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File: 1684518693513.jpg (75.82 KB, 611x440, 1585047954085.jpg)

No. 1581752

Another round of asking anons questions and having them reply to it.

>What's your favorite fruit?
The anon below will reply with
>Who was your rolemodel growing up?
>Ayuzawa Misaki

Have fun.


No. 1581760

Why are the cats peeking like that?

No. 1581767

What movie should I watch today? I like every genre except for romance

No. 1581771

Reservoir Dogs

No. 1581772

They wanna know more about you.
Gonna watch Mononoke Hime tonight, join me.

No. 1581822

they just like to observe everything

No. 1582819

File: 1684621736335.jpg (86.33 KB, 1080x1080, Lola Fine Art.jpg)

what's your favourite piece of jewellery? optionally: what do you think it says about you?

No. 1582843

ive got a beautiful necklace with a ship on it that represents how i am adrift, never quite at home anywhere, as if im lost forever at sea. it also shows that im really fun once you get to know me (upon closer inspection you’ll notice it has shrek ears on it for some reason)

No. 1582854

I've got a necklace with my grandmother's initials on it that I've been wearing for almost 20 years. She died 5 years ago to some kind of Alzheimer, after 10 long years of slow decay. I always keep my memory of her & the rest of my family close to my heart.

No. 1582948

Ot but can I ask how you dealth with the illness and her decay? My grandma is suffering with dementia and it's getting worse very quickly. I don't recognize her anymore.

No. 1583004

File: 1684635634129.jpg (78.07 KB, 564x903, 3twc25zbsia61.jpg)

>what's your favourite piece of jewellery?
Earrings, because they're most obvious (I mean people often notice/compliment mines), quite easy to match, and I have earrings for every single outfit I've ever worn or would wear. They're also not that expensive in comparison to other jewelries, at least in my experience.
>what do you think it says about you?
That I really like earrings.

My other favourites are just rings, but unfortunately my hands and fingers are on the smaller side so they look stupid and 'too busy' on me. I'd honestly love to wear all those big, cool rings on each of my finger.

No. 1583408

i would kill and die for those earrings

No. 1586745

What is something you hate/like because of other anons?

No. 1588832

What's your opinion on sloppy joes?

No. 1588836

File: 1685152720131.jpg (68.59 KB, 1200x800, Sloppy-Joes-Recipe-5.jpg)

For clarification, a sloppy joe sandwich. Not a man named Joe who is messy and unkempt.

No. 1588839

>Not a man named Joe who is messy and unkempt.
i hate that guy

No. 1588849

I've never had one (am a Burger) what does the sauce taste like? Is it like a chili?

No. 1588850

It's tomato or ketchup based, so kind of sweet and savory

No. 1588852

I feel like all that …slop would squeeze out the sides of the bun with every bite

No. 1588983

Needs sturdier bread.

No. 1589071

What variety of bread would you procure for a sloppy joe, anon?

No. 1589085

So it's basically a bolognese-like sauce on bread instead of pasta?
It'd be better on pasta, a more complementary texture (not as soft) and more convenient to eat.

No. 1589086

No, it's not the same as pasta sauce.

No. 1589114

Yes, anon. That’s implied in the name. Sloppy Joe.

No. 1589116

File: 1685181843333.gif (1.18 MB, 245x150, 9C603428-A1C1-42CA-9BAB-556146…)

I haven’t had one in ages but might pick up some tempeh later and try making a vegan version as I remember them fondly

No. 1589121

Well that's fucking stupid and I'm glad I've never had one

No. 1589130

File: 1685183523292.jpg (153.01 KB, 800x800, Italian-Ciabatta-Sandwich-2.jp…)

nta, i only ever had it from one place and they used a ciabatta, it was great tbh imagine picrel but sloppy joe

No. 1589231

File: 1685197938233.gif (6.78 MB, 540x410, camp-crystallake.gif)

Do you still go on 4ch? If so, what boards? If not, what other sites do you go to?

No. 1589243

They’re delicious and sloppy. The challenge of eating it even though it’s so sloppy is part of the fun.

No. 1589262

I make a homemade sloppy sauce with fire roasted poblanos, hoisin and chilis. Its so damn good. Puts the can sauce to shame

No. 1589269

/g/ /ic/ and /lit/ I guess, usually looking for specific things, end up just getting annoyed by retards within 10 minutes

No. 1589313

Anons what di you do when you don’t know anymore why or for what you’re getting up in the morning?

No. 1589318

so there was a meme or something similar I saw that was basically like a drawing of a mom and daughter walking past a dad and his son, and the little boy is imagining the lady naked, and the grown old man is imagining the little girl n*ked? It was boomer tier and awful and what I took from it is that males lust after older women while young, and when they get older they start to list after little girls??? Is there any truth to that meme? Milf and teen porn seem equally popular, and I wonder what the average ages of male viewers are for each category… anecdotes are fine too or any studies

No. 1589319

Just like the other nonnie said, I usually go with a purpose, I rarely just randomly browse nowadays because my patience for moidbrain is low these days.
Every once in a while I'll check out smaller boards like /an/, /ck/, /o/ or /p/ and see what's going on there because they're still capable of being entertaining and insightful sometimes.

No. 1589320

/y/ discussion thread occasionally, anything else I browse feels like a waste of time. I’ll also check the archive websites for ebook rips

No. 1589344

Binge and look at clothing pictures online

No. 1589406

File: 1685214780046.jpg (44.66 KB, 600x800, m003_h02_m01.jpg)

What would you wear everyday if money and judgements of others were no problem? For me it'd be hakama all the way

No. 1589420

I would wear a lot more pure silk. It feels so nice.
I would also buy some specific older Mugler pieces

No. 1589429

I would probably wear a lot less clothing but in reality I cover up because of moids

No. 1589435

File: 1685217441475.jpg (131.22 KB, 564x846, 111745cb1075cd0c9cc12c90954567…)

I'd go full boho/hippie long skirts and dresses, lace and tons of jewelry all made from the finest materials every day

No. 1589441

the same like now only high quality stuff made from silk, wool, etc., going in the direction of Rick Owens, Yōji Yamamoto with a little bit more punk or goth vibes, considering my mood. And then I would wear full on Victorian style clothes or very elegant stuff. I couldn't decide on one style, only think I'm sure about is that 95% would be black. And I would never buy cheap materials anymore and would probably make everything myself or, for shoes and jewellery, get them made.

No. 1589500

Anons ITT just don't get that the bread being soggy from the slop juice is the best part of a Sloppy Joe.

No. 1589529

File: 1685223269507.jpg (45.05 KB, 540x370, b5242fd8f6045f5528af495a81a649…)

what is your favorite animal? do you have any pets?

No. 1589564

Full Edwardian wardrobe with original vintage pieces, bring back the Gibson girl look

No. 1589596

File: 1685227724384.jpg (48.43 KB, 564x426, Dancing Bears by William Holbr…)

I don't have any pets, but I'd have to say my favorite animals are bears, all of them. Bats are a close second.

No. 1589605


I was about to say the same! God, I wish we could domesticate bats. I want to pet their furry little tummies.

No. 1589613

File: 1685228969272.jpeg (64.55 KB, 690x688, 8aa43ba3-062b-4d71-b84b-74a5cf…)

I don't exactly have a single favourite because I love them all excluding reptiles since they scare me but I don't really hate them even if I'm afraid of them, I just dislike them a lil bit, but rabbits are nice, their fur is the softest so petting them feels the best and oddly comforting for some reason. As for pets, I currently don't have one either. I used to have an adorable husky (I named her 'woof' because I'm retarded) though, but she recently passed away.

No. 1589618

File: 1685229363279.jpg (128.49 KB, 900x1200, tumblr_overzyPiH41vv1g70o1_128…)

Cats, and cats.

No. 1589620

File: 1685229627192.jpg (1.58 MB, 3024x4032, babylowq.jpg)

Hamster is my favorite

No. 1594334

File: 1685640808462.jpg (11.48 KB, 288x175, tigertalks.jpg)

I LOVE TIGERS. they're so pretty but also cute but cool all at the same time. like me! I got a tiger tattoo because they're so cool. no pet tiger though because while you CAN technically have a pet tiger they shouldn't be kept as pets. so I have a house cat who I love so dearly.

No. 1594354

File: 1685641967639.jpeg (416.33 KB, 1972x1108, IMG_8974.jpeg)

I think civets are cool. Plus they shit out delicious coffee beans. I bought the coffee once (delicious) but I feel bad about it because in retrospect they probably collected it from a civet being kept on a farm and forced to work

No. 1594538

File: 1685649640004.jpg (30.87 KB, 288x433, Maria-Sofia-Bahlner-SS-2013-Fa…)

this specific outfit

No. 1595202

I love tigers too. I have a white tiger plushie that an ex I hate bought that's so cute it still sits on my bed to this day.

No. 1602674

How many "troll" accounts do you have?

No. 1602675

File: 1686390571348.jpg (556.85 KB, 2000x1333, TT21_001.jpg)

didn't even see what the fuck that thing was but i know it aint good. bumping for nonas. browse with caution kek

No. 1602693

Imagine feasting with the nonas like this a lovely day in the countryside, while we watch the cows frolick in the distance.

No. 1602694

I think it’s just the avocado guys asshole but it is pretty ugly

No. 1602705

File: 1686393300607.jpg (321.19 KB, 2048x3072, 14628203_web1_cow-and-cake2018…)

it's a partay

No. 1656622

File: 1691385252514.jpg (145.99 KB, 1200x1168, download (8).jpg)

If you could give your younger/past self any piece of advice, what would it be?

No. 1656623

Samefag but mine would be to stop sitting around in fear that you're not good enough or haven't done enough. You're not good enough. That's why you should keep pushing and putting shit into action. Also to stop being a procrastinating wench.

No. 1656667

oh my god anon i was thinking about this image yesterday and wishing i could find it again but couldn't. you're like an angel to me. also i would genuinely just tell my younger self to be herself. but also to shower more and be a tiny bit rebellious here and there

No. 1656872

Stop talking to old men. Stop smoking weed. Stop lying to your parents. Get a part time job, take a class besides ballet. Your friends suck but you can make new ones.
So much, nona.. It almost makes me sick how much I wish I could change. Time is a real mindfuck, too.

No. 1656877

File: 1691416534490.jpg (31.95 KB, 1064x1068, Silly little clown cat.jpg)

>So much, nona.. It almost makes me sick how much I wish I could change.
I feel that anon. All we can do is learn from our mistakes, everything is a lesson in something I guess.

No. 1656886

>Don't reject invitations to social gatherings
>Don't dump your friends
>Get help for your depression, you can save yourself so many wasted years
>Don't reject your school's offer take a social anxiety training
>Take a gap year
>Don't wear foundation
>Don't stop drawing

No. 1656893

>don’t wear foundation
So true for many of us lol

No. 1656908

Is Kiwi Farms dead?

No. 1656914

No. I don't use kiwifarms but I've seen this question asked here a million times. Something about it not being on the clearnet blah blah, use a different url, use tor– I don't know I don't care but No it's not gone, it's still there and people are posting on it.


No. 1656998

It's currently up as kiwifarms.pl.

No. 1657087

File: 1691427927941.jpeg (7.53 KB, 183x275, download.jpeg)

What is a food you thought would be gross, but then you tried it and liked it?
For me that food is blackberry pie.

No. 1657105

File: 1691429048443.gif (12.01 MB, 498x454, -cry.gif)

Don't eat the expired strawberry jam from your grandma's kitchen. Please. I'm begging you.

No. 1657389

picadillo. i thought it sounded very weird but it's good af.

No. 1657393

Ceviche, I thought I would despise it but I actually love it.

No. 1657401

Oooh same

No. 1657426

File: 1691459565140.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1179x1305, IMG_0892.jpeg)

Kimchi. I always heard it was stinky but it’s not, it’s spicy crunchy pickles I love it. Some recipes do kinda overdo the fish

No. 1658003

Do you prefer to use double hashtags to spoiler or do you type spoiler in brackets? even though the double-hashtag is easier I like to type it out

No. 1658006

brackets because i dont know how to hashtag on pc

No. 1658022

roquefort, or any strong smelling cheese tbh.

No. 1658086

I didn't even know bracket spoilering was possible on here lmao

No. 1658110

Tofu and non-dairy milks.

No. 1658112

I always do bracket spoilerinos

No. 1658301

>dont know how to hashtag on pc
…just take a look at your keyboard. Maybe the number row.

No. 1658913

File: 1691595427124.jpg (337.34 KB, 564x2820, What’s Your Favorite Sandwich_…)

Rank your top 3 favorite sandwiches, or just tell me your favorite sandwich if you don't have a top 3.

No. 1658935

File: 1691596677470.jpg (58.31 KB, 600x545, Ruispala-juustokasvis-600x545.…)

rye with cheese and tomato, no lettuce, maybe pickles but never w tomato

No. 1658938

1. Grilled cheese
2. Fried chicken
3. French dip (although I don't eat it nearly enough anymore)

No. 1658976

1. Bacon, egg and cheese (with any cheese except for american cheese)
2. Fried Chicken
3. Ham & cheese
I love cheese on sandwiches but I don't like how american cheese coats my mouth. If the cheese is not american cheese, these are my tops.

No. 1659081

>rye with cheese and tomato
>never w tomato
what does this mean… schrödinger's tomato?

No. 1659082

interesting what counts as sandwich… i'm european so i only know grilled cheese and pb&j. aside from that my usual sandwich is lettuce, cheese, either salami or ham, onions, olives, cucumber, and homemade honey mustard sauce.

No. 1659086

the pickles never go with tomato, keep up nona!!

No. 1659316

Are conservative women not feminists because they have privileges(their Nigel doesn't abuse them, they are well off enough to stay home instead of work, etc)?

No. 1659319

Usually some combo of
>pickme desperate for male attention/validation and to be seen as better than other women
>desperately wants to believe men are good and nuclear families are ideal because facing reality would mean losing faith in her dream of 2.5 kids and a white picket fence with a man who treats her well
>like you said, sheltered and privileged with no clue of just how bad it can be

No. 1659320

i don't get what you're asking or implying, that conservative women don't get abused?

No. 1659325

wrong thread?

No. 1659343

plenty (and probably most in places like US) of conservative women still are in dual income relationships and work, it's the culture they've grown up and been influenced by. you don't think conservative women are getting beaten and abused? because they are, they start victim blaming themselves same as liberal women do except theirs might have a tinge of religious expectation for women to take it and it's okay for men to do so.

No. 1659346

A lot of them do have generally feminist leaning views (with the main exception being abortion rights) but will never admit it just because of the stigma and not wanting to be outcasted or come off as liberal.

No. 1659387

How do you stop a kitten from chewing on your cords? I can supervise them and unplug everything I’m not using, but even then, how do I stop them?

No. 1659415

Nonnas you need to read the OP, some of you are posting stupid questions instead of random questions

No. 1659471

hey nona, how did you meet your boy/girlfriend?

No. 1659474

you do not

No. 1659477

Well I can cope with losing a charger or two, but what if it’s something more important?

No. 1659486

Do you have a favorite number? Why is it your favorite, does it have special meaning?

No. 1659491

My favorite number is 22. I don't know if it's confirmation bias, but whenever I research my interests I find that a lot of people's birthdays fall on the 22nd or specific events happen on the 22nd. So it just felt like a significant number to me.

No. 1659493

No. 1659510

21. related to a historucal event im obsessed with but also a multiple of 7 which is my other fave
it also crops up in multiole card games which is one of my hobbies lol. overall lucky number

No. 1659516

11. I was born 11/11, my first name starts with the 11th letter of the alphabet, my apartment is unit 11.

No. 1660246

Did your parents teach you that it's important to be regular? (I'm talking about shitting.) Like, as a hygiene thing and a life skill, did they at any point try to teach you to take a shit in the morning and then wash up. Get up, take a shit, take a shower, go about your day, don't have to shit again until the next day, etc. Anything like that?

No. 1660249

nonnachelle, you're living the angel number life. that's crazy. some schizophrenic is gonna meet you one day and absolutely lose their shit.

No. 1660305

no, but i was horribly constipated for 3 weeks when i was 10 or 11 and after that i really started to appreciate my shits. i had to take iron supplements a few years ago and immediately got psyllium husk seeds when i noticed that i got constipated from the supplements.

No. 1660317

My dad put an emphisis on having fiber so my sister and i would stay regular but i had no idea what being regular was or that certain kinds of poop were constipation/diarehhea/etc. And one time i thought i was dying because i had smelly pee after asparagus so maybe im just retarded lol

No. 1660349

nah I have horrible constipation issues if I don't take laxatives, then laxatives give me IBS

I've never had a healthy poop in my life

No. 1660368

fix your diet nona, were you previously abusing laxatives?

No. 1660383

I've been taking laxatives since highschool because my eating disorder among other bad childhood digestive issues made me unable to take a decent pain free poop without them

And now I have no insurance and no doctor anymore, but adding fiber to my diet in my mid 20s won't fix this, I'd rather have IBS

No. 1660401

giving up lax is hard but you'll never have a good shit if you continue using them, plenty of ex-bulimics talk about giving them up, you could look into that (even if you're ana instead)
>but adding fiber to my diet in my mid 20s won't fix this
have you even tried that though?

No. 1660410

1. grilled cheese
2. egg salad
3. turkey club
but all those sandwiches look sooo good

No. 1660419

why are almost all of the sammiches in your picrel fucking gross
anything with hummus is good and seitan is heavenly tier
i usually eat rice cakes instead of bread though idk if that's even a sandwich

No. 1660539

Oh, fuck. STOP TAKING LAXATIVES RIGHT NOW. Not to get serious on here but using them daily is extremely dangerous. I don't remember the details but I heard about it in outpatient, you have to stop like RIGHT NOW or your whole colon is gonna do some horrific life threatening thing and you don't have a doctor or insurance so you will be in serious trouble. You have to take less laxatives and hopefully stop completely or you're gonna get way worse.

No. 1660540

Anon, the only healthy-ish kind of laxatives is lactulose-based. You've been taking lactulose, r-right?

No. 1660542

seconded, this is the worst thing you can do to your colon and its not going to be cute when you need parts of your organs cut out

if you can see a specialist to help

No. 1660555

You need to stop and just use Metamucil. Laxative abuse doesn't even make you thinner, you've already absorbed the food. This is how you die of colon cancer by 50.

No. 1660582

yes logically I'm sure anon knows that most food is absorbed in the small intestine, but I know she's probably being honest about struggling to stop because I've been there and laxative dependence is a real thing

I would opt for stool softeners instead and more fiber. Obviously eating more regularly is the only thing that can improve the change.

