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File: 1508289100021.jpeg (163.14 KB, 750x1080, 1507245455915.jpeg)

No. 451592

Kiki appears to have abandoned her glittering career as an actress as there is no evidence of her obtaining any work since April.
Since then she has opened a Patron which she updated intermittently with short text posts, before giving up for 5 whole weeks. Keeks blames Hurricane Irma recovery for her inactivity despite her family’s neighborhood suffering little damage and her supposedly living in LA. Lilou only responded to her lack of Patron posts once she got called out on lolcow, once again proving that she is completely obsessed with the ‘’’’’’haters‘’’’’’.

A darling anon posted a few shots of Kiki in her natural habitat >>445257 , which triggered Cathy to go on a massive rampage against a totally unrelated model working in Japan >>446278

And what happened to Bobby?

Previous thread: >>419492

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lilouvos/
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/mmmkikikannibal
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/kikikanniballl
IMDb: http://www.imdb.me/lilouvos
Actors Access: https://resumes.actorsaccess.com/lilouvos
Backstage: https://www.backstage.com/u/lilouvos/
Patron: https://www.patreon.com/lilouvos

No. 451599

Kek, the candid pics in Walmart are such gold. Will never get over the fact that anon had milk in their shopping cart when the encounter happened.

I know speculation is pointless, but does anyone have any ideas what's going on with her? I'm guessing the "coming back to FL for hurricane Irma" is a bunch of crap and Keeks has been home for a while. I think she was probably latching onto Bobby and living at his place, then he dumped her so she had to go home and stop pretending to be living the LA dream. But again, we might never even know.

No. 451778

Hey you!
I've been tying myself in knots worrying over this category five hurricane. Some of you may know I have family in Florida. I've been keeping an eye on all the storm updates and keeping close touch with my family. They currently have lost power, so I'm even more concerned ahhh! My spleen is killing me… (In Chinese medicine the spleen governs the emotion of worry and digestion; no wonder my tummy feels awful when I'm upset or worried!)

The last hurricane I experience was Wilma in 2003. I was living in south Florida at the time and I remember the winds being so strong that the windows looked as if they were breathing! I remember huddling up with all my pets and family in the master bedroom closet. It was find of fun and cozy, yet scary.

Do you have any family or friends in Florida? Have you experienced a natural disaster before? I always worry for the animals… stray dogs, cats, birds, insects. Just a few hours ago people in Tampa saved two manatees that were stranded from the eerie loss of water in the Tampa Bay. I'm glad there are responders that are helping.

A few days ago I was sweating over the fact the Ernest Hemingway's property housed over 150 cats! The caretakers stayed there in order to help the cats as they could not evacuate all the kitties. Hats off to them! I always wondered why none of the Hemingway relatives came down and bought a couple of buses to transport all his kitties he left behind… Good news though! The eye of the hurricane passed over Key West, so instead of 9-15 feet of surge there was only 3-5 feet, woot!

Still, I'm praying like crazy here for everyone else experiencing the storm or having loved ones going through it as I type. We're still not out of the woods just yet.

On an unrelated note… or maybe related since its regarding ~*ze ocean*~
Do you have the 'WEBTOONS' app? I think its by the creators of the LINE app and it has all these cool digital comics that artists create. I've been addicted to one called Siren's Lament. I read 80+ chapters up until the most recent one. Now I have to wait every Saturday! Maaaaaaan. > < I highly suggest it.

That's all for now! I'll be shipping out rewards this week and sending tracking numbers, so look out for a message from me soon.

Lots of love, luck and lotuses,


No. 451814

Is it sad I can't tell if this is real or parody?

No. 451819

No. 451862

sounds like a blog post?

No. 451904

I lost it at the Chinese medicine lmao

No. 451979


I don't know how to feel about this, I really don't

No. 451983

kaka pls go

No. 452005

>>451778 is one of her Patreon posts. Yes, her spleen hurts because of worry, nothing to do with her shit diet.

No. 452015

SAME, god that was cringe-y….
Screenshot that shit don't copy pasta, this is an image board and I'm still skeptical lol

No. 452016

File: 1508318233374.png (624.73 KB, 531x2175, hurricaneirma.png)

Not that anon, but here you go. Will dump the other (three!) posts in a few. I was waiting for her to post something interesting but I guess that's not going to happen.

No. 452017

what… are you trolling? screenshot it. I thought that was a really poor attempt at trying to emulate her dumb writing pattern to mock the way she talks. i even thought anon over-did it and made it too cringy/unrealistic

No. 452021

File: 1508318529849.png (459.1 KB, 845x477, Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 15.4…)

>20th August
Text post asking for ideas (like in all of her previous YT videos??), no truTV vlog or set photos as mentioned in her 'My Favorite Vegan Sushi Recipe' video. Still somehow took her until 11:32pm LA time to post.

>27th August

Uploads her YouTube video ('What I Ate Today # 3 VEGAN') late.
>>"I’m posting on my Patreon every Sunday and doing little posts here and there and creating a little community and that’s where I kinda reveal more about my passion and my acting"
I couldn’t help but laugh, all she’s done is type a few sentences!

>28th August

Her first Patreon vlog.
>>Patron asks for tips on dealing with anxiety, Kiki rambles about her auditions and then compares her life to The Sims
>>All of her answers about auditioning make it clear she’s super loud and obnoxious in real life too
>>Promises an apartment tour video, but is waiting for her birthday money to buy equipment (so pathetic)
>>”[Acting] is my passion, I can’t just give up on it, y'know?” (After giving up on all of your past ‘careers’ and projects?)
>>Advises people to not take things personally (Hmmmmmmmm)
>>”You have to fucking crazy to be an actor!”

>4th September

Another text post - a short playlist.

Then came the Irma post on the 11th and after that the huge gap until the desperate excuses post.

No. 452022

omg…..I can't even greentext the specific parts that made me think this was a bad parody of her because it's almost the whole thing.

No. 452025

>Not that anon, but here you go
wait, so 2 people here are her patrons?

No. 452030

>Acting is my passion
Talking about herself is clearly her only passion, jfc.
It shows how lazy she really is that she could just pump out long-winded YouTube videos with little planning and gain some kind of audience, but no I need equipment and 700 other flimsy excuses.

No. 452048

Kiki is seems afraid of failure (which you actually need to do again and again in order to succeed) and it's exacerbated by sites like this that pick apart everything she does. She needs to just ignore everything posted here and 'take risks' as she says.

No. 452052

File: 1508327937643.png (488.96 KB, 629x542, kiki.png)

can you guys stop talking about me srsly you're obsessed with me

No. 452067

Learn english

No. 452072


She looks like mystery.jpg here lmao

No. 452088

Did OP really have to use such a hideous picture of this girl for this thread? That shot of her is the stuff of nightmares. I bet she wouldn't get cast for any other role than that of Gollum in a LOTR reboot if she had that on her portfolio.

No. 452092

>if she had that on her portfolio.
I know you're trying to sound like a mean internet troll, but you're doing it really stupidly.

No. 452094

Sorry, I got a bit carried away. Truth is I think she's quite pretty and we all have bad photos taken of ourselves from time to time. I shouldn't have been so quick to judge her and I think I should probably take a long hard look in the mirror and re-evaluate my life choices.

No. 452110

This is how she really looks anon without the warm filters and photoshop. Like her sister she hates her natural looks.
Some of us are a little concerned about how sickly she looks because of her diet. But I like OP since it is rare to see how she really is without speculation

No. 452121

I love this picture of her tbh. It shows that she's as ugly on the outside as she is on the inside. :>)

No. 452127

File: 1508340356579.jpg (524.24 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpg)

It's not just a bad picture, it's that kiki posts pictures of herself that are edited to hide all of her imperfections.
So like her sister, it's probably difficult to get cast or hired for anything because their pictures claim they look more youthful than they actually do.

she's desperately clinging to her youth instead of moving forward and accepting the fact that she has been aging.

No. 452174

so what advice would you give her? Give up on her dreams? That seems awfully cold. She's in her 20's, some of yall talk like she's middle aged! (not whiteknighting, genuinely curious here)

No. 452176

Post pictures without photoshop so that maybe will help her to get gigs. She obviously looks so different from what she really is. And with that work on her dreams. Bullshit will only bring you so far.

No. 452178

File: 1508344727882.png (491 KB, 876x378, kimk.png)

sure but not even 'real' (lol) celebrities look the same in paparazzi candids as the image they cultivate and share online. Take Kim Kardashian for example. Why is it only not ok when Lilou does it?(learn 2 sage)

No. 452182

>comparing kaka to Kim Kardashian

…. Mods?

No. 452187

Why wouldn't I call her Lilou? It makes sense as that's the name she's going by now (and since you guys are set on exposing her, anyone who searches that will eventually wind up here so win win right?)

Also to clarify I in no way think she's anywhere in the same league as Kim Kardashian notoriety wise. You missed my point entirely…

No. 452193

File: 1508346226592.jpg (634.02 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpg)

There's a difference between taking a photo from a flattering angle and photoshopping yourself into a different person.
The only difference is that everyone knows kardashians and jenners are fake, while the ostrengas claim to be naturally beautiful.

No. 452199

Except that looks like a photo of Kim Kardashian with zero makeup on.

Kaka on the left has makeup on. She has her cateye eyeliner on so I'm assuming makeup on the rest of her face too. And she still looks terrible. The dark shadows under her eyes could be because of the Walmart lighting from above, but I don't get how she manages to hide that wrinkle under her eye.

No. 452200

kirsten ostrenga go make content for your paying customers instead of comparing yourself to REAL celebrities and defending yourself on lolcow. ffs. i knew those candids would make you think you were famous. because youre mentally ill and live in a delusion. the truth is you have a big moon face. like your head has to much square footage. the only job you should have in entertainment is using your forehead as a movie screen.

No. 452203

even without the caked makeup you still can recognize it's the same person

kaka shoops herself a whole new face, also what >>452193 said

kiki gloats about her snowflakey lotr sailor moon hair russian model bubble butt genetics when irl she's your average jane.

No. 452217

The picture on the left is Kim's old face, the one on the right is more recent. And yet, you can still see it's the same person - not to mention, left doesn't look even half as bad as OP picture.

I agree, but she doesn't have a moon face. Kaka has a moon face, Kiki's is a stretched oval with a fivehead.

No. 452298

>Will never get over the fact that anon had milk in their shopping cart when the encounter happened.
I have to emphasize that fact once again

No. 452301

so… meaning at least 2 out of the patreons are farmers?

No. 452312

not anyone can live their dreams. yes for kaka it is way too late. She wouldve needed any experience in her teens/pre-teens. Taking acting classes early on, playing in school plays, theatres, small plays and and and. She skipped all that, thinking she could make it big without that and only her myspace fame from back in the days. Do you have any idea what kind of risk it would be to cast someone for a role of an expensive movie that has no to very little experience? even all of the game of thrones characters had small roles before. no one was casted out of the blue. no one will ever be casted out of the blue for anything with money involved.

She doesnt even have the looks for an actress. She is okay looking if you mop her up and she is at least slim, but her hair is way too thin and she is doing nothing to change that. she doesnt plug her eyesbrows. her acting is shit, as weve seen in the few videos that were put out. Not even thinking about what would happen if she actually was on a set of a movie and someone critized her. She cant take criticism. She is not a hard-working person. the only thing I can imagine her in is playing a zombie with lots of make up in the walking dead.0,

so yes. give up on the thing that you have absolutely no talent in and find something you actually can be good at.

No. 452329

it is possible to block patrons? because that's what kiki most likely will do

No. 452360


Lol, but Kim looks cute in the makeupless/no editing/ bad angle left picture and like a fox in the second full face makeup/ flattering angle one.

Kaka looks like shit in both…

Not to mention Kim's in her 30's and Kaka is only mid 20's looking the way she does.

No. 452368

Wait anon, Kaka is Dakota's nickname, not Kiki's. You're right btw

No. 452382

Theres a bunch of sperg threads being made .. Is it safe to speculate Kiki's back ?

No. 452386

my advice to the two sisters are to accept they are human. I never seen or heard of either one of them working out or eating to keep up a lean body like Taylor does. They just assume "i'm beautiful naturally, I don't need to work out"
Cuz truth be told both are too lazy to even keep up there bodies. They would age better if they accepted human bodies need up keep and maintenance

No. 452389

A part of me is wondering is sperg chan is Kiki again

No. 452401

How would she know who it was though? The patrons who haven’t interacted with posts would be more suspect but it’s certainly not conclusive. I guess it’d all be down to the good old Ostrenga paranoia.

No. 452403

No, no, no. Dakota is Kooters, Kiki is Kaka.

No. 452409

It is interesting the last time a bunch of sperg threads were created there was more Kaka stuff brewing. But there was also Onion drama like there is now so it could be someone from either camp as likely candidates.

No. 452432

OMG she's so full of shit.

Her repeating how "acting is her passion" over and over in every video she makes is exhausting and comes off as she's not being honest. Same with the constant "what should I do for videos". Bitch you been asking that since June.

> if she doesnt get the part, it's not bc of her, it's bc of the casting team vision and she doesn't fit it

That's the magic you dumbass cunt, you have to understand their vision, understand your role and ACT to fit that vision.

> sees auditions as acting classes

And maybe that's why you don't "fit" into the casting's vision - you come off as an amateur who's not taking it srsly.

She did say an acting teacher told her "auditioning is the job and the rest is the vacation" so, why's she treating it like a fucking class?

> the thing about having a passion is not getting attached to it

OK I can't even with this one.

> studied Chinese medicine, like acupuncture. "Maybe I'll do a video about it"

Like everything else? Yeah.

> "acting is my passion so I can't give it up"

But weren't you all over music from the start? How's it a passion you can't give up, but you didn't move a muscle to go after it professionally until very recently?

That's a new level of insufferable.

No. 452451

knowing her, she'd block all of them

No. 452458


> studied Chinese medicine, like acupuncture. "Maybe I'll do a video about it"

pinning needles on your Taylor voodoo doll isn't acupuncture, Kiki

No. 452526


Uhhh.. in her playlist list, she has a song called "It’s over Bobby” ?

No. 452590

File: 1508373361173.png (108.13 KB, 340x366, whe.png)

I'm subscribed to a very popular person on patreon who has her content leaked all the time, but she has over 5,000 patrons. The creator can delete patrons without warning and I think even ban them from coming back, this girl went on a purge where she deleted a lot of people she somehow suspected of being leakers, though idk how she figured them out.

with Kiki only having 9 though and being paranoid as fuck, she'll probably end up deleting her whole patreon tbh.

No. 452608


Lowkey wonder if her entire Patreon is in fact all anons .. withod course one angry stan-fan and maybe an undercover momma dukes. . ( One thats up both Kota and Kaka's arses on IG )

So maybe total of 7 questionable followers ?

Kaka's relevance is close to none. Nobodycurr except for saucy anons.

No. 452796

Is it okay if I dump old videos?

No. 452797

I'm just gonna do it…I'm feeling nostalgic.

Here's a night at the ostrengas back when they used to peddle their shrinky dinks

No. 452799

Oh darn, I thought I still had active videos.

No. 452800

No. 452801

A review of kiki's first music venture

0:24-0:54 is a snippet of the song

No. 452836

But if she blocks her 7 patreons, she would have to say godbye to the 35$ she makes every month. And they appear to be her only source of income, besides her parents.

No. 452878

Wow those first seconds in alone. It's like she was born for the silver screen.

No. 452879

Surprised Kylie didn't sue for that nosejob

No. 452881

They act like they have some form of mental retardation.

No. 452886

>The last hurricane I experienced was Wilma in 2003
Wilma happened in late 2005, idk how she could have gotten that so mixed up considering she was probably already a myspace scene at the time

No. 452892

Can't believe she hung out with dahvie vanity, that guy is accused of doing a lot of fucked up shit to underage girls.

No. 452897

I remember this video on their stickam (or that other scene queen social media they used). I used to think they were so cute and funny, especially Kota, and I felt kinda jealous of their lives because they made it seem so glamorous.
How the tables have turned…

No. 452903

What makes me uncomfortable about that video is how obvious it is that Kota is just a child still in development underneath the fried hair and eyelash glue. All that damage at such a young age it's no wonder she doesn't look good

No. 452917


Maybe I'm just an idealist but I think if she worked very very hard she could manage a modest life as an actress or do some small roles alongside a different job.

The problem is that this is Kiki. She doesn't have a 'passion' for acting.
She doesn't want to be an actress, she wants to be a famous actress

No. 452925

Kiki isn't scoring gigs because she lacks the social skills and charisma to stand out from the attractive people.
She would be better off as a photographer or makeup artist, I felt like she actually enjoyed doing that back in her stickam days.

No. 452933

Oh shit, photography is one of the few basic bitch interests/‘talents’ she hasn’t pursued yet. Maybe that’ll be her next ‘career’.

No. 453092

Kiki is obsessed with being famous. She's a child star in a lot of ways. She got famous too young, had her 15 minutes of fame and invested everything to get it back. Unfortunately, she has no talent, no looks and no luck outside her scene days.

No. 453128


This. Her only passion is being famous so she can be a 1%er, living a luxury vacation life with tenpoor masses tripping over themselves to take her picture and tell her she’s perfect. She’ll never get over her entitlement and be an actual, functioning adult, her parents are gonna keep enabling her into her 30s probably.

No. 453151

> with tenpoor masses tripping over telling her she’s perfect.

That sounds like the very purpose of her youtube channel. As soon as she realized she didn't go viral or ppl weren't kissing up to her as much as she'd expect, she fled

No. 453189

This is pretty OT but one thing that has always struck me about Kiki is that she goes on endlessly about her love for animals but barely about posts her own pets. In the last couple of years all we've seen is one Insta clip where a cat jumped up in the background while Kiki was mugging to the camera.

I'm no crazy vegan but I'm going to post the occasional pic of my pets because I naturally want to take photos of them looking cute. If something major happened like getting a new pet or one dying I'd definitely post about it. My pets are part of my family.

The situation is just odd to me. Why not post about them if you love animals so much? Taking a few shots of your cats = easy likes, which we all know you live for. Why wouldn't she post them if she really loves animals? Are you faking the animal concerns (which seems to almost entirely be gory videos of farm animals) to look like an empath?

Whatever happened to the dog they had (and repeatedly DYED the fur of) in the scene days? It never got mentioned again.

(This is a veeery rambling post, I know)

No. 453210

It's clear she doesn't look after them, also kiki can't stand anyone taking the attention away from her, pets included. All the pics she posted of animals, her mug must be there too. Even in the tiger donation certificate pic she had to put her hand with ugly quartz rings over it.

I think the dog appeared in the background of one of her cd covers.

No. 453211


All I remember was it was a Pomeranian called Pippin, I don’t recall if she had more than one or not though..

No. 453218

Were their parents filming this shit?

No. 453222

Papa Scott was, you can hear him commenting from behind the camera.

No. 453223

I think it's their brother Kyler, they start talking to him at one point

No. 453231

maybe it's because of that story that someone once threatened to kill one of her cats, and then the cat went missing.

No. 453233

Yeah, but it most definitely was Scott filming it, and I thought I could hear Cathy over the autistic screeches

No. 453236


Not that anon, but you could hear them clearly say "Kyler" and point to the camera. Which he responded with a middle finger. ( 2:50 )

P.s I found another video… When did Kaka ever have dark hair ?

No. 453274

OMG this one's pretty old. Like when MySpace wasn't huge there was a sort of social media site for "goths" or some shit. I can't remember the name but it had vampires in it or some shit. That's when she had the dark hair

OK maybe I'm clouded by my perception of current Kiki but up to a certain point it looked like she wasn't trying to be the centre of attention. She was just being dumb with Kota…… but then she kind of starts placing herself IN THE MIDDLE of the camera, and Dakota ends up in the corner. Pretty much like they always did back on Stickam videos.

I wonder what came first,the narcissism or the hair dye.

No. 453285

Oh my god, Kiki was on VampireFreaks? I wish someone could dig up her old profile. I'm sure it's so cringe.

No. 453290

It kind of made me feel bad for her? She is being an obnoxious child with her family, at home, very young and clearly not comfortable, she keeps touching the lashes and trying to keep them from falling. Just take them off, you're not on a girls night out (I won't even comment on the age thing, wearing heavy makeup, falsies and bleached hair - which is worse than crazy colors on naturally light blonde hair. Bleach stings your scalp af and the after haircare is often exhausting).

Maybe I'm reading too much into it and arm chair diagnosing but it seems like she was pushed into "you must always look perfect" mentality from a very young age.

No. 453295

File: 1508468670978.jpg (19.74 KB, 314x468, images.jpg)

Same. I mean, those pictures, man (btw i typed kirsten leigh Ostrenga on Google images and this thread picture came up in the first page lol)

No. 453296

File: 1508468685031.jpg (6.45 KB, 161x237, images (3).jpg)

No. 453297

File: 1508468701830.jpg (10.63 KB, 200x300, images (2).jpg)

No. 453298

File: 1508468734930.jpg (27.49 KB, 336x551, bcceb98edc_18859313_o2.jpg)

OK this and the next one I'm not sure if they're already from MySpace

No. 453299

File: 1508468753326.jpg (13.16 KB, 170x255, a76d62c0d9_18858919_o2.jpg)

No. 453303

she's like, 13 here?

No. 453304

Didn't they photoshop the stripes or something on these?

Kaka was good at hiding her beak nose back then even it seems.

No. 453306

nice retarded looking knucks that "slag" has LOL

No. 453307

middle school airhead maybe lol?

No. 453308

lol vampirefreaks always makes me break out in comedic tidings

teenage goth shitposting

No. 453314

this is kind of sad, realistically where does she even go from here

No. 453354

I don't know what is in that bottle, but is Dako drinking alcohol?

No. 453355

Nevermind, it doesn't seem like it.
I could've sworn I read they were allowed to drink in the home once.

No. 453377

they do look pretty shooped

to do black stripes on blonde and keep them nice and solid with no featheryness or color bleeding together you have to have a little finesse and the ostrengas have none lol

No. 453381

Yeah the stripes are created with the burn tool. Looking at their pictures now it's so obvious everything down to their makeup is created in PS. If you look at the video >>452797 you can see she attempted to actually put the stripes in her hair after getting called out for them being shooped.

This style makes her look so unwashed and like she smells like someone's gym bag. At least the scene style and angles hid her deformed banana head.

No. 453414

keep working on her acting craft. get a day job. ya know, like regular people.

No. 453420

i think she would sooner live off a guy than do that. after all of her gigs dry up, it's probably straight to housewife life with vegan hafu baby

No. 453422

As if she didn't have a barren womb thanks to her malnutrition—I mean vegan diet.

No. 453441

are they on drugs here?

No. 453442

anon from >>452312 here
I totally agree with you. she wouldve had a chance if she had worked hard.
but the ostrengas are not known for being hard workers. so.

No. 453443

>child star
bitch, what are you talking about top kek
being known in the internet wasnt even tough shit back in the days of myspace

No. 453447

Sorry, should have said LIKE a child star. In that she's washed up as an adult with the desperation to become popular again.

No. 453448

Lol, I wonder if that massive ego of hers could ever allow her to humble herself enough to be anything else other than the center of attention at all times.

No. 453462

I agree. I've personally always thought she had a Baby Jane vibe about her.

No. 453464

i think he just showed up and was purposefully ruining their video. i want a tell all book from his pov tbh

No. 453466

I'd buy it

No. 453470

Nah. There's a cow in my country who's very similar to Kiki: mediocre looking, no actual talent, but really really wants to be famous and stand out. She works as a photographer, but her social media are only full of pictures of herself taken by other people and photoshopped to oblivion, because she can't stand the fact that she can't be a model and only chose the photographer route to try to retaliate and find a place in the fashion/model industry anyway.
Kiki would be the same. Working through angles and lighting to make other girls look good while she's behind the camera and no one can see her? No way

No. 453471

is it Vicky Shingles?

No. 453590

I don't get how she looks horsey and cheekboney in some videos and pics of her but then in her candids her face looks bloated and her lips actually not as pouty as her videos. Her face looks extremely bloated! Like I understand editing, but this is whoah. It makes me wonder if she's sick or run down. Like I understand the eye circles but the moonish face is like nothing I've seen in her videos, even in her really young ones before she could edit with after effects. Not defending Kaka because her hair is thin as shit and she's definitely a plain Jane, but something tells me she was sick in this photo

No. 453592

Samefag here- or she's possible bulimic like when Kota first had her real face revealed on television and it was super bloated and everyone was wondering if she was bulimic.

No. 453593

I wouldn't consider her face bloated. Her sister yes most definitely but Lilou has what I would still call a slim face, despite looking washed out and a little haggard in those pics.

No. 453594

File: 1508527793300.jpg (46.68 KB, 500x750, e6e650aa57316a7fb62d90ea6951ad…)

Still think this was her best phase.

No. 453596

i know its still edited to hell but rip to when she actually tried to look decent.

No. 453599

She has sharp features so the soft, natural look just doesn't do it for her.

No. 453600

I seriously clicked on this thinking it was Christina Aguilera . Top kek

No. 453618

File: 1508529396694.jpg (3.74 KB, 150x150, W2DHFJo.jpg)

I think the dak0lei account is gone? We used to talk a lot and I've been absent over the past few weeks, but she told me she's been reported a few times and even suspended, so I'm worried it may have happened again or she got banned for good. Dak0lei if you see this, if you make a new account, please contact me again, I miss our talks

No. 453634


Now that I look back, I wonder how many of these good pics were actually edited to hell and back. Anyway, this look suited her, unlike the ~kawaii doll~ one

No. 453642


Kiki would probably fit the current insta baddy trend with the full face makeup and choppy layered hair at shoulder length.

