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No. 347462

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General anime discussion
Your first husbando edition
Recommendation sheet (can post and view anonymously): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xljp3EEEoj1gUCnbAsdH1f3S8rHWbAi64mWt1g_C0SA/edit?usp=sharin

No. 347463

File: 1704797362463.jpg (50.85 KB, 720x720, eGRLfdv.jpg)

>first husbando
Recently tried to watch Haikyuu's last season but couldn't get into it for some reason. May be that I'm too old to get excited over small wins but that's a bleak thought. It wasn't my first anime but the first one where I felt a strong attraction to a character. His VA is voicing Gojo now who's one of my current husbandos.

No. 347494

File: 1704824594879.jpeg (63.63 KB, 280x400, IMG_2675.jpeg)

I watched Fluffy Paradise randomly and it's pretty bad but I realized how much I want some chill and cute anime that's centered around animal love. I have a lot of stress and cute animals heal my soul. Does anyone have any recommendation?

No. 347566

File: 1704851395998.jpg (74.3 KB, 640x960, 1000006173.jpg)

I really enjoyed My Roommate is a Cat. Each episode features the owner's and the cat's perspective on an event or what the other is doing.

No. 347640

I watched the first 11 Episode from the first season of JJK and only have one question.
Does this trash get anytime good?
Most of the character are just fillers, Gojo is the typical overpowered "to cool for school" teacher character a 14 year old boy would write, the fights feel effortless and meaningless(can't see any exhaustion of characters fighting, battle damage that barely effects them(they just acknowledge it and continues)), the whole story feels like going nowhere and my biggest gripe with it, are these characters even human? Or do they even have any human emotions, like grieve, rage and especially shock? Most of the characters are never scared or shocked not matter what you put in front of them. You would expect a high school student finding out that curses are horrible monsters in the real world would shit his pants, but nope.
A critique I found very close to my mine is this video.
Fucking Naruto did a better job on world building and handling characters motivations and emotions.
JJK's Hype reminds me of Demon Slayers, people were praising it, got even tattoos but if you ask anybody today it seems like the Anime vanished from the face of earth despite being in the 4th season.

No. 347665

Zoomers these days really need an anituber to validate and form their opinions and feelings on shows lmao

No. 347668

I posted the video because be much better point than me in his video and I thought I was alone with my criticism.
Because you hear nothing but praise about JJK, Zoomer.

No. 347672

no it never gets good, the manga is even more braindead than the anime. for shows like jjk you just have to turn your brain off

No. 347674

When I tried to read through the JJK manga it felt like a corporate committee going down a checklist of what they need to see from their Marketable Shounen. Past ones like Naruto and Bleach do get retarded over time from piling issues but they still pretty much come across as creations of one mangaka's hand plus the editor's feedback

No. 347676

You are probably not far off. Is like "Bleach made money but its ending, lets make something like it to fill the slot"

And Boku no hero academia was like "Naruto made money but its ending, lets make something like it to fill the slot"

No. 347677

I've been watching jjk since it came out with a group of friends. I honestly couldn't tell you what exactly the anime is about. All these modern shonen have the same plot. MC is somehow infected by the evil guys, he joins a group that usually fights the evil guys but makes him the exception.

No. 347679

I watched like two episodes of the anime and it has so much rotoscope i noped out of it. Everything looks like someone traced an iphone video with an anime filter even when its supposed to be very high budget

No. 347690

That sounds really cute, thank you

No. 347708

>be much better point than me in his video and I thought I was alone with my criticism.
So… exactly what I said? To validate your own garbage opinions.

No. 347714

Yeah because you never hear anything negative about the anime, just endless Gojo dick riding. So I thought I was alone with my opinion, then looked on youtube and turns out no.
> own garbage opinions.
Take that Gojo dick outta your mouth before typing girl.

No. 347715

Different anon and I don't care about the video or youtube or whatever but why would you assume you're alone when any fotm popular thing is going to have people who tried it and don't like it. JJK is old enough to where the ones who don't like it don't have a reason to talk much about why and ignore it, because it's fairly empty in of itself

No. 347731

What's good this season? I've watched:
Dungeon Meshi, doesn't live up to the hype so far but it's perfectly decent.
Sasaki to Pii-chan, some boring ugly salaryman moid and a bird, dropped it like 10 minutes in.
Momochi-san, cute but very low quality.
Yubisaki to Renren, very cute.
Solo Leveling, I'll keep watching but 1st ep is just generic grimdark isekai.
Himesama Goumon, it's alright but not enough to keep me interested.
How's Sengoku Youko? Worse or better than Hoshi no Samidare?

No. 347735

File: 1704910019771.jpg (61.98 KB, 225x318, 7218ec5ad46bf1866c55c944aa4479…)

I thought the first episode of Mr Villains Day Off seemed promising. The fact the main character has hair covering his eyes might not be to everyone here's taste, but its basically a cute guys doing cute things anime, so I think a lot of nonas here would like it

No. 347767

Is there any women anitubers you nonnies like to watch? I am looking for some good ones to watch.

No. 347776

File: 1704923141968.jpg (565.93 KB, 1920x1080, my honest opinion.jpg)

>Does this trash get anytime good?
No, you're supposed to turn your brain off and watch it for the hot guys and decent fights, not even joking
the manga is a hot mess that gets even worse, it's become a guilty pleasure of "how low can it go" for me, waiting for that massive asspull the author's going to do to defeat the big bad
>Fucking Naruto did a better job on world building and handling characters motivations and emotions.
Naruto is a classic at this point and one of the old big 3, JJK is a blend of multiple series' elements (from YYH,Bleach,Naruto, to name a few) that somehow fails to deliver on everything and feels empty.
Jujutsu Kaisen literally translates as "Sorcery Fight" afaik … so the show somehow delivers on that (the fights are subpar tho) and not much, which is a shame because some of the character designs are really cool.
The animation isn't that bad and some of the music choices are pretty dope, especially in S2.
>Take that Gojo dick outta your mouth before typing girl.
I snorted, hell I love Geto but the series isn't good.
It exploded in popularity because it's a blend of marketing + at the right place and at the right time + social media hype, when it ends it will be forgotten pretty quick imo because it has no substance.
Again, the guys are super cute, what a waste!

No. 347888

File: 1704978183550.png (494.97 KB, 718x407, A_Sign_of_Affection.png)

New female-oriented romance anime called A Sign of Affection, basically A Silent Voice but shoujo.

While I'm down for any anime meant for girls and women—NGL this looks kinda generic, I can already tell the female lead is going to be really uwu and I usually hate those types of female characters.

Also, kek at the main guy having manhwa-tier stung-by-a-bee lips, made me do a double-take the first time I saw it.

No. 347890

>Anime with deaf characters and actual sign language
Yeah I forgot about all those other anime with the same premise.

No. 347891

i think she meant the characterizations and relationship drama being generic, not the premise. even just by looking at the characters you can tell what personality they have right off the bat

No. 347905

I found a silent voice boring as fuck and contrived. I dunno if this wholesome romances are just better as manga rather than animated or if the ones that are getting animated are indeed just not that great.

No. 347907

why is the guy so ugly. he legit looks like he has too much lip filler lmao

No. 347909

The character designers probably saw so many people simping for Gojo and his lip gloss—tried to emulate that—but ended up failing.

No. 347918

the characerisation and art style look generic as hell.

No. 347922

I'd watch it if it were by any other author, but Hibi Chouchou, a previous series of the duo, was so utterly boring with absolutely nothing happening between MC-chan and MC-kun in the entire twelve volumes, so I'm definitely passing on this one lol

No. 347938

>I can already tell the female lead is going to be really uwu
yup. i read a few chapters of the manga 2 or 3 years ago and she basically just does the big eye stare at the guy and the guy is vaguely amused and chuckles sensibly. not to mention that he looks like a hulking giant (and actually his age) while she looks like a 12 year old.

No. 347943

File: 1704996484320.png (153.01 KB, 291x290, h.png)

>Your first husbando edition

I see that my Hei post inspired someone… cute, but i feel a cold sweat whenever i see this thread because i still didn't rewatch DTB… i'll get there, i promise, i'll get him back.

No. 347950

File: 1704997956386.jpg (593.27 KB, 1449x1019, 1684911729906.jpg)

I will forever be mad Yona never got a season 2 despite its popularity,all while other series with lower sales got adaptations
I rewatched DtB S1 in 2021 for the first time since it aired, it holds up so good and Hei's collarbones are as beautiful as ever

No. 347956

Second part of Apothecary’s Diaries I’d say

No. 347961

God I hate this manga, the art is lovely but the mc and love interest are as flat as planks of wood .Literal instalove relationship where they have zero chemistry too. I really don't get the hype for this besides the mangaka actually putting in effort to respectfully and accurately depict a deaf woman

No. 347963

Miira no Kaikata. not animals, but they're taken care of in a similar way because they're chibi and cute.

No. 347970

Shirokuma Cafe

No. 347971

File: 1705005906075.jpg (178.78 KB, 1536x1156, 0744e9a7dfcccccf389b45d6bf74a2…)

Same with OHSHC but I'm don't want TRAs and gendies/trannies ruining it

No. 347974

File: 1705008593386.png (396.3 KB, 378x612, trunks018.png)

Couldn't find a husando thread so I'm posting here. After all these years I'm still crushing on Trunks. I remember acting fake annoyed that my brothers would hog the TV to watch Dragon Ball. I'm probably older than him now…(use the catalog, it's on g)

No. 347985

File: 1705011506821.jpg (Spoiler Image,98.98 KB, 1000x788, 1316108207578.jpg)

>I see that my Hei post inspired someone… cute
It definitely reminded me of when I first watched dtb, so thank you for that nonnie. Honestly I forgot how cute and hot this man was. I should rewatch it as well…

No. 347988

There is a husbando thread on /g/

No. 347997

>you're supposed to turn your brain off and watch it for the hot guys and decent fights
thank you, i will. jjk got a little bit of that female gaze and i'm eating it

No. 348126

File: 1705081109899.png (Spoiler Image,2.53 MB, 1920x1080, [SubsPlease] Dead Mount Death …)

It's insane how a story expects you to take certain female characters seriously and then her character design will be something like this

No. 348135

File: 1705083037168.jpg (69 KB, 471x498, 1f1.jpg)

You learn to take so much for granted but if you were looking at anime as an old person without any previous context it must seem absolutely fucking retarded.

No. 348174

File: 1705094896072.jpg (517.57 KB, 1920x1080, the chad deadbeat dad.jpg)

> a little bit
some of the anime additions compared to the manga are downright fanservice
god I can't wait for shirtless pseudoGeto and hair down topless Choso to be animated
and Sukuna's original form
In a sea of anime titties, I'm living for the jjk manservice

No. 348248

is darker than black any good? it's been on my 'to watch' list for about seven years kek

No. 348279

Dead Mount Death Play was garbage anyway. Except Xiaoyu who was a cutie.

No. 348282

I really disliked this show. It was so tryhard and infantilised in a bad way, especially the cat. As if written by a mentally 14-year old. Poyopoyo will always remain the superior cat anime.

No. 348284

File: 1705134560611.jpeg (30.68 KB, 739x415, arrrrrrr.jpeg)

Do any of you know any good anime piracy sites that doesn't involve the site's dumbass watermarks hogging the screen?

No. 348285

File: 1705134698805.jpg (467.15 KB, 1447x2048, MV5BYzFmMjAwMDYtNzM0Zi00NjY2LW…)

>Does this trash get anytime good?
Not in S1 and I haven't bothered with S2. The movie with Yuuta as the main character was good though.


No. 348288

i usually use 9anime.to for streaming and nyaa for torrents

No. 348300

File: 1705142211630.jpg (341.02 KB, 1000x1417, 1222223507.jpg)

is the villainess genre REALLY supposed to be written for a female audience or is this another case of moids stealing a genre from women and making it their own? idk if it's the artstyle but the mc looks so much like a waifu intended for male gaze, the "ikemen" in the back all look boring and plain as hell, the other female side charas are added in the front as if to show they're more relevant than the male cast… that's like making an isekai with a male protagonist and making his waifu harem extremely bland and one note and instead focusing on his male rivals and buddies

No. 348303

it seems like a genre for both women and men imo

No. 348304

then it's just your average shounen or isekai at this point because women tend to watch anything, including blatant scroteshit. still it's not fair to take a shoujo genre and change it in such way to be more palatable to male weebs

No. 348313

for mobile: get aniyomi https://aniyomi.org/ and then just add whatever site you like as source. i find aniwave to be most reliable and the watermark is usually just tiny and in the corner, which i don't pay attention to.

for torrents, nyaa is the best.

No. 348329

What the fuck are those uniforms.

No. 348334

It's a really good show imo but I can definitely say it might not be for everyone.
Give it a go, it aged like a fine wine, I actually started rewatching it because of these threads.

No. 348344

This is the sort of design you'd see in a scrote eroge like Princess Evangile or whatever of the sort, rather than in an otome game. If you redrew the middle girl in that stereotypical old anime style that eroge use, it would fit just right.

On a side note somewhat unrelated it was always kinda funny to me how characters in actual porno games are so intricately dressed and a lot of girls have universally appealing designs meanwhile girls in regular anime always have retarded coomer shit designs that only a scrote could love. Reminds me of the pre-Nekopara days when girls would repost Sayori's illustrations everywhere despite the fact they were hentai characters, just because the fashion was cute.

I'm also tempted to catch up on it because of this thread ! I used to watch a dubbed version on TV super long ago so it's nostalgic to me but also since I didn't watch the whole thing properly in order I can't discuss it and it's frustrating.

No. 348353

File: 1705159083647.png (2.08 MB, 1024x1457, rias_gremory__render__215_by_f…)

>girls in regular anime always have retarded coomer shit designs that only a scrote could love
reminds me of picrel, i don't know what's so special about her but the chokehold she has (had?) on coomers for years is astounding.

No. 348355

Anitaku.to has no watermarks but you need to use something like brave browser (because of the ads) instead of chrome or whatever.

No. 348357

just torrent dumbass

No. 348360

I'm too much of a dumbass to torrent desu.

No. 348362

File: 1705161400214.jpeg (74.1 KB, 225x320, IMG_2695.jpeg)

I just watched My next life as a Villainess: all routes end in doom or something like that and if felt like it's for the female audience. Quality wasn't that great but it was a good brainless entertainment.

No. 348363

It's made by retarded women who want men to read their works too so they have to make the girls extremely cute but then they forget to make any of the boys interesting and resort to the generic princely archetype. Otaku stuff for women (except BL) in general suffers from this. When I read josei/TL smut its all about making the female lead a cute/sexy/appealing woman with perky tits moaning but the guy will barely show up in panels alone, all the angles will be from the traditional POV of a man having sex with a woman. The mentality is so backwards in showing that the only thing that matters is how appealing the woman is in a relationship.

No. 348366

This show was filled with so much yuribait so I can't say I felt the same way. Only Geordo and her brother were mildly relevant

No. 348367

Aniwave. to is okay

No. 348368

Yeah there was yuribait. To me it felt like every character is in love with her regardless of gender so I didn't care much I but I get how it might repel some

No. 348370

I read this and it was fairly bland, really.
The mc is stoic, there is no fanservice, there's leveling up but it doesn't really matter because she is stronger than everyone else from the start.
Does that count as waifubait?

No. 348371

can't say that i mind yuribait but it's annoying when it's just super moe girls. i imagine any female yurifag watching this would rather see an actual cool lady as a female love interest, not uguu borderline loli

No. 348375

Tbh I think some anons here will just sperg about anything they dislike as scrotebait, not that I dont see her point and I do agree with the general sentiment that the villainess genre hardly feels specifically for women. I think its because female-orientated shows try to cast a wide net (extremely half-assed attempts) while not hitting the mark for everyone, meanwhile regular moid shows dont bother doing that at all unless its shounenshit or something.

No. 348381

speaking of villainesses, did anyone itt read/watch i'm in love with the villainess? is the troon character very relevant to the plot?

No. 348385

File: 1705167145587.jpg (79.32 KB, 736x909, dbd7fff0d773d93a91f152ac2bcf7b…)

she comes from an era when redheads were queen, the OG design is nostalgic and idk there's just something about her that makes me really like her too.
Rias is a hottie,she's from an ecchi series so ofc she's gonna be super sexual; that slight design update for the last season or whatever was a crime

No. 348387

I think it's just the Japanese taste in characters, to them uwu cute girl is usually above sexiness and coolness and a lot of the Japanese normie girls I've talked to also like those shrieking annoying cute female characters. I just don't get it. I don't know any Japanese lesbian though but I believe both yuri and yaoi is made for general audience rather than lgb

No. 348388

>I've talked to also like those shrieking annoying cute female characters.
its because its what they've been told is attractive and cute

No. 348389

Yep definitely

No. 348409

File: 1705175197183.jpg (9.75 KB, 259x195, images (22).jpg)

at least she looks like an adult woman instead of a 9 year old with blob moeface. Lots of sexy anime girls from the 90s are a lot more endearing on that fact alone

No. 348427

yeah I can't fucking take the child face and woman body shit seriously, that stupid Dragon maid series is the worst offender

No. 348433

File: 1705180662393.png (1.01 MB, 687x1018, bewarethevillainess.png)

The only one I've read (and only about twenty chapters) was Beware the Villainess. It was most definitely for women, pretty funny too. I'm not familiar with any of the other villainess stuff.

No. 348434

>don't know what's so special about her but the chokehold she has (had?) on coomers for years is astounding
Why would it be astounding that the main love interest in one of the most popular ecchi haremshit series is considered attractive to ecchi consoomers

No. 348436

I've read that too and imo it was very similar to the doom route anime one.
I liked beware the villainess up until the story got too convoluted or stretched out, I can't remember, it felt like it lost its charm toward the end.

No. 348441

i didn't know she was the protagonist because i don't watch coomer shit. hope that helps!

No. 348495

File: 1705198804507.png (451.14 KB, 1920x1080, Kamonohashi Ron no Kindan Suir…)

>married couple
>wife looks like your regular 20s anime girl while the husband looks like he could be her dad
nice old moid propaganda japan

No. 348496

Does it really count as propaganda if he murders her?

No. 348504

Seems like they’re trying to appeal to both; but production quality in modern anime is so low and generic. This is probably a consequence of that.

No. 348513

File: 1705211227216.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.38 MB, 1450x2048, Villainess Level 99 ~I May Be …)

I remember reading this a while ago, fwiw it does end up pushing as a monogamous romance.

No. 348514

File: 1705212743028.jpg (206.02 KB, 1410x2326, __rem_and_natsuki_subaru_re_ze…)

I see that turning into a villainess is a common theme in the isekai genre for women though are there any fantasy action/adventure isekai with a female mc and a bunch of attractive men or a reverse harem? The only thing I can think of is InuYasha but something like taking all the scroteshit isekai and genderswap them?

No. 348516

Fwiw, another isekai airing now is about a homeless little girl and her pet slime getting a bunch of young dads to look after her.

No. 348517

I wonder if this would work genderbent, considering the blue hair guy would torture and murder the mc and then become a love interest she obsesses over.

No. 348518

>little girl x dads

No. 348520

File: 1705215020142.jpg (821.9 KB, 1802x2560, 91x9k7KlfKL.jpg)

No actual romance, I guess it's more of a weird fantasy of seeing dudes dote on a girl?

No. 348525

>are there any fantasy action/adventure isekai with a female mc and a bunch of attractive men or a reverse harem?

No. 348542

I learned how to torrent when I was 14. Stop embarrassing yourself.

No. 348556

File: 1705230441153.jpg (1.39 MB, 1735x1663, Concrete Revolutio.jpg)

What's the most underappreciated show you've watched? For me it's Concrete Revolutio.

No. 348557

Magic Knight Rayearth, The Twelve Kingdoms, and Escaflowne like >>348525 said

No. 348564

Yona of the Red Dawn.

No. 348596

Planet With
Boogiepop Phantom

No. 348597

Some japanese women have a weird desire to be a little girl again and get looked after by handsome grown men… dont ask me why I dont understand it either. Last year I remember a seasonal anime about an orphan child getting looked after by some handsome yakuza guys, and the audience very obviously wasnt men judging by the male designs.

No. 348598

File: 1705251798662.png (1.31 MB, 861x1674, decvgjr-31bf7c30-982f-4014-a42…)

what are your favorite precure seasons, nonnies? i watched the original, dokidoki, smile, suite and hachapre, with hachapre being my favorite. i'm also watching heartcatch right now. i love transformation sequences and cute items, but i always burn out when watching precure because there are so many fillers. so starting the second half of the show i'm only watching with half an eye because it gets so repetitive. thank god there are watch guides these days that allow you to skip episodes that are pure fillers.

No. 348601

I’m new to precure so I’ve only seen Hirogaru and the og FW. Both were really fun! I’m excited for the new season too, as for backlog I think I’ll watch Smile or Heartcatch next since I’ve heard the most praise around them. IMO its hard to binge the show since its extremely formulaic but 1 or 2 episodes a day is comfy.

No. 348604

NGL I kinda get it so long as it doesn't get creepy. Seeing cute guys being good with kids and a cute shoujo aesthetic sounds appealing

No. 348652

watched all of them except for healin good and tropical rouge (both seemed kinda boring so i didnt bother with them) my favorites are absolutely hugtto and fresh. i dont even want to bother with wonderful the designs look awful

No. 348844

Season 1's alright. Skip season 2 unless you want to get mad at it.

No. 349078

File: 1705421091449.jpg (97.93 KB, 1215x675, the-Apothecary-Diaries-Episode…)

I started watching Apothecary Diaries and I really enjoy it. The heroine is interesting and really passionate about what she does (herbs, medicine, and poison) but makes smart choices to blend into the time period. I appreciate having an 'average' girl x hot guy kek, usually it's the opposite in media.
Fair warning for sensitive nonnies though, there's a decent amount of sexually suggestive content in the anime, since it's about a girl working in an imperial Chinese harem, and trying to be avoid being sold into sexual slavery herself. But most of the sexual content is making commentary on sexism, imo.

I haven't seen the anime in question, but they could all be my husbands and we take care of a cute daughter. Sounds like a good fantasy. Cute kids don't have to be creepy, and it sucks that anime has made that the standard.

No. 349080

>Cute kids don't have to be creepy, and it sucks that anime has made that the standard
I mean, the little girl is the main character who got isekai'd into the story so it is intended to be interpreted in that way. it isn't really shocking when you remember loli as we know it stems from shojo protagonist aesthetics.

No. 349087

For what its worth, checking the first episode it's more of just a little girl that gets slight tips/warnings from her past life, rather than an adult in the body of a girl.

No. 349107

I haven't seen the anime you mentioned, personally. I feel like anime about parenthood/children can easily slip into degeneracy, I just don't think it has to be the norm per se. I'm really enjoying Spy x Family, the fandom really sexualizes Anya but I don't think that has anything to do with how she's portrayed in the anime. The anime just portrays her as a sweet (but dumb) little girl.

No. 349108

Watching Amano Akira's new series and she still does that thing where she obviously wants her main audience to be fujos but for some reason shoves in random time-wasting female characters whose sole purpose is to be moebait. I dont know if its editors making her include them but I would assume she's veteran enough to have her own say now.

No. 349117

File: 1705436982127.jpeg (96.42 KB, 1200x668, FmZhVmlWIAAhhJz.jpeg)

Women liking if men are good with kids (especially a daughter) has always been a thing (e.g. kpop groups always do shows in which they take care of babies/toddlers), doesn't mean that they want to be the child.
I don't even really like kids but Buddy Daddies was so cute i cried kek

Somehow it seems as if chinese style settings are popular now.

No. 349146

Buddy Daddies was absolute hot garbage

No. 349297

Was "I'm in Love with the Villainess" any good? I'm catching up to last season but I don't see too many positive things said about this show besides the yuri

No. 350033

I'm thinking of watching Cat's Eye, does it hold up? I like 80s comedy action anime but I always compare to Dirty Pair which leaves me disappointed in other shows lol

No. 350043

Haven't watched Dirty Pair so I can't compare them. Toshio is ugly, but other than that it's entertaining enough, even though I don't think it's bingable. Spoiler, the ending is pretty open. The OP and ED are heaven.

