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File: 1641146109147.png (249.1 KB, 727x746, moooooo.png)

No. 1013176

Have you found out that if you express anything about a cow inside their thread you get banned or dunked on? Well this is the thread for you!

Do you want to rant about how much you hate a cow without disprupting the thread? Go ahead!
Do you want to sympathize with the cow and talk about how it's not too late to change? Do it sister!
Do you want to talk about your life (blogpost) and compare it to the cow in question? Here's the place?
Express yourself etc. Have fun!

Post your pessimistic, optimistic, negative, controversial, rude, or relatable takes.

(Also this is not a thread to complain about threads, bans, or mods, do that on /meta/. However you can complain about the fanbase of the cow or the people who dislike the cow here.)

Previous thread: >>>/ot/924393

No. 1013181

There's something about that fridge-shaped, FAS looking dollar store belle delphine knockoff, both in looks and personality, that makes me want to a-log so bad. And I wish her threads would get autosaged because she's clearly both self-posting and bumping them for attention, which she can't even get from showing her crusty holes to scrotes, which is somehow both sad and hilarious.

No. 1013211

I did not see skeleton butthole on the ana thread. I did not wish to see it. Why do skeletons have buttholes. I did not have to see it. Her spoop hole has more meat, skin and melanin than the entirety of her back

No. 1013274

File: 1641154285083.jpg (2.09 MB, 4032x3024, 1640929352364.jpg)

No. 1013276

Good job nona but what the fuck.

No. 1013296

I didn't realize there were this fucking many

No. 1013300

This seems like high amounts of autism to me

No. 1013304

It's a lot more than autism.

No. 1013315

can we get a thread on her? does she still cam?

No. 1013316

File: 1641156216284.png (17.38 KB, 128x128, AZTDUNj.png)

No. 1013317

Holy shit anon, well done. I was hoping someone would do this huge task. Go do something relaxing, I'm sure this was stressful.

No. 1013323

She has a Twitch channel Steve linked on his Facebook

No. 1013328

holy shit, just realized >>866760 is a reply to my reply to her kek
idk I wouldn't wish the thread on her, her life is hard enough

No. 1013331

can you post the link?

No. 1013343

>Looks like the rad fems are here lmao prostitution has been around since the BC era if anyone is mad about ppl using their vagina or tits for money they’re just mad nobody wants to pay to see their bits or they’d be taking advantage of these dumb degenerates too kek
What the actual fuck. I wonder if I missed any of her posts in Luna's thread(s) (I don't follow Shayna)

No. 1013347

I was about to give up because I am retarded and kept getting the post links wrong, but I'm pretty sure that these are her as well.
I remembered the last one in particular because it was so deranged and hypocritical that I took a screenshot of it, but I didn't know it was her at the time.

No. 1013356

that is not even my post retardo. I would never post something like that 40% of the posts anon linked are not mine. It's very easy to spread misinformation about someone

No. 1013361

So she was 60% accurate huh. Which ones do you not claim and do you want to add some to the collection?

No. 1013365

It's Kafkaesqueroach

No. 1013366

>No matter how bad my suffering will get I will never commit suicide. I will never harm this body. There is no point for me to harm this beautiful body that was given to me by nature just because society is shit, just because I have been abused, just because I have been given a shitty chance at life.
That's some Kaori Yuki shit. I can hear Rociel saying that, maybe exchanging nature with "God"
so are you saying that your "rad fems" have become so iconic someone else was impersonating you? Damn

No. 1013382

yeah, the last one is definitely her.

Sure jan. Let me guess, it was random discord people impersonating you again?

No. 1013391

I dont know, it simply isn't my post. I am honest. I would never say "woah woah you're just jealous nobody wants to see you naked" that's a stupid fallacious argument. I'm also definitely not the only person that has ever used "rad fem" on lolcow.

No. 1013398

>I am honest.
Samefagging and viciously vendettaposting some random Ukrainian girl isn't honest.

No. 1013427

File: 1641161066985.jpg (27.34 KB, 500x500, artworks-000605120581-0gvh46-t…)

>I'm also definitely not the only person that has ever used "rad fem" on lolcow.
Picrel, you were the first one for sure. I can maybe believe some anon made one or two larping posts since you were pretty much personalityfagging, but that's it.

No. 1013443

Why do you think that first poster is her?

No. 1013703

I wish they'd lock or at least autosage the Luna Aquaphine thread. It wasn't even that milky to begin with and it's just full of trolling now. Or maybe Luna ("cami chan") sent those trolls and that was her plan all along… kind of doubt it though.

No. 1013711

Its not Luna, its a known spammer from /snow/ who bumps threads to get a reaction out of people. He reads the complains on /meta/ and gets super happy when you mention him. Because of this mods have to delete most of his comments every few hours cause he is active on LC every single day. He explained that he likes being able to "kill" threads of cows he doesnt like and has killed multiple of them.
He doesnt care who Luna is, he doesnt care about the Bella thread etc Cyr etc he just likes the attention he gets when people rage because those dead threads are bumped to the first page. Thats it. I dont doubt that Luna lurks here but the bump sperg has nothing do to with her, nona.

No. 1013753

Well I never said it was Luna herself, more like a white knight. And I know that the Bump guy isn't there for her and that he does it for a lot of threads. But if you read that thread it's full of other sperging and has been for a while and I don't think it's just him. But Idk.

No. 1013862

I feel like Luna is so intriguing not only because of the trainwreck she is, but also because it's so easy to see potential in her. She could easily develop her art skills more, and she could be really pretty. I still hope someday she ditches Lurch, gets fully clean and just disappears from the internet.

No. 1013880

File: 1641204138799.jpeg (22.49 KB, 340x247, 1632944581321.jpeg)

Venus whole life makes me feel so sad. Each time I browse her thread it makes me all hollow inside. I was bored and watched Tangled the other day and it really made me think of her. She really should write a book about her fucked up life and upbringing. I've also always hated how adult weebs like Sharla and Einshine shat on her

No. 1013884

People in her thread are utter retards, i go there sometimes just to laugh at them.

No. 1013965

>the glue sniffing post near the end

No. 1013971

>I think lolcow has made my mental health worse. I genuinely think this place is horrible, but in a way I've been addicted to it. I've been browsing since I was underaged and it literally changed the way my mind developed. It made me be overly critical of my looks, actions, motifs and so on. This place is hell and I'm getting an website blocker to stop me from ever going on here again
I cant believe she blamed lolcow for her mind wrongly developing among glue sniffing, poverty, abuse etc. What the hell

No. 1013985

The funniest thing is her unironic defense of Shayna in her big satire rant about lolcow users. Being angry at people who have privileges and waste them and then defending Shayna is so bizarre. Shayna turned down a fully paid for education because she thinks that "sex work" and being kidnapped are cute tumblr aesthetics. She is the definition of the person Romanian-chan says she hates, and yet gets a pass because she thinks "sex work is work" unlike the evil lolcow neet anachan radfems who apparently ruined Romanian's life.

No. 1013995

new post

No. 1013998

from romani anon

No. 1014002

but Shayna has bipolar or whatever, so I guess she isn't an evil 1st world woman even though plenty of anons have that and worse, but it doesn't count.
I used to feel awful for whatever happened to Romania-chan on the discord, but now I wonder if she wasn't already so insufferable before the evil "rad fems" harassed her. I'm not saying they were in the right, but I think that it's very likely that both sides were horrible.

No. 1014005

She later did shit on shayna when she noticed the ddlg degeneracy

No. 1014007

new favorite thing from her posts
I thought she is fucked since she cannot find a job and it's not a choice???
Weird to see the last real marxist asking me to stop participating in a contest from Netflix Tv series

No. 1014011

well Shayna is less hypocritical than many many posters on here. At least she doesn't shit on other women from her high horse of radical feminism. YOU CANNOT BE A RADFEM AND SHIT ON SEX WORKERS AS A RADFEM YOU NEED TO FUCKING RECOGNIZE THAT THIS FUCKED UP WORLD CONDITIONS WOMEN TO FUCKED UP THIgNS YOU CANNOT BE A RADFEM AND THEN SHIT ON OTHER WOMEN FOR HAVING DIFFERENT OPINIONS OR FOR ENDING UP IN SW. I DON'T THINK SEX WORK IS REAL WORK OR WHATEVER LIBERAL BULLSHIT YOU ARE TRYING TO PUT ON MY SHOULDERS. A lot of women end up in sex work due to a pletora of causes ranging from poverty to mental illness. I am not actually stupid and I know 1st world women can suffer from mental illness that's why I always whiteknight Venus. I literally whiteknight Venus, Moo, Luna and Shayna. I simply do not think they are any bad at all and they are literally posted here due to the extreme internalized misogyny of the farms. Encouraging sex work and brainwashing women into it is not the way to go, but persecuting the women that end up in it is never good either. RADICAL FEMINISM ISNT A RIGHT WING MOVEMENT WHERE YOU PUNISH WOMEN FOR BEING "WHORES".

Many of you assume I am jealous of 1st world women or that I dont think they should complain or whatever if I am jealous and think they cannot suffer then why do I whiteknight cows and see their perspectives and empathize with them??? Now you will say that radical feminists are not even posting in Shayna, Venus, Moo threads but I know for a fact that they are. This place is literally built on mysoginy and hating women, nitpicking their looks and so on. If I criticize this aspect of lolcow it does not mean Im encouraging sex work in society, that I think 4chan is better or that I love trannies. I hate trannies so fucking much. I think trannies are literally the manifestation, the phenomenological social manifestation of women being given rights in society. Being a troon is the most mysoginistic shit both as a ftm and as a mtf. I just think that a lot of posters here are hypocritical and browsing lolcow since very young has made me more mysoginistic. It made me very critical towards women and their looks and made me hold them at an unachievable standard. I was very stupid when I was younger and I thought everything posted in cows threads is so truee but now that Im older I have realized it is literally just some vendetta chans demonizing the women that are "cows" using their words to manipulate and convince others into thinking that the cow is horrible. I've literally seen a girl die of an overdose on lolcow and the posts in her thread were pretty much like "she should have seen that coming". This place is inherently mysoginistic and hateful towards women and most of the girls that post in cow threads are just projecting their insecurity on the cow. There are hundreds of thousands of bitches that are into DDLG on the internet and they do not have threads on here. Why? Because they are not as ugly and mentally ill as Shayna, but persecuting a woman for being ugly and mentally ill is mysoginistic. Why aren't the other hundreds of ddlg women being posted? There are millions of unhinged women with onlyfans on the internet but they did not have the misfortune to have 10 vendetta chans from their circle make a thread on them(autism)

No. 1014013

she types so fucking fast

No. 1014014

>I literally whiteknight Venus, Moo, Luna and Shayna. I simply do not think they are any bad at all and they are literally posted here due to the extreme internalized misogyny of the farms.
How do you feel about Luna and Shayna having many chances to better their lives and take advantage of all the western privileges?

No. 1014016

stop personalityfagging and just use /ot/ like many other anons who dislike the drama boards for the reasons you mentioned. or go on cc if lc as a whole is a place you think is not good for you mentally, which is understandable, more so if you were very young. mostly just stop being so identifiable.

No. 1014017

Kek, she's just a narc lying. She thinks not being ass kissed is being abused and peoples suffering is a contest so all her thoughts and actions no matter how dumb or dangerous should be excused.

No. 1014027

They are mentally ill. I know a lot of people on here are mentally ill too although some of them are faking trauma. A lot of people nowadays fake trauma or exaggerate it. I only attacked the posters because they attacked me and they are not the angels they pretend to be or the virtuous feminists they pretend to be. They didn't have privileges at all!!!! Do you think I am actually stupid? I am not! Most of the things I post are very chaotic because I am very impulsive and I literally could not develop my language properly. I cannot truly express the real form of my thoughts so I end up writing angry rants that are sort of pseudo-ironic. Life is harsh and people have their issues. I do not think Shayna and Luna are privileged at all!!! They are not rich or well off or from good families. A surprising amount of anons on lolcow are actually privileged like rich like actually rich and they shit on less fortunate women than themselves. You can be privileged and rich if you are born in 3rd world too and be poor, abused and born in misfortune in the 1st world. But if you weight both situations it is worse to be born poor and in a bad environment in 3rd world than 1st world. I think America is a pretty shit country and if you are not rich you are fucked. I think Luna is a very creative individual but she comes from a bit of an unfortunate life situation that did not allow her to reach her full potential so she completely gave up on life since her socio economical situation didnt allow her to do that. Most artists or people in good places in life are born rich to somewhat stable families. Luna was born to a family of middle class junkies, she was born to drug addicts. Because of the socialization her parents gave her her parents being junkies she ended up fetishizng drugs and she could never be on the same level as her peers that were interested in art. Most people in art circles come from well off families. She didn't have many chances to redeem herself, her life has been forever fucked by her bad socialization as a child. Humans in bad situations do not end up there because they want to. They end up there because of their circumstances. Same with Shayna. I do not know much about her but I think she must have gone through abuse to end up humiliating and hurting herself this much. She used to be a young pretty girl with a following and she ruined herself. Most women that humiliate and ruin themselves were severely abused as children.

No, but urging me to kill myself when I dont kiss your ass is abuse. I dont want my ass kissed. I want to not be forced to kiss the asses of others or they turn against me.

No. 1014030

Thank you, I overall agree with your POV in the post.
>A surprising amount of anons on lolcow are actually privileged like rich like actually rich and they shit on less fortunate women than themselves.
How do you know? I haven't been taking count so maybe that's why I didn't notice that. I remember one bait post like 'damn, feels good to be born in a rich family and do nothing while wagecucks slave away' but IDK if there was any truth in that.

No. 1014032

>A lot of people nowadays fake trauma or exaggerate it.
Kek, sounds like you.
You're literally just NPD.
>'Everyones against me.'
>'Me. me. me'
Always about you.

She doesn't know kek. She just assumes she has it worse so anyone who disagrees with her must have it better, not a different perspective or expectation of personal responsibility. People lie online all the time, so why should she be believed, and if she should be believed, other third world anons have called her deranged npd.

People just lie online. Shocking. Sorry anons aren't pro-prostitution and think cammers saying sex work is real work is dangerous and leads to prostitution legalisation by sanitising and combining all forms of sex work, allowing human trafficking to increase as well as mistreatment of woman. It must be so hard for you.

No. 1014037

You reminded me of that one poll from many years ago according to which most lolcow users are rich amerifags kek. I don't believe it, though

No. 1014038

that's literally not what I have said. Stop misinterpreting my posts and making up shit that is not real. You sound like a right winger. Sorry, right wingers cannot be radfems. Radfem is Marxist and leftist ideology. I am not "pro-prostitution" I think it should be abolished from society but IT IS NOT ABSOLISHED IT EXISTS AND THIS IS THE REALITY WE ARE FACED WITH. Does that mean we should persecute the women that end up in it? No! They have their reasons. If you persecute the women that end up in it you are not stopping sex trafficking.You need to persecute the men, not the woman. The dirty scrote sitting in his chair that allows Onlyfans to exist and capitalizes off of it. Cammers saying sex work is real work is not fucking dangerous and does not lead to prostitution you stupid Mongoloid right winger woman. DO YOU KNOW WHO MAKES SEX WORK A THING AND WHO HAS MADE SEC WORK A THING IN SOCIETY? MEN!!!!!!!! NOT WOMEN!!!! IT IS CORPORATIONS RAN BY MEN SHILLING SEX WORK. IF SOME THOTINNA POSTS "SEX WORK IS REAL WORK ON TWITTER" SHE IS NOT GROOMING WOMEN. IT IS THE MULTI DOLLAR COMPANIES RAN BY MEN THAT SECRETLY ADVERTISE SEX WORK IN SOCIETY. Go back to your stupid scrotes right wing scum. Radical feminism isn't for right wingers that hate women. Maybe put the blame of prostitution on the shoulders of those that have created the problem and basically run the entire businesses which are MEN. Persecuting a thot for saying "sex work is real work" won't bring any real change to society and it is just a way for you to basically humiliate and patronize other women you redeem as inferior because you are a brain dead right winger. Radical feminism is not for righties. I'm sorry you're too stupid to see the real issue which is men and you want to persecute women enslaved in the system made by men so badly

No. 1014044

>Cammers saying sex work is real work is not fucking dangerous
of course it is, they lure young girls into this selling them the fantasy that it is empowering and you are draining men's wallets bs and freshly 18 girls are stumbling over themselves to make of accounts and put a price on their bodies and shit because it is cool and they are stupid kids. and almost every anon here believes the main cause is men, has anyone denied that? the anons here keep shilling the nordic model and whatnot. to put the pimps, johns behind bars and not the disadvantaged women.
also, nta but stop assuming things about other anons since you clearly hate when it is done to you.

No. 1014049


I am surprised at the amounts of women on lolcow and all around the internet that are right wingers and appropriate radical feminism. No! You cannot be left wing and right wing simultaneously. Learn some real history of politics. If you kiss the poopy rectums of right wingers which hate women and then claim to be a radfem you are most likely a mysoginist yourself that wants women in the kitchen. Radical feminism is FUCKIGN MARXIST STUPID RIGHT WINGER and it presents true liberation from PATRIARCHY. RIGHT WINGERS WANT WOMEN TO BE HANDMAIDENS IN THE KITCHEN POPPING UP BABIES. THAT IS NOT LIBERARION. SEX WORK IS NOT LIBERARION EITHER BUT THAT IS NOT LIBERATION EITHER.

Yes but you have to realize that those women are urged and encouraged by the corporations ran by men to say those things. Men could put an end to all of this but they do not want to because it makes them money. The scrote ran corporations such as Twitter, Onlyfans and so on are all responsible for it. But you have to consider that women that end up in sex work do not end up there because some thot says "sex work is real work" the reasons they end up there are much more metaphysical and deep. A lot of the women in sex work is real work communities end up there because the entire world is persecuting them for something that isn't even their fault and is the fault of history, society. You are putting the blame on women when the blame is on men. Even camehores saying sex work is real work is a result of society which has been ran by men. The assumption I have made about you is totally true. You are a right winger. Genuine feminists Ive talked to never put the blame on women. Only right wing radfem LARPERs put the blame on women for prostitution

No. 1014052

Stop shitting every single thread holy shit

No. 1014057

i've told you i'm not >>1014032 and i'm not a right-winger nor am i a radfem (i don't think i've done much to call myself a radfem). we have, through music, media and popculture made sugar-babying, sexwork and other stuff appealing to young girls and women who repeat this bullshit should bear responsibility. of course, the main culprit are men, they are the biggest consumers and the producers. this does not absolve women from all responsibility. abuse someone may have gone through is an explaination and not an excuse. i cannot go and do/say something vile and expect no one to call me out because i say 'oh well, i got assaulted for years as a child so…'. it doesn't work that way. that's an excuse scrotes use to justify their crimes.

No. 1014097

>At least she doesn't shit on other women from her high horse of radical feminism.
kek, yes, only you are allowed to do that

No. 1014119

you need to step away from your historical lense. right now sex work is being heavily glamorized by weathly women in the mainstream media, mostly in music, by women directed at younger teen girls, so yes it's doing real damage. that's not to say that the women doing this aren't victims of our oppressive society, and that men aren't the root cause, but let others talk about what women are contributing to the problem. it's a real issue that should be addressed.

No. 1014127

you're not wrong that it's cognitive dissonance. radical feminism and the right wing are wholly incompatible, but the reports of radfems - actual radfems - placing the blame on actually, truly vulnerable women who have no other option seems highly dramatized, sorry. not sure where you're seeing this so frequently and to the degree you claim, but it's not really present for us on the site? it has been repeated over and over and over again that users who frequent /ot/, /g/, and /m/ have very little overlap with the drama boards. admin herself confirms this (and she dislikes it, notably). admin has said this many times.

i agree with you that all these camgirls are pressured and hold little power so they shouldn't be the ones made to feel wholly accountable, but i'm really not seeing so many instances where they are blamed like you say. all women who enter the field are victims, but some have more of a choice than others. given that you are aware that wealthier "first world" people often have more options, it's odd that you can't see why people mildly critique a "thot" for perpetuating the cycle and downplaying negatives (yes, it is for their own benefit, but also to the benefit of these men who are exploiting them). yes, they're small cogs in a large machine, i'm pretty sure all people you see criticizing (specifically already fairly well off) onlyfans girls and stuff are very aware they're not in charge of much.

No. 1014143

>be me
>26 year old scrote who likes helping people
>post in vent thread on women's anime larp and e-drama forum giving advice because you never went to college to be a therapist due to life circumstance and the userbase is wonderful and full of opportunity to provide genuine compassion and advice to struggling users
>random anon asks you to share contact information
>oblige naturally because, why not, opportunity to give emotional support and help someone
>wow I feel bad for this girl, someone should love her
>3 months - 2 days later
>see this compilation of your girlfriends posts(retard moid)

No. 1014147

help people by killing yourself.

No. 1014153

nobody cares Steven. I am more wanted then you are wanted here simply because I do not have a dick in my pants. Can you just fucking accept you are not helping anyone? You are infiltrating a space for women. You have lied to me that you are a woman and lead me on. Go be a therapist somewhere else. I also wanted to be very many things and couldn't due to socio economical circumstances but I am still more fit to be on here simply because I am a woman and this is the only female space on the internet. You literally have the entire internet where you can be an armchair psychologist for scrotes or women. Why pick lolcow? A place you shouldn't be at. Now you are trying to make anons like you since I am not liked here. YOU ARE A MOID. YOU HAVE A COCK. YOU DO NOT BELONG HERE!!!!!! STOP BEING A MANIPULATIVE PIECE OF SHIT AND TWISTING IT YOUR WAY AND DOING VIRTUE SIGNALING "UHHH I AM JUST HERE TO HELP WOMEEENN". You simply do not belong here! Accept it. You literally have the entire internet to LARP as a therapist.

No. 1014155

>misogynistic, racist incel who catfishes as a woman to trick women can't resist trying to defend himself
Fuck off

No. 1014159

kill yourself steven and never quote me again

No. 1014165

Kys already, incel. You can't sit with us.

No. 1014166

scrotes are so fucking pathetic. i can almost hear this faggot's huge ego from here. the mask of friendliness and harmlessness may as well be transparent. ew. and i dislike the romani personalityfag too.

No. 1014179

Before anyone misunderstands, not Steven
>Why pick lolcow? A place you shouldn't be at. Now you are trying to make anons like you since I am not liked here.
Serious question, why haven't you moved to crystal.cafe? There are no cow boards there and the atmosphere is more relaxed (or at least rules used to be, I remember anons making random threads for their current issues)

No. 1014181

Attention whoring is pretty much universally despised across all imageboards and since she can't help but use the entire board as her personal diary, they'll probably get sick of her after awhile too.

No. 1014193

Agree they would get sick of her if she continued sperging, but it seems like a better place for her since she despises the farms for cow boards. Also CC allowed radfem threads when lolcow has banned related topic

No. 1014200

There's a difference with most women who support the industry vs men though. Men RUN an industry that profits off women, and the women who participate in it are doing so mostly as a needs to survive. I agree with you that there are predatory natures in the sex industry that women perpetrate (I've seen enough of ddlg twitter) but for the most part a lot of sex workers irl just want sex work to be seen as any other job, a means to an end. It's really a lot of online sex workers you see who like to glamorise the industry as a form of cope and to snatch up affiliate links from young gullible women and earn their money that way.

I'm more neutral on sex work hence the push back to your comment, but I really think romanianon has some correct points here.

No. 1014215

i said she did already too. it's correct that men run it, but it's extremely ironic that romanianon is openly jealous and extremely, extremely hostile towards first world women due to their relative privilege to the point where first world women can't even complain about their own lives without her going off on them, so it's a little hypocritical when she comes here saying a few women are horrible for recognizing women with enough privilege and security to not engage in sex work, promote it, or goad less fortunate girls into sex work, should maybe not do that thing if possible. there's a difference between suggesting "that's maybe not such a great thing to do for you or for others if possible, it's not a suggestible choice for the future" and what she's trying to claim radfems are commonly doing. come on now.

her biggest issue is that she's constantly presuming to know what boards and threads users and particular types of posters tend to use as if she knows for a fact that, say, the weirdos mocking venus heavily are the same ones claiming to support vulnerable women. they're most likely not. we've had a drastic split here for a long time now.

No. 1014217

No i get you, my point was essentially a broken clock is right twice a day

No. 1014218

>a lot of sex workers irl just want sex work to be seen as any other job
I'm sure most of them want to get out of it than care about this. Considering a majority of sexworkers are trafficked women and children or sexwork is their last resort somehow. Not counting strippers, the like and women doing sexwork on the side while in college or something.

No. 1014224

Majority? Like world wide? Got a source for that?
We're talking first world countries here, and while trafficking and pimps are a side of sex work, a good majority is just women who work the job out of necessity. Maybe given prostitution is legal here and trafficking rarely happens when there's a lot of opportunity for women to make that money safely (in brothels and taking privates knowing they won't face legal consequences) but there are mothers, women who haven't had the ability to study, women needing "fast" money coming out of abusive relationships, or just women who've done it for years and it's all they know. I find it weird how much of sex work is generalised on here, but I guess many of you haven't interacted with many in person sex workers in your life to know they're just regular people, working to survive, or life comfortably.
Also to respond to your first point, of course they don't want to do it forever. A woman's body could not handle it. That's a moot point when taken into context how physically and mentally taxing sex work is.

No. 1014240

I am talking worldwide, I am not from a firstworld country. I'm from a third-word muslim country where most people in sexwork have no other choice/were forced into it. I know one girl forced to sell sex by her own father and brother.
According to this, https://journalistsresource.org/criminal-justice/human-trafficking/
>82% of suspected incidents were classified as sex trafficking; nearly half of these involved victims under the age of 18.
Most trafficking is for sexwork.
And if this https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1986065 is correct then legalization leads to more trafficking for sexwork.
>On average, countries where prostitution is legal experience larger reported human trafficking inflows.
I've only read the abstract but this one says, https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1300/J189v02n03_03
>We interviewed 854 people currently or recently in prostitution in 9 countries (Canada, Colombia, Germany, Mexico, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, United States, and Zambia), inquiring about current and lifetime history of sexual and physical violence. We found that prostitution was multitraumatic: 71% were physically assaulted in prostitution; 63% were raped; 89% of these respondents wanted to escape prostitution, but did not have other options for survival.
I cannot support this. I would try to find more sources but I need to complete my irl responsibilities.

No. 1014252

what do you mfs not understand about the sentiment that "privileged women with options are doing a disservice to potentially themselves, and certainly other women, by normalizing sex work as a legitimate career path relatively free of risk"? why are you people constantly trying to conflate lukewarm criticism of women with options and suggestions to them to not become a victim and unwitting perpetuator of a the "fun and liberating career" meme (that leaves many of them, at the very least, emotionally and psychologically traumatized), with unwarranted and unmerited criticism of the critically desperate? sorry, imo, it's helpful for girls to tell their girlfriends and warn their girlfriends in the first world to not fall victim to this meme and for girls and women to be fully aware of their options and the pitfalls of this "career" choice that is sold to women and girls in stable situations. same goes for the many pitfalls that come with most "easy and fun careers" that tend to be rife with occupational hazards the wealthy want these workers to overlook. if it sounds too good to be true, on some level, it probably is. "destigmatizing" it in germany has still led to the same point - trafficked girls, or heavily vulnerable women and girls, and even advertised!! pregnant women stuck at all-you-can-fuck rape dens for €80 a night.

anyways, i'm still not seeing the level of alleged vitriol towards sex workers, specifically from radfems, that romanianon is claiming is so prevalent. i see that shit when it comes to camgirls vendetta-ing each other and insane venus haters that are clearly a certain brand of unrelated user, but that's mostly it?

again, all women who engage in most forms of sex work are still unwitting victims to factors and pressures they may overlook or not consider at the time, imo, and the responsibility lies on men's shoulders. though women who are cognizant of their complicity that are high up do deserve blame as well, sorry.

No. 1014254

Nobody buys your shit, ugly moid. How exactly did you plan to "help" someone by pretending to be a woman, flirt with her, get her nudes and then dox her? You took advantage of a vulnerable person and as shitty as she is, you'll always be twice as deranged than she could ever be. How does it feel to be more insane than someone who literally killed their cat?

No. 1014258

I want to have a proper read of the links you gave anon but I'm tired so I'll do it once I've slept a little. However skimming it, it doesn't seem like you answered my question. I was asking for a source on your claim that sex trafficking accounts for a majority of what is considered sex work universally. That's just simply not true.
And the first article you linked reported 2,515 cases of sex trafficking over 10 years ago. This doesn't even tell us how many are being trafficked in proportion with working women who do it for themselves and for a living. And given prostitution is illegal in most states….well…. you're not going to get that data.

While human trafficking is awful, the numbers cited on this are not nearly as high as you're making them out to be. I also don't doubt being in a 3rd world muslim country, your experiences and knowledge of sex work is going to be very different from mine.

Just skimming the second link now nonnie and it's very interesting. I'll have to get back to you on that. I don't doubt there would be an increase in trafficking but I'm curious to read why or what theories there are for it.

