

>I’m just glad I know generous people

lol did she use her neckbeard bux to pay for kev’s WoW?

No. 87410

How about you two move the fuck out of Kevin's parents house?

No. 87415

Imagine using your unemployed mid 30's girlfriend's cuckbux on a year of free World of Warcraft and being completely proud of it online. kek.

No. 87423

Typical Kevin move. Ot but both versions of that game have gone to shit, so I wouldn't exactly be bragging about being blizzard's bitch either, kek.

No. 87427

File: 1585495283134.jpg (659.41 KB, 1080x1329, 20200329_162111.jpg)

Didn't someone say Lori was part Mexican?
That's a shame she doesn't appreciate her natural looks, i'm also hispanic with blue eyes and it's hard to find that representation

No. 87436

She's cute but her personality ruins her.

No. 87441

I believe she’s Chilean

No. 87454

What the fuck kind of outfit is this?! This is why she will never sell big because all of her outfits are horrendous plus she cosplays three characters at once. Why doesn’t she just do sexy lingerie as herself and maybe as other anime characters. She is not 16 not many men go for the pedo look .

No. 87455

File: 1585525073846.jpeg (496.75 KB, 1536x2048, 78872297-6B1A-4FFE-A352-3F9C39…)

Imagine paying for looneys patreon when you can get a much better and mature zero to representation of a girl actually looking sexy. I’ll just leave this right here.(offtopic)

No. 87456

Who cares? They're all classless dirtbags pandering to the lowest of the low for a buck.

No. 87458

Agreed, can these dumb bitches go back to being regular porn thots instead of trying to cosplay teenager anime girls with their ugly tattoos and botched implants/fillers? kek

No. 87460

Anon you should be embarrassed for posting this and calling it sexy.

No. 87464

Compared to Looneys? It’s sexy. Is it my cup of tea? No, but if someone held a gun to my head and said I had to choose I would choose that chick because I wouldn’t feel like I’m looking at a chick who is a grown ass late 30s trying to be child. That shit is sickening.

No. 87488

She's a 10 though

No. 87497

Her eye color is fake Anon, like everything else about her

No. 87505

>fake tits
>a 10

ok coomer

No. 87517

her eyes are blue tho. you can see in her old pics they're blue/grey

No. 87525

bolt on tits, trashy tattoos and a pound of makeup are a 10? yikes. even lori is a little classier than that.

No. 87528

This has already happened. I imagine its why Lori doesn't work anymore. As soon as Kev's parents weren't around to force the issue, well…

No. 87532

File: 1585630013270.png (124.91 KB, 567x627, dfjdjfklfjdkfljdkljf.png)

It's actually worse than that. Someone on her friends list was giving out free codes, intending them to go to people who are sick so they have something to distract them. Lori claimed she "knew someone with a confirmed case" but apparently just gave the code to Kevin.

No. 87533

File: 1585630922447.png (755.91 KB, 1226x746, Untitled.png)

No. 87538

And Kevin's out bragging about this? These two make my skin crawl.

No. 87539

Good catch anon, she's disgusting.

No. 87544

Ot but her real face is in the cosplayers thread on pull. Have fun with that coomer.

No. 87552

Are you fucking kidding me. Lori you’re a piece of shit.

No. 87572

If this is true this is the shittiest thing she did in a while. Not cool.

No. 87611

File: 1585689188825.jpeg (162.97 KB, 1242x685, B8B594D8-0541-412B-8998-89B008…)

No. 87616

Bitch is retarded. She acts like she has any authority over who can and can’t be a sw’er yet she was the biggest slut shamer. No one wants to see her ugly man body either yet here we are. Fuck off Lori.

No. 87619

Lori, let me lay some truth, you're ugly as fuck.

No. 87620

I also love how on her sex Twitter she retweets larger girls to try and look body positive but on her private Facebook she body shames.

No. 87628

I would wonder what all the "fluffy friends she loves so much" think of her never ending fat shaming. Maybe they are ok with it if they can tell themselves she's talking about other people. Everything that come out of this old crone is either cruel, stupid or self-serving so I don't get why anyone puts up with her.

No. 87642

OT: anyone think of signing up for her patreon?

No. 87646

for what? No one on here is interested in seeing her size 13 feet and her endless same-faced zerotwo selfies. It's the same crap she posts on social media anyway, just "uncensored"

No. 87652

Anon above is absolutely right.

Not to mention the old leaked nudes of Lori are better since she actually had tits, which she does not have now. Tits/attractive body would be about the only reason to pay for the "uncensored" version of what she's already posting to Twitter.

Secondly, I'm sure most anons don't want to donate a single penny her/support her by signing up for her patreon. Not even for the lulz.

No. 87653

Begone Scrote.

No. 87657

No. Wouldn't pay for low quality snow pics and don't find her cute.

No. 87675

Like you haven't wasted enough money on stupid shit already

No. 87682

File: 1585732769260.jpg (107.12 KB, 760x508, seekuushii.jpg)


Why? 15 years ago maybe
But you're just paying for overly photoshopped images that make her look like an alien

No. 87683

I dare Lori to post an unfiltered makeup free photo of herself so we can “envy” her genetics. But she won’t because she is, in fact, ugly.

No. 87692

WTF! Shes such a psycho, doesnt even hesitate to lie. So pathetic. Not to mention anyone with asthma would probably be hospitalized. She fucking stupid too.


This!(hi cow)

No. 88483

File: 1586639864379.jpeg (143.68 KB, 828x932, 3947A489-BD01-48B1-BC75-C84F1E…)

Way to be a bitch to someone who says they don’t speak English very well

No. 88489

I mean it’s obvious what they were trying to say in the first comment. All she had to do was say “Oh I use this brand of makeup to get this look”. Maybe this person looks up to your cosplay Lori?

No. 88492

She's still peddling the whole "I invented red eyemakeup and this character is based on me" thing, I see

No. 88493

Also she didn't even answer,
>I use all kinds of shades of red

She is among the worst communicators I've ever seen on the internet, it seems impossible to have a logical conversation with her. This is how that should look

>Hey what did you use to get that red around your eyes?

>Ah I used any red makeup product name, just pick one, Lori thank you for asking!

No. 88509

File: 1586660735077.jpeg (305.3 KB, 1241x1494, 7E17EE12-DA65-446E-9210-FEA136…)

No. 88510

File: 1586660765714.jpeg (326.96 KB, 1242x1659, AD845221-3FE1-45A2-BAAE-274332…)

No. 88512

Looool Kevin looks high as shit

No. 88524

He doesn’t look thrilled because he is squeezing socks. She bought a expensive bra that doesn’t fit and he told her to put socks in them lol. Don’t know what made her buy something when she literally has just nipples for boobs.

No. 88570

Blurry and creepy.

No. 88722

File: 1586811382530.jpg (251.07 KB, 1027x1280, IMG_20200413_135307_093.jpg)

I found this rather mature photo of Lori when I went through her tagged photos. This was taken at anime expo by that Gil Photography guy in Instagram.

No. 88730

She looks much more convincing here.

No. 88733


Wow. Even with the shadow covering half of her face, her age is definitely showing in her features. It’s still a good photo, but she looks too mature to be that character.

No. 88737

File: 1586821228693.webm (10.26 MB, 640x360, VID_20200413_162823_567.webm)

I also saw her and Kev in this Anime Expo 2019 highlights video lol around 32-33 seconds. I'll also provide a shorter clip in my next post.

No. 88738

File: 1586821271947.webm (1.14 MB, 640x360, VID_20200413_163114_217.webm)

Loool remember when the still photo from this came out?

No. 88778

Muh back painz

No. 88816

This picture is 1000% better than anything she posts. She actually looks good here.

No. 88923

Agreed. She’s still unfortunate looking but this is better than the nightmare fuel she posts religiously.

No. 88986

File: 1587007613429.jpeg (167.35 KB, 828x1065, A8F0E34A-7EE9-451A-8482-5DBE28…)

No. 88989

Press X to doubt
She's got eyes like piss holes in the snow.

No. 89016

File: 1587036165111.jpeg (242.79 KB, 485x428, 52505635-2E2C-42F9-9A1E-B2FC26…)

What a thing to say when you edit your eyes like this

No. 89026

File: 1587043380225.gif (492.44 KB, 500x374, 4A5FFA43-29A2-4A99-9BD0-75E864…)

And you can always see red lines on the whites of her eyes. It’s scary. Must be from wearing cheap contacts.

No. 89065

>31 seconds in

Kevin looks massive. they both look so awful and too old to be these characters.

No. 89103

Does she really think anyone believes that she doesn't edit these stupid photos? "Good lighting" doesn't enlarge your eyes eight times larger than they are naturally.

No. 89132

she'll never get any paypigs with this attitude.

No. 89536

File: 1587558285095.jpg (371.19 KB, 1080x1727, Screenshot_20200422-222355__01…)

Usagi Kou makes a comeback. I must admit this is preferable to her neverending Zero Two variations

No. 89540

Agreed, the pastel and wig suit her. That neon green top just throws that compliment out the window though.

No. 89640

File: 1587610006114.jpg (235 KB, 1024x1280, IMG_20200422_163551_292.jpg)

She said this was Zelda cosplay

No. 89649


Blonde suits her, she really needs to buy a laptop and a proper editing program though since she is literally melting at various points in this image, particularly where her leg meets the carpet

No. 89650

File: 1587616607371.jpeg (470.13 KB, 1242x1487, DDAE6269-C4A9-425E-9F93-7CA84F…)

Michael Jackson.

No. 89651

File: 1587616783454.jpeg (348.71 KB, 1242x1545, 331B1A67-286C-4756-AA1B-65D3B2…)

Lori is lurking.

No. 89652

Other than the dumb red eye makeup, this looks pretty good. Usagi def suits her better.

No. 89660

I agree with your sentiments on an emotional level

She's not the epitome of attractive but this really isn't it. Her real face is so much better than this MJ cosplay…

I mean, definitely. But I'm dumb please explain.

No. 89663

File: 1587628598040.png (504.79 KB, 576x398, instavsreality.png)

The mostly unshooped Kevin next to her really gives it away how edited her face is here. Her eyes are straight up blurry compared to his. kek. Must be their "apartment lighting".

Does she wear costume lens all the time? Her eyes always seem extremely bloodshot and irritated.

No. 89664

I dont understand how she can still look so atrocious with editing. It's not even the way she edits, it's just…her face. It's like trying to use meitu on an old woman, it just doesn't work.

No. 89666

I think it’s mostly her very accentuated plane white woman features. These apps are made for asians in particular. She should have more luck with apps more used by westerners maybe like Facetune. I personally think she would look a lot more appealing with a more mature non cutesy look and better make up. The animu waifu wannabe thing clashes too hard with such a mature face and does her no favors

No. 89722

I feel like confiscating her Snow app because she has no idea how to use the beautify features at. all.
Lori no one believes this because your iris size is as big as Kevin's eyeballs. The app enlarged your right eye bigger than it did the left one, making your eyes look crooked on your face. Are you fucking stupid? Of course you are. Because you can't even color correct your bleached orange eyebrows, makes it look like you're a ginger underneath that bad wig. Also look how thick your neck is from elongating it, looks like Hulk Hogan.

No. 89731

Lori, you should go back to Usagi. Blonde suits you very well. Besides, when I think of Usagi cosplayers, I always think you.

No. 89733

Is she gonna be parading around being the IRL Zelda next and go harass other Zelda cosplayers next?

No. 89736

my current fantasy is to peg her faggot of a boyfriend while she watches

No. 89740

Kek, that’s why she let Kevin bleach his hair. Watch her force him to dress in all green

No. 89748

And force him to not speak except grunt?

No. 89756

The filters are drawing her eyeballs onto her eyelids in this photo. This fear of aging via filters is not a good look.

No. 89758

I don’t think she cares what other people think so long as SHE thinks it looks realistic.

No. 89763

ot but it's not the fact she's white, it's the fact she can't help but turn all the sliders up into uncanny valley territory. I know plenty of Westerners who use meitu and they don't look like an abomination.

No. 89768

If she does, it means that the "title" of irl Zero Two will be open for another cosplayer, and Lori will sit back in jealousy looking at not only attractive, younger Zero Two cosplayers, but the hundreds of beautiful Zelda cosplayers as well

No. 89774

Zero Two as Zelda again. Why does she keep doing the red eyeliner?

No. 89779

She’s irl Zero Two cosplaying Zelda

No. 89782

Because according to her she invented that look, the creators of Darling in the Franxx found her selfies, and Zero Two was modeled after her.

No. 89823

He face and neck and completely wonky and asymmetrical. I would’ve been so embarrassed to post this if I were her! Maybe she needs real contacts. Eyesight starts to go once you get older for most people kek

No. 89824

I think whoever posted >>89651 was referring to Lori showcasing the red in her eyes, as mentioned in >>89026

No. 90213

File: 1588055839853.jpg (158.22 KB, 768x960, 95107268_2841434505983801_9107…)

This just looks like a man

No. 90218

Christ, she looks like a tranny.

She's lost a shit ton of older friends on social media over the past year for revealing what a hideous cunt she truly is.

She now lives in an echo chamber wherein every choice she makes is perfect and omgsokawaii. No one left on her social media has the balls to tell her she's fucking gross and continues to make awful choices.

No. 90219

File: 1588059399637.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1600x900, 078DF034-E29E-4A06-BFA5-00FADB…)

I hate myself for making this comparison

No. 90221

lord have mercy, I hate you too because this is way too accurate ewwwwwwww

No. 90244

It’s how she “edits”. It’s not at all complimentary to her natural features.

No. 90397

This is fucking perfect anon.

No. 90431

ok this is amazing

No. 90651

File: 1588387425031.jpg (126.24 KB, 1080x1350, 19534353_480518212290513_72805…)

Okay so I was quarantine bored and decided to see if she actually did the makeup as long as she's claimed… shockingly it looks like she has. Obviously Zero Two's design has obviously nothing to do with her but I could see how she could identify with that part of the character, at least initially.

Anyway the way more interesting thing is that her selfies before ~2018 start to look human again. It's hysterical to see pictures like attached and try to believe her claim of minimal to no editing on current photos. That was minimal filtering, present day is intense reconstructive surgery via apps.

No. 90655

File: 1588387846044.jpg (517.58 KB, 2160x1350, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-wxfL…)

Sorry for samefag- right is from three years ago, I don't understand how anyone but the dumbest of the dumb could believe the left is even close to what she actually looks like.

Also do any anons still have Kevin on FB or did everyone get blocked? I have a hard time believing there haven't been any whiny posts or horrible fights during quarantine.

No. 90841

File: 1588478406688.jpg (196.16 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20200502_205755_380.jpg)

Tbh I kinda envy parts of Lori's 2017 ana body.

Here's a new pic she posted that is hilariously awkward.

No. 90842

neck yourself.

No. 90875

Wtf? Nothing about her ana little boy body is attractive. Pls get therapy.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 90879

Blowing out her cheeks to try and look younger, dumb baby pose, check

She looks a lot better when she's not trying to look like a cute child, she has the image of a sexy anime baddie, not a lolita. The blonde and blue look a lot better than the "cute" pink and these pieces of digital art.

However she is still an asshole however she looks, but this whole thing blatantly doesn't suit her actual face and proportions. Just another belle wannabe now.

No. 90881

This photo makes me sad and angry all at once.

No. 91093

File: 1588638477600.png (2.15 MB, 1626x1192, jesuschrist.png)


"What do you even call this face? Ive been making it a lot, I just call it bratt baby face. BBF! #babygirl"

Just a reminder that Lori is 35 years old.

Looks like she's really pandering to pedophiles now. What a piece of shit human she is.

No. 91106


No. 91112

Why does this ugly, wrinkly old thot think anyone looking up jfashion tags would wanna see this shit? Jfashion girls aren't going to pay for your fugly photosets or your patreoj, Loony Lori

No. 91138

That, and this isn't even "jfashion" it's the Western weeb AliExpress knock off equivalent. I'm surprised she doesn't shop in the "kawaii" section of dollskill tbh. It's practically a stereotype nowadays.

No. 91147

Oh she does. She just posted ugly ass white boots she got from dolls kill on her story the other day.

Lori just does whatever she sees someone else do, in this case Belle. It doesn’t surprise me that someone who has skinwalked fictional characters their whole life would skinwalk actual human beings. It’s sad because Lori is middle aged and doesn’t even know who she is deep down. She’s a shallow person with a shit attitude. She’s tried to put out a (fake) “nice” body-positive persona like other sex workers but she just can’t help herself and has to resort to being an asshole.

No. 91148

Lmfao “#e-girl aesthetic”

No. 91197

That’s where she is selling herself short. She has the potential to make a lot of money if she would just stop with fucking child cosplays. Like 35 is still young, but it’s not young enough to portray 6-13 year old children. She needs do more mature sexy Lolita stuff not this baby Lolita shit that personally she was never into when she was younger. I can tell zero two does not keep the dicks wagging enough to pay for her photos hence why she trying other things, yet still trying to incorporate zero two. She needs to just go blonde start buying exotic lingerie/ different characters with different hair colors makeup and allow people to request what they want to see. She doesn’t no what she is doing. The innocent childlike look is very 1990s/ early 2000 fetishes that luckily have changed out because to be honest it’s gross. People want a strong bad ass woman who is sexy and handles her shit, but looks feminine and like a young adult. Like do some fucking bondage stop trying to be bell Delphine your not a teenager anymore. Make your own brand, make people want to buy your shit not copy like she used to hate people did. Imagine selling your pussy, ass, and tits online and no one is paying for it …. yeah think about that Lori it’s saying a lot. Grow the fuck up and start doing shit that women do not trying to be 12.

No. 91228

She only has 14 patrons, no wonder she was saying shit like >>88986

Bitch is getting desperate so she cranked up her editing and still no one wants to pay to see her haggard skeleton pretending to be an uwu soft baby egirl

I wonder if her and Kevin are struggling financially and that's why she had to go begging for a WoW subscription for him? inb4 they resort to making shitty femdom porn so she can finally make a profit off abusing him instead of doing it for free

No. 91236

I don't think she's accepted her real life looks or age for some time. Not while she can live in the pretend land of snow filters and insincere compliments. She's also found a new face she can make that doesn't show her missing teeth or age lines. Too bad it's extremely unflattering. Despite all that, there still would be a market for her type if she had decent photography and took pics somewhere other than the same two corners of her apartment. People want authenticity these days and would likely embrace her 'flaws' if they weren't coated in shitty filters. She's still a decent looking woman underneath it all. Being an abrasive asshole isn't making her any friends either. Who's going to want to promote someone like her? Her haters should rejoice as her own actions keep her broke and irrelevant, despite potential for more.

No. 92020

I think it's hilarious that she used to freak out about people "cosplaying as her" because she's just that much of a narcissist, but now she's literally cosplaying as Belle Delphine. The irony is real.

No. 92385

File: 1589089955580.jpg (566.23 KB, 1080x1506, Screenshot_20200510-155130__01…)

Here's a recent from Lori, I swear she gives her age away hard with outfits like this

No. 92386

Samefag. She must be scrambling for patreons, because she just did an autistic ahegao video where she looks like a Mardi gras reject. I long for her Sailor Moon skinwalking days with each passing post https://imgur.com/a/78IbxgC

No. 92404

She at least showed some class in those days.

No. 92418

She looks like an actual clown

No. 92420

File: 1589117998040.webm (591.92 KB, 960x1200, ft6OWTM.webm)

reuploading as this is an imageboard

No. 92424

Lmao please Lori has never had an ounce of class. Sure, she looked okay but she was a huge piece of shit to everyone around her. She's just more desperate now.

No. 92699


Pedophiles who love clowns - that's a special niche you're going for, Lori.

35 years old and a low-rent, aging e-thot who never graduated high school. What an accomplishment. I wonder if her family is proud of her. Better yet, I wonder if Kevin's nice Mormon family is proud of her. She must be a delight at family gatherings.

No. 92771

Pure horror. the filter on her eyes is freaking out

No. 93022

Soz, I had no clue how to embed the the vid. I tried doing it the same way you do you with yt but all I got was an error

No. 93207

You just have to convert the mp4 to a webm file and then upload that to the board.

No. 93894

File: 1589670167148.png (1.05 MB, 1280x2290, SeeW0FmNzUmHp.png)

Lol she's always so bitchy to people. Why doesn't she just make Kevin do the juicing for her?

No. 93899

I'm sure Kevin's thrilled she's saying things like "I don't mind price" when it's his money she's spending

No. 93919

File: 1589684880787.jpg (92.31 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20200516_200618_792.jpg)

New tagged photo. Idk why she edits her face so much. She looks fine. Muh tiny noses tho.

No. 93970

>Ahegao-ing it up to beg for pennies on the internet
>Buys $9 juice just to ree about minimum wage workers during a pandemic
Imagine if she had even one brain cell

No. 93978

She looks 40

No. 93984

>Asks if people can recommend somewhere that won’t lie or steal from you; only cares about integrity
>posts and charges for images that are completely altered, filtered, and photoshopped to the point that she becomes unrecognizable, uncanny valley

Also that response to the commenter, Jesus Christ. She can’t help but be a fucking cunt 24/7.

