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File: 1649810013046.png (3.02 MB, 2000x1600, doodle room.png)

No. 1132888

PREVIOUS THREAD: >>>/ot/1064793

Come draw together with anons! Nobody else in? Leave a doodle before you go! Everyone welcomed, artfags or not. Drawings of board-tan appreciated.

>How it works

Anyone can make a new board. Please post the last completed board when posting new board link.
When making a new board, follow room settings posted at top of thread to protect against raids.
Pick a theme from the farmers submitted list, and post a link to the new board in thread!
Please always post your board link with NEW BOARD LINK so anons can ctrl+f to find the latest board.
Board creator will have to check in to merge layers from time to time due to layer limit.
Board full? Time for a new board!


1. No namefagging
2. No scrotes/general site rules apply
3. Artistic nudity is fine but no coomer tier nsfw drawings
4. Post screenshots, have collaborations! Have fun doodling whatever with other anons, but please exercise common courtesy (don't deface other anon's doodles, don't take up too much space, etc)
5. Try to merge your layers after you're done drawing as there is a layer limit.
6. Themes are suggestions, and not compulsory. Refrain from bitching about themes you don't like/off-theme doodles.

Basic shortcuts for non-artfags:
B - brush
E - eraser
hold Z to zoom
hold spacebar to pan
Enter to access chat

Come draw!

No. 1132890

File: 1649810054278.png (59.3 KB, 834x462, settings.png)

These are the room settings! Please make sure to use these in every room you create to avoid any trolls, vandalizing or raids.

No. 1132891

File: 1649810115316.jpg (174.59 KB, 1099x458, 1648348840837.jpg)

CURRENT THEME LIST If you make a room, please feel free to pick from this list of suggested themes! If you suggested a theme that's not here, just post it again. Also, please point out if there's any themes here that have already been used.

>Stickman war (refer to this if you're confused >>1070198)

>Outer Space (make bg dark with stars)
>Video Games (draw fave characters)
>90s anime style
>heaven and hell
>tattoo flash sheet
>music (art inspired by a song you like, draw your favorite artist, etc.)
>character design
>draw in your style
>board culture (Elsie, CC, ADfags, Komaeda/discharge chan, etc…)
>Elements (fire, water, earth, air, light, dark, etc etc)
>In the rain
>Anime/japan shit
>Final Fantasy (as a series or by game)
>Lolcow inspired emojis
>Flowers from your state/country
>Animals in strange places/Cats with jobs (merged)
>First thing you see when you spin around and open your eyes
>Hybrid Pokemon/Pokemon
>4moid/reddit bedrooms (another horror themed board)
>extinct animals
>female mythological figures
>Desert railroad
>Cactus and succulents
>Scrapbook page
>Easter bunny's den
>Kitchen gijinkas
>Y2K fashion (not the modern bimbo coomer kind)
>Flowers blooming in wrong seasons (picrel)

I'm not completely sure what some of the last seven are supposed to be

Repeating themes (Once in a while!)
>random color palette challenge (rotating palettes, repeating)
>obligatory husbando/waifu fagging board (won't be too frequent don't worry)

Background themes (pending backgrounds)
>Fashion/OC board
>Murder mystery
>Lolcow Art class/still life

No. 1132932

File: 1649815914552.png (1.97 MB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room.png)

last thread

No. 1132936

That coughing cat looks like it would be a great vinyl sticker

No. 1133071

agreed, i love that anons art from the previous board too. i love the texture she made here wish just a normal brush looks really nice. it actually reminds me of something but… idk what

No. 1133374

It would! That anon's style is so fucking cool

No. 1133453

File: 1649869859913.png (761.09 KB, 1268x944, 1669810595699.png)

my favs

No. 1133585


hairball cat anon - thank you
made a new board hope im doing it right thanks

No. 1133610

you're doing great! thanks for making the board

No. 1133612

Thanks for making a new one nonna, was wondering when someone was gonna kick it off lol

No. 1133618

Thank you nonna! Is there a theme to this one?

No. 1133654

shit i just realized there was a list… umm… how about TATTOO FLASH SHEET

No. 1133666

I like this one! Very fun

No. 1133922

File: 1649894955573.png (22.49 KB, 270x282, art.PNG)

Theme is Tattoo flash sheet, come draw!

No. 1134161

File: 1649915576500.png (328.62 KB, 519x506, gangsta spongebob.PNG)

I'm so amazed by this.

No. 1134166

He's kinda hot tho

No. 1134193

Freakin………. badass

No. 1134219

Would anons BF be happy to roleplay as him now since he is more 'manly'?

No. 1134223

kek anon i had the same thought. that whole thing is so bizzare i love it

No. 1134274

No. 1134281

B-bobbie Kray?

No. 1134293

File: 1649925612834.png (110.89 KB, 385x340, d.png)

I'm in love with these two :

No. 1134321

Bless the mods for pinning so quickly this time

No. 1134787

File: 1649958506343.png (493.24 KB, 789x774, spongeand squidward .png)

woke up to see this amazing addition kek

No. 1135174

dumbass question(related to this thread though): can someone else take over my layer if I leave it and draw over it?

No. 1135177

No, not if the owner of the board did the right settings. If you can't take over anyone else's layer, then no one should be able to take over yours.

No. 1135200

well i mean, if you leave it then yes. i'm talking about the ''leave'' option in the layers panel. your anon id on the layer becomes crossed out and then anyone can claim it. if by leave you just mean not currently drawing on that perticular layer then what >>1135177 said.

No. 1135224

Yes I was talking about the "leave layer" option. Thank you for the replies anons.

No. 1135435

I never finished my damn gardener bunny, GOD DAMN FUCKING WORK GETTING IN THE WAY OF MY DOODLES

No. 1135460

I'm sorry nonna. If you still wanna finish it then you can! The board hasn't been cleared and there's some new doodles so I think it would be nice to post an updated pic. If you don't have access to you original layers then I can give them to you.

No. 1135564

Kek it's okay, I can just color it in Photoshop.

No. 1135686

I just wanna say you're all very talented and adorable. That's all.

No. 1136078

File: 1650034986901.png (61.1 KB, 457x428, wrthjsry.PNG)

I love this aaahhh

No. 1136094

Is that a friggin borzoi? That would be a nice tattoo

No. 1136196

beautiful piece!!

No. 1136198

fuck I love this, this would be great as a sticker.

No. 1136395

File: 1650050074181.png (32.84 KB, 279x191, mousegang.png)

come leave a doodle or two while there's still some space left! theme is still tattoo flash sheet.

No. 1136409

fingers only>mouse users>tablet users

No. 1136439

These are gorgeous. Genius anons

No. 1136454

If possible, can we have the next theme be "Shipping" or "Favorite Ships"

No. 1136475

would be hilarious

No. 1136484

anyone can make a drawing board so feel free to do so anon! once current admin clears the board and makes the ''cleared board'' post anyone can make a new drawing board and post a link here with the chosen theme. for drawing board settings see: >>1132890
oh and future drawing board admins, to save the file in it's best resolution go File>Save. that saves it as a PNG, which is the best file extension for these kinds of images. (jpegs are better for photos)

No. 1136492

File: 1650054604014.png (2.13 MB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room (1).png)

posting what we have thus far

No. 1136537

Would it be okay to have a whole board for Borzois?

No. 1136552

The SpongeBob Fanart is incredible! Wow!!

No. 1136556

I would prefer one for dogs or pets in general.

No. 1136561

I like that idea too!

No. 1136838

Yes! So we can draw a lot of borzois

No. 1136859

YES. They can do activities and run together.

No. 1137015

Gonna re-suggest skatepark/playground

No. 1137041

poop and pii

No. 1137044

File: 1650114899122.gif (277.86 KB, 220x165, dramatic-cry.gif)

No. 1137047

Desperately want a dog board and a cat board respectively

No. 1137185

blessed are the mouse users for they will inherit the earth

No. 1137610

Okay, but what about phone posters?

No. 1137626

blessed are those who hunger and thirst for phoneposting, for they shall be satisfied

No. 1137736

I vote for a "draw your fictional crush", could be from a TV show, movie, game, etc.

No. 1137825

No. 1137911

Board would fill fast from people wanting to have their husbando be huge, moght start war of popular husbandos, possible increase defaming of people's art because anon's are protective of male waifus… On second thought, we NEED a husbando board!

No. 1137927

We've had 2 and it was fine.

No. 1137930

That didn't happen last time. It ended up lasting for two boards the theme.

No. 1137980

>possible increase defaming of people's art because anon's are protective of male waifus
I don't get what you're trying to say
You mean like husbandofags defacing waifufags' drawings? Why the fuck would something like that happen?

