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File: 1648973794950.png (166.66 KB, 540x332, maleapprovalpoints.png)

No. 4526

A place to discuss and vent about pickme or fake self-serving feminist behaviour you have witnessed or experienced, online or IRL, to post cringe screenshots or memes, theories and tinfoils etc.

This is separate from the tradthot general as it’s not just for discussing particular women with particular belief systems, as there are many kinds of pickme out there. However, trad-thottery can still be discussed as it is classified as pickme behaviour.

Pick Me General #1 >>>/2X/627
Handmaiden Thread >>>/ot/398608

No. 4563

File: 1649096266685.jpg (479.71 KB, 708x1266, 125504.jpg)

This was in /g/. I wasn't sure if this should go in pp or here since it's a little of both. Op had stated that she experiences no pleasure during sex and has no libido and is trying to teach herself to swallow even though she's disgusted by it.
Sure if they both have different libidos it's a problem but why is it that whenever someone says "you have to give and take" that exclusively means the woman has to put up with a level of discomfort to please her man? What's HE giving up for this relationship to work?

No. 4571

God I feel bad for her but I can't imagine buying this bullshit. Men don't need sex more than women, they're raised to expect it and it has fewer consequences for them than it does us. Testosterone might make them feel horny more often but that doesn't mean they need sex. They also very obviously don't use sex to form emotional bonds with women, horny men's brains react to female bodies like we're tools to be used, not people, and men are the ones who obsess over hatefucking and using sex to punish women. The reason sex is so important for men in relationships isn't because they're bonding with you, it's because they feel entitled to your body on demand and if they don't get it, they aren't gonna waste time and effort maintaining a relationship.
>Obviously don't force yourself to have sex if you don't want to, but
Nobody wants to force themselves to have sex they don't want. I hate handmaidens who act like a relationship with a man (who statistically only detracts from your life) who doesn't even care if you want to fuck him as long as you'll let it happen is worth it. Any man who fucks you when he knows you don't want him to does not care about you. Why call a relationship where you let a man, who does not care about you, fuck you in a way you do not want nor enjoy, a successful relationship? If failed relationships are the ones where women try enforcing their boundaries, I can't imagine why any women would expect other women to accept that. You're supposed to be his girlfriend, not his fucking fleshlight.

No. 4574

thank you for making this thread, anon. I was gonna make it but I didn't know what to use as the threadpic or what to put in the OP description.

anyway, this is some of the most pickme shit I have ever seen.

No. 4587

I thought I was on crazy pills when I read all the responses telling her to swallow and whatever, and I'm just like so why can't HE compromise for her? Why can't HE have less sex because she's not into it? He doesn't need it to live.

No. 4632

File: 1649376942153.jpeg (102.87 KB, 828x838, 3EA5E19D-E91C-4466-B369-A8212C…)


No. 4647

>spending your time hating others instead of focusing on your wellbeing is path for misery
I don't think I've ever heard anyone actually encourage selfishness wow
Also did not realize how bad that grammar (and sp? what does not having a space between words count as) was until I typed it out

No. 4649

I really try to help some of the women/girls in that thread but a lot of them are in deep. Also funny about her saying most guys have a high libido because more women than ever are actually complaining about the reverse. A ton of guys have ED at 20-something years old these days and would prefer to jack off to she-males or "bimbofied" barely human-looking porn actresses over having sex with their flesh and blood partner.

No. 4694

I can’t stand when grown women want to label their mothers with autism or personality disorders and blame them for the reason they’re shit people. Grow up you’re an adult and the thing is their dad is always just as shit but it’s some how their mothers fault only. I’m so over it.

No. 4705

I can hate men and hate my mom at the same time, she was a genuinely shit person, who threw away my cats, has demeaned me for 20 years and made me feel like a failure for not living up to her expectations, yes men are worse overall but that doesn't change the fact that certain women in your personal life can be the person that's been the most shitty to you

No. 4719

Noni. I’m sorry your mom was shit and you can hate her and men. That’s not what my post is about. I mean women who defend their piece of shit dad and males while blaming everything on their mother and constantly trying to diagnose her instead of getting help for their own mental health continuing the cycle whole victimizing themselves and hurting others. My mother wasn’t a good person. She’s out of my life but I can also acknowledge my father who caused physical harm was a bigger direct threat who caused more visible damage. Tbh it’s mostly in cluster b’s who refuse to get better.

No. 4720

I blame my dad as well, but his crime was apathy and I judge him for that, but mother's crimes against me were far worse, I just don't understand what I'm supposed to like every women including my own mother and other POS's who made my life miserable

No. 4721

You don’t have to. That’s not my point. My point is the adult women who lash out and hurt other people and blame their mothers and arm chair diagnosis them instead of being able to objectively look at the situation are locked in a trauma response. I personally find it grating when most of the time my personal abuse was more severe and yet they think there’s warrants they’re behavior while hypocritically pointing the finger at their mother. The climate and acceptance about doing toxic shit and blaming your mommy for not loving you enough is a red flag for me and those women always end up just as abusive as their mothers.

No. 4722

are you serious, like how hard is it to not be a shithead to their own kid? I was her child! All I had her was her and she hated me, hated me cause apparently every thing I did was an elaborate plan to embarrass her, some women are horrible mothers and their daughters hate them, there's nothing deep about that and there's nothing "pick-me" about that either

No. 4723

I’m not attacking you. It’s not about you. You seem like you should go talk to someone.

No. 4724

nyart, you seem really upset over your personal situation rather then considering what the other nona was trying to communicate. my mother was also a shit person to me growing up, and while i never would remove her from the actions she chose to take, i can also acknowledge that a lot of her issues came from my dad who didn't participate in household affairs often and caused issues for my mother. pain is always a two sided communication of receiving/giving and women aren't outwardly antagonistic without reason, especially mothers.

she still hurt you, and maybe it was just because of her own actions, but the other nona was trying to communicate that in MOST situations where the mother is being blamed it is because of both parents and the father gets overlooked. please stop trying to defend your own shitty situation against a prompt that seems to not apply to you

No. 4740

This really hits home for me. I have a mother who is awful in certain respects and it was not easy to grow up with her. At the same time I know that most of her issues was caused by her grandfather, who was a scrote extraordinary who abused his wife and his children.

No. 4755

stinks remarkably like 2010

No. 4778

i'm so confused. why is she reviewing this sex doll like she uses it? there is no way she's getting anything out of using it.

No. 4809

It’s Tara Babcock based on the thumbnail. She was that one creepy YouTuber who was busted’s ex. I forget his name. Thing white guy. Brown hair. Was never a fan and it’s been years. She’s very much a “nerdy bimbo” from the early 2010’s and her entire thing is sex toys and nerd culture stuff to bring in the male views. She very much pushes the I’m into men objectifying me. Women are as sexual as men and in the same way kind of stuff from what I remember.

No. 4813

File: 1650143296063.jpg (64.48 KB, 1165x380, Untitled.jpg)

are you talking about toby turner? yeah she dated him. I've been semi following her for a few years, a lot of secondhand cringe and lack of self awareness. for example she likes to be hypercritical of other women's bodies yet her body is pretty unimpressive, she thinks having massive fake tits and hair bleached to a crisp is the epitome of female beauty.

she is def not getting any actual use out of it, she's just doing the video to show how she's le cool gf who is okay with objectifying women to the point of having a headless woman doll in your closet that you can fuck

No. 4822

I was thank you. I legit could not remember his name. Guess it’s a good sign I don’t have any mental space left for mediocre men. Kek

No. 4844

File: 1650328060571.png (1.04 MB, 1080x715, concert.png)

I feel like women these days have just accepted misogyny and gave up caring about their dignity. Like in a hobby community or music scene with a lot of misogyny they'll just go along with it and think it's funny. I don't think women in previous generations did this. For context this lady is at a concert and wearing a shirt of a popular meme in this fanbase.

No. 4846

File: 1650381724498.png (1.02 MB, 2188x518, nlog.png)


Seeing the first few uploads on her youtube channel tells you enough

No. 4847

Jesus Christ, this is pathetic.
and people make it out like a single woman with cats is losing somehow? this is painful to see

No. 4848

I'm a female cuck uwu
>35k views 1 month ago
Threesome advice uwu
>16k views 1 month ago
Latest vid
Nobody cares about her pathetic sex life but still she keeps going because scrote attention. At some point, shes going to get dumped/hurt, be alone, then blame feminists for not coddling her retarded choices

No. 4852

File: 1650425923135.png (321.1 KB, 532x554, 439820483027465.png)

Yep, especially among young women in liberal areas. I find it sad and dystopian. So many girls wearing hentai ahegao shirts, Pornhub shirts and Playboy bunny necklaces "ironically" or "because it's cute/funny." Really shows they've never thought critically about these things a day in their lives but go along with it because it's trendy and men and the media shill it to them as empowering. They can't fathom a time when their entire sex had little to no rights and these things were blatant signs of their oppression. Now things no self-respecting woman would have worn in the last generation are being paraded around proudly.

No. 4853

How would you strategically convince someone out of being a pickme?

No. 4854

What are they pick meing over?

No. 4862

In my experience (and having been one myself) there is nothing you can say that will directly convince them to stop. The conditioning is just too deep. That being said, you can plant the seeds of doubt so she will hopefully, one day, wake up to the patriarchal brainwashing sooner than she would otherwise. Best way to go about it is talking about your personal beliefs, outlooks, relevant feminist books/media you like. Once she finally starts tiring of the scrote shit, she will start exploring more for herself and hopefully learn from there.

No. 4865

Also a former pickme, and I agree, there isn't much others can do. What peaked me personally was trannies. I couldn't deny the blatant sexism/nonsensical arguments, and the thread on snow making fun of them opened my mind to making fun of men in general. Pickmes almost exclusively make fun of/bully other women to reinforce nlog. Once I could laugh at stupid/evil shit men do it was surprisingly easy to slide into radfem ideology.

No. 4866

Another thing that helped open my eyes was turning men's appeals to nature against them. Women are naturally hypergamous? Well that's because most men aren't suitable for reproduction. There are fewer female geniuses? That's because females cluster more towards the middle of the bell curve, which means that there are also more male retards. Women are less competitive and driven? Well men are more aggressive/violent and unfit for modern society. Every male superiority appeal to nature can be turned on its head to imply that men are shit/no longer necessary. It doesn't matter if you personally agree with the statements, what matters is showing that MRA arguments can easily be flipped around to arrive at male bad conclusions, planting seeds of doubt either in the style of argumentation or men in general.

No. 4867

File: 1650526562748.jpeg (17.59 KB, 120x120, A9DE7D9D-9E8E-405F-90B9-4ADE03…)

>check a YouTuber's bio
>"ok, whatever, I can look past it.."
>click on a random video of hers
>she's wearing picrel
Never mind.

No. 4868

The funniest part is that men themselves make those arguments all the time, like
>reeeee women only want the top 20% of men
>men are only valued for what they can provide, not who they are!!
then throw a fit when if they hear a woman say the same thing lmao.

Sorry moids, if you think we have to be broodmare bangmaids you should also accept that only hot young guys are worth reproducing with. The rest of you can be canon fodder and do manual labour while we make sandwiches for Chad!

No. 4871

I'll use this weapon you just gave me, thank you.

No. 4880

I don't know how to feel anymore, because pick-mes and handmaidens annoy the shit out of me. I hate the way they keep holding the door wide open for men to step on all of us, then browbeat us with claims that we can just "teach [the men] better". No, men know it's bad to rape and generally be evil. They just don't care. There's something fundamentally different about them. You can live with one nice Nigel, whatever, but women and men coexisting on a mass scale will always lead to fucked up shit happening. Violence is okay to them.
But on the other hand, can pick-mes even help it? They're socialized to cope hard, make excuses for men and try to act as impromptu mothers/caretakers. They're not deliberately trying to sabotage things, they genuinely think men just "don't know better". Straight women will also always want to have sex and relationships with men. It honestly feels like there's a cap on how far feminism can go before it gets overriden and/or rolled back. And the rights we have are always, always conditional, because men are still in power. Is there even a point in fighting anymore? It seems like the only real solution is for small pockets of lesbians and bisexual women to go full separatist

No. 4882

Ironically what peaked me the most was interacting with men. Hate to give my ex any credit but he was such an abusive piece of shit I finally realized all the terrible things other women tried to warn me about were true, and yes, men really are that evil. Having been able to listen in to their conversations, even the seemingly nice ones are deranged and manipulative in one way or another. At least they tell on themselves. Just sucks when you're young and dumb you have to learn things firsthand rather than listening to those with more experience. Just glad I got out alive.

No. 4883

I know it gets really tiring, but even knowing the depths of men's depravity I don't think the world is such a bleak place. If former pickmes exist (as I am myself) you have to remember there's hope other women can break free from the conditioning in turn. As a straight woman you could not give me all the money in the world to regularly interact with men anymore. A few guys are fun to look at but that's literally all they add to my life, not a great loss to remove them entirely. I already try to practice soft separatism by visiting female service providers, doctors, businesses and only having female friends these days. I feel like in general we are still progressing. Look at how many rights we have these days compared to just a few decades ago. Even considering extremely misogynistic countries like in the Middle East, a lot of women have internet access now and get exposed to feminist ideas so they can eventually emigrate to better places or work to improve/educate their own countries where possible. The thing is it's never been about educating men, it's about educating women. So many women still never have the opportunity to go to school, explore career options and their own interests before they're immediately shunted into being an old scrote's bangmaid. But the more we disrupt that, the more women are given access to education and the means to care for themselves, the more they help other women and raise us all up to be more self sufficient, even as men desperately try to drag us back down. Yes it would be ideal if we could have a society that was purely by and for women, but I don't think we should be so quick to think we can't develop those "pockets" in our existing structures either. Maybe that's not very radfem of me, but the reason I focus on that is because I think it's a more viable option that I will at least continue to see expand in my lifetime as opposed to an entirely new societal structure.

No. 4884

same. and one of the things that really stood out from that experience, for me - as a former NLOG, was that all the women in my life were supportive af during and after the abuse, even if i wasn't close or in touch with them much. really made me see how superficial my male friendships were and how the dynamic was usually built and reliant on my pick-me ways.

wish there was a less damaging way to have come to that realisation sooner though. unfortunately i just grew up feeling so alienated from girls (bullied, left out, not many shared interests with the girls I knew) so the pick-me/nlog thing was just a massive cope, as i suspect is common.

No. 4885

>all the women in my life were supportive af during and after the abuse
I know what you mean. In addition to my family I met some feminist women on the way to working things out and they were nothing but kind to me. I don't know if I would have made it without them and no man ever has or ever will come close to doing what they did for me. It's why I can't harp on pickmes unless they're actively attacking other women. Yes they're frustrating but mostly I have empathy for the (sometimes unidentified) confusion and self hatred they're dealing with.

No. 4886

We actually have the power to make lasting change, but I don't think many feminists would be eager to do what needs to be done. (I know I'm not). Our power, unfortunately, lies in that which we despise - motherhood. As the arbiters of reproduction, we could select for smaller, weaker, more agreeable men, and/or birth girls to tip the ratio in our favor. It would take considerable time, but we could slowly shape the world to our advange, and not theirs. I know that sounds insane to suggest, but things like separatism or legal changes are only temporary and all progress can easily be reversed in less than a generation. I'm not saying we all should give up our dreams and get knocked up tomorrow, but maybe we could start with simply supporting mothers, I've heard a lot of them feel very unwelcome in radfem circles.

No. 4888

I'll sage this because is not really very in tune with the thread's theme but I want to add my 2 cents.
I've never been a pick-me, I would consider myself just a run of the mill woman, but I live in Mexico. An average of 10 women are killed every day here, so naturally I began sliding to the feminist side. But here is very hard to make others care about feminism or even take it seriously in any way, so I turned to "first world country" feminism if you will. Obviously "Liberal Feminism" quickly repulsed me and after finding about the tranny debacle I turned to "Radical Feminism". It was very interesting and even fun at first but slowly it started to show its ugly head. While liberal feminism could be considered NLOG-TYPE2 feminism (which has misogynistic/sexist views/ideas towards other women. ex. Religious, "conservative", etc.), Radical Feminism is pretty much NLOG-TYPE1 feminism because it frowns down upon housewives, mothers, straight women, women in romantic relationships with men, etc.). All of that creates division within ourselves, division among women and solely for maintaining some sort of social purist ideology.
Now with that said, "separatism" won't work because it is male centric, is literally ya'll running away from the evil ape male, which I completely understand. On the other hand being "pro-women" will because it focuses on what women want, need and deserve. We need to stop alienating other women because of their life choices, a male won't care about any of that when he is set on killing a woman. If we as a collective can move past mindless nitpicking (when we are trying to uplift, help, establish and maintaining our rights) things will improve drastically and faster. It doesn't mean we should be friends or accept other women we don't like in our personal life, I'm a trash talker and gossiper and will always be, but went it comes to other women, fellow women, who suffer like us, are hurt like us by the hands of males (because we all do) I'm more than willing to put aside ANY difference we may have.
>TL/DR: Together we stand, divided we fall. much love.

No. 4889


tinfoil but I think liberal feminism was crafted by scrote elites to control new generations of women because they were threatened by second wave feminism

No. 4890

I completely agree. Unpopular opinion, but I think intersectionalism, in current practice, causes more problems than it solves. From what I've seen, we end up arguing over who needs attention the most and nothing really gets done. I think it would be much more effective to have a two pronged approach: a broad feminism which addresses only things that affect us all (domestic/sexual/societal violence, reproductive/maternity rights, equal opportunity, etc.) and many smaller groups that hyper focus on different types of women and their unique struggles, lead by experts in their respective fields. We wouldn't need to become "jack of all trades and master of none", but instead could freely flow from the various smaller focused groups, depending on their need or our personal interest, while still uniting under the larger group. The smaller groups would naturally be separated from each other, so there would be less opportunity for needless infighting to begin in the first place, and the members could instead direct all of their energy towards their respective causes.

No. 4897

She also has a shitton of videos basically saying if you don't want an open relationship you're insecure and letting your emotions control you. She has another video about when Belle Delphine posted graphic pictures of her rape porn on Twitter and basically said people were stupid for getting offended because muh free speech. Yet she'll get bent out of shape if you say you don't think onlyfans is a legit career.

I could go on, but yeah she is pretty terrible

No. 4899

File: 1650731249200.jpeg (160.8 KB, 828x1309, FQ5ZDYbWYAEevFF.jpeg)

I believe the energy created by pickmes could be harnessed by a politician and used to advance their purposes. Similar to how Steve Bannon targeted incels and their energy for Trump's campaign.

No. 4900

File: 1650733177188.jpg (82.66 KB, 570x570, 1645213332657.jpg)

now that's a tinfoil I'm willing to die on.

No. 4908

File: 1650773376062.gif (2.59 MB, 650x366, hbti6xCknKyuEFmmlXU0suT3JJe7Wh…)

I don't mean this as any sort of personal attack, but statements like yours are the reason why I can't ever take non-socialist western feminist seriously, what you just posted wasn't insane it was stupid, its a stupid dumb improbable fantasy and for god knows what reason western radfems focus way too much time on, I mean seriously you need to get out of these dumb fantasies and university spaces and actually think about the issues effect majority of women and the realistic things you can do to aid the, instead of making up shit
you explained my thought process better then I could, so many western radfems focus on either abstract theories of offer completely improbable solutions, "um you should try separatism" "women in the middle east should strive for financial independence from men" none of that can work, they apply their very specific and warped cultural framework towards on entire nations and civilizations

No. 4914

I've been wondering about Johnny pickmes lately, there are way more women on his side than there are actual stans who are just mindlessly supporting him because they're fans. It's obvious that people desperately want to think that women can be equally abusive as men and men are valid victims etc, and they are absolutely frothing at the idea of seeing it proved in court. For men it's obviously because it benefits them but I think women want to believe it because then they can attribute abuse to 'bad people' in general. Like if it's a small minority of a few bad apples and gender is irrelevant, they don't have to face the horrifying and depressing fact that men just hate women and enjoy inflicting violence on us. It's a hard pill to swallow for male identified women who can't let go of their romantic fantasies.

No. 4923

I agree that 99.99999% of focus should be on realistic issues that affect women in the here and now. However, I don't think it is unreasonable to have both long and short term goals. I think having something to look forward to, a future to hope for (that can't be torn to shreds by a cabal of angry apes in seconds) is not stupid. I was responding very specifically to this statement
> It honestly feels like there's a cap on how far feminism can go before it gets overriden and/or rolled back. And the rights we have are always, always conditional, because men are still in power. Is there even a point in fighting anymore?
All I was trying to say in response to that anon is that I don't think we are destined to this path. I think it can be different, and maybe that's enough to give someone the strength to keep fighting for another day.

No. 4925

Also, have you considered that these dumb western feminists have seen how far our current strategy can take us? It is a proposition born from desperation, from the realization that the problem is foundational. That the y chromosome itself is predatory and parasitic by its very nature, and that perhaps all other behaviors are a result of immutable biological reality. Of course it would seem stupid to someone suffering under the very worst of patriarchy, but I don't think the opinions of those who have clawed their way towards freedom are worthless. I'm not saying that they are right. I'm not saying that they deserve more attention than your current material reality. But those thoughts and ideas should be allowed to be discussed. You act like I'm waxing philosophical as you're drowning right in front of me, when in reality we're ranting on an obscure image board.

No. 4926

File: 1651009636295.png (190.66 KB, 604x808, just stop.png)

This is the #1 thing I can't stand about pickmes. They're never okay just debasing themselves, they always have to try and bring all other women down with them.

She also has this terrible article https://www.insidehook.com/daily_brief/sex-and-dating/leonardo-dicaprio-age-gap-jokes

No. 4927

File: 1651009882540.png (113.08 KB, 922x739, I love crusty sagging ballsack…)

A screenshot of the article to get an idea

No. 4928

If she wants an age gap relationship she can still have that in her 30s and 40s with an old scrote. There are many couples like that.

No. 4930

lmao at least she admits it's leverage, instead of the 'uwu age is just a number we really love each other!!' shit that most pickmes say about their geriatric scrotes.

She's a short sighted idiot and is doomed for a miserable future since she places so much value on male perception of women's ages. Live by their praise, die by their insults. Meanwhile most women marry men within a few years of their age, at the average age of 30 years old.

No. 4932

File: 1651041238308.jpg (72.32 KB, 497x616, main-qimg-24e9161b19684039ea39…)

>It honestly feels like there's a cap on how far feminism can go before it gets overriden and/or rolled back. And the rights we have are always, always conditional, because men are still in power. Is there even a point in fighting anymore?
I see this interpretation a lot among western feminists, when they see the decline of women right's in the middle east, this ignores the actual context and complexities of those states at that time, even basic women's rights in what is now the muslim world came as a result of secular nationalist leaders, they weren't mass social movements, they were aspect of secularization done by dictators,so I have often see Iran be used as an example by western feminists of "it could happen here" and to me that only reveals them to be incredibly misinformed people who don't do research

I'm reposting this from another thread
I really don't wanna seem like I'm defending Islam, I really don't but there's narrative among western libfems and radfems that needs to die, regarding the iranian islamic revolution, there's this idea that the revolution happened cause men were worried about losing power and cause they were scared of westernization, so they deposed the progressive government and installed religious dictatorship that oppressed women, that's the general Idea and its given feminist in the west fears and anxieties about a "it could happen here" type scenario in the west and margaret atwood famously wrote a handmaids tale based on this premise and here's the thing, this narrative is false and has been manipulated by western feminists to create an insufferable element of self victimization
thing people need to understand is that Iran under the Shah was an oppressive dictatorship, the vast majority of men and women were farmers and workers living as peasants, anyone who spoke out against the Shah was found by a secret police, jailed without trial, tortured and either executed or forced to rot in those jails, people were literally starving, yes there was a westernized progressive lifestyle for a small urban elite of 15% of the nation, but the vast majority of Iranian women were illiterate peasant farmers, people revolted against the Shah not cause they were angry that women were wearing skirts but cause they couldn't feed their children, the Shah's regime also had arrested every liberal, communist, nationalistic and leftist political leader, so all those were left were the clerics who ended up leading this peasant movement and creating the state of Iran as it is today

again I'm not defending Islam or the religious radicals here, but I hate the way feminists in the west have hijacked this tragedy and use it as a tool to feel more oppressed "Iran was a progressive country, we could lose our rights just like they did, If we aren't careful" and that's a fantasy, the historical material conditions that happened in Iran do not exist in the west, Its a delusional fantasy
I'm sorry but those weren't realistic solutions, those were retarded fantasies that will never help anyone, "oh lets breed out taller and violent men and kill the big aggressive ones" "lets start a war against men and we'll kill them kitchen knives and force them to be subservient to us" by god you come across as an Idiot and the only reason you get to delude yourself in these dumb fantasies is cause you have no basis of what actual misogyny can be look like
also I have a question, can you name me one of your enlightened western radfem academics who has ever helped women in the global south in any conceivable way, again I'm sorry but the theories of a bunch of university going Idiots who never once helped woman are not wroth being discussed, In fact they fill me with rage cause they spent time effort on this petty bullshit rather then helping women, so for me most western radfems are pick-me's

No. 4938

>"you need to get out of these dumb fantasies and university spaces"
>thinks socialism will work


can you guys take this to another thread already? I just want to point and laugh at the dumb pickmes

No. 4940

the actual most progressive force in history for womankind that has had actual material results or the retarded theories of a bunch idiots sniffing their farts, gee hard choice to choose from, you didn't answer my question what have your in-genius radical feminist scholars actually done to benefit women in the world and especially poorer women or women in the global south

No. 4943



Anyways I'm not a radfem, and socialism has done nothing good for women

No. 4957

File: 1651130856124.webm (3.25 MB, 406x720, fight for feminism- or so they…)

No. 4970

>autistic rants about sexual market value
>debilitating fear of being seen as undatable by men
Yet they call radfems "female incels".

No. 4971

This bitch really thinks she's shoeonhead

No. 4973

>socialism has done nothing good for women
NTA but you're so wrong kek, one of the most blatant examples is how it got rid of human trafficking in most cases, and women didn't have to become prostitutes for survival anymore. When the Soviet Bloc fell, guess what happened to Eastern European women. Not saying it was perfect by any means but socialism definitely improves women's lives to some extent.
She is absolutely right, to be a radfem that actually works towards liberating women you need to be left-wing of some sort, and a solid economic analysis. Just saying "males are inherently evil so we gotta revolt against them" isn't enough, the problem is more complex than that. (However I do agree that men are inherently violent/degenerate/act entitled, etc.)

