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File: 1673903384540.jpg (142.33 KB, 766x1000, 35059.jpg)

No. 1474744

Discuss art and related topics such as:

-Talk about Art Youtubers
-Ask about art supplies
-Discuss trashy art trends
-Instagram bullshit
-Art theft!
-General Art Bullshit
-Fandom and Shipping Discourse
-AI generated art


Articles about useful resources for improving one's art:
Tried and true books on perspective, anatomy for artists, etc:
1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery JM Bougery
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix Yoon


No. 1474747

No. 1474857

clip studio asset store has been down for days, I can't believe this.

No. 1474878

Uh, it has been working perfectly fine on my end. Maybe trying to use it in your browser instead of in CSP itself works for you?

No. 1474933

File: 1674062992249.jpg (15.26 KB, 331x400, 4991ebf46413d5aa8bde978e00809c…)

Are there any professional nonas here who have an illustration agent? I am completely lost with how to get one, or if it's worth it to share profits in that way.

I've gotten small work in publishing without one, but I think big book projects are completely out of reach unless you have an agent representing you? I have no idea.

No. 1476407

What do you think about video curses?

No. 1476478

File: 1674095360961.jpg (666.01 KB, 1079x1617, Screenshot_20230118-192625_Ins…)

Tiri's anatomy just gets worse and worse.

No. 1476497

File: 1674099238154.jpg (150.99 KB, 1024x562, before_and_after___keeper_of_t…)

I've seen before and afters where the after's so much worse but the artist posts like it's some improvement and I wonder? Did you expect compliments? Are we seeing the same thing? But if I tell them the truth that they've regressed I'm the bad guy.
Picrel is some inspirational improvement.

No. 1476566

Rip, the left is way better

The light line style really looked way better, the after has muddled lines making the subject unclear and has completely lost all the gesture of the original pose oof

No. 1476610

Going to assume you meant courses lol. As someone who torrented a ton of courses and never consumed them and also took an online class where I actually have to submit works, I feel like it's more effective with an external motivation.

oh shit. It's really laggy in the csp app so I thought of using browser but the opposite works just fine right now for some reason.

No. 1476664

Nta but which online class did you do and how much was it?

No. 1476671

File: 1674128666741.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.03 MB, 360x200, the-ring-crawl.gif)

Love them! Love it when the long haired lady visits me, nice of her to pop by kek I'm sorry

No. 1476698

I forgot which one, it was a background course but it seems their courses run around 800~ usd.
They have gendie teachers I heard lol

No. 1477631

File: 1674242197931.jpg (Spoiler Image, 400.66 KB, 1500x1037, EMBRACE by roberto Ferri.jpg)

In case anyone else wanted to know who this painting was by >>1469264 it's Roberto Ferri. I'm so surprised that a male artist could create something like this.

No. 1478506

Perhaps not in this specific case, but very often I get an impression that what divides "before" and "after" is about 20-25 minutes of drawing additional hair strokes, because more details equals better and you can do nothing to convince them otherwise.
Coming back to this example though initially it reminded me of "draw this in your style" challenge.

No. 1478593

File: 1674336523719.png (1.26 MB, 1217x780, lt.PNG)

holy fuck

No. 1478603

>Bishonen Shaggy and borzoi Scooby-Doo

No. 1478745

File: 1674350774566.jpg (22.22 KB, 563x276, bd3fea78c79f174c6ec746b54c7dbc…)

God, I usually like Lavender's art but this is genuine ugly. That long arms Fred and the Isekai protagonists' redesigns show that she needs to practice drawing anything that isn't a cutesy big eyed girl more often.

No. 1478762

kek wtf she made Shaggy blind

No. 1478768

what the FUCK happened to scooby

No. 1478776

She's said before that she also struggles with realism and anatomy. I think that's a big part of what's biting her here.

No. 1478844

She's very confident to put this out there for all to see. Everyone except Daphne looks like something is terribly wrong psychologically.

No. 1478937

She really is a mediocre tumblr-tier artist that made it big because of her ASMR voice. More proof that you don't need to be good at art to be a successful art youtuber

No. 1479161

Depending on the artist I feel like anime/alt style beung big on social media had a detriment to a lot of young artist's development. Half of it is probably them learning more and more about drawing (not anime) and then they just apply it mindlessly without thinking of other rules and aesthetics.
t. A nona who is stuck in semi realistic painterly style

No. 1479227

She had a solid idea for the girls, Velma's a law student, Daphne has a true crime podcast- But I think LT was too scared of making Daphne unlikable, so she "actually cares" about the cases she covers, right off the bat. Like, that could have been implied as a character arc. I think it's more interesting if she starts off as one of those mua true crimers that are just way too desensitized to cases
Also the Velma design is good, I just wish she kept her hair brown/maroon. Coloring is muddy though
My idea for Shaggy is that he's a random kid in their class that gets haunted by ghosts all the time. Scooby is his anxiety dog. idk have Fred be a film major that Daphne hires, Shaggy's in one of his classes and that's how they all connect /autism

No. 1479420

They made Scooby into a Jenna Marble Cermit lol

No. 1479442

Cool idea nona! I'd love to see something like this made into a series

No. 1479454

I would actually love to watch this! Their interests bring them all together seamlessly and poor Shaggy being a magnet for the paranormal could bring the angst and actual supernatural elements to the show instead of people in costumes. All we need is a different artist, but the concept's there.
I would love to reach a semi-realistic style! I've been stuck just developing my stylized drawing that's not anime and just bordering on possibly being semi-realism but make it bishounen? How did you reach your current level? Any specific inspo that pushed you forward? I'm the nona that saves improvement posts.

No. 1480047

Hear me out Nonas. Scooby Doo reboot idea.

Every one is college aged. Daphne is a true crime pod caster who is too detached from her subject matter and only views it all as content. Velma is a law student who comes from a long lineage of detectives and law enforcement and practically worships the profession. Fred is a high brow engineering student who thinks he can create the greatest machines with no assistance. Shaggy is the heir to a wealthy family that has recently been plagued by misfortune.

1st Episode, the subject of Daphne's latest podcast episode features Shaggy and all of the misfortunes his family has been experiencing lately. Daphne wants to talk more about the mysterious murder of his mother and her thoughts on how Shaggy's father as the prime culprit. Shaggy goes on to defend his father while throwing in some comments that his family may be cursed or haunted by ghost. Velma sends a 'super chat/chat highlight' that their both ridiculous and that it's just coincidence. Shaggy invites them both down to his family's manor to see everything he's been dealing with. The whole crew shows up during summer break. Fred accompanies Daphne on the trip as he's her boyfriend.

Throughout the subsequent episodes, they investigate everything about Shaggy's family and the wealthy town he lives in and uncover a web of lies, deceit, murder and coverups. Members of the local police in league with a business rival of Shaggy's father have been behind all of the messed up shit Shaggy's family has been through. Near the end, Velma has a new found zeal in taking down people who abuse their positions of power, Daphne is more emotionally invested and respectful of the subjects of her content. Fred humbles himself and learns to work as a part of a team.

By the final episode, Shaggy gets a puppy to help with his severe anxiety and names the pup after his favorite snack, Scooby Snacks. He also decides to use his family fortune to finance the gang to help pursue other mysterious cases and Daphne uses her platform to find cases for the crew from communities that are overlooked and ignored by traditional law enforcement.

How did I do?

No. 1480524

The amount of kids in adult art spaces is so fucking annoying. It's suspicious how every one of them is 'just turning 19' or exactly 18. Even behind the paywalled discords. Even it is the truth, I still don't want to interact with an 18 year old. they don't act any different. I'm so sick of their sperging up adult spaces.

No. 1481205

File: 1674648956489.png (167.14 KB, 837x601, line-of-action.PNG)

This shit got added to Line of Action kek

No. 1481449

They're also annoying when they start bragging about their talent at such a young age. They always mention their age with so much pride, like look I'm 18 and such a prodigy. There's this one big artist which I'm not gonna name who does this, she thinks she's the shit because disney hired her (even though her art is clearly not pro level yet). And I noticed all the young interns at big studios are just a bunch of rich kids. At least devin elle kurtz, despite being a prodigy growing up, she never bragged about her age and was critical of her art, tried to share her knowledge with others and was aware of her privileged status (wealthy family, mom is an artist). But I can't stand stuck up brats with an inflated ego

No. 1481453

File: 1674669025086.png (1011.56 KB, 591x848, enby.PNG)

And it's only pictures of the same unkempt-looking girl in a wheelchair and nothing else, what's the point

No. 1481513

>devin elle kurtz
Oh I didn't know she came from a priviledged background. From what she kept telling through her drawings it seemed like she was a self-taught artist who grew up kinda poor?
Speaking of priviledged artist, I still have to see a successful professional artists that's actually completely self-taught. They all talk about hard work and how anyone can be like them but always forget to mention the fact that they get jobs thanks to their art school connections.

No. 1481553

File: 1674674544010.jpg (321.81 KB, 1046x965, 202301251813.jpg)

Her mom is an artist and she's been drawing digitally from a very young age. She kinda had the perfect background to grow as an artist and the skills and talent to back her up. I like how unproblematic and humble she is despite her upbringing, I've never seen her cause any drama in the 10+ yrs she's been posting art online. The most I remember is that she didn't like it when her classmates called her dyke kek

No. 1482370

>non-binary conforming
does that mean "people who conform to non-binary stereotypes"? Because that's low key hilarious when they fought so hard to not be perceived as just male or female. Congrats, you're your own stereotype now (and it's not a good one)

No. 1482375

All of her expressions lately are so fucking smarmy, the level of smugness oozing through the screen is viscerally off putting. $30k for a year of work isn’t exactly something to brag about, and yet that’s what this thumbnail feels like

No. 1482396

she only made 30k from youtube specifically, not in total for the year

No. 1482416

I'm not a pro but some artists will have links to their reps in their bio so you can send an inquiry. Here's one for example. https://debutart.com/about
>big book projects are completely out of reach unless you have an agent representing you?
seems that way.

No. 1482450

if you've seen her art or lame excuse for a store you'd know her "youtube income" is her main source of income = her total for the year. there's no way she makes anything significant from her actual "art" considering shes too undeveloped and self conscious to even open up a basic print store for her mediocre paintings yet. all she profits off of from her site store is her shitty notion template sales.

hard agree with hating her face. I don't know how she manages to come off so smug and full of herself in every thumbnail despite nonstop crying and complaining over the tiniest criticism she gets about her work.

No. 1482657

fuck, i know it's not right to make fun of someone but i can't stand how she talks? like she's asking a question? all the fucking time??

No. 1482676

It's called uptalk/upspeak, about as annoying as vocal fry.

No. 1482997

kek i'd say i know who you're talking about but literally every disney intern and trainee is like this, like being humble is the exception and not the rule.

No. 1483103

You heard it here first, folks. If you don't shave or wear makeup and have a flat chest, you are legally not allowed to be a woman. The non-binary fad has done nothing but rigidly enforce gender stereotypes and tells girls that if they aren't a pink fairy princess who wants to have 5 children, they're not actually a woman. The same old misogyny, but this time rebranded for girls to use!

No. 1483218

isn't the left lineart one the new one? I agree is does show improvement and better grasp of anatomy

No. 1483225

I have no idea as to why they would do this, the poses in that category aren't even good reference material, seriously.
And people actually paid to support the site kek. If anyone has any good pose resources pls reply

No. 1483511

File: 1674841306356.jpg (185.65 KB, 1020x1200, FncxPfMagAAwtzJ.jpeg.jpg)

I hate this type of twitter artist so much. The goal is to be either be coomerish as fuck or be edgey. Half of the art of popular anime is coomshit. I hate this artist most of all,his work reeks of pedobait as well. It's on the same level with people who edit moe anime girls on irl gore

No. 1483512

Also the "joke" here is that anya is going to a concentration camp

No. 1483546

File: 1674842893449.jpg (906.03 KB, 1440x1392, FnvxXfMAAwtzJ.jpg)

This had nearly 100k+ likes, do normies really find these basic jokes that have been repeated a million times already, funny ? like I could draw better then this

No. 1483549

Anytime I get likes or followers when I make an account to post art, I want to delete. I typically abandon the account after a few posts. On one hand, I like the attention, appreciate the compliments, and want people to see what I make. On the other, I feel pressured to post the same subject over and over even though logically I know nobody actually cares or even expects anything from me bc I'm a literal who.

No. 1483557

Normies like things that are easily digestible and #relatable. It’s always been like that

No. 1483579

Kys sensitive faggot, Khyleri is fucking based

>Muh is a concentration camp joke uhh ohhh


No. 1483586

File: 1674846431734.jpg (141.37 KB, 800x1251, shugo-chara-155845-72536-wd-80…)

I want to learn to draw anime hair correctly, are there any pdf books that could help me? I couldn't find anything on /ic/ because it got shit up with lolisho, coomery, and other crap instead of actual resources.

No. 1483587

I think you just need to learn the basics of drawing hair and then translate that knowledge to the anime style.

No. 1483596

I dont know of any books, but you could always yt work in progress of work you like and see their process. sometimes when im stuck I’ll follow as close as i can step by step.
Also, tracing paper helps too.

No. 1483599

It depends how you want to learn it . If it's digital sinx has a good video on it. Learn from old anime magazines by copying the style and altering it by what you like in a certain style. Good luck nonna

No. 1483605

Go scroll on 4chan moid

No. 1483622

I've never thought of pedobait while looking at their artwork, is there something I am missing? Aside from the obvious edgy jokes

No. 1483742

If they like putting moe anime children on dark stuff (like gore or in this case it's a concentration camp) as a "joke" then there's a good chance they're pedo sex pests. Didn't the artist also draw that anime kid and included a reference to that one very detailed gore gif of an anime girl getting sliced by a machine? If he finds that funny then he's a fucking degenerate.

No. 1483845

God i hate this guy. His art gives me Shadman vibes.

No. 1483917

I've been informed this is apparently an Auschwitz camp joke posted on Holocaust memorial day.

No. 1483924

He did draw that. I don't think he's just a pedo; I think he's an all around sadist on all fronts. Shadman's shit was edgy, but he was interested in what was going on w/the picture.

This artist, unlike Shadman, is much more interested in audience reaction than what's going on in the pictures. He opts for shock and piles it on wherever he has a free spot to do so, so that the viewer doesn't have a chance to stop looking. If the implication sounds twisted or like an allusion for something, it's intentional.

No. 1484137

File: 1674897571102.jpg (9.69 KB, 268x188, images.jpeg-25.jpg)

He also likes to draw the blind girl from a another degen artist.i hate this breed of artists

No. 1484138

feels like drawing tanned or darker characters is a fucking minefield these days if you fuck up the colors, the features or the design. it makes me seriously reconsider to only draw and design white characters, it's too risky as a white artist but apparently that's still bad cause they're gonna call me racist. how am i supposed to solve this?

No. 1484143

Draw whatever you want, ignore mentally ill people

No. 1484145

if you want to become a professional artist, you can't simply ignore them…

No. 1484152

What will 15 year old they/them nonbinary BPD aceromantic who only follows Genshin Impact accounts and says white people should commit sewerslide do? Email your boss to say you drew a black person's skin slightly too pale? They'll forget in a week, just don't engage

No. 1484153

Just learn how to draw black people correctly. Limiting yourself to a single race if you're trying to get into the field will only put restrictions on your imaginative ability. You can always do it, but of course, you're going to be criticized for only drawing white people. Plus, no matter how you draw black people, there will always be someone to complain about it. As long as it doesn't look like a caricature, just draw whatever you think looks best. And for skin color, try and color match, or make sure color theory isn't fucking you over by making them look too light.

No. 1484155

Samefag, but this also applies to other races outside of black people. Just learn how to draw accurate facial features of any race, or learn how to paint darker skin since it can interact with light differently depending on how dark they are.

No. 1484158

avoid social media, embrace personal website with art gallery page

No. 1484172

This honestly

No. 1484184

I draw anime, and I usually draw black characters like allura from voltron but that's apparently no good cause her features look "racially ambiguous". they also seem to be bothered when you give dark characters light eye or hair colors

No. 1484185

this seems sensible but these standards as applied by twittertards are by design impossible to meet

No. 1484197

File: 1674907580890.jpg (256.19 KB, 828x1258, twittertards.jpg)

yeah like just saying "ignore them" is easier said than done, this post got 60k likes, they can absolutely ruin your reputation

No. 1484199

>I'll cross the ocean, push a umbrella up your ass and open it

No. 1484205

60k likes from who? The artist's mistake was acknowledging them. It's fan art ffs.

No. 1484292

Isn't that a Genshin Impact character? I've been told she's not dark enough in-game because muh representation or whatever but who is she meant to reprensent? Algerians based on her name? I'd say her original skin color is accurate so I don't get why people would sperg so hard about her being too dark or pale, if anything I don't think there are any Algerian or Moroccan cat girls on earth irl but hey, you never know.

No. 1484353

Hardly? The CN artist is still interacting with people and generally taking the advice of just not engaging anymore. I highly doubt she's relying on twitter for work or reputation.

No. 1484360

I love dark humor, I've made unsavory jokes, but everyone honestly makes those jokes, however posting them publicly like this, on the day of remembering survivors, wtf. It's deliberate, not funny or quirky, and is downright dog shit of the artist to do. I unfollowed them after this. I like their style, I don't care about stuff like the loli gore thing people ITT were up in arms over 1 or 2 threads ago, but this right here isn't cute when the rise of antisemitism is at al all time high since the fucking Holocaust.

No. 1484361

Genshin Impact is a mistake I wished never happened. I block anything related to it but it still seeps through to my feeds and I can always tell it's a genshin character by the cluttered, tortured no-personality moeblob design. Doesn't matter how skilled the artist is, drawing genshin fanart requires stooping to a basic bitch level.

No. 1484375

genshin shit is worse than moeblob crap honestly. chinese characters are even less human than their japanese counterparts.

No. 1484410

At that point you gotta ask, why do I want to appeal to these people if they're gonna be so sensitive? I find that most normal users don't care if a character's skin is a tone lighter, but those who do are just louder about it. And again why would you want them in your audience? If your intentions for drawing rep are good then you shouldn't worry too much

No. 1484433


People seem to think there's money in it. But the majority of your audience will be broke hollering teens.

No. 1484480

So weird torture porn on an anime character that looks young is fine but the holocaust is where you draw the line? Both are fucking degenerate if you ask me. I also like dark jokes but lately I've seen this trend where the "dark joke" is only ever about rape or torture on women or children and racist shit. You never see a dark joke about trannies or fat white nerds. It's clear to me that those aren't jokes, they legit think this shit is funny because they're sick in the head and see no problem drawing tortured children or a weaboo holocaust picture on the day of remembering. They jack off to this shit I just know it.

No. 1484484

Anon, I'm in the camp that I don't care as long as it is fiction, especially a laser killing a 'little girl'. What I have an issue with is antisemitism and the deliberate act of posting it on the day it was. That's different to me and I'm not going to explain why because no matter what I say you're going to complain how it somehow has real-life consequences when what they did with the Holocaust thing can be considered a sort of propaganda which can have issues outside of the art. No one is getting a robot to lazer girls apart.

No. 1484496

File: 1674933879856.png (562.43 KB, 1170x908, DKApwldoospok.png)

Anon, that person got shitted on because they are a cow. After being called out, rather than ignoring them, they went on a spiel about white people sucking and them using black people to cover up slavery. Sadly, I don't have the screenshots because they deleted everything, but if you look up their name, you'll see people responding to them. And in your post, the paragraph is also a rant about them being too light.
If you are in a situation where you accidentally draw a person's skin lighter, just edit the drawing and repost it. But if you're gonna stick by your drawing, don't go on rants and embarrass yourself as this person did.

No. 1484502

I get hating jews and making light of the holocaust is fine, but what's with people accepting everything under the sun then drawing a harsh line at anti-semitism? It's fine to depict a child in a bikini being strung up by her limbs and flayed alive but god forbid an Auschwitz reference. I agree the image is distasteful and stupid, but violence against girls is also something that happens irl, including skinning and torture/gore, but just because a machine that does it doesn't exist it's fine? Either accept all the edgy or don't, I don't get the weird arbitrary line whenever anti-semitism comes into play.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1484504

You care about fictional antisemitism but you don't care about retard coomer moids getting off to a fictional little girl being brutally killed, you know… women and little girls are people too (and they are also raped and brutally killed by retard rapist coomer moids), y'know… like jewish people are. Bitch shut up.

No. 1484507

>If you are in a situation where you accidentally draw a person's skin lighter, just edit the drawing and repost it.

No??? Why should you change your art for twitter children. If you find yourself in this situation, don't respond, block every whining twittertard you see in your mentions, mute your tweet, and eat some ice cream. Social media doesn't matter.

Screenshot OP telling entitled westerners to kill themselves is based and correct.

No. 1484511

But moids drawing little girls getting tortured and killed as "jokes" does have real life consequences anon, we've seen in a lot of times already. Sure no one is building a giant robot to dismember girls, but moids start off joking about the drawing, then getting off to the drawing (and believe me they do get off to stuff like that) to them seeking out real-life gore pics and cp. Joking about the holocaust with an anime drawing most likely means they are antisemitic, jerking off to anime little girls getting realistically sliced by a lazer very likely means they're pedophiles.

No. 1484512

OP was a racist. I'm under the opinion that if someone tells you your art may be offensive, there's nothing wrong with changing it. This will help you improve as an artist and teach you how to better draw people with darker skin.

If you want to stick by your original drawing and block people, fine. But all I said was if you go around making a big deal about it, don't be surprised if people quote-retweet you and embarrass you.

I don't understand your guys' problem with wanting to improve in drawing people who don't look like you. If you don't want to draw people with darker skin, then don't. But if you want to, then do trial and error and learn how to get it right.

No. 1484513

nta but this is also racist. everyone doesn't have the same skintone and people complaining about skintone and "racial features" usually want you to draw stereotypes.

No. 1484516

>nta but this is also racist.
Literally how.
Of course, skin tones are diverse. Your points are completely unrelated to what I'm talking about. People who want you to draw "stereotypes" are bad artists or underage. I'm black and honestly as long as the character looks or reads as black, you're okay. Most black people who don't spend all their time online don't care about designs as long as they look good. And it also depends if you're drawing Black Americans or people from African countries. It's all just about keeping yourself informed if you want to make accurate depictions. It's honestly not that hard.

No. 1484517

>I'm under the opinion that if someone tells you your art may be offensive, there's nothing wrong with changing it.

You've never been on the receiving end of a twitter dogpile huh. These people don't want to help you improve your art, and none of them are "offended", they are bullies who want to take down artists more skilled than them because they are jealous children.

Anime styles aren't realistic, and with all the exaggerated limbs and big eyes and ridiculous hair, people put their foot down at wrong skin colors. Sure.

Nothing wrong with encouraging artists to draw different ethnicities, that's never what's happening on social media though. Instead of telling other artists to draw more minorities, why don't you do it yourself in your own art? That's what I do.

Also hating westerners doesn't make your racist kek

No. 1484519

You will not improve as an artist by listening to the opinions of people who compare swatches from scenes with wildly different lighting or color composition - which is the majority of these controversies.

No. 1484520

>Also hating westerners doesn't make your racist kek
They were hating on people with darker skin, reposting people's selfies to tell them to shut up, and calling dark skin people ugly. They were not just hating on westerners

Again, those are people who are either underaged or bad artists themselves. You, as an artist, should know when a character's skin tone is right. I'm sorry some of you guys have to experience dog-piling like that though.

No. 1484525

Nonnies should I sell my art as digital prints? I only wanted to sell giclee prints and I was afraid of people being able to steal my art (if it's digital). But I'm so poor and maybe giving people that option and lower price point will give me some sales? What do you think?

No. 1484530

I am so fucking tired of people going "it's fictional uwu" when it comes to torture/rape/death on women and girls but then freaking out over racism/antisemitism/misandry in fiction. They're either males, pickmes or women who are so groomed by men-made media that they don't realize how disgusting and abnormal the amount of rape and torture on women that's present in EVERYTHING is. Think of how many ads have porny pictures of women, how many movies have a rape scene or a female character that's shown naked for no reason, how many books have borderline porn in them, how many shocking scenes in media use women or little girls as fodder. It's fine because it's fictional when it's women, because women getting raped and gored is almost normal now, but show a movie containing a realistic man on man rape scene and moids will vomit and froth at the mouth calling whoever made that a sick degenerate. Sorry for the sperg but I'm honestly sick of pretending that fiction doesn't influence people's (especially men's) brains. It does. The harsh truth is that the majority of people can't completely separate fiction from reality, which is also why you're offended by the bad holocaust "joke" and feeding loli porn to pedos doesn't work.

No. 1484557

You draw the line at fictional Japs being sent to a concentration camp?

Which were full of more than just Jews btw; Poles, the disabled, gays, non-whites, Soviet-prisoners of war, Romani, Slavs in general

No. 1484583

it's racist to put arbitrary race qualifiers on someone else's art.

No. 1484591

Nta but kek what? "Arbitrary race qualifiers" (what does that even mean) are racist but making a brown characters skin snow white because the artist thinks that darker skinned people are ugly is ok?

No. 1484594

File: 1674944985051.png (1.12 MB, 1169x881, jjk.PNG)

here's the artist's own work btw.

tbh, if I wasn't in fandom long enough to know that some western (including asian american) artists truly think racebending anime characters and giving asian characters slits for eyes is genuinely empowering, I'd think I'm getting lectured by a racist hypocrite too

No. 1484601

this is racist like i was saying. we just have too many sjws itt now.

No. 1484609

>we just have too many sjws itt now
Just say you're too lazy to learn how to draw other skin tones and leave. That's what the discussion was about. If you want to derail it by going on racebaiting tangents, go ahead, but at the end of the day, you either know how to draw other skin tones or you don't. Nothing else.
>this is racist like i was saying
The artist is Asian, they can depict themselves however they want to. Even if it's ugly to you or unconventionally attractive.

No. 1484633

NTA but all anyone said is ignore retards and just draw better. Where are the SJWs?

No. 1484648

Nobody should be forced to draw darker skin tones if they don't fucking want to, go back

No. 1484676

It's unironically twitterfags that tned to have this black and white thinking. No one can force anyone to draw anything, stop building a life off twitterfaggotry.

No. 1484755

File: 1674962528919.jpg (59.26 KB, 830x467, 1628123908534.jpg)

Race discourse and trying to police the skintones/styles/features people draw is cancerous, I don't care who you are or claim to be kek. People come in all shapes and colors, even from the same race, country, and area. Trying to police OC donut steels and fanart from franchises is terminally online behavior.

No. 1484873

The propaganda that it presents is different.

No. 1484900

I'm not over the torture of women, but I'm also not going to pretend any of us have a chance of being strung up by an AI robot and killed by a lazer.

No. 1484914

>those shitty piercings

No. 1484917

Easiest ways to make money with art?

No. 1484919

>It's fine to depict a child in a bikini

No. 1484921

>I get hating jews
Fuck out of here.

No. 1484925

But you do have the chance to be dismembered by a perverted male(derailing)

No. 1484935

>I also like dark jokes but lately I've seen this trend where the "dark joke" is only ever about rape or torture on women or children and racist shit.
This. ~le dark humor~ is always disproportionally about degrading women, children and sexual/racial minorities only which really makes you think how much of it is a "joke" and how much is their real opinion and preferences. These edgelords only punch down and cry muh political correctness when confronted about it, all the while suddenly not being able to take the joke at all when it's about them.

