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File: 1681007114894.png (200.47 KB, 700x807, 41AF7AFB-EE74-4DD0-A9BD-7B853C…)

No. 1544074

stay stupid
prev >>>/ot/1530972

No. 1544078

inb4no1curr: I'm waiting for my files to transfer over from an old micro sd card so i can use it to hack my 3ds. I found it laying around in my house and it looks like it's from my phone I had in middle school, full of cringey anime music lmao. i kinda wanna keep it as a time capsule so i'm transferring it all over to my hard drive.

No. 1544096

I just ate a sandwich with hella onions and a roasted garlic sauce. I'm about to brush my teeth, even a mint can't save me at this point.

No. 1544115

I've done similar things with old thumb drives I've found. It's kind of fun TBH. I also was cringey, though.

No. 1544118

hahaha, mine was full of like, episodes of anime i'd downloaded and character songs. took like an hour to move it all over but happy to update the hack is going well

No. 1544121

taking the piss on people read: men who are more schizo than me despite being schizo myself shouldn't be fun

but is it? is it fun?

No. 1544122

I still have my clunky windows 7 laptop from years ago, it's under my bed. You've got me thinking about breezing through it nonas

No. 1544131

File: 1681014575123.png (106.58 KB, 843x476, jer.png)

I wasn't going to, but ended up ordering Gr-tto B-asts cards. I do want some silly/cute merch.

No. 1544142

File: 1681017116237.jpg (22.24 KB, 720x415, 43546992_10156771619569458_537…)

fellow retard millennials, how are my punxx roxx babes tonight? im listening to boys like girls and reminiscing about my weeaboo cringe

No. 1544144

File: 1681017365295.png (2.66 MB, 2056x1290, 1674760872211.png)

threadpic yearns for its sister of pb&c

No. 1544150

I spent last night jamming to Sakurai and oldschool ladies

No. 1544151

No. 1544152

File: 1681018644933.gif (776.96 KB, 112x112, fb1.gif)

My love… forever.

No. 1544163

No. 1544165

I loved that band so much in 6th grade I think I still have most of the lyrics from their first two albums engrained in my brain. I found them from Lego Rock Band on the Wii

No. 1544252

The husbando thread has been so slow and boring lately

No. 1544271

I agree, I'm doing 90% of the posting. Where is everyone?

No. 1544355

nearly every thread is infight city right now, i literally scrolled through 4 or 5 consecutive threads where the last posts were fighting eachother. cool it

No. 1544358

Lolcow's become a lot less enjoyable the past few months, maybe it was the christmas thing, downtimes, shaymin, I don't know what but every anon has been infighting over the dumbest and smallest things possible. Lighthearted and shitposty posts get replies from people who take things way too seriously, truly no fun allowed. I wish infighting and derailing was more bannable, you can't have one thread without someone finding something to scream about

No. 1544366

we need hellweek soon so hopefully all this infighting and derailing ends

No. 1544426

File: 1681050660572.gif (77.91 KB, 220x244, cavalo.gif)

I wish I had someone to eat meals with because I always feel like this lonely clay mouse

No. 1544434

File: 1681051140569.jpg (423.84 KB, 1800x1800, SMLUNAMOCASSIN120HGP_0C7440_DE…)

I seriously want these loafers from the Jimmy Choo x Sailor Moon Collab.

No. 1544435

My fit today is highlighter salmon pink I feel like my grandma with everything the same color. If it matches it's an outfit

No. 1544444

a lot of anons left after the whole shaymin debacle, the constant raids, the lack of communication from the moderators (if we had any at that time). so now what we have left are the assholes and the crazies. you can tell because even /ot/ is a lot slower than it was before. i sometimes wish i could cuss her out for what she did but i know it isn't worth it.

No. 1544448

What happened with this shaymin?

No. 1544449

File: 1681051992913.jpg (86.62 KB, 642x1254, sailor moon background.jpg)

i usually don't like that holo/iridescent/oil spill color that's been so popular last decade but it just works here. it reminds me of the color contrast they used in the show- the pink and blue backgrounds! idk if they were aware of this while making the shoe but it's a nice touch

No. 1544457

Some of the shoes are tacky in this collection but all the ones inspired by Luna look super cute. I wanted to order a pair last month but the price… Well, they're Jimmy Choo shoes after all kek.

No. 1544460

Honestly I'm thinking of just buying cheaper loafers and glueing a Luna pin on them.

No. 1544474

That's all Jimmy choo did anyway kek

No. 1544481

NTA. She let the site go offline with absolutely no communication for an extended period of time, then put out a "new" version of the site with none of the old/established threads or posts. She did say she'd eventually transfer all the old stuff to the new site, but considering the track record of not bringing back accidentally purged content (the /m/ issue, which our new admins fixed recently), anons reacted negatively anyway. It got even worse when one of the boards was listed as allowing kpop, because no one wanted kpopfags. She then had a meltdown over farmers not liking her changes and lack of communication, announced that she was leaving, and our new admins/mods took the mantle.
There was also some stuff about her turning out to be Oldmin. I thought it was vendetta because it was spammed by the tranny and another attention whoring cow, but looking into the details, I believe it, and it's creepy of her to try and switch "identities" just to pull the same shit she did before. I'm glad things have changed, but I can see why a lot of farmers might've left.

No. 1544482

The reason why I wanted a pair was more because of the color of the pair than the Luna logo/sticker tbh. If I ever a cheaper pair that looks similar enough I'll definitely get it.

No. 1544483

I think you're right, there was a very noticeable change when the site came back online at christmas. I have faith that cerbmin is going to do a good job with the website but that chunk of the userbase will probably never come back, and personally I'm going to leave the site for good very soon.

No. 1544485

Yes, I left lolcow during that time, missed the cc bunker threads and all that jazz
Thought I was done with lc but saw it was under new management and decided to stick around and see what happens
There are a lot of farmers like me who just didn't come back though

No. 1544486

Oh yeah it's unbearable to try to honestly engage anymore, far more fun to use other places for most of what I used to use this for.

No. 1544490

Maybe this was another admin (too many to keep track of honestly) but I remember hearing something about her asking cc's mods for milk on specific posters. And she interacted with elaine too.

No. 1544492

Someone I know got posted on my country's thread and even though I like him as a person I still kek'd because the (public) tweet he got posted for was fucking retarded. I have more milk on him through his private twitter but he's a nobody so I'd definitely out myself by posting it.

No. 1544493

The mods and admin interacting with Elaine is the most shameful thing anyone on here has ever done.
By interacting with the cow they became cows. What are you doing waging an internet flame war with some teenage attention whore? Embarrassing.
They got so into their little stupid war they would ban me and other posters thinking it was her. Retards.

No. 1544499

I honestly think that part of the problem with the super combative debatelords on here is that there has been little moderation. Shaymin didn't even try to recruit new mods and Oldmin said that infighting and derailing wouldn't be banned as often during towards the end of her reign. It was just allowed to fester. I think this problem was happening before Christmas though.
>the lack of communication from the moderators (if we had any at that time
I think the only thing farmhands said during that time was a redtext saying "thanks for making our jobs harder" cause anons figured out how to post on /ot/ when lolcow was down kek

No. 1544500

I honestly think that part of the problem with the super combative debatelords on here is that there has been little moderation. Shaymin didn't even try to recruit new mods and Oldmin said that infighting and derailing wouldn't be banned as often during towards the end of her reign. It was just allowed to fester. I think this problem was happening before Christmas though.
>the lack of communication from the moderators (if we had any at that time
I think the only thing farmhands said during that time was a redtext saying "thanks for making our jobs harder" cause anons figured out how to post on /ot/ when lolcow was down kek

No. 1544501

Nyart but, it is just embarrassing seeing people who engage with what's clearly staged drama and bullshit then claim they're fit to run a drama website.

No. 1544509

>anons figured out how to post on /ot/ when lolcow was down kek
That was one of the funniest things to come out of the bunkers, I couldn't access lolcow to see it in person but the screencaps of the conversations through images made me kek. Even though the site was broken nothing could stop us from posting

No. 1544520

File: 1681057694636.png (130.2 KB, 629x540, 1607251429281.png)

That whole incident showed just how out of touch the moderation team of the time was with the userbase. First with the nucow stuff but then when anons found a little way to have fun by communicating in images on the old board that was supposed to be archive only, the mods had to get all pissy about it when they took our board away from us in the first place. It was fucking hilarious and on-brand for lolcow users

No. 1544527

File: 1681058578314.png (24.04 KB, 1019x727, who is.png)

This is hilarious but also terrifying.

No. 1544531

How is this possible

No. 1544532

It's mixing up pakichan and romanianon lol. But how does it even know such an obscure thing?

No. 1544535

What site is that?

No. 1544537

What the actual fuck. Maybe the AI somehow just went through the site for any instance of "romanianon" and that's how it got that?

No. 1544543

File: 1681059538837.png (62.39 KB, 1439x730, Screenshot (2).png)

Again, initially funny but it quickly becomes extremely unsettling.
You.com(literally discovered it on accident)
Most likely.

No. 1544545

If you click "get results" you can see it's basing it off of anons who have explained to other farmers who she is bc people ask so it's really got all it needs from farmers spoon-feeding to others

No. 1544548

I bet this AI is going to make doxxing so easy in the future. Scary

No. 1544550

Why is the text on the second to last line misaligned, anon? Suspicious.

No. 1544552

File: 1681060174654.png (20.23 KB, 1011x438, Screenshot 3.png)

No. 1544569

I think it's combining search results which you can already do now. I remember how one anon was retarded enough to have put her name and address online and it got found out.

No. 1544575

That's what I mean though, instead of digging to find people's information you can just ask an AI "what is this person's home address" and it will do all the work for you instantly.

No. 1544580

It contains multiple responses
One of them I tested basically said "I don't know who anon is"
the other two did know

No. 1544590

Can you try shaymin or oldmin?

No. 1544591

Chances are it’s not that hard to find your address even if youve never posted it, nonna. Are you registered to vote? Do you own property? Anyone who knows your first/last name can find where you live by going to your county’s property appraiser website and searching property by name. That’s how I found out where my rapist ex lived. Meanwhile if you know someone’s first name last name and birthday you can find their address on the voter registration websites.

No. 1544594

Samefag but just wanted to say knowing this kind of absolved my fear of being doxxed. That and the fact I doxxed myself on /b/ a decade ago and nothing bad happened. Some anon bought me a pizza. Plus honestly if someone was gonna threaten me in my home I can just shoot their ass.

No. 1544597

File: 1681062010019.png (48.91 KB, 810x1419, Screenshot 5.png)

nta but tried and this time I decided to screnshot all the responses I could get.

No. 1544605

Thanks anon, didn't think it'd be this accurate.

No. 1544613

File: 1681062618707.jpeg (73.42 KB, 828x594, B3EE32EF-E9AE-4882-993F-FF5DEE…)

nta but have been trying other anons and groups as well and it vaguely pigeonholes them

No. 1544622

>it's unclear what the user's real identity is
if only it knew…

No. 1544632

File: 1681063366467.jpeg (175.63 KB, 844x1500, 8B2316C2-83A5-4E29-A53E-5A5A11…)

Half the time it spits out something lame like it can't compute and it hasn't spat out a decent response for boyegachan or any other chans I tried either

No. 1544639

File: 1681063624469.jpeg (77.05 KB, 828x770, 1367C974-231B-4345-8B61-4330F0…)


the bot was not cooperating with romaanon… is it spelled romaanon or romananon? roma, right?

No. 1544646

I feel like anons shouldn't be banned for simply saying "don't respond to bait, just report" or something similar. I do it because I know that if I see bait and report and then ignore, like 98% of the time some newfags or plain idiots will respond to the scrote and tell it to kill itself. When I or another anon post a reminder to ignore and report it seemingly prevents a SIGNIFICANT amount of replies. Just my 2 cents…

No. 1544650


No. 1544651

People have been banned for writing that? That's crazy, isn't that what the mods tell us anyway.

No. 1544657

what the fuck
also what's up with AI deciding what is controversial.

No. 1544658

do a random name that doesn't exist. like planthoganon, goobersanon, birdwatcheranon

No. 1544661

File: 1681064727218.png (42.15 KB, 1440x827, Screenshot_20230409-132507~2.p…)


No. 1544665

File: 1681064980073.png (13.53 KB, 833x227, birdwatchanon.png)

No. 1544680

File: 1681066151613.png (40.68 KB, 1139x702, poopchan.PNG)

I'm dying

No. 1544682

I like watching (usually korean) faceless vlogs, but most of them are just cooking vlogs with some everyday fluff.
Western vloggers put too much personality in them and that kinda turns me off.

No. 1544683

Why can't someone make a ChatGPT duplicate that doesn't care about trannies? Like come on this shit is so cucked.

No. 1544686

My friend found out her long-time bf cheated and she straight up left to go stay with a friend in another town without confonting/talking to him and had her dad pick up her things. Her bf on the other hand is going crazy, he's posting desperate and pathetic things on social media, he posted a video of himself CRYING and begging for her back but ultimately deleted it. She still hasn't spoken a word to him and I hope she never does.

No. 1544699

She's a goddess. Get her some chocolates and never let her go.

No. 1544714

most based thing you can do with any cheated, my brother got cheated on and he straight up left and doesn't ever talk to her again, his ex tried contacting me a couple times and I blocked her each time.

No. 1544726

best course of action. good for her. i hope she gets over him swiftly and has a long, happy, healthy life without him

No. 1544730

I haven't been posting lately sorry

No. 1544731

don't forget even when the original site came back up many users couldn't access it for a few weeks so they (and me) had to use the backwards version kek

No. 1544736

No. 1544738

I've been trying to train myself to brush in a circular motion lately, and it makes brushing so quick. Before, when I was doing a back and forth motion, it would take extra time because I had to make sure I was getting my gumline and thoroughly brushing.

No. 1544740

maybe jannies want newfags to take the bait so they can ban them

No. 1544741

Clicking the mirror for every thread was hell, I never want to do that again. Shaymin was absolutely tech incompetent, she couldn't even get the site running at a basic level for weeks. Cerbmin fixed /m/ in the first few months when shaymin couldn't do anything for a year. How did she even become admin in the first place?

No. 1544751

wasn't there some also some "initiative" to actively recruit more users so the site would be less dead. what happened to that?

No. 1544752

So weird but I actually always look better when I skip a night of sleep even though it's just counterintuitive. I also have a tendency to constipation and shits on a drier side in overall, but after a night without sleep it's actually normal. Huh? It's also really strange that I feel just slightly tired even though my sleep schedule has been absolutely chaotic lately because I procrastinated and had to complete work in a short period of time. I was sure my organism was already utterly decrepit but it's not! maybe I just needed a couple of nights like these to completely ruin it, I'll see

No. 1544755

i left the site when it was still original admin, and when he was leaving i heard about it third party on discuck, and the site went down and cc came up in it's place? i came back a few months ago and was surprised it was lolcow.farm because I was under the idea it was cc now. i looked at meta and there was so much nonsense that went on in the years in-between. i would like to see a writeup of what happened from 2017-2023 from someone who was still around during this timeframe, if only for my own useless knowledge.

No. 1544758

>my organism
A parasitic creature wrote this using its organism

No. 1544759

This was the case for me as a teenager and in my 20s, always looked better after a night of treating my body like shit and sleeping for 1 hour, but now I look like the crypt keeper if I don't get a perfect night's sleep. I wonder what the mechanism is.

No. 1544762

Telomeres shortening and glutathione levels decreasing

No. 1544767

After immersing myself in British Royal family drama for a few months, I've come to the conclusion that a lot of royal watchers are batshit insane and crazy misogynistic.

No. 1544787

I feel so out of the loop not only in life in general but also here in lolcow too. Im still in 2017 lolcow where we said scrotoid

No. 1544796

Bring it back baby!!!!

No. 1544798

its more straightforward than moid and I even can use it in spanish! (escrotoide)

No. 1544826

your friend made the best decision possible, i could never be that mature, surely i would have made a fuss

No. 1544833

your friend is a queen, good for her not taking any shit from a moid

No. 1544841

How the fuck do people seriously call themselves "stay-at home dog mom/dad" and not think they're absolute losers

No. 1544848

so a NEET

No. 1544861

never heard of that irl

No. 1544864

good for them tbh working is for losers

No. 1544867

How did she find out he cheated?

No. 1544869

Yeah leeching off your loved ones and being a burden to everyone around you as well as society is sooooo based

No. 1544870

No one has ever said that seriously. It's something "quirky" someone who isn't online enough to know it's cringe would put on their facebook profile. Unfortunately, some anons are legitimately autistic and can only parse things they read literally.

No. 1544871

>That and the fact I doxxed myself on /b/ a decade ago
How did you even do that???

No. 1544872

I had 4 magnum ice creams boutta have my 5th, wish me luck that my eczema doesn’t flare up too badly heueueueu

No. 1544878

He forgot his phone when he went to work

No. 1544879

File: 1681079673097.jpeg (80.52 KB, 1920x1080, cover2.jpeg)

I finally applied for a job. It's very high tempo and socially demanding but I have decided I'm doing this now!!!

No. 1544880

it's sad because the site was already kind of in a weird place, and then that happened and it just went downhill from there. i know i left because it seemed like every time i logged on the site was flooded with cp or gore. and then the josh spam that was likely 100% shaymin trolling. it makes me mad just thinking about it.

the bunker threads were so chaotic. plus there is still speculation that shaymin was in the bunkers, or at least some of her cronies.

i kind of bought into the theory that shaymin was not who she said she was if (if she even was a she), and that she and whomever was working with her as jannies were deliberately trying to take the board down. i don't think oldmin vetted as well as she should have when it came to finding a new admin. i know she wanted to be rid of the site and shaymin was the only one, at the time, who seemed to really want the job. also remember when she first took over the board we had that weird crash, the site code was bunged up, and you couldn't post on /m/ for like a month or two? it's a bit odd that the same thing happens twice with the same individual…and it makes you wonder, why? and then the constant raids that would stay up for hours and hours and hours. i have been on this site for a while now and at most, when we would get cp and gore raids in the past, they would stay up for about an hour. she would leave them up for almost a day and closer to the time she left, almost 2 days at one point. and then again the josh spam when anons started picking up on there being something weird going on with her in the crystal.cafe bunkers…

i think that was either regina or the australia admin? i think? i was around then but didn't post as much nor did i read /meta/ all that often unless i saw people talking about it in /ot/. but i do remember there was a back and forth between the cc admin and one of the admins we had here; they were swapping ip information because there was some poster that they were after. i forget all the details but it was some other weird shit that should have never been written publicly.

No. 1544890

You can do it nonnie! Everything will be fine and you will be able to handle the job!

No. 1544891

So is the Mario movie good or bad? There are opinions in the movie thread that wildly contradict each other kek. Some say it was great others say it was shit and both state it as a fact and not an opinion so I'm not sure if it's just personal taste. I guess that's proof that art is subjective.

No. 1544893

i was told it was subpar, boring, and unoriginal. i guess if you really love mario anything you'd like it.

No. 1544897

its an illumination movie so… you know. probably one of their best movies but it wasnt fantastic or anything.

No. 1544902

it sounds like another derivative illumination flick but if you're bored it might be a fun thing to waste a few hours on

No. 1544905

haven't gone through the computer yet but I discovered a few days ago that an obscure japanese artist I used to love is on spotify

I thought for sure she was region locked

No. 1544907

It was a fun kids’ movie that runs on Mario references and a bit of Jack Black jokes and singing.

No. 1544910

I know some of you probably know olivia from nana but I would recommend checking out the rest of her catalogue if you liked her nana songs

No. 1544922

That's kinda weird, I thought I was the only one who said it (and I'm kinda new) but I suppose it was just forgotten over time

No. 1544941

My socks are orange with 4 Elmo faces in total, also orange. It's simply beautiful.

No. 1544944

i think i learned it from here? i found a cap from my time on the lc discord (rip) where someone said it

did covid mess us up girls

No. 1544997

i love olivia lufkin so much aaaaaa

No. 1545012

I have 100% heard "stay at home dog dad" used seriously

No. 1545041

before moid we said scrotoid but I think in 2020 was when moid started? idk and definitely the quarantine messed me up cognitively

No. 1545042

before moid we said scrotoid but I think in 2020 was when moid started? idk and definitely the quarantine messed me up cognitively

No. 1545044

before moid we said scrotoid but I think in 2020 was when moid started? idk and definitely the quarantine messed me up cognitively

No. 1545046

before moid we said scrotoid but I think in 2020 was when moid started? idk and definitely the quarantine messed me up cognitively

No. 1545083

I didn’t even know Taylor swift was engaged. Not engaged anymore but hes so handsome

No. 1545087

Eww these antifa fuckers were at my uni. YouTube shorts don’t work on where the link should go so don’t come at me!


