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File: 1574743708857.jpg (164.95 KB, 1080x1079, lorena.jpg)

No. 73866

Self proclaimed "Queen of Kabukicho" and "Weeb queen with boundary issues."

Recent milk:
>Has washed up at a brothel in Osaka where she's working long hours >>72793
>Latest visa hop (or 'mystery trip'), this time to Canada >>71389 and maybe visited Sheina? >>71433
>Said she'd been in jail but had beat the charge >>69587
>Disappeared for around three weeks, which is the allowed detention time for police charges in Japan >>67545 then reemerged with jail hair >>69532
>Adopted a ratchet IG baddie persona, including pot-leaf motifs and tagging random rappers in her posts
>Also recently made a brief attempt at becoming a "twitchthot" in her own words, streaming Mario Kart twice before abandoning it
>Her third, fatherless, child hasn't been referenced to or seen in months
>Has joined a band called D4C (Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap) as their vocalist even though she can't sing
>Still working as a prostitute

IG: https://www.instagram.com/kabukillmee/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kabukillmee
Onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/kabukillmee
Twitch: https://twitch.tv/kabukillmee
Miss Universe profile: http://www.jo-kyoushi.com/profile.html?uid=260

D4C (band) twitter: twitter.com/D4C__Official
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQezWdc5xLIzX87X9Lp5SxA

Previous Thread: >>47769

No. 73879

Carrying on from the last thread - prostitutes here do “dekasegi” where they stay in a dorm for a week or a month or whatever and work as a “fresh face” at a brothel far from their normal one, cause customers will want to try out a new girl. I’m 100% sure that’s what she was doing in Osaka. She’s back on the schedule at Miss Universe now.

No. 73880

so like a hooking exchange

No. 73882

File: 1574772819196.gif (927.13 KB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

Anon, you killed me

No. 73981

File: 1574830449401.png (44.76 KB, 941x259, TjTqmrE.png)

finally you got it lorena

No. 73983

A moment of clarity. Her clout chasing and desperate hunger for quick fame has led her to being a 30+ used up prostitute with multiple abandoned kids. A flopped porn career, music career, drug problem etc. She'd be smart to realize she's not getting any younger and to quietly go back to Australia, find a steady job, and work on fixing her life. She can work on cultivating her music and art if it's truly a passion for her instead of chasing bandman/host dick and being a whole mess. Maybe the prison stint, visiting Shiena in Canada, and her getting kicked form the Osaka brothel has sobered her up a bit? It's doubtful she'd ever change though, she's been at this longer than most.

No. 74289

Why does she have to go back to Oz anon? It’s obvious she screwed over too many people there. I don’t get why the first response to weebs is for them to leave japan. The problem isn’t location it’s their fucked mental health

No. 74332

Going back to Australia won’t solve anything. She’ll be a stripper or cam girl there, like Delandra. She doesn’t talk to relatives, or family so.. Her only hope is a good therapist and rehab.

No. 74350

she could get he dole, but at the same time she'd be held to account for financially supporting her child there. also there are so many more women to compete with who are just like her or better at what they do.

No. 74352

File: 1575171955881.png (201.17 KB, 336x497, U6ISSCh.png)


No. 74363

File: 1575182791128.png (816.81 KB, 1024x1820, vfRr826.png)

her new look is plastic

No. 74369

File: 1575187070303.png (233.96 KB, 439x316, gethelp.png)

The problem isn't Japan, obviously. Her problem is she went to Japan for the wrong reasons to begin with. She at least has a family she could possibly reconnect with, friends who could help her, like the tattoo shop girl who helped house her when she and boytoy lived in Australia briefly. She needs to get away from the lifestyle she was desperately chasing before and get her shit together before it's too late. No amount of overpriced lash extensions and host dick is going to help her "make it" in Japan.

She's had lip fillers before. She looks the same tbh, just heavily filtered and with swollen lips? Tbh her eyes look so tired these days. Even the filters can't hide it.

No. 74485

File: 1575340648078.png (1.42 MB, 1024x1820, 7ycehKh.png)

new victim?

No. 74488

File: 1575342218362.png (687.33 KB, 845x593, dryuya.png)

Pretty sure that's her band's drummer, Yuya. They hang out outside band meetings sometimes and the ashy blonde hair color matches his as well as the style of dress. I wouldn't put it past her to be fucking her bandmates though.

No. 74522

If she really fucks that I'll lose faith in humanity..

No. 74564

I give her 1 month and her friends would drop her just like her prostitutes friends because she’s toxic asf. Her parents are the only ones who can tolerate her. They’re already taking care of her hafu mutt child.

No. 74575

She literally bangs old dudes for cash, she doesn't really have any standards.

Her parents don't have the hafu kid, her ex husband in Japan does. Her parents have custody of her first kid from some dude back in Australia.

No. 74577

File: 1575429590160.jpg (119.47 KB, 751x1333, Ln7ntnm.jpg)

if you don't like it go back to australia
it's easy

No. 74581

Cue the anons who were crying "she doesn't need to leave Japan". She's a foreigner with almost her entire body tattooed, she has extremely limited opportunities there. At least in most western countries she could land a retail gig or something.

No. 74689

File: 1575504751387.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1125x1244, EF15C488-E7F4-42EA-84CA-5FB10B…)

The boyfriend. Almost 10 years younger

No. 74707

That’s not yuya. Lorena’s boyfriend is a osaka man. He was a customer while she worked at the osaka brothel.

No. 74709

No. 74711

Just check his latest post on his IG. The same clothes. She kissed him. Also on her latest IG she kissed him.

No. 74713

File: 1575511984862.png (370.96 KB, 462x652, ok.png)

My bad, just saw the IG post. Funny though.
>I don't fuck with nobody but him
You literally fuck for money, Lorena.

No. 74716

File: 1575512352878.png (210.42 KB, 193x426, yikes.png)

Was wondering why a semi decent looking, younger dude would go for a 30 something prostitute mother of however many kids she's abandoned by now. But then I saw his candid pics and dude is straight up ugly. Wonder if he's a gaijin hunter too.

No. 74721

lorena can only get ugly guys

No. 74723

You aren't wrong. Boytoy was okayish looking minus the fact he was straight up anorexic, which was confirmed by Lorena herself. Shit personality though and also a prostitute. Ex hubby wasn't a looker, but I guess at least he cares for their kid?

I guess she found a reason to stay in Japan after all. Do you think she'll have a kid with this one too?

No. 74728

Some of his friends are trance djs and druggies as well as gogo dancers.

No. 74732

He really is her type. He looks like one of her ex hubbies. She gives him money, food and sex. And I bet she didn’t tell her real age and the abandoned kids yet. Maybe he now is living with her in her apartment.

No. 74737

File: 1575526124797.jpeg (1 MB, 1086x1458, 64359F5B-84D7-4C61-B566-770BDB…)

before meeting Lorena vs after being with her for a half year

No. 74741

He lives in Osaka. Probably a drug pusher of some sort.

No. 74746

could be! he got some tattoos and his friends look suspicious

No. 74749

I think she’ll have a kid with this. But it seems he doesn’t have a decent job and won’t take any responsibility…. she always says “rich men only” . Maybe he is rich

No. 74760

Nah. Boytoy was broke and a total mooch. She likes host types, but has to settle for the busted up looking ones. The whole "rich guys only" is the hooker in her talking. None of her dudes have been rich.

No. 74762

I doubt this is anything serious on his end. Guys like him like the idea of flaunting foreign women around until they get sick and tired of them.

No. 74795


The dude really looks like her ex hubby like identical twins. That kind of horse face is her type.

No. 75007

That photos was posted quite a while ago when she was supposedly in Canada.
Is she still even in this band if she’s in Osaka now?
Has she posted anything about the band or tours or Philly? I’m guessing she’s abandoned the band and they’re going on without the singer? They must be pissed.

No. 75009

Like is she permanently in Osaka or going back and fourth a lot?
If she likes an Osaka dude she will
Stay for him. That’s her personality. Ignore her child and everything for a guy.

No. 75011

Her younger sister lives there. So it might make her life better

No. 75013

She's in Tokyo and the guy is in Osaka. Assuming that they met while she was there and now she is obsessed with him or something. She is creepy aggressive in the videos she posted of them.

No. 75019

he is going to escape soon enough lol

No. 75025

So is she going between Tokyo and Osaka? I thought she had moved to Canada to avoid Japanese authorities. Going to Osaka for a few months to avoid them would make sense but if she’s already back then she’s not really that phased.

No. 75032

She was just doing a stint in Osaka. She’s not going anywhere. She still lives in Tokyo.

No. 75036

She fucks Tokyo men for the money for the osaka man. The round trip from tokyo to osaka costs around 300$ plus the young guy needs money. He is a pimp

No. 75043

Pimp!? You gotta be kidding me.
He's more likely a drug pusher.

No. 75077

Any evidence he is either? I mean maybe. He’s probably too ugly to be a host.

What about the band? Are they going to Philly? Did she just ditch that?

No. 75102

After checking his ig (and the people hes friends with) it wouldnt surprise me if he's a host. Yes , hosts can have tattoos too and dress gaudy like that.

That he's ugly doesnt mean anything, there are a LOT of ugly fucks who are hosts. Come on, look at that abomination that is Roland.

No. 75139

This is true, there are a lot of ugly ass successful hosts.
I still doubt this guy is a host or a pimp. He could be low level chinpira

No. 75170

Agreed. Probably works as a scout, staff at fuzoku or kyaba, or low level chinpira.

No. 75191

File: 1575961189510.jpeg (163.12 KB, 1125x384, 51AE7A41-B28A-46A7-95E9-33F579…)

No. 75197

Guess karma hit her again. Good for her

No. 75204

Why is she scared of her ex? What death threats ? She seems to be paranoid

No. 75213

Whatever tf he is, he is at least a customer of the brothel.

She is crazy about him.She needs to move to Osaka. They can’t afford the shinkansen tickets many times in a month.

No. 75215

almost all hosts are ugly If you strip them off of photoshop and filters

she is not paying her rent to save the money for moving or? what a lifestyle for someone that is flexing money and fake designer bags on instagram

maybe its her fake marriage ex, if she doesn't pay for rent she probably also won't pay him

No. 75216

Which ex? What even qualifies as an ex for her.

No. 75316

The anorexic guy
He had to marry her lol

No. 75320

Which anorexic guy? All of them are anorexic

No. 75333

It would make sense if her ex (anorexic prostitute) married her and that's how she got a spouse visa, then she left him and now he wants her to sign divorce papers and she is probably dodging/refusing and therefore he is sending her death threats.

No. 75362

The anorexic male prostitute is sending her death threats. Why does she choose weird men always? There’re a lot of better or normal men even in Japan. I’ve lived in japan for few years but I’ve never seen a male prostitute yet.

No. 75386

Hosts are pretty much male prostitutes.

What "normal guy" would want to date Lorena?!

No. 75396

But the Lorena’s “male prostitute” sells his ass to “men” for living…

No. 75405

Or is she talking about Ryoya? Any proof on this? Or is she just saying she’s scared of an ex for attention to make people feel bad for her and give her money.

No. 75410

No. 75414

this is an imageboard, post a cap of what you want us to look at on this page

No. 75416

Yeah she’s not on the schedule so it means she doesn’t work there anymore?

No. 75424

She was today on the 12th

No. 75486

There is a dash meaning it’s blank.
So she’s not in Osaka now.

No. 75491

Where is the proof of this?

No. 75518

Who is the anorexic male prostitute first of all ?

No. 75539

File: 1576304461606.png (299.42 KB, 820x746, MNCH5iA.png)

No. 75540

you'll find him in past threads. they used to live together.

No. 75541

File: 1576308484502.jpg (Spoiler Image,293.33 KB, 1604x1378, lorena-osaka.jpg)

post caps, don't just talk about stuff

No. 75596

File: 1576381155136.png (832.01 KB, 629x551, AKRqBLP.png)

is that a pimple?

No. 75621

I’m not sure what that actually is but those kind of things are typical for drug addicts and prostitutes’ faces

No. 75629

So the drug addiction begins to show

No. 75730

Looks like makeup smudge

No. 75733

Meth. It’s the most common street drug in JP and causes these sores/scabs on the skin. I also know for a fact the half host she used to hang out with, Naoki, did PCP which is similar. I saw him do it right in front of me.

No. 75737

Naoki is chinese lol he married a girl from hokkaido and worked as host in kabukicho and got plastic surgery

No. 75764

He told me he’s half Cambodian and half French lol. It’s true he married for a visa though.

No. 75788

more of his lies i guess

No. 75793

lorenas instagram is private now

No. 75836

Naoki is full Chinese, but born and raised in France.

No. 75837

No it isn't.

No. 75849

File: 1576640519455.jpg (75.3 KB, 990x906, lorena.jpg)

No. 75879

Why won’t she just overdose and die?(a-log)

No. 75913

Train wrecks are funner when drawn out.

No. 75944

Nope. You've been blocked XD(XD)

No. 75946

Nope, I don't follow her to be blocked
Learn to sage.

No. 75961

File: 1576733706566.jpg (567.3 KB, 1045x1485, Screenshot_20191218-233340_Ins…)

I'm not blocked either. She posted 10min ago…and her extensions look ratchet af.

No. 75968

because it's not private anymore

seems like they broke up already lol. clever guy

No. 75969

File: 1576741135665.webm (1.55 MB, 480x600, scontent_cdninstagram_com-7970…)

he's like ew let me alone

No. 75970

It doesn’t seem they broke up. She says “I love you” in Japanese. Showing the ugly man is funny af though

No. 75971

it says i love you
thank you till now

No. 75977

Asking for $12k to “move” lol moving expenses aren’t that much honey, you mean it’s for drugs/tattoo/surgery/hosts
Miraculously her supposed kid surfaces again must have been one hell of a year in baby hotel(this is an imageboard)

No. 75978

seems to be gone now

No. 75979

File: 1576752358792.jpg (73.04 KB, 1024x1024, yPtllK3.jpg)

good guy run away

No. 75981

Why did she want to move house? She’s homeless now? What did she say?
She played with money literally. And now she’s begging?

No. 75983

Damn that was a quick delete sorry should have capped. Shiena posted the link.
Post was basically I’m a sex worker who just got out of jail and need a home for my 2.5 year old kid and myself moving in Jpn is expensive and times are hard :(((
$0 of $12k donated

No. 75988

Guess she checks her own thread every hour.
Jail time confirmed..thought you were in australia?

No. 75994

Well that relationship was short lived. The fact that she is dropping the "I love you" already is super creepy. How does she think that a somewhat normal guy would want to date and insane, drugged out prostitute?

He also deleted any evidence of her on his Instagram.

No. 76034

File: 1576805459714.jpg (415.21 KB, 1069x1113, Screenshot_20191219-193003_Ins…)

Shit…I just noticed something…you can see her kid in the shower in this pic

No. 76052

File: 1576815161642.png (618.22 KB, 455x770, fkffsiri.png)

Her hair is a whole mess and her dude has brown teeth. There's no way this guy is 10 years younger than her like an anon was claiming, he easily looks 30+.

Pretty sure they are still together, she's just not staying in Osaka atm and being melodramatic about it.

That ain't even his account she blocked.

This is peak white trash. Taking thotty pics in the bathroom mirror with her kid in the bathtub behind her. kek.

No. 76077

After the trips to Philadelphia and Osaka, shitty tattoos, hair, nails, and now she’s begging ?

No. 76087

She never made it to Philly.

No. 76090

File: 1576850454958.png (602.58 KB, 750x750, mXCGH9t.png)

that poor kid. where was he when lorena was in jail?

No. 76098

You sure thats a kid? Could be an adult sitting on one of those furo chairs.

No. 76156

Probably had Gaya or someone look after him. She's a whole mess though. If the father had claimed him, he'd probably be taken away from her like all the others have. Poor kid is stuck with her.

That's pretty obviously a child if you expand the pic, anon. At least sage your tinfoils.

No. 76198

Holy shit I can’t believe she has the kid living with her. What does she do when she’s working 12 hour shifts, doing hooker exchanges to Osaka, and getting locked up? I feel so bad for that poor kid…

No. 76202

File: 1576912672234.webm (658.67 KB, 480x852, scontent-sjc3-1_cdninstagram_c…)

nah lorena because you are scum
nobody wants you because everywhere you lived was a disgusting mess

No. 76220

File: 1576933736397.webm (15.6 MB, 480x600, scontent_cdninstagram_com-8073…)

the craziness continues

what the fuck is she doing

No. 76221

> tries to clear curse with salt
> covers self in MSG

No. 76229

So she’s ditched the band like everything else. The boyfriend didn’t last. She’s trying to move house… why would she even do that?
maybe she’s just desperate for more drug money to see her bf? She’s probably wasting a lot going back and forth.

No. 76233

God give me the confidence of Lorena

No. 76248

Why does she insist on speaking katakana eigo?

No. 76254

I mean, it wouldn't be surprsing if that stuff is playing a part in her not being able to find an apartment there cause that is a thing that happens, but also she looks like a drug addict and doesn't get dressed properly to go speak to these people and appear less…drug addict-y. So of course they are going to say no, whether it's right or not who knows,but she looks crazy.

No. 76262

Japanfag here, moving actually costs between $3500-6500 depending on where you move and what you will pay for rent. Higher if you have pets, which she does. Those prices don't consider cost of renting trucks too

No. 76278

She sounds like a trashy Japanese teen that has smoked too many cigarettes. She says "you can't just write me off" in the beginning, assuming she is regarding to the Osaka guy that dumped her ass. She also deleted all the photos/videos of them on her instagram.

No. 76280

That doesn’t work. She should have done that without the hood.

No. 76313

File: 1577023668233.png (Spoiler Image,585.66 KB, 772x394, byS2ynj.png)

her insta is private again

wonder what got leaked

No. 76315

Question for you anon, where did Shiena post the link originally?

No. 76316

File: 1577029190730.jpeg (176.43 KB, 640x620, 0BA32417-05EE-452B-B36B-91DFB5…)

Uploading videos with the ex

No. 76317

File: 1577029269131.jpeg (168.29 KB, 561x592, 5BB3005A-814D-44E8-87A1-C56752…)

No. 76318

Strong crackhead energy here Lorena.

Is there anything official from her band?

Does Japan have revenge porn laws? Also wtf is that hat? Who sucks dick in an ushanka?

No. 76319

File: 1577029858917.jpeg (87.36 KB, 580x243, 3C697AC5-14AF-4F01-941E-2ED728…)

No. 76320

File: 1577029894755.jpeg (80.43 KB, 596x225, CE67B18C-A1CB-4E71-A4B7-928301…)

No. 76324

On her FB
Leave it to Shiena to be a complete fuckin moron. Hope she brags more about how unique and stylish she is and wonderful her life was working at asakyaba making less than $20k a year lolll. No wonder her and Lorena are buddies

No. 76330

So she planned to move to Osaka for that guy and he dumped her ass. She probably gave her rental agency notice and now has no choice but to get the fuck out of her current place and is broke as fuck so she's gonna try and ho herself about again to make money.

No. 76333

another japanfag
clearly you’re being ripped off
Unless she’s renting a tower mansion, there’s no way it’s that expensive. Just again taking advantage of people for having zero clue about prices here. It can cost 300,000 yen for everything, moving fees everything or less! It’s not even moving season so I don’t know why she’s finding it so hard to rent.

Probably because they don’t want to rent to a sex worker with an unstable income and tattoos.