No. 94027

I mean she's 37 or 38 by now so of course. Who knew she'd turn into a middle aged Karen screaming at fast food workers though?

No. 94234

This is already photoshopped lol. Around the eyes and the chin.

No. 94236

Thanks anon
It's genuinely frightening the stark difference between her uploads and candids. Despite being uncanny valley territory they look like two different people of two different ethnicities. She looks a lot less creepy here, although she'll never give up the snow until she accepts her age. This has been said before but she needs to stop skinwalking anime teens.

No. 94243

Wow, the way that she acts makes it easy to forget that she's about to be over the hill. It's crazy that she's been stirring the pot for like 20 years and hasn't changed a bit beyond which man she's abusing and which chinese cartoon she's obsessed with. Lord knows she'll probably spend the next 20 years trying to recapture her long-gone Queen Bitch of Cosplay infamy.

No. 94252

Nitpick but Lori just turned 35. Her birthday was in April and she was born in 1985.

No. 94302

She’s middle aged and walking around like she’s 20. It looks absolutely ridiculous. She’s going to end up on doctor Phil as one of those embarrassing moms who can’t act their age lol

No. 94304

Samefag but how old is Kevin? I know there’s a large age gap but I am curious what his exact age is.

No. 94328

35 isn't particularly old, but by that point you should have something to show for the ~15 years you've had to learn how to be an adult. What's the point of even living if every day is a repeat of the same miserable Cluster B NEET antics? Farmers beware- Lori is what happens when your youthful appearance is your only redeeming quality.

It will be interesting to see what happens when she does enter her 40's and no amount of filters will disguise her age. Wouldn't be surprised if she became suicidal or tried to get pregnant so she could have a surrogate Lori to control.

No. 94334

File: 1589819711089.png (9.52 MB, 1242x2208, 120539D9-5302-4F9B-B2DB-3D66E2…)

No. 94339

Kevin is 26, turning 27 in October according to his Facebook. Born in 1993.

No. 94347

Is this a self post? Lori didn’t post this on any of her social media that I can see. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

No. 94357

Lol you're right that it isn't on any of her social media accounts. At first I thought it was the pic she posted on her insta story yesterday but it isn't. Maybe it's from her Facebook and someone who is friends with her posted it here. I'm not FB friends with her so I can't see everything she posts. I hope it was a self post though.

No. 94387

Might be a way to find out who of her friends talks about her here?
Post a picture on Facebook that’s visible for only a few select people. If it ends up here, she’s got a pretty good guess who posted it.

But I’m hoping for a self-post, kek

No. 94424

It’s a good way to thin the herd.

No. 94472

Lori can I be your Facebook friend?

No. 94482

Hi Kevin(hi cow)

No. 94514

File: 1589885983405.png (1.43 MB, 828x1792, ED240D46-5681-4EFD-9A2F-0AC33E…)

Lori bitching about a company she tagged in one of her insta pics using her image to promote contacts and in the comments she’s still doing shit she did twenty years ago- sending her ‘minions’ to fight her battles. Hopefully people are grown enough to not do the hags bidding.

No. 94599

What the hell is going on with her face?

No. 94683

wish i knew but just noticed her head was reduced to the same width as her neck kek

No. 94835

Can confirm this was a self post. It was not posted to Facebook. Lori is beyond obsessed with this thread.

No. 94859

File: 1589994515942.jpg (879.5 KB, 1207x2145, envious.jpg)

guys you gotta stop this nitpicking and envy my genetics already fuck

No. 94888

File: 1590001385720.jpg (429.85 KB, 1080x1731, Screenshot_20200520-120158_Ins…)

Her new white suit came in.

No. 94901

I’m fucking screeching

No. 94902


Lol, this is the same bodysuit Mariah Mallad trashed a while ago: >>>/pt/774319

So she was probably big mad because not only her ex-calf Colette has this ugly thing but also Lori, with whom she had beef in the past.

No. 94931

I know it makes sense to have a crotch zipper so you can still piss, but I hate that it means they 100% fuck in their costumes

No. 94996

Damn it anon, somethings you just can't unsee

No. 95005


i don’t like how visible that crotch zipper is, like if she wears that at a con there are going to be people who 100% assume it’s for sex

No. 95044

File: 1590057086888.jpeg (81.93 KB, 828x319, 1E837AB2-9AC7-4585-86BC-F2D5C6…)

Isn’t Lori notorious for hosting orgies at cons anyways?

Also OT but she posted this the other day and I just can’t with her logic. Yeah Lori, that’ll show em. They will definitely know the reason you’re wearing a micro bikini is because people aren’t wearing face masks. Fucking idiot.

No. 95054

Anything to get her non-existent tits out with a thinly veiled excuse to in theory accumulate asspats. Like you said there's no correlation, but I'm sure Lori will be blurting it out everytime she comes into contact with someone. It's baffling this is a 35 year old woman.

No. 95101

File: 1590088172432.jpg (510.02 KB, 1511x2015, 99078093_10163447736645431_593…)

here we go

No. 95102

File: 1590088199176.jpg (47.57 KB, 720x960, 99293494_10163447692985431_581…)

No. 95103


No. 95104

File: 1590088228172.jpg (73.16 KB, 719x960, 99131946_10163447693085431_814…)

No. 95105

File: 1590088250664.jpg (74.04 KB, 741x960, 98313565_10163447693030431_779…)

No. 95106

File: 1590088280741.jpg (159.2 KB, 1440x975, 98323378_10163446231225431_190…)

also from facebook Lori circa 2003

No. 95108

File: 1590088394690.jpg (191.59 KB, 1440x1106, 98301567_10163440941160431_621…)

Why the pasties…

No. 95109


It's on her personal FB too from the same date it was posted here

No. 95139

File: 1590096641501.png (345.41 KB, 352x443, 0008790.png)

Did Lori gain weight or is this suit just heinously unflattering? Girls got as many rolls as Shayna here.

No. 95146

if you wanna show your boy tits in public fucking own that shit, don't use people not wearing masks as an excuse lmao

No. 95150

Lmao after all that it looks horrible! The fit is terrible and even though she's not fat, she looks like an overstuffed sausage. Plus is it already stained or ripped in the chest area?

What a cunt. I sincerely wonder if it's even possible for Lori to think of anyone but herself. Not even exaggerating, I don't think she's ever put anyone's well-being before her own in her whole life.

No. 95151

She's been gradually gaining weight for a few months now. You can really see it in her hips and thighs. She has to arch back farther and stretch more in order to maintain a flat stomach in pics now. I started noticing it sometime in the winter.

No. 95152

File: 1590100596237.jpeg (328 KB, 1192x1815, E2A10EF6-312A-4171-95F6-DE8B60…)

No. 95155

Kevin don't piss on it.

No. 95174

First off, looks like she was big mad she couldn't get the toebeanies socks. These look rough compared. Surprised she hasn't thrown a fit and if she has it's one of the cosplayers Danielle mentioned if now blacklisted from harassing DMs. I wish I saved those stories the other day now that I see this thread.

And that's a bralette with those sewn on top. It's a style. Avocados, burgers, hotdogs, vacation slang, palmtrees are all emoji tops and bralette they make for girls. Usually with the other being sheer.

No. 95175

Nah, it's about Vamplette, but Lori. I highly doubt Moo even remembers this girl. I keep forgetting she is even a thing unless I see the thread bumped. Lori wishes she was relevant enough for people to get jealous about things she can fit in to. She has body joints which aren't sexy and get a flabby stomach. Small ass completely makes sense though. Like a slightly plumper Hank Hill Moo has going on.

No. 95215

Or don't, because human decency kek

No. 95312

The some of the colors seem off, like the gloves and sides, really dark.

No. 95315

she cant be for real with that face shoop right? the right eye looks like its sliding off her face she looks so downs, and she brightened her contacts so much compared to the rest of her dark eye, reminds me of a poor skyrim mod or something similar you know?

No. 95386

File: 1590220837300.jpg (257.59 KB, 1080x1203, Screenshot_20200523-180045__01…)

I fully see what you mean anon

No. 95404

I don’t know why people think latex is so good for zero two

Her suit is best when it’s actually sewn (Not printed) and has more than 1 type of fabric for the side panels and gloves and stuff

No. 95443

can u post an example?

No. 95464

Not the same anon but it doesn’t take rocket science to know realistic details sewn on by hand would be better than cheaply printed on latex.

No. 95538

File: 1590276265598.jpg (180.25 KB, 972x1296, 461233_10151711631175431_51781…)

ah yes irl zero two, not a wine mum irl

No. 95566

Isn't this her in her younger days too anon?

No. 95583

An atrocity.

No. 95628

File: 1590310980387.jpg (1.82 MB, 1902x1887, karenphase.jpg)

this was post usagi-skinwalking, just before her hatsune miku/deer girl phase. she had seemingly a period of normalcy, even almost did a zooey deschanel period.
these are all available on her facebook and each hair colour coincides with whatever anime she's shitposting about at the time. this is all pre-kevin, so i personally tinfoil he ignited some new second wind of cosplay fervour within her.
she knows what she looks like. you can see her fumbling around with editing like a baby giraffe for a fair period before she discovered snow too. went from 0-100
I'll drop some examples. tl;dr envy these genetics etc. but she seemed ALMOST normal for a period. i think her envy of the younger e-thots makes her want to re live what she sees as her "glory days" when in reality she is, and always will be, the most basic bitch ever. without an image in front of her to emulate she looks like the next woman her age.

No. 95640

Her regular fashion choices remind me of outdated wet seal meets mom-at-local-dive-bar-on-Saturday-night.

No. 95644

Thanks for the trip down memory lane anon. Although I must admit the next woman likely has her own identity, something Lori is sorely lacking.

No. 95655

Tbh I liked her fashion sense back then. It was tasteful especially when you compare it to what she is “wearing?” now.

No. 95702

File: 1590340187051.jpg (444.71 KB, 1080x1318, Screenshot_20200524-190912__01…)

No. 95756

Tragic. Can only imagine how well this will age lol

No. 95769

his FACE.

the drawings on his stupid ahegao shirt look more human than he does here.

No. 95803

File: 1590373758483.jpg (22.76 KB, 202x193, images (3).jpg)

I see no difference

No. 95895

Dude, what? Minus the first pic and the Usagi one she literally looks like every mom from my hometown that drinks Heinekens and listens to Pat Benatar lmfao

No. 95905

Bottom row second from left, she looks like the psycho obsessed villain in a Lifetime movie.

No. 95944

Kek, or the home wrecking secretary in a novela

No. 95957

File: 1590424869572.jpeg (121.83 KB, 1280x427, 15A4054D-563F-416F-94D0-48DC87…)

It honestly makes me laugh that Lori can’t help but act like a miserable entitled middle aged “Karen”, right down to feeling the need to complain endlessly on social media about customer service. She truly is a hag.

No. 96015

Wow…she IS a Karen.

No. 96108


Lori has ALWAYS been an angry, petty, and bitter egomaniac. She's a terrible human being.

She's always had a bad temper and comedically unwarranted ego. She's always been envious and resentful of other people. She's always had an overly inflated and fragile ego. She's always been a trashy and attention-seeking jackass. She's always had a nasty Cluster B personality that drives good people away. She's always thrown childlike shitfits when reality reminds her that she's a delusional, run-of-the-mill cunt.

Lori is a loser who, at 35 years old, has accomplished nothing in her unremarkable life - no education, no career, no family, no purpose, no achievements to be proud of. Because she's a spiteful narcissist, Lori will eventually end up alone - as she deserves. In the meantime, people only stay in her life because she's an endless source of entertainment.

Thanks for all the laughs over the years, Lori.

No. 96143

Can confirm every word of this.

No. 96157

Ngl I wish I had the privilege of watching Lori in her natural habitat during her glory days, you guys are blessed kek.

No. 96210

I’ve followed Lori since the livejournal days and it truly is remarkable how little she has changed. That being said, I wonder about the toll her attitude must be taking on Kevin’s mental health. She is grooming him and in the process he has lost his sights. Like a classic manipulator she has successfully cut him off from his family and friends. I’m a bit sad for him because once Lori leaves him for the next better thing she can find he is going to be depressed and alone with no support.

No. 96223

He can spend his nights crying over the zerotwo suit he pissed on.

No. 96255

File: 1590530689818.gif (258.63 KB, 330x200, 200.gif)

Honestly Kevin fucking sucks too. I thought the same thing for a long time and I was really hoping he would get out… but I think he's just as bad as her. He's shallow and petty and just gross. They deserve each other.

No. 96269

Can't imagine he'd be sad long. He had much more going for him before meeting her. He went to college, had a future and seemed to be well liked by friends. Now he lives with someone aggressively nasty to friends and strangers alike. Living with her sounds like hell.

Still can't manage to feel sorry for him. If he wants a better life, he needs to do something about it for himself.

No. 96393

Kevin knew who Lori was and despite knowing her easily accessible history of drama, he still decided to pursue a relationship with her. Worse, even after she made him stab himself, chased off all his friends, restricted him from his family, he decided to propose to her.

He can lie in the bed he made.

No. 96394

He decided or did she decide he should propose? Didn’t she insinuate that Scott proposed to her even though he didn’t? Old milk but got a feeling past is repeating itself to a lesser and more disturbing degree.

No. 96398

She probably forced him to propose but he still went along with it. Even before the sad "official" proposal at Expo last year they were referring to themselves as fiance. He didn't even have a ring when he did it.

Old milk is repeating and is definitely more disturbing now. But imo feeling sorry for Kevin ended for most of his friends when he took Lori back after the stabbing.

No. 96416

File: 1590618005061.jpeg (47.3 KB, 480x640, 76D0C231-A8A3-4F74-A4F8-D87866…)

Who was this boyfriend? I vaguely remember him from livejournal times. He was the boyfriend-forced-to-be-mamochan replacement for Scott, and I believe after she was with Ender but could have been before. Is there any milk?

No. 96417

The older pictures make it obvious she started going for a flat chest look on purpose to look younger, her figure looks normal and the flat loli chest look shes pushing now.

No. 96425


Pretty sure that Mamochan was Josh. I vaguely remember him after the Ender drama - kakashi_yuushi on lj? I don't recall any milk, he was just another blip on her fuck-radar.

On another note, seriously don't waste your sympathy on Kevin. He's a big boy who can make his own shitty life choices.

No. 96453

You are correct this is Josh a guy she dated who was younger than her and was not able to buy alcohol lol. She was 21 or 22 at the time and she got caught buying him alcohol and went to jail for a night until daddy bailed her out. This was the beginning of her dating young boys who she could mold into the anime character she was currently skin walkings SO. Unfortunately Scott was the only legit Mamoru she ever had it just never worked the same when the kou klan broke up. Her husband Steven or ex hubby was the only one who manage to get her to love herself that she was normal for a good few years until he left her. Rikki pretty much was her terrible personality as a man and he ruled her and then came along kevin who is the most spineless of them all and allowed her to get her abusive power back but 10x worse.

No. 96479

File: 1590645083481.png (45.99 KB, 275x260, 1564989470995.png)

And I was hoping the Muffdiver was gonna make another appearance in this thread.

No. 96523

WHO IS THIS LOL the sunglasses omfg

No. 96595

File: 1590706018478.png (8.04 MB, 1242x2208, 803374AD-D763-4354-8668-AAC92C…)

Her eyes aren’t as huge maybe she been lurking lately ?

No. 96597

Lori will never fix her rotted personality, but she will take tips from here sometimes (such as fixing her hair color for Zero Two).

No. 96668

A narc like her? She lurks the thread daily.

No. 96909

Lurking? Please this cosplay relic practically posts the pics for us. We're essentially the only people who actually remember her for her glory days that don't know and pity her irl.

We may not like her, but who does she have outside of us? Horny old men who only know her because she posts ludes and normal people who probably only remember her once every few years in a nostalgic "what happened to her" way. It's grim man.

No. 97201

File: 1590981917146.jpg (55.03 KB, 798x1279, IMG_20200531_191451_408.jpg)

We will never see this peed-on suit again but have this throwback

No. 97371

Why did she have to re-edit the photographer’s photo? It hurts my eyes!

No. 97397

kevin took that one so it's fine!

No. 97598

File: 1591058052368.jpg (82.91 KB, 1280x837, IMG_20200601_173254_025.jpg)

I am crying with laughter. "I thought about different photos, maybe all the photos with my friends of color," Man I miss Kevin posts SO MUCH.

No. 97608

>I'm not a racist guys I have friends who aren't white!
fucking kek

No. 97613

This is rich considering Lori is known for spouting off racist insults to those who displease her and openly supports problematic brands like dollskill… maybe you should start with her and check her racist ass as a civil duty to society lmao

No. 97614

Also take note that Lori hasn’t made a single post supporting the movement on any of her pages but found time to slap her clown makeup on and take selfies. Very telling. I’m sure once she lurks and sees this she will retweet the first thing she finds to look like she gives a fuck when we all know she really doesn’t.

No. 97694

bro wtf happened she got so tubby. seriously all these years and I've never seen her this fat. sitting on her ass taking photos and having kevin work for her mcnugget has taken its toll
or maybe it's just her age showing. cue the incoming warped to fuck backgrounds when she eventually has to learn to photoshop herself thinner. keep up lori, it's been in style since 2012. your age really is showing

No. 97724

anon, she's in an ill-fitting latex(?) white suit. She doesn't look tubby to me, especially given the pose. She does look pathetic, as usual.

No. 97746

There are some people in this thread who will hate on Lori no matter what she does. Her body looks fine. That suit is just extremely unflattering.

No. 98284

File: 1591286296444.jpg (73.5 KB, 791x1280, IMG_20200604_085843_296.jpg)

Lol thanks Lori

No. 98291

She’s so woke.

No. 98308

And yet she will probably continue to promote and purchase from Dolls Kill and do nothing to support the movement because let’s be honest Lori doesn’t give a fuck about anything that is beyond her own vain wants. She will ragepost about concentrate juice but doesn’t say shit for BLM. Fuck this stupid fake ass ally.

No. 98318

>casual and comfy
>"I rolled out of bed looking this way, teehee~"

Lmao, general grievance but egirls need to stop acting like they didn't just spend hours on their hair and makeup and then squeezing themselves into street fash clothes just to call it "casual." You don't look laid back nor low maintenance.

No. 98396

Funny shes pretending because if a black person disagreed with her or called her out, she would for sure call them slurs Lol.
Just like that girl who was chubby. She kept calling fat while saying she wasn't for body shaming

No. 98406

She also used to make fun of black cosplayers. There's a screenshot somewhere in one of these threads from a long time ago on one of those cosplay websites where a black girl asks her for advice on cosplaying Usagi and Lori's reply was "you're black? xD" or something like that.

No. 98428

Or when she told Sonya she was going to call ICE on her for posting in a previous thread.

No. 98526

File: 1591364040592.jpeg (93.45 KB, 684x674, 86FDDB42-41B4-4D11-AD69-3FB8CE…)

Why her feet look like dirty ass raisins

No. 98709

Especially hilarious because Lori is Mexican

No. 98720

I thought she was part Chilean or some other south American country? Not Mexican.

No. 98974

File: 1591563528862.png (1.9 MB, 1596x1280, RedPeeSuit.png)

Did she get a new red suit or is she wearing the pee suit? I don't think these are old pics because her hair isn't bright pink like it was when she was wearing the red suit full time.

No. 98979

She has no ass and that face she's pulling makes her look retarded
Also good job skinwalking with those long ass blonde parts

No. 98984

This is a printed suit, guessing she got it to replace the piss suit. These printed suits can be cheaper so that's probably why.

No. 99134


Lori hasn’t been milky or even worthy of the cow crown in quite some time. She’s probably starting to chill out in her old age and is maybe working on herself. Ya’ll have been nitpicking on scraps and decades old sour milk for months.
Kevin posts however are the fresh milk I crave. I only lurk here when someone is able to post his ridiculousness. Keep them coming anon

No. 99336

How is Lori working on herself? She has no career or accomplishments in life other than whoring herself on patreon. You're delusional.

No. 99342

This, and saying she's "chilled out" like she wasn't just being a typical karen not that long ago among plenty of other shit

No. 99356

LOL have you even read this thread? She’s had a few quiet days but she has definitely been just as much of a psycho narcissistic bitch as she ever was. She’s just as pathetic as she was ten years ago, if not more so for the fact that she’s older and still acting exactly how she did back in the day with the livejournal drama if not worse.

No. 99367

She is part Chilean (her dad is full) and her mom is Irish.

