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File: 1583511226947.jpg (225.67 KB, 960x1200, 1582140927648.jpg)

No. 78171

Discuss kpop.
>Who's your favorite band/group? Who's your bias?
>Any comebacks you're looking forward to?


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No. 78173

random pic from last thread since no one voted for one

No. 78174

Somebody mentioned 3YE in last thread and I wanted to reply that their style is the same from recent groups but I kind of like them. Probably because it's only three girls and they dance really well. But I haven't listened to any B sides from them.

They also release dance covers from time to time in different languages and they actually sing the songs. They did a hindi song recently and seems from the comments they did really good with pronunciation.

No. 78176

Judging from this clip their dancing is mediocre and boring

No. 78187

I really like their song called ''OOMM''. I like 3YE they remind me of 2nd gen groups.
But i dont think they will ever make it big because they dont fit the korean beauty standards and because the kpop world has become even more misogynistic towards females appearance.

No. 78194

I've got to say looking at fancams I really appreciate the choreo more for Kick it, it's really hard. But you have to watch the main dancers ones lol Doyoung is barely on stage for example.

Taeyong went crazy this time. I get some anons don't like him but he can daance. He looks less skinny than in the MV. He's clearly underweight but I find someone like Lisa more scary looking. But maybe I'm biased because I love skinny guys.

No. 78196

>maybe I'm biased because I love skinny guys.
Definitely. Farmers have hideous taste. Kpoppies do in general I suppose.

No. 78200

nta but what's wrong with liking feminine guys i don't get the hate

No. 78202

Yeah people get so angry about it lol guys I've shown kpop MVs to immediately go "they look like girls, are they gay?" it's so annoying. God forbid a man took care of themselves, I even had a guy tell me Siwon looked "feminine" and he's one of the more masculine idols.

I find skinny guys hot and I don't get mad at people liking buff guys. To each their own.

No. 78203

It’s probably because they wear makeup and the stereotypes of Asian men

celebs in the west wear makeup too but you won’t catch them with a smoky eye and blue contacts

No. 78204

I get that, but they still get so defensive lol men really protect their low effort lifestyle. The biggest example of that is the "dad bod" trend.

I'm not saying they should start wearing makeup, but I find the comments that they make really off putting and I usually don't bother talking about kpop when they get defensive on what a "man" should look like.

No. 78205

(Wannabe) faggots =/= just men who properly groom themselves. There are real men who do that too. Liking feminine men is a massive red flag unless you're underage.

No. 78206

File: 1583532218418.jpg (28.89 KB, 564x752, 69df61d1ab5530645dd03a007d5724…)

Lol so If I like a 20 something year old dude that looks a bit more feminine like the one pictured you're calling me a pedo? you're projecting so hard anon. I never said "teenager" I said feminine.

No. 78209

Yeah the “masculine” men are so lazy lol I know for a fact they don’t shower daily

No. 78210

I'm projecting? When did I say anything about it being pedoshit, weirdo? This is exactly what I'm talking about.

No. 78214

Different anon here, but chill. Let people like their twinks in peace.

No. 78216

NTA but I'll bite, what's the "red flag" with liking feminine men?

No. 78217

honestly being into kpop is a enough of a redflag

No. 78218

Who are the main dancers?

No. 78224

are you the same anon that’s always in the kpg thread bitching about feminine men and saying every korean man should look like taecyeon from 2pm? who gives a shit if people’s taste in men differs from yours. it would be boring if everyone had the same exact taste. plenty of adult women like feminine-looking men, it’s not a “red flag” for anything.

No. 78230

File: 1583542397815.jpg (154.04 KB, 1241x691, juri.jpg)

I was watching this and was like, hey that girl reminds me of that japanese AKB48 girl

oh IT IS the AKB48 girl, shes in Rocket Punch wtf.

No. 78235

>(Wannabe) faggots =/= just men who properly groom themselves
except there are plenty of faggots who look “manly” and don’t bother much with grooming, you don’t even know what you’re talking about

No. 78236

massive red flag for what exactly?

No. 78238

The melody of the first verse was really nice, but unfortunately this again got fucked over by SM's boner for the noise pollution. Wtf is SM doing with fucking over songs that could be solid R&B tracks.
On a similar note, does anyone else here want an edit of Obsession (Exo) where the chorus and singing parts are isolated from all of the other noise and remixed into a listenable r&b song. I really like the smoothness of the chorus but the rest of it is absolute garbage. I don't have the skills to do this (yes anons, i know) but someone who's looking for some attention for their music production skills could make a killing by remixing the noise polluted r&b tracks that SM has been shitting on for the past few years.

No. 78249

File: 1583568339640.jpeg (130.53 KB, 1600x592, 57C91B8E-E26B-46E2-9A89-F1EF74…)

tinfoil incoming
but I think I have a good estimate on the bigfraud family heights
Jimin 171/5’7.5
Suga 171/5.7.5 ( same a jimin but he’s a “hyung” so lol)
taehyun 172/5’7.75
J-Hope 172-173/5’8
Beomgyu 173/5’8
Jungkook 173/5’8.25
V 174/ 5’8.5
Yeonjun 174/ 5’8.5 ( biggest fraud he claimed 181cm lmfao)
Jin 175cm /5’9
RM 178-179/ 5’10.5
HK 179-180
Soobin 181/ 6ft
I think I’m pretty right tbh

No. 78251

samefag here I forgot the boomer lee hyun 170 cm/ 5’7

No. 78254

File: 1583569397898.jpeg (95.27 KB, 743x557, F461EEFC-C04E-4541-BDF9-9D98A3…)

Men lie about their height all the time but Yeonjun is next level delusional

No. 78258

File: 1583571997996.jpg (133.26 KB, 1080x757, a2d6fbbeb055487d193186cc2d7a8b…)

sounds about accurate. most of them seem to be around the same height tbh.

i know taylor swift is a tall woman and she's probably wearing heels but they looked pretty short next to her

No. 78261

She’s 5’9.25” according to celebheights
So yeah in heels she’s be taller than them
BTS wears lifts too

No. 78264

File: 1583572813010.jpg (Spoiler Image,55.6 KB, 540x554, 3028048 - bts jimin.jpg)

If I had to see it so do you

No. 78265

File: 1583572873109.jpg (Spoiler Image,57.75 KB, 600x885, 2890850 - bts fakes kpop v_(si…)

No. 78266

I’ve always wondered why it was jimin who gets the deviantart reject shit…

No. 78268

Tyler is a man, tho. Just like most of the other Hollywood celebrities.

No. 78272

Nikkie tutorials really has you paranoid huh

No. 78274

No, once you're fully grown yourself, you can easily spot a transgender. You're distracted by the make-up and fancy clothes.
It's just as how in the past men played female roles. Nowadays they just practice it by injecting hormones and plastic surgeries.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 78275

this seems accurate. i dont know why big hit lies so much more about the shorter members heights when its clear that they're short when they stand next to actual tall people
taylor is a woman shes been in the limelight since she was 15. tall women exist weirdo dont get off topic

No. 78276

The noise pollution thing is so accurate. I literally remember nothing of the song and it's genuinely painful to sit through.

It's becoming a bit of an issue outside of SM too though. On literally sounds like a bunch of noise with noting memorable too.

No. 78282

It's not about simply the height, kiddo.

No. 78283

I’m a tinfoiler too but of all the conspiracy theories, everyone being transgender is one of the stupidest ones next to lizard people. It’s also sexist because plenty of cis women have certain traits. Go back to vigilant citizen where you can over analyze everyone’s bone structure and call them trannies.

Sage for ot

No. 78286

By "faggot" I didn't just mean "a gay man", retard. You lot are pathetic.

No. 78287

>standing in height order
>jk only one with those huge sole lifted shoes on
gives me a giggle, why do they try so hard to fake the heights

No. 78288

This all sounds good, but I think there’s more of a height difference between v and yeonjun. Not a big one, probably .25-.5 an inch.

It’s stupid af how bts and armys tease jimin for being so short but suga is the same height practically .

No. 78299

None of them are standing straight. Rap Monster is leaning backwards, Suga has a leg bent, HueingKai or whatever his name is has his head tilted up like what is this honey? And from the looks of it Suga should be the first one, not Jimin. They tried it tho.

No. 78301

Samefag but I looked it up and the only ones with the main dancer title are Taeyong and Mark

No. 78305

File: 1583602756632.png (584.18 KB, 810x402, bts_jc.png)

You can compare their heights to James Corden (5"8 but give an inch for his shoes) when they were barefoot at his show

No. 78315

I wish they where standing in a straight line lol

It sucks that bts doesn’t do variety shows there is a chance height would be brought up and they would have been measured

No. 78316

Yeah it'd be nice to finally end the bullshit about their heights but of course the managers would prevent that from happening on a show.
Seems silly to lie about their heights in the first place since that's something you can't hide forever.

No. 78319

Probably afraid they will lose stans if they get exposed for not being tall

No. 78328

File: 1583623293860.jpeg (118.08 KB, 682x1024, 69F90686-6B65-4662-8DA7-AE31D7…)

I am certain JK is 5’9” max most likely 5’8”

Jungkook said Charlie Puth was taller than him and he is 5’10 according to celebheights ( celebhieghts is really accurate)

No. 78329

File: 1583623821337.jpg (51.49 KB, 591x308, cor.JPG)

Media asking bighit whether the company might cancel upcoming tour dates due to coronavirus = bothering the boys!!1!

No. 78330

BTS>>>> public health don’t you know anon

No. 78337

The whole picture is sus.Why is JK the only one wearing different types of shoes?And you can see that some have soles with different heights.None of them are exceptionally tall anyway,so I don't get why they even arranged them like that instead of coming up with a better concept for a group picture?

No. 78342

Fans always wonder how tall they are compared to each other

No. 78343


Grown men who look like kids. Well apart from Huening who is actually a kid.

No. 78344

Welcome to Kpop first time?

No. 78350

coronavirus will just thin the general admission crowds, making it easier for them to get front row silly

No. 78352

But what is that picture supposed to prove then?Oppas aren't as tall as they make them seem.They should provide stats instead.

No. 78354

they do and it’s a lie

No. 78356

File: 1583670692081.jpg (157.26 KB, 1359x767, hara.jpg)

I finally decided to investigate Nature, this girl looks like Hitomi and Wonyoungs lovechild.

No. 78357

File: 1583670719031.png (15.02 KB, 1159x127, 231356.png)

I have no words.

No. 78359

Has anyone seen the drama between k-armies and k-nctzens on twitter? It all started because Jaehyun stans were accusing Jungkook of "sexually harassing" him when they literally just hugged on stage

No. 78360

thats just JYP posting

No. 78361

provide screenshots or gtfo, im not checking the shithole that is kpop twitter

No. 78363

I think Anon meant this. (Idk how to embed video sorry)


No. 78365

Their heads are so big compared to hers.

No. 78367

Is there any idol you hate for no reason?
For me it's Jimin. I don't know why his face makes me wanna punch him to death.

No. 78368

jessica amber baekhyun bobby jennie. idk why but seeing them makes me feel annoyed/uncomfy

No. 78370

Taehyung. I don't know, I just don't like him. It's a vibe I get.

No. 78371

i've never liked taeyeon. she's a great singer, but i've always got the impression she's probably a bitch.

No. 78372

What is the issue with the video?

No. 78373

File: 1583685165316.jpeg (60.22 KB, 525x700, A992BE7E-25CB-40DA-A3EE-A550D8…)

i dont know anything about him but he looks like an ugly dyke and his face disgusts me

No. 78374

Amber,Key,D.o and Luna

No. 78375

Yugyeom. I don't know anything about the dude but god does his face piss me off.

No. 78376

Woozi, RM, Chanyeol, Daisy, Winwin, Johnny

No. 78377

I cant stand Jaehyun

No. 78378

amber is such a closeted, religious fake lol rawr xd lesbian

No. 78379

I don't even think she's gay. She's just a boring, obnoxious straight girl that likes to wear boy clothes. She's also very bad at doing music.

No. 78380

RM.He seems full of himself.

No. 78381

they all wear insoles so thats that..
i saw a post in the previous thread about how Beomgyu looked the same height as the stray kids guy, and he is 171cm but looked way shorter than a girl next to them that was 170cm tall.

No. 78382


>Winwin and Jaehyun

No. 78384

lmao i saw that. K-nctzens were calling Jungkook a ''slut'' and a ''manwhore'' just because he hugged Jaehyun.
Looks like korean nctzens are even worse than their international counterpart which i thought was impossible.

No. 78385

The one ugly dude from ATEEZ. I don't even know his name.

No. 78386

jaehyun is an ugly bread face with the personality of a plank. his boyfriend persona sm is trying to push is also very cringe

No. 78387

ot i replied to the wrong one was supposed to reply to >>78359
Either way they went crazy over this hug….wtf

No. 78388

2PM Wooyoung, Junsu, Baekhyun, all of Super Junior. They all look like they've got serious skeletons in their closets

No. 78389

Second the super junior mess, same as bigbang. Seeing their faces makes me vomit, I can't help but imagine all the fucked up shit they have done

No. 78390

This is why I only fuck with girl groups. 2nd boy groups like Big Bang and Super Junior all be competing for who can be the biggest POS. Meanwhile SNSD, 2NE1 and Wonder Girls are just living their lives.

No. 78391

File: 1583698961722.jpg (165.96 KB, 1360x768, wjsn.jpg)

jeez i thought it was a dude for a second

No. 78392

I know people are probably sick of hearing about him in this thread but Nayeon's stalker Josh had his Twitter account suspended a few days ago, and all his YouTube videos are now gone too. I hope we can take this as a sign he's done. Even if he continued, I could not see it ending well for him. After all, he's made literal death threats at this point. I've been disappointed with how this situation has been handled up until now but there's no way the authorities should be able to ignore something like this.

No. 78393

Looks like V lol

No. 78394

I was just about to write that lol

No. 78395

File: 1583703525986.jpeg (31.25 KB, 250x243, 1F85D729-C98A-4E1B-B49F-2358F2…)

same energy

No. 78398

For looks alone, Taeyong (and exo kai), there's just something so weird about his face and I don't like it, especially now knctzens are holding him as some kind of visual over jin and jungkook
I wish Jay Park would learn to shut the fuck up for once
For personality/vibes, I trust no one in the rap scene, such as zico, Dean or crush, I just have a feeling they're a seungri type of people, so I will not be surprised when something comes out about them. And then there's bigbang and super junior kek

No. 78400

LSA's koreaboos are obsessed with him and Johnny. Such corny taste

No. 78401

What's wrong with woozi?

No. 78402

k-fans are always somehow more batshit insane than international fans. How you think the whole jk tattoo girlfriend thing got blown out of proportion?

No. 78403

By naive people who think an idol would have a girlfriend and not a million ones lol. Are Koreans prone to believe something like that? I think they were more pissed that he hang out with the “wrong people” tbh. They said some crazy shit.

No. 78406

It stems from the stupidity that they don't think someone should have opposite sex friends. Also, the stigma against tattoos in korea. Not to mention combine that with possessive kpop fans

No. 78407

>8 years ago today BIGBANG's music video for 'Fantastic Baby' was released.
Can someone explain to me why and how did this get so popular at that time? This song is fucking terrible and the video is just disgusting. Yikes.

No. 78412

Dance woooo I wanna dance dance dance dance dance fantastic baby

No. 78413

Lmaoo haven't seen this video for years, I forgot it happened. But anon you have to recognize that it's the perfect pop song, it gets stuck on your brain. Also the whole album/comeback was iconic,bigbang had a long hiatus if I remember correctly and apparently going through disbandment. They went all in that time, they also released bad boy, blue, etc. The gp was hungry and to be honest no other boy group was doing it like them.

Shame everything else, seeing TOP at his prime in this video while remembering that insta live while drunk, alone, speaking nonsense and looking like shit… kek almost gave me depression

No. 78414

Do any girl groups not do girl crush or super girl crush? I swear its like all their is now.

No. 78416

File: 1583727864844.jpg (45.44 KB, 882x157, men&women.jpg)

No. 78418

File: 1583728484998.jpg (76.12 KB, 726x457, mh5IIR1tui8uv_1280.jpg)

This is a bit random & probably dumb. But in the vein of the above discussing idols faces you don't like. I came across this article by accident a while back and it helped shed light on why so many anons here have often said RM's face is so punchable. He seems to meet the criteria they discuss here. Idk most of the other idols you guys brought up bc I don't follow nct or really any boy groups. But maybe this will help someone else here kek.

With RM imo specifically it's both his features and also what they say about seeming not trustworthy. Because he's got quite an (undeserved) ego and always seems a bit like he's…scheming? Idk. He just comes off as disingenuous to me, in a weirdly subtle way. Sugar has a hefty ego too but he's not as punchable to me somehow?


No. 78419

hani but in my heart i feel its not baseless

No. 78421

Haras mom is trying to get at least 50% of Haras money/whatever she had when she died. What a heartless piece of shit.

No. 78427

baekhyun, chen, d.o, taeyeon, seoyeon, junhoe

No. 78428

I love this. Itzy are rocking it

No. 78429

seems like the same concept as before, i love myself dalla dalla yeah. im just the way i am

No. 78431

Mammamoo, they have some serious “not like other girls” vibes , it’s rly offputting to me

No. 78432

the instrumental on this one is better than dalla and icy, not nearly as busy, wish they used the shouty voices less tho

No. 78433

the mullet one?

No. 78434

I like this. To be fair I also like their other trashier songs (they're still fun, not like what nct is doing) but this is great. The lyrics are good too, it's a nice message to give to young girls.

No. 78435

This gives me 2NE1 vibes a bit, more juvenile of course especially with the shouty voices as anon mentioned. Maybe over time they will improve/mature, since this is their best song so far

No. 78438

This is a lot like the Boss B*tch mv, particularly the shouting, beats, and camera work in the club scenes. It's like a middle school version of it lol

No. 78439

They're like nothing alike, they're both just pop songs. Not like boss bitch was unique and not a rip off of 212 anyways.

No. 78441

Yeah that one.

No. 78443

link to source?? i mean, this is an imageboard.

No. 78444

Make something that's catchy, repetitive and has simple lyrics. There's your hit. This works across genres and languages.

No. 78445

File: 1583768715785.jpg (125.56 KB, 1000x593, 1583727896-20200309-hara.jpg)

No. 78446

File: 1583769071850.png (219.55 KB, 548x538, download.png)

Is that the tomboy girl from GWSN? That styling is atrocious, she can be pretty cute with a different hairstyle and makeup.

No. 78447

She looks like Gackt lmao.

No. 78448

I feel pretty bad for Taeyeon. Her dad died on her birthday

No. 78449

Yeah thats really not good if she really is a manic depressive. I dont forsee it ending well, hate to say it. Im not a fan of her but I really hope she can overcome it.

No. 78452

>Korean singer Kim Yeon Woo talked about how he met Jungkook on Korean TV show: “I got a call from Jungkook several months ago. He said “I never had a vocal lesson before. I want to learn from you.”(Jungkook calling Kim as “teacher”) So I went to the studio & gave him a lesson.”
>Though it is clear, from how Kim Yeon Woo received calls from two members, that the company doesn’t have, within their own resource, any proper expert to give vocal lessons to their artists.
Thread: https://twitter.com/JungkookTimes2/status/1236981851744432129?s=19
That explains a lot lmao. This comeback I felt like except for JK maybe their singing is getting worse everyday.

No. 78459

what? he never had vocal lessons?? what the hell were they doing during their trainee days?

No. 78460

Yeah that doesn’t make any sense. Maybe he meant from someone competent. He despaired and finally got a teacher himself.

No. 78462

Didn't expect to like it,but I surprisingly do.The guitar in the background during the "I don't wanna be somebody just wanne be me" give's me a late 2000's pop rock vibes.

No. 78464

Her hairstyles consistently look like wigs to me. Stiff ones too, that never moves kinda like a helmet.
God, kpop companies so trash. No wonder stans get so hyped whenever an idol can successfully hold a note. Do these companies just pick conventionally attractive youth and not bother training them? Wtf.

No. 78469

Well this explains everything

No. 78470

She doesn't look anything like him

No. 78471

That was me and thank you for replying. I kind of like them too. Don’t know much about the company behind them or the girls themselves. Music is the same shit but like…I wouldn’t skip the song if I were streaming.

Yeah, 2 of the girls looked kind of stiff and awkward but the one with the short hair did well.

No. 78477

Most companies have vocal trainers from what I've seen. The effectiveness of their training may vary though.

No. 78478

Lol Jungkook should have brought Jimin with him so he doesn’t destroy his vocal chords screaming high notes

No. 78479

File: 1583796754769.jpeg (180.04 KB, 1217x714, 6A591F6A-FDCA-4E05-8F8D-A3256E…)

They’re freefalling off the charts. They’ll be dropping out when next week’s update comes out

No. 78481

Deserve. That song was ass.

No. 78484

Lol see?, this is what I was talking about, the Twitterfag from the last thread saying ON was an absolute bop and stating we were all mental for thinking it flopped should see this.

No. 78486

I never was into 2NE1, I got into Kpop because it tried to do its own thing, not become asians pretending to be americans.

No. 78487

depends on the company, the big 3 probably have trainers, but things in kpop have always focused on dance, if you want to be a serious singer you typically build a name and then rebrand yourself as an "artist" and have a solo release.

No. 78489

File: 1583802860499.jpg (34.45 KB, 540x360, Itaewon-Class-3.jpg)

She kinda cute tho. Girl on the left looks like Sana.
Not sure if anyone here has been watching Itaewon Class but there's two supporting characters who look like they could form V's face if you did one of those face morph things.

No. 78493

File: 1583808597110.jpg (67.26 KB, 665x642, sis.jpg)

i can't believe some company ceo thought it'd be okay to cast a girl with the face of a mom in a teen girl group, it just looks fucking weird.

No. 78496

Weird nitpick. But remember that for some reason BBC decided to debut Vivi with Loona. I still don't understand why they thought it was a good idea.

No. 78497

File: 1583814330601.jpg (116.81 KB, 1042x599, loona.jpg)

Sometimes she looks older or puffy in the face, other times she looks fine.

No. 78498

File: 1583814794128.png (1.81 MB, 999x1000, S.I.S-Always-Be-Your-Girl-Cove…)

If you compare them to the rest of the group it looks like someones mom decided to join her daughters friends.

No. 78501

the album is good too. why is their music so much better than twice's music?

No. 78509

Unpopular opinion incoming
But oli london does kinda look like jimin a bit

No. 78510

now he does yeah, cause jimin fucked up his face too. all overly-done people look similar

No. 78511

That's not an unpopular opinion, we've all been saying that for ages.