No. 1138001

don't be silly, they'd compete with other husbandofags is probably the idea.
though that's not too big a problem in the first place, and if it becomes one there's always the possibility of an overflow husbando board

No. 1138006

>they'd compete with other husbandofags is probably the idea.
Oh. Well, afaik that has never happened. If anything, nonas are always more than happy to see someone else drawing their husbando.
>there's always the possibility of an overflow husbando board
Oh yeah, someone had this idea in the husbandoposting thread for a new OP pic.

No. 1138038

Should the board be cleared soon?

No. 1138073

Someone is supposed to make a new one.

No. 1138088

I'm tempted to create a new board for pets and plants. would anyone be down? idk pets playing around plants just sounds so cute and cozy.

No. 1138099

this is so funny why did the draw room jannies give the power to anons to make new boards and clear? you know you can’t rely on us we’re all lazy as fuck and never want to do anything. jannies come back and change it, just stick to the one room we had before stop complicating stuff kek

No. 1138110

Harsh truths here, nonnie, I agree with you

No. 1138122

File: 1650208852038.png (72.39 KB, 227x448, mleczarz.png)

Do it nonnie, anons were down for pets recently, and I like the plants addition. Go for it ♥

No. 1138133

I'm gonna go for a bike ride but I hope anons can use this board.

No. 1138136

File: 1650211314844.png (2.45 MB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room (2).png)

Awesome! Enjoy your ride nonna ♥
I'll also add a recap of the last one if you don't mind!

Here's the last completed board - the theme was 'tattoo flash sheet' where we had Spongebob mafia, mouse using gang and many more! Come draw on the latest board!
chosen theme: plants and pets

No. 1138166

kek sorry you didn't like it, I was just trying to follow the previous recaps and the OP instructions

No. 1138171

That's a scrote that has been making posts like that with those gross gifs/pics for months. Something about being mad that the v-tuber threads were banned.

No. 1138175

someone posted the exact same gif to crystal cafe like 10 minutes ago. no life moid shitting up the board again

No. 1138177

You know what at least he's providing funny anti-troon gifs.

No. 1138178

Oh I see, thanks for the heads up

No. 1138185

File: 1650215550856.png (96.84 KB, 502x408, adorablegfs.png)

Thank you for the recap <3

The borzoi gfs are adorable!!!

No. 1138188

This is my favorite brand of moid trolling because le funny vids and memes make me chuckle. I'm still going to have to report though, 'tis a shame. Dump your collection on /r9k/ or something.

No. 1138189

I'll be this person to say that these types of gifs are triggering due to the flashing lights and shit. Plz spoiler those gifs like >>1138184 did.


Also moid gtfo you and your bros will never be this wholesome cause it's too ~gay~ for you.

No. 1138191

File: 1650215912246.gif (895.63 KB, 220x220, 42CE050B-D30F-4351-82EA-91037B…)

Let me help anon out. Don’t complicate shit just join sweet nonna’s board right here posted three times for the newfags and art twitterfags:


Want some more links? Come join and draw!


Don’t let me get this autistic, just join her board and keep it simple kek

No. 1138194

He really thinks the anti-trans memes are going to trigger anons kek no one cares

No. 1138200

The fact that they can be seizure inducing make good weapons against trannies; however, trannies are probably more immune to bright flashing colors due to their anime addictions.

No. 1138202

bro I'm a farmer it just bothers me don't be a bitch.

also a moid vandalises the board atm.

No. 1138204

kek he didn't even bother to even look at the drawings, he just saw nonna not being le ironic constantly edgy infighting channer and immediately got triggered

No. 1138205


No. 1138207

scrotes ruin everything lol. might just wait for him to get his sperg out and come back to it.

No. 1138215

This seriously is the end of this amazing thread, I swear we can’t have good things here. Who were the mods sipping dumb bitch juice letting other anons have full control? Holy shit get rid of that idea and go back to one room and get people who are actually here and have free time to monitor the boards. I’m so sick of this shit it’s the same thing with /meta/ why be a janny if you can’t handle the constant demanding responsibility of moids shitting up the boards and no one making new rooms or threads? This tells me the jannies are normies who take way too much interest in this website, not even the NEETs are that interested in moderating this place anymore lmao

No. 1138218

Men have a very short attention span and he will be bored shortly.

No. 1138220

>why be a janny if you can’t handle the constant demanding responsibility of moids shitting up the boards and no one making new rooms or threads
I can't speak for the other janny and admin, but honestly the only reason I agreed to this idea is because I was sick of anons (like you) constantly bitching about themes or how the board was being run. Moids vandalizing the board only take a second to take care of and we did monitor the board. Anyway, if we really sucked then you should have no problem with the board being run by users instead.

No. 1138226

File: 1650218273544.jpeg (43.92 KB, 480x532, E163F106-617E-440B-AF0C-39A6E1…)

Imagine being this petty no one said you and the other jannies sucked it’s just annoying how the themes were randomly chosen. So instead of telling me to stfu you decide to let the entire idea go to waste kek anon…

No. 1138227

Kek was the moid triggered by the "kill males" tattoo drawings or something?

No. 1138231

I'm sure you were told to stfu multiple times.

No. 1138238

File: 1650219265205.jpg (877.92 KB, 2340x2300, 1650137964250.jpg)

these drawings really, really suck. why can't you draw something better like my wife Hunter?(shitpost)

No. 1138244

No, he saw nonnas being positive and having fun together, so as a host of XY gene damage, he immediately panicked and responded with 'mokee smash monkee destroy' in animal typical fashion.

No. 1138246

You mean your husband?

No. 1138247

get a better husbando, faggot

No. 1138261

>oogaa booga smash smash me confused me angry evil woman no having fun!
kek, it's always spot on

No. 1138279

>ooga booga women can't have fun without me!!!! How dare they reeeeeee monky destroy!!!

No. 1138304

Admin of the current board, please be more careful about who you block. I just got blocked when I was about to draw more sea animals. I assume I got mistaken for the moid from earlier, but both of my layers were empty when I got banned so idk.

No. 1138379

The state of this shit is embarrassing. You had the smallest minority of anons making boring complaints so your solution, instead of asking for more jannies and idk maybe laying out a theme schedule or making a voting system, you let it all fucking go to shit. I don't know how you thought this was going to work out. Don't get mad at anons being harsh with you, you made a poor decision. There should at least two set admins, and several jannies, and there wouldn't be any problems. The entire last thread was basically problem free aside from moids occasionally marking up the board. You guys were doing a good job in the last thread, so what made you change your mind??? >>1138226 is right, your reasoning was petty as fuck. You made the fucking board, you made the fucking thread, so tell complainers to shut up or volunteer to be a mod, instead of giving up like a little piss baby coward.

No. 1138389

oh shut up, tldr, if you have all of that planned out why dont you be admin

No. 1138394

I already admin the movie room, want me to wipe your ass for you too??

No. 1138398

no i just want you to shut up. you have a scat fetish or something? i seriously doubt you admin anything

No. 1138410

>You made the fucking board
I'm not the admin, idiot. She's already stated that the reason for this change was because what we were doing didn't seem sustainable. I don't care if my own reasons for agreeing to it were petty. If this really doesn't end up working out then we can just go back to the old model, but we've only had two boards so I don't know why you are so eager to call this a complete failure. Also, I don't think we needed more jannys.
>so tell complainers to shut up or volunteer to be a mod
I have.

No. 1138413

I think at least one or two more jannies would mean the board would get cleared timely and scrote marks would be cleaned up quicker. I'm calling it a failure because nothing this extreme happened in the last thread, this model is what is unsustainable, the other one was perfectly fine. All we need a list of themes on a google doc anons can actually look at and that should stop all of those goofy complaints. I know you're not the admin, sorry, I am just upset about what's happened today. I'm sorry for being so aggressive nona.

No. 1138422

The boards were being cleared timely, imo. The clearing of the boards was fine, it was honestly rare that they were left up for super long after being filled. I don't think the raids on the current board are the fault of the new model assuming the admin did the correct settings. It's just moids making new layers, which could have happened before since there was nothing stopping anyone from making new layers and filling them with color. They could have done it a long time ago.
I just want anons to give this a chance, that's all.

No. 1138431

Having one board with one link that anons can consistently go back to with the same rules and jannies just makes more sense to me, personally. Also the thing about the themes list being accessible. But it isn't up to me and you nonnies are the ones who made this all possible in the first place so I'm just going to have faith and hopefully things will go well from here.

No. 1138473

I miss the previous janny wwaaah. She did such a good job, I don't even have any complaints. Maybe a strawpoll of next theme would have worked for the complainers?