No. 1545090

I dislike the sounds of Scandinavian languages but for some reason I find Scandinavian accents in English sound pleasing to listen too, I mean just listen to this

No. 1545091

Modify the URL so it looks like a regular YouTube URL. Replace "shorts/" with "watch?v="

No. 1545094

Like this?

No. 1545110

File: 1681116091598.jpeg (119.51 KB, 749x803, 51B68874-3CF0-4424-A88D-E32A67…)

I don’t feel attractive at all but I’m thinking if I should take pictures of myself at this age because I at least have my youth, and maybe I’d think ‘I was so young and cute back then’ one day

No. 1545135

The fact that I could be replying to a post made by AI is genuinely terrifying. I feel like I should use something to prove I'm not AI, a signoff or something
-this post is not AI

No. 1545139

Personally I don't care as long as I can spew my opinions here and watch them take shape I'm content. Parrot me bitches

No. 1545148

File: 1681121117958.jpg (61.62 KB, 794x538, 321903393_855327739103389_5089…)

>-this post is not AI
yea yea yea…that's what you want us to think

No. 1545152

File: 1681120885874.gif (607.14 KB, 640x640, 1678730015445.gif)

No. 1545154

File: 1681121325426.jpg (37.88 KB, 640x973, cat.jpg)

I agree. To be honest I was already feeling kind of suspicious about some of the posts I've seen recently being elaborate moid bait to start huge fights over insignificant shit and gaslight all the reasonable anons involved. Some arguments felt surreal to read but maybe I'm just too sensitive to retardation. The fact that someone could be posting with bots and AI to gaslight us all makes me question every post I read now.

No. 1545156

File: 1681121485549.png (177.47 KB, 640x610, 1648541323037.png)

I posted the bot tinfoil, happy to have added another thing to accuse each other of being other than scrote and a tranny, now everyone is AI too

No. 1545176

Doja Cat occasionally coming here and talking to us pisses me off, I wish she knew when to shut her mouth instead of implying that lc exists on her twitter account.

No. 1545181

Attention seekers like her ruin the culture.

No. 1545183

Yeah and in her case at least she was vague enough but at the same time she sounded like she wanted her braindead followers to come here and start shit. Thank god many of them thought she was talking about LSA. Then again LSA doesn't deserve this shit either.

No. 1545187

Bitch better never sing Tia Tamera or Juicy again cause she don’t got no big titties nor a fat ass now that she’s become anachan and gotten lipo/breast reduction.

No. 1545200

File: 1681127306739.png (56.18 KB, 732x336, scandi-chan.png)

i suspect this poster >>1545090 is a bot because why else would she post the exact same thing over and over

No. 1545201

Possibly just a turbo autist, I often post similar shit in subsequent threads, not word for word though.

No. 1545205

samefag also a few threads ago when there was an astrology discussion someone copy pasted an anon's reply to someone, even the op was confused

No. 1545206

File: 1681127684944.png (2.67 KB, 296x264, Untitled.png)

No. 1545208

Be a retarded, attention starved 18 year old. I’m honestly very surprised no farmers ever caught up with me and catalogued my escapades, I was absolutely cow material back then, the amount of skeletons in my online closet are overwhelming. I’d be surprised if I wasn’t an acquaintance’s personal cow at some point.

No. 1545243

because I wanted to start a discussion, jeez

No. 1545252

File: 1681131560822.jpg (25.64 KB, 340x297, The_Shrinking_of_Treehorn.jpg)

The names parents give their kids to be 'unique', oh my god. My mum loved the treehorn books and was unironically going to name my brother TREEHORN. When she told me about it she was dead serious. I'm so glad she decided against it, it would have set him up for a lifetime of humiliation. What embarrassing names have you heard of nonnies?

No. 1545253

It's necessaryspeed4. She's been doing this for years, with her own and other people's posts. She's a weird redditor.

No. 1545265

Lmao was this to not get detected by bots?

No. 1545273

I once caught someone on /co/ doing this and he admitted that he copies and pastes his former posts to save time. Some people are fucking weird

No. 1545288

File: 1681135363559.jpg (156.98 KB, 850x613, __original_drawn_by_dyuami__sa…)

Do people actually…wash their hair everyday? like everyday? I only shampoo my hair once a week and sometimes condition in between

No. 1545290

How do you condition your hair without washing it? I find that my hair starts looking filthy/oily/just generaly weird texture if I wet it without also shampooing it.

No. 1545293

No, everyone has the exact same hair type as you and treats their hair the exact same way.

No. 1545296

No. 1545301

Why do so many anons live abroad? I feel like I see it mention disproportionally often here, but maybe it's the same few anons mentioning it regularly?

No. 1545318

rn my hair is at a length where it doesn't look great freshly washed, the lightness/volume that I get after a wash looks dumb. When I wash it I end up taking oils out only to then add a product (basically something with an oil in it) back in to tame it. I space washes out atm

No. 1545390

Teeth are the WORST deal humans ever got.

No. 1545391

Do you think people used to be less shy about singing and especially singing badly before recording and playing music in various forms became possible?

No. 1545392

It's bad for your hair to wash it everyday, so keep up what you're doing.
Explain yourself

No. 1545395

Maybe in ancient times
Even as a kid I'd hear "who sings that? well keep it that way." if I sung out loud

No. 1545397

File: 1681141587199.jpg (100.36 KB, 640x720, 1x6b9a.jpg)

Why is making phonecalls so hard? Picrel is literally me mentally preparing to make one phonecall for hours, if not days

No. 1545399

Were you a kid before recording and playing music in various forms became possible nonnie?

No. 1545402

It wasn't as easy as a phone in your pocket smartass

No. 1545403

They help us eat but they're incredibly vulnerable and delicate. If we don't diligently take care of them we can get life threatening infections, holes of decay, receding gums, and many more issues. Your teeth will start to dissolve just from sipping on anything but water and if you eat something with sugar all of it will sit on your teeth, eating away at the enamel until you brush again. Your teeth can naturally grow in super crooked and out of place. You can have new, extremely painful teeth grow in adulthood. They can chip and crack. There's so many bad things about teeth I can't even get into it all. Overall, they're just super high maintenance.

No. 1545408

File: 1681142155416.png (3.39 KB, 533x195, untitled.png)

No. 1545415

Samefag, you could argue that other parts of the body can have issues but teeth are by far the most vulnerable

No. 1545416

I dunno, my teeth are pretty healthy

No. 1545417

It feels like teeth haven't evolved to allow for the fact that people live so long now. Even with all the care we have, products and procedures.. getting your teeth to hang on in there for a lifetime is alot of pain/upkeep in our older years.

No. 1545418

I dunno, my teeth are pretty healthy

No. 1545420

It feels like teeth haven't evolved to allow for the fact that people live so long now. Even with all the care we have, products and procedures.. getting your teeth to hang on in there for a lifetime is alot of pain/upkeep in our older years.

No. 1545421

I dunno, my teeth are pretty healthy

No. 1545426

How did you guys do the tandem thingy?

No. 1545427

We are universally, spiritually synced

No. 1545451

Drink soup at same time under the waning moon

No. 1545455

No, they haven't evolved for us to start consuming refined sugar, they weren't ready for that shit.

No. 1545487

File: 1681145631282.png (17.3 KB, 887x328, whut.png)

No. 1545494

File: 1681146002976.jpeg (33.1 KB, 735x462, 1671915991382.jpeg)

and absolutely nobody was surprised

No. 1545500

We need to remove all religions and pedos from earth.

No. 1545505

Not dumbass shit, but pedo shit. I'm sadly unsurprised to see a scrotoid religious leader do this.

No. 1545518

what is it with extreme misogynistic religious figures and wanting to fuck little boy?

No. 1545530

Fucking women is strictly forbidden and the women are likely to make it known that they have a relationship with a priest from one of these religions either by saying it (or calling the cops if it's rape) or by getting pregnant, and they tend to segregate between sexes so these guys barely have any opportunities to rape girls so they rape boys instead. That or they become priests specifically tp rape kids, it's really a chicken or egg situation most of the time. The absolute best case scenario you're likely to see with guys holding this sort of positions in their religions is that they have a long term relationship with their hidden wife and kids and a happy family life that they've been hiding for decades from whoever are "working" with them. Even men in religions that allow them to get married and have kids are often crazy sex offenders anyway so nothing surprises me anymore.

No. 1545538

Of course, moids on 4chan are losing their shit over this but openly admit that if it was a little girl instead of a little boy, they would think it's "based". I despise moids so much

No. 1545541

>if men can't fuck women they will rape kids
This only means men are degenerate by nature. I bet that the wast majority of men, even your loved ones whom you perceive as the "good guys", would do it if they didn't have access to women

No. 1545545

>N-no anon you see it is a sign that the NWO cabal really exists! see!

No. 1545547

Let's throw modern stress in there too.

My body was more adept to tolerating the stresses of escaping a predator or a rival tribe for an hour or so.
It wasn't mean to handle 8 hours of retail wagie stress where I clenched and grinded my teeth so I wouldn't cop an assault charge and unemployment for throwing hands.

No. 1545548

I'm from a Muslim country and Islam Islam has no love for celibacy for any kind, but they still end up raping young boys. hell there are men with wives who openly have sex with young boys rather then adult woman, it doesn't make any sense.

No. 1545574

>This only means men are degenerate by nature.
Well yeah, most men are degenerates to various degrees, some are willing to risk it all to be satisfy, even commit crimes, while others are more "normal" and just don't join this type of organisation and stick to getting married to a woman they like and have sex with her when they feel like it. Some of them are better at hiding it than others.

>I'm from a Muslim country and Islam Islam has no love for celibacy for any kind, but they still end up raping young boys
My family is Muslim but I'm not living in a Muslim country. My post was specifically about religious guys who have high positions in religious organizations and iirc imams can get married and have kids, celibacy isn't mandatory for them. They still rape kids and women because they can get away with it easily because in their community they're seen by default as good, reliable men lol if only. If you're only talking about the average Muslim guy, well they're degenerate like all the other guys, and my guess is that they'll have a harder time targeting girls because girls are more likely to be protected by their families because of "honor" and because they're seen as damaged goods if they're not virgins by the time they get married. Even my own very moderate parents would often tell me that if I get assaulted on my way home from school long ago it would be my fault and "what will people say about us??" as if my safety didn't even matter.

No. 1545576

I do wash it every single day, but I use a small amount of shampoo and only wash my scalp. I wash my whole head of hair once a week. I used to wash it less and my scalp never "adapted" the way people said it would, I just always feel dirty if I skip a wash day. If I know I'm wearing my hair in braids or a tight bun I won't wash it though.

No. 1545586

> If you're only talking about the average Muslim guy, well they're degenerate like all the other guys, and my guess is that they'll have a harder time targeting girls because girls are more likely to be protected by their families because of "honor" and because they're seen as damaged goods if they're not virgins by the time they get married.
That's exactly the case, women and girls are "private property" while boys are public property for adult men.

No. 1545587

Tbh I wonder if he’s just going senile? The whole thing is so bizarre and he’s almost 90. I’d like to believe it was some dumb joke in his head that didn’t come out right because he’s not doing well, not something out of malice.

No. 1545591

File: 1681152442537.gif (749.7 KB, 220x164, 1681146049794104.gif)

Men display their fuckery in public all the time, from biden, to dalai lama to actors

No. 1545592

There are a ton of whole food no oil no sugar vegans with garbage teeth

No. 1545594

File: 1681152507035.gif (3.5 MB, 400x225, 1681147861476464.gif)

No. 1545597

No. 1545600

Holy shit

No. 1545605

File: 1681153256170.gif (6.19 MB, 606x407, 1670556614067.gif)

i keep getting pimples on my knees, whatever the fuck is up with that

No. 1545608

>tfw i'm a filthy meat eater with garbage teeth

No. 1545613

Isn't that his daughter? Qnd I can swear i heard a story of him saying this was edited and he was going to sue or some shit. I'm not saying it is edited, I'm just saying I remember this gif years ago

No. 1545614

How does Nothernlion make money? He streams everyday, how many viewers does he get? I haven't watched him in a bit

No. 1545616

File: 1681153784590.jpg (24.56 KB, 512x512, E95YV4CVkAEpLle.jpg)

>remember a time some man was rude to me some years ago
>feel sad
>remember the male suicide rate, and that his gf at the time (who I was acquaintances with) was cheating on him
>sadness gone
The world balances itself out

No. 1545623

File: 1681154171611.png (726.18 KB, 675x539, thericottaeaters.png)

Chinese japanese
Dirty Knees
Lookit THESE (pulls out shirt to look like boobs)

No. 1545642

He usually has around 7-10k viewers if I see him live on Twitch and he puts his twitch streams on YouTube every day that get decent views. I'm actually watching his miscellaneous videos on YouTube atm kek

No. 1545643

I wonder how this damaging mental illness develop in scrotes all over the world, like do they have a gene for oppressing women and raping boys?

No. 1545644

Kek I'm watching him Play papa's freezeria and holyshit didn't know he got that much, that's more rhetoric Joel gets sometimes

No. 1545647

File: 1681156081315.png (34.91 KB, 622x1166, FA__wiIVUAAeVEY.png)

There was a twitch leak a couple years ago and he was in the top 100 streamers, he might have been #100

No. 1545652

Oh wow cool because I like him

No. 1545654

File: 1681156567178.jpg (32.02 KB, 564x558, awooga.jpg)

I googled an issue with my mom and kept getting these insane advice posts like peoples moms stealing their bfs and shit like that. If my mom did that to me I'd disown her

No. 1545657

i randomly thought of simply sara today and she's still cooking. it looks like she's lost a lot more weight since the last time i had seen her, but i notice she doesn't show her face anymore in her videos.

No. 1545668

I like to listen to podcasts and pretend i'm having a conversation with friends since I don't have any friends. Brightens my day…

No. 1545671

I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't edited. Jason Mamoa is the guy who said if he lived in the game of thrones universe, he would rape all the pretty women. Barf.

No. 1545685

I didn't fuck up my relationship!!!! Thank you God!

No. 1545687

Dijon mustard, mayo and avocado is a really good combo

No. 1545705

I'm gonna try it on my turkey sandwich later, ty nonnie

No. 1545710

A turkey sammich is exactly what I ate it on. Enjoy nonna.

No. 1545723

I took an anon's advice here. I'm 30 but look younger than I am. Instead of saying I'm younger or letting people assume I just told people I was 40 and watched the world around me burned.

OOooooh the talk about plastic surgery, the stares, people asking me what lotion I use, what am I eating. Chaos. Anyway only my close work friends know my actual age and we're all finding it funny how people care this much about how old I actually am

No. 1545730

kek you almost make me want to try that someday. I'm about to be 29 so that's close enough, some people think I'm still in high school unless we're specifically meeting in a professional setting. How old do people think you are usually, when they don't know you?

No. 1545732

Kek I'm a little younger but I have the same thing with my coworkers being absolutely obsessed with my actual age, it's so cringe

No. 1545761

File: 1681165539242.jpg (173.71 KB, 874x916, 1680967067591.jpg)

why was my 'bot thread do not engage' image deleted do the tarded jannies think I was being serious

No. 1545780

File: 1681166545756.png (175.86 KB, 853x479, 818715686064784e7d877ee0be1ce5…)

There was this one time when I was 11 or 12? me and my family where on vacations staying at a hotel. So one night my father was out and it was only me and my mom watching tv, specifically the south park movie bigger, larger and uncut. Now, I've had myopia since I was 5 years old, I'm pretty used to going around without my prescription glasses, so naturally I was watching the movie without them. When suddenly, during the scene where saddam and satan are in bed, saddam takes out a dildo or something like that and my mother very firmly asked me: "WHY is there a penis in this movie?" and I got OFFENDED "a penis?!" I asked indignant "mother, that is obviously a salami ." I answered her in absolute disbelief. My mother looked so confused, almost rattled, I huffed and smiled victoriously resuming watching the movie. Obviously she put two and two together and realised my blind ass wasn't wearing glasses so I didn't realise it was, indeed, a penis. It was only years later when I re-watched it that I realised it wasn't a salami at all.

No. 1545782

can u post it again i want to see it

No. 1545785

File: 1681166663751.png (6.03 KB, 296x264, 1681148713145.png)

disclaimer: dear janinas, this is a JOKE. j-o-k-e.

No. 1545788

ty and kek this is so funny

No. 1545796

why was your mom sureprised that there is a penis in a movie called bigger, longer, uncut

No. 1545797

Jannies are tarded

No. 1545814

They say between 19-25
But now that I said 40 they don't know what to think

No. 1545839

The more I have social interactions the more I realise I probably have autism oh well kek

No. 1545856

Every time I see this threadpic I smile because I made it in like ten seconds and posted it as an absolute shitpost but every so often i see it and I get a nice little jumpscare kek

No. 1545894

File: 1681178574110.png (157.08 KB, 2100x1500, Why_tho.png)

My yoga teacher is so weird that I decided to make a wojak of her

No. 1545897

Other than the breast part, she sounds pretty based to me.

No. 1545900

I need her in my life.

No. 1545904

File: 1681179293528.jpg (98.74 KB, 750x1000, download.jpg)

I've been listening to Thong Song all day I feel so inspired to get a platinum blonde wig.

No. 1545905

This is creepy kek
>wears her yoni egg right after

No. 1545908

I mean, if she vabs, it's not a far cry

No. 1545909

what's a yoni?… Is it neo-pseudo-esoteric slang for vagina? is it the stone? vagina egg stone? I'm afraid of googleing it

No. 1545910

Would you feel uncomfortable if a girl you were seeing was showing explicit pictures to her friends (only of herself, not of you)? I was dating a girl at one point who was imo weirdly close with her friends and would frequently do things like show eachother nudes/ videos of them having sex, take nudes with the other person there etc and even though I genuinely fully believe she had no interest in any of these friends (and afaik all were straight anyway) but I just found it SO weird at the time and asked her to stop doing it, but then recently when I retold this story to a friend she she said it wasn’t that odd for women to be like that with their friends so idk maybe just bc I’ve never been like that with my friends it seemed more weird than it was?

No. 1545911

nah man that sounds weird af I'm with you on this

No. 1545912

Yoni is pussy.
You're right, but I feel like dabbing your vag juice on your neck and walking around with a crystal egg necklace covered in discharge are different KEK.
OP is stronger than me, I would have quit that class tbh.

No. 1545913

damn I must be desperate for actual vag because I would actually fuck her, this is the result of trannies making dating apps impossible to find actual women

No. 1545914

yeah I think that's weird but I also am super secretive about my sex life because I feel like it's icky to share that stuff. unless it's a funny story about some trash moid, then i think the vivid descriptions can be actually hilarious kek.

No. 1545915

Sounds like her brain is rotted from porn or SA, this is hypersexual behaviour and not normal at all. Getting changed or whatever is one thing but specifically taking and showing nudes and sexual content to friends is completely inappropiate and is sexual harassment imo

No. 1545918

What is yoni
What is vabbing

No. 1545919

>OP is stronger than me, I would have quit that class tbh.
I live in a shitty small town, she's the only yoga instructor around. She's a pretty good teacher, all things aside tbh

No. 1545923

Is this just a gender flipped version of the craigslist crystal jackoff guy
I thought everybody knew yoni eggs were bad for you

No. 1545937

Trolling men on seeking is absolutely a waste of time but damn is it fun

No. 1545940

File: 1681183289293.jpg (5.08 KB, 157x158, yonieggofwar.jpg)

i bet a crystal yoni egg could kill a man if you slung it just right

No. 1545948

but does she have rose quartz pussy eggs

No. 1545956

I need to stop reading Instagram comments. Just saw some moids talking about how a woman complaining that her bf is balding is shallow and undesirable and that balding "shouldn't be a problem in a relationship" with that stupid woman coffee emoji thing. Men can demand a trad Z cup 90 lb waif but the moment a woman wants a partner that isn't bottom of the barrel hideous she's a shallow bitch apparently

No. 1545968

i just saw some ridiculousness on a video where a woman who was dating a male, she was close to his son and was excited to be a stepparent, they were at his families house and they were all talking about them getting married soon. then the day after she goes to his house to see him and finds a vehicle parked outside his house with a woman inside, he said he wasn't home. she talked to the woman and she let her hide in the backseat, he hops in, they go to some area. boyfriend and the woman get out, then she surprises him and he pretends to not know her, she breaks up with him.
the comments? full of men saying he can do better needs to find a woman who supports him, how she's a bitch, how he she must have thought herself more important than she was and it's her fault (ignoring the part the boyfriend's parents literally talking about them getting married) all sorts of nonsense. males truly are loiq.

No. 1545969

die skinwalkers

No. 1545979

Did a girl at school wear the same walmart body spray as you again

No. 1545981

only i can wear curve crush, anon, no one else

No. 1546008

Modern porn and it's consumption is actually very bizarre

No. 1546019

File: 1681195357818.jpg (29.19 KB, 445x503, k1n6s.jpg)

imagine if ayrt was navajo and just trying to digitally protect her home

No. 1546030

My theory is that religious institutions just attract weak men who desire power.