No. 453656

Yeah definitely could see her suiting the Instagram look. Her eyes look extra big and she looks quite good with dramatic make up. Even if she didn't wanna bother with all the other shit and just do up her eyes/hair, she'd look loads better.

No. 453701

Oh honey, are you lost?

No. 453729

Forgive me if I'm posting this incorrectly; I don't use this site. Also, warning: long post ahead.
I am a Kiki / Lilou "fan" and I have been since the MySpace days. I found this site after searching her name on Google. I have always looked up to her a lot– back in the day, she inspired me to become a vegetarian, and I've been one for eight years now. Time really flies. I love her inspirational tweets, although I do remember her being very vulgar and aggressive back in her scene days. I remember reading the Rolling Stone article and watching her videos about how she's overcome bullying, and I think about it whenever I'm in a hard place. I don't know what my opinion is of lolcow and other similar sites, but I've been lurking Kiki's threads for awhile, and I think you guys are right about some things.
Awhile ago (before the name change), she blocked me on Instagram for no reason. I have never liked or commented on any of her photos. I made an Instagram, followed a few people (including Kiki), and forgot about it… and she blocked me. I have asked her to unblock me on Instagram, but she won't. I have been nothing but supportive to her on Twitter and YouTube, and she has talked to me on there in the past. I am not a "hater" by any means, yet she blocked me on Instagram.
Another thing is that awhile ago, I don't remember the exact details, but she started an advice section on her website where you could email her and she would give advice. I emailed her on two separate occasions with long stories asking for advice and she never got back to me. She couldn't have gotten many emails since her popularity was dying down at that point, so it made me feel like she was lazy and didn't really care about her supporters. I still love her YouTube videos and I would consider giving to her Patreon, but I feel weird about doing that since she refuses to unblock me on Instagram.
Oh yeah, and another thing is that I tuned into Tru TV at the time that she gave us in the video and it was the wrong time.
Like I said, I don't know how I feel about these "hate sites" - you guys pick apart a lot of things about her (like her appearance) and I feel like it's very unfair. But I think you guys have a point. Oh, and I read about the Sperg chan thing and I believe it. That blew my mind. I should probably find a better Internet "celebrity" to become a fan of, but I'm very attached to Kiki since she's the reason why I became a vegetarian and got into animal rights activism. So yeah, sorry if this didn't contribute anything to the thread lol but I thought I'd break my silence after lurking for so long.

No. 453745

There are thousands of better Internet personalities pushing veganism/vegetarianism/animal rights lmao

You seriously think one that posts graphic animal gore is good? Pfffthaha

No. 453748

I don't think she's the BEST, but she happened to be the first one I found. I was 13 years old and into the "scene" style. I thought she was cool. When I look back on how I first became a vegetarian, I'm always going to think of Kiki. So that's why I still follow her.

No. 453777

I would patreon this.

What is all this lol

No. 453789

Sorry you had to find out the hard way anon. She'll block anyone she even remotely suspects of being a hater. Even her actual "fans".
I'd say stay a while and watch the thread. She doesn't care about anyone but herself. She's proven it time and time again– that's why we still talk about her after all these years.

No. 453790

so… you're salty that she blocked you and didn't answer your e-mails? you've been following her since the MYSPACE days and that's all you got?

fuck off puta

No. 453794

>that's why we still talk about her after all these years.
it's more because she's a cow that's never failed to produce explosive milk. the danny website, the archive of screenshots leak, cathy's insanity melt down on a twitter account(x2), and spergchan's unfathomable hypocrisy about haters and fake ~love and light~ persona but "kys taylor stan" on lolcow. She's a great quality cow

No. 453801

Yeah, being blocked by her on social media is kind of a Kiki thing but her not getting back to you to offer advice is pretty shitty. She keeps saying she wants to help, build a community, but she really doesn't. She just wants people flaunting her on comments without demanding any work from her

No. 453818

who pissed in your Whole Foods organic cashew milk Cheerios?

No. 453843

go back to “helping your mom” kaka

No. 453864


Hey girl, I understand you. I feel the exact same way about her! I actually became a Patreon and she pretty much didn’t respect most of her awards. I don’t get why she bother having one?? I found out lolcow because it’s pretty much the first thing that comes out when you google her. As much as I like her, I realized that she’s deeply unstable… I talked to her once and she seems to be an empty shell, she only talks about herself. She does it in a really weird way it’s hard to explain??? She’s completely disconnected with the rest of the world. I think she’s a pathological liar and a narcissist…

No. 453868

The only reason any of us started talking about her here to begin with is because of this kind of stuff. They're so worried about criticisms but want to be famous.

No. 453872

Maybe you shouldn't pay for the tablescraps you didn't get.

No. 453876


Did any of the comments on her videos where people said they had been blocked by her on social media but still gave to her Patreon not deter you or? How about her later saying she was changing rewards since not everyone had Twitter for shoutouts aka she blocked them already? Now she probably feels vindicated since her Patreon posts are leaking to lolcow but she needs to get over herself.

No. 453914

Ask for a refund.
Come to think of it, since she didn't do anything she should have automatically given all 9 patrons a refund instead of telling them to ask her personally if they want one. unprofessional and scummy.

No. 453919

Or contact Patreon? Pretty sure it's against policy to be accepting donations and not giving out the rewards that go with them, although I wouldn't expect anything else from Kaka.

No. 453930

They helped pay for her new equipment!
How can she ever make new videos if you take that away?

No. 453937

Her patreon is totally gone. Does anyone have a copy of her patreon vlog? I was a patron and I'd like to keep it as a memento. It seems really rude to the people who paid for it. I paid to have access to it, not to see it briefly until she bails.

No. 453947

File: 1508575181679.png (57.22 KB, 1887x722, as.png)

I hope she fully refunded everyone.

No. 453952

File: 1508575537814.png (126.75 KB, 1130x895, aaa.png)

No. 453956

No. 453959

Yeah I still have access to her posts through urls but she deleted the patreon vlog video and copyright claimed the alternate version posted here.

No. 453962

This anon probably still has it.
I'm guessing she did not like the idea that there was a "rat" among her Patreons.
Silly. You can't be famous and not expect some of this kind of stuff.

No. 453991

she gives up on everything so fast. she seems to only want overnight success or it's not worth it to her.

No. 453996

Because she thinks it’s her birthright and that she truly deserves fame and fortune for being ~pretty~. Except, she’s not pretty lately. If she went back to dong crazy hair and bold makeup/wacky clothes, she could move to Japan and be on variety tv just like Kooter. Her gimmick can be that she’s a rude bitch just like her sister.

No. 453999

w-wow.. i guess seeing 3 of her 9 people here must have done it. Or the content leaks. if it's the latter, well i saw that coming from day 1. it was bound to happen. especially since you don't even have to wait for patreon to charge you in order to see "patron only" text posts and videos, so literally anybody could have gotten them and then unsubscribed without ever paying a dime.

chill down a bit anon, geez

No. 454000

Will she have to pay back the money she took since she didn’t deliver the rewards she promised?

No. 454001

No. 454006

Anybody else think she’ll try to start being a game streamer? She can sperg about Animal Crossing and Final Fantasy while staring at herself on screen.

No. 454022

Not unlikely, but considering that there already are 10000 other girl gamer streamers and she propably isn't willing to let her tits hang out to gain followers, she'll fail at that as well and give up during the first month.

No. 454031


The alt/edgy girl look fits her like a glove.

No. 454034

No, she would never do something where you have to interact with your audience right away. Especially because there would be a lot of trolls.

I think she will continue to try acting for a while, I guess she thinks that once she had a "breakthrough" she will have more fans than haters again.

No. 454037

Welp time for another drought from our princess. The Lilou Vos saga was a good one ladies, not sure if anything will top it.

Speculation: I think her and Bobby are still together, but I also think she will be in Florida for awhile and probably has no immediate plans to go back to LA. Its really strange for an actress to sort of halt doing auditions/ work. The last thing we heard was her post with the MS Word script she was trying to show off. Has she even been doing promo for Puppet Master?

Lilou!!! Follow your dreams and your passion! Be an actress like you were meant to be!!

But seriously, I think the candids really freaked her out and add that to the fact most of her patreons were farmers probably sent her over the edge. I loved the candids, and ty based anon for supplying them, but in her mind it just supports the crazy stalker reality her and Kathy have created. The thing is, if she actually dedicated her time to videos/ content/ SM updates and just ignored all this shit, she probably could build up a fanbase. It wouldn't happen overnight and she'd have to, like, work for it. But it could happen. But she's so fixated on what we say and do, it blows my mind.

P.S. alt Kiki was best Kiki and honestly think when she started on this weird ~all natural~ boring af look is when people started to get bored.

No. 454041

Except for that she'd have to be a gamer

No. 454043

>The Lilou Vos saga
Lol seeing this made me wish that there was some sort of CWCki-esque online chronicle for the Monstrengas and their bullshit throughout the years. I know theu have ED pages, but that alone doesn't do their fuckery justice.

No. 454048

She honestly needs it with all the shit she's done over the years.

No. 454061

I would absolutely love that but I doubt she'll ever do that for multiple reasons:
>it'll be even more obvious she isn't actually into gaming at all and she'll get even more shit for it. I've seen guys flip out and accuse girls who are actual gamers of being attention whores so just imagine how they'd treat a girl who actually uses gaming for attention and isn't even hot.
>it'll really show just how irrelevant she's become. There are so many people who are much more popular and entertaining than her who decide to do streaming who can barely get 100 people watching their streams. She'll probably only be able to get like 5 people if she's lucky and all the viewers would just be from here.
>she won't be able to keep up the ~love&light~ facade for very long on stream especially with how thin skinned she is. I don't think she would be able to resist sperging out on someone on stream if they gave her any sort of negative criticism, let alone trolled her.

No. 454072

File: 1508605764974.png (290.83 KB, 309x437, keeks.png)

No. 454078

i'm waiting for another spergout

s p e r g k i k i

No. 454082

so that's pretty much another scam?
feel bad for the patrons if they got charged and not refunded

No. 454096

Lol, why? Kiki has been scamming people since she first started trying to sell her tacky jewelry in her MySpace days.

No. 454108

>Has she even been doing promo for Puppet Master?
No. Afaik the whole movie is up on Amazon now so a week trial to Full Moon would let anyone watch it. Even main horror sites like Dread Central haven't talked about it since September before it released. No promo, no buzz, it's festering out like the pile of shit it is.

A lot of these things like her sperging out on stream could be avoided if she would pick a few people to be mods to purge that shit from chat. The problem is she'd have to have friends or someone she can trust to do that for her and she has no one? Other than her cringy ass mom and Cathy would be even worse picking fights with her chat. Big streamers have a strong community they can pool their mods from. Kaka won't ever have that. She'd be as weak as Onion and give up when people weren't basking in her glory in 20 minutes. You can't just turn on a webcam and start streaming, you have to give people a reason to come back to you and part of it involves networking with other streamers to build each other up together. She will absolutely never do any of this because it would take away from her.

No. 454125

File: 1508614610809.png (348.32 KB, 540x675, Screenshot_2017-10-21-16-55-58…)

Hahaha I'd love to watch Kiki jump on the twitch bandwagon, streaming herself playing Animal Crossing or some shit like that, being her cringe self

> obnoxious laugh GUUUYYZZZ LOOK AT THIS OH MAN GAWD THIS GAME IS SO CUUUUTE starts talking gibberish in a baby voice

She could go full on anisa and wear her old bandage clothing with ~quirky accessories.

No. 454129

File: 1508615807186.png (40.97 KB, 1297x337, Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 20.4…)

It's tickling me that as one of the people who leaked the posts to this thread I may be the only patron to get any money back.

Also, Kiki ignored my (polite, pretend concern about her lack of activity) messages for several weeks before finally responding offering a refund. When I got busy and didn't bother to log in and check her barren Patron for all of 2 days her next message included a dig about how I wasn't replying to her. Honestly the biggest hypocrite on the planet.

No. 454130

Why is it hilarious that she still uses her lilkitten email? Considering she stole the name of her shop from someone else, kek. Nevar change, Kaka.

No. 454155

Hahahahaha anon, you're the real MVP

It basically goes off to show she's exactly the type of person she comes off as - can't acknowledge others' concerns but when it comes to her, all must be done as soon as she pleases

> how dare this individual hold me accountable of things I promised to do in return of their money?

Glad you got your money back ;)

No. 454172

She’s been deleting posts from her Insta.. 215 down to 209. What’s she trying to bury now?

No. 454174

>her next message included a dig about how I wasn't replying to her. Honestly the biggest hypocrite on the planet.

What an ungrateful bitch. Thanks for sharing anon and glad you got your money back.

No. 454239

She deleted the video where bobby sang happy birthday to her.
Breakup confirmed?

No. 454266

This shit happened with Taco. History repeats itself. Please let there be another sperg out incoming.

No. 454280

There’s still some Bobby stuff on there for now. Hard telling. She deleted every single trace of Taku.

No. 454314

I mean at this point she can't win even if she's using a different strategy to make it seem less obvious.
She either purges and makes it obvious, or tiptoes by slowly deleting content—it's gonna come out one way or another.

No. 454320

Seems like she’s deleted her “vegan grocery shopping” video, I think a few more videos are gone too.

Instagram is down to 207 posts also.

RIP Lilou Vos saga you were beautifully milky while you lasted

No. 454341

File: 1508645638153.jpeg (610.19 KB, 1242x2208, 6E1A1B28-EE70-4BBF-9FAA-16A0BC…)

She deleted this photo of a juice and some berries…?

No. 454346

File: 1508645842777.png (9.16 MB, 1242x2208, 4D64D660-8D33-4D41-9E7E-871447…)

No. 454411

That's the pic where people were calling her out for drinking a drink with honey because it's not vegan and then she kept trying to justify it by saying it's ethically okay as long as they don't harm the bees. I get what she's saying, I'm vegetarian and think milk and eggs are okay if sourced ethically, but she probably shouldn't call herself vegan if she consumes honey. She obviously couldn't handle the criticism, so she's deleted it.

No. 454467

If she was smart, she could've just shooped the drink to not say honey on it lol

No. 454476

Nah, some vegan anon would've caught on and put her on blast over it. Vegans are either sociopathic or on the spectrum.

No. 454491

I would say their breakup is almost confirmed, give it more time. Could explain the return home more than anything.

It's great because vegans kill ruin it for other.

No. 454505

Anon you left your profile pic in the screenshot..

No. 454512

Same, anon. I'm Keeks' age and used to be jealous of her popularity and the fact that her parents would actually let her dress like that. She was one of the first true internet celebrities. Now I understand how fucked up it all was and just hope that she can have some semblance of a normal life, given how incredibly damaged she is because of her upbringing (and female autism + empty pursuit of fame).
oh babe…

No. 454517

File: 1508679137100.png (262.38 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1628.PNG)

I just went through the people she is following on Instagram and there is one account for an Instagram pig called Lilou. Which means she either named herself after a pig on instagram, or she looked up Lilou on instagram and added the account after.

No. 454531

Did she swipe the names from Café Gratitude??

No. 454532

I'm probably remembering this 100% incorrectly, but I think someone mentioned a while ago that she said she got Lilou from The Fifth Element and Vos from some French great-grandmother of hers??

No. 454537

Yes, she posted a pic of their menu at some point and then deleted it.
She didn't copy their exact words, but it's in a very similar format.

No. 454542

Yeah she probably did. Even though I thought it was spelt differently in the fifth element. But that still means she must have been looking up the hashtag Lilou to find that pig. Which means she was looking up her own (made up) name. Bet this bitch googles herself all day as well as searching hashtags

No. 454565

File: 1508693574459.jpeg (56.98 KB, 620x670, 1488667938486.jpeg)

>Vos from some French great-grandmother of hers??
The same grandmother with the name Mimieux, i assume.

No. 454569

So she did say she'd be back by December…

Anyone buying that?

No. 454571

No. 454578

Lilou sounds French, not Vos

No. 454631

File: 1508700016413.jpg (31.26 KB, 598x597, 53bea7c039f3f70870f934e5.jpg)

vos is a french word meaning the plural of "you" or "yours", in which the 's' is silent so it's pronounced 'vo', not sure if that is what she implies too. knowing how retarded and illiterate she is, probably no.
Vos is a dutch surname but the benelux together formed the french empire until 200 years ago. so it's no wonder that french linguistic influenced those countries and still is a official language in belgium and luxemburg (and of course france).

the girl in fifth element was 'leelou'.

lilou vos in any way still sounds like a cheap hooker name.

No. 454671


Wasn't the girl in The Fifth Element "Leeloo"?

Totally agree with Lilou Vos sounding like a cheap hooker name though.
It's cheap and trashy trying to masquerade as exotic and sophisticated, just like her dress sense and the piss-poor facade she tries to project.

No. 454672

She got Mimieux from Inglorious Basterds.

No. 454673

File: 1508704758584.jpeg (91.21 KB, 1050x590, voss-water-is-bullshit-1413237…)

Everything she uses is stolen from elsewhere. Even the goddamn patreon tiers.

Whenever she tries to be pretentious it fails horribly.

No. 454711

Ya lol, I am french and I never heard of such a ridicule name… Also most actors have basic names, but of course she has to be a speshul snowflake. Kirsten Ostrenga is a fine??

No. 454725

iirc she's claimed russian and Irish ancestry so who knows

No. 454735

she also said october so no i don’t think she’ll be back in december

No. 454736

reminds me of the narwhal from futurama

No. 454744


Lilou does sound french, and the plural of you is Vous, not Vos. It's also pronounced "voo", so idk what you're on about.

No. 454750

Kirsten is just way too common for Kaka so she had to choose a name that would sound somehow ~exotic~. It sounds French but no one would name their kid 'Lilou' cause it sounds childish, she's just dumb

No. 454752

Lilou or Lou are names that are getting popular again in France although to me, Lilou sounds more like a pet name (maybe I'm getting old). Vos is indeed the plural of your as in "Your books look heavy" the first word would be Vos.

I have never heard of a french person named "Vos". If it's meant to sound like the word then people would assume it's something like "Veau" which means veal, as it's more common to have a last name from a real noun or occupation.

Basically it's a terrible name but I'm guessing not many people in America would know much about french names so she can try and fool people there.

No. 454753

Well it looks like Lilou Vos is over so the discussion is pointless.

No jobs since April, removed from the agency website, back in Florida. The acting saga is finished.

No. 454758

Since we know you're reading this Keeks - feel free to prove me wrong. I can't see it happening though.

No. 454814

What agency website was she on?

No. 454816

They had her photos up but it's all broken now, she's also no longer on the 'Women' page.

Same status as Kota I guess.

No. 454856

HAHAHA IT WAS ALMOST AS SHORT LIVED AS THE LIL KITTEN ENDEAVOUR (tho it'll always be #1 failed Kiki'so career)

Yes it's so cringey. It's like a Tumblr name for an aesthetic teen, I can't picture any casting agent taking her srsly

> It's cheap and trashy trying to masquerade as exotic and sophisticated

Kaka is a nutshell

No. 454861


I wonder if we're on the verge of Sperge 2.0 …

Just in time for Christmas…


No. 454876

Damn, I wish I coulda seen it, none of the images will load for me.

No. 454881

They were just her shooped 'natural' pics. It had a broken link to Lilou's website the whole time and she never updated it, not even with the headshots she got in LA. You really didn't miss anything.

The images have been broken for everyone since at least mid September and she's no longer linked on the main page, presumably she quit the agency.

No. 454898

Ouch, imagine moving all the way to LA, spending $5K, taking acting classes and paying for headshots only to have all your endeavors unravel right after your 25th birthday.

No. 454899

File: 1508719848874.png (5.35 KB, 784x248, huh.png)

btw for how long have these been down?

No. 454906

Actors Access has been private for a long time, it was hidden right after the link was posted here several months ago. You can however easily sign up to AA for free and view her page. Nothing is listed after You Can Do Better.

lilouvos.com has never been online. New career? Why bother making a website? Not even a quick template-based site that could be thrown together in an afternoon! Good old Ostrenga laziness. But da haterz are their downfall.

No. 454931

VOUS is the plural You in French not Vos, Jesus Christ.

No. 454939

Vous as in, vous avez le cervau d'un sandwich au fromage. Anglophones…

No. 454945

Merci anon

No. 454965

the anon is talking about "your"… "vos livres".

No. 454971

Vos is a possessive not a plural

No. 454984

wtf? possessives in french have plural forms. there's a samefaggy vibe to this, i guess, defence of vos as a name…

No. 455005

She prounounced her fake name already on her videos didn't she? She said Lilou with a short i and Vos with the "s" out loud.

No. 455018

OK. Baguette-Fag here
Vous= You
Vos= Yours (plural form of "your", the singular are "ton" "ta" "mon" ma")
Aucun Français digne de ce nom n'utiliserait ce genre d'expression. You're not a francophone, so please, stop your pathetic samefagging.

No. 455106

you're embarrassing yourself, personne ne parle comme ça on voit clairement que t'es pas francophone donc stop. Is this you Kaka? Your ~i can speak nihongo~ phase is over and you're now fluent in French?


No. 455113

frenchfags, stop. you're derailing the thread. she probably chose it because it's a 3-letter foreign looking name, could be French, Dutch or the German Voß. No doubt chose it in hopes of getting "are you French?/where are you from?" comments she likes so much. Dakota used to brag about supposedly getting those kinds of comments too

No. 455118

yes, the where are you from/are you Russian/eastern european

In any Asian country that means “are you a prostitute”

No. 455132

on point lmao
she probably took it from that stupid tap water in expensive bottles and just stroke one 's' to make it less obvious

No. 455135

File: 1508753239516.jpg (96.81 KB, 1397x913, Clipboard01ss.jpg)

right lol i forgot about that imdb demo reel. still cant believe this is an honest and serious thing.

No. 455139

File: 1508754098407.jpg (13.06 KB, 320x320, e30b8b5f80921a15b919b56ef838a8…)

but it's her PASSION

No. 455140

omfg anon i laughed so hard

No. 455151


Wow, I never watched her reel but now that I have, I’m amazed it’s still up. Why the hell was that even supposed to be? Kiki showing us an example of her being Sperg-Chan?

No. 455158


welp, my IQ just dropped. Thanks anon.

honestly though, I think she could possibly return to youtube and maybe do makeup tutorials. Her makeup is pretty much the only thing decent about her. On the plus side too, she wouldn't have to put in that much work with editing or having to actually plan something with her days. Should leave crap vloggs to Taylor.

No. 455167

>LoL So rAnDUm!!!1! xDDDD

I'm still amused that kaka was so dumb and lazy enough to put thogether this shit as a demo reel. Acting =/= being an idiot on camera

No. 455168

Kiki mentality but how would that be at all relevant to acting ? those clips are like4(?) years old but man she looked great that era, I never noticed how nice her teeth are. I know filters but this is before she got completely dried out & malnourished, the makeup suits her, if she had stuck with this she would’ve built a moderate-big following like simplykenna maybe?

No. 455193

>If she would have just X/Y/Z she would be more popular!

Kiki isn’t popular because she’s a self centered flake who can’t keep her own promises. She can’t stick to a schedule, she’s inconsistent, and she gives up in anything she doesn’t immediately succeed at. It’s obvious she wants what Dakota got, but Kiki had her own 15 minutes of fame and wasted it by being a rancid bitch and then doing a 180 and hoping everyone would play along with it.

No. 455197

There's no doubt that Kiki won't ever be a famous actress or even a model at that point.

Every year I wonder when is she going to give up or if her family is going to try to knock some sense into her. I know nowadays kids stay at their parents well until their 20s to figure out what they want to do with their lives but I'm guessing the Ostrenga fam is going to reach their breaking point soon and ask her to find a proper job or career.

Or maybe they're content to have a haggard daughter living with them forever, working part time in a small candle shop or some other shit and tell everyone how Kiki was famous about a decade ago.

No. 455198

File: 1508776157552.jpg (112.59 KB, 362x500, vos.jpg)

No. 455199

Interesting comparison between the sisters. Going back to Charms deets about the Ostrengas home environment, Dakota was the ugly step child while Kiki was the prodigy. Not trying to say that Dakota deserves (or doesn't for that matter) her scraps of success in modeling, but she's been consistent. Makes me wonder if Kiki's coddling set her up for failure. Sure, in the end, it's that she's a bad person with no talent, but it's so strange to see Dakota live years in Japan with not a lot of prospects as a model or talent. She got a few gigs early on due to her viral videos but it died off. Yet she learned the language and continues to live in Japan. Meanwhile, in the states, Kiki can't even move out of her parent's house much less support herself in dog-eat-dog LA. It's probably a testament to consistency and pragmatic ideals.

No. 455207

Lil kitten lasted for like a month. I have to say lilou lasted probably about a good 9 months to a year of her shooting and doing stuff before we even discovered anything.

No. 455209

I think their parents saw Kiki’s popularity taking off and focused on making her a celebrity, thinking they would get rich off her scene fame. They promoted and viciously defended Kiki, but up until Kota went viral they left her basically alone. Methinks any chance Kiki had at fame and money was ruined by Cathy and Scott pushing her ad Danny to be a MySpace power couple and the resulting fallout, and then turning Kiki into a delicate little helpless victim didn’t help either. Luckily for Dakota, once she got picked up by Bravo her parents couldn’t really mess with her other than copyright claiming her work.

No. 455211

File: 1508780234211.jpg (70.91 KB, 745x879, kakazz.jpg)

doesn't even look like her on her IMDb page profile pic
and it's filled with her ~kirakira ethereal~ photos wtf

No. 455212

>Any chance Kiki had at fame and money

I should add to this: Realistically, I don’t think Kiki would have gotten very rich or famous off of just being scene. None of the big scene queens did, either. There just isn’t a market for screeching kids in wacky makeup being assholes to everyone for the sake of vanity. Kiki’s problem is that she only wants to be successful if it’s something that feeds her ego ad has other people pain attention to her.