No. 4981


No. 4984

I understand what she's on about, she seems to have created this narrative in her mind of majority of women who were suffragettes getting rights through acts of terrorism and violence(those were isolated incidents of which almost all were acts of vandalism of mail bombs that were not intended to actually hurt anyone) and men cow towed and reluctantly gave women's rights and have been plotting ever sense to drag women back somehow, that's the usual western radfem narrative
none of them ever bothered to read that suffrage wasn't exclusively a female thing, in many cases women got the right to vote a couple decades after men and it was a gradual movement, non western european women got rights mostly thanks to force of secular and nationalist nationalist leaders

see democracy just can't work for the Muslim world, in my nation every politician has to out Islam the other and be the better Muslim to ever get elected, the Muallahs here can destroy you, a mullah has to just give one sermon talking about you and be assured a mob will come and destroy your entire house and stone you to death

No. 4988

File: 1651348694385.png (152.73 KB, 718x1054, Screenshot_20220430-114348.png)

Well I know someone irl whose grandmother fled the USSR to come to north America. If it was such a utopia I wonder why she left.

>she seems to have created this narrative in her mind of majority of women who were suffragettes getting rights through acts of terrorism and violence

No I didn't. I never said anything about acts of violence. Also do you think that socialist revolutions typically happened without violence?

K, I'll admit I'm hardly knowledgeable about the politics of Islamic countries, and yes I'm sure socialism would be better. But it really sounds like Islam is the root of the problem here, not lack of socialism.

No. 5030

Are you under the impression that prostitution didn't exist in the USSR? You have to be 18 to post here.

No. 5054

File: 1651678655234.jpg (329.11 KB, 1679x933, 40.jpg)

This is somebody's mother

No. 5056

File: 1651678850992.jpg (152.96 KB, 444x960, FR3xCmtXoAAEHcC.jpg)

her and dean and broke up btw

No. 5057

Beyond cringe. I wonder what the tattoo artist thought of this.

No. 5058

I think truth is a more reliable weapon than doing mental gymnastics with scrote ideologies.
>women are hypergamous
Not real, based only on studies that measure "preference", which is not observable when it comes to actually choosing partners: either due to the fact that people tell culturally appropriate preferences when asked or due to the fact that women accept men as they are and accommodate their standards according to reality.
>there are fewer female geniuses
Whooh, this is a really big topic, which I would like to redpill women about one day (I don't know where though), but I will try to be short. First of all genius is a social construct - people are geniuses because others tell so and women are culturally prohibited to become geniuses: there was a study that examined students reviews of their professors, which showed that they were less likely to describe women and black people as "geniuses" and "brilliant", also female researchers are cited less. If you are referring to the so called male variability hypothesis I can assure you that it's nothing but an inflated bubble: there is no conclusive proof that finds that such a thing actually exists (biased scientists who believe in this hypothesis are literally like 4choids infographists - bombard you with cherry picked and misinterpreted research, sometimes even with outdated ancient shit), the large margin of research doesn't find any differences (provided that male mouthbreathers are not taken into account - they are the ones that produce the "difference" in the first place) and the only established differences in ""variability"" are in the traits that are nurtured not "nature-d" (morphological ones like body size or parts of brain structure that are not inherited in next generation), ie they are not inherited and most likely are the product of some other mechanism (male greater dependence on nurture) which is not just dice that makes men magically more variable as powers that be want us to believe - this also explains why women are more likely to be polymaths, men are just memed to be limited on one thing and due to greater engagement achieve more in it.
>women are less competitive and driven
This is just a male-brained take, it makes sense only from male perspective. Women are less hierarchical and more cooperative, which means that in female group structure competition is going to be situational instead of constant like it is in the male one - only when it's necessary to be so. Which doesn't mean that women are less competitive in terms of skill at all. And if anything in terms of absolutes women seem to be more "driven" since we are more prone to addictive patterns of behaviour, which is the negative side effect of having a stronger will - dopamine, the motivational hormone, fuels both of these things (think of it as continuing to do some action even when circumstances no longer allow for it). Men are just more autistic.
PS: JSYK I am not on crusade against you or anything. It's just your post has activated my pet peeve against psychological aikido.

No. 5061

File: 1651686289230.jpeg (421.25 KB, 1170x1443, 909C905E-9B11-4272-909B-2E9F5B…)

Pickme with mainly redpill/MGTOW followers posts dating ad for her sister on Twitter, presumably without consent. Gets the predictable replies like “the wall” and “empty egg cartons”. I’d never speak to my family member again if they did this to me.

No. 5063

All of this 100%. God, the genius thing in particular – I work in a creative field that has been historically male dominated, and my god, now that women are here and have a little more stability, the things they're creating are jaw dropping. The kind of experimentation with form, storytelling, visuals – just masterpieces every single year. Not everything is amazing, but sometimes I really do feel like I'm living the dream so many early feminists worked to make possible. The fact that we're accomplishing all of this SO FAST, like we were just chomping at the bit all along and the moment we get a chance, we burst to life…we have no fucking clue what genius really is. And it throws all these other assumptions into doubt. We don't yet know what women are capable of, but we're getting there, and it's incredible.

No. 5066

I used to be obsessed with tattoos and watched lots of interviews of tattoo artists. they all say to never even get your bf/gf's name tattoo'd, many will even refuse to do it. this tattoo artist has no morals

No. 5067

I dont know if this is the place to vent about this but here we go… So I have this friend and she is the typical pick me
>loves Avril Lavigne hates Ariana Grande
>says shit like I don't have many girl friends cuz they are so dramatic and catty
>one of the boys
>talks shit about everyone including myself
>whenever we talk everything has to be about her or if I say something like "I need to lose weight" she will right away say oh I lost so much weight
>point at every insecurity every girl has so she always ends up looking better
>whenever we take photos she always filters herself and makes sure the other person (specially if she is a girl) ends up looking like shit
>selfish as fuck

Honestly I don't know why I bother with her sometimes, but yeah she always has to be with all the boys or whenever we hang out and there's boys around she always has to be the center of attention or say mean girl shit like "annonette does (insert silly or nasty habit here) she is soo crazy" or when they ask me something she feels the need to always reply for me as if I was retarded or something honestly and when she wants to do something she is like "moid my friend annonette wants to do this, sorry if she is annoying but I feel so bad for her"… I can't fucking stand her and I wanna do some petty shit but I don't know how.

No. 5069

Man marries a woman with clear sex addiction and gets shocked when she cheats on him, kek! Poor child though.

No. 5071

I'd ghost her and if she demands an explanation I'd tell her the truth.

No. 5072

I've done that and she starts sobbing saying how she can never keep her girl friends that she is so innocent she doesnt know what she is doing wrong and then starts suicide baiting. Then she says she will change yeah its all good for a few days and then she goes back to her shit. I really kinda want to cut her out of my life tbh.

No. 5073

What field do you work in nona? Animation?

No. 5074

so… she got all of these tattoos, and then cheated on him? the tattoos are cringe enough already, but then to cheat when you know it would end your relationship and the tattoos are permanent. I don't even feel bad for her, she's just dumb. I feel bad for the kid though.

I wonder what her sister will do when she sees this

No. 5103

The "wall"? are you fucking kidding me, sis looks amazing. I wish I had those legs

No. 5124

File: 1652126023995.png (79.7 KB, 594x305, blocked.png)

Exactly, if the sister wanted to date someone I'm sure she could find someone in real life. Not surprised she already blocked her pick me sister before. Also it's terrible to post her kids with this kind of audience too.

No. 5292

File: 1652491841704.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 812.19 KB, 1108x3211, F6635E45-839E-4CBC-B93F-948546…)

Women have been brainwashed that it’s cool and progressive to go to strip clubs with their boyfriends.
Straight women that do this shit are the stupidest pick-mes. I wouldn’t want to pay someone else to dangle her tits in front of me. I also wouldn’t want to let my boyfriend toss more cash than he’s willing to spend on me at some woman for performing sexual acts for him.

Spoilered for long stupid AITA story

No. 5295

File: 1652534731223.jpeg (1.15 MB, 828x1431, 0FD84D0D-277B-4D22-9AE4-11155B…)

Repeating the same shit troons say online loool. She is a they/them btw.

No. 5296

File: 1652535462307.webm (1.65 MB, 576x1024, no comment.webm)

No. 5299

>are always handholding with white supremacists
There was a split in the black rose anarchist federation over this bullshit. Yes gender "critical" tradwives who love to cuddle up to literal nazi's exist, but there are also black and brown anarchist terfs and they have to supposedly bow down to some AGP who was a 4chan nazi incel just 2 years ago?

No. 5321

It's yet another case of massive double standards too. Can you imagine the astronomical shit fit a scrote would throw if his gf wanted him to come and have a buff man wave his barely clothed dick in front of his face? How it would be gay, cucked, insane, insulting? It's so depressing that women are not only supposed to be okay with a man doing it alone but also dragging them along to legitimize the emotional and near-physical cheating. Goes to show how commonplace it is to objectify women that it's just seen as another normal extension of that. Story is pathetic. The guy is literally making arts and crafts for a random stripper but if his partner gets mad she's just being "anti-sexwork"! No shit.
>hesitant because he thought I'd be upset
Men are entirely aware their behavior is gross and disloyal, they just proceed to gaslight their partners into thinking they're the crazy ones for not allowing it. I bet he's never made a single thing for his girlfriend in the entire time they've been together.

No. 5323

This is an actual mental illness.

No. 5327

Ok but why does >>5295 look like she's trying to cosplay as shoe0nhead and why does >>5296 look like he just is Vaush kek

No. 5329

File: 1652884247316.png (47.98 KB, 1080x396, Screenshot_20220509-100533~2.p…)

Maybe it's because a lot of women have been hurt by men and reading shit like "boys are actually wholesome you're just mean uwu" pisses them off?

No. 5343

Absolutely. I see this shit happen with straight couples who have open relationships too. Man wants to have his cake and eat it too, gets furious when his partner sleeps with another man. Like. What did he expect?

No. 5377

File: 1653074584216.png (313.46 KB, 1708x1566, realitiesoftheworkplace.png)

i wonder if any scarethots were peaked by this candid discussion on how men brown-nose in the workplace.

No. 5413

File: 1653256330691.png (16.23 KB, 639x252, A8535144-12F1-479B-8A51-79707A…)

No. 5456

File: 1653501854209.jpeg (131.97 KB, 1284x1360, 8ydpvevefa091.jpeg)

No. 5470

How come whenever gay males get made fun of here there's always some anon yapping for them like she's their pet. Do fags roam here?

No. 5471

Idk if I'm one of the anons you're referring to but some of the anons here seem like they have an irrational hatred of gay men, like saying they don't deserve rights and making fun of gay men in the middle east for getting thrown off of buildings, being like "it's hilarious how they can't stop having buttsex to save their lives". I mean that one was probably a troll but it's far from the only one who has expressed really hateful views towards gay dudes.

don't get me wrong, a lot of (maybe most) gay guys are terrible and I'm really fucking tired of people (even some on lolcow) whining about how straight women "fetishize" gay men but some of the hatred is too much even for me.

No. 5486

it's hard to complain about gay men's misogyny because it's a loop hole to spread /pol/-rhetoric.

No. 5488

Literally what

No. 5489

I feel like women who defend them have likely not spent much time around gays and have an image of them being this pure, equally victimized subset of men. They are some of the first to leap on the stinky fish vagina jokes and thoughtlessly grab women's boobs which is fine because they're not "into that." I have one gay friend, all the others I've encountered are just as toxic as straights but pretend they can't possibly be misogynistic because they aren't incels who want to hate-fuck us. No, instead we're disposable objects of ridicule and jealousy. It's always women leaping to the defense of every other group aside from their own. At best men turn into mutes when women are getting insulted, at worst they join in.

No. 5490

Also for anyone who is unaware, gay men were some of the most cruel to lesbians in the 80s, mocking and ostracizing them in gay spaces, but when the Aids epidemic hit who was it that showed up in droves to nurse them in the hospitals when no one else would?
>I remember being so moved by them because gay men hadn’t been too kind to lesbians. We’d call them ‘fish’ and make fun of the butch dykes in the bars – and yet, there they were.

No. 5492


No. 5638

The Depp/Heard trial has really brought out the PickMe Handmaidens in full force. Idrc about the nitpicks people have of Amber Heard because the way that she was treated, predictably by the Inceloid MRAtards and the virtue-signally way by the feminists who try to hard has never been seen against male abusers. So many people do the "separate art from artist" approach for male abusers. Sean Penn moved on. Chris Brown moved on. Woody Allen. Roman Polanski. The list can go on.

No. 5648

Yeah it's really made me want to take a break from this place. I used to like Depp's work but I can't imagine being able to watch Pirates or his other movies and just have a fun happy time anymore. Maybe that's a me problem but there's so much better media in the world, it's not that great a loss. Most people don't even do the separate art from artist thing even though they say it. They not only keep supporting abusers' work but also have to talk about what a great person they are and how the things they've done aren't such a big deal in the grand scheme of things. Projection all around. Like when they say "well Rihanna forgave Chris Brown" like that makes it okay and he still deserves to have a platform at all. Do any of these scrotes show real remorse and a desire to make amends to women? Do they contribute their millions to shelters or abuse hotlines or women-led initiatives? Of course not, they just throw out half-assed apologies and continue focusing on themselves.

No. 5655

I've always wondered about this. Do you think there are lesbians out there who feel resentment towards gay men from this.
It was mainly lesbians that nursed them during the aids crisis but nowadays (and from I heard somewhere they were also the main ones who cleaned up after pride parades; don't quote me on that though) when lesbian spaces are being erased fairly quickly meanwhile gay spaces are thriving, and with them collectively (or a least mostly) staying silent while troons are attempting to make it socially acceptable to coerce lesbians into taking dick (yes, I know there gay troons who obviously don't do this but it certainly doesn't help that we hear no corrections from that group either)…
I don't know how lesbians still think that them and gays are on the same side of the rainbow coin. The only thing that unified the two groups was the fight for same-sex relationships/marriage and employment protections, and even then, I'm not seeing gays getting cancelled out of their jobs like lesbians are.

If this question comes off as rather homophobic forgive me. But as a het woman looking at this from the outside there's obviously a lot that's not being reciprocated here. From my perspective, lesbian nursed gays back to health only to be repaid in erasure.
I mean, how are lesbians not pissed?

No. 5661

Exactly, but for ~some~ reason people fromm all walks of life decided to go ultra-SJW mode against Amber Heard while most of these demographics stay silent or even support the abusive male when he is being grilled otherwise. Really makes you think! And of course this is if you swallow the narrative that Amber Heard was the eevil abuse this entire time, which is contrary to reality.

No. 5663

File: 1654192275142.png (135.13 KB, 1080x943, Screenshot_20220602-190837~2.p…)

What the hell is this idiot even trying to say, is she implying that women who had abortions are evil and that the men would have been great dads?

No. 5671

This retard thinks that we can't make fun of men being emotionally manipulative when they "grieve" the "loss of a baby" (woman getting an abortion). Nah bitch, I am gonna laugh at men pretending to care about "muh baybees."

No. 5672

They're always grieving babies who never even took a breath but completely lack empathy for their fully-formed partners who had to deal with the mental and physical stress of knowing her body and livelihood were at risk after getting pregnant. Not to mention all the turmoil they deal with considering whether to keep it or not, then their dumbass boyfriends make that worse. Men are so egocentric that they miss a nonexistent symbol of their legacy more than they care about their partners. And let's be clear, it is just a symbol to them because you know they'd be minimally if at all involved in childcare if the woman did birth it.

No. 5707

File: 1654368217402.jpeg (235.11 KB, 1168x1225, 20668B1A-DDB0-49EB-9466-5C8455…)

If anything we need more of this “dump him feminism”

No. 5709

Exactly, I always see dump him comments when the dude is pathetic
>complex individual human beings deserving of live and dignity
Because the girlfriends don't deserve this same love and dignity by having to stick with losers?

No. 5732

File: 1654441441555.jpeg (119.21 KB, 828x279, 8140DC6F-0465-431C-92BD-CE12C1…)

>force femininity on other women
Yeah no miss me with this shit.

No. 5739

File: 1654470649553.jpg (175.01 KB, 607x635, oh shut up.jpg)

Oh she was trying to play victim after this tweet lmao

No. 5744

I'm so tired of this shit being so glamorized

No. 5765

>encourage girls to look like girls

I'm about a terven as they come, but I truly think that some people that 24/7 orbit radblr and the troon thread are in derangement mode over troons and how far-reaching all of this really is. For the average girl who isn't plugged into the worst parts of internet culture, they're gonna into the surface level tiktok/insta/twitter fashion trends. Most of the trends in these past few years are different shades of hyperfemininity (bimbo shit, baddie, e-girl). Here and there you get aesthetics that are less flamboyant, but still require probably the same amount of $$ pissed away on makeup and accessories and whatnot (clean girl, VSCO girl). Despite all of this advertising, I still think it is based that a lot of women have continued to align with comfy athleisure type of clothing and minimal or no makeup, which makes these types seethe Ig lmao.

No. 5766

Same anon, I accidently posted the only post early lol. Basically there are plenty of "hyperfeminine cis girls" in this world because most of the viral fashion trends that are advertised to young women are exactly that. God forbid they give their skin a break and wear yoga pants when getting groceries.

No. 5832

File: 1654890602251.webm (555.63 KB, 320x472, zfz3KlrUWajlbviT.webm)

Boy mom moment

No. 5837

lol men are not complex at all, all they know is horny and rage. I wonder if she got picked.

No. 5838

What the fuck is even happening here.

No. 5840

Hate that shit so much, they know it's degrading and do it pretending it just for fun. My mom thought it was totally ok and let my brother do it to me, I was crazy and over sensitive and a horrible sister for saying or doing anything to make him stop. Well after I made him stop in my own way, a few years later he's still doing it to my mom and she gets tired of it, and is trying to scold him out of it. I just sit and laugh at the bitch. This is how investing in males over females screws you over.

No. 5844

File: 1654924812668.webm (2.15 MB, 296x640, 1654841239390.webm)

from the celbricows thread, the equal and opposite version of this act, like It's fine and good to have a strong bond with your kids, but you also need to have boundaries. this is just really fucking weird

No. 5850

this is disgusting and sexual abuse holy fuck
whats with with certain moms and being very touchy? ngl I'm a bit triggered and blog posting but my mom would kiss me a lot and smack my ass and it sent me into an autistic meltdown every time. I wanted to scratch my skin off

No. 5852

File: 1654941099451.png (771.46 KB, 1600x900, 1654940718064.png)

Its called emotional incest, a lot of women who have had shitty experiences with men and people throughout their lives, project all their desires and emotional wants on to one of their children(usually their son but it can happen to daughters as well, such as your case) your mother doesn't think of you as a daughter, rather a on/off galpal that she has complete power over

No. 5856

Vomits. Reminds me of my exes mom who would wear skimpy lingerie around my ex, talked to him about her sex life, said it was weird he was dating me since boys usually date someone who looks like their mom, and I've never seen her happier than when his coworker accused him of cheating with an older woman(her). He didn't like it but he couldn't admit to himself that it was wrong either.

No. 5866

didn't even watch the whole video but the black haired woman says she wants to coach men on how to get women and she'd tell them to neg because it's effective

No. 5871

Those PUA strategies probably do work on some mentally ill women to be honest

No. 5872

Two worthless moids and two sad pick-mes. Tragic video

No. 5873

Samefagging to add: All the comments are like "Imagine asking fish how to be a good fisherman" re: the idea of a female dating coach. So, like, they're admitting that they're trying to deceive and "catch" women? Fisherman don't catch the fish to love/cherish them lmao

No. 5884

Yep. They are constantly equating us with food/animals.

No. 5901

File: 1655130189496.jpeg (41.42 KB, 552x391, 51A1D876-09DD-4BD4-B7DA-E47D04…)

omg u guize, poor men… we should stop oppressing them tbh???

No. 5903

File: 1655130887334.jpg (72.19 KB, 850x400, CP.jpg)

Camille Paglia is an enigma really, she seems to say shit that pisses off everyone across sex and the political spectrum but she seems to genuinely believe in it and seems like a terrible person
>In 1993, Paglia signed a manifesto supporting NAMBLA, a pederasty and pedophilia advocacy organization.[80][81] In 1994, Paglia supported lowering the legal age of consent to 14. She noted in a 1995 interview with pro-pedophile activist Bill Andriette, "I fail to see what is wrong with erotic fondling with any age."[82][83] In a 1997 Salon column, Paglia expressed the view that male pedophilia correlates with the heights of a civilization, stating "I have repeatedly protested the lynch-mob hysteria that dogs the issue of man-boy love. In Sexual Personae, I argued that male pedophilia is intricately intertwined with the cardinal moments of Western civilization."[81] Paglia noted in several interviews, as well as Sexual Personae, that she supports the legalization of certain forms of child pornography.[84][85][82]

>Though she has not transitioned, Paglia identifies as transgender. She reports having gender dysphoria since childhood, and says that "never once in my life have I felt female".[60] She says that she was "donning flamboyant male costumes from early childhood on".[21]

No. 5904

>men forbid women from having jobs and their own agency for centuries
>”see how hard men have worked to support women, you’re so ungrateful!!!”
aaand she’s also a pedo. wtf.

No. 5907

File: 1655136714506.jpg (72.51 KB, 308x475, 18113994.jpg)

She worships Foucault and thinks the Athenians were the greatest civilization in history, she's a pick-me but her pickmeism is rather unique, she reminds me a lot of Mary Renault, a proto-fujoshi in a way, she was also obesseded with greek athenian history and man-boy love and was noted her misogyny, even men of her time in the 1950's thought her misogyny was too much
>Women do not play a large role in Challans' historical fiction, and are relegated to the role of wives and mothers. They often behave in stereotypical ways, being simultaneously helpless and ruthless.[34] Critics have remarked on the negative portrayal of women, particularly mothers, in her work.[35] This is often attributed to the fraught relationship Challans had with her own mother. David Sweetman remarks in his biography of Challans that her novels generally portray mothers in a poor light and that, particularly in her later novels, this is extended to women in general. Daniel Mendelsohn said that both her "contemporary and the Greek novels feature unsettling depictions of bad marriages and, particularly, of nightmarishly passive-aggressive wives and mothers."[25] Her generally negative depiction of women has also been noted by the critic Carolyn Gold Heilbrun.[36]

No. 5977

Do they really believe there are no African TERFs? Or that their own western country isn't also full of racism (in fact, trannies are some of the most racist wastes of oxygen ever)? Kek…

No. 5978

File: 1655493555108.jpg (70.89 KB, 700x567, FVUQKcrWAAEPkLU.jpg)

their moving goalposts, wokies will always find a way to lump POC with the mythical "cishet white patriarchy" in America this seems happens too east asians, but in France this is also common with successful north african immigrant families like my own, depending on the narrative we can either be either poor down trodden minorities or equally racist colonizers as the French

No. 5980

This headline gave me brain damage.

No. 5981

and we have equivalents here, where Kabyle who try to integrate are put down upon by wokies for "bowing down to colonizers" and trying to being French

No. 5985

File: 1655506667672.jpeg (121.3 KB, 1078x1070, FBE51A3E-6D38-4F7C-A718-8EB06E…)

No. 5986

File: 1655506717520.jpeg (136.99 KB, 1170x1445, E5621F44-3673-41D7-A123-B6001D…)

No. 5987

sorry for being a brainlet but is this person saying modern women are evil and feminism has run its course because some women in 1000s of years old stories are depicted as evil?

mary magdalene is a saint and was one of jesus' most faithful deciples did she mean mary bethany? the prostitute who jesus washed the feet of who then renounced her ways and became a desciple and who again later became a saint
do these people have any idea what the fuck they are talking about?

No. 5988

I'm confused how is this being a pick me ?

No. 5993

No they're saying that this is what men think and will use to rationalize a pendulum swing against the progress feminism has made

No. 5994

this is based

No. 5995

I know this is a month old but I checked on her account and shes actually 35 and still trying to be so ~quirky ironically funny~ on twitter for males. Pickmes truly never win or prosper. Hope her sister blocked her permanently and lives her best life

No. 6097

I know some women don't want to hear this because they personally enjoy sex with men, and would prefer not to believe it affects them mentally or physically. I think it still needs to be said, though. This specific phenomenon has been observed in multiple other animals, and there are a lot of articles on this that try to make semen affecting the brain sound nice ("Semen can actually cure women's depression!") or try to pretend it only affects women's fertility. It's sad. Also, regarding the second half: We all know about very pickmeish "boymoms", but have we ever asked ourselves if there's any hormonal/physiological reason why they're like that?

>In scientific terms, semen is what’s known as a “master regulator”. Scientists have discovered how seminal fluid (which makes up approx. 70% of semen’s composition) has enormous physiological impacts on the female body and brain, including, among other things: the ability to activate genes, trigger changes in the uterus, reduce levels of depression in women, make women sleepy after sex, strengthen the emotional bond with their partner, and more.

>The wide-ranging influence of semen on female physiology is “all about maximising the chances of the male reproducing,” says Sarah Robertson of the University of Adelaide in Australia. Further research conducted by a team led by Tracey Chapman of the University of East Anglia in Norwich, UK, has also found that males produce more seminal proteins when in the presence of rivals.

>The discoveries were presented at the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution conference in Vienna last week. The component of the research which found that semen significantly reduces levels of depression in women gained much attention at the conference. “If that effect is real, depression in some people might be treatable with artificial-semen suppositories,” writes Michael Le Page of New Scientist. “Gordon Gallup of the State University of New York at Albany, who carried out the study, says a PhD student of his has replicated the finding in a survey of 1000 women, but the results were never published.”

>The proteins of seminal fluid can quickly enter the blood stream and reach the brain, having an almost instantaneous effect on hormone regulation, mood, gene activation, immune system regulation, ovulation, uterus receptivity to sperm and embryo, and even the activity and growth within the embryo itself. The take home message clearly being that semen’s effect on female physiology goes far beyond reproduction alone.

>In related research, scientists have also discovered the DNA of sons inside 63% of the brains of their mothers. Cells from a mother and fetus can cross the blood-brain barrier and enter the brain — and what’s more, fetal DNA can enter a mother’s brain and remain there for decades, according to autopsies of female brains. Lee Nelson of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle performed autopsies on 59 brains of deceased women — 33 of whom had Alzheimer’s. As New Scientist writes, “They amplified the DNA that they found, creating many more copies, and looked for the presence of a male Y chromosome. They found it in 63% of the brains. This male DNA showed up in many different brain regions and some of it had been there for a very long time: one brain that contained the male DNA was from a 94-year-old woman.”

>So how is this possible? As Edward Scott of the Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology at the University of Florida in Gainesville predicts, it is almost certainly due to the presence of fetal cells in the mother’s body which are likely allowing her immune system to recognize her child’s cells, thus explaining why they wouldn’t be attacked. This discovery could open the door to mother-son transplants of various types that could take advantage of this DNA “bridge” and be relatively easy-breezy compared to transplants that do not have a DNA bridge.

No. 6098

Here's one of the studies referenced in the article:
>In humans, naturally acquired microchimerism has been observed in many tissues and organs. Fetal microchimerism, however, has not been investigated in the human brain. Microchimerism of fetal as well as maternal origin has recently been reported in the mouse brain. In this study, we quantified male DNA in the human female brain as a marker for microchimerism of fetal origin (i.e. acquisition of male DNA by a woman while bearing a male fetus). Targeting the Y-chromosome-specific DYS14 gene, we performed real-time quantitative PCR in autopsied brain from women without clinical or pathologic evidence of neurologic disease (n = 26), or women who had Alzheimer’s disease (n = 33). We report that 63% of the females (37 of 59) tested harbored male microchimerism in the brain. Male microchimerism was present in multiple brain regions. Results also suggested lower prevalence (p = 0.03) and concentration (p = 0.06) of male microchimerism in the brains of women with Alzheimer’s disease than the brains of women without neurologic disease. In conclusion, male microchimerism is frequent and widely distributed in the human female brain.