Like it says in the title, Jay Park got slapped by an UFC fighter. Because of his problematic past, some don't seem to mind that much lol

No. 78512

File: 1583839799557.jpg (230.58 KB, 1125x1100, IMG_20200310_122852.jpg)

Well, but he literally slapped him for no reason. I don't get it

No. 78513

File: 1583839885442.jpg (163.92 KB, 1080x829, 20200310_123119.jpg)

No. 78514

File: 1583841474277.png (254.62 KB, 504x696, 6f00d3c8312e30d1687075bc269fdd…)

No. 78517

weren't there rumours that she's actually a 92 liner?

No. 78521

She looks like Nayeon with a slightly less botched nose

No. 78523

What problematic past?

No. 78524

There's this urban legend that he apparently impregnated Hyuna when she was teen

No. 78528

Reaction was cute but Yuta always has the sourest face ever. Why is he such a little bitch? He appeared several times in the MV, yeah he doesn't have the same screen time as other members but I even heard the B sides and he has several lines, so he's not "forgotten" by SM.

Maybe he should learn to not act as bitchy if he wants more recognition lol just look at the last scene of the video and you'll see his attitude.

No. 78529

I can see why Yuta would be bitter. He spent his youth training and working in a foreign country for a successful company only to become the least popular member of an embarrassing group. But he needs to at least pretend to not hate his life lol he’s not V he can’t get away with the bored/bitchy expressions.

Mark is so charming tho, I’m not surprised that he’s one of the more popular members

No. 78531

Mark is sooo cute, I once saw a full cut of his Life Bar episode and I just smiled the whole video. You can tell he's naturally adorable and not faking it. Video here: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/k1GWB3FeufdgiHqqiIk

I can understand Yuta's disappointment but he's not helping his case acting that way. Especially since korean fans are ruthless and don't like bitchy attitudes. Also, what did he expect? No Japanese member gets more screen time than a Korean one.

No. 78532

File: 1583863956020.jpg (68.19 KB, 640x960, Lee-Hyun-joo.jpg)

she looks so much like lee sem, who was in 9muses and known for her "mature" look lol

No. 78533

jungwoo is so fucking cute. I truly missed his presence.
I was ready to hate on him but yuta just seems very into the mv? he tries to react when other members are on screen but pays attention to his scenes

No. 78534

It doesn't happen during the whole video but it's a vibe you can clearly feel around the end, maybe he has resting bitch face but the end scene he's not even looking at the group and he visibly rolls his eyes.

I've also seen him acting the same in previous MV reactions. I really feel he's pissed off and showing it. If you read the comments everyone feels the same.

No. 78535

kek you're right, I just saw him roll his eyes and it's honestly hilarious. it's just at the end of the video during the group handshake.

No. 78536


No. 78537

poor dude. came from japan with good intentions to become a star.
instead he got botched and put into a sucky group as a backdancer.

No. 78538

Do you not find him stupid? Kpop fans seem to find stupid people cute. Never understood that, expecially in men, how is that cute?

No. 78539

(sage your posts please)
I didn't watch that video but personally I don't like Mark at all. He's kind of ugly in a natural way and his english makes me cringe. He's in the same boat as Amber or Jae to me…

No. 78540

Why stupid? He's clearly young and a bit dorky, but I wouldn't call him stupid. He's also not from Korea so he seems a bit lost on some of the bar etiquette they are teaching him and doesn't want to "disrespect" them. I think he's adorable, I don't get how anons can call him ugly but oh well

No. 78541

How do i put this nicely? People who are kind of..um…touched, so to speak, find it really endearing when they can project their own disorders or illnesses onto other people, and kpop is ripe for that. Hence why you have so many people screeching and cooing that idols like Irene have "autism". And the idols play into it. It also gives off an illusion of someone who is ~kidlike~, which of course, appeals to pedos, especially men who have crushes on barely legal kpop girls. Its actually a huge issue in korea in general. The way females are conditioned to speak with drawling out their syllables to make themselves appear more uWu helpless and babyish. Its usually not done for males, but kpop has made an exception and made it the norm on idol variety even for boys.

No. 78542

What the hell lol finding someone cute makes you autistic now? Anons in this thread are crazy.

No. 78543

An adult acting retarded is not "cute" or endearing. Its a marketing tactic directed toward the two types of fans I listed.

No. 78545

Mark looked really cute as a kid imo but yeah, he did grow up to look uglier than I would've expected. There was a rumor that his older brother is really handsome and passed an yg modelling audition. People haven't been able to find any photos of him afaik so it could be a lie.

No. 78546

File: 1583866477460.jpg (463.48 KB, 965x1667, IMG_20200310_195230.jpg)

He said a bunch of racist and sexist shit but mainly because he performed with 6ix9ine (a pedophile) and upon hearing his fans concerns he responded by saying "only god can judge".
Here are some tweets of him about it: he mainly claims he's so positive and non-judgemental blah blah

No. 78555

Sorry the pedo bait wasn't up to the pedo standard

No. 78562

i hate jay park too but only because he ruined my favourite charli xcx song

No. 78563

Reminds me Jimin's "papa mochi" line in Carpool Karaoke. I don't get the appeal of treating adults (male or female) like toddlers.

No. 78564

>Jimin's "papa mochi" line in Carpool Karaoke

No. 78565

At first glance I thought this was a photoshopped picture of Jimin. Sorry to this woman.

No. 78567

James Corden called Jimin his little mochi and Jimin called him papa mochi as signs of endearment. It was moderately cringy but seeing millions of fans crying "uWu best moment in the vid Jimin is so cute he loves his papa mochi" in the comments gave me uterine cancer

No. 78570

This might be it. Lucas is a literal caveman, he laughs at people who read books and barely speaks any language, yet he's very popular, even on lolcow.

No. 78573

File: 1583878082012.jpg (78.16 KB, 680x345, fighting!.jpg)

Lol maybe he just doesn't like doing mv reaction videos

No. 78575

kek this is hilarious

No. 78577

didn't he also flip off a sasaeng?

No. 78578

What exactly does yutachan see in this ugly man. Weebism is such a powerful drug.

No. 78583

File: 1583882015060.jpeg (245.38 KB, 2048x1152, ESxUU_nUcAI0BlZ.jpeg)

dat nose is the stuff of nightmares. and they're thirsting over this https://twitter.com/_kittycatmeow/status/1237456726430867458

No. 78584

File: 1583883636389.png (700.36 KB, 1506x954, idol spam.png)

I also don't understand… I noticed BG fans tend to stan the ugliest idols out there. Bc they think maybe they have a chance idk.

He's been also recently been poster on the idol spam thread probably by the same people claming to hate him lol

No. 78586

he had to have plastic surgery done? i swear his nose freaks me out that cannot be natural

No. 78591

Did you mean: person

No. 78595

Seeing kpop idols next to normies is weird

No. 78596

Everyone with an asian auntie can tell it's a plastic nose kek

No. 78597


No. 78598

>Sometimes she looks older or puffy in the face, other times she looks fine.
You mean like every human who's ever lived, ever? KEK you guys really bring nitpicking to another level.
Idk who we're discussing here, idk this group? (are all 3 from the same group?) but the girl on the left looks like an actual digital amalgam of jihyo and momo…anyone else see it?

Every gg has at least one member who inexplicably looks old, so this isn't that unusual. Are you new to kpop?
I agree with the anon at comment >>78555 …when farmers aren't sperging about idols being too young or styled young, they're complaining about idols being too old.

No. 78599

It's weird seeing a Japanese girl wanting to be a kpop star debuting as a 1980's japanese idol in the kpop industry

No. 78600

i think saying an idol has autism or saying they have depression is just a way for fans to cope with the fact their fave is rude

No. 78606

Just look at any pic of them with fans

No. 78607

Does he really laugh at people who read book? Sorry I don't know if you are joking here, but otherwise…

No. 78608

those outfits they’re wearing look very similar to BTS ON’s

No. 78614

File: 1583913420197.jpg (41.08 KB, 392x600, f87f71cf5051ec426cfe6ad927258c…)

considering the age of her modelling pics she was either lying then or lying now

could go either way

No. 78616

This sounds exactly like plastic love lol

No. 78617

I remember him getting a bunch of predebut promo, wasn't he on some TV show as a rookie?

I guess I'd be sour too after being shoved aside with no explanation despite one of the most promoted trainees, maybe he thinks other members snatched his thunder or something. Him latching onto the more popular members (first Winwin now Mark) reeks of desperation kek

No. 78620

kek why anons here always post about yuta?.
Anyways is funny how he doesn't care and can't even control his facial expressions.

No. 78625

Sadly that's not a joke. He was laughing at Kai for having books. Also he was really mad when Xiaojun said he would take a book to a deserted island. He's a barbarian, no wonder he's an outcast in SuperM.

No. 78630

An outcast? Kai hangs out with him more than his alleged bestie taemin when Superm are together. The older members and mark like him a lot. Ten and Taeyong are the outcasts in that group.

No. 78631

Nta but really? Ten is an outcast? I know absolutely nothing about Superm but that's surprising for some reason.

No. 78633

Winwin isn't really popular in Korea, is he? I feel like he's in the same tier with Taeil, Johnny and Yuta in terms of popularity. There was almost no outrage in Korean NCT fandom when he was dropped from 127.

No. 78634

Yeah I don't think he's close to anyone in that group besides kind of Taeyong and Lucas but Lucas is usually with someone else. Ten seems like a bit of an asshole, someone who's very tiring to be around so it didn't surprise me.

No. 78636

Both Kai and Baekhyun 'hang out' with him only because he acts like their flunky. It's Lucas' fans hyping up and misinterpreting their interactions as always.

Ten and Taeyong are both intimidated to death by the seniors. Ten is especially awkward because he can't act his usual bitchy self so he's lost.

No. 78637

IIRC they (and Taemin) have been seen fucking around with him outside their work schedules several times but not the other nct members. Point is - he's no outcast in Sperm. Sm assigned him that "stupid goofy foreigner" persona.

No. 78638

Hell no, he's genuinely stupid.

No. 78639

Was anyone here at the Houston Rodeo show last night?

No. 78641

>He was laughing at Kai for having books.
I always thought Kai is the dumb/slow one in Exo but I guess nobody can beat retard Lucas…
And judging by how some people here unironically believe that his seniors of what, 5 years? 10 years? genuinely like hanging out with him, his fans are not much better off… They're forced to do the "he's like my lil bro uwu" act, of course they can't openly mock him or show how annoyed they are by him.

No. 78642

File: 1583940133465.jpg (65.06 KB, 576x576, cf567b3387996c3f779004960e29f8…)

Do you think jikook might be real? Straight men don't lick other straight mens' ears, not even for fanservice. I sense genuine sexual tension between those two.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 78643

No, no one believes in your retarded ships, ratmy.

No. 78644

Your're delusional.

No. 78649

He has a big Chinese and Japanese fandom I think? His cover editions used to sell out the fastest right below Jaehyun's at some point so he does have some demand; he might not be super popular but he's definitely higher than Yuta on account of not pumping filler into his face en masse

Ten's only real idol friends seem to be Johnny and Kun. He has an acquaintance-type relationship with the rest

He said he used to get only zeros in school so he really is fucking retarded. Idk about outcast but he's very much the dumb meathead jock type

No. 78650

And gay korean idols don’t do that on stage to come out either. Stop being delusional, it’s to please their rabid fans who need homoerotic relationships between their favorite members.
Do you actually believe actual gay koreans would do that for the eyes of the world to see? Maybe there’s a member in bts who’s gay/bi but do you REALLY think he’d expose himself in the most shameless way possible? An actual couple wouldn’t do that.

No. 78653

>Maybe there’s a member in bts who’s gay/bi
Who do you think?

No. 78654

I believe there are plenty of gay/bi people in Korea who cant come out because of the extreme homophobia and religious bullshit of that country, but not sure what to say about this. even if they were together, they should be way more subtle about it. I wont say no one is gay in bts, and if they are, i hope they will find actual happiness that isnt the rabid idol entertainment industry.

No. 78656

What's the Houston Rodeo got to do with K-pop? (not attacking you, genuinely curious)

No. 78657

Nct 127 performed there

No. 78658

Nobody in particular. I was just implying it was a possibility to not rule out because yeah, gay people exist in SK but it’s delusional to even think homoerotic fanservice on stage is ‘proof’ of your stupid ship. Get real. They’d never reveal who’s gay/bi in the group if there was even one. While fangirls love fanservice they’d hate to know their bias is taken, be it by a man or a woman. Imagine, let’s say, those two were really together, what do you think would happen? Shippers including Jungkook or Jimin other than Jimin/Jungkook and fans who think they have a chance with their favorite would potentially unstan. Fans know those moments are just fanservice and live in a world of safe illusions they’d spend money on if it means they can get more and more content of their faves.

No. 78661

Yeah they had a practically free mini concert with more than 63k people there so I was just wondering if anyone here went to ask what it was like

No. 78662

Straight males do that kind of fanservice as a form of insult to members they kind of hate so that's highly unlikely lol.

No. 78664

These two are extremely unlikely to be real either way, JK usually treats him like his annoying/clingy friend. He never looks at him with admiration like he does with other members. At most they’re best friends.

No. 78667

>Straight men don't lick other straight mens' ears, not even for fanservice
do you have a life

No. 78670

Honestly Jungkook and Jimin give off the vibe that they would fuck anything that walks.
Jungkook is probably sexually frustrated that he hasnt fucked anything in a long time.
Jimin also gives off huge bisexual vibe and seems to love foreign men.
i think they both hate each other but at the same time they are horny.

No. 78671

File: 1583952985286.gif (4.25 MB, 400x313, a78336e955345000bf4b66ef88a5da…)

The ship is bullshit/fake but Jimins sexuality still is very questionable.
I mean its not even bts so you cant use ''muh fanservice'' as a excuse because he acts like this with random men too.

No. 78672

Is that why Jungkook is pawing at V and looking at him like he wants to be ravished lol. Jimin does this too

No. 78673

He just likes the attention.

No. 78674

File: 1583953239906.jpg (89.06 KB, 744x872, jiminISgay.jpg)

i mean are you sure………….

No. 78675

there was also that moment where he was checking wonho out that when he got caught he started doing finger guns out of embarrassment.
Jimin is way to sexually liberated with all men for him to be straight.
He still is a horrible singer but the dude is bisexual and idk why no one wants to admit this.

No. 78676

Can mods put out to pasture this ban evading ratmy?? It's not their first time posting this specific picture either iirc. Even if it's kpop general… there's a minimum cognitive capacity one should meet to post here.

No. 78677

it wasnt me this time. Looks like now we have two ban evadinf ratmys YAAAY
Either way here is the full video if anyone wants to see it instead of spamming the same picture

No. 78679

File: 1583954525337.gif (2.65 MB, 220x220, tumblr_98d0979c5e0e9e635a61c7f…)


No. 78680

Go back to twitter, plenty of autistic freaks like you to discuss your ship's ~~evidences~~

No. 78681

File: 1583954713344.gif (9.39 MB, 800x764, 06cd63b4256426df0ba291fe5434ec…)

maybe if you werent a retard you would realize that we just have fun fucking around with retards who take our baits and trolls so easily and have anger issues.
Either way this is not the kpop critical thread anymore so if people are allowed to sperg about lucas/utah/yuta all the time here then so are we allowed to say what we want to bitch.

No. 78682

Jungkook was borderline public dating that tattoo artist. Not even their femcel kstans fall for this shit anymore. Congrats on reaching a new low in your life kek

No. 78685

Sure delulu you're totally not invested in this ship you're just trolling topkek

No. 78686

File: 1583954986091.gif (8.65 MB, 400x521, download.gif)

That shit has literally been debunked months ago with the landlords saying what really happened and that tattoo artist is publicly dating someone else.
its not 2019 september cornball.

No. 78689

It literally took me 5 minutes to find these pictures on the internet.
yes because posting on a board with angry retards when i know there are million of sites catered to people like me is apparently coping lmao. Thread is literally milkless and its the same nct sperging 24/7.
Not everyone is here coping like you nctfags some people just get tired of the stale milk.

No. 78690

Ain’t it funny how your ship will never be real.

No. 78691

File: 1583955431707.jpg (16.53 KB, 480x480, DD-RVJLVoAI-aqG.jpg)


No. 78692

Lol it has absolutely not been debunked. You were just coping by first saying she was married, then she was a lesbian, then she was dating some random dude that actually has a girlfriend himself. All k-side know it's true, sorry your ship isn't real, but once you get laid you'll get over it.

No. 78694

File: 1583955587830.jpg (20.25 KB, 400x400, 1bf8fc301947ce27ca9846b684a577…)

straight? Gay?

No. 78695

File: 1583955620973.gif (1.16 MB, 325x325, ae9c09c8666ef17723c79c8ec0d168…)

No. 78696

File: 1583955885749.jpg (36.83 KB, 640x480, sddefault.jpg)

No. 78697

The ship is not real but the kside definitely doesn’t believe that he dated that girl, not the majority of them. Don’t spread misinformation and everyone, wake up with your stupid ships.

No. 78698

File: 1583956099957.jpg (39.21 KB, 750x498, original (4).jpg)

Lick my ass and my crack

No. 78699

Look at what you did by bringing up V and the tattoo girl with the acne scarred face, you brought the freaks here!

No. 78700

File: 1583956296108.webm (6.08 MB, 960x720, ZU25n8gFoIYRzUi_.webm)

No. 78701

No. 78702

File: 1583956586489.gif (1.56 MB, 250x239, tumblr_inline_orrsf6vTxo1tefjs…)

No. 78704

File: 1583956801803.jpg (21.79 KB, 477x298, unnamed.jpg)

Western femcels new to kpop would lose their minds if they knew kpop back in the day 비게퍼 would include literally kissing on stage kek sad for u guys… sooner or later they'll be on the news for sexually harassing some gangnam unnie or dating someone barely legal

They do tho since the leaked footage came out bc it's completely not normal in kculture to backhug someone of the opposite sex. I'm taiwanese and can relate to that. They were also spotted in multiple occasions and in different cities, they went to that mini trip to busan, and were also spotted in a very trashy love motel (not the guesthouse) by weibo accounts, it was just swept under the rugs. You were saying that the other members were pissed at JK bc they were jealous but it's actually because of that scandal + driving accident one.

No. 78705

Why would he date Jimin when V exists who is stunning and whose beauty JK has openly admired in many occasions? Jimin would always be his second choice, at best…

No. 78706

File: 1583956931206.jpg (11.35 KB, 225x225, 281e5027e651cebe0b6d560c74458b…)

stay mad.(ban evading ratmy)

No. 78708

I’m sorry but you’re dreaming if you think something like that with proof would be swept under the rags when several Jungkook expose accounts exist. Weibo also said he was dating Rose but without proof. It’s all speculation. Also, as a Taiwanese don’t you know the importance of female beauty in these societies? A rich and famous idol would never date a girl who doesn’t meet certain standards of beauty, hell even normal guys wouldn’t. It’s sad but true and I’m not referring to her alternative style. Realistically he sleeps with the prettiest girls and I’m sorry if it’s so hard for some people to admit but it’s true. Don’t kid yourselves that he would go for a girl like that, stop projecting. His girlfriend will be gorgeous and his hookups and surely hot as well.

No. 78709

That proves what exactly? And I’m not mad cause I know Jimin doesn’t even want him

No. 78710

>…were also spotted in a very trashy love motel (not the guesthouse) by weibo accounts…
>weibo accounts
that one doesn't really count as proof, lol. the rest kind of seems legit, but since lots of info got buried it's a never ending argument.

No. 78711

why would someone rich take his girl to a motel lol he can afford the most luxurious private resort

No. 78712

True. One of my friends is on Weibo and she told me that their comeback got delayed because of Jungkook's controversies. Most members are pissed with him and it will only get worse now that they'll have to cancel the whole tour because of COVID. If they released the album earlier they would be already making bank touring in America.

No. 78713

idk, he was going for the emo edgy look while he was apparently with her, so i wouldn't consider "the female beauty" standards a valid argument.

maybe she wasn't his girl and just someone he was seeing more casually? i feel like this option gets left out a lot. it's either "they were dating" or "no way they were dating" with very few "they were fuck buddies" in between.

ohh.. if that were true it would be interesting, but again weibo is not that great of a source.

No. 78714

He still has this look and has had it for a while. Everything is confirmation bias at this point.
You’re right about the fuck buddy thing though, I mentioned it when it first happened too but nobody listened cause people want to believe idols are romantic and get exclusive gfs or are in loving romantic relationships with their band mates.
They’re just fuckboys.

No. 78715

Actually that makes no sense cause the two months break was first announced in July, before the drama. They had decided to push back the cb already by then.

No. 78716

It's not "weibo said". Weibo is just like twitter/facebook. The thing is that westerners who can't read in chinese will always pick up trashy info and baseless rumours. You gotta know the right pages/accts/communities. My Chinese-canadian acquaitances who actually knew exactly at what time Baekhyun would leave the hotel room when he came to VC last month just by their weibo info. You gotta know where to look at.

Maybe it's a weird concept for Americans but in countries where love motels is a thing it's absolutely normal for uber rich men to go there with their side chicks or prostitutes. You'd be disgusted/surprised @ how packed they get during lunch hours.

No. 78717

i know he has had the look for awhile, but during that time was when he started to get more into it with the tacky tattoos and all. so he might have actually liked her alternative look for the moment. i am convinced on most if not all of them being fuckboys, so i think he was just seeing her for fun and maybe that chick got exposed since the sasaengs didn't like her look lol.

well if you only say "weibo" source without actually adding info or proof of those claims that it's from a legit sasaeng or something it sounds like you are just coming here with baseless rumors. the motel thing sounds legit though.

No. 78718

Still, without solid proof there’s no way to know if particular info are accurate and that’s the truth of the matter. Anyone could make up shit even in supposedly informed communities. I was in the 1D fandom back in the day and some of the people that had proved they were in the know about certain thing and were trusted by the community started spreading false info at some point when it fitted their narrative. Like when they wanted us all to believe that Harry would never go solo and were showing us emails with industry people. Anyone can make up stuff on the internet, so I guess we can all believe what we want. No reason to call each other naive for believing what we feel like believing.
Key word, side chicks. Not girlfriends.

No. 78719

I'm not that anon tho I'm just adding to their point. There's a lot of juicy stuff on weibo, it was bizarro how they followed SuperM real time just using it.

The difference between sidechick and girlfriend is unimportant here tho. Op started with that because the delulus were talking about their ship being real blabla when Jungkook was very busy fucking random girls.