No. 455216

wow anon, that was perf

No. 455246

File: 1508784402809.png (2.49 MB, 938x1194, Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 2.45…)

Yeah, the only exception is Jeffree Star (net worth $5 mil.)

But she could have totally become like Audrey Kitching. She's not super famous, but now is a "designer, model, stylish, fashion editor & blogger, all while continuing an active & interesting social media presence, with above 300,000 Instagram fan followers" and has a good lifestyle I think (according to Google at least).

Kiki would have been happier with that than being where she is now: nowhere and having to rely on her parents for money.

No. 455256

I actually think that she could have. Out of all the scene kids, I don't know of a single one that is worse off right now than they were back then, except her. most of them are popular in a new niche with nearly 1 million instagram followers, at least most of the ones i know of, and not a single one still has haters milking them (except maybe jeffree somewhere in gurugossiper, but that's not surprising).

it's all her parents fault the way things turned out. they knowingly supported their teenage daughter being a controversial figure, taking underwear pics of her, being literally right next to her while she was an internet badass asshole on stickam, and picking fights with everyone that criticized these things. If you take all of that out of the equation, she would probably have a nice following of people who like her rather than a following of people who hate her.

No. 455259

Audrey is a good comparison as they were both equally vapid and untalented MySpace icons.
It's just that somehow Audrey was able to make friends faster than she burned through them where Kiki was never really able to thanks to her personality.

I do think Audrey is still partly funded by family though. The overpriced Crystal Cactus bullshit can't be selling that well, plus she has a recurring story of a grandparent trudging into New Jersey Hot Topics berating the staff for not stocking her merchandise.

No. 455272

This is why I don’t think Kiki will ever grow as long as her parents keeps spoon feeding her money and encouraging her fantasies. I guarantee if Kiki just found one non-internet related thing she could do as a hobby, that doesn’t involve total isolation and staring at herself, she could probably find a way to make money with it. As she is, there’s no reason to look at her for more than a few seconds. She has no depth, yet she tries so hard to seem deep and cultured.

No. 455274

>Every year I wonder when is she going to give up
never. it's like with every generic fuck-up. ~artist~ or ~actor~ or ~acting is my passion desu~ sounds so much better than NEET.

No. 455317

No Instagram posts for 20 days, nothing except retweets for over a week. Girl has given up and is about to go into a quiet period again.

No. 455322

File: 1508796127373.png (262.64 KB, 400x473, 2991053767_1_3_XgeHamQR.png)

Farmers always like discussing kiki and koots' careers as if they're completely written off, and all chances to redeem them are in the past…always desperate to close the bitter book but the poor boys are hardly old yet…

The reality is is that everything that has happened so far can easily be churned into victim narratives with the right PR.

What I don't get is their lack of ability to self-deprecate, be self-aware, admit responsibility for anything, or just be authentic!? Thats some weird ostrenga pride/dignity thing. They have a fear of failure and it's completely stunting them.

No. 455336

Not to mention, it’s causing them to fail even more than they would by just being honest. If Dakota’s career hinged on her real face, she would have been sent home after those first two months her initial contract ran out. Their laziness stunts them more than anything, and their refusal to give up on any sort of career hat doesn’t involve fame and (at least the illusion of) money.

No. 455341

And they both went from scene queen to pure love and light new age goddessu. But if I remember correctly Audrey was on warped tour and did have merch in hot topic at one point. Also i think she lives on her own even if she's not completely self sufficient. So Kiki still kinda sucks at what she does and always has.

No. 455358


I'd agree with this 100% if it weren't for how fucked up keeks looks at that supermarket. She is past her prime, sad but true, and haggard af. There's no amount of PR that can fix that level of ugly.

No. 455360

ONG this reminds me of the "ship vampires say" video and I guess she was trying to be funny or some shit but that was just so embarrassing I couldn't even enjoy the cringe

No. 455365

that pic still puzzles me
is kota supposed to be the example of how ugly is smoking or?

No. 455401

File: 1508801164562.gif (971.09 KB, 498x297, tenor.gif)

every time.

No. 455412

It goes back to the friends thing. Audrey never really had anything to sell but an expired image and she manages thanks to connections made along the way. As whiny and dull as she can be, she pulled this off somehow.

Keeks was never good with the social aspect. Not friends, fans. If not fans, haters.
Cathy told her she was a star and she's going to do the least she can until the world catches on.

No. 455413

Why couldn't she just stick with this damn it, it's only cringey if you know what a dick she actually is, to everyone else it's pretty funny and she also did actual looks with helpful instruction
People would've eaten it up if she just goddamn sTUCK TO IT REEEE
Every time I see her stuff from a few years ago (pre-sperg) I get sad for her again

No. 455416

Samefag but the place where both she and Dakota went wrong was trying to be famous outside of the internet
With YouTube and IG it really doesn't matter if you're ugly as sin in the real world, your entire image is in your hands to be tweaked and perfectly curated however you see fit
And people will look at it and fawn over it because that's what people do
As long as they were putting out good tutorials and shit people would even donate to them.
Even live streaming could've gone well for Kiki again, but I'm pretty sure she never returned to it because all she knew how to do was talk shit to haters in her chat.

Ah well. Perhaps there will be catfood commercials in her future to keep her dream afloat.

No. 455428

>I never noticed how nice her teeth are

I wonder how bad they were pre-veneer.

No. 455431

>with the right PR

LOL Ostrengas aren't capable of shutting up and letting a PR crisis agency - which they have no money for - to do the work.

No. 455529

kaka's case has a new update but idk what it means

"9/26/2017 Notice Lack of Prosecution/Motion to Dism/Notice Hearing
Comments: 12/15/17 AT 9 AM"


No. 455534

It is pretty frustrating to see because she actually does things decently correctly, just not long enough for her to gain enough followers. There are definitely people out there who have more followers for lesser content. She never can keep it going, no matter what, just because people won't come out of nowhere and fawn all over her.

Also guys, don't forget Hanna Beth and Jac Vanek. Though I think Hanna was already in a wealthy family, I don't know about Jac but she's still selling merch. I'm pretty sure Kaka is one of the only failures. She really missed out on a ton of opportunities. It's so late now that people have forgotten about her, she needs to build up her followers all over again from scratch. Which she can't do either because she's so paranoid and blocks everybody.

No. 455535

No. 455536

It says she has to do something by December 15th or it will be dismissed.

No. 455539

Also, according to past proceedings, she is representing herself entirely and her lawyers withdrew their counsel back in August 2015.
So it's been kind of sitting there clogging up the system for a while now.

No. 455544

File: 1508811946264.jpg (97.59 KB, 583x526, Screenshot_5.jpg)


I don't post here often, so sorry for the wall of text.

>Luckily for Dakota, once she got picked up by Bravo her parents couldn’t really mess with her other than copyright claiming her work.

Hi Anon, just a quick clarification: Copyright belongs to the creator, in this case, that would be the photographer. The agency purchases the license to publish Dakota's pictures from the photographer. Aside from that, licencing is a mix of Dakota's agency, photographer, the medium that publishes the work, and additional licences can be given out or purchased e.g. for PR reasons ("massive fashion blog wants to use our photos, good for us". In a contract prior to a shoot, each party will state what the shoot is for, where it'll be published, what style and editing is desired, compensation, and who gets to use which photos for which purpose. So licencing is mix and match, but copyright is restricted to one entity and can't be transferred.

See who's not listed in there? The parents. As soon as your child is 18, forget about "copyrighting" their pictures, unless you took them yourself. In other words, Cathy has zero power here. The one taking videos down is Kiki.

On the topic of Copyright…
Here's the DMCA I got for the Pupper Master video I uploaded. It's a fraudulent DCMA because a) She didn't sign her name and b) She claimed to be the copyright holder, which she isn't. She's just an actress in it. Technically, she could try to fight the public exposure/upload of her scenes, but promotional material is also included in the contract she had signed off on. No struggling agency wants an actress that actively takes down promo material. If anyone were able to DMCA this clip, it's be the production company.
Fun fact: Fraudulent DMCAs are perjury.

No. 455565

Wasn't Cathy Ostrenga claiming to be a ~real lawyer~ at some point?

No. 455566

Wasn't it Kiki who listed "lawyer" on a profile of hers or something?

No. 455617

Yup Kiki said she was trying to be a lawyer or something, it's in a previous thread link to a magazine profile.

No. 455662

Back when Dakota first went to Japan and videos and pics of her without her shoop started popping up, a few of her official work videos and I think her debut video got CC claimed by the Kiki Kannibal Korporation. They’ve done it before, and we know Dakota will still claim videos that aren’t hers under her own name, like the Popteen bikini video.

No. 455666

So, she’s illegally taking down content she doesn’t own? Are you going to challenge the copyright?

No. 455668

it's always kiki doing it. i only remember her taking down 1 video that was even put on the company's official website, why? because she got into a fight in the comments and lost the argument so she deleted the whole video so she could have the last word. she did it under Dakota Ostrenga's name too, i still get second-hand embarrassment just imagining those people confronting Dakota with "wtf is this?" what could she have told them? "sorry, it was my sister in America.."

No. 455678

i believe that was taken down by fullmoon, not kiki.

September 18, 2017 Full Moon Pictures >> Vimeo, Inc.
"Kirsten Leigh Ostrenga / Kiki Kannibal / Lilou Vos as Oberheller Friede Steitze in Puppet Master: Axis Termination (2017)"


No. 455681

it says email: management@lilkitten.com

No. 455686

She must have filed it herself on behalf of Fullmoon?

No. 455687

wow sorry i missed that part. dis bitch..

No. 455709

I don't think the Ostrengas could afford veneers. A girl I know got veneers on her upper front four teeth and paid 8000 bucks for just that, and she's wealthy.
It's a lot of money, and we're talking about someone who makes her entire wardrobe off of Taobao. She probably just had some luck with teeth genes.

No. 455719

File: 1508855155627.jpg (155.67 KB, 698x1745, Clipboard01.jpg)

thats an interesting site you got there

No. 455720

File: 1508855166709.jpg (14.11 KB, 653x150, Clipboard012.jpg)

No. 455722

File: 1508855398944.jpg (54.71 KB, 1076x801, Clipboard013.jpg)

top fucking kek

did we know that already?

can we still laugh about it once again?

No. 455728

Kiki thinks she can censor the internet, wow. If you don’t want people to see it, keep it off the internet, you stupid twat.

No. 455765

File: 1508863122908.jpg (228.44 KB, 1671x1271, image.jpg)

I don't remember ever seeing kiki wear braces, although she also doesn't smile in a lot of her pics.
Her dental work reminds me of miley cyrus or hilary duff, although countless other celebrities have fixed their smiles with veneers.

No. 455774

She had them when she did her rolling stone interview

No. 455781

There are invisible braces (Invisalign and that other type where the wire goes behind the teeth, both would take around a year at max to do the job), more expensive than usual braces but still way cheaper than veneers.
Yes, celebrities get veneers. Rich celebrities. Kaka isn't rich nor a celebrity.
I don't know, it just seems unlikely to me. Dakota can't afford surgery to fix her face and Kiki can get around 10,000 dollars of dental work?

No. 455786

Lawanon here - Kiki has failed to meet deadlines defined by Rules of Procedure for her state. Not sure what has been filed so far, but the Plaintiff is responsible for filing Complaints and other support documents requested by the Defense. Any failure to meet the deadline without a Request for Extension will prompt a Motion to Dismiss from the Defendant. Pro Se is always a bad idea even if you try to do legal research. You'll make a fool out of yourself when you file garbage and forget important deadlines.

No. 455794

File: 1508866936427.jpg (78.02 KB, 480x640, 5d944a05af_61261143_o2.jpg)

>I don't remember ever seeing kiki wear braces
here. now stop.

No. 455797

I wish she went back to this look than whatever it is she's doing with her hair.

No. 455963

Any color on her looks better than her mousey brown natural hair. Literally anything she dyed it would be an improvement, even a deeper brunette color with layers to give it volume would be such an improvement.

No. 456036

I still can’t believe she thinks she’s a blonde.

No. 456100

dying hair that thin is hair-suicide

No. 456130

Depends on if she's stripping the color or not. Blond does look good on her but she'll be even more bald if she attempts it. I think if she went with a warmer brunette it would work out nicely.

No. 456169

File: 1508966942074.jpeg (112.5 KB, 750x684, 3C485340-C1EA-46BF-808C-CAB666…)

Interesting that with her delete spree she left up the “what I eat in a day” video with her using honey in one of her videos, considering she took down the juice containing honey because people kept calling her out on it in the comments

No. 456268

File: 1508980152546.jpg (514.81 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpg)

The braces may have been to help with the crowding of her teeth, still can't help but to think she had some of her teeth replaced.

No. 456319

Agreed. Just look at how much gaping and uneven sizing or spacing, and that's just prior to rotation.

Anyone who thinks braces to on left pic will result in the right pic will be sorely disappointed in reality. She probably just did a handful of teeth on her top row, which doesn't cost much.

No. 456416

I dunno, I don't ever want to defend kaka but my teeth used to look awful like hers and they look pretty perfect now after a couple years of braces. I had to get some teeth pulled initially to make room to straighten them out so I lost 6 teeth all together. Teeth are weird. I could see braces fixing that mess of hers like it did mine.

No. 456423

File: 1509000372466.gif (2.34 MB, 400x261, 28FA7D0B-5914-47D6-8E9C-865246…)


No. 456455

File: 1509003969113.jpg (43.85 KB, 400x358, 804b23fcce7b4a429249e304a8fb30…)

>Anyone who thinks braces to on left pic will result in the right pic will be sorely disappointed in reality.
i can't.. lol it's so obvious that both of you have never had braces before, yet you're trying to make yourself sound like you know what you're talking about. take it from us anons here who do, they can do a hell of a lot more than kak's before pic.

No. 456459

Non braces fag here (that should’ve had braces but my parents just never had the money) but if she had wisdom teeth growing sideways and removed them that would’ve made it even easier for her teeth to straighten out as well, right?

Mine are really crooked on the bottom row which was where I had 2 wisdom teeth growing in sideways which I always assumed added to them being pushed inwards and more croweded

Sage bc no one gives a fuck about my teeth and completely irrelevant dental theories but I don’t find it hard to believe braces were all it needed to straighten hers out like that.

No. 456476

agreed. can we stop the braces sperging now?

No. 456572


This is so cool, I can't stop watching it!

No. 456608

File: 1509053339516.png (290.63 KB, 498x530, Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 22.2…)

Kiki's been RTing a fair bit about Harvey Weinstein/similar accusations recently.
And yet she was perfectly happy to appear in something like Puppet Master? If you take a look on the Full Moon Horror FB page it's only two posts below their most recent Puppet Master promo that you get shit like this. In fact most of their posts are sexploitation.

It only counts when it affects you, right Lilou? Her odd response to the Mayim Bialik post shows how messed up her perception is.

No. 456626

File: 1509059451978.png (1.52 MB, 1920x1080, 1492224785761.png)

No. 457138

What the lazy outro song that plays in this video? (the one where she toured the LACMA/mid-wilshire area.

No. 457741

File: 1509324817787.png (603.42 KB, 1000x1317, Lærredsstørrelse.png)

Looks like Kiki's finally got some money again - a $700 lens.

No. 457750

File: 1509325603356.png (338.38 KB, 960x1180, whitetop.png)

Look! Another white frilly top!

Seriously, who chooses that as their aesthetic?

No. 457754

File: 1509325800321.png (279.74 KB, 967x955, buys2muchstuff.png)

And lastly, this must be what she used the Patreon money on - an auction that finished shortly after the first payment. I bet she wishes she could have people paying for nothing every month, no wonder she got mad when people questioned her lack of content.

She's wasting $50 on a tacky bracelet but still needs her fans to pay her to make videos!

No. 457789


I know it's her money (even though she did nothing to earn it by not even fucking delivering the patreon content she promised) and she can technically spend it on whatever she wants, but who the fuck would spend $50 on that ugly shit

No. 457819

File: 1509339168089.jpg (67.9 KB, 540x534, ZomboMeme 29102017235056.jpg)

Concidering she wears these butt ugly earrings, I'm not too surprised

No. 457857


That's true. Does she even have a discernible style other than "gaudy, overpriced, usually white"?

No. 457875

has literally anyone, anywhere, ever complimented this god awful style bc if it was a branding that sold i'd respect the hustle but holy fuck how does anyone look into the mirror and just do this to themselves and everyone with working vision around them

like if she owned her bleached out bag lady but also child prostitude style it would be cool in a 'she absolutely gives no fucks' way but she doesn't have the balls for that this is all she can do. at this point her gaudy kiki kannibal rhinestone style is so out that it's ironically in and if she owned a early 2000s kim kardashian wannabe look she would legit get a following - but again, she. has. no. fucking. balls.

for someone terminally dehydrated to be compared to david bowie she doesn't even try to be edgy or fashionable. like if you're going to be legit crazy/sperg-chan you might as well have fun but no. we get antique store hooker.

fuck this bitch and her crusty no milk teet.

No. 457880

also fuck a bitch who can't even do a comeback right, she had all the time and effort to be a psycho bitch to Taylor and can't even be assed to put a fraction of that effort into her work to earn the admiration she lives for??? no you're done why does she even have a thread in PT that's pure insult to the Queen

No. 457884

It seems like she got stuck on that empathic elf queen Galadriel idea from before her Japan visit and this is the watered-down remains.
Cheap and ugly white/off-white shit she can but probably shouldn't wear to Walmart.

No. 457889

the ~au naturale so hippie and pure vegan goddess~ style wouldn’t be bad on its own - i mean it would be, but it’d be passable - if it weren’t for the heavy winged liner. it’s so jarring on her otherwise plain as fuck face and doesn’t match whatever i’m assuming she’s going for.

No. 457891

I think this is what she’s going for also. It looks really off tho because she’s wearing cheap taobao clothes made of chemically treated synthetic fabric. I wish she would invest in natural fibers clothing, at least that would fit the whole UWU vegan fairy look.

No. 457917

She can't afford that anon

No. 457940

Natural fibers like cotton, wool, etc. and not just Taobao/F21 poly blend shite. They’re not that expensive if you don’t go for overpriced brands like Kiki clearly would. It’s strange how she’s willing to blow $800 on a camera lens, yet still looks so cheap. Just goes to show you can’t buy actual style, I guess.

No. 458081

File: 1509400852398.png (306.93 KB, 711x525, reee.png)

>Oh anon, I want you to blast my face and make my asshole look like a windsock with your huge Australian penis!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 458258

>gothic kiki

high school is over kaka

No. 458266

How long until she pops up on one of those trashy tv shows like Jerry Springer?

No. 458273

I would love that, but Keeks clearly thinks she's way above those kinds of shows.

I don't know why when her initial fame was for being a trashy bitch and she's failed in every single endeavour since then, but Ostrengas gonna Ostrenga.

No. 458294

I could see her and/or kooter bring in a show like Dr. Phil, trying to milk some fame from their dead cows. Dakota could talk about never wanting to be a living doll and Kiki could talk about internet bullies and how she feels so harassed.

No. 458295

Because she and the rest of her family don’t know they’re white trash. Thy think Scott’s good job and their dead grandma’s big ol’ house make them right about like regular upper middle class folk.

No. 458364

File: 1509435409216.jpg (153.6 KB, 600x783, 7a329a70fe3413a138a363637837c5…)

they WERE going to be on Dr Phil once years ago. Cathy's e-mails to the producers are in their archives. Apparently they chickened out because Dr. Phil wanted to bring in Chris Stone and Danny's family to tell their side of the story. that would have been a disaster, dr. phil would have grilled them over their irresponsible parenting, and kiki's disturbing inappropriate photos as a minor (that THEY photographed). So instead they opted for the 1-side biased Rolling Stone article. Rolling Stone was all too happy for the sensationalism.

No. 458374

I’ve heard the name Chris Stone in relation to Kiki before but I wasn’t around in her MySpace days. He has something to do with Stickam, right?

No. 458395

back in the day chris stone was a wannabe perez hilton and child predator. he created "stickam house" where underage scene kids lived to become a reality thing but he was just a predator. he leaked her underage nudes and wanted to destroy kiki by using danny and his "side" of the story. kiki's family prostituted her to danny when she was underage, i know she is a cunt but she was 14 and you cannot consent especially to a grown man. people literally try to pin his death on cathy just because cathy made some edge lord comment about his death being revenge. it wasn't, she's a delusional bitch. the police set up a sting where they got a "12 year old" to meet with danny at the mall with a bunch of coke for them to do. the cops showed up, dumbfuck thought he could do some jackie chan shit and jump on a truck to make a get away and died instead of getting caught and put in jail. dannys family claim he was a "sweet boy" and whatever other bullshit, but if he was so great he would have stayed away. chris stone just manipulates that situation because he was a visible adult with clout that, like perez hilton/tmz, had social power over actual children in the scene.

it's all actually really fucked up and would make an amazing documentary, including how he destroyed and used amor hilton and fellow predator/rapist john hock. chris stone is gay and used fame hungry underage myspace kids to get off, his site was shut down as child porn.

No. 458401


>”Stickam house”


>he leaked her underaged nudes

Where tf did he get them??

>wanted to destroy kiki by using danny

I don’t see how that would have worked. The Danny thing was Cathy’s fault. She let him move in, she let him sleep in Kiki’s room, and she collected their used condoms so she knew they were having sex way before anyone claimed it was rape by technicality because he pissed off Momma O by breaking up with Kiki. I dislike her but I remember being 14- I wasn’t a racist fuckwad, but I also wasn’t anywhere near mature enough to have a 19 year old live-in BF. Cathy’s job as a mother was to put her foot down and say “no, horny teenaged boy, you cannot sleep with my underaged daughter because that’s illegal”. Not wait until he does it it and cry rape after the act like some bitter twat. I would love to see Dr. Phil rip apart her and Scott’s shitty famewhore parenting.

No. 458427

r/drama had a good rundown of the whole Stickyhouse thing.

There are additional details like him having the connections and an opportunity to film a pilot episode on Fox, but IIRC he was never able to scrape together enough footage.
He really wanted Kiki to be involved in the whole thing. I mainly recall Cathy of all people being the most vocal FUCK NO DEFINITELY NOT to that offer which only made him more antagonistic towards the Ostrengas.

No. 458433

>And there, dear readers, is the internet equivalent of Jake Wolf on all fours, tears streaming down his face, with two gigantic strap-ons buried up to the plastic hilt in his bloody and quivering asshole—one worn by Kiki, one by Amor, while StickyDrama holds the camera and tells the girls to fuck him harder so that he’ll moan like the desperate e-whore he is.
>Silly Jake! Thinking you could hop from Kiki to Amor. They have annihilated every boy before you—recall Hock and Cespedes—and they will annihilate every boy after you. Either one of them could destroy you with a tweet. With a click. With a thought. You are nothing and they are everything. Your body might remain alive IRL; but online you are henceforth dead, a shadow, a ghost, doomed to fuck only the loose scabby vaginas of ugly sluts like Jenny Thompson, never again the tight moist vaginas of attractive e-celebs like Kiki and Amor. This is the curse we inflict upon you.

Wow, that edge. Now I see where Kiki got it from at least.

No. 458553

Oh man, I never knew that. Dr. Phil would have had a fucking field day roasting each one of them, especially over shit fuck parenting skills. Would have loved to see it.

No. 458721

that’s more than ugly that’s just atrocious, dear lord….

No. 459515

Yo. Here's a fun video of scene Kiki getting 2nd hand embarrassment from her mom as much as we do!

I cracked up listening to Cathy babble about the girl who killed herself over a fake profile being managed by another child'support mom. She was doing some serious mental gymnastics to relate that case to hers and Kiki's

> "I can shoot you dead and I wouldn't go to jail"

Download it while it's still up y'all.

No. 459588

Her mama's voice sounds like a 90s CL.

No. 459603

A girl is dead because some other crazy white trash mom got overly involved in online teen dramu, and thats proof of how Cathy is right? Does she not realize she's the problem? If Cathy didn't sperg out every ten seconds, and teach her kids to do the same, everyone would have long forgotten the character Kiki Kannibal, and Kirsten could live a normal life. Instead, she clings to former notoriety by her fingertips and can't study or work like an adult because mom taught her she was a snowflake and that the way to cope with people laughing at her was to triple down on trashy behavior.

No. 459612

I felt bad for Kirsten when her mom starts sperging in the beginning and she goes "stop yelling…" and since Cathy won't stop she just plays a bunch of white noise, saying "stop, stop stop"

A part of me wonders if she still feels embarrassed by her mom

No. 459622

She does. As spergchan she tried to spread the rumor that Cathy's twitter account begging celebrities for money was "confirmed" to be made by a troll. That never happened, ever.

No. 459633

File: 1509658583708.gif (484.08 KB, 500x281, staring-gif-4.gif)

man, I forget how fucking crazy Cathy is. I actually feel a little sympathy for Kiki here.

No. 459644

Haha. Yeah she does.

No. 459746

I don't feel bad for Kiki but it's pretty clear where she gets her own ridiculous behavior. If she were an adult with any sense of independence she'd have moved the fuck away immediately and cut off contact.

No. 459831

May I ask if she is no longer an actress any longer? My apology if this was addressed already, I have missed it.

No. 459834

No she is not an actress. She had no work since April and is removed from all sites stating she is.

No. 459891

Yeah the speech pattern is similar. With the time, the crazy just sunk in and turned Kiki into what she is today

As >>459834 stated, she hasn't had any jobs, is back in FL, etc but if you ask her she'll probably go on a rant "it's my ultimate passion!"