No. 1484963

porn, but you still need an audience even for that. still the easiest way but keep in mind it's not longterm anymore because of AI

No. 1485031

This. It’s always “haha child rape, Jews should be gassed hehe” - shit that isn’t even humorous, just “ironic” restatements of things violent moids actually believe.

No. 1485045

This is the way.
If you do use social media, just use it for website updates or quietly posting pictures. Don't engage too much and treat callouts like free promo.

No. 1485078

Stop with these horrible reaches

No. 1485167

unironically furries. porn isn't even a requirement for them

No. 1485200

File: 1675015917723.jpg (269.29 KB, 1300x1438, mery_s2_.jpg)

amazing art but… how can you draw the same ship for years? and it's not even an interesting ship, how can you be so invested

No. 1485208

It was an accident, I typed it wrong, I meant that I get hating Jews is depicted as wrong idfk I'm kinda retarded

No. 1485218

You do realize the artist made a roofie joke using Gloria and Marnie from Pokemon in the background of one of his pictures, right? But I guess that very real-life problem being depicted in 'dark humor' is okay, too.

No. 1485219

I hope one day I have this much fully rendered, nice art of my and my husbando.

No. 1485229

No, because it's using fiction and roofies are a trope used unfortunatelyly and I never said I made roofie or rape jokes. Anons are taking what I said way out of context compared to the example I used of a robot with a laser. This has become so off-topic, I won't be entertaining these dumb purposeful out of context takes anymore.

No. 1485241

its technically better but i feel like her art style lost it's personality on the way.

No. 1485250

My goal tbh, I picked up drawing a few months ago just to be able to make art of my favorite ship kek (since the game is old there isn't much art nowadays outside some dedicated fans).
I still suck, but I'm getting there slowly…

That pic is from each month of 2022, not from 12 different years though.

No. 1485277

yeah i know but she's been drawing them for a few years already, maybe it's a self-insert thing

No. 1485302


What cases Asian Americans to adopt this style in cookie cutter mass, it’s so unappealing honestly.

No. 1485303


Most likely it’s their side account, I know that have a kpop fanart one too and it seems that they also draw alot for professional work based on the occasional non hyoka post. I am super envious on how they draw men, somewhat pretty but very masculine is my ideal type in art.

No. 1485304

thank you. i am so sick of racist twitterfags itt reeing about colorism and whitewashing and stupid shit.

No. 1485310

Tbh I prefer this style over generic impossibly beautiful anime shit over and over again.

No. 1485320

Wdym this style is literally as generic as anime, its everywhere on twitter, instagram and tumblr

No. 1485327

Maybe, I don't recognize the characters but they look pretty generic so it's probably easy to self-insert onto them.
As long as she draws other things too I find her investment kinda cute actually. Nowadays everyone jumps onto media and then forget about it after 2 months to follow the next popular/new media, it's nice to see some genuine/longlasting love.

No. 1485465

NTA but you do know weapons-grade lasers and insane warlords exist, anon? They're not reaches. Men's innovated side comes from hatred, perversion, and destruction. We've seen countless examples of it several threads over the years.

Why is it always the edgelords who are the most senstive? You know they know how absolutely bad they are and only know how to project when it comes to defending their own shitbrains.

No. 1485477

Stop playing dumb. It's not that women are afraid of being killed with a convoluted laser apparatus like a cartoon character, it's the general graphic portrayal of violence against women being constantly played as a joke that's the issue. Like the constant memes of girls getting mauled, killed, raped, molested, harassed etc. laid out as a supposedly hilarious gag and being disturbed by it because it's making light of the very real threat of violence against you that you face every day is entirely justified. And I can assure you, if the edgelords with a "dark sense of humor" drawing these things or laughing and sharing them faced similar drawings of men being subjected to terrible things they're afraid of, their reaction would be a violent tantrum, possibly accompanied by a mass shooting. A shrimp dick joke is enough to make them drive a truck into a crowd.

No. 1485482

You don't even have to go for the overrendered popfur style, either. Just aim for appeal and consistency. Make a small cast of characters to work with

I've seen her stuff in my Pixiv feed. I don't think they're any particular characters besides from a cute couple she enjoys drawing. It's really nice to see that devotion these days, especially due to
>Nowadays everyone jumps onto media and then forget about it after 2 months to follow the next popular/new media, it's nice to see some genuine/longlasting love.

Hell, we're lucky if we get two months, let alone two weeks sometimes.

No. 1485638

Yep. "Hating men" is always painted as abnormal "feminazi" behavior. But women aren't drawing gore and rape of men and boys like coomer moids draw women and girls, but that behavior is rarely seen as hatred of women and girls (even though it is)

No. 1485688

File: 1675057157138.png (Spoiler Image, 287.26 KB, 2056x2500, excuse me.png)

>NTA but you do know weapons-grade lasers and insane warlords exist, anon?
You're being hyperbolic. No one is doing what I described. Good bait, though. Got me to reply.

Plenty of women draw men being murdered and killed [Picrel by Artemisia Gentileschi]. It's not mainstream unfortunately and women are depicted as being evil and killing men or children all the time in horror the same way men are and usually, victims in those films are men. The movie AMERICAN PSYCHO was directed by a woman too. Women have no issues with depicting men being harmed in art [inb4 it's argued that some SW die in the film too, which happens when you're using real life things people do and it also happens in the book]. You and everyone else would rather overlook it because it's not mainstream [except something like AP which I bet a lot of people didn't realize was directed by a woman because the movie is about a male protagonist]. I also hate men as well, I don't think it's abnormal to do so, and never said so. Women have been pushed out of spaces where they can draw freely like that, but it does exist. It's a niche, but it exists.

No. 1485723

You said it yourself, it's not mainstream. Women generally aren't bloodthirsty psychos who want to see men maimed and killed unlike the vast amount of men who want to see it done to women to get high on the powertrip, and even if women were drawing men getting beat up, raped and killed en masse in the mainstream they still wouldn't pose a real threat as the chances of a man getting assaulted, killed or raped by a woman are ridiculously low compared to when the genders are reversed. It's ironic that you bring American Psycho as some example of women totally having violent fantasies when first of all it was based on a book written by a man and secondly focused on portraying this exact moid rage behavior of going on violent rampages over their fragile ego issues. You can say "I hate men too!!!" but you trying to die on this hill of denying that women are disproportionately represented in """dark humor""" content i.e. being subjected to violent attacks is curious as fuck. You would have a better leg to stand on if you were attempting to convince us that water isn't wet.

No. 1485727

I'm not dying on any hill. You're just trying to take what I said in a whole other direction with assumptions as well. This is no longer about the art, it's derailing. Go to the man hate thread.

No. 1485772

File: 1675077012569.jpg (466.3 KB, 1536x2048, 0230130856.jpg)

how do you start a small business and find a manufacturer?

No. 1485779

cgl's artist alley thread has a bunch of resources or info about suppliers, but you can also look through alibaba listings and order a few samples from different ones. i picked ones where i've seen they had reviews from other anime artists

No. 1485788

>Artistic paitings by women of bad men getting executed in mythos or in stories written by men is the same as countless fat pornsick openly misogynistic men jerking off to depictions (fictional and not fictional) of women/little girls in bikinis/underwear getting killed and dismembered and constantly playing it off as a joke
Are you going to yell "not all men" next?

No. 1485789

seeing how much youre trying to push the narrative that drawing little girls in bikinis is on the same level as female artistic merit is astounding. that painting itself is an example its based off a event and not the authors festishistic intent artemsia was herself assaulted and shes portraying the anger she feels towards him in the recreation , youre sounding like a pedo apologist.its been proven that many irl pedos have drawn cp(usually which is anime) as for the case for khyleri its clear hes into weird shit the loli laser gif was used a shock gore back in the day.no one said it was ok because it was fictional context matters but i dont know how you can justify little girls in bikins and women being assaulted or rape is ''dark humour''

No. 1485790

>I've seen her stuff in my Pixiv feed. I don't think they're any particular characters besides from a cute couple she enjoys drawing. It's really nice to see that devotion these days, especially due to
Look up Eru and Oreki from Hyouka

No. 1485809

If/when you start a business for the love of god take pre-orders. Half the people who scream about wanting your stuff won't even have the money to buy it, and the last thing you need is stock rotting on the shelves.
Ask for samples. Any issues with printing, colors, cutting etc will be easier to fix at this stage. You'll get duds no matter what, so buy a few more than you need and sell the crap ones at a discount. Show your audience the samples, people get more excited when they see an actual product versus a drawing.
Depending on where you are it might be better to use a manufacturer in your country, or to make the items yourself if you can. If you want to make pins, acrylic stuff or anything else that you'd need time, specialist equipment and a lot more money for, get your audience involved. Get them to vote on designs, colorways, sizes etc. The more involved people are in the process the more likely they are to actually buy the item.
Make an item that your audience will want and can afford to buy. Useful items like lanyards and notebooks are easier purchases for them to justify than stickers and prints, but depending on your audience's age group, they might prefer to buy lots of small cheap items than one or two pricier ones.

No. 1485831

Thanks. Going by their canon appearances vs her art, the passion for this pair stands out a lot. I respect the devotion.
Speaking of this, if you can manage it and have a little capital (you don't need much, but you need to be prepared), print-on-demand is something to test drive designs with, too.
Although it can be hard to find POD resources for artists, as most of the people who provide tips outsource everything and rely on spam.

No. 1485895

I didn't say that at all, but okay.

No. 1486219

File: 1675120796544.jpg (80.25 KB, 506x686, 5654343556.jpg)

I could get better at drawing clothing folds, and whenever I need a reference I spend AGES on pinterest looking for a specific pose and angle that I need. I'll get it right in the end, but does anyone have any useful tips or resources?

No. 1486661

it kinda amuses me when other big artists take jabs at sakimichan kek i don't think anyone outside of coomers and her copycats really like her

No. 1486731

It's all about gravity and tension points. See how it gathers around the waist, armpits, elbows, crotch, the belt loops.
Look for books about drapery.

No. 1486778

The main difference is that men depict sexualized violence. Big boobied loli girls getting split down the middle by a monster cock. Women who draw men suffering usually draw something that evokes sympathy or pity. Your picrel doesn't because it's a revenge fantasy. Note that it isn't sexual, though.

No. 1486791

The best way is to do a ton of studies. Give yourself one minute or less to sketch out each study, use a magazine or book for reference so you don't get sucked into Pinterest, and do as many as you can as often as you can. You'll build a better visual library when you do this and you won't need exact references as often because you'll understand how different clothes and materials drape on different bodies in different poses. If you find a reference picture with the right pose but wrong clothes, you'll be able to figure out how to draw the clothes regardless, and vice versa.

No. 1487423

File: 1675215507280.jpg (877.96 KB, 1078x1695, Screenshot_20230131-183303_Ins…)

New Loish clone is rapidly approaching vintage Luisa Rafidi levels of single source inspiration.

No. 1487429

File: 1675215763837.jpg (478.24 KB, 1080x1598, Screenshot_20230131-184059_Ins…)

For comparison, two years ago in his Sam Draws Phase.

No. 1487439

Jesus Christ, look at her right shoulder. The hyperrealistic hair next to the half assed body is giving me whiplash.

No. 1487444

File: 1675216839539.jpg (1.13 MB, 1079x1763, Screenshot_20230131-185754_Ins…)

lmao, you should see some of the anatomy on his "in between phase" shit where he was diligently following loish's coloring style but didn't know fuckall about how to draw faces. Even now, his stuff looks like uncanny valley replications of her art. The arms and torsos look like they're melting.

No. 1487448

>how can you draw the same ship for years?
Autism is a hell of a drug.

No. 1487449

holy shit i've never seen a more blatant skinwalk of loish's work. every single one of these is ugly as shit too. if i were her i'd be pissed lol

No. 1487459

File: 1675217647854.jpg (1.19 MB, 1080x1857, Screenshot_20230131-191324_Ins…)

The newer shit is even more egregious.

No. 1487461


You sure this isn't just an AI image done using Loish's work as a seed?

No. 1487483

These are from before the AI stuff took off.

No. 1487509

I like artists who have different styles or practice other styles. No one owns a style as long as you're creating something your own and not copying their work with the same style. Is not having a single style and being inspired by people really this big of an issue? I see people outside of Loish and Sam do the same type of art too, especially through TikToks.

No. 1487557

The irony of this man creating a "draw this in your style"…you first

No. 1487560

There's a difference between being inspired by one or several artists, and making emulating a specific artist in a way that extends beyond their art. Artists tend to draw faces that look like themselves. Loish's figures noticeably look like her. This guy is emulating her so closely that he's drawing people that LOOK like Lois herself.

Loish also seems to attract obsessive skinwalkers. Ancient milk at this point, but look up the Luisa Rafidi/Lulles incident. The post should still be up on Loish's DA. I followed Luisa before she became obsessed with Loish and it was frankly unsettling watching her art style, typing patterns, and website layout slowly morph to be more like Loish.

No. 1487623

File: 1675241420124.jpeg (441.35 KB, 1170x1502, 5AC82CFC-A4D5-4058-9AB3-221D56…)

Why are millennial artists so cringe

No. 1487635

are you speaking the language of a autistic toddler considering the ''painting'' youve done?

No. 1487893

Yeah he's pretty good, I follow him on Instagram and while I know it'll take me a loong ass time to paint like that it's inspirational sometimes

No. 1487910

File: 1675277557598.png (389.5 KB, 552x911, Screenshot 2023-02-01 12.42.24…)

This fucking POV pedo has been showing up on my YT shorts feed. A lot of his shorts feel voyeuristic as hell, on a level of invasiveness that I didn't know was possible.
There's no sign of some other character being depicted that I thought this could all revolve around. The more clips I saw, the more I realized I was being shoehorned into a pedoscrote fantasy.
POV has a lot of room for projection, but there are some situations where the creator forces you into his shoes. It feels soul-sucking.
Compare this to similar Youtube artists like Puppyboy that are POV and avoid the voyeuristic creep factor.

No. 1487925

i knew it when i saw his fox bride one, he goes viral since yknow…3d anime

No. 1487930

File: 1675278866449.jpg (25.2 KB, 252x296, WHAT.jpg)


No. 1487932

>pls don't bully me for swearing
Are you sure this person isn't a zoomer

No. 1487934

nta but yea no clue what they were going for with that one

No. 1487993

I cited Puppyboy because, even though it's ASMR geared towards women (so the subjective creep factor is inherent), it relates to the prior convo of how female artist degeneracy isn't tied to something exploitative. Ear licking is weird. Yaoi hands terrier man is weird. But the gensho dude goes the extra step to make things feel one-sided or coerced.

No. 1488007

File: 1675284522218.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 363.36 KB, 2048x2048, 8033F42E-D1C5-40CF-9118-6C756D…)

I just discovered there’s a fujoshi twitter subculture where they draw historical figures as anatomically-incorrect catboys. I would say based but most of them are /pol/tards. Anyway back to my cooking shows.

No. 1488009

where's that dick coming from?? the ground?
also ot but is there really an overlap between poltards and fujos?

No. 1488034

As a fujoshi I have definitely encountered tradthot-ey pick-me yaoi artists. They were mainly into NSFW communities so they mingled with 4channer scrotes.

No. 1488081

TBH the amount of anons ITT ass-kissing Eastern autists cus they draw gud is embarrassing. A cow is a cow whether from Canada or Korea don’t forget that.

No. 1488140

What part of this makes them a millennial? The youngest millennials are turning 28 this year.

No. 1488232

The fact that I know they’re a millennial, lmao
Millennial artists tend to be full on cringe in their stories.
So are zoomers, but majority are still retards without fully developed brains, whereas millennials have collectively as a generation decided to never grow the fuck up

I mean, shit, look at all the millennial artists that are obsessed with Disney and Steven Universe and other artists extremely childish media - it’s fine to like kids stuff, but millennial artists tend to make it their entire identity (see artists like Baylor Jae)

No. 1488307

This is a retarded generalization, Disney adults have existed before millennials. I'd say Gen X started the trend of adults staying fans of nostalgia media like comics and cartoons from their childhood. But so what, lots of adults get into fandoms because that's when they finally have extra money to spend.

What's cringe is Gen Z pearl clutching children that get triggered by whitewashed fanart and spend their days trying to cancel anyone that offends them because they all have main character syndrome.

No. 1488362

You sound like a zoomer. Who's the artist?

No. 1488519

File: 1675344076214.jpg (467.11 KB, 720x1335, S.jpg)

Do you think AI will make creating animated works faster and cheaper? Will it allow better adaptations and a wider variety? Or will it cause an avalanche of garbage? Maybe both? Something else?


No. 1488581

I just checked this video a week ago when she uploaded it, then a few days after it was released saw the comment section where surprisingly, some of her viewerbase seem to be criticizing her for the first time of being willfully dishonest with how she makes her money "as an artist".

she changed the video name to "my plan to make 150k as an artist and content creator" only to change it back to the original name today. the only thing I can't stand more than this girls smug ass face in every shot she does is her willful dishonesty towards her amateur viewers and her portraying her income as anything "art-related".

she knows her main way of income isn't by making/selling her art or by being a good artist. it's by regurgitating the bare minimum social media marketing tips just framed for artists. it's basically what every other wannabe influencer does, "I got rich by ___, here's my $20 notion template or $300 course to teach you how to do the same!".

the only way she manages to support herself other than her generational wealth + moid who takes care of her and lets her spend so much time sucking at art is because she's managed to convince 150k people she knows what she's talking about. despite not even selling her own art on her site, and just barely beginning to show it on her youtube channel because of how clearly self conscious she is about her lack of skill. I hope I get to watch her crash and burn in real time.

No. 1488818

Take your meds.

No. 1488988

Ok zoomer

No. 1489035

Animators and bg artists that produce anime in japan/korea are already overworked and barely paid, this is just an excuse for them to pay their workforce even less. This one example already looks like garbage and they didn't even bother correcting the usual artefacting and melting that AI generates when it tries to do details. The overall production level looks cheap and if it didn't parrot using AI no one would have cared about it.

No. 1489411

It will probably make the anime industry even more saturated and most anime will look like cheap garbage. And yes, it's gonna happen because japan cares even less about the rights of creatives so expect hundreds of employees to get fired

No. 1489485

Common denominator anime dweebs don't care about quality so I suspect AI tech will be used for seasonal light novel coomer bait productions. But studios who care about their animation quality like those of Trigger and KyoAni will probably steer clear. I feel bad for the artists either way.

No. 1489492

You can get mad at me for doomposting, but at this rate AI is gonna kill all the creative industries, from art to photography to music to writing. The only people who are safe are big names who can use their branding and people in the fine arts community, but it's gonna be near impossible for newcomers and rookies to make a living out of it anymore.

No. 1489498

People’s only defense RN is stuff like “but it can’t do hands.”
Of course programmers are working on making it do hands. It’s a matter of time, and it won’t be that far off. In our lifetimes we will see AI become even stronger and stronger, exponentially, and more indistinguishable from human art.

No. 1489501

This shit will have very horrible repercussion on the entire humanity. Obviously billionaires and greedy tech bros don't give a shit

No. 1489529


If it does (which it probably will with companies wanting on save on money) I won't even be mad tbh. These pretentious faggots in the animation and art industry are annoying
as fuck and can't draw for the life of them.

I have seen AI do decent hands already. Another counter argument I have heard from egro josh and some others is that the AI may come up with something offensive and you might get canceled from it. That's what the negative prompt list is for you fucking moron.

No. 1489530

File: 1675434986463.png (6.55 MB, 2274x4000, aianime.png)

There's still a lot of actual human work required (entire layout in the first stage + plenty of final revisions); to the point where I wonder if it wouldn't be easier and cleaner to not involve AI in the process at all, seems like it's more of a publicity stunt at this point than anything else

No. 1489532

I'd rather have those "pretentious faggots" in the art industry keep their jobs rather than the retards who work at silicon valley, you sound like ab incel asskisser

No. 1489535

The hand drawn one looks 10x better lmao

No. 1489537

And you seem like you are having a hard time coping. Not even the best industry to make a living off of anymore since you get paid literal penny's.

No. 1489542

Why the fuck are you in this thread then? Bet you can't even draw kek. Also, what makes you think only the art and animation industry will die, millions of people will lose their jobs. You can go and suck a techbro or richfag dick

No. 1489546


But I do draw??? kek, the topic is art and AI. AI can't replace every single job on the face of the earth. Do you know how bad those animators in japan are treated just to draw generic anime booba??? You people act like this shit is the end of the world.

No. 1489555

And what else are they supposed to do now that they can't even work on "coomer booba" anime? Kill themselves? Now richfags get richer because they don't have to pay anyone, wow, show stopping.

No. 1489557

Two seconds away from telling artists to find a real job kek. Not all of us can be law or medicine students

No. 1489565

This is just pointless gruntwork

No. 1489584

Techbros have a massive, passionate hateboner towards artists of all kinds and is honestly insane to witness as an outsider
>Musicians, Illustrators, writers, everyone with a creative capacity is USELESS!!! They ain't shit AI will kill your job!!!!
What in the actual fuck? for people with such amounts of money and success, they surely seethe a lot towards "ain't shit", broke, useless artists

No. 1489612

They seethe because they don't have a single creative bone in their bodies. It's all rooted in jealously. Anyone can learn to draw but they don't have the patience because they're not artistic or creative.

No. 1489647

File: 1675441268636.gif (817.95 KB, 640x480, d4mgdlp-7ffae3b7-fdd2-4d6f-bef…)

>People’s only defense RN is stuff like “but it can’t do hands.”
AI still can't do inbetweening properly which is the most obvious application. Smooth interpolation, which it can do, just doesn't get the job done(especially for mainstream shonen series). And BDDM models, as impressive as they are for generating unique pinup illustrations just aren't suited or intended for this application at all. It could do character concepting right now, but that's not really a bottleneck in production at all, and the anime industry is hardly making original stuff as it is. AI tools aren't generalist, they tend to be good at one particular thing, and right now animation ain't it.

No. 1489714

Considering AI within programs [not image replication programs] which things like Photoshop, CSP.. are trying to create, even things like 3D modeling programs, are starting to implement in between splicing/movements. Basically a predictability. It's not far off, anon isn't wrong in the fact that a lot of artists are going to be displaced. All they need to to learn how to properly program and move things around with codes which is going to be a while [such as fighting, gravity.., there is CGPT, but it's coding and layouts still need manual intervention to create actual interactions with surrounding areas].

No. 1490726

Moids think that screaming at things makes up for their total lack of talent. Besides, AI isn't going to be the total destruction of art that they want it to be. I can totally see independent artists selling traditional art instead of digital art once AI takes over.
AI will be used in many industries, like advertising and animation, because it's more cost effective, but the techbros have a desperate need to stick it to the individuals they're jealous of. They couldn't care less about the practical applications of AI, they just want to metaphorically tear someone's art to pieces and watch them cry.

No. 1491149

File: 1675562747437.jpeg (530.23 KB, 1466x1500, 419C1312-37F8-4ACF-A549-BEF509…)

I can’t stand this fatty. She draws anime characters in the most uncanny semi-realism style ever. But what really gets me is her yumejofagging for ugly bastards. Honestly it just makes me feel sorry for her.
Also she used to be buddies with Nemu, make that of what you will.

No. 1491158

you a hater for real, picrel is very cute and i don't even like fatties

No. 1491161

Ok fatty

No. 1491162

You kidding, that tub of lard is cute?

No. 1491169

File: 1675563908941.jpeg (755.4 KB, 1170x935, C837E0F1-131C-4190-996E-11A261…)

The art does a lot of heavy lifting. This is what he actually looks like kek

No. 1491177

This is mental illness.

No. 1491194

When you put into context who it's supposed to be, at least it's obvious. I thought it looked like him, but wasn't sure and then saw your post and confirmed it.

No. 1491248

Looks aside, I really liked Duke in the game and he was such a nice little beacon/safe space whenever I needed a break from the craziness of the BOWS kek

No. 1491379

yeah like dealing with the first AI mess probably takes longer than just giving it to a BG painter who would also get better and and more appealing results. It's like subpar photobashing but the AI can't even tell what is supposed be water, rock and wood.

No. 1491400

Yeah becoming "artist lifestyle" influencer (with some small business coaching) is just a different career path compared to being a professional artist. Like lots of artists are barely on social media because they are busy in working in their art and video editing is just a lot of work. She should just come to terms with the fact she chose to become a youtuber instead of an artist.

No. 1491449

File: 1675602542421.png (2.88 MB, 1644x3070, Screenshot_20230205-135726~2.p…)

Maybe I'm just too insensitive, but I think the artist is overreacting a bit? Don't get me wrong, I think the critique itself is not that good, but making a tweet about it and guilt tripping saying you "should stop painting all together" is just a bit much…
I don't know, I feel people nowadays can't either take or ignore criticism

No. 1491471

The artist is definitely overreacting. That critique there is golden feedback and she wastes her opportunity with punishing herself and crying for head pats from her followers instead. That comment to her work is not even calling it shit, just stating that the trees look flat. It’s neutral, but just blunt in that it focuses on one element she can do better, but also this commenter actually provides some guidance besides just stating the flatness. Surely the commenter could have given some positive points there, but that’s not commenter’s responsibility. I personally like the work the artist has done and can see the commenter being right with the critique. Artist making a whole post to her followers about her boo-hoo feels spiced with the I-probably-should-stop-painting-entirely baiting instead of engaging in a discussion with the commenter makes me cringe and I wish I could slap the artist to have more common sense.

No. 1491496

I'd be a bit annoyed by random concrit (if I didn't post in a feedback space) but fishing for compliments is never a good look and you need to learn how to handle criticism and avaluate which parts you want to apply and which don't work for your intent.

No. 1491505



Jesus, calm your tits lady. People who guilt like this piss me off. But yes, parroting what the above two have said, unasked criticism is annoying but one must not throw a tantrum, blah blah blah.

Anyway, Unsure if this is the best thread to ask this, I wasn’t able to find another but who knows I could just be a bit retarded.

What are some good websites/medias to post art on? Tumblr’s filled with you know what, and same is Twitter (and is somehow worse.)
Artfol is…. okay, but small.

It’s honestly a case of “pick your poison.” But that’s the Internet.

No. 1491517

Define "good".

If you want to build an archive of your art with a great tagging system, choose tumblr.

If you want your art to potentially go viral, use twitter.

If you want to connect with other artists specifically, instagram is best, but their algorithm is the most dogshit of all social media.

Tiktok is hallow popularity, but it's very easy to build a following if are good with snappy video editing. You don't have to be good at art at all.

Youtube has the potential to gain you a solid loyal following and money, but it is a huge investment. If you love editing long videos, it's a great choice.

ArtStation and Behance are portfolio sites, not great for community, but a decent way to post your art online.

No. 1491520

This is a solid critique, but I'd also be annoyed at unasked for crit. She's posting on reddit where the average user is a nerd male with an inflated ego, so it's to be expected.

No. 1491569

Unsolicited criticism is annoying specially coming from a le plebbitor but looking at that thread is so funny.
The artist is totally overreacting in every single reply and acting like she'll never post art ever again and that there's something wrong with her brain because she can't "just get over it" and people are already suggesting some DSM diagnosis possibilities lmfaoo the state of twitter

No. 1491572

The fact that she downvoted the critique and upvoted her own art makes me kek a little

No. 1492010

File: 1675651754068.jpg (499.88 KB, 1079x1542, Screenshot_20230205-194725_Ins…)

How has Loish not confronted him yet?