No. 78721

Sure but even without proof that he’s seeing girls we still know he’s not dating Jimin. And on the other hand him shagging girls doesn’t mean that he’s not shagging Jimin as well so it’s a moot point. Other anons suggested he was dating, aka was in a committed relationship with that girl and that’s why he can’t be dating Jimin (I can’t believe I had to type that nonsense) and that’s just stupid cause there’s no evidence of that. By bringing this girl up as an argument is like saying that the only reason why he’s not in a relationship with his friend it’s cause he had a girlfriend and that’s juvenile in my opinion.

No. 78722

>Don’t kid yourselves that he would go for a girl like that, stop projecting.
Sounds more like you're coping anon. That woman is hardly self-insertable with her odd looks for any ratmy to be trying to project tbh

No. 78723

Odd looking girls can be beautiful tho right? Odd cause of tattoos you mean? Tattoo girls can be pretty

No. 78724

Uh? Idk I dont particularly dig people with face and neck tattoos… I was more like saying she's not some regular uggo ratmys could identify themselves with. She is very "niche" or wtvr

No. 78725

I think some alternative girls are gorgeous cause they just happen to be, this one wasn’t though but yes, she wasn’t pretty but she wasn’t like fat or anything. But are Korean fans fat generally? Not just bts, generally. Are young Korean women fat?

No. 78726

It looks he's talking to him…

No. 78728

nta but iratmy were quick to accept her and compliment her since they tend to be very odd looking, even if not the same as her. kratmy on the other hand started dissing her right away. idk if they are fat but i am sure they are not as odd looking as her though. so i feel like the projection thing might be somewhat relevant after all.

No. 78730

haven’t been to korea but we get a lot of Korean tourists here and the girls are quite cute I’d say, so they were probably shocked that he went for someone who doesn’t have a pretty face and a small body, they’re superficial people I think. Ifans aren’t this way, like they’re superficial but only when it comes to men, they think they can be slobs and be desired still lol

No. 78732

File: 1583963229619.jpg (55.4 KB, 663x680, RvORuGTRTcV9Jl-3TUiJ0Zta7_yPUq…)

Are we gonna keep pretending Jungkook is some kind Greek God? If we put his career aside, his face is not attractive and he has the morphology of a twink.

For me these two people are on a equivalent level. I don't understand the shock.

No. 78733

She looks like Jimin but worse lol, Jikookers were probably encouraged by that. He’s not my cuppa but then again he’s famous and wealthy and could be fucking the hottest models if he wanted to so that’s why

No. 78734

Fucking people you have no feelings for becomes boring but virgin fans wouldn't know that.

Anyway can we please stop talking about BTS if no milk? I barely knew them before these threads and now I'm as informed as a hardcore fan.

No. 78735

I guess people can’t fathom developing feelings for someone below average but that’s stupid cause it happens all the time.

Ok, what would you rather discuss?

No. 78737

We should stop talking about bts but, watching so many videos of the boys, it does shine through that Jimin and Jungkook pay extra attention to each other…and they used to reciprocate each other's friendship but you can see in latest vlives, jungkook was very obviously purposely ignoring jimin.

I think we should discuss personality a bit more rather than "he's a fuckboy. end."
I find it weird how Jungkook gets fake giggles, like it's happening more often…Gurgling baby noises from a grown ass man lol…
Out of the 7 members of bts, Jungkook and Jimin are most likely to say and do weird ass things that could be inappropriate as fuck(not just sexually) out of context.

Idk everyone's a bit weird I guess, who am I to assume things.

No. 78738

Either their behaviour is getting weirder and weirder. (Namjoon, Jm, Jk, Th)

Or maybe I just have to learn that some people talk a bit weird lol.

No. 78739

He seems to ignore him when he gets clingy, friends do this sometimes. Think he’s trying to get RM and V to notice him more too.

No. 78740

What do you mean by this?

No. 78745

I think they're just tired of being idols. It seems it's getting harder to keep up the facade. V doesn't even smile in interviews anymore lmao he's always so serious. From what I see JK is the only one who's still trying to act according to his role. Maybe Jimin too but I dislike him too much to pay attention to him

No. 78748

Every interview i've seen in the last few weeks, V seems as if he's tired as hell and wants to leave already or not be there. He's mentality checked out. lol

No. 78753

Anon it’s his new edgy persona

No. 78756

she looks like a botched fakeboi which means his standards aren't high. he's one of the most famous idols, even though he's just average looking he could easily get a girl way prettier than her.

No. 78757

and that’s why I never bought into that rumor tbh. Could he be the only guy that gives zero fucks about looks?

No. 78758


No. 78759

File: 1583981030858.gif (3.63 MB, 520x293, download.gif)

This needs to be the next thread pic

No. 78761


No. 78762

The delusion. Yes he could get a prettier girl but looks aren't everything. Especially when he probably fucks x10000 pretty girls since he's teen. I'm repeating myself but fucking people you don't like becomes boring no matter how hot they are.
And the girl is 1-2 point below him physically so nothing that a good feeling can't compensate.

No. 78764

So is a twink just a skinny guy or???

No. 78766

>analyzing gay ships
>mocking a boyband's gf for being ugly

this shit was cool 10-20 years ago, now you just sound completely retarded. twitter and allkpop fags please fuck off from this thread

No. 78768

The delusion indeed if you think she’s only 2 points behind him… You girls live in a magical world where hot guys fall in love with girls like that, unfortunately I live in the real world.

No. 78769

This is a figment of your imagination. How do you guys not realize that you all say the same things. “Yoongi and Jimin pay extra attention to each other” “Taehyung and Jungkook’s behavior is not normal for two friends” . Every single shipper says the same shit just with the names switched. You’re all seeing something somehow. You know what I see? Nothing but friendship and cringy fan service. You just want your bias to get dicked down/dick down a member because you have a fetish and/or are bored asf and lack sexual satisfaction in your own lives.

No. 78770

Sorry he's just not that pretty to me. I don't get the appeal at all but let's leave it there.
And a ""hot"" guy being with a ""ugly"" chick isn't incredible or magical world. We're not talking about mariage here.

No. 78771

File: 1583992940830.jpg (112.83 KB, 860x637, shoe.jpg)

jesus they aren't kidding with the platform shoes. Everyone is so sensitive about height and face size.

No. 78772

who are they?

No. 78773

Well that’s just you then, most people would disagree about his looks and you know it.
Either way nobody really knows what happened and what he likes so I think talking about it is pointless.

No. 78774

chunky platform sneakers are a fashion trend atm.

No. 78775

File: 1583995323462.jpg (175.42 KB, 1195x599, infashion.jpg)

yes a fashion trend among shorties

No. 78776

who dis

No. 78777


No. 78781

thanks anon

I’m Imagining them all just staring at jungkook passive aggressively lol

No. 78783

File: 1584001425271.png (1.54 MB, 2208x1242, 952F562D-B935-40E7-B06E-1E9B75…)

I’m liking Itzy Wannabe but does anyone else hate this stupid dance move they do here? Idk who choreographed it but it’s like just this one part was thrown in by jyp himself bc it’s so him and I can’t stand watching it

No. 78784

I’m sure their friendship was ruined with Jungkook being less wary and doing whatever he wanted. Idk if anyone can find that video again and i’m surprised nobody brought this up yet since we’re on this topic but does anyone remember that one fancam that was posted some threads ago with bts making their famous ‘look guys, we’re family!!’ hug but Jimin coming to them to join just smoothly pushed away Jungkook and nobody was taken away except Jin (i think?) who looked at Jungkook afterwards?
Solo stans can get pretty delusional when protecting their baby uwu but i did get the feeling it wasn’t an accident.

No. 78785

how dare they treat the golden uwu maknae like this he’s just a little uwu boy with the purest heart!!!’

No. 78788

Look I know nobody here has any actual milk to offer but the psycho-analyzing is getting corny. I swear the same people keep relaying the same BTS topics does nobody read the previous threads before commenting?

No. 78791

I'm obsessed with this song and choreo. I've been watching every performance of it.
I think the choreo is fun and I don't see anything to hate in it!

No. 78794

File: 1584012865621.jpeg (74.87 KB, 822x750, ES5z_zRUcAA2z5R.jpeg)

Loona had their first win with their worst song

No. 78799

Their stans are going to be absolutely insufferable now as of they weren't already cancerous

No. 78804

Am I the only who feels something is so off with Jimin? He doesn't seem trustworthy, and I feel like he can be super manipulative (from what I've seen of him with his own teammates)
I don't know but from what I've seen I don't trust this guy AT ALL.

No. 78805

No I'm with you anon, that part is really dumb and it looks like the choreographer couldn't think of anything. It kinda slows down the tempo of the choreo as well.

No. 78807

File: 1584025513706.jpg (128.96 KB, 828x1262, bssasaeng.jpg)

Seriously WHAT is up with this guy and sasaengs?

This has me wondering how often shit like this happens between sasaengs and idols

No. 78808

was the competition that weak?

No. 78809

>This has me wondering how often shit like this happens between sasaengs and idols
A lot. I hate to say it, but Yuta probably doesn't even have it that bad compared to other idols.
He has an attitude, but I honestly can't blame him when it comes to flipping off sasaengs, they don't deserve the respect.

No. 78816

No. 78817

lol, i was going to say the same. if yuta has it that bad, others probably got it a lot worse.

v is gonna release a song he did for an OST tomorrow, do you guys think bts is finally gonna start getting some solo work again? or is this gonna be like a one time thing that doesn't happen again like the drama he appeared on?

No. 78818

Ugh really? V's voice is the worst in my opinion, I think I prefer high pitched Jimin over the low tone he tries to pass as singing. He sounds like the voice one puts on when they want to sound stupid/retarded.

No. 78819

i know, lol. i am honestly thinking he might have used his personal connections tbh? apparently he said he wanted to be a part of the ost from that drama in a vlive about a month or two ago, and now its coming out tomorrow. i was a bit surprised when i found out today with that hashtag on twitter.

No. 78821

But won't bigger idols be given better protection from their companies? Since they are a priority after all

No. 78822

i was thinking about good looking or even decent looking guys in groups that are known but not very known, but i can see your point. i feel like it would depend on how much the company actually cares about them.

No. 78823

I think that drama has Park Seojoon as main actor so…

No. 78824

File: 1584039357400.jpg (49.88 KB, 376x586, 10812-oxyk8vw0q4.jpg)

On the topic of saesangs, why were they so much crazier during the first gen? Not to say they're not crazy now, but back then you had saesangs straight up trying to murder idols and shit.

No. 78828

File: 1584040681855.gif (3.96 MB, 359x269, 2di0ygw-jpg.gif)

actually crazy saesang culture existed in the second gen too, it only ended this gen (third gen).

Second gen were just as crazy like that one time this fan sexually assaulted shinee jonghyun and forced a kiss on him and then his manager slapped the fuck out of her.

No. 78830

Does anyone have that gif of a fansite getting knocked away by a bodyguard for nct?

No. 78831

taking out the trash

No. 78832

File: 1584043537395.gif (4.01 MB, 444x250, BlushingUnconsciousIberianmidw…)

this one?

No. 78836

Disgusting that two guys can't even be friends without a myriad of fangirls fetishizing every move or any sort of display of affection

No. 78837

idols do random sexual shits because of attention
How dare you fetishizing my poor oppar?!

No. 78838

the things that anon quoted aren't even sexual. are you ok?

No. 78840

the state of the btsniggers in this thread

No. 78841

chill, i specifically said the things the anon quoted.
besides it doesnt even look like biting and licking it literally looks like he's telling him something, but whatever feeds your faggot fetishes i guess.

No. 78842

saesangs are what happens when anime fanships appear in real life.

No. 78843

I wasn't specifically talking about them but in general. It's very annoying to me that two guys can't even hug without being fetishized. I'm also not a fan of them but of course to disregarde someone's opinion here you just need to call them a fan of the group they're not insulting

No. 78845

You know, I wish this kind of energy would be used towards people like Nayeon's stalker but apparently people like that are special somehow and just get acomodated by everyone.

No. 78846

The first post talks about licking ears…

Then you should blame their marketing strategy not the teens having normal reactions to it. And I don't care if you're an army or not.

No. 78847

they just dont show up in front of bodyguards so they dont get the shit beaten out of them

No. 78854

File: 1584068127564.jpeg (25.53 KB, 343x343, 9208C23F-344A-4F6F-A77F-AECBD0…)

>jikook is so real u guys
>look at how they stare at each other
>straight men don't act that way
>the sexual tension between them

No. 78855

File: 1584070295220.jpeg (44.64 KB, 400x400, D618AEE6-8B51-43A8-A6AF-41D1EA…)

Nayeon is a lucky gal

No. 78858

Ok Josh

No. 78859

aaaand so the lunatic has found this thread.

No. 78865

File: 1584080460320.png (722.7 KB, 770x620, Untitled.png)

I'm not bothering with kpop anymore and this isn't super recent news,but I stumbled upon this yesterday and,as an ex-fan,found this hilarious


No. 78866

File: 1584082043288.jpg (146.74 KB, 1125x1422, IMG_20200313_164336.jpg)

What kind Of fucking degenerate posts this shit about a dead person. It's bad enough posting it when they're still alive.

No. 78867

I hope they are talking about a different Jonghyun

No. 78869

File: 1584086172751.jpg (273.55 KB, 1092x1492, idolroom.jpg)

jeez these guys aged like 10 years.

No. 78871

Did y’all like Jimins new solo song?

No. 78875

silly anon jimin's voice is significantly more womanly

No. 78877

silly anon, this is taemin.
damn his english is good.

No. 78878

lmao @ the ratmys above trying to convince themselves that he wasn't banging this chick.

No. 78879

She had to endure Jungkooks smelly phrase so props to her

No. 78880

I remember when every anon was making fun of jungkook for looking like a smelly incel who has cheeto dust fingers

it was peak lolcow lol

No. 78883

I'm gonna puke. How could anybody like men with make-up. Ewww, what would you do for a little fame.

No. 78884

sis this is kpop are you new

every celeb wears it male/female

No. 78885

My question is why the FUCK was Lia thrown into this group. Are her parents rich chaebols or something? She has the face of Mr. Bean, the aura of a high school nerd and dances like a praying mantis. I love ITZY's strong choreos but boy does she sink the overall quality. It's almost hilarious how infuriatingly bad she is.

No. 78886

File: 1584104704124.jpg (860.73 KB, 1080x1350, Screenshot_20200313-145924_Sam…)

How does this creature have so many fans??? He looks like someone's crossdressing uncle/middle aged drunken lesbian aunt.

Honestly I really want to like her and it seems like she is trying, but she's just so bad. Idk shit about dance, but it's obvious dancing doesn't come naturally to her. Maybe it's something she could work on but Idk. She's just… goofy. She really doesn't fit their concept at all and unless they do some tedious ballad she's always going to look out of place.

No. 78887

Lol at the virgins who think that even in conservative societies men and women don’t get touchy sometimes without necessarily banging. You have no idea how things can get when we are not watched

No. 78888

You guys here always pick the most unflattering pics of him lol. He’s a bit unusual looking and his colored contacts are atrocious but he’s not ugly, he’s quite good looking.

No. 78892

File: 1584107991276.jpg (40.3 KB, 1062x1089, jimin.jpg)

-Almost anorexic
-Fried hair and contacts
-Weird features

Sorry anon but tt's your fangirling speaking here. I enjoy watching him dance and some pics look good but he's objectively an ugly man.

No. 78893

See that’s the thing, for me to be objectively ugly you need to have an ugly face, the rest is usually fixable. He’s not my type but his face is not ugly at all? Short and slim, well, taller would be better but isn’t slim good? Better than fat, especially on a short person.

No. 78894

File: 1584108839200.jpg (37.49 KB, 500x666, jimin.jpg)

Then an obese fat fuck isn't objectively ugly? Of course the body counts.
He's maybe not ugly where you live, but he's average at best.

No. 78895

Yes but only cause of the fatness! Average yes, i could maybe see it, that’s where subjectivity comes in. I live in Eastern Europe and maybe I’m just tired of all the big guys haha

No. 78897

Itzy: promoting their third successful comeback

Somi: in the dungeon after her debut flopped

How badly does Somi regret not debuting with Itzy? It’s wild she gave up that opportunity

No. 78898

Trying to convince themselves that oppa wouldn't have s3x with that girl because she's too 'ugly' or 'not on his level' or whatever else is convenient lmfao

No. 78899

There must be a reason as to why so many people who aren’t into bts and who see them for the first time immediately pick him as the most alluring though. He probably is many peoples type.

No. 78900

It's because he has a good presence while dancing, that's important and it's probably why J-hope has ANY fans that find him attractive. I find myself attracted to some ugly idols if they can be sexy and confident while dancing, like Hui from Pentagon. I don't think he's attractive but I like his charisma on stage.

No. 78901

Lia actually had a decent voice in that one YT vid. Crazy how she goes from best to worst singer in the group depending on the song.

No. 78902

after ioi there was an article where somi talked about feeling like she's already accomplished her dreams of being an idol or something like that. i think her stage dad made her join the black label and she probably doesn't want to be an idol anymore anyway.

No. 78903

Maybe so, but then again he has the most obsessed fans. They like go crazy over him, it’s like he puts a spell on them. Fans of other idols can get vicious but Jimins stans act like they’re possessed, it’s quite creepy that he has this effect on them

No. 78904

it's all to do with jimin's charisma / sex appeal imo. jin is way more handsome (by korean standards at least) but he doesn't get obsessive fans bc he has no charisma or sex appeal.

No. 78905

Exactly, V as well.
For me it goes like V>Jin>Jimin>JK>Suga>RM>J-hope

No. 78906

>Are her parents rich chaebols or something?

lmao, do you even need to ask, Lia, Ryujin and Chaeryeong are rich af

people always show that one predebut video of Lia as a proof the girl can sing, but that had to be seriously edited because she hasn't displayed an ounce of talent since

she's also strangely unphotogenic despite being conventionally attractive, SM knew what they were doing when they passed on her

No. 78912

File: 1584115652535.png (2.28 MB, 1489x846, lol.PNG)

Nominee for next thread's pic lol Yuta's face

No. 78914

>Taeyong on a throne with nct surrounding him
>crows zero inspired outfits
Lol this picture is too perfect

No. 78915

It was the first pic of him in that article about hott kpop boiz in makeup lmao

No. 78918

They don't, you're getting reports from BTS stans. Most people who see them for the first time can't tell the difference between them.

Stans like him because they protect onto the grains of truth they're given 'poor baby jimin so unconfident having to be looked after by big strong oppas, always on a diet, self critical and working hard towards his dream so relatable!'

No. 78920

> Are her parents rich chaebols or something?
Yes, actually. Before debuting she went to an international school on Jeju Island that costs like $40-55K a year. She also managed to get into SM before transferring to JYP.

No. 78926

That doesn't mean she got picked because she's rich like a chaebol kid coulb be… Just that she had the chance to pursue this kind of career when a poor kid would seek more stable jobs to survive.

No. 78934

it's because he enables it since he enjoys the attention, while Jin shuts it down a lot. He says things like "don't be stupid" to the fans who write him marry me etc. lol

No. 78935

He adores the attention, especially from men. I guess he thinks that if he can make men confused of their sexuality that must mean he’s super hot. No other person in bts can do that.

No. 78936

jungkook's whole long hair/tattoos/gender thing was textbook "doing shit to impress a girl" lmao

No. 78937

He looked like shit though all the time, he looked depressed tbh lol.

No. 78938

He only gets men attention cause he flirts with them shamelessly. He flirts with bts members too and makes them uncomfortable. Even in Saudi Arabia he was acting like an idiot.

No. 78940

lmao i remember that saudi concert. Where he kept on forcing his fanservice on Taehyung and Jungkook.
Jungkook was legit avoiding him and running away from Jimin meanwhile Taehyung was to sick to avoid so he had to endure all of Jimin's faggotry, Taehyung literally looked like he was about to collapse and had trouble breathing meanwhile Jimin was too busy forcing fanservice on him.
I think Jimin is a little retarded.

No. 78942

File: 1584126940647.jpg (58.86 KB, 640x852, itzy-silver-spoon-2.jpg)

Momoland Daisy payed $60000 to join the group, idk about Lia's parents straight up buying her a spot in a big company like JYP, but it definitely happens.

And let's not play pretend Chaeryeong and Chaeyeon would land so well if they were regulars. Their whole skill set is background dancing, plenty of that in kpop.

No. 78943

>Momoland Daisy payed $60000 to join the group
Well that explains a lot. I always wondered how she managed to become an idol with that face.

No. 78945

This picture represents them perfectly kek
>Taeyong in the throne
>Jaehyun, Doyoung and Yuta face
>Johnny in the floor

No. 78947

they're still as rude and obnoxious as ever since day 1

No. 78950

File: 1584134428932.gif (7.3 MB, 600x600, b5ea438e97352c5dcc9103c0615d3d…)

reminds me of this

No. 78951

Jimin had a death wish

No. 78952

How do fans see clips like these where V looks straight up annoyed/like he has a death wish and then immediately assume "VMIN soulmates!! besties!!".

One answer: Retarded.

No. 78955

yeah i wanted to mention this too. Taehyung was having breathing problems and looked sick during this concert. Jimin really has no empathy for his ''soulmate'' because there is another gif of taehyung almost falling on the floor because Jimin needs his fanservice.

No. 78967

What is the context of this lmao this is cruel

No. 78968

That reminds me, I remember seeing heechul ragging on Sunny, implying she got away with whatever she wanted because her uncle was lee soo man

No. 78970

Ugh he's always so loud and annoying on that show

No. 78971

she's giving me sohee vibes except she's not a good dancer. that awkward energy is too strong.

No. 78972

Damn I didn't realise how aggresive they were in these shows. And these dumb edits don't help.
I remember Goo Hara on the verge of crying because hosts implied she's a whore and they put some cringy edits to make it funny…Yikes

No. 78973

I remember that. Wasn't it Kyuhyun who made it 80xs worse?

No. 78975

Yeah, his ugly ass… Shaming a girl for having like 2-3 bf(?) while publicly thirsting on multiple idols. Urgh

No. 78976

God I want to beat him up

No. 78977

For anons following BG, are hosts like that with them too?

No. 78978

File: 1584150829267.jpg (171.38 KB, 720x997, IMG_20200314_035339.jpg)

No. 78979

Good for him!

No. 78980

From Starship's official statement: "We will continue to fully support Wonho for developing his own career in the future. Thank you."

Wait, are they giving him a solo career??