No. 459924

We're waiting for the next flavor of the month. We're all guessing photography.

No. 460068

OK but really how retarded is this bih?

She had 2 Q&A's (the most views she'd gotten since her come back) and a bunch of "what I eat in a day" BC "inspire ppl" and now they're gone?
Like, I get the Q&A, she gotta clean her tracks whenever she decides to jump bandwagons but the vegan ones?

No. 460282

cathy babbling all that garbage and not once does she considering kiki's behavior as potentially problematic

No. 460300


It's very disturbing how Cathy's brain works. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree tho.

No. 460312

File: 1509771869945.jpg (25.66 KB, 236x450, IMG_9849.JPG)

I am unsure why she insists on dressing like an dishrag when she could be fashionable like she used to be.

No. 460318

Hahaha, fashionable?

No. 460320

Better than the granny-chan shit she's doing now, at least.

No. 460326

You know what anon meant. She looked better then than she does now.

No. 460367

She looked fashionable for the time. Now, she tries to trend set, but her instincts are awful and don't suit her in the least.

No. 460418

She always thought she was fashion forward. Case and point: the time she argued with someone over who started the coon tail stripes on your head trend. >>460312
Looking at this pic makes me wonder why she doesn't just get layers in her hair. The flat and thin hair she has makes her look like she just got discharged from the looney bin.

No. 460430

File: 1509801819774.png (69.48 KB, 583x312, Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 13.2…)

Yawn. How's things in Florida, Keeks?

No. 460432

Oh yeah keeks. You justice warrior you. Haven't heard u speak up against this >>456608

No. 461025

We all know that she has never backed anyone under attack. The only true victim in herself.. in her mind. I think she needs to get a real 9-5 job to keep her self occupied.

No. 461046

White trash Kiki would pop out a meal ticket baby before she lets that happen.

No. 461053

I bet all these guys dumping her is because she tried to get pregs. She talks about marriage with literally every guy.

No. 461057

I don't think that's a terrible thing but if she wants to be a trophy wife she has to really start taking styling advice from people who know better. Kiki, you can start here.

No. 461081

found this on PULL

No. 461082

and for the anon asking about her braces, you can see them here https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=56&v=lA5w4r-hvKE

No. 461085


So vegan and compassionate towards animals, letting the cat climb in the toilet and laughing about it. She's been vegan since she was 8 guys!

The video feels like the beginning of a bad ARG.

No. 461163

Tbh I'm thinking she tells guys she's waiting for marriage to have sex

No. 461198

Nah, when she was with Taku she posted a picture of a huge package of vegan condoms, lubes, etc she got

No. 461356

Oh my.. that doesn't surprise me. Gotta have those vegan condoms tho.

No. 461414

I feel like I'm going to be cursed after watching that… yikes.

No. 461455

File: 1510050180130.png (132.78 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3178.PNG)

No. 461456

File: 1510050289777.png (121.11 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3179.PNG)

Wouldn't it be quite the kekmas if we could actually hire Kiki to read her sperg-chan posts? Only in dreams anons.

No. 461464

You were all wrong. Her next career is not photography, it's a freelance voice actor!

She can read a whole audiobook with the poorly stereotyped accent of a Chinese child, or a senior Australian.

No. 461473

Why do I see this failing just as hard as her “acting”? It’s like she gives up on anything that doesn’t blow up and rocket her to the spotlight in under 3 months. You can tell she’s dying to go viral like Dakota did so she can get her free ride, too bad she’s too old.

No. 461475

To be fair that page has been up for a little while, it was part of her acting career.

How was she expecting to record decent quality audio when she insists she hasn't got good equipment though?

No. 461484

LOL she cant even read poetry in a half assed video. This is such a joke.

No. 461485


Any animator anons want to make a animation for Kaka to voice act to ?

One where she plays herself, an unfortunate woman trying to make it big in the world and envious/jealous of a successful blonde girl named Taylor.

No. 461494

I completely forgot about that lol. The weird, fluctuating accent was hilarious. Like, what are you doing this for? We all know you're 100% Florida trash, stop.

No. 461508

German accent - Fuck ooooffff! We all know how that sounds.

No. 461584

>Australian, Chinese, French, German, Irish, Japanese

After that "German" exhibition, I can't wait to see what she has in store for Chinese and Japanese!

No. 461893

File: 1510180141877.png (332.31 KB, 583x739, Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 22.2…)

Still nothing new from Keeks besides a few animal welfare/abuse tweets. The acting career really is over.

I wonder if she does anything to help animals besides hitting the retweet button? … we all know the answer.

No. 461918

This shit must be like porn to her. I’ve never seen anyone else so interested in reposting animal abuse and gore who wasn’t an edgy little faggot doing it for the aesthetic. We all know Kiki will never lift a finger to help an animal if it takes actual work, but she’s not even pretentiously donating money to Peta and WWF just to brag about it. She’s just a random brunette who likes animal gore.

No. 461923

Still at home, cleaning up after the devastating effects of the latest hurricane? Has the LA Saga ended?

No. 461929

i don't think that's true, but idk how she can stand to look at that content deliberately and so often. even when i see animal abuse in the news by accident it ruins my whole day. if she's such an empath towards animals this would be like self-torture

No. 461933

She “adopted” a tiger or panda or something once.
I think she sometimes puts a little pocket change into charities.

No. 461935

File: 1510189699726.png (730.87 KB, 996x664, Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 01.0…)

Yeah, she adopt a tiger once. She also volunteered at a wolf sanctuary. Once.
And she had to let everyone know about all that generosity! I have no faith that she continued in either of those commitments.

>I donate every month!

>here's my generic certificate for signing up
>never mentions it again

No. 461937

In the absence of Kiki content have some amazing cringe(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 461956

Was she showing off the certificate or her shitty taste in jewelry?

No. 461974

LOL these certificates are like twenty bucks and are meant for children so they can get a plush toy.. and she's acting like she did so much.

No. 461977

Do you think the whole Bobby thing is over too? I keep wondering. Has she erased all trace of him yet?

No. 461983

those rings are fucking absurd. kiki is the definition of trying too hard.

No. 461984

I would be afraid I would poke my eye out with those things. she could give anyone a black eye with those rings… yikes

No. 461995

ikr? allegedly bitch was on the verge of tears just because she spotted a truck full of pigs yet she has no problem with rt explicit animal torture

No. 462147

Not on the verge of tears, she claimed he started bawling and that Taku had to pull over and comfort her before they could go on about their day. I went looking for the post but of course she deleted it, kek.

No. 462310

New to posting on here, please dont ip ban me if i do this wrong. But kiki would be SO much prettier if she went back to blonde and shaped her eyebrows. Its such a minimal effort that would make her pretty again.

No. 462355

I don’t think the few hairs she has left would survive another bleaching. Besides, she needs a hairstyle with layers or volume, and to stop using makeup that’s paler than her skintone while ignoring her eyes/brows/lips.

No. 462552

Different anon here, but I think it has been more than long enough since her last bleaching. In her Rolling Stone article her hair was cut above the shoulders and no longer bleached. She doesn't even need to go platinum again. Plenty of blonde shades to choose from.

No. 462569

>>And what happened to Bobby?

What DID happen to Bobby? Does anyone still have the link to his instagram?

No. 462586

bobby hatanaka
She deleted the video of him singing happy birthday to her, and she moved back home.
Not sure if they were living together, but it definitely seems like they've broken up for now.

No. 462614

So our Kiki drought is most likely because of the candid photos by walmart anon? I bet she would still try having people believe she was in LA if it wasn't for those pics. God bless that anon.

No. 462627

Yes very. Thanksgiving has come early this year thanks to that anon. Looney Lilou doesn't fool us.

No. 462792

Did she definitely move back? I thought we were speculating she was just visiting before. I guess we would know for sure eventually, and right now seems likely. (Inb4 pretending to be in LA now with photos and videos she took while she was there)

No. 462801

She claimed she was flying back for her birthday but that she had to wait because of Irma. Then she claimed she couldn’t upload her YT videos because she was too busy helping with “cleanup” (which was BS). Since then she’s been quietly RTing animal gore and #metoo/Weinstein related shit and laying low.

No. 462807

The silence is obvious though.
>had to deactivate patreon
>probably expected a hundred patrons, got 9.
>forced to give everyone a refund
>2 of 9 patrons ended up being farmers
>all of the content got leaked
>her mom went psycho on a complete random on twitter

that's plenty reason to lay low for a while.

No. 462814

Funny enough, Keirashley started getting some good gigs after mama Cat sperged on her. I can imagine that chapping Kiki’s ass super hard, especially since all she gets from being “harassed” by “haters” online is, well, nothing.

No. 462819

Aah, there's nothing more satisfying than seeing these girls so vehemently disliked by the Monstrengas prosper in their own lives. She's probably still boiling angry over Taylor's whole situation. So far it looks like she's settling into Hong Kong pretty well.

No. 462822

File: 1510457594717.jpeg (141.59 KB, 640x960, 6AF4A0B4-D32C-4251-A986-F3A930…)

Woop, found em in the archive.

No. 462823

File: 1510457621546.jpeg (118.24 KB, 640x747, A7CE0F27-174B-467D-99E8-E10F40…)

No. 462825

File: 1510459120129.png (173.29 KB, 287x287, omg.png)

Saint Francis is not an archangel. He's the patron SAINT of animals.
And calling on both a catholic saint and a east Asia Buddhist goddess…Kiki, your spiritual game is a mess

No. 462828

Doesn't she always "pray" to Saint Francis though? I swear she did during a tsunami when she was in Japan too.

No. 462854

Exactly. If she was following the Taoist religion, she would know they do not pray to Catholic saints "Saint Francis", whom isn't an archangel, as you said. She really is looney.

No. 462855

Damn she's such a fake bitch. She doesn't truly care for animals. If she did, she would donate money, time and effort into animal rescues. Not posting about it on social media solely for views.. like she's some kind of Saint. Oh wait, the patron Saint of Fuck-Ups.

No. 462856

On Twitter she claimed she donated to PETA monthly, but stopped when they made Miley Cyrus their “face” of veganism (and not her). I also remember her tweeting about always getting carded/mistaken for a child/asked if she’s a model allllll the fucking time, which is hilarious now ofc.

No. 462874

This reads like "My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families, but now about me and my feelings."
Such compassion, but will it ever be activism?

No. 462900

lmao I can't with her ignorance. this is just like her patreon video where she contradicts herself in the same sentence
>I believe that energy is not created nor destroyed, so I believe there is a greater source or something out there that created all of this, this matrix."
she doesn't know that's the first law of thermodynamics, not a new-age spiritual belief.

No. 463032


Just imagine motherfucking Kirsten Ostrenga Savior of the Abused Animals freeing the pigs so the incoming cars can run all over them and cause a massive traffic accident

No. 463099

Curious… What is her religion specifically? Has she ever said? Omnism?

No. 463200

Buddhist and Taoist iirc

No. 463329

Being vegan is the new black

No. 463437

honest question do you guys think kiki keeps her hair so limp and never uses absolutely anything volumizing bc she's traumatized by her big scene hair past? she brags about it being naturally "blonde" but not the about using natural products or anything, so there's no real reason why she can't just use a product….

No. 463578

honest question do you guys think kiki keeps her hair so limp and never uses absolutely anything volumizing bc she's traumatized by her big scene hair past? she brags about it being naturally "blonde" but not the about using natural products or anything, so there's no real reason why she can't just use a product….

No. 463588

My thought is that she doesn't understand her hair type very well. It's very easy to use too much or weigh it down when it's that thin. I have similar hair and I avoid most things other than mousse. No idea why she doesn't use that.

No. 463759

Whole-food plant-based is the new vegan.
Just waiting for kiki to jump on the next bandwagon now.

No. 464129

File: 1510722264527.jpg (386.77 KB, 1440x2336, Collage 2017-11-14 23_42_33.jp…)

Lack of recent Kiki milk made me kinda restless, so I tried to edit a screenshot of her from last thread to give her that babyface she keeps insisting that she has out of boredom.

No. 464439

>that clipping
>that awful mixing

No. 464519

A more Ostrenga answer would be that Kiki thinks it looks good. She doesn't see it as flat, but natural, soft and long. She wants the aesthetic of new-age hippy long all American hair. The flat hair and large forehead is baby doll in her head. It's left limp because it's natural forest nymph hair in her head.

No. 464710

Same.. I never touch conditioner/oils/etc. unless I'm washing my hair at night and then going to bed. I always blow dry upside down in the morning though and I've had really nice results with that biotin & collagen shampoo in the purple bottle with the gold lid. I can't remember the brand but I see it everywhere. It's still very fine hair but at least it looks somewhat decent for the first half of the day.

No. 464770


It's hard to understand why she leaves her hair so limp. Doesn't she get bored of it?…Ever? It has no oomph whatsoever.

No. 464914

Any cut, color, or style would affect her sensitive indigo child energy.her hair is long because Native American tracker's said it gave them a 'sixth sense' or some story off the internet. The chemicals in hair dye and styling products, not to mention the heat from styling tools are way to damaging for her perfectly natural blessed hair.
She could wear a wig…

No. 465161

Nice edit anon. She is obviously not happy with herself and appearance. I have become slightly worried about her health. She said before she does not even take vitamins..maybe her health has failed?

No. 465180

File: 1510933428496.png (175.91 KB, 750x1209, IMG_9971.PNG)

Sorry if this was already talked about but did Lilou draw this? It was on a Russian VK profile.

No. 465181

Kiki, stop trying to make "lilou" happen. No one cares about your shitty art.

No. 465184

File: 1510934119649.png (48.17 KB, 630x476, IMG_9972.PNG)

look kitty, the haterz are making fun of my precious art that looks like me!

No. 465209

File: 1510937471240.png (652.8 KB, 929x590, Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 16.5…)

No. 465360

Her hair looked so much fuller, and the eye makeup looks cute-ish. Wtf happened to her hair!?

No. 465362

she grew it too long. It's down her back and it has no type of volume. Since her hair is thin, it just makes it look flat and lifeless. All she needs is a haircut and maybe some highlights.

No. 465368

Yeah, she would need to do regular micro-trimming to get volume back, then it could be something.

No. 465583


Looks more like a Dakota shoop fan art then Kaka.

No. 465748

i wonder if kaka went to the hearing, now that she's back in orlando.

No. 465771

Doubt it, she didn't turn up for the 11/13/2014 or 8/13/2015 hearings. I don't know enough about the process to say whether she's actually required to show up for any of these court dates but I can't see any evidence of her actual involvement beyond the initial complaint.
Hopefully a legal anon can provide better info, though this whole thing is such a total lolsuit mess that it was likely laughed out of court without much thought.

No. 466132

Didn't she used to wear extensions though? You'd think that would weigh her hair down more than growing it out would.

No. 466137

She probably used to tease her hair in her scene days so that would give volume too.

No. 466173

Plus she used to bleach it and that gives it more volume. I've had long natural hair for years and it does tend to sit flattish especially if it's one whole length. After i bleached it, it totally gave the illusion of bigger hair because its more coarse.

No. 466342

File: 1511206329033.jpg (297.45 KB, 750x880, PMAxisTermination_Blu-ray_BACK…)

Kiki must be pleased she has such a large feature on the Puppetmaster box art but damn that's an unfortunate photo. The angle even makes it look like she has little T-Rex arms.

No. 466441

She's going to buy so many of these for fan giveaways that will never happen.

>autographed copy of my film starring me

No. 466467

I believe you on that one anon

No. 466479

Considering she never mentioned Puppet Master beyond the initial filming I suspect she’s rightfully embarrassed about that absolute shit. She certainly didn’t say anything when it was released.

I’m her parents will buy 10 copies each though.

No. 466544

>she’s rightfully embarrassed about that absolute shit. She certainly didn’t say anything when it was released.

Naked Nazi with shitty accent and stripper outfit doesn't fit the kirakira vegan image I guess.

No. 466685

Don't you think that finding Kiki's address, following her into a supermarket and photographing her breaches the the borders of sanity just a little bit?

I don't even see how a mildly unflattering pic of her is even milk.

Like, she is a human being. This is fucking scary. Don't bother cows in real life jesus christ. How is everyone so okay with this.

You're a fucking creep anon

No. 466692

>implying anyone would exert that effort for this cow
Anon just happened to spot her in a mall, no internet sleuthing on their part.

No. 466693

I'm sure thats what anon would have you believe

No. 466708

You really have to sage this shit.

No. 466780

it's a thousand times more probable than the wild stalke theory

No. 466781

Are you serious? You can see their cart in the picture and it's obvious they're buying groceries and household items. They just happened to be in the same line as Kaka and her mom at Walmart. You think the paranoid af Ostrengas wouldn't notice someone following them taking pictures the whole time?

No. 466792

Show me the evidence that anon was following Kiki?

Before the photos were posted we had no idea Kiki was in Florida, we still thought she was in LA, and we didn’t exactly expect that she shopped in Walmart - I would have assumed she bought from totemo organic stores only rather than supporting big evil corporations.

So anon hung around in a random Walmart in the Ostrengas’ area hoping she’d appear out of nowhere?

Even if we did know that Kiki was hitting up that particular store on the regular NOBODY cares about Kiki that much.

If anon had posted that they saw her without photographic evidence nobody would have believed them.

Get out, nobody is stalking you.

No. 466809

File: 1511304432931.jpeg (163.26 KB, 625x626, 3BDF2ACE-20F6-4780-BBD5-E1FB60…)

Great job replying to the bait you fucking retards. It’s like you all want to help derail the thread.

No. 466840

Ah, the old "no milk!" "she's normally attractive!" "you're the creeps!" derailer that Kaka tried before we found out she's the biggest sperging creep alive.

I wonder what spergery she will have in store for us next..

No. 466843

so, how would you guys like it if you had a forum of people bringing up the worst moments of your life over and over again, tagging your name with it and everyone you know like you guys do with these cows online? How would you feel if a group forum were holding over your head for years and ruining your life with it while making you relive your worst moments over and over again? By reading what most of you felt and are feeling now, you would probably commit suicide if you had someone doing to you what you are doing to others on these forums. Most of you seem dependent on some kind of prescription drug to get by after experiencing these horrible situations, so how would you like it if you had someone making you relive those horrible things while continuing to deal with the internal pain? You all want pity while you bash others on the /pt/ forum that have gone through some really horrible things that even parallel what you all have been through as well. Did the trauma shut you all down emotionally? It's cruel for you to know what pain is, yet dish it out and use others' traumas as a tool to hurt them and ruin their lives. Think about it. How would you feel if the most painful thing in your life was thrown in your face with intent to ruin your life?

No. 466844

File: 1511314150030.jpg (43.61 KB, 600x800, flat,800x800,075,f.jpg)

No. 466845

If anything, I believe anon wouldn't recognize her if it weren't for the all-white lame outfit.

No. 466852

Lol, except a lot of us don't broadcast our lives for people to critique. Not only that, the people featured on this site are awful. Kiki has been a narcissistic bully for years. If she didnt act like such a dick over the haters and made quality content without being up herself and actually having self awareness, she wouldn't be targeted.

No. 466862

>so, how would you guys like it if you had a forum of people bringing up the worst moments of your life over and over again, tagging your name with it and everyone you know like you guys do with these cows online?

would not give a fuck. no one is forcing cows to visit the site. if it's too tempting they can block themselves from accessing lolcow. you sound like someone with an unhealthy relationship with the internet.

No. 466870

People like Kiki want a clean slate with no apology for shitty behavior. They consistently contradict what they put out into the world, and expect people to worship them for doing little or nothing.
Don't get me wrong; I think that Kiki is a damaged human being that could benefit a lot from serious therapy. It's a damn shame that she didn't get help early on and just unplug herself while she got sorted out. Instead, it was encouraged. She was encouraged to become a celebrity by her family. But fame does not come without criticism.

No. 466871

Hi Lilou. Calm the hell down. Nobody is stalking you. You're not that important, trust me.

No. 466874

I wonder if after these pics were posted if Cathy went and demanded that Walmart hand over their security tapes.

No. 466875

Hi, Kiki.

Literally no one in the real world cares about internet drama. No one forces you to obsessively refresh your threads, and collect "evidence of harassment" - which is simply a collection of your public posts, and not illegal. If you moved on with your life like a regular person, went to college, started a normal career, these threads would die. Instead you continue to seek online praise and fame, and don't produce any quality content EXCEPT for drama and meltdowns. You don't do anything, except complain.

Grow up. Move on. Forget about the internet, and it will forget you.

No. 466880

I agree. I never understood people who get upset over sites like these. Like I get it's embarrassing when people dig up old shit but it's usually just contained on here/sites like this. I don't think I've ever seen anyone actually get harassed from being posted on here before. If anything, I think sites like this can prevent harassment.

>Literally no one in the real world cares about internet drama.
This. It's weird to me that she still hasn't realized this since Kota is living proof of this. She had the same shit on her and had tons of people actively trying to ruin her career/reputation but nothing ever came of it because she doesn't ever acknowledge it.

No. 466899


Well, I wouldn't say it took absolutely no affect on Kota. I'm sure it pissed her employers off to have to disable comments in all videos she's in, but nobody else's. The constant sweeping they have to do behind Kota because of internet peeps pointing out her lies. Like when she was posted to Bravo's FB and people pointed out the pictures were shooped.

Kiki also had a small taste of that when on anon went alittle loopy and started pestering and tipping off Taco. I sure anons can agree that was a tad of a piss off.

However, I never heard of any farmers actually taking time out of their days to physically stalk someone on here. If that anon was stalking Kiki, why was there only check out pictures and not her scraggly ass struggling to lift a pumpkin, or a video or even her walking else where.

No. 466910

File: 1511326220066.jpg (81.09 KB, 624x628, 9301109.jpg)

this is literally copy-pasted from one of Spergchan's old posts. Word for word.

it's a troll, probably trying to resurrect this dead thread.

No. 467055

Fuck off Kiki, you were so fucking dedicated to using this site to shittalk and to threatening Taylor that you deserve absolutely no sympathy.

I hope that all the shit you've done will continue to follow you online and in real life for the rest of your life.

No. 467157

Please don't respond to bait.

No. 467218


This. Kiki, honestly, your best bet is just deleting all social media and going off the grid.

Lolcow would stop talking about you if you just went inactive. Look at Felice Fawn for example. She's nowhere to be found, and thus, she has been forgotten.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 467223

can you chill your autism and fucking read: >>466910
and stop feeding some idiot trolls who arent even kiki?

No. 467230

Oh cry me a damn river. Quit being so precious about a gossip thread

No. 467464

learn to sage newfag

No. 467516

I want to make this like our version of the navy seal copypasta.

No. 467884

do it then. shit post it in active threads and watch the derailing happen.

No. 467900


No. 467914

And this right here is why the “do it faggot” thing died off. Too many people missing the joke and doing the thing.

No. 467925

Yet more evidence Kiki's no longer in LA (as if we needed it) - she didn't turn up for the Puppet Master premiere (https://www.instagram.com/p/BaSitePBDMW/?taken-by=puppetmasterfans) or the signing at the same store as >>323547

The total silence besides a few RTs is the most damning though. Girl is embarrassed and learnt not to fake it after the Japan mess.

No. 467941

File: 1511557736844.jpg (115.75 KB, 1334x726, Acheron (2017).jpg)

new photo

No. 467942

File: 1511557826742.jpg (104.54 KB, 1334x810, 2.jpg)

No. 467944

wasnt her role some insignificant supporting character.

No. 467953

looking rough

No. 467966

File: 1511566649397.jpg (103.56 KB, 1675x1017, lilou vos acheron behind the s…)

Several from this set were already posted months ago, but never the most important one… pic related. I'm still amazed she kept it so hidden for so long.

No. 467970

Her nose is so huge.. that's probably why we don't see these pics.

No. 467971

I meant more why didn't any anons post that photo over the others (eg: the couple in this thread and >>420247) when they're all in the same FB album.
Kiki would obviously never show the nose pic let alone the other less unflattering photos taken by others, we all know that.

She turned up to the magazine signing before, I'm sure she'd show up in shitty outfits for the more recent one and the premiere.

No. 467976

Am I insane or does she look rather nice in this one picture? Maybe it’s the flattering lighting, idk.

No. 467999

that's not flattering lighting, if you find her pretty there's no need to overdramatic.

No. 468014

What's funny is that she could've gotten a nose job and nobody would have even known

No. 468036

Her nose isn't even bad. There are plenty of big name actresses with unique or large noses. It is her rotten personality that ruins her.

No. 468050

It’s so funny she’s always the first to call other girls noses beaks. Tbh if she didn’t project so much i wouldn’t have ever noticed her nose as being big, but since she can’t control herself I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s looking at it

No. 468058

tbh yeah, if she didn’t criticize the fuck out of others’ appearances so much no one would even notice that nose but she just emanates the aura of ugly, making everything that much worse.

No. 468059

Has anyone seen this yet?
What about the crazy web series where she breaks the bottle on that girl's head?
I want to see these.

No. 468088

It's ironic, because that there used to be this girl on stickam called Chelsea who went to LA to model or something, and Kirsten made fun of her for how different she ""really"" looked. Uglier and fatter.

It's just like Cathy says, karma.

No. 468094

File: 1511596319359.jpg (183.93 KB, 1080x1350, 23825040_2434116623479482_8829…)

Yeah she was the one going in on Taylor R and that other Japan based model about their noses. It's sort of funny to compare their behind-the-scenes pictures to Keeks's. pic related

No. 468110

is this a recent pic? her nose is flawless.

No. 468126

Nah her nose is definitely huge. It makes her look haggard. I'm shocked she's peddled the "wow I'm so youthful!" thing for so long because she looks staggeringly too mature for any trend she tries out.