No. 1492023

File: 1675653373204.png (92.25 KB, 548x849, loish callout.PNG)

Looks like Loish vague tweeted about it back in 2020 actually but probably didn't want to give them too much attention.

No. 1492037

Nah, that one was about Lotusbubble (Was discussed a few threads back, I can try to find the post.) This guy didn't start copying her until about a year ago. To his credit, he does frequently cite Loish as a huge inspiration for him and he does subscribe to her patreon. But his art's been getting way too skinwalkery.

No. 1492041

No. 1492054

lol wat? lotusbubble is biting samdoesart now, don't they have any shame?

No. 1492140

I’ve always Absolutely fucking hated lotusbubble. No soul in their art, they might as well be an art generator- there’s just no substance in their work

No. 1492142

File: 1675672935002.jpeg (975.67 KB, 750x1177, F6B40F77-D847-4E4D-936F-86C1F6…)

I was like, wdym, then I look at their page and holy shit this person has no shame.

Like, it’s fine to be inspired by others but you know damn well by their work that all they want to do is make a profit by piggybacking other artists’ works

No. 1492180

The type who would use an AI generator to replicate styles 1:1 if that was possible and legal. They don't have a creative bone in their body, just in it for money/clout

No. 1492195

This man isn't even doing a good job copying her, the face he drew here is so ugly.

No. 1492353

Oh wow. Lotus is super skinwalkery too. If you read her "follow me on patreon!" spiels they are almost copy and pasted from Loish's.

No. 1492426

This doesn't look much like Loish though tbh. The style is different. Unless you mean the rendering specifically, but I see Disney concept artists draw like this too, but not as colorful. Loish really need to relax if they think he owns this style and no one has ever created art like this before. There's a difference between first person with popularity thinking they own all style and the fact that other people probably just haven't been seen yet or gone viral. Loish has PRETTY art too, but just the coloring, whereas >>1492010 is very Tim Burtin, squashed baby.

No. 1492549


No. 1492568

File: 1675720203162.png (816.07 KB, 549x551, sketchingdrop.PNG)

Maybe based on that one image but his overall catalog has me thinking that if I replace the center image with a picture of Loish herself, would anyone be able to tell these weren't her paintings?

No. 1492602

Exactly. There's also >>1487459 which shows more of his art. It's not just inspiration at this point. And no one said Loish was mad about him copying her style. Loish, very vocally, does not care when people are inspired by her art style. What she does care about is when people get obsessive and creepy.

That makes a lot of sense. It's weird how literally everything she makes now has distinctly asian facial features when lotusbubble is a generic white girl.

No. 1492617


This is really ugly. there's nothing appealing about the features or her giraffe neck. Everything about it is just so off-putting. trust a scrote to make a screwy, unsettling copycat.

No. 1492657

Actual mix between cyarine and loish wtf

No. 1492740

>only 'asians' can draw other 'asians'

No. 1492865

This looks like an attempt to yassify a troll doll kek

No. 1492925

NTAYRT but it's just funny how she was unable to draw anything but the generic white loish face before and now that she's copying samdoesarts her characters suddenly look east asian.

Loish and samdoesarts both do sameface too but they have proven they can do likeness if they want to, the same can't be said for these copycats.

No. 1493105

NTA either, but most people draw slightly upturned eyes. Look at WINX Club. Everyone in that show has that designs and then you have the Asian girl with even MORE slanted-down eyes. Calling that style Asian features is absolutely moronic when its a basis to most animated/drawn cartoons. Unless they are getting more than eyes, it's just generic cutesy stylization for eyes.

No. 1493260

This is something I have been noticing for awhile now when it comes to seeking out other artists online but is anyone else getting tired of seeing so many woman artists claim to be "nonbinary". I was looking u[ some speedpaint storytime type videos recently because I like to listen to them when I'm drawing but I kid you not, so many that I come across the girl always needs to come out and say she "identifies" as nonbinary and goes by "they/them" pronouns and I'm just… It feels like I'm the only one who knows this is bullshit and it really does affect my judgment when I seek out other artists. This may be shallow but whenever i watch these videos and I hear them say that they go by "they/them" pronouns, I click off the video.

I'm not sure if it's because I'm slightly older (I'm in my early 30s) but I don't have the patience for it and it just scares me that is seems like every woman artist I run into online is some "NB" case.

No. 1493518

File: 1675807408357.png (624.09 KB, 579x461, 8490.png)

Just a new flavor of internalized misogyny. We've gone from girls deciding they're trans because they don't like dresses or being talked down to (and want to make their entire identity cosplaying a male character fucking another male character cosplayed by another girl), to girls deciding they're nonbinary because they realize they're not men. It all stems not wanting to be seen as a woman/female because of perceived gender expectations. If you don't fit every stereotype, it's not that the stereotypes are bad, it's that you're Actually Not A Girl.

Picrel is an example I just came across from anti-shipper screaming on IG. People who make characters with multiple pronouns and use them all in a single sentence make me want to have an aneurysm.

No. 1493521

Off-topic but a cowgirl named Valentine is very cute

No. 1493550

AYRT, oh I see. It's just so sad to witness because you'd think in the modern times we would've gotten over it but I feel like these identity problems among young women and girls is even worse than when I was a teenager. Granted I was a bit of a weeb but the worst you'd run into were obsessive fangirls who'd hate on you if you didn't like their ship. I'm aware that fujos were a thing even back in the late 2000s but the "identity" crap wasn't so common back then and it was easy to avoid and still find women artists who still lived in reality.

It makes it so hard to even try and make new friends because there's no way I could ever indulge such lunacy even if they were a friend.

No. 1493579

AYRT. I get what you mean, Nona. I'm the same age as you and have been very androgynous-looking my entire life. I used to get made fun of and bullied by people asking me "are you a boy or a girl?", but it was obvious cruelty and easily ignored. But since the nonbinary fad kicked off, people default to using they/them because they look at me and decide that I don't look enough like what they've defined as a "woman". It's so much worse than the bullying because it's out of attempted "respect" and politeness.

It's really unfortunate that this generation of girls is being told that there's something wrong with them rather than encouraging them to break free from feminine stereotypes.

Sorry for blogpost, your question hit the heart of something that I've been having a hard time with because it affects me so frequently.

No. 1493648

>convinced himself she's irredeemable
She sure is. What in the virtue signalling are these fucked up sentences, imagine writing those cringe oc headcanons and the sentence has more people than just this oc, how would you do that? Except give the others even more retarded pronouns like sparkle and fae?

No. 1493670

Go back to Twitter

No. 1493730

That's how they referred to themselves, sit the fuck down.

No. 1493785

File: 1675832805779.jpg (134.12 KB, 1080x1351, 2b79d2bc7ed1bcab3ddcfcb25b4538…)

This looks better than samdoesart's uncanny disney girls

No. 1493834

not sure how to word it but there's something really off about her expression

No. 1493861

No one is gonna buy digital prints if they can right click save. Sorry. Try to do a week with comissions with % off to attract buyers. Maybe invest on physicial art? Physicial prints, sticker etc.

No. 1493882

Everything about this character looks so cool except the gender bullshit.

Women back then disguised themselves as men, and passed easily because dumbass men see women as a gender presentation first and foremost. Women are so badass, why do modern girls aspire to be like dickhead males. They should take pride in their ability to mask their gender (something males can never do without expensive surgery) and their choice to live childfree, man-free, whatever, instead of separating themselves from the collective experience of being a female human on Earth.

Knowing how resilient women have been throughout history despite sexism and violence, you should be proud to carry on the resilience of your female ancestors. It's just sad what gender bs has done to this gen of girls.

No. 1493932

wait this whole time I thought digital prints meant prints of digital art???

No. 1493973

AYRT. No problem, I'm just glad I'm not the only one who has noticed this because it's so depressing to see and it's even more depressing as it seems to be harder to find fellow artists to try to befriend when this crap has captured the online art world to where even if there are artists who don't buy into the gender malarkey, they won't be public about it…

No. 1494002

I think it's the cross-eyed face. It makes it look porny.

No. 1494039

Yeah it’s too close to aheyago (so?) coomer shit to me

No. 1494051

That's actually not true. Depending on your style and if your art leans more decorative, digital prints formatted for poster sizes can do well.
For >>1484525 if you don't want to sell raw digital files (understandable; I wouldn't sell printables that isn't stuff like coloring or planner pages), and if you don't have the capital to buy prints in bulk (also understandable), I would like to stress trying out Print on Demand via a place like Etsy and have about $20-50 set aside for orders. It's not going to cost you anywhere that much to run one print unless it's some giant metal panel you're selling for $150; but treat that manufacturing money as your inventory.
PoD is a good middle ground between avoiding buying inventory that may not move, and selling high-res files on a trust system.
I actually think the PoD market is hurting for direct-from-artist sellers. Most PoD sellers are people who flip assets, or people who outsource most of their work.
If you don't want to mess with Etsy, you could stick to a place like Redbubble. The profit margin is lower, but so are your initial costs. Redbubble has its own set of issues, but it's something.

No. 1494067

That's why I plaster my shit with minimum 3 watermarks before even posting and they still get likes. Watermark the fuck out of your work. Put it over the eyes and intricate parts, overlay so its different hues, add noise. Make it a pain in the ass to remove too. No one is printing out overly watermarked work to put on their wall.

No. 1494094

Nah there's a market for print-ready digital files, especially if you target an international market. You just need to be realistic about pricing. I've often wanted a picture on my wall where shipping the print was not even an option, came with customs fee or the artist's chosen POD service was also not an option. Like INPRNT is popular with lots of illustrators but the relation of product price to shipping is just dumb for me.

No. 1494180

A little off topic but I’m looking to make my own stickers, keychains, ect.
And I just don’t know where to start; like, what’s the most common resolution/size that I should format my reference? When packing, do I make a business card to promote my stuff?
Are there any videos that you guys recommend who explains their process

No. 1494193

You're going to want to learn vector art first.

No. 1494474

As someone else said, check the artist alley threads on /cgl/ and maybe the Artist Alley Network discord. As long as your work is above 300 DPI you will be able to print it. I don't know vector art so I sell acrylic keychains.

No. 1494621

File: 1675895356733.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1170x1474, 4C6F70D3-AB8B-4CD3-BD23-0AE8FB…)

Idk how to feel about this. On one hand I wouldn’t want a triple-A company using my art either. On another hand it’s just a shitty meme.

No. 1494666

There are so many expression memes with this exact style, yet the artist couldn’t point out the expression that they copied.
Idk nonny, is this the person who made the meme or just another person who jumped on the bandwagon and is willing call out a company for using the same shitty meme for profit

No. 1494910

NTAYRT but is 300 dpi enough? I never work bigger than that. Sorry for the dumb question, I’m also completely new to this

No. 1494946

Am I the only one whose autism goes off when a super popular influencer artist (like Leigh Ellexson or FurryLittlePeach) try out a new art supply and then suddenly EVERYONE is buying it and it floods social media?

I don’t know, it’s just annoying as fuck. Reminds me of copics in the 2000s.

No. 1494962

Thank you guys for your tips/suggestions!

No. 1494971

File: 1675931681839.jpg (295.01 KB, 1080x1920, 20230209_012804.jpg)

Nah, I feel the same way with art trends. My ig feed has been flooded with ok_hand transition reels. The first thing I saw when I opened the app to grab picrel from the og video was yet another one.

No. 1494976

What supply anon?

No. 1494985

For enamel stuff you probably need to supply a vector file though I think some suppliers might also convert your design if it's something that can easily be translated into vectors. There's lots on youtube about it. For stickers and acrylic keychains etc. rasterized graphics in print size should be fine. Design-wise I would reverse-engineer my sizes from the desired outcome format since too much scaling can result in your design not really working that well in the end.

No. 1495001

File: 1675938067809.jpeg (16.83 KB, 550x336, images (1).jpeg)

I'm gonna sound like /ic/ but honestly learning how to draw things directly from anime is a trap. It's better to learn the real world analogy first before applying it to simple stylization anime has.
Pic rel is a pretty good break down of it that you can easily apply to anime https://www.proko.com/preview/course-lesson/how-to-draw-hair/notes

No. 1495012

Likewise it's been so annoying how every they/them ace aro person I talk to is just a normal woman probably in the spectrum with some non-girly fandoms. I imagine we could have been friends if they'd just admit they are straight women who's tired of objectification kek

No. 1495164

You don't need to learn vector art, not even for enamel pins. Just make sure you draw at 300dpi, and if you are making enamel pins, make sure your lines are super clean and thick. Vector makes this easier, but it's not impossible to do with a raster brush.

You can order keychains, pins etc. on Alibaba, there are tons of sellers. Buy stickers in your home country, there are plenty of local sticker places and you can do it yourself if you have a nice printer and some vinyl sticker paper.

Yes, a business card is a must. Even if it gets thrown in the garbage, it's the bare minimum to brand yourself as a professional.

Until you build up an audience, it's going to be extremely difficult to sell online. I would try to get into a convention if you want to sell your art. You also need to have a good pool of money to even get started. Printing costs are the worse when your minimum order is low, and it will be when you're just starting out.

No. 1496888

Check out the comments section on this one. Who knew Kaypea Creations had so many tranny fans??

They're assmad that she made a white glowing dear because a JKR-touched white glowing dear threatens trans existence or something retarded like that.

No. 1496891

Freudian slip, I think it looks nice

No. 1496892

Kaypea creations makes some beautiful art dolls she doesn't deserve the hate. Are they really that braindead to think this is referencing jkr?

No. 1496913

Its kinda sad how she instantly wrote a groveling apology as if trans people who are the loudest ebeggers on the internet and are often too mentally ill to hold a job are her target customers.

No. 1496962

The arts are getting ruined by politics, such a beautiful figure yet these people only think about their dogmas and even harass innocent people over them, very sad and deplorable

No. 1496980

How do these whiny trans shitheads even recognize HP references, I thought the series was trash and reading it means you want trans genocide?! It's almost like they were all mega fans and can't handle JK taking their coping mechanism away from them

No. 1496989

File: 1676137421776.jpg (785.67 KB, 2880x2880, C0llage__.jpg)

She apologised and they're still whining because it's not the apology these people want, it's the feeling of others serving you because your meltdowns are that annoying

No. 1497003

So by their logic people who make lovecarftian art are supporting a racist? God these troons are retarded. Poor kaypea though she's been posting apologies on her stories too.

No. 1497015

Apparently she had "Hogwarts Legacy" as a tag in the description. Most likely to boost the video in the algorithm considering HL just released and is really popular right now.

No. 1497020

Its never enough for trannies. You can self flaggelate with apology videos all you want, but they will never, ever be satisfied.
Kaypea should just tell them to fuck off and keep making her art pieces.
They're not entitled to jack shit from her, and she needs to make that clear.

No. 1497109

You sound like a scrote.

No. 1497115

>You HURT me by making a white glowing deer you…. you BIGOT! :'(
The absolute lunacy of these people. Holy shit. I feel so bad for Kaypea.

>you're using the controversy for views!!

The game is popular worldwide without the controversy, kiddo. You lost.

No. 1497117

File: 1676146128708.png (1.07 MB, 1920x1080, Charts Singleplayer-83aa4603ec…)

dropped my image

No. 1497125

Wtf why? I hate the fact trannies are literally ignoring such a beautiful piece of work just because she's not strictly aligning to trans politics, this girl worked hard on her craft just to have a bunch of deranged weirdos crying in her comments they're literally unable to appreciate anything that doesn't pander to them

No. 1497188

Love how the top 2 are games the trannies couldn't stop screaming about. Its also kind of funny how the token annoying transwoman in both games is a bartender and how the character customization options are like "yeah this makes absolutely no sense and will just amuse and confuse normal players but whatever".

No. 1497246

File: 1676154990423.png (997.69 KB, 1644x2825, Screenshot_20230211-233124~2.p…)

Not sure if it belongs here, so I apologize if not.
Linkin Park used AI for their new music video, which sucks considering it's a homage to Chester

No. 1497265

Looks like shit

No. 1497311

Everyone knows it’s not really an homage and that’s why people are angry.

No. 1497325

Funny how they're going so hard after a game that their bogeyman Rowling apparently had little involvement in anyway, and haven't gone after her books, movies, merch, you know the stuff she mainly gets her money from. They also haven't gone after anything that receives her money like charities. Because that'd be too hard. Complaining about video games is probably safe and familiar.

No. 1497333

File: 1676162579047.jpg (99.1 KB, 898x851, Ouch.jpg)

No. 1497349

File: 1676164714781.jpg (584.91 KB, 772x1062, oLtgTQe.jpg)

I'd honestly love it if we just had a thread to share AI art fails …

No. 1497350

I'm always amazed whenever people try to use AI for commercial products, it always ends up being an incredibly mediocre product. Would be a good thread.

No. 1497359

I agree with you but you worded it like one of those trad alpha male accounts on twitter. Fyi politics have always been present in art. Besides not believing in gender nonsense isn’t politics, it’s just common sense.

No. 1497373

Really sucks that the band and other music/art mediums would promote this shit and not help out fellow artists. music and literature (tho less on the board) are able to copyright the shit out of people yet people who draw look petty for trying to claim anything as their work

No. 1497476

I didn’t think the apology was that bad. She covered her ass but she defended herself and isn’t taking it down or claiming ignorance. She’s playing it cool and everyone else looks unhinged.

No. 1497500

you sound fucking paranoid, anon said absolutely nothing scrotey, "politics shouldn't always be in art" was not a concept invented by trad larping twitter accounts but a debate present in all history. People deserve a break and to just look at something pretty sometimes

No. 1497520

This is like the opposite of good animation

No. 1497608

I'll not "correct" the way I talk just because it triggers your schizo tendencies, and no, art is not supposed to be always propaganda

No. 1497681

I just checked this out and this one picture can't convey how fucking bad it looks kek. Techbros will be like "AI will replace artists and you can't tell the difference" and then shit this out. It's even more depressing because this is supposed to be a tribute to a dead person but it comes off as lazy and downright insulting. No one wanted to actually pay an artist to work hard and make a good animation, even when it's a homage to a suicide victim.

No. 1497779

There is!

No. 1497895

You sound fat.

No. 1498315

Take your meds nonny

No. 1498569

NTA (obviously) but I agree with you. I get that art is a communication tool, so politics can happen if the creator means for it to happen. But I don't like how it gets automatically attributed that ALL art is intentionally and inherently political, so it's okay to run around and harass creators. The problem right now is that the consumers themselves are the ones who default to making it political. Even the moids who try to peg art as political only do so when they can't self insert/project onto the work and are forced to identify w/someone who isn't close to resembling them. They've normalized it so much to where people think any art that bothers them is Literally Murdering them.

For the amount of power people give art, whether it's people beating dead horses about Rowling, or a rising Twitter artist getting called out for drawing the wrong ship or a hex decimal off on the skintone, you'd think we were some beacon of real power in the world.

Sometimes I wonder if we should lean into some aspects of it. I don't mean take a political route, but fully acknowledge and embrace how we have the power to upset idiots.

No. 1499018

Well, she did explicitly refer to it as a patronus.

No. 1500186

Is there a reason every digital artist seems to go for a painterly style eventually?

No. 1500204

Most of the very popular artists I see always seem to have painterly styles. I once mentioned my appreciation for styles of lineart and had the pleasure of being told by geniuses that only amateurs limit themselves to lineart and that it’s a ‘crutch’.

I don’t doubt that artists enjoy digital painting, and it’s definitely appealing. But it does feel like there’s this view of it as more ‘advanced’ and the fact it’s so popular with normies probably influences online artists too.

No. 1500294

I don't know why they believe lineart is a crutch, when good lineart takes more skill than painterly. You can fudge a lot with painterly; lineart commands more shape language, silhouette, intention, and so forth.
I love flat lineart and pixel art styles myself. I can do painterly, but I found it boring to do digitally.

No. 1500313

Painterly style is much faster. Drawing quality lineart digitally takes a very long time, a good painting just needs good color.

But learning how to paint digitally takes longer imo, which is why most beginners do lineart, but professionals stop doing lineart to save time. At least that's why I stopped.

I've never come across anyone who looks down on lineart though. Look at Victo Ngai for a line heavy style. She does all her lines traditionally though, which is much faster than digital. There's just something about digital lineart that is so tedious and unpleasant to do. I admire digital artists with detailed clean lineart.

No. 1500460

Can confirm that digital lineart just sucks. You just lack the kind of precision and control that makes it great with a stylus. All great line artists I can think of work analogue. Manga and comic artists do transition to digital these days but that's due to the other advantages, not the line quality. I've also never seen the attitude of line or b/w work being looked down on. Wondering if it's a concept bro environment where people transition to a painterly style because it's industry standard?

No. 1500866

It just happens organically I think. For me it went like this:
>do sketch
>like the sketch enough to want to post it but don’t feel like doing a whole complete piece with lineart and stuff
>okay I’ll just color the sketch and do a little cleanup on another layer above the colored sketch
>oops I’m painting now

No. 1501528


No. 1502134

Honestly, I hate lineart so much because I feel like making it look clean takes away from the movement. Also, maybe just me, but I feel like it makes me focus too much on the details when I can just colour to get the “idea” of it.

I’ll still praise artists out there, like mike mignola, who are able to use line art to their advantage

No. 1502308

i get so annoyed when a popular artist follows me idk because i feel like they'd just unfollow me a while later whether i follow back or not

No. 1502538

Deviantart is full of ai shit and art thiefs/impersonators. It's so depressing to see the front page full of low quality ai garbage and blatant impersonators (they often take works from chinese artists) getting praise from clueless normies. Nothing happens if you report them.

No. 1502673

Get off the site, why are you wasting your time there.

No. 1502676

Because other sites suck too.

No. 1502693

File: 1676651132751.png (1.97 MB, 1080x3604, Screenshot_20230217-111039-853…)

Ngl I love when non-artists post the most blatant ai work possible and pretend it's completely their own work. It's hilarious. They think no one can tell because they easily fool normies.

There's an indie author I started reading and I enjoyed the spicy fantasy, but immediately knew the art is AI. But the author likes to pretend she's an artist and talks about her generated images as if she painted them. Nevermind the fact that her characters look different in every image she posts of them and their faces are obviously just celebrities edited through AI. You can tell the obvious parts she tries to edit to prove she can paint (making sure her images have completed hands to show it's totally not AI guise!!) and she has a few "sketches" that are just poorly traced AI faces.

And people like this are a dime a dozen now. When will this trend die? I'm all for the idea of non-artists being able to visualize their characters easily, but not at the expense of artists.

Deleted and reposted for typos

No. 1502751

Everytime I see some artist clamor about their stuff being “queer!” I just know it’s going to be pretentious, boring, low effort with the most atrocious combination of pastel hair and earth tones and genderless blob character designs. Everyone winds up looking grey with the ashiest pop of colours. Like the bar is so fucking low when “queer” pops in as a descriptor when I’m searching for fantasy media that doesn’t pander to moids.

No. 1502783

this looks like if she's mid-level artist who collages and overpaints and lacks the skill to make things coherent. I'm usually good at recognizing AI but I also don't look at it too often. How can you tell it's AI?

No. 1502829

File: 1676661629377.png (1.44 MB, 1080x1179, Screenshot_20230217-141039-156…)

Imo the most telling thing is the way the "brush stokes" always look, especially with hair. The strands look pulled and stretched with no clear beginning or end (picrel) or direction.
Also anyone at this skill level in real life would know what parts of a painting to leave blurry or unpolished and what parts to up the detail without it being distracting. Her images have a very inconsistent amount of blur and detail that looks arbitrary. And the blurriness you see doesn't look like unrefined brush strokes, it looks like a low res image.

A lot of artists work the detail on the faces in portraits as the focal point, but this is different. It looks like she just generates faces and photobashes them onto the bodies.

She's far from the only one doing this, and I hate how often im seeing it on the writing community but there are obvious tells.

No. 1502841

That's what I was thinking. You can create mashed-up-together photos by using art apps and tools to cover up mistakes to make them look like a whole photo, but that doesn't make you an artist when you barely even do any of the art yourself. I can color-match and fill in a missing finger too, but I'm not going to pretend I created the whole piece from scratch. I hate AI. I hate it not just for art, but for safety reasons too. This was a mistake.

No. 1503162

shit like this is why I just dont share my art online anymore. What is the point when some discord faggot will just do something like this and shill a patreon?

No. 1503263

Oh yeah this one looks much more like AI to me. I think it's likely she paints a bit more on some of them.

No. 1503275

File: 1676708780004.jpg (524.85 KB, 1996x1000, peoniescomibnes.jpg)

I like him as an art youtuber but has Alpay Efe ever been called out for copying Alex Kanevsky a bit too strongly? Like dude, you got decent skills, why. (Pic left: Alpay Efe, right: Alex Kanevsky)

No. 1503299

His art is so soulless as compared to Kanevsky no wonder no one cares even though you're right, the way he copies his technique is pretty blatant. Has Alpay Efe ever openly admitted to where he takes his inspiration from or does he just avoid the subject?

No. 1503310

I'm not sure, I only watch his vids casually. I'm pretty sure in one vid that was about his gallery work he never mentioned him though so he probably avoids it hoping that Kanevsky is too obscure for his audience.

No. 1503455

There are different stroke techniques in there, if anything the subject right here is similar. The left looks like it has more intentional strokes in specific areas whereas the right has mostly downward strokes to create forms [I love the look of the right side leaf on the right one, there's so many colors in it just to create its shape to make it stand out from the other clusters of stems and leaves], even in the background. I honestly like the right one more, shows more form, depth, and skill imo.

No. 1503510

File: 1676743948079.png (1.91 MB, 1201x897, tried_so_hard_and_got_so_far_b…)

I mean, even the first one I posted has evidence of edited AI. Pic rel points out what I noticed just at my initial staring at it. His right hand she painted over is also too small, with wonky shadows and weird looking bony knuckles.

I don't mean to pick on this girl specifically, but I've seen too many non-artists doing this and claiming they did all the hard work and I'm frustrated.
All the time and energy she spends trying to unAi-ify these images, she could just learn to paint lol Laziness is one hell of a drug.

No. 1503837

unrelated but related, sort of. back in the mid-2010s, i feel like you could find “confessions” accounts that would anonymously air people’s grievances especially with artists. kinda wondering why that’s not a thing anymore considering some of these artists are annoying as fuck and it takes them being overly blatantly racist or something for people to then point out all the previous shit they’d done. do accounts like that still exist or is that just a thing of the past?

i honestly think a twitter account that just highlighted artists’ big blunders (being “””problematic”””, tracing, stealing art, etc) that they never apologised for would be endlessly entertaining and might help dismantle the bizarre hierarchy “big” artists have on instagram and twitter.

No. 1503940

Not to mention his arm muscle there looks not quite connected and the bracer chain mail? pattern fades into the skin. Laziness.

Confession blogs were fun and mostly on LJ and then Tumblr took over. I don’t know what good it would do because Twitter already has call out mobs. I know it’s different than old confession/secrets blogs but in today’s art and fan circles I think too many people would try to solve the mysteries and dogpile even more on others.
They were fun though, confessions about something fun and noteworthy or enjoying what you want were refreshing. It wasn’t always bashing others or griping

No. 1504002

artist beware still exists but it's mostly for furfag artists at this point. But it's got entries for which artists to avoid and which buyers to avoid and every post has to be verified with proof

No. 1504536

Is every woman remotely good at erotic art some kind of fujo troon at this point? I keep seeing artists I’d want to think of befriending or study because they have an interesting art style then boom, deformed “man” clitoris.

