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File: 1708104521274.jpeg (215.86 KB, 1169x651, IMG_0044.jpeg)

No. 356605

All drama-related discussion go here: >>>/w/319720
Escaped dramafags will get graduated from life

What is a vtuber?
>An online entertainer or live streamer who is typically represented by a digital avatar generated by computer graphics such as Live2D.
This thread is made to discuss your favorite Vtubers, news surrounding the topic, and other stuff!

Current/Upcoming streams: https://holodex.net/
Chat logs: https://hololyzer.net/youtube/

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No. 356606

Were using this? Not mori?
Is this the best option for thread pic? I wanna see Ao-kun smirking down at me, at least. Or get flustered when SHE get kabedon-ed. Who's the lucky girl getting pinned, btw?

No. 356607

Mori was barely mentioned last thread. And lurk more since you don’t know.

No. 356620

File: 1708110972227.jpg (259.67 KB, 1418x2048, narumi3691-1753433824900575512…)

Oh god I'm gonna YOOOOOM at that threadpic. Thank you, nona. I was worried we'd be stuck in /w/.

No. 356649

I remember in the first few threads everybody here seemed hostile to yumeposting that I just assumed that it wasn't allowed at all. Is it suddenly okay when lesbians do it?(bait)

No. 356652

I think it all should be allowed. Hopefully, people won't be so mad at people being yumes for some of the boys. I'm still so sad Kyo is graduating, I don't know what to do, he was so cute

No. 356675

Let me post this here too, didn't see the new thread. I hope she does another host club stream and remind everyone that she can be cool.

Honestly think it's very smart of her to play into the failed ikemen comedy routine she has going on but I hope she also continues trying to show that she can be cool fr. The glimpses we get makes the whole act better (and it's amazing fanservice tbh).

Not sure what the ratio of male to female viewers she has is but hoping she continues trying to attract female fans.

No. 356684

I clicked on Dokibird's collab stream with U-san and wtf U's voice is actually really nice. Why did she have to be a mentally ill they/themmie…

No. 356685

She's unfortunately menhera but a talented singer. And to her credit despite her problems, she knew enough to take a good step back and stream the amount she knows she can handle

No. 356692

File: 1708142991080.png (511.35 KB, 666x574, Screenshot_20240217-121024~2.p…)

This expression activated something in me. Bettel ryona nonas I'm joining you guys

No. 356703

They hit jackpot hiring his mama for Bettel. I didn't like the outfits for the other two but this one made me appreciate his mama so much. Everything about it looks so good, his new hair shows off how beautiful his face is even though he looks more deranged now. I'm glad he got such a nice design as somewhat of a gift for his success. A lot of toggles and so much movement, I love everything about this. Lucky Bettel, lucky mama, both are winning by having each other.

No. 356711

I love the new threadpic! Homecooked tastes so good!

No. 356712

When he has his hair slicked back it somehow makes his face look 100x more squeezable. I want to pinch his cheeks so hard they come off and then eat them.
Senzaki mama cooks so well… IDK how I feel about the new Bettellion design, though. Not a fan. IMO Flayon still has the best in Stars.

No. 356713

Agree, Flayon's was conceptually alright but really oddly drawn (what's with the box shaped coat?) and as much as I want to like Hakka's, I'm in the camp of "it's way too similar to his base outfit from a distance".

No. 356731

His mama and him knew exactly what they were doing with this outfit, prime ryona visuals chef kiss

No. 356771

I need Mel back so they can do one of these again. I love the acting they did for this stream, here's hoping Ao-kun does more because it was delightful.
I've also been enjoying her recent streams of that bad mascot horror game (Poppy's Playtime?), especially the one she did with Kanade. Having her commenting on things in the background is also very comfy.

No. 356915

Help me nonnas… all my oshi's have either graduated (Nina), been terminated (Selen) or their reputation is now in shambles because of their own stupidity (Ike). I'm tired of corporations, are there any indie vtubers that aren't sex-obsessed freaks? Any prince-style female vtubers who have female-oriented streams? I am begging on my knees.

No. 356918

I wouldn't say she's prince-like but Kunai is pretty female oriented. There's a frequent joke that she has 5 males in her chat. It feels like hanging out with a friend, her chat is slow and she interacts with viewers a lot, has regular zatsus. Maria has a lot of projects and covers if that's what you'd like. I guess she's more princess style lol

No. 356925

I really appreciate the recommendations, but I want to avoid corpos. I don't wanna get jebaited into loving a liver for a 4th time only for them to fall apart.

No. 356963

I feel like if it was easy to find a good english speaking prince style female indie vtuber I would've already seen her mentioned or pointed out somewhere already, so there's probably not much to do except browsing around. On twitter there's an account called shindigs that highlights vtubers who have more focus on being creative with something in their presentation, seem to be not be coomer-y (mostly?), and are more art or 3d focused. But I wouldn't know if there are actually any gems in terms of personality somewhere in there

No. 356984

File: 1708282236723.jpg (114.97 KB, 676x1000, __oh_jiyu_nijisanji_and_1_more…)

Let us know if you find one that isn't affiliated with a corpo because same.
I'm sad because I liked Niji KR's Oh Jiyu but because of stupid corpo stuff (the merger) she mostly streams in JP now and I can't understand her anymore.

No. 356985

File: 1708282303544.jpg (28.34 KB, 850x478, __phantom_holostars_and_1_more…)

I watch Bettel 50% for the ryona and 50% because I think Phantom is the cutest creature in Holo.

No. 356997

Phantom's the one controlling Bettel like ratatouille when he's being funny so it's already half your oshi

No. 357016

File: 1708293612669.jpg (44.8 KB, 850x643, __phantom_holostars_and_1_more…)

Is it ethical to promote Gavis Bettel Ryona when the "Gavis Bettel" we direct these violent feelings to is actually a dog? Does it amount to animal abuse? Discuss.

No. 357053

I watched the EnBoy's 3D debuts + their collab with the JPs boys, and I wish I gave them a chance. I hate moids, and would probably still not watch any of their streams but they were so fun to watch, and I felt good emotions towards them.
Watch Mori

No. 357055

so you guys are like the fluffy pony freaks who get off to fictional small animal abuse?

No. 357061

I wish nothing but the best for Phantom even if I think it's funny when Gavis Bettel cries.

No. 357062

My tummy feels funny when Gavis Bettel cries and makes pain noises…

No. 357103

I'm curious, what vtubers do fellow nonnies watch for ASMR content? I don't usually like such uwu loli voices, but Patra's ASMR is weirdly good for me to fall asleep to and her gaming streams are generally pretty relaxed.