No. 1014262

Your post is really hard to read, or maybe I'm just an autist lol.
Tbh nonnie women can do whatever they want with their lives. Not to be a socialist but we all have to survive under capitalism, and plenty of jobs are just as soul sucking, demeaning, and derogatory as sex work. I've seen people in wagie jobs that have caused them to completely crumble and descend into drug/alcohol abuse. Sex work, like any work, is a result of a system of profit over anything else, and you can't blame individual women trying to survive in that for a system at large that does not care about them.
I don't know why trafficked women are always brought up the second any kind of sex work is spoken about, because while they do exist I feel like it's just nonnies deflecting because they don't want to have to face that real, regular women just do it, go about their lives and should be able to do so freely without being put in jail for trying to make a living.

No. 1014272

>plenty of jobs are just as soul sucking, demeaning, and derogatory as sex work. I've seen people in wagie jobs that have caused them to completely crumble and descend into drug/alcohol abuse.
yes, but there's a difference between having a stressful job, and potential stalkers, people who are basically believing they are entitled to your body, being assaulted, being raped for money (depending), these vulnerabilities being used against you potentially all your life if online or videographed/photographed… i'd be pretty fearful for good reason. once again, this refers to people with the good fortune enough to choose. almost all surveys on strippers report that 82-100% of strippers in america and other western countries have been physically assaulted. sorry, but working as a boring-ass book-keeper is considerably less likely to land you in a position of physical assault, blackmailed, and god knows what else.

No. 1014284

>plenty of jobs are just as soul sucking, demeaning, and derogatory as sex work
The murder rate for prostitutes eclipses that of the general population. Please stfu.

No. 1014291

I don't think any study will be able to correctly assess the number of women willingly participating in selling sex to the number of women forced into it.
About your last paragraph, I think some say it is because the demand is higher and to fulfill the demand, they need to coerce women into it. I'm not sure myself and I don't believe in criminalizing prostitution since this will just put the women in worse conditions. Also, I have heard in some places with decriminalized prostitution, it improves the situation. It's, like most things, nuanced.
But if I could cut off the penis of every man who bought sex, I would.

No. 1014294

Sexual harassment can happen in any workplace. In saying that, I understand there's a higher chance of it happening in sex work. I'm not denying at all the industry is dangerous, in fact I'm aware it's a dangerous industry. And women who get into it should be aware of those risks, support should be given to those who are in this sort of work, etc.
What I'm trying to say is that at its core, sex work will exist regardless, and instead of completely banning it when, as I mentioned, many if not most women use it as a means to survive, it's best to put foundations in place to make it as safe as possible. Out right banning it is going to turn more women to pimps and the streets.

When I say
>plenty of jobs are just as soul sucking, demeaning, and derogatory as sex work
I meant that there are people who work in slaughter houses for less than minimum wage, having to see animals die in front of them every day. There are factory workers dying in tornados because they were not allowed to leave, for what… $10 an hour? Pissing in bottles?
Sex work encompasses all those things I said, but it carries the weight of being an inherently misogynistic industry. Treating it like it should just go away when it's so weaved into our culture is idealistic at best and delusional at worst. I wish we could live in a world where sex work does not exist, but I don't think that world could exist.
Sorry for not clarifying.

No. 1014297

>sex work has to exist because it's part of a capitalist system and all work is degrading anyway
I here this take so often and it's completely detached from reality. It doesn't matter what the prevailing economical system is, prostitution will exist. There was prostitution in the USSR. At one point prostitutes were rounded up into gulags for forced labour because being a sex worker wasn't regarded as real work.

I have worked a really shit office job that was so bad it made me want to kill myself, yet I do not think it was worse than being forced into sex work. As bad as it was, I still kept my bodily and sexual autonomy and I did not have to be violated by disgusting men.

No. 1014301

File: 1641237692251.jpg (6.43 MB, 720x602, hOwKwMq.jpg)

AYRT and yes I very much agree with you. It's a very nuanced topic and given it's very topical, people tend to have very strong stances.
I would love to help you slice and dice their wieners nonnie.

No. 1014307

Stop this fucking narrative that manual labor is equal to sex work. A factory job will never be as demeaning, sexually exploitative, mentally abusive and future ruining as getting pounded every day for money. It is simply not the same.

No. 1014310

No. 1014327

If I work in a factory, I get benefits, I get insurance, I get a set income every month, I can get credit, I can get a nice place of my own, I get work experience that helps getting better jobs in the future, I can denounce things, I can grow in my workplace and achieve things.

Slut jobs give you STDs, your anus rips, you get hit, spitted on choked, you have nowhere to run, no job experience, you are a slut and can't get a normal job anymore. You sleep in motels and do drugs. It's clearly not the same.

No. 1014328

I'm not saying manual labor is equal to sex work, I'm saying it's complicated. There are jobs out that are demeaning, even sexually exploitative (music industry, film industry) and mentally abusive. Sex work is a job that can encompass all three but just because someone IS a sex worker doesn't mean it WILL encompass all those things. A cam or phone sex worker who works from home, sets her own hours and works for herself is much better off than someone in the service industry relying on tips to survive and getting demeaned without being able to fight back in fear of losing their job.
Lastly, the only reason sex work is future ruining is because of stigma around sex work which anons on here contribute to. I realise that's where you run into the danger of swinging the other way and you have the twitter thot "sex work is empowering!! It's so fun y'all have to try it!!" which is gross and predatory.
This is where I'm at a loss, you know? What do we do with that?


You…. you know what a straw man that is right? You know how I mentioned that farmers tend to generalize sex work as an all encompassing narrative? that's what I mean. I really don't know how to respond to this.

No. 1014341

No one really gives a fuck about the privileged woman who does phone sex for some extra cash or sells lingerie pics online to coomers, and that's why I purposely disregarded them. If someone's biggest problem is that people think it's trashy and stigmatize it, they actually have it very good, but then they turn around and liken themselves to women who are actually suffering because victimhood is literal currency/authority within liberal spheres of discussion and they can't resist
In fact, the word "sex work" is a meme because it presupposes those two groups are anywhere near the same league as those forced to let men use their bodies to survive. They're not, and we all know it, but it's so much easier for first worlders to pretend it's some 50/50 deal where they're the same amount of people and all their voices must be heard to the same extent. It's wrong and dishonest. A woman pops up and says "Hey, sex worker here! The biggest problem isn't abuse and STD rampancy, it's that my parents don't like it!" when people are trying to talk about those who are actively victimized, and then it turns out she's never non-consensually had to touch a single dick or let any man touch her in her life, but since she hid behind the all-encompassing term "sex work", no one called her out. The 1% living well appoint themselves to speak for the 99% in these discussions, and because their dishwater "Um I'm just trying to pay my bills, stop slut-shaming me, this is real work that I chose" experiences are easier to swallow when you live in a heavily pornified society, their short-sighted, solipsistic takes are placed at the forefront by coomers, pimps and misogynists. If you're really dedicated to this "Well it's all labor" argument, it's like letting executives and people with cushy office jobs speak on work itself, talking over swathes of manual laborers, sweatshop workers, slaughterhouse workers, etc, except increase the latter's abuse by like 100. Women suffering are disregarded and placed in the background for the sake of maintaining coomer culture and centering the voices of privileged, sometimes outright narcissistic women who really just want to make people click their profiles and shill their Patreon on Twitter when they derail these discussions at the end of the day

No. 1014342

I'm just gonna tell you this. The predominant ideology of our society, the geist that runs society is "free market capitalism". If you consider some 80 IQ retard doing ASMR on Youtube work and he is a "content creator" then it is only natural that in this reality- in the way the world functions right now (not your imagined interpretation of how the world works) a woman that gets naked on the internet for money is also considered a WORKER since she makes money off of it. To say that women that end up in this trade need to be accepted and not shunned socially is not promoting sex work. There's no reason to persecute women for a system that results from men. The way society runs now (free market capitalism) is men's idea since they have ran society ideologically throughout human history and they are still the ones holding most power- literally 99% percent of economical/poltical power is held by men. I do not think sex work is a good career choice or it is IDEAL and in my perfect world I would not ALLOW it to exist. But this is the real world where humans struggle from lack of capital and many of us have been sexualized since our childhood and not to mention finding a job is very hard and for most women very objectifying.

Sex work is also a broad term it includes the following: Hookers and prostitutes that make 10$ daily from sucking cock. Prostitutes that make millions yearly from sucking cock. Camgirls and onlyfans girls that never meet up with their clients. There are camgirls and onlyfans girls that dont even get naked and there are those that do triple penetration fuck machine videos. You cannot tell me that doing fuckmachine videos is as degrading as selling pictures of yourself in lingerie to some simps, because it simply isn't the same thing at all.

You also have to consider that sex work is so varied some types of sex work literally put you in less danger than having an average wage cuck job. When I worked as a camgirl I was a non nude model. I would sit in my bed, in my room and lead on simps that literally thought were buying entertainment from me. They didn't know my name, my country and they weren't some 4chan incels thinking I was their gf that would try to find my location and slit my throat. They simply thought they were paying for a form of enterntainment. You need to see the nuances. I was literally in more danger when I worked a wage cuck job at Mcdonalds because some clients would hit on me and I even had some creepy one that could have followed me home and killed me out of anger and rape me. There are so many types and variants of "sex work", but ultimately putting the blame on the women does not solve the underlying issues of society which lead to sex work and not all sex workers promote it. A lot of them are not involved in political discourse and simply do their job without making "sex work is real work" tweets. Belle Delphine is an example, she does her job as an adult entertainer without getting involved in political propaganda. Not all women involved in it promote it and you do not know what they are thinking. Some of them simply continue it because it becomes the best alternative to them of making money and expressing themselves. Not everyone has the same situation or is brought up in the same environment. Most women that get stalked or killed have it happen to them ironically at work with co workers that become obsessed with them- like at work work- someone from your office or some scrote that is your client if you are a retail wagie. If you are an anonymous camwhore on a website where the men dont even know your location or name it is literally less dangerous than working retail where some psycho can become obsessed with you, stalk you home and kill you and no I'm not "promoting" or "glamorizing" sex work. I am simply stating a reality. Not to mention women that become sex workers do not become sex workers because they have read Tweets on Twitter from some camwhore that says "sex work is liberating" there is a very specific type of person that ends up in SW and they would end up there no matter if libtard nr 3333 on Twitter makes a "sex work is real work tweet". The world is just fucked due to free market capitalism and you are not a feminist if you blame women that end up in SW. Again, I'm not promoting it, I actually hate it and if I ran the world I would outlaw it and if any scrote would try to riot I would put him in gulag. BUt you have to look at the world for what it is and see the different nuances and the current framework the socio political world functions in. If you work on a camwhore site nobody forces you to take your clothes off, nobody forces you to do anything you do not want to and if someone says something you do not like you ban them, simple as that,you truly have complete control over it. The term "sex work" is literally way too broad. It's very confusing because I do absolutely not AGREE with it being glamorized or promoted I think other sex workers should warn other girls about it and what the downsides of it are, but I do not think the blame should be put on the women that end up in it or that you should see "sex work" as just prostitutes sucking dick for 1$ because it isn't. I was literally in more danger working at Mcdonalds than I was in working as a camgirl and it felt more degrading when I was a camgirl I had complete control of what I could do and who I allowed to watch me or what people would say to me and I was on the internet in my room and a lot of those men were unironically realistic about it. I think it would have been more dangerous to marry a guy or mess with scrotes on the internet that would become deluded about me being their gf. All this being said, I wish I did not get groomed at the mental hospital and I wish that if I decided later in life that it would be a good option for me then I would have chosen it FULLY without someone coercing me into it. Stop over generalizing and demonizing women. A radical feminist would look at sex workers as victims of patriarchy and of the system created BY MEN not put the blame on them. A lot of us like to delude that women are free and they are responsible for things that happen in society which simply is not true! Women were freed very recently and we are still highly dependent on men due to resources. You need to see circumstances and nuances. Also, the women that grow up in poverty in 3rd world and are trafficked are not trafficked by the lady that posts "sex work is real work" on Twitter, so why do you blame her? She is not the real evil here. the "sex work is real work" movement does not reach the ears of some starving isolated woman that has no idea what is happening in the world. My problem with you here is that you want to hold women responsible for what happens because of men. You want to hold that Twitter thot responsible so much for twweeting sex work is real work although she is not responsible for the millions of sex trafficking rings that are ran by men all over the world. That tells me something about you… it tells me you suffer from mysoginy and you just want to make women responsible like they have been made for the entire course of history for things they are not responsible of. MEN ARE THOSE WITH MOST POWER IN SOCIETY THE WOMEN VICTIMIZED IN PROSTITUTION ARE VICTIMIZED BY MEN.

Why did Adam eat the apple? Because A WOMAN MADE HIM?

Why are thousands of women trafficked by men all around the world? Because Stacy posted "sex work" is real work on Twitter.

I see through you(oh my god nobody cares)

No. 1014344

the extremely ironic thing being that even these privileged SWers are still shown to end up abused and traumatized at high rates, despite it being relatively safe in comparison to the people they're so happy to speak for/over.

No. 1014348

But is not all sex work demeaning, according to the general consensus here? regardless of being online or in person?

It feels contradictory to shit on online sex workers, calling them sex workers when you like, but then to disregard them when it doesn't fit the point you're trying to make. It's also far deferring from the original opinion I shared that women talking positively about the industry is different from men talking positively about it. I don't think it's good for women to do so, but they're all cogs in a big wheel.
What is "real" and "not real" sex work is up for debate, but as I put it's nuanced and you can't just lump people's individual sex work experiences into one.

lol I can only imagine Romanianon has been furiously typing away this whole time. Do you sleep? Thanks for making some of my points for me, bless.

No. 1014349

samefag, first post was meant for >>1014341

No. 1014354

I already said this on /meta/ but I hope admin permabans this psycho cat killer whore.

No. 1014360

>But is not all sex work demeaning, according to the general consensus here? regardless of being online or in person?
Selling a non-nude cosplay pic to a coomer you will never have to acknowledge the existence of IRL is much, much easier than having to take his dick and pretend to like it. Neither of them are empowering, but one is obviously far more demeaning and soul-crushing than the other
>It feels contradictory to shit on online sex workers, calling them sex workers when you like
My problem is that the term itself is dishonest and lets people muddy the conversation to begin with, I don't call them that for this reason. Maybe the wealthier women who do "lewds" on OF and don't actually have sex with anyone should use another, more fitting term, like "assisted masturbation workers". They never will, because again, they rely on the debate and ambiguity of "sex work" to derail things and mislead people about their involvement in this system

And it's tiring because even when those who've been exploited/traumatized speak up about being stalked/harassed by scrotes, it'll always be the ones who never had much trouble gaining the most traction because no one wants to question the status quo lol

No. 1014364

not that i disagree with you, because the men are the source and are the ultimate problem - literally no one disagrees with this - but you literally have posted many times that allegedly a girl helped coerce or "groom" you into sex work, you also have mentioned in passing that you did not make much money doing non-nude. while these mouthpieces for the sex industry are still exploited (knowingly or unknowingly), simply saying and making women aware that they are either purposely, carelessly, or ignorantly working to trap actually vulnerable, or just very naive, or unsure people into a field that's hard to get out of and that has deleterious effects on, at the very least, their psychological health, if not literally physically as well, is not shitting on them or placing undue blame or responsibility onto them. it's just making them aware and disagreeing.

having a relatable face to shill an industry to those the industry seeks to exploit is a HUGE part of its success. whether or not they're actually being handsomely compensated for what's essential recruitment, or how much they know depends on the particular situation, but it's still a critical marketing ploy needed by all shady and shitty industries. it's like MLMs, the fact that the intended target is precisely talking it up and speaking over its pitfalls is exactly what women need to be aware of.

again though, i'm really not seeing the heavy stigmatization or undue blame by most radfems that you speak of.

No. 1014368

Her penchant for bringing up shayna doesn't make much sense when she's one of the spoiled first world girls who don't help the underprivileged she would hate.

No. 1014372

Almost none of her complaints gel, really.

No. 1014395

Yes, I think I was groomed and coerced into it but I have forgiven that girl that did it to me. She had BPD and she had been abused her entire life. I think it sort of ruined my future because I don't think I will be allowed to do what I truly want due to it and being involved with online sex work makes you basically stuck with it forever . I agree too, I do not agree with the women that do Onlyfans or internet SW and they spread misinformation. They glamorize it and they do not present the full truth, but not all of them do it, if you look at all SW I would say the vast majority do not promote SW. But a lot of time if you're involved with this sort of thing society forces you to say YOU LOVED IT, sometimes you have to lie and make the social move that benefits you instead of telling the truth. I don't know how to explain this, but if you have nudes or were involved with the sex industry or something remotely sexual in any form society allows you to pick one of two sides and none of them presents the full truth. You either become a modern leftist that says it is empowering and plays this agenda or you pick the right wing where you say you were coerced into it by the degradation of society which is caused by the left (none of these present the real truth). Look at Mia Khalifa Vs Sasha Grey. None of these sides present the real truth about SW. But if I am a victim it does not mean that everyone involved with it is a victim on the same level as a me, I think they are all victims but the amount of it differs. For some women sex work truly works out, it is truly where they find themselves, it is not more dangerous than the average job for them and it is truly aligned with their real self. It isn't the same for everyone. For example, on the website I used to work at most of the models were western, but there were a handful of Eastern Eu models which in my opinion were actual sex trafficking victims. When I mailed the website to tell them about this issue they banned me and refused giving any sort of answer. They could have avoided this situation by simply applying more regulation. I think the very many issues of online sex work can be resolved by applying more regulation, but more regulation on the trade means less money for the scrotes running the industry. If the minimum age of becoming an online SW was 25 many of the girls that have ended up in SW would have not ended up there and those that choose to be sex workers at 25 are truly making the rational decisions and truly want it. I don't even think Belle Delphine would have done it if the minimum age was 25. It should absolutely not be accessible to children. At 18-19-20-21-22-23 you are still a teenager and you're not ready to make such a powerful choice. A lot of girls that end up in SW at 18 have to continue doing it because the real world that is outside of the (sex work is real work echo chamber) still hates women that end up there and offers them no chances of redemption so it dooms them to doing that forever, which is a real social issue. Most women that have ended up in SW have to do it forever and society forces them to.

No. 1014399

Wtf did I open the "your real opinion on cows" thread or the derailment general?

No. 1014405

>I do not think Shayna and Luna are privileged at all!!! They are not rich or well off or from good families
lmao you don't know anything about shayna then

No. 1014423

I came after a petty thing but I agree with a lot of her ideas. However they're so often buried in different kinds of hypocrisy that everyone overlooks her words. It's not fair but it happens. Now that she's stopped with all the accusations and assumptions people are having an actual conversation with her. When will we be back to listing lolcow as reason for suicide and implying everyone's too stupid to engage though? Hopefully not soon.

No. 1014425

> that allegedly a girl helped coerce or "groom" you into sex work
That was just a twitch streamer/camgirl that she was jealous of, because she thought the girl was skinwalking her and stealing her ideas, so she spread gossip about her.

No. 1014439

The way you explained your points today was pretty clarifying and I do agree with a lot of what you said. I'm sorry if I was too harsh about your defense of Shayna, it's just that as >>1014405 said, Shayna is very different from someone like Venus or Luna because Shayna's parents actually seem very loving toward her and she had no shortage of chances because at the very least her dad and stepmother are really well off and wanted to pay for her education. That was the reason I couldn't understand you defending her. Ultimately you are right that the women who do sw are often victims of circumstance and the men who run that industry are always the ones at fault, I just think some women involved in it (like Shayna specifically) are okay with legitimizing those men who abuse women and that's a problem. It may not be as big of a problem as the men, but it's still not okay of her and is fair game to criticize. You have an inside insight on a lot of things though so of course you will have very strong views about it, and I am glad to hear you say that you acknowledge some other anons have mental illnesses and that you weren't dismissing that.

No. 1014451

File: 1641248844684.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1683x1453, 1639932564393.jpeg)

i think this pinkfae faghag has a lot of potential im glad its kinda getting traction again. imo she looks like pixielocks and shayna had a retard fatso baby, its crazy. the obnoxious sjw pandering, pretending to be a lesbian for attention, the disgusting onlyfans content, the leeching off others cause even entry level jobs are too much for her, liking "drag" too much cause theyre faghags. its all there.
also, shes younger than pixie and shayna??????? i think its like a year or two difference but holy shit i thought this bitch was way too old to be doing this shit and it turned out shes younger than them. Thats crazy.

No. 1014827

I have to agree with this anon.

I used to enjoy lolcow because I thought of it as a safe women’s space not run by trannies but every day I see a “26 year old first world country antisocial NEET with an eating disorder” (as the romanianon perfectly describes) ruining a thread for me by her moid-style posting and zero tolerance for marginalized women or children.

I thought it was a misogyny free, tranny free space where we could talk, but this exact type of people I’m talking about type like annoying moids and ruin the whole experience for me. They also have no regard or no solution for the living circumstances of marginalized women but love to put the blame on them.

Peace out, I’m done

No. 1014837

I'm interested, does she have a thread?

No. 1014838

Don't let one loud crazy bitch ruin it for you. I sti want that bitch permabanned.

No. 1014840

yes, it's pinkpaefemme on /snow/

this is "opinion on cows" so it kind of wouldn't make a ton of sense to post about someone who doesn't have a thread

No. 1014848

According to the post, it's not romanianon ruining things for her, but an unknown number of
>26 year old first world country antisocial NEET with an eating disorder
anons criticising marginalised women.

No. 1014849

thanks anon! Sorry for asking I did it because sometimes cows or calf's don't have a thread themselves and are usually posted on a thread with more stuff in it

No. 1014850

Meh, I'm a 3rd world poorfag and I don't really mind that, I just come here to have free fun

No. 1014854

this exactly, kek. i'm from a third world awful country, city rated among THE worst for women. i'm not here for some safe space, i'm here to follow cows, kek at stuff and post on /m/. i already am miserable irl, i don't want that to be my online experience too.

No. 1014886

File: 1641278142063.jpeg (122.67 KB, 768x1024, 1640864877381.jpeg)

Hila looks so cute here

No. 1014894

I really love this look.

No. 1014896

Hila would look best dressed with simple fashion/hair/make up. It looks weird when she tries hard and I feel bad for saying that.

No. 1014898

No. 1014902

Agreed but nobody would look good in that dress other than 3 yr olds lbr.

No. 1014911


No. 1014915

abdl vibes… the patchwork could be neat but in combination with the cut being the same a toddler would wear, the childish print and the giant oversized collar just put it over the top. its weird to me idk.

No. 1014916

Disagree, it looks like cool Japanese fashion but I'm not expecting celebricows normies to get it.

No. 1014918

File: 1641280711931.jpg (285.76 KB, 610x1254, 1641280556517.jpg)

/w/ is one if the worst fucking boards as exemplified by this pic alone. Twitter tier discussion, please die off already

No. 1014921

fucking weebs.

No. 1014928

I like Jfashion, but it looks disgusting. If Pixielocks wore this, you guys would rip her to shreads but it looks just like something she'd make. You guys have shit taste

No. 1014931

Again, subjective. And pixielocks is fat

No. 1014932

The dress is shaped for a fat person

No. 1014938

God the MTF thread is shit beyond repair. It's just obvious larping scrotes sharing /pol/ memes, tradthots who only come there to complain about gays and lesbians and edgy a-logging faggots. It's literally unreadable at this point and I can't believe that at some point you would get banned for minor blogging or GC derailment when now it's just filled with this retardation with no sense for nuance. I miss Kikomi-chan and reading Manifesto-chan's takes, they were absolutely the best contributions to the thread.

No. 1014941

The dress is really cute and unique, i’d wear something like that kek

No. 1014952

are you girls… okay? are we seeing the same dress?

No. 1014953

I’m not leaving LC but “Romanianon” reminded me of why I joined in the first place, and gave some discussions that focused on womens issues and also a little pettiness. And reminded me of my own hypocrisy and I appreciated the whole read. Best rabbit hole I ever went down, and now I’m walked away from it not dead inside but energized thinking about my own feelings regarding all those topics. And it’s only 420 am. Also thanks to the anon who compiled the posts .. to the anon at the center of all this thank you.

No. 1014956

I'm the middle post, I was shitposting and I'm sorry nonnie if you have it in your heart to forgive me

No. 1014961

Hila is beautiful, fight me

No. 1014969

I agree. She is weird looking but also very pretty.

No. 1014972

i fucking hate the Luna thread. I think luna is a dumb waste of space and selfish, but she's also surrounded by junkies so it's not surprising she is where she is in life. I can't stand how anons get so mad over her though. I feel like she's the kind of cow you can drop in on and lol about without having to worry about kids/animals, but people in her thread talk about her like she's the devil or something. No shit she wanted to be a junkie growing up when she was surrounded by it, but anons use that as evidence she's pure evil or something. Her thread is just too fucking serious for some dumb junkie and her aging pedo bf. I find her "working" for some random rich daddy's girl that sells fidget spinners online so kek-worthy, it's not that serious!

I think some anons are jealous of her art or something idk. I just can't figure out what is enraging about her. Annoying, irritating, yes. But someone in her thread a few days ago said they find it impossible to not a-log over her which is just pathetic lol

No. 1015013

Agree with you 100%, I'm one of the anons that talk back to people who are being black and white with their opinions on Luna (accent on black). It's sad that you could say 'yeah, she's become a shitty person, but her crap parents played a giant role in that' and anons would seethe how you are whiteknighting her and how Tuna Mom is 100% Luna's innocent victim. I hate how anons will overempathize with whatever other awful person in Luna's life to shit on her more, even when it makes zero sense (see: the "is Lurch really a pedo groomer if Luna got herself groomed?". Both sides are shitty, but often not at the same time and to a varying degree.

No. 1015019

Agreed with both of you. I only lurk the Luna thread so I haven't participated in the discussions. I personally have no real hatred for her, just like watching the insanity. She's a total mess, but I don't get why some anons get so fucking triggered at posts that look at her with a little more nuance.

No. 1015020

the Luna thread has grown women saying a 17yo deserved to be groomed by a 30yo. It’s so embarrassing how they could hate a junkie so much they side with a pedo, I stopped reading it tbh: they call anyone who says otherwise a wk when no one is wking her after the roger/her father incident.

No. 1015033

I'm one of those that find her impossible not to a-log because of her abysmally selfish behaviour towards her mom, dad and Roger (rip), the only people that cared about her.

I stopped following the thread since she started 'working' with that random chick and people started shitting on her for it. It's like the posters in that thread don't want her to have anything. It left such a bad taste in my mouth. Not participating anymore.

>I think some anons are jealous of her art or something idk

Oh there is jealousy, but I think it's over her easy access to drugs and managing to leave a relatively easy life for a junkie. There's a lot of junkies posting in that thread, constantly seething how money, drugs and pink trinkets always keep falling in her lap with seemingly no effort on her part.

No. 1015070

Have you heard of oversized fashion or are you obese?

No. 1015072

There's good oversized, and there's ugly shit like what you posted lol. You must be obese not to know the difference

No. 1015162

>but every day I see a “26 year old first world country antisocial NEET with an eating disorder” (as the romanianon perfectly describes) ruining a thread for me by her moid-style posting and zero tolerance for marginalized women or children.
Fucking where

No. 1015170

Luna hasn't done anything milky in a long time, I don't even know why her thread isn't dead yet. I miss the junkhun days lol

No. 1015195

a lot of posters on here are like that. That's why romanian anon got attacked so much. She spoke the truth and pushed a lot of buttons.

No. 1015201

anon is a retarded twitterfag who can't into anonymous websites, so she copes by "all the meanies are actually xyz"

No. 1015204

but which threads? i'm here everyday and don't see that as a common occurrence. also she got "attacked" for being a hypocrite, wanting to kill a cat, and spamming multiple threads

No. 1015206

she got "attacked" because she's a hypocritical sperg who doesn't follow the standarts she puts on others and said she hates lolcow but won't leave either and ban evades and shits up several threads with her mental illness instead

No. 1015458

Speaking of mc donalds yall should get kfc’s xmas shake before u seppuku yourselves especially gypsy anon maybe she’ll be less depressed

No. 1015464

Her "truth" changes with every post and she's a hypocrite who can't even keep up with her own bullshit.

No. 1015469

I haven’t drown no chicken ma’am I just ate some at kfc and served it with some xmas shake.
Giving the romanian attention whore what she wants (that is attention) is precisely what she wanted. She didn’t care about the nudes steve michael john leaked she just wanted our attention just like she wanted discord’s attention. It’s time we ignore her and report her to the police if she actually kills her cat.

No. 1015470

A lot of the posters here are 100% mentally ill and that’s why they can side with it, the funny thing is that the thing that spams us and its fans write in moid style with their bizarre verbal aggression.