No. 99370

File: 1591671156446.jpg (136.42 KB, 784x1280, IMG_20200608_173112_205.jpg)

Join my patreon

No. 99371

Love that she covered her face with the nask, because she didn't shave her chin down so you get a better idea of the real placement of her features on her face lol

No. 99377


LOL have you? It’s mostly nitpicking commentary from all you thirty something’s hitting the repeat button on Lori’s greatest hits from 16 years ago. She’s a delusional, narcissist that snows her photos like every other weeb cos-thot, but she is no longer milky. She’s been diligent in keeping her dramu relatively private, and it’s been a year since she’s been a predatory cunt to other insta cos-thots. This thread has been evaporated milk for a while. Kevin awkwardly posting about his one black friend is the most interesting contribution added to this thread in five months. Keep flicking your bean to golden-age cosplay dramu, and high-fiving yourself on your banal critiques each time she posts a new version of the same pink photo over and over again. BIG KEK.

No. 99395

Nah man it’s plenty entertaining to watch her rage post about Jamba Juice (instead of like, you know, stuff that matters in her country happening like BLM), or lying about knowing someone struggling with corona to get Kevin a free subscription to WoW. The self posts, the shoop, and the skinwalking. It was all entertaining to watch back then and it still is now. If you don’t like it then get the fuck off of the thread instead of sperging.

No. 99427

Ntayrt but I check in for Lori imposed self harm mark 2. It was only last year Loonie forced Kevin to carve a hole in his leg and I've got this persistent concern it'll happen again. I hope not but I've got next to no faith in the sanity of their relationship despite them keeping things under wraps. That and it's kind of surreal to watch a 35 year old woman shoop herself into a loli ngl.

I agree with most of the statement. I just resent the idea everyone has to post about BLM like it's a mandatory part of the human experience, crutial to having social media, or even representative of most people's views. I do think it obviously says a lot about Lori though, none of which we weren't already aware. We've all seen her "The Japanese actress who played Usgai' is ugly, her features are too Japanese" sperg.

No. 99431


“It was only last year Loonie forced Kevin to carve a hole in his leg”

Old milk is fucking old.

"The Japanese actress who played Usgai' is ugly, her features are too Japanese"

Didn’t she say that in 2002? Your age is showing. This thread is a circle jerk of thirty five year olds who love hating on an emotionally stunted thirty five year old woman child because it makes them feel good that they’re only doing a hair or two better in their faded middle age than she is.

Post current, real milk or gtfo. This regurgitated, curdled milk is so fucking weak.

No. 99435

why you wking so hard anon? just hide the thread kek

personally the older she gets the milkier, she's trying to compete with teenage egirls and the desperation is palpable.
also since when the fuck did 35 become middle aged???? you sound like a pickme coolgirl lmao enjoy your life with that mindset

No. 99437


Ackchually, Dj Dramu Ranma said that on Lori’s Facebook. Lori didn’t say it.

No. 99438


Her last Karen tiered complaint about Jamba Juice was May 15th. George Floyd was murdered May 25th. The Marches, protests, and internet virtue signaling happened two days later. Lying to back up your nitpicking? Come anon, be a better farmer than this.

No. 99439


Big yawn. Okay grandma.

No. 99495

These posts SCREAM Kevin hahaha especially the ‘do better’ instigating.

Either you are him, or you’re a retard like him. You can simply leave the thread instead of having an autistic meltdown.

No. 99507

I'm in my early twenties kek, imagine not knowing what a video footage is. "Anon", last year's sperg out was top tier fucking insane. You're going to have to try harder than this to stop us from keeping tabs on a middle aged, sociopathic, loli skinwalker. Her brand of autism only gets better observationally with age. Kek, I swear your posts are a little too reminiscent of Looni's spastically consistent levels of unfounded agression.

>Post current, real milk or gtfo. This regurgitated, curdled milk is so fucking weak

You'd have to be about as retarded as Looni to get this worked up about the contents of the thread. Be less transparent next time, because the immediate jump to personal insults and the total inability to greentext is making this shit hilariously obvious.

No. 99514


> the immediate jump to personal insults and the total inability to greentext is making this shit hilariously obvious.

Crying about being personally attacked on a forum dedicated to personal attacks. Kek.

No. 99518


Lori would never be that self aware or self deprecating

No. 99527

Lol! How can anyone personally attack an anon?

No. 99536


You must be new here. If you’re going to have an opposing opinion of any kind, whether it’s rational, factual, or otherwise, prepare to get dragged.

No. 99559

File: 1591745126295.jpg (141.02 KB, 1000x1000, WhateverHappenedToBabyJane.jpg)


Lori is like Chernobyl – acutely toxic in the past to everyone and everything. Lori destroyed so many friendships and relationships over the years that she now has less people in her life to manipulate.

Also like Chernobyl, Lori's toxicity nowadays is more limited to morbidly curious onlookers and fellow narcissists who knowingly want to wade in radioactivity (Kevin).

Lori's sole purpose in life has been to skinwalk as youthful super special and kawaii anime characters. Otherwise, her life is an empty wasteland. Her brand of psychocuntiness doesn't "chill out" with age – if anything, she'll just get worse as she ages. As time passes and reality becomes harder to ignore, Lori's delusions will be challenged more frequently and she'll become even more unstable. The "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?" shitshow is just getting started.

No. 99624

This wk is 100% Kevin. No one else would wk this hard for Lori, but also the typing is a dead giveaway.
>“Post real milk or gtfo”

He has used the term circlejerking in multiple posts, like >>71345 for example. Kevin, you’re not sly, and we’re not stupid. You guys are really that obsessed with this thread aren’t you? You can’t help yourselves and check it obsessively. Y’all are just mad that we didn’t go away when you ignored us. We’re gonna laugh at you regardless. It’s super clear to me that Kevin stopped posting his dramatic Facebook posts because they always end up here, and it’s also super clear to me that Kevin and Lori lurk this thread daily like the narcs they are and Kevin finally hit his triggered tipping point and couldn’t ignore it anymore so he tried to sound like an anon by ever so slightly dragging her but also commenting that she’s “chilled” and improved. Nice try bud.

No. 99653

Im not Kevin, but I applaud you for taking the time to prove otherwise with your hard pushed tin hat theories. I didn’t realize how dedicated some of you were to the Kou Queen. I come here now and then to laugh at their unchecked crazy, but holy fuck, you’re way more crazy and entertaining than anything they’ve posted in a year. Please continue! You have the same cow like, ego fueled, fake narrative pushing energy and enthusiasm that Lori used to have. You’re so much more entertaining than seeing yet ANOTHER boring, cartoon filtered, pink selfie of Lori in the same pose in the same dirty corner of her room. Thanks for the laughs “anon”

No. 99658

A+ comment. I’m not doubting any of that, nor am I defending her PAST actions in anyway. It’s her past lunacy that keeps me lurking here. The point is that she’s been a dried up cow for a year. Yes, we all know she’s a ticking time bomb and reality is going to hit her hard real soon, but she hasn’t blown yet, at least not publicly with receipts. The flood of obsessive nitpicking on her boring “jOiN mY pAtrEoN” posts goes against lolcow standards, and it makes you all look like lifeless clowns.
So again, post actual milk instead of your fanfics of her demise and KouKlan re-runs from 2004, or GTFO.

No. 99660

Also, I’m really impressed by your scholarly knowledge of past Lori and Kevin comments and how quickly you’re able to reference them when needed. It’s almost as if you don’t have much of anything else to do.

No. 99663

I’m a retard like him. You can simply ignore my comments if your autism allows.

No. 99674

No. 99859

File: 1591889123764.jpeg (695.12 KB, 1511x2015, 8CA995D2-A2F7-44B4-9488-9F0066…)

This is so uncomfortable to look at

No. 99911

Ntayrt, but it's because their spergouts are iconic. It's never just a rant or one of them throwing shade, it's always one of them saying something completely outlandish, assuming a popular, loved, and gorgeous cosplayer is copying and/or jealous of Lori or, you know, Kevin pissing all over Lori's Zero Two suit and saying she's batshit insane.

No. 99912

I physically cringed. Sooo gross. Plus Kevin looks like an emo kid from 2006, not cute when you're a grown ass adult

No. 99917

newfag to this thread. why she posing like that in every selfie and always using same mirror/setup lol

also her bf here looks like he's a trunk

No. 99994

File: 1591928991931.jpg (55.2 KB, 400x442, 1350682828060.jpg)


Lori poses the same in nearly every photo because she

1) is afraid to smile due to missing teeth and age lines

2) is a malignant narcissist who spends all day taking heavily shopped photos of herself to look like an anime character

No. 100069

kek that's right, lori is literally a gaptoothed makeup-caked karen larping as a 16 year old girl. kevin looks like a wilted foreskin.
nice fat roll hanging out lori. so much for her wk insisting she's still ana-chan. cope harder

No. 100073

This is straight up fucking gross. The Whoville proportions coupled with the perceivably giant hands and chest hair. I'm continuously astounded at their delusions.

No. 100095

>fat roll
Ana-chan leave

No. 100149

Kevin, where are your nipples.

No. 100157

Why are you even here if your going to complain about what people are posting about loonie new or old? Why are you defending her so hard if your not either Kevin which I’m starting to think you are because of your somewhat twisted loyalty to bashing people, or one of her sheeple who unfortunately at this late age still jacks themselves off for coming to her rescue in hopes that she will suck your dick/finger you. I do slightly agree with people bringing up old 2001-04 drama with her considering that is old and dead and funny when it was relevant, but she still is doing the same shit but worse because she is 35 and trust me most of us have accomplished WAY more since then even graduating high school is more than what she has done in the last 16 years.Recently she was complaining of people sharing her Patreon for a new computer and her friends suggested that she joined only fans only to refuse and say it has a bad rep. I call bullshit on that it’s because she most likely cannot overly photoshop her other content except for her pictures. She has recently been buying a slew of skin care products as well because she feels she is starting to look old which I’m sure she is too bad all the cons were canceled I was waiting to see a picture from someone else’s camera lens lol.

No. 100162

Tell us more about the skincare product spree lmao you can’t start that at 35 and think it’s going to undo years of damage

No. 100167

My complaint is more about how this thread is holding onto her cow history and nitpicking her currently boring, dead content. I see the irony in my wanting to maintain the rules and integrity of a board dedicated to shit talking. There’s also entertainment in watching the most dedicated Lori nitpickers loose their whole entire shit when they’re challenged and write dedicated dissertations on why LoRi iS bAd. I overindulged in the milk you all gave me, and realized that I was wrong. The milk IS still flowing in this thread. Thank you.

No. 100212

File: 1592004708292.jpeg (27.29 KB, 275x245, 1574031818862.jpeg)

hide the thread and move on dumbass

pic related, her antics are pretty fucked. this was 6 months ago. wk harder.

No. 100218

I miss Kevin Facebook posts so much. Either he stopped his lame posts or he finally deleted every last farmer from his friends list. It bums me out that there's so little Kevin content anymore.

No. 100227

File: 1592015269721.jpeg (422.47 KB, 1242x933, 096FFE16-84E6-4B9F-9865-4B864B…)

I know right lol. Well a lot of them gave up in him because Lori computerized his mind to believing that they are a happy couple. Enjoy anon.(emoji)

No. 100228

File: 1592015336163.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1242x1593, 454682C3-6184-4812-8777-7D6DC3…)

Yep he did this lol.

No. 100234

Omg, anon, bless you. Can you please expand this post so we can see the rest? I love these Kevin posts! Lol! Blaming the internet for not having a friend group. I love this. I need to see the rest!

No. 100249

File: 1592024874237.jpeg (431.17 KB, 1242x1153, C9BB5687-E942-43E6-BF3C-4D8CA5…)

No. 100250

No I mean the part in your original screenshot where it says "see more." I want to see what the rest of the original Kevin post says. But the comments are good too. Keep em coming! Thank you!

No. 100269

Is Kevin going for autistic bishie twink or does Lori have control of his phone kek?

No. 100361

>all the ugly ass basic karens that need to get off fb and go for a walk.
Gosh Lori, then go put on your running shoes already lmao. How often they both post on social media and blame other people for their social failures, esp when Lori is mid-30s, is pretty karen-tier.

No. 100435

File: 1592098371249.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1536x2046, 1574887315799.jpeg)

kevinposts will always be my fave. pic related

No. 100442


LORI & KEVIN: Hmm… Why don't we have any friends?
Everyone who knows us thinks we're terrible human beings.
Could it be possible that we are the common denominator in our failed friendships?
Could it be possible that we should take responsibility for our shitty and alienating behavior?
Could it be possible that we have serious psychological issues?
Could it be possible that we are to blame for ruining relationships by abusing and manipulating people?
Should we consider that it may be our fault we don't have friends?

Nah. It must be everyone else's fault."

No. 100488

File: 1592117729297.jpg (373.27 KB, 960x664, kevinwemissyou.jpg)

No. 100493

nice fatshaming, kevin. what a quality guy

No. 100533

I am fucking cackling anon. This is gold.

No. 100548

I liked it when Kevin (or was it Lori?) implied we all eat microwaved tv dinners, and then the very next day Lori made Kevin eat lettuce wraps with chicken that basically looked like rabbit turds placed in wilted romaine leaves. And of course that turned out to be projection anyway cause neither of them ever cook.

No. 100566

File: 1592152745275.png (77.59 KB, 966x302, tildeathkek.png)

just noticed this too, they're giving pam and roy a run for their money kek.
ring on her finger here an engagement ring? dollarstore ruby simulant?
keep fighting evil by moonlight Lori, you'll get there one day. if you're gonna cuck Kevin this bad too at least teach him how to cook for you.

No. 100570

>engaged since 2017

But the Ax 2019 proposal!

How many times have they been "engaged" and then broken up?

No. 100585

This is either their second or third engagement lol.

No. 100641

Weird. Thought this was when they started going out and they got too lazy to change it to whenever he “proposed”.

No. 100719

Fucking KEK
I'm dead thanks anon

No. 100730

File: 1592206100125.jpg (75.51 KB, 774x1280, IMG_20200615_002733_273.jpg)

No. 100763

Both of their hair looks like crusty shit under all the filters, but ok Lori.

No. 100846

I’d love an actual, unphotoshopped and unfiltered high-res picture of their hair.

No. 100853

You can’t model filtered hair. That’s called false advertising.

No. 100861

Please, act your age ffs.

No. 100877

Why is she so obsessed with her hair? It’s 90% of what she talks about

No. 100890

Because she believes that her hair is still “teh awesome even though she has extensions in them because her hair is beyond fried and cannot grow due to the constant bleaching to stay pink. Kevin’s hair is so yellow it looks like he wrung out the zero two costume he pissed on and used it for dye. His hair looks friend to the max as well as the style is very 2006ish scene kid look. Nobody envies their hair except for their own delusional selves.

No. 100941

File: 1592281346453.jpeg (12 KB, 375x400, images (12).jpeg)

>Blonde male wig ebay

No. 100988

My mom had Kevin’s haircut in the 90’s.

No. 101543

File: 1592595209692.jpeg (230.77 KB, 750x765, 4E8A6E57-E89D-49A6-B2C5-9F8FB9…)

No. 101544

File: 1592595261847.jpeg (45.01 KB, 713x228, E8F750E8-7AE0-4E34-A4A5-88FA0F…)

No. 101546

Ooooh Kevin, no. The filters are very obvious. Those aren’t simple touch ups.

No. 101552

File: 1592597530689.png (260.26 KB, 381x363, hellodarkness.PNG)

>"we barely adjust for colors and blemishes (putting editing work into a photo how dare she)"

No. 101567

I sincerely don’t understand how he can claim that Lori isn’t really editing when comparisons like this >>90655 exist. Kevin, we have eyes. We can look at photos from a few years ago and see that they look COMPLETELY different. Unless you want to admit to some intense plastic surgery this claim just gets more and more ridiculous. That or there’s some serious body dysmorphia going on and he thinks they actually look like that?

Also god I will never get over Kevin’s constant griping and bragging about social media followers. Like all he cares about in life is being popular (hint: the friends that Lori is “passing” probably don’t give two shits). I mean clearly it is since he only got with Lori for clout in the first place but it’s just so cringy.

No. 101572

please can we get the comments on these? thank you fb anon, kevinposts are hands down the milkiest shit on this thread

No. 101576

No milky comments on either.
Lori’s post had none
Kevin’s had “haters gonna hate” and someone wanting to go on a double date with them. That’s it.

No. 101580

>”she’s not too old”


No. 101581

Can people make money from cosplay? Is that their goal? Why is he talking like she just graduated college through strife and adversity?

No. 101586

Lots of people make money off a cosplay, it’s very over saturated though and hard to make a living. Especially when you have no talent or aren’t super hot. That has always been Kevin and Lori’s goal

No. 101597

For this story to be true it would require her to look even remotely similar to her photos

No. 101601

Don't forget this little gem where her eyes are literally melting off of her face, among other things KEK >>95386

No. 101603

File: 1592627760028.jpg (261.8 KB, 1080x1702, Screenshot_20200620-142905__01…)

Soz for samefag but the irony in the post really got me. You can't escape from yourself Lori.

Anyone else think she sounds so unnatural it's like reading a wine mum repeating memes she saw on FB to be ~hip~ with the kids?
>How do you do fellow kids?!

No. 101605

I can't stand how she puffs her cheeks out in all her pics now. It is making me irrationally irritated. I don't understand why she does it? Is she trying to look more youthful by having fuller cheeks? It looks so stupid.

No. 101606

You hit the nail on the head. That and I assume it makes her proportions look more natural when editing them to the extreme in Snow. It helps her not traverse alien territory, but not by much.

No. 101609

File: 1592629383347.jpg (588.87 KB, 1080x1702, geneticmiracle.jpg)

found the unfiltered version

No. 101613

File: 1592632260501.jpg (104.62 KB, 858x1280, IMG_20200619_225036_884.jpg)

I hate it so much

No. 101622

This gets me every time anon

No. 101646

Wow the delusion! Is he aware that most people her age arent laying around in Hot Topic outfits taking trash pictures for pennies on the dollar but have degrees, careers, own homes and property and are active members of the community? Whatever she spends on this trash she probably doesnt even come close to profiting off after cost. Is he so unaware that he cant see that's this person is beyond broken?

Yes dude, shes to old for this. It would make more sense if she was making and selling cosplay but that market died out in the US 15 years ago when China snagged it.

>>101567 Clout? Did he not know anything about her? Just curious. Was his goal to join the dregs of the internet?

No. 101660

What app filters are they using? Obviously it’s one that does it in boomerang too lol. Kevin sounds like his brain is about 10 years old. He is basically saying that likes is all you need in life to be successfully… No Kevin it isn’t having amazing friends and family to connect with, a job that makes you happy, having a honest and loving relationship where you respect each other, and being able to love comfortable and explore your surroundings sounds more like the adult dream. I can tell you their future she will continue to age to the point of no return while using filters until she ends up at a con and no one can recognize any of them. So much for fame. As I stated before anyone with a high school education has surpassed her. Your girlfriend is not a unicorn neither are you.

No. 101689

Agreed, I giggle every time

No. 101747

>too many karen's in the world lately
Meanwhile last month she was "Karen"ing out all over FB hard. lmao

No. 101770

Their kind of delusional editing is most likely Snow or another Asian beauty app. And agreed. That sperg is why they're still a point of discussion here. The lack of self awareness in all aspects of their lives is classic cow material. If they were better people I might consider pitying them, rather than popping in for the odd laugh from time to time.

No. 101785

File: 1592755237951.jpeg (106.99 KB, 828x928, FF9A58AF-FC81-448D-BAB5-F9B911…)

Is this bitch still butthurt about Soni? Lori, you are literally so obsessed. Let it go.

Also nice to see the classic fat-shaming Lori is back. So much for her fake-inclusive sex worker persona. Calling someone fat is the only insult she has and it’s so pathetic. Get more creative bitch.

No. 101786

She’s not a string bean anymore so why is she fat shaming? Pot meet kettle.

No. 101818

Lol what's this bitch gonna do when she's getting to be an even older hag and no one gives a shit about her emaciated wrinkled body anymore? Get a job Lori, you're only setting up karma to make yourself feel bad later when all the fresh spring chickens taking over your cosplay dunk on you for being a hasbeen.

No. 101832

We're already there. I only know about her cause Kevin and this thread. Same old worn out shtick from both of them for the last 3 pages. I'm not sure there's much left to keep the interest going even from her haters.

No. 101854

The lack of self-awareness is astounding.

Bitch, you haven't done anything in the 35 years you've been on this damn Earth. You're closer to 40 than 20, so stop acting like you just graduated high school.

No. 101968


lol ok so Lori and Kevin, what have you done to change the very real narrative that "neither of us would ever be anything"?

you are 35 fucking years old, Lori. flashing your micro titties for pedos to pay rent and buy more anime figurines is the opposite of an accomplishment at any age.

these two failures are my favorite soap opera

No. 101975

B-b-but anon! Lori gets likes on her posts! Why would you want to be 35 and a homeowner with a savings account, a retirement plan, and a stable income when you can get LIKES??

No. 102096

File: 1592945475905.jpeg (131.39 KB, 1166x616, 3037E0B1-7584-404F-A512-73389B…)

Lori’s first Suit was holy/fire cosplay to be honest. Replacement appears cheap.

