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File: 1708688431816.jpeg (2.33 MB, 2500x2500, alhaithambirthdayofficial2024.…)

No. 357977

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo/Hoyoverse. The game features a fantasy open world environment and action based battle system using elemental magic, character switching and uses gacha game monetization for players to obtain new characters, weapons, and other resources.

>Redeem codes without having to login



>Build Simulation/Optimization


>Database filled with pretty much everything found in game


>Build help


>Character guides


>Interactive map for overworld item locations


>Another interactive map


>Genshin Center, a resource center for the game


>Event timeline


>Wish Simulators


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No. 357979

Al habibti

No. 357980

theres still time for you to remake this thread op

No. 357984

File: 1708693867315.jpg (1.14 MB, 784x7212, patchnotes.jpg)

What have you been enjoying in the 4.4 patch? We've had:
>Chenyu Vale area added including lots of new world quests, new wildlife, a couple of new enemies
>Xianyun and Gaming as new playables
>New skins for Shenhe, Ganyu and Xingqiu
>Xianyun's story quest
>Lantern Rite quest and event
>Food event happening right now
>The recent battle event with trial characters
>New TCG cards, including sayu, thoma, cryo cube, the electro seahorse, and action cards like jeht
>Xiao and Yae re-run
And some QoL stuff in picrel

I pulled Xianyun and have been enjoying her a lot. She breathed some new life into some characters in my roster I'd been neglecting or added more team variety for them, like Navia and Diluc. She's been a delight for traversing through Chenyu Vale with because of her jumping and I like using characters that are somewhat "canon" to explore new areas with. I do however use a mod to alter her a bit because her default is a bit much for me (https://gamebanana.com/mods/493134). I have been slowly moving through the Vale every day until I accrue enough encounter points, so I haven't done a lot of the quests yet. Very pretty scenery as I expected.
I found the lantern rite quest pretty touching overall and appreciated the focus on family bonds, even if your family isn't blood-related. The scene between Shenhe, Xianyun, Yip Tak and Gaming sitting at the tables was very amusing. The hug at the end between Gaming and Yip Tak was sweet.
Sayu has been really fun in the TCG but I'm not sure what the new meta decks coming out on top are. I see a lot of people using Jeht now when I match with others. I prefer playing the "drafting" mode where you each have to choose three character cards from a random pool because it's refreshing not facing off against sweaty tryhard decks all the time.
The recent battle event was interesting. It used your character cons but not your weapons or artifacts and the character pools on some days were strange. I ended up with some unusual teams sometimes but still cleared it quite easily on the hardest difficulty. I wonder what the general player base experience was with it, if they found it too challenging? It makes me wonder if the devs are experimenting with making a pseudo rogue-lite mode.

No. 357996

That's such a boring picture of a lately irrelevant character. Official pictures are always boring and there were already suggested and liked ones. I'm convinced it's that one retard that doesn't want women in the op that pulled a random unrelated picture to rush the thread so we can't put Arlecchino again. It's either uninspired official picture to avoid cool female character art or coomer fanart sneak now in this thread.

No. 357999

>cool female character
Doesn't exist in genshin

No. 358004

Ah, the Arlecchino sperg bitching about the threadpic to start it off with an infight, a long tradition of the Genshin threads. Death, taxes, and resident waifufag.

No. 358018

I'm building Ga Ming and enjoying playing him, though he seems to get critically low on hp real fast. It's probably skill issue. Lantern Rite's story was pretty good this year, you can see massive improvement in the pre-rendered cutscenes from the devs over time. They did a good job incorporating Ga Ming's preexisting animations into his long dance.
The combat event was interesting, but needs some polish. The pre-made builds were appallingly bad, like laughably so. The Furina had something atrocious like 45% crit rate and 90% crit damage, anyone who ran the domain for a week could probably do better. I don't think Nilou was an appropriate character in the character pool either when the game immediately proceeded to make it near impossible to use her core mechanic by dumping electro characters on you. Overall just needed slightly better gearing on the trial characters for a smoother experience.
What the fuck are you even talking about.

No. 358022

>What the fuck are you even talking about.
Check the first posts in the last 3-4 threads to see some mentally unwell seething over threadpics.

No. 358036

I ended up with C6 Gaming rolling for Xianyun and need to get around to building him. His normals felt weird to me so I put him on the backburner. His kit doesn't seem as straight-forward to me as most others either when it comes to optimal rotation. I noticed a lot of HP drain in his kit but he only has this very small way to get HP back, so probably not a skill issue on your part but more of a team build issue.
>After Bestial Ascent's Plunging Attack: Charmed Cloudstrider hits an opponent, Gaming will regain 1.5% of his Max HP once every 0.2s for 0.8s.
He definitely seems like he needs a healer with him, purposefully made so players want Xianyun with him.
It's funny I've seen some other people complain about the bad gearing too. I didn't even bother checking the gear at all but still found it pretty easy to clear on pro, even with not knowing how to optimally use some of the carries. The enemy HP felt really low. The one build issue that really stuck out to me was not having nearly enough ER on Xiangling for one stage. It took forever to get her burst back.
I think for the Nilou one on the last day that they really wanted you to bloom on the first two stage parts because the enemies spawned far closer together on those than the latter two. When I tried to avoid using Nilou my first time through, I ran into the issue of there not being enough electro characters. Re-doing it with her made those two parts explode quickly. It was the only one I had to re-do.

No. 358059

Personally struggled in the hardest mode but Im a retard who cant game for shit so YMMV
Haitham you beauty

No. 358090

>Chenyu Vale
Pretty but haven't really explored it. Getting Fontaine chests while trying to finish Sumeru commissions
Gaming is cute but hate HP drain
Don't care about costumes for charas I don't have and haven't done the quest yet… Haven't even finished Wrio's story quest.
>Lantern Rite quest and event
Family drama was dumb, but I guess it wasn't NPC drama.
>Food event happening right now
I like these kind of simple events but it makes me hungry.
>The recent battle event with trial characters
Hated it. Reminded me that I hate how Furina damages the whole team not just the active character. At least you only have to beat normal for the primos and hard difficulty rewards aren't worth it.
Stopped playing when I realized you don't need those points to max BP.
got Dehya…

No. 358101

irrelevant? what are you talking about? i'm soooo excited to pull for haitham during this second half of version 3.4. aren't you? based take nona

No. 358284

Finally! Got all that snake stuff for Gulabgir.
Now just the Doctors orders and the Desert Bloom chievos then I'm done with Sumeru.
I'm pretty sure they learned to tone down on the RNG commissions with Fontaine thankfully.

No. 358475

File: 1708921867721.jpg (397.31 KB, 1447x2039, FdibCUuWYAMRB73.jpg)

What do anons use to clear the Abyss? Curious as to who people main. I switch it up but I always try to use a Cyno team with Baizhu and Nahida and mono Geo whenever possible (sadly not very possible as of late). This time I did a plunge Kazuha team for the lulz then a Wriothesley first half alongside Cyno second half. I could have used Neuvillette but that would have been zero effort, he melts everything so fast.

I'm still trying for Project Baby. It's the last one the game has to give me.

No. 358512

I always have an alhaitham team on one side. It will be some mix of nahida, yaoyao, baizhu, furina, xingqiu, fischl, yae, raiden or kuki.
On the other side is usually whatever fits best to counter the enemies or whoever I got recently that I want to use. I picked up xianyun and navia on their banners, so I've been using them. Otherwise, it'll usually be another dendro team, either a hyperbloom team, a thoma burgeon team or a tighnari spread team.

No. 358528

File: 1708959222435.png (Spoiler Image,623.45 KB, 640x859, pyro-archon-concept-art-sketch…)

Okay so pic relateed is t pyro archon concept design. Which ofcourse can be changed a lot (see the old skirk and clorinde concept arts). However if you compare it to Nahida another archon concept arts, her color design didn't change at all. So I'm afraid we might be stuck with this color pallet

i pretty much always use alhaitham on one side and neuvilette on the other. Before neuv i used childe. We really need some male electro off field characters, i want to try and use teams with only male characters

No. 358530

File: 1708959453989.jpg (301.51 KB, 2048x1239, GHQyWrcaEAApcgb.jpg)

as comparison this is leaked nahida concept designs, again of course the pyro archon design can change, but because it won't take that long before Natlan is coming. I dont think they will change like big things. Not gonna lie im kinda sad how her design looks more Fontaine, i was hoping that we wouldnt get yet another european inspired country. Since we will also be getting Snezhnaya which is also very much eu. I think Natlan will be like Sumeru, so the educated and more civilised people will all be white and more european styled, and the people in the desert will be darker.

No. 358533

Tbf she's the fire god so it makes sense red and orange/yellow will be her main colours. Her aesthetic is what I was expecting from Fontaine at the beginning so I'd be happy to see a nomadic circus concept but if the nomadic tribes are that then where's the African inspiration going to be?
>the educated and more civilised people will all be white and more european styled, and the people in the desert will be darker
I hope they don't pull this shit again. I'm taking an unhealthy dose of copium hoping for the archon to change to having dark skin already. I thought the idea was that the entire nation is made of independent tribes anyway, so we'll have a big "civilized" city again? Guess they have to put in a giant tree somewhere.

No. 358534

It's quite frankly hideous and I barely see any Spanish influence here at all. Why is it so white with barely any red or orange besides her hair? If she's supposed to be inspired by Matadors where's the elegant suit and cape? If she's supposed to be inspired by Carnivale where's the bright flamboyant feathered costume? Really hoping for a palette overhaul as unlikely as one is. Also those detached sleeves need to go burn in a fire, they make every design a thousand times more retarded for no reason.

No. 358541

File: 1708962766779.png (1.57 MB, 1920x1080, genshin-impact-natlan.png)

idk i at first thought it more of an italien inspo with like venetian carnival but a lot less cooler.

There are a few big tribes, so i expect the bigger tribes to be more civilized actually have buildings instead of tents ect. I don't see how this is otherwise will go, based on the design of the archon vs the design of a natlan character. You can see pic related actually has tribal inspiration, while the archon looks very different and more so like she is from fontaine. Maybe the story is that the pyro archon is actually not from natlan?

No. 358543

I genuinely want to murder the pathetic worthless faggot that came up with this loli concept for nashitda

No. 358545

Her backstory and design would be cool if I didn't know about the people it's actually made for

No. 358551

Quite a few of the concept arts have interesting ideas imo and you can tell most of the artists wanted Nahida to be at least mostly clothed. The girl with the eye on her chest looks really cute and foresty. If the butterfly had more clothes she'd be neat. Bottom left obviously became the basis for Lord Rukkhadevata (who has a much stronger design than Nahida). But then there's the coomershit on the right and you can tell no character is safe from becoming complete slop.

No. 358717

New OST's out.
This song still sounds completely out of place, like something from FFXII.
I love all the chill underwater music.

No. 358728

File: 1709006517648.jpg (Spoiler Image,293.16 KB, 1300x817, fashion-historical-clothing-in…)

I can't bring myself to get too worked up about the design either way until I see the final design and see it in 3D. For example, I liked Chevreuse's design far more in the 2D than how her model ended up looking. A character's personality can really sell a design for me, too. [spoiler]I like her big red diluc eyes. I am not a fan of the pearls, mask color or the purple hair vents. lol at at least one leaker saying the stripes are meant to be like a carnival tent.

No. 358759

File: 1709032835624.jpeg (80 KB, 600x600, IMG_1825.jpeg)

I don’t get this at all? I’m really trying to understand how this fits into a volcanic hot spring and mountainous environment. Seriously what has happened to the creative departments of Genshin

No. 358824

Hate it. It feels very Fontaine. Palette is weird too because of the purple and pink clashing with the yellow and orange. Too much white, also. I'd never guess she is supposed to govern a warlike, volcanic country. She looks like a dainty noble.

No. 358828

This is what people mean when they talk about gacha designs throwing every texture and pattern they can think of in a character to make them stand out instead of just… drawing something nice. She’s kinda cute though I hope the finalized version isnt such a hot mess

No. 358871

I just don't get the blue and purple with red, it's unnecessary and in this case it can't be to show the different intensities of fire in which blue flames are hotter than red flames because as far as I know I haven't seen any Pyro characters that does this.

No. 358889

I think people were misled by just seeing the term "African inspiration" when it was specifically "west African" (probably specifically Morocco) in addition to Spain and Latin America. West Africa is more influenced by Andalusian and Arab cultures than Eastern or Central African ones so I don't know why they act so surprised Natlan isn't turning out to be more like Sub-Saharan Africa.

That said, her being white skinned and wearing a spaniard-inspired outfit from colonial times really underlines the role of archons as colonizers kek.

No. 358897

We aren’t misled because of that, we’re misled by the extreme difference between this >>358528 and this, which we have seen for years as representative of Natlan >>358541

No. 358905

File: 1709075449673.jpg (279.57 KB, 866x1390, mexican-man-in-an-aztec-costum…)

She doesn't look African though? It's a Native Latin American style of design, similar to a traditional Aztec dress.

No. 358915

Wow I'm extremely disappointed in this. It's just boring. I was really hoping for some tribal type design like >>358541 but more bones, skulls, body paint.
Why couldn't they make the archon look sort of like this design? Mihoyo why… I know people would dump money into her with a cooler traditional tribe design.

No. 358917

What? Plenty of East African countries are heavily influenced by Arab culture

No. 358964

Are you thinking about North Africa like Libya and Egypt because East Africa consists of Ethiopia, Somalia, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania which aren't really that Arab influenced compared to North/West Africa. Bottom line Natlan was always implied to be more South American/Mesoamerican including using the names from the Maya Hero Twins tales and the entire region's name being an Aztec word, people just got so hung up on that one mention of West Africa that now they're disappointed beyond repair that it's not full on African themed due to building up things that were never going to happen.

I don't know if they're really going for the colonizer narrative seeing how she's wearing a dress more inspired by Spanish royalty kek but I want to give them the benefit of the doubt. Initial leaks are saying that the pyro archon isn't the main character of the story but instead there's some male character who's supposedly going to be the hero. I also have a feeling that we're going to turn against the archons after learning about the sovereigns in Fontaine and other leaks saying that Venti will be relevant in Natlan's story chapter and that there will be other sovereigns introduced. Take it with a grain of salt though.

No. 359017

I mean the Talking Stick's backstory is all African names too, there wasn't a reason to think there wasn't going to be major African influence in Natlan until now.

No. 359108

File: 1709156168079.jpg (127.35 KB, 736x1109, 5502c6eb1c39ae205877a6e29e64ee…)

kek could you imagine if they gave her a whole ass Dutch outfit because of south Africa being colonized by Netherlands.

No. 359220

Yeah, maybe one of the six tribes will be African themed or there will be a subregion that's inspired by Africa? Kinda like how Tsurumi in Inazuma was Ainu inspired.

No. 359243

File: 1709201246875.jpg (3.97 MB, 3000x3000, GHeeRTcaYAAVQ9b.jpg)

>Wanna know what this is? Hehe, it's a birthday present from another member of Benny's Adventure Team!
>As luck would have it, I just so happened to slip over, so it came in handy after all!
>My dads are right, a birthday that only comes around once every four years is bound to be a day of unexpected good fortune!
>Well, that's my partner calling, so I better be off! I wish you a lucky day too — hope you finally manage to find that huge pile of pinecones you're after!

Happy Birthday Bennett!

No. 359250

File: 1709202533549.jpg (17.22 KB, 554x554, 1000021120.jpg)

Kek wtffffffffffff. Holy shit. Is this bitch the god of WAR?

No. 359314

File: 1709219699884.jpg (226.19 KB, 1200x1600, GHbunZhbQAA9jo_.jpg)

I love you Bennyyyyyyyy

No. 359320

File: 1709222818356.jpg (839.66 KB, 2048x1900, GHcFGeMa4AAFphN.jpg)

Happy birthday Benny!

No. 359349

this is your sign to flex, nonnas. akasha rankings, builds, cons, saved up fates, achievements. you name it, i want to see it.

No. 359383

File: 1709245639902.jpg (3.36 MB, 5913x2896, flex.jpg)

These are the builds I'm happiest with. I had a top 3 Neuvi at some point but haven't gotten any upgrades for a while and people have caught up to me. Cyno's EM looks low but it's absolutely worth the tradeoff of being able to comfortably burst all the time. Akasha has no idea why my Kokomi's like this which make me lol.