No. 1015519

the server I joined 3 years ago from lolcow that marketed itself as "radfem" was full of upper middle class fujos living on NEET bucks and masturbating to depictions of children having intercourse. They constantly gossiped about me and shit talked me for being a camgirl when I simply thought a radfem server was supposed to be about women from unfortunate life situations discussing problems of sex work and such. They constantly shat on other women and called them "pick mes" when some of them had nudes posted on 4chan for scrotes and a lot of them looked down on other women although they fucked ugly slimy scrotes from Tinder. I have their pictures and nudes and I will post them along with their real names on the internet for everyone to see how "radfem" they are. They constantly shat on other women although they were the same and even worse than the women they shat on but they thought they were superior for being "radfem". That's lolcow for you. Lolcow is literally made up by ex twitter fags that are trying to make their own cult and use "radical feminism" as an excuse for their raging misogyny and for being excluded by libtards. You have no fucking idea how hypocritical women on here are. I hope you all rot in hell good luck with your life after I post your nudes together with your names on the internet, it's good nothing bad will ever happen to you because you're too rich and mommy's and daddy's moneyz will save you while you sit on your ass, masturbate and laugh at the lives of women from more unfortunate situations, but karma will finally hit you. Your group won't survive because you hate each other and constantly shit talk each other. You cannot trust one another and nobody in real life will ever like you because you're all psychopathic and frustrated pieces of shit

No. 1015522

>marketed itself as "radfem" was full of upper middle class fujos living on NEET bucks and masturbating to depictions of children having intercourse.
>shat on pickmes
Holy shit anon, please let me know what this place is because it sounds based as fuck and I need to be there

No. 1015537

Go on twitter and everybody will call you a queen for showing your pussy to scrotes for a living since that's what you are looking for.

No. 1015539

Doxxing randomly people every time they boolly you huh?
I’m so proud I never bought your shit.
You are either a tranny larping as a male
Or you have DID and your scrote persona’s acting up. Anyone who pities you the slightest even is a scrote too or braindamaged. You are so radfem you doxx innocents who just made fun of your autistic schizo posts. Lolcow initially defended you when you cried wolf even though they shouldn’t have.

I hope steve michael leaks your non nude nudes if you actually doxx a farmer.

No. 1015543

you keep adding to it and changing details everytime you talk about your supposed discord bullies

No. 1015552

>I have their pictures and nudes and I will post them along with their real names on the internet for everyone to see how "radfem" they are.
Being a radfem is considered more negative than nudes or whatever
>Lolcow is literally made up by ex twitter fags that are trying to make their own cult and use "radical feminism" as an excuse for their raging misogyny and for being excluded by libtards

No. 1015555

All I can do is laugh and groan at this point, it's so exhausting and ridiculous

No. 1015562

You laugh coz u a psychopath you groan coz u frustrated hahaha

No. 1015568

>says the person who threatened to kill her bff, cat, family and some random "first wordlers"

No. 1015570

She also tortured animals as a kid in her spare time

No. 1015588

See this is why even when she seems "reasonable", I just can't with her. Her details change literally everytime, she spends 99% of her time complaining about "rad fems" for small stuff, she capes for men when convenient and claims women never empathise or help her in other threads but uses our natural wariness of men against men when it's convenient to her so we sympathize with stories that likely are not even real or are very exaggerated, she's spiteful and appears to vendetta with BPD tier stories about literally everyone even when they're nice to her.

Sorry but I don't buy the sob stories, all dramatic and fantastical with extreme and obvious jealousy, dishonesty and vendetta running thru it. Her complaints about radical feminism and ideology in general are always contradicted by other posts. No matter how many times people try to help her, defend her, or empathise with her, she goes off and threatens people or animals for relatively minor "offenses" out of nowhere. Doubt they ever bullied her in this discord, and if they did, it's likely because she was purposely agitating them and insulting them as she does to random people for no reason on here.

No. 1015594

>They constantly shat on other women although they were the same and even worse than the women they shat on
>You have no fucking idea how hypocritical women on here are.
>good luck with your life after I post your nudes together with your names on the internet
You have no self-awareness it's so sad. Your absurdly misogynistic and hypocritical schizo rants are already on here for everyone to see, just lmao if you think posting revenge porn of a bunch of fucking nobodies gives you the upper hand against them. Buy a diary to sperg in and move on already. We don't care.

No. 1015632

How do we even know this is still romanianon and not people copypasta-ing her, there were also speculations that steven is her, so we possibly are giving that moid attention.

No. 1015642

>>1015519 you cry about being bullied and then you act like a total sperg constantly kek

No. 1015648

>I'm getting bullied!
Why won't you post any proof or convo screenshot then? I can say I joined a uhhh driverfag discord and they were hypocrites who didn't actually love him like I do and so they bullied me and made fun of me but there's no reason anyone should believe me kek

No. 1015668

I hope that Shannon/creepshow stays on youtube just to make people mad.

No. 1015698

You got me hyped for a moment for the discord existing. a farmer specific one obviously. Also I'm keking at your comparison, beautiful
>they were hypocrites who didn't actually love him like I do
The nerve! I would kick their asses lol

No. 1015708

Luna Aquaphina is a boring dumpy loser and her thread needs to be autosaged

Saged because talking about her isn't good enough to bump the thread

No. 1015731

>a lot of them looked down on other women although they fucked ugly slimy scrotes from Tinder.
Yeah as we all know, REAL radfems e-date racist incels who pretend to be women on a female-only forum.

No. 1015738

you know I might leave and come back in 5 years and someone will still be LARPING as me and you will think someone else's posts are mine. /ot/ has turned to shit and it wasn't like this. It is full of sociopaths there are so many "kys" posts and they are not made by me and weird hostility. What about the hundreds "kys" replies on anon's vents ? They are not made by me.

What about stripper chan? I was the only one standing up for her when everyone shat on her me and 1-2 other anons stood up for her. And how the fuck can I be mysoginistic and hate 1st world women when I whiteknight Luna, Shayna, Venus, Moo and many others and stood up for an American stripper in the vent thread. They aren't cows… just women in unfortunate situations. The only thread I enjoy is the Jake Munro thread I hope anons keep on posting shit about him until they drive him to quit his career he is a bloody raging narc and it saddens me some anons bring attention to his ex gf who is the definition of a victim. I hope lolcow ruins him.

No. 1015785

the stripper anon was barely shit and only brought up the sister thing much later on. had she started with the sister and medical bills thing at first absolutely no one would've complained. like a lot of people she started with the "i make 1000 bucks a night easy, it's great and so much easier than regular wagecucking" stuff…

funny you say /ot/ turned to shit, it exactly "turned to shit" when people like yourself complained non-stop about radfem type discussion and mh/pp threads and everyone with an interest typically outside of cows left.

No. 1015828

it's not true at all. I've been around here for 6 years and it turned to shit exactly after the manhate thread started. When I began browsing lolcow nobody was making "kys" posts in the vent thread. I consider myself a radfem but there is something irky about the movement and about the kinds of women it attracts. I think many of them have sociopathic tendencies. I've been around Twitter radfems and Tumblr radfems and lolcow radfems and there is something very very unsettling about them and /ot/ has turned to shit after the "radfem" stuff. Ironically it has brought more woman hating, hostility and mysoginy than anything else. Most radfems use the movement as a cover and excuse to shit on other women and express their mysoginy disguised as "activism". Making fun of a woman that ends up in sw is not feminist and if you disagree with them they tell you that you're supporting and glamorizing sex work and they use their power as a group to shut down any sort of differing opinion just like libtards that suck tranny dick do. You have said something slightly different than what we think? TRANSPHOBE.
You don't harass or hate women in sexwork? LIBTARD THAT GLAMORIZES SEX WORK.

A lot of the so acclaimed internet radfems are not actually radical feminists, they have just appropriated a movement for humans rights to create a community they can use as a tool to attack others. The vast majority of radfems are exiled twitterfag fujos libtards that have turned to the "darkside". They don't care about women, only about their weird mental complexes and shitting on sex workers, troons and libtards. Pathetic. They create more hostility and propagate more misogyny. There are ok radfems too, but I was incredibly disappointed to see that a vast majority of their community is made up by mysoginistic women that use feminism as a disguise. Right wingers and women obsessed with putting the blame on women for the existence of sex work and such or exiled twitterfags

No. 1015862

repeated kys posts are not like almost 2 years old or so? that's relatively recent afaik so idk what you're talking about?

what you're describing in this second paragraph happens in literally all political and cause based communities btw. you're not wrong that it's a problem but it's not as much of a problem as you make it specifically on here at least. plenty of girls on here just talk rhetoric without even calling themselves radfems, myself included. and honestly it isn't that prevalent on here. you're very, very dramatic about its frequency and to the degree that camgirls are shit on on here by specifically and confirmably self-identified radfems. you keep acting like users are a monolith. they're just not. all kinds of people are posting.

No. 1015877

I know, but how do you explain that after I make a post Slightly criticizing radfems I get a handful of anons alogging me? Although, I share the same values as them. I dislike troons, think men are abusive and think prostitution should be abolished and I have been trying to make a change with my posts throughout the years pursuing anons not to hate female cows and standing up for them since they are objectively not bad. The posts anon has summarized are not even all my posts (I have good posts too) and some of the posts she linked are not even mine. I've been around lolcow for 6 years and the mysoginy, hostility and alogging posts in /ot/ have started around the time of "radfem awakenig" or manhate threads. Very annoying. I've been schizoposting for years on /ot/ in the vent thread and it has only recently become a problem

No. 1016070

She's the one who started the discord shit-flinging in the old friend finder thread.

No. 1016077

>They don't care about women, only about their weird mental complexes
Finally someone fucking says it. I've been here since pre-MH threads, radfems back then were cool, resourceful and helped me with a lot of issues, i used to be a radfem because they convinced me with words and sisterhood, but everyday i feel like they have been replaced by utterly psychopathic, misogynist monsters, i don't know what happened and is very sad

No. 1016092

The romanian anon is not a cow with good milk she’s a horror cow

No. 1016117

I think the radfem movement became infected with a lot of former SJWs to the point the movement has been diluted and the real radfems are hard to find.

No. 1016174

Citation needed

No. 1016183

>"Ahaha romanianon is so stupid kek she should stop being a retard and attacking us radfems haha sex work aha"
>checks her posts/talking points
>shes's absolutely right
kek i knew it, you guys only get this salty when you get called out, "true radfems" my ass. Her rants are becoming spam at this point but i don't see any fails on her logic
I never used twitter, so i didn't knew SJWs were this awful, maybe dishonest at most, but this whole situation really got the worst of those "anons", very scary stuff

No. 1016184

>Lolcow is literally made up by ex twitter fags that are trying to make their own cult and use "radical feminism" as an excuse for their raging misogyny and for being excluded by libtards
Everything you said is true except for this part, Lolcow is fortunately not a monolith, and ex-twitterfag radfems like those are in fact a group the entire site has to constantly deal with specially on other boards beyond /ot/, they're pretty much a plague and they can't notice their twitterfagg-y ways clash with board culture, I absolutely don't think they make up the entire userbase, but they noticed Lolcow has a no-scrotes policy so they thought they could fit right in, even to the point of saying Lolcow is a radfem site which is probably the cringiest shit I've ever heard. This is what Twitter does to a motherfucker and they aren't better than any other libtard in any shape or form, they hated them not because the ride was shit, but because they didn't have the best seats. They just want to policy anything anons do and then go and act like hypocrites on their discords, like any other regular libtard twitterfag.

Based opinion.

No. 1016252

>i don't see any fails on her logic
Except that she doesn't follow said logic herself, does everything she accuses farmers of doing and then claims it's someone from a 3 year old discord larping as her when being found out and recognized.

No. 1016358

Take a look at the compilation of her posts that turbo autist anon made. She might be right here and there but at the same time she is everything she claims to hate. She goes from calling camgirls sluts and doxxing them to saying how we must protect them and actually the men are the bad guys.

No. 1016883

I'll probably get accused of having been posted itt, but I haven't. This is just something I've wanted to say for a while. I think the personal cows thread is lame and part of why we get twitterfags coming here trying to post someone they hate for a cancel party. Maybe I'm old and jaded, but after having been on the internet for so long and seeing the likes of Chris-chan, Shayna, pt, Weenos, Jill, that one chick who is missing her legs now, having witnessed the live thread years ago on /b/ when that moid killed a mom in Washington state and posted the photos before her son came home to find the body, etc none of the people who get posted even begin to compare. I feel like the standards for a cow vary from anon to anon because I don't see run of the mill NLOG and attention whores as four alarm emergencies. That's just my two cents, I'll take my dogpiling.

No. 1016893

Samefag but I realized after I sent this that maybe I'm a horrorcow person and that's why certain cows just don't appeal to me. I don't know.

No. 1016959

I think she's kind of overestimating how many people on the site are actually even self described radfems, anyone who laughs at camgirls like Shayna or says something mean about camgirls is not automatically a radfem who is being hypocritical. Also, if laughing at camgirls means someone is a misogynist and cannot identify as a feminist, how can she still be a radfem if she's going to post revenge porn? I don't have a horse in this race but that makes no sense.

No. 1017042

She's massively overestimating. Everything she says is hypocritical.

No. 1017063

>I've been around lolcow for 6 years and the mysoginy, hostility and alogging posts in /ot/ have started around the time of "radfem awakenig" or manhate threads.
This is so insanely untrue and posters were way more brutal before. I think you're seeing this through a lens of nostalgia because it's not even remotely true.

No. 1017183

Bullshit, /ot has been a fucking mess these last months and ever since those threads, I've never seen such chaos before on this board. With all the insane infighting over random shit and politics/race, pickme/libtard/moid/trannie accusations and recently cp/gore posting, what a hellhole. /ot was shit back tbut it became worst no doubt

No. 1017209

Romanianon killed herself this morning. Tried talking her out of it but couldn't. I talked to her best friend and she confirmed she is dead… she was very upset everyone was alogging her and that someone posted her picture on here this morning

No. 1017212


No. 1017220

>mfw romanianon was just steve playing 4d chess against us and killing off his own creation when everyone turned against her

No. 1017246

My mom's friend works at the place of her father's cousin's customers and they told me she actually survived and is now being deported into a second world country hospital.

No. 1017249

>everyone was alogging her
my ass. for all the shit she posted threatening EVERYONE, like 3 people a-logged her, and it was pretty light a-logging considering the intenssity and amount of crap she was spewing.

No. 1017317

File: 1641434967225.jpg (5.47 KB, 225x225, 098Y5678.jpg)

mfw i picked a cute threadpic and shit and the thread got ruined by schizoposting and autism

No. 1017761

Anons pointing out how hypocritical and annoying you are isn't "a-logging". Grow up.

No. 1017786

Sounds like bs, death/suicide is tried and tested method of getting out of online drama.
I don't believe it whatsoever. I don't wish death on her, if it isn't clear

No. 1018053

No anon she's dead, I was the knife she killed herself with

No. 1018470

What thread?

No. 1020151

The anons in Lucinda's thread are a strange bunch.

No. 1020169

I know this is lolcow but seeing Lucinda content makes me feel bad

No. 1020202

Finally I can stop hiding whole threads

No. 1020258

Half of it is just her followers and friends on twitter who don't understand what lolcow is for.

No. 1020295

Right, there was just as much hostility before but maybe it just came about in different ways

The gore/cp is because of Elaine though, that has nothing to do with manhate

No. 1020730

That one anon (Lucinda herself or one of her little edtwt friends) is back too, maybe after her ban was lifted, wk-ing like crazy and accusing everyone of being a jealous fatty.
That thread is a selfposting mess.

No. 1020866

I miss tsundere-chan

No. 1020874

She's still around, check the vent thread

No. 1020877

That's the impression I get from the leftcow thread as well.

No. 1020886

What the fuck is even going on in the leftcow‘s thread? I can never understand what is anyone talking about in there.

No. 1020896

Gore has been posted in the Mtf thread too

No. 1020909

At this point? Nothing. It's all the people the thread is about, their orbiters, their followers, and the people who outwardly don't like them ironyposting.

No. 1021288

File: 1641719147272.png (355.21 KB, 888x1920, 63E89DF2-65D0-4675-9FD8-8BDF06…)

This post has similar vibes to picrel

No. 1021623

I know for some time admin tried to ban all anti trans anti male discussion on this website except for the MTF threads, persecuting with severe bans to anyone who would dare to be a manhater or a terf. But I think this was just a big coward power move, she gave males and trannies exactly what they wanted, she didn't prevent any gore with this meassure, on the contrary, they posted even more gore and more woman hating ban. When it comes to males, unless they are completely shut off from the very start they won't behave. So yeah.

No. 1021624

This lmao

No. 1021625

Didnt she post yesterday? Lmao bullshit

No. 1021629

A couple of years ago, r9k made a thread of "go to lolcow and come back with a screenshot" and many of them were pleased with how many bans were handed out for man hating. Glad we could make it so inviting for them!

No. 1021661

Did you forget that she made an entire board for man hate?

No. 1021697

File: 1641760154153.jpeg (55.61 KB, 551x343, 6135282f9aab90b9f9b61d71_551_3…)

>watching people going in circles in Momokun's thread arguing about whether she used fake blood or was on her period in her latest nasty-ass video

No. 1021796

File: 1641766167093.png (161.03 KB, 584x514, just like bad dragon right.png)

i don't know if she counts because her thread isn't that active but i follow anna slatz/slatzism on twitter and find a lot of her tweets genuinely so funny. picrel. also >inb4 i get accused of being anna slatz or a horny scrote

No. 1021807

Nah I used to follow her and liked a lot of her posts when I used Twitter, but I still thought that she was very attention whorish and male pandering sometimes. What sealed the deal for me was when she was thanking literal incels for posting her on r9k. Come on now.

No. 1021815

this, also her working consistently for RW publications gets suspicious. she's obviously invested in building her career over journalistic integrity or general integrity. i get occasional spotlights in rw publications on issues blacklisted from the "left" but it's just too much

No. 1021932

Shayna doesn't have a implant, I personally think maybe something is up do to weight gain, but it's not an implant. I hurt myself under one of my breast when I was very young, I STILL have the mark from the cut under my breast.
I 100% believe if she had a implant, she'd brag about it. She doesn't think anything is embarrassing. She'd go, "When I was younger, one of my breasts were growing to fast, the other wasn't…so my mom took me to the doctor and I got an implant." and use it as a way to get sympathy and probably sexualize it.
She never talks about her breast difference because why call attention to it if only Lolcow does? Just like her ass/pussy pimples. If scrotes or people outside of here don't complain/comment, she'll just do her best to hide it on twitter. Then post the unedited shit on Onlyfans or it'd show up in her lives.The only time she shows her breasts front on is when she's drunkenly dancing or drunk on live stream.
I will admit that one breast does look a little…oddly shaped near the arm pit, but it is what it is.
Do you think if she had to get that done she wouldn't use that as a way to get attention? This girl has bragged about drinking piss, turned down a free education and was showing her ass in a bar. She has no shame.
She'd either sexualize it or try to get sympathy from it. Or both.

No. 1021943

>mark under breast
>disproportionate breasts
>oddly shaped near the arm pit
hope it's not a breast tumour or something

No. 1021944

Her whole deal is the sexy baby barbie bimbo thing so yeah she'd definitely play it up were it true

No. 1022084

iirc she used to discuss it to make herself sound interesting, no?

No. 1023983

File: 1641947077296.jpg (273.71 KB, 1080x1854, 1641928899925.jpg)

Luna is so pretty. I like her style too, even though it's tacky it's kind of cute and endearing

No. 1024072

she has so much wasted potential, truly a victim of her interests and hobbies tbh. i would give anything to take an exfoliator to her face.

No. 1024630

The person who wrote this on the Tay thread:
>I agree that this retarded pregnancy shaming is absurd, a woman can act and be sexy any way she wants at any given time
Is retarded

No. 1024631

Wtf??????????? I need to puke now.

No. 1024646

I mean, you do you nonnita, but Tuna filters her pics to hell and back.

No. 1025063

I didn't realize you meant Taylor R at first and thought this meant TND was pregnant, whew

No. 1025220

agreed. People in that thread are so defensive and can't seem to understand that criticism of Taylor isn't criticism of every pregnant woman.

No. 1027815

Can the samefagging burlesque-defending anon complaining about infighting and derailing while actively do so herself over and over and over shut up already? Saying you're Totally Not A Dancer or A Fan Of Burlesque yet sperging every time someone says burlesque is a form of stripping makes it obvious you are either a dancer or fan of it.

No. 1027829

I want to know what strippers from Duane Park they are lol I can’t believe they came in and namedropped dancers and their club like…?? What did they expect?

No. 1027923

not gonna lie but that anon's spergs entertain me kek like the cognitive dissonance is astounding and i cant help but laugh everytime she tries to defend it

No. 1028598

i’m always shook seeing full body pics of her. i know she shoop a lot but her face is very dainty considering her fat ass.

No. 1028646

I think the reason Jill (pixielocks) pisses me off so much is she reminded me a lot of myself, I used to be jealous of her because she seemed so driven and surrounded by support that it really seemed like she’d get somewhere (not necessarily with fashion but as an internet personality, I once could’ve seen her releasing a book about living an aesthetic life or just a coffee table look book). It feels like she had so much going for her and then she just stopped and fell short. Now it’s like she’s making excuses for why she never did anything or got back up, which in turn made me realize I was doing the same thing and helped motivate me to get better. I lurk her thread a lot with fingers crossed she’s going to fucking snap out of it one day but she never does, she just gets worse. It’s like a fun house mirror sometimes, every day I’m more and more grateful I was born before the internet took off in my country.

No. 1028650

I simply cannot and have not been able to read Shaynus’s thread the past few days for all the anal discharge and shit talk lately. She’s vile. Can’t stomach it, I’m weak.

No. 1028678

File: 1642267158968.jpeg (2.43 MB, 4032x3024, 4002E39B-DB57-4855-8B38-2B1E9F…)

Yeah, she’s officially turned into a horrorcow. I can’t stomach the thread right now.

No. 1028725

File: 1642269509490.jpg (131.92 KB, 1080x1073, Screenshot_20220115-115825.jpg)

I didn't even read your post and I already knew exactly what this was about. DISGUSTANG

No. 1028833

I miss Keeks. Her sperging is a level of autism I kind of admire and hope to see from vendetta driven skitzos here but nothing tops her.

No. 1029033

File: 1642286491226.jpeg (114.17 KB, 884x876, 90A65179-464A-4E1D-A8A4-1F7675…)

I haven’t checked Shayna’s thread for like a month and I come back to her leaking a mysterious substance from her ass that she calls “butt cum”. Whenever you think she can’t hit a new low she just surprises us all………..

No. 1029041

i'm not even sure why people are armchairing about various anal diseases with her, it's obviously fake "cum". truly haram though regardless.

No. 1029044

if it is fake cum, that colour is sketchy as hell and has to be mixed with blood or poop. She's so nasty I don't even know what to expect from her

No. 1029049

she's incompetent and i don't think she could be tasked with making not disgusting fake "cum" regardless. it probably is mixed but i also wouldn't put it past her to stupidly grab some remoulade from her fridge and spoon it into her rectum. we're talking about a girl dumb enough to want to brag about a totally non-existent anal fluid to men

No. 1029427

Not about to defend Jillybean but the anons who want to a-log over her trauma not being legitimate enough are annoying as fuck. Same kind of people who think rich people can't be depressed. Just because you have a rich family doesn't mean you can't be sad. I don't give a shit what her trauma actually was but I hate this kind of attitude

No. 1029571

The derailing in Kathy's thread is annoying, but most cringe to me is the anons who sperg about how us infighting is going to make Kathy think our catty commentary is illegitimate. I think it's very sad and weird to be trying to reign in other people's posts because you want to shape how the cow perceives the thread.

No. 1029972

Because she tweeted about how she produces “butt cum” instead of using fake cum after filming that video, that’s where the argument is coming from. Obviously she could be lying but this is also the retard that calls her yeasty discharge “cum” and eats it

No. 1030078

I think 99% of everything Lucinda says is a complete lie and don’t understand how so many anons can be so retardedly naive to take her seriously to the point where they post in her thread. I’ve also seen better tits on most trannies.

No. 1030181

I’m literally psyching myself up to look at the video of Shayna’s ass-mayochup again because it traumatized me so much the first time that I couldn’t fully process it. That shit was literally comparable to the Bianca Devins pics for me.

No. 1030619

File: 1642437656338.jpg (Spoiler Image, 576.23 KB, 1920x2560, IMG_6005.JPG)

shayna looked fine. im not saying she could have been a supermodel. but anons swear up and down shes just as ugly skinny or not. that her weight doesnt matter cause shes ugly. i highly disagree, i think she had a nice figure before and the weight gain has made her look like an ogre. anons have been calling her fat since 20 pounds ago, but the fact shes still growing is insane. she does not have the proportions to be "thiccc" hot.

and again, im not saying she was drop dead gorgeous before. but she did not look "just as ugly as she does now". just my opinion.

No. 1030661

she actually had a less than average face and above average body. This is what sw does to a mother fucker. Even Belle Delphine looks more haggard than she did initially

No. 1030669

File: 1642440770557.jpeg (141.98 KB, 637x779, 4EED75D7-769E-4542-A917-0BEA99…)

She was never very pretty in face before with her huge nose and tiny eyes, and styled herself horribly, but she had a really nice body (ignoring the state of her genitals and lack of ass) and the blonde was so much better. Her boobs we’re definitely her best feature, but she ruined them. she’s worlds away from what she is now. completely unrecognizable. She’s got nothing going for her now other then a few less sores

No. 1030690

Also, I wanna add that I think Shayna is aware of what she's done but she's too deep in it to return to normal. She could have gotten a normal job and continued making content like she used to make on Tumblr but she's had a desire of destroying herself or self sabotaging. Most SWs were abused and they have the desire to self destroy

No. 1030692

holy shit this entire thread was an adventure.

shayna looked fine because you ignored her other features in order to focus on a skinny body. now that she's gained all this alcohol bloat, you can't ignore it.

she wasn't pretty, she was always a butterface who just so happened to have a decent body.

No. 1030755

When she was skinny, she had a few good angles. Now she has none.

No. 1032323

JFC sorry for gatekeeping but can we keep the Shayna related content contained and quarantined in the Shayna thread? And not mention what just happened on other threads cos no amount of spoilers can stop me from gagging. Like I’m physically nauseated after reading it, disgustang.

No. 1032505

I've stopped following Shayna, but a-logging there will just max out the threads even faster. Maybe we need a containment thread for Shayna and Jill for the time being though, I can see it filling up real fast.

Speaking of a-log, Jill tweeted she's "saving up for a ASD diagnosis" while most of us here are trying to save up to repay college debt or for a downpayment for a home. And her fanbase is close to dead, there's barely any activity in her comments or fb groups. It's maddening.

No. 1032673

I was interested in the tinfoil thread talk about Yeonmi Park but I think having a /snow/ thread on her seems like overkill. It does make me curious when people talk about supposed inconsistencies, but some controversy like that isn't necessarily cowish in itself and there could be other explanations for it with all the issues she probably has from her early life. Also her being conservative and having botox isn't milk, it's like almond milk at best.

No. 1032802

I don't lurk /snow/ much but the most activity seems to be about that crusty goth dude in the altcows thread. It's funny that all the caked up goth bitches are seething about him cheating. Really ladies? Look at him and tell me that's a mentally stable and loyal man.
I wish they wouldn't give that guy so much attention, no wonder he thinks he's hot shit while women upset themselves over his clown ass. He doesn't care.

No. 1032811

I have a soft spot for Dakota. I discovered her when I was a younger adolescent and I always thought she was beautiful, even in those photoshop vs. reality pictures. I don't understand how the anons in her thread keep posting. There is no milk whatsoever, she's just a boring kawiwi instagram "model". I definitely think Dakota anons are bitter and jealous. I swear I'm not an Ostrenga

No. 1032814

I know Shayna doesn't make much and blows all her money on take out and ABDL garbage but wouldn't you think she'd save up for lipo or coolsculpting like Moo? You can tell she doesn't like being fat and her owning it is just a cope

No. 1032933

File: 1642614535519.jpg (475.9 KB, 960x1280, Hooyah.jpg)

Heather Sparkles reminds me of Peggy Hill. She has awful sense of style kinda like a suburban mom who is out of touch.

No. 1034207

File: 1642696872899.jpg (100.76 KB, 540x686, 836e4e9317e3410befcdc25750cd34…)

No. 1034451

Fuck you anon don't disrespect Peggy like this

No. 1034838

Not everyone wants plastic surgery. The downtime and aftercare for lipo would be too much for her anyways; she'd contract an infection quickly with her horrendous lack of hygiene and "butt cum" fingers which could kill her.

No. 1035023

i used to see her irl when i was working at the conbini, she always looked cute and polite, bare minimum but still kek. a lot of these gaijin influencers are demons.

No. 1035154

>a lot of these gaijin influencers are demons.
how come?

No. 1035167

Oh wow it does! I miss when her thread was active. My favorite thread to re-read

Nah, I think you’re right anon. I think cows are generally supposed to be more or less extreme. That’s why /w/ in particular is so boring because no one wants to see pullfags bitch about literal whos or nitpick appearances because there’s not much going on in the first place. Even pt and snow are kinda losing steam these days.