No. 102102

Why is he even bringing this up? Even if it was just a rumor, I’d be embarrassed AF to talk about it!

No. 102120


Lmao! Kevin Facebook posts are such a treasure. He made it sound like he had an accident on the suit when he really pissed on it while angry after another explosive fight with Lori. His post here makes it sound even worse, which is hilarious and I didn't know could be possible. How do you recover from this?

Facebook anon please keep these coming. Are there any replies to this status?

No. 102148

God his ego is so inflated. I wonder if he realises we're the only ones that care about his statuses and it's only for the sake of hilarity? You peed on the suit Kevin, but smooth cover up KEK.

No. 102166

File: 1592980055095.jpeg (496.34 KB, 750x3579, 1592B820-C915-46C4-B179-C028CD…)

No. 102169

Bless you, Facebook anon. This is great. I don't remember who Ender is. Was she from the Kewl Kou Klan? Also he claims to only check this thread every 5 months. Idk if they come here daily but I'd bet that they check on this thread on a weekly basis.

No. 102179

>Kevin describing my shitty, thrown together in 5min, MSpaint thread pic as "fanart"
The delusion is strong, kek.

No. 102183

>”she’s not too old”

Bro, if you have to say that, she’s too old.

I think the real hidden gem here is Lori is clearly puppeteering Kevin. Remember the days when Lori would send her minions to fight her livejournal battles? Notice how Lori has learned to stay silent and not acknowledge the thread despite being a vain narc who thrives on drama? Kevin is her mouthpiece so she can respond to how much this thread bothers her but Kevin looks like the dumbass instead of her. This isn’t her first rodeo. She’s a pro at manipulating others and Kevin is too stupid to realize what she’s doing lol

No. 102186

The way he's pretending this thread feeds their egos has me dying, even calling anon's >>102179 5 minute shit post "fan art"

>She's not too old
That's literally the epitome of what you wrote. Imagine getting your boyfriend to randomly blurt that out like it makes it any less true KEK?

No. 102216


>”hey babe write a post for the haters uwu I SAID DO IT OR ILL KILL MUHSELF”

I wouldn’t be surprised if she just took the phone from him and typed it herself as she pleases considering he lets her pimp herself to incels online and cheat on him lol

No. 102250

Does anybody else think the reason behind posts like this on Kevin's account are because Lori has complete access and control over his account? My fan theory is that Lori keeps him chained up in the corner of their apartment, force feeding him lettuce wraps, and sometimes he escapes and manages to post about Lori being abusive, only for her to find out and delete his real posts before beating him like an escaped zoo gorilla and chaining him back up again, only letting him free to take shitty pictures for her loyal (fake) instagram followers

No. 102270

Lori is buying followers which is pathetic. She is bragging about how she made it to 30k and thinks it’s due to puffing out her cheeks. Sure Jan. She was just at 20k few weeks ago her photos are not that special to be gaining followers that fast. Also look at her followers a lot of them are fake profiles. Profiles that have no profile picture and no post and only follow a bunch of people are paid accounts. Her engagement with her followers are so low for how many she has. No Kevin I’m not jealous so don’t go stroking your ego dick all over Facebook. People will have to see them in person sooner or later so the jokes on them lol.

No. 102275

If it's the same Ender, it's one of her many exes. This one is or was a FTM transgender and Lori cheated on them with Ender's own brother

No. 102277

The way that this is written, and Kevin's (and red suit's) long absence from social media, make me think that both of these "lol total lies" have some truth to them. If they were completely untrue, Lori would have chimed in, or he would never have acknowledged them. But now everyone is wondering exactly how much is Kevin allowed to weigh, in what context did he pee on the suit…

He and Lori had some huge issues at the beginning of the year, it's clear to anyone who has access to their FB pages.

No. 102285

Did someone post that he said he did and deleted it? Or what it just a close friend who said this.

No. 102303

File: 1593055776765.jpg (105.29 KB, 958x960, 55875467_10101286684138419_101…)

Any receipts on them dating or related drama? I imagine it had to be a long time ago given Ender now seems married to some dude she's been with since 2014. Curious though given she seems weirdly thirsty for the attention here. Guess these old, washed up cosplay types will take the attention anywhere they can get it. kek

No. 102305

File: 1593058548604.jpeg (192.69 KB, 1185x1159, 068862A6-BBDC-4BA3-AF52-FA9245…)

Jamba Juice Karen

No. 102306

File: 1593058673790.jpeg (286.28 KB, 1242x1655, 97AEF393-73A0-4D40-9D2B-C5EDB3…)

No. 102314

is this recent?? KEK

No. 102317

I'm so jealous of their relationship!

No. 102324

Couple goals, why won't my boyfriend get into passive aggressive arguments with me over facebook?

No. 102330

anyone who thinks this seems unhealthy is totally a fat hater uwu

No. 102352

File: 1593070228325.jpg (95.78 KB, 1280x798, IMG_20200625_002754_518.jpg)

2 anons from the last thread saw a Kevin Facebook post that was only up for a minute or two but unfortunately didn't get screenshots because it was posted then deleted so quickly. Here's a refresh.

No. 102374

Judging by his black lives matter banner on his profile pic I’d say yes LOL

No. 102403

I think so, I didn’t see this but they have been complaining about their apartment and ac for the past week.

No. 102430

I don't understand why he keeps posting statuses about this page and is even sending people to it. What's the point? Any friends he has left will just see all the proof he's in a shitty relationship.

Though this thread hasn't been as milky as previous threads I'm pretty sure anyone he sends here can easily find the others and it's pretty much a hall of fame of all their dysfunction and fights.

No. 102466

Ngl watching him squirm in Lori's comments after his prior FB sperg brought a smile to my face kek

>She's crazy

>I-I-I did everything I could!
>She hates me because I'm not God
>Random bystander "Uh" translation: what is this autism???

No. 102483

My guess is he's looking for reassurance that people really don't believe the things posted in these threads. He can point out the oddball crazy in the thread to try and discredit everything else. It's gross he demands friends share his delusions about his dysfunctional relationship. Like it's not enough they just support him in spite of it.

No. 102495

The best part is he’s typing it on her post while he is most likely sitting right next to her.

No. 102526

i read this as a manipulation tactic from both of them.

lori makes a status looking to talk to someone - tell her side of the story and manipulate the narrative with their friends

kevin spergs out on her status to try to also control the narrative by making lori look unreasonable.

in the end, they both look retarded and trashing having public spats

i imagine their friends feel a lot like kids sitting on the couch while their parents scream at each other form other sides of the house. but they're screaming about… idk, whose turn it is on the xobx

No. 102530

I feel bad for Kevin, not in the ~ironic~ way but genuinely. Lori is a controlling narc and I wouldn't tolerate her more than a day.

No. 102549

Why are so many of these FB screenshots edited to remove the date and time stamps?

No. 102550

Who cares

No. 102554

The farmers who feel genuinely sorry for Kevin are the worst part of this thread. Seriously, the only thing you have to the thread is that you feel bad for Kevin? Fuck off. Kevin is just as much of a cow as Lori.

I wondered the same thing. It's weird but I still love these glimpses into their fucked up Facebooks.

No. 102570

Exactly I used to feel sorry for him, but he goes in Facebook making fun of the people who do worry about him and lies and says Looney is his perfect sempei, so no I longer worry about him. He is a grown ass 6ft man that can easily get away from a 5ft 35 year old but he continues to be spineless and allow her to abuse him. He’s hit rock bottom, lost everything and still stays for clout and cosplay sex role play. He knows what to do he has all the power and doesn’t use it so. I’m tired of him crying about shit he has control over or get fucking help if you can’t do it.

No. 102609

I thought the same. Idk how Facebook works anymore because I haven't used it in years, but I theorised it was because their friends are from various parts of the USA and the date/time stamps might implicate them as possible famers. Idk if this is a possibility, it's just how I rationalised it.

No. 102611

Maybe it’s a Lori self post and she’s trying to one up Kevin’s comments hahaha he does look pretty dumb sperging in her comments when he is in the same room as her.

No. 102616

Kek you're probably right anon, I don't even consider that tinfoil at this point

No. 102757



Lori and Kevin have been trying to catch who is screenshotting their posts by the time and audience exposure. They'll sometimes set things to only certain friends, and change it to see when screenshots were taken and who could see it at the time.

No. 102758

Jesus fuck they're so fucking paranoid. They absolutely love this attention or else no one in their right mind would go to any sort of effort like that.

No. 102762

Lmao good work Facebook anon. That is something else.

No. 102775

If they weren't such dumbfucks they would've thought of this years ago. Just imagine thinking that customizing the privacy setting on statuses is nuanced sleuth shit.

No. 102777

A lot of the time when they have their psycho breaks downs they try to claim it was just “bait” for lolcow Karens

No. 102787

It's bad enough that they publish their toxic antics to Facebook but it makes them seem really desperate for attention if they come back later like "Jk guys! We were just trolling lolcow for le epic lulz!" Even if that were true and they made up fights for lolcow, how pathetic is that?

No. 102826

It’s super pathetic and it only further proves how obsessed they are with this thread.

No. 102827

this is exactly why I wait to post things

No. 102850

Def fake followers but I think buying likes too. Even the if say she looked good, which she doesnt the quality of the photos is awful. Compared to girls half her age with pro photos I call bs on her having any more than a few hundred actual followers who probably dont even really care about her.
Let her keep fooling herself. Unless shes so out of touch she must know it's all fake and feel stupid knowing others know it too.

No. 102917


Ender (FtM at the time) was Lori's 2nd or 3rd "Seiya Kou" waaaay back in the Kewl Kou Klan days.

Lori & Ender were together around 2004. During this time, Lori took a vacation (lol from what job?) to San Diego. Her true agenda was to cheat on Ender with some side piece: https://web.archive.org/web/20050430210642/http://www.livejournal.com/users/mamorukusachan/

Lori also fucked Ender's brother on this "vacation." She has lied to and cheated on every person she's ever been with.

At some point, Lori also made super shitty transphobic remarks to Ender.

No. 102918

File: 1593294500336.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1536x2046, C56BDF1F-91EA-4C4B-B97F-58F76C…)

Maybe it’s just me but Lori posted a photo in a sugar thrillz outfit. It says she has over a hundred comments and it keeps growing but when I click on it there is only a few. So much for BLM Lori wearing that SugarThrillz after Dolls Kill drama

No. 102919

File: 1593294611540.jpg (141.33 KB, 472x302, drama.jpg)


Another super old Kewl Kou Klan pic and educational link about Lori's California fuckfest "vacation":

No. 102965

Also, if this is true and anons made it up, why did the red suit completely disappear at the exact same time and hasn't reappeared since other than in some super obvious latergrams? Especially when before this she had it on in basically every photo she posted.

No. 103216

File: 1593401989992.jpeg (138.34 KB, 1242x660, 2E684CAC-D813-4543-BCC8-33742A…)

Are you okay Kevin?

No. 103223

>Fucks Troon
>Is transphobic
Makes sense???

No. 103571

File: 1593654257472.jpg (121.75 KB, 859x1280, IMG_20200701_183738_487.jpg)

LOL it is laughable that Lori makes statuses making fun of "Karens" yet is constantly bitching at companies on social media like this. No context or anything. Just straight up asked the official Dunkin Donuts Twitter why some employee in Utah called her a liar and then goes on about how she's a ~loyal customer~ and the whole company needs to be retrained.

No. 103594

Literally only a Karen is capable of such embarrassing behaviour… even the word Karen feels dirty, it's so overdone but there's nothing else that accurately describes her behaviour. It's Dunkin Doughnuts Lori, give it a rest. Couldn't she just call them privately? Because once again her lack of self awareness is showing.

Side note but who here has ever been called a liar by someone working in customer service/hospitality? I don't even know anyone who that's happened to. As far as I can tell the common denominator in all of these situations is Lori kek.

No. 103609

I mean, it literally says to head to the WEBSITE, with a link pasted, to get one. Staff aren’t required to know all the merch on the website… not to mention Dunkin is a franchise therefore not all may be participating. Do you know what a franchise is Lori? Google is your friend uwu

Of course she has to throw a fit over it, she is hoping to get something for free. That is the M.O. of most Karen’s and Lori especially- special treatment or a reward for their shitty tantrum.

No. 103614

Lori changed her Facebook name from Lori Lune to Lori Lewd and her FB url from facebook.com/usakou to facebook.com/LoriLewd. She also changed her Patreon URL to this. How embarrassing.

No. 103621

She's literally the definition of a Karen by acting like this, but she just uses the word to describe women older than her and clearly has no idea what the fuck it means anyway.


No. 103635

I'm sure all 17 of her patrons are thrilled.

No. 103711

File: 1593755038041.jpeg (409.97 KB, 1241x1294, 4943ECA7-8ABB-4852-92E0-021598…)

Buy some followers Kevin.

No. 103723

Absolutely hilarious. Thank you Facebook anon. I love how bothered he is about likes. He constantly posts about this.

No. 103733

Sooo he’s using Facebook as livejournal? Is that what he’s saying? Lmfao

No. 103734

>I'm actually worth 1k guys but have 375 followers by choice
>That's why no one likes my shit
>Totally not because I'm a massive douche
>I delete my posts myself it's not Lori on my FB I swear
>This isn't a sperg about likes and I can prove it! Watch me leave this post up with minimal engagement

No. 103782

Maybe I'm going soft today but I feel bad for the dude. He has 375 friends in a list he has personally curated to feel comfortable and he still doesn't enjoy them. He's still going on about the like counts he's missed. He doesn't refer to missing actual people or the impact they may have had on his life; he just misses their numbers puffing up his self importance. Seems like a hollow and sad life.

No. 103788

Please friendship and likes are on the back burner compared to the hollow sadness that comes from being Lori's tampon of a partner.

No. 103793

That's a lot of words to say that your relationship with Lori has cost you over 600+ relationships with people. kek

Tbh reminds me of Onision. Absolutely obsessed with the attention/likes/followers, but is so unhinged he can't handle having anyone speak out in his echo chamber so the numbers just keep getting smaller and smaller with every freak out. All these narcs think alike.

I used to feel bad for Kevin. Especially when the drama first hit and it was obvious that Lori was abusive towards him. At this point he mimics her behavior, echos her words, and seems just as bad as her. He has come off as very manipulative, unhinged, and abusive in return. Though I guess he's never threatened to blackmail her with rape accusations like she has to him during their bigger fights. I guess that's something?

No. 103928

You know Lori got on his Facebook and deleted those people and he just taking the blame for it.

No. 103937

Kelly’s Instagram story really disturbs me. She’s forcing Toshi to go outside to go ‘potty’ during fireworks and he’s clearly petrified. It’s the Fourth of July, why wouldn’t you have your dog go outside before they start, while it’s still light out? And why are you filming him being put into a stressful situation? The majority of dogs are scared of fireworks Kelly, you don’t need to exploit your dog. I feel so bad for that little guy.

No. 103968

Oh shit, wrong thread, sorry!

No. 103981

Anon, love yourself. He's just a narc.

Learned from the best.

No. 104192

She is legit every starbucks customers who demands free shit or a discount because they're such a loyal customer who is always here. she really is the definition of a karen.

No. 104251

File: 1594162461465.jpg (184.65 KB, 1037x1279, IMG_20200707_155152_730.jpg)

>Trying to improve my identity

Lol good luck, Kev. He also credits Lori for taking these photos, and tags her. He does that every time he posts pics that Lori takes but Kevin takes almost all of Lori's stupid pics (and he's super proud of this according to FB posts he has made) but Lori NEVER credits him or tags his account when she posts pics taken by him.

No. 104273

I wish he would update is fucking hair style he literally looks like he fell out of 2006.

No. 104276

His pose is so awkward.

No. 104285

wait…that's not a wig?
it looks like a bad wig

No. 104343

>Trying to improve my identity
Kek, how vapid of him to conflate aesthetics with identity. Clothing isn't a substitute for personality, Kev.

No. 104347

He looks like Christopher Lloyd in back to the future

No. 104357

He really does seem to have lost weight, which improved his looks. But with a personality like his there's really no saving the guy. Also the hair looks like shit.

No. 104458

Fucking KEK anon, this is an important observation.

No. 104570

File: 1594328643361.jpeg (320.71 KB, 1242x867, 3E4868E3-2745-4EA1-860A-0349C9…)

News flash Lori, this method actually makes YOU the Karen you fucking idiot lol. She doesn’t know the real reason behind the name because obviously she is and has been the Karen this whole time.

No. 104586

Lori is usually crazy but I'll give her a pass on this one. Doesn't she still work at Forever 21? I really sympathize will all of the retail workers who need to remind people to wear masks, especially since you never know who is going to freak out on you. Nothing Karen about that.

No. 104628

Agreed. The only thing about this post that got me was the “try to think of someone other than yourself” bit considering she wrote this… thinking of herself. Like if she didn’t have ‘chronic nausea’ do you think she would care so much about the masks? I don’t. I truthfully don’t think Lori is capable of thinking of anyone but herself ever lol.

No. 104640

I had chronic nausea for a year before docs found what caused it. Having a cold never “destroyed” my body. Might not be my business but I want to know what exactly she got for this to be a thing. Can’t be chronic nausea for no reason

No. 104645

She just wants attention. It's no different than her saying she has a broken back yet contorts herself into ridiculously stupid poses.

No. 104653

She thinks Karen is a name for older women so she never uses it right.

No. 104660

Bruh, she IS an older woman now. 35 is good age for Karens

No. 104663

Does Lori still smoke a ton of weed? That can cause a condition where one of the symptoms is chronic nausea. Although obviously it could be anything (or nothing)

No. 104666

No Karen’s are 45 year olds and up. She isn’t a spring chicken, but she isn’t an old hag… she definetly should be trying to look like a 16 year old

No. 104667

I think you can be a Karen at any age. It depends on your level of entitlement. IVB in the lolita thread is a Karen and she's only 25.

No. 104679

I mean this is common for ED, right? Years of ED makes a wrecked digestive and immune system pretty common.

No. 104686

Covid19's soul purpose is to provide excuses for Lori to be the Karen that she is. I wouldn't judge someone if they just turned around and punched her, honestly.

No. 104704

Lori got a job?

No. 104796

File: 1594532801927.jpg (309.3 KB, 1080x1334, Screenshot_20200712-154336__01…)

Apart from the inhumanly large eyes, nice use of props Lori. Vicky Shingles sword work video when?

No. 104802

She has 20 patrons now. She was stuck at 16/17 forever. I wonder how many of them are Kevin subscribing to different tiers.

No. 104811


Probably the only way he can get his rocks off as a cuck.

No. 104813

Did she use a smoothing tool on her tattoo or is it just that faded?? It looks so bad.

No. 104858

File: 1594598223288.jpg (70.01 KB, 1280x1154, IMG_20200712_165536_935.jpg)

I wonder how much time she spends "talking" to these dudes.

No. 104896

You know, I didn't notice the first time I read this that he literally said he'll delete any posts he decides he doesn't like. it's exactly what they do during fights. Passive-aggressive posting, get a few hurried comments, and then delete.

No. 104898

>Does Lori use a smoothing tool on her pictures?
Is water wet?

No. 104950

I said on the tattoo. I know she edits every photo to hell and back. I’m not an autist.

No. 105056

Kevin is a himbo

No. 105108

>implying kevin is attractive
anon, have some fucking self respect

No. 105153

File: 1594781796422.png (1.47 MB, 1280x2403, rSxQt1Xc1.png)

She is doing this to me on purpose. I hate this face so much. I wish she'd go back to her dead eyed stare that she's been doing since 2001 fuck.

No. 105216

It was a joke at Lori, not on attack on you.

No. 105218

Why is this hashtagged harajuku fashion when she’s literally just wearing crap from dolls kill and her local Walmart. That’s not j fashion Lori.

No. 105358


Lol u ok? Take ur meds girl.

No. 105370

She had a few more not long ago but they dropped her. Who can blame them, every picture is the same, same pose, same place, same look, similar outfit even if it's just a mishmash of crap she owns. I seriously think she wont do photos under other conditions because it's harder for her to edit and hide her age.

No. 105373

Has she ever worn actual lolita a day in her life?

No. 105386

I'M OK ANON, THX FOR ASKING. Lori's puffed out face just triggers me ok.

No. 105391

I’m with you anon, I hate it too.

No. 105449

A few what? Sponsors? She won’t do any thing that involves something that she can’t manipulate her friends offer advice on making tripple the money by creating an only fans account and she shot it down because she doesn’t like it or she heard something was weird about it. It’s because she most likely cannot edit pictures up there and her square ass jaw, big nose, and wrinkles will be exposed. She isn’t bell delphine who can make a killing off Patreon she is a woman in her mid 30s who is clinging on to life with masquerading as a 16 year old.

No. 105503

Jeez her puffy face is truly cringeworthy. She’s probably trying to pull that face off to cover the facial volume loss that comes with her age.

No. 105549

Every time I see her post an oversaturated, overshooped, filtered to hell selfie all I can think of is >”envy my genetics” because if she TRULY had genetics worthy of envy she wouldn’t need to abuse filters to the point that she doesn’t even look anything like herself.

