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File: 1718220530780.jpeg (51.07 KB, 736x400, 1712596922998.jpeg)

No. 391817

>FUJOSHI (腐女子, "rotten girl"): a self-mockingly pejorative Japanese term for female fans of manga and novels that feature romantic relationships between men.

>Discuss yaoi and BL here, as well as other media aimed at (or with fanservice for) fujoshis.

>Discussion of BL games here is okay, but please do not cannibalize the otome game general.
>Discussion of Male/Male ships outside of strictly BL series is allowed, try to avoid divisiveness between slashers and classic fujos.
>No straight shit, there are other threads for that.
>Feel free to ask for recommendations, but specify what kind of material you're looking for (Genre, oneshot/series, doujinshi, SFW/NSFW etc).
>Being reasonably critical of BL is welcomed but don't come here only to bait or excessively moralsperg about fujos or how much you hate BL as a genre. Take it to Twitter.
>Be mindful of others and hide your spoilers. Use the spoiler image option and wrap your text inside spoiler tags.
>Reminder to ignore the baiting males and trolls who come to provoke.
>Keep the armchair psychology to a minimum, we've heard it all before.
>Be nice to each other, we fujos should stick together.

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No. 391819

Cute threadpic

No. 391821

File: 1718220987962.jpg (772.98 KB, 1478x2048, tumblr_0425ab71b70940ccd8e4c89…)

love the shotaesque threadpic nona

No. 391822

File: 1718221116723.jpg (1.85 MB, 5243x3479, c0ec331a474a34f8d1a0773f2eae35…)

Haven't we had this as a threadpic before? Maybe I'm misremembering…
Still cute though.

No. 391823

Honestly didn't even notice, i just thought the girls are cute here. Also KEK at the fucking weed in your picrel. What's the source?

No. 391824

>She doesnt recognize the famous clamp artstyle
NTA but its legal drug

No. 391826

Figured it was clamp but I never bother with reading their works and familiarizing myself with the titles/characters, I just look at the pretty art. Every time I've made an attempt to read the shojo manga of yore I just get annoyed by the melodramatic writing. It's not for me.

No. 391829

File: 1718221707912.jpg (1009.79 KB, 2048x1385, tumblr_bc624a85582460c50ecb5a4…)

to be fair i think legal drug had a different main artist than most of their other manga. or at least they went with a different art style.

wtf i hate the threadpic after all

No. 391830

i love yaoi so much its even better when the moids r in pain n theres no hope for a better future n theyll never get together

No. 391831

File: 1718221824050.png (12.24 KB, 400x350, 1945ef3d4476d66405f7262d8c202d…)

>wtf i hate the threadpic after all
Threadpic isn't clamp though? It's not even shoujo.

No. 391834

File: 1718222040953.png (214.96 KB, 842x1192, 5776r46789f4g5h8697.png)

no i hate the threadpic because i hate you for hating clamp. why would you miss out on kino like this?

No. 391835

File: 1718222087947.jpg (170.2 KB, 925x1277, 5b10e5db21dd3ec6215b0d835f1526…)

threadpic is from sayonara zetsubou sensei

No. 391836

japanese yaoi mangas r boring, korean webtoons are where the real yaois are at

No. 391838

Clamp's writing is so all over the place and they have so many stories on indefinite hiatus. It's kind of infuriating

No. 391839

Replying here cause new thread
>exploration of christian themes in japanese works always come off as wrong, you can tell they just don't get it. Someone else made this comparison but it's just like how distorted californian buddhism is, that distorsion goes both ways. I don't think you can make compelling exploration of a religion if you didn't grow up in it (unless you heavily research it but let's be honest who would do that for a bl vn).
Which is why I said I wish western fujos should try to take a crack at it since religious upbringings are more common here. It's usually used only as a setting for making the sex "spicy and guilty" with no further exploration. Actually exploring the intersection of religion and sexuality (esp homosexuality) would make for such great psychological BL food with how much self-denial, guilt, and cognitive dissonance is involved. But maybe it would be a monkey's paw situation, people's feelings on religion are usually too strong in either the direction of rejection or blind faith, honest depictions are rare.

No. 391840

Oooh, that's a different anon.
I don't mind clamp, though a lot of their works I didn't care for (Sakura and Chobits I really didn't like)

No. 391843

I 100% agree but I don't think most people are open to even reading western stuff in the form of VNs or comics. To be fair most of it is ugly SJW shit with trannies. And I'm not really a fanfiction kind of person anymore.

No. 391844

Going to reply here too because I'm retarded replying to a dead thread sorry

It's the greatest sin a Christian can do actually, suicide. Like criminals can be forgiven but that's the worst someone can do according to Christianity.
August has committed a lot of sins and evil deeds, but ironically he still believes and loves God and is afraid of doing something that he cannot be forgiven. He also put more poison to his cup because he didn't want Michael to actually die. What he did to Michael was out of anger, he wanted to test God, and also thought Michael was a miracle child since he was basically born through devils power but he was an angel lowkey. He was desperate to get saved and selfishly threw all his hopes to Michael. He'd have groomed Michael without the devils powers too though kek.

No. 391845

Oh, how I wish there was some ray I could shoot to un-pozz western fandom

No. 391847

File: 1718222757892.jpg (435.38 KB, 2048x1536, 1716265523617.jpg)

i can drink to that

No. 391848

The tape over the camera is the best part of this image

No. 391851

File: 1718222968854.png (4.88 MB, 1132x1730, eeo_postcard_raw.png)

Anyone else collect fujo merch? I'm trying to complete my set of nitro chiral postcards right now

No. 391853

File: 1718223192810.png (471.37 KB, 441x446, guilt.png)

Seconded! I was reading this book (Homosexual Society by David Hauser) because the table of contents was funny and i found myself wishing for deeper religious guilt BL. Picrel gave me ideas, like a gay man going to a priest to 'cure' himself before realizing the priest is just like him, then their bond deepening or instead breaking after they have really intense sex and one breaks down over being corrupted by the other.. Mutual obsession in a quiet village.. Men who are so pent-up and repressed they ignite at the slightest physical contact, become extremely flustered and cute or feral.. That sort of thing. It could be so interesting re: shame and guilt, what's genuine guilt and what's internalized shame, abandoning themselves to pleasure despite it all and enjoying it all the more.
There are some asian twitter artists who do great priest BL (like choir boy x priest stuff) but it's just illustrations and short scenes… sigh

No. 391854

Koreans have a bunch of weird Christian cults and Seoul is a hypercapitalist slum with sexy 60s architecture, it's one of the most ideal settings for bl I can imagine but their bl scene will have to make it out of the precambrian before we get anything really good out of them

No. 391860

File: 1718223614497.jpg (Spoiler Image,408.6 KB, 800x800, 1685809515567.jpg)

As the other anon said, the western side of the blvns and comics industry isnt developed enough for that unfortunately so I don't think it will happen short of a miracle, a girl can dream tho. The closest thing to it would probably be in a book but I dont know of any with that kind of plot that goes in depth, I just cope by reading about men in religious settings and shipping them togther.

No. 391862

What's the pic from?
Also sad to say most western fujo stuff just falls into heartstopper teen cringe shit from what I've seen.

No. 391865

File: 1718223955426.jpg (18.66 KB, 428x368, fc137b1534d9f16acd85edf4075a53…)


No. 391868

File: 1718224062514.png (1.88 MB, 1166x1718, 0a9a2fd2a97a6eecc700c6bfe89124…)

It's a scrotey manga but I still think she's cute

No. 391873

I replied to a dead thread too kek no need to apologize.
Thank you for explaining. I grew up Christian and suicide was a sin on the same level as homosexuality but I guess it depends on the church. I don’t know if you played it, but there is a character in Baraki who is Christian and asked someone else to kill him because he can’t commit suicide I think it’s interesting that the writer decided to dive further into this topic in Shingakkou. As for the poison, I also wonder how authentic Augusts 'love' is for Michael. I used to think he doesn’t actually love him but after I played Baraki I think that the writer just likes fucked up rapey teacher-student relationships. I wish it ended a bit more romantically though

No. 391881

western fujos get harassed by tifs and crazy woman-hating faggots. I draw some crazy shit and i never bothered to post it because the western fujo art scene is chernobyl levels of radioactive.

No. 391885

I'll keep seething over X 1999 not being finished for the rest of my life.

Lmao I just started reading Happy Kuso Life, the manga that was mentioned in the previous thread and it's really fun so far. The art is nice too.

No. 391886

File: 1718225574504.png (749.79 KB, 1170x1201, IMG_5586.png)

You should read Tokyo Babylon anyways. It's short, gay, kinda spooky with the supernatural themes and the art is incredibly aesthetic looking. I think their best art is in X but the story is an unfinished clusterfuck so it's a sunk cost kinda series.

I have a bunch of Lamento stuff from the 2010s, it had some really great merchandise.

No. 391890

>The closest thing to it would probably be in a book
It's probably the best bet for fujos who want to explore more mature themes and fleshed out stories in the western scene. I am patiently waiting for the fujolit renaissance.

No. 391891

As long as gay = politics, I doubt a noncancerous western bl scene is possible.

No. 391894

File: 1718226234776.png (1.14 MB, 1342x1015, happykusolife.png)


No. 391905

>What's the pic from?
unfortunately, I dont know saved it from one of the old fujo /trash/ threads
post it here anon

No. 391908

Pic is Tatsumi Kazehaya from enstars with what seems to be a mob character

No. 391914

>thinking the users here aren’t chernobyl levels of radioactive
I envy your ignorance

No. 391923

They tell themselves they're different when really they're two sides of the same coin

No. 391939

Asada Nemui wrote a BL manga about christianity/cults, but she said that trying to learn about western religion in Japan is just googling for info

No. 391945

>Men who are so pent-up and repressed they ignite at the slightest physical contact
IMAGINE. it's too good we need fujos on this, stat! And your picrel as well, the internal turmoil eating a man alive until he's left just a husk of himself, pursuing his carnal desire at night and praying for salvation at day. The way he can never feel welcome at a church because of his sins, yet also can never find real comfort in another man's love because he sincerely believes in God. I'm becoming delusional again kek.

No. 391947

Georg weissmann from trails in the sky, not a bl at all kek just a creepy ex priest probably sexual abuser

Thank you! I might do just that, I didn’t realize how much better they’ve gotten but that gives me even greater incentive to play it

Damn nigga stop making crazy assumptions. I just wanted to talk about something I find hot. Are you a christcuck or something

Agreed, not just angst but the smut would be amazing as well

No. 391950

maybe when i git gud, i am average at best. Its also a mix of slash ships from old sitcoms and autistic war yaoi that might get me banned for racebaiting if the tranny janny is in a bad mood

No. 391970

File: 1718247531629.jpg (248.02 KB, 900x1883, 42852722_900_4066_134582.jpg)

Hook, Line, and Sinker is complete retard shit but wow the second ML is funny as fuck, this flavor of "jokes on you I'm into that shit" pervert rapechad isn't common, I wanna see it more.

No. 391982

>fujolit renaissance
that sounds so wonderful nonny….. really makes me want to just say fuck it and whip out something vulgar under a pseudonym b/c why not

No. 391991

File: 1718256126326.jpg (985.06 KB, 2761x2107, 1000017418.jpg)

I collect merch for only the fandoms I get extremely invested in. I own a couple of YOI nendos, a bunch of unofficial DMMD charms and an assload of official charms and standees from Paradise (posted in past thread >>>/m/373405) . Recently I've also began to collect nu carnival merch but not posting those since there's a containment thread for it.

No. 392004

File: 1718259885462.png (7.14 MB, 2453x1874, Merch.png)

Big taimebifag so I have a bunch of misaki and kyo merch. Other than that I don't usually collect much merch outside of the tokuten that cone with games I buy and artbooks/setting books.

No. 392006

It's you nonnie, after finishing paradise (without the 2 FDs yet) and remembering your gigacollection I've been curious to know why Mitsugi is your fave.

No. 392010

File: 1718262283253.jpg (748.37 KB, 1735x2347, 1000017425.jpg)

>I like pretty men over roided up men
>The smart/logical mindset LIs are always my cryptonite
>while I shat on him a lot over his initial bullying of Azuma, if you compare him with the other residents of the island, man has amazing mental fortitude, I was impressed by how he managed to maintain his sanity in the midst of all the craziness
>also Azuma is my son and he is the only one who never hurt Azuma (dickstepping doesn't count kek) even in the worst BEs, fd shows that he even cried and gave Azuma a proper burial in the suicide BE
>I'm a super vanillafag who likes the game for the psychological aspect and not the edgyness, other LIs are fun to psychianalyze (I don't hate Matsuda or Takara, though the latter is ugly) but they don't appeal to me the same way as Mitsugi does. also his route in the fd is tooth rotting fluff

No. 392016

File: 1718263067235.jpg (1.72 MB, 3934x1881, 20210311_220655.jpg)

Samefagging for a small correction about the spoilered text: it wasn't exactly a burial but a way to treat his body with respect nevertheless
Another thing I forgot to say: I also liked the hscenes a lot, the nutting before inserting his dick even 1mm was hilarious and the issho ni hairu part was super sexy (though I guess Azuma gets most of the credit for that). A part of me wants to make fun of the writers for using such omegaverse level physical compatibiliry as a plot device (more on this in fd), but it worked so I'm not complaining kek

No. 392070

>I'm a super vanillafag
Kek it all makes sense. I respect you for your dedication to the most vanilla man in the crazy bastards game. I have an instinct antipathy towards the stoic blonde bitch type of chatacter and want to see them get stepped on but I admit Mitsugi did grow on me, I loved his gap moe and the fact that he's completely autistic and also a slob. Usually in these sorts of ships the stone cold blond hoe is the one berating the poor uke for his sloppy habits, but being legit the opposite here was extremely funny, even Azuma was disgusted. The H scene where he can't even get the tip in before nutting was such good cringe it gave me many keks.

I also liked the psychological aspect of the story, it was interesting to see how Mitsugi and Matsuda are practically opposites when it comes to their initial appearance and who they become under stressful situations. I'd say I'm a natural Matsudafag but I legit found Matsuda's case kinda relatable ngl. I love NTY Haru for similar (albeit much better executed) reasons. Paradise was honestly pretty good just for showing how each one of them would flip out under extreme circumstances, including Azuma. Excluding Takara and his troll route obviously. I have a whole note somewhere just musing on the psychological aspect of the story and seeing where I'd improve it.

>omegaverse level physical compatibiliry as a plot device

Dying nonnie that's literally it.

No. 392095

Please tell me the artists nonna I beg of you

No. 392118

File: 1718301611008.jpg (47.05 KB, 722x111, retard.jpg)

Just started his route. I hate him and he is stupid.

No. 392189

File: 1718321596436.jpeg (115.28 KB, 720x1071, he gives names to his dick.jpe…)

Read it thanks to you nonna, kek. He is great, i love LIs like him a tons. I like noncon usually but i wish the author wrote it better but overall it's a crack shit. I wish himbo main seme fucks him too.

No. 392193

File: 1718322213636.jpeg (193.61 KB, 1200x600, IMG_9419.jpeg)

Wow, A Easy Target sucked. I thought maybe people hated it because they were being weenies about the SA but as a ryona lover this was just shit. We need more romanticized stockholm stories that aren’t boring with ugly characters.

No. 392206

What was bad about it? Looks cute from the image you posted

No. 392214

File: 1718327519446.jpg (59.09 KB, 720x960, 35ddbb222aa55a4ff49418cd42866b…)

I thought it might be cute too before I read it. There are a few reasons I have beef with this. I didn't like the art (looks like picrel). Seme is a rich psycho that had uke gangraped when they were dating and uke escapes him. Seme finds him years later and confines him and then it's a billion chapters of boring rape and abuse. The smut was the furthest thing from kino. I loved the SB BL side story and Jinx so it's not the constant SA that was throwing me off, the seme is just completely unlikable, the uke is ugly, and every other character is uninteresting and demented. The plot was boring too. It just felt really low quality and corny.

No. 392216

File: 1718327728121.jpg (466.76 KB, 1177x2048, priest.jpg)

I could only dig this one from my mountain of likes, sorry

No. 392218

Isn't this fanart of that Yakuza fujobait manga?

No. 392226

Are yaoi hands making a comeback? I've been seeing it more lately.

No. 392229

Hnnnnnggggh. Priest yaoi. Hnnngghn

No. 392233

File: 1718331018980.png (1.35 MB, 1287x1120, 147451248877.png)

Just started this. I'll probably keep reading but damn, how dumb is this MC? The guy's feeling you up and constantly fawns over you, of course he's into you dummy.

No. 392236

Hilariously, Kyesoo is actually significantly smarter than Myungtae, who is just retard levels of dumbass. It's genuinely so fucking funny how dumb he is.

No. 392239

File: 1718331780086.jpg (325.75 KB, 900x883, 42852651_900_3996_213298~2.jpg)

He reminds me of hisoka in a way, wouldn't be surprised if the author took inspiration
When I said it was complete retard shit I was not exaggerating, it's idiotic, you need to turn your brain off to read it but it's funny as fuck once you do. That being said I'm only here to see shinjoo's perverted dreams come true kek

No. 392260

File: 1718335079952.png (1.8 MB, 1073x1267, lmaoooo.png)

He showed hole before even having his first kiss. Amazing.

No. 392281

Back in the day we used to call those ukes

No. 392305

Two ukes in the same panel? Unheard of.

No. 392371

File: 1718381997287.png (262.11 KB, 1280x1230, tumblr_bb7a90c4db165adc3bbc35b…)

I have to stop posting ITT as a yuri state resident…

No. 392372

File: 1718382116672.png (241.16 KB, 1280x674, tumblr_0b3feb48eabbb7349a3f903…)

Worldwide ver

No. 392373

All those Muslim countries including Saudi Arabia and fucking Somalia kek. Some of those countries have the death penalty on gay acts.

No. 392374

somalia lets gooooo

No. 392375

I have it in good faith eritrea would be yaoipilled too, the women of these countries need something to keep them from losing it and yaoi is a relatively healthy option

No. 392376

I knew my state would be yaoipilled, knew so many fujos in high school

No. 392378

Brazil is a yuri country??? I hate moids.

No. 392379

wtf is happening in yugoslavia, i'm disappointed

No. 392384

File: 1718385127718.jpg (518.03 KB, 1920x1080, everybody was kung fu fightin.…)

The ending of Chapter 3 is lazy. Should have gone full 2001 Space Odyssey stargate sequence instead.

No. 392400

File: 1718388677797.jpg (260.2 KB, 1080x1438, Screenshot_20240614_111024_Fir…)

I love comically insane psychopath semes thanks kek

No. 392401

All sense of national pride eviscerated by one image.

No. 392406

What's this from?

No. 392427

I think there’s more of the ending on adelta’s website that you can probably mtl. Though the fact that you have to go out of your way to find it out of the game kind of ruins an otherwise decent chapter 3 with an abrupt ending.

No. 392433

I love how Jun turned out to be a homosexual and was a part of the harem in the end

No. 392445

File: 1718393893843.png (94.26 KB, 512x363, 1.title(2)_optimized.png)

Any nonna that has played this game here? How's it?

No. 392480

Can't remember where this was stated but I'm sure I remember adelta mentioning around the time of release that the ending was rewritten last minute.

No. 392494

He got first dibs on sensei too, granted they get divorced and remarried all the time.

No. 392508

File: 1718412475759.jpg (546.59 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240615_022808_Gal…)

Season 2 of Placebo:Let's Play just came out

No. 392509

This was so ass and I hope both characters die at the end

No. 392510

I love the ~sex~ though. The sex scenes are nice. This is a porn-plot story and you are supposed to turn your brain off and enjoy the brother getting destroyed by his other brother.

No. 392512

No, personality matters even in pwp. There are some men who's personalities and behaviors are such a turn off that I don't even care to see their holes destroyed.

No. 392513

>both characters need to die

Wooyeon didn't do anything though. He had slight anger issues when he was younger but that doesn't excuse the evil shit his brother is now doing to him.

No. 392514

Oh nice thanks nona. I'm waiting for all the webtoons im reading to come back. Summer is finally in Korea along with the new seasons. I started this one because of the incest and hate boner. Blood related instead is superior but step siblings can do too.

No. 392523

Speaking of webtoons coming-back…i wonder when shutline will come back?

No. 392529

Extreme sports nonas, what is the most outlandish place/situation that you've read yaoi in public?

No. 392537

University at pc class. Everytime a moid classmate would look at my screen he'd go eww and turn his face away in seconds. I never stopped. It's funny how fast all the moids turned the moment they saw the homo in the screen though. Fragile masculinity much?

No. 392538

I used to read yaoi on my phone during gym class in middle school and I used their wifi to do it. Surprisingly never got caught and for some reason mrm wasn't banned on the district wifi until much later.

No. 392539

We had very cheap internet at home so it was extremely slow and I was 8 hours at school everyday wasting my time. So I used computer class to download yaoi manga and visual novels during class. Back in the day, the games were split in 30+ parts and each download had an ad. I saved myself a lot of time and my pc was virus free hooray.

No. 392540

had an ipad class in elementary school and i found out that even though everything else was banned, i could still google 'ecchi yaoi' and find stuff to read. got cocky and downloaded some images and had the ipad class cancelled for everyone the rest of the semester, but because the galleries were shared amongst all the ipads i was never caught as the culprit.

No. 392541

>iPad class
>in elementary school
How old are you wtf

No. 392542

22 years old, lol. i was in fifth grade.

No. 392543

What? I'm 22 too, we never got iPads, just normal computer class.

No. 392544

it was a special class that was only once or twice a week, not really a class. sometimes you had an extra science class time to play with the class pets or PE during that time slot, or you got to go to the library. that sort of thing.

No. 392551

>be me, teenage edgelord with unsupervised internet access
>massive porn addiction
>cooming 1 - 4 times a day, never missed a day
>watch Czech Hunter with meals instead of youtube
>obsessed with yaoi rape and guro
>dig through gurochan for every picture with a male in it in the middle of class
>draw my own eroguro bl and proudly show it to my classmates
>shamelessly read bl manga and watch gay porn anywhere and everywhere I had room to tilt my phone screen
>if that wasn't an option, switch to fic
Cringe cringe cringe. The artificial normiehood from my looks, personality, and years of being involved in athletics saved me from the full transformation into Aoba ahegao t-shirt autismo, but my degeneracy had the last laugh because all these years later I'm still a fujocoomer failnormie.

No. 392573

How do you cope with people knowing you as that girl who showed them her eroguro art, genuine question as a similar kind of kid LOL

No. 392579

nta but for me it happened so long ago i just assume they either forget i did that or forgot my name completely. I was posting gore, incest and shota shit on my facebook that’s connected to all my irl friends and family and I just have to pray they blocked it out of their memory KEK

No. 392581

Church, I usually sit all the way in the back and have one of those screen protectors where you can’t see depending on the angle

No. 392587

File: 1718443253600.jpg (19.75 KB, 275x253, 1668450840684.jpg)

Openly reading Bl omegaverse in middle school and passing around free! doujins during lunch. My friends and I even wrote erenxlevi fanfiction and passed it around to our male classmates to see them get grossed out.

No. 392593

File: 1718446736349.jpg (510.36 KB, 1920x1080, edgy.jpg)

>the ending was rewritten last minute
The entire ending or just the ending of the last chapter? Why would she do this?

No. 392602

Anons shit on Golden Kamuy, whole time this bitch Rinko is jacking off to it and adding GK scenes and character lookalikes who bottom in her games lol

No. 392610

File: 1718464329021.jpg (122.54 KB, 1800x668, h1.jpg)

I'm from the minority that really liked his ending and overall his route the best. His obssesed over Yomi, slowly losing it each day, the closer it got to that "inevitable day". Throwing away everything just for Yomi. His lame titjobs afterwards are gold too.

No. 392611

I haven't read the uuuc ss but is it true that ringo made a yomi juuro ss, where yomi shapeshifts to a shota and let's juuro fuck him? If that is so that means that ringo is a shotafag so why won't she pull shota in oe? Retarded, if it's not because of the laws but because of retards complaining.

No. 392612

Yes. However this isn't surprising as she hasn't put in shota stuff in any of her games, even in Hashihime the retard was a 2 meter tall beast despite being mentally 6 or whatever.

No. 392613

File: 1718464939117.jpg (651.92 KB, 1920x1080, Juurou uses [DOMESTIC VIOLENCE…)

>really liked his ending
What do you even like about it? That it's so blink-or-you'll-miss-it short it doesn't overstay its welcome? In comparison the previous two chapters had stretched endings that meandered into weird places for no reason at all (e.g. the hypnosis subplot).

I haven't read that doujin.

No. 392614

i understand that she wants to play it safe since she puts a lot of time into her games and shota might not sell very well.i can see her actualize her poop fetish in ooe though

No. 392615

I took his ending as a lowkey breaking the 4th wall. I don't know if that was her intention to begin with or had something else in her mind. The SS continue from that ending and basically they're lovey dovey and Juuro is doing his best to satisfy Yomi and get better at gay sex lol. >>392611 rings a bell but don't remember check the free ones on kurosawas blog or tumblr coolb fantls.
She is notorious for doing U-turns first with hashihime endings "kek guys the LIs aren't tamamoris tulpas dw" or with ooe she wanted to bring kawase back, military gramps working with him and jp fujos didn't like that or the sperging with the shota LI. So maybe she changed the ending to avoid the shit, if she had juuro or yomi dying for example. But I liked it and found it fitting and even if that wasn't her intention I took it as Yomi and Juuro breaking the 4th wall, had enough and stopped entertaining us, the audience and left the saw and did what they wanted.
Haven't played it since uts unvoiced and the ratings not the best but her very first game has from what I heard. Coocon smth?

No. 392638

File: 1718475525602.jpg (223.43 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_oaz58lS8TL1tq5s5vo6_128…)

The Hashihime ending wasn't a U-turn, I see this rumor all the time but it's not true. In a promotional graphic from Kurosawa's tumblr posted before the release of the game it says that the last route is not the true route.

No. 392760

File: 1718519555731.jpg (268.23 KB, 1900x2377, IMG_20200606_132131.jpg)

Nayrt but the Hashihime ending actually makes sense and is even predictable if you're familiar with Dogra Magra beforehand. Spoilers for Dogra Magra but the twist in that story is that the protagonist is a schizo who's been reliving the same event over and over because he can't come to terms with being a murderer. As part of this he hallucinates (or does he?) several people including himself at some point. His entire deal is being a split personality schizo (or is he self aware?) just like Tamamori. The fact that Tamamori hallucinates all those creatures as well as his iron-clad capacity for denial is a strong hint that he may be hallucinating more than just that. It doesn't surprise me that even the true route isn't "real" as not knowing what exactly is real is a big point of the book. Sperg but even after having finished it there's some points that make me go crazy because I can't figure out what actually happened, honestly an amazing piece of literature.

No. 392774

File: 1718526984788.png (8.03 MB, 4914x6590, 1000017498.png)

Some anon translated rinko's Q/A and collected them in a pastebin. You can also look at the timeline flowchart in picrel if you prefer a more visual explanation. A PDF version of it is also available.

No. 392787

I've just read Let's go Karaoke and I wish the author would draw a doujin or something of them, I'm craving more yakuzaxstudent with her deadpan humor? I love that.

No. 392814

Based dedicated fan. I wish I had that when I first read the game.
I don't remember why Minakami decided to kill himself after receiving that manuscript though?

No. 392883

The yomi story should be here. I don't remember it well too but yomi turned into his younger self and fucked juuro, juuro didn't top lol. He was to juuro how do you feel getting fucked by someone much weaker and younger than you.

yomi and juuro



There should be fan translations of these on dumblr.

No. 392884

File: 1718562352504.jpg (111.24 KB, 1800x668, h2.jpg)

He uses his tentacles too kek

No. 392912

File: 1718568189217.jpg (436.38 KB, 1920x1080, flashbacks to SnK's disaster o…)


I wonder if Yomi can modify Juurou to make him a long-living species like him.