No. 1035359

Non-Canadian farmers miss a lot of context re: Pixielocks because her weight, drinking, ugliness, etc. are just traits she has because she's from the Maritimes. Her behaviour, trash personal styling aside, isn't actually that abnormal to her peers.

No. 1035499

As sad as it is you're right kek, if you go to any bus station or Walmart in the maritimes you will be see less-rainby versions of Jill. She definitely fits a specific archetype of woman you find in the martimes, I have thought about that before while browsing her threads and it's a shame other anons don't have a frame of reference to notice it. Her upbringing as a spoiled PEI kid is also a fairly predictable "type."

No. 1035781

File: 1642790310793.jpg (167.26 KB, 533x800, arabelle.jpg)

Sorry for another "Shayna was pretty!" sperg but I feel like if Shayna stuck with her stoner girl look, or even owned her trashy New Jersey girl teased hair and big nose looks like picrel, she wouldn't have nearly as many threads as she does now. She could have saved herself instead of going the pink baby route and looking like an Easter ham

No. 1038222

File: 1642953111298.jpeg (195.86 KB, 1920x1080, jjtjs7r1qfd41.jpeg)

I have a feeling Jill is unintentionally a tulpa larper. I've been lurking tulpa communities for shits and giggles, and everyone who posts there seem to be weebs who genuinely believe their OCs are real with the power of possession, and even larp as them in forums (which is the same as fronting?)

Image attached shows how tulpa systems are almost the same as tiktok DID systems. They even use overlapping terminologies such as 'systems' and 'alters.'

Link to the infamous wikihow: https://www.wikihow.com/Create-a-Tulpa

Sage because I'm a Jill sperg. I know some nonas here talk about Tulpas so correct me if I got anything about it wrong. I know it's initially an occult practice but it seems bastardized by genderspecials.

No. 1038229

Kek they have an ebony dark'ness dementia raven way tulpa

No. 1038372

Tbh as trashy as it looks this style would suit her so much better, you’re right.

No. 1039298

Some of the anons on Taylor R thread are so uneducated about birth and babies yet they call an unborn baby fat and comment on her pregnancy, it’s super cringe. Some of them call c-section “cutting open” like a scrote

No. 1039304

She would have way more fans. All she does is smoke and eat, she could have made bank doing that being her ugly greasy self.

No. 1039306

id rather have surgery and not be present at the birth than pushing a melon out of a penny sized hole while being in pain for 30 hours

No. 1039309

Don’t worry. Scrotes can’t give birth anyway

No. 1039390

i wonder if Jill's mom ever feels guilty about the state of her daughter. I'm not going to blame her for Jill's shitshow because she did a lot of stuff herself but i do think that her being her is a prime example of bad parenting. The constant enabling and no discipline whatsoever just makes me so angry.

No. 1039427

This is interesting, I'm going to look into it some more. Tulpa stuff always seems so interesting and DID cows are fun to follow so this really seems like the best of both worlds.

No. 1039470

Glad someone else noticed, a lot of this online DID stuff reminds me of the incel community trying to intentionally create tulpas of their wifus and shit. It’s just seems like a case of terminally online combined with loneliness and a weak grip on reality.

No. 1039557

File: 1643044040387.jpg (792.45 KB, 1004x3970, 24012022175908.jpg)

Mad curious what Bonnie/mrs-ericharris/psychopsychic (and god knows what other alias) is up to nowadays. Is she still fucking Eric "wardaddy" Harris in the astral plane? Did she get a real job, or is she still scamming people as a psychic? How is her daughter growing up??? So many questions without answers.
(FYI, she would be ~30 now and those screen caps are from like 6 years ago. She wasn't a dumb teenage girl)

No. 1041020

There's nothing milky about Taylor R. The anons saying vile stuff about a heavily pregnant woman is kinda worrying. If anything, it's her geriatric sleazy husband who's the real cow, not his former model fame-hungry wife. I wish the best for her and her son moving forward.

No. 1041022

No. 1041078

File: 1643138173751.jpg (590.29 KB, 1080x1602, 1643061568245-2.jpg)

I find this post weirdly cute and inspiring. In the context of Lucinda it's worrying, but it kind of made me happy for some reason. Like, there are parts of you that suck that you'll never fully be able to get rid of and expectations you'll never be able to meet but you can live a happy life regardless. Sage because I feel retarded being inspired by Lucinda, I have a soft spot for her though much like everyone else who reads her thread lol

No. 1041105

What happened to lucinda for her to spiral down so much? I check her thread time to time and she used to be an average teen girl I think, how did she go down this ED/schizo root?

No. 1041116

I think she got depressed as a teenager, started being a recluse and it went from there

No. 1041138

How is that scrotey?

No. 1041619

it honestly doesn't look like nemu's art besides the face and line style, and the artist doesn't appear to ber her at all. https://cutestknife.tumblr.com/

honestly even if she was a creep, i miss that crazy bitch's online presence and i wonder if she's still pretending to be a "recovering porn/sex addict" like she was before disappearing or if she's relapsed back into the husbando vomit+scat+radiation poisoning fetish all over again

No. 1041815

File: 1643188837771.png (355.67 KB, 1000x800, 8C6EF923-A431-43C6-8FBF-1D9AD1…)

I wish the game grumps milk was still flowing like it did in 2017-19. Dan especially should have gotten way more shit for the things he did. ProJared was thrown under the bus by the entire community for exchanging nudes with fans, Dan deserves the same if not worse for actually meeting up and having sex with them and stringing them along for months at a time (not defending WormMan, just think they’re comparable situations and deserves similar consequences).

No. 1041823

No fucking way, i missed that milk. i used to love him when i was 14. Fuck scrotes man

No. 1041824

i used to be obsessed with gg (thank god i never bought any merch) but my god was the suzy drama juicy. she was such a dumpster fire of a person. i outgrew them over the years but sometimes i still watch their CAH playlist because i love it a lot.

No. 1041831

Here’s a quick recap to get you up to speed (sorry for reddit link but it’s best resource I could find and the quickest to google)
Basically it all got brushed under the rug because when the news got to twitter they all started calling him a groomer and suggesting the girls involved were underage, which unfortunately made the reality of him manipulating his fans seem mild and forgivable in comparison.
It really set me off too. 15-16yo me was obsessed with game grumps and had a real soft spot for Dan (I was a lonely teenager) and thinking about it now knowing what he’s really like makes my stomach turn.(imageboard)

No. 1041850

Gg all fell off tbh, nowadays they give me h3h3 vibes, they weren’t super edgy or not pc back in the day or anything but the shift in tone and the authoritarian demeanor they took on when they know their own pasts arent perfect (especially arin) really disappointed me. Nowadays as in since 2018. So i’m not surprised by this, hypocrite scrotes being hypocritical

No. 1041855


GameGrumps were always cunts with Something Awful goon-level of "irony" with their sperging out over children's video games as a "joke" and over-all edgy holier-than-thou attitude they had over nerd entertainment franchises. Even as a teen I could see through their bullshit because they came from "that" side of internet culture and I'm honestly shocked why people didn't see it coming that they would be cows/bad people? lol

No. 1041857

Sure, they were edgy but they were also addicted to neurotically ragging on certain video game franchises and the fans of it in a way only someone obsessed with policing what other people should like would do. Literally all of those people like that became the authoritarian woketards we see today because they were always authoritarian control freak puritans, just hid it behind "comedy".
AVGN was much more enjoyable for me in that regard of being a shockjock video game reviewer because you can tell he was truly not giving a fuck instead of being a projecting nihilistic jackass.

No. 1041858

File: 1643192335432.jpg (24.24 KB, 400x300, tumblr_mjfidoJsag1qkw4dso1_400…)

it's sickening how men will usurp their position to trick girls into fucking them as soon as they became ''famous''

No. 1041860

It’s funny, the older (and more jaded) I get and the more stickup holier-than-thou content creators get caught out for their problematic pasts, the more I appreciate oneyplays. They’re fucking degen moids but at least they’re honest about how weird and un-PC they are, meanwhile Arin has spent every minute of every day since 2016 trying to align himself as the softboi king ofetsplay youtube while being a total hypocrite over everything he’s ever said and done online.
Plus oneyplays is a rotating cast of guys who bounce off each other and fuck around with each other in the way that only super close scrotes can, meanwhile Arin can barely scrape up one person between his whole staff to come and sit on the couch and watch him suck at Mario for fifteen minutes.
Sage for newgrounds sperg but the arin/oney Twitter beef was so tasty.

No. 1042351

File: 1643220461532.jpeg (89.51 KB, 600x214, 2996A374-802D-44F2-B805-25D1A9…)

Are all the people in Lori’s thread in on some joke where they pretend she’s fat for fun or something? Close to deathfat?? They’re all trolling, right?

No. 1042369

you are on lolcow my sweet nonnie, half of the girlies believe that everyone is fat. A few days ago I've read like 6 rants from an anon who believes that even a severly underweight girl who wasn't born this way will never be skinny bcs it is something that you are born with lmao

No. 1042444

Seriously I'm so sick of the anachans. Shayna is chunky too but there's no way she's 200 lbs like everyone speculates

No. 1042563

There's been someone(s?) in the Lori threads really dedicated to bait posts like this for a while

No. 1042705

I don't think she has a thread here but I don't get why people hate chantal. obviously she's a massive hehe lolcow but it seems like she only ever sabotages herself? idk maybe she's done something horrible I'm not aware of, it's impossible to catch up with all her drama

No. 1043010

Arianna McMillan and Doormat broke up and I’ve been following the saga way before I found lolcow (the tumblr era was something) and I had such a crush on matt. I’m so happy to see him single and leaving this witch behind. She used to gloat post about how spoiled she was and all I could think was how much that would wear on anyone.
If he did a few std checks I’d totally fuck him, sorry!

No. 1043285

I agree he’s super cute imo, tall too. The only probably was he was such a cuck, letting her fuck Johns while she lost her shit over him being around any girls, so it’s very good to see him finally getting out of there and hopefully manning up

No. 1043375

I haven't read her thread since it was getting boring but a breakup could be good for them. I can totally see his appeal (I feel like being 6'4 he won't be on the market for long) but I wouldn't wanna fuck anything that's touched her… insides… LMAO

No. 1043409

File: 1643281758744.jpg (39 KB, 567x453, EWamwZ5XgAAXXlt.jpg)


No. 1043486


It's truly unbelievable. Her thread has taken me from coming to LC once a month to now every day. Can't wait for the rest of the alter reveals, they are gonna be delicious.

No. 1043524

I love how unhinged this nonnie's energy is, never change

No. 1043548

File: 1643300098041.jpg (56.15 KB, 600x600, 600x600.jpg)

Shaynas, Kikis and ReadyToGlares biggest issue in gaining popularity, they refuse to let go of their dream style. It's so childish. I think it's a part of growing up to accept what you can pull off and not. Accepting that okay, you'll never be the ultimate goth gf (looking at you, ReadyToGlare) or no, you'll never be anime and shouldn't wear lolita attire to the grocery store.

I think Kiki is pretty and would look super hot with her old dramatic eye makeup and bleached hair. I look a lot like her, same hair + color and everything and had to learn I can't pull off the natural wannabe off-duty model shit and suit a dramatic look way more. When I was 14 I went through a weeb phase and tried so hard to look delicate and small and wear uwu frilly girly stuff despite being the complete opposite type both facially and body wise. But they're adults, and it's like holy fuck, LET GO already and adjust to what you have.

No. 1043555

Oh look kiki kannibal, I remember telling people not to bully her for being a childgroom victim but people shyt me up. That of course was before lolcow were full of pickmes.

No. 1043561

Sorry nonna but you just sound insecure. Wear whatever the fuck you want if it makes you happy, doesn't cost you your job and if it's your size.

No. 1043594

File: 1643302043444.jpg (243.73 KB, 1010x971, featured-image.jpg)

It's not insecurity, it's self awareness. I know feminism and love yourself and fatties can wear crop tops and blah blah but these flakes/cows goals is to gain popularity and followers yet they're doing the opposite of what they should. I forgot Lovely Lor too, that manfaced gorl needs to L-E-T G-O.

No. 1043953

While I agree with you that they should accept it won't be their way to getting famous, life is too short to not wear the clothes you like

No. 1044526

With the aforementioned cows I don’t think it’s just about wearing what they like; they’re stuck on aesthetics that first got them attention at younger ages.

No. 1044845

ayrt, and that's a good point

No. 1047998

people who think that grimes is pretty are ugly

No. 1048017

the "i have DID naturally without any trauma" thing is what killed me. That was so close to the endo/tulpa narrative (the only thing that triggers did retards) that im surprised that shit didnt hit the fan. Twitterfags aside, i think that at this point jill may be uncancellable.

No. 1048035

Ok, how fat are you exactly?

No. 1048041

The fact that she isn't relevant anymore is what's making her uncancellable. Not having a career is saving her career, she is a walking contradiction in so many ways that doesn't make sense.

No. 1048798

I don't think TND is a good cow anymore and I hope her thread dies like Onision's did. She obviously doesnt hoard animals anymore, only has her snakes and cats left, she posts 3 videos a year, and she's a junkie NEET. Her threads have been boring for literal years because it's just junkie relapse shit over and over again, I think there's maybe 3 active farmers keeping it alive.
I'm not trying to WK because she's a lying POS who deserved to get called out when she had an audience, but she gets like 8 retweets on a video now and her only fans left are junkies. I also think it would drive her narc ass insane to be so irrelevant that not even lolcow cares anymore kek

No. 1048812

She's not beautiful but I always thought she looked kind of cute and would do better if she had a good style that fits her persona and bodytype more.
But yeah she's not attractive in a male-gaze way and that's why the plastic surgery made her look worse. Sexy doesn't fit her at all.

No. 1048815

I feel like she could pull off the style better if she did her brows instead of leaving them as short little lines and learnt to do her hair and makeup in a way that suited her.
She'd look cute in normie or cute clothes but the lolita outfits literally make everyone look manlier, bigger and fatter than they are so they really don't fit her.

No. 1048819

Lori's thread has always been notorious for extreme bone rattling because it's filled with unhinged anons who care too much about a boring costhot posting trashy selfies, to the point one has to wonder if they're jealous of the attention she's getting despite being "an old hag" and unquestionably a cow. I haven't been able to read the thread at all because instead of drama it's just an endless cycle of "LOOK AT HER STOMACH ROLL WHAT A FATTY EEEEWWWW HAMPLANET IN THE MAKING" seetheposting when to any normal person she's obviously skinny as hell.

One time when this was discussed (not only in relation to Lori but in general) some anon claimed that it's "just for fun" and basically implied that calling someone a fatty in intricate and straight out untruthful ways is prime entertainment and really "sticking it to them". That's great, I think with someone like Lori especially people would find other things to make fun about than those supporting unhealthy body standards for women.

No. 1048954

I wish Kevin would start doing more funny things again, that's really when the threads are at their most fun and readable. Especially when he goes full wall of text.

No. 1049614

I don't get her "milk" she's old and that means she's not allowed to have hobbies? She's old and mentally ill and ebegs but in our timeline that isn't that rare. The internet is full of costhots

No. 1049619

Tesah seems to have mostly pulled herself together lately (aside from ‘rehoming’ her cats)

No. 1049737

Lori herself is at her milkiest when she's skinwalking a fictional character and insists that the creators of said character must have been stalking her for inspiration etc. because it usually drives her to interact with fanbases as she tries to make her delusions catch on. She's mostly given up on that these days so her milk is drier.

No. 1050615

File: 1643849043351.jpg (20.82 KB, 500x339, flat,800x800,075,f.jpg)

Apologies for the incoming sperg but I follow a lot of cows and just somethings I've been noticing
The countless paragraphs and essays of her being a pedo and "How is she still doing this?" is getting so old. I skim over every comment that's more than a paragraph. I don't believe she's a real pedo, she only does this shit to pander to scrotes bc its the only thing that gets her attention anymore.
>UK Weebs/ Ohayou Clothing
I'm assuming the anon who keeps coming in to talk about Ohayou is a customer who got snubbed but it feels like they should keep that shit on twitter considering farmers don't really seem to care or engage much lol.
Also I will never forgive the anon who messaged Erin Painter's mom her nudes because that killed the milk so fast.

No. 1050832

This isn't even related to any cow. In fact, I was inspired to write this after reading the past two celebricows threads. I wrote a post adjacent to this in the first "your real opinion on cows" thread and my perspective hasn't really changed: farmers can be so needlessly, unnaturally and unhealthy harsh. There's so much unwarranted criticism on everything every person does, there is simply no possible way browsing this forum is healthy in the long run. Even though I think a lot of the things cows do are remarkable and entertaining without the documentation and commentary, I do believe some of them are correct in noting people on lolcow can be horrible for no reason. Some anons comment on such pointless things as though it is an unforgivable crime, like having an average face or referencing something the farmer themselves don't understand. I just don't care about any type of "toughen up" mentality that farmers seem to want to normalise. Unbridled negativity is extremely embarrassing and unhealthy… Then again, I feel like a lot of farmers comment on one thing at most and then leave. But since so many farmers do it in one space and are indistinguishable from each other, it doesn't come across as condensed and results in a barrage of pure negativity seemingly stemming from a single source.

No. 1050866

I don't want Shayna anons yelling at my for not following the 100 thread saga but the "I've only slept with 5 people" claim seems really hard to believe? Wasn't there a reputable source that went to high school with her saying she pretty much fucked anything with a dick?

No. 1050948

>I skim over every comment that's more than a paragraph
Same, some threads get good long posts but it's never the case with hers

No. 1051306

yes, she claimed shay cheated on her boyfriends, slept around, and lied about being assaulted. iirc, that anon posted a high school uniform that proved she went to the same school. but all that confirms is that she knew shay, not that her stories about her were true. they probably were though. she’s been a terrible person the entire time she’s been online, im inclined to believe she was a terrible person before she became tumblr famous too

No. 1051381

I'm always baffled when celebricow anons call women with conventional features "ugly." I could maybe understand generic or just simply not their taste but a lot of them don't really have anything considered out of the ordinary.

No. 1051393

I wouldn't doubt it either other than the lying about assault. All the daddy kink shit and her personality seems to match with someone who has been molested

No. 1051441

I hate it when I have to scroll through paragraphs long posts by anons who think their 'analysis' of a cow is novel or interesting, it's just irritating, especially in Shayna or Jill's threads. I don't give a shit about your personal analysis of a cow online, especially when a million other anons think they're just as interesting, I just want to see what nonsense they post.

No. 1051763

Akidearest thread is ridiculous, whenever it’s bumped it’s just someone commenting that she’s fat or a far fetched, boring nitpick. Never anything milky or even mildly interesting updates so I’m pretty sure her tread has devolved into another one in /w/ that is just full of anon that are jealous of her living in glorious nippon or sometimes even her relationship with Joey (for some fucking reason), some of the posts just oozes salt.

No. 1052587

I can't believe Shayna has 100 threads. I still don't understand what separates her from every other ABDL SW on the internet

No. 1052594

i honestly dont think she's all that bad of a person anymore, (tho i haven't been on her thread in ages) she just a normal internet sw not interesting at all

No. 1052641

Every anon who tries to make her out to be an awful person seems like they're reaching so hard. The only reason she has this many threads is because they shit up the place with their sperging. That's why her threads max out so quickly. She rarely does anything interesting other than the butt cum saga. There are genuinely awful cows who do not try to hide it and blow Shaynus out of the water

No. 1052666

She is just really bad at being sexy, comes off as awkward and soft spoken, she seems to have no self awareness. I don’t think she’s a pedo, I think she got too swept up into tumblr with the ddlg kink and has sort of a feeble mind, she also looks funny
It is easier to vilify someone uglier so maybe that’s why anons will sperg about how evil she is.

No. 1052672

She can randomly be very mean and cruel to random women she runs into on twitter, which seems to inspire the same back from farmers. Yes the irony is obvious. Other than her yearly catastrophic life decision there isn't much that she does anymore.

No. 1052684

I have still seen far uglier online SWs that Shayna doesn't compare to. The reaction to her on LC and KF seem almost acted out and it feels like I'm in the twilight zone for being the only one who thinks she's just average. Her porn when she was skinnier was just fine looking, but people reacted to it back then the same way they do with her mayochup sharts. It was just garden variety kink stuff, I dunno.

No. 1052691

File: 1644046081244.png (62.35 KB, 1440x383, Screenshot_2022-01-27-21-24-31…)

I'm probably too sensitive but I hate this shit so much. For my own sake, I hope it was a scrote. Pussy-nitpicking is actual femcel-tier.

No. 1052692

Kek that’s funny. What thread?

No. 1052693

Celebs shill themselves as the epitome of beauty and far superior to normies, meanwhile they have a face and body pumped full of silicone and plastic, and without that, they’d look a lot worse than a normie woman. So when they see a unedited picture of a celeb that shows what they truly look like, it’s cathartic to say how ugly you think they look. they are the ideal we strive for yet they’re naturally uglier than a lot of women who get all insecure about seeing them.

No. 1052739

I'm convinced that the most aggressive and grotesque sperging about a cow's looks is definitely scroteposting. I can't imagine a woman in all seriousness writing shit like your picrel but I can absolutely picture a moid saying something like that.

NTA but you bashing them for natural features is exactly why unnatural features are shilled as desirable and attractive even if you're trying to convince yourself you're doing it to stick it to them.

No. 1052762

Waawaa, I don’t give a fuck about celebrity feelings because they’re all scum.

No. 1053202

Most pussies look like wrinkly ballsacks without balls in them. Did anyone else get scared when their labia started coming in that they were growing a ballsack? I don’t get it cause like mine looked like a chewed up piece of gum even when I was like 11 so it’s not just a “whore” thing

No. 1053211

Shaynas pedo pandering is gross. A woman dressing as a baby, dating a man who has kids who wants her to act like a baby, dates a woman who stole from a child for kink reasons and in general being hateful towards women is gross. No she's not the worst person. No she's not the ugliest woman, I do think she's average/below average due to her poor care for herself. I do think some anons over do it (myself included) but there's always someone worst then the cows we talk about. Shaynas just depressed and she is boring. The only milk we get is Ugly pictures. She makes dumb decisions and she would have the potential to be a shitty person whose harmful to others if she actually left the house.The way she ignores fucked up people in her life in the name of "kink" and not being alone could turn into terrible situations. Though she's lucky. Then she tries to accuse Fupaul of abuse as if she wasn't loving it and loving him when they were together. She does this all the time which let's me know, she knows this shit is wrong and not normal. But she'll deal with it as long as they do what she wants.
With all that said, no shayna isn't that bad. Yes scrotes and sex workers are in her thread. She is a cow just not one with any fresh milk. She's self destructive in the most boring way. My biggest issue with her is her being very privileged and in the time we are in, some would give anything to have a loving family to help them fix their life. Yet we have Shayna, sucking shit off of dildos, clearly miserable, depressed and constantly having breakdowns yet she won't quit.
It's such a huge fuck you to her parents and everytime she whines about her shitty life I'm just reminded this privileged woman doesn't have to be what she is.

Fuck sex work, but I think of all the women out on the streets without nothing and nobody. Or just women in general going through shit with no help. Then we have Shayna wanting to die because Twitter sex workers don't like her, fupaul, a mean Comment and the daily complaining. As if she doesn't have a choice.
That's what truly makes Shayna disgusting to me.
Sorry for the rant.

No. 1053713

File: 1644138808311.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7f485…)

>calls her yeasty discharge “cum” and eats it

No. 1055642

Jillian shutting the fuck up and laying low was a good thing for /w/ and lolcow in general. Her thread was teeming with newfags from twitter/tiktok/etc. who would sperg FOREVER about "REAL DID" and you could just tell they were all like 14-17 year old. Jillian's DID arc is very entertaining but you'd constantly have newfags that would more or less ruin it by being retarded. If any DIDfags read this, nobody gives a shit about your psychiatric hyperfixation or whatever.
on a somewhat related note, I don't mind most of the spergs in Kathy's thread. Kathy is so annoying and every time the burlesque anon starts to sperg, it genuinely adds to the thread. I feel like burlesqueanon amplifies the thread imo because I know nothing about burlesque and so I'm not able to fully grasp how shit Kathy is at it

No. 1055721

The dreads and race discussion in Jill's thread was diarrhoea inducing, terminally online twitter people need to get out of their house and meet people from different cultures and other continents

No. 1055959

Lucinda’s thread bums me the fuck out. I’ve been lurking since her first thread and compared to back then she’s gone so far down hill. I know she’s probably LARPing about a lot of her symptoms but she looks fucking awful now. I know the bone rattlers in her thread don’t think she’s that spoopy. I don’t see what can even be done for her situation if even 1/3rd of what she’s said is true. She needs to be in a psych hosptial or something but if they’re as useless as it seems in PR then where does that leave her? I don’t even know what her parents could do aside from force feeding her food and her meds.

No. 1055987

Jill's milk has been amazing since the DID thing started but the thread turned into a shitshow

No. 1055994

the bone-rattlers here will see someone that weighs 70 pounds and still call the fat.

No. 1056060

She just needs internet taken away from her.

No. 1056640

wasn't she already put in a psych hospital? and it turned out to be shit

No. 1057031

Yeah, I'm so disappointed in the turn the threads and all social media chatter surrounding her has taken. There's so much other shit to criticize her for in the present day, you can tell it's all 16 year olds thinking "well I'm a teenager and I never said the n-word so she should be held accountable!" I don't think Jill will be very forthcoming at all with her DID milk if she comes back to the internet and doesn't just run home to mom. I'm worried she'll go the way of Phoebe Tickner and retreat completely. There's literally nothing worse for a person on that side or body-posi queer mento illness Twitter/tiktok than being labeled a racist. People never come back from it once they issue the apology video, it's a wrap.

No. 1059597

I don't really understand what makes a /pt/ cow vs what makes a /snow/ cow. It seems kinda arbitrary tbh.

In some cases it's pretty clear, like Onision, or Yaniv, or Kiki. But sometimes I don't really get it, like with Momo. Granted I've never followed any of those threads, but from what I know of them, it doesn't always makes sense. Like what did Momo really do that made her such a cow? Grope a few people, get kicked out of cons, insult camgirls then become one herself and get plastic surgery? Is that really all that milky? I feel like Kelly Eden has done WAY more than that as far as cow behavior. And then someone was trying to say Terry Hall wasn't even a cow. Like what.

The one I really don't understand is Ash Coffin. She has a 5 yo thread on /pt/ that never filled up. At first I thought it was because that thread was made before /snow/ had been created but there are /snow/ threads older than that so I don't think that's the case.

I'm not newfag either, I've been here for 3 years, but I'll admit I mostly only stick to certain threads and don't usually venture outside of that so there might be something I'm missing.

No. 1059600

I feel like a lot of /pt/ is ‘legacy’ cows that might have been really milky in their heyday but are now pretty bland. Personally I think there should be some rearranging done by the mods/admin but whatever.

No. 1059612

>I feel like
That's exactly what /pt/ is and is intended to be

No. 1059638

>Personally I think there should be some rearranging done by the mods/admin but whatever.
I see the same complaint every few weeks and I'm getting real tired of newfags

No. 1060588

I don’t think il ever see any milk as good as the Dasha, mina, Edwin, cyr milk. It’s what brought me to this website. Sometimes I lurk a few boards and the pixilocks DID saga is pretty funny but nothing will be as good and entertaining as that crazy bitch Dasha

No. 1060710

I miss that & the Onision drama so much, that was peak drama I swear.

No. 1061235

Same here, I've tried to get into something else after but nothing could compare much to how much fun I had watching that mess unravel, maybe a little bit Holly Conrad / Jared whatever thing but it gotten boring after a while. Thank you for your service Dasha

No. 1064704

File: 1644778394651.jpeg (192.08 KB, 1439x549, 984EFA2E-C828-4A17-BCE3-36DF4D…)

i just recently read the holly/jared threads and it was absurdly entertaining. like this is easily the funniest thing a cow has ever posted

No. 1065118

The fact that kiwifarms is more sympathetic to Lucinda than this site full of people who think they're so much better than KF and everyone is wild. And hilarious. You're worse than kiwifarms.

No. 1065126

File: 1645550990495.jpg (11.81 KB, 540x185, tumblr_ptpwhk90601tszj15_540.j…)

Let's not forget the classic.

No. 1065133

this is a gossip imageboard why do you have high expectations

No. 1065150

majority of anons like lucinda, what are you talking about?

No. 1065162

I said that Lucinda wouldn't garner as much attention as Eugenia does if tea channels made youtube videos of her. Is that what you mean? It's true though, lucinda isn't nearly as dramatic, meanspirited or generally considered a thinspo like Eugenia. People get angry at Eugenia and that's why videos of her gather more attention whereas watching a poor truly mentally ill girl like Lucinda hurt herself without hurting anyone wouldn't provoke that much of attention.

No. 1065177

Don't forget the time she tweeted "I guess I'm the top kek" or something like that

No. 1065182

File: 1645552668366.jpg (84.95 KB, 911x265, Lucinda.jpg)

Samefag as >>1065162 and I don't really know what to say. Everyone's supporting Lucinda but this is a bit weird.

