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No. 323542

For anything skincare related!

Previous threads:

No. 323547

I used to have really nice skin and now that I'm somewhat older, I have huge pores and more acne. I'm going to try going on bc with estrogen again, but it gives me headaches. Clay masks also don't seem to be doing much. I ordered a BHA peeling solution from the Ordinary as well. Sucks dealing with this when I had decent skin my entire life up until this point.

No. 323599

Is there any way to remove dead skin from the face without using facial scrubs or any physical products (such as a plastic or brush scrub etc)
Is using facial creamers okay too?? ? I wanna start using them, I'm not sure if I need to get the dead skin off my face first so it can work it's magic and do the maximum best at moisturizing my dry ass face. I figure it would work like that.

No. 323637

How much skin are you trying to remove? You could just wash your face like normal and a lot of it comes off. Maybe spend an extra second gently massaging your face while you wash it.
You could also use an acid peel or something similar. Don’t overdo it though.

No. 323638

What is a “facial creamer”?

No. 323641

I mean pretty much all of it lol. Yeah true, when I wash the toothpaste off my lips there's bits of dead skin that come off, massaging it probably will help yea. I'll do that
What happens if I overdo it? Will my skin melt off wtf

No. 323643

It's similar to a facial cleanser which is for oily types, creamers are for dry faces.

No. 323653

When do you apply hyaluronic acid in your routine? I see people saying it's one of the first steps, while others say to use it as a moisturizer. I just bought hada labo premium and tried applying it right after my toner so my skin is still damp, but I noticed a lot of pilling after I finished all the steps (just a serum, moisturizer and spot treatment, nothing extreme) and I've never had that recently, so it must be due to the HA.

No. 323657

File: 1682469565054.jpg (49.9 KB, 1000x1000, 51BX4EvYxSL.jpg)

A low % exfoliating acid serum like lactic or glycolic, or peeling gel like picrel (not a scrub, doesn't actaly peel your skin off).

If something is pilling it's more likely ingredients not interacting well, different silicones in different products can clump up. HA can be used at any point depending on the consistency of your product. Make sure you pat some water on top of it for maximum moisture absorption.

No. 323659

does body scrubs work or is it just another trendy product

No. 323662

I have been using body scrubs forever and it really doesn't exfoliate leaving me feeling softer and lighter. Like a newborn baby. I use it once a week.

No. 323663

Thanks anon, I didn't know you had to add water after HA too. I'll try to see which product doesn't interact well with it.

No. 323665

Samefag but different question, I just ordered tret but kept reading about it and for some reason I'm only now hearing about potential irreversible damage (fat loss and increased capillaries). What are some good alternatives and where do you order it? I'm thinking of Granactive Retinoid but idk if the efficiency is actually proven and if 2% of it (or 1% of retinol) has even a noticeable effect (brands have no issue slapping "retinol" on OTC products even if the % is useless). I thought tret was the product that would give me peace of mind and make me feel like I'm doing everything I can in the anti-aging department lol but I guess it was too good to be true. It's all so confusing nonnas and I feel like I'm so late because mid 20s.

No. 323730

thank you, do you have any brand recommendations? I was thinking of getting one from yves rocher but if you know a better one i’d love to know

No. 323734

This will be an unpopular opinion but I'm against buying new trendy chemical products as skincare. While I'm sure tret could be good if a derm prescribed it to you and told you how to use it, the amount to use it, etc. I also believe it's possibly damaging to use it on your own without the help of a doctor.
Instead of putting random active ingredients on your face, try to eat healthier, get a blood test and fix your vitamin deficiencies, those would definitely make a bigger improvement on your skin in the long term.
If you have a specific skincare concern go visit a doctor.

No. 323743

I love that we're keeping the tradition of vintage thread pics alive, good choice OP

No. 323753

>what happens if I overdo it?
If you use acids and exfoliating products excessively your skin will become inflamed and irritated, raw, red, its natural protective barrier could get so damaged that it cracks and bleeds, stings when you put anything on it, age prematurely due to excessive stress and damage if you keep doing it in spite of the pain… stuff like that. “Too much of a good thing”. You can’t blast your face daily with acid peels or leave them on too long, they’re too strong. You can’t force every bit of dead skin off your face every day, you can only gently encourage the top layer that’s already sloughing off to jump ship.
I’m wondering if you have dry skin and you’re worried about removing dead skin, does that mean flaky skin is bothering you? It might be more of a moisture problem than a dead skin problem. Your skin will feel more dry and tight after an acid peel, you may find your flaking gets worse. Depends on your skin, I don’t know your whole situation.
Using micellar water on a cotton pad to exfoliate and cleanse is actually really effective and cheap and gentle.