Here's another:
>Male microchimerism, the presence of a small number of male cells, in women has been attributed to prior pregnancies. However, male microchimerism has also been reported in women with only daughters, in nulliparous women and prepubertal girls suggesting that other sources of male microchimerism must exist. The aim of the present study was to examine the presence of male microchimerism in a cohort of healthy nulliparous Danish girls aged 10–15 y using DNA extracted from cells from whole blood (buffy coats) and report the association with potential sources of male cells. A total of 154 girls were studied of which 21 (13.6%) tested positive for male microchimerism. There was a tendency that girls were more likely to test positive for male microchimerism if their mothers previously had received transfusion, had given birth to a son or had had a spontaneous abortion. Furthermore, the oldest girls were more likely to test positive for male microchimerism. However, less than half of microchimerism positivity was attributable to these factors. In conclusion, data suggest that male microchimerism in young girls may originate from an older brother either full born or from a discontinued pregnancy or from transfusion during pregnancy. We speculate that sexual intercourse may be important but other sources of male cells likely exist in young girls.

No. 6103

Replying to an old post, but this tradcel bitch probably did this because she is jealous of her beautiful sister who is not stuck in some unhappy moid cattering marriage, so she needs twitter incels to insult her sis so she can feel better about herself.

No. 6110

This is absolutely horrifying but also explains so much about all the Pickme boymoms I know.

No. 6112

Since I'm childfree, firstborn and virgin woman I hope I have zero male cells inside of me, more argument to continue the celibate lifestyle.

No. 6117

File: 1657278753476.png (187.03 KB, 937x1043, Screenshot_20220708-130957~2.p…)

There's a weirdo in the relationship advice thread who's very offended that some women want to remain single, I bet that's the same idiot that was clutching her pearls about childfree people last week.

No. 6118

File: 1657285110417.jpeg (154.8 KB, 780x1006, 202C2F60-2E9C-47FF-B1F0-5ECB5A…)

I don't get upset anymore I just laugh, really. It's still depressing though.

No. 6123


No. 6127

No words

No. 6132

File: 1657776928651.png (104.74 KB, 942x247, redpill pickme.png)

No. 6133

God damn, girl

No. 6141

Hold on, why is she planning on killing herself at 45?

No. 6142

Because she won’t be fuckable to redpilled pedos anymore.
Ironically her husband responds in a supportive yet rather twisted way; by reassuring her that he is attracted to her and then also agreeing to a suicide pact. A modern gothic romance.

No. 6145

Maybe offtopic but I need a bit of help:
Any resources for reading up on how porn effects society/the brain/everything? Trying to have an open and direct communication with a friend whos moid will not stop cooming, and who thinks 'it's no worse than not recycling'. Maybe some reading will help?

No. 6148

Tbh why not just push the high amount of underage content that porn hub got busted with how he’s probably definitely watched child porn and rape? It worked better than anything else I tried. It’s the only type of shame I’ve seen them really change over. It’s not a cordial type of conversation though

No. 6149

No. 6151


No. 6154

Thank you, a great place to start. Orderd Porn Land, I think she'll appreciate having a more longform source of info. More is always appreciated. She's not completely lost, she just lives in denial.

No. 6156

for the 4w.pub link what does
>If you choose to stay, you will develop a mysterious chronic illness, cancer, or autoimmune condition

No. 6157

NTA but the mysterious illness in question is probably induced by stress

No. 6165

File: 1658361431139.png (173.69 KB, 597x596, astrology.png)

I know damn well if the results were opposite, she and her followers would be blaming it on something inherently wrong with women.

No. 6170

I think astrology is retarded but it's a harmless hobby, who cares if moids like it?

No. 6171

No. 6172

It’s a reference to stories about women were getting who the stress triggers auto immune diseases that haven’t been diagnosed yet like lupus. There’s been a few in the news

No. 6173

Buffalo shooter in the states was also watching furry porn on his way to the super market for a fucked up fact.
Oh and studies to boys exposed to porn being more likely to do sexual violence.


>six times as likely to commit sexual violence.

Proof children are getting exposed to porn
>as high as 65% by 13 in boys

No. 6175

You can’t select for “smaller, weaker” males because that would make women smaller and weaker too. Not how genetics work. You can’t fix the patriarchy by getting pregnant, sorry.

No. 6176

they've learned to get into it to attract women, they don't actually believe in anything except trying to get sex. they've gotten into shit like tarot and yoga, too.
"if he knows his rising sign, he's a hoe"

No. 6204

the fucking delusion

No. 6205

No. 6209

File: 1658761824734.png (1.55 MB, 1080x1920, 1485829494304.png)

This is so sick. Imagine being happy and prideful about getting hit.

No. 6241

File: 1659121172550.jpg (28.75 KB, 400x400, Adelete.jpg)

one pick me i have come across personally was this Sarah girl who went by @yourfavoritepickmee on tiktok and twitter that i cam across when i was 16. She called herself a "Based anti-feminist" and had a link to a charity for men's mental health in her bio. most of her tiktoks were of her trying way to hard to pander to 13 year old incels. She is a women her 20's and she would make fun of teenage girls for their appearance, make fun of rape, would call out anything criticizing men and generally tried to be as anti-female as possible. As far as i can tell from google(i'm never downloading tiktok again), she she hasn't been active for over a year on anything. I assume she realized how much of a retard she was being and left the internet. All that remains of her is duets and some images on google.

No. 6252

I still can't believe anons in the Reddit Hate Thread started defending fucking defending pregnancy kink and calling it totally normal.

No. 6301

File: 1659659641370.jpeg (353.57 KB, 750x1008, 4257BD2D-1F2E-4CB8-A91E-29CA56…)

praying for handmaidens to get better

No. 6338

Because men are manipulative low empathy apes who are spineless and will use any opportunity to skate responsibility unless you nag and pin them to the wall like a cold unfeeling mommy figure. Most women would rather wait till the kids are old enough and leave. Who the fuck wants to parent their spouse?

No. 6347

File: 1659786322895.webm (5.9 MB, 480x854, 6822.webm)

No. 6362

File: 1659946318965.jpg (284.74 KB, 719x1075, Screenshot_20220808-101133_Fac…)

Poor kid not only growing up with a porn actress mom but also a porn actress mol that uses you as a prop to make mens dicks hard

No. 6365

Moids must be fuming. She’s 30+ married and with a baby despite being the exact archetype of the woman they believe should be dying alone with cats and wine boxes. Hope that baby grows up to be a doctor or something though

No. 6368

They seemed creepily happy about that in the comment section

No. 6369

nta but the point is that certain women(and majority of men) should not be allowed to have children, the well being of children should come first and foremost in every society and civilization, pornstars, drunks, Idiots and other degenerates should just not be allowed to bare or take care off children

No. 6382

Maybe she's taking notes from her friend Lena the buttplug who is trying to mix being a mommyvlogger with being a pornstar

No. 6399

The average father is about 100x more degenerate and dangerous to a child than any porn star mother, clutching your pears about her is a waste of energy when any given child is way more at risk from a man who watches porn than a woman who makes it.

No. 6402

imagine defending a woman who has spent 10+ years pandering to scrotes' pedo fantasies. she shouldn't reproduce

No. 6404

Nta but I didn't come to /2X/ to see anons shiting on about reasons any woman should have her bodily autonomy removed. Fix society and conditions for mothers since only mothers ensure the future of society, not rotten scrote children. Goodbye.

No. 6405

Reproduction is not a privilege women earn by being ‘good.’ If she is fertile she can have as many kids as she wants, because she is simply able to. Nature gave her that right. I didn’t even read who you were talking about because it doesn’t matter. Go back to /snow/

No. 6409

Never said she should have her bodily autonomy removed, retard. This is the pickme thread, if you can't handle people saying negative things about women you should get out.

>rotten scrote children

Her kid is a girl.

>Reproduction is not a privilege women earn by being ‘good.’

Never said it was, stop putting words in my mouth.

>If she is fertile she can have as many kids as she wants, because she is simply able to. Nature gave her that right.

Just because you can doesn't mean you should. A lot of people, men and women, shouldn't be parents. It's not that deep. Go back to ovarit.

No. 6455

sage for replying to month old post but I feel like there's absolutely no way this wasn't a set up. OP is someone who is clearly aware of redpill rhetoric and what they think of single 39 year old women. I really think she posted this to make herself look "better" in comparison, what a fucking narc. I would never speak to her as well if this was my sister.

No. 6663

File: 1665281428614.jpeg (169.76 KB, 828x1247, 3EBAF245-C3D5-46FB-800E-D24F12…)

Seeing this makes me think if libfems saw a woman getting beaten to a pulp or about to get kidnapped, would they hesitant on helping her just in case she's a mean radfem?

No. 6664

would they even help someone close to them or in their little groups? libfems are just cowards and would probably find excuses for those men committing abuse too

No. 6667

File: 1665342338185.jpeg (867.3 KB, 828x1340, 1E06E001-3585-40D9-BB29-0C6954…)

>feels really scary

No. 6668

File: 1665342363360.jpeg (244.82 KB, 828x725, E6BC9B15-76E4-4117-82B2-F944FD…)

No. 6679

i know some radfems preach female solidarity and being a "guiding light" to pickmes to eventually show them the way of not being complete doormats but honestly why? these women will throw you under the bus for scrote approval in a heartbeat. it comes off as some weird savior complex too. a lot of pickmes are rotten to the core and treat you like dog shit and i'm supposed to just idk, wait for them to get a clue? i have no sympathy for adult pickmes. kids/teens are understandable but if you're 25+ thats just embarrassing

No. 6705

File: 1666051714486.png (294.84 KB, 590x595, coastalgma.png)

I love this article. This pickme is really threatened by women enjoying a "coastal grandma" aesthetic on Tiktok. https://thefederalist.com/2022/10/04/dear-young-women-stop-trying-to-be-coastal-grandmothers-its-not-healthy/

No. 6717

They keep saying it’s not healthy, sad, disconcerting…? Why? An aesthetic? These males are just majorly pissed off young women aren’t idolizing sexpots or broodmare servants. Nothing pisses of scrotes more than being reminded older women exist.

No. 6718

The article was written by a woman, for some reason tradthots and libfems can't stand when women are celibate, center themselves and make fun their priority.

No. 6719

Trad pickmes just parrot what misogynists say I hopes they’ll earn respect from men… by being a doormat.

Honestly women are too good at empathizing with others if it’s hard to distinguish tradthots and scrotes . You never see mtfs pass in text like these girls pass for basement neonazis.

No. 6721

File: 1666405127280.png (979.38 KB, 844x1340, Screenshot 2022-10-22 at 03.18…)

This is beyond pathetic. Are we going to get to the point where men will accuse us of 'lying' about DV and rape/battery because we "consented" to rough sex beforehand? How is that going to be disputed in a court of law if it becomes public discourse? Rape is already at an abysmal conviction rate because 'women can just lie about it when they've changed their mind'. Men are also getting away with literal murder en masse by claiming the 'rough sex' defence. It's just so blackpilling seeing women perpetuating our abuse and making it even harder for us to hold these fucked up men accountable. I really do feel like there is no hope for us at times.

No. 6752

I think feminists need to trying to stop save idiot retards when they don't want to be saved, and focus on general action and legislation that helps all women out, even idiot bitches if/when they wake up (abortion, DV shelters, working towards = pay, better workplace conditions for moms who want a career etc). There is no amount of feminism on the planet that will replace self-respect and a spine. There are plenty of non-feminist (not anti-feminist, mind you) women that would never let themselves get treated like that and actively live a life that displays more empowerment that these braindead pickme retards.

No. 6776

You’d think tradthots would like the coastal grandma since its modest clothes mostly but unlike cottage core that tradthots fucking ruined, coastal grandma doesn’t have any focus on being trad. It’s like they’re triggered over the use of the word grandma in it

No. 6794

why do so many mothers defend drag queens around young children? why are they even willing to risk their kids being molested just to be woke and cool? anyone know the psychology behind that one?

No. 6909

I wonder if any of you have noticed this. This is something that I have noticed that is very common with tradthots, but also with even self-proclaimed feminist and progressive women of all strands. Part of this anti-"girlboss" trend has got to be because of average, unambitious women feeling self-conscious about their decision to live an ordinary life and lean in to what is expected of them, essentially. With tradthots it is very obvious, but with these phony-feminist types it is like we cannot acknowledge brilliant, ambitious, glass-breaking women without all these lame ass bitches reacting in 1 of many ways: "yeah being a neurosurgeon is great and all, but remember that SAHMs are JUST as important" or they seem to act like feminism "promoting" the surgeons or CEOs of the world is an attack on the SAHM types. That SAHM types need a similar girlboss style type promotion.

You do not see male-manual laborers acting like they need to be seen in the exact same light as a male nobel peace prize winning astrophysicist. Or need to be reassured that when said astrophysicist is praised that they are just as important as him uwu.

No. 6963

I assume it is because of television portrayals of the sassy gay friend and wanting to feel hip and cool and living their favourite tv shows like rupauls drag race etc. They feel like it's exiciting and daring, that they are no longer seen as boring women cast aside by society because they no longer serve mens sexual interests and now are seen as muh bitch mommy nag/ball and chain.

No. 7081

OT but if this is a self post then keep drawing nona the art is adorable

No. 7775

File: 1673518369534.jpg (25.08 KB, 220x323, 1650772701904.jpg)

Marjorie rawlings, she was a young adult author author who had a "fascination" with young boys, almost all her protagonists were young boys, she claimed that her stories were written only for young boys and didn't care what adult male and female critics had to say about them and despite being an incredibly accomplished woman she relented that she couldn't have a boy of her own, apparently her fondness for young boys went back to when she was a child, the only times boys would even notice her was she would tell them adventure stories that she had made up
She'd likely be be a TIF if she was alive today, the borderline pedophilic obsession they have with male children and their idealized portrayal of how they behave checks out

No. 7777

Meh not a pick me or TIF just a wierdo

>the borderline pedophilic obsession they have with male children and their idealized portrayal of how they behave checks out

As opposed to what? the borderline pedofilic obsession that scrotes have of girls and obsession they have portraying them in media?

It is certainly a strange case if ALL her books are based around boys but not moidworthy/trannyish. As long as she's not tearing down other women I see no problem with an alternate female perspective on storytelling. From the look of the time period from that photo I'd take any and all storytelling lens and perspectives of women and girls you could get.

No. 7778

>writing children's books makes you a pedophile

No. 7781

But she never wrote for kids, she specifically wrote just for boys
an adult woman does not need to be that obesseded with young boys that aren't her children and the fact she only began writing stories was to get boys to listen to her says a lot
>Biographers have noted her longing for a male child through her writings, as far back as her first story in "The Reincarnation of Miss Hetty", and repeated throughout several works, letters, and characters, most notably in The Yearling.[4][8] In fact, she stated that as a child she had a gift for telling stories, but that she demanded all her audiences be boys.[21]

No. 7785

She wanted a boy to be her son. She didn't want to be a boy or fuck a boy.

No. 7788

i think you're missing the fact that peter pan syndrome, which most TiFs have, is pedophilic in some nature. They are obsessed with imitating boyhood, not manhood. They imagine dating boys, not men. Their anime bishi faves are perpetually 14-16. It may not be the same kind of violent pedopphilia issue that moids perpetuate, but it's its own thing. There are certain kinds of Tifs and Tims that are obsessed with either girlhood or boyhood, but never adulthood.

No. 7789

but it's the fact that this obsession stems from not getting attention from boys as a young girl. That's not a normal maternal related reaction. That's someone who still wants the approval of boys.

No. 7800

File: 1673561120497.png (984.01 KB, 540x2060, Screenshot 2023-01-13 at 22-03…)

No. 7801

I still cant comprehend how saying 'gender roles are bullshit and sexist' and 'sex is biology' is somehow the same as the violence men do against women. Like seriously, what the hell. Of course they like that faggot from guilty gear.

No. 7811

>Has scrotes obsessed with misogynist men as her "booty calls"
>virtue signals about evil terfs

There has to be a term for this type of chick. The types that will associate with the most bottom of the barrel type men with regards to social justice but then wants to participate in the terf witch hunt. Absolutely pathetic.

No. 7813

>an adult woman does not need to be that obesseded with young boys that aren't her children

Yikes. An adult woman can have a hobby obsessed with anything provided it's legal and safe. An adult woman doesn't have to be a broodmare for scrotes to write books about young boys.

She's a peculiar case indeed if she only wrote books about boys but fuck it, there are no concrete rules in writing and anyone is free to write about anyone and anything. Pedofilic men are far more an issue on the radar of human civilization than one incongruous adult female author.

Who cares? women aren't committing mass scale pedofilia like moids and/or encroaching on men's spaces to the same extent, fundamentally TIFs will never be as harmful because women aren't scrotes. TIFs will never be a tenth of the harm that TIMs are towards children, the opposite sex and young people.

No. 7816

Everyone here is aware that men are much worse but this is a pick-me thread and are so the question is do you believe she was a pick-me or not ?

No. 7817

File: 1673577098112.png (483.7 KB, 1170x2532, 1657936219851.png)

"gay trans men" are some of the biggest pickmes

No. 7819

Sigmund Freud is spinning in his grave fast enough to power Amsterdam.

No. 7821

She looks stinky as hell. Like someone you'd get a whiff of passing by in public and almost gag at the stench.

No. 7824

I dont. Women writing incongruous fiction doesn't make them a pickme

No. 7827

targeting young boys and ignoring girls and idolized boys, counts as being a pick-me

No. 7828

People like this are honestly just fucking scary. this goes beyond standard pickme shit, this cuts straight to the degenerate moid chase. The fact that these people are even allowed to make speeches have a platform and slew their vitriolic shit makes me terrified for humanity.

There are actual human beings (women inclusive) that want misery and cruelty to thrive, that want children to be abused and are constantly complicit in it becoming a legal reality. I wish it was a fucking conspiracy.

What especially makes this stuff horrid is the current zeitgeist for women and how women are framed in all this. Because of MRAs (largely sad bitter old men rotting away), self entitled incels, and white supremacist fuck heads it feels like scrotes and scrote sympathizers are increasingly working to send human progress backwards for us all to suffer. They don't realize the damage they're doing because coom is more more important, there's no empathy because coom. I've seen this sentiment expressed here often and I honestly see no other conclusion; the tranny shit, the mass shootings terrorism it's all world shattering shit all over cooming. This is the pathetic extent of moids they will destroy civilisation itself if it means coom.

I've noticed this trend in the past six years or so roughly aligning to Trump shit but not necessarily. The more vitriolic, profiteering, cruelty and propaganda has come more recently and moids have reached breaking point seeing any happy female of any capacity simply shatters them. Examples are Joe Rogan becoming full retard, Jordan Petersons benzo coma insanity, Tates human trafficking shit, I could go on but you know there's countless moids trying to fuck the world up with their propaganda, especially for women but in the past 3 years it's ramped up to the extreme and no one is saying a fucking thing.

How often are the killings of women going to re-emerge in reports like the Idaho case with the older subhuman scrote and those college girls? When is the next terrorist attack on women going to occur? What even do we call terror attacks on women? Is every instance of harm ever terrorism due to the blatant propaganda and ideological bullshit spewed by moids? It boggles the mind how media could make light of this. How no one reports this as it is. How everyone collectively coddles men and gas lights women.

When are we going to call mass feminicide and male supremacy inspired terrorism like the Idaho stabbings what it fucking is?

Instead of sparing moids feelings parroting 'not all men' while trampling on the bodies of their female and even male victims. (He killed the fucking bf of one of the girls too).

How long are we going to come up with elastic lies that it's only a select few psycho moids who do this when it's drilled into the minds of just about every male on the planet, it's always just a matter of time before they act it out.

No. 7829

Your writing style makes me curious of your post history and just how obsessed you are with young boys anon.

No. 7831

You realize that this is a tranny right?

No. 7852

Op of >>7800 the person's bio says she/her intersex. It could be a woman idk.

No. 9293

File: 1674230426919.png (286.23 KB, 918x878, insufferable nlog.png)

technically not a pick me but whatever

No. 9343

It's crazy to me how women will make a podcast about true crime, documenting the most horrific of male violence, and still be such insufferable "not all men"-type pickmes.

No. 9355

The amount of female true crime youtubers I've seen refer to cases like Casey Anthony or Jodi Arias as "the most horrific case I've ever covered, this person is an actual monster" when their whole channel consists of talking about scrotes brutally raping, torturing and dismembering little girls and they treat those cases like it's a regular tuesday is sick. They should be more pinkpilled than anyone but somehow any woman committing a murder (even if it's revenge against an abusive moid) is apparently worse than an actual rape + pedophilia + murder combo.

No. 9401

File: 1674569042496.png (373.19 KB, 640x480, B871275C-4021-4300-8265-A080D6…)

Once I was at a party and someone dropped a cup of drink on the floor, most people started immediately getting paper towels etc but this one insufferable girl starts yelling “don’t worry I’ll clean it up!!! I’m not a feminist!!!”. I don’t think I’ve ever rolled my eyes so hard kek

No. 9444

It's honestly just because male violence is so normalized people have become desensitized to it. Psycho moid kidnapping, raping and torturing a little girl to death? Yeah, he and about a million others. It doesn't even faze people anymore, but the moment a woman does something horrible it immediately sticks out amidst the sea of male crime and gets played up as the most horrifying crime of recent history. Most women who commit atrocious acts are severely traumatized and mentally ill, while there are plenty of brutal and barbaric male killers who have no background with being abused or mental illness. It's just something inherently wrong with the Y chromosome.

No. 9446

There's been a weird wave of women claiming to have been abused but also pedaling the whole Andrew Tate "women need to take accountability for abusive relationships", I even saw one go as far as claiming she was in an abusive arranged marriage since she was 12 and "took full accountability for it" and men came in saying they agreed with here. Has everyone lost their damn minds or something? What in the entire world has possibly taught people this is okay?

No. 9455

abused women are not automatically feminist and often still can hate and deride other abuse victims. Look at Johnny Depp supporters, many are abuse victims but still shit on Amber.

No. 9465

even if this is not actually a trend, we know for sure that men will upvote/like/whatever it to make it seem like a trend

No. 9490

File: 1674836363151.png (149.57 KB, 984x592, Mr. Cool ICE.png)

ftm pickme

No. 9491

Holy shit. I'm profiling this one as being raised in some super religious family with a ton of brothers being favored over her and this is her way of coping with the trauma.

No. 9492

Oh this idiot from kiwifarms who was whining about us being "sexist" and how we deserve Josh spam because of it. Anyone notice how some kiwiladies lowkey try to cape for scrotes then get mad when we don't fall for it? Meanwhile they'll scroll past all kinds of woman hate/incel talk without questioning the scrotes on their site. I dislike this ftm

No. 9499

>it's funny because when men misgender me I just giggle and move on, but when women don't do what I want I feel rage and hatred towards them and seethe forever about it
Gotta hand it to her, her male LARP game is strong

Yeah KF women are sus and weird

No. 9500

Everytime im on LSA and there's a story about a young woman being killed from scrote violence, there's always a paragraph like,
>This is horrible and I hope whoever does this gets locked up forever, however we need to teach young women x, y and z. I would never do x, y and z."
It's like even in death a woman is getting lectured for what she COULD have done, when she should'nt be killed for simply going on a date, or being drunk & being taken advatange of. It never even comes off like caring or trying to help other women.
Then, I hate my culture because it upholds shitty whorish men, but will judge a woman harshly for sleeping with like 3 men they know of. The shit i've heard grown ass women say about their daughters, but their sons are already fathers/and/or have all kinds of girlfriends? It's a fucked up culture, and I hate it.

No. 9501

>vocaloid thread
Of course. /w/ needs to be fucking purged man

No. 9521

>Yeah KF women are sus and weird
I'm trying not to shit on anons who occasionally use KF as well because I used to go there too, but honestly any woman who tolerates the atmosphere of that site long-term or, even worse, feels at home among all the scrotum sweat, must have some pickme qualities.

No. 9581

how do i get my sister to gain some self respect and stop being a pick me. she always vents to me abt these 2 moid friends she has and how they're always condescending and outright treat her like shit but whenever i dare to say anything bad abt them she gets mad at me and ignores me for a day kek. and on top of that they're like a decade older than us.

No. 9583

>and on top of that they're like a decade older than us.
Are they losers?

No. 9585

yes they're both in their thirties and sit on valorant all day one one of them is even engaged..

No. 9592

ill be honest a lot of the prolific female kf posters radiate giant pickme energy, but it also absolutely kills me how much moids go out of their way to whiteknight and fight over them in unrelated threads lmao. ive seen so many shity misogynistic jokes on that site but somehow whenever someone goes out of their way to mention they're a woman they'll get bombarded with positive attention. fucking bleak.

No. 9597

The only way to get something out of KF as a woman is to (a) never mention your gender and (b) curate your experience so that you only stick to the decent threads. You have to avoid 95 percent of the site otherwise you will go insane.

No. 9600

Not specifically relating to TERFs but cool girl/gf counts.

No. 9605

(Sorry to religion sperg on you) Mary Magdalene got confused with the unnamed sinful woman who wiped Jesus' feet with her tears and hair thanks to that one Catholic pope, Mary of Bethany was the one who sat and listened while Martha was in the kitchen preparing food for guests.

No. 9791

Can anyone tell me why so many women in higher fields or educations are lobbying to take away the rights of women? I remember in the past it was actually those women who were feminists and were fighting for their rights but now women in these fields are huge pickmes who hate women with a burning passion.

Just saw a female surgeon try to propose a law to have disabled women be used as surrogates.

Nowadays housewifes are literally more feminist than your local PhD women.

No. 9792

not at all complicated, since the end of WW2 western academia has gradually been taken over by post-Marxists(foucaulties and their derivatives most famous and influential being judith butler) even radical feminists were one part of this transition

No. 9793

Nta but that doesn't really explain it, you just made a suspiciously Jordan Peterson-esque claim without then connecting it to the consequence anon was asking about (ie: educated women working against women's rights). Like what about Foucault and Butler would persuade women to do that? Why do these women end up influenced by such ideas?

No. 9794

File: 1675763212529.jpg (138.25 KB, 1280x720, 15.jpg)

I swear I'm not a /pol/tard but it unironically started with the frankfurt school(the Cultural Marxists the right got obsssed with a couple years ago) When the rightwingers talk about "cultural Marxism" their not wrong entirely, The Frankfurt School played an influential role in the development of western left wing thought and after the fall of the Soviet Union it became the dominant thought
Basically a bunch of fat ugly men realized the real revolution is violent and real communism is tough asf and useless intellectuals like themselves would have been sent to the gulags, so they created a school were they debate endlessly about "metaphysics" and "identity", they criticize capitalism and real communism while giving Idealized and implausible solutions, while also embracing and creating degeneracy, they were almost like modern breadtubers in over analyzing and chreerypicking random pieces of popular media to prove their retarded takes on society

No. 9802

lay the crack pipe down.

