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The site maintenance is completed but lingering issues are expected, please report any bugs here

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No. 1134

Please post all general issues and complaints here. If you want mods to do something, or have some issue with or suggestion for site content, you should use this thread.

>>2 should only be used for technical issues and suggestions (can't load site, site slow, bugs, site feature requests). This thread is for non-technical issues.

No. 1152

I think we need more mods. How do you apply?

No. 1155

G is being flooded by those faggots.
I've reported the snuff but this has gone too far can you just not permanently ban these assholes??

No. 1156

Trust me, many many permabans have been issued in the past week.

It's not just /r9k/, unfortunately links to lolcow have been posted on 8chan as well.

No. 1157

Youre the best.

No. 1180

Wizardchan did something where links to their site on facebook or 4chan redirected to reddit. Maybe you could look into something similar for /r9k/ and /pol/?

No. 1181

Also, can they be restricted to the /r9k/ thread instead of just /b/?

No. 1182

We've actually been doing that for 8chan since day 1 of their raid. Try clicking the link in http://8ch.net/girltalk/res/3360.html

It can't be done for 4chan because they've added lolcow.farm to the URL spam filter. No one can get here via a link from 4chan; they have to Google for it or type/copy it into their URL bar manually, which means I can't see that they came from 4chan.

I'm currently enforcing a soft restriction like that. Anyone who posts outside of a small subset of threads there may be banned, unless their post as well as their whole post history is constructive and on-topic.

Most of these bans do not include visible ban messages.

No. 1184

Why am I banned for "Posting outside of /b/" as of 8/27 for a post made 8/15 in a thread that was moved from /b/ to /snow/ but was in /b/ when I posted in it? I'm not even a robot either. wtf?

No. 1187

add the 8ch image posting feature where you can upload an image by just dragging the image to the 'choose file' space

No. 1188

I'm not sure where you're from, but the ban appears to be justified.

If you're using Chrome (and possibly other browsers), you can already do this by dragging and dropping an image over the "Choose File" button. I'll see if I can make it more prominent like on 8chan, though.

No. 1192

Has nothing to do with race at all. And why did the thread about the reporter getting shot get merged with the /pol/ thread just because something relevant to race got brought up? Why not just ban spam? This whole system is stupid as fuck imho.

No. 1194

>Has nothing to do with race at all.
I agree with you. Someone on our staff locked it. I've unlocked it.

>And why did the thread about the reporter getting shot get merged with the /pol/ thread just because something relevant to race got brought up? Why not just ban spam?

The thread was too far gone, and the discussions in both threads were pretty much converging. I'd prefer to have just one containment thread rather than two at the moment. It was pretty much choosing whether to lock the reporter thread and redirect people to the /pol/ thread or vice versa. The reporter one was much more active at the time, so I went with that.

No. 1196

File: 1440993172487.jpg (463.62 KB, 2304x1728, 404.jpg)

Hey why did the site go down today?

No. 1197

The hosting provider had to do some scheduled maintenance. It was supposed to happen last night but some scheduling issues pushed it forward. Shouldn't happen again any time soon.

No. 1201

Can we get thread subjects in the catalogs?

No. 1208

Admin-sama, are you still alive? Some total sperg has been shitting up the Kiki thread on /pt/ for like three days straight now, I was wondering if anything was going to be done with them. Thanks~

No. 1209

She was temporarily banned last night, and is now permanently banned from /pt/.

No. 1210

Ah thank you so much! You're amazing <3

No. 1211

Hi, where is Creepyyeha's thread? Sorry for this dumb question, but I'm surfing for quite some time on here now and I can't find it.

No. 1212

It hasn't been bumped in a while. You can find it in the catalog.


No. 1214

Thank you!:)

No. 1228

Hey this is just more of a suggestion than anything. It would be great for older threads to be bumped to some sort of archive.Weither it be bu an automatic system or an admin does it once and awhile. Reccently there has been an issue of t
Older threads (5 or 6 months) being bumped to the front with very little reason. It gets annoying. Thanks for listening.

No. 1248

Can something be done about all the anachans derailing threads? Anytime someone posts a picture of someone who isn't skeletal or talks about weight they show up and start derailing. Not to mention it's encouraging eating disorders which is pretty awful in itself.

No. 1250

I literally just came here to complain about this when I saw >>1248, so I'm actually relieved to see I'm not the only one having issues with this.

Very recently the volume of ana-chans, or more likely superfats who'd like to believe they have an ED, has increased dramatically to the point where the board is suffering some degradation in quality.

I don't have a problem with people discussing ED's or swapping weightloss tips or whatever, but it's starting to trickle out in other threads and temporarily derailing them.

It's actually getting as bad as the rampant race posting at this point, where if you disagree with somebody or comment on how something like 80lbs is not typically a normal weight you get labelled as fat or obese.

Can we have a rule that users can't rabidly post about this shit outside of delegated threads for the topic?

No. 1251

When will the remembered scroll position feature done? You said you were on it a while ago

No. 1261

This is done now.

Your scroll position is saved once every 5 seconds.

Also, you may have to wait a few seconds for all of the Javascript on a page to load before you'll be scrolled to your previous position.

No. 1263

Can a mod/janitor please address my post in >>1260, my numerous reports and what is going down in the kawaii black girls/white girls threads right now.

I get that raceposting is allowed in /b/ but it seems reckless to disallow these threads within /g/ and then leave them open to the mercy of raceposters on /b/ and is honestly completely ruining what could otherwise be really good threads.

I actually come to lolcow for good content and it's these individual idiots that are destroying the board and I don't know why they haven't been banned yet when it's obvious they're the ones causing these problems over and over again and bringing the overall quality of the board down.

How are these spammers any better off than /robots/ at this point?

No. 1265

Thanks! Maybe I'm retarded but it doesn't work on Firefox nor Chrome for me. Can other people report on this?

No. 1267

I added a new rule >>>/b/40341.

Try refreshing one of the board pages twice to clear your browser cache.

No. 1310

Admin-sama can you get the Charms thread back on track please? People are shitting it up with weight arguements

No. 1311

I temporarily banned the primary instigator.

No. 1312

Can we have a separate board for anachans aside from Ash and Aly? I'm thinking /eat/.

No. 1313

Nope. I'd honestly sooner just lock or remove those threads than do that. (Though I'm not doing that either.)

No. 1314

Blessed be thank you!!

No. 1316

Please Admin, get more mods from more timezones and please sort out the mess in >>>/pt/189273

No. 1317

anyone at UTC+10:00?

No. 1323

Do something about all these anorexic threads popping up in lolcow. They're not only shitting up the boards with useless drama, but ana crazies are shitposting in nearly every thread now. I don't want lolcow to end up becoming myproana, the squeequel.

No. 1324

I got banned for posting a medical condition without spoiling it. Wtf?

Do we need to spoil eveeerything now in case it triggers someone? Its a leg, its diseased sure but its just a leg.

No. 1325

I wonder where all the proanas even came from

is it because of PULL?

No. 1330

lolcow is turning into the demon-spawn of PULL and Tumblr.

I actually got banned for arguing with the ana-chans and telling them to fuck off and to take it to a new thread, not the other way round, when it was them that were spamming the Charms' thread with "lol u just fat jellymad fatty lose some weight jelly ur not skinny? ;)".

No. 1331

Can you take a look at this thread admin-sama? Looks like massive selfposting and samefaggotry >>>/snow/16647

No. 1332

That's weird, you shouldn't have been banned for that in my opinion wtf

do u have a direct link to ur post

No. 1333

I banned the posters who were causing the most ruckus.

From the rules:
>Do not post images of human or animal gore. Relevant non-gore graphic images can be posted, but spoiler them.

No. 1334

No, you got banned for talking about yourself non-stop in the middle of a /pt/ thread across 10+ posts in a relatively short period of time.

>It's funny because I used to be severely anorexic in my teens so I kind of get what's going on in their heads, but once you hit your 20's your physiology and metabolism just doesn't really function or rebound the way it did in your teens.

>At any rate if that's the only apt description you can gather about me because I consume 1800-2000 calories a day I guess you're one of those deluded faggots

>Yeah, I miss being forced to keep a food diary, attaching ankle weights under my jeans and water-loading before my weekly weigh-in doctor's appointments.

>I definitely miss the chronic constipation and the anal tears that resulted from it. I miss wearing a jumper everywhere and still shaking and shivering violently because I can't keep warm, and fainting whenever I attempted to rise of bed in the morning, or the "emergency apple" I kept in my bedside drawer.
>I especially miss the heart palpitations and fainting in the corridor only to regain consciousness to find my mother sobbing and begging me to eat something.

>I'm 5'7" and 150lbs now and I've never felt happier nor looked better. Anybody that chases the former lifestyle is sick or extremely stupid and that's why you ana-chans piss me off promoting something like that as a fucking dietary option.

>I am sick of growing up trying starve myself into a size that was never going to suit me anyway on account of my proportions (what's wanted that androgynous look).

>Even when I was 108lbs I still had C cup breasts and a huge ass/hips so what even is the point.

>I said today that I'm 150lbs, the short haired blonde woman is 180lbs and that 150lbs was fine for the girl who was 5'5" when some bitch busted in here calling her fat.

>lol why do you keep trying to convince yourself I'm fat? I work out 6 nights a week and I would make it 7 nights a week if I could but I'm already pushing it with only one rest day. I am addicted.

>Developed a forearm splint in my left arm the other day doing bicep curls with 40lb dumbbells; I guess I have to move back down to 35lbs ;__;

>I know that you just because you don't workout it's difficult to comprehend that people actually do, but it is a thing you know.

>idk what I mean. I have been anorexic, when I recovered I didn't do it right, I began associating food with happiness and blew all the way upto 200lbs. Now I am addicted exercising.

>You can keep telling yourself that I'm fat right now, it doesn't change reality. My body looks a little like the second >>189180 posted only with a lower body fat and a bit more muscle because I'm 10lbs lighter. I am the happiest I have ever been but I need to ease up on working out, but the endorphins are just sooooooooooo good.

>Not even taking the piss any more, but for those of you that don't work out regularly right now, get on that shit because it fixed pretty much everything for me.

>My sleeping schedule, my bowel movements, my depression, my then overeating.

>Selfposting on a board like this is the very last thing I'd ever want to do here.

>Proving to you that I'm not some obese hamlord is not going to change the situation anyway; I will just be accused of stealing somebody else's photo or still called fat anyway.

>Never once said I was sexy. Fit, yes. I never once said you couldn't be thin and fit either.

The opposing side was derailing, too, and I was not taking a side in the argument. You were just the only one self-posting to such an excessive degree, which helped fuel the argument.

You injected your ego into the argument, made yourself a target for trolling and ridicule without being aware of it, and took the bait every time rather than ignoring them. Also sometimes called acting like a "lolcow".

No. 1335


Yeah, and literally every single one of those posts were in response to ana-chans screaming "FAT FAT UR JUST FAT JELLY MAD FAT".

I'm an idiot for being baited into it no doubt but there is a problem here that multiple people across all boards are complaining about and not only are you blatantly ignoring it, you're banning people that are arguing against it?

Do I really need to go make a compilation post of all of the ana-chan spam posts made in that thread as a retort just to drive your attention to the fact? If I remember excessive shitposting in a thread of which the soul intent is to irritate and derail is against the rules. Where is their ban?

One part of me is like "Admin has a life too y'know he can't police this shit 24/7" but I think you desperately need to take on more janitors within seperate timezones at this point.

No. 1336

I agree the weight derailing is becoming an issue. I am working on a way of addressing it.

No. 1337


Uh, don't reply so amicably, it makes me feel like a cunt for being grumpy.

No. 1338


But seriously, you realise in that banning me and whoever else was arguing with them you're sending them the message that what they're doing is completely fine and contrary to the established rules?

I still don't understand why I was the only one banned. I deserved the ban for selfposting, but they deserved a ban for shitposting.

I say they, it was likely one other person.

No. 1339

So I basically got banned for forgetting to spoiler.

Holy shit this is hilarious. How about you go over to that thread and do something useful like handling derailing? There's some girl in there selfposting.

But nah you're probably too busy banning people for telling others to stop derailing and for forgetting to spoiler.

We need a better farmhand, or am I the only one that thinks this?

No. 1341

Lol same. I hate complaining when admin is being so nice but I have some issues (mainly the farmhand) and it feels like it makes the site worse if we r too intimidated/scared/whatever to share our opinions and problems

No. 1342

For the record, I didn't ban you. I'm just telling you that that's probably why you were banned.

There are several "Farmhands" not just me.

No. 1345

I was the one who banned you.

I personally consider somewhat on-topic derailing a lesser problem than excessive self-posting by one individual in a short period of time.

I strongly considered banning other people, but many different posters were involved, and I decided against doing so until/if a more concrete rule is in place. There is currently no specific rule banning derailing, except for race derailing.

I will be discussing proposed solutions to the weight derailing issue in Wednesday's chat. I do think a new rule will probably be added.

Farmhand is the capcode shared by all staff members except me. There are several of them.

Why do you feel too intimidated to share issues? If someone gets banned and complains about it here, I'll justify their ban with evidence. Otherwise, ban appeals can be emailed to me and discussed privately, to avoid publicizing the details.

Please feel free to share any issues you have, ban-related or otherwise, publicly or privately.

No. 1346

It is a difficult situation to be sure.

On one hand nobody wants the board to become too policed with an excess of vague rules, but on the other hand you have these minority few that insist on shitting up the board and baiting people like me into retaliating.

I wish there was a better alternative. tbh instead of implementing out and out rules I would probably just institute 3-5 day temp bans against the people that instigate this shit in the first place. I feel like that would be an appropriate discouragement.

No. 1347

That's the sort of thing that will be discussed in tomorrow's town hall.

No. 1348

File: 1444823281805.jpg (67.77 KB, 640x480, Bulma-Screenshots-Episode-001-…)

That's cool, I guess I feel too intimidated to share issues because the admins we had on previous sites like staminarose would take criticisms and complaints SUPER PERSONALLY and would flip out on us, it got to the point that the admin hated the site so much that she deleted the whole thing when the pedo stuff came up

Like, I really appreciate what you've done with the site, and I love using it. I also love that I can express my opinion about farmhand without getting banned, it's pretty neat.

Also yeah, my ban was for something silly like a couple of hours, but I just like to complain.

No. 1349


tbh you should complain. Getting banned for not spoilering is pretty absurd, especially on a board that is supposed to be a 4chan run-off.

But yh it's good Admin is not a hypersensitive cuck that bans you for criticism.

No. 1350

The only reason you were banned for it is because this is the 8th time staff have had to spoiler images you've posted, including nudity and semi-gore. The image itself wasn't that bad in this case ( >>>/snow/40310 ); I just saw you were consistently not spoilering things. The ban was just a reminder to spoiler things in the future.

The ban was for 8 hours, but probably should have been a little shorter.

No. 1351

How come I just got banned from chat?

No. 1352

Too annoying and irritating. Congratulations, you're the first person I've ever had to ban from one of the town hall chats since we've started doing them.

No. 1353

File: 1444875280886.jpg (16.59 KB, 400x400, pepe.jpg)

I wasn't even trying.

No. 1362

Ok, sorry about that. I'll try to spoiler stuff more.

No. 1366

Can we add the feature that lets a poster add multiple pictures per post, please?

No. 1367


Can we have Sindy and her friends/the other namefags in this thread banned so their cancer doesn't spread to other threads?

No. 1368

I've temporarily banned her. If she keeps being obnoxious, I'll make it permanent.

No. 1370

Thank you glorious Admin-sama

No. 1371

I was directed to this thread but not sure my topic goes here. We want to discuss board culture, fighting cancer, improving anon milking skills, and the "sociology" of this site. Is this where it should be done, or should a new thread be made?

No. 1385

Relevant to >>1371, but there are so many topics stickied on page one that we can't even see thread made to discuss the culture/infighting problem >>>/meta/1372

Can we have some of the more irrelevant ones unpinned now, like the survey thread?

No. 1434

this would be nice, it would be a good upgrade

No. 1461

Admin-sama, she has continued 'being obnoxious': >>>/snow/50916

You can see her posting for attention in her own thread, also. I wasn't as caring about this but I think above shows she's spreading to other threads – unless someone is pretending to be her.

Thank you for your consideration.

No. 1625

The new cow print background makes threads very hard to read on mobile, haven't tested on desktop yet
Also are you ever gonna include the titles of the posts in the catalog? Would make it a lot easier to search

No. 1626

File: 1446337603961.png (342.82 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-11-01-01-28-29…)

Help what is this

No. 1628

Look at it very carefully.

I replaced it with something less obtrusive though. :^)

No. 1635

It makes me very sad that I can't save the gif of Ash and Aly dancing :(((

No. 1636

No. 1637

File: 1446425002745.gif (411.91 KB, 460x254, skeltals.gif)

No. 1642

File: 1446441522182.jpg (121.99 KB, 500x300, 307177.jpg)

Is there a way to make a thread watcher? I assume it's probably complicated, it's just that in a big thread for example, I will leave it for a while (because things don't move super fast) and by the time I come back I don't remember where I was. Maybe this is just me being stupid?
Also just wanted to say thanks for lolcow and the non-insane administration… you are really on top of needs for the site and it's really great.. you have really made this place not a shitshow at all and it really could be especially considering 200% of the userbase is fucking crazy.

No. 1663

I actually already added a "save scroll position" feature some time ago, but it had a subtle bug and wasn't working for many people.

The bug has been resolved now. Re-visiting a thread will cause you to scroll to where you were last in it.

No. 1671

>neckbeard ponyfags invade /b/
>begin raiding the board with their shit
>posting NSFW content even after being informed that it's a blue board
>janitors do nothing about it for over 2 hours
>try to drive them out by shitting up their thread with spam
>I get banned for spam, they remain untouched

Wow that's some tip-top moderation you got there.

No. 1675

Goddamnit why do we have to tolerate these ponyfaggots shitting to the place, they are literally the cancer of all cancers are you seriously going to accommodate them despite them admitting multiple times that the only reason they're here is because their own board is down?


No. 1676

Nvm I can see Admin dealing with it in the chat. ty Admin.

Goddamnit I HATE degenerate ponyfags.

No. 1681

Admin, please consider ghost banning these r9k faggots and self posting tumblr tards. Their cancer is spreading quickly.

No. 1720

I'm just gonna say it:
I like admin, I think he has reasonable standards of moderation.
his farmhands are fucking idiots.
What are the standards set for farmhands and why are they so lax/biased? are they seriously just admin-sama's 'friends'?
Also what happened to the town halls? What happened to the chatlogs that were supposed to be posted every week?
Were they just too embarrassing to show? Because the last evidence witnessed kind of looked that way.

No. 1722

Townhalls are still held regularly. I don't have a set schedule for them: I typically put an announcement up at the top of every page 1-2 days before, and the day of.

The lack of chatlogs/transcripts is my fault. The big issue is that there's often a ton of off-topic discussion before, during, and after each chat. It's a lot of work for me to edit that out every time.

If you want, I can just maintain a running log of everything said in the channel, and hope people don't find it too annoying to sift through all the crap. Also, I'm not sure what you mean by "too embarrassing to show". There's certainly a lot of useful and productive discussion in them as well.

Regarding Farmhands: could you please cite specific posts made by them, or moderative actions you believe they've taken, that you have an issue with?

No. 1729


In Admin's defence Anon I get the feeling you're comparing lolcow to 4chan in its operation.

lolcow is nowhere near as big as other existing imageboards and it undoubtedly never will be. Admin is making $0 off of the maintenance of this site and neither are the farmhands.
I expect it's actually incredibly difficult finding trustworthy people who understand the board culture and its history well enough to be able to moderate it.

I've personally never had a problem with them. I mean moderation response can be a bit slow, but what can you do, it's a small board.

No. 1730

I don't mind sifting through the crap. tbh it just felt like you'd decided it wasn't worth the effort.
I say 'embarrassing' because the OT discussion is usually just a bunch of immature jokes and keking.

regarding farmhands, it's nothing that's been done to me personally, but I keep seeing posts from people who've been bestowed short-term bans for activities that wouldn't make someone used to board culture bat an eye. for example, samefagging the pony thread, or posting an image in the fat hate thread that was considered 'too gross'. it makes me think that some of the farmhands really don't have the experience necessary to make judgement calls in certain situations.
I probably came across as irrationally angry in my initial post, but I'm just worried that this kind of thing, if it goes unchecked, will spiral out of control. Choosing your janitors/mods is important–the last days of /cgl/'s drama-mongering era is a testament to that.
Plus that all we know about your choice of mods is that they're people you know in real life & 'trust very well', which…I would like to say that I trust your judgement, Admin, but just because you know them IRL doesn't mean they have a sensitive grasp of chan culture or that they're guaranteed to be fair moderators.

No. 1731


This is a fair argument, though I confess the only time I've witnessed this kind of behaviour is when somebody got a temp band for not censoring an NSFW image which was pretty silly.

No. 1732

The pony thread in /b/ has a specific rule, which is visible at the top of the thread. The poster (from mlpchan or wherever) was intentionally trying to "protest" against the rule. I was the one who banned them.

Also, mods are people I know and trust very well. Janitors are people I only know through the site. Any staff member of any rank can use the Farmhand capcode. All janitors and mods have used imageboards for many years.

I can guarantee there are and will be very few moderation issues stemming from decisions made by an individual staff member. Any issues that may occur will likely result from the staff member acting as I instructed. We've only had one instance where a janitor was moderating too heavily and taking their own initiative. I removed that janitor.

So, take the issues up with me, because odds are I am the one performing, instructing, or approving any staff actions. This board is far too small for overzealous or rogue janitors to ever become a serious issue.

No. 1736

I was pretty elated when you instituted the rules in the pony thread forbidding one person from posting numerous pony images within the 12 hour limit, but already that thread rule has been broken multiple times by multiple people and I can't understand why you and the other farmhands are ignoring.

I was in the chat when they effectively confessed that their modus operandi was to go from chan to chan and shit it up with their degeneracy simply because they believe they're "above" the standards of /mlp/ on cuckchan.

Why are you letting them use our board as a garbage dump and allowing them to flagrantly violate the rules?

No. 1739

>forbidding one person from posting numerous pony images within the 12 hour limit, but already that thread rule has been broken multiple times by multiple people

It hasn't. They are all abiding by that rule. No one person has posted more than one per 12 hours, except for the one person I already banned. If someone posts an image at 8 AM and another at 9 PM, that doesn't stop another person from posting once at 9 AM and again at 10 PM. There are just a bunch of them.

No. 1741


My bad then.
These horsefuckers tend to prize one particular pony over another, so when I saw multiple images of the rainbow one linking back and forth like a conversation in the thread I assumed it was one guy.

I hope they leave soon.

No. 1744

Can we please put a stop to pro-ana starvation diet posts? Anything that doesn't have to do with healthy eating habits and taking care of yourself the right way can stay. I find it especially distasteful that many people post images of girls struggling to eat make fun of them in /pt and then turn around and ask how they can starve themselves in /g. Am I being unreasonable?

No. 1746

Stop being so sensitive. Just fucking call them out on being proana and ignore it. This type of thing has always been happening on "girly" parts of the internet, just ignore it.

No. 1748

As shitty as it is, can we have an ana-chan containment area? They shit up the rest of the board and I think if we keep the threads about them in one area they'll leave the rest of the board alone.

No. 1776

That is some serious wishful thinking, not only does containment never work but it'll just attract more of them to mpa lite

No. 1778

Seconding this. Ana-chans always derail threads with their petty ana-talk. If a cow's only mistake is that she's over 115 pounds and has a small stomach roll when bending over, that's not milk. That's lukewarm water the ana-chans use as a day's only meal.

No. 1779

Can we have it so entire threads can't be deleted by the IP after a certain amount of time? The Erika thread that was in /pt/ is gone and this is the second time in about a week that a thread I've enjoyed has been deleted.

No. 1780

Send them to /g/.

No. 1781

*OP not IP obviously.

No. 1785

Can we start deleting robot invasion threads? They make browsing through the index/catalog of /b/ a nightmare. If you're so against the principle of censorship make a public ban page like 4chan.

No. 1787

I'm ok with a public ban page, but only if part of the IP is blocked out

I'm not comfortable with the idea of everyone knowing I got banned for shitposting again

No. 1790



I appreciate the anti-censorship stance that Admin takes with this site, but it really isn't necessary to maintain the locked /r9k/ threads in limbo. I mean. it's preserving nothing.

Do we really need to see 20 "where do I sign up to get my gf" threads and 16 "WOMEN CAN'T BE /ROBOTS/ REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" threads when browsing the catalogue?

No. 1791

I agree. We'll start deleting these threads shortly after locking them.

No. 1797


Nominating some useless/empty/robot threads for deletion:

All of these have 0 replies:



All of these have only 1 reply:



No. 1804

Admin would it be possible to add titles in the catalog? Pretty please? It would make it a lot easier to search

No. 1806

Why can't I delete my posts? Sometimes I typo, and wanna quickly delete and re-submit, but I keep getting an error

No. 1810

Issues with post and thread deletion should be fixed now.