No. 1065212

Even without photoshop and makeup I still think Nicole eevee Davis is cute as hell

No. 1065634

File: 1645575485376.jpeg (769.91 KB, 828x1001, 1645482142435.jpeg)

Hila is pretty cute and I love her fashion style, I disagree with people who hate on her. I love how creative she is with her outfits, and yes, even the wackier outfits. It just reminds me of early fruits magazine, not saying it looks japanese or anything like that, but it reminds me of the naiveness and wholesomeness of 90's colorful street fashion.

No. 1065644

Also, I rather support Hila's fashion style than another instathot wearing kim k styled outfits, they're tried and tired to me now.

No. 1066137

I wish Musk and Grimes stayed together, they produced such good milk in tandem. It's just not the same now.

No. 1066242

Even though I would never personally want to wear any of her outfits I appreciate them, she seems to enjoy the way she dresses and it's unique

No. 1066283

File: 1645625622725.jpg (234.52 KB, 902x1591, Screenshot_20220223-150218_Sam…)

>Yaasss Kween!!
>Oh no! Farmers are meanies and ~jaleous fatties~! How dare they ? Lucinda is a true and honest schyzo and we need to lick her bony ass at every turn like KF scrotes are doing.

That thread is basically self-post central and we need a post reveal (that's where the real milk is imo).
Between mental-gymnastic ""anon"" who knows every little details about Luncinda's life and attacks everyone who dare to doubt the unitard's narrative, her little retarded friends and edtwt newfags…it's a real shitshow.

I'm sorry but some of us are here for more than 2 days and knows when someone is faking for attention like your ~pwecious queen~ does.

No. 1066550

File: 1645641104146.png (147.63 KB, 234x275, 1645369677458.png)

The pro-ana scumbag's thread is really unnecessarily mean to this girl; she posted some cringey overreactions to eating and exaggerated her issues with food - big deal? shes a normal healthy kid let her live

No. 1067081

I used to relate to Shayna's depression and understanding why she just wants to sit around and not do shit but eat, smoke and drink. When you make a mess of your life and you are permanently coping online, while seething at women who are doing better then you, still in love with a abusive ex (not saying Shayna's not abusive and asshole herself), while gaining weight and surrounded by not people you WANT to be around.
Just people you are using as placeholders until something better comes along because you don't/can't be alone. I kinda got it. Like fuck her for being a pedo-pandering woman hating idiot but I could relate to her depression and isolation.
But then when she revealed her parents would pay for her education, then the post about her mom doing sweet things like sending her pictures of her as a child. The gifts they send her.
I just feel a strong dislike. Not hate, because thats reserved for scrotes/troons.
but a very strong dislike. As someone who grew up without a dad, who has a decent relationship with my mom, but didn't grow up with money or trips anywhere.
It just pisses me off to see someone act like Shayna. To have so much oppountiy to change everything but doesn't. To sit online and shit on her own parents who probably still pay some of her bills, to coomers or cam girls who probably think like a lot of them, she doesn't have good parents or a good relationship with them.
When it's not the truth. She's privileged. I hate to say it but I legit think she'd rather die then not do what she is doing. I know that feeling. Where you feel like you've put everything into something and if it doesn't work out, "Well fuck it".
Even though she has a options. She lives a miserable crusty life, but lowkey it's comfty and carefree. If lolcow wasn't around she'd still be miserable but without the extra stress of the threads.
In fact, I think she would probably work with more people, would've ended up in a weird poly relationship with Sal or something. I don't think she'd be doing better or worse without the site. Just slightly less self aware.

No. 1067096

Same, a part of me still thinks it's just a publicity stunt.

I don't even read the thread anymore because it got so bad that it's unusable. There's also close to 0 real moderation now for some reason, so I wouldn't keep my hopes high for a post reveal.
In general, I feel like we will never get one of those again.

No. 1068668

Didn't want to post in her thread but I'm pretty sure momokun has cannabis use disorder. Especially if she really actually has ADHD because weed stops your dopamine production. She literally has weed 24/7, even at the gym. And it would explain the manic shit and freak outs she has constantly. Oh well, she's a huge piece of shit.

No. 1068717

I would love a post reveal. I don't read her thread anymore since a little after ambrose's milk dried. Lucinda got very boring and it's clear she is lying about a bunch of things even if she is legit tard

No. 1068787

I agree. She's cringy as hell, but she doesn't do anything remotely interesting or cow worthy and I don't understand the obsession with her.

No. 1068789

Onision always made me genuinely angry. I have sort of kept up with his retard drama over the years, but I could never fully invest any attention because he's disgusting and genuinely infuriating. Onision gives me a more sinister feeling than Soren, and Onision isn't a horrorcow like Soren was, just a retard who has been in a mental stagnation since early high school. Onision disgusts me, and the fact that he has children makes it that much worse in my opinion.

No. 1074482

Hearing Chris laugh in the background of a Sharla video (where she's only supposed to be with Ryotoro and makes a comment about having her big hotel room all to herself) feels like she left it in there on purpose to get people talking lol

No. 1074560

Moo's milk has dried up a long time ago why the fuck do people keep on sperging

No. 1075009

Why doesn't Alice want Fern to wear clothes with colors? I don't understand

No. 1076840

I used to be so jealous of Moo’s breasts in her Rangiku cosplay, even though I knew how sad and saggy they were IRL. She just looked exactly like the character and that was so enviable to me. Her Kanroji cosplay though… I’m not jealous anymore.

No. 1082641

Watching Syd learn out to intergrate and self post is hilarious to watch

No. 1082789

Mandy's brother is 100% certifiable. His chimpout in snow makes me wonder just how much he posts.

No. 1082809

I would be shocked if Luci makes it to 2023. She looks so awful right now and if her weight is accurate to what she’s saying I just don’t see how she can sustain much longer.

No. 1085053

Dasha of leftcows fame grosses me out. Her skin is sallow and looks waxen, she has the most naturally trailer trash-like bone structure I've ever seen on a person without help from meth or crack. She evokes a deep primal disgust in me with every picture. The fact that she's completely retarded when it comes to dressing herself doesn't help either. When the current leftcows threadpic was posted last thread, I was SHOCKED. I had to have stared at the picture for like 4 minutes at least. What the fuck is wrong with her? How can one person be so retarded when it comes to dressing herself? This is the woman that young women are basing their personality and interests on? She has never once looked like she's ever taken a bath in her life. She looks like she has sour breath. I can't look at her for too long or else I get the creeps.

No. 1085109

Venus is just…sad, and her thread is just filled with psychos way more cowish than her that are just jealous of her nippin fantasy. Praising her crazy mother and pedophile groomer ex. She is a severely mentally ill abused girl, knowing her history I don't get how anyone can feel anything other than pity for her. Its just sad.

No. 1085114

they sound mentally ill and sociopathic, like they cannot foster basic empathy for someone in a bad situation that has something they have. There's nothing to be jealous over in Venus. She is not someone that has lucked out in life. She is someone that was burdened by a hard life. She is not rich like Taylor, she did not have a normal upbringing and decided to go pursue studies in Japan at 18. She comes from a middle class Hungarian family that happens to be incredibly chaotic and her mom has abused the shit out of her since she was a little kid. She's never had proper socialization, love, caring or any opportunities at all and her life has been so hard she might end up dead very soon. The anons in that thread are simply sociopathic, especially the ones that say she's had it easy or calling her a narc or talking about the many opportunities she's had.

No. 1085116

someone that has something they want to have*

No. 1085488

Wholeheartedly agree with all of this. But Dasha is a narc of the highest possible order so she will never understand this about herself.

No. 1087005

Examples? Other than venus angelic?

No. 1087026

NTA but Nicole Eevee Davis has zero milk, most boring thread ever.

No. 1087060

I notice that I frequently see nonnies calling Soren he/him but isn’t she a troon? Also the tinfoil that she’s faking her death is so fascinating to me, like Hitler didn’t kill himself he went to Spain tier.

No. 1087062

I'd say any sex worker cow that isn't shayna or the onlyfans thread is a good example. There really isn't a shortage of seething sex workers here. But venus is 100% a cow although her cowdom isn't completely her fault which makes her a little diferent.
Soren literally got bottom surgery. Nonnies calling her "he" need to knock it off. I find it hard to believe that she is still alive because I feel like she enjoys attention. I wouldn't be surprised if her arm getting infected or something was the cause of her death.

No. 1087282

I’m a hooker and I never got the impression that many sex workers browse or post on Shayna’s thread desu. The attitude there towards SW girlies is a little too hostile.

No. 1087285

There's a difference between a hooker and the online-only ofthots, the likes of whom definitely browse shayna threads as theyve exposed themselves on there a few times ad love to being each other down

No. 1087310

>I'd say any sex worker cow that isn't shayna or the onlyfans thread is a good example

what about kathy? cause tbh I prefer her thread to shayna's


I agree, a lot of those threads are basically vendettas. imo readytoglare does not deserve a thread, though it's basically dead at this point anyway. lovelylor is another one I don't really think is a cow.

No. 1087405

File: 1646566830580.png (101.89 KB, 1280x454, quiiiizzz.png)

I made a recreation of Jillian's Birthday Jeopardy game (YES, she made a whole ass Jeopardy game centered on herself for her guests at her birthday party to play) and here's the link in case anyone wants to play

No. 1087453

Kek, amazing nonnie.

No. 1087735

I prefer Kathy these days too, she's basically the same person as Shayna in a lot of ways but with less body horror. They even have a lot of the same troon and sw orbiters

No. 1089577

Exulansic says she has a skin condition, but to me she just looks like someone who never washes their face and whose eyes are glued shut from eye-crusties.

No. 1089741

Shay is so boring now. She obviously hates her body and "job". I don't know why someone clearly unhappy with their life keeps doing the same boring shit when they could be doing better.
It's not like she's putting amazing effort into this shit. She's just depressed. Before when she left the house she'd flash, now thankfully she doesn't but not because she grew. Mainly because the only time she truly shows her body is when she's drunk enough not to care, when you have to pay to see it or when someone else is holding the camera. That's how I know Shay is tired. She used to take daily nudes of her body, now she just does a photoset and post it for weeks. She hates her body now but isn't going to work to fix it.She had more life with Fupaul. Which says a lot..
The only thing I find interesting about her is the fact she believes she'll be famous. It truly baffles me how someone can have so much confidence and self importance but at the same time none.
Shay is like famous train wrecks in that way, she's not famous but she thinks she's amazing and deserves fame and fans. Yet she treats those "fans" like shit and herself like shit.
Even allows others to the treat her like shit for the right price in attention. Yet she still thinks she's amazing and deserves things.
That she's better then this or that person.
Her cam shows are the same, everything is the same. I would say I'd be happy for her becaus either seems she may possibly be at her wits end, but she's so gross.
And I don't wanna say it but I feel like Shay may take another way out if sex work doesn't work. Leaving her dad's offer on the table.

No. 1089749

I feel like she just doesn't want to take care of herself. I mean sure toxic femininity or whatever and you don't have to fit those ideals but anyone should take care of their looks to a certain level and she's definitely not doing it.

No. 1089763

Shayna is lazy, useless, ugly, unwashed, repulsive, narcissistic, and makes me want to A-log.

No. 1089776

The only time I want to Shay-log is about her crusty lips. I have a thing about people getting on camera and having visibly chapped, dry lips. Especially on a woman claiming to be a bimbo barbie.

No. 1089824

I feel so bad for her. When nonnies posted how much she looks like old antisemitic propaganda it made me lose my mind.

No. 1089848

I looked through the detrans and rf threads and didn't see any of that, screenshots?

No. 1089855

File: 1646705169932.png (Spoiler Image, 598.19 KB, 744x449, F35E9940-83E0-4835-8A11-151807…)

No. 1089862

File: 1646705673526.png (163.94 KB, 1304x255, context.PNG)

Hm, well here's the context. I didn't see anyone agreeing that it looked like her.

No. 1089972

All middle eastern or Muslim people do as well. It's not something bad alas you take care of yourself and don't let it go like her.
She resembles the picture because she doesn't take care of herself at all. She doesn't even brush her hair or do her brows. She also looks to be very skinny and her face is sunken in. She could be pretty if she became healthier, any woman could be pretty.

No. 1090865

Stefany Lauren is so underrated as a cow, or maybe her thread's just slow because there's not much to post about, but her skinwalking is so insanely autistic. Her refusal to develop her own personality and instead try to mold herself into whatever cool female character she's currently obsessed with is astounding. She has to be one of my favorite cows solely because her skinwalking is so amusing and I am never bored by any screenshots in her thread, every single one is incredibly entertaining because the way she lies is so fucking hilarious. She's definitely one of only two entertaining cows on /w/ to be honest.

No. 1090887

She's one of my favorite cows! I miss when her thread was more active, but I guess most of the milk moved to Discord? She kind of baffles me, so much about her real life and real personality is a mystery.

No. 1090922

I have read through her threads 3 times, I love them so much. It's goofy, cringe and the faces she makes when she's not taking the picture take me out.
Her pretending to be small, the Elsa skin walking and my favorite was the GOT girl skin walking.
I felt like the Res.Evil girl skin walking ended to quick.
Her hair is also a mess. She's one of my favorites

No. 1091494

Her threads were a lot more active when they were in /snow/. She really was a great cow, her lies remind me of things that weird little girls in elementary school would make up, especially the popping balloons with her mind thing. I cannot believe an adult woman said that and expected people to believe her

No. 1091629

I love skinwalker cows, who are some others?

No. 1092185

File: 1646855374437.png (152.14 KB, 371x693, anachan.png)

I get that anons say this sort of thing because they know Lori lurks and in her mind she IS fat, but.. this bitch isn't fat and after some time these comments get grating. It feels like a lot more anachans use this site compared to years ago, say 2015 or so, because some comments are wild. Aside from her dented chest (which she can't help) and massive feet (same applies), she's not terribly built and would do well with gym time. Probably going to get shit for this post, but it gets tiresome to see this over and over when its clearly not a fat woman in the same regard that shoe's threads have been tiresome because the same three anons are obsessed with insisting that she's the crypt keeper when she looks her age provided she's dressed correctly. You'd think flesh were literally melting from the bone with the way some anons reply.

No. 1092193

I don't read Lori's thread, but she looks great in that photo. Some anons on the drama boards are just overly critical of women's bodies.

No. 1092197

Nonny what her tit is flying off her chest

No. 1092201

lori actually looks great for her age they are coping really hard

No. 1092227

I don't know what you mean by this. Anyway, I'm not gonna inspect her pictures, I think she looks fine.

No. 1092238

Taylor R's thread was already shit, but it's become even worse with the pregnancy nitpick spergs. I forgot to hide the new thread and I regret it.

No. 1092242

her threads are def full of anachans. she looks pretty good for her age. a lot of the /w/ threads and threads about sexworkers have always been other weebs or sexworkers reeeing and nitpicking

No. 1092251

Heather's thread became so depressing, she's just repeating herself endlessly with no change except for her body weight.

No. 1092268

Which is ironic given that this is the same place that anons bitch about moids and their unrealistic standards imposed upon themselves and all women or crying in /g/ threads about their diet setbacks and excuses as to why they have their own set of bingo wings, while simultaneously screeching about shayna's.

Agree. I still think she's a completely rotten and terrible person, like she and the used q-tip certainly deserve each other because they're both trainwreck human beings, but its as if anons are shocked that a 36 year old woman looks.. well.. 36 years old without the egregious filtering and cheek puffing. More than half of them sound like they were still toddlers when Lori's antics were at their ripest.

No. 1092281

Ferns mom whatever her name is looks her age

No. 1092495

This really. I rarely participate in threads anymore because the body and face nitpicking is so hypocritical. Calling out cows for awful behavior is one thing, but judging bodies the same way moids judge ours is stupid.

No. 1092670

Holy shit the obsessive Lauren Southern wk who has been camping in the tradthot threads for at least a year now is annoying. I don't want to hi cow but I can't imagine who is this dedicated to preserving her image as a based filmmaker who actually stands up for women and didn't launch her career on the belief that women should be subservient quiet baby machines

No. 1093010


Maybe not FSSW but definitely got a lot of 3 dollar pussy pics girlies in the Shayna threads. They show out when people start saying that her kinks are strange.

No. 1093247

>sw girlies
I don't know where you think you are, but this has never been the place that welcomes sw. No one is going to cape for any of you selling your pussy to moids under the guise of empowerment.

No. 1093295

File: 1646943340041.png (46.77 KB, 1835x301, because you all look like jani…)

Case in point for picrel lmao
>w-what shitty behavior??
The kind that earned her a thread and the reputation which she has in the first place? This is why I strongly suspect her threads being full of zoomers who were absolutely not around in her heyday.

Also, these types of nitpicks get posted all the time and they're such blatant lies. I'm not saying that everyone is ugly, but most people aren't airbrushed IG thots either. Anons who participate in her thread and some others sound like they're making shit up for the sake of bashing the cow in question or they must live in an area where plastic surgery is super common for them to be acting as if every single mid-30s woman they see in public is Monica Bellucci levels of gorgeous.

>go to gyms and yogas and you'll see women like looni's age but better looking!1!1

I'm at the gym every MWF and the majority of the women there are not in their 40s, they're mostly 20s, and they honestly look worse than she does but its also the fucking gym. Its not a place you go expecting to look done up when you're sweating and lifting, what the fuck even is that comment.

>Shes less fit than many women her age that have careers and/or kids,

Literally what is this based off of though and where? If I go by where I currently live, she's more fit than the average woman with kids here. Like I hate to break it to some people who browse this site, but not everyone is that one /fit/ mom you follow on tiktok yet never bother to take the advice of or three of my aunts (who have each had several kids and still maintain a fitness routine). There are plenty of women who basically let themselves go after having kids and then there's some who don't. This is just such a weird metric anons have on this site.

>but she chooses to just compare herself to con nerds and SLC Mormon moms

I mean, broken clocks and all? She can be a shit person with horse teeth and nasolabial folds (the thing all of us have, including those of you reading this, because that's how skin works with age), but at the end of the day in some respects she does look better than the average larded rose quartz cosplayer.

>Most women her age have health and dental care, and take care of their skin and hair.

Again, it depends on where you live? I've known people who don't have healthcare or dental because their employer only covers so much. And, most women I've met around her age have told me that they consider skin care a waste of money and that its just "fancy overpriced water" and these are like gen x or boomer women. I've been told my own skin care routine is a waste of time and money, again, by the same age group of women anons act like are gracing our streets and halls with flawless skin and windchime laughter.

Its just retarded all around and I'll probably get a nasty response back about how
>its a gossup site
>its not that deep
>hurr lori wk hurr go smoke a bowl out her chest uwu

But, I've been here since 2015 and the way people are now vs prior is jarring and some of these comments truly make me wonder.

No. 1093354

How come the celebricows thread is full of racebaiting 24/7? Anons constantly trying to start something thinking they can get away with it because they're insulting whites specifically. It's not just that, whole thread's a mess but it's to be expected I guess. Someone here once said that farmers in cow threads behave like massive cows themselves, that's pretty much my opinion for all of them.

No. 1093573

The coquette thread is weird. The "coquette" people are definitely cringey but the posts in that thread are also kind of autistic.

No. 1093589

It's infested with current coquettes and former nymphets, that's why.

No. 1093601

Lori was obsessed with being a bone rattler in the past, she gained weight over the last year or two but in my opinion she looks much healthier and like she is at a maintainable weight for her body in that picture. Way more flattering than when she was trying to be as small as possible. Even if it's just to trigger her, it makes no sense to call her fat.

No. 1093693

Ayrt and I agree. She isn't fat at all and I get that the anachans do it to trigger her, but it doesn't even make any sense. It gets so repetitive that it starts to feel like legitimate cognitive dissonance. And again, it's ironic that she gets called fat when there's anons always whining in the fitness and diet threads about their own weight issues, whining about what moids say about women's bodies, and whining about why won't society accept that women age.

Lori's 36 and never had a good diet, a skin care routine, and is a smoker. Those do play a role, but people also fucking AGE. Like it just baffles me that these retards can't grasp that. It really is like June all over again with people insisting that behind filters Lori's skin must be some staph infection level of horror. Random "anons" show up claiming to have seen she and dirty q tip in person, somehow despite never having known her name prior to this or her history, offering only a "oh yeah she looked old and shit" before vanishing for good.

No. 1093823

It’s annoying how dramatic anons are about shay’s drinking and jillybean’s pot intake. Shayna doesn’t drink enough to have fucking cirrhosis or pancreatitis. She’d have to be at a handle of liquor a day. And Jill’s pot intake affects her bc pot makes ssri’s and other psych meds way less affective. Either way they both fuckin suck and don’t know how to care for their bodies but it’s not that extreme. Yet.

No. 1093986

you're not alone anon. tbh she has it made… engaged to a man she loves, doesn't need a job, doesn't have to pay rent, and pretty and interesting, too

No. 1093987

Thank you, nonnie

No. 1094091

I could definitely believe that they look dirty in person, especially Kevin since he constantly looks grimy even in low quality pictures. But even in candids Lori just looks her age, so I doubt she really looks "omg so old" unless the way she dresses these days really just ages her that badly or they are comparing her real face to the unrealistic filtered one to an unreasonable degree. And honestly from the candids, she… really doesn't even look that aged for someone who smokes a lot and eats a poor diet. There are definitely people I know who look way older than they are from smoking forever and never eating veggies, and compared to that Lori seems to be holding up well.

I especially agree with you about the weed sperging in Jill's thread, it makes them all sound like children when they act like hitting a bong is the same as shooting up heroin or something. Although in the case of those posters and the Shayna anons, I guess their ignorance about it speaks to how lucky they are to have never been exposed to serious alcoholics or addicts before. In a way I kind of envy that mindset even if it's annoying to scroll through kek. I still remember that one Jill anon who insisted if you drink once a week or ever, at all you are an alcoholic

No. 1094100

File: 1647005628965.jpg (5.62 KB, 222x227, 1644353889181.jpg)

>you're not alone anon. tbh she has it made… engaged to a man she loves, doesn't need a job, doesn't have to pay rent, and pretty and interesting, too
girl… where are you seeing any of this? i think she's pretty but that's literally it. her life is a shithole of mostly her own making. she does not love lurch, she wanted to be with him to complete her CL larp with a real druggie except this one is a talentless mothman who is openly lusting after hotter catfishes and who was planning to leave her behind her back, she lives in nothing but filth because she refuses to stop buying sanrio garbage and clean, she's addicted to drugs purely for the aesthetic, there's nothing good about her life anymore except that she is pretty. her only real talent in life is squandering opportunity and choosing to sacrifice everything for an abnormally tall and half-rottted creature-of-the-night

No. 1094200

Heather Steele is my ‘oh shit, that could’ve been me’ cow. We’re close in age but I got over my woe-is-me femcel shit years ago and she’s still doing the same fucking thing over and over. It’s really frustrating that she refuses to change or accept even a little bit of help because I know it’s possible to get better. She’s miserable on purpose.

No. 1094203

File: 1647013545659.jpeg (646.37 KB, 1004x1041, 27CE73E3-C3F5-4B5B-B6C5-BF7910…)

>engaged to a man she loves
Samefag but anon, darling, love yourself. She’s been engaged for like eight years to this specimen.

No. 1094237

>a man she loves
he groomed her since she was 13-14 and got her hooked on drugs…

No. 1094248

>talentless mothman
I love all the names anons have for this Easter Island headed motherfucker

No. 1094690

I wish more shit would happen with ol scamanda. Middle age scenesters are hilarious and I’m hoping the people that know her posting in the threads get exposed. I don’t get admitting you know a cow unless there’s at least a story

No. 1095124

i’m yelling i thought it was about that taylor r chick. anon you cannot be real…

No. 1095853

Retarded Shay tinfoil/discussion inside-
I feel gross watching Shay's porn, but her breast in the thumbnail looked kinda red. So I watched the video (rather skimmed through it), it looked like the smaller breast is growing. It doesn't move, but it did look like there was a lump or something implant liked inside the veiny breasts. However, I think it's just her gaining a lot of weightin a short period of time, and sometimes lopsided tits are inherited. If Shay had a breast implant, wouldn't she have to get it replaced? If she does have one (which i don't think so) It could explain her illness. Sure it could be from her lifestyle but it also could be breast implant illness. Though it's probably not. I'm just doing retarded tin foiling. If she did have one, for sure her mother would keep up with it if Shay didn't.

No. 1095912

I am also of the mind that something is wrong with her breast, but good god are you the same person who’s been insisting it’s this bullshit ‘breast implant illness’ for like, years?

No. 1095920

No im not that anon.

No. 1095922

File: 1647144526293.jpg (377.3 KB, 1536x2048, 20220312_220601.jpg)

Some femboys/troons and fakebois do pass imo as long as if they don't open their mouth which usually gives it away

Skye is one of the only MtFs to pass well simply because doesn't cake on 5 layers of makeup, get raunchy eyelashes and extensions and then ebeg for plastic surgery regularly. Blaire white passed too for a while before they loaded up on surgery

No. 1095924

that looks like filthy frank

No. 1095942

What's with the knife though? He gonna use it to 41% soon or what?

No. 1095985

He passes as an ugly girl that no one would hang out with until you see the knife. His eyes also have that dictinct maleness to them even though they're softer idk how to explain.

No. 1095998

He looks like a teenage boy and he still has a 5 o'clock shadow

No. 1096000

really? i think the eyes and jaw are the most feminine part, theyre just really far apart.

No. 1096016

His eye area reminds me of a little boy's rather than a woman's. He's feminine and could definitely pass as a weird looking woman if he managed to act normal. Idk who he is but imo what gives away trannies is theirs stature, their outfits and the way they behave rather than their deep voices.

No. 1096230

I dunno, I always think the ones like this just look like stunted teen boys. I guess it's possible you could mistake them for women in pictures online where you can't hear them talk or see their frame, but imo they just look like jr. high aged males

No. 1096398

File: 1647195528979.jpeg (271.59 KB, 1112x599, 47CA0A6D-B1E0-424B-92F1-0AE950…)

Shayna’s animal print hoodie is actually pretty, is it from Amazon?

No. 1096491

The only places she ever shops are Amazon, Dolls Kill, and Shein so if you check all of those with relevant keywords like "cropped animal print hoodie" you will probably find it

No. 1096857

I don't believe for a second that Exulansic is a lesbian.

No. 1096876

Can't post this in the Shay thread because this is an absolutely gross blog so be warned … but when Ellen Degenerate talked about sniffing a newborn baby it was disgusting. It reminds me. There's a girl I work with, about 22 yo, who has a touch of the Down's Syndrome so everyone cuts her a bunch of slack for the weird shit she says and does. She has gone on spergs about "newborn baby smell" several times and it's disturbing. She asked a pregnant coworker if she would bring her baby to work so she could "sniff the babe" as soon as possible. She came to work bragging that she got to sniff a relative's baby that was less than a week old like it was some kind of special privilege. She goes on about how new babies smell "divine" . And she can't wait to have a kid with her 'tistic bf so we can all "sniff it" and finally know what she's talking about. I'm waiting for her to try to smell a customer's child and get herself fired. She hasn't yet.

No. 1096877

interesting take. i can buy this tinfoil actually. do you have any evidence or just a vibe?

No. 1096939

You can't have a touch of downs syndrome. Either you have it or you don't. Unless you mean she's just slightly retarded

No. 1097121

maybe they meant shes a downie who looks more normal?

No. 1097433

100% just a vibe

No. 1098188


No. 1098192

Shay is only going to ramp up her pedo pandering now that she getting more attention on that second account. I don't find it entertaining. Her and Ellen disgust me deeply.
I never experienced the fupaul DDLG as it happened. Or the first time she did the diaper shit. So I'm freshly disgusted and I only wish the worse for Shay. I have the urge to a log everytime.

No. 1098193

Ntayrt but I'm interested in hearing more about your tinfoil. What vibes does she put off that make you think she's not a lesbian? I wanna hear the gossip.

No. 1098211

I hope those tards do not reproduce

No. 1098216

New baby smell is nice, but this is fucking disturbing

No. 1098219

Late response but i never brought her up because i am not familiar with kathy so she didn't come to mind. Now i'm interested.

No. 1099864

Spoiled well off cows like Stefany bother me so much. I like to go back and read through her threads because they are hilarious and I really feel she's autistic and that's why her parents spoil her and let her spend money like crazy.
She doesn't seem grateful for any of it, if she'd not autistic or mentally unwell, she's just a spoiled brat. She's up there with Shayna being the only women who I feel have no creativity and personalities.
She really does need to go to therapy for her BD. She's hilarious bit frustrating, I feel if she stopped skinwalkomg characters she could've done something decent with her life.
She's gotten quiet not better I feel.Had lolcow never came along, I feel like she'd been worse off because no one would've checked her
She'd still be photoshopping herself to look like Daisy and Masie. Her hair annoys the fuck out of me. She's truly fried it and I don't think it can grow, she has a weird mullet thing going on.>>1097121

No. 1099874

Not to mention she's absolutely a munchie (look at her track record with new animals, they may just be animals with shitty genetics but every single one always gets sick/has health ussue like right after she gets them and then comes the autistic purple prose facebook/discord post about how she feels about it). I wish she was more active. Her "ten page research paper meant for Yale based on how COVID is spreading to wolves" obliterated me when I first saw the screenshot. She's a fucking goldmine. If she were more active she'd be right up there with PT. I stand by this.