No. 9804

No no, let her speak. Go on, >>9794, how does that mobilise women against themselves? I can see how it distracts the moids into intellectual uselessness but how does it turn women into handmaidens specifically?

No. 9806

Antonio Gramsci is okay and Marxism is not the same as Socialism. This is typic retarded argument that should be moved to the "conservative women" thread. Marxism is almost exclusively humanistic and that's it's biggest issue, you even admit that its too utopian, idealistic world-view that society and the greater world can come together to solve issues that pose existential threat to everyone like climate change for example. Despite its lack of solid solutions to problems, I still think Marxists criticisms of capitalism tend to be spot on.

I agree with a lot of what you said despite it being put with the maturity of a fucking grade schooler lel. Many Marxists were only moids and privileged moids talking down about lower classes of people with less privilege then themselves while advocating on their behalf. It's a bourgeois ideology despite its criticism of the bourgeoisie.

>while also embracing and creating degeneracy

I don't understand this were Marxists advocates for trannies? I'm no sociology major but I'd think a lot of Marxist theory lay the bedrock of social democracy's and equity, there's also a lot of cross over in terms of ideology with Marxist feminism and civil rights. I've always been baffled for about the six, -seven year long anti Marxist crusade that had been championed by the very scientific mind of 'this ancient snake is a representation of DNA', 'people are like lobsters', benzo-coma academic, Jordan Peterson and his ilks hate boner for Marxist shit.

Marxism is definitely not the ideology to plant your flag and die by nor fight, it's wholly ineffectual because the world is just too cruel for any of the solutions that Marxists come up with for it to work. Moids would step in the way of it.

>they were almost like modern breadtubers in over analyzing and cherrypicking random pieces of popular media to prove their retarded takes on society

Lolno bread tube is trannies, superior leftist pro sex trafficking moids and handmaidens. Marxists are anyone who criticises capitalism and it's exploitative nature as well as similar ideology like neoliberalism and discusses the ideas of class stratification. Rad feminism has roots in Marxist theory too. 'Degenerate' is a moid tier argument as well. Being gay was considered degenerate historically but gay people have always existed. There are just as many tranny moids that are white supremacists as there are Marxist socialism, 'commulism' ones.

Marxism is also incredibly non-visible and niche to normies unlike conservatism and the like. Only the terminally online and wierdo autistics like Jordan Benzodiazepine Peterson even know(questionably) of Marxist ideology. Outside of actual academics who study it like Sociologists next to no normies would know shit about Marxism and have a false understanding drip fed by their conservative idols. Hell, I wouldn't have known if it weren't for doing a single course on political ideologies outside of my actual STEM major. And this is the case for most normies.

No. 9810

I was specifically talking about Marxism, I don't agree with everything Marx said but he could understand reality better the morons who claimed his name for their own brand or retardation

whether you like it or not the type of person to lead an actual successful revolution is a soldier first Saddam and Stalin for e.g were not Leftist activists, they were street thugs for their political parties
the Shining path(a Peruvian marxist group started by university students) ended up being completely taken over by mountain farmers who used the group as a drug trafficking operation
Khrushchev was a factory worker for his entire youth and didn't possess literacy till he was an adult
Ceaușescu(dictator of Romania) had no formal education and was an apprentice shoemaker
Enver Hoxha had nothing more then a peasants education

these men got their positions cause they were good at war and ruthless and they could got the peasants on their side with populist rhetoric, that's the furthest thing you can get from modern commies and intellectuals

No. 9834

And something they all have in common is that their leadership devolved towards totalitarianism, because it was ideologically empty and valued power as an ends instead of a means. That kind of power is not interested in serving any other principles and instead just continues to subjugate and exploit the working class. They led successful coups, not successful revolutions. Being uneducated is no more a virtue than being educated; letting education be the domain of the bourgeois at all is the problem, not to mention the idea that universities have a monopoly on education and discourse.

I still don't get how this turns women into handmaidens.

No. 9842

Why do you sound like pakianon

No. 9844

>Just saw a female surgeon try to propose a law to have disabled women be used as surrogates.
That doesn't mean she hates women, it just means she hates disabled people (which is also a problem but it's offtopic). Do you have other examples?

No. 9853

Honestly, this particular example sounds like she's just a sociopath, not a pickme.

No. 9889

No it doesn’t mean she hates cripples, she hates women. She doesn’t want to enslave crippled men or hurt them in any way. They can’t be used as reproduction vessels for strangers, only WOMEN can. Absolute moron

No. 9954

Kind of sad to see a bunch of pickmes defending blowjobs in the vent thread, honestly, claiming women who are against it to be pearl-clutching and childish. Hate the one who claimed women who do give blowjobs "cockbreathers" too, but the pickmes just show how normalized blowjobs have become because of porn.

No. 9956

They have a good samaritan complex about debasing themselves for the entertainment of men. Then they judge dignified women for giving them advice, as if their scrotes don't inherently view them as lesser for suckin'.

No. 9958

Didn't it all start because a nona stated she did not like PIV or giving blowjobs? Honestly shit subject to detail that you, in fact, enjoy some of it (and any following infight).

No. 9965

The conversation started from an anon posting a screencap about men having dirty dicks and then another said blowjobs are asked for only because they're degrading for women to do. There wasn't any mention of trauma or their personal experience in the first post. Anons responded with their own experiences of enjoying it and not feeling degraded, implying that they enjoy hearing their partners be pleasured and choose to do do it as they please, I find that reasonable, but replies to that became hostile with tradsperging. It's one thing to say dicks are gross or be critical of men expecting blowjobs, it's an entire other wheelhouse to go on about how women doing occasional suckjobs for fun ruins a woman's value, is akin to being a "human toilet paper roll" and is just as degrading as a wife being obligated to do a chokejob on a dirty dick every night. That's just misogyny in the mask of trad porn-critical politics, its not even radical feminism, its exactly like how trad moids seethe about women being tainted in mannosphere spaces, but with a sprinkle of extra moralizing. I would not object if the anti fellatio mob stuck to the stats and male behavior, but it always spirals into trads being desperate to insult women that are more "used up" than them. If they really cared about women not preforming that behavior they'd stick to the facts instead of implying women are stupid for enjoying pleasuring their partner and resorting to insults; but they don't. That's how you can tell if a poster is a tradfem vs a radfem. One is assblasted that women are not pristine madonnas like her and she wants to hurt them emotionally in revenge, the other wants women to see why a woman's choices can cause her harm, and wants to help her unlearn that willingly instead of berating her until she gives in, because she knows how converse with nuance. I wasn't involved in the vent fight though, this is just my outside observation of the conversation.

No. 9967

I think the problem is that a lot of straight women only orgasm with a partner by receiving oral, and moids have leveraged that to say you can't expect it if you don't also give it. Instead of shaming them as "cockbreathers", young women should have their attention brought to the orgasm gap and basing the idea of reciprocation on that instead of particular sex acts.

No. 9970

File: 1676174153574.png (162.84 KB, 1787x403, Vent Thread #164.png)

>Didn't it all start because a nona stated she did not like PIV or giving blowjobs?
It did, after the 3rd reply is when things started to derail.
The screencap was posted in response to the argument that went on earlier before the current one.

No. 9986

I'm the 'human toilet paper roll' anon, and I stand by everything I said. Not a tard wife, just being real. You seethe at me for saying what I do but the "partner" you're "pleasuring" is saying much worse to his Bros. I don't shame based women, you could feed your hot diarrhea turds to barely legal college boys and I wouldn't give a fuck. Good for you. You're being mocked by women who agree with you for being a beta loser. Remember when you wore a my little pony shirt as a freshman and the cool girls spat on you? Like that. There are no slutshaming republicans here. Only snickering bystanders.

No. 9987

Btw conservatives DO want you to suck the smegma infested dick, just the one of the man you're married to. Right wing and left wing both want you to be a cockbreath. Choosing dignity is the only radical stance.

No. 9988

File: 1676203768225.jpg (212.73 KB, 1080x1047, IMG_20230212_232702.jpg)

There was a strange pickme (or moid) on the wigOnhead thread. I lean towards pickme teenager but am a bit baffled by their behavior.

>"Thanks for assuming my gender" outdated moid meme from a decade ago

>Outdated peak male humor "weaponized autism"
>Obsession with Reddit, keeps bringing up subreddits like the female dating strategy as if it's peak misandry and any woman from the subreddit should be ashamed of using it
>Told numerous times is in the wrong place but is in denial
>Acts knowingly about imageboards despite obsessively bringing up Reddit and many other female based internet forums far more times
>only imageboard known to them is the epic hacker 4chan
>Retarded one liner "no you" and other low effort male-reading responses
>Reddit spacing and incredibly poor punctuation
>"Im actually a cis woman"

I don't know whether this is a 35 year old man or a actually a pickme woman based on their posts.

But then they said this
>I thought you guys had thicker skin than Reddit, TikTok, Twitter, KiwiFarms and Pretty Ugly Little Liar or even GossipGuru. Stay mad, bitches.
So on second thoughts maybe it's a underaged teenaged girl with internalized shit and outdated internet male brain rot.

>Instead of shaming them as "cockbreathers", young women should have their attention brought to the orgasm gap and basing the idea of reciprocation on that instead of particular sex acts.
Why not both? It's incredibly degrading and dehumanizing to be reduced to a flesh light, no amount of coping that pleasing a moid will abscond you from this; if anything it makes things worse, it proves that dehumanizing yourself and indicating this behavior is tolerable for all women and girls and should be normalized. It's normalizing inhumanity. It will further feed a chain of behavior that intensifies sex acts like in the modern era how trafficking and rape is seen as normalized in porn. It's a sick positive feedback loop.

I don't make it my job to "shame" women for this but we all know it's degrading; men say, know and tell us it's degrading; it is degrading. No need to front and cope with the same tired dehumanizing argument that is the majority of the moid centered world that is "b-but some women enjoy being dehumanized and used like a fleshlight!" like >>9965 and centering a discussion about the dehumanizing of women on moids pleasure, then proceeding to spew the shitty misogynistic opinions of Moids and your idea of "facts" like anon is doing. "Shaming" is not the correct action, but I can't help but find some arguments centering males in a horribly fucked up female-affecting issue to be incredibly insidious like anons doing. If people center males than shaming may be the only way to snap them out of their pickme brainwashing.

>women doing occasional suckjobs for fun
>and is just as degrading as a wife being obligated to do a chokejob on a dirty dick every night.
You have internalized misogyngy anon to yourself and other women if you feel this language is appropriate for describing any womans behavior in a society where this kind of twisted behavior and language should be seen as acceptable. It's simply dehumanizing, and this isn't ""moralizing"". Listen to the language you've used to describe womens bodies, bleak.

>That's just misogyny in the mask of trad porn-critical politics, its not even radical feminism, its exactly like how trad moids seethe about women being tainted in mannosphere spaces, but with a sprinkle of extra moralizing

"Moralizing" is being aware that Moids dehumanize women at every opportunity and wanting to opt out of that degrading treatment, fuck off. Not everyone is hyperobsessed and aware of shitty moid spaces ideology. Those ideologies that should be tossed in the fucking toliet where they belong not upheld under the guise of being a pride/tradfag. Not everyone is centering a discussion about womans agency and perception by society on moids pleasure and moids trad ideology. Everyone knows trad moids are hypocritical and their opinions should be tossed, all moids opinions should be looked upon with skepticism. Women have their reasons for opting out of humiliating acts and no woman should feel pressured to do anything sexually, this isn't a radical statement and it isn't the same as a moid tradfag owning a women by way of fleshlight like what you're arguing women be tolerant of, and for women to stop thinking critically about.

>but it always spirals into trads being desperate to insult women that are more "used up" than them.

I would never defend retarded tradfags since the ideology is inhuman and I would like reproductive rights to persist in my country, but consider where the thought process of someone being "used up" even came from. If an action is seen as degrading in the first place and someone is used during it then the actor is going to be considered "used up". Cunnilingus is not degrading because women actually get something out of it, it is reciprocal, the same can be for PIV apparently in miniscule amounts lol. We decide as a moid screetching collective what behavior is degrading. Though the loudest voices will always be moids women's own opinions are not just moid trad bullshit. Oral sex and various sex acts are inhumane and dehumanizing to women we know this. We decide as a collective, not singular persons; society doesn't exist in a vacuum, and women are going to have differing opinions, some being male brained and cook brainwashed and others not.

The "fact" of the matter is that women receive nothing from oral sex with Moids, cope that your pleasure comes from dehumanizing yourself, and yes, that is shameful and retarded not because you aren't pure but because you lack thought process to see how degrading and shit your actions are. You can't complain about the trad line of thought of women being "used up" after degrading sex that is perceived as using them and then profess in the same breath about women doing "suckjobs" and "chokejobs", you absolute joke.

>If they really cared about women not preforming that behavior

To some degree behavior matters, it matters that women not cut their limbs off, this is not really a moral argument. It matters that women not degrade themselves and feel highly pressured by Moids and people like you, it matters that they use critical thinking skills to avoid this situation. It matters that women see this point of view that society absolutely wants them not to have autonomy and independence and that moids who control most of society only benefit from women degrading and humiliating themselves. It matters that they not frame and center a discussion of a blatantly dehumanizing action like oral sex on moids pleasure. It matters that this action not be normalized by moids so that moids and young boys know not to use women as objects and treat them as humans. It also matters that women have these discussions because the overwhelming majority is pro trafficking, pro dehumanizing of women, therefore it matters that we not treat women as human and not reframe an argument against degrading sex acts as "moralizing" and "moral panic".

>If they really cared about women not preforming that behavior they'd stick to the facts instead of implying women are stupid for enjoying pleasuring their partner and resorting to insults; but they don't. That's how you can tell if a poster is a tradfem vs a radfem

Firstly you don't know if anyone here is libfem, trad, radfems or anything in-between. You have no way of knowing you are not a mind reader. Trad shit may have some cross over in that one aspect but the ideology is incredibly different. Trads are retards who want to control women by ownership turning them into fleshlights and babymakers, libfems are retards who want to control women by pressuring them into doing and normalizing degrading sex acts turning them into fleshlights.

Secondly you grossly framing dehumanizing acts of women into being acceptable and framing any outcry from this as petty insults is incredibly lacking in critical thought and callous at worst.

>b-but Some women enjoy it!
Sounds like the same pro trafficking/prostitution libfem spew. Your apologetic post definitely fits in this thread that's for sure. I definitely have a bone to pick with anons using the term "degenerate" here (though it's mostly used correctly to describe troons and moids) but it still irks me that it's a nebulously defined word to describe few woman as. I often have a knee jerk reaction when women here describe other women as degenerate like camming and sex workers but understand why they are used. For example some here describe fujos as degenerate which I'd disagree with, regardless my point is there is no dichotomy like that you're painting women with wide strokes with. Women don't "pick" ultra traditional or ultra libfem, pro-trafficking lifestyles. There is no point to concepts like virginity but that doesn't mean we need to fuck endlessly like animals and delude ourselves into placing moid pleasure above all else, degrading ourselves in the process. It is commendable that some have control over their urges as virgins, likewise a highly sexually active woman can be highly controlled and have self respect for herself moreso than a virginal ""pure"" woman. It is possible that a highly sexually experienced woman not degrade herself and to actually be pleasured by sex and that a virgin can be absolutely crazed, and depraved in behavior. Creating artificial black and white mentalities doesn't help anyone and only seeks to benefit patriachical moids. Centering a discussion on males also doesn't help women like you are doing. Centering a discussion on morality in general whether it's immorality like you are spewing or morality instead of common sense and critical thought is also incredibly shit. It's not moralizing to want to be seen as human.

No. 9998

not that anon BUT NO FUCKING WAY are you comparing human trafficking to consensual blowjobs. Are you just terminally online or a mega retard. No wonder people dont you seriously.

No. 10000

Why is the thread about hating women in 2X and not ot? This website is so fucking embarrassing sometimes.

No. 10020

Is extreme porn with facefucking an example of "consensual blowjobs?". Of course consensual humiliation and rape isn't as bad as non consensual humiliation and rape lol. But both are degrading nonetheless. Please apply some critical thought. Is a woman doing a "suckjob" and a "choke job" doing so consensually? Consider the fucking term chokejob, in particular and seethe. Coercion is rape.


fucking embarrassment of an argument. Who would have such a low opinion of women to think this shit is normal. The only terminally online retard is this anon using this sick moid cooler language. Can someone be choked consensually?

>No wonder people dont you seriously.

An actual meaningful counter argument would've been nice rather than a strawman and poor grammar. Sex work is just paid rape and there is no such thing as truly consensual "chokejob" this is just libfem brainrot.

No. 10109

File: 1676400520272.jpeg (538.17 KB, 828x1388, 61C8D1F7-074C-48EB-82DF-87B1CA…)

firstable you don’t know the context maybe she was justified and also the violence this man shows this woman is nauseating and totally out of proportion. she slaps him lightly and he gives her a violent uppercut. that is not ‘self defense’ it’s just plain old assault. what a shock that a farty fatty patty is a complete handmaiden cock worshipper, fucking kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 10110

Should we also legalise "consentual" murder when we're on the topic of choking women for fun?

No. 10111

Should we also legalise "consentual" murder when we're on the topic of choking women for fun?

No. 10200

That's already legal in a lot of places? Doctor assisted suicide?

No. 10232

I think you might've misread chokejob, anon; it's referring to sucking dick.

No. 10258

mentally retarded strawman cant even understand a post. What's the difference between you and a tranny supporter. Subhuman iq.
The post was about consensual blowjobs, you compared that to human trafficking, porn and ''chokejobs'' , yet again another mentally retarded poster.

Blowjobs are degrading but the way you are trying to convey your message makes you sound very stupid and that you cant comprehend or read before you reply.

No. 10669

>you compared one dehumanizing act to paid dehumanizing acts human trafficking, porn and ''chokejobs''

Why not criticise this inhuman term? Why not compare it to human trafficking, in my opinion it's a matter of consent and coercion; and these are two aspects similar to the consensual "chokejob" that human trafficking victims and porn actresses are expected to do. If something has the term "choke" in it can we really call that consent?

If an entire gender wishes to harm, degrade and humiliate while also pressuring this gender through collective gaslighting to do these sex acts and doing so through porn is that consent?

>The post was about consensual blowjobs

You'll have to forgive me for assuming the degrading dehumanizing and literally harmful, violent terms used were "consensual", you have actual brainrot.

>Blowjobs are degrading

Oh you agree.

>Yet again another mentally retarded poster.

Again, an actual counter argument would be nice though rather than retard, you actual pornrotted, brainrot retard.

No. 10698

What do you even mean by "chokejobs"? If it refers to women being choked or forced to perform oral sex, then yes of course it's rape/assault and cannot be consensual. But anons are saying that it's ridiculous to compare consensual blowjobs to rape and human trafficking.
>Oh you agree.
NTA but just because something is degrading doesn't mean that it can't be consensual. It's obviously highly subjective, some anons consider wearing yoga pants or having sex with a man degrading; it doesn't mean that all women have been coerced into it. Of course it's important to make sure that women aren't brainwashed into performing acts they don't like. But if a woman performs oral sex because she also gets it in return and/or she likes to pleasure her partner it's stupid to claim that she's in fact being coerced because you find it degrading.

No. 10790

Wearing yoga pants and any other skin tight is absolutely not degrading it's clothes in of by itself but context wise who invented skin tight clothes to begin with? And for what purpose are they often seen on one gender? I like leggings, tights, spandex shit and skin tight clothes but know it's purpose is degrading. But it's also comfortable as fuck. Having sex; that is piv sex is considered degrading by whoever considers it degrading, I too want to believe this lie but let's be honest it is degrading not by my opinion or your own. In of itself society has deemed both to be degrading, you are free to imagine it as not but it is objectively. piv sex can give women pleasure and is a matter of opinion but is still degrading, oral sex absolutely is not pleasurable and is degrading. No amount of mental gymnastics can be used to avoid this obvious point; men know it's degrading they scream to women that it is degrading, they humiliate women who argue that it isn't degrading and greatly encourage women to degrade themselves continuously because they know it weakens women as a collective, it reinforces their power as a class and weakens that of women. Don't try to elastically define it as something other than degrading when it very clearly is.

>it doesn't mean that all women have been coerced into it.

But women are coerced into sex constantly, all advertising media and the incel movement have made this more clear. Women have control over their sex drives and we have no media that represents our desires, lesbian women are even more ignored and disposed of if not conventionally appealing to moids. Because women have no de defining pleasure, source of attraction or collective desire they must cope to degrading moid desires and project them onto themselves. And an such there is hardly any heterosexual form of sex that could be considered non degrading for women. I do believe that oral sex can be sparingly consensual in a meager programmed way- so not really at all and enjoyable for women and men but it's objectively degrading like you argue beforehand. Using language like choking makes this fact even more bolstered and tenable. It makes one see the actual state of women in terms of sexual pleasure; there basically is none. No fair representation and that's reflected by the orgasm gap well.

>just because something is degrading doesn't mean that it can't be consensual

This seems oxymoronic to me, Piv sex can be consensual as there is pleasure to be had for the woman but not with oral sex of a moids scrote nor intensified dehumanizing shit like anal sex of women who very clearly lack prostates and with it receive nothing but degrading humiliation from it.

No. 10807

Nta but do you seriously think dressing like a cheap whore is comfortable but having sex with your boyfriend is degrading? Your being subjective, you like wearing thin skimpy clothing but you can't get a ok looking guy to date you so you think sex with the guys you pull, aka super ugly porn addicted men who only want to use you as a hole, is degrading, which it definitely is but that's not the case for every women.
Just because you can't have sex and enjoy it doesn't mean all women who have sex with their boyfriends or girlfriends are also being degraded.

No. 10808

Samefag and if you think giving oral is degrading, what about lesbians? You sound like a clueless straight woman.

No. 10845

I see no problem "dressing like a cheap whore" in your own home you may have missed
>I like leggings, tights, spandex shit and skin tight clothes but know it's purpose is degrading.
I'm aware you will be branded a 'cheap whore' because of how moids sexualize womens bodies but context matters and women are free to dress how they like; dressing degradingly is not to the same degree as having your body used like a fleshlight. Maybe being butt naked would be the exception to this for moid approval but certainly not skin tight clothes. Please don't get too comfortable using moid colored language like "whore" that shits depressing to hear from other women especially on the supposedly radfem board.

>you like wearing thin skimpy clothing

Not really, but I won't slut shame women for dressing how they want in "skimpy clothing", women are programmed to obsess over their appearances to please moids primarily after all above all else. In saying that it's not empowering at all and is degrading. Relative comfort is fine in your own home and dressing "skimpy" is not to the same degree of degrading as oral sex with moids. I have said previously that piv sex can be pleasurable to some women but won't backpedal that it is degrading in most cases. Moids have made it as such. At the same time I recognize that women's clothing is often designed by moids, the conception of its sexualized aspects and is inherently degrading but relent that we must wear clothes for practicality, comfort and the realistic truth of is that in receiving a leg up in the world involves capitulating to patriarchal aspects like dressing attractively", not "whorish like you say but I concede that dressing in skin tight clothing sometimes to accentuate pleasant feminine figure and features is an inevitability more so than degrading sex is. This isn't something to be ashamed of in of by itself but is not comparable to humiliation of moids turned sex into through porn.

>but you can't get a ok looking guy to date you so you think sex with the guys you pull, aka super ugly porn addicted men who only want to use you as a hole, is degrading, which it definitely is but that's not the case for every women.

What? I'm not heterosexual, why would you randomly assume this shit about some random anon you know nothing about?, unhinged.

>Just because you can't have sex and enjoy it doesn't mean all women who have sex with their boyfriends or girlfriends are also being degraded.

It doesn't appear to just me though in your imagination; not that you'd know my personal sex life though apparently you do already, in your made up scenarios of myself. Google the orgasm gap shallow, immature and catty pickme.

>which it definitely is but that's not the case for every women.

lol this catty volatile attitude towards other women makes you belong here that's for sure. "my nigel is special because he doesn't degrade me in the exact same way that those ugly icky porn sick males degrade you!" This sentence makes you sound like a misogynistic child. Do you not realize that the same sex act is being used you retard in both cases of the ideal attractive nigel and ugly pornsick moid?. Why would you mention that the imaginary males in your mind that I seem to hook up with are ugly? Is that relevant to anything we are discussing? Why are you so overly fixated on their looks and not their harmful behavior and institutionalized, programmed hatred of womens bodies? Why do you use the same dehumanizing language that those ugly porn obsessed moids use like 'whore'? Why do you fail to realize that the same programming and male socialization that the attractive male has is common to the ugly pornsick one as well. Both still have their entitlement and drive towards female humiliation yet its somehow only the womans fault because they only get ugly moids. Baffling.

Why do you magically have me figured out, a person who is a series of words only, a person you've never met and likely will never meet down to my apparent active sex life from a single internet post? You sound like an actual unhinged pickme in denial. I didn't say all piv is bad I said its degrading and it very much is often because it isn't a mutual experience for both men and women as well as how pornified and porn has ruined piv sex. I don't need to go into why oral sex is degrading; you know it is and concede that, men know it is, it is. The catty arguments that you make don't bolster your argument at all and seek to undermine them.

Nta but I can only speak for myself, I was using oral sex to avoid degrading language like blowjobs as not to make the mistake of chokejob anon, it also sounds less childish and scrote pornrot brained. The oral sex of moids is degrading but cunnilingus is obviously not. Women degrading each other is a whole other discussion outside of this but the short is women cannot degrade each other in the same way because lesbian women simply wouldn't have entire porn industry mobilized to do as such like moids.

No. 10850

File: 1677406477862.png (39.96 KB, 701x390, New Project.png)

i hate conservatives and want to a-log them all. for many many reasons.