No. 392924

File: 1718571512479.png (476.18 KB, 514x695, Ooe.png)

Sucks that ooe got delayed because i'm on summer break from college.

No. 392975

File: 1718581945896.png (553.27 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (1283).png)

>company that made needy girl overdose finally released the demo of their upcoming game
>extreme fujob8 right out the gate
i will be buying

No. 393044

just finished the main 3 paradise endings and its funny reading people on reddit complain about the game and specifically shit on matsuda's route considering how many people here seem to love him (myself included.)
idk i just always think its funny when people pearl clutch over rapist LIs in blvn when like – its bl, its practically a part of the genre. i don't usually enjoy rapist LIs either but it's pretty easy to just shrug my shoulders and accept it. being stuck only enjoying boring characters like mitsugi just because they're uncontroversial seems like hell

No. 393046

File: 1718605669241.png (198.14 KB, 600x900, GP31kW0awAAwg2L.png)

Post caps please. Must be a reddit exclusive things since most people I see love Matsuda on other BL spaces as well.

No. 393050

File: 1718606368504.jpg (935.72 KB, 1165x1765, 875fbfd1da166f40f2722ea23231d4…)

They're kinda cute but they're not as cute as my angel

No. 393052

File: 1718607098001.jpg (242.62 KB, 1080x779, 1000016715.jpg)

here's the thread i was reading nonna, im too lazy to put a caps compilation together rn but heres op complaining. basically every poster in the thread who brings up matsuda complains about him too lol

it tracks for reddit i feel like. i can imagine there are a lot of otome fans there who would be massively put off by rapist LIs, way more than other bl fans would be. most of them liking mitsugi makes sense bc he's the safe option.

No. 393053

File: 1718608133399.png (244.58 KB, 500x427, 1718483114011112.png)

The sub requires age verification - is there a way to bypass it? Plebbitors will never change, that's why they are so reviled throughout the whole Internet.

No. 393059

File: 1718609118391.jpg (442.58 KB, 1079x1918, 1000016717.jpg)

seriously?? ugh that's annoying, sorry anon. i was wondering why i could access it until i realised its still logged into my lurker account and thats why.
for consolation, picrel is someone buried in the comments on that thread recommending western blvn to op who asked for recs without any sexual assault; made me kek pretty hard, especially recommending a game with an asexual protagonist (i looked it up and its the ugliest tumblr art style you'd expect)

No. 393075

File: 1718617890498.png (496.54 KB, 910x802, wwx.png)

It must be paid shills, I refuse to believe otherwise.

No. 393111

you should be able to bypass that by replacing the www in the url with "old" so it looks like old.reddit.com

No. 393115

Oh kek I know that sub! Some posts are based but some of the people there were also like "I don't know what nitro chiral though when making paradise, slow damage is the true kamige", stuff along these lines.
Nitro chiral the only blvn company.

No. 393125

File: 1718642049801.jpg (288.94 KB, 1112x516, rape or rope.jpg)

Thanks, it works!

No. 393126

>rape or rope
This thread has more aids than those posts, like there's nothing wrong with them besides the dumb self censor. At this point you're just making fun of women for wanting something other than edgy rape kusoge like Paradise to get translated or wanting recs that don't have the tired rapist to lover trope, a trope not just hated by snowflakes. As someone who likes rape, I don't resent people who are tired of it let alone alog them.

No. 393129

File: 1718644576310.jpg (276.16 KB, 1222x959, 199878_33713142_(1).jpg)

I normally dislike overly pretty bottoms since I like some visible masculinity in both halves of the couple, but the long-haired "ethereal beauty" type still hits the spots for me

No. 393130

File: 1718645132047.jpg (162.78 KB, 1024x576, 1000017580.jpg)

I'm a massive paradise fan and I support those snowflakes' right to play rapefree VN. Having rape doesn't make a VN inherently superior or inferior (though most BLVN just use it as an excuse to shove in hscenes without proper lead-up to it), this stupid "look how based I am for worshipping rapeapes" flex is getting boring and annoying.

No. 393132

Paradise would be boring as fuck without Matsudas rape ape mode and Mitsugis autistic sperg break outs. I like the game too but the plot alone is retarded and mediocre without these tropes. Pilslash knows it's audience.
And the same people who shit on Matsuda, like Madarame ironically and think he's levels better.
I don't know, they can just not play the game since the company is notorious for such themes and never labeled it as a romance game?
This whole reddit conversation reads like
>the weather broadcast said it'll rain cats and dogs but i still went out during the rainstorm and got wet and im mad about
It's not about the rape, it's about them being retards and having shit taste.

No. 393134

But I like Madarame and Matsuda…

No. 393137

>it's about them being retards and having shit taste
Ntayrt but take a xan, edgelord. She said she loves scary survival stories and was hoping the game would be enjoyable past the excessive rape, it's not irrational for her to be disappointed when she was instead met with a game that can be enjoyed by rapecels and seiyuufags and no one else. Pil/slash is only notorious for Shingakkou, an excellent game that can absolutely be played for the plot alone. Not liking a trashy rape borderline nukige that even fans admit has a shit plot is the opposite of shit taste.

>the same people who shit on Matsuda, like Madarame ironically

>sorce: I made it the fuck up

No. 393139

File: 1718647633258.png (32.73 KB, 331x316, 3f3dfa51-10fe-4344-a65d-589049…)

These threads have convinced me to never play VNs, what a massive spergfest.

No. 393140

lmfao calm down anon, ntayrt but people can like paradise who arent 'rapecels and seiyuufags' as you so aptly state. its a fun game & if you go in not expecting shingakkou levels of masterpiece like a lot of those posters on reddit seemed to mistakenly assume from this game, i think it can be enjoyable for a lot of people

i mostly agree w >>393132, ultimately it feels a bit… silly to expect blvn to be sanitised and free of sexual assault. like i would also enjoy more interesting rape free routes but im also aware that some things kind of are just tropes of the genre that you come to accept (and hey sometimes even enjoy; going back to shingakkou, would half those reddit posters complaining have enjoyed shingakkou so much if it didnt have the darker/sexual assault elements? somehow i doubt it)

No. 393142

based. most of them are long and bad.

No. 393145

Aren't you the anon who brought up the reddit in the first place? You and the anon I was replying to are both really immature

No. 393146

ngl i struggle as a fujo bc thsoe are basically the only type of men i like. short hair? body hair? too many muscles? they're dead to me.
unfortunately that rules out just about everything except danmei and tolkien fancition

No. 393147

File: 1718649227624.jpeg (122.81 KB, 828x820, 1717789234310.jpeg)

i brought up reddit initially mostly bc i thought it was funny seeing people be so anti-matsuda compared to the users here. if i knew people were going to infight about it 12 hoyrs later frankly i wouldn't have bothered.
being called immature on lc on the fujo thread of all places is definitely a first and kind of funny so thanks for that nonny, genuinely have a good day

No. 393148

Same. The plots never make any sense because they want to shove insane plot twists to force you to play all the routes, which is such a boring process. I guess they appeal to people who enjoy repetition.

No. 393149

If you don’t like rape don’t play BL games. I don’t get it, if you want real plot go read a book or something that’s not what BL is for or ever has been.

Funny that you bring up Shingakkou, as if there is no edgy content and rape in it and the author hasn’t written a game where all characters rape each other. It’s literally a game carried by its big budget alone

No. 393152

Rape shouldn't be a cornerstone of BL/yaoi. It's a subgenre, sure, and a popular one. I'm not saying it shouldn't exist and I don't judge people who enjoy it but rape fans shouldn't feel entitled to a whole genre.

No. 393153

File: 1718650447925.jpg (768.17 KB, 2894x4093, GQMvwyCaQAA_95t.jpg)

>Rape shouldn't be a cornerstone of BL/yaoi
babes it's always been foundational for bl. Especially if you want to consume East Asian bl(where all the good stuff is). That's just how it is and whenever spaces where fujos try to deviate from it you end up with stuff like heartstopper. Just read tags and avoid what you dont want to consume instead of gutting it all bc the drawings were hurting each other.

No. 393154

>if you want real plot go read a book or something that’s not what BL is for or ever has been
internalized misogyny mask slip. just because you read bl for the asspats bragging about your ebin ryona fetishes gets you doesn't mean we all do. this is why we need to discourage anons from treating this thread like /g/ and 4chan.

No. 393155

But it is a cornerstone. How many Bl games do you know that don’t have rape in it? I know one and it’s a shota game kek. There is a reason why it’s in almost every game, jap women love rape both in BL and in hetshit. It’s why the rapist is usually the most popular one in character votes or the character who is abusive towards the MC in otome.

No. 393157

I don't even care about the non-consent, rape trope sucks because 99% of the time it's used exclusively for a shortcut to a sex scene with no other function in the story.

No. 393158

Can you go back to making piss and amputee fetish art instead of pulling nonsensical arguments out of your ass?(infighting)

No. 393160

This, that anon just admitted to only having an interest in BL for the rape porn like that was some big own kek.

Shingakkou and Paradise may be comparable from the perspective of a person whose enjoyment of bl scales with how edgy it's tags are but normal people are able to overlook extreme content if it moves the plot forward or the rest of the work is high quality.

No. 393163

You know what, I'm about to say it: I don't care what the majority of the japanese audience. Like I said, they have the right to like what they like and I consider all subgenres and fetishes to be valid even if I personally don't like it, but I don't feel like less of a fujo for liking romantic, non rape yaoi, and no amount of seething or gatekeeping is gonna make me change my mind.

No. 393164

File: 1718652313301.jpg (65.14 KB, 1280x720, use it.jpg)

>internalized misogyny
How is reading about two dudes raping each other 'internalized misogyny'? Did you perhaps mean 'misandry'? Or are you asking for more heterosexual rape in fiction here?

No. 393165

File: 1718652596450.jpg (92.41 KB, 360x480, 1000017599.jpg)

As someone who found Madarame to be boring piece of garbage with zero personality but Matsuda to be relatively more enjoyable thanks to being a complex character with mental issues (kinda fail on pil/slash's part for keeping most of his development in fds and drama cd), I think the reason the reddit softies are so bothered by Matsuda is because of the shock value. While they expected the game, an r18 BL with "dark" vibes, to have some sexual assault, none of them were prepared for something as raw and realistic as the warehouse rape.
Netoru's voice acting was excellent there, it was obvious that Azuma was absolutely horrified and resisting to the best of his ability, so it's much harder for many players to distance themselves from shocking and violent imagery. It's so much easier to laugh off comedy rape from meme games like absolute Obedience and the like where the usual "dameeeeee kimochii iii" ukes immediately start swooning for their rapist. I've also seen many say that they also felt "betrayed" because of how nice Matsuda had been until mid route and considered it out of character. I personally noticed some red flags earlier on, but they were subtle enough for people to miss them and found the violence extremely sudden and chalked it up to ooc. Unfortunate, but not surprising.
(Picrel is a Matsuda fanart by the game artist)

No. 393168

File: 1718653192644.gif (1.33 MB, 500x484, 11380181_26c6f.gif)

Are you retarded, one of the redditfags that got butthurt or both?
I didn't attack that anon, just explained to her how some of these retards there act, since im on that sub and occasionally engage in the convos that are not retarded. They're not snowflakes, just nitrofags who are used to Kabura Fuchiis shitty repeative mediocre writing and shit on everything else made by another company. And also told nona my opinion, that i don't believe that this certain game can be enjoyed for the plot alone/past these tropes since these tropes are major part of the plot itself and vanillafags or these retards won't like it regardless.
These people there accept LIs like Madarame and Mink but not Matsuda, which is hilarious since all three are of the same kind, with the exception that Matsuda has superior writing. They shit on everything that's not made by nitro regardless of if it's good or not. A quick search there would tell you that much, but you didn't even open the link and do your research i assume or you're one of the retard posters there.
The reason they didn't like Matsuda was because he's an unjustifiable rapist with good writing unlike the shit ones they're used by nitro. The game can be enjoyed by people who like these tropes, that's the target audience of pil to begin with whether you like it or not. These people pay and back them up. Of course people who know what they go in for and know what to expect or/and focus on the plot alone can enjoy it of course. But here is the thing. As i said the plot alone is not that memorable without these tropes, that's my point. It's not a happy castaway camping story with uwu gays roasting marshmallows fucking in tents like brokeback mountain. It's a fucking survival thriller game with mentally ill/ disturbed in a way or another characters in, that are castaways, starving, have a killer on the loose and slowly losing it due to stess and hunger. And most importantly, made by a company notorious for their dark themes and tropes. Bl visual novels are niche and don't sell as much as otome so yes they do focus on seiyuufags, yumes and abusefags since these certain tropes attracts everyone equally. So if people are going to play that game knowing all that and what to expect do end up liking it/disliking it for different reasons, not because uwu Matsuda didn't rape Azuma romantically.
And another note about that sub, some of them are asking for companies to put main character gender choices in blvns. That alone can tell you much.
And this to sum up >>393149.
So take the schizomed yourself and read twice before you reply next time and start your infighting campaign.(infighting, personalityfagging)

No. 393169

Stick to western 'yaoi' then and stop demanding Japanese artists to produce content that you like when you are not the target demographic.

No. 393171

When did I demand anything? I'm not replying to this shit anymore, this rape gatekeeping shit is retarded and it's sad that you need this to feel superior to other people.
Reposted bc I forgot to sage.

No. 393173

This. It's great when they actually explore the rape and make it raw without pulling any punches as to what's going on in regards to the characters mental states. Unfortunately that's like 1% of all depictions. Vast majority of the time it's treated like it's normal sex or just straight up OOC and rest is fetish content with no substance. Rape the way it's actually employed in BL bores me to death by now.

No. 393174

File: 1718654388709.jpg (63.93 KB, 628x651, 1633751778200.jpg)

Hell will be hot for whoever first linked this thread on 4chin. This rosethornfumu loser and co are terrorists.

No. 393175

File: 1718654565516.jpg (203.41 KB, 1290x1725, 1000011989.jpg)

I hate the gender choice wanters so much, dumbasses want to ruin everything with their gender crap.

No. 393176

>NTYfag sperging again
Man these threads really have been going to shit lately

No. 393180

File: 1718654927695.png (603.59 KB, 800x601, 26. omg august what the fuck.p…)

Why would you want normie alphabet faggots to read your fav stuff to begin with, when you know that they're going to hate it or enjoy it in the wrong way.

I laughed so hard at this ntychan. The reason to keep up with this thread, your sdchan vendetta. Never change.

No. 393181

She’s just jealous of what Rance and her have

No. 393183

Imagine them headcanoning the whole shingakkou cast as ftm because of the shoujo artstyle (principal can be mtf tho, which would be accurate degeneracy wise kek)

No. 393184

The true cornerstone of yaoi is Star Trek. Also Supernatural yaoi invented omegaverse. Kneel.

No. 393186


No. 393187

i wonder what 70s star trek fujos are doing now

No. 393191

I don’t hate 3dpd but yaoi ≠ slash

No. 393192

File: 1718655902035.jpg (273.67 KB, 1024x1448, la_nouche__yaoi_high_chp1_pg5_…)

>Slash is like

No. 393195

It will never stop being impressive to me that omegaverse managed to infect even Japanese fujos. I kneel.

No. 393196

File: 1718656098789.jpg (209.06 KB, 1000x750, 1000011421.jpg)

And now the part where she starts accusing everyone of being ntyfag(personalityfagging)

No. 393198

The conversation had literally nothing to do with 4chan, discord or sdfag until ntyfag brought it up.
Pretty safe to assume it's her.

No. 393199

Kill yourself already(infighting)

No. 393201

File: 1718656619894.png (6.4 MB, 2308x3452, GPxYmDwakAATNcb.png)

Please don't fight nonnies

No. 393202


No. 393203

File: 1718656726415.jpg (112.79 KB, 1024x768, guess the pronouns.jpg)

My freaking sides are in orbit, nona.
While i do believe that even the normiest of the normie would appreciate and kneel to the superior nietzschean writing shingakko has, i'm glad that it's nihongo gatekept and out of reach from such >>393052 folks.
They'd never get August or appreciate Michael's fub netorare schizokino tulpa hallucinations anyway.

No. 393205

Wow. My mind is being opened, absolute perfection.

No. 393209

I still think NTR is hotter but yeah, this pic is pretty fucking fantastic.

No. 393210

Who would top minakami or kawase?

No. 393211

File: 1718657053338.jpg (30.36 KB, 557x570, tumblr_1a3fb548d85c0b68fa2fab5…)

Nayrt but Matsuda's gorilla ass is so fucking sexy. He's the peak blvn chad. Not even faggot Shiki and his legacy can top him.

No. 393212

Minakami tops Kawase 100%. Kawase seems like he'd be a bratty uke, kinda peak.

No. 393213

Kawase, Minakami's a pussy.
Shiki's good for meme appeal, he's basically BLVN's Sephiroth as in you can't take him seriously but man is he good for memes (also same aesthetic).

No. 393214

Considering how an anon chimped out after someone said they like rapist priests I’d say the users here are no better than redditors and won’t get August either.

No. 393215


No. 393217

The thread is livelier with our resident spergs. Nothing better than knowing there are plebs with shit taste squirming around your feet while you sip on your fine oak barrel aged pedo priestfu

No. 393218

Not talking about hashihime but God the amount of times where I wished the uke would fuck off and the two semes would fuck eachother instead…

No. 393219

File: 1718657535363.png (3.18 MB, 2048x1889, E3vw82sVcAIkVmn.png)

Got any examples? I never got into shipping the seme love interests outside of sometimes finding threesome pics pretty hot.
I know Noiz x Koujaku was kinda popular but I hate Noiz so I don't care about it.

No. 393221

Everyone who knows ab you can tell the posts where you bust into the thread like the kool-aid man yelling ab the same VNs, ships, and kinks you do spliced w melties are in fact you, she's not the only one who notices, just sayin'(ban evasion)

No. 393224

File: 1718657724030.png (1.63 MB, 800x1013, 1718657619823.png)

Right? I feel the same. Some BL protags are such cardboard cutouts they'd be better out of their own game. Taisho Mebiusline Kyo is my son but I'd Sengay and Tate had better sexual tension than Kyo with either of them, wish they gave up on the proxy twink and just had the hatesex they desperately needed

No. 393225

>spliced w melties
I don't speak autism what the fuck does this mean.

No. 393229

File: 1718658011606.jpg (1.07 MB, 2109x2997, 1650950858671.jpg)

what the fuck is going on

No. 393231

If I knew I would tell you.

No. 393236

Stupid infighting as always.

No. 393237

Makes me sad that the yumes can have peace and unity but the fujos are always infighting on LC

No. 393238

Underage vnshitter raid. Again.

No. 393239

File: 1718658543675.png (312.04 KB, 682x530, 1000017609.png)

Shiki is wasted potential, his design screams slutty bratty uke

No. 393241

File: 1718658590996.jpeg (86.95 KB, 815x1024, FxLo8NsaQAI3dOr.jpeg)

What are some good yaoi artists on Twitter? Fandom doesn't matter just good art. Most of the artists I follow do solo male.

No. 393242

Yeah he always did look more uke than seme, they could have easily had Akira turn the tables and fuck him.

No. 393243

It's because if you shit on someones taste in the yume thread you get banned kek. But it creates too much of a hugbox if you aren't allowed to voice negative opinions at all, anons here just need to grow up and ignore shitters.

No. 393244

Meh half the husbando thread is only in it for the avatarfagging pass. When everyone is acting like an unintegrated no one is but is that the world you want for us?

No. 393246

this is why i ship arbibito x shiki

No. 393247

File: 1718659147990.jpg (574.48 KB, 2048x1792, [23-09-12] 1701584815710245251…)

psmhbpiuczn(resident evil)
atie125(slam dunk)

No. 393252

File: 1718660801708.png (393.24 KB, 2048x1100, 1000012209.png)

i agree, they have been going to shit, which is why i've only made 5 posts here since the new thread was made and have instead partaken in my other hobbies

do you have anything specific you like or don't like? slam dunk has a lot of great artists like @chimmyming, check her retweets for more. you can also check around on pixiv.
semi-related: likes being removed made twitter nearly unusable as a lurker. i would found most of my favorites from digging through peoples likes, of all the shitty decisions they've made in the last few years this one was by far the worst. now it's literally worse tumblr.

No. 393269

File: 1718664787400.jpeg (583.7 KB, 2048x1436, GQRppSDbAAA6cjR.jpeg)

>do you have anything specific you like or don't like?
Suggestive, sensual art is my favorite. Not overly cutesy/wholesome but not outright porn. Bonus if there's a lot of focus on expressions, hands, and bare backs/torsos. Oh, and uniforms, those are diamonds.

No. 393278

File: 1718667783052.jpeg (Spoiler Image,205.66 KB, 1893x1492, 735DBC71-A5EF-4E36-8204-00E2FE…)

i feel you nona, but i also wish a lot of the time that the dynamic between the uke and the seme love interest were swapped. i have niche taste, admittedly, but still.

No. 393280

File: 1718668955826.png (187.47 KB, 1280x1000, FMedhn.png)

>Our Wonderland
I'd heard of this VN before and you're absolutely right. The art style is hideous; their ears look like Cheerios.

No. 393283

File: 1718669411204.jpg (293.25 KB, 1494x2048, catfishking0227.jpg)

uhh i don't have that many specific recs (i cant even see my entire following) but try these?
@c85241 (gk)
for more uniforms, keep going down the golden kamuy artist rabbit hole or look into some higekiri/hizamaru (tkrb) artists i guess. there are pixiv tags for uniforms.

No. 393284

Being one of three people who like a certain dynamic or trope is pure pain.

No. 393285

Bigger bottoms>>>>>

No. 393286

File: 1718669961241.jpg (510.62 KB, 2048x2732, 20240617_191515.jpg)

oh, also @myojo8787. it's rare that she'll do real bl, she mostly does solo male and guy x (male)mob adjacent stuff but her art is super cool and she does lots of uniforms

No. 393288

you're describing exactly what I went through, when I first played it I was shocked at the rape scene even though I knew there was going to be some brutal shit, I guess I unconsciously let my guard down kek. I legit couldnt stop thinking about it for a few days - same with the bad end, first time I think I genuinely felt bad for a vn character. I do consider that a good thing, I don't think any piece of media had that same kind of impact on me.

No. 393289

File: 1718670859346.png (56.56 KB, 1280x720, 1000016735.png)

sage for ot since i realise now this isn't explicitly stated as a blvn, but what on earth is this…

No. 393291

i hope in the far off future, the same way we now have the rape route, that there will be a threeway route as a norm in blvn.

Takara fans, can you convince me to play his route? he's so fucking ugly.

No. 393292

i finished takaras good end yesterday and i was pleasantly surprised at how much i enjoyed his route. if you can get over his weird homunculus looking sprite, he's actually an interesting character imo (plus to be fair he looks better in the cgs) and even if you don't like him with azuma it feels satisfying to get an explanation for the events of the game at the very least.
if you enjoyed paradise enough to play the matsuda and mitsugis routes its definitely worth doing takaras

No. 393297

File: 1718674036592.jpg (417.5 KB, 1080x1579, 220523_36251381_(1).jpg)

The priestfagging conversation upthread reminded me, you guys should read Stigmata. It's not Christian since it doesn't take place in our world, but faith is still heavily intertwined into the trajectory of the main couple's relationship and the slowburn here is phenomenal.

No. 393299

ok so yaoi ≠ slash but are slash enjoyers still fujos or what?

No. 393300

autists itt just like to nitpick semantics, yaoi and slash are the same as far as everyone else is concerned.

No. 393322

File: 1718685068005.png (1.41 MB, 713x3000, 1000017615.png)

@omusubi818 is my favorite fanartist on Twitter for sensual fanart of my cps.

No. 393328

Milk material for the bad art thread

No. 393347

Nonnies, does anybody know where can i pirate Paradise? Or is it literally impossible currently? I can't buy it…

No. 393360

MTL the japanese version

No. 393362

F95zone should have it

No. 393411

Thanks! I'll check it out.
Couldn't find it there, sadly…

No. 393460

Read this thanks for the rec nonnie! What is the difference between r19 and r15 version?

No. 393478

R15 is the censored version as in they straight up cut the sex scenes from the translation. It got picked up for R19 which is quite a bit behind atm but keeps the sex scenes, so it's a tradeoff between sex scenes and being 20 chapters ahead. I started it when there was no R19 translation available so it's too behind for me to read. That being said, sex scenes themselves aren't frequent in this one, so you can choose to read the R15 and then go back and read the chapters with sex once the R19 version gets to them.

No. 393481

anime-sharing has the first version, with easy mode enabled

No. 393527

File: 1718747721850.jpg (299.41 KB, 1080x1918, 1000008026.jpg)

Anyone else hyped for new Black Rose Blooms? Wish the art were better, but the storyline (big buff bottom is sexually tortured by evil prince, only to be comforted by twink subordinate) hits all my fave notes. Also allegedly in the rawsthe commander gets gangraped by his subordinates so the mental trauma is going to be so good

No. 393579

File: 1718765548359.jpeg (179.21 KB, 1018x905, 33235689-C7B7-434E-8744-FEE795…)

Any nonnas here like vampire BL? Picked up Fangs by Billy Balibally and love the story and the art style. Wondering if there are any other great ones I’m missing out on

No. 393648

Are you sure, nonny? I googled "f95zone paradise pil/slash" and it was literally the first result.

No. 393660

This art is repulsive, I'm sorry nona. The more I look at it the funnier it gets. I don't get people who read webtoons, they're literally deformed.

No. 393679

File: 1718800511729.png (1.39 MB, 1080x1536, eb765f60a4c1dc6a2610087dc3bcdb…)

The only time I've seen a character using the knowledge gained as a bottom while topping, based

No. 393680

File: 1718800539006.jpg (159.9 KB, 608x539, 103003830_p0_master1200.jpg)

Thank you! I didn't know about this website before.
Oof, i'm retarded, typed it with "Parade" for some reason and couldn't find it. TYSM! I'm going to enjoy it a lot, kek.

No. 393681

File: 1718800757333.png (631.42 KB, 513x793, unknown-2.png)

have fun playing nonnie

No. 393683

File: 1718801065002.jpg (225.95 KB, 544x579, 20201016_231302.jpg)

It's a wholeass genre, of course there will be stuff of varying quality. Don't trust tiktoks and instagram accounts for recommendations (they just hype garbage like love is an illusion and the like based on popular tropes) and search yourself

No. 393730

>learns that ntyfag made the israel and palestine gijinka and posts hetalia art
Wtf I love ntyfag now(do not encourage personalityfags)

No. 393756

No1currs, take it to discord

No. 393759

File: 1718819563583.jpeg (282.27 KB, 1376x1956, ee286b015afa174bbb3be444275cbe…)

Still waiting for Fangs to update but yeah I love her artstyle. Regarding vampire works I liked Yoru to Futari(picrel) and Yabun ni kyuuketsu shitsureishimasu (same mangaka as meshinuma)

No. 393781

You mean the ones here?

No. 393795

>Yabun ni kyuuketsu shitsureishimasu (same mangaka as meshinuma)
I never realized but it's so obvious in restrospect kek. Of course the soft porn eating mangaka did a BL about vampires.

No. 393825

File: 1718833456573.jpg (166.15 KB, 720x507, spiritshipping.jpg)

does anyone remember starshipping and spiritshipping? ygo gx was one of my first shipping experiences as a baby fujo, i used to ship jaden with most male characters, though even then i despised yubel because of the gender ambiguity lol

No. 393880

still don't appreciate being branded a personalityfag or any attention that comes of it, good or bad. its nice if you like my art, but please don't say it like this. being addressed as a personalityfag leaves a bad taste in my mouth that gives me the urge to stop posting with what other anons like in mind and strictly post about what I like instead. the anon who can't go a day without sperging about me ironically loves to report for enabling anyway so do it for your own sake.(if you don't to be a personalityfag stop responding every time someome brings you up)

No. 393892

Holy shit this is some amazing stuff

No. 393967

I still ship you guys

No. 393998

>if you don’t to be
mod-chama typing with shaky hands and holding back tears

No. 394134

File: 1718940233804.png (1.43 MB, 1179x1034, IMG_8517.png)

Someone needs to write chad x incel yaoi, I am so serious.

