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No. 1163610

As most people noticed, we have a few posters who are controversial and attract a lot of attention. Here you can talk about them.
>(c)rap anon
>boyega anon
And others.

No. 1163612

bad thread

No. 1163613

shit thread, we have a similar one on /manure/ for a reason.

No. 1163614

ugly thread

No. 1163616

this is probably moid bait.

No. 1163623

I like boyega-chan. Romanianon worries me and I wish I could help her get better. Crapchan was internalized racism and I can't blame her.

No. 1163640


No. 1163647

I'm scared that Romanianon will eventually kill someone and blame it on us. It's not okay, it's not healthy. And it's not our fault at all.

No. 1163656

That's why I hope she gets help. I used to feel angry at her but she's very mentally unstable and as someone who went through childhood abuse similar to hers and had someone commit suicide only to blame it on me, I get why she's not normal. I hope she can find someone to help and support her. A female friend or a therapist maybe?

No. 1163665

if she kills someone this place will be full of glowies and we won't be free to talk shit anymore. There's no other way to put it, they will know that she uses lolcow.farm. From all the other threats that might kill this website (kaitlyn and her retarded article, twitterfags, trannies, "lolcowcore femcels", etc) she might be the worst one.

No. 1163673

I'm hoping that she's just bluffing and won't actually follow through with anything. Like some of y'all I do understand why she is the way she is, and in a way I relate, but I never want to cause harm to anyone. I'm very unstable, off my medications right now, I understand why she's in pain. I just could never externalize it to something as severe as murder. Similar for pakianon.

I don't mind celebfags as long as they're having fun and not harming the celebrities themselves. It does cause celebricows to derail at times but I'd rather see boyegafag than anons calling lana or billie fat

Kiwi farms has had multiple notorious characters on their site, is likely watched by authorities and they're way more venomous than us. They don't care. this site has gained more recognition thanks people citing us as sources in their cow breakdown videos. Cabin fever during covid presumably drove more users here as well. Not what you want to hear I know

No. 1163685

>but I'd rather see boyegafag than anons calling lana or billie fat
Same girl. I also don't think the anon you're talking about us going to do anything like that, it's just a way for her to cope and have an illusion of control, the thought she could do that us enough for her.

No. 1163709

File: 1651680324088.png (548.68 KB, 900x500, imagen_2022-05-04_110452245.pn…)

I think anons who just post cute dumb shit are very nice and I like their posts, yes this includes bodega aurrera anon. I want more of them. It's wholesome to me and it adds nice conversation here and there. Being mean and edgy is tiring sometimes you know? There must be a balance.

No. 1163715

Could someone tl;dr me on Romanianon? Is she the anon who always vents about being poor? And also is it true that she killed an animal?

No. 1163728

>is it true
Pffff who knows

No. 1163731

She has threatened to do it but didn't afaik.

No. 1163751

At least Boyega-anon is entertaining. She knows she's being funny, you can tell she is arguing in good spirits

No. 1163757

She stabbed and threw around dead cats as a kid

No. 1163758

Where is pakistanon? The one who used to hang around the MtF threade

No. 1163759

File: 1651681923711.jpg (51.63 KB, 900x900, 1635963001245.jpg)

anyone with a half brain could tell that boyega anon is clearly shitposting, she deliberately uses goofy pics on him and is probably using him to parody driver/dano fags

No. 1163761

Here is a collection of her posts up to a couple months ago

No. 1163763

She did when she was a child, along with molesting other smaller children

No. 1163766

Here is her Christmas eve Steven sperg, it goes on for a while in this thread >>>/ot/1003504