No. 357106

Noel has my personal favorite voice in holoJP, it's very fortunate that ASMR is kind of her niche.
>I don't usually like such uwu loli voices
Patra has ones where she doesn't talk, if the voices aren't part of the appeal to you. I used to watch those from her because I similarly don't like the nasally loli voice, not outside of her goofy character songs at least.

No. 357121

Yes, because Phantom’s in on it.

No. 357219

The only vtuber whose voice I've enjoyed for ASMR is Aragami Oga. His voice just generally works well for putting me to sleep, though. I've even had his menshi for ASMR content despite not watching his streams overall lol.
I wish I liked my kamioshi's ASMR since it's allegedly her specialty but… she's REALLY not good at it… IYKYK

No. 357330

I've been listening to Ao-kun's ASMR (menshi only) and even there she's lowkey trolling. I do enjoy it though.

Speaking of, she keeps doing really weird streams like why did she play a game picking out rice grains?? She's such a weirdo but it's surprisingly endearing… She makes me question my taste in women fr…

No. 357374

The rice grain game was a FOTM game for a while. Same with the ramen oil picking game if youve seen it.

No. 357639

Just listened to this cover for the first time. I love Korone already but her deeper voice has me feeling things.

No. 357874

Is that really her? Her deeper voice sounds amazing!

No. 357968

I always avoided her since she seems kind of cringey but holy fuck her singing and dancing is amazing!

No. 358212

File: 1708795692356.png (5.91 MB, 2037x2604, d04122d6a05d38bfd235fe6d59348f…)

Dumb question that I can't find the answer for: When an indie reincarnates as a corporate chuuba, do they contractually have to retire their indie persona, or could they still stream as their "original" self if they really wanted to? I've noticed that those who were fleshtubers beforehand still stream as themselves on occasion even while being a corporate chuuba on the side but those who specifically had a VTuber identity always graduated before joining the agency.
It makes enough sense that it'd just be too difficult for most people to juggle the streaming schedules and kayfabe for two personas at once, but I've never seen any of them call it a break or indefinite hiatus or something. Then again, I've only bothered looking into PLs of the relatively small amount of chuubas that I'm a fan of, so I might just be uninformed.
I read secondhand that she wanted to do all the vocals for this song on her own (it's usually a duet) and she's the only one credited in the description, so it seems like it! She's full of surprises, I never would've expected that range from her. All her past lives used the typical Korone voice so I got gaslit into believing that was just her natural voice kek. The deeper voice may not fit the Korone character but I do wish there was some way I could hear her use it more…

No. 358246

Iirc for Niji they want exclusivity over someone's voice during their time in the company, so that's why they don't do anything on their PL accounts involving streaming or videos but can tweet or post other things on social media. Anyone under Cover is allowed to stream on their RM as voice only, or as a normal flesh streamer, or use a png/fugi avatar on screen after 6 months of being under the company, but they're not allowed to stream with a fully moving model. Different companies besides those probably have their own different individual sets of rules. But yeah as you can imagine it looks tough finding time to try to do well in two different accounts consistently and most only use a past account occasionally. I think Temma in Holostars juggles a lot of time between his Stars job and his voice-only account because of something related to fighter game teams and competitions.

No. 358525

File: 1708957319205.jpg (175.22 KB, 1898x1898, paum_AQ-1760915670651547767.jp…)

Are you ready for Ao-kun's birthday, nonas?

No. 358552

File: 1708964370361.jpg (121.46 KB, 850x1204, __hiodoshi_ao_hololive_and_1_m…)

I'm never ready for how our girlfriend makes me feel, but I hope she has a wonderful birthday full of love from her fans and friends!

No. 358799

Ao-kun said she's releasing an ASMR voicepack (afternoon tea date with hime-chan which I assume means she's treating the listener as a princess?). I need this yesterday.

No. 358820

File: 1709051291271.jpg (Spoiler Image,185.01 KB, 1662x2100, 2Epd0do.jpg)

Hime is her female fan name so it's truly for just women…
>Hime/princess is her female fans
>picrel is her male fans
>makes asmr date voicepack just for the princesses
How much more obvious can she make her intentions

No. 358825

File: 1709052945281.jpg (236.59 KB, 800x800, AoBD2024goods_B5_800x.jpg)

Unfortunately, she did make one for both… But her birthday set is so nice, I kind of want to get either the keyholder nui or the matching necklace/choker set.
Also, I love that she calls us 火女 to call us her princesses while moids just get to be the funny mask. I'm eating this shit up helplessly, god.

No. 358832

Okay who here's gonna buy both to compare the treatment because I hope she does what they did with Cinnabar in PTN where she treats the MC like a bro while she treats the FemC like her crush. Please Ao-kun I believe in you ❤️(emoji)

No. 358839

Does anyone know of anyone making translations for voice packs? I don't mind showing purchase proofs but I don't really know if anyone makes translations in Hololive fandoms

No. 358852

Your best bet is probably to ask around in the member's specific fancord.

No. 358876

The matching necklace set is SO tempting for yume purposes. I love good stealth merch.

No. 358887

Exactly what I'm thinking, and I'm not even into jewellery, I just need to show the world that I'm yooming.

No. 358939

File: 1709092884342.jpg (175.12 KB, 2048x1127, hololives-hiodoshi-ao-v0-9jot2…)

Get it! I just nabbed mine… Happy Yooming!

No. 359015

Nonnies, I'm here for vtuber recs. I enjoy watching Himemori Luna, I'm in awe how she can stay in character so much and her electone streams are so relaxing. But for my sanity I want to start watching someone else too (Ao-kun is already on my list). Preferably someone who play their character well and consistently. Languages: en or jp, if there is someone you can rec with easy to understand es or ger that'd be ok too.

No. 359068

New Mori cover. Fuck is it ever good!

No. 359082

I think becoming a Koronesuki is usually the first rec for questionz like this, although you're already into Holo so maybe you have a reason you don't watch her?
Doppio and Salome from Niji are also character-heavy but I don't find them as engaging to watch as Korone and Ao.

No. 359196

File: 1709189585816.jpg (75.01 KB, 850x478, __gavis_bettel_machina_x_flayo…)

Taking a break from my usual Bettel Ryonaposting to put out some positive energy for the clown. I want him back I miss him and am willing to put down my sadism for a moment if it means he cones back full force.