No. 1100113

I honestly love how unhinged Stef is, and I'm fascinated by the lore of her inner world and skinwalking LARPs. Only thing I can't stand is the abuse and begging. I'm manifesting more furry posts soon too.

Unrelated but Ariana was one of my fave cows and I'm sad there's no more threads on her but if she becomes milky again I hope to see a new thread again.

Also the Shay and Pixie threads are a mess again right now. Time to lurk OT I guess.

No. 1100223

i know she hasn’t been a cow in, like, forever but i used to be a huge nicole dollanganger fan when i was younger. i found this website because of her around five years ago. i stopped listening to her music after i learned about what she’s done, and realized how cringe her music and persona is. but once a year i get into a weird mood, turn off the lights, lay in bed, and play some nicole dollanganger like i’m still an anorexic teenager. i listened to some of the songs on her natural born losers album a few days ago and i’m not proud of it but i actually enjoyed it.

No. 1100958

I feel sorry for fanny_traggot from the mtf thread, probably because I really like his username. like if I were a tranny I'd be mad i didn't come up with it

No. 1100965

I think it would make a hilarious drag name.

No. 1101492

File: 1647562155458.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 614.02 KB, 1242x807, C5DE5D62-D426-4977-B16B-9672B7…)

Hypothetical: How much money would you have to be paid to fuck some of the sex worker cows? I would fuck shayna but only if she gave me like $7,000 at least, she honestly isn’t that gross looking but the dry vagina and her lack of hygiene are gross and require very much reparations

No. 1101506

I would just kill myself even if any of them offered me copious amounts of money.

No. 1102021

i think she's cute (physically, only, obviously). i do not want to fuck her for any amount of money.

No. 1102158

He's the one I feel least bad for because of his incessant whining as he uses a wealth of free medical resources that is above and beyond what is covered in some cases for citizens with actual health problems, including some life threatening ones. I just can't feel sorry for his pissing and moaning about an elective surgery he got for the coom when someone's grandma is probably dying back in his home province because she'd have issues arranging travel for the care she needs. Meanwhile he gets a complimentary limousine service to fillet his dick. It's like the far end of a broken healthcare system and he's okay with flaunting that.

No. 1102159

Sorry, *complimentary limousine service after an all expenses paid flight halfway across the country

No. 1102750

i also love the username and i also feel a little bad for him. i tend to have more sympathy for the HSTS ones regardless, but his immediate regret and suicidal ideation post surgery makes it extra depressing.

No. 1102959

I also feel pity. Like when I really sit down and try to imagine the body horror of that surgery, it's almost too much. And it's something your not supposed to talk about in trans circles. The popular rhetoric is like "we all start with x genital as embryos so it's really not such a stretch to get GRS and get y genitals." And other such shit.

Pointing out bad results - which is most of them - is "internalized transphobia" and "body shaming." They do all the community policing for these insane butchers and try to do it in the name of liberation, even though in the majority of cases people become insanely depressed like Fanny… this is "post surgery blues" and sold as "normal." I'm actually amazed Fanny is talking about it so openly.

Those plastic surgeons are absolute bankrupt ghouls. The fact they ghost all their severely mentally ill victims is telling, and Fanny isn't the first person to be torn apart and ghosted by them, nor will he be the last. They sell a lie. Most of the people who get these surgeries don't know the realities of these surgical complications. Or the severe limitations of the final results. Dissent is silenced. I've noticed with "gender affirming care" in particular, informed consent is more a wavier of rights than a reflection of an actual informed, weighted position from someone with a healthy mind.

Seeing some detrans males talk about detransing after GRS is so fucking depressing. Bleh sorry for the rant, I hate plastic surgeons in general and the "gender" related doctors are a particularly vile breed. Fucking evil fucks. The tide is starting to turn on them I feel, at least

No. 1104278

out of all of the current /snow/ cows i feel like alice is the most likely to get moved to /pt/ eventually. i feel so bad for that baby

No. 1105235

I pity this girl. She was groomed by the glamourization of sex work and online prostitution. Yeah she’s cringe and a weeaboo dime a dozen ethot, but this is someone’s daughter and a part of me can’t help but feel bad.

No. 1105237

File: 1647810161632.jpeg (660.16 KB, 1432x927, 9A895C25-8050-435F-BCBD-607BD0…)

Samefag I meant to tag another post in this thread sorry

No. 1105277

Kathy McMahon/Harlow is definitely a cow but I think it is annoying there are so many findoms in that sub acting like they are so great themselves.

No. 1105280

I find them kind of humorless and that's personally why they annoy me lol.

No. 1105405

my heart hurts for her, i hope she knows she has the option to stop at any time

No. 1105442

femdom/findom anons come across as exceedingly insecure everytime you question them so yes

No. 1105495

File: 1647827614295.png (236.75 KB, 499x333, twins.png)

Amanda Bret's cuck/"ex-husband"/best friend reminds me of Sam Dermody from Ozark.

No. 1105685

"I'm above sex work but if I weren't I'd be better at it than this bitch" is the primary vibe I get from that thread. It's like a bunch of anons trying to top each other in one way or another. Every interaction between posters is so needlessly bitchy, I swear half of them think they're arguing with Katherine herself.

No. 1106860

i like nyabeat and i think she is very pretty and fashionable. not much of a cow herself but her impact was significant i think, enough to last for two years now.

No. 1107012

More of a meta opinion but prevalence of silly cow nicknames are a good indicator of thread quality. Overuse of petty nicknames denotes that a thread is full of over-invested seething spergs.

>Foot, Gurg, LGH, Trot & Clot in Onision threads coinciding with increase of cowtipping retards
>overuse of Skid in the JC/Syd threads coinciding with "akshully BPD Skid is worse than Rape At Knifepoint Jonny Craig" sperging

No. 1107058

Something to keep in mind about Heather is that her thread is at least half composed of scorned ex-friends and her ex-husband and even some of her short-lived romances. If they post this much on lolcow, imagine how much they fuck with her that we don't know about. She's an eternal womanchild, but being constantly hounded and cowtipped by people with intimate knowledge of my issues would fuck with my progress too.

No. 1108431

Shays thread is a fucking mess

No. 1108564

It would be interesting to see the kind of anon that obsessively follows Shayna.

No. 1108587

The Shayna thread is exactly the same. Just anons trying to feel better than her.

No. 1108644

Heather is such a bizarre cow to me. Her personal life isn't that crazy, she's perfectly normal looking (even attractive imo), she's not a scammer or photoshopper or ethot or anything. All the milk comes from her imagination (that everyone hates her for her hobbies, that having a boyfriend is the be all and end all, etc), there's nothing real or tangible about her 'problems'.

No. 1108653

The general vibe of Kathy's thread is getting kind of unbearable. Kathy's so easy to make fun of, I don't understand why they don't do it more. Every screenshot posted is either "how dare she do this" or "WELL, ACTUALLY," Like cmon where's the energy! Where's the fun! I think it's one of those cases where the thread actually ruins the cow for me.

No. 1108885

i honestly don't see what's so wrong with shayna's boobs to the point where it's still being brought up several times every thread. maybe it's bc they're nicer than mine but still, idk. i don't think they look bad

No. 1108890

That's literally all of /snow and /pt though lol

No. 1108894

Sexworker threads are filled with low quality whores and prostitutes, they're competing with the cows and getting mad when a cow does better than them because they think she's uglier, fatter, etc. Any camwhore thread, most anons are camwhores themselves.

No. 1108897

Stop doing that.

No. 1108903

You have a point, but I can't help but find those nicknames funny

No. 1108904

agreed. they’re the least gross part of her body but that’s a very low bar kek

No. 1108909

>getting mad when a cow does better than them
They're in her thread definitely but this really cant be said about Kathy's thread kek

No. 1108910

No. 1108942

To be fair idk who kathy is but the camgirl thread is filled with nitpickers who at the end mostly admit to being whores or having been whores in the past. Romanianon is the most known person who dis this, she even doxxed a girl because she stole romanianons personality.

No. 1108962

Speaking of romanianon, are there any photos of her out there?

No. 1108978

There used to be in one of the threads. One anon achieved all of her posts and I saw her picture while I was going through those threads. I'm against doxxing her ans trust me, it's not anything to be curious about. She's a pug faced pudgy ugly girl.

No. 1108990

File: 1648121454176.jpg (1.74 MB, 2944x2208, 20220321_221916.jpg)

she streams on Twitch at kafkaesqueroach and sent this pic a couple of days ago on her stream discord

No. 1108991

nta but I think she's cute tbh

No. 1108994

She's got great hair

No. 1108996

Something that's been on my mind, anons: would you rather be the Superstore bakery clerk who had to get Jill her DID cake or the Home Depot cashier who rung up Landon Hiscock while he was taking his cloackable mask selfies for twitter?

No. 1108998

she's gorgeous actually. I'm sorry she went through so much shit and that she still struggles with poverty. I've been watching her streams and she seems fairly intelligent too. Born in another timeline she could have been successful in life

No. 1108999

Even videos, but she deleted them now. She looked really rough on them, as in actually mentally ill, her hair was all messy/ratty and she had deep eyebags and filmed herself supposedly crying over some Wikipedia article.

No. 1109000

kek welcome back

No. 1109001

she kind of looks like seal anon, is there an lc cow phenotype

No. 1109002

Ok "anon"

No. 1109003

Your typing style is too recognizable. It's always easy to spot you.

No. 1109005

that's stretching it but she has the means to stream and all, so she could somehow get internet-famous or something. i think tiktok zoomer girls would love her.
homely white girl

No. 1109007

File: 1648123461211.jpeg (98.39 KB, 750x571, E2DC10B2-6D88-472F-B3A4-2088AE…)

>homely white girl
kek accurate, if she had glasses she could also fit into picrel

No. 1109009

her personality is odd, I don't see her fitting in any popular niche she also spergs against sex work

No. 1109013

Jankes crusty face actually makes me feel sick

No. 1109015

she won't perhaps fit in a popular niche but there's definitely a place for her. she spergs against sw but also doesn't hate women who do it, i think? there's a lot of self-proclaimed femcel types, idk if romanianon would call herself that though, but seeing some of their posts remind me of her. now that i think about it, she probably wouldnt like those girls and would fight… maybe twitch is right for her, or youtube? i feel like there is an audience out there, waiting for her

No. 1109019

What about a tea/drama youtube channel? Like Creepshow Art.

No. 1109021

her personality seems like a combination of many traits and even politically her views seem very mixed. She talks against sex work and capitalism but thinks the left wing is dead and that the right wing has ideologically replaced left wing because they are against establishment and criticize the government. She also seems to be actually suffering from PTSD or anxiety and has trembly hands, gets scared of very small sounds. She said that she lives in a small village and that her real life has nothing to do with the information and opinions she has gotten from the internet. She also talks about how her mom is dead and how her dad cannot find work and being in a bad financial situation. She seemed upset about not being able to afford going to school and getting a PhD in Philosophy. Occasionally she reads Hegel or talks about philosophy. She also argues with scrotes that could give her money. The last time I watched her she said she hates modern science and that she wishes death on redditors because some guy that watches her streams told her to read modern literature or scientifical research as opposed to philosophy.
>>1109019 I don't think it would fit her, as she seems interested in ethics or moral issues. I have witnessed her talk about how YouTube is unethical and that she hates true crime videos or those videos where they use homeless people. Maybe she could do something like that, but I'm not sure if it'd be good for her, it seems she's in a bad financial situation and also has mental illness from abuse but has the tendency to be very argumentative. At one point she talked about doing IRL streaming, maybe that would be better. She could go around towns in Romania and post the videos on YouTube to draw in a bigger audience without getting into politics. She also says she's always wished she could have been an artist and wants to make noise music but has a low spec laptop and no money to invest in that.

No. 1109024

File: 1648125433817.jpg (83.48 KB, 1080x280, Screenshot_20220324-083505_Chr…)

I want to make a new thread for Ariana/scorpioasaheaux just to spite the last anon that said picrel. She's been posting way more now that she knows her last thread ended and nobody wants to make a new one and I'm just feeling bitchy. I probably won't make one though because I've never made a thread in my 4 years on this site and I don't want to get clowned on.

No. 1109025

she's pretty actually
I'd ask why everyone here is so harsh but this is lc

No. 1109027

completely forgot she existed.

No. 1109028

Holy fuck is romanianon also noise-chan????

No. 1109047

I feel like Shayna got legit trauma from that skidmark academy shoot. I would, too. Sketchy and weird as fuck. Very weird all around, I kind of want to dig in more but it's probably not all that interesting.

No. 1109068

I remember when the fight broke out between steve and romanianon he started doxxing and posting pictures of her which made romanianon doxx him back in return.
This is only beniffiting steve or maybe you are him.

No. 1109070

I didn't post this pic, just deleted my discord for my stream
I don't want to be on here, leave me alone pls

No. 1109071

leave me alone my life is horrible i dont want my picture on lolcow

No. 1109073

No. 1109074

Yo just chill out with a noise wall

No. 1109077

can mods delete pictures that have been posted of me? My life is really bad and I don't want them on here. How can I contact mods?

No. 1109078


No. 1109079

I feel sorry for what happened to you with steve. Before you were just many of the spergy anons here before he catfished and doxxes you.
All you are is a spergy anon to me, there are tons of spergy anons like you (like paki-chan,crap anon, antinatalist anon, tinfoil anons).
Some of the weird hate filled posts about you seem Steven-ish.

No. 1109080

this is a joke, right?

No. 1109082

i think they took them down before too, some sperg posted one pic in like every thread. try reporting them as well

No. 1109083

can anons pls report my pic as vendetta posting?

No. 1109085

Ok im going to give you genuine advice. You should stop posting bere because you are only bringing attention to yourself more (or atleast learn to integrate).

No. 1109088

No. 1109091

Yeah I'll report the pic but stop samefagging and stop coming here and making yourself worse.

No. 1109105

She's ugly and blames all her struggles on women because she sees any woman that looks better than her as competition, aka all women. That dumb whore doxxed other whores so she deserves to be doxxed.

No. 1109108

Is admin going to do something about a picture she posted on the internet herself tho

No. 1109109

Doxxing is against the rules. She didn't post her own pic on this site. People found it after they doxxed her.
Also they have deleted someone else's photos once.

No. 1109115

Is admin going to remove the picture of someone who revealed their identity themselves? No.

No. 1109118

How did you guys find her twitch, wtf

No. 1109119

She probably revealed it herself after she got in a fight with a moid she met here. She dated a moid she met here and then got her nudes and stuff leaked, came and had a fissing fit and sent discord messages which revealed her discord username that was veryansın similar to her twitch.

No. 1109120

Anon, you posted your own facebook with pictures of yourself on it during the Steven fiasco. This (and the other time your pictures were posted) was literally bound to happen.

No. 1109124

Unironically how is some anon reposting her picture here any different from anons reposting cows' pictures from social media on here

No. 1109127

She wasn't doxxed, Romanianon posted her own information. Well actually, she posted Steven's Facebook and of course farmers found her.

No. 1109129

Didn't she also reveal discord info and then got her discordfags username leaked? Again, it's so close to her twitch one that anons could've figured it out.

No. 1109131

Unironically, how is some anons posting her pictures here, different than her posting and doxxing the cam-girls she disliked?

No. 1109150

sex traffickers. I guess pumpy is worse for being an anorexic than an actual sex trafficker top kek. The hypocrisy

No. 1109151

pumpy was posted too and she is not doing anything objectively bad, she just has like 4 ex camgirls that are vendetta fagging. The woman I posted is an actual sex trafficker. Why should some random thot be posted because of vendetta chans and not.someone that trafficks women for a pimp?

No. 1109154

because it's not from social media, I barely have any social media and I'm not an internet figure. Someone just fucking hates me. I should have just let Steven with you to creep on you in the friend finder thread instead of putting myself in danger and doxxing myself through association by exposing him.

No. 1109156

her discord bf revealed it, i think

No. 1109181

Who tf is pumpy? Also she wasn't trafficked, she said she didn't even get naked, a trafficking ring wouldn't let a girl stream with her clothes on.

No. 1109182

Dumb cunt you dated ans sent nudes to steven, you let him stay until some pickmes of him started bullying and inevitably doxxing you. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

No. 1109185

This is either Steven or someone pretending to be him
>you dumb cunt
Sounds like an angry ex boyfriend

No. 1109186

he convinced me he was ok but he was actually some LARPING /r9k/ moid. Would it have been better if I just kept my anonimity and let him do whatever the fuck and return? Yes, it would have been better for me, but not better for everyone on lolcow. I'm also mentally ill and have been in a bad situation my entire life and I find it hard to see people's true intentions

I was trafficked.

No. 1109188

pumpy is some random camgirl being posted in the camwhore thread for years because other camgirls are jealous over her, but she is not actually doing anything immoral. I posted some woman that is an actual sex trafficker involved with a ring and everyone called me jealous when this same place says that calling women jealous is not an argument.

No. 1109196

Steven kill yoself, you ugly trannny

No. 1109197

and idk who the fuck posts my pictures. I just deleted my discord server. I think it might even be the camgirl sex trafficker that I exposed. She browses here and hates me.

No. 1109198

Not to be a bitch but what did you expect would happen by posting her in the thread? I mean, if the thread's about camgirl milk and the only "milk" is that she's a trafficker, nobody's going to care as sad as it is. What was your end goal for posting her in the thread because there'd really be no way for anons to help you, if you don't want help then why post her? To ruin her sales?

No. 1109199

>>she browses here
Who is she?

No. 1109208

So lolcow is filled with a bunch of camwhore posters? I always found it weird why there was so many hooker and camgirl threads on snow especially with how boring most of them are and now it makes sense, most of those threads revolve around vendetta-posting. I remember there was a time when the identitys of some of the shayna-anons was revealed and all of them were actual whores who were even fatter than shayna herself.

Makes it even more ironic when anons in ot talk about how sexwork is bad when the majority of snow and maybe w/ anons are actual whores.

No. 1109212

It's the ukranian camgirl that trafficked her and stole all of her camming ideas.

No. 1109213

No, the thread is generally titled as camgirl thread so you can post any active camgirl, this website targets problematic individuals that are active in the media field. It's just normal that I posted her there for being horrible and she deserved to be exposed for what she's doing. If charlottecharms and Pumpy are being posted in the thread dedicated for camgirls for being mentally ill, why cannot she be posted when she actually trafficks girls out of the mental hospital and has a 55 year old boyfriend. She is 10 times more milky than Pumpy and Charms.
>ruin her sales
Simps on MFC don't care the women they jack it off to is a sex trafficker working with a 55 year old pimp because they are dumb brain dead coomers. The only reason I posted her is that she is an absolutely rotten inside person and I used to know her personally. She hurts other women directly. Her streams are also milky as fuck. She constantly talks about her father which is a codename for her old pimp boyfriend, she talks about her father while showing her tits in front of hundreds of men, licks milk out of cat bawls. Writes daddy all over herself, bullies the girls that she grooms and tells them they will never be as good as her, pretends to be a nazi on stream. She's 100 times milkier than pumpy or charlotte charms, but nobody cares because the camgirl thread is just older american camgirls being vendetta chans over pumpy. She reads here ane corrects her behavior according to criticism. I think she might have been posting me, not Steven.

roomtoavoid on myfreecams, an insane BPD camgirl("""problematic individuals""")

No. 1109214

where have you been

No. 1109218

she is 1000 times worse than Pumpy and Charlotte, she is an actual sex trafficker, but nobody cares because Pumpy being anorexic is so much more fascinating and milking

No. 1109220

most /ot/ posters don't use the cow boards

No. 1109231

>the thread is generally titled as camgirl thread so you can post any active camgirl
It's in /snow/, it's about posting cows.
>this website targets problematic individuals that are active in the media field
Not necessarily? Most cows are here because they act like idiots publicly and do nothing to change their behavior.
>She is 10 times more milky than Pumpy and Charms.
If her shady shit can be seen and documented publicly, then yes. If all her "milk" just comes from you and solely you, that's not really milk, that would be seen as vendetta posting. Don't think that I'm downplaying your trauma, I'm just talking about the purpose of the site. The reason pumpy and charms are still talked about is because they were mildly milky in the beginning but like most cows dried up but there's still a dedicated cowbase so that's why people talk about them. Lolcow users who post in camgirl threads are probably camgirls or camgirl adjacent and they're looking to feel better about themselves in the easiest way possible.
>entire second paragraph
That sounds par for the course for camgirls in my opinion, I wouldn't see what's so milky about a camgirl licking milk out of a catbowl, they do that weird shit. Also you keep saying she's milkier than xyz but her trafficking girls and having a pimp isn't "milk". Nobody is going to watch her streams because every time you describe her you sound like you're describing like 60% of camgirls anyway. I hope you get the justice you deserve but she's not milky, she's a criminal. Criminal activities are not necessarily milk.

No. 1109233

>this website targets problematic individuals that are active in the media field.
NTA but that's not the point of this site, the problematic cows posted usually have some milk alongside and there's other cows that are completely harmless like PT, so it's not about morals. If you want to expose/call out someone social media might be better.

No. 1109241

File: 1648139465613.jpg (128.33 KB, 1920x506, 20220324_172836.jpg)

So this is the camgirl that you claim trafickked you?

No. 1109244

Imagine getting trafficked by a weak stinky little white girl

No. 1109246

someone just posted my photo upthread. Do you have face blindness? Thankfully I am not a sex trafficker living with a wrinkly 55 year old, but this woman has been obsessively following me on the internet for the past 3 years including my Twitch stream. She always has to get the same haircuts/haircolors as me, talk about the same things that I do ans repeat entire sentences that I say. I know I will never get rid of her and her BPD ass, but she straightfully rotten inside and I'm happy that although my life is suffering I'm not trafficking women or living with a 50 year old man that I call father in front of 400 coomers that jack off to my tits.

No. 1109248

You replied to the wrong anon, I'm not romanianon.

No. 1109249

I was asking if this is the person you claim is trafficking you, you moron.

No. 1109256

yeah just saw that. my reply was for >>1109213

No. 1109259

so trafficking women and calling her 50 year old boyfriend father in front of hundreds of simps that Jack off to her tits is not milk? her streams are the milkiest on the entire website . She lives in Romania, she's been going from Ukraine to România to Bulgaria for years and her daddy has cam studios in all these countries. I am afraid that she is back in Romania because she does know my location and she keeps saying on stream that she will visit her favorite town to meet her old friend which means she might come to kill me in my hometown. Im not joking.

No. 1109263

>so trafficking women and calling her 50 year old boyfriend father in front of hundreds of simps that Jack off to her tits is not milk?

No. 1109265

I'm actually very afraid of her, she's insane. She beat me and drugged me up with LSD and her and her pimp (daddy) which protects her go from Eastern eu country to eastern eu country. Her daddy is also a nazi and she is involved with the nazis too back in Ukraine and their studios have connections with the owner of MFC so she never gets her account deleted or banned. She straight up shows nazi banners on her stream and her simps laugh it off and think it's cool and edgy. I just cannot forgive her. Her personality is also not hers, she has none because she is empty inside.

No. 1109268

Im sorry to hear that,is there anyway you can go live abroad or file a secret tip to the enforcement about her?

No. 1109269

Anon she doesn't want help.

No. 1109271

I want help but Im actually very mentally ill and I find it hard to do anything I can barely go outside due to PTSD I flinch at anything and end up vomiting if I talk to people but nobody believes how bad my mental health is only because I smile sometimes. Telling me to go to another country or get help or get a job just doesn't help me. I am almost disabled.

No,I cannot report them to the authorities. They have a lot of money and it is deeper than that. Everything I can do is sit in my room and try to not go outside and carry peeper spray and be very cautious. This person is insane

No. 1109275

You won't find help on lolcow by posting your trafficker because that's not the purpose of the site. You'd have more luck on literally any social media platform. I recommended reddit once and you said "oh, a site that laughs at camwhores?" Which didn't make sense to me as you're posting this on lolcow, a place where you already know males lurk and post and pretend to be radfems. I hope the ukranian doesn't kill you.

No. 1109276

You should just hunt her down and exact revenge (by shitting on her doorstep in Minecraft) instead of posting about it every day. If you're that fucked up about it you have nothing to lose.

No. 1109278

You are a prisoner of your own brain at this point. Whats the point when you dont even want to help yourself.

People abroad are also more understanding of mental issues and you can find help there while also working. But you dont want to, im done having sympathy for you.

No. 1109283

Are all romanianwhores diseased to be pugface? They're so fucking ugly.

No. 1109284

I cannot work, I can barely go to the store anymore
How the fuck am I supposed to immigrate to a completely foreign country all by myself when I have episodes of catatonia daily, I shake, sweat, cannot stand being touched? I went through extreme CSA ,was abused countless of times by different people, was literally brainwashed with LSD. I am not normal, I cannot pack my bags and go to a foreign country by myself and work. I can barely write a lolcow post with my hands shaking and shivering

No. 1109289

Traficker is ukrainian. Keep up with the thread scrote.

No. 1109290

If you getting "trafficked" is anything like how steven "tricked" you into dating him, you're the problem. Either post proof or information of how they trafficked you or just shut up. You dated him because even though he looked like a wet rat and was a borderline tranny, he gave you attention. That's also why you camwhored and made a twitch, you're the bpd who addicted to attention.

No. 1109292

I have C-PTSD and I take 3 types of different medications daily and it doesn't get better and I cannot afford Therapy

No. 1109299

Didn't you have a YouTube channel? How much does it earn you? Can't you work in your country? How did you get a degree if you can't go outside?

No. 1109301

Didnt steven first pretend to be a radfem and then later reveal he was a male. Why are you blaming her for getting catfished?
People immegrate all the time especially when they live in shithole conditions. Just say that you expect the benefits without working for it.

No. 1109311

I thought he was a good person initially. He said he was too ashamed to reveal he was a woman and that he cares for women's issues and I believed him, then he reveled himself to be an /r9k/ mysoginistic scrote which I should have seen coming but many times my decision making or reality is blurred by dissociation and PTSD and I just trust people and yes, I was trafficked and if I truly wanted attention I could make some stupid coomer internet content or continue being a camwhore. But that is not what I want. I want to talk about my interests and passions and not be just an object

No. 1109312

I do not expect the benefits without having to work, I am saying I simply am not the average person. I am severely traumatized.

No. 1109314

She kept texting and sending me nudes after he revealed himself. Her discord messages were leaked and she was begging for him to buy her dresses and stuff while he was mocking women.

No. 1109317

ok steven keep lying

No. 1109320

Don't you have a philosophy or something degree? Can't you voices your opinions and do thats stuff for money? What's the your major?

No. 1109322

to reveal he was a man*

No. 1109323

Romanianon What is the point of your posts? Do you want us to do something about it or…..?

No. 1109324

Yeah, sending an incel nudes and revealing your identity to him is a bad idea. A scrote would say it was a good idea, instead, so he could trick more girls.

No. 1109326

someone posted my fucking picture today

No. 1109329

Nta but I think she's asking abouts the usual manifestos you send.

No. 1109330

Your nude images are also on this site, you might want to tell admin/mods about that too.

No. 1109331

how do I contact them?(stop attention-whoring)

No. 1109337

Romanianon there's no way you've been posting as much as you do and you don't know how to contact them. There's multiple ways.

No. 1109340

I'm not just talking about now I'm talking about the daily sperg posts you make even when no one mentions you.
They won't do nothing, you just need to stop posting about yourself and your hot-takes so people can forget about you.

No. 1109365

Romanianon is gone

No. 1109368

>not knowing she already got banned countless times and uses vpns

No. 1109381

I don't support whatever retard posted your pic, but find it incredible how now you politely ask to uwu hewp poor u the very same women tomorrow you will wish death on.

No. 1109382

She's never gone.

No. 1109388

Kek. This. Did anyone ever see her wish death on a moid? She only wishes bad things onto women, even supported the tranny steven who doxxed her until he did so.

No. 1109389

It must be incredibly hard to have bpd in a third world country.

No. 1109394

Because most people in third world countries can't even afford mental health care and diagnosis?

No. 1109408

I think that's the first time she was around girls around her age and size, so maybe she had a really good time outside of the "sex work" part and misses them.
Someone said it reminded them of a cult and how they feel Shayna would thrive in a cult like setting. I agree. I think she'd love if that shit was real life.
Just a bunch of girls her level of attractiveness hanging around a weird ass set, doing dumb shit, drinking and having to film gross porn once in a while.
She'd have friends at least. People whod sympathize with her, in the same boat and who'd probably truly grow to care for her.
But maybe I'm over thinking it.

No. 1109415

Midsommar with Shay as Dani and Fupa as Christian and they go off on an onlyfans get away vacation with other camgirls at some Swedish commune.

