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File: 1716055113954.png (866.18 KB, 1105x784, 1647971559317.png)

No. 383598

A thread for anons to request drawings and trade art. You can leave your request below! Quality and quantity may vary. Everyone is welcomed to participate, remember this thread is just for fun.
Rate my art thread: >>>/m/373122

No. 383601

Ooh cool idea for a thread nonna, I love the thread pic!

No. 383619

I want nun Elsies! Even if it's just an edit that's ok too

No. 383674

File: 1716063182479.jpg (17.37 KB, 480x365, inhaling copium.jpg)

requesting an elsie dying of cringe.

No. 383679

can i participate even though my drawing is garbage? ill do my best

No. 383682

The op says everyone is welcomed so go ahead!

No. 383689

File: 1716065083745.png (496.97 KB, 929x795, nunsie.png)

a really quick one, ive made a mistake of trying out a different brush

No. 383698

File: 1716065469165.png (1.13 MB, 1200x1600, nunlise.png)

heres one!

No. 383735

Are lewd requests allowed? Spoilered of course or linking to catbox

No. 383740

nun elsie! nun elsie!

No. 383742

Yes feel free to post stuff with spoilers but try to keep catbox to a minimum I guess

No. 383745

If its tastefully lewd then I hope so but if its full coomer shit fuck no

No. 383751

Yes, always. What do you want?

No. 383764

can someone draw a TERF reimu (touhou project)

No. 383776

File: 1716081946127.png (5.09 MB, 3570x2859, Elsie dies from cringe.png)

Not super good because I wanted it to be quick, but I gave it a go

No. 383777

KEK I almost spat out my beer I love this

No. 383778

File: 1716082256719.png (456.77 KB, 1182x2091, Treimu.png)

i love reimu so here's a quickie(ban evasion)

No. 383781

File: 1716083070355.jpg (29.67 KB, 736x736, a5d51ab14950c60b7303b3bf6c3034…)

Are there any south park nonnies? I love Stan and would love if someone could draw him (in any of his forms) for me, I'll draw any of the other boys back for you also!

No. 383786

keeeekkkk great job nonnie, you truly captured the expression

No. 383792

File: 1716085694874.jpg (57.61 KB, 640x620, 1716006523264.jpg)

Rena Ryuugu holding this and saying "kyuuute!"

No. 383800

noooo stop posting that thing everywhere it's so disturbing

No. 383803

i think its cute it looks like what the pets from club penguin would be if they were real

No. 383825

File: 1716091500081.png (615.36 KB, 1000x1480, ummyeah.png)

No. 383847


No. 383860

I know it's so fucking annoying

No. 383902

I love it, thank you nonnie!! I like that you made her the player 2 blue Reimu especially. No men in Gensokyo!

No. 383940

trapschizo you got better!

No. 383942

She would take it home and bounce it like a basketball

No. 383950

File: 1716127893135.jpg (Spoiler Image,65.67 KB, 500x363, bv03217.jpg)

No. 383960

Ok now draw it

No. 383971

but that's purple

No. 383972

File: 1716132477092.jpg (112.28 KB, 540x699, 1716091464423.jpg)

Someone pls redraw this as Elsie kek

No. 383973

what is that

No. 383985

meatball fresh from the cow

No. 383988

it's a cow egg

No. 383989

File: 1716134491056.png (9.86 KB, 238x212, D823CED6-8E09-43C4-82BA-33BF2C…)

Is there anyone that’s willing to draw elsie as little my?

No. 384002

She absolutely has not. Don't encourage them to post here.

No. 384010

Nta but you need to read the OP, quality of art doesn’t matter. The drawing is cute regardless

No. 384030

Wait wasn't she permabanned?

No. 384035

Who tf is trapschizo

No. 384039

permabans aren't really infallible kek

No. 384041

File: 1716140247816.png (156.37 KB, 767x1003, littlemy.png)

Your wish is my command

No. 384043

No. 384048

Not going to derail but you can read the farmhands post

No. 384053

annoying snitch
that happened a month ago anyway

No. 384057

Someone who shits up threads with samefagging and infighting bait.