No. 359197

I would say Rin Penrose for the prince style, but idk if she's Prince like, despite her lore. She's not indie, but idol has only terminated one person, so…

No. 359213

You could not pay me to support Idol Corp given current events

No. 359265

Bae birthday concert was amazing, she's a fantastic dancer.
I don't know about you nonnies, but I really love idols and watching girls singing and dancing they warm my heart.

No. 359268

What events? I missed it.

No. 359288

Idol Corp is the Israeli Vtuber organization, so I'm guessing the whole Palestine thing. Personally I watch vtubers for the lack of politics, but to each their own I guess.

No. 359298

I think they are referring to the idol girl who was offering irl meetings (sex) and doing benzos on stream.

No. 359330

39:20 Love that he's aware both he and Jurard are for ryona

No. 359450

Interesting, I'm the same as you, where I'd rather avoid any politics in vtubers. Which is why I don't watch Idol– supporting an Israeli company is too political for me.

No. 359522

File: 1709305582750.png (1.7 MB, 1899x1067, mori.png)

Nonnies, I'm gushing out. I hope it's an EP. I would also love this frame without the date for my pc or something.

No. 359545

File: 1709315280061.jpg (1.71 MB, 1899x1067, xjDktU8.jpg)

Same nonnies make fun of her music but I love seeing her make the music she likes and I like most of her music too

No. 359571

My oshi is now doing react content and expressed she wants to get lewder. No, I won't say who she is since she's a low 3view indie.
It's over for me. I loved her dearly while it lasted…

No. 359575

Not into her music personally but I love seeing her on the grind and having fun doing what she loves, and that's enough. People are just haters.

No. 360309

New Mori song.
As much as I love Mori, I am liking the direction she's taking her music in.

No. 360315

Most people are of the belief that judging a company based on where they're from IS being political. Being politics free is what we usually do where we don't care where the company is from beyond understanding the laws that need to be followed.

No. 360477

What is this "we"? Speak for yourself and only for yourself.

No. 360505

I'm >>359288 and I agree with your opinion. Though I still don't really like Idol. Something about the CEO dating/having dated one of the first talents that debuted gives me an icky feeling.

No. 360506

>she's a low 3view indie
You did this to yourself nonna

No. 360507

You mean riro Ron? Aka kyoresu who drank her urine and took benzos?? And slept with her talent manager for favours? if I recall one of their other talents also did the pill shit and tried to play up the loli persona which bit her in the ass when her moid fans went schizo as usual (who woulda thought) yuko I think.besides the company being Israeli it seems its a shitty company overall hiring the most deranged pickmes out there I like rin penrose though sad she got stuck in a company with these schizoids

No. 360560

I think the IdolCorp conversation is starting to become one better suited for the drama thread.
Anyways, I'm here to brag/apologize to the other Ao yumes that I had a dream where our girlfriend was flirting with me.

No. 361127

File: 1710002629447.jpg (77.49 KB, 689x689, K5BMhMV.jpg)

Fulgur's new model. The way he talked about it I really thought it was going to be an old bara man. This is just an uglier face with a beard that he can take off. Is it even larger? He said he added the taking off beard feature because he knows not many like it so I guess he does care what his audience wants. I don't like to admit it but it fits his voice. I still don't want the males not being able to pretend to be young handsome men to be a trend though.

No. 361134

I feel bad for LAM with both of her high-profile sons asking for such ugly "upgrades".

No. 361142

Why are westoid men so insecure

No. 361147

Actually disgusting, these type of models should be banned

No. 361200

Sorry nonnies, I have bad taste and I actually prefer this to his old model.
Forgive me for my sins.

No. 361210

File: 1710029863981.jpg (180.65 KB, 850x724, __arurandeisu_holostars_drawn_…)

Aruran was my oshi for years, so I don't have an issue with models outside of the usual mold. But I think the way Fulgur's facial hair was drawn looks terrible LOL it looks like he's poorly glued loose hair scraps onto his face.

No. 361211

File: 1710029945579.jpg (417.41 KB, 856x960, 5858927-one.piece.full.1358183…)

Poorly yassified Silvers Rayleigh…

No. 361216

File: 1710030481026.png (666.3 KB, 600x600, IMG_0051.png)

POV you’re getting marriedd

No. 361224

My oshi has completely changed his content in the past few months and now he spams the kind of content that alienates most of his core fanbase and appeals to a way different audience, so I'm kinda sad about it. I used to be able to enjoy his streams daily and took them for granted but nowadays those 'regular' streams of his have become way rarer. I know the simple solution here would be to just watch the streams I like and ignore the ones that I don't, but the fact that he spends so much time on something so many of his fans don't like just takes away from my enjoyment of any of his content in general.
This is probably confusing (and schizo) if you don't know who I'm talking about, but I just wanted to vent a little bit.

No. 361264

I don't have any issue myself with the concept of an "older and somewhat rugged" type as long as it isn't super big muscular but the execution of it feels off to me compared to what it could have been. The facial hair looks so cobbled together and the smooth shininess in the art style fits his younger cyborg thing but not this general concept so much. I think LAM has had consistently stronger results when going heavier on stylization for a model but what Fulgur wanted was something that had to lean away from that

No. 361266

I'm curious who this is about anon
Despite the anatomical mistakes LAM's artstyle is very pretty and the original models' faces where she/he had the most freedom look amazing. Changing your style to fit these requests better is hard especially when you have to make it suitable for rigging. Hope she/he gets to design a female vtuber next.

No. 361326

It's about Kanae, he has always streamed a lot and now most of that time goes to playing on a Japanese GTA RP server that's open for 12 hours a day every day. This post would get too long if I brought up every single issue it has but it basically allows any small streamer (over 10k followers) on it and those naturally end up being clout chasers, and when you mix it with the fact that it has strict RP it means that anything is allowed because "it's just RP". As you may expect, things get very messy and it's hard to watch with a peace of mind. The fanbase and community built around it are toxic and annoying, a lot of them look down on vtuber fans or any kind of a fan that cares for the streamer past the character they're RPing.
Admittedly it's not just him, this content has become popular and a lot of vtubers (and regular streamers as well) have gotten wrapped up in it and every single time their original fanbase ends up being filtered and replaced by a tourist fanbase that only cares for this specific content and nothing else they do.

No. 361331

How does it feel to be the second luckiest aokn yume on earth?
Fucking kek, the glasses covering the eyebrows and the massive (but still flat) nose in contrast with the very distinctly visible nostrils make his face look so blank and flat. On top of that, the poor attempt at a beard and the Sephiroth hairstyle are killing me. This is easily the most devastating downgrade I've seen in a while. This is like backwards Aruran.