No. 76385

In my one room apartment in Tokyo case, the rent is around $1,000 in a month. The agent demanded 3 month deposit and contract fee for one month with other costs such insurance etc. So initially I paid around $5,000 without moving cost. ..

No. 76399

If you want to live in a japanese style apartment yes it can cost much less. But if you want a system kitchen, western looking large apartment gotta pay the big dolla

No. 76418

Well you got ripped off

No. 76431

Kenna is that you

No. 76433

If you have pets (or sometimes children) it requires plus one months deposit. It also cost me about ¥400000 to move even with the women/student discount. It’s not unbelievable.
Also as a foreigner it’s difficult to find a place that will rent to you with all of your conditions met so it tends to be more expensive.

No. 76437

I‘m not sure but I think lorenas onlyfans videos and photos got leaked

No. 76439

Post screenshots

No. 76482

I’m willing to bet she has no problems and is begging to try and get people to send her money. That’s all.

No. 76513

File: 1577180681269.jpeg (248.11 KB, 1114x1703, 40CBA66F-B2F2-4722-AB70-322E76…)

He talked everything about the time with Lorena lol He talks a lot.
When he met her first time in Osaka, she flirted him ,called him to her hotel and he did threesome with Lorena and the other gaijin whore. When he had sex with her he got allergies that’s why he dumped her.

No. 76519

Blabbermouth ugly man lol That’s not allergy they call it STD

No. 76547

Lorena is a nasty old hag

No. 76561

His latest post states that he just broke up with his girlfriend and come next year he is definitely going to date one of the worlds top models LOL delusional like Lorena!

No. 76595

The ugly dude is a “izakaya catch” which is illegal work. When he was catching potential customers on the street of Osaka, Lorena chatted up him and invited him to her hotel room. And They did threesome with another girl. He said he had sex with her so many times. And he got hives all over his body when he had sex with Lorena the last time, and he wants to date a top class model girl(much better girl), so that’s why he dumped her.

No. 76634

ew this guy is beyond nasty. I don't want to defend Lorena by any means, but he most likely got his STD from someone else, incubation period for most STDs is even longer than their relationship lasted

No. 76673

Lorena is about to be homeless for this guy ? Like she canceled her apartment contract for moving to Osaka with that guy? But he dumped her. I bet she’d have to pay the rent and all the bills either way and she’d have to work harder for that like literally as a sex slave. He looks unstable, lazy,delusional and ugly. Typical lorena man. It’s not a curse it’s her choice.

No. 76694

File: 1577339791456.jpeg (308.35 KB, 1101x1832, 63BD042D-7901-456B-A920-84CA27…)

He is saying he went to a S&M club (fuzoku brothel) in Kobe yesterday. He got 15 punches on his stomach from a girl. And then he got bound with ropes. Yeah the STD must be from someone else.

No. 76706

But she will have stds now! We know she doesn’t use protection.

And damn…. this guy is the ugliest guy I’ve seen in a while.

No. 76710

This is tough. Really shows that everything Lorena claims and tries to be is a farce. Instead of making big cash and spending time with rich, classy men as she wants to, she dates literal scum that mistreats her and will probably pass an STD on to her. This guy is absolutely disgusting and gives me serial killer vibes. To think that she brings her kid into this is just sad. And what is up with her current rap/bad bitch persona? She talks about not needing a man and being an independent woman that men have to cater to, but she picks up the lowest trash from the street, a man that has nothing to offer but an STD, and is all over him for some reason. He is neither intelligent, interesting nor attractive. He obviously never cared about her and the things he is saying now are disgusting. I just don’t get why she would engage with him and be so serious about it, too. She is not a great catch, either, but come on. Have some decency, Lorena.

No. 76713

And now he’s declared he is definitely going to date better girls than the Australian girl(Lorena), world’s top models in 2020. Lorena made this trash a gaijin hunter .Well done Lorena. He thinks western women are easy now because of you.

No. 76720

She’s probably just desperate for real affection. She’s burned bridges with her friends, her family, lost two of her kids, and no man wants to take a hooker seriously. This kind of guy is the only one who would pretend to love her for a minute until he got tired of her. I think her whole “bad bitch” image recently is just a defense mechanism for her loneliness. She totally did this to herself with her shitty choices, but it’s kind of sad.

No. 76734

You know, if she really cleaned up her act, she could possibly land a decent sugar daddy in Japan. He obviously won't be hot or attractive, but at least she'd be taken care of. Arisucookie did it.

No. 76739

What the actual hell is happening to Lorena. Jesus christ her downward spiral juat hit lit light speed.

I'm confused about the leak though, she's crying about it on twitter but no leaked pics/anywhere. Did STD uggo leak her stuff or something??

No. 76752

Lorena glorifies her sex work and having sex with trashy men but syphilis is booming in Japan. deadly incurable disease the same as hiv. She can get infected syphilis today or tomorrow or already got infected. The guy could be positive. She needs to check her body immediately.

No. 76755

>deadly incurable disease
It's perfectly curable with antibiotics. Go back to the 1800s and your jars of leeches.

No. 76757

even hiv isn't deadly anymore you absolute turnip

No. 76767

A lot of Asian’s are poorly educated. On the one hand they don’t use condoms because they think the rules don’t apply to them but on the other hand they think stds are incurable… very poor logic.
However in japan they have found some super drug resistant syphilis and I’ll bet sex workers are most at risk.

No. 76769

I don’t think that SW’s are at greater risk compared to your average Joe. Considering how many people go bareback with ONS I’d say the risks are pretty equal.

No. 76774

The thing I don't get is how the hell did she get so attached to some rando she met on the street. Her instastories are full of broken hearts and end of love -crap and she only knew him for what, two weeks? I'd get it if he were rich or hot but he's just a random, rather unfortunate looking stranger.

No. 76839

He's the first guy to let her go public with their "relationship" since boytoy which was quite a while ago now. Probably just desperate to show off her "cute" new dude, via a billion filters, to all of her haturz online. Really showed us, huh? In the end it really did nothing but confirm to us she's a huge trainwreck and has some kind of STDs either via him or before him if there's any truth to what he says. Girl needs to wake up and realize she's in her 30s now, a single mother, and her escorting days are very limited. She needs to prioritize her health and her kid(s) and stop chasing the lowest tier Japanese dick she can scrounge up. I don't get her malfunction tbh, she's trashy, but her weeb delusions have sent her on such a weird path of self destruction.

No. 76844

File: 1577514476869.png (332.43 KB, 1203x825, QLCIryb.png)

eww now she is harassing him with thousands of stickers…

No. 76856

He admitted he’s nothing but a trash in his previous story.But his brother is the top sales person in Japan he claims.
He’s going to Philippines for New Year vacation. He is playing with Philippines girls. By the way, the Philippines has been ranked as the country with the fastest growing number of hiv

No. 76857

It’s a game of numbers
A sex worker has sex with more people in a day. If she has sex with 12 customers per day and half of them pay extra for bareback she’s had more unprotected sex and more partners in a single day than even a player may have in a week or two.
I would say safe smart sex workers have less chance of getting stds than the average idiot. But we know she’s an idiot and a sex worker. Very very dangerous.

No. 76860

he broke up with her anyway, std-sperg

No. 76943

File: 1577618986379.png (323.77 KB, 1125x2000, EbMTfNV.png)

old hag who can't sing wants to be famous

No. 76944

File: 1577619125408.png (324.78 KB, 306x505, gM1EdoA.png)


No. 77000

Sage this shit.

No. 77105

File: 1577816937500.jpeg (Spoiler Image,65.41 KB, 680x510, 174B097D-19EE-4C20-9474-38D0A5…)

With a toy of her kid in the background

No. 77123

She also has a weed vape pen in her hand. Do Japanese police officers even know what those are though?

No. 77183

Is this a new house?

No. 77209

not all vape pens are for weed, some (a lot) have flavored tobacco and nicotine in them

No. 77210

Still her old one in meguro

No. 77355

She means suicide or that her face is too thin or something?

No. 77367

Your English is awful and no one cares

No. 77670

File: 1578313389471.png (1.53 MB, 1024x1820, VlUnoLf.png)

her dirty apartment looks kinda empty now
is she moving out now?

No. 77821

File: 1578467782964.webm (2.35 MB, 640x1136, instagram_fbkk7-2_fna_fbcdn_ne…)

talking nonsense lol

No. 77897

her voice catches me off guard every time i hear her. She sounds drunk af

No. 77942

File: 1578590057518.jpeg (Spoiler Image,206.19 KB, 791x1423, 738CF10F-BC28-48CC-8422-5AEEB4…)

She’s actually lost her damn mind. She has a new hand tattoo and it’s shittly done!

No. 77953

Who in their right mind would ever get a tattoo on the palm of their hand? Her body is her business, but she's treating it like a dumpster

No. 77967

Don’t forget there’re hookers/SWs here. They don’t wanna hear about STDs especially HIV.

She’s gonna touch penises from today(If she’s lucky enough to catch clients). She’s too stupid to understand the risk.

No. 77970

Is this an accent or is she just a mush mouth? wtf

No. 78068

File: 1578632764009.png (800.34 KB, 464x814, messy.png)

She def seems high or drunk. She's been looking a whole lot like a gas station crackhead lately. The face sores, the exposed braid in extensions, whatever this whole outfit is.

ngl, I don't hate it. It's one of her better tattoos which I knows isn't saying much. Definitely a strange choice of placement though given her line of work and the fact she lives in a very tattoo phobic country. With how often she gets tattooed, she's probably running out of space. Countdown to her first face tat when?

No. 78082

It is a cool design, she should have used it to cover the skull ribbon she has on her chest or one of her other shitty tattoos

No. 78164

File: 1578721098924.png (197.17 KB, 1080x1920, QwMRXut.png)

junkie lorena wants to go to a drug party

No. 78213

I hope she overdoses so someone can finally take the child off her!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 78226

File: 1578799004413.png (1000.38 KB, 640x800, RydYSXa.png)

can someone explain? is that her closet or what lol

No. 78228

File: 1578799327645.png (2.05 MB, 1080x1920, SKsSJ2d.png)

playing the victim again?

and she is still obsessed with er ex

No. 78253


i don't mean to be mean, but looking like (/being) a drugged dirty hooker on the street, sticking out her tongue acting retarded for selfies, hitting up on random guys etc… MIGHT attract the wrong attention lol

No. 78332

Exposed braid extensions like this are trendy in Japan, especially when they're towards the front.

No. 78334

No. She is a piece of shit but yoj are wrong. She could walk around naked and it is still not excuse or invitation for people to take advantage with drugs, sexual assult or following her. How women act, dress or portray themselves is never a consent to unwanted attention

No. 78352

Feels weird to take the moralfag route on lolcow, but I'm with the anon saying it's never excused. She is technically a victim here if what she is saying is true even if she is, by all means, a trashy hooker. However, I do think the environment she chooses to surround herself with is a dangerous one. She chooses to work for shady places often owned by low ranking criminals who do partake in sex trafficking. She could leave the environment, she is able, but instead she chooses to spend her time with men who exhibit predatory behavior like her ex, out on public streets extremely fucked up flashing her boobs/butt/etc. It's been said before, if she cared for her child or for herself, she would leave the lifestyle, but she won't Just look at >>78164 she wants this life. What a waste.

Do you have receipts of this being trendy? Ngl, it looks like shit, but it is better than her old exposed tape in extensions at the very least.

No. 78359


'no' what? wrong how exactly? i said it attracts that kind of attention. it obviously has nothing to do with consent. you never know what kind of freaks are lurking out there, especially in shady areas, and looking like a hooker (whether you are one or not) is going to attract some of those freaks towards you (whether you want it or not). it's not an excuse for harassment, it's something that adds chance of becoming a target of harassment. and that she should know better at her age and with her profession, but apparently she doesn't, which makes her a cow. these cry outs on insta are not going to help her case if eventually something really bad happens.

the anon under you has basically explained it better.

No. 78397

There’s no proof she has been drugged or raped or followed. She changes her story all the time.

No. 78431

File: 1578939939732.jpg (721.54 KB, 1440x1320, 20200113_102518.jpg)


No. 78435

There is a lot pics of examples of girls walking around in japan with their braids on this blog:

idk how to post links on here but yeah. its def a trend

No. 78447

Why would there have to be proof, wtf sort of proof are you even expecting…? Should she film herself being raped?? Women being drugged, raped and followed is extremely common. Japan in particular is notorious for men stalking and harassing foreign women. Nothing she said is remotely out of the ordinary or hard to believe.

At a certain point you have to reign back the instinct to shit all over and question a cow's words, in this case she is perfectly within her rights to complain and it's some real scrot shit to automatically cast doubt on a woman talking about assault.

No. 78461


>Women being drugged, raped and followed is extremely common

That’s not “extremely” common. Some Japanese men are creepy to us but they just look at us don’t touch us. Foreign women got raped by foreigners at certain places such as Roppongi. But even though the rapes by foreigners are not common. Japanese men look at us just out of curiosity in most cases. If Lorena is in your town, many men look at her or stay away. The same in Japan. But that’s her aim right? She needs attention.

No. 78467

I know of many foreign women who were groped/harrassed/raped by Japanese men (including myself), please don't keep on spreading the idea that Japan is oh so safe for foreign women, it's not true and leads women to not be on their guard.

No. 78529

Yeah Japanese are terribly savage rapists. They do loads of crime. And they do more disgusting crime than I have seen in the west, eating people raping body parts cutting off parents heads and stabbing random people because they just get fired. They’re insane and disgusting.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 78530

weebs are the fucking worst

No. 78537

Learn to sage.

Different anon but it’s true that sex crimes are very common here. Usually police don’t care enough to file a report. Anyone who looks even slightly feminine has probably been groped once or twice. That said, she basically thrives off her trashy “easy” image and Japanese dudes who see it probably immediately associate white girl = easy, wants sex (because that IS a stereotype here) and goes for it. Not saying it’s right but it’s the truth.

No. 78538

File: 1579015758176.jpeg (133.9 KB, 1080x1920, AB22EB32-8146-4102-B2A6-2BA8A4…)

Who was shuhei again
The father?

No. 78550

Yup, I was told that police often bully and harass victims into dropping charges and telling them to learn how to like it, I was groped/stealthed/sexually assaulted when I went to Japan, it’s definitely not safe like people say

No. 78584

Japan is like India or Africa. Western women get raped there. I don’t wanna never go to Japan.(off-topic)

No. 78593

File: 1579062371876.webm (3.04 MB, 640x1136, instagram_fbkk14-1_fna_fbcdn_n…)

is she becoming more crazier?

also.. why doesn't somebody call Child Protective Services

No. 78595

Somebody should honestly it’s the right thing to do.(read the rules)

No. 78596

Is she trying to act like Heidi Klum? She's definitely having some sort of midlife crisis going on.

No. 78619

https://youtu.be/qcmbGgA474I(this is an imageboard)

No. 78662

A money-hungry goofy hooker lol

No. 78664

File: 1579125246209.png (555.83 KB, 1125x1937, IMG_1946.PNG)

No. 78695

File: 1579145140578.png (Spoiler Image,1.04 MB, 1125x1378, IMG_6039.PNG)

Lorena’s new bf.Another uggo

No. 78699

File: 1579147403833.png (561.1 KB, 461x591, bendr.png)


Looks like that bender already begun. Also, trendy or not, her hair is a whole ratty mess.

No. 78701

File: 1579148569070.png (849.98 KB, 1125x634, IMG_6040.PNG)

They’re talking about their sex life in the video

No. 78704

File: 1579149385303.png (3.59 KB, 462x125, fxcvf.png)

Sage goes into the email field. You can link youtube videos here.

No. 78798

What is the purpose of this video? Is she promoting sex work? Promoting her band? Bragging? Trying to annoy the horse-face Osaka ex?

No. 78799

Weird guys like this are not good around a child. This is how child rape happens.
Seriously someone call
Child services….(read the rules)

No. 78801

She can have a freak show with all of (ex)her boyfriends. I bet she’s gonna have face tattoos soon. Of course you can do whatever the fuck you want but you have to face the consequences. How can the kid live with the crazy woman playing around all day? Child services available for foreigners?

No. 78812

No. 78815

File: 1579234638875.webm (3.82 MB, 640x1136, instagram_ftgu2-1_fna_fbcdn_ne…)

more crazy stuff
poor guy

No. 78835

Do we even know she has children living with her?

No. 79366

File: 1579612710381.png (1.95 MB, 1080x815, MVrxPcj.png)

now it's going downward very fast with lorena messinger
new tattoos again

No. 79368

Bet she posts herself in an emergency room soon.

No. 79422

File: 1579657227284.png (481.55 KB, 462x898, damn.png)

Best part is that her tattoo artist posted this and said "her life was ruined already anyway", to which she agreed with. That last dude really set her off, huh?

Still counting down to when she gets her first face tat. She's running out of space quick and has had multiple hand tattoos done in the past month alone.

No. 79446

She used to look down on fuzoku prostitutes. Now she is a boring prostitute herself , got dumped by the ugly horse face man. Even the ugliest Japanese dudes ran away from her. And the tattoo on her palm “kuzu “ that means “loser”. She has no future in Japan. She made so many serious mistakes. She should go back to Australia and be an assistant for the tattoo artist friend. Otherwise she’s gonna get serious std , police problems, shitty men problems etc again

No. 79476

Usually I'd agree with you, but things in Australia are in pretty rough shape rn. She should have just stayed back when she visa hopped with boytoy the one time and was taking those beauty classes for a couple months. She might actually have some kind of an education by now and could retire out of sexwork before she's middle aged.

I honestly don't understand her game plan in Japan. She's an aging, drug addicted, single mother, whose only work experience in the past how many years now is prostitution? She's almost completely tattooed which is also really looked down on in Japan. How long does she really think she still has in the business? Most girls retire out pretty young and the older girls are at least well maintained.

No. 79485

File: 1579684542580.png (619.16 KB, 1040x1930, IMG_6087.PNG)

The boytoy is the male prostitute?

No. 79486

Wait… boy toy is ignoring her?

No. 79490

That was from 2017. boytoy thought it‘s his kid so he married lorena. They don‘t live together.
Lorena is still crying about her ex from osaka lol

No. 79491

Yeah. He went with her to Australia for a couple months at one point and lived out of a guest room of the tattoo artist with her. She worked out of a local brothel there at this time and was posting about getting some kind of beauty certification. This was around the time people were speculating she was early on with the pregnancy too, I believe, but I could be mixing up the timeline.

No. 79494

His ass was in pain because he sold his ass not from diarrhea lol

No. 79495

She could never get any kind of certification

Did she even finish high school? A junky prostitute is probably a narcissistic psychopath with no impulse control. There’s no way she could constantly attend something that involved concentration, like any kind of school.

No. 79497

File: 1579692932241.jpeg (109.31 KB, 750x720, 1469252069574.jpeg)

The temp stay in Australia with boytoy saga began three years ago, the thread used to be in snow and won't link, but I'll repost this as reference.

No. 79498

File: 1579693043997.jpeg (238.34 KB, 750x1104, 1470492346142.jpeg)

Also this because lol.

No. 79501

that beauty thing was a lie. an excuse for her visa hopping

No. 79522

Nah, she's from Brisbane right?
Brisbane (at least inner-city) hasn't been affected by any fires. Closest fires were at the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, but both have been fine for a while now (November/December was when they were affected if I recall correctly) and both areas are at least an hours drive from Brisbane.
At least if she comes back here she can probably get on government payments and get extra for all her kiddies.