No. 359509

File: 1709299888974.jpeg (1.66 MB, 2205x1153, IMG_2727.jpeg)

Livestream sucked ass. Another easy skip filler patch. New wish banner though

No. 359513

File: 1709301874603.png (34.82 KB, 567x382, summary.png)

I dont really have to much to flex, my Childe is in the top 7% thats it the other characters are all pretty bad kek, but i have no hard time clearing abyss content and that is the only end game stuff so idc to much about artifact grinding.

Here are the codes:

Pic related is a quick summary i have stolen from reddit about the new banner system

No. 359526

I don't have anything to flex by looking at these builds… I'm too lazy to farm artifacts and a F2P on top of that however I'm pretty lucky with my rolls

No. 359535

Yeah, going forward it seems like .5 and .7 patches will always be filler. The banner will at least let people get Beacon of the Reed Sea and Hunter's Path if they missed them.

No. 359589

But the lantern rite patch rn feels like filler too. I’m honestly getting bored of the whole "waiting for archon quest and interlude quests for the game to actually evolve" formula. It’s been too many years.

No. 359592

That's just how gacha/games as a service works. Not every update can be super awesome new content when they're constantly dev-ing.

No. 359627

Loving the EM kokomi and very nice zhongli, plus making top 3 at any point in time is really impressive so big kudos there. As for me, I've got <5% on two of my mains and I'm aiming to get top ranks on an upcoming character!

I don't know what they're doing with this pacing. 4.3 was filler, 4.4 was only saved from full filler status by chenyu, and 4.5 is so dry it makes the latter half of sumeru look like an oasis. Sure 4.6 will be a content nuke, but they could have spread it out over two patches for a much less agonizing result.

No. 359636

I feel like they could add in 4* character stories to fill empty patches like this, we're only getting Lynette for the first time in a while but they added 2 every patch or every other patch when it was a new thing. I don't actually want to play it 6 times for the characters I don't like but it wouldn't feel that empty at least.
>4.5 is so dry it makes the latter half of sumeru look like an oasis

No. 359646

Whenever I get annoyed at genshin's designs I remember that star rail has even shittier designs. One of the upcoming characters has extremely short low waisted 2000s hot pants that you'd only see in a porn magazine and a lot of characters are dressed almost the same. Idc what anyone else says, genshin got better art direction. It's not stellar cause we still get some shitty designs but >>358530 just looking at this there'a quite a lot of creativity that goes in the character creations. We do get the watered down versions, but it's an upgrade to star rail or wuthering waves. Also, unlike the other games, at least genshin characters have unique eyeshapes, star rail has more blatant sameface in comparison

No. 359746

>starrail has more sameface
Objectively not true. Genshin is by design more samefaced and samebodied

No. 359747

at least every single genshin character has a different eye shape, now tell me how does star rail have better designs?

No. 359748

File: 1709417662599.jpeg (215.82 KB, 1000x1000, IMG_1395.jpeg)

Genshin definitely tries to be a normal live service game more than being a typical gacha though. Which is why I think it’s weird to kill the game with 3 years of the same formula and pacing.
Exactly. It’s weird to have that much filler between 4.2-4.6. I get that some anons like the previous anon I replied to above like to whiteknight this but we’re getting pure shit filler. Not even charming events like Windblume kind of filler. 4.5 even lacks that. Hangouts have lessened, reoccurring events with world building storytelling (Venti and windblume, albedo in dragonspine etc) aren’t happening, and the last Dain quest was a wet fart. The quality has gone down and the pacing has gotten worse. Time to freshen the game up a bit. At least they’ve understood that with the new permanent banner.

No. 359753

>Genshin definitely tries to be a normal live service game more than being a typical gacha though
they're the same thing… not all lsg are gacha but all live gacha are lsg - unfinished, microtransaction laden games that drip feed new content at a snails pace

No. 359758

I agree that we should get more smaller stuff like hangouts but when compared to other lsgs Genshin still has more content overall. The big patches drop with entire new areas to explore, 1-3 new characters, main story content, character story content and a bunch of world quests combined in a single patch. If anything, these "dead" patches are good for casual players to catch up. I log in every day and I still have a bunch of shit to catch up on in my quest list. You might not like the system but Genshin is on the better side of content amount and quality, as it should given how much money they're making.

No. 359846

same, it's crazy to me that people 100% all the regions, finished all the quests and hangouts, built all the characters and have nothing else to do when new content keeps coming and coming?? i understand if it was early genshin when there was less stuff to do, but there's new areas to explore every 2 or 3 patches like this shit is time consuming. are you guys all NEETs or what, most genshin players are rather casual and don't want to speedrun everything and spend 10 hours a day on this game

No. 360489

Okay nonnies, I need your answers! Are Jurieu and Lourvine dating? (They’re the researchers who Wriothesley had build the ship)

No. 360491

I hope he dies. No woman should have to put up with such an annoying man

No. 360501

File: 1709722071220.jpg (503.01 KB, 1280x562, EGROjyD.jpg)

They are and irl I'd kinda agree with >>360491 but I also see the rivals to lovers appeal. I'd like to see more regular couples in npcs tbh, they can be really cute if their interactions are paced properly.

No. 360535

I have such a hard time keeping up with Star Rail solely because the female designs are so repugnant, way worse than in Genshin. In Genshin they have coomer elements but for the most part they're fairly inoffensive and mundane (sans the armpit fetish) but in Star Rail they just look ugly and porny all the time. Most of them aren't given actual clothes, you can't tell half of what the hell they're wearing but the male characters look fine so it's clearly a conscious choice. This isn't just me either because even scrotes complained about all the Xianzhou Luofu girls having lazy, patronizing designs. But that said, Wuthering Waves on the other hand has no redeemable features because both the female and male characters look like dogshit.

I guess it boils down to what aesthetics you prefer to be fair but what I'm trying to say is that personally I just like Genshin's designs the best. Actual pornified characters like Yelan, Shenhe and Xianyun happen only occasionally and aren't given very remarkable roles while in Star Rail you have to stare at Seele's and Acheron's crotches and boob windows for long parts of the story.

No. 360540

i'm personally more of a vlad/nadia enthusiast in terms of npc ships, but i can't bring myself to diss jurieu when sailor chaoxi unfortunately still walks teyvat. it's been revealed from an announcement board in chenyu that he's stringing along yet another poor woman, i think that brings his count up to four? wish this was a game that allowed you to kill npcs.

No. 360542

I don't get why a couple anons here seethe at other games for existing. The rest of the community loves hsr and wuwa. I guess genshin has gotten so dry there's nothing better to talk about other than checks notes npc shipping.

No. 360543

Those games get shit everywhere. Partly because people can't talk about them without bringing up Genshin as it's their first gacha experience. People talk about them calling them Genshin killer then it turns out they're bad and they run back to Genshin

No. 360544

kek. i can't argue with that last part, though the anons who somehow think 4.5 is an acceptable patch might get on your case.

No. 360545

>The rest of the community loves hsr and wuwa.
The only reason HSR stays in good graces is because they keep handing out free shit and as for wuwa literally everyone clowns on it everywhere and deems it a painfully subpar game with a 2edgy teenager aesthetic except the people who are desperate for a Genshin killer and will call every single new action RPG game that. Half the people who started playing HSR and bragged about how much better it was compared to Genshin hated the Xianzhou Luofu arc so much they only came back to collect a free Dr. Ratio kek. And yeah, filler patches with Genshin happen. All gacha games have dead air during some seasons. They just released Chenyu Vale and I'm still not done with it despite playing daily because I have a job and other hobbies than 100%'ing a new patch the day it releases.

No. 360554

>the rest of the community
Yes, why wouldn't moids and trannies love HSR and Wuwa? They're full of half-naked women and safe mode men.
If you don't want to talk about something in this thread no one's making you. Just go to any other thread.
Anon here is right. The porny characters are pretty rare all things considered. There are stupid decisions made like Jean's armpits being out when they shouldn't be but they're much less than HSR or Wuwa's.

No. 360566

I don't mind their existence but I do mind it when their fanbases barged in to promote the disgusting edgy roidhead or dowdy old man designs. I see enough of that propaganda from twitter.

No. 360571

Idk I know people who left genshin for Danheng and Sampo but not a soul who ran back to genshin afterwards. They didn't care about whatever arc because only a super tiny minority of these three games pays attention to their plots, they don't have plots as far as most players are concerned.

No. 360584

>npc shipping
KEK Nona please, I asked about whether those npcs are dating because I had just finally finished Fontaine's story, and at the very end they bring back the joke about whether they are dating or not. And I'm retarded and can't actually tell if they're insinuating they are or aren't

No. 360676

What bizarro world do you live in? Every Genshin player I know tried out HSR and then they all dropped it after a month. Dogshit, boring game with dogshit, boring characters. At least Genshin combat is fun compared to the shitty turnbased garbage from Star Rail.

No. 360809

File: 1709893118637.png (Spoiler Image,2.48 MB, 2190x1138, iwasbored.png)

Any thoughts? Spoilered to reduce possible seething. I didn't have the heart to make any of them handmaidens. I also wanted to focus on the reactions of female characters, but feel free to make one for the males.

No. 360817

To be honest, I would put Barbara, Nahida and Yoimiya as handmaidens.
Nilou and Amber as pure clueless normies.
Kokomi would definetly we crypto. And I like the thought of Ayaka being crypto too, lmao.
Also, I feel like Layla's sleeping personality would be a terf or easily peaked, while her regular personality is a normie or a handmaiden, lel.

No. 360818

Ayrt. I hate to admit it, but your take on the handmaidens is solid, though I do feel like Barbara could eventually become crypto from dealing with one creep too many. Can definitely also see the case for crypto Kokomi, and I love the opinion split you brought up between the two Laylas!

No. 360827

I think that Lynette should be a crypto, she dealt with ugly bastards before and in her voice lines it is obvious that she is very observational and independent. She is not an open terf because she needs to stay non-controversial for her spying job

No. 360829

samefag I also think that Yoimiya, Amber, Navia and Nilou are pure normies. Fischl would be a rabid libfem and would support troons' delusions, but one day something bad will happen and she'll peak. Sigewinne is not only a doctor but also not a human, so openly terfy. Raiden would think that it's weird but also wouldn't do anything because she is an idiot herself. And we don't know anything about Columbina, but wanderer and Tartaglia say that she is batshit insane, so I don't think she'll be a normie.

No. 360831

Oh I love that Lynette one a lot, very accurate assessment (she would've probably picked up on some terfery from Arlecchino too kek). As for your second post, I was definitely wondering where to put Fischl but I really like what you did with her, and same for Sigewinne! Regarding Columbina: I personally see her as the type to just giggle uncontrollably at the notion of troons, but I don't think she cares much about them outside of that, so I just put her down as a "normie" short of a better descriptor. Loving the inputs here.

No. 360844

>Even the Genshin thread gets derailed by tranny sperging
I'm being serious, I would've laughed at this like 2 years ago but now that the entire site has such an autistic unhealthy hyperfixation on troons with every single thread being dedicated to talking about them I feel like losing years off my life.

No. 360854

thread is pretty dead anyway so why not, it's not like we have much to discuss with these filler patches. I plan to roll for albedo on that shitty new banner despite not having much luck or wishes, want to talk about that?

No. 360880

what's worse is they do shit like that and still laugh at the people who make pro palestine edits of dangan ronpa characters with zero self awareness. the autism level is the same, the only difference is the hyperfixation.

No. 361054

So apparently chinese moids think chiori is a feminist who doesn't treat her customers well and they don't want her to be playable anymore kek

No. 361055

Me when I'm in a being offended by the most retarded thing contest and my opponent is an east asian incel

No. 361056

File: 1709978499871.jpg (74.43 KB, 578x669, chiori.jpg)

Kek what the fuck is this? Now I kind of want to roll for her just to piss chincels off. Like is her hiding her pits and being rude enough for them to ree about evil feminist agenda or something? This is why Mihoyo games never have mean girls, Chinese moids will legitimately piss their pants if a girl isn't subservient and smiling all the time.

No. 361057

i love how between lyney and chiori, fontaine just keeps filtering the moidcels. i really hope arlecchino doesn't take off her jacket in gameplay just to piss those fuckers off even more.

No. 361059

File: 1709979208011.jpg (75.35 KB, 583x569, genshincels.jpg)

Don't forget about Furina's designer being a feminist causing Korean gachacels to have a meltdown to the point they rented a fucking advertisement blimp to place in front of Mihoyo's Korean HQ.

No. 361060

oh my god youre right kekkk how could i forget. how do they even stay alive with this sheer amount of seething over nothing, you'd think their blood pressure would kick it eventually.

No. 361081

Korea is a dystopia at this point.

No. 361660

Thats because all genshin players you know are run down of the mill normies.

No. 361703

File: 1710163627402.jpg (1.33 MB, 1800x1651, artteamL.jpg)

there are clearly different art teams working on this game and all i can really say is mhy picked the wrong one for arlecchino's drip marketing. barely even looks like the same woman. shame on them.

No. 361708

i hate how tacked on her ponytail looks, and those heels are awful. shame.

No. 361724

Have you never seen her before? We already knew she wears heels.

No. 361754

The ponytail is so unnecessary, she already has buttflaps, let her have short hair.

No. 361764

ntayrt, but i made my original post in a rush and realize i could have been unclear: i was talking about how moidgazey the drip looks. even in comparison to her character sheet, she's depicted in a particularly coomerish and overfeminized way here, almost as if they're trying to "compensate" for her not showing skin. it's such a disservice to her character, and an additional spit in the face to those of us who wanted a less sexualized female character.

fully agreed with you both. mark my words, if arle ever gets any more concept art leaks, we'll see exactly how much we were robbed of a more gnc look.

No. 361766

On the bright side this means we'll probably have a cool burst animation with her turning her back to the screen and being in the center of some scene

No. 361768

Ok, fair enough. Yeah, her pose is kind of annoyingly sexualized, though I think it could have been much worse. People have pointed out her pose is almost the same as Lyney's, which is kind of neat.

No. 361780

Everyone who called her "GNC" need to go sit in the corner right now, I'm so disappointed I ever trusted Mihoyo on her during Winter Night's Lazzo.

No. 361782

hey, it's not our fault hoyo dropped the ball this hard on their original vision. if anyone needs to go sit in the corner it's the moids who couldn't resist fucking her up, not the women who were hoping for better.

No. 361783

we all knew that was just a delusional cope from the start. this is a waifu game and she's a waifu.

No. 361788

File: 1710188479422.jpg (206.88 KB, 850x1417, __arlecchino_genshin_impact_dr…)

Maybe I'm retarded but I still love her. I love feminine suits, I love her arm and pant ruffles. My only criticism is she didn't really need a ponytail but it doesn't overly bother me either. She looks great, especially compared to most of the other waifus of late.

No. 361789

What do you guys mean the pose is not sexualized at all? Are you saying this cause it shows her heels? Alhaitham also has a pose from the back. Her ass is covered, and there's not a hint of skin. If she posed with the front they would give her a hourglass and show her boobs, from the back looks better

No. 361792

I still love her too, I am fine with drip marketing because I like her ingame model despite the rattail and I hope they won't fuck up her lore in 4.6 and also I am delusional enough to like waifus that aren't for me

No. 361793

ah yes arlecchino the waifubait…

No. 361794

chinese moids were calling her a drag queen and said they hate her voice and you think she was made specifically for them??

No. 361795

do you know what kind of game it is?

No. 361796

a game that appeals to both men and women kek

No. 361797

and? there are also moids who are very much into her I follow r/arlecchinomains on reddit and the amount of ooc nsfw booba art is disgusting, I just want to see nice art and discussion of my fave…

No. 361801

moids will flock to any waifu what do you expect, are you not gonna like any female character cause moids like them too? arlecchino is NOT the kind of character you need to argue that she was made exclusively for moids, she might not be gnc but she is still appealing to a female audience. call me delusional i don't care, bet she was designed by a female staff too

No. 361805

I literally said that she's my fave and also maybe waifu, depending on where they'll take her in 4.6, she may not be exclusively for moids, but I don't see hoyo making a female character for /us/ either, so they'll still pander with her to them somewhere, I just hope it won't be too egregious, because she's my most awaited fountainian

No. 361806

File: 1710189999848.jpg (281.06 KB, 1211x1426, IMG_20240311_124835.jpg)

arlefuri is peak

No. 361809

arlebina economy has been in shambles ever since Fountaine archon quest

No. 361812

File: 1710190182065.jpg (51.61 KB, 735x237, proof.jpg)

not delusional, factual. there was almost certainly coomer sabotage at play.
>inb4 haha leaker
if some people still doubt syp after everything then there's not much i can do for them.