However, I have now set a limit of 4 hours to delete posts and 30 minutes to delete threads. After that much time has passed since making the post/thread, you will be unable to delete it. See >>1811.

No. 1813


No. 1814

Thank you for the new deletion policy!

No. 1816

File: 1449256189638.jpg (51.26 KB, 500x563, uAhRYWO.jpg)

I hate to whine buuut recently there was an r9k shitposter on /b/ and when the farmhand locked their threads and posted a comment, they didn't sage with their comment, which bumped them all up to the front page, meaning the whole front page of /b/ was shat up again

is there any way to deal with this, other than asking farmhand to sage?


No. 1817

If the threads are locked no one will comment on them, and other posts will be bumped back pretty soon. We have been deleting these threads anyway afterwards after locking them, so it would just be a minor inconvenience if a farmhand forgets to sage in the future.

No. 1822

I feel like /b/ or /g/ or both would really benefit from ID's at this point as the bickering is getting too much and I can't see any feasible alternative of dealing with it as you can't just ban people for basic shitposting and such.

No. 1823

agreed. i don't think there should be IDs on /pt/ or /snow/ because it would kill all of the selfpost drama, but it would be useful on /b/ or /g/. it's difficult to discuss anything controversial because every time someone agrees with another poster it turns into "SAMEFAG SAMEFAG SAMEFAG" "NO YOU'RE THE SAMEFAG" etc

No. 1824


This… please Admin, please…

Although maybe a good idea would be for them not to apply retroactively.

No. 1829



Got locked for being a pony thread…its not even mlp, it's a separate standalone thing, and how autistic is the farmhand being here really? Its a thread to talk about gore comics specifically.

But yeah, fluffy pony gore is related to MLP very barely so lets obviously put it in the MLP thread. What could go wrong?

How about we ban all horse, art and mlp lolcows too? I mean shit, they're kinda pony related too.

No. 1830

kill yourself

No. 1831

File: 1449464748859.jpg (44.33 KB, 493x250, theyrewaiting.jpg)

I hope all your my little pony faggotry nonsense gets banned.

No. 1832

I think you need some friendship, kindness and ponies in your lives.

No. 1833

If it was a gore comics general, you should have called it that.

No. 1836

File: 1449633418970.jpg (92.94 KB, 500x334, 3460258446_02d6b1e3bc.jpg)


why am i getting the "failed to retrieve socket.io config" error when i enter the chatroom?

pls help i am so shit with computers

No. 1837

File: 1449706503563.jpg (171.31 KB, 900x637, stuffing_shinji_for_frankfa_by…)

oi farmhands, can someone get admin for me please?

No. 1838

Looking into the issue.

No. 1839

Bless you. Apologies for impatience

No. 1840

Can you shoot me an email? lolcow.farm@gmail.com

No. 1843

pls fix chat admin-sama i'm lonely

No. 1844

The chat will be down for most of today. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Should be fixed now.

No. 1845

no worries, thanks for the help

No. 1846

I was wondering if Admin could check into the Ember Whann thread on /snow/ ? she seems to be self posting by anon even though she has to identify herself when she does.

No. 1847

The chat should now be fixed.

People should report specific posts. I'd rather not read through hundreds or thousands of posts, sorry.

No. 1849

Admin I am getting SO FUCKING SICK OF THESE FUCKING ANA-CHANS. You need to fucking do something about them.

At first I was against the notion of policing the board like this but they won't fucking stop and they are bringing the overall quality of the board into a hideous decline and it's becoming an exceptionally hostile and unpleasant place to be. Not even fucking Cuckchan is this hostile.

We don't have the sheer numbers to be able to police our own population the way Cuckchan does and you've done nothing about it despite the problem going back as far as >>1248
I feel like we are losing this board to them.

No. 1850

I agree with this! The ana chans are getting so awful and so annoying!

No. 1851

Do you have any suggestions in particular? Having the farmhands "delete fucking everything" isn't necessarily an ideal way to go in terms of moderation.

No. 1852

This. Trust me when I say this has been a topic of discussion for a while now. It's a slippery slope when you start to disallow certain people and topics. But it's always nice to read suggestions we may not have thought of.

No. 1853


I was actually thinking a better alternative to just deleting the responses or banning the users would be to shame them into submission.

You know how we used to have a problem with 32" waist-chans until their posts began getting labelled with the tape measures?
How about for ana-chan posts if people reported them they could get labelled with a little PNG image of Ashley in her chairgrave? I'm confident this would eventually shame them as their post immediately becomes the laughing stock of the thread.

No. 1854

agreed. Even the robots aren't this fucking irritating, they stay contained to political /b/ threads since they don't give a shit about girls' gossip things. The underage ana-chans derail every cow thread with their shitty tumblr/IG bitch attitude and legitimately ruin this board. They should have their own containment thread where their ana bullshit can be sent to.

No. 1855

please do this admin-sama

No. 1856

I know this has been repeated ad verbatim but I really want nametags in /b/ and /g/. It's so hard to converse with people when everyone is anon.

No. 1857

have you ever been on a chan before? lol

No. 1863

File: 1449963224975.gif (354.89 KB, 590x650, dd.gif)


Here, use this.

No. 1864


Okay well the glitter text was supposed to have three frames but ones vanished and I've already closed down the PSD oh well.

No. 1865

File: 1449966014857.jpg (84.65 KB, 454x453, tumblr_inline_ny1e2e7rXs1t6x4g…)

>being this new

No. 1866

trust me you dont want usernames

No. 1867

Many chans have or have had IDs for some boards and /b/ is the usual victim…
>being this ignorant

No. 1868

Okay I didn't notice the "nametag" thing but it boils down to the aame thing really.

No. 1869

Nametag implies something different from ID. IDs are randomly generated and not names.

No. 1870

>ad verbatim

No. 1871

Idk why people don't just ignore the ana-chans. Maybe reply once to tell them they're retarded, but that's it. They've never bothered me to that degree.

No. 1872

Thiiiis. Most of the problem is people taking the bait. I have a bigger issue with a few disruptive posters than I have with the anas.

No. 1873

Is it possible to make catalog mode in rows of two rather than 3 for mobile browsers?

No. 1874

Still waiting on thread titles in the catalogue.

If you're searching for a specific thread through CTRL+F and it selects text that extends below the thread's image you can't even click the thread full stop, you have to reload the page and try and find it again manually. It's extremely annoying.

No. 1875


In the future please use >>2 for requests like these.

No. 1876


omg thank you.

Also sorry, I forgot >>2 existed.

No. 1877

File: 1450180956567.jpg (519.03 KB, 1865x948, adadd.jpg)


Wait sorry, I kind of meant static titles
The problem is kind of illustrated in the screencap. If I CTRL+F for a specific thread on Venus by searching Venus, and it locates the text way below the original image, you can't even click the thread because there's no accessible hyperlink.

Maybe it would be better to make the thread accessible via clicking on the text as opposed to just the image? Thank you.

No. 1890

Can garbage self post threads in snow be put on autosage or something?

Like the threads like those 'is this CL? So cute!' Or other spammy no content self posts?

No. 1892


Wouldn't that be kind of counter-productive on a website designed to mock and humiliate idiots? Self posts like that are often a great source of future lulz.

No. 1893

I don't know, I find they're lolsy when there's actually content (ember for example).

But that one was literally just op spamming variants of "she's so cute!!" Every 5 minutes

No. 1894

click one of those posts

No. 1896


>But that one was literally just op spamming variants of "she's so cute!!" Every 5 minutes

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, no it wasn't kek
Go back to that thread and make a post. You'll see nyuk nyuk nyuk.

No. 1897

It doesn't work on my mobile but I'm going to assume that Admin made it so everything cover filters to that phrase?

My bad, senpais

No. 1900


Precisely :^)

No. 1901

Would love a feature that let us enable a static board bar (dunno what it's called, but the menu on to with the boards, plus the page number bar).

Probably not everyone will like this, but maybe add it onto a theme or something, so people can choose? It would have made things so much easier.

No. 1902

File: 1450538736354.jpg (13.49 KB, 353x171, agh.JPG)

I'm trying to create a new Aly thread because the old one's reached it's limit


I keep getting this message.

I'm doing everything right because I've started other new topics/threads so WHUT GIVES?

No. 1903


No. 1916

You should now be able to click any part of the post box in the catalog to open the thread.

No. 1929


Thanks Admin I really appreciate this.

No. 1983

I have a fear that guys are posting on /g/ to troll us or shitpost.

Guys should not be allowed from posting on /g/ and it should be a bannable offense.

No. 1984

>>>/g/15649 is a guy and was banned a few hours ago.

I'm not going to universally ban guys from posting in /g/, since some may provide constructive content, but any of them trying to argue or troll will be banned. Please report anyone you're suspicious of.

No. 2014

Not a complaint, more of a question
Have you ever considered doing (or done) a survey to collect demographic data about people who frequent the site? I imagine the average user would be female, age 20-24 and American

No. 2015


Doesn't demographical data drastically go against the nature of an Anonymous board?
I don't think I would participate for that reason. I come here so that I'm able to enjoy a faceless, nameless swamp of information.

No. 2016

you're slow.


No. 2017


I don't think you understand what demographics means…

Not once did that survey request data pertaining to age, gender, location, ethnicity, nationality etc.

No. 2020

>not once

Do you even read? Sure, it's not going to cover everything you've listed but these are right in the OP:

>4. (Completely optional) What is your gender?

>5. (Completely optional) What, roughly, is your age? Feel free to give an age range, or your exact age if you want to.

Nationality isn't quite as important as the previous sites lurked since this site is more niche than something like 4chan or 8chan.

No. 2034

File: 1451964414425.jpg (145.94 KB, 1366x768, Gah i hated that anime but i c…)

>actively allowing /robots/ to shitpost outside of their containment thread and destroy the misandry thread

No. 2036

5 of them were banned in the past hour, many because they only posted threats and insults and nothing else. Simply being from /r9k/ and posting in the thread isn't a bannable offense by itself, though. It only started being a problem when the thread on /r9k/ was made.

The containment thread was put on auto-sage days ago because I didn't want to attract new robots, I just wanted to contain the ones already here. If we get an even bigger raid, I might un-sage it. We'll see.

No. 2038

>implying the misandry thread wasn't already shit to begin with.

No. 2039

This. Also, you know you can just ignore the obvious b8, right? I will never understand why people here take the bait EVERY TIME

No. 2043

Just wondering why this thread was locked? >>>/b/54990

No. 2044


Right after I pointed out that files had been deleted from the thread as well…

The silence is deafening.
Admin what on earth is going on?

No. 2045

The deleted images contained detailed personal information of OP's parents. I didn't think it was necessary to have them.

The thread is locked because it doesn't need any more speculation. It probably won't be unlocked.

No. 2046

Maybe I'm just overlooking it, but I cannot find >>>/b/55495/ when I am scrolling through /b/ itself, though I can find it via the catalog. Am I just being oblivious or has it been hidden from the mainpage for some reason?

No. 2047

No. 2048

There's an occasional bug where the last thread on a page will sometimes become "lost" in limbo between the current page and next page once a thread on another page bumps it off. This is due to a caching issue. I've been working on fixing it, but it's tricky. If you do a refresh on the current page and next page (may have to refresh previous + current + next if you forgot where you started), you should be able to see it. Otherwise, you can use the catalog.

No. 2049

How odd! Thanks for taking the time to explain what's happening. I can't make it reappear for me, but at least I have the catalog.

No. 2050


Oh right, cool, you probably should have just mentioned that in the thread rather than going all cloak and dagger on us.
My head immediately stated screaming "CONSPIRACY, CONSPIRACY" when I saw.

No. 2051

i see it on page 2

No. 2067

So what ended up happening to that salty "pedoanon" we've had on here recently? You know the one with the art critique. Last I saw she was doxxed and authorities reported but any word on that? Has police followed up with Admin? Or has she made any new posts on the site since then?

sorry if wrong to post on /meta/ but this seemed too spammy to go on /b/

No. 2068

Probably none of your business.

No. 2069

Umm rude

No. 2070

ummm you might be looking for this?

No. 2071

Ah ok m8. Thanks.

No. 2072

Wow that was an entertaining ride. Sage for.. OT?

No. 2081

I think the "can't delete your posts after 4 hours" rule should only apply in /snow/ and /pt/.

Personally I don't agree with its implementation at all. Also, if admin/mods are having so many people emailing them asking to be able to delete posts that they have to explicitly state "do not email us to delete posts" three times, then why should it be a rule anyway?

Just my personal opinion. Sorry if I get ripped a new one for this. I just think it's shitty.

No. 2082

It's so cows/flakes and self posters can't go back on the lols they provided.

Just think before you post, Anon, it's not that hard.

No. 2083

I'm not stupid, I know what it's for. I just don't understand why it's implemented outside of /pt/ and /snow/. What lulz are there to be had in chat boards like /b/ and /g/?

No. 2084

in /b/ because of posters like noko.

No. 2085

No. 2087

So… Only one example?

It's not as if Admin can't get those posts back. Same thing happened with Princess Doll.

It seems like I'm alone in this, so I guess I'll just stop talking. But I still wish it didnt exist outside of /pt/ and /snow/, especially in such a no-exceptions allowed way. That's all I'm going to say.

No. 2088

I respect your opinion, but I also feel strongly that this should be enforced globally. I don't plan on changing it.

All links are auto-archived, all videos are archivable with a click, no threads are ever deleted or pruned. The general philosophy of the site is that "the internet never forgets". It's also generally agreed upon that posters don't have some special or exempt status; a user of the site can be just as much of a cow as anyone else. I think it's counter-productive to maintain a site dedicated to archival and permanence, yet allows users to delete something a week later because they suddenly decide it's embarrassing or changed their mind or whatever. Embarrassing posts deserving of ridicule won't always be secluded to /pt/ or /snow/.

There've been several cases where self-posters and other undesirables have deleted things immediately after they were caught, which spoils the fun. That was the impetus for making the rule.

I think 4 hours is a fair delete window. If you made a major typo or mistake, that's enough time to notice it and delete it.

>Also, if admin/mods are having so many people emailing them asking to be able to delete posts that they have to explicitly state "do not email us to delete posts" three times

It's only happened 2 or 3 times so far. A week ago, I changed the delete error message to make it very clear we won't delete their posts. Since then, we haven't received any requests like that.

No. 2089

Is there any way to stop the massive selfposts? It seems like they just get more and more

No. 2090


You can't prevent people from selfposting.
It's up to the users to moderate themselves in this regard as people are only going to stop selfposting when they discover that contrary to it being beneficial to their online status it's actually detrimental and this can achieved through mocking the selfposter and ensuring that their idiocy remains preserved in the halls of /snow/ and thus easily searchable by friends/family members/employers etc.

No. 2099

Understandable. But if that's your reasoning behind the implementation, then why not make it so no post can ever be deleted?

Let's just look at the past three days in the Trashley thread on /pt/. Numerous posts containing milk from a first hand source have been deleted, making the thread both disappointing and disorganized. This "Jamie" person posts emails and then immediately deletes them. How exactly does that enforce the idea of "the internet is forever"?

No. 2103

I actually feel a mild rage at how far the already explained point of time alotted practicality went over your head.

No. 2104

Obviously I'm never going to get a decent response. I'll just make this easier for everyone and stop posting in the thread and voicing my thoughts. Bye.

No. 2105

File: 1453437660304.jpg (61.15 KB, 275x267, 1448770388007.jpg)

Oh noooo! Don't go, Anon! Anything but that. Not stopping to voice your ever precious thoughts! The loss is too much to bare.

No. 2106

Admin please do something about /r9k/.
I know because you're a man you might feel some kind of penile familiarity with them but it's not even amusing anymore.

No. 2107


No. 2108

Many have been banned this week, and some of their threads and posts were deleted. Just continue reporting posts.

And no, I feel no connection with /r9k/ users. But I'm not going to ban people just for disagreeing in threads, especially in /b/.

No. 2110


Nobody is asking for some kind of mass ban, but the rate of new threads and posts popping up like:

>looool this is the girl chan? Full of whores as expect kek lmao fml fam

>so which thread do I post in to get my gf
>what /r9k/ said about women was right

All we're asking for is some control.
I don't care about /robot/s or men posting at all, but I'd rather the autism be kept to one thread. Like, c'mon man, you know that it's mostly women that populate this board, we have to deal with sexism and misogyny on literally every corner of the internet and it's exhaustive. Just let us have this one space to ourselves please.

No. 2111

Honestly you guys are overreacting. I don't understand why you guys can't just ignore things you don't like. It's an imageboard. Mods are stepping in when it's serious shit but who cares about some robots, just ignore them and they go away. Very few of them actually stick around after their little raids. By reacting like this you are just making it more fun for them.

No. 2112


I do ignore the vast majority of them but unfortunately for us there's a large percentage of the userbase who feel it absolutely necessary to argue back and because of those minorities we'll never be rid of them.

>but who cares about some robots

Me. Virtually all of the space on the internet including the video games I play are orientated around men. This place was created for women in our niche and I dearly want it to stay that way.
If I want to go online and get screamed at that I'm a whore who is incompatible with education and who is only suited to domestic work I'll go to /r9k/, not lolcow.

>by reacting like this you are just making it more fun for them

Well based Admin already brought back the containment thread so I doubt it's going to be very fun in the long run.

No. 2113

I feel like this is basic knowledge for chans and shouldn't need to be done, but maybe we need a clear rule on how to make threads and the ones that don't adhere get deleted until they can do it right. Lately it's just been several new ones a week posted by blatant newfags of some basic Instagram weeb, captioned "What do you guys think of her? She's kind of a whore xD" and that's it. It's like lolcow is a personal "I don't like this girl pls rate my vendetta" / "I am this girl pls rate my boring face" board.

No. 2114

These rules are already listed very clearly on the rules page. Any thread that doesn't follow those rules is moved to /snow/.

/snow/ currently serves as both a "lesser /pt/" and a garbage bucket, hence "flakes & mistakes".

No. 2115

Lolcow is full of self-righteous cunts: More at 11.

Will there ever be a /trash/ board? I realize there was some talk about this during a town hall, but unfortunately I missed that one.

No. 2116

There will be, eventually. I have no ETA, though.

No. 2117

I like snow but lately it has been shitted up by so many of the threads you describe. I'd prefer if they get moved to b or for trash to be a real place.

There are good snow threads getting drowned out.

No. 2118

Yeah I agree, that's what I'd been trying to express here. I guess I just meant a more visible warning, like the hellweek thing - just temporary. People not being lolcows and just snowflakes doesn't justify those shitty ass WOT U THINK OF THIS FAT AZN NOBODY xD posts with no links/info.

tl;dr I didn't realise /snow/ was the designated trash can as admin said, but I'm sad that it is so. I really enjoy some of the earlier threads there.

No. 2126

>Understandable. But if that's your reasoning behind the implementation, then why not make it so no post can ever be deleted?

After thinking about it some more, I think you're right. It is a little contradictory.

I've reduced the post deletion maximum time to 30 minutes; same as the max time for threads. I think that's a good balance of letting people fix typos or major mistakes without creating much potential for abuse.

No. 2171

Admin-sama robots are shitting up /b/ again pls help

No. 2172

it's /b/

No. 2173

Can we have a vote on reimplementation of hellweek? Soon?

Maybe I need to give up on my oldfag ways but it seems like we're fully infested with newfags.

No. 2177

Seconding, nobody can even stay on topic because these idiots are baiting hardcore for no reason with wildly irrelevant posts and unfortunately it's working.

No. 2179

Hellweek for /pt/ again pls.

No. 2180

yes pls, the shitposters are already flooding over to /pt/

No. 2182

Due to overwhelming support for hellweek and approval of it from the survey results, there will be another global hellweek within the next 4 weeks.

No. 2183

Thanks so much. The Venus threads in particular keep turning to cancer.

No. 2184

Thank you, Admin!

I can imagine it's extra strain on yourself+farm hands but sweet fuck, do I ever appreciate hellweek cleansing.

No. 2185

Can we pink text (like red texting trigger or problematic) the words tumblr and PULL. I'm so sick of anons accusing each other of being from these places when they're probably from PULL or tumblr themselves. It's a circle jerk.

No. 2186

Yes fucking please, we need it.

One question, this one will be limited to /snow/ and /pt/ like the last time or will it affect all boards?

No. 2187

File: 1455567802418.jpg (46.46 KB, 500x500, heresy.jpg)

Can the over-sagers be publicly flagellated? I'm not sure if it's one person or many, but a lot of posts are saged while completely on-topic and on a heavily-bumped thread. There's no reason, it's obnoxious, and it's practically a tripcode.

No. 2189

go back to tumblr you pulltard.

No. 2190

I'm already here, anon.

No. 2191

ban everyone in snow that board is a mistake

No. 2192

I usually do it when I don't provide milk. It's really annoying to bump threads without useful posts. But thank you for finding my posts useful :^ )))))))))))))))

No. 2237

Semi-rhetorical question, but are posts by people severely triggered by the use of 'they' reportable?
Whether or not it's just one really autistic person that's afraid of that word or if it's multiple people that make the same offtopic non-saged CAPSLOCK rants that are completely unrelated to the original post every time anybody uses they in any context. It's unnecessary and doesn't add to the threads.

No. 2238

That person has been banned many times in the past few weeks, and was just now banned for 15 days for that post. People should definitely report things like this.

No. 2243


No. 2248

Why is /b/ a containment board for shit/outsiders? I'm getting tired of seeing nice threads pushed to the second page and inevitably saged to oblivion because polfags cant shut the fuck up about le white master race nigger nigger.

I get that /b/ is random but giving people a place to chat who are not part of the target audience (r9k, pol, etc) brings the content way down. You need to do something. I would rather see a slow moving /b/ that reflects most users interests than what it is now.

And I get that /g/ exists but not everything girls care about is girl-specific and it's a little annoying to have delicate nice time pls no bully uwu in /g/ but everything else is subject to be taken over by race discussions in /b/ or if not, will disappear forever. Even threads that seem like they could take off never do because there are like 5 race-related threads in /b/ right now actively pushing everything down.

Polfags have /pol/, robots have /r9k/, why do they need our board? I don't get it.

No. 2249

It gets really old when you start spotting the same people (mostly guys tbh) sperging about the same shit over and over again.

I have no clue why men claiming to be soooo successful and have women lining up to suck their dick, etc. feel the need to stink up a dumb gossip board full of girls.

No. 2250

Is there any way to be voluntarily IP banned? I'm wasting way too much time here.

No. 2251

Develop some fucking self control.

No. 2252

lol, was I so offensive? You should be glad there would be one less sperg around.

No. 2253

No. 2254

Thank you

No. 2255

Is avatarfagging allowed or not?

The MCR .gif poster keeps posting shit that's barely a reply just to post MCR gifs

At first it was only a mild annoyance but now they're just attention posting

No. 2257

It usually isn't. If you see it, report it. We haven't received any reports about this.

No. 2258

I didn't want to report it if it wasn't against the rules, but now that I know I will

No. 2259

Can you answer my question here >>2256

No. 2261

I honestly didn't realize how massively assblasted you were about this.

I dropped those reaction images as an inside joke between me and my friend. It's been an ongoing joke for a few months now, and I never heard anything about it until you sperged about it in /snow/. I wasn't trying to 'avatarfag,' nor was I looking for attention. It was genuinely just something for my friend to see, so I could possibly lighten up their day since it's something we both enjoy.

But since you're really that upset about it that you are willing to report me for posting a certain picture or gif, I'd rather just stop doing it.

Admin, I wasn't aware I was breaking any rules, and I wasn't aware I was 'avatar-fagging,' since I don't believe I am self-identifying in any way. If you see fit to ban me for posting a certain type of reaction image, I suppose I understand. But I will stop posting them from now on to prevent further butthurt.


No. 2262

You sure you aren't underage?

No. 2263

Are you gonna go cry at the black parade?

No. 2265

Hey admin, I'm curious if there will ever be word filters on this site.

No. 2267

Not a complaint but uh…

Thanks for manure, Admin

>first thread is sindypop

Glorious, my sides
Already excited

Sorry for OT

No. 2268

you fools are being just as autistic as anon by not dropping it, js

also a fan of manure! can't wait to see what it brings.

love that dank colorscheme too

No. 2269

>your request looks automated. Post discarded.

No. 2270

The Inatagram anorexic thread should be moved there too

No. 2271

I keep trying to read that thread hoping for some kind of milk but it gets progressively shittier each post

So I have to agree. I think it should still exist so these people are contained at least

No. 2272

Fucking agreed. Not that I haven't contributed my fair share, but it's now overrun with underage b& and people who are way too old to be as petty as they are being.