No. 468129

It's from a recent shoot for a dolly-style magazine called Miel. She does have a nice nose. I wouldn't say flawless because there is slight hump on the bridge that shows a bit more in three quarter profile. But honestly pretty great.

No. 468130

Different anon here, I totally disagree that her nose makes her look haggard. Looking old or haggard is from skin quality and dryness, thinning of hair, lines and wrinkles in the face and also general styling. Jennifer Aniston and Giselle Buchanan (spelling?) are only 2 examples, but like the other anon said, there are many beautiful and unique looking women with large noses. It's her stringy hair and washed out complexion with terrible styling that age Kiki. Sage for blogpost, but my sister in law has a large nose yet she is one of the most beautiful women I've ever met. I understand certain facial attributes indicate age eg-big eyes/rounder faces=more youthful looking, but saying that big noses make people look haggard is a bit far. More mature? Maybe.

No. 468135

Acheron and Room 8 (the web series) were finally added to her IMDb earlier this month and they both say post-production.

No. 468136

I think her nose is kind of sexy, It probably stands out because the rest of her face is so plain

No. 468141

So, if Kiki really is back in FL, why can’t she keep up with her “acting”? There are plenty of casting calls all around the states major cities, she could be getting her fill of indie/student films, commercials, and paid testimonials and make pretty good money considering her parents likely don’t make her pay for anything herself (since she’s ~disabled~).

No. 468143

Because Kiki is lazy.
She don't want to work her way up the ladder, she wants to be a hollywood star now. It's the same with the dj'ing and the modelling. The minute she finds out that shit is hard and that she have to work to get results, she gives up.

No. 468144

Oh god here we go. I said HER nose is haggard, no need to start the #butallnosesmatter thing.

Jennifer Aniston and Giselle both have noses far smaller than Kiki's. Kiki has an actual toucan beak, and with the forehead, sickly looks, and flat hair it makes her look like she belongs somewhere in small town Russia kneading dough with a shawl on.

She spent so much time stalking and obsessing over Taylor R, so much time insulting her nose and even trying to get her to cut her hair via anonymous advice, when she looks like this. I have no deep seated vitriol for Kiki but I'm going to call her as she is: unattractive. She isn't even unconventionally attractive. Let's stop pussyfooting around the elephant in the room.

No. 468156

Are they students films? Will we be able to watch them?

No. 468158

She can't keep up acting for the same reason she didn't get into it before. It's all BS. It was yet another short-lived bandwagon, not an "utter passion" like she claims so hard.

> I think her nose is kind of sexy

That's one hell of a weird sentence

No. 468159

Eh, it's beaked but it's small. A surgeon could give her a perfect upturned button nose with the minimal effort.
If only she hadn't paid for that role and invested that money in a nose job instead…

No. 468164

File: 1511622809504.gif (1.47 MB, 500x444, BQujkQY.gif)

Huh. Keeks bullied you back in the day. I can sense it.

No. 468182


What do you think that word means?

No. 468211

No, I'm just being honest. I don't understand the mental gymnastics behind defending cows that don't look good without makeup and photoshop. Simple.

No. 468223

Subjective opinions. There are people who come in here and say “Kiki isn’t pretty/average/plain, she’s ugly/old/haggard!” And act like everyone who disagrees with them is acting willfully ignorant and refusing to see her ~true form~.

The truth is, some people think she’s pretty, some people don’t. Her nose is big, that’s a fact, but it being ugly or beakish are opinions, which people need to learn to sage and stop arguing about. Entire threads run wild with nitpicking and arguing semantics while no actual content gets posted or discussed, all because some anons can’t accept that other anons disagree with their opinions.

No. 468232

While I see your point, I take Kiki's hyper criticisms of other women and delusions of grandeur into consideration. She truly believes she's a waifish elven goddess and her narcissism does not match up with her real looks.
When you strip away the filters, the angles, the editing, the makeup, and the meticulous posing, she is without a doubt far from conventional at the very least. In the nature of the entertainment industry she is hardly pedestrian even.

Do I hate her? No. Does her looks offend me? No. Do I think she needs a reality check because she exists in a glass castle of egomania? Yes.

No. 468254

Fair points, and I agree personality plays a part in attractiveness, but with that said: if I didn’t know anything about her and just saw her in public, as long as she wasn’t acting like a twat or an obnoxious weeb I wouldn’t think of her as ugly or haggard. I would say she’s average with potential, maybe not to be supermodel pretty but definitely interesting to look at, if she would put effort into a new style and stop being a nude elf fairy.

No. 468256

>her narcissism does not match up with her real looks.
But that's rampant in this photoshop age. Unwarranted narcissism for the virtual illusion they put out happens with every instagram hoe. Some of them are much worse as far as how different they look or how much they lie than Kiki has ever been.

No. 468341

>far worse
I don't think so. Given all the things Kiki has done and hidden, I'm pretty sure she's on tier. Most insta hoes just photoshop and pretend to have a perfect life when they're actually prostitutes or whatever. After seeing all of Kiki's psycho sperg chan posts, coupled with everything I remember from her scene era (hello she spray painted "regal slut" on her own house for sympathy) I truly don't have anything positive to say about her. She isn't going to change.

I'll write fake encouragements just to try to squeeze out milk like everybody else but someone on her level of mental illness has no business acting the way she does. She's unsalvageable.

No. 468360

>she spray painted "regal slut" on her own house for sympathy
are you f serious? this is ott ridiculous. I know your reasoning is gonna be "who would call her regal?", but if you think that's enough proof to make up such an unsupported claim, you're ludicrous.

No. 468382

File: 1511700693345.jpeg (60.15 KB, 815x527, C2553E96-F61E-44C2-B05D-7F2FA8…)

No edit?

No. 468386

I take it you don't remember that shitshow, or weren't around for it.
>ludicrous claim
Um, have you not been paying attention? Do you know anything about the Ostrengas at all? Jesus.

No. 468401


(dif anon )

Someone in the Kota threads is compiling a time line of everything Kota's ever done. Maybe someone could do the same for Kiki, so when anons like the one you're quoting ( and me ) know what your talking about. That way when nefags or people that missed out come to the thread they have a place to go and read a more dense/no spam history.

I've never heard of this story either. . .

No. 468421

File: 1511711621441.png (131.53 KB, 640x1136, AB6724DA-C09E-4B6A-AE14-66B9EE…)


It’s even mentioned in the Rolling Stone article, come on now. This is Kiki Kannibal 101.


No. 468426

yeah! there's a video of the "damage" I think regal slut was on the driveway, obvious ostrenga shenanigans, no vandal is going to refer to Kiki as "regal" it's classic ostrenga to fill their fake anon hate with compliments.

No. 468428

I've heard the story but I've always wondered how it came to be accepted that she did it herself. Is there any proof?

No. 468431

I remember it being debunked in the staminarose days but I have no data or screenshots to share as proof so feel free to disregard this comment.

No. 468500

No, it's impossible for there to be proof unless someone has video footage of them spray painting it themselves. this is the first time i hear about this and it's face-palming stupid. this is another classic case of somebody making something up about them, and then defending the rumor despite having no proof. It happens a lot in these kiki/dakota threads.

rumors that can't be proven or disproven, but even if they sound really far-fetched, just saying something like "but it totally sounds like something they would do!" and "come on, who would call her regal?" is enough for everyone to believe it apparently.

No. 468563

It’s also stupid to think that the police report is proof they didnt do it themselves. No suspects were ever named and nothing ever came of the report they filed, it was literally a publicity stunt. Just like the Miami news article that says Danny raped Kiki against her will after lying about his age and then Cathy kicked him out when she found out. Utter bullshit spewn from there own mouths to paint them as victims when in reality, the only people who have ever given that much of a fuck about image OR reputation/drama are themselves. If Kiki and her family would stop trying to stalk and censor everyone, she wouldn’t have any problems (aside from her mental ones ofc).

No. 468582

I have a vague recollection about it being debunked. Something like there was nobody who lived near them who would even do such a thing, much less somehow without being caught.

Pretty much this. It was the Ostrenga's height of fabricated drama where they are always just the victims at the time.

I remember how everything in the Rolling Stone article was insanely one-sided to paint that victim story (literally) too.

No. 468622

File: 1511746522113.jpg (56.94 KB, 1416x279, oops.jpg)

It's probably only a coincidence that the writer of Kiki's Rolling Stone story was later involved in scandal of her own.

No. 468707

Thanks anon, that "journalist" seriously ruined things for real victims..

No. 468766

>face-palming stupid
>first time I've heard of this
Newfags everywhere

No. 468771

This is perfect, of course anyone willing to see Kiki as a victim didn’t do any homework or look into her backstory at all. Sounds like this woman is just an older Kiki with her own hateboner for fake rape and bullying.

No. 468787

The Ostrengas are extremely lucky they were "popular" in the MySpace era and not during such an aware and data-collecting time as the last few years.

I'm not one to harp on ~~newfagz uguu~~ often but if you weren't present for the Kannibal frenzy you've missed so much! There's plenty of crazy milk that is lost to the internet of the past. You wouldn't truly know just how batshit and pathetic the Ostrengas are unless you've been a longtime witness.

I was the same age as Kiki when she was the scene it girl and I followed all the scene queens. So many lost streams, gimmicks, and lies that are futile to bring up because there's no solid evidence beside memory.

One in particular that I wish I could dig up is the article that briefly went viral years ago where Kiki claimed her nudes were spread because a man "hacked" her webcam and took incriminating videos and screenshots of her family and blackmailed her into sending them. There was a whole article similar to the rolling stone piece where it was just victimhood piled on top of victimhood. A whole elaborate story spun about it. I believed it at the time because I was a naive teen. I felt sorry for her lol.

Does that sound "face palming" and "ridiculous"? I may not have caps of it happening (how would I know any of that would evolve into this at the time?) but that doesn't make it any less true. It's just yet another Ostrenga lie lost to scene era's lack of proper documentation.

No. 468794

I’m an oldfag too, anon, I remember. Problem is, I have no proof. For example, I know I’ve seen screencaps of Dakota’s old videos with the sex doll and living doll tags on them, but I can’t find them anywhere anymore. Also, now links in old Dakota threads in the /cgl/ archive are starting to die. The Ostrengas know society is moving in a direction now where people are sick of bitchy, two faced liars who have nothing of value to offer anyone but their looks, and they know that if they want a chance at their girls being a part of it, they have to remake their entire history and erase as much of it as possible.

I wonder if there has ever been anyone else as obsessed with removing themselves from the internet as they are?

No. 468798

Same, only posting for solidarity but I too have known of these girls since like 2006 on MySpace… over a decade and their bullshit has been non stop, I really wish stickam feeds were archived…

No. 468799

LOL skeptics will say we're a samefag talking to ourselves ;^)

While I understand the need for solid evidence and proof because so many people lie, exaggerate, and defame others, there's still the obvious fact that nobody has been better at defaming the Ostrengas as themselves. Nobody.

All they do is google themselves, obsess over themselves, and search for any cyber piece that paints them for as they are. Kiki has been like this for years, and she'll continue to be like this. She's twisted into such a narcissistic and hateful creature that I can't imagine her knowing a life without lies and grandiosity. This goes for Cathy as well. Awful parenting.

No. 468800

>an article claiming she was hacked and blackmailed into taking and sending nudes

I remember that as well, because I remember rolling my eyes at my computer screen when I read it. But that doesn’t explain why she was smiling and posing so much in her nudes.

No. 468801

>he'll continue to be like this. She's twisted into such a narcissistic and hateful creature that I can't imagine her knowing a life without lies and grandiosity. This goes for Cathy as well. Awful parenting.

I feel like Kiki is gonna stay with her parents and brother probably for the rest of her life. Unless she gets extremely lucky and marries a rich Japanese guy who likes drama and breaking copyright laws.

No. 468879

Does anyone remember when she used to sell diamond shaped necklaces? Whatever happened to that?

No. 468882

I'm just wondering because I remember she used to mention them all the time, and then just stopped suddenly.

No. 468883

The last time I remember them being mentioned was as rewards for Kiki and Kota's Kickstarter in 2012.
I imagine there's still a huge box of them stuffed in the back of one of their closets in Florida, along with those tops they tried to sell with Kota's hideous art on and a bunch of white angel wing backpacks.

No. 468895

File: 1511807049114.jpg (49.82 KB, 500x477, image.jpg)

She probably also has a bunch of leftover oversized crystal jewelry and overpriced bedazzled kimmidolls.
Kiki should've just started her own vegan makeup line instead of peddling random shit on the internet all these years.

No. 468911

She sold them until she kept getting bad reviews of them being hella cheap and the rhinestones/crystals falling off, so I guess she gave up on it like everything else. If it was all plastic junk she could have just thrown it away. I don’t remember exactly, but I think after her lilkitten store went down she never mentioned them again.

No. 468963

Problem with Kiki (and Dakota to a degree I guess) is that they're chronic lazy ass. You can't fall into a good business plan magically and start making $$$ from day 1, anyone who tried or started a business knows that.

You can be succesfull at being a DJ, a model, a shop owner, a small brand designer even though there is a part of luck at play too, but you have to put your sweat and blood in it. You gotta work 24/7 with no such things as holidays and days off. You have to accept that the first few years you'll earn nothing and just bleed money.

The Ostrengas manage to launch something then get extremely disappointed when it doesn't take off in like 3 months, can't put effort into not making cheap crap (diamond jewellry) or straight up stealing music then consider it a dead-end and give it all up.

Dakota is kinda the same, especially with her art or brands that never really improve or take off, except she got really lucky she went viral with the real barbie trend but she never really worked out to be a regular model size.

So yeah jumping on that vegan makeup comment, you can all imagine what cool career plan Kiki might have a shot at, it's pointless. She'll never be good as a business owner because she lacks efforts, ethics and hard-work.

No. 469012

Let's talk about the vegan makeup thing because I don't think she even uses vegan makeup, much less knows how to make it. Most makeup brands are not cruelty-free and there is a very limited amount of "good" brands that are. Many good brands that used to be cruelty-free (like the ones Kiki used in her older videos) have expanded into China, where animal testing is mandatory. It's extremely difficult to find good makeup that is 100% cruelty free, and I think that's why Kiki was avoiding requests for makeup videos when she started YouTube this time around. I do believe that she is vegan, but there is no way that she's as strict of a vegan as she claims to be online because I don't think that's possible. I try to shop cruelty-free and succeed 90% of the time, but sometimes you just have to slip up. The rest of the world is not on board with that yet, and many cruelty-free products are extremely difficult to find and are low quality compared to other products.

No. 469026

Lol, maybe she stopped wearing makeup because cruelty free makeup is so hard to find? Everyone has been harping on for months about her needing more makeup.

No. 469030

>The Ostrengas manage to launch something then get extremely disappointed when it doesn't take off in like 3 months, can't put effort into not making cheap crap (diamond jewellry) or straight up stealing music then consider it a dead-end and give it all up.

Sometimes not even that long, she’s usually ready to go radio silent and start quietly deleting shit as soon as she gets even the most generous criticism.

No. 469109

If Kiki had a makeup line it would have as much drama as lime crime if not more.

No. 469114


Home girl would probably buy chemically filled factory shit from China and relabel it "vegan" "cruelty free".

No. 469124

Couldn't she make the bare minimum of black eyeliner? That's just activated charcoal+coconut oil. If she can find some ethically sourced beeswax, she could add it and make some sort of mascara. It's not that hard.

No. 469310

Why are we even entertaining this? Nobody would buy it

No. 469340

I know it seems crazy, but it's a direction Kiki could go in that aligns with her moral values. It seems like she wants to take a different path, but unless she picks something and sticks to it, she'll continue to wander.

No. 469382

It'd be a flop.
The only thing Kiki could ever profit off of at this point is raw honesty. Videos about her past, about growing up a cyber prostitot, real true accounts and moving forward from her past. Nobody is interested in anything else because the majority knows she's a horrid person.

The Dr. Phil direction is all she's got left, she's failed at everything else. Pull a bunch of stuff out of your ass but we all know it's true. She's incapable of being chill, relatable, and genuine. You can practically see her melting.

No. 469840

this, and a bit of (decent) vlogging, and she'd have a thriving channel I reckon.

No. 469846


Shenwould never make a truth video because then she would have to admit she was wrong, which she can’t do. Kiki has spent the last decade convincing herself she’s a victim, but the truth is everything that has happened to her is her own fault or her parents’ fault. She would never do that to herself.

No. 469864

The risk of it flopping is to high for her to ever take that risk, Can you imagine how sad & pathetic that would be? How would that even play out ? “I was myspace famous & it fucked me up now i’m a balding wannabe actress“
it worked for jeffree star & his RACISM video because he still has a legion of brain dead fans unlike keeks

No. 469891

File: 1511974571564.gif (2.97 MB, 480x270, Stop.gif)

She should just get a regular fucking job, and completely stop with the fame chasing. Kota was a fluke and got lucky, Kaka has been at it for years now and nothing has stuck. Its fine to do this all as a hobby, but its not getting her anywhere in life. She failed acting,DJing,modelling,Jewelry brand and youtube and now all thats left is "creative writing" ( Book ) which will tank too and leave her in a hole.

If home girl keeps it up she'll be some jobless 30 yr old living in her parents basement still screeching about the haters.

No. 469946

wtf are you even on about?
of course koots was a fluke. she only got there due to shoops and stayed due to contractual obligation/being resigned cause of public interest. she's basically a freakshow to gawk at, which is how they'd treat kaka since she's not a pure waif-ey white girl.

No. 470290

After what she just did to her fans (patreons), dissapearing with no warning like nothing ever happened, I have a hard time believing she can recover from that…

No. 470301

When did she say anything about creative writing/wanting to be a writer?

No. 470363


Lol, she didn't.

Creative writing ( writing a book ) is one of the arts she hasn't tried yet to seek fame with. It just seems like she's going down the list of all arts hoping one will stick and make her rich and famous.

No. 470555

I agree. Also, I honestly doubt the make up artists are using cruelty free make up or using cruelty free brushes in these behind the scenes photos.

No. 470638

Dude IDK, there are a LOT of cheap worldwide cruelty free brands like Catrice, Inglot, Essence, Wet n' Wild, etc. and for basic cleaning supplies you can always go to Lush where you can find soap, shampoo, toothpaste and a shiton of other things you use on daily basis I mean, I live in a difficult country and still can afford this cheap brands. If Kiki doesn't wears Cruelty Free makeup is pure lazyness and double standard speech, like her peacock "vegan/cruelty free" feathers earrings.

No. 470730

File: 1512120539420.png (615.5 KB, 750x1334, 9B6FC797-10D6-4696-9617-1D4D24…)

Damn Nuck Figgers, who pissed in your Cheerios?

No. 470733


- but kind of surprised that kiki hasn't deleted those yet.

No. 470788

anon you need a new line, it’s old.

No. 470818

I…feel like she might have posted these herself. Whenever someone comes out of the blue like this all belligerent, I can't help but think it's an Ostrenga trying to prove how meenie-weenie da haturz are. This just reads like some spergchan shit.

No. 470881

True, not to mention it always seems to happen when Kiki starts getting boring and people begin to forget about her.

No. 470986

She might have posted this herself so she has a reason to say she's a victim.

There's barely any activity on her videos to warrant extremely specific hate posts that have that outdated Ostrenga style.

No. 471091

I agree. She tightly controls all of her content and tries to police everyone else’s…this shit makes no sense. And I can definitely see her using a race-based handle.

As in my response? Well give me a suggestion cause this shit is way past salty.

No. 471138

this feels like deja vu, like we've seen this exact account name "harrasing" her before.

No. 471141

A thriving channel would also require her to regularly upload videos, which we know she isn't capable of since she already failed with her patreon (btw how is this doing? Is it dead?)

No. 471144

Personally I gotta say - aside from repetition, spamming and Gore images - I kind of enjoy the sperg-Chan way of flaming. If she wouldn't be so fixated on being a ~vegan feather fairy goddess~ desu uwu, she could've easily build up a channel on that sperging about idk what. I mean even Trisha build up a channel on being an obnoxiously whining fat fuck. Still it would require kaka to not piss on her fans the same way though.

No. 471346

Agreed, I just want to see her go balls to the wall with her sperg-chan personality. Start a drama YouTube channel and just rant, she would get that Kiki Kannibal popularity back pretty quickly. saged

No. 471397

Ugh, as entertaining as that'd be, that massive sense of pride she has makes it physically impossible for her to let herself be seen as anything other than that empathetic vegan warrior image that she tries so hard to push.
Kiki's internet presence would probably be a lot easier if she could just let people take the piss out of her without the theatrics - or hell, even do it herself for once. I don't think I've ever seen her make fun of herself without it being some weird attempt to actually give herself a compliment (correct me if she has though!) It's funny how much she wants to be seen as quirky and ~*t0tally randum*~ but girl can't seem to take a joke at her own expense every once in a while without wanting to hyperventilate into an eco-friendly, reusable bag. She needs to loosen up. People with an enormous following usually have to develop some kind of backbone and be able to take the occasional flack that comes their way. Two totally different leagues here, but how many times do you think that someone like Pewdiepie or whatever gets some rando in their inbox making death threats? And here we have Kiki writing near essay-length outbursts because some girl said her hair was thin in a passing YouTube comment. I don't think someone with such a fragile mental constitution is made for the internet.

No. 471398

Holy fuck, pardon the rant. I did not mean to go on for that long, my b.

No. 471943

True, and this is what has always baffled me about Kiki and Dakota. They want to be famous, but they don't want ANY criticism. Fame comes with criticism. Which one is it? Do you want to fulfill your lifelong dream of being Kiki Kardashian? Sage for rant

No. 472148

i’d love to see Kiki live stream again, on younow. I think she could build quite a following on there.

No. 472884

Go away kaka.

No. 472900

still dying over this

No. 472998

File: 1512686696103.png (42.29 KB, 481x406, d06.png)

flashback When I was a little kid in elementary school.. I was big into the spice girls. Anyway, I decided that I too wanted fame. I had an asshole kid friends and they'd go all out, by jerks, say mean things and make me cry. Then they'd say that shit… that you just said HURR DURR I THOUGHT YOU WANTED FAME?! FAMOUS PEOPLE HAVE TO HEAR IT ALL THE TIME! (please put me out to pasture. This story is over)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 473003

you're still dying over a post with no replies from 12 days ago? you need more excitement in your life anon.

No. 473270


No. 473302

>Horizon milk
>Cocoa Krispies
So much for being vegan since she was a little kid, I guess.

No. 473341

File: 1512780734270.jpg (877.2 KB, 1500x1497, IMG_2570.JPG)

Sage for no contribution, but I performed a little meitu magic on her nose, and realized she would look one thousand times better if she had a simple nose job. Not even a turned up button nose, just straightening the bridge and reducing the tip. I'm not saying that surgery is always the way, but it makes her look much less haggard.

No. 473354

Sage for no contribution but back in my scene days , I had a kinda popular scene boyfriend who cheated on me with her and i always get a kick watching her slowly fade into obscurity these days lol.

No. 473373

She deserves it for all the drama and complaining she does. Lol besides, everyone has seen her old videos on stickam. Karma has made Keeks her bitch.

No. 473387

sage for reaching, but i saw this short film lately and it perfectly portrays kaka… it's about a girl who doesn't have any real talent or passion, but desperatly trying to be famous through different things. the main character even looks a lot like her. in the end she gained popularity on yt thanks to the video where she cries about how shitty her life is, as some of you guys suggested might be a great opportunity for kiki, lol.

No. 473406

It's already been debunked several times, sometimes by her own words so I don't know why she keeps pushing this charade. I guess she thinks if she deletes everything people will forget or won't question her.

No. 473465

Idk man I kinda like her beak, the nose you made has 0 character

No. 473521

Copyright claimed by ostrenga the stranga

No. 473536

Lmao, too bad people have it saved and will upload it again…

No. 473553


I feel like people should do what they did with Onision and just have a website dedicated to old videos/new.

Kiki or Dakota ( cause it could be either or taking shit down) have proven they'll just keep copyrighting shit till the end of time. Its been 5 years an they still care about stupid old scene videos being up online, even if they only rake in 15 views.

No. 473558

Hey, this is a great idea. If anyone knows how to contact the newfag.science anon (they're usually in the Onionthread but I don't want to risk the pasture by talking about Kiki&Kota there) I can give them what I've saved to upload on the site

No. 473567

File: 1512846559766.png (123.26 KB, 259x668, Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 1.49…)

Kiki or Dakota got the videos uploaded taken down. Here's the screenshot. Also, I have saved a TON of their videos. I will upload more.

No. 473586


No. 473601

If she needs a big hump nose to have character, that shows a lot about her shitty personality. It doesn't have character. It's a beak. If she was a nice person at heart it would draw a lot of attention away from any negative features, especially because she's not horribly ugly in the first place.

No. 473606

Anon, the nose you made is so cute! Also gives her the ~youthful elf~ look she's striving for.

No. 473645

This. If Kiki were okay with her nose then she would have never written her text wall about her self esteem and her “friend” who got a nose job and wasn’t happy with it.

Although I don’t understand why her parents are willing to give her $5K for a shitty puppet movie but they can’t get her some plastic surgery/cosmetic procedures to make her look less dehydrated and sallow.

No. 473648

Kiki confirmed for still lurking lolcow then I guess.

Merry Christmas keeks.

No. 473696

File: 1512870524035.jpg (6.03 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_0256.JPG)

Who else thinks Keeks having shorter hair like this looks good on her? Her hair looked healthy here, compared to what it looks like now & the candid pics at Walmart.

No. 473714

It does make her look a bit prettier, actually. I know all the hair talk and suggestions are worthless, but it really would look so much better with just a few layers in it. If only.