No. 361813

I kinda get what nonnies mean. The pose sort of emphasises her ass/more "feminine" side and I also think it was done as some sort of "compensation" for her outfit being fully covered. I see it happen all the time in games, granted this example is honestly the tamest I've ever seen kek. Usually its something like the big jacket is actually hanging off a character showing her pits/arms, or the pants are drawn incredibly tight, or feet are showing or something, etc. this is kinda nothing in comparison but I do understand how some nonnies feel. Its the mere fact that they always have to do it when guys like Neuv are allowed to be casually burka'd up

No. 361814

I like arlebina too but arlefuri just hits different. I think they match quite well too, furina is youthful and boyish while arlecchino is mature and handsome

No. 361815

to me it looks more like they tried to make her mysterious, she's not looking directly at the audience

No. 361817

Jesus just what kind of her is "princely" at this point? She ended up being a generic dommy mommy bi4anime straight girls are begging to be strapped by. I'm just so disappointed in everything about her, she even had literally zero plot relevance in the entire Fontaine archon quest. A letdown of depressing proportions.

>The pose sort of emphasises her ass/more "feminine" side and I also think it was done as some sort of "compensation" for her outfit being fully covered.
According to leaks she has her jacket removed during her burst stance making her pits and tits fully visible. Absolutely obliterated by coom.

No. 361818

File: 1710190693321.jpeg (107.98 KB, 736x983, 3340ef979bf9386e093cca7145c5a4…)

welp, Arlecchino has 2 hands, though I guess it would be too good if they also gave us her in Natlan

No. 361820

she was going to end up in heels anyway cause the tall female model was made only for heels and they weren't going to change that
ew i hope that leak is fake

No. 361821

thankfully those "leaks" were made by uncle k who's all but been proven a clown. we'll have to wait until beta (or until a more reliable leaker steps up) to know, but they'll fucking see me on the news if she removes her jacket.

No. 361822

I am still in the cope mode since so far none of the leaks about her seem to be true and all leakers contradict themselves: she plays through overload, no wait she actually needs vape! but there're no hydro characters for her yet. she's as strong as neuvilette! no, C6 ayato! big Hu Tao! but she's weaker than C6 Chiori. She's aoe! No, single target! Her weapon is a scythe, but only in animations and her constellation is a spider

No. 361823

File: 1710191234599.jpg (334.45 KB, 1433x2048, IMG_20240311_130903.jpg)

the problem is that her vision is on her jacket so why would she undress in the burst animation? is she gonna put her jacket on again when it ends? and isn't she wearing multiple layers underneath the jacket anyway?

No. 361824

File: 1710191243440.jpeg (51.49 KB, 736x414, 93460f040cddec9ca5e4e202436fab…)

Freminet also has his no jacket version in design sheet but sadly he doesn't undress

No. 361825

File: 1710191509113.jpg (199.91 KB, 1057x582, 20240311_131351.jpg)

it was made for this scene. we've already seen arlecchino without her jacket in game

No. 361826

File: 1710191566114.jpeg (83.4 KB, 1194x708, actuallyreliable.jpeg)

KEK yeah most of that was all the same guy too (uncle k), absolute insanity. for now the only reliable leaker who's spoken up is foul in picrel, but as always take leaker TCing with a grain of salt. also, apparently the c6 ayato think is a joke among CN leakers and not meant to be taken seriously.

exactly. and arle switching between having her jacket on/off during fast-paced fighting would be really convoluted animation-wise. it's already a wonder they managed to make it work with furina, although even thats not 100% fluid.

No. 361827

File: 1710191710240.jpg (180.84 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_20240311_131710.jpg)


No. 361829

yeah I think his burst would be better if he put the helmet on and lost his jacket lol
Arlecchino on the other hand should just be shown as a powerful mastermind, I like the way she's clicking her fingers in the trailer for example

No. 361832

Everything from that leaker has been incorrect about her so far. He said her constellation was going to be a black widow spider. He's a clown and should be ignored.
To be fair Cyno "gains" arms and a helm during his burst and that looks fine because there's the burst cutscene that gives the game time to replace the model, so she could lose the jacket in burst. I just don't really see what that would achieve, her Vision's on her jacket and that imo is a good indicator she'll probably keep it on.

No. 361833

File: 1710192395203.jpg (36.25 KB, 419x325, IMG_20240311_132813.jpg)

this is a bit autistic but do you guys have any height headcanons for the characters? according to this official pic the in game heights don't reflect their real heights cause raiden is way taller than yae

No. 361835

File: 1710192489729.jpg (40.55 KB, 579x323, IMG_20240311_133019.jpg)

and either zhongli is very tall or ningguang is more on the shorter side

No. 361836

File: 1710192574407.jpg (53.46 KB, 776x325, IMG_20240311_133134.jpg)

venti taller than jean

No. 361839

now that was unexpected, I hope he isn't too tall though. would hoyo ever release their official heights?

No. 361842

Kek why is kaeya’s head so small

No. 361843

Some intern probably made these, they definitely aren't canon in any way

No. 361845

I assume they have some point of reference though, cause raiden being so tall seems realistic

No. 361847

They're literally scanned from the official guide book so it's as canon as canon goes.

No. 361848

arlecchino 5'10. or 5'9 if i want to be generous, but no lower. also those illustrations are so funny kek how is venti taller than jean

No. 361849

my headcanons for some of them
venti -1.68 cm/5'6
xiao - 1.65 cm/5'5
kazuha - 1.63 cm/5'4
lyney - 1.67 cm/5'5.5
freminet - 1.60 cm/5'3
scara - 1.66 cm/5'5.5
albedo - 1.69 cm/5'6.5

No. 361851

5'9 without heels, over 6 ft with heels would be sexy

No. 361853

there are literally 4 character models.

No. 361855

It's a shitty travel guide made by a Japanese travel agency, not an actual HYV product

I think they just scaled them depending on their heels and general vibes. Venti's watermelon head compared to Jean and Kaeya looks funny though. Genshin head proportions between the different models are so fucked kek the lolis are the worst offenders but the short models also have such giant heads when put next to the tall ones

No. 361857

just vibes
zhongli - 1.88 cm/6'2
cloud retainer - 1.70 cm/5'7 (no heels), probably like 1.76 cm/5'9 with heels
neuvilette - 1.91 cm/6'3
childe - 1.80 cm/5'11
alhaitham - 1.85 cm/6'1
kaveh - 1.77 cm/5'10
diluc - 1.74 cm/5'8.5
kaeya - 1.80 cm/5'11
wrio - 1.89 cm/6'2.5
ayato - 1.78 cm/5'11
thoma - 1.81 cm/5'11.5
itto - 1.90 cm/6'3
baizhu - 1.75 cm/5'9

No. 361861

other tall girls (barefoot, no heels)
raiden - 1.72 cm/5'8
shenhe - 1.70 cm/5'7
sara - 1.71 cm/5'7.5
yae miko - 1.67 cm/5'5.5
dehya - 1.68 cm/5'6
navia - 1.65 cm/5'5
eula - 1.73 cm/5'8
jean - 1.69 cm/5'6.5
yelan - 1.67 cm/5'5.5
arlecchino - 1.77 cm/5'9.5

No. 361865

>arlecchino being taller than all the other women
great taste nonna

No. 361866

My cute son. I really love his entire outfit.

No. 361892

childe being under 6'0 is a crime.

No. 361901

yes, and that's why they're making her more feminine and coomer. what's your point?

No. 362016

File: 1710245892539.png (1.2 MB, 1536x864, gameshorizon.png)

Am I fucking crazy for thinking, other than her stripper heels and nails, Arlecchino isn't all that coomer? She's covered from head to toe, is wearing actual pants, and has no retarded titty cutouts or anything. She stands in that stupid as fuck pigeon toed stance and has a thigh gap, but that's because she's using the generic tall female model. It's not like she's Eula or Cloud Retainer.
Obviously she's somewhat sexualized but that's because every character in Genshin is sexualized lol. The only one I can think of who has 0 sex appeal is Neuvillette.
I don't know why anyone would think she would turn out to be a flat chested, androgynous character anyway considering she has always had a feminine face, long hair, sheer material on her chest and even lipstick on during her very first appearance in that Fatui trailer. If they had teased us with a butch and delivered something like Clorinde I'd also be pissed, but that's not what happened.

No. 362022

>Stripper heels
>Vacuum sucked pants displaying her thigh gap
>Open split in her jacket so that her said vacuum packed shapely ass is fully visible
>Likewise jacket sucked to her body to show off her figure
>Big breasts as seen in this image >>361827
>Sexy pose in drip marketing showing off the shape of her buttocks
>Heavy makeup
>Long hair so moids don't get offended
>Constant sensual effeminate body language in trailers
Sorry anon, but you need to just admit it. Your waifu is coomer trash. Even Yoimiya is more masculine and less coomerish than she is. Her entire appeal is coom. Literally every man and woman likes her specifically because she's meant to be a sexy dommy mommy trope. That's just what she is.

No. 362030

>feminine face
what does that even mean? it's an anime game, every woman has the same face.
>long hair
nobody knew she would have long hair during lazzo. the "proof" was shaky at best and most people thought it was just strands of hair from the back.
>sheer material
if thats sheer, its the most opaque sheer i've ever seen.
eh. unfortunately granted, albeit this is one of the tamer cases of lipstick.
sorry, but lazzo did bait us. many people were expecting more, and we weren't wrong to do so. was she going to be the world's most hardcore butch? obviously not. but she did feel "more" gnc from the outset than other genshin women, and by the looks of it the art direction >>361812 wanted to go for that too. it's not unreasonable to be disappointed.

No. 362033

It's funny how it gradually went from "g-guys, she's totally a GNC king just look at the leaks describing her as a princely handsome woman" to "w-well okay she's SOMEWHAT sexualized coombait but it's your own fault for expecting anything less!".

No. 362038

nta but do you like, don't know how to read?

No. 362054

I swear that one anon is baiting hard. She's way less sexualized than most of the female roster.

Also her kit's been leaked. She Puts a Bond of Life on herself and enemies and when it maxes out gains a huge burst of damage. She gets a Pyro infusion and is about normal and charged attacks. No Overload shenanigans and no sign of taking off her coat.

No. 362062

>She's way less sexualized than most of the female roster.
Seriously, in what way? In what way is she less sexualized than other tall females in the game? Yeah, she's not walking around in ugly lingerie like Shenhe and Yelan but even though someone like Dehya and Candace show a lot of skin they're way less sexualized than Arlecchino is. Her entire thing is sex appeal and that's why people are openly cooming to her so hard on social media, if it was just her being a badass GNC female character they wouldn't be lining up begging her to obliterate them in the QRTs of the drip marketing post in the most obscene ways possible. Not even Xianyun's release got people being this horny on main.

No. 362064

You answered your own question. She's not wearing lingerie, she's fully covered up with nary a tit or armpit window in sight. I don't care what moids do, moids will sexualize anything.

No. 362066

>if she was really this gnc badass idiots wouldn't be begging to be dommed by her
did you get on the internet yesterday? this is classic badass female character treatment 101

No. 362070

For the "safe" badass women who men and trannies coom to, sure. Not so much actual badass women.

No. 362071

she really isn't, this one anon claiming yoimiya is less sexualized even though her tits are literally spilling out and her coochie is almost out… you guys just want to be mad. arlecchino looks like a character that myself i would design and i think she looks badass, like that's her appeal, to be badass and cool and dark and edgy. saying that she's nothing but a dommy mommy for moids is plain stupid, she's not like kafka from star rail, or yelan, or yae, or raiden. her "children" call her father, not mother. you're also exaggerating about her pose looking too feminine when she just has her back turned on the audience and it doesn't show any butt crack. this would be a pretty cool design and drawing anywhere else but because it's genshin you must complain and nitpick
you should check path to nowhere, that game panders to a gay female audience and the coom is off the charts, it makes arlecchino look super tame by comparison. also fun fact, arlecchino chinese va voices ling wen in heaven officials blessings

No. 362072

my thoughts too, including the wish to remove her ponytail. she's cool as hell. she makes me want to make cheesy edgy circa 2000s amvs with her. i'm not going to torture myself endlessly thinking about what men think about her. her kit leaks sound fun, can't wait to see her animations.

No. 362075

she was designed by the same designer that did the 2d design sheet for zhongli and ayato.

No. 362077

for all what is worth it despite the incel pandering, a lot of female characters in this game are outright hostile to moids

No. 362080

>you should check path to nowhere, that game panders to a gay female audience
What am I even reading here?

No. 362084

Right. Whenever nonas talk about liking a (female) character they always get hit with "Noo that character was clearly made for moids!!!" as if they should care. I get that you can't complain about coomerish designs as freely in other spaces, but I don't get the need to argue with anons who still like them despite that.

Kek didn't that game have to remove a character because her outfit was just lingerie

No. 362085

Yeah, I like Yoimiya but I'd never claim she's less sexualized than Arlecchino because there's no universe in which that's true. It's not even comparable.
Same anon, she reminds me of characters I'd design as a teenager. Even most of the liked fanart I'm seeing of her is more edgy than coom. Women love her.

No. 362088

So true but the AO3 tag is fucking cancer.

No. 362093


No. 362101

File: 1710269952019.jpg (68.31 KB, 640x640, mCrYaQh.jpg)

I couldn't care less about what coomers think about Arlecchino, I've been daydreaming about being her right hand woman for months and I'm so happy that she'll be playable now. As long as she doesn't change her character completely I'll be happy to have her and build her to her full potential. I hope she gets more content after Fontaine as well.

People were speculating that we should be getting 2 harbingers per region from Fontaine on to make all of them playable during region expansions but I guess that won't be the case. Does anynonnie have an idea what story content we'll get after Khaenri'ah? The only other lsg I play regularly has a wider world and unlimited potential for world building but Genshin has limited map space for most nations and they limited the number of nations to 7+1 at the beginning. It seemed absurd to think about this in the beginning but it feels like Inazuma dropped yesterday, we'll get to the end so soon.

No. 362106

Celestia, maybe? I can't imagine us not exploring there, and possibly even things in the Abyss.

No. 362107

I feel like there's no way all of them will be made playable. Dottore is too difficult to redeem at this point and that small old guy shouldn't be made because he's ugly. If anything they'll continue with one per patch and put all the rest into Snezhnaya.
And once all regions are unlocked it should be over, they'll probably continue to make boring events for a few years and then they could make the traveller go to another world with their sibling. Or they reboot it completely. Did they do something similar with Honkai? I have no idea what's going on in those games at all or if they even have a similarly clear endpoint. What if they just make Genshin 2 set another few centuries in the future or past kek

No. 362111

originally genshin was intended to last 5 years, but because of the success they made a whole new plan for 10-12 years. teyvat is only a continent and it was hinted that all the gods who didn't want to take part in the archon war fled off to "dark sea" which may be not a literal sea since information is vague and scattered. I feel like people underestimate genshin's world building potential, or maybe I just watch and read too many lorebeards, and let's be real as long as it makes money it won't go away

No. 362113

File: 1710272218604.jpeg (75.68 KB, 1280x1272, ok5iaC1.jpeg)

Rough sketch of her splash art. She has an edgy angel wing (I'm guessing as part of her burst).

No. 362114

anyone has any theories on why 1 wing in particular? she has a lot of swan motives in her design and Fontaine's swans look kinda like her like how birds and otters look kinda like Neuvilette, idk I don't have any particular idea, but I can't wait to learn her story when 4.6 comes out!

No. 362115

File: 1710272467838.jpg (95.07 KB, 755x778, f849380b837ab2e36a21e3d93c9fd7…)

Also her wing kind of looks like Dvalin's based on the sketch? She has a Vision and didn't recognize Neuvillette so I doubt she's a Primordial Dragon but man that probably means something.