No. 1660583

for real. I wish I could remember exactly what it does but I do remember the absolutely FUCKED UP photo of a colon they showed us and I will never forget it. I felt so lucky to not have a laxative problem because that woman's colon was in shambles and she was only in her 20s… I'm so scared for nona.

No. 1660584

1. monte cristo
2. croque madame dear god its everything i would love in a sandwich i need to make my own and try.
3. cucumber sandwich but we use cream cheese, cucumber, and chives

No. 1660586

I remember my psych scaring me straight about it and I never forgot what she told me about some of her patients who had laxative issues worse than mine

No. 1660605

nta but can you use metamucil daily? i have a relative who does and it worries me.

No. 1660612

nta but as far as I know it's just fiber so it's fine as long as they make sure to drink enough water.

No. 1660630

You can. Daily reliance is usually a sign of already existing bowel issues (or you're sloppy pig bottom who will be diap'd up by 50) so confirmation bias could possibly make it seem harmful. Metamucil is just psyllium husk.
>'Psyllium is a form of fiber made from the husks of the Plantago ovata plant's seeds'

No. 1660632

It doesn't matter that she knows that. She needs to be told again and again until she stops being fucking retarded. Coddling EDs is how you watch someone die from one.

No. 1660657

File: 1691720228455.png (1.26 MB, 1622x1404, Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 22.18…)

Not to get technical but we don't know if she's taking them to be skinny right now (or if she ever did, but it kinda sounds like she did). She just mentioned a nonspecific eating disorder that gave her constipation and caused her to take laxatives. It's possible she's only using them for constipation at this point and she's never been told how badly the laxatives can hurt her.
Anyway the important thing is that she needs to stop taking laxatives ASAP. I'm crawling out of my skin worrying about her impending rectal prolapse jfc

No. 1660662

you're not even supposed to take laxatives for more than a week or so. she's been taking them for years. She needs to stop like yesterday, cold turkey. She doesn't have a insurance she doesn't have a doctor, literally every laxative-induced bowel movement puts her at risk of a colon crisis.

No. 1660666

I know someone who needed surgery because of a prolapse from this, and it ruined her life and she still struggles with her BMs. You gotta stop and switch to fiber, your body might take awhile to adjust but trust me, the alternative is not fun.

No. 1660713

Please for the love of God cut the reddit emphasis out

No. 1660720

you don't understand the gravity of the situation at all.

No. 1660739

Reddit emphasis? For fucks sake is anyone allowed to exist on this website without some faggot trying to tear them down? Shut the fuck up.

No. 1660740

Wtaf is reddit emphasis

No. 1660748

For the love of god stop the Reddit tier whining

No. 1660750

No. One time though, my mom did take me to the doctor because I complained of aches and cramps and turns out I just needed to take a dump. That's when she should've known I would turn out to be a hypochondriac.

No. 1660896

No. I took a college nutrition class and the professor was very informative about fiber, and it made me realize that my mom used to use metamucil powder when I was little. In college I had IBS problems as well so I figured it could have been an inheritable issue that was never brought up, since GI issues run in my family.

Also a while ago GNC used to make a psyllium husk powder that was grossly clumpy when mixed in water, but it would give me the craziest BMs. It was better than any Metamucil product I’ve used when I had IBS problems.

No. 1660912

That's crazy to me because a poop talk would have been very useful to you. It's so weird when parents don't tell their kids about issues that run in the family.

No. 1660919

File: 1691758004190.jpg (1.54 MB, 3008x2000, top shelf business.jpg)

Yes because I am lucky to come from a country that's #1 in colorectal cancer rates worldwide. Granted it's mainly men because according to them it's gay to eat a vegetable or something, but it's also genetic and my dad suffered from polyps, colitis and all that since his youth. Toilets with a poo shelf are relatively common here and I've been taught to 'inspect the job' after I'm done kek. My parents made it super clear that I can talk to them about any health issues but especially if I see something weird, I had sesame bars and fiber supplements as a kid etc. Probably helps that whining about health issues and getting labs for any little thing is my country's national sport so it was never considered weird or TMI. Not complaining though, I'm a star pooper with the golden colon thanks to my parents.

No. 1661343

File: 1691790165945.jpg (359.49 KB, 1920x1080, grey gardens 1975.jpg)

would anyone want to watch the grey gardens documentary in the moovie room?

No. 1661352

fuck yeah I would

No. 1661371

ok. what's a good time? it's on youtube it would be really easy to host and I want to watch it with nonas, I've never seen it.

No. 1661429

boccadillo, jambon beurre (especially with mustard), gyro. italian sub gets an honourable mention

No. 1661564

i think sunday afternoon is open

No. 1662727

File: 1691877425730.jpg (888.92 KB, 1500x1500, berggold-gelee-bananen-200-g.j…)

what's a candy/snack that you only like a few times a year? not because it's not available otherwise. for me it's picrel (jelly bananas). i remember my deadbeat piece of shit father loved them so i always feel a bit annoyed when i buy them but like a handful of times i'm in front of the candy aisle and out of all the good shit i could pick, it ends up being this stuff.

No. 1662749

File: 1691879261738.jpg (20.1 KB, 830x458, mcdonaldpie.jpg)

a mcdonalds apple pie. they're most probably vegan (there's a dough conditioner or something that may or may not be made from goat hair) I only ever get it once in a year, usually due to particular circumstances that include being profoundly sad

No. 1663155

File: 1691920199281.jpeg (163.13 KB, 1024x768, javalava.jpeg)

Why is the floor lava?

No. 1663166

Honestly ice cream. I just love baked goods so much more if I'm going to eat unhealthy calories. There's only one ice cream I just found that is made locally and insanely good. The other one I liked as a kid got discontinued.

No. 1668008

Which one of these is your favorite:
A Little Princess
Anne of Greene Gables
The Secret Garden
The Witch of Blackbird Pond

No. 1668046

Book: The Secret Garden
Film adaptation: A Little Princess (1995)

No. 1668058

I have only seen/read adaptions of Heidi, Anne and The Secret Garden. I'd have to say Heidi because I actually saw the whole anime on tv before going to school. I feel like they kept putting the same episodes of the Anne one though? I never saw her get with Gilbert in it, I can't even remember him in it. Anne with an E was cute. I picked up weird vibes in The Secret Garden at some point and that's all I remember of it.

No. 1668070

Little princess book and movie. Hated Anne of green gables because I’m Canadian and a ginger so the amount of Anne of green gables merchandise I had forced on me as a child made me dislike it. One time my teacher got me an Anne of green gables costume and had me do classroom visits to all the younger classes and answer their questions in character.

No. 1668076

That's child labour

No. 1668102

The Secret Garden, the nineties movie is great

No. 1668108

book: secret garden and little princess
series: heidi (the german-japanese anime)

No. 1668244

A little princess

No. 1668333

what is your favorite easy to make recipe that you wish you would have known sooner? i made papusas for the first time tonight and this shit could have fueled me through college when i had a $15/week food budget.

No. 1668335

a little princess! i watched it so many times at my grandma's house that the tape broke and she had to buy a second copy

No. 1668336

anon i'm sorry for you being abused as a child, but as a fellow redhead reading this made me full belly cackle

No. 1669543

Does anyone else feel lonely without having an autocorrect on

No. 1670190

File: 1692493473156.jpg (64.53 KB, 570x570, ladybugs in love.jpg)

If you were to die before your significant other, how long would you want them to wait after your death to find another lover?

Me personally, They need to wait 2-3 years MINIMUM. And if we were married and have children together, they are absolutely not allowed to have kids with their new partner. Any man I marry would have to agree to have a vasectomy after we have few kids for that reason. If I were to marry a woman, I would hope she would honor my wishes but you literally can't trust anybody. Why would I go through pregnancy and labor just for you to say our family isn't enough? Of course though, above all I would hope that I was enough and my widow wouldn't need to find anyone else.

No. 1670192

Thai curries. It’s so fucking healthy and delicious I’m mad I could have been getting all my vegetables and enjoying it

No. 1670194

Actually I’m probably making a Malaysian version with the coconut milk added at the end. curries in general I guess.

No. 1670216

They dying with me

No. 1670566

I wouldn’t want him to wait at all. He’s a weirdo so he needs to take any opportunity for human contact he can get. He probably wouldn’t find anyone for the rest of his life though, it’s just his personality. At one point I really thought he would kill himself if I were to suddenly pass away but I don’t think so anymore, he would just throw out all our stuff and give away the cats and take a really weird opportunity at work where he basically lives in hotels.

No. 1670636

File: 1692541298894.jpg (48.65 KB, 488x488, GUEST_86da7e6a-4bf4-4354-a5f4-…)

Not a recipe, but I wish I realized you can microwave rice a long time ago. And also that it's pretty easy to just buy some curry cubes and throw whatever meat and vegetables you have in it.

No. 1670647

Do you hate him?

No. 1670660

not as much as he hates himself.

No. 1670693

File: 1692544510463.jpeg (36.06 KB, 720x332, IMG_0753.jpeg)

dutch people why does your language not sound real

No. 1670695

what about it does not sound real, do you think the same of German?

No. 1670719

File: 1692546967069.jpeg (422.09 KB, 3000x1680, IMG_5230.jpeg)

angloids when they encounter a foreign language

No. 1670744

He DOOD???

No. 1670748

apparently the Latin word for dude is dudus so one could argue the entire basis of the anglophone language sphere is ridiculous

It's okay, English is stupid too

Et tu, dudus?

No. 1670755

that’s made up kek, and English does not come from Latin anyway

No. 1670757

another fun word in Latin is the plural ablative form of dog, or, canēs. canibus.

No. 1670759

In part it does, actually.

No. 1670768

Having Latin loanwords doesn’t mean English comes from Latin. It’s a Germanic language. Every European language has Latin loanwords, the Roman empire was kind of a big thing

No. 1670777

No. 1670825

It's crazy to think that people will say same of the American empire as well.
I would hope he would wait for at least six months, but I honestly wouldn't be too torn up about it unless it was less than two or three weeks. Like if his best friend comforted him throughout my death and then it turned romantic, then that's fine. I can't imagine him wanting to date immediately after though, you just cry too much in the beginning, you can barely function.

No. 1670831

>One time my teacher got me an Anne of green gables costume and had me do classroom visits to all the younger classes and answer their questions in character.
Teachers could really just do anything back then. And she made you do it, they didn't even give you a choice?

No. 1735702

File: 1698063158348.jpg (36.05 KB, 375x500, IMG1140.jpg)

Any nonny here emo or scene?

No. 1735746

File: 1698068489917.jpg (97.38 KB, 600x600, scenewolf.jpg)

I'm here nonna. I miss the glory days. I wasn't emo/scene in its prime (2007) but I was in highschool (2010s). I miss my coon tail and hanging out with other scemo people. I'm still emo in my late 20s but in a more acceptable for my age kinda way

No. 1735748

Kek I was a scene kid in like 2005-2007, the golden era I suppose. It was so cringe looking back but at least I listened to mainly non scene bands and just was into the fashion. I always got haircut inspo to take to the salon from that Fruits j-fashion mag, choppy artful mullets etc. Tbh I often dressed more like a scene boy than girl. Miss my flat white leather belt with low riding skinny jeans sometimes…if I had pics from my MySpace I would share them with you nonnas bc I don’t look even remotely like that girl anymore it wouldn’t even be a dox unless somehow someone I went to HS with or who knows me is on here topkek. Sad that I talked to so many groomers on AIM during that time tho.

No. 1736426

File: 1698096116218.jpg (69.18 KB, 736x980, download.jpg)

hello fellow emo nonnies! I wanted to ask the exact same question in the fashion thread for some outfit inspiration
cute or nay? rec me some outfits/clothes heh

No. 1736827

The drawing is cute but the clothes look cheap eh

No. 1745288

File: 1698702797435.jpg (63.66 KB, 612x405, cigs.jpg)

any nonnies here can tell me what the cigarette smoker stereotypes by brand are ? i wonder if it varies by country or if it's all the same, feel free to mention yours if you want i don't smoke but i have recently developed something of a fascination or fetish kek i'm deathly curious !!! surely the brand tells something about a person

No. 1745323

I'm in the USA, here's my impression-
>marlboro reds: construction workers
>marlboro golds, pall mall, any slim or light cigarette: wine aunt
>camels: I smoke these but never seen anyone else who does
>camel crush: trashy white girl like the cookie monster pajama meme, emo/scene kids, discord groomers, high correlation with drinking Monster
>newports: black people and trannies for some reason
>american spirits or rolling your own: "artsy" college kids, hipsters, stoners (sidenote even when I was a heavy smoker I could rarely get through a whole american spirit they are long and very strong)
>parliaments: crypto bros and Lana Del Rey fans
>lucky strikes: alt/doomer gen z, I feel like every time I'm seeing some shitty punk band at a dive bar there's a pack of these being passed around
>kools: old man
non-cigarette bonus rounds
>dip/snu/chews: middle aged rednecks with lifted trucks, gun collectors
>cigarillo: stoner too lazy to go buy more cigarettes. Nobody smokes these by choice

No. 1745408

>The drawing is cute
Kek nona, how old are you?

No. 1745418


My observations from a previous job:

Pall Malls: White trash
Kentucky's Best/ Winston: Old white men, definitely missing some or all teeth
Virginia Slims/Capri/Misty: Drag queens (in drag), old foreign women
Newport red: Old trashy women
Camels: Average joes, except the turkish line is film enthusiast hipsters and the no 0s which is the teenage girl's first cigarette
American Spirit: Stoners, hipsters
Parliament: Creepy hipster at the bar who will roofie you, or cokehead

I haven't worked there in a decade and quit smoking almost as long ago so these might have changed

No. 1749346

File: 1698964080430.jpg (90.53 KB, 564x752, colorado.jpg)

Anons, what country would you like to travel to the most and what would you do while there? Weebs can answer and say Japan, it's ok.

No. 1749348

I want to go to Romania and visit the weird forest, then have a meetup with two people from the moovie room and also you-know-who (we can save her)

No. 1749363

File: 1698964948266.jpg (146.26 KB, 700x875, 661a2e7cb7e043550600759b2ad89f…)

Russia - would be cool to see the historical parts of it, as well as some of the interesting soviet architecture there + it's just cool vibes in the winter.

No. 1749364

I also want to go to Romania and visit the you-know-who, then have a meetup with you-know-who and one person from this thread and the two people from the moovie room (we will save her)

No. 1749379

I found some really cute cottage houses for rent on airbnb in Italy so I'd like to enjoy a week in the quiet country with flowers and animals. Do some watercolors, go to their morning markets, eat cheese, pastries, and seafood.

No. 1749412

As someone who lives in a hot flat desert I've always wanted to visit somewhere far north with huge mountains, hostile cold weather and tiny villages. I'd love to ride a snowmobile, go to the town bar, or go in the summer months and go hiking. But I'd never be able to afford that, and I would feel guilty knowing how badly tourism and global warming ruin remote places surrounded by nature. Also obligatory weeb NIPPON answer kek

No. 1749428

File: 1698969224620.jpg (93.46 KB, 610x610, Muumi_Muumitalo-610x610.jpg)

I would like to go Japan and South Korea it's a bit different there but I don't care mainly for picrel and then just sightsseeing since there is a lot one can do there. However I'll likely just go to Finland and take my time there before going to Sweden, Denmark and Norway too if I save up and manage to get enough leave to enjoy myself and not rush.

No. 1749432

I’m not well versed in her story but I think it’s sweet you’d like to help her, Nona. I hope you have a lovely day and that you encounter people like you in your life ♥

No. 1749472

I want to do a poll. This is something I always wanted to ask other women but obviously can't irl kek.

Please answer: do you enjoy the usual smell of your own coochie?

No. 1749475

I’m neutral about it. It’s neither good nor bad. If I suddenly found that it smelled good or bad I would immediately suspect a health problem (not that others should, but it would be highly unusual and suspect in my case.)

No. 1749478

It's neutral to me personally, but i really couldn't see how anyone could "love" the smell of it. It's like saying you like the smell of saliva.

No. 1749479

File: 1698973718228.jpeg (82.51 KB, 564x752, 0846DA34-0265-45DE-8EEE-5B6E1B…)

What do you want for Christmas this year? I want pic related, not necessarily with the chocolates tbh, I just want a new mug because one of the two I have broke. But I would appreciate if the mug had those cute mint poles that people relate a lot to Christmas, poinsettias made of paper and a few tiny little branches of pine trees.

No. 1749481

I like it it's comforting and I think I have strong natural instincts I'm always smelling myself and can easily feel if I'm off. Everything smells and feels different if I'm sick I get that weird fever feeling in my vagina idk. My taste is very inoffensive day to day. I'd eat me out

No. 1749511

>those cute mint poles that people relate a lot to Christmas
candy canes?

No. 1749515

File: 1698977226501.jpeg (64.58 KB, 980x653, FF3EE2D6-89BF-4BC1-9444-E7F856…)

Yeah! I forgot the name, but they’re so cute, I haven’t had some since I was like 21 years old.

No. 1751705

There's a book on foraging mushrooms I want to get.

No. 1751765

>mint poles
Nonna you are the cutest in the world for this.

No. 1752037

It's just ok, I smell check frequently and I've never really felt anything for my pussy smell.

No. 1752066

Honestly I do like mine. It’s a way to tell if I’m healthy down there and whether things in my diet are good/bad. Like when I was abusing pre workout it smelled really off, in a chemical way that worried me. When I stopped and got it out of my system it went back to normal. I’ve always found my own scent to be pleasant and I love my wife’s as well. It’s a nice earthy, slightly sweet kind of smell idk I just like it kek

No. 1752181

I’d never admit it to anyone but i I really love the way I smell to what probably is an abnormal degree. I’ll smell my own underwear almost every time I go to the bathroom kek. I’ve done it since I was a teenager and started getting discharge
Like >>1752066 said
>earthy, slightly sweet kind of smell idk I just like it
That’s how I’d describe mine too, it seriously smells so good to me. Since this nonny is gay and I am bi though it makes me wonder if that plays any role in peoples answers to this question…. Follow up question to those who already answered then — are you guys straight or gay/bi?

No. 1752248

I do mostly during my period. I've been scared to admit it because I saw someone get called a scrote for saying that in the past.
Straight but extremely picky.

No. 1752549

Ayrt now that’s interesting, because period days are basically the only time I’m not crazy about how I smell kek. I don’t hate it though, but the most I could say is that it’s “interesting” smelling

No. 1758362

No. But the flavour? Also no.

