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No. 1312695

Containment thread for all the art salt you could imagine. And sometimes, people ask for help. Stop getting pissy about that.

Discuss the shitty art and even shittier attitude of artists

-Talk about Art Youtubers
-Ask about art supplies
-Discuss trashy art trends
-Instagram bullshit
-Art theft!
-General Art Bullshit
-Fandom and Shipping Discourse!


Recent Art Milk:
Just the same old salt

Articles about useful resources for improving one's art:
Tried and true books on perspective, anatomy for artists, etc:
1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery JM Bougery
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix Yoon


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No. 1312698

I guess they're trying to compete with Canva. I won't be surprised if the free Photoshop will be a big piece of spyware with the data sold to advertisers.
It's interesting that some of the pirated stuff is flagging the Adobe Genuine prompt. I had it happen recently with CC 2019. Meanwhile, my ancient copy of Flash (not Animate) still goes unnoticed and probably won't be cared about.

No. 1312712

That and photopea.
>It's interesting that some of the pirated stuff is flagging the Adobe Genuine prompt. I had it happen recently with CC 2019
I have that or 2016, and the prompts kept appearing unless I turned off my wifi connections. Every time I tried uninstalling the prompt it would just come back, too. But in the last month they stopped popping up completely for some reason.

No. 1312798

you probably just didn't install it right

No. 1312960

File: 1661238175909.jpeg (641.08 KB, 1170x1698, B8904EFD-DD40-42F7-95C3-DEEB62…)

So apparently the csp shit isn’t exactly as bad as everyone thought, apparently each version will have a perpetual licensed version to buy, in sense from what I’m reading the subscription is the basically paying to have features before they’re introduced into the permanent license?


No. 1313007

they handled this idea very, very poorly. It's a confusing system. The options should have been trimmed down a bit
>get the base program, one time purchase
>get regular updates, subscribe
end of

No. 1313096

The issue is that they handled it very poorly. Instead of just saying clearly "V1 is a singular purchase you keep forever, V2 is its own thing with another purchase with a subscription for updates", they presented the information in a very confusing system with a vague flowchart. I honestly don't blame people for being a bit confused as it takes it few reads to take in everything and there's still not a lot known yet either. Will these updates even be worth the price? We truly don't know.

I can't blame people for being pissed as another company is shoving subscription-based bullshit down your throat. Despite the rise in popular of stuff like Netflix, I can understand people just being fed up and just wanting to own a drawing program again without any of this battle pass nonsense attached. You truly only have open source, a few decent programs and piracy as an option.

The issue is that they basically opened the floodgates for other subscription nonsense to occur. Considering the chart says they will not support older versions after future updates, I have a sneaking suspicion they might just delist older versions they don't want to support anymore (similar to Adobe).

Honestly, keep V1 if you already have it or just wait for the V3 one-time purchase. V2 seems pointless unless you're someone who truly wants those updates immediately.

No. 1313098

We really live in a society where you have to pay for patches now which will never not baffle me. “Sorry if you don’t have a sub we’re not gonna patch an issue with the software we sold you”

No. 1313105

I think patches for issues will still be made, it's just that you will have to get an annual subscription for actual updates with new functions. It's weird that they put out the news like that, without info on the pricing everyone just assumes that it will be very expensive. If it's 10$ a year for the update pass it might still be worth it, but we also don't know what kind of updates they are planning that would justify all this

No. 1313253

are updates for these art programs even worth it?

All you really need in a digital art program is decent brushes, a layer system, basic tools, a color wheel/mixer, and the ability to save high resolution files. Most basic art programs have this, which is why these subscriptions models are evil. Most users aren't using every single feature of an art program, they probably take advantage of 30% of CSP or Photoshop. Long live piracy

No. 1313283

A lot of comic artists rely heavily on CSP tools to meet deadlines. Vector line art, 3D models and assets, easy panelling and speech bubble tools improve the quality of life of these creators, especially those creating Webtoons with almost a hundred panels per week. The Korean version of the announcement has 13K QRTs for a reason.

But for illustration, it's definitely only a fraction of features used.

No. 1313736

File: 1661299900950.jpg (228.8 KB, 822x1200, FZ5K1h_WQAE8JA-.jpg)

how do i stop hating my work and second guessing everything when i'm 75% done with it?

No. 1313738

Take a break and walk away from it, distract yourself for a bit, etc.

No. 1313789

this is why you just pirate paint tool sai or pay the $50 dollars and keep it for life. you get to make your own brushes and it has a cute interface

No. 1313815

didn't it used to be like that a long time ago with floppy disks? idk i wasn't conscious then but i thought thats what those were

No. 1313820

but that's the mark of a true artist imo. people who cannot see flaws in their art stagnate, worse when their "followers"/people around them validate meager abilities. I feel like every good artist goes through a periods of criticism towards their own art.

but if the issue is, hating the creation of art in itself, that's another issue. and >>1313738
this advice is good.

No. 1313828

Not an artist, but I have to create polished work in a high-stakes environment and get this feeling, less so over time. Ime you can at least sort of get over it with a mixture of intrinsic and extrinsic feedback- building your self-confidence (however you can manage to do that) and remembering that you consistently hate your work and as such your second-guessing is likely a you problem rather than a problem with your work + remembering all the times you got great feedback on pieces where you second-guessed yourself. Of course, it's also not necessarily a bad thing to be critical, so long as the criticism is directed towards things you can improve and not 'this entire thing is shit and so am i'.

No. 1313840

I hate this channel so fucking much. The obnoxious editing, the basic white girl voice and mannerism, the lack of bibliography to fact check, the inclusion of dumbass modern politics. It's clearly made for zoomers with ADHD to watch and feel ''cultured'' without doing any form of research themselves.

No. 1313850

Recognizing flaws and hating your work are not the same. This kind of /ic/ tier mentality is why so many get suck not practicing because they're afraid of making mistakes or get too discouraged to keep improving. You cannot improve your art significantly if you learn to hate drawing.

No. 1313857

i get this way when i'm in the mid stages of my paintings too. i try to take a few days away from it, figure out what about it is bothering me, and make a plan to fix it the next time i sit down to paint. it helps me be critical of my work in a healthy way to improve while also not getting burnt out/keeping my love for creating art in tact.

No. 1313870

Idk when I hate stuff I draw I just stop drawing it and draw something new. like if it's not coming out the way I like it, toss it. start with a blank canvas, but keep drawing.
I don't like spending too much time on one thing, especially if I'm starting to hate the way its coming out. I think it's been the best way for me to avoid hating my art, burnout, or worse drawing itself.

No. 1313936

What are some anti-art block ideas or sites you have? Back in the day there were these deviantArt art memes, but dA's new interface is actually unusable. I tried using Pinterest boards, but a lot of the popular boards seem to be more quality than quantity.

No. 1313995

This type of channel exists across many subjects and topics. And this particular channel came up for me on the YouTube home page and I quickly got bored of the video and don't even remember what it was about kek

No. 1314017

Nonnas how do you get a liminal space effect in your art work? I want my art to feel a little melancholic and I’m not exactly t sure how to do that.

No. 1314539

I don't know why people get salty over it. It's same model that Adobe used when their software had perpertual lincence. If you like upgraded from PS 7 to CS1 it was understandable you had to pay, since it was a major release. CSP 1.x had 10 years lifetime which is a lot for graphics software compared to how often Adobe rolled out new PS or Illustrator version. Basically subscription is option for 1.x users who don't want to pay for new licence. Which gives you choice, with Adobe you ypu maybe got slight discount but I'm not sure.

Not updating myself since CSP is good enough and got everything I need so far. Hoping 2.x will have at least 5 years lifespan though

No. 1314543

Most of official CSP news were not really understandable since I feel they were directly or machine translated from Japanese. Same with this here

No. 1314586

samefag but I checked image properly and it's fucked up if you have to pay for every feature release instead of giving free updates. people will hold on 1.x forever mostly due to this

No. 1314595

The newspost said that patches (bugfixes) will still be made to different versions. It's the new features that will cost you.

I don't mind being the odd one out on this, but given how much digital artists can ask for, as a collective, out of a software justifies the subscription model in some cases. Hosting the asset library each year can't be free, for example. I also use CSP between my tablet and desktop, so I pay for that service because it means I don't have to keep going through the trouble of transferring what may end up as out-of-synch files.

A lot of digital artists feel so entitled to so much, but lose their shit when they're asked to pay $4/mo to help maintain a software. Same people will ask an artist what brushes they use. Said artist releases them for a fee and they lose their shit and pirate them.

I get it if you just want to do it as a hobby; but you've got options like Sai, Krita, and Procreate. But, when you actually make money from art? There really isn't an excuse for it when keeping your tools up-to-date is important.

If CSP were pulling an actual Adobe where they were charging what was basically a lease with a cancellation fee, my feelings would be different.

No. 1314858

I think art programs should lock features behind an expensive paywall (like CSP asset/brush library) and offer their basic program for a set cost.

I hate the subscription model, for any service, it's just an easy way for these corporations to make money without offering anything new. I'm paying for an art program, not their maintenance fee.

No. 1314924

It's always references. Look at photos/paintings of liminal spaces and analyze what gives them that feeling, then apply to your own art and style

No. 1315325

If they did that, I think they could probably even get away with offering the program itself for free.

No. 1315681

File: 1661411838052.jpeg (7.13 KB, 352x550, images (5).jpeg)

This might sound really stupid but is anyone else struggling to draw from certain angles? For some reason I have a hard time drawing anything facing the left whether it be human heads or buildings and, I attributed this difficulty to me being right-handed and having a, err, "unique" way of gripping a pen. However I look back to my old (bad) art and see that I managed to draw those left-facing angles fine before? But now when I do it they end up look mooshed and weird and I just can't get the "rhythm" of it right?? Is anyone else having trouble with this?

No. 1315697

csp already has that though, what do think gold is for

No. 1315856

art anons have any of you tried your chara here comms? its seems like an easy and quick way to make some cash but im kind of worried that it would attract gremlin clients

No. 1315906

>>1315856 i often do themed YCH for holidays and so far i've not had any problems, they're usually a little cheaper and get snatched up quicker than normal commission slots.
if you're worried and have the luxury of being choosy you could just open them as not-fcfs

No. 1315914

I love doing YCHs! Couldn't recommend it enough. People love them too, it's by far my most popular comm type. The only downside is that it gets boring after you've done a few, but go ahead nonnie I haven't had any bad experiences with clients personally.

No. 1315967

the way i deal with this is by always drafting out forms before focusing on detail. when everything is sketched out with simple ass shapes it just makes positioning and perspective

No. 1316156

Anybody here has deviantart? Would you recommend it?

Many threads ago some nonnas were saying tumblr is actually decent enough, and I enjoy it better than insta, so I was wondering how nonnas feel about deviantart as well.
I see many people complain about the UI, but other than that? Is the community decent? Do people usually post good stuff or is it full of furry foot weirdos? Is it active? I don't know, just give your general thoughts.

No. 1316189

nonna please don't use DA its full of chronically online troon teens and weird fetishes. It's completely dead and it's extremely hard to get anyone to see your work unless your account is attached to some popular YouTube channel.

No. 1316309

Use Kaleido instead0

No. 1316310

Or use talenthouse

No. 1316311

Or use medibang or pixiv

No. 1316361

Not an artfag anymore but even I know DA isn't what it used to be. I miss what it used to be for the art community but now it's just full of disgusting fetish art. People left and stayed away for a reason.

No. 1316398

I miss DeviantArt too. It was pretty good back in the day, I loved how all kinds of artists with different skills would post in there. You would get a lot of cool inspo and generally it seemed like most people were just authentically passionate. It was hard to truly stand out, but it was also relatively easier to ignore the fetish content. All in all, it was fun to connect to people. Instagram cannot compare.

No. 1316784

Don't use DA. It's sketchy as fuck now.

No. 1316804

I was grandfathered in when it was MangaStudio. Do I get v1 or is it all gone? I haven’t used it much since I tested it a few years ago, but I assume if I log in then it would still work.

No. 1316822

Nonas I feel like quitting art. I want to find more friends within my specific niche of drawing but the people who've made my life a living hell for the past years are there and well-beloved within the community. Watching them receive all the love, support and sympathy despite the shit they put me through is fucking terrible. They guilt-tripped me saying their mental health would be ruined if I left them, so I stayed for months even if I was suffering, but after I finally got the balls to leave they don't seem affected at all.

I hate this so much. Why am I the only one who's suffering? I feel like quitting art altogether so that I don't have to see their bullshit anymore.

No. 1316842

Sorry anon. I’ve experienced something similar with creative types and it hurts when they don’t even care that you decided to leave. I don’t know your situation but is it possible to find another art group? It sucks feeling shunned and lonely but I don’t think you should quit your art because of it. Don’t give up!

No. 1316870

IMO the people who ran DA killed it when they stopped cleaning up porn and the accounts of non-artist retards who would flood the site with stolen images. It made it too hard to talk to anybody new on the site, because it might just be an idiot roleplaying, and you can't refer normal new people there because fetish shit/porn or anime screenshots might show up on the same page as your actual artwork, and then you look like a questionable person as well.

No. 1316878

Sorry to hear you've been through something similar nona. I hope you're in a better situation now.

We both do a specific type of art targeting an indie market (can't mention exactly because I suspect she lurks these threads) and it's difficult to sustain unless you shamelessly market yourself every opportunity you get. She's put herself into every single corner of the internet that has remotely anything to do with this niche for this reason. There's really no running unless I completely change the medium.

It wouldn't bother me so much if she didn't have such a sparkly reputation among the community. She portrays herself as an uwu kind, soft anxiety bean when she's self-absorbed and entitled. Many offline friends have cut her off en masse due to her constant victim complex and she's even briefly appeared in Kiwifarms threads.

No. 1316882

It may be a bug on my end (mobile), since the new update DA always shows me a page for a second before getting a black and red error page. On desktop I tried to browse their search but the results were not related and one page of images. Usually there were tons of results in the past. I don’t even bother with DA links anymore.

No. 1316885

Don't forget the awful new layout and removing useful functions.

No. 1316889

Thanks anon, I hope you’re doing better too. I’m in flux right now but managing lol.

As for the medium would you be able to change the subject matter so you could branch away from her? I follow some art cows on KiwiFarms for a good laugh but it does suck when you’re on the other side and dealing with them.

I’ve encountered artists like that and if you’re not letting them have their way they end up turning on you or shunning you. It’s a mind screw. You’re better to be apart from her as much as you can be.

No. 1316908

I think it's possible, but a number of well-beloved and respected figures within this niche have told me they love my work and want to see more from me. I enjoy having my ego fed, kek. (In hindsight, I think this might have been why she targeted me and constantly demanded I promote her, even though she has more followers than me on every social media.)

Why is it that the shittiest of people try the hardest to come across as quirky and nice? She acts exactly the same as Creepshow Art.

No. 1316922

That’s good anon, I would focus on those people and shift in a different direction since it sounds like you’re not completely kicked out of that niche. If others know she’s dramatic already you can keep your head down and work and you’ll come out ahead.

I’m not sure why people act so sweet online and then 180 in private. It reminds me of another cow (not art) glitter and lasers. She puts on a huge happy quirky display but every time before her video ends her face drops and she’s mad kek. People know when others aren’t being sincere.

No. 1317018

I really want to start making merch, like stickers or something, or prints. but I feel like the costs would outweigh everything and it wouldn't be worth it

No. 1317037

These thread pics suck. There’s two more stupid infographic thread pics in /snow/ as well and they all look the same

No. 1317116

Any drawing for fun tips? I miss my younger unhinged deviantart spirit and want to go back to that feeling.

No. 1317166

If it's any consolation, stickers and prints are the cheapest things to make. I use stickers as order freebies, that's how cheap they are. You don't need to commit to a massive minimum order. Order a small batch and see how it goes.

No. 1317168

Same. Unironically I think lolcow killed most of my creativity. It's weird.

No. 1317171

If you truly loved art you would create it despite other people ruining it for you, simple as. Keep creating and forget those assholes. Do it for the joy of art.

No. 1317173

File: 1661500352087.jpg (10.69 KB, 474x474, th-3951281702.jpg)

Tumblr for posting art: yay or nay? Give me your opinion (the more opinions the better) I'm not a hobbyist artist btw and I don't draw fanart, but still would like to know what's up

No. 1317187

I think it's impossible to get a big following (or a following at all) on tumblr unless you bring in followers from elsewhere or draw fanart and woke stuff. That being said, tumblr is quite peaceful if you're just doing your own thing and want to post art for fun. I like the custom themes and being able to make my page organized and looking nice. I've been posting art on tumblr consistently for two years and my only grudge is the camgirl bots that follow you randomly, but since I don't care about followers or reblogs anyway I just block them and move on. For someone looking for people to interact with them, I believe the bots can be quite disheartening.

No. 1317241

Is trying to build audience on social media and takimg comissions or getting into adopt bullshit to make some additional money? My currency is weak compared to dollar/euro/pound and I could keep my prices low to attract more people. I do both digital and traditional and I could offer also pricier traditional commissions if there would be market for them.

No. 1317331

I feel like if you're not going to draw fanart or draw LGBT vent comics then you'll really struggle to get attention on tumblr.
If you want to post original stuff I think instagram and tiktok are the best, you just use the popular sound or follow whatever "trend" is going on (eg: show your sketch).
Did you consider artstation btw?

No. 1317343

File: 1661520651709.png (4.86 MB, 1374x2048, ok.png)

Arkevil is such a good example for how people get blended by a nice rendering and coloration. The anatomy is bad and the faces are just weird.

No. 1317353

Sigh, I WISH I could do good rendering. I am amazing at anatomy, yet everytime I have to color something I feel like as if I am colorblind which I am obviously not. I just wish I could at least do something as small as draw highlights and top part of the head nicely. Color theory just feels impossible to me.

No. 1317354

I like posting my art on tumblr because I have 0 interest in internet clout. Sometimes I lose followers when I post because they followed my blog for other reasons, but I don’t make enough art for it to bother me that much.

No. 1317357

I'm somewhat jealous of artists that can ignore anatomy yet have really nice rendering and coloring.

No. 1317395

there's more to art than rendering, this drawing is so boring. it blends in with the thousands of other cat girl drawings, what's remarkable about it? why is she making that expression, why is she looking at us. she's doing nothing. it's meaningless.

No. 1317490

wtf she looks like she tried to tape her eyes but taped one lid towards her eyebrow. And at least two teeth are coming out of nothing because she has no gums.
ngl I like that cherry blossom branch on her dress neckline. It's pretty much the only interesting thing going on with the design tho. You're right there's nothing to the picture, makes me wonder if most over-render artists don't know how to place characters in a scene or visually tell a story.

No. 1317503

Her eyes are so freakish and the hand looks off. Normies eat this shit up, though.

No. 1317508


Sucks because it didn't used to be this way, there was a decent amount of original art getting circulated. Now it's nearly all Fandom trash. Even staff highlights mostly fanart.

Speaking of which, nonnas, I'm thinking about tabling at artist alleys soon and I don't really make fanart. I know it depends on the venue and your audience but I'm worried I won't do as well unless I make really generic shit everyone will like. I refuse to cave to the fanart machine, I see too many artists complaining and scrambling when it's suddenly not allowed at certain events because they relied too heavily on their genshin Keychains lmao.
Sorry, this was more of a personal vent than asking for advice.

No. 1317536

How about mahou shoujo merch like Cardcaptor Sakura or maybe Madoka magica? Nana and other early 2000s shows are being sold well, same with Love Live and Idolmaster. Idolmaster not so much since west did not (thankfully) really consume it, but Love Live is popular, especially at cons.

No. 1317629

the fat fruit girl?

No. 1317721

Wait anon this is really interesting, how do you go about structuring the body/form if you have a hard time with shading ? I think I'm the same way but I've never heard of anybody with this struggle before lol

No. 1317739

I always use references, imagining figures is incredibly easy for me since I do gesture drawings all the time, but for some odd reason, I just can't understand what kind of color I should throw here and there, and where to cast a shadow. I struggle with such simple things as simple 'kawaii' highlights on hair, making me feel incredibly stupid. I can't even mix colors together, let alone create the 3rd shadow for them.

No. 1317770

the rendering is good yet….the face looks so flat compared to the rest to me. the shoulders, boobs, hands and hair all have very decent shadows with depth but the face is flat as a pancake.

No. 1317784

I haven't been able to get much following on tumblr but I appreciate the way how the site works (and being able to have cute themes). Generally I can only get more notes on fanart of certain fandoms. Original art or stuff that almost nobody else cares about doesn't get much notes.
I personally enjoy it as just a hobbiyist that does mostly fanart. It doesn't feel as corporate as instagram and I like getting notifs from fanblogs of whatever character I drew because it feels like it hit the right target audience which makes me feel fullfilled.

I think the original art that gets more attention on tumblr is from skilled artists that have a sorta "theme" going on through most of their drawings. I think maybe?(big question mark) you could get some attention if you attached most of your drawings to a certain tumblerina aesthetic like animals-wearing-bonnets-cottagecore or whatever else.

No. 1317825

I have the same problem, been studying anatomy for months and gotten pretty good but they've all been blank as in not been shading or colouring at all, so have a terrible understanding of that stuff

No. 1317855

Is she smushing her face against a window? That's the only excuse for how flat her nose is.

No. 1317985


Thanks but these are specifically things I don't draw lmao. Plus I mentioned I didn't want to do fan art. Thank you though!

I guess I'm just terrified I'll flop because I decided to make only original shit. Whenever I do fan art it shows I don't put as much effort in even when I do like the source material.

No. 1318132

Nonnie, its okay. Sorry i misunderstood completely, i thought you said you didn't want to make art of genshin stuff or whatever is popular at the moment. Alot of people make money off their original art, I myself bought a nice tshirt and a bunch of other things from the artist alley. In worst case i could advice to make some cute doodles that remind people of animal crossing or something, if that helps. I remember i gushed over one artists animal crossing paints at DoKomi, they were so good that the next day my favorire pieces were sold out. And generally people like cutesy or edgy stuff. There is always room for everyone! Some people even just collect planner stickers with bunnies, etc…
I hope me and you both will find a way. Please let me know if you will find some resources that helped you if that's fine with you.

No. 1318393

If it makes you and other Bad At Rendering nonnas feel any better, one of my most favorite art "styles" are the ones that use flat colors. I really love the look, especially if the colors are more muted. You could always find an image/screenshot that has colors that fit your drawing's "vibe", and color pick from it. It would probably help you get used to choosing colors on your own eventually! I did this once for rendering gold/metal, I was surprised to see that using greens and browns created the illusion of it being yellow/golden, and now I can apply that knowledge to future works.

No. 1318493

Ayrt, been loosely following radio runner's art curriculum, picrel, and it seems to have helpful resources on light and colour. Not on them yet because powering through the anatomy still but if you try it I hope it's helpful.

You mean flat design? Yeah that's literally how I colour, with some cel shading. I like it too, though I do traditional art where that style looks less interesting/impressive (less sellable) than in digital, and I'm trying to ditch my current job and make a main career out of art.sk yeah. And sure I might fail miserably, art is usually a side thing, but I'm already miserable at work so why not.

No. 1318496

Samefag, pic didn't post, too large I guess. Here's a link to it in website form https://www.brendanmeachen.com/soloartist

No. 1318764

Have anyone recieved the inktober 30day prompt for this year?

No. 1318970

Do you have examples? NTA but I’m trying to picture it in my head. Is there linework or just shapes?

No. 1319106

Has one of you ever tried changing their art style and has some advice for me? I'm drawing in an anime style since ever and everytime I try to get away my art still looks like anime.

No. 1319187

Total vent into the void here, but I'm losing interest in art because of how much time I spend on it. It's a ridiculous complaint for me because I can arguably shit out some pretty decent art (imo) in about 40mins to an hour but even then it feels like a chore because half of the time is spent playing fucking anatomy simulator and that is so goddamn boring to me. It might be my fault because I essentially go from rough sketch straight to painting, but I can't add more steps otherwise I'd never finish it. In that aspect, I don't even mind drawing, it's more so just the time I have to spend making adjustments that suck all the joy out before I actually start painting over it.

I feel like I get even more demotivated because my rough sketches seriously look like shit, so I'm looking at a shitty sketch for most of the time I'm working on a piece, and it doesn't start to look decent till the 3/4 mark. It's all coming to a head where I'll draw one bust sketch 2-3 times a month which takes about 10-20 minutes and then I pack my drawing tablet away. I miss drawing but I hate spending time trying to polish it into something that I'm proud of. I've tried drawing without judging it but then I just feel like I've stagnated with my own art. Argghhhh

No. 1319260

I don't know what your rough sketch process looks like but are thumbnailing and gesture drawing a part of it? That usually cuts down on anatomy fussing time for me.

No. 1319262

File: 1661702787217.jpg (431.8 KB, 1440x1634, Screenshot_20220828-174031_Gal…)

Do you guys follow Anniestegg? Nowadays it looks like she is working like a factory, concentrating on creating more art instead of decent art

No. 1319263

(Can i post a collage i made here? Just wanna share but not if its going to be annoying)

No. 1319281

wtf is happening with her legs!?
There's a post art thread in /m/ >>>/m/187240

No. 1319382

Kek I just saw this in my feed and like >>1319281 I noticed her legs looked off. It’s probably the skirt/gown thing but it reads like a mermaid tail with legs sticking out.
OP, I followed her for a while but her whole style and theme has been about fantasy paintings. Did she used to produce different thematic pieces?
Where are you wanting to go with your style? If it’s in illustration you can still use anime but look to French or Italian to shift your style to cartoon proportions. It’s animesque. You can look at American comics if you want a realistic style or if you want to get completely away from that and study traditional practices then start studying your weak areas. Once you know the ins and outs you can break it down. That’s all anime (and cartooning) is about - shorthand symbols.