No. 105558

Well said.

No. 105587

File: 1595044137687.jpeg (582.45 KB, 1242x1794, E50EA3B7-0AC2-491E-A4B4-AC11A0…)

No. 105588

File: 1595044186372.jpeg (436.17 KB, 1242x1561, 8AB47E8A-D780-49CF-8F13-72D636…)

No. 105590

File: 1595044458396.jpeg (375.22 KB, 1170x1799, 86902CB8-8BF9-4E90-A845-5B6330…)

No. 105592

File: 1595044978966.jpeg (56.18 KB, 1242x403, CB0C45F8-8967-4155-9944-877350…)

No. 105594

Inb4 that's Lori telling him that, I mean she's not wrong but lol
>My butt looked so good
what butt, loony?

No. 105606

Lmaooooo look at those two different chin shapes. If you’re going to fake your entire look at least be consistent. Straight up snow chin implant in that right pic.

No. 105616

It also looks like she's given herself a home haircut. It's something about her bangs, they're sitting weird.

No. 105633

lmao kevin is uggo, good point. I just meant theres not a single intelligent thought going through that boys head.

No. 105659

clip in bangs maybe?

No. 105840

File: 1595198987840.png (1.64 MB, 1612x1090, problematic.png)

Lori knows all about being problematic

No. 105845

She’s so dumb.

No. 105858

I don't personally give a shit that dollskill is ~problematic~ because literally, every company has its hidden agenda, a lot worse than shitty dollskill. Where's the woke parade for Coke polluting the waters of India creating famines and literally killing people kek? Dollskill is just too autistic to obscure their bad intentions. But I definitely enjoy the potential of woke hordes coming to her page reminding her every two seconds. Watching her reaction would be enjoyable.

No. 105906

I posted a commentto that reply about how dolls kill IS problematic for openly supporting the police during BLM and stealing designs from independent artists on top of other things, no “quotation marks” needed… she deleted my comment and blocked me lmao(cowtipping)

No. 106039

She turned off comments on that post KEK

No. 106105

File: 1595365983055.jpeg (516.47 KB, 1536x2048, Edee6CGVAAEmPWu.jpeg)

I love how Kevin looks like a soulless husk of a person in all of these selfies with Lori.

No. 106109

I don’t know why she tries to take photos of her rolling her eyes back when she is just looking up to the side and it looks try-hard and dumb

No. 106117


it looks like she's having a seizure.
Lori's such a goddamned degenerate.

all the "baby" shit she's been pushing is extra disgusting. who the fuck is she appealing to with this garbage? weeby pedophiles with an epilepsy kink?

in a weird way, Lori is lucky that her mental problems make self-reflection impossible. a moment of clarity at this point might destroy her.

No. 106181

I don’t consider that lucky. She is still at an age where she can turn her life around, but unfortunately she won’t. Reality will hit so much harder in a few more years.

No. 106198

saged because I'm late to this, but he never denied peeing on the suit or explained where it is, right? I loled when I read "that's why she hates me" - he writes that as fact.

When I read this, it sounds more like an admission or twisting of facts than anything else. I always thought Lori was shaming Kev into being ana like her. Remember his post about those lettuce wraps?

I imagine him locking himself in the bathroom to eat doritos and Lori raging outside the door because she can smell them but not stop him from eating them

No. 106202

I read it the same way, anon. The "that's why she hates me" was very telling. And no, neither of them have denied it, nor have we seen the suit since early January, 2020.

No. 106238

Either way it’s a hysterical because if she doesn’t wear it, it’s because he peed on it. But if she does wear it, it has 7 months since she’s worn it when she practically lived in the thing therefor she’d only be wearing it to try and prove a point. I wonder if Kevin gets a lashing every time the pee suit is mentioned on this thread lol

No. 106286

I noticed he tightened up his FB security settings after Lori changed her display name and URL to "Lori Lewd" so she's probably cracking down on his Facebook freakouts. I only hope Facebook anon catches any posts that leak out when Lori isn't watching him like a hawk.

No. 106320

File: 1595479489616.jpg (160.54 KB, 1080x652, Screenshot_20200723-144200__01…)

The caption to this photo is hilarious and it never got posted, so I'm posting it now

No. 106710

File: 1595685612769.webm (3.31 MB, 480x922, iota_zerotwo_2020.7.25_oxyxm6.…)

Thanks for the shout out, Lori and Kev.

No. 106738

This gives off the same vibes as the "some of you have been saying I'm 7, 8 years old, but… I'm actually 11 so shut the fuck up" video.

No. 106741

So…. do they not get sarcasm?

No. 106742

Lol snow is really working overtime , not to mention how Lori tries to move her face/mouth as little as possible

No. 106743

Also it's really funny seeing her try to be this uwu egirl when her voice sounds like…that

No. 106744

anon, you got your own private Lori video! I bet even her patrons don't get stuff like that. She luvs you

No. 106747

File: 1595703037398.jpg (1.6 MB, 1920x2560, 20-07-25-11-48-35-673_deco.jpg)

You can run from how you really look for as long as you want, Loony
Anyone who has seen you irl knows you're as ugly on the outside as you are on the inside

No. 106748

Her voice sounds like that of an unhinged old woman

No. 106749

New Jersey accent coming out to play in this clip!!!

Loony feels so totally not bothered about us obviously. That's why she had to acknowledge us and make a response video.

No. 106755

File: 1595709651458.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1125x1607, 90788EAA-1016-44B6-AD52-B351B5…)

I wish I was born with these genetics, then I can have one massive eye ball.

No. 106757

This is horrifying.

No. 106764

File: 1595712614125.jpg (154.32 KB, 803x1280, IMG_20200725_123846_924.jpg)

I know, I feel pretty amused by this. Of all the things for them to acknowledge from lolcow, it's my hatred of her balloon cheek face.

No. 106766

I…don't understand the bottom text in this pic. She understands we find it obnoxious that she does it plus an obvious way she tries to seem more cutesy and younger right? Also since when does she care about other girls being cute in her vicinity, or even less about others cosplaying her kin zero two lmao

No. 106768

I love how she admits that Kevin reads here regularly.

No. 106769

I dont think I've ever seen anyone post here annoyed about her poofing her cheeks…lol. Lurk harder Lori.

No. 106771

It was me. I have posted at least twice about hating her puffy cheeks face.

No. 106773

Off subject from her stanky breath holding in face, anyone else been watching her followers count going up by the thousands, but her actual photo likes staying in the 1-3,000 range? Me thinks Kev is buying her followers when he can, but can’t afford to buy likes too kek her patreon is down 2 patrons so now she only has 18. Sad old lady only getting older, you can only hide behind filters for so much longer Loony.

No. 106816

She looks fat when she does this topkek

No. 106822

You can see the aging signs on her eyes even under those filters kek

No. 106861

Big KEK it's like a Jeffree Star callout video from Myspace era, this is gold. Only Looni and Vicky Shingles are so unbothered by comments from "haters" they need to make sperggy videos like this one to totally ~stick it to them~. I don't think it's a coincidence they're nearly the same age and can't let go of their youth either.

No. 106889

in her old usagi interviews, she had a cute light voice. what happened?

No. 106900

Oh that voice was fake, 100%

No. 106903

Oh you cute anon you, don’t you know she changed her voice to sound chipper like Usagi lol.

No. 106911

File: 1595787051493.png (5.7 MB, 2414x1458, beta kombat meets usagikou uwu…)

I was trying to find a video of Lori talking with her old voice. Came across the photo comp instead and the setting of one of her ancient photoshoots looked familiar.

also obligatory "no 1 carre"

No. 106945

off topic but pls post the link for that video, I've been trying to find it for ages

No. 106946

off topic but here you go.

No. 106950

Where is Lori in this video? I watched it twice and I laughed so hard but I didn't see Lori

No. 106981

She's not, it's just the same photoshoot location

No. 106994

I love how quick she is to throw Kevin under the bus hahaha as if someone as narcissistic as Lori doesn’t lurk her own thread daily to see it herself. She has no issue making him look bad.

No. 107018

File: 1595863349733.jpg (117.94 KB, 1207x1280, IMG_20200727_082133_057.jpg)

It took her a day to delete these comments that were roasting Kevin in this pic lol

No. 107043

Man, even the way she speaks/her mannerisms make her seem like a nutter. It makes it even funnier that she's proven with her posts at businesses that she's such a Karen, because her manic speech makes her sound like she's about to demand a manager any second.

No. 107088

Since Lori totally doesn't obsessively read this, "Kevin" should tell her that the poofy cheek thing obviously:
-hides signs of aging
-fits in with her kawaii princess larp
-baits pedo customers

Comments about aging seem to be really triggering for Lori. Her ego strength is on par with her loyalty in relationships: non-existant

No. 107090

>baits pedo customers
…How? Seems like tinfoil.

No. 107110

Nta but it's what so ~kawaii desu~ preteens do in their photos. I'm sure it's her intent to rake in the basement dwelling loli NEETS, whether she's successful or not remains to be seen.

No. 107113

File: 1595910036419.jpg (347.01 KB, 1080x1607, Screenshot_20200728-141252__01…)

Soz for samefag but Kev got fugly new shoes a d proceeded to take a bunch of homo erotic pictures with them. Is Looni making him match with her kek?

No. 107114

File: 1595910069966.jpg (2.62 MB, 2250x2250, pt2020_07_28_14_19_25.jpg)

No. 107147

Can you imagine what people in their hometown must say about them? I would think they were actual circus clowns. They look ridiculous enough online but imagine seeing these two clods walking around irl lmfao

No. 107148

File: 1595934918712.jpeg (219.92 KB, 828x1420, 725C320C-AE91-4A89-BEC0-ADD110…)

Please tell me this is coincidence and Lori doesn’t have people skinwalking her skinwalking… they even have the same phone cover? I’m genuinely hoping this is pure coincidence and someone is not that pathetic to want to emulate a trash bag like Looni.

No. 107153

Looni passive agressively comments on her pic in 3, 2, 1

No. 107157

Even the editing “style” is the same.

No. 107176

with those crazy eyes i’d say her judgement of who to skin walk is a little warped

No. 107182

Calling it now, she's either going to suck up to her or try to "senpai" her with advice/give her concrit….or she will simply be dumb enough to just be a bitch to her, whichever works really

No. 107188

She's going to harass the shit out of that girl Lol. Just like that none English speaking zero two who looked a million times better.

No. 107198

File: 1595963023457.jpg (88.55 KB, 1032x1280, IMG_20200728_120248_779.jpg)

I went to this girl's account. She cosplays as tons of different characters. I don't think she's trying to be Lori at all. Also, they don't have the same phone case.

No. 107203

By this logic, the entire Instagram reality subreddit is "copying Lori" by having shitty app editing. What kind of psycho sees another cosplayer of the same poorly filtered character and immediately jumps to a "copying Lori" conclusion?

No. 107215

me lol

No. 107272

The hilarious thing is he's trying to flex and these are knockoffs. He posted a whle back about buying these shoes from some sketchy chinese site and asking if they were real. A bunch of people told him they were definitely fake, looks like he bought them anyway and is trying to pass them off as real.

No. 107294

Lmao poor Kevin. Lori would never allow him to spend his money on designer apparel for himself.

No. 107308

File: 1596041340822.jpeg (501.64 KB, 1242x1204, B2DF995C-F47E-4338-953D-3C79A7…)

These shoes looked extremely used and is obvious they are not the real deal… kevin was catfished. Here are the real ones, and notice how the wings are not flimsy looking

No. 107309

File: 1596041376151.jpeg (243.68 KB, 1242x987, 07353053-23EA-47E3-9836-E04D6D…)

No. 107318

Is he really trying that hard to pass them as authentic? The biggest giveaway is the real ones are more matte on the wings. Can confirm, my fiancé owns a pair and they’re definitely not that shiny plus Kev’s look beat to shit whereas my mans are still pretty new looking. Cheap, shiny materials for a cheap, greasy soyboy kek

No. 107324

He wasn’t catfished, he literally made a post asking if the shoes were legit and everyone told him they weren’t. I just scrolled back through his fb to find it and it’s gone. Imagine being such a sad clout chaser that you try to flex fake shoes.

No. 107330

File: 1596055998235.jpg (88.55 KB, 769x576, cosplayisnotcopyingaskinwalker…)


Lori has a looong history of accusing other people as cosplaying "her." During her Sailor Moon phase, Lori decided that she was "the real Usagi." She spent every waking hour looking up other Usagi cosplayers and comparing "herself."

If Lori thought they weren't "worthy" of cosplaying as "her" (Usagi), she insulted their appearance and left passive aggressive comments on their pictures - implying that she was more attractive.

On the rare occasions Lori felt "generous," she left a positive comment on an "unworthy" cosplayer's photo. She did this to appear "charitable" to fellow Sailor Moon fans and covertly draw attention to her "superior" cosplay.

Lori still pulls this bullshit today by following and leaving positive comments on pictures of other Zero Two cosplayers and fellow sex workers she deems as unattractive and fat.

In the past, if someone had a good Sailor Moon costume and was conventionally attractive, Lori would feel threatened and throw a temper tantrum. She would accuse the person of cosplaying as "her" (Lori, the self-designated "real life Usagi").

Now that she's the "real Zero Two," any Zero Two cosplayer with a decent costume and healthy BMI is a direct threat to Lori's identity. Lori is and will always be a spiteful, jealous, hostile, vicious, petty, and delusional loser. She's always on high alert to play the victim role or start drama.

That poor Zero Two cosplayer needs to brace herself for Hurricane Loricunt.

No. 107369

File: 1596078413923.jpg (88.07 KB, 1600x1600, img-5939[1].jpg)

I know we already agreed these are fake, but it's just so obvious it's embarrassing that he's trying to pass them off as real. Just like their "unfiltered" selfies.
Obvious tell, the size/spacing of the dots of the tongue. Kevin's are small and tightly spaced, all stock and worn photos show them as large and well-spaced out.
Sorry Lori throws a fit if she's not allowed to buy all the cosplays and Amazon lingerie she wants while you can't shell out for one pair of brand shoes, Kevin. So sad.

No. 107423

On top of bring generally atrocious, they're also knockoffs. They're somehow even more befitting of Kevin KEK.

No. 107481

This video response shows she has the mentality of a child. No wonder she thinks she still looks young, shes mentally stunted.

No. 107490

og kinnie no doubles

No. 107538

File: 1596215350816.png (2.84 MB, 828x1792, 03F7C8AF-40F0-4455-A790-1B5015…)

>wow almost at 50k thanks guys

*thanks Kevin for buying them

No. 107539

samefag but it never ceases to amaze me how awful her outfits are. They are beyond ridiculous and they look so… bad.

No. 107561

File: 1596236651989.jpeg (1.65 MB, 2514x2704, 9790DDA6-CCE1-4866-ABDD-93077F…)

It’s funny she does puffy cheeks face just to piss people off but she's getting wrinkles on her mouth from it

No. 107574

They also showcase her nonexistent lips and make her look heavier

No. 107577

She should get fillers, oohhh wait, I forgot.. she's poor.

No. 107584

File: 1596242557744.png (463.16 KB, 1280x1480, FHSkxelRFH0.png)

Lol I love how bitchy she is all the time.

No. 107591

File: 1596244614272.jpg (206.68 KB, 1032x2164, bmojp48j6t401.jpg)

Reminds me exactly of this Facebook posts with the crazy church lady going "NEXT"

No. 107608

Hahaha I was going to reference that in my post (AYRT) but I was afraid not enough people would get it!

No. 107631

File: 1596278581365.png (847.13 KB, 828x1792, 81DFB9E8-6755-491A-8A79-2BD725…)

Old milk but this level of skinwalking is disturbing. I am seriously asking- does Lori have mental illness? Not sure if this has been discussed before. I’m just wondering what could possibly drive someone to this level of pretending they are a fictional character. It seriously creeps me out. Here’s the link to the page where I got the screenshot.

Also I had to laugh at the “strong points” answer considering she’s hurt and abused every close friend she’s ever had.

No. 107633

Yikes, she is 35-36?

No. 107634

Kek at her copypasta Sailor Moon Wikipedia answers. It fucks with me that this level of autism has transcended her youth and is now continuing in her mid 30s. If this was anyone else I'd legitimately feel sorry for them.

No. 107643

Her professionalism about being a social media “influencer” is on the same level as her editing skills: non existent

No. 107685

I can’t tell because of the photo quality but is there a mustache

No. 107686

Lori for the love of god pluck your nostril hairs

No. 107739

Boy she better hope none of these companies are reputable cause this kinda shit puts her right on to avoid memos.

No. 107758

File: 1596345907266.jpg (169.96 KB, 1107x1280, IMG_20200801_150611_253.jpg)

He always puts himself down whenever he talks about how Lori is so much cooler than he is lol.

No. 107761

He so conceited when not comparing himself to Lori kek

No. 107814

we're acting as if Lori isn't writing, or at least dictating these? dude, this man has to have enough spine to snap and piss on this dumb manipulative bitch's suit, surely he can take his phone out of her clutches?? surely??

tl;dr lori wrote this, kevin is still a cuck. thanks for screens though anon, their "circle of friends" keeps getting smaller so get what you can while you can

No. 107833

File: 1596394501620.jpg (133.64 KB, 800x1280, IMG_20200802_114630_136.jpg)

Any takers?

No. 107840

Still no fans lmao

No. 107842

Way to tell people not to be racist when your own fiance is racist. lmao

No. 107845

If he's concerned about racism it's weird that he's with someone who joked about reporting people to ICE but ok

No. 107865

>Monster girl
Hmm something's not right here?

No. 107877

Wasnt Lori “above” doing onlyfans? Kevin must have cut back on her allowance or those envious genetics must not be doing so well on Patreon. Either way, $10 a month to view overly filtered, shooped to hell circus clad Lori is obscene. She will not survive on OF.

No. 107909

Honestly most coomers are too stupid to notice how shopped she is anyway, and she appeals to the loli crowd who love skinny, flat chested women, so she will probably do fine. It'll be a cringe fest for sure, but if someone like Shayna can live off OF income then surely Lori can cash in a bit more.

No. 107970

Lori isn’t even doing nudes on only fans LOL!! Good luck with that shit! That’s where most of the money is made same with the videos. It’s pretty much shit you can look at her Instagram for and that’s free. Does anyone up here have exp with only fans? She must not be able to filter or use the apps she has to hide her age lol.

No. 107983

you can post whatever shoop'd crap you want to it.

No. 107997

I’m a sw’er on OF and I’m telling you- puffing you’re cheeks in the same corner of your room is not going to get subs. Lori is not creative enough. Her whole identity is based on copying the lives of fictional characters, down to what she eats: She doesn’t have enough ingenuity for OF. I think she believes it a way to make a quick buck, but she’s got another thing coming.

No. 108027

Not to mention, if she doesn't do full nudes, she will probably lose the few customers/supporters she does get.

No one will want to stick around for the same shit they get on her Insta for free. It's the same problem with her Patreon; she doesn't seem to put anything special there, just repeats of her Insta.

Boring and uninventive isn't worth paying for.

No. 108037

File: 1596558951245.jpg (122.73 KB, 1034x1280, IMG_20200803_123621_768.jpg)

"Kevin! Post our cat selfie to your account and say I like head pats and scratches!" This is just embarrassing. There's little chance he actually came up with this cringe where he's pretending she's a cat. This feels so forced.

No. 108047

File: 1596570078476.png (115.29 KB, 311x319, Screenshot_20200804-153801~3.p…)

The shoop on her waist is just lazy as fuck.

No. 108051

There's only so much you can do with Meitu

No. 108076

Exactly. Lori either needs to just be herself and get really creative, or cosplay different characters WITHOUT those stupid ass zero two horns, cat ears, or bat wings on different outfits. Zero two needs be out to rest the fucking show is done the character doesn’t have much to work with.

No. 108132

Nostalgic cringe

Loris YouTube is sailormoonftw in case the video isn’t shareable.

No. 108161

It isn't shareable, but that username is searchable, and the videos she has uploaded are great nostalgia. Nothing milky, but it brings back memories for sure.

No. 108179

Whatever happened to the ferrets?

No. 108181

She still has them I'm pretty sure. I saw one on her insta story a couple of weeks ago. At one point someone on her Instagram asked why she doesn't post about them anymore and she said it's because "that's personal life stuff." I'm guessing she wants to use her accounts for mostly cosplay and lewds.

No. 108217

She got rid of that video seems like it lol, but it’s amazing how different her face looks compared to these photoshop ones…

No. 108275

File: 1596770736166.jpg (261.5 KB, 1080x1737, Screenshot_20200807-131728__01…)

Same for me, how disappointing. Here's another Kevin pic
>I'm trash
>Lori is excellent

No. 108276

File: 1596770803948.jpg (484.57 KB, 1080x1722, Screenshot_20200807-131219__01…)

And here's Loni looking somewhat more human if you don't count the hideous ensemble.