No. 361367

I understand you anon, my side oshi got into that exact content before and I was worried I'd have to watch him rp with randoms all day. Thankfully it didn't stick and he had a few actually funny streams before he stopped streaming it. It's sad to hear that Kanae is wasting time on that stuff when his fans don't care for it. I guess when you're so big you stop caring about it, what a shame.

No. 361402

I don't completely blame him because initially it was just something casual he wanted to do with his friends after VCR, but with time they became relevant to the overall story and it became hard to quit (he has tried to multiple times and got pulled back in every time). He does recognize it as a clear issue, which is why he tries to do other content as well and essentially doesn't bring it up whenever he streams on Youtube (his streams of that server and anything related to it are strictly 100% on Twitch). Even with his content being more balanced lately I think after all these months I've gotten a bit detached and it probably won't get better until he completely drops it.
Glad to hear your side oshi got out of it safely, I can find most content fun as long as it's my oshi doing it but there is simply nothing enjoyable about this to me. I just feel like I'm crazy sometimes because there's nothing but positivity when you look at what people have to say about it on Twitter, but I guess vtuber fans tend to be like that.

No. 361758

I think the negativity goes on anonymous boards and private Discords. You have to remember that must vtuber fans don't complain. They just leave.

No. 361759

Thank you for being my wing woman, nonna. Wish me luck in my marriage!

No. 362136

File: 1710277073810.jpg (509.38 KB, 1920x1080, pTlaOKu.jpg)

New Niji JP wave. They have a separate twitter account and animated MV, so they have plans for another wave with lots of promotions.

No. 362137

File: 1710277126330.jpg (431.32 KB, 1920x1080, qHyIqzU.jpg)

Here's the models, I like that the purple one has a different style. It might look odd moving though.

No. 362142

Question for the Niji JP nonnas, has anybody super notable popped up post-Eden besides Salome? I fell off keeping up with newbies around then.

No. 362150

hi nonnas. i'm a corpo vtuber for a small company. idk if anyone here is actively trying to become a vtuber themselves, but if you are, i'm willing to answer questions you might have about it without giving too much information that would lead to knowing my identity.
i would say that my experiences haven't been the greatest overall. it makes me depressed seeing bigger corpos like nijisanji having seemingly worse issues. i've realized that hololive truly is the golden ticket in this industry. i don't even know what other companies haven't had…issues

No. 362151

File: 1710283406030.jpg (24.4 KB, 192x280, 1680533284911.jpg)

>I've realized that hololive truly is the golden ticket in this industry
>forgets rushia and the countless management issues hololive has including a manager forcing a liver to date him
>the Taiwan incident where they pushed the livers under the tank
kek but anyways how was the interview process for you nonna? And considering the current contract discourse how's your own been faring so far?dont tell anything that's under nda

No. 362178

Holo has a relatively decent track record compared to other corpos? I think Mafumafu is a lying piece of shit but her termination was valid by contract given the way she broke NDA leading up to it. Mel's issues with her manager shouldn't have happened, but they occurred early in Holo's lifespan and were apparently resolved given how long she decided to stay at Holo afterwards until her amicable departure despite NDA break. And in the Taiwan incident Holo literally cut off its entire Chinese branch, that's not "throwing them under the bus". All very different than the active and ongoing issues with other agencies.
try to be less transparent when you spread your biased misinformation. Your sour grapes aren't everybody else's issue.

No. 362180

Why did you decide to start vtubing? Is the money even worth it? How many times are you contractually obligated to fake-laugh during a stream?

No. 362182

so, i say this because being a hololive talent is guaranteed success and money. being in a small corpo, you are not guaranteed that at all. in fact, i could've made more working minimum wage KEK. it's pretty depressing…
interviewing process was pretty easy, i interviewed at a different corpo prior to my current one. the previous one was a lot more stressful. the 2nd one, it seemed like i didn't really have to…try very hard, because they were sold on me from the get-go it seemed like.
the contract is quite predatory. it favors the company heavily yet has very strict demands for what talents must do. it's 50/50 profit split besides merch, which the corpo gets more of the money from that (it's not 2% though KEK)
i'm not >>362178
but the money isn't really…anything. at least yet, for me. hopefully i'll get there eventually. you're not obligated to fake-laugh at all kek. but we do have to stream a certain amount of times per week as per the contract. but the amount of leniency the corpo gets in terms of what they have to do is honestly disturbing. i wasn't able to get a lawyer to review it before i signed it, i wish i had. i decided to start vtubing because i'd always wanted to be a streamer but was nervous about being on camera, so vtubing was the easy choice.

No. 362184

> you're not obligated to fake-laugh at all kek. but we do have to stream a certain amount of times per week as per the contract. but the amount of leniency the corpo gets in terms of what they have to do is honestly disturbing. i wasn't able to get a lawyer to review it before i signed it, i wish i had. i decided to start vtubing because i'd always wanted to be a streamer but was nervous about being on camera, so vtubing was the easy choice.
I’m sorry you’re roped into a shitty contract. I hope there’s a chance you’ll be able to renew it on your terms or get with another company. I’ve thought about being a vtuber for those same reasons. Vtuber models just cost a lot of money to make.

No. 362208

Are you allowed/is it possible to work a day job? Do any of your coworkers work day jobs?

No. 362210

I don't know much myself but Watari Hibari is the most popular member of Voltaction, which is like ROF-MAO's younger brother group I guess. They have decent amount of group 3d content and music focus which brought up a fanbase that has strong loyalty to the group as a whole

No. 362213

you're allowed to, yeah. but you can't do anything that would even come close to vtubing. that includes doing art, voice acting, etc. anything you did in your "past life" to make money online, you cannot do while under the contract.
but working a normie tier "day job" is fine. a few of my coworkers do that. i am not as i'm still a student, but i've considered it because i'm so lacking in income. i'm lucky that i don't have too many expenses atm due to my circumstances but it's definitely not enough to live on in the US or probably any other western country, it's pretty fucked. probably because i don't lean into any type of nsfw/lewdness at all whatsoever which makes people feel less incentivized to donate. though i'll never waver on my morals for scrotes kek.

No. 362326

Anyone else find it hard to get super invested in (western) vtubers because they're always graduating left and right? I was looking at my old Pomu merch while moving houses and I really hate that trend of joining a big company, then leaving after a short time to be independent or join Vshojo. At least with Japanese vtubers, they get criticised if they graduate and return after too short of a time. And I don't really get the sappy feelings and superchats if someone's just gonna go back to their PL immediately, it's like people forget what "graduation" means for idols (I don't mind going back but at least give it a while instead of taking advantage of your fame).