No. 79572

This woman is a hooker in Japan, has multiple bastard children and her boytoy is a male prostitute?Any more?Is she a sex trafficking victim?

No. 79592

lmao australia has functioning cities and airports and an economy anon. it's not wall to wall steve irwin, koalas and flames.

No. 79593

the boytoy is from the past, those posts are old. lorena's doing what she wants including popping out kids, she's not being trafficked.

No. 79602

I'm not saying Australia is reduced to nothing but rubble right now. I'm just saying that there's still probably limited opportunities for an aging junkie hooker/single mom atm as they are dealing with all the shit going on. Unless ya'll think the brothel business is booming rn, fuck do I know. I'm just an anon on a gossip forum.

Nah, she moved to Japan as a teaching assistant or whatever back when she was with her ex husband. She dropped that around the time she had her second kid and then went on to get a divorce from her husband. She started working as a host/hostess first, then started escorting on the side before making a full switch. Wouldn't be surprised if she's in debt to some shady people though, I remember there used to be clients who would loan her large amounts of money at times which she would later pay back.

No. 79630

File: 1579786335425.webm (1.61 MB, 640x1136, scontent-prg1-1_cdninstagram_c…)

she came with a working holiday visa and worked at a kindergarten (poor kids)
when she got married she started as kyabajo

No. 79677

Isn’t she from Adelaide? Or was it Perth?

No. 79700

File: 1579863918253.png (149.33 KB, 693x661, 0LpFy8M.png)

so much bullshit on her old blog

No. 79941

She would make way more in austrailia than she does in Japan. She’s too niche with tattoos there. I hope she can get some help and real friends who help her get psych meds or something

No. 79944

Nah, she’d make way less in Australia. She can get premium fee as a white prostitute in Japan. There’re no decent jobs for lorena in Aus. And her tattoo artist friend is like half homeless herself, how can she feed Lorena ? Rich men in Aus help her ?

No. 80000

Her Tattoo shop friend is a sexworker too on the side of doing tattoos. She lost the place she was staying at, that Lorena briefly stayed at with boytoy, to a fire a while back. Not sure if she had renters insurance.

Lorena was asking around about sexwork in Canada not that long ago. She might be weighing out her options to eventually leave Japan, but it seems sort of doubtful with her extreme thirst for Japanese dudes, to the point of settling for even the ugliest of men. Have we ever seen her get with a guy who wasn't ugly? Boytoy was probably the best looking so far and even that's a reach given he was anorexic and also leeching off her income/a prostitute.

No. 80035

>Boytoy was probably the best looking so far

He bragged about selling his ass to men. That’s beyond disgusting. Lorena’s other men are freaky ugly trash but at least those ugly freaks don’t do such ugly things.

Lorena likes anorexic (and ugly) men with unstable job/underground job. That’s her type and that’s the problem.

No. 80038

>He bragged about selling his ass to men. That’s beyond disgusting.
kek. you know Lorena sells her as to men too, right?

Also, are you even sure about that anon? Just look at her new dude >>78695

I'm not saying boytoy was a winner, but the standard of men she dates is only dropping lower and lower. These guys have zero redeeming qualities at this point.

No. 80068

File: 1580146296013.png (37.21 KB, 785x212, RvsIrw5.png)


No. 80107

File: 1580166491479.png (336.51 KB, 819x1474, IMG_6145.PNG)

No. 80111

There’s zero context to this so what are we supposed to think?

No. 80127

I mean it’s excess skin from shitting out 3 kids she abandoned
Any guy who fucks her would know instantly her skin is from childbirth. Not weight loss

No. 80151

How does one go about doing porn like this girl in Japan? I'm admittedly looking for a quick way to get a little extra spending money, and that seems like a good way to go for something that isn't too public…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 80162

> something that isn't too public

lmao bish just do what most of the other losers that come to Japan do: be an english teacher. Sure you'll be at the bottom of the expat ladder but at least you'll have some dignity left.

Those are the only type of men she can get. She should go ask that other blonde "ex" escort with the surgeon sugar daddy how she got him.

No. 80167

Learn to save and invest, anon. Don't do porn and ruin your life.

No. 80172

Besides that making a porn wouldn't make a lot of money anyway.
But what is so bad about being a educator? It's not like schools don't have any expectations when it comes to hiring teachers nowadays.

No. 80216

File: 1580248030028.jpg (318.84 KB, 2048x1536, JEP8d21.jpg)

aaand her extensions are looking gross again

No. 80229

Literally what in fresh hell is going on with them? How do extensions get so fuckin ratchet??

No. 80252

Looks like the braided in parts are getting fuzzy? Maybe she tried brushing them and messed them up? Tbh they been looking ratchet, but this is def the worst they've looked by far.

No. 80270

File: 1580279400712.png (583.33 KB, 693x462, zx.png)

Whatever that big sore between her eyes was over a month ago left a big scar.

No. 80281

File: 1580294031370.png (559.81 KB, 480x480, LVvAcSA.png)

wtf are those asshole lips?

No. 80285


are you doing that on purpose, just to have something bad to post? its from her insta story with an obvious filter and it also would be saying so in the upper corner, if you wouldn't have cropped it off.

No. 80289

Hey, teaching English isn’t at the bottom. Teachers get respect. Some of them become professors, successful business person from that. Many English speakers in Japan do McJob. Go see mcdonalds in tokyo. They wanna be English teachers but they can’t.

No. 80685

so lorena is still in her gross apartment. guess the moving out was a lie to get some money for free

No. 80731

File: 1580591351687.png (887.05 KB, 825x719, 2DsYOfh.png)

lorena must be poor. she can't afford the newest iphone
and look at that mess!!!
poor kiddo

No. 80810

Just because someone doesn't have the new iPhone it doesn't mean that this person is poor. Not everyone is a iPhone addicted bitch.
It's nothing new that she can't clean up

No. 80832

LOL sorry but English teachers arent respected in Japan. Literally all the English speakers who could not become teachers in their home country move to Japan because its easy for white people to be teachers there. And the salary is shit.

No. 80839

You calling 300.000yen/month shit?
Regular company work with hundreds of overwork hours and you get only 210.000yen so which one is actually shit

No. 80858

Who the fuck is making 300,000 a month teaching English? ALTs make 160,000 a month once you deduct health insurance, residence tax, pension, and the 2 months off of the school year that they don’t get paid.

No. 80863

Look it up! Proper schools like kspace, Berlitz, ISL, TIS they pay experienced teachers 300.000per month. The longer you stay in the school, you get even bonus twice a year.

No. 80919

Its not just about the money. Its how the job is viewed. Only stupid gaijin come to Japan to teach English.

No. 80964

i mean, those idiots are still better off than the prostitutes though. so it's not like they are that off what their main point was.

No. 81206

File: 1580819970688.png (62.48 KB, 391x336, Jc4Vcau.png)

toyboy is in nagoya now

No. 81431

File: 1580936521075.webm (2.21 MB, 640x1136, instagram_faep8-2_fna_fbcdn_ne…)

lorena is annyoing the shit out of him

No. 81630

TIS isn't a "teaching English" school, its a regular international school that employs certified teachers. Nothing dumb or stupid about that.

No. 81734

She’s annoying toyboy? Why?

No. 81790

That‘s one of her „band“

No. 81965


Are… are you a teacher at this school doxxing yourself to argue on the queen kabukiho's gossip thread that english teachers are respected in japan? Like… seriously?

No. 82053

File: 1581371557840.png (31.03 KB, 482x876, uh.png)

Can you autists just drop the offtopic already? That convo is nearly one to two weeks old as is.

Anyway. Lorena just post this to her IG story.

No. 82117

yeah she only can get criminal guys

she describes herself as beautiful with a ugly character lool

No. 82146

is she dumb or what?
lorena posted a video of her nasty pussy

No. 82264

File: 1581536812795.png (352.13 KB, 412x528, WzLL0M2.png)

is that a filter again or did she get lip injections again

No. 82271

File: 1581540044521.jpg (115.68 KB, 412x528, wtf.jpg)

is she growing extra nipples on her forehead?

No. 82283

Maybe fillers? Lorena is 32 already

No. 82561

File: 1581689610629.jpg (386.12 KB, 1427x2048, Zza4uzn.jpg)


No. 82602

She’s sucking a random dick in the other Twitter pic

No. 82648

Does she have a moustache drawn on above her lip?

No. 82697

No. Occupational hazard when your primary source of income is felching Japanese construction workers.

No. 83086

It looks like badly overdrawn lips but she should know better lol

No. 83123

could just be bruises after injections

No. 83208


32 going on 50 judging by looks

No. 83324

File: 1582114396939.png (1.36 MB, 640x800, WypRF6v.png)

wow thought she isn't allowed in kabukicho anymore

No. 83326

There are arcades all over Tokyo…

No. 83375

That shoop though. Those tiles sure are looking all kinds of warped behind her. Also, judging by her hair this is an older pic? But it does appear that she's back to working at Miss Universe in Ikebukuro. Can't believe they are still shilling her at being only 22 years old tho. kek.

No. 83611

What looks warped here?
She has lost a lot of weight recently.

No. 83628

look at the tiles between her hand and her arse

No. 83651

This look is so 90s…

No. 83686

Are you blind anon? she did lose weight after throwaway baby #3 but she def shooped her mom ass bigger. Her waist to hip ratio doesn't actually look like that irl. kek.

No. 83731

File: 1582269051100.jpg (433.87 KB, 640x800, 1582114396939.jpg)

For the blind anons out there..
It's all so wonky, did she even try?

No. 83915

Is she really wearing a necklace with her ex boyfriends name on it?

No. 83923

File: 1582408781834.png (3.74 MB, 1080x1920, DHdCb3x.png)


her life is so fucked up but she wants to give advise lol.
someone wrote "I want an international marriage"
her answer "I can't give relationship advise. the only one who can control your life is you. Just give your best in english and find that person. "

No. 83927

Lol this awkward pose so she had a clear shot of her body to facetune

No. 84259

How is her Japanese still so fucking terrible? She’s lived here forever jfc

No. 84807

File: 1583016170653.webm (1.23 MB, 1280x720, kabukillmee_-_Can_t_stop_won_t…)


No. 84809

File: 1583016303635.webm (Spoiler Image,1.51 MB, 720x1280, kabukillmee_-_Brrm_brrm_brrm-1…)

look at that nasty thing

No. 84815

File: 1583018065078.png (Spoiler Image,723.82 KB, 518x927, momplz.png)

She really has seriously hit living out of a motel tier crackhead levels lately. I almost miss the russian barbie shoops.

No. 84816

File: 1583018303969.png (Spoiler Image,345.71 KB, 521x725, eugh.png)

No. 84824

File: 1583020736425.gif (237.64 KB, 196x181, FEE14CDF-0398-4B1E-BD4A-BAE165…)

No. 84825

Does….. does she have balls???

No. 84827

File: 1583023173103.jpg (Spoiler Image,188.67 KB, 1200x1168, C7bQqgPU8AAdHnR.jpg)

What are y'all on about? It's not pleasant to look at by any means, but it's obviously long labia (see some types of vaginas in pic related.) There's no dick or balls anywhere.

No. 84830

kek. Lorena is sporting a whole buffalo plus some. I'm usually not one to labia shame, but I can kind of see why she's always been so dodgy about showing it up until now. I guess she really stopped giving a fuck after the last dude leaked her nudes online?

No. 84862

So it was true that someone leaked it?

No. 84868

She spend so much on getting her face, boobs and other body parts botched. Girl the first and only thing you should've getting a procedure done on should've been that pussy

No. 84884

ffs. i get that vaginas look different, but this chart and naming scheme is cringy as fuck.

No. 84888

Omfg, her ass is so flabby and flat, what happened to her being all about fitness and shit? she needs to do about 10,000 squats a day jfc.

I'm not even gonna comment on the partially prolapsed vagina…

No. 84912

Buffalo, bear, wolf… This was clearly written by a guy. It would be easy enough to make a chart measuring how saggy men’s balls get with age but it would be dumb, like this chart is.

No. 85241

File: 1583408938638.png (72.87 KB, 462x352, n7CBBDr.png)

lorena thinks she is a rapper now

No. 85304

File: 1583462102646.png (575.24 KB, 447x561, phaseno53.png)

God yes. A new cringe phase is upon us. Rockstar Lorena and kawaii egirl lorena are both dead. I can't wait to hear her rap. Can it be any worse than her completely tone deaf singing?

No. 85305

File: 1583462201027.png (233.91 KB, 362x248, divorcedmotherofthreeattheclub…)

Samefag, but some candids of her looking sloppy at the club.

No. 85333

divorced mother of three at the club lol
that fits
she looks super creepy

No. 85406

The funny or sad part is she is literally a divorced mother of three at the club. The girl she's been hanging all over just turned 21 too. Reminds me of a few years back when Lorena was advertising new girls as escorts who were barely 18/19. She's quickly entering predator territory at this rate.

No. 85413

File: 1583587486303.webm (14.43 MB, 1152x648, ezgif.com-video-cutter.webm)

why isn't her former boytoy divorcing her?
maybe lorena is threating him?

lol her japanese sucks

No. 85414

Because it’s DAMN hard to divorce in JP if both parties don’t agree. You have to sue for divorce and it takes years.

No. 85417

ahh she did that with her ex husband before too. Lorena didn't want a divorce lol

No. 85471

how fucked am i for kinda liking this, why

No. 85482

No. 85494

Thinking that living in Japan during corona gives you street cred. kek. Lorena, stop.

Are you ok? Go listen to Kohh or someone who can actually rap in Japanese. This is straight trash.

No. 85673

Anybody else listen to her "track".
Her voice is heavily edited and it's basically a shit ass love song trying to be trashy white girl rap. The name LSD…? Why? This bitch is whack!

No. 85679

trash song in full length

No. 85699

So she isn’t doing the band anymore? This is a solo thing? She doesn’t ever see anything through…..
Also this can’t be professionally done, the voice is terrible…like it was done with a phone??

No. 85746

File: 1583975273531.png (260.86 KB, 480x233, pinkylovelace.png)

The band never had a chance tbh. They were obviously hoping they could use the sexy white girl vocalist as a novelty to get attention, but Lorena looked absolutely wrecked in every promo shot they released. I wonder if they'll move on and try to find another girl to fill the role? She's been kind of leading up to a wannabe rap persona. Which honestly, I think is a smart move given she can't sing and the autotune can mostly cover that.

I sort of wonder how Yukapon/Natalia feels about another weeb thot moving in on the Tokyo rap scene and calling themselves by the name "Pinky" though. kek.

No. 85767

Another lie
Says she came to tokyo 10 years ago lol
She‘s in japan since 2014

No. 85847

File: 1584060367583.jpeg (211.31 KB, 828x1470, C798A91B-1AC5-4CDC-80F8-6FE3E5…)

No. 85848

File: 1584060467910.jpeg (401.61 KB, 828x1565, 0F7D6812-1A36-4A38-B8A4-0512EE…)

No. 85849

Imagine trying to use the corona outbreak for clout as a 30+ prostitute "rapper", deadbeat mother of three. She's never going to get her priorities straight. kek.

No. 85876

File: 1584100753121.png (1.81 MB, 1080x1920, IR55i7q.png)

those poor people on the radio has to listen to her trash song

No. 85885

new to sere, why doesn't she have an australian accent?

No. 85970

She definitely used to have a heavy bogan accent, but over the years it's like she's tried to cover it up with some kind of bad Japanese/American mixed accent. I really can't place it entirely anymore.

No. 85993

File: 1584169358145.png (237.55 KB, 1115x848, IMG_6706.PNG)

What is she rapping about?

No. 86083

Corona virus in the mean streets of Tokyo. kek.

No. 86131

Whats that big scar on the bridge of her nose

No. 86133

File: 1584272078338.png (48.9 KB, 898x193, XweJh4h.png)

proud to be an asshole

No. 86134

File: 1584272202316.png (82.41 KB, 885x370, u1T3YWb.png)

No. 86135

File: 1584272502110.jpg (131.1 KB, 1080x1920, kEwPq9F.jpg)

thanks instagram

No. 86150

From whatever this was >>75596

She's becoming self aware at least. kek.

Out of curiosity I looked at the profiles listed in her stories as IG usually puts your most watched first. Seems like some randoms, nothing milky, but did think it was weird it was two 21yo and a 17yo. Meanwhile Lorena is 30+ still pretending to be 22 at miss universe. Do you think she lies about her age at the club/bars she frequents too?

No. 86310

lorenas new facebook
what's with sawajiri lol

No. 86433

File: 1584547565177.png (2.28 MB, 2000x973, 4Fq1Uyz.png)

lorena lurks here and posted this photo for your anon

No. 86502

Exes or kids last name maybe?

Her new persona is just painful.

No. 86507

guess she likes sawajiri erika

No. 86635

Still looking wrecked. That outfit/hair is absolutely tragic. kek.

I stand by what I said about the band never going anywhere. They've had that "official" account on twitter opened since 2016, and dropped their first album in 2018. They haven't even played any live shows yet. Their YT videos from last year average a couple hundred views minus the first one she uploaded which still only hit 1k. It's honestly kind of sad knowing they've spent time and money to record all this garbage.

No. 86707

Oh shit >>75596 kind of looks like a cigarette burn

No. 86917

did lorena buy fake facebook friends?! only africans and arabians

No. 86966

Not hard. If you accept every weirdo dude who sends a friend request.

No. 87019

File: 1584988204390.png (50.04 KB, 873x275, f1JPJ6y.png)

you mean your prolapsed one?

No. 87050

File: 1585019038241.jpg (661.39 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200322-121055_Ins…)

Lol whose face is this?? And "thx fashion nova" like she's sponsored.

No. 87061

File: 1585051698503.png (157.14 KB, 632x640, afa4be3decfea27eab6f21b856c214…)

Queen of pulling every slider on the LineCamera app to full maximum

No. 87077

Isn't fashion nova the brand Margo once did a Fotoshooting for?

No. 87287

tokyo got a lockdown and what is lorena doing? waiting at her whorehouse for customers

No. 87314

Well, Tokyo doesn't take the lockdown serious anyway, that's why she will continue to work.

No. 87324

Tokyo isn’t in lockdown yet.

No. 87438

File: 1585511258566.png (578.31 KB, 480x480, 7V48z8T.png)

lockdown will come next week

No. 87439

File: 1585511467727.png (370.02 KB, 480x480, qMuMtjU.png)

oh my what when her poor kids google her

No. 87466

File: 1585537664134.png (281.47 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2020-03-30-05-05-38…)

>Literal old bald scrote
>Talking shit about some tokyo prostitute
This is too good oh my god, did she reject you????

No. 87467

NTA but that profile pic is of Bengt Ekerot from movie The Seventh Seal. Keep it together, syphilis brain.

No. 87468

Didnt watch the movie, thanks for the tip asshole

No. 87471

How are your kids?

No. 87474

It‘s been a while lorena(hi cow)

No. 87523

lol nta and i haven't seen that movie either and i don't know that actor but i immediately guessed that it was a movie pic or something instead of a selfie from some random old guy. you really think that looks like the kind of pic a real boomer would have of themselves?

No. 87828

File: 1585951102959.jpeg (140.31 KB, 640x800, 1CB86F67-4140-479F-A441-213B2F…)

Wtf lorena
Alienshoop and that hairstyle… missing her gyaru days

No. 87862

Whoever edited this really went crazy with the shoop. Can someone link her new Facebook please?