No. 1758363

File: 1699401289118.jpg (100.75 KB, 736x759, Chinese zodiac, XiXin Guo.jpg)

What's your Chinese zodiac and how well do you think it's description matches you? I hear that these are more accurate than western zodiacs.

No. 1758401

I am the year if the dragon and find it extremely accurate~ I love love, and adverture. What is yours nona?

No. 1758404

I'm dragon/leo, which both seem like confident natural leader types. Couldn't be more different from me

No. 1758604

I'm a rat and I do think it's pretty accurate

No. 1758674

I'm a sheep/ram and I think it's really accurate. My mom and sister are also both sheep tho and I think we all have totally different personalities. It's still a cute rarity that we're 3 of a kind and we had an ornament specially made to commemorate it once (we are Chinese)

No. 1758691

did you ever have a root canal done?

No. 1758717

Yeah it was fine. I went through two or more appointments with numb injected gums and being high on laughing gas. Mostly annoying to have the wedge keeping my mouth open for hours.

No. 1758764

Rooster, doesn't match me at all. In fact I'm the exact opposite.

No. 1758903

I find both inaccurate. Both are supposed to be charismatic, monkeys are supposed to be clever and leos are magnanimous divas.
I’m just an anxious dumbass.

No. 1768320

File: 1699803084778.gif (5.38 MB, 281x498, cat-love-cat-fight.gif)

we need to make a new relationship advice thread on /g/, last one just maxed out. what is a good image for it? I submit this but I don't know if people like gif threadpics

No. 1768322

File: 1699803188462.jpg (22.64 KB, 450x450, love bites.jpg)

was also thinking this might be good

No. 1768343

I like that anon, you can use it. Gif threadpics are fine

No. 1768346

Yes, pretty recently actually. It was fine, the doctor gave me a lot of numbing and it was quick.

No. 1774470

File: 1700154921939.jpeg (649.93 KB, 700x6626, 363A5153-A11C-45F5-BF74-33D8AC…)

What is everyone’s favorite “lolcow dot farm happening”? I’ll go first. My favorite is when the anon who was venting about regretting showing fandom porn she drew to her horrified therapist turned out to be kirbyanon. I’ve never laughed harder on this website.

No. 1774474


No. 1774484

Sorry I’m not an oldfag, spoonfeed me what keekweek was?

No. 1774488

this is going to happen to me the microsecond i start therapy, pray for me

No. 1774495

File: 1700155734084.gif (845.43 KB, 428x180, 1LOMW1L.gif)

No. 1774498

Anon…. All you have to do is NOT show your therapist the fandom porn you drew. Is that your plan or something?

No. 1774499

if she asks its impolite not to show her the fandom porn i draw

No. 1774518

I wonder if there are therapists familiar with internet fandom culture. There must be…

No. 1774525

when i was an edgy 12yo fagget i had to explain to my therapist who shadman was and what was a futanari, it was pretty wild.

No. 1774528

I think if I confided my deepest darkest secrets to a therapist and they ended up being a dekubaku shipper that’s into abo mpreg I would kill myself

No. 1774534

LMAO. You had to?

No. 1776056

File: 1700258346998.jpeg (162.38 KB, 1125x1539, repeatafterme.jpeg)

What's been on your Spotify "On Repeat" playlist? Picrel is mine.

No. 1776059

File: 1700258526987.png (183.7 KB, 956x813, Screenshot 2023-11-17 170156.p…)

I feel like i piece of my soul is being revealed when i share my music tastes.

No. 1776065

File: 1700258958959.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1179x1833, IMG_5975.jpeg)

Nonnies is there any male entertainer you really like? not in a horny way please, but just in a way that you are entertained by them.
I really like Tommy Cash, he does a good job being entertaining with his music and in his elaborate stupid insta videos and absolutely retarded brand collabs

No. 1776073

File: 1700259397706.png (549.18 KB, 1080x2302, Screenshot_20231117-221607.png)

This is why the inside of my brain looks like

No. 1776081

i do think he's cute but i like his unemployment report videos, the gags never get old because it's so absurd.

No. 1776083


No. 1776104

File: 1700261072426.jpeg (30.46 KB, 512x512, download.jpeg)

No. 1776110

It seems like a fun brain!!

No. 1776382

I used to like All Gas no Brakes until he abused and raped women like all moids eventually do.

No. 1776421

File: 1700279156980.jpg (109.8 KB, 700x893, This Twitter Account Collects …)

Do you have anything you're planning to buy this black friday? Will you be shopping online or IRL?

I'll probably just be looking out for some stuff that I want to get as Christmas presents. A vacuum and blender mainly.

No. 1776829

Not really, I think the only thing I'm looking for is a good sale on a ninja air fryer for my parents as a Christmas gift

No. 1776832

A new laptop because my current one damaged and repairing it is too expensive.

No. 1776848

Eh, there's some stuff I've been meaning to buy but I've not seen any of it on sale. I wanted to buy a moomin calendar but it'd take over 3 months to get here.

No. 1776855

black friday is a scam so no

No. 1776861

How bad is it in your area anon? Sometimes if I really want something I’ll keep tabs on prices for a few months and see if its worth buying. I’m just lucky to be in an area where people aren’t that involved in tech so we always have a surplus of items being marked down pretty low

No. 1776908

Nah, I’ve been pretty lucky this year finding randomly discounted or secondhand items I really wanted to buy. I’ll be listing things to sell instead.

No. 1777217

File: 1700347028774.jpg (68.79 KB, 1200x1200, GUEST_21fa55f7-5223-44e9-80cd-…)

Was there ever a time you were glad to have put on your Wiimote wrist straps?

No. 1777220

No I barely wore them and luckily I wasn’t one of those autists who threw the wii remote at the wall playing tennis on wii sports

No. 1777224

No because my fingers aren't that buttery.

No. 1777274

Yes, when I played to Just Dance.

No. 1777276

no but my tism demanded that I always wore it anyway, DS as well and that makes way less sense

No. 1777500

same. Playing just dance had me sweaty and flailing around. The first 3 are so much fun

No. 1777524

Sleepycast/Oneyplays. It’s like watching monkeys at the zoo.

No. 1785351

File: 1700759052811.jpeg (315.46 KB, 699x888, IMG_6774.jpeg)

which christian denomination do you think is the most schizophrenic? inb4 all of them or alternatively if you can't decide, what type of insane would you describe each one (or as many as you know) as?
i was just thinking this when i saw picrel and while i can see where they're coming from in a sense ( even though this image was clearly made with a vendetta tbf not that i care for godfags ) i remember the whole speaking in tongues thing protestants have and idk they're also a scary type of crazy. i'm hoping an anon who knows more than me can chime in because i'm not christian nor was i raised one but i'm really interested in the topic now kek

No. 1785353

i want to see her collection of teeth from dead medieval monks, that sounds cool

No. 1785355

not a catholic but I do believe the French and American Revolutions were Masonic plots.

No. 1785357

Who is the most trad out of all of them? Like the ones who have 10 children and think pop music is satanic.

No. 1785360

I think that is Opus Dei, idk if they fall under the catholic label

No. 1785361

The Amish?(?)

No. 1788654

File: 1700959406604.png (31.42 KB, 1090x407, a37d94c92b303442115f15ec24f1d2…)

what websites or anon comms do you browse when the ultimate boredom hits? i like browsing wankgate or simsecret every few months.

No. 1788702

fandomsecrets but it's so boring

No. 1788718

Virtual secrets, a gossip lj style website for Second Life. Genuinely schizo general, I can barely comprehend what the secrets are about yet it's still entertainment.

No. 1788719

do other anons like electronic/edm music?

No. 1788733


No. 1788738

I like Witch House

No. 1788754

anon i think you might like this one

No. 1788764

It's a good mix! It reminds me of an artist I used to follow called Talib.

No. 1791482

do anons have any youtube channels about crime cases like fraud, fake companies, failed heists, mysterious creators of stuff? maybe just deep dive stuff?

No. 1795839

For the nonas who have half-siblings, how is your relationship with them?

No. 1795856

I allegedly have 3, but I only know of 2 and I've met 1 of them maybe like 3 times.

No. 1795892

not about companies but a really good deep dive channel


No. 1795942

I have one half sister and i have never spoken to her in my life but for some reason i know here whole life story and she knows the parts of mine that my parents know. I don't really care about her tbh, she lives in another country and i have no plans to talk to her. She is my dad's daughter and he is pretty much on only one in frequent contact with her.

No. 1795954

Who has any experience with using progesterone cream for premature wrinkling?

No. 1795959

I have half siblings on both my mom's and dad's side. I was raised with the half siblings on my mom's side and honestly they are no different than a full blooded sibling to me. I call them my brothers and sisters and we never really acknowledge being half siblings. My dad who was a deadbeat and went to prison had a son before me, who I've never met but seen pictures of. I consider him a total stranger and will never contact him.

No. 1795964

So a friend’s post popped up on my feed and then out of curiosity i looked at the likes. I saw that the likes didn’t add up, like an account was missing. Anyways after using a second account I could see who it was. I wondered if they blocked me but after some experimenting I see that it isn’t that. What else could it be?

No. 1797086

File: 1701514911417.jpg (12.34 KB, 307x230, 4angelsn.jpg)

Did any anon also start to forget their dreams easily the more they grew up? I remember a lot of the dreams I had as a child very vividly, even the ones when I was 5, but forget the ones I have now if I don't give it much thought after I wake up.

No. 1797091

Maybe someone who has deleted or deactivated their account liked that post, usually the number of likes doesn't decrease because of that.

No. 1797098

I have had nightly vivid dreams for a long time, often multiple discrete dreams in one night or really meta storylines like knowing that I'm dreaming and using that to my advantage. It's been getting worse recently, but for me the big change is just not focusing on them as much. I used to keep a dream diary and writing down what I can remember, even if it's not much, seems to prime me to have extra vivid dreams later. Waking up on a deadline to go somewhere also disrupts it.
Basically it's a positive cycle where recording my dreams results in better dreams and I messed it up, I need to get around to writing them again. Maybe logging would help you too?

No. 1797286

File: 1701538776539.jpg (309.27 KB, 1440x810, image.jpg)

What would you do if the purge happened IRL?

No. 1797301

I'd loot as much money and items as I could carry in the first 2 hours and then hide in a basement until it was over.

No. 1797321

No. 1797457

Kill my mom’s husband.

No. 1797656

make a thread on here about it

No. 1797661

Don't generally fantasize about a scenario in which tons of women and children would be systemically raped and murdered personally.

No. 1797800

I would too, but honestly, how would you even hide during the purge if you don't have some sort of basement/bunker?

No. 1797807

Nothing illegal, Mr. Fbi agent

No. 1797824

Realistically? Cry and hide. In fantasyland? Loot money, kill moids that are hurting women and/or children, save animals and steal some random unnecessary shit like cute consoomer things, maybe a car too.

No. 1797907

I would become a rapist and pedo annihilator. No mercy

No. 1797909

launder money somehow

No. 1797915

Does anyone else like the smell of their own junk?

No. 1797918

You’re late >>1749472

No. 1797919

I would steal so much shit and also kill my stepdad

No. 1797920

I'm glad I'm among my people

No. 1797923

Nonnies can anyone recommend me any YouTubers that do vlogs that are sweet and calm but are fit and go to sports or something? I'm looking for a positive influence kek
I used to like Taylor R and Blake Swanson

No. 1798345

File: 1701635436703.jpg (94.39 KB, 1473x982, Deveing-shrimp-by-Jason-Donnel…)

Do you believe that this is a vein or poop?

No. 1798346

No. 1798347

I’ve never cared. I remove it if I see it. It doesn’t taste good and the texture is bad. I think this something that you could google.

No. 1798349

It's their digestive track or something, so poop.

No. 1798350

>I think this something that you could google.
I'm not asking what it really is, I just want to know what anons think since it seems like one of those things people are always split on.

No. 1798356

poop, never heard of someone thinking its a vein

No. 1799137

I heard it called a poop vein before kek.

No. 1800423

Is it weird for parents to kiss young children on the lips in your opinion? As in a quick peck ofc not like the same way you lock lips with a partner. Please say the culture you grew up in if comfortable doing so, I hear it varies by country.
When I was really young it was pretty normal in my family for either parent, and I remember liking it and initiating a lot. When I got to middle childhood it wasn't as appropriate anymore and I picked up on that and forgot about it for many years. But now I'm thinking back and realizing that I've never really heard of this from any other families and I feel like if I asked my friends they'd think it's disgusting and absurd behavior. I'm in America and my parents are Asian immigrants

No. 1800427

i don’t think i could do that personally lol , like if my child looked too much like myself or my husband i’d feel so weird

No. 1800428

I'm American (from the south), I've always thought it was weird but I know the parents aren't doing it in a weird way so I don't judge. I do think after a certain age you should stop though.

No. 1800978

anons what are your favorite aged cheddar or swiss? looking for one that's strong and has the little grit crystals in it.

No. 1800981

From Europe, my mom used to do that, but I've never heard of anyone else who does that, and tbh she's always had problems with boundaries.

No. 1801005


Asian in SEA here, its completely normal for my family at least. I'm well into my 20s and I still kiss my parents, but on the cheek now. I dont think I ever stopped. Right before I go to work I give em one!

Its very normal for us tbh, its kind of in our culture.

No. 1801013

Same here. Hate admitting I'm a Southerner who gets kissed on the lips by her family though…

No. 1801203

What are some nice tumblr blogs you would recommend following? It could be about anything except for political stuff, I've only ever used it to look at specific blogs before, but I am interested to find something new. Mostly getting bunch of generic pictures that I've seen hundred times before in my feed.

No. 1801269

yuro and it's not normal here. you kiss adults and kids in the cheek

No. 1803096

What city did you get in your Spotify Wrapped? I got Portland, OR

No. 1803111

I got San Marcos, TX

No. 1803117

No we kissed on the cheek/forehead along with a hug. I don’t remember mouth kissing so if it did happen I was too young to remember and it must not have been appropriate past 3 or 4 which is when my memories start and I don’t remember my little sister doing mouth kisses either. I think it depends on the family/culture though.

No. 1803146

File: 1701992325124.jpg (374.62 KB, 1536x2048, 20231128_001113.jpg)

Do you guys think ppl named Brittany/Britney have the worst luck at the latter half of their lives? I kept thinking about it for some reason

No. 1803149

I've only seen trailer park tier trash named Britney irl. So basically yes, usually sooner than that

No. 1803161

Britney Spears and Brittany Murphy are two big examples. Also fits with the trailer trash shit because naming your kids after a region in France, Brittany, is just like naming them Paris or Diamond

No. 1803171

There's a city in France called Diamond?

No. 1804247

Do you know how to perform CPR or the Heimlich maneuver?

No. 1804279

File: 1702064988898.jpg (23.15 KB, 460x250, Esq2vPkW8AIT4Nz.jpg)

No. 1804763

File: 1702104590858.jpg (90.08 KB, 822x620, malice doll two face.jpg)

No, and just a few minutes ago I was thinking about how useful it would be if public schools taught first aid. Or sign language. Or fucking anything. 12 years in them and not much to show for it.

No. 1804764

yes actually and had to perform it on a friend before.
my middle school taught us and had first aid chests around each building. they also taught us self defense worst case against men.

No. 1805495

Yes, I thought it was common practice to know it? I was taught when I was at least 9 or 10. I had to use it on a family member who was choking and it did save their life.

No. 1805677

any nonas who are religious or spiritual in any form, what do you believe in? I always got the implication that people here are generally irreligious or atheist so I'm just curious how many people do have a faith of some sort. E.g., there is that sweet Christian nona who started the prayer thread. No desire to infight just wondering

No. 1805682

I’m Orthodox what are yall

No. 1805689

I'm an atheist since I was conscious even though I've attempted to believe to make my life easier, to no avail. No one knows because I'd be abused by my family if they found out. (Balkan muslims)

No. 1805704

I have a goddess I make offerings during the full moon and I feed animals in her name, I refrain from alcohol and red meat too in her name, sounds silly but works for me. Was raised in a country that is very secular and wasn't forced to believe in anything really but did go to christmas church to listen to the choir in school and so on.

No. 1805947

it's dumb but I used to be an atheist until I realized I worship whoever mother nature is portrayed as

No. 1806010

is the goddess a known one from ancient times, or something different (syncretistic)? I'm curious

No. 1806011

interesting! I worship Artemis personally and eat lots of game and animal products for her

No. 1816515

File: 1702831668490.jpg (66.73 KB, 736x552, 7f7f12fe5d082299af54e8d62b6a22…)

What's your wallpaper? My computer wallpaper is this.

No. 1816593

File: 1702834535285.png (1.09 MB, 1080x680, df4sck3-79f71494-7d2a-47d9-9c4…)

My tablet background is

No. 1816911

File: 1702842134380.bmp (3.09 MB, 1200x675, Desktop Background.bmp)

mine is this!! twins!!

No. 1816924

File: 1702842561976.jpg (5.2 MB, 4800x3103, Apocalypse Now.jpg)

My ex made this for me because it's my favorite movie but now it just reminds me of her. She is a great artist, but now I'm stuck with the memories.

No. 1816926

Goddamn you should've kept dating her and used her as an ethically acceptable ai to give prompts to

No. 1816931

I'm sorry anon. It is very beautiful art but I understand having negative feelings about it.

No. 1816949

That's fucking incredible. I sort of want to stalk her for her art now

No. 1817032

Thanks, it's okay. I'm still going to use it no matter how much it hurts lol

No. 1817040

damn anon i understand. my ex was an excellent artist too and she loved making me (people in general) things without me even asking. feelsbad

No. 1817144

does anyone have advice for coping with a major death in the family? losing a second family member to terminal cancer at the same time the other passed last year and it’s been awful. i hate this fucking disease sm.

No. 1817202

Is there still a lolcow discord?

No. 1817370

No. 1821078

What do you wash first in the shower? For me it's always armpits

No. 1821089

pits > vag > ass > face

No. 1821096

My underwear and hair.

No. 1821101

hair and then arms and legs

No. 1821107

hair so I can wash the shampoo and conditioner residue off my body for the rest of the shower

No. 1821130

Why do a lot of company names end in -soft?

No. 1821134

They make software.

No. 1821140

short for software?

No. 1821350

Most tech literate lc user

No. 1821398

Please recommend me history books. Any kind.

No. 1821400

Annals, Tacitus

No. 1825917

File: 1703350545455.gif (1.03 MB, 500x375, Cow chewing cud animated gif.g…)

What are some of the most notable posts/events on Lolcow from this year to you?