No. 350049

The original creator is a troon so, no. Other than the yuri there is nothing else remarkable about it.

No. 350054

I Like oldschool anime, its so cozy, even the derivative and lower budget ones. Its just a mood i enjoy so i really wouldn't even mind the comparison. A lof of old anime is straight off rip off of western media of the time too lol

Sometimes i just put 80s and 90s ovas in the background without sound while i do other stuff.

No. 350098

I just learned the news that Shugo Chara is getting a new sequel manga this summer. I am so excited!
I can't remember if Ikuto was my first husbando but he was definitely one of my earliest ones. I loved that series when it was airing/releasing and I hope that means it will end up getting a new anime too. Yes it's a series for teenagers but I'll always have a fondness for it. I had forgotten just how many seasons it got when I was looking at the wiki page for it so between that and the unexpected manga sequel news more than a decade after the fact, the series must have been more popular than I realized at the time.
I also saw a fan re-uploaded one of her AMVs with AI 2K upscaling within the past week and it looks so freaking good compared to its 720p origins. There was so much that went into Amu's fashion in particular and all the character transformations that I think would be great to see with modern day animation techniques.
I wonder who will end up picking up the new manga. Mostly women like me that enjoyed it as a kid or will it bring in a new wave of young shugo chara fans that will end up clamoring for a new anime?

No. 350103

Holy shit, thank you for sharing this nonnie!
I'm so excited that it's a sequel and not a remake/reboot! Hopefully the sequel's good and it gets popular enough for an anime adaptation.

No. 350317

I'm currently watching season 2 after finishing season 1 late last year and I'm 12 episodes in and honestly I gotta agree with the others, the anime doesn't get better and it's absolute trash. The power level talk is just obnoxious and I get lost trying to follow it and honestly, I don't even know what the plot actually is at this point. I hate to admit it but Demon Slayer's story is a tad better since the plot, as generic and boring as it is, is at least present.

I wanted to like JJK because I genuinely like the setting and some of the character designs are quite nice but aside from that, there's just not much of anything here.

So like others have said, you have to turn off your brain and just watch for the fights and the hot guys (and girls if that's your thing) but I would not be surprised if the anime gets forgotten once it's finished because like >>347776
said, it has no real substance and I don't see it joining in the ranks of the big anime like One Piece and Naruto.

No. 350366

Seconding this >>349146
I remember watching first episode and hating it so much: from the annoying uguu child to the soulless tailored wannabe slashable duo like one is a gloomy cat and the other is a sparkly dog so hawwt, and killing people from the first second of the show is so cool and edgy, they are so mafiacore, quirky

No. 350380

File: 1705857028488.jpeg (51.67 KB, 500x281, 3BC5E5C3-E104-434D-90AB-EAB480…)

Do you think a character like Nana would really care for brands? I get that bangya wet dream the anime better include some brandwhoring, but is it in character for Nana to spend money on useless things like that? Did she received it all as presents? I’ve read it long ago, so I don’t remember

No. 350385

I think it's a japanese thing in general. They're super obsessed with brands and sometimes to a ridiculous degree. Even in alternative circles I get the same impression. The way they perceive fashion and trends is much different than in the west, where very often they'd create strict rulesets you'd need to follow in order to belong to xyz subculture. It's interesting because they're also into DIY, but you always need to have burando of some kind to show off.

No. 350388

There is no alternative in japan, its all co-opted by the mainstream. Goth and metal in japan are just another types of j-pop

No. 350532

File: 1705888343321.jpg (2.18 MB, 3264x3264, 3x3.jpg)

Anyone else have a 3x3? R8 by the way.

No. 350621

File: 1705929177162.jpg (95.39 KB, 1098x814, 222250430.jpg)

Hate this fucking shit so much, why can't these fake lesbians leave yuri alone. We get it, you like men but want to pretend they're women because it makes you more special. These roaches have infiltrated all genre of anime

No. 350893

File: 1706075859922.jpg (173.65 KB, 797x780, A466-3421515833.1469091384.jpg)

Does Gunbuster hold up, anons? Is it worth a watch? I keep seeing it recommended by 80s anime groups.

No. 350902

I watched it like 15 years ago and all I remember was the emotional ending and tons of fanservice

No. 350916

I think so. The music is amazing, and the way the show depicts space travel distorting time makes for some interesting plot points. Plus it's short, so you can watch it in a weekend. I'd definitely recommend it.

No. 350988

File: 1706124808206.jpg (363.98 KB, 1200x2025, Sil.jpg)

I've been really digging these sort of platonic in-law-ish relationships recently, where it's not love and they're not really friends, but they sorta get closer in a "we wouldn't hang out otherwise but I guess we're related now?" sort of way.

No. 351001

File: 1706130642648.jpg (207.99 KB, 737x1032, 10150.jpg)

what are your favorite series with older protagonists, something like 25+ or 30+ if possible. I am sick to death of all these highschool setting series, I understand it's easier to write a young character because they got a lot of space to grow but yeah.
Gonna start off the list with Ghost in the Shell and Tiger and Bunny.
>perfect blue
>rozen maiden
I wanted to bully you desu because of nge and meguca but I can't

No. 351025

Those pants are so gross

No. 351114

>what are your favorite series with older protagonists, something like 25+ or 30+
UC Gundam
Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu
Golden Kamuy
91 Days
Yami no Matsuei
Mars Red
Tokyo Ghoul
Samurai Champloo

No. 351144

Fune wo Amu / The Great Passage
If you like drama, romance, slice of life this is a nice one. I really enjoyed the sound design work and the pacing of the storytelling.

No. 351222

>91 days
>Yami no matsuei
Based, based, based.

No. 351557

File: 1706329379128.png (2.3 MB, 1920x1080, Delicious.in.Dungeon.S01E03.Ep…)

dungeon meshi looks spectacular kek; they're keeping to the manga's art style while adding their own flair. i love studio trigger

No. 351561

They were pushing it with Marcille in episode 3. Messing up her face and giving her the stupid moe Trigger teen look.

No. 351565

File: 1706332109893.png (2.35 MB, 1920x1080, Delicious.in.Dungeon.S01E03.Ep…)

it's a cartoon (2d image) so it's heavily stylized, i thought she was cute
also chil got the same treatment

No. 351634

I fucking hate Studio Trigger and their one trick pony but Dungeon Meshi is a nice surprise, I’m glad they aren’t going full retarded on it, kek.

No. 351668

Yeah everyone suddenly looked goofy as shit in episode three, it was jarring. I hope it went back to normal in episode 4, I'm behind and haven't watched yet.

No. 351675

This might be dumb af, but is JJK worth watching or is it better to read the manga? I dont mind both options, but I get bored easily, so I'm not sure which moves at a better pace.

No. 351688

>bored easily
Mappa's JJK anime, handily.
I don't think the movie JJK 0 has to be watched before season 1. Watch it between season 1 and 2 like everybody else had to (also the manga version of JJK 0 is so bad and amateur you will be shocked)

No. 351698

Anime most definitely. Adds scenes and the fights are engaging. The first season is generic as hell but the second season makes it all worth it in my opinion.

No. 351768

Is it just me or does JJK really like showing sudden gruesome death specifically of random cute/pretty women? I know there are sudden male death but to me it seems like there's much more sadistic female deaths. Like Nanami went around burnt, yeah, but it didn't feel as weirdly fetishy? as the high schoolers getting sliced and so on. And if they're NPC women they're usually shown as vain or stupid in a 'normie' way before killed. And they are 90% drawn as cute while killed male npcs are old and ugly often. Am I imagining it? It's possible I just don't care for males much and that's why it feels like that.

No. 351791

gege is a coomer so i wouldnt be surprised kek. theres also the weird incest shit with mei mei and her brother that looks like a kid.

No. 351803

Thanks for confirming once again I'm not missing jackshit by avoiding this show. Tried to sit through the first couple episodes and shit was legit worse than Naruto, it was boring as hell. The only good thing about it was the animation was nice ig.

I don't get why people (specially adults) still consoom shounencrap, you then see all the dipshit weebs complaining about poorly written female characters and misogyny plus the usual weak plots and poorly planned twists on places like twitter, while at the same time they be actively seeking this genre of animanga and thus encouraging the production of these types of shows. I genuinely don't get it.

No. 351804

>I don't get why people (specially adults) still consoom shounencrap
My guess is that it's because martial art movies aren't really a thing anymore. All the people 30yo and above who are into shonen manga whether they're men or women were very into Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan movies when growing up, where the plot was just a pretext to watch a bunch of actors and stuntmen do backflips and beat the shit out of each other in cool ways. Shonen manga is just that but with the occasional super powers to spice things up.

No. 351810

Ayrt, I watched it all mostly as a background noise and I do agree that it's worse than Naruto. I don't know if I'm dumb but I didn't really understand most of the explanations of the overly complicated abilities of everyone. And I don't even care, the enemy is gonna be killed in the same way everyone else (meaning main guy will suddenly remember friendship or his inner demon will wake up or whatever and will power up). It feels like 80% of the show is just people explaining their boring-ass abilities and sudden gore for shock factor. Naruto at least had interesting setting and world building.

No. 351812

>I don't get why people (specially adults) still consoom shounencrap
It’s fun. I like more mature stories too but seeing people fight and yell and then the good guys win with the power of friendship is relaxing and gives me something to look forward to every week. I don’t follow JJK anymore cause I got tired of it, but there are more unique and interesting battle shounen manga that I like.

No. 351825

>but there are more unique and interesting battle shounen manga that I like.
what are they? im interested because im bored of the current ones ive read.

No. 351827

THIS sometimes you just want to see people throw hands at each other without any boring guns around them

No. 351829

Dandadan is really good for goofy fun. It has great art quality for a weekly series, it’s about teenagers discovering the existence of aliens and ghosts and going on crazy cryptid-fighting adventures. It doesn’t have much in line of an overarching story but it’s very enjoyable.
Make the Exorcist Fall in Love is a Christian-themed battle shounen about a boy priest slaying demons. I’m 99% sure the author is a woman and it has very unsubtle feminist themes and is very critical of Christianity, and has lots of cool horror aspects. CW for sexual assault of a boy in the first chapter though.
Undead Unluck has an extremely moidy start but has some really unique and interesting worldbuilding, a very unpredictable story, and a female protagonist who comes to wholly take the spotlight that really charms me to it. It’s about an immortal guy teaming up with a girl who gives people bad luck to try to kill himself, but the story turns into a high concept fantasy.
Yomi no Tsugai is a new series by Hiromu Arakawa, the lady who made FMA. It’s about a boy from ancient Japan being dragged into the modern day world to find his missing sister. It’s fairly early on, but already has a lot of the charm of the FMA manga if you ever enjoyed that, and is extremely well constructed and interesting so far.

No. 351830

Dandadan is pure moidshit. Fuck off with this garbage manga.

No. 351835

File: 1706472668515.png (734.29 KB, 640x972, dandadan.png)

Dandadan is indeed moid shit and very coomer about half the time or more. I know that is already more than enough reason for a lot of farmers to avoid it, I can get past it but I just hate the battle shounen format too much. I like the occult theme, I like the main characters and I like the art, but it just feels like the interpersonal relationship aspects of the story and the characters' charm gets run over with "let's fight today's enemy now", it feels like a chore. I wish I could enjoy this bullshit cause the characters look cool but I just hate shounen crap. I'll probably check out the anime for like 2 episodes cause it looks nice, then throw my computer out of the window in frustration.

No. 351846

File: 1706475588313.jpg (548.9 KB, 850x1265, aira.jpg)

it has a lot of fanservice (and the 1st chapter is pure ecchi), but the cast's interactions are really cute, as are the character designs
i like aira's design so much

No. 351853

the tooth mask thing they have when the transform reminds me of Hollows, I'm surprised the artist got away with ripping of the design so hard.

No. 351861

I have zero knowledge about this manga but perhaps it's paying homage to bleach? It feels very on the nose if not

No. 351877

Soo a friend of mine who used to watch anime as a teen but apparently stopped some years ago was asking for good shows that don't have ANY shitty fanservice concerning female characters. I'm currently creating a list from the shows I've watched and so far it's:
- Golden Kamuy (yes, lots of fanservice, but it's just the male characters)
- Vinland Saga
- Psycho Pass (I think there was a recent discussion regarding fanservice, but in my memory only one of the movies had some blatant fanservice, the regular series didn't - or am I wrong?)
- Zankyou no Terror
- Sonny Boy
- My Roommate is a Cat
- Wolf's Rain
- Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
- Death Parade
- Mushishi
- Sakamichi no Apollon / Kids on the Slope

Obvs I'm excluding anime I know she has already watched, but I'd still be glad if any of you anons could name some others, even if she's already seen them, cause I've probably forgotten 90% of the anime I know lol (and male-character-only fanservice is ok apparently)
Also if any of the shows I listed actually do have explicit female-character-focused fanservice that I forgot about pls tell me…

No. 351883

The Promised Neverland
Dororo (i think)
Shinsekai Yori
Ping Pong the Animation

No. 351891

Mob Psycho 100
FMA 2003 (skip the single filler episode with Psiren that has nothing to do with the main plot and you're good)
Serial Experiments Lain

No. 351897

it's been awhile since I watched a lot of these so apologies if some have a bit of fanservice that I just don't remember:
samurai champloo
girls last tour
asobi asobase
kamisama kiss
jojos bizarre adventure
bocchi the rock
initial d
free iwatobi swim club
kimi ni todoke
keep your hands off eizouken
princess jellyfish
ancient magus bride
paranoia agent

No. 351901

besides the star plasma vessel getting shot at a particularly cruel point in the story i cant remember any other instances of what youre talking about. rika during the movie but they don't show her death on screen


just finished tomo chan is a girl and while it was very funny to me i was distracted by the sheer amount of coomery fan service solely focused on the female characters. it really felt it was targeted towards a female audience besides that

No. 351920

i mean yeah, tomo chan's author has drawn rape before. another odd thing: spoilers for the manga, carol's mom was 13 when she got pregnant.

No. 351921

Any nonnies read dead dead demons? I think the movie looks fine not a huge fan of ontan's voice but whateve (I hope anime movies are ok to post here) I'm looking forward to it regardless!

No. 351924

I will say to JJK's credit that as a Korean woman I found the Zenin clan arc very relatable and satisfying. Overall though I dropped the series because it started feeling like Tokyo Ghoul's brand of "sudden horrible deaths just to hurt you".

No. 351927

Dead dead demons is okay, I mean, it's kind of like punpun as in the characters are often saying random "deep" stuff, I guess it's like the barbie movie but it's cute girls doing things, with an alien boy and a tranny.

No. 351939

Seems it's going to be 2 movies only, I hope they condense the story well.

No. 351940

There's random sudden female death almost every episode nonny. The recent highschoolers getting sliced, the lady almost escaping but getting burned before that, the random women talking about their cell phone connection and suddenly killed, about the tragedy and suddenly killed, watching it on TV, the highschooler getting shot in the head like you said and so on. Like I said they also kill males but they are almost always drawn fugly while killed women almost exclusively cute.

No. 351964

>they are almost always drawn fugly while killed women almost exclusively cute.
Nta but this is the case for almost every anime and not exclusive to JJK, I rarely see “ugly” female characters exist. That’s just how anime is because moids will screech and kill themselves if something unappealing to their dick exists. I’ve also been paying close attention to anime parents in the last few years and realized that most dads are always drawn as some old dude, or at least has heavy eye bags/wrinkles to signify his age but the mothers just look like pretty women in their late 20s lol. At best they’ll have their VA put on a mature voice but that’s all

No. 352015

i guess i just wasnt considering all those background deaths or times like in the restaurant when men & women were both killed. i still don't feel like cute women are being killed out of any sort of malice. like >>351964 said its pretty hard to find an unattractive woman at all on screen (which is its own issue)

No. 352034

File: 1706554452588.jpg (48.02 KB, 955x537, Dungeon-Meshi-01-21.jpg)

The sperging in the fandom thread reminded me that I need to check out dungeon meshi. But I have a problem with these food focused anime/manga because I'm super easy to influentiate and become really hungry.

No. 352079

I haven't read the manga yet but the anime is very cozy. I wouldn't eat anything they cook but the bread tho lol

No. 352083

It's cute, I read the manga as it was publishing. It's starts off very "monster of the week" but I promise a story starts coming up in what I imagine will be the end of cour 1. I like that it's not too serious but the current anime fandom for it is killing the vibe a bit.
Sp for manga I fear for when izutsumi is introduced

No. 352129

File: 1706597052732.jpg (Spoiler Image,73.39 KB, 768x1024, __thistle_dungeon_meshi_drawn_…)

i loathe the introduction of thistle and mithrun. i'm highly anticipating tit chop art because they're both femboys. izu's already seen as nonbinary by a large part of the fandom btw, so expect a lot of it for her too. clown world

No. 352137

File: 1706599280708.png (Spoiler Image,237.37 KB, 340x750, 1000005966.png)

Ayart I love thistle's design and just pretend he's a girl in my mind (not in a trans way). I am not looking forward to him or mithrun. Mithrun and his fans are already annoying.. I can only imagine it getting worse as it becomes more mainstream.

No. 352179

File: 1706618077132.jpg (538.97 KB, 628x887, Itazura.na.Kiss.full.340666.jp…)

Itazura Na Kiss is a yume-esque series created by Misa Amane

No. 352196

i think it's ironic how most of the popular husbandos were created by moids, from shounen publications… idk if it's because a lot of female mangaka would rather focus on female characters and the husbandos seem a bit sidelined or if moids are just able to write them in a more authentic way?

No. 352200

Dungeon meshi has a very slow start, it took me a while to get into the manga. It becomes a lot less episodic over time, though. I felt a bit confused about the hype during the stretch of chapters the Anime is currently adapting, but now that I'm so close to finishing the manga, I totally get it. It's worth sticking to nona

No. 352203

i think its just because shounen is usually more popular than stuff that's aimed at women.

No. 352205

I don't think it's ironic, the husbandos coming from those series are popular because they're from popular series. The vast majority of anime being adapted is shounen to begin with, and shounen manga gets more sales because both moids and women will read them, and anime adaptations boost sales as well (so there's a feedback loop).
>implying that female mangakas only ever make manga focused on female characters
I mean this is definitely not true for female mangakas that write shounen, and even in shoujo I wouldn't argue that male characters are sidelined at all.

No. 352208

what do you mean by popular, popular in the west? because japanese yumejos go head over hells for husbandos made by and for women(enstar, twist, genshit boys). Most Japanese yumejos love those type of characters, meanwhile westerners tend to gravitate towards the shounen husbandos, probably because they just started watching anime and its the flavour of the month. I wouldnt call them real husbandofags to be honest, just trendhoppers.

No. 352212

File: 1706626841226.jpg (169.22 KB, 640x640, kamisamakiss.jpg)

But the thing about husbandos is that they're very much not like real moids, that's why they're husbandos. I think the reason they're more popular is because there's more focus on male characters in shounen while shoujo usually focuses on a female mc. I also agree with >>352203 notice how the most popular shounen husbandos are from extremely popular normie tier anime like Sasuke or Gojo. I think more weeby women with more obscure husbandos tend to go for shoujo or josei characters.

No. 352227

File: 1706633876540.jpeg (156.07 KB, 663x1000, IMG_1009.jpeg)

Author of Sand Chronicles and Sexy Tanaka-San Hinako Ashihara is dead from suspected suicide. Her work Tanaka-San got adapted into live action but under one condition: they follow the manga. Unfortunately they didn’t meet expectations and she had to do the script writing herself for the last few episodes which she had no experience in. They think the neglect from the studio is the catalyst of her committing. This made me so sad because Sand Chronicles is really good and you can telll she put her heart into it

No. 352229

That's awful.

No. 352232

That moid is horrible and should have been put in his place. We need reverse ryona.

No. 352262

Ah shit, I loved Sand Chronicles.
It makes me so sad that happened to her, it's always the best ones…

No. 352280

I haven't read Sand Chronicles, but I'vebeen keeping up with the scanlation of Sexy Tanaka-san and it's one of my favourite manga I've been reading. It's status is cancelled on mangadex, I think it has been recently changed due the author's death? It's a shame, I really like the realistic and unpretentious way the female characters are portrayed. And I was wondering how the author would lead to a romance plot because, as they are, the male characters are just mundanely awful and unworthy of both Akari and Tanaka. The last couple of chapters in which Akari is reflecting how never a single men was willing to change himself for her and how her efforts throughout her life are snubbed really stuck with me. It's the kind of stuff that makes me really like Josei.

No. 352308

suicide is a big part of sand chronicles so it's likely something that had been on her mind for a long time.

No. 352498

File: 1706741320797.gif (1.89 MB, 400x300, 2B62DAA2-1286-474E-B397-2A7FB5…)

I started Brigadoon Marin to Melan, the fan service makes me want to die but the robot is too sexy and the OST is so good I can't stop so between two episodes I watch Brave Police J-Decker to cleanse my soul. Any anime with cool robots to recommend?

No. 352503

The new Bang Bravern anime is pretty good. If you can find any other mech animes with hot, sentient robots though, let me know.

No. 352654

Yes that’s what I was thinking about as well. It’s about Ann dealing with her mother’s suicide.

No. 352715

File: 1706822541599.gif (2.95 MB, 540x300, C28D3368-F16E-49AD-928F-9709ED…)

Yes I have already watched the released episodes of Bang Brave Bang Bravern, can't wait to see what happens next. I think I’m gonna watch the Astro Boy series from 2003 again too, the animation was crazy. Why are there so few manga/anime with sentient robots…

No. 352825

Nta but Might Gaine is also one, which the director of Bravern also worked on

No. 352997

File: 1706893010494.png (1.79 MB, 1920x1080, Spy-x-Family-08-78.png)

Watching Spy x Family, the characters are really cool and likable. Some good husbandos, like Loid and Yor's insane brother, I CAN FIX HIM.
Anyways, it's nice to see an action anime that focuses on family rather than coom.

No. 353056

File: 1706906626010.jpeg (128.91 KB, 736x1246, 1B0F3ACD-808D-4735-8A79-129AAE…)

>First husbando
I’m not sexually or romantically attracted to him like I was in middle school, he is more like my baby/son now.

I decided to rewatch one of my favourite anime from when I was in middle school and wow it is kind of ass.

No. 353126

File: 1706933696933.jpeg (127.62 KB, 646x820, IMG_5606.jpeg)

Based HxHfag nona. My first husbando was also from there

No. 354253

File: 1707294300775.jpg (6.93 MB, 4096x3276, EXCITED.jpg)

Eagerly waiting for their anime adaptations. We are heading towards a brighter future with these shoujos of chubby female mcs with attractive man which is pretty rare in the romance genre. Praying they're not shit.

Left: Busu ni Hanataba wo.
Right: Debu to Love to Ayamachi to!

No. 354344

>edgy fit guy with long hair
>canonically transphobic

certified Lolcow sexyman

No. 354369

I want to get into Hunter x Hunter. Should I watch the 1999 anime or the 2011 anime?

No. 354380

2011. If you like it you'll end up watching the 1999 one anyway. Both are good.

No. 354381

Do 1999 first
Its incomplete but its great and a different experience

No. 354382

Left girl is cute and not even ugly. The one of the right looks funny though yeah

No. 354393

die hard hxh fan here just to say 2011! 1999 is gorgeous and very fun but they changed the main characters personality so much that it makes it impossible to recommend as a first watch (the two main characters fit much more the shonen archetypes in the 99 version).If you've already read the manga then you can start with the 1999 version though! (Also warning if you start with 2011, the pacing of the few first episodes is quite slow but it gets better later on.)

No. 354509

I think I need to take a break from anime nonnies. I dont know when but its starting to feel like a list of things I need to tick off instead of watching out of genuine interest. Maybe I just need to be harsher on what I pick up? I did enjoy Princess Tutu recently so I know its not anime as a whole that I’m burnt out on.