No. 87865

No. 87891

Girl, since you're obviously reading this thread, how the fuck were you adopting an activist against racism, black lives matter persona literally a few months ago and now you're sitting here in box braids, speaking and writing with pop culture black american vernacular, and "rapping" like iggy 'cultural appropriation queen' azalea???? And lol at you stanning your one black acquaintance right now like that's your pass.

Also how tf are you posting about Japan not taking covid seriously, meanwhile you went out and got an unnecessary hairstyle change that requires prolonged close contact with another person???

Serious question, this shit isn't going to be over in a couple of weeks. How are you going to deal with travel restrictions preventing your visa hopping, hunty?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 87897

She is married to her anorexic ex

No. 87907


Then why does she leave the country so often to do nothing? When she's bragging on being in Korea she isn't actually posting about doing shit, she's clearly just there to reset her visa.

No. 87920

Stop with this autistic bullshit. She would’ve been refused entry by now if she was visa hopping all the time. She clearly has a visa of some kind.

No. 87930

Saged for no serious contribution, but what happened to her old dogs? Did she dump them?

No. 88046

File: 1586173215860.png (41.4 KB, 880x193, 0ZKy4v4.png)

nobody wants to see your worn out pussy for 100

her anorexic ex should go to court, so he can divorce her

No. 88599

File: 1586720982936.png (29.18 KB, 763x186, ZySq8ng.png)

compensation?! she won't get one

No. 88668

For real what is she playing at. Night workers have been disqualified from compensation AND foreigners have to have paid taxes with no gaps. Let me guarantee you people like her who get paid under the table are not properly paying their taxes.

No. 88672

They reversed decision night workers are elgible for 8000 yen a day. she also has permanent residency

No. 88679

permanent residency ?! never
how do you know that?

No. 88698

soon everything is going to blow up for lorena. married with a guy who lives in nagoya lol
it will end like shannons case

No. 88714

You guys saw her TV interview thing on ig? Can someone translate it?

No. 88744

Catching up with the thread so sorry for replying to an older post but holy fuck, they actually look like spider eggs or something on her. Flashbacks to that fake story of the girl with spider eggs in her hair so she slams her head against a table.

No. 88773

You can't just tease us like that and then not give deets, that's just cruel. Please?

No. 88782

they are talking about her ugly matsuko deluxe tattoo and she wants to be japanese
they asked her when she becomes Japanese what her name is going to be
lorena said "sawajiri"

No. 88836

The government is worried about coronavirus they don’t worry about one Gaijin

No. 88864

You will see soon enough

No. 88867

You have to pass a Japanese exam to become Japanese so uh sorry Lorena

No. 88872

File: 1586944400715.png (76.82 KB, 885x299, apdBsBk.png)


guess she bought new followers lol

No. 88890

Where is she going out to where a guy would attack her? Is she still going to work? I can only imagine why she would be afraid to go to the police or a hospital. You'd think shit like this would be a wake up call for her.

No. 88892

yeah if she would go to the police they would arrest her

No. 88894

And she's probably not able to afford the hospital bill.

No. 88911

> "after we put our kids to sleep…"
> would do it for clout because she doesn't take care of her kids


No. 88912

File: 1586964108584.jpg (117.9 KB, 1080x1121, Screenshot_20200415-101711_Sam…)

No. 88913

You can sue someone for adultery, maybe that’s it?

No. 88917

Permanent residency isn’t citizenship. It’s obvious she has PR right now and I know a friend in Tokyo who knew her. She got it with her Japanese ex when they had kids together. If you have kids by a guy they make it easier to get PR

No. 88958

She lied to you

No. 89010

Sounds like bullshit she made up to make her life seem more “dramatic” and “interesting”. I could understand not wanting to go to the police but there’s no reason she couldn’t go to the doctor. It’s cheap here. She’s also a compulsive liar.

No. 89020

File: 1587039255562.png (108.47 KB, 640x1137, Oyo5mYd.png)

No. 89033

She means yen.

No. 89107

that bitch lorena with her loose pussy is shady af

karma is going to hit you soon you ugly bitch. say sayonara to your dirty meguro apartment

No. 89117

File: 1587126636677.png (2.92 MB, 1080x1350, avCIKee.png)

whore with a dirty acne ass

No. 89119

File: 1587126922173.jpeg (2.89 MB, 4032x3024, EF0AC559-A55F-420E-A754-C2414A…)

lorena was on the tv show “Getsuyou Kara Yofukashi” (月曜から夜ふかし) briefly this week

No. 89155

File: 1587160089648.jpg (211.86 KB, 879x691, poortun.jpg)

so the dog died?

No. 89156

>accident at home

She…accidentally killed her dog? It isn't that easy to accidentally kill pets unless you're a careless fucker…

No. 89176

Her extensions are always so tragic.

This is the same dog she tried to have a gofundme for after it "fell out a window" almost a year ago. >>49136

Weird that the dog passed away nearly a year after. Was there a second accident? Really makes you worry if she still has her kid.

No. 89191

on the video the dog is still alive tho

No. 89255

The kid is probably a psycho and kills animals because of constant abuse from Lorena and her boyfriends. If the baby is with her and she’s getting beaten up it will almost definitely be a serial killer.

No. 89267

File: 1587293880992.png (210.69 KB, 330x310, wnM00pV.png)

lorena is so ugly she has to edit herself as another person


No. 89426

File: 1587480729530.png (653.42 KB, 640x479, 7P3gnGn.png)

No. 89961

File: 1587860419307.png (476.22 KB, 516x530, 1.png)

Real again?

No. 89996

or is she just fat?

No. 89997

File: 1587897116025.png (76.03 KB, 677x510, iAcFRjb.png)

the comments haha

No. 90007

Where was this posted? I don't see it on IG, did she delete? kek

No. 90011

Holy shit, she almpst lools normal here (except unwashed ofc). She's pulling a whole kotakoti with the face shoops she puts online.

No. 90019

>>89997 on the same day as i posted it. She deleted it now. Maybe it was bait

No. 90407

File: 1588167441916.png (27.95 KB, 896x136, 6vRz9PN.png)

because you're a piece of shit miss piggy

No. 90439

This sounds like an adultery case. If the spouse that was cheated on has proof, the cheater has to pay upwards of maybe 40 thousand dollars? (maybe it was 20 k , cant remember) and supposedly the person he/she cheated on also has to pay but I thought they fixed that law recently and only the cheating spouse has to pay.

tinfoil of course but Iv e seen crazy hoes doing this before. Uploading pics of themselves popping their belly out to make them look pregnant so they can scare the poor dude they are involved with.

No. 90440

Is that a genuine question, is she trolling, or is she immensely stupid…? A prostitute working at places run by yakuza, has abandoned kids from like 10 different dudes, has been in jail… cannot be asking this question seriously.

No. 90623

It can be 40k (usd) or more. And the person the cheater cheated WITH can also be sued for alimony. The person who got cheated on doesn’t have to pay anything obviously.

No. 91865

File: 1588949315506.png (930.4 KB, 640x1136, sZzDw3r.png)

what's kawaiinight?

also lorena is still talking bad about the police lol
don't do illegal shit and they won't bother you

No. 91866

File: 1588949511383.jpg (63.44 KB, 640x426, UB7bI2q.jpg)

No. 92236

Kawaii Night is a virtual strip club event featuring mostly Japanese girls on Instagram Live. Sere posted her appearance on IG TV, where she raps and twerks to her own songs. Commenters aren't feeling her for the most part, but Shiena (ningyousama) white knights pretty hard in Sere's defense.


No. 92400

This entire video is cringe. She tries twerking for half of her "rap" and the hosts are hung up on the fact that she can speak simple Japanese

No. 92497

File: 1589133627017.png (1.49 MB, 1334x750, A85C9AC9-4D06-4697-8044-4713F9…)

Who’s idea was this? The fact they believe anyone is gonna waste their time and money on this boring twitch kyaba is laughable.

No. 92615

Quite possibly the cringiest shit I’ve seen in a while. 30 year olds acting like lame15 year olds…

No. 92672

File: 1589194891098.jpg (49.71 KB, 540x960, kek.jpg)

Her voice is not too bad. She sounds a bit like Princess Superstar live, but she uses way too much autotune in her songs. It makes them sound so cheap. And her performance was horrible. Too much emphasis on twerking, no charisma and rehearsed facial expressions/movements. It is so weird that she picks up certain habits from other IG thots and then repeats them endlessly, there is nothing natural about her behavior. It seems so stiff and eager.

I almost felt sorry for her because of the show’s hosts though. She has been living in JP for so long now and although people make fun of her poor Japanese, she definitely can hold a conversation. They treat her like a retard and a tourist. She is so proud of her music and their only reaction is laughing about it because it is so funny that baka gaijin raps in Japanese. They don’t even listen to it, they only say "She is rapping in Japanese!" because wow, nihongo ga jouzu desu ne! Her performance was super cringy, but the hosts made it even worse.

Also, she just posted a pic of herself & kid for mother’s day on her sex worker IG. Classy as always!

Can this still be watched? Link please.

No. 92677

no she can't sing, her japanese sucks. Lorena is a failure and everybody knows that

No. 92692

She can’t sing indeed, but her rap is not that bad. Not enough to make a career out of it, but not horrible either.

No. 92984

What planet are you on? Have you even heard her recorded rap song? It’s god awful. The lyrics make zero sense, no flow, exactly like two words in Japanese, she sounds ridiculous and has NO business rapping in the first place.

And idk if you speak Japanese but hers is atrocious. She can’t hold a conversation. She misunderstands half of what they say to her and half of her replies are incomprehensible gibberish.

No. 93124

File: 1589389588383.webm (Spoiler Image,2.4 MB, 720x404, kabukillmee_--1260120969550553…)

what an ugly ass

No. 93176

you have a link towards some video of something where she speaks japanese? id like to hear lmao

No. 93178

oh come ooooon lol, at this point she's just being funny right

No. 93254

Damn, she's got a man's ass.

No. 93489

File: 1589542640546.webm (1.36 MB, 640x1136, 96794257_2722659994621880_4385…)

all i hear is autotone

No. 93581

Video from December where she talks about her porn career and sex work. Don't think this was shared on here before.

I watched a few minutes of her Twitch stream with her bandmates before, and I would say she is conversational in Japanese. Even though she made errors, she could be understood and kept the conversation going. However, her written Japanese is a mess.

No. 93733

Why does she act like she cant speak english/make it sound like a japanese person speaking english? Its not cute. She sounds like a retard

No. 93828

Why are they wearing a mask? can't hear clearly. It's just so cringe.

I agree she looks retard but it might be because she's a genuine retard to start with. Can't say anything without sounding high or something. but i will say Being in a foreign country especially japan where not so many ppl speak good english might have an effect on your pronounciation. She's been there for like 10 years too so idk.

No. 93870

That‘s a lie anon
She is in japan since 2014

No. 93903

Ntayrt but she’s lived in Japan long enough for it to effect her voice and pronunciation. Whether you want to agree or not, if you are spending 24/7 speaking a certain language your going to start to sound funny. She already has an Australian accent so added with speaking Japanese all the time, she just sounds super funky

No. 93904

Wow, she’s really had the kid this whole time. That’s crazy, at least she kept this one. I hope for his sake she’s an okay mother, just a sad situation though. Mom a foreign prostitute, god I hope the other kids don’t find out what mommy does

No. 94006

Shut up with your weeby bullshit ESL-chan. Living in Japan for 6 years wouldn't affect how you pronounce things in your first language.

No. 94022

Actually it can, speaking a language outside your native tongue uses different muscles and parts of your soft palate. That's why babies and kids don't have accents but adults do when learning another language, and why adults with foreign accents can "lose" them to a degree when they've lives overseas for a long time. Plus, Lorena is a mushmouthed trendhopper so it's not impossible that she's adopted a wonky Japaneezu accent by choice after being there for so long, she must know a large chunk of her audience are wannabe weebthots.

No. 94189

“Good mother”
She has literally left the TODDLER in the bath alone (dangerous much?) while she took thot pics in her mirror. She went on a hooker exchange to Osaka just to chase some ugly dick and didn’t take the kid with her so who knows where she dumps it when she’s “busy.” Not to mention she’s high half the time.

Doubt she’s fit to be a mother in any capacity.

No. 94256

hey now, anon, I'm sure she'd notice him drowning in the selfie cam during the picture edits… /s

humor aside, the kid looks old enough to bath with an adult not far from the open door? I am certain she's a tard-mother for a thousand different reasons, but that ones a bit of a stretch. who the fuck looks after it in her absence though… she doesn't have any real friends anymore, does she?

No. 94584

File: 1589913608691.jpeg (107.51 KB, 745x867, 40CD55A6-7DCB-444C-9635-EACAAD…)

Why am I seeing this and who thought this ad was worth paying for?

No. 94597

also wasn't it established that because lorena's baby daddy won't acknowledge the child he doesn't have any legal documentation/citizenship in Japan?

No. 95035

Reallll sad that Lorena uses her prostitution money to pay for ads on Facebook for her shitty music.

No. 95079

We are all very aware of Lorena’s antics sperg, I said I hope she is an okay mother for the sake of a child. Check your reading comprehension next time, it’s okay to hope for a child to have a good home life, cow-spawn or not

No. 95246

You should probably check back in with reality then.

No. 95928

File: 1590416891369.png (38.5 KB, 608x261, ZsYITj6.png)

don't say that tattoos are scary. your way of thinking is scary. I can't talk with people without morals.

wtf lorena… you are the one without morals

No. 96598

she's lived in japan for aeons yet her japanese is absolutely rubbish lol

No. 98053

File: 1591218308389.png (1.18 MB, 640x800, laH98ox.png)

she's starting to look trans lol

No. 98480

File: 1591335543075.jpeg (166.16 KB, 794x1139, C86F8ABC-B1C5-4764-85A6-796857…)

Shiena and Lorena are still friends.

No. 98496

Both are (were) married just for visa.
Don‘t know why they haven‘t got lorena yet

No. 98500

File: 1591347519045.png (1.1 MB, 944x897, sereblm.png)

>posts meme about how people shouldn't be posting the black square and demanding people delete them.
>Posts the black square after posting that meme.
The drug abuse really has fried her brain, huh?

No. 98502

Yeah… agreed

Also the last photo..yikes

No. 98704

Sheina's husband reported her for paying him to be her husband without loving together, Sere's probably won't and it looks like she may live with him. Immigration doesn't chase after visa fraud marriages unless they're repprted.

No. 98719

Lorena got reported a few times. I don‘t think she is living with her visa husband

No. 100147

File: 1591976673956.png (38.52 KB, 876x153, fM45yUs.png)

at least her insta is going to be deleted?

No. 100194

File: 1591995277297.png (626.24 KB, 1080x1349, 020AOIf.png)

her new one is

now lorena has to buy new fake followers :(

No. 101125

is lorena spagnolo messinger still crying after her "ex" from osaka lol?

No. 101126

File: 1592391723190.png (60.27 KB, 899x294, MVMNNqt.png)

when do they arrest her for visa fraud?

No. 101127

File: 1592391953213.png (Spoiler Image,1.49 MB, 946x2048, To37e09.png)

No. 101154

w-what was she trying to say in japanese?

cuz when u translate its like
>to say disgusting to the police is bad! it's wrong!

kek, how can she live there for so long and be this bad in japanese??

No. 101340

That's a bell pepper on her ass.

No. 101382

It's not that complicated. Immigration frowns on Asian immigrants and is fine with white immigrants regardless of what they do. Passports are meaningless to them, they see Shiena as Chinese not Canadian


clearly she has gone full 180 and now thinks it is wrong to call police kimoi kek

No. 101391

it's a candle, no?
odd choice for a photo.

No. 101401

But kanadajin got deported too? Or something similar

No. 101497

Kinda true but not entirely. I know several white Americans who have been deported for less.

She clearly has a visa that allows sex work - either spouse or permanent residency. So they can’t really deport her unless they catch her breaking the law.

No. 101569

I don‘t think she lives with her visa husband
That could be a reason for visa fraud

No. 101624

Not very true. Asian Americans or other western countries get way better treatment than asian immigrants from asian countries. Passport matters more than blood for immigration.

I've seen the opposite effect when a white person comes from a non western country.

No. 101627

True, unless she has PR orrrr she kept her juminhyo as her husbands address…

No. 101707

even if she doesn't the husband could still be claiming they're married and he's living away from home for work.

No. 102958

Has anybody got her onlyfans conten? Also i only know about 2 movies she made but they are censored. Where can i get them uncensored?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 103955

File: 1593967957189.png (155.5 KB, 931x753, ttT970N.png)

lorena is creating fake stories again

No. 104010

Funny how so many of these cows are just now coming out with these stories and claiming their POC card. She's never once in all her time online up until recently, when she's decided to pursue a rap career of course, proudly call herself "latina" or talk about how she was so persecuted in Australia.

No. 104034

New identity for Lorena to grab onto?! Hold on everybody, we’re in for a ride!

No. 104706

Argentine people are white. There is a very small population of natives and I doubt she is part native. Most Argentines don’t identify as being Latin and instead consider themselves European. While she probably did have some xenophobia as Australia is pretty racist, I think she is exaggerating. It’s pretty bad taste of her to do so considering how much worse the aboriginal population is treated.

No. 104707

Does she even speak Spanish?

No. 104711

I did some digging and her grandparents on her father’s side were Italian immigrants to Argentina. Her mother grew up in Australia and has a German surname. She could be Argentine too but I doubt it.

At most Lorena could be considered half Latin but she doesn’t seem to be very in touch with her Argentine side if she thought her surname was Spanish. It doesn’t even sound Spanish. The double surname is a common Spanish thing but English speaking countries do that too.

No. 104740

She is so ignorant. Her surname is NOT Spanish. Her suname is Italian actually. An Italian surname meaning ''Spaniard'' in Italian, but it doesn't change the fact that her surname is Italian. Also, South American people are NOT Latin, that's really a cultural mistake. Latin people are actually those from Italy. She is white….and stupid.

No. 104750

Latino/Latina culture is South American.

No. 104752

What is her real eye colour? Brown? She pretended they were blue before but that was contacts.

No. 104753

>>73866 does anyone else find it weird she is very close to a 17 yr old. sere the 32 year old who abandoned two of her kids and is now hanging out with a very new 17 yr old wannabe(she needs lots of work) rapper this whole new persona she has is gross ..Wasn’t she a rock star in January? Now she’s speaking out about black lives which is great but where was this before she wanted to be a rapper? Posting nothing but black content And memes It just rubs off as odd for a 32 year old male or female to hang with a 17 yr old kid with the history that they have.

No. 104782

File: 1594512490414.png (589.74 KB, 767x590, rui.png)

Her other "bestfriend" Ruitan just turned 21 this year and they've been friends since before then. Are these girls sexworkers too? It's weird she's hanging around so many young girls. Rui has even called her "mommy" kek

No. 104789

Lorena is probably pimping them.

No. 104793

It's not so weird since she's stuck in this party girl mindset while her peers either moved back home once their Nihon dream was fulfilled or if they stuck around got legitimate jobs and adult responsibilities. Her age and her body don't match her mentality

No. 104809

yikes there is a snake on the right

No. 104861

Is that her excuse for sticking around in Japan? Because they love gaijin so much? Give me a break.