No. 2273

I wholeheartedly agree with this. Back in 2014, we had quality threads. It was refreshing to be surrounded by other women and being able to talk about things on /b/ besides gossiping on /pt/ but ever since the 4chan retards came waving their cocks around, post quality has rapidly declined. They are worse than the Tumblr and PULL users at this point. Not only have they spread their autism on /b/, but I see them crawling around /g/ all the time and boy are they obnoxious about it. All they do is argue, sperg out about mundane shit that no one in reality cares about, and contribute absolutely nothing. They don't need to be here if they already have thousands of boards made especially for them everywhere else on the internet. They just think it's cool to annoy the girls and whine about their lives for attention.

No. 2280

Ditto, but from the present.

No. 2281

I proudly contribute to this I think. At least I'm honest.
2014 lolcow chan best lolcow chan

No. 2282

Because it is an objective fact that their boards are fucking cesspools. C'mon, anyone would prefer hanging around here rather than drowning in shit from those shitholes. The problem is that most of they just cannot behave properly.

it's kind of ironical how every place heavily flooded with men from other places quickly gets screwed huh? Let it be a physic place or in the internet

Damn and I missed lolcow in 2014.

No. 2283

>Damn and I missed lolcow in 2014.
Well, nothing ever gets deleted. You can still look at all the 2014 threads and posts…

No. 2287


This. I very rarely actually check /b/ now save for a few choice threads because I feel like it's become the "male board". I'm even starting to see them spilling over into /g/, like the Instagram Girl thread where there's some cocklog in there now submitting quality posts such as "male here btw and you ladies shouldn't get fillers they look awful" - I can only assume this war formulated by him slapping his dick against the keyboard repeatedly.

I don't even have a problem with men posting, it's fine so long as they're providing solid content to the site, but I'm getting tired of them all announcing that they possess a dick like it somehow makes their worthless opinions more valuable. It's funny because when on boards like /r9k/, where most of these cucks have originated, mentioning your gender in passing even when it's 100% related to the content of your post will get you savaged.

Can men announcing their gender in posts that have literally nothing to do with their gender become a punishable offence please?

No. 2288

It's been a bannable offense since day 1. Every one of those people has been permabanned for it, when we see the reports.

The problem is that 1) people will sometimes not report a post until long after it's made, if they report it at all, and 2) it sometimes takes us time to deal with reports.

The combination of these delays means someone may not be banned until long after you first see their post. And most people don't scroll back up in a thread to re-read old posts to realize that someone was banned.

The most important thing people can do is report things quickly and consistently.

No. 2299

deleted former post that bumped this thread, nevermind…

No. 2300

Did you just choose one thread to spew bot garbage in today? I had a very quick look around pt and snow and didn't see others but I don't know. Now the Margo thread is just shitted up - right in the middle of a conversation - and when hovering to see the real posts, those real posts are just people pissed off. Oh and you dropped by to tell us we're dumb. If you had done it site-wide people might have got the joke (see: the 'closure' of kiwifarms).

No. 2301

have a look at the last posts here:
it's /pt and /snow, though it would have been funnier if it was only snow.

No. 2302

The fuck is going on? It's just random comments that sound like computer generated insults.

No. 2303


April fools? Makes this site impossible ngl

No. 2304

So bitter! Sounds like someone got APRIL FOOLED

No. 2305

Can you not go a day without using /pt or /snow?? Go outside ffs

No. 2306

No. 2308

Poor anon. I wasn't even bitter, and I replied to the comments. (To be fair, I was in pro-ana general, so the thought that we had a shitposter wasn't that far-fetched.)

Thank you for this, Admin. I laughed so hard once I realized what was happening.

No. 2311

I like what you did to the Ashley thread. I was confused at first when I replied to someone, but then I remembered that it's April fools. I like your sense of humor.

No. 2312

>To be fair, I was in pro-ana general

you deserve this.

No. 2313

Admin pls check this thread, sth is utterly wrong there:

It's urgent

No. 2314

Never mind, that's your way of april fools right?

No. 2319

File: 1459550712437.jpg (18.3 KB, 218x231, url.jpg)

No. 2326

All of you complaining about having your five minutes of intense bitch therapy mildly disrupted need to shut up. It was and is still hilarious.

>God i literally hope she gets attacked by bees

My favourite.

No. 2327

I also think it's fucking hilarious.

It's a great way to weed out the newfags too.

No. 2330

?? It's a fucking complaint thread, it's going to have complaints. Don't like the complaints go make a yay admin thread cunt.

No. 2331


Kek don't cry because you couldn't figure out how to turn off the filter for half the day.

No. 2333


tfw I made a post and it filtered to that.

ngl I kek'd out loud.

No. 2339

There are spammers on /snow/ that stand out more than anything..

No. 2341

How can I turn off the filter on mobile?

No. 2361

it’s kind of telling that anons in the ana thread were the most confused regarding april fools. they probably don’t visit any other part of the board.

No. 2362

I found it incredibly funny. I also think some of them still can't tell which posts are which.

No. 2365

i was telling someone to click the text and it turned it into 'u goblin' that's gold.
there should be an option, at least on manure or something, to keep the lolcow simulator on. it was so awesome

No. 2368

File: 1460493222306.png (1.02 MB, 1280x720, sensei_anone007.png)

Why are CLOTHED loli/shota forbidden?

No. 2370

Hey Admin, I didn't know that we had post IDs here. Someone in the Dakota thread on /pt/ said you could turn on post IDs "in your settings"? I read through the rules and info again but couldn't find anything about this.

Here's the post for reference:

Thanks senpai.

No. 2371


Because we're not fucking paedophiles.

No. 2372


Those aren't post ID's for sure since one of the posts in the screencap is mine, so idk what the fuck that Anon is doing.

No. 2373

File: 1460570118703.jpg (167.43 KB, 800x600, Suddenly.jpg)

what does SFW loli/shota have to do with pedophilia?

No. 2374

Maybe stop calling it "loli" and "shota", for starters.

No. 2375


>what do sexually suggestive images of children have to do with people that want to fuck children

No. 2376

File: 1460586126780.jpg (51.86 KB, 383x462, 1457989975098-0.jpg)

>sexually suggestive

No. 2377

lmfao this

No. 2379

This doesn't look like loli at all she looks like a short adult

No. 2386

Is it a bannable offense to post memes from generic sites like 9gag etc? It just seems so unintegrated to the lolcow culture, or perhaps these days it is not.

No. 2389

Link examples.

Why do people always ask "hey is this against the rules" and never link or report anything?

No. 2415

File: 1460791457919.jpg (86.96 KB, 600x708, aDoNVqd_700b.jpg)

I think what anon meant is that, generally speaking it's frowned upon on anonymous boards to post memes from there because they have the 9gag logo in in the corner, so they're "unauthentic" and muh mass marketing and all that.
Pic related being an example, first pic from 9gag in the "meme" category.

No. 2417

I meant examples of actual lolcow posts with them. I know what unfunny reddit/9gag image macros are.

In most cases it would probably be a bannable offense, but without context I couldn't give a definitive answer.

No. 2419

Someone is spamming /pt/ with a bunch of new threads of what might be CP, can someone please ban them?

No. 2420

it doesn't even look like a CP post, i wonder if the kids on 4chins are bored tonight or something

No. 2422

Can we have a site wide memo that OT diary blog posts aren't allowed in pt/snow?

I saw admin made a post about it in the margo thread, but it seems to be a reoccurring issue all over.

I swear to God it's the same retards who say 'sorry samefag' when posting twice in a row who do this the most. Where are these people from, PULL? So annoying

No. 2429

Someone is sperging in the alt goth thread pls stop them


No. 2433

Can we have a rule about linking threads like tumblr to pt? It always cause an influx of spergs from tumblr. Someone in the Ana thread in snow just did this.

No. 2434

>Can we have a rule about linking threads like tumblr to pt?
I'm going to assume you meant "linking lolcow.farm threads on tumblr".

They apparently removed the links, so all that's left are the screenshots and name references. I'd prefer if they didn't name the site, but I don't think I'm going to make a rule like "you are not allowed to say 'lolcow' on other websites".

I'd strongly discourage someone from posting a direct link, but I can't exactly ban people from mentioning it. Retards from tumblr and MPA will find, and have found, this site one way or another, and I can't exactly try to censor all external mentions of lolcow. I'd probably only ban them if they're doing it in a particular way that would attract undesirables, and if they're in a thread making it obvious they're the one doing it.

In this particular case, if they didn't edit out the links, I might've banned them.

However, generally speaking, I'd be much more inclined to just gas certain infested threads, or ban many users in them if outside invasions are becoming a real issue.

All that said, the way the tumblr post was written makes the person sound either underage or very immature. I won't ban them for mentioning the site, but if you're going to mention the site elsewhere, everything else you post there is fair game for moderation. So, they will be banned for that.

No. 2440

Thanks admin

No. 2444

File: 1461983469729.jpg (11.38 KB, 277x329, 92Q62wf.jpg)

banned again…

No. 2448

There's some faggot shitting up a thread in /b/ about whether or not people want kids or not >>>/b/89130

They're screaming about how all women who don't want kids are biologically defective and that we're the degenerates bringing down the white race all the while masquerading as "white female with a kid" (lol k').
Can you just check their post history and if they're from /r9k/ deliver a ban or some shit. I'm pretty sure it's the same guy that's constantly in the /r9k/ general threads ranting about the death of the traditional woman and shit, the posts sound exactly the same.

No. 2449


>It's only recently, with the massive proliferation of consumerist distractions and the distancing of sex from reproduction, that you hear a significant number of people saying they hate kids and don't want to reproduce.

>"I'm totes a woman guys! xD!"

No. 2451

If we believe a thread or post was made by a robot, the thread will generally be labelled, moved, or locked.

No. 2452

Admin sama (swt) you know very well I am a sperging legbeard racist that needs to somehow sperg somewhere without shitting up other boards/threads, so why was the black people problems thread locked? Even if it was created by an R9K anon plenty of us are wacist. Now there are almost no race related threads.
I dont necessarily agree with that anon but lol you cant just lock a thread because you dont like her opinion tbh

No. 2453


I didn't say anything about locking the thread. The thread appears to have been made by a legitimate user bit then halfway through this basement-dweller barges in and starts ranting about his /pol/ shit.

No. 2454

All race threads should be merged into >>>/b/89438.

Many of the people in that thread assumed to be robots / /pol/ invaders aren't. The one who is is now banned.

No. 2455

Fuck you admin you gay little bitch you let this place fall apart after 2 years

No. 2456

ban all the sjws and nigger mexicsns

No. 2457

ban me too ok

No. 2458

love you admin mwauh mwuah

No. 2459

Fuck off you fucking sjw kiss my racist arab ass bitch, donald trump hu akbar
May allah give you my blesses, spiced kebabz and love to you my habibi mmmmmmmmmmwaahhhhhhhhhh

No. 2460

Fuck off samefag, go outside to the real world and let the sun burn you alive.

No. 2461

ay fuck you niqqa you crusty ogre lookin bitcbh


No. 2462

Are you sure we can't implement ghost banning for Sindy?

No. 2463

Ghost banning does not work in practice, for many reasons.

No. 2464


I would see Sindy gain admin rights over the entire forum rather than see ghost bans implemented. You've got to maintain some level of integrity when moderating a site like this, and a practice like ghost banning immediately sends it all down the shitter.

No. 2465

Depends on the situation. She's only shitting up her own thread so who cares

No. 2466

There is some faggot in a circle lenses thread on /g/ who's come in and is derailing/spamming about how they hate circle lenses.

No. 2468

That's what happens when you talk to the retards on /g/.

No. 2472

is it possible to just block people referred from /r9k/ from posting
i know they get banned, but it's annoying to have to see 5 ">tfw no gf" threads before mods deal with it

No. 2473

What do you think of >>2421 ?

No. 2474

It's not possible. lolcow.farm is a banned URL on 4chan, so it can't be linked directly. Anyone who links lolcow has to obfuscate it, and people have to manually copy & paste & deobfuscate "lolcow.farm/…" in their URL bar. As a result, there is never a referring URL.

We'll try to be more active with responding to reports.

Don't care enough.

No. 2475

>Anything involving your personal life is bannable, even if it's relevant to the topic at hand
>Anything relevant to race is bannable, even if it's on topic
>Anyone who mentions they are male or from 4chan is banned, even if they aren't being obnoxious about it

Is all this really necessary? I understand banning people who are really clogging up a thread or treating the site like their diary, but a good deal of this feels excessive imho. I've noticed people getting banned for saying things like "my mother has OCD and this girl's behavior sound just like her" and stuff like that, even when it's very brief and they aren't really derailing. I know I know, it's "hellweek" but that's been going on for more than a month now. I feel like working really hard to "fix" the user base of this site when there isn't really a big problem at hand would cause more problems then it solves tbh.

No. 2476

Go home to 4chan

No. 2477

>Don't care enough.

At least you could reply to the thread or something or give an actual reason

No. 2478

STFU, dont diss our sama.
He sees thinks says and does everything for a reason. His rules are perfect his words are perfect. He does this because he loves us. You can think for yourself and you might understand why he did it. Admin sama knows best.

No. 2479

Those are misinterpretation of the rules, except the race one. The problem is any race discussion is extremely likely to immediately derail a thread. I've seen it happen dozens of times.

I do not consider it a problem worth taking the time to fix. I may start banning people who abuse sageing, though. Please feel free to report such people.

No. 2480

I have to say I'm pretty impressed with your quick banning abilities admin sama even though you banned me too

No. 2481

Someone from Ylilauta linked me here. But I'm assuming this site has probably been posted on most image boards by now.
/fit/ and /r9k/ is a bad combination.

After looking through random threads on all the boards, I find the site to be impressive. It has very different topics and humor to look at compared to other boards.
It's such a slow board though. Maybe more girls will come from various other sites to help the posting rate on here.

I feel out of place on here, but I like the posters and content. It's unfortunate you will have to deal with a wave from 4chan's worst boards.

No. 2482

Wow anon, great diary post. Do you have a personal blog I can subscribe to?

Admin-sama, is it worth it to you for us to report the shitposting vegans who are constantly derailing threads? It's not specifically against the rules, but it's very annoying. I hope that some of the recent trolls go back to /fit/ or whatever soon.

Thanks for not abandoning the site yet.

No. 2485

What threads are they present in, other than the anorexia one which was initially derailed by the OP?

No. 2487

They were trying to derail the newest fatty general thread in /b/, but I guess it's not totally against the rules since it's not in /pt/ or /snow/, right?

They just didn't seem like long term users, rather just trolls from outside the farm. Sorry for bothering you with a silly question like that, could have answered it myself now that I've typed it all out.

Is it okay to report off topic vegan derailment in /pt/ or /snow/, if it occurs?

No. 2488

You can report any derailment.

No. 2491

You recently merged the Kadeelyn thread into pro-ana central, however I think Kadee qualifies as something different, because she fakes a wide variety of illnesses and anorexia just happens to be one of many. Would you consider letting us have a separate thread for her?

No. 2492

I agree she's a munchausen's cow, not a proana cow.

No. 2493


Agreed. Also she produces so much more quality milk on a regular basis compared to the embarrassing self-posts and pulls in the general ana thread. I don't even read it anymore it's gotten so boring. I feel like there's only like 3 people at most posting in it and they all pretend to be different anons.

No. 2494

The merge has been reversed.

No. 2496

Major invasion over on /g/ right now. I wonder who it is this time? /r9k/? Basic /b/tards? I wonder why we've been getting more nonsense traffic lately. Seriously, not facetious at all. Shit that sounds facetious too.

No. 2498

Seems kind of like an /a/ raid basing that opinion from the threads on /g/. The black cock pics are really throwing me off though. Maybe a few crosscucks from r9k?

No. 2499

It's Circleboard. Leftovers from Ylilauta /int/, before the admin got crazy and banned everyone.

A bizarre mix of /r9k/, /int/ and /s4s/, really.

No. 2500

I have no idea what the fuck circleboard is but I did see a post promoting /int/ on it earlier on. I don't care enough to check it out or give whatever it is any traffic

No. 2501

Don't bother, tbh. It's avantgarde circlejerk shitposting.

No. 2502

Where are the mods?

No. 2503

I was clicking the posts in hopes it would be another april fools like joke. But it isn't…

No. 2504

Seems to have been cleaned up at least. Thank you mods! <3

No. 2505

when u dont know how 2 read lol

No. 2506

give me a search bar

No. 2507

I wanna make a jeffree star thread. What board would that be best for? He makes good quality make up but tweets other mua he wants to physically beat them, kek. Also yeah a search function would be great since there may already exist a thread on him

No. 2508

It's called ctrl+f, retards

No. 2509

So spiteful

No. 2510

f u too asshole

No. 2511

Is there any way we can cull or somehow limit the amount of /pol/tards and robots there are on /b/? I know it's basically their confinement board but practically every thread on there gets completely derailed or flooded with stupid shit like "this is why women are whores"/"libtards are ruining everything"/irrational shitposting and it's annoying as shit.

No. 2512

What the fuck is up with the slack moderation? lolcow is not a fast chan so shitposts have no chance of getting overlooked. It shouldn't take several hours to delete threads.

No. 2514

This, it seems like they pay more attention to deleting or merging threads users are actually interested in (and then restoring them a few days later) than they do actually moderating this place.
I don't blame you guys but maybe you should consider more mods or janitors. Especially considering the state of /b/ right now.

No. 2515

We're working on it. The problem is our delay in responding to reports. Everything gets dealt with eventually, but there is sometimes a delay.

No. 2516

Admin, why do you even allow robots here? Just send that shit back to fucking Plebbit.

No. 2517

For the most part, we don't. The only robots who stay are the ones smart enough to completely hide it, since they slip our radar. 99% of the rest are banned on sight. The extremely rare intelligent and non-sexist robot is sometimes wittingly permitted.

No. 2518

What does smart enough to hide it mean exactly? There was a robot spamming the dick thread on b with very obviously fake conversations, saying everyone who doesn't want 10in+ dicks must be Asian, and doing the typical "women are whores am I right fellow ladies?" thing. I personally just found it amusing unlike the usual robot shitposting, but wouldn't that equal a ban from what you just said?

No. 2519

For one, a good portion of the users who do that are not robots. They're often long-time site users just trolling.

Second, I have already banned like 10 different robots/4channers in that thread. (Some may not be visible because no public ban message; others because all of their posts were deleted.)

Any robots spamming in that way, especially in a laughably bad attempt to actually rile people up, are banned.

No. 2520

Which other thread?!

>>>/b/82846 is locked and >>>/b/35957 already hit the bump limit. Did you lock this thread because you were the one arguing with me and couldn't actually provide any evidence, so you cut me off as an cop out?

No. 2521

No. 2523

Read the sticky.

No. 2524

The /b/ sticky is 2 months old; the refugee thread was 6 months old. Try to make the damage control less obvious next time you lock a thread.

No. 2525

>The /b/ sticky is 2 months old; the refugee thread was 6 months old.
I didn't see it back when the original threads were locked. The thread was reported a few days ago, and I locked it after I saw the report.

>Try to make the damage control less obvious next time you lock a thread.

I haven't posted in the thread.

No. 2533

Autismo chan is spamming the shit out of the Taylor thread in /snow. Send help.

No. 2534

is there a rule for how much info is needed to start a snowflake thread about someone? I was thinking of starting one for housewife chan because she's batshit insane, but not much is known about her other than her anon posts

No. 2535

I'm sorry if I missed a notice or something, but why have half the threads in /snow/ been banned? It seems to be a lot of popular threads too, which kinda disappoints me. What happened?

No. 2536


yeah, did I miss a town hall or something? are we getting rid of snow now?

No. 2537

No. 2538

Why are you suddenly full nazi mode? If threads get a lot of responses the community obviously wants to talk about it.

>Otherwise, let it go.

>No one cares if you're quitting the site. To help with your decision, you will be banned.

I know it's your site and stuff, but what the fuck

No. 2540

I was referring to people who make worthless whiny posts like "I'm not going to use lolcow anymore" in an attempt to persuade me to change my mind. If they really aren't going to use the site anymore, then they should have no problem with being banned.

No. 2545

This summer seems worse than other summers. There are too many morons who post /snow/, or even /manure/, tier threads in /pt/ and /b/ lately.

No. 2603

Two notes!

1. Is the chat officially dead now? If so, if any of the regulars see this, it was fun chatting with you and I'm sad we couldn't say bye because of just bad timing and lurking - hoot

2. Could you possibly put an announcement saying "Check the catalog"? as >>2545 said there seem to be a lot of summerfags who are making threads that either already exist or are just a photo and say something like "this is anon, does she have drama?" which is very annoying plus it takes up space because they never delete the threads.

No. 2620

File: 1466698632951.jpg (61.28 KB, 500x316, doto.jpg)

luv u hoot

No. 2635

File: 1466714372871.jpg (64.76 KB, 500x544, bon.jpg)

always n forever lil buddy

No. 2640

Yeah I finished all my exams and I was looking forward to go back to chat with you guys.

Is it coming back or forever dead?

No. 2711

I'm having issues with the website lately.
- can't enlarge pictures in threads, instead they open in new tabs
- it no longer says how recently a thread was updated, it instead just says the date
- it also doesn't highlight which comment is being replied to/have a preview box

anyone else having issues with this?

No. 2713

File: 1467105093706.jpg (34.83 KB, 500x740, 0d618c549613df5719f46766eaa745…)

Best wishes to everyone from chat. No amount of time, distance or wifi signal can lessen the love I have for you all.
Be good.

No. 2714

Mods can you please tend to the bizarre situation over at pt/res/284283.html
If it is someone selfposting all that shit for sympathy, Lolcow doesn't need that bad press or attention

No. 2715

YES PLEASE! That shit is so cringy.

No. 2716

I've been having the same sort of problems and just thought it was me having shitty internet lol

No. 2717

Welp looks like the mods jumped ship with the last admin, because it's only gotten worse
This is the beginning of the end my friends

No. 2719

I had a feeling that was the case… I haven't seen any evidence of a mod or admin since the one gave up the site to someone else.

No. 2721

Dear new admin, please help /pt/ because it is a literal shitshow. All that's left are garbage threads and it moves slower than molasses in the winter. Is that situation going to be rectified anytime soon? Or is this site being left to die? We need some janitors and mods asap, and it'd be nice if a bunch of the moved threads in snow were returned… I've been hiding out in snow because it's got better content now, tbh.

No. 2722

It looks like it was manured. Glad it's gone along with that stupid Berry thread. She's not even remotely interesting.

I agree. the only threads I come for are PT and Venus. I was posting more in snow.

I hope this place isn't already destined for the grave. Maybe the mods will pick up soon.

No. 2733

everything's fixed for me now
thank you new admin

No. 2737

I really can't understand why the pro-ana thread got locked and the gaijin in Japan thread wasn't. It's pure cancer and it feels like there's only two people posting the same shit everyday about the same girls that have zero milk.

No. 2738

Maybe cuz they don't call each other fat if they have disagreements?

No. 2740

Really? It's still fucking awful and full of underage posters who don't even bother to use the reply function.

No. 2742

The gaijin in japan really sucks
Especially one anon
Every week the same.
Anon only posts vendetta stuff

No. 2743

Agreed. It's obviously just 3 or 4 weebs selfposting and shitting on each other.

No. 2747


No. 2753

Hey can something be done about the spammers in the Dakota >>141888 and Kiki >>196490 threads? They filled the Kiki thread until it had reached its maximum reply limit. It's just annoying.

No. 2762


Shut the fuck up.

No. 2765

Spammers are back in the Dakota thread. This is getting ridiculous.

No. 2767


troll harder spaz.

No. 2770

Okay guys I'm out. This place has gone to shit. Goodbye fellow OG staminarose anons. PEACE

No. 2771

Wow its been hours since the spammers started and still nothing?
I'm sure I'm not the only who reported either.
Admin if you dont care about the site I get it, you kind of has this thrust upon you but it's been two weeks. At least hire more people if you don't want to bother yourself. Ffs

No. 2780

So which lolcow are you?

No. 2781

The spammer is also on the Margo Palermo thread - shitposting about Taylor for some reason

No. 2782


Admin we expected much better than what we're getting. If you don't want to do your job give it to someone who actually will or get some Farmhands to help you. Or just nuke the site. Either way, you should do something because your current course of action is making you look pretty bad.

No. 2783

I'm sure many of us are happy to lend a hand as farm hands - but there's got to be some kind of action. I'm sure that other threads are being shitted up now that the Kota thread hit max (I'm only on the Margo one right now, but it seems this person is just going wild with happiness since it's apparent no one will stop them.)

No. 2786

Admin or at least some farmhands are around because one of the spammer's threads got moved to manure. New admin just doesn't give a shit.

No. 2788

The berry thread was locked the same time the Taylor thread was.

No. 2789

Locking threads is a stupid solution, it just encourages this 11 year old egdelord. Admin just needs to bring back hellweek as soon as they wake up, and get some fucking mods. This is just silly.