>you will never be real women
??? do these ass mad moids know where they are?

No. 1138478

Ghost janny here. If it's okay with you I'll become new admin if you'll have me. I'd like to keep a single board which will be cleared as we have been doing so far, obviously I don't want to if nonnas are against it but it seems like no one is happy with how things are being run right now, including me. If aggiemin ever wants to be admin again she can.
I am in the process of making a Google Doc which will include rules, tips and themes, just like they have over there in the movie/cytube thread. Still not sure how themes will be chosen, we'll see about that. Tonight a couple of nonnas got a taste of what it's like being a janny, I hope they choose to continue helping out. I will do my best and stay on top of things but alas I have a life and can't commit to this as if I don't have any responsibilities.
After this raid we have some new settings, only three layers are given per user and only admins can rearrange layers, this will help make trolling more difficult for the ever so pathetic moids that come here.
Thank you all of the admins and jannies tonight for helping ward off the raid. Let's keep this place nice and cozy as we have so far!
And humph eyeroll… thanks moovie-min, mwah!

No. 1138505

Sorry for being an ass then anon, I get frustrated at some of the posts here so I was probably being meaner than I should have. I think making a google doc for themes is a good idea.

No. 1138511

No worries, it's been a rough Easter! I'm glad we could work it out and I apologize again as well. I love you nonnie!

No. 1138513

Stfu nonnie you have no right

No. 1138519

I support you if you wanna take the role of admin Ghost janny! I'm fine with doing whatever method of picking themes as long as every suggestion get used. The random wheel to pick themes worked since there was no bias and there was a chance for every theme to get picked, I just don't know how voting for a theme would work because of how many we have. Maybe put them into categories and anons can vote for a category and then a theme? Just throwing the idea out there.

From Ghost Janny to admin, crazy character development.

No. 1138531

File: 1650240063490.png (35.51 KB, 288x251, draw board.PNG)

Anyway, come draw?

No. 1138603

thank you for taking care of things

No. 1138755

Original aggiemin here, it seems a lot of anons are unhappy with the way the new system is going, and to some extent how the old room was run. I think the combination of this being a pinned thread that gets a lot of visibility and the fact that it's much more active than the movieroom is making it the prime target for moids to troll, and this is just adding on to the new system's growing pains. I chose to change the system completely only partially because of the minority of anons complaining, and it isn't because that hurt my fee-fees, but because it's a symptom of a bigger problem imo.

The old way we did it seemed unsustainable to me because it relied on 3 people to keep coming back and checking on things and making sure things worked fine. This model would work well in the short term obviously, but in the long term, what will we do when people want to quit because they get tired of coming back everyday and modding this for free, for everyone to have fun, but have to put up with bitching/infighting in the thread? I at least signed up for this by making the thread but I don't think our jannies deserve it. Of course it's easy to say 'oh retard just ignore the haters! What do you want, people to constantly kiss your ass?' That's not the point, modding the board actually takes up a surprising amount of time because (not to be rude to >>1138379 but) modding this is more work than the movie room due to the nature of the boards, it's constantly active and we don't run on set schedules, we're just active all the time. Adding more jannies to ease the workload is a possible solution that I'm reluctant to try because there's no way to verify new jannies' intentions now that this board is so visible but if >>1138478 ghost nona wants to proceed with reverting (I still agree with other janny that we should give this new system more time to try and work out before giving up) I hope more people sign up to be jannies.

The themes being randomly selected is for the sake of fairness and convenience. Doing a poll for next theme before every board is nice and democratic but unrealistic due to the speed at which the boards fill out. If ghostnona is going through with maintaining a google docs on top of modding the board, I think >>1138519 's idea of categories and voting for categories instead of single themes might work, and then just pick a random one from the winning category.

Overall I still think this should be a community effort where if anons want to keep it going, they will, and there's no overall mod team to be accused of powertripping or whatever this >>1138379 is. Relying on a team of anons' goodwill (which will run out at some point) is the easy way out imo and having a bigger mod team than we did would probably require a discord or some other channel of communication other than the threads to coordinate, which would then possibly lead to even more drama and/or infighting. Perhaps I'm just idealistic and being stubborn about this being a community effort. I do think some anons are taking this thread too seriously, I only meant for this to just be a place to doodle and have fun together; moid raids WILL happen from time to time and they WILL suck, there will be themes you don't like, there will be comments left or doodles that piss you off and that's the unfortunate nature of having an anonymous community drawing board, it's not going to be perfect, I'd relax and give it some time.

This board and this sort of community event threads, like the movie room, is very new on lolcow, and it's going to take a longer time to see what really works and what doesn't. I've tried my best to make it somewhat futureproof and for it to not run solely on personal sacrifices on a few individuals. I understand some of my decisions have been unpopular but regardless of what direction this thread takes, I'll try to support it, whether it's being a jannie or just starting new rooms from time to time. Thank you all nonnies who've helped trying the new rooms out and giving it a chance, to the two jannies who really were the MVPs and to everyone who's participated! Regardless of the infighting I really think we have something special here. Sorry this was so long kek

No. 1138768

Sorry, came back to say I'm not trying to undermine the work movieroom admin puts into the movie room (which I enjoy very much, thank you for the work!), it's just that I think the two are different enough in general that it's not really comparable. In the movieroom any anon without mod/janny powers are also able to host and share with other anons, I'd like something like that for the doodle room too is what I'm saying. Sorry if it came across like I was undermining all the work movieadmin puts in, which is substantial, what with the tunes tuesday and weekly commitment for new movies, I really appreciate it and that was tactless of me. Thank you movie admin for the feedback!

No. 1138995

I wasn't comparing the rooms, anyway.

No. 1138999

Hi admin I'd like to adress your points. I do see where you're coming from, but I think that's just the nature of modding anything online. You do it for the community without much in return. With the risk of sounding pathetic this is the closest I have ever come to being a part of one, that's why I continued being a janny and now going so far as to propose myself as admin, I don't like watching it die. I get wanting to have this be a community effort but even in the movie room anons can only so much as play/suggest, kind of how anons here can suggest themes and draw. I don't think it's realistic to expect from each anon to make and mod boards, learn how to use the site etc, it just complicates things, I just hope more anons come forward to be a janny. It's easy, anyone can do it. I'll make a little tutorial to hopefully nudge nonnas into it a bit. The three of us held the ship up great I think and I also feel like we received a lot more love then we did complaints. Still I want to give room for other opinions, and I will respect your wishes. None of this would have been possible without you.
When it comes to infighting I can only see that coming from anons that only bitch in this board yet don't offer any help. Usually that's how it goes and those who want to help are not the ones that start/fuel drama.
In case we do get an imposter janny, which I seriously doubt will happen as moids do not have the mental fortitude or stamina to crarry out the job, in that case the safety net of saving PNGs daily will come in handy. Anyone can save the PNG and upload it the thread. That's something anons that don't want the responsibility of being a janny can do to help out. That way drawings can be saved in case they get deleted and pasted back into the board.
Whatever is decided I will still carry out with making of the spreadsheet, since that is universally a great idea.

No. 1139037

>I also feel like we received a lot more love then we did complaints.
Of course! Not trying to imply otherwise at all. I get where you're coming from too, ghostnona, though I don't think it's really that unrealistic to expect anons to make and mod the boards since it's pretty easy, the tedious part is coming back regularly to check on layers and merge them and check for trolls, since each board lives on average a couple days to a week at most. With a run-by-community approach no one gets burnt out or stressed from expectations and there will likely be a core group of unofficial mods/regulars who will continually start new rooms anyway so this thread won't die, that's what I think at least.

About the janny thing, I'm not so concerned about moids, I was thinking more along the lines of well-meaning jannies who are maybe a bit more trigger happy with the block button or perhaps overzealousness that might accidentally change the point of the drawboard overtime? Hope that makes sense, I'd like it if jannies can all agree that artfagging or good art is not the point of the doodle board and quality is irrelevant, off theme doodles are just as good a contribution as masterpiece doodles, etc, as silly as that sounds. I was also blocked twice yesterday when I joined on anon to try and draw, before I even did anything that could be seen as troll-y, but that was in the middle of a moid raid so I understand.