No. 1163770

if you stop alogging me then I will not link my murders to lolcow. I'm also not American so nobody cares. This entire thing started because after I left a certain lolcow server some obsessed anons started screeching at my posts and alogging me very hard and saying I'm romanianon. I didn't even personality fag and all my posts would have gone unobserved if I.
wasn't targeted. It's only in the past year that I developed homicidal ideation and it's actually after I began getting alogged on lolcow and harassed by groups of people from other websites as well. I think humanity is becoming increasingly more sociopathic. Is like I have painted something over my forehead which makes people continously harass me and humiliate me or literally deny my experience or abuse. I am a child molester because at 8 fucking.years old I lashed out on other children for being repeatedly raped and neglected and unsupervised. We had nothing and I was full of intestinal worms, it's the level of poverty and dehumanization you cannot imagine. I really feel like killing after people have literally turned me into a serial killer and demonized me and put that label on me. I'm super depressed and I have no support system and medication doesn't help me and my mind goes in circles and I have nowhere to go and I tried getting.help for the past 4 years but.literally all the efforts made my life worsen. I attracted a lot of people that alogged me and gossiped about me and turned me into a laughing stock. Of course I hate humanity. There's no help for.me and I will wither away like my.mother
I have nobody to help me and no money and I.cannot work. I've been getting.jobs but.keep getting fired. I think I'm developing schizophrenia like my mother but the medication doesn't help. I took so many types of medication and nothing helps. I go catatonic for 6 hours at a time and in my head I am aware of it but I cannot.move my body just as if I.am.paralyzed. I am tired all the time and I cannot speak with people I.am apathetic. I'm also right now on the verge of homelessness because my father started drinking again and he shouts at me and beats me. I want to leave but I won't be able to keep a job. All of my friends left me too since the real state of my mental health surfaced and I'm very angry and everything literally made me turn misanthropic. The same bullshit friends that I acted as a therapist for just.ghosted me when I actually need help. The same bitches that.told.me they have BPD which abuse I have excused because I wanted to be the good one. There's no salvation for me. I'm not stupid I actually have a lot of different information on a lot of topics but since my mental health has been completely deteriorated I am losing language skill. I remember things conceptually but Iam starting to lose my language skill I cannot form sentences anymore. I have a bachelor's in Philosophy and I understand a lot of things. I was severely struck to my head as a child multiple times. With fists by grandparents and so on. I was beaten uncounscious with fists to.my head multiple times In the most determintal years of development. I was also struck to the head with stones by other children in the village and knocked unconscious. At 15 I started beating myself with fists in the head out of anger and because of abuse. Also, as a kid older teenagers and kids made me sniff glue multiple times which burnt my brain even more. I think I was supposed to be a genius or very smart if I grew up in a normal environment but I didn't. I'm tired and I don't want it to end it now but it probably will I am only 23. Because I express vulnerability I.am also most often targeted and demonized in social groups. I am used as a scapegoat always. I think I might have blood clots in my head. I am losing vision in one eye and my language is deteriorating. I dont want to.deal with the medical system anymore. I seeked help for so long and I probably spent like 2 years of my life in Romanian hospitals but they are atrocious. The Romanian medical system is atrocious. It's not even funny anymore and people laughing at me is just proving my point that humanity is horrible and murder is justified. I listen to neutral milk hotel daily and I sing, it's the only thing that calms me down. I used to be a camgirl but I began being harassed and I actually got groomed into it because I am mentally ill and I was desperate for money and struggling keeping a job. I don't want to be a sex worker. Also, people always ignore what I say and continue to.make shit up about me. I want to make art and I play the guitar and stuff I just want to express myself and my suffering. I killed animals and I started touching other kids at 8 but I was severely abused I don't think I would have done the same under normal circumstances and now because I opened up about this people are literally urging me to become a serial killer because they just say I am already a rapist and a cat killer so I actually want to do it now because people say that and they think I was evil for getting raped months on end and living in complete poverty and being beaten and made to snort glue and stripped naked and humiliated. What about those that did that to me? Why am I always demonized?Why must I have empathy towards everyone but nobody does towards me? I wish I was born in America so I could grab a gun and just kill people. Why did humanity did this to me? Why do people continue to do this to me? Why is everyone so evil and why was I feed this poison?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1163771

Steven Michael thread

No. 1163774

She was sperging in the tinfoil thread >>>/ot/1147862

No. 1163776

You know this website isn't good for your mental health but you keep coming here and making yourself worse. You need to get off the internet and focus on yourself.

No. 1163777

No. 1163779

romania, are you still talking to the steven guy? i hope not he definitely seems like a crypto right winger """centrist"""

forgot how based she was in communicating w him.

No. 1163780

you didn't even read all of it

No. 1163781

i would never alog you. ignore the aloggers, they're losers

No. 1163783

glad you're playing the guitar. don't murder anyone or kill yourself. just chill. can't you take a xanax or something? can you not get a script for something to help you calm down?

No. 1163786

File: 1651682601378.jpg (90.79 KB, 550x940, 1645369658335.jpg)

I am with you, the world is hell and unfair, sometimes we have to make with the best we got, I have tried suicide multiple times just so I wouldn't get married off or so that I could die my hands rather the my family, but to live for others is all we can do

No. 1163787

Do it you fucking pussy

No. 1163791

Shut up

No. 1163795

Ignore the a-loggers. They're very pathetic. I hope you find peace.