Het art by isn’t even better cause it either devolves into her pandering to moids and drawing deformed titty beasts. I just keep to myself as an ero artist because it all ends up revolving around moids at the end.

No. 1504578

Tbh anybody who is both horny enough and artsy enough to draw erotic art is bound to have some kind of mental issue (like me lol)

No. 1504625

I can stomach fujo artists as long as they don't draw trans mutilation or girls with dicks and claim it's f/f or other bullshit. The bar is on the ground these days.

No. 1504665

Not really. Though, most of us keep to ourselves and quietly post since troons and their handmaidens have infected the erotic art scene. Befriending is going to be hard since you never know who's a clout-chasing landmine sniffing around for the next callout target.

No. 1504765

File: 1676874204499.jpg (263.7 KB, 1080x1138, 1673934282325851.jpg)

Whatever happened to acatcie?

No. 1504778

What the fuck
The improvement is just more sparkles and less rendering? How is this person not embarrassed to post this??

No. 1504782

confessing I draw better when I'm horny. I end up drawing lesbian or straight and it is pretty vanilla. I wouldn't post it though because I have 0 need to interact with horny self hating FTM or MTF who will try saying I need to insert dicks into my lesbian art. There just isn't a benefit to posting it. What I don't understand is how people stay horny enough to do more than a sketch unless it's just to pay the bills.

No. 1504924

I draw erotic art but not for main income and am just uninterested in being part of the erotic artist scene on twitter.

No. 1505076

File: 1676922498551.jpg (98.33 KB, 840x400, rockandriot-840x400.jpg)

OT but why are wokies so obesseded with their OC's being criminals or "outcasts", when most are the softest and delicate humans beings IRL

No. 1505099

File: 1676924622652.jpeg (513.25 KB, 2048x1536, 69412807-3085-4FB4-8325-64F7C6…)

Procreate nonnies, I hate how my art looks like something from 2010 DeviantArt. My traditional art looks so much more lively and professional. How can I get a brush that looks like pic related? (although this obviously isn’t procreate) I feel like procreate artists really gatekeep their brushes/brush settings compared to CSP artists
If you don’t know what brush could work like pic related, here’s some other questions:
>what brushes do you use? If default brushes, what’s your settings?
>any procreate beginner advice you’d wish you would’ve known when you started out?

No. 1505104

yeah i sorta half agree. its hard to find a balance between “this artist is the best person ever and we should all agree with everything they tweet” and “this artist said something i dont agree with so we should all go harass them and make them delete their account” on twitter.

i remember these confession blogs would usually give the artist a good laugh, or they’d start some drama against an anon that was obviously them and it was just a bit of fun for everyone. but i guess people can’t handle things like that anymore without sending an angry mob either way.

No. 1505105

the type of brushes you use won't mean anything unless your actual a good artist.
>my art looks like something from 2010 DeviantArt.
can you further elaborate from that?

No. 1505108

i dont think she ever intended to blow up as she did. she was just drawing casually and probably had no interest in growing beyond that.
comments like >>1504778 probably got to her and ultimately ruined her enjoyment in drawing

No. 1505109

File: 1676925633596.jpeg (113.21 KB, 1245x825, 149CC021-3BCE-491B-8047-C56ECB…)

>the type of brushes you use won't mean anything unless your actual a good artist.
As I said, I am a good artist traditionally but new to digital art. I would like a brush that emulates the look that I want, just like any artist traditionally would change brushes or nibs when painting/inking.
>my art looks like something from 2010 DeviantArt.
can you further elaborate from that?
It’s the cheap looking flat digital look. Like these brushes from procreate for example. There’s no life and dimension to the brushes like a traditional g-pen would give.

No. 1505122

"Dimension" doesn't come from a brush but from a solid understanding of form and good usage of line weight (even in digital art). Feng Zhu is a perfect example of this. The man uses nothing but the default Photoshop brush.

If you're having trouble translating your skill from traditional to digital, that's normal. Being a good artist in one medium doesn't mean you can execute that same drawing in a different medium without practice.

Now if you're looking for a brush purely for stylization, I guess you could download whatever brush set your favorite digital artist has available.

No. 1505172

>If you're having trouble translating your skill from traditional to digital, that's normal.
Okay any advice for that then? I really didn’t need a lecturing anon kek

No. 1505222

Anon, are you me? I recently found a talented female het ero artist who doesn’t draw gross rape-y content but I dug a little deeper and she draws futa/mtf shit. Pain.

No. 1505239

If she’s not arriving for improvement, why do a progress pic?

No. 1505286

File: 1676946855720.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.23 MB, 1533x1000, 13BB8CBD-BE5B-481E-9CA4-3B9E21…)

Nat the Lich is very talented in digital painting technique and composition but her female anatomy is Sakimi-chan tier. Picrel is her latest attempt. I recommend her yaoi art if you’re a fujo though.

No. 1505311

Lol this question pretty much answers itself. Same thing with the whole mastectomy scars shit. Because it's trendy,

No. 1505318

I’m familiar with her but avoid her fujo work because I’m a lot more attracted to women than I am men (I don’t mind fujo art especially if it makes men look as braindead as women are typically drawn, but I’m kinda tired of everything involving their dicks). I used to do nsfw as a part time gig over the pandemic, started out liking it cause muh sexual expression but the scrotey stuff began to wear me down. Do men have souls? They’ve got no sense or eroticism and even sexualize people they hate as some form of control.
I mostly do m/f or f/f and I’m transitioning to personal art so I can cool off after work.
Now that I have a job that isn’t online, I just want to make art a hobby again as well as improve and just hang out, but everything is so handmaideny and people are allergic to critique.
I tried just drawing nsfw just to pay the bills and now I have misandrist thoughts.

No. 1505326

As the other anon said vary your line weight, is your pen pressure on

No. 1505483

I don't use procreate so I dunno if it's an option on it, but maybe you can try to use a brush that changes its size according to the stroke speed as opposed to pressure.
I'm pretty sure the OP of that pic was using the Millipen brush from CSP, which works that way. If you can recreate something similar on Procreate go for it, it's pretty fun to use, makes you be more thoughtful/decisive of your strokes and (for me, at least) it's way easier to get lines of different weights with it than with the usual pressure-based brushes.

No. 1505589

lol @ nonas that say the brush doesn't matter
I use Photoshop brush compatible software and a lot of Kyle T Webster's brushes. I also recommend checking out True Grit Texture Supply.
You can find many of these for free online if you look hard enough.

No. 1505634

professional art nonnies HELP
i just got an insanely last minute and tbh annoying request from a popular local art gallery to exhibit my work…in 2 weeks. I don't have any new pieces to show. all my stuff I've previously shown feels stale.

1. how the hell can I pop out a whole gallery show of 10-12 pieces within the next 14 days?
2. will my show suck if it is just digital art prints matted and framed? i would love to submit canvas paintings or even illustrated textiles as well but given how fucking late and unprofessional this exhibition request is I don't even know if I have time to finish 1 painting

i am freaking out lol

No. 1505698

File: 1677000101702.png (209.12 KB, 1741x838, thisshit.PNG)

Why the hell is it that when I download a balloon off of the CLIP STUDIO ASSETS site, it's seldom ever a pen but an balloon image material that I have to drag and drop onto my manuscript? It's a pain in the ass and majorly inefficient. Is there someway to turn them from image material balloons into balloon pens instead?

No. 1505744

How do you come up with good/interesting/extraordinary compositions?

No. 1505749

Most basic advice I could give is to place a simple image or series of lines in the background to serve as a guide for placing your characters and objects.

No. 1505755

How much time do you take for a piece normally? If you have to work on it for a couple of days then you're not going to make it. If you take a few hours then you'll be able to do it but you'll have to work very hard and the quality and originality may go down. Giving so little time is unprofessional, but then again you could submit older pieces too.

No. 1505786

The composition is stronger if element works together. Think about the negative space and perspective as well as the main subject of the picture.

No. 1506086

>I use Photoshop brush compatible software

So CSP? What other programs support PS brushes? I second your rec for True Grit. They’re great.

No. 1506102

kek'ing at them making the loud, sporty character black. kekekekeke

No. 1506104

No. 1506110

I need to learn how to draw sexier so I can make the butch vampire slow burn erotica comic the world needs, but right now everyone I draw looks like they stepped out of an erika moen comic. anons how do i learn to draw sexy? do you have any inspirations of art style?

No. 1506113

File: 1677039444879.jpg (239.6 KB, 564x800, Illustration.jpg)

>right now everyone I draw looks like they stepped out of an erika moen comic
KEK I've been there nonnie I know how hard it is. Try studying statues. Learning structure and shadow will help you to avoid blobby, eggy looking people.

No. 1506114

I do actually know a fair bit about structure and can draw realistic humans from my head fairly decently, but I have trouble translating that into a more casual simplified style without it devolving into an Oh Joy Sex Toy deleted scene. It's like I can only do 0 realism or 100 realism and no in between, because once I start drawing real structures I don't know where to stop and before I know it it's realism again kek.

No. 1506119

File: 1677040582488.png (11.13 KB, 256x262, shadow.PNG)

You can add a lot of depth to a simple/cartoony style by using shadow patterns on the face. That is something you will definitely not see in an Erika Moen comic.

No. 1506122

Yeah, I guess I've always had problems with cell shading. I can sort of do it but I'll always run into some shape where I can't figure out how to represent the geometry with just a hard shadow. I guess I just need to keep practicing

No. 1506124

Is there a particular art style you do want to head towards? I usually just study the short hand of comic artists I do like. I tend to gravitate towards more simplified styles that focus on action and story telling and that has helped me a bit

No. 1506291

Since they are images all you can do is turn them into a stamp-like brush. It's pretty easy, just register all bubbles you'd like as brushtip material and then put them into a brush and tweak settings. Check out some brushmaking tutorials if you have no idea how to

No. 1506338

would highly recommend looking up the book 'drawing on the right side of the brain' and doing the exercises in the book, they were what I studied academically for the only professional art class i've ever taken and especially the exercises on negative space/vase face will help you to see the positive/negative space of a form which will help immensely in capturing shadows

No. 1506454

Are there any websites like old deviantart at all nowadays that aren't full of genderspecials? I'm 24 and I already feel so old when I look at these kids. Feels like on smaller websites it's just these kids with DID, autism, ADHD and 3 gender identities, I feel out of place.
I hate what DA has become but I still haven't left because I don't see an alternative. I'm on twitter and instagram but it's not the same.

No. 1506565

Honestly, the twitter SFW cutsey art community is the best I've found. Instagram sucks, fuck that. I hate the way their SM is set up in order to get reach. META deserves no money at all in general as they have some ideas coming up about anything you post they get to copyright. So, keep on twitter. Just grow your community. Nothing is like DA anymore and I'm 30 and was using these communities back when I was a teen. Everything is crawling is males who are gross where mass art exists. At least with Twitter, you can follow and only look at stuff you like. I find people's SFW Discords through who I follow on Twitter too and those are nice interact spaces as well. Public social media has changed so much because there's only a mainstream amount of places that actually involve people interacting as well. Places like Baraag [yes, I know its scrote filled as well], has such a terrible way to communicate with people who have the same interests. Twitter, however, makes it very easy to search and find and communicate with others.

No. 1506711

Seems like every other artist I end up following is trying to get funds to get top surgery.. I'm sick of the surgery scars in art because they want it so fucking bad it permeates everything and then eventually they're begging for it on their gofundme's. I don't typically care how people spend their money but I can think of a million other things besides cosmetic surgery to better spend 6-10k to improve the quality of a life. I'd understand if it were a genuinely medical thing but it puts me off when it's just 'I don't want tits anymore, muh dysphoria, gimme money'. It's getting hard to avoid people like this in art spaces.

No. 1506756

Right sometimes I'll even find a cool post but when I go on the artist's profile, it's a she/they trans gay mlm aro ace hypersexual whose other works are full of that shit. A shame.

No. 1506823

I follow either older professionals who keep their feeds strictly business or accounts that repost older illustration art and have managed to get around this issue. anyone im personally friends with that started going the way of the gender i have muted. You just need to diligently curate unfortunately

No. 1506996

This, I mostly follow professionals and the handful that are trans/gender special have been so for long enough that it isn’t a novelty that they constantly inject into their posts. As a general rule I don’t follow anyone with a caard linked in their profile lmao

No. 1507085

Asking out of curiosity, anons do have any tips to grow a community on twitter? Although i knew twitter's tagging system is shit but still doing a better job than instagram and META these days

No. 1507425

reeee it triggers me to see people praising ai "artists". they aren't artists! they're not "creating" anything! why do they ass kiss themselves like they're actually doing anything but telling a computer what to do

No. 1507465

>why do they ass kiss themselves like they're actually doing anything but telling a computer what to do
Because they would rather kill themselves over admitting they got no skills compared to actual artist, who they hate with passion

No. 1507487

Anyone else look at things like the manga/webtoon industries in jp/kr and get like… super envious that creators over there have actual platforms to push their original content on while in the west all we can do is post on SNS and hope for the best? We used to have a huge comic industry and it got literally fucking decimated, it feels like even if we have art/stories to share, there's nowhere to actually put it

No. 1507489

Absolutely. Though, in my case it's more so I get envious about the fact that America doesn't have anything like Comiket or All Star. I feel it would be absolutely amazing to have a convention dedicated to sharing fanworks made with genuine care and love but American copyright laws are a mega bitch and I know for a fact that the convention would be overpriced to the point it's like $300+ to get a table. It's not fair but that's life.

No. 1507492

i just wish there was more love for non-mainstream artforms in the west… we have all the resources and none of the drive

No. 1507497

Same. I want to be able to make dounjinshi and sell it at an event, meeting others who do the same and form a bond over our shared interest and passion for making such art.

No. 1507814

>make doujinshi in japan
>can be as depraved as you want, nobody gives a shit
>profitable and fun event, been happening for years

>make doujinshi in america

>draw a black character one-half shade lighter than they really are
>ship teacher/student in shonen manga
>called a racist pedophile and banned from all future events
yah it'd go well

No. 1508026

do y'all think csp is worth buying? how often does it go on sale?

No. 1508031

Female artists have been complaining about lolicon scrotes invading Comiket for years. Shut up.

No. 1508049

NTA but true. Most other doujin cons are more female dominated. Especially most cons dedicated to a single franchise like JoJo

No. 1508055

Just pirate it lol

No. 1508086

Are you supposed to stretch pulp watercolor paper or only cotton?

No. 1508119

I don't speak an ounce of japanese (yet) and still I collect doujin, I love them so much. It hurts my soul having to pay an extra €20-30 thanks to shipping/VAT every time I buy, I wish they were more accessible… I always have to hoard them on my proxy cart.
I like that fanzines took off lately, but they're harder to keep up with since they're professionally printed, come with merch & more often than not are for-profit, so they end up $70. Sometimes I just want to read someone's story for $5 on printer paper…
(And considering lots of times art on these fanzines ends up being "character but it's queer fat trans black from asia and also self harms", it stops me from buying, the art never looks like its source material)

Correct me if wrong, but I heard companies often turn a blind eye to doujin & other fan works/conventions because most (if not all) works are sold at production price, so the artists barely make money, if they make any at all.
And that kind of mindset doesn't click here, if there's no profit most artists won't even bother to make/sell stuff, It's kinda sad. And like >>1507814 said, it probably won't go well, just look at the state of western fandoms nowadays.

It will go on sale next month or in april, they always do a spring sale. I would endorse piracy like the other nona, but being honest their shop is almost indispensable to get the most out of it (the brushes & assets people make are amazing) & the whole program is just 1 payment of $20 when it's on sale.

No. 1508163

Is there any website or download that provides references of statues like picrel of this post >>1506113 (for free)?

No. 1508283

File: 1677270418399.png (792.51 KB, 811x697, statues.PNG)

I found that image searching 'beautiful statue face' on google but pinterest (+ublock origin) is also a great resource for finding reference images

No. 1508301

File: 1677271993558.jpg (99.7 KB, 500x600, Memorized Head.jpg)

samefag, I know you're looking specifically for free resources, but I also recommend investing in an Asaro head, if at all possible. This basic version (called 'memorized head') is $70, which isn't that expensive when you consider the cost of art supplies.

No. 1508519

can you not download brushes without the paid version?

No. 1508612

Literally any museum website nona

No. 1508624

I can download brushes just fine with my pirated copy of CSP EX.

No. 1508629

Same! I love collecting doujinshi and I've made a few myself (sold online) and have made submission to a JP anthology and plan to do so again this year. Doujinshi making is super fun and rewarding but it also requires tons of discipline and hard work which is something not a lot of people are willing to do. To be honest, I like fanzines as a concept but a lot of them tend to be bloated anthology artbooks with too many unneeded items tacked onto them, like you said.
>are for-profit, so they end up $70
Yeah, I feel that too. A lot of fanzines, while made by fans, seem to have a really big emphasis on making mail-order sales with constant advertisements and such. It feels off.
>And that kind of mindset doesn't click here, if there's no profit most artists won't even bother to make/sell stuff, It's kinda sad
That's the thing, it is sad and it's unfortunately true which is why I think an "Ameri-ket" wouldn't work out too well. If artists can't price their doujinshi at 20+ dollars instead of the usual 5-7 dollars for Japanese doujinshi it will be seen as a waste of hard work for many. Tables would be overpriced and so would the books produce, it would quickly degrade fast.

No. 1508648

File: 1677297120980.jpg (47.37 KB, 1000x1000, 51yyoqh2B L._AC_SL1000_.jpg)

I hope I'm right here and one of you might be able to help me. I'm looking for a lamp, something I can move around or take with me when I travel, so not too big, but also sturdy. Just a simple lamp with good lighting that I can use for drawing and other crafts in the middle of the night in badly lit rooms. I've tried google but all I can find are cheap, tiny reading lamps like picrel and those are cute, but don't offer the quality I'm looking for. Any recommendation, even just a brand, would make me happy.

No. 1508679

I know there’s some website/app that allows you to rotate a head/bust in a 3D space and apply different types of lighting to it but I can’t find it. Does anyone know the name?

No. 1508710

Probably not what you're looking for but sketchfab lets you rotate user submitted 3d models

No. 1508739

The one you posted looks cute

No. 1508797

I think you most likely can, but you will need to find the exported file itself, which not a lot of people upload since most of them simply put their stuff to the CSP assets store

No. 1508809

There's a reference tool on artstation

male head: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/GX3Ax1
female head: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/6a0Par

No. 1509033

Honestly I think we got the means to sell fan comics over here too without an ameri-ket. I'm not from the US (I guess the situation is pretty much the same tho) but 80% of merch people sell at cons are from IPs anyways, so the whole copyright thing feels like an excuse. I think people just prefer to draw some keychains and prints since they draw and sell faster rather than cut a bit from these and use that time for a comic.

It's extremely rare, but I have seen people selling their own comics at cons before. They're more expensive (around $12-15) since they’re usually printed in color, but they're pretty nice. I have bought some and when I show them to my friends/online, they’re often impressed and run to check if the artist still has leftovers lmao So the demand is here, but not the content itself.

Maybe the misconception of “fan comic/doujin = porn” also helped in making people turn away from them, but I’m sure if people put some effort into drawing/selling them over here, they will take off in no time like fanzines did. I hope that happens someday, they’re very fun.

No. 1509297

Anyone know?

No. 1509303

That's a weirdly specific hypothetical doujin kek

No. 1509309

stretching pulp paper can help, its always going to be more prone to warping then cotton tho so it can only do so much for you

No. 1509417

Finally! thank you so much nonny

No. 1509716

Sorry but I don’t get it…. If you don’t like a character because of their skin just…. Don’t draw that character?

One thing is “oh wow you made that character’s skin a tiny teeny bit lighter than the original source” and another thing is blatantly whitewashing a character just because. But apparently Twitter children can’t tell these two things apart?

No. 1509755

(Apologizing in advance for blog posting, should I sage all of this?)

Gosh I have so many questions that it’s not even funny, I hope to find some answers here.

So, I really don’t know what is the best thing to do. I want to grow as an online artist but I don’t know what is the best social media to stick to.

I won’t even talk about the fact that my art (basically anime fanarts, I use almost only alcohol markers btw) looks like absolute garbage in photo, because I know that I’m the one who doesn’t know how to take flattering pics anyways, and I’ve accepted that.

I have an Instagram account but I’m not that active here, because I find really annoyingly to put all of the damn hashtags and such, so I was thinking about switching to another social media that maybe would be more suitable (?) for artists. Probably I will restart to post on ig more frequently soon or later, maybe using the “scheduled posts” thingy, so I don’t have to go and upload every single time. Do you think it will work?

My tiktok account sucks even more than the ig one, I’m even worse in creating and editing videos, and the fact that for some reason I can’t be able to draw while recording pisses me off. Apparently, more than the art itself, people on Tiktok seem to prefer to watch u while drawing before their own eyes, and I get that. I thought about even starting a YouTube channel but I don’t know if it’s will even be worthy at this point.

What should I do? My friends suggested me to open a Twitter account or a Tumblr, but I don’t know, because on Twitter there is always drama for every little stupid thing (I don’t wanna even act like my art is so-super-viral to go and generate infights, I can only wish, but you never know…) and I feel like it’s kinda… late (?) to start an art account on Tumblr

I hope you could help me, and sorry if I broke some rules

No. 1509764

Do you like drawing, nonny? Why do you make art?

No. 1509777

meta business suite lets you schedule posts and add tags from desktop for insta, that should solve your problem with posting there.
I've never experienced drama, but I'm not interacting with any fandom discussions other than posting my own art and retweeting/liking stuff. Just act normal, ignore petty drama - it is not representative of people's opinions in general. Art fandoms are full of children, politely ignore them if they are looking for trouble. Building an audience takes time (and luck), and no one gives a shit about about your life/opinions until you are noteworthy enough.
If your photos look bad, practice some basic photo editing before uploading them, you'll get better as you go and lot's of people still like looking at photos of irl drawings.
Draw, post, move on to next drawing and ignore drama.

No. 1510009

File: 1677429297219.png (4.92 MB, 2228x1742, 1669835863899.png)

care to post the link to their socials? autistic artists that draw their ship/husbando/waifu/the same shit for years and never get tired of it are my favourite form of inspiration.

No. 1510022

In the back of my mind I know I would do this if I wasn't in a long term relationship. I mean I can still draw my faves to a DEGREE, but I just know I would go full blown yume.

No. 1510033

File: 1677430380650.png (11.95 MB, 2350x3235, 1d690c15bf91c4c4f59ceb31dfec39…)

Anyone else cant paint for shit? It makes me so angry because it's so common to see shit anatomy salvaged by top tier rendering, pic rel(yeah i know anime shit, first example i could find). It makes me feel actually stupid to be decent at drawing but suck at painting, considering that painting looks like it's the easiest part for most artists.

No. 1510034

the drawings themself aren't that great but i just find it beautiful

No. 1510037

i actually think they are really cute and creative even if they arent technically impressive. My favourite is the Mucha inspired one.

No. 1510038

Anyone can learn to render well with enough effort since it's purely technical. You just haven't spent enough time on it yet.

No. 1510072

i just dont get it, i can never pick the right colors or blend things nicely even though i know the ''rules''

No. 1510095

reminds me of taht deviantarg lady who ships herself with louis xvi of france (no, not the sun king, the fat guy who got his head chopped off by revolutionaries.)
the choice of husbando is utterly baffling (and i say this as a historyfag) but she's been at it for so long it's admirable

No. 1510125

Go back

No. 1510195

Kinda miss this kind of autism back in the day, now when someone does something even slightly cringy or problematic they get burned to the ground

No. 1510316

NAYRT but yeah, that's part of learning. You know what you want your work to look like so you get mad that nothing seems to work. Unfortunately you do just need to keep at it. Try branching out a bit, work in different mediums, do some studies, follow tutorials, try techniques like glazing. So much well-rendered art is photobashed these days that it's pointless to compare your art to it. I was in the same boat as you for so long, I know how disheartening it can be.

No. 1510336

thoughts? interesting innovation on AI. Clearly passionate but still built off the back of existing, painstakingly made imagery.

No. 1510409

Has anyone tried starting this yet? I’ve really reached a wall with my art improvement and am wondering if this sorta schedule/set up is a good idea to help me improve

No. 1510478

your chosen picture has a book by the artist if it interests you: "The Secret Of Skin Coating Taught By Mignon." Its very easy to find a pdf or scans of online too.

No. 1510497

Slightly OT but Frida looks so beautiful in the OP pic, what a queen ♥

No. 1510521

thank you!! didnt know

No. 1510525

File: 1677475062402.gif (1.94 MB, 500x279, tumblr_a80f48c7b47d4c2e5013624…)

i think it looks like shit, i dont see the point of using AI when they could have either rotoscoped it or made it in cell-shading. I hate how companies are going to force this souless technology because it's cheaper. It's sad when an 80's movie looks miles better than something made with new, cheap technology.

No. 1510533

I feel like AI Art is going to go into some negative feedback loop where the sources become so over saturated with shit images that everything being fed back into the AI will be incomprehensible junk. Kinda like how content farms make literally 0 sense because they’ve stolen all of the real content already.

No. 1510535

it's gonna happen when AI images exceeds real images, it's very dystopic. Honestly my tinfoiler side is more scared about the reason behind the creation of AI, it gives me the feeling art AIs are only the beggining of the end.

No. 1510692

I see a lot of artist going "reposting and use prohibited" but I don't care whether my art is reposted. Like I prefer to be credited, but do I lose anything by saying "idgaf go ahead use my art for your personal shit"???
Obviously not freely giving commercial rights, I just feel it's a little uppity to police that stuff if you're posting art online to begin with. Also thinking about some JP artists and mangaka that go "you didn't stop reposting my art so I'm never posting anything ever again"…

No. 1510716

File: 1677500145715.jpg (97.65 KB, 818x1195, Fp79oEpagAA4C3h.jpg)

I might be biased because I am a manga fan since I was around 9-10 in the late 90's but everytime I see most colored manwhas they look so…flat? They look like picrew generated shit. The worst manga has some expression and "style" to it, while this is the average manwha. I know that out there there are many expressive ones if this is what gets "on the surface" I wonder how people find this kind of style appealing, please explain nonnas…

No. 1510724

They rely on making "good looking" characters, so I guess it kinda feels like watching a drama staring idols, I agree with the flatness and picrew thing, but your picrel is pretty great when compared to the ones that overemphasize things "desirable" traits like lower eyelids and v line, as if they had put on a filter on the characters.

No. 1510731

>ones that overemphasize things "desirable" traits like lower eyelids and v line

Didn't connect the dots, this makes sense now. How sad, thought. Drawing only desirable traits is such a shitty mindset and I feel they will be forgotten since there would be no iconic drawing style. For example, I can still recognize Koge Donbo, Aoi Nanase, Rumiko, Arina Tanemura and they all have very different styles and their charm, this is just a melting pot of good traits that makes everything look generated. Nft type shit lol

No. 1510736

They are a soulless people

No. 1510748

File: 1677506163339.jpg (855.64 KB, 4061x1476, FPgwczjkLrfII3p.jpg)

picrel are the protagonists from three separate manhwas but you literally can't tell the difference

No. 1510752

I'm in the same as you since I have been a manga fan for a long time but I still agree with you that colored manwha looks like shit. It makes it looks flater that it actually is. I have read some old manwhas where I liked the artstyle so I don't think it's a manwha problem but a webtoon problem. In my opinion most webtoons just have an ugly artstyle. It's drawn with thin lines(which I personally dislike) and everyone has board shoulders, thick necks, tiny heads, goofy headshapes, the exact same eyeshape. I know that weebtoon authors have to produce chapters quickly but so does mangakas. It's not like mangas don't look lazy or reuses panels but sometimes you do get a panel a detailed panel with dynamic posing, I rarely see that in weebtoons.
Webtoon characters are also so expressionless. I have read many comics from different countries and if there was one thing they all had in common was that they tried to show has much expression as possible. Webtoons doesn't do that it feels like comics written for people who hate comics

No. 1510817

Add lots of textures with acrylic mediums, have strong simple compositions and don't do details that'll only be noticed if people are looking for it. Definitely submit old finished pieces. Do something with any digital prints you plan to submit, add gold detailing or something so they don't look out of place. Good luck, hope everything goes well.