I think we could afford to give the community approach a bit more than just 2 boards before killing it off, or we could find a happy medium where we have maybe 3-4 consistent rooms that we cycle through, owned by different anons, that way there's no single mod team. Anyway, I'm just blabbing at this point, I'm only offering my thoughts, you can revert back to a single room if you really think this isn't working out anymore. I wouldn't run a poll for this because of course there's always going to be some anons that don't want the hassle of having to mod and will want someone else to do the work, but therein lies the beauty of a community run approach; you know it's still around because no one is "supposed" to do all the work, but they do it anyway, because they genuinely love something and want it to stick around, like what you're offering to do! Thanks for all your work and care, ghostnona! ♥ I finally looked up how to format a heart kek

No. 1139167

File: 1650300779991.png (37.46 KB, 243x201, art.PNG)

Come draw, theme is still plants and pets

No. 1139177

Not to be a tranny apologist, but could the giant YWNBAW be resized a bit? I hate all our boards are always focused on moids and trannies

No. 1139194

die troon

No. 1139198

I hate trannies as much as the next nonna but the theme is cute animals, why do we have to think of trannies even when drawing nice cute stuff. At least draw a cat saying it lol

No. 1139201

some anons have no personality besides moids and what they do, you better get used to it

No. 1139207

Ah, in my heart I know it but I just long for some things to be free of men or even the thought of them. Good advice though nonna.

No. 1139209

I can't even view it, it says I'm blocked?! I contributed to the op pic with no problem, haven't drawn since then. I turned off my vpn. What could the issue be?

No. 1139212

I'm also blocked from drawing

No. 1139217

we are being raided, it's still going on. you were blocked accidentally. currently only approved can draw on the board since the fucking moid won't stop spamming and i prefer not to have a click war. come to the board, write in chat and you will get an approve and will be able to draw. there are two admins in room so just come down, okay?

No. 1139218

Okay thank you nonnie

No. 1139220

samefag. idk how being blocked looks from your side, in cause you can't join the board at all either clear cookies or go on incognito.

No. 1139229

okay i did something risky and unblocked all blocked users so you don't need to do anything except come to the board, and write in chat to ask to be approved. https://aggie.io/be8efygkl4

No. 1139230

Now it says I don't have a layer but I have reached my max 1 layer…?

No. 1139233

Guess I'll come back later when things are back to normal.

No. 1139236

No. 1139273

File: 1650305459361.png (8.26 KB, 123x100, froggy.png)

Nonnas please be patient with us. The moid is relentless. I never admined an aggie board before and the settings are a bit confusing. Even though I set the max layers to 3, you could only make 1. Now I've set it to 5 and you can make 3. Any free software is going to have problems and the only way we can solve them is if you tell us what are the issues you're having and we can test out solutions. After you complained I tested some stuff out and now you can make layers like you could before, but caps at 3 - sorry I'm not risking the spamming again. However you must be approved, for now, while this is going on.
Everyone has been unblocked, just type in chat, you will get an approve.

No. 1139278

Thank you for your hard work

No. 1139326

we believe in you

No. 1139882

File: 1650357200805.png (24.45 KB, 386x403, plantcat.png)

The approved restriction has been lifted, come draw! Theme is still pets.

No. 1139883

File: 1650357417380.jpg (46.61 KB, 705x313, howtomakealayer.jpg)

Samefag, you need to actually make a new layer unlike before where it was created automatically.

No. 1140530

File: 1650398371391.png (150.88 KB, 712x517, cowcat.png)

I'm sorry for shooting you nonna your cowcat is a cutie! sadcat1

No. 1141696

File: 1650482497033.png (152.89 KB, 764x353, terfteaparty.png)

No. 1142589

File: 1650569520237.png (49.4 KB, 478x252, french bulldog.PNG)

Just to be clear with everyone who uses the board, Ghost-janny and I decided that it would be best to let users run the boards a few more times after the current one before we decide if we should continue this idea or go back to our old way of running the board.

It's been a little bit of a difficult decision because there are big cons to both methods. We simply couldn't keep the old board running forever, but I also worry that users won't be willing to create and mod boards. Hopefully after a couple more boards it will be clear which direction we should take. Ghost-janny also proposed the idea of having a couple of different rooms that each have a different admin that we can cycle through instead of having users create a new one every time at least I think that was the idea, correct me if I got it wrong. I know it may seem like a mess right now but please just remember that the doodle board is still pretty new and we need time to work everything out.
Anyway, come draw!

No. 1142625

Ghost-janny here, that's exactly what I meant! I think if we have alternating rooms with multiple admins the work load will never be on just one anon at all times, which is I think the worst part about being a sole admin, you will get burnt out. This way all the admins can have times of rest in between their turn, and just enjoy drawing with nonnas without the pressure. And in case of raids, we can all band together and help out if it's needed. Of course we need volounteers for this, and this is just an idea!
Anyways, the speadsheet has been made! It's not anything special but now we have everything in one place so it's easier to keep track of themes! If you have suggestions write them down and I'll update the spreadsheet.

No. 1142727

Aw thanks, that looks delicious. A little low-effort, but still a yummy snack.

No. 1142953

A warm toasted pb&j sandwich actually sounds really good right now

No. 1143441

why was the sandwich deleted? was it evil?

No. 1143446

I miss it, it looked really good. Can someone please draw a toasted PB n J on the doodle board and post it here kekk

No. 1143505

It might have been a moid post

No. 1143534

I reported it because I was sure it was the same moid shitting up /ot/ yesterday. Also the sandwich looked like shit to me kek

No. 1143710

What threads was he shitting up?

No. 1143844

Only the ones where people posts things that I don't like.

No. 1144085

I think the sandwich was inoffensive, I like when people talk in this thread, but I'm just dumb

No. 1144272

File: 1650710027976.jpg (115.89 KB, 649x553, sondwich.jpg)

Sorry for being this gay and autistic but I feel very bad for whoever posted the sandwich, maybe it was an anon who just posted it in the wrong thread or something, so here's another one, and my theme suggestion is breakfast foods!

No. 1144341

why are you uwuing over a man posting a make me a sandwich le epic troll in the draw thread? yes, you are dumb.

No. 1144420

File: 1650723951188.png (308.83 KB, 382x415, tigerlilytabby.png)

Come draw! There's even space for some bigger drawings if you're feeling bold and brash! Theme is still plants and pets.

No. 1144491

It is an epic sandwhich.

No. 1144549

was it a man? it's just a sandwich

No. 1144556

Stfu about the sandwich already. This isn't the sandwich debate thread, it's the draw thread.

No. 1144578

File: 1650732908530.jpg (658.91 KB, 984x700, Grilled-PB-and-J2.jpg)

what do you have against sandwiches?

No. 1144641

File: 1650734896020.jpg (89.03 KB, 969x820, EHvLl_UX0AABCVP.jpg)

>if you're feeling bold and brash
Has anyone actually drawn Bold and Brash before? Hmm…

No. 1144665

File: 1650735569914.jpg (136.99 KB, 792x582, Screenshot_20220418-144638_Chr…)

this is good and pleasing

No. 1144843

They have the same hat

No. 1145285

File: 1650755360049.png (32.91 KB, 225x310, long paws.PNG)

Come draw, board is almost full. Please remember that if you want to draw you have to be approved, so just ask in the chat!

No. 1145321

very sleuthy of you I did not notice that

No. 1145444

How long does it take to get approved in chat? Asked recently

No. 1145446

It should be almost immediate if a mod/admin is there. If you need approval I'm there right now.

No. 1145933

File: 1650811608802.jpg (36.4 KB, 273x255, dxoBq7U.jpg)

If you want to come draw, just ask to be approved. Board is almost full!


No. 1146005

Could the layer order be editable if you are verified? Not sure if that is possible, but coloring is much more difficult when you cannot make a color and line art layer!

Thank you for keeping the board up anyway!

No. 1146114

It should be available if you are approved, but aggie can be a little weird sometimes.

No. 1146625

File: 1650840749492.png (2.16 MB, 2000x1600, fullboard.png)

Looks like we can consider this board full. Anons are to create a new board following the settings from >>1132890 except set 're-order layers' and 'add more layers' to Approve for now to prevent trolls. Themes for bboards: >>1132891 it is up for anons to decide what the next theme is.

No. 1146627

samgefag, there's a ton more themes here in this google doc that would be great to chose from. And please consider what Ghostmin suggested in that post as well.

No. 1146687

Shipping if possible!

No. 1146785

a lot of anons suggested that and husbando/waifu theme. If more anons agree w/ this go ahead and make a new board.

No. 1146900

File: 1650867218727.png (19.96 KB, 343x471, stricter settings.png)

Ghost-janny here, just wanted to post the updated, stricter settings for the new room admin. Since anons who just want to draw will be approved, things like paste are now admin-only too. Check out the Max layer limit at the top too.

No. 1147098

I second the shipping one!

No. 1147200

File: 1650889566992.png (709.9 KB, 990x750, otp.png)

theme: shipping

No. 1147544

File: 1650904293605.png (55.84 KB, 387x449, COMEBACK.png)

Nonna come back!!! Admin that kicked you was zoomed in and didn't realize you did it on accident. Come back and finish your drawing, we're very sorry!