No. 362116

What if she's Albedo's abyssal beast sister? Alternatively, she could be a soul transferred into a monster body like Caterpillar.

No. 362118

kek, albedo's family tree is getting more and more complicated with every region. I also heard a theory that she might be a Neo-human with a soul of someone from remuria

No. 362120

Isn't one wing a symbol of being a fallen angel? Google says it symbolises safety so it could be related to her role as the "father" in the orphanage

No. 362121

File: 1710273670259.jpeg (65.08 KB, 1080x816, swans-v0-7jli4bzpdtcc1.jpeg)

>Fontaine's swans
They always made me think Neuvillette and Wriothesley but they might as well be Arlecchino and Furina

No. 362122

now this is real y2k edgy nostalgia love that for her

No. 362220

File: 1710310282263.jpeg (133.04 KB, 1280x933, photo_2024-03-13 09.13.21.jpeg)

gambling is good ig

No. 362222

Nice pulls anon. I got Chiori's sword for my Albedo on my first 10 pull. Back to saving for Arle now.

No. 362224

hell yeah, albedo managed to drain all my poor funds, but at least I got him on the first day, so now I can go into saving mode nicely. All Arlecchino wanters will be Arlecchino havers

No. 362230

Forgot it was update day again but the download finished just in time to get the correct version of Doctor's Orders.
Finally done with Sumeru commissions. Good thing they changed it so that it favors achievement commissions finally.

Not going for any of the current guys, hopefully I can win the 50-50 for once on C1 Kazuha next banner.

No. 362308

There's theories that Arlecchino is based on the black swan from Swan Lake.

No. 362320

I'm probably the only one who's anxious of Arlecchino's appearance as a boss. Idk, at this point I'm afraid that hyv will sexualize her outfit one way or another since she's covered from neck to toe in her playable ver. That just seems too good to be true. We have Signora with an open chest and Raiden in something that resembles a one-piece bikini. I'm doing a cross reference with Phantylia from HSR as well. I really hope they wouldn't mess up her boss design.

No. 362351

File: 1710357187512.jpeg (8.18 KB, 221x221, download.jpeg)

>'I'm afraid that hyv will sexualize her outfit"

No. 362353


They didn't sexualized her in-game outfit and in the splash art tho. Still way more covered up than all of the playable female characters, and are as equally covered like the male characters such as Zhongli, Neuvillette and Diluc.

No. 362354

File: 1710358016099.jpg (Spoiler Image,83.56 KB, 1280x755, IMG-9779.jpg)

None of the reliable leaks have alluded to this, but it's always possible, I suppose. They seem to be suggesting she has more of a 6-winged motif like picrel, but it's hardly very descriptive kek. We'll find out more soon now that the beta is out. Overall, I don't see why they'd bother doing this. People have been losing their mind over Arlecchino as she is. Her mystique and relative lack of sexualization is the appeal. They just don't need to do it. There will always be moids who scream and cry over stuff like this, but if HYV capitulated to every male tantrum, we'd have no yume or fujobait at all.

No. 362358

doesn't this look too similar to signora boss fight?

No. 362381

Arlegnora canon

No. 362393

did you see the leaks? no worries about the jacket, her burst is extremely cool and sexy (in a good way)

No. 362394

it's edgelord kino

No. 362396

No. 362397

File: 1710369469075.jpg (Spoiler Image,100.87 KB, 2048x1152, kf5H3zt.jpg)

Yes, it's so good. File is too big to embed here but I'll add the link https://streamable.com/5m9e57 and a screencap Ubatcha shared. Everything is much better than I expected.

No. 362399

I think nonas were too worried about making her feminine, but I like this air of drama about her. The theatre female crossdresser influence is still pretty obvious, and her animations are very elegant and mysterious, rather gentlemanly instead of ladylike

No. 362400

File: 1710370079922.jpg (126.35 KB, 1280x640, 100005014.jpg)

splash art

No. 362402

File: 1710370862080.jpg (117.98 KB, 1314x1800, Fdru16oX0AEmC_Y.jpg)

I am so intrigued by her glitching. Can't wait to see her story. Also the ponytail hides her ass even with the ass cutout on her jacket.

No. 362403

arlecchino and furina are some of the best designs they came up with recently, love women in suits

No. 362405

There's so much hype around Arlecchino I hope more women get put in suits. I know it won't be every woman but even one per region would be nice. I hope the Tsaritsa has a similarly dignified outfit when she finally comes out.

No. 362407

pyro archon also seems to have some sort of suit although the color palette is an eyesore kek

No. 362410

File: 1710371989841.jpg (168.61 KB, 1024x1024, 10002041.jpg)

looks like a whole cleavage the rest of the outfit is fine however it looks kinda weird as if it was AI generated

No. 362412

it has a weird drag queen/2010 lady gaga vibe lol

No. 362421

My god I think she's going to be the first female character I actually roll for

No. 362442

Reminds me of Signora's boss fight. Maybe that's why they decided to kill her and make her unplayable kek

No. 362456

File: 1710387468122.mp4 (11.2 MB, 1920x1080, tvmybd(1).mp4)

Video of Arlecchino's burst.

No. 362469

File: 1710390010958.jpeg (613.46 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_1396.jpeg)

Rise up Enjou girlies

No. 362470

File: 1710390094928.jpeg (626.61 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_1397.jpeg)

Same with you Lyney lovers

No. 362474

File: 1710392502533.jpg (1.2 MB, 1700x1280, __lumine_enjou_and_abyss_lecto…)


No. 362478

File: 1710394495080.jpeg (692.15 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_1398.jpeg)

I forgot Baizhu. Lyney, Baizhu and Enjou were just posted by Hoyo for White day.

No. 362488

This one and the jeht one for valentines day were very unexpected but I like the inclusion of beloved NPCs
My boyfriend

No. 362510

File: 1710417975070.jpeg (135.31 KB, 1100x1400, F488yPbakAArG0n.jpeg)

Lyney love!!!

No. 362539

File: 1710431635324.jpeg (319.16 KB, 2048x1000, IMG_4146.jpeg)

Took me a second to realize he’s winking kek
Lyney’s official art is always so nice

No. 362568

File: 1710439385278.jpg (404.85 KB, 2000x1132, alhaithamwhiteday.jpg)

>The only Sumeru rep for White Day is commission art reposted on the various genshin art accounts
Why are they like this about Sumeru? I'm happy he looks as sexy and cute as he always does.
Were they afraid of male players having a melty if they made the cutest taller guys the official arts? Wriothesley got a commission too. Why in the world did they choose Baizhu?

No. 362569

File: 1710440108064.jpg (334.82 KB, 1200x1120, GImO0afaYAAOYUq.jpg)

Wriothesley's art for the curious.

No. 362570

File: 1710440507939.jpg (102.68 KB, 850x638, __lumine_aether_abyss_lector_a…)

>others getting ~25-70k
Enjou Nation rise up forgive my retardation anons I'm just excited, make him playable Hoyoverse

No. 362572

Genshin has been really exhausting lately, we're in the process of 8 consequent new limited female 5 stars (Furina, Navia, Xianyun, Chiori, Arlecchino, Clorinde, also Sigewinne and Emilie are going to be 5-stars according to leaks) and then instead of the popular male characters or any Sumeru guys they gave white day arts to Enjou and Baizhu. At least the Japanese account posted Wriothesley since he's been ranking really high in character polls there (probably due to Daisuke Ono) but if the leaks are true and Natlan is going to have only 2 male characters vs 8 female characters and the ugliest archon design yet I think I'm just losing my interest altogether. Sumeru was so good that it feels especially dampening to watch what the game is turning into. Maybe they're trying to get female players to Star Rail since they've been releasing a lot of male characters there lately?

No. 362574

I don't know, there were husbando banners almost back to back for a while and leaks for Natlan can't be trustworthy at this point. Remember how the first Inazuma line-up only showed Thoma for example. But I understand you, I dropped the game for most of Inazuma and Sumeru because I just didn' care about the characters getting released and logging in to grind dailies and events felt pointless because of it.
I also wonder what they are doing with HSR, if they wanted more players they should've just made a game that doesn't suck. The turn-based combat is so boring and there's no jumping or gliding so movement feels restricted compared to genshin. All around not a very fun experience

No. 362576

File: 1710442635307.jpeg (435.09 KB, 1407x1899, GBmXrNFWoAAhkWU.jpeg)

I wish Neuvillette's kit wasn't so overpowered so his fanbase wouldn't be overrun by moids who decided to turn a casual gacha game into a big numbers dick measuring contest.

No. 362579

There's no feasible way Sigewinne can be a 5* at this point unless she's getting released way later, we're running out of patches for new five star releases. I also doubt Natlan will only have two men when Sumeru had so many. And we know Snezhnaya should have lots of men, look how many of the Harbingers are male.

No. 362580

they will balance the female male ratio later on, last year we had alhaitham baizhu lyney neuvilette wrio back to back. there was no limited female banner since nahida cause dehya doesn't really count. we'll get new male banners in the second half of this year, xbalanque should be in summer

No. 362582

Well the Inazuma version did end up with only two male 5-stars (Three if you count Kazuha) and two 4-stars with like 8 female 5-stars.

>I also wonder what they are doing with HSR, if they wanted more players they should've just made a game that doesn't suck.

They fumbled so hard with Star Rail, it never reached the hype Genshin did despite a massive advertising budget because it lacked the casual-friendly exploration and the combat heavily forces you into rolling for new units that get released because the old characters you have constantly get powercrept. That's why I'm wondering if they're trying to pressure female players into it since it was obvious the userbase is heavily male and there's already a ton of competition for their wallets.

No. 362583

exactly, sigewinne should be a 4 star that comes with clorinde. two patches of no new 4 stars, that's not normal. they have been releasing more 5 stars than usual

No. 362586

star rail is massively popular though, it gets almost the same engagement as genshin and the sales are even better from what i've seen. but it sucks cause the fujopandering was soulless and they ruined both blade and danheng by making them in love with a dead mary sue

No. 362587

I hope they’re cute and not overdesigned shit like Neuv

No. 362589

I believe it's popular and makes them lots of money, but I rarely see fanart for it or even discussion. Male dominated fandom is so barren. It's either minmaxing or braindead cooming. It's like they don't even care about plot or characters, just that they can get some numbers or see some tits regardless of the context

No. 362590

I hope Natlan doesn't have a single man in a full suit, I can't take it anymore

No. 362591

nta i’m sorry but star rail’s popularity is nowhere near genshin. genshin was fucking EVERYWHERE like 2-3 years ago, you couldn’t escape it. star rail is just another medium-successful soulless generic waifu gacha and it’s popularity is already going down even though it’s much newer than genshin. even the hsr thread here is dead and there is a reason for that.(imbibitor lunae is fucking hot though i’ll give them that)

No. 362595

There's an article dissecting Star Rail's nature as a game that also mentions Mihoyo's business strategy. https://naavik.co/how-honkai-star-rail-reveals-cracks-in-the-hoyoverse/

Most of it is just autism over the game design choices in HSR but some key parts reveal that Star Rail had a huge burst of popularity in downloads during launch, but it staggered quite early on and after month 3 it only had half of the downloads Genshin's launch did. Some other interesting parts are as follows:
>On a portfolio level, HSR isn’t driving incremental revenue for miHoYo. Even though miHoYo did see record revenue levels during HSR’s launch months, the total monthly portfolio revenue has come down to pre-HSR levels. In other words, HSR has clearly cannibalized Genshin Impact, and quite majorly at that.
>As covered previously, this cannibalization is in large part driven by miHoYo heavily promoting HSR to Genshin Impact’s audience, plus working with many Genshin Impact influencers to stream HSR instead. While it’s generally wise to lean on your portfolio’s audience to drive future product success, the fact is that HSR and Genshin Impact are both time-consuming with insane spend depth, and players have both limited time and budgets for gaming.
>Even though HSR’s first two months saw 1.5x more downloads than Genshin Impact’s first two months, it only saw a marginally higher cumulative revenue over the same time period ($256M vs $235M for Genshin Impact). And by month five, HSR’s cumulative revenue is slightly lower than that of Genshin Impact’s ($390M vs $420M), even though cumulative downloads are still 1.3x higher.
>Clearly, HSR is not as revenue efficient as Genshin Impact, as evidenced by comparing the two games’ RPD curves. At month five, HSR’s iOS US RPD is -40% lower than that of Genshin Impact’s ($3.32 vs $5.48), and this RPD difference is consistent across regions.
HSR also isn't generating enough revenue in the western servers.
>It is also interesting to note that HSR does not monetize as well as Genshin Impact in the West. Looking at the revenue splits by region, HSR is the only game that doesn’t generate a proportionate amount of US revenue versus US downloads:
>HSR: 70% East, 30% West → US is 30% of downloads, but only 15% of revenue
>Genshin Impact: 60% East, 40% West → US is 15% of downloads and 20% of revenue
Also Genshin is still making much more money in the iOS store in both US and Asia than Star Rail.

This isn't the Star Rail thread but I found the number crunching in that article quite interesting, and it's inevitably going to connect back to how Mihoyo treats Genshin and what choices they make with it. All in all they wanted to bring Genshin players to Star Rail in hopes of them giving money to both HSR and Genshin but the strategy failed, now they're playing Star Rail but not putting any money in it or Genshin. Maybe that's why they're suddenly pushing out new 5-star after 5-star, testing the waters perhaps?

No. 362596

All of the other genshin guys I love are awful numbers-wise so I'm so thankful to finally have a meta husbando. Wish he wasn't the absolute most covered up male though, so the moids would have to suffer a little like all the women that rolled Raiden for meta

No. 362598

File: 1710446447909.jpg (873.91 KB, 1900x1550, GIoJ4O5bEAAWreX.jpg)

I'm guessing Albedo based off that description? I'm sorry anon, he didn't deserve to have another character steal his entire kit but with better constellations.

No. 362601

According to activeplayer.io hsr had 21m players in the last 30 days while genshin had 62m, but both numbers have been on the decline.

Very interesting to see, thanks for sharing nona. I feel like another part of it is that HSR just doesn't have the same mass appeal. Genshin doesn't only have an okay ratio of male:female characters but also takes inspiration from multiple different cultures while HSR seems to mostly lean chinese, so I can see why it's not as popular in the west. I get the feeling ZZZ will be even less popular because it doesn't even have the trademark hoyo style to carry it and the only somewhat cute male character is a fucking furry kek

No. 362604

I'm sure it doesn't help that HSR was released in a very saturated market. Mobile turn-based JRPGs are a dime a dozen. High-quality open world gachas are much rarer and attract PC gamers, which North America and Europe have a lot more of than Asia.

No. 362605

File: 1710447992641.jpg (104.87 KB, 662x899, 4142e93f3652df28c813c24993beef…)

Being an Albedo fan is so painful lately…He just got directly powercrept even when he was already a very replaceable niche support and it's been forever since he's had a lore event. I had been so hopeful thinking he would for sure get a good lore event in Fontaine since there's obviously lots of possible material with Elynas and the melusines. I figured he had gone so long without a rerun because they were holding off til said cool lore event happened but…clearly that was not the case. I miss my cute and smug manlet husbando so much. Anyone happen to know if being insane and getting his C4 would actually make for a damage increase on any of the plunge teams with Xianyun, or if having Bennett or Furina in the other support slots would always be better than even a C4 Albedo?

No. 362606

saying honkai doesn't make moeny is overexerting, maybe in comperison to genshin but it's consistently in the top 4 for gacha games monthly revenue. if you actually want to see a hoyoverse title that doesn't make a lot of money comparatively just look at hi3.

No. 362609

HSR is clearly meant for a domestic audience in China with the heavy emphasis on the Chinese-inspired characters and the game mechanics being a very generic turn based RPG with no exploration on maps that make your phone blow up. Most Chinese players play on mobile and like speculated the mobile first approach it makes it less appealing to the west which prefers PC as a platform. Compared to Genshin Star Rail is a pretty boring experience since you don't get to explore the world that much and you can put all battles on autoplay and only check in occasionally, it lacks the charm of the open world that drew in people with Genshin and made them curious about the world of the game. I don't know if it was a conscious decision on Mihoyo's part but seeing how much they've been shilling HSR with huge advertising campaigns for Penacony and paying popular Genshin CCs play it I don't think so.

No. 362610

The reading comprehension on this site is incredible.