And does this shitposter not know there are many, many other boards where all of the same materials are? You don't become the final boss of the internet by acting like a Nigerian spammer.

No. 2791

That's actually kinda sad. Just because you're on disability and don't have anywhere to be doesn't mean you can't do something more productive. There's more than just lolcow in your life, I'm sure there must be something you care about more than some shitty locked threads.

No. 2792

Wishing the old admin-sama was here. At least he did something to keep the trolls away.

No. 2795

Yeah, this is getting out of hand.

No. 2797

What makes this so pitiful is that it's just one person with their one phone or computer doing this. They could have been banned awhile ago and we wouldn't be at this point. Too bad Admin doesn't seem to care about the actual user base and site to do anything.

No. 2798

I though she got banned once and evaded

No. 2801

Admin, since you said it was okay to have a new Taylor thread in /snow, can we please have our old Jillian Vessey thread back? A lot of people enjoyed it and it was pretty amusing.

No. 2803

I doubt this is someone who's been banned before. It's just some shitty summerfags troll that's upset because a pointless thread is closed. Like I said before, there's an easy fix for this but the Admin doesn't seem to care at all.

No. 2806

Just make one. If you haven't noticed, the new admin doesn't really care what you do around here.

No. 2808

Don't even respond to them. They clearly just want to stay mad and (poorly) troll.

No. 2813

I don't fully understand what the spammers goal was tbh.
Getting the JVloggers thread locked?
Because as far as I can tell we can talk about Taylor again without fearing any ban. Or was exactly that the problem?

No. 2814

bitchfit for attention, that's it.

No. 2815

On an anonymous image board, oh god how pathetic.

No. 2816

I'm not sure where to post this so I guess here is good.
Just want to say thanks to the mod(s) for deleting all the spam from a few hours ago. (someone posted on all threads in all boards) It was a lot and thanks to the mod(s) most people probably didn't notice it.

No. 2817

The spammer was banned repeatedly and just evaded the ban. Their posts were deleted but it was clearly just one person who eventually got sick of spamming.

We lost our mod team with the Admin switch and I've gotten two more and working on a Farmhand application so that other site users can lend a hand. A lot of complaints are just as nit picky as some of the posts about cows, though. Some people will post personal stories at times and it's annoying but unless it's a constant thing you can just ignore it. People should be able to post freely in my opinion, as long as it isn't affecting the overall quality of threads.

I'm looking into the banned cow question but I'll have to look through some of the old threads (assuming they were locked and not removed) since I never got involved with those specific ones in the first place, minus Taylor who I think is worthy of discussing though still not /pt/-tier by a long shot.

No. 2819

Wish you wouldn't leave, you're the kind of posters that I am trying to maintain the site quality for.
The site is definitely busier than it used to be because there are a lot of new posters. It's good that we are getting more content but there are also a lot of clueless newfags in the mix and I would like to weed them out without alienating the general community. I want to take a pretty hands-off approach though because I want the community to have its freedom.
If people are really upset by some of the issues then they might as well leave. But I am hoping long time posters will stay and help work out the changes. I try to stay as objective as possible here.

No. 2820

When you say 'weed out', could you elaborate on some of the tactics that you have planned?
I'd like to think that we don't have to get rid of the newfags so much as we have to work to teach them the ways of farming. we were all new once. I think emphasizing a 'hands-off' approach to our milking would be a good idea since that's been an issue in the past, most notoriously in the Pixyteri threads of Bygone Times and the Kiki thread last year. I was a member of /cgl/ during its glory days and always felt that those threads maintained themselves pretty well without too much interference from the janitors. Other posters were fully capable of squashing newfags and their blogposts down to size without mod intervention. I don't know if that phenomena was unique to /cgl/ simply because it was a more active board, or maybe because at that time, we were used to DIYing our moderation since the janitors were p. lax about it.
Anyways, I know that there are a lot of posters who are skeptical about the changeover and worried about the future of the site, but I'm optimistic so far. Kudos for taking on the load, Admin-chan.

No. 2821

THANK YOU SO MUCH for cleaning those posts!

Also having a Taylor thread could be nice, but apparently there was at least one crazy person there, what if they will come back when you open that thread?

No. 2824

Would it be possible to allow a new pro-ana snowflake thread to be made? I know they're usually a shit show, but I think with a new (hopefully larger) mod team it could be controlled and cleaned up. It could come with it's own rules such as no self-posting, personal blogs, etc. to keep the shit-posting to a minimum.

No. 2825

Too bad, you are the kind of admin that is trying to drive people off the board.
Too much talks about quality, which reminds me about Null's autism….

…wait a minute, Null is desperate for cow sites and stuff what if you are somehow related to him?

No. 2826

I'm willing to stick this out and wait to see the direction the site will go. I love all you bitches so I'd hate to see the site ruined. I'm hoping that the majority of this nonsense is just summerfags sperging away and it'll quiet down when school starts up again.

No. 2827

Can admin do something with the gaijin in japan thread?

No. 2828

I really hope not. The pro-ana thread was one of the worst threads here and brings in all kinds of cancer.

No. 2829

god no

No. 2830

I just want the Aly thread back. Ember/emily drama belongs on tumblr or something.

No. 2831

Now that PULL has decided to axe itself it might be hard to monitor the crazies that come out of that site, mainly Kota and Taylor creeps

No. 2832

No. 2834

What lolcow needs is not a hands off approach imo. Spammers, newfags and robots do not belong here. The only thing that needs to be eased up is the senseless thread moving and locking active threads. Or at least please provide good reasons for it, not just personal opinion.
Wait, what happened to PULL?

No. 2835

File: 1467858179039.png (406.97 KB, 1440x1910, Screenshot_20160706-221548~2.p…)

This means that "hands free" and lows monitoring would be the worst idea now. Indefinite Hellweek should be how it goes. Until a new PULL pops up.

No. 2839

Oh no, this is the worst timing.

No. 2841

Please put captcha on maybe that would help to contain the spammer a little bit, even if it's not much

No. 2852

Yes please!

No. 2859

Can we bring hellweek or something? Step your game up admin. Please.

No. 2866

Admin, now do you see why a "hands-free"/loose approach to this site won't work? If you're going to try to run with this you'll definitely need to take >>2841 suggestion and put it into action, as well as heavier moderating. Otherwise, it's going to be span after spam until you nuke this place or turn it over to someone else.

No. 2873

The best part in all this is that our new Admin said that she wanted to open the Taylor thread. I wonder if she will change her mind now. Do you think she will, spammer-chan?

No. 2874

The autistic "Taylor" fag is back, and PULL is going offline in 2 weeks - so not only do we have this… thing, we can expect a huge influx of young, crappy users.

Suggestions: a captcha and char limit to posts would keep this from spiraling out of hand so fast, as well as a stronger flood limit (i.e. can't post more than 2x a minute or something). Those things should make it easier to IP block and delete before it becomes an avalanche. I'm sure every thread in a mess like yesterday, but the Margo one is currently being spammed up.

It seems like this exceptional individual gets up around the same time every day, so maybe keeping extra hands on deck between the time period they get active is necessary for now.

No. 2876

Admins can you please clean up? I'm very disturbed.

No. 2878


>Suggestions: a captcha and char limit to posts would keep this from spiraling out of hand so fast, as well as a stronger flood limit (i.e. can't post more than 2x a minute or something). Those things should make it easier to IP block and delete before it becomes an avalanche.

>It seems like this exceptional individual gets up around the same time every day, so maybe keeping extra hands on deck between the time period they get active is necessary for now.

This. It also makes me think this person has some kinda of curfew, which means they're probably underage. Which, isn't allowed on this board.

Also, they don't really go past a certain point on /pt/ and /snow/. So they must me rather new.

No. 2911

JFC, this faggot needs to be stopped. What time is this around Europe? It may be an American-fag but the time is a bit too late for a regular poster. I hate that this little shit is ruining our site.

No. 2912

Please add a 5 minute spam filter or something.

No. 2913

Might be someone on the west coast here in the US, it's around 11:40pm there.

No. 2914

I am legitimately sad about the state of this site. I know there is a transition but why are we being subjected to obvious shit posting?

I would rather be in a state of constant hell-week type control than this crap we've been seeing.

No. 2919

Fuck me. I leave for a couple of days and come back to this shit. Nothing good comes from that Taylor thread. I know a lot of spergs can't handle a different opinion (like the Margot thread when discussing Venus), but this psycho loses her shit any time something positive is said about her.
Definitely underage. It shows.
Also sick of hearing the tired argument of Felice and kiki's threads remaining open. PT is queen, Felice is the supreme gothess, and Kiki is our elfen indigo child. Fuck off.

No. 2920

Could be someone from Europe, I always wake up to fresh spam gore post on lolcow.

No. 2923

I don't think so.. It started around 5am CEST

No. 2924

idk if they're underage, they admitted they're on disability so they "can this all day", they don't work or anything.

No. 2925

Why bother speculating about the spammer's location? You're just giving her the attention she wants, and time zones don't really matter because NEETs can be up at weird hours.

No. 2927


No. 2928

Who ever the spammer is, they're stupid and the last thing we should do is leave. Admin, I appreciate you hard work in this time of shitposting.

No. 2929

File: 1467891188380.jpg (6.65 KB, 320x238, 1467294694602.jpg)

Admin sama, It must be tough managing an imageboard and the fact that you have a real life and probably more important shit to do than being here reading trash, but seeing this >>2835 makes me a little bit worried, we already have a lot of shitposters and hopeless newfags who can't into imageboards/internet in general and have a distorted view of what the site is about (Last time I checked it was about laughing at legit lolcows, not making up senseless rumors about generic kawaii nobodies)
Could we have a harsher moderation for some time? Like another hellweek, but much worse, the site is going downhill pretty fast and I dont want to see it ruined.
(Sorry for any typos, english is not my first language)


No. 2930

File: 1467892344884.png (263.33 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160707-135142.png)

The spammer might be a big fan of Taylor, doesn't even have to like Kota
>>going crazy just after Taylor announced that she has a bf = making her and us seem like the typical salty weeaboo PULLtard
>>nitpicking like crazy = making us look like idiots
>>posting pictures of Taylor with any possible angle = making the rest of us look like we're obsessive
>>spamming the thread so it gets locked = doing Taylor a favour
>>new admin wants to open Taylor's thread again - spamming magically begins again
>>making a ridiculous conspiracy theory up (Taylor has connections to lolcow, the admin protects her)
>>contradicts herself by calling out the people on PULL for being hateful and obsessive (see screenshot above)
I'll post two other screenshots of it for people who don't want to go on pull
What do you think?

No. 2931

File: 1467892381285.png (200.98 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160707-135118.png)

No. 2932

File: 1467892395742.png (270.19 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160707-135127.png)

No. 2933

Also made an account on pull to see if she would contact me for downvoting. She really is a dedicated spammer

No. 2934

can we please please put on captcha and have infinite hellweek? seems to me that the majority here is in favor of these things. i honestly think it would help a lot.

No. 2937

For those of you who didn't see it in the Announcement thread:

Hi everyone! Sorry about the spam last night and sorry to everyone who was around to see the gore. I was checking up on the site around every hour or so to clear out new posts. The spammer kept ban evading, and 200+ new posts would crop up every time I'd check back. Someone has way too much time on their hands. It certainly wasn't being ignored and we're working on prevention for the future. Thanks so much for your patience.

No. 2938

Thank you for taking action. You rock.

No. 2941


You can rule out Central Europe too; the onslaught of spam started around 6-7 AM today and yesterday, which is too early for summerfags.

No. 2942

Asia maybe? Perhaps >>2930 is right and it's some Taylor fantard who's stalking her in Japan.

No. 2945

Please ban the robots and anyone who needlessly points out the fact that they're a man. Last admin did it, and it's something you need to continue.

No. 2946

This, we have a small robot invasion in /b/ right now and I don't want to see it get worse. This is why we need strict moderation, please do something.

No. 2947

Thank you farmhands!

No. 2949

File: 1467919078567.jpg (24.09 KB, 600x451, b4f.jpg)

Agreed. Everything was fine until the Robot nation invaded.

No. 2951

Admin has already said that the older farmhands jumped shipped with the first Admin, so expecting a hellweek until she can get a good group of farmhands together isn't going to happen.

Seems like there was a lot of drama going on behind the scenes.

No. 2952

How long does it take to find new farmhands? I get that new admin can't run everything by themselves so finding some is real important. Especially when we'll be facing. I expect to return to a mountain of it tonight.

No. 2953

*Especally when we'll be facing loads of shitposting.

No. 2954


Working on it, don't forget to report!

No. 2955

Thank you kindly.

No. 2956

Thank you based farmhand. You have me cackling so much right now with your antics.

No. 2957

Same, I'm loving the robot and tranny tears at the aggressive instatement of the ~gynocracy~

No. 2958

Quick Q: Where did you chat go? Is there any considerations of bringing it back? Thanks.

No. 2959


Hi! The chat got to the point where no one was using it; it just wasn't worth maintaining anymore. We'll see! Thanks for asking.

No. 2960

Is the annoying anon from the gaijin in japan banned?
It's so quiet now

No. 2965

I'm late, but it was daytime Australian time, which also overlaps a ton with Asia. It's school holidays in Australia right now and based on the 'humour' of this person they are young / in school.

No. 2966

If you need extra hands just for this particular user, please let us know.

I am willing to help for a time and am in an overlapping timezone with this person.

No. 2973

Join the cause. Please.

No. 2977

All of these. Need to go. Go back to 4chan please.

No. 2997

Please ban sere

No. 2998

That same Tay Tay fucker is at it again and is flooding /pt/.

No. 2999

Make sure to report the spam you see and I'll get rid of it as soon as possible.

No. 3000

Thanks farmhanda for your hard work!

No. 3001

No. 3006

You killed it last night admin-sama. I reported my ass off and it disappeared so quickly.
One question though: did you have to repeatedly ban that psycho fag?

No. 3008

It's time to lock that thread, or move it to manure.

No. 3010

I'm inclined to agree on moving this to /manure/ since it's mostly Null or other kiwi fags doing a lot of the posting. He's sort of like Sindy Pop in my mind. I don't think it should be deleted though since his sperging has provided some minor lolz.

No. 3011

Same here. I'd recommend opening up applications once you get a bit more settled Admin-neechan, maybe just one or two people in various time zones to have at least one Farmhand online all the time in case spammers/invaders come.

Also, if a PULL influx happens/too many newfags come around, maybe making a sticky thread in both /pt/ and /snow/ would be beneficial in explaining the board a bit and what to do/not to do? I know you link the rules, but most probably don't check them and if they're PULL they most likely don't know how these types of boards operate and will make stupid mistakes like starting threads for existing cows because they don't know how to catalogue/not knowing how to quote/thinking you need email/etc.

No. 3012

Nothing changed at the gaijin in japan thread
Thanks admin

No. 3013

I'd like to thank mods for cleaning up robot shit in /g/

You guys are the best and I love you <3

No. 3014

Came here to say the same thing! They're working FAST. Well done, guys.

No. 3015

Same, thanks for taking care of things so quickly, mods. Is there anyway to auto hide threads (on the board they were started on) moved to manure? Just a thought.

No. 3016

>Is there anyway to auto hide threads (on the board they were started on) moved to manure? Just a thought.
This would be great. Or just delete them entirely once they've been moved? Spam just clogs up the boards whether the threads are moved to manure or not.

Honestly, when it comes to robot shit, couldn't they just be deleted altogether without even moving them? They all say the same tired old stuff; if you've seen one, you've seen them all. They don't continue posting over in manure, they just make new threads, so it doesn't even contain them really.

But still thankyou, mods!

No. 3017

I guess they're kept up for transparency's sake? But yes thanks farmhands for the fast cleanup.

No. 3018

Threads are being derailing by users talking about Taylor R. and promoting her videos.

Since no one can keep taylor just in the j vlogger thread I made one for Taylor.

There were no trolls and it was legitimate thread with links and summary. One of the farm hands deleted it immediately once a proper discussion was started on the thread.

I think one of the farm hands is a PULLtard.

Admin please allow a Taylor thread that will not be deleted by a farm hand who likes her. I'm sick of seeing her in other threads that have nothing to do with Taylor. She needs her own thread.

No. 3020

farm hand keeps deleting taylor thread even when proper discussion takes place. admin, this farmhand is seriously censoring the shit out of what is discussed about taylor, even comments are disappearing about taylor that I've seen others post. This is getting ridic.

No. 3021

i understand trolling being deleted, but people disucssing taylor in "unflattering ways" i.e., she looks old etc are being deleted. taylor discussion is derailing other threads as well. A lot of people will jump ship from this website if nazi censorship is going on over one snowflake.

No. 3022

You picked the wrong farm hands who are very biased and censor their favorite people on here…

No. 3023

New admin said they are allowed, old admin who jumped ship did that. Taylor is allowed to have a thread.

No. 3025

contacting admin

No. 3026


Taylor threads aren't allowed. New Admin hasn't told me anything about them being allowed and until then, they aren't.

No. 3027

File: 1468362156401.png (44.77 KB, 1222x101, Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 6.21…)

are allowed

No. 3028

why did you delete all your other replies to me, farm hand?

No. 3029


I was rewriting it because the link to previous Admin's post didn't show up. You posted >>3023 and I decided to just post what I had to say in a shorter form in a response to that.

As for me trying to delete Taylor threads because I favor her, I don't favor anyone. I'm just trying to keep out spam and keep the site running smoothly for the users.

No. 3030

There was no spam. There were people discussing her, not same fagging - admin can look into that into the old deleted thread that was actually picking up speed into a normal thread.

The only people who are crying "same fag" are the ones who are censoring how people discuss Taylor, and lolcow is not the place for that.

No. 3031

Taylor really wasn't doing anything interesting, is it really such a great loss if she doesn't have a thread? I think it'd be bad to reinstate it because of that asshole spammer. They might think Taylor threads are allowed because of that spam and it sets a bad precedent tbh

No. 3032

>I guess they're kept up for transparency's sake
Makes sense. Wish there was some kind of button that just hid all of the threads with the little robot, but I understand it's an added challenge for lolcow and it might not be feasible.

No. 3033


Great point. However, until Admin says differently, I can only go on the last thing stated, which is that it's allowed in /snow/.

No. 3034

same fagging the shit out of this thread doesn't mean it will be shut down or deleted, if that happens then someone else might get the idea they can do it to other boring thread too, like kota's. she has no milk at all and people nitpick about the same shit over and over yet it still remains up. just stop complaining and let this thread develop. dont like it? don't read it. it shouldnt irk you that much to have a thread on taylor, if its so boring and so irrelevent then it shouldnt bother you.

No. 3035

And what is about the samefagging in the gaijin in japan thread? Nothing?

No. 3036

That's cool, farmhand. Thanks for keeping us updated.

No. 3037

My dumb ass only just realised all the robot shit is gone completely. Damn, I'm really loving how on the ball everybody is. You're all great.

No. 3038

The Taylor tard is back.
You should limit posts to once every 5 minutes or something.

No. 3039

I kinda agree with that tard about trashing boring threads that have no milk and keep repeating the same old milk over and over i.e. taylor, kota, etc.
Keep threads up like margo's who's a milk queen right now and forever on.

No. 3040

These farmhands are out of control on deleting sprees with comments that don't violate the farm's guidelines. Admin-sama check up on your farm hands, suspected snowflakes and pulltards are riding the reigns into a ditch.
Farmhand got sassy in the Kota-thread.

No. 3041

Yes, please. This or captcha or something.

No. 3042

Seconding the captcha idea. It was fucking annoying when it was introduced to 4chan but despite that it did cut down on the frequency and sheer amount of shitposting, that and flood detection.

No. 3043

I am sorry but who gives a shit about quality. It comes and goes with milk. And if there's no milk than let people discuss the way they want and leave. I mean no one forces you to read post am i right?

jesus this is an image board and not a fucking oscar nominated art house movie. Let people talk shit for christs sake.

No. 3044

Yes please, add captcha! This samefagging crazy bitch is incredibly annoying.

Also mods pls don't listen to her, you are awesome <3

No. 3045

Captcha would only slow her posts down by 30 seconds at most. It's only useful for stopping bots, and she's not doing that, just copypasting

No. 3047

Oh god please no captchas. I dont want to click on the lakes 100 times only to have the captcha give me an error at the end making me do it all over again. There are so many its like swimming through an endless hell

No. 3048

Then admin could make it a 5 minute captcha. Really why would you need to post more than twice in 5 minutes unless you were samefagging or shitposting?

Nobody likes captchas, but they do work. They're not even difficult, if admin uses the same kind that are on 4chan.


Oh look here she is

No. 3049

>Then admin could make it a 5 minute captcha.

That's not how captchas work

No. 3051

I suggest an indefenite hellweek.

No. 3052

I've been praising mods quite a lot in the last couple of days, but..
Somehow every time I come to /g/ I see proofs of mods being awesome.
Please keep up the good work, it actually feels like you guys care about us, and damn, I love this feeling <3

No. 3053

You caught me!

No. 3054

Then admin should put in a flood detector at the very least. Is there a way to make it so that you can't post in a single thread more than once in a certain timeframe?

No. 3058

Are you being sarcastic?

/g/ is infested with robots.

No. 3067

Nope, I'm not.
Sure, we are being invaded right now, but mods are cleaning it very fast

No. 3120

File: 1468600523558.png (63.72 KB, 911x240, 5kamQls.png)

Are we at risk?? I posted in that thread!

No. 3121

>being this mad because his thread is in /manure/

Jfc, is he really that thirsty for attention?

No. 3122

I thought the "Josh" on /g/ was just some buttmad autist trying to frame Null. lol that it was actually him

No. 3151

I was wondering if it were possible to implement a posting system similar to/r9k/ where posts with no contribution/substance are rejected from being posted.

Simple comments like "ew, shes fat, potato nose, etc" don't really bring any substance to threads and it's becoming more common in /snow/. I don't know if it's a result of a samefag or that the quality of the board is degrading even more than usual.

No. 3152

Since it's hellweek you should just report posts like that, as long as you write the reason so farmhands know why you're doing it

No. 3192

Kind of curious, why do we have a sticky on /b/ saying not to make any more race related threads, with one saying it's for discussion if we're just allowed to make more anyway? Is the sticky obsolete now?

No. 3196

Playing doctor internet posts, ( going off on a tangent to talk about a cows symptoms, treatment etc), it usually ends up going off on a tangent and feels bloggy.

No. 3198

Can admin or a farmhand help out in the Onision thread? Its a mess right now.

There's been suspicious posts during the last two weeks not just there but around the site related to Onision. If you read through the current thread you'll see what I'm talking about.
The most consistent thing that's going on is someone's been posting every single new onision video (he uploads one to two videos a day) with no context and they've been asked to stop multiple times but continue to post his videos daily. They're posted when onision is online tweeting so Farmers are convinced it's him and the thread turned into accusing everyone of being him or talking directly to hypothetical onision.

I think the thread will settle down if that video anon is taken care of and if someone could let the thread know if video anon is the same anon that bumped the Hannah Minx thread (onision has been obsessed with her for years) and who created the Skye Tantaga thread that's now in manure (his ex wife). That seems to be what they want but no one there ever bothers to report or ask.

No. 3199

I'd definitely appreciate this too. This could get real interesting or could just be a really dedicated regular trying to make everyone think onison is posting. It'd be nice to know if it's actually him posting.

No. 3200


I've checked into the IP's and they are not the same person. The anon who posted in the Hannah Minx thread was from the US, but the anon that's been posting videos constantly in the Onision thread is from Canada.

I have given the video spammer a ban, and hopefully they don't come back.

No. 3201

Thank you! Hopefully this gets the thread back on track. it's been sinking fast these past few days.

No. 3203

the taylor thread is locked again, does this mean taylor is offlimits now?

I'm not sure if the nit picky discussions about her on the jvlogging thread is a reportable offense

No. 3204

Honestly, I don't see a point in keeping the thread open. From what I can tell there was one user who wanted the thread open and that just isn't enough of a reason to keep it around. Taylor can be discussed within the jvloggers thread; there aren't threads for every last one of the jvloggers, so why Taylor? She can be discussed over at PULL.

No. 3205

If they tay-tards get too autistic with their posts can we report them or should we let them be?

No. 3206

I thought that Taylor discussions could be had to a healthy degree but it's gotten so bad and creepy. Can we just ban Taylor discussion altogether unless it's associated with another jvlogger or something?

No. 3208


Why? Just let people discuss her. I personally don't like discussing Sharla, so what do i do? I leave the thread. Easy as that. And i don't think it's too hard to scroll down a few posts right?

I understand and agree with closing the taylor thread but she is part of the jvlogger community and from time to time quite amusing

No. 3209

I thought I could do that but the Taylor posts come at such a high frequency with no substance, regurgitating the same shit over and over.

No. 3210

Is it just me or are the Raven Sparks threads all deleted?