No. 1511151

does anyone have a weekly schedule thing for art. i really REALLY want to get back into it but i need structure. i'm not good at just picking something i'm bad at because i feel bad at everything and don't know where to start. i'm aimlessly start on gestures for a week then give up

No. 1511163

korea really has no soul. lmao jfc. this is awful. I cant get into manhwa because the art just looks like this.

No. 1511201

It's not surprising, most Korean manhwas are self-published and suffer from lack of quality control. When it comes to mangas, the publishing process is much more rigorous, with the content going through various levels of quality checks from editors and publishers. Nowadays people are drawn to things that are quick and easy to consume, and self-published works are often the most efficient way to do that.


No. 1511232

File: 1677558464590.jpg (125.14 KB, 600x416, 24155l.jpg)

I like the style of old manwha, I dont think it's a Korea-specific thing but instead I think that style is a product of people trying to churn out mass-appeal mainstream shit as quickly as they can

No. 1511235

It’s because that’s how Koreans like it. If you visit Seoul, 95% of the people also look and dress the same just like the manhwa characters. Not even exaggerating.

No. 1511430

File: 1677591266219.png (12.64 KB, 395x192, Illustration3.png)

is there an alternative to line of action? i am tired of having to stop drawing to skip the ugly wheelchair bounded danger hairs, the photos are so hideous.

No. 1511433

it keeps suggesting her to me too i though non binary meant androgynous looking people not handicapped…

No. 1511438

I use these two
https://quickposes.com/en/gestures/timed - This one is my favorite
http://reference.sketchdaily.net/ Doesn't have that much variety & lots of the female models are either anorexic or making contorted poses, but it exsits.

No. 1511440


It's because half the time they're probably tracing directly from those stupid skinny 3d models which is why they look so stiff and flat. They literally don't have time to improve their own art, so everything ends up looking the same.
Webtoons are just about all the same junk over and over, I don't even bother with that site. You can read 10 different stories with the same plot and not remember any of it in a year. If you want to read a good webcomic, you don't typically go to webtoon. You go literally anywhere else that doesn't force scroll formatting or make you use a janky app.

No. 1511443

I used to use GestureDrawing but the last update ruined the app. If anything a phone timer and some pirated refs from watts or croquiscafe work fine

No. 1511538

File: 1677602264548.png (626.01 KB, 1769x1080, cGt7Fkr.png)

ges draw party on youtube has silly outfits and silly poses I like em

No. 1511556

A lot of them use premades. What I mean by this is that some artists for these will create an entire library of pre-fabbed heads, hands, legs, torsos, cups, plates, hats, glasses, all in various angles. Hair even. I have one for skirts for procreate. They do this all in one type of lining and then they just fill in for the most part with color. You don't need to know much about how to color for these and the base level for them all is set so low that everything across the board looks pretty flats. It's in order to produce these fast enough to get attention for your comic. If it's all pre-made, pre-lined, it'll have the same feeling.

No. 1511636

No. 1511706

is ko-fi safe? i want to take commissions but also dont want my clients to know my real name

No. 1511711

Does anyone know if Huion kamvas pro 13 is compatibile with windows 11? I saw some contradictory information about it. My win suddenly upgraded to 11 without my permission and now I'm scared that it won't be compatibile, and this is probably the best tablet for that price I can get

No. 1511712

ko-fi gives you money directly through paypal so if your name is used on paypal it will be seen

No. 1511715

damn it, is there any way i can earn money online without being doxxed(not crypto shit)

No. 1511719

Can't you revert the changes & make your computer run W10 again? It's possible according to Windows, though I haven't looked into it.

No. 1511773

create a paypal business account, or a cashapp. if all else fails then make a fake paypal with your art name and send the money you recieve to your real account

No. 1511776

Like >>1511773 said, you can create a business account with a nickname/alias/business name that will be in place of your real name. But the address will still be displayed, as far as I know.
I also highly advice against using second accounts with fake names on paypal, you'll instantly get locked and asked for passport verification with your money being held until you provide it.

No. 1511785

Nta but depending on the state it may not be possible to make a business account unless you have an actual business. If you're in Europe PayPal will ask details about your company sooner or later and you'll be fucked. Same if you use a normal account with a fake name.

No. 1511802

I live in the US and have had a paypal business account for years and they've never asked about my business (I don't have one, I just do art commissions)

The only thing that happened recently was they asked for my SSN for tax purposes since you now have to pay taxes if you made more than $700 on paypal.

No. 1511851

is cashapp truly anonymous?

No. 1511920

do any nonnas know if these types of manhwa artists pay for people to colour/draw parts of their comics? Or do they all use premades etc I'm looking for a side hustle as commissions aren't very fruitful at the moment

No. 1511927

File: 1677635486569.png (806.48 KB, 950x1352, Screen Shot 2023-02-28 at 5.48…)

some of these sketchdaily ones are so funny

No. 1511928

File: 1677635530417.png (1.32 MB, 798x1360, Screen Shot 2023-02-28 at 5.48…)

No. 1511951

yes, there are webtoon authors who pay people to do color flats or even lines, but dont expect to be paid a ton.

No. 1511974

I would have to back up and restore all my data files and reinstall all apps, it's not as easy as the other way around. I just wish to know if that tablet can work with win11 and if not I will have to think about another one

No. 1511988

NTA but this is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for. There’s only so many quickposes I can do before it becomes a drag. Thank you for sharing!

No. 1512028

File: 1677648284991.png (270.44 KB, 485x395, gesparty.png)

this channel is amazing, life changing even, thank you nonnie ilysm (reposting without the moobs)

No. 1512070

Glad to help enjoy nonnies!

No. 1512090

File: 1677660269245.jpg (133.04 KB, 1000x668, FpLiIR6aAAEz_zq.jpg)

Does anyone know which artist Yueko stole this style from or artists with similar styles? The art is pretty but fuck Yueko. I'd rather follow whichever artist she's copying now.

No. 1512141

What? You need to pay taxes if you make more than $700? Will PayPal contact you or something? I haven't paid anything besides their usual fees…

No. 1512160

oh wow the adress thing is worse, fug. I do have a Paypal business acc though, gonna set up a nickname

No. 1512189

Kek I only use the female references so I had never seen these

No. 1512190

Why tho? Is she that racist artist?

No. 1512371

nta i recall her being an avid supporter of NFTs. could be that.

No. 1513188

File: 1677781877951.png (126.77 KB, 720x737, Screenshot_20230302-132749-255…)

It's actually $600, and it's starting this year, not last year. So if you make more than $600 on paypal or venmo in 2023, you'll have to report it when you do taxes next year.

No. 1513433

File: 1677802226460.jpeg (134.62 KB, 504x457, 9902DE30-1E36-40B5-B895-4825E1…)

From sinix design’s hip anatomy video, what is this coomer shit

No. 1513459

Where's the anatomy

No. 1513540

The impossible thigh gap

No. 1513800

I don't know why people recommend sinix. He can't really draw, his faces especially are all fugly and unsettling.

No. 1513849

yeah idk about that either, is it a legal issue in case you have to take action for copyright violation? (Like someone using you art for AI shit or claims copyright so you have a base to sue) If so it makes sense. But everything you decide to publish will be used and reposted anyway and people who don’t give a shit will disrespect your claims regardless, it’s not like it’s preventing those actors from using them.

No. 1513942

Why must everything be up to interpretation and have a big ass essay to describe how #deep and #thought-provoking it is to be good art? Why is figurative art that shows what the artists thought and wanted to portray so shameful nowadays? I love storytelling through art, but apparently thats bad art nowadays. Like the old masters would be considered bad artists nowadays by critiques and I cant wrap my mind around it

No. 1513978

File: 1677865494223.png (828.52 KB, 946x561, sycra.PNG)

Thoughts on Sycra?

No. 1513982

The trend of using a white gel pen/acrylic marker/ink to add highlights is ugly as fuck. It’s the perfect way to immediately cheapen a decent piece and make it look tacky

No. 1514100

File: 1677873942402.jpg (404.82 KB, 2048x2048, [21-07-07] 1412811928985124869…)

can you post examples? only artist i know that uses it makes it look nice

No. 1514111

Artfags with OCs, how do you store all your character art, bios, etc? I've tried Toyhouse but the userbase is absolute cancer.

No. 1514118

>Like the old masters would be considered bad artists nowadays by critiques and I cant wrap my mind around it
Don't be silly anon, idk why would you even think that's true. Some people prefer thought provoking, some people prefer solid technique, and I would actually even risk saying that figurative art is still far more liked and popular than deep, up-for-interpretation contemporary works, since the latter is not as accessible. And being more accessible doesn't equal being considered"bad art".

No. 1514123

for the real ocs i have a private discord server. i do have a toyhouse for other stuff and i think its a really cute storage site.

No. 1514127

I like Sycra as a person, his video talking about his life story made me cry, and his livestreams are so fun. He's a genuinely great teacher, I learned color theory through his videos. He doesn't have an ego, like 100% of artbro youtubers like sinix and even bobby chiu has.

That being said, I don't like his current art style and don't read his comic. I still admire his ambition and attitude to never give up.

No. 1514181

Isn't that something that's been done for ages?

No. 1514215


I use primarily Toyhou.se but I just don't give a shit about the fanbase.

You can also make a Weebly site for your OCs tho, I use a Weebly side for the OCs I don't want to put on Toyhou.se. It's pretty easy to make a working site.

No. 1514288

Just don't interact with the userbase then. You can change settings so only you or only authorized users can see your characters. I think it's convenient because you can have writing and images in one place and also tag things, but it's a bit of a hassle to update. For me it's easier to save everything on google drive

No. 1514364

File: 1677895696084.gif (666.82 KB, 220x220, tenor.gif)

it finally hit me nonnies, i finally understand how to draw animu eyes

No. 1514466

NTAYRT but the drawing you posted looks like the gel pen is being used in a stylistic way. I think the prior anon meant using white ink specifically for highlights, on hair etc. I personally kind of agree if it’s used excessively but I do like white gel pens as a highlight sparingly, like for eyes or naturally shiny surfaces like slick plastic etc. Using it on hair/skin etc does look pretty 2004 deviantart to me lol

No. 1514537

I don’t know I’ve only really seen it in like the last 5 years with growing popularity. It looks like shit everyone knows using pure black looks off it’s the same with pure white

No. 1514911

File: 1677963898609.jpg (586.81 KB, 2048x2048, [21-08-29] 1432086779465699333…)

she does that too and it looks cute as well

No. 1514931

Nonnies, what do you usually doodle? Were you get ideas or inspiration? I really want to start to doodle, but I don't have any ideas and feel like shit

No. 1515004

Im not talking about your average every day person, Im talking about art critics/modern art teachers. I had classmates make the most realistic gorgeous work that got shat on while literal garbage was praised as being unique and thought provoking. Theyre extremely elitist and think so lowly of figurative work that if you didn't experience their opinions in real life you would think it was a parody. Salfy those people are also the ones who decide will make it in the art world and get gallery space/state funding etc

No. 1515019

Usually when I doodle I tend to either do thumbnail sketches for ideas I want to do full drawings of later or I just draw series or movie characters I like a lot of times I doodle a bunch of Lains even tho I'm not a super fan of SEL or anything but her design is so recognizable she's always the first thing that comes to my head when I want to doodle

No. 1515033

Ah, I see what you mean, I had similar experience in art university as well. Working in art industry for years after that made me realize that it was just one pretentious art echochamber they're living in, that is completely irrelevant out there in the so-called real world. Why do you think these people are art teachers, living off teachers' pay instead having some amazing art careers and living lavishly off that? Because they just love teaching so much? Looking back at students who were the most praised and invited to organize the most art shows vs some that constantly got dragged for not being "courageous" and "open" enough in exploring the "freedom of creation", it's the latter ones that are the most successful, and a lot of the former, despite being in their 30s now, are still heavily involved in the academic environment as there's no appreciation for them outside of it.

No. 1515080

School is such a weird echo chamber. Making money off art is a job like any other, you're financially better off churning out endless cheap sameface commissions than by destroying artistic boundaries with your bravery. Bravery doesn't pay.

No. 1515213

File: 1677997469910.png (599.19 KB, 825x791, oh the irony.png)

i was checking the stable diffusion sub reddit out of curiosity and most upvoted posts are all anti-artist memes, while their shitty AI art barely get 30-60 updoots at most, kek. I am kinda glad the panic started dying down now that people realized AI art is atrocious and just a new way by cryptobros to shill web 3.0

No. 1515215

I feel like AI could be useful for thumbnailing if you're an actual artist, but it doesn't work as art in and of itself. Like the lighting in this picture makes no sense; the blue rim-lighting should be coming from the screen, but instead the screens have no discernible glow and the blue light is coming from behind them? Bizarre. Also the hands look like shit, as always.

No. 1515217

I guessed this was AI art when I saw it on the front page on the basis of the rendering style alone, didn't even need to look at the hands to confirm.

No. 1515218

I can't even tell if the bottom right one is supposed to be the front or the back of her body, Jesus.

No. 1515245

Yeah she def shows more restraint than a lot of others who do this, lol

No. 1515266

Just because they are flooding manga illegal sites with tons of horrible garbage, this doesn't mean they can erase decades of hardly gained popularity of Japanese comics and animation. I don't doubt some Korean comics can be good. Some of them gained some popularity already, despite not being franchise at Pokemon or Sailor Moon level of mainstream. But quantity means nothing. Be honest: how many of these Korean and Chinese comics are known worldwide today, at mainstream level? How many of them will be remembered in 20 or 50 years? There's plenty of Japanese comics and cartoons with international popularity who are still remembered in tons of Countries after decades. Captain Tsubasa is for example a huge cult in MENA countries and South America. Heidi is popular like Mickey Mouse in Europe

No. 1515374

You can also see it's AI when you look closely at it. The AI has mastered the concept of art being an illusion, something that seems like it's something but it's just lines, if it makes sense. When you look closely, it looks like those images made to illustrate the vision of someone who's having a stroke and can't process what they see, i don't know. It also has always those strange lines, no tru texture, the art is always a bad quality, and when the quality is good you can't zoom enough to see the original quality of the lines and the details. Well, at this point you can see easily what is an AI art and what is made by a human, just zoom in, or even better, if you don't have the eyes to see that, you can just see if the artist has an speedpaint, or maybe even a sketch (even though this one can be faked by just tracing the AI art), well… And i also ask myself if AI is able to do pixel art since it's pixels and it has no human eye to say "oh, those 16 pixels truly look like an little dog face!", art is one of the things that is so related to feeling that AI can't go very far, without the help of artists, to make something truly good.

No. 1515426

On pieces of paper that I keep in a box. Or in a folder, if I'm actively using the OCs.

No. 1515460

It's so easy to spot AI images because AI makes nonsensical design decisions. In this image, it can't perfectly replicate the Photoshop screen on the monitor, when any human rendering this would just screenshot Photoshop and manipulate it into the drawing. Because AI bros can't draw at all, they don't know how to change AI images to make sense. So what you're left with is a shitty drawing that can't compete with an actual professional.

No. 1515470

Basically this kek. Art School Confidential is the most accurate film.

No. 1515539

File: 1678040235999.png (1.15 MB, 1164x850, Bildschirm­foto 2023-03-05 um …)

Man, Sam Does Art is posting some really uncanny valley stuff.

No. 1515550

It looks fine to me tbh. Uncanny would be if it was way more realistic, but this is still very cartoony.

No. 1515552

Joel's baby hands and Ellie's fully made up instagram face, his style is so ugly. But people are impressed by shiny rendering.

No. 1515566

i know this isnt the thread for that but its so fucking weird to me that men sexualized joels and Ellies relationship and even made prn of it (especially with joel being gay, ellie being underage and a lesbian) like why….?

No. 1515572

>joel being gay

No. 1515574

nevermind i confused joel for bill/frank who are gay.

No. 1515577

is it really a surprise that most moids are pedos nonna? moids sexualize everything

No. 1515582

Aside from moid degenerates, I don't see any normal fan being weird about Joel and Ellie.

No. 1515593

still looks tacky

No. 1515602

He is using his own AI.

No. 1515651

File: 1678046827169.jpg (3.71 MB, 2484x3500, IMG_20230228_092643.jpg)

if rendering isn't your strong point then try drawing in black or white, with strong shadows for a while to try to get a good sense of the figure and make a lot of color studies and don't be afraid to use the picker tool to check what colors are other artists using. also remember that just as good rendering can salvage shitty anatomy, a good base can salvage weak rendering, i know plenty of artists who are very strong at drafting but kinda meh at painting and they're still very successful because their drawing are very solid and full of life. if you want an easier approach, focus on cell shading instead of a painterly style

No. 1515659

Lmao that massive e-girl head on a tiny body in Ellie's case. Some people just can't draw normal looking female characters

No. 1515691

I saw this in my recommends and cringed
I’ve watched those two artists and they never gave me an ego vibe. What makes you think they do? just curious My issue with Sinix is his ugly character designs. Rendering is great but other than that I’m not impressed.

No. 1515837


damn this channel makes figure drawing look fun, thanks anon.

No. 1515856

joels baby ass hand…

No. 1515997

i found it when some /ic/ anons posted it as croquis cafe alternative (i wonder if anyone pays them at all these days) and it's really good so far and it'ps fun and free

No. 1516011

File: 1678094946301.png (839.57 KB, 846x1189, asdasdasd.png)

what kind of pencils should i buy to do something like this? i really want to try and copy all of the loomis heads in his heads and hand books, but i am a digitalfag

No. 1516014

Do you mean what softness or?

No. 1516031

sorry have no idea about pencils. I tried using the one i have(2H) and it sucks

No. 1516036

I'm on an art server and people there definitely do pay for them.
GES party is still pretty good, I wonder I remember coming across a video that was similar to their content but I just can't find it. It was a woman posing with a katana in Japanese clothes

No. 1516072

i'm glad i downloaded everything from croquis cafe before bypassing paywall became impossible, i got enough to last me lifetime

No. 1516114

File: 1678112042376.jpg (105.67 KB, 1079x343, Screenshot_20230306_150932_Sam…)

Nta, please see picrel. The softer a pencil is, the more pigmented it is and the more contrast you can produce with it. You probably need a harder pencil than 2H

No. 1516313

the way he approaches color is good but otherwise very mediocre

No. 1516321

joel looks normal, but ellie is now an instagram girlwith full face makeup and a barely noticeable scar. typical moid artist, doesn't know how to draw women and girls without allowing them to preserve their facial characteristics

No. 1517090

File: 1678192148474.jpg (69.79 KB, 1200x753, NTB_qQiDDgM-tj0.jpg)

I don't know if any of you have followed her but Dina's parents posted that she had passed away on 22nd of febuary

No. 1517094

No. 1517100

Dina Norlund, she had a youtube channel where she posted daw with me type videos but kinda stopped uploading after getting diagnosed with cancer

No. 1517140

File: 1678197589317.jpg (482.49 KB, 806x900, abbystea2.jpg)

imagine wasting all your talent on shitty russian-chinese propaganda. if you don't know this artist, she's a huge cow who supports the war against ukraine

No. 1517147

>all that talent
Oh come on she ain't no Caravaggio

No. 1517157

kek you're right, i think it's more relative to the average animu artist

No. 1517162

aw r.i.p

No. 1517168

Mechanical pencil

No. 1517177

File: 1678200219101.jpg (108.98 KB, 643x1143, 202303164312.jpg)

what program is this guy using for the 3D model?

No. 1517200

oh, may she rest in peace

No. 1517293

That hurts so much, can't help but cry. She was so skilled and so sweet

No. 1517347

Her work ethic was admirable and inspiring, she was able to accomplish a lot in her short life, cancer is evil. I hope her final moments weren't painful.

No. 1517533

File: 1678230212120.jpg (216.75 KB, 1080x1085, Screenshot_20230307-150124.jpg)

Ednyaroo (sandy) is back

She's been active on Tumblr for a little while now too.

No. 1517539

Literally who

No. 1517611

File: 1678236195070.jpg (45.85 KB, 720x419, 1660977147365659.jpg)

sorry for venting, but i wish i had started doing my fundies earlier. I feel like i wasted so much time ''just drawing'' because of all the people saying loomis was a meme and what not. What art regrets do you have?

No. 1517618

I regret not taking art seriously in highschool. I never put together a portfolio or applied to art schools, only decided to do art halfway through a university bachelor's degree. I wasted a lot of time, but slowly got good enough to get work now. There's no age limit on learning how to draw, good luck nona!

No. 1517760

File: 1678249689787.jpg (317.17 KB, 1080x1049, Screenshot_20230307_232127.jpg)

According to a quick Twitter search ednyaroo was called out by Twitter user perisceris for being racist (didn't support blackwashing), abusive, and an animal abuser (no proof of this claim). Callout was made 3 years ago but once the sjw e-artist thread regulars catch wind that he's back they'll probably start chimping out. Callout doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KpjnAVgZvbdGfE43uAQbf40nV66ZSOYlBE3df_CHrg0/edit?usp=drivesdk

No. 1518015

Lol I love these long, detailed “callout” docs that just amount to boring interpersonal drama. Friendships can never just end because someone is a shitty friend, they have to be an “abuser”.

No. 1518091

this is a bunch of nothing

No. 1518610

So terminally online. How are there already 3.7k tweets on this account

No. 1518741

File: 1678336203264.jpg (126.25 KB, 1000x1000, 1600271751652335616.jpg)

Check out MinoMino's Pokémon prints!
https://minomino.art/collections/prints(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1518749

Please do not shill.

No. 1518754


No. 1518770

File: 1678339174175.png (1.6 MB, 1280x960, 320a840a.png)

What the hell is up with con pricing nowadays? I hate how expensive tabling at a con is. There is no reason a semi-popular to popular anime convention artist alley tables needs to cost more than $85 dollars. $130? That's a huge stretch but I could see it if you get a fuck huge table in a space with guaranteed traffic or the extra cost goes to the necessary con fees. That's understandable. Any more than that is utter and complete bullshit in my eyes. $250? $350? $490? $550??? What the hell! A plastic 6ft foldable table costs around $45 maximum, maybe $50-$60 if it's a special table like an L-shaped one. I might be an utter idiot but why are they so expensive? Is it because hosting cons in general has gotten expensive with iflation and other capitalism and economy related shit so they need to compensate? Have anime conventions become more of a business rather than a fun hobby so they trying to turn more of a profit than doing the necessary? Jesus Christ, it just doesn't make sense nonas. I just want to table at a decently populated convention without having to shell out an arm and a leg. Like, Comiket which is one of the biggest and most popular conventions that happens bi-yearly (once in the summer and once in the winter) with thousands of artists participating has an entrance fee of (I think) 75 dollars. So I find it confusing that it costs hundreds just to get a plastic foldable chair and table.

No. 1518787

File: 1678340520476.png (298.78 KB, 1150x675, 40940650748901.png)

>Gets new name
>Leaves old name in plain sight
Uh huh

No. 1518788

I always figured, as a con-goer, that tables for AA and DH were always more expensive than the ticket prices. Who is charging
>$250? $350? $490? $550??? What the hell!
You need to give examples because for 3/4 days, that's like $80 a day. You're also paying for the space, the table given to you, paying for the room the AA is taking place in because I'm sure the convention is using you guys to pay for the room for all the days instead of using the initial ticket prices for the convention/hotel area to begin with. There's other costs in it which make sense because the venus are also probably charging more due to inflation. It sucks, but it really makes sense.

No. 1518789

I was just thinking about this the other day when looking for new cons to apply to. I saw a fucking mall con that wanted $150 dollars for the space and if you wanted a table and chairs that was another 50 dollars. First year con, two days, artist table is $250. What the fuck? I'm not going to take that risk, I just had a show last weekend and I made alright profit but you can tell everyone is broke as shit right now and the sales just aren't what they used to be. I also hate that cons will now only include one badge and want you to pay for the extra one. Tabling alone sucks and no one wants to do it.

No. 1518791

That honestly sounds like a little mini expo/vendor fair, not the same as a con even if it's hosted by some anime group.

No. 1518798

Never understood why tables are so expensive, especially when 1.) some artists have an audience so they’re basically promoting the Convention that they’re going to, and 2.) Artist don’t get a discount on the food/normally need to bring their own stuff like chairs
I know that we’re renting out a space, and the price is also a deterrent for those who don’t take selling merch/commissions seriously so there’s “quality”, but why up to $200 for a convention that isn’t “big”

No. 1518802

What's the difference? They have panels and cosplay contests like every other con, they're just scaled back compared to the bigger cons in my area.

No. 1518812

The bigger cons like C2E2 only give you half a table for $400+ kek it's ridiculous. Unless you have an online following, you need to draw fanart crap or a certain niche to make any decent profit at these big cons.

Tabling at cons have become people's livelihoods, it's not a hobby for a lot, and the prices have increased by organizers accordingly. Out of need or greed who knows.

No. 1518832

>Tabling at cons have become people's livelihoods, it's not a hobby for a lot, and the prices have increased by organizers accordingly. Out of need or greed who knows.
It's not going to ever go back to hobbyist prices, is it?

No. 1518857

File: 1678348423084.jpg (2.7 MB, 1814x2523, 78060081_p2.jpg)

off-topic, but i wish we had something like comiket where i live. I really envy the artist culture of Japan. I know ''the pasture is greener on the other side'' . But i do love scrolling through Pixiv and finding super autistic self-indulgent doujins like pic rel, about a literal who character from adventure time. Everytime i went to a con before i got bored the artist alley was just prints or buttons of popular anime characters. Wonder why doujins never caught up in the west? I know it was a thing in Fandoms like Start Trek, wonder why it stopped?.

No. 1518867

I kind of wish someone would set something like that up. I think the biggest problems would be copyright problems, garnering interest, and funds.

No. 1518874

i would love to see a western comiket, i imagine it would last only one year because of all the drama and half of the doujins would be poorly drawn POC versions of popular animes, the rest would be the same but also porn

No. 1518903

Soneome talked about it earlier in the thread, I don't think copyright would be a problem since almost everything people sell at cons is fanart already and no one ever had a problem. Selling douninshi along with prints and all the other usual stuff rather than making a separate con for them would be the most plausible thing to have over here, I have seen people doing that before. I think doujin didn't got popular over here because most people think they're only porn and because artists can't sell them for high enough to make profit (considering the amount of time required to make them). As the other nona said before, most people see cons as a job/for a living rather than a hobby, so it's hard to find that kind of thing here.

No. 1518908

Thinking of creating an online presence again after years of not posting my art online. I just want to have a link I can give people. How did you all come up with your usernames? Do you use your real name? Something random you came up with? How long have you had it? Have you ever changed your name or are you planning to? Any regrets on the one you chose?

I know I’m overthinking this, but it’s been a while.