No. 108282


does she not understand matching clothing, or,,,? she’s in her mid-thirties, i know she’s trying to be uguu loli pwincess but she looks more like something lisa frank threw up.

No. 108284

No one in their 20s would be caught dead in her clown tier outfits. She really needs something more understated.

No. 108294


A size small or medium isn't a teen size, it's regular sizing. Also what twenty year olds are she following, circus clowns? Glad to see you've been fooled by all the Meitu and Snow filters, but trust us, under all those lays a 35 year old woman. Also you might want to learn the difference between infamy and actual respect before you go spouting off about how she's a cosplay OG

No. 108295

So Kev what did you do to make Lori upset this time? It's never too late to pee on her ugly dollkskill stuff!

No. 108299

Did anyone screenshot ayrt? I missed it but judging by your responses it's obviously Kevin or Looni spouting off because I triggered them.

No. 108301

Someone really called her a cosplay og? She bought all of her costumes off the Setsuna Kou website lmao

If anything Lori is an og skinwalker. She’s one of the first I’ve ever seen. If you google her all the stuff that comes up are tales of her being a psycho bitch and truly believing she was the real sailor moon lol

No. 108409

>She bought all of her costumes off the Setsuna Kou website lmao

To add to that, not only did she buy them, but she even claimed she handmade all of those cosplays! Girl's been a joke forever.

No. 108423

I’ll never forget- “what’s a serger?”

No. 108495

Fighting haters by moonlight
Winning onlyfans dollars by midnight
Never running from an online fight
She is the one named sailor moon!

No. 108496

File: 1596934697442.png (1.31 MB, 1719x1280, 9wQRGSchUNWRE.png)

Lori took "engaged to Kevin Skye" out of her profile info. Kevin's used to say "engaged to Lori Lewd" but now it just says "engaged" lol. She probably did this to seem single and try to get more patrons/onlyfans subscribers. She probably made him remove her name from his relationship status.

No. 108497


Bless you anon

No. 108503


Hate to debunk this but I have to for integrity. She did buy from Setsuna Kou for a bit but does actually know how to sew. She used a serger on a lot of her cosplays but knew it as an “overlock” or babylock. She’s not a master craftsperson but she’s never lied about what she’s made versus what she’s altered or sewn from scratch. I’ve seen her sew a cosplay from start to finish. There’s way better milk than debating whether or not she used to sew her cosplays.

No. 108505

Ooh interesting anon. Are you from the Kewl Kou Klan?

No. 108527

Now it’s hidden from her profile completely but his says engaged to Lori Lewd lmao that’s a great idea Kevin, let your fiancée with a history of sluttin it up & cheating in every relationship she’s had INCLUDING yours sell herself online as single.

No. 108546

File: 1596990794067.jpeg (604.82 KB, 1242x1385, FDED1422-2AAA-4A85-8703-B8099E…)

No. 108569

File: 1596997146374.png (11.27 KB, 541x196, lewds.png)

Kevin stop being abused.

No. 108573

Got caught doing what? Where are these messages from?

No. 108574

Samefag but replying to my post because the post I was initially replying to just got deleted. Anon posted screenshots of Lori texting someone that appeared to possibly have been someone she was fucking around on Kevin with, and she was saying Kevin was abusive and and she wanted to see said person and couldn't tiptoe around Kevin anymore. Anon captioned the post with "Lori got caught".

No. 108575

Shit did anyone save the image that anon deleted? Anon can you reupload?

No. 108576

I don't have the image anon deleted, I'm so mad I didn't screenshot dammit. But I read the whole thing, and that's what it was

No. 108577

Lori unfollowed Kevin on Instagram, removed him from her bio, and deleted most of the pics they have together. The recent one where she's a cat and he's patting her head is gone.

No. 108578

holy shit anons

No. 108579

Were they just screenshots of messages from Lori's phone or were they posted on Kevin's Facebook and screenshotted from there? I'm so mad I missed this.

This post is being overshadowed by the deleted post but I have some questions. What headband? Wtf? Broke on accident?

No. 108580

Thet were just phone screenshots of text messages, but it looked to be that the person Lori was talking to was screen shotting the messages she was sending them. I'm thinking that the person Loro was talking who, who was upset Lori wasn't telling Kevin she was talking to them, screenshotted Lori's messages and sent them to Kevin.

No. 108581

Whoa damn I wonder how anon got the images. Maybe it was Kevin who posted them here? Or Kevin posted them to Facebook and anon saved them from there? But then why would they delete their post? That's what makes me think it was a Kevin self post. What a mess.

No. 108582

I was thinking the same thing, that it was Kevin who posted here because he knows a.) Lori hates lolcow and b.) He wants more people on his side. He's also the king of posting and then quickly deleting. I don't think an anon would do that.

No. 108584

File: 1597003721442.png (495.6 KB, 1833x1280, qblhl6leS2G.png)

He reads this thread obsessively. After my post yesterday about their Facebook relationship statuses, he changed his back to "engaged to Lori Lewd" but you have to go to the about info page to see it. It's hidden from his main page. I can see him telling Lori he wants to put her back in his relationship status and her telling him fine but only if it's not on the main page where people can see it. Screenshot on left is from yesterday, right is today.

No. 108590

I saw it too anon. It said something like her and Kevin are always fighting and she wouldn’t add the person on social media because Kevin would see and he’s “already suspicious of past stuff” but wanted them to see her behind Kevin’s back… in the same message got defensive and insisted that she wasn’t asking the person to “sneak around” when they said they were uncomfortable about it. Ok Lori. I also noticed the screenshots had a June timestamp. That’s all I remember. I wish I screen shotted!!!

No. 108592

Kevin please repost the screenshots. We need to see this shady Lori shit. Nobody deserves to be cheated on.

No. 108593

File: 1597009828323.jpeg (284.84 KB, 802x1238, F15CDE0E-B3B1-436B-9964-48CC86…)

Samefag but since they’re obviously fighting over Lori cheating again (shocker) do y’all think they argue in cosplay? I can just picture Lori screeching in kawaii with her fangs and tutu costume getup while Kevin cries in his Hiro moon boots as he runs out the house. Dude is being played and taken advantage of by Lori for the millionth time. History repeats itself Kevy. She’s midlife… if she hasn’t mended her toxic ways by now, she’s not ever gonna change.
There are only a handful of photos with Kevin left and I guarantee the only reason they stayed is because she thought she looked good and is not concerned by how bad they make Kevin look.

No. 108594

Yeah, we have no problems with Kevin outside of his simping for Lori. All he has to so is repost, or a kindly screen shooting anon..

Side note Kevin, if your name is on the lease, kick her ass out.

No. 108596

I’m not surprised I’ve known Lori for years and this is not knew behavior. Kevin’s best bet is to throw her out her ass and move on. Now that she actually is someone else she is going to leave him like she has done every other relationship. Lori goes for whoever can take care of her where she won’t have to work. Kevin can’t do that she ruined his life, he quit college, cut himself open, lost all his friends and ruined his name in the cosplay community. He is abused and enjoys it, it’s sad really because I can’t even feel bad for him because he continues to take the blame even when evidence is in his face and the girl has deleted about everything with him in it. Good luck Kevin the second this guy comes swoops her she isn’t going to look back. Have some balls and get rid of her or leave that apartment and let her figure it out she is 35 years old.

No. 108597

Kevin, if you're reading this, come here and talk to us. For real, no one is going to freak out at you, but we know that Loro does some really messed up things.

No. 108599

Who's going to go up to bat?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 108600

File: 1597012185753.jpg (92.31 KB, 823x1280, IMG_20200809_152420_321.jpg)

Looks like she's engaged again. I guess they made up. Wonder when she'll re-add him to Instagram lol.

I need Facebook anon to tell us if that "Done with Utah" status is still up on Lori's FB.

No. 108601

Good money says he threatened to kick her out. She got pouty/uppity and texted her side piece, he told her kick rocks so… back to Kevin uWu

No. 108602

File: 1597012788653.jpg (71.93 KB, 1280x1040, IMG_20200809_153847_626.jpg)

Aaaand she added Kevin back to her bio. Still hasn't refollowed him but I'm sure it's coming.

No. 108603

What does this mean?

No. 108616

you can call 911 for a panic attack?

probably the zero-two horn headband

No. 108618

Come on, she didnt sew most of them. Your not the only one who remembers that shit or was around. She might know how to sew now but she didnt for ages and bought most of her stuff from Kou. She didnt know what a serger was, not just what it was called so dont make shit up and defend her idiocy.

No. 108624

I'm guessing 911 got called because they were destroying each other's shit during their fight, like they always do. Neighbors probably heard the fight and called. Kevin said his headband was "accidentally" broken. Why would he even mention that? It's more likely that they were throwing and breaking things. This has happened several times in the past.

No. 108634


That anon here, that post has been deleted.

No. 108635

File: 1597039721442.jpeg (303.48 KB, 1242x1278, F17628BC-0E4A-4397-BC2E-08561B…)

This was posted recently to her page.

No. 108636

How cute, you’re toxic but when you’re a weeb, you’re just tsudere uguu

No. 108640

Kevin is a fucking idiot smh. I hope he knows she still going to be talking to her side piece she is just going to change his name and be even better at not getting caught this time. I won’t be surprised if the guy is the one buying looney all her recent dolls kill outfits. Good luck Kevin if you think this is the end of that it is only the beginning..

No. 108641

Also I want to know if this guy is aware that he is being cat fished by Lori considering she looks nothing like those pics except for her weave.

No. 108646

AYRT, of fucking course it was. Thanks Facebook anon.

Sounds like her side piece didn't want to be sneaking around and had an actual grain of integrity according to what the phone screenshot anons said. I bet you Lori told him that Kevin was cool with her chatting to other guys (he's ok with her being a camgirl for money so it's not that much of a stretch) but then she started feeding him stuff like "We fight all the time," "He's abusive," "No you can't add me to Facebook because Kevin will notice and he's already suspicious," and the guy sent screenshots of their chats to Kevin.

No. 108648

does kevins mum know that the police had to be involved in a domestic dispute between him and lori, AGAIN?

[redacted](Encouraging cowtipping)

No. 108651

your theory sounds really spot on tbh

No. 108654

This screams to me that Lori got caught cheating by those screenshots that were posted of her begging some guy to see her because Kevin is so toxic, she removed that she was engaged because the other guy said he didn’t wanna sneak around and do Kevin dirty, Kevin found out and she said “no Kevin I love you let me prove it~” and just added that she is engaged to all of her socials again.

No. 108710

She actually took the relationship status off Facebook yesterday. It was only up for a few hours. She's still got it in her Instagram bio though. Whole thing is very typical of them and I'm sure Kevin is back posting cringe love declarations for Lori all over Facebook whole Lori acts cold and says nothing. Same shit, different day.

No. 108720

File: 1597089678096.jpeg (123.82 KB, 828x614, 000A6D35-AB36-420E-B51E-5452CC…)

No. 108721

File: 1597089718729.jpeg (144.74 KB, 828x608, E3D32D43-FDCD-4D51-BC6F-A4852D…)


No. 108724

It is very typical of cheaters to accuse the other partner of cheating or flirting with others when they are the ones doing it. Kevin had to drop most of his female friends that Lori felt threatened by and she would explode at him for like, talking to cosplay friends. Meanwhile she's been having backup dudes all along while with Kevin, in a move that is shocking to nobody.

No. 108725

Oh well. Who cares if she's cheating on him? He's gotten way more red flags that more discerning people with self-respect would have left for less for.

I hope she cheats on him with some scrawny simp who's younger than Kev and promises her more dress up props and continued free housing. He's just as terrible for enabling this has been.

No. 108729

Facebook anon are these comments still up? Because Lori added Kevin back to her Instagram bio and unhid the newer photos of them together. I had thought she deleted them but I guess they were just hidden somehow because now they're back on her account as if they never left. I just feel like they "broke up" but not really. Then deleted everything from Facebook about this breakup and are pretending it never happened.

No. 108734

File: 1597099724329.png (298.83 KB, 1436x924, Screen Shot 2020-08-10 at 3.32…)

Lori has been demoted from fiancee to "dream girl"

For Kevin, the good news is that personality-disordered Lori will inevitably cheat on her next victim…just like she's cheated on every single partner she's ever had.

So, at least Kevin has that future schadenfreude to look forward to. Yay?

No. 108741

Dude I genuinely feel bad for Kevin. I hope he finds his way out of her abusive unfaithful web. I know anons are gonna say he deserves it but I feel like he mirrors her attitude to appease her. If you’ve ever been in an abusive relationship you may be able to empathize. I’m sure a piece of it is the fact deep down he is insecure and doesn’t think he can do any better than Lori, but he could. She’s such trash man.

No. 108749

His profile has said that for a long time. Lori still hasn't followed him back even though she added him as fiance back to her bio. The whole thing is weird.

I feel somewhat bad for him. I think he's genuinely fallen for the sunk cost fallacy. He's sacrificed so much for Lori that he really feels like there's no turning back. Learning about the sunk cost fallacy was helpful for me in getting away from my abusive ex. Please go read about it, Kevin.

I also think he is determined to "prove the haters wrong" by making it work with Lori. It's the classic "us against the world" shit. Trust me, nobody cares all that much. All you're going to do is ruin the one life you have by continuing to stay in an unhealthy relationship. Nobody is going to say "Told ya so!" or think you're a failure if you break up with Lori.

She will continue to violate your trust and break your heart. "Love" doesn't fix everything. I know I'm probably wasting my energy but I really hope he sees the light someday.

No. 108750

File: 1597107151736.jpeg (218.56 KB, 828x1529, lori1.jpeg)

Deleted posts, still had them up

No. 108752

File: 1597107217726.jpeg (188.7 KB, 828x1535, lori2.jpeg)

No. 108754

"Kevin would freak out and just accuse me of more bullshit" aka freak out and confront you about cheating, which obviously isn't bullshit. Notice he said he doesn't think it's a good idea if Kevin is in the picture "whether it's platonic or not" which means that Lori was telling this guy lies about how her and Kevin are broken up and just friends now. He obviously sees through her bullshit.

I really wonder who this dude is. What messaging program is this? Facebook messenger? I'm not familiar with that one. Are these screenshot from her phone or from his?

No. 108755

I read it as whether the visit with Lori is platonic or not, meaning there is a suggestion of something romantic happening if he visits, and he doesn't want Kevin around if so.

People act like Kevin is totally innocent, but didn't he do some crazy stuff like poke a hole in his leg to prove his love to Lori, and piss on her cosplay suit as per OP pic. He's a mess too. They are those kinda people where their relationship is their main hobby and source of entertainment, so it's just one fabricated drama after another.

No. 108758

AYRT, I actually think you're right because she said right before he said that "But it isn't like that I just miss you and I need a friend right now."

This has to be one of her exes or people that she has messed around with sexually and maintained a friendship with.

And yeah Kevin is problematic too and I don't believe that Lori made him cut himself to prove his love for her. That was in the first thread I think. I believe he did it himself and then pulled a whole "LOOK HOW MUCH YOU HURT ME, LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!" type thing. I don't think anyone is acting like Kevin is innocent, at least not like they used to be in these threads. They are obviously really toxic towards each other. I think there's still a glimmer of hope for Kevin if he gets out of this relationship, whereas Lori has been doing the same shit in all her relationships for 20 years.

No. 108759

Nice save, damn. This is wild.

No. 108763

File: 1597113941505.jpg (13.77 KB, 266x244, endymionmamoruusagikouusagihig…)

>Lori has been doing the same shit in all her relationships for 20 years.

Watching Lori and Kevin is like watching a sequel to a movie that came out a decade ago. This bitch didn't change a thing about the plot, she just switched out the actors and a few setpieces.

No. 108765

File: 1597114555519.jpg (54.3 KB, 830x1279, IMG_20200810_195405_033.jpg)

This got changed today.

No. 108767

Lori yet again removed Kevin from her insta bio. She's still tagged on his though.

No. 108768

She also deleted or hid a bunch of photos but I'm not sure which ones. I was looking through my screenshots of her profile bio and noticed that the one from yesterday had her at 1438 posts but right now it says 1411.

No. 108769

What cracks me up is they are doing this while arguing instead of waiting until the dust has settled before making changes. I can practically hear them shrieking at each other "well I deleted you on facebook so fuck you!!!" lol

The fact that they update their social media bios/feeds during arguments is absolutely hilarious and shows how neither of them should be in a relationship. With anyone.

No matter how they try to spin it, they are showing that they break up and get back together multiple times in a single argument AND their priorities are social media over an actual real life relationship. Such couple goals.

No. 108770

File: 1597122679853.png (42.06 KB, 632x285, Screenshot 2020-08-10 at 10.11…)

No. 108771

Both of them still say "No relationship info to show" on Facebook though (hit send too early on the screencap)

No. 108772

File: 1597122820478.jpeg (36.08 KB, 700x483, 0ACC5DF7-6C99-47E3-9245-270898…)

No. 108773

Holy shit lmao of course. Only person in the world. Good luck to you Kevin. What a fucking mess.

No. 108774

That's exactly what they were doing. I was following this pretty closely over the past 2 days and their relationship statuses on Facebook and Instagram would change hourly. I posted about some of it in the thread but not all of it because I figured hourly updates about who un-relationshipped who would get really thread cloggy.

These are adult humans lol.

No. 108775

>Hopefully things are looking up after today

lol you absolute fucking knob. as if she is going to stop cheating on you? fights aren't going to escalate into panic attacks and police being called? what a fucking idiot. i just hope the anons capping their fbs are around for all the eventual drama so that we can laugh at them. these two deserve each other .

No. 108777

At least with Kevin he's a young idiot. But her it's hilariously pathetic.

No. 108784

She probably hid her friends list to add mystery man without Kevin noticing and it escalated into a fight when he did it back because like anon said, Lori has a guilty conscience. Wow she’s dumb.

No. 108792

Kevin turns 27 in October. Still young, still an idiot, but certainly old enough to know that changing your relationship status on social media in the midst of fighting with your partner shouldn't be a priority but here we are. But yes, Lori, at 35, is definitely pathetic. The whole thing is so entertaining. I can't wait for Facebook anon to post the love bomb statuses from Kevin to Lori while she stays silent. Facebook is SO important to him lol.

No. 108794

By the way people spoke about him as if he was being held hostage, I assumed he was 20-22 years old. Crazy. I pitied him because I assumed he was a kid who didn't know better but now it's really funny

No. 108801

>only person in the world I can stand to be round for more than a few hours
What a great relationship standard denominator.

He should really look at what he wrote, it practically screams he's in a loveless, meaningless relationship.

No. 108811

Can we talk about how she manipulates this man? First of all he raises the best point: if you aren't allowed to add him on Facebook, how the fuck are you going to get away with him coming to visit you? That makes literally no sense. Don't her and Kevin live together? Then she says "I obviously wouldn't tell Kevin [you came to visit]" but when he says "I don't want to sneak around" she says "IT'S NOT SNEAKING WTF!!!" Like… yeah, that's the definition of sneaking.

This guy isn't even her fiance and she's treating him just like she treats doormat cuck Kev. She really cannot help herself can she.

No. 108812

Holy shit he's turning 27? I thought he was like 24 max when I wrote that and could excuse him a bit as being a generation that grew up with social media being prioritized.

No. 108814

If she’s hiding photos I’m shocked she doesn’t go back and archive the old ones that show her real face (and how Ana she used to be)

No. 108817

File: 1597170738533.png (192.99 KB, 364x506, Screenshot_2019-10-14-22-02-31…)

Seriously, when she has hooked-nose gems like these hanging around on both her and Kevin's Insta feeds. No wonder she obliviates herself with Meitu and Snow

No. 108823

Before I enlarged/read caption I thought this was a photo of the man she’s cheating on Kevin with lmao

No. 108845

Any bets on it being Rikki or the Ren-faire Ex Husband? There was Someone posting stating Lori tried to meet up with them at AX on the last threat. Same Person?

No. 108848

File: 1597193940992.jpg (227.02 KB, 981x1279, IMG_20200811_175811_991.jpg)

Lol Kevin still liking her photos even though she cheated on him (again), broke up with him (again), and unfollowed him. She posted this in the afternoon today.

No. 108866

Bet he even took the photo.

No. 108873

I'm sure he did. He's very proud of the lewds he takes of Lori even though she has never once given him photo credit even though he credits her on the rare occasion he posts a pic of himself.

No. 108886

i wonder what would happen if kevin asked lori for photo credit in these pics of hers. ive seen lots of instagrammers whose pics are taken by their partners and they always tag them in the post w/ photo credit. she would probably wail like a banshee and flip out at him or roll her eyes and pretend like he was being unreasonable when thats just a normal thing to do when ur getting ur pic taken by others.

No. 109008

Is there proof that she cheated? Or is this a fan fic?

No. 109011

She cheated on him when they were in Seattle and was one of the reasons for their first breakup. She was looking to cheat on him again and was at the very least emotional cheating based off these screenshots here:


She broke up with him according to Kevin himself here:


Try reading the actual thread next time.