No. 354561

File: 1707420875501.jpg (87.94 KB, 1257x767, wtf-crunchyroll-funimation.jpg)

Holyshit. Funimation is shutting down after they merged with crunchyroll, so now crunchyroll is raising their price nearly 50% to make up for that loss. I hope more people start pirating. This is actually disgusting.

No. 354562

Based af Illumi apprecicator.

No. 354574

Why should I give a shit? I've been pirating for over a decade and these cancer websites making anime more accessible to normies was a fucking mistake.

No. 354575

paypigs BTFO'd once again.

No. 354583

is there actually another anime service that only has animes in their program or is crunchyroll the only one?

No. 354595

They over doubled the price?

No. 354828


No. 354865

it's annoying when people say that oh this female protagonist has so much personality and is so strong, and it always turns out to be a character with a mean, shitty attitude and bad temper constantly bickering with her potential love interests. it's also an extremely common trope since the fucking 90s and yet everytime there's a new female character in shounen like that (think nobara) everyone think it's so new and refreshing… like isn't sakura from naruto, hated by so many people, literally THE SAME?? goes to show that mangaka only know how to write two types of women, nadeshiko cute type and angry tsundere. i see more diversity in harems…
an example of actual refreshing and relatable female character is marcille from dungeon meshi

No. 354887

I'm still confused why anyone kept using crunchyroll after it switched from a free site to a pay site. I felt like I was taking crazy pills, people just bent over and got fucked by a bad anime service, it was crazy.

No. 354889

I can think of like five feel-good stories about male characters put into a found family father position of little girls, but are there any that do the inverse? Female characters taking up a reliable mother role for young boys?
Mood or genre isn't too important as long as there aren't sexual implications. Something like Yotsuba, Usagi Drop (before it gets creepy), Somali and the Forest Spirit, The Country Without Humans, or Barakamon.

No. 354982

I have no idea, but if you find one let me know. I've been hunting for an anime like that. I only know ones like Michiko & Hatchin where it's two girls, but I am dying for an inverse of the former trope.

No. 355043

File: 1707635934676.jpg (115.88 KB, 667x1000, 81Y3J1ghwrL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

this isn't really feel good nor wholesome so beware, but I'll mention it anyway because it is up and coming. the main female lead is 25 and the male one is 15 and in spite of being tough she also is a nurturing figure.

No. 355068

because retarded perverts will find a way to sexualize it. and young boy and older woman is a landmine for japanese coomers, doesn't matter how innocent it seems, they'll find a way to twist it

No. 355083

Crunchyroll was free for years. You didn't even get any ads in some regions.

No. 355114

File: 1707668648067.jpg (74.5 KB, 600x424, 0757b048a8404b5366d5773536884e…)

I used to be a huge fan of Tsubasa Resovoir chronicle but looking back it's the most convoluted mess and ruined Sakura and Syaroan's character. I understand CLAMP likes putting other characters in their work but I feel like some should have never been included. They just made Sakura/syaroan the main characters from recognition alone. It's retarded that we had to put up with zombie ass sakura for most of the series only to find out she's just a clone of the real Sakura There's a reason why people have had so many complaints about the series for the past 20 years. Truly a blight in Clamp's work.

Another thing is I still enjoy XXXHolic because at least it's got it's own thing going on.

No. 355128

I'll never forgive them for not having Sakura and Tomoyo end up as a couple. The sayoran thing was so dumb. He wasnt romantically interested in her in the og series, but they ruined that somehow. I agree they ruined them both in Tsubasa

No. 355146

>He wasnt romantically interested in her in the og series
Are you talking about CCS? Because I have news for you…

No. 355162

berserk is so fucking boring

No. 355165

You're watching it? Which version

No. 355166

The old one, from the 90s. I know that the adaptations are all kinda bad but I'm too lazy to read rn.

No. 355168

File: 1707680299038.jpeg (59.06 KB, 540x405, 1647643956957.jpeg)

Yeah that's the only one I've watched, it can be kind of slow. Griffith is so hot though, I don't even care.

No. 355170

>guy who rapes a woman to make his former friend jealous is so hot

No. 355171

File: 1707681519973.jpg (37.33 KB, 564x564, 26ba5b8694b83ce0d072e51013522b…)

He is hot

No. 355172

Idk if they show it in the anime but i found it hilarious when he was selling his body to rich old creeps. He is hot.

No. 355178

No. 355181

feminine men are revolting(infighting)

No. 355183

I remember trying to watch it because I love the original manga and Susumu Hirasawa but I almost fell asleep several times so I stopped at episode 3. They had no budget and it really shows, at least the designs and the music are good.

No. 355184

>mother role
dear lord

No. 355189

I said nurturing, not mother, it's probably more of a older sister dynamic.

No. 355192

samefag, Watashi no Shounen the only one I know of that might be closer to what anon asked for. she is 30 which isn't that far off from 25 though.

No. 355203

He isn't real

No. 355209

your fictional cartoon feminine man is ugly and only troons like him(infighting)

No. 355210

Not true

No. 355212

File: 1707692173547.png (482.79 KB, 797x703, Screenshot 2024-02-11 145821.p…)

heckin yes

No. 355215

File: 1707692871323.png (145.01 KB, 900x675, 32945279.png)

Shit taste. go back to spamming anti trap posts and samefagging on cuckchan while we have our evening rapechad Griffith worship session.

No. 355217

Don't you know by now from witnessing troon antics that they will claim anything and everything as their own? They lack any originality. They are the ultimate consoomers. There is nothing they won't obsess over.

No. 355224

File: 1707695473212.png (354.46 KB, 585x704, Screenshot 2024-02-11 155319.p…)

i'm not internet poisoned enough to know what half those words mean. enjoy your tranny-beloved uggo

No. 355225

File: 1707695923694.jpg (317.83 KB, 1128x800, 1706055527449.jpg)

Didn't even respond to my post saying that trannies co-opt everything under the sun. Trannies love what you love, too. There isn't anything for the girlies they won't appropriate.

No. 355226

every character ever is tranny beloved like >>355217 said. he isn't more special in that regard than any other pretty anime boy in the sea. no one cares, he's gorgeous.

No. 355231

In the CCS manga they had Syaoran fall for her faster than the anime. So idk what you’re on nonnie. Tomoyo is sakura’s second cousin whereas syaoran isn’t related to her because sakura’s dad just has a part of Clow’s soul.

No. 355302

how do you manage to be more retarded and annoying that the trapfag that accuses anyone of being her 4chan boogeyman? incredible. Anyways Griffith is not a femboy, he belongs to women.

No. 355319

Frankly this just shows you're really young and a newfag. I don't like berserk much but I remember the pre-tranny online era and it was mostly women that loved griffith. Of course trannies would jump on a feminine male, that goes without saying. Anything gnc gets co-opted as queer automatically, someone that's so into what trannies like you are should know that.

No. 355411

File: 1707760639526.jpg (359.91 KB, 1079x619, 3994852985928595.jpg)

Anons, is Frieren any good? I heard that it was written by a woman and the anime doesn't look like it is coombait, but every fan of this show I've seen is a degenerate. Is this just an unfortunate fandom?

No. 355412

just a unfortunate fandom the anime itself is good

No. 355416

It's fine, it just unfortunately got the fotm spotlight so coomers are obviously going to jump on it for cash.

No. 355464

it's not confirmed whether the author is a woman, but there hasn't been any fanservice equivalent panels or jokes in the frieren manga so im surprised to see you say degenerates like it. however, their old manga they drew themselves does have very male art from the lineart to the somewhat coomery panels and near upskirts. kanehito is also masculine name (but female authors have used masculine names to hide their identity before).

No. 355467

it's ok; at first I was really hyped for it but it was a lot more barebones than I thought as someone who has liked a lot of fantasy stories and there are a few questionable designs that make me sure the artist is male. the music, melancholic tone and animation is still lovely.

No. 355653

File: 1707832286759.jpg (76.04 KB, 708x519, 1700016358249666.jpg)

Currently rewatching Yu-Gi-Oh GX to finally watch the 4th season which was never broadcasted in my country.
The dub is really goofy.

No. 355658

>They redubbed Lovely Complex
>They apparently changed it so much that femboy whatever character is rewritten completely
>JelloApocalypse is behind this shit and ranted behind Patreon paywall how shit the OG anime is.
Dubbed anime scene is such a fucking mistake.

No. 355675

File: 1707839817973.jpeg (68.46 KB, 704x528, IMG_1111.jpeg)

Lovely complex is for the GIRLS. I used to like it as a teen because i was the tallest girl in my school before I formed taste and decided I didn’t like short guys. Shame on the retards that decided to re-dub it.

No. 355702

what femboy?! or are we calling all men who arent roidpig femboys now

No. 355713

File: 1707844295559.jpg (52.36 KB, 1280x720, 04-ciuman-aku-jatuh-cinta-kepa…)

Seiko, dumbass

No. 355715

fag who made epithet erased here to tell you that your favorite anime is shit

No. 355716

oh yeah i forgot that faggot

No. 355720

i still remember how hard this thing got savaged on kimcartoon. even some of his fans were admitting it was shit

here's the post, it's really long and i don't feel like taking caps.

SAO Abridged and it's consequences

No. 355729

>I think the LoveCom dub has something like 20 trans/nb actors in it
Thanks for the warning. This entire post makes me want to a-log but my favorite part is when he acts like the creator of the manga must be some insane woman for writing such a terrible story with a female lead that is this abusive bully. Like it's an adaption of a manga that was made in the early 2000s kek I swear you never see male writers held to such intense "if you write something problematic then you must be an awful person" standards that female writers are.

No. 355744

Personally, I really like it. I haven't watched all of it but I'm about 50 chapters into the manga. Frieren's cute design is what made me interested, love her. And like other anons said it's fotm with a cute girl protagonist so it attracts the worst people to the fandom. They've apparently banned making doujinshi of it so clearly they don't want degenerate porn made though.

Not wholesome but Claymore has that type of dynamic, plus a really badass female cast. I'm pretty sure no sexual implications, but iirc their relationship was pretty open-ended at the end of the series. I've only read the manga, so no idea how the anime holds up.

No. 355745

>Lovely complex
>grandmother of shoujo manga
I stopped reading there, this is proof that this new dub was made by posers who got into anime during covid.

No. 355746

I have some good memories about lovely complex, it was genuinely funny and the romantic scenes were actually very sweet. One of the best shoujos out there. And it's pretty much the only height gap anime couple where the girl is taller but not weirdly sexualized. There were some other tall girl-short guy anime but the girl always has massive boobs to make up for her height. Meanwhile with lovely complex I know a lot of girls who
related to risa

No. 355747

This is why we need to encourage gatekeeping again. That’s what we used to do back in the day we’d let the annoying people watch shonen and wouldn’t recommend anything outside of that kek.

No. 355756

>so into what trannies like
Like Griffith?
They love a femboy who gets away with raping women and is found to be more beautiful than a woman.

No. 355764

I don't even think he's called more beautiful than a woman in the manga, he is meant to be ethereally handsome, you're just making shit up. Drop it.

No. 355830

File: 1707876076616.jpg (69.51 KB, 1200x675, suzume.jpg)

the first hot makoto shinkai male protagonist and he spends 90% of the movie as a chair. fuck this.

No. 355841

Not with that fag-ass Willy Wonker kind of shit he has going on.

No. 355915

He's falls for a HS girl at his big age and is the male self-insert so he's fucking garbage

No. 355956

who do you think is hot then

No. 356028

File: 1707939272869.gif (1.75 MB, 500x375, 5AF740F0-01DE-484C-A84B-AC6A2D…)

Speaking of 1999 vs 2011 HXH. I wish the 2011 version kept the Kurta prayer Kurapika did before his fight against Uvogin. I know it wasn’t in the manga but still…it really showed the feelings of Kurapika and his suffering.

however I do prefer the brown eyes than the blue..

No. 356030

wait does he really?? such a shame, moids ruining hot 2D men as always…

No. 356351

File: 1708021832405.gif (437.36 KB, 500x500, dungeon meshi thursday.gif)

its dungeon meshi thursday nonnies!!

No. 356352

Thanks for the reminder!

No. 356376

Who cares, Makoto Shinkai's movies are so mid anyway.

No. 356445

I love this lol
Today’s episode was pretty good. They haven’t quite nailed adapting the pace of the manga to an animated format. it’s still awkward in some places. I’m a fan so I’m enjoying it but I wonder if it’s good enough to capture anime-only fans?

No. 356469

I’m an anime only fan and I’m really enjoying it! I love the relationships between the characters, I can’t pick a favorite between them. My favorite foods though were the jewel bugs and ghosts so far.

No. 356514

He doesn't end up with the girl. I like his chemistry with his male friend more. I was bothered by it at first too, but luckily it seemed like a one-sided crush from her. I would definitely still recommend the movie though because it's a really nice coming-of-age story.

No. 356575

I still seethe of how the movie could've been about two women but noooooo they got to change it to another boring het romance Shinkai has done the eleventeeth time.

No. 356577

Fr they're so fucking lame and repetitive. Boy meets girl crazy shit happens melodrama melodrama. If it weren't for the eye candy animation of his films no one would literally give a shit.

I get so triggered whenever people call him "the next Miyazaki" like kek, fuck no.

No. 356647

there wasn't any romance though?

No. 356720

Compared to what? As far as anime goes, his stories far outstrip the seasonal slop and 99% of anime romances.

>He doesn't end up with the girl.
You can't into Japanese subtlety. It's pretty obvious that they are more than friends at the end.

There is no market for lesbian anything in anime, aside from the niche fanbase of male fetishists. Those types only want coomershit (like Mahou Shoujo ni Akogarete), so even they wouldn't watch it.

>Fr they're so fucking lame and repetitive. Boy meets girl crazy shit happens melodrama melodrama.
You could say the same about Ghibli films.

No. 356722

I don't trust moids to write a decent lesbian love story though.

No. 356741

File: 1708182744571.jpg (143.65 KB, 1000x563, Suzume_8.jpg)

Been a while, but doesn't the mc spend a while with a bike girl?
I always interpreted that as somewhat closer to the original intention. Imo in that case, while it is het there's nothing stopping people from considering that the actual romance.

No. 356744

>a while
She spends more time with the single mother and her brats. Such random encounters are typical for a road movie and don't progress the story in the slightest.

Who even watches dubs, aside from literal children? Too lazy to read?

No. 356764

File: 1708191910877.jpeg (15.87 KB, 701x438, watching_with_subs.jpeg)

>Who even watches dubs, aside from literal children? Too lazy to read?

Some people can't focus on the subtitles and show itself at the same time anon.

No. 356772

I'm sorry but that's some low IQ cocomelon zoomer brain shit

No. 356774

Dubs are getting better and better, now the Japanese sounds cringe especially if you hear casual Japanese daily

No. 356776

>Who even watches dubs?
I prefer subs but I think dubs can be interesting or enhance the story in some ways, like the legendary Baccano dub with all the funny accents. Or the Utena dub being obviously stilted and weird for subtle psychological horror.
What's cringe about it? Is it overdramatic or weird or what? I always wondered if voice actors get embarrassed about the stuff they have to say or noises they have to make.

No. 356794

>Some people
It's ok you can say americans kek

No. 356820

File: 1708203480747.webm (550.93 KB, 1280x720, Maya and claudine eat.webm)

What non-seasonal shows have you guys been watching lately?

No. 356863

The 91 Days dub gives them all Sopranos-tier Jersey accents, it’s hilarious.

No. 356909

No they don't. This is such a stupid statement. That would imply most Japanese people find shows in their own language unpleasant.
Listening to Japanese voice acting is exactly like listening to American cartoon voice acting.

No. 356910

File: 1708244475781.jpg (129.9 KB, 695x900, DEATH_NOTE_anime.jpg)

Picrel, was a mistake. I had a feeling it would be crap aimed at edgy 14 year olds, I was proven correct. I hate how much was based on luck and everyone except the super smart people being dumb as hell.

No. 356922

I genuinely don't understand this argument, in my country only children's media is dubbed, everything else is subbed and I've never heard anyone complain about this. Are you people like mentally slow or something? Or is it just a matter of habit?

No. 356942

File: 1708263435964.png (2.56 MB, 2027x1440, EdP1a8GXYAAk-D2.png)

I started watching Lain and I don't know what's going on most of the time but I'll just take it in from a surreal psychological perspective since I also like Yume Nikki.

No. 356947

Honestly the few luck stuff didn't bother me that much, when they happened i felt like it was also to portray something about a character unlike code geass, i couldn't get past the second episode because of that.
Death Note's entire premise is so edgy so i don't take it too seriously but it's one of the few titles where i like both the manga and the anime version even if the second is kinda a downgrade despite the nice artstyle and animation sometimes.

No. 356961

I think not taking it seriously would've been the trick lol. I remembered this being sold to teenage me as this great and deep detective story and it then it was… well. What bothered me most was Naomi Misora, she was like brilliant but then so dumb, I was like nonono you need to tape the hint and send it to everyone like she knew the polive couldn't be trusted I don't know why I'm so disappointed with this series lol

No. 357017

File: 1708293821774.jpg (392.75 KB, 1536x2048, GGYBj9QaAAAIbQI.jpg)

I'm so damn jealous of everyone in Japan watching the new Haikyuu movie, so much fanart is being pumped out daily it feels like I'm back when the manga was publishing! I love how alive the jp fanbase is despite it ending so long ago. I hope they announce Europe cinema dates too…

No. 357102

File: 1708348961857.jpg (2 MB, 4096x2898, Kusuriya.no.Hitorigoto.full.40…)

I just wish the series wasn't so much SoL. I dislike the genre.

No. 357119

>tsundere MC

No. 357124

She's not tsundere, just actually disgusted and uninterested.

No. 357131

She's a darudere.

No. 357140

In what world is she tsundere kek

No. 357172

But she's not a tsundere at all?

No. 357184

in every clip i've seen of this show she's glaring at that guy or hitting him, how is that not tsundere?

No. 357211

File: 1708384648673.gif (1.65 MB, 498x482, maomao-disgusted-apothecary-ma…)

Thats not tsundere, that's genuinely finding the guy to be a pain in the ass.

No. 357220

Words have meaning you dumbass

No. 357238

File: 1708393187674.png (16.89 KB, 327x185, Tsundere.png)

The hidden "warm" side is required, the anger needs to be a mask not her actual personality

No. 357263

you say this as if they won't end up together. that's just anime romance 101

No. 357285

That still doesn't make her a tsundere. She literally does not fit the archetype. The guy's the only one who has any sort of romantic feelings, it's completely one sided.

No. 357290

File: 1708421067159.png (993.57 KB, 1055x1454, long_live_the_revolution.png)

I wish there was an isekai anime involving animal-eared slave girls, but instead of joining some mediocore Japanese teenager's harem, they instead join other slaves and start a revolt where they all start violently killing their masters.

No. 357297

You guys love arguing about pointless shit in this thread instead of discussing things you’re watching. I’m convinced most of you dont even watch anime anymore and just shitpost using passive consumption from social media, like the retard calling Maomao a fucking “tsundere”.(are you lost)

No. 357338

Me too nona! I hope it comes out in Canada at some point as well. I also just want an excuse to wear my itabag for my hq husbando out somewhere kek I saw tweets from a foreigner living in Japan who saw it a few times saying it was amazing, I was worried that it might turn out to be shitty since there was a lot to cover in a short amount of time but it seems like they really pulled it off well. I also love how the fandom is still going strong years after the manga ended—it's really deserved for once tbh.

No. 357355

Another retard mod revealing itself as a newfag. You should lurk 5 years before even applying, you failure of a mod.

No. 357356

seriously nta but what fucking rule did that break? hellweek is over and this is /m/ which was never supposed to participate in hellweek anyway. why are these fags still running around, banning posters at random?

No. 357357

Yeah I’m confused why it got redtexted

No. 357360

oh no no no not the bootleg howl

No. 357362

i think it's dumb that she got banned (?) but the "are you lost" is probably due to this being lolcow, the hotbed for pointless arguments; the site with three boards dedicated to shitting on people and things

No. 357364

Yeah and this is the anime thread on the media board, so it makes sense to expect discussion about anime instead of retarded arguments about tsunderes and english dubs. Otherwise it should be moved to the relevant board for pointless arguments.

No. 357366

i semi-agree with you (i get annoyed seeing people who are very casual weebs write up their terribly misinformed opinions on the medium), but complaining about complaining on lc is as silly as complaining about anime on 4chan. the bedrock of lc is gossip

No. 357367

>people who are very casual weebs write up their terribly misinformed opinions on the medium
This bugs me too. The nonas who watch 1 seasonal every 6 months dont need to share their think-pieces, no one asked.

No. 357392

I agree; TRC sucked, story-wise. But thank you for reminding me how hard I shipped Fai D. Flowright and Kurogane back when I was 14. I should go look up some fanfiction of them for old times' sake.

No. 357493

File: 1708500641101.jpg (183.51 KB, 860x1290, ZW4uanBn.jpg)

As someone sensitive to scrotey/rapey moments in anime, is there much of it in JJK? I watched the first episode and the girl being harmed by the monster just had to include it groping her and a clear shot of her breasts during it. It turned me off tbh but I'll be willing to keep going if the anime doesn't include too much of it. Also I don't expect this to be a feminist masterpiece, but there isn't too much overt misogyny is there? Or at least anything worth mentioning just since I'd rather not be surprised after the first episode made me a little annoyed if I do keep watching.
I know the anime isn't actually made for women but I really dislike women in distress being used as coom-fodder

No. 357495

I hated that moment too but it doesn't have much more of it.

No. 357498

It almost made me quit the anime but it turned out to be the only scrotey moment as far as I remember.

No. 357500

Thanks! If there are any other moments I may post them for the sake of a warning but it's good to know it wasn't a sign of what was to come
Tbh I was pretty close to enjoying the anime doujinshi-only if you had said there was more kek

No. 357502

in the manga there is a sexist character that i think was implied to have been sexually interested in one of his cousins? another spoiler to that, he dies to one of the girls he was sexist towards.

No. 357506

I saw people say that's a stretch, I'm not sure if the implication is there in the original Japanese text but I also took it as him just reminding her that the other is dead. I'm trying to keep it as vague as possible without names lol especially because that character apparently talks very cutesy I thought it was a "Let's ask her! Oh no… she can't talk! She's dead!" kind of taunt. Maybe the anime will have a clearer translation. Regardless he's not given much time and is glaringly presented as a bad person so I didn't feel like it was similar to stupid fanservice as a woman is about to die.

No. 357531

There is more fanservice for women in this than moid coomslop

No. 357560

There isn't very much as far as shounen goes. Although, it's probably worth noting there is some implied incest oneeshota later on, but it is framed as strange, at least. And I haven't seen the part where the anime adaped it, so they may have toned it down (or played it up, unsure.)

No. 357586

Anons have already answered you, but to summarize, the only coom moments are this
>first episode groping
>ass shot in jjk 0
>random shota incest for 10 seconds
But that's all I can remember. The fanservice for women is amped up in the second season too though. At least in my opinion. But I consider female fanservice any moment I think a male character is hot kek Specfically Toji and Nanami. They must've had women working on those scenes

No. 357981

File: 1708689970615.jpg (1.12 MB, 1920x1080, 1678588021210313.jpg)

What was the last anime that impressed you? It doesn't have to be a flawless masterpiece or anything. Pluto and Migi Dali, for me.

No. 357982

nta but I never gave a shit about JJK because I hate following on going series and I'm still not getting over the manga I like going on hiatus. I think what made me want to start the anime was all the Nanami fanservice from the latest season and now that I'm seeing a shit ton of posts about Geto and Gojo's tragic yaoi relationship I think I'll watch the first season this weekend. I saw a lot of spoilers but they're out of context so maybe that's not a huge problem.

No. 357988

File: 1708696609727.jpg (84.12 KB, 408x600, 131974l.jpg)

Shinseki Yori/From the New World
I didn't have any expectations going in other than I think it being "sci-fi". It was just so different from any anime I'd seen before at the time. I think it just ticked a lot of boxes for me for things I like, weaved together well. It really drew me in. I love the weird world-building. Time skips can be really hit or miss in media but they executed it well.