No. 473745

She also put more effort into her hair then so it looked better. Her hair is thin but just a few layers even like Jennifer Aniston's basic style would make her hair look much livelier. She has that weird paranoia about her hair and haters telling her to cut it because they're jealous but I think it also has something to do with how bad she fucked it up during her scene days.

No. 473746

I think her hair looks better short because it's so fine that when it's longer and has more weight to it. it is literally weighed down where on the other hand when it's shorter it weighs less and has more volume or appears to have more volume anyway

No. 473818

fuck my eyes
learn to take a screenshot

No. 473841

File: 1512920877358.png (165.49 KB, 479x594, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 10.4…)

Look who got my account suspended.

No. 473872

She can request to take down videos she is in, but not ones she isn't in.

No. 473910

YouTube doesn’t care, seriously. Half the claims the Ostrengas has filed were technically bullshit, but YouTube sides with the video creator/copyright owner almost every time.

No. 474034

Man I was looking through who she follows on IG by curiosity, most of them are the most basic actors out there. For someones who's into acting I don't think she watch a lot of movies lol

No. 474036

I used to repost that video of kooter’s first tv appearance in Japan and the ostrengas would always take it down even though they had no rights to it.

No. 474121

Well, that’s Jewtube for you. The only option is to put the videos on a site that gives no fucks about crybaby Ostrengas and their imaginary lawyer mama.

No. 474131

Try vid.me

No. 474142

Vid.me is shutting down on December 15, you can't upload any videos on it anymore

No. 474161

What about https://sendvid.com/ ? It allows anonymous uploading, but I don't know much else about it.

No. 474257

File: 1513031442980.png (127.49 KB, 581x577, Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 22.2…)

Recent tweets for posterity.

So she's not totally in hiding like after the Taku saga, but ignoring the whole acting career? I wonder if she'll just segue straight into a new project/career or if she'll have another hiatus before popping back up… because we all know the Ostrengas will never quit the internet fantasy game.

No. 474265

>Become aware, commit and make change.

Take your own advice, Kiki. You don’t do any more for the planet or animals than any other valleygirl hipster.

No. 474305

12/15/2017 HEARING - Lack of Prosecution - LeBlanc, Bob

It's coming up soon. I wonder if she's gonna show up.

No. 474365

Kaka don't make us report these copypasta tweets about things YOU DON'T DO

No. 474372

What does that mean? She has to go to court for trying to sue someone who doesn’t exist?

No. 474378

File: 1513058150099.jpg (86.63 KB, 1080x1080, 14449253_1263443220374733_7451…)

From her current Instaspam. Feel free to roast.
Also: https://www.instagram.com/kirstenostrenga/

No. 474380

As I understand it, a lack of prosecution hearing means 'drag your ass into court and explain to us why we should proceed with this matter, else, we'll drop the case', but I'm not a lawsperg so am not 110% correct

No. 474385

This is just some "fan" acc.

No. 474404

Does she…ever actually do anything for the causes she posts about? Like, anything outside of tweeting about how "shocked and outraged" she is about the mistreatment of animals?

No. 474430

I would hazard a guess and say no, she probably just re-tweets animal cruelty/anything non-vegan for attention.

No. 474440

File: 1513086661285.png (482.21 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-12-12-07-48-36…)

Stop stalking Kiki Kardashian

No. 474476

File: 1513094343890.jpeg (94.37 KB, 640x607, 2972B4BB-9911-40FA-9E88-5696EE…)

Wow, I forgot how good she’s able to look. If she tried to look good like this again, she would probably be doing a lot better off as an ~actress~ and might have even had a decent shot at modeling.

No. 474480

I see what you're saying anon but her personality is complete shit as well as how paranoid she is. She fails at everything she does.

No. 474495

Yeah, but in LA or any other major city that doesn’t matter a while he’ll of a lot, especially if being a cunt is your ‘thing’. Kiki would suit the Paris Hilton valley girl bimbo type so well, she could even be her typical obnoxious self. There are plenty of mean pretty girls with shit personalities out there earning a good living just from being a pretty bitch. Kiki and Kota both need to drop this soft, natural bullshit and go back to bolder, edgier styles if they want to be relevant again. Plus, blonde hair suits Kiki soooo much better than brown.

No. 474629

File: 1513122791842.jpg (90.3 KB, 1080x1080, 14533553_902389729904659_29299…)

I'm willing to bet that she could only hold this pose while drunk.

No. 474670

she can't dye her hair like that again it'll all fall out

No. 474673

She's not rich or attractive enough to make any of what you're saying possible lol… even with a paid degrading role nothing came of it.

No. 474724

wtf are you saying? She’s like 7 yo on this????

No. 474728

loving the eyeliner on top of the hair look. yeah anon, she totally looked like this

No. 474734

I mean… they look like long fake lashes to me, so it is possible that her thin-ass hair is sort of tucked behind them…

No. 474738

When Koots used to shoop their pics she used to add more lashes with a brush tool in PS. These look more like fakes on the outer corners. Though there's probably other PS going on.

No. 474846

>she totally looked like this

You sound unnecessarily salty. Kiki WAS objectively pretty when she put on makeup and did her hair. So yeah, she did look like that, because not every pic with the slightest, tiniest little flaw is evidence of photoshop. And, even if it was, so what? That’s not the point. The point was that if Kiki stopped being a hobo she could look pretty again without plastic surgery or a drastic style change with just a new hairstyle and some heavier makeup.

No. 474861

oh boy, get your popcorn ready. this post isn't going to sit well with some anons here

No. 474878


Jokes aside, heavy makeup won't work on her anymore and will only emphasize her aging looks. She was a teen on a lot of those older pics where she looked "best"..

No. 474907

I agree. Somewhere in the middle would suit her ok. Eyeliner, mascara, and a little blush would probably be the best. You don't have to be strictly either no makeup or full face.

No. 474918


lol why are you being so agressive? i'm just pointing out her photoshop. kiki was too trashy to ever be considered attractive by the majority and now shes insane.

No. 474920

File: 1513224941710.png (587.88 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-12-13-21-51-00…)

I'm surprised she didn't shoop this more.

No. 474921

File: 1513225183743.png (698.6 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-12-13-21-51-37…)

I like this look but we all know she will never go this route again.

Okay I'm done posting screenshots from that account.

No. 474945

She looks great with blonde hair but I don't think she can actually maintain it. Looking at both of them, they have extremely thin and limp hair. To try and puff it up this much and get it to that color would probably make them bald.

Tbh, I think if they went with a shorter hairstyle with bangs it would work better since it wouldn't draw out their features so much.

No. 475083

File: 1513282402154.webm (5.73 MB, 852x480, 65.webm)

What did she mean by this?

No. 475119

Anyone else think she looks a lot like Beckii Cruel in side profile?

No. 475177

This lighting is doing her 0 favors, even the walmart lighting was better.

No. 475324

File: 1513350344643.png (1.42 MB, 961x1369, kiki.png)


No. 475325

Damn that nose has grown since myspace days

No. 475330

Wow, down already, can you reupload??

No. 475495

And to think she was talking shit about Taylor's nose lol.

No. 475519

File: 1513373955799.webm (3.94 MB, 852x480, n.webm)


No. 475521

How did she read this script and not think this is the lamest shit ever

No. 475533

You get desperate when you've hit rock bottom

No. 475535

File: 1513376973152.png (310.89 KB, 1398x740, Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 2.26…)

LOL this comment on the trailer

No. 475542

I actually think this is a fun movie! I love those kind of shitty horror movies (and a lot of people do as well), it's a light entertainment to laugh a bit. I think it's cool she's on it. I know lolcow is to hate but…… this time I just can't.
I wish she'd pursue her actress career, she's not a teen anymore but she still has her whole life ahead, I have no idea how hard, unfair and annoying Hollywood is but she's a white skinny girl, use your ;)talents;) to get there gurl, come on. She could get somewhere with 100% of dedication I guess. Even if she never gets big productions, i wouldn't bother making my life with movies like this, should be fun af

No. 475552

That’s the funny thing about Kiki, she gives up because she doesn’t go viral and get famous quickly in exactly the way she wants, so she gives up and turns her back on so many opportunities and chances most people would kill for a shot at. She could have an easy life and lots of fans doing B list movies, but because it wouldn’t be Kardashian-tier fame she doesn’t want it.

No. 475554

but this is beyond the level of enjoyably rubbish movie
it's just shit
trust me, I was the one to download the movie and post it here originally
it's not 'it's so bad it's good', it's just garbage. the plot makes no sense, they never even explained what happened to 'lilou's character.
those types of details take it from cheesy dumb horror to total trash

No. 475557

sage for samefag
but this is literally The Biggest Role Lilou had. And it was shit, 18 months ago. That was the grand summation of her entire acting career, everything else was student films or a 30 second part in a low-rated cable show.

Yeah, it'd be fun to see her carry on with the same rubbish but she's never getting anywhere with it.
The social media silence proves that she's given up on this project (along with her extensive history).

No. 475559

She's not bad as Z-movie horror villain. Oddly enough if she got stuck in that typecast role she might have had a chance of gaining a cult following among the "quirky" hipster crowd.

No. 475566

Yes right!?
That's a pity she gave up(?), I see nothing wrong about being part of a trashy movie or keeping on same lvl all your career, it's a job, you can get some fans and have a good time. I dont agree with diminished her for that. Still think it's pretty cool to start with something like this. Too bad she gave up, I confess I got interested in her after the movie and was hoping to see more of her.
Sorry about the positivism but nothing to be mean about atm

No. 475578

File: 1513386732046.jpg (96.17 KB, 612x582, noshow.jpg)

No. 475588

This. There's good shitty horror films and bad shitty horror films. This is bad shitty and fans of the genre agree.

Kaka's going to drop the pretentious Lilou persona soon I bet. Literally nobody knows her as that name. All her acting "work" did was showcase her massive honker, which isn't on any of her photos.

No. 475592

I was just thinking about this the other day. If she kept up with any of her schemes to become famous, she wouldn't have to rely on her parents/a boyfriend anymore. It's not even a matter of working hard since there are tons of people who do what she's tried to do who are lazy as fuck just like she is but still make a decent living. All she needs to do is consistently put out content and maybe even open herself up to making friends with people who are more popular than she is.

No. 475602

Thanks Kirsten for clogging up the system with useless claims. If something bad ever happen to you for real, this will make you look shady as well for abusing the court. You should take this more seriously

No. 475629

How exactly do you file against Jane Doe…?

Who is supposed to show up??

No. 475651

I was wondering that too. She makes so many frivolous lawsuits it's ridiculous. Abuse of court is all that is.

No. 475652

Thank you for posting that anon. I was curious if the spoiled little princess would show up in court or not. I see that I was right, kek.

No. 475656

Gosh look at that nose! Kiki really should have stuck to her photoshopped pictures and homemade videos so she could control the angles! And I don't particularly think that sort of nose is ugly perse, she just doesn't have the face for it, or maybe I'm just not completely used to it after seeing her from certain angles throughout her internet presence. Personally, those kinds of noses only look good on Spanish looking or exotic looking people, not your run of the mill white girl. Yikes. And her balding doesn't help either

No. 475658

File: 1513400992558.png (390.53 KB, 599x844, 20171216_000705.png)

Kiki for the love of hairlines PLEASE start getting some nutrition because balding like this on a woman happens when your malnourished.
Here I present where a normal hairline would be vs her actual hairline

No. 475671

"Lilou Vos" got a full on Polish nose.. why doesn't she make a fake Polish name?

No. 475676

Omg I just googled polish noses and you're soo right! What is her ethnic background anyway? I still think those type of noses with the prominent bridges look better on Spanish/Mediterranean/middle eastern people

No. 475704


she's an euromutt but takes great pride on her russian,french and irish % of her heritage lmao

No. 475712

funny anon should mention it. there was a screenshot of her formspring once where she claimed she had a Polish nose and was proud of it (in response to a mean comment about her nose).

her ethnicities include every country in the UK, every country in Scandinavia, + Irish, Polish, French, German and Dutch. surprisingly doesn't claim Russian, only says that people think she is.

No. 475810

File: 1513445733655.jpg (38.53 KB, 336x291, IMG_2641.JPG)


No. 475904

Ostrenga is a Polish surname, btw.

No. 475925

omg I just realized that. It's Americanized Ostręga.
Both of the sisters "look Polish" when you think about it, though they wouldn't be considered pretty. Especially Kiki.

No. 475931

It doesn't help her that as she's aged she lost some baby fat in her face so now her head looks abnormally oblong to go with her nose. She looks like Mac Tonight. I'm surprised she hasn't tried streaming on YouNow since she's always bragged about her supposed 2 million viewers on Stickam, but I guess lolcow has ruined it because we're quick to call her out on her lies. She'd get people in her chat bringing up spergchan and she can't handle any of that.

No. 475986

File: 1513485401028.jpg (12.14 KB, 312x212, 156956_162440267134164_1000010…)

>She looks like Mac Tonight.

my sides..

No. 476001

I can’t help but to think of people like Tana Mongeau and Jstar, even with all the hate they manage to keep on doing their things. If you can’t take the heat then it’s clearly not for you…

No. 476029

someone should make a jeffree star thread.

No. 476048

Good job letting us know you saged!

No. 476057

She used to have many followers, back in her scene days. But she's been a nobody for a while, lolcow has nothing to do with the fact that no one cares about her nowadays.

No. 476065

Kiki can’t handle reality, and without Kota there to call everyone she doesn’t like a faggot, Kiki knows she can never go back to streaming. She literally can’t just ignore trolls, she’s pathologically driven to argue with them and prove she’s innocent andnin the right at all times. If she saw someone mention Taku in her stream chat she would probably shut off the stream and then make some shitty excuse 3 days later about her ISP randomly fucking up and how it’s ~tooootally not her fault, kittens! So sorry!~ before she fades back into the void for another year. She’s like a bad cartoon villain- she keeps popping up with a new scheme, then the actions of a few random people foul up her plans, then she starts going on rants how those meddling haters ruined everything, and then flies off in her lolcopter to hide out and plan something else (while constantly googling herself and Dakota).

Her fantasy of being an innocent little victim is what’s killing her, if she would drop this fake nice bullshit and stop pretending she isn’t vain, shallow and self centered I would have a lot more respect for her.

No. 476077

Has Kiki aged enough where she can't follow new trends for a new identity? Once scene was over, she did a pretty good job of jumping onto the Vegan tumblr angel baby trend, but now that it's dead…she's still holding on. Even as an "actress" she hasn't veered from that outdated image. It's all about instathot? (I'm old too and can't keep up) It seems like Starr, despite how crooked he is, progressed from scene into thot well so the transition looks genuine. Kiki went full 180 and now she's just stopped. It's impossible for her to become popular like this.

No. 476179

>Has Kiki aged enough where she can't follow new trends

She still types like it's 2005 anon.

No. 476212

Funny because she would probably look better with that makeup. It'd be closer to her old makeup.

No. 476245


Can't have that though. She's too busy biting Taylor's style.

No. 476308


I feel like it’s almost too late for her to 'come clean', and I mean genuinely clean. She doesn’t have to but if she wants an internet presence that she can enjoy then I feel like it’s something she’d have to do.

No. 476314

Her only two options are to come clean or stop caring what anyone says or does. Obviously, she’ll never stop caring what people think of her, and she won’t come clean either because she can’t admit she’s not 100% pure and innocent. She’s getting too old to keep pretending she’s pure and innocent and the big, mean internet bullies are raping her life and dreams away from her by reposting her own shit.

No. 476351

Does anyone remember when Kiki worked at a store and claimed some guy came in and tried to drag her out? It was around the time the rolling stone article came out.

No. 476354

Yup, I remember that. IIRC he was a regular who always stared at her and one day he just so happened to touch or grab her.
It grew more dramatic each time she retold the story.

No. 476368

I think the big baddie tried to dance with her, or something equally sinister. She called her mom, who called the cops, while Kiki refused to go back on the floor like her manager told her to and do work.

She can't even handle a weird customer at work without completely falling to pieces and calling her mommy. That's something young girls learn to deal with by age 15-6, and she was an adult at the time. You laugh it off, tell the guy you're working and that he's going to get you in trouble or fired if you cant do your job, and then you go back to work. If they guy is a pest, tell your boss and security to keep an eye on him and come help you out when he comes around, because he's not customer and won't buy anything.

She claimed there was a second man who was buying her presents and invited her to his car to see more presents. This is the kidnap claim, I think. Like, again. IF this dude exists outside of her mind, you blow him off, tell him no thanks, say you've got a boyfriend, whatever. Everyone has been creeped on in their lives, especially in service gigs.

She acts as completely helpless IRL as she does online. She never learned to function at all, and assumes her experiences are oh-so-unique because she's such a great beauty that men are turned literally insane by her charms, when she's dealing with normal, everyday shit (I've had dudes flash me dick pics on their phone as a restaurant hostess before, truly thinking that by showing me their dick, I would be unable to resist their charms. They mistake the plastic smile of a service worker / your polite tolerance of their presence as a customer for you being into whatever they want.) And once she has a bad experience, instead of coping with it, and coming back the next day, learning from her experiences and facing problems head on, she runs to mommy and never leaves the house again.

No. 476387


10 minute mark she starts talking about it.

No. 476451

god she repeats herself so much. Is it just me that thinks that? I don't know, I just… it seems she talks about the same thing over and over. She might find a different way to say it but it's still the same point. It's like she just can't help herself from doing that. I'd be interested to know if anyone else feels that way that she repeats herself a lot, because I think she repeats herself a lot

No. 476499

Ppl who lie repeat a lot.

No. 476533

How does someone have this long of a face? What the fuck.

No. 476571

File: 1513659918687.png (104.65 KB, 750x805, IMG_0371.PNG)

Yeah even in this older pic, her forehead doesn't do her any favors.. poor thing.

No. 476585

Time is a cruel mistress

No. 476586

Her eye makeup is so wonky it's fucking triggering me

No. 476616

all honesty i thought she had dark brown hair and didn't recognize her, thinking it was someone random i thought she was actually really pretty. BUT that's also based on the lighting and colors, so i thought this was from the olden days of the 80s or some shit, i don't even know, but i made up a new personality and was able to find her attractive because of her strong nose.

she's just a shitty fucking artist. if she spent even a single fucking day she wastes online watching some solid films or doing actual research into visual art instead of mapping taylor's butthole she could get something done. the kawaii shit is so stale i do not have any idea what she is doing, and if she likes "creative" things or david bowie so much why doesn't she just research his shit and learn to be a proper artist and steal? thats all she did during myspace and it worked. can't be that hard.

No. 476635

yeah if she came back ironically as kiki kannibal she would be on trend. especially in la she's so dumb, that dollskill shit has moved on to ironic nu metal type things. sound clout rap is the new scene, mall goth has been an actual thing in a deliberate way. obviously there's norm trends, but i don't even know what she's about anymore. she's old enough where she needs to check herself and who she's really putting this show on for because it's obviously not her.

legit i think it's karma and she's stuck tripping on this empathy facade to make up for all the people she bullied, hurt, and scammed. like this is all supposed to happen lol, trapped as a false victim that no one cares about because she hurt so many people in that exact way. if she were truly empathetic or ~intuitive she would see that, it's not difficult. she needs to be about her shit read some basic jung and stop repressing this shadow self she lets run fucking rampant all over these boards.

think her real problem is that she is repressing a ton of reasonable trauma, her mom is a fucking psychopath and trained her from day one to be an entertainer just for existing. she probably got awarded constantly for nothing. her pathological need to be seen as an empath ~not on medication~ is the most obvious shit ever. to be a good performer you can't go against public opinion or stigma like her mom trained her; her problems could be greatly impacted by addressing the chemical imbalance (invoking sperg-chan, her obsessive unproductive thinking, etc.) but she can't allow herself to let go of the 'mask', her narcissism. she's not an empath she's a wolf in sheep's clothing, only she's low functioning as fuck and the trauma has her obsessed with a false image.

sorry i visit the kiki thread like twice a year she still trips me the fuck out, my bad regulars. i just want her to get help and actual understanding, how she could spend all her time online and not like google a fucking book. she's so upset about people talking about her but it's really to her benefit; we are EXACTLY what she wants and has chosen, a critical and circulative voice, and she needs to learn to truly free herself if she's going to do anything with her one life. I'm pretty sure she just uses us in place of a healthy rewards processing system, like as long as we exist "we" are always the problem and as long as we talk about her that's a good enough existence since growing up she equated life with internet presence. she knows she's not as good as her crazy ego, so rather than to face her ego death and work her way up she'll hate us and taylor forever like we're entities instead of human beings. she needs to put her shit is perspective but i guess that's why she's a cow

No. 476665

Fucking yes! I remember posting about it like last year because it was so damn weird. It caught my attention because she seemed drunk all the time but famously doesn’t drink. And I only think this because I’m tipsy like all the time and addicted to filming myself.

She could edit those parts out, though. But she sucks at that too.

No. 476783

Wasn’t that around the time she became Sperg-chan? Maybe that episode made Cathy take her to a therapist and she got put on some sedatives for a bit.

No. 476964

I don't think the vegan tumblr angel baby trend is dead. There are just more interesting lolcows/non lolcows to follow in that style than Kiki.

No. 476987


That, plus it simply doesn’t suit her. Even when it was new and fresh it looked like shit on her.

No. 477021

True. The look that suited her the best was the white hair and heavy eye makeup.

No. 477066

Agree. Also, I want to see a MUA do Kiki up in different vintage styles, I feel like her angular, mature far would pull off something like that a lot more than the soft, delicate look she wants to do so desperately.

No. 477102

I love that everyone seems to think this because it makes her so mad.

No. 477107

Why tho??

No. 477159

Maybe it makes her feel bad that she's not as attractive in her ~natural~ look and she has to deal with the fact that people preferred her look when she was overprocessed and fake? She had some major meltdowns about it as Spergchan when farmers posted her older pics and said she looked much better.

No. 477169

That’s retarded. I look like shit without makeup too, but it’s not gonna destroy my self esteem because I have things to offer beside my looks. I think Kiki failing at music, modeling and acting are making her feel like she sucks at everything. She needs to start smaller and stop trying to fast track herself to fame. People would be sooooo much more into her if she had a hobby to talk about instead of herself.

No. 477633

she didn't even fail at acting, she gave up right away.

No. 478068

Looks like a widow's peak to me, anon.

No. 478077

This action was heard on Court's motion to dismiss for lack of prosecution. The Court
finds that (l) notice prescribed by rule 1.420(e) was served on September 26 ,2017; (2) there
was no record activity during the 10 months immediately preceding service of the foregoing
notice; (3) there was no record activity during the 60 days immediately following service of the
foregoing notice; (4) no stay has been issued or approved by the court; and (5) no party has
shown good cause why this action should remain pending. Accordingly,
IT IS ORDERED that this action is dismissed for lack of prosecution. The Clerk of the
Court is ordered to close this case.
DONE AND ORDERED on this 15th day of September,2017.

I HEREBY CERTIFY that a copy of the foregoing has been furnished this 20th day of
December, 2017 to:
Kirsten Ostrenga (her address in Ocoee, FL)
Jane Doe (address unknown)

No. 478109

Widow's peak is a V with hair going down the middle of the forehead. Kaka's forehead is the opposite of that. >>451592

No. 478192

oh no, it is fucking dead. it's only for teenagers with absent fathers to amass followings of chubby even younger bitches with no self esteem and creepy old men. you could argue emo is a trend but you could not argue for the validity of any of their lives. be real.

i hope she just lets her real personality rip, it was so good the first time around that it's the only reason we keep up hahahahaha.

No. 478247

Someone is triggered. Did a vegan tumblr angel baby steal your man or what?

No. 478249

Lmao you're joking right? You really think Kiki or anybody else with that aesthetic is running around stealing anyone's man? Thanks for the laugh anon

No. 478254

Alright anons, in all seriousness, why do you think Keeks dropped the case?
Not enough evidence?
Too lazy to show up?
Impossible to prosecute?
I feel like a lawyer wouldn't waste his time if he knew it was impossible, but some lawyers might just take your money and not care.

No. 478314

It seems to me that they dropped it because they're focusing all their time and money on trying to make her famous. I say this because she started to ditch going to court when she went to Japan for 3 months in hopes of becoming a model.

I honestly think she'd keep up with it if her family was rich.

No. 478346

Kaka smelled our scent on it and knew anons had been poking around, so she abandoned it.

No. 478370

She knew the case wasn't going anywhere.
As deluusional as the Ostrengas are they can't fight fact, as hard as they try.

No. 478377

They've been threatening with lawsuits for years to scare people, and never have pulled through with any

the whole family is lazy, poor, and dumb to actually follow through with a lawsuit

No. 478500

Can’t you get in trouble for filing lawsuits frivolously?

No. 478506

I think she was too lazy to show up and didn't give a single shit about it. Even if she knew the case isn't going anywhere, a person who is interested in their case will show up to see if there is something that can be done or something like that.

No. 479804

File: 1515285760345.png (367.33 KB, 580x499, Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 00.4…)

Late but laughing my ass off at Kiki retweeting this. Sperg-chan made so many posts far worse than these comments - the hypocrisy train never ends!

No. 479831

It would be amazing if she got into scientology

No. 479836

I think Kiki only uses her social media to interact with herself and paint herself as the person she sees herself as. It’s all shit related to things that she obsesses over, like bullying and rape and animal abuse. I wonder how such a spoiled princess ended up so fixated on being negative and making herself miserable by refusing to let go of the past.

No. 480087

Searchable archive of PULL 1.0

have fun <3

No. 480090

No. 480092

File: 1515513127844.jpg (32.15 KB, 500x404, FvO7Ogc.jpg)

blessing us all with a vintage ostrenga family portrait. three generations of women united, beautiful

No. 480136

For some reason this isn’t working for me? It just gets stuck on “loading”.