No. 384061

I might get accused of being her samefagging for saying this but while what she did was cringe it wasn't permaban worthy, and that one anon who went overboard sperging at her didn't sound much less autistic than she did. she's just some random mediocre artfag to me, it's whatever.

No. 384063

That poster in particular just happens to be an annoying embarrassing cow. Everyone else can post whatever they want.

No. 384068

File: 1716142574083.jpg (107.74 KB, 908x820, Little Elsie.jpg)

There was this one in the doodle thread

So cuuute!

No. 384071


No. 384072

do you see the irony in shitting up this thread and continuing to derail after saying that you wouldn’t? I’m inclined to agree with that other anon, it just looks like someone got baited by a sperg into sperging out herself. But if she’s posting now, then the permaban may have been lifted. Report and move on regardless

No. 384144

What am i even looking at can someone explain

No. 384149

Undeveloped cow fetus

No. 384150

This is amazing thank you anons!!

No. 384217

could I implore a nonny to draw 2X and elsie dressed up as illusen and jhudora, please and thank u

No. 384707

File: 1716248634788.png (413.97 KB, 800x1200, i love my amorphous globosus.p…)

I think she would try to take care of it

No. 384712

Super cute anon!

No. 384723

I love this so much, thank you!

No. 384752

File: 1716256963033.jpg (119.6 KB, 1368x1478, stan.jpg)

Moody Stan drawing for my fellow SP nonnas~

No. 384825

File: 1716273028817.png (521.98 KB, 1129x1328, stan.png)

I don't draw SP as much as I used to, this was fun. Hope you like him, even though it's really sketchy. I'd love it if you drew angel Kenny!

No. 384829

I Google lensed that and I really have no words. I hope the site is some kind of elaborate hoax but I doubt.

No. 384833

what site? it's a cow fetus

No. 384834

Not to derail too much but these things and especially that tiktok video on meta give me the same disconcerting feeling reading about fluffybooru did.

No. 384836

It’s just an undeveloped cow fetus lol it’s a bit gross but kinda cute too. Looks like a cow egg

No. 384878

File: 1716281552879.jpg (Spoiler Image,181.97 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20240521_035018_Chr…)

It's not a fetus it's a blob of tissue that was supposed to form a fetus. And the picture originally came from a Florida university site that gives information on animal births and birth defects. The image set showed grotesque images of severly deformed young. Many of them intentionally maimed to make it easier to vaginally deliver them. The worst ones for me were the inverted spine young that had their intestines spilling out of the mother as that was what she was able to push out first. The images are super bleak and come with strange technical jargon captions. The website makes a point of calling these deformed babies monsters.

No. 384917

hauuu kyuuute

No. 384940

AAARGHSHDJ i'm giggling like a retard, I love this so much
Thank you nonnies! I'll work on Kenny when I get home

No. 384945

Huh. That is kind of an unpleasant site, but it's not hoax level at all. People and groups that document medical gore of any kind wether animal or whatever for legitimate scientific purposes or not all give off the same fucked up serial killer vibe and tend to talk about the subjects in a detached manner or use insensitive words (especially when it's animals). This site being about reproduction and having all the animal genital photos makes it extra creepy but this is a legitimate field of study and interest with money behind it due to the factory farming industry.

No. 384948

File: 1716294473265.jpeg (84.06 KB, 640x682, 1671504208001.jpeg)

Requesting this meme but Kamala is Elsie. Catboy can be whichever character you wish

No. 384954

File: 1716296007003.jpg (316.73 KB, 800x800, Edith.jpg)

Freaking awesome site! Til: bulldog calves. Look at this thing's skeleton.

No. 384959

"Fetal monster" may sound weird but it is a real technical term used, both on that website and elsewhere, to describe defective livestock births. No need to pearl-clutch.

No. 384964

Nice thread OP!

No. 384967

Oh I know, I’m sure they don’t even think it’s a weird term because it’s just baked into the field of study. It’s still jarring to a layperson coming across it. The people using it aren’t giving it any special meaning, it’s just a term to them. That was kinda my point. I’m just observing not trying to pass moral judgement it doesn’t matter to me.

No. 384968

Did you really have to post this? It's way grosser than the cow blob.

No. 384971

Way to derail and kill the vibe of this thread.