No. 3211

If people want to discuss Taylor in the Jvlogger thread, that's fine. If you see multiple whiteknight/shitposts about her, then please report them so we can take care of them and keep the thread free of spam. If someone has posted multiple times stating the same info over and over, again, please let us know. We really don't want to run into another sperg situation in regards to her.

Someone did mention they couldn't find the Raven thread a few days ago, but to my knowledge it was just a glitch. Her thread is still located in /pt/ and has been active lately because of her sperging out about us.

No. 3212

I have a complaint but I'm kinda scared of saying it. Sometimes people scare me in certain threads.

No. 3213

We rely on users telling us what changes they'd like to see, and making reports. If you have a complaint, we'd like to know. If it's a reasonable thing, it may help us make changes to make things run better.

No. 3214

just report the post and give your reason. I do it all the time, it's not a big deal. it's not like any users are gonna know it's you.

No. 3215

>>3213 >>3214 thanks. Well, here's my complaint:

Some anons lack of common sense and share the adress or information that may help others find the exact adress of someone, like in Taylor's case but I've seen this in many threads. One thing is bitching about behaviors and other is exposing that kind of information, sometimes they live with more people you know? That's stalker level and more than one farmer could be interested in trying to interact directly with the cow in real life, scary. If you find something well, good for you, but sharing that is not right tho.

No. 3216

Is there any way to block cows from being able to view the site? There's a few cases I've seen (most obviously the Kadee one, but I've heard of others) where someone links them here, and they end up lurking and shutting down any source of milk as soon as we find it. Would it be possible to somehow just redirect users that are admitting to being the cow themselves to some other page whenever they try to open stuff here?

I agree doxxing is a shitty thing to do, but I imagine that if people start actually harassing the cows in real life that would come under global rule 1 wouldn't it?

Actually, I was just looking and I think it comes under this
>No egregious stalking or harassment which crosses over into the real world.

No. 3217

Note I mean doxxing as in sharing all the info you can find about them, their work, family, friends, everyone who could possibly be used to ruin their lives, not just posting their address or real name.

No. 3218

Honestly I'm just sick of all these /r9k/ cucks coming to our site and shitting up this place. I think it's about time we strike back. I've been talking to some users on tumblr and /soc/, they already post enough racebait/trap threads to rile up the loners. We need something else that will really destroy their community. It's them or us.

No. 3220

as stated in the rules, "Personal information of people aged 18 or older, including names, addresses, and phone numbers" is allowed to be posted. The exception to this being "No egregious stalking or harassment which crosses over into the real world." There are some posts made where a person is doxxed and has no involvement with the drama, and we do deal with those as best we can. If you see something being posted that seems like it is crossing the line (and is the exception to the rule), let us know, and we will take care of it.

This is something we can look into, but considering that a lot of the cows change IP addresses often, I'm not sure it would work 100%. It is something that can be brought up with the admin though.

We deal with /r9k/ posting as quickly as possible, but a lot of robots just change IP and come back again. It's a constant effort, as everyone knows. If someone had a suggestion of something we could do, then we can consider it.

Thank you for posting this stuff, it really does help us get a grasp on what people would like to see in terms of helping the site continue.

No. 3221

These sorts of posts just lead them here honestly, one of them sees it, assumes they're under attack or some shit, and then you get a whole bunch coming over and shitposting to defend themselves.

Not to mention, raids are kind of pointless, it'll be gone in a few hours and no-one will care.

No. 3222

>>3220 I think many farmers here would be scared too if a cow or a cow's supporter founds them and start posting their stuff in revenge, but what if someone obsessed with them really cross the line and does something stupid..? I would feel terrible man, one thing is gossiping and other is taking those risks for some stalkers who cares where they live… Also I think about family members, friends harassed only because they have a weeaboo in the family? Not worth it. But ok, your site your rules I guess.

No. 3223

>>3220 thanks for explaining me, it's still a bit scary but I read more about the rules and many threads so it's ok for me now. Thanks for listening.

No. 3224

File: 1471423913619.png (332.35 KB, 909x405, gcucu.png)

they are doing it again and its annoying, please ban this man

No. 3225

I'm curious, is there a reason threads like this or the one just going "You need to kill yourselves" are locked instead of just deleted?

No. 3226

There isn't anything we can do about someone crossing the line in real life, but it's not something that has happened at all. In most cases with these people, they put their own personal information out there online (addresses, contact info, etc.) so really when you see it getting posted here, it's because it was already out there. As stated, if we see something crossing the line, or bordering on harassment, we deal with it. If we see family members with no involvement in the drama being posted, we take care of it.

As long as you're familiar with the rules, and don't do anything to identify yourself or go over the top, you're more or less fine. That't the point of this being an anonymous site.

All of the spam threads have been dealt with now, and the users are banned. It's annoying for us too, and we deal with it ASAP.

They will get deleted or moved to manure, but they are left after the user is banned and they have been locked for a short amount of time, so people know the problem has been dealt with.

No. 3232

if you ever come back please stop typing like that, assimilate or it makes you look like a newfag or something

No. 3288

Is it the same person that keeps posting in formerly dead threads in /snow/, then deleting the post, so it's still bumped but has no recent comments?

I get excited because "oh hey new things to talk about" but then disappointed because there's nothing

No. 3289

Someone has been going around and bumping dead threads, and reporting year old posts for no reason. We have been dealing with it as best we can whenever it happens.

No. 3290

Is it the same person who just cannot grasp the idea of "If you want to talk about how bad Venus is, make a thread about her" by any chance?

No. 3295

sadly, no. it's different people each time.

No. 3302

Why isn't the luna/lilcherub/howl1996 thread showing up on the front page when we recently post?

No. 3306

It's reached the post limit and autosaging. Make a new one.

No. 3308

Could you guys please take care of all the spergy r9k shit in /b/ because it's leaking over to the rest of the site. It's just getting worse every year.

That russian namefag and the robots posting obvious bait need to leave for good. Sick of seeing decent threads littered with boring 4chan-tier shitposts, memes, and needless, off topic gender related arguments. All the desperate guys in /g/ are also incredibly repulsive.

No. 3309

The issue has been taken care of. Let me know if any more pops up. Reports are strongly encouraged so as soon as you see one report it.

I also strongly encourage that when posts or threads that seem like r9k trash and whatnot emerge, do not acknowledge them. Report them and then ignore. They love attention.

If something has been reported and you don't see a red ban marker, always remember that sometimes one isn't always placed. Just because one isn't there doesn't mean the issue was not addressed.

No. 3311

Sorry admin and farmhands, but the Venus thread has turned out to be a terrible idea. Sure, there are real posters there but they have nothing to say beyond they don't like how she looks or what she does.

There are definitely Margo-supporters trolling that thread. For example, repeating Margo's story about Manaki contacting her when she was 13 as if it is fact (a favourite lie of Margo’s), when the old Venus threads have the evidence in them that she was not 13 but 16. This Venus thread\, if sincere, should inherit from the old Venus threads - it doesn't. The OP doesn’t even know Venus’ name!

So now we get two different threads in the site, one using facts and inheriting for the old Venus-Margo threads, and one just making up whatever they want. This site has enemies and they come here at Margo's behest from time to time. That youtuber, Vexxed, is just one of them. Why are you giving them a forum to bash Venus and spread misinformation?

We're talking about a known abuse victim here. It's a fact supported by third party witnesses and by visible bruises, both of which back Venus’ telling of it. The circumstances since leaving Margo make it clear Venus is recovering from something and is at times struggling. She knows the supportive things we have said about here and PULL, and has thanked everyone for it.

Why is this pile-on of a young woman who is still being abused at a distance by her mother (and trying to find her freedom as an autonomous person) permitted to happen here? Some of these Margo supporters are absolutely vicious people with problems of their own. They literally help Margo to continue her abuse of Venus, whether it's swarming insta or swarming Taylor's YT comments, the shit they say is evil. I'm not talking about naive supporters of Vexxed who don’t know better, talking about those who know the whole deal and still really want to hurt Venus. We don't call them “minions” for nothing. They’re abusers themselves.

Like for Taylor, standalone Venus discussion should be contained in the jvloggers thread, where real thread members outnumber plants and trolls. I know there are real members in the current Venus thread but there’s nothing to say beyond they don’t like her or her looks, and they are definitely in the minority.

Sorry to write an essay but I’m very concerned you’re allowing this to happen.

No. 3312

typos galore, apologies^

No. 3313

I agree that thread is literally filled with tards and children. Its like the previous tay thread. There are some who want to discuss venus but all they are saying is that they find her cringey or shes a weeb, nothing new and zero milk. But there are some who clearly are fans of maggot and only spread lies and shittalk

No. 3314

agreeing with this.

There is literally no fresh milk in regards to Venus, and when there was, it was all associated and/or caused by her mother.

No. 3315

Agreed, there's just no real milk to Venus anymore. If the worst that's being discussed is her weaby ways and how ~strange~ she looks, she should just be patched into the vlogger thread, not have her own.

No. 3316

Agreed, I posted early in the thread pointing out they had nothing to talk about since at that point it was just sperging back and forth. I'm pretty sure the thread is mostly maggot's lardo fantards.

No. 3317

I visited that thread once and got cancer, 0/10 would not visit again. There's absolutely no milk there.

No. 3318

Agree also, it actually makes no sense why Venus has her own thread anyway, if you wanna discuss her it should be in the jvlogger thread imo.

No. 3319

100% agree, please admins!

No. 3320

I second this. I'd also like to suggest word filtering "Vexxed" and "Vexfag" to something else so he isn't able to Google search himself anymore, and to prevent constant derailing in the Margo thread to talk about him for no reason.

No. 3321

Admin please can you unlock the 'instagram attention whores' thread now that it has been clarified that last cow mentioned is 30 not 17 because she actually has some decent milk.

No. 3322

Much appreciated. Thanks for cleaning that shit up.

No. 3323

We've left the Venus thread for the moment, mainly because it's essentially acting as a containment thread. Between all the Venus and Vexxed stuff going on, the Margaret thread has become totally derailed. Once the thread calms down, and things are sorted out, we do plan on letting people know that Venus can be talked about in the Jvloggers thread, if it's relevant (which I imagine it may be considering her new friendship with Tay).

Wordfiltering is a great suggestion, but since he already knows about the site (as per his new video about Lolcow and Pull), I am unsure if it would make a difference at this point. We have made a thread for him specifically in /snow/ (to act as temporary containment), and have warned users that posting about him in the Margaret thread will result in a temp ban if it is irrelevant to her.

No. 3326

You could still filter it to something funny for the lulz, that way even if nothing comes out of it we'll enjoy it

No. 3327

Why was the "Sarah Rose McDaniel / Krotchy" - Thread locked?

No. 3328

The Venus thread might as well be renamed the Margo thread at this point
Unfortunately, that's the nature of an anonymous image board–Margo's friends are allowed to come here and sperg out, just like the rest of the herd. Short of nuking the whole thread (or censoring any comments taking the side of ol' river gremlin) there's not a lot that the moderators can do to 'defend' Venus. These kinds of imageboards are supposed to be impartial environments to in order to foster discussion; imo the administration shouldn't be encouraged to step in and 'defend' people who find themselves the topic of a thread, because that's just opening the floodgates for other lolcows to demand that their threads be moved, taken down, or their negative comments be censored.

No. 3330

The vexxed thread is no longer bumping but there are less than 300 comments.

No. 3333

hey, the board's being attacked again. two posts in pt reported a few minutes, one with foul image. it's very 'sperg chan'

No. 3334

that foul image has been up for two hours…

No. 3335

Are the farmhands still active? :(

No. 3336

Sure are. Tell me the issue and I will take care of it myself.

No. 3340

Not a complaint or issue, but let's say I have obtained the IP of a cow who's been rumored to be shitting up their own threads. Farmhand has already checked the poster's IP and confirmed it's from their area. I have proof of having obtained this IP. Would a Farmhand be willing to see if that IP matches the one I have? If yes, how do I get in touch? Or do I just post the IP in their thread (or here)?

No. 3341

Email the admin with the info and she will tell you what to do from there and tell you what you need to know.

No. 3342

This is less of a complaint than it is just a question, but how exactly was Spoony dealt with? I'd assume she was range banned, but I can't say I've ever heard any of the mods or admins here actually say that anyone was range banned, even some of the more chronic shitposters or robots that have come back to post the same shit even after multiple bans, so wasn't sure.

Apologies if this is a dumb question.

No. 3393

Pretty sure she was banned because she was sperging out. Most of her comments were about herself and she was creating more drama. Old admin sama says there's 10,000+ posts of hers on the board which is insane.

No. 3396

No, like, I get why she was banned, I saw the post about it, but what I'm asking is why she didn't just ban evade like every other chronic shitposter does.

No. 3400

Because old admin sama threatened to reveal all of her posts if she did that. Seems enough of a deterrent for her but I'm curious as to what she doesn't want us to see.

No. 3401

someone's made a child porn thread: >>>/pt/305743

I've reported it. out of here till you get rid of this person.

No. 3402

holy shit, yeah it's still there.

No. 3403

…why is there child porn on here? are there even any mods on here anymore?

No. 3404

its been there for 3 hours now. holy shit MODS

No. 3405

Somebody once said that current admin hired friends. If that's the case, they might all be in one time zone and they all come online at a similar time rather than coming on at different times and spacing out the moderation.

There's more than one, I think. I reported a couple too.

No. 3406

Aaand it's back again

No. 3407

Was the site taken down deliberately or is this another robot invasion?

No. 3409

The site was temporarily shut down due to the CP spam. We now have more mods in more timezones to properly deal with things. Apologies for the lack of coverage and downtime. It shouldn't happen again.

No. 3410

File: 1476313371246.png (49.54 KB, 170x144, distressed001.png)

CP spam? fuckin christ

No. 3411

Oh, god that's horrifying. I was wondering why the site was down.

No. 3412


No. 3414

I go to classes without checking the site, come back to find it down, come back later to find out it was CP spam. Fuckin hell. Please tell me it was Koo Koo sperging because she was found out. But I don't think she's even that sick.
Thanks for restoring the site so quickly admin-sama.

No. 3415

We believe it was most likely just random advertising spam from a bot.

No. 3416

>advertising spam
>child pornography

Oh gods.

No. 3417

Do you believe the CP spam was organized by some group?

No. 3418

Is the cloudflare protection thing new? I just started noticing it like yesterday when i came here. is this related to that CP spam attack at all?

No. 3419

can someone kill that gore spammer please? there fucking up /g/

No. 3420

When will spergchan threads be labeled?

No. 3421

man i was browsing yesterday and saw cp for the first time im my life on b/ and now I'm scared to scroll down the damn site

No. 3422

Now I'm scared to check the other boards haha

No. 3423

Can someone check out the snow tag? theres one particular thread in there and the person has been self-posted and sperging out in it so hard for over two weeks now. She was put out to pasture for previous comments on that thread but shes back and it`s getting ridiculous.

No. 3424

>the snow tag

No. 3425

tumblr pls go. it's not a tag.

No. 3427

Victoria's thread is more car crashy than usual with the lame spam attempts.

No. 3428

Admin-sama et Farmhands:

The Miss Victoria / Bella-Morte thread is getting fugu-spammed + gibberish text posts. We need halp pruning them off… Thank You!


No. 3429

Are the banners ever gonna get updated? One was submitted a month ago and still hasn't been added.

No. 3430

Ban same fag white knight in the dania thread pls

No. 3431

Oh sweet baby Jesus. Farm hands or admin please help. Someone is spamming PT with shitty threads

No. 3432

JSYK it's not the samefag BTW there's like 6 of us buddy so good luck. Also not a whiteknight. Just a concerned citizen.

No. 3434

lol yes, god forbid you get OUT TROLLED you piece of shit

No. 3435


this site isn't even for "trolling" wtf

No. 3436

I know that we farmers and the /cow/boys can have differing tastes in entertainment, but I do welcome when they introduce us to a cow they've found. The Britbong thread was obviously made by one of them considering the content they provided; and I do find him to be pretty lulzy. But jfc, sometimes they bring over their spergs as well. Not saying we should ban that sort of content or people who post it, this is just sort of a general vent.

No. 3437


I agree. Britbong seems like a ripe cow, and I'd love to see it play out but the thread is pure cancer. It's mostly just spergs calling other posters out as Britbong/his fans and shit posting.

At this point I'm just closing the thread so I don't have to see it.

Inb4 tards find this thread and call us britbong.


No. 3439

Nah, I agree completely. It's a pretty bad thread, because any content is just hidden behind Kopy and what I have to assume is him samefagging calling everyone Britbong, and then what seems to be Britbong calling everyone Kopy.

I wish both posters could be banned so we could have a non-autistic thread about him honestly.

No. 3449

If avatarfagging is not allowed, why hasn't anyone done anything about the idiot avatarfagging with pictures of Putin and posting nine times a day in every thread on /pt/ and /snow/?

No. 3450


That must be the person who is dumping Putin pics in the random image post thread in /b/ lol.

No. 3452

Don't forget about the guy doing the same with Nixon.

It feels like moderation has been pretty absent recently really, it's taken ages even for the CP to get taken down (though the posts about it were removed for some reason).

No. 3453

I actually did get banned for that. I wasn't aware that "avatarfagging" is a thing and not allowed. I have since stopped.

Thank you for unbanning me. I actually came here to ask some questions about the rules so that I don't break them again. This is the responsible thing to do before I start posting again after all, right?

So I get I was kind of newfagging asking about Onison in that thread, which is the post listed for my banning. Got it. Someone even replied to me with a helpful link to read all about him anywyas which was nice. Otherwise I don't really have questions about any of the lolcows because hey, why else would I be here?

I was prettt curious why I was banned for Nixon but the Putin person wasn't. Now I see they probably were too, so that seems fair.

So back to my original question so I don't fuck up again- I get that this is an anonymous message board, so continually using an avatar is going to defeat the purpose of that. But when I post, there is a "name" field, and even an email field if someone so chooses to identify themselves. People even tripfag on other message boards. Now don't get me wrong, I don't want to do this. I'm going to post here anon from now on. But is it a general rule of thumb to not use pictures of the same person, or from he same series, for example, in the same thread just for continuity? Additionally, I do have a lot of Nixon reaction pictures that I like. Will I get banned immediately if I use a few more of those pictures down the line, if it's relevant?

Thank you. I appreciate the clarification, and it was a pleasant surprise going on my phone today and seeing I could post again. I really like this site and I am capable of posting in a mature manner.

No. 3457

Also, to amend my previous reply— I have given the link to the rules a solid read, before anyone jumps down my throats telling me to read them instead of just asking here. There wasn't anything there about "avatarfagging," but it did say that "samefagging" was allowed. People might see that an assume they can do both. I know you guys are probably busy, but maybe add the thing about avatars as well for other new users in the future. Just because if one is allowed it may be assumed that the other is, too.

Originally posted this separately but deleted it and added it on so there wouldn't be three posts from me in a row—
Just wanted to clarify one more thing because I just realized it might look like I am trying to evade a ban which I know is against the rules (I'm not).
For some reason I can post again on my phone's IP but I am still banned from my ipad's IP. I just realized I might've never actually been unbanned on here lol and it could just be an LTE thing where the IP changes based on location or something. So I have no idea what's going on lol, so I'm just going to go back to playing Pokémon go and see what happens lol

No. 3458


I'm not a mod or admin, but here's my take on it.

Just post them where they're relevant. Be smart about it. Avatar fagging was banned from 4chan long ago, it's a rule that was brought along from 4chan when the board was formed.

Tripfags are annoying, and in some cases they should be banned. Yet in a handful of cases it's sometimes useful, for example when we get someone who knows a cow personally, if they use a tripcode it helps keep the knowledge they're sharing clean and from being skewed by retards who may try to imitate them/troll. They really should only be used for that reason.

No. 3459

That explains a lot actually, thank you. Also thanks for being civil/nice about it and not giving me shit. Still curious to hear more from a mod if anything was left out, but I think I get the idea.

No. 3460

sounds like the cunt that kept posting mcr and gerard gifs in all her posts a year ago.

No. 3461

The name, email, and subject fields are for information relevant to the thread topic; for example (as mentioned) when someone who knows a cow personally shows up. There is no reason you should ever use those fields to identify yourself except when it has to do with the thread topic. This is an anonymous board and your identity is not relevant in any way, shape, or form. The only important thing is information and discussion about the cows.

Specifically when you discuss using images "for continuity" – that is not helpful or relevant and is often detrimental to a thread (as with the Putin guy.) Might be different in /b/. If you are looking for a community of identified users of any kind, if you really feel like you need "continuity", this is honestly not the website for you and I am saying that to help you. Look for another website that allows you to make a profile for yourself.

No. 3462

Not to mention the Jontron chick.

No. 3464

I get that now that I've been going through old threads and seeing when it's relevant. I never wanted to use a name or trip, it was more of a "well if people do that, then why am I being singled out for using Nixon pics?" Kind of question. Then I lurked more and realized that it just doesn't happen here and is not needed. I was doing it mostly in /b/ and thought the rules were different there for some reason.

TBH I've been posting completely anon all day and like it much better. I definitely have all of the clarification I need on this, especially after reading some threads in /cream/ where certain types of identification were necessary. Thanks!

No. 3465

Can we get that cow-tipping sperg Candice banned? She's ruined Kadee completely then came to the threads to brag about it; she's shat all over the Margo threads afaik, and now is ruining the Spoonie-Munchausen's thread by tipping more cows.
>>>/snow/140345 old brag
>>>/snow/189888 new activity

No. 3466

I was about to ask the same thing. LU was shaping up to be almost as great as Kaydee. (Who also got tipped)

No. 3467

Can we unlock the naturally cute thread? More milk came up on /cgl this week

No. 3468

Or, how bout, "lurk more faggot".
No one avatarfags and it should be obvious if newfags actually lurked before making stupid posts.

each imageboard has its own culture and newbies shouldn't have to be spoon-fed how to assimilate. if they can't figure it out on their own then they'll either get told to drink bleach or get banned for failing as a human being.

No. 3469

>like it much better
well that's lucky, because that's what the rest of us do.

No. 3470

Chill out, they fucked up, got banned and learned from their mistake.

You don't have to be an edgy retard here, this isn't 2010 /b/, no-one expects that of you.

No. 3472

Why do you feel the need to be an asshole? I lurked for WEEKS and the day I was doing it some other person was avatarfagging Putin even more aggressively than I was. After a few hours they weren't banned so I thought it was okay?

No shit Sherlock, that's what I meant. Way to zero in on the one thing to get your panties twisted in a bunch.

Thanks anon. You said t all better than I ever could.

Of the many who get banned every week for varying levels of faggorty and autism, I actually take the time to come here after being unbanned not to bitch, but to actually take the time to ask mods/oldfags about the rules so I don't screw up again? And you jump down my throat. Wow, just goes to show how being anon can really bring out the worst in people.

With all the CP that has to be reported almost every week and all of the spergchan shit I saw go down while I was actually lurking, you artists complain about fucking avatarfagging! LMFAO

No. 3473

And I know clueless newfags are annoying, but don't you want this community to grow? At least I take the time to lurk (sorry I can't lurk for another fucking year) and ask questions after I get banned.

Most ppl get banned, come right back, evade, and just keep spamming and samefagging to troll.

Get over yourselves. Play nice. You're on an image board that gossips about people who barley even qualify as almost famous.

And half of you are probably posted on this site and samefag yourself for attention.

No. 3474

I can't believe you're still upset about that. Stay salty, lolcow

No. 3475

No one cares. Go away.

No. 3477

File: 1477977094371.gif (485.37 KB, 238x155, A3EEEED4-FAAB-4D47-AB7A-589DD5…)

A bunch of fucking loooooserrs arguing about what, online imageboard etiquette? Jesus Christ.

Just let this thread be what it is, a place to ask the mods questions. Why are all of you getting so butthurt over stupid shit?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 3478

Can someone merge the two Leda Muir threads? And move them to snow. She doesn't belong in PT.

No. 3479

Admin-sama & farmhands:

The farm now has three Leda Muir threads that needs merging and pruning. All of it has the odor of self-posting…

Please see:
* >>>/pt/309840
* >>>/pt/309842
* >>>/snow/191196 [L]

Thank You!

No. 3480


All Leda threads except for one have been locked, and that one has been moved to >>>/snow/191655

No. 3481

cp bots have returned
need to find a way to stop them

No. 3482

CP in b still up.

No. 3483

Don't know if it's possible but there should be a way to filter any kind of post that's worded like "CP insert link here" that would result in instant deletion or inability to post.

No. 3484


Please report this kind of post when you see it. It's been taken care of now.

No. 3485

The one in b is still showing. Reported it again just to be sure.

No. 3486

Sorry, don't know where to ask this but here. What does "user has been put out to pasture" mean if they haven't actually been banned? Does that mean they're shadow banned?

No. 3487

Or does it just mean that the post was deleted?

No. 3488

Used has been put out to pasture is just the public ban message, or at least I always figured it was that.