No. 1147582

Haha I was trying to draw Vick shipped with Photoshop but accidentally used the bucket tool all over the background so i thought i was kicked for it

No. 1148202

I love the snail eating strawberries (and the angry cat behind it), axolotl, leech and janny corner from this board!

No. 1148491

File: 1650957322068.png (85.62 KB, 511x205, teaparty.png)

Thank you for coming everyone!

No. 1148843

File: 1650976927906.jpg (89.53 KB, 568x800, 3ce16586964de40a3916baedebd9f7…)

Do nonnas have any experience drawing on aggie with an iPad? I'm curious if those work well together or not.

No. 1148845

I do! it works well for me just like any other drawing program

No. 1148974

Wow this turned out so precious it's making me feel things

No. 1148993

The borzoi and neverending borzoi are incredibly cute

No. 1149018

this was such a cute collab idea, and I love the little mice so much

No. 1149025

I overlooked filling in the backs of Tia's legs with white, now they're see through. I'm upset. I already reposted that post twice

No. 1149051

the axolotls omg

No. 1149182

File: 1650994154438.png (42.38 KB, 320x266, borzoixheadpats.png)

Come draw! Theme is still shipping.

No. 1149306

A good theme could be weird dreams/nightmares? I had a Alex Jones with an HP bar dream

No. 1149315

This sounds cool! If anyone doesn't have any dreams they could draw, maybe they could take some inspiration from the dream thread.

No. 1149320

File: 1651001347629.jpg (36.04 KB, 564x564, 5ac577d47bc14b8242c58f7d7a3f89…)

The board will unfortunately be closed for the night unless there's a sweet burger nonnie who will be up for the task and monitor the board and approve nonnas as they come in for the remainder of her day and evening. Both of us in the board curently are eurofags and we need to sleep kek. I am wary of just opening the board up so anyone can just come in and draw cause that opens the door to the lurking troll. We're still here and will be for a while so we can give you admin privileges, so please come and help out, outherwise, see you tomorrow!
I like that theme! We've had it suggested before, it's number 10 in the Google Sheet. Unrelated to that theme in specific, I decided instead of deleting themes we already had, to color the background a light purple so don't lose track of the themes we've had already.
I like that.

No. 1149323

Idk where else to ask this but I really want to get better at drawing male bodies. How can I find good reference photos for this? Full disclosure, I want to draw cute men in suggestive poses.

No. 1149327

You may want to look at the art thread anon

No. 1149335

Do you know where it is? I couldn't find it on the catalog

No. 1149363

No. 1149364

File: 1651002904681.png (146.42 KB, 389x257, spoonfeed.png)

>>1078108 Art Salt Thread
>>>/m/187240 - for when you make your drawings
I'm only being nice cause it's the doodle room thread. It's not that hard to just lurk moar, newfriends.

BURGER NONNAS please consider >>1149320

No. 1149387

File: 1651003820271.png (12.75 KB, 190x125, nonnymybewwowed.png)

Good news! We have an admin for the rest of the night/day! Come draw your favorite ship!

No. 1149617

Since I'm the only admin here right now, I ask anons to be patient if they don't get approved right away! I'm multitasking and can be AFK for a while, so if you ask for approval and don't get any response, please just stick around for a while.

No. 1149839

I'm also a mod in the movie nights and could potentially help moderate in burger time zones if someone wants the help I guess, but can't promise anything lmao

No. 1150492

Thank you so much for being there nonna!
I reckon it would be too much to ask to be a regular admin, with the movie nights responsibilities you have, but maybe as a back-up, when you're free, you could help out? Thanks for suggesting, whatever you decide!

No. 1150715

I totally could tbh

No. 1150768

File: 1651078729797.png (54.56 KB, 256x361, bunnyxspring.png)

That's really cool of you. Thanks so much! We currently have two admins in the drawing board, and I know I'll be there for a few more hours for sure, so if you just want to make an account and I'll give you permissions. Aggie is very lax with making an account too so it only takes a minute.

Rest of you, come draw! Theme is shipping.
I'm in love with the MexSpring poster, I want a print of it as the cover of my daily notebook, or just to hang on a wall. It's so sweet.

No. 1150786

I love you nonnies, thanks for always working so hard!

No. 1150982

File: 1651085376577.png (109.88 KB, 193x391, ship art.PNG)

Hi anons! So we've decided to abandon the idea of user-run boards and switch over to instead cycling through 4 different boards that each have a different admin. We think this will work out better because responsibilities won't just lie on one admin. Please visit the google doc and click the "Admin Schedule" tab to see the links to each room. These links will stay the same.
The order that the admin names are listed in is the order that we will be going through the boards (nonnie is running the current board. Once that board is full then I (cowplantt) will run my board and the next will be ghostmin and rhinouni). I hope this isn't too confusing. If our old aggiemin would like to also admin another room then that would be great!

Google Doc

The theme for the current board is shipping, come draw

No. 1151054

Thank you! We appreciate that and love seeing the boards be active.

This would be an adorable notebook cover.

No. 1153053

Thx <3
Please send a pic of the notebook, i’d love to see that

No. 1155547

File: 1651268541907.jpg (159.15 KB, 440x338, a3Ix7DI.jpg)

Hi anons! Sorry I can't be super active but I'm still checking on the board and will be more active for the next couple hours. Please come draw!


No. 1155784

File: 1651302533399.png (201.26 KB, 783x934, Screenshot_20220430-020652~2.p…)

Will this anon not finish their drawing? Mgsfags need to come out more its so nice really

No. 1156795

Sorry, I've been kind of busy. I was thinking of finishing it today, if this board is still up. Also I forgot how to draw their clothes lol

No. 1157272

Oh no take your time anon. Im really just appreciating haha

No. 1157518

File: 1651410224774.png (300.8 KB, 600x561, sasukewiththerockeyes.png)

Is it just me or have the drawings boards felt a bit empty, clean lately? I see less little messages, the art looks very good and I love to see it, but I love seeing the low effort doodles too, doodles made with a mouse and trackpad and the messages people leave. The chaotic energy of the previous boards is missing, in my opinion. I know we ask ''Want to draw?'' but maybe we need a better question. Like ''Want to participate?'', since we only use it as a sort of captcha, I guess.
So, I'm not sure if the approve thing makes anons feel more pressure to draw good or it's just a coincidence and it's all in my head. Anyways, just want to say, don't be shy or insecure to leave a mark, this isn't some exclusive club, the approve thing is just to keep out you-know-who, I wish we didn't have to use it!

No. 1157529

tbh I feel like the boards have been kind of slow lately, too. Maybe it's just because people have been more busy lately, and/or they're tired of raids and spam so they have taken a break from the site.

No. 1157530

no one is participating because the themes are boring and the admins for the drawing room kind of fucked it up making it user-created. should have kept it the same they should know how much anons do not understand change in the slightest

No. 1157550

This tbh. Idk, lolcow has busier times and just like how it happened with movie night, less and less anons turn in because the novelty is gone. Doesn't mean it's great, it happens to every thread imo

No. 1157595

The boards are slow because they're not new anymore. Last thread (when they initially started slowing down), aggiemin said something about how the honeymoon phase was over for the users, and I agree.

But I do agree though, if you're not an artist please still feel free to participate! The board will never be exclusive to art anons and variety makes it good.

No. 1157605

See this is why people making new and interesting threads isn't a bad thing at all. I wish anons stopped the tinfoiling.

No. 1157719

File: 1651420217383.png (34.37 KB, 341x296, mordetwi.png)

Thanks, that reassures me that the approve system we have in place currently is not the (whole) reason. As sad as I think it is, always best to let things run it's natural course. Sorry for talking about the board like it's a dying animal. People not being that into it over time makes total sense.
We've been over this so many times. Draw whatever the hell you want if you don't like the theme! Also, the board isn't even user created anymore.
Is this about tiffany? Wouldn't that be called tiffoiling?

While I see myself out, can we pretend that the airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now!

No. 1157754

I want to participate in this thread so badly, but I have 0 art skills & no idea how all this works. I'm sorry, anons!

No. 1157764

Just join the room and doodle something to fill up the drawing board lol you don't have to be good at art

No. 1157778

You can write us something, draw a small heart, or a small daisy, or a stick figure! feel free to join!

No. 1157782

Hi! Please don't be intimidated, it's so easy. Check out the Rules & Tips tab in the google sheets if you're completely lost on what to do when it comes to how aggie works. And if you have any questions after that just ask! We're in the board too, so just say hi in chat and you'll get an approve. Draw whatever you want, anything!