No. 394142

File: 1718941603173.jpg (605.47 KB, 1080x1839, 1000016819.jpg)

3 results on ao3 kek, clearly there's some demand even if the writing is no doubt dogshit

damn i want to read a chad x incel bl manga now, i share your vision anon

No. 394145

I am running, I have to read this ASAP

No. 394205

File: 1718964995877.png (955.88 KB, 642x958, Untitled.png)

This oldass game (24-ji, Kimi no Heart wa Nusumareru ~Kaitou Jade~ from 2004) surprised me with the politically correct LI kek. I long for that time when supporting gays was cool in media and trans BS wasn't mainstream

No. 394211

Wasn't killing stalking about that

No. 394214

I miss this artstyle.

No. 394256

I don't.

No. 394257

File: 1718986865707.jpeg (573.87 KB, 1199x1670, IMG_1212.jpeg)

Does this count?

No. 394258

the bald man is such a fucking jumpscare he looks so much like idubbbz

No. 394260

fr, i dont want any bald man in my yaoi. They all should be pretty/handsome/cute

No. 394264

File: 1718989807355.png (749.7 KB, 1410x991, after_self_castration.png)

Some gracias VNs are too weird for me (like the omegaverse one) but Itsuwari no Hanayome, Chizome no Dress was imo peak writing that handled the abuse matter well instead of just chalking up everything to "trans" like western games would have.
Mc proposed to girly yandere dude as a kid thinking he was a girl. Yandere dude is deluded and has been convinced since childhood that they're engaged. Mc, now a fuckboy teen, is creeped out by his advances and told him that he can't marry a guy, so yandere dude 'got rid of all the extra stuff' (his words). Classic internalized HSTS homophobia. In the end he killed himself after mc was like "fuck you're scary, hard no regardless of gender". I was confused by how short it was, but then I found the yandere boi's POV during his childhood has been unlocked, which was the most depressing shit ever.
His mom originally wanted a girl and brought up him pretty much like a girl, but poor kid didn't have any body dysphoria until, say, elementary school when he started being bullied for looking and acting feminine. His mom's insistence of still dressing him in girl's clothes also played a role (she didn't know about the bullying, though), he took this as a sign that his male self was gross and he cannot be loved unless he's a woman.
He latched on to kid mc crazily because mc saved him from some bullies once. When his parents moved away he tried to keep in contact with mc through letters, but slowly their communication died out. Meanwhile he enrolled to a boys only school and stopped wearing girls' clothing to avoid bullying, but then he became a target for delinquents instead. Don't wanna be banned so I won't show the CG but it had him sadly smiling and promising not to kill himself (because his life goal is to be mc's bride) while disheveled from the sexual assault of his homophobic hypocritical bullies.

No. 394268

Him being ugly adds to the horror of seeing the other guy get raped and stockholm'd by him. If it was another cute guy it wouldn't be as disturbing.

No. 394269

>They all should be pretty/handsome/cute
This. If i want to see ugly men i go outside. Fucking hate authors that forget that yaoi is coom and try to be quirky by adding ugly men. They might be japanese but they have westoid tif souls.

No. 394270

I don't mean to offend you anon but you have insanely bad taste. There are a lot of other VNs you could be reading instead of this garbage. If you want to discuss tranny games please go back to twitter and don't make me read anything as retarded as this ever again

No. 394279

The comments on his design (at least on batoto) are crazy. That’s just what most 30 year old men look like kek.

No. 394280

Gracias could easily write plots for big vn companies like the love and destroy writer. While some of gracias works are meme-tier and pure kusoge,like the bf who shits his pants on his first date with his gf, or the alice in wonderland one, where alice drinks potions and grows a dick everytime she does and proceeds to rapes all the characters in order to escape wonderland (lol, someone liked it enough to make an English patch.)
Putting the funny kusoge aside she has some really good stuff. She's based too and really likes what she's doing, judging by how many games she makes (2 or 3 each month) and charges them for less than a dollar. Often puts them on 50% off sale.
I hope she writes for a blvn once. Her yanderes and indeed what the genre yandere is, not just uwu cage or I like you so much I'm going to break your ankles roids.
Writing in doujins always delivers.

No. 394288

Can you not read? This is literally the inverse of a tranny game where the munchie mom + bullying literally made a normal gay boy become deluded that he's trans and it's portrayed as bad instead of "yaaas queen u r so valid" crap

No. 394290

AYRT I agree that Gracias has talent, but her works are like russian roulette, you don't know if you're going to get an amazing psychological analysis gem or you're going to get literal kusoge kek. Despite my long sperging above I'm not too hopeful that she can control herself to write a full length VN without inserting something weird just for the lolz.
BTW do you have any recs for her good stuff? I have played only like 4-5 games of hers and feeling intimidated by the sheer length of her catalogue.

No. 394292

Kek Asada Nemui has a westoid tif soul now, these threads never fail to deliver.

No. 394293

Especially bizarre when she's obviously a feminist, people here just say any random shit.

No. 394294

All trans people are deluded into thinking they are trans because 'real' trans people don’t exist. A game having a trans character in it makes it a tranny game whether that portrayal is positive or not. Are you the same retard who believes that forced crossdressing isn’t a tranny fetish and thinks posting it in this thread is appropriate?

No. 394306

You can tell her kusoge apart by the summary and plot alone. Her kusoge tend to be 18+ while her all ages games good. Surprisingly she has dedicated fans who write reviews often or make patches.
I get you anon, your fav writer inserting their fetishes in and affecting the story/making it anticlimactic at times. One of my fav author writes the based fatherson stories, but at least once she has to pull a netorare fetish in and turn me off. Same with pil/slash adding zoophilia and omorashi scenes in, the latter in good endings too. Bad ends can be skipped at least, doujins like gracias games that are barely 1 hour long don't have usually include bad endings.

Some of gracias games that I liked.
Cried my eyeballs out
>Manatsu no Zangai
>Shin'ya 0-ji no Regret
>Kyouai Renka
>Hidamari = ' (

Check her others too, sorted them out, all her blvn. If anons here don't like futanari or trans characters can just sort them out. She usually has trans characters in her otome games.

No. 394318

File: 1719000671155.gif (424.27 KB, 447x647, oCQ5DAM9en3i.gif)

if the nona who loves taimebe is up take this shitty little kyo. lol @ tate becoming an hero. they suck as a couple honestly, he really should've hatefucked sengay after all because the only time he's interesting is when he's malding at him but oh well, almost time for sengay route now. the plot is still ok, the empress with the veggie kid she gives all her attention to and hates the normal one reminds me of that cow mom who did the same with her veg twins and normal son.

No. 394332

File: 1719003163158.png (127.67 KB, 462x305, fujoegypt.png)

I can't believe they came up with a blue/red yaoi ship in ancient egypt

No. 394341

Is this your art nonna? I like it

No. 394349

File: 1719009128915.jpeg (463.11 KB, 2048x2046, GDzytjWbIAA0hDv.jpeg)

Nonnie you are such a blessing he's literally so cute, you've warmed my heart so much by drawing my beautiful son Kyo. I love it… Thank you nonna ♥ @Tate route Kek I literally had the same reaction. His route was mildly funny what with Kyo desperately trying to fuck the depression out of Tate otherwise he just blows his brains out seppuku style kek. He really only comes alive when his hateboner for Senge comes on. As for the rest of the route, I wasn't really a fan of his gang and I couldn't care less about the niichan trauma plot except for the campy and fun zombie basement slave 3P ending. Congratulations for making it out of the slog though, it's all uphill from here now. I promise the boring ass shit is over and it's time to recover from Tatebayashi and his midness with rapecel (or is it rapechad?) sengay. Really curious what your experience is going to be. And of course, after that is the cherry on the cake my oshi Misakichad.

No. 394351

Very cute! How'd you get the rain effect?

No. 394359

File: 1719011500354.jpg (40.02 KB, 319x600, 5404.jpg)

Iirc one of the origin myths for Thoth is that Horus spooged on some lettuce and then Set got knocked up from eating it. Then Thoth emerged from a disc of light on Set's forehead. Ancient Egypt was wack (but also based, because women had more rights in Ancient Egypt than they did anywhere else in the Ancient world.) I'm not saying Egypt invented mpreg, but Egypt invented impreg.

No. 394362

Very likely to be the world's first mpreg too

No. 394364

Doubleposting but damn you beat me to the punch kek. And it's the oldest written origin of Thoth too so you can imagine how much older that story is through oral tradition. I can imagine the fujo scribe who finally got to write her fanfic on stone. Based ancient Stacy

No. 394366

>I wasn't really a fan of his gang and I couldn't care less about the niichan trauma plot
seriously, the worst part was having to sit through so much of that when I already didn't gaf about them.

eto… https://www.online-image-editor.com/help/rain

No. 394369

Oh cool thanks!

No. 394414

File: 1719031001594.jpeg (136.67 KB, 850x601, IMG_4837.jpeg)

Nonnies, has anyone here successfully learned Japanese? There’s so much untranslated BL content (visual novels, manga, web novels, doujins, etc.) that us EOP fujos are missing out on, and it brings me so much pain not knowing what’s out there… But I’ve also heard that it takes years and years just to read a newspaper and that it’s one of the most difficult languages to learn. Should I just wait for AI to get better at translating?

No. 394433

You can be start reading stuff in 3-6 months if you use something to help you read the kanji (like kanjitomo). The level you need to reach to understand most manga/games is not high at all. I don't think it's particularly difficult. What makes it annoying is having to learn all the vocabulary and alphabets from scratch. But thankfully you're a weeb so you probably already have a good chunk of vocab memorized, and you have endless amounts of compelling content that will make learning easy for you.

No. 394439

Not only that, in some versions of the myth Seth fucks Horus first, Horus kind of likes it, goes to his mother to show her the semen he got from his ass, his mom cuts his hands off, then she gets the idea to turn things around and have Horus cum on the lettuce so that Seth would eat it and be inseminated intead. Egyptian fujos were fucking crazy man.

No. 394445

I like Asada Nemui as a writer, but she needs to calm down with her ugly ojisan fetish, blegh.

No. 394446

File: 1719052539461.jpg (74.14 KB, 540x431, madk.jpg)

finally came around to reading MADK, absolutely insane kek. i really liked the worldbuilding and the dynamic and power of the demons being expressed through words and not just magic spells and strength. the art is so so pretty and the demons' anatomy is so fun and absurd. Datenshou's downfall was so miserable to see, at first i didn't get why he suffered so badly at Makoto's hands until Datenshou revealed his feelings for J so Makoto saw him as a rival, but i still disliked seeing it because with D having no penis, having a rather androgynous body and his head being a form of reproduction that is also a flower, i kept drawing mental parallels to real female prostitutes' suffering so it's more upsetting to me than it should be

No. 394447

Wow i cant believe acient Egypt invented mpreg. Related to this topic, im reading ennead and i think horus is so much hotter then anubis.

No. 394448

At least her current series is just a gigachad and his twink harem.

No. 394449

File: 1719053301315.webp (Spoiler Image,85.13 KB, 609x420, 1613211582_1_mogdyyu3f.webp)

samefag, i've also read S.B.O.T.D.split by Sadistic Mary(https://nhentai.net/g/347529/ if you can't find it), and while i like the concept, wow its fucking hard to look at, the artwork feels like a stroke, but it's fun for its gore i guess.

No. 394451

File: 1719053811561.jpeg (337.23 KB, 2048x1720, Kimi no Yoru ni Fureru.jpeg)

also read, Kimi no Yoru ni Fureru, luv this one, the blind boy is very kyoot

No. 394453

HOW dare you my doggy boy is AMAZING anon

No. 394456

Same, Tate's squad is really weak in itself, Yuuma was 100 times more interesting in Shigure's route. Crippling levels of guilt and self hate is also not sexy. The twins are uggo and boring but they make great H fodder in the fandisk.

No. 394465

kaoru's cold zombie pp and cum… imagine the smell rip kyo and agree I didn't like yuuma as much in this route either. glad you liked the art, I'll get back into senge's route soon I think I only did up to the first rape scene the first time kek

No. 394481

Agreed. Horus is really hot. Anubis is hot too but he's an unironic dumbass even without that weed in his head kek

No. 394493

File: 1719081174649.png (1.11 MB, 1790x893, daredou.png)

I learned enough from self studying hiragana/katakana charts and common kanji pdf lists +practicing with renshuu app + slow osmosis over the years from weeb shit that I managed to pass JLPT N4, you can do it too! I found that playing JP VNs with a lookup dictionary at hand helped a lot in remembering common kanji. I keep the MTL open too but don't need to look at it that much for voiced games with easy JP.
Picrel is the game I'm playing at this moment, I love the ripped gymboi's design

No. 394539

It's considered one of the most difficult languages to learn for native English speakers but it's not impossible to learn nonna. All you really need to do is just be consistent with your studying and yeah it takes time, but that's simply the fact of nature when trying to hone a skill. Don't fall into the trap of "saving content you want to play/read until you've learned Japanese" and just do whatever you want. I read/play/watch Japanese content way above my skill level all the time and I've only ever gotten better and better. It will be slow at first (very slow) but that's 100% normal so don't let it demoralize you. Just consume Japanese content (for Japanese people) every day and you WILL get better. I don't recommend getting sucked into apps like Duolingo because these are designed to make you feel like you're doing something when you aren't. Also, be prepared to feel really stupid and bad as you learn but it's normal and you'll 100% get past it eventually. Good luck

No. 394548

File: 1719094938253.png (1.17 MB, 1000x707, C_tir9sUMAAtfHY.png)

May you be blessed with Sengay's BDE nonna and godspeed

No. 394554

File: 1719097389734.png (Spoiler Image,675.18 KB, 664x591, skull emoji.PNG)

hongou's bad end is so unserious what the hell is this??

No. 394576

Nonnies how do I into shingakkou I forgor

No. 394604

wdym anon? like the technical aspect of it?
you'll need to install a text hooking program like textractor (there are other/better ones available i just forgot the names) unless you can read japanese, since there is currently no english TL or fan TL available, and a copy of the game of course which should be on aarinfantasy.
if you meant something else let me know; I'm very happy to spoonfeed anons if it means more people will play shingakkou lol

No. 394630

This was the most disgusting part of the whole game, I'm sorry for your brain cells nona (the most rage inducing was Shimada though, I want to toss him into a meat grinder)

No. 394631

>the most rage inducing was Shimada though, I want to toss him into a meat grinder
Was it because he touched Matsuda's property?

No. 394636

Thanks for reminding me how fucking gross it was.Something about Hongou's va in this scene made me want to throw my monitor through the window.

No. 394639

Agreed, he was so disgusting to me.

No. 394642

File: 1719129778175.png (183.1 KB, 629x629, 1000017788.png)

Nah I'm an Azumafag and rather neutral about Matsuda, I just want motherfuckers that harm my baby Azuma for shits and giggles to be killed painfully, that bitch didn't even have an excuse like the others did (mental breakdown from being treated unfairly and unintentional manslaughter, being groomed since birth to consider people meat and being blackmailed), he's just demented

No. 394647

File: 1719133118292.png (292.66 KB, 385x682, dude sure loves cosplaying as …)

>When they make the seme far cuter than the uke

No. 394664

This scene was the first time in my life I had to disable the voice acting to be able to bear it. It was truly beyond disgusting but so funny at the same time, Lychee is fucking hilarious.

No. 394665

I find this guy’s attempts to overthrow Matsuda’s position hilarious, and I like how he played with Azuma’s vulnerable state in his advantage then he could tell Matsuda any time

No. 394674

Every day I wake up and wish ultrac was good holy shit. Chapter 1 had so much going for it and then it just shits itself. Plenty of parts that could serve as a satisfactory conclusion but no it just kept going and going and going, squeezing in every piece of lore in the last hour. I have to wonder if Kurosawa even has an editor because while her ideas are interesting her pacing drives me up the fucking wall, its either a snails pace or pedal to the metal no in-between. Does chapter 3 in anyway improve on these issues or is it a lost cause? I'm not reading chapter 2 because tranny shit gives me the heebie jeebies.

No. 394683

Chapter 1 is a clusterfuck. It gets mildly better with each following chapter as you understand more of the story. If I were you I wouldn't skip chapter 2, it's the best one with the best chatacter (Shirou) and the tranny shit is very minor and mostly ignored (he's not even really a tranny but an okama). Shirou calls him a homo tranny faggot in it multiple times if it makes it slightly better. Chapter 3 is best enjoyed as the last chapter also.

No. 394689

He is intended by the author to be a nonbinary troon, not an okama

No. 394691

Tranny or not, why didn't the author let him bottom. He's objectively cuter than shirou.

No. 394692

she calls him "third sex" in his profile which was translated as nonbinary but honestly works as an okama too, they always refer to him as a guy and it isn't like he is on estrogen or anything. it is pretty easy to ignore.

No. 394697

come on anon you know that's not true. you can like trannies for all i care but to use nonbinary and okama interchangeably is ignorant and disrespectful considering the amount of okama/gay men in japan who don't like to be associated with trannies. and i'm saying this as someone who is homophobic.

No. 394701

i was saying that third sex was referring to okama, not that okama is the same as nonbinary. just worded it poorly, my bad.

No. 394706

Third sex isn't referring to okama either. Trannies are a reoccurring theme in her games, the tif character gets fucked by a futa off screen in uuuc alone. If she meant gay she would've said gay, she said third sex and meant enby.

No. 394718

I don't defend Kurosawa and her strange fetishes but at no point in the actual game does anyone refer to Isshiki as third sex. He doesn't even call himself anything other than a homosexual. Shirou is the one who calls him an okama. The kid and the futa though, that's another story. Point is you can totally enjoy the route while ignoring it just like you can enjoy Hashihime while ignoring Kurosawa's obvious piss, shit and vomit fetish.

No. 394723

Did you actually play the game, nona? I finished the route and he never claims to be anything other than a man. I didn't even know about the stuff on his profile until I saw anons reeeing it about it here. I think Kurosawa using "third gender" is simply an explanation of how he is viewed in a shitty country like Japan where gender nonconforming people get labeled as a failure to their birth sex. I think Kurosawa is JP equivalent of the Twitter allies who swoons over "queer culture" without thinking too deeply about it (doesn't help that gay culture in japan indeed is misogynistic where even many regular gays think they have part woman soul for wanting to get fucked). She also uses the labels "sister boy" and "onee" to describe him, the latter of which is term frequently used by feminine gays. Later lines also use "kare"(he) so it makes sense that the main game had him being a normal man and never say any gendie shit.

No. 394734

i agree, its the way he's describing azuma like 'teehee what a naughty little girl you are im going to rub your lady parts now, oo what a feminine pink butthole you have' (wtf) and then he starts cry sperging that he can't get it up enough to fuck him lmao. it felt like a troll ending, and i think it probably was intended to be like that.
but at the same time i actually genuinely liked hongou so it sucks that he only got a meme bad end.

No. 394845

File: 1719186660654.png (565.51 KB, 1124x1598, megane.png)

Nonnas, i am humbly asking for megane BL manga recs. I loved picrel (Kagakubu no Megane), good intimate scenes, lovely characters, they felt very realistic but i also like the ethereal kind. Doujins are fine

I really like the idea of chad x incel, an incel MC being either a vengeful seme or extremely submissive uke would be wonderful, josou seme x chud incel uke is also needed, i need a fujo to execute it better than the scrote hentai i found, sorry sorry. There's so much potential for angst too, imagine the mixture of lust and jealousy coursing through the veins of a stunted incel when he sees chad.

No. 394945

>Takatora extra from Toranoana is some kind of nightmare mpreg fetish scenario with Takatora getting a "maternity photo" with the bullies
I love sensei but this is kinda nasty

No. 394949

Okay so it's a technical problem. I downloaded the files from aarin, merged the files, mounted the disc, but then it says it's not compatible with my PC and doesn't let me install

No. 394950

probably need to switch the locale to japanese

No. 394954

I did that too and it still doesn't work. I'm at my wits end.

No. 394959

ah that's so annoying anon. i used a guide to install mine, im pretty sure you can still find it on tumblr if you google shingakkou install guide. i didn't run into any install issues like that, although other vns have been a massive pain in the ass for me to get to work in the past so i really feel you. good luck anon

No. 394960

Post a screenshot of the error you're getting.

No. 394961

can you post a screenshot of the error you got? and maybe try a different download. i installed shingakkou last year very easily and iirc i got it from yaoiotaku

No. 394973

I retried it with the yaoiotaku download and it's working now, thank you nona. I'll wait til tomorrow to play it though, the process gave me a headache

No. 394980

you're welcome nona. i'm glad it's working now, have fun tomorrow!

No. 395093

File: 1719271362001.png (409.26 KB, 610x786, Screenshot_344.png)

gonna rate the uke from naka made aishite
+androgynous, pretty
+flushes easily, gets embarrassed easily, but has a strong will (tsundere)
+never truly dissident, his feelings simply make him act up
+++virgin before meeting the seme
+shorter than the seme
-darker hair than seme
overall pretty top tier. would love to see more ukes like this posted and discussed

No. 395095

>-darker hair than seme
im sorry but dark haired uke supremacy

No. 395097

File: 1719271961286.webp (22.91 KB, 360x415, Seth_Not_Wearing_His_Mask.webp)

i'll rate seth too
+definitely not new to sex but he's new to gay sex so he has a virginal aura
+++long hair that's lighter than the semes
+informed beauty, a 'pretty man'
-as tall as the semes
- -as bulky as the semes
+heterosexual male forced to take dick
+++fussy and headstrong, but breaks easily under pressure (cock)
he's okay but he's also whatever, has a lot of room for improvement

No. 395098

I'll never get the appeal of these types. They are only good if they are topping a bigger, more muscular guy

No. 395099

He is top tier, I agree. I normally hate girlish looking ukes but he's too adorable to resist
Seth deserves a higher rating

No. 395104

Based. I don't want to see a basic shojo protagonist with a dick playing the role of the basic shojo protagonist, but with a dick in my BL.

No. 395137

No. 395149

I like that. BL has its roots in shoujo after all and the best BL were published in shoujo magazines

No. 395163

Seth is very pretty, I loved him in S1 when he was a villain because he was actually powerful/scary but also funny. I like him now too but the story is kinda bland rn. I want to see him and Anubis have a hard angsty fuck but the author is a coward, so I'll look forward to him breaking down crying pissing shitting and cumming when he meets Anubis again at least.

No. 395167

Then read shojo

No. 395189

File: 1719320658677.jpg (456.35 KB, 1280x902, 1000001013.jpg)

>full body blushing
I just wish the scanlation teams would really stop redrawing censored dicks, what a turn off.

This also reminded me how much I enjoyed Meganebu

No. 395196

Nta but thank you for reminding me that this anime exists, it had so much potential for a bunch of yaoi doujinshi with different pairs, but sadly it was forgotten forever.

No. 395197

I already read do? I wouldn’t have mentioned it otherwise

No. 395204

I remember when Earth Music Ecology had a collab for this and it was like 90% off for a few months because nobody bought anything kek

No. 395212

the perverted mc put me off but i need to give it a second chance

No. 395214

Agreed tbh.
Though, normally non bl wise I usually can't stand those types anyway.

No. 395222

File: 1719327730447.jpg (150.57 KB, 781x1032, 1000035796.jpg)

Spoilers, but mostly because I really, unironically loved this anime He tries to make glasses that will let his partially blind little brother see, it's not really explained in the anime tbh, it's in a manga that probably only has one page translated there's zero fanservice (upskirts, boobs) only a silhouette of a sexy nurse, and he kind of drops the Perv act at some point if I remember correctly, but it's a joke that persists for a few episodes.
The anime has quite some fujobait, it's nice and sweet.

No. 395227

I remember reading a few chapters of this and the story was very impressive. There was a twist that really caught me by surprise. What's the name? I wanna read the rest now.

No. 395236

Nonas do you have any art nitpicks in yaoi? I don't like it when the boys are way too skinny, especially the legs. I'm not talking twitter femboy level, just a little bit of meat and curve is all I ask for.

No. 395238


No. 395240

It's Ennead. It has some impressive twists and hidden lore, I recommend it, especially the first season. The male characters are almost always half-naked and they're muscular but in a good way.

No. 395242

I hate it when characters are obviously based on a male celebrity, it ruins immersion for me. I had to stop reading on when some Mads Mikkelsen clone showed up as a Japanese yakuza or some shit

No. 395245

File: 1719332268779.png (2.29 MB, 1057x1500, IMG_5465.png)

salad fingers
I love Asada but look how she massacred my boy Kameyama

No. 395248

File: 1719332446335.webp (36.1 KB, 360x834, SFingersCur.webp)

Salad fingers?! I'm confused.

No. 395249

I do hate it when they comment on how hot the bodies are, how good the asses are etc, and then it's drawn in a completely unattractive way, with 0 ass.

No. 395257

I love the colors in this illustration

No. 395259

Middle bottom boy’s fingers are freakishly long, look again kek

No. 395260

When the bottom suddenly grown boobs or ass for sex scenes. This really only happens in trashy stories and omegaverse shit but it’s so annoying. Like, no, taking it up the ass does not suddenly give a thin man child bearing hips. Skinny man appreciators will understand me. Similarly with the chest, having erect nipples does not magically give a man breast tissue. please do not draw my pretty lithe men with fat boy manboobs. wtf?

No. 395261

it's such a pretty cover and then you can't unsee those damned hands

No. 395263

The subtle tear jerking moment in the very last episode was the cherry on top.
I remember really liking the bratty first year dynamic with the other one, arguing for the attention of his senpai.
You really could have shipped everyone with everyone, maybe if it had the kino quality of animation it would have been more famous, but I unironically love the oversaturated colours and stupid patterns all over

No. 395265

I absolutely abhor the puffy nipples that make it look like he has gyno. Just fuck off to josei porn if you want to draw tits so badly.

No. 395269

I used to think Haruka Minami made them too feminine but compared to what some artists are doing today and calling it yaoi… I will take her tiny bubble butt boys back any day.

No. 395278

>Haruka Minami
I used to like her mediocre manga when I was younger so much that I even bought some. I won't forget the disappointment I felt when I saw that she participated in some gay anti-piracy manga. I wish I could have my money back. Greedy cunt

No. 395294

File: 1719341383624.png (22.07 KB, 246x321, Captura de tela 2024-05-20 201…)

No. 395299

There's a popular yaoi animator called Sana I think (they did the Goblin's Cave series) and the bottoms always have these weird muscular pecs that jiggle like boobs in movement (to the point where the nipples change orientation kek), it's so jarring to see. Just draw regular hentai if you want to see women's boobs so badly.

No. 395306

Noo nonna why did you delete your post I wanted to reply with how much I hate 'realistic' depictions of gay men in yaoi

No. 395307

File: 1719343800727.png (Spoiler Image,608.72 KB, 561x718, uggo_okama_deadbeat_dad_editio…)

My libfem fujo friends keep kyaaing over what a nice person(tm) the uggo in picrel (otome mama from nie no machi, spoilered for ugliness) is and it drives me up a wall. He is less offensive than western troon characters that he isn't deluded about his biology (calls himself gay) and the fact that he is a father, but his classic okama behavior and claims to have the heart of a woman makes me wanna alog. He married a woman and had a kid with her, THEN chose to come out as gay. He even praises her for her supposed "kindness" (she bought him female clothes to wear and was "accepting" for his thirst for dicks), blah. You could say he gets some points for at least helping her bring up the kid until he died and ended up in this ghost town, but he seems so gleeful to fuck around with men here that I'm still salty nevertheless. How I long for the shitty rapefest early 2000s yaoi that didn't have this political correct shit.

No. 395309

File: 1719343929668.jpeg (91.1 KB, 426x442, _lU-YARn-6Q_z2uz6LpJrASp0y-7q3…)

>salad hands
Kek zoomer fujos are weak, oldfag fujos fangirled to that and worse, yes worse.