No. 1518925

File: 1678356968959.gif (342.4 KB, 480x480, 1676235710631904.gif)

what helped you the most to improve at drawing?
I am going to start college next year for something unrelated to art and i would like to spend this time improving my skills. I already ''just draw'', around 4-6 hours daily, but i would like to hear your tips on how to improve efficiently or at least what helped you the most. Also, i am currently reading Perspective Made Easy(its not) so i am very open to your book/vid recs.

No. 1518947

I made an anagram of my name many years ago, I left out a double letter to keep it simple. I have middle names, so combined those for my personal accounts but you could also see if there are any good names in your family to combine (grandparents etc). I'm a little jealous of people coming up with really cool usernames, but I'm also afraid of having the name fall out of fashion if I choose something like a song name or a pop culture thing.

No. 1518953

I have a simple short nickname, luckily i started way back so on some platforms i was allowed to have that simple name. On twitter and such it's my short name with another name, which isn't the best branding but people still can tell that it's me. You need to figure out some name that is short, easy to remember and original. If your own name is universally easy to say you can go with your own name. My goverment name is a mess of letter for english speakers so i'm going with a nickname. If i had to choose a name now i'd go for something like Sunfish (or sinfish kek), Monstera art..name based on some cool creature or plant that can work in a logo.

not sure what else is there other than drawing every day, maybe looking at old painting a lot. Sometimes i find something new that i didn't realize before like color contrasts or atmosphere perspectives, or how different light affects differet surfaces and stuff like that. I suck at learning from books and using a stick to measure perspective so i just wing it as i go and repair the drawing untill it's correct. But what works for me is when i get high, play some fairytale music, or other soundtracks depending on what you're drawing, and the picture just draws itself by my hand and in that state i learn the most because i see what works and doesn't work much faster and i get much more ideas how to make the picture better.

No. 1519118

Waiting for the day i find based classmates in mutual radfem aligned discord groups

No. 1519124

File: 1678379471018.jpg (Spoiler Image, 537.39 KB, 1792x2016, zaloran-080323insta.jpg)

god i wish artstation would ban the fuck out of ai art, a scrote posted this in celebration of womens day yesterday along with a caption talking about how women inspire him and that we are united in the fight for equality. not sure if he was being ironic or thinks he is some kind of feminist. his ENTIRE portfolio is filled with balloon boobed women with almost child-like faces.

No. 1519126

i find it very sussy how every fucking art platform allowed AI despite their CORE AUDIENCE reacting negatively to it

No. 1519131

>But what works for me is when i get high
Kek based drug using nonna. Seconded

No. 1519419

Why does the face creep me out more than the rest of it

No. 1519465

>Chubby arms
>Chubby thighs
>Gigantic boobs
>Pencil neck
>Small young face
>Big ass body

No. 1519685

i remember being so surprised she went to fzd, whch is known for grinding the shit out of it's students. while her style of art was never my interest i admired her work ethic and absolute passion for drawing creatures. rip

No. 1519769

>chubby arms/chubby thighs

No. 1519791


because she looks 14

No. 1519827

I meant compared to her neck they look chubbier

No. 1519918

kek you forgot the 7 fingers on one hand she has

No. 1519984

What’s FZD?
I was just looking at her YouTube a few weeks ago. She made a cat plushie and talked about the process of sketch to finished product. Her work wasn’t something I like but her color and character design were emotive.

No. 1519994

FZD = Feng Zhu Design. Its short for the FZD School of Design in Singapore and was founded by the entertainment artist Feng Zhu.

He has a bunch of videos on youtube where he talks about concept art and the being a concept artist in the industry.

No. 1520124

File: 1678465754865.jpg (1.3 MB, 1080x4950, sda.jpg)

Samdoesart currently being put on blast

No. 1520201

>reposting bc he had small hands
>still looks like baby hands

No. 1520236

Wait, this isn't a parody/troll account?? Why would he admit to this, what a dumbass.

He's wrong too. All the actually skilled artists are able to draw different faces on men and women. Sam only draws one girl face because he doesn't know how to draw others and doesn't want to learn.

His male drawings look creepy too. His stylization is just bad, but pretty rendering fools people.

No. 1520349

Imo the photo looked fine. I don't know why people nitpicking small details like that in fanart when it's not even official art or anything.

No. 1520492

File: 1678483813324.png (147.55 KB, 614x781, redflag.png)

The QRT's have been enlightening.

No. 1520498

Kek his male faces are shit and his female ones are literally all the same. His rendering is very messy too.

No. 1520523

File: 1678485861508.png (1.14 MB, 1077x752, mu.png)

>made some anime man joke and people thought her naming him Panchinky was racist.
KEK I didn't know that. I also never understood why this woman draws herself that way and does the "IM SMOL" thing when she looks average sized.

No. 1520555

File: 1678489493086.jpg (52.66 KB, 895x1015, lol.jpg)

She is just kind of normal height looking.

No. 1520829

I have just found out they're finally making a skeb-like site for non-jp people called vgen and I'm very excited for it.
I have seen people complaining about skeb because according to them, it treats artists like vending machines; but it's honestly lifesaver for both clients who don't commision because they feel emails are too personal & for artists who dislike treating with whiny clients. Praying it all goes well, I have been wanting a service like this for pretty long.

No. 1520877

The beta is already up and running

No. 1521896

File: 1678640913309.jpeg (194.76 KB, 1170x1361, 4FC83086-99EE-404D-999D-3180B2…)

I frequent cons this fat lard bitch attends and I always cringe whenever I walk past her booth. She makes a lot of gross fetish fanart I won’t post here cause porn. Sage for vendetta/sperg.

No. 1522052

File: 1678650650875.png (639.13 KB, 576x852, samdoesarts.PNG)

Pretty classy response to all the drama that came from that first fanart (justified imho, even though a lot of voices were way too extreme about it), instead going silent or arguing he took the criticism and applied it

No. 1522255

Still hate his style, but this is a classy response to criticism and has changed my opinion on him. This drawing of Bella is 100% more accurate. I'm glad he listened and didn't double down like it seemed like he was doing in that instagram comment he made.

No. 1522547

Was it supposed to be the actors specifically? I just thought it was random fanart versions of the characters regardless of the game/show representations as his own take. It was very sameface, I give him that, but was he trying to make it look like Bella before?

No. 1522600

Nonas, how do you stop feeling like your art is shit and that you should just give up drawing altogether? I used to enjoy partaking in the online art community, but these days I keep running into salty SJW types or 4chan scrotes. There's a certain type of "aesthetic" art that people are expected to adhere to on Instagram and it just depresses me a fuck ton. I want to draw things in my own style without being told I need to make my characters more ~smegsy~ and simpable.

No. 1522691

>There's a certain type of "aesthetic" art that people are expected to adhere to on Instagram

What aesthetic, nonna? I feel like it varies based on what circles you participate in.

No. 1522702

It's hard to explain but there's a certain aesthetic along the lines of hype streetwear, effortlessly gorgeous femme women regardless of fashion style. I mainly draw butch women and I've been made to feel like I don't really have a space on social media circles anywhere. Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough.

No. 1522932

File: 1678734179909.jpeg (63.59 KB, 750x496, B8211AEB-CF95-42A1-B93F-321CFF…)

Why do people like these, they look so chalky like if you tried to mix them it would just make mud

No. 1522940

This looks like someone photoshopped a 12 year old’s shitty attempt at an egirl painting onto an otherwise decent art piece. he should off himself the misogyny is very apparent

No. 1522950

File: 1678735129635.jpg (221.54 KB, 1000x671, image-asset.jpeg.jpg)

You're not supposed to mix them. They're very vibrant and great for creating etegami.

https://www.sadiesavestheday.com/blog/2016/10/3/what-is-gansai-watercolor-101 <-info

No. 1522977

Cool, where can I find more people doing the art on washi paper? I always just see people use them on watercolor paper as normal watercolor

No. 1523190

I just wanted to make a portfolio on artstation to get serious when it turned to shit, where do I go now? Is it still worth it, or am I better off making one on my own to apply for jobs? Honestly I don’t want to support them with their shady business practices and dont trust them at all plus all those pay for exposure platforms seem scammy to me. Is it much of a difference if you use such platforms when your work is good and you’re easy to work with or are you better off with an independent portfolio and your own terms of use?
Anyone got some experience regarding this

No. 1523228

My sister just made her art porfolio on carrd and it works for her kek
Isn't like they will look at the job applications/porfolios for more than 5 seconds, if they decide to look at them at all, so any site where they can see some of your best art and ultra basic info at first glance (with a link to more detailed info/art in case they're interested) will be fine.

No. 1523286

Try Behance.

I have a paid portfolio domain, that is the most professional way to present your work if you're serious about applying for industry jobs.

But if not, you can literally create a curated portfolio on any site you're able to upload images.

No. 1523347

I haven’t looked at, so tinfoil on my part, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these platforms allowed/will eventually put in their terms and conditions that aigenerators are allowed to use art from their platform

No. 1523672

Behance is owned by Adobe, just in case you don't want anything to do with their ecosystem.
Honestly, a free site you can just drag and and drop your art works fine.

No. 1523859

I'm so tired of drawing along with Japanese art streamers and inevitably have overseas viewers write stupid shit in chat like, "no habla japones", "please speak english" or "why use clip studio opentoonz is better". Even worse when they start treating chat like their own personal discord and the streamer having to stop drawing to delete comments cause now they cant even read legitimate discussion from Japanese viewers.

No. 1523975

Do you think drawing smut of female characters can be done in a way that's appealing to women?

No. 1523982

I really hate people who come into streamers chat and start talking about their shitty day, their troon mental illness pride, politics, or lgbtq with just emphasis on tqiaa rather than actual lgb. No one gives a shit much less someone wanting to present their skills for a little money online.

I think porn that's more loving, femdom, solo is a lot more appealing. No ahegao face shit. No ugly males at all.

No. 1524012

File: 1678862754676.jpg (Spoiler Image, 101.17 KB, 493x749, 20220514_150529.jpg)

Absolutely! I think women love to see women who look like them. They love smut focused on emotions on the face, romance, pleasure, NO PAIN for the woman, realism in sex positions. Bodily fluids like sweat and wetness or come around genitals can also be appealing because it shows both people are turned on.

I think draw what you find sexy, because it'll be relatable to other women like you too.

No. 1524628

Do you have any (preferably non-western) recommendations? I used to follow a few female nsfw artists but they all delved into rape and lolicon. It makes me wanna cry how so many talented women are victims of severe internalized misogyny but this isn’t /2X/ so I’m not sperging about it itt.

No. 1524700

I can't be the only one who thinks the face in this one looks the exact same as before, right?

No. 1524702

File: 1678928029385.jpg (217.3 KB, 2316x1080, Screenshot_20230315_175356_Gal…)

Does this count for art considering its Ghibli? This makes me so mad and disgusted. This just ruins the event for children and makes it not feel safe at all for any girls/women to go at all unless they ban all men which would be stupid too consideringit's drawn by a man. Why do men always have to sexualize everything including an art exhibit for Ghbili?

No. 1524895

I hate it when people assume digital art is hundreds of times easier than traditional art. I have no experience with painting traditional, but I did draw a lot. Digital simplifies or streamlines some processes so in some ways it's easier and more convenient than traditional, like being able to erase stuff without leaving any trace, selection transforms, layers, and color replacing. But making art is not just knowing how to use these tools (which in itself is like learning to use traditional tools), because if you don't know how to draw at all, they're next to useless. The drawing part is miles easier to me on paper and with a real pencil than on a computer, it feels more natural, I can control the flow of the line better. Whereas digitally, lines are harder to control, and drawing digitally in general is harder to get used to. But I prefer coloring and inking on digital because the amount of mistakes I can correct there is infinite, so the basic sketch (which requires a lot of anatomy knowledge and many hours of practice or else it'll result a polished turd later) is done on paper, then scanned and finished on PC. But trying to do a sketch first on digital takes twice the amount of energy, in my experience. That's not even mentioning how important it is to know color theory to do ANY art involving colors, whether traditional or digital, and that's just one of the many skills that are the same for both traditional and digital.

The other day, I explained to my mom how pixel art is different from "normal" digital art with "normal" art programs, and one of the differences I mentioned is that digital drawing programs kind of draw the pixels along your pen strokes (as opposed to pixel art consisting of mostly placing individual pixels yourself), and she took this as meaning that the program does all the work for you. The fuck? No, that's not what I said at all. I don't know how to explain this to someone that no, the computer doesn't do all the freaking work. Does anyone know how to explain digital art to someone like this? It really pisses me off, especially since I don't know how to phrase it so a non-artist gets it.

No. 1524907

I too think it's easier to sketch on paper than digitally, on paper I can be loose and fast to get the idea down but digitally I can get stuck on the details for hours if I'm not paying attention and then realize I've gotten nowhere. As for explaining digital art programs, tell them it's like having all of the tools, pencils, paints, and colors etc built in and never running out of supplies, but you still have to know how to use the supplies and make something of it. Don't complicate things and try to explain layers or masking or filters or any of that, they won't understand. Keep your explanation simple. Digital art has better ease of access but the learning curve is steeper than traditional imo.

No. 1524914

I've had similar conversations with people from work, regarding digital art. I think it comes from a lack of understanding/caring/interest about art and graphic design or how it's made in general. I don't think they would argue digital art is "cheating" if they had a little better understanding or something else to compare to. Can be hard to explain to someone like that, but any detailed explanation will probably put them off, so simple is always better. Maybe find something to compare to that is not strictly art for art's sake, like is architecture or product design somehow now an easy process because there's software that appears to do all the work for for you?

No. 1524956

File: 1678962979329.jpeg (87.22 KB, 1170x1094, 5F7BD3E8-B3F2-4E13-8603-AD9AB2…)

TikTok is going wild with the sam hate, not even anons here care about it that much. >>1520124
I’m in an art group where a few people worship sam’s art. One day someone shared one of sam’s paid videos. It’s weird how despite emphasising proportion, measurement, and shape in his tutorial when it came to facial features it kind of just doesn’t exist.

No. 1525106

If you have a tablet and digital art program, hand them to your mom and ask her to create something. This is the only way a non-artist will understand how hard digital art is. Most people understand it's hard to draw with traditional tools because everyone has taken art classes as a kid. Less people are exposed to digital art.

No. 1525112

What is this?

No. 1526041

I mean, he literlly drew Pedro Pascal next to her, so yeah, it was supposed to be actors. Or at least actors he's ''attracted too'' in his own words.

No. 1526287

I'm a literal who artist drawing niche things and recently I found out my works were stolen and edited en masse by some merch print shop just because I had enough works to fill a collection. I can't seem to catch a break. Why do scrotes who go the easy route always get rewarded.

No. 1526739

File: 1679149876807.jpg (177.62 KB, 1080x1214, 20230318_145242.jpg)

i know she's been posted in the ftm thread already but god, she's going absolutely nuts. i hope she gets over whatever complex she has.

No. 1526894

Most sane Warhammer fan

No. 1526932

Sorry for bringing up doujins again, but I bought my first one and it arrived this morning. While its way more depraved than I expected, something about 3 women working together to be degenerate about some pixel characters & printing it out warms my heart, I feel that's the kind of class solidarity we need kek.

No. 1527027

What fandom/ship is it? Also I’m curious as to what you mean by “degeneracy” kek.

No. 1527769

Persona, the cover/sample pages made it seem like it was about a ship I like, but turns out it wasnt & was greeted with shotacon halfway lmao. The story is pretty fun when it doesnt involve the 10yo & the art is gorgeous though.

No. 1527916

File: 1679214372723.png (24.73 KB, 486x319, 1679201686207541.png)

Whats everyone's opinion on Glaze? I heard it actually damaged databases but idk
where did you get it from?

No. 1527918

File: 1679214588635.png (32.72 KB, 799x901, 1679198402063900.png)

also has anyone heard of this? apparently they were botting it, only making one cent per every patron , kek. Makes me happy no one wants AI stuff. It's like MLM for coomer moids.

No. 1527950

I bought it (and a few others) using Neokyo. They're all 2nd hand but despite them being 10-15 years old, their original owners kept them in pristine condition.

No. 1527961

She's not even on hormones or anything, if she ever has surgery like she wants she'll go insane.

No. 1527975

I don't understand the problem with that?? Yeah the faces look retarded but I have seen female artists sexualize men the same way with yoai. Jp artists do the same shit and people still eat it up even when it looks like shit.

No. 1527986

You dont have to whiteknight men, it's ok nona.

No. 1528106

No kek it is it still doesn't even remotely resemble the actress cause same is trying so hard to make her "attractive" obviously

No. 1528125

sorry if this sounds dumb but is there any way to mimic oil painting on painttool sai? i’ve seen some artists achieve it but i have no idea what brush settings and modes they use.

No. 1528137

Go back

No. 1528168

AI bros are seething hard over it so that's already a positive.

No. 1528187

The best part is that these AIBs think they are being smart by denoising the GLAZEd images, but this only works for one photo, meaning if you are using an AI system, you still would have to worry about the denoised version and the GLAZEd version being in the database and your file still being completely corrupted. They would have to denoise every single image individually and only use their own pre-made database and that's a lot of work and I'm willing to spend 20min to 1hr to GLAZE an image that took me 30hrs because I have that time and a lot of artists do to. They think we won't wait for the processing, but we will. Their impatient asses can't. That's why they are so frustrated. So yes, they also found a way to undo the GLAZEing, but that corrupts their whole database reasoning to using these image creators.

This is going to be so fun play out because since they publicly keep announcing the flaws in GLAZE, we have a better chance of corrupting their systems because of the work artists are willing to put into fucking with their systems. AIBs don't want to wait and don't have time to be frustrated.

No. 1528216

When drawing things out of your comfort zone do you look up references or do you draw it the best you can remember and then look at references?

No. 1528230

When it's for learning something I have barely drawn before, if ever, my process is usually:
Copy a reference -> Trace the reference & put it over your drawing -> Mark where you made mistakes -> Repeat -> Once I finish drawing it 2-3 times, I draw it again without reference or without directly copying it.
Sometimes I also like to mark stuff like muscles and such when tracing over the reference.

No. 1528259

What's the point of not looking at references every time you possibly can? You gain nothing from not looking and can always improve something if you look

No. 1528313

is art school that teaches fundementals a worthwhile pursuit? After currency conversion all 4 years would total about 1000$ and i'd have to move to the other side of the country that is a bit more expensive. A few years ago I'd jump at it straight away but after all of this AI stuff is a career in art still viable?

No. 1528328

>you still would have to worry about the denoised version and the GLAZEd version being in the database and your file still being completely corrupted.

Can you explain this? I don't even understand how AI databases work.

No. 1528370

It's motivating to work alongside with other students, for a lot of people it's an environment in which they grow the fastest, exchanging feedback on the daily basis, encouraging each other and building network that may help with future employment. If it seems to you like you may be one of these people, go for it. AI is not a real threat when it comes to art jobs; I work in gamedev, have a few friends doing editorial illustration, even know a dude who is living off his traditional painting he sells, no pro artist I know cares about AI, people only talk a lot about it online. Don't worry to much, focus on yourself.

No. 1528375

Sorry if this question isn’t well-suited for this thread, not sure if there’s a better place to ask it. Are there any streamers or youtubers who are older who either started art late or came back to it late? I’m in my thirties and fit the latter, I like seeing other people who are trying to learn art or get back into it, but most people I’ve come across like that are either teens or early twenties, and I know a lot of people don’t really want to put themselves out there like that. I’m just looking for people who might not have the greatest skill level yet but are candid about their journeys if that makes sense. It can be any kind of art, it’s just seeing someone in the process of learning that kind of inspires me.

No. 1528388

File: 1679262292077.jpg (336.46 KB, 1600x1132, 2cc54469580ddcae592180226c6244…)

anyone has resources for drawing backgrounds? i dont even know where to start. Also any artists that do good backgrounds that you like is welcome too.

No. 1528420

thanks a lot

No. 1528732

Don't have any artist recs, but start out by copying photos of environments you like and insert your character into them for practice.

Draw a foreground, middle ground, and background to add instant depth to your drawings.

No. 1529031

Try a 4b pencil. Might be kind of hard to erase but they're just fun.

No. 1529066

How much should I pay my friend for a business logo? I respect her and want to make sure the amount reflects so.
(Sorry if this is the wrong thread, I figured this is under “general art bullshit”)

No. 1529166

File: 1679343025235.png (80.17 KB, 592x1302, shim.png)

I'm so used to seeing yaoi trap anime femboys that I forget that there are also artists who will draw literal men and throw a "she/her" pronoun in there

No. 1529172

This art is so nice. wtf is wrong with people?

No. 1529178

This is so creepy. Were those perverted banned?

No. 1529182

Tbh there are butches irl who can “pass” as male, but this is just draw a guy and put special pronouns on him for clout

No. 1529183

I know, right? You'd think with these art skills they would be able to draw a badass looking butch woman but drawing a man is easier I guess

No. 1529190

Can someone explain wtf is going on with Heart_Puff?

No. 1529196

Oh, that's the chick that /cbsg/ and the /ic/ threads shit on

No. 1529200

Even butches have female anatomy, and female anatomy isn't drawing a muscular male body and face with breasts slapped on. There may be subtle differences (though honestly I don't think they're that subtle) but if you're into butch characters then the minimum would be to learn how anatomy works for them. Than drawing is literally just your typical korean webtoon bad guy but with female pronouns.

No. 1529269

The fact that the artist has to put (she/her) means they didn't do a good job drawing a woman kek

No. 1529385

>>1529190 She changed her artstyle again I guess

No. 1529416

File: 1679378524913.jpg (198.92 KB, 507x2048, VrwpLaSf.jpg)

Samefag but I went on a deep dive and it seems, from what I read, she's on break from drawing in her "90's anime" style and currently drawing with a new artstyle because people kept copying and tracing her art, according to her sister at least

No. 1529420

File: 1679379967843.jpg (200.42 KB, 492x2048, ZJAJn3cT.jpg)

The quoted tweet pt. 1

No. 1529421

File: 1679380000931.jpg (148.04 KB, 410x2048, dOXWerEO.jpg)

No. 1529422

No. 1529423

Sure Jan, sire. I've never heard of this artist but if she's a TIF or caters to TIFs with her art, it could just be pure pathetic coveting.

All of this. Even with a lot of butches, they still have noticeable breasts and if they do workout and have obvious muscle, it doesn't look like that of a muscular man

No. 1529425

File: 1679380376262.jpg (221.23 KB, 654x2048, GcHqK6I-.jpg)

>>1529416 + Bonus tweet about Ikuko Itoh's (Sailor Moon) artsyle and how it's now synonym with 90's anime artstyle

More info from Pikiru / Heart_Puff's sister

No. 1529428

File: 1679380970767.jpg (10.95 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

So I've been watching some of Twisted Disaster's streams because I was looking for some background noise and I still cannot fathom how most of her friends are gender tards. One of the ones that really stomps me is one of her newer additions to her whatever you want to call it but this chick claims she's not a woman or man (they/them) but yet she literally pushed a baby out of her and I'm so flabbergasted how she can sit there and think she's essentially a "nothing" when she has done one of the most woman only things a woman can do. I'm probably being retarded being in disbelief about this as it's the "in" thing for most woman artists to be claiming to be a "they/them" and that naturally (young) women who are parents can fall down this stupid pipeline as well but I don't seek that stuff out so I'm new to this concept kek.

Aside from that, I got a huge laugh from something Michie pointed out about her TIF friend where most of her friends (the TIF) are all cats because most of their circle's fursonas are cats and the whole time I was thinking "Like a true woman" what with the stereotype that women are the ones who mostly surround themselves with cats.

It's just so funny how their little group pretends that this TIF is some "gay man" and they have little revelations like that.

No. 1529435

you would probably like krenzcushart on twitter.

No. 1529438

Literally just drew a man

No. 1529445

I guess this is also why Holly Brown recently came out as trans, she got contaminated by the tranny virus of Michelle's friend group

No. 1529452

All the scrotes saying "I don't see what's the issue here???" really proving how this thread is infested with the Y chromosome beyond salvation.

Cryptobros keep gloating that AI will be the end of artists yet they wouldn't even pay for it themselves, they would just refuse and generate their own "art" instead. I wonder where they think all the big masses who will stuff money in their laps will come from?

No. 1529466

I wish you could tase these kind of animals for fun.

No. 1529476

No cap that's totally what happened. Like I mentioned in the other post, I've been watching Mitchie's streams and I kid you not that most of her friends are gender-tards consisting of 2 TIFs (whom are in a "gay male" relationship kek) and 3 NBs. Not counting Michie herself since she hasn't trooned, Holly was the only other one living in reality until she trooned out. It' totally because that friend group is a breeding ground for such ridiculousness after hearing how they talk among each other, especially Michie who acts in a "how do you do fellow kids?" kinda way, especially with the TIF friend who is like 10 years younger than her yet she calls her "daddy" (It's as cringe as you're probably imagining).

Sidenote but as annoying as Holly can be, I hope she doesn't get her breasts chopped off like the other two TIfs in the circle are planning to do. I don't think anyone should honestly but especially Holly since she already is trying to get Testosterone.

No. 1529549

Heartpuff's style is cute, but I always found funny how proud/protective she is of her heartpuff species, which are just.. cat girls with heart plushes on her ears. Remids me of these sushi dogs and similar uncreative closed species people used to make on Deviantart.

No. 1529589

if you're talking about straight women it's possible but you can't appeal to everyone. a lot of straight women like the male gazey hentai art for instance

No. 1529620

Here's a good tutorial that compliments >>1528732 's post. It's just one way to do it. She doesn't get into the mid-fore-back thing, which is the best way to go about it; but you can see it in action.
Try to put yourself in the environment as you're fleshing it out, too. Project and tell a story.
I'm learning how to flesh out my backgrounds better, too. Using these methods, it's been very exciting and opened up my storytelling potential.

No. 1529638

It's their way of keeping their pyramid scheme going. Like Crypto and NFTs, most of the AI money comes from the same people. I'm sure people are still trying to figure out how to use it for money laundering beyond just pumping out NFT material.

No. 1529650


I loved her art when she went by Pikiru, but I can never forget reading a blog post on her old tumblr (can't find it now) where she went on holiday with her family and they caught(?) a fish, which was then put in a clear bag with water and she 'played' with it until it died (I'm assuming she bashed it around???). She then buried it, and said she'd dig it up when/if she returned.

No. 1529657

Wtf, that sounds demented

I also know her from her Pikiru days. Is there any way to access her art pre-Sailor Moon-esque art? There was a sweet spot of her artstyle (07-09?) before her tumblr-super-bug-eye phase that I loved so much but can never find anymore.

No. 1529662

At least they took this issue seriously and are gonna make sure the scrotes who do this get banned.

No. 1529674

Honestly I was rooting for Holly. She was working on her mental health stuff and getting into a career she enjoyed and I desperately wanted her to get better. Then she got into that fucking polycule with TD and her husband, subsequently kicked out and seemingly got ex-communicated from that group. Now she believes she's trans and it's so disheartening to see.

Haven't kept up with Michie herself because I'm not gonna watch her streams but I did notice Holly wasn't interacting with her as much and thought something was up.

No. 1529715

Tbh as much as I hate troonery I kind of love this kek, though not in the way the artist intended. Traps/femboys are disgusting to me so it’s amusing to see the opposite

No. 1529718

Same, I think it's refreshing to see people drawing ultramasculine women instead of making them dainty or making every muscular woman a transwoman. And it makes moids seethe because they can't fap to it so it's always a plus.