No. 1163798

Someone make a thread about her on /snow/ please she deserves to become a lolcow. Who cares if she needs mental help? Throwing around cats and killing them is not normal, molesting children is not normal, threatening to murder people is not normal and you guys are still hyping her up? She tried to rally a personal army of spergy radfem jodi/aileenfags for her immoral actions, calls other women whores, who else knows what she has done. What if she’s not even telling the full story? 8 year olds are not braindead, they know exactly how awful it is to be abused. If she was on kiwifarms or a place where you are forced to have more of a public identity she would have become a resident cow already

No. 1163801

Yes the a-loggers who are pointing out her malicious behavior. Earlier today she even pretended to be pakianon, you people are actually ridiculous kek. When she goes on a killing spree and this place is on the news don’t blame me the “a-logger” from the actual homicidal a-logger right in front of your eyes.

No. 1163802

I have always wondered if that is all one anon, couldn't it be another pretending to be her?

No. 1163804

she's obviously very mentally ill and the stuff she did she did when she was a kid while being abused. if you were never an abused child, you'd not know what it was like to become abusive while still being abused, not knowing what's acceptable, but also lashing out. she's definitely insane and a little self-obsessed, but i think she cares about other people too and i do think she probably is upset she can't help people. i think she's also driven crazy by the idea that everyone is against her etc.

No. 1163805

>It's only in the past year that I developed homicidal ideation and it's actually after I began getting alogged on lolcow and harassed by groups of people from other websites as well.
I'm not saying this to be mean, but as someone who also struggles with mental health and being online a lot, maybe you should take a rest from the internet. I'm saying this because whenever I've taked some days off from the computer I've felt way better and healthier. I think you should quit visiting the websites that make you feel like this. I've quitted lolcow in the past too, and I do social media detox frequently. I think this will ease your feelings. There's no shame in blacklisting certain websites, please do anything to help your own pain.

No. 1163806

File: 1651683308425.png (561.21 KB, 1657x922, 1640367197805.png)

No. 1163809

yeah she pretends to be the ukrainaian sometimes too. idk what to believe with her fully but you can tell she's extremely mentally ill.

No. 1163810

it's not that deep. people only shit on you because you're being annoying, like the bone rattlers and the pro/anti fujo spergs. no one cares enough about your existence to target you specifically, you'd be left alone if you'd just stop whining aggressively.

No. 1163811

what's this supposed to show?

No. 1163812

This chat looks like two bots having a conversation

No. 1163813

It does doesn't it

No. 1163814

>I think I'm developing schizophrenia like my mother but the medication doesn't help.
Not saying this to be mean but it shows a lot. Romanianon, I don't think you want to kill anyone, I just think you have a lot of anger and it manifests like that. Mental illnesses make you believe you want to do things you normally wouldn't do. I really wish you didn't feel this, because it gets scary and I just don't want you to make your life worse being in prision.

No. 1163815

File: 1651683467851.jpeg (55.11 KB, 647x294, 656D9CB6-1A06-460D-8A87-15E886…)

>I wish I was born in America so I could grab a gun and just kill people.

And this is the sweet misunderstood person you’re trying to defend anons? KEK, hell nah fuck that

No. 1163816

she's not on meds so i think instead of doing retarded irl shit she does this retarded shit. in a way, possibly good, or maybe possibly making things worse. i have no idea. i don't know why she doesn't just journal though or post into the void somewhere dead asf so no one alogs her.

No. 1163817

Mindless bot.

No. 1163818

> This chat looks like two bots having a conversation
kek it really does

No. 1163820

> I have empathy towards everyone
you didn't have empathy towards those cats

No. 1163822

also legit just stop alogging her. it's extremely easy to not alog people. i don't want her cat to die because she already appears to feel like all hope is lost and she's already vilified for being a cat killer so she could possibly use that as justification while having a schizo episode or whatever and i'm really worried about her cat.

No. 1163823

is this two schizos talking together? kek holy shit

No. 1163825

Steven and Romanianon

No. 1163826

File: 1651683653902.gif (2.73 MB, 640x640, E7C8D953-1EAB-410F-BD17-FF6CB9…)

>my hot little romanian baby

No. 1163827

File: 1651683686832.jpeg (253.42 KB, 720x1560, 1640354917730.jpeg)

Worry about the chickens too

No. 1163828

i like the way neither of them are on the same page of conversation. they're having two different conversations with each other. bizarre.