No. 395310

Deleted for fixing some typos, you can reply now!

No. 395312

Took me way too long to realize that's not supposed to be his actual hand, it's just unfortunate panelling.

No. 395314

what?? you think that okama stereotypes are politically correct?

No. 395315

File: 1719344645083.jpg (82.27 KB, 535x605, Tumblr_l_305691642748736.jpg)

Yaoi hands era was wild.

No. 395316

No, the political correctness is the narrative trying to portray his shitty behavior of fucking up his wife's life as "the struggle of a closeted gay man T.T" and not something to he should be shamed for.

No. 395317

Yeah there is no excuse for this one.

No. 395318

this sort of thing is in all sorts of anime media. i've seen deceased okama characters who lament over a life lost by being closeted more than once, i don't think it is politically correct, and it isn't anything new or special. its a dumb trope but acting like its woke is silly.

No. 395320

The japanese do not see women as complete human beings, we're nothing but baby incubators and male coddlers to them.

No. 395324

I still think her stuff is funny, her plots are all the dumbest bullshit imaginable as an excuse to draw gay sex. She’s a proper smutty BL mangaka.

No. 395326

moid with the long black hair is pure sexo, he's what miyamura should've been

No. 395328

Thank you for reposting! I was interested in playing nie no machi but now I know that I won’t. Your description reminded me of the ending of smells like green spirit where the fag decides to get married and have a child because of his mother. I hate BL that depicts gays being victims of muh homophobic society while being misogynistic so much. I also don’t get why you would put a okama into BL in the first place

No. 395345

Was this written by a woman or a man?

No. 395365

>implying anon's post doesn't also apply to japanese women

No. 395372

In that case, why do they hang out in bl threads considering the genre is written mostly by women who they believe don't respect themselves and they themselves don't seem to respect?
Is this a part of the "I only read bl ironically" crowd?

No. 395376

for anons who have played bara no ki, is there a way to get the BGM to work ? I'm a bit shit with computers but it looks like the current reupload on aarin doesn't have the necessary CD image files or something for the BGM to play

No. 395378

having misogynistic beliefs and being able to create cool things aren't mutually exclusive

No. 395383

Most of the bl and anime thread are overdosed on irony and hating what they're there for.
It's what's trendy to do, that's why it's mostly just personalityfagging and complaining about anime/bl not being good.

No. 395387

File: 1719358775512.jpeg (14.72 KB, 190x269, OIP (2).jpeg)

Does anyone have nerd/delinquent manga recommendations? I read ''the delinquent and the socially awkwar gamer'' but it's too short and now I need more

No. 395400

there used to be a lot of misogyny in bl and you can still find it today. this has nothing to do with reading bl ironically.

No. 395405

This thread called bl authors tifs lol, what do you really expect?
To think that not all bl authors are doormat pickmes? Of course not, they're Japanese.

No. 395426

I thought you meant any nerd or delinquent stuff but you mean a pairing of a nerd and a delinquent, don’t you? Deleted my other post but akiyama-kun probably still qualifies I think

No. 395430

File: 1719370202520.jpeg (611.32 KB, 1598x2148, GQHyHACa0AA9vez.jpeg)

This pairing is legit too sexy i'm sorry but she should be required by law to give us a gay ending.

No. 395432

source pls…

No. 395433

File: 1719370973375.jpeg (680.44 KB, 1598x2148, GQHyIfjagAAm8ub.jpeg)

No. 395447

thanks anon! i was trying to figure out what the source material was but i have found it now. the fanart you posted is really amazing

No. 395475

Have you seen the promo for the manga? That just elevated the experience, Nakamura Yuiichi is perfect.
Maybe with a well animated anime we could get the stupid doujins where their efforts fail them and they resort to selling porn videos to the yakuza "Let's go AV acting!"

No. 395503

I rec this every time kek but Saiyaku no Jinsei.

No. 395511

It's not BL?

No. 395538

Ugh…What the fuck? I feel betrayed. Goodbye, edgy content.
>CyberAgent announced on Wednesday that it has decided to acquire the creative company Nitroplus for 16.704 billion yen (about US$104 million). As of July 1, CyberAgent will hold a 72.5% controlling stake in Nitroplus, which will become part of the CyberAgent group of companies as a subsidiary. Nitroplus founder and CEO Takaki Kosaka, also known as Digitarou, said in his announcements that he, vice president Gen Urobuchi, and all Nitroplus staff will remain part of the company for the foreseeable future.
>CyberAgent established Cygames in 2011, and the company has produced games such as Rage of Bahamut and Granblue Fantasy. Cygames established an anime division in March 2015 and the anime production subsidiary Cygames Pictures in April 2016. The company has worked on anime productions inspired by its games including Rage of Bahamut Genesis, Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul, and Granblue Fantasy the Animation.

No. 395546

Why? They mentioned fujo pandering titles I don't think it will affect any edgy content

No. 395547

>Rage of Bahamut Genesis
i have literally never heard of this franchise. They made the horse yuribait game so i hope we get some yaoibait gachatrash at least.

No. 395549

Noooo more more gachatrash cuties, I'm in remission don't drag me back in
No, but I really really want it to be

No. 395551

idk about the game but the anime was a blast
I remember the dorky love/hate main pairing and the juicy evil character

No. 395564

the moids look fucking ugly jesus, for once i prefeer generic mcs

No. 395565

File: 1719415304877.jpg (140.55 KB, 1461x811, cy31hqtuioe41.jpg)

I need BL spin-off series featuring Belial and Beelzebub. Said me, who never touched Granblue franchise.

No. 395568

I wish I could go to a library and buy secondhand BL manga for 100-200 yen like you can in japan. Instead I'm stuck buying only a few things a full price. Fuck these cunts that refuse to globalize their market and make purchases so difficult for foreigners.

No. 395574

oh please, mojito will make anubis rape seth. she's a coward is a different way, but not in that everyone will have a piece of seth even if it doesn't make sense narrative wise. you'll get your wish, but then regret it because mojito can't fucking plan for the life of her without it being so contrived

No. 395607

File: 1719426269581.webp (165.33 KB, 900x1350, 51029071_900_1350_169300.webp)

I love the characters in The Other World's Books Depend on the Bean Counter so damn much, I'm going insane waiting for manga chapter updates. Maybe I'll start reading the novel to keep myself occupied.

No. 395625

After some annoying stuff I got Shingakkou to work and textractor to kind of work? I'm curious to what everyone's set ups are for the best possible results to be able to read it, like what machine translation you consider the best and has the best time recognizing words and such because it seems to be struggling a bit on that end.

No. 395628

She already said she won't though, and she has no intention of changing up the story she has already planned out (which is why she keeps shoehorning in that bearded ugly motherfucker even though no one likes him and he's completely useless). She tweeted that Anubis will only have a few kisses, and it has already happened, which is a shame because Anubis is one of the few characters that doesn't act like an unlikable cunt (yeah Horus too sorry he's kinda annoying now) but she insists on making him sleep for half the story.

No. 395629

try Lunahook and Lunatranslator

No. 395630

the machine translation for some reason tends to be patchy for me when i play shingakkou. sometimes it produces very good results, other times its questionable/confusing. but it was usually comprehensible at the very least.

my current set up whenever i casually replay it is:
- textractor open with google translate translations for each line (i think i read somewhere that the bing translation option was better or something so you could try that too?)
- automatic copy to clipboard
- clipboard inserter open in browser so that I can use the yomitan browser extension to look up the japanese words

that way I can play it in japanese and don't have to deal so much with the varying quality of machine translations, but if im feeling lazy or ive gotten to a boring bit I can also just read from the machine translated lines for a bit. if you have even a baseline knowledge of japanese i would honestly recommend this method!

also like >>395629 says, lunahook came out recently and I havent tried it yet but ive heard its a lot better than textractor

No. 395636

I don't follow this discussing but are people seriously playing VNs with google translate? I thought you were at least using DeepL or OpenAI lmao. Your translation is so fucking bad and you don't even know it.

No. 395639


Thanks! I liked the suggestions, it helped a lot

No. 395641

ayrt, google translate is fine anon. ive done direct comparisons between deepL and google translate for the same source texts and ill often get very similar results. each has its strengths and weaknesses but claiming that google translate is significantly worse than other services is just incorrect tbh

no machine translation tool is going to be amazing for japanese specifically because it's such a context based language, anyway. im grateful for the japanese knowledge that I have that im able to pinpoint where it gets things wrong

No. 395642

File: 1719434045851.jpg (32.95 KB, 735x719, 5e038f9e692e4031e782efcb9e53f9…)


I feel the same, it's only recently that bl publications have increased in my country and most of them come from a not very good publishing company

No. 395667

Here in France we have some well known BL manga getting published and they're often uncensored but I've noticed some issues recently. There's a BL manga I bought at the beginning of the year that's full of typos so bad some scenes make no sense anymore and after that, I noticed that the ones I bought after this one were also full of typos. Sometimes publishing companies will translate a sequel and wait several years to release it like what happened with Niyama's more recent series. Taifu made a bigger and more expensive edition for Gambatte Nakamura-kun's first volume and made a big deal out of it because "muh new collection" and "muh 2deep4u LGBTQ+ representation" but didn't anticipate that there was a change in Japanese publishing companies so they will stop printing it very soon and there won't be a translation for the second volume, and something similar happened with Color Recipe before so we got the second volume like 5 or 6 years later. No clue if that's the same issue or if it simply didn't make enough profit but we also still don't have the sequel to Oni to Tengoku after the second volume. Noeve Grafx is retarded and bought the rights for a shit ton of series (not just BL) without waiting to make more stable profits from their first ones and they might go bankrupt very soon so Lala no Kekkon only has two volumes, they're still censored AND we most likely won't get the rest of the series and the 5th and 6th volumes of Veil, fuck them, etc.

No. 395671


I'm from Brazil, this publishing company I talked about also usually makes typos, I think almost every manga of theirs has this, the review is almost non-existent. Recently they started publishing novels and fans discovered that they were translating from English instead of directly from Mandarin (as they said they would do), also full of errors.

They also tend to respond very badly to criticism and never get better even if these problems have been rehashed for years, the only advantage of them is that the manga published there has a better paper quality

No. 395673

>ans discovered that they were translating from English instead of directly from Mandarin (as they said they would do), also full of errors.
They did that too for danmei novels recently, so I decided to not read anything for now. Fans posted pages with a lot of typos online, and I noticed it was always translated from English because of the credits to the translators when shopping for books. I was shocked that this was even allowed but I guess if the video game industry does that shit on a regular basis there's nothing stopping publishing companies either.

No. 395676

File: 1719448631147.png (230.11 KB, 800x940, summer-belial-full-art-stitche…)

Belial is indeed hot and has moids seethe from times to times due to the hot male designs. Picre had them seething especially in China bc belials balls were visible.

No. 395678


Danmei's publication here is a joke, mo dao zu shi's illustrations were shit. I hadn't seen the typos complaints there from France, it's a shame that the situation of the BL's is like this in our countries.

No. 395683

File: 1719451082899.jpg (10.96 KB, 275x226, 1711315655535.jpg)

Stupid question, but does this mean we'll be seeing less in the way of VNs? I know Nitroplus has already been moving in that general direction, and it's a dying medium, but this just seems like such sad news…

No. 395687

Girl we've been seeing less in the way of vns from them for the last decade, all they do is milk their old shit.

No. 395688

With VNs on the downturn, what do you guys think will eventually fill the niche for that kind of risque content? Surely the demand for the content is still there even if the medium is losing appeal. I really hope it isn't gacha though…

No. 395693

>Surely the demand for the content is still there
Not the way it used to be, not since shock porn was still shocking. Manga, manhwa, and dj have become more violent so it isn't necessary anymore.

No. 395697

I know, nona, but I still want to delude myself into thinking there's a chance they won't turn entirely to gacha…
I fear it'll just be gacha, but maybe that's the pessimist in me talking. I don't see what else could hit that same audience, though.

No. 395698

True that edgy content is becoming more prolific in manga/manhwa, but those don't also have fleshed-out story lines due to the length limitations.

No. 395702

It will cease to exist when the other oldheads are gone. Boring gacha like Nu:Carnival doesn't capture the same audience, it aims to be as widely appealing as possible to attract a big audience of horny gambling addicts but VNs cater to a microscopic niche. It doesn't translate to gacha.
Ppl don't read long fleshed-out storylines anymore due to attention span limitations

No. 395703

File: 1719458103867.jpeg (44.66 KB, 360x640, IMG_0875.jpeg)

>Ppl don't read long fleshed-out storylines anymore due to attention span limitations
B-but I do?

No. 395723

>Boring gacha like Nu:Carnival doesn't capture the same audience
I don't know. I feel like a lot of VN readers have abandoned the medium in favor of gachas and vtubers, but maybe that doesn't apply to BL as much as VNs as a whole. I'm a massive VN reader, and I dislike gacha due to my distaste for microtransactions and unfinished stories that go on without clear direction. However, I've noticed a pattern of VN fans moving away from VNs and playing gachas to scratch a similar itch. If anything, it seems to me like gachas cast a wider net that happens to catch VN readers in it, along with that broad audience you mentioned. I hope I didn't misinterpret your post, but I think a lot of VN fans are also the exact kinds of people who would play gachas.

No. 395774

Is the entire appeal of VNs shocking content? In my experience there is usually only one bad ending or two that have content like that and many VNs I played don’t have anything that’s more shocking than an average rape scene. So I don’t see why manga with violent scenes should have replaced VNs. Not all of them are enzai or no thank you tier edgy

No. 395783

File: 1719479448470.png (46.52 KB, 1018x1200, 01.png)

This simply has never been true and is particularly not true now that Deepl is using next gen learning for japanese. This is from 2020 so now the difference is not as radical, but it still is in fact inferior.

No. 395784

I've always been jelly of Frenchies getting all the prolific BLs but if it's just shitty translations with unfinished series then we're all in the same boat, as that's basically the BL scanlation scene in a nutshell. Everyone rushes to be the "first" to pick up a new series an translates the first chapter but never picks it up again. And now that they have "claimed" it nobody wants to do their own translations either.

NTA but does DeepL have image reading capabilities? I'd really really really like to read some untranslated BL manga but my brain damaged kanji skills are almost nonexistent.

No. 395789

You can use sugoi Japanese tool for that. It has a special tool for reading manga.

No. 395794

DeepL does do image reading, to simoly answer your question.

No. 395798

What is this graph even comparing

No. 395799

File: 1719482182248.png (905.99 KB, 1072x1190, Screenshot 2024-06-27 at 11.53…)

On my pc I use kanjitomo if I need to read kanji, and on my tablet OCR manga reader.

Does this work like Kanjitomo? Is it better/faster? I can't seem to find examples of it with manga. Kanjitomo does what I need but it is a bit slow/clunky.

No. 395801

I like it like you can always test it. It gets better by time. I think the speed has to do with your pc. It has other tools too like offline translation, transcribes and translates cds or videos with subs, visual novel ocr etc.

No. 395802

Thanks! I'll try these out.

No. 395829

didn't try it with shingakkou but sugoi tool kit is very easy to use and has both mtl and a textractor. https://varishangout.com/index.php?threads/sugoi-offline-translator-toolkit.2410/ - link to the pirated latest version.

No. 395831

I was trying to say gacha games won't cater directly to VN fans by filling the risque niche but
>it seems to me like gachas cast a wider net that happens to catch VN readers in it, along with that broad audience you mentioned
You're correct about this and VN fans will move to gacha while VNs fade further into obscurity
That has been the case since the 90s. Manga publishers didn't want to release such content, so independent VN companies stepped in. VNs became characterized by violence, taboo, rape, and guro, every game woulf try to out do the last to stand out, they're the schlock horror movies of the anime world. Eroge and BL were both guilty, you can see it in some of the most popular games here like the games of Pil/slash and Nitro Chiral, characterized by their edge and shock value. Clockup went on to become the final boss of shock porn in eroge but No thank you had no gore and relatively low edge, Lkyt. was more edgy with the grimdark gore and body horror. Adelta and Parade have comparable shock value to Asada Nemui and Harada, with similar focus on story, they're two of the most nuanced VN producers. Which brings me back to how publishers have become more open and attention grabby schlock VNs are obsolete.

No. 395842

File: 1719502069915.webp (48.35 KB, 800x600, 3fd0a4b56a78af133a69845ec3ad52…)

Honestly I don't think that's true. You can find more 'edgy' scenes in fujobait shoujo manga from the 90s than in a lot of BL VNs. Many of them are just average romance stories not any different from manga. Also how are Parade games some of the most nuanced when NTY and RN9 are mostly 2deep4u fetish content

No. 395864

i'll take your word for it then anon. I've had some really baffling results from deepL in the past tbh, but I do know that it is better for translating certain types of texts vs other services.

i would imagine its the accuracy of various machine translators. the text says english -> japanese, jp -> eng,eng -> chinese, etc

No. 395896

She said everyone's gonna get a slice of cake, Horus getting the biggest slice. She only mentioned that Anubis would get a kiss too a long time ago, not that he won't fuck Seth. We're not done with Disney Princess Anubis, how much you wanna bet Osiris is going to possess his body and rape Seth that way?

>which is why she keeps shoehorning in that bearded ugly motherfucker even though no one likes him and he's completely useless

I'll never understand why she loves this faggot and defends him more than Horus, who gets shat on constantly by the story itself and by his antifans. It's hilarious how she expected people to love him but he's constantly in the lowest in the polls kek

>yeah Horus too sorry he's kinda annoying now

I'll defend Horus to the end of time. He deserves better, Anubis too. They should hatefuck

No. 395898

Whatever you think is true, that most BL VN are wholesome romance stories at heart when you look past the sea of rape and guro, this is still one real reason why the medium is dying. The 90s shojo you speak of paved the way for late 90s early 00s VNs that were able to get away with more extreme content. Eroge and bobge are brother and sister, they even share artists and writers, and both struggle today. Dark smut with 3 dimensional characters and beautiful prose is nuanced, it's Harada's whole brand. Room no 9 reminds me of her manga and it was the most successful new BL VN released in the past 10 years.

No. 395916

I never had rape in mind when I said edgy, rape is a staple of the genre and you will find it in wholesome BL as well. My point was that most BL VNs are no more extreme than regular manga. I would love to see the "sea of guro" BL VNs you mention because I don't see it. I dislike Harada and Room no 9 so I don't care about how popular they are despite their edginess,in my opinion they are bad and they are still the minority.

No. 395931

>I never had rape in mind when I said edgy, rape is a staple of the genre and you will find it in wholesome BL as well. My point was that most BL VNs are no more extreme than regular manga.
Objectively you're wrong and subjectively you have bad taste lol. Your point only makes the medium getting swallowed up by manga, webtoons, and mass appealing gachas sound more like an inevitability. The cause doesn't matter when the result is the same, so make up whatever cause you want, don't mind me.

No. 395935

Hmm then maybe I still have hope kek the emotional abuse for Seth would be amazing
>It's hilarious how she expected people to love him
Idk HOW she expected this tbh. Even without polls, you wrote an annoying guy that's rapey and acts like an asshole, and he looks like shit too. Of course people are going to hate him.
I loved how he was in season one but now he's a bit annoying and boring too. He already went through the same confession three times now. He's a great character but Mojito needs to do something with him other than being Seth's protector. Though tbh everyone's kind of boring now, the story is slow and bland as fuck right now.

No. 395937

>Room no 9 reminds me of her manga and it was the most successful new BL VN released in the past 10 years.
I find that very hard to believe.

No. 395941

File: 1719524146586.png (2.24 MB, 2500x1751, image-10-2500x1751.png)

Harada is based. All her works are top notch. She can write everything. Tragedy, black comedies, psychological. Her art is very pretty too, that's why they hired her for idol art.
Happy shitty life is crack, from her best actually. But niichan still her number one. I liked yoru to asa the least. One room angel was bittersweet. Color recipe was good too.
I prompt you to read her works while also listening to their respective blcds. Harada pays a lot of attention to the seiyuus and hires the best. She started with Gintama doujins, and at least in the beginning made sure to hire gintokis va for minor roles kek she's so based.

No. 395964

He'll be so broken that the dick belonged to Anubis but the brain is Osiris. I can't believe you haven't seen it that way. Most fans think this is what the Anubis rape scene will be

>you wrote an annoying guy that's rapey and acts like an asshole, and he looks like shit too. Of course people are going to hate him.

"But he's so funny XD!! and he has great chemistry with Seth!!" Ugh some people are truly tasteless. There's nothing funny or attractive about that scrote. my theory is that mojito lusts for the dude and that's why we're being forcefed this guy against our will

>He already went through the same confession three times now

Because mojito doesn't understand what makes a good slow burn and thinks if Horus keeps confessing, Seth will begin to fall in love. Her first mistake was making Seth too straight from the get-go. I'll never forgive mojito for tossing Horus' development in early S2 just for FG to hog and waste chapters on nothing. And you're right, everything is so slow and bland. If this is what she planned, she planned poorly

No. 395965

A Harada blvn when

No. 395968

We can't even get an anime

No. 395969

You get that one hypmic ripoff with the harada drawn side characters and you'll be happy with it.
That ir the MiA endcards.

No. 395974

Are they from that karaoke manga?

No. 395988

File: 1719534929960.png (243.23 KB, 600x480, 69442061_p15.png)

man i wish patalliro would get a full translation. nothing else hits like maraich/ban does

No. 395990

same like can they take them from gachaslop and put them in a new, totally disconnected, non-gacha ip

No. 395992

>not belial x lucilius
>Said me, who never touched Granblue franchise.
I can tell

No. 395998

File: 1719539977321.jpg (63.95 KB, 600x514, granblue.jpg)

i tried to get into granblue knowing about the skimpy male outfits and how much fanwork there is, but i found protag to be too boring and the gameplay was the usual gachaslop, little to no chemistry between characters, mere existence of that loli race was too much of a turnoff for me, so i dropped it pretty quickly. Is there any fujobait later on, or is it the case of shipping cause they look good togheter (which tbh i don't mind but it's not enough to make me play the game)

No. 395999

I think the angels are fags or something but idk the details

No. 396001

Yeah "what makes the sky blue" and its sequel stories are gay angel stuff. You can read those without playing the rest of the game though since the past event stories are just free and always available

No. 396005

File: 1719542389877.png (158.76 KB, 960x800, Mikazuki_Munechika_A.png)

Nah, there isn't.
>t. played it back in the day and dumped it cause all I kept getting were skimpy waifus or that one transvestite Christmas fag

No. 396009

all I know is that Asada Nemui drew some fanart but the character was ugly so it didn't interest me that much

No. 396011

File: 1719545135273.jpeg (189.57 KB, 1125x1134, 61c9bf583d903cf379e2eab9_1125_…)

My take is that Ennead is actually a yaoi for manhating lesbians.

Season 2 is a disappointment. The only good development has been the confrontation between the souls and Seth for using them as weapons. That was personally cathartic, but it brought out the "Seth is an innocent woobie" retards full force. They are missing the point that he's Mojito's favorite because he's the one getting raped to shreds and emotionally tortured kek I think they must believe that victims of any variety should not be judged for their behaviors and probably excuse the cycle of violence in real life too.

Ra was so based for calling out the uselessness of Nephthys's self-flagellation when she pointed out that the genuine evildoer Osiris has put himself on the throne and declared himself as in love with Seth. That was one of the best scenes. Osiris would have assaulted Seth eventually anyways, but the exchange was 1) Permission 2) a Win-Win outcome for Osiris 3) this is just a guess, but I feel like Osiris used this scenario to manipulate and to punish Nephthys because she IS the God of Peace. Osiris is a jealous, delusional piece of shit so I wouldn't put it past him.

To me Isis's retaliation for victimhood and the betrayal by the Ennead is more sympathetic than Seth's will ever be. The negative reaction from fans stinks of misogyny and blaming everything on a female character. They completely disregard her perception = reality when they operate out of perception = reality too kek She's stupid as fuck for cursing herself that way out of guilt for being in love with Osiris. Isis is never going to get her way now so all her efforts have been in vain. Is that curse breakable too? It reflects a realistic mindset about women in her position with a rapist though.

The fan preferred ship of Seth x Bearded Uggo is retarded too. It's ignoring that Seth hates his ass and is sexually repulsed by him. How does anyone look at them and think "healthy pairing" and "wholesome"?

Tl;dr I read Ennead for Maat, Ra and Sekhmet's chaos, the art style and pretty Seth's suffering. Is Sekhmet coming back?

No. 396014

You girls talking abut Ennead made me want to read it. I'm on chapter 9 and there's something sus about Osiris

No. 396016

No. 396019

You are correct about Isis being a more sympathetic character than Seth, I will side eye anyone who bashes her while loving Seth.
>The fan preferred ship of Seth x Bearded Uggo is retarded too.
Fan-preferred??? I thought everyone hated that musty bearded scrote, this is the first I'm hearing of it. He completely derailed S2 and I'm so behind on it because I dread seeing his gross face.

No. 396020

Season 1 is great! I mainly read Doujinshi so it's been interesting to read actual yaoi stories again. Thank you /fujo/ for Sleeping Dead. It reminded me of Hanna is not a Boy's Name. I hate that that one is unfinished…

I will say nothing that's a spoiler, but if you finish out part one I'm interested in what you'll think of it. It seems like everyone else is caught up, or farther along, so I've been binged it this far in 3 days.

No. 396023

I'm reading it on Bato for the quality and non-watermarked pages. I spite read comments after each chapter though so it's a relief to know it's a skewed representation of the fandom. Are there any offsite places to talk and see fanart?

Kek bearded uggo put me on hiatus now too. I think it's Gen Z readers that are guiltiest of this mindset.

I've been into mainstream shonenslop most of my life so it's refreshing to see well drawn women with well written and sympathetic stories even though they aren't the focus so my bar might be low. Koreans draw the worst men, but have the best women. I prefer fanart so the only webtoons I've read so far have been What Does the Fox Say? And both the Sadistic Beauty side stories.

Sorry about speed delete I didn't copy all of the comment over.

No. 396026

No. 396054

I can't stand the way the fandom generally sees her character. People are so angry at her because she betrayed Seth saying that she should also get punished for it, but she most likely has been tricked by Osiris (the mirror thingy) and yeah, at most she cheated on Seth (non-physically too) and she now serves other gods. And then Seth went on to commit mass feminicide kek they're not the same things. My theory is that everyone hates her because she's a woman that's in the way of their ship (I actually love that Mojito didn't make Seth forget that he still has love for her as she's his wife) and made the poor murderer/rapist Seth cry.

No. 396080

File: 1719567321807.png (573.68 KB, 1200x1200, 116138960_Horus&Seth_p0.png)

Building on that there was further explanation for why she did since it wasn't even cheating! She sought Osiris as a non-contact sperm donor because Seth wanted a baby. Seth had been rendered infertile by Osiris in advance so that too was part of his scheme to even get that debt. Osiris at least gets recognized as the source of the of the problem, but only to the extent of "Seth doesn't deserve this Osiris does!" I think it's poetic justice what Seth endured. Especially because he overlooked what was being done by his followers to those women. "Open your eyes and ears" Nep said!

A-log If only corrective rape actually referred to punishing rapists in real life. But "omg that would retraumatize them because violent male rapists are the real victims since some of them were traumatized as boys!"

It's so stupid because Horus/Seth is the story. The only shippy content with his marriage to her is nosexual and happiness to fuel his angst in flashbacks. I seethe when women or yumes even share a panel with someone I ship too though kek

Mojito is based for her storytelling about the women and speaking up for them when other writers would probably would shrug it off after a certain point or use it for gratuitous drama rather than actual lasting plot relevance. I'll defend her women to the death.

No. 396089

>It's so stupid because Horus/Seth is the story.
Right! But people are so angry at the female characters sometimes, Isis and Nepthtys especially because they feel like she threathens the ship while we know they're going to get together, we know they're going to fuck (they already have actually), this is the Horu/Seth story. There's really no need to hate on a character that's honestly nice and well-written imo.