No. 362611

Honestly anon I think the only hope is if his brother is released as a new unit or if one day characters get an additional awakening and passives like in many other gacha games to give old units a needed overhaul. Chiori's sword helps him so you're not screwed out of damage if you use his burst (crit is by far the best stat to focus on for split scalers like him) but his kit is just so all over the place and his constellations are horrible. Even just reworking his constellations to make them fit modern kit standards would be a blessing.
He'll never replace Furina or Benny, they're just too good at what they do.

No. 362731

File: 1710472076977.jpg (Spoiler Image,171.28 KB, 1079x1079, GIqc-XICa-MAAv-CJM.jpg)

Arle's boss design has been leaked and I'm honestly disappointed. Hate the boob window with all my heart. It could definitely be worse, but I just feel like it's so underwhelming? It looks like a skin, not a full-blown transformation. All the Harbringers, even Signora, have had way more interesting transformations thus far. Sad.

No. 362746

I mean she also turns into a spider and a moth/angel thing. Have you seen it in motion? It looks pretty cool.

No. 362749

Just watched this https://streamable.com/w1dzyk and definitely agree it looks cooler in motion.

No. 362773

Its nothing special imo

No. 362781

that boob window is atrocious. it does not go with the design at all, and just makes it look unfinished. a shame.

No. 362799

It's a shame how male characters get mechas and monsters while all female bosses have a more human form with their booba out.

No. 362809

They always have to fuck it up in some way. Moids just cant help themselves.

No. 362849

Arlecchino's animations are generally really cool but that 'shhh' glitching idle is the cringiest thing I've ever seen. Something that a 14 year old would make their 3edgy5me OC do

No. 362850

>Something that a 14 year old would make their 3edgy5me OC do
That's genuinely her entire shtick. A dommy mommy made by the edgiest middle schooler ever. I'm baffled at seemingly adult anons being so hyped up for her, I've been cringing at how cartoonishly edgy she's been since she appeared in Fontaine, she's literally a weeb Jeff the Killer.

No. 362857

I find a certain amount of cringe to be charming, but the glitching on top of everything else is so incredibly ridiculous it's too much even for me.
>nephelim angel wings in boss form
>but also has a spider motif
>but her arms also turn into scythes
>half winged angel as playable character
>super strong and evil!!1!1
>glitching around in a world that doesn't even have TVs or computers
>shhhhhh (it's mysterious and absolutely not on the nose guise)
>instead of normal orange, her pyro is blood red
>apparently secretly not actually from Teyvat and also not human
Like God damn, they really threw anything edgy they could think of at her and Twitterfags are eating it up kek.

No. 362862

Yeesh. I was expecting her "crazy side" to be a paranoid bloodthirsty murderer or something to that effect according to Childe's voice line but they made her Miss Dark Evil Spider Devil Angel-sama From Beyond This World With Special Vision with the most embarrassingly OTT edgy idle animations, it makes me cringe so hard I feel like gritting my teeth just typing it out.

No. 362889

>glitching around in a world that doesn't even have TVs or computers
We saw somewhat similar sorts of glitching before with Irminsul and Akasha related stuff. The akasha system/terminals were basically the internet/computers before Nahida took it down. I'm hoping her backstory explains how she has connections with Irminsul.

No. 362917

sorry nonnas, but i fucking love this and I’m considering going back after months of not playing for her. i haven’t even started fontaine yet.

No. 362922

Kek she is also why I started playing again. I love edgy female characters.

No. 362987

File: 1710573223182.png (Spoiler Image,1.05 MB, 1157x1785, sethos.png)

We're getting a sneak peak at a male playable character in 4.6. His name is Sethos and he has a character model in the beta files but so far it's untextured so we don't have a good look at him besides knowing he's a medium male who'll be showing up in Cyno's second character quest. It's hard to tell if he's Sumerian or Natlanian but possible Natlan rep.

No. 362988

there were rumours that he's an archer, god hoyo I beg, make him an off-field electro pls

No. 363116

She’s so fucking cooool >>362731 but this makes me wanna kms

No. 363152

don't forget the crosses in her eyes and attacks. I love Alre she looks like an OC I would have made at 13 years old in 2007.

No. 363281

File: 1710685377335.jpeg (627.69 KB, 1935x1125, IMG_1433.jpeg)

Arlecchino‘s signature dish made me laugh it’s just raw meat on toast.

No. 363551

I was looking up Genshin related info and in my recommended videos on yt i saw that mushy strechy moon face of mtashed and cringed so hard… i changed browsers and forgot to reinstal channel blocker oh my lord that was a jumpscare. what is with his face that is so repulsive for me (I mean his personality isn't helping either.

No. 363580

How does Genshin run on the ps4? My laptop is too shitty to run, its even better on my damn phone but I’d rather not have it take up 30gb on my phone

No. 363592

It runs pretty poorly and I can't recommend it to anyone. Load times are long so playing in co-op is painful, let alone the length of the initial log-in. I usually have to ask the host to re-send the invite.
Lots of texture pop-in. Sometimes frames will drop and the game will temporarily freeze when you have too much happening in combat at once. I usually notice this in my dendro teams that have a lot of reactions happening to groups of enemies within a short time period. The overall performance got noticeably worse since the start of 3.0 and I'd been playing since around 1.4
Additionally, every time you update the game, the PS4 has to basically redownload the entire game so that takes forever. You also can't pre-install before the servers go down like you can on desktop (and mobile I believe?). You have to wait until the servers are down to be allowed to install the update and it's random when it decides to let you. It doesn't allow you to start the download straight away. I'd usually have to wait at least an hour.
Another pain point is if you buy any welkins or crystals through the playstation store. Those genesis crystals will be held hostage on your playstation log-in. You won't see them on mobile or desktop.
I had to make the switch from PS4 to PC around 4.0 because I just couldn't take how shitty it ran anymore.

No. 363595

Kinda shit but workable. My laptop is terrible and can't run Genshin anymore so I've been using the PS4 and some of the limitations are nonsensical, like if someone gifts you primos on desktop, it won't show up on the PS. Co-op is shit and there is some lag. The updates take my PS like 5 hours to download. But it does the trick if you don't have alternatives.

No. 363606

File: 1710783050457.jpg (61.5 KB, 498x768, 1000015348.jpg)

Why the fuck is genshin so heavy? It's insane, I couldn't play for like 2 years because I refuse to buy a whole ass new PC to play a Chinese game.
I need to know, when did you all buy your PCs? Because mine is from 2020 and it stopped running Genshin after the sumeru update, right in the middle of the archon quest when Scaramouche appeared. It isn't the most amazing gaming PC but hell, you would think that a game that's supposed to run on a phone would be smooth as fuck on a fucking PC, and would be updateable a bunch of times, specially considering how the game isn't that detailed.

No. 363607

>to play a Chinese game
Do you mean gacha? What does Genshin being Chinese-made have to do with anything when it doesn't affect its quality negatively

No. 363610


No. 363611

It's a funny haha joke, anon.

No. 363657

in contrast to the other nonas, I've played genshin 99% on PS4 and it runs absolutely fine. Great graphics - yes sometimes theyll take 5 or so secs to fully load in when switching to cutscenes, but it really aint that bad and once theyre loaded its beautiful. Doesnt ever lag for me and I just have the basic original PS4, overall runs 1000x better than phone. I very rarely play coop tho I guess it depends on your priorities. Pain in the ass to update every 6 weeks tho as you pretty well have to redownload the whole game

No. 363684

i play on a gaming computer i bought like 4 years ago. it has been a little laggy time to time ever since fontaine dropped but works fine otherwise

No. 363689

Do you have a ton of programs open in the background? I can run it on highest settings with my 3 year old laptop. It only lags if I have chrome with a million tabs open while playing

No. 363803

Nope, I tried to play it home alone, with no other programs open in the background and even with my phone disconnected from the wifi in case it was the bad internet quality, I even prioritized the game on my PC and nothing, the game froze horribly and died on me.
Idk, I will try cleaning my pc up and adding some cooling paste to it, maybe that's what it needs.
For reference, I can't even open cookie run kingdom on my PC nowadays.
But at this point I'm honestly giving up on playing genshin impact on a PC until I buy a new one in like 4 years or so, the game will continue getting updates until it ends the plot and dies forever.
Which makes me wonder, is genshin impact going to continue existing even after the whole archon stuff is over? Or are they going to just create more and more reasons why the twins can't go back to their true world until the game stops being profitable?

No. 363865

Yeah, clean your fans and such, that definitely sounds like your computer is clogged with dust if it had such a rapid downhill decline.
I've wondered about that too. After Natlan, there's really only Snezhnaya and Celestia left, right? That's two more years at most, unless the devs tack on some convoluted bullshit to stretch out the story

No. 363920

File: 1710864385110.jpg (1.74 MB, 2750x2264, GH2ci4aWYAA_rhd.jpg)

We already know we're going to Khaenri'ah after Snezhnaya. So Natlan, Snezhnaya, Khaenri'ah, Celestia, then maybe the Abyss somehow? That doesn't count any subregions we can go to either like Enkanomiya, the Chasm, and Remuria.

No. 364090

So now I'm catching up on the game, giving a name to Scaramouche is fun, I'm cheesier than a cheesecake so I named mine "Suisen" because it means stuff like "rebirth" and "resilience". I hope I can get him when there's a rerun.

No. 364127

File: 1710904882431.jpg (340.03 KB, 1856x2048, FsNlou0aMAIPwVs.jpg)

Leaks are saying he's running in the second half of 4.6, good luck anon.

No. 364134

I like the character interaction in the new event. It's nice that they're finally getting to the point where characters from different nations interact.
But damn I hate the simulation gameplay, so boring.

No. 364145

I started out hating it because of all the reading but now I love it, I actually wish there was more like it but I guess I could just play another game for that kek

No. 364185

i thought it was fine too until i got a ps5. mihoyo has completely abandoned ps4 and it is very obvious once you switch consoles

No. 364201

I actually love this event because of the management autism, plus I'm interacting with my husbandos, it's just so much fun.

No. 364225

File: 1710950011728.jpg (1.02 MB, 2340x1080, 1000015540.jpg)

Am I tripping or is Sucrose blushing way too much? She didn't use to have this permanently blushing face before.

No. 364226

nah, she always had this blush

No. 364453

Getting really tired of how much abusive lesbian relationships are being pushed around and normalized in the community, Eimiko, Arlefuri and now Acheswan (yes it's Honkai but the majority plays both) and most of it is made by other women. It makes me sick.

No. 364487

I can't imagine caring that women ship Eimiko of all things.

No. 364491

>"most of it is made by other women"
>she doesn't know that tims larping as lesbians on twitter in a majority male fandom is just as big of an epidemic as tifs larping as gays

No. 364497

Eimiko is abusive? that's news lol.is it from the fanfiction since all the fanart i've seen of the ship are normally pretty tame.
Question for y'all, what's the difference between a legit lesbian and a fake one in fandom?

No. 364506

You're right, but also actual lesbians and SSA women do ship Genshin femslash. It isn't that unusual.

No. 365424

Always with the gimmicky battle events…

No. 365429

My absolute least favorite type of event tbh.

No. 365460

>what's the difference between a legit lesbian and a fake one in fandom?
Apparently whether you agree with her posts or not kek

At least it doesn't have a boring quest tied to it

No. 365712

I wish they'd implement the event freezing mechanic into the normal photo-taking. It makes it a lot easier to take cool combat photos. I don't like how there's no way to not include your UID on the photos like there's a setting for in the normal picture taking mode.

No. 365721

why does jean insist on being the most useless and unattractive female character in the game?

No. 365747

I don't give a shit about muh problematic dynamics but Hoyoverse (Genshin, HSR, Honkai) yurifags are extremely insufferable coomers with a really horrible taste in characters and genuinely think a woman wearing pants = GNC masc butch lesbian. I often feel like Beigguang is the only f/f ship with actual cis lesbian fans in the entirety of Hoyoverse because they're two balanced, normal women and not a rehash of homura/madoka oneitis or apebrained cooming and even that hetfags were trying to wreck with spamming the tag with corrective rape fics and trying to force the "Ningguang is Guizhong reborn" to ship her with Zhongli.

No. 366982

No. 367685

Lost the 50-50 to Qiqi at ~70, but then super luckily Kazuha C1 came ~20 later.
Good thing there's plenty of time to save for Nathan and I have all the primos from the new area still to get.

No. 368033

Kaveh fans not sitting up any discussion about Alhaitham with there stupid Haikaveh talk: Impossible challenge.
Ship whatever fuck you like, but istg Kaveh fans are the most annoying this fandom has to offer. If Hoyo really puts Kaveh on Alhaitham’s banner in 4.6 I might as well kms because the idiotic "See, see, it's canon", "Finally he's back from maternity leave teehee" will just be too much.

No. 368037

Cope and seethe, Haikaveh nations keeps winning

No. 368038

Always makes me giggle when they start treating it as real gay rep as if it isnt just bog standard fujobait

No. 368045

kavetham >>

No. 368048

what even is this post? if you hate kaveh x alhaim then just ignore the posts???

No. 368075

I don't husbando Alhaitham by any means, but it still annoys me how he can't be his own character. There isn't even hope this will be another Tartali situation where they have three conversations and then never talk again since Kaveh is so glued to his side.
I'm not sure what's worse, the in-your-face yaoibaiting of Haikaveh, or whatever the hell lazy shit Neuvillette and Wriothesley were supposed to be.
IMO the only popular yaoi ship that doesn't feel incredibly forced is Cyonari, but even that is somewhat ruined because they flanderized Cyno to only care about TCG and make dad jokes.

No. 368097

You have to be above 18 for this site, anonette

No. 368284

Yeah, because it's definitely a me problem when ppl who just can't keep their traps shut about their uwu ship infesting even meta discussions about Alhaitham.
Look, I enjoy shipping myself, but I keep it to the respective threads and communities and not feel the need to go all retarded in discussions that have nothing to do with it.

No. 368298

I'm very indifferent to Haikaveh, but people who still have your mentality are surprising to me. It's the most blatant fujobait, the fandom has a ton of fujos, and there are also tons of underage fans who don't understand having different spaces for different things. Of course they are going to sperg about it. You either have to learn how to ignore it or find a different fandom, that's just how it is.

No. 368312

>Two characters with literally colorswapped palettes and are literally described as "mirrors of each other"
>Both are based on bird motifs
>A ton of both hidden and openly out there lore about them across the Sumeru region to the point they're even referenced to each other in teapot carpets
>Alhaitham is multiple times desribed to show a side of himself to Kaveh that a lot of people don't get to see
>Alhaitham's story quest ends with him taking the traveler to see Kaveh just to show what kind of a person he is
>The Akademiya Extravaganza having Alhaitham be angry at Kaveh for putting himself in danger during the desert mission, going above and beyond to find out what happened to Kaveh's dad and Kaveh wrapping up a meal for Alhaitham when he didn't join the dinner
>Using Nahida's mind reading skill you find out they think about each other a lot
>Matching burst animations
>Matching idle animations
>Talking about "we" and "us" in birthday messages referring to their two-person household
>Are so fucking gay that Chinese yumes tried to cancel Mihoyo for making Kaveh steal Alhaitham from them and Korean gachacels are calling it "gay propaganda"
>I-It's just fujobaiting!!!! they got you good s-stupid fujos!!!!!
Someone in the team was a fujo and put her best work on display and I love her for it, their relationship was written by someone who was genuinely invested in it. I'm just going to start calling straight ships "heterobait" from now on because let's be real most of them have way less effort and thought put into them.

No. 368320

I love so many things about the game, including certain ships. I don't have anything against Haikaveh as such either. I just think it's a bit annoying that you'd have someone ask questions about, say Alhaitham artifacts and someone starts sperging about them fucking at night. That's my only complaint and for some reason I only ever see it with Haikaveh. I just wanted to vent, but since I'm apparently in the wrong for it I'm going to stop now. 'S all good.

No. 368344

All I'm reading here is that their characters are so reliant on each other, they basically don't exist as individuals anymore. Alhaitham was interesting in the AQ, but as soon as Kaveh released they both started revolving only around their ship.
And yes it is yaoibait, sometimes there's nothing wrong with that, but it's annoying when they lose their individual personalities and every time they appear on screen there has to be some kind of ship tease because the devs want to cater to fujos for the whalebux.
Idk what your point about straight ships is supposed to be, they don't exist in gachas because all the scrotes want their waifus to remain single and pure. Having same sex ships is more palatable for them because they can pretend they're just best friends instead of a couple (self insert into the other female character ew).