No. 104885

Yeah I agree. Normal people grow out of fuuzoku and clubbing by 24-25 at the latest here… Her only choice is to hang out with younger people because she refuses to grow up.

No. 105160

File: 1594783913979.jpeg (99.12 KB, 639x882, 3A45D456-567D-4A5F-9B1B-92003E…)

Her Turkish bff got butt implants and Lorena is doing the test run

No. 105189

Can confirm, met Turkish bff.

No. 105272

Lorena looks meaty

No. 105685

File: 1595117554737.jpeg (99.64 KB, 634x782, B1344345-FE71-4E6D-AFD8-D3557F…)

Her lashes(nitpick)

No. 105764

This picture makes her look especially old. Like a mom and daughter after a night out on a family vacation.

No. 105990

Gatdamn lorena looking 40+ over here. Wonder how clients who are paying for a “22” year old feel about that.

No. 106188

They don't give a shit. Have you seen her prices? If you're into meaty tattoed whores you can't get a better deal(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 106200

File: 1595421658435.jpeg (Spoiler Image,150.27 KB, 545x987, 0A1C74E8-A7ED-45F6-A657-0AFC1F…)

Well look who we have here .. the off brand iggy azalea! There’s nothing better than a 33 year old woman who wants to be a famous rap star from following a 17 year old we stan dried up poorly tattooed artists!

No. 106486

PULL is back up for a month. If anyone wants to do some archiving, Lorena's thread is here:


All the guest posts in that thread are Rabbit, aka Nadine, because she deleted her account. There might be milk relating to her too. Compare the "money, money, money" posts:


Rabbit/Nadine confirmed:

Maron Kusukabe might be Sandra as they seemed to know each other IRL.


No. 106542

Lol meanwhile nadine was also working as escort

No. 106543

Confirmed? Confirmation requires proof anon.. Sere just posted some photos of another girl, I wouldn’t necessarily call it proof. Everything is speculation until there’s actual proof of that person posting these comments.
There are a couple of anons who love the escort drama in Tokyo and keep stirring up the same spoiled milk.

No. 106601

File: 1595612360247.png (341.12 KB, 2256x1044, Nadine.png)

Ok, you want proof?

Look at the screenshots in the OP post of the thread by Rabbit. Instagram in German and with bad English ("informations"):

Rabbit deleted their immediately account after the lolcow thread was made. If Nadine isn't Rabbit, why would they care?

Rabbit has a Japanese phone, so located in Japan, and has a Tokyo Adult Guide account:

The fact that >>106486 got a reply immediately dismissing it, which always happens whenever Nadine is mentioned.

Nadine's instagram has gone private:

Go get some therapy or something Nadine. You've been running a vendetta thread for 5 years.

No. 106709

File: 1595684289790.png (104.97 KB, 2126x654, Nadine 2.png)

And now her instagram is gone completely.

What's wrong Nadine, is it only fun when you dox and harass other people?

No. 106774

But lorena deserves it

No. 106812

Nadine making multiple anonymous vendetta threads for alogging people is just as bad.

No. 106887

sees thread moved up
clicks on thread expecting fresh milk
gets a mouth full of sour, five year old milk

The only thing gained, is seeing that PULL is being closed.

Don't think anyone in Japan is relevant anymore anyway, even the vlogging crowd can't produce good milk these days. Maybe a twitch thot though.

No. 106999

Maron Kusakabe here.

Knowing a girl means that I‘m one of them? Thank you.
I met Nadine 11 years ago and never really cares about her other friendships. It‘s her life.

Don‘t just blindly assume things.


No. 107017

You posted in the PULL thread 5 years ago, now you are posting here. You have bad English, you're friends with Nadine.

Thanks for confirming.

No. 107058

File: 1595878164645.png (2.42 MB, 1080x1350, g7ecd3l.png)

looking more and more like trash

this year she didn't travel to korea, right?

No. 107065

Having white girl dreadlocks during BLM is a choice.

No. 107082

Lol what choice

No. 107103

I don't want to sperg about white people getting braids. but specifically getting fulani style braids, rather than just box braids or something is soo gross to me.(derail)

No. 107131

I was exhausted plus typing on my phone.
Sorry for spelling mistakes?
Stop judging someone‘s English level by a single post.
Or are only Brits, Americans, Canadians, Aussies and people from New Zealand entitled to speak English?

Just because I‘m friends with Nadine doesn‘t mean that I‘m part of a group. I‘m living my life, she‘s living hers.

I don‘t mingle with foreigners here in Japan because
most of them are embarassing af.

And by the way, the one who started that topic was YOU and not me.

No. 107159

are you retarded

No. 107175

I brought it up for archiving purposes, you are the one that keeps sperging.

I mentioned people's English as it's evidence of who they are. For example, you're using an acute accent ( ‘ ) instead of an apostrophe ( ' ), another common German user mistake:


Isn't Sandra German?

Fwiw, I'm not from any of those countries either.

No. 107214

Why are you so obsessed with Germans and their English? Are you a fucking racist?

No. 107216

I wonder if Lorena actually hates being a whore and is subconsciously sabotaging her "career". Why go so far againts your client's taste if not? she must know better than us what type of gaijin japanese scrotes want to fap to

No. 107234

Yes, I am racist against Germans /s

Read the posts above. Nadine and her friend are German and denying they posted on PULL and here. By pointing out they type like Germans, it makes them look more stupid when they deny it as I really doubt there are that many Germans who happen to be living in Tokyo that also happen to post in Lorena's threads.

Can we go back to Lorena now? The thread is starting to be derailed. Mentioning the Nadine/Sandra thing was only meant as throwaway reminder as it has been known for ages.

No. 107242


nah this is just up her clientele's ally. she fucks with dopey japanese men cosplaying as gang bangers now. give it a few months, she'll get really tan, get a botched BBL and start blackfishing

No. 107244

I think she might be bipolar. She seems to jump from one identity to the next.

No. 107273

Germans aren't a race you retard, they're an ethnic group.

No. 107291

That’s not what bipolar is… Maybe borderline personality disorder though. She has self harm scars, can’t decide on an identity, constant self destructive behavior and self sabotaging, can’t commit to anyone or anything, abandons people (like her own children), gets weirdly attached to dudes after like two dates. Sounds like classic BPD to me!

No. 107293

This angle makes her body look particularly mannish, especially the shoulders and hands. If her face was hidden I would think it's Jeffree Star.
Also, wouldn't having a ton of fake plastic braids damage her scalp even more? She's going to make herself go bald

No. 107473

File: 1596157133752.png (243.47 KB, 1892x830, Nadine.png)

No. 107482

you seem pretty obsessed about 5 year old dried up milk, anon

No. 107486

File: 1596167771895.png (21.37 KB, 580x180, Nadine.png)

No more obsessed than you Nadine. I see your purged more followers since this was posted.

No. 107487

I’m not Nadine, you idiot

No. 107498

File: 1596176978539.png (157.13 KB, 1978x848, Nadine 2.png)

You might not be but she is clearly reading here.

No. 107499

File: 1596177133549.png (757.42 KB, 1534x1184, Nadine 3.png)

No. 107501

As I said, I’m not Nadine but you clearly have a problem don’t you? Looking actively for someone and trying to relive 5 year old milk? For what? Sorry I really don’t get it. It also seems to be only you and maybe a couple others. Jesus Christ….

No. 107502

File: 1596178112209.jpeg (145.58 KB, 1125x1194, 71CA3F5A-7CC1-4217-8EB6-5442EA…)

You seem to be taking this very personally anon. Her account just went private and then disappeared. I only posted it 15 mins ago…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 107503

File: 1596178326638.png (260.59 KB, 1946x814, Nadine.png)

Interesting choice for the new name

No. 107504

I’m not taking this personal but seeing your obsession is really worrying. I’m not saying it’s not suspicious that the accounts vanish after she gets mentioned here. Also, this thread is about Lorena and not some dried up milk ffs. Are you really that stupid?

No. 107505

Can you nadine people go make your own thread ffs?

No. 107507

There have been multiple threads already and most closing down or nothing gets posted because of lack of milk. So they spam this one instead. The topic comes back every few weeks.

No. 107512

you can post here >>54862 about nadine

No. 107718

File: 1596323284476.jpeg (56.24 KB, 809x127, 6933FEE7-710C-4072-B62F-EC9316…)

Lorena isn‘t popular at all
She almost never gets mentioned

Last one was if her tits are silicone

No. 107725

>nothing happened
This isn't milk anon.

No. 107775

that's why I saged it

No. 107836

File: 1596395817786.png (31.89 KB, 653x328, vykj9jB.png)

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

No. 107867

This has been known for ages

No. 107874

Lorena got reported a few times.,why isnt iimmigration investigating?

No. 107879

German anon with bad English at it again.. what are you trying to achieve by asking whether immigration is doing its job or or? Immigration doesn’t do shit and relies on paperwork like in the 90's.

No. 107892

who keeps posting old milk?

No. 107897

Melissa maybe?

No. 107901

Is Melissa still in Japan?

No. 107942


No. 107955

Fat hag is in germany

No. 108003

File: 1596538565526.png (1.68 MB, 1125x2000, lb5HDTu.png)

the shit lorena is posting. it's easy to be better than you

No. 108016

Lmao does she seriously believe we are beneath her? Personally I don’t have an instagram worthy lifestyle, but I’m certainly doing better than someone with a wannabe gangsta persona at 33 posting skimpy outfits in dirty places on her Insta. Don’t even get me started on the poorly done cartoonish tattoos and ratty hair extensions. I just check her Instagram every now and then for the laughs.

No. 108055

I'd say most of the population is doing better than an aged hooker who has abandoned her children; shitty tattoos being the least concern here. "They're just jealous!!!1" is such a classic way of coping with ones misery.

No. 108214

File: 1596727651501.jpeg (118.04 KB, 640x911, 12632F37-BC08-498A-BA3B-377822…)

Lori vibes

No. 108644

Lorena is trying to get Shiena a new visa husband in japan so she can move back(imageboard)

No. 108660

do you have screenshots?

No. 108661

As much publicity as her case got for her stupid comment, I doubt she'll be let back in. If Sheina comes back to Japan with a new husband, the internet backlash would be insane. She'd probably become a meme for trashy foreigners.

No. 108678

File: 1597072524657.jpg (181.8 KB, 1125x2000, Miljs8c.jpg)

and lorena wonders why she is getting bad attention

No. 108679

File: 1597072684201.png (272.94 KB, 400x427, RWXqj8G.png)

poor kiddo is still with her

No. 109358

is that her kid?(read the rules)

No. 109372

Why doesn’t she at least pretend to be more high end? She could, you know.. not share the trailer trash pictures and expose us & the kid to her toxic lifestyle?

No. 109579

File: 1597777724214.webm (3.61 MB, 720x1280, FQIoAkMzLBdAK5mZmZmZmhgSZGFzaF…)

lorena rambling while under drugs?

No. 109588

Holy shit, she's bothered.

No. 109590

She looks like she's just doing a skit while drunk.

No. 109647

She is doing what she wants in life. What a queen.

No. 109682

do I hear sarcasm?

No. 109688

Nobody wants to be a trashy, bogan whore with 3 kids. She wanted to be efamous for being a badd bitch in Japan, instead all she turned into was a trashy incubator & hostchaser. She's in her 30s with no real direction or passion in life & fills the ood woth drugs and sex to feel happy and wanted. Nothing about her life is happy, she's only still in Japan for the online weeb envy and the attention from gaijin fuckers.

No. 110115

She's so ratchet.

No. 110440

It’s so ironic since a few years ago she was calling out another sex worker for being a fail fuzoku.

Now she can’t even apply her eyeliner right and looks ratchet in all of her posts. Even her own photos from a few years ago look classy compared to her current self. Yikes.

Sad thing is when she posts pictures of herself and her Turkish friend meiloula she gets more social media engagement than usual.

No. 110502

Looking at her current instagram bio there seems to be a pattern. She went from #1 hostess to #1 host to now #1 kawaii rapper in japan…. not sure if that’s an achievement but well…

No. 110553

That‘s what she wants to be

No. 110872

File: 1598874695674.jpg (150.8 KB, 1080x1349, j3QKFgN.jpg)

lorena is looking like she is almost 40

No. 110957

wtf when’s the last time she actually washed her face? Looks like week old eye makeup smudged all over the place.

No. 110958

She looks like she doesn’t know what a face wash is anon but that’s not the major issue.. she posts her child on her Instagram stories and about how she misses drugs. There is a child under her care while she’s still addicted to drugs and nobody gives a shit about that.

No. 110960

File: 1598962240232.png (229.92 KB, 429x277, 6pbZW2n.png)

I feel so sorry about that kid. what about child welfare?

No. 110961

No idea. She should quit the drugs and party lifestyle and focus on her kid. She can still do sex work and raise the kid with her money, she doesn’t have too many options left anyway. She just needs to do it quietly like the Russian women in Miss Universe and stop being so milky if she has an ounce of love for that kid in her heart.

No. 110968

that child was only good to get a new visa/money

No. 110978

Her newest song "fack you" basically is a Natalia Natchan/PinKII ripoff (who probably ripped off that style somewhere else). Even the adlibs and background noises are the same, only difference is that the kawaii rap style doesn’t fit Sere at all. Also wondering what is going on with her lashes, they look scary.

No. 110995

Is she trying to be beautiful with these pubic wig lashes?
She should chop off her frizzy blonde instead and get rid of the hair extensions. She could rock short hair for a while, it would fit her image well.

No. 111020

Screenshots? This is an image board and I’m blocked from her instagram and way too lazy to log out just to see it lol(read the rules)

No. 111025

We've been over this to an extent, the kid might not exist in Japan's eyes (no birth certificate since his father didn't acknowledge him etc).

No. 111050

File: 1599073001248.png (422.32 KB, 449x699, mpeeIcT.png)

why is she talking about destroying someone again? Lorena got dumped?

No. 111065

She’s destroying herself.

I hate how she skin walks black women. Girl, black women hate white women like you who and roll their eyes when you exit the room. Stop it, copying black women is not a personality trait.

No. 111234


Lol what are you talking about? You don’t need a fathers name to file a birth registration. The kid just wouldn’t get Japanese nationality and she would have to apply for an immigration status for it (some kind of dependent status)

No. 111318

File: 1599276391615.jpeg (391.65 KB, 828x1472, 6875BDCF-82D4-4FA4-BBAF-4171F7…)

Does she really think this is sexy?

No. 111454

her tattoos are literally the worst.

No. 111489

There isn‘t any milk to spill since Lorena doesn‘t have friends anymore

No. 111962

File: 1599806535259.png (143.9 KB, 1080x863, IMG_20200911_153958.png)

And that's how she talks to the girl who tattooed her fingers - and who's a single mother too, it seems…

No. 111965

Who poses with kid like that?

No. 111980

Yo stop posting the child on lolcow. He already has a mother like Lorena, give him a break.

No. 111986

Fetal alcohol syndrome again? I hope this kid can get out and get help eventually

No. 111993

oh my god. is she fucking dusted? what an awful mother. that poor kid, what he’s already been exposed to.

No. 112008

He doesn’t have FAS, his upper lip is normal.

No. 112009

Where are they? Living in a tent?

No. 112056

They're still in bathing suits/covered in sand so maybe they spent the night on the beach or stayed till late?

No. 112061

no, anon. he has FAS. actually, every child has FAS. every ugly lolcow has FAS too. maybe you and i have FAS too

No. 112310

File: 1600067142254.jpeg (497.55 KB, 1269x1921, 9E44BC67-9F5D-4773-860E-C15D74…)

She has new tattoos

No. 112326

File: 1600077206134.jpeg (126.16 KB, 828x1133, 3F9B913D-C3AF-4689-8FD1-730296…)

She got new pics taken too

No. 112344

File: 1600086479217.gif (748.34 KB, 500x272, DPezqe6.gif)

Lorena looks like she's in her 40s

No. 112375

Do not post photos of children.

No. 112414

What, she is taking photos for free now? Fxxking Rabbits were looking for volunteering models

No. 112422

Do you really think anyone sane would pay her to take pictures? That’s in her dreams for sure but far away from reality

No. 112647

File: 1600329975670.jpg (334.1 KB, 1079x1739, Screenshot_20200917-040636_Ins…)

How could you not post the best ones, anon?

peep that strain

No. 112648

File: 1600330036411.jpg (341.87 KB, 1080x1712, Screenshot_20200917-040805_Ins…)

and relaxed

No. 113031

She finally got a blackout tattoo.
She’s a sex worker. How is she supposed to get clients with that dusty black forearm?

No. 113076

I don’t understand why she doesn’t just save her money and laser everything off

No. 113080

File: 1600573239674.jpeg (216.58 KB, 828x917, 98E1979B-47F8-40E0-9EDE-85E93F…)

She isn’t even letting this one heal properly. No wonder all her tattoos look like shit.

No. 113081

File: 1600573261988.jpeg (237.4 KB, 828x917, 5003F99F-A0C8-4B4F-841F-4DBFE9…)

No. 113109

Looks like she painted her arm in that crackle nail polish, why the hell is it so dry and cracked looking??

No. 113117

looks like the tattoo is in its healing stage but she isn’t taking proper care of it.

No. 113175

It's killing me how she posted this with hers looking so rough, while his is smooth and even. Does she not realize how bad hers looks, or is she hoping nobody else will notice?

No. 113205

She‘s crazy and can‘t take care of herself

No. 113316


Did we ever get an explanation of what this is? I looked up the address (東京都豊島区西池袋5-1-3) and the visible part of the company name (フォー) and found this
It's just a company that makes gacha machine capsules? What is the point?

No. 113319

Looks like she just game centre tokens. She says the color is wrong because it is black and white. Probably expecting yellow for chicks.

No. 113556

File: 1600920747968.jpg (831.84 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20200917_140335_com…)

Are these self harm scars?

No. 113573

I think she’s trying to say “they wrote color differences in black and white” pointing out that it’s stupid to different colors in black and white… but her Japanese is horrible.

There’s plenty of pics of her self harm scars. Kinda old news.

No. 114215

File: 1601300924646.jpeg (418.36 KB, 825x1493, BCD50025-0E99-44A1-B980-7DC911…)

It’s a blob of black…..nothing much can go wrong there which needs touch ups.

No. 114219

They aren’t going to touch up the wonky line round her wrist?

No. 115937

File: 1602583888153.png (59.39 KB, 593x694, c3D7Y7K.png)

lorena is pissed that people don't obey the law but she is the one who breaks it every damn time

No. 115970

black out tattoos always look retarded as shit, but somehow hers looks the worst i've seen. So dry

No. 115999

It's dry cause it was recently made. Tattoos when healing always will scab like that, specially if it's a bigger piece.

No. 116336

File: 1602883949883.png (39.27 KB, 887x206, ailhgQd.png)

her visa husband?

No. 118237


Based on the context it's not clear she has a husband or any man w/her at the time. Could just be nosey conbini staff guessing how she has a visa "So are you married to a Japanese guy?", cuz she sure as hell doesn't look like an English teacher, white collar worker, or missionary lol.

No. 118276

File: 1603893666322.jpeg (109.01 KB, 828x1415, 5BF21403-3523-4ABE-8B80-119A8D…)

Her lashes are just getting worse at this point. You can barely even see her eyes anymore

No. 118355

Wtf who thinks this looks good? Drugs are destroying her brain

No. 118646

Kennesaw State University? Why?

No. 118758

No. 118789

It’s written on her mask. Some US university.