I've even seen people say that Nepthtys "sold out" Seth while she has no idea of what Osiris did to him or Anubis, she even tries to share the blame of what Seth did (and btw I love that Mojito says through Ra that the blame for killing all the women and children is entirely Seth's) and gave him a chance at redemption through the bracelet. I'm not saying she's the best character but she's pretty nice, even better than Isis who actually knows everything and chooses to take it out on everyone but Osiris (even thought of killing Anubis for a moment) in true pickme fashion. I do get seething for shipping reasons too but this is not one of those stories that uses bitchy women for pointless drama.
But yeah I'm strangely retarded about Ennead. The female characters have as much depth as the male ones and it's great. I like that it doesn't treat the evil male characters (Seth) like poor blameless babies, makes them pay for it and highlights the feelings of the victims. I really do enjoy Seth being humiliated kek one of my favourite moments is him wanting to literally die instead of admitting he took it in the ass because wifey is present and he won't feel "like a man" anymore, perfect mental abuse.

No. 396095

Oh nice ennead mentioned.
I don't like the new season too tbh.
The beginning was great,very strong and although I hated mf Osiris man I can't hate him. I like LIs like him overly obssesed and doing everything possible to get Seth lol. I love Horus and his uncle boner he's so unhinged in a good way.
What turned me very off though was the constant Seth gang rapes and rape attempts.. Out of place, and like we got it the first time no need to repeat it. I did like the yandere Horus AU and mind broken Seth kek.
Other than that I agree with anons I'd like an Anubis scene for the dadson kino, but I love Horus with all my heart his fathers son indeed addicted to his uncle as much as his dad is addicted to his brother kek.
I did seethe non stop throughout all the webtoon but it seems to be getting better, I'm bored tho bc I don't like the beard degenerate at all. Just let Horus fuck Seth. I also don't like Seths tsunderes outbursts like he likes the dick when it's by Horus.

No. 396098

Yeah no one really like Seth x Bearded Uggo except the exceptionally braindead. You'll later see a lot of people during against that pairing when he rapes Seth in the most contrived and disgusting way. I didn't mind the mob gangrape scene or the Osiris and Horus ones, but something about the bearded moid rape scene bothered me. It's insidious.

That being said, I agree with the anons that the women are very well written and are unrightfully shat on by fans. I see more of it against Isis than Nephthys, but I think that's because Isis truly had a pickme moment when she lashed out at everyone except Osiris. That and misogyny. I feel bad for Nephthys because she's caught in the middle thanks to her bad decisions but we can see how she's trying her hardest to make things right with Seth, Isis, and the world. I want to know why she was trapped in the mirror and what she knows. I'll always defend the women of Ennead, even when they're wrong.

> How does anyone look at them and think "healthy pairing" and "wholesome"?
Because Bearded Uggo is "lmao so funnah XD" and "much needed comedy" even though other characters brought enough comedic effect in S1 without his ugly ass like Sekhmet

> Is Sekhmet coming back?

She's coming back to fuck Horus up for not talking about Nephthys in the mirror

No. 396102

>back to fuck Horus up for not talking about Nephthys in the mirror
Ngl I like when the "good" characters like Horus and Anubis start acting like little shits to get to Seth. Anubis was peak shit in S1 when giving Seth the bracelet, same for Horus trying to use Seth's obsession with Anubis to his advantage.

No. 396124

What's the point of getting mad at what other people ship? It doesn't detract from your own ship. The way someone consumes and interacts with media has zero bearing on how you consume and interact with it. It's so common online, not just with fujos, but with all kinds of fans, for people to be mad to the point of actually starting shit with other people over shipping, most of which isn't even canon anyway. Wtf, seriously, it drives me up the fucking wall.

No. 396129

They're mad because they see themselves as the potential loser, or seethe because the other shippers are far more prolific with fan content and want to even the playing field.

No. 396130

I'm on chapter 46 right now and I feel really bad for Seth. Why does Isis blame him for being raped by Osiris? I really don't get it. That said, it's pretty apparent that no one is squeaky clean and there are no good guys in this story, which is REALLY cool, so I'm sure I'll hate Seth at some point lol

No. 396170

This >>396129 kek, I know because I've been there. I usually produce a lot of fancontent for ships I'm passionate about but whenever I have to take a break from creating for one reason or another I get really, really pissed off seeing my favorites with different partners because I can't immediately do anything about it. Especially bad when it's annoying people pairing them with ugly hairy men because "t4t old man yaoi!!" and you can tell one of them is clearly a self insert they project onto. It makes me seethe like crazy but I keep it at vague tweets about some people's shit taste because my accounts are usually too big to be starting fights over nothing. The people who do start shit and begin to make up moral reasons as to why their ideas are so much better are the types that spend all day on twitter, don't draw, don't write, don't even make edits. They are just mad they can't make what they want to see and they have nothing to do all day but stew in it

No. 396174

File: 1719605931868.png (291.63 KB, 950x4039, primekoreandrama.png)

this shit is so entertaining, even if it's pretty much paint by numbers. i just wish the uke wasn't still a baby faced twink after the time skips.

No. 396182

It's because Isis was so madly in love with Osiris, she refused to believe he never loved her and looked at another person instead. So she blamed it on Seth, convincing herself he had to have seduced her husband and betrayed her because Seth and her were besties. Basically it's massive cope and seethe on her behalf and wanting to believe her man.

No. 396262

File: 1719643561881.png (1023.35 KB, 1445x2193, 118333790_First Kiss_p0.png)

Finished in 4 days. It took an eternity to get that kiss scene and it was so good! Then it was destroyed!


Anubis licking and snuggling Seth did something magical and I'm a convert. If there is even a minuscule chance for Seth to kiss Anubis's hands and cheek and hold him I will live for it. Horus would be equally good if not better though.

No. 396281

File: 1719649943762.jpg (124.67 KB, 809x592, neuron_activation__by_pipebomb…)

>Anubis licking and snuggling Seth did something magical and I'm a convert.
Welcome to the club sister. There's something about Anubis and Seth and their reactions that awakens my monkey brain.

No. 396360

Im very much enjoying slow damage as I’m playing it but the amount of pro tranny, woke bullshit and zoomerspeak in it makes me cringe. Should’ve just mtled it honestly.

No. 396372

I'm still haunted by "half-chub". Such a disgusting word

No. 396378

File: 1719686600740.jpg (Spoiler Image,586.25 KB, 900x1268, GQL6e0uaoAA-UPv.jpg)

It has been four years of boring bait with zero development. I'm fine with no romance like in yankee shota but it has nothing going for it outside of their relationship. It feels like one of those older male/younger girl manga where you're supposed to self-insert as the girl. So why is this slop even popular when it's in my opinion neither appealing to shotacons nor fujos.

No. 396380

This is still ongoing? I remember dropping it because it started to just feel like the creator just wanted to write scenarios for their ocs instead of writing an actual story I hope that makes sense.

No. 396384

Did you really expect a good story from moeslop?

No. 396396

I think I understand what you mean. Reading most of the 'chapters' is the same as viewing fanart.

I expected at least a story.

No. 396502

Man I wish most blvns had good art. I’ve heard great things about nty and paradise but I absolutely cannot stand either of their hideous art styles, I am a very visual person and I will take a mediocre story with stunning art than baranigger “pander to everyone and throw in one twink for the women reading the game. Fucked up world we live in.(integrate)

No. 396509

Do you like otome-ish art? If so you might like shingakkous artstyle and in general try blvns that have artists that worked in otome. I like otome art and very feminine LIs with long hair, looking like princesses kek this picre is peak for me >>393129 for example. But bl writing superior to otome most of the times.
While the art in the works you mentioned is fine to me, im kind of used to really hideous art due to playing a lot of doujins. But best artstyle I've seen in blvns is by holikworks company. Ariard and Galtia had really pretty art too. Story…meh. The two blvns that released a month ago have pretty art too. Just do your research anon, you'll find something. But if you like really feminine beautiful men, I suggest you switch to otome.

No. 396547

Dont know it, can I get some context pls?

No. 396549

Can anyone rec me something actually romantic and with zero rape or rape-like content? Everywhere I look there's rape or dubcon. Honestly sucks to be a fujo rape disliker

No. 396553

File: 1719727265083.webp (39.18 KB, 460x654, cover.webp)

My memory betrays me at times, so if something here does contain rape and it slipped my mind, apologies in advance.
>25-ji Akasaka de (picrel)
>Hanakoi Tsurane
>Hadashi no Tenshi
>Houkago no Etude
>Kimi no Nara Koi wo Shite Mite mo
>3 Ban sen no Campanella
>Amaetai Kemono
>Kieta Hatsukoi
>Migite ne miemasunoga, Ore no kareshi de gozaimasu
>Neko x neko
That's what I have for now.

No. 396620

File: 1719760027373.png (376.3 KB, 720x446, Screenshot_20240630-120602~2.p…)

Is… Is he jesus?!

No. 396636

Thank you!

No. 396639

nah, he is greek or roman, i think most fans believe him to be zeus or ares

No. 396644

File: 1719765691915.webp (58.81 KB, 700x996, 20220301220851_41a07.png)

try nomi x shiba or pink heart jam

No. 396645

File: 1719766102768.jpg (259.43 KB, 1128x1600, 74607_19941641.jpg)

>Day Off
Slice of life fluff overload
>Dekoboko Sugar Days
High Schoolers romance, tiny manly boy x tall soft boy
>Glasses Cloth and Playlist
Office romance, rivals to lovers on steroids
>My Influencer Boyfriend (PICREL)
youtubers in love, assertive bottom mc
>When The Cicadas Stop Crying
Unrequited love becomes requited
>Who Can Define Popularity?
College romance A+ side characters
>Samejima-kun to Sasahara-kun
Adult Friends to lovers, ugly art but makes up with fun characterization, drama CD is great too
>Wolf in the house
hot werewolves ayyyy
>Neko x Neko
best switching manga ever
>Nichijou Climax
Adult characters in long term established relationship
>Isekai no Sata wa Shachiku Shida
Serious but kind ML x overworking mc
>Raising a Sacrifice
Messed up time loop shit with crazy mc and ml
>Eigyou Nika!
wholesome office romance
>Frenemies: Thicker Than Blood
Friends/Rivals to lovers, xianxia setting

No. 396653

File: 1719768195025.png (881.61 KB, 1000x1422, unknown.png)

Samefag, I read the following ones a bit while ago and don't remember or rec as strongly, but they shouldn't have rape
>Liquor & Cigarette
Slice of life, pretty art and vibes kek
>Love So Pure
College romance, first 50% has mc letting his trauma drive him into being an ass, gets better
>Afureru Namida o Nomikondanara
spooky vibes but does not turn toxic
>Kabukichou Bad Trip
not toxic despite the seemingly weird vibes iirc
>XXX Allergy
>BL motel
Comedy smut with high amount of porn, sameface syndrome, weird BL logic but I still like it for sweet main couple
>Thirty Years Old
Slice of life, story got a bit slow towards the end, realistic homophobic environment
>Motomete Yamanai
implied autistic ML
>Someone else's BL Manhwa
High Schoolers, I love the side character duo so much even though they are stupid teens, this webtoon used to have some discourse but I forgot the details why
>Guang Xiang
High School friends/classmates to lovers
>Hush (today)
High School friends/classmates to lovers (again kek)
>Shishunki Cherry Bullet
fluffy with silly misunderstandings

One that I recently read and was good:
>Sonokoi Jihanki de Kaemasuka (PICREL)
blue collar x white collar working adult romance, the interactions between the characters is mature but pure

Forgot to tag nona who asked for rape free recs so here >>396549

No. 396661

Thank you so much!!

No. 396685

File: 1719777195478.png (85.23 KB, 456x210, Screenshots_2024-06-30-14-51-1…)

I love BL because they'll say a character is 35 and then he looks like this.

No. 396689

I can't tell if this is sarcastic or genuine.

No. 396707

It's Shota x Oni, a fujobait manga by Nakayama Miyuki about what the title implies. All 100 chapters are literally just cycling through
>something mildly suggestive happens
>"Tsubaki is just a kid"
>"How can I get Yuu to like me back?"

No. 396737

I always assumed he's Poseidon/Neptune

No. 396787

Is there any bl manga or vns centered around Ancient Greece specifically it’s homosexuality? I started researching pederasty in Ancient Greece, it’s obviously disgusting, but very interesting and they had their own version of a seme and a uke (erastes and eromenos) kek. As I mentioned before, this was morally reprehensible but any good fujo would know the potential it’d have in a bl story, it’s very hot as an idea not to mention the interesting setting. Surely there are other women out here who think the same

No. 396793

Kek I also thought he was jesus at first, I think he's most likely zeus since he wants to fuck anything. I've seen people say he's yaweh (from the ancient canaan religion) because of the gag about not knowing his name but idk
Either way he's insufferable fuck him

No. 396821

Nonnies can you recommend me some enemies to lovers webtoons? Not shounen ai, id love to see them fuck kek.
Plot doesn't have to be mind blowing, but spare me from school life please. Comedies are ok too.

No. 396859

File: 1719840477735.jpg (231.11 KB, 800x1053, GRZAmhqb0AAH4qa.jpg)

Koogi is back with a zombie apocalypse-type of webtoon (of all things…) that frankly looks weird as fuck and apparently it isn't even BL. For some reason every character looks like it belongs in a different comic.

No. 396863

ew the way she draws women is so gross

No. 396871

File: 1719843781221.webp (85.51 KB, 633x900, 32897934_633_900_87566.webp)

Do you want them to seriously hate each other's guts or does milktoast rivalry satisfy you? Glasses Cloth and Playlist, Fake Fact Lips (picrel), Frenemies: Thicker Than Blood, Junketsu Drop, Who Can Define Popularity, All about lust (second couple only) are some I can remember off the top of my head which fall under the rivals variety. There are some others that fit the bill but I haven't finished them yet (You and I can't do this, The Worst Guy in the Universe, The Fallen Duke & the Knight Who Hated Him) and some I'm not sure everyone will like (Love Shuttle for omegaverse setting, Mobius Strip for psychopath uke, Can't Think Straight for homophobic seme).
P.S. Semantic Error might qualify as well (I personally dislike it for my own reasons but it did have the enemies to lovers aspect and my friends dickrode it hard kek)

No. 396889

Her style always has this gross undertone to it but it's especially gross when she draws women. Their anatomies are fucked too, they always have these plump kpop faces, kinda muscley ana-chan bodies with huge tits and asses, they all look like raw chickens. In a way they remind me of Baki's artstyle.

No. 396912

You're better off looking into western novels for ancient greek BL, it's not a popular setting with the Japanese in general.

No. 396918

I don't particularly dislike her girls, I kind of like them but what bothers me is the yoobum copy pasta face even the little kid has it lol cursed.
And how so she's not doing bl anymore lmao.

No. 396925

>so she's not doing bl anymore lmao.
I feel like it's yet another case of an author distancing herself from BL to be taken more seriously. Even while KS was ongoing she kept saying that it's not BL!! It's psychological horror! As if the BL tag cheapened it. Even now people say KS is totally not BL. If it has two main moids fucking it's a BL.

No. 396928

The 'KS is not BL!' cope will never not be funny to me, I can't believe that people actually bought into that shit.

No. 396932

File: 1719863450961.jpg (Spoiler Image,246.9 KB, 900x1431, 255BTagame2BGengoroh255D2BVirt…)

Virtus by Gengoroh Tagame is literally the only one I remember having seen but it's about roman gladiators and also not the shotashit you're looking for kek

Is there more than The Song of Achilles

No. 397002

Jesus fucking christ Seth just gets raped again and again. Like, ok I get it, can we do something different now?

Also, pretty funny that they censor bad words given the content.

No. 397005

Yeah, that's why we're always complaining about s2, rape gets boring and lame after a certain point. And the story just poofed out existence too.

No. 397006

I was avoiding the posts about it because I didn't want spoilers but it's unsurprising that people don't like s2. The story was so strong in s1 it almost feels like I'm reading a fanfic.

No. 397012

File: 1719881083725.png (432.15 KB, 763x697, Captura de tela 2024-07-01 214…)

Kinda based of her to portray men as the dangerous pigs they truly are, though. It's been a theme this whole season and it's definitely a plus for me.

No. 397013

starting paradise playthrough, i looked up the suggested playing order, but i cant not play matsuda first… should i just suck it up and go with the order or is it not that big of a deal? not really sure what to expect judging by how uninpressive it is visually so far, how would you compare it to some of the other translated VN's?

No. 397014

You can start with Matsuda or Mitsugi and then Takara is locked but he sucks anyway.

No. 397016

Paradise is too shitty for you to be worried about following a recommended order

No. 397027

Playing RN9 (not my thing but it's short and I was mildly curious)
I think I'd be more into it though if Seiji was the top, because I get nothing from him being the uke since I don't find him interesting at all and his looks are pretty mediocre, Daichi's also pretty meh but he has some cute quirks here and there that would be nice to see over Seiji.
The mindbreak ending where Seiji becomes a whore was funny but it went on for too long.

No. 397032

What season of what?

No. 397035

Ennead. Season 1 was really, REALLY good. I'm still having fun reading s2 but it's definitely a downgrade. The author seems to have developed some health issues so maybe I should give her a break.
Despite the complaining, I do recommend it.

No. 397038

File: 1719888206985.png (Spoiler Image,1.09 MB, 1003x744, squeee.png)

Just dropping in to say that this scene tickled my fancy. That is all. (Repost because I'm a sped)

No. 397050

translation when

No. 397054

File: 1719897983060.jpg (71.2 KB, 828x725, download.jpg)

seiji has the uke phenotype

No. 397056

File: 1719898293505.jpg (82.79 KB, 671x527, 1575087041116.jpg)

Holy fuck is that touya on the far right? What a downgrade.
Never. Crack open the textbook. Jkjk, I'm using whatever poor Japanese I know + MTL help and I haven't run into any problems yet.

No. 397057

i hate modern animu so much

No. 397060

File: 1719899224431.png (551.99 KB, 720x804, IMG_20240701_234601.png)


No. 397062

Honestly, the art style and the semes filter me also. I only want to play it because Towa looks like a sexy menhera

No. 397063

This is my problem also, towa is a sexpot but all the LIs are fugly old men and fagatron5000. How am I supposed to care?

No. 397064

same, square faces in anime filter me so fucking much.

No. 397065

File: 1719900790268.jpg (72.26 KB, 960x960, shoulders.jpg)

Something about the characters' shoulders reminds me of picrel. I don't know what it is, but the width of their shoulders bothers me deeply. The one creepy doctor guy with glasses is the worst offender, but many of the characters suffer from it to some degree.

No. 397068

Yeah it's like that. There is technically some progression and some things get explained but it kind of gets lost in between all the rape and the "funny" jokes XD of the bearded guy fighting with Horus constantly. It's interesting when Anubis appears like twice because we get to see Seth shit himself but the rest is a bit boring. It feels like it's building up to something but that something isn't coming kek

No. 397114

Touya went from handsome boy with a fun personality to washed out soulless harem/isekai protagonist.

No. 397158

No don't give her a break. Being ill isn't an excuse to a terrible script. She whiteknights the fuck out of the foreign bearded uggo and apes out on twitter when people say he sucks.

No. 397186

File: 1719947519180.jpg (445.76 KB, 1200x924, 59262466_p3_master1200.jpg)

Fucking same, anon. I wished he'd dick Daichi somewhere through the gameplay, but alas. At least i got to see Daichi blowing him while whining all cutsely, he's so cute. I love a fic about them switching places called "Room No. 10" #kek#, but i don't think it updates anymore.
I disagree, they both have the uke phenotype. And Daichi moans in a higher pitch and he's weaker than Seiji physically if i remember correctly. I thought they'd be switches to be honest, but since the game is made by a moid, it somehow makes sense that superior in everything prince Seiji is a perpetual uke. It makes sense plot-wise too, unfortunately for me.

No. 397192

What are some manga/anime with good incest ships? I don’t care about genre, dad/son or brother/brother are both ok. It’s been over a year since I’ve read non BL manga, I want to start shipping again nonnas

No. 397194

This is an honest question, I'm not trying to bait or start shit I swear! Shotacons, do you feel awkward around kids after you've read or watched something? Or maybe you see the shota as not really a child but something else? Again I'm just curious, I support all fujos in their endeavors.(bait)

No. 397195

>I'm not trying to bait, I swear!
>Posts bait.

No. 397198

File: 1719950573532.jpg (17.56 KB, 350x273, 92314.jpg)

I have to disagree back. daichi getting fucked in the ass is one thing but I don't want to see seiji top unless it's in a C end nymphomania context. he's an anal slut through and through.

No. 397202

you should try asking this on cm, shota world, baraag or some other place with a bigger shotacon user base.

No. 397205

Off the top of my head Twisted Wonderland has twins, brothers and uncle/nephew. Leechcest is twins Floyd and Jade. They're the hottest already, but together they're nuclear meltdown hot. Shroudcest is Idia/Ortho brocon teen-shota but aged up Ortho is popular. Leona/Cheka is teen-shota uncle-nephew but Cheka aged up is more common because he's a goddamm 5 year old.

Jujutsu Kaisen has tragic incest ships. Recommendation for Dad-Son is Toji/Megumi and Choso/Itadori for delusion based incest lite. Yuri twincest for Maki/Mai. They have a garbage fire canon onee-shota so it isn't far fetched for anything else because Gege tosses bait out for everything possible.

My Hero Academia has tragic incest ships too Major spoiler Dabi is Toya Todoroki. Dabi/Shoto is brother-brother and Endeavor/Dabi is Dad-Son with Enji Todoroki/ Endeavor/Hawks and All Might/Deku are popular incest lite Father Figure-Son types

Fullmetal Alchemist has Elricest Edward/Alphonse and this one is the original anime only half-brothers Envy/Edward

Attack on Titan has tragic incest Grisha/Eren is dad-son Major spoilers Eren/Zeke are half-brothers. Kenny/Levi are Uncle-Nephew Marcel/Porco look like twins, but they're brothers.

No. 397208

File: 1719953815181.jpg (Spoiler Image,109.55 KB, 700x500, 60127201_p3_master1200.jpg)

>unless it's in a C end nymphomania context
So you'd be okay with him topping after all? It's my favourite context for him to top too. I want Seiji to finally get so mad at Daichi, he hate fucks him without mercy, but them just calmly comes back to status quo, kek. I'd take both of them getting dicked by randos too, that's hot.

No. 397209

Bait, but eww wtf if you equate real children with 2D degenerate drawings, that's fucking sick and gross. No shotafag fujo does that shit, ask gay moids on 4chin instead I bet they do.
But if I had to leave my son for example alone with a moid (even if he's a relative) or a shotacon fujo, I'd choose the shotacon fujo with my eyes closed.

No. 397213

Is she going to keep doubling down on this then? I was glad to see two episodes uploaded in one day. Is there an English site that uploads on a faster schedule than Bato? So far only a Spanish translation is out for 161. The uggo ex-slave is annoying too so I hope he gets written out. Comedy is not Mojito's strength.

The fact that rape scenes in Ennead take up entire chapters is ridiculous. Is this typical of Webtoons?

She is incredible based for this. Seth atoning by becoming a conduit for the dead to get their revenge and facing their wrath is incredibly satisfying. I wonder what she's experienced sometimes because it's written like a very personal point of view.

No. 397216

>Is this typical of Webtoons?
Really only happens in pornhwas, so it's extremely frustrating that it's happening in something story heavy like ennead.

No. 397219

I haven’t read/watched any of these. I won’t look at the spoilers yet but I don’t mind incest lite type ships and I love tragedy and shota so I’m sure I will like them all. Thank you so much!

No. 397224

About JJK you forgot to mention Sukuna/Yuji being indirectly uncle and nephew, and since Sukuna and Jin are twins but Jin got reincarnated and there are these specific rules about sorcerers that means Sukuna is even more indirectly Yuji's father somehow

No. 397228

You're welcome! Fullmetal Alchemist and Attack on Titan are completed, but Jujutsu Kaisen and My Hero Academia are ongoing in both the manga and anime. Twisted Wonderland is a joseimuke gacha game and is ongoing.

Wow! When is that bomb dropped? I'm an anime only, but I don't mind spoilers. kek I get to tell my friend she has an incest ship now, too. She judges me for my twincest ships so this is Karma

No. 397232

It's confirmed in one of the recent chapters. Sukuna recognizes Yuji as Jin and Kenjaku's child. Jin is Yuji's father and the reincarnation of Sukuna's twin brother that Sukuna ate when they were in their mother's womb when she was starving so Jin was a vanishing twin (look it up if you nevee heard about that) and Sukuna has too many arms, mouths and eyes as a result (which are birth defects that can happen irl but absolutely not like that). The way Sukuna explains it makes it seems like Kenjaku wanted to have sex with Sukuna so much for so long he made Jin reincarnate on purpose to fuck him instead kek. A leaker got it wrong when leaking that chapter at first and said Sukuna and Yuji are twins, but it was a mistake because the twins are Sukuna and Jin so fans in general got hyped, then got disappointed, then got hyped again. Speaking of which, that means there's also potential for twincest with Sukuna and Jin depending on where the story goes.

No. 397257

whenever i see "old man yaoi" i just know the poster is annoying and not a real one

No. 397258

It sucks because middle aged men can be hot in the right context (getting dominated by hot young studs) but tumblrtards have to ruin everything.

No. 397264

>It sucks because middle aged men can be hot
they can only be ''hot'' if you have a grandpa fetish

No. 397265

Go back to the psyop thread.

No. 397266

We are talking about 2D anon…

No. 397268

Rule still applies

No. 397269

File: 1719977502849.gif (1.2 MB, 498x387, nerd-emoji-nerd.gif)

>Rule still applies

No. 397273

if you didnt have a fetish for old men then you would be into bishies like normal people(derailing)

No. 397276

File: 1719979272524.png (690.53 KB, 882x1254, 4761881495f546ec5e78da.png)

They're so far gone in C they'd be open to anything as long as it makes them cum so it works, but seiji is too much of a bitch to really hatepound daichi. he'd sooner reverse rape him.

No. 397315

I still stand by the stance that Koogi is not a fujo, Killing Stalking was not meant to be read as BL but a thriller about two demented prison gays, that her characters are ugly as sin and KS fans obsessed with the main couple were underage edgelords who would be into Five nights at freddy's shipping today.

No. 397319

>Is there an English site that uploads on a faster schedule than Bato?
Mangago uploads a couple of days after the official english release on webtoon, right now they're at 161. If you're fine with the korean version there's newtoki (that's where I read it), they usually upload the same day it gets released on the mcomics site and they're about 3-4 chapters ahead (because god forbid the english translators don't fall behind for no reason).

No. 397342

File: 1720009084066.png (209.97 KB, 960x1200, 477148F4-D5F8-44B3-B54D-00D125…)

What was this niggas problem?(integrate)

No. 397343

His chapter was so shit I nearly dropped the VN.

No. 397345

No. 397346

KEK I can’t blame you. I enjoyed it just because of how fucking bizarre it was. It’s kinda weird how they doubled down with him being a pedo at the last second, almost like n+c didn’t wanna offend their growing sjw western audience and backed out last minute. As a shotafag I am disappointed and it’s also just shit storytelling.

No. 397347

File: 1720009750883.jpg (Spoiler Image,161.58 KB, 700x700, 63991808_p16_master1200.jpg)

>Seiji is too much of a bitch
You know what, i'm starting to see you might be right. After he experienced it, he can't go back for sure. Well, that's fine, they're both cute bitches to me.
Developped pedophilia, but he denies.
I dropped on Fujieda's route, because i couldn't take it anymore. I kind of liked Asakura's route though, because it was one of the first, so i was excited, and beautiful music and images made an impression on me.