No. 323785

I appreciate the reminder of the importance of a healthy lifestyle haha but my main concern is aging and while drinking water and eating healthy is important, it's not enough. I understand that "self-medicating" with tret is not the best (though it seems super easy to get it prescribed in the US?) which is why I'm hoping that anons have recs for effective OTC alternatives.

No. 323796

try Differin or other OTC adapalene gel. It's very similar to tret, a bit more mild. Some people use them interchangeably. I find it works better on acne than tret.

No. 323798

forgot to add just as a personal anectdote: in photos from the couple years I was using differin I look much better than in photos after a year of tret.
I think tret was just too much for me or perhaps I needed to be more careful about sun (took up outdoor running at that time) and moisturizing. I still have a tube and I'm considering discontinuing it… it does make my skin feel smooth, but I think it has become too delicate and I like to spend time outside getting sweaty.

No. 323851

Yeah that all makes sense, there has to be a layer to protect the skin underneath and if there isn't. Like you said…. premature aging, rough irritated skin etc
>does that mean flaky skin is bothering you? It might be more of a moisture problem than a dead skin problem.
My skin feels all scaly, like the skin of a lizard, I'm not sure if it's a dead skin issue or if ite from lack of moisture. I'll try the micellar water method then!

No. 323859

This sounds schizo but can you be too sensitive to topical clindamycin, where it causes stomach pain like an oral antibiotic would?

No. 323863

File: 1682546491637.jpeg (88.02 KB, 2000x2000, lactic acid.jpeg)

oh I see. I'm no dermatologist but a lactic acid product will probably help with that, it exfoliates and moisturizes. You could try The Ordinary's cute little bottle (cheap, I liked it) or get the classic AmLactin lotion from the pharmacy or something else. Research how to apply and see what your skin likes.

No. 323864

File: 1682546431083.jpeg (88.02 KB, 2000x2000, lactic acid.jpeg)

oh I see. I'm no dermatologist but a lactic acid product will probably help with that, it exfoliates and moisturizes. You could try The Ordinary's cute little bottle (cheap, I liked it) or get the classic AmLactin lotion from the pharmacy or something else. Research how to apply and see what your skin likes.

No. 323867

File: 1682548814267.png (73.43 KB, 570x570, ECE68493-7F66-42E9-A872-66DF15…)

I just noticed the typo in my previous post, oops. I recommend any more natural brand, I have used thai sand in the past which is rough, so you need the lightest of movements because it's sand. These are really effective for places like your feet. Recently I have been using this one. It's a butter scrub, so it's creamier, so I use it as a shower gel on the days I exfoliate and it smells nice and moisturizes.

No. 323888

File: 1682563076085.jpeg (206.1 KB, 978x1080, IMG_1545.jpeg)

Any anons here have recommendations for countries/cities/locations in Europe with great and cheap spas/skin clinics? I’m thinking of traveling to 1-3 countries and would love to go somewhere I can 1) relax at a spa, 2) get some recommendations on what to do with my skin and maybe laser off a stubborn broken capillary.

For some reason, I’m totally failing at my google-fu skills and can’t find anything relevant on Reddit etc. Hoping that some nonnies here can send me in the right direction!

No. 323897

thank you anon, i'll look into differin!

No. 323929

why is there a windmill in Germany/Denmark and not in the Netherlands in that picture lol

No. 323938

Hungary for sure.

No. 323944

I second this

No. 323961

Thanks! Any further suggestions? Specific cities (Budapest?) or clinics/locations?

No. 324028

I have been going to cities on maps and researching this for months, and so far Slovenia, Poland, and Hungary have been the cheapest that offer good services, with Czechia not far behind. Avoid Italy and France because they are expensive given the focus on beauty there and heavy tourism. However they have great beauty products.

No. 324030

Because the creator had to overcompensate for something with the eiffel tower

No. 324226

I want to try low strength TCA so badly for more long term skin texture issues (ice pick acne scarring + micro needling student fail) that years of on and off retinol and retinoid use haven't helped. Does anyone have experience with TCA? I have heard it's safer than lasers. I'm likely to start with diy AHA BHA peels.