No. 1826687

Samefag I realize I'm a fucking idiot, this question is what the lolcow awards are for kek. It's been so long I forgot about it

No. 1832189

File: 1703804776168.jpg (261.94 KB, 1920x1080, cfd62-16506168008635-1920.jpg)

In what order do you commit the seven deadly sins from most to least?
Love how I googled for "seven mortal sins" on purpose to make sure I actually get the sins instead of the anime, just to get the anime, still.

No. 1832212


No. 1832214


No. 1832220


No. 1832228


No. 1832235

File: 1703807021662.jpg (42.06 KB, 748x420, 1659193718760.jpg)


No. 1832237


No. 1832246


No. 1832250


I just want to get high and eat good food and fuck my Nigel and buy cool stuff for myself, basically.

No. 1832262

go way too hard on the top two, barely at all on the bottom three

No. 1834823

Wh do you think is a normie? How does a normie acts?

No. 1834830

>Well developed social skills, perfect mix of extroverted and introverted.
>Everything in life seems to go their way
>No mental health issues aside from minor stress or anxiety sometimes
>No trauma
>No niche interests or hobbies. If they have hobbies it's art or sports and nothing else.
>If they use social media, only use facebook. Not terminally online.
>middle class
>No thoughts, just happy to be alive most days.

No. 1834839

Can’t relate to any of this

No. 1834867

File: 1703989911037.jpg (170.89 KB, 1122x1109, 1585948735778.jpg)

That means i nailed it.

No. 1834870

Wait, THAT'S the standard for being a normie? Wow, I just failed the fuck out of that test.

No. 1834878

Do you not consider tiktok and ig users to be normies?

No. 1834888

is a 6 year age difference creepy? i’m the older one. he’s 18. i feel a bit weird

No. 1834889

No, you're both basically in the same age group. Savour that fresh meat, you're young too.

No. 1834899

I honestly forgot about them. Yes to instagram, for tiktok, it depends what they looks at.

No. 1834900

By this standard most redditirs aren't normies, I think losers can still be normies. They're failnormies.

No. 1835072

if he acts like a groty teen while you're mentally an adult. the mental/emotional maturity gap is the ick factor mainly but imagine this question posed by a 24 year old man about and 18 year old girl. if it feels predatory, maybe think deeper. if not, it's your life. just remember you have 6 years of life on him and you could have an effect on how he views relationships later. if you treat him like young meat like >>1834889 suggests, remember to think how he might treat women after you. don't perpetuate a weird toxic cycle if you can.
but if you conscience is clear and it's a consenting adult relationship (again, mental and emotional maturity does matter) then enjoy yourself.
ngl 18 is so so young, but then again 24 seems super young to me. at 24 I would not touch someone younger than 23 but to each her own)

No. 1835073

In the reverse situation it'd be creepy, but women aren't predatory like men so I'll give you a reluctant pass. People irl are definitely going to think it's weird though, you're mid twenties dating a teen.

No. 1835084

just a person who isn't very "different" to most others, is impressionable and easy to influence, generally predictable. has always felt comfortable with being "normal" though doesn't fully realise it. never had much trouble with socialising, whether they're good or bad at it doesn't matter, they've just never given much thought to how they should talk to and interact with others because it comes naturally to them. experiences pain that any average person does, could have childhood trauma or other terrible life experiences but it somehow doesn't come in the way of them "fitting in" with the rest of society - this doesn't mean they deal with it well, though. finds comfort in following trends and being "in the know" - this isn't something they really seek out, it is just their life. could have a wide range of personalities, could be very pleasant and easygoing, could be quite harsh and unsympathetic, and everything in between, but overall defined by not being incredibly "different"

No. 1835094

>No history with significant mental illness, abuse or otherwise problematic upbringing causing trauma
>Stable upbrining resulted in regular development of social life and relationships
>Stable upbringing resulted in walking the "normal" path in life: went through education system with no significant problems or setbacks, stable job since
>Normie mainstream interests. Any niche interests are non-screen related.
>Can have lots of screentime but predominantly on normie social media including reddit and streaming websites
>In general doesn't stick out much from the average person and average walk of life
Doesn't have to hit all points 100% to be a normie.

No. 1835097

Someone who doesn't know what an image board is

No. 1835102

> Can have lots of screentime but predominantly on normie social media including reddit and streaming websites
I’m gonna disagree with that one especially streaming sites (unless you mean Hulu/netflix). Normies have to watch their tv screen more than their computer screen (not including job hours)

No. 1835111

i agree with this definition the most. for me normies are people that follow the propagated life plan like it's shown in movies or tv shows (aka what people deem "normal"). going through education and finding a job, dating a few people, marrying and having kids. also having a partying and hookup phase, but growing out of it. niche/nerdy interests are usually a minor phase and quickly outgrown (like collecting ygo cards in middle school or watching a handful of anime once). maybe not overly popular in school but somewhere in the middle - never bullied but also never the most popular girl/guy at school. hobbies usually include sports, traveling, a specific type of alcohol (beer/gin tonic/wine) und maybe something arts and crafts related like knitting. if they have mental illnesses, they seek help and go to therapy. they easily get addicted to ig and tiktok, but only watch non-offensive beige content like hair tutorials or simple and easy recipes or those unfunny couple pranks. they also don't get internet/tumblr humor and often make a confused face and go "what is that??" when you mention something like anime. they also can't tell japanese, chinese and korean apart. i also noticed their lives are often incredibly full and they don't seem to need any alone time. instead they have appointments and activities scheduled almost every day after work and then complain about being bored when they have a day off. they also don't take time off without having a vacation scheduled because they don't know what they should do at home since they don't relax by playing video games or any other time consuming nerd hobby. i guess there's a big correlation between being a normie and being an extrovert.

No. 1835152

It probably varies per age category but it really isn't that uncommon for normies to put on streamers for background noise, especially since gaming has become mainstream. Normies have shot attention spans nowadays too.

No. 1836610

has anyone tried foodology / any korean diet pills? any results?

No. 1840446

don't bother anon. just cut calories.

No. 1859592

Anons, where would you want to live if you could live anywhere in the world?

No. 1859791

File: 1705575502741.jpeg (930.71 KB, 1179x1343, IMG_7698.jpeg)

Somewhere right by the water in the Puget Sound area (not Seattle).

No. 1859800

In desert oasis, on misty mountains, in valley meadow, on a sail ship in tropical archipelago. Somewhere the insanity of globalized world hasn't reached yet.

No. 1859835

Maybe Norway? I haven't been there yet, maybe a small town in Spain or Portugal. It's honestly hard to pick a place that doesn't suck ass.

No. 1859864

File: 1705582935367.jpeg (85.08 KB, 721x721, IMG_4356.jpeg)

Are you a Stacy or an ugly femcel? I’m a Stacy but I find femcels relatable

No. 1859871

Stacy but grew up femcel fr

No. 1859872

Ugly femcel. Yeah it ruined my life and everyone hates me kek.

No. 1859876

I'm an ugly Stacy. My face and body are repulsive but I have battled on despite the setbacks and blossomed.

No. 1859882


No. 1859893

I can't believe anyone's answering this seriously kek

No. 1859899


No. 1859916


No. 1860774

Anon, why did you have to scare everyone off. I wanted to get an idea of the demographics here

No. 1860775


No. 1860812


No. 1860821

again Kaitlyn Tiffany?

No. 1860864

I don’t know what that means

No. 1860880


No. 1860899

Iirc that was some reporter who tried to set up interview with LC users about being femcels

No. 1860912

Oh yeah I remember that, I didn’t remember what her name was
You could have just said you’re an ugly fat jealous femcel instead of getting so triggered(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1860920

Oh boy here we go

No. 1860941

I’ll go ahead and add you to the femcel count. We need more Stacys on here, we’re outnumbered(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1861121

Kek redtext was invented for people like you

No. 1862799

File: 1705813184372.gif (1.2 MB, 498x387, nerd-emoji-nerd.gif)

female fandomy youtubers? (not Izzy)

No. 1864871

Anons with cats are you able to touch or hold their paws without them getting mad?

No. 1864873

only for about a minute

No. 1864877

I have 4 and they are related but 3 don't care at all and I can do it for awhile (sometimes they kiss ms because they like it) but the one (youngest) doesn't enjoy it at all and pushes you away but they all enjoy belly rubs. Just not the paws. I read they can be tickle spots.

No. 1864880

Yeah, but I'm pretty sure it's because I've had him since he was a kitten so he's used to being touched.
It's nice to be able to cut his nails easy.

No. 1864884

not unless they're incredibly asleep. maybe for a couple seconds while they're awake.

No. 1864893

All the cats I've had wouldn't get mad but they'd gently pull away. They are all okay with being touched on the belly and never retaliate against undesired touches, they just dodge you and maybe let out a whiny meow.

No. 1864898

Daniel Larson makes me gag harder

No. 1864899

please delete this and put it in a spoiler i am begging you nicely

No. 1864922

File: 1705979137400.jpeg (Spoiler Image,945.1 KB, 3464x3464, FD0405E2-9B17-4614-8335-C38425…)

You caught me at 29 mins ago nona

No. 1864923

I can touch my cat's paws just fine. Sometimes he's not up for it and will loaf up and keep his feet underneath him like he's telling me to fuck off.

No. 1864935

my cats let me give them paw pad massages.

No. 1864955

Samefag my question was:
Who is uglier Daniel Larson or Cyraxx? I say Dan

No. 1866193

Why do some pages have the hellweek logo/black page but others don't?

No. 1882863

File: 1707500240346.jpg (49.52 KB, 735x444, 1000010166.jpg)

Are you going to an anime/comic con this year? What do you have planned to do? Will you wear comfy clothes, alt clothes or cosplay?
I want to go to an anime convention this year, I hope I can do a course to learn how to make planners so I can sell animu planners to needs, my best friend and I want to go as princess bubblegum and marceline.
Which leads me to wonder just what to do, I don't know how to look like a bloodthirsty ghoul so I may have to wear something like her black outfit with the biker shorts.
It's kind of funny because I have more bubblegum-like outfits and my bestfriend has a style that's more like marceline's but we still want to give it a try.

No. 1882880

Brown bread or white? I'm making a sandwich.

No. 1882893

Whichever one you have that is softer. What are you putting on it?

No. 1882912

I'm hoping I can make a friend this year that I can go to one with, I haven't been to a con in years and I kinda miss it. I just haven't had anyone to go with this whole time. Probably wouldn't cosplay though, I used to but I'm not into that scene anymore. I think I'd bring my itabag and do a husbando themed outfit instead kek

No. 1886503

File: 1707802571129.jpeg (64.8 KB, 637x740, 46E1B290-CE6C-430F-ABE7-DE384C…)

Does this website have a spot for cartoon/fictional confessions? I have some things I want to get off my chest but I don’t want to do it here in /ot/

No. 1886505

Didn't you already post this in a different thread?

No. 1886507

Go to /m/ there must be something in the catalog

No. 1888353

File: 1707942815204.jpg (94.32 KB, 736x736, 1000010827.jpg)

Which barbie princess would you be/ was your absolute favorite?
I would be Clara, I want to go on an adventure to save a cool place and enjoy a date with my husbando that ends up becoming real.

No. 1888449

Odette. I had stickers from that movie, the colors and aesthetic of it became a powerful memory.

No. 1888717

That space barbie, forgot her name but it was the only barbie movie I actually enjoyed and would watch again.

No. 1888741

File: 1707967538951.jpg (198.73 KB, 1000x1455, MV5BYzdhNmU5ZDktYWQ0ZC00MzI2LW…)

I forget her name but this movie is my favvv barbie movie all time and the princess and pauper ofc

No. 1888756

File: 1707968296321.jpg (124.34 KB, 735x817, 1000002773.jpg)

I wanted to be a mermaid so bad, specifically the orange ones.

No. 1888760

File: 1707968598705.jpg (91.44 KB, 881x1600, 1000002774.jpg)

They tried to say barbie gives kids EDs but all they did was show me that you can't put a price on a bad bitch

No. 1888826

File: 1707971970202.jpeg (2.43 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_8593.jpeg)

These two. I loved most of them up until I dropped out of watching the movies for a few years though

No. 1891737

Who was your first lolcow? It was Andrew Dobson for me.

No. 1891744

File: 1708198176624.gif (678.26 KB, 300x100, garlicgarlicgarlic.gif)

Either jrcach or Venus

No. 1891751

Nika and Jaelle kekk

No. 1891752

I dont remember actually, I think either chantal or that weeb girl that made an apology video in the form of a poem

No. 1891755

Onision, since 2017. I miss when he was writing books.

No. 1891759

our queen Pixitery lead me hear years ago and I never looked back…

No. 1891761

branca or Gaia/cgl era Charms

No. 1891766

Before the farms (if it counts) it was Gutterface. I'd refresh her deviantart page and google her many ridiculous names everyday when her milk was flowing like crazy, it was so entertaining but I had no one to talk about her antics. They don't make cows like this anymore, she is very boring now. Now on the farms, I don't remember but I've been watching luna's retardation since the very first thread so it might be her or haku.

No. 1891794

File: 1708201355120.jpeg (52.52 KB, 333x500, IMG_8679.jpeg)

Kiki Kannibal

No. 1891813

venus was the cow that got me onto PULL but I consider onision my first lolcow encounter. When I was 14 I was an unironic fangirl, posted on onision.xyz and everything kek. Reading about all the unhinged shit he did was an experience

No. 1891822

FatVegFemme, Phoebe Tickner. I got to her resurfaced racist tweets, she disappeared shortly after that I think. A genuinely milky cow, super infuriating and a shit person.

No. 1891823

i was so obsessed with gossip websites over the years that i don't even remember, but i first ended up on lc because of berry tsukasa, of all people.

>weeb girl that made an apology video in the form of a poem

No. 1891826

this reminds me back in the day i was an onision hater and teenage attention whore, i managed to outrage him when i sent him a scathing comment or email. he responded by stalking my social media and featured me in a now wiped video. it's all I think of whenever i see his face kek

No. 1891840

yes, i have no idea why because i never watched her but i just enjoyed her cringe weeb anticts and reading PULL users tear into her

No. 1891843

Besides her, when I was a pre-teen I found a blog which collected receipts from PULL but it was in my language. That’s how I got to know OGs like Wylona, Felice Fawn, Johanna Herrstedt, Dakota Rose etc. I was never much of a PULLfag though, it always weirded me out how nitpicky they were while also being cringe and thinking they are fighting for a moral cause or whatever.

No. 1891847

The queen during the CGL days, I loved reading about her and seeing the weird pictures she took outside before she got insaner and trooned out. I appreciate the queen for showing me that maybe being cringe isn't being free if you constantly post about it online, only you can be cringe and free if you free your cringe from the shackles of the public eye.

No. 1891965

I was interested in cowish communities first but I think it was either glitchedpuppet or kanadajin3(?) I remember being in HS and her and Sarah (I think?) breaking up literally ruined my life for months, I was obsessively into J-vlogs. I haven't kept up with either of them for years now though. Imagine my surprise when I went into her thread once and she apparently became a hardcore muslim convert.

No. 1894594

File: 1708412506299.jpg (767.07 KB, 3024x4032, lottocat.jpg)

Random question but if you nonnies had to pick 7 numbers between 1 and 70, which numbers would you pick?

No. 1894595

2, 18, 43, 54, 15, 36, 60 if you win the lotto you'd better come back and share

No. 1896357

I’m curious about nonnas’ current preferences here, so please reply to my informal survey below!

>favorite thread(s) in /ot/?

>least favorite thread(s) in /ot/?
>most frequented board(s)?
>least frequented board(s)?
>board(s) with the worst anons?
>favorite cow(s)?
>least favorite cow(s)?

No. 1896391

>favorite thread(s) in /ot/?
The social media hate threads, Amerifag General (glad to have a place to discuss uncensored opinions with other burgers), Gender Ideology Hate Thread (glad gc is back in /ot/), Lolcow’s Own Caps (sometimes funny)
>least favorite thread(s) in /ot/?
Dog Hate Thread, Twitter/Tumblr Fandom Discourse Thread (discourse is repetitive), Vent/Unpopular Opinions (chat threads and infight central)
>most frequented board(s)?
/snow/, /ot/, and /g/
>least frequented board(s)?
/pt/ and /w/
>board(s) with the worst anons?
>favorite cow(s)?
TIMs, spicey straights, polyfags, tradthots (RIP)
>least favorite cow(s)?
Basically all of /w/

No. 1896417

Sunny/Yaya tumblr user Embryoe. Her thread is impossible to find cause it was posted without a description and is 8 years old but she was in the banner for a while for being a soft uwu gunne sax fakeboi. Her thread had less than 100 posts, I just checked up on her most recent tumblr and she hasn’t posted in a month- her last post 4 months mentioned needing surgery and threatening suicide.

No. 1896432

File: 1708536013862.jpg (7.84 KB, 240x210, amy-sugarpill.jpg)

Our Queen PT, and Amy Doan (creator of Sugarpill) It's how I found lolcow 8+ years ago. I think Amy is an annoying person who shills for the acceptance of trannies and drag queens. She lives in Cali, so she's got that vibe too.

No. 1896469

>favorite thread(s) in /ot/?
Fandom hate. Despite the infighting, it produces some of the most interesting discussion there's been here in a while. That, and art salt.
>least favorite thread(s) in /ot/?
TMI Thread solely because I accidentally open it kek.
>most frequented board(s)?
>least frequented board(s)?
/w/ and /pt/, only check in on some /snow/ threads

No. 1896744

>favorite thread(s) in /ot/?
Oldweb, Gender Ideology Hate, Artist Salt
>least favorite thread(s) in /ot/?
Unpopular Opinions, whichever thread is currently being derailed by fujo/anti-fujo sperging
>most frequented board(s)?
/snow/, /m/, /ot/
>least frequented board(s)?
>board(s) with the worst anons?
/w/, /ot/
>favorite cow(s)?
Feebs, TIMs, Holly Conrad/Projared, Xiran Jay Zhao
>least favorite cow(s)?
Shayna, most cows in /w/, self-posting anachans

No. 1896855

I usually browse lc for about an hour or two every day when I'm winding down for the evening.
>Favourite threads in /ot?
I like a lot of the threads on OT where we can have intelligent discussions about topics but I don't think I have a favourite, I usually check in to any thread that's been bumped just to read what others have to say. I also really enjoy the funny screenshots thread because I like reading through what the funny nonnies say.
>Least favourite threads in /ot?
Any thread that's too niche or not engaging. I honestly don't mind the infights in the unpopular opinions thread, it's kind of fun to read through them and take sides. My least favourite threads in general though are the relationship advice threads on /g because every single post there makes me want to pull out my hair and scream "dump him!" into the void but it's never heeded.
>Most frequented boards?
It depends, I usually start my browsing on LC for the day on either /pt or /w, just to catch up on the cows I follow, and then shift to /ot or /g once I've read through the cow threads to see what's going on with my fellow anons.
>Least frequented boards?
Probably /sty or /cream, I never browse those ones. I also hardly use /m.
>Boards with the worst anons?
I have a love/hate relationship with my fellow /w nonas. They're the most retarded and nitpicky of the bunch, but that's why I fit in so well with them. I'm under the impression that a lot of former PULLtards frequent /w; sometimes I still miss PULL.
>Favourite cows?
The cow I've followed the most intensely is probably Jill, I started following her threads closely before the DID saga. I also like the Terry threads, and Venus too because I started watching Venus when she was under 5k subscribers on YT. Pixy's thread is always fun to read and her tiktok videos unironically make me giggle like a retard. I also love Lilliee Jean's thread and I'd love to get the chance to smoke a spliff with her irl and ask her what the fuck is up with her mum.
>Least favourite cows?
I guess any cow that has like over 20 threads but it's all just weird bullshit I don't care about. Like for example, I don't like Shay because I never followed her and by this point I'm not gonna read 150k+ posts about her. I just can't be assed. I also don't like cosplay cows just because I'm not big on the whole weeb scene so a lot of the milk seems really mundane to me.