No. 1319440

Her thematic has always been fantasy, but she used to put more love into her work. Currently her art looks like copy and paste just so she has content to post

No. 1319450

I’ll have to search then. Her site only seems to have her most present work up. The quality appears to be the same so I would say it’s all done with love and dedication. Do you think her work is becoming rote because she’s pumping out work that isn’t up to her previous standards? I will say that her Celtic zodiac is interesting and she’s always painted faes but it could get boring if that’s all you see. I think her husband just paints monsters or dragons. Same thing.

No. 1319480

I don't know, it still seems shady to me, like they're dipping their toe in the water to see how others will react first. Why not just release V2 as a complete package instead of separating updates into pieces you have to buy all at once until V3 drops? Why would anyone want to use their subscriber plan, when you can just wait for the release of V3, what's the incentive for getting V2? Is the clone tool really worth the sub?

No. 1319562

Does anyone else feel weird when the moment a relatively small creator suddenly goes viral and gets a bit of traction immediately locks all their content behind a pay wall? A lot of the times when I'm following some artist's work and enjoy it they suddenly make a hit piece and instantly start charging everyone to see their content and it bums me out because I feel like they're shooting themselves in the foot with it. How are they going to grow even bigger when the only things new followers see are just the same 2-page sample and advertisements for their upcoming comic they used to publish online for free? I get that people want compensation for creating entertainment but I usually end up losing interest and unfollowing once I'm expected to fork out cash for something mediocre that everyone else is offering for free. Maybe I'm just entitled.

No. 1319566

File: 1661725018768.jpg (95.58 KB, 736x736, 37f3e79090f9761ebbe6a4fe811765…)

Ayrt, found an example by googling flat colour painting. The left is what I currently do with pens and pencils and while that style has its place, the right is what I want to eventually do

No. 1319567

You can do the right with pens and pencils too, if you want

No. 1319578

i unironically prefer the art on the left

No. 1319595

File: 1661728224673.jpg (598.8 KB, 720x1248, 1661727918007.jpg)

Wtf is this weird semi callout post by Takashi Murakami?
He's also defending "Mr", a lolicon artist that somehow made it into the fine art scene.

No. 1319596

File: 1661728273666.jpg (434.53 KB, 716x1235, 1661728002642.jpg)

No. 1319598

File: 1661728364911.jpg (296.02 KB, 709x963, 1661728040975.jpg)

No. 1319607

File: 1661729007394.jpeg (552.54 KB, 1281x1799, 4D534A04-B7CD-4FB2-813A-3D0741…)

I’m kind of obsessed with this dude on Instagram who makes tons of disneyfied religious drawings of Jesus and Mary. Reminds me of those autistic people who obsess over a character and draw them all the time.

No. 1319610

>I think the original art that gets more attention on tumblr is from skilled artists that have a sorta "theme" going on through most of their drawings. I think maybe?(big question mark)
I see this too, the stuff that gets popular is always shit that is already popular in zoomer and young millenial circles, like cottagecore, kawaii anime shit, and early webcore stuff
>you could get some attention if you attached most of your drawings to a certain tumblerina aesthetic like animals-wearing-bonnets-cottagecore or whatever else.
But is getting the attention of these zoomers a good idea? It's a real question here

No. 1319616

>getting attention from zoomers
I would say no but if they buy that’s great. Personally I wouldn’t cater to them as my audience because I’ve seen how flaky they are, but that’s because they’re young and don’t have much money.

No. 1319618

Lol it's cute. I hope his version of Jesus and Kronk are friends.

No. 1319623

Same nona. I've grinded a million hours into figure studies and gestures because I like doing them, I get praised for the way I draw bodies a lot, but I still color the way I did like 5+ years ago because it's so much harder to grind. Good rendering really captures people so I feel silly for being so weak at it compared to everything else.

No. 1319628

File: 1661730280901.jpg (46.35 KB, 474x305, th-1569995798.jpg)

You don't know Takashi Murakami?…

No. 1319636

File: 1661730991740.png (389.42 KB, 537x816, tm2.png)

I agree this is really weird, he seems to be sort of criticizing Akitoshi Akamatsu, but also framing it as a "hopeful" post. Not sure what to make of this. You didn't finish posting it all, hope it's okay to pick up where you left off nonna

No. 1319641

File: 1661731109825.png (473.02 KB, 538x822, tm3.png)

No. 1319643

File: 1661731214850.png (584.86 KB, 536x887, tm4.png)

No. 1319652

File: 1661731575945.png (544 KB, 542x851, tm5.png)

No. 1319660

File: 1661731753922.png (394.99 KB, 545x890, tm6.png)

No. 1319679

Nope I don’t follow a lot of Japanese gallery artists

No. 1319681

File: 1661733645175.jpg (42.86 KB, 474x272, th-938385728.jpg)

Oh ok! Well he's like, one the most famous japanese artists in the world at the moment. He has collaborated with a bunch of brands and musicians, examples are Louis Vuitton and Billie Eilish.

No. 1319689

That’s cool I thought he was another artist I saw 10 years ago who did weird hentai sculptures. Can’t remember the name but it was also gallery art. Good to see it’s not the same guy.

No. 1319699

>weird hentai sculptures
Same guy

No. 1319718

File: 1661736237217.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 58.74 KB, 599x800, 04E1C66D-9E57-49EE-AEE8-5D95D2…)

Oh snap you’re right

No. 1319723

File: 1661736396146.jpg (Spoiler Image, 241.77 KB, 710x1084, 1661736320142.jpg)

Yeah. Some of Takashi Murakami's work is cool, but he has done weird shit before, and one of his friends (Mr.) literally draws lolicon for galleries

No. 1319724

I was going to say it doesn’t look like lolicon until I got to the third board. Yikes.

No. 1319729

There's more of that but I'm obviously not gonna go find it, this one was from an art website

No. 1319735

File: 1661737302724.jpg (Spoiler Image, 26.84 KB, 500x668, 10290_visuel_REF__MURAKAMI_MyL…)


'my lonesome cowboy' is literally the funniest best sculpture I've ever seen, though. IDK How you guys can look at this stuff and not see that he's taking the piss.

I wonder if something is being lost in translation with this weird callout post?

No. 1319737

File: 1661737653102.jpg (9.6 KB, 183x275, images.jpg)

As much as I hate his dumbfuck ugly sculptures I understand the thinking behind it. He wanted some japanese camp shit at the Louvre and it worked. Do I agree with it? No. But in the art world, stories like these permeate a lot.

No. 1319745

omfg i went to a murakami exhibit in little tokyo in the 2000s w/ my weeb friend and her parents, and saw this sculpture and the one with the anime girl lactating, it was lowkey traumatizing LOL
i must've been like 8 y/o. everyone else in the galleries were like grown adults

No. 1319771

OT but in one of my upper level art history classes we had this as a midterm question and all of the pieces we had to identify/write about were projected onto the whiteboard at the front of class so we all looked at a huge projection of this piece for about ten minutes in complete silence kek.

No. 1319796

Kekkkkkkkkk holy shit

No. 1319798

Proof that this thread is full of twitter artists

No. 1319806

Kek no I’m an old artfag but haven’t followed his works since >>1319735
which could be taking the piss (huehue) out of anime and gallery art. I didn’t care much for it when I saw it. What is shown in this thread is a departure from that body of work and I didn’t realize it was the same artist.
My condolences but lmao
Can’t say if it’s better or worse than Piss Christ lol

No. 1319833

Personally I think it’s less visceral than Piss Christ because while MLC is definitely shocking it’s so plastic it doesn’t feel real. I feel like I can smell Piss Christ. I always read these as him mocking otaku culture so I really like them conceptually but definitely wouldn’t keep any prints lying around.

No. 1319961

i have seen ergojosh discussed in previous threads and i haven't seen his videos in a long time but i saw some videos where he showcases his skill with figure drawing and he has improved so much but then traces in these new videos? am i missing something or is this usual

No. 1320317

Never watched this guy but I've seen photobashing and tracing in a lot of videos by professionals. Maybe they're used to the time crunch. You can see he uses the photo as an outline but is not copying 1:1. That's the difference between straight up tracing and referencing, even if he's tracing over the general form.

No. 1320341

File: 1661793638261.jpeg (211.52 KB, 1516x653, 9493C11C-7059-47B1-89A5-C02B30…)

I was never a fan of LO’s story/art in the first place but the degradation holy shit. I know character designs are bound to change over time but couldn’t she have made model sheets?

No. 1320387

they're both equally lackluster

No. 1320423

I agree but the proportions on the second one are throwing me off.

No. 1320441

i'm really disgusted by most superflat artists, especially murakami and his orbiters. it's just disgusting. even some of aya takano's stuff weirds me out. i can't get the boner for these japanese artists, it was around since early 00s even. i have contact with turn of millennium hipster media and they were all drooling over him and other hack frauds. even worse that good chunk of them are literal pedos.

even yoshimoto nara kinda is weird nowdays for me, i liked his art before when i was younger since everyone on tumblr who i followed liked his work. now i don't think it's special, it's cute but i always feel weird when grown ass men draw only little kids and nothing else.

No. 1320603

I have a question regarding iPad pro cases. I want to get one that goes over the edges, so it's on the back of the ipad as well as the front edges. The ipad repair guys fucked my screen and it's raised over the bezel, which they already "fixed" once (back to being messed up the next day). So I want the case to grip the screen in place, if that makes sense. It seems the only ones I can find are the kids silicone ones or they have a built in screen protector. Do any nonnas have these types of cases, does the screen guard thingy affect your drawing/ touch input at all? Any recs for cases that aren't like 100 bucks?

No. 1320655

Nevermind, I finally found a case without the built in screen protector!

No. 1320663

What are good color combinations? What are bad color combinations? Like is having yellow, green and blue side by side good together or nah?

No. 1320664

File: 1661816044703.png (391.18 KB, 584x565, Capture.PNG)

Imo LO looked its best on the first maybe 3 chapters and then after that it was like a different artist drew every panel. Persephone is always either Kim Kardashian or chibi marshmallow with tits
Half the fanartists draw circles around Rachel

No. 1320680

this shit is so fucking hideous since day one. I really can't understand how/why its so popular. I swear she must have bought bot followers or something to boost the numbers

No. 1320681

This, I just don't get it. It looks ugly, it's uninteresting, tumblr circa 2013 ugly art, and on top of that based on the greek mythology. Gag.

No. 1320719

The art is hideous and the concepts are so poorly detached from where it draws its inspiration. Not sure why it got so popular but arguably yumejos eat the whole Hades/Persephone shit up even though he was an abusive rapist in the original tellings Hades (the game) did the Greek mythos with way better art/designs.

No. 1321183

Who's the artist? I'm on my petty shit and wanna watch them draw circles around the og artist.

No. 1321193

Thats kinda the point. Thats how they marketed to zoomers so they got ridiculous traffic to that webtoon app. Sydney sweeney “cosplayed” persephone for the LO ad. What a waste

No. 1321280

This series of sculptures actually got a lot of backlash from the otaku who caught that he was fucking with them, and he proudly admits this. It's easy to think otherwise, especially with how insane coom culture currently is right now with embracing deranged compositions as erotic.

No. 1321284

I've been going to a lot of bookstores lately and I keep seeing this comic and Gretchen Fletcher-Martin's shitty woman hate novel everywhere. I ignored LO for a long time because the art style is so obnoxious. Caved in and took a look at it. I'm having a hard time believing that this is actually popular and not shilled hard by the author's publisher.

No. 1321302

Really depends on the saturation of green, yellow, and blue. I recommend colour theory or looking at colour schemes if you’re having a hard time picking colours out yourself

No. 1321431

Kind of random, but does anyone remember Bleedman? I'm trying to find stuff about him after over 15 years to see if anything bad or milky came from him, but no luck. anyone hear or know anything or is he just irrelevant and nothing ever came from his art?

No. 1321467

Current instagram account:https://instagram.com/bleedman_vinz?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
He's still making art and afaik has not produced any milk

No. 1321470

Samefag, I mean besides the typical male shit he hasn't produced milk, just wanted to be clear kek

No. 1321526

THANK YOU for the link, like seriously. For some reason my google wasn't picking it up and all I could remember was SNAFU otherwise. lol

No. 1321532

File: 1661892410868.png (405.75 KB, 441x670, bleedman_comic.png)

This is all I know regarding him, but it's all old milk from around 2014.
>He's worked with a convicted pedophile in the past on his PPGD comic(picrel)

>Also has "hidden" loli porn that was shared on a website called d-pedo and has made a drawing calling himself a pedophile


Wouldn't be surprised if he did turn out to be a pedo like them too.

No. 1321599

File: 1661896702493.jpg (939.25 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220830-225549_You…)

Anyone know why/how simple art process videos can get a million views? Would be useful for my social media growth. I came across a random artist called gretlusky and she has so many views on simple youtube shorts like sketching or using screen print, topics which are nothing outlandish or new to YouTube and her art style is nice but also nothing outlandish. Can't figure out why these particularly got such high views. And before anyone asks yes I am jealous kek.

No. 1321713

Draw sameface women all the time.

No. 1321718

>he has a uniball
Statue ruined. Everyone go home

No. 1321733

Bleedman has always been a creep. He's pretty open and defensive of his attraction to little girls, too. SEA is rife with pedo sex tourism so you know he's offended at least once, especially since his best pal Griddles had at least attempted. He should've kept his trap shut and let people keep believing he was a young woman and not a middle-aged obese asian.

Fun fact for those who don't know, Griddles is the same pedo who was friends with Zami070, the tumblr artist who allegedly got bullied into attempting suicide over Steven Universe drama. Her drawing fanart of his loli PPG OCs was what got her in trouble on tumblr, since they're the same ones hes commissioned porn of. She claimed she had no idea of his past and that she was a kid, but this was after he'd been convicted.

No. 1321741

I don’t want to go over this again but Zami070’s suicide attempt was over family issues, not Tumblr drama.

No. 1321754

I guarantee you the people who will win for the contest I submitted for will all be professional artists who already have a copy of the game. The prizes are a plush for the 1st place winner and game keys for the other top ten.

No. 1321756

No1curr buy the game if you want it that bad

No. 1321761

The only thing that the shading pops out much is the eyes, the rest doesn't convey too much the simplicity of the left doesn't already imply.

No. 1321762

What a retarded reply, why buy when you can pirate.

No. 1321781

No. 1321845


Do you have any sources for him being open about being attracted to little girls?

No. 1321846

Do you have eyes?

No. 1321847

I haven't seen it and I clicked on the DA account, but he's not going on about it.

No. 1321848

Samefag, but that D-pedo site doesn't seem to exist either. Are there actual caps of any of this, including him saying he's attracted to little girls? I'm the one that asked if there's been milk about him, but the sources given aren't really… Proving anything and just Googling isn't coming up with any of this stuff that's being mentioned

No. 1321855


Him being willing to make jokes about himself being a pedo and working with an actual pedophile makes him suspicious as fuck, especially when you consider all of his work is basically little girls

No. 1321858

not to defend him because he genuinely seems like a creep, but are there any older millennial nonas here who were online during the Pedobear meme's popularity? Also coinciding with the rise of Southpark yaoi fanart. I remember edgy teens back then used to joke about being pedos whenever they drew cute boy fanarts. The internet wasn't as uptight as it is now, but these jokes we made in 2004-2011 would get us massacred in 2022.

No. 1321860

..So he's never openly said he is attracted to little girls and he's apparently a pedo by proxy even though he's apparently outed Griddles before and posted Griddle's mugshot? On top of that, the racist idea that just because he lives in the Philippines, he must be a pedo too. From the sounds of it, Griddles is the issue. Griddles is also from Australia, not even from the Philippines, so the idea they "he knew" doesn't make sense either. I'm getting a lot of "He knew this person and this person was convicted, so he's definitely also 100% a pedophile too" when that's not seeming like the case at all.

Not to mention the D-pedo site doesn't seem to exist and doesn't belong to Bleedman either.

No. 1321863

Obviously, you can't prove anything he's done because he's not open about it. The only porn you can find of his is drawn of humanized MLP characters(which is funny considering it's another kids' cartoon aimed at little girls). But all anon is saying is that it wouldn't be surprising if he was a pedo considering the audience he has gathered and the people he's worked with.

No. 1321865

You mean the MLP art with the big tits on Celestia? Lol Nothing on Pixiv either or a Baraag.

No. 1321868

I was referring to the one of Derpy on twibooru, but funny to know that he's made more

No. 1321873

So.. Any, actual proof he's a pedo? Lol.

No. 1321879

Anon, your reading skills…

No. 1321883

I just don't see how redrawing fictional characters makes someone sus when they also already have humanized versions. Also the Derpy photo is fully clothed and even wearing a sweatshirt and full length pants, where's the complication? I am reading, anon, and nothing is adding up. Just seems like people wanting to claim someone is something because they are offended by fiction as usual. I was hoping there would be actual milk on him, but there's nothing.

No. 1321901

Nta but I’m old enough to remember seeing Bleedman’s stuff on DA back in the day and being creeped TF out by his comics. Even back then there was rumors of him being a pedo. I can’t remember if stuff was compiled about him on Encyclopedia Dramatica at the time or someplace else but I remember some site having documented him. Sorry I can’t be of any help though since it was so long ago (like 2005-2011 ish)

No. 1321903

If you read the ED, it reads like it was written by a 14 year old.

No. 1321912

lol you’re not wrong.

No. 1321918

It's not really reliable and has about as much proof as the anons ITT. Sounds more like the people he, and other artists, associated with in the early 2004 years got in trouble rather than him specifically. I don't care about lolicon. I thought maybe anons meant he's drawing realistic lolicon, but not even that lol

No. 1321928

Any grown man who draws lolicon and pedoshit will always come off as sus. Can't be surprised when people think you like little kids when it's all you're drawing.
But when it does come to lolicon, you can't really prove they're a pedo unless they say it upfront because people always come in with "it's just fiction".

No. 1321941

I think you're always going to have a lot of theythemits in certain spaces where creativity and tech come together even in the most banal ways. I'd like to think it might teach them how to function without the need to be validated every second like on social media.
The beauty of a webhost is that your space is still your own. They can't brigade or cancel you as easily, if at all, unless your hosted content actually violates TOS.
Neocities runs a nice initiative with the fact they have a built in webring/directory with the host, which encourages curation more. I'm thinking of going premium since it's got nice features, and I support their efforts. Plus, having your own standalone website looks better as far as a portfolio can go. And, if you don't like Neocities, you could always re-upload your website to another host quicker than trying to repost content to new social media websites. It's usually just a zip your old files, upload, and unzip on the server process.

I also overlooked the smallweb thread. I'm an artist, but websites have always been my canvas.

No. 1322148

I have no motivation to draw if I can't get validation. I just realized I spent every single day to get better and I realize I don't even like drawing at all. If i can't have my art liked by others I don't even see the point of drawing. I don't really know what to do, I wish I could like the process of drawing without validation. But I don't know how, can you guys describe what feels satisfying to do when drawing?

No. 1322216

ED used to have the porn he drew for Griddles on it. I don't know if it was a casualty of the constant downtimes and server switches, but it was there for quite a while.
We get it nonna. You're one of those 'its just fiction' weeb pickmes. Bleedman is and always has been sus. If you look at his whole body of work, especially back in the early 2000s, it's painfully obvious that he's into little girls. It's all he draws and his inspiration. If you want to stay blind to it, that's on you but Bleed isn't going to send you a fruit basket.
The best remedy for this is to make art friends you can share your stuff with. The easy route would be to join a fandom discord, but I wouldn't recommend that if your tolerance for immature fangirling is as low as mine. If you truly don't like art and only want validation, then put it down. It's not good to siphon attention doing something you don't even like.

No. 1322245

Thank you. I don’t know why everyone is so insistent on defending an edgy moid. There’s no evidence that he’s been inappropriate with real children but that doesn’t mean his art isn’t suspicious.

No. 1322248

I remember there being pickme moms who had their daughters cosplay as his OCs or takes on canon characters. Might be able to still find them in his favorites gallery, but I never bothered to check if his account is still intact. The moms knew exactly what the fuck that dude was on.

No. 1322358

>can you guys describe what feels satisfying to do when drawing?

the physical act of drawing isn't satisfying imo, it's like building legos.

what i love about drawing is being able to recreate the ideas in my head accurately. i can draw whatever i imagine now, it's an amazing feeling. if you don't have any ideas in your head and are just drawing for clout, stop now lmao social media clout is worthless

No. 1322467

I'm assuming you're a hobbyist with no intention of making art your job.

You could learn to just draw for yourself, you don't need to post every single thing you do on social media. At some point I think you'll find yourself drawing subjects and ideas for your own enjoyment. Take a step back from social media.
>can you guys describe what feels satisfying to do when drawing?
If your problem is "I'm not getting my happy chemicals now" then you have a dopamine overload problem, not everything has to be instantaneous and completing certain actions doesn't have to be fun 100% of the time.

No. 1322514

Kind of inspired by your post.

I used to draw a lot during class in school, as my main coping mechanism. I would go into sort of a trance of just drawing lines, shapes, anime shit, shading, whatever. Seeing the line appear on the paper where the pencil or pen had been was hypnotizing, the perfect escape from 6 hours of crippling anxiety and bullying.

Now that I'm not in school or university anymore, I just can't fucking draw. I like my job, so I'm usually focused on it. And I never really doodled at home, where I felt a bit safer. I feel like I need the droning sound of a teacher, people sitting quietly around me, and the need to escape reality to be able to draw. It makes me really sad to be honest.

No. 1322632

A rant. I just stumbled upon instagram account that has 6k followers and almost every post reaches 1k likes. The thing is every each one of her posts is just stolen art or photo with ugly drawing effect added on. Depressing. She even uses her real name, like, isn't she embarrassed? But no wonder noone called her out yet, all her fans look like bots. She's also apparently doing commisions? I wonder how the fuck does that work.

No. 1322676

No. 1322697

Question, what extensive drawing/composition course (that I could pirate, kek, sorry) should someone do, with fixed exercises online that is taught by someone who really knows what they're doing?
Should I just take a bunch of specific courses based off who's great at certain subjects?

I ask for a course because honestly I realize that I will struggle with following along with a book and having something spoken makes me learn better–in the past I've learned very technical skills with videos while my basic ass self has struggled with books. Having a sense of velocity and doing something helps me.

Bonus points if the instructor is very creative.

No. 1322757

Late and gay but this pic brought back memories. I remember when popular DA artists started a trend of drawing yourself as a video game character complete with random stats. He chose to depict himself as..that. I totally forgot about him too. I think he was featured once on the cover of early IFX issues, which was surprising at the time since he was known for skirting the line between serious and joking with his art, but haven’t heard much after.
It’s the new algorithm push. They want artists to make short videos. Even better if you can ape an artist’s style. This one looks like a Loish clone. I imagine she must be annoyed at all the clones making money from her look.
What do you know how to do already? I have a few but it depends on your skill and goals.

Not related to this but I can’t stand artists who stream and have asmr saccharine baby voices. I’ve only met two or three women who actually have a high voice but the rest of the time it grates on my ears. Why do they do it.

No. 1322947

I've been drawing on/off for a long time and I want to go back to square one because there's certain areas I haven't at all touched, like perspective, and others. I regret not experimenting more.

As for goals, idk, in broad strokes I was to create surreal fantasy worlds, get good at composition + storytelling, strange creatures, etc. Sounds bad, doesn't it? Lol, but that's what makes me happy. I have a lot of ideas and I haven't been happy with what concept artists have been putting out.

Also, I seem to learn better with less extremely analytical/technical guidance. I started rapidly improving with the only art class I took (figure drawing) when I started following my instincts more and the instructor started giving me advice on how to hone them–not when I was being taught construction techniques. People crowded around me to watch me draw and ask for advice towards the end of the course, so maybe I am not completely delusional in thinking I improved.

And yeah I've looked around a bit for courses but haven't found much or there's instructors, like Sycra, whose art looks terrible to me. Am I being too picky?

Anyway, I will probably make exceptions later on and pick up specific books too; i.e., Gurney's Imaginative Realism and maybe one on dynamic type drawing and color.

No. 1322961

File: 1662009429292.jpg (149.94 KB, 1024x576, 1280.jpg)

murakami was based for that. also for making a bunch of elitist art collectors/critics look at this shit in a gallery unironically

No. 1322963

File: 1662009788951.png (47.98 KB, 204x170, Fbc-YvYXEAYOkzn.png)

I feel too depressed to draw, and it's honestly making me want to kms. I think art is my life purpose, but I just can't draw, this has been a thing for years now.

No. 1322970

Laying ink or oil down feels so satisfying to me. In digital I like trying new brushes or try others way of styling. I mainly draw for the end result to finally come out of my imagination. As long as I have a friend or family member willing to share it with I'm happy. Sure it would be nice to have social media with engagement but to me the only real reason I have for that is wanting to quit a mediocre job. I wont lie I get really frustrated with myself wanting improvement all the time rather than just enjoying art as fun. Usually I make myself draw something that's fun but different like animals or chibis without the focus of "be good". If it comes out shit then it can either be torn up or deleted worse case. Theres always a chance to start again unless I fully lost my hand.

No. 1322972

have youn tired many other mediums? i felt the same until I found glass engraving and pyrography

No. 1322973


No. 1322975

Yeah, I just feel stupid with everything I do. I don't think I'm gonna make it, as much as I wish I did.

No. 1322998

I've taken a 10 year hiatus but have started hoarding references on pinterest and try to learn as much as i can. i believe in you, anon!