No. 78981

Heechul is such a gross piece of shit

No. 78982

File: 1584152177513.jpg (56.99 KB, 640x360, preview.jpg)

No. 78983

Wasnt his only charge smoking weed? SK needs to take a chill pill

No. 78984

File: 1584152260716.jpg (203.27 KB, 750x897, wonholc.jpg)

I find this whole Wonho-situation quite weird tbh.
Their fans are delusional for thinking he'll come back kek

But the thing that's the most strange to me tho, is why they kept his lines in All about Luv.. does that mean they knew he was innocent and planned for him to re-join the group? Don't think that's so likely to happen tho

No. 78985

what about the theft?

No. 78987

you just hate Wonho don’t you

No. 78988

iirc, some of the allegations were confirmed to be false including the juvie and wh stealing and selling jde's stuff online. It was pointed out that one of the items she was claiming he stole (a specific model of DSLR) was released years after she claimed he stole it so that kinda brought her story into disrepute. The rest of the stuff hsh and jde said haven't been confirmed.

No. 78989

go back to your stan twitter hugbox retard

No. 78990

fuck you “MonBeBE 0t7 for lyFE”

No. 78991

To clarify, yes he did take part in the theft but only the ringleader did juvie time for it. I think he may have gotten community service i'm not too sure. Not that it matter though, SK only care about weed.

No. 78993

This is why nctzens have a reputation for being the least funny kpop stans

No. 78994


Am I wrong or almost every time a kpop idol is investigated for any kind crime the charges end up being dropped or there's not enough evidence or whatever.

No. 78996

Welcome to Korea

No. 78997

Thats just not Korea. Most big celebrities gets preferential treatment. If you want to break the law and get away with it, become a celebrity.

No. 79001

Is there ever going to be another idol act as talented as BoA? Or is she the Michael Jackson of Korean music?

I'm leaning towards no but want to know what you all think. The industry is so lenient on skills these days, even though, hilariously enough, idols back then were naturally better looking. This company that made BoA go through exhaustive training and Japanese lessons at 10 years old, for three years until her debut, is the SAME company that has chosen to let filler members debut in all of their groups post-TVXQ aside from Shinee. It's insane how far their standards fell by the time they debuted Super Junior.

No. 79002

would they even allow children to be trained in korea these days? I don't think modern laws would allow it.

No. 79003

Millennials and Z are the worst generations

No. 79007

> at 10 years old, for three years until her debut

it was at age 11 and for 2 years, but basically correct. her japanese and english still fucking suck tho i don't get it.

No. 79010

ok boomer

No. 79012

You millennials are so sensitive jesus
back in my day kpop wasn’t manufactured bullshit for little girls

No. 79013

Everyone agrees that kpop was better pre-gen 3. But millennials and gen z aren’t at fault for this (?) Idk what your point is

No. 79014

i think anons are replying to you like that because its not millennials and gen z fault that companies dont train their idols lmao. there are talented people from that generation… they just dont have the money to debut or try becoming an actor/classical musician rather than an idol

No. 79016

you can tell she’s thinking of the next move. girly is too scared to fuck up a little.

No. 79019

imma sound like a sap for this but she looks decent whenever she dances while smiling and singing her part of the song, but overall she's truly wack.

somi wouldve fit this concept better but imo she'd overshadow the four of them not unless they all have the same height lmao and not have somi tower over all four of them

No. 79021

maybe they're just tired but they look way less enthusiastic and energetic than in previous comebacks… jyp is going to overwork them to death just like twice ig

i can't imagine somi in itzy now at all tbh. when is she going to have a cb? even blackpink haven't had one in ages, somi will probably have to wait til 2021

No. 79022

wonder what will be of 4th generation when this is who is representing it (along w itzy)

No. 79024

Only joined Kpop in 2019 but I think it's already time for me to leave kek. Haven't heard any good release…
In one year I feel like I explored everything Kpop had to offer. It's quite a poor musical genre. It becomes repetitive and boring very quickly. It's sad becauseI was very excited at the beginning.

No. 79025

been a fan since 2015 and that spark in kpop that made it fun has left ever since kpop stopped being niche and a little bit more mainstream.
no fun survival shows, bad news everytime, negativity, focus on records and not song quality (had someone tell me lyrics and composing of the song doesnt matter as long as the concept and mv is good, shallowness), idols tip toe on everything, crazy protective fans ruining everything etc.
kpop is slowly dissolving and dying out.

No. 79026

I mean… he didn't lie tho kek
The reason is pretty obvious… they get the same results $$$$ with less investment.
At least SM is still somewhat worried about vocal lessons… big hit aka the new blueprint doesnt give 2 shits about it

No. 79028

Not to sound r/lewronggeneration,it's true that Kpop isn't as fun as what it once was. I blame:
- International stan culture. Companies and idols know that no matter what crap they put out or do, twitter morons will defend them to death. So they put out indistinguishable hip hep flower boy~, oppa I love u, girl crush lite songs.

-Idols being rich kids and buying their way into groups. This did happen before (e.g. Sunny), but most idols were from ordinary families or literally lived in poverty. Idk, I think this made them hustle more and work harder? Compare current idol varieties to say SNSD's. With current ones, you have one or two "funny" members (not really) and the rest stand around smiling blankly.

No. 79033

What song, band made you to like kpop?

No. 79035

I've been into kpop only since 2015 but I must say I noticed it downgrading too.
The songs tend to all sound very similar and I can hear the quality not being as high as it once was.
Not to speak about the fact that back then I loved "nugu" groups cause they would usually release weirdly good but quirky songs. These days all nugus sound the same with the noise trend they are following.

And what about the fashion? I loved kpop for the fashion back then. Every group had their own style and would bring something new to the table. But these past 3 or so years everyone wears the same exact things: chokers, bdsm harnesses and pleaded skirts.
It's very fucking boring.

No. 79036

sistar, shake it got me into kpop
and exo was my first fave group.

No. 79038

I'm a 2nd genfag. Started listening in 2010. So for me it was SNSD's Run Devil Run and Oh!

No. 79041

Why does yeonjun sound like that..

No. 79042

>chokers, bdsm harnesses and pleaded skirts.

oh and don't forget glitter all over everything

No. 79043

think it's the first time someone's drawn my eye for being noticeably significantly worse than everyone else

usually kpop bands have 2+ members who aren't up to par but lia sticks out like a sore thumb

No. 79045

The shadow by boa was the first kpop song I liked. 2ne1 was the first group I liked.

No. 79046

Kinda nitpicky but isn't Lia supossed to dance like the others at 0:58 instead of akwardly posing?, is this part of the coregraphy or is she trying to avoid dancing at all?

No. 79047

What is she doing? it looks like shes doing some moves halfway or not even trying to be in sync. Like Jennie when she lazy dances except with her it looks like a confidence problem, not that I blame her. I feel sorry for the girl, she shouldn't have become an idol.

No. 79050

they probably just changed the choreo to make it easier for her to perform live even if they're lip syncing. lia isn't appealing to me but it does feel like she puts in some effort even though she knows it'll look awful. izone's on like their 5th or 6th release and Hyewon's still doing that annoying dear in the headlights face during their live performances

No. 79053

I was introduced to kpop in 2011 by a weeb friend who made me listen to Super Junior and 2NE1 songs. I tried getting into other groups but I didn't like the music and thought the concepts and visuals were too cringy. I only got into kpop for real in 2015 after I listened to this song. At that time I was really into Red Velvet and Mamamoo.

No. 79058

Not an itzy or lia fan here but this isn't unusual..lots of times choreo is adjusted to meet the need of the primary vocalist in that moment. It happens a lot for yeji in dalla dalla for example.

I think this part you're talking about involves a jump down into a squat position. Even if she's just half-ass barely-singing over a recording of herself* it's probably hard to do gracefully at the same time so she they simplified her choreo there to help.

There's lots to criticize Lia for but this isn't one of them, sorry..how about those pants on yeji and yuna though, guys? Talk about unflattering, wow, like these two are pretty small and have good figures overall I think, so that took some skill to make them look this bad.

* = they don't literally 100% lip sync since it looks fake and ppl can tell. They do at least pretend to sing over themselves. Sometimes they are singing legitimately but the crew turns up the backing vocal so high you'd never know it kek.

No. 79063

I'm the anon you're replying to and honestly? I see your point, I had seen Yeji do that sometimes, and yeah I hate those pants too, they're weirdly shaped.

No. 79069

apparently he wrote this (and that would make sense since it seems so idk…) and it appears it's all in english?

No. 79070

As tacky as itzy is, I still think BP takes the cake in the disconnect between members and the inability to actually perform with the music. I know Jisoo tries but she's the worst girl group idol I've ever seen. The poor girl is painfully awkward and looks so out of place, even compared Dara who was known for looking awkward throughout her entire career with 2NE1. Even Dara's voice is somewhat listenable compared to Jisoo who would be the worst vocalist in the group if it wasn't for "welcum to mai kitchennn" Rose.
I had this thought and now I can't unsee Black Pink as that group of mean girls at school who submit a 'performance' for the school yearly talent show. Jennie is the evil main bitch, essentially Regina George, and Rose is Gretchen Weiners. Lisa is the obnoxious loud one that isn't vying for power, but also has a bubbly personality that allows her to jive well with other people. Jisoo is basically the one who looks good enough to be a mean girl, but is fairly nice outside of the clique but lacks the spine to leave the group. Not sure what conclusion I'm supposed to draw from this but I thought it was pretty accurate.

Not sure how this is charting but this song is boring enough to be public friendly.

No. 79072

Christ, they did something awful with the production on his voice.

No. 79077

back in 2007 it was super junior's don't don (i know, fucking terrible and i actually hate super junior now)

No. 79078

I feel like they autotoned him or something? His voice is really nice in Singularity, so i dont know wtf is going on here. it's also just…dull

No. 79079

BOA and DBSK were my first two bands. I got into HOT for a short period of time, but i think Boa and DBSK really launched me. Then Big bang debuted and i got super into them. Fell out in 2011 or so and then got back in a few years later with History, Nuest and BST.

No. 79081

I think they had to change it for broadcast purposes because a slut drop is too much for puritan Korea.

No. 79082

Check the creds: it's produced by Melanie Fontana and Lindgren, so he probably did close to nothing kek.
BigHit has been using these 2 producers A LOT lately which coincides with their decline in quality tbh

No. 79084

imo it sounded off because he had difficulty with the pronounciation hence the need for excessive autotune.

God i rlly hate these type of songs he puts out. I liked it better when he doesnt sing like a pretentious try hard which started after releasing 'stigma'. My friend who favors V in particular hates all his snooze fest solo songs kek.

No. 79086

>His voice is really nice in Singularity
It isn't tho. Clean out your ears. I use saline in a bulb syringe.

No. 79090

File: 1584253204216.jpg (139.64 KB, 1280x758, face.jpg)

Does everyone in asia have a huge head or something?

No. 79092

Mongoloids have more neotenous features

No. 79093

File: 1584256366360.jpeg (180.38 KB, 1000x685, 1581517638-1e8c83a3-7a78-4432-…)

So is anyone watching this Nizi project thing? Seems very dry. I'm guessing Sony producers were involved.

Just tell me who the group is.

No. 79096

Is kako okay she looks like she’s seen some shit?

No. 79097

Unpopular Opinion

I feel like when people talk about charisma in kpop they’re just talking about more intense dancing and facial expressions

No. 79098

Isn't charisma off stage? That's what I always mean..

No. 79099

It can be both

No. 79100

lol I just remembered this for those of you who hate jimincel as much as I do this might make your day!

go to :30

No. 79101

File: 1584266692337.jpg (157.01 KB, 712x850, lia.jpg)

No. 79108

They do tend to have larger skulls than people of other races, yeah.

No. 79110

mess lol, i feel like yuna is embarrassed by Lia sometimes, she seems so over the top and egoistic.

No. 79111


No. 79112

Yuna was picking a member she felt bad/embarrassed for

No. 79114

File: 1584279559457.jpeg (73.32 KB, 1331x581, DB79F1E0-D435-418E-8F52-F04959…)

i don't understand what happened to hwasa in these last 5 years, she was legit attractive imo. idek if its too many fillers or just her plucking her eyebrows too thin, but she downgraded appearance wise since "Mr Ambiguous

No. 79116

she looks like the female verison of rap monster. But since she is female you will all go ''yass queen you are beatiful'' even though she is ugly.

No. 79117

Yep I agree anon.

I don’t hate her either she great confidence despite her appearance

No. 79118

She does her own makeup now and she loves overplucking her eyebrows and overlining her lips

No. 79119

Ah! By After School…

No. 79126

hate to be mean but all these girls are pretty ugly except maybe a couple. is this intentional with japanese ripoff "produce" type shows to feature the ugliest trainees to make koreans ook better, or is this all because no attractive/talented japanese girl would bother going?

No. 79127

File: 1584295503942.jpg (18.78 KB, 625x586, 29h8cr.jpg)

Aren't itzy like all underage or barely legal?

No. 79128

miniskirt got me casually listening to kpop and eventually blackpink fully got me in to it

No. 79130

that’s the best part

No. 79132

That Nina girl is 100% going to be in the final group. She's JYP's new Somi. Hopefully her dad isn't as crazy.

No. 79133

I think it's good for South Korean society, if someone like Hwasa succeeds despite her looks. Chips away at lookism I think.

No. 79134

sometimes I wonder how they function as a society

No. 79135

File: 1584298986004.jpeg (302.25 KB, 1125x1371, 58AAD687-A502-41C4-84D4-767913…)

if eunwoo looks this basic without photoshop i don’t know what to say about all other idols

No. 79136

I don't think there's much to choose from lol. Like anons were saying in the previous thread, its hard to compete against korean visuals

No. 79137

Please take off your Koreaboo goggles.

No. 79138

He's really handsome ! I've never been convinced by the edited pictures of him some anons have sent here, but this candid really underlines his beauty - probably because his visible imperfections make him feel more "real".

No. 79139

If that’s basic to you I’d like to know where you’re from.

No. 79140

korea lmao

No. 79141

wow can you believe some people’s beauty standards differ from yours?

No. 79143

Funny, I’ve come many times to Seoul and I haven’t seen anyone that handsome on the streets. Maybe I haven’t be going to the right places lol

No. 79144

oh sweety that is not basic in korea, if that was the case nobody would be fangirling over him

No. 79145

that’s the point of being attractive though? you’re more good looking than 90% of the population. of course most of the people you saw were average looking

No. 79146

>fangirling over him
you mean fangirling over edited pictures of him where he’s already got 300 layers of makeup on

No. 79147

Yes but other anon said he was basic so I assumed they meant average and I was pointing out that in my opinion, he’s way above average

No. 79148

Jungkook is average, Eunwoo is handsome

No. 79151

I'm just tired of the generalization that anyone who's not Korean is ugly as sin and Koreans on the whole are these superior, otherworldly visuals.

No. 79152

i’m the same anon (>>79145) actually sry for samefagging and confusing some of you

No. 79153

It's deliberate, but it's deliberate because Japan's culture around idols is more catered to approachable, next-door type visuals that feel more accessible. Korea likes impossibly beautiful, superhuman looking idols, Japan prefers a more cute, girl/boy-next-door type of face. That's also why certain imperfections like snaggleteeth are considered cute in Japan.

No. 79155

i thought he was a twink…… he’s fucking hot lmao he should go for acting more damn

No. 79156

he doesnt even look bad in unedited photos

No. 79158

File: 1584306467375.jpg (148.31 KB, 640x640, 1584300851-img-20200315-200021…)

that one weird and creepy looking guy from TXT has a sister and she looks JUST like him and she is being scouted by YG apparently

No. 79161

the half white dude?

No. 79162

i guess…i dont know anything about him he just looks like a burn victim to me idk his race, but i always thought it was surgery/makeup/bleaching, apparently not

No. 79163

He looks a lot better here than on those white-washed fansite photos.I wish people would leave their skin color alone and omit the excessive photoshop.

No. 79166

he actually looks better in this candid than any picture i've ever seen of him lol…..

No. 79167

An idol that looks better in candids than on edited pictures.Well,that's a first for me.

No. 79168

V looks better too when they don’t whitewash him

No. 79171

No he does not, vfag. He only looks attractive in edited pics.

No. 79172

He looks ridiculous in those, check your eyes.

No. 79174

My eyes are fine. Take your stan goggles off and accept that he looks busted in unedited pics, fag. Editing isn't just le whitewashing, you know.

No. 79176

File: 1584315500397.gif (5.62 MB, 480x445, download (8).gif)

Showing us how he got into his group.

No. 79177

I joined back in 2011 and I still feel like I missed out years prior.

It's not worth it anymore.

No. 79178

who is…this?
also please spoiler this shit

No. 79179

snsd the boys
don't hate me
she's too self conscious about her skills. You can tell she wants to leave the "love yourself"/ punk theme they all keep doing.
Every time they do it live on stage networks she stands in place, but if they're just dancing like on a dance show she gets down like everyone else. Seems she wants to make sure she gets a glimpse of the camera.
don't start this again
I'm avoiding that show right now. I't depressing.
You are correct.

No. 79180

Soobin from TXT. It looks straight out of a japanese gay porn. Guess he's learned it from there.

No. 79182

Such venom for an idol lol. He might not be special but he is a good looking guy and that’s a fact, not everything we see of him is edited and he always looks decent.

No. 79183

Generally speaking, someone like Timothee Chalamet is the definition of a twink.
On this thread, anyone who is a healthy weight and not a big, muscular man.

No. 79184

What do you guys mean buy a “twink” is it just a skinny guy?

No. 79185

sorry I deleted my other comment because of an error

Thanks for answering my question

No. 79186

He’s at least a 7

No. 79188

File: 1584319458835.jpeg (25.36 KB, 293x320, 71CFF473-10CA-4CD6-8A34-999B7C…)

No. 79189

Lmao she looks like him in drag. I really hope they don't fuck with her eyes so she doesn't end up with triple eyelids like him

No. 79195

Is it just me or is it uncomfortable to to see idols sweating their makeup off

It seems so gross

No. 79196

ugh, i kind of wanted to watch it but jyp just rubs me off the wrong way. he keeps bitching about how he doesn't want to look for someone who can sing or dance because according to him, that can be taught. like why the hell are there very few "his" idols that can even manage to do one of those two things semi decently then? too interested in his "charisma" bs. he just seems so full of it and i don't wanna bother or be bothered by it. i want nina to make it though…

i thought he looked like that because he had gotten plastic surgery and had bad makeup that didn't suit him too, but his sister looks the same.. i thought it was an edit of the guy at first tbh

No. 79200

Lmao he has a few blemishes and that's it. I wish that this was average, most men are horrid

No. 79210

I had to zoom in to see the blemishes lol kinda nitpicky tbh

No. 79212

File: 1584337528810.jpeg (57.01 KB, 732x837, 21AEB101-4B35-47C5-843D-A6BE92…)

Brb gotta bleach my eye socket

No. 79221

She's loaded now she probably should ask a professional MUA for help; there are plenty of ways to look fierce without looking like a lizard

I like Hwasa as a person and she is undeniably talented but her stans are just delusional when they try to call her this "unconventional beauty" - she's just not, not by any standard around the world. She's normal looking to me and that's just fine, she's got plenty going for her otherwise

No. 79222

Also what "unconventional beauty"? Bitch is emulating the Kardashian look. Nothing is unconventional about that. They say the same thing for Jessi.

No. 79223

Are you new to kpop, or new to online kpop discussions, or just not very bright? They mean unconventional in the context of Korean beauty standards and the "norms" set for kpop visuals … Hwasa is perfectly conventional in the area of the world she's in, sure. That's not what's being discussed.

I'm almost impressed, you haven't been beat over the head by the endless kpop visual discussions..? They are in every thread, link or comments section of nearly every kpop article or conversation that's ever been had online since pretty much the birth of the internet.

No. 79224

It kinda is the conventional look was a blonde hair blue eyed tall skinny white girl

No. 79225


This is a kpop thread. About asian people. What's not clicking?

No. 79227

it’s time for your meds boomer

No. 79228

File: 1584351465050.png (361.72 KB, 326x419, 3599135.png)

still can't tell if eunbi got ps or lost a crapton of weight.

No. 79229

File: 1584351799177.png (7.65 MB, 1242x2208, FF50C425-8142-4272-8684-1329C6…)

Woah her eyelid surgery looks really botched and obvious here

No. 79234

ngl had a good laugh from this

No. 79235

It's both weightloss and obvious ps anon. especially the nose

No. 79237

To be fair, I think she can be really pretty on video. If they called her non-traditional, ie she doesn’t have white skin and giant circle lenses, it would make more sense.

No. 79239

The korean men who prefer japanese over korean idols are all otakus who want them natural and "innocent" looking (vomit), that's why nearly all of them look like totally normal little girls.
Your average korean idol without ps and only little makeup would probably look similar.

My thoughts. Poor girl, once she's 18 they'll call her haggard and ditch her.

No. 79241

>Poor girl, once she's 18 they'll call her haggard and ditch her.

It's always sounded like a cope when Knetz say Somi looks old and haggard. I don't care for her personally but she looks the same as she did when she was 16 and they were all jerking off to her.

No. 79244

And my point was that she doesn't meet the beauty conventions of ANY culture, not just Korean; to put it bluntly she'd be an acquired taste no matter where she went

No. 79246

Interesting how they started calling her haggard as soon as she began dressing and acting less cute; their pea brains couldn't handle a teenager growing and maturing like every other girl on Earth

No. 79248

File: 1584370083292.jpeg (60.48 KB, 500x700, 7A502914-6BF4-4049-99EF-BB30B4…)

Hwasa looks like a supermodel compared to some of the boy group monstrosities that farmers thirst over.

No. 79249

File: 1584370314494.jpg (84.13 KB, 1280x720, 0993_?LSNFE.jpg)

No. 79250

File: 1584370446667.jpeg (136.88 KB, 900x600, 1DED1BB0-6617-4985-A901-C7FFCA…)

No. 79251

Man that Felix kid really fucked up his jaw…

No. 79258

Easily the ugliest bg active right now, losing only to NCT

No. 79259

Actually he has another sister who has debuted as an idol in a nugu group. I think they already disbanded since then.
You'll find out who's the sister.

No. 79260

she looks much better and much more human than him.

No. 79268

sm's best rappers n vocalists huh, nctzens are delululu

No. 79276

This song isn't the best example of their rapping, imo.

No. 79277

File: 1584388593449.gif (4.44 MB, 640x360, snipsnip.gif)

Obviously I'm a filthy CLC stan, but I'm surprised no one is talking about how ITZY ripped CLC's haircut gimmick from Black Dress.

Wavy to straight, cut to bob, foreshadowing with a walking with scissors scene, focus on the snip, happens before a drop. I know no one owns a concept but as a dumb stan I'm pretty bothered.

No. 79281

Same and the way they did it didn’t even have that much of an impact bc Ryujin just cut her already short hair only 2 inches shorter

No. 79285

It's very tacky either way… Cutting hair, such a self-empowerment move!