No. 357993

Huuuge fan of the anime, I recommend the novel it’s based on too! You can find the fan translated pdf fairly easily if you google it

No. 357995

I watched it a long time ago and remember liking it a lot then.
A random thing that always stuck in my mind was the way the characters dressed, like modern casual clothes except if they were descended from traditional japanese rather than western styles.

No. 358033

Ngl the infamous Nanami scene is what really got me into JJK lmao, I had already started the manga thanks to a specific Higuruma fanart but I really got into it thanks to the anime.

No. 358040

File: 1708709141166.jpg (274.89 KB, 891x889, miki.jpg)

I like Miki from Marmalade Boy's personality. It reminds me of me that I don't really have anything super special about me, and her getting lusted by two hot guys for it is based.

No. 358048

Same. This is the last anime that really impressed me. It stands out.
Mob Psycho if I had to pick another one.

No. 358065

I also got back into jjk because of gojo x geto kek I hated the first season because it felt like every shounen trope thrown into one show, but the second season really sold me. I think it's mostly carried by it's good animation, because the plot is pretty simple and the characters are wasted a lot. I still think the men are really attractive though, and my current husbando is alive so I'm winning kek

No. 358083

Well, I just watched the first episode and will keep going, so far it's a pretty standard beginning for a shonen anime. Is it going to just be Supernatural but with fistfights every 5 seconds instead of guys shooting at demons every 5 seconds because of cultural differences? Poor grandpa, he just had his "with great power comes great responsibilities and died one minute later kek.

No. 358105

Run with the Wind
Probably don’t need to say it but I haven’t really watched any anime in a while

No. 358384

File: 1708872408029.jpeg (347.04 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_4054.jpeg)

I’m watching one piece right now and I keep getting reminded of this meme with every new island they go to

No. 358387

that show was surprisingly good. i wish i was passionate about something in this life the way those twinks were passionate about running that marathon

No. 358390

I'm done with the first season and just watched the movie. I'll correct myself, JJK is Tokyo Babylon if it were published in the Shonen Jump. I liked the movie enough to want to start the second season but maybe not today. Whoever kept saying that JJK has well-written, strong female characters like Nobara needs an ass kicking, she's cliche as fuck, it's just that she's less useless than Sakura in battles. I feel scammed, she kept starting shit with other female characters by calling them ugly and telling them they have dilated pores kek, I don't dislike her but she's not that amazing.

No. 358396

Rwtw looks sleep inducing but everyone who has seen it loves it

No. 358405

File: 1708884625367.png (1.48 MB, 2048x1788, sjq2jvzpkyzb1.png)

Pretty sure in most media is like this and I hate it

No. 358410

File: 1708885473230.png (611.18 KB, 545x960, F8iMG9l.png)

This was specifically calling out OKKO by Ian Jones-Quartey, It had weird looking wacky male characters, meanwhile every female character had the exact same bodytype and proportions.

No. 358417

Lmao we are so fucked, this is literally in every single piece of media and I dont see it ever changing

No. 358439

File: 1708897561282.jpg (147.88 KB, 848x1199, doubt.jpg)

I got told GGO is much better than SAO and to give it a chance, but the person telling me so was a moid and picrel makes lean towards 'tis a lie. Can any farmer confirm?

No. 358442

i read somewhere that the mc is a tall girl irl that plays as a loli avatar to cope with her being a “giant” so i never watched it because that sounds like a shit premise

No. 358445

Its shit just like SAO. You have to remember how low the bar is for isekai moids

No. 358446

It’s definitely better then SAO but it’s still moid pandering. I enjoyed it because the idea of chicks bonding over trying to murder each other in an MMO is appealing to me and it was funny that the MC settled on a shooter game because it was the only one where she rolled a cute character.

No. 358450

Why does that character have such emphasis on the weird bulge between its legs?

No. 358468

It's considerably better but imo it was still just very mediocre. The whole plot is centered around an insanely obvious twist to anyone with a brain but it wasn't painful to watch or anything like sao was

No. 358558

At least SAO was entertaining. Even the premise of GGO is yawn-inducing.

No. 358951

No. 359018

File: 1709134444746.jpg (110.37 KB, 503x509, cr.jpg)


No. 359051

i pirate anime anyway, nobody gets my money

No. 359055

Nta but the seasonal uploaders all rip their stuff from crunchy. Barely anyone does fansubs nowadays

No. 359111

i’m a dubfag i’m safe

No. 359245

File: 1709201451474.jpeg (269.08 KB, 1200x675, 1c0b0adacebface7a619f032bd906b…)

Join the military advert done right.

No. 359247

Retarded is what you are.

No. 359318

enjoy your ai generated subtitles weeblet-chan i stay winning

No. 359390

The copypasta on the fujo thread had me thinking, what are some good anime to recommend someone who's overly awed by the spectacle of Fate? I know someone who thinks he's a weeb cause he watched death note as a kid and likes fanservice trash and he annoys me constantly about how Fate is the best shit ever because of the fight scenes (personally only really liked the first episode, it drops off immediately because the male mc is boring and I was only interested initially cause the first episode baits you with Rin, the girl, as the mc instead of the scrub).
He convinced me to watch binge it again with him so now I want to rub it in his face that better stuff exists but he places visuals over plot so anything better that doesn't have as "good" animation is seen as lesser automatically. It's probably a lost cause but I'd enjoy watching any recommendations anyways, if nothing else at least to cleanse my own palate. I like visuals but haven't watched many "pretty" animes since most don't catch my interest cause I'm not the biggest fan of style over substance stretched out for a season. He's clearly ok with it though so the recs don't need to be much better kek
Also he's a dubfag obviously so that's a requirement related side note I have to work so hard to not roll my eyes when someone equates subtitles to reading a novel

No. 359392

Just kill him nona

No. 359394

kek, i wish

No. 359395

The best show to watch with a guy is Parasyte. It’s a good show and he’ll eat it up. It’s lowkey a male puberty metaphor, but if puberty was a parasite alien living in a boy’s hand and it actually made him better in every way physically. I found it very entertaining.

No. 359397

>dubfag on top of that
>fanservice coomer
>places visuals over plot
This guy you're talking about is a literal subhuman. I don't know why you even give a shit about rubbing something better in his face

No. 359400

Sorry to reply twice but you could also try Cromartie High (has a good dub), GATE, or Claymore (Claymore is good because you can read the manga by yourself afterwards and really enjoy it kek).
If you can get him to watch Samurai Flamenco that would be funny, don’t know if it had a dub though. If you smoke weed watch Polar Bear Cafe.

No. 359403

I would never associate myself with anyone that likes Fate.

No. 359413

thanks for the recs! Parasyte had been on my own list to watch for a while so I'll check it out first probably. Claymore is also a manga on my read list so it's getting bumped up
tbh i'd just come from his stupidity and let it get to me because a simple "meh it was fine" resulted in him trying to prove somehow it was the only anime that looks like this therefore it's great (despite him not watching much). I didn't have any rebuttals since most of the stuff I've watched is old but figured there had to be better. Yours and >>359403 , >>359392 posts made me laugh and get over it though. I'm petty and would want something to bring up next time he goes off on another fate rant, but currently feeling more sure in myself and less pissed at him (unfortunately he's stuck in my life for the foreseeable future)

No. 359427

Give up on fixing him (improving a man is a waste of any woman's time) there's real potential of cultivating a man with absolute shit takes and tastes in anime here. Seeing how much worse you can make him will be so much more rewarding.

No. 359429

kek, that's so mean but really funny to think about doing. tbf he at least can tell things like SAO are shit and rapey, and he enjoyed sailor moon for non coom reasons so I think it's more he is happy with pretty and shallow things because he doesn't have experience with much better in any form of media. he's not a romance, he's related so spent a lot of time unfortunately together

No. 359465

File: 1709280146730.jpg (747.68 KB, 1280x1024, Irako.Seigen.full.1415106.jpg)

Attack on Titan - same director as Death Note and it sure is spectacular.
If he enjoys duels/battle royals, he might like Blade of the Immortal, Jigokuraku, Shigurui and Revenger.

>If you smoke weed watch Polar Bear Cafe.
That's a dumb idea, especially when intoxicated. Such a relaxing show should not be tarnished with improper means of its consumption.

And yet you post in this thread.

No. 359467

Woah, Shigurui, what a throwback. I used to love this series back when I was an edgelord, I should see if it holds up.

No. 359469

The OST sure does. Madhouse had such a brilliant visual style back in the day - I miss it.

No. 359496

I haven’t tried it but the last person I showed Polar Bear Cafe to said it would be perfect with some weed to really maximize relaxation.

No. 359499

Shigurui has gay sex and autofellatio so the retarded moid would probably chimp out at it.

No. 359505

Weird that it got published in a seinen magazine then. I guess Japanese men aren't such pussies and can handle content like that.

No. 359508

Berserk had gay sex too, it’s allowed if it’s for drama or edgelord points.

No. 359518

File: 1709304318112.jpg (39.99 KB, 735x595, anyaaaaa.jpg)

I just finished Spy x Family and gosh I love this anime so much. Probably the best one that came out after 2015. I don't really watch new anime but this one was an exception because I really liked the theme the concept the setting the everything. I do wonder if Loid Yor and Anya will find out about the others "secret life". To add I haven't read the manga(maybe it happens there? Or maybe it doesn't happen at all) Oh and a movie came out recently but I haven't been able to watch it yet. Has anyone seen it?

No. 359524

Bl/stuff with homosexual happenings gets published as seinen sometimes.

No. 359530

Such as? I don't remember any. And no, Golden Kamuy is not BL.

No. 359531

animekage does (romanian weeb nonnas know)

No. 359532

Pretty sure Hikaru ga shinda natsu is being published as seinen

No. 359533

yes it is

No. 359538

Huh, I didn't know that.

No. 359560

It’s not BL though

No. 359578

AYRT, damn this goes hard. I actually never watched it (manga reader) but now I think I will.

No. 359579

File: 1709326805848.jpg (369.8 KB, 1170x1647, wefwyz66rtz81.jpg)

It's as much BL as the author's other work is considered BL. She goes more for undertones than explicit expression but there's a reason her stuff gets posted to all the usual BL aggregators.

No. 359590

I read the manga first and didn't like the anime because Anya's character changed but it was a totally fine anime.

No. 359597

>there's a reason her stuff gets posted to all the usual BL aggregator
Yeah, she used to post porn on pixiv before deleting it all. Because this series is in a seinen magazine she’s completely toned it down and tries to deny any of the gayness on Twitter

No. 359603

File: 1709346955053.png (2.45 MB, 2858x1619, wrong way to use healing magic…)

Watching The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic, I thought it was going to be a really bland isekai and while it has its genre-typical moments, so far I've actually been really charmed by the characters and the story's take on a healing mage in training that I haven't seen before. Way less scrotey and fanservicey than I expected, but I'm only on episode 7 right now so I hope that doesn't change.
Rose is everything to me. I am very down bad for her. I love genuinely scary hot women

No. 359606

I love this nonna

No. 359607

It's very good I like it, no real fanservice except for a bit where frieren is like "damn I have small boobs" because she's an elf or whatever. Seriously not the worst, I almost completely forgot about it

No. 359609

File: 1709349317438.jpg (2.91 MB, 4200x2726, xxxHolic-anime-35746124-4200-2…)

I remember people saying that the end of Xxxholic wasn't super good though. I watched the anime as a preteen so I completely forgot all about it, is it worth a rewatch? Nonnies into Xxxholic did you like the ending of the manga?

No. 359610

No way, I was getting this one mixed up with a pretty bad one and was going to skip it. I might give it a try then, thanks.

No. 359970

File: 1709508442516.png (302.74 KB, 831x467, Screenshot 2024-03-03 152749.p…)

trying to watch paranoia agent and i love the story so far but then i'm reminded of why i hate anime so fucking much. why do we need to see tsukiko's bra through her shirt? why is satoshi kon like this? does he think moids will stop paying attention if they don't get some pointless fanservice? fucking christ, this is why perfect blue also annoyed me, such a cool and creepy movie but everytime there was an exploitative "sexy" shot of mima (and that godawful male-gazey rape scene) it made me hate it.

No. 359971

its to show the fat guy is a sleazy pervert so its not ''fanservice'' per se.

No. 359972

Tbf wasn't the point to that scene that it was exploitative and sexualized more than what a shooting would be, as a way of alluding to the other pov?
Anyway, both are his edgy movies, but I can't remember if his lighter movies like Millenium Actress had the same issue.

No. 359974

I just didn't like paranoia agent in general, only episode I liked was the one with the three suicidal people.
I love perfect blue though.

No. 359984

do we need to see her bra in order to show that? directly afterward he tries to look up her skirt and licks the ice cream, i don't see your point.

No. 359985

Sorry, I was talking about Perfect Blue. I don't remember enough about Paranoia Agent unfortunately.

No. 359990

oh yeah, in that case, i mean, i don't think the rape was supposed to be gazey but unfortunately since we mostly watch mima and don't get her POV, it feels that way. i still like the movie but that's my criticism.

No. 360046

I think Kon was just like any other porn addicted moid. I used to be able to stomach his movies because they did have interesting concepts but now I just can't ignore the obvious rapey fanservice he did with female characters. With Perfect Blue it kinda works (it still didn't have to be that gazey) because of the exploitation theme but there's a rape scene in Paprika too and that's completely fucking unnecessary.

No. 360086

i want to say “good, less pozzed translations” then i remember who tends to run ai companies

No. 360089

nonnies what are your favorite series with adult protagonists? The older the better. I'm rewatching Ghost in the shell and it's a breath of fresh air in a sea of high schoolers kek.

No. 360098


No. 360110

Adult protags are boring as fuck

No. 360111

Are you 12?
Seconding this, great series.

No. 360145

File: 1709578408959.png (1.21 MB, 1654x2332, main.png)

Meiji Gekken is a great show & a historical anime I've been waiting for.

No. 360146

File: 1709578506715.jpg (669.26 KB, 1920x1080, 19th c. chuuni.jpg)

Also, why is he so perfect?

No. 360147

File: 1709578596405.jpg (164.73 KB, 640x960, MV5BNjllZTVhNjAtNWJiMC00OThiLT…)

Did I set my expectations too high? I feel like Cromartie High School wasnt as funny as I was hoping. Especially since its so loved

No. 360150

File: 1709579174373.gif (920.82 KB, 500x543, this is a 6pm show.gif)

Yeah, I found Gintama much funnier.

No. 360199

This looks good. I need to check it out.

No. 360257

Curious about it now… Will give it a watch.
Yeah I found it to be one of those shows/mangas (tried both) that are not actually as funny as they are in clips and screenshots. Saiki K was like this for me too, I thought the humor was retarded in the actual series when I gave it a try.
When it comes to pure comedy shows I think Daily Live of High School Boys is the funniest.

No. 360288

Comedy is about as subjective as it gets (especially with a language barrier), sometimes it clicks and sometimes it doesn't. I love Cromartie, maybe the manga more so than the anime, but a bunch of earnest, introspective delinquents acting so serious about absurd situations is conceptually funny to me, so even if a punchline is meh I'm amused by it in general.

No. 360310

depends, did you watch the dub or sub.

No. 360552

Anyone seen Undead Unluck? I’m on episode 3 and its damn boring, might drop it

No. 360591

whats your guilty pleasure? i recently started watching akebi chan no sailor fuku for the SAKUGA

No. 360593

Isekai, but not villianess.
The the guild and adventure routine comforts me.

No. 360617


No. 360636

I tried watching Frieren and it genuinely feels like a show where the majority native isekai population has autism and is unable to emote at all because of that.
So basically a painfully boring show with boring character designs and music but has some pretty backgrounds.

No. 360637

Yosuga no sora I'm sorry

No. 360642

Hetalia and PASWG. Specifically English dub

No. 360644

Cross Ange. I might have posted about it here before but I generally avoid discussing it even anonymously with nonas because of all the sexual violence in it. But in my heart Ange is a badass and it's a good show.

No. 360650

Recommend me something good as a seinenfag please

No. 360651

Isnt that the anime where they literally have 12 year old girls cutting each other’s toe nails and sniffing it? No amount of “sakuga” would get me to watch something obviously made by and for pedophiles

No. 360652

If you like GitS then you might find Texhnolyze interesting although it starts out very slow in the beginning episodes. If you end up liking Mushishi, then you might like Mononoke (2007) due to the shared folk tales inspiration

No. 360663

File: 1709820773680.jpg (144.77 KB, 680x1000, Rainbow_Nisha_Rokubou_no_Shich…)

Akudama Drive
Cyberpunk: Edgerunners
Tiger & Bunny
Space Brothers

No. 360664

Tried watching Rainbow a while ago and that shit was awful

No. 360665

File: 1709823195209.jpg (2.45 MB, 2000x3000, MV5BZGQ5ZjhhZTktNWUyMy00ZWU0LW…)

If you've ever liked Ai Somnium Files or the concepts of an Uchikoshi game you might like Id Invaded. Visually it can look kinda wonky and it's not exactly high budget but I got used to the style and it was entertaining imo

No. 360677

Seconding Id: Invaded, it's my underrated fave

No. 360679

its just turbo generic CGDCT, if you watched yuru yuri or lucky star or other moeshit its really the same.

No. 360685

In what way? Too much male rape?

No. 360697

None of those you mentioned were as explicitly fetishy as akebi-chan

No. 360699

idolish7… i hate the main group but the other groups (trigger, re:vale) are so cute i can’t help it

No. 360700

yes they were kek yuru yuri literally had a girl whose whole personality was having big bouncy boobs and it had incest with akarin's sister lmfao and lucky star made tons of jokes about lolicons and konata's father being a lolicon. Akebi chan is more 'mild' in comparison to be honest. Most anime is degen anyways, if you have been watching anime for years you eventually get used to it, for better or for worse.

No. 360703

I'm talking about the detail in camerawork to show it. Its one thing to be numb to dumb lolicon jokes and its another to look at detailed feet and oddly well-drawn details of little girls getting changed for gym class.

No. 360704

you sound like those animecore kiddies bending themselves into a pretzel defending the moeshit they like while shitting on other moeshit they deem problematic, kek

No. 360705

Thats exactly what you're doing about akebi-chan actually, good attempt at deflection though

No. 360706

No? I just saidit's no different from any other moeshit. It's a guilty pleasure of mine because its a CGDCT anyways, because if it was because of the sexualition and other weird japanshit then even 'normie' anime like NGE and Sakura card captor would be problematic.

No. 360712

Just happy that despite today's episode having a shit ton of the tentacles they did not use marcille as coombait

No. 360726

I see a lot of moids attaching to Marcille lately and it's genuinely depressing me. Aaaaaahh she's not your waifu she belongs to the girlies, why must men taint women-created works with their retarded waifuism?

No. 360733

I hate men who attach too much to Frieren as well

No. 360767

File: 1709869138437.jpg (215.67 KB, 960x1280, 1709866972996293.jpg)

Akira Toriyama has passed away.

No. 360769

File: 1709869484031.png (344.77 KB, 951x841, 68535204e87fb79b96262bb9e398e8…)

I can't fucking believe it

No. 360773

This franchise has had its fair share ups and downs over the years but damn it hurts to read.

No. 360774

File: 1709870456422.png (135.88 KB, 295x498, IMG_20240307_220230.png)

this is too real for me rn

No. 360776

File: 1709871113559.jpg (13.81 KB, 275x187, 1709870616406.jpg)

A national day of mourning in my country. RIP

No. 360777

File: 1709871438987.mp4 (2.2 MB, 640x360, ..mp4)

No. 360780

why the fuck do they die so young

No. 360781

Inhumane manga schedules eventually catch up to them unfortunately, but in Toriyama's case it's looking like a sudden accidental death, likely fell and suffered head trauma. RIP.

No. 360788

I refuse to believe it. I just woke up and saw that but I'll be in denial today.

No. 360790

File: 1709882163354.jpg (35.18 KB, 400x257, 2dluf0.jpg)

Noooooooo! He wasn't even old!

No. 360791

File: 1709883392378.jpg (151.41 KB, 900x637, 1000031388.jpg)

I loved dragon ball and Z, even as it had it's flaws. But I can't deny the positives this series gave me as a child.
May this legend rest in peace.

No. 360792

Waking up to this was the worst way to start my day, Dragon Ball changed the trajectory of my life and despite its flaws I hold it dear in my heart, RIP to the maestro.

No. 360798

This is so fucking sad, he wasn't even that old at 68 and had so many projects he was still working on. A huge loss, why couldn't it have been the pedo Kenshin mangaka instead? Toriyama changed the shounen genre forever and Dragon Ball was one of my generation's first introductions to anime, rest in peace. It's so hard to believe that this is real.

No. 360799

Seems like Akira Toriyama did the typical moid shit of needing medical attention after injuring himself, having his family members telling him to go to the hospital, refusing because "no it's nothing lol I'm fine" and died from what seemed like a normal fall. It's sad and it's shocking that it's from something that could have been prevented. His family must feel horrible right now.

No. 360801

rip to the mangaka but do people here actually like dragonball that's the most boring powerleveling scrote series with ugly roided designs i've ever seen, and i watched a ton of shounens

No. 360802

It's a fun manga.
>ugly roided designs
I don't care about the attractiveness of characters when reading something.

No. 360803

>and i watched a ton of shounens
Yeah no shit? It's a trendsetter that everyone else copied or used as inspiration so it's going to seem generic now in comparison. And it's inspired by a really popular Chinese legend so it's not meant to be incredibly subversive or anything.

No. 360804

He did questionable things in his manga too though. It's ok though because Goku is sexy

No. 360805

I don't really care about pwobwematic things in his manga because it is what it is, but he wasn't caught with his pants down having loads of actual real life CP on his hard drive like the Kenshin guy was.

No. 360806

Source? This reads like your own fanfiction.

BTW, Watsuki had actual DVDs of child porn, which he ordered online and stored in his office. What a retard.

No. 360807

Lowest fucking bar to date, get a grip.

No. 360808

>because it is what it is
What does that even mean?

No. 360811

I'm so sick of zoomers who are totally unable to put anything into context, as you said of course Dragon Ball seems like the most generic shounen ever now because literally every shounen series that came after it copied its style and themes. Toriyama's work was iconic and every single shounen mangaka today credits him as their inspiration.

No. 360812

File: 1709893263642.jpeg (426.79 KB, 1504x1026, nw9Lc4j.jpeg)

I don't feel bad at all

No. 360813

I'm not going to mourn a misogynistic degenerate's death.
You're real for this.

No. 360814

>Nearly 40 years ago
Even women were making jokes like this back then.

No. 360816

and? this ain't about them.

No. 360826

Oh damn, a japanese moid drew degenerate misogynistic things, who could have expected this!! News flash every single moid in anime and manga is porn addicted and a borderline pedophile, but anons here still consume and discuss moid-made animes and mangas.

No. 360830

The one I always saw was the panel in DB with the little 8 year old girl flashing a grandpa while he got a nosebleed. I dont give a flying fuck about another scrote like this dying lmao, some nonas have zero standards just to fit in

No. 360832

You mean Bulma? She was a teenager at the time. You should find better bait.

No. 360833

Lmao I’ve seen that scene around with moids fawning over it. Fucking disgusting scrote

No. 360834

>its ok because she was 16 and not 12!
This dickriding for dead moid is insane kek

No. 360836

Yeah I do, truth to be told I'm desensitized to outrage over menial things like shounen series. I will give a shit if it comes out that Toriyama raped or assaulted someone or was in possession of real child porn, I'm way too exhausted over constant online discourse to give a shit about cardboard cutout anime girls in shounen series. If it was something directed towards girls and had romanticizing of rape and abuse like most otomeshit does, I'd be way more disturbed.

No. 360841

Fuck off, troll.

No. 360845

>rolling your eyes at men for being degenerates but not extending female creators the same leniency
Many such cases

No. 360847

Her lack of self-awareness is almost funny

No. 360848

I saw that on the local news on TV he died because of something that happens when you suffer a head trauma (during a car crash, or by falling) but I can't spell that shit in English, I'm too ESL for that. Japanese tweets reported the same thing.