No. 1529728

I like the idea of being able to draw or at least sketch without references, I don’t want to be limited by what references I can find, or have to find a reference every time I draw. What I do if I’m learning something new is copy a reference and then try to draw the same thing or something similar without it. I’m just a hobbyist though so I have the time/freedom for that.

No. 1529733

>I was rooting for Holly

No lie, I was too. Yeah she was an edgy tryhard back in her YouTube days but after hearing that she was trying to turn her life around and was making small steps in doing that, I was actually happy for her. But you're absolutely right that it all went to shit as soon as she entered into a poly "relationship" with Michie and her husband. It honestly felt like one of the reasons that happened was because Michie wanted an excuse to be able to shout that she had a girlfriend and could therefor speak on lesbian issues because seriously, she always felt the need to say that she had a GF anytime she could and it was annoying as fuck.

I wasn't surprised that it didn't work out because let's be real, poly relationships are not relationships and they never last because someone is always gonna be feeling left out of within it. But I was happy that it didn't work and Holly was going to get back on track fixing her life and then BAM, she now thinks she's a man.

>Haven't kept up with Michie herself because I'm not gonna watch her streams but Idid notice Holly wasn't interacting with her as much ad thought something was up

That's fair anon. I only listen to her livestreams for BG noise when I'm drawing because when she's not with her troon friends, she's actually not as annoying though she still complains about small inconveniences in her life that stop her from getting commissions done (kek). In one of her last streams, she was mentioning how she was behind in commissions because "life" and yet she was taking on more in-stream commissions on top of them and didn't even finish some of them during the stream. Her commissioners are incredibly patient, I'll give them that lol.

But when she's with the troon brigade, I try to sit through it because it's so hilarious how she tries so hard to fit in with these people who are much younger than her and how she insinuates that she's "the baby" of the group (woman, you're 30-31 years old saying this to a bunch of women in their early 20s lol).
I usually will click off when things get too much and I can't handle the BS though.

You're right that Holly hasn't been in any of the streams ever since the break up and Michie doesn't seem to bring her up much if at all so I'm guessing it was probably a messy breakup.

No. 1529755

It can be. Good femdom where the sub has just as much emphasis as she does, or even just showing her in a healthy relationship with a good-looking character, is one example that appeals. Lots of women like good-looking couples who are equally smutted up; not everything has to be yume/self-insert driven to appeal to women. If this approach makes it easier for you, it's a market that can cover multiple territories (women who project on one of the characters; women who are just into romance; women who are bisexual). There is both a market for female-targeted yuri (easy mode) and female-targeted het where both parties are attractive (might be challenging at first)

Solo pinups needs to lean more into female wish fulfillment and show a lot of agency before it gets sexy to a female viewer. Things that work for my audience (and me) are good-looking outfits, doing something relatable but not in a bent-out pose, and having expressive and engaging faces, either w/her surroundings or the viewer.

Coomers will sexualize anything, but what makes the female-targeted sexy women stand out is that the male-targeted pinups tend to have her in a pose or reaction that makes no sense to the situation, or make the woman look like she isn't in on the situation being presented. Female gaze appeal means ambience body language; male gaze appeal means banal presentation despite the moment.

No. 1529823

This makes a lot sense. This kinda makes me understand why some women are drawn to wicca because when you look at wicca ceremonies or gatherings that are all women, they feel in tune with each other even when nude and it doesn't feel sexualized at all. Like a group of nude women holding hands in a circle and just taking in the scenery around them and in a sense, being in tune with nature.
Coomer men would not find this sexy at all unless the women were large chested and making out with each other while making porn moans but to a woman, it could be perceived as something beautiful.

No. 1530251

File: 1679472236967.jpg (631.68 KB, 1378x2039, 84542579_p0.jpg)

i know this is going to sound like those ''wojack japan'' meme templates but i stopped following most western ''retro'' artists because of this. They have 0 interest in recreating or making a true homage to a style and decade, they just copy a famous artist and call it ''retro''. They also almost never make anything original, just famous character but in the sailor moon style and with 20 filters. It's a shame because i would love to see more artists inspired by 80's artists and anime.

No. 1530318

File: 1679488978583.jpg (6.47 KB, 512x512, poop.jpg)

Hey anons, I'm committed to using deviantart as my only art social media, mostly because I'm autistic and I like that it's based around building a gallery instead of gay timeline shit.

Anyways I've been using my current account for around 3 years and I only have 10 followers. How the fuck do you gain followers on this website nowadays? I draw a mix of fanart and original content. Do I just need to be extremely consistent in what I draw? Do I need to upload every day? Is there some magic way to use tags? I go on the popular page and it's all memes with 100+ favourites kek it pisses me off

No. 1530322

Do people still use Deviantart? I think most likely people are just not as invested on the social part anymore and only use it to either dump their art or download others' resources.
Back when I used it, I gained the most traction by joining groups and sending my art to them, maybe it will help you. Though it has been 6 years already since that…

No. 1530333

Aren't most actual artists on ArtStation now, only Microsoft Paint fetish artists are left in dA

No. 1530349

There's pretty much no community or proper interaction on artstation, it functions more like portfolio host than actual community for artists

No. 1530361


It sounds like you're looking for the exact same thing you're trying to get away from. Just keep posting there and detox yourself from trying to figure out 'methods' to gain followers.

No. 1530432

I wouldn't completely compare it to the Wicca rite since it's in a sacred space and presented in sacred contexts in art,but I understand what you're getting at. It's all about presentation.

I think what it comes down to, whether its sacred or erotic nudity, is the lack of invasive voyeurism. Erotica made by women featuring women has a less voyeuristic feel to the point where it's scary. They pull you into their work before you know it, but you still have a way out. Men's work will force you too hard in one way or the other.

That's why I'm so careful with sexual art made by women featuring women. I've seen nonnas quick to call anything featuring a sexy woman (especially if she has a slim body and full chest, or a non-exaggerated hourglass) "male gazey" when actual coomer female art looks exactly like coomer male art: distorted and horrific no matter the body type utilized, or distorted and horrific BECAUSE of the body type utilized.

Not to derail the topic, but, again, these are things a person needs to keep in mind when making sexy women for women. I realized that I can't please everyone, and that was liberating. Whatever you decide to do, go for broke.

No. 1530434

There are so many resources on retro material, but they choose to stick to Twitter and just ape whomever they see before getting into fights about it. Meanwhile, JP Twitter and Pixiv are gold mines, and there's also Wikipedia to help guide which 70s-90s artists are still actively posting. The shitters don't care.

Groups are your best bet. The tagging system is shit, but needs to be stuffed. Beyond that, dA is in a very weird state right now. I would sooner suggest Newgrounds or even making your own website on Neocities since you can have followers there.

No. 1530435

There are so many resources on retro material, but they choose to stick to Twitter and just ape whomever they see before getting into fights about it. Meanwhile, JP Twitter and Pixiv are gold mines, and there's also Wikipedia to help guide which 70s-90s artists are still actively posting. The shitters don't care.

Groups are your best bet. The tagging system is shit, but needs to be stuffed. Beyond that, dA is in a very weird state right now. I would sooner suggest Newgrounds or even making your own website on Neocities since you can have followers there.

No. 1530457

>the lack of invasive voyeurism. Erotica made by women featuring women has a less voyeuristic feel to the point where it's scary. They pull you into their work before you know it, but you still have a way out. Men's work will force you too hard in one way or the other.

Yes, exactly. Men make porn to force an imaginary woman to get off for his pleasure, it's in your face because the woman is performing for the viewer.

Women create porn for the imaginary woman or man to get off for their pleasure. Even the most degenerate yaoi created by women still focus on the characters, not the viewer.

No. 1530677

DeviantArt is dead nona. The best time to join DA was ten years ago kek. If you're just wanting somewhere to archive your art, Tumblr is better because of it's tagging system.

No. 1530795

File: 1679530244810.jpg (131.46 KB, 1080x1400, 1679485856578824.jpg)

Holy shit Yt deleted Saito Naoki's channel out of nowhere. They let literal shit like softcore porn and people exploiting women's deaths up but nuke the most harmless drawing channel. I am legit fuming, i regret not watching his channel more.

No. 1530816

That is really upsetting. I enjoyed his channel as well. Hopefully it was random just trolls false reporting him for whatever reason and he'll have his account returned soon.

No. 1530831

post your stuff in the groups that are related to your images. this is going to sound really cringe but i got a shitton of followers like that, even when my (literal) mspaint drawings were kinda shit, and it was all vocaloid fanart (i was 13 pls dont judge). my original stuff ended up getting traction because of the exposure i got with my animu stuff. also in general engage with the groups and community, comment nice stuff in their drawings, give llamas, compliment them in their bios etc etc. even if i don't post a lot nowadays i still get some comments from old followers, so keep at it nona, be patient bc it does take a bit of time

No. 1530834

I'm an old school weeb and i cannot stomach any modern anime art so I only follow retro artists, it's really hilarious that western artists who try to cash on retro anime are too lazy to even look up one single old anime series that isn't sailor moon.

No. 1530883

Any other anons feel this weird guilt when you can draw decently and know your shit but don’t make any money from it? Like idk if I even want to make money out of it but it feels like I’m wasting my talent or something.

No. 1530884

It's a blessing not having to monetize your existence
Enjoy it while you can

No. 1530997

File: 1679559462522.png (193.98 KB, 774x800, b45eef91b8484e8a91c350bf95a4ce…)

old Pikiru art

No. 1530998

File: 1679559489969.png (345.84 KB, 561x800, 2012-10-07-533736.png)

tumblr era Pikiru

No. 1531006

Wait I remember I loved her art but only saw them around the internet uncredited, I had no idea that was her.
I wouldn't day it's a downgrade since her Sailor Moon art is great too, but I wish she had kept exploring her style (even if its still your typical anime one) rather than being a copycat of someone else's, the coloring in the ones you've shown is great.

No. 1531069

So I'm an oldfag and I have been on DeviantART since 2008 and the truth of the matter is that it's nowhere near as popular now like it was a long while back. As soon as Eclipse was forcefully implemented, it drove away a sizeable number of users and then the AI art thing drove even more. So don't be surprised if you find it difficult to get a following there because the social aspect of the website has been on the decline since 2019. The only thing I could suggest is like another anon mentioned which is try submitting to art groups or in the thumbhare forum sub of the site and that might generate some traction though be mindful that it won't be drastic.

Lucky you anon because I pretty much lost most of my followers whom left DeviantArt for Twitter kek It's nice to hear that people still get a decent amount of comments on the though.

No. 1531404

Why do remain on DA nona? Is it just too bothersome moving to a new site? I find that when online friends stop using the same site as me, it gets incredibly lonely and not worth it, even when I get thousands of likes. The interaction with friends on my art is worth more than attention from strangers.

No. 1531918

he's an NFT and AI bro, yt did something good for once

No. 1531929

>AI bro
Wait, really? I knew about the NFT thing but…

No. 1531932

It seems a bit more complex than that, from what I've seen, Naoki did entertain the idea of AI art at first but then showed some concern about it when AI art really started to take off. He was heavily criticized for being outdated. Japanese AI bros are a lot more savage than western ones.

No. 1531985

you are a retard

No. 1532011

Regardless on my thoughts on all that nft ai tomfuckery the dude genuinely had some good advice. I hope the channel returns.

No. 1532231

File: 1679692211613.jpeg (297.72 KB, 2048x1536, 48D0DF7C-621F-40F2-A18A-9C7E69…)

I hate the trend of slapping mastectomy scars onto existing male characters. Griffith is drawn here with a V torso/swimmer’s build I’ve never seen on a TiF, and it’s insulting to be like “canonically GNC longhaired guy = biologically female”.

No. 1532258

The art is good but I get the impression that this person has never actually watched or read Berserk

No. 1532270

kek it's always Griffith too, it's never traditionally masculine characters.

No. 1532280

There are cosplaying/artist TiFs/enbys who skinwalk Griffith and are caught up with the manga. Nice art in most cases but I roll my eyes every time I see the scarring or wrong genitalia (in nsfw)

No. 1532301

picturing the logistical challenges of performing a double mastectomy surgery on a centaur. can they lay on their horse back and human back and fold up the horsey legs like a dead cockroach while they lay on the table?

No. 1532302

There’s also the question of do they also remove the horse boobies as well

No. 1532335

Not at all. I like it when people ask if I do commissions and I can just say no, kek. Feels nice.

No. 1532406

Do any of you have recs for good, hi res free textures for digital art? I used to have a bunch saved but can’t find any now. All the ones I find online are just photos of gravel and shit rather than the grainy paper textures I’m looking for.

No. 1532409

Oh non anon, I used to have a ton but I deleted them off my computer since they took up too much space. But I found them by just using the image size filter on google images and digging around. Most were from deviantart.

No. 1532410

File: 1679722627321.jpg (1.48 MB, 2371x3000, dierat_tea4.jpg)

Samefag, I found some hiding in the dusty corners of my laptop folders and searched the file name to find the source. This user seems to have made a ton of different paper texture packs! I hope it's what you're looking for.


No. 1532415

AYRT here, these look nice, thank you anon! I completely forgot to check deviantart.

No. 1532419

File: 1679724371013.jpeg (193.09 KB, 1280x720, dog w dog.jpeg)

This is more a general ?, but I recently realized that I really need a regimented drawing video course with suggested exercises.
What one is good, especially in terms of gesture, perspective, and making organic looking illustrations?

I don't like Sycra and most other art-tubers I've seen either, though a few seem great for supplemental courses.

No. 1532421

also picrel isn't an example of what I want to do even if I love it.

No. 1532434

i think the fact they are centaurs is somehow cringies

No. 1532435

i think you should make your own based on your preferences

No. 1532443

Weird, nonny, but opinion noted.

No. 1532475

i mean you arent going to find what you want, it depends on your level and on what you want to draw.

No. 1532495

What is it with TIFs and centaurs? I'm more surprised by the random transformation than by the scars.

No. 1532509

AYRT. I'm too intimidated to join radfem servers with my main account but I'm too inactive with my side accounts. I'll try to send a sign when I do join a course. Which is probably by not giving pronouns lol.

I somewhat understand what you're feeling. In my case I removed the stick up my ass and put effort into understanding what makes styles more appealing than others. Not even by artists who post online since I prefer my works looking closer to golden age illustrators.

No. 1532536

I'm recently interested in streaming as a hobby but shit like this sounds annoying to deal with. I'll probably fail the check as soon as someone asks me to say twaw.

Of course, but obviously each woman will have their own mileage. There's quite a bit of female hentai artists that have drawn degen shit that appeal more to moids like >>1524628

Lol I agree and I think /2X/ will be disappointed how pornsick and male dependent we are in their standards kek. You probably already know. There's Joseimuke tag (女性向) in pixiv which means "targetted to women"(?) Most of it is BL but can filter the tag. I also found this from the femdom thread in /g/ https://l-onnnazeme.com/ a femdom drawn work catalog.

No. 1532577

NTA but this tag is a gold mine, both for viewing and for tagging my own work. Please add the "ke" (女性向け) to get the even more.

No. 1533240

File: 1679837347486.png (457.7 KB, 765x2365, AI trannies.png)

I hate TrAInnies so fucking much nonnies i had to share this shit here. ''most AI users are women'' no, they are autistic coomer men making big titty gross aliens and cp, fuck you.

No. 1533252

This. Troons love AI shit and will claim it’s « empowering » for « women » (and by that they mean, trannies on twitter, because cis women don’t exist) but also happily throw female artists under the bus with no regards. Not even surprised they’d get so defensive over their cp-generator. It’s pathetic.

No. 1533402

Male degenerate untalented freak hope he stops lying about women and drops dead from a heart attack

No. 1533488

“art fascism” lmao stfu. this person is clearly a lazy POS hiding behind female identity and the excuse of “muh disability” and BS claims to feel better about their ineptitude to create anything themselves outside of typing words into a premade image generator and insisting that’s somehow “work”. what a fucking moron

No. 1533645

I wanna thank everyone a few months ago who suggested I take a look through the list of books provided to start my journey learning to draw as an adult. We got a kitten so just had time to officially buy some books and I started with head and hands from Loomis.

It seems quite hard so far as someone who hasn’t drawn in 15 years but I just wanted to thank you all! If I do a little every day I hope I’m around a few years I could draw what I really want to!

No. 1533794

i hope this creature kills itself

No. 1533963

>telling my lazy untalented ass to pick up a pencil is bigotry akshully
>did you know Adolf Hitler picked up pencils???

Dumbass moid

No. 1534165

omfg the audacity to say he's "fluent in dadaism" and a "prolific surrealist" but then still shills AI

No. 1534819

File: 1680008577949.jpeg (127.68 KB, 640x880, 92877300-4C0E-4915-AE86-CE1354…)


New school shooter was a shitty failed artist and also trans boy

No. 1534820

Looks better than any contemporary work by cis males.

No. 1534824

penis nose

No. 1534952

also looked to be a fujoshi.

No. 1534983

Post proof, I didn’t see anything related to Japanese BL on her tumblr account

No. 1534993

File: 1680015792193.png (1.03 MB, 1170x2532, AA0F318D-C1B1-4306-82FC-B53694…)

you do realize the word fujo is a broad term and doent just mean asian comics? Either way she had a weird fixation with male animal cartoon characters and shipped the sexually with each other,

Check her tumblr before it gets deleted this is the type of stuff she had in her likes.

No. 1535057

That doesnt make her a fujo, she didnt even like anime. She was just another abused normie women groomed by reddit into chopping her tits.

No. 1535103

Nta, but what a reach, if anything she would be closer to a furry than a fujo.
>asian comics

No. 1535171

Tired of artists being like “i need to pay for twitter blue to survive so please don’t harass me!” Really? Subscribe to a site that’s been going downhill for months? I’ve seen two mutuals subscribe last month and it did them no favors.

No. 1535190

File: 1680035129963.jpeg (34.17 KB, 1170x463, A2304642-2827-4DA5-8008-7D65E3…)

Recently watched Vulvine with art direction by Mary Yanko. It was honestly refreshing seeing erotic art with a focus on female pleasure. I would link the full film but it’s only managed to stay up on a porn site.

No. 1535201

>likes art of winnie the pooh characters making out with each other

No. 1535253

Do you think it’s possible (or even worth it) to start a semi-successful art channel nowadays? And what kind of art channels/videos do you ACTUALLY watch? Tutorials, process vids, hacks, art challenges, trendy/weird art supplies, storytimes, etc? Or do you just get attached to a certain artist/personality and stick with whatever they make? Is there anything you think is lacking in art content in general?

No. 1535259

Thank you for sharing, the art looks gorgeous! I'm going to watch it either way.

No. 1535260

I feel like the only thing worth doing is to try and offer a new approach at learning fundamentals since i believe there will always be room for that, but that's a lot of hard work and requires you to be confident in your skill as well as highly adept in art. Another thing is probably commentary on anything, maybe have the art tie in with what you are talking about. The topics can be about anything you want. Lastly, good ol' click bait. If i was to do anything, i'd choose the commentary route but not touching drama. Maybe talking about something motivational or something soothing. Idk.

No. 1535265

Videos on using different art supplies or mediums in interesting ways and experimenting where the viewing can see the mistakes and wins, art supply review/comparisons for anything that isn’t colored pencil, watercolor, or gouache, and vlog/process videos with composition, concept, and painting or sketch booking on the go. But only if you don’t do basic portrait/pretty girl/weebshit

No. 1535286

Anons complaining about the term fujo probably also get mad about the term yuri and demand the word 'sapphic' be used instead as if the whole work revolves around Burgerland-Western takes.

No. 1535378


No, it's more like words have a presumed meaning and no one is going to know what you're talking about if you use words based on your own personal ideas of what they mean vs what they actually mean to everyone else.

When I read "fujoshi" I didn't think oh, so they're a furry, because that's what the word "furry" is for.

No. 1535825

Twitter really is like a containment for artists who couldn't survive on any other platform or a less-reliant-on-Twitter niche. I can't blame them for exploring their options since a lot of building up your art career is taking gambles; but begging for forgiveness for every little thing they do is why you should think about what kind of audience you want to curate. This is why I don't care for the Twitter crowd. I want to make money, not challenge my already slipping sanity.

No. 1535923

It's useless to pay for twitter anyway, it's like paying for facebook or instagram ads. Your art can be promoted and pushed onto people's TLs but if it sucks, it sucks. People who have good art will thrive on any platform simply by word of mouth.

No. 1536442


It doesn't really work that way. You just need to appeal to the lowest common denominator on social media, so someone with art that is more highbrow or niche is going to have a tougher time gaining traction.

There are plenty of people with lots of followers on social media who can't charge above $20 a commission to make money, and you have people on social media with few followers who are able to get reliable, steady clients in the real world.


To add, you have to go to where not only your audience is, but your audience that will pay you. Tiktok might gain you a million followers, but they're all children and they won't pay you shit.

"Curating an audience" is nice in concept, but people who want to make money have to go where the money is. Whether this is Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, or real life depends on your market.

No. 1536458

So what do you suggest? What's an audience that pays?

No. 1536465



No. 1536510

My sister gets the most commissions from young adults who ask for drawings of them with their partners/pets/family (they tend to commission more than once too) and irl middle-aged people who want paintings for their workplace of things like landscapes ans such.

No. 1536608

I love process videos and tutorials. I which more artists would go over their old art and talk about what they would do differently.

No. 1536778

>To add, you have to go to where not only your audience is, but your audience that will pay you.
>"Curating an audience" is nice in concept, but people who want to make money have to go where the money is. Whether this is Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, or real life depends on your market.
That's exactly what "curating your audience" implies. It's about knowing what you, personally, want out of your crowd. If you prioritize follower numbers over money, Twitter (unless you draw NSFW) and Tiktok are no-brainers. Yes, you can curate paying followers with both, but there are already spaces where people are already ready to spend money on you first, and follow your social media second.

I just don't see why a person would willingly entertain a crowd that they know would drag them for a promotional move. (The move itself isn't up for debate; whether smart or stupid. I sure as hell wouldn't pay for the checkmark, but I am empathetic wanting to take gambles on a platform you've decided to invest your time in.) If I had to apologize in advance to my audience and peers for moves that I make to promote myself because it might offend them, I'd reconsider my position. It's almost like if I apologized for paying for Etsy ads.

No. 1536993


I don't know where this assumption comes from that Twitter is some kind of last-ditch-effort for struggling artists who have to apologize to their followers all the time and beg for scraps. I see this a lot around here and it seems like some of you have never tried to or succeeded in monetizing a following on Twitter and are just repeating whatever nonsense you hear from people whose only credentials are being terminally online.

If Twitter was such a wasteland, none of the popular artists would be on it, and yet almost all of them are.

The key is that whether you have a large following or not, your work has to be good enough that people want you to make art for them. I had people asking me if I did commissions before I ever even started doing them. I've never apologized to my followers and I charge in the hundreds for my commissions.

The reason I pointed to "curating an audience" as naive is because your audience is where your audience is; it doesn't matter if you like Instagram or wherever better. If your target audience isn't on Instagram but they're on Facebook, guess what, Facebook is where you need to be. You don't get to curate shit unless you've made it big; your audience is essentially curating you.

No. 1537175

It's not a last ditch effort so much as it seems to bring out the worst in people for little return. A lot of new artists looking to 'make it' do make the mistake of dictating their entire career around their Twitter popularity instead of embracing a niche like a professional, and taking into account their paying audience to follower ratio.

If your entire career is all about letting your fanbase take you for a ride and "curate" you, your words are completely true. This rule is more applicable for those just focused on doing commissions and freelancing for a living. You should shape yourself around what your followers want.

Still; you're free to be naive and ignore the fact that people are very influenced by the artists themselves, especially when you have a narrative attached to your work. If Twitter-focused artist buys a checkmark, they should just go all in on it, or not do it at all.

No. 1537231


Cool, so you either didn't try to make money on Twitter and are just going based off what drama says, or you failed at it and think that no one else can do it because you didn't.

I keep seeing it over and over again on lolcow about how there's all this drama and how you can't be yourselves, but have you ever considered just shutting the fuck up and posting art? No one cares about your sparkling personality; just do your fucking job.

If someone stops following you because you bought a blue checkmark (which you shouldn't do anyway because it's a scam), okay, so what? At worst you get to see who actually cares about your work. I see plenty of artists with blue checkmarks and guess what, they still are working on Twitter without harassment.

No. 1537350

Agreed but I can’t say I blame people contemplating buying the subscription service they’re rolling out on IG. Actual live customer service is a huge draw. Kind of fucked up that you have to pay for it but as shitty of a platform as Instagram is it’s really the only option for small businesses and indie creators right now.

No. 1537369

>but there are already spaces where people are already ready to spend money on you first, and follow your social media second.
Like where? Facebook?

No. 1537513

We're on the same page, but you're so defensive of Twitter to not be able to see that. Part of curating your audience is being yourself. When I first started, my business partner told me that I should either make what I like, or make what everyone else likes. But she encouraged the former, and it paid off well.

Now that you mention it, Twitter might be a good dump for my NSFW work since Pixiv, where I usually post that kind of content, can be set to post to a Twitter account simultaneously. Not interested in it for business, but it might be fun to see what happens, if anything.

A lot of my followers came from selling offline, both before COVID and after restrictions lifted. I also sell a lot of my work on Etsy and run Kickstarters from time to time, both of which have built in audiences who are already looking to buy things.

No. 1538308

File: 1680335790917.jpg (105.7 KB, 719x901, sakimi.jpg)

I'm starting to think ai art is better than sakimichan's art

No. 1538422

I'm starting to think sakimichan's more recent art IS AI art.

No. 1538451

Just think about it, she won't have to hire any assistants anymore to draw for her. She could just run her own art through an AI generator, do some minor touch ups herself and take home an even bigger cut of the cash.

No. 1538457

Personally I think she's already doing that.

No. 1538502


how come her art manages to look more and more unpolished each time i look at it

it's not new that her art tends to look unfinished but this one looks ESPECIALLY unfinished

No. 1538525

would like to hear more about sakimi's assistants

No. 1538581

Anyone else who struggled to see what the fuck was what in this drawing? The light and rendering is so confusing, I had a hard time figuring out where her body started and ended, kek.

No. 1538592

File: 1680368546752.png (24.58 KB, 400x433, 86672FB6-7A4D-43AD-9E82-8B5042…)

A while ago pinterest wasn’t returning searches if I included the word “girl” in them, I assumed it was because maybe my search term might catch red flags in pinterest’s system.
Apparently they just block anything with the word “girl” now.

No. 1538600

pretty sure it's more of a poor attempt to block out pedo shit than to encourage troon shit. tumblr did that too some time ago.

No. 1538602

Huh, the search works fine for me.

No. 1538631

the world hates women but this isn’t an example of that and this girl is being willfully dishonest and the exact type of person she’d denounce if it was someone from the left misrepresenting a website like this in an attempt to cancel them. Using keywords “girl” and “boy” still work. I still get results when I search “boy outfit inspo” or “girl haircuts”. The only reason a search using those words would turn back less results is if you were typing in something like a dumbass making it seem like you’re trying to view CSAM instead of feminine or masculine themed images like >>1538600 said. Stop falling for fake outrage when bare minimum critical thinking skills will easily debunk shit like this.

No. 1538653

I can actually vouch for this, I was looking up a type of pose reference using the term girl (it was just some generic couple stuff, nothing remotely sexual) and it didn't give me a single result. I was really confused kek but I guess that explains it

No. 1538685

I had to look at it for a few seconds too kek. I thought her torso was going straight down and she was in a kinda neutral standing position, then I saw that she's holding her balloon boobs and her back is arched. I can't believe people coom to this when AI art pumps out the same shitty hollow coomer result for much less money.