Why would you think it wasn't that?

No. 3495

You were temporarily banned then. Take a hint and lurk more to familiarise yourself with chan culture instead of being an annoying newfag and shitting up threads with your whining.

No. 3498

CP in /b/ again

No. 3500

the text in those posts is always the same
mods should just filter the text and autoban anyone that posts it instead of leaving the cp up for hours until mods notice

No. 3501

Person's now changing it up a bit >>115768.
Noticed there's always some kind of shitposter posting on /b/ within a few minutes timeframe that these porn threads are posted..

No. 3502


I agree.

Also, CP again in /b/, I've reported it, but it's really irritating seeing it night after night around the same time.

No. 3503

We're working on ways to prevent it and respond to reports faster.

No. 3505

The Hrtley Hooligans thread is saging or something? It can be found via the catalogue but not in the pages where it should normally be. >>>/snow/187297

No. 3506

It's returned to normal. I added and deleted a post to see what would happen; it's reappeared in the right place.

No. 3507

Someone spilled milk in the /snow/ incels thread and now it's being brigaded and incels are shitting it up.

No. 3508

Why did the friend finder thread that got moved to /b/ cuz lolmen get locked?

No. 3509

File: 1478538058558.jpg (39.42 KB, 724x204, dicksss.jpg)

Can admin introduce rangeban? I'm fucking tired of the same robots shitting over and over and over.

No. 3510

Unfortunately it doesn't work like that. We've been able to ban IP ranges since day one, but that usually isn't nearly enough to prevent ban evasion. Please continue reporting such people.

The last few posts were purely robots with 0 other posts, so we decided to just keep only the /g/ thread and remove the /b/ one.

No. 3511

Can you PLEASE do something about the samefag screaming retard in the /b/ trans thread. She's derailing the discussion by making people respond to the baseless samefag accusations instead of discussing the topic at hand.

No. 3512

I report individual derailing posts and farmhands act on these 100% of the time. Try that instead of asking them to look at a thread as a whole.

No. 3513

This. If someone's being retarded, report the individual post, because there's legit accusations of samefagging going on in that thread alongside the retard just screaming samefag at everyone.

I think that the thread should just be left to die though honestly, it's obvious that neither the samefag poster or the person who's been sperging out about how terrible trannies and libtards are for days now will let any real discussion happen.

No. 3514

>lol just report it werks
Holy shit shut up. I've already reported well over a dozen posts already. It hadn't done shit.

No. 3515

Have you considered that they weren't removed because they didn't violate any rules?

Calling a samefag a samefag isn't against the rules, nor is disagreeing with you.

The only person who seems to be so upset over the person calling samefag is the person who's being accused of it. The person who's been shitting up the thread insulting and obviously samefagging (posts a reply, then posts three or four after it replying to the opponent insulting them and making fun of them) is much more of an issue.

Neither are against the rules though, it's just a shit thread.

No. 3516

can we somehow get rid of the political/race/shitpost threads? I know it's /b/ but c'mon, look at that thing.

No. 3517

Could y'all please get rid of the shitposting retard in /b/ who keeps spamming the "gold lel face" image? It's on par with avatarfagging at this point and he never contributes anything anyway. I know I'm not the only person who wants him gone.

No. 3518

There's quite a few regular robots that banning won't get rid of, I wish admin banned proxies and changed the engine of banning so rangebans would actually work.

No. 3519

But it's literally NOT samefag.

>The only person who seems to be so upset over the person calling samefag is the person who's being accused of it.

No shit, because being accused of something YOU DIDN'T FUCKING DO feels bad.

God you're so fucking pathetic.

No. 3520

File: 1478740882990.jpg (26.39 KB, 263x259, IMG_9316.JPG)

oh my god is it happening?

and we're all samefags

No. 3521

>But it's literally NOT samefag.

But it very obviously is, and plenty of people have pointed out that it's obvious.

Not everyone is a samefag, but there has clearly been a lot of it in the thread, which is obvious to literally anyone who looks at it.

>No shit, because being accused of something YOU DIDN'T FUCKING DO feels bad.

The only people getting accused of samefaggotry at this point are the ones going on and on about how everyone who disagrees with them is a tranny, and going "mods please mark all my posts" despite it being obvious they never will.

The people who've actually come in and contributed haven't been accused of it.

No. 3522

lol at the retards who have been arguing about samefagging for 2 days
just hide the thread and go outside

No. 3523

I don't give a fuck who is samefagging that isn't me. The fact remains you've quoted my posts and posts written by other posters together and labeled them as samefagging. Several times.

>But it very obviously is

And to me nearly all posts accusing someone of samefagging in that thread are very obviously made by the same person. You seem to think I'm samefagging because that's what you'd do. I'm sorry, but not everyone is as pathetic as you.

No. 3524

>I don't give a fuck who is samefagging that isn't me.

Then why come into the thread and defend them?

>The fact remains you've quoted my posts and posts written by other posters together and labeled them as samefagging

I'm not the person who was quoting everyone and calling them a samefag, and some of my posts got caught up in that as well.

That was just a retarded troll.

>And to me nearly all posts accusing someone of samefagging in that thread are very obviously made by the same person.

But they're not, there's very clearly at least two people saying it, ignoring the person who quoted everyone.

>You seem to think I'm samefagging because that's what you'd do. I'm sorry, but not everyone is as pathetic as you.

Oh shit we're back to "no u" again.

No. 3525

>Then why come into the thread and defend them?
I'm not, I'm defending myself? Holy shit you can't be this fucking dumb.

>I'm not the person who was quoting everyone and calling them a samefag, and some of my posts got caught up in that as well.

Oh don't worry. I wasn't talking about that post.

>Oh shit we're back to "no u" again.

There's only so much you can say to a person who screams "samefag samefag samefag!" in substitution of an actual argument.

No. 3526

>I'm not, I'm defending myself? Holy shit you can't be this fucking dumb.

Well, assuming you're the person who came in despite no-one calling samefag for days and went "WOW all this autistic samefag calling is so dumb I wish mods would just mark my posts", what are you defending yourself from? No-one accused you of anything.

>Oh don't worry. I wasn't talking about that post.

There wasn't just one post, and I haven't quoted multiple people in any of my posts until now, except for to draw reference to something someone else said or to reply to multiple people.

>There's only so much you can say to a person who screams "samefag samefag samefag!" in substitution of an actual argument.

Because there's so much you can say to "lol trannies are so dumb, I bet everyone who disagrees with me is a libtard tranny" or "How does it feel to have been so BTFO?".

I don't see any posts that provided content that were just baselessly accused of samefagging and ignored, apart from the one troll calling everyone a samefag.

No. 3527

>No-one accused you of anything.
Bitch, what? Do you have brain problems?

>Because there's so much you can say to "lol trannies are so dumb, I bet everyone who disagrees with me is a libtard tranny" or "How does it feel to have been so BTFO?".

Don't play dumb you piece of shit. I'm talking about the actual posts that were written about trannies BEFORE you stated with the "SAMEFAG SAMEFAG SAMEFAG" bullshit.

No. 3528

>Bitch, what? Do you have brain problems?

You didn't reply to an accusation, you just replied in general. No-one had accused anyone of samefagging in days.

>I'm talking about the actual posts that were written about trannies BEFORE you stated with the "SAMEFAG SAMEFAG SAMEFAG" bullshit.

You mean the ones that literally all got serious replies? Are you retarded?

No. 3529

>in days.
If you made a wrong accusation I'm not allowed to dispute it anymore?

>You mean the ones that literally all got serious replies? Are you retarded?

I made serveral posts about trannies you've never responded to. Try harder gaslighting me next time.

No. 3530

>If you made a wrong accusation I'm not allowed to dispute it anymore?

You didn't even reply to any post. You didn't dispute anything except for claiming that someone called you a samefag at some point.

>I made serveral posts about trannies you've never responded to

Which ones? Feel free to link them in the other thread.

And do you even know what gaslighting is? Stop being so melodramatic.

No. 3531

Fuck the fuck off with the obnoxious redirect bullshit. If I give a shit about kiki I'd visit the designated threads.

No. 3532

Get rid of the color vomit background in /pt/, it's obnoxious and retarded.

No. 3533

it's supposed to fit with kaka though, so it's perfect

No. 3534

I don't care if it fits with kaka I can't read half this shit on mobile, plus a notice at the top blocks me from clicking on the other boards unless I go to the bottom

No. 3535

Change the board style to Roach and you don't have to deal with it.
Also if you click on the notice once, it disappears.

No. 3540

wow samefagchan and her autism has reached meta

No. 3541

How could you possibly tell if it was just one person calling samefag?

No. 3544


Are Kiki's posts in the Margo, Dakota and Charms threads going to get tagged as well?

Thank You!

No. 3545

Please report any posts you believe to be hers. I already addressed a few at >>>/pt/314494.

No. 3549

File: 1479039017919.png (1.78 MB, 1636x932, Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 12.0…)

I'm not sure where to post this, so I guess this will do???
When I hover over the little referral things the box is behind the other posts so I can't read them. I'm not sure if I'm the only one having this problem though.

No. 3550

Is there any way we can just keep having posts by that "Genetically inferior robot" wiped? IT seems like since he can't be banned, that his stuff is getting left up for days, whereas if it was just deleted when he posted it, he'd fuck off eventually.

No. 3551

Of course he won't fuck off if people keep replying. He thinks he is trolling "female 4chan" hard or something.

No. 3552

Yeah, he seems to not get that everyone just thinks he's retarded, no-one's upset or shocked about his meme theories.

I just don't get why mods are letting it stay up for hours on end.

No. 3553


Replying to him or any obvious incel should be ban able at this point. It's just the same shit over and over again. Arguing in circles doesn't add anything to the thread, and it just shits it up.

I'm almost beginning to wonder if it's the same person changing their proxy/ips and replying to themself to appear like a farmer is arguing with him (Ala kiki). Sure there may be some genuine farmers replying, but I'd hate to think there are some farmers dumb enough to argue with a retarded troll for a few straight hours.

No. 3554

Wow, looks like I missed a lot this week. Anyways, no complaints, just came on here to thank admin for posting the glorious Kiki milk. You really put a lot of work in to it. This whole thread is for complaining, so I thought I'd just come in with some positive love for a min. Carry on!

No. 3555

>Replying to him or any obvious incel should be ban able at this point.
I agree with this. Robots and incels come here to bait, if people ignore them they'll get bored and go somewhere else. People who get into extended arguments with them are just as bad as they are since they bump their threads and encourage them to post more. What happened to not taking the bait?

No. 3556

Someone claiming to totally not be Robyn is posting in the Munchausen's thread again.

No. 3557

Not the same anon but I will try that. I can't read the board now due to due to my eyesight. I don't really get Kiki's cow status so I'm not too into her.

No. 3558

I got banned for posting on /g/ and not sounding like a girl, I guess. Is there a way to prevent that from now on?

No. 3559

is there anyway the keekweek layout could get turned into a style for the boards? i miss it already lol

No. 3560

It already is

No. 3561

well shit now i feel retarded. i don't see it in the style menu.

No. 3562

This is due to browser caching. Try viewing https://lolcow.farm/main.js and refresh the page twice.

No. 3563

thank you!

No. 3565

the Mira thread has turned to absolute cancer, unfortunately.

No. 3569

Stop banning threads on /b/ you faggots. It's /b/ RANDOM

No. 3570

Go somewhere else

No. 3571

Seems like you're the one visiting the wrong board

No. 3572

What threads were even banned? Only one I saw was some shitty blog post that could have gone in any other number of threads.

No. 3573

Is someone samefagging hardcore in the Kadee thread? People keep coming in and saying she's in a coma from OD but all the posts saying it are suspiciously worded the same.

No. 3574

I'm more surprised the OP got banned and not the troll that shitted up the thread

No. 3575

OP seemed to be banned for refusing to look in the catalog for an appropriate thread, showing no real intent to try to learn board culture and stirring up shit with most of her posts.

The only thing close to trolling was the person posting bait with the super tumblr definitions of words and insulting others for it, if that's who you meant?

Unrelated to this, but can we have a more global ban on baiting or replying to robots like we do in the incel thread? Seems counterproductive to ban them posting, but allow people to try to get them to post here.

No. 3577

Please note that not all bans are public.

>OP seemed to be banned for refusing to look in the catalog for an appropriate thread, showing no real intent to try to learn board culture and stirring up shit with most of her posts.

This is correct.

No. 3579

I don't know if this has been answered or addressed but has admin thought about making /pt/ off limits to posting threads since there is a higher bar for the subject? just make it where threads can only be MOVED to there from snow maybe.

No. 3580

Is there legit one farmhand modding here or what

No. 3581

I wasn't the OP but why did >>>/b/119569 deserve a ban? They didn't break any rules.

No. 3582

Probably because they're a shitlord who doesn't check the catalogs. I'd ban them too.

No. 3583

Not checking the catalog isn't mentioned in the rules.

No. 3584

There's at least 4 book threads and I see the same threads being made nearly every day now without people looking through the catalog. There SHOULD be a rule about it. This place is being shit up with lazy newfags.

No. 3585

Why are you allowing Pro-ana threads again?

No. 3586

Vicky thread is kill? ;_;

No. 3587

We can't comment on the situation, unfortunately.

No. 3588

This. Pretty much everyone I ever saw talk about it thought it was a good move to ban them, why bring it back? It's just encouraging cancerous MPA sorts to come back over.

No. 3589


oh fuck, vicky shingles' Totally Legit Lawyers actually made progress? i can't imagine that ever happening but pls more info i need to know

No. 3590

File: 1481119446703.jpg (29.63 KB, 535x462, 1457351720923.jpg)


are people going to be banned for making new threads re. shingles?

No. 3591

Don't post about her until we have an update.

No. 3592

Says the person who got banned for their content, good job m8, I'm sure you know better than the modd what belongs here!

Does that mean we'll be getting an update? I understand if not, just want to know if we can expect anything.

No. 3594


no shit, me too. please clarify, admin?

No. 3595

Fucking fite me vicky

No. 3596


No. 3597

It's a rule implied by common sense. We're currently working on rewriting the rules to reflect that and clarify board etiquette.

No. 3598

Hi admins pls answer thx

No. 3599

Just an experiment. We'll see what happens.

No. 3600

Wish I knew what your motives were for this, since an overwhelming majority of posters despise these kinds of threads. Maybe you just like them. Idk. Good luck with your expirament, I guess. Don't forget to be cryptic whenever you answer posters!

No. 3601

when do you think all the deleted vicky stuff will be addressed? will there be a town hall or something of that nature soon?

No. 3602

We want to give it a shot again. The crew that caused a bunch of shitty vendetta posting all over /snow/ isn't allowed to be discussed. Many people do dislike the threads, but many like them. Also, calling out people who try to get attention through the thread can be its own form of entertainment.

Anyone who dislikes it can hide the thread. Right now the thread quality doesn't look very good. We'll evaluate it in one week and decide if the thread should stay or go.

We're not sure yet.

No. 3603

I don't think it's just the thread quality that people disliked, there was lots of other not great threads that were simply a matter of taste, it's that the ana threads brought people in from other sites which caused shittier posting across other threads.

The sort of petty bitching about someones looks instead of the actual thread topic, or bringing ana shit outside the thread.

I just think it's something that came as a surprise to most people, there wasn't really any call for it to come back.

No. 3604

I've updated the warning at the top.

No. 3605

File: 1481215398463.gif (743.05 KB, 400x230, 1455184483456.gif)


Can you give any sort of information you could? Even if it's a vague idea of the situation? She was my all-time person on this site.
Has it got something to do with her brother's Ex girlfriend that showed up?

No. 3606

I understand Admin-chan, thank you for answering my questions about the thread. Even if you guys decide whatever bullshit is going on behind the scenes is not worth it, I appreciate all of your help putting up with the meltdown for this long. Thank you!!

No. 3607

Like another anon said, those kinds of threads attract shitty posters that contribute to shitter posts across the site overall. It's usually underaged pro-ana fucks that ensure every thread will devolve into arguements about weight or dieting. It's honestly just inviting trolls in.

But hey, you do you. I'll just "hide the thread." Thanks.

No. 3608

Please based admin. She was my new fav cow.

No. 3609

I agree, somehow the website feels so empty without her

No. 3610

File: 1481240680570.jpg (59.99 KB, 550x391, CowShingles.jpg)

>"We can't comment on the situation, unfortunately."
>"Don't post about her until we have an update."

We will be waiting patiently for the resolution, Admin-sama. But can you give us a glimpse of what transpired behind the fence? Please do let us know how we can be of help in the situation. I wish you and the rest of the farmhands the best!

Her thread is one of my favorites btw, but now it's gone :(

Where am I ever going to find another shoddy-tatted MySpace generalismo-autismo-strip-mall-samurai with questionable shoop skillz & gravity-defying ego? I need my Varicella Mortadella fix Admin-sama… I hope this whole issue gets resolved and SOON.

No. 3611

Sorry for being a salty cunt about this, Admin. I got way too upset over something so trivial. I'm just gonna trust the moderation team on this one. Thanks for answering me anyway, even though I was snarky.

No. 3612

File: 1481316070522.jpg (24.43 KB, 736x503, 1472589372869.jpg)

Can you please put some actually effective ban? Like some ever cookie shit or something?

It doesn't matter how much you ban shitposters they can just come back and keep shitting around. Why bother banning then?

No. 3613

Am I the only one who feels like lately there has been an unsual amount of threads about Tumblr personalities with barely any milk?

No. 3614

I noticed that too, too much snow, not enough PT. And nitpicking Suzy and JNig is getting old.

No. 3615

too many vendetta-chans from tumblr, very little milk from anyone interesting in general, and deep shingles withdrawals

No. 3616

where are the gore posts hating on women coming from? 4chan?

No. 3617

Yeah, I've noticed those too. There were like 3 in /g/, two got deleted, the other still stands. Not sure about the other boards and maybe thats not all of them.

No. 3618

seriously it's been up 5 hours where are the mods?

No. 3619

could admin possibly tell us if they're even close to being able to give some kind of shingles update…? her sperging wasn't even Kiki-tier, and that thread is still up, so this seems weird.
And I'm BORED >:(

No. 3620

Thankfully its gone now from what I see. Finally, the mods got to it. I wonder if there was a post in r9k that told robots to come terrorize /g/ or something. Who knows, its over now!

No. 3621

File: 1481634064018.jpg (9.81 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (1).jpg)


Every day I spend waiting

No. 3622

can you tell us about the locking of the Kiki thread?

No. 3623

File: 1481752053351.png (49.83 KB, 669x545, 5156052 _43b2f40bec3d69e0bafd1…)

No. 3624

it's fucking lolcow not 4chan. I hardly see a new thread per day. Quit lying out of your ass.

Also it's fucking /b/. The name itself implies little to no QC.

The words "etiquette" and "rule" have different meanings.

And write a fucking etiquette for yourself.

No. 3625

Is there an active instagram cosplayer thread?
All the threads I came across are months old I don't want to be banned for bringing back a dead thread or anything

No. 3626

If it's not in the Catalog or the last post is old (let's say 4 months or older), feel free to make a new thread.

No. 3627

>Also it's fucking /b/. The name itself implies little to no QC.

/b/ here is just the board for discussions that don't fit on the other boards, it's not some anarchy board.

Random topics, not as in just post whatever the fuck you like with no rules at all, otherwise that catalog would be half shitty robot posts/bait to get robots to post.

No. 3628

am I blind or did a bunch of threads vanish from /g/?

No. 3631

They moved into /ot/. You may have to dig for them in the catalog, sorry.

No. 3632

not a fan of the /b/ and /g/ consolidation at all :—(

No. 3633

Me too– honestly, what the fuck admin? Why aren't you asking your user base about these changes to the board before you make them?

I don't think /b/ and /g/ should be one board. There was a reason why it split off in the first place. What's the difference between /sty/ and /manure/? I'm really questioning your methods, Admin.

No. 3634

I'm almost positive these changes were talked about during a town hall meeting a few months back.

No. 3635

Eh I'm ok with it. This site is slow enough.
I thought the "positive talk only~" rule the last admin implemented for /g/ was retarded

I kinda prefer the name /b/ to /ot/ though.

No. 3636

/manure/ had no real purpose and probably shouldn't have existed. /sty/ is for shitposting of any kind.

As for /b/ and /g/, they were split in the first place because /b/ was getting too infested with invaders, and the policy at the time was to do only light moderation with /b/.

We're now trying out the opposite approach and will treat moderation in /ot/ more carefully. Also, we felt there were just too many boards considering the size of the site, and that there didn't need to be a single "safe space" board. Invaders from /r9k/ or /pol/ or wherever will still be banned.

Give it a chance. We'll change it back if it's not working out.

We didn't want it confused with 4chan /b/, which is closer to what /sty/ is. /b/ redirects to /ot/ so all bookmarks should still work. The rules page will be updated soon.

They were.

No. 3637

>and that there didn't need to be a single "safe space" board

I'll get used to it, but will moderation for /g/ threads be more lax, then? Race derailing and roastie derailing allowed, since it's now all one board? Are threads that were originally /g/ going to be treated as if they were /b/? Is /sty/ just going to be a recycling bin where mods move threads that are too shitty for /ot/?

Sorry if these are too many questions, Admin.

No. 3638

I'm cool with the changes but it would have been nice if there had been some kind of notification like "we're currently creating new boards" instead of "KIKI IS SPREGCHAN!" for those who didn't participate in the town hall. I searched through meta for an explanation before I posted here and couldn’t find anything. I got scared there might have been some conflict between admin and mods and somebody was trying to destroy lolcow.

No. 3639

manure did have a purpose: as a dumping ground for truly shit threads and an insult to those who started and furthered them. it was cream that didn't seem to have much purpose.

No. 3640

/cream/ will likely be removed and probably just compiled into a single best-of thread in /meta/. /sty/ can serve /manure/'s original purpose of mocking shitty OPs.

No. 3645

Could mods monitor the Onion thread closely pls? I assume you’re at it anyway, just wanted to be sure in case somebody doxxes the people who are giving us information about Greg. I’m sure nobody here wants to enable him to send his army after the moles. Or in case onion himself makes an appearance. He used a pic a farmer made in his latest video.


No. 3646

Seriously what the fuck are you guys doing lmfao I love watching the downfall of this site. It's foreign when you compare it to 2014

No. 3647

File: 1482079402465.jpg (155.41 KB, 682x1023, depositphotos_16896869-stock-p…)

update on sticky vicky?

No. 3648

Can you answer this poster, please?
So in all those threads we have about women's health are now allowed to be posted in by retarded dudes with ~opinions~ about periods?

No. 3649


>To be clear, robots are banned from /ot/ and men are still banned from threads that would normally have belonged in /g/.

No. 3651

I'm jonesing for some news on Shingles

No. 3653

wOW, I didn't think you would manage to screw this site even more, I was wrong. So wrong man.

No. 3656

>To be clear, robots are banned from /ot/ and men are still banned from threads that would normally have belonged in /g/

So we basically still have the /b/ and /g/ split but without any indication of which threads are which? Assuming we all remember which ones went where, how does it work going forward? Do we post 'no boys allowed' in the OP, or do the mods intuit which threads are /g/ and then ban anyone being too mannish?

No. 3657

The Munchausen's thread is a shitshow right now. Could someone please clean it up?

No. 3668

we should wait that girl out then make a new thread, (like an MLS-only thread) for a bit until the spoonie goes away.

No. 3669

The merge of /b/ and /g/ is kind of fucking me up but I'm trying to give it a chance.

No. 3675


I'd like clarification for this too. There's a last minute Christmas gift suggestion thread and it honestly doesn't seem /g/ specific but there was a poster who told a robot to gtfo. The guy was actually giving helpful suggestions though. Does that guy deserve to be banned or what? And was that thread more of a /g/ thread or regular /b/?

Is there some sort of flair we can use to indicate if a thread should be no boys allowed or something?

No. 3679

Ty for pointing this out.

I created the thread and I appreciated the guy's input. Would suck if he gets banned.
This is all really confusing.

No. 3682

I don't know if the farmhand who wrote >>>/pt/326981 also wrote >>>/pt/326927 as an anon. While there was legit derailing going on, only statements disagreeing with >>>/pt/326927 were cited. I hope this was a coincidence and not two actions by the same person.

No. 3683

I miss the slumberparty vibe /g/ had. I feel like the merge has killed most of the /g/ threads too.

No. 3684

I agree with you. I miss /g/ (and /b/) just as much as the other anons commenting here. I think /sty/ can attract fuckers and it's pretty much dead and irrelevant rn. I guess most of lolcow users aren't interested in posting there (which is probably good).
I know admin is trying your best to make the site better so I hope the changes work out eventually.

No. 3685

I wanted to talk about menstrual cups and now I can't ;_;

No. 3687

Thank you for all the opinions regarding the board changes.
Like we said:
>This is a trial arrangement and if after a few weeks the board split doesn't seem to be working as intended, we might reverse the change or otherwise organize the boards in response to user feedback.