No. 1323001

Hope you feel okay eventually anon, your magnum opus is brewing

No. 1323066

i am in the same boat, anon. i want to get back to drawing though, it feels so good being in the process and then having a finished picture. good luck to you !!!

No. 1323176

I studying traditional techniques so I’m not sure if it’ll help since you said you don’t like a ridged structure. But I will suggest just because it might help anyways and you might find something useful.

1. Atelier schools. Watts atelier has some online courses. They use the Reilly rhythms method for figures and portraits. Proko went there too but he teaches Loomis more than Reilly. You can find other atelier schools online but that’s a pretty big one. Proko used to have a podcast with Marshall Vandruff and he’s going over Bridgeman on his Discord currently.

2. Marco Bucci, Ahmed Aldoori (currently has a school/course), Sinix, and others are what you want it seems. Look up concept artists and illustrators and you’ll find a lot there. I hope it helps. These artists are mostly all digital but they have traditional art backgrounds.

Write down some of your favorite paintings or illustrations and find who the artists are. I’ve found a lot from looking at book covers, illustrators and video game concept art. I don’t know if you want to go into the animation/video game field but those areas lend itself to surreal ideas.

No. 1323179

Also meant to add that Gurney is great for imaginative realism. His color and light book is amazing too.

No. 1323273

Ayrt yeah that is what I want to do, I'm just saying I'm definitely not there yet despite my anatomy being great now

No. 1323339

File: 1662054744015.jpeg (669.49 KB, 1170x892, 8D166CE2-B920-489B-B4EF-9EBF8E…)

Is anyone else bothered when they see an artist who emulates another artist? I understand that people can be heavily inspired but picrel straight up copies the alien nine artstyle.

No. 1323341

If it’s simple then it means more people are likely to watch and share it or come back to it because they can copy it as well with little skill.

No. 1323453

whenever i have a big block sometimes i can't draw for months but i like just blending colors (be it digital or markers) and slowly making it into a face or something easy to get back into it and playing with edges. idk do what picasso said paint like a kid

No. 1323464

i exited the art supply hoarding stage (gave my siblings and friend's kids the supplies i never use lets goo) and entered the resource hoarding stage… i know finding the perfect course is less important than just sticking with it but finding a good torrent just fills me with joy

No. 1323531

Both resource hoarding and supply hoarding are avoidance behaviors.

No. 1323614

Do any of you nonnies have any experience selling merch? I'm looking into starting a shop with some small fanart merch items, just postcard sized prints and stickers that are easy to ship because I'm intimidated starting out with something bigger. Does this seem worth it? Any advice for a newbie? I'm so burnt out on commissions, I'm just looking for alternative forms of income right now.

No. 1323761

Welcome to art and people having people they look up to. Just like a lot of Disney artists started by drawing from Disney artists. You draw like the people you like and developed your style going forward. How many CN shows look the same that have different artists? A lot. This is art. Unless you are super specific, not even the Pokemon guy has a stand alone type of art now because other realistic artists draw like him too. So no. I don't.

No. 1323780

I didn't know people were making merch of adoptables (plushes) and selling them now.

No. 1323854

it's not that big of a deal ethics-wise, but it causes issues sometimes when nsfw work is involved
There's a few artists who draw similar to me and they draw porn on the side, sometimes I get a DM asking about it and it's very uncomfortable

No. 1323973

If you draw a lot of fanart or have an appealing anime-esque style, sign up to sell prints at an anime con.

Selling prints or other merch through an online shop is actually very difficult if you don't have a huge online fanbase already. Or are drawing some niche subject with dedicated fans. You don't need any type of online following to sell at a con though.

No. 1324010

File: 1662124874404.jpg (17.47 KB, 637x223, deviantart.JPG)

deviantart really wants you to pay for this shit

No. 1324406

File: 1662144500235.jpeg (564.03 KB, 1170x1597, 0236AE97-48E8-4285-85F4-21F8C8…)

Can you stop being so pornbrained as to freak out when you see a drawing of a shirtless woman? I know nudity can be awkward if you’re browsing at work but Christ. Sorry I’m petty today and Twitter is retarded.

No. 1324447

I always saw it as the opposite. Hypersensitive twitter zoomers freaking out over the mildest nudity. I don't even like porn but I'm able to tune it out just fine when I scroll past it.

No. 1324533

>Hypersensitive twitter zoomers freaking out over the mildest nudity.
AYRT. That’s not the opposite - that’s literally what I’m talking about. The internet has normalized porn to the point where figure drawings are seen as pornographic. Zoomers practically grew up on the internet so that’s why they have such a messed-up mentality. I feel sorry for them but I can’t really blame them. Blame their parents for not restricting internet access and the sex industry for making porn in the first place.

No. 1324770

what do they mean by compare?

No. 1324805


they are still trying to make money off that shit? the site is dead let go of it already, faggot.

No. 1324808

nonnies in the last thread suggested i apply to local art festivals in my area to get my name out there. i got excited and a boost of confidence only to find out today i didn't get accepted. feels so bad, i really thought i was finally good enough. i sold my first painting recently but at a lowball price. i'm just so discouraged.

No. 1324812

Nonny, I am the same and in the same situation. I've been turned down a lot of times, but I keep persisting. This path is for the ones who keep going no matter what. I wish you luck! maybe it wasn't the time and place, keep searching for an opportunity.

No. 1324813

I want deviantart to die soooooooooooo fucking bad, just purge that website please

No. 1324814

File: 1662168489081.jpeg (107.76 KB, 700x700, 1660268824263.jpeg)

>compare yourself to other deviants
But why would I compare myself to furries and degens?

No. 1324836

i used to be in a server filled mostly with serious adult artists looking to improve but the creator kept letting porn type content slide until retard probably groomers started posting actual porn of tv series stuff and ruined it. the nude part became porn instead of figure study and kids started spamming their socials or shitty work. it really is a shame because i loved the initial group we had with some based women speaking about actual feminist stuff when a moid said something retarded. i so badly want adult only art spaces but the nearest college is still far and classes are 3-4 hours long mid day which i cant do because of work.

No. 1324855

thank you nonna. i'll pull myself up once this wave of sadness passes. despite the disappointment i am pushing myself to keep making art because it's the only thing keeping me sane right now. maybe next time i'll get it. best of luck to you too!

No. 1324856

File: 1662172521603.png (20.22 KB, 613x149, Untitled.png)

Who was in the wrong here?

No. 1324858

What was going on here? Did she throw a fit over something?

No. 1324859

Has anyone here ever sold their stuff locally like at a swamp meet/flea market or a small town/big city festival? What was your experience like?

No. 1325009


No. 1325025

OMG NO DID SHE JUST DELETE HER LACE CUFF ONE SHE DID TODAY!? I wish I saved it because it was gorgeous. Twitter is trash. Fuck the people who nitpick artists like this one.

No. 1325036

Samefag, no the art isn't gone. From the context of some of the comments, she said something about those stupid Twitter circle talk chat group things that Twitter has been trying to push as talking chatrooms or something. I don't know what her take was, but hopefully it was something about how fucking stupid they are because it is. Instagram is trying to make their own chatroom thing too and both sites have shitty development on how they work. Also, I hate getting notifications for people I follow being in one and how I should join. Twitter forces you to see if one is going on and I hate that.

No. 1325109

File: 1662183770907.jpg (652.89 KB, 1009x1228, tumblr_n5bqaaynB81ru806ro1_128…)

oh man, i used to be a fan of this artist. Haven't kept up in years and im suprised their art kinda got worse. i liked there old hxh fanart

No. 1325137

Literally who

No. 1325164

Just look them up. They are actually pretty popular on twitter.

No. 1325165

Yeah, sure, but what's the context? Why are they upset and is it justified? What's the milk?

No. 1325168

I just posted it up thread… >>1325036

No. 1325265

It’s the [redacted]. Ignore it

No. 1325352

she was musing about twitter circles potentially hurting people's feelings if they're left out of their friend's circles thanks to the 150 limit.

people in the qrt were basically telling her to stop being such a carebear over online strangers, and if someone's butthurt over their mutuals not inviting them that's on them etc.

No. 1325355

I don't want to discourage kids from doing art, but holy shit there's no escaping them. I hate their styles, their shitty meme art and poorly disguised fetish drawings. Every smaller online art community I've been a part of eventually gets taken over by zoomers who spend 30 minutes tops on a piece and then spam it everywhere, so even when someone does post a decent drawing, it gets buried in the rest of the trash.

No. 1325358

i wish people in art spaces weren't so obsessed with the whole mutual thing, i find it so uncomfortable when artists i followed back suddenly act like we're friends (and sometimes get overly personal). they always get so offended if you unfollow them, too

No. 1325390

Super retarded question but ugh… is making NSFW comms actually a good idea? Will you really make more money from it than regular SFW comms? I know we all hate coomers here but I'm actually pretty curious.

No. 1325397

My friend makes NSFW commissions and is pretty popular in that community on Twitter. Doesn't pay well, even though she draws some pretty fucked up stuff and has regular clients. She definitely makes more money than me and other people I know who don't do NSFW stuff, but she has a regular job because there's no possible way she could live off the commission money. I should say that while she's talented and has good anatommy, her art is pretty average. If you've got god-like talent I'm sure you can make a bigger income.

The sad part is that she claims to enjoy drawing that stuff, but looking back at the art she did before she started pandering to coomers, she clearly had a lot more fun with it. She constantly whines about feeling uninspired and lacking motivation. She deleted all her profiles where she used to post her regular stuff because "no one cares about it unless it's porn" and has clearly lost the ability to draw for herself.

No. 1325400

>The internet has normalized porn to the point where figure drawings are seen as pornographic. Zoomers practically grew up on the internet so that’s why they have such a messed-up mentality

This, they find ways to make so many sexualised because they're so used to things being sexualised. Just scroll through any social media and you'll see "mommy sorry do you want a dog I can bark" at any mildly attractive person, and thirsty comments if any content has a liquid or a hole. And because they're chronically online teens, they can't just simply get laid to stop being so pent up.

No. 1325452

don't fall for the meme anon, it's not worth it. You will get tired of it immediately, and coomers are cheapasses. You'd be much better doing sfw pin-ups.

No. 1325459

Would you be able to make a new server and maybe round up some of the originals there? Or is it too massive for something like that? Sometimes when a discord becomes too out of hand like that I’ll end up making a splinter group to get back the good vibes.

No. 1325571

I don't like the idea that mutual = friendship too, that's the reason I don't really want to use twitter, or I'll have to make a private alt with my main following 0 account.

No. 1325780

whenever i want to start a new habit or change something in my life for some reason it has to be the 1st of the month or the monday for me to start otherwise it feels tainted… i made myself an art study curriculum and plan to allocate at least an hour or two to drawing each day instead of maybe half an hour if i feel like it. starting on a sunday to beat the superstition im exited to improve !

No. 1325783

ugh yes, the parasocial people are the worse. That's the only thing I miss about tumblr, being able to post and have zero obligation to reply to your followers. On twitter/instagram, people see you as stuck up if you don't thank everyone who comments on your drawings.

No. 1326393

nonnies please reply I want to know too thanks.

I just spent all day trying to figure out how to be in an art booth/ craft fair/ farmers market and I feel like I just went in circles for 6 hours. Most of the websites and phone numbers for events didn't work.

No. 1326420

I would recommend you shoot an email to the venues that host the markets. Or, you could ask another vendor to point you in the right direction?

No. 1326572

I've done it a few times and you can definitely ask for way more than regular commissions, but imo it's not worth the mental anguish of looking up references for fisting and other degenerate shit.

No. 1326647

Is using Tumblr as your personal site/business a turn off for most people? Do any of you anons use it for business purposes? Tbh, I'm lazy and I love the endless number of themes on there and the tagging system is great for me. I guess I'm afraid of looking stupid when I have Tumblr as my main site on my card kek

No. 1326721

I don’t know shit about color calibration and cmyk and printing. I tried calibrating my computer according to guidelines and my art looks really bad color-wise(way darker, more saturated, but similar to my printer results) and the colors in general are just completely different from mobile. Am I fucking myself over if I calibrate it to look similar to mobile? I keep wondering if my colors look terrible to professionals with correctly calibrated screens.
Also how much should I be worried about this if I wanted to print a graphic novel? my art looks trash with my own printer but looked fine when it was printed in a fanzine or by inprnt.

No. 1326778

If your calibration is different than there’s their colors are going to appear different. You should program to whatever you’re creating for. I like to draw in cmyk for prints so I get the best print quality and switch to RGB for regular internet uploads as I think it cuts down the disparity a little but that’s my opinion.

No. 1326825

Yeah. Literally almost no one uses it anymore and there are other sites you could use. Tumblr and Pintrest have the some of the highest rates of stolen art too, so if you want to use Tumblr, good luck actually getting the attention over someone saving it and reuploading.

No. 1326964

Honestly I think the art world is fairly open to tumblr sites imo. But if you’re worried about it you could use a personal domain and have your website be powered by tumblr. You can still tell it’s tumblr but it doesnt have the domain ending and looks a little more professional while still being easy to customise.

No. 1326969

Print agencies nowadays have better inks that make some colours more vibrant that you wouldn’t be able to see with an at-home CMYK printer. I’d say print some sample colour prints with these companies of your general colour palettes so you know your limits

No. 1327104

Thank you for the advice!! I'll note them and check them out. I'm feeling way less overwhelmed about all of this.

No. 1327135

does anyone know how to get more comfortable drawing digitally, id love to do it and i have a graphics tablet it just feels uncomfortable amd weird drawing digitally

No. 1327154

tumblr is dead move on nonna

No. 1327231

It depends. You can actually make really good money at it. But it of course all depends on what you draw. Male gaze stuff, and pinups will bring you in the most cash. Female gaze, with BL stuff will as well, but not as much as the aforementioned. Weirdo troon shit will grab the least, and you'll just get the absolute lowest common denominators as clients. NSFW stuff attracts eyes very quickly, and its the quickest way to generate a following in a heartbeat. So if you have especially a great style, and produce quality work, you'll have no time making it, and perhaps making good income with it. You almost never hear top teir nsfw artist complaining about capitalism, and other garbage, or constantly having to run gofundmes everytime the rents due.

No. 1327373

Update on the art contest, the judges are still overwhelmed apparently and are asking for people to help vote to determine the winners so it's gonna be a shitty popularity contest after all. They begged for people not to just vote 0's just to boost themselves up but so far that just means no one is bothering to vote.

No. 1327385

This is kind of self-explanatory nonnie. The market is overstaturated, there’s too much broke opportunistic normalfags out there, so basically it’s a big fat no and you should lower your expectations. However it’s lucrative if you already built a decently sized following and recognizable brand for your NSFW artwork and built up a reputation in those freakass porn communities. Don’t take any advice here telling you ‘yes but blah blah’ mostly it’s a big fat no and you’re going to embarrass yourself. Have some dignity and draw something you actually like, suck it up and slave it IRL like the rest of us.

No. 1327426

The reality is that how much you make depends on your art style, skill, market and niche. Same for SFW. It can give you a short-term boost but if you have shitty art, no niche and otherwise no marketing skills you won't get anywhere.\

Basically this. It can be argued any market is oversaturated so just do what you actually want to do.

Do you want to draw NSFW? Yes? Then draw whatever NSFW you're interested in.

Don't want to and are only interested in the money? Then put your skills literally anywhere else.

No. 1327564

File: 1662365325633.jpeg (836.08 KB, 1242x930, F03CB051-E9A5-4D76-8BE4-99A3DD…)

What the hell is with this art style a lot of younger zoomers are obsessed with? Where the did it originate from? And why is it always twitter tranny activist types who use it.

No. 1327592

the video starts out saying trigger warning for racism, nazism, etc they don’t seem like the sjw type to me. But somehow i agree, it’s often trans people but in every other aspect they’re very right wing and edgy a lot of the time? Like serial killer fan, country humans, maybe hazbin has something to do with it also.

No. 1327737

>Where the did it originate from?
Tumblr. Tumblr bred a LOT of "I don't have to change and improve" artists. Tumblr was a fucking echo chamber for this shit.

No. 1327802

It's reminiscent of Homestuck shitty art but mixed with Haszbin Hotel. Looks like two Tumblr hits and people are trying to draw like it, but they aren't because they don't know how to draw at all.

No. 1328144

Eddsworld vibes

No. 1328187

the pic is really similar to birdie's art style. it's been years and she still has a lot of copycats

No. 1328190

File: 1662414593201.png (1.43 MB, 997x1611, whatisthismeme.png)

I see this fucking coomer meme everywhere and I hate it. What even is this?

No. 1328195

How do you tell your friends that you don't want to retweet every GoFundMe scam or delusional commissions begging they get guilted into sharing without being an asshole? I never retweet anything because I just want to upload my own art and nothing else. I'm so tired of seeing constant signal boost spam and have no desire to participate, and I have no qualms about ignoring randos e-begging, but I feel like I'm going to get called out for it at a certain point especially if a friend asks me to boost some stupid shit point blank. How have people dealt with this kind of thing?

No. 1328209

Maybe its cause im blunt to those I consider friends and removed the snowflakes but I would say straight up "ive been almost homeless and wasnt begging on the internet. I worked my ass off and got a stressful job that paid enough. This person can do the same."

No. 1328216

File: 1662416224901.jpg (51.69 KB, 800x450, wtocover.jpg)

I've seen it everywhere too.

No. 1328241

File: 1662418470227.jpg (6.12 MB, 3079x4397, de4650a-312133f2-0b36-4b92-bc4…)

How did you find your established art style? And how do I find mine?

No. 1328247

You learn how to draw properly first, anatomy, figure drawings etc.

No. 1328248

I kept drawing what I liked until it looked cool enough to me

No. 1328250

Just draw what you want, reference the ártists you like, and your brain will eventually just get accustomed to the same movements and steps. It’s really not something you shouldn’t fixated upon, it will just happen once you practice enough.

No. 1328251

Study other peoples ways on stylisation & incorporate it into your own work, a Frankenstein of your favourite ways of drawing things

No. 1328252

I deliberately molded my artstyle by studying my favorite artists. It's not good to just take from one person as inspiration because your work will just end up a cheap imitation, but find several artists you love who have different strong points and take elements that you like by practicing them in your own work. If you have strong fundamentals you will be able to draw in almost any style, and you can change and build your natural style through study and practice.

No. 1328263

it really comes with practice and time, but know that it probably won't ever feel the same as drawing traditionally (pen and paper etc)

also try different settings until you feel more at ease; for example i dont really like using the buttons that the pen has, but use the buttons on the tablet itself, but you might feel the opposite. really, just keep at it, it comes with time

No. 1328264

idk i love that one artist who draws perfect code geass fanart that looks exactly like the clamp designs

No. 1328265

finally someone says it, that meme is so fucking cringe. it’s always the pick-mes who draw it too.
leave my faggot husband emet alone you filthy catgirls reeeee

No. 1328267

Art styles are inspirations or dupes of other art styles. It’s very easy to relocate or create your own style naturally if you just learn and practice basic fundamentals and heavily research and observe artists or even non-traditional “””art”””. Tbh I think style is an overrated aspect of being an artist because it realizes on wanting to be “recognizable” instead of making something that’s genuinely good and doesn’t rely on wanting to be speshul~ or standing out. Also art styles are heavily dependent on mediums or eras of art, it’s likely manga artists draw very similarly because they are restricted to that medium and often work under other people. The whole CalArts meme is exactly that, industry standards, faithfulness to medium, art education and all of that jazz. There are similarities to Hannah Barbera art style and modern art styles pls don’t hate but Steven Universe kek but no one realizes that.

No. 1328321

What is the LEAST obnoxious way to self advertise in communities like discord and Reddit?
What is the most annoying way people do?
I’m kind of debating if it’s even optional because I notice people respond really badly

No. 1328326

By not self-advertising on discord or reddit kek

No. 1328369

If you do fanwork, you could post on the designated pyw day, or just occasionally post in the subs dedicated to your medium. The only things really considered “annoying” are spamming the same piece across multiple subs, photographing yourself in-front of the work, and AI art floods. I’m not sure about Discord, those seem too cliquey to really get a foothold in.

No. 1328378

wouldnt it be to actually post your work and have links in the profiles to social media people can comm you on?
I'll take that anyday over people spamming their "IM LIVE NOW!" for twitch or "check out my new instagram pic!!" cause i dont know them and their work is probably mediocre, it isnt the reason i joined that discord.

No. 1328513

File: 1662440122510.png (198.8 KB, 720x978, Screenshot_20220821-025949-002…)

Omg, can the idea of art style theft die already.

No. 1328517

Most of these artists have super generic artstyles or are deeply influenced by anime and other artists anyways.

No. 1328541

File: 1662442723562.png (260.69 KB, 1080x1382, Screenshot_20220906-013419~2.p…)

Her and starpyrate are collectively so annoying

No. 1328556

ofc these are vtubers, people with the most generic designs and artstyles.

No. 1328559

File: 1662445804495.png (678.75 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220905-231140.png)

Apparently drawing somewhat similar to her is a no no, but drawing in the panty and stocking art style is fine

No. 1328562

this literally looks like it could be traced. i can't with these morons.

No. 1328631

how is this considered fine arts? i've seen way better generic anime on the front page of pixiv

No. 1328646

File: 1662458129671.png (112.56 KB, 627x690, Mouth_Table.png)

I hate these grifters so much. Live2D is a niche community that thrives in creativity and most people share their secrets for free because they understand it's a small software that's still growing and the more people that know how to use it the more it's going to grow and the more job opportunities is going to open. There are a million youtube videos and resources about live2D mouths anyway.

No. 1328649

File: 1662458637280.png (1.15 MB, 1100x763, 100% ORIGINAL DONUT STEEL.png)

her ''style'' is also not unique, sparkledog tier design aside, it looks like every wannabe western+anime style with big lips and the same thicc body, mahmapuu style looks the same. So much for ''muh style''

No. 1328712

What's with VTubers and having the most eyesore designs?

No. 1328716

what even is a vtuber? are they just streamers with mocap over top of them because they're too repulsive to show face? why not just do gameplay only then? or is it a coomer thing

No. 1328727

that's exactly what they are. they don't do gameplay only because it's easier to milk the crowd that only consumes content with uguuu waifus in it.

No. 1328739

Most VTubers are just coombait or adults pretending to be little girls just for the donations from sweaty basement dwelling weebs who clip every annoying moment and think it's "cute" or "funny"

No. 1328748

File: 1662470356294.png (588.42 KB, 1024x768, Dumbassfurry.png)

Deranged furry artist lies about workplace abuse,then gets called out for it.

If you're going to make up a story about workplace abuse for asspats atleast change your handwriting dumbass

No. 1328756

Probably just for views to sell comms

No. 1328837

It's the future of marketing and yes of course big coomer aspect. If you can't train incels to move past 2D then just sell them 2D. They're not all ugly but a lot are and many many of these vtubers are neets themselves.

No. 1328880

a-logging but i hope all furry artists go extinct

No. 1328902

vtuber concept was cute for 5 minutes before filthy western weebs started doing it. you can feel the ego from westerners that doesn't exist in the OG hololive members. they don't understand that they're supposed to be playing a character, not themselves behind an anime avatar.

No. 1328919

This x 1000. Pin-ups make money and are more marketable. If nothing else, you can draw your own pinups and make merch based off of that with little to no issue from your manu due to content.

No. 1328931

Sad how the original isn't even coomerish. It looks like two friends out being ridiculous.

No. 1328945

File: 1662482818912.jpg (383.18 KB, 1080x1093, downgrade.jpg)

What a total downgrade

No. 1328961

nonnies is there an art reference or art inspo thread? i can't seem to find one

No. 1328982

File: 1662485277654.jpg (102.06 KB, 800x600, HD-wallpaper-cat-meditating-ca…)

Question, what design/art skill do you guys think will be relatively future proof?

I mostly sell regular stuff online but I've been wanting to have a small, yet sustainable side hustle.

No. 1328989

I slowly started playing with brushes until I found one I liked and tried to copy some cartoon looks, take influences of coloring/shading from artists and then used different brushes until I found a style that works for the rendering I liked… You just.. Develop it. I don't think there's a god way to explain how to make your own style, but don't feel bad if you also have a style that looks like someone else. I honestly don't think that's a bad thing unless you're using that to pass off your work as theirs or something, but look at people like Don Bluth who have styles across animations and other animators who have the same art. It's not copying unless you are copying. Otherwise, style is subjective and regardless, even with concept, someone is going to say something about how it looks or reminds them of something else. Look at how many artists get called out for "COPYING" when something popular is happening because they all do the same art for a fandom or whatever. Or even outside of popularity, sometimes two artists decide to draw something from a 70s comic and they both go up the same month and suddenly "HOW DARE YOU COPY ME NO WAY THIS OBSCURE FICTION WAS THOUGHT UP BY YOU TOO!"

Just ignore it. Draw whatever you want, in whatever style you want.

No. 1328992

Would look nicer if the lipstick was on the top lip too, even just a half circle.

No. 1329090


The most "sustainable" thing you can do to stay marketable is to have your fundamentals down and keep improving on them. And when I say that I don't mean basic figure drawing or whatever, I mean in what ever subject you take interest in that isn't necessarily trendy, but what you like to make. Trends recycle anyway so you might as well have a baseline for the quality of work you like to make. That's sustainable.

No. 1329186

File: 1662498903691.png (766.74 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220906-140350.png)

This artist actually traced before

No. 1329246

File: 1662502977478.png (482.6 KB, 1080x861, project_20220906_1818021-01~2.…)

How someone can tweet this one day and then post their own style copy the next is so insanely tone deaf

No. 1329492

It’s always the artists who actually trace/heavily reference other’s work who become so defensive of their own work. why? Idk. But it’s hilarious

No. 1329507

To be fair I think starexorcist is her old account, so this was probably just a redraw of her own art?