No. 1163831

it’s almost like the both of them are sociopaths are trying to have human conversations lol

No. 1163835

yeah yeah i already know fully about her past, more than you understand. it was when she was 8, can we stop? she obviously isn't intent on hurting when she's not losing her shit. why do people even want to encourage her to act even more retarded irl? just acknowledge you're speaking to a schizo. call out her hypocrisy at best, don't alog.

No. 1163836

anon you gotta be as crazy as romianon to defend her this much

No. 1163837

why is lolcow so fucking crazy today??? holy shit, where the fuck are the mods and jannies

No. 1163839

I kinda agree with you but also I think instead of her coming here to say this stuff she should get help asap

No. 1163842

Waiting for the mods to wake up and lock this troll honeypot thread.

No. 1163843

i'm not actually, i'm pretty sane and stable. i just feel like she needs to be heavily medicated and kept away from the internet until well.
they only pop in to cape and ban for corpsehands.

No. 1163845

the mods are too busy larping as romanianon and kaitlyn tiffany

No. 1163847

you need to post that pic of that hand and they will wake up and nuke us all

No. 1163851

>I wish I was born in America so I could grab a gun and just kill people

No. 1163854

File: 1651684063535.gif (Spoiler Image, 278.99 KB, 500x382, final_6271d20f371acb00a6c1d9fd…)

No. 1163856

yeah it's retarded, idk what to tell you. i'm aware, but she's also legitimately schizo, once again.

No. 1163864

File: 1651684216419.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 4.52 MB, 3024x4032, 1651602344273.jpeg)

it's coming

No. 1163865

Lolcow has truly gone to shit.

No. 1163866

KEK they deleted their post or maybe just a larper. someone reverse the pic and repost so the full hideousness is better seen and the "fuck u" more easily displayed

No. 1163867

i find it interesting how the mods immediately nuked that kpop thread even though everyone was on their best behavior there meanwhile this will take half a day until it gets locked. We love the double standards.

No. 1163868

who’s hand is that?

No. 1163871

What is this supposed to mean? God lolcow is fucking crazy today, feels like /b/

No. 1163872

someone should post kpop or hyunjin in here so the mods wake since they only wake up and lock troll threads if someone mentions kpop. Meanwhile scat and male trolls are allowed.

No. 1163878

kek this. They immediately ban kpop but male trolls and cp stand here for hours. Fucking gross.

No. 1163880

No. 1163884

File: 1651684559613.gif (1.38 MB, 498x278, crying-fake.gif)

No. 1163885

>ok i showed you my ugly ass hand are you satisfied? my opinions have nothing to do with anyone else in my life, i’m a being who actually has independent thought (big shock i know)

Ok and what about it? who the fuck is that?

No. 1163886

File: 1651684582888.gif (5.04 MB, 480x270, D9C7A4EF-659A-4056-9E17-1BDB36…)

ppssttt pstty mods come here

No. 1163887

i literally almost stopped using lolcow after seeing what some buthurt pedo started spamming in the threads yesterday.

Pls we need more mods and please stop these double standards mods.

No. 1163889

yesterday there was an anti-abortion troon posting in the unpopular opinions thread, saying very vile and clearly male shit (also 100% male talking points, totally retarded), they were insulting people for no reason, being a chauvinistic online asshole. he posted that pic of his hand as "proof" he's female. one janny flipped the fuck out and banned and redtexted everyone who disagreed with him tell us "lolcow doesn't cater to your ideology, go back to 2X" just when an anon suspected he was a scrote, removed all traces of his hand picture, and only ever banned him or redtexted him when it got sus. then they locked the unpopular opinions thread, even though anons had already moved on and were talking about other topics. then the convo moved to the vent thread because it was weird as fuck the way the mod acted. the mod barged into vent thread to shut that shit down, did the same thing they did in unpopular opinions, locked the vent thread and redtexted all the women. all of this happened in a matter of like 30-40 minutes.

he started posting very creepy/weird fetishy stuff and it's just so obvious it's a fucking dude.