I quoted the last four comments of the derail chain to indicate the conversation I was referring to, no bias was intended.

No. 3695

Naturally you don't want to identify your personal posts so you won't answer but my intended question, if I wasn't clear, was whether you also posted that first comment as anon. The first comment implies being in on farmhand discussions on discord.

If it's not you, fair enough. The reason I bring this up is I have noted (and posted here about) farmhands emerging from conversations they themselves were a part of - to moderate those who were arguing with them. I sincerely hope that isn't what happened here.

No. 3696

I wasn't part of that conversation at all, sorry about the confusion. And to clarify; the poster who went on about internal discussions is not part of staff either, just a regular farmer backseat modding.

No. 3698

File: 1482426394060.png (36.72 KB, 160x330, 16208429_120018357158095fe2e9f…)

Sticky Vicky update? Can you at least let us know when we can talk about her again?

No. 3699


Take a look at /pt/

No. 3722

The Rules section still says /b/ and /g/
I know you guys are still having a feel on whether to keep it or change it back, but I wanted to check if a thread is worth reporting or not but I keep forgetting where the rules for /ot/ are written and going to the defunct rules page

No. 3736

Please bring back /g/, or at least give us girls a board where men aren't allowed
/g/ was one of the few places on the internet where girls could talk freely without men shoving their dicks and stupid opinions in things and it was actually enforced by moderators. Or maybe some sort of system so we can flag our posts as "no men"

No. 3737

This anon worded this perfectly, it felt really good to have that space.

No. 3743

I honestly think the opposite is the issue too.

Guys getting banned simple for disagreeing, hell, I've seen people banned simply for disagreeing with no evidence they were robots, yet still get that sticker applied to their posts.

A lot more people accusing everyone of being robots as well too.

The merging just seems to have convinced people they can have their own "no boys allowed" club, and use that to shut everyone else out, no matter if you can tell if they're a dude or not.

I don't understand the logic behind merging the boards at all, or why it was necessary, and I think that at the very least some explanation would have been nice, instead of just doing it and then going "Yeah we changed it because we felt like changing it".

At the very least the rules need to be made more clear as far as I see it, as to what actually constitutes a robot (instead of just a person who disagrees with the thread), because there seems to be heaps of confusion, and people using the vagueness to try to turn it into a girls only website, which is silly, because it never was that, and that just leads to stupid fights and insults instead of actual discussion.

That's my opinion at least.

No. 3745

Not really a complaint, but does anyone else feel like Tumblr kink girls are the new ana chans of this board?

No. 3748

Kek. Yes, they seemed to have taken up that space that the ana-chans used to. I did notice a thread in /snow/ trying to bring them back but it doesn't seem to be taking off very well.

No. 3749

I'm mildly irritated by how many posts detailing anons entire life stories I seem to be reading. It feels like I'm in some sort of anonymous meeting where everyone is getting off on sharing their horrible life experiences.

Not a real complaint, I'm just seeing these kinds of posts in at least two active threads atm. I'll ignore them for now etc.

No. 3751

Why do the replies no longer show up next to the post numbers? I liked being able to view the replies without having to scroll down.

Also clicking on photos open a new tab now (there's usually a settings button to input your preference for that on other image boards) and the button to go to the bottom of the page is gone.

Not enjoying these changes :(

No. 3752

please tell me what operating system, browser, and device you use and I'll look into it. It's a bug, not a feature :)

No. 3753

Move the kawaii black girls thread to >>>/sty/. It's not even the girls I'm bothered about. It's the obnoxious "lol racist triggered" posts whenever someone says the girls aren't even that cute.

Also it reeks of samefagging.

No. 3754

>if we allow more than one thread about the same topic we'd have to allow robots to invade the board too!
Nice slippery slope, generalsfag.

No. 3755

The Munchausens by Instagram thread has gone to shit again. It seems to attract too many newfags who all race each other to tip the cow. Right now there's a bunch of people trying to get involved with Jonzie08/Alexys and her doctor. I think the rule about no stalking needs to be stickied on /snow/.

Any time anorexics get mentioned here there seems to be a wave of unintegrated users sperging out about bullies, or becoming a stalker. Idk if it needs heavier moderation or to just be wiped

No. 3756

Sorry, mislabeled the thread. It's the proana general not the munchies.

No. 3757

Just tried it on Firefox and it worked just fine, I was originally using Microsoft Edge. Thanks so much for your help!

No. 3758

If you allow people to make their own threads despite similar threads already existing, half the catalog would just be "look at me my threads more special than anyone elses".

That other person was implying /b/ should have no rules, which is stupid, obviously it should.

No. 3760

Honestly wtf even happened there? this /ot/ /sty/ shit needs to go

No. 3762

I AM the "other person" and no that wasn't what I implied at all, asshat.

>If you allow people to make their own threads despite similar threads already existing, half the catalog would just be "look at me my threads more special than anyone elses".

>another slippery slope fallacy right away
How shameless are you?

No. 3767

I agree, that thread is just annoying

No. 3768

Then maybe you should learn to read, because that's what the conversation was about, people making duplicate threads getting banned for it.

If you take away that rule, people would and have just made their own threads instead of using the ones that exist, leading to duplicates.

It's not a fallacy if we've literally seen it happen.

No. 3769

File: 1482989864694.png (796.83 KB, 1041x522, security camera.PNG)

So I dont normally go on this website and I'm here checking it out like out of curiosity because people say its the female r9k - and well over half the threads on page one and two are threads made by admins that are like fucking meatings about changing the rules or updates on the rules or annoucments

I bet the mods and admins are power triping losers who have nothing to do and their blowing their small unpaid job out of proportion and making it seem like its a bigger deal than it is

fuck you guys you seem like a bunch of shit heads like seriously fuck you

No. 3771

>Then maybe you should learn to read
>because that's what the conversation was about
lmfao I literally just told you I was the poster in -the conversation- the entire time. I was getting tired of you but this time the irony is too hilarious for me to be annoyed.

No. 3772

And for the record: there's an art thread and a cooking thread made recently and those are allowed to stay active.

If you're gonna ban people for minor reasons at least be consistent in your policy.

No. 3773

'female /r9k/' comment notwithstanding I agree. Why can't they into invisible moderation? All these chat redirects and discord crap is pretty obnoxious. They keep playing up the importance of an anonymous imageboard by banning tripfagging but they're turning the site into /soc/ without the nudes at the same time.

No. 3776

That doesn't actually counter what I said at all though, you started going on about slippery slopes even though the original discussion was about an example of exactly what I said, that people just don't bother looking to see if there's already a thread and make their own, which just leads to a heap of shitty low quality threads with a small amount of discussion each, instead of a smaller number of larger threads where discussion is more concentrated.

I think a short ban to let people know that the catalog is there for a reason is useful for that reason.

No. 3782

I gotta agree the discord is shit. Next up will be memberships at this rate.

No. 3786

can we get rid of the fucking merry christmas shit on pt already? what an eyesore mess

No. 3787

>That doesn't actually counter what I said at all though
Uh, yes it does? You tried to tell me what my own words meant?

>you started going on about slippery slopes even though the original discussion was about an example of exactly what I said,

And now again. I can't tell if someone's retarded or just trolling anymore.

No. 3803

Well, if you're just going to pretend that's not what the conversation was about, I have no idea what to say. You asked why they were banned. Someone said because they didn't even bother checking the catalog before making a new thread, which a farmhand confirmed, because it's fucking common sense that if a thread already exists, you use that thread, you don't need to create your own for absolutely no reason.

You then started getting mad over nothing and accusing me of lying about what you said despite the fact that it's literally in this thread, anyone can just follow the conversation back up and see.

>And now again. I can't tell if someone's retarded or just trolling anymore.

What are you even trying to say? Are you just shitposting for the sake of it?

You're going on about the slippery slope fallacy even though we're talking about an actual example of the thing I'm claiming would happen, that you'd get a heap of threads made unnecessarily that fill the catalog with duplicates and make it harder to find what you're looking for.

There's no slippery slope to be had there, we're discussing because of an example of just that, and there's been plenty of others in the past.

What's even your problem here? Do you think we should allow people to create duplicate threads even though there's other active ones? What's your issue with mods saying to check the catalog and check if there's a thread that suits what you want to talk about active before you make a new one? You seem to be just getting mad for no reason.

No. 3805

After giving the new board setup a shot I think /sty/ is growing on me. It's all shitposting and attracts a lot of robots but everyone needs to shitpost every once in a while.

I still feel that /ot/ should be split into an off topic general and a /g/ board again.

No. 3808

sty is attracting too many robots, in my humble opinion.

No. 3812

I also agree that /sty/ is attracting too many robots. The board change isn't great. I miss /g/.

No. 3813

It does attract a lot of robots but it gives them an outlet so they don't shit up the rest of the boards. It's like a big containment board.

No. 3814

That's the logic behind /r9k/ and /pol/ and look at what happened to 4chan

No. 3816

Don't forget /mlp/

No. 3817

What? The pony shit on 4chan is actually contained, albeit not because of the dedicated board.

No. 3819

Anon, while /sty/ can be amusing the others are right. Too many robots are filtering in and shitting up all the other boards now.

No. 3821

I agree that containment boards don't work for assholes. It only works for people who want to play by the rules, not those that come to a site to ruin everyone else's fun.

/sty/ is just attracting robots. If you need a place to shitpost just make a thread for it or something.

As for race discussion and politics, I felt like having one dedicated thread to each topic was working. Ban people who bring it into other boards.

No. 3826

A couple of minutes ago entering the board I got this message: "You will see this warning once per session. You are using a remote control script on this site. If you accidently push it into production, anyone will have control of your visitors browser. Remember to remove this script."
What was that? I don't have any remote control script, I don't even know what it is

No. 3828

This was a debug script I temporarily added to look into a Javascript issue. It's gone now. You shouldn't see it again.

No. 3829

/pt is getting flooded with (unattractive) nudes. I'm reporting them as fast as I can

No. 3837

Please bring back /g/, so at least all of our "girly" threads will stay on the first two pages instead of being buried under the shit threads of /ot/.

No. 3840

Please fill out this survey: >>3839

No. 3842

File: 1483995883706.png (360.95 KB, 1745x863, Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 21.0…)

Well, someone's mad.

No. 3843

10$ it's that Mila Mortice girl again

No. 3844

If you reverse image search they're spamming another imageboard too

No. 3846

Farmhand please can you activate the survey monkey option for users to be able to change their responses?

I forgot to agree with how the "only one race thread etc" rule was really good in old /b/, so would be good to use that again if /ot/ or /b/ stays.

No. 3847

It's been activated.

No. 3855

Why haven't Luna Lanie's anonymity privileges been revoked? An admin threatened to mark (queen munchie) Robyn's posts shortly after she started WKing on her thread, Vicky Shingles' posts were marked (iirc BEFORE she threatened legal action), yet Luna has been WKing herself nonstop for a month, constantly talks (often racist) shit about people like Jnig and Moomoo in the Luna thread instead of their threads, and has been ban-evading, but the only things that happen are her posts are removed and she gets banned. Why not just mark her posts? Is it too difficult to ascertain the posts are hers?

No. 3859

Not sure if this is the right thread for this, but what the hell is going on in /ot/ right now?

No. 3860

Lol it's happening in /snow/ too. Are we being ""raided""? Just ignoring and using the catalog for the time being.

No. 3861

It's the same picture as last time >>3842

No. 3862

Can someone delete all the spam?

No. 3863

There are hundreds of threads with that same pic on both /snow/ and /ot/ and more are being added every minute. Someone's pissed lol

No. 3864

is that a pic of some spergy incel raging that we don't want him or some shit? the same pic has been spammed randomly for days, hasn't it? the threads are being created so quickly it seems like a bot?

No. 3940

It's really tiresome scrolling to threads when this ridiculous pic keeps popping up. Does anyone know where this is from? Because I recall seeing it posted on krautchan occasionally but I'm not sure if it's from there.

No. 3941

We're working on better ways to fight the spam, sorry.

If you see a "Checking your browser before accessing lolcow.farm" message, this is a normal feature of one of the anti-spam measures.

If anyone has issues with posting, please email lolcow.farm@gmail.com

No. 3943

What's with the newfags doing retarded stuff like bumping threads? All the newbies posting on OT about their monster cock fetishes or selfpost threads are bad enough without yet another influx of 13 year olds who won't integrate.
Are there temporary bans when new users make it obvious they never even bothered to lurk?

No. 3944

dont forget about the retards who never check the catalogs and keep making the same threads over and over when 8 of them already exist. yes, id love to read through 5 posts of a 12th plastic surgery thread until that one gets abandoned and a 13th is created in 6 days. totally not spam and clogging up the site

No. 3945

Make sure to report this bullshit stuff and type in a reason
Since red text ban messages are reserved for the worst offenders it requires faith in the mods though, and I've kind of stopped doing it because I feel like I'm nitpicking

No. 3946

Don't worry about nitpicking, making a report is the best way of getting things like that shut down.

>Are there temporary bans when new users make it obvious they never even bothered to lurk?


No. 3947

Just clarifying cause I don't want to be a total douche reporting, can things be reported because they're just stupid shit? The rules don't say so but it is pretty spammy at the same time.

No. 3948

Yes, I have done so and a farmhand has appeared in the thread to caution the anon against further shitposting, derailing or low-quality efforts. Always type in a reason for your report and report multiple instances together so farmhands can see a pattern right away.

No. 3951

Could people start spoilering the gross "#recovery!" images of sweaty, needle-embedded limbs etc in both the munch/spoony and pro-ana scumbag threads and like, anywhere else? I'm not """triggered""" I just don't want to see that shit. I enlarged one not realizing what was depicted in the thumbnail and was not thrilled to get an eyeful of a slipshoddily taped IV lodged in weird bruised forearm

No. 3952

I usually report these and use the reason 'needs a spoiler'. I've seen some of them become spoilered later. Agree they are terrible images even when they are not that gory.

No. 3955

Am I the only anon who finds the recent trend of re-wording popular songs to be about the cows autistic as fuck? I cringe and scroll as soon as I see lyrics because of the immediate fremdschamen. I wish this would pass already.

No. 3958

Question for Admin about Onision threads. I'm not planning on doing this, but if you post a low-content post like "^^^this" or "underrated post" in a post with actual content, is it still bad?

I agree, they just shit up threads.

No. 3960

I also have a question about the Onision thread: I got banned a couple of days ago because I wrote something along the lines of no scandal is big enough to take Onision down, compared him to Trump and topped it off with a Trump-gif (don't know how to link across boards).
The ban-page didn't give a reason.

Did I get banned because of irrelevancy or because I forgot to sage or because of baiting? Are Trump-Comparisons in general considered political baiting? Just wanted to know if I'll never be allowed to make those comparisons again. That would make me SAD.

Also, it would be great if being banned was somehow visible before posting (except for writing it in the post since most people won't reread stuff). I put some effort into searching for younow-links other farmers were asking for and only realized I got banned after I tried to post them. I assume that's not viable on an imageboard though.

No. 3961

It's okay as long as the rest of your comment contributes to the thread. It's also generally okay to agree/disagree with posts, just don't turn it into a fight.

No. 3962

Political baiting isn't allowed in any thread. Posts like that have the potential to derail a thread for dozens of posts. Same with race/religion/whatever.

If you're using a modern browser, pressing the back button on the ban page should probably bring you back to your original post.

No. 3963

Is it normal for discord verification to take over two weeks

No. 3964

File: 1485267947536.png (244.57 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170124-100942.png)

Comment in the pic isn't mine but I'm uploading it to make a point.

All those threads have extremely similar premises. I understand people want to be more specific with maybe, let's say, sexual abuse, so I understand having a thread only for that and that only, but I don't think we really need an advice thread AND a vent thread. Sometimes that's everything you can find in /ot/ first page: vent, advices, lost childhood, vent, advices, DDLG. Rinse, repeat. Rinse, repeat.

Yeah, i hide the threads i don't like/want to read, but sometimes I end up with only one or two /ot/ threads open, so I think we're getting saturated with those topics lol.
I know farmers come up with threads, not you, but i just wanted to express my dissatisfaction. Things are getting boring and good threads disappear in the sea of the same recycled stuff because most people don't bother to read past page 2.


What was decided about /g/ and /b/? Are they coming back or not?

Sorry if you already answered that, Admin. Many things are discussed on discord and even though I'm a farmer, I'm rarely online on there due to my busy schedule. I apologize if you and others already decided if the old boards are gone for good.


No. 3969

No, it normally takes a minute or two. Sorry. Message one of the mods again.

We are still interpreting the survey results and deciding.

No. 3971

What's the deal with the trans thread in /ot/?

I got banned for "taking the bait" in it a week or so back because I responded to some retard who kept posting stupid things, even got a public ban for it, which does seem like a bit much seeing as they didn't, but I get the point of it.

Yet there's still people just constantly posting bait shit in it, calling everyone who disagrees with them trans, insulting other users, just being as inflammatory as possible, and there doesn't seem to be any major bans going on.

I'm just kind of curious what the point of publicly banning people who reply to bait, but not doing the same to those who post it? Am I just misunderstanding something or what? Because it seems a bit inconsistent to me.

Also kind of unrelated, but is there an official set of rules for /ot/ or what? Because the rules page still has /b/ and /g/, and I'm not really sure which rules apply to /ot/ at this point, and I've seen people claiming the whole /g/ no boys allowed thing applies everywhere now, so I'm guessing I'm not the only one a little confused.

No. 3972

>publicly banning people who reply to bait, but not doing the same to those who post it?
Not a mod, but it's been discussed a few times that red text is only applied where it will be useful (or funny, I guess) so sometimes you just need to submit a report and trust that a ban/sanction was made.
If a user has made a whole bunch of terrible posts and gotten banned with redtext for it, that's still only one post that's going to have the redtext.

Like you I also look forward to more clarification on the g/ot/b thing

No. 3973

I get that, it just seemed odd to me that the response to the bait was banned publicly, with taking the bait as one of the reasons, yet the person actually posting the bait wasn't, publicly at least. I would have thought that the person actually shitposting would be a more important thing to stop, which is why I'm sort of asking for clarification on it, or what the deal with that thread at all is, because it's honestly complete crap.

No. 3975

To add to what I'm saying here, it's not the only weird public ban I've seen.

Someone got a public ban for posting
>I stopped taking you seriously when you used "incel" as an insult.

To some person who was going off at another user and insulting them, clearly with the intent to bait.

What rule does that violate?

No. 3976

sometimes the post that gets someone banned is just one final straw after a long line of shitposting. Normally, taking the bait doesn't have to always be an offense, but in this case, the user's post history was nothing but derailing and picking fights.

No. 3977

That doesn't really answer my question though. Like, even if someone did spend their time picking fights or arguing about things, is that grounds for a ban? Derailing I get if it's intentional, but if someone wants to argue, is that against the rules in appropriate threads? Half of the posts in /ot/ are people arguing about things, half of the posts in any forum is generally that. Or do you mean their post history was nothing but insulting and baiting and all that sort of shit?

And I still don't get why that second post was a public ban, instead of the person picking fights and calling the person an incel in the first place.

I might just be looking at this wrong, but it seems like there's a whole bunch of unwritten rules people get banned for violating, which seems kind of unfair, especially when people don't know what rules apply to the new boards and which don't.

No. 3980

No, the issue was that in that context, you were intentionally misrepresenting what a user said, and throwing around incel as a boogieman, same as people do with robot.

You can disagree with someone without doing all that shit, which I think is why that user (and myself) thought you were baiting, because it was unnecessarily inflammatory and had a lot of the signs of a bait post. Not saying you were necessarily, and I assume you're not if you're following up on it here. Though personally I don't think either were worthy of a ban, it was just a discussion, and someone got involved in it and added that you using that particular insult took away from your argument as far as they saw it.

And sure, I get that we can't see post history, I just brought it up because I got hit with a similarly weird ban for a post that didn't seem to violate any actual rules a while back for replying to what I saw as bait, and I was sort of questioning if I'd missed a rule relating to that or not, or why those sorts of posts seemed to be getting given public bans so much. And no, I'm not some long term shitposter or anything, I've contributed to a few threads on /snow/ with content, and though I do like to argue admittedly, don't feel I'm particularly rude with it or intentionally derail threads. Only time I've even been warned with anything was when some actual incel was throwing a tantrum in their thread, and the whole thread got told to not reply to their posts anymore.

Just seemed strange to me, and I was hoping for some clarification on it, as well as which rules actually apply to the new boards, because a lot of people seem confused about whether certain parts of /g/'s rules apply on /ot/ or not. I'm more interested in the latter part than anything else at this point really, like, the rules page hasn't been updated to have the new boards on it, and it still says that baiting and shit is okay and that mods don't ban just because they don't like the content. I was kind of hoping we could have the rules updated to be a bit clearer on all that.

No. 3981

File: 1485625741286.png (168.29 KB, 925x413, shrug.png)

I kind of decided to post this here instead of >>2 because it's more of a user gripe than anything.
This is probably nitpick and dumb to most people and probably hard to enforce, but can we make it so spoilered images can't be used as the catalog/first post? I understand quite a few of them were not spoilered and then spoilered later, but it's a little annoying when trying to scroll down to find potential milk or new threads and the image is broken because it's spoilered.

When users do this, I just scroll past. There could be potential milk, but I don't look into it if the thread starter has no visual, you get me?

No. 3982

Fixed in the catalog. That's the simpler solution.

No. 3984

Spoilers are used excessively on this site - would you consider adding an option to unspoiler all images by default?

No. 3985

Just wondering
Have we gotten an influx of new users recently?
I've been seeing a lot of "Sage for OT" that aren't actually saged and a lot more infighting than usual in somethreads that seem pretty pointless and gets pretty off topic when they just start shitting on someone for having different opinions on the milk.

No. 3986

So many. They're all tipping cows and shitting up snow worse than the first proana scumbags thread drama.

No. 3987

I've noticed that too. I think they came from that tumblr ddlg thread in snow, there are like 3 or 4 threads in /ot/ right now where they post about how much they want daddy's cummies.

and I can't find it in the catalog so maybe it was deleted but there was a fetish thread with a bunch of spergs posting about how they loved daddys cummies/necrophilia/bestiality

No. 3988

No. 3989

Oh cool, /g/'s back. The second thread was the one I was talking about.

No. 3991

What is going on with all the spoilered images lately? It seems like a bug because a lot of older pics that weren't spoilered now are. Also, the spoiler taking on the shape of the image sort of looks retarded.

No. 3992

File: 1485794927350.gif (1.98 MB, 360x199, 9QXry71.gif)

Thank you. Like I said, it's mostly a user problem. At least the catalog looks more uniform!

No. 3994

Cap the PT thread at ~500 posts please. Viewing on my phone is slow and having 1000+ posts on PC is hard to manage as well.

No. 3996

Try using Lite mode.

No. 3997

This was due to a temporary bug, sorry. Anyone who viewed the site during that window would see almost everything converted to spoilers, and that remains cached in their browsers.

You'll have to clear your browser cache to re-request the original images.

No. 3998

I see some duplicated threads in /snow/ and for some unknown reason I can't post in this thread >>>/snow/240809 idk why. Also I can't find it normally, I have to use the google searcher.
It is my computer?

No. 3999

Did people not like the /b/ and /g/ merge? I don't see the need to split the boards tbh. Especially for a site this slow.

No. 4000

The majority of survey respondents did want it back. And the pro-split people wanted it back more than the pro-merge people wanted it to stay merged.

No. 4001

What's wrong with having /g/? R u mad becuz NO BOYS ALLOWED?

No. 4002

No, if an obvious robot posts they get banned anyways. I don't see why we have to make ourselves a "safe space" board.

No. 4004

Asking to have a board with a specific set of rules to reduce shit posts isn't making a safe space. No one feels threatened by robots, just annoyed.

No. 4024

I think proana scumbags is gonna have to be entirely nuked. It keeps getting filled with shitposting newfags who still have MPA open in another tab.
Something about anorexia makes the farms go fucking nuts and it turns to shit and competition between the shitposting, whiteknighting, and "reeeeee I called TEP cause I'm a better anorexic than alexys. I'll never show proof"

As much as I love the concept it never works out.

No. 4027


Is it possible for the staff to find out who exactly has been samefagging this thread? It's a hot mess.

No. 4028

Minivan usually samefags with multiple IPs on /cow/, so he can respond to his own posts and make it look like people agree with him.

No. 4029

We have so many newfags lately. People coming here and not even know who PixyTeri is. A fucking message board created in honor of her.

No. 4031

I am also seeing it. There's been a ton of namefagging and also people not bothering to work out how sage works yet plowing on with posts regardless.

No. 4032

How is it that shit like this goes on endlessly, retards are xD o.o don't-know-how-to-quote namefagging, etc, yet the only public bans I'm seeing are for the most mundane, pass-over errors?