TLDR there's no need to get this mad because one person is annoyed with your ship kek

No. 368446

>All I'm reading here is that their characters are so reliant on each other, they basically don't exist as individuals anymore
This. Not that any of genshin's characters stand alone particularly well, but now we're to the point where they have nothing going for them anymore besides McShipbait and I say this as a longtime het/yume-hating fujo. Personally I can't even get invested in a ship when both the characters are like that. That's why all the fans are weird and so much of the fan content comes off as out of character. The characters themselves can barely be called characters so fans try to make up for that and in the process they basically ends up turning into their OCs.

No. 368491

Ayrt and I feel you, I just also feel like it's par for the course at this point and it's been this way for years now. I think a lot of younger fandom people in general really don't understand proper fandom etiquette, like understanding time/place, tagging properly, etc. and it is annoying. I've just made my peace with it with a lot of blocking and ignoring because there's nothing much to be done about it.
It's still definitely fujobaiting. It's the definition of a shiptease. It's not canon. It's the most heavy-handed they've been with their fujobait but it's still, at the very most, hinted at. No one is saying fujos were duped or "got good," just calling a spade a spade. This game attempts to pander to yumes, fujos, himes, and waifufags all at the same time while leaving enough plausible deniability so that anyone offended can deny its presence, that's their profit model.

No. 369261

>say Alhaitham artifacts and someone starts sperging about them fucking at night. That's my only complaint and for some reason I only ever see it with Haikaveh.
Lol, I feel this so hard. I never had issues with other fujos until this ship. Sometimes they make me want to start fresh media accounts to start with a completely non-fujo feed. It's always a Haikaveh one when I run into one that's particularly rabid or annoying.
For example, I like to browse most Alhaitham content, including most ships, so this one time I was looking at this post about a straight Alhaitham wedding art and there were all sorts of Haikaveh fujos throwing a fit in the comments about it. Why? You would know from the title of the post exactly what it was going to be. They appear to dominate the fandom side for both characters but still sperg out about some content not catering to them. It's very rude and obnoxious. Not to say it NEVER happens, but I've never ran across this kind of behaviour from other genshin ships except those that like Aether harem shipping.
Kavetham, on the other hand, has a problem of me coming across too much cuntboy Alhaitham but I much prefer the way they don't flanderdize Kaveh's personality nearly as much as Haikaveh fans tend to.
My favorite types of fans to discuss fandom stuff with are those that know most of what we like to pretend about isn't canon and it's all for fun.
Personally, I think they're written in canon as estranged best friends but how can you not have some fun imagining them as more?

No. 369588

File: 1712772466322.jpg (400.83 KB, 1430x2048, FxXBMg2acAIlgom.jpg)

What kind of artifact help do you need for Alhaitham, anon? Aren't there only really two options for him, Gilded Dreams or FLOP? I feel you that shipping inserted in unrelated discussions is really annoying, though.

No. 369606

This is literally fujobaiting 101. Holy fuck you nu-fujos are so retarded

No. 369654

File: 1712797798014.png (1.26 MB, 1080x607, version-4-6-special-program-pr…)

>Itto event in 2.7
>Itto event in 3.3
>Itto event in 3.4
>Itto event in 4.3
>Itto event in 4.6
>Itto appearance in 4.4 event
>Itto appearance in 3.7 event
>Itto appearance in Chasm AQ interlude for literally no fucking reason
>Itto appearance in livestreams because devs can't stop sucking off Max Mittelman or whatever his EN VA scrote is called

I'm so sick and tired of this stupid fucking flanderized imbecile I swear to God can they just come up with ANY other "funny" characters so this dumbass doesn't have to have events centered around him every other version. I can't believe this next patch is going to have ANOTHER Itto event where he has 50+ lines and the other characters featured in it all have like 3. Can't wait for 50 lines of "THIS IS ARATAKI ITTO, YOUR ONE AND ONLY BRONI HAHAAHAHAHAHAHA GET IT, BRO AND ONI. ANYWHO WHAT'S UP COMPADRE AMIGO? HOW'S IT HANGIN FELLOW KIDDOS (beatboxes)".
I can't take this anymore, I'd even prefer seeing Ei or Sara or some other neglected annoying waifushit characters to spice things up. I liked him in his personal quest but these past years of non stop events featuring him and his retarded beetles have turned me into Itto hater #1

No. 369666

same. I am also completely sick of him at this point.
Also, when will we have a Sumeru festival again?

No. 369669

ugly as sin, unfunny, annoying, and overused. what a cool character.

No. 369689

I'd give anything to finally see Thoma again. I told myself that he's just so busy with his duties he just doesn't have time to leave Inazuma. But now we're going there and it's again fucking Itto… someone shut him up already.

No. 369697

He's not that bad, but then I'm playing with JP voices and like looking at his design.
But not playing as him cause Geo is boring.

No. 369702

I play with CN which is his most palatable voice imo but even then I can't stand how he has the most unfitting dialogue translation ever because someone at Genshin HQ decided to let Mittelman turn Itto into his self insert OC. No other character in the whole game talks like him, it' so incredibly cringe.

I wouldn't put it past the devs to come up with an Inazuma housekeeping event and still focus it around Itto instead of Thoma.

No. 369703

god, I fucking hate most of Inazuma cast, but can we see someone except fucking Itto for once? Is he really that popular or why do they give him so much screen time?

No. 369727

I swear TMR must be paying the devs to get Itto featured more. People always claim Ei doesn't get really any lines because of how much her JP VA is alleged to cost but you'd think such a notable name as TMR would be somewhat pricey too.
I feel bad for those that don't care for him at all. He's one of my favorites, triple crowned, but holy cow I really can't understand why he gets featured so much. He doesn't even seem particularly popular. I only see more and more people getting irritated about his existence as Hoyo shoves him into more events and appearances.
Maybe it's an issue of the Inazuma cast as a whole. They wrote Ei into the NEET corner so who else is popular? Ayato? Boring. Ayaka? Also a snoozefest. Yae? She's got to be the most featured Inazuman behind Itto. Everyone else is pretty forgettable.
I wish they'd show Thoma more too. He's the perfect mix of brave and sweet, while having a cute design.

No. 369734

The voice actor thing is kind of weird to me because Kaeya's voice actor can't be cheap, considering he's to voice of Mikazuki Munechika in JP, yet he kind of appears from time to time in events and stories.
But tbh, Itto is still getting cosplays made by people, even though he was released a long time ago, meanwhile it's difficult to see someone cosplaying venti, ei, or even zhongli, or at least it's like that in my country. I also haven't seen people cosplaying most characters of genshin that aren't the flavor of the month characters (with a recent gacha release). But again, it's probably just a matter of my small country, I'm still curious about how it works at other cons.
Because maybe Mihoyo uses cons as another way to figure out who is liked and who isn't that liked, because what I've noticed is that in social media, people create micro-communities of characters and ships, so it's not the best indicator for what the general public actually wants to see, specially if they just want more normies to join.
So like, you can use the silly oni character as your unofficial mascot, or maybe you can use the character with a screechy voice who has an insane enby voice actress, or the way too cool and serious representation of China, or the many girls that have more porn made of them than sfw art.
I guess in the end, Itto is some sort of "safe" choice.

No. 369741

God, I feel this kek. I didn't have anything against Itto at first, but they are so determined to insert him in everything. Why? Is it because they have so few designated "comic relief" characters? I swear we see him more than any other Inazuma character. I vote they release Thoma from the irrelevancy dungeon, but really I would be satisfied with just anyone who isn't Itto. Maybe it would be better if they gave him more than 2 character traits, but I don't know how they manage to keep milking bean allergies and beetle jokes. I am so so sick of him.

No. 369752

>zhongli and venti
Zhongli and Venti are some of the most common male Genshin characters to see cosplayed here. Ei isn't as popular but there's a few around. I expect Furina will be popular this con season. Itto is a lot rarer because you need to be ripped or wear a chest piece to not look ridiculous. He's relegated to thotty men and androgynous women who will actually bother to wear a chest piece.
It's funny to me that Itto is the new Mr. Worldwide but it is kind of ridiculous they can't figure out how to incorporate any of the other Inazuman characters in naturally. I'd like to see Thoma again too and Heizou would have been nice in that detective event. Let Itto rest for a bit and actually learn with Cloud Retainer.

No. 369758

>can they just come up with ANY other "funny" character
Seriously, it's so overdue. All their characters act like polite strangers, Itto and Furina are the only ones with a strong personality but I feel like she's not going to be featured anywhere any time soon considering how her story ended. There has to be something else that's keeping them from writing fun characters and dynamics and I'm starting to suspect that it's simply the chinese style of storytelling (and not just the need to make characters as broadly appealing as possible by making them super mild and inoffensive so any personality can be projected onto them). Arknights and Path to Nowhere are also developed by chinese studios and both are so fucking boring and a pain to read despite having interesting premises and I've seen similar complaints coming from people that try Wuxia novels

No. 369772

File: 1712861073090.png (2.16 MB, 1500x1101, stock-photo-desperate-blond-wo…)

>Why does Itto get so much screen time
It's because he's their crutch character that they use whenever they run out of ideas for events. "Itto does something random and dumb because he's unemployed xd" plotlines are easy to shit out.

While most of the Inazuma cast really is boring as fuck, Yoimiya, Heizou, and even stupid ass Kirara aren't uber serious. I think events focused on them would be more fun than Itto event #63874. I also liked Kuki when she came out but unfortunately she has turned out to be nothing more than a satellite character to Itto.
And hey, we are getting Heizou in the 4.6 Itto event. His third ever appearance after his hangout, which features Itto pretty heavily (he even appears in two of the ending pictures and gives us some ugly fucking onikabuto teapot furniture - why we got that for HEIZOU's hangout is beyond me), and that one yokai event where Itto was also the main character.
Yay. Heizou fans are eating so good.

No. 369792

File: 1712869965476.jpg (120.33 KB, 736x977, 01d80e928409c667090f79a8b7f05e…)

I love Itto so I'm enjoying this kek. All the haters here can keep on seething.

No. 369800

when will your husbando get a third character trait and separate from his mommy kuki?

No. 369809

you're being too generous, at this point his only personality trait is beetle fighting

No. 369836

If the quest is underground/underwater I AM NOT DOING IT!!

No. 369847

File: 1712890388072.jpeg (195.06 KB, 665x831, IMG_0467.jpeg)

We ain’t listening to the haters, anon. He’s a beautiful himbo that can do no wrong

No. 369866

File: 1712904432747.jpg (188.29 KB, 691x920, a895326720176ad0170325ea6b5e81…)

Excellent taste anons.
Imagine not wanting more underwater. Couldn't be me.

No. 369904

File: 1712926218943.png (359.2 KB, 640x333, sethos-va-announcement-v0-jb0c…)

Sethos is a cutie, he seems to be electro. I hope he is offield since i really want a male offield electro character

Livestream Codes:




No. 369907

He's a super cutie with his terrifying glow in the dark eyes.

No. 369910

File: 1712927792094.jpg (40.71 KB, 748x347, GIqGoNzWAAAF_gL.jpg)

>hile most of the Inazuma cast really is boring as fuck, Yoimiya, Heizou, and even stupid ass Kirara aren't uber serious. I think events focused on them would be more fun than Itto event #63874
What you really want even more Yoimiya events? She is serieusly in a lot of them for no reason. Like that one fontaine event. I get your point about Heizou and Kirara, but Yoimiya is just so boring to me. Really dislike her design too.

it seems like he kept the glowing cat eyes from his previous design. Rip another cat boy, maybe one day we will get one?

No. 369928

another ugly boy everyone will forget about before the beta even finishes. look at what they took from us >>369910

No. 369940

Yehey, new qt shotabait.

No. 369951

File: 1712941098794.jpg (370.27 KB, 1128x2048, GDZbuoRbIAAg-cM.jpg)

>arlecchino coming out
>itto and yoimiya are finally gonna interact on screen
>cyno second story quest
This patch is hella dead but I'm really looking forward to 4.6. I hope they manage to breathe a little life into 4.7 as unlikely as it is.

No. 369954

Unless I'm missing something, Yoimiya has only been in 2 full events (3 if you count that weird photo event where she hung out with Childe). I don't think she feels particularly oversaturated for a character that's been out for close to 3 years.

No. 369955

File: 1712942660260.jpg (74.73 KB, 564x752, 097706a96cb1d3b4dd449285772ab5…)

I couldn't give less fucks about Arlecchino and the hype around her annoys me to no end but I'm extremely happy to return to Sumeru and meet the new cute boy and all the old familiar faces. Going to savor it.

No. 369963

Maybe you are right. I feel like she has has to much screen time, maybe its because she got a second second story quest which i also thought was a drag. On the wiki it shows how many quests she has been in https://genshin-impact.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Yoimiya_Appearances

I didnt even realise that Itto and her never interacted on screen before. Man there is just something about inazuma characters. I feel like the other regional characters interact a lot more with eachother

No. 369990

It's part of why Inazuma was such a drag imo, the characters apart from Ayaka and Thoma barely interacted with one another. Sumeru was a lot tighter plot-wise and the 5 stars all played a part in it, even if some had less to do than others. Even most of the 4 stars at least made an appearance, the only one who didn't was Layla iirc.

No. 370064

File: 1712979197944.jpeg (263.65 KB, 850x1167, IMG_0492.jpeg)

Still the cutest ship imo

No. 370111

does anyone else feel like the current event about being nice to stray cats might be commentary on current happenings in China or am I insane

No. 370113

what's happening in China?

No. 370115

issues with cat abuse getting worse, especially targeting stray cat feeder stations

No. 370117

Oh, I heard about Wanderer incident, but I didn't know it was a widespread issue. The more I learn about china the more fucked up it seems. I didn't do the event yet, but I don't think that hoyo has the guts to make any type of commentary in their games tbh

No. 370193

The irreconcilable urges to on one hand wanting to collect all the cute guys I like in the game asap and on the other hand wanting to build viable teams to clear the Abyss with.
Yes, it's definitely a skill issue too, but all the good teams kqm suggest have at least one character I can't stand and thus don't want to level. I guess I'll just have to accept my Abyss clear is just never going to happen under these circumstances and that I have only myself to blame.

No. 370235

Maybe we could help you with team building? What characters do you like playing with? I feel like most on field male characters sadly rely on Xiangling or on an offield electro character, which we sadly have no male for. But there are still some option you can use!

No. 370262

File: 1713029497656.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.03 MB, 1600x7032, Screenshot_20240413_191708.jpg)

I'd be grateful for any help. This is my roster. So you can see I have a lot of main dps characters and a lot of Mondstadt 5* despite only starting in 4.0. Neuvillette and Kazuha I only got this banner, so they still need to be ascended past 80.
My plan now is to get Cyno’s premium team (with Baizhu and Furina coming up) down the line, but it requires Nahida and I honestly don't know who to best use until her rerun.
My other best bet is probably a team with Kazuha and Neuvillette, since I have none of the other characters required for his premium team.
But this is where I'm hurting myself because there are three characters I'd rather not level/put in my teams: MC, Fischl and Faruzan. I'm willing to level everyone else, but it still feels hopeless. :/
(And again, I know I'm probably just bad too, but 9* at floor 11 is at least no problem at all for me.)(no emoticons)

No. 370263

You can always try to make sure to collect as many boys as possible and then only pay attention to the girls you like, that's what I've been doing so far, while I can't actually clear the whole ass abyss extra levels and shit, I got to get a bunch of primos kek.

No. 370264

* I meant to say "I don't have any other characters needed for XIAO’S premium team)".

No. 370274

That's what I've been doing, and after Baizhu there'll only be 2 5* boys left I still want, but it has left me with a lot of main dps and not much support characters .

No. 370327

Since you are a new player i wouldnt worry to much about clearing the abyss. Also you really dont need any 5 star female characters to make any of the male dpses work, but nahida def helps with Cyno long on field time. The only 5 star female character i actually got was nahida for my al haitham, but its not a must.