No. 362336

File: 1710350079622.jpg (614.99 KB, 3600x1808, TrixiliArt_.jpg)

Hard agree. That's also why Niji EN lost the feeling of a group of friends I want to see grow for me, I don't know if the people that join want to build anything or just flee with numbers. JP has a lot of fun and creative people in it for the long run and it makes me envy people that can understand Japanese well. I like watching their clips and seeing that they have a genuine unique bond with their community and with each other. The fact both Mysta and Kyo had new models ready, which takes months to prepare, right after their "graduation" irritates me so much. Especially Mysta with his month long sob party drying Luxiem fans' wallets. I guess this is the western solo mindset. I admire the vtubers that have been around for 6+ years, then again they built this industry so they were already ambitious people. On the other side I like the bond Tempus seem to have now that the two that weren't fit are out. Vanguard also signed for another year so we know they're still taking it seriously.

No. 362341

Yeah, I know idol culture gets shat on but this is why I only oshi Holos who seem committed to it, both male and female.

No. 362361

Hi Vtuber nonna! I have a few questions!
Are there specific rules as to who you may talk to?
Is there any girl in your corpo that is making bank?
Are you been helped by managers? What do they do, actually?
Have you seen people talk about you on imageboards? How did it make you feel if so?

No. 362481

hi nonna!
1. yes, i can't interact with male vtubers. honestly glad bc i don't want to be forced to interact with them lol. but i also have been forbade from interacting with some vtubers (female) that i really want to interact with bc i like their content and think they're funny. but i'm at the mercy of management, if they say no, i'm not allowed to acknowledge their existence. it sucks.
2. probably. i don't know the exact amounts my senpais make but they're surely comfortable. no one really stands out against everyone else though in terms of how much they make.
3. lol. this is funny because up until recently my managers have done fuck all. recently new management came in and are helping alot more. but management helps with things like brainstorming for ideas for streams/videos/shorts. they also pay for things like video editing, art, etc. before recently they mostly only helped when things were specifically asked for, which made me really depressed bc it sucks having to do everything yourself. obviously. if you have more specific questions lmk.
5. no they have not. no one has any idea i post on imageboards and i intend to keep it that way kek. i got exposed to 4chan at a really young age and found lolcow like, the year it was created thanks to /r9k/ iirc. i was never much of a poster, i lurked and occasionally posted when things caught my interest but i was never like, an imageboard personality of any sort. i just enjoy the board culture, probably because i started reading 4chan when i was 12 years old, kek. it definitely fried my brain but i try and look at the positives, i wouldn't have found out about so many things that have changed my life if not for 4chan. like the games i play, shows i love, friends i've met, etc. so i sort of feel like it both damaged my brain and changed my life irreversibly. i wouldn't change it for anything.

No. 362597

1. What are the general reasons you can't interact with certain female vtubers? Is it that certain indies are not permitted because they clash with brand/are too small or are certain other small corpos not allowed?
2. And would you say you'd still prefer being at a corpo over being an indie? Or rather, what would you recommend as the best use case for joining a small corpo as opposed to staying indie?
3. I don't expect you to answer this one as it may be too specific, but do you have any small corpos you know from behind the scenes to be ones absolutely nobody should apply for? I'm considering doing auditions and I'm worried I'll join one secretly on the verge of collapse kek
4. Do most of your peers have prior streaming experience, or were any allowed in as newbies?
Thanks for answering all these questions, it's been interesting to read all the responses so far.

No. 362685

1. due to certain vtubers "controversies" we aren't allowed to interact with them. they've said/done things that are questionable. but it was things i didn't even know about prior to joining, so finding out i couldn't interact with certain people was definitely a buzzkill. as for indies, i've not explicitly been told i can't interact with indies. i've not had much experience around indies to be honest.
2. i still prefer it over being indie because i made literally nothing as an indie. like, i basically made $80 every few months or so as an indie. so the money i make now is considerably better, but it's still not a livable wage, and much, much more goes into being a corpo vtuber than an indie, at least for me. i mostly was an indie vtuber as a hobby rather than trying to make a career out of it. twitch was brutal for growth and i had no idea how to market myself.
3. lol the only one i would really say is vreverie, which isn't really insider info, it's just obvious lol. you could have guessed this just from looking at how everyone except their biggest talent and one other person have not left yet. they're still planning on debuting their gen 3 which is surprising. i feel bad for nova. i don't know about other corpos though. i would definitely not recommend anyone join nijisanji though.
4. all of my peers even if they weren't vtubers/streamers prior were proficient in something: singing, art, etc. most of them were small indies/streamers but there's a few that had never actually been a vtuber/streamer before, but they were really talented and charismatic so they were given a spot. i do think having any amount of streaming experience would make you more likely to get in. it probably just depends on the corpo more than anything. plus thinking about like, what the corpo is looking for. like oftentimes they already have designs created and are looking for someone to fit into a certain design, so they want a specific type of voice or personality. so even if you don't get in you should always keep applying because they'll remember you and see you get more experienced and improve as you continue to make content, whatever it may be.

np nonna, it's fun to answer these lol. if you have any more questions lmk.

No. 362689

NTA but have you heard of any tips for making it to the interview stage with holo? or any patterns of what they're looking for?

No. 362694

stand out (lol ik this is like crazy advice but the people i know who have gotten into auditions definitely "stand out"), good voice/accent, singer. loving idol culture is probably one of the biggest ones. the people i know who have gotten into holo auditions are pretty into kayfabe and have dreams of doing the things that hololive talents do, like 3d lives and concerts. i never got into holo auditions but i know people who have so i don't really know too much. just thinking about the people i know who have gotten into holo auditions, some pretty far, and those are things that separate them from other vtubers imo.

No. 362697

tyvm nonna! My auditions get good views every time but never moved onto next phase. For the people who made it far, do they have ideas on they didn't get in?

No. 362702

i know someone that actually told holo she didn't want to join yet because she wanted to grow and improve a bit more. she got very far in the audition process. which genuinely shocked me considering holo is literally the best place for a vtuber to possibly go lol. the others i'm not sure, maybe i can ask.