No. 360850

Fujos can draw all the boyrape they want and I won't care, women being complicit in their own oppression by fantasizing about being kidnapped and raped by Cage-kun is another story. The creator of Made in Abyss is a freak focusing his entire portfolio around obsessing over child abuse, some shounenshit series having an occasional pantyshot or titty joke doesn't compare.

No. 360851

Did he pick you yet?

No. 360852

Then link them.

No. 360853

Don't you have an internet connection? Look it up there are plenty of reliable sources out there.

No. 360858

File: 1709907133691.jpg (218.71 KB, 869x1305, drslump.jpg)

He has also said that he would be the type of old man who pretends to be senile so that he could peep on his daughter in the shower while admitting in the same interview that he would not mind another girl child. Additionally, he has joked about cheating on his wife if he could get away with it. Also, while he might not have got caught with cp like Watsuki, I am pretty sure all popular mangaka are friends with each other. Oda is friends with, and has continued to publicly show support for and even collab with convicted pedos - Watsuki & Shimabukuro. Toriyama, Gege, Horikoshi, Watsuki, etc were part of the jury for Tezuka manga award. They certainly don't mind being associated with potential child predators.

No. 360859

No. You've made a claim, now back it up. Otherwise I'll call you a liar who spouts bullshit on image boards for attention.

No. 360860

can you link this interview?

No. 360861

Hopefully whoever now gets to have the main paycheck for designing Dragon Quest monsters/characters and drawing promotional art has a much cleaner record

No. 360862

Did you even read what I said, or is the reading comprehension of farmers that nonexistent? Retard.

No. 360863

No. 360864

Just ignore the retard

No. 360865

This is actually sickening and nonas defending this moid just because he was influential are even more pathetic

No. 360866

Arent the Dragon Quest devs dropping like flies in general because they'll old? I don't even think anyone within Square Enix would want him to be replaced out of respect but iirc DQ12 is still being developed right now so idk.

No. 360867

Is the one shot where the main girl gets raped by villains until she gives up and becomes a prostitute? Kinda insane to write this

No. 360878

Tbh I'm surprised the mourning lasted as long as it did, on this sort of site.
Is there anybody that could die and wouldn't end up with a "but did you know he was actually a terrible person"?

No. 360882

Based. Dragon Ball is also dumb as fuck and boring and I hate it. I piss on his grave.

No. 360883

I mean, a lot of his projects (even dragon ball) were handled by assistants and other people so it's not like they can't keep going with them. It may not be him designing characters anymore but so many people can successfully copy him now.

No. 360885

Didn't know that scrote was this vile, not sad that he died.

No. 360888

yeah they pretty much take these female characters and just reduce them to being coombait in their fanarts and comments about them which is disgusting, they can never be normal about female characters in general even when they're not explicitly very sexualized in the source material. and it's just like, why are they even into frieren or dungeon meshi in the first place? why not go watch or read some hentai shit instead if that's what they want. it's like they enjoy tainting everything they can get their hands on and i've never met a moid that likes anime or anime girls without having this retarded porn brainrot about them, everything has to be sexual and about how they're hot waifus at all times

No. 360889

samefag but another thing is they also can't seem to be attracted to fictional characters (or real people) in a normal way really, it always has to be extreme and deranged instead of just looking at the character and being like yeah she's hot, or something without reducing them to just that one aspect. fern has pretty much been reduced to just "big boob waifu" while frieren is "loli elf waifu" and marcille is "blonde elf waifu" to these retards, and yet they still somehow consider themselves fans of the shows. and it's funny because these coomer moids don't realize anything they touch turns to shit, like by making these characters just coombait or just seeing them as a vapid sexual object or waifu of the month, they take anything that made them likeable or made them stand out in the first place, and just turn them into generic anime slut number 500

No. 360894

>he disliked pumpkin
Truly a menace to our society

No. 360896

I want autistic mourning dbz fanart

No. 360897

Most of it on twitter is AI shit…

No. 360898

Fuck, nothing is sacred anymore

No. 360902

it was goku's hair. it's genius. i believe dragon ball wouldn't have such cult status as it has if it wasn't for goku's unique perfect anime hair. toriyama hit a jackpot with that one.

No. 360906

File: 1709925786128.jpg (Spoiler Image,512.92 KB, 1024x1665, 1709916078881484.jpg)

He dunked on trannies, in the 90s.

No. 360908

I don't care either, never liked DB. I always thought it was just ok and that the moid cult following it had was pathetic. I associate DB fans with low income sub 100 iq tards too, because those are the kind of fans it had in my country.
It always struck me as an incredibly moidy series specially with all the fanservice nudity. Sad to see some nonnies excusing his behavior. All he did was contribute to the objectification of women and girls in shonen manga and by consequence in Japanese society.

No. 360912

lmao that TL note is so fucking pathetic, I personally condone transphobia and am glad he did it, these retards can't help but insert their agendas into fiction just to avoid being cancelled. also what prejudices? it's literally just a straight male character not being attracted to a tranny. that said it just comes across like if it was an actual woman he would've been fine objectifying her which still sucks ass

No. 360940

> low income sub 100 iq tards
You mean normies, right? 'my pervy c-cartoon is more enlightened and deeper than your pervy cartoon!' .. I got second-hand embarrassment from reading this even though i never cared much for Dragon Ball kek(infighting)

No. 360941

File: 1709936350335.jpg (473.85 KB, 1500x1753, wp2503547.jpg)

I think his rampant coomerism was cringe, but while I agree with criticising it (and I have a lot of words about that myself) I feel like it's pretty obvious nonas mourning him on here didn't like him for the shitty coom and rape jokes but for the things he's actually remembered for, so memorable character designs, cool fight scenes, lovable morons with a heart of gold, childhood husbandos and so on. It's understandable to have a dumb kneejerk reaction to someone who comes here to virtue signal just because nonas are sad that one of the most influential authors of the last century died relatively young and in an awful, sudden way.

Personally? I have a fondness for Arale Norimaki. She was the first idiot female character I ever saw and I autistically related to her silliness. 98% of anything to do with female characters and Toriyama is garbitch but I love Arale and her two electronic braincells

No. 360944

I just like him as an Illustrator, he does machinery and creatures in such an unique way. Love the stuff he made for videogames

No. 360948

File: 1709939357630.png (3.74 MB, 2692x1600, 1709934672118467.png)

He also drew for Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest and even was the influence for most character design of Final Fantasy VII

No. 360987

File: 1709943480974.png (26.63 KB, 1012x196, Screenshot 2024-03-08 162010.p…)

beyond the incest pedo shit, jesus christ

No. 360998

File: 1709945126011.jpg (255.71 KB, 1280x922, toriyama.jpg)

his art downgraded so much through the years.

No. 360999

I love that he was scared to cheat. It means his wife would've killed him figuratively if she found out.
Also I'm not surprised he talks like that, cheating is so common in Japan. It's like affairs are expected to happen.

No. 361005

I have never read a single Toriyama manga and never plan to
I have dropped every Dragon Quest game I’ve played

No. 361014

This is seriously so cool. I love his art even if I'm not a dragon ball fan or an avid manga reader.

No. 361021

File: 1709953798263.gif (1.93 MB, 538x407, tumblr_01ba91f4b72dfe779bed49c…)

i agree with this, anon. while i find things he said disgusting even if they were "jokes" and i was always bothered by the character of master roshi, nothing will make me hate DBZ. it gives me such wonderful nostalgic memories of being a kid, enjoying DBZ memes as a teen and still now, etc. and even if toriyama was a creep i still loved the female characters in the show. it wasn't feminist anime or anything but it made me feel like i could be strong just like the boys.

No. 361024

his style during dragon ball is just so appealing. the guy just really has a good sense of design.

more realistic and detailed isn't always better. is art did downgrade but his less detailed style is more memorable and effective design wise.

No. 361027

File: 1709963579411.png (697.72 KB, 802x500, image.png)

Agreed, tbh I enjoyed seeing vulgar and strong women on screen because women were otherwise too "clean" in media if that makes any sense. I've heard the manga is a bit more adult than the anime and the character were subdued so I'm probably gonna download it to my kindle and give it a read soon. Plus, who knows what got changed in the old dub that I've got in my head

DBZ was among my first ever anime, I have ancient memories of shoving my cousins off the couch screaming Kamehameha and it was a massive deal to so many kids back then. For lots of kids Goku was their Superman. It plus Sailor Moon opened up a whole new world of media to me and so many others. I loved the character designs and action, even if they sometimes took too many episodes to get to the point lol.
Nearly every scrote whose media I have enjoyed has been awful behind the scenes or even overtly, at this point I judge the media itself and pirate everything made by men. DBZ isn't close to good female representation but nothing really is even now. Regardless, it's still enjoyable to me and the women are still pretty unique in their personality types vs typical media. I don't remember anything bad enough to me that I couldn't enjoy it but hey, maybe my mind will change in reading the manga as an older adult

No. 361030

File: 1709965637911.jpg (42.68 KB, 700x558, 0.jpg)

No. 361031

File: 1709965755776.jpg (50.65 KB, 593x491, 2222.jpg)

No. 361032

File: 1709965998630.png (140.49 KB, 594x874, 1709954105643772.png)

El Salvador government put out a statement too. Very large outpouring of condolences right now.

No. 361035

There was way worse than DB in terms of fanservice when it comes to the shonen jump, like Bastard which is almost as influencial among Japanese boomers and gen X character designers and mangaka nowadays.

No. 361036

File: 1709969910784.png (1.34 MB, 1000x1325, j3wehAg.png)

these are pretty cool.

No. 361038

File: 1709969945050.png (1.52 MB, 842x1228, 0FvsYBO.png)

No. 361053

No I actually meant the poor male latino demographic from my country who became obsessed with DB because of their lack of education and economic situation, but didn't want to get banned for racebait or whatever.

This is fine, my only issue was the few nonnies here trying to excuse his past behavior. Beyond that, I just relate to the other nonnies who didn't like the show.

No. 361067

how many of you saw dragon ball in the right order, as in you saw dragon ball first? because for me goku being an alien and dying at the start of z were actual shocks because i grew up with kid goku kek though i have mixed opinions on the fantasy-turned scifi direction the show got.

No. 361078

To this day I don't understand why this whole DBZ marketing bs even existed or even why anyone thought this meant that DB before and after the timeskip are separate series. I watched the anime when I was so young I can't remember it very well, so this is more about the manga I guess but this is on par as being recommended Naruto and being told to start with "shippuden" or being told to start Homestuck with act 5, this is so stupid I fail to understand how people to this day keep doing this. I only understand it if people watched the show on TV randomly long ago and didn't think of looking it up online to know that you're supposed to start with the first episode and not the 300th episode.

No. 361082

from what i've understood most people in usa only have seen dbz for some reason and didn't know db even existed

No. 361083

I watched it with my brothers and sister(the four of us shared one room) and we had a tv in it, so we'd have to watch whatever my older brother wanted, so I ended up watching it and having fond of memories of watching it, but I can't actually remember the plot order.

No. 361086

I saw dragon ball first because I was a kid and that's how it just happened to appear. I honestly only liked the music, and the slow moments without fights and without master roshi around.
If anything I was frustrated because there was no romance, kid me wanted kid goku to fall in love and drop the fights kek.

No. 361090

I believe my country began showing Dragon Ball for the first time in 2002, and then after finishing DB they immediately started showing dbz until 2003 so I grew up with both. Frankly, I never even fully comprehended the segue into scifi since I was only 5 back then and I saw both shows as one entity.

No. 361096

I was extremely young and I get the feeling that I probably actually saw the first run of GT in my country in either 2000 or 2001 before everything else.
GT tells you the whole backstory so of course I was excited and not confused to see the reruns of regular Dragon Ball started right after they ended airing it.
I actually far preferred regular DB to anything else. I think I was fine with DBZ up until the Buu saga but even back then I couldn't stand the lenght of some fights.

No. 361102

File: 1709993532243.png (526.05 KB, 1080x1117, IMG_4128.png)

Is Jojo good? This screenshot is cracking me up

No. 361110

File: 1709995723961.jpg (82.27 KB, 650x529, ce0.jpg)

You either love it or hate it but it's definitely something every anime fan should give a try. It's just a very influential series.
I personally think it's very funny and entertaining.

No. 361112

No. 361113


Jojo is retarded but in the best possible way, and the fashion and stand abilities are cool. I recommend it if you just want something fun, gay, and weird.

No. 361114

Kek based as fuck

No. 361119

JJBA is pure fun, the type of thing you read or watch because of the fight scenes, the suspens, the characters being hilarious, retarded, stylish or cool, the batshit crazy powers the characters get, etc. but don't expect a super coherent, smart story. Sometimes it does feel obvious that Araki was writing some of the stories and twists chapter by chapter instead of having a coherent idea before starting some parts but I don't think that's a problem at all. What's good is that while the series isn't over, the parts are distinct stories so you can read or watch each of them at your own pace (in order of release of course) without feel burnt out. I really regret selling my French volumes a few years ago even though I needed the extra money, now I'm considering getting part 1 to part 6 in Japanese someday.

No. 361120

I thought I'd watched DBZ first, but in checking air dates in my country I think I was just too young to remember DB and mostly have proper memories around DBZ being aired. That or my mom stopping me from watching the show back then actually was for years like it felt instead of like a month so it lasted through DB into DBZ kek.
If you're on this forum there's a good chance the humour is up your alley. I'm actually loving it, my sister got me hooked. As other nonas say, it's the embodiment of "retarded" through and through.

No. 361132

Yes. Explaining the joke isn't funny but the 1st eng translation of Stardust Crusaders where Polnareff gets hit in the eyes with baby shampoo during a fight and yells "damnit, it says no tears" (IFKYK) is the funniest shit ever

No. 361144

File: 1710011371223.jpg (125.83 KB, 638x1029, flp59qu0o2h41.jpg)

No. 361159

Hard to say because you have to turn your brain off to fully enjoy it (and I very much do) but then you won't understand how King Crimson works.

No. 361161

My country aired DB first and it was actually my first anime.
After that was DBZ and yeah I remember that I perceived it a lot darker as a child because characters were dying left and right, I especially got shocked when Goku died.

No. 361162

Same, my only substantial interaction with his work is through his concept work for video games, but even then, the loss of him feels massive. He truly is a behemoth of JP media.

No. 361164

I read some volumes of Dragon Ball when I was 12 or 13 (?) and I liked it but it didn't impress me enough to continue it after I had finished everything my local library had at that time. (I didn't watch the anime at all except for maybe 1-2 random episodes)
I'm still sad tho because I acknowledge what he did for the industry/community/whatever

No. 361165

iirc this chapter was released very soon after that movie got released in Japan so Araki just spoiled a lot of people for the sake of it kek

No. 361179

its true, based araki and based jolyne

No. 361324

File: 1710076993700.jpg (3.88 MB, 2839x4000, media_GCr22iibUAAu7ki.jpg)

Will I enjoy this as a Naruto fan?

No. 361330

>naruto fan
Considering your below average taste, probably.

No. 361333

I watched the first episode of this and it was pretty unique and not bad, but I got too busy to give it more episodes. Its absolutely nothing like Naruto and its ninja system though. Try it out.

No. 361349

No. I'm a I am a Hero fan (same author) and despised it

No. 361351

I like the manga.

No. 361353

I liked it for the completely ridiculous world building and lolsorandum dry humor, although it was fairly moidy.

No. 361360

all the characters look like smelly incels and none of them are wearing neon colored jumpers

No. 361372

File: 1710093524624.gif (3.88 MB, 400x225, Caesar_Zeppeli_s_extreme_chair…)

It's…bizarre. Each part's pretty unique, and I don't think each one's equally strong.

No. 361412

sad day for annoying people

No. 361514

File: 1710107071216.png (66.89 KB, 1080x224, 20240308214122.png)

more like picrel

No. 361540

any recommendations for animes related to toxic relationships, dark realities such as drugs, misfits, rebelling etc

No. 361638

Parts 1-3 might be too simple for an adult reader or viewer today but if you like big showy and flashy characters and some showcases of unique powers despite that it's enjoyable, it's worth trying out imo. Part 4 and the small town setting with unraveling secrets was by far my favorite. I haven't yet got around to reading the rest but I will eventually at least give each part a try.

No. 361657

Maybe Gungrave, or at least the first half of it

No. 361700

File: 1710163178594.jpg (53.11 KB, 640x640, 37f0f1094e805afbd8f3fed4c8aa9e…)

At some point in Charlotte the MC goes down a self-destructive path and tries to do drugs. It was mostly ironically funny tho.

No. 361704

ntayrt but kek i watched this so long ago, just because the MC was kinda cute, i was shocked when his younger sister died i didn't really think they'd have the guts to do it

No. 361712

The latter half of this anime was so funny when it absolutely wasnt trying to be kek

No. 361881

File: 1710199790475.jpg (272.08 KB, 1920x1080, [SubsPlease] Bucchigiri - 08 (…)

This slut is the only good thing about Bucchigiri

No. 361928

Who is the audience for Bucchigiri? Excerpts from it I see and the cast/ED make me feel like it's geared towards yumes or fujos (good) but the actually synopsis sounds like it's not. I can't be assed to watch just to find out it's not for me.

No. 361929

Utena I guess

No. 361982

After watching it seems like for anyone in general who wants to see half naked guys fight and act retarded? I dont know, its not very good but I’m into the visual style of the show. It doesnt seem specifically catered to anyone which is probably why its not sticking with any group of fans in particular

No. 362012

File: 1710244655580.jpg (603.79 KB, 2000x1413, main.jpg)

Banana Fish

Papa Dino x Ash is the most toxic shit you'll see in shoujo manga and their anime adaptations.

No. 362019

No offense, but I don't think either of the series captures what the OP meant. Although both have dark content, they only have a superficial understanding of those realities imo.

No. 362020

File: 1710248372462.jpg (59.62 KB, 423x595, 9781685797294_p1_v2_s600x595.j…)

maybe homunculus. but just you know it's a fucked up story and the main character is not a good guy and there's moid shit.

No. 362029

Aku no Hana is a classic.

No. 362032

I'm not her but I think Banana Fish would fit the words she used just fine.

No. 362035

File: 1710251924811.gif (390.93 KB, 500x281, Texhnolyze.gif)


No. 362091

Maybe I'm retarded but I watched like half of Texhnolyze some years ago and I never understood what the fuck was going on.

No. 362492

With the way it plays out you do kinda need to see around 3/4ths of it for it to look a lot neater as a package, but the basic setup is that there's two completely different worlds: one is full of rowdy people being run by their base urges (greed, hunger, lust, and so on), you expect these types from a brutal city. Trying to either grab what's theirs with the threat of violence in a place of scarce resources, or in one man's case, trying to become the dominant power to unify everything to hopefully create a much better situation. The other world above has achieved a pure and completely peaceful utopia but has also fallen into a ghost-like sterility. There's some things I felt strongly in the last fourth or so of the show but they're not things I'm able to articulate into words well, for me that kind of feeling is pretty rare with anime. I have no idea how different people would react to that last third or fourth of the show though

No. 362526

Ragna Crimson is my underrated show of the season

No. 362533

The first few episodes were a slog to get through iirc, but later on things got more cleared up. Like the other nona says I think it manages to capture themes you don't see too often in anime and each character acts as a symbol for some specific idea.

No. 362768

Anyone planning on checking out that Suicide Squad Isekai anime?
A trailer for it dropped.

No. 362770

Why are they trying so hard to push the Suicide Squad?

No. 362824

You could not release anything more unappealing and fucking garbage

No. 362843

Sad that this shit exists before any modern isekai anime with a reverse harem and manservice

No. 362846

File: 1710516175858.png (356.82 KB, 300x462, image.png)

I have an autistic hatred for things that are obviously based on the new52 suicide squad which debuted the assassination of Harley so it's a massive pass from me. The show's design (and most adaptions) is her "improvement" that came later on but imo people only accepted it because the overall bar was on the floor for the redesigns.
Also fuck me this came out 13 years ago, this redesign is almost getting to how old the original design was before the comic reboot.

No. 362847

I'd honestly binge a good non-coomerish Kuchisake-onna anime where she slaughters moids.

No. 362851

File: 1710518428023.jpg (1.44 MB, 3368x2298, 541351.jpg)

Ao no Exorcist has some of the worst female characters in shounen. A yamato nadeshiko klutz, a girl with no character whatsoever and a thot who wanted to marry an old man.

No. 362852

>Same writers as Vivy
Did anybody watch that one? How was it?

No. 362853

late and nta but to me it felt like fight club through the lens of a male who really glorified fight club. very toxic masculinity, the anime

No. 362855

>no real fanservice except for a bit where frieren is like "damn I have small boobs"
the fact that a character even has a flyaway thought like this makes me doubt the rest of her writing (and the series in general)

No. 362895

File: 1710531452057.jpg (78.9 KB, 1366x768, 774.jpg)

Bravern is AOTS. Also the homo AOTY.

No. 362900

i never thought they were too bad, and the mangaka never sexualized the underage girls, and they both shiemi and izumo receive pretty decent character development (that heavily has to do with each other, as well as some male characters still tho), and even shura gets an arc that fleshes out why she behaves the way she does (its a whole cycle of abuse and trauma thing) and gives her depth, also comments on how society tends to think of women as "expired" after the age of 30.

there is always an aspect of apologism when it comes to abusive men, though. they're definitely not the worst female characters out of shounen, and they were created and created by a female mangaka, so i'm not as harsh on them as i am shitty female characters like the girls from naruto. blue exorcist in general just isn't that good?

No. 362903

i hated episode 10 so fucking much if smith had died atleast there wouldve been some emotional motivation for isami to succeed and the audiences too. i hate whenever any anime is afraid to kill off its main characters for not to hurt the audience .also the time travel doesnt make ANY sense like i get it its referencing terminator but aleast be original. if smith was braven how the hell he not alert the current smith what would happen if he went to battle?? since that also happened in his timeline? so he willingly led the current one to his death because it would give isami motivation and bravery?? i hate it so much and i hated the fucking uncle and lulu scene too seems like the didnt write ahead and are just trying to speed things up ive hated how they treat her as a born yesterday trope she timetraveled as adult but still became a teen and the weird sex jokes with smith i actually was looking forward to more

No. 362905

Everything about lulu is nasty. This braindead supposed loli is ruining my homo show

No. 362906

seconding other anon, the show's plot is a trainwreck and I hate lulu kek. It seemed so promising at the start. At least they're keeping the humor and not taking itself too seriously, I'll keep watching because isami and bravern are cute

No. 362907

>ao no exorcist
Is there anything this season with a female character people here like?

No. 362908

tbf I'm one of the lulu haters and I think the female characters in frieren are great

No. 362909

Are you really crying because those anons dont like some obnoxious lolibait or pure yamato nadeshiko waifu lol

No. 362911

No, I was genuinely asking.
If you want to keep griping, go ahead.

No. 362918

Starlia is my best girl of the season

No. 362925

Surprised but based. Floating arms are so cool.

No. 362926

Frieren is female and we like it fine. Dungeon Meshi also has a female lead and it’s good. Im not watching anything else, I just checked out those because I liked the mangas.

No. 362930

I wish I could like Lulu but this show keeps being so weird about her. It's too bad the other female characters don't get more focus since there's some cool potential there, but there just aren't enough episodes to even get through the main plot.
Really enjoying the show overall though. It harms me the way an anime hasn't harmed me since King of Prism almost a decade ago.

No. 362931

Bravern with half his shell blown off was so sexy, I want to touch all over his exposed insides and I hope it hurts for him.

No. 362960

Suicide Squad doesn't even sell that well anymore, I don't get it. Everyone is tired of that Harley design too

No. 362961

File: 1710561920097.png (2.61 MB, 1280x1280, a709be75de5b0602234df4764c174b…)

Thank god for dungeon meshi it always makes me happy and forget my depression it's the thing that makes me keep going and it's in the middle of the week so it's even better and Senshi is my husbando who is your husbando?