No. 1896867

Leave Amy alone

No. 1896872

>favorite thread(s) in /ot/?
art salt, sad beie houses, consoomerism
>least favorite thread(s) in /ot/?
gender ideology hate, celebricows, unpopular opinions
>most frequented board(s)?
/ot/ and /snow/
>least frequented board(s)?
>board(s) with the worst anons?
>favorite cow(s)?
xirian, yandev, shoe
>least favorite cow(s)?
every TIF/TIM and shayna

No. 1896899

Whats the name of that subreddit where men post about "accidental" dick flashing. One of you has to know it

No. 1896959

I'd say venus simply because i knew of her first and she always made me cringe. There was random lolcows who have been lost to time that i cannot recall which sucks because i remember the milk more than i can remember their names.

No. 1897003

>favorite thread(s) in /ot/?
The gender ideology hate thread is good so far and I enjoy the twitter hate thread are good ones, overall the celebricow thread is my favorite
>least favorite thread(s) in /ot/?
Can't think of a thread I particularly hate
>most frequented board(s)?
/ot/, /g/
>least frequented board(s)?
>board(s) with the worst anons?
Newfag so I'm still becoming familiar with the types of anons on each board
>favorite cow(s)?
Pixyteri is the one I usually keep up with
>least favorite cow(s)?
Shayna maybe

No. 1897827

>favorite thread(s) in /ot/?
Art salt
>least favorite thread(s) in /ot/?
Dog/cat hate, vent/confession/unpopular opinions. They aren't bad in theory but every time some retarded handmaiden complains about her moid I lose years off my life. Unpopular opinions aren't bad on their own but I think the topic is prone to bait. Unpopular opinions should go into vent or confessions.
>most frequented board(s)?
/ot/, /g/, /snow/
>least frequented board(s)?
/w/, I enjoy /pt/ but milk is slow
>board(s) with the worst anons?
/w/. Nitpicking schizos. Being ugly isn't milk
>favorite cow(s)?
Onision, Creepshowart (rip), Lillee Jean, Pixieteri
>least favorite cow(s)?
Everyone in /w/ except pixielocks

No. 1899719

File: 1708767922829.jpeg (497.5 KB, 1112x821, IMG_6915.jpeg)

What do you see first when you look at this image, an upset demon or a dog?

No. 1899721

No. 1899722

Well first I saw a kid with black makeup/face paint on but now I see a dog

No. 1899758

upset demon

No. 1899864

I saw a demented child face but then I took a nap and now I see the dog as well

No. 1900035

File: 1708797436730.jpeg (714.41 KB, 1170x1006, IMG_6921.jpeg)

Would you go paragliding with your pet?

No. 1900051

Noo that seems like it'd be so scary for 99% of animals

No. 1900577

Do you prefer Coca Cola or Pepsi? I prefer Coke (Diet Coke because I'm not big). Sometimes I'll have a Diet Pepsi but when I sip on it I'm always reminded about how Diet Coke is a lot smoother and more nutritious-tasting. I'm curious whether nonas prefer Coke or Pepsi. Inb4 "soda is bad for you!" no it's not and you sound dumb parroting scientists and the FDA (AKA the Federal Dumbass Association).

No. 1900579

I LOVE the new Twitter phenomena where you people can't say fat so you say big instead.

No. 1900582

I don’t like soda

No. 1900594

File: 1708823507928.png (119.83 KB, 600x375, screenshot_20171210-095441-2_i…)

No. 1900598

Do you like autistics or any other disableds? Which ones bother you the least, and which bother you the most?

No. 1900601

Anons, what’s your favorite movie?

No. 1900607

I avoid autistic people other than my friend. We just don't get along and I'm trying to put up with them (unless they're children) can kill my mood. I don't mind other disabilities.

No. 1900610

We have a thread for this, it's called like "the mental disorders you can't stand" or something like that. You can read through it to get the gist.
Donnie-san is a known troll and he only tweeted this to make the ana-chans mald and go crazy in his replies to boost his engagement.
If you think the insult "big" originates on Twitter you need to step outside and talk to some Gen X ladies which will gladly make you realize "big" is just as insulting as fat, in fact it is more insulting than fat because it implies that the person being called "big" is also too stupid to realize they are being insulted. I said "big" because I wanted everyone to know even if I was fat I would systematically deny it to protect my self-image and gaslight myself à la Amberlynn Reid.
Okay but do you prefer Coke or Pepsi like if you were locked up in a dungeon by an ogre or something and he was like "oh I don't have water I only have Pepsi or Coke" what would you prefer?

No. 1900613

Diet coke enjoyers will bring world peace.

No. 1900619

My current favorite movie is The Devils from 1972. It might change soon.

No. 1900629

I like a lot of movies and struggle to name a favourite. My top three are Valerie and Her Week of Wonders, the original Suspiria, and an American Werewolf in London.

No. 1900927

>favorite thread(s) in /ot/?
I regularly browse unpopular opinions, celebricows and 'site hate' threads but I wouldn’t call them favorite. In terms of quality I appreciate the digital detox one and the news stories. I like the nostalgic threads about cows, like old lolcow memories, cows that you miss, what’s your real opinion on cows etc. Post like a moid very occasionally makes me laugh.
>least favorite thread(s) in /ot/?
Dog/cat hate (who cares), I’m mostly neutral about others.
>most frequented board(s)?
/ot/, /g/, /snow/.
>least frequented board(s)?
/w/, I don’t use it at all.
>board(s) with the worst anons?
It’s more thread specific than board specific but I’d say /ot/ rn, a lot of nitpicking and racist retards. /snow/ can be annoying too but less I think.
>favorite cow(s)?
Shuwu brought me back here but she is not really milky right now. I like ProJared because his thread is relaxing. I recently read Soren threads and holy fuck, that was something.
>least favorite cow(s)?
Shayna, Venus, Lucinda. Lucinda is too otherworldly for me, I feel like we live in different dimensions.

No. 1900936

Natural Born Killers, La Pianiste, Badlands, Fear Eats the Soul, Lost in Translation, Closer. My first instinct answer is NBK.

No. 1900956

>favorite thread(s) in /ot/?
gender ideology hate, song lyrics, food threads, help me find, absolutely retarded shitpost (rip)
>least favorite thread(s) in /ot/?
unpopular opinions, fandom drama, tinfoil
>most frequented board(s)?
/m/, /snow/, /ot/
>least frequented board(s)?
i never set foot in /g/ if i can help it
>board(s) with the worst anons?
>favorite cow(s)?
pixilocks, parkavenuepinup, tifs and spicy straights, author cows, artist cows in general like amanda palmer and emilie autumn.
>least favorite cow(s)?
most if the moids incl. tims are straight up horrorcows. imo their entertainment value is limited and i prefer my drama in the lighter side. venus and lilee jean also kinda make me sad, i don't find them funny.

No. 1901296

>favorite thread(s) in /ot/?
Dumbass Shit, but because it's autosaged and I need shit shoved in my face to realize them, I don't use it as much.
>least favorite thread(s) in /ot/?
The ones that are useless to me
>most frequented board(s)?
>least frequented board(s)?
/pt/ I don't even go there when I'm bored, nobody there interests me at all. I only liked Lillie Jeans first couple of threads, I don't care about anyone on there at all. Maybe Chris Chan only when it's drama. I never go there.
>board(s) with the worst anons?
I'm not sure
>favorite cow(s)?
I would say Shay, but the Cows who threads I can read multiple times a year are, Stephanie, The girl from /W/ who larped having amnesia, I may even read Soren's thread again, any cow whose thread I can read top to bottom for pure enjoyment. I notice I like Cows who lie a lot about retarded things.
>least favorite cow(s)?
TIMS, they just piss me off and any Cow who is very political. Rather it's racist right wingers/Pick me's/Leftist etc.

No. 1901325

File: 1708889507211.gif (1.56 MB, 500x200, tumblr_d677349891752a16304c77f…)

The discussions around the Avatar live action have me curious. Are there any live action shows you think wouldn't be good (or at least as good) if they were animated?

I say Shameless.

No. 1901331

The Love Witch (2016)

No. 1901357

>favorite thread(s) in /ot/?
Vent, confessions, stupid questions, unpopular opinions, celebricows, tiktok hate
>least favorite thread(s) in /ot/?
Mundane shit, consoomerism, the one for autists and adhd
>most frequented board(s)?
/ot/, /g/, /m/,
>least frequented board(s)?
I lost interest in /snow/ and rarely check any of the hidden boards
>board(s) with the worst anons?
/snow/ because it attracts males and people who don’t use the rest of the site
>favorite cow(s)?
I used to follow trisha, sabrina nellie and sandra, the coquette thread and the personal cow thread
>least favorite cow(s)?
Lucinda because I feel bad for her

No. 1901358

I saw a dog first, I could only see the demon if I stared at the left side of the dogs mouth

No. 1901361

>What story game is your favorite?
>What story game do you hate?
>What plot (spoilers) of a story game do others think is great but you hate?
>What plot that others hate but you love?

No. 1901369

most sitcoms, or stuff that doesn't need to be animated in the first place.

No. 1901777

Which of the following threads is the most interesting/entertaining to you - unpopular opinions, vent, or confessions?

No. 1901778

Unpopular opinions is the most entertaining for me because it always produces gems as a result of the constant retardation and infighting that takes place there. Vent is okay but I feel bad that it's become a chat thread now. Confessions is usually tame but I like it more than I like the TMI thread for obvious reasons.

No. 1901794

vent because the others have too much infighting. saying its entertaining feels bad but i like to keep up with it when i can and say something nice too.

No. 1901907

File: 1708924895685.jpeg (313.93 KB, 936x960, IMG_6824.jpeg)

If you walked past a graveyard and saw a dogman digging up graves would you be scared

No. 1901912

a what

No. 1901914

If you mean a man digging like a dog I'd report him to the police and get his cars tags. It pisses me off that people act disrespectful around others graves.

No. 1901927

No I would Shoot Him

No. 1901942

Dogman is a cryptid that looks kind of like a werewolf

No. 1901974

What are your favorite flowers?

No. 1901986

File: 1708928102164.jpg (682.62 KB, 3000x2000, magnolia-tree-640d2fb67b8ab.jp…)

Chicory, roses (English variety is my fav), lily of the valley, magnolia. I wanna know yours too anon.

No. 1901993

How to repel old men?

No. 1901996

I like Lily of the valley, bluebells and bleeding hearts

No. 1902009

File: 1708929226270.jpg (236.69 KB, 980x977, hydrangeas.jpg)

i love hydrangeas

No. 1902014

File: 1708929442758.jpg (147.41 KB, 1600x1200, 1000003002.jpg)

Mine too

No. 1902032

File: 1708930562734.jpeg (987.64 KB, 1998x1998, 909ECA9A-B5C8-458C-9413-F6ADD8…)

daffodils, tulips, sunflowers, and roses

No. 1902036

dandelions and hydrangeas

No. 1902058

lavender, jasmines & lemon blossoms

No. 1902872

File: 1708982794460.jpeg (69.69 KB, 495x500, IMG_1866.jpeg)

Is he hot or not? That will influence my answer.
Carnations are my favourite flower to receive. Specifically the type in picrel. I like the look of a lot of cactus flowers too.

No. 1902876

File: 1708982912563.jpg (43.48 KB, 600x400, gypro001.jpg)

Gypsophila, it looks nothing special in this picture but a lot of it together: GORGEOUS

No. 1902878

File: 1708982983811.jpg (598.07 KB, 800x800, gaura-lindheimeri-whirling-but…)

Gaura is also gorgeous irl

No. 1902880

Purple and Mr Lincoln roses, English lavender, baby's breath, hydrangea, orchids

No. 1902921

vent has tons of infighting and confessions is usually chill with only occasional infights wdym

No. 1903063

File: 1708996370934.jpeg (741.34 KB, 1170x1572, IMG_7089.jpeg)

you can’t see him clearly in that picture but this is what the freaks look like

No. 1903071

File: 1708996718882.jpg (31.83 KB, 360x360, 20231015_031451.jpg)

No. 1903080

Laugh at them in a mean way. Mocking them. Turns them cold.

No. 1903103

Okay thanks for the photo reference. To answer you question if I saw dogman digging up graves at the graveyard and would I be scared: no. This is how the situation would happen ideally:
>It's a dark and stormy night on the moors; the bright moon illuminates the deserted path leading towards the cemetery: I have to walk the path, alone, every night after coming home from the library.
>I hear a rustling and notice Dogman digging up graves, his huge furry biceps tensed from the hard work.
>"D-dogman-san…" I whisper as the beast looks up towards me.
"Oh… bark bark… it's you nonna… bark…. I didn't expect you to be walking here so early…. bark…."
>"Well, I left the library early because the scrote next to me smelled really bad like BO because he wasn't wearing deodorant so I got mad and left."
>Dogman listens intently as he continues to dig up the old graves, the headstones are covered in lichen and the names have long since faded.
>"That's too bad nonna… bark bark….. Scrotes are so gross… bark… Us dogpeople bath every morn' in the fragrant mineral waters of the nearby spring and we also don't sweat because we're part dog… bark"
>"O-oh dogman…" I say flustered, "Such a hulking beast like yourself is so hygenic… and so strong… what are you doing digging up the graves? Looking for a bone to chew?"
>Dogman's snout curls into a grin as he says "No… bark bark…. I was digging this up for you… bark"
>He opens his huge paw-hand to reveal a cache of jewellery he's collected from the old graves of the rich dead.
>"O-oh…. Dogman-san….."
>I fall into his arms and I'm comforted by the warmth of his supple fur and the strong grasp of his advanced musculature.
>"Nonna… will you do me the deed… bark bark…. and be wedded to me in holy matrimony? Bark" he slyly asks as he holds out a huge diamond ring for me.
>There are tears in my eyes now but I know in my heart that Dogman is the one for me: not only is he a super hunk and also good with his hands, but he will provide for me better than any scrote ever could and Dogman isn't constrained by the follies of humanity. Also his tongue is really long and his jaw muscles are strong so he never gets tired of cunnilingus.
>"Y-yes…. of course I will Dogman… I love you!"
>Dogman barks happily and we make out over the graves.
So no I wouldn't be scared of Dogman digging up graves.

No. 1903108

if you sign a book deal you could probably make some serious cash nonners

No. 1903110

Thank you. I used to be ashamed to my attraction to werewolves/dogmen but not anymore. It's not my fault my sexual awakening coincided with my first watch of An American Werewolf in London. It sucks though because whenever I go out on dates with scrotes I try and ask them if they're werewolves and so far they've all said no. I hate it here. I just want a sexy werewolf boyfriend. Ugh.

No. 1903116

This is good but dogman smelling better than regular scrote was too much for my suspension of disbelief, dogs are stanky.

No. 1903122

You and dogman-san sound like a wonderful couple

No. 1903130

I appreciate your constructive criticism nona but truth be told I would prefer Dogman's primal musk over the raw onion and sewage BO of that scrote that I had to endure in the library just now any day. I would just buy Dogman some cologne or something to wear after his mineral spring baths.

No. 1903147

Whats something you did that you realized wasn't normal, but you thought "everyone" did?

No. 1903151

Write with the pencil resting on your ring finger. Apparently it's most common to rest it on your middle. I was shocked when I found out, my whole life is a lie.

No. 1903293

Anons what bottle of sauce is your favorite? Post pictures if possible, curious to see what anons from around the globe like.

No. 1903296

Generic hoisin sauce and spicy mayonaise (specifically perinaise cuz I love a cheeky nandos kek). Other than those two I usually just make my own sauces at home.
I thought everyone locked the bathroom door when it was in use but apparently I'm surrounded by the mentally retarded who don't know how to lock the door because I've walked in on 3 people taking shits this week because they don't lock the fucking door and now I'm in the habit of knocking on bathroom doors before I enter.

No. 1903299

does ketchup count

No. 1903584

File: 1709031297014.jpg (97.79 KB, 1600x1600, jack_daniels_smokey_sweet_barb…)

This is SEX but they stopped seeling it in my country. I didn't like it when i ate it the first time but second time i understood the taste and i bought tons of these. I wish I could eat it just one more time on a steak.

No. 1903869

Who's your favourite lolcow to read through under 10 threads?(use the catalog, there is a thread for this)

No. 1903889

File: 1709050630765.png (874.89 KB, 920x613, K8Qsud1.png)

Does anyone here still play PokemonGo? I was surprised to see that its subreddit was still active and that it seems to have events and activities still going on(picrel was from a Hallowed event in 2023)

No. 1903903

yeah i do! it's fun

No. 1903906

My friend does, has found a dozen of hardcore pokemon go players in our town that she does raids with. A surprising number of normies are pokego casual players also.

No. 1903953

my cousin and her boyfriend also play, which I was surprised to know cause they are normie's in all respects.

No. 1903958

what's it like to play to these days, also is it safe to walk around as much?

No. 1904032

I played it so long that I can't stop now. I gave it so much of my time, but it's much nicer to look at pokemon than at people on the street so it's still worth it.

No. 1904143

Are you asking if it's safe to walk outdoors?

No. 1904820

Has anyone here ever boarded their cat before and if so how was your experience? I’m going out of town for a few days next month and I’m considering using a boarding service rather than having to rely on a family member to watch my cat, but it gives me anxiety to think about leaving him in some unfamiliar place with strangers. I want to make the best decision for him, but no one I know has ever done this so I’m curious about any personal experiences you may have.