No. 1109420

stop lying, I've been here on the 24th of December. You started suicidebaiting because of what Steven put you through, nonnies instantly became protective of you, Steven rolled in and your slapfight began. You didn't come here to drop a truth bomb on Steven's past and future victims, you are only spinning it like this now. How can you be believed if you lie about dumb shit like this? And I don't disbelieve you, but you don't come off as credible when you pull this shit.

No. 1109424

Wait for them to find a new VPN before they can reply

No. 1109431

Not to mention the reason for her radfem spergouts is because some radfems were mean to her in a lolcow radfem discord that she joined and also because no one in the camgirls thread gave a fuck about her milkless ukrainian trafficker (she thinks every anon on this site is a western radfem).

No. 1109448

idk, I must have missed it. I know that what went on the 24th wasn't some incredible self-sacrifice

No. 1109459

She posted in this thread before, about herself in >>1108998 anyway, now she acts like she saw her picture only now lmao

No. 1109477

Can anyone give more info about romanianon's discordsaga? I had no idea she hated radfems because she fought with them on discord.

No. 1109481

Where did you find her pictures, romanianon?

No. 1109482

What is in her mouth?

No. 1109484

she's a camwhore on myfreecams she streams there daily and it wasn't my post and I'm convinced she is the one posting my pictures on here to threaten me

No. 1109490

but you'd rather side with a BPD woman trafficker that will most likely get me killed than side with me because you're as immoral as scrotes and tell me to "move to another country" because you lack empathy and cannot understand how bad my abuse was.

No. 1109492

File: 1648149570553.jpg (15.42 KB, 274x274, a74b8228e4ef5f9e0f624b13987986…)

Reminder that this is the actual reason why Romanianon is so obsessed with the ukranian camgirl.

No. 1109495

her real name is Olena and she sexually trafficked me out of the mental hospital and she hops from country to country to groom women and works for a 50 year old man which is involved with nazi mafia in ukraine, she is also obsessed with me

No. 1109499

Welcome back. If you really think it's her, please contact admins.

No. 1109502

>can anons pls report my pic as vendetta posting?
Also Romanianon:
Incredible, didn't even wait until tomorrow

No. 1109504

I'm very frustrated over having my ideas stolen by bigger "content creators" and being taken advantage off. It is very frustrating to see someone steal your ideas/skinwalk you and get a larger audience and more recognition than you do. Then I was of course guilt tripped and everyone acted like I was schizophrenic when I complained about it. I'm very sad, lonely and I miss doing shit on the internet, honestly.

Now I have to give up on my Twitch which I worked really hard for and put a lot of effort into and spent hundreds of hours to barely have like 200 followers because I'm bad at pandering and I don't sexualize myself on stream. I need to change my Twitch because the bitches that copy me watch me on my Twitch. I want these insane hoes completely out of my life.

The first one has been skinwalking and upsetting me for over 2 fucking whole years. I used to be a camgirl and I was non nude, so I did not get a very large audience, because obviously the more you show, the more simps you will get. This Ukrainian bitch has been skinwalking me since I started camming. She would repeat entire sentences that I said, after I'd talk about interests I had she would immediately have those interests too. Copied my hair. Copied even the way I talk. After I'd complain of my mother's suicide, suddenly she'd complain her mom was dead too. Fucking sociopathic bitch. Then she'd send her coomer, braindead simps to harass me for "copying" her. She was a cluster B 100%, her body was covered in scars and she seemed to lack a sense of identity. She could have been my friend, but instead she decided to skinwalk me and harass me. After I quit streaming on the camwhore site she found my Twitch through my Twitter and the skinwalking continued, of course.

When I was on Twitch I started going on this girl's stream that had a couple of rad fem opinions and I am rad fem, but then I realized she'd just shit on sex workers to make herself appear superior meanwhile her entire career was built around her wearing a cleveage and having huge boobs and of course she had to cope really hard when I called her out on it and call me jealous. I'm not jealous bitch, you're literally prostituting yourself on Twitch and you are a 30 year old woman with no social life and no skills. After I confronted her about having cognitive dissonance and shitting on sex workers while building a career of simps that coom at her boobs she started watching my stream and she'd share very similar ideas to mine in her streams and it bothered me because if she thought I was interesting or found inspiration in me she could have helped grow my stream instead of just stealing my ideas.

Now I need to make a new Twitch and message it to the friends I made on stream and start again with 3 followers and get in the partnership programme again, but it will be worth it since these hoes will lose track of me

No. 1109507

and she doesn't half milk for being a walking stereotype of "not like the other girls girl" and being an actual sex trafficker but pumpy has milk for being an anorexic. You're mentally ill and sociopathic, all of you just like /r9k/ incels and you rip into someone that is vulnerable just like sociopathic incels do. Enjoy your company with the sociopahic child Groomer Olena from Ukraine because she doesn't half milk. She will kill me and then continue to LARP as me on lolcow. You're all fucking sociopathic

No. 1109509

I'm sorry you face so much cruelty in life and online. I couldn't begin to help your plight but I hope you find something better in the world than all of this.

No. 1109512

she also trafficks women on his behalf beats them and drugs them up with LSD and other drugs. They have a couple of girls working for them RN

No. 1109514

Why are you so hell-bent on defending a woman alleged to be a sexual trafficker? I'm really confused why a lot of you are so blinded by your hatred of Romanianon that you're siding with blatantly shady people. I wouldn't be surprised if like in 5 years like you guys do with every mentally vulnerable woman you deem a "cow" you're gonna finally start showing sympathy for her after the fact like you did with pixyteri or any of the other girls you now claim to like after bullying them off the internet for years.

No. 1109515

ok but do you mind explaining this >>1109504

No. 1109516

what are you talking about no one likes pixyteri or feels sorry for her.

No. 1109517

explain what? almost the same shit I am saying now???

No. 1109518

LC pretending to be a "radfem" site while frothing at the mouth at Romanianon so much just to side with an actually delusional, horrorcow level of a sex cam worker is peak comedy kek.

No. 1109520

yeah, sure. Lolcow's whole shtick of being a site full of mentally ill women laughing at other mentally ill women wouldn't be as annoying if you retards didn't pretend to have a high moral ground over Kiwifarms or 4chan.

No. 1109521

Because she literally just makes shit up as she goes because she is absolutely livid over this camgirl supposedly copying her. If she was "trafficked" into being a camgirl, which already contradicts previous post she made, why did she never mention that in the previous rants about the ukranian?

No. 1109522

She's been saying the same thing for months though lol

No. 1109523

i have posts where I say she is a sex trafficker

No. 1109524

No, she constantly mixes up details as you can see in the collection.

No. 1109528

you realize we are not a monolith you moron. The anons who believe they have a higher moral highground are not the ones who are active on on those threads..

No. 1109530

but don't forget romanianon is evil because I say so and she is not a victim of patriarchy and being sexually trafficked SHE WASN'T even sexually trafficked she is a liar and a whore, but Olena the BPD camgirl that works for a sex trafficking ring is a victim. THINK ABOUT THE MEN THAT FORCE HER TO DRUG UP OTHER GIRLS WITH LSD AND BEAT THEM(romanianon samefagging)

No. 1109531

Yes and you have older ones like the quoted ones where she suddenly just is a girl you're mad at.

No. 1109535

maybe because she has severe dissociation from having PTSD? all her posts do add up. She's been posting about this woman for a couple of months and saying she trafficked her.(romanianon samefagging)

No. 1109536

/ot/ doesn't have more than 30 users active at the same time, give me a break

No. 1109537

There's barely any details being mixed up and it's generally the same story. You just want an excuse to hate on her because you're probably one of those anons she beefed with in the discord.

No. 1109540

shut up shcizo no one said the camgirl you are beefing with is a victim.
Get a job.

No. 1109543

oh boy here we go with the samefagging again

No. 1109546

Is ptsd your go to excuse for everything.
Saying you dont want to work because of ptsd.
Saying you killed a cat because of ptsd.
Saying that your story doesn't add up because of ptsd.

No. 1109549

you're all fucking mysoginstic sociopaths with issues, take a look in the mirror.(romanianon samefagging)

No. 1109553

File: 1648150935942.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 4.25 KB, 251x201, images (4).jpeg)

ok olena only you have PTSD in front of your simps but when you beat vulnerable women in the mental hospital the PTSD goes away

No. 1109556

Another vendettafag post
Lemme guess you're the anon who posted her pic and trying hard to convince your personal beef with her means shes the milkiest of all posters huh? lol

No. 1109557

File: 1648151046111.gif (1.85 MB, 360x268, michael-jackson.gif)

No. 1109558

Ah, so you admit >>1109535 is just you whiteknight yourself?

No. 1109560

where the fuck am I defending anyone?

No. 1109562

you're on the same level of sociopathy as 4chan scrotes, absolutely lackuster in the department of empathy. All of you and the sociopaths that host this site. You will see.(stop)

No. 1109564

nope im just noticing a pattern with her. Im actually neutral when it comes to her but lets not act like she doesn't use ''ptsd'' as a a excuse for everything..
its probably romanianon defending herself in third person.

No. 1109565

>>you will see

No. 1109568

It's yet another suicide bait, she's going to blame us in her last letter etc etc

No. 1109569

Tbh the admin team is a hot ass mess that frequently exposes the posters who go on here and last year even tried to make a cow out of an anon they didn't like because they criticized how things were being modded around here. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the people hellbent on going around arguing with romanianon were staff members on their off-break looking to start shit with another farmer who lives in their mind rent free.

No. 1109574

Yeah it's definitely her going by the pics of her doing weebish poses and looking like a generally mentally disturbed shut in.

No. 1109575

I don't think shitting on the admin team will make them delete your picture.

No. 1109576

>that frequently exposes the posters who go on here
This literally only happened once and it's because someone posted their face here and tried to claim that they didn't.

No. 1109579

I'm not her
Wym? This happened several times. The first ones I remember was mystery.jpg and spoony actualy

No. 1109583

things have changed now the mod teams takes out their anger out on anons in a different way, like unfair banning.
Like what happened to the anons who got perma-banned for posting a anti-putin meme and then other anons who asked why those anons were banned also got banned (since they didnt do anything) or the anons who get banned over a week old post that they already got banned for previously that expired.
The mod team seems a fucking mess and i wouldnt be surprised if they dont communicate with each other with the downhill way lolcow is going.

No. 1109586

nta but you said "frequently exposes the posters who go on here"
mystery and spoony are both cows, self-posting doesn't count.

No. 1109588

Mystery and Spoony were both former chanwhores who spent their days camped out on LC and the discord obsessively alogging other chanwhores and camgirls until they were identified by posters for their spergy rants and oversharing and kept digging their own graves. So what is your point exactly?

No. 1109591

Those are cows

No. 1109594

Spoony's post history was never even outed you dork

No. 1109610

File: 1648152784775.webm (16.55 MB, 1920x1080, video-main.webm)

If Romanianon was sold into sex work or whatever then why are all her sites still up and maintained by her? This is what you get when you visit her .com, you can tell exactly what persona she was gunning for. She even still uploads new nudes and responds to coomers on her camgirl sites. She probably has major issues from whoring out to chantard coomers but IDK what I believe, if she has real delusions about being trafficked by that other girl or if this is just the only way she can cope with her choices. Wouldn't be surprised if they used to be friends and enabled each other to do stupid shit and now accuse each other of abuse.
I think she wanted to be a cryptic disordered traumatized trafficked 4chan pedo victim so hard she took the larp too far and doesn't know how to wrap it up now, is addicted to the attention but hates the abuse, finally melted down and is boiling over on a mongolian basket weaving forum because what else is she gonna do. I'm sorry she's in this place but hopefully younger anons can see it as a cautionary tale.

No. 1109620

you're confusing me with Olena the sex trafficker. I am not selling sex on the internet.

No. 1109622

thats olena not romanianon, you are confusing the two.
Or are you that camgirl here to defend yourself and posting a ''wholesome'' video to make yourself looks better?

No. 1109623

i hate when retards get cows confused, it happens in snow too.

No. 1109625

File: 1648153209031.jpg (194.67 KB, 1600x1274, BasicsQueen_02092019_1236_MyFr…)

wow shes such a queen(romanianon)

No. 1109627

My bad, too much edgy eastern european chanwhore on chanwhore crime

No. 1109628

File: 1648153384610.jpg (269.83 KB, 1600x1274, edgy_kid_12032019_0341_MyFreeC…)

it's ok ALina me and Ivan the 55 yeear old man won't force you into a threesome(romanianon)

No. 1109631

then why make >>1109610 if you don't know whats going on in the thread, retard.

No. 1109632

When did mods try to make a new cow? Sounds milky.

No. 1109634

romanianon are there any other girls that you met that she tried to traffic?

No. 1109636

there are some in their studio right now, they are online sometimes on MFC but I have to watch them. They also don't speak up about it, they instruct you to not speak about what is happening and give you acid and Olena is mommy and Ivan is daddy, they want to be like deities(ban evasion)

No. 1109639

Do they keep the girls in studio or can they leave? Do they take the money or force them to do stuff?

No. 1109642

how did you find out about her pimps ties to the mfc owner, did she accidentally blurt that out to you?

No. 1109671



daddy Ivan posted

No. 1109675

File: 1648155862341.png (34.4 KB, 1177x385, daddy44.png)

daddy posted to protect his hard working daughter for mean 4chan witches. Any good father will protect his daughter working on myfreecams.

No. 1109676

File: 1648155920106.jpg (63.8 KB, 650x428, grassFedMeat-157204335-770x553…)

now back to the real milk Pumpy is anorexic and has balloon lips

No. 1109678

link/tag to thread?

No. 1109684

What vpn are you using? I thought you were poor?

No. 1109692

She makes thousands every month by posting asmr videos on youtube, keep up.

No. 1109741

ik she is not really relevant anymore, but i went through an old yukapon thread to find something and holy shit… she got groomed/was an underage girl dating like 40yo men and everyone was against her, calling her a slut etc. akira posted that "truth" website or whatever and pretty much everyone was on his side despite him being a fucking groomer pedo creep. its crazy how pickme this site used to be and how things have changed.

No. 1109742

That's what bugs me about this place sometimes. Victims are still treated like trash when it's the scrote that caused all this. Isn't this what we're supposed to fight against?

No. 1109763

That’s because of the PULLtards and moids who still come here to shit up the place.

No. 1109766

I used to be on a Discord with her and she seemed perfectly normal from the chat. Either I'm remembering the wrong person or something happened to her.

No. 1109771

>Either I'm remembering the wrong person
there's a kafkaesque on the lolcow discord who's normal and not romanian, you might mean her

No. 1109773

I can never help but feel like some people who have had threads, like Venus and to some smaller extent that girl, are just more like "people of interest" as a result of being caught up in horrible circumstances because of other people in their lives. Calling either of them actual lolcows is disingenuous and that is the case for some other thread subjects as well, but not all of them of course.

No. 1109883

Some anons do seem to be trying to bait romanianon in order to make her post more. If her posts were ignored she would have left months ago but people keep bringing her name up and baiting her to reply. My tinfoil is that it’s Steven wanting to make her look bad.

No. 1110271

I came across Pixielocks years ago and never thought she was that bad and that threads on her were unnecessary. I can't believe how far she's fallen. She's just making up OCs now. I wonder how many headmates she'll have by the end of the year

No. 1111690

I feel sad for her. When i was underage i befriended akira because i wanted to be an aidoru. Now i just cringe at that memory

No. 1111700

Im still traumatized at venus doing a live on nico nico dougs when she was 13. She wore japanese bloomers and she was licking ice cream (??) off her fingers i thought that shit was so disgusting. Also she had a blog and she would brag about her boobs (maybe its margot who wrote it though). Thats why i cant go to the venus thread tbh i refuse to see her as a cow instead of a victim. No way someones mother can groom them online to pedos for years and they turn out fine. Its so horrifying. And the fact that margot is the one who leaked the yukapon pee video (she was underage too).

No. 1111702

Does she have FAS?

No. 1112352

File: 1648328018066.jpeg (85.44 KB, 595x526, 6F232F09-6EC6-4478-B1CC-EB9956…)

Isn’t Lori’s pectus excavatum really bad? You would expect someone like her to create a gofundme to fix that shit, it looks terrifying, is she going to die?

No. 1112355

AFAIK this is mainly a cosmetic issue and surgeries are very invasive and don't really give you a natural or average result so barely worth it.

No. 1112358

No, most EE have sad looking and big features like hers and the flat nose and far apart eyes from FAS doesn't check out either.

No. 1112437

Thanks, she's so weird looking I think, but maybe it's just what Romanians look like.

No. 1112494

Venus and I were children at the same time and I witnessed her throughout formative years on the internet too, so really feel for her a lot and don't have even the slightest bit of ill will toward her. In my opinion she is not even slightly a cow, but just a victim of circumstances who happened to capture the interest of a wide audience partly due to her mother's manipulation. I am not a fan of current Yukapon but it is still super fucked up that that happened to her before, Margo really scares me

No. 1112537

I hate Lori's thread why are they siding with Scott the Scrote for throwing a sob story. Lori is not even that bad, just a mentally ill women trying to make money on the internet there's hundreds of thousands of people like her, doing the same shit but I guess she had the misfortune of getting a couple of vendetta fags. Oh no poor Scrotte being manipulated by evil Lori while being a pure genuine baby. I hate most cows threads at this point, it's just mentally ill women that are not doing any harm and were abused. The only excuse being Loretta Junkie

No. 1112671

I have a friend who has this same chest cavity thing Lori does, she's never had any problems because of it and is completely healthy. Not sure if it causes problems with some other people, but yeah, fixing it would probably be a purely cosmetic thing and not worth it.

No. 1112868

N2f is my favorite anachan. Her food posts still crack me the fuck up ugh I love her sped ways.

No. 1112883


This isn't the website for you

No. 1112894

I agree with you that a lot of cows are mentally ill women who were abused and dealt a bad hand, but Lori is one of the few who is genuinely an awful person. I don't know what you're saying

No. 1112906

Nta but this website doesn't usually cape for scrotes unless some newfags or pickmes invade threads.

No. 1112914

it's weird af to defend bad people just because they're women.

No. 1112918

I have no idea who the people are but if its weird, so is caping for a bad moid because he's a moid.

No. 1113220

Lori and Kevin are both pretty shit, but I also think all the Scott asskissing was cringe. It's interesting when people come and spill details in a thread but there's no need to be so affectionate to him over it like some anons were doing

No. 1115227

I have a feeling a huge Shay meltdown is coming now that fupaul is married. I feel she's working more just to spite him in hopes he's still watching her and is impressed or hurt she's "happy and doing better." I feel any day now she'll crash. Fupaul wasted years of her life. Basically her peak in looks, leaving her worse off then when she met him, only to marry a girl not even a year later.
Shay should feel retarded and should learn from this. She won't
I won't be surprised if she pops out with a fupaul like scrote and does the same thing over again.
Fupaul is really scum and I'm positive his new girl is just as shitty. If Shay wasn't so gross I'd feel bad for her that this happened
Fupaul took advantage of a mentally ill younger women. Though, I know Shay hasn't learned and only views some of Fupaul's actions as abuse to get back at him, not because she truly sees it that way. She'd gladly marry him if he wanted her.

No. 1116036

I hate the anons who say “omg he’s doing soo good. Die mad shayna!” His girlfriend is a fatty and he is a fatty they will die in like a few years of being diabetic and their kids are totally gonna hate them, I would know because I have trailer trash parents and I hate them.

No. 1116047

Foodie Beauty getting her channel back on her birthday and actually getting on a plane to Cuba is the most fun I've had following a cow in a while

No. 1116129

I agree, he was always a creep and a user no matter how much anons hate Shayna, and this was really scummy of him. Nothing Fupa does is a win.

No. 1116144

i’m sorry but i like hunter schafer i don’t like troons but she’s my exception and i will call her she idc

No. 1116151

Ew kek

No. 1116174

why tho

No. 1116180

Because thats a troony fetishist male. The anon that like hunter like him as a man because hes a man and would've been handsome if he didn't decide to ruin his body to fulfill the dream of being treated like an object by moids.

No. 1116227

naur that’s not it i’ve known of hunter since rookie mag and i think she’s pretty. i’ve had horrible encounters with agps but i do believe people can be trans like it’s not a new concept a lot of other cultures have expressed ideas of it before. i really only lurk on here i’ve definitely peaked but itd be literally retarded to act like every single trans person ever is just lying that’s so stupid i think we need to be way more careful and it needs to be harder to get hormones and surgery but i don’t think trans people pose the threat you think they do this website is rotting my brain we need to go outside people suck like that’s life sage for blogpost

No. 1116234

ok twitterfag

No. 1116264

A tranny posted cp here today, after arguing trannies are valid after telling countless anons to kill themselves. Trannies are all deranged. I wish some anon would post hunters sexual schema where he wrote about how he wanted to be a woman because he wanted to be humiliated and used for sex.

No. 1116297

Ew, this is a twitter thing? I've been using it for days.. I thought my friend made the joke. This is what I get for being in a discord server

No. 1116301

File: 1648584950695.jpeg (832.96 KB, 1772x1330, tranny.jpeg)

No. 1116334

see >>1116301 btw thank you for posting it, anon.

No. 1116335

-DEATH -→ ⚫

No. 1116342

Yw nonnie

No. 1116551

Lucinda isn't going to live another year.

No. 1116663

>a lot of other cultures have expressed ideas of it before.
that's a misconception

No. 1117138

I think lucinda isnt as mentally ill. The new video she posted, she doesn't sound as unhinged so I think it's partly an act to garner sympathy and attention. She also doesn't look as thin or seem to have any problem moving around.

No. 1117162

She's just a munchie with an attention-based eating disorder and cutting and also an obsession for wking her lies to a ridiculous extend in her thread kek. No actual schizo behaves like she does (ex-fucking-specially not unmedicated ones), if anything it's bpd.

No. 1117167

>she's just a [mental illness] with an attention based [mental illness] and [mental illness]

No. 1117200

I know schizos irl and I don't understand why anyone would larp as one. The schizo I know would strip naked in public spaces and shit on the streets, attack people, while thinking they're a god. She's bpd which is imo better, bpd is something any woman with trauma or unstable mental health is diagnosed as so it's a much better diagnosis. She'd also be very cool if she gave up the larp and stopped acting like this, which I think she might because of that video. I've always thought she was a weirdo but the video made me think she was genuinely cool and like one anon said, charismatic.

No. 1117209

Can you tell us more about that schizo you know? Seems interesting.

No. 1117623

Who is the ultimate cuckqueen of lolcow? Is it
>Katherine Harlow
>Holly Conrad
Or someone else?

No. 1117645

Shoe (and Lainey is a close second)

No. 1117653

I'd say lainey. Did she leave him? Wasn't she talking to another ftm a while ago?

No. 1117686

Like many cows, I think Lucinda is mentally ill (munchie, ED, narcissist) but not in the cool, unique way she wishes she was. I put her on par with Pixielocks, she lives the LARP instead of coping with her real problems because people find the LARP way more entertaining. I was a vocal and adamant anti-Lucinda poster in the beginning but now I am comfortable knowing most people can see the light. Schizophrenics (personal experience) simply don't act like her.

No. 1117693

Definitely Lainey. She tried to cuck her greasy cheater husband with her own girlfriends, yet somehow his ugly ass ends up porking all of them without her.

No. 1117846


No. 1117879

I wish mods would show her post history. After the video of her on the scale it’s more than obvious she reads and posts here.
Kek I’m actually still in awe that she made that scale video after someone in the thread requested she do so.

No. 1117948

Is milk good for you?

No. 1118121

I hate farmers whiteknighting Lucinda and acting like she's lovable. She is pretending to have schizophrenia and be way worse than she is to avoid any sort of responsibility and get attention and sympathy. She's not even half as ill as she makes herself out to be, she's just like any other twitter fag or Tumblr fag appropriating extreme illnesses like schizophrenia for aesthetic. There's nothing wrong with her speech or with her capacity to form coherent sentences but she writes like that because to her writing like she's mentally handicapped is an aesthetic. Her parents are enabling her into this too. To these retards everything is an aesthetic, including severe mental illness that they do not actually suffer from. It's stupid other cows and munchies got shred to pieces but Lucinda got a pass. It's clear as day by her new video that she's not retarded.

No. 1118280

I would love a cow crossover in real life. There are so many cows in Queens and Brooklyn. You have Mandy Slobs, Lillee Jean, Katherine Harlow all living there right now. I wonder if they ever crossed paths.
Luna is about 30 miles away from them. She can join in on the fun too.

No. 1118339

>I hate farmers whiteknighting Lucinda and acting like she's lovable.
I'm pretty sure 90% of them aren't even farmers, it's lucinda herself and her twitter calves. The twitterfags even admit it occasionally but they never catch a ban for it. And it sure doesn't help that jannies ban the nonnas who respond to them with criticism instead.

No. 1118362

like c'mon how can you ban some anon printing out that this is not a fanclub but a website where people have threads to criticize them. None of the cows or munchie flakes have gotten the special treatment Lucinda has gotten, not even the one cutting off her legs. Farmers had less empathy towards a woman cutting off her legs or that trans girl killing herself but apparently Lucinda is such an ill special snowflake she must not be criticized for literally LARPING mental retardation

No. 1118371

Who's the trans girl? It is a tif? Also I feel absolutely terrible for the legless girl and although lucinda is mentally ill, she seems to be a thin girl who cuts herself for attention and picks on the cuts for ocd. She could even be munchie with how she larps to have all these illnesses she clearly doesn't, and yet she gets treated better than other munchies. I think most posts defending her, especially saggy skin ones, are made by her, though. She had a very very aggressive tone she uses to argue with any nona that doubts her.

No. 1118376


No. 1118381

File: 1648737050536.jpg (164.16 KB, 860x454, Screenshot_20220331-162255_Sam…)

The ~anyone doubting the unitard is a seething fatty, she's the new pt u guyzzz~ posts are obviously hers.
Also the ~b..b..but! The very real comic sans diagnosis paper!~

I even bet that she was the one creating the thread in the first place (that's why we were asking for a post reveal for months)
Anyway, I'm glad nonnas starts to see through her bs, it's oddly satisfying.

No. 1118386

I don't think we should even bully her but we shouldn't enable her either and hold her responsible for LARPING and being manipulative. Also I got accused of being an anachan that is jealous of the almighty queen for saying we should criticize her for lying about being mentally retarded. Lucinda is not only claiming to be a schizophrenic, she is literally LARPING mental retardation almost like a fetish. Both in her Twitter persona and in her YouTube videos where you can clearly see that normally she has the cognitive abilities of an average girl.

No. 1118390

If this is lucinda, she's projecting cause she'll always be a seething fattie at heart. I posted about eugenia cooney or whatever she's called and said that anons who thought lucinda could be as popular were dumb because eugenia has always been ill, is more controversial because of her approach and generally more conventionally attractive. Someone who I suspected to be lucinda got very very mad at this and started to tear her down by saying lucinda was better and deserved attention instead of her. Lucinda is probably jealous of her because she'll never get to true ana levels because she's not thin enough and has too much loose skin.

No. 1118394

I think Lucinda is simply entertaining and I don't get the anons who get angry at her lies. What's the point of being angry at a cow when you could just laugh?

No. 1118397

we are not angry at her, we are angry at the farm for coddling her and not allowing anons to express criticism towards her, although other munchies with more severe condition have gotten way less coddling and more criticism.

No. 1118399

How are farmers coddling her?

No. 1118400

I'm angry the wks and selfposter isn't being revealed. She's too entertaining and sometimes even downright sad to be mad at. Like yeah, she selfposts in her thread but she also larps as a unicorn, doesnt ever go outside or have any social life at 25 and posts weird nudes of her distorted body which she photoshops to look worse. That's just too sad to bully her for even if she's faking it.

No. 1118515

I don't think farmers are coddling her but I do think jannies don't touch that thread half as much as they should. It would unacceptable in any other thread to WK or validate obvious malingering and self-posting, but for some reason Lucinda threads just go unmanaged. I think we would have a Keeks-tier self posting saga if ever her post history was revealed.

No. 1119050

I'm tired of alleged anons coming to Lori's thread to talk about how they wish he would leave her and can be saved or some shit. It reeks of women who never got over their sk8er boi phase and think Kevin is some emo heart throb bad boy geek they need to coax away from a bad girlfriend. Dude is there because he chooses to be and could have left at any time. Its always completely glossed over that he was always a fucking creep himself, wanting loli-tier cosplay girlfriends and is probably a sex pest.

Stop defending this ugly scrote.

No. 1119463

File: 1648817861666.png (228.4 KB, 609x280, Screenshot 2022-04-01 8.55.59 …)

Sometimes when I feel sad I go to the OnlyFans thread and look at the corset pictures from "dom" Sol / Sully, the Only Fans faggot who got a free blowjob from Shayna and fucks trannies.
It's a guaranteed chuckle every time.

No. 1119565

this post HAS to be lucinda, it's too sus, i don't think a farmer would write that

No. 1119589

I agree, Lucinda loves to be graphic and disgusting so she really outed herself with that one.