No. 362965

File: 1710562756812.png (115.95 KB, 515x447, IMG_4799.png)

I love my tiny husband

No. 362984

Naruto woman >>> AnE women
At least Naruto has Tsunade, Ino (her relationship/rivalry with Sakura was endearing) and Karin. The AnE girls are so bland and I can't honestly see any character development for Izumo. She's still the same as before, her past being revealed hasn't changed a thing about her or how she behaves. I can't tolerate Shura - she never stops being coomerbait. That marriage subplot was also a mistake. Also archetypes like Shiemi are the worst and dating sim level of wish-fulfilment.

>they were created and created by a female mangaka, so i'm not as harsh on them

So you'll gladly eat up shit as long as it was produced by a woman? Give me a break.

No. 362986

Why do people like Karin? Because she fucks Sasuke??

No. 362989

Because she is Sakura, but perverted, with a vicious streak and lacking boundaries. I like how imperfect she is - like your average shounen MC in the making.

No. 362990

Personally, I like that she's sort of a freak. I'm usually not into more perverted female characters but her brand of unhinged cracks me up somehow. Sasuke should die FR though, all of the women into him are too good for him.

No. 363000

Is the anime at the what part yet?

No. 363014

File: 1710599882976.jpg (90.7 KB, 1093x614, bb6.jpg)

>if smith was braven how the hell he not alert the current smith what would happen if he went to battle??
He prefers being a giant robot and having Isami ride him. He's a homosexual AND an autorobophile. Plus he needed to die and become Bravern to save the world in the first place. I don't know what's hard to understand.

I would tolerate her if she 1) wasn't a loli 2) didn't make Pikachu sounds. How can anybody not find her grating?

No. 363015

File: 1710599998883.jpg (30.54 KB, 1093x614, 5557.jpg)

>It harms me the way an anime hasn't harmed me since King of Prism almost a decade ago.
What does it mean? Did it turn you straight?

No. 363016

File: 1710600049093.jpg (88.83 KB, 1093x614, 54.jpg)

> I want to touch all over his exposed insides and I hope it hurts for him

No. 363019

File: 1710600211897.jpg (32.47 KB, 1093x614, 252.jpg)


No. 363029

I cam't tell if you haven't watched King of Prism or if you're saying you truly don't understand the feeling of incurring serious psychological damage from convoluted homosexual show every week. I bring up King of Prism because it was a similarly genre perversing show that melted minds each week and the plot ultimately ended with an on-screen gay kiss and a murder suicide involving god(?). I'm not the first person I've seen compare the two.
My sides…

No. 363037

File: 1710605070874.webm (2.5 MB, 960x540, 1550605940200.webm)

>I cam't tell if you haven't watched King of Prism or if you're saying you truly don't understand the feeling of incurring serious psychological damage from convoluted homosexual show every week.
I consume homosexual content daily, be it VNs, manga, anime or novels. Where is the damage?

No. 363045

>I consume homosexual content daily
My condolences

No. 363054

You forgot about Temari! She is a queen. I feel like if Sakura didn't end up with Sasuke and was actually allowed character development she could have been great. I also really liked Tenten but she got basically zero screen time. That one girl that fought Shikamaru with the flute was pretty based too imo.

No. 363075

Sakura was such a waste of a character. There was so much that could have been done with her, and with little effort too. She's obsessed with Sasuke? Make her betray Konoha for him and join in his revenge plot! Tsunade's disciple? Make her the next hokage while Nard travels the world!

No. 363093

frieren is a good anime however some of the character designs look autistic as fuck and somehow appeals to coomers despite not being sexualized in the show. i think it's cause everyone has an extreme baby face and it's some sort ot moe but an ugly moe, like serie who i find very ugly but she also looks kinda moid-y at the same time. i don't know how to explain it, but it's this blob loli animu style that drives coomers wild

No. 363097

File: 1710620783968.jpg (163.17 KB, 906x585, 22222700.jpg)

like this, big ass blob baby head with gremlin features, something that would pander to incels

No. 363099

Frieren is still a high fantasy anime show with cute marketable girls, just because there aren't titty monsters and pantyshots every two minutes doesn't mean it's not trying to cater to otaku men that would potentially buy merch of these characters.

No. 363101

With a female mc and female characters it's going to happen pretty much regardless, tbf.
What can an author to do?

No. 363102

i'm aware of that i just wish it had a different style. i'm tired of blobheads

No. 363105

Damn she looks retarded

No. 363106

I know it's a small thing but I'm glad frieren and the other elf girl actually act like they're ancient and wise. They could've so easily went "thousand year old loli who speaks/acts like a toddler" but I was pleasantly surprised kek. I really like that character's voice too

No. 363107

Yeah the art kept me away from it when it was just a manga but I actually wound up liking it. The manga artist is actually just kind of bad at drawing (can draw decent static poses but struggles with action; theyve been getting a little better lately but I kinda miss the days of every single fight scene being cut, it was funny) and the characters have somewhat of a same-face issue. Shame they didn’t correct that in the anime and it almost looks worse. Still, at its core I like the story.

No. 363112

File: 1710629141573.png (Spoiler Image,781.22 KB, 810x1080, aigenerated1000yearolddragonlo…)

tbh Frieren gave me whiplash because it's like some characters are drastically trashier than one another and belong in another show. and at first I thought it was just a quaint story with a nice melancholic undertone, but sometimes it comes across as fanfictiony in a way I can't fully describe.

No. 363115

Yeah the women in the latest episodes have terrible designs. Like those two friends who look like they're from different centuries kek. It does feel very unpolished at times.

No. 363117

I thought those two where purposely made to contrast, with the fancy dress girl being more tough that the shorts girl. Sort of, going by their designs, you'd expect their personalities to be switched.

No. 363122

Omg the anime is not improving on the manga art at all lmao. why is it worse? I actually liked that demon character even though they’re all heartless monsters without much personality canonically

No. 363127

File: 1710634002114.png (241.43 KB, 1170x1288, 1684042279737.png)

um hello, based department?

No. 363140

I'm on episode 4 of Frieren and I'm falling asleep

No. 363141

What gay anime is this?

No. 363142

All anime panders to incels tbh no matter how they look

No. 363143

ugh you're so right. she had a lot of potential and kishi kept threatening to have her grow and then never followed through. so many missed opportunities.

No. 363144

Yes the anime just got to the what part this week in episode 11

No. 363153

Even yaoi?

No. 363154

Even yaoi.

No. 363158

I don't know why you guys get so insecure about who else a show is pandering to. They will always try to net a wider audience it's just business. As long as the content of the show itself isn't objectionable why do you even care that scrotes also like it?

No. 363159

File: 1710640686281.png (142.71 KB, 590x660, 1652161263289.png)

Oh God

No. 363160

real. imagine caring what men like and letting it dictate what you like/consume.

No. 363161

Probably because they have to see shit they dont like?

No. 363162

Frieren is mediocre with or without it. I've read seinen that is more coomery than it that I liked better.

No. 363164

"I feel like the artstyle is pandering to moids" is one of the dumbest complaints I've seen on here. If someone don't like the artstyle why would they even watch? It's not like the artstyle is hidden somewhere in episode 5 where you get jumpscared by it, you know the style before you even start. Why on earth do people here watch things they know they don't like and then start complaining? No one forced them to watch. It's bizarre

No. 363166

File: 1710641688917.jpeg (59.17 KB, 609x850, Kurapika__アニー.jpeg)

ok? that has nothing to do what i am saying. i am talking about women who will not/stop liking something just because men also like it. i dont care if frieren is garbage or not, my point is that its stupid to let men dictate what you enjoy.
also its retarded to let men have that much control over you lmao

No. 363172

To be fair, sometimes there really isn't anything objectionable in the actual content, I've seen "ew moid" authors straight out say "I can't write fanservice, its too embarrasing. Please understand."
It doesn't really matter, men will just pretend otherwise.

No. 363174

I don't entirely disagree but what are you referring to? The anon upthread who called the frieren girls freaky looking?
Also I think you can still enjoy a show despite an unappealing art style

No. 363183

it takes quite a few episodes until the weirder stuff shows up. i.e., >>363112 which would still be offputting genderbent. I don't even dislike the style overall. it's strange for you to act as if any criticism means we all violently hate it and are controlled by men.

No. 363186

Aura isn't a gender bent? Wut

No. 363189

I meant if she was a guy instead with a similar design and not pandering to men it'd still be bad.

No. 363218

File: 1710658578215.webm (2.9 MB, 1280x720, 1655094251885.webm)

King of Prism

No. 363584

File: 1710778647554.jpeg (121.6 KB, 1280x720, SS.jpeg)

Every day I regret not watching MWPD weekly in 2011 and theorizing about everything. Its so damn good.

No. 363818

File: 1710826037274.gif (4.42 MB, 540x304, 401D3AD6-6B37-4F16-8D32-2BCCA5…)

Any good sports anime?

I just finished watching Salaryman Club and really enjoyed it. Different from what I usually watch and would like to add more to my watch list.
I thought it would be boring but it was well animated and the storyline was nice. I’m not a major fujo but the two main characters were dripping with bait. It even had a typical BL arch where the MC and ML had a short but powerful history that ultimately changed the trajectory of their lives. Of course the MC completely forgets (because it happened when he was a small child) this until the nearing of the end season and realized who his badminton partner was. Also, cute boys in suits.

No. 363819

I've read good things about Overtake (based on Japan Formula 4) that it's surprisingly well done for a short sports anime original. And I remember seeing praise for Baby Steps (tennis) which is a title that might not show up often on recommendation lists, but for the manga not the anime.

No. 363863

Has there ever been an anime where the men are sexualized to hell and back with the female ones aren't and get to be in normal situations? And I'm not talking about shows where the female characters are miniscule at best (Golden Kamuy for example), the gendder ratio has to be at least 50:50.

No. 363864

Did you watch Ōoku: The Inner Chambers when it came out? Wasn’t that long ago. I actually stopped watching it because it was depressing me, it’s a total 1:1 gender role reversal and it went pretty hard. Lots of nonnies were into it. I just felt like they were stories about women (hence why it depressed me) and the male anime character on the screen playing the role wasn’t fooling me, but it was an interesting show. It might not be sexy enough for what you’re looking for, unless you’re really into historic Japanese clothing and hair.

No. 363880

Gintama is the closest to what you describe.

No. 363899

Overtake was boring as shit and barely even about the sports

No. 363913

File: 1710862174196.jpg (105.58 KB, 750x1000, 1000005579.jpg)

Laius, I'm sad I lost all my images of fanart and managa Screencast from the 4chan threads when the chapters were coming out.

No. 363971

File: 1710876627491.jpg (164.89 KB, 1600x900, ffd8a-16760396394932-1920-1472…)

Been watching Mashle lately. I personally like it. I can do without the Siscon guy, but he isn't necessarily creepy loli way, just still an ick.

No. 364634

File: 1711117687714.jpg (540.71 KB, 1920x1080, GDmz9rMaMAAmkPQ.jpg)

Is there anything to look out for?

No. 364699

File: 1711133824145.jpg (187.96 KB, 1200x675, 20240322_002625.jpg)

Everyime I see Dr. Stone merch I find it funny that they kind of just gave up and show off the dudes.

No. 364707

My friend is obsessed with the manga/anime. I appreciate how much women love it

No. 364709

About to check this out

No. 364711

Kishimoto didn't know how to write Sakura and it became obvious after a while. It's disappointing he did literally nothing with her after a while and made the entire fandom hate her.

No. 364712

I wish HQ never got popular enough to end up like this. Her TAS version is the only one I'll accept. No one likes Suicide Squad

No. 364714

File: 1711137441123.jpg (196.08 KB, 678x497, 30yr to 15yr.jpg)

i hate how they butchered one of anime coolest female character, major is a ADULT woman not a uwu 15 year old moeblob. i hate that redesign so much

No. 364756

I was seriously hoping that wasn't Major, but fuck.. She looks awful. All modern anime looks really weird to me. Only JJk looks okay, but for the most part they cant handle mature looking characters. This is such a massive downgrade.

No. 364760

why is modern anime so fucking ugly

No. 364761

They have zero restraint with post-production effects

No. 364762

Modern anime can look bad, but I refuse to count that memed into popularity Instagram Russian artist that can only draw one female face.

No. 364764

literally what?

No. 364766

File: 1711144992805.jpg (124.09 KB, 900x900, ilya-kuvshinov-scissors.jpg)

He draws these girls you've probably seen around, they all look the same.

No. 364768

I hate kuvshinov_ilya for this so much. My hatred is unreal. Whoever decide to choose him for character design should be blacklisted from the industry along with their whole bloodline for the next 200 years.
(NTAYRT) the person who did the character design for the new GiTS SAC 2045 is a hack instagram artist https://www.instagram.com/kuvshinov_ilya iirc he has been called out for tracing and ripping off photos and other artist with no credit many times too

No. 364770

File: 1711145283255.jpg (359.69 KB, 1200x1502, Screenshot-2024-02-23-at-11.57…)

Kek he also did character designs for that recent shitty mcdonalds japanimation stunt.

No. 364772

I used to follow him because whatever, cute faces art posted regularly on my feed. When he posted the GiTS art I got so angry because it was such an affront to the character I looked into him and found out he was a total hack.

No. 364784

File: 1711147662530.jpg (226.1 KB, 1400x2008, ooku-the-inner-chambers-vol-13…)

I'm finishing Ōoku rn because you peaked my interest and ngl I find it so tame. What's the point of setting your plot in a matriarchy if you're going to immediately try to dismantle it? I wanted to see the male concubine dynamics and their struggles before the shogun dismissed them. Is it just the anime that's paced like that? I'd pick up the manga if it showed more of the dark things that are supposed to be going on in the chambers. Compared to all the suffering female characters have to go in historical settings (even when they're targeted towards women) this doesn't elicit much of a emotional response to me which is a shame because th premise is so interesting yet so rare.

No. 364787

men who draw this kind of stuff all the time are fucking faggots and pedos

No. 364792

Nta but same, people sold me on a matriarchy story and it just turned out to be a bunch of tragic stories

No. 364811

What do farmers think of Kill la Kill?

I see it get praised a lot for being the closest thing to a masterpiece. I remember watching the first few episodes years ago and it didnt vibe with me, but I've never really been a fan of Trigger's style in the first place. I'm curious if any nonas here love it too or if its just a moid thing

No. 364813

I watched it while it was airing and still think it’s pretty fun with great animation and a killer OST. Obviously very coomery but it’s a guilty pleasure—another thing I do like is that the men get sexualized too kek

No. 364816

it's okay. solid 6/10 show

No. 364819

It’s ok. It’s not a masterpiece. I would never call it “the closest thing to a masterpiece” under any circumstances, that’s crazy. The edgy twist with the mom towards the end was handled poorly in retrospect; I think at the time I thought it was shocking and emotional but it was actually coombrained.

No. 364823

File: 1711157338654.mp4 (4.14 MB, 640x360, 1000005833.mp4)

God I remember the shitposting and webms on /ic/ of his hilariously obvious self-insert character backflipping naked up the stairs like yesterday. What a fucking hack.

No. 364830

Literally the only good thing to come out of it lol what even was that

No. 364832

File: 1711159669925.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1179x1384, IMG_9466.jpeg)

God that art looks like the fake American anime stickers they’d sell in packs at Borders next to the manga… sorry that’s really specific but it’s what I thought of kek. I know it’s just a shitty commercial but I hate this, he can’t do character designs, he can only draw one face.

No. 364837

I knew the moment my dress up darling became popular they would greenlight shit like 2.5 dimensional seduction. Read a bit of the manga before because I thought it would be cute and talk about being an awkward otaku into cute characters but it’s just costhottery the manga

No. 364838

My god. This is insane. It's LITERALLY the exact same face, even the eyebrow shape is the same. How do the men who draw like this not get bored staring down at the exact same face over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again? scary implications for the complexity of the male mind.

No. 364839

Ctrl+C Ctrl+V…

No. 364861

Eugh. This kinda reminds me of one animator's style from Studio 4c who was pretty talented. This would be the more in your face garish and kind of grotesque version of that

No. 364898

File: 1711196609787.jpg (73.6 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Very disappointed how coomer the last episode of Dungeon Meshi was…

No. 364899

me too, nona. do you know if the manga is like this too?

No. 364900

File: 1711197399510.png (396.73 KB, 1050x1500, sv5rttdh6j8c1.png)

It's basically the same. I guess it feels worse in the anime because watching takes longer than reading and it obviously shows way more outside of the panels

No. 364901

I feel like this obscures their bodies a lot more than the anime scenes

No. 364906

True, but it's not like the water is the only thing that's depicted more realistic compared to the manga. I don't think it's that coomery but I get why seeing naked women in anime in any context would make people assume the worst intentions

No. 364907

I also watched it when it was airing and I wasn't too impressed with it. It had some funny moments but both trigger and gainax have better stuff than klk. I remember it was hyped as the big thing after the split from gainax and my expectations were extremely high. I unironically liked inferno cop more kek

No. 364934

File: 1711211314924.jpg (444.26 KB, 1200x1746, yoki.jpg)

I read all available chapters for no fucking reason when I had a fever because someone I know mentioned it offhand about it being cute display of otaku culture, for some reason I always read the worst slop in a mood like that. You'd think Dress-up Darling is Shakespeare after this.
Instead of it being about otaku enjoying cute characters it was entirely about how otaku are superhumans power fantasy, it was really stupid. Even the bland protagonist at some point goes shirtless and reveals he's really jacked because of all the manga volumes he had to lift and it wasn't treated as a gag.
Every girl is basically described the same about how since they're otaku they all naturally have skills required for cosplay even if they have never done it before, and of course all of them never use makeup because children think only uggos use makeup.
There was literally only one (relevant) character in the entire series that used makeup for cosplay and everyone calls her ugly, but her design was far hotter than all the other moeblobs.

No. 364936

File: 1711211779851.png (564.93 KB, 720x663, Finally,_some_good_fucking_new…)


No. 364938

I never read this but from what's been posted here I bet it's going to be absolutely obnoxious on social media.

No. 364939

File: 1711212111459.png (1.1 MB, 1319x2005, Wirbel_sketch.png)

Ngl I thought Stark and pic related were hot so there's a bit of hurt, just a little.

No. 364947

I dont like hentai, but banning doujin artists seems like a rocky road. Is it just hentai artists or all doujin artists for this series? It feels like a way to control creative freedom

No. 364949

This doesnt look as bad as the anime. Sad anime is just fanservice for males

No. 364950

Agree. They should all be flogged in the public square too. This is not art.

No. 364953

i dont think so, for example what if it were a kids anime and the studio didnt want the kids coming across that shit while looking up the anime? and potentially hurting their brand? its time some studios told coomtoids to cool it since people are getting way too lax with openly proclaiming their fetishes aloud.ive heard of anime events where coomers bring nsfw work of the anime to be signed so maybe it can be that too

No. 364954

terrible fucking idea and also completely unenforceable.

No. 364955

i'm a woman and i enjoyed it. it's like people forget women can be attracted to women too. that's not even extreme moe coom either, it's just two attractive women bathing, how crazy

No. 364956

no one cares about what you think. most women are straight so they wont care about naked girls bathing.

No. 364958

File: 1711215273466.gif (Spoiler Image,18.99 KB, 400x632, 1621389516884.gif)

>no one cares about what you think
obviously the mangaka does; i suspect her of being bi, or at least attracted to the female form aesthetically. this is something from her blog by the way

but she otherwise has quite a few sexy (female) elf pinups

No. 364960

Doujins are a legal grey area by default and are only really permitted in the first place because in most cases, IP holders are willing to look the other way. I guess it sucks for people who wanted to make SFW doujins but with how much skeevy porn of Frieren that gets made, good for the author to put her foot down against it

>i'm a woman
Why would you need to specify this on lc

No. 364962

File: 1711219108903.jpg (340.95 KB, 1920x1080, [SubsPlease] Sousou no Frieren…)

Stark was cute as hell

No. 364973

It doesn't matter if it appeals to (straight) female watchers if the women were bathing for a reason that is not purely fanservice for moids

No. 364974

what is happening in this drawing

No. 364976

I fucking hated it, and 90% of my hatred came from Mako Mankanshoku and her family of retards.

No. 364984

Enjoy your boycott, retards. They'll just rename the characters while drawing them the same.

No. 364987

Plenty of straight women draw naked anime girls that pander to men for a living. Especially in Japan. Its just another symptom of the patriarchy.

No. 364988

Do artists taking commissions of things they don't normally draw is a symptom of the patriarchy to you too?

No. 364989

i agree tbh, women only find other women attractive if they want to pander to men. it's impossible for a woman into women to like pretty, attractive women in sexy costumes, she just wants to see um…nuns

No. 364990

File: 1711225326335.png (Spoiler Image,19.25 KB, 400x632, 1639542359731.png)

/a/'s suspected her of having a feeder fetish for a long, long, long time. some of the crazier stuff's been scrubbed from her blog (sexy elf pinups included), but here's a translation

No. 364993

The men will draw it anyway, the women will probably actually avoid it because they always seem to follow these fucking policies.

No. 364996

I watched the episode just today and it didn't feel particularly sexual. I've seen the author's Daydream Hour stuff so I agree with you about her. But just like real life, even if it were made by a gay woman for gay women, it'll be co-opted by trannoids. I'll search farcille on twitter and see a viral post from an account self-described as a "trans butch lesbian".

No. 364999

Maybe if Falin wasn't doing whimpers and stuff all through the scene it wouldn't feel so weird
Well I like women too, I just don't like that we can't have any female character without eventually seeing them naked while all the male characters stay clothed or have miniscule fanservice scenes. Idk if in the manga the males will also gently caress each other bodies' and blush and whimper and we could see the faint outline of their dick or ass in the water but I doubt it. Gag scenes don't count.

No. 365001

File: 1711226726348.png (Spoiler Image,1.02 MB, 1252x1800, GEP7aw0bwAAzoqG.png)

KEK wtf??????
>feeder fetish
ok you know what this makes sense

No. 365003

>Idk if in the manga the males will also gently caress each other bodies' and blush and whimper and we could see the faint outline of their dick or ass
Hmm, well, I wonder if the climatic eating scene with the villian can count or not. Technically, in a way. Men will probably be uncomfortable, at least.

No. 365005

>b-but lesbians
No one cares that you find anime tits hot. Go fawn over it on /a/ where its welcome.

No. 365006

>Well I like women too, I just don't like that we can't have any female character without eventually seeing them naked while all the male characters stay clothed or have miniscule fanservice scenes.
No you dont understand nonna, because we like women we have to love all instances of fanservice too! Oh and I bet the DM mangaka also likes women too hehehe

No. 365007

If the anime fanservice this up, I won't complain.

No. 365009

I forgive her for drawing that and more

No. 365014

keep whining

No. 365016

I will indeed

No. 365017

No. 365077

File: 1711253286811.jpg (41.02 KB, 739x415, images-1.jpg)

>tbh Frieren gave me whiplash because it's like some characters are drastically trashier than one another and belong in another show
That was my main problem too, it wasn't so much Aura or the demons because I figured they're weird and had money to dress extravagantly to assert control. Or something. My problem was picrel and how they look completely out of another (perhaps isekai) anime, compare to how modest Fern looks for example and it takes you completely out of the story. They're insufferable too, like everytime we spent time with them I wish we could had spent looking at whatever Stark was doing around town instead (could had been cute ngl). I'm glad they didn't pass at all and I hope we never have to see them again.

They really stood out and for the wrong reason. It made me realize the author is very one note when writing characters too, almost everyone's personality is exactly the same, specially the girls. They're all some flavor of quiet or serious girl, Kanne (red hair) is at least a bit annoying and quirky to contrast Lawine and you also have the psychopath green haired girl but that's really not an improvement is it

No. 365078

Motoko on the left looks AI generated
Is this real? It reminds me of something that would be female oriented like Winx but instead it looks like something I would see at an artist alley by someone who also draws big tiddie waifu porn commissions, not good.

No. 365088

to me it's obviously waifushit just a bit more subtle about it, I don't care if the author is a woman. one Eva Heinemann is worth 10000 Freirens.

No. 365092

File: 1711258327986.gif (Spoiler Image,2.12 MB, 320x240, DF4IwF.gif)

y'all when you see naked attractive anime women(its all fanservice for men because women don't like hot women apparently)

No. 365093

most women don't enjoy fanservice of naked women because most women are straight.