No. 324371

glad you like it! i like this tradition too

No. 324860

File: 1682984236532.png (49.61 KB, 1396x544, Screen Shot 2023-05-01 at 4.36…)

I've been using a salicylic acid/sulphur soap for 2 years now that completely cleared acne breakout I had during the pandemic–and I just found out these same two ingredients were used in ancient rome for the same exact purpose:

No. 325224

File: 1683130969094.jpg (44.43 KB, 600x600, neutrogena-sheer-zinc-white-ca…)

Is 30 SPF generally similar to 50 SPF as long as you reapply as directed? I work a physical job and a lot of SPF50+ products have titanium dioxide/zinc, which makes me look like I bathed in milk after sweating for a few hours but the sun damage visibly accumulates when I don't wear sunscreen. Please reassure me nonnas, or share tips.

No. 325233

File: 1683133106420.jpeg (125.02 KB, 1179x1929, IMG_7877.jpeg)

When I worked at the post office they gave us packets of this which is designed for people working outdoors. It’s chemical and tastes awful if you get it in your mouth but it might be good for you
I don’t get the white sweat as bad if I rub the mineral sunscreen in thoroughly but I assume you tried that. My husbands uses spray sport sunscreen exclusively but to be honest it’s not working for him lol, he swears by it though.

No. 325239

KEK at least he is trying I guess, apparently some research states that people underestimate with the spray kind and end up using too little. Thank you so much for the rec. I didn't even know there were specialized products like that for people working outdoors.
An esthetician also told me to rub the sunscreen in, but it feels like I'm rubbing it off and then I get paranoid.

No. 325249

Tret has been studied since the 50s, it's among the most well-studied drugs in skincare in fact (certainly the most studied retinoid). Nowhere near "new and trendy", and it's the only FDA approved drug for photo-aging. I've never heard of any studies connecting it with fat loss, and on googling it I can only find some stray anecdotes. I agree you should only use it with derm supervision though, it can be extremely irritating for some people.

As for differin, it's thought to work the same way as tret (as a vitamin A derivative) and may be less irritating, but it's far less studied. I believe the company that manufactured it discontinued research into its use for photo-aging, which isn't a good sign. It still might be a good product to start with, or an alternative if you don't want to use tret.

No. 325256

The facial fat loss thing was a rumor that got blown out of proportion on beauty forums. I looked into it myself at one point and it’s not legit. Someone read a study that noted fat loss had occurred in patients that started in their early 20s but they didn’t read the part of the study that said it was consistent with the regular facial fat loss that comes with aging and couldn’t be contributed to tret and there was no similar fat loss noted in older patients.

No. 325778

Just booked an appointment for my first ever sugar wax!! No idea why I never tried before, I guess I assumed it would hurt too much, it's supposed to be better than regular wax. It's tomorrow so I'll be back to tell you how it goes. I booked a full body eheheheh

No. 325791

Sugar waxing started in the Middle East and there's a reason why it's so popular, it's much easier on the skin than regular wax. Don't shave before your appointment and take ibuprofen about 30-40 minutes before. Wear loose clothing to your appointment, post wax go home and wash the waxed area right away. Gently exfoliate daily (acne body wash works well) and use a lightweight moisturizer, avoid sweating for the first 24-48 hours. If you go regularly your hair will come back finer and less dense so follow up sessions will be easier. Good luck Nonnie

No. 325843

Damn you are a savior, great advice. I planned to take a long bath after anyway.

No. 326114


Some areas were painless, but some areas omfg that hurt like a bitch. And it took two hours guys. Two hours of ripping my legs, arms, armpits, and lady bits.
The lady was so nice and said I can ask for a break anytime, can do really quick or small patches, easily did areas I wanted like my hands lul. Overall I am glad I did it but whoever said it was entirely painless is a god damn liar and needs a slap to the face.

No. 326131

The Jergens shea butter body lotion makes my face look so fucking hydrated. I’m being a cheapskate but it’s working.

No. 326168

File: 1683443983075.jpg (247.63 KB, 1271x1267, pictures.jpg)

Thank you for your answers, that's good to hear. I kinda panicked reading one of the previous skincare threads (and the tret subreddit) when I saw quite a few anons agreeing about the fat loss (starting here >>190381) and posting worrying pictures like picrel. I know it's just anecdotal "evidence" but still. I'll look into studies more!

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