No. 79286

samefag but like Ryujin also kinda butchered it? I don't know if the scissors were just really dull or what but it didn't look clean with her just hacking at it.

No. 79287

She looks like she just smelt a rancid fart all the time

No. 79288

Sooo what about those new YG Girl Group rumors? Any sort of idea of when its actually being announced or debuting.

Im very curious about how they will handle a cute concept and if BlackPink is going to get 2NE1-ed.

No. 79292

File: 1584398842035.jpeg (119.22 KB, 1280x720, ETOsnWbUcAEDC0z.jpeg)

Man ps really ages these idols quick

No. 79293

who tf is that?

No. 79294

File: 1584399251661.jpg (25.88 KB, 275x272, 1565743685705.jpg)


No. 79295

File: 1584399438809.jpg (40.87 KB, 680x506, jungwoo.jpg)

another predebut pic

No. 79300

Wow he looked even more like taemin before he debuted. They managed to prevent that and make him look cute but now they're turning him into taemin again??? Why the fuck

No. 79301

no one has ever called a stray kids member attractive on lolcow. and even though the bar is in hell she's still uglier than them. how someone this ugly was able to become an it girl I will never understand. female kang daniel.

No. 79304

Careful anon if you criticize her appearance you’ll be called colorist, misogynist and fatphobic

No. 79308

no one even talks about them

No. 79310

Who tf are you talking about?

No. 79313

idk what you're smoking if you think hwasa is uglier than straykids. bgs are given the allowance to be ugly on a whole other level that ggs aren't.

No. 79315

I guess looking at her makes people feel better about their own faces, I may never look like Irene or Nana but I sure as hell already look better than Hwasa

We can call them both hideous kek. At least the Stray Kids boys didn't start out ugly, Hwasa was just born with a lizard face

No. 79318

Kpop is a rip off of US pop and we're supposed to praise that? (especially coming from Ifans). Is Korea such a closed country that ripping off a foreign 10-years-old aesthetic is seen as groundbreaking?

No. 79320

you sound like a delulu pinkpill fag tbh. now that the goblin boy got booted, yes hwasa absolutely is uglier than them. but at the end of the day they're ALL fug.

No. 79323

enough about hwasa and stray kids let’s start talking about something else like jimincel or wonhos dispatch interview

No. 79325

Blackpink need to be disbanded. Jenny is a toxic and lazy, Jisoo is stiff and boring, Rose has the worst singing voice I’ve ever heard plus she’s an ugly smelly. Lisa is the only good one who seems like she actually gives a shit but unfortunately she will be the victim but at least she’ll have fame back in Thailand.

So yeah I’m excited for YG’s new girl group but also don’t have high hopes tbh

No. 79326

Die, rat.

>a toxic
>plus she’s an ugly smelly
>unfortunately she will be the victim
Lmfao esl and retardation or weak bait?

No. 79327

lol how does she know what Rose smells like

No. 79329

File: 1584440359156.jpg (84.39 KB, 653x726, 1544999100501.jpg)

Fuck off, lisafag. That bitch is making millions shilling products to her SEA fanbase, she's not a victim.

I think they meant skelly, not smelly. lol

No. 79330

kinda ot but I’ve heard anorexic people have bad body odor because of their digestive processes are unbalanced, as are their hormones and enzyme levels.

No. 79332

used to be anorexic, can confirm this is true. it's like a sweet fruity smell, but not in a good way, more like a sweaty pear. it's one of the bits of anorexia nobody talks about. also lanugo, where your body is so cold because it's lost fat that you grow hair everywhere (hands, feet, etc) like sasquatch.

No. 79334

Lol victim.Ever since YG realized how crazy SEA fans are for her,she's pretty much on par with Jennie when it comes to CF's and modelling.

She's also become an incredibly mediocre dancer.She always goes for the same style and has the same facial expressions.Lisa's one of those dancers who think that hard-hitting sharp moves make a good dancer,but they don't.

However I agree,she'll only have "fame" in Thailand.She's too mediocre to keep up with other idols.

No. 79335

glad you’re better now anon :)

No. 79349

How Jennie is toxic?
Also without Blackpink, your fav Lizard has no career. She can't sing to save her life and her dance skills weakened. After a disbandment her hype will fade and she will not be able to scamm her SEA fans any longer.

No. 79351

lmao Lisa and Jennie solo stans arguing on who is better when both of their faves are S-H-I-T(return of the ban evading sperg)

No. 79352

At least they're easy on the eye unlike 99% of the fuggos anons stan itt

No. 79353

I >>79329 would like to be excluded from this narrative. I can't stand any of them ty.

No. 79365

I ha no idea about this. Thanks for sharing and glad you're doing better. Blackpink and most girl bands must smell awful

No. 79372

Not half as bad as the average farmer

No. 79379

I've been checking out The Boyz lately and I really like their latest comeback "Reveal", and it's true that they seem to be the most "visual" group lately but man, my gaydar is going crazy. I feel like more than half of them are super gay, especially Jacob and Kevin. Not that it matters but it's very noticeable lol

No. 79383

File: 1584473587445.jpeg (69.71 KB, 680x539, 6FB698AE-C0FF-4024-AA93-74DDFF…)

ratmys screaming w rage over this tweet when it’s likely the truth

i highly doubt most of the bratty stans were actually around when bts were struggling and they’re now claiming those struggles as their own

No. 79388

they were probably exols

No. 79389

So what? This "who is the most loyal fan" competition is sooo ridiculous and there is nothing to be proud of.

Also stop posting random stan tweets, nobody cares.

No. 79396

I’ll have you know I clean my asscrack very well after a night of chipotle

No. 79397

Nctfags have been so loud lately like they don't stan SMs disappointment. As they pick fights and pretend being signed to both the biggest kpop label and one of the biggest American labels has no perks, their groups comeback is losing on every music show and free falling off the charts after getting zero #1s iirc so Idk if I agree with that tweet?

No. 79398

What is it about NCT that the general public doesn’t like…
The cards are in their favor..

No. 79399

File: 1584480281974.jpg (69.76 KB, 1280x720, MV5BOTdlNzk3MmQtMWNkYi00YTQxLW…)

I remember when BTS were literally only liked by 10 year olds in SK lol. Does anyone think the Boy in Luv era was so much better looks wise? Yes it was cringe in its own way, but they didn't look like freaky red lipped aliens.

I wish the soft flower boy trend would end already. The manly bad boy thing all boy groups had a few years ago was try hard, but at least they looked relatively normal.

No. 79402

Don't wanna be spoonfeed but is there any Itzyfag here who has the exact video in which Lia is being lazy?, everyone is losing their shit on the comment section of Wannabe over this and I want to know how badly she fucked up

No. 79405

Hyuna looks so much better when she doesn't wear those shitty grandma clothes and make herself look sickly with her makeup… some of it is just photoshop but I wish she'd just go back to her look from around Bubble Pop era.

No. 79406

File: 1584481809236.jpg (86.43 KB, 400x500, d8977829-d7b5-4df4-900b-8ce01b…)

Oops dropped the image… but again could just be PS but she looks SO much better.

No. 79408

No. 79410

She does look good here.

Man I'm so bored of most 3rd gen idol varieties these days.I get that Kpop has always been manufectured but these kids are so goddamn boring to watch and have no personality whatsoever.

I miss the time when idols from different companies could openly talk and banter with each other on those shows.

No. 79413

There’s several bgs out there not even doing the flower boy “trend”….

No. 79414

"dark moody" is the current trend

No. 79415

she looks more tired/worn out than lazy to me (and not ~anxiety~ like jennie she looks sick and her bones are showing)

No. 79416

File: 1584483980544.jpg (672.54 KB, 3840x2160, EVERGLOW_Dun_Dun_Mia_1.jpg)

So I hadn't paid attention to Everglow before Dun Dun got those bot views, and I know everyone is shitting on Mia, but I get it. When I first saw her I thought she was kind of ugly and she didn't stand out at all. Yiren and the Suzy lookalike have some spectacular visuals, EU and Aisha have tons more presence/charisma than her. I mean I've only watched their music videos once each, but Mia is still just so forgettable. Also why even include Onda in the group if she's not going to get any screen time or lines at all. She's forgettable as well but Idk if I can fault her for that because you barely see or hear her.

(Also how tf did they manage to make "goodbye au revoir adios" sound like "goodbye ovarios"?)

No. 79418

its kinda obvious that Hyuna doesnt even care about being a idol or idol life anymore.
She is just going with the flow with it and doing whatever she wants and dressing however she wants.

No. 79425

>Is there ever going to be another idol act as talented as BoA?
What about Luna, Hyolyn and Junsu?

No. 79428

Their music and their unit concept. Every title song 127 have put out and many of U's songs (Dream's are generally decent) are just unstructured noise. And the unit concept is confusing and makes it very hard for the general public to understand what's going on.

No. 79430

no, that tweet is right. the fact that op stans a flop group doesn't make her wrong about ratmies in this instance.

No. 79434

Regular and Touch are inoffensive pop songs.

No. 79438

Yeah when you see videos like this one you get to see who actually stands out more, also Mia always looks terrible on the jacket she's wearing here

No. 79439

junsu was basically SMs male boa project, right? i remember reading about how he was initially annoyed that his debut was delayed to put him in a boygroup instead of as a solo at age 15/16. honestly he was a better dancer than yunho as well as being the best singer, but it would make yunho seem useless if they didn't advertise him as the best dancer. if junsu looked like the more attractive db5k members and wasn't such a manlet (he's not hideous, but come on, he stuck out for a negative reason in group photos) he could've stuck the male boa label for longer than just as a trainee. he had the "SM voice" like boa and taeyeon though, it makes even technically good voices sound kind of weird and unpleasant sometimes. too clean? his voice is offputting to me sometimes

No. 79440

For that subunit? the members, the music, the concepts, the execution, literally everything besides being from SM.

No. 79455

Perhaps they’ve just chosen a sound and they’re sticking to it? It’s not all about satisfying the gp. SM is investing in NCT’s brand identity and it’s a long term project. We all know he’s been obsessed with this idea since Super Junior. At least u can appreciate the fact that they’re just your typical honest Kpop bg, not pretending to be fake deep/fake intellectual like bts or selling themselves out to doing cringe flower boy concepts

No. 79456

File: 1584508713599.png (845.19 KB, 786x868, Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 10.1…)

I love Mamamoo's music but you can't deny that all of the members' faces look weird in some way. Solar's cheeks, Wheein's facial features… Moonbyul is my bias but that half-open mouth thing she always does makes her look like a mouth breather.

No. 79459

Shit music, too many members, confusing concept and SM's insistence on pushing Scamyong as center when he has a thousand controversies already. If Irene had that many she wouldn't ever debut in Red Velvet for sure

Also all the members are painfully unfunny, botched and unlikeable so they can't Suju their way into becoming relevant through variety shows

No. 79461

I think some of the members are funny, but overall they're boring as hell

No. 79463

File: 1584513335616.png (33.35 KB, 778x256, Capture.PNG)

Exo fans tried taking out bus ads in chen's hometown asking for him to leave the group


No. 79465

Mental illness

No. 79474

'fans' always keep giving the best milk

>junsu stands out in a bad way in those pics
you peaked my curiosity, i googled but didnt see it. disappointed…

No. 79477

who else would love to see boy groups fight each other

No. 79480


No. 79483

>Why doesn't the general public like NCT?
>Here's why.
>"It's not all about satisfying the general public!!!!"

No. 79484

Aren't the dreamies at least a bit more liked than the rest?They didn't chart too bad with their releases

No. 79486

Dream seems to do better than the other sub-units, partly because their songs are more GP-friendly and because they've had less American promotions (Kfans really hated 127's American promos).

No. 79494

File: 1584544068696.jpg (581.34 KB, 752x848, screenshot 98.jpg)

nctzens recently fought exo ls and exo ls on twitter dragged them, imagine laughing at exo disbanding when nct is on the verge of getting put in the dungeon but ofc they're delusional

No. 79495

So there are rumors the feature of BP on Gaga's new song is actually going to be a Gaga song ft. Jennie. Thoughts?

No. 79496

My thoughts are when they perform that song (if they even do) Jennie better give her all and/or not be lazy on stage becausee those white gays are ruthless and will drag her to filth. Same with the singing. She better come with some Whitney Huston vocals or something.

No. 79501

She looks very very botched, which is a shame because her career is just starting and she's bound to get more shit done. If Everglow sticks around she'll be at Nayeon level in a year. I liked Bon Bon Chocolat and both their following comebacks have been trash.

No. 79503

File: 1584545222036.jpg (181.34 KB, 610x716, screenshot.99.jpg)

wrong screenshot, here goes.

No. 79514

if that's true then their disbandment will be even worse than 2ne1

No. 79519

Isn't that just their larger Chinese fanbase? NCTzens always brag about Dream being popular among GP but honestly they're just as nugu as 127. Their stronger physical sales and digital streams are only because of Renjun and esp. Jaemin's popularity in China. Apparently Jaemin is the most popular (by a large margin) NCT member in China.

No. 79524

all night long ahowowo DaNCeE!!

No. 79525

File: 1584557992509.jpeg (22.64 KB, 213x320, download (52).jpeg)

What the fuck did they do to Hitomi? She's anorexic now. She used to be really cute and healthy looking. K-pop destroys people. She's also looking really dead inside.

No. 79526

File: 1584558187141.jpg (120.19 KB, 728x1092, everglow-mia-han-eunji-k-pop-h…)

She looks like a low budget CL. Makes sense since her group is Mia and Friends, just like 2NE1 was CL and Friends.

No. 79528

She's gorgeous tho? I mean atleast in this pic

No. 79529

All of the girls in EVERGLOW are super pretty, the nitpick is going overboard again.

No. 79536

That was more a comment on the way she's being pushed rather than her looks, she's obviously better looking than CL for what it's worth. I personally don't like groups where one member is being pushed and the rest are backing dancers. The concept of centers and only choosing popular girls for singles is one of the reason I don't like the 48 group system, I always found that really unfair. You'd think that in a group with less than 10 people they could give everyone the same attention.

No. 79537

>Beep boo boo bop boo boo bop
What was that, EVERGLOW bot? We can't understand you

No. 79538

i was thinking call her a low budget version of somebody and botched is criticizing her looks?

No. 79539

I don't get what these agencies are trying to accomplish by debuting a group of usually 4+ people just to blatantly turn it into "x and friends".

They pretty much seal the group's fate in the sense that people will be more hesitant to support them or attack them for the obvious favoritism right away.It never works out in the group's or the agency's favour.Just look at Miss A,Blackpink etc.

No. 79540

I'm not the anon who called her botched, I don't even think Nayeon is botched (cue the Nayeon antis spamming ugly pictures of her) To me, botched is like Bom or Namjoo level. I might not like CL's visuals but overall she has more charisma and presence than Mia, that's why I said low budget.

No. 79543

Wow, for real? Rosé must be fuming right now… Jennie has a solo, fashion deals and a fucking feat with Lady GAGA while all she has is her anorexia and enormous head. Harsh.

No. 79545

File: 1584574364241.jpg (379.81 KB, 1079x1080, Screenshot_20200318-192857_Ins…)

This is an awkward screenshot sorry but apparently on that new show Lisa lied and said that she doesn't diet when she very clearly does. No one becomes as thin as she is without dieting and it's dangerous for her to be lying to her young fanbase about this. Yeah , you can be really thin without eating much and I know what it's like to have a hard time gaining weight but she's TOO thin. Jennie looks fine most of the time to me which is why some anons call her stubby compared to the others and sometimes Jisoo is fine too but Rosé and Lisa without a doubt struggle with food.

No. 79556

She always was on the anachan spectrum so for her it isn't even a diet anymore

No. 79558

File: 1584584621525.jpg (244.99 KB, 1080x1346, 2cfad45db885ff3a9a583bd6dc3286…)


I'm an izonefag and have noticed how she's extremely skinny but whenever someone comments about it, you get like 10 other people saying that she's losing "baby fat". She was skinny before but she didn't look malnourished. Now it looks like you could break her bones just by bumping into her.

No. 79560

Yeah i'm usually sceptical of overly skinny people who say they don't diet or care about their weight but it seems that she just doesn't like eating much and does a lot of physical activity, there are videos of her when she was young and she's always been this skinny

No. 79561

I’ve noticed southeast asians are really skinny and short

I think it’s an evolutionary trait to help them maneuver in jungles faster from predators

No. 79562

Yeah obviously they have wider and flatter noses, darker skin for the same reason

No. 79565

As someone who is naturally very thin, Lisa clearly is underweight and purposely stays that way. Lisa is naturally thin but she's not naturally THAT thin and she's been loosing weight since debut. Both her and Rosé look awful and when they stand next to Jennie for example you can really tell just how thin they are. Lisa was 10/10 not this skinny when she was trainee , she was skinny but not this skinny. The same thing goes for Rose. It's scary how Blinks are enabling this by saying that it's fine because they are naturally thin. You can start off naturally thin and end up underweight/having disorderly eating.
Also BP barely even has a schedule, I highly doubt that these girls are active enough that without dieting they'd end up this skinny and it doesn't help that YG is a misogynistic neckbeard without the neckbeard and puts down his female trainees every other second of the day.

No. 79566

I’m convinced if they had a regular kpop group schedule Lisa or Rose would faint on stage

No. 79571


Hitomi still has a really puffy, full-looking face despite her body being so thin. It's a bit strange to look at.

Their company could try to push Aisha and Shihyun more. Aisha seems to attract a lot of female fans (probably because deep voice, tall height, and pretty face) and Shihyun is one of the charismatic members. If Yiren weren't so boring, she could probably be a CF queen with her visuals.

No. 79573

Shihyun is plain to me

No. 79574

Eh, she has that neutral, Suzy-esque beauty Koreans like that could be a real selling point.. Plus she's a better performer than half of the member s in my opinion.

No. 79576

not attacking you

Tbh I don’t believe someone is just naturally thin/fat fast/slow metabolisms are myth are most peoples are around the same

It’s calorie intake

Inb4 “my skinny friend eats alot” yeah for 1 meal and eats nothing/little the rest of the day

No. 79577

File: 1584600670489.jpg (270.82 KB, 1080x1350, tumblr.jpg)

What I meant is that Lisa is probably dieting since a very young age. She's been doing dance competitions for years it seems. Girl probably never had a normal diet. But it's true she lost some weight these last years so idk.

Lisa is the member with the most stamina so she would survive but Rose… Never been anachan so I don't get her logic. Not only she damages her body but it also makes her look disgusting.

No. 79578

Nta but I wonder if Rose and Lisa have their thread on skinnygossip lol

No. 79579

I find it weird that millions of people worldwide see them as being healthy and “goals”

No. 79586

idk why some anons here are so confused about lisa's body type. Its a lie that she doesnt diet, true, but some are thinking that she dieted her whole life in order to achieve looking like this.

whether she would diet or not, she wouldnt look too different and stay almost the same. She could look better with some muscle and eat healthy instead but at the same time, she wouldnt look 5x fuller than she would now. She'd stay slim (at the same time being healthier) and have lean muscle.

same goes for rose. both are naturally skinny, but not like the way they are now. If they didnt go ana in the first place, their skin would look firm and not appear to look as if their bones would rip thru it any moment.

conclusion is rose and lisa are naturally very skinny girls. But their ana dieting is making them look worst and their current weight now actually is unnatural.

sage for blackpink weight sperging.

No. 79587

Exactly,they were skinny before and they definitely seem to have a fast metabolism but they've been looking gaunt for the past year and a half,whereas in old photos they didn't look emaciated even though they were skinny already.

No. 79594

What do you guys think of nct's live vocals? (This is from today)

No. 79596


SM has always produced competent vocalists.

No. 79597

I think they have distinctive vocal colors but can't express emotions thru their voices at all. I feel like it's due to lack of vocal coaching. I bet SM preferred to teach the rappers to rap instead.

No. 79598

Probably the worst vocalists to come out of SM, cant wait for them to be replaced uff I cant believe SHINee's debut was almost cancelled because they were ''incompetent'' vocalists but these people get to debut..

No. 79600

In your opinion which ones have the most distinctive/impressive vocal colors?

No. 79604

File: 1584627789257.png (177.69 KB, 412x649, bts.png)

this is so unfortunate lol

No. 79605

Hah good luck with that since every country seems to be shutting down public venues one by one.

No. 79607

Hah I can see why yuta never gets lines…even taeyong's singing is better than his

No. 79609

I think Doyoung and Jaehyun have nice vocal colors and could learn to emote more if given the chance.
Taeil isn't my favorite vocal-wise. He sounds like he sings with the back of his throat lol. But my personal opinion doesn't matter, he is the one that, if given vocal lessons, could grow to be the best singer in NCT. But he is the worst offender when it comes to not putting any emotion into his singing. I feel like that goes for his whole personality though.
Haechan seems to have grown a lot since debut and his vocals matured, he's quite good rn. I also think that he's the one that puts the most emotion into his performances.

No. 79610

yep i don't know what they're going to focus on this year, no new album and their tour is pretty much definitely gonna be cancelled. i guess some members can release mixtapes lol.

No. 79611

I think they’ll adjust their plans now lol. Things have changed since they decided this and they’re probably wanna try to release a mini album at least. There’s too much money at stake

No. 79613

Some of the least competent vocalists to come out of Sm. Why do you ask so many fucking questions, nctfag? Trying to get someone to praise your bias, hm? Weird bitch.

No. 79622

>Weird bitch

Lmaoooooooooooooooooooo anon what the hell

No. 79623

This is going to turn into a dumpster fire.
People weren't quite pleased with the new album and I doubt that a new one will turn out bettter cosidering that they'll rush everything just to make up for the loss of what they would've earned through touring.They'll just release more garbage.

No. 79628

Eh, their fans loved the album actually and they’ll love anything they produce. Let’s be real, most albums are garbage these days anyway lmao

No. 79635

I saw many complain that it couldn't keep up with the HYYH-era and that ON was too generic and that many felt uneasy about sharing their true opinion without having their own fandom attack them for not liking something for once.
Honestly,I believe it.Ofc they "love everything" because their own fandom would lynch them for not doing so.

No. 79637

I just came around the weirdest kpop dance cover channel ever. Now I'm traumatized… I don't even know how I got there.

No. 79638

I find Doyoung's singing too whiny most of the time but other than that I agree with everything you said

No. 79639

yeah i feel like most long time fans just force themselves to like their music now. imo bts' problem (post wings era) is that they hype up their albums like it's going to be all deep and meaningful but then they never deliver on it. they insert random psychological and philosophical shit just for the sake of it and it just ends up making it all feel shallow and disappointing.