No. 10851

> The oral sex of moids is degrading but cunnilingus is obviously not.

your post made me really think of the orgasm gap and how society enforces this disparity by turning men on 24/7 through all sorts of media consumption, while ignoring the sexuality of women who aren't turned on by seeing women degraded and reduced to sex objects to sell items in commercials or play love interests in a show, etc.. even if the women look "pleasing" to the eye.
men have successfully pitted women against each other to feel inferior is one is sexier and prettier. it can be hurtful that men in relationships are constantly window shopping at women who either work in entertainment or are just programmed to appeal to the male gaze at all times in order to be privy to better opportunities. I can't knock women for dressing that way or wearing perfect makeup and grooming, but I sure blame men for reducing us to sex objects.
I agree that women don't even get to know what they enjoy sexually because we don't have the media and society and porn representing what we even like or want at a women's undiluted and honest idea of sensually. often we just adopt what men tell us to like/pay us to like, and end up brainwashed by the media, porn, and men who watch porn, who sleep with us and cheat us out of sexual gratification that makes sex not even worth the effort, because it's so damn unenjoyable to "give to receive" if that's the only way we can orgasm. I dont want to be degraded or experience pain or discomfort or disgust just to feel good.
but I have to ask, why do you say that giving cunnilingus is not degrading or disgusting? what about for lesbians or people who experienced sexual assault by older girls during child hood, by men we didn't want to have do that to us?
I feel like men do say gross things about our genitals, the smell, etc. but as a bi woman idk if I'd go down because it's close to the urethra and anus, and sometimes smells like pee.. lesbian porn says I ought to like it but, I think slurpin' 69s are still informed by hetero male fantasies. I prefer manual stimulation of the clit/fingering, and I dont feel bad about the other person licking me out if they aren't turned on by it or have some sort of trauma. so many women do. I had a family member force themselves on me sexually twice in order to please me, so maybe that's why I dont see cunnilingus as "obviously not" degrading. it was to me being on the receiving end. and I just dont think I could lick a kitty without gagging because of anatomy. I appreciate your response

No. 10854

Yes oral is disgusting and degrading and also not healthy for you since it rises your risk of mouth cancer. And men see it as degrading, they see it as having power over you, women never used "suck my pussy" as an insult but men have always used "suck my dick" as an insult and power display. It doesn't matter what your pickme mind thinks, you will never truly understand what men are and what men think. Sperm is also chemical warfare against women so I would say that the mere fact you fuck men gives you skewed perspective on what things actually are and you won't get off of that high until you stop fucking them and go celibate for a longer period of time. Anyway, happy oral cancer

No. 10913

I'm curious if this woman has been posted before. Absolute retard with soulless eyes, claims her ideas come from feminists and said she read feminist theories

No. 10915

the fact that she looks nothing like her faceapped filtered photos. Looks 10 years older in her videos.

No. 10923

One thing I hate more than anything are women who take on their more popular internet personality boyfriend's/husband username. Like girl, get your own identity and stop leeching off your shitty moid's opinions. I'd kms before ever intentionally marrying a man, letting him have sex with me only to end up being his fucking cheerleader and leverage over his incel audience because he's married These women have no self-respect.

No. 10927

Young online trads are so weird, they go to mostly liberal spaces like tumblr and they whine about it, go to a catholic forum instead of getting into slapfights with libfems.

No. 11009

File: 1677726740936.png (113.83 KB, 987x636, nlog.png)

No. 11010

File: 1677726875986.png (182.82 KB, 540x1132, Screenshot.png)

No. 11012

>refers to women as gynoid
Women are better than men but not physically stronger. Moids are retarded and think being the most x of something is superior, when it's being the most violent and retarded so they bastardise the earth and think it means they're superior.

No. 11054

>Women's passivity, empathy, risk aversion limits success

How? Couldn't you just as easily argue that these traits ensure more stable, linear success? Why is the pickme only looking in terms of success as sporadic batshit moids in their shit coated basement one time risky "discoveries" and investments and not linear predictable made success of women?. Also no mention of how these traits are ingrained in women and taught? They're just "objectively true". According to who are they objectively true "gynoid"?. And why are they not conducive to success? They sound excellent and altruistic begetting more success. Just because your idea of success is a shit stained pie in the sky moids doesn't mean all success is.

No. 11184

File: 1677950691166.png (69.48 KB, 593x666, stripclub.png)

I was supposed to post this ages ago but forgot about it until now. Anyway a brief summary:

>wife finds out her husband visits strip clubs, is not surprised since "he likes boobs and women"

>husband claims that all he does at the club is order one non-alcoholic drink, sit in the corner, never touches the strippers and instead just pays single dollars to talk to them because they're "fascinating", "easy to get along with" and have "unique social skills"
>wife believes this and finds it adorable and endearing that his husband is sooo different from all the other creepy drunks at the strip club
>husband admits that he HAS actually paid for lap dances too, b-but only like once or twice though!
>His justification: "Hey, it's how they make their money." (actual quote from the article)
>wife feels uncomfortable with the idea of her husband getting lap dances, instead of setting boundaries she decides to take the cool girl route and goes to the strip club together with her husband to prove how much of a cool, fun, totally-not-boring-and-jealous wife she can be
>first instance of her mentioning how she thinks strippers need to perform well enough to deserve their tips, complains that the first time she went to a strip club the strippers looked too bored and annoyed and she refused to give a five-dollar tip to anyone except one girl who "earned it"
>wife and husband go to the club, at first she feels good about being a "cool wife", then notices that the strippers aren't interacting with her husband because she's there accompanying him (apparently something strippers do to avoid conflict), starts to feel guilty for repelling the strippers and ruining her husband's night
>second instance of her talking about her standards for strippers, complains about the girls who don't appear enthusiastic enough about their job
>mentions how great her boobs are
>third instance of whining about the strippers not working hard enough, thinks that going to strip clubs with her husband is not a good idea because of "disagreement over who deserves a tip", husband wants to give money to anyone offering a lap dance, wife won't tip anyone unless their performance meets her standards
>ends the article by saying that the visit was boring for her husband because he didn't get enough stripper action but at least they saved money

No. 11189

these are the same women who shame women who are spinsters or UNmarried lol.

''Enjoy your cats'' yeah ill enjoy that and you can enjoy the numerous std's your husbands is brining in every night.

No. 11233

I was told that if my husband wanted to fuck whores or visit strippers I should've been fine with it by a married man, when I told him I'd just fuck an ex if my husband pulled either he got so mad. But hey, at least I'm not fucking up our finances and wasting our savings and paying hundreds for someone that's disgusted of me to touch me.

No. 11270

These women always learn the hard way that their husband don’t love them at all and resent the marriage but only wants to stay married for the social approval, their social standing and that they have someone at home. Pathetic

No. 11294

File: 1678106769430.png (1.39 MB, 1280x1280, 44A730EF-3FEF-4806-925C-9DC262…)

the pickme id like to discuss is myself from 6 months ago

>4 year IRL relationship

>has folders of nudes from other women

>routinely flirts with and maintains romantic online contact with multiple women

>frequently has sexual conversations online with other women

>broke down in tears once and confessed to flirting with an teenage girl (ffs)

>jerks off to our friends pictures

>downloads ALL the data off my computer and wipes it so he can ‘go through it’

>infrequently struck me a few times with various tech objects

>continued flirtatious contact with his ex girlfriend the entire 4 years. i accept it eventually

>lose everyone’s respect

> group chat begged me to leave for a year. eventually they couldn’t cope with my handmaidenry, constant complaining about him even though i was choosing this horrible relationship.

>tried to hang himself and posted on twitter that it was my fault because i ‘scared away his new gf’

>left the group chat after being rightfully ostracised over choosing this relationships i

>gutted because i felt a strong bond with the women in that chat but towards the end they were clearly making fun of me

>i avoided responsibility and blamed other women instead of leaving him

>i buy us a house

>big mistake

>3 months after i buy the house. he brings another woman into it. tells me it’s over between us and that he is bringing her back and that i will accept it or he’ll become homeless or kill himself

>he threatens suicide, threatens to damage my belongings, threatens to squat in my house, threatens to sue me if i don’t allow her into my home.

>she’s apparently fine with all that for whatever reason

>they have hours of loud phone conversations 5-12pm every night in MY house while i cry myself to sleep, have to listen to them both mock me

>one night he comes into my room and cuddles me even though he’s supposedly ~in love~ with new gf

>i didn’t want him to leave so i begged him to end the affair like a spineless fucktard handmaiden (cringe)

>he moves out and i let the house out

>he adds himself to my previous group chat and tells them he never loved me, we were never in a relationship, and that i raped him. (they believe him kek)

>truth is that i was a very devoted and loving gf and did everything he asked of me

>still talks to this woman and composes international handwritten loveletters which she then posts online despite purporting to be in a new e-relationship

>i point out that he hasn’t changed

>’i never treated my other gfs like that, only you because i didn’t respect you’

i’m now medicated and receiving the correct help i need for my affliction and no longer have contact with him. it’s been 6 months since this 4 year pantomime ended and i still have nightmares about it.

No. 11296

Honestly I wouldn't call you a pick-me. It sounds like you were in an abusive and toxic relationship. Regardless, I'm glad you found a place to vent about it. He sounds like a POS, sorry you went through that.

No. 11298

honestly i don’t think i’ll ever be the same

No. 11299

….is she trying to pass off the thumbnail as being her?

No. 11301

That's not what pickme means? Had me fooled.

No. 11303

I think it's possible to be both a pickme and an abuse victim, in fact I think pickmes are more likely to be abused bc they're weak and easy targets.
It's interesting that you were the one who bought the house for you both, did he earn less money than you? I wonder what the dynamic was

No. 11305

he earned no money. he has never been employed and is nearly 30. i supported him and paid for everything which in retrospect is likely why he didn’t take me seriously, didn’t respect me and felt entitled do treat me like shit.

i let him live rent free, cooked, cleaned, did the laundry etc and play video games because i thought if i gave him a Good Deal and was a Cool Girl that he’d eventually see i’m the true love of his life but actually all i did is pay out the arse for someone who hated me and made fun of me behind my back.

i can’t even entirely fault him at this point it was my fault for letting it happen. ALL my friends told me to stop. my group chat knew it was madness. but i was addicted. being near him was such a fucking high. i did everything he ever asked me. i let him do whatever he wanted and he took that to the extreme.

No. 11306

the dynamic was basically that he had total and complete power over me and knew it full well and even acknowledged it and said that he thought it was unethical that he was wielding my dependency on him. but i let the charade continue, like a literal dope addict

i was so fucking stupid i wish i could turn back time. he never loved me, he never saw me, he just used me and never regarded me as a person


No. 11366

Sounds very toxic OP. Glad to hear you've left him and are getting help. He played you because he knew he could. Men can sense insecurity a mile away, you were an easy target to prey. Make sure you build your confidence and esteem before getting into another relationship. It also sounds like you have a crappy support system so work on that too.

No. 11412

File: 1678287540991.jpg (156.12 KB, 1080x864, the tags kek.jpg)

No. 11422

Yeah I’ll crack that faggots skull open. I’ll bust her teeth too(a-logging )

No. 11423

i hate those pro femininity tradthots

No. 11443

NTA but honesty some of the things that prevent me from fully agreeing with most radfems on tumblr is that they 1. believe in neo pagan woowoo shit like the "divine femenine" (I am anti religion) 2. are extremely weird about lesbians 3. some of them larp as femcels or are some weird mix of pickme tradthot nlog 4. they are very conflictive with each other.

But mostly it's the "divine femenine" shit. I hate putting femininity in a pedestal. And some of these girls have blogs dedicated to some weird aesthetic about it. Literally why.

No. 11472

Without the divine feminine they're probably left with nothing but hatred and angst over being women. It's not like there are any actual positives, so you have to either invent some or get good at pretending you like being a woman even though you can't make a single reason why.

No. 11474

we have beauty though. men are ugly af.

No. 11475

now ratfem…how the hell is this different from divine femininity though. Its the same crap of believing womens value is beauty.

No. 11477

i'm not a radfem. valuing beauty =/= believing that women's only quality is beauty. sorry but a lot of you use radical feminism as an excuse to be ugly/not take care of yourselves.

No. 11478

women since the creation of time have been forced to be beautiful and ''take care of themselves'' (define what you mean by that). If a woman wants to be ugly who gives a shit except for insecure women like you.

No. 11480

Nta and I'm someone who takes care of herself but beauty is usually natural and a sign of good health so as long as an average healthy woman has good hygiene and dresses for her body, she looks presentable. Believing that your 9 step skincare routine and 300 dollars worth of makeup and overstyled dead hair make you look better is just coping. Putting too much effort into your looks only makes you look weird when compared to other people around you.

No. 11496

File: 1678401560535.jpg (65.25 KB, 640x640, 326329433_238681411817659_6670…)

deeply glad someone mentioned her because I was hoping to see her on lolcow. she spends her time calling herself a tradcath "waif" and runs an instagram where she posts stuff like picrel kek

No. 11512

people are free to have any routine they want but "taking care of yourself" should be about hygiene and health like >>11480 said, and we all know that for women it means much more than that. even if a woman is fresh out of the shower and healthy, if she's not shaved, have visible eyebags and skin texture, wears loose/practical clothing - people will consider her unkempt.

i don't even get what the pic means lmao (eslfag though) but
>"dump him" feminism means men are unworthy of love and dignity
wtf is this? you need a valid reason to dump someone now? you violate men's dignity by breaking up with them? i don't get this. men certainly don't have any qualms about leaving women the day they aren't useful/beautiful enough to them.

No. 11522

File: 1678431477497.jpg (104.18 KB, 640x800, 292336035_764803277981400_5854…)

some more pics incoming. same tired tradcath "manic pixie" vaguely proana pickme shit

No. 11523

File: 1678431503308.jpg (117.08 KB, 640x800, 300568135_1148844932365262_902…)


No. 11524

File: 1678431601488.jpg (61.62 KB, 640x640, 306781481_753697742363707_3048…)

imagine posting stuff like this with a straight face and then charging money for people to read your dramatic essay about fucking your lecturer kek (link to this genuinely exists on her twitter)

No. 11525

I can't tell what this post is trying to say

No. 11526

Ugh indie pick me supreme Phoebe…I hate her whole fake ass schtick of pretending to promote feminism while pandering as hard as she can to old crusty washed up dudes. I still like to think that Lindsay from Snail Mail was subtweeting her for her annoying spicy straight antics

No. 11536


That is because they are not actually religious and traditional, they are larping and want to appear better than the rest.

No. 11552

No. 11579

File: 1678474728143.jpg (94.27 KB, 1080x1080, 279103073_185108653847809_3067…)

Jon Koppenhaver(aka War Machine) is an ex-MMA fighter who nearly beat his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend to death, he actually got married while he was in prison and has a son, his new wife actively posts on instagram, like how fucking brain dead do you have to be to marry a violent meathead in prison and then bare him a son and further spread his genes


No. 11610

WTF what is going in this woman’s mind… no words

No. 11611

Anna Sundström, born as Anna Christina Persdotter (26 February 1785 in Kymlinge, Spånga – 1871), was a Swedish chemist. She was the assistant of the chemist Jöns Jacob Berzelius from 1808 to 1836. Anna Sundström has been referred to as the first female chemist in Sweden.

This thread needs more positive examples like this

No. 11618

kek based
prison groupies are some of the biggest pickmes. if he was out and about, hed beat her and his kid. possibly kill them too. the only victim is this poor boy these retards conceived

No. 11623

File: 1678595945897.png (96.68 KB, 998x594, 45.png)

WTF what is going in this woman’s mind… no words
>He's dangerous
>He's strong and violent
>he'd treat ME differently because I'm special
>He's just misunderstood
>I could fix him
One, some, or all.

No. 11641

I think it is an extreme case of NLOG. "Im not like those dumb weak victim women, I can control this dangerous insane scrote because I am special and he loves only me for real"

No. 11648

okay I get calling out NLOGs and pick-me's, but this is way beyond that, marrying and having children with a violent criminal WHILE HE'S IN PRISON is a whole other level of fucked up

No. 11699

Pickme girls be like

No. 11727

Does one have the right to be ugly?
Is "my body my choice applicable" here?

No. 11761

I don't get how pickmes and assorted anti-feminists can be in such denial about moids, you have all these stats about domestic violence, sexual assault and just crime in general, and they go "nu-uh men and boys are such gentle souls and are misunderstood, it's women who are evil", like wtf.

No. 11844

File: 1678863790368.jpg (46.27 KB, 621x571, FrJOI4RX0AEr_vJ.jpg)

Drew Barrymore on her actual knees for Dylan Mulvaney

No. 11965

File: 1679206122525.jpg (259.89 KB, 1080x1227, FrgMRYcX0AEis46.jpg)

I think libfems have terrible sense of optics, they genuinely don't realize how hypocritical they come across to everybody

No. 11972

They behave that way because they want to be picked, but then so do most women who are in heterosexual relationships, they behaved in a certain way in order to get picked by someone they liked
It is debatable whether pickme behavior which benefits the girl and therefore has her interests aligned with the "pickme category" of behaviors is acceptable

No. 11982

File: 1679255341317.png (16.56 KB, 879x324, 4.png)

What is this?

No. 11990

My God, what a boring circa-2014 surface level libfem take. Then again, it did come from Reddit.

No. 12057

Danica Patrick changed her mind about "being a sex symbol"?
"People don't know how to describe women in a pretty way. Do you call Blake Griffin a sex symbol because he was on the cover of Men's Health with his shirt off? People just don't know what to call women who look attractive."[199] She expressed a different view five years later, saying she felt "awesome" about being a sex symbol: "The exposure that was generated because of being female and using my attributes — it works."

No. 12145

File: 1679591890618.jpg (194.73 KB, 1080x1899, lol.jpg)

Women like her think they're somehow persecuted or counter-culture, when in reality they're the norm/ideal

No. 12150

>bully us into conformity
Retard, femininity is conformity. That's what's nationally expected by men.

No. 12151

Kek they wish they were in Legally Blonde so badly.

No. 12317

Honestly, don't think being feminine is ideal in anywhere but sexual relationships with men. A teacher, lawyer or doctor who pays more attention to her hair, makeup or clothes and doesn't conform to looking basic will get disrespected and probably harassed/mocked by male coworkers. Imagine an engineer woman working in a company where she's the only woman, she'll have to put up a front so her coworkers won't look down on her, whether that be deepening her voice or having to wear loose clothes so she can feel more comfortable and hide herself. Even female doctor friends of mine get mistaken as nurses and get harassed by both patients and male coworkers more if they're young or wear makeup, which makes no sense.

And when it comes to men, they usually only see feminine women(example would be an instagram model) as whores and basic women (again example is a random girl nextdoor who doesn't put much effort into her looks) as madonna/mother/potential wife. That's the Madonna whore complex they all have which means they'll look down on both groups of women and try to exploit both for their own benefits. The whore for sexual benefits, the madonna for emotional support and doormat.

No. 12318

Even after trying to make herself believe she's comfortable, she's so obviously not happy with her fiance going to one. If I were her, I'd call another man and fuck him while my fiance was at the strip club, it's only fair.

No. 12320

While what you say is true in the sense that femininity doesn't earn a woman respect in men's eyes, neither does masculinity, at least ultimately. If feminine women get mocked for being "whores", masculine women (or just women who are not ultrafeminine) get mocked for being frumpy dykes and ugly old hags etc. Women simply can't win.

Posts like >>12145 remind me of the retarded libfem talking point that it's actually femininity that is hated, not women, which is blatantly untrue. Misogyny is directed at women, plain and simple, and it doesn't matter whether they're feminine or not, men will find an excuse to mock and belittle women either way.

No. 12321

Anon, the "girl next door" is feminine too, the difference is in how much skin they show (the madonna vs the whore). You don't see any trad men getting married to tomboys or very masculine woman (muscular for example). Or idk women who just look like men.

No. 12322

Anon, the "girl next door" is feminine too, the difference is in how much skin they show (the madonna vs the whore). You don't see any trad men getting married to tomboys or very masculine woman (muscular for example). Or idk women who are gnc in general.
Femininity absolutely is the ideal.

No. 12327

Oh my god I'm sorry. There's an error on lolcow. I'll try to delete those posts.

No. 12334

wow anon thanks for deleting the posts…

No. 12336

Yeah I agree with you, women will be looked down upon regardless of how we present ourselves, I just disagreed with anon who thought it's ideal and easy to be feminine, which isn't.
Why the fuck did you make five posts? Get help.

No. 12348

There’s a posting error on the site

No. 12350

File: 1679855983877.png (109.1 KB, 645x985, CAPTURE.png)

I don't know if this is at all the right thread for this, but what's the deal with edie/rusticfem. like she's based 95% of the time, but then out of nowhere she'll have these random pick-me takes that feel strange coming from her, she's also really inconsistent when it comes to Judaism, like she'll post about how fundamentally patriarchal Judaism is as a religion but she's still very proud and vocal of her jewish identity and I think she once tweeted that she "HAS" to side with jewish men for the sake of her people.

No. 12358

>most women will be mothers at some point
why does this feel like a subtle threat?

No. 12360

TBH, I think it's that she has things to unpack about Judaism and its misogyny and is working on it. There's nothing wrong with being proud of your identity and recognizing the problems within it.
I don't think it's a threat, more of just a broad brush.

No. 12368

I don't think there's anything wrong with her being proud of her Jewish identity. I'm assuming she's referring more to pride in her ethnic group, not like specifically the religion. I think it makes sense she hates the religion because of its misogynistic practices but is still proud to be Jewish because thats her ethnicity.

No. 12398

I don't think she's wrong, statistically most women become mothers at some point in their life and it's true that they are more at risk, and I say this as a childfree volcel woman.

No. 12407

There's "becoming a mother" of your own volition because of personal biological narcissism/preserving genes than there's being raped, coerced and pressured into having kids because of moids. The latter falls into this >>12358 category of threat.

No. 12408


Good point, the girl next door isn't subversion of femininity at all, but rather upholding traditional feminine aspects which are "rewarded" and expected in patriarchy

lel too late, would be nice if admin could delete them

No. 12448

No. 12576

A common pick-me behavior I see, that's often viewed as feminist because it is "equality" Is women saying men should have the right to a "financial abortion" if women can get actual abortions.

Bullshit imo. Biology wasn't made equal, which men love to point out to us constantly and use to their advantage. A child being born should be 100% the woman's choice, and if she chooses to have the child, that child is a living, breathing human who needs looking after. The bare minimum a man can do is pay child support, it is a much lesser ask than carrying a baby for 9 months, giving birth and raising the child. If men don't want to have children then use a condom lmao. Men get away with not paying child support as it is, giving them the legal right to do so is ridiculous and making a child suffer unnecessarily for the sake of so-called "equality"

No. 12580

I guess the only circumstance where I could see something like this being justified is if it can be clearly proven that a long-term partner lied about being on birth control or not wanting children, and only as long as the woman can still have an abortion. It's probably extremely rare, but lying nutjobs can be found on both sides, I guess? But anything else - a one-night stand or other circumstances where both parties were negligent, absolutely not. Giving this option unconditionally is insane, men are already free to dip at any time during the pregnancy or even after the child is born, and there are women who argue that men should not only be able to abandon their partners and children, but also never have to help them financially? Jesus. I only saw that take on reddit from men and it's so hypocritical because they would use the "it's a human being, life is sacred!1!" argument to defend the abortion ban, but then immediately switch it up and say that if women can abort then men should have the right to never help their living child. So much for the sanctity of life. In the end, this makes it clear that men cannot accept women having the final say on anything, even if it has been decided by biology, whereas women keep fighting for these men's "rights". As you said, men are free to consistently wear condoms, or get a vasectomy, or, you know, not fuck around and only have sex for procreation with their spouses, as they often advise women to do.

No. 12582

I've never seen a woman say this aside from those podcast ladies who pretend to be pro andrew tate to get incel views. Women are too smart to genuinely think that way and if any woman says that it's probably for shock value or financial gain.

No. 12585

I've seen that take a lot in childfree forums and liberal feminist fb groups. those areas of the internet are dumb so not surprising but still a take that irritates me as it is so stupid.

No. 12592

I don't visit those sites but I'm not surprised. A lot of online child free places are filled with mentally ill women who think other women deserve punishment for getting pregnant.

No. 12609

File: 1680204388743.png (231.24 KB, 1256x467, 1680198628663.png)

Posted this in another thred, but The Power by Naomi Alderman is possibly the worst piece of "feminist" text ever written.

The book is built on the premise that women and teenage girls develop the ability to deliver electrostatic shocks(like electric eels) This of course changes the elements of the power dynamic between men and women instantly. however this is a book that you can tell was written by a liberal pick-me feminist who applies her beliefs on every human being. In less then a decade all organized religions were just completely rewritten (the main example being where Jesus was basically crossed out of the Bible and Mary being scribbled on top). as if hundreds of millions of Christian women would just be okay with that. also Women for no reason at all take on "sexist male" characteristics of being condescending, power-hungry and sexualizing teeanage boys. all men start acting weak and submissive. Revolutions and gender wars break out with women becoming bloodthirsty berserkers that rape and kill innocent men and boys. These are written in shockingly graphic detail, almost like some femdom fetish fic.

Its 400+ pages of a ham-fisted allegory. the message that power corrupts and being oppressed is horrible hits you like a sledgehammer every page.

No. 12612

If he didn't want to pay child support, he shouldn't have stuck his dick in her. Men are the active participators of sex and there's no way to prove the woman even consented to it, as he could simply force her. If she lied about being on birth control that's her choice, because women are the creators of life. The man doesn't need to consent. Simple as. Nothing unethical is present.

No. 12759

File: 1680555471696.jpeg (167.23 KB, 750x1095, F5E5BDCE-1298-4D69-8AB6-29B78E…)

Not Lisa claiming to be blackpill and then caping for Johnny Depp and befriending a retarded scrote, going into her comments to lecture and insult her follows who hated on him and warned her, smugly posting a ‘how is cyber bullying real’ quote on her community tab, and then coming back to cry about how she was boohoo MANipulated into flirting with an engaged man and is so hurt and victimized that she slept on the bathroom floor fucking lmao

No. 12814

File: 1680634873275.jpeg (134.51 KB, 750x794, 9DCEBC02-6105-4A34-A38F-9E4520…)

Kek she is coping and pity partying so hard. It’s really disappointing to see the direct Radical Ramblings is going after streaming more regularly with Lisa. Radical has gone soft, coulda swore she had videos about het feminists but now she’s falling over herself to protect Lisa after Lisa treated her subscribers like shit and Radical just silently watched Lisa defend pedo rapist Depp to the end.

No. 12816

She use to say she was a separatist, well only talking to her male family members, so how did she let herself become besties with a man? Kek. I use to enjoy her old thought out videos but she does not have the skin to be a "cool streamer youtuber" that she wants to be. She's desperate for people to like her and instead of writing in her dairy about her problems she'll prolong the drama until all her followers are validating her.

No. 12903

I can't stand women who use the word "bitch" to refer to other women (I see it a lot on lc for example). I think they should kill themselves

No. 12927

I hate even more women who call other women "cunts", especially for stupid shit, this is peak NLOGism to me.

No. 12956

File: 1680891853130.jpg (372 KB, 1080x1690, Screenshot_20230217_171751_Chr…)

Say what you want about Gone Girl you can't deny the Cool Girl monologue was right, and pickmes seething about it proves its point.

No. 12970

File: 1680898602347.jpeg (183.71 KB, 1242x2071, IMG_0123.jpeg)

Accidentally found MRA tumblr and saw this TikTok. She claims she used to be a “blue haired feminist” but she suddenly realized that she has to work and pay taxes so now feminism bad. It makes no sense and her message is so weak it’s laughable but I’m sure she’s just happy knowing a bunch of men beat off to her TikToks while commenting shit like “where can I find a woman like you!?” Kek it’s honestly pathetic. Do you give all of the money you grift from TikTok to your husband because having your own bank account is a yucky feminist thing?