No. 385009

File: 1716303453434.jpg (119.04 KB, 800x1025, kill him.jpg)

Here you go! been a while since I've drawn him

No. 385012

this is ADORABLE

No. 385013

>come into thread thinking of fulfilling some random request
>Undeveloped cow fetus
>Fetal monster
>Intestines and spines and shit
>Close tab

No. 385034

Just report for derailing, that anon didn't have to go look for animal gore and post their findings of that shitty website. The cow egg was posted on /meta/ before and it was just a stupid drawing request. Idgi. It wasn't that deep to begin with.

No. 385111

File: 1716312093514.png (621.17 KB, 1290x2227, stan.png)

I did something quick! would love to see your version of kyle

No. 385127

The catboy should be Felix from Re:Zero because traps and femboys are cringe and obnoxious

No. 385130

should be astolfo because he's patient zero of trapfaggotry becoming normalized

No. 385148

Drawing those abominations at all will only encourage the retards who are into that sort of thing.

No. 385160

File: 1716316177301.jpg (1.5 MB, 2709x2227, bang bang bbang.jpg)

I LOVE it, now they're singing together!
(quick delete to fix the shading of the cheek, sorry)

No. 385161

this is so cute! i love your style and how you added it next to Stan. Kyle looks extra kawiwi. If any nonnies are interested i would love to see cartman and kenny added too to make a collab. Now i gotta rewatch south park. np nonny i almost deleted it too to fix..everything..the seeing errors after posting curse is too real

No. 385164

Requesting a cute group hug of Elsie, 2X, Bio-chan and Cece hugging Nonnie or have them hang out together on a picnic, cafe or tea party. Any other female board characters I missed, add them as you wished.

No. 385168

File: 1716317010288.png (403.66 KB, 1372x1521, gothstan.png)

Couldn't resist drawing something for a fellow sp enjoying nonna, so have a goth stan. Would love a Butters in return! cause I used to ship him with Stan lmfaoo

No. 385172

this is true you’re going to bring out trapfag again

No. 385181

Since when are we on good terms with cc/is cc on good terms with us

No. 385184

We literally have bunker thread for eachother on both sites kekkk cc is more like a sister site to lc

No. 385194

File: 1716320356900.jpg (217.25 KB, 1167x697, 1677369945469.jpg)

Since always

No. 385198

cc was created by lolcow users, more than sister sites they are mother-daughter

No. 385200

I LOVE IT! Thank you so much, I love the bloodstain on his forehead especially! I didn't realize there were so many SPnonnies lol

No. 385201

im so glad my shitty trackpad doodle has lived on. cc/lc solidarity forever

No. 385203

The bunker threads miners despise because they can't handle average farmer schizoposting and farmers complain should be nuked for attracting cctroons whenever it's being used? There's a lolcow.farm hate thread on cc and a cc hate thread on /ot/. We unironically might have a worse relationship with them than we had with pull back in the day since we were at least close enough to them to pull stupid april fools jokes together even though the users of both sites hated it. Lc-cc is a meme pushed by farmers who like the idea of female solidarity but would rather die than actually practice it.

No. 385206

File: 1716323508793.png (1.3 MB, 2000x1897, nonnalove.png)

seeth and mald, is there any sister in the world who doesnt hate/love her sister? nonna love! will complete this soon

No. 385222

Rolling my eyes forever at this post.

No. 385228

NTA but Chieftain Areola wouldn't be proud of you

No. 385230

so excited for this!!! it's beautiful so far

No. 385237

what about that dogboy? you know the one gif
they're like our retarded daughter who's been slowly infected with aids

No. 385269

>they're like our retarded daughter who's been slowly infected with aids
more like we're their delusional narc mom they cut ties with

No. 385347

The lolcow hate thread on cc is used by farmers banned in here and the cc one is so dead i only found out it exists from your reply

No. 385355

File: 1716373966246.jpg (39.83 KB, 509x526, a467a18d832cb1c35c27bbe09b0018…)

Can all you retards stop derailing this thread with your stupid cc shit already?

No. 385494

Nonny i love it…

No. 385775

File: 1716485226763.jpg (46.31 KB, 777x437, Pokemon-Unite-Cropped-4-425525…)

Requesting more punk Azumarill, Marill and Azurill

No. 386012

Can't wait for this to get finished.