No. 1904823

Honestly I've used boarding kennels before for my cat but I wouldn't do it again in the future. I'd much rather give her to a friend or family member and pay them some money for looking after her. I found whenever I brought my cat to the board kennel, she'd act really funky for a few days after coming back home and it seemed like she was just put in there and ignored. I can't fault the boarding kennel entirely, but just think: it's a few employees paid minimum wage to watch over too many cats all locked in tiny kennels for a week with nobody really caring too much. That's just my experience though, it might be different from where you are.

No. 1905456

File: 1709152500311.jpeg (534.34 KB, 1242x1068, IMG_1928.jpeg)

I'm going to Subway nonnies: what's your order?

No. 1905486

12 inch meatball marinara with extra spinach.

No. 1905491

What are your favorite desserts?

No. 1905500

Plain bread, safest option there

No. 1905503

Do you want the plain bread toasted or untoasted?

No. 1905507

veggie sub on italian herbs & cheese with extra white cheddar and chipotle sauce, not toasted!!!!!
you made me want subway nona

No. 1905508

Toasted, I have my own butter ready to put on it when you get here

No. 1905513

Gelato, chocolate chip cookies and lemon tarts

No. 1905516

Turkey on toasted italian bread

No. 1905676

File: 1709165536635.jpeg (96.37 KB, 1280x720, IMG_3455.jpeg)

Pavlova, chocolate mousse and I love these fruit-shaped pastries.

No. 1905693

What is the best compliment you've ever received? Mine was when my classmate told me I looked like my cat.

No. 1905694

anything with chestnut, especially mont blanc and my dad's homemade chestnut mousse

No. 1905705

>chestnut desserts
>mont blanc
Never heard of these before in my life but I googled Mont Blanc and damn now I wanna try it so bad. I don’t think chestnuts are really a thing in the states let alone chestnut desserts. Maybe I’ll try to make some next Christmas.

I had a roasted chestnut once at Disney world and it was really gross and bad and bitter. I’m assuming these are not like that?

No. 1905734

File: 1709169967193.png (413.13 KB, 700x467, IMG_2744.png)

nah they're sweet. they're usually based on chestnut puree or candied chestnuts
if you can ever find picrel (this specific brand) you might experience a spiritual revelation no joke

No. 1905816

File: 1709176374588.jpg (721.73 KB, 1080x2340, 1000006468.jpg)

Should I get this? Price is high but I agreed with the guy to pay 30 total for price and shipping. I think it's soooo cute… thinking of hanging it the nursury. Should I do it? Husband won't like it but he doesn't have to know until it arrives…

No. 1905819

>in the nursery

No. 1905824

It's hideous and scary wtf

No. 1905840

I think it’s very cute!

No. 1905846

That post is obviously b8.

No. 1905847

Husband is going to be pissed but I'm getting it. I'm so weak for vintage clowns

No. 1905850

Boring, low effort

No. 1905852

Girl you are going to traumatize your child with that thing. It looks really dirty anyway, $60 is insane for something so filthy

No. 1905862

File: 1709178050670.jpg (779.27 KB, 1080x2340, 1000006476.jpg)

I genuinely like the clown… im trying to go for a vintage kind of mother goose thing in the nursury and I thought it looked cute. Originally was going to go for this but couldn't find it for less than 100

It's not 60, I haggled the guy to 30 total. If it looks dirty I'll pass I guess but the aesthetic is on the money

No. 1905863

This was literally the most cut and dry baby bait thats been posted for the past month and you're responding to it like it's real?

No. 1905867

It's not bait, I just wanted opinions on if I should get it. If it's that ugly, I guess not. I thought it had personality

No. 1905874

Yeah. A growing baby wants millennial beige hipster shit you would find in a 40 year old gay man's pretentious penthouse in Brooklyn

No. 1905880

Sorry I'll go to target instead, kayleigh.

No. 1905886

I think it’s cute for a nursery nona, do it!!

No. 1905923

File: 1709181350934.jpg (84.2 KB, 881x672, clown.JPG)

thinking of getting this painting for my baby's bedroom. I think it would look nice mounted on the ceiling above his crib, but my husband won't get off discord voice chat long enough to take a look at it and give me permission to buy it. I'd ask my mom, but he says she's a Karen and made me delete her number off my phone. What do you think, nonas?(bait)

No. 1905925

I hope the clown comes out of the painting and steals your TV.

No. 1906198

File: 1709199934395.jpg (127.85 KB, 967x663, jackson.jpg)

A far more appropriate clown for a baby's room. Bit of color to cheer the room up.

No. 1906202

I think the clown is cute! I like how he balances on the ball and is holding an umbrella even though it isn't raining. The clown will be a good lesson for your baby on how to balance when it learns to walk and also about what umbrellas are.
I know this is a joke post but for a minute I honestly thought this clown was Micheal Jackson the singer LOL! I need to go to sleep it's too late for me to be browsing LC I keep imagining things.

No. 1906207

print out your husband's discord avatar and if he ever asks tell him he is a deadbeat father and that's probably the only way the baby will remember him

No. 1906208

>husband won't get off discord
>give me permission to buy it
>made me delete her number off my phone
6/10 bait, sad if real though

No. 1906269

File: 1709204961681.png (1.47 MB, 788x794, Screenshot 2024-02-29 120728.p…)

Is this person a lolcow / was ever mentioned here? Simply googling her name + lolcow doesn't give anything but she has that energy that makes me thing she totally could've been mentioned here.
(just curious tbh because I kinda like the music)(There is a thread for this)

No. 1906284

File: 1709206616435.jpg (124.07 KB, 903x887, clown-michael-jackson-1984-v0-…)

NTA but it is Michael Jackson

No. 1906340

Wow I never knew MJ did clowning. That's so cool, he really was a superstar performer and did it all.

No. 1906357

what's a good reason or excuse to quit a job that you just started?

No. 1906412

What's the ups and downs of having two jobs aside from taxes? I want to work a bit more in the spring/summer but they won't give me more hours at my current job.
Do you have to provide a reason? You can just send an email saying you want to quit, if you just started I don't think they'll really be pushing for a reason.

No. 1906417

Do you prefer lighting incense, candles or purifiers?

No. 1906423

Candles all the way, my candle collection could be posted in the consoom thread kek although I'm trying to be good and cut back/use up what I have now

No. 1906443

Candles and diffusers

No. 1906490

I guess not but I feel obligated to because I said I could commit to a certain amount of time working there and now I want to back out

No. 1906505

cant you just say something like sorry but you don't think its going to work out and thank them for the opportunity? if you really feel obligated to give a reason then just say something came up in your personal life, you don't have to get specific at all

No. 1906588


No. 1906698

I love incense but it makes my throat hurt if I light it before bed so I want to get one of those oil burners.

No. 1906849

You’re right I’m overthinking it. Thanks

No. 1906854

I like candles and incense I use both depending on the vibe, smell, or experience I’m trying to achieve

No. 1907009

I like incense best, but I'm also a moderate smoker, so I think really I just like the feeling of smoke in my lungs.

No. 1909368

If you had to choose would you rather live in a maximalist bordering on hoarder home, or a minimalist sad beige bordering on museum home?

No. 1909443

Latter. The former would be an ass to clean and my taste leans minimalist anyway.

No. 1910638

My parents were hoarders and minimalist sad beige homes soothe my soul. So clean, so much space, so easy to move, and fewer hiding places for creepy spiders

No. 1910639

How do you feel about your dad and brothers if you have them?

No. 1910644

was strict growing up but pretty chill now that I'm an adult. We have a lot of interests and hobbies in common. He's nice to my mom so I don't hate him
he's a gay gamer "femboy" NEET. Just waiting for the eventual trooning. He's not a bad kid, just depressed and got groomed by discord trannies. There's nothing I could do to talk him out of going down that path though.

No. 1910657

>gay gamer "femboy" NEET
the absolute state of modern men

No. 1910660

Not sure you want to hear the absolute screed I have ready on them. They’re so bad. My brother was my best friend up to age 8 or so but puberty absolutely shattered that relationship and my father was always a demon. Could elaborate further but it would take all day.

No. 1910662

i used to hold onto this childish affection for my father but he keeps tearing that down with his drugs and homelessness. i found out he was on a cps watchlist and now i don't try to put effort into talking with him. likely i won't find out when he dies but whatever

No. 1910669

My dad’s cool. He was a dumbass POS when I was a kid and totally deserved my mom divorcing him, but he’s come a long way since then and has worked hard to be a genuinely good person now. I’m proud of him.

No. 1910717

>What Cow has the worst fashion sense in your opinion?
>What Cow has the best fashion sense?
>Have you every played with Clay?

No. 1910729

I know that feel about your brother, my brother was also basically my best friend but puberty also fucked up everything. We only have talked a bit more lately and out of necessity rather than because we want to talk to each other, and we're 29 and 30 years olds, so yeah.
I really hate and also don't understand how my brother is like a DID freak, he has three different ages, he's either 5 years old, 15 years old or 60 years old. It's annoying but you get used to it.
My father is just too sarcastic and ironic, it's annoying most of the time and his sense of humor is annoying too, I think he's depressed or something but he doesn't "believe" in psychology or psychiatry so yeah. I hate that he cheated on my mother and I told him so back then when we all discovered the piece of shit he was sleeping with.
My brother and my father are the reason why I don't try to get a boyfriend, I can't imagine talking to a moid irl tbh.

No. 1910732

Eh, i used to be very conflicted about my dad because he's an adhd male (do i have to explain why lmao). Especially because his unhinged relationship with food splashed on me but now that I am controlling the worst things that i inherted from him, I'm looking at him in a different light and seeing the positive things that he passed onto me too. He's overall a good man.

No. 1910736

>What cow has the worst fashion sense?
Jillian Vessey. The reason I think this is because she went to community college for fashion design and she pretends like she's good at it but all of her clothes look like absolute trash. Her most recent Valentine's day outfit was a sewed up red picnic table cloth and dirty shoes from 2016 that were too big for her massive ogre feet.
>What cow has the best fashion sense?
PT. Not in the sense that she's fashionable, but I think her fashion sense is truest to herself. It's like those really venomous tree frogs that are brightly coloured so as to alert the animals around them not to touch them for fear of being poisoned. If I saw PT the way she is usually dressed, I'd know right away to cross the street to the other sidewalk.
>Have you ever played with clay?
Yes, I think there should be more pottery studios around. I think clay is really fun to play with because it's a very creative activity. Plus, you can make all sorts of useful items like mugs, bowls, or even ash trays. It's a very versatile medium.

No. 1911517

What do you nonas use to wash your face in the morning? Not asking about specific brands, just what kind of product(s) you use if any.

No. 1911542

Cold water and dove soap bar

No. 1911557

Just water usually. My nighttime skincare routine is pretty moisturizing so washing with a cleanser would just strip it and leave me feeling dry

No. 1911567

When I don't feel my face greasy, or the weather is nice (not hot as fuck) only water and random soap of some mysterious brand that could be dish soap and I don't know.
But when my face feels greasy I wash my face with water, facial soap, tonic, rose water and then I apply some cream with sunblock.

No. 1911575

just warm water while showering

No. 1911839

Peeling, face cleansing foam and then face wash gel. My skincare is trash though.

No. 1913100

What thread(s) do you wish was more popularly frequented on /ot/? As in, which thread(s) would you like to see become more active?

No. 1913112

File: 1709707286062.jpeg (241.48 KB, 1290x1591, IMG_7122.jpeg)

What do you nonnas see? Cause I can only see Mr. T

No. 1913118

I see one very pretty kitty. Love her coat looks so healthy and shiny. I hope she lives until old age in happiness.

No. 1913122

File: 1709708068415.png (40.5 KB, 516x557, badapple3.png)

No. 1913165

I’m retarded apparently because I see neither, maybe panda but that’s pushing it.

No. 1913177

File: 1709713641029.jpeg (81.22 KB, 500x500, EBD55092-8B5F-4A4E-B78B-B18400…)

Billy Mays

No. 1913194


No. 1913276

Can someome recomend me a piece of media? I haven't watched/read anything new in a while. I don't have preferences (not even about types: it can be books, movies, manga, ect) but no porny stuff please i'm burned out off sexualized/fanservice-y media

No. 1913304

File: 1709729536056.jpg (100.28 KB, 617x1000, 81oY-BzQRqL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

This essay is good and not very long

No. 1913335

I have this exact version of the book and it's so cute and small! I love it and can also recommend

No. 1914993

What’s your favorite Japanese dish?

No. 1915081

Fancy ramen with chicken broth or chicken katsu (chicken >>>>> pork) hard tie but I also enjoy the heck out of pretty much most Japanese food including sushi

No. 1915219

I've reqlly enjoyed "ghost stories of an antiquary",they're short storyes from 1900. Short and sweet, spooky and in the public domain so it's free, maybe you could find it interesting!

No. 1915236

No. 1915263

If anyone sells clothes online, which platforms do you prefer? I like ebay and depop

No. 1915394

I think eBay and Depop are the best options. I had tried Poshmark for a while but I didn't like it and I thought there were too many low-quality sellers to compete with. If you are serious about making reselling clothes as a side gig, I recommend you invest in creating your own small website. If you have repeat customers, you can direct them to that website instead and offer your stock at a small discount (5-10%) to avoid paying sellers fees on eBay or Depop. In my case, I'll redirect repeat customers or shoppers with high ratings (e.g., if someone has like 100 positive buyer ratings on Depop I assume they wont try to scam and would appreciate the deal offered on my personal website) to my website (that I set up on Carrd pro + GoDaddy domain) where they can choose what clothes they want, and then just send me the money through Cashapp or bank transfer, that way I avoid the time it takes for eBay/Depop to process the transaction.

No. 1915412

I use ebay, though admittedly while I've had a lot of success selling weird items clothing has been harder to sell.
I sometimes wonder if I should drop the rarer or more high-end ones on depop. ebay at least refunds me almost a quarter of the shipping cost even when the buyer pays.

No. 1916523

I need your favorite sugar cookie recipe ASAP. I have some lemon creamcheese frosting left over from something else and I really want to pair it with sugar cookies.

No. 1916542

Japanese curry is the best, I think I'll make some this weekend now that it's on my mind

No. 1916685

Going to give myself a haircut and want to do some layers. What technique do you use/youtube video? My hair is to my waist.

No. 1916773

Is your hair straight/wavy/curly?

No. 1916836

Straight thick hair.

No. 1916883

Do you also hold back your comments to avoid infights or being annoying on lc or do you not care?

No. 1916897

File: 1709939360618.jpg (53.64 KB, 1024x636, FqzlopZaAAAlmBl.jpg)

I post whatever I'm thinking, but don't really get into infights for some reason- internet arguments in general always seem so pointless. If some anon shits on my opinion it doesn't bother me, especially if they have a decent counter-argument. For stuff like the spicy hot totally not scrote bait takes in unpopular opinions, picrel.

No. 1916908

Depends on my mood. More often than not I just scroll past annoying shit though.

No. 1916909

Yes, I just ignore. I used to be bad about writing autistically long, diplomatic posts in response to annoying takes, but then realized it never changes anyone's mind and is a huge waste of time. Sometimes I will still chime in, but it's brief and I refuse to infight, especially when so much of the dumb shit posted is clearly bait.

No. 1916916

Like the other anon, it depends on my mood. Im too opinionated and I need to put my two cents in everything, so sometimes I just say what I want to say in a non-aggressive way. Anons usually end up getting mad anyway though so it doesn't really matter..

No. 1916920

I think part of the fun of /ot/ is getting your opinions out and communicating with other anons here. I don't like to infight on cow boards so I'll ignore dumbass opinions there, but on /ot/ if someone says something really retarded and I don't think it's bait I'll infight for a bit just for the bants.

No. 1916923

I usually ignore because I know I'll probably just sound like a retard.

No. 1916954

How you deal with underboob sweat? It's been getting really hot in my country and i go to work wearing a sports everyday so i can deal with everything a lot better but now the area below my breast sweats so much, i hate it.

No. 1916957

Look for an anti-perspirant called "Drysol" and get the normal strength version. Apply the Drysol liquid underneath your breast every second night for the first week, and then every third night for the rest of the time you use it. It can be drying on the skin, so make sure you lotion the area in the mornings.

No. 1917252

Have you ever yeard of
“witch, warlock
bitch, borlock
sick, sorcock” before?

No. 1917810

Should I dye my light blue denim jacket army green?

No. 1917868

He Is okay, protective of me, responsible and stuff, love him, he is my bro.

No. 1917911

Maybe test on a pair of thrifted jeans first?

No. 1921066

If you could choose several high end bags that would be given to you for free, which ones would you want? Brand, style and color

No. 1921071

does anyone else remember around like 2007, the shaytards were always pedobaiting with their thumbnails?
it was nasty and I've never seen anyone talk about it, I'm wondering if I had him confused with someone else

No. 1921073

The most sought after and/or expensive ones so I can sell them. Congrats on your sugardaddy btw.

No. 1921101

File: 1710205098674.jpg (1.56 MB, 3464x3464, 1000014426.jpg)

Literally only these two, I was trying to find a bag for parties but there's nothing that's practical and versatile. I mean, it's hard for me to pick one that isn't one that I already own because I absolutely despise when the metals I have on my outfit don't match with the rest of my accessories but that's because I'm autistic.
I also couldn't find a bag that would make me think "omg this is so cute, I would buy it even if it doesn't go with anything I own" it's insane, are all brands just copying each other but changing a few things here and there? Or am I going crazy?

No. 1921126

File: 1710205990535.jpeg (532.47 KB, 1242x1253, IMG_2140.jpeg)

>Congrats on your sugardaddy btw
What an odd thing to say…

No. 1921132

reply with a fact about yourself?

No. 1921150

I suffer from this rare genetic disorder called Alexandria's Genesis, it's super rare so you probably haven't heard of it but basically I have purple eyes and no body hair. It's super difficult condition.

No. 1921151

> Congrats on your sugardaddy btw
Anon, how disgusting. I just wanted to know which styles of purses everyone likes, and I didn’t want anons to take the price into consideration

Anyway, I think I would want a birkin, probably a plain black one. I also like balenciaga city bags but I’m not sure which color I would like

No. 1921153

I have central heterochromia

No. 1921155

I also thought what that anon said was gross as fuck but I didn't wanna alog on her but fr that comment pissed me off why the fuck would you say that to someone fr like why the fuck would that even come in your head to say that to someone especially a nona? What is wrong with some of these rat brained anons on here tonight. Sorry she said that to you nona.(integrate)

No. 1921169

I'm literally a cat typing on a computer

No. 1921170

Fr fr though
Like a woman can't get a purse herself(integrate)

No. 1921174

He he are you a pretty cat………………….