No. 1546040

Yes that's exactly it. It made men think they're important when they're just average living creatures with no grand purpose in life who will die like everyone else. They think they're so important that they can control everything for their own gain even women and children. Men in religious communities get away with so much shit while in a normal society they'd be in prison for life or get executed already.

No. 1546071

male coomers disgust me deeply but female coomers frighten me. and i don't mean fujos but women who are very similar to men in their coomer ways

No. 1546138

Few days back I was hanging out with my cousin and my sister and we were on the topic of friends, my cousin asked me if I'd shared secrets or have had 'deep talks' or whatever with mine and I hadn't, which made her surprised because her friends had all cried on each other's shoulders and shared very personal things, helped with stuff. Got me thinking I've always had very shallow friendships, we're basically together so we can try new places together, kek. I don't know if I should feel bad about that or not, or if I should try to make closer friends?

No. 1546140

Similar to you anon, I think most people would say we do need close friends but I nearly cringe myself to death thinking about the things I've shared with people in the past who have now left my life. I find a lot of comfort in keeping to myself tbh, so I don't feel like I'm missing out on these experiences

No. 1546154

My experience is that many people expect sharing like that in friendships and feel insulted if you don't want to do it with them and basically emotionally manipulate you into feeling bad about it because "that's what friends are supposed to do!" I'm not about to enable some codependent misery porn because someone feels entitled to know my feelings just because they share theirs. Unless my feelings are relevant, like if it's an interpersonal issue we're trying to resolve, or if I just feel like sharing for whatever reason. I can offer empathy but I don't feel the need to indulge in oversharing when I'm just often fine without. My friendships are about personal chemistry and doing wholesome and some less wholesome activities together and that's enough for me. Do whatever feels comfortable to you and with people who accept whatever your boundary is regarding sharing. They should be in your life because they enjoy your company as you are anyway, not to hear your juicy secrets.

No. 1546155

I get that personal and deep only with my best friend from childhood
Most of the rest of my friends I am content just meeting with to play cards or go to events, basically just for entertainment
I think most friendships are shallow like that, and that people have at most one or two close friends, usually with a long history between them

No. 1546187

So much racebait in last couple days again. Did Null get rejected by Chantal and is throwing a hissy fit or something?

No. 1546188

I feel like wokeism/the trannycult is dying, is it just me? I don't think that many people peaked already but a lot more are opening their mouths about how it can be harmful.

No. 1546193

File: 1681221988471.jpeg (29.52 KB, 600x462, 538D5072-5719-4AB3-88E6-24D73B…)

Don’t want to go in to work. Pump me up nonnies

No. 1546196

work as much as you need to but nothing above the bare minimum

No. 1546201

File: 1681222695969.jpg (47.46 KB, 698x1051, 7928a1faa333095cead2485ac8c8b5…)

I pushed on my butthole too hard in the shower and it made my stomach feel weird

No. 1546202

sometimes I spread my buttcheeks too hard in the shower and it hurts deep inside my stomach

No. 1546205

That's what I've always heard too, and I think it's a very nice sentiment, close friendships and all, but I don't know if it is something that'll work for me in practicality. Don't be too hard on yourself though, anon. I hope at the time sharing those things made you feel better.
Interesting perspective, never met this sort of person but I can't imagine it being anything but draining. I think my friends and I have a clear idea of what we want from the friendship. But I feel like, all those tales of friendship… it's childish but, I feel a little left out I haven't experienced that.
Glad you have that someone in your life.
>I am content just meeting with to play cards or go to events, basically just for entertainment
Exactly! I think you're right about most friendships being pretty shallow. People usually grow closer with a partner like that, while none of my friends nor I have a partner but still, I imagine they take up that 'super duper close person' space for most people.

No. 1546211

File: 1681223932959.jpg (63.03 KB, 640x640, 1679853232134.jpg)

>Don't be too hard on yourself though, anon.
Think I've heard this enough times now to finally listen, thank you anon

No. 1546218

>People usually grow closer with a partner like that
Ayrt, this is true, and like with friends it comes from a long history between you.
If you try to force it, you will get this >>1546154 codependent misery porn
A woman I recently met and wanted to befriend trauma-dumped on me after just a month of us knowing each other. I'm so not calling her anymore.

No. 1546222

I mean that’s pretty normal for normies. Normies are really shallow and superficial. That’s why I don’t befriend normies. Also cause of stuff like >>1546218 - normies can’t handle real shit and it scares them. Enjoy your circle of fake shallow normie friends, nonna.

No. 1546223

Thank you, I will, I'm off to my Bridge club to play some cards now

No. 1546284

File: 1681231616140.jpg (897.55 KB, 4760x6636, kissy.jpg)

I want to be loved

No. 1546285

File: 1681231848350.jpg (179.63 KB, 1080x822, Screenshot_2023-04-11-18-48-36…)

I can't be bothered to watch this video but the idea that Barbie, a toy for little girls, has become less pink and glam and have started leaning more towards a natural look is considered a problem amongst adult collectors is funny to me
yes I am aware that mattel are cheap and make shit quality barbies now

No. 1546289

File: 1681232373625.png (47 KB, 845x660, 02198378142.png)

Rise and shine queen

No. 1546292

lemonade le le lemonade

No. 1546298

File: 1681233779737.jpg (17.37 KB, 480x365, FroKBs0akAEzxzh.jpg)

Sorry to any farmhands or terminal refreshers who saw me post and delete and post the same post with slight edits about five times. I am actually retarded.

No. 1546325

Why do I look so weird in turtlenecks? I see it on other people an it's really cute but when I wear it I look like a teenage boy yelling at rando's outside the supermarket.

No. 1546341

File: 1681238740430.jpeg (534.24 KB, 1275x3803, CE7888BC-356A-435E-8D94-0F38BA…)

you ever feel like this?

No. 1546342

File: 1681238894172.png (155.09 KB, 650x581, daev5ti-006ebe48-aed7-4ba3-b5b…)

How dare you, I love this

No. 1546343

They're so unflattering on me. Even a mock neck makes my boobas look too low.

No. 1546346

File: 1681239323069.gif (19.87 KB, 320x180, 320px-Ocean_stage_and_spawning…)

Wtf, this seems to be true?

No. 1546350

well i know its true because it happens to me like every week

No. 1546373

No. 1546377

File: 1681242029340.png (132.7 KB, 640x313, 0k2x2fa2nv4a1.png)

Madonna is so hot in the Don't tell me music video. I casually told my mother that I think she's really beautiful and cool and she replied that she disagrees and that I must be blind.
Shut up you literally married a fat manchild with a food fetish

No. 1546378

*foot fetish, but that fits too

No. 1546418

Made me kek because I just recently suddenly remembered about this song by Filipp Kirkorov and it was funny to see him on lolcor the next day

No. 1546437

Same nonnie. I am patiently waiting for someone to explain it to us.

No. 1546467

it's been almost 3 hours…i guess it's frankenstein yassified? but what's the joke? what's 'le le lemonade'? pls help

No. 1546477

It's G-Man from a video game called "half-life" in the opening Sequence of half-life 2 he says "rise and shine Mr freeman" but it's yassified

No. 1546482

There's a Gucci Mane x Sophie song that goes lemonade le le lemonade.

No. 1546497

Yeah he's the G-man from the Half Life series, known for being a really enigmatic spooky man-in-black type of character. I love it because you don't often see female fans openly work their meme magic on the franchise in this way (no way a moid would think to draw this).

No. 1546509

Which one of you bitches remembers this video

No. 1546526

I started dating a scrote who I like and he likes me and it's exciting because I've never been in a healthy committed relationship.
I fell asleep on his chest last night and he made a comment on it in the morning saying that never happened to him before and I could tell he was happy over it. It was so cute.
He's also 4 years younger than me which is awesome because I want to have kids eventually and the less likely they could have autism the better

No. 1546529

You sound like you already have autism so there's a good chance it's going to be passed down. How old is he that he hasn't cuddle with a girl? Gross.

No. 1546531

Congrats anon, that sounds really sweet

No. 1546532

just because you only date man whores doesn't mean anyone else wants them. be gone

No. 1546533

I just spent so much time in the shatalogue, viewing OG lolcor is foreign and jarring.

No. 1546535

>wanting kids
At least it’s fittingly in the dumbass shit thread

No. 1546543

I just came across I post I made venting about cheesecake in this very thread 2 years ago.

No. 1546567

>not my nigel

No. 1546570

Glad I’m not this bitter

No. 1546575

Reddit humour is so fucking dorky. Like there's a certain kind of dorkiness to it. For every comment that's on the top of the thread, there will always be some lameass redditor trying to be witty and cracking some dorky ass joke. These are the type of dudes who got shoved in lockers.

No. 1546576

I always miss the music nights because of my work schedule. I hope there was at least one Depeche Mode song played today in my stead…

No. 1546577

>taking imageboards this seriously

No. 1546579

I always used to get the highest score on spelling bee very easily (like normally within ten minutes), since I got covid three months ago it has gotten really difficult and I only get maybe 50% of the points if I am lucky. After that it becomes an exponential burden and I barely ever even get the high score in the end even after chipping away at it all day. I know it sounds stupid but this is so distressing for me.

No. 1546592

File: 1681264528663.jpg (114.02 KB, 720x960, 1680954705265.jpg)

bumping porn off the front page

No. 1546593

File: 1681264551512.png (72.93 KB, 445x450, 1680965186911.png)

No. 1546594

File: 1681264584936.png (69.13 KB, 498x500, 1676085340437.png)

No. 1546598

Men shaving their pubes off is such a fucking travesty I feel so weird with a naked penis in my face like why? Looking at the cock and balls emerging straight from the body with no visual barrier is disturbing.

No. 1546603

Hairless penis looks weird but making men insecure is fun so I think women should start calling unshaven men dirty and make them tweeze the ball hairs out for sex

No. 1546616

No. 1546626

Just found a random ring that is obviously a woman’s in my boyfriend’s room and I don’t know if I should be shitting myself rn? He’s in the bathroom as a write this I have no one else to talk to about this so I’m dumping it here lmao nonnies please pray this is my anxiety and paranoia over reacting

No. 1546632

It's the first sign that he's trooning out
First wears a women's ring, then a bra, then comes dick removal surgery

No. 1546634

She left it there for you

No. 1546638

I’m so confused he clearly saw that I saw it but isn’t saying anything? I don’t know if that puts me at ease or makes me feel more crazy? It’s like right on his otherwise empty nightstand it would be impossible to not notice. For what it’s worth it’s a plastic beaded ring, I should really ask but I’m so nervous rn so I’m just venting

No. 1546642

You have to ask sooner or later, may as well do it. Pay attention to his reaction, if he's instantly defensive. He may have ignored you finding it because he's to retarded to know its not yours

No. 1546643

No trust he would know it’s not mine. I’ll ask and try to remember to update here for what it’s worth this kind of thing is so out of character for him

No. 1546646

Hes playing it off. He's shitting his pants inside while conjuring an entire story about it a mile a second for when you verbally confront him so he has a back story and excuse to placate you

No. 1546647

>plastic beaded ring
Oh his work husband nvm

No. 1546650

Is it like an anal sex thing and not an actual ring? Never heard of a plastic beaded ring that an adult woman would wear

No. 1546652

If you don't say anything and he is cheating or trooning out, he will take it as permission.

No. 1546654

They have super cheap plastic rings that look stupid in gacha machines and things like that. Like just bright colored plastic with a jewel embedded, like a penny to produce. Could be a joke, found on the ground, whatever.

No. 1546656

This pretty much describes how it looks. I want to take a picture but I’m scared he’s going to come back in the room while I’m wiping the metadata kek

No. 1546662

File: 1681269987133.jpeg (33.69 KB, 640x960, 77B6BF86-BA89-406A-BFA8-ED8A3D…)

It’s not a sex toy or anything it looks like this

No. 1546668

>It’s not a sex toy
Not with that lack of imagination

No. 1546688

Leave, coomer.

No. 1546698

You can't even take a sex joke?
This website fucking sucks

No. 1546699

relax, she's clearly autistic.

No. 1546701

everybody pause for a minute and imagine how sexy classic sherlock holmes would be as a woman (unchanged styling of course). okay carry on

No. 1546714

When the lesbian radfems came and sucked out every ounce of humor I knew it was over

No. 1546723

Scrote hands typed this post

No. 1546729

God you wish with all your little heart that I am a scrote and not an unimpressed oldfag. You bitches are not funny!

No. 1546737

You don't have to be a man to be annoyed you can't even make a silly sex toy joke without it being Immoral

No. 1546745

Kek right, I'm in a woman only lc discord and the most rabid manhater Big Lesbian(tm) there is obsessed with kpop boys and husbandos

No. 1546747

there's some smelly shit going on in /ot/ rn. Lost of weird posts and clear samefagging. I advise report and do not engage.

No. 1546751

I see you cannot take constructive criticism well

No. 1546752

I've never seen a group take themselves more seriously and just suck the fun out of literally everything here, it's truly a phenomena. Then they try to pull the homophobia card because they are just so perfect and well rounded and everything they say is right and true and we are all actually meanie dyke-hating bullies.

No. 1546753

How do you get invited to lolcow discord?

No. 1546754

It's not an official one

No. 1546757

I just want the cookie part of oreo but they dont make gluten free cookie only like they do for normal cookies. At least i remember some anon posting a sleeve of normal chocolate nabisco cookies. If only they made that for people who cant eat gluten. Seriously considering scraping the frosting off.

No. 1546759

Discord is CANCER. I unironically believe 'no discord' should a global rule. I've seen it destroy entire sites, it's literally the enemy of all anon imageboards.

No. 1546760

File: 1681279390979.gif (200.06 KB, 220x126, 987987698.gif)

…and I reiterate

No. 1546761

File: 1681279430528.png (5.48 KB, 296x182, Untitled.png)

No. 1546762

No. 1546763

I remember a lesbian asking for advice in the advice thread on /g/ because she truly believed she was better than 99% of women and always thought of other women as inferior and weak and uninteresting kek so fucking obnoxious istg.

No. 1546765

Go back to Reddit if you want to make dumb unfunny sex jokes

No. 1546766

No. The lolcow lezcels are fucking weird, and only the lesbians we are referring to would actually be offended by this generalization. Anons have been calling them creepy for ages and they throw giant tantrums, samefag and wk themselves, say racial slurs, and then get b&, rinse repeat. Its been like this for a couple years now, they try to police literally everything and I can imagine the reason they're so lonely and unhappy and bitchless irl is because they are this exhaustive. I wouldn't normally say bitchless but it's a joking term that would make them chimp out so im throwing it in idc.

No. 1546767

No. 1546769

"G-go back to reddit i-if you want to sully my personal moderation of how women are supposed to talk and behave REEEEEE"

No. 1546770

No. 1546771

Denial is not just a river in Egypt

No. 1546773

File: 1681279775636.png (177.52 KB, 937x908, Screenshot_20230411-230904_(1)…)

As opposed to what? The other 95% percent of cringe posts made by straight women gushing about their Nigel like picrel?

No. 1546775

meant to quote this >>1546763

No. 1546776

this thread is gonna light up bright red in a few hours kek

No. 1546778

When an anon hits them with 'you would say this shit is creepy and disgusting if a man posted this about women' and it triggers an insane rage in them where they spend the next hour making diatribes about how we are all homophobic and it is "NOT THE SAME AT ALL"

No. 1546779

No one thinks your dorky ass comment is clever or funny, nerd

No. 1546780

Anons don't gush about their nigels in the advice thread retardicus.

No. 1546783

Believe it or not but multiple people are fed up with the militant anti fun posters

No. 1546785

How do you get invited to the non-official lolcow discord?

No. 1546786

Are the lesbians who are into hentai in the room here with us anon

No. 1546787

File: 1681279968714.png (181.57 KB, 572x588, 1677226085731.png)

I do though

No. 1546790

>as opposed to what? The other posts by straight women that also get lightly flamed?
Uh yeah

No. 1546792

You even talk like you've had tumblr posts IV-dripped into your veins for the past decade

No. 1546793

No. 1546794

>lightly flamed
Lol clearly they deserved more

No. 1546796

Don't fall for the bait nonnies, just report. You can tell by the lightning fast response speed on this otherwise verrrry slow site that it's one anon samefagging. Inb4 they shoot out 7 replies to this post, half of which are "KEK" to their own unfunny responses.

No. 1546797

Even on an autistic mongolian throat singing forum I am still a loser.

No. 1546798

Never used tumblr in my life. You seem terminally online if you automatically associate with tumblr speak

No. 1546799

why is this thread suddenly so fast now (it's bots)

No. 1546801

Look at you, even trying to control and algorithmize how anons respond to other posts at any given time of day.

No. 1546802

Try the friend finder thread, some people have servers there iirc. Only join ones that have voice verification though if you are a woman.

No. 1546804

I'm >>1546763 and I'm not samefagging, there was actually a lesbian asking for advice on how to not view the women around her as weak and inferior idiots.

No. 1546806

It's so annoying. Everyone not on the hivemind is one person to them

No. 1546807

I genuinely admire your inability to understand imageboard culture or even women to the point that you flat out refuse to see that anons have been enduring this for quite some time and are interested in engaging with the topic because they are used to being immediately dogpiled for sharing this. Maybe if you said things that were interesting and not a complete buzzkill, you would get engagement and replies too.

No. 1546809

>you seem terminally online
Because I don't chimp out and feel threatened for women speaking their mind? Because I don't use boomer ass phrases like dork and nerd unironically?

No. 1546810

File: 1681280441969.gif (2.7 MB, 435x250, cow.gif)

>anons racing to the thread the second they smell an infight

No. 1546811

Who cares about one insecure unhinged lesbian. It's so obvious you're grasping at straws to prove your point. Meanwhile this website is infested with tardthots and other kinds of moid worshippers

No. 1546813

File: 1681280508858.jpeg (5.97 KB, 253x275, 1679591889830.jpeg)

Thanks nonnie. I must try that at some point but I always got put off by the idea of chatting one-on-one with someone online kek (I am retarded).

No. 1546815

…anon, I've not participated in this lesbian vs straight discussion ITT at all and I was only joking… here come the anti-fun anons

No. 1546816

So you finally found the opportunity to be openly homophobic lmao

No. 1546817

Lmao, I am one of them

I felt like that too but my closest online friends now are people who I only chat one on one with, and not people on servers like I thought I would get along with.

No. 1546818

File: 1681280635910.jpg (89.63 KB, 676x421, fe.jpg)

No. 1546819

Bots seems farfetched. It seems like it's a triggered hettie who spent too much time hatereading the lesbian threads and 2x and is now going absolutely nuclear kek. Or a moid. They're notoriously hard to distinguish. Just report, although samefagging anon will probably fill this thread by themselves by morning if mods are asleep
why are you still replying? the bait is so painfully obvious. report and ignore

No. 1546820

I lold

You're right, it could just be one. But it's one that posts every single day then, for hours and hours. If it's just one, she puts a LOT of time and effort into whinging and complaining about gow thuper straight and homophobic everyone is for telling her she's annoying and spoiling all the fun. Lots of dedication from that hateful unfunny bitch.

No. 1546822

There is literally nary a single bit of homophobia in that post you are completely insane

No. 1546824

It's not about being a homosexual, it's about acting better than other women and ofter very hypocritical because those types of posters coom to anime and kpop men as well.

No. 1546826

Imma start reporting the retards taking the bait at this point, it's pathetic

No. 1546827

You seem extremely retarded if you think those are actual radfem lesbians

No. 1546830

Yeah being oppressed by the evil
lesbian radfems on an anonymous imageboard is serious business

No. 1546831

Sorry to inform you that even your #basedsisters can be lame and annoying.

Ahh you mad

No. 1546833

I care because they shit up lolcow with their retarded fucking takes wholly removed from reality. What fucking moid worshipers are on lolcow, and no "muh nigel" posts are not an example because women can have boyfriends and husbands.

No. 1546837

Have to pull out your big guns when anons are just calling out other anons who are obnoxious huh? Are you dramatizing this exchange because you aren't used to seeing discussion that isn't as slow as pigeon carrier in /ot/?

No. 1546841

Tbh I don't specifically think I would get along with people on servers that much but I thought at least I can just have my input when it suits and there isn't a pressure to keep the conversation going or be interesting in any way like there is with one person. But probably one on one is easier to start with so I don't get lost.

No. 1546842

Lmao it's so obvious you're mad and get offended every time some anon disparages women in straight relationships
You're on a misandrist website it's not just lesbians who make these posts

No. 1546848

Anon is also completely glossing over the fact that this same type of anon also replies to posts anons make of any sort of normal healthy sexual content saying how disgusting they are. This conversation has been had before. You will only talk in circles with them, they refuse to pull their head out of their ass. They genuinely believe they can turn lc into their own personal echo chamber.