No. 1119643

Kevin is so hilarious and also completely gross to me, I don't understand how anons can say that unironically. They might also just be those types who are really into (ex-)Mormon guys, but surely there is some edgy awkward man online who isn't speedrunning his way to being a creepy uncle.

No. 1119740

Any post desperately whiteknighting her while using seething fatties and other personal insults is her. She doesn't have enough fans to defend her so it's definitely her.

No. 1119743

lucinda's whole thread is so strange, i could never get into her as a cow because so many of the posts seem like one person samefagging and i never got why some farmers act like they are genuinely fans of hers. if much of her threads are actually selfposts it would make a lot of sense. i hope a lucinda post history reveal happens eventually

No. 1119756

>why some farmers act like they are genuinely fans of hers
I used to feel pity for her and I think some other anons did too but once the dumb bitch started selfpoating about how kiwifags love her more and we're just jealous, I lost interest in her thread. She also acts like a pickme and posted how hot that woman choker guy was after he got arrested for harassing a couple. She's not stupid or mentally ill, she's just a neet girl who happened to figure out the only possible way she could ever get attention.
See >>1065118 the post I'm talking about. I'm almost sure this is her. Also see >>1065182 is either her or one of her followers who's defending her, not a farmer.

No. 1119777

I think some farmers might be siding with her because they find themselves in her. This place attracts farmers that are like horror cows. You cannot say anything about her or they jump on you. How come everyone is shitting on Venus Angelic for acting like a lunatic although we have proof she has been severely abused her entire life, but we cannot say anything about a LARPER that has been coddled by her parents her entire life

No. 1119788

I have a visceral hatred for Luna be because she looks like a grown up fat version of the girl who bullied me as a kid, at least when she's blonde.

No. 1119789

You're right but that's what weird me out. There are so many cows that had it worse than her but got bullied way harder. I'm sure a lot of people would've seen themselves in venus too, with a narcissistic woman who's trying to viciously live through her weeb daughter not being too uncommon for anons here, don't you think so? I think most of those stuff is selfposting because of that, the kiwifarm complaint definitely was.

No. 1119791

Lucinda's post history has to be so milky and full of shit. I would love to see it.

No. 1119793

Or it could be that you're just biased and don't want to accept that some people actually like her. Even if you don't don't believe that they're farmers, she has many followers on twitter who support her, look at the likes/replies. They know about lc and it's not impossible for them to post here.

No. 1119802

Anons are saying the defenders are her followers and herself though I think they're mostly her when she specifically sounds personally insulted when replying. She's also upset everyone here isn't simping for her which is clear by her replies.

No. 1119803

most normies don't post on lolcow, she either has a couple of dedicated farmer fans or is self posting. Either way this is a gossip forum and she is not some innocent girl, she is LARPING and exaggerating her illness which is very immoral when there are people in the world who's mental condition is that which she LARPs as. She is not honest about how bad her mental illness is and purposefully exaggerates it. There are women who get bullied on here and shred to pieces for way less.

some lolcow farmers are BPD chans themselves or filled with jealousy. I think they like Lucinda because she presents herself as a failure so it's easy for them to project onto her, while Venus was actually successful at one point which attracted a lot of vendetta fags that wanted to see her go down and now they are happy to see her life being destroyed by the consequences of her abuse. The anime/lolita community attracts very vicious and evil women.

No. 1119804

Do you have proof that she's a larper? All of you are talking out of your ass

No. 1119807

Based. I'm the anon that said she knew real schizo people, they believe they're gods, attempt to hurt other people and strip/shit on the streets. Lucinda is just an ugly attention-addict, which isn't a mental illness.

I also think you're right with Venus but her videos seriously made me sad when I checked her thread a year or so ago. She's definitely seriously mentally ill and deserves sympathy while Lucinda is a selfposting girl who already has parents and enough of a supportive environment to grant her the financial ability to be a neet at 25.

No. 1119809

I know I get sad whenever I see the reality vs shooped Venus, she probably hates herself and her mom is a creep

No. 1119811

>selfpoating about how kiwifags love her more and we're just jealous
This is honestly where the actual milk is, I'm really hoping for a reveal one day.

No. 1119813

Venus has never had support in her environment, the anons posting in her thread are fucking insane and sociopathic. Venus is actually a victim. Her mom has used her as a cashcow since she was little, she's been sexulized and she had to move in with a pedophile that has been watching her videos since she was underaged that has probably also abused her. Venus said Manali abused her. The possible friends she could have made were other narcissists from the jvlogger community like Milan or that rich white girl. She doesn't even truly want to do porn, she just doesn't have any better option ATM. Also, other grifter narcissists have dragged her on YouTube and made videos that have millions of views about her life, when she cannot even support herself from YouTube anymore.

No. 1119814

kek hi lucinda

No. 1119816

I genuinely like Lucinda because of the whole Ambrose fued. Ambrose and her groupies were so insufferable they made Lucinda look harmless. I think Ambrose would have been a much better cow than Lucinda, the rabbit hole went deep as fuck. I personally don't really believe anons claims of Lucinda whiteknighting herself, because I can see how people could like her (though I haven't reread the past threads in a bit so I'm not 100% sure about her not posting). I genuinely cheer Lucinda on and I hope she gets better but like all anachans, the attention she gets is probably too precious to her to give up.

No. 1119820

>>cutting legs off
who is this about?

No. 1119822

Kelly Ronahan

No. 1119829

just looked and disturbing. As much as i hate pull and gg atleast the cows they discuss there are stable enough and have thick skin.
Meanwhile alot of the ''cows'' discussed here are just mentally ill women with shit lives who do drugs. You know its bad when multiple cows here have killed themselves.
Some of the threads on snow/pt give me the vibes of sociopaths finding the lowest class mentally ill people they could to make themselves feel better about their lives.

No. 1119844

this place attracts a lot of sociopathic women that are worse than the cows because it's anon

No. 1119853

File: 1648844409877.jpeg (414.3 KB, 1582x433, A6FA8E09-54BB-4CB8-B8A6-0707A3…)

This gave me flashbacks to the Erin self posting >>1119804

No. 1119855

I disagree with the notion of pull and gg being softer, they pick "cows" that have no cowish behavior and managed to run off quite a few off youtubing, Kenna and Bestdressed come to mind.

No. 1119857

You're still average weight.

No. 1119859

Pull is even worse, back in the old days you could immediately tell when pullfags weaseled in here because of their completely retarded nitpicking.

No. 1119860

Unsaged post whiteknighting Lucinda. This is so funny. Could you stop?

No. 1119862

I have went down a very strange wormhole… so do you remember the romanianon drama? I'm convinced that it wasn't romanianon posting and it's a sociopathic camgirl LARPING as her on here. She's been posted before, she might even self post but she is talking about lolcow on Myfreecams and she has been talking about lolcow for weeks now even referencing posts. I watched romanianon's Twitch stream and she doesn't cam anymore and she seems depressed but otherwise normal. She talks about Steven and about lolcow and romanianon obsessively in her Myfreecams streams. This is so weird, I actually feel bad for romanianon.

No. 1119866

the plot thickens… more details pls? what's her twitch?

No. 1119867

Ok romani-chan. When are you going to make your youtube channel?

No. 1119871

I'm not romanianon, just someone that has been following both girls after the drama went down. There's something odd with that Olena girl, she talks about lolcow obsessively and I know for a fact that she is posting here.

No. 1119876

I feel like this is someone, Steven?, pretending to be romani-chan. If so please don't do this, she's not the sweetest but she doesn't deserve this.

No. 1119887

Sure. Since she talks about it so often, I'm sure you have proof of it? Because last time the link was posted and totally-not-You said she was talking about lolcow, I visited the link and her and the disgusting ass chat were talking about masturbating 6 year olds.

Either way, when's that channel coming? >>1119850

No. 1119893

File: 1648846213869.jpg (Spoiler Image, 171.59 KB, 1080x1103, 20220401_234617.jpg)

she also posted gore and scat porn after I posted her screenshot in the camwhores thread. They were obsessively talking about Romanianon until now, she is also constantly referencing lolcow posts. She is a horrorcow and very manipulative, it wouldn't surprise me if she LARPED as romanianon because she's obsessing over her. She has been talking about her with her simps on MFC for one week now. While romanianon streamed on Twitch once talking about visual kei and making fun of incels. This girl is also 100% posting gore and scat porn on lolcow.

No. 1119896

This is %100 an incel or steven. We've had incels on /g/ who got banned today so it's not far off.

No. 1119897

Post where they are talking about romanianon and lolcow, not some rando that might as well be you mentioning it in the chat when the others seem to talk about something else. Also for the love of god stop talking in 3rd person and/or kys Steven.

No. 1119899

No, I am convinced it is her. After I posted about her gore immediately appeared in the camwhores thread and on here. She also obsessively references romani-chan and is an attentionwhore horrorcow that talks about putting rabbits up her ass.

No. 1119900

so what are you saying? i know romaniachan is real and her saga with her and steven is real, that they were in contact and did "date", in addition to her posts on here, at least many of them, being real. what exactly are you saying ISN'T real?

No. 1119905

All the posts that make romanianon look bad are totally not hers, but discordfags imitating her, no wait, radfemd imitating her, no wait, Steven imitating her, no wait, some ukranian camwhore she's been hating on for over a year imitating her. That's what she's saying kek.

No. 1119906

Ok, they might be real, although that camgirl gave me the impression she might be posting or LARPING as her on here. I've witnessed her talking about lolcow and Romanianon obsessively for one week now. Romanianon doesn't even have internet presence besides her low viewership Twitch channel where she is being fairly normal. This woman is definitely posting gore to lolcow because gore popped out of nowhere after I posted a screenshot of her in the camwhores thread. Mind you, gore appeared exactly in the camwhores thread. If it was a random moid then why did gore appear exactly in the camwhore thread after I posted her?

No. 1119908

ntayrt but it may be her but would she have posted sc*t? It's definitely not the camgirl she's talking about but I think it might be steven given how he larped here. At this point this saga is far too confusing for me to figure out.

No. 1119912

No, it's definitely the camgirl. She acts like a 4chan cool girl and likes showing off her self harm scars and jokes about shit and other horrible things with her coomers, then after I mention her in the camwhores thread gore and scat porn immediately appears in the camwhores thread and on /ot/. She also says she likes rape porn and many other things, it wouldn't stand beyond her to post gore and scat after what I've seen of her.

No. 1119914

i know of both of them tangentially and they're definitely real people who spoke and posted. i don't think steven would gorepost or scatpost or that even romania would, only if romania was being seriously schizo and even then, i don't think she would. it could be that the camgirl's simps did, sure, but the saga itself is definitely real.

No. 1119915

Same. The scat might be Steven or her, because a few days ago when it was spammed, "someone" tried to blame it on regular farmers and mentioned in their post that it "can't be romanianon or Steven" lol. Idec which one it is to be honest, they're both annoying and awful, though I don't get what the moid gains frm blaming it on the girl romanianon is obsessed with.

No. 1119917

not regular farmers either. my guess is incels/salty channers, or maybe the camgirl or her simps but neither the moid, romania, or farmers, obviously.

No. 1119939

Actually, I'm glad Not-Romanichan brought up the camgirl thread because there's more posts of her samefagging where she seethes over the Ukranian girl to add to the pile in >>1013274

She even got redtexted for it.

No. 1119944

Gore in /snow/, scroll carefully.

No. 1119945

so you're saying above is romania but not the sensitive material posters? maybe. romania accuses everyone of impersonating her but i'm not sure if anon above is just an anon with a hunch. seems like it to me tbh.

No. 1119947

Romanianon has talked about how large her iq is countless times, how can we be sure this isn't Romanianon trying to pull a fast one?

No. 1119955

you're a mentally ill pathological liar and your only friends are simps that masturbate to you. Leave us alone.

No. 1119956

She has a clinically confirmed IQ of 180

No. 1119958

honestly we can't. i know of the guy's habits better than romania tbh. she's vindictive but idk it honestly probably just is that time of the day incel or troon spamming tbh.
dont think so tbh

No. 1119960

Us silly low IQ radfems will never know the true extend of her 99999D chess genius.

No. 1119961

I still think it's Olena chan posting. She has a weird obsession with lolcow and Romanianon.

No. 1119965

maybe both of them are posting but i highly doubt she's larping as romanianon since there's not really proof olena is obsessed with lolcow or anything

No. 1119969

nonnw you're responding to a certain heavily projecting romanian. Just let her talk on.

No. 1119978

And anyone believes her? Bitch rambles like someone who is on meth.

Anyone the camwhore is posting gore again, these people are so exhausting.

No. 1119982

can you cap please if you tune in and she says edgy stuff or about lolcow or romania? i can see that happening but other than one cap where one simp mentioned lolcow we have no proof of her being lolcow obsessed.

No. 1119983

i agree with this, a week ago there was someone trying to copy her and doing a really bad job at it, they derailed three threads and then got exposed as a moid (im suspecting that was steven or some moid from that french pedo wesbsite).

There seems to be some romanianon impersonators here, most of them are doing a really bad job at it.

No. 1119995

This. It's either steven or his incel moidlet fans. I think romanianon wouldn't post such soft gore, like I said before, the material being posted is basic 4chan tier gore incels post and imagine women all scared when most of us bleed more on our periods than the blood we'd be seeing on the pictures.

No. 1119997

File: 1648849610592.jpeg (132.21 KB, 749x1165, B5B062D5-64C0-4722-B06D-F84068…)

don’t scroll

No. 1120000

Thank you whisper app girlboss nona.

No. 1120001

I'm quite sure it's definitely a male 4channer from the gore choice and text. If we stop giving it attention he'll leave.

No. 1120008

The text does remind me of romanianon completely sperging out like in >>894532 though.
Either way, whoever is falseflagging or whatever should take their fucking meds.

No. 1120018

kinda weird that gore suddenly got posted now, it kinda makes me believe anons tinfoil about Olena the camgirl (or her viewers) posting here.
Also i never said this previously but when she got posted here she was online on MfC and went live there the moment she got mentioned here.

No. 1120023

no nico is ugly im beautiful and men give me a lot of money stupid bitch

No. 1120025

absolutely no way olena would post her own caps and keep saying she's prettier than that failed gypsy whore etc. again a step too far to be believable or even one of her simps. convinced it's now just an anon larping as romania or incel larping as romania + sensitive material posting

No. 1120033

in the cap though apparently it was just some dude who said "and we know the streams or caps from anon-v are from lolcow" anon-v is apparently a webcam porn hosting site so i think olena or they or both just think users are maliciously giving her porn away for free or something. i don't think they think anything about romania other than maybe that she's giving porn away for free?

No. 1120107

Can you film it next time if they're talking about Lolcow or Romanianon?

No. 1120142

File: 1648856110827.jpg (163.93 KB, 916x481, Screenshot_20220402-013327_Sam…)

Oh no, Munchinda is big mad!
Watch out nonettes, she will angrily piss on all of you.

No. 1120386

File: 1648882391166.jpg (44.42 KB, 540x612, istockphoto-491517365-612x612.…)


No. 1120391

when someone uses y'all I will immediately discredit their opinion

No. 1120396

Ot but you're right. I was watching a video about some dumb doja cat drama lately and in the comment section people were defending her. Never have I seen y'all thrown around so much. And I'm not exactly invested in doja either way but they were defending her with the most retarded 'one rule for her and another rule for everyone else' logic.

No. 1120397

Imma get flamed but i think moo was attractive in her Zss era. Her body wasnt that bad and her thin lips look better than her fake lips now. She seemed like a normal back back then

No. 1120398

*normal girl

No. 1120400

What did doja do? People are obsessed with cancelling her. Shes not going away, shes talented and shes pretty. Her haters can seethe and cope kek

No. 1120402

Exactly. The venus thread is fucking psychotic. Im younger than venus and i grew up watching her get sexualized by her OWN MOTHER. she never stood a chance

No. 1120405

Nothing major but people couldn't even say ok she handled something badly and move on, it was overly defensive when there wasn't hate or it wasn't that deep.

No. 1120408

She'll never be a queen, not here where she shizo selfposts, not on ED Twitter where they only idolize skinny but beautiful and melancholic girls, not on kiwifarms where they probably secretly think of her as a creepshow character. Tragic.

No. 1120411

just read the previous celebricows thread, basically she was being rude towards paraguays

No. 1120416

What do you anons think of Lucindas art? Some are saying it's very good but the faces look like retards because lf proportions and the shading looks chunky and weird, imo. It definitely looks like she's the one complimenting and posting her art and raging when everyone else doesn't compliment it with her.

No. 1120419

she looks nothing like herself here. like nothing. but anyways as of today i'm almost convinced she's is actually becoming stupid/schizo enough to post the ukrainian's cams while shit talking herself, calling herself a gypsy, thinking we would, for some reason, believe it's actually the ukrainian.

No. 1120420

I think she's pretty cute.

No. 1120421

she looks gorgeous here but that isn't how she looks. she's still cute normally but truthfully she typically looks nowhere near as pretty as she does here. she looks like gigi hadid here.

No. 1120423

She's coping so hard. Hilarious how she's not even skinny enough to be considered a queen in ana communities if she doesn't shoop herself to unhealthy amounts.

No. 1120438

File: 1648887194921.jpg (574.45 KB, 1235x3355, UwUKFscroteKween.jpg)

>new account
>spend their time licking Lucinda's ass or reacting to the Eugenia Cooney's thread

Sorry for the autistic collage, I'm on mobile.

No. 1120441

File: 1648887573934.jpg (410.06 KB, 1080x1531, cc.jpg)

According to the totally-not-vendetta posters on here Lucinda has either sent this herself… Or the anon who sent it is a fellow "munchie".

Her thread reached max reply limit btw.

No. 1120444

Lucinda has a vendetta obsession against the original ana-chan, probably because Eugenia gets called skeleton queen, so this might be her. She also raged in her thread when someone compared her to Eugenia there.

No. 1120475

File: 1648892027789.jpg (254.32 KB, 1080x1607, Screenshot_.jpg)

Lolcow Farm is seething <3(<3)

No. 1120476

Can anyone explain me who is lucinda?

No. 1120478

No. 1120481

I'd say it's above average. Though personally I think her drawings from real life look weird, too.

How convenient, that will show us jealous vendetta hateboner twitter fatties for sure. You're so funny.

No. 1120529

Scrote mocking lucinda and how her body looked before and looks now but she's too dumb to see it. When will girls realize scrotes will never love them unless they they look like their perfect dreamgirl and stop caping for them? In their eyes, she used to be a fatty and now still has an ugly body because of the loose skin and cuts. That's why he's contemplating which one was worse, because he finds both versions unattractive.

The proof kiwifags don't care is the scrotes not being worried about heart problems or such anorexia would cause but loose skin and piss. They only base their worries about women on whether the health problem affects her attractiveness. Disgusting.

No. 1120544

sorry to bring this up but literally she was given like 1-2k to spend on a laptop. if romania wants to clear that up, i'd be very interested as to where the money went. i totally support the proposition of entering noise music production but i was told she was given lots and did indeed buy a high quality laptop…

No. 1120579

I'm really starting to think foodie beauty isn't as impulsive and essentally bpdish and out of control as she'd like for people to think.. that it is put on to an extent. Watching her in the hours before her flight to cuba I just felt like it was a bad act. The 'peetz I don't know where my passport is' part was lifted from KF. She repeated it 5 more times and asked the audience if we knew where it is and I broke in that moment. If I kept notes I could list off 100 different scenarios or lines that kf predicted a lil too well in recent weeks alone. She's getting ideas from there and reactors. And it's sus that she's constantly out of her mind on doses of edibles that even someone of her size would be knocked out by… yet goes on holiday in a place with none of that available to her and hasn't particularly complained about needing it or whatever other drugs she alluded to being on aswell. Spent the whole last year telling us she needs it constantly to numb herself and now she's fine. At times the highs seemed fake and all. Put on for speculation. The facial tics and rat face pulling are getting old. Where does the truth end and do the histrionic acts begin? It's an ott exaggeration of any real batshit traits she might have. When she makes 5 community posts in the middle of the night talking absolute shit and deletes.. it's to drum up interest. She's not honestly that out of control on a nightly basis. You couldn't be without harming yourself by now.

Now you have a new threesome story… not her first absolute BS threesome story but this time it's rapey to step it up a notch. I'm going to give her some credit and call her an asshole who plans storylines to some extent and not a total bumbling idiot. Her mental decline is at least partly an act. Same as avocado man. She's watched him and a lil bit of Sag Shawty to get inspiration and spinkled in some KF posts when getting low on ideas. She's a lil too good at coming close to losing it all but then pulling through at the last minute.. because she is lucid. She made her flight with no hassle. She hasn't been killed by nadar. She got her channel back. She always makes money one way or another. She hasn't lost her driving license. I just don't buy it anymore. She skirts the line of what could get her in real lasting trouble because she is fully aware of where the line is.

I feel like once the cam goes off she likely goes back to the personality she had in her bibi days but there was less money to be made from that. Imo she made a conscious decision post bibi break up that the bills now had to be paid one way or another.

No. 1120601

I 100% agree with you anon. I even had my doubts about the channel deletion tbh, it all seems too fucking planned out. I remember watching her years ago and compared to now, she definitely has a nickocado-ness about her; making herself seem really bpdish, going back and forth on her words, doing crazy shit like drugs and overeating. All these chubby cows like trisha, amber, nick etc they all seem to have the same formula of going crazy then pulling back, then doing it again and we just fall for it and give them views lmfao
I dont trust her one bit and when I heard that nader story I felt SOOO distrustful about it, deep down I think nader and deedee are in on it too and get a cut of the money.

No. 1120632

I am so sick of the Romanian camgirl posting in the Camgirls thread. Unsaged nudity and obvious samefagging all over the place, I remember when she invaded the starpowerrr thread like a year ago, too. I wish this bitch would get bored of lolcow or get banned because I'm sick of her shitting up threads, I don't find it entertaining.

No. 1120654

nta but it's not her

No. 1120659

How can you tell?

No. 1120663

romanian hasn't posted in a long time, someone is very obsessed with her and doing her dirty

No. 1120669

i will grant she hasn't typically posted for a few days in her normal fashion but there are definitely obvious romania posts in the camgirl thread from like yesterday or earlier and she posted just a few days ago itt. i think another anon or male is helping though or something now in the camgirls thread w her too idk

No. 1120673

Same. A lot of those posts just look like her own. I don't buy that all those posts from the past (especially not the Steven ones that were posted on Christmas) are actually just Olena impersonating her. Olena is weird though, I just don't believe everything being said.

No. 1120683

The self posting in here kek

No. 1120687

the ones complaining about steven are confirmed her. how would olena have gotten their discord spergout? no sense

No. 1120693

kek okay "anon"

No. 1120694

When and where has she claimed that she was given money for a laptop? I've missed that…
I wish we had a real photo (from a stream?) of her then. I was shocked at anons calling that picrel ugly, I know we are on lolcow dot farm where nasolabial folds are a meme but still. Hard to believe people en masse found the person in the picture unattractive. She's cute, at the very least.

No. 1120696

I'm a NEET with too much time on her hands but something very evil is going on here. Romania hasn't posted in a long time but she is an autist that spills a lot of personal details about herself on her stream. The lore of this entire thing is so deep, but I can't tell you more because it will upset the evil spirits and they will begin spamming gore and try hurting romanichan again. Don't trust the friend finder thread. Steven was sided with the evil from the beginning. Romania is a fucking autist on the level of Chris chan that gets trolled by psychopaths and spills too many personal things on the internet knowing she is being stalked. The shit I've seen in that discord server. Do you think gang stalking is not real?

tl;dr sociopathy-chan browses and spams lolcow stalks romani chan and is a master 4D chess player manipulator

No. 1120698


No. 1120701

>I'm a NEET with too much time on her hands
Yes we know. If only you used that time to get off lolcow and get a job.

No. 1120702

>When and where has she claimed that she was given money for a laptop? I've missed that…
it's something i was told personally, it was like almost 2k or something just for the laptop iirc. but she confirmed having received it anyways in one of the vent threads like a few wks ago. the question is, where did it go then?

No. 1120703

ok olena

No. 1120705

you sound just as insane as her, jfc.
not olena but whatever helps you sleep at night. she was receiving money from the dude for the laptop and dresses, this is confirmed.

No. 1120707

ok "steven"

No. 1120709

Told personally by who? How do you know her? What the fuck is going on?

No. 1120710

are you calling me him or calling me olena claiming to be him despite the fact that i just said i was told this info and was then obviously not steven? did your cranial bones fully fuse or?

No. 1120711

>I wish we had a real photo (from a stream?) of her then.
Pretty sure the steven moid was calling her ugly and whore etc but she does look a bit different, here are some screenshots someone (probably the moid too) posted

Can both of you retards, romanianon AND steven, please fuck off lolcow and go back to your other cancer platforms?

No. 1120727

File: 1648915086121.png (2.42 MB, 2000x2500, BUMP DON'T SCROLL.png)


No. 1120745

Just checked the thread and lmao the absolutely manic samefagging. I think the post at the beginning of this thread really needs to be updated soon.

No. 1120789

Maybe an unpopular opinion, but I unironically find the stuff about Olena more milky than the trillionth update on Pumpy the anachan or other camgirls taking boring selfies or how ugly their holes/surgery are or whatever

No. 1120799

It would be, if half of it wasn't made up kek.

No. 1120823

I'm sure you know that best.

No. 1120824

Was that ever confirmed, or is it just you disbelieving it (and if so, why)? The "father" stuff, her being an imageboard pick-me who does photosets/content like bloodplay even though it's against MFC's rules and the thing about the whale/simp all seem to be true
There was also that time long ago the "father" showed up in a thread and accused whoever posted about Olena of being a jealous camgirl. He couldn't even type like a farmer

No. 1120836

So, no proof on your end? Don't spam gore or anything kek

No. 1120844

Please just leave lolcow already, take your meds, go to therapy and get a job. You're been at it for a whole fucking year already.

No. 1120845

Camgirl general threads are so boring in the first place, I could never even stand lurking them. Shayna or Kathy or someone has enough personality on their own that I get it, but not so much with the gen

No. 1120850

The scat spam happened ever since you posted in this thread and you know it. Just fucking stop already.

No. 1120851

Why are you projecting so hard? The mods can confirm I'm not Romanianon, but you look suspicious as fuck seething so hard about this topic. Weird that the scat spam started up again right after I said not to post gore, too. Get off this site, stop LARPing as women who pissed you off online, get your life together instead of spreading your asscheeks for middle-aged scrotes (or worshiping those who do)

No. 1120856

see >>1120851. You literally confirmed you're personally invested in this from >>1120823. Get actual help. I can't tell if you're Olena, Steven, a simp or some other freak in this mess but you're nasty

No. 1120861

her thread got immediately bumped with gore after she got posted. She sits on her ass all day browsing lolcow and obsessing over some mentally ill romanian girl while spamming lolcow with gore. She posts ville shit on her discord, Literal CP and stalks romanianon on her Twitch stream and makes rape and racist jokes with her retarded mentally ill simps. This girl is a fucking sociopath and she's been spamming lolcow with gore for some time now.

No. 1120865

Yes, I am invested in this, because I'm tired of your deranged derailing, spamming, samefagging, falseflagging and now also gore and scat spamming. You've said lolcow made your mental health worse and that you wanted to leave, this was 8 months ago and yet you're still here, doing whatever this shit is.

No. 1120871

romanianon literally doesn't post here she is a bit schizo and rambles on Twitch about slavoj zizek and politics to nobody and then after she streams on discord weird posts appear here mimicking whatever she says. I entered that camgirl's server and they obsess over her, she posts her non stop on her server and gossips with her simps
it's not romanianon. It's Olena posting that shit.

No. 1120873

honestly i don't think this raid is female but maybe it's female larping as male idk. seems pretty clearly male

No. 1120874

it's a stupid 4chan pick me slut obsessed with edgy shit like gore that does very evil shit and happens to obsessively lurk this place, she's also obsessed with romanianon . It's an insane camwhore.

No. 1120876

I like how your only response left for anything is "You must be Romanianon". No one's falling for that shit anymore. She might be a schizo, but you're the most obnoxious kind of cow, advertising this place to your army of coomers and playing a retard's version of 5D chess in hopes that we'll stop talking about you.
Praying for a post reveal, praying that the police wherever you are jail you and your pimp once and for all. You can spam shit porn, samefag and accuse every random person of being Romanianon til the end of your days. It won't change a thing

No. 1120882

Stop fucking samefagging and take your meds.

No. 1120888

Except I'm >>1120876 and neither of those other posts.

No. 1120891

you are fucking insane I am an ex camwhore and no I am not romanianon but I got personally involved in this. Romanianon is some looney and she might be autistic but she is just not the sort of person to do this, she actually seems oblivious to people wanting to hurt or manipulate her, that's why she got groomed. The Olena girl is insane, I bought her discord and watched her stream on MFC she references lolcow non stop, romanianon, steven. She likes gore and edgy shit and is full of cuts. A lot of camwhores or pick me's can be sociopathic, I do think romanianon posted her on here at one point but since then she's been obsessing over here and this place

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Just fucking stop.

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Actual users her