No. 1157871

Anon don't be shy! Please feel free to come in and experiment all you want, it really doesn't matter how it turns out, I'd love to see your addition! This is not a board for comparing your artfag power level, it's for having fun together! Hope to see you there, lovely nonnie, no pressure ♥

No. 1158523

File: 1651461655489.png (58.69 KB, 348x306, that ass tho.png)

kek I love this one

No. 1158532

I fucking love this

No. 1159278

i love mordecai's azz crack

No. 1161118

The board is getting close to full. Still a few open spots left if anons want to still add to the board!

Any ideas of suggestions for next theme? Here are some ideas to help: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Q9HhBGvqfuJULVOCUi3HPaS4OhSAiw05Do-74BNkxbg/edit#gid=0

No. 1162177

some spots open if anyone wants to join

No. 1162461

File: 1651628639841.png (135.66 KB, 546x493, oc.PNG)

The board is nearly full, come draw whatever!

No. 1162598

File: 1651636789361.jpeg (80.77 KB, 889x386, 6C4679F6-8019-40DA-AD59-A0C301…)

omg faves

No. 1164904

File: 1651705202200.png (54.51 KB, 762x652, Screenshot_20220504-175932~2.p…)

Based nonnie right here

No. 1164906

what did she mean by this

No. 1164919

File: 1651705893747.png (180.51 KB, 516x322, d572pro-172a6571-773c-49d1-aa0…)

It's a ship from Hetalia.

No. 1165067

File: 1651714348699.png (42.69 KB, 277x255, cat.PNG)

Anons there's not that much space left, just come draw damn it! Theme is still shipping.

No. 1165128

Hell yeah, fellow FrUK enjoyer

No. 1165130

Next doodle room thread, please put the link in the post instead of me trying to search for it between replies

No. 1165131

Samefag, feel free to request a theme from this list for the next board

No. 1165142

File: 1651719723342.png (11.72 KB, 453x100, board.png)

We were doing user-created boards for this thread, which is why there is no link since it would be different everytime. We're not doing user created boards anymore (refer to this post >>1150982) but now there are 4 different room links. Hopefully next thread we'll have the links in the OP, but for now you'll just have to either check the google doc or posts.

Speaking of, I forgot to ask Ghost Janny this earlier, but I would like if there was something to indicate which board is the active one. Like picrel for example. I think this will be a little more convenient for users.

No. 1165143

File: 1651720202559.jpeg (372.34 KB, 852x942, A9203078-A738-4A1D-B577-533C78…)

Whichever anon is working on this, I love you so much! It’s adorable~ I can’t wait for season 2 of Hanako kun.

No. 1165193

How about "Cuteness" or "Rainbow"?

No. 1165322

all of these are so good but i love the gotmilk elsie the most

No. 1165394

Pixielocks?? just kidding I like that idea

No. 1166067

File: 1651771643820.png (2.66 MB, 2000x1600, shipping board.png)

Here's the last board, theme was shipping. Some of my favorites here are Ivy x Harley, Marceline x Bubblegum, Elsie x body pillow /2X/ and Spongebob x Squidward. The drawing of Vicky is also really nice (and accurate). Please feel free to reply and give your compliments to any drawings you like!

New theme is Elements (fire, water, earth, air, light, dark, etc etc). Have fun!

Google Doc (as always, you can suggest more themes)

No. 1167021

Dead bf x gf OTP

No. 1167229

dying @ lord farquaad

No. 1168204

File: 1651852267605.png (227.53 KB, 437x552, water.PNG)

Come draw! Theme is elements

No. 1168266

Ily whoever drew w.i.t.c.h.

No. 1168320

All of you are so talented Im so happy tp be here 2 see it ♥

No. 1168425

thank u Nonny :3(:3)

No. 1168513

File: 1651859947451.png (437.27 KB, 539x823, cat-blank-sign-holding-white-b…)

Important note: In case of raid - you can always hide any layer just for yourself by holding SHIFT and clicking the eye/visibility button on a layer. The layer will still remain on the board (until an admin deletes it), but this way you will still be able to draw undisrupted!
The google doc is updated with this information as well, it's under Rules & Tips.

No. 1168611

Did a raid happen?

No. 1168659

File: 1651864058028.png (415.13 KB, 491x598, Fire and Water.png)

It's not happening right now, but it has happened in the last month. This is just in case it does happen again and admins aren't in the room, you can continue drawing as usual! It's sort of like a ''mute user'' equivalent to the movie room. You don't have to look at the drawing/hide it in case it's covering the entire screen.

Come draw! Theme is still elements.

No. 1169572

File: 1651880197786.jpg (39.4 KB, 640x480, jjjjooooo.jpg)

The fairy drawings unlocked a childhood memory of mine, I had some of these toys at my grandparents house.

No. 1169600

Moid in the dungeon. Admin already kicked but just be warned and keep an eye out

No. 1170328

File: 1651920827771.png (365.66 KB, 1112x693, eeveeparty.png)

My first time contributing (Flareon/Jolteon). Join the Eevee-Party!

No. 1170692

File: 1651941572226.jpg (339.94 KB, 1080x785, IMG_20220507_193759.jpg)

No human we are not drawing

No. 1170693

Your cat actually wants you to draw them. She wants to be your muse.

No. 1170700

Yeah! Draw your cat!

No. 1170940

File: 1651954280422.jpg (44.61 KB, 500x500, pokemon-eevee-phone-charger-ca…)

I love this eevee party, very cute!!!
please everyone continue drawing and help eevee anon!!

No. 1171346

Is no one gonna comment on the retarded looking Eevee?

No. 1171475

it's a cable protector

No. 1171572

File: 1652004330523.png (69.44 KB, 435x276, the-lc-coloring-page.png)

Calling all non-artfags! Trackpad, mouse and casual/hobby artists! The coloring page drawing board is here! In the last thread a coloring page was suggested here >>1108918, but to summarize, we will do two boards, first the non-artfags will draw lineart-only drawings in the board, after the board is full with lineart, artfags will come in and color it. Next board, we will do the opposite. So artfags, hold your horses!
This board is going to be running in the background parallel with our usual themes since I suspect it will take longer to fill up so take your time and have fun!
When the board is full with lineart all the layers will be merged and set on multiply, then anons can come and color, by making a layer dragging it under the lineart layer, so no color yet please.
The google doc is also updated with the drawing board link.

No. 1171721

File: 1652016751973.png (247.6 KB, 630x658, Capture.PNG)


No. 1171725

Intergrate newfag

No. 1171726

File: 1652016911163.jpg (13.92 KB, 400x400, b7c00966307c20cb20a0d529eb4914…)

i suggest sanrio theme once elements is done

No. 1171727

>assuming some artfags know how to properly render and color kek

just swap it around and make the non-artfags color it in like it’s a coloring book

No. 1171742

Take a look at the replies in the previous thread on the original post, that's what I went off of. Most anons wanted it this way it seemed. Besides it's not a competition, there are no disqualifications, measurements and what-nots. We can just do one board if anons agree with you, most important thing is to have fun!
We had that theme already: >>1065113

No. 1171750

I actually love this because I love Sylveon and I hate that troons try to take over such a cute little character. Elsie Sylveon is adorable.

No. 1172031

It's not that serious nonna, I doubt anyone actually takes these boards as 110% hard core ART. If some nonnas art is too low brow and bad quality for you, then maybe things like these are not for you.

No. 1172035

Read the post idiot, that's what will happen after this board.

No. 1172162

What's with all the assholes in this thread lately

No. 1172486

File: 1652050359962.png (35.59 KB, 182x187, fireboy watergirl.PNG)

Theme is still elements
Join the coloring book board too, remember that non-artfags are doing the lineart and artfags will color a little later.

No. 1172559

>Intergrate newfag
This is an imageboard where you are supposed to adhere to board culture and the culture of this board. which is not posting emoticons. Literal redflag that the anon was a newfag.
>Read the post idiot, that's what will happen after this board.
this anon was the asshole >>1171727 not >>1172035 learn to read what anon was replying to, there is two sides of a story. If I had to take guess you're a newfag too nonny

No. 1172567

nta but for someone telling people to integrate you certainly don't know what greentext is for.

No. 1172570

i'm not going to waste my time on linking each anon and then try to format it on my tiny ass phone and then having to redo it again.

No. 1172608

Nah you're both just unpleasant kek. This thread has always been one of the more relaxed ones free of infighting. No need to minimod and be a dick for barely any reason.

No. 1172621

File: 1652062371142.jpg (143.96 KB, 1588x1191, cat.jpg)

who cares, I'm tried of seeing this shit where farmers debate who's who every time I visit this board, gonna bump this thread until I can't see it anymore, just like when that shit moid was posted. >>1171725 is based b/c I hate newfags and their emojis, redditspacing, etc.