No. 79643

I think the person is disabled or something so i dont wanna leave a hate comment, acc feel bad but he strangely looks like Bang PD.

No. 79645

No, I didn't mean it in a hateful way but just weird.

No. 79646

It really isn't a myth? There are people who struggle to gain weight and do eat regular meals I don't understand why you're arguing this so much but it's OT. Lisa very clearly is lying about not dieting though and it's sad that her fans encourage this behavior.

No. 79647

He's trying his best, I guess? I agree with >>79643, something about the way he looks/moves seems like he's disabled.

No. 79648

there's something about this that just screams school talent show kek

No. 79653

Even if that’s true and their fans secretly hate their new stuff they still buy the albums in bulk so does it really matter if the music is mediocre? They’ll keep selling

No. 79654

Isn't MTS 7 their worst selling album yet though?

No. 79655

Wasnt their last album title directly copied off Epik High (Map of the human soul) and now Persona took the title for Black Swan from another Epik high album? (Black Swan Songs). Not to be an annoying tinfoil but doesnt anybody see the pattern here, deep my ass lol they're fake twitter woke.

No. 79659

I think persona is

No. 79660

File: 1584644261759.jpg (51.4 KB, 520x517, TWICE-Sana.jpg)

Twice (except for Tzuyu) have the rattiest, unblended hair extensions. Tzuyu's hair is always immaculate. Does she know and hire her own stylist? lmao

No. 79661

File: 1584645004052.png (2.42 MB, 1800x1682, Screenshot 2020-03-19 at 20.05…)

don't know if this is recent, but got7's youngjae looks awfully a lot like shindong when he's gained weight


No. 79662

I can't wait for BTS to disband.Music shows are so boring because there's no competition anymore and it's always them winning even if their releases turn out shittier than others.
If a group comes back the same time BTS does then it's always 100% clear that BTS will win.

No. 79663

File: 1584646526839.png (1.84 MB, 1175x1178, CA57DCE0-3AD0-4DEE-9481-ECA6E2…)

There does appear to be a resemblance, but that could just be their matching jowls.

No. 79665

i think it’s because tzuyu is the visual of the group and doesn’t dye her hair bright colors like the other girls. jyp has the money for them to have the best hair and styling in the industry yet they never spend it.

No. 79666

Why do companies who have enough money for decent stylists always have to give their idols piss yellow hair

No. 79668


Also how come Korean makeup artists always forget the top of the forehead when putting on those badly matched foundations? Do they just put makeup on the center of the face?

K-makeup is overrated.

No. 79673

Your question is answered around 1:45 in this video. Tl;dw is that they use their natural skin as “contour” but imo it just looks badly blended or like the makeup rubbed off.

No. 79674

File: 1584653811708.jpg (122.03 KB, 500x700, ses.jpg)

I guess it's a similar idea as forehead contouring, it keeps a natural shadow near the hairline? I just don't get why the foundation needs to be lighter, they aren't fooling anyone about the skintone of their idols. I swear it didn't use to be this bad

No. 79675

I hate how kbeauty is seen as superior now

No. 79676

there's some aspects I can appreciate of it but it doesn't suit every face and it's becoming a tired style, it doesn't leave much room for variation unlike IG makeup. I think the skincare has caught on way more than the makeup style tbh

No. 79677

Not only does it not suit everyone but kbeauty artists seem to not even know the basics such as properly blending,whether that be eyeshadow or foundation.Everything always looks so splotchy.

No. 79678

It's such a basic bitch look now, it can make some 9s turn into a 3-4.

No. 79679

Yes I also enjoy the skincare but I barely buy any of their makeup.

No. 79682

It spread so fast lol

Everyone (but us) seems to think Koreans have perfect skin and are more beautiful

When I visited SEA last year they were practically worshipping Koreans and some of them even wanted to be korean

No. 79683

File: 1584657003129.jpeg (31.38 KB, 640x416, 9ADA8353-4F43-4C99-8E0F-BA8B28…)

Yeah Korean fashion is also trending there

I dunno they kinda look like koreaboos, they look like Edward avila rofl

No. 79684

Of course. The only people that think he can sing and deserves lines are his stans

This. It always looks so clownish imo

No. 79685

File: 1584662153197.jpg (44.56 KB, 357x607, 317.jpg)

cause the SK government has pumped billions into starting the korean wave to get them even more billions in GDP. all of the kpop hype, all the k beauty hype, all down to the south korean government getting hype on communism

No. 79686

It’s a conspiracy theory that SK and Japan are controlled by a select few companies that are white vassals states which explains their wealth and soft power compared to the rest of Asia

No. 79691

That look is so lame, everytime I see someone looking like that I automatically think they are a lookism kpop drone wanted to get ps to look like their precious kpop lords.

No. 79692

what does SK exporting soft power to SEA have to do with communism??

No. 79696

Well it’s causing SEA to hate their physical features for sure

No. 79705

>all down to the south korean government getting hype on communism

No. 79707

I kinda wish he had a thread here but everything has already been said about him on PULL so there’s no point……..

I feel like we would go in much harder through lol

No. 79712

i remember one time he was live streaming and someone told him to lose weight and he said something like "pls worry about yourself". I watched his latest stream and he looks so skinny

No. 79719

I think it's ironic how more than half of the people who tell idols that they're ugly and need to lose weight look like absolute gremlins themselves

No. 79721

well they aren’t idols….

by your logic no one should criticize food unless they’re gordon ramsey

No. 79723

And?Idols' primary job is to perform, good looks are often expected but all in all secondary.That's what models are for.

No. 79724

I ain’t stanning a busted crusted dusted flashback mary fivehead ana burned scalp lookin ho and that’s the tea sis

No. 79733

I cringed reading this.

No. 79734

same it had me shooketh the house for real and my weave snatched to the gods bish

No. 79735

Why is it always hard to find this stuff

No. 79736

I hate listerine worst mouthwash lol

therabreath >>>>>

No. 79740

people aren't very good at baiting anymore

No. 79746

I remember this being brought up in a previous thread. What was the outcome of this? Did he get in trouble or what? Anybody know?

No. 79750

File: 1584730365850.jpeg (638.1 KB, 1536x2002, 11FACA0D-FFB2-46F3-8818-5B9C78…)

No. 79751

File: 1584730458496.jpeg (269 KB, 1536x1089, FCCFC368-24CD-4CC0-BA48-E4070B…)

They sacked the guys who were shitty to her, and I think a fair bit of the production team. She’s still kept her job which is pretty good.

No. 79752

I'm glad, people aren't just getting away with this shit anymore. I hope a lot more of this gets exposed because this is definitely not the only case of young idols being bullied and manipulated

No. 79753

File: 1584730771290.jpg (91.84 KB, 862x734, Trainees.JPG)

So the new YG group will be self-producing…BP is absolutely fucked lmao

Here's their performance (sorry idk how to add video itself from the link)


No. 79754

Yikes.Are BP really that bad when it comes to self-producing or does YG have grudge against them?Why would he allow his new GG to self-compose but not BP?

No. 79755

Isn't everybody tired of this whole "self-produced" fairy tale story? Do people really believe it?

No. 79756

YG are abandoning BP to have a new girl group who are a blank slate, almost responding to all the backlash they recieved about their management of BP. They'll probably really push to give them albums and comebacks too.

No. 79758

sana is one of the prettiest female idols but they ruined her looks with these trashy hair colors.

No. 79759

if bts was just the rapline their music would be better…

No. 79760

Why do they insist on giving these girls bleach blonde box dye hair? it looks so bad

No. 79761

i feel like it part of the company’s way of making them stay. if i was walking around with banana yellow hair with a white cast on my face like a clown, i’d think that no one else would want to hire me and resign. plus, fansites edit all of the imperfections away so companies care even less..

No. 79764

File: 1584738420857.jpg (86.27 KB, 670x446, restmb_jhidxmake.php.jpg)

Which females self-produce aside from Soyeon (and Minnie) currently? IU, girl from Akmu, but no real female idol groups do it aside from Mamamoo who are significantly non-idol like in other ways. People may not care about males doing it anymore, but if I'm not mistaken, it is still uncommon for Korean females to do so.

No. 79765

They're so bad

No. 79766

I mean, is it that bad considering they're moving like crazy? Because the dance is really fast paced. I'm not defending them because I honestly don't follow Itzy and they totally strike me as Blackpink in terms of visual over talent, but it wasn't that bad.

No. 79767

LE (EXID) and Miryo (Brown Eyed Girls) but most of their production is creating beats to match their own raps and fitting in the other members wherever I guess

No. 79770

No. 79775

No. 79777

This performance had me really impressed with Haechan. His live singing is by far the most stable and his vocal color is unique and distinctive. I think he has a lot of potential for solo stuff

No. 79787

>Jane Wang & Vicky Wei
This is my first time hearing of Chinese trainees in YG. And I think the name Baby Monsters is kinda cute but it needs to be adjusted like Pink Punk.

No. 79788

this is because they are under the chinese branch so the korean branch rarely talks about them. i also think baby monsters should be changed; imagine being 28 doing a reunion/anniversary with the name baby monsters lol it’s too childish

i hope that baby monsters have backup plans for when they get 2ne1ed. if all the members are like the chinese ones, they are going to be pretty good rookies, but they’ll be thrown away when yg crashes or don’t turn out to be better than a group like snsd

No. 79795

have you heard ugh

No. 79796

imma be real not even a ratmy but that song was straight fire dude

No. 79797

baby monsters reminds me of gagas fandom name so thats all i think about when i see it mentioned

No. 79802

It's not really hidden that self-production can mean as little as writing one word or being in the room in kpop. It's become this thing fans jump on and praise when in reality it has become a marketing tool

No. 79807

Honestly, pretty good singing/rapping for idols in 2020, esp under YG. Hopefully the singing one keeps up with vocal health and doesn't end up like Bom and Rose.
Also, if they're Chinese they can run away to China and start promoting there if YG locks them in the basement.

No. 79808

Let's hope that YG put more emphasis on skill rather than looks this time.

No. 79811

this is god awful. the performance and the cringy ass lyrics.
yes, people also believed beyonce wrote a portion of her stuff until the sia thing. some still havent caught on. people lack critical thinking abilities.

No. 79829

Has anyone gotten into a group late, realized the era that was a group's prime years later, and then been disappointed bc the group is done for now?
I used to know of Exo and I never had a favorite but always enjoyed their music. After listening to their discography, I'm kind of a fan now, but I'm not personally attached to the members and I still have no 'bias'. What does make me disappointed though is realizing in 2019 after backtracking on the 'eras' that Monster-KoKoBop & specifically the year 2017 was the best shape they truly were ever in.
The last perf of the video (Artificial Love) is Exo in their prime imo. I'm obsessed with this performance and yet I was taking a break from kpop at the time so I couldn't even appreciate it then, RIP. Nowadays with Chen's scandal, the military enlistments, and whatever's going on with Lay, they're done for.

No. 79830

I’m bc a longtime fan coming to terms with the fact that they’re done. Pick a bias so you can enjoy their solos lol

No. 79831

File: 1584831496770.jpg (28.86 KB, 356x298, Capture.JPG)

he really thinks…

No. 79833

Sad that most groups end like this tough.EXO have many songs with super cringy lyrics but they're a solid group.

No. 79835

He’s delusional but I don’t think he’s calling himself an idol

He has a lot of nugu idol “friends” he even lives with one called AOORA who makes cringe music

No. 79836

File: 1584836699473.jpeg (141.45 KB, 1132x1135, 9E744736-7A9E-4543-B81B-9C95B9…)

don’t forget the gaybaiting anon

No. 79843

Tbh I don't really find anyone in Exo to be particularly attractive/interesting. I just hope that SM starts an entirely different BG aside from NCT that can take the songs that would have gone to Exo.
It's always bound to happen at some point. I think if Exo had a solid successor I probably wouldn't be as sad.

No. 79847

>Has anyone gotten into a group late, realized the era that was a group's prime years later, and then been disappointed bc the group is done for now?
Yeah, Block B and their solos/units. Wrote em off as a shitty, generic nugu when they debuted but now I realize I really like their music, they're like Bigbang with better production. And they have a few songs that are way classier/more mature sounding than their title tracks would lead you to believe, like this one.

No. 79848

what group had that fanmeet with that sweaty fat guy who looked like he was high as balls?

No. 79852

Anon that describes literally every girl group fanmeet

No. 79853

he hit the girl in the head by accident while sperging out

No. 79855

That was Lovelyz mjioo lol

No. 79867

File: 1584874979380.gif (2.98 MB, 275x264, 1574041463333.gif)

No. 79868

Question Incoming.

Do you ever just look at someone and can tell they’re a koreaboo?

Like I saw a white guy with that bowl cut that kpop guys ( I think it’s called a two
block) and oversized clothes I immediately thought that he looked like he would post stan loona memes and kpop fancams

No. 79869

The way they’re looking at his back lol

No. 79871

File: 1584875334965.jpeg (80.44 KB, 1433x799, 3381B95A-AF6E-42E5-A54A-732E90…)

What the fuuuuuck

No. 79996

has anybody realized the inferiority complex armys and bh stans have against sm stans for no apparent reason, i just had a quarell with an army who brung up sm for no reason and i wonder if anybody else realized this

No. 80028


I hate these people

No. 80030

He learned them from his butt buddy Edward

No. 80034

ratmies have always been very insecure and threatened by sm boybands, probably because sm boybands have historically been the best-selling, most popular ones. but it gets ridiculous when they're even threatened by nct, who are nowhere near bts's level of fame and success. it's like, what are you so afraid of? why all the anxiety?

No. 80037

they’re afraid of yuta’s chin stabbing them in their sleep

No. 80043

found out my faggot husbando isn't as much of a faggot as everyone thought and had a predebut gf this is the greatest day of my life god bless the usa of canada maple syrup land of all that is great and kevin

No. 80048

shut up dawn

No. 80050

File: 1584912155109.gif (1.67 MB, 320x180, nZEgjIh.gif)

No. 80058

File: 1584912887719.gif (2.56 MB, 275x269, 1572828097480.gif)

No. 80061


No. 80062

kevin from the boyz?

No. 80063

this looks reversed? or am i tripping?

No. 80069

Yes absolutely. They’re so easy to spot

No. 80072

File: 1584916516832.jpg (45.61 KB, 600x459, 1584638979-seungri.jpg)

Seungri is allegedly dating some nugu rookie… allegedly.

My only question is if they are dating…. why? He's a monster.

No. 80076

>I can make you a star baby!

No. 80078

>dating seungri
money and fame. that why most idols wanted to become idols. many will use sex to get there (or to get more money, contacts etc.). not exactly a secret.
>most idols are whores for money and fame. literally

No. 80082

wasn't this piece of shit supposed to be enlisting in the military?

No. 80084

File: 1584921322095.jpg (102.72 KB, 1125x760, EGbI-MaW4AA40vk.jpg)

What? I thought they became idols because they loved singing and dancing? NOOOOO

No. 80117


fucking whhhy?? Why would any woman date him? i am really trying to wrap my head around this. it's so disgusting

No. 80125

zico always outshined block b like i used to be a fan and i couldn't tell you the other members names

No. 80128

I forget that he wasn’t always solo

No. 80135

File: 1584945909166.jpeg (786.71 KB, 828x1114, 6DFF9F45-7A4F-423C-B068-4A0C91…)

ngl I’m digging jimins Pokémon gloves

No. 80144

>>80072 I was curious to see who she is so I searched Seungri's name on twitter.
This is fucking nuts. The amount of stans he still has is disturbing. Kpop fans are really brainwashed huh

No. 80147

Is it just me or jimin looks better than usual here??

No. 80155

File: 1584950207973.png (391.74 KB, 576x598, Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 12.5…)

You can see her thinking "what am I doing with my life?" for a split second right after he bumps her.

Just you. He walks away with his back facing the stage. If you reverse the gif, he'd be backing onto the stage.

Apparently she made her Instagram public immediately after dating rumors broke out, so definitely for fame and publicity at minimum.

No. 80173

Because deep down they also know that BTS fame will evaporate eventually.They constantly lash out at other fandoms because they feel threatened.

It irks me when they say BTS is the nations BG or whatever.BTS is just a cash cow,nothing else.

EXO's rappers suck,but at least they have decent vocalists and performers,whereas half of BTS are useless.Bighit doesn't know how to utilize them as a group.Most members are better off solo,especially the rap-line.

No. 80176

oh, i thought it was taemin looking a bit under the weather.
they all gotta stop sharing the same dr kim

No. 80194

from soobin deep throathing a cheese stick to this
txt need to explain

No. 80210

File: 1584983065587.jpg (117.15 KB, 714x659, uhhhhhhhhhhhh.JPG)


Uh, guys, I saw this hastag on twitter…
Do you all think it's burning sun related?

No. 80212

I see many bts fans being fans of this group as well and I mean obsessed, thirsty ones. These boys look like legit children though. I was at GDA and I saw them from up close, they’re super young and there was this txt fansite in front of me that gave me the creeps, late 20s, maybe even older, obese, trying to get the boys attention. Probably a BTS fan that needs someone even younger than them. Gross, and she wasn’t the only old fan.

No. 80213

not to minimod but this is an imageboard so pls post the video next time

this is absolutely disgusting, jesus christ. i hope everyone involved in abusing those women suffers

No. 80215

There was stuff about snuff films in the Burning Sun scandal as well

No. 80216

Maybe? i feel sick just reading this. how can anyone do this? they must have no conscious, no soul.. this is so beyond words how awful. these poor girls and women… Anyone who still supports Seungri needs to be cancelled

No. 80217

txt is such a talentless band and the members have no personality. the only people who stan them are hagrid idiots with no taste who want to them pity likes. BH knows once BTS disbands, it's over for their main cash cow.

No. 80220

From what I understand, these are chatrooms used by men to trade “revenge porn” and torment their victims. Not directly Burning Sun related, but the same mentality is behind both. SK police refuse to do anything about it, hence the petition.

No. 80221

same anon but i cant make a gif out of the video sorry i tried shrug

No. 80223

MONSTA X's Hyungwon apologizes to fans for keeping in contact with former member Wonho
"I think there are a lot of MONBEBEs who can't sleep at this late hour because of me, which is why I'm leaving this post. Firstly, I want to say that I'm really sorry to MONBEBE. Whatever the reason, in the end, it was because we became complacent. Things are rough in many ways these days, but we are always trying to show our best sides. We are incredibly sorry and apologize for not being able to do so. In the future, we will work harder and become more careful so we don't cause MONBEBE to have a hard time. Please watch over us as we reflect and fix our faults. I've realized a lot while writing this. I am worried about more misunderstandings happening, but I couldn't just stay still after seeing the comments. This is a space for MONBEBE and MONSTA X but because of us, many people are having a hard time and seeing this makes my heart hurt. My post may not fix everything, but I leave it here with a careful heart hoping that you won't hurt anymore. We are lacking in many ways and aren't perfect, but we will make MONBEBEs proud. I wish everyone sleeps well tonight and isn't hurting. Please stay strong again today MONBEBE."

But oppas are best friends and a real family! They aren't there for the money. ←- So what happened with this narrative now, phaha.

No. 80232

wonder how many idols are involved in this one

No. 80234

I mean, everyones fame will evaporate eventually

twitter nctfags are starting to become more annoying on their own than any army/exol beef ive ever seen

like coming for bts AND exo when you stan NCT is pretty delusional and a surefire way to eliminate potential allies

and change of topic: when will forced raplines finally stop, theres nothing wrong with all vocals groups. sm and co will never scout actual underground rappers so why bother

No. 80243

Easier to train people to “rap” than to give them proper vocal training

No. 80285

Ok ratmy

No. 80341

>MONSTA X's Hyungwon apologizes to fans for keeping in contact with former member Wonho
literally what's the issue
and I'm not gonna read this wall of text, autist

No. 80362

You can't read 5 sentences? Who is the stupid one here! It's just his apology letter for people like you.
And yes, it's wrong. You've worked with this person for so many years claiming you're friends. Then you apologies for secretly meeting him. It shows you what your priorities are.
PS: It's probably too long of an explanation for you to read, tho. Congrats, if you've reached till here.

No. 80377

There’s something to be said for the fact they were meeting at all. Most bg (and probably gg) members don’t really care for each other that much, remember it’s just business and the members were thrown together for the sake of a group.

No. 80379

That was what I said in my original post aka ironizing fans who believe in "we're a family and bffs". It's not that difficult to see it's already written up there.

No. 80381

File: 1585058676269.jpg (105.7 KB, 524x901, IMG_20200325_000316.jpg)

Damn looks like that stray kidz member really did get kicked out. I wonder what he did.

No. 80388

Fuck this is so frustrating. Just spill the tea dude

No. 80406

Rumor is that he impregnated a Chinese fansite

No. 80420

He what now? What fansite? According to saesangs he left after a disagreement with JYP.

No. 80421

File: 1585072554581.png (211.23 KB, 612x560, Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 1.55…)

a buddy ranted about how seventeen is praised for their choreo but gfriend doesnt get recognition after carats got seventeen trending after they released their new japan comeback.

No. 80422

here is the music video by the way. I never really saw gfriend's choreo as beautiful.

No. 80423

File: 1585074018349.jpg (400.32 KB, 824x1952, weverse.mapofthesoultourupdate…)

BigHit made an official announcement saying that they are keeping an eye on the COVID-19 to see if they need to cancel more concerts, but didn't say anything about canceling the america part of the tour. That's such crap to say right now, since the us is getting hit with the virus and with the way the government is acting, I really don't think that a month from now things are going to be better.

Also, it's a little ot, but it bugs me how they are like "we are looking to find seoul dates" which is clearly meant for their korean fanbase but don't mention the possibility of looking for dates in other countries if they got to cancel shows there.

No. 80426

File: 1585074741843.png (285.14 KB, 533x420, yeonwoo.PNG)

The telegram sex offender guy was following momoland's yeonwoo. that girl has the worst luck in attracting weirdos, it was only a while ago leeteuk was creeping on her on ig


No. 80428

I’m guessing it’s because the korea shows are already officially cancelled. Also it seems like korea is controlling the virus situation? But yes I don’t understand this statement, nobody can hold concerts right now so what’s the point of saying you might have to cancel? You will definitely need to cancel or reschedule, lol.

No. 80434

why does he do that with his leg i cant lmfao it makes me think of that balloon from j timberlakes video

No. 80435

File: 1585078182088.gif (1.24 MB, 480x343, 7P7mrz5.gif)

for reference

No. 80436

They'll probably keep meeting in the future. What are you sperging about?

No. 80440

Naive fans should be mentally preparing themselves for a scandal worse than burning sun with the nth room story right now. Some really famous people are rumored to be members.