No. 480190

wow I had forgotten all about Laura Southworth

No. 480471

File: 1515711885291.gif (1000.7 KB, 500x271, IMG_0794.GIF)

Happy Late Keekmas fam.

No. 480482

How can it be Keeksmas when we didn’t get any New Years’ keks? Really tho, I hope it’s not another 6 months before she pops up again.

No. 480488

It doesn't make sense why Keeks blocks innocent people like those who say she's pretty, yet she lets that lunatic Laura Southworth spew all kinds of crazy shit.

No. 480490

Deets? I can’t get the archive to work.

No. 480532

fillers would change this bitch's life what is she even doing in la like people aren't 40% chemicals there

No. 480543

She’s not in LA anymore, anon.

No. 480637

No. 480651

If you weren't so retarded and knew how to use an imageboard, you'd know there is already 3 of those.

No. 480657

Well that’s weird, how does this girl know Kiki? Is she trolling or does she really think she’s Kirsten Ostrenga? Honestly I couldn’t follow it, this is the first time I’m hearing about this girl.

No. 480728

it happened like 3 years ago. it was a legit schizo woman who thought she was "Kiki Kannibal" and went on extreme rampages including e-mailing places like the FBI and making literally hundreds and hundreds of relentless reports and spams because she thought that Kirsten was "faking her". Nothing really happened, everyone just tried to ignore her once they realized it was a mentally sick person. I don't think kiki ever said anything publicly about it, but I guess this >>480637 shows that she was at least documenting the batshit e-mails she was receiving from Laura. then she just disappeared, maybe she went to a mental ward.

No. 480740

here's the old lolcow thread on Laura: >>185673

No. 480761

File: 1515890831370.png (747.22 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-12-29-03-14-35…)

I think keeks would look like pic related if she went the instahoe fitness model route.

Not that she would ever tan or go to a public gym..imagine the candid pics of kiki trying to figure out the equipment at planet fitness or whatever popular gym chain is in Florida.

But honestly, the girl in this picture has a similar face to kiki and this trend works for her. I could see kiki pulling off a look/aesthetic like this if she ever left her plastic bubble.

No. 480764

that looks nothing like her, and that woman has at least 10 surgeries.

No. 480799

anon what are you smoking this chick and kaka are total opposites

No. 480824

>imagine the candid pics of kiki trying to figure out the equipment at planet fitness or whatever popular gym chain is in Florida.

Not sure how new you are to Keeks but she's talked about going to the gym several times. She had a story about how she wore pants that said dancer on the butt because she thought it would make all the fatties at the gym leave her alone because she's supposed to be there being a dancer and all. I think there was something about someone grabbing her at a gym too, because she can't go anywhere without someone grabbing her. This probably proves she's never been to a gym since mostly it's people trying to stay fit and healthy and not legions of scary fat people like she imagines but she's at least tried to pretend she was into fitness. There was her whole pole fitness phase too.

No. 480855

>yet she lets that lunatic Laura Southworth spew all kinds of crazy shit.

After that first barrage against Kiki I don’t think she ever popped anywhere else. And I think Kiki left her alone because of the poor girl being legitimately schizophrenic, and even Kiki/Cathy must know they would get destroyed for attacking a mentally ill person for having a breakdown/being off meds.

No. 480908

>and even Kiki/Cathy must know they would get destroyed for attacking a mentally ill person
That's pretty sick of you, twisting this to make them the people who should watch themselves and the harasser the one who should be defended? Kiki was an innocent bystander in that fiasco. Mentally ill or not, Laura Southworth was legit harassing them directly and indirectly. they would had every right to defend themselves over it.

No. 480914

I was only speculating as to why they didn’t react to it, not stating facts. Wash the sand out of your vagina stop Ostrenga stanning, your vitriol is so unnecessary.

If Kiki had doxxed a schizophrenic girl, she probably would have gotten massively shat on via Twitter and bullied off the internet, that’s all I’m saying. Which, of course, would have been her fault. She was smart to catalog it and not respond, Dakota style. Why so salty?

No. 481341

>Dakota Rosenberg

I kekked but I'm not sure why

No. 481668

Surgically enhanced or nah, Kiki will never look like this. I don't know what you're smoking but I admire how supportive you are I guess

No. 481858

No. 482438

I’m lowkey starting to think Kiki got put in a mental facilit & her mom has been quietly updating her Twitter with animal gore and metoo stuff. It’s hard to imagine someone like Kiki giving up on the internet like this, while also checking her twitter every few days on her “actress” account.

No. 482439

She's disappeared for long periods a few times before though… wasn't it about 9 months between the Japan and Lilou Vos sagas?

No. 482446

Yeah, but that was different, she was humiliated and some anons messaged her hookup with links about her past. This time all we did was watch her movie and tv show, she stopped doing everything on her own. I’m just wondering what happened, why she went back to Florida and lied about it and deleted her birthday video with Bobby.

No. 482456

I mean she might well be humiliated that her acting didn't shoot her straight to the A list. I think she does feel a certain shame about all her 'careers' failing since she generally avoids mentioning them again and tends to old content. But yeah, the Taku thing was pretty big and definitely didn't help last time.

There were other (shorter) gaps but my memory's failing me now.

No. 482462

I think the candid photos anon took of her really embarrassed her and freaked her out

No. 482485

I second this

No. 482605

I wouldn't doubt she's really embarrassed and freaked out. I hope she gives us some good milk soon. Come and visit us, Kiki! We miss you!

No. 482632

I think it was a combination of..
>candid photos
>her mom's twitter freakout
>a very disappointing patreon subscriber count
>finding out 2/9 patrons were farmers that leaked all her paid content
>having to send refunds to everybody because they were paying her for nothing in return.

it was a hell of a bad time for her.

No. 482820

So what do you guys rekon her new passion will be when she inevitably returns to social media again?

Clothing designer?
Make-up guru?

No. 483085

There is an update on her imdb page actually, a movie called room 8. I can't really find any info on it.

No. 483130

That's the web series she filmed early last year >>351491
That and Acheron have been on her page since the fall but haven't been updated.

No. 483257

Ah I see, my bad. I haven't really been keeping up to date.

No. 483294

So basically some student film garbage that will never be seen.

No. 483448

Oh, Kirsten. I’ve spent the past hour reading through this psychologically fascinating series of events and have a lot of empathy for what she’s been through. She's constantly on trial.

She keeps shedding personas, names, and interests like used tissue, but it will always circle back to her. She wants desperately to be reborn, yet she is bound to herself. And it is necessary. Destiny. It reminds me of the Bousquet quote: ’My wound existed before; I was born to embody it.'

There’s such a contrast between her “love and peace” exterior but strange, violent impulse brewing under the surface to the point of psychosis. Like when she sperged “KIKI SO PRETTY MODEL” “TAY UGLY BIG NOSE” it’s like a regression, as if she screams it loud enough it may manifest true. Jealousy, anxiety over aging, fear of failure.

If Kiki would stick to a path she could really excel. She could genuinely be successful doing jewelry design, or vlogging, or something else. But every time, she becomes sidetracked or discouraged by fear of failure and ego. She’s lacking in consistency while brewing with self defeatism. Her passion is misplaced, diverted.

I think we can all see a little bit of ourselves within Kiki. I would love to chat with her and just suss out her perspective on all this, and offer her some support or friendship. I wish her well.(armchair)

No. 483457

LMFAO i encourage you to do that, my simple summer anon, reach out and be symbol of feminism and light and love for our queen cow. at least when she shits all over your gesture of support, we'll have a little milk for your effort. oh yeah and learn how to fucking sage newfag.

No. 483459

this sounds like one of those garbage psych majors who were shitting up the onion thread.

No. 483461


Haterz gonna hate but it's all tru

No. 483462

okay kaka keep bumping your own thread

No. 483465


no1curr people would treat you better on here if you read the rules before posting your opinion

No. 483624

my bets:
- either beauty guru,
- fit vegan nutritionist,
- writer (less likely, cause too much work and not enough cute pictures for the interwebz), -
twitch whore
- or some sort of cult/philosophy prophet

No. 483782

i wish she would profit off of the drama and make storytime videos about it. it would be a lengthy series and super interesting. it might even go viral with how crazy some of it is.

No. 483800


i'd give good money to listen to old scene/myspace drama with insider information from Kiki herself.

No. 483805

She would just lie her ass off and play the victim, why is anyone thinking she would tell the truth about the most publicly embarrassing era of her life? Still, it would be funny to see what she dreams up to protect herself from the lying haterz.

No. 483806


I agree, but too bad the storytime trend ship has sailed. She should build an audience by continuing to do Youtube, Patreon and should even live stream like she used to. But the possibility of new ‘fans’ who would stumble across these threads could backfire on her.

I really wish she shouldn’t go into hiding like this because I do actually like Kiki and have followed her since the Stickam days. I went vegetarian almost a decade ago because of her and I also purchased one of her ‘diamond’ necklaces back in the day - which I found the other day kek. These threads are literally the only way of keeping up to date with her.

No. 483860

Tbh I don’t think she ever intended to tell the Taku story in a video, I think that was just something she talked about doing for Patreon thinking it would get her more patrons, and that it would be safe from lolcow.

No. 483964

She probably wouldn't make too much of a profit off of them, just because people don't really care anymore. Unless she went on Dr. Phil, that is….

No. 483965

She probably wouldn't make too much of a profit off of them, just because people don't really care anymore. Unless she went on Dr. Phil, that is….

No. 485966


I don't think she'd go the beauty guru route again. She tried that before.

No. 486861

File: 1517783711950.png (603.01 KB, 1458x556, Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 22.3…)

Here's a brief clip of Room 8 I found the other day. 0:40 - 0:60.


We already saw some of this on Instagram way back when, but this vid really shows off her bad acting and the shoddy production.
I remember someone at the time claimed that her ridiculous expression after the glassing wouldn't be included, that it was going to be off camera or something but nah. Kiki totally sucks (/sucked) at acting, no two ways about it. Seriously below even B movie level, which is what the Tania Fox chick is.

No. 486867

>”You bitch! I was about (incoherent) get the FUCK! out of here!”
>that scared doe reaction to smashing the bottle over the other girl’s head

I can see why she just kind of stopped being an actress. She probably wasn’t getting any callbacks for anything but student films.

No. 486952

Guiz I'm pretty sure she abandoned her passion because Harvey Weinstein tried to rape her and not because she in an untalented actress.

No. 486955

Lol remember when keeks posted a shot of this scene on her instagram, and defended her weird retarded reaction by saying "it was clearly a shot from behind me!"? Holy confusing overacting, batman. No wonder she never got any traction. The girl whose reel the clip is from can at least act decently, but those kind of girls are a dime a dozen in LA. But Kiki can't even do that right.

No. 486976

yikes. I didn't expect it to be THAT bad!

No. 486987

tbh, i thought the girl whose reel it was was pretty awful, but that makes it funnier because kiki is SO much worse!

No. 486993

File: 1517931452252.png (211.94 KB, 479x407, eyes.png)

someone needs to make the crazy eye thing into a gif lol

No. 487033

holy shit i wasnt expecting it to be THAT awful, no wonder she's gone radio silent

No. 487053

File: 1517949800406.jpg (3.48 KB, 263x192, download (4).jpg)

oh keeks, can soemone get this bitch a weave or some tape ins or sew ins please

how long will she continue to disappear then reappear to pursue fame with her alopecia amish hair

No. 487112

she should be a klingon, good observation lol. new star trek would probably hire her cos it ssuuuuuucks

No. 487136

This anon knows the truth.

No. 487201

lol, this tania fox chick was so familiar, then i realized she does softcore porn with another name

No. 487358

Doesn't Tonya Kay who was also in Puppet Master with Keeks do porn too? Fucking kek at Kaka's family shelling out thousands to get her in a movie that went straight to streaming and she "acted" alongside porn actors. Sounds about right.

No. 487394


This makes the banner of her gyrating on that guy from the movie so much funnier tbh

No. 487608

File: 1518346144011.gif (408.98 KB, 300x100, D1D896F4-796D-480C-8566-3CB00A…)


I wonder if Kiki stopped being an actress because she found out all her costars did porn and she felt like acting was somehow “ruined” for her? That would be dumb though considering how pervy her and kota used to be.

No. 487626

nah, she stopped being an actress because she sucked at it

No. 487645

Imagine she has been working on a big project this whole time. God I’m desperate for some Kiki tier cognitive dissonance.

No. 487870

she said
>you bitch, just about to be dead if you don't get the FUCK outta here.

if it matters.

No. 487991


It’s not awful.. but I am intrigued, I do want to see more acting gigs she’s done.

No. 488006

>it's not awful
anon cmon

No. 488029


Anyone reckon she’ll ever do camming???

No. 488033


She can't handle criticism or being given suggestions or corrections. She'd probably argue with the guys that she knows what men like more then men do.

Are there filters on live videos ? Because she looks pretty fucking scary without them. ( Just basing off of OP pic ) Girl looks more like a zombie than a elf in rl. She also seems to hardcore want fame without any effort soo..

No. 488052


Kiki is a closet slut, she’s too scared of peoples opinions of her to ever do sex work or camming. She bragged about pole fitness, her bubble butt, and she wears fishnets over bras in public but I bet the moment someone leaves her a comment calling her a haggard, balding trashy whore she might lose her shit for really real. Kiki can’t even handle generic criticism from anonymous strangers over things most people don’t even think about. She’s way too paranoid and unstable to cam without it probably destroying her harder than it did Charms. Not to mention what her parents might do…

No. 488949

File: 1519093104963.png (14.93 KB, 1069x42, 2018022002172.png)

why is this a bop tho..

No. 488958

File: 1519095904376.jpg (67.88 KB, 720x960, 16114990_1021497441289988_1110…)

Found this, browsing for new releases for her gigs.

No. 488959


Do we know how relatively new this is? It’s good she’s still working I guess

No. 488960

It says it's for Room 8 and it was from the end of January. So, either this is an old pic, or that series has a second season.
The first part hasn't even aired yet though, so.. who knows?


No. 488963

Anyone know what film she was in where she's making out with that guy?
Just some student short or something? Did we ever see it?

No. 488965


It's from last year, it was posted a year ago >>351494

I doubt that she's still in L.A. or pursuing acting. It's so much about networking and building a portfolio and unless she has a new secret persona she would have to be online again somewhere.

No. 488967

shit, she might. how long did she have the lilou vos accounts before farmers found them?

No. 488977

Less than a day lmao

No. 488984

haha this is the one where you can hear Cathy hollering over Scott and Dakota on background vocals

No. 489007

It was called 'Jamais Vu' and nobody managed to find anything beyond the clip in the director's reel. Sadly I doubt we're going to see any of the student crap besides Daisy.

Still kek that Lilou wrote 'Gemma Vu' on her CVs.

No. 490119


haha right? I still remember that chorus without even clicking on it


No. 490120

Oh and apparently that's also the first verse, second verse and bridge. Good times lmao

No. 490401

We are two blood related sisters who are audio engineers and have studied musical composition. We comprehend and enjoy the technical aspect of music as well as the creative process. Pioneers at heart, we are independent in the fact that we will complete tasks on our own. If we do not know how to obtain something, we research and work towards goals. Owning a corporation, Kiki Kannibal Corp./KND Kouture, has rewarded us with great morals, ethics, and business savvy qualities. We hand make our couture and manufacture our KND apparel with high qualities, fine detail and great artisanship. We work together in creating designs for our needs. In short, we try to be the girls that do it all without spreading our talents and aspirations too thin. Our creativity sprouts from our dreamy, yet luminous vivacious minds. Since the two of us have had the amazing opportunity to work in studios/control rooms, we have gained knowledge and advice from men and women who currently work in the music industry. From the advice and knowledge gained, we are aware that A&R often "borrow" ideas from beginning or midline artists to feed to their artists that have national exposure. We do not approve/like this fact. Please respect our creative expression… if you enjoy our ideas/music, give us a chance in the big ocean with the sharks, after all we are trained in dealing with Great Whites. ;)

No. 490457

File: 1519619597341.png (313.36 KB, 600x500, nature queen.png)

i miss kaka

No. 490459

lmao this sounds like it was written by cathy

No. 490483

It's definitely a product of Kaka. She used to write long drawn out descriptions like that for her shop items and she was bitching about A&R on Stickam once when she was getting her "audio engineering degree."

No. 490490

Not to mention
>our dreamy, yet luminous vivacious minds
is the Kikiest of Kiki word salad

No. 490495

>word salad

God, but it is though. So many words that don’t actually say anything, either.

>we’re super technical sound engineers and musicians who comprehend and enjoy the technical aspects of music

>we don’t know how to actually do anything on our own so we say we’re independent and problem solvers
>owning a business gave us morals and ethics, because that’s how you learn those things and not from your parents
>we make our couture with high qualities, details, and artisanship- a word I made up to mean “handmade”
>but we’re both so smart and creative that we can’t dedicate ourselves to any one thing in case we might not be the best at it immediately
>our experience as 12-14 year olds on official production sets and studios taught us to borrow from more popular artists to get your name out there, but don’t do it to us because we are so used to dealing with bullies that we will rip you apart if you try to call us on it

No. 491073

ok where she at, did she get committed or give up? pretty sure she's stuck at home feeling guilt and shame on top of her completely untreated mental illness. her not being able to complete tasks, think about things logically, and oh her literally insane sperg-out on these forums posting gore and shit would be evidence enough this girl has a serious chemical imbalance.

i don't give a fuck about her she has never and well never be interesting or original but i hope she gets on some fucking medication because she kills someone. she's too narcissistic to kill herself and after all that gore (she had saved???) and animal abuse she constantly posts (probably enjoy it) i swear she's going to start harming others when the pressure builds up that she can't function normally and accomplish anything.

No. 491079

She's sat at home at her parents' house, not even going to the WalMart any more in case someone gazes upon her ~ethereal elf beauty~ but only has a human camera to capture it with, thus making her look bad.

No. 491230

>i don't give a fuck about her she has never and well never be interesting
>bumps dead thread to ask where she is

No. 494579

Wonder if she's trying to create a new persona now. Although, im not sure what else she has left to do.

No. 494793

I hope she is just growing up and becoming mature. She's on her way to 30 not.

No. 494854

File: 1521609699830.gif (496.21 KB, 500x375, lmfao.gif)


>Kirsten Ostrenga

>growing up and becoming mature

No. 496109

File: 1521665343383.png (1.16 MB, 1334x750, 02901AF3-4312-485B-A1E8-B71177…)

Have we seen these yet?

No. 496110

File: 1521665366529.png (1.35 MB, 1334x750, E98F4D88-7DDB-41A6-AA39-04399B…)

No. 496111

File: 1521665543511.png (1.27 MB, 1334x750, 1A18C99A-CCE4-44E4-8F23-7AD351…)

No. 496116


Yes my friend, these were posted a while back.
This thread is dead, please don’t bump without new milk.

No. 497123

Very weird how quiet she's been

No. 497124

Uh why didn't that sage? I'm on mobile(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 497129

Check here >>483871

No. 515924

File: 1525738537578.png (227.49 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-05-07-19-08-56…)

Nobody ever posted this. The "clean up dead bodies" part is such a Kaka thing to say. I've noticed she's been retweeting things on twitter lately, as recently as a few days ago, if anyone cares.

No. 515955

Huh, what’d you know. Doesn't look like she’s up to much.

No. 516171

So did she and her meal ticket boyfriend break up? Did she go to FL to ~help with hurricane recovery~ and just never return to LA?

I'm not a fan of Dakota, but it makes me so happy that she's living Kaka's dream of being a model in Japan (however shady the circumstances may be), despite her best efforts (which is basically no effort).

No. 516735


Kirsten Ostrenga is an autistic NEET living in her parent's basement, trolling around Orlando.

I wish there was new milk, but alas, she's in hiding since anon took her picture at Walmart.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 516757

Walmart anon, do you regret your actions now that the milk well has run dry?

No. 516761

Not Walmart anon, but we shouldn't even imply blame on them.

They snapped photos of Keeks when she was still pretending to be in LA as an aspiring actress, when really she'd quit several months before. Eventually we would have found out that she'd given up on her glittering acting career anyway, they just expedited the process by stopping Kiki from lying outright.

Kiki has had several long periods before where she's disappeared after failing at shit, eg: after she split from Taku.

No. 516773

Totally agree, Walmart anon brought us a tsunami of milk. I was just actually wondering how she felt about it now.

I hope Kaka reemerges with a new "career" or at least sperg-chan comes back

No. 516807

Nah i don't feel bad at all. It was so wild seeing a cow in real life.

I'm sure she'll pop back up once she tries to find a get rich quick scheme again, if mommy and daddy haven't cut her off and made her get a job.(wishful thinking I know)

I do keep an eye out when I'm on that side of town and whenever I stop in at a whole foods/trader Joe's.

No. 516913

What do you think will be her next venture?

No. 516996

It's funny how she showed off all kinds of expensive ingredients on ig, most likely bought with Bobby's money. Nothing wrong with shopping at Walmart,but you're pretending to be rich enough to buy that shit, at least try to not get caught on your lie.

No. 517060

she's 26 this year. too old for glitz and glam jobs like modeling and acting. so i think she might not come back to the spotlight of being an entertainer. i think she's already tried everything there is anyway

No. 517084

It wasn't really 'milk', it was just entertaining for everyone who was curious about seeing Keeks in the wild. We would have found out eventually that she was still in Florida. The creepshots weren't worth scaring her off when we were actually starting to get some activity from her after a long pause. Plus, if she'd kept pretending to be in LA, the reveal would have been even more glorious because there'd be a longer trail of lies to follow.
26 may be too old to break into (traditional) modeling, and most famous actresses get discovered young, but it's not like she's the crypt keeper. People who are 26 and much older can and do get breaks, especially now that social media allows those who aren't traditionally appealing to find an audience. There are plenty of 'e-celebs' that gained their popularity in their 30's or later. The traditional entertainment industry is heavily biased towards women in their teens or early 20's because they're more likely to have a longer career where they pull in high amounts of money. The internet eliminates that barrier. I swear to god, some of the teens on this site think that anyone over the age of 21 is an old hag.

That said, she has exhausted most of her avenues. She could DEFINITELY make a career out of milking nostalgia, e.g. through vlogging about the good old days, returning to the fashion style of her teen years and amassing a tumblr following (which many less 'famous' former scene kids who are older than her have managed to do), or otherwise gaining exposure and then getting involved with some sort of fashion brand that caters to "scene" teens. She could do the same thing by opening an Etsy shop; the effort it takes to sell things like jewelry now is wayyyyy lower now than it was when she originally gave it a try. But, of course, she's probably terrified of opening herself up to criticism/reopening old wounds from her teenage years, and it doesn't seem like she'll ever be able to stick with something that doesn't give her instant heaps of attention and praise. Still hoping she makes it tho.

No. 517131

It's pretty obvious at this point that Kiki doesn't have and never had any motivation to complete anything in her life.

Even the smallest etsy shop requires work (actual work and marketing) and good business ethics. Plus I doubt she could make a decent living thanks to that so I don't think she'd be interested in keeping up the work for minimum wage after a few months.

Kiki doesn't want any kind of career that isn't going to maker her a) famous, b) rich and c) for the lowest amount of effort possible.

Plus I honestly feel like even if she tried to relate to teens now, she wouldn't be able to do it. She's completly out of the loop in terms of what's trending, nobody even likes preachy hipster vegans, nobody relates to her.
You guys can try and throw ideas at the wall but nothing besides winning a lottery ticket or being put on an old millionaire's will is going to maker her rich and famous if she doesn't work hard for it.

No. 517146

>She's completly out of the loop in terms of what's trending

She could always make some shitty Xanny rap

No. 517160

>It's pretty obvious at this point that Kiki doesn't have and never had any motivation to complete anything in her life.

>Even the smallest etsy shop requires work (actual work and marketing) and good business ethics. Plus I doubt she could make a decent living thanks to that so I don't think she'd be interested in keeping up the work for minimum wage after a few months.

This is true, but her mother is definitely motivated enough to run a shop. The ethics part is another story.

>Plus I honestly feel like even if she tried to relate to teens now, she wouldn't be able to do it. She's completly out of the loop in terms of what's trending, nobody even likes preachy hipster vegans, nobody relates to her.

Right now the people who grew up with her are becoming established in the adult world and are starting to become nostalgic for the mid-00's. In addition, thanks to tumblr pretty much every 'aesthetic' under the sun has a big following. Keeks could easily attract attention by doing tell-alls about her life as one of the biggest internet celebrities of her time and making how-tos about the fashion style that got her 'famous'. It really wouldn't take too much effort. She just doesn't seem to want to capitalize off of her past for whatever reason. She's been fixated on the vegan indigo child shit for quite a while now, so maybe that's just who she's really become as a person (with a dark splergchan side, of course). If she wants to capture some fame then she'll need to get rid of it on camera and either hop onto a bandwagon or remind everybody of who she used to be. Maybe one day she'll become desperate enough to do that, who knows. Or >>517146 would work

In seriousness, though, I wonder what's holding her back from vlogging about her scene queen days. She'd have an immediate audience, and if she was careful enough she could paint herself as a sympathetic character to everyone who isn't aware of her more recent fuck-ups. For all of the nasty shit she did as a teen, a lot of it wasn't completely her fault.

No. 517203

Maybe it’s her ethereal vegan forest nymph gig but I feel like anything that paints her in even the slightest bad light she feels the need to delete all evidence of. So revisiting her past and openly talking about it wouldn’t interest her at all.

Imho I think she’s out of pathways. Her real issue isn’t even her shitty past or personality because many of the scene kids that where big alongside her have solid careers despite all that. Her main obstacle is her inability to apply herself in the long term. She needs to succeed quickly or she quits. If keeks doesn’t apply herself in life, she’s always going to be retweeting fake deep vegan bs from her parents basement in Florida. I don’t even mean to be famous but to get a basic job. She’s 26 and has little to show for it.