No. 109032

So did Lori cheat on Kevin with one of her old friends? I'm surprised that she can keep anyone around

No. 109044

Not the cheating from years ago.

Is there proof of recent cheating? Or is this all fan fic speculation?

No. 109053


No. 109074

All the autists are out spurging today

No. 109112

Sooo fan fiction then. Got it.
Come back with facts next time.

No. 109213

Kevin can destroy her by taking a photo of her without her knowing unfiltered lol. Again he has so much power and doesn’t use it she needs him not the other way around because I’m sure his parents will let him come back until he can get situated. Lori will just find another victim to manipulate, but probably would have more back bone then him. At least the other guys had a breaking point. This idiot is holding on for dear life because of social media clout.

No. 109215

I think Lori is just his first long term girlfriend he's ever had plus they COSPLAY TOGETHER. And cosplay is one of the most important things in Kevin's life and he holds her in high regard because she was one of the early cosplayers. I honestly think that he thinks that he struck gold in snagging Lori. He has referred to her in the past as his "cosplay senpai" and he really puts her on a pedestal. He acts like he's 19 when he's nearing 30. It's sad but what are you going to do?

No. 109218

Actually, I can recall at least one girlfriend he had before Lori, roughly around 2013 when I met Kevin. I don’t know the details but she seemed to be similar to Lori (in terms of height, size and personality.) Apparently she really broke his heart or something he mentioned in passing.
I think Kevin has only had history with really nasty girls in terms of dating, and now that he’s pushed away all the people who actually care about him, all he has left is Lori and he’s desperately trying to hang on.

No. 109229

AYRT, that's why I said "long term girlfriend." I know he's had girlfriends in the past but I thought none of his relationships lasted more than a year.
>I think Kevin has only had history with really nasty girls in terms of dating, and now that he’s pushed away all the people who actually care about him, all he has left is Lori and he’s desperately trying to hang on.
Makes sense. He really thinks Lori is his entire world. Sad. Oh well. Hopefully we'll get some funny Facebook updates soon.

No. 109244

That kind of explains why they are together. But it also doesn't. Didn't Lori suck at cosplay and buy other people's costumes?

No. 109257

Yes but he is really shallow. I don't think it matters that she buys her costumes. The fact that she dresses up in them is all that matters to him. Also I don't think she sucks at cosplay. She was able to do Sailor Moon hair back when there weren't any tutorials on how to do that. I think he seriously thinks of her as some cosplay royalty. In his story about how they got together he mentions this and describes her as being out of his league and that he thought someone like her would never like him, lol. He worships Lori.

No. 109278

Imagine how low his standards are if he worships someone like her whose drama and inexcusable behavior have been plastered all over the internet for almost twenty years.

No. 109524

Lori still isn't acknowledging Kevin as her boyfriend/fiance on Instagram and Kevin changed the name of his Instagram to adollaskye. It also looks like he went on total lockdown on Facebook.

No. 109525

Still wishing for Kevin to spill the tea about what an insane, controlling psycho bitch Lori is.

He should "accidentally" post an unfiltered, unedited picture of her.

No. 109526

Yeah, it would send her into a mental breakdown.

No. 109535

Yep I've been following this too. 2 days ago he took Lori out of his bio and unfollowed her. At some point yesterday, Lori followed him back and then he re-added her to his bio and refollowed. A few hours after that, Lori unfollowed him again and hid 3 pics on her account, one of them being the recent one with Kevin where he's patting her head like a cat, looking defeated. I haven't checked on them yet today kek. It's like that other anon said, it's super pathetic and hilarious that they update their social media in the midst of fighting.

No. 109536

Imagine being anywhere over the age of 15 and having a fight with your significant other where you add and un-add eachother on social media

No. 109538

File: 1597717642149.png (285.77 KB, 502x516, Screenshot 2020-08-17 at 7.27.…)

"21 hours ago" changed FB profile pic to solo
"19 hours ago" returned it to the two of them

No. 109539

File: 1597717672916.png (23.35 KB, 618x181, Screenshot 2020-08-17 at 7.27.…)

No. 109540

I noticed that too lol. Lori also refollowed Kevin on Instagram today but still no mention of him in her bio.

Nobody was doubting that you were dumb, Kev.

No. 109544

He's becoming self-aware I guess

No. 109549

Welp, he's half right.

No. 109562

File: 1597752776461.png (309.82 KB, 828x1792, FB678BD3-59EF-4D83-A85F-C2938C…)

He hid his relationship status. Good on him. I’d be embarrassed to admit I was dating a train wreck like Lori too. Also what the frick is this Adolla Skye nonsense? “1993-present” lmao he was born in cosplay~

No. 109563

He always writes "coplayer" too, instead of cosplayer. This used to be in his profile before but he took it out. Then he put it back in and still can't write "cosplayer" correctly lol.

No. 109566

Maybe it's a shitty play on words for his slactivism larp. He's so ACAB right now he's laying cops out left and right, that, or he thinks cops are a good "lay" kek.

No. 109578

Adolla Skye???
Is he trying to change his name due to this thread popping up when "KrookedKev" is googled? lol…

No. 109583

Makes him sound a bit feminine. nothing wrong with that just wondering if Lori had a hand in the new name

No. 109585

It just sounds like "a dolla bill" to me. Like a rapper name. There's 50 Cent and now Kevin is A Dolla.

No. 109589

Pretty sure its just a Fire Force reference. Adolla means hell in it. "HellSkye." He's just being edgy.

No. 109592

its 5:15 where i am rn and honestly ive never seen such a shi*show go down, who are these people my dudes? who is she fooling with those fake lashes and that 'pink aesthetic'. she literally is trying to imitate belle delphine. when is she gonna grow up???(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 109616

Didn’t think of that. So edgy. /s

No. 109717

File: 1597949219469.jpg (52.36 KB, 960x1280, IMG_20200820_114620_533.jpg)

No. 109743

Why are her teeth so discolored? Yellow and then super white at the bottom. You got gingevitis gurl.

No. 109782

that quality is fucking atrocious…

No. 109805

Pixelating all your features out of existence to own the haters and prove you have youthful genetics, makes sense

No. 109808

File: 1598022732273.jpg (104.18 KB, 1080x1350, 118087398_356664378832267_2309…)

It's just her face zoomed in from this pic

No. 109815

I can’t stop staring at the tooth discoloration

No. 109820

I think it’s because of the over editing, no? She looks like her teeth have French manicure.

No. 109935

regardless, it is still bad. Compared to other selfies ive seen and taken. Those editing apps she uses wrecks any picture, not trying to be nitpicky… just if she wouldn't over edit.

No. 109974

Adding to this. If she took better quality pics and didn’t overedit she’d be making more money n getting more actual followers.

No. 109975

That, and if she chose cosplays that suited her. I'm still shocked she hasn't gone back to Usagi. She could leverage her old infamy and make some okay money playing on the whole thing.

Not to mention Usagi is iconic and reached a wider audience. Less forgettable; seems like a better moneymaker option compared to a one-shot garbage animu like FRANXX.

No. 109990

File: 1598160582320.jpeg (185.83 KB, 1512x2015, EDB36E6C-BDA4-49A6-804E-9BB879…)

No. 109991

File: 1598160628871.jpeg (169.45 KB, 1512x2015, 155D7423-65B3-44B7-AD3A-6BDE3C…)

No. 109997

Thanks, I hate it.

No. 110003

File: 1598167012909.jpeg (24.81 KB, 554x554, images (1).jpeg)

God the posing in this is particularly fucking lame. Idk about you anons but I'd be embarrassed if Kev was my boyfriend. Wanda and Cosmo couples cosplay when?

No. 110012

Fucking kek. Also, I would be so embarrassed if Kev was my boyfriend… Especially if I was 38 years old.

No. 110027

Lori is giving me woody harrelson in natural born killers vibes. Or like the matrix shit her out. These photos literally made me giggle.

No. 110030

File: 1598185623529.jpeg (153.09 KB, 828x1634, 7C87C013-1AE5-4979-B726-9F6AAC…)

This photo instantly got a Breaking Benjamin song stuck in my head

No. 110032

File: 1598185996879.png (3.75 MB, 828x1792, B7E18219-97C8-43A8-9673-0211E4…)

No. 110069

No. 110093

Sounds like she needs to go see ophthalmologist with her saying she's sensitive to light and cause she stabs her self in the eye all the time. I'm sure her finger nails are dirty So she might have Uveitis but I guess she's to poor to get it checked out? gotta spend that money on stupid looking outfits

No. 110109

looking granny af in these.

No. 110111

I’ve always thought this too. If she’s so obsessed with popularity why not dress as different more widely appealed characters. But then I remember Lori is fucking crazy and thinks she is zerotwo for whatever reason. I’ve never seen darling franxx but just looking at the character I always wonder if Lori identifies with all the toxic aspects of yandere types to justify her uwu abusive relationship with Kevin.

No. 110112

Zero two is a cannon aboosed succubus who overcomes her soul sucking tendencies with the power of her one true ~love~. I do not doubt Looni has fixated on this anime for more reasons than just aesthetics.

No. 110114

File: 1598246793655.jpg (64.99 KB, 550x750, jaw-bone-loss.jpg)

It almost looks like she is beginning to show the signs of bone loss in her lower face due to missing so many teeth.

No. 110123

AYRT. Darling FRANXX was a pretty standard 'seasonal' anime, nothing special. Ruined itself in the last few eps by counteracting all the world-building it had done up to that point. Zero Two is reasonably toxic, has shite communication, and is horny asF. So basically Lori, yes. I think you're prob right on the money with that speculation about uwu yandere desu Lori.

That makes sense from a personality standpoint. You'd think that since she's gunning so hard to sign up for her Patreon all the time, she would only do Zero Two so often, and throw in some more popular characters on rotations just to get the cash flowing.

No. 110131

The funny thing is if she wasn't so insistent on larping as a 14 year old (first usagi, now zero two) I can think of at least one cosplay that might actually look passable on her even if she relaxed the irl anime gurl shoop. It would even let her keep up the pastel thot bullshit. But no, just keep projecting on fictional children and getting your tits out for all 15 (kek) of your patrons. It'll be a cute look when you're 40.

No. 110152

File: 1598283579542.jpeg (287.47 KB, 750x1077, 1562465182170.jpeg)


It's probably because she edits the fuck outta her photos. Her unedited photos from cons have her jaw looking pretty masculine imo.

No. 110161

That's interesting. Didn't know there was a reason so many people had that kind of face.

Does anyone know what Lori's tooth loss is from? She's had a couple of missing teeth for a while, right? Maybe she should invest some money in going to the dentist.

No. 110167

Scrolling down to this from >>109808 is hilarious

No. 110189

Best guess is bulimia, but it could be from genetic poor teeth.

No. 110213

Kevin desperately showing off his knockoff shoes.

No. 110215

File: 1598373083014.jpg (114.84 KB, 1280x924, IMG_20200825_092813_455.jpg)

Such couple goals! I love how he admits they still have to edit the other pics they took, lol.

No. 110219

Hey Kev, even with that mask on we still see how soulless you've become.

No. 110220

Her supporting leg looks so short and stumpy while her chest looks like it has three weird bumps (stretched out rib cage and boobs?). Is that supposed to be a buttcheek peeking out? Just what is happening here

No. 110223

File: 1598384612197.jpg (93.5 KB, 1280x920, IMG_20200825_123846_122.jpg)

>L-Lori's good to me I s-swear!

His posts are so pathetic. He barely posts on Instagram at all but when he does, his captions are all about validating Lori.

Meanwhile she rarely ever mentions him in her captions and she went and hid all of their recent pics together (like the cat one) except for the pics from this shoot. I'm sure she'll end up hiding these once they get into their next fight and delete each other off Instagram again, lol.

No. 110226

Anyone know what her recent surgery was for?

No. 110229

this pose makes her look like a dog about to piss on a pastel fire hydrant

No. 110231

>This silky smooth and soft article
So, shiny thin and synthetic? Also kek at him reassuring us that he's taking good care of his knock-off shoes.
Why are their photos such low quality? They obviously took time to take photos together for once instead of Lori just taking the usual bedroom selfies but that blue overlay destroys any image clarity, maybe they both separately edit each picture on a free kawaii phone app

No. 110234

What is this pose… the secondhand embarrassment will not go awayyy

No. 110240

He over compensates so much.

No. 110264

She looks like fucking Voldemort here

Nobody is jealous or salty over his sad life or Taobao knockoff shoes

No. 110272

Looks 45 not 35 irl

OMG, lookin like some 2002 rejects right here! This looks so outdated!

No. 110297

File: 1598458832128.webm (3.04 MB, 480x720, qlJxCinpBlVzOjbW.webm)

The caption on this says:
>Have you seen the video I posted to my exclusive content this week? Here is a teaser :3 check out the link in bio♡

Is she serious? She wants people to pay for videos of her touching her socks and wiggling her butt?

No. 110301

She says it’s Lipoma

No. 110302

File: 1598460782589.jpeg (204.32 KB, 750x1094, CF40E61B-7532-4237-934A-C4AE64…)

She’s delusional

No. 110303

File: 1598460856586.jpeg (186.83 KB, 750x1115, 660EE061-BF51-49B8-B06B-0A9FB7…)

thank god Lori granted him permission to wear the soft hoodie! MVP!

No. 110304

File: 1598460881723.jpeg (102.51 KB, 750x419, 02F37A2E-BA98-4703-AFA7-B6C8FF…)

No. 110311

She is so obsessed with aging lol, she had to keep reassuring herself she's not old and decrepit it's hilarious
Newsflash Lori everyone is smooth and big eyed using filters. We've seen what you look like irl

No. 110321

Not to sound too wk since everything else is still cringe, but he's referring to the salt flats they took those pics at, not the haydurz's salt for once

No. 110331

Her face is so edited it looks pasted on

I see she's taking sexy lessons from Momokun. Though who am I to judge, paypigs seems to like down syndrome awkwardness.

No. 110346

File: 1598486734146.png (682.04 KB, 637x627, okkev.PNG)

Who sent it to her, one of her onlyfans guys? This is like a sadder version of the "my wife's bf" meme

No. 110405

Fucking kek Anon. Kevin is such a fucking simp.

No. 110489

love how she has to move so slowly and awkwardly to keep the filter on her face

No. 110554

File: 1598655284603.jpg (108 KB, 917x1279, IMG_20200828_155322_153.jpg)

Lori's new OnlyFans bio. I went through her posts there and all her captions are massively cringey.

No. 110561

>big booty
So she's going to be posting pics of other girls asses? Otherwise it's false advertising

No. 110563

Why would they sub in hopes of nudes. If they know there's girls with nudes already on tap?

No. 110569


Bitch, you 35.

No. 110579

what is with flat assed white girls acting like their butts are huge? belle does that too

No. 110608

Seriously, why? Plus, she's not gonna actual release the n00ds anyway because she'll never get enough patrons to begin with. She should do a nude set, even a small one, just to begin with and show them what's worth subscribing for. She's an absolute dimwit.

And of fucking course we were right, she's going to be posting all her same boring irrelevant costhot shit she been doing on Insta. Puke.

No. 110665

File: 1598724523032.jpg (109.4 KB, 1280x916, IMG_20200829_110807_346.jpg)

This is very meta.

No. 110667

>lolcows trying to reclaim the word cow

No. 110713

Her attempt to make a cute face is as hilarious as it is atrocious but also… Lori, have you ever even posted a picture of you outside? It's not exactly #countrystyle when every single photo is from your bedroom

No. 110730

OF is changing from weekly to monthly pay periods so guessing she'll abandon it quick.

Because otherwise they have to admit they're built like sticks and the only scrotes attracted to them are likely pedos. Though at least Belle looks young, Lori looks like a sobered crack ho on her best non filtered shots from others.

No. 110737

I was just gonna say. Each and every shot is in front of that mirror and overly saturated. She cant even be creative.

No. 110742

Funny she pretends to care and support other women when we know she hates other girls who do the same things as her. Even if they did it first Lol.

No. 111165

File: 1599147925561.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1125x1763, 6125E5BD-D270-464D-A142-E2D206…)

No. 110742
Almost like she read your comment but it's like someone else stated she will support the only woman that she doesn't feel a threat over so it doesn't justify her jealous issues over other girls(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 111170

She's 5ft? She looks taller in photos. Sad.

No. 111209

Yeah Lori make sure you promote a fat girl to really seal your insecurities and throw in how smol uwu you are
Also doubt that girl is shorter js

No. 111215


Holly is a friend of Lori's from way back. All the more proof that Lori is pretty much the only one who hasn't gotten a big girl job yet even though she's in her mid-30s.

No. 111225

File: 1599179315721.jpeg (620.07 KB, 1512x2015, 5D806134-0F74-4B50-BEB0-F651A6…)

No. 111231

I don’t understand why she feels the need to reference her own height at all when promoting someone else

No. 111233

File: 1599188794927.jpg (1.37 MB, 1920x2560, 20-09-03-20-07-33-390_deco.jpg)

Lori looks like a crack whore in this and that was when she was in her 20s, I dread to think of what she looks like in candid videos without all the filters now.

No. 111255

I can smell the cigarettes and body spray from here

No. 111321

She officially deleted every existence of Kevin on her IG, yet there he is with her tag in his bio looking like a pathetic simp. I knew the second Lori would regain fans and other cash flows she would drop him in seconds. She is a user and the second someone more famous comes after her she is gone.

No. 111326

Well he's still in some of her pictures though

No. 111334

Barely I didn’t notice the one with the blue hair but after that one it’s all pics of him a Hiro because he looks like a prop. As we can tell she has slightly fallen off the zero two train and just has pink hair and occasional horns. The fame bug has bitten her now she is trying to do all kinds of cosplays for free shit. You wouldn’t even know that her and kevin are an item because she mentions nothing. It looks like he is just infatuated with her.

No. 111356

glad I ain’t the only who sees it

No. 111357

Late to catching up on the thread but I deadass thought this was Mira premuslim saga Holy shit… Uncanny resemblance

No. 111371

This is an image board.

No. 111390

File: 1599340055031.jpeg (247.03 KB, 828x1413, 9A5FF309-85FC-4811-A0BE-4EE8DA…)

That splotchy eyeliner y i k e s

No. 111433

Hard to be Zero Two with a stinky suit. She must regret not salvaging it somehow.

No. 111798

File: 1599688154540.jpeg (252.97 KB, 828x1219, A10F5695-95FF-46B3-BB3D-534692…)


No. 111897

Her makeup looks like it was done with crayon kek

No. 111909

They ingaged again

No. 111928

They were both engaged to each other by name on FB yesterday but Lori took it out of her profile again today and now Kevin's just says "engaged" without Lori's name. Kek

No. 112256

Aaand now neither of them have engaged in their profiles. Also Lori unfollowed Kevin on Instagram. Again. Every day they go through multiple status changes like this and unfollow and re-follow each other. This changes DAILY. It's so funny to me. They must be fighting all the time. I hope Facebook anon has some new screenshots soon. Kevin statuses are the absolute best.

No. 112286

File: 1600064474902.jpeg (235.33 KB, 1242x1375, 99CE6EFF-DEB4-4459-A4C2-75BE9A…)

No. 112293

Why do they always post this shit publicly ahhhhh

No. 112306

Ah yes. Can’t wait for the next part of the cycle which is Kevin going: “No guys you misunderstand we fight like every other couple but sometimes I’m just stupid I love her so much she’s perfect and Kawaii!!!”

No. 112312

tinfoil but i wonder if they fight like this bc they want to see what the thread says about it, i mean fwiw i dont think its an act since theyre both crazy/retarded

No. 112319

Lmao right on cue.

I've actually thought about this too. Like they've had actual horrible fights before but they also love the attention and gossip that happens on lolcow so I sometimes wonder if they just make this shit up for attention and then go "Haha look at lolcow talking about us again." Like you, I don't think it's an act either but it really says something about their relationship if they are making up completely believable fucked up scenarios. I mean if Kevin wrote a status about how Lori had gotten a full time job doing anything and he lost his job and she's been taking care of him + all the bills for the last several months and working really hard we would all be like "Bullshit" but anytime they have explosive fights and post about it on Facebook it's just completely unsurprising and completely in line with their relationship thusfar because of course they hate each other and fight constantly and then make little passive aggressive posts to Facebook which turn into back and forth continuations of their irl fights.

No. 112325

File: 1600076620108.jpg (126.04 KB, 1280x960, IMG_20200914_024127_900.jpg)

I took this screenshot 6 days ago but forgot to post it. I noticed that the comment asking about the wedding is now gone. Kevin must've deleted it lol.