No. 1163891

File: 1651684636581.gif (4.94 MB, 552x640, asian-girl-cry.gif)

No. 1163892

File: 1651684652269.gif (7.04 MB, 356x498, hwang-hyunjin-hyunjin.gif)


No. 1163893

he is so deformed

No. 1163894

can you post more dog boy? I need to save all the iterations of this gif kek

No. 1163896

No. 1163897

God I wish she would leave. No one's targeting her. She's just so annoying and obvious and people are annoyed by her posts. We've heard your tragic backstory a thousand times already! Everyone's copying you and larping as you and thinks you're a rapist and killer and you were severely abused and are now insane and retarded. Okay, we've got it. It's all been duly noted. Get a diary!

No. 1163898

goddamn I don’t care how much this man has had his face rearranged like a game of word scrabble he’s so hot

No. 1163899

i would still make love to him

No. 1163903

File: 1651684838892.gif (1.68 MB, 275x155, 1645333797849.gif)

No. 1163904

File: 1651684863518.png (694.29 KB, 814x601, imagen_2022-05-04_122111345.pn…)


No. 1163905

Read the rest of the thread around the post you fucking spoon fed retard baby

No. 1163906

can you guys post g-idle

No. 1163907

File: 1651684911756.jpg (47.29 KB, 763x800, 97792c5e127e733003079fa21932a6…)

i would make EXTREME COPIUS AMOUNTS OF LOVE TO HYUNJINS BOTCHED FACE. I would die from having too much sex with him because once i sit on that DICK no one would be able to pull me out of it.

No. 1163909

Kpop men are the human equivalent of those toad dogs

No. 1163910

File: 1651684953968.gif (321.86 KB, 220x220, chaewon-izone.gif)

maybe we should turn this thread into the kpop critical thread, it would be more useful don't you think

No. 1163912

File: 1651684979956.gif (695.11 KB, 280x312, 6867b28addd1a2492c33271d0e31c3…)

I'm not even a kpoper

No. 1163913

that’s a whole faggot

No. 1163915

please no kpop at all

No. 1163916

lolcow is full of males and trannies today

No. 1163917

File: 1651685020833.png (31.49 KB, 286x114, cooltext410093162182860.png)

No. 1163919


No. 1163921

File: 1651685073516.jpg (177.83 KB, 1050x750, STFU.jpg)

Subhumans who shouldn't be allowed to breed, both these plastic monkeys and you subhumans who worship them(embarrassing)

No. 1163922

File: 1651685077417.gif (2.29 MB, 498x498, skz-hyunjin-hyunjin.gif)

he is straight for me.

No. 1163923

shut up moid-let.

No. 1163925

We get it you’re racist and embarrassed that Irish people forgot that there were more crops they could grow than potatoes and died because they’re quite literally the slime babies of europe.

No. 1163932

File: 1651685197850.gif (4.88 MB, 404x498, jennie-blackpink-kpop-heart.gi…)

cry more /pol/fag

No. 1163933

File: 1651685200509.png (95.52 KB, 680x126, Cool Text - I love Lolcor 4100…)

No. 1163934

>they only pop in to cape and ban for corpsehands.
kek, it was so bizarre.

No. 1163936

File: 1651685249795.jpg (81.98 KB, 602x903, main-qimg-2ee6f7763ef78a93499e…)

he has tasty thighs

No. 1163937

No. 1163939

File: 1651685290537.jpg (44.91 KB, 724x723, df736e9d37ebed168539686907e882…)

No. 1163940

welp this mess was fun until the ugly kpoop moid started being spammed

No. 1163941

bangchan will protect me.

No. 1163942

it was never fun you retard

No. 1163943

File: 1651685313388.jpeg (255.56 KB, 1200x1200, E0124AFD-E12F-4E14-AF89-097945…)


No. 1163947

File: 1651685358796.gif (2.09 MB, 498x398, snsd-girlsgeneration.gif)

Me and the girls checking the thread

No. 1163948

wors fucking thread on lolcow. Mods if you read this please move it to manure for posterity.

No. 1163949

wow, the whole gang's here

No. 1163950

File: 1651685374522.jpg (54.76 KB, 564x743, 74393c839c5f2ee41681f6ab738898…)

what is going on?

No. 1163951

moid tier

No. 1163952

all the lolcows on lolcow are here!

No. 1163953

File: 1651685426061.jpg (96.1 KB, 760x863, tumblr_92087053ff5849cc700a2f7…)

its because he had the magic to lock the thread

No. 1163954

not the ezrafags too, this is a fucking cesspool

No. 1163957

not even moid tier anon you need to learn to fight fire with fire

No. 1163958

File: 1651685484874.gif (675.78 KB, 500x264, 214db32938a2693b51a9668f7e78d5…)

excuse me? i just got here

No. 1163959

is this erza? or some random moid

No. 1163960

the best personalityfags are the ones who don't.