No. 1546852

Assuming those are the evil radfem lesbians just makes you look even more retarded. Have you ever used an anonymous image board before? Anons are always going to be nasty no matter what

No. 1546853

Nta but I can think of dozens of examples of the kind of content anon is referring to and how obnoxious it is, it has nothing to do with just teasing people about their boyfriends. It's convenient for you to reduce it to that though.

No. 1546855

The original point was about the anti fun police getting upset by a silly fucking sex joke. You suck the fun out of everything.

No. 1546856

The difference between being crass and funny and being annoying and unfunny is pretty defined. If they were capable of taking a joke instead of trying to turn everything into some sort of super serious puppet show where they are the master, this conversation wouldn't be happening. They're weird and detached from reality just like everyone else here but they have the dumbest superiority complex about it.

No. 1546857

File: 1681281551208.jpg (17.57 KB, 275x239, 1671829148312.jpg)


No. 1546859

File: 1681281579888.jpg (9.37 KB, 245x206, 9ijhgfd345678ij.jpg)

No. 1546861

Truly proving my point. >>1546778 she's gonna defend her right to be a humorless trite buzzkill tooth and claw for the next hour

No. 1546862

And then proceed to shit on these so called lesbian radfems. Sounds like you just wanted an excuse to be homophobic

No. 1546864

This argument came up last year because a lezcel was continually replying to anons showing any desire for males at all gross and disgusting and constantly shaming them as if you fan psyop them into not expressing perfectly normal emotions. The discussion went round and round because talking to people like that is like talking to a wall, your ability to express yourself here is limited to the text equivalent of lesbian square dancing.

No. 1546866

No one is defending it but that's just how the culture is on anonymous image board. It's retarded to assume it's all from one specific group

No. 1546867


No. 1546869

Evil lesbophobic bitch

No. 1546871

So it's because of one unhinged poster and then then all the butthurt straight women started having a vendetta against all lesbians.

No. 1546875

This is clearly bait you humorless retard

No. 1546877

>implying lolcow can understand the concept of humor

No. 1546880

You see it's your very specific, nuanced need to dramatize everything into a violent attack on the whole instead of a minority that makes you so easy to sniff out

No. 1546882

POLISH NONNIES pls share me your best polish songs so I can spam my friend who is travelling europe and told me poland was horrible. Also her fat boyfriend was almost robbed of his cigarettes for being a retard KEK

No. 1546883

There are literally anons here who would peg their Nigel or tickle their asshole if they asked
It's not farfetched for someone to have that disgusting fetish

No. 1546885

>>1546812 nta but wish we were cute cows frolicking through the meadows

No. 1546886

File: 1681282436107.gif (12.92 KB, 79x41, 1676549770114.gif)

What do you mean nonny, of course we are

No. 1546887

You are exhaustive and you need to apply at Kohls or something, fold some clothes, talk to real humans in real life, get some character, some real life experience as a normie whose life extends further than your computer mouse, and then come back and stop putting a miserable black cloud over every space you propagate in

No. 1546890

And you need to stop samefagging your "clever" roasts
This is the 2nd time itt, it's getting really embarrassing tbh

No. 1546893

Except it isnt embarassing. It's perfectly normal to engage in a lighthearted manner on a fucking imageboard, you're the one that takes yourself so ridiculously seriously that some automatic unserious shitposting makes you spiral. Trying to police shitposting oh my god like join a forum or make a blog bitch.

No. 1546901

File: 1681283362114.jpg (467.94 KB, 1140x1357, il_1140xN.4669149421_mvw6.jpg)

everyone pick a friendship bracelet i want the movie cow

No. 1546902

File: 1681283368567.png (227.32 KB, 545x680, 1676734402723.png)

my mouse keeps breaking every 5 seconds and it's so INFURIATING. I need a new one badly

No. 1546904

I want the pumpkin cow

No. 1546905

A car drove by playing one of the best songs I have ever heard with a really good beat and flow but the words were unintelligible and it will haunt me forever

No. 1546906

Space cow!!

No. 1546908

Mushroom cow for me please

No. 1546910

uhghhhghhhhhnngghggnggg i can't choose i can't choose…. wait…it has to be pumpikn cow!

No. 1546913

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO okay it's only fair you chose first. i will take bee cow

No. 1546914

blueberry cow pleeaaase

No. 1546915

Miss peanut butter jelly im gagged

No. 1546918

donut cow? sign me up.

No. 1546921

Once every year I check back in on the [redacted] thread because I have grown to hate [redacted] more, only to remember the reason I don't go there (farmers ITT precisely as insane and cringe as the cows).
Information redacted to protection from terminal spergouts.

No. 1546923

Kek the cherry cow. I want the lemon cow

No. 1546926

birthday party cow !!!

No. 1546932

what thread i'm curious

No. 1546936

Money cow for me!

No. 1546946

did you use an AI to write that

No. 1546954

AYRT and this is undersellimg it because snakes started manifesting in my house and I have not known peace since that day.

No. 1546955

The [redacted] thread my bad enemy the [redacted] thread.

No. 1546958



No. 1546960

I'm so excited for my first city break with my boyfriend and we're seeing bloc party and paramore tomorrow and my sweet hearted man got an ounce of silver haze for it. So excited lmao

No. 1546968

have fun!

No. 1546979

all these redacted nonnies are making me miss my LC glowie gf from a year ago. I hope she is healthy and happy.

No. 1547011

The bravery of posting this after what just went on in this thread, kek. Bless you, nonna.

No. 1547020

bloc party?? can I third wheel you guys?

No. 1547033

>LC glowie gf
The what now

No. 1547045

File: 1681298782866.gif (1.23 MB, 480x480, pidgy tidgy.gif)

i love watching pigeons walk, especially when you are behind them and they are running in front of you. the way their heads bop and then their shoulders waddle back and forth amuses me. when i see a pigeon walking next to me, i even sing a little goofy tune to their footsteps and get a nice chuckle, it's so fucking cute. i made friends with a couple of them by my apartment so sometimes they follow me when i am walking home.

No. 1547052

I just remembered when she claimed Elaine failed to doxx her, but then also insisted she had found her "wife" and that's why she wouldn't stop engaging with her publicly. Just weird shit, but at least they're gone.

No. 1547061

You don’t sound confident enough for a relationship. And if there’s even a chance your man would whore around with women he can fool with plastic beads, he’s not the one.

No. 1547066

one time I was being lonely in the retarded shitposting thread and asked for my personal FBI agent to become my gf and a really nice nonny offered. I miss her.

No. 1547098

It's either his sisters/roomates or he's cheating on you and the dumb side girl left her cheap ring on his counter. Get tested with STDs, a bitch who wears that type of ring gives me the vibe she'd be trashy as fuck.

No. 1547142

Pretty sure it was because Elaine was such a sperg. The amount of retarded shit she pulled for around a year just because she had a (then almost empty) thread on here was prime milk.

She did and uploaded it to some doxx site. I found the whole thing hilarious because the person she thought was admin was in an entirely different continent. If Elaine would have used a single braincell instead of larping as hacker, she would have noticed all of the announcements, polls, updates etc were in one specific timezone that was nowhere near the girl she obsessively stalked.

No. 1547154

i'm probably going to get banned because it's been hours but i was asleep for this fight but i think it's very important to know, that weird ibs post was from the last fetishes thread in /g/, and considering that there are several other posters there admitting to having scat and fart fetishes unironically, i'm pretty sure it's not bait. sorry carry on.

No. 1547166

that sounds great anon, enjoy yourselves

No. 1547170

How did she successfully doxx her wife, but at the same time, somehow fail to doxx her? It doesn't make sense, and it sounds like she and Elaine were far more involved with eachother (and alike) than they let on. If she really did dox her wife, further engaging with her and personally confirming the doxx was real instead of ignoring her ass, improving said wife's opsec and calling the police was retarded.
The whole thing was just autistic, and it brought the CP/gore spamming tranny to our site.

No. 1547177

>and then the josh spam that was likely 100% shaymin trolling
Nope, that was the tranny, like the many times before and after. It happened directly after anons made fun of him kek. He always spams either cp, gore, scat, gay porn, nikado or josh in typical moid rage.

No. 1547180

No idea, Was that claim even posted by admin?

No. 1547181

File: 1681308611582.jpg (21.22 KB, 320x240, IMG_3382.JPG)

Im learning how to make wire jewelry so in the summer I can live my hippie dreams of being an artisan selling her crafts in the street along the Uruguay river.
Im starting with very basics things like pic rel.
I didn't told anyone from my circle because I want to amaze they with a little collection.

No. 1547182

Yeah, I remember she claimed it in one of the many Elaine "callouts" she did at the time.

No. 1547188

This sounds similar to another anon I interact with. (lesbian, likes kpop boys). Shes actually been nice, chill, and sometimes interesting whenever I talk to her though.

No. 1547204

File: 1681309704808.png (32.69 KB, 688x316, 1680134928713.png)

The friend finder thread discussion from earlier (too lazy to quote it all) reminded me of this. Please come back and spill anon. Honestly I don't trust a single person in those threads.

No. 1547212

I remember the post you're referring to and first of all she never said "wife", she said partner so your recollection of things and insisting she spoke of her wife are retarded. Anyway, while I agree she was also retarded for getting baited by Elaine, she probably just meant to let her think she was on the right track with the faildox. That admin was seriously spergy and impulsive but I truly believe Elaine didn't have the right dox.

No. 1547222

I feel like a cringelord but I get so horny when my boyfriend tastes like beer. Even more so when I kiss him while he’s cooking supper and it’s a surprise taste.

No. 1547224

File: 1681310386909.jpg (47.53 KB, 600x706, scary.jpg)

Literally so scary without clarification.

No. 1547225

Why does the distinction actually matter, lmao? I'm saying she either lied about Elaine doxxing succesfully to try to justify feeding an attention whore for the sake of lackluster "milk", or that she actually did doxx her "partner", and oldmin thought it'd be a good idea announce it and further endanger both of themselves because she was addicted to forced drama. Both possibilites indicate that she's retarded, it brought even more problems to LC and it's a relief that it's over. I'm not concerned on whether Elaine doxxed Oldmin herself because it truly doesn't matter to anyone but her, the point is that there was definitely more shit going on behind the scenes and both were obvious BPD cows. Hopefully, none of those people ever come back.

No. 1547231

i have a feeling they're still lurking out there somewhere, maybe not elaine much anymore, but i bet shaymin still comes here on occasion to see what people may be writing about her.

No. 1547236

Semi related to the current topic, but I still believe that the Tumblr Elaine was posting everywhere was Oldmin's real tumblr

No. 1547253

I don't report anons for using emoticons anymore. Fight the machine.

No. 1547255

>discussion about friend finder thread
Can anyone link me the discussion?

No. 1547259

>Ctrl + F
>"friend finder"

No. 1547263

it was in the middle of the infight, think it started here
the screencap is from the previous thread

No. 1547281

I think the only drawback to my boyfriend is that he plays LoL and also watches the stupid championships and he talked me into joining a DnD campaign. Otherwise he is literally perfect in every way possible. Tell me how screwed I am

No. 1547289

There is this girl on tiktok that is famous because she managed to make the koreaboo dream come true and got married to a former kpop idol or something lmao

No. 1547291

The one and only thing tiktok does better than vine did is having CC on 95% of all videos. So please, tell me anons, why do I still get non-CCed tiktoks on my tumblr dash?

No. 1547308

just saw a beautiful woman in a cute dress walking towards me and then i realized i was walking towards a mirrored window
charisma: 100
brain cells: 0

No. 1547313

Those are extremely common, standard nerd hobbies that hundreds of millions of people play. If he is otherwise perfect in every single way then why would that even concern you? It sounds like you don't like him that much subconsciously and are looking for excuses.

No. 1547326

Speaking from experience, if it stands out enough for you enough to post about it then consider if there’s an underlying aspect about it that you don’t like, and work on that. I hated that my ex played league even though he was “otherwise perfect” but the thing is he was really fucking dumb (software engineer) and had no interest in consuming any media that required any kind of abstract or critical thought. Watching league championships day after day ultimately reinforced my perception of him as stupid and I probably should have tried harder to get him to engage in things I liked, so that’s my warning to you

No. 1547333

Your logic is weird wouldn't it follow that if that's the only bad shit she can think of he's pretty good?
She should go to the boyfriend brag thread. If you can't come up with the good stuff then that's when you should question things

No. 1547337

I don't really get this. Wouldn't you want him to share his hobbies with you? Not saying you have to actually indulge in it yourself (like joining a DND campaign) but I wouldn't see the problem with him just liking a game and watching the tournaments.

No. 1547345

File: 1681317892185.jpeg (9.15 KB, 288x201, download.jpeg)

Joey King is pretty but I'm etching Wish upon and…she looks so fucking odd. Idk, her acting annoyed me until The Act

No. 1547366

File: 1681318881015.jpg (57.92 KB, 540x960, fb6f198d291380c86a2825dbd5cfc5…)

I saw a big fat bee outside my house. It came towards the window of my door and I got scared and backed away before realizing that there was a large physical barrier between us. Glad to see bees are still around. I would love to own some.
Cute nonna kek

No. 1547373

Something about LoL screams tranny to me. I also have a hard time believing that a man can anything be more than a super casual gamer who plays an hour or two every few weeks and be actually worth a damn.

No. 1547395

Why are coffee people so extra and pretentious? Tea people don't act like that.

No. 1547400

Ma'am, excuse me? Tea people have whole parties and entire venues for enjoying and talking about tea and all the different kinds of tea and black tea and white tea and this mix and that mix and this brand and that country and this teapot and that temperature of water and don't you dare add milk to it or fucking ELSE

No. 1547402

Well yeah. Why isn’t he in the garage building shit or meal prepping for you or working out.

No. 1547404

What? They totally do. Every tea person I've met has a superiority complex about how they're so much healthier and more refined than us stinky coffeefags. And matcha people are the worst of all, it all fucking tastes good yes even the watery sweet Starbucks kind. grow up

No. 1547406

Yeah I’m a teafag and we are definitely pretentious. That said real teafags are much more rare than coffeefags. And no matcha bitches ain’t it.

No. 1547408

But he does all that stuff too, building is his career even, is it only allowed to be one or the other?

No. 1547409

matcha bitches made me kek

No. 1547410

Nta but stinky coffeefags is right. Coffee makes my piss and BO smell fowl. So does alcohol. I know it's not just me bc all the women in the stalls next to me also have that coffee drinker piss smell. They just don't realize it bc they drink it every day. When I abstain from coffee and alcohol I can sweat and it smells like nothing.

No. 1547412

why is there sudden coffee discussion in multiple threads did something happen

No. 1547414

AYRT and okay you got me there with the coffee piss. I retreat you win

No. 1547418

He meal preps for you?

No. 1547419

I love to drink coffee but this shit makes me feel like I'm killing myself slowly, I admit my flaws

No. 1547423

Yep, he preps the dinner ingredients in the morning before work and then I cook em in the evening before he gets home. On weekends he makes our meals.

No. 1547425

What the fuck, do people not drink water with their morning coffee?!? As a coffeefag who is also a hydro homie I never realized. It would be pretty foul to drink coffee and not drink some water before and after. I hydrate like it’s my job

No. 1547426

So he has time for that, building you stuff, working, and watching hours and playing hours of lol every week?

No. 1547429

No I'm not the anon with the LoL bf, we play minecraft together.

No. 1547430

Ayrt, I saw a video a few days ago of some guy making coffee in a super complicated way and I was thinking about how my husbando loves tea so it just came to mind. I think in the amerifag thread people are just talking about coffee cause of the Krispy Kreme thing
Not to mention how it makes your breath smell. Crazy how coffee smells divine by itself but awful in someone's mouth.

No. 1547432

>I hydrate like it’s my job
I aim to be like you

No. 1547433

what about the vent thread

No. 1547435

Idk, Im not reading that thread right now.

No. 1547438

I will take the blame, I’ve been randomly shitting on drip coffee/cheap coffee/keurig for like over a month on here. I will shit on shitty coffee any chance I get. I am the coffee sperg.

No. 1547439

So brave

No. 1547442

File: 1681321547393.png (528.11 KB, 1676x943, dfsferfererhhhhhh.png)

I put milk in my keurig like 6 years ago and I'm scared to use it

No. 1547443

Ayrt, I feel like when tea people are being pretentious and LARPing as Marie Antoinette they keep that between them and other teafags. When coffee people are being pretentious, they expose it to the whole world and shove their obnoxious heavy machinery coffee makers in everyone's faces.

No. 1547448

No real coffeefag has heavy machinery to make their coffee. The best coffee is pour over coffee which just takes a simple glass pour over maker that doesn’t even plug in, and a gooseneck kettle.

No. 1547449

Tell that to the group of girls in my high school who had a tea club, did every project possible on tea and how they have refined palettes capable of truly enjoying tea, and went on to create a "high tea society" club in adult hood kek

No. 1547452

Those are britaboos, teafags don’t worship western tea because it’s nearly always low grade

No. 1547460

I fail to see what difference this makes kek

No. 1547463

Proof of pretentiousity duh

No. 1547465

Nasty. Don’t disclose that milk part and sell it on Craigslist or Facebook. Anyone who wants a keurig deserves to get a nasty mouldy milky keurig so they rethink their life choices. Buy a pour over maker and a gooseneck kettle and a coffee bean grinder with the proceeds. Also some single origin locally roasted coffee beans. Enjoy your conversion to coffeefaggotry nonny chan

No. 1547467

So you're saying they aren't #realteafags so they aren't pretentious? Or they are pretentious but it doesn't count because they buy their tea in North America? I'm confused nonnie, help me

No. 1547468

File: 1681322399218.jpg (75.77 KB, 736x1089, efd3ae52eb407cea492448e2b2869f…)

Yeah that was me, I wore Angelic Pretty, watched K-ON with the anime club girls, and drank tea every day, and I drink it out of genuine porcelain now to this comment (it's mint so my breath doesn't stank either).

No. 1547470

File: 1681322450922.jpg (115.73 KB, 1500x1001, Testing-DeLonghi_LaSpecialista…)

Looking at this gives me the same feeling I get when I see a roided body builder. And then you look at expensive teafag equipment and it's just a fancy kettle and a set of cute cups.

No. 1547472

Hi as a pour over coffeefag this does not represent us. This shit makes ESPRESSO. Not quite the same as coffee. Coffee is simple.

No. 1547474

Not real teafags, less pretentious more cringe and they get bullied by the teafags. Like weebs.
>>1547468 see kek

No. 1547477

File: 1681322677009.jpeg (16.48 KB, 445x445, 1F2A9F00-C48D-478E-8A2D-0ACCC5…)

How does this make you feel, nonnie?

No. 1547478

>tfw the pickmes at work try to convince me to learn their coffee machines so I can help them bring coffee to the managerial scrotes

"Nope, I don't even drink coffee" never felt so good to say

No. 1547480

I'm American and idk what this is

No. 1547482

Wouldn’t it feel even better to scoff at them and say “that’s not even real coffee” like a hipster gatekeeper?

No. 1547485

I’m a burger too. It’s a pour over coffee maker. Aka How real coffee lovers make their coffee.

No. 1547488

>tfw you realize hipster males are dead and became trannies instead

No. 1547490

I used it for tea I'll never drink poopwater (coffee)

No. 1547494

Lmao I think you're just particularly ignorant

No. 1547495

Coffee and espresso are not the same thing you banana

No. 1547503

Espresso is concentrated coffee

No. 1547506

File: 1681323462007.webm (5.8 MB, 720x868, coffee.webm)

Wtf is this? Coffeefags btfo.
It makes me upset because it's ugly. Teafags at least make their shit pretty. This looks like something someone would make if they were stranded in the jungle and had to make a makeshift coffee maker out of desperation (because most coffee lovers have an addiction).

No. 1547507

File: 1681323518881.jpg (43.06 KB, 510x510, cat.jpg)

Samefag, I just realized you probably can't even see the video because this dinosaur-tier site can barely play vids anymore

No. 1547509

>Espresso is a coffee-brewing method

No. 1547514

File: 1681323639322.png (331.03 KB, 1024x683, this coffee is tasty mm yum th…)

what in the mad scientist am I watching right now, I just want to pour hot water over my fine ground coffee beans out of a cute kettle

No. 1547518

File: 1681323892380.jpg (19.18 KB, 267x300, 668dcc2d8cf0a18edcfc21f0963be3…)

Anyone else drink their coffee like this

No. 1547521

File: 1681323934392.png (307.76 KB, 909x916, aeropress.png)

No. 1547523

Picture of an ugly french press with no context, great post

No. 1547524

It looks like a big ass syringe

No. 1547527

It was my input to the coffee discussion, that's my fave way to brew, don't be a meanie

No. 1547528

I like tormenting my bf/male friends by pointing out random shit they do and calling it "ran through." Bottle of Olaplex in his shower? Ran through. His plants are well maintained? Ran through. Knows what a gua sha is? Ran through.
I couldn't care less how many women they've been with, I just like to stress them out with the same accusations that women get all the time. They get so offended kek

No. 1547531

File: 1681324223566.jpg (71.59 KB, 736x1104, frenchpress.jpg)

I'm sorry, it's just hideous, look at this one nonners

No. 1547532

I use a penis pump to prepare my coffee, just as the French intended

No. 1547535

fuckingggg KEK

No. 1547536

I was the one who started the discussion and this is EXACTLY what I was referring to!!!!