No. 119722

File: 1604896320178.jpeg (204.62 KB, 828x1423, F2D2068D-E389-4ED2-AA84-2FDD1C…)

Is she trying to be cute again kek

No. 119723

File: 1604896360536.jpeg (277.08 KB, 828x1125, 0CC541BD-69C7-42DF-95C1-8E1103…)

At least she finally chopped off her awful hair

No. 119760

Wtf is going on with her neck??

No. 120106

She was posting pics of herself with Shiena saying they need to hang out again soon. Looks like they’re both still trying to get Shiena back over there.

Lorena has been running around with a wannabe gaijin gyaru named Kou who is one of those crazy ass bangya that lives off her parents. She follows the gazette around the world on tours booking only business class, has an apartment in Tokyo, etcccc but she only works at a cafe. Looks like Lorena is tryna latch on herself so I think we are gonna see bangya Lorena next. Kou social media is @eternally_vivid.(imageboard)

No. 120118

I’m not ready for vkei bangya Lorena. That would be a new low. The Kou girl is friend with Inu Ashley as well so like double cringeeee

No. 120219

File: 1605205089095.webm (4.16 MB, 720x1280, 2020-1325677091849871366.webm)

was she under drug influence during filming?

No. 120225

She seems drunk as fuck

No. 120261

Lmao I’ve been away awhile but fuck has lorrna gone downhill lmaoooo she looks epitome of white trash. Latina my ass becky

No. 120641

she got fatter

No. 120751

File: 1605475885966.jpeg (277.84 KB, 899x1961, 63B222B9-9AAE-40AA-B644-91DEE1…)

Do people actually believe that she is 10 years younger??

No. 120811

For how many years do they advertise her as 22 now??

No. 120873

I'm sorry but the 生フェラ (no condom for bjs) part of the pic made me gag

No. 120876

a whore lying about her age!!?? wow great milk.

No. 121194

It’s more interesting that apparently she’s ranked 10th for repeat customers. That’s pretty low and I’m pretty sure she was like third last year? Also the photoshop in this pic is just… uncanny valley levels of bad.

No. 121202

File: 1605695897665.png (81.09 KB, 320x426, fZUgpB4.png)

her places are always a mess
when she lived with her first visa husband, her donkiapartment and now her apartment in meguro.
I don't want to know how many cockroaches are living with her

No. 121516

Its because she’s dirty as. I briefly met her when she was hosting and she had terrible breath. So hygiene isnt a thing

No. 121781

Druggies always live in filth and have shit hygeine tho

No. 121862

Did she get locked up again? She’s been quiet for a few days.

No. 121994

Unfortunately no
She‘s active on twitter

No. 122156

Why did she and Shiena become best friends again?

No. 122192

File: 1606151211073.jpeg (145 KB, 828x309, 4BD87A0D-ADF9-455A-BD27-EB062A…)


No. 122216

Wasn’t that when Shiena became a convicted felon for her visa marriage in Nippon and Lorena was helping getting her possessions back……… or so I heard.

No. 122256

File: 1606179179508.jpeg (93.47 KB, 1200x630, coolmom.jpeg)


She looks like this but without the kids or rich husband

No. 122280

Yes, she travelled to Canada for a week to see her.

No. 122302

Shiena is getting her bachelor’s degree right now in the hope of going back to Japan with a work visa.

Lorena has been helping her try to work out a scheme to get back in the country. The best they’ve come up with is that Shiena is going to start by legally changing her name to Shiena and getting a new passport.

Her parents are currently paying all of her tuition and she’s living with them while she’s in school. She’s been doing a bit of translation work but mostly her dad lets her use his credit card to pay for her lifestyle. She completely convinced her parents she was a victim and was scammed by that Japanese guy so they feel really bad for her.

No. 122303

Lorena helped send all of her stuff back to Canada then Shiena’s dad paid for Lorena to fly there with some more of Shiena’s stuff and as a sort of thank you. He ended up taking her and Shiena shopping at Versace.

No. 122305

How do all these girls like Lorena and Shiena and Katie get visas in the first place??? How do they stay in japan so long???

No. 122307

Too bad Japan fingerprints on entry lol

Katie has a legit job and work visa. Shannon went on a student visa for language school then got fake married. Lorena did working holiday? then got married.

No. 122313

Shiena would have more luck reentering Nipon getting a hand transplant.

Surely her new passport would be linked to her old passport which would flag that she is banned on the system any way if she tried to enter the country. I would hope it goes by passport numbers and not names, and even then she cannot change DOB and location of birth. To get a Visa they would check thoroghly if she had a criminal history, a degree wont help her. Thank God her and Sere aren’t part of a crime syndicate, they don not have a single brain cell between them.

Howeve I hopes Shiena does get in and does get caught again. She was let off too lightly on the last episode of Orange is the New Burando; I would have liked to have seen a longer sentence to humble her smug fart sniffing self who is now back in Canada acting like nothing happened asif they didn’t show her on national TV with no make, greasy hair and a that musty Dir En Grey teeshirt.

No. 122319

Lorena and Shannon are besties because they wanna stay in japan so bad, they would do everything. It was Lorenas idea to get pregnant and married.

No. 122327

Is her Japanese even that good?

No. 122421

Neither her Japanese nor her English are good enough but she started that guru magazine so she could put on her resume that he’s the editor in chief. After she gets her bachelor degree she plans to become the editor of a major fashion magazine. Her current resume is literally almost entirely lies about her time in japan

No. 122423

Getting away with the visa fraud thing with basically no consequences ha actually made her worse. I ran into her at that convention in Texas and she was something else. She kept telling anyone who would listen that she’s a former model in Japan and currently back in Canada temporarily to complete an “advanced degree” because Japanese universities lack the creative freedom she requires. But that she’ll be back as soon as school is done

No. 122424

Dude you don’t even know the half of it. Shiena has literally only rekindled her relationship with Lorena because she thinks she can use it to get back in Japan.

From what I understand, the name change thing is because Shiena plans to get a new passport. I guess she’s hoping they won’t identify her or won’t care as long as she declares a short term stay. She’s been trying to get a Hong Kong passport to use that to get into Japan but she’s waiting on the name change first then she’ll get that one. Idk if she’s legally changed her name yet or not.

Shiena even at one point asked Lorena if she could adopt her son to leverage a visa out of it.

The only other plan I remember them talking about was Lorena trying to start another business. When she went to Canada to meet Shiena’s dad, they tried to pitch to him to invest in something then Lorena was gonna sponsor a work visa for Shiena (which is per of the reason she needs the bachelor’s degree). I think it was another bar.

Shiena has also been actively looking for a new visa husband with the help of Loula (one of Lorena’s hooker friends). Loula actually managed to get herself a sugar daddy who rented her an apartment and bought her a car.

No. 122425

And of course she didn’t tell anyone that she was on national TV for visa fraud and that it was quite big news she got deported…. but sure…. doing an advanced degree sounds so much more glamorous. If Japanese universities limit her so much with creativity, why does she want to go back to japan anyways??

No. 122426

She thinks Japan is her home and that she deserves to live there no matter what she does.

No. 122427

Shiena and Lorena have both started trying to get into the vkei bangya scene for some reason. Shiena became friends with a crazy af gazegya named Carey and Lorena befriended a wannabe gyaru weeb gazegya named Kou. I have legit no reason what their plan is for that but I’m assuming it’s gonna be Lorena’s next persona when she drops the kawaii rapper phase

No. 122472

Looking forward to it. Lorena liked Vkei and Hosts back in 2009

No. 122473

And how‘s lorena staying in japan?

No. 122486

every time it’s time to leave she just lays another anchor baby out that damn cooter of hers

No. 122488

It’s weird that she went from posting all day long on Instagram to cold turkey offline… besides her Twitter apparently

No. 122522

I thought Vkei was dead? What would a 30-something bogan whore want with a bunch of washed up bandomen that she doesn't already have?

No. 122526

They’re all gazette fans tryna marry rich. Uruha got divorced like last year and became a drug addict who’s always in Kabukicho or roppongi banging white chicks so I guess she thinks she has a chance?

No. 122530

Oh, that's hilarious. Why do they think he'd run right back into another marriage to begin with, much less with a trashy foreign prostitute mom or her friends?? Going on benders and banging groupies is not how rockers find wives lmfaoooo. These days, guys don't even always marry just bc they get someone pregnant, they just send you ¥ for an abortion and never claim it. These girls are in for more disappointment, kek.

No. 122558

Who is Carey? Who is Kou?

No. 122639

Somebody needs to tell that dumb cunt she cannot.come.back. PERIOD. My husband is an attorney ( although he hasn't taken the Japanese law bar exam but he knows the law and also his coworkers are Japanese attorneys) and after I told him about this dumb bitch he said she will not come back and that she for sure has been flagged.
Also doesn't she remembers they take pics too, besides fingerprints ?

Now she's into vkei? Wasn't she into Japanese rappers like just some months ago? If she even still in that "band"? This hoe better don't touch Acchan or else !(blog)

No. 122649

Please be a copypasta, if not this is too good.

No. 122671

You need help.

No. 122699

>Please be a copypasta
If it’s not already, it is now.

No. 122792

Ask him why lorena isn‘t getting deported

No. 122801

Doesn’t she have an anchor baby right now?

No. 122814

No. 122853

She only has one in her possession. The other is with her ex

No. 122858

I guess if the baby’s nationality is Japanese and his father isn’t claiming him they wouldn’t be able to deport her? I often wonder what baby number 1 in Australia is up to. Sad to think the child just got dumped on her parents so she could prostitute herself in japan

No. 123222

The child she is with right now is the one that isn't claimed by the father, right? That means the child isn't on the father's family registry, so it doesn't have Japanese citizenship. I doubt she has custody of her first Japanese child (shared custody is not a thing in Japan), so there's no way she has a visa through that. No idea what her timeline is like with her first husband, but it's ridiculously easy to get permanent residency if you're married.

No. 124023

File: 1607003898114.jpg (49.23 KB, 640x640, kabukillmee_2020.12.3_jaide7.j…)

she is looking worse

No. 124616

does anyone have her onlyfans?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 124643

She chose the worst time to do it too. Anything other than flop indie gigs is dead right now, Gazette is never in Japan when they do release albums… worst band choice to try and grift off of.

No fucking clue who Carey is, but Kou a foreign gazegya in Japan who is notorious for smelling like rotten garbage, Japanese fans dislike her for being annoying as shit at lives, her closest friend uses her because she speaks Japanese, and she drops an exorbitant amount of money on Gazette lives only to half ass live reports. Not to mention she stole her online name from Uruha's (rumored?) real name Kouyou lmao

No. 124660

No. 124708

Kou is kinda perfect for Lorena because she is crazy, has unlimited cash from her parents, and is desperate to feel like a “real gyaru” with gyaru friends. It’s why Lorena has been occasionally posting this wild gyaru pics on IG and name dropping Shiena lately.

I don’t think Lorena cares about gazette so much as she found someone new to latch onto so she’ll reinvent herself like always. But there’s a bunch of these girls tryna get Uruha now that he’s divorced. I guess there was some rumors about him being seen with an American girl lately and he got teased on the bands radio show about his American girlfriend so all the crazy ass white gya are going for him.

No. 124710

Honestly how does Kou afford her lifestyle????

No. 124777

Her profile says she is a university student. Could she have a scholarship? The MEXT one is pretty generous I think, like $1,500 per month.

No. 124786

Kou’s parents pay for everything including her vacations to chase the Gazette on world tour. She’s already graduated from university and she barely got in with her grades so no way she has a scholarship.

No. 125098

File: 1607549720530.jpg (93.67 KB, 640x640, kabukillmee_2020.12.9_sdw53w.j…)

how does she have clients looking like that?

No. 125100

Was waiting for someone to post that trainwreck. It’s been up for days. She got her new friend Kou to pay for that tattoo. Maybe she’ll get her to pay for some laser hair removal next

No. 125116

That tattoo is not new tho. I checked her Instagram and she’s had it for a longer time

No. 125117

I think she had it touched up

No. 125365

File: 1607689577406.png (53.1 KB, 901x329, f3MyP10.png)

guess she is homeless now

No. 125399

That's not what she said, she just made a stupid joke about changing.

No. 126524

You’re overestimating clients. They pay for anything, even 50 year old Japanese grannies with flat, saggy butts as long as they get what they want.

No. 130583


What… what are we even looking at here? I guess the appendage in the upper right is her blacked out arm, but I'm having a hard time parsing what part of the body the rest is.

At first I thought she had a mega wedgie from the thong underwear and the thing on the top of the picture was a butt. But right next to that there's another indentation (between the thong strap and the kanji tattoo)

Are those pubes near the word "ANZERMIX"? But that thing on the top of it is way too big to be a leg if the other leg is the thing below it (next to a striped purple thing, maybe pants or a blanket?) And it still doesn't explain the indentation next to the kanji tattoo. That can't be a belly button can it?

This is way longer than I ever wanted to look at this image

No. 133667

File: 1611205340354.png (761.92 KB, 1080x1136, IMG_20210121_140035.png)

Since you're supposed to be 18 to get tattooed, she's at least 34…

No. 133689

Do you really think she’s waiting to be 18 for a tattoo? It looks like it was done in a garage shop. They technically don’t care how old you are as long as you pay.

No. 133696

I’ve been wondering what her actual age is? I’ve seen anons say she’s 32 but I’m not even sure at this point

No. 133705

You're right about that, but at some point someone posted pics from her very old blogs and wasn't she chubbier when she was in her late teens? She looks early twenties in that pic.

No. 133710

One of the old threads has a picture of her passport if you want to confirm.

No. 133788

She‘s born 1988

No. 135039

Unpopular take for sure, but I actually think this is kind of cute in a dumb/clumsy way. Much more endearing than the philly crackhead thot phase.

No. 140900

So who is her visahusband?

No. 143109

Lorena is back

No. 143190

when will you newfags learn, that this is an imageboard and you need to post pictures instead of just claiming some shit

No. 143196

NTA but there was a post before them that got removed. It sounded like it was written by Lorena.

No. 143203

Yup I saw it too. It wasn’t coherent and sounded like her instagram rants

No. 143206

File: 1617119677587.png (123.05 KB, 814x536, lorena.png)

This is what it said.

No. 143208

go to sleep lorena

No. 144039

im honestly surprised she can type this coherently.

No. 144052

pretty sure this is a pasta

No. 144073

Yeah, looks to be pasta. That is actually what was posted though.

No. 148861

File: 1620271834113.png (976.55 KB, 555x783, sere2021.png)

Not going to necro the thread for this, but missed this cow and went to go peek at what she's been up to. She's doing lil autotuned rap dive bar gigs I guess. kek

There's a few clips on her IG if anyone wants to sit through that. It's as you'd imagine.

No. 152462

yikes… your typical drug addict

No. 170943

So seems she 100% has ditched the other band but is now some kind of rapper auto tune person instead. There are no photos or links of the previous band for ages and looks like she does all these one-man solo performances in small vanues and the monster cafe? She doesn’t stick to any projects very long it seems. I wonder how long she will be a rapper? I’m guessing she had a falling out with the band and any previous people because the people appearing in all her photos are completely different. The female friends too.

No. 170972

OMG Rachel Dolezal!? I love her! I stan a strong African American queen!
I wish you did necro for this kek

No. 171177

File: 1631049101715.png (1.4 MB, 872x1534, 1500979023503.png)

Latest shitty tattoo. It's like she can't decide between covering them all or getting more. Why not just laser…

No. 171369

She doesn’t look like she is capable of making decisions anon

No. 174655

File: 1632815273554.jpeg (323.94 KB, 1170x1638, 74EFE626-F9B0-44C7-B535-34D9FE…)

She really looks like she’s going full Amanda Bynes nowdays. Constantly looking high with ratty hair, I bet it reeks. Her live performances are awful too, screaming in between songs and fidgeting a lot. She doesn’t look mentally stable in the slightest (worse than before at least)

No. 174689

is she still hooking? where is she living now?

No. 174826

Tokyo Hentai Club

Assume she's living in the same ratty apartment.

No. 174838

File: 1632900735629.png (60.28 KB, 1818x318, 1575568218576.png)

writing her own reviews?

No. 174841

File: 1632901781179.png (274.46 KB, 1170x1154, IMG_0438.PNG)

How long is she going to be 22 for?

No. 174842

Lmao did she forget to log out or so?

No. 174845

Holy shit anon. kek

No. 174914

how old is she actually? 30?

No. 174971

according to this she is 32

No. 177236

File: 1634361276910.jpeg (381.34 KB, 828x1539, 93E269A2-F3D7-479F-99CC-6B50B9…)

Lorena had her son taken away!

No. 177239

Nah she was at least smoking weed almost daily herself and getting drunk while son was home alone so actions do have consequences

No. 177241

I feel awful for her poor kid, but what did Lorena expect to happen with her current lifestyle? She's a 30-something year old hooker who does illegal drugs, dates criminals and has a questionable visa status. If she wanted to be a good mom, she wouldn't waste her time trying to become a rapper in Japan of all places, move back to her home country, and get a real job to care for her kid.

It's awful the kid doesn't have a father or any other family. I don't know shit about the foster home situation in Japan, but I can only imagine it's terrible. Here's hoping the kid gets lucky and actually gets to experience a decent home life from here on out.

No. 177254

>I have no family. Only my son and I.
Well Lorena, you do have 2 other children which you dumped in various locations around the globe kek

No. 177273

Are they half Japanese as well?

No. 177283

1 is in Japan with the dad somewhere. The other is in Australia with her parents and the latest 1 is in custody kek. If she can’t get this 1 back she may be forced to pop out a 4th anchor baby uwu

No. 177289

File: 1634437746477.png (1.94 MB, 966x1200, 1508527455407.png)

>clean of course
lorena you literally have a weed tattoo

No. 177291

File: 1634437814277.png (1.69 MB, 1634x1198, 1579403392911.png)

seems they took her about the 22nd

No. 177293

philip hahn appears to be some australian guy

No. 177295

Nonnie, what are you on about? That’s clearly a eucalyptus tattoo in memory of her Australian heritage kek

No. 177296

is that a rolled up bill for snorting cocaine on her arm right arm?

No. 177316

It looks like her nipple is slipping out on her left side.

No. 177345

she was in prison twice, how can she still be in japan?

No. 177351

She must have PR from her second babydaddy marriage. First time they took her because they thought her visa was bad like Shiena’s. This time for seems she got lucky that there were no drug traces in her blood.

Third time might not be so lucky.

No. 177356

I hope she’s just making things up again to beg for money online. Domestic dispute sounds scary, and no one deserves that, but wtf do you expect when you date these type of men Sere, and glamorize drugs on your Instagram?
I really hope it’s just a bunch of lies to get people donating to her, for the sake of her kid. She has money for tacky eyelashes, ratty extensions, acrylic nails, but she can’t pay rent? You need to set your priorities straight when you have a child Sere. The poor kid must be traumatized if she’s telling the truth. Also that email address sounds sketchy af, why does she post someone else’s personal information when she can set up her own account? It’s doesn’t sit right with me.
She probably has PR, but she won’t be able to get Japanese nationality with her track record.

No. 177358

It might be better for the kid to be taken away, let’s be honest. Obviously being apart from their mother is not great but Sere’s life is too chaotic and her poor Japanese is going to make life very difficult for the kid.