No. 397350

File: 1720011094740.jpg (220.28 KB, 434x445, IMG_20210805_231526.jpg)

It's a shame slow damage starts to kinda fall apart after chapter 1. Ikuina was such a kino moment, I was severely disappointed how under-baked the pedo and the brotherfucker's chapters were by comparison. Shame Towa didn't have sex with any of them either, so much for muh whore protag. And let's not even get into the actual guys' routes, the plot was so awful it made me wonder if the writer didn't have actual brain damage. Nitro has fallen so low.

No. 397355

Some of you try so hard to be edgy that you end up being worse and more annoying than any storyline. He was never a important character and was there to expand the storyline and show the horrific abused that Towa went through.
There were storylines that ere shit. Don't get me wrong there were problems with this VM but this wasn't one of them.

No. 397356

no one cares eslchan

No. 397359

Based, him and braceface were both terrible and none of the actual routes were much better.
>whore menhera protagonist
>is boring
>dead fish in bed, all sex is a bathroom break
>only remembers he's menhera in 30 second bursts
>gets talked down from it in seconds
Towa unironically worst nc protag. He may be more developed but the development is bad.

No. 397370

I find BL artists do this really well + they tend to draw the old guy as a 'sexy pianist' type, i don't know if it makes sense..? Like an older man who looks like he was a stunning 'twink' with soft features in his youth, pretty hands, a mix of mature and youthful features . It's very different from the geriatric gormless fat fucks you see from western artists

No. 397371

same here, also a shotafag, literally felt as if they changed their mind halfway through the route, but i guess they couldn't do a pedo euphoria episode either way since Towa was of age, so they had to do something else
after Ikuina, every minor character wasn't nearly as good, i'll never forgive n+c for not giving us a sex scene with him; after Fujieda's route i can see why they chose to drop their storylines, but i hoped Ikuina would be more included either way, he had such good chemistry with Towa, maybe better then actual LI's routes, his whole route was perfect, and his character archetype is one of my favorites, Ikuina fandisc when?

No. 397382

I think the slow damage translation made the whole experience with the game worse. I don't think writing is nitro chirals strongest point in general too, but their games can be enjoyed by most people, and that's actually a success for a company.
Bait fujos enough to buy them and if they don't like the game, they can like certain characters afterwards and milk them by merch afterwards.
So while I didn't like it as much myself too, I don't regret playing it and I believe that the translation made the whole experience worse, lol.

No. 397390

>but their games can be enjoyed by most people, and that's actually a success for a company.
I'm not sure about that anymore, they don't look like they care about their BL branch even though DMMd was one of the most successful BL games in history, by all accounts they should have been swimming in boatloads of money and ready to milk the market but it took them almost 10 years to release their next game which it's obvious was probably significantly either rewritten or rushed. By extension, their plots are also 10 years dated by this point and simply not what the modern fujoshi is into anymore. Even jap fujos complain about Towa and being a dead fish. And judging by how they're not even planning a fandisk, it looks like they really don't care. Hell, n+C might even get shut down with this acquisition or pivot to actual gachaslop worse than clean dishes. Lord knows they're not doing anything worthwhile.

No. 397395

I'm almost inclined to say it did the opposite, the translation's impact on the experience isn't as big as people claim. the original is still a bad, often boring and frustrating game, the translation brings it up to laughable levels and keeps you on your toes as to what dated meme they'd throw at you next. it did the biggest disservice to towa as a character, but he was already bad character to begin with too. The scenario, pacing, and the other characters are unchanged beyond a superficial level, and those are what get the most shit. It's not the translation the poor souls who were memed into thinking it was good wanted but it's the translation it deserved.

No. 397401

you can dislike the game but thats a pretty shitty statement to make. towa was completely changed as a character, it was basically fanfiction since they changed the perspective the game was told in, and the translators admitted to adding embarrassing things like "cumdump" and "eye pussy" as inside jokes. even if the translators didn't like the game and thought they were making it more fun, it isn't their place to decide that. i really only like one character and one route, but i think it deserved better treatment from jast.

No. 397407

I heard about Towa talking in third person in the jp version and that they switched it to first for the english-speaking audience but how does that make it fanfic? I really doubt it makes him less boring.

No. 397409

no line is accurately translated at that point and it changes the tone of the game quite heavily in my opinion, and everything they added to be his little private commentary like "this place is going to shit" were unnecessary additions that never existed in japanese. it just changes the way you interact with him as a character, where there is supposed to be a distance/disconnect, and instead he just constantly comes off as a retard (which he is, but y'know, mentally calling yourself a cumdump is worse than just being a flaky whore).

No. 397411

Naytt that's not the point that nona is making. She's not defending jasst blue translation at all, she's just saying that while it (admittedly) is bad, sometimes it's bad in a funny way which makes the game, which is seriously not strong at all and 56 out 60 hours of pure boredom, a bit more entertaining. And before you go on about ESL I only played the game in Japanese, and it was 98% of the time an actually boring snooze-fest missed potential slop. Even with Towa's third person writing.

No. 397414

i'm going to be honest and admit i never take anons seriously who claim to have played the game in japanese, but i just think that's a stupid take still, but i suppose it is just my opinion. i never understand why people find butchered translations funny or entertaining, it just bothers me some retards decided to fuck up their job and ruin a bunch of people's ability to enjoy the game properly. my bad though, i think i did misread it a bit.

No. 397427

He wanted an angel dude

No. 397430

>dead fish in bed
Towa is many things, dead fish is not one of them. He literally has porn moans.

No. 397438

lol. So does every VN uke. Towa is literally the definition of a dead fish.

No. 397440

Anon a dead fish in the context of a VN would be an uke who barely makes any noise, next you’re gonna say Aoba is a dead fish

No. 397442

I've never used it or seen it used in that context. I've always used it for an uke who just lays there and does nothing but get fucked, even if he moans. Maybe it's just about how one interprets the term.

No. 397443

literally all uke are dead fish in BLVNs, try naming one that is an actual active participant and not just fuck meat.

No. 397444

Yeah, this is true it really feels like that they don't give a fuck anymore. I don't think that they are poor but they did sell 75% of their company to a gacha company so that might mean something. I don't know if they sold chiral too or only nitro. I actually found clean dishes interesting but the uke was insufferable. And I hate gacha. They said that they'd port the game but still nothing.

I still don't think that it deserved that translation quality. I also didn't like the game as much and I agree with most points that you stated, but I took that translation personally too, because blvns and bl in general are looked down a lot so treating the game as a meme/joke just because it's bl, regardless of if it's good or not, irks me in a way. And even though the writer didn't deliver (at least to me) what she wanted, her work does not deserve that treatment. The translator was paid to translate not to shitpost.

No. 397446

>so treating the game as a meme/joke just because it's bl, regardless of if it's good or not, irks me in a way
I agree with everything you said, it’s disrespectful to treat the game like this. But there are anons here who see blvns as a joke too

No. 397454

The nitrofags constantly infighting about VNs need their own VN containment thread already to sperg about which game is the least bad and has most edgy scenes.

No. 397455

>but i guess they couldn't do a pedo euphoria episode either way since Towa was of age, so they had to do something else
See, my solution would just be some ageplay scenario, not diapers or whatever but just treating towa like he’s a shota or something like that
Also I’m not sure how old he exactly was since it was just written as just when he was younger without a specified age, but shota fujieda whoring himself out wouldve been so hot. Or adult fujieda I don’t even care at this point

No. 397456

Nitrofags are peabrains, I agree, but we don't need any more thread splintering than we already have. Either bring up something you want to discuss or close the tab and come back later.

No. 397457

All other discussion not only gets drowned out by a rapid fire 200-reply chain of nitrofag infighting but shot down by them immediately calling anything else but nitro VNs shit. Nu:Ca and danmei got their own threads separate from this one after being bullied out by these edgelords, I don't see why nitrofags shouldn't get the same treatment.

No. 397458

Mmm fujieda’s giant tits squeeze squeeze

No. 397460

File: 1720042475591.jpg (309.15 KB, 1842x1191, 20221014_231856.jpg)

boo hoo

No. 397461

you are so right nonnie mwah shota fujieda would be so good tho, sad they didn't explore his whore background further kek

No. 397465

i love that, it would have been so great. they need to get a shotafag on the writing team for their next game

No. 397469

Is there enough to discuss without vns? I figured the common blvn discussions were because nonnas were that specific type of fujo, not as much into books or shipping.

No. 397473

File: 1720044903586.png (2.02 MB, 1880x1396, 1720044743765.png)

piroshi was spelling coconut on it

No. 397478

I would love to discuss ships and other fujo shit but is there really anything ongoing worthy of a discussion that enough people here would want to talk about? Besides the ugly bald guy and maybe a few other manga, i dont remember anything besides VN's being talked about as much recently. Makes sense since everyone has different tastes when it comes to manga, which often have less worldbuilding and a linear story, and there is so many of them, while there is a comparatively small amount of translated VN's, and if you like playing them at all you've probably played the most popular ones. But also i'm so out of loop when it comes to ongoing shit since i revisit it once every few months to see if anything got an update also i've been playing slow damage kek so what are you watching/reading atm?

No. 397482

A lot would be solved if anons here actually shilled the things they enjoyed instead of bitching about other people all the time. I have found good manga recs in here before and long-form discussion about manga/webtoons can and does happen (see the thoughtful ennead discussion up thread), but anons need to post their thoughts and shill to people who might not read their series more often. The manga readership is more diluted than the VN playerbase due to sheer scope of the former in comparison, so the moral of the story is if you want people to pick up your manga, SHILL IT.

No. 397484

It reads like a 14 yo's fanfiction in any language you read it in with towa being their ebony dimentia raven way edgelord oc. The translator did like the game, problem is sis played hashihime once and thought localisation should be treated like high art with as many creative liberties taken as the localizer desires. Now that I think about it, she may have translated Hashihime too. She was defending her work on Slow Damage for months, she was not treating it like a joke, she fucked up so badly that it came accross that way. Fat millennial white woman, can't remember her name but she's quite a cow.
And bl also doesn't have to be bad. We aren't not taking it seriously because it's bl, we're not taking it seriously because it's bad. So bad it's hard to tell if the game is even taking itself seriously. You couldn't tell the translation was so how are you any better than us?

No. 397488

I lost interest in bringing up things I like such as mangas or ships because the edgefags will instantly start shit talking it and revert the discussion back to their retarded infights of NTY vs slow damage with an occasional unintegrated 4chan bonehead trying to bait with shota in less than 40 minutes. I check the thread a few times a day because I have a life outside of lurking imageboards and every time I come back it's another nitro/shota infight with an occasional forced kawoshin posting. It's the same shitposting hell as the homo threads on /a/ now, complete with cringe racial slurs every now and then. The posts about the fujo pilgrimage were cool though and so were the information about getting doujinshi or how to read untranslated BL or perspectives about fujo communities across the globe, more something like that would be nice to share.

No. 397489

If you want those kinds of discussions then you should start them. You can't complain if you just sit there waiting for someone else to bring up the thing that interests you. Be proactive.

No. 397497

no one is forcing you to stay here. go make your own discord server where you can dictate which things are allowed to be discussed instead of complaining about edge and shota and visual novels literally every time a topic gets mentioned you don't like.

No. 397498

>Fat millennial white woman, can't remember her name but she's quite a cow.
On twitter her username starts wkth a V iirc. I'm sure you can find it on vndb.

No. 397499

no one is forcing you to stay here. go make your own discord server where you can dictate what is allowed to be discussed instead of complaining about edge and shota and visual novels literally every time something gets mentioned you don't like.

No. 397500

youre looking for reddit

No. 397503

What's the point in shilling stuff if it gets ignored?
I used to, but I figure if it's not short then no one is going to be assed to read that much for something that they would probably take as crumbs.
Jap fujos shill enough anyway, and you can guess as much how people would take recs from that. Has anybody taken up on something they see get skilled there?

No. 397507

Why don't we try something like a review exchange? Review someone else's shill when posting your own shill.

No. 397511

Honestly seems like a cute idea ngl, but would it be bl manga only? General reading might be a bit much, imagine tasking someone with reading omniscient reader kek

No. 397512

If it' a regular manga and not a webtoon I read most of the things mentioned here. I'm already reading most of the long ones kek

No. 397513

A massive tome like ORV would be way too much for some people to tackle without pretty pictures assisting so probably not kek, but manageable short to mid-length BL and BL-bait media of all types should be fine.

No. 397515

I'd be genuinely interested in seeing somebody actually tackle the isekai I see Japanese fujos into, the amount of filter seems too painful though.

No. 397517

i can obviously tell when a translation has been butchered, and no, she did not take it seriously. she even admitted she wanted to see how many times she could fit "cumdump" into the translation as an inside joke with a friend. writing "eye pussy" anywhere in a translation obviously means that it is not faithful and done just for the translators personal, and retarded, sense of humor. i don't give a fuck if it comes off as edgy in japanese, i want the english to match the tone, there is no need to add comedy. having towa say shit like "thats gay" obviously diminishes the quality more than just tryhard second person perspective.

No. 397520

The "that's gay" line is so dumb because this was put in a serious scene where Towa and Fujieda have a serious conversation after everything that happened to them and about what they plan to do in life later and Towa replies "that's absurd" in Japanese to Fujieda's idea. It's even worse than the eyepussy or cumdump lines for this reason. I don't get how translators mike this keep getting work but I guess they all know each other and give each other work, based on how her and others defended the tranny who badly translated a yaoi manga about a trap and his childhood boyfriend and tried to make the trap an brave and stunning egg transgirl on twitter.

No. 397523

>second person
That would be third person lol. Second is (you). It further diminishes the quality, yes, and I'm very against self important womanchildren translating like this, but the quality was at rock bottom to begin with that I still don't care. It made it ever so slightly less boring. The "that's gay" line was the worst by far though, yeah.

No. 397524

File: 1720060343028.png (503.31 KB, 493x494, 6850B00B-DE98-4B50-84C2-5825DE…)

I just completed slow damage and I think they really dropped the ball at Fujieda especially compared to madarames exciting rapechad route. Fujieda raping towa was so fucking good and I wish they continued to go in that direction, but no we must make a boring vanillafag romance that emulates het vns in order to make a profit. With that said I still liked the ending and thought it was sweet, but it definitely could be better. Also a minor complaint as a four eyed scrotes lover, I’m mad he dropped the glasses. At least give us an option to keep the glasses on during sex n+c. I liked his stuck up look better in general but not giving us the option to keep the glasses is a cardinal sin. Stay strong rapestacies, it’s a tough world out there.

No. 397525

oh whoops, i got second and third mixed up, sorry was just working out and kind of exhausted when i typed that, so thanks for the correction. well, i guess i can't convince you to care if you disliked it that much.. so agree to disagree girl, lol. are there any specific BLVNs you liked more? i honestly didn't think slow damage was that bad, just a bit of a mixed bag.

No. 397529

If anything I thought making it first person was more boring. Because in a first person narration you'd expect things to be narrated in a specific way that's unique to the character who's narrating what's going on, and you'd have access to his or her inner thoughts. But Towa says everything in a way where it's obvious he's almost only factually describing what's going on around him, so it makes it seem like he just lacks brain cells or he's trying too hard to seem like a hard boiled noir movie protagonist depending on the scenes. The game is trying to make him seem mysterious not just because of his amnesia but because of all the hints and red herrings throughout the story until you finally learn more about him in the last routes, but it doesn't work as well if he's the one talking all the time too.

No. 397530

File: 1720061432863.jpg (490.06 KB, 3000x4000, 701160233.jpg)

>Fujieda raping towa
Girl that scene was awful, one of the most obvious cases of rape being a lazy fall back option for writers who have a sex scene quota to meet but can't think of any other way to make their characters fuck. It shat all over his character and anything they were trying to accomplish with his route. All 3 Fujieda sex scenes weren't just the worst sex scenes but among the worst scenes the game had to offer and some of the worst I've seen in bl.
>At least give us an option to keep the glasses on during sex n+c
Does anyone do this besides parade? Anyways, try Ryu Kurosawa's route

No. 397536

File: 1720062022624.jpeg (692.32 KB, 1080x1920, 12D95B82-F3CC-4BAC-B038-CA6F0F…)

I think if they geared his character in a different direction it would make more sense to lots of people but of course that requires a lot of rewriting.

>Anyways, try Ryu Kurosawa's route

I’m good. He’s ugly as fuck as a consequence of parade trying to pander to anal assassins instead of just aiming for a female demographic (which should be all bl btw, it’s not for men). I like the four eyed faggot from rn9 tho and will play the game for him

No. 397540

>anal assassins

No. 397541

>anal assassins
I guffawed, nonnie

No. 397542

File: 1720062838071.png (753.74 KB, 936x692, IMG_6889.png)

He looks fine? It's not gay pandering at all, it's just a great game that pays homage to a japanese book series with a big fujo cult following and breaking bad. If you like rape and megane both are essential, Room no 9 is full of sex scenes that were originally planned his route.

No. 397543

File: 1720063564713.webp (138.45 KB, 1000x1272, 1650_st_hir01_2014.webp)

>He’s ugly as fuck as a consequence of parade trying to pander to anal assassins
lmaooo. Everyone in that game is so hideous. At first i though pic rel was cute, and then i found out he had leg hair, just why. I thought only TIFs and barafags drew body hair in animus.

No. 397544

I haven't played it but isn't there a body hair toggle?

No. 397545

you can turn the leg hair off, its nothing to be bothered by.

No. 397546

why is there even a body hair toggle.

No. 397547

What game is this

No. 397548

For the three fags who bought the game and want it turned on i guess

No. 397549

The artist of the game is a massive pickme who drew shit like euphoria and maggot baits full of attractive women for moids but uggos in a game for us, issa shame but explains it

No. 397550

Kek at this edit

No. 397551

its no thank you!!!

No. 397552

Disgusting perverts

No. 397553

File: 1720064176326.jpg (Spoiler Image,20.42 KB, 676x454, images-1.jpg)


No. 397554

File: 1720064276582.png (61.52 KB, 171x480, 1720064243073.png)

don't like, don't legbeard nonnington

No. 397555

File: 1720064290128.jpg (160.71 KB, 1024x819, b84af401c968b3d35879d581397cc9…)

Oh okay I thought you were shitting me

No. 397558

No thank you, extreme kino game if you like crime drama, yaoi, dadcon, and depression at all, please buy

No. 397559

>The artist of the game is a massive pickme who drew shit like euphoria
no fucking way, no wonder the art and the designs are so hideous. I legit thought it was drawn by a gay moid.

No. 397560

They are so ugly, I will never understand how anyone can play this. Two LIs just straight up geriatric.

No. 397561

shima is a whole dyke

No. 397562

Wasn't there a leg hair trend after characters like Gintoki and Reigen got popular?
Something else to remember people here don't like.

No. 397563

I hope there's forceful shaving of Gintoki doujinshi out there

No. 397566

You're making that shit up.

No. 397567

Actually or just a pickme? Because if so that explains a lot

No. 397568

the main character has a really fun personality and the dynamics are really hot, the plot is pretty decent as well. i was disgusted by the old man at first, but i ended up really enjoying his route. it is for fujo with more niche tastes, especially with the seme protag, but i have those niche tastes so i loved it.

No. 397569

Have you never seen their legs?

No. 397570

Leg and pit hair is cute idc. Anons try too hard to be contrarian to what [they think] politically correct tifs and gay men like.

No. 397572

"cute" youre a sick fuck

No. 397573

I personally genuinely do not, it looks gross to me, i don't like seeing it it on my anime boys.

No. 397575

bishies have never had body hair. It looks so out of place.

No. 397576

You think it's contrarianism to not like leg hair? There's a reason 99% of BL characters don't have any: because it's unattractive. The legbeard degens are the contrarions if anything.

No. 397579

I'm more shocked people haven't seen it around. Doesn't Harada give her characters hairy legs sometimes?
There's also that tired dude in stripes boxers art that gets posted all over this site. Some people like the hairy legs, it gives a sense of patheticness. Not everyone wants ethereal pretty.

No. 397580

not to sound like a retard, but i don't get the joke here. is it because he is a virgin in his 20s and kind of a tranny?

No. 397583

most women want to escape 3DPD through anime and videogames and arent interested in men that look like their 3dpd counterparts. I am glad that its a niche thing that will never become popular in stuff for women.

No. 397584

I'm grossed out by the old old guy and the two younger guys but Maki is sexo. Take it back.

No. 397585

maki is the ugliest one of the bunch, he looks like a middle age dad

No. 397586

actually. she has a takarazuka fan account and makes yuri about a ship from uma musume with one of the horse girls on the side. the artist from rn9 on is a leonfag, I think she's drawn resident evil sonic the hedgehog crossover art. amemiya himself is just a fag and westaboo, was 100% diddled as a kid or has some other form of sexual trauma, his games have that weirdly personal and hypersexual feeling I only get from csa victim work.

No. 397587

Seems like it counts some pretty popular stuff already ngl.
…Did people really just never look at Reigen's legs?

No. 397588

I think him and his monkey face have potential, hope you can remove body hair for him

No. 397589

>madarames exciting rape chad route
you've got to be shitting me anon. madarames route was awful and boring, literally nothing happens hes just shoehorned in to fit nitrous mandatory rape route quote per vn

No. 397590

Amemiya is a fag??? Thought he was a girl

No. 397593

File: 1720066554699.jpg (40.34 KB, 500x500, 5688-311458435.jpg)

How is that your beef with Maki and not picrel? I hope you piss blood

No. 397595

It's literally a fucking creature, spoiler that shit.

No. 397596

Yeah that's not Maki retard

No. 397597

File: 1720066748331.jpg (111.16 KB, 1124x882, 91431.jpg)

Stop bullying the poor hags

No. 397598

I never said it was Maki, calm down. There's more than two people who use this thread.

No. 397599

My bad, I'm probably aggro right now because I'm hungry kek

No. 397603

matsuda mogs him so much it's insane

No. 397605

All your VN men are ugly unfuckable shriveled dick whores, I'd play a VN if CLAMP did the art.

No. 397608

You know they'd be down too

No. 397611

you probably read korean roidpig rapehwa like the rest of the retards in here.(infighting)

No. 397612

Now? I'd doubt it.

No. 397613

They sold out years ago

No. 397614

no slop you and slop damage with their ugly whore roidpig ukes and their ugly whore semes(the fuck)

No. 397615

How did you get from clamp to that

No. 397618

File: 1720072280702.png (1.09 MB, 1655x365, image-3.png)

>What's the point in shilling stuff if it gets ignored?
>I used to, but I figure if it's not short then no one is going to be assed to read that much for something that they would probably take as crumbs.
Sounds like a you problem. Get better at shilling your shit and people will get into it. If you can't even shill it correctly then do you even love it? Free yourself from cringe and express your love earnestly. I've read so much good BL/books/games/VNs/manga because of one single nona shilling them.

No. 397620

Not with their current style. I'd would love them to still draw like in the 90s and early 2000s though.

No. 397621

>amemiya himself is just a fag and westaboo, was 100% diddled as a kid or has some other form of sexual trauma, his games have that weirdly personal and hypersexual feeling I only get from csa victim work.
I completely agree. That's the first time I see someone who has the same take. NTY especially is weirdly specific with the adult mentality that is created as a result of child neglect, abuse and CSA that I don't see how one could acquire in current year without either being in close contact with real-life victims or having actually lived it. I get that same impression from stuff like Shitoku no Gyokuza. Amemiya's fixation on the same themes is also a big indicator he's processing something.

slow damage is actually a good comparison, because Towa is the layman's idea of a child abuse victim. He's not realistic with it all except in being hypersexual and seeking to relive it. And he's not even actually hypersexual, just a masochist lmfao. Everything else when it comes to Towa is a caricature and you can tell the writers don't really understand the psychology behind it beyond a superficial level. It's obvious they were trying to copy NTY with slow damage so the comparison is shockingly, a real discussion, before any spergs start reeing.

No. 397622

This is dumb, you can shill to a brick wall all you want, it's still going to be a brick wall.
What series did you pick up that people recommended?

No. 397623

File: 1720074023436.gif (206.79 KB, 378x440, 1000003688.gif)

Going in with the assumption that you're speaking to a brick wall and not to other human beings is probably the reason you suck so hard at shilling, that's not how you converse at all.

No. 397624

Then stop shilling at a brick wall? I don't know what to tell you. A bunch of people read these threads and you have other nonas saying they pick up on shit that gets shilled here all the time. Picked up Ennead just the other day because of the thoughtful unclenephew discussion, and red haired guy looks hot.

No. 397625

I never hear nonnas discuss stuff they pick up unless it's a vn or something super mainstream like JJK. That's why I asked.

No. 397626

These threads were what first turned me onto Harada

No. 397628

Then you haven't stuck around here long enough. This place has always been VN heavy discussion because VNjos are giga autists as clearly demonstrated by innumerable VN screeds and slapfights and our resident personalityfag being a VNtard but I've had plenty of amazing manga discussions in here even though they take up less space. You can't compete with VN autism so stop comparing. Hell, if manga discussions ITT became as cancerous as VN ones, I would jump ship.

No. 397629

You know, you're probably right, it is more own fault and it's probably for the best if I just lay off trying.

No. 397630

>Defeatist mindset
Learn how to be cringe and free like the rest of the neanderthals ITT instead of moping. A failed shill post is worth x1000 more than a mope post.

No. 397631

lol. You think these threads were always so VN focused? It wasn't like that at all at the start. As the nona above said, these threads became heavily VN-focused because BLVNs are heading towards extinction and by extension VNjos know that the only way to keep the hobby alive is to shill hard and interact with each other's reactions. Maybe if your chosen BL media was similarly threatened you'd gain some perspective.
>abloobloo I-I'll stop trying then!!!
Grow a spine.

No. 397632

Why? I'd rather not antishill stuff I like. If I can't market it well then that's on me and it'd better to just let people find it their own way, that nonna was right.

No. 397633

I am the nonna you replied to, my point wasn't to tell you to stop shilling it was telling you to improve, which won't happen if you give up on life whenever someone ignores your post, you BAKA!

No. 397635

If balding man yaoi can get successfully shilled here there's no reason for anybody else to call it quits kek

No. 397683

File: 1720095186232.png (279.8 KB, 597x594, 25080BCA-6284-4486-A9C5-D277F1…)


No. 397684

kek did you make this?

No. 397685

The biggest problem I have with VNtards on Lolcow is that they (especially nitrofags) have too much overlap with otometards and yumes in general, that "retarded fujo shitposting" thread attempt they made wanted to allow husbandoposting because these retards are more occupied with blogging about which character they want to fuck personally than the actual BL elements, and the edgefags are obsessed with trying to out-edge each other because they're ryonafags and not fujos, just one spergout away from posting hetshit. When anons upthread were discussing Ennead it was immediately a different vibe, actually going in depth into the story writing and character dynamics that was interesting to read even as someone who doesn't read the series. Also I'd rather have a slow thread than one filled with unintegrated 4chan migrates who throw tard tantrums at mods over not being able to say the N word or bait about shota rape.

Anyway I'm going to pick up the recs from >>396645 and >>396653 to read over the weekend, thanks to the nonny for posting them.

No. 397686

No. 397689

this makes me wish so so badly that it was possible to fuck rei in the ass, in his tight virgin hole… he would have been so cute to verbally abuse and slap around, sad!

No. 397692

You get it, built for anal

No. 397696

we need more sex-repulsed traumatized rape-corrected turned slut shota rapists in bl(global rule 14)

No. 397697

File: 1720099560418.jpg (299.62 KB, 1284x1185, GDuE6YJXIAAh8lL.jpg)

I remember Bucchigiri being highly anticipated here and on Fujochan because Hiroko Utsumi was directing and they plastered her name all over the project showing off the main guys so everyone was expecting a bona fide fujo show like SK8 the infinity (her previous work) but in the end it was a yanki anime with a pornbrained perverted scrote as its main character that was hated by literally everyone including both female and male viewers, and next to no fujo fanservice. I honestly feel cheated out of a potentially good anime that I had high hopes for but ended up with nothing. I didn't even finish the anime because the main character genuinely pissed me off so much so I don't know if it had a gay ending but I honestly don't even care anymore lol. I hope this doesn't become a habit for her.