No. 1921190

I'm hypermobile so I move a bit like a freak.

No. 1921196

what kind of cat are you

No. 1921197

Sorry I forgot your kind needs a tone indicator to read sarcasm.

No. 1921203

Sometimes a person is so irony poisoned that they don't realize how rude and creepy they come off. You said something nasty and you're too much of a baby to own up to it so now you're gonna try and turn around and say it's our fault for misreading what you typed. Maybe if it sounds gross, you just shouldn't say it. It's that easy.

No. 1921218

>Calls anon a prostitute
>Gets called out by other anons for being rude
>"Ugh you autists just don't understand sarcasm!"
Pack it up Wanda D. Womanhater

No. 1921226

I'm sow sorry for my hateful and offensive speech. I agree I shouldn't be given a platform on this very sensible space, please feel free to block and unfollow me unu. But please also make sure to tag your ageist and ableist slurs with a trigger warning next time, I don't want to bother the moderators with it.(unu)

No. 1921264

>Sometimes a person is so irony poisoned that they don't realize how rude and creepy they come off.
I agree with this sentiment but are you guys really playing police over a sugar daddy joke..

No. 1921275

So you think I'm just gonna let a misogynistic "joke" against pursechan slide? Ha. No. I will be defending her honor with my life. Nobody calls any nona of mine a cheap hooker whore while I'm here itt. I will die on this hill. They can call me autistic all they want but I have the strength of 10 retards to defend my sisters in times of need. Can you say the same?

No. 1921280

You need to relax please, the overzealous tumblr jokes aren't meant for here

No. 1921306

What kind of cheese would you eat at least once a week? Or what kind of cheese do you eat at least once a week regardless of the price?

No. 1921311

I'll take my maybe tasteless sugar daddy comment back if you promise me you'll stop unironically using "fr fr" on here and don't get offended over retarded mildly offensive jokes on imageboards in the future.

No. 1921317

You handled that cringe with sk much grace

No. 1921334

Sounds risky

No. 1921338

File: 1710214186574.jpg (35.15 KB, 486x302, idontcare.jpg)

Woman I couldn't care less(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1921347

>the relies
Jesus people really want to fight.
Anyway I’d get a Celine heart bag, Loewe gate bag, Gucci bamboo handle vintage style bag and maybe something from Comme ded garçons or Y’s.

No. 1922542

File: 1710291813624.jpg (184.44 KB, 1280x720, lottery cat.jpg)

Hey all you beautiful nonas this is a totally random question for you all: if you had to pick 6 numbers from between 1 and 70, which would you pick? Also, if you had to pick 2 numbers from the following list:
>58, 42, 13, 31, 10, 37, 65, 21
Just a crazy random question I know haha just wanted to get some random answers cheers

No. 1922547

42 and 37

No. 1922550

>26, 36, 63, 42, 55, 53
And I would pick
>42, 65

No. 1922552

13, 31

No. 1922559

A variety of vintage coach bags in the weird shapes and solid colors they used to do (I hate the new ones). They’re not even that much on eBay honestly but I get tired of sifting through scammers I would like to just be given the bags kek

No. 1922584

File: 1710293305154.jpg (48.5 KB, 1000x1334, df817db8d6ba81bc5747d276583476…)

Maison Margiela glam slam boston bag in white. I've always wanted it but it's out of stock now. I could probably afford it if i saved for a year if it was still available. I'm not really a bag person and i already have one of my main dream bags.

No. 1922850

File: 1710307345538.jpeg (124.54 KB, 1290x1535, IMG_4719.jpeg)

Can you build a tolerance to fiber supplements? I’ve been taking a dissolvable fiber supplement daily for a little less than two weeks and it was working fine until these past few days. I’m back to my irregular self again. Pls help

No. 1922852

>1700-2300 USD for one of these bags
Nonna this bag is so ugly and uninspired. Why the actual fuck?

No. 1922856

She wants it for the brand tag

No. 1922865

Ive thought the same thing. Maybe switch to magnesium oxide/citrate then back to fiber.

No. 1922882

That’s not really a “brand whore” label tbh

No. 1922906

has anyone here ever tried meth? whats it like? did you like it?

No. 1922946

File: 1710312845999.jpeg (40.92 KB, 554x554, IMG_8288.jpeg)

What do you think is going on with Kate Middleton’s disappearance?

I personally think that William hurt or killed her. He’s been said to be abusive with an explosive temper in the past, and after her disappearance there was an article written about what would happen if he committed a crime (pretty much nothing) and it’s well known that he has a mistress.
This is the recent picture of her that’s supposed to ‘prove that she’s ok’ and it’s clearly photoshopped, the brick above the car and the brick visible through the window don’t even match. Her family hasn’t been seen since she disappeared either.

No. 1922975

maybe it's a brick fence

No. 1922978

I thought that too but other people said it’s not, and that it’s bad AI or she was photoshopped in. Her face does look really weird from what’s visible

No. 1922981

I don't know enough about the royal family to make an educated guess, but I read a theory that they're waiting for her to recover and regain weight because the particular health issues she was having (with her bowels or stomach was it?) can make you lose weight to the point of being scary skelly. It makes sense to me because there'd be no reason to make an announcement over the particulars of her situation, but the last thing you'd want is photos of a princess looking like EC. If someone dies you just have to announce it, you can't put it off forever because the delay will attract a tonne of scrutiny when it's finally revealed.

No. 1922983

I think she’s dead and I think all these images are AI generated. The mistakes are too ridiculously AI-like and uncanny to be photoshop errors. Whatever comes out is gonna be the biggest scandal in royal history, they’re scrambling to cover it up.

No. 1922984

File: 1710315534274.jpeg (437.57 KB, 1080x1332, IMG_8308.jpeg)

There’s also this one which is filled with editing mistakes, it looks like her head was just pasted in

No. 1922985

They'll just find a double like always

No. 1922988

File: 1710315885755.jpeg (89.3 KB, 1500x1000, IMG_8309.jpeg)

Also, this is the original photo that tabloids posted, which was cropped in a way that hides the other bricks

No. 1922990

File: 1710315982282.jpeg (116.21 KB, 849x609, IMG_8310.jpeg)

And then this is one of the uncropped ones

No. 1923002

Is that photo digitally altered? Because the original that
tagged the bricks do match. I understand that conspiracy theorism has become a well loved passtime for Americans, but you can't really murder your wife like that when you're a public figure and she's supposed to be the next queen of england. Whos gonna replace her? Are they supposed to hire a body double or something?

No. 1923004

Does anyone else's brain works like this: there's no point in engaging in relationships with men or having sex because I predict the outcomes of these things and I know how they end, what problems arise from them and what the power dynamic between men and women convinces and how it goes out of balance constantly therefore I rather not do it ever, not even once in my life than have the predictable thing that is getting slaughtered or tricked into masochism happen to me and then be like "I knew it!! But no one hears me scream". I refuse to surrender to this sadomasochism and let go.. And take it? I can't turn this awareness of, I started having it at a young age when I got my first crush.

No. 1923014

The bricks don’t match though, what are you talking about?

No. 1923022

> Her family hasn’t been seen since she disappeared either.
Nona her uncle has literally been in the Celebrity Big Brother House until he was voted out like last week.

No. 1923025

the bricks on top look orange because they're in natural lighting but the bricks though the window look blue because the glass in the window is not only tinted blue but has a blue toned sheen from the reflection of the clouds. Color theory nonna

No. 1923027

and samefag; but the car is parked. The bricks on top are completely out of focus which is why they look blurry, where conversely the bricks through the window are clearer because they're in center field and the camera is focused on that area.

No. 1923030

>cropped in a way that hides the other bricks
I don't think anyone cares about the bricks they're definitely zooming in because they want to see Kate's face

No. 1923032

File: 1710319133084.jpeg (328.84 KB, 805x808, IMG_8316.jpeg)

No one cares about her uncle, anon.
I can’t tell if you’re joking or not, but I hope you are kek. It isn’t the blue tint of the windows, I’m sure you realize that everyone can see there’s car windows between the camera and the bricks, no one is talking about that.

The problem is that the bricks are completely different sizes, different pattern, different grout, and one group is all red and the other group is made with bricks of slightly different colors. The ones seen through the window are way bigger.

No. 1923034

Look at the first picture again, it looks like AI >>1922946

No. 1923042

File: 1710319910164.jpeg (11.93 KB, 275x197, km.jpeg)

I seriously don't know where you found that photograph but that whole image looks a lot darker than the secondary one, not just the top bricks. And this is just my personal opinion as a lennial whos been taking photographs for decades that when something is out of focus it's going to look different. The brick's shapes are the same, and the colors aren't uniform with this style of brick to begin with, the grout is white, and when you look at the top left corner, you can see that the color patterning on those bricks are similar to the colors on the bricks through the windshield. I get being wary about the government abusing their power and everything but these bricks don't look dramatically different.

No. 1923044

whos his mistress if everyone is so sure he has one? that would be a really difficult thing to hide but when i google nothing comes up so whats the info britbongs

No. 1923060

Rose Hanbury

No. 1923063

File: 1710321151731.jpeg (43.34 KB, 739x415, IMG_8323.jpeg)

This one >>1922946 was posted by tabloids first, along with the cropped version. Then this >>1922990 was posted and it looks like someone made it brighter. Here’s another of the originals for comparison, the bricks seen through the window are a completely different size

No. 1923072

I don't think they're a different size I'm 100% sure that the bricks in the background only appear smaller because they are blurred meanwhile the bricks closer to the foreground are obviously going to appear larger and clearer. A lot of you talk like you've never seen a photograph before this one.

No. 1923073

You’re the first person I’ve seen anywhere online saying it doesn’t look AI generated. The weird photos of her have been a hot topic for a while now, you’re the odd one out

No. 1923076

Just because everyone says it looks AI generated doesn't mean it actually does. I think everyone is now hyperaware of the potential abuse of AI, since its so prevalant, but if it was AI the bricks would look a lot worse than that because AI is not intelligent enough to execute foreground/background blurring that replicates a regular camera photograph.

No. 1923079

I wonder how the paparazzi photographer feels being accused of AItistry kek

No. 1923102

why can't they just admit she has a poo bag and be done with it

No. 1923169

This explains some of the photos, but people think the woman in the car is his mistress now lol

No. 1923171

Which fictional character(s) do you relate to the most?

No. 1923173

My idealized sense of self and my unnatanaible goals for the future

No. 1923179

Interesting, what media are those characters from?

No. 1923186

Dale from King of the Hill. I don't trust the goverment and I like fishing.

No. 1923202

No. 1934919

ESL anons, was it hard to understand chanspeak/lolcow slang that aren’t really used elsewhere?

No. 1934922

Very much so kek. I use to think nona meant the korean word for sister and I didn't know what sage meant either and thought it was weird why mods were telling nonnies to be wizards.i visited lolcow before I frequented 4chan and other forumboards and have to say I like the terminology on lolcow better than I do on 4chan.

No. 1934927

Not really, context makes it self-explanatory most of the time.

No. 1934937

Kek I’m a native English speaker and nonna/nonnie confused me too

No. 1935381

Should I make buzzy Tongan kava or sleepy deepy Vanuatu kava?

No. 1935647

Go with buzzy. I've always wanted to try kava.

No. 1935672

do you think chinese people pronounce ross lynch and loss rynch

No. 1935673

fuck you this made me laugh

No. 1935721

What's a lolcow post that lives in your head rent free?

No. 1935732

Da diaper

No. 1935734

"I'm not waxing poetic at you nor have I ever" was one of my favorite comebacks kekk

No. 1935735

mcdonalds anon

No. 1935742

I don't feel like screenshotting it, but a /meta/ post
>I’m sure this made sense in your head but I don’t even know what tf you’re saying like you’re reading this thread crosseyed with three fingers up your ass while sucking on your toes

No. 1935747

The anon who described Jeremy Allen White as looking like a retarded willy wonka KEK every time I see photos of him online I think of it

No. 1935764

should i start wearing muumuu's

No. 1936503

If they’re culturally significant to you, sure. I’m afraid I find muumuus pretty ugly though

No. 1936505

>if they’re culturally significant to you
I am white trash so I guess that’s a yes

No. 1936511

Aren’t muumuus native Hawaiian? Not accusing you of cultural appropriation or anything kek, but are muumuus commonly worn by white women where you live?

No. 1936724

do you guys prefer a chunkier or a runnier pasta sauce?

No. 1936732

Why go to extremes, i prefer it just right on the middle as god intended.

No. 1936755

i like eating pasta raw sometimes as a snack but when i want it cooked i like the juicy option more.

No. 1936767

girl you're gonna hurt your tummy

No. 1936782

You're scary

No. 1936793

how old are you?

No. 1936799

No. 1938002

File: 1711331213955.jpg (66.59 KB, 980x653, 1000003539.jpg)

What do you think he knows?

No. 1938006

Probably about monkey things

No. 1938013

my credit score

No. 1938023

He's seen his family get eaten by a predator and now he has flashbacks of his brother's limbs getting torn apart. He can barely peel a banana now because it brings him back to that space.

No. 1938026

To start the monkey stone age

No. 1938038

No actually his family is alive and well.

No. 1938184

would you rather be rich and anonymous or rich and famous?

No. 1938188

anonymous, having to deal with people digging for dirt on your personal life sounds awful

No. 1938198

Being rich and anonymous is the dream, I would love to be able to seem like I'm a middle class person but I would have a bunch of money and I would be able to do stuff like make sure I can pay for any medical treatments me and my family may need at some point in our lives and so on.

No. 1940203

Why do you nonas think so many young women identify as LGBT now? Pretty sure it's like 30%. Is that really how common homosexual tendencies are, especially among women, do you think?

No. 1940206

Simple: homosexuality has always been present in humans and other animals as a natural way to curb overpopulation. It’s just more acceptable to be out about it now (in a lot of the world).

No. 1940208

To say something so bizarre so matter-of-factly…

No. 1940210

Most of them are straight and think finding someone pretty=sexual arousal

No. 1940212

Being LGBT is hip and trendy, and everything is so sexualized and simultaneously unsexual (heavier reliance and dependence on social media for human interaction consequences), porn consumption at an all time high (porn sickness can damage one's perception of one's own sexuality), etc. I also think some of them are just straight up lying too.

No. 1940214

It’s true though, helping to raise children without having them yourself is a legitimate evolutionary niche.

No. 1940215

because its popular, simple as

No. 1940216

That's what I was thinking kek
I'm inclined to agree with this, especially since: it's mostly people saying they're bi, and higher among women than men, even though the stigma is lifting equally for both, women are just more open-minded in general,

No. 1940219

True kek
Good post

No. 1940231

I think the majority of people are bisexual but in deep deep denial about it for a variety of reasons. I'd guess maybe 10-20 percent of the population is truly heterosexual or homosexual.

No. 1940441

Not true at all, it's just something all bisexual people think for some reason. I think being the one sexuality without the lack of attraction to an entire sex it's harder for bis to understand what a lack of sexual attraction really means. Similarly AGPs (which they are not the same as, just saying the way the sexual component works is similar) do not understand how anyone could see their hulking troon body in a baby doll toddler dress as anything but the highest sex appeal. Because to him it's SO obvious that it turns him on, he literally cannot fathom people not being at least a bit turned on by it.

No. 1941325

This makes a lot of sense. It's just difficult sometimes for humans to see past their own experiences maybe

No. 1943310

All time favourite ABBA song? Mine is Cassandra.

No. 1943312

~everyone is a little bit bisexual~ is pornsick spicy straight nonsense.

No. 1943316

Okay but what about your favourite ABBA song?

No. 1943319

This banger

No. 1943320

Yeah that's a really good one you have banger taste

No. 1943326


No. 1943329

That one is sooo good I love Angel Eyes

No. 1943471

What’s a useless superpower you have? I have a strange power of perception where I can look at someone and immediacy know they were homeschooled. Doesn’t happen often and I don’t know if some people fly under my radar but I’ve never been wrong.

No. 1949583

I can do this but with only children

No. 1949623

File: 1712199823478.png (78.85 KB, 275x267, 1700528784864.png)

farmer survey!
I know this was done already >>1896357, but I think these are fun and interesting. feel free to skip repeat questions!
>current favorite thread(s)?
>current least favorite thread(s)?
>most frequented board(s)?
>least frequented board(s)?
>how often do you visit lolcow?
>how often do you post?
>most aggravating lolcow experience(s)?
>funniest lc experience(s)?
>most wholesome lc experience(s)?

No. 1949646

>current favorite threads?
I like a lot of the /ot/ threads, my favourite cow thread lately is fatvegfemme's because I've been re-reading it and enjoying all the jokes.
>current least favorite thread?
Ugly men psyop thread. I thought the idea for the thread was interesting and I was excited to have discussions about it, but then I realized it was just swarmed with husbandofags trying to defend their animu men and people posting cartoons. Ugh.
>most frequented board(s)?
/w/, /snow/, /ot/
>least frequented board(s)?
/g/, I don't care about a lot of the convos on there.
>how often do you visit lolcow?
Every day, I don't use social media so I use LC as a social website.
>how often do you post?
Very often.
>most aggravating lolcow experiences?
Whenever anons don't read and jump to conclusions.
>funniest lc experience(s)?
Seeing all the retarded infights, I don't mean the boring ones I mean the unhinged ones like the Regular Show infight in the unpopular opinions thread a few thread ago.
>most wholesome lc experiences?
Whenever anons band together and be nice to someone in the vent threads or try to offer their support

No. 1949708

>current favorite thread(s)?
>current least favorite thread(s)?
also shayna
>most frequented board(s)?
ot, m and snow
>least frequented board(s)?
w and g

No. 1949727

>current favorite thread(s)?
positivity thread (most wholesome /ot/ thread), retarded husbando hornyposting shitposting thread (unironically most wholesome /g/ thread), stoney baloney, gender ideology hate thread, female fantasies, hetalia thread
>current least favorite thread(s)?
unpopular opinions (cesspool of bait), tinfoil thread (too many schizos), ugly man psyop (based thread idea but in reality I just don’t care and I feel like this debate has taken over)
>most frequented board(s)?
/snow/, /ot/, /g/, /m/
>least frequented board(s)?
/pt/, /w/
>how often do you visit lolcow?
every day
>how often do you post?
>most aggravating lolcow experience(s)?
when an anon with no reading comprehension responds to your post and tries to infight
>funniest lc experience(s)?
there have been many. somewhat recently, some anon was shizoposting, and another anon made a post satirizing them about jeffrey dahmer being a farmer. unfortunately, that anon got banned, but I was at work literally tearing up
>most wholesome lc experience(s)?
not to be cringe, but reminiscing with anons about hetalia has been really nice

No. 1949751

>Another anon made a post satirizing them about Jeffrey Dahmber
Kek I was part of that whole infight it was funny all around and that post made me laugh too

No. 1949837

>favorite thread
Books maybe? I also like mtf and bad art.
>least favorite thread
I don’t know, I have probably a majority hidden. If they have nothing to do with me (I’m a lesbian and most of the g threads are about men) I have no reason to bother reading them.
>most visited board
Ot and snow.
>least visited board
>how often do you visit?
Too often.
>how often do you post?
No more than like three or four times a day, but usually none
>most aggravating experience
When I forget to Sage or something and have to retype my whole post and wait for the timer.
>funniest experience
Tourists putting their email in the email space gets me every single time
>wholesome experience
No lasting friendships through the friend finder thread, it seems one of us always ends up getting bored with the other BUT have had some lovely conversations with various people.