In the HannahInJapan blogs, Hannah has a Japanese degree and lived with her Japanese husband in Japan for a few years, but her daughter’s Japanese is still years behind her peers when she starts school due to Hannah’s limited Japanese. Sere’s kid will be even worse than this and Japanese people will not treat them kindly, especially being only being half Japanese.

No. 177360

It’s obvious Sere has some serious issues and needs therapy and shouldn’t be responsible for anything. Spending all her money on nails, etc is a typical poor person thing because their brain can’t properly compute the concept of saving. Being poor growing up literally changes your brain.

Awful upbringing likely contributes to her picking terrible boyfriends too and other poor life choices. She clearly needs therapy and someone to look after her.

Her parents seem normal and financially comfortable from what has been posted about them so wonder how all of this started.

No. 177794

anyone able to get any info from this?

No. 177958

She’s enjoying drinking while begging

No. 177964

File: 1634823718544.jpeg (205.1 KB, 1170x2103, 50140320-4460-4889-9446-0AC5E2…)

Or just abandon them and then lose custody of the last one kek

No. 177969

I don’t get this woman. She just lost custody of her son and now she post 18+ jokes on her Instagram? On an account where she posts photos of her son?

No. 177977

It’s not only that, but 18+ jokes about effective ways of not having a son at all… and by sucking dick no less!! Yikes!

I also wondered when she is slutting about who looks after her son? Was the father in the picture or was she just leaving him on the sofa with a caprisun and the tv on whilst she went out?

No. 177983

There’s no second baby daddy marriage.

The youngest son’s daddy is unknown. Lorena claimed that is a host man.

No. 178062

Let's be honest here. Japanese people are racist. They love foreigners money, they want to be seen with a westerner, but not to have one live there. Even ones that go over there with university level educations and hold jobs. You think a drug addicted prostitute that falls for host bullshit is treated well? Please, the average Japanese male is equal to a nasty ass American Migtow, and they get worse.

No. 178114

Japanese are racist. But this has nothing to do with the racism even if what she’s saying is 100% true.This is typical of underclass anywhere in the world.

Also university degrees don’t make you so special anymore. If you treat people badly like her they just leave you. She has lost a lot of foreigner friends there.

No. 178129

think it's the son of her ex hos boyfriend. the anorexic one.

No. 178132

They have broken up way before that haven’t they? Don’t think it’s his tbh

No. 178200

It wasn't the anorexic ex host/prostitute who is the alleged father of this child. It was some other host she hooked up with randomly and when she tried to force her way into his club, she was forcibly removed by staff and he refused to see her. There are posts about it in an older thread. Really, with her having unprotected sex with clients all the time, it could be anyone's kid.

Anyone who isn't a braindead weeb knows this nonny. Well educated, rich, and attractive foreigners are fairly welcomed in Japan, but in a very tokenized way and will never be accepted as Japanese in any way still. I will never understand why broke and average or ugly weebs think this is their holyland. There's so little opportunity for people like them there.

No. 178220


Nice. He'll at least have a chance at a decent upbringing now.

No. 178677

File: 1635187816935.png (1.28 MB, 858x1544, 1481378940844.png)

does she even want her kid back?

No. 179078

File: 1635416008380.jpeg (443.72 KB, 1170x2080, DDDE0617-4EA9-486F-974C-B7DF2D…)

She wants more alcohol and dick than her son
Why don't you spend the money on your son?

No. 179097

She probably won't get him back or care about him. She doesn't seem to be in contact with the other two or even try to contact them. There isn't even anything stopping her contacting the Australia one and she could probably have a phone call with the Japan one is she really wanted.

Makes you wonder why she had them at all and didn't just have abortions. They just seem to interfere with her lifestyle and fuck up her body and then she doesn't care to try and get them back.

No. 179132

She probably doesn’t get abortions because she’s cheap and lazy. I imagine the last 2 also were anchor babies or integration validation that she’s not just a filthy gaijin with pink nipples that dirty old salary men want to pump and dump in exchange for a few yen.

No. 179191

actually, the Japanese orphanage and foster care system is absolutely atrocious. If that kid ends up there, his life is gonna be extremely fucked, especially since he does not have a valid birth certificate afaik. I wonder if they would question her about the identity of the father and see about contacting that family for a paternity test so they could give custody over to them.

No. 179205

Poor kid. A choice between Lorena, a deadbeat host father, or terrible foster system. I hope his family or her family are able to take the kid in.

No. 179234

Only she claimed the guy is the father. Nobody knows for sure who the father is. I don’t think even she is 100% sure in that situation back then. And the kid can’t get out of Japan, maybe he can’t go to schools there. She needed to do proper document works for the kid. So much time has gone by. Just feeding like pets is not enough for kids.

No. 179339

File: 1635519927106.jpg (565.04 KB, 1080x1864, Screenshot_20211029_180420.jpg)

By her latest spam she seems super focused and invested on getting her kid back

No. 179340

Are those photos from a new camping trip or did she just reveal she was drinking when she was sharing a tent with her kid.

No. 179343

Lmao lifting her sad booty to give the illusion of a phat as$
Drink less and lift Sere

No. 179440

The kid was living with her while she posted clips of her tweaking out and clearly under the influence at home. She also brought criminals into her house and is actively working as a prostitute. Bitch was never fit to be a parent to that poor kid.

I wonder if she plans to work at the brothels into her 40s. I know she's already working as a recruiter on the side. It's why she always has new super young Japanese girls passing through as her "best friends".

No. 184017

File: 1637544618849.jpeg (445.71 KB, 1170x1992, 59400BA8-632B-4FDA-8E5A-1F980F…)

Kek what a mess. So much for trying to get her kid back

No. 184022

She lives in Japan for what? Almost 10yrs now and her Japanese, at least the written one is still on the same level as mine, who has been there only ones for a few months. How can you be this bad at a language you're surrounded by every fucking day for years?

No. 184955

She seems a lot happier without her kid. Guess she got some money to spend on herself. How is she still in Japan without them deporting her(necro)

No. 185087

it's like a week later. moderation on this site is ridiculous

No. 185092

Why tf do you necro a thread for this.
She was arrested and jailed, not criminally convicted. She is on a legal visa that allows her to engage in adult activities. Her job is not illegal. Her activities are questionable, yet there is no legal reason to deport her.

No. 185254

the way she got the visa is illegal

No. 185466

what did she do? fake marriage?

No. 185645

Yeah, it's been discussed in thread before. She tried to have anchor babies, but so far all three of her children, one in australia and two in Japan, have been taken away from her. Her and her bestie Shiena both had fake marriages for visa. Only Shiena got caught so far though.

No. 185666

Yeah, I know all that. I thought maybe there was new info. I'd be surprised if it's a fake marriage thing as the police have looked into her a few times but she's still in Japan. Makes me wonder if it's something else.

No. 185736

File: 1638671974003.jpeg (314.74 KB, 960x1089, F964581A-B385-428D-86DF-95C258…)

This is old but which dog died?

No. 185743

The light brown colored one. Forgot it’s name

No. 185967

File: 1638798507193.jpeg (235.1 KB, 960x1574, 32276BF4-E6FA-4BA6-97DE-D5A68E…)

She maybe got her son back? Weird that only now he is having his first Christmas.

No. 185968

File: 1638798531615.jpeg (176.45 KB, 943x1336, F6ED69BD-D94B-477B-B7DD-0DB7D4…)

Or maybe it was only temporary?

No. 185979

How does she speak N6 level Japanese after ten years in Japan lol

No. 185980

People who didn’t melt off their brains with a mix of drugs and alcohol have no problem with captions. Black hair suits her by the way.

No. 185994

I thought he was really black

No. 186151

Because she didn't take many (any?) classes and hasn't had a stable partner to correct her. Nearly always gaijins who speak good Japanese did a degree before they came or are married to a Japanese partner who speaks limited English, forcing them to learn quickly. The best speakers did both. Lorena was married but not for very long and she probably wasn't trying to perfect her Japanese then. She probably has a lot of bad habits that leave her stuck in the "can be understood but sounds unnatural" stage that you'd expect from an N3-ish speaker. She's never going to get any better unless she gets a strict tutor/partner/boss who will correct her every time.

No. 186158

She’s not even N3, N3 is largely underestimated.

No. 186166

I don’t think she would pass an N3 exam but she’s beyond N4 at least and familiar with N3 content. She clearly knows enough to be friends with and date Japanese only people which you can’t really do with only N4-5. She’s probably lacking in formal language and written language though. You have to consider that even N1 people will sound unnatural and forget things sometimes, especially for topics outside what they normally talk about.

No. 186343

N1 speakers who struggle to keep up a conversation are usually Chinese. Westerners who reached N1 level are more fluent in Japanese conversation. Anyways, she has a long way to go until she reaches N1 level kek. I don’t even think she knows the more complex words from N4 or N3, she sounds like she learned Japanese at soaplands or host clubs. She claimed making 30k per month years ago, I guess that was a lie or she thought she was too good for language school. Had she obtained at least N2, she could have gone to 専門学校 and learned valuable life skills.

I feel sorry for the poor kid. She could still work as a SW, but she should go straight back home after her THC shifts and spend quality time with her kid. I don’t look down upon moms who work as SW, her problem is that she can’t give up dr*gs or host dick.

No. 189692

This picture is old. She doesn’t have the blackout tattoo on her arm so maybe it’s from a few years ago?

No. 189721

nice catch

No. 190133

File: 1640304411110.png (18.84 KB, 438x264, nope.png)

kid pics are old

No. 191882

Not a japanese speaker or anything like that but can you nonas explain what N1 etc is and like the difference? I thought she was teaching when she first moved to japan, so wouldn't she have to know a decent amount of japanese to get the job?

No. 191923

Foreigners teach in Japan because it's the only non-Japanese speaking job you can get. She probably knew nothing when she came.

As for the levels, N1 is the top and will get you entry to an interpreting school, N2 will get you a job in a Japanese working environment, N3 will get you a unpaid role as a translator for a manga scanlation group, N4 will get you some casual friends, and N5 will get you nothing as it means you know fuck all.

No. 191986

ty. I've never done it myself but I've heard from other people who have done the JET program and from what they've mentioned is that you need some japanese and they interview and everything and weed out people who barely speak. How would she have passed one of those interviews, especially back then, if her japanese was that bad? Are they just not that strict?

No. 191989

JET is one of the best programs for teaching in Japan. There are a plenty of private schools who will take anyone just for being white. Some specifically tell teachers that they are not allowed to speak Japanese anywhere at work.

From what I recall, Lorena worked at a kindergarten and so probably didn't have to say much, either in English or Japanese.

No. 191994

ohhhh very interesting, thanks for answering nonny.

No. 192118

Anon most companies are shady and they actually prefer if teachers don’t speak Japanese at all, so that they can abuse the shit out of them. They are notorious for faking contracts, forcing employees to stay at company apartments for inflated rent, and not paying healthcare, which will likely change soon with the new laws.
About Lorena, I think she worked as a kindergarten teacher. Even non native English speakers and high school graduates can work in kindergarten as an English teacher, they usually hire people with an upbeat personality and English skills don’t matter that much.
She can speak Japanese to some extent but after ten years you would expect her to know some basic grammar but she still talks like a societal leech because she loves to hang out with that kind of people. I had read her old blogs and she actually sounds decent in her old blogs, it’s a pity that she fried her brain with her lifestyle.

No. 195022

I dived into the rabbit hole of gaijin hostesses, hoes and ex hoes in Japan. They all follow each other on Instagram, have terrible gyaru makeup, bleached hair. They have poor Japanese skills and the better looking ones managed to snatch a Japanese husband, get a spouse visa and quit the hoe life.

No. 195162

Who were you following?

No. 200570

File: 1647036594342.jpeg (765.92 KB, 1170x1731, DEDDD07F-8117-4549-B93D-2E1AFF…)

Now she’s shilling shirts with her kid on them to cover legal fees. Who is gonna pay 5000¥ for that??

No. 200571

File: 1647036645145.jpeg (604.13 KB, 1170x1428, 32F9748D-DE0D-402B-BC6E-F61885…)

No. 200605

It wasn't just because she looked different though, was it? She openly brags about taking drugs and the law is strict in Japan. She's also a prostitute which is not the environment to raise a child.

She has new clothes practically every week. I doubt they are donations. Same for her LV phone case and airpods posted recently.

Her kid being quiet now might not even be a bad thing. His new environment might be a lot calmer.

No. 200669

No, Lorena, imagine being this way when you already have kids in Australia you never see or acknowledge.

No. 200673

She should be selling the clients gifts and any luxury items to help make up those funds.

No. 201537

Now she works in shibuya and her name is Sheila… but she's still 22.

No. 201579

And she’s still 22

No. 201809

Where feels the best?
Stomach feels good! Boobs too

Did she misunderstand the question and thought they meant for finishing?


What is your favorite position?
Back! Kijoi (?)

I tried googling that word but she is literally the only person to have ever used it.

No. 201811

kek, i think she meant キイよい! which is slang for it's so good!

No. 201817

I just realized this is a contraction of 感じる and しまう and does mean where does finishing feel best. Her answer here is fine. Lorena's casual Japanese is better than mine kek

No. 201819

Looks like it was supposed to be 騎乗位(きじょうい)which is cowgirl. I guess she didn't know the kanji for it.

No. 263409

She's at a foreign friendly brothel in Kabukicho now. https://hentaitokyo.com/profile?cc=1232

No. 263456

She’s been there for a long time. On and off

No. 263577

How old is she now? 35? That’s really sad that she still hasn’t been able to leave prostitution and get her life back together.

No. 263584


Do you know if she got her kid back?

I visit /w/ only for the Lori/Kev thread really but I skimmed through this one and the abandoned kids stuff grabbed me by the feels, ngl…

No. 263741

nta but I highly doubt it. Pretty sad tbh… I hope someone can update if she did or not.

No. 263892

Judging from her insta, looks to be no

No. 264341

How many children are there by now tho? I stopped following this train wrecks story after the third one or so

No. 264493

This is her third kid. The first one she left in Australia in custody of her parents who she isn't allowed to see. The second was with her Japanese husband who divorced her and has custody of the kid, and she isn't allowed to see. Then this last one is the only child she actually got to raise for a few years, because the father was supposedly some host who didn't want to claim it, though the father could truly be any of her clients. Ultimately though, he got taken away from her and likely put into foster care due to the police stopping her and finding drug on her. Though she claims she was framed or whatever. I feel worst for her most recent child, he has no family to save him from foster care like the other kids she's abandoned and I'm sure being a hafu is only going to make it harder in some ways.

It's crazy she's still on this shit well into her 30s. I really wonder what her endgame is once people stop paying her for sex? I know she likely only gets clients off the novelty of being foreign, but I imagine she's going to age out of it sooner or later.

No. 264574

I have so many questions.

How old are the other two now? They must be old enough to look her up and wonder about her soon. The first one must be a teenager by now.

Why does she keep having kids? Was she too young and dumb and Catholic influenced to have an abortion the first time? And then tried to use the second to stay in Japan? And the third? She already had PR then. To trap the host?

How long is she going to keep doing this for? She’s ageing out of the safe zone to have a baby. If she has another one it’s much more likely to have disabilities.

The only reason she is able to pass for younger on her profiles is because of the amount of fillers she has in her face. How long until that stops looking good and she starts to look overfilled or goes for something more drastic, like a facelift and then looks truly botched?

No. 264684

I wish I had answers as to the ages, but I don't really feel like digging through old threads to figure it out tbh. The oldest child in Australia should be a teen by now, as she was a teenager herself when she had it. I honestly can't remember much else because it's such old milk at this point.

The two children she had in Japan were both probably intended to be anchor babies. She had the first with her husband, who she had met while she was working as an english teacher. I can't remember what led to the divorce, but I know she had begun working as a hostess around the time of their divorce and he took custody of the child.

Eventually her hostessing career led her into working as a prostitute instead. She even was trying to recruit other girls into it and would advertise them. It had been a few years after her previous child and people were suspecting she might have a fake marriage like shiena did to stay in the country. Though I do recall her going back and forth from Japan to Australia occasionally, or even to other islands so she might have just been island hopping? Who really knows. She was with the host anorexic host boy bf for some time and even tried pimping him out at a point.

I think she ended up pregnant with this last child pretty shortly after that. She claimed it was a host from a club she'd go to, and tried to go in and confront him about it, but they forcibly removed her and banned her from the club. No one else came forward to claim the child though she seems to always have random boyfriends come and go. Who knows what her current visa status is, but it looks like this loon is in Japan for good if they didn't ship her back after the drug thing.

Tbh, not sure what her end game is. I have a feeling that she's involved with some low level criminals and they help house her and are the ones shipping her back and forth between the brothels. Also likely why she seems to have access to drugs all the time too. Wouldn't be surprised if she's in debt to them in some way and is stuck working as a prostitute until they decide she's not profitable anymore. It's strange though, there's really no endgame for her in Japan. She'll never be seen as Japanese, no man is going to marry her and take care of her in with the way she presents herself. She doesn't really have any other talents and her music is pretty terrible. Honestly wouldn't be surprised if one day she ends up dead from either drugs, disease, or the shady men she hangs around with.

No. 264685

samefag, but to add on. It's almost impossible to get housing if you work in adult entertainment as a foreigner in Japan. Even fairly successful AV girls typically have to get housing through their company because people just don't want to rent to them after seeing what they do for work. I'm sure her usual disheveled appearance on top of being heavily tattooed doesn't help her either. There's no way she's renting a place on her own without assistance.

No. 264705

Child 1 = 11 (October 2011)

Child 2 = 8+ (before 2015)
Mentioned in the first OP as already abandoned:

Child 3 = 5 (February 2017)
According to this post:

No. 266261

Child Nr 2 was born around 2013/14 so she'll most likely turn 10 the next year.

She was cheating and ducking around and her husband did the same. Shortly after their divorce he got into a relationship/marriage with some German cow…Sandra, or so? This milk is so old, it turned into cheese

No. 266329

It was Anna Summer, they both doxxed each other on here in one of the old threads

No. 266359

I saw this beast in Shibuya some months ago(around spring I think? It was around 11am). Not only was she a bit chunky but she was wearing a very tight, very short dress with huge platform shoes, and her tattoos were uncovered so she looked like a total clown. I mean this is the only reason I even recognized her after I looked at her.

No. 266361

How botched are her fillers these days?

No. 266695

She looked like the last pic posted ITT. I’m just surprised at her actual size irl. Might have been the shoes but she looked big and a bit tall

No. 285899

Looks like she got her kid back. Hopefully a step in the right direction for her.

Not posting screencaps because it’s a kid.

No. 285901

Didn’t realize he was taken so long ago, back in October 2021. He would have been 3 and a half then and now 6. I wonder if he forgot English or who she is much.

No. 285919

oh wow finally. Do we know why or how or just that she got the kid back?

No. 285920

Can you block out the kid or something anon or share a portion of the post where is says she got it back?