No. 12971

Does she not know it’s from a book/movie? Or is she addressing the fictional character? This is so embarrassing

No. 12972

I think the “cool girl” traits men love have a lot of crossover with the traits of autism in women. Obviously though, autistic women also have other traits that men find cringe/unbearable.

No. 12973

Most men want a super hot model woman who's super relatable but the actual women who have this personality are obese ugly autists like this pickme which men definitely wouldn't find burps hot coming from her.

No. 12977

Personally I don't "get it", it's obvious that most men want an ideal woman who has the same interests as them but also looks like a supermodel(it's really not a groundbreaking observation) but I feel the rant does dismiss women who have non-stereotypically feminine interests, like I marital arts film, not to impress my bf or a group of hypothetical male friends(I've never had a bf or male friends in my life, mind you) However, there are women like me who also share this interest. The bottom line is that we enjoy this activity not to impress men, but simply because we find it personally entertaining.

No. 12987

And you can tell she's not any happier licking crumbs off moids' plates, her eyes have nothing behind them except 'help me.'
Sorry for incoming sperg
A lot of Amy's narration is her obvious distaste for other women and her assumption that they're playing Cool Girl, when it may turn out that they do actually enjoy those things and those interests tend to overlap—-another thing about Amy's character is her nearsightedness towards others' behavior and her familiarity with being the smartest person in the room, so she's used to looking down on people.
/end sperg

No. 12997

Stop being an nlog. I know more women who like marital arts movies than men, the point of that monolog is that men expect us to change our personality depending on the current guy we're dating so we can be super relatable to them while still spending our time maintaining a very attractive outer appearance. Being autistic and counting burps like the woman in that post does or having weird special interests isn't going to make you an ideal girl in their eyes but a weirdo because the point is that the cool girl likes what her man likes, not what "all men" likes.
The point is that the man you're currently dating expecting you to have same interests as him is pointless, the women who do it to be loved are sad.

No. 12998

How is she being an nlog

No. 13007

File: 1680944810866.jpg (106.59 KB, 1200x900, FoZdfFVaYAAX6D1.jpg)

again I have never a bf and neither you or the amy dunn's rant are saying anything groundbreaking, it's the lowest common denominator. anyway this is what the actual husband of the actress your quoting looks like.

No. 13039

Same but with "whore"

No. 13060

>realizes she has to work and pay taxes
>waaaaaaaaaah adulting is so hawd >w<
dumbass. the average man cant provide for a wife and kids on one salary

No. 13075

File: 1680977440512.png (75 KB, 1140x2161, Rflg1cy.png)

I can empathize with where she's coming from. Fact is Human beings shouldn't have to live like laboratory rats in cities, constantly juggling papers and decisions on what to sign and what not to, all for the sake of avoiding a ruined life. She appears to be attributing the blame to feminism, but in reality, the root of the issue lies in neo-liberal capitalism.

No. 13125

nta but kek, anon, you don't know a difference between an actress and a character that she portrays?

No. 13247

>again I have never a bf and neither you or the amy dunn's rant are saying anything groundbreaking
You have never a boyfriend what? You have never pulled an amy dunn on your bf? Never had a bf? What does this mean anon don't leave us hanging

No. 13628

File: 1681734062445.jpg (212.19 KB, 1502x1502, FtTQLXoAIlGzJ.jpg)

I think intersectional feminism might have started out with some good aims but every sort of "intersection" has been used to the disadvantage of women, liberalism ranks literally every intersection under the sun above women's issues (and it's even hard to get them to acknowledge there's even such a thing as something exclusive to women at all). I don't even blame moids who use it to gain advantages cause their using their just using the tools libfems gave them. That's why (liberal) feminism is men's rights at this point Its is pro-sex industry, pro-removal of women's spaces, pro-gender roles, pro-kink and sexualizing abuse, and pro-equalizing of men and women when it comes to victim/perp of sexual violence and critiques of relationships and critiques of patriarchy, and suggestion that race and gender counters sex every single time.

No. 13718

I hate when straight white men make fun of straight white women, like bitch be for real they're just looking for excuses to be misogynistic

No. 13722

and the sad reality is that its mostly white women who agree to it or sometimes take part in their own demonization.

No. 13758

What's also hilarious to me is to watch them call white women 'karen' or anything like that, like that's every single woman in your family and probably including your gf, you fat faggot.

No. 13789

>your gf
Do you genuinely believe those incels have gfs? Kek.

No. 13811

File: 1681901113344.jpeg (175.45 KB, 1242x1214, 2A551840-DC9D-4620-9155-0A09E9…)

No. 14773

File: 1683886581899.png (149.78 KB, 1080x1900, anonhateswomen.png)

No. 14774

Idk but I had the exact same experience, I only worked with women, and we only have 2 guys who are nice and never gossip about anyone and just want to get the work done, I'm sure that if I worked with more men I would encounter shitty men. It's just sad that when working with 11 women only 3 of them are decent people and the rest talk behind each other's back, gossip, backstab, play mindgames, act super nice to someone and then call the same person cunt or bitch when they aren't around etc., and my female boss is the biggest narc ever, she and my two female team leaders are also the only people at our work place who go on literally 1 hour long breaks, when others, including team leaders in other departments, can only go for 15-30 minutes

No. 14798

This is a problem I’ve really only had with boomer women. Old, millennia, and zoomer women are chill to work with though in my experience. Actually zoomers not so much because they are usually lazy as fuck and half ass everything.

No. 14812

File: 1684141134920.jpg (33.28 KB, 720x378, Screenshot_20230515_105907_Chr…)

Deepthroating cock is just like drinking water uwu and totes something inexperienced women should do to bear swallowing rank jizz

No. 14913

File: 1684703097049.jpg (45.22 KB, 759x757, 1684681301950.jpg)

Some radfems are like this (I didn't make the meme)

No. 14919

I'd say 99% of spiritual radfems are like this.

No. 14983

>Also she was a virgin at 26
What's wrong with that?

No. 14984

>Also she was a virgin at 26
Girl… No offense, but leave the moid virgin shit out. There's nothing wrong with that.

No. 14985


It's not an inherently bad thing, but it certainly is a "data point". I think being a virgin at 26 is cool and even laudable (I wish I'd waited that long), but many women who find themselves virgins in their mid-late 20s are deeply insecure about it and some probably turn to pickmeism to compensate.

No. 15027

>Also she was a virgin at 26
Why feel the need to maintain that slut status quo anon? "All women must be used as fleshlights or they're wierd" catty pickme shit. At least that is certainly a pickme opinion belonging here.

No. 15028

She is not unnatractive scrote. I would choose her over the average obese bearded moid who watches porn all day.

No. 15104

She has more muscle than your average man and is super healthy. Trust me this woman has a lot easier time getting someone to lvoe her than you ever will, moid. Also she's posting stuff attacking incels and mgtow mindset so she's not "redpill".

No. 15251

not sure if this is the right thread to post this - does anyone know why do some women perpetually date trannies? i have an ex friend who cut me off for her tranny ex, and she wants to reconcile, but i found out she's dating another tranny (who's a furry and a clown to boot). obv not interested in being her friend, but i cannot understand why she keeps doing this to herself. it's weird to me because we're both from the same area of third world countries with high instances of domestic violence, kidnapping, etc so i would think she wouldn't be acting like such an american liberal feminist about these things

No. 15309

For one I'm glad my department is majority female even in leadership positions even if there still is a lot of dumb office politics. But anyway I'm not complaining about that rn. I had a chat with my boss in her office and I happened to notice that she only has pictures of her son everywhere and not her daughter. She's been complaining about her daughter a lot lately–shes about 13/14 so she's at that prime age of going through a lot and she is always calling my boss to pick her up from school since she doesn't want to be there. I know she sacrifices a lot for both her kids and I know there's a lot I'm not seeing but it's sad to see the son preference through office decorations. I'm so tired of dealing with my family's son preference for my brother all my life that it upset me to know it's happening to this young girl who's growing up in a horrible time.

No. 15459

>does anyone know why do some women perpetually date trannies?
They have a fetish for trannies.

No. 15569

They probably see them as 'safe' men because they're different. Not to shill this video (it's just an example/explanation), but it's kind of like the adorkable misogyny trope talking about in this video (ironically I think the maker is a tra?). They think they can't be women hating assholes or rapists if they aren't jocks, not realising they are still men and therefore still often are. It's like when women think a man who calls himself a feminist can't be a rapist, when men call themselves whatever they need to to lure women.

No. 15578

is there a better term for this, then "Adorkable Misogyny"

No. 15608

Weak nonconforming men doing weak things

No. 15616

I'm in this women's gaming server and everyone policed each other over not playing or mentioning Hogwarts legacy. Then when they finally added a friend code sharing thread, I added everyone and saw nearly all of them played the game kek

No. 15617


No. 15651

Isn’t it just the NiceGuy trope. I’ve never heard of a sporty normie type being called a nice guy

No. 15724

File: 1686628714583.png (204.36 KB, 1489x748, pickme1.png)

Documented some pickme shit in a server I'm in

No. 15725

That's not a man?

No. 15726

KEK no. I've seen video of her, it's a pickme.

No. 15729

who is she?

No. 15730

Insane britbong woman in a mostly-scrote server I'm in. I never really paid attention to her until recently, and I started reading her backlog of posts last week. Unsurprisingly she has daddy issues and said she has a hard time making female friends. There's like 3 women in this scrote server: her, me, and this other minor handmaiden.

No. 15752

no offense but that says way more about then anybody else here.

No. 15854

File: 1687328458489.jpeg (95.83 KB, 828x1182, IMG_3641.jpeg)

Never in my life have I seen an attractive woman boast about fucking another woman’s bf. It’s ALWAYS women who look like this.

This woman’s Nigel abandoned her to move to Asia to chase women who fit his racial preference and even though he’s been hooking up with significantly more attractive women, she waits.

What goes around, I guess kek(Discord vendetta infighting)

No. 15880

kek she’s so tragic

No. 15883

she is attractive though

No. 15886

Maybe in lalaland? NTA but she looks special needs anon kek

No. 15889

she’s just average tbh

No. 15908

File: 1687488939605.jpg (181.38 KB, 817x1032, tumblr_5089b749e9df714ca582a9f…)

No. 15909

She is objectively attractive. Do you have proof she had an affair with a scrote and wasn't just posting this post-breakup to gas herself up? Stop vendettaposting and talking to yourself. You can just open a word document if you want to type to yourself.

No. 15914

Did she stole your man then? Pickmes like you call thin feminine women ugly and then think their fat hairy boyfriends are sex gods. Stop fighting over some ugly dude it's pathetic.

No. 15953

Nonna do you look like her

No. 15957

File: 1687675296867.jpg (159.47 KB, 1080x1718, Japano.jpg)

You shouldn't shit on other women when this is how you look, japanon. Your selfies were even sadder but I'm not going to send them because no one deserves to see that shit(Discord vendetta infighting)

No. 15961


This is so obnoxiously pickme it actually makes me feel rage

No. 15963

No, pls post her selfies

No. 15969

Male overconfidence gets women/children killed. Reminds me of that one tiktok video of that rafting instructor who, despite being experienced at her job, had non-experienced moids trying to take the lead, as if they knew anything. The first day on her job, a woman drowned due to a man's overconfidence, probably ignoring the instructor or not even bothering to use one. How semen-poisoned do you have to be to believe it's a positive and not a negative trait? The male death drive is something to see and I wouldn't give a shit if they'd just keep it to themselves, they can wander in all the dark caves and get mauled to death all they want, just stop lumping other people into it.

No. 15993

"You can leave the known road but you won't know what you will find"

No. 16019

her husband is gonna die and she's gonna cheer him on, which is so cool. I support her.

No. 16067

File: 1688229704930.jpg (48.64 KB, 275x269, 0962.JPG)

>men willingly going into dangerous areas and possibly dying is a very positive masculine trait

I agree

No. 16107

Time to explain

No. 16171

Has anyone here been able to maintain a sizable number of female friendships without the main focus being men? I have an incredibly low tolerance for men due to severe childhood abuse, and every woman in my life runs to me to talk about their abusive scrote or their nigel when I just really do not want to think about or acknowledge men at all.

No. 16181

Yeah, very few but they're fellow autistic women that are passionate about their favorite subjects. We only talk about the few topics that interest us. Although the topic of men occasionally does get brought up by some, it doesn't last long and it's never the main focus. It's really hard and I know your pain so good luck.

No. 16244

File: 1688896751702.png (581.84 KB, 1080x1365, xAcWYk6.png)

No. 16285

File: 1689017187303.jpg (15.66 KB, 564x328, 46d6139562bf08b17eb847aeeb5eb4…)

No. 16347

File: 1689333766967.png (300.71 KB, 1080x1502, ew.png)

No. 16351

What the fuck

No. 16354

Do we know if this is an actual woman?

No. 16355

Yes, I've been following her blog for a while. I think she's just a weird woman/NLOG.

No. 16358

Doesn't read like a pick-me to me. She's just a coomer/weirdo.

No. 16437

Idk if this is more of a terf thread thing, but have any of you ever met a tif who was a complete pick me in the most stereotypical way? Like, she would hang around a bunch of men and agree with their shitty opinions? I used to have beef with a tif like this online during quarantine and I'm glad she detransitioned. I take it she’s happier now, she seemed super depressed. Never mentioned that she was trans either, and wouldn’t reveal her voice. I only figured out she was actually a woman recently after I voice chatted with her. I take it she wanted to be viewed as a “legit manly male” but obviously she came to terms with the fact that wouldn’t go anywhere. I totally didn’t expect it, bc most of the tifs I’ve met act exclusively feminine and then call people out for “toxic masculinity” when they don’t conform to their delusions, and never feel a need to fit in with actual 3d men, just yaoi characters or whatever. She obviously had a lot of internalized misogyny, although I guess all tifs do in one way or another.

No. 16602

Is it basically a requirement to have BPD to be a pickme? Kek

No. 16743

File: 1689699727814.jpg (498.19 KB, 1080x1669, Screenshot_20230718-124406_Chr…)

Peak troonmaidenry. Absolute shitshow of a post and sub. Bet all the removed comments are the actual feminist ones. Mods should be ashamed. Note, you can expand collapsed comments by clicking on them in the archive:

No. 16778

I see she has never actually encountered a mtf in her life to think men pretending to be women actually like women. These are the retards who cope not all men.

No. 16953

This happened quite a while back, but a woman I'm in a discord with got called a terf by a bunch of people on twitter because..she likes some unpopular ship dynamic. Being intentionally vague here but that's essentially it. Terf means nothing. Terf means everything. Terf is a label to get a woman they disagree with to shut up and obey.
But what did she do about these accusations? She sent JKR a bunch of really immature hate tweets, which eventually placated the horde.

No. 17021

File: 1689931799732.jpg (600.68 KB, 1074x1429, Screenshot_20230721_102355.jpg)

Jane Birkin passed away few days ago and while mass media is praising her, she was the supreme pickme even into her old age.

I would feel bad for her because she was obviously abused by that old pedophile Serge (rest in piss) the fact that even in her old age she defended him and dismissed his victims makes me sick.

Also she was negligent to her own daughters because she was busy running after Serge. Her eldest one, Kate, got into drugs and alcohol very young but Jane was more bothered about Kate wearing her dresses.
She was fine with her second daughter, Charlotte, being abused by her father (Serge) publicly - where he made her sing a song about father-daughter INCEST with him and published it. If you listen to the song, you can hear how uncomfortable her poor 12 year old daughter is. What did Jane Birkin say about it? "A beautiful song, you don't understand it", absolutely disgusting.

Anyways by enabling old smelly pedophile and making him center of her life, she made life hell for her daughters. Her eldest daughter died by suicide in 2013, I wonder if Jane let Serge abuse her too…

No. 17023

Any woman who goes "MeToo is going too far, modern day feminists are too mean uwu" is a supreme pickme whose opinion should be automatically discarded.

No. 17034

Notice the only argument for trans women being women is that they have been abused by men and are feminine. I suppose gay men are also women by that standard? Or is the self id what takes it over the top? I feel bad for the abuse mtfs go through, and I don’t doubt passing mtfs experience misogyny. They are, however, unequivocally not female. Not just that, they are male. This isn’t a situation like complete androgen insensitivity syndrome where frankly our sexed terms fail to accurately capture the reality. Most mtfs are not intersex. They’re feminized males. Some are very convincing at looking like females, most aren’t. Most have lived lives as boys and men. It is not surprising to think that the interests of male people and female people may differ, and to want to focus on female people.

What’s funny is if they didn’t get mad about NEEDING to involve males in everything, we could have just had subdivisions of feminism that focused on the experiences of female people and feminism that focuses on people who look like women more broadly. There are already black feminists who only focus on black women, disabled feminists who prioritize disabled women, third world feminists who focus on the third world, so this could have just been an entirely different area of focus - female specific issues versus “perceived as women” issues. I’m sure it would piss off people but at least we could work on the issues that matter to us instead of having to defend them all the time.

No. 17387

Pickmes who date 10 years + older men as a teens and continue those relations in their 20s, stay with those moids when they cheat, continue their pickme behavior like this their while lives and MOCK every woman who criticizes them. How can a woman be this evil, snarky and heinous about her patriarchal, masochistic behaviour

No. 17917

File: 1690509364505.png (933.28 KB, 1080x1733, lol.png)

No. 18096

I don't buy the bullshit that any woman who's engaging in a pickme behavior is empowered even if she has a nonchalant attitude about it all and acts confident or the whole "powerful succubus/maneater" thing. This is an obvious self hate and low self esteem but we are sold a lie that it's not and talking about those women real intentions is a taboo or is seen as a jealousy. The so called "extreme" feminists or misandrists were right that those women have a low self esteem, it's not a cope to think this way.

No. 18098

Can't believe that pickme women engage in the demonic male spaces online like 4chan, I was there like maybe 20 times to lurk and never posted anything or read their shit that much, last time I went there was like 1,5 year ago or more but some women date those incels and do other fucked up shit with them. Don't you feel the demonic energy that's reeking from those websites kek

No. 18099

Demons don't exist, and you're just overly anxious. I've been on and off 4chan for 10+ years and, aside from a few boards, it's a place like any other.

No. 18104

Yeah. I believe that most of them are incels/neckbeards and the rest of them are Patrick Bateman style psychopaths. Which is why I'm not concerned with their opinions. They're the worst of society, they don't matter.

No. 18106

Most 4channers are loser men and women with no social lifes, they're not demonic, they're pathetic. I don't understand why some of you pretend some random place is scary when it's filled with people complaining about depression and having no life %99 of the time.

No. 18159

It's demonic bc of male misogyny, pedophilia tf y'all doing on there jfc and I'm the one being called male brained

No. 18160

Cringe. Reddit is crawling with rampant pedofilia, gore, rape and child pornography, animal abuse as much as 4chan, I'd even wager that it's possibly more harmful due to its wider audience and all other male websites. You have a news reporter circa 2010 mentality of who is this "4chan" hacker everyone's talking about if you think 4chan and chan boards are worse than mainstream social media circle jerks. Even twitter and twitch constantly has filth, livestreams of mass shootings violence and war crimes, rape and porn, gore and animal abuse, child abuse and child porn regularly and reaches a far wider audience.

No. 18161

>tf y'all doing on there jfc
Having fun. Discussing stuff. Exchanging memes. It's one of the few places where you don't have to self-censor, also karma whoring is impossible.

No. 18164

In reddit pedophilia is more accepted I'd say, they constantly defend how pedos are "human too" and shouldn't be punished harshly. Also reddit literally had a subreddit for sharing cp where the owner enabled it until it got on news, reddit admins regularly spam cp in feminist subreddits to egt them banned, etc. While 4chan always banned cp(as any other site does)
You're underaged and you've only heard about 4chan through those "most scary post in 4chan history" videos, right? Hilarious.

No. 18178

Not to Reddit sperg too hard but most of these male controlled social media sites are rampant with the sickest shit imaginable as I said Reddit is worse because it reaches a far wider "educated" audience. Women do nothing but enable this or outright ignore/give it the benefit of the doubt which both are pathetic and spineless actions. I understand that digital marketing is impossible without social media though and everyone has a digital footprint post zoomer whether we want to or not. LinkedIn is necessary for networking and Facebook is necessary for organising group projects and keeping in touch with colleagues. Therefore it is impossible not to fall victim to fucked up male social media sites shit, you're blackmailed into using them at some point in your life.

You don't have these problems with women run subreddits and women run websites, tumblr never had the same level of inhuman shit as twitter, Reddit and mainstream "normie" social media.

When you grow up you learn that these aren't a few bad apple sites with gore, CP animal abuse and extremely inhuman shit. 4chan is a zoomer larp now. You learn this is the intentional male experience of the world and an ultimate goal with a clear outcome. There is literally no place you can go on the internet that is a male controlled website that is safe from "demonic" male shit. And female run sites like this one are tightly monitored, flooded with male shit and run off the internet periodically for speaking this obvious truth. Calling these sites demonic is childish too, it's inhuman, depraved and dehumanizing. Use real words to describe things like an adult person.

No. 18199

File: 1690734953317.jpg (556.49 KB, 1080x1217, Screenshot_2023-07-30-18-28-27…)

Since when Marina is a pickme bimbo, Am I missing something? Did some bimbofication happened to her while I wasn't looking anons

No. 18211

Why is she a bimbo? I didn't see the movie yet

No. 18223

Barbie movie has barbie saying she isnt a dumb bimbo and how the patriarchy is horrible, but tee hee whatever

No. 18253

I still don't understand it

No. 18372

Marina has been sexualizing herself since her Froot era, anon. She was/is friends with Lana del Rey, and I think Lana got Marina into some random shady bullshit I don't remember about. I think it was talked about some years ago in the celebricows thread. Marina is pretty fucked up at this point. You can tell she couldn't handle fame well and that has taken a toll on her mental health. Sad, but it what it is. She was never a "feminist" icon, anyway.

No. 18420

Just heard that FemFreq is shutting down. Scrotes celebrating on twitter and talking about how feminism ruined their vidya, meanwhile Sarkeesian's letter didn't even mention feminism or standing up for women at all. I know she hasn't talked about feminism in years but it's so sadly ironic to me that men can always be the ones allowed to acknowledge who is female and who is not. They can boldly say that feminism ruined their lives with zero repercussion. Meanwhile a woman like Sarkeesian, who was specifically hated and targeted for her brand of feminism, can't even say the word herself.

No. 18437

File: 1691211921153.jpg (764.97 KB, 867x1881, Darktriadstacy.jpg)

Anon who larps as female seperatist yet chooses to only befriend men and continously stays with men who cheat on her.

No. 18473

File: 1691240190326.jpg (14.43 KB, 432x288, 1156-chinese-cringe.jpg)

Imagine you talk to someone on here and it's someone like that anon behind the screen.

No. 18571

Most anons who are polilez on here are probably like that irl lmao

No. 18825

Women who know their moids watch porn and hentai and actually encourage it because they think it’s fun uwu are so fucking vile I legitimately cannot wait for them to get cheated on or have to deal with their scrotes having ED kekkk

No. 18826

They're coping hard. They know they only have two options, pretend that porn is cool and fun, or be dumped kek.

No. 18934

File: 1692082030876.jpg (219.17 KB, 1080x1815, Screenshot_20230815_110043_Chr…)

I hope to god this woman never has a daughter, the amount of pickme cool girl shit she spews is concerning.

No. 18946

oh my god i know this person, she's pro life, her husband hates lesbians and gays and both agree that their child should be sent to ABA if he's autistic, and both his parents claim to be autistic. her husband has also threatened and harassed people in her private discord circle of friends and they let a batshit insane schizo right wing faggot come in and harass all the lesbian users because he thinks all gays are pedophiles. i think she deserves a thread but i also suck at writing kek

No. 18951

Nta but I think she could fit in the tradthot thread.

No. 18955

Oh hey, we're famous! Just about everything here is wrong though. Are you whiteglove? We've missed you, my little schizoid. We like gays/lesbians, almost all of the 'circle of friends' are LGBT, we are autistic, nobody is going to aba LMFAO. The only threats were directed at Unsolids and I, by insane communists (whiteglove). The right wing user? Do you mean transgender lesbian cielle who detransitioned, went hard right, said offensive shit, and was exposed for pedophilia and immediately banned? Or the right wing user who said offensive shit and is currently kept in the server's sewer dungeon, to be toyed with like a pet monkey, only sometimes allowed to speak? If you specify, I can help clarify.(namefagging)

No. 18956

she's not me + you need to be born with a vulva and XX chromosomes to post here + i mean universal-lala, he calls all homosexuals pedos + just because you're gender critical doesn't mean males are allowed to use this site + learn 2 integrate newfag

No. 18980

And you just know that moids will somehow blame the death on the woman instructor being "incompetent" and use it to claim women aren't fit for that type of work

No. 19079

I've literally had (normal) men tell me how annoying the "challenge and rag their buddies" routine is but sure. men's deep platonic love for their brothers always comes through in the ballbusting routines.

No. 19393

Isn't this rita? Why didn't she grt banned

No. 19505

File: 1692989386812.jpeg (42.12 KB, 387x347, IMG_1374.jpeg)

I found the patron saint of pickmes, guys.
>Girlfriend proposes to paedophile as he is jailed for trying to arrange sex with child


No. 19506

Sheʼs too old for him, kek.

No. 19521

I was in a discord server as a teenager and there was a pedo male there(literally asked for nudes from several 11-14 year olds, openly called their pics hot, etc) and one autistic female user who was 30 would lose her shit whenever anyone criticized him because she had a crush on him. I think some women who are ethically maladjusted go after pedos to prove that they're hotter and younger than they actually are. It's like a phenomenon I've noticed.

No. 19677

I fucking hate pickmes who larp as girl's girls or pretend they care about women's rights. They don't actually care, they just care about themselves. One of my coworkers complains about misogyny all the time and blames it every time something goes wrong for her, but will constantly whiteknight our horrible misogynistic coworker who treats women like objects just because he's attractive, and throws other women under the bus to defend him. She's so much more critical of women than men too. These types are the worst because if you call them out they'll call YOU the pickme and start drama.

No. 19724

Because the only reason they even know the word misogyny is from tiktok and not because they’ve done any critical thinking at all about how men treat women. I agree, fuck them

No. 19790

File: 1694452889769.png (19.63 KB, 999x120, Screenshot (2).png)

I believe "tankie-feminists" should be considered just as bad as trad-women. These are women who have a single visceral hatred against liberal capitalism, and they will support anyone who opposes it. For example, a few prominent Korean socialist feminists sided with Yoon Suk Yeol in the 2022 Korean election despite his open anti-feminist stance, simply because he is anti-globalist and of course, they disagree with the previous the liberal capitalist Democratic party

No. 19858

Of all the issues facing women, I feel like one of the hardest to internalize is that "beauty" is a false bag of goods sold to women. I've met so many so-called "misandrist feminist" women who get their jimmies rustled if you dare suggest that cosmetic surgery is bad and shouldn't exist, or that women choosing less functional clothes in favor of aesthetics contributes to a notion of women as decorative, or that makeup, even non-standard makeup like goth makeup, encourages a view of women's bodies as a canvas for art and reinforce beauty standards… every time they say the same thing, "I do it for myself!" or "I do it for other women! It has nothing to do with men."

