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File: 1466559160131.jpg (80.68 KB, 600x900, Sailor_Jupiter2015.jpg)

No. 3445[Reply]

What are your thoughts on Sachie?

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/lemonkissu
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sachietv
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No. 3509

Sachie white knight, my point is she shouldn't complain about no free monies, nothing you say counteracts that, people on the internet don't owe you free money.

No. 3510

File: 1468619008683.jpg (240.63 KB, 530x529, AestheticWater.jpg)

Sachie wouldn't be buying expensive cosmetics, bath bombs, and overpriced tap water if it wasn't outside her budget.

No. 3511

They're so annoying and resentful.

>hurr ugly asian gets with white guy


I think its because a lot of hapas have asian mothers and white fathers and as they say, kids tend to look for traits in the father in a partner.

No. 3512

No. 3513

So, did she ever end up posting her stalking tips?

File: 1466522857303.jpeg (70.22 KB, 634x623, image.jpeg)

No. 2173[Reply]

Let's discuss this Instagrammer Lilmiquela who is apparently a "real life breathing sim character". I'm pretty sure if she was real her skin would look sweaty with pores I mean just look at that face.
What do you think? Is this real or is it some mad photoshop skills?
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No. 2193

I can't wait 'til you kidlets are back in school.

No. 2194

No. 2195

self post. nice try though

No. 2196

Please do, I don't know anything about her outside of Gucci Gucci

No. 2197

Poorly rendered, obviously not real lmao.

File: 1460654436346.gif (993.32 KB, 924x507, 1460573121565.gif)

No. 359[Reply]

How do I get a gf?
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No. 389


>be tall

>be good looking
>have nice hair
>have money
>have a big dick

You forgot these ones.

No. 420

The guy I like is average height, just kinda cute, balding in his early 20s, poor as fuck, I'm unsure about his dick, but he's funny and kind and that's what attracted me to him.

No. 459

>the guy I like is average height
This means that he's taller than 50% of the male population.
>kinda cute
He's cute. Whatever women mean by that, but girls call models cute.
He can shave I assume.
>I'm unsure about his dick
Means he's average
>he's funny
I'm not. I really really try to be but I can't. Not with people who can't joke back. I haven't found a girl I've found funny since middleschool. And I'm really trying. And I would probably not get to be her bf even if I met her.

No. 480

>try to get gf
>meet girls
>they're all terribly boring
>see advice on how to get a good gf
>it's all about how to improve yourself and make yourself more attractive
I'm pretty sick of how women doesn't put anything into relationships except for the need I have for them. Even when dating, where people generally show their best, they're terrible.

No. 1974


boring men attract boring women

File: 1465215419712.jpg (110.36 KB, 845x555, tears.jpg)

No. 1909[Reply]

>Be a 4/10 femanon
>Work in a male dominated job
>100s of men
>Not one interested in me

TFW failing life in easy mode
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No. 1913

File: 1465235089559.gif (93.27 KB, 100x132, image.gif)

>people saying this is b8
> went to school for engineering and this was literally me
>only 1 other girl and she was surrounded by guys at all times and never talked to me once
>tried to make friends with guys at first but they got repulsed and thought I was flirting with them
>group of guys used to bully me by putting their feet up in the empty seats beside me >I hate feet so I had to move or I wouldn't be able to concentrate
>They'd come in late and sit behind me whenevever possible
>Had 5-6 classes a day and they did this for years.

No. 1914

Stop letting people push you around, lord. If people have their feet next to you, just ask them to move it. 9 out of 10 times the person will just apologize and move.

No. 1915

Uh, I'm a socially awkward loser so asking 4-5 guys to get their legs off the seats near me is pretty much my worst nightmare. But, yes, I know that's what any normal person would do.

No. 1916

lawd if thats your worst nightmare then you have it pretty easy

No. 1917

File: 1465242741577.gif (1.78 MB, 256x120, 1426389504376.gif)

>Work field are 90% people age 45-70
>Majority of them are lone men
>They either treat me like their granddaughter, or try to hit on me
>Old ladies treat me like shit
>One of them always would bitch and moan about how everyone even the boss gave me special treatment because I was the prettier one (wtf)
>I'm a 3/10 without social skills
>The other 10% who are around my age wouldn't even bother look at me
>8/10 crush treats me like a stranger

I better lose all hopes and start embracing my ugliness

File: 1465123084204.jpeg (18.77 KB, 330x186, image.jpeg)

No. 2524[Reply]

Can somebody explain to me how people can take this guy seriously?