No. 1329516

Entitlement I guess? They want to further their own art with the help of others' art, but don't want others doing that with their own art.

No. 1329644

there are some art threads in /m/ look around i like the album art, 'art that makes you feel something' and the png thread for inspo

No. 1329665

shit taste and/or the need to flex how much they spent on the model by adding a shit ton of parts and rigging physics

No. 1329759

Any advice regarding how to start over on social media? My art accounts have been up for a long time and I want to start fresh and have an audience that isn't the one I built up anymore as I don't draw for those specific series any longer.

No. 1329832

Either nuke it or just make a new account. Couple options:

>make a new account, name not affiliated or close to old account

>don't link it or share any photos through the old one as that might make it clear it's the same style/rendering and thus, just you using a new account
>could just switch over and ignore anyone complaining about not doing a certain fandom anymore [this will keep your follower count and you won't go from scratch, so you have automatic engagement] while also scrubbing your page of old work you don't care about anymore and saving them externally
>totally delete old account and start from Game Over

Just depends on what you want to do

No. 1329850


What >>1329665 said, but also Vtubers trying to seem unique so that their gimmick becomes popular. but of course, many of them are absolute shit at character design, so they think more=better which results in those visual atrocities.

No. 1329854

I always thought it also had to do with "MY OC DO NOT STEAL" with all the extra stuff, so if it's copied by another VTer or artist, they can easily say that they came up with the "dog-dragon-bat-demon-elf-catgirl".

No. 1329938

simplest would be to either move onto a new one without announcing to your old account or straight up nuke and start new.

i'm not sure if you care about followers but i went through something similar recently as i started hating the fans of a series that i was making fanart of and didn't care that i lost followers after nuking. it actually felt freeing to start up fresh again because i didn't feel pressured

No. 1330146

Tips for someone looking for a casual community for learning artists that isn't dominated by men/coomers?

I mostly want to get feedback on drawings–and also not feel too outclassed and get good constructive criticism.

No. 1330174

That looks like art from a game

No. 1330182

Level Up on Facebook

No. 1330215

holy shit lol it is? her art went downhill with this shitty vtuber, and yea nonnies its rhythm heaven but still not even a good edit jeez

No. 1330813

File: 1662635198730.jpg (116.81 KB, 1204x677, Fa_YzSgXkAA7C16.jpg)

I don't check the art salt threads that often so forgive me if she's been posted but holy shit I barf whenever I see Infestedcakes art pop up. It's the definition of polished turd. SO fucking lazy. Her anatomy is garbage but of course the internet eats her shit up because hue hue buff manwhore. The face and chest is the only thing she puts effort into (still looks terrible) and the rest looks like an afterthought and I cannot understand how you could find it appealing. Look at that hand, and yet it has 10k+ notes. Sorry for sperging but it makes me mad how people flock to her shit art like flies

No. 1330814

File: 1662635305360.jpg (Spoiler Image, 682.04 KB, 3063x4096, FYltU5uX0AE6nQ8.jpg)

Samefag, but this one is especially terrible. No wonder she always posts "thirst trap" art with censored dicks because they look like a joke and reveal how bad she is at anatomy. It's coming out of his belly! And, again, hands.

No. 1330926

File: 1662642845370.png (291.88 KB, 581x356, iris.png)

G'day nonnies!
I really love the way Wada Arco draws her iris (i just love the details) but I still can't fully understand how does she do that, are there any resources where i can find iris/eye copycat tutorial (for example back in the days people used to rip off k-on artstyle). What do I do? I especially love the blue and green eyes.

No. 1331020

Don't underestimate the power of coom, it'll make people thirst over something badly drawn as long as i's in a generic anime looking style with big breasts or bara pecs. Inb4 I sound bitter, why yes, yes I am.

No. 1331131

It's literally just
>A base color
>A hue-shifted lighter color for the bottom half (towards cool or warm)
>One-directional hatching close to the upper eyelid from the linework
>In some cases, a darker color may be added to give depth near the pupil
>Highlights and reflections (purple blends both hard white highlights and soft airbrushing
>The reds in some of the pictures may be reflective of the setting or style, but I have no context to why they're doing that. This is where you'd either stop, or apply your own style

No. 1331136

Your bitterness is justified. This is why I've begun accepting that Twitter is containment unit for a certain kind of artist

No. 1331747

Is it bad to only draw one fanart character over and over?

No. 1331972

has anyone been watching the new drawfee stuff? i feel like jacob especially has given up on trying to do art well (he was always the weakest art wise) and tries to hard lean into the comedy and rely solely on julia and karina to carry the actual drawing segments. even moreso now, since theyve started splitting it to just 2 of them an episode

No. 1332013

Not at all nonnie. Draw what you like drawing!

No. 1332292

I follow a few artists who only draw their waifu/husbando over and over and I think it's cute, it really shows their devotion

No. 1332293

don't know but I can't stop

No. 1332294

I was not ready for the jumpscare of that huge veiny dick

No. 1332340

never seen this but is karina a mtf troon? the voice reminds me of a gay stereotype

No. 1332424

I think he's become too comfortable being the one with the toony/cutesy style and is afraid to step out of his comfort zone and put in the work to improve his fundamentals. I haven't been keeping up as consistently lately though, I'm scared to check in now lmao.

No and lowkey fuck you. She's literally just a woman with a slightly deep voice with zillenial humor.

No. 1332671

File: 1662705906357.jpg (301.32 KB, 1335x2048, FU1f8FyVEAISgdo.jpg)

saw this rt'd onto my timeline today and i thought it was nice until i actually looked at it. their facial proportions reminds me of sid from iceage lol

No. 1332760

That artists always fucks up faces, no matter what she draws. It's a shame.

No. 1332806

have any of you nonnas completed drawabox? i restarted it twice already third time's a charm. i'll try to do the drills digitally to get more comfortable with it because it feels a bit weird so far but i'm looking forward to it this time

No. 1332816

I only watch them ocassionally so can't really speak on Jacob's giving up but honestly, I can't blame them for not being able to keep up. They have something like 2 videos a week, constantly, it has to be draining and exhausting, especially with that relatively "quick drawing" and "funny prompt" format. Good for them to be able to do it for so long
Good luck anon! I've never managed to complete it but the first lesson's exercises are my go to every time I get a bit rusty. I think if you don't do everything at once (take breaks to do your own drawing for fun, and take your time with these in general) you'll be able to do it, I can only imagine how satisfying would that be

No. 1332838

It really is a shame. The artist has an eye for composition and colors, but the anatomy is wonky. I suspect she’s going through a mental episode because she keeps posting unhinged looking selfies.

No. 1332856

i've seen some people's progress sketchbooks with it and the cars and bugs at the end are so satisfying but look like an attainable goal

No. 1332869

How does this even happen? (Most of) the rest of the drawing is so good

I stopped at the first lesson because I didn't have the pens it recommends kek (ok I do have them, but they're old and I didn't take give them proper maintenance so they're clogged and the ink I had isn't usable anymore)
I imagine you can still do the exercises even if you can't use a technical pen, but that really killed my motivation because I wanted to do it properly.

No. 1332873

It makes no difference whether you do it with fineliner, your regular ballpoint pen or even a pencil, because it's ultimately about your line confidence and hand/arm motion, don't make excuses nonna! Drawabox dude is trying to sell his fineliners so of course he'd say to use them but let's be reasonable here

No. 1332984

Why is it that English speaking art communities on the internet are filled with terminally online people who whine about the stupidest things who identify as not straight, a troon/genderspecial, or both?

No. 1332994

Because these people are not actually into drawing, they're into the attention they get from drawing

No. 1332998

File: 1662733530891.jpg (36.25 KB, 870x524, New-Project-2022-03-20T101949.…)

Even Sid from Ice Age looks better than those characters' facial proportions.

Seriously though, how can you mess up the most basic thing on the planet? (Facial proportions on a character, that is.)

No. 1333019

Hell no. Most of the artists I follow have one or a few characters they love drawing. They experiment with different mediums and styles while using their favorites for inspiration and improve quickly. Treat the characters you love like a muse. I'll speak from experience: I actually took drawing seriously again because I wanted more fanart of a character I liked. It's helped me try new things I never would have tried on my own.

Stagnation is a risk, but I think that's more about the mindset than the subject, because I see people who chase FOTM characters with no improvement or experimentation at all over the course of a year.

No. 1333027

Inktober is coming closer and closer and I feel like every time inktober crosses my mind it stresses me out. It's been a while since I have picked up anything and draw.

No. 1333049

Stressing about it is mot going to help you with drawing, you don't need to follow inktover, just focus on having fun

No. 1333050

File: 1662735468318.jpg (1.52 MB, 4000x6000, pexels-jeandaniel-francoeur-89…)

You know anons, as I grew older as somewhat of a hobbyist artist I feel like I put less pressure on my age and enjoy the process more. I feel like I can dissect things more clearly now and I am not afraid of making mistakes as I once was. I feel like people put a lot of pressure on being successful at a young age, but hey your achievements also matter when you achieve them in your adulthood, and you don't have to put up appearance too.

No. 1333070

>but hey your achievements also matter when you achieve them in your adulthood

yep! especially art, no one cares how old you are in the professional art world. everyone needs to stop hanging around online art communities filled with zoomers.

No. 1333086

Lmao, I am an older zoomer. Currently in my early twenties now lol but the younger wave of zoomers surely have a lot more of a presence than the rest. I stop comparing myself to others and stop feeling bad now I am not a teenager, I feel like you'll get more clarity when you got older once you learn how to slow down and think. It's should be a celebration, not something that you should be ashamed about.

No. 1333128

I'm cackling. The overly detailed chest, abs, and giga dick compared to the shitty anime hands and face.

No. 1333179

I don't know, I don't really follow her anymore and she always did faces like this as far as I remember, I guess it's just a matter of style or skills for her.

No. 1333239

He's stated that he doesn't draw for fun/outside of the show anymore so I feel you're right on the money. Jacob's art is "fine" but looks pretty lousy compared to the girls, and even some of Nathan's speed draws

No. 1333462

this has some that look similar with picture steps

No. 1333500

honestly the fundamentals is probably it. jacob and nathan didn't go to art scchool but i feel like nathan at least is constantly trying to work on those. jacob just goes "well i draw cartoony" and leans into the wide smooth roundish stuff

No. 1333502

NTA but thanks for the link nonna! A lot of helpful resources

No. 1333504

Ayrt, bless you nonny. Really appreciated.

No. 1333506

i honestly think they/the channel would improve if they cut back. julia especially needs the break and it would give jacob time to get back into practicing art outside the videos (and allow karina to do the like, 6 different comic ideas she's started)

No. 1333510

art wise, karina and julia were always "better" since they went to art school, but what they didn't have in like degreed art skill, nathan and jacob always covered with style and trying new stuff(and comedy). so the dip in trying was very noticable. someone else suggested it but i do think they should cut back on videos/space them out more so they all get a break/can practice in their free time more.i wonder if he watches the draw classes they make

No. 1333655

File: 1662771951977.jpg (121.37 KB, 878x456, FcLPnLjaMAA3iCV.jpg)

she posted something new and holy fuck why does it look like a reaction image

No. 1333667

Sid bishi. I kinda like it tho.

No. 1333747

I don’t know what it’s gonna take me to try hard enough. I come so far and I reach the limit that all I can produce is mediocrity. I can’t push myself to do better even though I want to do better. If I can’t take the challenge, if I can’t stop being sensitive than what? Give up? I can’t do that, there’s nothing I can do but stay in what feels like a loop.

No. 1333791

Do artists make a lot of money on fanart/merch? I’ve been a hobby artist forever not posting on social media or anything, but I’m starting to rethink that now that anime is in fashion. I don’t mind drawing fan art or “selling out” or whatever

No. 1333846

Just to clarify, I mean the Facebook group called "Level Up!" which apparently comes from the old ConceptArt.org community. From what I can see, they're pretty serious about art critique and advice, it's practically the only kind of post/comment that's allowed there. So if you want feedback, that seems like one of the best communities for art advice on social media.

No. 1333970

I think it's such a competitive market. Also not all big accounts do well since a good chunk of those followers should willing to pay for a premium. Just look at some popular accounts raking in a lot of engagement on the current hot shit but almost zero/pity likes when it's time to shill their shops or patreons. Most normies wouldn't even think for a second and will just buy bootleg merch from AliExpress for a dollar. There's always the route of niche/unpopular character merch like shit tier genshit chars but you're gonna need a dedicated following.

No. 1334271

Not my man Haurchefant…

No. 1334295

File: 1662821641672.png (342.32 KB, 340x570, haurchefant-0-1636278185.png)

Damn she gave him downs

No. 1334319

Please don't let her draw Estinien, I'm begging.

No. 1334679

Anyone have recommendations for websites/books with lots of pose references? I'm trying to brush up on my skills but can't find a good source.

No. 1334785

File: 1662841605447.jpg (168.1 KB, 850x1200, D0CCA6FA-295A-4E01-AE8D-C10410…)

I'm so tired of crossdressing in Jap manga, especially when the art is so great. I've been studying shinichi sakamoto recently and it's just so strange with how common this trope is with him.


No. 1334801

He’s only made two manga with cross dressing characters..

No. 1334834

Well I've only read three by him so according to me, it's a common trope

No. 1334841

Unpopular opinion but while his detailing is great, his faces are shit. They look inbred.

No. 1334852

Idk, I like it granted it's supposed to be going for a more uncanny feel/theme.

No. 1334853

I might ask too much but since dA is dead, instagram is hot steaming shit, tumblr is on the verge of death, twitter is bad as if it doesnt let you organize your stuff, what do you use?

I'm looking for a site where you can organize your stuff with custom folders, a nice community (as in no obvious trannies or porn sick fetishists who comment on your stuff how much they want to cum in your paintings) and a semi customizable page?
I have artstation but I don't like it, i use it only for having something to put in my resume but I absolutely hate the realistic render/photobashing amount on it.
I'm a comic/2d artist and illustrator, what do you use or recommend, nonnas?

No. 1334866

I agree he has great linework but he relies too heavily on references for poses/anatomy. Vidrel is his process, at one point he just copy and pastes hair lol

No. 1334871


The best art site I currently use is Pixiv, but its userbase is mostly japanese and it's not really a social media per se, it's more similar to DeviantArt perhaps? But I do like it at least. Not sure if it's the best site to grow a following on, though.

No. 1334900

I'm a different anon but I agree so much with this. DeviantART used to be a great platform for artists. I joined DeviantART in the early 2000s and to compare what it was like then to where it is now is like night and day. The site used to have a lot more engagement and the artists there were more than happy to actually engage and talk among each other. Sure there was some clique-ness and it did get harder to stand out as the site got more popular through the 2000s and early 2010s but compared to places like Instagram and even Twitter, it still a fun place to connect with like minded people.

No. 1334902

For me, I still use DeviantART. The site isn't so much "dead" but it's lot less active than it used to be. Whenever I post my art there, I still get quite a few likes but I don't really get all that may comments compared to the earlier years of DeviantART before it became Eclipse.

Unfortunately anon, DeviantART is the only site of it's kind that offers the customization options that (let's be honest) WE all love and there just hasn't been a new dedicated art social media platform that has the userbase that DeviantART had.

No. 1334940

How do you stay away from the fetish community on deviant art these days? I don't mind seeing some, but before I left, fetish art was pretty much all I saw on the front page.

No. 1335487

I'm not sure to be honest. I've been on DeviantArt for 2 decades and I feel like because I never clicked on the weird fetish art in my past, it must've had affected my algorithm or something because I hardly see any fetish art at all unless I scroll for too long and then I come across something like inflation or weight gain…

I think what might help is just click and view non-fetish pictures and it might in theory, get the site to stop recommending fetish art to you.

No. 1335518

I use Deviantart regularly and I only pay attention to the people I follow and my feed page is made up from their art or similar pieces. I almost never look at the front page and I don't see the fetish art anymore. Deviantart is great if you find your own little community.

No. 1335702

File: 1662906119172.jpeg (956.52 KB, 1170x1559, 90BE67E7-61EA-4706-ABB5-20E6A6…)

Why do degenerates act shocked when they find out one of their own is a degenerate.

No. 1335707

>only two
two too many

No. 1335739

Sounds good, I'll give it a go. I also noticed there's a feature to mute tags on there, so I'll try to stick to watching my favourite artists and muting some tags to avoid seeing the more degenerate stuff.

No. 1335744

Furry Twitter zoomers are probably some of the most low-IQ people out there.

No. 1335809

I'm sorry, but there is a massive disconnect when it comes to this commer shit and these woke SJWer on twitter calling out stuff like drawings of anthro deer and worrying about the anthro deer incest arc, need mental help. At some point they will realize how dumb they sound, right? If this was lolicon I'd be worried, but jfc.

No. 1336004

File: 1662922279697.png (383.79 KB, 728x462, CE057466-4AD5-42A1-AA1F-CBA393…)

This thread is going to be dead in a few months because there’s only going to be AI artists like this kek. Context he “fixed” an impressionist painting using AI, he’s basically untalented and pretentious

No. 1336018

what in the world is the point of this

No. 1336019

This seems like obvious bait.

No. 1336021

This guy later said that this post was meant to be satire but imo him trying to pass as an "artist" by itself it just hilarious

No. 1336022

I really hate idea of these AI, it kills my motivation a little

No. 1336055

Same. I guess I'd feel differently if I had started many years ago and could utilize AI alongside my established skills.

No. 1336079

I wonder if the rise of AI art is going to make artworks that focus more on lineart and inking more popular, since so far it's seems AI is only able to recreate the painterly style of digital art and photobashing. Won't be surprised if it's soon able to make clean lineart stuff as well, though.

No. 1336085

File: 1662926341073.jpg (693.76 KB, 1080x1540, MEq45yO.jpg)

it is. hes making fun of a popular twitter post where someone got angry for doing what he did. i don't understand the anger atm because i love playing with ai anything and its not even possible to generate complex scenes yet. at most it will take another decade until there is something sophisticated enough to 'take over' artists

No. 1336099

Maybe she's mad that they're ruining the original painting.

No. 1336117

Original painting is still out there, it's not like a tweet damaged it lmao
Anyway I'd be more concerned if it worked well the other way around (creating organic, traditional looking brushwork with creative color palette out of a regular photo), because this is pretty useless for anything outside a viral tweet

No. 1336126

getting angry over ai art is a little stupid tbh. i'm an artist and i decided to just use ai art in my favor to create color palettes and composition ideas for my own stuff.

No. 1336140

Agree, the doomposting around it never made any sense to me. I don't know how to explain it fully but you know how there are little details in art that makes art unique to the artist which is the main reason artists typically get commissioned? I think it's going to be a long while before it can do that. One thing I will say though for stuff like art contests an all that I hope they ban usage of ai. It's fine to use it for ideas for help with ideas for composition like you said but solely using it and turning it in is retarded.

No. 1336149

Fun Fact: the art competition that declared the AI art the winner was actually a novice/beginner level competition and there were two judges, and as far as I remember neither were artists. So yeah, the competition was actually ass level.

No. 1336170

>I don't know how to explain it fully but you know how there are little details in art that makes art unique to the artist which is the main reason artists typically get commissioned
But you won't see a difference between AI made art and actual artist, do you think in near future AI won't be able to emulate small details like that?

No. 1336184

except…everyone can see the difference between AI art and human art? AI art can't reproduces faces without something looking off for example, the composition always looks off with not a single rule being followed, usually they have a LOT going on but they tell no story. they're an empty canvas with a lot of glitter and confetti with no human emotion or intent behind it.

No. 1336189

You quite literally can tell the difference lol.

No. 1336194

File: 1662931441673.jpg (1020.64 KB, 2432x2176, 1662863364128136.jpg)

No. 1336195

>they're an empty canvas with a lot of glitter and confetti with no human emotion or intent behind it.
literally like every art that is made by human? if you put AI made art and human one you won't see a difference.
And even if AI is not perfect, you think it won't develop to be better than human art? It's only matter of few years.

No. 1336198

you smell like either a doomposter or a crypto/AI bro lmao

No. 1336200

ia. there will always people who like art because they appreciate the work that goes into it, the humanity behind it and statements being made. and there will be people who just want to look at pretty pictures so they create it with ai. they can exist together

No. 1336206

i feel like the doomposting/inevitability some of these ppl talk about is kinda anti-social/anti-human. they don't really think about the fact people have things they worked hard for and love, and they want to immediately have the singularity/agi/transhumanism/ubi whatever so they can have 'everything they want' without putting effort into something

No. 1336223

I'm just worried that's all. You sound quite naive if you think that in nearby future your art won't be replaced by AI.
It can happen or not, but it's still worrying. Treating this topic so lightly is navie and not future-oriented.

No. 1336258

Thinking that AI will replace art is like thinking that AI will replace human interaction. Yeah, it may happen, but that's pretty dystopian and really far in the future still.

No. 1336329


nta but you sound like the entire opposite of >>1336198. while ai art will surely develop in the future thinking it'll replace artists is just stupid. the same thing happened with photography in the past, people thinking photographs would just replace painters. guess what? now they coexist. ai art is a good resource but it'll never be able to replicate the same qualities as art made by a human, even more so considering how art ais NEED human art in order to exist.

No. 1336348

so AI can emulate a style, then what? is it advanced enough to keep creating unique images in a consistent style, to tell a coherent story through a comic or animation?

??? he turned a painting into a photo. it's actually cool that AI can do this, but what's the point. how will this art be used in a commerical context.

AI seems like a novelty internet thing that only cryptobros are trying to push, because they need their ai nfts to be seen as valuable works of art kek

No. 1336376

i don't get the AI bros in this case they seem to love the idea that we will be replaced as if we are all super popular artists sitting around raking in 15k a month on patreon or whatever

No. 1336468

My BF keeps telling me that it can't do NSFW, however it was do things with cues like 'little girl' and that already fucking pisses me off because I know disgusting pedos are going to use it to try to create 3D or 'realism 4k' works with it and the generators don't have precautions for certain words being banded together to prevent this. I'm not so worried about my art being effected, but ffs, can these fucking scrotes stop making programs to create artificial CP that realistic?

No. 1336474

There's a difference. Painting and photography are two different things. Unless you splice images in photography, you can't get the same surrealism and art that painting can do. Sculpting, you can kind of do, but not well. There are molds and 3D printing. However, I can see basic digital art being replaced with AI, like companies using the program and feeding it prompts for designs. They will still need to hire artists to alter or get more specific details, but there are already artists who edit the renders anyway. I think it'll become smaller teams and harder big jobs to find.

No. 1336541

Photography is a really poor example, the issue with AI is that it steamrolls the value of intellectual property. They're a bit shit for now but there is billions being invested to the tech. I only see it as a matter of time until they're able to imitate 90% of artstyles. You might apply for a job and then an employer feeds your portfolio to an algorithm. For big name artists they'll still have their "brand" but that's not how most of us are scraping by.

No. 1336726

I don't think NFTs and AI has any actual influence on the art scene, the former is already obsolete laughing stock and the latter is just for fun really. But when it comes to audience's short attention span, unless you don't care about people interacting with your art at all, there are no good alternatives. Everything with an actual userbase is relying on fast content consumption and feeding the algorithm. For connections I believe the only thing left would be discord or facebook groups, but finding actually good communities there is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I think your best shot would be finding something relatively local to you - and by extension, smaller than anything global - so there's more chance of building actual connections with people.

No. 1336766

I wish somebody would create a website for art and crafts, but only allow adult women to post. I'm so fucking tired of coomer shit infesting everything, and the braying idiot moids that come along with it.

No. 1336805

Agree. For AI to replace artists needs a level of human intelligence that is just not there. What separates good art from mediocre art is the intention and the details that the artist puts and the Ai can't replicate it without being a fully artificial human, and that's entirely another thing. If they create artificial human I assure you that replacing niche twitter artists would be the last of their priorities kek you're not that important
Ai art is just an excuse to develop AI, just like it was AI chess players last decade. It isn't a conspiracy against artfags or chess players, is just proof for investors that their little billon-dollars toy can do something. Once the AIs are ready they aren't going to be artists or chess players, actually smart human-like ais are going to be in military service an other shit kek.
Ai developers are not that retarded, they aren't trying to obsolete the jobs that need the human factor, like art. They're trying to automate the jobs where the human factor is irrelevant like the military or corporate jobs. Art is just the medium they use to work towards that goal, that is further than it seems.

No. 1336819

File: 1662990246829.jpeg (228.05 KB, 1024x1024, 3C12C5AD-521F-4394-A5DF-BD2086…)

The only reason you should be worried is the precedence of mass consumption of art that’s going to be enabled with AI. I just made a huge connection towards Andy Warhol and this whole new motivation to crush the confidence/importance of human artists. He was not an artist, he was a convincing businessman that was able to generate and mass create images that looked uncanny using upcoming technology to do so which at his time was screen-printing. The quality and personal craftsmanship of the art takes a back seat to the production to fit the taste of the laymen who don’t even know how to use their own creativity (and properly identify it in others kek) in the first place. Unrelated but I think this is just a consequence of industrialization, expanding technology and lack of values/morals a lot of countries with these technologies have. Creative moids have a tendency to devalue important things just to make a point. This is no different, coincidentally the arts and crafts was associated with women and femininity and slowly it was mashed into this unholy ego project for moids to convince to the rest of society that is indeed “serious business”, they also did this with the culinary arts and turned it into a soul-sucking business venture to collect imaginary accolades and praise for their greedy parasitic brains. I hate Andy Warhol, I hate technology, I fucking hate scrotes, Valerie Solanos did nothing wrong, nothing new has been said.