No. 112329

Her head looks cube shaped here

No. 112337

They also might be posting shit like this with the privacy settings set to certain people to see if they post it here. Just guessing since there are no other likes or replies on it

No. 112338

That's possible, but the people they have on fb probably just see this as a shitshow and don't want to get involved in childish meltdowns between two adults

No. 112355

I can believe Lori is treating Kevin like a slave during the moving process. Moving is super stressful under normal circumstances, even with couples who don't despise each other like these two do. Imagine the screeching. She's been talking all week long about moving into a bigger place and "setting up LEDs". She's been slowing down on posting pics which usually only happens when her and Kevin are extreme fighting (she usually posts daily on Instagram, both posts and stories, but sometimes after some really bad fights she will go 3-4 days between posts, I've noticed) but moving also makes sense as to why she's not uploading a ton of content recently. I bet she's really putting pressure on him to get her photoshoot spots set up for her pay pigs. What a life.

No. 112362

Driving and lifting shit, surely the most harrowing abuse I've ever read, poor kevin

No. 112373

File: 1600110821406.jpeg (74.36 KB, 828x235, 31A216B6-FA55-477A-B0B6-FB996B…)

No. 112384

But why is it necessary to put that on Facebook to her if not for show? They live together. Lmao just say it to her or text her instead of putting on a performance on Facebook.

No. 112398

Hurry Kev, better update your relationship status on all your social before the next fight.

No. 112401

Not without Lori’s permission

No. 112404

Lori deleted or hid these series of photos she took in the desert with Kevin, from her Instagram. She really loves to punish him when he's bad.

No. 112411


Oy vey. Moving is stressful, but no doubt about it that Lori is most likely avoiding doing anything moving related because "muh old grandma back pain". I just don't think she has the ability to be empathetic let along sympathetic which is why she doesn't give a shit if Kevin has to get up in 3 hours and go to work to pay the bills and support her lifestyle.

Kevin, this type of fighting isn't normal and you're very aware of it being abusive for both of you. Wake up before you end up wasting more years of your life to a relationship that has you claiming you're happy and not depressed with your situation 80-90% of the time. It doesn't get better; you just end up feeling like you've spent x number of years with them, so you might as well keep sticking it out.


About a year ago I was friends with her on Facebook. This stuff was pretty regular if you were online when shit hit the fan. I just never posted it because I didn't want to miss it. XD(XD)

No. 112434

File: 1600153268948.jpeg (124.85 KB, 1242x711, DF42F47C-2723-4D9E-8336-253887…)

Seems they had another fight. This post shows four comments, but when I clicked on it I could only see lori’s. Seems Kevin has blocked me even though I have never interacted with him, as I can no longer find his fb page. I’m no one, just a random mutual, but this makes me think Lori was making Kevin delete and block all other women from his fb again.

No. 112442

File: 1600165962890.jpeg (320.11 KB, 818x1433, CF1DE9E5-3DE6-4003-B83C-C77E57…)

It literally takes seconds to find a better ~irl zerotwo~ (except this girl I used as an example is not psychotic and doesn’t claim to be a fictional character). Why would anyone spend money on Looni’s patreon when there is better quality content that isn’t even hard to find? Even if she had quality content I wouldn’t sub for the simple fact I would t want to give my money to such an egotistical abusive cunt. Saged for rant.

No. 112470

File: 1600187706865.jpeg (448.32 KB, 1503x2048, D6F839E5-2DC4-40F5-A878-312B1C…)

It took me so long to even find her in this mess of a photo

No. 112471

Anon it's already been posted.

No. 112489

She needs a stripper pole imho

No. 112497

What even is she going for here?

No. 112506

Abstract? Dali? Van Gogh?

No. 112527

File: 1600217888868.jpeg (867.25 KB, 1242x2145, 94DA37B8-EE31-4955-ACE3-76233D…)

Because you Facetuned, snowed your wrinkles, and modify your fucking face into a 19 year old and you some how so delusional you believe you actually look like that. If only kevin was smart enough to post a picture of her with out knowing whenever she becomes an asshole to him he could fuck her over and gain all the power..

No. 112528

She needs some humbling. Get to it Kev.

No. 112529

File: 1600219502102.jpeg (570.13 KB, 1080x2400, 73D7B61B-D678-4670-A913-263148…)


No. 112543

File: 1600227939513.png (7.67 MB, 1242x2208, 254B718B-8FCA-4941-A05B-318DE2…)

Looneys Facebook post.

No. 112544

File: 1600228017802.jpeg (217.85 KB, 1239x1812, 6ACA626A-A457-4017-83A8-880B66…)

No. 112552

Wow she is still friends with Ender despite cheating on her with her brother? Also laughing at how Ender detransitioned but still has a holier than thou attitude.

No. 112580

File: 1600276503766.png (1.48 MB, 1440x2960, nanoleaf.png)

Looks like Lori is dropping more money (most likely Kevin's since she's still ebegging for more patreons so she can buy a new computer) on overpriced and over rated Nano Leaf LEDs. Is she fixing to break into streaming?

No. 112581

I think she thinks this lighting is gonna help her get more subs. She needs new computer to stream.

No. 112711

She is actually focusing on Only Fans and must be doing good since she posted she was in there top 10 percent of content creators. I notice she is now showing her nipples up there too before she said she was only going to do lewd shit. She is also starting to get sponsers as well so yes she is actually making some money hence why she is cheating on kevin.

No. 112712

Show these to Dolls kills and that sugar place she is trying to get sponsors from and they wont even think about sponsoring her.

No. 112737

File: 1600394438357.jpeg (393.23 KB, 828x1444, ABCFAFC3-2B84-4E69-BF87-4D74C5…)

No. 112738

File: 1600394491127.jpeg (363.05 KB, 828x1184, 36044C41-47FC-4C41-8D0B-842510…)

No. 112739

>Just so everyone knows we promised not to do this anymore
God. Just like kids.

No. 112740

File: 1600394570450.jpeg (70.4 KB, 817x256, 18CB001C-2B78-45C6-9E4E-EBDAE4…)

No. 112742

"Someone please help me" bitch you called anyone who did try to help you not your real friend and accused them of being unsupportive of you and Lori. Getting so tired of this boy who cried wolf shit from Kevin, he deserves it at this pointed, especially since she's dependent on him and not the other way around. You enable this Kevin. You've made your bed, go ahead and lie down. I'm sure in like a day you'll be posting about how you don't deserve Lori and how she's so good and you guys fight like any normal couple even though this shit ain't normal.

Sage for sperg, idk why I bother like he's going to learn anything and not keep being retarded over his uwu cosplay senpai waifu

No. 112743

>Someone please help me

Lol you idiot. Your friends did help you. Your parents drove like 12 (?) hours to rescue you from Washington and you still went back to Lori and demanded that all of your friends accept it otherwise they weren't being supportive and they were vilifying Lori. Fucking dumbass.

No. 112744

Hahaha you guys. Kevin unfollowed Lori on Instagram and removed every "like" he has given to her photos, going back at least a month. He's probably sitting there "unliking" photos as I type this. I only scrolled back a month but I'm sure it's more.

Watch tomorrow all the "likes" will be back on her page and he'll post some sniveling appreciation post on Facebook about her.

No. 112745

> top 10% on OnlyFans

abject losers like Shayna are in the top 2% so doubt that means that Lori’s “doing really well”

No. 112774

did he delete his FB? what happened to the pic?

No. 112784

He briefly changed it to no pic and then he changed it back to the one of him and Lori.

No. 112820

>This cruelty is so inhuman

A simple google search of ‘usagikou’ will give you plenty of stories of her being inhumanly cruel… many people have told you how cruel she is inside. She will never change and is only out for herself. If you think a narc like Lori truly cares about anyone but her own selfish wants and her personal image, you are a fool.

I can’t even begin to comprehend why Kevin stays other than the fact he must be extremely insecure. She’s cheated twice that we know of, once with Rikki and the second time with mystery man. She’s mentally and I’m willing to bet physically abusive. I’m sure there is nothing rewarding emotionally about being in a relationship like this, and it must be exhausting constantly walking on eggshells in fear of her lashing out or doing something manipulative in retaliation. That isn’t love. Kevin what are you doing GET OUT!!

No. 112827

At this point I don't think anyone cares why he is still with her. They do this all the time. There's a fight, she passive aggressively posts, he has a meltdown for sympathy and if anyone is foolish enough to fall for it they are met with being blocked and berated for not believing in Lori when Kevin gets over his bitch fit and doesn't kick her out. (It's basically foreplay for them at this point)
He has literally not one person that will come to his aide anymore. It's crying wolf and noone gives a shit save for us anons that find the situation hilarious.

No. 112834

File: 1600434417449.jpg (97.25 KB, 924x1280, IMG_20200918_055149_664.jpg)

She changed her profile pic from a cosplay one of them together, to this single pic of herself.

I'm just waiting for the newest Kevin Facebook status today declaring his undying love for Lori and desperately listing all her wonderful qualities, while she ignores him and doesn't acknowledge the post at all.

No. 112847

Does his family read his Facebook? Do they even care anymore? I know they used to live with his parents (big yikes I can’t even imagine what they were feeling having her in their home knowing she abuses their son) but I wonder if they just washed their hands of his choices or what.

No. 112851


It was pointed out in an earlier post I think that Kevin isn't friends with his parents on Facebook. I don't know if it was Kevin's choice or his parents choice, or Lori's choice.

No. 112857

Every girl I know with an onlyfans seems to be in the top 10%, I'm not sure what the measurement is at this point.

No. 112876

Worst part imo is Kevin has the power to really fuck her over and just doesn't despite all she does to him. He could film her being abusive or candid photos and videos of her haggard self behind all the filters and he doesn't.

No. 112878

right but we also know Lori will happily lie about being abused or raped by him if Kevin doesn't do what she says and that's why I think he never actually fights back. despite her lolcow status lasting almost twenty years now, she still has white knights that will come to her rescue.

a rape accusation, even a false one, could fuck up his future even more than being with her already is.

No. 112881

Back when his friends list was still public I could see that he was friends with some of his brothers and maybe his sisters but not his parents.

No. 112913

Didn't they just move into a new apartment together? Or was this her plan all along? He should just move back in with his parents, leave the apartment to her, and take a hit to his renter's history.

Watching their facebook/ig discourse is so predictable and funny at this point. He is so incredibly stupid.

No. 112922

Yes they just moved into a larger apartment together. Lori has been talking about setting up new LED lights for about a week and all the "spicy" photoshoots that are going to happen.

No. 112923


All these comments are gone now too.

No. 112934

god, they're pathetic. what a miserable existence.

No. 112935

File: 1600502129379.jpeg (373.88 KB, 1242x1219, B812DBF6-4F7A-4FB1-BCAE-9B3907…)

No. 112938

Who the hell doesn't pack their shit when they've known for months that they'll be moving? Like did they seriously think all their stuff would just magically appear in the new apartment as soon as they signed the lease?

No. 112939

Rinse and repeat.

No. 112944

Chin up, Kev! Everyone here at lolcow is rooting for you and Lori. Please don't be more careful on Facebook. That's your place to vent! Don't hold back. It's YOUR page. I know I'm a huge fan of your posts. I love the updates on you two silly gremlins!

No. 112947

>People seem to take stuff on here as the true true face value.
Ignoring whatever the fuck "true true face value" is, I'm genuinely baffled at how he can scream abuse and then think he can smooth it over with whatever falls out of his head hours later. I've been here since the first thread, and it still gets me everytime.

LMFAO anon.

No. 112951

Right on schedule! Looking forward to more posts saying the exact opposite of this in 5-7 business days

No. 112954

Agreed! You shouldn’t hold back Kevin. We’re here for you~

No. 112995

I know it's been said before, but man this is sad. Make whatever friends you have left feel sad and concerned for you and then "we were just being stressed!"

C'mon Kev.

No. 113029

File: 1600552904518.jpeg (6.98 KB, 276x183, images_1600532906820.jpeg)

can't tell if he is referencing Cloud Atlas or just retarded

No. 113060

Why didn't these morons just prepack and hire a moving van like every other sane person on the planet.

No. 113062

Beware the friends of this anon, the sarcasm was so perfect it passed as a "true true" supportive comment. You must troll everyone you know very gently.

No. 113064

The other 90% are probably middle-aged crossdressers and guys with potato quality photos of their asses*, so anyone with actual activity on their page is the "top 10%"

*Onision being an at all popular account gives a clue for how low quality most male accounts are

No. 113173

How can we know if THIS status is TRUE TRUE if all of the rest aren't, Kev?

No. 113231

File: 1600656280675.jpeg (360.8 KB, 1242x1631, CA8B7BAA-810E-4141-B930-496E87…)

Learn basic light techniques.

No. 113268

FOR REAL the quality of photos was trash to begin with but somehow she made it worse

No. 113314

She bought these things without realizing that it would make her look as old as she is.

So instead of just returning it, she's using it to backlight and blurring everything out even more than ever.

No. 113323

File: 1600731583539.jpg (107.72 KB, 855x1280, IMG_20200921_163814_531.jpg)

Uh oh.

No. 113324


The cycle continues. He's already removed the relationship status info from his Facebook so that it's blank.

No. 113325

I feel like maybe they've removed eachother because they both broke up, and even if they didn't break up, that's exactly what people are going to start thinking because of the lack of relationship status, which is hilarious. All of his female friends are going to think Kevin is single!

No. 113326

Yet on Instagram he her in his bio as his dream girl still like an idiot and she has nothing and hid all the most current photos of them. It looks like they just meet up to cosplay on hers like they are not dating at all.. their room looks like it’s all hers there is no sign of man living there whatsoever. I’m sorry but I no longer feel sorry for Kev this is pure mental, emotional, and sometimes physical abuse and he still stays there. He has all the power and doesn’t use it because he is terrified of a 5 ft 35 year old with a broken back.

No. 113328

File: 1600734796497.jpeg (233.7 KB, 1242x787, 2EBD666B-E51D-485D-855D-E2DD4E…)

Asks for help when they fight, then tells them to fuck off when everything is ok for 5 mins. What a fucking simp

No. 113331

He also re-followed her on Instagram after several days of not following her and removing every single "like" he's ever given her posts. He liked her most recent post from 2 days ago but nothing else.

What female friends? Lol. Lori made him remove all his platonic female friends that she felt threatened by, looks wise. And a ton of others stopped trying to be friends with him based on his behavior alone. There are several of his former friends in this thread.

>We have our own system
You mean the one where you break up 2-3 times a week? It's funny how he says they fight "like normal couples". I wonder if he actually believes that? Because their fights are not normal. I've been in a relationship for over 5 years and we've never raised our voices at each other or called each other names, much less destroyed each other's property, broken up and gotten back together dozens of times, and post passive aggressive statuses about each other on social media. I think they like all the emotional turmoil. It's fascinating to watch. I'm guessing they'll be together for many more years unless Lori finds a better simp to fund her lifestyle. You just know she's talking to backups. She would leave Kevin in an instant if some guy with a better-than-retail job who had a house came along and showed interest in being with her. Even if that guy didn't cosplay with her.

No. 113340

So weird that this is a comment on her wall

No. 113354

Lori was already talking to an ex earlier this year from what I can remember in these threads. She was mad when he wouldn't visit her behind Kevin's back or something?

She made him post it before she would forgive him. It's the same thing every fight. I'm mostly just surprised that Kevin held out for a few days this time. Is her grasp on his dignity slowly slipping?

No. 113359

Yep. That's why I said she has backups, or is trying to secure some backups anyway. But her ex wasn't comfortable seeing her with Kevin still in the picture and she tried to turn it around as "We wouldn't be sneaking around/I could really use a friend right now." Lori has always been a manipulative asshole. It's one of the only things she's good at. I doubt her ex is the only one she's talking to behind Kevin's back. She's said on her Instagram that if you pay a certain tier amount for her Patreon, you get to "chat with" her. I'm not sure how many lonely neckbeards pay for her content but I'm positive she talks to these dudes and would drop Kevin in an instant if they could provide her with more than Kevin does. I think she has more simps now that she made an Only Fans. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.

No. 113360

Lori is working on her splenda daddy backup and it would probably be someone as old as she is.

I wonder if she'd go the Yumi King route and even get pregnant to seal the deal, the horror!

No. 113368

Was gonna say that lol

No. 113381

I noticed Lori is getting a solid number of likes on her ig (in the thousands). But a couple of months ago her engagement was basically nill right? Anyone know what happened? Is it Kevin buying likes?

No. 113408

No. 113409

Na don't worry anons, according to >>112935 it's just the stress of the move and his heavy work, no one is ever being hurt or actually breaking up! We shouldn't take stuff on facebook as true true face value! They will be in love for ever and ever!

No. 113411

File: 1600796469543.jpg (186.02 KB, 992x1280, IMG_20200922_103958_260.jpg)

Lori has left Kevin such an empty husk of a person that he hasn't had time to do anything he loves. But don't worry! Now that they're broken up things are looking up for Kevin and he can enjoy hobbies again now that he's finally out of this soul sucking relationship! That's what this status means, right?

No. 113413

File: 1600798067651.jpeg (11.61 KB, 787x390, doubt.jpeg)

>Nice pair

No. 113416

>my only nice pair

they're fake

No. 113451


No. 113616

File: 1600962058059.jpeg (860.47 KB, 1242x2152, CB2705EB-8171-4D5E-B074-6CE0E4…)

Just going to leave this here..

No. 113617

File: 1600962271722.jpeg (119.24 KB, 1242x402, 78B3C593-FACE-4D8C-ADD7-EEF486…)

When ever lori goes on a random trip it’s usually to go fuck someone … Enders brother was the trip to Cali she fucked him, this she cheated in Scott when she went to chili, saw rikki when Kevin was at work, talking to another man when he is at work, now this… what do you guys think?

No. 113619

Kevin is a dumbass but Lori seems to have a habit of trying to get him involved in drama while he's at work, like take a break woman

No. 113622

Wtf is wrong with this woman. As Kevin said it was years ago, why is she even drudging shit up on FB while he's at work KEK?

It's barely a tinfoil at this point. Kevin better keep an eye on his cougar.

No. 113639

She really is going to cheat on him ahahaha

No. 113641

Way to go Kevin for actually being the mature one in this. Lori, you repulsive stupid fuck. Go get a job if you are so bored that you’re going to stir up decade old drama because you have nothing better to do. She looks so dumb for posting this, especially since Kevin left a dignified response kek

No. 113642

involving other people just brings them here. especially if it was years ago. how many people are here from her kou klan days because they wanted to see what drama she was doing?

it's nice to see kev not giving into things and telling her to let go of it.

No. 113663

Maybe she'll bring back another Aliexpress hoodie and let him wear it for a photoshoot

No. 113764

Is Kevin going with her? They’re not hitting up Vegas to get married are they?

No. 113805

File: 1601067568473.webm (2.03 MB, 640x800, 120128183_710504886215663_3217…)

Lori got new colored contacts and is trying to show them off.

No. 113807

File: 1601068496844.png (4.7 MB, 828x1792, D99B4CD3-F44E-448E-95F6-ACF512…)

Her strained red veiny eye makes them look super comfortable

No. 113824

File: 1601081523148.jpeg (396.49 KB, 1512x2015, 1CCB155D-3501-4C45-ADA5-AE6EE5…)

Looks like she only snowed her skin and blew up her eyes.. her chin and nose look much larger and masculine..

No. 113828

Even with shoop her uneven teeth look like those of an elderly person in need of dentures.

No. 113854

Oof that front tooth chip and crookedness on the bottom row. No wonder she never smiles.

No. 113859

Her teeth are the least of her worries. That video was absolutely nightmare inducing.

No. 114052

This is such an unflattering angle sheesh

No. 114182


So has she started to name the people who "wronged" them yet? My guess its just the people who tried to help Kevin getting away from Lori the first time and calling out on her abuse.

No. 114218

Nope. No names. Probably just a post to stir up drama. They don’t got a clue who it is.

No. 114252

she obviously posted this to try to get kevin involved in something he wants nothing to do with. it was to make him uncomfortable. it would be literally every single one of his and her ex friends because they've falllen out with so many people. he knows what he gave up and he wants to move on.

No. 114412

Can Lori do something milky so we can bury that god awful photo in the abyss of this thrread, my god. It’s so unfortunate looking that it bothers me.

No. 114418

did they ever get married or are they still “engaged”and breaking up every week?

No. 114420

They're still breaking up and "engaged" every week. They also unfollow and refollow each other on Instagram several times per week. They add and remove "engaged" from their Facebook profiles about once a week. I doubt they'll ever get married. I can't see Kevin's family supporting that decision with money, Lori's family doesn't seem to be in the picture at all (she probably alienated them years ago), and Kevin can't afford a wedding on his own with his Home Depot job. Lori spends all her neckbeard coin on cosplay getups.

No. 114463

I have a feeling that that'a why they want to go to Nevada. >>113617

Vegas marriage, anyone? What a mess.

No. 114465

How many marriages has she had now?

No. 114479

This would be marriage 3 I believe.

No. 114487

3 times?? has she ever had a wedding or has it all been elopements? hope that’s not why they went to Nevada!

No. 114519

She had some kind of ceremony with her second husband where she wore horns.

No. 114562

File: 1601523304236.jpg (115.89 KB, 1280x934, IMG_20200930_203542_121.jpg)

Oh no. Hopefully Kevin doesn't have Covid.

No. 114563