No. 365105

File: 1711262472841.jpeg (58.3 KB, 750x399, A21BD7D1-ED2F-4DF3-9E4A-65A456…)

Anime or media in general is already oversaturated with attractive women being naked and sexy; constantly giving spoiled rotten moids boners and making women uncomfortable or turning into brainwashed coomers. It's tiring, sickening and distasteful. Also attractive male characters hardly get the same treatment since it makes moids seethe and uncomfortable. Stop being a pickme.

No. 365115

Tbh I do think it's a little infantilizing to say Japanese women only do it for men, especially since Japanese men have been sexualizing anime men in basically the same way; even while they're seemingly happily married, like with Goldem Kamuy, Bravern, or Sarazanmai.
Maybe they're simps that got brainwashed into doing it for their wives? Or maybe jap otaku are all bisexual.

No. 365116

>especially since Japanese men have been sexualizing anime men in basically the same way

No. 365117

Don't be disingenuous. The number of men in the anime industry that sexualize men is miniscule compared to the number of women who choose to sexualize women

No. 365118

You haven't watched/read Golden Kamuy? It's quite good.

No. 365119

it has ugly roidpigs though

No. 365120

File: 1711266613630.jpg (488.71 KB, 708x1003, 20240301_194654.jpg)

Ah, I see. That's unfortunate for you, then.

No. 365121

kek do you seriously think golden kamuy is ''femgazey''? next you are going to tell me there is no difference between Jojo and Free!.

No. 365122

From what I've seen, yes.
Hell, pretty sure there was some chart posted here a while ago that showed it was around 80% female audience to 20% male.
Gintama also would probably count as well, since it had a similiar ratio.
Not sure the roid status of Gintoki is small enough for you, though, so I can't recommend it either.

No. 365124

Are you for real? Where in Dungeon Meshi do you have naked men moaning while touching each other in bath? Men are never this sexualised

No. 365125

You are just being disingenuous at this point. The south park fanbase is also 99% women, that doesnt make south park femgazey. Using two anime that have roidpigs and one that's just ass jokes to defend gratuitous fanservice of naked women in anime is hilarious.

No. 365128

there's so many copious and invasive panty shots of a man in this manga as well as degenerate fetish scenes like >>365001 that are probably worse. your hatred of this mangaka is especially weird considering manga/anime culture; so, so many mangaka enjoy drawing cute women and it's very obvious this one does based off some of her art and how she goes out of her way to draw different body types. we don't know if she solely did it to get more sales.
it's also a manga with almost 0 agentic female characters and the only main one is a loli. again, not hating on it, it's not a bad manga, but funny how that's supposedly the feminist standard here.

No. 365129

Not in a bath, but there is a scene where male characters are on top of each other, interwining and tasting.
Iirc the author in interviews specifically mentions his wife helping him with writing and femgaze.

No. 365130

>Iirc the author in interviews specifically mentions his wife helping him with writing and femgaze.
his wife must have terrible taste because there isnt a single young good looking moid in golden kamuy

No. 365132

They would be high on your roid spectrum. Maybe you should make a scale, since tbh I'm not sure if hairy legs would count as natty.

No. 365133

Are you baiting at this point or do you seriously not see the difference between bishies and GK characters? good for you if you like that type of man, but its lunacy to compare GK characters to fanservice of bishoujos.

No. 365134

I'm agreeing with you?
Golden Kamuy would be on the roided side, I'm guessing something like enstars which is popular here would be on the non T side.

No. 365135

ah, my bad. Its just insane that anon thinks golden kamuy is femgazey kek moids literally get praised for adding ugly roided pigs to their manga as long as one woman with weird tastes finds them attractive.

No. 365136

Kek nonna, I still think GK is femgazey, just Japanese roidpig femgazey that isn't popular here.

No. 365137

For something to be femgazey it has to be intentionally made for women. Free!/YOI/enstars are femgazey because it was made for women, meanwhile golden kamuy is a seinen.

No. 365140

People take the seinen/shounen tag way too seriously. It's not meant to work like that. Seinen does not always equal mature for older men.

No. 365141

I dont know why you are dead set on calling GK femgazey and comparing it to fanservice of hot women, when women are clearly not the target audience and never were. It's unfair to compare it to anime that was made for women, specially since in most anime, Golden Kamuy included, women are always an afterthought. Men always get praised for doing less than the bare minimum.

No. 365142

Golden Kamuy did a real shitty job, then, I wonder what's the point of Sanrio collabs of male characters.
Are men are into that?

No. 365144

what dont you understand about women being an afterthought? south park wasnt made with the intention of being popular with women, it just attracted women because pretty much any show with a majority male cast does. Kamen Rider and Super Sentai are also popular with women despite being made for little boys, and they also have Hello Kitty collabs, and that doesn't make them femgazey. If you enjoy your ugly roidpigs good for you, but i am not going to praise a fucking scrote for throwing women scraps.

No. 365153

I also noticed most of the merch was targeted at women. Only the music choices in the anime made me feel like it was targeted at men (because it was such bad music lol). The manservice was often played as a joke, I think intentionally to cater to both audiences.

No. 365157

Exactly. Witch Hat Atelier and Skip and Loafer is also seinen.

No. 365164

File: 1711283165448.png (2.22 MB, 1073x1581, Koito.Otonoshin.full.3451108.p…)

Now this is some 1/10 bait.

By your retarded logic Kuroko no Basuke and Haikyuu!! are not femgazey because they ran in Shounen Jump.

No. 365168

>The manservice was often played as a joke
In general, I disagree with the stance that if manservice is made as a joke, it shouldn't count.
Half of all fanservice are jokes. Hell, something like Konosuba, Aqua not wearing panties is a joke that because she doesn't want anybody to look at them, she turned them invisible.
It doesn't change what its for and it doesn't change the fact that it makes lots of women uncomfortable. The same should go for vice versa.

No. 365184

Men in japan literally make AMVs of gay porn, they do not feel threatened by roidpig manservice because they see it as a joke. Aqua is also a cute generic anime girl, a bishoujo, meanwhile the golden kamuy fags are fucking ugly.
both those anime had attractive young bishies as protagonists. GK has really retarded and off-putting designs.

No. 365185

It makes sense to avoid moid spaces, but if you ever went to one they actually do go ballistic over joke service and go "wtf is this gay shit.", "I'd watch it if they toned down the service but it was too much and I had to drop." "wtf is wrong with Japan, why are they so gay" and "If I spam genderbent fanart I'll be able to deny I'm watching this show for gay reasons."

No. 365188

My scrote friends laugh at gachimuchi but feel insecure around enstar/utapri/free type bishies. Roidpig moids arent offending anyone and the mangaka of GK isnt some based misandrist feminist for drawing disgusting post wall roidpigs and making them do retarded manservice as a joke. No man feels threatened by some fucking ugly scrote with drag queen eyebrows because they understand they are ugly, but feel threatened by actual bishies. Come back to me when he draws actually attractive men and then does fanservice of them.

No. 365189

I've seen the opposite where men jerk off to enstars characters they dress up as "femboy traps" and call it "straight yaoi" but think Golden Kamuy is too far.

No. 365190

those men are gay though

No. 365191

Apparently not enough for Goldem Kamuy without genderbending into big breasted women, but enough for the ugly bastard x Enstars porn that they like to spam.

No. 365192

literally who the fuck are you talking about. Your stupid ugly roidpig scrotes will never be femgazey, get over it. If you can understand why most women dont find baras femgazey then you should be able to understand why GK roidpigs arent femgazey. So tired of people like you trying to shove your ugly moids where they dont belong and praising moids for not even trying. We already barely get anime made for and by women with cute boys, i am not going to deep throat a scrote who draws ugly men.(infight bait)

No. 365195

Calm down, it's not my fault if moids like jerking off to enstars more than gk.

No. 365196

GK is a barafag magnet.

No. 365197

File: 1711288769284.jpeg (49.35 KB, 739x415, Hey,_look_it's_Gojo.jpeg)

Omg guys shut the fuck up about Golden Kamuy already it's derailing the goddamn thread. Accept that everybody has different tastes and move on.

No. 365199

>different tastes
its fine if you like ugly scrotes but anon was saying we should be okay with waifu fanservice because golden kamuy has manservice, like its even remotely comparable.

No. 365200

>the only main one is a loli
Saying that is in incredibly bad taste. You can say what you want about golden kamuy but the one thing it deserves respect for is the absolute refusal to use Asirpa for fan service or subject her to even the barest hint of sexualization. Asirpa is never, not even once, ever ever shown in any type of revealing clothing, in any type of sexualized situation, or the subject of any type of sexual joke. If coomers make lolishit out of her that is 100% their gross invention, in the actual source manga she is treated 100% respectfully in a way that is totally rare for the genre.

No. 365201

Didn't the author said something about hunting down anyone who would lewd Aspira?

No. 365203

File: 1711290800240.jpg (521.53 KB, 1920x2198, triggered autists.jpg)

>comparing a 16yo waifubait being pantyless to bald barabait with flat asses and hairy chests
kek the absolute state of yume fanservice in anime. No anime is truly yumejo approved in my book until it causes this level of seething in moids. The days of Free and YOI were fantastic to witness.

No. 365204

Rule #1 of lolcow anime discussion is that no one can enjoy any anime for any reason because it will never be perfect, pure, and feminist enough even if you enjoy it for different reasons to scrotes, anime is already a problematique thing to like anyway. Only correct answer is to hate all anime and do an "ackkkshually" if others do not agree with you

No. 365205

>every single post is screaming about homos and fujoshit

No. 365206

Men don't even know what a yumejo is. They call any otaku woman a fujo regardless of if she's into yaoi or not.

No. 365207

Free iwatobi swim club was the best thing to exist. Fujos will never have this moment again. Still breaks my heart what happened to kyoani because most of the workers were women.

No. 365210

holy shit. FREE! is so based for making moids SEETHE. lmao kek

No. 365211

and free! was still undeniably pure unadulterated fujobait even if you do know the difference. I was there during the peak, there was no yumebait and the small yume population it had was completely dwarved by all the fujos; they weren't even close to half of the main audience. as expected of an anime about hot guys and their relationships with eachother.

me too. male autists need to be euthanized, that was so disgusting and depressing to hear.

No. 365212

File: 1711292153817.png (370.67 KB, 561x575, 20191012_061102.png)

So true, we get so little anime made for us. At least the seething moid tears are delicious, does anyone have that cap of the scrote trying to compare yuri on ice BD saled to Looney Tunes BD sales?

Also speaking of yumefujo anime. I really liked chuubyou gekihatsu boy and i am sad it doesn't have a manga, only an untranslated novel. Fall 2019 was really good for CBDCT enjoyers.

No. 365214

ok yume fujo whatever it just had hot guys and made men seethe. Most yumes are fujos anyways and i remember there was a lot of husbadofagging for the boys anyways.

No. 365216

File: 1711292908601.png (3.38 MB, 1786x4419, 1485914631073.png)

No. 365217

bless you nonny

No. 365221

astolfo is femgaze to me

No. 365222

the tranny icon is not female gaze

No. 365223

well i'm a female and he soothes my gaze ergo he's femgaze

No. 365225

yeah whatever you girls call everything with a dick femgaze, bunch of idiots seriously

No. 365228


No. 365229

File: 1711297278311.png (638.03 KB, 918x1013, 1705558906583820.png)

No this is femgaze. As someone who hate traps/femboys but likes guys crossdressing, Astolfo would've been a little more femgaze if he had a male boyish voice and to have at least wore a suit or some clothing with pants/shorts.

No. 365230

No. 365232

First version (his actual design) is straight up just a drawing of a 13 year old girl and then men label it “this is a man”

No. 365234

i can't see marcille as anything but coomer. her personality is godawful, she is just a generic girl-fail waifu that has over the top reactions for bad comedy, plus is an elf for fetish points. sometimes i wish anime would just omit female characters, since most of them act like unlikable children.

No. 365235

Femboys and traps are so disgusting. Anyone (especially men) who say they like them are a massive red flag

No. 365236

I genuinely don't know why some people here watch anime if they don't even like it. Go watch capeshit like every other normalfag.

No. 365238

File: 1711299910079.jpg (60.29 KB, 600x600, Jiroutachi.600.3902429-3751504…)

But he looks like a prepubescent girl, anon.
I understand liking femboys who look like women, but loli femboys is just pure chimp taste.

No. 365241

Anyone else looking forward to Elusive Samurai? Finally an anime that doesn't look washed out.

No. 365245

Exactly how I feel. It's impossible to talk about anime with anyone who isn't already a weeb because they just can't accept they're consuming media from a vastly different culture to our own and everything that entails. We failed to gatekeep so hard.

No. 365248

Oh no wonder I didn't like her very much either. Thanks for pointing it out, you're right, she's just a tall moeblob.

No. 365249

>fanservice still counts even as a joke, you would still consider the waifushit to be fanservice.
>so you're okay with waifushit fanservice???
No, that's a different fucking sentence entirely. How do people get that waifu service = good from >>365168

No. 365262

I wanna watch it, the animation being a huge factor in it, but I hated Ansatsu Kyoushitu so I'm unsure whether I should lol.

No. 365270

More dicksucking pickmes mad because not all female anime fans like anime tits being flashed in their face. I'm sorry for whatever level of self hatred you've reached to be so complacent with the status quo of animanga like this.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 365278

>because they just can't accept they're consuming media from a vastly different culture to our own and everything that entails.
this thread is rife with those types and it's pretty disappointing. it's like you have actual longtime fans, casuals, and moralfags all rubbing shoulders as if it's twitter or some shit

No. 365279

>woman has cute aspects to her personality
see what i mean

No. 365283

Kek. Free! is truly a blessing and a step ahead for yumefujo glory though unfortunately Kyoani took a thousand steps back with Dragon Maid to keep their seething moid fans from crying and reeing. Moids are spoiled brats.

I can see that Marcille is similar to Aqua though I gotta give points for not having her in a dumb skimpy slutty outfit or constantly having fanservice shots except that one bath scene. She's not that insufferable or distasteful compared to Aqua.

No. 365284

Have you actually watched Konosuba?

No. 365286

>I can see that Marcille is similar to Aqua
lmao wtf are you on they are not similar at all

No. 365288

Yeah Matsui isn't for everyone but I liked his previous works so I'm hype

No. 365290

i am so bored of female characters having "cute" personalities, i just don't care. its insufferable. clumsy, silly and childish are traits grown female characters have too often, and i'm over it.

thats true, her design itself isn't trashy. i just find her very unlikable. i shouldnt have called her coombait, but i can't see her inclusion in the series serving anything but bad comedy, and something for male viewers to want to fuck.

No. 365291

I love anime nonnie, but Marcille has no personality besides being a stressed cute girl. Seeing her stress over monster food only to enjoy it 5 seconds later every single episode is super boring. She's always complaining about everything too. I don't find her cute or likable.

No. 365292

>i can't see her inclusion in the series serving anything but bad comedy
She and her desperation to reach her goal before its too late are pretty important to the themes of the manga, I'm surprised anybody could come to this conclusion.

No. 365293

An anime adaptation is truly the worst thing that could have happened to Dungeon Meshi, can't believe the shit I'm reading here.

No. 365294

for real

No. 365295

You need to go back. Wherever you came from, go back.

No. 365296

It's very mid. I don't understand the hype. It's not like anything about it is revolutionary or even uncommon in anime.

No. 365300

Trying to be fair, I guess it is true that Marcille's deal is revealed more in the second half of the manga?
She's no dumb party tricks alchoholic trying to get the mc to fight the Demon king though, that's a very silly comparison.

No. 365303

i love the adaption but i'm inclined to agree. tags are so fucking awful now everywhere

No. 365305

then stop watching it you fat retard. go watch looney toons or some shit idk(infighting)

No. 365311

>japanese men have been sexualizing anime men
Excuse me…what? Kek I literally stopped watching anime for several years because I was so tired of the big tit uwu girls/loli thrown in our faces for decades. I only came back to watching anime in the last couple of years because they JUST started to actually make femgaze shit. Which is because they only recently realized how huge the BL market is and what women actually want to see whether it’s roidpigs or twink bishie boys.

No. 365327

File: 1711316340330.jpg (216.55 KB, 1280x960, 4c4fd0c9d2633f67b62e3aa2132697…)

The ones that at least act boyish can be good. As long as they aren't troons or cocksluts. GetBackers really had a lot of wonderful boys.

I think most anons here would enjoy Neuro. Too bad about the terrible anime adaptation. They held back Neuro's world domination.

I think she's far better in the second half of the story, post-Red Dragon. Before Red Dragon everything is kind of… repetitive and monster-of-the-week-y. I didn't dislike her but I only thought she was mildly funny in the manga until getting more invested in her in more dramatic arcs. I suppose people that don't like loud characters in anime would dislike her.

Haven't spokons figured it out long time ago? I think most of them have male artists too. Haikyuu and KuroBas definitely do. Golden Kamuy artist's first work was a spokon, too.

I feel like BL domination was far bigger back then, but it's probably because we weren't Japan and we weren't completely flooded with normies yet. I remember thinking it was so funny that BL sections in bookstores were bigger than the general manga, because other audiences didn't bring any money.

No. 365345

I just remember its a mediocre shounen manga at the end of the day

No. 365346

File: 1711318539897.jpeg (153.55 KB, 900x1072, 2296CAE0-A939-46DA-A8D4-F8CABE…)

I do not care what you nonnies think, I LOVED the bath scene between Marcille and her human gf. Yurifags stay winning.

No. 365348

>chuubyou gekihatsu boy
I loved this anime. One of those random seasonals that was so randomly good

No. 365349

The MC looks cute as hell so yes I will be tuning in

No. 365351

Just because we get 1 homoerotic show every 5 years doesn't mean Japanese men sexualize anime men in the same way female creators draw generic waifus and coombait in almost everything. You're the type of retard that gets fed scraps and throws a party about it because your standards are so low.(infighting)

No. 365352

>nonna says I don't think all Japanese women only sexualize female characters for men, as there are cases of men making sexualized men for fun
>So you're saying we should be happy with scraps?!
The fuck is wrong with this thread. It's like people just want to be mad.

No. 365353

ayrt; bait and fan service for women has been around forever but not nearly to the extent that it has been, imo anyways. Maybe I missed out on a lot (I mostly read manga after I stopped watching anime so there’s a good decade + where I watched nothing) but it just seems more common and open.

No. 365354

welcome to lolcow.fart

No. 365356

The pandering in anime may not be equal but female fans are already served much better with Japanese media than anything the west has ever done. And if you want more pandering, speak with your dollar instead of reeeing on Mongolian basketweaving forums.

No. 365357

File: 1711320345270.gif (131.05 KB, 1059x95, Dontgetbaited.gif)

No. 365359

File: 1711320512971.jpg (109.05 KB, 1280x720, Fairy-Tail-S2-03-p2.jpg)

Realistically, I think female characters are treated this way by women because many of them were already born into this state of things, so they just consider it normal… I myself drew my OCs with poorly drawn balloon tits when I was very young. I was very into Fairy Tail… A lot of girls were, for some reason… Well, probably better than your average battle shounen in this regard back then, since it at least had a lot of guys who would regularly go topless.

No. 365361

Its a dishonest and retarded point. Okay there's 1 Noda for every 50 female authors who sexualize their own female characters for moids, cool story. You guys are the ones sperging at the anons upthread who wanted to complain about a random coombait scene.

No. 365362

Ryoko Kui and Hayashida Q can do whatever they want IMO because they're both female mangaka who to me feel like they approach depicting the female form with a real appreciation for the diversity of it IRL. As opposed to some female artists I see who are similarly horny for their female characters but possess a fictionalized moidish conception of what's attractive.
I hate the animes and the fandoms they brought in for both of their works though. Everything is always better when its just you and your female friends talking about it.

No. 365363

Perfect description of how the fandom perceives and characterizes Marcille but unfortunately you genuinely seem to think she's like that. I haven't watched the anime, though and genuinely have to wonder what they did to turn her into that in people's minds.

No. 365364

>Its a dishonest and retarded point
That you still managed to miss, apparently.
The point wasn't that there just one Noda, it's that nobody says Noda is desperately sucking up to women or he was brainwashed somehow while anytime a woman does so, she's forced into it on some way.
That's why the first sentence is, "isn't it a bit infantilizing".

No. 365371

They hated nonna because she told them the truth

No. 365400

File: 1711338260881.jpg (134.24 KB, 500x721, 1675665242856253.jpg)

Why is there so much hate for series like Frieren, Dungeon Meshi, and the Apothecary Diaries? Incels have been making a huge fuss this season.

No. 365401

>Dungeon Meshi and Frieren hated

Huh? Anon where have you been hanging out 'cause I've seen nothing but love by guys for these shows (Marcille is being waifufied as we speak)

As for The Apothecary Diaries, while I personally never seen hate for this show—I suppose it's because the male love interest is a tall, muscular pretty boy who actually makes an effort to make moves on the girl (Jinshi is clearly catered to the girlies), instead of being a self-insert for them.

No. 365406

Thank you for reminding me of that series. I watched it in 2008, and I think it's time for a rewatch. Such a golden era

No. 365411

These series get a lot of hate on 4chan. Maybe it doesn't represent the reality.

No. 365412

yeah looks visually very pleasing even if i am normally not into samurai shows

No. 365413

Does anyone feel like animation has gotten better in the last 5 years? 2010s anime used to look so stiff and ugly, now it feels like they are finally putting more effort in the animation. I am appreciating the amount of sakuga.

No. 365419

File: 1711342661811.jpg (Spoiler Image,773.62 KB, 1280x1808, ahhh.jpg)

>"she was solely put in to be bad comedy"
kek what? while I don't like her much and haven't seen the anime, I did read the manga a long time ago and based off what I remember she serves an important roles in the story and her motives matter as much as Laius's. idk. I liked that she was a silly goof alongside the others and didn't necessarily see it as a bad thing, or saw her comedic moments as being worse than the other character's. the mangaka seems to care a lot about her story. I might be misrembering though and I never got to the very end so someone who has read the manga can correct me if needed.

No. 365428

This is the real answer. If you get told coomery anime girls are just part of the silly fun of anime enough times, even hearing it from other women, you come to believe it eventually.

I'm a little grateful for this thread cause it's reminding me to not value nonas opinions on anime too heavily lol

No. 365433

>not value nonas opinions on anime too heavily
Always take it with a grain of salt. Seriously

No. 365434

i read the entire manga recently and you're right, she plays a very important role later on. all the nonnies saying shes purely comedic relief are anime-onlys. i feel like they're judging wayyy too quickly, like yeah dungeon meshi starts off as lighthearted and comedic but the tone shifts a lot after the red dragon arc.

No. 365440

I like femboys. Seethe.

KyoAni is virtually dead after the fire. All they churn out now is sequels.

The most popular shows attract the most trolls. More news at 11.

No. 365445

I like feminine boys (cute guys with slightly feminine mannerisms) but the term 'FemBoy' just makes me think of those ugly little fags with their shitty haircut that obscures their eyes, masks to hide their ugly faces and they all wear the same 'spinny skirt', stripy fingerless gloves and stripy thigh-highs they got from aliexpress, and act like frail little anime girls that spend all day posting their fugly selfies to Reddit for validation

No. 365448

>I like feminine boys (cute guys with slightly feminine mannerisms)
nta but same, except i hate femboys. There is such a thing as a delicate pretty boy and then there are faggot coombaits.

No. 365453

File: 1711351251361.jpg (Spoiler Image,516.76 KB, 913x1154, 106758823_p7_master1200.jpg)

glad I remembered right, thank you! just am getting confused because of the many manga I've read it didn't stick out to me as being notably anti-feminist or regressive even when put up to the standards of other manga by women and it seems like a passion project. the only new anime I enjoyed recently is Pluto so I'm not really caught up with anime in general.
honestly these days I almost exclusively just like long-haired, beautiful men that are still obviously men. do I have a problem? probably.