No. 362708

That's crazy wow. Another question I have is how do you deal with your scrote fans? I can't imagine a farmer humoring them without snapping at some point kek

No. 362711

clearly stating my boundaries has gone a long way. sometimes there are idiots still but i have let my mods know to show no mercy kek. i have cultivated a pretty respectful fanbase because of this, people are much less likely to say things that cross my boundaries because i won't tolerate it. though i know a lot of vtubers struggle to do this, but for me it's like, i'm not really making that much money anyway so i might as well make sure i actually like the people in my community kek

No. 362816

File: 1710503471554.jpeg (992.1 KB, 4096x2458, GItPq-XaUAADo-T.jpeg)

Suisei got a new outfit and it's making me feel things.

No. 362819

Holy shit, way to go for the skill. Suisei wa kyou mo… kakkoi…?

No. 362869

Do you know what goes into an auditon video? Everytime I look one up for reference it's always
>highly edited video
>their funniest clips
>a slight introduction
>filled with memes and popular twitter references
Is there a standard for audition videos, or do we just go in blind and look like an idiot for 10 minutes?

No. 362904

so i know some people go above and beyond for their audition videos. i used to do like, heavily scripted audition videos where i ended up sounding super nervous and not even speaking in my normal voice tone. the audition that got me into my corpo, i was sleep deprived and sent it on a whim- did a few stupid edits in the windows Photos app but nothing that would actually qualify it as "edited" kek. i just talked about myself and started with a bang, talking about what i think makes me stand apart from other vtubers, and this ended up working in my favor. it really depends on what you're good at. are you really good at singing? video editing? art? video games? chat interaction? whatever it is, you should tell them right away, within the first 30 seconds. that's really the most important part, the rest is just fluff. i wouldn't say that filling it with memes/popular twitter references is going to get you very far, you just sound like another vtweeter indie that way. what makes you, you? show them quickly and grab their attention. at the end my auditions i typically included at least 1-2 clips from my channel that i thought were pretty funny. cause like, say in your audition you claim to be good at bouncing off of chat. well, you want to show them that, right? so, include clips that you think show this off. definitely don't make the clips take up more than like, 1:00-1:30 though. i think audition videos are usually around 5 minutes long.
things i like to talk about in my auditions are:
1. (most important) what am i good at? what sets me apart from other vtubers?
2. why do i want to join a corpo, especially this specific corpo? what do they offer to me, and what do i offer to them? (i mentioned wanting to make female friends and wanting to see big ideas i have come to life)
3. substantiating my claims to question 1, prove to them what you mention at the start. i showed screenshots and proof of what i'm good at.
4. having a sense of humor is good, i did that too, but like- not really in a meme way. just my own humor lol, adding stuff i thought looked goofy and saying things the way i'd speak to a friend- because think about it. they want to see how you're going to be as a streamer. so, imagine you're streaming when you make the video, that's another good piece of advice i could give.

godspeed nonna! if you really want to get in i believe you can. i struggled hard trying to get into a corpo and failed many previous auditions, i tried for over a year. i was so happy to have finally made it. if it's really what you want, never give up!

No. 362929

Do any of you vtuber nonnas ITT do it off of a laptop? I have the funds for a PC but no reason to buy one unless I actually enjoy streaming a lot, and I don't want to put the cart before the horse by getting a PC built just for something I haven't tried committing hours to yet.

No. 362938

I stream off a gaming laptop, it works fine for me. My friend also streams off her poor computer. It really depends on how strong your laptop is, how good your wi-fi is, and what games you want to play/what you intend to stream.

No. 362982

File: 1710570364692.jpg (464.39 KB, 781x1100, GItxobgaMAAv7Cg.jpg)

I don't listen to any JP vtubers because of language barrier but Kaisei's design caught my eye immediately, since I'm partial to anime characters who look like they enjoy scheming for money. I also like Gamma's (Holostars) design so their model artist is 2 for 2 for me. At this point in time I kinda wonder what other active JP Niji vtubers think these days when yet another new wave comes in though, now more than ever before compared to how the landscape was 2 years or so ago. Except for the top ones who already know they're firmly and securely established.

No. 362991

It's crazy, you could watch a handful of Niji livers for a year and never know that an oshi perfectly suited for your taste is somewhere else in the same JP branch because they just have so many at this point that many will never cross paths.

No. 363087

Niji JP just works in a different way compared to Holo for example, it's not expected of you to follow literally every member. But there are a lot of branch-wide events and collabs so even by having a few oshis you actively follow you'll eventually get to see members you didn't originally pay attention to.

No. 363089

File: 1710619873081.jpg (1.75 MB, 2720x3472, 1710593331278438.jpg)

Every year Holofest puts into perspective how big and far away they are compared to other corpos or even scattered factions. I have seen the discussion being thrown around before, do you think there is a difference between liking vtubers and liking Hololive? They are so massive, but they barely if ever interact with anyone else nowadays. Seeing "vtuber awards" in the west all past year ignoring Hololive is… interesting.

Anyway, I was just thinking about that as I wait for my soup to be done. Did anyone went to Holofest? It seems so much fun, though, the food is way too expensive for what it looks like!

No. 363130

Oh hell nah. He looks like a middle- to late-aged redditor.
May I ask a ballpark range of how many subs/followers you had before applying? It's okay if this is too dox-y!

No. 363138

hi nonna! what i will say was i had significantly LESS than 1k twitch followers. i averaged like 10-20 viewers. i was a nobody. that's why i feel very lucky to be in the position i am in despite not making a lot of money right now. hoping that can change in the future as i grow.

No. 363309

File: 1710692298934.jpg (162.06 KB, 850x1096, __gavis_bettel_phantom_gavis_b…)

Predictable but still cute that he brought his brother to Japan with him.

No. 363974

File: 1710876806616.jpg (683.55 KB, 1712x2316, 1709238937459690.jpg)

My oshi has knocked off yet something else from her bucketlist, she has made an ending for an anime.
Congrats Mori.

No. 364092

File: 1710897190716.jpg (348.2 KB, 3000x1680, 1.jpg)

I think it's great that Pomu went from posting nudes on 4chan to being a well-respected vtuber, to back to school now. I'm being 100% unironic when I say this. I never closely followed her but it seems like she's had some really nice growth out of a cringe and troubled past.

No. 364147

she did what? that’s crazy, she didn’t give me 4chan thot vibes at all. Glad she quit and is now doing better. I do miss her presence in nijien though.

No. 364244

I think I've said this here before but I think it's unironically nice and wholesome that some of these old lolcows like Kiara, Pomu, FWMC, etc. have finally found what is probably the only occupation where being a maladjusted weeaboo who wants to become Japanese/an anime girl is not just fine but actually a good trait to have.