No. 1163961

yes it was
this, i wish the kpop posting would just stop. shitposting otherwise is fun but just fucking kpop pics are boring

No. 1163962

amazing anon keep it up

No. 1163963

well get out

No. 1163964

File: 1651685551411.gif (2.46 MB, 498x368, meme-wink.gif)

U & me

No. 1163966

honestly yeah like keep it to twitter i don’t want to see these deformed mockeries and it’s annoying how kpopfags are so insistent on making themselves look insufferable

No. 1163967

so you rather speak to retard killer schizos than look at random pictures? kek this thread never stood a chance.

No. 1163968

has the new admin taken over by now or no? i feel like lc is lawless land these days.

No. 1163972

File: 1651685668164.jpg (52.42 KB, 581x1079, v2527jfclw681.jpg)

he is serving breakfast,lunch and dinner

No. 1163974

File: 1651685678119.gif (901.55 KB, 500x269, SnLJ.gif)

ok i'm going

No. 1163975

there's no variety to kpop pics. just stop. it's not even like posting fun memes, it's just pictures of surgically deformed men and women you stan, it's boring asf

No. 1163976

File: 1651685684020.gif (3.2 MB, 634x640, ezra-miller.gif)

>anon doesn't want kpop fags
is erza better then?

No. 1163977

The one who keeps alogging you is the fucking moid you brought here.
Also you are the one who started drama in the discord judging by posts in the friend finder thread, not the other way around.

No. 1163979

lawless unless a trannyfriend stops by to shit on women, of course

No. 1163981

File: 1651685712931.jpeg (5.56 KB, 229x221, images (17).jpeg)

That makes us cowgirls

No. 1163982

He has boyega's childbearing hips

No. 1163983

I don't stan shit kek I don't like kpop even. I just want this thread locked and moved to manure, that's the fucking point.

No. 1163984

File: 1651685725512.jpg (21.5 KB, 617x303, ddwc2jfclw681.jpg)

No. 1163986

if he cooks he will literally start melting because of all of that plastic surgery, retard.

No. 1163988

No. 1163989

File: 1651685753699.png (665.46 KB, 850x550, 8B8CACDF-BD2C-43CD-93EF-E7B2C9…)

pstt… anon, i don’t know if you this but um… you know he’s booty naked ugly right?

No. 1163990

honestly i’ll take looking at young ezra over kpop faggots, but I still think you bitches are insane

No. 1163991

not really, he's boring too. why cant you people post fun shit, memes and such

No. 1163993

File: 1651685784169.jpg (106.53 KB, 750x495, 1619921949584.jpg)


No. 1163995

No. 1163996

File: 1651685843339.jpg (51.22 KB, 602x735, main-qimg-2eea6aa8280eecd870b9…)

Maybe you would have his body if you didnt have incel genetics and hamburgers stuffed in your mouth.

No. 1163997

oh so you know you're a retarded lolcow on lolcow who posts shit for attention? go back to /pol/

No. 1163999

File: 1651685859720.jpeg (435.71 KB, 813x1130, BAC27A01-54E0-4C0E-91B8-2B9CB5…)


No. 1164000

we get it your a butthurt moid, anything else to add?

No. 1164001

the trannyhand is the catalyst for /manure/ moving, kpop is nowhere near as triggering to mods as that dude's hand is

No. 1164002

File: 1651685871658.jpg (23.82 KB, 436x436, 27ab69624da7d9fa64af276e24c126…)

yes he is so much better
john bogey?

No. 1164003

I have to guess that one of the jannies are definitely a tranny they’re trying to keep hidden. They let men into the LC discord do you really trust them to weed out TRAs from the equation

No. 1164005

File: 1651685912300.jpeg (195.63 KB, 412x595, EB778C52-F628-4D97-B468-536C61…)

Do you agree?

No. 1164006

oli london is based for taking the piss out of trannies though.

No. 1164007

File: 1651685926980.png (295.18 KB, 958x596, imagen_2022-05-04_123855886.pn…)

just here posting a classic!

No. 1164008

No. 1164009

i swear the nasty nail anachan cow is a woman, she talks like all the know-it-all girls i know.