Also, are spoilers no longer req'd for nudes? I've seen tons of them left as-is and reporting did nothing. Am I in the wrong for reporting them?

No. 4033

I wish Admin and Farmhands would be a bit more heavy handed with the banhammer.

No. 4034

Please keep reporting these. And yes, spoilers are required for nudes.

No. 4035

Lately, I have noticed the reports aren't getting acted on as much. E.g. someone namefagging as 'geologyrocks' was allowed to keep their posts up as far as I last checked. I understand the idea of letting displaced Kiwifarmers have a place to hang out, but they should at least make a little effort or else go back to their reopened forum. I realise there has also been an influx from reddit with the /r/Drama posts. But it just seems like namefagging isn't a big deal here anymore compared to when I joined here.

No. 4036

Is anyone else annoyed by the "hi [insert cows name]" crap?

No. 4037

Thank you for the answer

It's a classic meme from pre-lolcow times. If you take it as a joke instead of an actual accusation, it's not as bad?

No. 4038

Hi admin, me and a few others have talked about discord slowing down the influx of people on the website, etc. I'm sure you already saw the first posts in this thread and thank you for responding, but could you please say anything on the suggestion I'm making?


I know the chat has become quite important to many people and I remember you and a few others (farmhands) being pretty active there, but maybe that should be brought back to the site again? The overall idea of having a chat is nice but I (and a few others) don't think things are really working

No. 4042

The Venus thread has some SJW sperging out like crazy. Can you please do something about that? Reported a whole bunch of their posts.

No. 4043

Lorena should be banned

No. 4045


then don't go in it lol

No. 4046

maybe i'm blind but where the hell did the search button go?

No. 4050

White knighting in Venus threads has to stop.

No. 4051

It was causing some problems. You should now see a Search link next to Catalog at the bottom.

No. 4053

Hey admin-sama.

Earlier today I was banned due to "spamming", but it was a mistake since I wasn't spamming shit; I just answered a few things in a couple different threads around boards, and tried to create a thread before I got banned. I'm an oldfag and i visit lolcows constantly.
Wtf. The ban page said to contact you guys through discord if it was mistake, but fuck… im not on discord and i don't want to create an account simply to tell you guys about what happened – so I'm doing it here. I was on my laptop btw. I'm not gonna post anymore until the ban expires tomorrow because this situation made me pissy but anyway, i just wanted to explain my situation and that I was unjustly banned.

No. 4054

Sorry about that. The measures were necessary to prevent the huge floods of spam we were receiving pretty recently. Sometimes there are false positives.

The Discord doesn't require an account. You can just click the link and enter any nickname.

No. 4055

Okay, thank you so much

No. 4056

Hi farmhands, can you do something about Cristy, the girl who's shitting up the Mira thread? I know selfposting is often funny but she's is manufacturing drama by interacting with Mira, then shitting up the thread day after day. It's purely for attention but she's a nobody. She did it in the past with Margo & Venus.

Last time a situation like this came up it was with Chronically Beautiful, I reported her a ton of times then got frustrated and told her to get lost… I was the one who was banned.

No. 4057

Sorry about that. We've banned Cristy before, we'll look into it and give her a longer or permanent ban if needed.
Chronically Beautiful has been banned too.

No. 4058

thanks for looking into it

No. 4059

A thread has been started called 'Kourtney Galloway (catfishing as Cheyanne Sparks, PRETENDING TO BE BRYSON TILLER'S GIRLFRIEND)' and it's been moved from pt to snow. The thread subject appears to be only 15 and the way the thread's been started it looks like a vendetta anyway.

No. 4060

oops, link: >>>/snow/268607

No. 4070

for some reason, when i try to read the jontron thread in snow, i just get a blank page instead of being redirected to the thread. anyone else got this issue?

No. 4071

I have this issue too. I don't know what's wrong.

No. 4072

Sorry. Should be fixed now.

No. 4076

Thank you

No. 4077

I think trans talk should be treated like political or race baiting is. I mean, we can't discuss any snowflake whitout tumblrinas and people who take the b8, derailing the thread.

I also feel like any trans cow gets free from the milking because fatfems derail their threads (see: Claire White).

No. 4078

Is there a way to block starting new threads in /pt/? It's super annoying when someone posts a thread about a person who is most definitely not PT tier. Maybe make /snow/ the only board you can post new threads in?

No. 4079

I agree that there's a lot of threads being posted on /pt/ that do not belong there. However, if we blocked anyone from posting in that board, how could we create new threads for already established cows? Like Momokun part 13 or whatever.

No. 4080

Ah, true….damn

No. 4084

Can we have a visible 'how to sage' etc FAQ up by the rules or something, like 4chan?

Not a single thread lately without people having to repeatedly inform others how to utilize it.

No. 4086

It's been added to the Info page.

Please report anyone misusing sage so we can warn or ban them.

No. 4089

Not sure what's going on in the LoL camwhore thread >>>/snow/139506 but it seems there's a lot of vendetta-chan/racebaiting/self-posting going on in there.

It's making an already shitty thread even more shitty.

No. 4090

There's some very deliberate derailing going on but a group of Joy's fans in her current thread. It happened in her previous one as well.

There are too many examples to report, here's some o the last ones:

No. 4091

Thanks. We're looking into it.

No. 4092

both in the snoozy thread and the margo thread, there's (i think the same) anon derailing anytime anyone talks about tangentially related people (holly and azlabyrinth in these examples, respectively) to yell at them to make new threads about these tangentially related people who definitely do not have enough milk to warrant one. can we shut down the thread policing?

No. 4093

the Margo threads have gone to shit but thread policing is the least of it imo. what's the point of posting about irrelevant characters who've not even met her? it's old news and some of it is coming off a bit deranged thanks to our resident flat-earther.

I get you may be looking into the Joy-Angel thing right now, but in the meantime the derailer (someone else?) does whatever they want and brags about it:

It's disappointing seeing stuff like this going unchecked as well as newfags doing whatever they want regarding names, emojis and saging. One called posting as anon 'just an affectation' when I let them know. I report things all the time but lately I notice there isn't visible action unless I also come here to post it.

No. 4094

What happened to the discord link?

No. 4095

We've been issuing a lot more silent bans recently. Ban evasions still happen unfortunately, but we're working hard on improving the response times.

Scroll to the bottom of the site for the Discord widget. :)

No. 4096

Suggestion: Please keep the Chatango box we've got from the PULL page prank as a permanent lolcow feature. It's incredibly convenient to have (more so than Discord) and everyone seems to love it.

No. 4097

No. Absolutely not. It's full of weeby 13 year olds and sex rpers. No one wants this.

No. 4098

Not suggesting we keep PULL's. That would be awful. I'm suggesting we get one of our own. Defeats the purpose of being anonymous if you have to create an account to use Discord. At least with theirs all you have to do is click the Anon button and chat that way.

No. 4099

for the thousandth time, our Discord doesn't require an account, just enter a nickname

No. 4100

No one really knows who posts what on lolcow unless someone outs themselves so the discord isn't really that big of a deal. Like the anon before me said, you don't need an account anyway. If you want one you can just make a shitty throwaway that you only use for the lolcow discord. Chatango is shit anyway.

No. 4101

Wtf is happening to the site? Prettyuglylittleliar??

No. 4102

Ah fuck, now I get it. April's fool … Still March where i am tho. K, I'll be back on the 2nd

No. 4107

Please ban the name fagger in the advice thread (amy, the whiny trans). Farmhands already told him to stop but he keeps doing it and instead of responding to people's posts in one post, he clogs up the thread by responding to each one separately. Yeah, I'm annoyed

No. 4110

File: 1491270785721.png (285.36 KB, 779x741, Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 9.46…)

does anyone know why there have been posts with these distracting banners and repetitive comments with these banners keep popping up so it just ends up spamming the board. I don't know if this problem has been addressed but I just wanted to see why this was happening and if this is some sort of spam attack. Thanks

No. 4111

It was for April Fools'; posts made during that period all had the banners and stuff.
Don't worry, it was intentional and also is over now.
(also it was pretty cute, but the spergchan filter will always be my favorite.)

No. 4112

While I remember
is it possible to make the images go away when clicked, like how the spergchan filter worked? Or at least minimize them.
They do mess with the formatting quite a bit.
also some like >>/pt/364821 are waaaaay too big.

No. 4113

thank you for clearing up my misunderstanding haha I and its good to know it won't be a permanent feature.

No. 4114

some idiot troll is spamming up pt/snow with shit about 90's fashion, pls ban <3

No. 4115

nice to know that mods have time to police posts from users that they personally don't agree with, but they don't have time to remove spam from the front page of /pt/ :^)

No. 4116

Can we PLEASE have some type of filter before posting a new thread in /pt/? This shit is ridic.

No. 4117

Unfortunately, since we need to account for continuations of current threads, there isn't a great way of doing that. We're looking for more mods.

No. 4119

Will the Venus white knighting ever end? It got better in the last few months, but it's still kinda jarring

No. 4120

Is there anyways we can somehow get more people to this site without completely fucking it up? It gets slower and slower everyday, I'd hate to see it completely die.

Is it people just not posting? I'm not sure of the traffic the site gets. I just wish there was something I could do to help, but it just seems like a sinking ship.

No. 4121

What happened to the Daphne Rimmel thread?
(wait, is admin DAPHNE??)

No. 4122

The Dakota thread is gone too. :'(

No. 4123

The site works fine for me. Maybe you have an issue with your computer?

No. 4124

who is the faggot that is bumping every /snow thread with shitty shitsposting

No. 4125




No. 4126

I don't mean slow as in pages loading slow, I mean posting wise. Like threads are really slow, it seems like barely anyone posts anymore.

No. 4127

Is there something we can do about the newfags who don't know how to reply to posts?
I think the best thing would be bringing in new, more interesting cows, that people would like to talk about. But that probably won't happen.
And linking us anywhere would bring in retarded robots etc. There's no winning here

No. 4131

I'm concerned about the cow sticker used in the fakeboi thread.
The user sounded immature but did nothing except express their point of view. The rest of the thread is full of blogposts and personal opinions, and so singling out that one post reads as a bias on the part of the mods. Please explain this decision.

No. 4132

>Ok I'm genderqueer and I use all pronouns from […]

Any post that opens with that probably deserves to be judged out of hand.

No. 4133

>Suggestion: Please keep the Chatango box we've got from the PULL page prank as a permanent lolcow feature. It's incredibly convenient to have (more so than Discord) and everyone seems to love it.

Based on this and other positive feedback, we're now trying out a Chatango chatbox. It will appear in the bottom-right of every page (subject to change).

You do not need to enter a nickname or register an account to use the chatbox. Anonymous messages work.

The Discord widget in the bottom-right has been moved to a link next to the board list. (If you still see the widget, it should go away for you in a few days when your cache refreshes.)

No. 4134

Girl, that post is 100% cow. This is not fucking Tumblr.

No. 4135

File: 1491810082812.png (60.08 KB, 750x553, IMG_5420.PNG)

Can you please either remove this chat box thing or make it non-dynamic? It's always interfering with the scrolling and I end up clicking it by accident 50 times and it takes me to the chat page. I can't be the only one bothered by this.

No. 4136

Get yourself a plugin like noscript that blocks chatango.

No. 4137

There seem to be more "nudes beggars" lately, it's getting annoying. Anything we can do, apart from reporting them?

No. 4138

Ignore and report. Everyone who posts non-contribution comments begging for nudes gets a permaban, though usually it's the same user going on a posting spree, so you will only see one ban message per user. It is being taken care of, however.

No. 4149

Agreed, it's worse when scrolling in mobile, sometimes touching it by accident
Annoying af

No. 4153

I almost only browse on mobile, and it's been annoying the crap out of me aswell. I'm on ios.

Admin? Pls? Maybe it could be something one could opt IN to see?

No. 4155

We'll do our best to fix it, unfortunately Chatango doesn't really give the option to change their code. Maybe a different service would work better, we'll look into it!

No. 4156


No. 4160

There should now be an option in the bottom left to toggle the visibility of the chatbox.

No. 4163

what happened to the thread in OT where people would record audio ?

No. 4169

can we get a dark skin for the site maybe, easier on the eyes.

No. 4170

Praise be and thanks to #Admin for deleting what you deleted today. I salute you, Sir or Madam. You have done a service to mankind.

No. 4173

There are a few; darkcow, szalet, darkroach and dark

No. 4175

Is it allowed to post non-english speaking cows?

No. 4176

Yes, if you provide translations.

No. 4177

i know u guys love your circlejerks, but why do you HAVE to let wild child namefag and shit up threads with irrelevant shitposting? what the fuck are you guys thinking

No. 4178

Came here to say the same thing. She's not funny, why is this troll still floating around?

No. 4181

Okay then, thanks for letting us know. The namefagging is over.

No. 4182

Not really a complaint but there are two skin care threads. One is in ot and the other one in g. Is that intended? I don't think they are that different.

No. 4183

can we get rid of the thinspo thread? Looks like it's attracting anachans already

No. 4184

agreed. you can tell that most of them are underage too and most likely from pull.

No. 4187

I also agree

No. 4190

Or just get rid of the obvious trolls instead of deleting the whole thread?

No. 4193

Hi Admin, OP of the thread here. Why did you decide to lock it? Just wondering if it's the subject matter or just the controversy it attracted. There was already one from about a year ago that wasn't locked, so I thought it would be okay to have one now.

No. 4194

To be fair, there's MPA for that kind of thing.

Generally tho guys, why does the chat exist? There's no conversation going on there.

No. 4195

And there's /cgl/ and Reddit for skincare and makeup threads, /fa/ for fashion threads, Reddit for political discussion, etc. technically, no off topic talk belongs here because there is always somewhere else it could go. I don't belong to MPA and I don't intend to, and I'm sure other anons are the same.

No. 4196

We don't need a fucking thinspo thread. We have topics on this site mocking you fucking ana-chans. Gtfo.

No. 4197

Well sure but makeup, skincare, and fashion threads aren't disgusting or retarded. Thinspo is. I don't see why you need to drag all these photos of sick and dying people here to circle jerk with Tweens about how good their asshole gaps are or how strawberry-jelly you are of their pretty widdle slow suicide.

Thinspo attracts newfags of the worst variety and is generally disgusting.

No. 4198

Oh, I see. It's just triggered fatties.

I respect Admin's decision, I'm just wondering what the justification is. If it's to keep shitty newfags out then I can get behind it.

No. 4199

Ooh cut me deep. So edgy. Obviously jealous fatties are the only ones who think it's disgusting to have a wank over pictures of dying women. Come back when you're old enough to post here and good luck with that diet.

No. 4200

File: 1493725216529.jpg (61.28 KB, 610x604, t7.jpg)

>fatties consider this sick and dying

No. 4201

No that's what normal women look like. Please keep this to sty not meta anon.

No. 4202

That's an image from the thread. 99% of the pictures in that thread were normal, thin women. Get out of here with your "sick and dying" sensationalist bullshit

No. 4203

>calling me underage
Now who is the edgy one, fag? I'm more than old enough to post here, even if you disagree with what I have to say. Maybe you should try dieting sometime, it might reduce some of your blubbery rage.

You obviously weren't even in the thread because yes, >>4200 was posted in it. I'm not interested in robots shitting up a /sty/ thinspo thread so I'm not going to post anything there, and obviously since Admin locked the thread I'm not going to go around her and post another one. I was simply asking for the reasoning behind the lock.

No. 4204

Whatever. This still doesn't belong here. There's the vent thread in OT if you're mad and want to call me fat. Sorry admin/mods. Didn't mean to start a fight and am no longer replying.

No. 4205

If she's purging and malnourishing herself to stick at that weight she very well could be making herself sick and on to her early death.
When will you kiddies grow up and learn..

No. 4209

You're going to dislocate your shoulder blade with all that reaching

Also you guys don't need to sage in a pinned thread lmao

No. 4210

Hello everyone it's me, speaking as a male I naturally wanted to change my lolcow.farm theme to 'keekweek' style but was having trouble figuring out how.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 4212

Why did yall ban the faggot that was posting copypasta in the basic bitch thread on ot? You should have banned all the oblivious newfags derailing, getting butthurt and responding to it. Learn how to moderate and stop shitting the place up.

No. 4213

lmfao!!! i was banned AGAIN? it never works for some reason.
that was fucking hilarious it really shows u that pull and tumblr dominate this hellsite and all the ogs left back in august.
>mfw they kept responding after i left

No. 4216

The /int/ board is shit

No. 4218

Can you lock the Ember thread? There's no real milk there and it just encourages her and Emily to act up and then come on here to talk about it. She should stay a banned topic.

No. 4220

I had so much fun in their first thread but they're like beetlejuice. You can't mention them more than twice without them appearing and fucking up everything. Tbh it was best when they were being outed on all their posts even though that's probably a fair bit of work for the farmhands.

No. 4221

Hey can I get some idea what is happening in the lilypichu thread? I know you don't ban people for differing opinions in a thread but that thread is full of what I'm assuming is trolling, I don't know if people have been banned or if you just abandoned it.
I understand if it's the latter, but it's just odd that it's been like that so long.

No. 4222

>I know you don't ban people for differing opinions in a thread
The new mods have been doing this forever. I got banned twice for posting copypasta. No lulz allowed

No. 4223

Is it possible to either tag all of Ember and Emily's self posts again or just straight up nuke their threads and make mentioning them bannable again?
All they do is take over the thread and force as much drama as they can to keep the thread going. Fun as they are to discuss they're too obsessed with their 'infamy' and ruin everything

No. 4226

File: 1495590909812.png (1.01 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1411.PNG)

Mobile browsing is doing a weird thing. I was in the farmer fashion thread and then int appeared. There's also multiple versions of all the threads.

No. 4232

the venus thread is getting cancerous again. one anon? maybe two? is just shitting it up attacking other anons and trying to drag everyone into a tinfoil hat conspiracy because two posters days apart both used the phrase 'reaching'. it's always as nitpicky and dry as the dakota thread as it is, but it's just becoming a cesspool

No. 4234

can someone take a look at the onision thread and make a decision as to whether or not discussion of tomato should be allowed, or moved to /snow/? thanks. it's kind of a mess in there.

No. 4235

when the farmhands are hired, can we bring back the /r/incels thread?

No. 4236

That thread was legitimate cancer. All it turned into was a bunch of personal vendettas and farmers and incels bitching at each other

No. 4237

that literally happened yesterday because someone linked the thread to the subreddit and some of them attempted to "raid" the board

No. 4238

Ikr. The sub has some hilarious posts right now, too.

No. 4239

This. I don't get what sort of logic follows to remove the vast majority of mods from the site, then remove threads when they get raided and moderation can't handle it.

Like, what did the admin expect to happen? Why not just lock the thread if it was too much, or put up with the fact that the site would be shitty for a while until everything was set up again?

No. 4240

True. Think of all the lost milk, when the thread could have just been put on autosage or whatever.

Can we make a new thread?

No. 4241

I know we're going through a staff change but can we get a farmhand or at least a little moderation in the Jvlogger thread? Recent events brought over numerous pulltards and they keep fucking up the thread with infighting and non-saged irrelevant comments. Please set some ground rules or lock the thread all together for some time.

No. 4243

So…what are you (admin, (new) farmhands) planning to do with the over agrressive anons that are derailing and starting shit for absolutely no reason?

No. 4245

There is a sperg in the LoL and Lilypichu threads on /snow/ constantly making low quality posts and derailing the threads by in-fighting with other posts. It's getting really annoying, can we please get a janitor or a mod to get Hell Week back in session.

No. 4246

the incel thread will be back after some cleaning up.

We're currently dealing with this. After the Townhall tonight there will be a hellweek to get posters used to some rule changes and heavier moderation.

No. 4257

oh thank god

No. 4366

By any chance could people be told somewhere that they don't need to announce their sage every time they do it? You can tell if a post is saged by hovering over the name or seeing that it's blue rather than green so I feel the constant 'sage for whatever' endings of posts to be pretty much redundant. Like you are being told twice.

I saw a farmhand say it in a thread (the Joy thread I think but I can't remember exactly) and I thought that was a good thing for a farmhand to point out.

However, if this is just petty and nitpicky I apologise and will just ignore the sage reasoning comments as I have been doing.

No. 4398

Can you get rid of the anachans in the weight gain trend thread in /g/ or maybe locking? It's being derailed a lot and almost look like is samefagging.

No. 4399

While I agree (someone's seriously triggered in that thread), just let it die, people are replying less and less anyway

No. 4403

I got banned for "Derailing" (Not evading, it expired) in a thread when 2/3 of my post was talking directly about the subject of the thread in question. That's not derailing. It's not derailing to have discussion about traits a lolcow has or things they do, and IMO the moderators are letting pissy users misappropriate the term so they can curb discussion about shit they personally don't like or find offensive.

This is a definition of derailing from one of the old mods (emphasis mine)

>Derailing means causing a thread to go dramatically off-topic, often intentionally. It does not mean merely disagreeing with the OP, others in the thread, or the premise of the thread. This kind of disagreement is perfectly on-topic.

>Please do not send reports just because someone is taking a stance opposite to most of those who've been posting in the thread. This is not against any rules. People are allowed to disagree.

Does this not stand anymore? If so, why not?

No. 4406

What's the lowest amount of money someone has to donate to get successfully unbanned?

No. 4407

Was this by chance for the vegetarian discussion in the Onision thread? I got a ban for derailing that, which I thought was weird because we were talking about vegetarianism in the Gergle household and it was pretty civil discussion (as far as "civil" can get you on lolwcow). The only thing I can think of is that it was nitpicking and bantering about speculation about the Gargoyle spawn, but I did think it weird.

No. 4410

maybe it's just me annoyed by this but can anything be done about the constant "aging" nitpicking across the boards? obviously some cows look hideously older than they should but it's irritating seeing (likely underage) anons screeching about how everyone in their 20s is "aging so bad" because they don't look like a kawaii 16 year old

No. 4414

can you ban the people getting fighting over blondes and derailing the thread in the 2000s thread in ot? it's obnoxious and reeks of insecurity issues from the party that started it.

No. 4417

It's a anachan samefagging shitstorm right now. Please farmhand do something

No. 4418

File: 1499205413331.png (102.38 KB, 540x926, xjJGzxd.png)

Can we stop giving out the IPs of the anons that post here? Today the head admin admitted to knowing the IP addresses of an user on the discord because she was writing criticism on a different chan. we can't really be anons if the admin is willing to use our IPs against us if we say anything bad about her

No. 4419

I'm extremely sorry for what happened today. First of all, no IP addresses or post histories were exchanged. What happened is that I have been talking to the Admin of crystal.cafe because she was concerned about Spoony spamming the board, and concerning one single comment, Admin basically told me "It's not Spoony because she posts about [x]", being a trait of a certain user I recognized. That's all the info I had, but unfortunately it was pretty specific info. Which caused me to impulsively lash out because this user has a direct way to contact me and usually speaks out. Of course it's their right to vent on other sites and I am not aware of who is posting what anywhere on cc, including the lolcow thread. I apologized to the user and to the Admin and I'm aware of what a huge lapse of judgement it was.

It was a big mistake to lash out and speaks of my growing frustration with this board. I'm currently looking for a new Admin. If you're interested, contact us via email if you think you're truly up for it and tell us about your community experience.

No. 4420

>currently looking for a new admin
Yes, please do.

No. 4421

So we're going to be getting ANOTHER new admin?

Good lordt.

No. 4422

File: 1499280775085.jpg (220.27 KB, 1080x1920, YI739kB.jpg)

I wonder who could capably host a lolcow site.

No. 4423


pick one

No. 4424

>Posting on a dying site ran by a nutjob having a mental breakdown over girl drama
>Talking shit about other admins

pick one

No. 4425

You just want it too bad, Josh.

No. 4427

Just let the new admin be female please

No. 4428

This honestly.

No. 4429

Is it honestly still hellweek?

the OT is getting retarded. Can we please start banning people who post completely OT posts – EVEN IF THEY SAGE?

like the faggots sperging about how they're british and have nice teeth I swear guize!!! only 'murrica whitens their teeth!! in jill's thread?

that fucking anon has derailed countless threads with that stupid shit before, too

No. 4431

I think there's another shakeup with the admin and miss so no one prob gives a fuck tbh

No. 4432

File: 1499635595485.png (89.32 KB, 710x1048, doesn't-delete-channels-censor…)

hey Regina, why do you tell other farmers that you delete channels when you really secretly archive them?

pic related, it's all channels (voice and text) on the lolcow discord as of a few days ago.

No. 4433


No. 4434

Omg stop.

No1 curr. They don't care here and they don't care on CC. It's just not important, like at all.

No. 4435

Is there anything to be done about the Kiki thread! I feel like there is just one or two people really shitting it up with the useless nitpicking.

No. 4437

Can you guys consider being a little stricter with the constant blog and "I've totally got a mansion and three degrees, so I'm better than this cow" type posts? I feel like they've been annoyingly frequent lately, especially the BPD a