No. 1547538

Lmaooo anon stop

No. 1547543

I read is as you use a penis to prepare coffe. And I was wondering, is it severed? Or attached to a moid in need of punishment? In any way, unhygienic.

No. 1547545

I don't drink tea or coffee, just variations of milk (and water if it's the right temperature). I like strawberry milk the most, and am aware of its connotations to being an autist so I drink the muscle milk protein in strawberry flavor instead.

No. 1547546

he'd be the stir stick I guess

No. 1547553

What does ran through mean

No. 1547555

It means he's been around the block a few times

No. 1547557

Nothing more autistic than changing your drink based on the possibility of someone thinking your milk choice is autistic

No. 1547560

Oooh really? Didn’t think men cared about being thots

No. 1547562

And what does that mean? (ESL)

No. 1547565

You're a freak, why did you call her cockbreath?

No. 1547566

It means he's no stranger to the devil's tango.

No. 1547567

No. 1547568

aeropress is NOT a french press reeeeee

No. 1547570

Because if you drink coffee stirred with cock you will have cockbreath you dork

No. 1547572

Actually that made me get it, kek

No. 1547573

She's not even the one that said that, I am, and it was a joke, fuck face

No. 1547574

It’s ok autist-chan. You can relax now.

No. 1547576

Go back to your hole

No. 1547580

Why are you spewing every bad word you just learned? Is everything ok? You can tell us

No. 1547581

You’re right. I genuinely thought you were actually drinking coffee stirred with a severed dick. I shouldn’t have called you a cockbreath I’m sorry pwease forgive me

No. 1547586

Does the word "hole" offend your sensibilities?

No. 1547590

File: 1681325839662.gif (52.23 KB, 220x273, A6B48090-999C-4A09-A9E8-3550EF…)

No. 1547599

File: 1681326491287.jpg (53.66 KB, 640x717, yeah.jpg)

No. 1547606

File: 1681327004550.jpg (84.72 KB, 780x560, hnn1al90rn341.jpg)

I just remembered these Avatar High and Avatar U games

No. 1547611

Who tf in the year 2023 is dumb enough to drink boiling water out of plastic kek.

No. 1547622

File: 1681328539367.jpg (71.17 KB, 500x375, virtualvillagers_screen.jpg)

Blast from the past…I was more of a Virtual Villagers girl tho.

No. 1547627

i hate the name joshua. i used to just mildly dislike it, but this guy at works really pushed me over the edge and now the name fills me with disgust lol. i feel kinda bad though bc iirc joshua was meant to be the hebrew version of jesus' name, and i feel like i shouldn't find jesus' name gross, but here we are

No. 1547633

I'm writing an article/ blog post on how the internet has set back women & feminism (in my opinion); can any smart feminist nonnies give me a few talking points?

No. 1547636

Porn, deepfakes and revenge porn as well.

No. 1547638

File: 1681329401778.jpeg (146.88 KB, 800x600, vmk-club-33.jpeg)


And now you nonnies reminded me of VMK. It was short but sweet.

No. 1547640

File: 1681329496857.png (6.95 KB, 592x190, dsc.png)

Man has moment of self-awareness, panics, tries to perish the thought as "cringe". It haunts him to this day.

No. 1547645

Maybe commodification of womens bodies in every part, every age, every race. Men expecting to find women selling porn of their feet, hands, butt, boobs, genitals, and all for very low prices. That every age (even illegal uploaded ones) are a type of porn like milf, teen. Races obviously have their own which some people watch to degrade the woman i think. Trannies reducing women down to parts just like those porn categorization but also from self hating ftm we are no longer a woman but a set of boobs with a uterus, vagina set. Redifining what woman is and erasing it all for the purpose of "inclusion". While also taking away womens online spaces of hobbies which now must include men and right wing men getting rid of plan b sites, spreading their propoganda, and probably still watching rape porn online. Maybe statistics about how women are more likely to be doxxed for different political views while men aren't.

No. 1547648

You can't talk about regression on the internet without mentioning GamerGate.

No. 1547650

VMK was amazing I felt like hot shit when my family went to disney world and I got to get EXCLUSIVE MERCH from the VMK STORE. I was addicted to that game. My family also played toontown together

No. 1547654


Here is my 2 cents:
-Internet and social media give men the opportunity to virtually voyeur women easily and with little to no repercussions.
-Gives illusion of women way beyond their league being available for them instantly.

-Sites that offer men to voyeur women - be it through online pornography that is readily available, sex cam chatrooms, onlyfans or even stuff like SFW instagram profiles turn out to be incredibly profitable.
-Due to huge profitability, more women are sought to be recruited
-Rise of liberal "feminism" which in its core is meant to protect voyeur industry and recruit even more women, especially younger ones. Libfem movements are especially strong on mass social media such as Twitter

-Meanwhile, when faced with reality that women are not readily available for them, many men grew bitter, start forming echo chambers that grow into huge anti-woman movements
-Younger boys are already used to voyeuring since age of 7, get easily recruited into those movements.

-So on the one hand - you have libfems protecting voyeur industries made by men and on the other hand you have men themselves working hard to take away rights from women.

No. 1547664

Thank you to the nonnies that helped contribute!! Men really are fucking disgusting

No. 1547673

I distincly remember the "oh" and refusal "mm-mm" and "huh" sounds kek

No. 1547691

Are there even any raindrops on roses or girls in white dresses? Are they sleeping with roaches? Are they taking best guesses?

No. 1547701

File: 1681334459998.jpg (47.63 KB, 584x743, 116447213aa55e2ace5f8be6adc39f…)

i'm bette porter, yes i am. Yes I AM!!!

No. 1547707

File: 1681335182180.png (25.06 KB, 564x453, 082398532.png)

I'm Alice Pieszecki

No. 1547731

File: 1681337363652.jpeg (207.46 KB, 540x2148, 8BAE0C48-7281-424B-B7B1-950E7D…)

Kek why is this.

No. 1547732

keek the cherry on top
>in a safe way of course, we're still in the middle of a pandemic

No. 1547757

As a matter of fact, yes! These are a few of my favorite things actually.

No. 1547758

We should have a greetext stories of lolcow thread.

No. 1547763

I can't stop watching the live streams of this one woman and her friend. She's some kind of prostitute and she puts on this semi-act of abusing her friend. It's actually super ghetto and depressing to watch but I can't stop.

No. 1547769

Booked my birthday trip, along with a car rental. If I think too hard about the car rental I'm gonna freak out and cancel it but it's for the best. I picked a small sedan (what I learned in and what I'm most comfortable driving) and I'll be in a pretty suburban area (learned to drive in one of the most crowded cities in the US). Pray for me my sisters. I just want to enjoy my vacation. I really do enjoy driving but it does make me anxious too. I got my license for a reason! And this is that reason!

No. 1547772

You'll be okay. You can get rental insurance too if it makes you feel better.

No. 1547775

Happy asexual awareness week to autists with sensory issues and social anxiety that makes sex unappealing, people with sex-based trauma who disassociate from their sexuality, people who think that only wanting to have sex with committed long-term romantic partners makes them weird (it's extremely normal), gays who are in denial, and straight (sometimes bi) people who want to spice up their social media bios! Bad, miserable asexy awareness week to men using the label in attempt to seem more disarming, and porn-addicts who can no longer envision being attracted to any actual human beings because their sexualities revolve around paraphilias and unrealistic standards. None of you have a unique sexuality separate from heterosexuality, homosexuality, or bisexuality, and your label is both a made-up cope AND homophobic by nature of promoting postmodernist views of sexuality like "fluidity" or the split attraction model! Cope better, and stop lying to yourselves!
Side note, do you think OP had a literal checklist to make sure the diversity quota was appropriately met?

No. 1547783

>it's time to be loud and proud
By going around the neighborhood yelling "I won't fuck any of you"?

No. 1547785

We all know a Joshua who belongs in a wood chipper.

No. 1547810

File: 1681345367948.png (772.2 KB, 524x742, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.PNG)

I can't sleep because I'm too distracted by how scary alligators are. They don't even live on my continent but I can't stop thinking about it

No. 1547812

File: 1681345460447.png (135.27 KB, 680x661, jotchua.png)

No. 1547815

Why are all the most dangerous animals so delightfully cute? I will march forward to my death with no regrets.

No. 1547827

>Those who are in relationship
Lol, would it have killed them to proofread this?

No. 1547845

File: 1681347109666.jpeg (47.29 KB, 494x332, 264F2004-DEAD-4D65-AFC3-CF8DF7…)

If there are no alligators on your continent, then there are definitely crocodiles

No. 1547871

Extremely wholesome plastic beaded ring update for anyone who cares- I finally asked why he had the ring and it turns out one of his regular customers (he does food delivery as a second job) gives him little pieces of beaded jewelry instead of tips, he showed me a bracelet they made for him too kek. He was saying he found it annoying because he’d rather have money, which I understand, but I found it rather endearing.

No. 1547882

sounds like something the main character in Amelie would do lol

No. 1547903

Aw jeez

No. 1547929

Nonnas I think I’m cursed every time I start using a new toilet before long it does that thing where the flap won’t close all the way so it makes the wshhh tinkle tinkle sound for hours until you fix it. What am I doing wrong? Do I not hold the handle down long enough when I flush?

No. 1547933

How are u so retarded u flush wrong

No. 1547944

I’m pretty sure bullying speds is like taboo or illegal or something so back off

No. 1547946

No. 1547950

It's a touchscreen, not a keyboard you dinosaur

No. 1547954

Get her

No. 1547960

I will not eat potato chips at 10:50pm. I will not eat potato chips at 10:50pm. I will not. Especially not the crinkle cut ones in the cabinet.

No. 1547961

We can skirt past the lying part and just start shoveling them in now

No. 1547963

you doubt my slightly above average self control

No. 1547966

What's one chip gonna do

No. 1547968

judging from the sperging from last night being totally ignored by farmhands, it seems they have set aside this thread as the designated retard arena. I will start tonight: dedicated vegans and dedicated meat lovers are equally retarded

No. 1547972

It was ignored because anons got to be honest about a very real tone shift that has made this site miserable for awhile now. If it were actually samefagging or bait it wouldn't have been ignored. Who cares.

No. 1547975

there hasn't been any tone shift that I've been able to discern, I've been here for around 3.5 years. What it does seem like is that we've gotten more influx of anons from twitter or tumblr or kiwifarms that are extra sensitive to the harsh misandrist environment lolcow is, which is annoying

No. 1547984

As a longtime user of mostly the cow boards, some recent observations
>people from Twitter and gurugossip or wherever who cannot sage or tag their replies to save their life
>Minimodding on /w with claims that every new thread "doesn't need to be made" despite being about well established milky cows
>People who are very lost and pro sex work/confused about which kind of "feminist" lolcor users might be (clue: it's not the one that crawls up mens asses)
all in recent weeks. No major tone shift imo but a scattering of idiots

No. 1547986

They are not, the vegans are far more elegant in their dedication.
Dedicated meat eaters are all like "ohoho [unarticulated sounds] look at this crisp pig" eats it like a pig

No. 1547996

I drank a Starbucks matcha tea latte and now I can't stop farting

No. 1548000

>a scattering of idiots
This is how the hivemind calls individuals with their own mind
(clue: I'm not your type of feminist and you can do fuck all about it)

No. 1548001

I love those but three gulps in and it's brutally beating the fuck out of my stomach and then I have to wait until my stomach seizure stops before finishing it. That latte always makes me feel on the precipice of shitting my pants.

No. 1548002

Why don't you tell the trannies you love about how you frequent lolcow and time how many seconds it takes before the rape threats start rolling in

No. 1548015

kek you cannot be serious. what is this tumblr-rant-speak. I mean we could all tell form last night you're retarded, but still. The theory that the reeeeing is coming from retard newfags from other sites is holding strong.

No. 1548016

you type like you just finished defending eating a man’s ass

No. 1548018

It's past midnight but I'm hungry.

No. 1548022

You shouldn't have to hold it down to flush it, unless you're in an old public restroom. If it starts making a weird sound (because the rubber flap isn't sealing all the way), just jiggle the handle a few times, so the seal is fixed. If not, the water in will keep running from the tank, and you'll jack up your water bill.

No. 1548023

>see a nonnie spell my husbando's name terribly wrong
>get the most intense urge to correct her
>realize it'd be a waste and that sometimes it's better to let things be
I feel I'm really growing as a person as of late.

No. 1548026

in their defense it's kind of hard to spell deedeede

No. 1548027

I choose to believe that only women browse here, thank you very much.

No. 1548032

I just realized that I say neanderthal like neanGERthal

No. 1548034

Samefag, I also pronounce the TH which apparently you're not supposed to do.

No. 1548035

>”look at this crisp pig" eats it like a pig
An actual pig would 100% do this, so I don’t feel bad when they get eaten.

No. 1548036

you're also not supposed to say thal, it's pronounced "tal"

No. 1548039

I just saw a reddit comment from 3 years ago that says "faggotry". I didn't know they were allowed to do that.

No. 1548040

nta but I didn't know that. I thought it was pronounced knee-and-er-thaw.

No. 1548041


No. 1548042

Yeah, like, it's ironic cause the neanderthals were killed by ice isn't it?

No. 1548043

No anon…. they were not…. they were cold adapted more than "homo sapiens sapiens" (us). Another fact, neanderthal's science name is also homo sapiens, but instead of the second sapiens they are "neanderthalensis".
Funnier fact, back in the day when they were discovered, the proposed name was "homo stupidus." Not a joke.

No. 1548045

Oh, my bad.

No. 1548052

File: 1681362081299.jpg (654.87 KB, 1816x3101, peache.jpg)

someone on twitter posted this peach that was at a theatre and the first thing i thought was that it reminded me of nemu artwork and it being something i could see her doing. i might just be insane

No. 1548053

nemu withdrawal is so strong anons start to see her everywhere after years without a hit. i understand the pain

No. 1548054

It’s not about holding down the handle, actually the opposite. Once you turn the handle, forcibly push it back to neutral. Don’t let it come back to its normal position by itself, sometimes it doesn’t have the strength to do it by itself so the flap stays up and makes that noise for a long time.

No. 1548061

Who is "they"? Aliens?

No. 1548068

not all communities on reddit are pc restrictive about language usage

No. 1548076

I'm not even finished drawing it and I'm already salivating and blushing so hard arghh

No. 1548085

post here when finished

No. 1548099

File: 1681370174447.gif (1.42 MB, 600x338, Lol.gif)

No. 1548103

is this real?!!

No. 1548107

No. 1548156

File: 1681383649026.jpg (95.78 KB, 720x1180, Nonnie.jpg)

No. 1548158

sorry4sperg but I hate the way men try to over engineer and make a stupid gadget for everything like in that vid. I'm sure this coffee tastes the same as mine does when I spoon some beans that I ground 2 days ago into the portafilter and make an espresso without brushing, watering, and kissing them first.

No. 1548166

Why tf would you ever put something in your butthole? The only acceptable way is out and not in. That is the same way your poop goes out so why would you put something inside. Wouldn't that feel the same as putting your feces back into your body? Eternal SHAME to people who have butt sex and defend it. Admit it you like the feeling of going number 2

No. 1548176

I get horny when I have a full bowel feeling, and I remember one of my gfs telling me the same thing once kek. It's a thing for some people. I don't have buttsex tho because of the associated risk factors.

No. 1548262

Nonna you are so good at flushing toilets, I will try this

No. 1548273

File: 1681396328606.gif (292.43 KB, 359x500, glitter.gif)

I really need to start waxing my fingers but I keep forgetting. I usually don't mind the hair but I keep my nails manicured so it just looks weird to have blinged out, glittery, girly, sparkly nails and then caveman fingers.

No. 1548274

nona this pic startled my high ass on the front page kek love u cro magnon chan

No. 1548283

File: 1681397266166.jpeg (31.36 KB, 596x589, 1635813664550.jpeg)

I'm so happy

No. 1548292

File: 1681398704909.jpg (51 KB, 421x600, fcfed5276a402449f83410457ed239…)

Sometimes it's nice to sit back and passively enjoy an infight.

No. 1548306

Personally I'm kinda into the glam werewolf aesthetic. Mayhaps I'll make it a Pinterest board.

No. 1548308

I want a glam werewolf movie.

No. 1548328

I'm larping childhood summer vacations by sitting at my computer with the windows open and the fan blasting snacking on fruit and browsing forums. Maybe I'll play some dress up games and watch AMVs. Just have to mute my work notifs to complete the fantasy

No. 1548329

I’m starting to suspect that my friend is dating Ko-chan and idk whether to tell him

No. 1548331

Cracking your neck is a magic cure for curing a headache

No. 1548332


No. 1548335

Saur true nonnie. Same with back aches.

No. 1548341

one of my professors is so rude to me at times, and she's one of the passively bitchy people who tries to pretend she isn't a bitch but you know she is one. this is one of the numerous times she deliberately ignores me when i try to answer questions in class, and it's one of those classes where 90% of the people never say anything and just have their heads buried in the laptops, and then we have this one girl in the back who is constantly talking and talking and talking. and of course bitch professor claims she does it because she wants to give "everyone a chance", but then the one girl who is constantly talking and talking and talking is the daughter of a famous tv producer, and it's so obvious that bitch professor is sucking up to her just because of who her dad is. i was watching her today and she only gave me one 1 point for answering a question, even though i answered 3 questions. but then miss blabber mouth in the back had like 10 points next to her name. i sit in the front of the class so i can see her little shitty sheet of paper and she only started to pay attention to me when other people noticed she would ignore me. i am going to double check that course evals are 100% anonymous because i will be writing a bitchy comment about her simping for miss blabber mouth once the semester is over.

No. 1548343

100% leave a bad comment. I HATE professors who pull that favoritism bullshit like this is supposed to be "high education" and yet they act like shitty middle school teachers.

No. 1548350

Learning English as a second (or third etc) language builds character, native Anglophones will never get it.

No. 1548360

File: 1681406578483.jpg (32.8 KB, 567x748, a19b56a474b5afdd527b0a94c5f7dd…)

I was gonna cut up this watermelon I have but it grew mold on the outside. I haven't even had it for that long.

No. 1548368

You can just cut the outside with some margin off and eat the insides.

No. 1548370

I already threw it away

No. 1548378

from what I know she’s a farmer with bleached white hair, a TERF, unstable, and she gave him a Komaeda badge on their first date as a gift. She literally wrote about how much she loves Akechi on her dating profile, that’s how they started talking.

No. 1548390

i'm a baby dinosaur and hate touchscreens too, they're a pain to use. leave anon alone.

No. 1548397

I was behind "That girl" in aldi today her groceries were all little packs of expensive shit, tons of fruit, some ginger shot thing. She must be rich I can't imagine spending $4 on a 2 gulps of ginger. I can't compare myself to that shit but I still feel inferior. With my boring ass bag of potatoes and head of lettuce

No. 1548402

I have so many physical and mental conditions that I should be called Terms.

No. 1548406

I'm on your side here but the ginger shots are worth it when you have a tummyache, at least in my experience.

No. 1548412

File: 1681410663878.jpg (38.53 KB, 700x699, cat (2).jpg)

I'm so tired of posts and discussions just being men men men tranny men men tranny tranny men

No. 1548415

Same nonny, even in unrelated threads. I wish discussion like that went in /2X/. I have male fatigue, I'm sick of reading about them in every thread

No. 1548423

I also wonder why they don't use 2X, is the perfect place for that stuff and not that it is liberated there is really no excuse

No. 1548449

I need viagra but for suppressing sexual urges and for women

No. 1548457

Have u tried antidepressants

No. 1548470

Spearmint tea is supposed to help

No. 1548473

Nta but what's a good tea for enhancing sexual urges…

No. 1548479

fake and gay just like Komaeda

No. 1548589


No. 1548590

File: 1681427697626.jpg (15.55 KB, 575x266, 7da67667-2577-4921-9dfd-7b8e53…)

why is getting your drivers licence so expensive please im broke

No. 1548591

I will go buy some, thank you

No. 1548628

File: 1681431004702.jpeg (227.8 KB, 1584x1226, EE3456EA-3398-4C62-8286-78B37C…)

Fixing Twitter memes is my hobby sometimes

No. 1548629

Ko-chan talked about self harming to such an extent that she gave herself serious nerve damage in her arms. Does the one you know IRL show her forearms?