No. 397699

I want to play this one so badly.

No. 397700

File: 1720101353344.png (591.92 KB, 1024x573, 1000018091.png)

Surprised to find so many based takes, I believe in love again.

No. 397701

yeah this is why i'm pretty eager for machine translation to get good. like outside of bl stuff trannies and moralfags mistranslate EVERYTHING if they think it's problematic. like that one fire emblem game where the shota/loli routes were written to be friendship routes or the countless times they've taken a gnc character and made them trans

No. 397703

I never understood why moids hated wokelizers and even eng tlers in general so much and even defended them but now that I’ve played slow damage, I get it. I get it so fucking much

No. 397707

it's really good, please try playing it even if you don't know japanese. the psp version has full voice acting and more cgs and scenes but the pc version has shota sex so both are worth playing.

No. 397708

Game name?

No. 397709

it's akutsu ryou
it was at the forefront of my mind from my very first playthrough. there were too many scenes that had that distinct unnerving feeling of "this is getting too real," and learning he also directed fraternite among other games that obsessively delve into the mentalities of different victims and their abusers, with eerie attention to psychological detail and giving the characters a sense of humanity solidified it. the gayness, the hypersexuality, the style of creativity, the aversion to happy endings, the themes he keeps going back to, it all starts to piece together.

>slow damage is actually a good comparison, because [spoiler]

exactly, and this was always exactly why it ripping off no thank you of all games never sat right with me. it's a butchery of what appears to be a very disturbing and beautiful personal project from a real abuse victim that had a lot of love go into it. the first game he'd been fully given the creative reins on no less, and they had more than 3 times the amount of time spent on it to come up with something original. screw calling out plagiarism, it's just beyond tasteless to rip something like that off with basic nitroslop built for profitmaxxing with nothing but a pretentious hue left of the original, I'll never be able to view the company the same way I did pre-slow damage. and then all the tif hbomberguy viewers online comibg out of the woodwork to sing its praises is like salt in the wound. there's something so poetic about it resonating the most with fucking trannies and edgetards who are both in it for the abuse victim aesthetic.

No. 397711

File: 1720104654630.png (791.37 KB, 1024x1280, 112345043_セト受けログ2_p34.png)

Feels good to be counted in the /fujo/ good behavior list for our Ennead discussion!

Good to be here! Anubis/Seth has completely stolen my heart over Horus/Seth but I love both I miss Anubis. Call it hopium but I think he needs to be kissed by Seth to awaken I'm holding out hope for romance, consensual sex and kissing between either Seth ship at some point. Maybe.

Thank you so much you're awesome! I hope you have a fantastic day today! The Newtoki site was difficult to navigate lol what is that wall of weird gifs? There was a lot more chapters out than I thought. OCR translations were enough to survive until English version

The faceless and ugly bastard scenes were the worst. At least with Osiris it provided plot and someone to hate and Horus was a character development for him and Sekhmet
and possibly for the mirror artifact but my reading comprehension failed on the explanation of the mirror.
Spoiler tag is for the new readers.

No. 397712

File: 1720104787655.jpg (615.22 KB, 909x1084, 118577703_p4.jpg)

bara no ki ni bara no hanasaku

No. 397714

>there's something so poetic about it resonating the most with fucking trannies and edgetards who are both in it for the abuse victim aesthetic.
I'm sure that clockup games like fraternite which have scat, loli rape, crossdressing, guro and other graphic abuse content don't resonate with trannies and edgetards and fans play them because they're actually deep and respectful towards abuse victims and not because they like to coom to it.

No. 397717

Nayrt but go moralfag elsewhere. As if fujos don't both coom to and resonate emotionally with BL with guro, scat, crossdressing, and other graphic abuse content.
>N-not me I totes only consume le wholesome bee ell!!!!!
Tiktok is that way babe

No. 397718

>AnuSeth spoiler
I wish you could get what you want, but sadly I think it's going to be the rape train for that ship. My biggest Anubis hope is that he's finally able to break free from both Osiris and Seth and become his own man. All throughout season 1 he was pushed around, getting cursed, getting choked tbh that was hot, I want Horus to do that again, and got the full retard treatment. Poor dude isn't that bright anyway so he has that going against him. I want him to be independent and judge the fuck out of souls.

And I want Seth to get fucked by Horus kek

No. 397719

pedos have been reading lolita to coom to it for the greater part of a century. a reader's interpretation of a work doesn't change what it meant to the author when they were making it, but it can speak volumes about the reader. the main difference is the author of slow damage seems to be the same type of person that eats up her garbage. she made a game about what she got out of no thank you, it was tailor made for the edgelord who likes the aesthetics of human trafficking and male victims and the idea of reading–creating, in the author's case–something totes deep without actually having to use their brain. the game screams at you what's happening and how you're supposed to be feeling about it through it's entire duration, there is no subtly or ambiguity in its message, and everything always either wraps up cleanly or in a "dark" joke end. it's poorly executed and pretentious to the core.

it's very common for the work of ca victims to be hypersexual, grotesque, and edgy, think about emily youcis's old animations. the content of the clockup games and who the primary consumer is still doesn't invalidate the messages they carry, on the contrary it's very on brand. literally a fag anyways, clockup fanscrotes mald about his faggotry seeping into the straight games all the time. I doubt even many of the biggest edgelord haters here have a problem with the existence of edgy content itself, myself included. the problem lies with the way it's presented, the way it's consumed and discussed.

No. 397722

>I'll never be able to view the company the same way I did pre-slow damage. and then all the tif hbomberguy viewers online comibg out of the woodwork to sing its praises is like salt in the wound.
Agree with literally everything that you said. I'm exactly of the same opinion, and people in my circle were shocked and even offended at how much I disliked slow damage once I finished. For the average normalfag it's muh beautiful story about overcoming abuse, based nitro!!! When Towa is literally amnesiatic because he fell down the stairs. I fucking laughed out loud when he gets his memory back and then goes all mental breakdown like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH like was this shit written by an edgy teenager? That's not how it works irl. Nitro are also retards for taking the wrong lesson from Haru's amnesiatic story. It just made Towa even more hollow, empty and wooden as a protagonist. Fuck them really for plagiarizing NTY, I don't care if they never put out another game again.

No. 397723

you're disgusting. don't reply to me.(infight bait)

No. 397725

I wasn't aware of the hype but I was sad that all these cute boys were stuck in some weird yankee romance anime.

No. 397726

It's not really a romance, either.
One way I've heard it described is that everyone else knows they're in fujobait but the main character is a romcom mc that somehow ended up there and won't play his bit.

No. 397727

>it's a butchery of what appears to be a very disturbing and beautiful personal project from a real abuse victim that had a lot of love go into it.
Who cares about some moid and his feefees, this is such a retarded criticism, just say it plagiarized and leave it at that.

No. 397731

I'm not against vnfags,but can't these folks shill a different game for a change? 7 threads now it's either sd or nty, repeative infighting and autism. Haven't even played these games and not planning to, since I don't play visual novels, but i already know their plots thanks to all of this sperging.

No. 397732

File: 1720113959652.jpeg (33.61 KB, 480x480, 1699346889818.jpeg)

K,I'll post a shingakkou screed once I get far enough in the game.

No. 397733

File: 1720114125484.jpg (645.94 KB, 1000x1497, yacchan.jpg)

Is yarichin bitch club manga still ongoing? Got the itch to reread it again but the updates are so slow. yacchan best boy

No. 397737

is it roleplay as a twitter user day today? baby in a huff because she's too illiterate to attempt genuinely responding? I'm trying to have a genuine discussion. go back to posting unfunny slow damage character asshole color comparison memes I guess, maybe start another infight about mink if you're feeling spicy since that's all nitrofags know how to do. we all really think you're so cool and funny, we never get tired of it at all.

>gets his memory back and then goes all mental breakdown
this up to the scene where they fuck still soaked in paint thinner and the heinously awkward pillowtalk that followed it almost killed me with cringe. straight out of wattpad. it may not be the worst vn ever made purely from a quality standpoint but it will always be the most hateworthy to me, one I unironically do believe only the worst type of fakedeep normalfags and edgelords think is good in any meaningful sort of way. it's not just disrespectful to amemiya's work, who knows if he cares at all, it's disrespectful to abuse victims (the overwhemning majority of whom are female… like their audience) in general in ways even shameless rape fetish vns aren't, on top of being a boring, shit game rife with additional problems on its own.(infighting)

No. 397739

File: 1720114547830.jpg (370.88 KB, 837x475, 119355239_p4.jpg)

i tried.

No. 397740

The leg hair isn't the problem, what the fuck is THAT FACE. Ew.

No. 397742

Actually fujos cooming to rape guro whatever bl is not only okay, but also morally right. Moids cooming to women being raped or the likes isn’t and never will be okay

No. 397750

it's women who get raped and killed by men. i can't fathom how you could think it's the same as women enjoying degen rape BL when the edgiest BL game doesn't compare to how women get treated in edgy het eroge

No. 397752

That's a blast from the past! Also based unhinged slut lover, he was the best.

Speaking of ongoing manga, is anyone familiar with Border by Kazuma Kodaka? I used to be really into it but the updates were really slow. I always wanted to know if Yamato ever got with Sougo

No. 397754

The same advice goes for you as for the other failed shill. If you want the thread to discuss something you like, then start the discussion yourself instead of complaining like a cowardly little Becky. Also, here's the fujo adage as old as time for you: don't like don't read. Shockingly, this also goes for posts you don't like.

No. 397756

File: 1720115948244.jpg (64.31 KB, 309x450, VJ013572_img_main-2129822521.j…)

I like seeing the discussion on VNs in any form. I feel like LC is the only place I see people critical of SD, probably because of the anonymity, so I don't mind it. I also think nonas circle around to the same games again and again because those are the ones more people are likely to have played, and thus, are easier to talk about and receive a response. I can see how it would be frustrating if you don't like VNs, but I don't hate their discussions at all. At the same time, it would also be cool to see anons shill their other favorites. I wish people would read Tokyo Onmyoji, personally… Great plot, really interesting directions the routes are taken (it doesn't feel like the same plot being re-told with different LIs every time, which is a huge complaint I have about a lot of VNs), fun bad endings, a genuinely charming MC. It's one of the rare VNs where I didn't hate a single boy, and genuinely thought all of their personalities meshed well with the protagonist's. I also loved how the story was on a smaller scale, for lack of a better term. Like, it's just some guy dealing with his job where he handles supernatural creatures, and much of the common route is done on a case-by-case basis. If the art weren't a little weird, nonas would love it.
Please do!!! I really want to read Shingakkou because the setting looks so interesting and I love stuff with a ton of religious imagery.

No. 397758

Reading nitrofags being told off like this is amazing. Keep at it.

No. 397759

NTA but I'm not sure what you're responding to because that conversation was started by an anon who was defending the mainline clockup games like Fraternite.

No. 397761

when is fujochan coming back i hate the infighting here because all discussion happens in a single thread

No. 397762

kek nonna…

No. 397763

They want an excuse to sperg about scrotes and cooming to shota rape porn, they don't comprehend what they're replying to.

No. 397764

>fujochan is down
Well that explains everything

No. 397765

Thank you nona for your nuanced opinion. I don't think any of the slow damage vs. NTY discussions have been sperging or autism, as much as other nonnies ITT are trying to claim, one is modelled after the other and it's a completely fair discussion to compare them and have strong feelings about it due to the themes they try to touch on. I'm also a huge holicworksfag in general and really have to play that one, it's true the art does look a bit weird kek. And baraki nonna ITT, if you were the one who made a really thoughtful and heartfelt post on the game a few threads ago, you really convinced me on trying the game at one point. So keep discussing your favorite games and BL and don't let the whiners get you down.

No. 397766

But it's okay that Nu:carnival and danmei got the boot but not VN? I don't understand why all fujo content has to be relegated to a single thread. Can we even talk about shipping anymore? I remember people tried to talk about gay Genshit and everyone told them to go back to their thread. We can't even talk about the general fujo community without being told to do it somewhere else. But when people state their displeasure about VNfags, you guys say "then shill your own thing" as if you don't try to drown out discussion anyway. Why is it okay for everyone to fuck off except VN? Bless the Haradafags for staying strong and talking about their unhinged queen

No. 397768

>I remember people tried to talk about gay Genshit and everyone told them to go back to their thread

No. 397769

Fujochan has always been snail's pace. Being up or down doesn't change a damn thing.

lmao okay you got me there. It was pretty based

No. 397772

>thinking haradafags don’t like VNs

No. 397775

Ayrt I don't agree with the danmei split and as for genshinfag trying to post about kaveh and that autist, let's be honest, she was autistic and annoying as fuck. Genshin is also a gachaslop game and nonnas who play it would have always wanted their own thread so they can discuss the new update or drama or whatever.

As for drowing out discussion, where? These threads move at a snail's pace. Do you want to recreate fujochan here on /m/?

No. 397777

I wasn't talking about the Kaveh autist, though thanks for reminding me of that weirdo. She deserved getting kicked out. I meant a long time ago, about a year or two ago when people talked about the general gay ships

No. 397779

Genshit is a unique case because the fans are so cancer and they were cross posting about the same ships between here and their own thread, infighting over them with hetfags and then using this thread vent about the infights and Genshin hetshippers, yumes, scrotes, etc. They needed to fuck off.

No. 397780

>pedofoids don’t understand how men write loli rape because they are csa victims(infight bait)

No. 397782

To be fair, I think gacha is killing every single industry including the BL one so I'm glad genshitfags and even nu:canifags were redirected to their own thread. BL is a very slow hobby, be it manga, anime or VNs, and it simply can't compete with the attention merchant monolith that is dopamine-frying predatory gachaslop. It's like reading the posts of people addicted to pachinko, it's just sad and pathetic. It has no place here.

No. 397792

hehe right??
Regarding Border, never heard of it, but I'm such a sucker for detective stories so I'm def checking it out lol. Just hoping it doesn't end on a cliffhanger since it's still ongoing sadly.
Is mangadex okay when it comes to regular updates? Been a while since I picked up something new

No. 397795

I usually use bato, mangadex or mangago but it's been a while since I last looked at them. I tried to browse around MRM for some doujins but just a few seconds and I remembered why I stopped visiting. The bara and furshit has gotten out of hand. Men ruin everything, especially furfags

No. 397806

File: 1720120799407.jpeg (127.25 KB, 1290x512, IMG_6151.jpeg)

Ever since I learned picrel, suddenly mrm became doujin central. Now if only they tagged trapshit properly.

No. 397807

Holy shit, you just changed my life.

No. 397808

I'm playing through Tokyo Onmyoji right now. I'm on my second route (Meguro, who I really like, best boy for me rn) and aside from wonky art at times I really enjoy it. The onmyodo aspect is fun as fuck and it gets pretty chuuni at times.It got me so interested in it that I've actually got some books on topic kek.
Do you know how it connects to Taisho Mebiusline? Or is it just same universe and maybe some cameos between games?

No. 397809

File: 1720121348536.jpg (56.05 KB, 564x805, 4e46e53e8fad0752044d64f45bc8a3…)

Retardation that we can't even mention Genshin ships without setting some VNfag off into a psycho rant about how much she hates Genshin and gacha in particular and then reverts back to posting nitroshit butthole memes and stink fetish blogging as if it was more interesting content. For someone constantly going on about how "you just need to shill more it's a you problem" they sure start getting autistically aggressive seeing anything they don't like.

>But when people state their displeasure about VNfags, you guys say "then shill your own thing" as if you don't try to drown out discussion anyway.

This. Every time I come back to this thread the discussion has been annihilated by nitroshittery and when I reply to other posts they are lost in the noise. I need to join the Haradafags to appreciate her work more.

No. 397811

on one hand i agree that it's dumb to sperg over things you dislike being posted. on the other, genshin is everywhere on top of having its own thread + it isn't like genshin fujos are unwelcome in the genshin thread. at least i don't think they are. blvns are also a more varied topic than a single gacha game. that said i do roll my eyes seeing people run in loops about nty and sd, neither of those games are good.

No. 397813

My friend's like halfway through fan translating it.

No. 397814

luckily genshins popularity seems to be kinda declining nowadays, even my friends stopped playing it kek

No. 397815

I only used genshin as an example because it was the only one that came to mind. For me, being a fujo shouldn't just be about official yaoi or BL, but also seeing the "gay" in non-fujo IPs. That's how I started off back in the day, shipping two hot guys I thought looked great/had good chemistry. I had to look for dregs and terrible scraps around the internet and IRL for the official stuff, and most of it was really badly drawn yaoi from the 90s and early 2000s rife with the infamous yaoi hands or the worst translations/slow translations because the retarded scanlators got into some weird ass drama with their LJ community or with another scanlator group.

Of course one shouldn't stop talking about the real deal, but I don't think anyone should act out because an anon is talking about why she thinks a non-canon ship like GoroxJoker is hot. My main point about getting the boot is why other people with other BL-type topics get the boot but BLVNs don't. I don't want /m/ to become fujochan, so why are others here forcing it to become that by kicking out danmei and nucani?

No. 397816

Genshinfags keep hopping to new ~open world~ gachashits and I can't tell any of them or their characters apart

No. 397817

Danmei didn't deserve it, I don't remember why it did, but other tacky gachashit like nu:carnival can go. All there is to talk about is how ugly or hot the latest character looks and how good or bad the sex is. No1curr except the people who play it, it doesn't make other people wanna play it, it can have its own thread for those people.

No. 397818

kek what >>397816 said. they're just playing slop star slop now

No. 397819

>All there is to talk about is how ugly or hot the latest character looks and how good or bad the sex is.
Not to be that person, but isn't that essentially what VN discussion is like though? I've never really played them but most of the time I see people talking about the characters and fetishes, not really about the story

No. 397820

File: 1720123521753.jpeg (697.33 KB, 1446x2048, IMG_5837.jpeg)

madwoman's been unstoppable on twitter

No. 397821

>All there is to talk about is how ugly or hot the latest character looks and how good or bad the sex is
Nitrofags honestly need to fuck off to the husbandofagging thread where they belong. It's one thing to appreciate good sex scenes and attractive character designs or hate uggos or badly written smut but when that's literally all you do it gets obnoxious.

Retarded question but has this been translated?

No. 397822

No, but it's the main character's comments about each character and their attractiveness

No. 397823

File: 1720124039540.jpg (723.25 KB, 1228x1794, 20240704_131017.jpg)

Non-fujo IPs seems difficult. When it's not some big popular shounen everybody watches, its usually something too moidy like Bravern, too long, or has a filter when trying to recommend or read like "isekai tag".
There are stuff like High Card or Windbreaker but not many people go for those.

No. 397824

People were literally discussing the story of a VN ITT just a few hours ago. Most of the VN discussion ITT is about story.

No. 397826

There are more posts complaining about nitrofags than nitrofag posts. Last thread it was shotafags this thread it’s nitrofags

No. 397827

the nitrochiral ones do, and they latched onto paradise too because it appeals to their rape kinks and doesn't have the best story, but most of the other vnfags don't have that problem and are interested in talking about characters and story over rape rape rape shota shota shota ryona who in togainu no chi takes the biggest dumps are we having KINO yet rapestacies. the former gets roped in with the latter because they're the loudest and nitrochiral is the face of blvns to most anons.

No. 397828

I've heard about Omniscient Reader Viewpoint and how fujobaity it is, but it seems so long and daunting, and it's an isekai, right? I almost would rather take on One Piece

No. 397829

Wait til you reach the big reveal that most of them were the same people all along

No. 397830

Is High Card worth watching? I slept on it but then I heard it had fujo potential and got interested, it looks a bit mid to be honest but I shouldn't judge a book by its cover.

No. 397834

Tasogare out Focus was nice, I'll definitely keep watching it. It was much better than the boring omegaverse baby anime from last season.
I also watched Senpai wa Otokonoko and the tranny is generic and uninteresting but the male friend that has a crush on him is really cute.

No. 397835

Nothing about nitor chiral games caters to shotafags though. Dramatical murder has a shotacon artist iirc but all characters are adults?

No. 397837

Wow a ntyfag using misogynistic language and defending lolifaggotry because “t-they got raped too doods!!”? What a shock.(Continuing hours old infight)

No. 397838

File: 1720127173803.jpeg (80.39 KB, 723x691, IMG_4513.jpeg)

>the new GeGeGe no Kitaro movie aired in Japan in November 2023 and there still isn’t a blu-ray release
Nona… Why did you have to remind me…?

No. 397840

are you autistic? that post was a bitter shotafag strawmanning. that's why they were banned for it. only the 4chan immigrants use words like "foids" even sarcastically here.

No. 397841

I don’t understand why you moralfags try to have a high ground over rape enjoyers. I’ve been a fujo for nearly 10 and the best part of yaoi is always the goonfuel because it’s by far the best medium to see men get raped and abused. If you or me wanted a good story, we’d read literally anything else besides yaoi.

No. 397842

I like it but it's hard to rec with that in mind, plus at 20 volumes long it's a commitment for the promise of fujobait

No. 397844

Some of them are just pretending to not like rape because an anon said no thank you is a game by men for men like a year ago and they've been malding exponentially ever since. The others would be better off in the modern shoujo community

No. 397845

>actual BL discussions
>10 posts on a good day
>Seething and malding over other people's taste
>100 posts minimum
Never change, /fujo/, never change.

No. 397846

Nta. I don't know who needs to hear this but we don't want to hear about your """"""goonfuel"""""" like we're a bunch of circlejerking moids while you actively shit on BL that doesn't make you horny and attempt to derail the discussion of it with your cringy memes.
>If you or me wanted a good story, we’d read literally anything else besides yaoi.
You don't speak for all of us, asshole. You want to act like a moid and say everything fujos make is only good for porn? Go be with the moids on /y/, you'll fit right in.

No. 397847

File: 1720128886144.png (515.04 KB, 1280x720, Tasogare_Out_Focus.png)

Just finished the episode, Mao is adorable! The animation is really pretty, so happy we're getting so many BL adaptations lately

No. 397848

nty just plain ass sucks.

No. 397849

I'm now convinced that this all-consuming fucking Slow Damage vs NTY shit going on every fucking day multiple times a day is some orchestrated psyop by some braindead discord group. I'm going to make a separate BL manga/manhwa/webtoon thread soon and leave these retards have a tard tournament by themselves.

No. 397850

It's a shame that these crazies keep kicking off other groups from this thread. Can't they be the ones quarantined in a "2D man abuse celebration : gooner edition" thread or something instead? Then they can be banned every time they try to sperg or derail here.

No. 397852

Always has been. The biggest nitrofag anons have been complaining about for several threads is the owner of a discord anons have been complaining about for several threads where they and other nitrofags post the same slow damage butthole charts and giggle about their shota goonstashes and Kawoshin all day.

No. 397853

I'm more perplexed at why they wouldn't want their own nitro thread to sperg and shitpost in all they wanted without us stick in the ass prudes ruining their gooning.

I was half joking but god I'm not surprised at all at this revelation and it now makes perfect sense. Explains a lot that has been going on ITT for the past year or so.

No. 397854

File: 1720130332836.jpg (Spoiler Image,81.89 KB, 699x897, GNEB3_GbUAAFNDm.jpg)

(Pic is spoiler for Ennead!) The father/son relationship, the size difference knowing that Anubis used to be small and anxious, the angst and drama, Seth being willing to kill himself to save Anubis once he realizes that Anubis still chose to remain his son after all he went through… please just fuck. I want them to have a hard long angry fuck.

You're welcome anon! Yeah newtoki is full of weird ass (gambling related?) gifs but it has pretty much every manhwa under the sun. Google lenses are good for quick translations and there's a cool community on twitter that translates the most important parts a few hours after the chapter comes out.

I also really want Anubis to have his moment. It feels like the author only wants him to sleep, get abused, die or act dumb. I want him to have his angry moment and get his POV of the story during Seth's tyranny. Idk if it'll ever happen but I'm huffing copium just like the other nona kek

No. 397855

Do you mind posting caps or something?

No. 397856

Yeah I'm glad the quality is nice too. Makes me hope that one day we'll a consistent stream of good bl manga getting adaptations.

No. 397857

Why do women make genderbent, usually coomer art of bl works? What’s the point? Why not just read the mountain of yuri content? Are they lesbians? I always get jumpscared when I’m scrolling through my tl and get jumpscared by that shit

No. 397858

I guess it's a fun curiosity for some like "what if", plenty of BL mangakas have made genderbent art of their characters for example, but the ones who make straight out coomershit and do it repeatedly are weird to me. Maybe they've just been conditioned into having to make everything palatable to men.

No. 397860

>kicks people out into their own threads
>gets mad when people suggest they make a thread for their own genre
Shameless behavior

No. 397861

>where the shota/loli routes were written to be friendship routes
If you're talking about FE Engage it was like this for almost all the characters as long as they're not old. So your 16/17 years old protagonist can't date or marry a 16/17 years old character but can marry a guy in his 40s thanks to Nintendo of America and Treehouse. Because I guess they forgot this is a video game for children and teenagers who would rather pick characters around their age and they'd rather ruin things for the 10 or 15 deranged otaku on twitter who insult localizers on a semi regular basis.

No. 397863

File: 1720132406156.jpeg (Spoiler Image,67.79 KB, 920x512, IMG_4881.jpeg)

I watched it and I think it’s severely underrated. I barely see anyone talking about it. That being said, the boys are cute and while there was obvious fujobait, I did expect a little more to be honest. I can see why Fujos didn’t latch onto this series. Despite that, I would still recommend you give it a try, Nona. Would be fun to talk about the series ITT.

No. 397864

I thought he lost his memories because of when he saw his mother dying after everything he went through and not just his own fall like how you'll forget parts of your life without wanting to as a defense mechanism. But the scene where he got his memory back was too over the top I agree.

No. 397867

It's not really down, I'm assuming the admin listened to anons' opinion and is trying to implement a captcha to prevent bots from posting there so nobody can post anything until further notice.

No. 397868

File: 1720133594583.jpeg (609.69 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_7840.jpeg)

Imagine getting hit by this truck

No. 397869

>Isekai'd into yaoi

No. 397870

kek I was in Ikebukuro yesterday to sell some stuff in Mandarake and what did I see before going back to the train station? An ad for Nu Carnival on one of the giant screens in front of the station and malls. I wish I had enough time to film this because I was shocked. They truly don't give a fuck there.

No. 397883

some women are bi or just coomers. men can coom themselves into finding other men attractive, i don't see why a woman can't coom herself into finding women attractive

No. 397888

I've never done this before, but I think the logic is they like the dynamic, writing, and personalities of the BL pairing and wish there was a yuri version, so they genderbend them to get exactly that.

No. 397902

Enjoy the view, and avoid getting murdered probably.

No. 397907

you're genuinely a schizo, its almost like slow damage was one of the most recently translated games and thus a lot of people play it, and it isn't ugly as shit like paradise so it has more engagement. be the change you want to see if you don't want any nitrofags shitting up the thread, post other stuff.

No. 397913

They call it slow damage because it slowly damages your brain

No. 397916

Does anyone have any shota manga recommendations? Preferably older seme/shota uke. I feel like it’s impossible to find shotashit that’s not by gay moids for gay moids. Smut is good too.(global rule #14)

No. 397929

I will forever be jealous of Japanese fujoshi who live in big cities, especially the ones in Tokyo, they have everything they want in stores and online, cool events, way less or even no stupid troon discourse, they're living the dream. The only reason why they could possibly be jealous of European and American fujoshi is that we sometimes get officially uncensored BL but that's not always the case.

No. 397936

older BL manga like Thomas no Shinzou is really good(and sfw for the tranny janny reading this).

No. 397939

Trannies love loli and shota. If the jannies were troons, they'd be siding with you.

No. 397940

On the other hand, they live in the country with the lowest gender equality of any first world nation.

No. 397941

at least their moids arent stabbing them like in korea and punching them in the face like america.