Even if that was true, you're still harming women by contributing to status games that put down women who don't meet beauty standards. What do I care that my jailer is a woman and not a man? I see past all the performative talk about how fat women matter, ugly women matter, gnc women matter - it's all lies, the true opinions come out when there's a woman they all hate and then they rip her appearance to shreds. We know who you think looks good and who you're only performatively saying looks good.

There needs to be a name for this kind of woman who doesn't focus on men but still wants to uphold anti-woman beauty standards because it gives her a sense of purpose and status. Like all those "I'm a hyperfeminine misandrist" tiktok women. Like pickme girls, but they want other hot women to pick them. Making a new hierarchy where it's not men at the top but conventionally feminine and attractive women, who can look down on other women - in a 'feminist' way, of course.

No. 19859

Men also go to gym, get their brows done and hair cut, remove their body hair if they're working out and wanna show off muscles etc. I hate how some people will seeethe at people who care about their looks, incels with "chad" and femcels with "stacy".
No it's not feminist to claim that a woman dying her hair a different color is oppressing you. Let women style themselves the way they want and stop making weird offhand comments.

If a woman likes tight shirts, she's a traitor, appealing to the male gaze, etc. but if a gymbro wears the same shirt, no one will criticize him, even after he admits he does it to show off his body. You guys are misogynistic for dissecting the way women present themselves and assuming it's all to appeal to men.

No. 19860

> If a woman likes tight shirts, she's a traitor, appealing to the male gaze, etc

Did you read anything I wrote or did you make up a phantom post in your head to respond to? Where did I talk about the male gaze, or dyed hair, or tight shirts? My point is that even women who hate men, who don't date men, and claim to be feminists benefit from promoting and conforming to beauty standards. There are a lot of women who are at the top of the beauty hierarchy who are just mad that men are on top of them, but they don't care about tearing down the beauty hierarchy because they enjoy feeling on top of "ugly" or "unfashionable" women.

The difference between men and women's "beauty" treatments is that women are compelled to perform beauty and femininity societally and men are not. Women's beauty standards are significantly more rigid than men's, and women are defined by beauty in a way that men, even beautiful men, never are. Women's beauty regiments take up more time and money and have to walk the line between looking too prudish and looking too sexy. Meanwhile the richest, most powerful men in the world are the ugliest people you will ever see, and it won't matter because beauty for men is a hobby, not an obligation.

Read the post again, and you'll see I mentioned cosmetic surgery, cutting women's bodies up and putting them at risk of death or infection to achieve some beauty standard. I could not care less if "men also get cosmetic surgery" because there is far more pressure on women to be beautiful. When the women you see around you who are celebrated all have cosmetic surgery or fillers or botox, it doesn't matter how much those women say "I love natural beauty! I'm just doing this for myself", you are reinforcing beauty standards that drive other women to feel worse about themselves and then get that same surgery to then reinforce to other women. You can say that all nose shapes are beautiful all you want, the fact that nose jobs primarily exist to make 'ethnic' noses into straight or ski slope noses says much more than any platitude about doing it for yourself.

How about make-up and drawing another face on top of yours? Does it matter that the top makeup companies are owned by men who don't wear it? Does it matter that women are compelled to wear makeup to interviews, parties, events, to look 'professional'? Does it matter that makeup, even freaky non-standard stuff like avant-garde makeup, still encourages focusing on how you look, and judging other women's faces? How about wearing high heels, which prevent you from running in an emergency? Do you think that never happens, because I remember a female politician worrying about not being able to run from the building during an attack because she was wearing heels. Why is it only female politicians who wear heels, even though, as politicians, they're more in danger than normal people of terrorist attacks? Why does 'beauty' and 'caring about how you look' have to involve pain, constriction, dysmorphia, discomfort, and self-surveillance?

There's nothing wrong with getting by by continuing to perform femininity, or liking fashion and aesthetics. Dye your hair and wear your tight shirts if you want. But beauty culture and beauty standards are not feminist, and if you get this upset at basic critiques of beauty culture, and call women who disagree with you 'femcels', you're not a feminist.

No. 19863

File: 1694728027786.jpg (351.48 KB, 1079x1116, Screenshot_20230914_174631_Chr…)

Your analysis of the female beauty standard is highly critical, and a pretty good read.
>When the women you see around you who are celebrated all have cosmetic surgery or fillers or botox, it doesn't matter how much those women say "I love natural beauty! I'm just doing this for myself", you are reinforcing beauty standards that drive other women to feel worse about themselves and then get that same surgery to then reinforce to other women.
You have perfectly articulated the words I've been struggling to explain. A lot of the women you have described seem to think they're doing makeup, surgeries, and other things of that caliber "for themselves" just because no one is holding a gun to their head and directly forcing them to do these things. However, they never explain WHY they're hyperfixated on their own faces "for themselves". WHY do lots of women do makeup everyday for themselves? WHY do lots of women take it upon "themselves" to ritually use makeup before work? Then I get to videos where women who regret their surgeries, regret their costly spending on makeup, and even regret their excessive tattooing come forward and admit their insecurities being the reason why they loved surgeries, makeup, and such. Their insecurities always boiled down to trauma, and/or what the media pressured them to believe about what being attractive means. And that's where the answer finally completes the circle, in my opinion. Women who excessively do these things, makeup, surgeries, and other things of that caliber, do it "for themselves" because of THEIR OWN brainwashed desire to always please others, most commonly men.

Regarding picrel, notice how even this article tries to encourage women to try on makeup, insisting that it's a good way to boost self-confidence instead of encouraging women to take care of their faces by any normal, and actually healthy means? Especially considering how much money women spend on it? Even though women spend more than ten thousand dollars on makeup in her lifetime, this article STILL tries to spoonfeed the female-readers that makeup is STILL worth it…

No. 19865

If they don't do it to impress men, what's the problem? They are not pickmes and this post doesn't belong in the pickme thread.
I like nice clothes and aesthetics becauase they make me feel good. It's not that deep. Even when I was a kid I liked pretty things and didn't think about impressing anyone at that age.

No. 19873

No one is going to read that. A woman or man putting effort into their looks isn't oppressing you schizo.

No. 19874

Kek, fr. There will be a lesbian with black dyed hair or alternative makeup and straight "feminists" will accuse her of wanting male attention because gasp she decided she dared to change how she presents! They're actual tradfags who hate any woman who's not beautiful without styling and that's why they're so against women styling themselves. They want us to be "natural" and as she admits "unattractive" as she considers a face without makeup or a body without clothing accentuating the form as being.

No. 19875

Lesbians definitely make choices outside of socialization. They have values that were formed in a vacuum, not at all influenced by the women they see in advertisements, TV shows, movies, comics, video games, social media posts, music videos, animations, paintings, digital art, sculptures - lesbians are immune to all of this media. Lesbians would never do something for the sake of conformity, to fit into a clique or to be spared scrutiny for breaching societal norms.

We should always support women's choices in whatever they want to do, because they know what is best for them. Women's actions are independent from one another, no woman looks around to see what other women are doing and attempt to imitate that. Every woman is simultaneously correct, even if two women have opposing opinions. This is a good analysis of women's inclination to focus on their appearance. I will not change any of my behaviors because I like self-gratification from looking sexy. Humans are visual creatures on a primitive level and I intend to uphold this status quo until I draw my last breath. Hashtag feminism hashtag end the patriarchy hashtag eyeliner sharp enough to kill a man

No. 19876

>we should always support women for whatever they want to do
Would you say that for prostitution and doing porn?

No. 19886

If you're not a lesbian, you have no say in this, straightie.
Imagine being so retarded you can't understand sarcasm, that anon was agreeing with you and shitting on lesbians.

No. 19891

File: 1694851586521.jpg (132.71 KB, 1080x809, Screenshot_20230916_003516_Chr…)

Damn, who are all these poor innocent moids whose lives were ruined by the evil feminists? How are things worse, is it the "men are scared to ask women out" retarded rethoric?

No. 19892

>Hashtag feminism hashtag end the patriarchy hashtag eyeliner sharp enough to kill a man
I think the anon is taking the micky out of >>19874

That is unless you deem "eyeliner so sharp it could kill a man" a serious post kek.

No. 19893

File: 1694855214216.jpg (7.76 KB, 212x154, a420dea000eeadbff31fd26fb66bcf…)

A lot of genuine retarded, liberal feminist, or pickme-ish takes happen here on lolcow, CC, and anywhere else. How am I a retard for not immediately clocking sarcasm from beyond the screen like a perpetually online robot? I have a life, you know.
And by the way, I think your small take on hetero women needing to "shut up" about lesbians needs to go both ways, because you guys aren't very quiet about how much you don't respect women that don't eat out other women. The problem I have with lesbians dissing hetero women and always telling them to fuck off is that people with glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Lesbians tell straight women that they're "weaker" and "stupider" because of their sexual orientation of being attracted to males because of all these hard-to-swallow reasons, yet when anyone brings up the domestic violence stats from lesbian couples, the copium breaks loose to explain why the stats are somehow completely wrong. Maybe, if lesbians don't want straight women to talk about lesbian problems, lesbians shouldn't be acting as condescending as they also do, kind of like how you went and insulted my intelligence for such a miniscule reason, and when the other anon wasn't even talking to me in the first place.

No. 19895

Anon is hating on makeup and plastic surgery but looks like she needs brain surgery if she's too retarded to understand basic sarcasm, kek.

No. 19896

>"lesbians are not immune to being impacted by their environment"
>omg stop shitting on lesbians!!
how insecure are you

No. 19897

NTA but i'm genuinely sorry anon, I don't want to contribute to the catty insipid culture on this board and site at large. I just thought the eyeliner comment was kek.

>A lot of genuine retarded, liberal feminist, or pickme-ish takes happen here on lolcow, CC, and anywhere else

I completely agree. It should be reminded that there are posts that weren't ironic afaik about this topic >>19859 >>19865 ITT so you did have a point to be vigilant. However I will have no stake in the het vs lesbian shit, that's incredibly insipid and dumb and I won't be on either side of that shit. That combined with the "monosexism" takes in the "lesbian" exclusionary thread on this board are enough to genuinely induce cringe in me. I see little point to gatekeeping and making arguments on the basis of what were calling sexual orientation, we are all women and have experiences that are similar and some dissimilar. Drawing lines in the sand helps no one.

No. 19900

Save your money and get a brain transplant, retardina.

No. 19901

Anon, the lesbian domestic abuse stats were already debunked, it referred to lesbians have been abused by men…

No. 19903

It's an obvious lesbophobic misogynist, kek. It might even be a man giving how mad he gets over women "faking" their beauty instead of being "natural". Only men think these basic stuff like dressing up in dark alt fashion or doing makeup are done by all women(even lesbians) to trick them.

No. 19904

This post is giving me tranny vibes. Lesbians will never be into your rancid dick and that "lesbians are abusive" study has been debunked a million times. Only misogynists/males bring it up.
Fucking men, birthing their kids and cleaning up after them is by far the worst thing a woman can do. Giving up shaving and make up means nothing if you're still a kitchen slave. Even the most hyperfeminine lesbian is doing more for feminism just by existing and not being a bangmaid for males.

No. 19906

Kek this. It's a butthurt tranny or man, only men have this much of a hateboner for women who do makeup as they think they should be able to see our natural states and "choose" us in that state as if any woman want them.
Also yeah, giving up makeup alone wouldn't change a womans life for the better as much as the other stuff you mentioned so it's weird how some people obsess over it.

No. 19908

>parts of femininity that i like doing can't be criticized because i'm not doing it for the same reasons as those Other Girls, they do it to cater to men and i do it because i Want To heeheh
Genius anon

No. 19911

Every woman that thinks it’s “cute” “sexy” or “funny” or even just allows that their boyfriend watches hentai and porn disgusts me in a way that no other pickme characteristic can. I wish women would berate them en masse online and irl so they’d have to at least consider having more self respect but considering most women will foam at the mouth if you barely criticize their moids it will fall on deaf ears. Maybe I should’ve taken it to a vent thread but fuck, I cannot stand these women and their nasty Nigels

No. 19913

Nta, but most of you who are dead set on critizing women who wear make up, fuck men and get pregnant with their children. You have no room to speak.

No. 19914

What do you think patriarchy is built on?

No. 19915

samefag, nevermind anon, I misread your post. I don't fuck men and don't bear their kids. I encourage women to do the same, and take it a step further to also feel nice and comfy in their natural, untampered bodies. It's a privilege.

No. 19918

No one aside from you believes women wear everything we do and other stuff to "appeal to muh moids"

No. 19919

ever heard of adaptive preferences?

No. 19920

Genuinely baffled to see women defending makeup on /2X/ of all places. Choice feminism has done irreparable damage to the feminist movement I fear.

No. 19921

>No one aside from you believes women wear everything we do and other stuff to "appeal to muh moids"
Nta but damn. This has literally been the mainstream thought of all radical feminist literature for the last 70 years.

Rip. this board has been dead for weeks and now this is all that its entered its final form this is all that's left of discussion.

No. 19931

The women who wear makeup or get plastic surgery who claim that they “love their bodies just how they are, just doing it for me/fun/I want to” all know that they’re lying and do it on purpose, especially the filler/plastic surgery “body posi” ones. They just know that they can continue to scream that because all the other women just like that will band with them to shout anyone down.

When the pandemic hit I ran to Reddit makeup subs out of curiosity. You can look for yourself, every pandemic related post or what did you buy this week post during it was filled with women admitting that they aren’t wearing makeup anymore except on zoom. Some would say “I guess it wasn’t as much for myself as I thought” but others would try to come up with various copes.

No. 19933

I hate my wife’s 16 year old sister so fucking much. She’s a diet 4chan girl who hates every woman that is a potential threat to her being seen as the most beautiful edgy girl of all. She’s not just a male pick me, she’s a bisexual pick me

Examples of her bullshit include that she kept trying to seduce me when I first dated her sister (she was 14 and I was 18). I obviously rejected her every time, she just got angry and told her parents I was bullying her by not letting her sit on my lap or other weird ass shit

She discovers 4chan at 15 and immediately changes her personality to “Ew I hate foids” and dates this school shooter type boy. She calls her sister an “infertile femoid” all the time because we’re gay and obviously no pregnancy.

We get married and pick me sister starts telling really personal stories about my wife to gain favor with some of the older cousins on my side of the family. Not just funny stories, she told them about my wife being molested as a child and called her a “whore who couldn’t close her legs even as a kid” She was kicked out of the wedding and rage sperged about how sensitive my wife is for crying about it

Wife and I recently had a baby in May. She made fun of wife through the entire pregnancy, calling her a brood mare, saying her perfect body would be gone, and that I should’ve settled with a girl who isnt as ugly as her sister.

She is still dating school shooter guy and became a huge men’s rights advocate, talking about how the world is so cruel to boys and how she wants to save every incel from sadness, and how it’s women’s faults that there’s a male loneliness epidemic.

I hate this fuckin girl so much, I hope she grows out of it but she probably won’t

No. 19940

>assuming a teen girl sees every woman she dislikes as competition
>assuming the underage sister of your gf feels attracted to you
Misogynist male moment

No. 19944

This story is so fake. You got married and had a kid already before your 20th birthday? This is some mormon shit there is no way you're a lesbian or even a real woman.

No. 19948

It sounds like something a man would write, tbh. The underage sister of their gf is weirdly into them(a pedo male fantasy), the sister is trying to steal anon from her gf, sister hates all women because "competition" which again is something only men believe.

No. 19979

I believe it, I know two women like this and pray they never meet! I think it's just plain fragile/jealous narcissism with 4chan induced ideological elements

No. 20009

Nice samefagging. Literally disturbing that a woman(!) who fantasizes about underage girls being attracted to her is having a child. Pedos like this should be burnt as stake.

No. 20021

Nothing she said is pedophilic. She said she rejected any and all advances like this girl asking to sit on her lap and being manipulative about those rejections. Too many posters on this website jump at the chance to call women predators with emphasis on them being women to virtue signal about knowing women (lesbians) can be just as bad as men, or just outright treat teenage girls as either innocent virgins/menacing whores. Both are weird and saying she was behaving inappropriately doesn't mean OP was reducing it to something irresistible about herself or fantasising about it. It sounds way more like she can pin the behaviour to 4chan and the girl, who has a boyfriend, trying to hurt her sister and get attention through acting out provocatively whether that is sexual or edgelordery. Mental illness is real.

No. 20039

File: 1695624013880.png (102.51 KB, 638x927, 1689860455633.png)

>Ben Shapiro is advocating second wave feminist demands
How the fuck do you come to that conclusion.

No. 20043

Didn’t some guy who writes for the Daily Wire (Knowles) come out saying if a woman files for divorce a man should be entitled to literally everything she owns? Yeah some great “equal partnership feminist marriage” advocates these tradscrotes are. Definitely not abetting abuse and subservience and turning women off even more.

No. 20044

The poster is complaining about a child, regardless of whether they are a male or not (I'm inclined to believe it's male too for several reasons) it reads disgusting, pathetic and misognistic. I agree that speculating on samefagging is shit but both posts have no full stops and are typed in a deliberate style to look different. There's some pretty clear moid brain shit in it too.

What lesbian talks about "settling" for women? topkek, it's the definition of male projection. Also posters on this site alone have talked about having children with their wives and girlfriends. The bizarre moid seems to think women don't have children with other women. I've seen anons post of pregnancy in /ot/ with their wives from donors; a male wouldn't consider this to exist and accordingly that male does not in their post because they're "gay" obviously. Another retarded choice is the poster is 20 years old and married, as one anon already mentioned that's some Mormon shit. What lesbian couple marries at 20? Another is that they don't say lesbian; they say gay. Once again, this is male laden lesbian erasure. Few lesbian women refer to themselves as gay, personally in women only spaces online and irl that aren't gendie ruled "lesbian" is explicitly used, "sapphic" is a troon dog whistle and "gay" is ashamed/distancing and mainly used for gay moids. Finally the language they use is downright dehumanizing and projecting its the clearest indicator that it's male. If the poster is 20 and "her" partner is around her age they are both barely out of teenhood so how can they be infertile? What kind of woman, child or not, brain damaged or not thinks of a "woman!" four years older than them who is "gay" as being infertile as if someone is that retarded and doubly as if it's even an insult to a lesbian woman, kek. Males obsession with womens fertility is a retarded larp. As a lesbian there's an unspoken freedom to laugh in the face of those who pull this shit yet the "gay" woman! poster seems backed into a corner from this retardation. But regardless of whether it's male we can all agree that it's retarded.

>or just outright treat teenage girls as either innocent virgins/menacing whores.

There is no woman here who sees teenage girls as innocent virgins or whores because they are children, you pedofilic freak. You sound like a disgusting misognistic scrotey pedo yourself thinking of female children as whores or virgins, in misognistic Madonna whore absolutes. Your comment about virtue signalling about lesbians is retarded and absolute peak brainrot but the equivalence of a female child to a whore is more horrific than retarded.

The enemy of my enemy is not my friend. There is no equal partnership with being indentured. This is just elaborate tradthot mental gymnastics.

No. 20050

>Another [clue she is a male pedo] is that they don't say lesbian; they say gay. Once again, this is male laden lesbian erasure.
>Few lesbian women refer to themselves as gay, personally in women only spaces online and irl that aren't gendie ruled "lesbian" is explicitly used, "sapphic" is a troon dog whistle and "gay" is ashamed/distancing and mainly used for gay moids.
Maybe this reaction to her post is just autism.

No. 20051

>thinking of female children as whores or virgins, in misognistic Madonna whore absolutes
Think of that next time you go on another tirade calling a lesbian a pedo forrrr saying her girlfriend's homophobic, 4chan-indoctrinated teenage sister asking to sit on her lap for various reasons is weird/hateable/vent-worthy. Same for the girl, who has a boyfriend, framing OP rejecting her as bullying to her parents because all she really wants is to hurt her sister and get attention. She has already made homophobic, nonsensical comments she's repeating mindlessly at her sister from incel circles (like infertile foid). The comment about her sister not being able to close her legs even as a kid makes me think this girl might be coping with a sexual trauma in her own life by acting out inappropriately, which is actually sadly common.

Reading that post of complaint after complaint and translating it to "this is a man fantasising about a porn scenario of a little girl wanting to fuck him" is the Madonna/whore complex I was pointing out anons were projecting onto the girl and her edgelordery. Your essay just doubles down how she couldn't possibly be acting out inappropriately or falling for terminally online tradthot takes at her impressionable age, and only a degenerate male would ever imagine a girl like her existing. Saying you fear for their child is sick. There's no way you'd even say that if you thought the post was a man making everything up.

No. 20052

It's a pedophile, gender doesn't matter. Pedophiles notoriously assume underage girls(or boys) are showing interest in them when they actually are not, it's a common phenomenon. Anyone defending that anon is either uneducated, misogynistic or the anon her(!)self.

Pedohpiles like that shouldn't be allowed to have kids, I hope she doesn't hurt her own child, although it probably genetically isn't hers so the child is in danger. When a pedophile is in the same household with a child who doesn't share his DNA, the child is a possible victim.

No. 20054

>Think of that next time you go on another tirade calling a lesbian a pedo
No, criticising women for their own retarded actions and own self inflicted misogyny whether internalised or not is not going on a "misognistic tirade". Choice feminism has already been discussed and debunked ITT alone >>19920. You can't be safe from criticism because woman, that's as moronic as unironically criticising my post because it's long. The poster being lesbian whether it's a male larping or an actual lesbian woman is irrelevant to them being retarded in their thought process.

>Saying you fear for their child is sick. There's no way you'd even say that if you thought the post was a man making everything up.

I'm not this anon >>20009. Whether it's made up or not is irrelevant to my criticism. I'm confused as to what has you offended about my post. The insinuation that women think in Madonna whore absolutes IS the offense, and it seems obvious to me that op didn't even see the Madonna whore dichotomy in the first place. I'm not reinforcing it by saying children are children and should at the very least he excused from this at an age where they are very likely not even sexually mature let alone mentally. The child in the post could be very real but it's still a child so I'd hope people don't treat a childs words as serious as an adults. I don't "fear for the child" and no one is projecting onto this child, whatever you mean by that. The child could well and truly be fucked up with terminally online beliefs in which case I do feel bad for her because the poster is retarded and she apparently has no one who can talk to her about how fucked up this belief is. I only said it was sick to make the assumption that other women see children as whores or virgins (in their own disgusting language). Also if op is a woman, damn.

I'm giving my thoughts on the language used in their post based on my experiences and opinion, you're free to give yours too. Or you can toss around petty moid internet insults that contribute nothing though if you want.

No. 20063

I think it's a dedicated troll as the story doesn't sounds believable, I agree with your post.

No. 20122

File: 1696081837125.jpg (1.01 MB, 1920x1920, PhotoCollage_20230930_09490141…)

this is one of the more egregious pickme groups i've seen. wouldnt be surprised if it was run by a moid in disguise

No. 20139

What do you call this phenomenon where you think you have made a good girl friend and talk about all sorts of cool topics, but as soon as they get in a relationship they ghost you or only talk about men? And only come to you for emotional support, to vent, or when they break up, then ditch you again when they get a new man?

This has happened multiple times and I do not want it to happen again.

No. 20142

in my country there was a feminist that a few years ago started to plaster sheets of a4 paper in the streets to commemorate femicide victims. she founded a group to put up more collages, but when she expressed gc beliefs her own group ran her out.
now whenever i see these collages in the streets it's hardy ever feminist shot. it's always abouttrannies. retarded social media friendly slogans full of buzewords.
today i saw one that said "terfs don't belong in pur struggles" and it pissed me off so bad. it's not enough forthese pickmes to cape for trannies, they have to publicly slag off other feminists for troon approval.
that one pissed me off so bad i had to run to the cor'er store to buy a marker and wrote "misogynists" on the poster. it kills me that pretty much every progressive or feminist force in the country automatically capes for trannies hard and feminists get slagged off.

No. 20156

>your lack of common decency is what makes us women look like fools that think with their vagina instead of their brains
It does kind of read like a man larping as a woman, trying to divorce women and the concerns they have from the reality of being female and artificially apply the old common phrase of 'men only think with their dick' on to women as some sort of cope to pretend women are equally retarded as men (even though in this instance they want it to mean women need to forget how they are uniquely affected by things because they're female while with men it's to highlight men are only motivated by sex and make terrible choices for selfish ends).
What has been done to feminism via trannies is controlled opposition stuff they've always done. They infiltrate groups to destroy them or render them meaningless to prevent change that would negatively impact the people who benefit from womens oppression with the help of those men and the women still shackled to the need for those mens approval which society was built to enforce.

No. 20157

Kek, swap the replies.

No. 20160

I really do think there is something to women being polluted by the DNA is sperm.

No. 20163

This youtuber put out a video on how boy moms are the final form of pickme's. I only got like 20 mins into this video and I'm already appalled by the delusional shit coming out the mouths of these moms and how they project their own self hate onto their daughters while worshiping their little shit stained sons.

No. 20175

The vagina isn't even the equivalent of the penis; the vulva is. This is almost certainly a man/troon, sexual stimulation comes from the clitoris and psychosomatics. Their metaphor doesn't even work, its pornsick scrote rhetoric.

>boy moms are the final form of pickmes
I mean they're not wrong there. Kek

No. 20184

I watched through quite a bit of it and there’s one point I wanted to bring up as to why mothers would have an inclination to invest more resources into their sons over their daughters.
It’s because a male son could potentially bring you infinity grandchildren. Pickme boymoms are probably going off this instinct, enable your son’s scroting so he could manipulate and impregnate more women. Raising a good daughter is going to bring you like, a handful of babies at most. Raising a score son could give you hundreds or thousands (presumably). She says it’s because males are “weaker”, but I don’t believe it.

No. 20191

Since when are women so heavily invested in how many spawns they have? "Continuing the bloodline" is a male fantasy, especially when you consider than women can't even pass on their last names in most countries and historically, so what prestige is there in having 10+ grandkids for them?

I don't think she's right about some things either and I'd take what she says with a rock of salt, but I do think that male offspring is generally weaker and needier than female (especially when I remember that my mom bragged to me about how quiet and docile my brother was in comparison to me, and how everything was always blamed on me even though I was a very conscientious kid). I don't know, my personal experience matches a good chunk of what she says. There is definitely some truth in women preferring sons due to
1) threat of daughters looking down on the mother for conforming to muh femininity and/or forcing the daughters to do the same, which instills the mother with feelings of shame and like she could have done better with her life
2) boys' neediness affirming the mother as truly a virtuous, caring one, the best mom in the world
3) 0 competition with the kid on the sexual market (I wish I was joking, but my mom - boymom through and through - used to pretend I was her sister so she'd seem younger)
I don't know whether this is biologically driven (probably mostly socially and culturally driven if I'm being honest), but the preference for boys runs very deep in women who've eaten up patriarchy's shit, so it's difficult to pinpoint the origin.

No. 20192

What did you disagree with anon? I want to hear your perspective.