No. 365455

File: 1711352085351.jpg (116.54 KB, 924x1090, 1701468432251194.jpg)

>do I have a problem?
No, you don't. You're just attracted to what biology dictates - young, pretty (good genes), healthy (only sick and old animals have bald patches and thinning hair) men who take care of their appearance (poor grooming and hygiene are an indicator of mental illness).

No. 365464

Agreed. It's cool to see

No. 365476

>I suppose it's because the male love interest is a tall, muscular pretty boy who actually makes an effort to make moves on the girl
I personally saw scrote friends of mine get uncomfortable because of that kek.

No. 365490

Whats your favourite anime trope? i love when anime has an american character and its the genki slightly dumb asshole. My favourite is Kai from Girls und panzer

No. 365494

but do people like actually simp for jinshi? because in the anime he doesnt look that beautiful even maomao whos supposed to be just average looks better than him.

No. 365496

Ehhh, honestly he's really vanilla to me. But all of his non-anime designs seem to be prettier. I only like Gaoshun, but that's mostly because I like the stressed out aide archetype from the get go.

No. 365504

File: 1711377305778.gif (818.9 KB, 582x329, tumblr_inline_pne2wmpNIf1uli3v…)

I love that too! I want to meet someone who is the Japanese stereotype of Americans in real life some day. They seem like fun. I looked up the girl you mentioned and she seems like a female version of Alfred (picrel)

No. 365505

File: 1711377710841.jpg (310.6 KB, 1608x2048, GHu4tw3aUAAaUmx.jpg)

I was there when that happened, it was one of the greatest things I've witnessed on 4chan lmao.
So they're allowed to have a million series with dumb big titty anime girls but the second there's ONE series with manservice it's GAAAAAY. The fucking hypocrisy and double standards. The seething was glorious.
I need a series to cause this much level of pain for moids again, it's been so long.
I know some moids are pissed at JJK because the guys are hot, but that's a shonen. I need a series with men like that but for the female audience, imagine the rage.
men with long hair are the best
>I personally saw scrote friends of mine get uncomfortable because of that kek.
based Jinshi for making scrotes seethe kek

No. 365511

it's a retarded point anyway when it's a comedy series and every character is meant to contribute to that. if she were a bishonen nona would have no problems

No. 365513

>He draws
he edits

No. 365516

Like emasculated because Jinshi is attractive? Because otherwise I don't see why it would make someone uncomfortable. Why are scrotes so stupid.

No. 365519

Rather than beautiful, I think he's pretty gap moe cute.

No. 365520

We need more of whatever that second guy is, I feel like genshin has men like that.
Wish men put effort as well

No. 365523

File: 1711387010929.jpeg (155.53 KB, 850x1200, IMG_6089.jpeg)

I’ve seen scrotes complain about how it’s a wish fulfillment fantasy because it’s a hot guy all over a plain girl and how maomao is a self-insert, but then there’s thousands of series where it’s the exact reverse, so I don’t know why they’re seething so much.

Anyways it’s funny to watch them mald over hot 2d guys, we really do need another free. Sports anime and jjk are sorta the closest thing to it but they’re still targeted at men.

No. 365530

jjk counts just because gege likes yaoi and recommended a few titles. And it really shows sometimes.

No. 365533

the seethe over apothecary diaries is funny to me, for quite a while we've had at least one shoujo/josei wish fulfillment like you've described per season, it's just that they're usually very easily ignorable to scrotes because outside of the right spheres, there's not much talk about them, and the moids have no reason to watch. Apothecary Diaries, it seems like a lot of guys actually are watching or at least checked it out because of the seinen label (moids don't know most anything for women that's not bland slice of life gets a shounen or seinen label) and for MaoMao's personality or the other female characters' boobs. It feels almost like the reverse of most big anime where they may throw a couple bones to their female audience but it's ultimately for men, Apothecary Diaries throws a couple bones to men but is ultimately for women and boy does that make the scrotes seethe. It doesn't matter to them how many of their own series they get, they cannot handle pandering that isn't for them

No. 365535

not it doesnt, its obviously made for powerlevel obsessed scrotes

No. 365536

You're not contradicting me, it's for several audiences at the same time.

No. 365537

So they're either genuinely sub 100 iq retarded, or they're newfags and this is their first female targeted anime. Moids are pathetic.

No. 365563

Nah, because they saw anime centered around a cute girl and got mad that she has an obvious romantic interest.

No. 365575

File: 1711407896998.png (2.2 MB, 1080x1189, 1702681048174.png)


No. 365651

I'm the biggest fan of the original bakeneko and mononoke series and this sequel looks fucking ugly ironically because of how milquetoast pretty all the new female designs are.

No. 365668

But does jjk have the gays in it? Do they kiss?

No. 365669

Mononoke got a new series?

No. 365673

One pairing breaks up in front of a kfc which has a huge impact on the next arc, another one has one guy grabbing the other guy's butt allegedly, I haven't reached this part yet. Gege likes tragic yaoi where the pairing is doomed to never be together even if they're in love.

No. 365675

File: 1711449974822.gif (813.36 KB, 494x415, panzer vor.gif)

I love retarded CGDCT so much, they are such fun shows to watch when you are depressed and demotivated. They have to be retarded for me to like them though, so no ''high school girls eat food for 20 minutes uguu'', it has to be on the level of ''world where high school girls are reincarnated real life racing horses and they compete to see who gets to be the n1 horsegirl in japan, also when they win a race they have to do an idol concert''. This is the essence of anime.

No. 365682

I can see the parallels between devilman and berserk but you really had to stretch to get the eva to fit lol. I get that it's for the sake of a joke but still

No. 365693

Only in fanfiction and doujinshi

No. 365752

do you have any good recommendations? I'd love to watch one but a lot of recommendations I've found tend to be moid coomer slop

No. 365754

File: 1711483905867.jpg (1.27 MB, 1214x1751, 4775.jpg)

DiGi Charat
Pop Team Epic

No. 365755

NTA but I like Asobi Asobase and Plastic Neesan

No. 365757

No. 365791

Me too, so long as it's not too coomer-oriented. Speaking of Uma Musume I've been enjoying how hard they've started leaning into the sports side of it, to the point that the upcoming movie trailer just feels like a full-on action shounen sports anime. I'm actually pretty excited for it kek, it's cool to have more sports anime with only female characters and little to no fanservice even if it is about humanized horses.

No. 365821

File: 1711511967701.gif (2.44 MB, 498x286, C5B4A1A4-3C7A-4F60-9717-5ADB66…)

Wow you just unlocked some old memories. I remember watching this show as a kid and thinking what the actual fuck am I watching(and kept watching).
Didn’t help that it was all in Japanese kek

No. 365850

I really like girls und panzer and uma musume. I also enjoyed upotte, high school fleet and strike witches but those do have tons of fanservice.

No. 365851

the horse owners set the rules of no lewding the girls, so that's why its so good and leans heavily onto the sports aspect.

No. 365862

>omg shinji is a girl hurr hurr hurr xd

No. 365863

The lewds supposedly still exist they're just hard to find (from what I've heard). It still makes me chuckle every time I'm reminded of the no horsey lewds or the yakuza will be giving you a house call meme. They have to suppress the lewds so the actual horse owners (all rich influential men) don't stumble across one and get offended, and got forbid it be a lewd of a deceased beloved horse which is like double-disrespectful.

No. 365864

File: 1711543561481.jpg (1.35 MB, 2181x3659, [23-09-16] 1703061740672757876…)

I need to know how the talk with the horse owners went ''konichiwa!! we want to turn your horses into a singing animu grills sign here!'' it must have been hilarious. The project was in a limbo for quite some time, i image because they had to talk with all the horse owners to use they name of the horses or something. It's why i love this retarded franchise, it's pure autism. The horse the mc is based on died a week before the release of the anime, too. What a way to leave the world, by being immortalized as an anime girl.

No. 365886

Wait hold on, are they based off real race horses??? I didn't look into it but i thought it was the typical animal/ship/tank girl whatever. I really just thought they were based simply on horse races or something but still wondered why it got so popular since they don't really have coomer designs. What kind of horses were chosen then? Modern or even very well known historic race horses? Kek i know nothing about that topic.

No. 365908

File: 1711560578434.gif (1008.24 KB, 220x220, maruzensky-uma-musume.gif)

Yes, they are all based on famous Japanese race horses, mostly male ones at that. A lot of the character-relationships are based around them belonging to the same era of racing or their "real life counterparts" being blood-related, so there's a lot of meta-shit going on if you know anything about this world. Also Cygames (IP owner) doesn't really mind sexualizing the umamusume to some degree (swimsuits skins with very low angle camera ultimate animations in the original game), they just forbid any derivative products and fan arts from portraying them in such way.
t. had been stuck in the Uma Musume gacha hell the anime is based on some time ago

No. 365909

i wanted to dl the gacha but its pretty much just watching your horsefus race, it's such a weird concept for a game

No. 365977

eva had issues but i guess it's good that neither rei nor asuka can be written as "the girl" due to complexity and depth of their respective character

No. 366001

File: 1711592066076.png (373.84 KB, 487x1022, Zenno_Rob_Roy_Game.png)

I watched some of the anime years ago and never really got that into it but this character design is so cute to me she looks so cozy and dorky kek

No. 366016

Why do you like this? Why would anyone like this. If you associate it with other cutesy idol anime then fine, but this is so weird to me

No. 366022

nta but uma musume is way more sfw than most idolshit. It's basically a sports anime with idolshit shoehorned into it.

No. 366023

It's funny lol. Nothing more wrong with it than most idol media.

No. 366160

based as hell, they should do this and heavily enforce it for every single non hentai series. coomers die mad

No. 366172

Which spring anime are you going to watch?
I'll probably check out Jiisan Baasan Wakagaeru, The Fable and Bartender: Kami no Glass.
Jellyfish Can't Swim in the Night looks cute but I suppose it's just gonna be another coomer bait show.
The others that interested me storywhise seem to have shitty art or animation, sadly.

No. 366187

Are you new? In Japan tons of franchises live and die by their fan content, you are aware "doujin" isn't about porn, right? Passing a ban on fan content is seen as a pointless spite move against fans.

No. 366196

What kind of fiction is this, Frieren is already insanely popular and successful because it had a good anime lol.

No. 366198

The cease and desist was very specifically directed at FANZA, which is a pornographic site. As far as we know, they are the only place bit with this restriction thus far. So the reasonable assumption atm is that this isn't a ban on doujin material overall, it's a crackdown on pornographic content of Frieren.

No. 366201

i started with dungeon meshi and honestly it really feels like some feeder vore fetish comic especially with this >>364990 in mind. it's like a deviantart-pervert got professional kek

No. 366202

I really wish franchises aimed at children would do this, it's upsetting how easy it is to stumble across pornographic content of shows like Pokemon. Although I understand that children's franchises are among the most heavily profit-minded IPs so it's unlikely to happen.

No. 366207

No don’t sully my memory of it like this lol, I don’t want to wonder what kind of porn the author looks at just let me enjoy her story.

No. 366215

File: 1711659845406.jpg (422.72 KB, 1115x933, 77577567536.jpg)

really, just look at the faces she draws for the elf girl at every eating scene. the comic constantly make a huge point about feeding her things she doesn't want to eat but ends up liking, like she has eaten monsters billion times before, why keep going back again and again about how she doesn't want to eat something but is forced to and ends up liking it? it's perverted after certain point lmao

No. 366219

how long did you spend making this collage?

No. 366221

those are all from the first like 20 chapter and all you have to do is to scroll down and look for an eating scene so not for long kek

No. 366222

like i haven't even read some of the chapters i took pictures from just because i knew i would find a weird face by the elf girl if i just looked up an eating scene

No. 366223

Frankly nonnie this is some of the most inoffensive food eating I've seen in manga/anime centered around eating food. Even if she has a feeder fetish it's so mild anyway kek

No. 366225

the males still aren't drawn like that i mean it's a cute comic but the creator has an obvious fetish i think we all can be honest about that

No. 366227

File: 1711661099346.png (126.22 KB, 640x593, tumblr_d615ea6b26e017a8a35c764…)

I think, thouvh she might also have a fetish, the author just likes seeing people eat. Iirc she drew a bunch of doodles/extras of another elf girl eating because she likes how it looks.

No. 366228

i love dunmeshi but i agree lol

No. 366232

I'd say after reading the whole thing, Laios is drawn eating the most sexual way.

No. 366233

and WHY do you think she likes it how it looks? hmm? look i am a regular at /g/'s female fantasies thread always posting my own retard fantasies there, i am not judging her, honestly i think female pervertness in such non-offensive way is a good thing, i just think we all could just admit the elephant is there in the room and accept that yes even the uwu cute japanese women can be horny. it happens, it's natural. i don't mind.

No. 366234

File: 1711661949619.png (Spoiler Image,931.18 KB, 1280x930, tumblr_80a3528924122f58680082c…)

I'm agreeing that the author does have a fetish, I just don't think the elf was done as part of it, as the scenes where it's clearly a fetish have a very different vibe to them.

No. 366240

File: 1711662663314.jpg (89.53 KB, 609x480, 18052107112819-e1526886703652.…)

I don't think there's anything wrong with her having a feeder fetish if she does, but this is such a nothingburger lol. It's like you've never read a food manga before. The repetition of one character not wanting to eat this stuff is also innocuously common in a lot of food isekai series, which are genre-adjacent, like Campfire Cooking in Another World, among many others.
Additionally– if this was the case, you'd expect it to be more apparent in her numerous anthology works. But the only thing that really shows up a lot there is that she seems to be fascinated by the concept of eating dragons (shows up in two separate volumes).
There are definitely some food series where I'd also consider the author to have a feeder fetish (Meshinuma is an obvious one), but Ryoko Kui doesn't really do anything too weird in her published work.
You're reaching a lot.

No. 366243

when the demons are eating it does seem very charged; it fits because they're demons but they were making some horned up faces.
I agree the everyday eating is like nothing in dungeon meshi comparitively. Way hornier in other eating manga, literally an O-face every bite. There was also a popular cooking anime like 6-7 years ago that had super horny eating and a ton of cooking powerlevel stuff. I hated that.

No. 366244

>It's like you've never read a food manga before
you're saying that like it's a character flaw from me

No. 366245

File: 1711663298471.jpg (637.59 KB, 1304x1854, Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou…)

Campfire Cooking is such a comfy show, it's sad that the isekai tag shooed away most.
Sui is just so adorable.

No. 366247

I'm pretty sure it's being said to imply your lack of context. Adding >>366243 while I'm at it, the exaggerated eating to make stuff seem extra tasty isn't that weird when it comes to food in manga or anime, just look at Ghibli kek. I wouldn't really say DM goes over the top with it compared to the numerous series that combine food and ecchi elements.

No. 366248

i was trying to be funny

No. 366250

File: 1711663846568.jpg (1.1 MB, 1500x2126, e268d7f1-cc07-417c-a72a-60aba3…)

It really was, but then I dropped it when I read the light novels and there was this whole segment out of nowhere where the MC was trying to buy a sex slave kek.
If you liked it though, Isekai Omotenashi Gohan is another good wholesome isekai cooking series. It's got a bit more variety in the recipes, too.

No. 366251

File: 1711663861250.jpg (121.78 KB, 763x762, 7575375637.jpg)

this is what posting eith you people feels like t. beer microsoft paintsims

No. 366252

>go through the effort of making a collage to prove a fetish
>get upset when the conversation doesn't go exactly as you scripted
>other people are the autismos

No. 366253

File: 1711664506125.jpg (182.66 KB, 1104x1010, RTDHRTY5.jpg)

thisis ou(stop)

No. 366255

did you guys know that the creator of bone jeff smith has an obvious leg fetish btw also: not foot fetish: leg fetish thje whole leg

No. 366256

>likes to draw cute people eating food
I mean even if that’s true it’s not even distasteful looking or perverted and she looks cute eating food.

No. 366261

File: 1711666476930.jpg (177.83 KB, 728x629, 66665159-512a-4d0b-b5dc-49624d…)

>The Fable and Bartender: Kami no Glass
I'll be watching this as well. The manga is one of my favorite culinary manga for the way it weaves life vignettes into each chapter's focus cocktail, and I can't believe it's getting a new anime after all this time. Highly informative series even for those uninterested in drinking BTW
I'm really excited that one of my favorite characters (picrel, Yuri Kinjo) will be animated this time around.

No. 366262

File: 1711666526358.jpg (160.71 KB, 750x1061, filters_quality(95)format(webp…)

Here she is in one of the 2024 anime's teaser visuals. She is so handsome…

No. 366265

i don't even go here but if this was vore/feeder fetish it would be way more detailed and excessive

No. 366269

holy shit you are reaching LMAO

No. 366271

HC-ing that you're the one who talked about shrinking down to hang out in a woman's vagina and chewing a tiny woman like gum because you've gotta be a deviantart fetishist yourself to be projecting this kind of reach

No. 366276

what the FUCK the fable is getting an anime?? holy shit, yesss! god I hope they get the comedic timing right, it will be so tragic if they fuck it up. japanese humor is weird so I hope the show doesn't interpret it too differently from how I interpreted it in my head but I'm nervous

No. 366293

I’m trying to be open minded but Laios’s body disgusts me

No. 366294

Any particular reason why? He's so milquetoast in appearance kek
I get being innately disgusted by the moid form though.

No. 366296

lol why? hes only shown shirtless ONCE in the entire manga (lame) so i dont think this is something youll have to worry about

No. 366303

I think he's cute.
For some reason it feels like everything I like today has been called out as bad. I'm cursed.

No. 366336

no i wrote the repressed woman story

No. 366338

same, i cant meme myself to be into fatties. He also has ugly hair. He's more of a bara than a bishie.

No. 366341

File: 1711691512754.png (Spoiler Image,290.66 KB, 523x698, GDeam96X0AEQBPP.png)

he's not fat though? i dont understand why people say this kek

No. 366342

fat fat piggy boy oink oink don't mind if I do

No. 366343

fuck you're right, hes morbidly obese… im sorry. i dont have eyes. lets slaughter him

No. 366346

i'd prefer to make him hold an apple in his mouth and slap his fat tits around

No. 366349

I can't believe I'm defending the most generic white man looking anime boy ever but yeah this is like finding saltine crackers repulsive kek

No. 366350

He is 'fat' in comparison to bishies. I like my boys to rattle personally kek. I don't know he's too generic for my taste, there is nothing interesting about him really, even his design is flat. I am glad nonnies who dont like bishies get their lil piggy with fat tits, but i am personally not into that kek. I think the flat boring face and hair is the real killer for me though, just too bara looking.

No. 366351

File: 1711693528691.jpg (Spoiler Image,732.69 KB, 1536x2048, 1711554949144.jpg)

Please don't call either of the Touden sibling fat because it brings back horrific memories for me of this disgusting Falin that got posted in the transwashing thread

No. 366352

Is this the one with the nun or whatever and the butch. I'm your biggest fan then i take it back say whatever you want abt ryoko kui's sick sick fetishes

No. 366353

yeah thats fair, and his design is boring (definitely on purpose) but i still think hes cute. im just tired of people calling him fat because hes pretty muscular. idk. i feel like people only say that because he doesnt have abs lol

No. 366354

File: 1711694086636.jpg (19.15 KB, 406x161, tumblr_476c462015a8b47033b6c7f…)

The nonnies itt are definitely joking about him being fat. Fwiw I get it, the contrast between the weird shit in his head and his appearance is an appeal point.

No. 366355

For the main character of an anime he's actually pretty unique tbf.
Skinny black haired short dudes are the standard.

No. 366356

I love DunMesh and have been reading the series since the wee early days of its scanlation but I have to be honest now.
I feel about Marcille the way some of the nonnas ITT feel about Laios I think she is so boring and have never been able to get behind her ships either despite other lesbians being obsessed with her and Falin. I respect her character arc and all but I just don't care. Marcille's peak for me was at the end of the series when that gnome and the elf trivialized her lifelong worries telling her "I remember when I cared about that 50 years ago" and "young people think they know everything". It's definitely intended to be a moment putting things into grander perspective (as DunMesh is so delightfully prone to do) rather than a burn but it really summed up how uncompelling I personally found her motivations.
Also I think she looks boring I can't believe how horny artists are for her now. Is the bar that low. Is just being an elf enough.

No. 366357

yes but i also understand my whimsical nature of using these boards is often too much for other people who do not understand my enlightened and complex motives of being a troll (not to be eaten by weird face making elves and her feeder fetish companions)

No. 366358

>The nonnies itt are definitely joking about him being fat
ik but ive seen fans say hes 'soft' or average looking and i dont get it! he doesnt have the physique of your average chubby scrote

No. 366359

Ngl I refuse to ship any characters at all. I'm with Chilchuk in that it's not that type of party.

No. 366360

File: 1711694855491.png (1.96 MB, 1451x1316, if they are fat then your fagg…)

I am sorry anon i understand your point but my misandry disagrees with you. Pic rel is fat by anime standars, so that guy is a fattie, too. I will literally never stop body shaming men, either be a fit twink like the Free! guys with a nice midriff or cut on the burgers fat boy, oink oink.(ban evading)

No. 366362

you know what… i respect that, im just not into skinny bishie twinks. keep bodyshaming men tho its funny.

No. 366364

File: 1711695219127.jpg (Spoiler Image,647.57 KB, 1080x1520, 0240328726.jpg)

AYRT kek I'm the one you accused of sending you an "autistic" rant earlier. You're just sort of atonal but you do you, liven things up.
They're retarded…
Same. I wish I saw what other people seem to see in Marcille/Falin or whatever other xyz ship but idk.

For the record the best female character in Dungeon Meshi is Kabru's emo mom (picrel)

No. 366366

File: 1711695557489.png (37.64 KB, 526x365, GJNZ5EbWMAENWjO.png)

personally my fave female character in dunmeshi is izutsumi because she reminds me of how i was as a teenager, shes such a little shithead. cant wait for her to show up in the anime i hope scrotes dont latch onto her like they did with marcille

No. 366367

Based taste, she's my second favorite! Really cannot imagine her being coomified the way Marcille has been but then again scrotes always find new and unpleasant ways to astound me.

No. 366369

>cat girl
Nonna, I'm sorry…

No. 366370

men can be chubby and muscular at the same time. the artist went out of her way to draw him with a thicker layer of fat on his body than a normal muscular guy. he is 'soft'. it's especially noticeable because most anime men would qualify as lean or twinks. i love his body and think >>366360 is an annoying retard with shit taste for the record, but i also would call him a piggy.

No. 366372

File: 1711696701788.jpg (54.2 KB, 850x627, __marcille_donato_laios_thorde…)

Wish picrel was true but then the anime had to go and discredit itself by making the Falin and Marcille bath scene so much hornier than it was in the manga.

No. 366375

File: 1711697199516.png (29.83 KB, 265x374, GJz0FMzXkAAvVpX.png)

we need to hogtie him and shove an apple in his mouth like >>366346 said also its true that he does have more fat, and men can be muscular and chubby but it feels wrong to call him downright chubby to me, idk i think im just being a pedantic sperg. sorry everyone for my weapons-grade autism

i thought nonas were exaggerating when they complained about how weirdly sexual the bath scene was but i finally got to watch that episode today and damn they were right. kind of disappointed but whatever. i just hope to god they dont do the same with izutsumi but she has zero fanservice-y scenes in the manga so…

No. 366380

File: 1711697787746.jpg (84.77 KB, 850x771, __marcille_donato_and_izutsumi…)

Nah I agree, when I think fat I think pot-bellied. It's genuinely funny seeing nonnas call Laios fat though.
Also IDK, Izutsumi just isn't sexual to me at all but there's a lot that could be contorted.

No. 366381

File: 1711697803518.png (258.91 KB, 545x1160, bpxffjf6oid71.png)

I think the softness is done on purpose, since it is a series about eating food and all, plus pic related.

No. 366382

File: 1711697897757.png (94.94 KB, 700x571, __chilchuck_tims_and_izutsumi_…)

Nonnas should I make a DunMesh thread? I feel like we keep dominating discussion both here and in the manga thread and the anime isn't ending any time soon with further seasons planned.

No. 366383

>It's genuinely funny seeing nonnas call Laios fat though
true. the roidpig vs twink war will never end…….