No. 1336829

Andy Warhol was a piece of shit who listened to a man rape his female friend. A self important talentless hack.

No. 1336831

>He was not an artist, he was a convincing businessman
jeff koons is worse than andy warhol in that regard imo.

No. 1336833

Thank you for the advice! I think my biggest worry is annoying children and coomers following me. I'm going to start completely fresh and nuke everything, hope it goes ok.

No. 1336834

I'm sorry to say they've already done this on sites like Pixiv, I honestly think the trend of AI art will die out once people see it's already being used for disgusting purposes

No. 1336837

File: 1662991887665.jpeg (36.13 KB, 463x600, 2B7E3479-E837-4C5D-B85F-E233EE…)

>balloon animals are real artz!!!!

the standards are on the fucking floor for IRL professional art

No. 1336859

That’s so wild. The picture was cool but looking at the details it’s blatant it was made by AI. Was the whole thing just a media stunt to cause a stir?

No. 1336888

File: 1662994620274.jpg (596.28 KB, 1872x880, devart.jpg)

If anyone wonders how DA is doing, the good news is there's no coomer or furry art anymore but it's spammed with AI. I also got a lot of it in my front page which isn't tagged as such because people are trying to pass it as theirs. I think what bothers me the most is theu don't even try to fix it a little in the obvious areas where it doesn't make sense, or try to correct the ugly textures or uneven shapes. It's so lazy ffs, even my friend who can't draw can edit photos.

No. 1336930

That sucks. I was actually thinking of rejoining because I can’t get into my old account but this just makes me not really want to.

No. 1337007


No. 1337070

Warhol had obsession with destroying women. Edie was the first one. There’s a part in one his books. I forget which one it’s been years since art history but I remember it because I went from not liking him to despising him. Edie was out of it on drugs and unable to help herself. A guy went in her room and Andy was aware of it and did nothing. Here’s an article that talks about some of the other stuff with her. Warhol wanted to drive the women around him crazy.
>> I just didn’t get it.
Yeah like a dysfunctional moid you didn’t.

No. 1337072

Do people completely disregard the whole getting shot and reason for manifesto stuff in regards to him? He was an absolute misogynistic cunt.

No. 1337083

Did not know all this about Andy Warhol, thank you nonas. Another fine artist moid I absolutely despise is Jackson Pollock.

Male artists have the absolute worse egos. Even going to anime cons, the men in artist alley who are pretty popular are the biggest elitist cunts. Never date/marry a moid artist.

It doesn't surprise me that men are pushing AI. They love destroying humanity while sucking the cock of their own technologies.

No. 1337386

idk anything about them but I read the while article you posted and it doesnt say or imply anything about that. why did you post it as your source? it's just her sister talking about her book.

No. 1337394

Can any anons give me recommendations on buying a display tablet? Not looking to drop thousands though. I had my eyes on the Wacom One because it's cheap but I'm seeing there are some color and pressure limitations. I'm still a hobby artist and have no plans to be professional, but I'm not sure if this matters because I do plan to do more than just doodle. I hate using my intuos and prefer using my ipad for drawing, so I want to make drawing at my PC easier. Thing is I dislike the bulk of most display tablet setups so something more compact like an ipad pro is preferred.
Open to XP Pen and Huion too because they are generally cheaper, though I've heard mixed things about customer service.

No. 1337420

well it can't generate 'good' nsfw for now. but plenty of moids are already making finetunes of sd to make hentai and better realistic nudes. the ones who keep posting deepfakes on reddit thankfully get banned but that just means they move to telegram or tor. i've had to report a lot when i was using the beta i just decided to take a break because i don't want to see gross shit. then cue a million moids crying 1984 when the nsfw filter finally arrived in the server

the stable diffusion model was later released with the filter, but of course its only a line or two of code to get rid of it. as much as i hated not being able to use dalle2, dalle and midjourney were so good at preventing nsfw generations and using real people

No. 1337422

I've had a Huion for well over a year now and can't really say anything bad about it. It's my first display tablet so I have nothing to compare it to, but for me it's pretty good.

No. 1337432

The article was just to show that Edie deserved sympathy. Warhol picked troubled mentally ill women and liked to goad them on as muses. He was careless and malicious at times. If you want I can throw some articles listing stuff. The account I’m taking about is a passage from him I can’t remember which book but he’s being condescending about it and blaming her for the man going to her room. Completely missing the context of what was happening.

No. 1337619

I wish I knew what my art looked like in other people’s eyes if that makes sense. Some of my drawings did well on Twitter but they were a total flop on pixiv. Is it because my art isn’t anime enough? I hate that not getting a bunch of likes is bothering me so much.

No. 1337709

The based levels of this post are astronomical, thanks for writing nona.

No. 1337712

humble brag but i sniped a second hand brand new condition XP Pen 15.something for like half the price because the guy didn't know how to price things i guess. it has served me really well for animation, i did have some issues with the pen tho. if you drop it even slightly it will fuck up a sensor and ur cursor will spaz out all the time so if it happens you need to use a super tiny screwdriver and manually turn the sensor or something. it's good for the price just be aware of the pen issue, but if you live in certain countries i think they replace it for free? excuse my speculation it's been a year since i had the issue

No. 1337713

File: 1663053833658.jpg (37.5 KB, 500x589, 1662822558941.jpg)

Are their any books out there you guys found suprisingly helpful? I am trying to get both of my fundamentals and digital skills back up again.

No. 1337717

figure drawing and invention by michael hampton did great things for me it has figure basics, some light anatomy, face constructuon and drapery

No. 1337738

I don't have a pixiv account myself, but isn't the culture on that site totally different? I see artists mostly post huge 20-50 image dumps and only sometimes single pictures. Not many people leave comments and I don't think I've seen the works receive many likes either. And the site should be a lot smaller than twitter, with less users and no algorithm that pushes your stuff to other people? Don't worry too much about it anon, I'm sure your works are good even when they get no likes

No. 1337751

those image dumps are insane with each picture between a simple sketch or 2-10 hours of work at 2-30 images together

No. 1337775

I only support female artists, unless I know the moid personally and know he's not a massive cunt.

No. 1337802

You weren't kidding. Every other image on the front page is AI. Sometimes they're not tagged as AI art, but you can clearly see it in the weird computer generated textures. I don't really know how I feel about AI yet or if I even care, but that's depressing, kek.

No. 1337833

Maybe it's regional differences or the fact that I'm on mobile, but I've never had this experience. My front page is filled with real art and real photography.

No. 1338128

File: 1663092220259.jpeg (411.55 KB, 1414x2000, 569A3426-D595-474C-9809-B2CAAF…)

Sorry for sperging but I hate hate hate the modern Disney/Pixar style so much. It’s so soulless and generic, especially the way they draw women

No. 1338131

What's wrong with the women? I'd rather have this than the needle-thin bodies they had before. They are still pretty stylized, but at least these proportions are easier on the eyes.

No. 1338163

I hate their expressions more than anything. Those expressions are grating.

No. 1338166

It's not terrible but at least make the hands and feet the same size, she looks like if the green thing wasn't holding her she'd keel over

No. 1338207

The solo artist guide has many recommended books, so far the ones I read have been useful

No. 1338266

I was just thinking about this because I tried Dreamlight Valley and the female characters look coomerish, it’s disturbing.

No. 1338325

Reminds me of some guy who's instagram was filled with ai paintings he was trying to pass off as his and the rest were traced tarot cards from a real artist. Glad he has like 8 followers and no engagement.
Anon this reply sent me way back in time thank you those pictures were cute.

No. 1338487

anyone catch the new drawfee episode? after my complaint last time about jacob's art, they had this episode where supposedly he forgot to record everyone drawing and "had" to redraw it all himself. not getting into narcissism or conspiracy theories but seems a little too on the nose that after that complaint, they immediately put out an episode where it's just him drawing. and its really weird he did this instead of having them re-record like they have before or just do a different video. also a shame cause i can see where everyone's style and such would have really shown through but its been jacob-ed.

No. 1338569

File: 1663110023968.jpg (27.29 KB, 550x309, disney-dreamlight-valley-found…)

I hate it extra hard now that cretins like Belle Delphine try to shoop themselves into one. Hate the face, hate the expressions.
I had to look this up, all I can think of is Disneyfan01. This is exactly what Disneyfan01 would put in a game, minus the pigbear porn.

No. 1338945

Have a look at the Huion kamvas 13, which only needs 1 USB C cable to your computer to get power and connection. Less bulky than most display tablets and a better display than the Wacom One.

No. 1338953

what the fuck are tho sausage hands

No. 1338978

Thanks nonna!

No. 1339022

File: 1663132111618.jpg (73.52 KB, 388x411, FckFEraaQAAh0a0.jpg)

This Tastes Terrible, Lord, But I'll Eat It For You

No. 1339086

I despise the modern Pixar/Disney art style as well, however, the artist here pulled this off pretty well.

No. 1339245

File: 1663149550071.png (499.54 KB, 628x1010, mickalddouse.png)

Annoying thing is the AI pictures aren't even "randomly" generated the way people think they are, most of them are straight up just slightly editing someone else's stolen art. It's like merging 2 photos together and slapping on a texture and calling it innovative art. Anyway, here's my completely original character Mickald Douse

No. 1339454

Sorry if this is the wrong thread; but someone has some milk on UlrikBadass?
From what I read, this user traces, treats her Patrons like shit, and drew some questionable shit like minor-looking boys fully nude and/or shota.
Also, she is a FtM apparently.

Only thing I could find is this thread but it's in russian:

No. 1339579

Considering eps are recorded weeks in advance, I think it was just a weird coincidence and an unfortunate accident, it happens. But it really does suck that it happened for a video specifically about their different styles, I get they didn't want to waste the work because of the error but idk… I think they are all overworking themselves and errors like this happen more frequently when people are too rushed to pay attention. Having Jacob in particular be overworking is ironically what I think is stagnating him most. If he had more time to practice off screen maybe he would feel more comfortable evolving his fundamentals and style.

No. 1339786

File: 1663183396189.jpeg (384.3 KB, 2048x1803, 36E2BF49-4239-464F-A271-FF0BE2…)

There’s no salt in this whatsoever but I wanted to share that I am amazed by this twitter artist who made a maxi-pad period daki

No. 1339790

i hate this type of ''art'' so much

No. 1339885

these always struck me as pedo pandering "art" like trevor brown or even saccstry imo

No. 1339887

So… what's with the little girl showing her panties? What the hell's up with that?

No. 1339902

Who's this artist? I like the period pad, the other one on the left is creepy but still would like to check the rest of her art out just to make sure.

No. 1339946

File: 1663190138964.jpg (302.63 KB, 1200x729, 1663093673668.jpg)

I am so angry about the animation industry, i know it's beating a dead horse but it's so disingenious when they virtual signal on social media about the new woke issue regarding minorities/women and bloat about giving those people job opportunities but then cancel every fucking Lauren Faust project. She has such a goddam cute art style i want to see her work on an orignal IP for once.

No. 1339957

File: 1663190411670.jpg (221.97 KB, 1200x748, deadendia-theme-park-pauline.j…)

samefagging, i still cant believe the tranny rip off of gravity falls got 20 episodes but Netflix cancelled Toil and Trouble, the absolute state of modern animation

No. 1339964

File: 1663190639510.jpg (533.74 KB, 2100x1275, 1663093568909.jpg)

goddam, YES. I am so, so angry. Just look at how adorable she looks it has to be one of my favourite character designs ever, such a cute and unique take on witches after Harry Potter turned them from spooky goblin-esque creatures to teen vogue models

No. 1339972

File: 1663191052081.png (406.56 KB, 595x579, sed.png)

We suffer together nonnie

No. 1340016

nonny my heart breaks everytime i remember her awesome concepts about this show. i love lauren faust's works, fuck the animation industry.

No. 1340023

I didn’t see it sorry, just scrolled past a period maxi pad waifu and shared. Also I expect this from Japan that’s nothing new so it must have just whooshed past my radar.

No. 1340069

Japan stop being pedophiliac challenge (impossible)

No. 1340088

Who is Izzy? I thought Lauren designed the character.

No. 1340094

a youtuber, she uploaded a video talking about Lauren Faust's milky way dolls

No. 1340240

Sad that some women also do pedo gaze "art"

No. 1340283

I hate that there is always a voice inside saying, ‘wow you want to get better lol you had your chance stay miserable and keep being shit at art’ , I feel immense guilt and embarrassment when I want to improve. I know it sounds strange and even I don’t really understand it.

No. 1340310

yeah this is fucked

No. 1340351

File: 1663214262949.png (Spoiler Image, 173.1 KB, 354x282, nope.png)

I like the idea of the humanization of a giant maxipad because I find that actually very cool, but the fact she also drew this weird loli figure and then intentionally altered the anatomy of the drawing so it showed her underwear is weird. It's not supposed to work like that from that angle, it feels forced / on purpose. At first glance you might think "wow very cool and feminist, a giant maxipad!" specially because well, she put the ♀ symbol somewhere in the pic, but after really thinking about the rest of her art pieces, I think this artist is either fetichizing girlhood and innocence or perhaps she's just misguided and someone made her think this was okay. I unfortunatelly have seen other similar japanese and western female artists utilize this type of style thinking they're doing something cool and progressive (maybe in a misguided way) but it comes off as fap fodder for gross coomer moids. Intentional or not, these artists need to surround themselves with better people and better art so they don't produce such cognitive dissonant pieces. She's also using a literal children's backpak (randoseru) to draw some anime girl similar to the one on the canvas on it and take in account actual children use them to go to school. It would be cooler if she criticized these things instead of creating more of them. It saddens me that thanks to the other pieces she's exhibiting, now the big menstrual pad is probably going to be used by some menstruation fetish moid as masturbation material instead of delivering any ground breaking message. She was so close yet very, very extremely far.

No. 1340359

It's your inner crab, nonna. Eat it and defeat it.

No. 1340811


No. 1341142

this art style is very cute and appealing, drawing in this style doesn't automatically mean you're drawing children. in this case though, her work does come across as fetishizing girlhood/innocence.

still not creeped out as if a man was drawing it though. women will always be in a different headspace when drawing images like this, willing to give her the benefit of the doubt that it's not coming from a perverted place.

No. 1341159

Not a name I've thought about in almost a decade. Reassuring and disappointing to see she's still an insufferable cunt lol

No. 1341232

Nonas I'm working on a graphic novel pitch but it's taking me forever because I keep trying to "fix" the anatomy to look more realistic even when there weren't glaring issues to begin with. Any advice on getting rid of this mindset?

No. 1341276

Sorry for my retarded question but how do you even criticize these kinds of drawings anyways? I mean criticize with your art.

No. 1341399

How fantastic/shitty is Huion? Specifically, the Inspiroy series.
I attended college for illustration/animation 5 years ago, and it seemed that Huion was comparable to Wacom as far as screen tablets go; but I'm a hobby artist now and my body can't handle the screen tablets anymore.
I sold my Cintiq and I'm debating whether to get the Inspiroy Giano or the Wacom Intuos.
The Giano is tempting for the size/price, but I've been seeing a lot of bad reviews for Huion in recent years.
Is it really hit and miss?

No. 1341408

Bit of a salt post, but did other anons highly railroad themselves into drawing extremely boring, repetitive things when they were young and much worse at drawing? I had one thing I was sort of good at, so I did it a lot out of insecurity.

Now I actually am starting to like what I draw, so I'm branching out but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't bitter about my earlier dumbness.

No. 1341411

>Sorry for my retarded question but how do you even criticize these kinds of drawings anyways? I mean criticize with your art.
I'm sorry but I don't understand what you're trying to say here

No. 1341919

I'm also making a visual novel/game. I'd say don't worry too much if something looks slightly off, you don't need literally perfect anatomy. Many popular VNs have terrible art and I don't see it being too much of an issue. I'd focus more on the overall style and story.

No. 1342790

nonnie lolcow was down but I would still want to know what you meant with this

No. 1342807

The witch pic says she designed the character as well

No. 1342811

File: 1663581514089.jpeg (291.22 KB, 2048x1536, 1663572182432.jpeg)

Think about how many mediocre artists are taken seriously and get commissions, or even work as professional artists like Rob Liefeld. Your art is infinitely better than theirs, you don't need to waste time fixing mistakes that no one will notice or even care about if they notice. No need to be a perfectionist all the time, it just gets in the way of success.

It literally doesn't matter how accurate your anatomy is as long as it looks good enough for the target audience, and it sounds like your anatomy is so good already and you care enough about improving that you don't need to worry about stagnating or regressing. Relax a little.

lol nonnie, graphic novel is basically a fancier way to say comic book. It's not a visual novel. It's a common mistake though

No. 1342821

How old is picrel holy shit, I wouldn't pay more than 50$ for this let alone 100$

No. 1342863

I rarely think it's a problem, sure it might bum the referenced artist out but plagiarism is the highest form of flattery as they say. You don't own an art style and if you stand out people can and will copy what makes your style unique. The only time I'm actually bothered by it is by all the budget Sakimichan clones because you know they're doing it just to sell it for a quick coomer buck so well and that's not being appreciative of her work, it's just cynical.

No. 1342869

I think nitpicking stylized anatomy is a crutch beginners use and it happens a lot in this thread as well because it's the only "absolute" mistake any novice can point out. So many artists are overconcerned with their anatomy to the point they forget about how human eye perceives movement and depth and how they need to use exaggerated shapes to create an illusion. Even if the anatomy looks "wonky" it's not that big of a deal especially in the context of a graphic novel where you just quickly eyeball through the panels without really paying that much attention to the details of the artwork. Broken anatomy becomes mostly a problem with illustrations, not story telling artwork.

No. 1342935

THIS. Is it good to know anatomy? Sure. But you can cheat for the sake of an easily readable panel, anon. You’ll be fine. The only people nitpicking will be weirdos on imageboards (key) don’t worry about it.

No. 1342942

File: 1663588040993.jpg (36.29 KB, 640x427, How-to-Charge-Apple-pencil-2-w…)

what do you nonnas use to draw with on the go? i know an iPad + procreate is the most popular option but even the cheaper models seem to be so expensive. i've considered getting a refurbished older iPad but i'm worried it might be too small or slow (and charging the pencil would look so fucking dumb kek). are there any alternatives?

No. 1343033

seconding this question, but what is the best alternative for android? those fuckers never released procreate for other operating system than apple and I am very bitter about that.

No. 1343082

>what is the best alternative for android?
I highly recommend Infinite Painter, I use it on iPad but it's for Android too. I originally was interested in Procreate but tbh I fucking hate it, Infinite Painter is a lot more intuitive imo.

No. 1343120

That's not the same person anon, just a coincidence both are named Izzy. As for the original question, I would assume Lauren Faust would have been the showrunner / show creator and maybe lead animator, it's not unusual that other people in the team design the characters, based on ideas and sketches from the creator.

No. 1343126

To be clear when you say screen tablet you mean ones that are portable and not desktop only? The only Huion I had was second hand, desktop only and worked well but had some fllaws: small parallax and the monitor colors were busted (either it was Huion itself or it was old and couldn’t match up to my other monitors) so I had to mirror it on another screen while I worked.

However comparing the two I preferred a desktop to screen tablet because my iPad is good but makes my hand cramp and leaves little room to use my full arm when drawing. Desktop though is always going to run large, a bit hot and have cables to manage. For a hobbyist I’d say get a desktop screen because I see a lot of mid grade and up pros use that as their main and sometimes an iPad for on the go.
Kek this is my current setup and yeah the battery sucks and the pen charging is annoying but I can’t upgrade right now. A refurbished or used newer iPad would be better than your picrel.

I’m bitter too. I want to use procreate on other platforms but they’re locked into iPad. I’ll check out Infinite painter too, I haven’t heard of it before.

No. 1343154

idk I have an ipad and it’s totally worth it. especially if you draw everyday, like the money you spend will 100% be worth it.
you can get a student discount if your a student too.

No. 1343173

Is the Supernatural community STILL coming after her?

No. 1343196

what did she do ? imply the characters were straight or something

No. 1343209

i can imagine it's worth it then but i already have a normal display tablet (huion) and i just want something portable for when i'm travelling or commuting. i'm thinking of going with a random samsung tablet with csp instead (galaxy tab S7 FE) as drawing feel wise it's apparently ok and if it sucks too much i'll just return it. i'm not really a fan of the whole apple system so the more i can avoid it the better lol.

No. 1343467

I've seen a few reviews for the samsung s8 tab that look pretty good, especially the pencil it comes bundled with as well. Regarding working while traveling/commuting, the case for the tablet is going to matter more than the tablet itself since you'll want one that'll allow you to set up comfortably wherever you are.

No. 1343501

File: 1663613798387.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1170x1860, DB330DA2-5A6A-4326-8F83-7E9305…)

Are people still defending AI art? Sure, it can be useful for some purposes but here it looks awful. Besides it doesn’t fit the prompt at all.

No. 1343532

Essentially the Tweeter here is saying that AI is inevitable and you're all wasting your time trying to fight it. The profit margins are better than using an actual artist so there's no chance of the general public abandoning it. Best thing for artist to do now is just try and in-cooperate AI into their usual routine.

No. 1343628

Honestly after noticing Sakimichan making a million dollars a year while straight-up photobashing not just backgrounds but also hair and jewelry, I don't really see any difference with AI.

No. 1343635

File: 1663620156565.gif (2.6 MB, 640x640, CEF6866B-9BDF-4C27-945A-A6DD9F…)

I make art for personal gratification so it kinda doesn't bother me

No. 1343663

From what I understand some posters are hard shilling this stuff most of the time.

No. 1343665

idk as an art talentlet with tons of OCs i'd rather have AI portray my donut steels than go through the embarrassment of commissions. one day i will be able to make thr yumejo art i want kek

No. 1343754

Normies scrolling on their phone probably won't know or care if art they're seeing is ai unless it looks really off, and it costs way less than hiring an artist so I can see it becoming more widely used despite the controversy tbh

No. 1344143

thank you, I will check it out.

No. 1344648

File: 1663687240097.png (126.2 KB, 531x710, sc.png)

Anons, how true do you think this is? I can understand why Twitter would want to supress tweets with external links, but it makes no sense for words like "commissions", "comms", etc. to get your tweets deboosted too. It makes me think it's people imagining things to explain why their commission posts get little traction, especially since I haven't seen anyone confirm from personal experience that censoring these supposedly forbidden words makes a difference at all.

No. 1344655

makes perfect sense, any way that's going to make people money but not twitter is not in their interest.

No. 1344769

That’s been a thing forever and honestly I hate seeing commission begging posts. It ruins the scroll. Too many grifters have made it difficult for real professionals unfortunately

No. 1344929

I'm not sure how true this is. Maybe if you keep spamming external commissions/patreon/kofi links everyday you get labeled as a bot by the algorithm? I have a tweet with the word "commissions" in it that has close to 1k likes. Have a lot less than 50k followers too.

External links were never a problem either, blue checkmark journalists are always linking to their articles.

No. 1344994

hey guys, i'd really like to get into digital 2D animation (been doing trad ani for a while now) and i was hoping at least some of you could put in your input for which (free) software would be best. i have my eyes on krita, blender, and i'd be willing to pay for csp. you don't have to have used all of these, if you have any experience with any of these your input would be helpful.

No. 1345448

File: 1663707819348.jpeg (411.87 KB, 1170x1039, 524BF56D-0A3B-41D4-88CB-EFBB09…)

when will it end op is an e-thot too why am i not surprised

No. 1345464

what the fuck

No. 1345469

Never probably, twitter art is full of coom because insta and tiktok flag that stuff more strictly than twitter so people flock there to draw and/or jack off to generic anime waifu/husbando in quirky clothes

No. 1345555

tempted to find the original post just to reply "no"

No. 1345574


I think macromedia flash 8 is perfect for beginners because it's really easy to navigate and use and there are a ton of tutorials online for it. I started out with it and it was fun to use tbh. Nowadays I use CSP for commissions and freelance work and I like it a lot as well.

No. 1345662

File: 1663721594602.png (3.29 MB, 2077x2560, image_2022-09-21_105304982.png)

Serge Birault used to do a lot of digital realism/cartoon realism, now she mostly pumps out these dull disney sketches. So disappointing.

No. 1345664

File: 1663721697127.png (506.76 KB, 600x849, image_2022-09-21_105406322.png)

then again, she also used to draw a lot of strange/exaggerated pin-ups, which some anons may love and some may hate. Can't deny her talent though.

No. 1345682

Serge is a man, >>1345662 is his wife.

No. 1345711

This does not look like Disney at all, what? This is fantasy characatures.

No. 1345755

File: 1663726768609.jpeg (29.66 KB, 400x400, 1CD96D72-2D48-40CA-AC0B-3B1A71…)

Keyword anon, “used to” .
This is how the artist draws now: >>1338128
Including top as an example Of one of her current works.

Tbh, I actually admire artists with this much range compared to artists with only one style- which normally sucks anyway

No. 1345968

i hate this guy's channel he's been making these ''drawing X for X days'' videos for a year and haven't improved a bit, it's kinda amazing to watch like a eternal NGMI

No. 1345995

Personally I have no issues with AI art, but it's so finnicky and tedious to get something that looks half decent that I just end up using it for brainstorming and doing the actual drawing myself. I like the actual process of drawing though, so I can see why it's appealing if the end result is what's important to you.

No. 1346093

>i'd really like to get into digital 2D animation
If you have any intention of pursuing it as a career use adobe products, it's all out there to pirate.