I love this goth Stan drawing too.

No. 386103

File: 1716578807472.jpg (90.6 KB, 1200x1200, Drake-Hotline-Bling.jpg)

Requesting Elsie like this Drake meme

No. 386218

File: 1716600280741.jpeg (441.05 KB, 1106x1022, 1716584963697.jpeg)

Just posting this cool thing someone else made.

No. 386278

File: 1716633191070.png (163.46 KB, 512x695, lolcor fanart.png)


No. 386288

No. 386383

This is awesome!

No. 386727

File: 1716757546110.jpg (111.19 KB, 596x882, elsiememe.jpg)

I haven't drawn in forever lol that was fun

No. 386734

fuck i forgot the horns
i'll do them tomorrow gtg to bed

No. 386889

Kek nonny dear she has six fingers.

No. 386967

OK I'll take my repost in bad art thread

No. 387067

File: 1716840373981.png (169.88 KB, 549x815, 1716837420314426.png)

i made it again without the extra finger

No. 387068

You still forgot the horns

No. 387069

Kek poor nonny

No. 387075

No. 387080

File: 1716841961660.gif (451.46 KB, 500x327, blushing-88-1320192266.gif)

NSFW request so I'll spoiler
John Egbert giving Dave Strider a romantic blowjob on the couch in his room while Dave caresses his hair

No. 387082

File: 1716842756322.jpg (165.46 KB, 904x750, 11704.jpg)

>is there any sister in the world who doesnt hate/love her sister?
Me. I don't hate CC, only love it. Cool chill girls that I post with once in a blue moon.

No. 387083

File: 1716842898496.gif (92.89 KB, 650x650, B34RGx4.gif)

Anon, I guarantee you something like that already exists on MidnightCrewBooru. There's no need to humiliate yourself by asking for it here.

No. 387084


No. 387085

CC exists solely for the purpose of being a bunker during lolcor outages.

No. 387168

Ilu nonny kek

No. 388625

File: 1717401445872.png (191.75 KB, 506x1514, LADG_-_Character_Render_-_Kihe…)

Can someone please draw picrel in traditional Japanese clothes (haori/hakama/geta etc)? for personal reasons. Thanks.

No. 389191

File: 1717597639775.jpg (24.05 KB, 720x435, 700.jpg)

Can someone turn her into Elsie? thx

No. 389321

Wish this thread was more popular ngl

No. 389328

File: 1717619787017.png (466.48 KB, 1000x604, letsgetretarded.png)

kinda forgot this thread existed but ill try to fulfil as many requests as i can when im free!

No. 389331

Finish this wtf

No. 389348

Can I edit this to say "fictional man"?

No. 389436


No. 389445

tayrt you can! #

No. 389532

File: 1717673936141.jpg (434.92 KB, 1439x879, Screenshot_20240606_143847_Gal…)

Ok here it is. Sorry for my shit editing skills kek. Now all my husbandofag nonnies can use this to represent them.

No. 389545

I like it kek, when edits are obvious in memes they're more fun.

No. 389554

kek i feel like the original also works for 2D guys too if someone's husbando is a himbo

No. 390093

File: 1717764263388.jpg (443.96 KB, 1439x878, Screenshot_20240607_154414_Gal…)

Fair, made a more specific version just in case.

No. 390706

File: 1717895890755.png (552.26 KB, 800x600, 1716944941121.png)

If anynonnie drew this but with Hetalia America instead of pepe, I would love you for the rest of eternity, kek.

No. 390708

Hot, I second this idea

No. 390736

I want it but with Elsie

No. 391296

File: 1718070960428.png (530.6 KB, 800x600, america-ya.png)

No. 391298

KEKKK also thank you anon who requested this wtf

No. 391300

File: 1718071456773.png (567.49 KB, 800x600, cry.png)

No. 391301

You’re a hero of the people

No. 391309

lmao! I was not expecting this version of America-kun, this is way better than just drawing him normal style

No. 391320

File: 1718078554250.png (445.09 KB, 800x600, alfred.png)

oh my god I fucking love these
here's my take, the idea was just too funny

No. 391322

Fucking masterpiece

No. 391323

Someone draw Elsie and asuka smoking a fat blunt together

No. 391375


No. 391376

Seconding and add homura too

No. 391398

THANK YOU. I fucking love you nonnies kek I can die happy now

No. 391420

File: 1718102791803.png (599.82 KB, 800x600, alferd.png)

kekkk i love the other interpretations of this all nonnies did great! heres another!