No. 1172622

File: 1652062395398.jpg (154.66 KB, 1588x1588, mouse.jpg)

No. 1172625

File: 1652062429556.jpg (294.39 KB, 1588x1461, dog.jpg)

No. 1172627

These pictures are not even from the drawboard. If you don't want to see it so bad then just hide the thread. Nta.

No. 1172630

I'm being an asshole cause I don't appreciate anyone being an asshole about the themes and boards.

No. 1172641

File: 1652063295505.png (130.25 KB, 618x737, sanrio.png)

No. 1172642

File: 1652063319884.png (122.92 KB, 781x493, X2kills.png)

No. 1172644

File: 1652063354477.png (206.12 KB, 769x517, 2headcalf.png)

Are you happy now

No. 1172645

File: 1652063406851.png (91.8 KB, 751x227, boardc.PNG)

Theme is still elements
Non art-fags, draw in the coloring book board

No. 1172656

Wtf happened in this thread

No. 1174825


No. 1174901

File: 1652168484763.png (29.34 KB, 708x460, pixelborzoi.png)

No. 1174910

File: 1652168591463.png (126.65 KB, 505x628, cowgirls.png)

No. 1174913

File: 1652168649542.jpeg (66.2 KB, 395x432, 1F92051C-1E8F-4C6A-A66F-FA4394…)


No. 1174915

File: 1652168672498.png (21.54 KB, 448x439, pixeltan.png)

No. 1174917

File: 1652168711930.jpeg (27.1 KB, 400x400, 62713FC5-75C7-41C6-BAC8-B2A703…)

Just stop already. You’ll never be a woman. You’ll never be loved by a woman. You’ll never be respected by your fellow man. Just kys. 41% add to male suicide statistics.

No. 1174919

File: 1652168715691.jpg (12.32 KB, 230x222, mudkip.jpg)

No. 1174942

File: 1652170027622.jpg (130.4 KB, 601x735, dragons.jpg)

No. 1174944

File: 1652170053970.jpg (34.16 KB, 287x448, cute.jpg)

No. 1174947

File: 1652170099987.jpg (76.22 KB, 1001x456, Eevee_party.jpg)

No. 1174949

File: 1652170115120.jpg (5.93 KB, 111x80, 1647537962817.jpg)

No. 1174950

File: 1652170136838.jpg (47.96 KB, 517x637, hot_and_cold.jpg)

No. 1175359

File: 1652194692331.png (292.32 KB, 810x557, firestarter.png)

Come draw and unwind. Theme is elements, there's still some space left.
The coloring page drawing board is also open for non-artfags. Come leave some lineart!

No. 1175662

File: 1652202333067.jpg (106.72 KB, 645x405, 0tk9u0j.jpg)

Luna was hit with some hard times (again!) please help add to her hovel uwu

No. 1175721

https://aggie.io/28lfu2iuyx kek add to her hoard! (forgot to link to which board it was)

No. 1176128

Omg she’s drawn so cutely.

No. 1176246

I love this so much!

No. 1176321

someone blue screened the current board, any way to clear that?

No. 1176335

Does look like there are any admins available atm but I believe you can hide those layers from your view and continue drawing on layers below until they are deleted later!
Here is the post for hiding layers:

No. 1176337

I'm on but unfortunately I can't clear it because I don't have admin permissions on the board you're talking about, but hopefully someone can come on soon. Please follow the post anon linked above >>1168513 I'm really sorry about this, anon.

No. 1176567

File: 1652257322806.jpg (18.91 KB, 577x360, 0acfb363.jpg)

I see quite a few ppl who clearly draw enough to be classified as "artfags" have drawn on this board - could you at least use a mouse to make your drawings more "on theme"? Not to nitpick but it makes it seem like you just came in to brag how good you are at drawing or shit, even though the board was for non artfags

No. 1176631

File: 1652262335177.png (115.44 KB, 575x355, elsie.PNG)

this is so fucking cute omg

No. 1176648

The drawboard is for fun, it isn't a place for people to judge each other. That includes you nonnie, another person being good at drawing won't make your contribution any lesser.

No. 1176702

It’s not other people’s fault you’re insecure about your art kek

No. 1176718

File: 1652268494400.png (323.72 KB, 800x876, elsie-daydreamin.png)

I didn't give other admins permission because I didn't want to burden them with an extra board. It's been erased. Remember you can hide any layer just for yourself by holding shift and clicking the little eye icon.

Come draw some elemental stuffs or whatever, there's a bit of space left.

No. 1176843

Nonnies I love the art board, pls don't infight. Everyone deserves to draw in it, don't be art salt faggies

No. 1176847

I draw with a mouse and didn't understand this comment

No. 1177045

girl would you stfu and just draw kek

No. 1177652

Its probably only said that way so nonartfags dont feel like they cant draw on yet another board.

No. 1177778

Will you post the line art and then the coloured version separately? I would like that very much

No. 1177947

Yep! There will be an announcement post as usual when the board is full with lineart so artfags know when it's their turn to color. And then finally there will be post with the completed image after everything's been colored in. The same thing will be done again, when it's artfags turn for lineart and non-artfags get to do the coloring. Each post will have the appropriate image to go with it.

No. 1177952

File: 1652359395921.png (64.72 KB, 689x428, plant magic.png)

Come draw! Theme is still elements, and we still don't know what Elsie is daydreaming about!
Coloring page:

No. 1178648

File: 1652385711657.jpg (24.86 KB, 563x375, over-the-top-reaction-pic.jpg)

Who's the rebelde that couldn't wait to color. Come on, fess up.

No. 1178658

Oh sorry, I thought it was OK to color… Since the coloring page was linked.

I delete it.

No. 1178661

It's okay nonna. Once the board is full with lineart, then it will be anons turn to draw.

No. 1178662

Can't wait to color some cats!

No. 1178669

File: 1652386416496.jpg (7.11 KB, 260x194, you-can-do-it.jpg)

anon's turn to color*. Fuck.

No. 1178876

File: 1652394224509.png (118.52 KB, 534x393, draw.PNG)

Please take a look at the google doc and let us know what theme you would like to see next.

Draw board
Coloring board

No. 1178879

I think you should just close the drawing board soon, there's not much space left anyways.

No. 1178883

One of our admins will tomorrow, which is why I posted to ask for theme suggestions. You can draw some small stuff in the remaining space until then.

No. 1178930

I think boards should be closed more frequently, or have a timer until it's closed (if no anon needs to finish first that is)

No. 1178935

No, a timer puts pressure on anons to draw quicker. This is just supposed to be a chill thing with no real limit. Boards will be cleared when they are either full or slowing down.

No. 1179466

File: 1652434846278.png (245.87 KB, 463x392, Witch_magiche150.png)

Someone pls draw the rest of the W.I.T.C.H characters!

No. 1179989

File: 1652464563817.png (2.91 MB, 2000x1600, LC Draw Room - Elements.png)

Time to move on to the next board! This one's theme was Elements. I love the Eevee party going on in the bottom, all the little graphics/logos of elements scattered all across the board, the borzois and the calf, to name a few. New theme is Skatepark/Playground, excited to see what you come up with!
Come draw on the new board:
Google Sheet, please suggest new themes:
Coloring Page board, non-artfags turn to do lineart:

No. 1180228

Had I been smarter I’d have adored this show Instead instead of shit club. Only the magazine was colorful though, the animation just wasn’t so appealing to the eyes. I so wanna draw them.

No. 1180230

File: 1652473367415.png (6.66 KB, 179x281, 1651641230093.png)

You talking shit about Winx Club?

No. 1180232

What's wrong with Winx Club

No. 1180256

It's frenchime, it's right up there with Code Lyoko

No. 1180273

It’s low iq sailor moon and witch. My fave show for a reason. It was easy to follow and the colors were appealing for a kid of my era unlike mentioned shows. Which I want to facepalm at so hard, because after season 2 the show is just too difficult to continue watching.

No. 1180384

I hope the Italians get you.

No. 1180583

File: 1652494807195.png (29.45 KB, 311x253, cow.PNG)

Come draw, theme is skatepark/playground.
Remember to drop in the coloring page board too!