No. 1346115

the face isn't even randomly generated, it's just photobashed in a face from real art against the artists permission and given her shitty hair

No. 1346134

File: 1663762502080.jpeg (1020.42 KB, 2662x3295, DC17C669-D83E-4F25-A360-8AE394…)

This is why I’m so disinterested in creating for fandoms cause many, especially popular mainstream ones are filled with dweeby virtue signaling dickheads… and this isn’t even the end of it, or the worst of it. There’s so many tweets in the same vein, even to the company and foreign artists. The lack of self awareness is amazing when they spam their ugly ass art to ratio those who are miles more skilled then them. I’m a liberal, and I can’t even tell who this is supposed to benefit? Minorities aren’t exactly considering rep in literal cookies. You’d think these are children, but no, I’ve seen accounts in them late teens and adults do this, it’s wild.

No. 1346139

I hate having to breathe the same air as people who harrass artists over the race of cookie characters

No. 1346140

Matter of fact, for all the anons here’s a pre cracked photoshop. I’ve downloaded it, and it works just as fine, the original tumblr also has a trouble shooting section that fixed my minor issue.

virus scan it, then go wild.


No. 1346143

File: 1663763052468.gif (1.28 MB, 250x297, Cookie0008-drop.gif)

I love that they are cookies with no official human versions because everyone can get creative with the way they imagine them. Why would someone want to gatekeep literal cookies? The Internet really forgot how to have fun and what does a word headcanon mean.

No. 1346144

You cant headcannon a cookie white because it's pROblEMatIc~ but you can headcanon real life women as a troon because they had to crossdress to be part of the army.

No. 1346148

am I the only one who actually likes that dress? would I wear it in public? probably not, but it looks cool kek

No. 1346150

Its just trashy aliexpress fetish gear

No. 1346159

if it wasn’t trashy aliexpress and was high fashion quality it would still be cool

No. 1346164

Used to be part of the cookie run community, I took a very long hiatus, and gatekeeping plus trash head canons are the first things I see when I came back. It’s sad.

No. 1346187

no nonna I usually like these outfits too. I find them fun to draw tbh

No. 1346271

this is why I don't even interact with internet fandoms anymore. it's either this shit or corner mfs cramming shit down your throat I.E breaking bad.

No. 1346313

Thanks a lot!

No. 1346337

of course it's the whitest mayo american in that pfp trying to cancel a Japanese artist.

you can't whitewash inanimate objects like cookies. do they think race is only about skin color?? it's the equivalent of saying all brown pokemon gijinka have to be brown people. Pikachu must be asian because it's yellow! It's borderline racist, not that a white american would understand anything about racial discrimination kek

No. 1346339

Sorry, more sperging from me, but it's hilarious how the anime pfp is going on about eurocentric features being weird…while having an anime pfp. Same from the white cosplayer, cosplaying an asian character, can't get more whitewashing than that! Of course these morons don't hold themselves to their own puritanical standards.

No. 1346351

>take away the cookie aspect and imagine these characters are people, then what? Gotcha!!!

The point of the game is that they're cookies you retard, take away the cookie aspect and a lot of people would probably stop playing/caring

No. 1346356

>do they think race is only about skin color

I mean it's twitter, of course they do. They literally believe that if you're a fair skinned pee oh see you're basically white. I've seen twittards try to assert this on other platforms TO fair skinned pee oh sees and get rightfully laughed at but for some reason it's encouraged on twt.

No. 1346425

Not worried about AI taking over because it's not like Miku replaced real life singers

No. 1346493

If she didn't sound the way she did, it could. There are already computer-generated backups and everything, including instruments. You think vocals don't already exist for this outside of the Vocaloid Project? The only reason they keep real singers if because it's tangible and people will flock to concerts. Places like TikTok are a great example of how a song, fully generated, can be popular. Miku and the rest just sound terrible. Gumi and Gakupo wares are the closest to human sounding that they have ever got.

Also, completely disregards autotune which is a form of computerized vocals.

No. 1346506

i think ai could be used as a tool for artists rather than replace them. i know some people who use craiyon to help them with compositions.
leave miku alone reeeee

No. 1346509

That's what I'm saying tho. The technology is currently so lacking I doubt it'll be a problem anytime soon. And people plenty love virtual concerts (think Gorillaz, Miku, The Squid Sisters) which are even animated by real, human animators. So I'm not worried, because there will always be a need for artists to do at least something. It extends more into daily life than one would think.

Side note, does anybody have recommendationdations on books for non-realism besides the skillful huntsman? It taught me about the silhouette principle but that's about it. I was hoping for more tips on character design besides that.

No. 1346516

Idk, I think concept artists need to be worried.

No. 1346528

If people are seriously going to attempt replacing concept artists with AI then everyone should be worried, actually, because that means games and movies are about to get even more generic looking.

No. 1346533

I mean basic concept, like typing in keys to make a new Star Wars planet or something, but these AI generators are getting better at faces too within the past year I've really seen these get popular. The AI is adapting, so making things like concept art, even asking for 'storyboard' does crate a storyboard, but you'd still have to hire artists to fill in those blanks like a real storyboard does, but the beginning stages of productions could use the AI for basic ideas/designs and only then have to hire people. That's really not unthinkable.

No. 1346537

Not saying a scenario like that is unthinkable, just saying I think the fear mongering that has been created from all this is a bit ridiculous. I still have yet to see anyone use ai art for anything besides what are essentially memes, and anyone who DOES present it seriously is usually met with ridicule, like how one would treat an nft bro.

No. 1346564

File: 1663783257991.jpeg (91.88 KB, 735x545, B4C609AE-A023-4BC1-ADCC-72ECDC…)

What’s with this influx of anime girls with realistic military aesthetics I hate scrotes

No. 1346565

it's always been a thing? at least on pixiv

No. 1346566

Thanks for the reply!
I'm taking desktop only. I had a Cintiq for awhile, so I'm familiar with wire management haha.
I'm looking to use only my computer monitor from here on out; so if the screen discolouration was the only issue, then I feel confident in getting the Huion Inspiroy.

No. 1346567

I mean it’s probably always been there but I only see these kinds of images shared by gross leftist femboys/troons.

No. 1346574

Troons love violence and being violent, but they also love to coom. Coom + violence equals…more coom? Profit? Idk but clearly they're getting at least something out of it.

No. 1346580

Reminds me of that F:NV mod that replaced all the female npcs with MMD models

No. 1346582

wow that sucks. but it really always been a thing, 'cute girls with guns' and whatever, after all there were anime titles with cute anime characters being in gun school, or fanservice-free anime girls und punzer.

No. 1346598

A lot of people are probably going to disagree with me on this, but I can't be the only one who fails to see the point in really big, non-portable screen tablets that sell for thousands of dollars when they don't last nearly as long or function nearly as well as an intuos tablet, especially when Intuos tablets can do pretty much everything a screen tablet can do now. You can call out the obvious difference of one having a screen and one not, but I don't see what's so important about that. The only opposing argument I've heard is that big screen tablets are necessary because they're the industry standard, but as an indie artist, are they really necessary?

No. 1346604

Military otaku, train otaku, etc. will always like cutesy art of cutesy girls, whether it's a good think or not. I will never, ever get military otaku, I bet they're annoying and autistic as fuck.

No. 1346636

File: 1663787020718.png (282.29 KB, 658x416, Screenshot 2022-09-21 205827.p…)

I have a Windows Studio laptop with max specs with the slim pen 2 (everything was 2700€ iirc). Ig more expensive than an iPad, but I use it for drawing on the go, 3d modeling and video editing and it runs super smooth. Running on Windows I also have the advantage of just getting any software I want with medicine lmao. I still have to rely on a hardware calibrated screen at work though. Super expensive option but I can totally recommend it for anyone who needs more power.

No. 1346668

I honestly find it way more useful because it is bigger and it's easier working on bigger canvas rather than my 10' something iPad.

No. 1346674

That makes sense, but can you honestly say it's worth the investment for the average, not-rich person?

No. 1346677

For a hobyist, it is not worth it, yes. For a professional, it helps immensely the workflow I believe, but not for the industry standard meme.

No. 1346683

File: 1663790227080.jpg (68.02 KB, 900x900, unnamed (9).jpg)

Thank you, that's helpful.

I know samdoesarts has been brought up in these threads before, but he is such a Ross draws/loish/whatever other artists are on Instagram clone that I find it hard to believe that the opinion of "this shit was already generic to begin with and now it's REALLY getting old" is reserved only to spaces like these at this point. His work is so terrible when he's not drawing anime + Disney girls he ends up with shit like picrel. Even the most avid consumers of his kind of content have to be getting bored at this point, so what exactly is keeping him afloat?

No. 1346705

File: 1663791668109.png (1.24 MB, 800x1179, d7w3xfb-fc34db1b-e2d8-43f2-940…)

Speaking of loish, damn I used to love her art, I really thought she was peak digital artists out there c 2012, not just technically, but all her work was beautiful, and had so much soul. Now all of her work is soooo fucking boring and the style has devolved honestly. Yeah it looks cleaner, more professional, but with that it just lost all it's charm and looks like every other artists work out there. Maybe I just like her grimy, textured style from that era, picrel is I think the last piece she made that I loved.

No. 1346707

This is really mediocre.

No. 1346713

Strangely I agree with both of you, this piece is nothing special but it has infinitely more personality than the shit samdoesarts and ross draws produces. I think her work is like splatter-paint-on-a-canvas-and-call-it-a-day type art where only one person should be doing it, otherwise it becomes boring and oversaturated, so I think she's the only artist who should be drawing the same pretty girls over and over since it seems like she at least tries to put life into her work.

No. 1346719

Other anon pretty much covered it, I have one because my style is lineart based and it's hell using either intuos tablets or iPads to do the sort of work that I make. It's also worth it for me because the amount of money I've made from having one has paid for itself several times over. If someone has more of a painterly style or has a workflow that works really well without one there's absolutely no need to get one, it's not like these things have a learning curve beyond "use pen on screen and wysiwyg" if someone wants to push the whole industry standard meme.

No. 1346727

How so?

No. 1346744

NTA but the only really interesting thing about this image is the girl and her reflection, and maybe the stuff on and around her mirror. Everything else just feels like negative space. There's nothing interesting in the foreground, and she could've added a more interesting poster on that wall, or an open window, or something. Definitely not the worst piece of hers though.

No. 1346792

File: 1663796215048.png (951.98 KB, 700x875, A821F790-16E4-4AA1-B355-8F1676…)

I actually really like this piece but agree that Loish seems to have lost some of her passion. She’s been in the scene for so long I guess I can’t blame her. A lot of her recent stuff seems insincere and panders to the woke crowd

No. 1346801

I don't think drawing minorities necessity equates to pandering, maybe she just genuinely felt like drawing this, but it does bother me when people want brownie points for it despite putting in no real effort. For instance, this woman is colored weirdly ashy, making me wonder if she's supposed to be black at all. Also she's just drawn really stiffly.

No. 1346923

File: 1663802358903.jpeg (295.53 KB, 1160x811, 59552B65-BBA3-4EF8-8181-3FEB29…)


No. 1346936

He's not wrong about the resentment, i've seen that in multiple ''discussions'' on twitter.

No. 1346958

I see this too from people who are like, mad they can't draw for shit lol. "HAHAHA YES HERE'S MY AI CREATION LOL YES IT ONLY TOOK ME 1 SECOND AND LOOKS BETTER THAN YOUR SHIT LOL" it's all painfully male.

No. 1346962

File: 1663803891351.jpg (273.53 KB, 800x1067, Pinky & Pepper by Ivy Atoms 2.…)

I feel really bad for liking this art (mentioned in the bad art thread) because I've always liked crazy looking art made by women. But the artist is a ftm degenerate into gross shit… I need a general consensus. If this artist wasn't a crazy person and just a normal woman who draws wacky art, what would you actually think about it?

No. 1346963

File: 1663803928661.jpg (98.55 KB, 600x800, Pinky & Pepper by Ivy Atoms 3.…)

Posting this too

No. 1346968

This discussion is stupid in general, an ai can only be programmed to be what we want it to be, it'll never be as spontaneous and unpredictable as the human mind. It'll produce the same things over and over, and people will inevitably gravitate towards art with a human touch and real imagination behind it. This cycle will repeat itself however many times it needs to until everyone learns their lesson.

No. 1346973

Is this… fanart of that one short lived fashion doll line? The one with the dogs with the removable ears?? The fuck?

No. 1346983

Thanks for explaining what the deal with the author is, anon. I was trying to find out more about her just in case I ended up supporting someone bad, but for some reason I couldn't find anything about her except for an unhelpful interview.

No. 1347010

kek, I don't hate it either. It's very melty and has lsd vibes which suits the deranged insanity of the comic. I like that it looks like fucked up childrens' artwork in most spots–it's hard to find higher end artwork that's as unhinged and cute without being abstract.

the author being a degenerate man ruins it for me though, as well as the coomer parts.

No. 1347015

>men bad

No. 1347020

you both stick out like a sore thumb.

No. 1347028

I said degenerate man–which apparently is all men going by your logic.

No. 1347034

File: 1663806665775.png (456.84 KB, 500x500, 1646360745494.png)

Crime statistics, history and a broken chromosome pair

No. 1347036

not funny

No. 1347067

So tired of these women hating themselves
It’s okay to just be a women

No. 1347076

I think it's cool tbh

No. 1347103

You just got finished watching the latest Izzzyzzz video too?

Poor one out for our girl Lauren Faust.

No. 1347112

ok nm, it's an actual ftm which is oddly even more of a letdown.

No. 1347114

The fact that it's already dehumanizing real poc by associating them with inanimate non human objects because of their skin color messes with me. Virtue signaling retards.

No. 1347153

Art should just be easy that is my hot controversial opinion

No. 1347155

I'm now starting to realize that most of these prompts are most likely from weirdos that want people to add to their fetish folders huh. I know it's not all of them, but posts like these make it so obvious.

It's an aesthetic for them.

I'm guessing you've only recently heard of the AI discourse. AIbros fed this one artist's work into an AI after they spoke out against AI, not to mention the "art is dead" guy that won a contest for digital art.

No. 1347185

my opinion is that artists should draw what I want so I don't have to

No. 1347220

File: 1663819499763.jpeg (88.78 KB, 1000x789, E0831407-A02F-4C4B-B462-2804CE…)

> her work is soooo fucking boring and the style has devolved honestly
I’ve noticed that too anon, and it’s such a shame because it looks like for her Instagram work, she’s trying to follow the algorithm and not give herself time to experiment go into full detail/work on environments like she had during the old deviantart years. Personally I’ve found my favorites being from those years too, like the cafe piece and the pic above

>pandering to the woke crowd
>white washing
Go back from where you came

No. 1347242

I used to love this girls art a couple years ago then she started going the ftm route and her art got shittier and uninspired. It's sad bc she seemed like a pretty interesting individual and now she's just like every other aiden

No. 1347359

I love Ivy’s art; I’ve followed her for years and I do not understand why she has changed her name. Her work is disturbing and cathartic, and she cares a lot about other people; teaching art and comics classes. I guess the anime style / sketchy look makes it off putting enough for th bad art thread, but there’s something to be said for honesty and edgy art.

No. 1347370

File: 1663833755997.jpg (1011.08 KB, 1080x1794, 1662113455603534.jpg)

nah there's definitely a lot of assholes around the AI shit atm

No. 1347408


Any other anons have no idea how to render in digital art and don’t know where to start.

No. 1347412

I actually like this, might actually read the comic and just ignore it's made by an aiden. I love izzzyzzz too that covered this comic, and she's an "enby" but I just close my eyes and enjoy her.

No. 1347413

Man I still love this older work years later from the fun style but still using many colors, is there any artists like this now?
I bullshit my way through it and people say it's fine but then I look at amazing painters like line decker or alpay efe while I'm still learning which kills me inside

No. 1347424

One of my friends plays with those AI things and it looks so tedious he could spend hours trying to get the "right" thing and the end result still looks like trash, at that point i would rather spend that time grinding loomis than trying to explain to the puter what i want, it looks so tedious

No. 1347426

>STFU human creativity is nothing special
Is the most autistic thing I’ve ever read

No. 1347429

They’re literally just seething with jealousy. Lol

No. 1347430

He's a reddit user ofcourse he's devoid of any admiration towards art he def collects funko pop and plays valorant

No. 1347432

>What's so special about the human mind
>Proceeds to explain what makes it so special
Lmfao cryptobros
Honestly learning how to render traditionally helps significantly. I tried to get into digital first and I had no idea where to start, but after doing traditional for a while the only questions I have about digital are about the the interface of whatever software I'm using, which is nothing a YouTube tutorial can't help with.

No. 1347491

Lmao the user speaks like a person who really doesn’t enjoy art for what it is, but for the profit it can potentially bring. I think AI would be good for a type of generator to spark ideas for concepts, but jfc these guys are too blind to see why AI work can just be plain ugly or why people in the first place are iffy about it

This kind of reminds me of that trend a while back where people had an AI animate using premade stills/preexisting animation, saying that it looked “smoother”, but it still looked like ass

No. 1347495

It really depends on the style of rendering that you want. I would try referencing From artists that you admire and see what you like about their colours,lighting, ect. and try to incorporate that into your own work.

Personally, I like the more semirealistic-stylized blizzard concept art look, and found this video to be helpful- if that’s kind of the style you like (jump to around 12:47)

No. 1347496

Most of them are wannabe game developers who convinced themselves that cost of art is the only thing stopping them from becoming the next Notch.

No. 1347499

File: 1663850370779.png (2.24 MB, 1280x1657, tumblr_pm3055sQYk1voai8xo1_128…)

I remember that. Pretty much everyone rejected it, which is why it's getting harder and harder to take this ai stuff seriously.
But I didn't say anything about white washing? I just called loish's coloring ashy.

Anyone remember Kiwi Byrd? Her speed paints used to show up all the time in my YouTube recommended in the early 2010s because she drew Steven universe stuff, and that's when that show really started to kick off. Idk how I feel about her stuff now because it does have that blobby "calarts" (for lack of a better term) look to it, but the rendering makes it bearable, and she actually does incorporate sharper shapes into her work. She's a themlet though, so keep that in mind in case you got excited I just recommended you a cool new female artist.

No. 1347772

where do you think you are? KEK

No. 1347781

File: 1663869427298.jpg (213.18 KB, 1280x1054, tumblr_pf214lUwZS1voai8xo1_128…)

Her rendering always looked sort of plastic and uncanny to me, plus a lot of her expressions look Dreamworks and not in a good way KEK, picrel.

No. 1347954

I mean marceline looks cute but I don't know what bubblegum's face is doing

No. 1347999

File: 1663881078254.webm (1.39 MB, 360x640, kiw.webm)

It really annoys me how Kiwi just stopped tagging stuff on tumblr so you have to sift through so many asks to get to the art. Some stuff is really cool, this is something she did for college.

No. 1348002

idk that dreamworks face maybe

No. 1348004

This is so good, I love it. Scrotes stay seething

No. 1348105

Nonnie it’s lolicon

No. 1348158

maybe she just saw the giant menstrual pad and didn't pay attention to the rest

No. 1348572

Idk how to feel about period and vulva art, on one hand when people react to it so strongly they don't seem to realize that's the point, to normalize something that everyone has such a strong negative reaction to, despite it being completely natural and it's all because it's heavily associated with women. On the other hand it just feels bland and uninspired, the pad dakimakura is the only remotely interesting period art I've ever seen, even if it is loli.

No. 1348773

File: 1663941372158.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1975, Screenshot_20220923-085440.png)

Are the tutorials/video courses advertised on the Inktober website any good? I was looking at the Peter Han brush pen course because a) Peter Han and b) I keep buying brush pens and not knowing what to do with them.

No. 1348779

Don't know if this is helpful, but Watts atelier has a really good inking course online. I'd recommend that over a book because they give you real assignments and grade your work.

No. 1348908

There's a schizo tranny going around lately, just ignore the obvious bait.

No. 1349018

nta but I really like this suggestion, do you know what level you already have to be at to take these classes? Would it be too advanced if I've never taken an art class beyond high school or are they open to beginners as well? Sorry if it's a dumb question, I checked their streaming classes options and I'm not sure if something like figure drawing is intended for beginners

No. 1349425

File: 1663963684744.jpeg (647.49 KB, 1170x1324, 0B657DD1-68CA-4D90-A7F0-EAF1F1…)

Why are people still making art like this? You can depict themes like self-harm without the traumacore moeshit.

No. 1349432

how do i stop being depressed about AI shit

No. 1349443

Having prior experience would help with any art course, it's mainly about the technique and medium. But of course if you haven't practiced at least the basics I wouldn't recommend it because you should take art one challenge at a time, rather than be struggling with both the ink and drawing the subject. But if you're wondering if you have to be a perfect artist first, then the answer is no.
They're uncreative, anon. They'd rather depict the most literal subject possible because depicting the pain they feel would be too abstract and require imagination.

No. 1349449

Probs because they think it's hot, not because they want to vent or make an critic about selfharm

No. 1349473

Imo, it's a cope. I draw gruesome stuff depending on my mentality and it's cathartic. It's not glamorizing it.

No. 1349517

They’re really going through it in Nippon

No. 1349573

when cameras came around i’m sure people thought the same thing with painters. what’s the point in hiring a painter to paint a landscape or portrait for you when a camera can do the job? but painters are still around living off of their work. there will always be a marker for human-made things. that’s what i tell myself kek

No. 1349577

double post *market

No. 1349590

Nta, but when’s the last time you commissioned a painter, nonnie?
I’d say that AI is to human workers more like cars are to horses. Yeah horses still exist, and they still carry people/pull things, but it’s on an entirely different scale and with very different motivations behind it. I don’t think the question is “will human intellectual/creative work get largely replaced with AI work,” but, “will this empower the workers who get replaced to have more free time or will it allow the people on top to grind everyone else’s faces into the mud?”

I will tell you this, though. My desk job is made like 5x more efficient than it was 40 years ago due to computers alone. But I’m not making 5x more, and I’m not working 1/5 as much. 40 years ago my position would make enough to support myself, a whole family, and a house, but today it’s not even enough to afford rent in a studio apartment. My country produces way more wealth than it did back then but the average citizen has way less of it, while still working just as hard if not harder. I think it’s naïve to think that when AI condenses the job market en masse that it won’t just lead to more people getting taken advantage of for the benefit of the few people on top.

No. 1349604

File: 1663972393450.jpeg (146.73 KB, 771x1024, Whatever he is playing, it is …)

lmao nonna terrible example, illustrators like Leyendecker and Rockwell that were made for magazines/advertisements died after cameras became cheap, affordable and in color and the artist market started to shift toward fantasy illustration and what not, nowadays if you want tomake it as an artist you either draw generic ass concept art or draw porn.

No. 1349612

>if you want tomake it as an artist you either draw generic ass concept art or draw porn.
That's such a limited belief and it's sad that people in this thread think this is true. I'm not going to elaborate, it's just depressing people keep believing this lie. Search your own path in art and stop believing everything that twitter and imageboards say.

No. 1349615

i love leyendecker’s work, though he was misogynistic

No. 1349616

File: 1663973064963.png (1.42 MB, 827x827, 76692494_p1.png)

does anyone else feel like their art lacks something? for example i could technically draw something like this, but would it look as good? probably not. It's driving me crazy, i am scared of my stuff looking technically competent but being boring/generic.

No. 1349617

well duh he was a represed fag in the 30's

No. 1349618

I think it's the same fear the thing that is stopping you from achieving what you truly want anon. Let yourself go and experiment, then you'll see how your art improves!

No. 1349622

>you either draw generic ass concept art or draw porn.
That's literally what the AI is for, dumbass. That's what the uncreative masses want out of it and why they're so excited to finally have this technology. Real art should be creative and free.

No. 1349623

nta but how was he misogynistic?

No. 1349624

>traumacore moeshit
I wish everyone stopped using these buzzwords. Sure the art you linked is uncreative and boring and I dislike it too but not everything that is cute and dark is "traumacore moeshit", people are allowed to experiment with deeper themes in whatever style they want.

No. 1349625

>Real art should be creative and free.
generic portrait of an ugly br*tish monarch wasnt creative or free either

No. 1349626

And did I ever mention that in my post? No. Pure projection anon

No. 1349628

also, I didn't mean free as in "with no monetary value".

No. 1349632

so whats your point?

No. 1349636

Anon, sorry, but I'm not going to fall into this game of "what's your point". Search your own answers or cope. I don't have the energy for this thread or for any infighting at the moment.
>inb4 but why did you even post
I can do whatever I want

No. 1349638

so you don't have an answer, what a dumbass

No. 1349640

You don't either nonny

No. 1349645

File: 1663974101476.jpg (74.16 KB, 440x640, 222c7ed338e18a78eb0a3262e3c8d1…)

my point is that AI IS going to replace artists, just like the camera replaced artists and then the mobile phone replaced professional photographers

No. 1349647

No. 1349649

>the mobile phone replaced professional photographers
nta are you underage? that never happened, I still see plenty of professional photographers out there, old and new. I think you're just doomposting for the sake of it at this point, please go to a therapist because someone who isn't in the real artistic medium shouldn't be complaining or giving their opinion about shit they have very small knowledge about besides what a reddit post or youtube video may say

No. 1349652

and this type of psychosis is what happens when you only post your art on the echo chamber called twitter

No. 1349653

Honestly I fucking love the AI shit and where it could take us. It makes me wish I understood neural networks and actually knew computers like my boomer parents think I do. I think it'll knock the more mediocre (usually woke) artists out of the water or get them to focus on actual art again.

No. 1349660

none of this happened lmao.