No. 80443

no there are knetz SPECULATING, no rumors from reliable sources

No. 80445

you got a data dump regarding those files?
please dont be vague and lay it on the table.

No. 80447

And who are they?

No. 80449

File: 1585084395695.png (1.99 MB, 1052x1578, D3BD36A9-C561-4A96-952D-A6C311…)

Found this group in my recommended, imagine thinking you can debut this

No. 80450

the styling is absolutely tragic as well… the huge ugly necklace etc

like who? dont keep the milk to yourself anon

No. 80452

File: 1585085400156.jpg (141.43 KB, 752x909, TQuQuCM.jpg)

So Johnny from Nct wore a cock ring as a necklace… at this point stylists are doing it on purpose, from male idols wearing lingerie, bdsm harnesses to this

No. 80462

This is old news, anon. Catch the fuck up.

No. 80470

Are you that slow and still don't get it? Maybe if you reread it a few times (or more in your case) you'll see what I mean. I can't believe you need so many explanations of a simple statement.

No. 80471

actually, you're the one who's not making any sense. are you esl or what?

No. 80522

nobody posted it tho idc lel

No. 80538

File: 1585152267603.jpg (17.15 KB, 331x319, pOyUvVf.jpg)

Honest to god what is Sm doing?

No. 80540

isnt he like 27 years old?? wtf is he saying? this is embarrassing

No. 80547

its actually quite worrying when you think about his friend of 11 years comitting suicide.

No. 80553

You were one of those fags calling sulli and hara emo att wh*res for their posts right

No. 80556

they're doing nothing.
what did ye expect from an idol?
the critical thread was so successful cause they(idols) got issues.

first time- no schedule, alone with thoughts, less fangirls trying to bang him and tell him how amazing he is-, hence the
> poor uwu me, tell me nice things

im sure he aint the only idol struggling.

hell be fine.
calm down, this used to be critical. get used to the calling idols out.

No. 80558

i can smell your femcel stench over here,take a shower troglodyte.
There is a difference between calling idols out and you being a aspie with aspd.
You didnt really answer one of anons question who asked you if you were one of those people who made fun of sullis ans haras death so im guessing you were one of them.

No. 80559

honestly bashing idols for certain things is fun sometimes when its not out of malice but he is legit saying he is struggling with his mental health and you're saying his management is doing nothing wrong? when 2 idols killed themselves from sm and he is complaining about being distressed likely out of overworking? cmon dude.

No. 80568

What the fuck is wrong with you? Seriously.

No. 80584

She looks fine. Not the prettiest idol but there are far uglier idols who've gotten to debut (especially with guy groups).

No. 80585

Aside from Taemin's current situation, I found this video the other day from an ex-fan of BlackPink and thought it was interesting.
Her argument is that the "IG models who occasionally collab for a song every year" schtick was the intended business model for BP and that it's 'genius'. Does anyone know if the current state of BP was actually intentional?
Am I wrong in thinking that the group (and the profits) would be better off if they released more music and did more marketing as a group instead of the 'high fashion' solo work? It seems like they're losing a lot of fans as of recently with the inactivity and the obvious disconnect between the members.

No. 80587

i think blackpink only having one comeback a year is a way to make them seem above other idol groups.

No. 80591

BlackPink's state is intentional and has always been this short term/high profit project

No. 80594

Living off CF deals is not really a new business model for girl groups, it's not like they make money off digital sales. It's just that they're targeting more high end brands than most girl groups who would end up with chicken and soju cfs.

It's a bit of a waste considering BP can get decent audiences (afaik) and could make money touring. Wasting potential for no evident reason is kinda the story of YG's life though, aside from Big Bang.

No. 80601

the literall buisness model is: money you earn-money you spend to earn those=profit so idt bp is in a bad situation allbeit not the most satysfying one for kpop music (gag reflex) fans

No. 80619

Especially with the virus situation they’re probably glad they’re profitable as models instead of the standard kpop touring and music model

No. 80635

>Am I wrong in thinking that the group (and the profits) would be better off if they released more music and did more marketing as a group instead of the 'high fashion' solo work?
i think that's what sets them apart from most groups. they have few songs but everyone remembers them. no one but hardcore fans actually listens to kpop b-sides anyway so they're not losing much tbh. and they probably make more than 90% of other groups through their tours and cf deals alone

No. 80638

I know this is an encore performance but phew

No. 80668

i didn't think this was bad at first and then it kept going. they seem drunk lol

No. 80669

This is more or less confirmed. I can’t remember the source but Yang Hyun Suk used to delay 2ne1 and CL solo cbs for some kind of luxury (excess demand + limited supply) feeling to their comebacks. He also believed that a long waiting period would create profitable waiting tension and excitement among fans and the general public. (Well, that and the theory 2ne1 could never make cbs because Park Bom was always recovering from surgeries and couldn’t promote.)

No. 80682

Probably sounds bad because they were attempting to do an on the spot part switch

No. 80718

yg artists always seem to give off that vibe of "i'm better than you" and that they are on the same level as western artists and the idol stuff is lame even though they are definitely idols lol

No. 80720

did you really expect them to sing good though? jyp doesn't train their idols to sing properly. they are no different from twice in terms of talent, but their concept is better i'll give them that.

No. 80739

well it kinda works. even when i knew nothing about kpop big bang and especially g-dragon were considered pretty cool and they seemed to know a lot of mainstream american artists. i think it's the same for blackpink, i hear some big artists talk about them from time to time

No. 80750

singing a different part shouldnt give you any difficulty to sing properly. They just dont have any singing talent.

No. 80751

Talking more about them “seeming drunk” from the other anon

No. 80753

Although this sounds like a group of teenage girls at a karaoke bar, it's nowhere near the worst idol encore I've heard. BTS at music bank hold the title for that imo.

No. 80765

i really think itzy's wannabe is really similar to loona's so what video and song. i love both groups, just noticed there are a ton of similarities. "im so bad" as lyrics, the theme of both songs (self love, not caring what anyone thinks), the imagery/setting (downtown in the city vs fancy rococo/baroque mansion), and even some of the dance moves. i don't think jyp necessarily plagiarized; the two videos came out like a month apart from eachother. it's just a lot of weird coincidences that i notice when i watch them back to back. sage for weird tinfoil

No. 80767

ratmies are freaking out because nct won something on musicbank over bts's ON.

No. 80770

wow this is actually bad

No. 80772

ramties praising their vocals in the comments makes me gag

No. 80773

samefag, **ratmies

No. 80779

V's pathetic "uwu I really don't wanna be here"-expression makes me wanna punch is plastic face.

>losing against ncshit
Welp, that's officially the beginning of their end. My prediction is that next year they will no longer be relevant enough to get invited to american shows.

No. 80803

I know most people here hated it but Kick It is still way better than ON, so I'm glad NCT won, it was justified in my eyes.
Is there a reason that ON flopped so hard amongst ratmies though? I'm so used to them hyping up their songs even if they're awful.

No. 80804

well, the group has been around for ~7 years; this is the time where groups lose fans and start to enlist, their korean fans hate that they aren’t as popular in the us as they thought/the jungkook drama, and music shows/streaming services are cracking down on bots. they peaked around fake love, plateaued with bwl, and will hopefully decline starting with on. this will definitely show when we do not see them at american award shows towards the end of the year/next year

No. 80806

i don't have twitter or any other thing so i didn't even know it flopped with them. i guess that anon >>78484 was right though.

btw, talking about ratmies, does anyone with twitter have any screen shots of tweets with fights that k-ratmies and i-ratmies were having about the postponement of the us tour?? i kinda wanna see lol

No. 80808

I think also that it doesn't help that their popularity wasnt real. They were on that list the Kardashians and Ariana Grande were on for having half of their Instagram followers being fake and then BTS is one of those artist that alter venues to make it seem like it was a sold out show when really they just didn't sell a bunch of seats. They were an online trend. I noticed many online influencers like stealthespotlight or just people in general seemed more consumed by wanting to be "on trend". That's why artist like Ariana and many other American artist alongside all these new kpop groups don't really hold any longevity. Yeah 7-10 years can be argued to be a long time but these people's PR teams are calling them "legends" and "pop princesses" and there's no way any of these people deserve that title. BTS dressed up as and called themselves the new Beatles when the Beatles (although I don't like them nor support them after hearing about all the stealing and domestic abuse) hold cultural relevancy 70 years later. Everything is extremely fake and no one is actually as popular as their PR teams say they are and the moment someone new comes along whether the decline is slow or fast it's a wrap. Then they start to throw tantrums and mental break downs because they are forced to realize that they aren't actually as talented or as important as Stan Twitter once told them they were.

Sorry that was long I've just been thinking about this a lot.

No. 80815

I think BTS already won over 10 times for ON so I don't think they have anything to worry about. I don't get why they're getting so lazy, they could have access to the most exciting and innovative producers yet they churn out bland music and collab with people like Halsey and the Chainsmokers.

No. 80817

I think the Korean fans would love it if they weren’t as popular in the us, but as far as concert tickets go they are and that’s what makes them come back. And I thought the scandal would translate in mediocre sales for their Korean concerts, especially the October ones since sales happened at the end of September, right after the scandal. But no.
As for USA award shows, which ones are they even attending, the billboards? I’m sure they were gonna attend those and are they even relevant? As for the Grammys, we all know why they were invited lol.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, their downfall won’t start when the gp loses interest because they were barely interested in the first place. It will be when their own fans start resenting them so they need to do something actually scandalous for that.
Or they will slowly lose interest once they start enlisting, it will be anticlimactic.

No. 80818

By quarantine standards that sounds mildly entertaining, what are they fighting about? They wanted them to tour anyway despite the virus??

No. 80837

File: 1585353265572.jpeg (172.03 KB, 1024x718, 1F8BF384-D8C3-4E50-B2CE-3AE615…)

Big hit basically said they care more about international fans than the Korean ones

Current Korean vs US drama is koreans being pissed at V for saying he hopes On drops to number 2 in the charts and his solo thing goes to number 1

No. 80838

They were just being butthurt that the Korean dates got canceled [so their tickets are lost, if they had any], and that the American dates got postponed [the people that got tickets, get to keep them]. So they were like "who do they hate most?" and stuff. I wanted some actual screenshots though lol.

No. 80840

Bighit may favor the international fans but BTS clearly doesn't, lmfao.
Can someone fact check my understanding? I was a BTS fan during their debut days but kind of checked out of kpop in 2015 so I didn't witness the BTS explosion. From what I can remember, BTS was in the same position as ATEEZ years ago where their international fanbase was a lot larger than their Korean fanbase (not trying to insinuate ATEEZ is the next BTS fyi). I Need U was their first public friendly hit with Kfans but they only got major GP attention with BS&T.

No. 80847

his face pisses me off so much

No. 80854

ot, but since this IS a general thread, i just wanna say how much i rlly love yuju's voice. Idk any gg idol who sing's as well as her. even wendy's voice seems lackluster compared to this.

too bad her face's a bit botched nowadays lol. Sad she wouldnt get much recognition.

No. 80855

samefag, i mean "3rd gen gg idol who sings as well as her

No. 80856

Are you saying BTS prefers their kfans over their international fans?

No. 80858

>only got major GP attention with BS&T.
If by major GP attention you mean kpop fans then yes. They never got as popular as bigbang before the gp. Koreans barely knew them until 2018/2019, after they got Western recognition (Billboard charts/award and UN speech).
They've really peaked already though.

No. 80859

Too bad her vocal ability has taken a sharp dive after 2017 or so while Wendy has only improved over the years despite also botching her face kek

No. 80864

isn't mmm 3rd gen? wheein could be a contender

No. 80868

u have a point tbh. afaik mmm are the only popular gg with astounding vocals (compared to rv, tw and bp) for 3rd gen atm.

No. 80869

Moonbyul drags the other girls down vocally I feel. She's an OK singer but nowhere near the other three

No. 80871

(wish i could embed both links apologies)
I just wanna share this awful of a musical transition. gross. its like MJ going from a topic of ''they dont care about us'' to a capitalistic shit song like ''imagine'' holy fuck. biggest reason i hate bts today from them being my first group

No. 80884

File: 1585404173452.jpeg (73.15 KB, 828x967, EUKrKDXUYAA5hft.jpeg)

Lmao ratmy logic

No. 80885

The sole reason the tour is not getting cancelled is because Big Hit would have to pay damages if they did. They're waiting for the promoter to cancel it so they don't have to pay. Are people really that dumb? The whole situation won't get solved anytime soon and it's only going to get worse. The tour is bound to get cancelled.

No. 80887

Yes,they're really that dumb.Most Ratmy's are still teens,they don't have the mental capacity to think that far.

No. 80889


No. 80891

It's replies to the question: "Which kpop group is the most diverse?

No. 80900

Nta but it's painfully obvious bts doesn't really care for their international fans which is funny because they owe their popularity to them. Jimin is the biggest example of this. He once wrote a letter to his Korean fans and it was basically a big f you to i-fans. I-fans were trying to cope by saying he was home sick lmao. I wish I could find it but for some reason I can't.

No. 80906

MMM make 3rd gen kpop look good in the vocals category but their attitudes is what ruins it completely. I’ll always remember when Solar and Wheein made nasty faces at Ailee for doing a high note in front of them lol.

No. 80910

am i the only one who sees the pattern in every encore of itzy that the rest of the members seem to greet their firends etc but Yuna legit has no one to greet and looks awkward so she is always on the side?
I think her personality might be as obnoxious irl.
her attitude makes me wanna punch her face in tbh shes always side eyeing people and looks shallow af

No. 80911

yeah she’s of to the side pretty often and looks awkward but how can you gage her personality based off encore stages?? she could have non idol friends or idol friends who aren’t promoting at the same time as itzy. you sound 12.

No. 80913

i am a itzy fan lmfao, i genuinely liked her at debut but her current attitude puts me off, few times she has complained about not being at the center of attention, sideyeing a senior actress at the mama red carpet and mma, glaring at izone mostly at Wonyoung, looking digusted/embarrassed by being near the members, i'm not here for that negative nergy tbh.
she seems to be masking her insecurities with an obnoxious personality truest me i've tried liking her she's just digging herself in a deeper hole every day. it wont be a matter of time before she gets immense hate from pann girls like suzy and nayeon did at their rookie days.

No. 80914

File: 1585424666531.jpg (29.79 KB, 360x360, zn73Sfm.jpg)

new sm trainee, nice eye bleach after seeing nct's mess visuals lately

No. 80915

This angle makes him look like a thumb.

No. 80916

damn. tbh though you rite.
but atleast he looks visually pleasing even in a ugly angle.

No. 80917

I thought this was ex-Stray Kids Woojin. Wasn't he also an SM trainee once? I guess SM visual standards aren't what they used to be kek

No. 80918

he's a new trainee though i dont think he'll debut anytime soon unless he is baekhyun level

No. 80919

File: 1585426815330.jpg (87.29 KB, 680x510, j1OILuf.jpg)

that moment when i couldnt pick out that shindong wasnt a member until i enlarged the picture, gross.

No. 80920

Haechan is hot

No. 80924

Alright this whole sperg is going to sound legit retarded but has anyone ever started to learn about a group and then realize the members are assholes and that you're better off abandoning them?

I tried getting into The Boyz bc they have some cute, funny members like Younghoon and Juyeon, but they're in a group of 11 guys and pretty soft spoken anyways so it's hard to watch variety with just moments of them. So I wanted to like the entire group until I found out that the youngest member Eric was a bully growing up, which includes even sexually harassing female classmates (slapping girls' asses?!) pre-debut, which is confirmed by multiple people who went to school with him.
If you want to read about him and the victim, here's the interview:

In their videos he still comes off as an annoying little shit tbh. In the video I linked, Q is faking crying while Eric laughs like it's a sick joke, and the other members aside from a few others look hella uncomfortable either trying to laugh along or just looking dead bored like Juyeon. Q has been in controversy because he was photographed drinking and smoking with Nancy and another girl group member, with Eric, who I'm not surprised to see in this situation given that he's an asshole.


Drinking and smoking are not indicators of character but whenever a member hangs out with a confirmed asshat regularly & is closest with them of all members, I will justifiably judge their character. Obviously I know that they're all in a group but the shit that Eric formerly put this girl through is awful and she has never received any apology. If someone like this was in my group I would purposefully keep my distance and not interact with them as much as possible.

Aside from Eric being gross, there's also controversy with two members, Sunwoo and New, for writing some sexist BS pre-debut:
> Under a question that says, “If you could have a pet abroad, what do you want to have?” the answer, allegedly written by Sunwoo, states, “A foreign woman [laughter].” Similarly, the second post asks, “What kind of pet do you want to raise?” and the answer says, “A woman [laughter].”
People say dumb shit when they're younger so idk how to feel about this but it's pretty distasteful. Fans actually wanted them both kicked out of the group following that scandal, lol.

So anyway, this is my retarded rant/question. The accounts of Eric are probably some of the worst I've heard for such a young idol and I've been into kpop since 2013. I've never had this issue before with BGs that I've liked (surprising, I know, but my UB was Jonghyun of Shinee). I'm wondering if any of you like one of the non-shitty people in a group with asshole members and somehow find a way to be a fan of them without having to see the asshole portion of the group. I know akgae fans exist but in this case, I think being an akgae would almost be warranted, granted that you're not wasting your time hating on the asshole members but rather just ignoring them.

I think I'm going to just stick to fancams and not even stan the two likable members out of discretion that they may in fact be just as bad as their fellow members, but maybe some actual fans of The Boyz could weigh in opinions on this?

No. 80925

Jaehyun looks amazing even barefaced

No. 80926

he has a moon-face and you're delusional

No. 80931

his jaw area freaks me out its so boney and flat.

No. 80932

Jaehyun looks good on photos but he kinda looks like a creepy ajusshi in motion.

No. 80933

File: 1585433380651.jpg (93.74 KB, 800x1200, Cm50gC2UEAAb0h4.jpg)

I am absolutely dumbfounded how this is the best looking dude in the group. Though Jaehyun did achieve something bc I legitimately never found someone's side profile to be heinous before this.

No. 80934

to me he always looked like he's missing jaw bones and there's just skin hanging there

No. 80935

File: 1585433974913.png (454.69 KB, 776x472, 9eJTPkA.png)

idol visuals are overrated tbh, i wonder about the day when we will have someone with these visuals

No. 80936

thanks anon.
i really don't understand how they can be so delusional, i hope they're trolling

No. 80938

File: 1585434289524.jpg (1.22 MB, 400x220, AM5A17g.jpg)

samefagging, to pinpoint: 3rd generation and 4th generation visuals are wack**
the standards for them are so low so ig why people fawn over actors visuals as they look actually human and not like glammed up kids dolls

No. 80939

Many artists are actually rescheduling their whole tours for next year. Styles just rescheduled 25 European dates for 2021. If the promoters were ok with cancelling the bts tour they’d have done it already but they’re greedy and they want to keep the money, even though people desperately need them now. They will probably do the same as Harry and Dua and make them tour in 2021 so they won’t have to refund anyone.

No. 80940

have you watched itzy's interviews? i don't think she comes off as mean, but to me she seems a little shy or spaced out. she probably doesn't have a lot of friends the way yeji chaeryong or ryujin do, because they're older and theyve done more (movies, shows, etc prior to debut), and met more people. she's also the youngest member. i could see her being a little immature or pouty, but what 16 year old isn't? she is a child, i think she will grow out of it.

No. 80941

File: 1585435345144.jpeg (183.3 KB, 1080x1080, EUKyUusXsAQrlhC.jpeg)

He looks like a creepy ajusshi in this picture. Ngl I was kind of surprised when I first saw it

No. 80943

johnny looks creepier

No. 80945

Any attractiveness he might have is eclipsed by his arrogance

No. 80954

how does jaehyun look creepy here? yuta and johnny look way worse than him…solo stans be on some other shit.

No. 80955

>sideyeing a senior actress
>glaring at izone
this has happened so many times where a female idol looks at another celebrity and it gets blown out of proportion. you sound just like knets trying to make something out of nothing. people can just look at other people without it meaning anything and also rbf is a thing.

No. 80960

maybe cause she's a rapper, not a vocalist

No. 80961

File: 1585445974527.jpg (187.1 KB, 1440x1440, distortedtwice.jpg)

No. 80963


No. 80966

>idol visuals are overrated
as if anyone other than koreaboos actually thinks they're attractive. don't forget that kpop is a joke for 95% of people, don't let armies delude you into thinking bts are actually popular or relevant

No. 80968

>tfw u feel special

No. 80970

I don't get it, pls explain? Bts has 7 members and they're all Korean? Even if one or more of them aren't like 100% Korean by blood they all grew up or at least attended school in Korea so they're at least culturally Korean so…how are they more diverse than nct?

Isn't she the rapper? I think she sings sometimes but I wouldn't give her so much credit to the point of saying she drags them down vocally…that's like saying jhope drags down bts when he occasionally sings. That's not his job so I'd let it slide.

Wow am I just a moron? I don't understand a damn thing yall are talking about today. I may be wrong but these songs arent intended to be a continuation of each other, they're not necessarily related and I don't see what it has to do with MJ or Imagine. You guys are trying way too hard to make interesting connections and references and shit and you really don't have to, just state your opinion and go, you're mucking up the thread with all this gibberish.

No. 80974

nta but yeah you might be a moron.

The Mj/Imagine was a comparison. The anon was I guess talking about how bts so easily switched their tune and how inflated their egos are now. (I looked this up) Baepsae is about privilege and how they had to work hard for where they are now and Ddaeng is the opposite

No. 80975

did she really? lmao that's too bad! i dont rlly listen to gfriend's music. Besides her botched face, that may also be one of the reasons why she isnt given much attention.

No. 80981

Well she can't rap or dance either and looks horrendous (easily the ugliest in a group full of fuggos) so what then? Next you'll tell me her job is to be awkward and beaver toothed so the others look better in comparison

Kdramas are more popular than Kpop in a lot of places anyway, lots of Kdrama fans barely follow Kpop

No. 80988

>don't forget that kpop is a joke for 95% of people
Would that be different if idols were attractive by your standards?

No. 80990

I can't speak for that anon, but most people find mass produced vapid pop music pointless and stupid shit meant for kids, no matter what the performers look like.

No. 80993

nta but no. kpop is seen as a joke for a variety of reasons.

No. 80994

Wayv (the Chinese unit) is a visually solid group. Too bad they're not that active

No. 80998

It was a rhetorical question.

No. 81002

Can you post the video?