No. 391434

Masterpiece holy shit

No. 391441

Ok i am going to do this

No. 391454

Wtf I love you all so much. Alfred world domination kek

No. 391459

KEK these are so beautiful.

No. 391465

Little Elsie on fries package looks very cute.

No. 391470

File: 1718118291830.png (617.73 KB, 1024x1091, secure psychiatric unit elsie.…)

kek, thank you nonnie, for this funny request.
I drew a ych version for other farmers to draw their husbando/fav character/whatever kek

No. 391471

Wtf I love this

No. 391595

would anyone be willing to draw romano from hetalia holding the troon flag and burning it. i will love you forever if you do

No. 391607

The request so good you fill it thrice lol

No. 391614

Your art style is so beautiful. Are you the same anon who drew nun Elsie with a shotgun?

No. 391622

kek they look so good together. i spent a good 10 seconds hovering my mouse over the post links and watching it like an animation.

No. 391627

Are you me nonna?, I did the exact same thing kek

No. 391972

File: 1718248243747.png (100.16 KB, 560x492, kyute.png)

I requested a friend of mine to draw it too lol

No. 392237

File: 1718331534204.png (2.01 MB, 1420x1280, blunt.png)

I did it nonnas

No. 392238

No. 392240

I love you, nonny. This needs to be the threadpic of the next stoner thread

No. 392245

If there was a button that could explode the entire portion of userbase who came during or after the pandemic instantly I would smack the SHIT out of that thing(infighting)

No. 392246

>NGE and Madoka Magica
>during and after the pandemic

No. 392247

It does kinda come across as a little "animecore" ish

No. 392248

I've been here since way before covid though

No. 392250

This is amazing! The style gives me 2000s nostalgia lol

No. 392252

they're resurging in popularity because of animecore tiktok zoomers desperate for validation

No. 392257

Ok, but both of those anime have been talked about here well before the pandemic. Not the OP, and personally I’ve never even heard of “animecore” kek. I swear insufferable anons like >>392245 will try to infight over anything

No. 392262

The animecore bitches have been flooding cc and lolcow since the lockdown

No. 392264

the fuck is animecore? Please stop using tiktok words, it hurts my eyes.

No. 392267

living under a rock is a you problem. it started on tumblr over a decade ago and blew up proper with teenagers during the lockdown.(infighting)

No. 392269

Yeah we get it, you spend too much time consuming zoomer brainrot. Please stfu and move on. Anime on /m/ will not kill you(infighting)

No. 392271

you asked the meaning of a word and I told you, are you ok?

insufferable. whether they're aware of it or not they got their entire sense of humor and 'ironic' love for anime girl suffering from undercover lolicon trannies and boy does it show.

No. 392273

I was >>392264 but not >>392269. For the sake of my own sanity I'd rather live under a rock than ~stay updated on the current trends~ since they all suck.

No. 392274

We have a thread on it in /w/ though

No. 392301

Omfg I love this so fucking much

No. 392312

The picture is just generic anime style I don't get what makes it 'animecore'.

No. 392781

File: 1718529709224.png (1009.57 KB, 786x786, image_2024-06-16_022025822.png)

someone should draw elsie as the cover of live through this, optionally captioned with the lyrics "there is no milk" (from "i think that i would die")

No. 392994

Mermaid Alfred with an American flag patterned tail

No. 392996

Elsie with a basket of cowballs.

No. 393013

File: 1718593165108.png (386.01 KB, 530x788, mermanitee.png)

No. 393014

That's really great, good job.

No. 393015

im not even a hetalia fag why is this kinda hot

No. 393017

My beloved nonnie how I love you so…. this brings me right back to 2014 kek

No. 393022

The burger bikini top… genius.

No. 393026

File: 1718597512021.png (1.42 MB, 1077x1796, fat.png)

thanks nonas, here's a cleaner version

No. 393083

Are those fries used as fishing bait to catch him KEKKKKKKK nona

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