No. 1349662

i understand that the idea of having your job potentially taken is scary but imo you just have to learn to love drawing itself. no matter which way this thing goes, i'm not going to stop drawing, because i love to draw and even if an ai can perfectly replicate my style, it will never be able to replicate the fun i have making art. simple as

No. 1349667

File: 1663975141944.jpg (321.05 KB, 1245x1600, tumblr_nr4ibbcsu11s2pocso1_128…)

you retarded? when i was a child photographers used to sit at popular tourist spots and take photos of tourists, nowadays getting a professional photographer for your events is considered a comodity.
when was the last time you saw a drawn magazine cover? or saw art being used outside of entertainment? or even paid for a painting?
art is already shit thanks to twitter kiddies and people using it for political propaganda but it's straight up going to die once this AI thingy gets good enough.

No. 1349670

J.C. Leyendecker is one of my artistic inspirations. Thx for posting him nonna

No. 1349671

Reeee no you're not meant to be inspired!

No. 1349675

File: 1663975576351.jpg (222.7 KB, 1257x1600, 1933 _Carnival_ The Saturday E…)

he's amazing, i got his artbook very recently and i cant believe he drew so much even my 200 page THICK book couldnt compile every one of his pieces

No. 1349678

File: 1663975590506.jpg (55.36 KB, 1280x720, AbiT35R.jpg)


No. 1349680

>nowadays getting a professional photographer for your events is considered a comodity.
well you said it yourself, photographers didn't just suddenly all drop dead. You're so absolutely silly it's unreal

No. 1349682

Yeah he put out a lot of great work. I'm also a big fan of his successor Norman Rockwell

No. 1349684

keep doomposting no1currs the AI you're so scared of will kill everyone and their mother and we'll all become cyborgs for facebook's meta.
Dude chill and just keep drawing if you're passionate for it, let everyone else get suicidal and be your own person, if you really are afraid of a machine so much then there's clearly no future for you, adapt or fade out

No. 1349689

>when was the last time you paid for art
>I got this artbook very recently
the jokes write themselves

No. 1349692

nonnie be real with me did you just call him misogynistic because he was gay

No. 1349693

it's super hard to get work as a photographer though plus mobile phones arent good enough YET to replace cameras
Normal Rockwell is amazing too i like that while learning from Leyendecker he still managed to develop a very unique style
and you are going to accept the troons into your restroom too bigot!! kys i am not going to bend down to the toaster overlords it's thinking like that that leds us to troons and pedos running rampant nowadays, dumbass defeatist
yeah from an artist from like a 100 years ago, good luck finding anyone that wants to pay for your shit when it can easily be recreated with an AI

No. 1349695

>plus mobile phones arent good enough YET to replace cameras
>then the mobile phone replaced professional photographers

so which one is it?

No. 1349697

>dumbass defeatist
I'm not the one saying that the whole industry is over due to machines kek, also nice that you disregarded everything else I said. Schizophrenia or autism anon?

No. 1349698

it killed a bunch of jobs like i explained before it used to be a commodity and now everyone and their grandmas can take pictures of Billy's graduation and wedding's day

No. 1349699

>good luck finding anyone that wants to pay for your shit when it can easily be recreated with an AI
Don't worry there are
you're just being pathetic at this point

No. 1349700

i love to draw and i have a work that has nothing to do with art i just hate how AI shit is going dehumanize art and turn it into fast-fashion.
>Don't worry there are
only because AI isnt good enough yet, once they can feed your whole gallery to it and get whatever they want in your style it's over for you, sorry

No. 1349701

Blablabla ok anon you're a depressive twat, anything else?

No. 1349707

People were crying about how NFT is ruining art as we know it and in few weeks it was completely forgotten outside of being butt of a joke sometimes. Same will happen with AI art.

No. 1349711

File: 1663976922099.jpg (405.26 KB, 1187x1600, tumblr_nzjpsanaoy1rnvulyo1_128…)

yeah, you are a weak human, enjoy your bugs and having to adress the fat ugly moid in a dress peeing standing in the sink as a miss
it's not the same thing AI was a ponzi scheme like people predicted and people werent angry about it ruining art, they were angry about how much it poluted the planet

No. 1349713

File: 1663976933210.png (4.26 MB, 2600x1400, lol.png)

>now everyone and their grandmas can take pictures of Billy's graduation and wedding's day
Not without creativity and the proper way of shooting a picture anon. You're literally comparing these two things together when they literally coexist. You have no idea what you're talking about, sad.

No. 1349715

>yeah, you are a weak human, enjoy your bugs and having to adress the fat ugly moid in a dress peeing standing in the sink as a miss
No one is saying that, pure projection, I'm convinced you're scchizophrenic now

No. 1349716

no one paid wedding photographers for the creativity dumbass lmao
ok troon

No. 1349720

what the fuck are you talking about?

No. 1349722

You're retarded if you think anyone disproving your emo posts is a troon lmao

No. 1349726

it's the same logic troons use, if you can't see how art has been dying for years now they you are an idiot

No. 1349727

I'm glad retards like you are so depressive about art that there won't be a spot in the industry for you anymore. Leave it for people who actually love art to do their best and explore new ventures regardless of what dumb machines do. Also take a break from lolcow, you sound very butthurt right now.

>it's the same logic troons use
The fuck? lmao, so saying "art will always prevail no matter what others say" is troon logic? holy shit you're very stupid

No. 1349729

I'm convinced you're in this thread just to infight now. Reported

No. 1349733

File: 1663977579058.jpg (99.48 KB, 500x684, 1930 _1776_ The Saturday Eveni…)

whatever, i have already explained how art's been dying and gave tons of examples but you prefeer to not listen and go ''you are pointing facts that means you dont love art!'' Enjoy your art being feed to the robot, every piece you make makes them stronger

No. 1349735

>I have the last word! I have the last word! I must be correct always!
Ok avatarfag

No. 1349739

File: 1663977750375.jpg (363.85 KB, 1257x1600, 1933 The Saturday Evening Post…)

cry harder, you will never have the chance to illustrate for a maganize like the old artists and you will post your art in twitter to get 5 likes and then cry when someone comments ''is this made by an AI?''

No. 1349743

>Enjoy your art being feed to the robot, every piece you make makes them stronger
That's cool but I'm not worried about that, worrying about these things doesn't serve any purpose unless you want to kill yourself
go back to /ic/ already

No. 1349746

How do you manage to make a semi-helpful video and your voice is still grating? Anyone just watch a video and start nitpicking the way they sound? They feel so passive aggressive in this one

No. 1349750

>ou will never have the chance to illustrate for a maganize like the old artists
And I'm guessing that's why you're this sad right? this been going for almost an hour now, just accept that you're depressed because of this and work on your art and your own issues instead of projecting shit onto others. Sure the art you post is cool but it isn't the only art being made out there, I know you must be obsessed over this artist due to how much you're using him to samefag and avatarfag but this isn't the only type of art out there. Artists will always prevail no matter what your personal beliefs are anon. Sorry that you cry and gave up.

No. 1349752

nihilism hasn't helped anyone ever, deep down it hurts you and you know, all of the femboy programmers are going to get the praise for making an AI that uses YOUR pictures, also most of these AIs are planning to go pay to use too
you are here debating too, but while you keep sucking the computer off i at least post nice art to reminder nonnas of what is lost

No. 1349754

>nihilism hasn't helped anyone ever,
then why the fuck are you nihilistic

No. 1349755

>deep down it hurts you and you know
No it doesn't, because I concentrate on my own art and I'm not thin skinned enough to let something so innocuous ruin my life or career

No. 1349761

>i at least post nice art to reminder nonnas of what is lost
Go back to your studies of male artists that would have never even let women like you participate in their workplace

No. 1349764

you dont know yet it's too new but it's already winning contests, just wait a few years and say goodbye to your job, some guy is going to do it for a cent on some third world shithole for you

No. 1349771

Just report the samefagging butthurt avatarfag so she/he can go relax away from the screen, feels like they're about to pop a vein
>it's already winning contests
Contests have never been an indication of art being good or noteworthy considering these can be rigged and full of nepotism anon

No. 1349775

File: 1663978504003.gif (15.6 KB, 220x169, 06410C91-652F-4662-A5FB-AEA2D7…)

>scrotes posting on my LOLCOR


No. 1349776

I feel like you must be hurting super bad if you think this is the end anon, I really hope someday you'll look back and see that the world didn't end and good art still is getting made despite machine AIs. I feel genuinely sad for you now.

No. 1349779

Didn't a literal toilet win a contest

No. 1349782

>no one paid wedding photographers for the creativity dumbass lmao
They literally do though? A lot of them do. Also there's more to photography and photographers than just wedding or graduation pictures

No. 1349783

i am not angry i am drinking a tea taking a break.
>Contests have never been an indication of art being good or noteworthy considering these can be rigged and full of nepotism anon
contest are literally meant to be an indicator of being good at something
why? dunno why all of you took it so personally, i already said i draw for fun but let's be honest, art has been getting shitties for years with the intended purpose of being easier to produce how you think AI isnt going to affect it is baffling to me

No. 1349789

That's again an indication of nepotism or a lot of money being pumped into those contest to make them popular, a lot of artists don't like them for this exact reason
>dunno why all of you took it so personally
You've been infighting about this for more than half an hour anon

No. 1349796

>contest are literally meant to be an indicator of being good at something
It really depends on the contest, the judges, the credibility, the investors and who organizes it. Not all art contest are the same

No. 1349797

i am not fighting this is the Art thread, if you people decided to respond it's because you wanted to debate it

No. 1349799

Lmao then what the hell are these angry as fuck responses you've made?
we can literally scroll up, you even said shit that doesn't have to do with art KEK

No. 1349800

I am convinced this is a scrote.

No. 1349803

ignore the responses calling me a retarded ofc, i just pointed out a bunch of times how art's been dying gave EXAMPLES too but you decided they were not enough because they didnt fit your narrative(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1349812

Yeah let's just ignore this retard now

No. 1349890

>art is dying
>uses examples of different forms of art replacing illustration as "proof"
you're not even saying anything. photography replacing illustrations isn't art dying lmao.

No. 1349895

I mean you can make that claim about just about any male artist before the 21st century kek

No. 1349902

Hello Kitty doesn’t do Xanax.

No. 1349905

and tbh "replacing" is just debatable itself, you can adapt, and photographers and illustrators are still a thing out there, alongside so many other types of artists… kek

No. 1349915

File: 1663980811480.png (7.27 MB, 4030x4038, memory_by_iimememe.png)

No one said anything about hello kitty kek, I'm talking about art like pic rel

No. 1349923

can someone big brain explain this image

No. 1349931

exactly. anon is whining about how magazines, which often feature real products, use product photos instead of illustrations. magazine illustrating isn't even creative or artistic, you're just drawing products. she's treating it like a dead creative art form. it's stupid.

No. 1349933

Childhood memories fading away

No. 1350094

Time to replace your GPU

No. 1350152

nta and I think you replied to the wrong person but tbf a lot of gay men are very misogynistic

No. 1350182

I feel so good when I'm drawing, then horrific after I see my post doesn't do well. The worst part is just not knowing what to do. I engage with my mutual a lot cause they also don't have much followers/engagement by RT'ing, liking and commenting on all their posts and they don't even bother to look at my new work. 99% of the time I'm literally the only person engaging with their posts.
Every single day I regret picking up art. Imagine how far I would be if I had just picked up coding and stuck with it

No. 1350297


Anon, same! I love drawing but I'm more of a hobbyist. I try not to think about getting more followers/engagements but it's so hard to ignore the lure of social media popularity game. I also tried my best to make friends with other artists from the same fandom and always leave comments/likes/reblogs but they never do the same. I think people nowadays are just too busy to make genuine connection with each other. Funny thing is when big artists post something, my mutuals always leave a comment or try to be friends with them. Social media is now more for social climbing than making friends. Sometimes I wish I was into other hobbies like sports or taking up musical instruments, at least those hobbies are less depressing. But I'm too deep in the art hobby to back out.

No. 1350306

why do you think you need to be the focus of your mutual? just focus on yourself

No. 1350313

>less depressing
Unfortunately, hero-worship and clout-chasing is just as prevalent in these activities. The solution is to focus on your own work and treat everyone with as much respect as they deserve, including yourself.

No. 1350402

Looks like someone who's just drawing stuff like this to vent. Or they're just weird. I have a favorite artist who used to draw stuff related to self-harm but it wasn't as cutesy as this stuff.

No. 1350405

>i love to draw and i have a work that has nothing to do with art
imagine taking in account the opinion of someone who doesn't even have a job in the art industry. Retard

No. 1350436

File: 1664011118584.jpg (124.67 KB, 826x871, 1660698729103.jpg)

How do i tell if someone is tracing or not?
>my old friend followed me on twitter, i stopped chatting with her when I found out all she does is traces artworks, make them lewd and sell them
>and just a few months later, her whole art style DRASTICALLY changed.
I wonder if that's suspicious. Looks nothing like she drew before.
And the main question: why?

No. 1350491

You really think picrel is "traumacore moeshit"? Where's trauma? Where's moe?

No. 1350576

seems like normal vent art

No. 1350579

childhood memories of friends dying in a creek while you just sit over them? what? how is this relatable to like anyone

No. 1350601

Is it just me or has Tumblr become a bad place for art now? Not talking about the NSFW ban, I'm talking about how the average person has to now have an account and log in to see your work, so there goes using it for a portfolio or a place to put your webcomic.

No. 1350629

Isn't every site pretty bad for art besides ArtStation?

No. 1350639

Sure but Tumblr at least offered the things I just said so you could link people to it, and now you can't even do that anymore. Also, isn't art station only good for concept artists or people in the game industry? Not saying that's the only possible use but I have yet to see like a comic book artist or tv show animator have an account there as a portfolio.

No. 1350712

Same anon. I’m in a community where there aren’t a lot of artists, but I really want to call out this one person who appears to be tracing/colour picking images of real life and fictional pieces- but I’m questioning whether or not I’m just wrong.
Normally I wouldn’t bother, but this person is making commissions out of tracing images and has made a name out of herself a being a good “realistic” artist in the community. Some people in the community have tried to out her, but her fans/other people keep pushing the idea that she isn’t very obviously tracing. It’s so frustrating. She even made a video on her process, which includes a close up on the canvas without her layers in the frame, ofc

No. 1350715

If you care enough I'm sure you could bust her by taking the images she's traced from and prove it. Or publicly declaring she's tracing and saying "well if she's not then she should prove it"

No. 1350724

That’s the thing, I’m kind of placed in an awkward position where I can’t just out another person in the circle. Like, she’s been getting more attention too because she’s been piggy-backing some of the bigger names(who also aren’t artists), so as soon as you mention something negative, they’ll ban you.

Also for the images idk where they come from, so I can’t just say that “oh this is a copy of this” even if her colouring/artstyle is completely different from the head, to the body, to the background.

No. 1350736

Maybe you could make a fake account for it? Delete it afterwards? (Idk your situation, so idk how public this all is)

No. 1351122

that's not what anon said
>not everything that is cute and dark is "traumacore moeshit", people are allowed to experiment with deeper themes in whatever style they want.

No. 1351326

mobile phones haven't replaced professional photographers because there is a level of skill necessary to produce high quality photos that isn't just a picture of food or something of the grandkids to send to families on a postcard.

>when was the last time you paid for art
I pay for prints, charms, keychains, etc. when I go to conventions. I recently bought a hundred dollar art book from one of my favorite mangakas.

you can argue that art in magazines was still being used for entertainment. Plenty of people still paint murals or just draw for themselves. plenty of YT artists just draw and share the process because they want to.

even if mobile cameras became as good as dslrs, there is still an art process behind photography. Understanding lighting, composition, etc. is why professional photographers still exist. It's hard to get a job because the field is oversaturated, not because of someone having an iphone camera.

>childhood memories of friends dying in a creek

what have you smoked to come to that conclusion?

No. 1351358

Would Behance make a good portfolio website for animators? Everyone says it's only good for illustrators and graphic designers, but I love the high video quality…

No. 1351407

Artstation front page is starting to show bad deviantart fetish coomer shit, sorry.

No. 1351472

No. 1351476

Behance is really good for that too! I had friends from college using that for their video-related projects too. There's also Talenthouse

No. 1351477

nta but to me it looks like there is pixelated gore on the reclining girl. I was wondering why nobody else said anything but I also wasn't sure if I was seeing it correctly kek

No. 1351478

did you not see the child leaking blood out of their chest wound into the water
kek nonny you're the one that's blind as an old crack addict

No. 1351479

>Is it just me or has Tumblr become a bad place for art now?
It has. I have never had an opinion on the NSFW ban since I'm not a NSFW artist but in recent years the culture on tumblr has changed regardless of that. It's not good for professionals imo. You can use talenthouse, kaleido, behance, or make your own website. I like kaleido a lot for art imo, well curated website

No. 1351484

That's just like, your opinion man
I'm just not going to post the "real" ~traumacore~ shit because not all of it would be even good to begin with and even the ones that are creatively interesting wouldn't fit in this thread, anyways.
I stand by this though:
>not everything that is cute and dark is "traumacore moeshit", people are allowed to experiment with deeper themes in whatever style they want.

No. 1351495

if you didn't interpret it to be a girl dead in the water while her friend sits over her, what the hell did you think it was? the girl laying in the water is clearly meant to be deceased even if you ignore the obvious blood pool

No. 1351537

File: 1664080383628.jpeg (316.1 KB, 1131x1740, 880EB524-89DA-49B6-8592-C70CB3…)

(Webcomic thread is dead)
Wtf is this

No. 1351540

cringe and whose the comic artist ?

No. 1351543

No it isn't? it's literally here

No. 1351611

Anon,if you art at all you should know well people improve at their own pace. Jesus so what if hes not goddamn Andrew Loomis yet.

No. 1351617

Does anyone use buzzly.art?? Is it just DeviantArt 2 or what? From what I can see it's mostly furries

No. 1351667

buzzly was epicenter of big drama around half year ago, when mexican esls running this site put out a survey about community guidelines full of weird and outright creepy questions. one of dudes running it turned out to be a cryptobro and other one is a pedo. people left buzzly in droves and so far no alternative popped up. buzzly lacked lot of features though, like submission previews or deleting accounts until drama happened. they got their 15 minutes of fame when new sheezy shut down, i wish sheezy was more planned and didn't end up being closed.

No. 1351823

Story by merryweather, art by pcmaniac88

No. 1351826

Meh typical coomer fantasy, I'm nerdy and chubby but girls totally want me bro

No. 1351857

lmao it's the same guy who kept bragging about dropping off school to earn all of the money of 'comics' and he is pandering to China on his livestreams to get all of the CCP bucks. I wonder how does he look like.

No. 1351862

Thanks so much!

No. 1351876

This is laughable considering the blue haired fatty would never date someone on the same ugliness level as them. These men are so fucking retarded and hypocritical, all of these ugly pos with aspergers think they deserve some understanding “pretty wahmen” to have sex with their filthy dysgenic bodies but would never, ever do the same. Peak entitlement, you are fat white man, loser

No. 1351892

You’ll probably find that trope more in romance written by or for women. Homely ugly men are more humanized and given more character than a homely looking women, women who are dressed modestly and are introverted are basically invisible or in submissive marriages. I’ve also noticed that these types of artists and writers have an aversion towards loser women with nothing realistically going for them, even a nerd basket case woman are given some sort of hobby or quirk but I’ve never seen good books or comics that show this dark reality for a lot of women. Remember that movie where the “ugly” woman takes off her glasses and suddenly she’s beautiful? Let’s be real no one knows how to properly write women kek. Hope you find what you’re looking for nonna

No. 1351924

I went through a 2 years hiatus without drawing anything and now it feels like I had forgotten everything. All those hours spent on drawabox and anatomy lessons, gone. Fuck, I'm gonna have to start over and it feels disheartening. Any anons here who went through the same thing?

No. 1351947

Kind of? I used to love drawing as a kid, but then I got depressed so I stopped. I'm a less depressed adult now. It'll come back to you as you keep drawing anon, don't worry.

No. 1351981

that's Twilight kek the hot vampire falls for the average girl Bella. A lot of Wattpad stories are of this nature.

I detest trope stories like >>1351537 in general because real people don't fall into categories like this, it makes for a shallow love story. We're all going to be old sagging uglies someday, there has to be more than chad/nerd dynamic to make a love story interesting.

Either way, fat misogynist moids need to stop treating women like shit and start living in the real world. You won't die without a girlfriend.

No. 1352001

nooo I'm sick of seeing media giving ugly people false hope. Just give me nominally pretty people again.

No. 1352040

i had similar feelings when i started drawing again after a few year break but you just kind of have to force yourself to get back into it, i'm sure a lot of the knowledge you've acquired during that time will come back. a drawing break can also be helpful as you might look at things a bit differently. every time i came back to drawing i had a bit of a 'breakthrough'. it was easier to more objectively look at my art and analyze what i still had to practice more and what i was lacking. in some ways it was also easier for myself to push myself out of my comfort zone since i didn't really have one anymore anyway. i'm sure it will be fine nonna, don't give up!

No. 1352042

I’ve gone through the same thing before and it feels awful at first but it will come back to you. I’d recommend getting some shitty little lined sketchbook and just get out all of the awkward drawings on there. Drawing on shit paper helps get rid of a lot of the anxieties

No. 1352056

I'll never understand how this guy's workgot to be so popular. It's just a bunch of dumb anime tropes meshed together. And he relies too much on memes for humor.

No. 1352058

I hate this obsession with the goth girlfriend thing because every drawing a coomer does of a goth girl looks identical. None have personality, all have either a choker with spikes or a leash loop, the red in the hair, miniskirt.. Literally no personality besides dark clothes with kink aspects and 'hot'. This design alone just looks like a personification of Shadow the Hedgehog and the rest look like Sonic and Tails versions, but as men.

No. 1352093

File: 1664129199235.png (915.83 KB, 675x1200, Log in to Twitter _ Twitter.pn…)

This might not be the best thread to ask, but does anyone know who the artist is for pic rel? Or any similar?

I like this "style" a lot and would like to incorporate it into my own. Kind of a simpler or manga-esque Yoshitaka Amano look, I suppose?

Google's reverse image search just sent me to Pinterest with no source and a link to twitter.

No. 1352096

Idk I'd this is the right place to be asking but, is working as an artist really worth it? It seems like every working artist that isn't an accomplished indie creator hates their job. When I see the shit that employees have to go through (way too many hours with so little pay and carpal tunnel) I wonder if literally anything else would be better. I'm asking because it's as easy as googling freelance gigs, but I wonder if I'm making the right choice.

No. 1352100

Samefag but I forgot to mention all the sexual harassment, too

No. 1352114

according to a pinterest comment, the artist is KIKIKIRKE/kirke_716 but their twitter and instagram accounts are gone.

No. 1352133

Thanks for the tea nona. I'm definitely staying far away from it now kek

No. 1352149

quit drawing, it’s such a boring hobby when you think about it

No. 1352162

it looked like flowers or some other plant in the water considering it's underneath their armpit. it just looks like she's floating in the water

No. 1352165

Thank you anon! I must be too smooth brained that I missed that. A shame their accounts are gone but maybe I can find something based off those aliases.

No. 1352166

I'm relatively good at art but I get almost no engagement because I don't have a following or really advertise myself or even attempt to play the algorithm, so while it's truly disheartening to get only like 10 likes tops on a piece you worked hard on it's just something you have to learn to live with. If you're looking for thousands of likes on your art you need to be a well connected and pandering, buy the social engineering required is hard work and pays off only by sheer chance. Nothing's guaranteed. Work on your own attitude towards your art and how to make it rewarding outside of social media, for me it's rather a way to express myself in ways that words can't than trying desperately to grow a following.

No. 1352173

File: 1664133741429.jpg (317.69 KB, 1080x1334, Screenshot_20220925_132146.jpg)

I kind of wonder if they're the same artist as Gathkal and the KIKIKIRKE alias is just an old account? It looks like they both used Korean and I can see some similarity in the features/proportions but I could be completely reaching…

No. 1352183

Holy shit dude have you never read any shoujo manga from the 70's or 80's?

No. 1352187

i hate the constant ai sperging on /ic/ i used to get a bit of critique now and then on there but since the ai got good every fucking thread gets derailed

No. 1352191

I thought Nana or xxholic had a similar vibe but somewhat missed the mark - too simplistic, maybe? Not really sure how to describe it. Are there specific ones you're thinking of?

No. 1352215

No. 1352244

File: 1664136716494.jpg (172.66 KB, 698x1100, oniisamae11.jpg)

Get on my goddamn level, you need to travel back in time.

No. 1352336

Does anyone else get too paralyzed to draw because potential accusation of concept theft? I get ideas but then don't bother to make or post them because I'll be afraid someone will pop up saying that someone else did this before. I try not to look at any other art to maintain innocence, and I'm afraid even being like subconsciously inspired by someone might be enough to be accused of being a copycat. I know this is a schizo way of thinking but I throw away so many ideas just out of fear that someone's done it in the exact way I have before

No. 1352506

You don't need to worry about it anon, everything is inspired by other artwork and it'll be a lot harder to improve if you can't look at anyone's material. And I doubt it'll ever happen, but if someone accuses you of copying you can just say you weren't aware of that other piece and that it must be a coincidence, no one will push it. Even tracers can build huge followings without anyone noticing or speaking up, so just do what you want to

No. 1352514

ntayrt but thats the bad comics thread, the webcomics thread is a different one that no one posts in anymore kek

No. 1352682

You ok anon?? There’s similarities but this is a pretty blatantly a completely different style.

No. 1352694

are you stupid?

No. 1352702

og anon here, it's not a dead ringer but I think I get what anon means. It has similar base lines and accentuates detail in the same features. I can see how those classic manga would be a good basis/inspo for the concept, or how the style I'm after might be kind of an 'evolution' of that? So thank you, I'll definitely look into more of those.