No. 1548631

Man what is with Danganronpa fans and extreme self mutilation, I say this as a Danganronpa fan

No. 1548632

Rich people aren't shopping at Aldi
That wears off

No. 1548639

File: 1681431595339.jpg (1.06 MB, 4000x3000, 20230413_210325.jpg)

No. 1548640

explain what you meant by this

No. 1548642

This was tonight in Dublin!

No. 1548645

What band is that?

No. 1548646

File: 1681431997548.jpg (1.18 MB, 4000x3000, 20230413_222629.jpg)


No. 1548647

Oh my god that's sick, did they sound amazing?

No. 1548648

Potatoes and lettuce are based, ginger shots are gross and overpriced. Don't be so hard on yourself over trivial things nonner

No. 1548652

File: 1681432305052.jpeg (164.79 KB, 1000x666, 8EBC66DB-DFEE-4ED3-9D73-3ADB5D…)

Blackberries and blueberries and raspberries make me feel high. My body rejoices when I eat them. Wish the same thing happened when I ate a banana cause they’re way cheaper.

No. 1548660

I finally watching 13 reasons why
>why is every scrote gay?
I'm not trying to be one of those "turning the frogs gay!" but seriously how many scrotes in the main cast are gay? Or Bisexual?
Monty, Alex,Hispanic dude (i can't remember his name) Asian dude whose name I also can't remember, Alex's BF, that guy who wants to clear Monty's name.
Every scrote is gay, then the hispanic guy (i'm sorry I can't remember his name) does not look like a fucking teenager at all, he was painfully older looking,. Then the Bully guy, And why was Ani's lips so fucking dry half the show? Even when she wore lipgloss.
Like seriously, I was watching a funny review and I thought the hispanic guy and his bf, where like adults or something, not students.##and why did they kill the broom rapist off screen? I also hated that scrote who got fucked by the broom rapist, then beat up but still wants to find out what he did, I can't remember does he know what Monty did and just not care? I don't care if he's gay and has an homophobic dad, raping someone with a fucking broomstick is serial killer type shit. You are irredeamable. There's nothing good retard.

No. 1548664

Binch I want some fuckin berries!! SHIT!!

No. 1548677

Can you give me some of that stuff? I will do almost anything.

No. 1548691

File: 1681435794304.jpg (67.63 KB, 736x736, 759a5670f9b6aab4b6cb9e8c15e645…)

Those over the top Japanese crepes look like they'd be better if it were something like a ice cream cone or a stroopwafel instead of crepe.

No. 1548697

You’re absolutely right tbh.

No. 1548698

This is 100% correct assessment.
That much creamy needs something crunchy to complement it. Crepe too limp and soft

No. 1548700

File: 1681436629903.jpeg (955.73 KB, 2880x3600, 8EB19E55-6490-4CDE-A032-CEBA94…)

Pocky and wafers are really good in them. I use to get these in the last city I lived in. I miss them so much

No. 1548719

i need to beat a rape apologist to death

No. 1548721

Why is it so easy for people to scam Amazon? Someone was impersonating/hacking me and managed to get money refunded on my account. I looked through the messages and they literally only said a few things and got the money. I already handled it but wtf.

No. 1548724

Kekkk sorry fo scaring you anon

No. 1548729

I have to peeeeeeeeeeee but we’re still 3 minutes away

No. 1548735

Oh my god I made it I really thought I was gonna piss myself 1 min away nons I was actually gonna barf

No. 1548736

Typing this one handed cause if I stop petting my cat he will bite me until I resume petting him. I love him

No. 1548739

File: 1681445882319.jpeg (51.27 KB, 649x649, 3D8661C6-E3BB-4925-AFEE-32E8E8…)

I relate to this character so there is definitely something wrong with me

No. 1548749

I know that losing weight after being obese for a long time can make someone look older, but I didn’t realize how it works in reverse for kids. I was watching a video of what I thought was a 35yo woman getting a silk press, but apparently she was actually 12. Maybe it was because you couldn’t see her clothes under the cape, but I really had no idea that was possible.

No. 1548764

I haven’t seen them but he said his gf does have some bad scars and doesn’t show her arms. She was in a coma a couple of years ago too. She was in hospital in January but idk if Ko-chan ever posted anything like that. I’m pretty sure its her but then again >>1548631 is right, dangonronpa fans are all kinda like that

No. 1548791

I think god revealed himself to me in my dream and he looked like a shonen manga boy. My life is not the same anymore.

No. 1548846

File: 1681468950447.jpg (288.97 KB, 1280x883, 1680236559723.jpg)

Anybody else here tormented by visions of dying suddenly in your apartment and getting eaten by your cats

No. 1548848

not tormented, but i often wonder, would my dog eat my remains if i died. she probably would but i wouldn't even be mad. i don't get why people say this to people who say they love their cats, like "you know your cats would eat you if you died", like yeah and, so what, it's not like my beloved pet would eat me or hurt me while i'm alive. the only reason this would make me sad is that whoever would find the pets would probably put them down, because they tasted human flesh, in my mind at least idk if that happens

No. 1548850

I had one of these years ago in Japan and was nearly sick from all the cream. The fruit on top is nice but past that it was just pancake and cream. Think I threw away the bottom of it, cream feels weirdly heavy to eat for me.

No. 1548858

a dog will eat remains if they have no other choice, idk why people only say that about cats. there are survival stories where humans have eaten other humans too. it's awful to think about but that's just survival.

No. 1548866

Some humans don't even wait til you're dead, lol. They'll just kill you for free, but noooo why do you like cats and dogs reeeeee.
I feel like people who get mad about others loving their pets have incel mentality, but instead of a complex around romance, it's just any sort of connection at all. They are intensely jealous losers who feel unloved and struggle to love others, so they seethe when others can/do.

No. 1548880

File: 1681476547790.jpg (66.55 KB, 828x821, 1463ba68-c1c4-415b-98ec-7d4deb…)

Went outside and realised I was dressed like the fucking rock nonnies I hate this day so far

No. 1548891

File: 1681478586858.jpg (16.04 KB, 563x479, c68f5b1ce1f224c65d635f9c83e4d5…)

well i'm sure it's in your head and you actually rocked it

No. 1548896


No. 1548907

My friend did that a couple of times and it gained her substantial social credit from me. I'm admiring you RIGHT now, nonnie.
And I'm sure it's sincere(because it's based on my previous positive interpretation to this kind of exposure. I'm not theorizing my evaluation)

No. 1548919

i can't believe 120 dollars is considered cheap

No. 1548940

File: 1681483674875.jpeg (491.66 KB, 1084x1600, Joseph-Arthur-comte-de-Gobinea…)

so apparently the originator of Nordic/Aryan supremacy theory was a Frenchman by the name of Arthur de Gobineau and he was most likely 1/8th or 1/16th black and was even noted for his "swarthy" complexation and Its funny that I expected that.
Like has there ever a proppant of Aryan supremacy who actually fit the ideal and looked like Dolph Lundgren or Travis Fimmel, you know tall, blonde, muscular and square jawed

No. 1548942

I’m pretty sure the only imageboard terminology that has remained exclusive and not trickled down to normie social media is all of the fag suffixes

No. 1548951

Making an ugly male character is a hate crime against me specifically

No. 1548952

File: 1681484643926.jpeg (319.78 KB, 1207x1744, 1680641670733.jpeg)

Racist and aryan-ist/neo-nazi people are usually the ugliest looking of white people. All racist white people I knew had dark hair, eyes, tan skin and super ugly mouth breather faces. They're the types that have inferiority complexes and sperg super hard because of those inferiority complexes.
Picture taken from Aella thread, it features people that she worked with in some sort of race theory and they all look subhuman or mildly deformed.

No. 1548955

It should be illegal tbh

No. 1548959

aren't 3 of these guys Jewish as well?

No. 1548963

look at the names

how much self hatred do you have to have in order to dedicate your life's work to principles and theories that would have exterminated your ancestors

No. 1548965

thank you nonnas ♡ tbf I think the outfit looks cute, but all I can think of is that stupid the rock meme every time I put it on kek

No. 1548969

I mean you could tell based on looks alone.

No. 1548974

Had one of the most retarded thoughts ever after showering and applying lotion yesterday. Since I have an autistic obsession against scented cosmetics I use simple olive oil soap to wash myself, and an unscented medical grade body lotion (kind of stuff you can only find at pharmacies behind the counter, cheap but extremely effective). The soap kinda does have a slight, distinctive "olive" scent to it though, and it usually stays on my skin for a few minutes after showering.
What happened is the soap's scent suddenly reminded me of some kind of plastic/rubber, and my skin was super duper moisturized and bouncy, so I spent like 10 minutes continuously smelling and squishing my skin imagining it was a rubber coating and I was actually a doll.

No. 1548983

Ever seen a /pol/ meetup? They all end up being fat, fucked up looking or not even white. All of these movements are inhabited by mixed people with extreme mental illness, brown men with fetishes for white people, and unattractive failsons/faildaughters who happen to be white. I saw some people call them "white inferiorists", and I thought it sounded cringe, but learning more about them, it actually fits. To fall into this ideology, you must already feel inferior, and need extreme racism just to cope in your day to day life. It's pathetic. It also explains the weirdly high amount of racist white trannies.

No. 1548987

yes and if you've ever been on /pol/ long enough you can skim and find racist anons complaining about their own physical attributes

No. 1548998

File: 1681487033235.webm (2.7 MB, 490x270, vLxn9zw1vN8Zy3Xa.webm)

even in regular right-wing circles you can easily tell the difference between a regular conservative and the race autists who always come across as disingenuous and cringe, like there's a huge difference between Giorgia Meloni who is a nationalist but not racist(despite the claims of neo-liberals) and another Italian politician whose name I forget but who was called Arabs and Africans subhumans, but looked darker then an Arab himself

No. 1549000

>another Italian politician whose name I forget who called literally Arabs and Africans subhuman but looked darker then an Arab himself
Kek. I'm like %20 middle eastern and partially asian and I had a literal brown "italian" man call me slurs. Why are so many Italian mixed people super racist? It's so weird. It's normal to be nationalist but their behavior can't be excused by nationalism.

No. 1549006

I don't know, there must be something in the water. My mother is of italian descent and she is racist/colorist/classist as fuck. Yet she is like 150cm, yellowish tan skin, brown eyes and dark hair.

No. 1549019

File: 1681488122127.jpg (55.14 KB, 727x560, 5ee2309dcd85adac8baf150d5329cc…)

something something fascism

No. 1549026

Germanic tribes participated in destroying the Roman empire but Italians have been brainwashed into worshipping them like most Europeans.

No. 1549029

File: 1681489088850.jpg (32.77 KB, 351x559, KarlHaushofer_RudolfHess.jpg)

Funnily enough the least racist member of the Nazi High command Rudolf Hess was also the only one who looked half way decent, he considered Native Americans, Indians and Iranians to be fellow Aryans, he just hated Arabs and Jews and blamed them for all the problems in the entire world

No. 1549043

File: 1681490404548.png (480.27 KB, 1008x1435, ezgif.com-webp-to-png (1).png)

Goring also wasn't an absolute uggo,the rest of the inner circle on the other hand…

No. 1549048

How the hell did I summon the Nazi-thirsters

No. 1549051

File: 1681490894288.jpg (27.1 KB, 508x376, 1591903757518.jpg)

sorry nonny we stopping asap

No. 1549053

So even the og nazi were ugly and not even haute-couture military uniforms could save them from their ugliness? By the way, wasn't there something like the nazi choosing some good-looking young man as propaganda of the ideal aryan and the guy was jewish?

No. 1549056

That was for a magazine, they would pick young men and women as examples of Ideal Aryans and one happened to be a polish jew who passed better

No. 1549057

Truly. I hate it. "Hurdur this lower mid Nazi who'd probably throw me in the gas chamber for being a degenerate on the internet wasn't as bad as the other Nazis because he only hated the Jews and niggers and gays and disabled h-he thought native Americans were also okay (read: white)". Get some fuckin self respect.

No. 1549059

File: 1681491265967.jpg (41.33 KB, 410x599, Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-S72707,_…)


No. 1549060

my bad I swapped caps by accident

No. 1549065

Self-loath and internalised racism is a drug, I live in a really miscigenated country and it's full of racists who say shit like "my grandparents/greatgrandparents are from germany/italy", yeah I'm sure they were dude, you are also part black and have a luso last name.

No. 1549067

File: 1681492055610.jpg (250.71 KB, 1600x1067, Facepalm - Explored June 24, 2…)

I got into the dumbest argument with two tumblr bitches. I feel ashamed. I was right though.

No. 1549081

File: 1681492969982.jpeg (118.01 KB, 799x1200, IMG_3356.jpeg)

kek one time i read a tumblr post that was like "i can't get over how ugly himmler was. literally a fat retard" accompanied by picrel and it was so absurd yet true it made me cry laughing like look at him i can't he looks so ridiculous, not to mention his name's similarity to hitler like a waluigi situation

No. 1549083

Just say Brazil
You're absolutely right btw

No. 1549084

kek now you have me cracking up

No. 1549089

I posted this in a pervious thread, the issue specifically isn't about regular conservatives(who are just civic nationalists) rather more super race obesseded autists(the one's who talk about haplogroups and racial pseudoscience in causal conversation) more often then not don't fit their own idealized racial image even less the average population, a great example is race obsessed autist Robert Sepehr(who believes that Aryans were the founders of all civilization) is mostly non-white/european being 51% West Asian/Persian

No. 1549093

white supremacists are usually the least supreme looking whites kek

No. 1549106

File: 1681494425176.png (700.03 KB, 841x1607, 8hf0wz69w5o61.png)

To somewhat add to this conversation, I think most people are sheep in a sense, The bolsheviks lost the 1919 elections against the social-democrats and the nazis never won a major election. Social studies show most people just accomodate to whatever ideology is in power, no matter how extremist or insane is. People just want to live their lives and ever if they someone they know gets thrown under the bus, they're fine with it. That's from where the term collective guilt came from.
The only reason both managed to take power was cause in Germany all the communists and socialist parties refused to work each other and constantly formed splinter groups based on ideoglical differences while the social-democrats tried to appease everybody at once and lacked a proper leader to rally under.
A lot of mainstream left wing parties political incompetence will have consequences(not necessarily either fascism or communism but something extreme nonetheless) if they don't get their shit together

No. 1549107

Brazil indeed, tho it seems to be a common theme in the entire latam.

No. 1549110

The mutual obession Josh and Ralph have wi th eachother is homoerotic at this point. It's kind of unhealthy for scrores to be this obsessed with eachother kek. Men gossip more then women and take their gossip seriously

No. 1549144

I never feel guilty about cheating on my husbando by reading other characters fanfics because I know I'll always go back to him and other characters don't do it for me like he does. He's from a series where there are some other pretty fine characters too and there are just so many cute fictional characters, I gotta get a bite of them all. I know where home is though and he's the only one I could truly imagine being with.

No. 1549146

It's kind as if you combined all shayfags into one person. But the weight remains the same.

No. 1549147

Make a glam werewolf moodboard for us anon

No. 1549154

File: 1681498234907.jpg (221.99 KB, 1170x1157, original_00c3b992c2166cb0ed6d4…)

my new favourite image

No. 1549156

File: 1681498367939.jpg (81.55 KB, 713x713, b49b35d42851c9cecee8cabb685295…)

I don't like sushi, but I keep trying it hoping that one day something will click, so I'm gonna go get the stuff to make gimbap (yeah I know it's not sushi but they're similar enough).

No. 1549162

oh my god, i read this comment earlier and had a laugh and then when i went to my home page, i saw the video you mentioned. i knew instantly it was the same one because the girl in the thumbnail legit looks like she is 30+ years old. no way she is 12.

No. 1549163

No. 1549166

I feel bad saying this about a child but I was not prepared for how actually old she looks, she has very dark lashes which kind of makes her look like she's wearing makeup, that might be contributing to her looking older. She's very pretty though and her reaction to the blowout was cute.

No. 1549171

I've been browsing this site for like 7 years and I've just now got my own personal cow like a week or two ago.

No. 1549173

i don't feel bad lol. i have a feeling this is some form of clickbait because i've seen kids who look like they're 18 when they're 12-13…but this is clearly a full grown ass woman. she doesn't even behave like a 12-year-old? i hate youtube sometimes.

No. 1549182

give some deets?

No. 1549187

She looks 14 at most, she definitely does not look 35 also did we watch the same video like wtf do you mean “she doesn’t act like a 12 year old” BITCH SHE IS JUST SITTING THERE AND SMILING

No. 1549192

anon is a victorian and thinks children should be silently sullen and possibly invisible

No. 1549196

Anons why is the ass eating thread in /shay/ the most active thread site wide?

No. 1549197

Is that thread about actual ass eating or is it just a quirky name? I'm a bit scared to check out for myself

No. 1549198

Because it's the best thread, duh
The entire /shay/ board reminds me of 420chan's (rip) /jenk/ board, and I mean that as a good thing

No. 1549201

That's just what the average 12 year old in Britain looks like

No. 1549204

Because it's full of trolls, sex workers, troons and maybe some twitter/reddit tourist or all the above. Someone was using "cis" and kept screaming how they are totally a woman who loves eating ass, we must all be black, it's very common to eat scrote ass for white women! Oh why are you connecting male asshole play to gay sex??
It's annoying and it makes me.more ashamed to be a shaytard because I know some of these weirdos are typing with shit covered fingers.

No. 1549206

I read somewhere that dogs are far more likely to eat you and also to eat you in way less time than a cat. Because dogs have the instinct to lick you to see if you’re okay. If you’re dead and they’re hungry they’ll eat you before your cats will.

Cats are one of the few animals that will literally starve to death before they will eat something they don’t like.

No. 1549207

It's real and I'm having fun watching anons infight.
Those are probably shayna's trans fans who got off to her video and lost their shit after anons said it was nasty.

No. 1549210

I can’t believe any woman willingly sexually stimulate a scrote asshole. Not only is it disgusting in a physical sense, but it’s also psychologically repulsive. Any man who wants their ass diddled is gay or bi. Bisexual scrotes are repulsive and more dangerous than straight scrotes.

No. 1549215

Scrote who owns kiwifarms Josh, whose obsessed with Ethan Ralph, non white people and troons (last one has a legit reason). Ethan Ralph is an abusive baby daddy of 2, who calls his wife a bitch on stream, got beat up like 3 times, and a waste of space, woth a Lori loving wife May who dating a Troon before she got with him. They are obsessed with eachother. Josh knows every detail of this scrotes life, Ethan Ralph is their Shayna. I wouldnt say Chris chan, because Chris Chan is well known. ER isn't that well known, he's a huge loser that only hits that itch for some people. So he's like Shayna on lolcow, you either don't get it or you do and know the last time he took a shit.
I find him disgusting and uninteresting

No. 1549218

The fact that shayna only wants to do it because she legit likes degrading herself for scrotes says it off. If Shayna fucking Clifford wants to do a sex act to a scrote because she knows how gross,degrading and niche it is, then you cannot ever twist it into being some empowering shit. I hate ass eaters

No. 1549222

That sounds kinda like a fun infight to watch, but I like to have a snack when reading infights, so I fear I'll have to pass this one.

No. 1549227

It's two women from Philadelphia, Queen Opp and Chelle. They've been "friends" since the mid 2000s. They live stream on an app called Mico and used to be on a similar app called Bigo before they were banned and also Instagram. Their live streams essentially consist of Queen yelling at (and sometimes hitting) Chelle, cussing out their chat, and Chelle getting mad at the people in the live when Queen gets upset at her. Idk if I could call them personal cows because they've been going semi-viral on social media.

Queen Opp/Sierra
>In her early or mid 30s
>A prostitute and previously a stripper.
(I have no idea if she's still a prostitute since they've taken to begging for donations on their lives)
>Has 2 children (that I know of, could be more) and is currently pregnant with a girl.
Her first, which she gave up for adoption, was fathered by one of her Johns and her second was fathered by an ex-boyfriend. Her second child (his name is Keyon but they call him by the nickname "Pop") is with his father and may not be in her custody anymore. Idk who she is knocked up by right now.
>Used to bring her clients in the same home as her child.
>There is an entire livestream of her trying to get her child to stay in his room while she has sex with her trick.
>Pretended to be muslim with Chelle for the controversy and then made a song called "We Ain't Muslim No More"
>Has a dog that she keeps in a cage most of the time
>Currently live in an apartment that has rats, but for a long time was hopping around hotels.
>Showed up at her ex-boyfriend/baby father's mother's house and refused to leave until she was physically forced out

>Probably around the same age as Queen
>Queen's yes-woman
>Appears to be a retard but it's unclear if she actually is or just putting on an act
(I would like to not that people who knew them personally have said that Chelle isn't slow. It's still unclear though)
>Has HIV from Queen making her sleep with random men
>Sucked a homeless man's dick despite having an STD, again because Queen told her to
>Is financially reliant on Queen, Queen has been taking care of her for years
>Probably has endometriosis or some other hormonal problem
>Used to have a bird that died from their poor care
>Ate a live goldfish, a worm, and chicken nuggets covered in dog shit
>Ate food from a toilet
>Stole money from Queen to send to men in jail
>Rarely sees her family. She has said that she was molested by her family.
>Has Queen's name tattooed on her in like 2 places

I probably could've done a better write up but this is all I can think of at the moment. Vidrel is Queen making Chelle dig out food from a toilet and then hitting her son and telling him that she let a dog lick her pussy (probably, definitely a lie but still disgusting regardless.)