No. 81003

it's not as bad as that anon makes it sound

No. 81007

File: 1585498290668.jpg (5.25 MB, 480x270, 5iZUvHI.jpg)

I didnt say Yuna was mean, her attitude is off putting.
learn how to read.
>blown out of proportion
sure glaring at people when they greet a group with a stank face is rbf and blown out of proportion, this is the critical thread as well. people blow everything out of proportion w no receipts lol
stop being sensitive and a pussy if someone doesnt like a idol, rbf example is Krystal, looking blankly at somebody is rbf, glaring and rolling your eyes is not unless you have astigmatism theres no excuse for that

No. 81009

it is though, kind of tired of the blind defending of idols rude behaviour in public, they knew cameras were around and if they didnt thats even worse knowing how this is how they behave with no cameras around lol

No. 81022

I've seen that clip before and idk i don't wanna draw conclusions from that. I used to love mmm's old music but their personalities have always seemed a bit off to me.
They don't really like to be around other idols, which, there's nothing wrong with that but it seems to me that all the praise they've been getting got a bit to their heads and at times they seem really arrogant and i'm getting strong ~not like other girls~ vibes from them.

No. 81023

I actually was a TBZ stan before their debut, I stopped stanning after their debut song because it was so bad and they've honestly not improved at all.
Eric had bully rumors all the way back then as well and he looks legit evil not even exaggerating.
Q also seems retarded, I roll my eyes whenever someone mentions them

No. 81036

Topkek Ailee is being really OTT and everyone is like "oh so we're doing THAT…ok…

No. 81037

who is the (50 year old?) guy at the back left. the one with the black yellow patterned shirt.

No. 81038

>>80906 if that's what you call a nasty face idk how you survive in the real world op

No. 81040

thats shindong from super junior. i think he’s in his late 30s not 50 lol but he does look old as shit after his weight loss

No. 81056

File: 1585531092646.jpeg (284.98 KB, 1921x1080, EURkp_AUUAIO2d6.jpeg)

Their fans believe they're giants now but I just think the guys on the right are extremely short

No. 81057

Do you have any more tea on them? The members seem genuinely messy, I can't believe that Eric was allowed to debut jfc.

No. 81060

they could be wearing insoles but those guys are probably just short. this is like that photo of ivanka with exo it looks so weird.

No. 81062

I feel bad for saying this because he's still a kid,but Huening Kai is so unfortunate looking.

No. 81066

File: 1585540289094.png (568.76 KB, 2386x708, Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 11.4…)

Well Kevin has an obsession with female pop artists which says enough about him. But imo it takes a certain few types of men to specifically become pop stars; idk if it's just because I'm an American where men have very fragile masculinities but even in Korea, I imagine that a lot of straight Korean men would be uncomfortable with the not-so-straight gaybaiting that male idols tend to do. Showbiz and dancing is typically something that gay men flock to, and that's especially for the ones that stan female pop artists.

No. 81086

He reminds me of Utah here.

No. 81097

File: 1585569224718.jpeg (168.5 KB, 1200x751, 9C685FE5-3906-4F49-AC45-D1CD07…)

never forget

No. 81108

File: 1585573603005.jpeg (284.83 KB, 1242x1838, 3888AFB8-2EF3-452F-B1C9-8AC65B…)

Kim, there’s people that are dying.

No. 81111

I've noticed Kai's the only one wearing completely different shoes. Also their faces are so wide and big compared to Ivanka's

No. 81120

File: 1585579639185.png (668.03 KB, 900x600, ESgqI6MX0AAXqZM.png)

If Kai was too short with too weird proportions he wouldn't have gotten that Gucci deal. He looks fairly normal compared to other people at fashion shows.

My theory is that agencies are choosing bobble-headed kids on purpose, because their features and expressions are more easily seen on stage (which is very important for idols), plus it makes them look skinnier.

No. 81122

Terrible dancing skills.

No. 81123

wow. spectacular. clap clap

No. 81125

>My theory is that agencies are choosing bobble-headed kids on purpose
Most Koreans are bobble-headed, so it isn't weird at all that most idols are bobble-headed, too.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 81126

I’m just curious about everyone’s ethnic background in this thread sometimes tbh lol

are you guys white/black/asian etc…
probably racebait and offtopic but fuck it

No. 81127

Then there is always some that pull the "without their korean fans they wouldn't be where they are!!" trying to justify it as well, but its just clear that they don't care about international fans. They would have disbanded as nugus if they had only had korean fans, but they just don't wanna admit that oppa doesn't give a shit about them.

It's sad, but chances are he is not going to be able to "grow out of it" since it looks like that group is kind of already very plastic looking as rookies. And I know it's not even that related, but his sister too…

No. 81129

Why do kpop and it's stans have an obsession with high notes without even knowing what they are?

>Idol screams, shrieks, or shouts

"Omg high note!!! Vocal legend!!!

No. 81130

im surprised its such a bad pic considering they use heavy filters non stop
second this
im sure most male kpop idols will have a slight obsession with female kpop artists, models and generally plastic enhanced females.
kek. those large heads look surreal. the pic must be manipulated…ivanka has a small head…but that small?
>makes them look smaller
why is smaller better? isnt it the overall proportions that matter? how well they go with each other.
we got everything here

No. 81131


Ofcourse >>"TVXQ is simply a perfect group. All in all, their musical quality is extremely high. World Class."
He seems like he wanted to make TXT his own Tvxq but failed miserably, SM stan in disguise lol
But atleast TVXQ knew how to sing, everything else was ripped off hella. Like a Walmart version, shows he has no direction in talent when you compare the debut stage of Replay and Txt's cover.
Quite tragic.
His whole company's gimmick being mini JYP since all his artists suck at singing.

No. 81141

Beomgyu (blonde one in the picture) stood next to I.N. of SKZ and he is 171, yet Beomgyu claims to be 179cm but looked not even 5 cm taller.
I think Kai is 179 cm and Soobin tallest at 182 cm (not 181cm and 186cm respectively like they claim).

No. 81143

tvxq debuted in a serious drought of boygroups, they pretty much kickstarted the 2nd gen of idol groups. they had to be made up of some really good singers and dancers to get popularity, along with mixing trends at the time with newer concepts. txt on the other hand debuted during a real kpop boom where all a group needs is a surface level "unique" concept to stand out enough to build a fanbase. i've always thought super junior and shinee got way more push from sm post-2009 because of the tvxq split and hiatus, so maybe txt will get something unique and have to try harder once bts enlist

tvxq had some really terrible stages in their first year though, they had 2 and a half good singers and 2 really good dancers (with the other 3 generally being good enough) but they only got so good because they had a fuck ton of live performances when they were ditched in japan to build up a fanbase and the practice paid off

No. 81148

TVXQ were filling up Japanese stadiums at a time when artists had to be prestigious enough to be invited to play there, they and BoA were truly pioneers in opening up Kpop to Japan and the rest of Asia.

No. 81161

I remember how big TVXQ were. Txt will never. They're bland and they have no personalities. i tried watching the stream when they had V and Jimin and even they couldnt save it. I know Bigshit is desperate af for a new Bts, but it's never gonna happen again. Txt is really forgettable and i have no idea why bts fans stan them now

No. 81165

>i have no idea why bts fans stan them now
because a lot of them don't have thoughts of their own, they just stan them because it's bts' brother group. that's it. i really wanna see how long they last once bts enlists. it's so annoying that bigshit keeps preaching about having the company for success when they clearly don't know what the hell they are doing.

No. 81166

I swear to god when RV debuted Irene was a designated main dancer and not the lead behind Seulgi. Does anyone here remember their debut era and that Be Natural dance video (not the actual cover song)? People were hyping Irene until it became evident that Seulgi surpassed her so hard in dancing that there was just no chance.
Companies don't want people with bad proportions but they go for them anyway bc the idol industry isn't "exclusive" anymore. Once upon a time, in the ancient era of first generation Korean pop music, there was a very small number of groups debuting and plastic surgery/makeup were not that advanced. The success of the idol group model was completely unpredictable which meant that only those who showed absolute promise in looks and/or talent could debut.
LSM of SM said that talent can be taught to pretty kids, not the other way around. I have to agree; although plastic surgery and makeup have advanced a lot, ugly idols that get a shit ton of PS rarely have that star quality that radiates from an (at least) mostly naturally beautiful idol. When I say naturally beautiful, I mean face, body, aura; even though YooA has had a ton of work done for instance, she still was regarded as attractive beforehand and imo today she is a great example of what an idol should look like. But, probably like some of you, I never understood the proportions thing until I saw DIA's Chaeyeon's fancams. Idols with great proportions are regarded on a God-level compared to those who just have pretty faces. But I myself don't have the best proportions and unless leg lengthening surgery becomes safer, the most that one can do is fix is their face, but it isn't going to change the aura that you project, even if you're talented. Luna is an example–even when she starved herself and was looking like BoA a bit, she still didn't please netizens or gain any fans/recognition. Rip.
It's a shame that SM doesn't live up to their "visual flower garden" title as of the 4th gen. I know that this thread is full of NCT stans but I'm going to put it bluntly and tell you that NCT's visuals and their proportions are a complete downgrade. I know EXO and Shinee are short af but compare look at Kai, Sehun, and Minho–they're all relatively tall, with handsome faces and great proportions. Taeyong has a great face but he can't change his proportions or height; it's like Irene where netizens say "only if she was taller" or "only if she had better proportions" because honestly Taeyong could be a God-level visual if he was taller.
I'm curious to know how the members of NCT were recruited/discovered. I recall that the SM casting manager that casted TVXQ among other handsome SM idols left and scouted for The Boyz, which is why we have haggard ass NCT (aside from WayV) and why Cre.Ker Ent has easily 3 it boy visuals that would have been perfect for SM but are in some rando nugu group that will truthfully, likely never take off.
I'm also of the opinion that if LSM reverted to the same standards which produced a group like TVXQ, their fourth gen group wouldn't be struggling so hard–and yes, they are still struggling in comparison to past SM BGs, even while riding on their better-looking successors' coat tails. Oh and they'd probably benefit from picking a center for their group that wasn't a delinquent, because NCT was literally over before they even started.

No. 81167

kpop idols always look huge when they get on japanese tv because they're all midgets lol

No. 81168

Kevin from U-KISS is such an annoying cunt. Besides being a closeted fag with an awful lisp AND the trademark homo lisp, now he's praising Jimincel to appeal to ratmys.
I watch DIVE for Tablo only, and god are these hosts insufferable. Eric Nam is a fucking narcisist who gives off sexual predator vibes, Park Jimin is a fattie attention whore cunt who is full of herself, fakes a blaccent, and always invites a gay guy to her show to make up for her lack of personality, and Jae suffers from the Amber syndrome - acting soh randum xD rawr i eated it - when they are fucking 30 years old.

No. 81169

Isn't Kevin a homophobe??

No. 81170

I don't know anything about it cause I only stumbled upon his existence cause of DIVE. But it wouldn't be shocked if there was an Amber complex going on, him being gay and trying to prove to everyone he is not. Hm. Care to share info, anon?

No. 81176

Everyone surrounding Ivanka has a giant ass head

No. 81179

Why V gotta wear 6XL clothes when he’s a Medium….

No. 81182

File: 1585630992463.jpg (325.56 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20200331-005817_Chr…)

Yeah he is apparently. I googled it and this came up.

No. 81186

Only one of them bothered to put on normal clothes and look presentable lol

No. 81187

Tbh other than V with his 6xl clothes they look fine for a super casual thing

No. 81190

the dudes definitely have huge heads but ivanka herself has a smaller head than normal so the difference is even bigger.

No. 81203

That pic makes Asians look bad

No. 81205

I never knew head size attractiveness was a thing before kpop. I think it's just cause they simply have larger heads. I've seen other idols with western celebrities where the celebrity is much bigger and taller yet has a way smaller head.
That's probably one of the many reasons they're so fascinated by white celebrities and praise the Korean ones whose heads are considered small.
I find this whole thing super weird. Like…just just a fucking head dude?

No. 81211

Jaehyun, Doyoung, Johnny, and Jungwoo are all tall with decent proportions. Unfortunately Jaehyun is the only one out of them that is also facially attractive.

No. 81213

File: 1585663023051.jpg (175.65 KB, 1200x900, ELO2GLUUEAEn6zW.jpg)

No. 81214

File: 1585663151089.gif (2.63 MB, 540x350, 9b9b9895-1e2d-428f-89fa-c79315…)

i know idols faces are always smoothed to oblivion, but its so weird seeing the filter so obviously just moving around the cheeks

No. 81217

please post some

No. 81223

They all look like they suffer from some form of fetal alchohol syndrome wtf

No. 81224

Lmao they really do

No. 81225

2 and a half good singers? they had 4 vocalist 2 being main and 2 being lead Yunho being sub vocal TXT isnt even near that level, they have no positions for anybody and Bighit wants to promote them as an all rounder group, thats the issue. No one is complimenting the others skills because they're all at the same level.
Atleast TVXQ could harmonize and not go off tune but TXT, oh sweeties…
(12:36 seconds in the video they start their harmonizing if i didnt copy url at the time stamp)
TXT's concept is also not original at all, Verivery promoted with that concept for a year before them and their debut song was actually decent. TXT has nothing to set them apart.

No. 81228

File: 1585672623256.jpg (682.27 KB, 3264x2112, LEIRuXc.jpg)

reminds me of exo l having to watermark a picture of Kai's back, legendary

No. 81229

tvxq are the only kpop group i ever stanned, i'm really not trying to put them down
>2 and a half good singers
they were all more competent than most idols still, they easily held their own and could harmonise really well, there's just no point in pretending that in 2004 they all had equal vocal skills. the overall talent level of idols would be a lot higher if the average/middle of your group vocals skills is changmin, but he was also 15 when he debuted and had some rough moments in the early years. tvxq's constant live performances made their lives from 2004 vs 2008 on completely different levels and i don't think many groups show such a difference within a short time period. "they improved so much!" at this point is a comment reserved for idols who start off terrible and work their way up to sort of okay
>TXT has nothing to set them apart.
that's true, but if teenage stans already want a group to be unique they can project it onto them as long as the group has the most basic, barely there hint of something different

No. 81238

Jaehyun has a rancid profile that detracts from the frontal view of his face. His face looks good at a few angles but uncanny in motion. I think it's his jaw shave, idk.
Johnny is like 6'0 max (and ugly) so everyone else in the group is at most 5'10, not to mention that the other members you've just mentioned are at least a couple inches shorter than him and Doyoung and Jungwoo are ugly as hell.
Chinese people seem to have a lot of the features that Korean idols should theoretically have; I know China has a fuckton of people but I've talked to non-Korean Asians who have told me point blank that the beauty standards are naturally unattainable. Has anyone else noticed a massive boom in visuals being Chinese since the 3rd gen? Even Jang Wonyoung and Jun Jihyun have some/are of Taiwanese descent.
> they were all more competent than most idols still, they easily held their own and could harmonise really well
Kek this reminds me of Everglow having issues with their music at their concert recently. The audio went out multiple times and instead of the singers singing live in replacement of the music, it was the fucking audience who sang the song while they danced, fucking LOL jfc. Just shows how shit the idol industry is today.

No. 81242

Chinese beauty standards are on another level. I was into dramas and idols for a while but i realized how much more fake and restricted everything is over there. And pretty much everyone looks super attractive. In kpop or kdramas lookism is standard but you see a lot of average-looking people whereas in the cpop and especially cdrama world almost everyone is tall and and very attractive imo (probably why they only have a handful of watchable dramas with actual capable actors). I find their faces (especially the men's) way more attractive as they don't have as much ps and the guys don't look like aliens with yellow hair and colored lenses.
You don't see those looks in the kpop or kdrama world, which is not a bad thing at all cause it shows that at least korea isn't as obsessed and strict about looks (but again, attractiveness is largely subjective so it might just be my taste).

No. 81252

i dont see it……

No. 81258

Does anyone have the screenshot of the tweet a girl uploaded describing Johnny asking her to prom and he said the n word?

I could’ve sworn it was posted in a kpop critical thread #10-20, but I just looked and couldn’t find it. Maybe I hallucinating the whole thing kek
(Context is that I was telling an nctfag friend about it and she wants proof)

No. 81259

File: 1585685714809.jpg (66.74 KB, 1080x1080, rap.jpg)

Are you thinking of this? I never heard of the n-word thing

No. 81265

Oh my god thank you. I think I misremembered it hence the n word part lol

No. 81267

>fuckin titties bitch
damn these are some s tier lyrics

No. 81270

This has to be a fucking joke lol

The lyrics are a goddamn SoundCloud stereotype

No. 81272

BTW if y’all like tall guys why are you into kpop

Asian men are shorter on average go stand some 6’2” nordic hunks

No. 81274

I can't believe that people take screens like that seriously.
I can photoshop same shit in a few minutes, even in paint.

No. 81275

File: 1585694718684.jpg (56.24 KB, 600x432, dilireba-191204-cxf-in1.jpg)

Yeah, there's not a single chinese kpop idol I can think of who's considered ugly by knets.
I always wondered why chinese pop or dramas aren't more popular.
Neckbeards go for jpop idols because they're the next-door type so you feel like you've really got a chance, kpop idols are either cute or sexy so their fans still can at least dream abou them, but China can literally pick the most attractive people out of over a billion. For some time I watched a couple of their shows and to me many of the female celebrities look downright intimidating. Extremely skinny, probably plastic but in a different way than Koreans, nearly all of them keep their hair dark and then wear stark white makeup with red lips. They also don't really act cute. So, one would think that especially girls would flock to that (like as in girl crush or "I wanna be like her when I'm older")…
The girl on the left is a very popular actress and on one show she got paired up with ex-Exo's Luhan - who might be chinese, but fits korean beauty standards (no jaw, extremely soft facial features, absolute twink body), so naturally she looked like a total chad next to him lol

No. 81276

Holy shit I've always found korean actresses so beautiful (Jun Ji Hyun, Suzy, Nana, etc) and now I've looked up at chinese actresses and they're honestly next level

No. 81277

I think it's more because of the political nonsense that comes with China that turns people off. It may make it appear less inviting with stupid stuff being said like attempting to ban ~hiphop/black/ghetto~ culture and various other things whether they went through with it or not. Then people found out about the concentration camps and the attempts to colonize some parts of Africa and I don't know people seem uncomfortable. I'm not saying china as a whole should be judged for these things it's just that's how some people feel.

But I also don't get why people have to choose. I like Korean pop culture and Japanese pop culture at the same time not to mention the cultures from my own background. I don't really get why 3rd and 4th generation kpop fans feel like they have to choose. You don't have to become a Korean nationalist inorder to listen to kpop.

No. 81278

i don't think he's ugly. i saw some screenshots of a vlive where he isn't wearing makeup and he looked good. i think his problem is that he looks very white and barely asian and kpop styling looks retarded on non-east asian people.

No. 81279

File: 1585695945541.jpeg (55.85 KB, 512x676, 9BB7E1E3-B591-44F4-8D44-68D835…)

This is off topic but Chinese actresses really are the move… jnetizen girls love them too, especially angelababy.

I felt it when an anon upthread said kpop idols look like kids dolls (Bratz etc) brought to life. They can be pretty I guess but there always seems to be a gaudy look to them. Chinese actresses also look unrealistic but more in a goddess way… even the plastic ones have a natural feel somehow. I love how a lot of them have classy/mature vibes

No. 81280


I think Korean features are the most stereotypically Asian out of all Asians. Most of em have very strong monolids, wide jaws, etc. The only thing different is they're taller.

No. 81281

How come they never filter their greasy noses?

No. 81282


No. 81283

The majority of people like the concept of stanning a group of attractive people. There's hardly any boy groups in the west and they're always fug af.
They love Chinese visuals but their xenophobia runs deeper than that. Chinese idols are fine to them and even stannable if they're in a Korean context, living a Korean lifestyle, but the second they do something slightly wrong, knetz turn against them instantly.
Also because China is an economic powerhouse but it isn't universally developed like Korea is.
This is what every non-Korean Asian will agree on.

No. 81284

Good question

No. 81285

Is it just me or are Chinese people more likely to possess a lot of the features that Koreans like? I interact quite a bit with people who are ethnically Chinese and they all have larger eyes with double eyelids as well as taller noses and more oval shaped faces.

No. 81290

off topic but isn't the one on the left uighur? how is she so popular in china?

No. 81291

I mean just look at how big China is lol
Literally one of the most diverse places on earth

No. 81292

she’s popular because she fits beauty standards and most chinese people don’t hate uighurs. she’s pale, has a tall nose bridge but small nose, has big double eyelids, super skinny, and has a classy vibe.

No. 81303

So apparently Jaejoong is in the hospital to be treated for coronavirus. I can post a cap, but it's just on his instagram and its all in Korean anyway (I used the shitty translator to get the gist of it). Some people are commenting and hoping its an April fools joke, but I don't think he's tone deaf or stupid enough to joke about getting coronavirus. I guess I'm kind of surprised with how idol schedules are that Jaejoong is the only one (to my knowledge) that has gotten infected, since idol schedules are so hectic and person-centered and I'm sure their immune systems aren't the greatest.

Anyway, I hope he gets better since I assume it must be pretty bad if he had to go to the hospital.

No. 81304

Pray for the guy who looks like a irl anime character

fr tho hope he’s fine

No. 81310

So Jaejoong has Corona and is taking the blame for it because he was ignoring Japans warnings and social distancing protocol and being generally careless. He’s being hospitalized now. God is he a fucking idiot. His IG recently is just full of him hanging out with people like nothing is going on imagine all the people he’s potentially infected?

No. 81311

File: 1585723868850.png (33.32 KB, 640x328, jaejoong.PNG)

He was apparently joking

No. 81312

What an absolute fucking idiot, JYJ are so consistently awful

No. 81315

Who knew jae was a jokester

No. 81316

damn, pretty tasteless imo

No. 81318

2nd gen male idols are weird

No. 81319

why on earth would anyone think that's a good idea. even with the original joke it's like he was trying to make himself a target for hate.

No. 81321

In my country our government even asked us to please not do shit like this, yet he a fucking celebrity in his mid 30s thinks this is a good idea.
Jaejoong, you've been starving, drinking and smoking for well over a decade, don't feel too safe…

No. 81325

File: 1585727380690.png (35.4 KB, 919x798, jaejoong trans.png)

No. 81335

why did he wear slides when he knew he'd be dancing? he can't do the footwork in them and it shows

also the whole performance reeked of a rehearsal. jimin and v were half arsing everything and you can really tell when they get stuck next to j-hope who is dressed awfully and seems to have had yet more work done, but is at least dancing properly

No. 81336

It's hard to say there's any specific Chinese look because it's such an enormous place with so many people, so there's a lot of genetic diversity. But I have noticed that most mainland Chinese celebrities look like they came out of a Korean manhwa.

No. 81337

Remember when he saw a t