No. 1352728

Reminds me of Ai Yazawa or Kaori Yuki

No. 1352808

One of my friends got attacked years ago for "art theft", someone way less talented accused her of ripping her piece off because it was just a very generic pose and concept. Of course she hadn't even seen her art before and the person was on a schizo vendetta but it genuinely made me paranoid about using references etc because I'm afraid of someone accusing me of tracing/art theft for finding something that lines up with my piece. In reality nobody sane would probably give a shit and most of "tracing" dramas are reaches but I can't shake the thought.

No. 1352893

sorry late response, but damn. That's disappointing.

No. 1352971

What do you guys think lavendertowne is gonna do once her fanbase grows up and realizes her art sucks? I know she's old milk, but I feel like she's about to do something bizarre to stay relevant, since most cows are like that.

No. 1353034

Same, kind of. Started taking learning art seriously because its the only thing I can see myself doing as a job anymore, sounds stupid I know but hate my current (non-art) job so I don't care now, then got burnt out from trying to cram in too much and took a few month break. Went back to it, realised that even though it was just a few months I had to start all over again. Felt like climbing stairs and thinking there's one more stair cos you swear there was last time, and there isn't. Though it can feel disorienting and is definitely frustrating, it doesn't mean you've lost it forever. Good luck nona

No. 1353113

I went through something similar. Went to art school for a year and then realized art wasn't something I wanted to do for a career. Got so depressed that I stopped drawing up until the pandemic (so roughly about 3 years of barely any drawing). It's going to suck at first but I assure you, you haven't lost all of your skills.

Just as >>1352040 said. The knowledge will come back in time. You just need take the awkward steps to get back into the habit of things. Don't worry about anyone else besides yourself. Good luck anon!

No. 1353185

I've come to realize so many "successful" online artists do just straight up trace poses and anatomy that I'm at the point I'm considering just doing it anyway for some cheap commissions.

On a personal level if I paid someone to do a comm for me and I was happy with the results, I wouldn't give a singular fuck if someone took a pic and lined it up and showed the pose was traced. Sure if it was the entire design, but even look at all those comic book artists for marvel etc who might as well just be photoshopping a stolen photo into the comic lmao..

I'm far past pride and morals with this shit. If I get chased off to the point I can't get clientele I'll just make a new alias.

No. 1353196

I forgotten the name of the art discord joined, I left because mod was being annoying lol. Do any of know any good art discords? I just want my stuff to be critique.

No. 1353207

So you don’t do art because you enjoy it, and look at it for potential profits, gotcha.
> "successful" online artists do just straight up trace poses and anatomy
Anon,, I hope you know that there’s a difference between reference and tracing, otherwise idk what artists you’re looking at, minus the budget constraints/people who have their own references

No. 1353283

Been thinking about starting an animation project, but I'd need to hire help. Can't stand the idea of working with men, or aidens, or pickmes, or whateverthefuck. Is there a way to only hire terfs?

No. 1353332

Lol. Try hiring indians or philipinos from fiver.
What's your project idea?

No. 1353352

Hire me and some of the actually talented art anons. Animation isn't hard for a good artist it's time consuming

No. 1353437


There's nothing wrong with doing art just to make money

No. 1353475

Anon, there’s something wrong with tracing pictures/other people’s work and getting money from it- especially when commissioners don’t even know about it.

Op doesn’t even seem interested in art,

No. 1353530

I'm trying to make a video game, so not an entire cartoon series, but not exactly an animation thesis, either. I just don't want people to see the team I've created and put 2 and 2 together and get cancelled like jk Rowling when she at least has a huge pile of fuck-you money, and I've only got enough to hire animators.

No. 1353561

Trust me, no one will sit there and build conspiracy theories about Anonita's first indie game development process. You're no JK Rowling lmao

No. 1353565

I just said I wasn't, moron. And nobody expects for their work to take off. That's why lolcows exist, people are suddenly given all this fame and money and they haven't prepared for it so they don't know how to be responsible. I'm just preparing for anything.

No. 1353566

if gamers find out you are a terf they are going to boost your sales up like that heartbeat game made by a bunch a lesbos that got accused of being transphobic for having a 41% sale, if something unites people around the globe with different political opinions is our deep hatred towards troons.
Also, what kind of game is it? i am also making a game, a shoot em up

No. 1353570

Dating sim. Everyone keeps talking about how much they love muscle mommies, so I was gonna make one that takes place in a all female gym. Idk if the anons here would play it, but I know the Twitter crowd would. It may or may not be nsfw, depending on what would make me the most money.

No. 1353571

careful that specific fetish attracts a bunch of troons, but could be an easily exploitable idea hope you get a succesful patreon

No. 1353577

I'm aware of that, and all too willing to take tranny money. This project ain't exactly my baby. But thanks.

No. 1353579

i would like to play your game noni

No. 1353625

File: 1664232130080.jpg (19.72 KB, 730x577, 0a4c51a7-f5a1-401c-a54d-01277e…)

nonnies, i need advice.
i haven't drawn anything digitally for over 5 years because i got discouraged from it, but now i want to try again but i can't bring myself to do it.
i'm kind of intimidated by it, because i know if i had just kept at it i probably would have be really good by now.

No. 1353630

I'll say something very cliche - if you don't start now, in five years you'll look back at this day and once again regret the progress you could have made since then.
Yeah it will be tough in the beginning, you're rusty, but just keep on going. Start easy; study other artist, follow tutorials, build back technique confidence and eventually you'll feel more comfortable.

No. 1353631

Are there any artistsc that draw eyelashes on Dude characters that don’t make them look like women in makeup, I want to incorporate that into my drawing style but all the examples I can find are doughnut steel femboys.

No. 1353636

Thank you, that's encouraging. >>1353631

No. 1353644

You can’t do anything about it now so it’s just best to start up. Don’t put pressure on yourself to make it look good. Just focus on drawing a little bit each day. I have a shitty little lined notebook that I do all of my warm up doodles in and it takes a lot of pressure off making something perfect.

No. 1353647


Seems to me they weren't talking about tracing artwork; they were talking about tracing anatomy.

Lots of professionals trace photos. Like it or not but that's the reality when you have a time crunch.

No. 1353659

>muscle mommies
are you a troon trying to troll us?

No. 1353666

Thanks nonnies, i guess i just have to get the ball rolling again

No. 1353701

I was only using Twitter speak to give you an idea of what audience I'm going for, I guess I should've used quotation marks.

No. 1353721

File: 1664239168669.gif (2.53 MB, 241x246, 1660141782389.gif)

nonas pls help me. i've been thinking about making an account and posting my drawings so i can hopefully get comissions, but i can't finish my illustrations for shit. i feel like i wouldn't be able to keep up with constant uploads in the long term, and wouldn't want to "stifle" my creative freedom (? idk how to exlpain that last part kek. should i just buy aderall and get my shit done??

No. 1353779

>should i just buy aderall and get my shit done??
I have ADD and I need Adderall to function in life, unlike you. Go fuck yourself, you piece of shit.(take a xanax, calm down)

No. 1353799

No. 1353816

No. 1353821

Shut up whore

No. 1353823


No. 1353829

who says op doesnt have adhd too? dumb bitch

No. 1353848

No. 1353923

Her lifestyle is not our costume!!!!! REEEEE

No. 1353957

I know this dead horse has been beaten, but think of it this way: the people that fuck with and engage with AI art weren't going to be your clients anyway. Your job is to provide a custom service in which your client can decide even the tiniest details. If you can provide that with privacy, adequate speed, and good communication, people will still want to buy from you. Maybe I'm just old-school but I've heard the phrase "you can teach a monkey how to draw" too often to be scared… Like, ideally art for you would be about personal enjoyment and when it comes to a job you bring something new to the table.
source: drawfag with other artist friends with unaffected clientele. also a bunch of furries I vaguely know are still bragging about clients lol. Pick your head up and pick your poison. Tons of people still willing to pay top dollar!
I don't think it's an adderall thing, some people can finish wips, others don't. quality over quantity imo

No. 1354065

No, because every single one of these social media addicted grifter "artists" are too lazy to draw pieces even 10% as detailed as mine.
Take time, effort and passion in your work and you won't have anything to fear from these types. It's probably already the case, nonnie. You have to operate on a whole different level from these demonic freaks.

No. 1354067

This is true, and it applies to graphic design too. Like, sure fiverr also exists but most designers out there still have jobs lol

No. 1354068

>(take a xanax, calm down)
kek that's not ok for people with adhd

No. 1354136

File: 1664278675897.jpg (59.13 KB, 500x491, tumblr_3002a8ac196b1b3a51a9740…)

Is there a way to make your tiktok only accesible to adults? I don't make or post 18+ content at all in any platform whatsoever, but the thought of some random kid looking at my content makes me feel so weird. I know there's a decent sizeable portion of people who are adults or at least older than 21 that use tiktok and if somehow I was able to only cater to them then I would consider using tiktok in the near future

No. 1354173

Tiktok doesn’t have age restriction options. I hate to say it but Twitter is probably the only way to go.

No. 1354214

heck no…

No. 1354228

Also people don't seem to realize that ai people are only in this to make a profit, they are absolutely going to charge you to use it. You're still better off commissioning someone.

No. 1354296

No matter if you censor or not anon, you will probably have some kind of minor audience, when there’s a will there’s a way for those bastards.
But the Best thing that you can do is tag your stuff if you can, block any apparent minors that may follow you, and (maybe) make it apparent that you don’t want minors to follow you

Really love this perspective anon- so true

No. 1354322

Sorry if this doesn't belong here but I would like some advice.
This popular artist sent me a dm asking for an art trade and we both agreed, 2 weeks after, I delivered my part and she said that she'll start her's soon because she was busy with work. Understandable.
However, 1 year and half has passed and last time I heard from her is that she had the sketch, I responded something like "can't wait to see it" hoping she would send it but nothing, she replied with a "me too" (????)

However, she keeps uploading art she makes for herself, and even other art trades she's made in the month.
I've noticed she doesn't likes/comments my post anymore, not that I care, but it's kinda suspicious.

Did I got fucking scammed?

No. 1354342

Yes, don't do art trades.

No. 1354344

I wouldn't say scammed since there's no money involved, but she definitely broke her part of the trade and is probably trying to avoid interacting with you in hopes you'll just forget it. It's shitty, but it happens.

If you're petty you can always post your part of the trade and tag it with something like "my part of the art trade with (name) from last year, can't wait to see hers!" if you wanna make it public, kek. To avoid drama you should probably just let it go.

No. 1354355

It happens often with art trades anon. I'd follow the advice of the anon above.

No. 1354399


Tiktok is the last place I'd be if you wanted a majority adult audience if I were you. Another anon suggested stating you don't want to interact with minors but it's been my observation that stating such a thing just makes them more insistent shitheels because you specifically told them not to.

Don't waste your time, look elsewhere. Short form video is shit anyway, you can't really futureproof it or stop someone from just reuploading your shit.

No. 1354407


I don't do art trades with people who aren't my friends, even if they are popular. Popular artists want free art just as much as smaller artists do and I think a lot of people forget that. The only difference is they have the privileged option of casually forgetting you exist in a sea of admirers.

You might as well drop this one, nona, they aren't worth waiting around for. Hopefully it's a lesson learned going forward.

No. 1354416

Sometimes I'm so tempted to add kind of like a list of people who owe me something and add her username but I try to be as professional as possible, so I avoid drama and shit.

Yeah, it was very gullible on my part, I thought that because she is popular she was going to commit but no. I definitely learned my lesson though.

No. 1354447

File: 1664295921295.png (236.95 KB, 737x952, chutnet.png)

Just so nonnas, know, because I see a lot of you talk about doing commissions on Twitter, be aware of this dude. I've been seeing this reblogged a bunch the past few days and always remember to double check who you are getting commissioned by. This creep does chargebacks and sends dick pics apparently according to other users

No. 1354497

File: 1664299062861.jpeg (71.04 KB, 576x1024, 9BCB6362-EEA7-4AF4-8A95-F51A13…)

Does anyone know what Puppychan is up to nowadays? She was my favorite artcow and I’m heartbroken her only thread was on Kiwi.

No. 1354599

retarded question but how do i practice rendering? i get my sketches to an okay enough stage where i should start rendering i get paralyzed.

No. 1354603

its the art salt thread so it really doesn't matter but its always funny to see anons calling art shit with nothing else to say. i guarantee you nonna can't draw a second eye without trembling

No. 1354688

Try reading Scott Robertson's how to render, and picking a medium (I'd suggest charcoal) and taking an orange and try your best to render it. Don't focus on color, you're only practicing rendering. Continue to do this with various fruits and objects. Go out and render a tree, shit like that.

No. 1354807

Dream daddy's female counterpart kind of, I'd play that

No. 1354979

This isn’t exactly art related but I see the term thrown around in the art community. What heck is girl/lesbian yaoi?

No. 1354993

The term is yuri

No. 1355012

I know but people are treating girl yaoi and yuri as different things

No. 1355014

Being a working artist requires a take on art that's not based around comfort or expression. If you're a very free spirited artistic person working an art job will suck the soul out of you. The only thing I would recommend is gaining passive income on the side from your art, and not making it your whole career. It takes a lot of work to make it as an indie which can ruin you creatively.

No. 1355015

trannies gentrifying yuri with their putrid dacks, there’s your answer

No. 1355016

people need to stop misusing terms. calling yuri something else is just giving into men.

No. 1355023

you have to learn components of the basics to really understand rendering. focus on color theory, shading and lighting, and form. also consider what type of rendering you’re going for, it doesn’t always have to be realistic or accurate, it just needs to function even if it’s stylistic

No. 1355053

File: 1664330956964.jpg (305.09 KB, 1076x565, 1664330487746.jpg)

I think the pidgeon doll guy has cute dolls but he gives them such bad makeup. The faces have such a cute promising sculpt that he ruins buy slapping down such thick makeup on hiding the features.
The faces are such a focal point to ball jointed dolls you think he would take time to give them such extravagant looks but instead it's just his oversimplified cartoony makeup style that he uses in his drawings. Except the dolls dont have such oversimplified features and the makeup looks bad.
Face ups are like half the point of making a bjd. Sorry for such a blurry example

No. 1355065

He comes up on my feed a lot and his skills are so mediocre imo. He does the quick one swipe liner for the vid but he's not good enough to pull it off.

No. 1355077

western artists always make dolls look even more plastic

No. 1355099

1.3 million views? jesus and I was afraid to post my dolls while this chucklefuck gets a million views for a faceup I've seen teenagers do

No. 1355179

Everyone is always posting their newest work but I've been working on the same project for three years. Thankfully it's done now but it felt bad man

No. 1355201

I'm sure your 3 year project is much more impressive than someone's 1 hour project. It was worth it as long as you feel like it was, anon.

No. 1355285

The entire board is just full of larping nodraws at this point. I'd really like to find a forum or something where people properly critique without all the performative asspatting that art discords thrive on nowadays. It's a damn shame all the old art forums pretty much died out too.

No. 1355294

I just looked this guy up and the makeup ranges from ok to awful but his photography and composition are consistently pretty good. I guess it’s harder to make up for the gaudy faces on a video. The styling on the 2010 tumblr looking dolls are also cute. All of the drag makeup dolls are truly hideous though, what the fuck happened?

No. 1355446

People also need to realize that there's some shiller going around other board sites spamming ai doomer posts with fake reactions as well.

No. 1355482

File: 1664369087027.png (423.58 KB, 542x522, hextian.PNG)

On a similar note does anyone else hate Hextian's faceup style? Like it's ok from time to time but always looks super scrote-y, I don't know how he's one of the more popular customizers on Youtube.

No. 1355617

absolutely disgusting

No. 1355634

I don't really get coomers vibes from it, more like "anime drawing that's seriously overendered so it looks like the subject has a horrible skin disease" vibes, which is equally as terrible. You can tell he deffo puts his own aesthetic and obsession with drag into his work, which is pretty hit or miss.

No. 1355708

I'm a hobby artist whose been on a forever break. I also dabble in 3D work (primarily 3dsmax) and my s/o does it professionally for vidya design (so can offer me advice/help if I need it).

I love dress up games. I also have a weird lingering fixation from my youth on those otome type games with anime bishounen.

Do you think theres a market if I made a mobile game that's a cross between an otome and a dress up game? Like, it's a dating/story with bishi love interests (hell maybe I can add female love interests and male MCs too idc), but you can customize your MC/get lots of different dress up options etc?

Honestly maybe I just wanna make a bunch of cute little outfits and stuff. I'd just like to feel like I'm working towards some overall project when I do it

No. 1355729

Sounds like twitter is discovering yuri for what they think is the first time ever and so calling it something different, and/or it's a troon thing

No. 1355734

I’ll play it. Though one complaint I have about modern otome is lack of variety in character design (hair length, color scheme, even clothing style).

No. 1355736

There could be because I've seen dating sims where you can customise your avatar like dream daddy (yes I'm >>1354807)

No. 1355740

I’ve seen people use “girl yaoi” to describe toxic f/f ships (since most yaoi pairings have an abusive dynamic compared to the more vanilla yuri genre). It’s usually used by twitterfags who want a “mommy dom gf”.

No. 1355752

I'd play it because I want to see more girl games on the market. Girl's flash games have been taken over by degenerates. We need more shamelessly girly games.

No. 1355757

That's kind of what I hate about them too/part of what gave me the inspiration. It's really not hard to add basic customizations on a technical level so it never made sense to me why it's always so neglected in these games. I hate that I get put off to play one of them based purely on disliking the char designs, you know?

I kinda figure I'll offer lots of customization for those who want to utilize it, then let those who just want to play a basic otome have a "default" option so it's not forced upon them. I do think I want the focus/gimmick to be on that there's a wide variety of options/keep updating with more vs a one-off style game

I'm not really familiar with "dream daddy" but I feel like I understand the idea from seeing it on random YouTube channels. Maybe I should look into its features a bit for more inspo as it seems to indeed be successful

No. 1355770

Yeah, I'll shamelessly admit I miss the early 2000s days of hyped up doll makers everywhere haha. And the time before all these games were just gachas/paywalls. Not that I'm against those things to an extent as game makers need profit, but not the totally "unplayable without paying" tier that you see everywhere these days..

No. 1355774

File: 1664383093163.png (157.61 KB, 749x614, 1.png)


thanks nonitas, pray that i dont overdose or some shit <3

No. 1355967

i can't stand this gay moid and his ugly dolls. he makes his whole personality "waaaah im so oppressed because i felt FEMININE but my parents wouldn't let me explore it!" as if gay people don't get literally stoned and killed in other countries just for existing. his art is so basic and ugly. won't be surprised if he troons out.

No. 1356031

Anyone here sell prints online? How easy is it to get customers? My fanbase really isn't that big tbh.

No. 1356062

File: 1664392263872.jpg (1.76 MB, 2040x1140, jules_brig2.jpg)

Probably an unpopular opinion but I can't stand this art style. It's boring and can't decide if it wants to be anime or not.

No. 1356077

Same there is something about the old style that just looks better and not just for nostalgia stake. Its less super clean and has more character to it, the same way someone doing digital with a textured brush for lining has more character than just a plain script brush.

No. 1356092

I like Voltrons. It helps that the show had actual good animation. She-Ra looks like someone trying to do the Voltron style, but with their feet.

No. 1356111

I call it anime fanart from 2014 tumblr style. Western interpretation of anime. Somehow takes the worst parts of both western animation and anime. Especially she ra, god it’s just so bad

No. 1356131

She-ra doesn't remind me of anime at all. It's the art style of someone who likes anime but doesn't draw inspiration from it, like these aidens who go to expensive American art schools and whine that they get bad grades from their ugly, westernized sasunaru fanart.

No. 1356143

File: 1664398845577.jpg (123.39 KB, 276x300, flipped.jpg)

the shera crew needs to learn how to fip the canvas. I was trying to found out why i find their faces so punchable, turns out its because it looks uneven

No. 1356167

The She-Ra crew needs to learn how to fucking draw, period.

No. 1356176

File: 1664400421983.jpg (Spoiler Image, 451.33 KB, 1000x1416, img008.jpg)

I read a doujin about Voltron that drew the characters better than the animators did, kek.

No. 1356188

i second this, etsy is a good place to start cuz referencement on google and advertisement on the site

No. 1356219

That artist is way better than average, period. I read her JJBA doujinshi long ago and was shocked when I found she also did these Voltron doujinshi too, she can adapt her style to whatever characters she's drawing very easily.

No. 1356241

Do faggots have a filter in their brains that turns everything vaguely feminine into drag queen shit? I get exaggeration for artistic effect but Alice looks like she has rosacea and Black Lady is about to start lipsyncing for her life.

No. 1356279

File: 1664405002536.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1170x1633, EEC99C86-B704-4742-A2D3-9B4387…)

Wow this is getting a little fucked up

No. 1356286

YEAH!! Another Unky fan, fuck yeah! (Also I'm so glad to hear she's a woman. Not that it'd be bad to find out she's a dude but her skill is unbelievable.) Yeah she even made Tiger and Bunny look great, when I saw the actual show I was like, "Oh. What a letdown."

No. 1356303

Just like the IT field went from coders to people who know how to use Google well, so too will the design field go from artists to people who know how to put together a good AI prompt.

No. 1356306

The prompt was "garbage"

No. 1356307

File: 1664405966631.png (26.97 KB, 751x194, Kkrtmvo.png)

Does anyone else get the feeling that Halcifer/c0rpsed/Urano000 hates her fans?
On one hand, I feel it's justified since her fanbase seems to be nothing but thirsty pseudo hybristophiliacs lusting after her edgy slasher OC, but on the other hand she thirst traps with said OC on a regular basis. It's like if someone made a big titty goth waifu oc and got mad when scrotes sexualize it. I do feel bad about all the skinwalking though.

No. 1356341

I'd play it. Something like Eldarya but without the stupid energy system that makes you pay to read the story

No. 1356388

whats her twitter account?

No. 1356491

do any of u know of any artists who have like a painterly method of creating art? so instead of doing a sketch, they just start off with a blob & build it up from there? sort of like sculpting?

No. 1356504

i warned all of you, dumbasses

No. 1356513

File: 1664414268154.jpeg (556.26 KB, 828x1140, 3D71CC38-F131-4CD2-B926-5A38E9…)

what the fuck

No. 1356516

i remember a few months ago how proud a lot of shitty artists were of not flipping the canvas and i weep a bit.

No. 1356521

>boring shit and generic coomer art style
oh no, what a tragedy, how can artists compete etc et

No. 1356523

>furry artists about to lose their homes
Can't wait.

No. 1356528

I'd still rather commission an artist I like. I'm sure furriest feel the same.

No. 1356533

I try not to be paranoid about this, I'm not even a digital artist (although i imagine if this continues to refine that won't matter either), but this shit has been distressing to me for awhile. Especially when people seem to gleefully anticipate AI replacing humans creating music, art, etc. It freaks me out on multiple levels. I do like it as a collaborative tool.

No. 1356534

UNKY is just amazing

No. 1356535

File: 1664415285596.jpg (52.4 KB, 751x815, loll.JPG)

kek. this particular "ai" is just a fancy photobasher. Seems very ethical

No. 1356542

You're saying this as if retards from /ic/ aren't trying to post here anyway.

No. 1356544

if you look at the replies in the posts aisperg is posting, the replies criticizing it for art theft are getting 100s of likes vs the supporters who get only tens. It's clear this one at least is copying pretty heavily from singular images, which is why it's able to get coherent tricky/artsy angled poses and not wind up with masses of limbs

No. 1356546

Regardless of how clean, and experienced AI may get with generating art, it still won't be able to replace artists with unique styles, and it can't create artwork with actual "soul". The websites that it mostly sources art from will be oversaturated with generic pieces, meaning it will generally put out generic kitsch shit. Even if what it was sourcing was all master artworks, it could not create anything actually original, or that has the same level of meaning, or humanity that made the original master artworks so impressive.

No. 1356547

nowadays she draws LeonRaihan

No. 1356549

all AI programs are just fancy photobashers kek.

No. 1356557

right, but some make images by combining more sources than others. People are mad at this one because it's obviously relying heavily on one or two base images to hold up the whole composition, and making minute changes to the character over top it. AIs that put things together from more sources, while arguably less controversial since it's less like "tracing", tend to look like soup because the AI can't parse how to put them all together in a way that makes sense.

No. 1356563

File: 1664416456982.jpg (160.65 KB, 720x960, 75050a56b31defbd849372fbaa695e…)

I told all of you, and you didn't listen. Sorry for all the young nonnas that though they could live off art in this day and age.(doomsday fag)

No. 1356564

Not a single living soul that uses these AI give a crap about ethics.

It can absolutely replace artist with unique styles because they're easier for the AI to learn from and process. give it time.

No. 1356565


Crying over AI making a bunch of forgettable art that looks like it’s for a generic gacha smartphone game

No. 1356566

idk what this weirdo's goal is here with trying to derail this thread every 2 minutes with her strangely gleeful AI doomposting, but she needs help and all of you need to stop engaging and get back to the milk.

No. 1356569

i am sorry people discussing blatant art stealling that gets overlooked at is less funny that whatever boring artcow you follow

No. 1356570

Are you the same anon or? I highly doubt this hasn't been on the minds of many. Why are you acting like people haven't considered the implications on their own?

No. 1356571

you're right

No. 1356575

a few days i posted about the threat of AI and nonnas got super butthurt over it. This AI thing is backed by a millionarie so there are obvious ulterior motives to it, or do you really think that this was a project made by programmers troons just because they could?

No. 1356577

ayrt, i'm agreeing with you, i'm talking about handsperg up here who won't stop happily rubbing it in our faces every 30 minutes like clockwork.

No. 1356583

Go back to ic schizo

No. 1356611