No. 397944

Right, they're only raping and molesting them and their children and getting away with it because their police don't care about sex crimes, cp, or stalking. Jap moids are like irl anime princes!(derailing)

No. 397945

And all of those things are happening in america and korea as well. im not saying japan is a holy sacred place but it is considerably safer for women there.

No. 397946

I'm sure that does seem to be the case when your knowledge of Japan comes entirely from animu, mango, and weebs with yellow fever. Glorious Nippon would never utilize propaganda or falsify crime rates, amirite?(derailing/infighting)

No. 397947

you're not a rational person at all it seems, how embarrassing(infighting/derailing)

No. 397949

Safe on the street, sure. Safe in a relationship with a man? Absolutely not. Domestic violence is extremely common and women have absolutely no recourse because as soon as they marry they're forced to become tradwife incubators who will never be able to get a job again. Why do you think women are refusing to get married? Careful with idealizing Japan just because you're jealous they have a strong culture around artworks and media.

No. 397954

In terms of litigation against men, America is far better than Japan.

No. 397956

I'd rather get the blvn butthole competition back than this stupid bs.
We get it, you hate Japan. Unless that ties back to bl who the fuck cares? Nona was dumb for bringing up irl but it's just wanting cafes and merch and not an excuse to rant about wild jap rapegangs

No. 397966

File: 1720166404841.jpg (415.25 KB, 1600x1600, box-DX.jpg)

6.58 on MAL - well deserved. Meanwhile S2 of SK8 still doesn't have an announced air date.

>shill a different game for a change
if you're into brotherly incest. Its production was sponsored by the Taiwanese Ministry of Culture - dare I say BASED?

I read that some people found the OVA disappointing, but I enjoyed every minute of its insanity.

>kicking out danmei
When did that even happen? Just because somebody made a separate danmei thread more than a year ago doesn't mean it was 'kicked out' in any manner.

Then you're either bling or wilfully ignorant.

No. I dropped it after the first season. They are boring 'monster of the week' stories and the characters are pleasing visually, but really nothing to write home about.

>It was much better than the boring omegaverse baby anime
That's such a low bar.

>stream of good bl manga getting adaptations
I'm sorry, but this is delusional. You'll be getting 'sanitised highschool romance no. 464' and 'weird (even for BL standards) fetish manga ad no. 390' as always. There was hope with Blue Lynx, but they seem to be dead.

They should have added more 'otoko'.

They are creatively bankrupt and too lazy to make their own characters.

No. 397967

File: 1720166643956.jpg (197.24 KB, 800x1200, 3.jpg)

>https://www.tongli.C O M.tw/webpages/book/TMOMGAME/index.htm
Why does lolcow discriminate against Taiwanese sites?

No. 397970

I'm a staunch brocestfag and really wanted to play this but I saw the brother is a robot and I'm very robotphobic so it's gonna have to be a no for me dawg. Where's the blood in blood related? Sad!

No. 397971

Most of them don't do it primarily but have made it at least at one point:
>Sakura Ashika
>Arai Yoshimi
>Mizuno Touko
>Minami Haruka
>Kamei Yogorouta
>CJ Michalski
>Kuma Yoyoyo
>Monchi Kaori
>Murakami Maki
>Yuzuki Ichi
Yuzuki Ichi is the artist for Kannagi no Tori and Laughter Land which I really recommend if you want something with more plot. I also second what >>397936 recommended.

No. 397972

i fucking hate this disgusting hairstyle. Its the go-to hairstyle for every single isekai self insert ever, they could have gone with something cuter.

No. 397975

File: 1720169744677.jpg (155.38 KB, 1010x505, slime-isekai-memories.jpg)

>Its the go-to hairstyle for every single isekai self insert ever
Not really true.

No. 397977

thats a trap, so ofcourse its going to look like a generic girl instead to appeall to trapfags

No. 397978

god everyone in that anime is so fucking ugly, i will never understand its popularity.

No. 397979

File: 1720170328476.png (4.51 MB, 1920x1920, hkcsp4ecwmjc1.png)

I thought the isekai self-insert hairstyle was the Kirito one.

No. 397980

then why dont you move to japan if you love it so much? i never understand weebs that sperg 24/7 about how superior japan is, but never attempt to move.(continuing the derail)

No. 397982

i hope the magic knight rayearth remake inspires japs to make good isekai for women again because why are they making tranny self-insert protagonists now

No. 397983

it wont, because the anime will most likely flop and then be forgotten two weeks later

No. 397989

We're talking about one specific thing here, I'm not moving to another country for a hobby. I'll keep visiting as often as I can and ordering manga in Japanese if they don't have an official translation yet though, especially if the yen stays low.

I was raised by sexist parents from muslim third world shitholes, I've seen worse or very similar bs before visiting Japan.

No. 397991

Anons if this gives you some clarity, most of the fujos that used to be here have left 1-2 years ago and thats why the quality of the bl thread has gone so downhil.

Judging by the posting style it seems be the same 2-3 anons posting here everyday and thats why the thread has become stale as shit and repetitive. I mean just look its the same discussions every day: raging at people who read manhwas, edgeposting about shotas, posting the same 5 boring and lame as fuck mangas and VN's over and over again, ignoring anons who talk about other stories or something thats not edgyporn, sometimes attacking anons who bring up new stories or reccs etc.

No. 397996

but nonnie you just need to shill better!!! be the change you want to see!!! (While gooners aggressively tell you to fuck off into your own thread the moment you talk about something you enjoy because they don't like what you like and then reply spam each other with lolsorandumb butthole memes nobody over the age of 15 finds funny, baiting another infight about shota just to fuck with the mods or goon about their rape obsession to gain imaginary ryonafag clout, shitpost more /a/ level lolsorandumb meymeys and start another SD vs NTY slapfight for the third time in less than 24 hours so that nobody will ever see your post)

No. 398001

File: 1720179067940.jpg (14.85 KB, 363x344, f93cf03f768acd8aeed958e20e56d9…)

relax girl

No. 398006

The artstyle changes in between mediums so there's less people annoyed by it.
From what I hear the books turns into "having important meetings to decide when to have important meetings about important meetings".
It also has a small fujo fanbase.

No. 398008

File: 1720181573318.jpg (454.86 KB, 1024x1295, poll.jpg)

Homo characters dominating popularity charts feels great.

No. 398010

Thank you for your recs! Ill make sure to check these out!

No. 398014

File: 1720182378258.jpg (102.34 KB, 1024x724, 1000003094.jpg)

every day i pray the popularity of bravern will prevail and we'll get like an ova or something

No. 398015

Medicine time

No. 398019

File: 1720182845678.jpg (361.63 KB, 2048x1639, 1719020517402730.jpg)

The first volume sold well, so it's only a matter of time, I think. BTW, this is the most recent official merch.

No. 398027

It isn't but people don't touch isekai so you can make up whatever and people will believe you.
>>397979 isn't even all isekai or even mcs.

No. 398039

>ignoring anons who talk about other stories or something thats not edgyporn
This is why I don't post in this thread as often as I used to. I'm not going to moralfag against anons who are into shota or incest, but as someone who isn't into those kinks it's aggravating that the topic is frequently (and unnecessarily) steered in that direction by a handful of anons who get a kick out of being edgy and shocking. That doesn't happen with any other kink. Imagine if there were a couple of anons who constantly tried to change the topic to foot fetish stuff, and every time someone complained about it, they got berated for moralfagging or getting filtered. It's tiresome.(take it to /meta/)

No. 398043

File: 1720187257264.jpg (706.73 KB, 1200x1723, f.jpg)

Weird anatomy of old BL manga will always make me smile.

No. 398044

this. someone's been derailing random threads all across /ot/ to sperg about shota for several months now too, judging by the way they talk and the pictures they post it's likely the same one or two people every time and they're most likely users of this thread because this is where shotafags recieve the least pushback. half of them really do only do it to be edgy, at least if they were really into it they wouldn't be in here asking to be spoonfed recs and artists and porn every day while someone posts shota oni and some random vn with an ugly kid in it for the millionth time.
>Global Rule 14. Do not post or discuss sexualised and/or sexual art featuring minors unless it is related to milk.
always report when you see them. it's about time for the implementation of a total pedofag death rule because now everyone is sick of the unsolicited pedofagging and this -> >>397841 is unironically their argument against the pushback, that bl is garbage made for gooning and we're all being elitists. the ones constantly shitposting about rape and ryona for shock value are the same way. they can all fuck off right back to fujochan and /cm/.(take it to /meta/)

No. 398046

File: 1720188326909.jpeg (172.79 KB, 1000x1000, CCAC3490-DA24-4BA0-8D4F-EC57B1…)


No. 398047

Stop this fucking derail already. Go bitch in the /meta/ board, because this thread is for BL discussion.

No. 398056

File: 1720190907272.jpg (65.72 KB, 512x508, 120147736.jpg)

Wtf happened here-
Anyway,tl;dr anons that say contribute to shilling are right.
I'm not going to shill shingakkou, since it's been mentioned before that it's the blvn kamige, so I'm going to mention another blvn by pilslash again, dystopia no ou. It's their latest game, if you liked paradise you'll definitely like it. I like the main character a lot more than azuma he's very retarded, in a cute way. The LIs aren't bad too. If you liked Mitsugi you'll like Anji, he's as autistic just not violent, he still does shit like using aphrodisiac roofies to mcs drink and mc trying to rape him lol but anji overpowers him and like mitsugi cooms before inserting it.. His story is interesting too. Black LI is Matsuda but not violent at all He does get violent in a bad ending only. Both him and Anji have always been in love with main character and simping hard for hin. Manlets route is very good too he's really cool. Now doctor….he's a mix of August and Matsuda. He's very interesting as a character but his route is very violent.
Other than that, I do recommend the game, the plot isn't half bad. Mc is really the best thing in the game.
Language level wise, it's easy jp, the slang might make it tough sometimes though, dw mtl hooks everything pretty well. The art does get goofy at times but some cg are really good.

I'd shill omega vampire too l, but I don't want to start an omegaverse discourse infighting, so I'll just say that if you like fluff, dark sense of humor crack, pure autism and cute unhinged romance, it's a must. And mpreg happens in only one route worst boys so you can just skip him. He's locked anyways.

No. 398060

I’ve been wanting to play this game for a while because it looks like the art was made by Kurahana Chinatsu. I’m also interested in the boy with brown skin I think we need more of them in BL. Thank you for reminding me of this game nona! As for Omega Vampire, I have it installed and played only for about 30 minutes. I like mpreg so I’m disappointed it only happens in one route wtf. Dropped.

No. 398073

File: 1720194333473.png (1.35 MB, 1401x787, C4U5vv7VYAA3KXW.png)

Dystopia no Ou is in my to play list but Azuma is my favorite son even after like 6 years so I doubt Kiriku will replace him kek.
I have mostly positive but somewhat mixed feelings about Omega Vampire. The setting was really interesting, the humor was up my alley and the OST was amazing. CGs were inconsistent but majority were beautiful. But some parts of the plot were just ??? For example, Keiichi's ALPHA POWAH was not consistent across routes. In the Genma and Hakurou routes Keiichi powers up to the max when he drinks human blood, like, to a god-like OP level. But in Heinrich route he's defeated by Heinrich in a single punch wtf (even though he beat up Heinrich so badly under the same circumstances in Genma's route). The first time that happened I tried to rationalize it by blaming it on his body's extremely weak state when he transformed, but still…He drank blood for the 2nd time and once again underwhelming transformation, in Genma's and Hakurou's routes everyone within a mile had been intimidated by the air of suppression around him. Heinrich route truly was shit writing that only focused on rape despite his backstory in the extras being interesting. Also I really wish they released a fandisc that went deep into the mysteries still left open by the worldbuilding (like clone Keichi thing), it had a lot of potential
Anyway Genma is bae , Heinrich can step on a lego

I would recommend continuing with omega vampire even if mpreg in the shithead's route, the setting is there and in a crack ending mc can even impregnate himself in a dreamlike sequence (mating process seen in picrel kek).

No. 398084

File: 1720198172506.jpg (260.86 KB, 1200x1000, 62079979_p0_master1200.jpg)

I honestly don't know the answer to your question because I have not played Mebiusline, but I really, really want to when I feel I'm able to understand it. I was also very curious about the connection between the two, as they appear to take place in different time periods, so I don't get how the characters could make cameos except maybe the shopkeeper, who was implied to be immortal or at least very long-lived? Also, Kamiosaki was my personal favorite, but I can acknowledge he was hit the worst with the Ugly Stick kek. Meguro had a really great route, too. Probably my second favorite overall, and I found the part near the end with his sister and nephew to be so lovely thematically and from a characterization standpoint. He had some great character growth, and I ended up liking him way more than I initially anticipated. I'm really glad you're enjoying it!
>I'm also a huge holicworksfag in general and really have to play that one
If you ever get around to it, definitely post your thoughts! I think they currently have two or three other VNs in development right now, but sadly, I haven't seen many updates regarding those titles. I really hope they eventually release them and the projects don't die altogether…
>dystopia no ou
I've seen this one recommended before, but I'm still not exactly sure what I should expect from it. I haven't played Paradise yet, so I don't have much room for comparison, but how seriously does it take itself? Is it more goofy or horror or something else entirely? It looks like it has an apocalyptic setting, which is something I like a lot. I really like tragic stories, but I don't want to have the wrong expectations for it.

No. 398086

Is #1 that mechafucker anime? Also based Hua Cheng at #2

No. 398093

File: 1720198883543.jpg (862.43 KB, 2316x1465, brave bang.jpg)

Yep, that's Bravern. It seems that China will need to subcontract danmei adaptations to Japan, because of domestic censorship demands kek.

No. 398096

Based then. I hope that means we get more overt homo even though Heaven's Official was already very gay. Praying for Scum Villain to get their season 2. I NEED to see how Shang Qinghua looks like

No. 398097

>I NEED to see how Shang Qinghua looks like
Has a CGI sameface, like the rest of them.

No. 398099

i wish you retards wouldn't claim feminine guys are trannies

No. 398100

I was wondering how they got around the censorship but this explains a lot. Fujobucks are so irresistible that it surpasses even CCP kek

No. 398103

Shut up shut up shut up!!! Stop ruining the magic!

No. 398106

Is slime guy even that feminine? From what I've seen he acts like a old man.

No. 398107

>It seems that China will need to subcontract danmei adaptations to Japan, because of domestic censorship demands kek.
Wait what? Where did you hear this, or are you just speculating?

No. 398126

File: 1720204928693.png (849.72 KB, 662x916, Canis-KUMA-colour-page-2.png)

Anyone got any recommendations for BL mangas with unique art styles? Explicit is fine, but I prefer something character-driven. I liked picrel a lot for its art style.

No. 398138

these look so good tbh, too bad my jp is shit and i'm too lazy to look into how translating programs work, though if I run out of things to consume I might as well at least try
can't believe I'm actually about to watch a mecha anime because of this thread

No. 398139

File: 1720210715030.jpg (2.41 MB, 1648x5950, 1445634024630.jpg)

The stigma against mecha makes me sad.

No. 398140

my friend made me watch a lot of gundam series and honestly they were all painfully heterosexual. they weren't bad but from a fujo pov i didn't like them

No. 398141

Fujos saved Gundam from imminent cancellation and what did we get in return? Nothing except a lesbian Gundam.

No. 398145

Honestly that's why fujos should stop funding projects that don't cater to them anymore and keep their money to themselves. Franchises with a huge fujo following die immediately when they start trying to cater to waifufags or normie het audiences because the immeasurable amount of effort fujos put into creating fanart, fanzines and doujin merch is exploited by companies so many times that sometimes I wish we could go male waifu incel level crazy at companies to force them into bending a knee if they want our labor.

No. 398153

File: 1720213667943.jpg (890.32 KB, 1079x1592, 1000018140.jpg)

You might like Haji's work
Picrel from red hood
(Taller one is bottom btw)

No. 398157

File: 1720216702288.jpg (673 KB, 4076x2480, summer_hrmk.jpg)

looks like there was some funny stuff happening on /meta/ earlier. lol!!!! fun read.

what's a bl you associate with each season nonnies?
no, thank you!!!
kugatsu no yuujin? can't think of many big ones
crystal palace
sakura-gari(trying to drag a /meta/ infight back to /m/)

No. 398166

So much scroteshit here

No. 398173

Fujos should actually start doing that. Why is it only the waifu-lover incels that bitch and moan and reviewbomb games and threaten employees when there are changes they don't like?

No. 398180

File: 1720226786450.jpg (137.17 KB, 1000x649, 1000002887.jpg)

let us know what you thought about bravern when you finish!

No. 398184

Certified hood classic(do not post porn on /m/)

No. 398185

zero eroticism, and i like seeing men hurt. 0/10 scrote porn

No. 398186

Wtf is this lmfao I genuinely laughed

No. 398187

kek nona (wtf)

No. 398190

holy shit i remember this, lmao

No. 398198

File: 1720232092740.jpeg (539.84 KB, 774x1024, IMG_4898.jpeg)

Nta but I started watching Braven because another Nona recommended it, and it was such a fun watch. I’m going to miss this dumb little show.
Baan baan ban baan
Baan ban ban ban baan bureibaan

No. 398202

Gundam wing and the first Gundam are the only fujo approved gundam shows as a gundamfag. The first gundam has character designs by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, the director of Kaze to Ki no Uta and gundam wing is basically a CBDCT with robots.

No. 398203

god i want to watch this but the amount of waifushit for moids is filtering, the black haired guy is also super mid. The blonde bitch is sex though.

No. 398209

im crying

No. 398224


No. 398229

i used to love spamming this around 4chan to piss off moids

No. 398250

From horror or amusement?

No. 398255

Bruh I'm an oldfag but I don't know what this is from kek

No. 398257

I really don't understand the hatred towards us from women who are critical of men. They have the gall to lump us with porn sick males who get off to women being violated.

No. 398258

Fuck you know what nevermind

No. 398259

>women making an inch of a joke that men always make thousands worse of is just as horrible
deprogram your mind

No. 398260

This thread is not for metaposting about the anti-fujo thread on /ot/.

No. 398261

I was joking too nona. My first post is sincere. Maybe I'll add tone indicators from now on.

No. 398295

File: 1720260135916.jpg (96.15 KB, 336x500, MV5BNDE4ZjFmODgtMmU2MS00NzI0LT…)

Not mecha but space. It's made by queen takemiya keiko. I cried watching it. The manga isn't bad too but I really like the anime. Underrated. I highly recommend it.
Tinfoil, but I do believe that bara no ki and shingakkous protagonists are based on jomy, but also other characters by takemiyas and habits works like natsu e, kaze, thomas heart.

No. 398298

> I do believe that bara no ki and shingakkous protagonists are based on jomy, but also other characters by takemiyas and habits works like natsu e, kaze, thomas heart.
I thought so, too. I love that style of delicate BL that seems almost lost nowadays with how emo the genre became. I miss delicate looking characters in Bl. While I am glad the era of roidpiggu with knife chin and dainty uwu smol bean uke is gone, i am also not a fan of the manwha super masculine looking uke and seme either. I just like both my uke and seme to be cute and pretty. Its why Gakuen heaven and gravitation will always be my favourites, no matter how outdated they might be.

No. 398302

I see the Takemiya inspiration for sure. One thing I've also noticed is how similar Michael and Augusts and Kaname and Mikihikos relationship is to Subaru and Seishirous from Tokyo Babylon/X. I don't think they own the Motojiro Kajii reference but there are too many similarities between Mikihiko/August and Seishirou for me to ignore. Like their first meeting, the failed lovers suicide, being kind and understanding at first, Kaname being the only person Mikihiko loves, the incest backstory, being responsible for the death of someone close to the protagonist, the non-consensual touching, the tragic ending etc. I could say much more but I'll stop for now. I might me wrong about this of course and this is just my autism.

No. 398305

Clamp queens need to come back. I wouldn't be surprised if she was inspired by them too. I still remember how shocked the readers were about that clamp X manga chapter, where they discussed how misogynistic Japan was back in the 90s and how they victim blamed a girl who got raped. The stigma, the victim blaming. Pretty dark realistic and clamp made a huge step for both bl and an all women's team making a manga that was a great success. It really sucks that it's been on hiatus for years, along with their other works. I bet they'd have gone full fujo too if they could but the fujo stigma back then was crazy.
The writers who worked for pilslash games, write excellent villains. Bara no ki/shingakkou writers villains are awesome, but love and destroy ones etc. aren't half bad too! All of them had something traumatizing happen to them in the past and they take their vent up frustration out to main character but also develop a twisted love for him. I like their protagonists too, except for that pigeon blood retard and his Lana del rey fetish.

No. 398309

File: 1720266629673.jpeg (1.02 MB, 2509x3600, FDC1AA02-9E2E-4086-8928-38497A…)

your comparison to seishirou/subaru has sold me on giving the anime a chance, that relationship was absolutely peak and one of my favorites in all of manga. loss of innocence stories are one of my favorite genres, and the extent at which the grooming and betrayal had on subaru was unrivaled.

a little off topic, but since its tokyo babylon related, do you think that seishirou did actually have feelings for subaru?

No. 398339

File: 1720280840557.jpg (468.07 KB, 1067x1600, 0016-162.jpg)

They used to make really social commentary and I will always look up to them. It’s sad how they chose to sell out and only care about cardcaptor sakura now. I haven’t played any love and destroy games, I will put them on my list.

I feel the same, their relationship consists of everything I love and is perfect.

>do you think that seishirou did actually have feelings for subaru?

I think it’s canon that he loved Subaru in X. There is a theme of dying purposefully while leaving the person you love behind. It happened to multiple characters in X and it wouldn’t make sense to exclude Seishirou and Subaru from it. Aside from that, you can read into many things in X and relate them to Seishirou’s feelings like him getting jealous when Fuuma caused Subaru’s eye injury but the most obvious one is his mother saying he will be killed by the person he loves. I believe that Seishirou already had feelings for him in Tokyo Babylon though it took him too long to accept them.
Seishirou is convinced that he can’t love anyone which is why he starts the bet in the first place, promising to kill Subaru if he doesn’t consider him special. I think that by giving Subaru a chance back when he was a child he was already considering him special and losing the bet. Seishirou didn’t act like he didn't care about Subaru like he claimed, he had no reason to beat up Subaru as violently as he did by the end of their bet, he could have simply killed him. He didn’t want to admit he was wrong, not to Subaru but to himself. He also didn’t believe that Subaru could love him if he knew the true him.

Seishirou is a complex character and we don’t get to see his point of view or get much information on him in general and explicit love is not very common in clamp works so I can’t say anything with complete confidence. Clamp's writing can be a mess at times but I believe that they really thought of every detail when it comes to Seishirou and Subaru, every interaction between them is worth analyzing. Regarding Seishirous last words, I think it was a love confession. I couldn't think of anything else that would fit the mirroring of their first meeting and how Subaru was hesitant to think he didn’t lie. They made art of them being connected by a red string and put the rainbow bridge scene in the section for ‘Love’ in their newest exhibition. What are your thoughts anon?

No. 398353

I will never understand the appeal of ugly bastards.

No. 398356

>I just like both my uke and seme to be cute and pretty

Tokyo Babylon/X has been on my watch/read list for a very long time but i think i'll get into it ASAP. Takemiya might be my favorite BL author, anything that's inspired by her in either setting, style or dynamics is likely to be amazing

No. 398357

File: 1720284763855.jpg (81.88 KB, 564x509, 83daffd6ce6a851fe731a1d0300eb7…)

There's just something about the total degradation of the guy getting fucked by them. It's good when they are borderline faceless extras, they should only exist to make my fave miserable

No. 398359

File: 1720285833180.png (1004.58 KB, 978x753, matsuchad.png)

I'd rather the guy doing the rape also be hot, so that's probably why I don't get it.

No. 398362

If he's important or often visible I also prefer that, but with one-offs it can add a certain something kek

No. 398364

what about a hot guy pimping another dude out to an ugly bastard?

No. 398365

There was a Jakurai x Ramuda fic like that, but no I wasn't into it.

No. 398367

Hot mobs are a rarity that should be cherished and worshipped. I'm tired of these ugly ass mobs fucking the cute/handsome MC. That one Zelda doujin where Link gets fucked by handsome mob soldiers was an absolute masterpiece

No. 398370

File: 1720288193616.jpg (39.84 KB, 447x480, 20220422_193622.jpg)

While I respect mobbu ojisan enjoyers, I can't unsee it as a self-insert fetish for fat and balding otaku. I'd rather a handsome uke get degraded by an equally handsome ojisan, then I can ogle them both. Seconding Matsuda as the prime example.

No. 398372

I fucking love him nonny. When will they translate the other 2 games? I want to see more of him.

No. 398374

File: 1720289272342.png (Spoiler Image,929.49 KB, 796x736, matsuda doing what matsuda doe…)

Same he's so perfect
>When will they translate the other 2 games?
They just said something like 'if it sells well' when I asked, so hopefully they will.

No. 398387

not clicking the goosh goosh video KYS

No. 398397

File: 1720294445744.png (511.49 KB, 1122x1069, unknown.png)

One thing I love about BL manga/webtoon author's notes is the way some authors happily sperg about their characters, it's really cute
(picrel from Who Can Define Popularity)

No. 398402

hot fanart

No. 398407

Love this line, Matsuda is so sexo, think i prefer this ending ovet the good one kek
Nice picrel nonnie, Azuma is so cute~

No. 398428

I kind of love these too. I remember the Ennead author made all these character interviews with cute chibis and an entire series of side comics about the mc's (Seth) cat that started out fun/cute and made me cry in the end (I'm still salty about the fact that I can't read them anymore because the girl that translated them privated the pictures). The Dear Door author also sperged about her own characters, made a bunch of AU extra chapters.

No. 398429

I thought so too, but Kiriku became my number one. Azuma is actually my third, right after Michael. I like innocent tsundere cuties that go dere dere to their love interests. Also Michael tops, important. Kiriku WOULD TOP TOO but jap fujos suck and didn't like the riba pilslash always offered. Kiriku really wanted to top. I think you'll like him a lot nona. And Gemma was such a gentleman, but senpai was my number one. I love unhinged stalkerish love interests. He was great, great. +1 points to karinchatnoir for making megane characters sekes + always sticking to their glasses, even in shower lol
It's dystopia/apocalyptic. Basically mc is a richfag and lives in the very rich and very technology advanced part of Japan where richfags live. They have a system too think of it like dmmd/laughter land but not that retarded/no shota. In order to be in that part of the city and be rich etc you have to be important have talent etc. It takes a lot of effort to be there/go to there. The other part is the poorfag place whereas it's basically a trash dump and criminality etc exists, people are poor and struggling to live and make ends meet everyday and try hard to go to the rich area one day. You can't just go to there. Kirikus parents work in that psycho/pass like system and basically are founders so kiriku is really rich and talented. But. His dream is to become a rockstar. But he sucks like really sucks ass. He's very overconfident really cool guy and you'd think that holy this guy is so cool, but he sucks can't sing can't play guitar kek. So he obviously gets rejected but he wants to start from scratch so he secretly sneaks to the other side of the town to chase after his dream and become a rockstar lol. He's so dumb but his in reality a genius i love him so much. So yeah he enjoys his poor lifestyle now.
I don't know the route order but most people played and me included Anji,black li,hanza,manlet and doc. Manlet might be locked don't remember but doc definitely is.
Anji and hanza are huge kiriku simps. Hanza is kirikus childhood friend, they met at the fence separating the two cities. And since then he's been in love with him. Still treasuring a gift that he gave him. Hanza is actually a really cool guy and kiriku joins his band. Anji is on an upcoming very popular boy band too and his an ass on kiriku at first bc kiriku doesn't remember him. kiriku is actually a piano prodigy and in general a genius and met anji when they were young at competitions. Anjis route is quite tame, basically showbiz stuff and both he and kiriku achieving fame etc, he has his mitsugi sperg moments too but not as much as mitsugi. Hanza is quite tame too his bad end is a lil fucked. Anjis too. Basically friends to lovers and he has a backstory too. Tame by pilslash standards mind you, but nothin