No. 1180671

I'm humbly requesting someone draw a balding Kevvy skating, complete with mong tongue biting and roots for days please

No. 1180692

We're on our way

No. 1181277

kek I'll see what I can do for you

No. 1182532

File: 1652652044164.png (101.55 KB, 496x512, art.PNG)

Theme is Skatepark/Playground
Coloring page

No. 1186756

File: 1652894035918.png (74.9 KB, 672x306, nyoom.png)

these borzoi doodles are always so charming

No. 1186944

File: 1652901749372.png (41.48 KB, 308x262, 2323.png)

y'all need to draw more

No. 1187019

holy shit someone make this a banner please put it in the banner thread it’s so cute

No. 1187056

i wish i knew how to do animations. i'd have the skates only show, first go real fast from right to left, then zoom out on the borzoi shaking a bit going fast and then a full zoom out going fast ofc as well with both borzoi and skates visible. it would be so rad

No. 1187925

File: 1652973405407.png (64.07 KB, 343x476, parappa.png)

Come and draw anons! The theme is still Skatepark/Playground
And don't forget the coloring page - non-artfags come add some lineart

No. 1187929

Oh my God he's so precious what the fuck

No. 1188010

Is that a shota bulge???

No. 1188024

no, you're just a coomer

No. 1188029

kek anon why would you call parappa a shota

No. 1188043

How am I a coomer if I'm the one calling it out kek. Anyways it kinda threw me off

No. 1188108

No. 1188130

NTA but what the fuck even is a "shota bulge"?? No one calls it that, unless it's some shotafag coomer term. Parappa isn't even a kid kek

No. 1188163

wtf is a shota bulge

No. 1188199

File: 1652984036006.png (101.1 KB, 367x486, elsie and 2x at the skatepark.…)

N-nevermind that, anon.

Anyways, come draw… theme is still skatepark/playground
Coloring page open for non-artfags to draw lineart:

No. 1188213

How am I a shotafag if I'm actively disgusted? Stop spinning it on me. God nevermind, keep drawing your ugly shit then.

No. 1188216

It looks like a kid.

No. 1188228

A non coombrained individual doesn't look at that pic of a cartoon toddler dog or what fucking ever and think that's a bulge wtf

No. 1188232

A non coombrained individual doesn't draw a clear bulge on something that looks like a child.

No. 1188234

stop engaging with the coomer please…

No. 1188235

File: 1652985197827.jpg (30.21 KB, 279x252, 1652901749372.jpg)

Imagine arguing itt instead of drawing on the board
Coloring page

No. 1188237

File: 1652985307876.jpg (186.59 KB, 720x968, 1652985163761.jpg)

I can't fucking believe you're all okay with this. I thought better of this imageboard. Now I don't trust you all so much.

No. 1188241

>the person who calls out the drawing is the degenerate! not the person who drew it! I am smart

No. 1188245

Nonnie it's a crotch on a cartoon character, it's not a bulge. I can't believe you're doing this.

No. 1188250

File: 1652985683770.png (284.28 KB, 598x887, boy-cartoon-playing-skateboard…)

Not those anons but are you serious?

No. 1188251

File: 1652985689884.jpg (191.12 KB, 708x990, 1652985637704.jpg)

You can draw it like this and it doesn't read like that. Seriously.

No. 1188252

You are such a freak kek

No. 1188256

Nona, pants crease when you bend your knees on a skateboard. It's literally not that deep. Stop staring at the cartoon dog crotch. This thread is stickied, please don't mar it with this argument

No. 1188258

For not wanting to see shit on a childlike figure?
I know there's a parappa husbando shotafag in this website so I absolutely do not trust this drawing.(stop being retarded)

No. 1188266

Does the cartoon dog crotch also have hidden cameras in it made to spy on you?

No. 1188273

File: 1652986274932.jpg (13.14 KB, 107x157, 1652986210175.jpg)

Whatever. Keep drawing.
Coloring page

No. 1188992

Mod who interacts excessively in redtext, do you want to be my friend?

No. 1189376

File: 1653055299578.png (129.02 KB, 715x478, thank youu.PNG)

Thank you to the anon who gave this little borzoi a sick ramp so he can practice his moves!!

No. 1189489

oh fo shizzle my nonnizzle!

No. 1189732

No. 1189740

The cartoon dog crotch is hiding in her walls(let it go)

No. 1189854

File: 1653071311277.png (29.9 KB, 345x463, kitty stairs.png)

Get in here nonnies!
Coloring page is open for non-artfags to draw lineart:

No. 1190101

I want to color, so please fill up the canvas guys! Don't be shy even if you think your art stinks, everyone will appreciate it, especially if you draw Elsie.

No. 1190209

how do you color without permission?

No. 1190211

Nta, I'm not sure what you mean but anons aren't supposed to color yet! Only lineart right now.

No. 1190216

i see, my bad

No. 1191238

File: 1653147332432.png (88.23 KB, 576x537, fetch.png)

Come and draw something:
Coloring page open for non-artfags to draw lineart:

No. 1192370

File: 1653232183822.png (118.02 KB, 446x540, sk8r.png)

Come join! There's still some free space left for you, anons

No. 1193434

File: 1653299864690.jpeg (129.94 KB, 567x662, 2CEA8AAB-4215-40F4-877B-C5E42D…)

Couldn’t sleep so I colored this little guy in on mobile. Not much, but it was really fun. <3

No. 1193454

>Coloring page open for non-artfags to draw lineart
I'm glad you had fun! But please to learn2read.

No coloring yet. Only lineart - by nonartfags.

Think that should be clear enough now! No hard feelings, just want to keep it fair and organized.

No. 1193487

NTA but it literally says "coloring page", so why can't she color? It's not specified anywhere that you gotta wait until it's finished, so if that was the expectation, then it's you who failed to communicate it correctly, not anon who didn't "learn2read". Art boards are really slow lately, I don't know what's the point of overpolicing.

No. 1193491

Apologies! I was struggling to fall back asleep at like 4am and read it as “coloring page open”. I haven’t frequented this thread since bunker days & I honestly didn’t catch up properly. I’ll be sure to next time. Thanks for being kind about it, anon.
Very fun test run. Will be back to color again when art anons finish!

No. 1193566

It's not specified anywhere on the drawing board, you're right. Except it has been mentioned many times itt. My bad for not communicating clearly enough No coloring yet. Only lineart - by nonartfags. will be the updated text followed by the link from now on.
Thanks for understanding nonna!

No. 1193570

File: 1653309759908.png (25.33 KB, 867x148, google sheet.png)

No. 1193614

File: 1653312983863.jpeg (56.91 KB, 1063x957, 2F3C3A7D-317F-4E69-AC57-02D9F9…)

Chroniko for any Kaiba fans who want to color her in later.

No. 1193717

File: 1653319308168.png (197.83 KB, 546x544, a strange encounter.png)

Come draw! Theme's Skatepark/Playground, but as always you're free to draw whatever:

No coloring yet, please! Only lineart - by nonartfags:

No. 1193764

Reee i want to draw something but i’m shy

No. 1193774

Do it anon, I bit the bucket and joined today but I’m usually too shy too. hop in it’s fun!

No. 1193813

go for it!!!

No. 1193843

No reason to be, anon! I was shy the first time too, many others probably felt the same. Come join the fun! I'd love to see what you add

No. 1194655

lmao anon you are so cute this made me chuckle !! it's bite the bullet (dare to do something) or kick the bucket (die). enjoy the doodles !!

No. 1194662

bit the bucket idk if that is a typo but if not that is sooo cute and funny kek bless you anon

No. 1194666

I meant to type bit the bullet but I rushed and it got all fucked up!! I noticed it too late and hoped nobody would comment on it kek
I’m glad it made you chucked tho!

No. 1194945

File: 1653406968159.png (153.57 KB, 698x504, playground swing.png)

There's still a couple spaces left, so go ahead and add a doodle or two:

No coloring just yet - only lineart by nonartfags:

No. 1195079

don't be shy, come draw!

No. 1195930

File: 1653472654313.png (15.43 KB, 382x361, cat.png)


No. 1196189

File: 1653490180144.jpg (66.09 KB, 462x360, 174917.jpg)

thank you nona!!

No. 1196225

File: 1653491928286.png (77.85 KB, 307x544, turntable.png)

Come doodle, there's some space left for you:

Our side board is looking good! No coloring yet, please! Only lineart - by non-artfags:

No. 1196604

File: 1653509600591.png (54.68 KB, 656x475, Poll.png)

Hi nonnas! We've come up with a poll, a way to let you have more control over chosen themes. Please use the link below to vote for the next theme. Remember to open the link in incognito!
The three themes were chosen randomly.

In the mean time there's a still some space left in the Skatepark/Playground board >>1196225
Feel free to make as many little doodles as you wish!

No. 1196882

omg lc board admins the y2k theme would be pretty cool, not the fashion nova fast fashion y2k but like the liquid cyberspace aesthetic from the 90s

No. 1196891

It's up to the poll, not us. Whatever themes don't win can still be used in future polls (if you guys like doing polls and we continue them in the future)

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