No. 2525

Jesus, have we really just given up making OPs altogether?

>no name

>no links
>no milk

No. 2526

That's that Durian guy from the Freelee Thread, pretty sure OP didn't mean to make this thread and just made it on accident.

No. 2527

He's probably deserving of his own thread, he's way worse than freelee.

No. 2528

Yeah can someone make a proper thread about him?

No. 2529

he preys on mentally ill teens who want a leader with extreme personality, the veganism a nice moral shield as well

File: 1461688416972.gif (13.48 KB, 633x758, feel.gif)

No. 467[Reply]

that feel when no gf

No. 468

File: 1461702702065.png (22.37 KB, 530x444, 1409837285748.png)


No. 469

File: 1461851679388.png (533.85 KB, 500x572, pEVZD9w.png)

Why did you post this? What did you think would happen if you did?

No. 470

Why did you bump this?

No. 471

why are u a noob

No. 493

stfu noob

File: 1462576972211.jpg (43.1 KB, 406x451, fit_wojak.jpg)

No. 1058[Reply]

Can you girls settle something for my friends at /fit/? What is the most important feature on a guy: height, frame, or face?
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No. 1232

You are a GENETICALLY inferior male. No matter how much you LIFT or eat "clean", a CHAD will look better than you because of his superior HEIGHT, FACE and FRAME, despite eating PIZZA all day. I REPEAT. No amount of LIFTING will change your INFERIOR, set in stone, GENETICS.

No. 1233

All men are genetically inferior because they are men lol

No. 1234


Come back to your cage

No. 1235

please you are just embarrassing yourself

No. 1236

File: 1463063325780.jpeg (30.96 KB, 640x347, image.jpeg)

tru, see pic related

File: 1462570866371.jpg (469.8 KB, 1200x1694, 1460313007274.jpg)

No. 654[Reply]

Are any of you fellow cows also into gentlefemdom and role reversal?

>tfw no 15 year old bf I can molest after his school is over

No. 655

Ew, go have sex with men of your age, you old pedo bitch.

No. 656

Why am I picturing a 30 something psycho fat woman, you need help op

No. 657


if you want to sound like a woman try not to use terms from /r9k/ / /d/

No. 658

Into femdom but I'm not a fucking paedo, get help before you ruin a child's life you crazy bitch

No. 763

>fellow cows

Oh boy you men really aren't very good at this are you…

File: 1462572402967.jpg (58.48 KB, 790x395, image.jpg)

No. 617[Reply]

I'm a 16 year old boy and I lift weights but have no gf

I do low bar squats, bench press and conventional deadlifts 3x a week for sets if 5. I'm 16 and almost squat 4pl8 beltless to IPF depth.

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No. 622

Pls respond

No. 623

I have autismo pls

No. 624

Why can't I delete this thread

No. 625

Learn how to talk to women, fam.

Shit that works
>Being funny
>Have passion and intimate knowledge about a hobby
>Not taking shit

Important principle
>A woman will not be attracted to a man that she feels is beneath her

Someway, somehow - you have to be her badass. Make her proud to date you and show off.

Social skills are important. Learn how to talk to people without creeping them out

No. 626

sorry underaged qt

File: 1462578785290.png (289.12 KB, 950x1338, problem.png)

No. 627[Reply]

>tfw no refugee bf

fucking hate living in white america(no race threads)
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No. 637

Simply epic!

No. 638

File: 1462580428564.png (405.2 KB, 646x615, Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 8.19…)

hey i'm not the only one with this fetish lol

No. 639

Go back to 4chan loser, it's painfully obvious you made this thread as well>>90548


I dont know what you perceptions of females are but we dont say that

No. 641

are you new here?

No. 673

There are no girls here but me.

Everyone else is a 4channer.

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