No. 1164010

File: 1651685969054.png (857.92 KB, 900x1125, imagen_2022-05-04_123936348.pn…)

papi guapo grrrr

No. 1164012

File: 1651685985887.gif (323.16 KB, 240x184, A918423F-ECC2-444E-8D43-5C1A32…)

t. adult grown man with undiagnosed aspergers that gets no bitches

No. 1164013

File: 1651685999793.jpg (181.63 KB, 854x1365, tumblr_2de4500e6e1a1a61685315e…)

No. 1164014

File: 1651686013708.png (617.14 KB, 1300x780, imagen_2022-05-04_124015513.pn…)

best big nosed man in hollywood atm

No. 1164015

the "yes it is', it's called a speculum, my boyfriend uses it on me all of the time" post is giving female to you?

No. 1164016

Honestly post him, if the kpop fags don't leave we will post the forbidden man

No. 1164017

File: 1651686048517.jpeg (80.68 KB, 828x933, 5AC84CF3-63E8-470C-A41E-88EA3A…)

No. 1164019

File: 1651686074891.gif (8.79 MB, 387x498, hyunjin-skz.gif)

mods its time to wake up honeys

No. 1164022

excuse me what

No. 1164023

There are no good pics of John Bodisnky

No. 1164024

Yeah I don't understand it myself, Its clear she was female, I feel the nonnas were being willfully ignorant regarding the matter

No. 1164025

schizo moment

No. 1164026

Ok (c)rap-chan

No. 1164027

kek wtf? maybe it's one of those soo kinky beedeeassem types? that's kind of weird… the hand seems female to me but maybe i'm dumb.

No. 1164029

File: 1651686144098.jpg (74.72 KB, 564x564, 3828f2ac53108b287023e50bb77a9f…)

i hope Ezra miller throws a chair at him

No. 1164030

File: 1651686149840.gif (1.7 MB, 320x240, hG3XI_.gif)

This gif doesn't matter unless it includes the part where he tries to shove the controller up his ass

No. 1164032

kek your right, most moids of his phenotype look like that subhuman, we have to pretend that they even look human

No. 1164033

File: 1651686228990.png (1.52 MB, 1084x622, w420240570.png)

I swear to god I want to fuck tim roger's deseased prostitute dick

No. 1164034

silly nonny ezra only assault women

No. 1164036

File: 1651686242489.gif (2.67 MB, 498x277, hyunjin-hwang-hyunjin.gif)

i want to have a threesome with ezra miller and hyunjin. What are you going to do about it.

No. 1164037

yeah, it's not out of the realm of possibility that there's some weird sociopathic woman who is against all types of abortion. i know one other irl, but she's a total religious nut who thinks children who are raped seduced the pedos, she's fucked up like that.

No. 1164038

File: 1651686266512.png (39.37 KB, 1208x505, speculum porn.PNG)

the way he said it was like it's normal or relatable. he posted non-stop about how we're creepy and want to see his nudes or something, all male shit. if you think this is female, you're autistic as shit
it was a man

No. 1164040

File: 1651686283765.jpeg (80.57 KB, 750x290, A9CF8659-9A1A-4EAF-9F28-7271D2…)


No. 1164041

Insane, inside the danger gets me high
Can't help myself got secrets I can't tell
I love the smell of gasoline
I light the match to taste the heat
I've always liked to play with fire
Play with fire
I've always liked to play with fire
I ride (I ride) the edge (the edge)
My speed goes in the red
Hot blood (hot blood), these veins (these veins)
My pleasure is their pain
I love to watch the castles burn
These golden ashes turn to dirt
I've always liked to play with fire
Play with fire
Play with fire
Fire, fire
I've always liked to play with fire
Oh, watching as the flames get higher
Oh, I've always liked to play with (mm)
Right of passage classic havoc
Match in the gas tank
Ooh that's ratchet
Unstoppable legendary animals (mm)
Digital justice
Now you're gonna know us
Hail to the king and queen of the ruckus
Yacht Money wired
No denying
I've always liked to play with fire
Play with fire
I've always liked to play with fire
play with fire
I've always liked to play with fire
Fire, fire
I've always liked to play with fire
I've always liked to play with fire

No. 1164042

File: 1651686299181.jpg (6.04 KB, 259x194, 094307754.jpg)


No. 1164043

lmaooo(calm your autism)

No. 1164044

LMAOOOOO i spitlaughed holy fuckkkk

No. 1164045

Torturing and killing animals as a kid is textbook psychopath/sociopath behaviour.