No. 364280

Seems like we are keeping this thread fairly drama free, so I won't bring up the past too much, but she has more info on the dox website everyone uses and a page on here from a few years ago.
Seems like she didn't do anything insanely milky, just being a white weeb with a japan aidoru dream in the 2010s. A few months ago, someone dug up her old nudes and they were getting reposted all over 4chan, and she had to go on streaming like nothing happened. Honestly I found it admirable.
I'll never be a FWMC fan because the kayfabe is just too far for me but Kiara and Pomu seem nice. It's nice seeing cow good endings sometimes.

No. 364320

File: 1710981576714.png (1.53 MB, 1430x999, 1710638433494673.png)

Bunch of Ao-yumes from Holofest. Surprised there hasn't been discussion about the event around here. It was a lot of fun.

No. 364325

I respect that she seems to have actually gone back to school instead of lying about her reasons for graduating and where she's going and then immediately reincarnating like a lot of others have done. When a vtuber says they're going to be gone soul searching or some shit for a year after graduating and then does the opposite of that it makes it obvious they don't value their fans and will just say whatever to milk cash.

No. 364328

I also feel annoyed these days that 'graduation' could mean anything from 'I'm never touching the internet again' to 'I'm going to stream on my old persona 2 hours later.'
I guess on the flipside, though, if someone's leaving a corporation because it's toxic or they're sick of management, what can they say in the graduation stream? 'Niji's a shithole, I'll see you guys in one week'? Can't say that'd go down well.
btw please I don't want to dredge up the niji drama again, I'm just giving an example since a lot of people seem to be jumping from the niji ship recently. Niji stans don't come for me

No. 364425

honestly i didn't have the cash for it this year so i avoided it on purpose, otherwise i'd get severe fomo kek. but i'm glad people enjoyed it.

No. 364803

It's hard to get attached to the character, but personally I like the personality, so idc. They'll do what makes sense for them financially. Though I admit that the new names take getting used to.
You can't get attached to a company. The people are fine after you look up pl stuff.
In jp, they're supposed to allow themselves to be overworked to the point of karoshi, so graduating is usually better. It's like someone switching jobs. The arguments about poaching and betraying friends are weird. It's the company that decides you can't collab with talents after going indie. Or do certain things using their model. All hardwork at the company will disappear anyways, so you gotta work hard to build your own thing.

No. 364853

File: 1711168359252.png (791.21 KB, 602x1054, file.png)

Axel got his first new outfit, he looks pretty nice imo. He said it took so long because he insisted on getting it done by his art mama, he was warned that she is very busy but Axel really wanted her to do it. Cute

No. 364874

Aw lol he looks like he came from the same game as Izuru or something. Kitty and puppy.

No. 364994

New Ao cover! After holofes, I'm excited for when ReGloss their 3Ds. And Advent too. I know FWMC has mixed reactions here but they seem like they'll be good performers on stage.
Although I miss her as Pomu, it is nice to see her living her best life right now. It's nice to see her tweet fangirly stuff about her hobbies.

No. 365059

File: 1711245171478.jpg (260.87 KB, 1065x1894, XqNwV4G.jpg)

>looks are yume material
>personality is yume material
>height: 173cm
Why do they do this? They can be anything they want, why did they make him short?

No. 365355

She sounds amazing with this type of voice

No. 365485

Because at the end of the day, she's a girl. No matter how manly the voice, the Asian height debuff remains. Can't have her be too perfect.

No. 365487

Agree to disagree in the graduation bit. I like the reassurance that they can come back. I was never too attached to the models anyways. (Except Selen — I wanted to chomp that fluff. But Doki's new model has its own charm.)
The only tough part is getting used to the new name and wondering if/when. I wanna know if Mika will come back.
Most people aren't gonna give up corpo fame after putting years into a persona. But in case they do, it's nice to know where to find them on other socials.

No. 365492

The reason jp chuubas don't graduate left and right is because in Japan, BOTH the company and the employee (including contractor, afaik) need to agree for them to be able to leave. So, once you get in, you're stuck. (Source: Joey aka TheAnimeMan did an interview with a former underground idol who worked with Kiara. Both parties entered the contract together so they need to agree to leave. And she mentioned they owned the image for 3 years after she left. As in, she was contacted by a further manager to remove a picture of herself under her old name from social media.)
Thus, JP talent looks a lot more together cz there's a lot more control. There's a general teamwork mentality, yes, but the inability of a lot of people to just leave also plays a role in the whole thing. Plus, most viewers only get clips, so we're don't get full cultural context to some things. It's like going looking for pl: you don't have to, but no one will stop you if you go looking for whenever bs JP talents got themselves into. And there's supposedly a lot, but I heard that on nyfco so take it with a grain of salt. I think one dude confessed to Sakura Dating. We get the filtered version via clips. Most clippers won't tell you about their oshi's need with another Vtuber OR their indiscretions. There's financial loss if they've been allowed to monetize it. There's attachment towards a chuuba. And there's some actual people who will brush off the issues to preserve harmony. If there's cliques or fighting, the clippers will avoid covering that. And everyone is cordial, even if there not besties. It's like a class full of children being forced to work together. Or rather, an office. Sorry if I popped your bubble. I hope you go into it knowing what's up and why.
BTW, Mirei Gundou re-debuted.

No. 365498

Are you saying fuwa minato is a tif or did you mistake him for aokun

No. 365569

I thought that was Ao-kun. I also thought he was Hex Haywire for a second.
But the party about no one being perfect still stands. If you wanna send any clips of him, I'm interested.
What made you simp and do you have something you show us?

No. 365926

Biboo is growing on me more with every clip

No. 366960

I'm an indie. I stg if another indie with a female avatar reaches out to me, there's a 25%+ chance it's a TIM. Either blatantly male voice, or blatantly male but pitched up.

No. 367032

File: 1712007444230.gif (297.25 KB, 309x500, 1000001066.gif)

I like her new outfit

No. 367374

File: 1712118475287.jpg (55.25 KB, 850x659, __ceres_fauna_and_ceres_fauna_…)

Me too, she and Fauna are so cute together. They look like those weird girls in school who only had each other as friends.

No. 367933

Who is best in HoloEN if you want an oshi who motivates you to work hard? I want somebody who is active, streams regularly, and pushes herself a lot to achieve new goals.
FWMC? Calli? Bae? Or somebody else I don't know about?

No. 367942

No. 368405

are there any vtubers anyone here can recommend that arent scrotes or massive pickme's? they can be any language.