A team with Kazuha or Venti and Neuv is indeed a good choice. For your team with Neuv and Kazuha I would recommend a shielder, Layla or Beidou will work nicely. You can put them together if you like or swap one of them (pref swap Beidou since Layla has better shield) for an off field damage character like Albedo. If the other team needs Kazuha just swap him for Venti. Venti and Neuv also work well together.

For your second team here a some multiple suggestions on characters that you can build and use.
Cyno, Kuki, Collei and Xingqui. If you like you could also swap Kuki with Thoma or another Dendro character like Yaoyao. You also maybe swap Kuki with Yaoyao and then swap Xingqui with Lisa but that seems like a damage loss. Do keep in mind that if you use Cyno as the only electro character his ER needs to be a lot higher.

For Xiao, you will need an anemo character. Best option would be Sucrose because you can put Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers on her, however if you dont like her you can just use venti/kazuha/lynette/Jean. Use him with Bennet for healing and atk buff. You could also use 2 anemo supps if you only want him to be the main damage dealer and if you think he can do enough damage. Otherwise just the last spot for an offield dps like Albedo. Xiangling can also work but there her burst wont be up the whole time while Xiao is on field.

Diluc can be used with Bennet, Kazuha and Xingqui. You can also swap out Xingqui with Kaeya as alternative. Another team you try is mono pyro with Venti, Kazuha, Bennet and Xiangling.

These are only some suggestions, there are many more team options however it will cost time to level all your characters and build them. I hope some of my suggestions might help you out!

No. 370329

You could send Neuvillette into the Abyss with three level 1 characters and he would still obliterate everything in his path, no need for any premium teams

No. 370526

Thank you so much! I'll definitely be investing heavily in that Neuvillette team with Kazuha, Layla and Beidou then since that's actually what I've been trying out in the overworld for now.

As for Cyno, I guess I'll play around a bit once I've got Baizhu and see what feels best/most fun.

Most of the time I actually don't care that I can't clear the Abyss and just want to run around with my cute boys, but sometimes my tryhard side comes out and makes me miserable for being "bad". Rn, my goal is to simply clear floor 12 even if it's with zero stars, we'll see if I'll eventually make it.

Again, thank you for your detailed advice!

You're right, but that's where my need to git gud comes in. But I hope that once I've built him he'll do some heavy lifting for me.

No. 370551

You can use Dendro MC with Cyno in the absence of Nahida. It's very copium but better than any of your other options currently. Baizhu feels good with Cyno but does not replace Nahida with him imo. Ideally you want both of them.
How do you feel about Alhaitham? He's Kuki's best teammate. Him + Kuki + Xingqiu + any defensive option is very meta. Neuvillette is obviously very strong and doesn't really rely on specific teammates.

No. 370569

She said she rather wouldn't level mc. It's true that dendro mc is a mini nahida and her burst lasts a long time which is nice for cyno. But i feel like if she will eventually get nahida anyway it would be a waste to lvl mc if she doesn't like that

No. 370571


My dislike for the MC is admittedly irrational, but if she is the only one that works until I get Nahida, I guess I'll have to consider. I know it would be easier to just build an Alhaitham team since I'll try to get him on his next rerun too, but Cyno just has a special place in my heart and is actually relatively well built (even dual crowned), so I'd love to make him work.

Again, thank you all for your input!

No. 370595

why'd you pick her instead of her brother then? or do you hate traveler as a character and it's not a matter of design?

No. 370599

I actually find Lumine's design much nicer than Aether's. I've just never been a self-inserter and what little personality the Traveller has (either version) doesn't vibe with me for some reason.

No. 370645

I understand the Cyno love, anon. I have him C6ed. You can definitely make him work but his teams are quite inflexible at the moment, it's kind of the sad truth of him. We need more dendros that work well with him besides Nahida. Then he'd work a lot more smoothly.

No. 370819

i know it's controversial but i really really wish this game had a skip button, at least if you are over AR 55
i really want arlecchino and i probably have over 50 wishes in unfinished quests but the sheer amount of dialogue is just torturous, i'm even considering paying some kid on twitter to complete everything for me if it's cheaper than buying primogems lol

No. 370833

I started to understand why people feel this way about genshin after playing star rail. And I'm not talking about side quests, I'm talking about main quests. Mond and Liyue were kinda boring and Inazuma was straight up shit, but at least they were short. Why tf they would make Belobog and Luofu so tedious and long after genshin experience is a mystery.

No. 370837

I agree >>370833 about Star Rail. Even in Genshin I stopped caring and let the quest run in the desert after a while and watched a summary with theories to real life references. Felt more engaging lol I let the story run without watching and occasionally click a dialogue option when I hate/don't care about the character too. But I get that they don't add a skip option so f2ps can't farm a bunch of primos in new accounts and have every character for free across multiple accounts.

No. 370840

You should be able to skip it at any rank, it's all so bad and there's so much of it it's the biggest demotivator for playing.

No. 370845

Belobog was boring and rushed as hell and Luofu is absolute dogshit, it's the Inazuma of Star Rail. Penacony on the other hand has been a big improvement, as if they switched writer teams entirely midgame.

No. 370867

I'm actually interested in the lore, but I swear for some reason most sidequests make my brain just shut off. I tried to pay attention during the Narzissenkreuz questline because everyone kept saying how amazing and lore relevant it is, but in the end I just skimmed the text. I don't know if it's because I just can't focus on reading in a game (bc I do read a lot of books irl) or if it's the way the dialogue in Genshin is written.

No. 370873

It's just boring. I can't even give a fuck about human NPCs, why should I care about oceanid models kek. I really wonder what the writers are thinking. The only NPC quest I actually enjoyed was the first Jeht one

No. 370896

I don't get why people like that quest. It's trash compared to Aranyaka or even the Tsurumi Island quest. The only somewhat interesting part was Caterpillar and his dialogue is insufferably boring.

No. 371442

Animated short for Arlecchino's been released.

No. 371447

they actually use a lot of edgy husbando tropes on arlecchino
>tragic backstory
>edgelord aesthetic
>stoic personality
>dead manic pixie dream gf kek

No. 371453

Also interesting how she's always using masculine terms like king or father

No. 371455

Hoyo really has been trying to shove MC/Xiao down our throats recently. Like, I don't think a single waifu in the game simps so damn hard for the Traveler. It's a bit surreal imo.

No. 371456

File: 1713343593051.jpg (326.02 KB, 2048x1446, PSw0XJ0.jpg)

It seems she's doing it to not be anything like the "mother" she's replacing. Also saw someone say she's taking the cold father role to not show her weakness which is the kids. Really curious to see how the fight between her and the kids will play out!
I personally like when women use masculine names or terms but twitter will probably ruin it and make her a gendie

No. 371457

it's cause xiao is the husbando of genshin staff, he's like an ideal boyfriend for them. a lot of women work on this game. my only problem with this is that i find xiao kinda boring

No. 371458

I have to admit I'm a bit salty about Xiao's whole personality being reduced to nothing but shipping bait. Like, ship what you (general you) want, I'm not trying to stop you. But imo his whole character development is being thrown out of the window for it. Let the poor guy actually socialise with the other adepti or make human friends for once. With how busy the Traveler is with their journey, having them be the only person he relies on just sets him up for disappointing. Again, it's just my opinion, but it's because I like Xiao as a character that I'd love more for him than what he'd currently getting.

No. 371459

He's cute, so I'm embracing it.

No. 371460

another character ruined by moids, you can't try to enforce so badly the idea that arlecchino is GNC, and then shove her tiddies in our face. baby arlecchino looks like a boy and adult arlecchino prefers masculine terms so in the context of the game she's clearly supposed to be a very masculine woman, but it falls flat when the genshin team still needs validation from male coomers
but i think his latest quests showed that he is making more friends? like yelan, hutao, venti

No. 371461

We're being held at gunpoint to call Arlecchino GNC cause gacha has rotted everyone's brains into thinking you can't be a woman if you're not wearing a magical girl dress in a battlefield.

No. 371516

File: 1713361235650.jpg (434.9 KB, 1166x651, w3E03jx.jpg)

I thought this was a random rant then logged into the game… I don't dislike the female player pandering though

No. 371520

I dont mind since its usually waifus that play the role of the token mcsexual character

No. 371534

>but twitter will probably ruin it and make her a gendie
They've been doing this since the day her design was dropped. Sad.

No. 371541

Arlecchino is so dreamy.

No. 371542

File: 1713366810168.jpeg (149.38 KB, 850x1190, IMG_0508.jpeg)

As much as I do like his character design, I wish he had an adult body in game.

No. 371557

File: 1713377002523.jpg (3.09 MB, 1583x3190, GJGidXbbcAAF07c.jpg)

He's so cute

No. 371567

I agree, I'm fine with short male characters, but xiao being so short makes him look ridiculous because I feel like his figure should be longer and leaner. In my mind he should be like 5'7/1.70, still a manlet and considerably shorter than zhongli and the other male adepti but at a more realistic height not freaking 5'3/160 like he is depicted in the game (or he might be even shorter than that tbh). characters like scara, heizou, kazuha, lyney, freminet work well as midgets cause they're you know what coded, but xiao deserved to be somewhere in the middle

No. 371570

>You know what coded
Girl the fuck are you smoking

No. 371571

File: 1713381046495.jpg (504.15 KB, 1946x3500, 1692380417979.jpg)

Lyney's at least in his late 20s and likely in his 30s based off the recent Arle animation. You are retarded.

No. 371580

To elaborate on this:
>freminet was in the previous director's care for a long time, enough to be terrified of her and develop serious mental illness
>freminet was old enough to vividly remember his mother when she gave him away
>arlecchino killed the director as an older teenager and has obviously aged up quite a bit since becoming the knave, at least 7-10 years and maybe more
>lyney and lynette never met the previous Director
>freminet is a "young man"
>lyney is explicitly older than freminet and being trained to replace arlecchino, so he must have been adopted by arle as an older teenager (supported by his character story where the other teenagers distrusted him and lynette) and he's been stated to have been working for her for a long time
Logically he is at least in his mid twenties now and probably older.

No. 371588

I didn't catch all of this but I'll choose to believe you because I'm tired of everyone being headcanoned as 18-22 year olds. People think I'm crazy when I say Childe being 30 makes him fit the "too young to be a harbinger but he did it anyway" trivia. I wish Genshin had the obviously grown up but just short model Star Rail has though.

No. 371605

Iirc from some autistic Reddit timeline post he's 22 at the youngest. I really don't think he's meant to be in his 30s kek

No. 371609

>likely in his 30s

Kek, fuck no he isn't.

No. 371610

NTA, Teenager-coded.

No. 371611

No she means shota coded and they're not even close to being shotas.

No. 371668

I know they're supposed to be older but APPEARANCE WISE, they're all like 5'1 to 5'3.

No. 371678

I wish they showed her actually fighting and having an unhinged expression. Threads too close to sexy fdom for males territory for me. But I like the look into her attitude towards the "children"

No. 371700

Oh wow. Her backstory is actually shit. I was kinda expecting her to be a hillilchurl turned human insted of Wriothesley 2.0

No. 371704

They literally fucking recycled Wriothesley's backstory for her, it keeps getting worse. It's cringe enough that she has le special pupil red eyes two tone hair with demon claws and demon wings and demon scythes and whatever the fuck but they gave her the most lackluster backstory possible complete with the corniest MPDG yuribait ever, what 15-year old wrote all of this? Actual Jeff the Killer creepypasta shit to the point I can't help but laugh at it. I was expecting her to have some lore-relevant backstory related to the Abyss that would be a big thing like Childe has but it's just sexy edgy gaffik femme fatale OC donut steel with an overdesigned coomer weekly boss design to top it off. Remember when people were still hoping for her to be a cool, unhinged masculine woman? Should've known Mihoyo wouldn't be that generous.

No. 371705

Great day to be a shitlecchino hater. Time to pack the performative yurifagging up, gals.

No. 371710

You know, I wasn't interested in her from the beginning (this is not a flex or anything, just a neutral statement), so I wasn't having high hopes for her backstory, but the boohoo sobstory Hoyo baked for her is fucking pathetic. It was clear from the beginning they weren't giving us an actual evil female characater (remember how CN moids threw a collective mantrum because Chiori was rude to that male customer), but that she's basically been turned into another misunderstood, never actually did anything evil (bc ofc trying to assassinate Furina doesn't count for some reason) yuribait character is quite tragic. If I was an Arle fan I'd be mad now, ngl.

No. 371715

I'm fine with her backstory, I don't mind having edgelord characters from time to time. Sure arlecchino ended up being edgier than I expected but at least now she makes other borderline edgelords like xiao or diluc seem normal kek

No. 371718

File: 1713429817720.jpg (78.19 KB, 1080x639, 2224143.jpg)

She still seems evil to me though, like she clearly has some screws loose, and did you guys forget what happened to scara? If anything he's the one that got woobified

No. 371722

I hate the woobiefication of Scara just as much. At least he's still rude to us in his battle voice lines, but his teapot lines are disgustingly simpy.

No. 371725

Jesus christ I cringed reading this, someone make the edgelord fedora wearer in the writer team stop with the coldsteel the hedgehog dialogue

No. 371784

>logs into Genshin
>looks on banner
>"4 more days" on Neuv's banner
>logs off
Just a few more days, nonnies.

No. 371785

File: 1713452471922.jpg (57.83 KB, 1080x598, ww0auxr.jpg)

I can't wait to finally have her. Good luck to all nonnies that are going to pull on either of the banners

No. 371788

Kek, true. I mean, I was neutral about arlecchino, but having an edgelord girl that wears pants and makes my husbando seem normal makes me happy. I wonder if they would get along.
I think they tried to write her like a man at first, but then they got scared and decided to tone it down a bit.

No. 371804

File: 1713458909651.jpg (229.61 KB, 819x1024, GK93fl3bcAAfOtZ.jpg)

I know the step is for coomers but stomping on someone's head so hard their blood hits you in the face is badass.
Edgelords are fun.

No. 371880

Sorry but I'm loling at this now that we know Arlecchino isn't even older than late 20s or AT MOST early 30s. Absolute retardation that she took over the orphanage at 18 years old max. Imagine calling some kid Father

No. 371914

How do we know that? Spoiler it if it's leaks though

No. 371921

Fucking weird. I love him, but his in-game design looks 16 at the absolute oldest.

No. 371963

We know because of that animated short. Freminet was a child and knew the previous orphanage mother, and the battle royal took place when Arlecchino was below or exactly 18 years old. Freminet seems to be about 15 to 18 now, so that means not much more than 10 years could have passed since Arlecchino took over the orphanage, making her about 25 to 28. Maybe 30 if Freminet is an extremely young looking 20 year old, but I doubt that.
This also gives us kind of a clue about Childe's age since I don't think he's as old as Arle, so he's probably early to mid 20s.
I really hate how nobody in anime adjecent media is allowed to be older than 25.

No. 371966

I dont fucking know, man. Id rather her backstory had her randomly just spawning from nowhere than this shit. This is not the backstory of a lore relevant character - its the backstory of a filler 5-star character like the Kamisato siblings or Yelan. Fucking Kaeya had a saucier backstory in 1.0. FUCKING AUTISMO WAIFU GOONER-BAIT SHENHE HAD A BETTER BACKSTORY IN MIDYUE. We have had a harbinger who fell into hell at the age of fourteen. We have had a harbinger who started off as the abandoned prototype of a god 500 years ago. We have had a harbinger who obtained the legacy of an evil fire-witch 500 years after she was betrayed by her archon - and this one's an NPC. And now the fourth most powerful harbinger is a fucking yuri-bait spastic retarded felon with a backstory recycled in the slop factory of goonism? Arleshitto fans must be on suicide watch with the hotline dialled out in the background 24/7. How does it feel to have your GNC butch lesbian waifu receive less care from the writers than a filler fujo-bait thirst-trap with his ass out?

No. 371973

>yuri-bait spastic retarded felon with a backstory recycled in the slop factory of goonism
My fucking sides anon, absolutely destroyed. And you're right. More power to the anons who acknowledge that her backstory is edgelord garbage and not relevant to the world lore at all yet still like her but the rest of us can say it as it is - it's fucking cringe, it's a disappointment, it's embarrassing. Compared to how related to the world every other harbinger seems in their backstory and how they ended up with the fatui, along with the ones you mentioned, the ultra-rich Pantalone is obsessed with trying to overthrow mora with his own currency experiment he prototypes in the Meropide Fortress because he's salty he wasn't deemed worthy due to never receiving a vision and Sandrone is the creator of Kathryn for example. I was willing to give her a chance once her backstory would be revealed but what I ended up getting was evil murderous tragic yuribait shlock written by a local middle schooler. Overflowing cringe tryhardness like this is exactly why I don't play Honkai, I don't want to see it in Genshin.