No. 1538686

I think they blacklisted the words "boy/girl" in general but whitelisted certain popular enough innocuous queries.

No. 1538779

wait what was her tumblr name? do you have the link?

No. 1538806

Yeah this is ai generated, you can train it on your own art or someone else's (as these shitheads love to do) and there is some illogical detail and repetitive shapes in areas that make little sense
They probably just overpainted the hands. Actual artists using ai I'm fine with, but talentless thieves and scammers can get fucked. There are even guys setting up fake "studios" with shitass fake easels and canvas prints/photoshop jobs to pretend they painted the ai art by hand.

No. 1538810

Within the past year or so I've gotten really into drawing an original character as like a symbol of womens struggles. It sounds corny (it is corny) but whenever I show a piece of her to one of my friends they immediately remark on how much they relate to her. It feels really good

No. 1538980

I was looking up things I assumed sounded innocent and was very confused when I didn't get results, it made me very sad and angry when I switched the word girl for boy and got results instead. I really don't know how my search terms could have triggered pedo shit on pinterest's end.

I know that it's pinterest's attempt at combating pedo shit and that the tweet is blowing it out of proportion, it's still annoying I wanted to complain about it here.

No. 1539089

No. 1539091

I love this short film so much, it's a terf film to me. The animators have their inspiration shine thorugh like ghibli with the hair expressions.

No. 1539120

Their search engine has completely gone to shit. I assume it has to do with their recent zoomer rebrand.

No. 1539214


One time on pinterest I wanted to get some idea for young fashion. I searched for "Japanese teen girl" without even thinking because I loved Asian fashion magazines when I was a teen girl, and ofc it thought I was some gross pedophile.

Honestly I'm actually glad for it. Thank you Pinterest for doing the bare minimum and not serving panty shots of Asian children to adult men on a silver platter.

No. 1539302

They keep trying to push products to the top, not actual relevant pins to your boards

They also blacklisted and banned a bunch of people and boards for no reason. The users aren't shadowbanned, theyve been straight up suspended, or their boards completely vanish with no explanation. Happened to one of mine, huge board, completely gone, but the pins are still visible. Makes no sense

No. 1539412

She's one of the few artists I think who would benefit from using AI just because of her business model. She is, literally, the McDonald's of coom art. But she clearly enjoys putting more effort into the males than the females while the females are more in demand. The people who devour her pinups and yuri have no standards. The AI models are better trained on females than on males, in most cases.
I've stopped bothering trying to figure out what's happening in these kinds of pictures. 90% of the effort goes into the "assets", face, and hair. Everything else is just a suggestion to what might be happening. It's extra funny because there's not too much difference between it and her non-AI work, which just had a random photobash and some prop brushes thrown around.
Based, encouraging, and wholesome, nonna. Keep it up, Queen. Sounds like you've found your new muse.

No. 1539437

File: 1680456501988.jpg (345.75 KB, 1359x1920, cute-anime-characters-with-bra…)

How the hell do you cell-shade braids? I drew them in a similar form like picrelated but i can't manage to figure out how to shade them properly, feeling like an illiterate. I am losing my mind over this. Somehow managed to shade it the normal way but it clashes with my cell shading way too much (i am a weeb artist if that helps).
Is there any tutorial for braid shading? I cant find anything other than one and it doesnt fit. Please help, good nonnas…

No. 1539466

why do you need a tutorial… this is why you shouldn't only draw anime. look at a fucking rope and observe how the light falls. put the shaded part on the bottom of each 'rope' of the braid and then try not to make it too cluttered, like any other cel shading. this is a zoomer question, nonna.

No. 1539520

File: 1680463881724.jpg (106.01 KB, 1195x638, childs play.JPG)

I really don't get adults who hoard art supplies, do bad art and don't even strive to improve.
I've noticed this category on youtube, they'll buy a heap of art supplies, make some swatches (some of these people do REALLY shitty swatches too) and that's that. Their whole channel is them hoarding art supplies.
I collected a fuckton of traditional art supplies but I started after I reached a certain level and I'm always practicing to improve.
Pic related, made by a grown ass woman on an expensive Fabriano sketchbook.
I just can't. I know everyone can enjoy art in their own way,but when you express your views in a wannabe high artist way, you better fucking have the art skills to PROVE it too.
At the opposite spectrum there's the artists that make amazing stuff with the cheapest art supplies.
please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks like this

No. 1539537

It's a brand of consoomerism/shopping addiction. It's usually about the act of buying the new thing and imagining the potential of it, thinking owning high grade equipment in itself will automatically help you make better art overnight. If it's on youtube it's probably also just to be able to produce more content since their art ain't cutting it. Social media is pretty retarded like that.

No. 1539629

It's the art equivalent of a fad diet. Hoarders don't want to put in the hard work needed to improve, they want to find the Holy Grail that makes good art with 0 effort.

No. 1539653

Nah it's a bullshit mindset that you have to prove yourself to use higher quality art supplies. Is it consumerism? Sure. Does it make these people happy to draw shit in expensive sketchbooks? Probably. Stop gatekeeping, your grind mindset is toxic.

No. 1539768

File: 1680487928619.jpg (29.77 KB, 401x606, gium.jpg)

Agree with this anon >>1538600
i looked up some stuff with the word "girl" and "boy"
and nothing appeared but i added some keywords and it was fine
If it was a tranny thing theyd block male and female too
And also i came to this thread to say i miss following cool twitter artist, lost a lot of the popular ones when i deleted my old account (like 3 years ago)

No. 1539775

I am still looking for a channel to fill the void threesibo left, does anyone know what happened to her channel? I was thinking of making a channel similar to hers but my art is very ugly, lol. Anyways, i personally would like a ''fun'' channel, doing challenge and trying new art forms would be fun to watch.

No. 1539776

if this was posted on ic the poster would be told to go back to loomis

No. 1539836

File: 1680496907128.jpg (84.52 KB, 584x552, 1680414742170015.jpg)

puccanoodles wants 150k for this lmfao

No. 1539891

Why do little kid characters need to have cat eye eyeliner

No. 1539895

>i am a weeb artist

No. 1539896

Black, disabled, POC AND deaf? Well shit, it must be quality!

No. 1539962

I'm all for having anything but men developing media, but if the selling point of a show/book is "the creators/cast is diverse!" instead of the story itself that means it sucks most of the time.
Same as people recomending media to others and only saying "it has gay characters!!1!", that's cool Jerry but please tell me what the story is about.

No. 1540020

Looks like a tumblr funded project from 5 years ago.

No. 1540122

Who wants to bet that this fundraiser will end mid way and she will claim how she’ll be putting the money to other uses?
Kinda hope after this project fails that she’ll finally be called out by others for her money schemes

No. 1540154

Oh goodie, High Guardian Spice 2: Electric Boogaloo

I don't think Kickstarter hands out any money if the project failed to meet it's funding target, unless they changed this rule and I'm not aware.

No. 1540173

I hate seeing the progress after going back to fundies.
I hate doing perspective studies but it has improved my art so much. Wow.
Art is hard as fuck. I am currently studying "How to Draw", next is "How to Render".
Wish me luck!

No. 1540184

Good luck anon!

No. 1540310

The black girl in particular reminds me of the drawing in children's magazines in my country, so it looks cute to me, honestly.

Not to white knight, but this doesn't look so bad to me (visually), apparently she's working with a small studio so I guess salaries for animators+music+voice acting maybe makes sense possibly stretching it a bit for a 2-minute pilot tho, and most of the people involved are industry professionals, so you'd HOPE they would collectively worry about having a kickstarter scam on their work experience.
I know she's an uber grifter, but has puccanoodles tried and failed projects like this before?

That string is particularly silly because black is already included in POC and deaf is already included in disabled, so it's like she's trying to do as many brownie point key words on purpose kek.

No. 1540333

I like the flowers and bell bottoms on the black girl, but the red girl's design bothers me. Something about her outfit just clashes? Looks like they were going for a Tomboy look, but didn't commit. Also she looks like a mini Videl from dragonball

No. 1540334

I like the flowers and bell bottoms on the black girl, but the red girl's design bothers me. Something about her outfit just clashes? Looks like they were going for a Tomboy look, but didn't commit. Also she looks like a mini Videl from dragonball

No. 1540350

File: 1680560562914.jpg (22.08 KB, 602x237, doug.jpg)

Is anybody else following the Doug TenNapel vs. RJ Palmer (arvalis) spat? It's been dragging on for a good portion of the day now with Palmer now feeling the need to defend trannies in the original tweet thread. I really do not like either of them so it's been incredibly amusing to read.

Pretty much starts here: https://twitter.com/DougTenNapel/status/1642580337292111874 and now they won't stop shittalking each other and their fans.

No. 1540373

they only reached 30k out of their 150k goals, there is no way they will reach that outstanding goal in the next 2 weeks. Maybe they should have pitched something someone wants.

No. 1540374

literally who is this guy?. I would kill myself if i tried to ragebait this hard for attention and only got 12 likes.

No. 1540376

He created Earthworm Jim, The Neverhood, and that cat show on Nickelodeon that no one really cared about.

No. 1540378

feels good to not give a shit about who created the things you like

No. 1540467

File: 1680580206119.png (115.35 KB, 750x1108, loomis captcha.PNG)

No. 1540594

based, keep it up!

No. 1540595

(hardly an) art supplies hoarder here.
It's mix of retail therapy, finding it intimidating to use said expensive/good quality products (but it doesn't explain your pic rel lol), and being a digital artist first and foremost.
Unfortunately, like >>1539653 said it's mostly just consumerism, they have money and spend it on a hobby, whether they're good or bad at it.

No. 1540663

Isn’t this the munchie that is so incompetent at her job that other story artists constantly have to step in to redo her work because the studio doesn’t want to fire a “disabled artist”?

No. 1540677


The same one who claimed she needed a specially trained medical support dog (and got it).

No. 1540927

> the studio doesn’t want to fire a “disabled artist"
more like "doesn't wanna risk firing a nepobaby"

No. 1540958

its from Sakimi's instagram.

No. 1541171

File: 1680677240131.jpeg (110.88 KB, 734x919, FsUVoPAXgAEQCFu.jpeg)

Picrel is what started the whole thing. Earthworm Jim dude is an annoying nft boomer but honestly this pity-me shit about AI art is kinda pathetic. Just get a normal job bro. Just do commissions on the side. Learn to code or something. Work at walmart. I work a shit third shift job and I still find time to make art. Do artists like this really think that they can't work normie jobs or something?

No. 1541173

The only people in real danger of losing jobs to AI are the soulless VG concept art bros and anime coomer moids. Good riddance.

No. 1541181


This is the dumbest thing I've ever read on here. It's insane to me that art is so devalued in society that someone who does art themselves thinks it's perfectly fine for art to vanish as a career and sees nothing wrong with that prospect.

Let me explain to you that while no one deserves to have a job in art, it's really fucking bad for society if no one can get a paying job in art. You do get that, right? Like if you stop for 2 seconds to think about it, you do get why that is a bad thing, right?

Although AI isn't going to replace artists altogether, you do also understand that it doesn't stop at just artists? It's estimated to impact 80% of the workforce? "Just learn to code!" Oh you mean the thing that AI can also do? Nothing like spending 6 months to a year on trying to do a job that AI will replace; it's mid-level and senior developers who are safe but juniors are 100% on the chopping block.

No. 1541183

What a whiny baby. Artists and writers so often seem to have this entitled mindset that their work is a gift to the world, and if they don't get to live out their dream and make a living from it, the world owes them for having to degrade themselves into a normal job, kek.

I have an artist friend who had gone into a full on depression because of AI art and claims it has destroyed her dream of a life where she gets paid to sit around and paint all day. She has a regular job that gives her weekends and holidays off and plenty of free time in the afternoon, but she claims it's not enough because it's not worth doing art if she doesn't get paid for it.

The good thing that might come from this is that artists who do it for fun and their own enjoyment get more visibility again.

No. 1541187

I guess if AI replaces every job then we'll all have to kill ourselves then kek. I mean I don't think AI will ever replace janitors or construction workers or farmers. This guy is just having a tough job search rn and he's decided it's the end of the world. Coomer artists on Twitter make thousands every month on Patreon, he should get in on that

No. 1541194


Are you retarded? It has nothing to do artists and writers getting to "live out their dream"; it's that a society that sees no value in and has no place for creatives is a dystopian nightmare.

By all means, go to ChatGPT and generate a new book to read; there's absolutely no reason for an author to make any work for you to read ever again, since you don't think anyone's work is valuable enough to deserve a career out of it. Just go read and look at your computerized, mass-generated drivel, since that's why people are going to lose work.

I love going on an art board and reading the same arguments I read from NFT and tech bros. Artists should just create art for you to consume for free because their labor is meaningless. Miyazaki should have been a plumber and animated on weekends. Really inspired thoughts there.

No. 1541197

The thing is that most artist who think they deserve a career out of it suck at it, and this is going to be a nice cold shower for them. If anything the market has become oversaturated with shitty art from lazy artists due to the idea that all art has value, and talents the likes of Miyazaki are never seen or discovered because people want to consume instead of appreciate.

No. 1541198

No one said artists need to create for free for the public or whatever. But if no one is hiring or paying, are you just never going to make art again? You don't do it for fun in your own free time? Like you really only do it for money? I find that hard to believe. Millions of artists out there work normal wagie jobs while still making art for themselves.

No. 1541201

When one has a job there's much less free time to create and much more potential troubles coming with the job that may impact both physical and mental ability to create. It's with benefit for everyone that artists can depend on their art alone when it comes to financial security

No. 1541204

They still need to put in the work equal to a full time job and have the talent worthy of getting paid, which is usually not the case with your regular Twitter artist. I've seen too many artists on social security or living off their parents or partner go completely numb and complain on twitter about art block and depression since all they do is sit around at home waiting for inspiration. People with jobs don't have time to mope about their lack of inspiration if they want to be productive, they just get to work.

I agree that actual talent and hard work should be rewarded like any other job, though, and it would be awful if AI art replaced those.

No. 1541206


Virtually all artists who want to keep making art what a career out of it, genius. That's why people are willing to be in such a thankless career.

Also, surprise, everyone is bad at art when they start out. I'm not sure if you've ever drawn before, but that's how it works. That doesn't mean they'll always be bad. They have to have an opportunity to improve. Ikuko Itoh, whose art is some of the most iconic and a lasting representation of 90s anime, was one of the worst animators on the team when she started out.

And if you all would take literally a minute to critically think, what happens to all of the good artists when the jobs continue to decrease? If they don't just do something else, they all end up competing for commissions, further driving down the price, when commissions are already rock bottom. You think competition is bad now? Wait until half the art jobs are gone.

>> 1541198

No? I work a full-time job; why the fuck would I spend 20+ hours in front of a screen on my day off for literally nothing? I'm good at art, I make money from it, and I like money.

And it doesn't matter that "no one said so-and-so"; when you whine and bitch that artists just in general dare consider actually having a career from their labor, you're basically saying there's something wrong if someone wants to be compensated for the work they do and prefer that they just shut the fuck up and go work another job. It would be one thing if the original argument was about artists who do lazy, stagnant work, but it wasn't.

I have never seen artists actively parade shooting themselves in the foot to this degree just to be petty. For all of you supporting this shit, I hope that things happen for you exactly the way you want and you never make a fucking dime off your art.

No. 1541213

>twitter requiring a subscription to even be seen
I don't get this, I saw all pretty much all tweets from people I follow and most of them don't have the blue mark, am I doing something wrong? I don't use the app and I see the tweets in chronological order.

No. 1541214

File: 1680684882878.jpg (585.06 KB, 1436x2160, cM1zlrin3_c.jpg)


Im have been an artist on the Internet since 2017. I had been trying to grow in my skills and create a bussiness my most of artists on social media, but with little success. Should I keep trying or just keep it as a hobby?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1541216

Both. No reason you can’t post, share, & sell things related to your hobby. Just because it might not become a full-time business for you doesn’t mean it isn’t still worth sharing!

No. 1541220

I don't understand his beef with Instagram either tbh. How do videos mess things up for artists?

No. 1541222

>Artists and writers so often seem to have this entitled mindset that their work is a gift to the world, and if they don't get to live out their dream and make a living from it, the world owes them for having to degrade themselves into a normal job
I disagree, most artists I know of are or have happily worked another job at the same time too. Everyone who has seriously considered art as a career has been constantly told art doesn't make you much money so most artists are aware and create out of passion. The ones who do it as a job will tell you it's a job like any other. The few I see who are entitled are typically male or narcs in general who lack skill but are convinced they're the next picasso, they saw banksy sold something for $2 million and assume they can do that too.

No. 1541231

musk is rolling out the inability to view tweets on your for you page for accounts other than blue marks on the 15th or so

No. 1541234

Sounds bitter and jealous

No. 1541237

>>1541171 Have you ever considered that maybe people don't want to work a "Normie" job and are allowed to dream of making money as an artist? Also, AI is getting better at code too kek, so tech jobs will become worthless (and good, i fucking hate tech bros)

No. 1541238

File: 1680688286164.png (118.83 KB, 1063x610, 1679597818386433.png)

why do AI cock suckers always twist the narrative about artists being ''whiny''? No one wants to work a 23 hour shit soul-sucking job because some retard tranny techbro decided to screw artists by training an AI on their stolen artwork. Look at Adobe's new AI tool, ITS SHIT. Artists dont care about ''losing their job'' they are angry at the trannies in command feeling entitled to train their soulless machines on copyrighted works and then crying on twitter about how artists are all just whiny gatekeeping babies, when they try to sell you their get rich quick schemes. AI ''art'' is completly unnecessary and just another way for the elites to screw you out of a fulfilling career by turning everything into fast food. If you are happy being a burger flipper that's on you for being a mediocre bootlicker retard, but people are allowed and entitled to their time and effort.

No. 1541242

Huh, you guys are changing my mind a little on this. Gotta think it over some more, but I'm glad this seems to be a rare occasion of a discussion regarding this not being completely insufferable, kek.

No. 1541257

File: 1680689731281.jpeg (11.18 KB, 224x292, images.jpeg)

I think AI shit should be illegal actually. It's creepy as fuck. People itt are arguing about shit no one said.

No. 1541261

File: 1680690904407.png (39.15 KB, 1080x735, Screenshot_20230405-053520-959…)

Yeah no shit nobody wants a normie job dude. But if you have no fucking choice you'll do it to feed yourself. Until AI shit is banned at least. The lawsuits are starting already so it's only a matter of time.

No. 1541262

Lol TenNapel is batshit insane (he's an avid Christian but also said that Hitler did nothing wrong; he also denied that COVID was real) but the whining about AI is also annoying

No. 1541266

File: 1680691174451.jpeg (66.32 KB, 1433x348, EfJkmZvUMAE3LFC.jpeg)

Fucking hell. Why is every scrote literally insane

No. 1541270

it's okay to be mad at consumerism, but this isn't the right thread for it. she just chose to hoard art supplies, if she wasn't interested in it, she would just hoard other things, it has nothing to do with art lol
this is gatekeeper behaviour

No. 1541272

i think we should ban this type of AI forever, and burn all servers that hold info on it, and guard and punish/kill those who insist on it.
but of course the world isn't ideal and the top rich will always have access to it for their nefarious capitalist schemes

>inb4 autismo

yeah whatever

No. 1541279

You're right. These shits are stealing copyrighted works made by artists/photographers. Like this shit should already be banned and illegal and the retards responsible should have prison time.

No. 1541315

File: 1680697637425.jpeg (214.07 KB, 1200x913, 05CE61E3-1F50-422E-87FD-9E76DB…)

Not to diss on the artist too much because he isn't terrible but his portfolio work is incredibly generic. It is basically blander Blizzard promo art. I can see why he is having a hard time getting work because there is already so much stuff like this out there.

Doug's reply to this guy was a bit harsh but he is right. Not every artist can make it as a full-time career and should prioritize their love of art over the idea of having it as a career. However, he's been making a massive fool of himself in his recent retweets while arvalis probably doesn't even give a shit anymore. It is incredibly pathetic.

No. 1541331

>oh that looks cool I wonder what else anon posts
>look at her reddit
>it's all suicideposting, animefagging, more suicide threads, selfposting on /r/delusionalartists, more suicide threads, promoting a youtube "commentary" channel, more suicide threads, MLP animations, more animefagging, promoting Patreon
>My little Pony in hijab
>click linktree
>male pronouns on all other social media sites

I'd insult you, but I don't think I can top what you've already posted. Good luck on that bridge you speak of

No. 1541333

File: 1680699354630.jpg (99.51 KB, 780x1009, f3986852-ed18-48b5-bb21-af17ad…)

Tbh this guy could probably make bank on furfag websites

No. 1541343

Lol how did you find the sperg on reddit

No. 1541345

Reverse image search. Didn't even try

No. 1541382

The irony of this scrote whining about "copy paste" on AI shit. This flavor of male is the most retarded of all.

No. 1541444

It's an opinion of all big artists I know kek. But they're smart enough to not post it on twitter.

No. 1541458

That artwork looks like one giant yawn.

No. 1541575

>Coomer artists on Twitter make thousands every month on Patreon, he should get in on that


No. 1541603

Pays the bills

No. 1541626

>>1541603 Coomer artists deserve to kill themselves though

No. 1541676

The guy in the original twitter screenshot is technically already a coomer artist since he does nsfw stuff for commission

No. 1541686

Sad but true. Grotesque depictions of female anime characters pays more than actual art.

No. 1541700

I'm glad opinions are finally shifting against AI in general in this thread. The astroturfing and shills were getting pretty bad in the last threads just like they did for crypto kek. I've seen some mutual artists I used to respect come out in favor of AI and regurgitate talking points at me, it's so disappointing.

No. 1541724

The AI shit is bad enough with what it does to artists but it's really scary to think what governments are going to start using this tech for

No. 1541873

File: 1680762351306.png (Spoiler Image, 80.86 KB, 413x640, telewut.png)

Of course artists like Telepurte base their anatomy off of photoshopped onlyfans thots. I hate how shit like this is popular and moids will harp on about how the anatomy is on point. I swear they all have brainrot

No. 1541908

That wrist looks kinda fucked up

No. 1541915

Thought this was someone uploading ai art as bait "reference study" kek it looks so wonky.

No. 1542005

can we talk about art styles? what's your favorite art style ? do you have any artist you love or like to emulate?

No. 1542027

Some of you anons really need to keep up with stuff.

Instagram has been nuking the reach of accounts in general in the past half year or so, and anything that isn't a reel barely gets promoted at all anymore.

Even if you see his post as dramatic, he's honestly not wrong.

No. 1542034

File: 1680786862987.jpg (112.48 KB, 850x655, WylieBeckert-coldwindartorder-…)

Wylie Beckert's art is just amazing. I usually love detailed lineart with good rendering, but nothing is more pleasing to the eye than what she does.

No. 1542036

File: 1680786959308.jpg (97.13 KB, 600x902, WylieBeckert-bearwife-600.jpg)

Samefag because I just want to show another beautiful illustration of hers.

No. 1542257

File: 1680802338064.jpg (151.95 KB, 1400x700, lor-astute-academic.jpg)

Nice, kinda looks like a hybrid between Loish and Cosmic Spectrum.

I'm hoping to be good enough one day were I could have an artstyle similar to League of Legends/Legends of Runeterra.

No. 1542325

he seems to have gotten worse and more lazy when it comes to art. But ever since rumors started that he's on a permanent vacation because he made bank off of horny scrotes I can see why. No need to put in effort anymore. Artists like this always get outed as sex pests anyway

No. 1542361

>get a job at walmart

nigga how old are you?

No. 1542363

I can't believe these are traditional paintings! These look digital, her use of light is amazing. Some people are just too good at art, it's kinda depressing because I know I could work my whole life and never reach this level kek

No. 1542390

File: 1680820259872.png (86.38 KB, 900x882, hEjBoYZ.png)

How long until "fiction only" pro-kink turns into "IRL is okay sometimes" pro-kink? This artist makes diary comics about their alleged sexual relationship with their birth father, who is allegedly a comic artist himself. The theory floating around is that Laika is the incest kink persona of another deranged coomer named null_backdoorho created after she lost a close friend for drawing incest kink art. It's interesting that Laika recently posted a comic about getting blocked by friends. I don't know if I believe that they're the same person, but they're definitely cut from the same degenerate cloth.

No. 1542393

I remember her being mentioned here about two years ago, if not more. Lol

No. 1542405

Everything about this person sounds deranged, something tells me that shipping fictional characters from cartoons doesn't make you fuck your dad IRL though. Do you have recent milk on this cow? We could do with more art cows, the milk seems to dry up so fast with them.

No. 1542407

File: 1680823117203.png (278.12 KB, 1920x2160, Fs-cP0aWwAEgHQZ.png)

Pic related is the latest thing from her. She locked her account, so if there is any fresh milk it's not publically available. Though dad fucker comics were dumped on 4chan a few days ago.

No. 1542411

She's been mentioned in another thread before, we concluded that her story is just made up and she's doing an ARG/LARP sort of thing where she just pretends it's real.

No. 1542421

what kind of an asshole do you need to be that everyone around you blocks and avoids you? lol

No. 1542426

Warrior Cats bitches crazy

No. 1542428

nta but I'm interested now, do you have a link to that thread?

No. 1542433

Her story has bullshit written all over it, that much is obvious. What I don't understand is why she claims it's real when it would be easier to acknowledge that it's all fiction. From what I've seen even other proshippers have a problem with her. Is she getting something out of people believing it's real, or is this part of the ARG?

No. 1542436

Ctrl + f "laika" in these threads
I don't think she's getting anything out of it in particular. She probably just likes tricking people into thinking that she's actually fucking her dad and that she's this huge mysterious figure. And also because she likes incest maybe she gets off on pretending to be that character. I said ARG because of all the stuff she made up as if she's talking about a different world (her dad's books having a huge fandom on tumblr, her being harassed because it came out that she's fucking her dad) but honestly I think a better term would be roleplaying. She's roleplaying as a character she wrote in her fanfictions (the fanfics she wrote pretty much half confirm that it's made up), and her mutuals go along with it because they either believe her or are also roleplaying with her.

The last time I looked at what she was doing was literally a year ago though, so some of what I'm saying could be outdated.

No. 1542438

Samefag but isn't Laika also fairly popular on her side of twitter? Maybe that's also why she keeps the lie going. Either way she's obviously mentally ill to be so deep in this fake persona.

No. 1542460

Honestly, the rumor mill can be strong. Friends or not, people are petty and if that means any rumors about someone comes back to bite you in the ass because you're friends with them because twitter sjws are death threat level insane. These people don't think and just act on hearing whatever.

No. 1542504

But of all the things to roleplay about why this? Deranged behavior

No. 1542505

File: 1680841403020.jpg (680.7 KB, 2048x1942, tumblr_fad7ab13be6077930eef162…)

I like amne-chan on tumblr even though some of her stuff weirds me out. Very surreal art style.

No. 1542512

I'm starting to think I'm never going to draw again despite the fact I know I'm already decent enough and could definitely improve a huge amount with some effort. The reason is, I forget where I heard it, but someone once said that artistic skill depends on an ongoing battle between your hand and your eye.
>The people most capable of artistic greatness have an eye that always remains ahead of their hand, which causes them to continuously improve and improve as they attempt to satisfy their eye, which in turn becomes more discerning as time goes on. These people will always be dissatisfi