No. 20213

Her assertion that males are gestationally weaker than females as the primary biological motivation for the boymom phenomenon. That, and males across the board being more likely to die because of their risk taking and impulsive behaviors (still even a minuscule chance your son will die of something stupid like jumping into a spike pit). It doesn’t really make any sense. If protecting a child from harm made you more sympathetic to them to the point of becoming their toxic enabler, you’d think “girlmoms” would be a “worse” and more observable phenomenon than boymoms. Considering women and girls are literally physically weaker than males and are more prone to being victimized by males, why would mothers be more concerned over her son’s “vulnerability” compared to her daughter’s vulnerability? Like I said, makes no sense. Which is why I posit the theory that boymoms are driven by the urge to “chadfarm” their male sons. Investing more time and energy into raising and enabling a son, betting on the chance of him being a chad, in part, due to their efforts. Unfortunately, most men are not chads and will never be chads, so what we see happening in the real world are billions of coddled, unremarkable scrotes terrorizing the world with their slovenly entitlement.

No. 20251

Thanks for your reply anon. That makes more sense than what she said. Mainly speaking from experience, regardless if the son is a chad or not, regardless of age, the mother still dotes on him and is a piece of shit to every girl he’s with. If she wants him to be a chad then thirdpartying his relationships would be counterintuitive. Other than that, I think you hit the nail on the head. Pickmes tend to throw females under the bus even more when males are present. Even she said it in the video that for the mother it was “like looking in the mirror and she didn’t like what she saw” and “that doting over her son made her feel like a good mother”. Sounds like she sees her children as a way to validate herself as a parent instead of raising a human being. Explains munchausens by proxy parents/ parents that troon their kids. Reminds me of when people call childfrees selfish but then say ‘who will take care of you in old age?’. Child rearing isn’t transactional.

No. 20274

I just realized you weren’t talking to me, lol. I’m

I mean continuing their bloodline purely from a biological perspective.no don’t think we have “our offspring will take male last names” coded into our dna or anything.
Socially speaking yes, there is competition between mother/daughter fostered in a male-oriented system which values women solely on their sexual appeal to males. That also plays a part, but I am mostly talking about biological inclinations for mothers to coddle their sons.
Coddling a male and making him entitled to women, making him distasteful to a free women’s sensibilities, don’t really matter honestly. Everyone ascribing to the male mindset (including pickmes and boymoms) operate on the assumption women are lesser objects, to be used and discarded by men. According to their reality, a misogynistic son IS preferred. They can’t seem to come to terms with the idea that women select for traits that aren’t related to cjadmaxximg, obviously, since that’s how they see the world.

They prefer to have a son treat women as objects in the hopes he will run through multiple women, even though this ironically usually results in inceldom. They don’t like the idea of their son becoming a nigel, settling down with one woman and treating her right. I think it’s because of some lizard brained instincts to continue their bloodline, but also I think these moms would be deeply unsettled at the idea of “their man” getting a replacement mommy who he would treat better than she’s ever been treated by men herself. It would cause a total worldview collapse and make them realize their lives were wasted on shitty scrotes. Misery loves company and allat.

No. 20308

It’s alright anon, I appreciated your post anyways. The norm for females is that everything we do is nitpicked and mocked, and we’re demonized for acting in our favor of ourselves. With scrotes it’s the polar opposite. I don’t even think these boymoms have some specific motive or anything like that. Most people don’t see a problem with the way things are. They just repeat the cycle. It’s sad but true. Like other anon said it’s hard to tell what’s biological or social but I think it’s mostly social, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to change our minds on these things.

No. 20413

That one "anon" who was telling other anons their nigels would leave them for onlyfans girls if they gave birth or stopped going to gym.

No. 20428

File: 1697650812867.png (51.66 KB, 652x580, pick me on steroids.png)

This woman posts on a subreddit that should show her that there are at least some men so disgusting and vile that they should at the very least have all their rights taken away or at most be wiped off from the face of the Earth, and this pickme is trying to show what a heck'n best girl she is to the scummiest men imaginable.

No. 20439

>women so desperate for male attention they want to get picked by sex offenders

We'll never reach any form of female class solidarity will we?

No. 20483

This Victorian era poem I just found on the Irish government website when I was looking for information about soil??

>Written by male about ideal pickme housewifes

"Man must be pleased; but him to please is women’s pleasure; down the gulf
Of his condoled necessities
She casts her best, she flings herself.
How often flings for nought, and yokes
Her heart of an icicle or whim,
Whose each impatient word provokes
Another, not from her but him;
While she, too gentle even to force
His penitence by kind replies,
Waits by, expecting his remorse,
With pardon in her pitying eyes;
And if he once, by shame oppress’d,
A comfortable word confers,
She leans and weeps against his breast.
And seems to think the sin was hers;
Or any eye to see her charms,
At any time she’s still his wife,
Dearly devoted to his arms;
She loves with love that cannot tire;
And when, ah woe, she loves alone,
Through passionate duty love springs higher,
As grass grows taller round a stone"

No. 20484

she's either coping hard to get closure for her trauma or she's a potential sex offender/pedophile herself

No. 20486

Never. Some idiot women will always have sympathy for the most vile men because they want to be different. It’s like people who buy dangerous pets like pitbulls to parade around and say “SEE HE’S NOT DANGEROUS AT ALL AND YOURE A BIGOT FOR BEING CONCERNED”

No. 20490

File: 1698146867765.png (40.01 KB, 1220x216, 2.png)

In the end she was picked

No. 20492

This is hard to read so I put it through an image to text site:

"Well, he saw me take a shot at the bar, then there was traffic so it took a little too long to get to his place and I had to push my timetable and quietly down one of the vodkas in the bathroom. The rest of it went kind of as planned, except he wasn't as dense/clueless as usual and made some flirty jokes about the positions I was twisting into and I was juuuust drunk enough to go with the flow. I wriggled to spoon with him and we kissed as he fingered me, which was kind of frightening at first, but after getting some rhythm and being more focused on him felt pretty great. Having him hold me tight as I came reduced me to jelly. I was fantasising about being bridal carried to bed, but I called him a neanderthal earlier and couldn't stop laughing when he slung me over his shoulder with a caveman impression. He was really, really patient and spent a lot of time warming me up, then put the AC on so it'd be cool enough to get under the sheets. There was a moment where I became irrationally angry because one of his pillows smelled like someone's shampoo, but being held down and stripped naked with of a lot of appreciative caveman noises distracted me. I really thought we'd have painful sex once and that'd be it, but he knew I was a virgin and we must have spent like 2 hours in bed just going between foreplay and penetration. When he said something along the lines of "I just need to loosen you up enough for me", it was hilariously gross, but insanely hot at the same time. By the end I was getting actually physically exhausted and hadn't come in like an hour so I was actually frustrated, until he turned me face down, wrapped me up in his arms and had prone sex. It felt like I was having my organs rearranged while getting a back adjustment, but fucking incredible too. The pain only lasted a few seconds and I came in under 5 minutes. We turned over and tried missionary so we could kiss as he came. After that we just lay together and talked for hours, then cuddled and fell asleep. I was expecting that this morning I'd leave and we'd talk, but he had things to do and hugged me, then left me with breakfast, so I just kind of hang around. He got back a couple of hours ago, kissed me and held me from behind, then asked what I wanted for dinner. So I think I'm staying another night? I'm also frightened to ask if this means we're dating now. I feel like you don't come home to your FWB and kiss them on the neck and run your hands over their waist lovingly, right?"

No. 20533

File: 1698321129545.jpg (743.37 KB, 1080x2639, sad.jpg)

No. 20544

Mental retardation. What is the purpose of adult women publically humiliating themselves like this on an anonymous site like this? Was this on /ot/ or /g/?

No. 20585

I hate it when women call other women cunts or other female-specific slurs and then act like it isn't misogynistic.

No. 20609

That cucumberhead flirted with my boyfriend and I was annoyed

No. 20615

so classic pickme then.

No. 20639

File: 1698841116054.png (117.28 KB, 597x977, Screenshot_429.png)

Thoughts on Jen Izaakson?

No. 20642

>don't drink
>play games instead of having a party
What is wrong with that?

No. 20648

what is even the point of these posts? it reads like random rambling.

No. 20651

I really like Jen. She explains the exact phenomena she's writing about here quite clearly on RedFem, I forget which episode. I've personally never seen anything like what she's describing because I've never been in separatist spaces.

No. 20657

>Thoughts on Jen Izaakson?
Confusion. Seconding >>20642 anon, whats wrong with women playing games and not drinking (alcohol presumptively?) Whats bad about this behavior instead of potentially destructive and just unfitting peer induced pressured behavior as a teenager/young adult? Also why is there seemingly an age limit to this behavior of 25? The first post reads a bit salty over some women having privileged "sheltered" backgrounds as if women and girls being warned of and protected from homeless and self destructive experiences of frat parties is somehow a bad thing (which they also have no control over as children being born into a poor or rich household so it's rather fruitless). You also don't exactly choose who your family or social class is, so I don't know where she was going with this. What's the purpose of ranting about people having generational wealth? I can see the reliance on males as something worth criticising in relation to seperatism but why just any wealth inheritance? Why is it a bad thing that girls are sheltered from trashy self destructive experiences? It reads like a "old man yells at clouds" rant of those women who haven't had shit experiences. It's odd to say the least. The second rant is more agreeable in its hypocritical hypothetical person but I don't see her point of purity that she fixates on. It's enough to call out hypocrisy and not play games of "who's the mostest purest" ala circular no true Scotsman.

No. 20674

File: 1699002452572.png (217.73 KB, 908x899, Loserism.png)

Jen believes in the concept of "Loserism", that leftist movements and feminism, especially, are infested with losers who desire everyone else to share in their own lack of success and loserness. Is she wrong though?

No. 20678

>Is she wrong though?
Yes. Who defines who a loser is? Why is this even relevant to radical feminism/lesbian seperatism? I find it ironic she complains about "leftists" having in and out groups then creates her own definitions to label and classify people branding them as "losers" snidely. "No success" is fairly vague. Someone with a degree is not automatically successful, or a success. Someone with kids is not successful in my opinion. Financial success is not merit worthy on its own if it's earned through unscrupulous means, even with heaps of money we know that's not true success since everyone's idea of success is vastly different. If she means financial success she shares her opinion with Andrew Taint. Chronic drug addicts are objectively losers, I can understand that, but someone who lives a cushy lifestyle and isn't dependent on anyone for financial prosperity who isn't too concerned about their status isn't a "loser" because they don't want to drink and party like white trash. They also aren't recessed like she says pettily. I find it quite wholesome to have friends and to see anons on this site that would rather engage in "hobbyism" (whatever that means) over self-destructive borderline dangerous behavior characteristic of millenials and their binge drinking culture. If the right of passage for a zoomer and young adult is what she says it is according to her bizarre logic I would rather not be a part of it. Both succumbing to peer pressure, and fixating over if you're a loser according to some random person on the internet, makes you a loser.


What is this? Kek. The ideology that having hobbies are somehow bad? Wouldn't every person in existence be this? I assume "Hobbyism" perhaps refers to people turning everything into a "hobby" out of the want or need to generate a passive income, surely? So this is a criticism in line with side hustles or something? Or maybe it's a criticism of unproductive hobbies? But what's the problem there unless they're damaging to the persons health or something. Otherwise I don't see the point of complaining about people having and developing meaningful hobbies for the sake of their own edifying and personal satisfaction. She seems to have confused the consequences of neoliberalism, late stage capitalism and people's expected growing apathy in adapting to it somehow with politics. There is no "commonality with the right wing" because the "right wing" in the U.S are mass spree killing white supremacist males, those who think children deserve being raped and women deserve no rights over their own bodies. The right wing is scapegoating violent males who blame all the worlds ills on black people and whatever they deem "woke" they also blame male degeneracy, trannies and male violence somehow on feminism. The left wing is insane in the opposite way that is commonly discussed here; troons and the erasure of womens rights is a obvious example as TRAs are stealth MRAs but both left and right are protective of males rights first and foremost, increasing male control and continued controlled violence against women and girls. There are just as many "losers" on the right as there is on the left. Does she not realize right wing retards have hundreds of thousands of grifters on bitchute? Regardless, I don't see a point to bothering with political sides when discussing radical feminism/lesbian seperatism when both equally hate women and are complicit in their erasure and upheaval. The last few posts say nothing new, there is no voice for women for social change and that's rather obvious to state. Most advocats do nothing for women and your best bet of actually making a change is volunteership. And her once again, getting salty over people cashing in on vapid social trends by making a go fund me. The entire "loserism and hobbyism" artificial class system of leftists (though she only condemns leftist women) strikes me as catty, spiteful, divisive, exclusionary and pickme. But I also find her bizarre rants fascinating.

No. 20682

The term "hobbyism" is just used to critique people who engage with Marxist/Socialist ideas in a shallow or insincere manner, being a radical feminist or a communist is a hobby to these people.

No. 20711

Agreed, I was listening to an episode of RedFem where this topic came up, and I had to stop because their "analysis" just sounded so dumb lmao. Like they were seething at younger people not being "cool" anymore, not realizing that there has been a generational shift in attitude towards partying, and that most zoomers don't find it cool to drink to the point of blackout every weekend. It's just pointless to get mad about young people not partying, and imo pretty irrelevant to femnism. I think there is a purity culture of sorts within the radical feminist movement and among the left (like there tends to be within all movements), but it has very little to do with partying per se.

No. 20712

I agree, what does it even ha e to do with communism or feminism, wouldn't she be happy that women are not engaging in pointless consumerism/hedonism? Also blogpost but I'm a lifelong celibate at 30, should I force myself into a loveless relationship and potentially risk my life just to mentally grow up? I'm not a neet ffs, I just don't date because I have better things to do.

No. 20727

So a woman who won't suck dick is "loser"? What a cope.

No. 20739

Older millenials have the most self destructive, coping binge drinking culture. Pointing the finger at people younger than you (including actual teenagers) for not having enough sex and getting drinking is weird and pedofillic as a adult woman presumably in her 30s, and reeks of "kids used to be cool back in my day". It's the most irrelevant to feminism, pathetically baffling behavior. Being blank out drunk and fucking men does not make a woman "graduate into adulthood" kek. Disgusting that she expects this objectively shit behavior of other women in order to pass her litmus test of "not loser". She should be supporting younger women for protecting themselves, not shitting on them because bitter. For a thirty year old woman she behaves like she's developmentally about age 18.

No. 20856

I do not want this to come off as being anti-mother because that is not how I feel at all, it's moreso anti-self importance. Whenever I think about women who poruposefully choose to have sex with some scrote to have a baby for him I'm just like wow . Cause first off, sex is incredibly uncomfortable, let alone being heavily pregnant, going through labor, and then giving birth. It sounds like being buried alive. Secondarily, I can't imagine feeling self important in my genetics to the point where I go to the extreme of Oh yeah I'm going to gain 40 lbs traumatize my uterus vagina and brain and have to deal with some screeching animal for the rest of my existence, because my genes need to be recycled . I don't think any women actually feel that way, but I do know that men absolutely do, and thats how they manipulate women into being surrogates for them before eventually cheating or initiating a divorce through abusive or neglectful behavior.

No. 20858

I saw this video and she feels like the final boss of pick-me-ism. How she chased him down, became willingly a slave, asks for few money,talks shit about feminism and spreads her shitty ideas on a youtube channels is just sad. Even if it's a grift it's so bleak

No. 21267

File: 1701536766254.jpg (81.13 KB, 1080x1051, 400993542_1923885794679898_721…)

I've got one for all of you, I work with one who skinwalks and competes with me and other girls:

> she/they

> "poly" but her husband isn't allowed to have other girls
> tried to get one of our managers fired because he wouldn't fuck her and told her that her behaviour at work was unprofessional
> "all men are trash" stood next to said husband
> thinks she invented dyed mermaid hair
> (anyone is celebrating anything) "I can do it bettuuuuur!"
> she doesn't see the irony in that she pops off about men being useless and how she's so tough and unique when her husband is the only reason she's able to eat, survive and the rest because she's so irresponsible with money
> we were going out once and she glared at me up and down then gestured to her ring and said "men only look at you because you don't have a ring on. Otherwise they'd be looking at ME"
> lies to my ED coworker that she goes to gym five to six times a week and pretends having a PT makes her a celebrity, in reality goes once maybe twice if her husband gets her up, will insist she's such a girlboss and strong but can barely walk fast or lift for shit
> posts images like image related all whilst putting down other women, constantly, but thinks that anyone who asserts boundaries with her bitchiness is just a hater and competing with her
> cannot ever be wrong
> "I'm just so unique and kinky and I love dragons, I'm such a bookworm"
> shares unfunny memes of the "other girls do this, but I do this, I'm so weird" nature
> main character syndrome
> checks every single box of the girlboss bingo
> projects herself like she doesn't need any men and men are so weak for her and insists the men who avoid her because they think she's a bitch are intimidated "because she's just so hot"
> her voice goes into baby voice around one guy we work with, he doesn't like her
> pretends to have knowledge to add to the autistic fantasy
> every third joke has to be about how she's SO autistic or kinky
> incredibly entitled
> all of this whilst pandering to men and wanting to appeal to men despite being so loud and annoying about how she's SO woke and how men are lucky to breathe the same air as her and how men are all shit
> she does not see the irony
> she unironically celebrates being "delulu" and says "I am the problem" like it's cute
> gatekeeps and shoehorns conversations with supposed SJW shit she's seen….on Tiktok
> shares SJW posts but knows nothing about the issues she's preaching about
> spoilt white only child desperate to be part of some kind of minority, speaks on behalf of other cultures and people
> the list goes on

I can't wait to watch this world burn, nonnas
> self-diagnosed autism and adhd she uses in every argument

No. 21268

samefag but she's also like the pro feminity Barbie is healing the patriarchy uwu stuff above too but that goes without saying tbh

No. 21277

Sounds like she's mentally ill. And I'm not talking the self-diagnosed 'tism or adhd, I think she might actually be an overt narcissist because of all the grandiosity, lack of boundaries with other people (external objects which she cannot perceive as existing outside of her), failed reality testing (men are shit, but she's reliant on one; men are shit, but she's really into sucking them off, huh), and interchangeability that she (seems to?) subject her husband to. Feminism in its "third-wave" variety is also really appealing to female narcissists in general. Take care around her, anon. NPD is much worse than the more memed "BPDemons", just rarer in women.

Also, related, but does anyone else notice that pickmes tend to be visibly mentally ill? Eating up patriarchy's bullshit reflects really poorly in that regard. I actually would go as far as to say that there is, perhaps, no dedicated pickme without some type of mental illness. Feelings of inferiority are a really common criteria for all sorts of shit in the DSM, maybe pickmeism is compensatory for that?

No. 21278

File: 1701554929376.jpg (29.6 KB, 500x471, 7c6xg44li9921.jpg)

I figure she's mentally ill for sure. It's sad in a way, the thing is she has everything really, two parents who truly love and believe in her and celebrate everything she's done, a husband who clearly married her despite knowing she's batshit and often impossible to please, and our workplace is honestly the best environment you could ever be in. I don't know where that ever went wrong, or maybe she's just always been so entitled and spoiled because her public posts and image has always felt like a weird illusion.

I'll be careful around her and I only interact with her as far as work and commutes are concerned which I cannot avoid, but it is so hard to listen to someone who will literally pick fights or has nothing to talk about other than herself and how she's supposedly better than everyone. Honestly I think she'll quit here soon, she doesn't believe in working and being an adult. We're both nearing thirty for the record.

I've noticed too that pickmes are visibly mentally ill. It sucks that it manifests in this way and that some people just want to see the world burn. If this woman really had any self-respect, she'd probably realize the irony of her ways. If her husband ever leaves her she'd genuinely not survive because he cooks, cleans and deals with all her shitfits. Imagine picrel but with overdyed ratty greasy blue hair.

No. 21295

Wow, she sounds awful. I'm sure that if I met this person I would hate her.

No. 21305

For a while I gave her the benefit of doubt, but no, she's just someone who wants men who don't look at her to get fired and if her husband ever did leave her she'd go further off the rails all whilst chortling about how much of a girlboss problematic hottie she is.

I'm all for feminism but this new wave of obnoxious whatever you want to call this is gross and she continues to be insane. Can't wait to be trying to calmly do my job on Monday and have her try to explain how to do my job to me when I have been acing it here for years and years. She'll fuck off eventually though. Thanks for listening, I'll sage but update any further crazy pickme shit she inevitably commits.

No. 21597

I hate how the term pickme got ruined. Pickme used to be an insult towards those misogynistic women who slut shame rape victims and stuff but nowadays men call any woman who takes care of her looks a pickme because it's become an acceptable way to insult women without getting called out for your misogyny.

No. 21600

She sounds miserable with her self tbh. like she has absolutely no sense of identity.

No. 21601

Don't diagnose people online, especially if the description is written by someone who hates them. Gradiosity is a sign of most mental disorders but its usually a sign of bipolar. For some reason low iq normies love diagnosing people with bipolar as narcissistic personality disorder because they think cluster B stuff are better to use as insults.

No. 21891

File: 1703765314215.png (199.99 KB, 593x728, CAPTURE.png)

No. 21909

What I want to know is why rape is regularly shown in media and sparks less disgust than a female character being shown hairy. How is body hair or not fitting beauty standards more shocking than traumatic experiences most women go through?

No. 21921

rape is sadistic. most people can relate to murder since it can come down to self-defense or heat of the moment rage but for rape to happen it takes true sadism and psychopathy. you have to have something missing in your head (and be a type of retarded?) in order to do it

No. 21922

Rape isn't taken seriously at all in our culture. Scrotes openly admit to find it sexy, they constantly insert rape scenes in all popular shows, it's basically legal with very low conviction rate. It only affects people who don't matter in the male ruled world so no one cares. And then you have cock lovers like op who want to completely silence us using woke rhetotic.

No. 21966

File: 1704203446215.png (290.61 KB, 602x493, V9vgav.png)

No. 21991

>Scrotes openly admit to find it sexy
>What is rape and revenge
>What is the vast majority of gen X women based rape porn drama series where the entire show or movie revolves around a woman or girl being raped.

Some of these women openly show they find it "sexy" too. Heteropatriarchy is inescapable endless torture.

No. 22084

File: 1704783724499.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4392.png)

Found out the main designer of a plushie company i follow is either an intense pick me or a TIM because who the fuck speaks this way? (1/3)

No. 22085

File: 1704783783034.png (191.6 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4393.png)


No. 22086

File: 1704784052627.png (192.83 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4394.png)

Tons more disgusting shit in her twitter. I am disgusted that i ever supported her.

No. 22131

>I can tell without a doubt at the same age as her I was miles hotter
what a fucking cow kek, like post a picture of yourself if you're so hot instead of hiding behind some doodle icon

No. 22140

Why do boymoms always feel the need to act superior because they have boys. It’s never anything like “oh I just always wanted a son” it’s always “GIRLS ARE JUST SOOOOO DRAMATIC AND HARD TO RAISE!!!! I COULD NEVER PLAY BARBIES!!!!” When having a daughter doesn’t even mean she’ll play with Barbie’s. My daughter likes dinosaurs.

No. 22153

This is such a culture difference thing too. Over here everyone wants girls because they are easier to raise and are more likely to help.

No. 22154

What if women get ai boyfriends too? Can moids compete with robot chads? 50% of character ai users are female. And unlike them we can get children much easier and cheaper just by going to a clinic.

She said nothing but facts. Scrotes are unnatractive fat slobs who think they deserve a teenage supermodel. The attractiveness gap between males and Women is huge.

No. 22155

Unrelated, but a few months ago, I learned that talking about "consent" is apparently retarded as fuck, because you technically can consent to something (allow something to happen) without desiring it. So we should be talking about "desire" and not "consent".
Either way, we shouldn't have to do this kind of verbal gymnastics, but since disgusting moids like to take things out of context and turn our words against us, it's necessary.
In a good world, everyone would be kind to each other and respect each other's boundaries, without the need to differentiate between desire and consent or whatever, because that's something you learn at primary school. But in a world where moids exist, there is a need for everything to be laid out so they can't take advantage of us. They joke about "hurr durr at this rate we will need to sign contracts to have sex!!1!1!1" but this is actually true, because if they don't, they take advantage of us. Kinda speaks on them. If they were normal functional beings, they would take a step back and think "huh, this is actually fucked up" but they don't cause they don't need to. And the planet keeps turning. Sage for vent sperging.

No. 22171

>So we should be talking about "desire" and not "consent".
Totally agree, personally I call it 'meaningful consent'. imo this is a 'spirit of the law, not the letter of the law' kind of situation. What is the point of consent as a concept, if not to gauge whether someone actually WANTS to have sex with you or not? It's completely useless if it means anything else, because you can get a 'yes' in any number of unethical ways. Coercion, deception, duress, pressure, blackmail/extortion etc. If someone says yes for any reason other than genuinely wanting to, it's not meaningful consent. If you have sex with someone who doesn't genuinely want to, you deserve to be treated like a rapist. This goes for all men who have ever paid for sex.

But yeah, give moids an inch and they'll take a mile. They will take the grey area of technically saying 'yes' to sex and use it to take advantage of women at every opportunity. They don't care if a woman wants to have sex, they only care if they can legally get away with doing it regardless.

No. 22181

Women are certifiable retards eternally coping for males making liberal feminist concepts like consent. No one can "consent" to being degraded period. And it's not giving males any excuse, you're forgetting that women have agency; the consent libfem tards of women actively want to be fucked by men, they want power imbalance, they seek it out. Women have an inherent power imbalance with men which prevents any mutual "consent" occurring between a man and woman. A gazelle can't consent to being eating by a lion. You can't consent to an oppressor to be oppressed. A slave can't consent to being enslaved by their slave owner. Of course prostition is rape. Women can't in good faith consent to being humiliated so they make up excuses with consent based laws that rape apes then launder over women. Like you said give them an inch you give them a mile, but women gave them this concession of power and I'd argue that the power is still in womens hands hence why there's a "male lonliness epidemic". But these women simply choose to keep fucking men. Most of these women who push the consent libfem spew that harms us all cope and come up with excuses to do anything but not fuck men, which oddly is never seen as an option. You say the law is designed for men to abuse, but women have full option not to fuck with any of this (unless they are literally raped obviously).(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 22182

It's not nice but its true.
We are never getting out of the patriarchy if we keep willingly giving sexual gratification to the patriarchy.

No. 22183

File: 1705250848803.png (143.13 KB, 791x960, 4389897acfb2a61be7e54804f5a722…)

i hate it here.

No. 22199

You sound like you belong in the blackpill thread.

No. 22678

Update she's in fact such a piece of work that she's now in hot water for having faked calling sick so many times because she thinks she is God's greatest gift and cannot be fucked to come in and do any work so she pretends she's got a tummy bug or a one day flu or fakes having fallen, my managers are in the process of investigating her so I guess karma is real nonnas, that and she is still trying to cling to the narrative that everyone else is such a bully, at this point she probably would fit the personal lolcow thread

No. 22691

please do, she sounds hilarious.

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