No. 368406

Kiara, FWMC, and maybe Cali (though she makes stupid fuck ups every once in a while. But that girl works hard)

No. 368411

This question is asked all the time so earlier threads can help but I'd like to shill Kunai this time, she has cozy streams that turn into zatsus most of the time and she's mature but has a sense of humor. She also has slow chat and interacts with comments all the time. She's practicing for the MarioKart thing right now.

No. 368660

I love Haachama

No. 369178

>aren't massive pickmes

No. 369280

No one really talked about April Fools pranks but this was my favorite.
>Kenmochi hates ROFMAO being considered an idol
>the other three cover IDOL with serious production
>special thanks: Kenmochi Toya
>in the end if ROFMAO without Kenmochi are only idols as a prank, that means only Kenmochi is really an idol

No. 369308

Well she was replying to >>367933
who asked which vtubers work hard (not if they're pickmes) which, like them or not, isn't a lie.

Personally I used to love Ame for that reason, the way she always had creative ideas and organized the 3D collabs, how she took singing lessons and improved as an idol… but I feel like she's burnt out atm

No. 369320

What do they do that makes you believe they work hard?

No. 369399

Oh yeah, my bad, I thought they were replying to >>368405 who mentioned not being pickmes.

Ntayrt. I don't vibe with Fuwamoco for many reasons that have already been debated on this thread. (And tbh, I still think they are trying to sound ESL. A ton of fans think they're Japanese or mixed Canadian-Japanese, which is 100% false. They are white.) But I will admit that they seem like they try to stream a lot and come out with new content, and they're really devoted to their schtick, as much as I dislike said schtick.
Inb4 'they just really like and respect Japanese culture' - imo you can like Japanese and speak fluent Japanese without pretending to be ESL. Everyone knows Kiara is German yet super interested in Japanese culture.

No. 369427

I still don't get where the assertion that they pretend to be ESL comes from. Yes, they talk like retarded hawawawa moe girls. But they don't talk in broken English and are open about the fact that they're JSL.

No. 369473

That one was my favourite too. It's kinda boring and lazy how at this point genderbends are the default joke for April Fools, subtler pranks like this one are better.

No. 369653

File: 1712797217591.jpg (256.86 KB, 2000x3000, mazamuno vtub.jpg)

yesterday surefour did an "official" vtuber stream with his model. i don't like the design…

No. 369656

I thought it was really cute until I saw it's supposed to be a dude lol.

No. 369696

File: 1712817012394.png (1.2 MB, 764x1049, Inosuke_colored_body_(unmasked…)

Cyber Inosuke

No. 369704

Kenmochi doesn't like the idol tag? Til. You got a clip for that, anon?
And does that mean they were all parking Kenmochi?

No. 369789

yeah like as an androgynous girl i love it, but as an androgynous male i couldn't care less

No. 370348

There's another clip where the others do idol-like poses and he chases them down again. Unrelated but it's so funny when they look at Kaida and his model is tall but it's obvious they're all looking down at him kek
Same, I also loved when Hibari covered 嘘 (joke/lie) for last year's April Fools. Holostars' "new debuts" with the weird models were funny too. That's the type of thing that makes you remember it for a long time. Genderbend especially without any proper preparation is just unfunny.

No. 370432

>Unrelated but it's so funny when they look at Kaida and his model is tall but it's obvious they're all looking down at him kek
Kek ngl I used to be a big kaida fan until i saw his PL and it took the wind outta my sails. Lesson learned. Dude is patheticute though

No. 370841

What about his pl? I can't find much.

No. 371100

Just seeing his appearance. I'm sure he's a fine guy.

No. 371993

Kenji got doxxed and apparently there was a hate gc for him .

No. 372038

Bit niche but can anyone recommend german vtubers? Not german vtubers who speak in English but actually stream in German often. I'm trying to learn German and I find that streams help a lot.

No. 372316

Any active chuubas in this thread? I’m out of ideas for what kind of content to post on Twitter to promote myself. I’m a cozy streamer & gacha gamer.

No. 372485

File: 1713681984429.jpg (46.9 KB, 350x398, 8174738fhw838ru8qjs.jpg)

I don't think I've ever had such a hard time looking at the face of a vtuber model this expensive. I can't tell if she's supposed to look scrunched up all the time or if this it's an issue with the tracking.
(Chuuba is Vshojo's new Michi Mochievee AKA Mika Melatika)
The character design is also just kind of shit? Too much going on for my tastes.

No. 372614

The creeping rabbit bow is very hideous. I don't know why we need another revived zombie vtuber, I thought that was Kuro's thing even though Kuro honestly gives no shits about kayfabe. I highly doubt Mika will play it up for very long either, vshojo itself is the epitome of streamers that barely bother to play into their model characters.

The lore video is nothing but one big shitpost and a very transparent cry for money. Mika can't even voice act, her mic peaks multiple times from being too loud.

No. 372635

I thought vshojo's appeal was supppsed to be the amount of support they give their talents? Why couldn't she get this proofread, it's so ESL

No. 372644

Vshojo's appeal is that they don't do anything for their "talents". They don't intervene or help. Just the Vshojo name and an email address sponsorships will contact (if they get any, even Mysta is not getting any now)

No. 372647

I mean, the former Nijis talk constantly about how much Vshojo does for them compared to Niji, so I think there is the expectation that they provide support when requested.

No. 372657

It kinda looks like she keep squiting her eyes so definitely something wrong with the tracking. Also agreed this model is such a downgrade from her past one

No. 372695

She probably has the vtuber studio settings set up incorrectly: when her irl eyes are open 100%/neutrally, the model eyes are probably only open 50% or something.
Kind of weird rookie mistake.

No. 372854

File: 1713803159184.jpg (295.36 KB, 1140x984, GLx6s_MWcAEY1QZ.jpg)

It's so damn ugly, looks exactly like one of those webtoon male leads kek. Jesus. Is 2024 the year of bad designs or what?

No. 372858

>chest hair
Why do entubers completely miss the point of being 2d

No. 372860

he looks like a middle-aged samurai

No. 372881

Why are men triggered so hard by being bishounen?

No. 372901

This artist just refuses to add collarbones. It was criticized last time, why not add it this time? Also hate how whimpy skinny white men keep living out their bara dreams instead of sticking to being good looking young males when voicing that is the definition of their job. I'd rather he go back to jerking off on stream than look like a middle aged saggy unkempt smelly souls like protagonist. The company pays for their models too, I feel like my tax money is wasted on useless shit because my donations to my oshi is funding this sacrilege.

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