No. 517288

>I wonder what's holding her back from vlogging about her scene queen days
Anon, she wants badly for people in lolcow and pull to stop brining up her past and judging her for it. Rolling Stone called her "the most hated girl on the internet".. her antics during the scene days seem to always bring a mountain of hate from people who learn about it. And it's impossible to hide these things, if she ever made a "nostalgia" video that actually got very popular, people will google her and inevitably find these things, i'm sure a renewal of new haters is the last thing she wants.

No. 517348

Not to shit on your ideas anon but here's the thing : Kiki can't keep a consistent schedule and the golden days of YouTube bringing the bux are gone.

But let's assume she'd do it, like >>517203 anon said, anything remotely negative towards her send her hiding into a cave, and her scene days were the ones filled with the most drama.
It'd take her a massive amount of courage to admit to her shitty past but even then, people would rag on her for the sake of her existing.
People would bring up her scam shop and the death of her ex bf accompagnied by the disgusting page she made about it.

And pandering to the tumblr crowd ? Aka the crowd of kids with barely any money and picking on anything remotely problematic ? Doubt it'd go well.

No. 517411

I don't want to be a party pooper but let's be honest. If she wants to be happy, the only thing she can do is having a normal job and keeping a low profile like she's doing right now. She made a lot of mistakes and the smartest thing is to disappear. She can't have that fame she wants without the hate she can't bear.

No. 517762

I agree. I have hopes that she'll do well if she just keeps quiet and tries to live normally, but I don't think that her ego will allow her to do that. The Ostrengas will always keep coming back in different forms because they were probably taught that their online relevance is the only thing that matters.

No. 517868

I wish keeks and Felice fawn would reemerge together as business partners with a reality show surrounding it. Like the simple life, scene edition.

No. 517949

i would honedtly watch the hell out of a reality show featuring washed up internet nobodies of years past. who wants to kickstart that shit? i'd throw money at it.

No. 517982

So I don't know where to post this but there is a sperg in /g right now that sounds like good old keeks. They've already been banned but

No. 517983

Reads a bit like her mother, someone older but still unhinged.

No. 518025

Funny that this happened not long after this thread was bumped again.

No. 518040

kek this is 100% Kathy or Kirsten Ostrenga.

It definitely sounds like Kathy, but why would she only pop up again after Kiki's thread is bumped? Dakota's thread in /snow/ is still fairly active.

No. 518068

If it's Kathy then because Kirsten is the Golden Child and Dakota is the afterthought.

No. 518069

yeah the yall totally sounded old 2 me

No. 518070

the idea of documentaries about internet media personality webcases interests me in the ways of exploitation cinema

No. 518077

Maybe she was triggered by the anon in the Dakota thread finding out about the Arizona account?

No. 518078


*Rizzo, wtf phone

No. 518124

Well guys, there's still hope. According to her IMDb she should have a few student films she participated in coming out and who knows what kind of milk will flow. Her IMDb pro status has lapsed, probably coinciding with the anniversary of her paying to be in Puppet Master. If she couldn't even subscribe to keep that going Lilou Vos is officially dead. Who knows what her next attempt will be.

I wonder how much she's made from being in Axis Termination. Doubting she made back whatever she paid to be in it. It's kind of sad the way the Ostrengas don't want to do anything right through hard work and determination, they just want easy handouts to come their way. Kaka's approach to music was the same thing, just take lesser known DJs' songs and tweak them so she could claim them as her own.

No. 518127

Both Acheron and Knock Knock were screened a while ago, I doubt they're going to be put online after this length of time. Maybe clips as part of a director's reel like Jamais Vu, at best.
The writer/director of Room 8 hasn't mentioned it in a looong time, I wonder if it'll ever be completed.

I mean I'd love to see more of her shitty acting but I doubt it's going to happen.

No. 518129

Nah, I've seen a lot of shorts go on to have screenings before eventually hitting sites like Vimeo so it's still a possibility. It's not uncommon for a bunch of different shorts to get released in pay what you want torrents with the hope of getting more exposure for the people involved too. The only reason to not put stuff up online is if you're painfully embarrassed by it or in hiding for fear of getting hit with a Kiki Kannibal Corporation copyright claim.

No. 518148

The tread images triggers my urge to give her a makeover so badly.

No. 518250

>just take lesser known DJs' songs and tweak them
I don't think this was because of laziness. More like lack of talent. I also think the actress career was not because she wasn't trying hard enough. that craigslist ad was supposed to be a one-time thing for most people, but she and her parents took it as her stardom to permanently move to LA, go to acting classes, get headshots, audition for more roles, and be self-sufficient with a career. I think that was delusionally relying too heavily on that one opportunity.

No. 518286

Considering most actors have side jobs until they can get lead roles and even then you can be dropped at any moment. But we all know how delusional the Ostrenga’s are, there’s no surprise there.

I wish keeks would get herself an average job and try to become a bit more independent. But I doubt that will ever happen.

No. 518289

what else is she gonna do? she can't live off her parents forever. either get a regular job to support herself, or become a supported housewife to a meal ticket.

No. 518306

Why can't it be both? The Ostrengas are lazy and want everything handed to their untalented asses.

No. 518340

She'll never get married because no man would be able to tolerate her long enough for her to get her claws in them, she'd have to find a real old fashioned sucker and get pregnant

No. 518382

Plus she's got major yellow fever. I knew a girl irl that was the same. Didn't care what type of asian she dated as long as they were asian. There would probably be white guys interested but she doesn't want a white guy.

No. 518387

asian men don't want to deal with this shit. even if she got a rich old asian man who wants a white woman, she's too high strung. she's not trophy wife material because she's too self absorbed.

No. 518390

that's probably because of cathy and kooter. koots got herself an asian bf so cathy talks about it to kaka and says things like you should date an asian guy they're so much better, because all asians are the same. it must be hard for kiki as the golden child to now hear about how great her sister is doing all the time.

No. 527881

File: 1528147504185.png (497.75 KB, 640x1136, 2837F69A-51FE-4906-BE8C-EC56F3…)

I checked to see if Kiki has been active on any of her Lilou accounts (she hasn’t, sadface) and found a Japanese Lilou Vos account that reads a lot like it could have been written by Kiki trying to reinvent her persona:

>An easygoing gamer who doesn’t dwell on the past/things from before. Likes art festivals, live shows, fashion, movies, manga, sake, beautiful things, and loves playful people.

Could it be possible that Kiki, humiliated after being exposed in FL as a failed actress, flew to Japan to live with Kota and become a game streamer? For $5K, she could get maybe a year of language school and free housing with Kota.

No. 527884


She's been actively liking stuff on her twitter but thats about it.

No. 527909

File: 1528150807156.png (150.1 KB, 274x402, Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 6.19…)

This account was created in 2014. Would not be surprised if Kaka just stole the name.

No. 527932

I don't understand Japanese but are they typing it properly? As in, google translate Japanese?

So she still lurks at least. It's only a matter of time until she makes a return.

No. 528125

It doesn’t look like it was google translated, but it’s not that complicated of a sentence and then just a list of interests, so yeah. I’m the anon who posted it and while it was an interesting find, I do agree that Kiki probably saw it and stole the name- we all know the last thing she came up with herself was stripes in her hair when she was 13.

What did you use to find out when the account was made? That’s pretty neat, anon. Does it work with sites other than twitter?

No. 528155

It just says it right on the page

No. 528535

I don't think that is her account just for the simple fact that she is so egotistical that she would have a profile pic of her balding mug.

No. 528608

>we all know the last thing she came up with herself was stripes in her hair when she was 13.

Weren't those photoshopped on?

No. 528647

File: 1528346342259.jpeg (261.93 KB, 1242x1285, 2AE97790-EB8E-4A8F-B2FB-31A217…)

i'm pretty sure this same video had already been removed by keeks upthread months ago, but did it get reuploaded? because it's been removed again as of 2 days ago (bummer because i never was able to watch it way back when the anon posted it)

No. 528685

Here's part of the movie, good luck sitting through the piece of shit

No. 529071

>Kiki Kannibal and Dakota RoseTM

How can they still keep filing copyright claims for shit they don’t own with a company that isn’t real?

No. 529232

I watched this after work and expected to have to skip through the shit but it actually made me laugh so hard.
The dwarf and his daughter were meant to be russian but had bad english accents and literally everyone that was meant to be german had russian accents.
Also the puppet with gun tits made me chortle.

No. 529239

File: 1528563446945.png (135.66 KB, 1090x685, Screenshot at Jun 09 18-56-27.…)

The DMCA claim was overturned last time because Kiki isn't the copyright holder. I messaged them and will see if they put it back up.

No. 529245

>As Long as You Love Me: A Love Letter from Dakota to Donna, Leslie Kulesh 2012

Oi, wat? Can’t say I’ve ever seen that one, can you give a description?

No. 529257

I only uploaded the video of her movie, the others aren't mine - I assume she reported them all in the same swoop and that's why they're listed together.

No. 529279

File: 1528581521930.jpeg (75.38 KB, 600x399, 7F0E59F3-6372-4B9C-966C-C5319B…)

I did a google search on the name Leslie Kulesh and the third image result is pic related, which I’ve never seen before. This woman was apparently some kid of edgy artist, but idk why there’s an article about her headed with a wall sized pic of Dakota’s viral shoop, since it doesn’t mention her at all.


No. 529295

It's a projected image.

I found this: http://lesliekulesh.hotglue.me/?As%20Long%20As%20You%20Love%20Me

>Could the popularity of female face morphing and body augmentation online point to a near future where the digital image of beauty is all that’s necessary for satisfaction? Could an online aesthetic revolution short circuit the women’s beauty industry the same way bloggers circumvented print fashion magazines? In A Cyborg Manifesto: Science, Technology, and Socialist-Feminism in the Late Twentieth Century, Donna Haraway looks toward a world in which we have all become cyborgs to one degree or another and makes an argument “for pleasure in the confusion of boundaries and for responsibility in their construction.” Using technology’s advances to blur the lines between reality and fiction, young girls have begun altering their online personas to create second identities.

>For Festivela, on Friday, July 20th, participants looked at the unofficial ethics of multiple online identities, documentation weighing in over actual events, and the origin of ‘cute,’ all from the comfortable physicality of our corporal bodies. Featuring a 15 minute Power Point performance, a 45 minute looped video, a Golden Ratio worksheet and snacks.

No. 529299

So… an exhibition about people creating false identities, possibly through Photoshop? No wonder the Ostrengas wanted it taken offline.
I always feel like Cathy's role is understated, whether it's these basic copyright claims or totally fucking up all three of her children.

No. 529421

Ohh, so it must be a video of Dakota raging on this Donna woman for trying to expose her as a shoop queen. But hey, at least Kiki was included in the project too?

No. 529427

File: 1528641865909.png (415.41 KB, 836x597, leelo.png)

Coming soon.

Are we not going to see or hear anything from her after the last few bits of her acting trickle in?

No. 529428

File: 1528642194667.png (577.48 KB, 604x473, lilooo.png)

The director has a few pics we hadn't seen of her.

No. 529511

I have to just say, that shirt is fucking hideous. But is this the movie she was in where most of the cast were porn stars?

No. 529513

Fucking finally…

There aren't many actors involved in general but I think someone said Tania Fox did softcore (under a different name?). Tania was also in Puppetmaster so obviously that's how Keeks got the job.

No. 529523

that face says he knows he has made a horrible mistake.

No. 529579

Good to see Kiki isn’t the spoop she always shooped herself into

>roomate drama is real

lmfao, the director can’t even spell.

No. 529604

I think English is his second language. All the same, he’s a student.

I’m very interested to see this one because i get the idea that Keeks character is insane. And that’s always fun to see.

I still can’t find anything for Acheron and Knock-Knock.

No. 529606

Here’s a short little preview of the glass bottle scene again. It’s been post production for over a year now.

No. 529668

Jesus, her acting is terrible. She can't stay in the scene and keeps looking at the camera and off set, and she moves like an animated mannequin.

No. 529779

File: 1528721743307.png (723.9 KB, 1518x430, wherekikiat.png)

We're missing you, Keeks.

No. 529798

File: 1528727137652.png (81.71 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-06-11-09-14-11…)

He tagged her with this account in that Instagram post. So she really wants to hide from the internet as much as possible, she must be really paranoid. That explains why she stopped using her main Instagram.

No. 529944

It's the best thing she can do but also hilarious because at the same time she wants to be famous.

No. 530113

Can't wait for Kiki's sweet skills?
Here's some more. Start at :39 seconds.

Play on words, anon. "Room ate… 8"

No. 530129

Tania Fox should give up acting too, this is horrible.

No. 530137

The IMDb version of this was posted a while back >>486861

No. 530182

File: 1528830176230.gif (1.71 MB, 480x272, kiki_room8.gif)


This is soooo hilarious, made a gif.

Look at Kiki's 'acting' omg….

No. 530207

File: 1528833239278.gif (8.54 MB, 600x249, acting prowess.gif)

The other girl isn't much better

No. 530515

lol that shifty eye movement. would fit if it was a cheesy comedy show like "Friends", but the IMDb says it's a drama. ….nevermind the budget was $5,000

No. 530517

They were a product of the burn tool. If you compared her stripes in different pictures they were never the same. I think she tried to do stripes when people started catching on and calling her and Koots out for their Photoshopping but it looked nothing like her pictures. You can kind of see it in that one old video of them at the table making her necklaces and screeching like retards.

Wasn't there a pic of the Puppet Master script that they all signed and Kaka did her embarrassing signature with wings drawn on the sides? I think she wrote on there that Tania was the nicest girl lmao.

Dat titty jiggle. Kaka looks like a demon.

No. 530562

Not to WK but it's weird because Tania's demo reel didn't look that bad, the clip from Room8 was really jarring and out of place compared to the rest of the reel. Wonder if Keeks was so annoying that it threw Tania off her game, lol.

No. 530577

astonishing… how many bad actors there are..

No. 530609

Half the cast were in porn, no surprise there. Even Puppetmaster filled up their roster with “adult actresses”.

No. 530975

There's no strength in that swing at all. Looks like the she's gently booping her on the head.
They couldn't have retaken the shot and told her not to look around like a deer in the headlights? Not that a real actress should need to be told.

No. 531015

not to defend keeks anon, but that's what acting is for. she's not supposed to crack her skull irl.

No. 531016

Sugar glass isn’t gonna hurt anyone, it’s designed to break against surfaces that wouldn’t normally break glass. The most you could get from being hit with a sugar glass bottle is a bruise. Her acting sucks stanky buttholes, that’s all there is to it.

No. 531038

Thought you were talking about the pan. Either way
you're nit-picking something stupid. It's acting. She's not supposed to hurt her for real just to make the swing look more believable, this is $5,000 budget short film, not a hollywood stunt.

No. 531064

People in actual competent movie productions know how to at least look like they're hitting hard then pull back the prop at the last second so the other person doesn't get beaned in the head. Kiki's just bad at acting.

No. 531100

>Kiki’s acting sucks, she’s scared to hit someone with something designed to her people without hurting them
>nitpick, she’s not supposed to make it look more real, this is just a movie, what do you want, real life assault?

Hi Kiki(hi [cow])

No. 540316

File: 1530732923971.png (18.49 KB, 642x78, Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 20.3…)

New IMDb credit. Interestingly, filming took place in October 2017, not long after the Walmart photos. Miscredit or did Kiki really head back to LA?

No. 540325

Doubtful if that egomaniac did anything worth bragging about she would have mentioned it a hundred fold over

No. 540468

probably did. i never saw the point of that rumor that she went back to FL for good. She had a meal-ticket bf, didn't she? she could have flown back and lived with him, while doing odd jobs like "on set photographer" or farmer's market seller. At her age, I don't think going back to your parent's house as a failure is an option anymore. she can be jobless AND live in CA. at least she could still say that she moved out on her own.

No. 540546

I think if this were the case, she would still be trying to milk it. She was trying to vlog her california dream life and dream asian bf then out of nowhere just stopped. So something must have happened. Either she broke up with him, lost jobs, moved back, something to shatter that delusional "perfect" life she wants to brag about.

No. 540575

I don't know that it was that 'out of nowhere'. She maintained the facade that she was active and cared about her ‘fans’ with vlogs and then Patreon until late summer 2017, despite both slowing down out of laziness. She only totally stopped posting new material after the Walmart photos (besides her animal cruelty RTs that no-one cares about). She was gearing down for a while and once again letting down her ‘fans’, it wasn't that sudden. I can see her not getting any acting jobs, giving up and not having enough to brag about. Kiki in the last couple of years appears to be different in her PUBLIC behavior, she's pretending to be less of an egomaniac and more of an empath (fucking lol) and I actually wouldn't be surprised if she tried to stay off the radar to some extent now. I think she finally realised her life isn't worth bragging about.

All speculation obviously but I can actually see her hiding things more these days.

No. 540603

something did happen lol.
>ugly walmart candids must have hit her like a lightning strike when she saw them
>her mom went psycho on a fake twitter and bombarded an innocent person with attacks
>her patreon proved she has a grand total of 4 legit fans.
>had to embarrassingly refund all her patrons' money because she was allowing them to be charged for a full payment term with no activity.
>2 of her 6 patrons were farmers and leaked everything here.

No. 540879

I'm thinking something similar anon. I mean she has that secret Instagram account and the last public photo on her main Instagram account was about haterzz.
Tinfoil she wants to do the same as Dakota and tries to keep everything private because she thinks she's a celebrity.

No. 541885

Kaka is actively posting on twitter, and apparently it was the same time as Taylor announcing her engagement?

No. 542601

Not really an update, but my video that Kiki DMCA'd for the second time was enabled by Vimeo again because she didn't follow through on providing court documents proving she'd file a suit against me for copyright breach. lul



No. 545970

I think this might be the end of Keeks. The candid pics were amazing milk, but it also pretty much "confirmed" her lifelong paranoia that people are stalking her, even if it was a random encounter.

She hasn't been this quiet ever. My guess is she'll just fall into private, schizo Twitter and fade off. Probably get to live at home while she goes to therapy or something. Right now she's talking about how Drake mentioned her and I really don't think it's a joke.

No. 546043

> Right now she's talking about how Drake mentioned her and I really don't think it's a joke.

Wait what?

No. 546044

Screenshots? Image board?

No. 546047

She's obv memeing, but like
wasn't she so pressed about cutting ties with her Kiki Kannibal persona, and now she posts like 5 tweets about Drake asking if Kiki loved him? Make up your mind Keeks, you want to bury your past or embrace it

No. 546082

File: 1531316660515.png (122.01 KB, 510x782, 2018-07-11 09_43_51-Drake – In…)

she had a minor sperg about a line in drake's song "in my feelings" because he says the name "kiki"
nothing worth noting tbh

No. 546135

File: 1531325895644.jpg (34.6 KB, 339x421, Screenshot_5.jpg)

She also retweeted a couple of tweets with some random people talking about the song
I don't think she's memeing anon, I really do believe she thinks drake wrote that part of the song "inspired" about her

No. 546136

File: 1531326054256.jpg (31.17 KB, 340x346, Screenshot_6.jpg)

She also retweeted this, is she trying to imply she's an innocent lovely girl who's never made any harm to anyone else but media and the whole internet still hates her?

No. 546147

I will never be able to understand how someone becomes this delusional…

No. 546229

didn't she claimed once that a local sushi place named one of their veggie menu items after her?

No. 546246

Does this bitch NOT know that Kristen Dunst has been called Kiki since she was in Interview with a Vampire? You know an actual famous real actress.

No. 546283

>I really do believe she thinks drake wrote that part of the song "inspired" about her
jfc the eyeroll… Anon, you're the only one that sounds legit crazy.

This thread is so dead that people keep bumping it for the stupidest things, but this takes the cake.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 546403

yeah sure, because kiki isn't a delusional bitch with a huge ego and doesn't believe the world still orbitates around her, but if you say so and it makes you sleep better tonight, sure, you're right.

No. 546413


Taylor basically announces marrying a rich asian, and Kiki's come back is to make a claim a large celeb made lyrics inspired by her. Meme or not its pretty funny.

No. 546442

lmao please stop. egotistical and schizo are not the same thing, i'm sorry you miss her milk, we all do, but forcing discussion with something so retarded and forced isn't going to make her thread active again.

No. 546516

The timing is everything with her. Spergchan was related to timing about something with Taylor as well.

No. 546541

File: 1531369978903.png (118.1 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-07-11-23-31-17…)

Wonder if she is killing off her failed Lilou Vos persona

No. 546561

File: 1531370747275.png (911.22 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-07-11-23-43-20…)

samefag, she flip flopped her instagram accounts

No. 546813

It's possible? There's also a @voslilou account that's private and has no bio or display pic, it looks like she had all her followers move over to that one >>529798

Currently it has 86 posts, 25 followers and she's following
408 people. I guess she decided to just follow everyone and hope aomeone famous notices her on IG.

No. 546844

I was going to make a whole post about how yall are ridiculous with this Taylor paranoia, but realized Kiki brought this on herself. You can't really have a defense even against ott speculation gossip after what she did. No wonder she called spergchan a "smear campaign"

No. 546848

Does anyone know what that song is at 12 seconds?

No. 547672

Omg I still cant believe this is an honest attempt of a demo reel

No. 550940


i don't know, if she had an ounce of intelligence she'd keep making "quirky" youtube videos like the clips in the demo reel. she sure stinks at acting but she has adequate amount of expression for OTT youtube videos. i didn't hate the things i watched. she could also hide her ugly personality and mental problems behind the "weirdo genki girl" persona and gain a considerable following, once again becoming the internet celeb with a "creative job" and easy money. but being an obsessive sperg on the internet makes her feel more special i guess.

No. 551031

She won't, she wants to be effortlessly famous for being beautiful, talented and kind. She can't accept that she's none of those things, if she embeaced her edgelord persona and went back to heavy makeup for the camera, she could probably have a massive following again. She could make videos about celebrity drama, vegan cafe reviews, whatever bullshit she does with her free time and disabilitybux, but in order for that to work she would have to not only sincerely apologize for all the ugly shit she said in the past and acknowledge being outed as Spergchan, or else she would be flooded with people asking about it that she would have to constantly ignore and block, like kota with the shoops, which kills yoir chances of keeping a good following. She has all the free time, money and support from her enabler parents to actually be a youtube celeb, but she can't because she doesn't want to acknowledge anything that conflicts with her made up vegan saint image.

No. 551454


i think this is what all cows have in common. they're delusional people who cling on to an impossible idea or a fictional version of themselves. even if this idea or identity falls from grace or gets dragged they can't back up from it because it would be "losing" and "letting the haters win", so they just descend further and further becoming varied amounts of unhinged.

No. 552032

Agreed. Even with her threads packed with legit beauty advice and visual evidence of how much better she would look, I really think she's too paranoid to be caught taking a hater's advice. She thinks that Farmers trying out her recipes and product recommendations is a sign that they're secretly jealous and hopelessly obsessed with her, if that's any indication of the thought process here.

Also, "not letting the haters win" was the logic behind Kiki not being taken offline when she was being dogpiled on MySpace and recording half-naked dancing videos as a young teen, too.
It has never worked out for them, I don't think (apart from Dakota) they've ever just drawn a line and said "I'm going to let this go because I don't want Internet Haters to affect this area of my life/identity".

No. 552180


Onision is Dennis, and Kiki is real life Dee Reynolds.

No. 552245

Dennis actually cards girls to make sure they're old enough to date, so he's already better than Onision.

Dee spent her life discouraged by her parents instead of coddled by them so that makes her better than Kiki.

No. 552277


the always sunny characters are horrible people who are just relateable enough that you still root for, but still awful enough that they always get what's coming to them

kiki and the like, are terrible people with no redeemable or relateable qualities, and usually just skate on by never having to answer for their bullshit

also that show is sacred dont ever compare it to such trash again

No. 584134

which one? she has many

No. 584171

What was the post you're replying to?

No. 584173

a comment about cumming on kikis face.

No. 584221

it's a regular comment that gets made. probably just dynastia when he drops by, ignore.

No. 584815

wouldn't it be like more of a paint tube?

No. 590705

File: 1540217079126.jpeg (328.68 KB, 1242x2079, 131EAD2E-FAF2-44ED-AC7F-A7A2F1…)

Just a couple of twitter screenshots of Kiki still being Kiki. I miss her, I wish the milk would flow again. Also a couple of things I noticed is that Dakota and her don’t follow each other still, and she only follows celebrities. Does she really think Elon musk and NASA are her peers? It’s weird to me that the biggest scene queen/Internet personality just cut ties with all other net famous people. I guess she feels she’s above internet celebs or something. Other than her still sticking with her “I started raccoon hair give me muh creditttt!!”, animal gore, and her boo hoo woe is my I get internet bullied nothing is new. I KNOW for a fact she has to have some anon social media profiles she uses to let her real thoughts and vile personality out. What delicious milk would flow if we found them lol.

No. 590707

File: 1540217112159.jpeg (370.95 KB, 1241x1950, 1A15A479-6331-4615-AB9F-F52B65…)

No. 590708

File: 1540217178729.jpeg (393.93 KB, 1242x2141, 51743579-8D91-4A90-8C46-AC6A3C…)

Maybe you should apologize to Taylor for all the booolyyy things you did too, spergchan

No. 590719

Except these ones aren't photoshopped on, Kiki

Being this kind of person in her head must be some weird way for her to cope with her mental illness

No. 590758

Lol, no. Kiki was stripes, remember? Kota did the animal print clip ins. Outdone by the younger sister again!

No. 590831<