No. 1164046

File: 1651686340530.jpg (136.09 KB, 620x349, 07575.jpg)

No. 1164048

>listening to neutral milk hotel everyday
Stop this, it will only make things worse

No. 1164049

stream so oppar reaches 30million viewss(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1164050

if you're not going to read everything he posted on unpopular opinions, vent, and on /meta/ then just stop, because it's extremely clear it's a man

No. 1164051

File: 1651686397454.jpg (80.53 KB, 564x846, 4b12a7ba66a3623c91be0d0a93cee8…)

I hope everyone has a good day

No. 1164052


No. 1164053

File: 1651686432829.gif (61.96 KB, 220x139, tim-rogers.gif)

I wish more nonnies knew about tim rogers so we could gush about this retard

No. 1164054

File: 1651686455713.png (187.74 KB, 806x1003, Screenshots_2022-05-04-14-46-3…)

Kek is this the nudes part people keep mentioning?

No. 1164055

File: 1651686474983.png (339.52 KB, 906x544, gfgfggfg.png)

No. 1164056

i literally got banned for spamming 'no u' repeatedly during the whole debacle (it was for 3 hours, i'm not banevading)

No. 1164057

husbandofags should go back to the irl husbandothread where people actually gaf about them. forbiddenman only gets a pass because he's a historically significant meme

No. 1164058

[Pre-Chorus: Han, Changbin]
Mash up, mind blown put my mind on back up
Prototype, on the inside I’m always a freaky monster
Kindness is no longer trеnding, now rotten
You can backbite me as much as you want, I'll ignorе them anyway
Poppin', If you think I'm just pure and innocent, you're wrong
When a favor continues, people think it's their right, toxic
This is what drives me crazy, warning

[Chorus: Felix, Han, Hyunjin, Changbin, (Bang Chan)]
Going crazy, like I have a loose screw maniac
Spinning, going crazy
Maniac walk like Frankenstein
Maniac, maniac (Ha-ha)
Maniac (Oh)
Laugh like I have a loose screw maniac (You can't stop the smoke)
Spinning, going crazy (Thick as fog)
Maniac, a maniac group (We're maniacs)
Maniac, maniac

[Verse 2: Seungmin, Felix, Han]
Like the seam of a torn doll (Ha)
Eventually, you'll expose your real self
In this not easy life
It ain't "live," it's "holding on," yeah

[Refrain: I.N, Lee Know]
Relax everyone, stop pretending to be normal
All of your smiles no fresh
When the locket is open, we're all the same
Your eyes can't fool me, ho

[Pre-Chorus: Changbin, Felix]
This street I'm walking on is a minefield
Like a dormant volcano, never know when it'll all explode
Never know when the calm winds will change
Everyone lives hiding themselves like a sealed tornado
Poppin', if you think I'm just pure and innocent, you're wrong
When a favor continues, people think it's their right, toxic
This is what drives me crazy, warning

[Chorus: Hyunjin, Changbin, Lee Know, Han, (I.N)]
Going crazy, like I have a loose screw maniac
Spinning, going crazy
Maniac walk like Frankenstein
Maniac, maniac (Ha-ha)
Maniac (Oh)
Laugh like I have a loose screw maniac (You can't stop the smoke)
Spinning, going crazy (Thick as fog)
Maniac, a maniac group (We're maniacs)
Maniac, maniac

[Bridge: Hyunjin, I.N, Seungmin]
Eyes filled with lunatic
All senses are tense
Locked up while wrapped up in that pretty package
As time goes by, it'll eventually be revealed
The inner self that was hidden, yeah

[Post-Bridge: Felix, Bang Chan, Changbin]
Maniac, maniac
Maniac, maniac (You cannot stop with this feeling)

[Chorus: Lee Know, Han, Seungmin]
Maniac (Oh)
Laugh like I have a loose screw maniac (You can't stop the smoke)
Spinning, going crazy (Thick as fog)
Maniac, a maniac group (We're maniacs)
Maniac, maniac

No. 1164059

File: 1651686527386.jpg (58.69 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 1164060

did you go to /meta/ and continue to read his repeated pornified sperging? because it continued in meta for hours

No. 1164061


Welcome back romanianon!

No. 1164063

File: 1651686567574.gif (230.39 KB, 220x164, dog-smile.gif)

Das funny

No. 1164064

kpop fags leave this thread

No. 1164065

File: 1651686586880.jpg (13.75 KB, 480x360, dfbdbbdbd.jpg)

No. 1164066

No he also said we couldn't manipulate him into sen ding nudes or doxxing himself or something.

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