No. 1549232

Ethan Ralph is for KF what Shayna is for LC
and also
Chris Chan is for KF what Pixyteri is for LC

No. 1549254

As a shayfag this is hilarious

No. 1549277

Ethan Ralph being to KF what Shayna is to Lolcow is one of the best allegories I've ever read because it's a hundred percent true. Both live garbage lives and are ultimately extremely uninteresting in all of their endless chaos, they started off as funny lolcows during the initial downfall but after they kept spiraling it turned pathetic and disgusting and finally faded into irrelevancy, only being followed by an obsessed base of detractors while everyone else considers them literal whos.

No. 1549281

This is honestly makes me kinda sick.

No. 1549294

That so sad. It's sad that there are humans that broken.

No. 1549295

>She looks 14 at most
Do you live in a progeria factory by chance?

No. 1549297

File: 1681507345579.jpg (14.54 KB, 343x344, 1665682812021914.jpg)

>Call cops because of a domestic dispute outside
>Officer asks me if the fighters are black or hispanic
>Doesn't even offer the choice of white or asian
>mfw the officer from the phone arrives and she's black

No. 1549324


No. 1549331


No. 1549345

No. 1549349

What is this? Why does it go to /snow/?

No. 1549350

Anon the dispatcher isn't the cop who shows up

No. 1549358

She has a lisp, I recognized the voice. Our city is pretty underfunded and the last time I called the police, when the officer arrived he tried to convince me to apply to be a 911 dispatcher because they're so understaffed.

No. 1549392

What the Fuck

No. 1549400

Because PULLfags were very very annoying with Berry Tsukasa, nitpicking PULL-tier, that first Admin did that
t. worked for first admin

No. 1549406

Oh thanks, I haven't been around long enough for that

No. 1549423

File: 1681515142414.png (24.99 KB, 480x480, cow.png)

I don't think I have the anatomy for a stomach piercing because my belly button isn't a full innie, and it makes me sad. It would probably look weird and reject. I need those cosmetic surgeons to come up with a innie belly button surgery. Fuck the doctor who cut my umbilical cord.

No. 1549428

Speaking of navels I have a super deep innie belly button and weirdly attracted a lot of belly button fetishists back when I cammed. They were nice and paid well though. Apparently my deep belly button is very sexy to them.

No. 1549435

I feel like whenever something exciting is going down, I'm always late and don't pay attention until it's over. Like the /shay/ drama, I'm only consuming it through the caps thread and didn't really realize anything was going on until now. It's just too much info for me to go and observe. I guess I also just don't care enough because I'm not scandalized by bootyholes, because when things like the Romanian Christmas shit happened I was reading /ot/ and /snow/ like it was my job.

No. 1549437

I feel the opposite tbh. Usually I'm either lurking old threads of cows or not on LC. But I usually happen to be on /ot/ and /shay/ when shit starts to get milky. and after a certain point I start trolling to fan the flames more

No. 1549443

pls don't anymore

No. 1549469

Women on here falling for the old “tits or gtfo” but ONLY when it applies to proving they eat scrote ass

No. 1549473

i feel so lonely and i dont have money to go out to a park and drink a beer by myself

No. 1549476

I'm so fucking jelly reeeeeee

No. 1549477

File: 1681517575637.jpg (30.11 KB, 736x718, 4ca2d28bb25d28f80f0c017a0cc7b8…)

one more and I stop.

No. 1549478

If I knew you I’d buy us a couple drinks and we could drink them on my nasty patio

No. 1549479

Sick photos, nonny. Thanks for sharing.

No. 1549491

that sounds great anona, in a parallel universe perhaps we are spending our friday like that <3(use #<3 next time)

No. 1549504

File: 1681519577507.png (18.36 KB, 200x200, jake jr.png)

I feel bad for girl juniors. Imagine being named after your dad instead of the logical thing, which would be naming a girl after her mom. Even worse when their name is a remix of their dad's name. Like having a dad named Robert and being Roberta.

No. 1549505

File: 1681519782916.jpg (93.36 KB, 1500x992, Queen-Elizabeths-mom6-f7d4ca64…)

Samefag but in general you should not name your kids after yourself or your partner. Like what the hell could posses you to give birth to a baby and be like "Hmmm, I'll give her the exact same name as what my mom gave me". Thumbs down.

No. 1549506

I'm about to stuff my face with little candies!!!! Yeehaw!!

No. 1549507

I think im starting to like my best friend I hope it passes soon

No. 1549532

Watching yms and his friend,, in think the straight one? Scoot? Is constantly making gross pedo jokes, edgy race jokes (but also making fun of Republicans??), is creepy anytime a girl is on the screen. I sometimes wonder if he does this because he's the only straight guy in the room and wants to make it clear he's a straight coomer? It's so jarring. I know YMS is a coomer as well, but lord. I was watching the Quarrry video and he kept.bringinf up ariel winter breasts. Also an nonnie mentioned Adum being annoyed with his mod whose a Troon.is it in the quarry video?

No. 1549545

I was so sure I was going to get banned for infighting, but I'm still here bitches!

No. 1549583

File: 1681526173829.jpg (Spoiler Image, 47.43 KB, 720x597, wtf YouTube.jpg)

Look at this crazy ass ad YouTube gave me. Is this supposed to be a kids game?

No. 1549629

Elsagate and weird fetish youtube kids shit is everywhere unfortunately

No. 1549639

Realizing Jerma is 37 kind of blows my mind despite his health issues he seems much younger like wow. He's almost 40 and he talks about grand kids, when is he planning to have kids to make kids? Or does he really nkt want them? I stilk get the vibe he'll retire soon, he seems kinda depressed/down in this current stream but to be fair I barely watch him unless he plays something I like now

No. 1549643

I've stopped being a jermafag a long time ago (just lost interest) but in his current streams he definitely seems the slightest bit off and sad. He also strikes me as a very awkward person to talk to IRL (idk if anyone else noticed how "stand offish" he gets with other people, like he doesn't really know how to integrate kek). Streaming is probably finally taking its toll on his 37 year old unmarried ass. I wouldn't even be upset if he retired, he'd leave behind such a crazy good, entertaining legacy.

No. 1549651

Stand offish with who? Kek, I only watch him when he plays something I want to watch there was a time where I watched everything. The beginning of today's stream he legit sounded down and depressed, then left to do something important for 2 mintues.
I hope he's okay, I hate his Troon pandering and his chat, but be doesn't seem to be a bad guy, he also seems really into his new girlfriend mentions he once a stream.
Anyone watch Northernlion? I started watching him again after years of not watching him, he also gives me depressed vibes. I watched a cliff where he was basically saying when he first had his daughter it wasn't an immediate "I'd die for her" thing but now it is. I'm paraphrasing and I assume it's just being honest. Idk I need to go to sleep. I also remember vaguely nothernlion had a Troon friend who changed his name and he had to correct himself, that was years ago though

No. 1549662


Anyways I blame the ipad parents, soon AI is going to be generating straight up hyper realistic gore and forcing it on children and adults alike. Youtube needs to ban children under 13 again, but this time punishable by law.

No. 1549687

File: 1681536042032.jpeg (121.42 KB, 718x900, FF81C2B5-79C8-40FB-A656-F967BE…)

I am. pissed.
I literally just had my hair wash day and after it dried it got so crazy frizzy, now I gotta wait at least two days to wash it again ughdhdjfghh I hate you stupid hair

No. 1549705

she seems very calm and mature and composed for a child lol. if you’ve ever been around kids you’d know what i mean. if she is whatever, it isn’t that big of a deal, but i still think this is clickbait.

No. 1549710

Why not get your hair wet (not damp), put some leave in, brush, then gel? I do that in-between my wash days to liven up my curls again. Or if you put enough gel before (assuming that's part of your routine… and that you have curly hair too) you could possibly forego putting more leave-in and just get your hair a little wet and brush to re-activate the gel.

No. 1549713

i acted the same way at that age and when i was younger than that, it's not unusual

No. 1549714

File: 1681538729438.png (9.83 KB, 900x500, single tear.png)

>tfw it's midnight
>tfw want coffee

No. 1549723

samefag but what else could a kid even do when sitting in a chair for a while, can't act hyper or anything in that situation. even the younger relatives in my family are calm. idk this whole conversation is confusing

No. 1549739

Get decaf coffee for occasions like that!

No. 1549742

So my mom believes the world is going to """blow up""", justice will be served, and we can all pursue what we want in this new fair world. Despite these delusional declarations, she still tells me I can't pursue what I want. I'm laughing because what the fuck. Even in my mom's delusional utopia, she still has to live vicariously through me. Like why? It's so fucking stupid it hurts.

No. 1549768

Why not just wash it again anon

No. 1549817

File: 1681554211917.png (53.33 KB, 298x431, 1678493580035.png)

Now that the troon boycott of Hogwarts Legacy failed and a HBO HP series is happening, in collaboration with queen JK, I can just hope all the troon hysteria dies down. Instead of hearing how HP is facist or whatever shit, let's go back to people discussing the actual content. Let the actor/ship/plot debates come. Let the memes come. Let the good times roll in again.

No. 1549823

The troons still haven't realized that they've been giving HP and JKR's detective novels free publicity better than any professional marketing guys could ever dream of. Now people who were too young or old to get into HP at its peak got into it because they got curious, people who liked it casually heard about it again for the first time in years and spent time and money on the new movies and the video game and bought the books if they didn't have them already, and they also started reading the murder mystery books about JKR's self-insert and her OC husbando and this one got a TV show adaptation recently. It backfired so hard it's funny.

No. 1549826

Kek, what about the new world will prevent you?

No. 1549905

Pakichan is right—she stole my boyfriend and that’s the only reason anyone ever might have to dislike her. She is very smart and sane and the best poster on this site.

No. 1549910

Pakichan is right—she stole my boyfriend and that’s the only reason anyone ever might have to dislike her. She is very smart and sane and the best poster on this site.

No. 1549912

Moms with narcissist tendencies gonna narcissist

No. 1549936

Excuse me, but are you perhaps Canadian?

No. 1549940

We now have a new namefag, canada-sperg.

No. 1549950

thats so elsa gate

No. 1549975

File: 1681565614512.png (81.95 KB, 600x600, whitepeach1_grande.png)

I like having my butt massaged, idk why but it just calms me down. Unfortunately there's no one to massage my butt. So I will do it myself.

No. 1549980

My ads on youtube lately are basically teetering on being prostitution services, order in foreign brides, apps for having affairs, scams that promise to take your money and multiply it by 100 in just 7 days, deepfakes of elon musk promoting shit products. Creators have to carefully choose their words in vids but ads are seemingly a free for all.

No. 1549984

surprisingly not (also my bad, originally thought I posted in the retarded shitposting thread)

No. 1549999

gaaaaaaaaaaaa it's like when you've got a song stuck in your head but it's this obnoxious bitch saying "budderscawch" in her horrible horrible accent!

No. 1550003

I get ads like this sometimes, and I’ve had the app uninstalled from my phone for a while because of it. I still use the website (with ublock origin) because I’m stupid though.

No. 1550015

Your mom believes in the dimensional merge

No. 1550017

I don't understand why that post and a bunch of others in that thread are being applied to her, I don't recall her using talking points like that.

No. 1550029

No. 1550092

No, Scoot always does that and people who constantly make pedo jokes (he also makes bestiality jokes) are pedos. He's a pedophile. Also Scoot and Adum seem annoyed with Salamancer, who recently trooned and became Oliviamancer, I think especially during the game SOMA where Oliviamancer kept saying he hates the game and Scoot was like shut the fuck up you said this how many times already, etc. No, but really, Scoot's definitely some kind of rapist. He also loves bestiality, given his recurring 'dogs on girl' joke, and also the rare genderswapped 'cats on boy' joke. I like watching Adum play games even though he's retarded and awful at playing them, but when Scoot is there I can only take so much. He just isn't funny! It's the same jokes about wanting to rape kids over and over!

No. 1550143

had this playing as background noise and the moid sounds like a troon, that female cop was patient as shit

No. 1550188

I'm so sentimental lately, tearing up over every little thing. It'll pass tho, and I'll return to thinking my evil thoughts. Not that I want to, that's just how it is. First kind, soft, and all-forgiving, then back to pettiness.

No. 1550189

A couple of days ago, an anon asked about killing your own libido, might have been itt even, anon, if you're into men, just download tinder, you'll feel like being alone and untouched for the rest of your life.

No. 1550280

I hate this video so much please stop

No. 1550287

I unironically love the stupid infight that has been going for literal days in the canada thread, it's so funny, I hope it'll last.

No. 1550294

I am so tired of being a victim of people who hate the color pink. If I was the ruler of my own pink nation, you would all be DEAD!

No. 1550358

File: 1681588767716.png (740.83 KB, 750x751, ab2f26ee0038b85f8aa4e4a1535d4f…)

>Invented in South Africa by Wilson-Rowntree in the 1960s, Peppermint Crisp is a milk chocolate bar filled with a multitude of thin cylinders of mint-flavoured 'cracknel' (which is a brittle crystalline/sugar concoction extruded in fine hollow tubes).
This candy bar looks ai generated the texture of the cracknel is freaking me out. It reminds me of soap or rocks but I want to bite it

No. 1550366

spoilered because disgusting but i wanna make myself throw up kek. i want that release. want to get rid of the greasy shit in my stomach, it never makes me feel good but i still eat it. not fat btw but heol i think gagging would feel great

No. 1550386

File: 1681590450400.jpeg (240.5 KB, 1500x993, B1AA5B79-6814-402F-B851-F06FCD…)

Asbestos candy bar

No. 1550389

Cool! I'm glad you decided to share this.

No. 1550390

You're gonna give yourself heart problems and rotten teeth if you keep doing that voluntarily btw

No. 1550431

She would also do that if she did it involuntarily kek. Stomach acid still erodes teeth when it got there accidentally

No. 1550432

My mom got dentures at 48 because of this, and no matter how much she purged she was still fat. Be careful.

No. 1550455

All the teeth posts today reminded me of something my mom told me years ago. My parents got married in their twenties but on their wedding night my dad took his teeth out and put them in a glass of cleaning solution. My mom had no idea he even had false teeth before that moment.

No. 1550461

I just want to thank the OP for this threadpic and making fun of those traumacore edits kek

No. 1550462

I just want to thank the OP for this threadpic and making fun of those traumacore edits kek

No. 1550544

I wonder why jannies don't ban all participants of an infight.

No. 1550557

I've always suspected the jannies were part of the infight whenever that happens.

No. 1550562

Same, especially when the redtext doesn't make any sense.

No. 1550564

where is the line between infighting and correcting someone wrong though. if i see a nona say some shit like "eating raw chicken is okay!" and other nonas agreeing with her, do i just ignore it?

No. 1550565

I see why, but tbh I'm not a janny and I seem to consistently get away with fighting

No. 1550573

Maybe they like you.

No. 1550575

They absolutely are.

No. 1550576

Because some of us are right

No. 1550593

NTA but I got redtexted without getting a ban the other day, which never happened before, I felt loved

No. 1550595

I went to a con recently and there was a lot of HP themed merch and cosplay. Hell, even I feel like reading the books now when I didn't use to give a fuck about the franchise outside of the first 3 movies. Though that might be in part thanks to the Snapefags.

No. 1550596

File: 1681606454270.jpg (48.67 KB, 769x960, cat (3).jpg)

The most recent part of Attack on Titan has been out for over a month and they still haven't dropped the dub. Please, I just want to fucking watch it and see and hear my man.

No. 1550601

File: 1681606956367.png (37.31 KB, 623x494, 67.png)

nonny and janny sittin in a tree

No. 1550618

File: 1681607649579.gif (578.01 KB, 535x660, classic bunchie.gif)

this pic is so stupid it reminds me of bunchies and keeps making me smile

No. 1550635

File: 1681608345646.jpg (118.36 KB, 800x995, 800px-Basshunter_Hity_Na_Czasi…)

>This was considered a pretty-boy pop-star in the 2000's

No. 1550636

that mcdonald's logo hairline..

No. 1550638

The internet fucking loves having a woman to hate on for arbitrary reasons. Brie Larson, Amber Heard, Meghan Markle, Megan Thee Stallion, and most recently Hailey Baldwin.

No. 1550690

File: 1681610934048.jpg (112.08 KB, 640x482, rimmer.jpg)

>Nonnies entering shaynatorium the past few days

No. 1550711

File: 1681611944179.png (65.58 KB, 1132x1094, Screen Shot 2023-04-15 at 7.19…)

I genuinely want this shirt but am not cringe enough to actually wear it anywhere

No. 1550721

You could wear it in your house

No. 1550723

My life changed for the better when I learned what makeup suits my features the best

No. 1550724

trying to rewire my brain into saying 'im gonna kill someone' instead 'im gonna kill myself' every time i experience a minor inconvenience.

No. 1550742

That’s smart, tbh. Maybe I should try rewriting my brain too, but I would probably try to rewrite it with “it could be worse” or something like that.

No. 1550751

Golden God

No. 1550768

hooray for diy cognitive behavioral therapy kek

No. 1550771

File: 1681614701495.png (58.82 KB, 296x441, throbby.PNG)

>not posting throbby

No. 1550785

No. 1550796

The way I thought that was Chad Dylan Cooper with a muppet in the thumbnail

No. 1550814

File: 1681618217903.jpg (26.03 KB, 500x422, valmont.jpg)

Randomly remembered Jackie Chan Adventures last night, looking back on it I'm pretty sure little me had a crush on this guy kek

No. 1550823

Eh, I was more attuned to Stevens, Raven, Phil, Mcguire, suite life, Hannah Montana, and a BIT of Good Luck Charlie myself.

No. 1550826

Me too nonna, thanks for reminding me.

No. 1550842

I thought this was pegasus from yugioh or marik wtf.

No. 1550848

He looks like he stole Lupin the 3rd's suit kek.

No. 1550876

not even a fujiyoshi or whatever but when i see 2 similar age men together in public i like to assume gay couple. 4 men? cute they’re on a double gay date. its fun i like to imagine a peaceful gay world and all men leave women alone

No. 1550892

From now on I will assume every single moid group is just a big homosexual group date.

No. 1550900

That's what I want to know but she won't explain.
An even dumber version of the merge essentially if you can believe that.

No. 1550903

I'm considering getting out and ordering some food downtown, but it would take time because I'm in a shithole and it's Sunday, what do? I can't order anything from apps because everything that's close enough is disgusting.

No. 1550907

File: 1681637189816.jpeg (326.99 KB, 1536x2048, 650B52EA-EDD9-4A81-BB3B-C11C3B…)

It’s ok to ship Claire Boucher and Cheryl from whorehole If they can both be in one organized place like a jail is wrong.

It wont bring back the cows ginkgo bombed. We need new forums optimized for daily life around the community.

Grimes was a worse celebrity for giving birth.

Elon was a worse businessman for letting her.

They might be working on cloning precure babies rn, to prove the wealth of anime.

Maybe evil moms are still insecure about the fact that they killed their babies and cloned new ones.

Feels bad man, there’s still what they won’t let society solve in the meantime how to stop the murder of random animals.

(Animal dependency theory on how much women are a frisk/Chara approaching the topic of no more animals because grimes and lack of care forwards entire nations like Africa)

Feels bad man, I like being able to be honest with my knowledge on the topic.

No. 1550956

I got up in the night to piss and I swear it smelled like ranch

No. 1550971

Yum. I like when it smells like chicken soup

No. 1550993

File: 1681650062293.png (49.58 KB, 640x480, latest-4049067950.png)

No. 1551131

schizoanon. she comes back every few months, drops some signature wordsalads, inevitably gets banned, rinse and repeat. Actual schizo, made a thread about herself >>>/snow/1669302
it's really sad to see.

No. 1551148

We have 3 different admins right now and it's still so hard to get answers to questions in /meta/

No. 1551165

Just saw a tweet where someone was putting out cigarettes on a slightly sexually suggestive poster of an animal girl and I feel very emotionally sound right now in comparison.