No. 371974

>filler fujo-bait thirst-trap with his ass out

No. 372011

nta but obviously wriothesley. he was completely pointless in the AQ

No. 372013

not really, he's been chillin next to the plot this entire time. He built the big boat and kept an eye on primordial waters.

No. 372017

Literally anyone could've done that kek. The boat thing doesn't even make sense, why tf is some guy in a prison building Noah's Ark. I love him but his plot relevancy is incredibly shoehorned into the story

No. 372026

The animated short is what makes me think she is at least mid 30s and Lyney and Lynette are at least in their mid 20s, with Freminet in his early 20s. Arle looks very, very different as a teenager in the short. She grew taller, her face lost its softness, and her arm curse is nearly up to her shoulders now. My initial thought was that it took place hundreds of years ago based on the Harbingers that were there but that doesn't make sense with Freminet's backstory.

No. 372065

How in the world could Freminet be early 20s? I'm not talking about his appearance bc all the boy models look young, but his behaviour. Even if you account for his trauma I find it impossible to believe that a guy in his early 20s behaves like that. Not dissing Freminet here, I like him okay, but he comes across as very immature. If you told me he was like 12 I'd believe you.

This post is a work of art. You tell them, nonnie.

No. 372067

File: 1713547084561.png (1.64 MB, 1840x5028, jcbhw79792vc1.png)

I poked around a bit more and found out that this flashback (youtu.be/0jNkfHOBBBc?si=M_iyMcqgI3YEA-FY - can't embed since I'm uploading picrel) shows the twins at around the age of 9 to 12. At that point they had already been part of the Fatui. They only trained under that guy - who died 10 years ago - for 10 days, so they are 19 to 22, meaning Freminet is likely in his mid to late teens. He couldn't have been a toddler while the previous orphanage owner was still running things because he was being sent out to do assassination missions under her command. This means he was at least ~6 when the battle royale took place.
Taking all of this into consideration and assuming she was older than 16 in the animated short, Arlecchino has to be somewhere in her late 20s to, at most, 31. If she wasn't yet 16, she would be even younger than this, putting her at closer to 25 years old.
Ugh… even if she is in her late 20s, it's so cringe how the twins aren't that much younger than her. I thought they'd at least make her 35 or something.
But yeah, Lyney and Lynette being 20, Freminet 18, and Arlecchino 28 seems the most accurate to me.
I also found this list made by some hyperautist on Reddit in case anyone's curious about the estimated canon ages of the remaining Genshin characters. And yes I realize I'm also being a hyperautist by putting time into this kek

No. 372076

I don't think you realize how immature men are, especially mentally ill ones.
I don't disbelieve you but it's insane and unrealistic that a teenager could take on and groom orphans for being secret agents kek. I think Arlecchino could have realistically been in her early 20s when the killing game happened and Freminet should have been much older than this autist estimates when the previous Knave was around since he has such vivid and clear memories of his former family. Street children will also look younger and malnourished compared to healthy cared for children but that's my own autism going on so I'll shut up.

No. 372077

Why do some anons have a seething hatred for Arlecchino?

No. 372080

The better question would be why some anons here have a rock solid boner for her despite being the cringiest yuribait edgelord so far.

No. 372081

>Street children will also look younger and malnourished compared to healthy cared for children but that's my own autism going on so I'll shut up.
Which reminds me iirc Lyney or Lynette's voiceline about their favourite food said something along the lines that they have to remain slender and small in stature to be able to be each others' body doubles during magic tricks. So yeah, they both could just as well be in their early 20's.

No. 372084

File: 1713548886882.png (1.78 MB, 1834x1031, 01hvnenjhrac99hy4re7.png)

Anon I understand the copium but be for real, she wasn't in her early 20s here. She's a tall woman and here she looks like she's 155cm. Female puberty doesn't work this way.
>he has such vivid and clear memories of his former family
I don't see why a 6 to 10 year old wouldn't have these. I wouldn't be surprised if the devs retcon that Freminet knew the orphanage owner before Arlecchino, but as of right now, the ages I calculated are canon.
Yeah, they are? They're canonically about 22.

No. 372085

Because I like edgy yuri and women who wear pants. It is bizarre how much some of you are seething.

No. 372087

shit twitter tier taste, hope you all grow out of your "zomg toxic yuri dommy mommy fotm!!" himelarp phases soon(infighting)

No. 372088

because pretending to like yurislop for coolgirl points is trendy right now(infighting)

No. 372090

I thought there was a new character with his ass out ffs
>Diluc and Jean younger than Lyney and Lynette
I read all of this but am choosing to ignore it. Fuck men and their obsession with keeping everyone vaguely-almost underage. If Wrio was a woman he would be a 16 year old that renovated the prison system in the last 2 years.
This is an anonymous thread, no one's gaining yuri points for liking a character. Can nonnies really not fathom that women that like female characters exist?

No. 372094

>Can nonnies really not fathom that women that like female characters exist?
No. They can't comprehend other women having different tastes than they do, we have to be doing it for male attention or clout or whatever narrative best suits them.

No. 372095

>This is an anonymous thread
anonymity never stopped attention whore behavior before, why would it now?(baiting infight)

No. 372096

File: 1713550796091.jpg (1.62 MB, 2500x4000, GLcrGVyWgAAKfUC.jpg)

A bit of projection maybe but I don't really have any solid memories before age 8, and even those are pretty fuzzy.
If Freminet was 10 when he was given up he'd have to be at least 20-22 since Arlecchino's been the Knave for at least 10 years.
It's probably the same screeching moron who tries to start infights every time anons mention liking a female character. Just ignore the bait, it's not worth responding to.

No. 372135

What really gets me is that she gets a fucking anime short despite her story being completely irrelevant to the story but someone really wanted to flex their yuribait edgelord because a special scythe wasn't enough. Fuck, they finally drop a bigger budget animated short instead of those flat flash animations and it's like an entirely different game dedicated to a character that has no real plot relevancy besides just being a ~crazy killer maniac~ grooming child soldiers. Fuck the Scaramouche clothing sets, I wanted to see his Kabukimono storyline animated instead. Fuck the waifufag who was responsible for this.

No. 372346

File: 1713628917141.jpg (882.34 KB, 3373x4096, dire_balemoon.jpg)

I haven't been enthusiastic for a long time for a character in Genshin after the snoozefest this patch was. I can't wait to spend my primos for her.

No. 372591

This might sound crazy, but I like her because of her edgyness and cringe edgy y2k nostalgia. I'm hoping her SQ does give us something better than that aniamted video though, we still don't know about her curse.

No. 372767

yes you're projecting, I have solid memories from when I was 4, and especially solid memories of traumatic events. freminet was probably like 5 or 6 and he'd be like 16 yrs old now

No. 372774

fucking hate sigewinne

No. 372781

I just don't understand why she's a 5? She didn't play a memorable role in the AQ (imo), but she'll also be the third 5 hydro bow user while we're only have three hydro 4*s in total.

I'm not interested in any of the characters they revealed today though, so unless they'll rerun Furina or Alhaitham in 4.7, I'll skip those banners.

No. 372786

I would have really liked her if she was an actual melusine instead of a loli

No. 372795

a playable melusine would be cute
fontaine barely has any 4 stars so i don't get it either, nothing about her screams 5 star and yet she's so popular because of her interaction with wrio

No. 372806

>she's so popular because of her interaction with wrio
Is she though? I only see her mentioned when the topic is Wrio being good with kids. I really don't get what popularity she has to be 5. Is anyone other than lolicons pulling for her? I like children characters but I still wouldn't pull for a 5 specifically. Agreeing with >>372786 though.
I'm also only waiting for Furina in the next update.

No. 372811

she's very popular in japan and like half of wrio's fanart includes her for some reason

No. 372812

Wouldn't be surprised if it was a ship thing. Like I've seen too many people call her Wrio and Neuvi's daughter. Barf

No. 372852

considering that melusines were all born a long ass time ago, her only "parental" figure could be neuvilette, because elynas could only hold some form of contact with mamere

No. 373079

ship thing as in shipping her with wrio. check tanuki_nishi on twitter, she says in her profile she ships oniichan x loli
wrio is the most popular character among japanese yumes so i wouldn't be surprised if this is some sort of weird projection but it's still weird as fuck to make your husbando a depraved lolicon/pedo. the art looks tame enough so onlookers might thing "oh it's father daughter relationship" but most of the fanartists admit that they ship them romantically too. probably the same weirdos who were shipping alhaitham x nahida. it's weird cause you'd think the yumes would ship wrio x lumine or wrio x clorinde (another barf ship but at least it doesn't involve a loli) but they all latched onto sigewinne instead ew

No. 373155

Honestly, I kind of blame the Genshin writers for making Sigewinne so oddly… adult for a little girl model. Nahida has the same issue, I've never seen her shipped with Alhaitham but Scara/Nahida is really popular in Asian countries. Dori would also get shipped with adult characters if she wasn't ugly and irrelevant.
Qiqi or Klee don't get this treatment because they actually somewhat act their age, but Sigewinne has an entire fulltime job in a prison of all places lol and there's constantly a point being made about how melusines aren't animals or children but intelligent creatures. It doesn't help that she has that gross Sanrio pastel vomit uwu so smol type of aesthetic which ddlg retards flock to. They seriously should have made her a full melusine or a short female model.
And ngl I don't care about Wriothesley/Clorinde or any Genshin ships in general, but I actually prefer them over Wriolette. At least they seem to have a somewhat fun best friends "deadpan & laidback" dynamic compared to Neuvillette and Wrio which is the most boring ship I've ever seen. Neuv is basically asexual to me, I can't envision him fucking anything or anyone

No. 373156

A lot of the lolis in this game are treated as lolibabas cause they're actually super old and "mature", but at the same time I refuse to believe characters like scara or wrio would ever feel attracted to them. They're literally built like toddlers, it's not even the usual loli cope where you could say well she's just a short adult, the genshin lolis look like fucking midgets. At least wrio x sigewinne shippers are decent enough to not draw them kissing but scarahida is actually so disgusting. I hate a lot of genshin ships, but at least I can hand wave it as a different taste, but anyone who ships anything involving these toddlers needs to go to therapy

No. 373277

File: 1713909002212.jpg (208.8 KB, 1056x1350, GL05uUSbkAA9wOL.jpg)

I wish they'd stop giving bad kits to cool-looking characters. 4 star DPS are dead on arrival.
He plays like Tighnari. That would be fine but it's never worth choosing a 4 star over a 5 star DPS. Sigewinne should have been the 4 star.

No. 373284

I didn't need to know that that name even exists, this is why I've been staying away from the Fandom and even this thread, I hate the fact that the name of that disgusting ship even exists.

No. 373289

I wonder what the point of giving them such awful kits even is. Of course not every character can be good but all the best 4 stars are the early support ones and even they get benched once a 5 star version inevitably appears

No. 373328

File: 1713924160089.jpg (174.55 KB, 1360x768, GL5SOvFWkAArqtd.jpg)

just one more hour for me… feels like an eternity.

i play since 1.0 and have never even done any hangout quest until 6 days ago, just for this cringe ass edgelord emo bitch

No. 373355

Welp, I lost the 50/50, but at least I got some shotas out of this (C6 Fremmy, C2 Chongyun, C0 Heizou). I'll get her eventually, they give out a shit ton of rolls this update

No. 373367

Yeah me too I got Dehya on my 50/50. Part of me wants to roll for Lyney instead.
What do we think of the update so far? I think it’s pretty but too much water.

No. 373382

lmao, I also lost to Dehya. If I have anything left after Arlecchino I'll throw some rolls into Lyney's banner, but only because I like him as a character. He is a charged shot user, yet his presumably best team has you face hugging the enemies standing in a circle. Hoyoverse fucked him up making him monopyro without good supports for him

No. 373496


Did everyone lose their 50/50 to Dehya? At least I had enough saved to get Arlecchino in the end. It’s too bad that Dehya’s kit got botched, I like her as a character but I’m not super motivated to build her.

No. 373500

I got her, but I had to go all the way to hard pity. Going for her weapon was hellish too, lost the 50/50 twice.

No. 373530

lost mine to tighnari. loving my edgecringe queen so far. can't wait to get her maxed out. definite triple crown.

No. 373545

Why the heck are we getting yet another xinyan centric event?? Idk if you guys have seen the leaks but xinyan will play a huge role in the next event, along with yunjin to some extent. There's so many 4 stars that barely get any screentime, yet she's always pushed. And don't get me wrong, I don't hate xinyan, I think she's cool I just don't understand why are they not giving other 4 star characters more spotlight. Such as candace, when is the last time we've heard of her? At least give her a hangout…

No. 373547

File: 1713985737013.jpg (185.78 KB, 1024x929, 13ttt0343.jpg)

>megane doctor with snake theme
>one of the most interesting backstory and lore in the game
>decide to ruin everything by dressing him like a fucking grandma
I'll never get over this, how could they fumble such a COOL concept for a character so badly why why add the stupid purple yogs pants, the ugly anklet, the ugly croptop, the grandma glasses why he had so much potential!

No. 373549

the way they nerfed his personality sucked too, completely removed everything a little creepy about it. what a fumble.

No. 373551

File: 1713987320273.jpeg (111.28 KB, 640x914, main-qimg-9245777b949dae68987b…)

I feel like the only person ever to like his design even though I prefer short males, but I might be delusional
Yeah, his creepiness being nerfed is much more tragic. I hope his fatui twin can compensate for that in the future

No. 373553

Agree about his personality being nerfed, I would've been able to forgive the ugly ass yoga pants if he would've been made into a creep. I was fully expecting him to have some sort of an interesting dark side hidden.

No. 373557

im more confused as to what happened to kaveh, he isnt getting any re-runs and he never appears anywhere. is mihoyo keeping him locked in their basement or what?

No. 373558

His Chinese voice actor got caught fucking fans like the Oz's one (which they ended up changing) iirc so I'm guessing they kept him out of the limelight for some time to escape the heat. Kaveh has appeared in numerous collabs recently though and he's making a comeback in the upcoming Sumeru event.

No. 373559

ah of course the voice actor is a freak, how typical at this point. but im happy kaveh returns soon.

No. 373561

jfc and I thought that that's because his kit is so bad. what's with those moids VAs always causing trouble? Oz, Tighnari and Kaveh's too now also a shame because CN voices are so pretty

No. 373562

Spoilers for Arle story quest You nonnies reminded me how disappointed I was with Baizhu being tame. They nerfed even Arle's personality hard, she's mentally sound and has an actual moral compass. Despite all the previous times other characters called her evil and unpredictable. Don't know if we should expect that wolf side to emerge in the next quest they mentioned and this quest was just showing the sheep clothing. She was a sheep in wolf clothing if anything. Even Tartag was so chill but then again this is probably leading to him being gullible and betrayed by the Rooster.
Nta but damn. I remember not seeing Fischl anywhere for months because of that, glad Kaveh is back soon.

No. 373567

File: 1713988630317.jpg (732.16 KB, 1080x1620, GHVa1LUWwAAnAuy.jpg)

Her VAs might be easier to hire than others, plus she's never had a story quest or hangout. I'm guessing VA availability affects more than we know, such as in Kaveh's example. I like her a lot so I won't complain. Wish he kit sucked less ass.

No. 373573

I fucking hate how they moralfagify every single playable character. Inb4 Dottore releases in 3 years and they give us some lame ass clone of his who's an innocent little baby.
>she's mentally sound and has an actual moral compass
Either Scaramouche has 0 social skills for believing she's deranged when she's such a normie, or they retconned her. Probably the former, but still a shame. She had the potential to be really cool.

No. 373585

But what would they even center a Candace event around? Xinyan has that Iridescence Tour plotline that they probably want to finish now that the MC is in Fontaine, though I haven't seen any leaks myself yet

No. 373597

Even Neuv warned us about her. I wonder if she will turn on us soon?

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