No. 285924

File: 1678823784271.jpg (14.58 KB, 322x380, 7f317b8f519da0bbe16_4cacd928_5…)

NTAYRT but here you go

No. 285933

no idea but she dyed her hair brown (taken more seriously in japan) and seems to have toned things down on her insta a bit so looks like she maybe got some advice from a lawyer or case worker or something

No. 290569

File: 1680716810610.jpeg (257.34 KB, 1170x1420, 3C5DEE2B-FCDE-4490-A881-827877…)

This caption is so unhinged kek

No. 290570

File: 1680717254632.jpeg (Spoiler Image,112.94 KB, 1170x2277, 67D35987-F363-4F5E-B081-7E130A…)

Samefag but is she seriously lounging around with her bolt ons out with her son and posting it online? Surely this isn’t normal wtf

No. 290572

she is not entirely wrong though, japanese justice sucks fucking ass and I can imagine it's even worse for a foreigner

No. 290592

I mean, she's quite literally an early middle aged hooker with an obvious drug problem, hobbling about the streets late at night and acting generally unhinged. I'm honestly surprised she got this kid back. Her lifestyle seems so sad and empty for her, I'm sure she needs the kid around to feel that she has accomplished something in her life, but he's basically going to be doomed to follow in her footsteps with the environment she has him growing up in.

No. 290593

Yeah, I don't doubt there were was a racist basis to the investigation but their concerns weren't completely unfounded.

No. 290594

Yikes, he's 6 as well. Could maybe understand if they were one of those families that continue bathing together but just hanging out at home is a bit much.

No. 290623

I'm honestly surprised some kind of effort was made to get the kid back, considering there are two other kids. I went back to the reread the old threads and she makes it sound like she has no options with the other two and can never get those back. It sounded like her parents don't want her to get the first child back, and the second kid is with her ex husband Ryoya, although unsure if she made any effort to get that one.

No. 290646

then leave lol

No. 290664

She's posted photos with her nipples out in public, so it's no shock she has her tits out at home despite her kid being there. The past 10 years of her life has revolved around slumming around kabukicho, selling her body, and doing drugs, so her idea of what is appropriate is probably pretty deeply warped at this point.

Really have to wonder what her endgame is. She's in her mid thirties, no real work history, has a now school age child to support. She needs to stop worrying about "making Japan her bitch" or whatever this borderline racist crackhead rambling is about and get her shit together. Poor kid. I hope he doesn't end up being a host and so on in another decade himself.

No. 290708

I think she tried and failed with the second kid. Poor first kid seems to have been completely abandoned, not even a visit when she went back, unless her parents insisted she keep him off social media.

No. 290721

Don’t understand people who go to another country then bitch about that country. Why do you feel entitled to go somewhere and change their culture to match your liking, just go home.

That child should never have been given back to her, she’s mentally unstable and a drug addict whore (even if it’s just cannabis, Japans laws are one of the strictest, where does the kid go if she gets sentenced to 5 years and/or deported?). She could easily clean up her life, seek therapy, get those disgusting porn tattoos her poor child had to look at daily (i feel that’s child abuse within itself) lazered off and go back to Australia and make a honest living and most importantly repair her relationship with her family and kids but she doesn’t care. That child would have been better off in the system.

No. 290761

If she took a JLPT exam and got a proper job in Japan it would be a huge improvement.

She's 35 now? Even with the botox, everything is going to catch up with her in the next 5 years. Now is time that she needs to get out and create a stable life while she still can.

No. 290763

Ew, imagine if she is going camwork or taking OF photos with her kid right behind her.

No. 290773

Probably doesn't care as much for the child that isn't Japanese tbh.

Definitely not just cannabis with how her behavior and appearance has gotten more and more erratic. She could just be an alcoholic which would make sense with how bloated and puffy she always look, but with her environment it could be harder drugs too.

No one is going to hire her in Japan looking the way she does and with the lack of work history she has. She's stuck as a prostitute to whoever she currently owes money to. She's probably somewhat trapped at this point. She's already tried to act as a recruiter or a "madam" but failed. I can't even begin to imagine what her endgame plan is now.

No. 290808

She might be able to get hired for something foreigner facing, like in a bar or something tourist related. She's obviously not going to get an office job.

No. 299286

File: 1685866047278.png (153.15 KB, 2160x3840, Screenshot_20230604-165622.png)

I want to remove a mole so i was checking cosmetic clinics reviews, and stumbled upon a name that rang a bell…
Don't go to "Shinagawa cosmetic clinic" in Shinjuku unless you want Frankentits.

saged cause not milky

No. 299434


No. 300524

This is fascinating. I actually met her while in Tokyo back in Dec as part of a 2 month vacation around Japan.

She ended up giving me some of her "personals" (IG/LINE; idk if she does that with everyone, but whatever), and we've been talking on and off since then.

I haven't spoken to her in a few months, but she was trying to get me to pay for her new breast implants (about $12,000 USD). This was before they popped in January (I think). She was going to use the stomach fat to enlarge them, and use some left overs as lip injections/fillers.

She gave me this story about how she is half Argentinean, and how her dad was a war criminal from the Dirty War back in the 70s-80s, and how her gome life in Australia was abusive.

And of course, she was born in 2000 (so she's still "22").

I'm guessing she does this with everyone, but she actually spent time with me outside of work too (she even took me shopping in Ginza to buy me some clothes after mentioning that during a session).

She also claimed to make $30K/month before COVID, and that she lived in some ritzy part of Tokyo where the millionaires and big Manga writers live (I forget the name of the neighborhood she mentioned).

She seemed cool (a bit high strung, but not that bad), but now I just feel depressed after reading this.

She still texts me (I haven't responded in a while), so I feel like she's really trying to find a SD/benefactor at this point. She's haan't been working at Tokyo Hentai like she used to, so she's probably been working to get her kid back and work on her music (she asked for a bunch of help since I'm a musician on the side).

She also bragged about hanging around criminals, and how some of them had guns. I'm American…but that doesn't really impress me. That just makes me scared for you since Japan is NOT like the US with regards to guns.

No. 300525

By "personals" I mean her "personal/non-public" socials. I didn't even know about her OF/"business" IG until I found this thread today.

Sorry for any potential confusion.

Also, has she told any of y'all the story of the カエル/帰る tattoo? How frogs are the symbol of SW over there because カエル (frog) also means 帰る (return home).(namefagging)

No. 300526

just leave the name field blank lmao

No. 300529


>She's haan't been working at Tokyo Hentai like she used to, so she's probably been working to get her kid back and work on her music

“Next working day”, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the next day after that would all seem to strongly imply otherwise…(this is an imageboard. post screenshots)

No. 300530

>her dad was a war criminal from the Dirty War back in the 70s-80s
Yikes https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dirty_War

Ask her what happened between her and Gaya >>>/snow/207053(imageboard)

No. 300579

It looks like Sere is still making music, that's probably why she's been so quiet. Looks like she is doing rap now. It seems like most of it is in English. I don't know what kind of market she is trying to break into, being an aging prostitute making rap music in Japan.

https://music.apple.com/us/artist/kabukillmee/1502015583(this is an imageboard)

No. 300600

Did one of her nasty johns really just wander in here to spill a bunch of dirt on her? It doesn't really surprise me that she's looking for an SD or something similar. She has very little going for her for the future. She's an aging hooker in a foreign country, covered in bad tattoos (in a country that is very anti-tattoo at that), multiple botched boob jobs (this is her third or fourth now?) and is struggling to keep custody of her third child (she lost custody of the first two). If you do come back "YouDontNeedToKnow", do you know anything about her drug use or drinking problem? She's pretty obviously struggled with some sort of drug addiction around the time she had her last kid and likely up till he had was taken away.

Honestly sounds like something she'd make up to make herself sound more interesting. The reality of her parents being fairly normal people is more likely given they were granted custody of her first child in Australia. How old is Lorena by now anyway, 34-35?

She's been trying to make rap music since around the time covid hit. Her band dropped her and she went on to release some god awful song about the virus. She went quiet because the government took her kid away and the less she publicly put online, the less they would find on her. I think it's been confirmed she finally got him back recently though.

No. 300632

Can tell me more about it ?

No. 300634

kek do the mods want pics of bloody bodies? wtf

No. 300657

The mods on this site are fucking uptight retards, if someone gets on here to spill dirt why would you ban them for being oblivious of the name rule. they did the same shit in the felice fawn thread when her ex was answering questions

No. 300666

They offered absolutely zero proof. At least back it up with logs

No. 300679

While the potential milk is appreciated, he's also retarded scrote who buys trafficked women overseas. I don't really feel bad that mods banned him for not doing the bare minimum and reading the rules before posting.

No. 300759

>I'm guessing she does this with everyone, but she actually spent time with me outside of work too (she even took me shopping in Ginza to buy me some clothes after mentioning that during a session).
kek he didn't realise she was fishing for him to buy her something and thought she was being nice. surprised she didn't tell him it was her birthday too

No. 300798

Imagine being a hooker and then proceeding to buy your john clothes with the money he just paid you to sleep with him. Lorena, what the fuck. kek

No. 300811

pretty sure he meant that she only showed him where to go. of course she picked ginza being the most expensive so she could fish for the bigger gift

No. 300868

This bitch really just up and left her first child to chase JP dick. I don't believe whatever she may have said about trying to get him back or see him again. I think it's just an excuse and she just got addicted to the lifestyle of money, hosts, and prostituting in Japan. When she said her parents were abusive it probably meant they don't approve of her being a whore in a foreign country.

I saw what Lorena's child she abandoned in Australia looks like and he looks like he is doing well and has support from his family, her family look like normal people. He looks like he is better off without her, good riddance. It's not that easy to find him online and probably the family are protecting him no doubt from her. I don't even want to post a picture with his face blocked out since she lurks here.

I don't know what she is trying to gain by continuing to live in Japan as an aging prostitute with no future. She posts the kid she does have to her Instagram and unfortunately that kid will probably end up being a host/prostitute as well.

No. 301003


I didn't know anything about any drug/alcohol addictions or anything. She seemed clean when I met her. Although shee seemed to really like Asahi.

I have no idea how old she is. I kind of guessed that she wasn't 22, but I'm really bad with guessing people's ages. If y'all say she was born in the 80's/early 90's, I'd believe you.

For some reason, none of my pics will load (Image failed to resize or invalid Imgur link). Did y'all see her IG rant? Now she hates living in Japan because it's a garbage dump full of selfish horrible idiots? That's pretty funny considering she is so culturally not Japanese, and can barely speak the language.


Nah, she actually bought ME clothes. Maybe she was fishing for me to buy her something, idk, but all I care about I'd that I got some nice clothes for free.

>>300868 Does she have an Asian/Japanese fetish or something? That's the vibe I'm getting from some of the previous posts.

I didn't buy it when she went on about her family. I'm pretty sure most people don't have a crazy backstories like that.

All I wanted was to try an Aussie chick…I guess I put my dick in crazy. Thank goodness I used protection (she begged for raw), otherwise I might have caught something.

The crazy thing is…she wasn't even that good at sucking dick. Regular girls in Japan are better ffs. I'll just stick with them.

No. 301010

thanks for coming back to answer questions. make sure to put "sage" in email box next time so the mods won't hate you

were your pics OC or from her insta? if OC, please try again as sometimes the site has issues

No. 301040

Did she mention anything about her previous 2 kids? Or her current one? Just curious if she ever brings up the other two she abandoned.

According to one of her old blogs I read she turned 22 in August 2010. So she would be turning 35 in August of this year.

She does seem to have a Japanese fetish. Honestly all the kids in that family are weeaboos. Her younger sister studied and also lived in Japan on and off for a few years and she has a brother who uses anime avatars as profile pictures.

A lot of sex workers seem to have e a disdain/disregard for their clients and she won't care if she passes something along to you.

No. 302567


She didn't mention any kids. I'm not surprised considering she still claims to be 22. It wa only after I found her "business/thot" IG that I found out she had children. She also didn't mention sisters or anything. She did mention on of her Japanese idol friends tho. Now that i know she tried being a recruiter, she might be been trying to get me to market her to me (although she said she wasn't trying to introduce me to her, so maybe it was legitimately showing me a friend).

I've gotten lucky with SW I guess. All of one's I've met really care about health and safety. Honestly, I trust them more than regular women at this point. The amount of civies that are like…no protection, no disease/health disclosure…has put me off from most people tbh. Maybe it's just the "caliber" of SW I got for, but I've actually learned more about sexual/reproductive healthcare from them than I did in school (that's not saying much tbh; American school are trash at teaching that stuff).

I'd be really interested in seeing her family's side of the story. She seems to have a more failure filled past than she claims. I wonder if shee really made $50k/month like she alleged.


It was a mix of IG and OC

No. 302574

What attracted you to her?

No. 302623


I was in Tokyo for a week after spending the previous three weeks touring the Chugoku region, Shikoku Island, and Kansai. Outside of Osaka and the touristy parts of Kyoto/Nara/Himeji, English fluency and English language assistance drops dramatically.

I speak JLPT 3, moving into JLPT2, but speaking Japanese 80% of the time was mentally taxing.

I use THC every time I'm in Tokyo (heck, it's been five years and I still text with one of the people I met there even though she moved to Sweden). When I saw that they had an Australian (i.e. a native English speaker), I wanted that. She was attractive enough for me (decent ass and decent enough tits…until they popped back in Jan/Feb), and I didn't have to deal with misinterpretation like with Japanese women.

I didn't know that there were places like Miss Universe and American/Canadian/British girl places until I saw this thread…although I'm not sure how foreigner friendly some of those places are. Maybe they're more open to foreigners since COVID (I saw a bunch of foreigners bumming around Tobita Shinchi in Osaka, which i heard was pretty much Japanese only pre-Covid), but idk.

No. 302685

Thanks for coming back to answer questions. If you see in this thread and previous threads, she always claimed to make a lot of money like that and liked to show off, however at the same time she was always broke. I don't doubt she made a lot of cash from hoeing, but she seems like she doesn't have the priorities in how she uses that money.

She spent a lot of money on going to host clubs herself, spending on high end designer clothes, etc. But then if some emergency comes up like she has to move to a new place, has a large vet bill, or most recently asking for donations when she lost her kid to foster care, she actually seems broke.

Do you remember specifically what she said about her parents? In one the early threads it was implied that her parents would drug/do drugs around children. Her parents actually run (or used to run) an Argentinian restaurant in her home city.

No. 302709

Meant to clarify, she had implied that parents did drugs around kids.

No. 302870


Yeah. She said that her parents were abusive alcoholics (specifically her father), and that he was a war criminal back in Argentina during the Dirty War. He had escape justice by running away to Australia, but the PSTD turned him into a raging drunk who abused her every day (no mention of siblings). She claimed that's what caused her to run away to Japan.

She hyped up the fact that she was half Argentine, that she was more in touch her her Argentine roots than her Aussie roots, and not a "full", boring white person. I had visited Argentina back in April, so I tried talking to her about Argentina, and she didn't know anything about the history/culture/language. Like…really basic stuff like how they have a different dialect of Spanish, the basic history, celebs, foods, etc.

She also didn't know stuff about Aussie culture, which made me laugh (and figure out she probably wasn't 22). If you're a 22 yo Aussie, and don't know what an eshay is…that's super sus.

Most people in "fast money" jobs blow through their money like crazy. She said she lived in a really nice area of Tokyo where the celebrities (actors, Manga artists, popular VA) live. Idk if that's true, but that tracks with what other fast money workers do. They buy too much house/apartment, then end up losing it because they money stopped coming in. One of my escort friends is decked out in Gucci, YSL, Chanel, etc., but can't afford a $700 bill when her car broke down.

No. 302881

>not a "full", boring white person
kek Argentine people are white, apart from the few natives. They have much fewer natives than say Mexico. Lorena is Italian, like most Argentines. She’s clearly never been there if she’s bragging about being part Argentine as it’s not really a country to brag about. Most people there identify as Spanish, Italian, or German.

Did she say if she was living with anyone? Hard to believe she can afford a nice place herself when she used to live in Okubo (Korean town).

No. 302933

The part about her dad, that's sad if true. It seems that sexworkers seem to have that kind of background, beat by their fathers or boyfriends. I read one of her really old blogs recently from around 10 years ago (and when she actually was in her early 20s). She talks about being married to a Japanese guy and they even go to visit her hometown and posted some photos. So it seemed like she was still in some contact with family at the time even though she was living in Japan. I wonder why she would just leave her oldest son with her parents if her father is as bad as she says. In one of her even older blogs she talks about how she tried multiple times to conceive with her partner for this child and it seemed like she cared for him when he was born. I wonder what happened there.

Also curious if she mentioned living with anyone. Did she ever talk to you about her musical endeavors? Or anything she wants to do in the future?

No. 303044

When I was in Argentina, everyone identified as Hispanic, then added Italian, German, etc (sort of like hyphenated Americans, except it was only used to identify their national origin rather than aligning themselves with that culture like in the US imo). Anyway, I liked Bs As. I'm even considering moving there for a few months in the near future.

I believe she said she had a roommate (this cute idol girl). She sent a daily videos of her daily routine/house, but it seemed like she lived alone with her dog. This was before she got her kid back (who she never mentioned to me). I guess it makes sense she doesn't talk about her kids; she has to keep up the illusion that she's in her early 20's, and a school age kid sort of ruins it.

I stayed in Kabukicho this time, and I saw the Okobu Park area. I wouldnt trust the streetwalkers across the street for those dingy looking love hotels. Seemed like mostly Russians, Indians, Thailand, and I think one Latina. I swore they were working with the koban considering the koban is literally one or two blocks away (they also straight up ignored me; I'm guessing they're just trying to go after Japanese guys).


She showed me her music. Not my thing, but there was one thing that wasn't the worst. She bragged about how some of the people she sang with were "real" criminals, and how some of them were "boring" normal guys who worked construction. I play music, so it was neat to talk about that (although she doesn't know any music theory, scales, etc…only rapping and basic production).

She wanted to talk about my goals/future plans (and share some of hers), but I kind of shut down the convo. I don't have those types of conversations with anyone tbh, so it wasn't a personal thing. She still reaches out to me every so often, so maybe she wants an SD/temporary partner or something (or maybe she actually likes me lol).

No. 303112

this is the idol she lives with?


intense crazy eyes

ask her the area she stays in, i'm curious

No. 303114

NTA but in the past she said she lived in Meguro

No. 303123


YES! That's the idol. I like the crazy eyes tbh. I wonder if they are really friends, or if "Lorena" is trying to pimp/recruit her out. I think I have her real name, but idk.

I checked through my chat logs. She said she lived in Meguro. We texted almost non-stop until May, so I can probably find other stuff.

No. 303127

Well that explains why you liked Lorena then lol
Never put your dick in crazy

I think the idol friend is working in the sex industry in the side and probably how they know each other. She looks more Chinese than Japanese. She has a photo of Lorena in her phone case. Are they dating?


No. 303133


If they are, maybe that's why she didn't want to introduce her to me. I ended up dating one of the last people I met through THC. Lorena probably didn't want that to happen with her idol friend haha.

Aren't most idols under the radar sex workers? That's the impression I got. There were other places in Tokyo that had a bunch of idol/gravure providers.

I usually don't mess with crazy…but I really wanted someone who spoke English at the time. A moment of weakness I guess. She's cool enough, but I was completely unaware of her backstory. Again, thank goodness I believe in protection. I wouldn't want to accidentally knock her up (or anyone for that matter).(imageboard)

No. 303142

how did you find lorena? and here?

No. 303143

Anon hasn't posted caps of anything, even the messages they mention >>303123
provide proof of anything. For all we know, this person is just making a whole bunch of shit up to make a good story.

No. 314252

File: 1701725442184.jpeg (372.82 KB, 1284x1458, IMG_4828.jpeg)

She’s now trying to be a “young mum” influencer on insta, now posting videos and pictures of her kid. Even going as far as to comment that she still follows a popular Adelaide page. I thought she was from Brisbane?

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