No. 1551178

go without crying today

challenge failed

No. 1551275

File: 1681672208546.jpg (21.58 KB, 456x292, my_stomach.jpg)

God save me, I bought some old exrpired fruit for fruit chaat(fruit mix) in Aftari and now my stomach feels like it wants rip my insides out.

No. 1551283

File: 1681672627937.jpg (Spoiler Image, 216.11 KB, 1080x1868, IMG_20230416_210628.jpg)

Warning: Eugenia, anorexia

Is it just me or is the youtube algorithm shittier? I was looking for a Miku cover and got this Eugenia Cooney video, yikes

No. 1551285

File: 1681672750090.jpg (222.07 KB, 1080x1743, IMG_20230416_210753.jpg)

Fyi I was looking for the shitpost song Francium, also got this fetish video wtf
My history is all nature stuff, cute animals and music (including vocaloid) and vidya

No. 1551296

Woah. she has a really mice setup though

No. 1551298

File: 1681673288027.png (2.2 MB, 1198x1138, 1624555858341.png)

texting 5 different guys at once to max out on dopamine, compliments and attention

No. 1551302

I got that exact same video too! It's really weird because I was literally just searching for rain sound videos and I've never watched anything remotely related to eugenia before.

No. 1551326

can't tell if that's being a stacie or pick-me

No. 1551327

ntayrt but being a pick-me means bending over backwards for male attention, she isn't doing that

No. 1551331

File: 1681674846165.jpg (27.23 KB, 500x493, 93f8fe79c84c70efe1de32bdfac9d2…)

jannie dei,
qui custos es mei,
Me tibi commissum pietate superna;
(Hodie, Hac nocte) illumina, reporta, rege, et bannea.
don't mind me I'm trying to summon the admins

No. 1551339


No. 1551341

File: 1681675324202.gif (2.99 MB, 640x542, 7347424A-2F35-45D9-9555-71E8B8…)

>laying in bed with the lights off
>watching the pretty sunset
>am nice and cozy
>see movement from apartment windows across from me
>see two people walking around
>something isn’t right????
>then it hits me…
>…they’re both nekkid lmao

and no, neither of these people are attractive in anyway.

No. 1551343


Summon me next, I'm not all there but I'd like to be

No. 1551346

But she is? She’s casting a wide net for male attention that’s pickme behavior, stacy behavior is having males go to you for attention

No. 1551355

which thread? they're not in /meta/

No. 1551365

Do you think they see my spergery as a source of entertainment? I'm onto you, jannies.

No. 1551369

ayrt, it's just being an attention whore

No. 1551372

No. 1551384

Chris Eubank is my God.

No. 1551393

Unprovoked lies.

No. 1551407

maybe she means that one ban in the husbando thread? but that's a farmhand thing not admins. damn i thought there was a new announcement

No. 1551417

File: 1681682859983.gif (2.22 MB, 640x588, hotgirldj-apple-store-girl.gif)

TIL the girl in this gif is now apparently an alcoholic and neglectful mother who Livestream on tiktok

No. 1551420

Stars that shine the brightest often burn those closest to them

No. 1551426

File: 1681683914328.jpg (139.84 KB, 800x1067, nightmare.jpg)

I hate this photo. The pasta looks like tapeworms and JFK looks high out of his mind.

No. 1551437

File: 1681685265172.jpg (31.12 KB, 402x460, 55978ee1a18373a5a978ad503c455c…)

>ywn drape an ostrich feather negligee over Buster Keaton's shoulders
why even live

No. 1551444

Why does his head look so big here

No. 1551462

File: 1681687426643.jpg (137.64 KB, 1080x1383, chad buster.jpg)

kek I wondered that myself. Looking more closely at his jaw and neck area, I think it might actually be pasted in, or at least retouched somehow. Picrel, Buster with old timey photoshop to make him look less jowly and more chadly.

No. 1551466

Is holding pasta with your hands just something Italian chefs do?

No. 1551472

proof about the ginger guy? I know Chris Crocker was probably gonna be trans because back in the day he used to cross dress a lot I thought he was trans as a kid but didnt have the wording.

No. 1551479

File: 1681688514388.jpg (67.54 KB, 563x562, 111.jpg)

Trying to resist the urge to gossip about anons husbandos..LOTS of interesting things. i found lots and lots of things

No. 1551480

Why would you want to resist the urge? come on, give us some dirt

No. 1551481

File: 1681688639283.png (93.68 KB, 620x519, 1663005159207.png)

Hehehehe found a good chunk of information about my hyperfixation that I haven't seen before. I am going to download all of the files and comb through them. I will then add the relevant information to my mental arsenal of facts, which I use in combination to create a mental image of what I think this person was like and project all of my fantasies onto him. Wooohooo

No. 1551483


No. 1551484

because i don't want them (? idk how many) getting mad at me kek or interpret it as hate.

No. 1551489

No. 1551491

They won't get mad and if they do it's their problem, this is an imageboard and if they don't want commentary on what they post then they shouldn't post at all. Come on anon, you can't just hold such temping gossip in front of our noses only to refuse to show it

No. 1551501

I mean men are trash, some of them might find it funny.

No. 1551504

Friend told me one word to describe me was 'real', like all honest no sugarcoating. Honestly the nicest compliment I've ever gotten ♥

No. 1551526

ok ok. I'm so sorry busternons please skip over this. every new thing I learn about his relationships sounds so messy and it just fascinates me, like I dont think he's had a single normal one kek. tho I feel kind of bad for being so invested since it probably sucked for everyone involved. this is about his second marriage specifically
>married his nurse after being institutionalized
>did it during one of his binge drinking sessions
>apparently so drunk he doesn't even remember it
>nurse didn't even get to know his real name until after the marriage
>eventually found him in a hotel with another woman
>divorce ensues
um but he built a cottage for his first wife so that was nice. the thought of her 'banishing' him to a separate room made me kek though i'm sorry. old timey relationship drama is my new interest.

No. 1551533

I do not believe Butterflies are natural, they are man made, forced breeding between moths/drain flies. I also don't believe those wasps that we are all taught were bees, are real either. They did not exist before 1980's.
They serve no purpose and look fucking robotic.

No. 1551542

I know Eugenia wore some hatsune Miku dolls kill outfit so maybe that’s why? I agree the algorithm is in death throes

No. 1551547

based antibutterfly nonna

No. 1551548

They used to have a l’original Alfredo’s restaurante in Epcot and the fettuccine Alfredo and tiramisu were so good

No. 1551552

File: 1681693054302.jpg (4.21 KB, 186x122, images.jpg)

this shit doesn't look real, so doesn't butterflies, people talk about Alexa spying on us but i believe the goverment has actual bugs they are creating and planting.
Don't be surpised in a year or so, an new bug pops up and everyone acts like it's always existed. Like "Fuzzbugs" or some shit that clearly looks fake and "Oh nona, fuzzbugs? you never heard of them?"
Yeah whatever

No. 1551556

so many songs that sample women moaning………..but no songs sampling men moaning………..i knew i should have become a musician

No. 1551593

That’s a goodass point, someone should get on that

No. 1551600

Normalize this

No. 1551617

Here's a cornucopia to ladle from. Someone please get to work, I'm begging you.

No. 1551620

File: 1681698584492.gif (2.39 MB, 498x348, wormy-spongebob.gif)

Based schizo bug queen

No. 1551629

post it in the request thread

No. 1551633

Butterflies are angelic type beings, that’s why. They’re a medium for souls/spirits. I don’t know so well myself how to explain it.

No. 1551648

If you ever create a song with men moaning at some point of that song, I will buy every single album you ever release.

No. 1551653

Time to be horney

No. 1551673

File: 1681700972086.jpeg (65.71 KB, 828x741, D68DBC40-5ECB-41BB-B705-CFA74A…)

So the bug version of cardinals?

No. 1551686

Holy shit those silicone scalp massagers changed my entire shampoo experience. My scalp feels so CLEAN and FRESH and my hair feels so light. They're probably bad for you or whatever but holy shit that feeling is ELITE!!!

No. 1551693

How do I stop caring about something that literally is not my buiness, has nothing to do with me and should not bother me at all?
There's a spefic thing that bothers me and it has NO baring on my life but I find myself obessively thinking of it, obessively thinking opinions on it.
What can I think or..mentally chant to myself to NOT obess or think about it? How can I see this topic and take it as something that does not matter to me?

No. 1551695

A cardinal couple visits my backyard everyday and flies into the bush in front of my patio to tweet at me. I like to think they’re this old couple I used to do secretary work for, since they passed away.

No. 1551699

Are you gonna tell us what it is

No. 1551700

no, just tell me how not to care

No. 1551703

File: 1681702521799.jpg (104.31 KB, 736x920, FtqHwhtacAE-szC.jpg)

I love when people think they have some sort of hardass bow down bitch little miss sassy attitude but it's not actually intimidating anyone and just making them look annoying and weird

No. 1551704

ESPECIALLY when they are men.

No. 1551705

We need more context babes

No. 1551709

I know if i say it some certain people here will screen cap it because it is quite pathethic and I can't explain it, basically it's something that has NOTHING to do with me, but I get annoyed/obessively thinking of agruments agaisnt it when I hear about it.
>This thing happened
>Me- Wow this thing happened? Why did it happen, I bet someone is out there defending this thing, ugh they are so wrong, ugh I hate that people feel this way about this thing.
It's retarded and related to scrotes, I hate having that much of my brain autioned off to scrotes, it makes me uncomfortable and it's weird. I don't know, how do you make yourself care about things that do not effect you and should'nt bother you?
Something living rent free

No. 1551712

I actually am unsure about how to answer without full context, but I can tell you that if you have time to fixate on something that shouldn't be at the forefront of your mind like that as with any unhealthy hyperfixation you need to redirect your attentions to mundane things that are happening in your actual life. Writing a grocery list, cleaning your car, studying, whatever. The only way to get rid of that kind of need is to habitually redirect and be more present in your actual life I think

No. 1551713

thanks this is good advice, it's very fucking silly and I'll feel retarded for admitting it And like I said, I could see a certain type of people posting it on their gross subs to "Own" TERFS or something, when i'm just autistic and retarded

No. 1551717

You're anonymous. If you get flamed you can just close tab and not look at the replies.

No. 1551718

yes but im obessive
>Ha ha just close you eyes nona, ha ha it's the internet close the tab!! Ha ha
doesn't work for me sometimes

No. 1551720

So are you having obsessive compulsive thoughts? Have you considered medication for this?

No. 1551725

I think it's retarded, it's not something that does anything but effects my mood for a bit. I was just asking if anyone has advice to help me unlink myself from retarded thoughts about things that do not have anything to do with my life. I'm asking how not to care, not what meds to take.
I'm perfectly sane and normal 75% of the time.

No. 1551728

File: 1681703857298.png (87.5 KB, 671x333, Ezaw-SOVEAYblf4.png)

The pizza in Sims 2 looks so good

No. 1551734

Just curious, it sounds like it might be effecting you pretty negatively idk

No. 1551764

File: 1681705455718.png (37.64 KB, 256x256, MTS_vegan_kaktus-2015726-foodp…)

Here is the texture file for you to drool over

No. 1551768

No. 1551781

Wait, why are they bad? I kind of want to try one of those.

No. 1551802

Some of my relatives bought cups from Temu, and while I like and have bought from Temu, idk how to tell them they shouldn't be buying stuff they eat and drink out of from websites like Temu. Shit is not regulated and who knows what it's made of.

No. 1551817

File: 1681707927283.jpg (39.65 KB, 564x752, 6059443c3b323d1434f08712177c2b…)

>Tfw I want to post something but there's an infight going on.

No. 1551830

Bet Joe Rogan knows how to eat pussy

No. 1551832

Ngl I love posting regularly right in the middle of infighting

No. 1551834

File: 1681708897556.jpg (61.9 KB, 750x778, Joe_Rogan_Sauna.jpg)

No. 1551838

I do my own nail extensions at home, and there are times where I'll just walk around with my dominant hand not done for an entire week because I simply don't feel like doing it or I'm too busy. And doing my nails literally takes hours.

No. 1551844

File: 1681709598650.jpeg (6.67 KB, 225x225, F62E01A7-E6C4-4222-887E-FAF5AD…)

No. 1551859

File: 1681710333700.png (360.5 KB, 450x500, YdqHgA3.png)

I wish I could go back five minutes ago when my search history didn't include "Joe Rogan sauna". Is he advertising himself to men wtf is this??

No. 1551862

Coding is fun

No. 1551863

>Is he advertising himself to men
He always has nona

No. 1551865

I need to see all of kirbyanons posts so bad

No. 1551866

I'm mildly obsessed with all the pictures of him looking like an overcooked turkey. I think he just knows people think its funny and meme it to death.

No. 1551870

God damn. I’m straight but do you ever see a pic like this and realize the male form is so disgusting. this is inhuman. It sets off an area deep in my cerebrum that tells me to club it to death

No. 1551872

He does hgh and it deformed his body and skull. Its why I can't stop looking at him.

No. 1551874

File: 1681712432165.jpg (202.7 KB, 1400x1050, 50783954_306331740025083_10207…)

I wonder if he really is that aware or if he just likes the attention kek overcooked turkey is right

No. 1551876

File: 1681712574585.jpeg (73.51 KB, 1024x768, EQMBee8WsAAebI_.jpeg)

He is a crash course for men in what not to do to your body

No. 1551878

He was so cute here, wish he didn't end up turning into a meatball

No. 1551881

Hot take, pepperoni pizza looks so much better in pictures and cartoons than it actually tastes

No. 1551883

roid rage did him in

No. 1551884

What the fuck? How did he turn pink and ball-shaped in head and body?

No. 1551885

>those wasps that we are all taught were bees
what are you talking about, nona? you mean yellowjackets?

No. 1551886

Just made the connection that kirbyanon is the one who showed her therapist 2d porn a bit ago and now im deeply fascinated and looked it up on rule34. Tell me why there are 62 pages of that shjt.

No. 1551887

steroids and HGH

No. 1551888

kek how did it take you so long?

No. 1551890

Bound to happen to a manlet Italian-American from Newark kek

No. 1551891

why the fuck was he not put in a couple of movies while he was still hot

No. 1551892

samefagging I know he was in a couple of movies with Kevin James, but I mean when he looked like this >>1551876 (full head of hair).

No. 1551893

File: 1681713397622.png (3.51 MB, 2880x1436, Screen Shot 2023-04-16 at 11.3…)


No. 1551895

I take back what I said about him eating pussy lmfao never change LC

No. 1551896

File: 1681713676645.jpeg (124.47 KB, 1078x904, CCEBE893-0B0D-46E4-8581-A347C9…)

he cooka'd his a'meatball

No. 1551898

why am i attracted to jfk in this photo

No. 1551908

I would go to a nudist beach if it was women only but I don't think random men should get to see me naked

No. 1551915

File: 1681716610234.jpg (Spoiler Image, 64.43 KB, 500x586, jfk ochie.jpg)

It's because he is sort of attractive. Reposted because I forgot to spoiler also I'm ntayrt..

No. 1551917

Why would you spoiler that?

No. 1551920

File: 1681717098224.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 326.74 KB, 1600x3561, jfk jr.jpeg)

I know there's anons that don't want to see this kind of stuff so I'm saving their eyes.
Adding on to >>1551915
His son was just as hot, maybe hotter definitely aged better than his father imo, if you're into the Tarzan-face kind of look.

No. 1551974

At what point do you email a website about an order you placed? It said 'shipped out next day' but there's still not even an email it's been sent out. There was a weekend in between it so that could be a reason but still, at what point do you get on their ass? ##I just hope I didn't get scammed kek#

No. 1551981

i’m a bitch so i email them no more than 2 days after my shit ships if there are no updates. if i am really in the mood i do a chargeback on my credit card or send screenshots to paypal to get their attention. i do not play with my money.

No. 1552018

The frequent infighter and baiter in the husbando threads being outed as an adult baby fan was hilarious. Especially as she pretended to be unaffected but then claimed that farmers were doxxing and gangstalking her/him by posting a fanfic link.

No. 1552019

I have no idea who this is but I doubt it's a she.

No. 1552020

his son looks 100000 times better. jfk looks like a praying mantis in the other pic + less hair

No. 1552023

I doubt it too, the poster would hate on other's fave characters but claimed to have a rapist moid from a scrote hentai as husbando.

No. 1552025

i dont follow the husbando threads but now i have to know what husbando it is

No. 1552030

>Especially as she pretended to be unaffected but then claimed that farmers were doxxing and gangstalking her/him by posting a fanfic link.
this kek. She'd even doublepost just to cry about it. Personally I don't think it was a male, after all her AO3 account had a Rance x reader fic. Most likely just a huge NLOG that arrived recently from 4chan and can't integrate due to learning a huge disregard for etiquette.


No. 1552051

File: 1681741491208.jpg (101.14 KB, 600x600, 5083.jpg)

there's something cute about seeing an anon repost my random attachment in a curated /m/ thread.

No. 1552058

File: 1681742232671.jpg (64.27 KB, 640x625, 155.jpg)

does anyone else notice the spellchecker on your device sometimes suggests incorrect versions of words? like wanting to change "anyway" to "anyways". lol dumbass robot.

No. 1552062

File: 1681742454274.jpg (59.41 KB, 480x544, 2f7rkw.jpg)

if all radiohead songs were like paranoid android i'd like radiohead. it's their best song i stg, imagine my surprise when i go through their discography looking for similar shit and find absolutely nothing

No. 1552083

I think i'm progressively becoming more retarded.

No. 1552085

I have a warm undertone plus I like gold more so I always stick with gold, but recently I've been liking silver so much in myself

No. 1552092

i know for a fact i am

No. 1552107

I respect those hypergamy girls I see on social media a lot. Regardless of if it's fake, the message is pretty solid.

No. 1552140

File: 1681748406826.jpg (77.78 KB, 600x800, 271104fcc5ab14670c3907ef933878…)

I just found out that Steven Yeun (and Ali Wong, fuck her too) helped that RAPIST get his role on Beef. Never trust a man anons they're all deceptive. Wolves in sheep's clothing!

No. 1552143

>men don't hit the wall! they only get better with age!

No. 1552167

I just hope Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan continue to have decent reps and don't get involved with or are involved with shitty people. It's not like I really liked Simu much but his pedo reddit shit was disappointing. And the man still got a major role in barbie (sigh). Now Ali and Steven too?

No. 1552181

File: 1681750441995.gif (4.83 MB, 360x397, Tumblr_l_177918941360089.gif)

I've always been sort of a tomboy growing up but the last few years I started being more feminine, wearing dresses, skirts and a bit of makeup, but I find it so embarrassing to be seen by my family like this kek it's stupid and it doesn't make sense, but I find it awkward

No. 1552232

File: 1681752266549.jpg (428.6 KB, 1536x2048, _Enchanted Destiny~OOAK Fashio…)

I will be seeing Barbie in theaters and I'm soooo excited.

No. 1552264

got some money from my girlfriend hehhehehehehehehehe

No. 1552267

File: 1681753503649.png (2.19 MB, 1334x750, CA5ED0C4-C04C-47AB-B616-25CF21…)

>tranny makes video complaining about children’s cartoon
>gets mad and does a rant about hating anime because kids cartoon is inspired by sailor moon
>puts these into the same category
I’ve been sitting here for like 10 minutes trying to figure out what exactly these have in common, first time I’ve ever seen someone compare Madoka to rapelay kek.

No. 1552269

I'm going through the same sort of thing in my early 20's and it was a bit awkward to be seen in cute feminine clothes after spending all of my adolescence in band tshirts+hoodies+jeans. Remember: it's just clothes nonnie, wear whatever you feel good and comfortable in!

No. 1552279

File: 1681753826403.jpg (99.18 KB, 640x870, vogue.jpg)

Idk why but I'm just super excited for this years MET gala. Yes a lot of looks are disappointing, but usually for every MET gala there's a couple of people who really knock it out of the park. And even the bad looks are entertaining. I can't wait to post the looks here and read everyone's opinions (here on lolcow and the rest of social media).

No. 1552290

Just thought about the way Bongs say "artist" and how it sounds like "autist" kek

No. 1552300

I love commenting real-time on it here on lolcow, it's so fun

No. 1552312

File: 1681754645029.jpg (26.38 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-537118923-612x612.…)

I got really confused at how cranky anons are today and then I realised, is monday!

No. 1552330

Which video nonna? I have ad block anyway

No. 1552416

File: 1681759935160.jpeg (148.83 KB, 1024x1430, B7336EAC-D62A-4C92-BD2A-C69F4E…)

No. 1552427

File: 1681760480959.jpg (52.2 KB, 500x750, Roman Reigns.jpg)

I don't usually like super traditionally (conventionally?) attractive men but roman reigns is nice