No. 1949846

>current favorite threads
Mtf/tif threads, videogame general/fromsoft, fashion.
>least favorite threads
Dunno, I hide anything that annoys me.
>most frequented boards
/m/, /snow/, /g/, /ot/ in that order.
>least frequented boards
/w/, I never go there except by accident, and /pt/ because my favorite cows are boring these days.
>how often do you visit
Very often.
>how often do you post
Not regularly since m is very slow.
>most aggravating lolcow experience
When janny bootlickers appear in the complaints thread ready to defend the poor farmhands feelings. Also that whole camper bullshit.

No. 1949880

>current favorite thread(s)?
art salt, reddit hate, fujo general, lately I've been looking at the tif thread more than the tim one because mtfs make me want to vomit
>current least favorite thread(s)?
unpopular opinions is extremely entertaining but it also reminds me that I need to go on here less
>most frequented board(s)?
/ot/, /g/, /m/
>least frequented board(s)?
/pt/ and /w/ because there aren't any active cows in there I find interesting enough besides maybe Lillee Jean and threads are often a mess of tourists necroing and vendettaposting about nothing
>how often do you visit lolcow?
every day although I had periods of ignoring this site for weeks
>how often do you post?
a normal amount but I lurk way more than post
>most aggravating lolcow experience(s)?
I hate when unmedicated schizos start freaking the fuck out in random threads and I hate anyone who tries to brag about being a stacy who is somehow above everyone else on an anonymous imageboard
>funniest lc experience(s)?
some of my favorite posts are whenever an anon writes very long paragraphs disproportionately mad about a male celebrity calling them postwall whores or analyzing how ugly they are in detail, either those or unhinged, extremely detailed fantasies about graphically torturing moids to death for pleasure
>most wholesome lc experience(s)?
anytime I see my board-tan art getting reposted and having brief but heartfelt exchanges in vent threads

No. 1949883

File: 1712210270298.jpg (81.99 KB, 432x596, 1709369672493.jpg)

>current favorite thread(s)?
gender ideology hate, pixielocks, hetalia thread, video games, fashion. and more, too many to list here
>current least favorite thread(s)?
unpopular opinions, post like a moid, most of the hidden board and shayna. ugly man hate and fandom discourse threads are terrible but my guilty pleasure
>most frequented board(s)?
/ot/, /m/ and /w/
>least frequented board(s)?
/pt/ and /snow/
>how often do you visit lolcow?
almost daily
>how often do you post?
way too much
>most aggravating lolcow experience(s)?
whenever there's a very obvious baiter who completely derails a thread. or particularly the way that infights are always on the same topics, with the same discussion points and replies. like if you want to infight to release your rage or whatever at least be entertaining
>funniest lc experience(s)?
witnessing sillypoo's meteoric fall from grace. they went from posting their women's day video to being outed as friends with stonetoss and other right wing grifters within hours, it was insane. honorable mention to pig punching stacy
>most wholesome lc experience(s)?
the anons in advice threads who are always there to tell you to break up with your shitty moid. also i find the love and passion husbando thread posters have for their anime boys very very cute and wholesome, I'm a bit jealous at how much fun they're having kek

No. 1950216

File: 1712240655636.jpg (231.38 KB, 1060x1178, dahmer.jpg)

here’s the post I was talking about for the uninformed. this whole infight was so funny

No. 1950296

>current favorite thread(s)?
in ot- celebricows and news stories.
for cows- shayna, luna and lillee.
>current least favorite thread(s)?
the dog/cat hate threads, husbandos & any of the weeby shit.
>most frequented board(s)?
ot, snow, pt
>least frequented board(s)?
>how often do you visit lolcow?
too often. multiple times a day
>how often do you post?
daily for the most part
>most aggravating lolcow experience(s)?
nonnies not picking up sarcasm, replying to extremely obvious bait, those few anons that camp out in meta to play admins advocate.
>funniest lc experience(s)?
laurs schizoposting, elaines introduction to lc
>most wholesome lc experience(s)?
cant think of a moment in particular but the nonas in g and ot can be so sweet.

No. 1950329

>current favorite thread(s)?
ugly man psyop. ugly men get bootlicked literally everywhere and its so tiring, its nice to have a place to shit on them in peace.
>current least favorite thread(s)?
MTF because it makes me sick to my stomach
>most frequented board(s)?
/ot/ and /snow/
>least frequented board(s)?
>how often do you visit lolcow?
>how often do you post?
>most aggravating lolcow experience(s)?
when you insult a male character or male celebrity and their bootlickers jump on you, god forbid we make fun of men that dont exist/will never know about lolcor
>funniest lc experience(s)?
when the entire fandom discourse thread started bullying a britbong
>most wholesome lc experience(s)?
when i am sad and anons encourage me

No. 1950395

>current favorite thread(s)?
fandom discourse and artsalt (yes i am a artfag)
>current least favorite thread(s)?
fandom discourse and tim thread (these troons always spoil my mood and anger me)
>most frequented board(s)?
art salt and doodle board
>least frequented board(s)?
>how often do you visit lolcow?
all day everyday. im addicted to the milk
>how often do you post?
some times if i see a lie or anything interesting
>most aggravating lolcow experience(s)?
twitterfags and nonnies fighting for NO GODDAMN REASONS and baiters
>funniest lc experience(s)?
seeing nonnies fight over a doodle i made of a pedo artist artstyle in 2 minutes, the wks were strong that day
>most wholesome lc experience(s)?
when a nonnie and me were fighting but we both said sorry and made up, i wuv my nonnies

No. 1950432

>current favorite thread(s)?
western animation industry cows, stupid questions, artist salt, news stories that fuck with you, short comics
>current least favorite thread(s)?
tiktok hate / consoomerism threads because i always end up getting sucked in and just watching all the inane tiktoks linked there instead of doing something productive kek. the tinfoil thread makes me angry sometimes too.
>most frequented board(s)?
/ot/, /snow/, /m/.
>least frequented board(s)?
/w/, hidden boards.
>how often do you visit lolcow?
>how often do you post?
i make one or two replies every day. i used to post a lot more when dumbass shit was still thriving, but admittedly my posts were never anything of value.
>most aggravating lolcow experience(s)?
making a nemu reference and getting banned because the mod thought i was a moid. resolved after a day but i still seethe
>funniest lc experience(s)?
anorectal violence-kun. anything in the fetishes you're ashamed of thread, god bless those anons.
>most wholesome lc experience(s)?
using the doodleboard and having little conversations with anons there and complimenting each other on art. seeing my board-tan art / edits getting reposted. anons declaring that they're in love with each other after arguing

No. 1951347

File: 1712294868734.jpg (1.26 MB, 1284x1859, 1690637440657912.jpg)

I am still completely appalled this happened. The new jannies were retarded for a minute. All my most painfully obvious satire was banned with sincere redtexts.

No. 1953288

File: 1712412627694.jpg (3.27 KB, 125x125, 1707940505726.jpg)

Hey nonnies, would you have rather gone to an all girls school or a co-ed school? I went to an all girls school and I'm glad because I feel like it spared me from a lot of crap in life. And who wants to be around moids anyway, they're vile beasts that ruin everything they touch. I asked some normie friends and they said that they preferred co-ed schools (they've gone to both all girls schools and co-ed ones). One said it's because moids are funny and she thinks she can learn about how their minds work kekkk. Another friend said she prefers co-ed because when you leave school and go out into the real world, you'll be faced with moids anyway, which makes sense.

No. 1953304

I attended an all girls public school once and it was the best I've ever been to. I spent 4 years in one of the most expensive private schools in my country, mind you. First time I had friends and never got bullied.

No. 1953313

I wish I had gone to an all girls school

No. 1953319

I always went to co-ed schools, but a friend I used to have told me that when her school was only for girls, it wasn't exactly a paradise because she's a lesbian and everyone bullied her because of that.

No. 1953334

i think i'm fine with the way i turned out, so co-ed ig, and i think i'd rather girls do go to co-ed schools lest they start romanticizing men bc they aren't around them much, like seeing the ugly in person prevents them from having these odd dreams of getting a boyfriend straight into college. and having to be around males wasn't traumatizing bc of the conservative culture in my country making girls and boys avoid associating with each other most of the time also parents and schools tend to obsess over having a studious nature so most people don't bother with bf-gfs until later not to mention most people will have an arranged marriage so there's no paranoia of ending up alone either.

No. 1953419

Does anyone else hate explaining literally anything?

No. 1953453

What do you mean?

No. 1953470

Is it really that weird that if I'm able to produce alot of extra milk I want to make breastmilk cheese and yoghurt for my baby once it starts eating solids?
I want to donate as well to NICU babies, but I'm hoping I'm able to overproduce by alot.
When I've mentioned it in passing people have said it's gross, but they're eating cow titty juice?
One scrote equated it to period blood and other body fluids. I told him he's not drinking a glass of cum or baking with cum, milk is different.
Am I really the odd one out to think it's cool and not gross?

No. 1953472

I went to co-ed elementary and high school but I went to a middle school where electives were co-ed but every other class was single sex, so I would see boys in the hallways and in my art class, but not in things like language arts or math. It's kind of funny that actually the area where I live, that middle school (which to this day is structured the same way) is actually the only school anywhere close by that offers same sex classes. There are no elementary or high schools that offer anything similar. I'm not sure it would be a good idea to experience exclusively all girls schools, since I think it is actually pretty important for kids to experience socializing with the opposite sex. I met some girls who experienced all girls k-12 in college who had some bad cases of knowing nothing of what men are like, and it was concerning to me how naive they were. I really liked the setup I had for middle school though. Middle school also seems like the obvious best choice if one were to pick out a time when single sex classes would be the most useful. It was nice not having moids disrupting me or the other girls in actual important subjects and the boy-crazy girls still got the opportunity to interact with boys in less important classes. I haven't heard of other schools with this same semi-same sex/semi-co-ed setup before but I feel like it ought to be more common. This was an American public school too

No. 1953476

Your body produces it for your child’s nutrition, so whether you give it to them by breast feeding or incorporated in foods is not odd either way

No. 1953489

Does anyone have an update on youtuber bobby burns?

No. 1953493

Yes, it can be annoying sometimes. Just use Google, I'm not a teacher.
Kek I see what you did there anon

No. 1953494

It's weird how he went from commentary videos to shitty music, he's probably dead

No. 1953515

He was an addict and did onlyfans and porn but then he quit and deleted his online presence. Seems like he is a music producer.

No. 1954474

All girls for sure. getting sexually harassed, groped, and placed next to trouble makers in arranged seating did not help with socialization or learning at all plus I already had to deal with males at home in my family so it's not like I'd be sheltered from discovering how horrible they are. Going to school with boys made my social skills worse if anything because I became more avoidant and shut down.

No. 1954503

All girls school. I think i would be an outsider there like i was in co-ed school, but i would feel safer.

No. 1954507

Hanging out with Shane Dawson really did fuck him up.

No. 1954508

>One scrote equated it to period blood and other body fluids.
Literally how. Moids are so porn brained and gross.

No. 1954509

that's pretty nauseating ngl

No. 1954522

I wish I had gone to an all girl school so bad. I couldn't focus on my education because of bad home life, on top of being bothered by idiot males. I coyod have made some actual gamer friends at least, and been less stressed about my grades being shit. I feel like I would have worked harder at an all girls school.

No. 1954525

No. 1954531

Why doesn't the british museum give the artifacts back to their original lands? I see people constantly bitching about it, and i do agree that they should be given back, so what's the hold up?
If britain is just saying "no", can't the countries of those original articact make a diplomatic threat or something?

No. 1954552

File: 1712484572213.jpg (27.35 KB, 360x409, DbjushKVwAA3wtH.jpg)

Can anyone explain why MCR attracts so many kids and the worst kind of annoying zoomers? Other bands from the same time have their fair share of teen and young adult zoomer fans, but it seems so much fucking worse with MCR. Every time I want to revisit that era of music and I see anything MCR related it is full of the cringiest zoomers who are simultaneously obsessed with 20 year old "emo" music and very hateful towards millennials (ironic). Meanwhile other spaces for bands of the same time are more balanced and have more active 30+ year olds… What gives? I thought maybe their music is just that bad that it attracts teenagers like flies, but I don't know
I've thought a lot about fulfilling my teenage dream of going to see MCR despite not knowing what they've been up to since the late 2000's, but I don't want to be the only person there besides the musicians who was in the original target age

No. 1954555

Because it would be pretty much empty without stolen and looted stuff. There’s very little British shit in the British Museum.

No. 1954559

Can it have anything to do with the umbrella academy? I tried watching it but couldn't get into it, maybe its more appealing to highschoolers

No. 1954560

I saw them live last year, the audience was almost all millenials. There are way more nostalgic og fans than new zoomer fans.

No. 1954561

the majority of artifacts were just straight up sold to the British, including mummies, the fact of the matter is that majority of people didn't actually care about their pre-history before the concept of nationalism. Hell, there is currently an ongoing dispute about some business man that wants to build an amusement park over a pyramid that hasn't even been excavated yet because he thinks it's "just land".

No. 1954572

it's possible, I am not familiar with it so I can't say for sure. You'd think some of these posts were written circa 2005, but no, they're brand new and even more pathetic now because the "cute emo boys UwU" in question are nearly 50. How are these kids seeing precious teenaged cuties with eyeliner and long bangs when they look at Gerard Way who's old enough to be their dad? Kek. It's always a loud 16 year old wearing hot topic jewellery with a hateboner for millennials
Thanks for letting me know nonnie, I'm more inclined to go now

No. 1956338

Why the FUCK do those horse events exist where the horses walk and jump around? Don't horses get shot between their eyes when they break a leg? Then why the fuck would you increase the chances of it breaking its leg just so he can jump over three logs? "I love my horse but let me put him in a situation where if something goes wrong i'll blow his brains out"

No. 1958780

Do any of you use other websites that are similar to lolcow? I'd love to check them out! Please give me reccomendations

No. 1958782

people are incredibly cruel to horses and constantly disrespect them for retarded purposes like dressage. they don't care about the horses even when they love them, it's like a master/servant relationship where the person likes the horse because the horse is their property, but the horse has no thoughts or feelings in their mind and no autonomy or freedom.
But also you don't have to shoot a horse if it get's injured, that's a myth. It does happen but it's not the law.

No. 1958830

This and people will literally have their horses killed just to cash out on insurance, just because they got bored of them or want a new one. Horse people are sick in the head.

No. 1963452

File: 1713113536303.jpeg (45.93 KB, 460x310, IMG_4866.jpeg)

When in movies or paintings you see people measuring a map like this, "what does it mean"? How is the measure being taken? It the measure for distance? I'm assuming it is, so are they maybe measuring the distance from one place to another?

No. 1963462

does anyone remember when that journalist posted here about a year ago asking for femcel opinions (not kaitlyn) and her thread got meme'd into oblivion and then deleted? I wonder that "investigation" was connected to this video considering they seemed to have googled "moids" and searched every forum mentioning the word kek

No. 1964309

I think they are measuring the distance and comparing it to the scale on the map.

No. 1964322

I just remember kaitlyn and her thread being filled with husbandos and yaoi kek

No. 1971056

What’s the first thread you check when you open lolcow?

No. 1971066

Husbando threads on /g/ it makes me feel happy to see other anons that also have husbandos.

No. 1971069

The art salt thread in ot when one the images I was searching for was in a thread on Google

No. 1971073

No. 1971077

the movie room thread

No. 1971087

Front page of /ot/ and Shay thread

No. 1971310

French nonas, I have a question as a burger. The company I work for is located in Québec, and there are mostly “French” speakers there. I am curious, what does “Québec-French” sound like to your ears? Like, how would you describe the difference to someone who cannot hear it?

No. 1971323

File: 1713547729862.jpeg (111.99 KB, 735x592, IMG_0059.jpeg)

which one would you choose

No. 1971339

to sacrifice to satan? all of them, but the first one to go is carlos

No. 1971345

Im concerned about the metaphysics of BTR posting on lolcow. Also Logan

No. 1971350

But samefag, BTR becoming lolcow sexymen might be what I need in my life. I can’t push this agenda on my own but I will support whoever wants to kick things off

No. 1971386

I am a kendallfag

No. 1971393

i choose second from the left. I assume we're choosing the one we want to die?

No. 1971410

I can't believe I used to think the blonde one was the cutest.

No. 1971464

No offense to anons from Québec but to me it sounds like people are purposefully using that accent to seem retarded, it's so uncanny.

No. 1973115

File: 1713668049551.jpg (144.27 KB, 736x982, bbd2bac896707f2f334af26f1c87b9…)

How often do you clean each area of your house (bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, etc…)? Be honest.

No. 1973233

Weekly because my parents pay for two people to come and help around the house, so I have a maid that comes daily and another that does deep cleaning every weekend.

No. 1973251

I vacuum daily and try to put things back immediately to avoid clutter, but clean the kitchen once a week, bedroom and bathroom every two/three weeks. Mostly because when I'd try to keep things cleaner I felt like my life was just cleaning and working and I had no time for hobbies.

No. 1973261

I don't remember some of their names but the idiot that always had a helmet on no doubt.

No. 1973265

>I have a maid that comes daily and another that does deep cleaning every weekend.

Damn, some nonnies here do be living lavish.

No. 1973266

With Quiet on the Set generating controversy for Nickelodeon I wonder if the cast of Big Time Rush are also hiding something…

No. 1973273

Why did you type this post like this kek

No. 1974712

Italics look cool okay.

No. 1977033

Do we have anons that have had surgery? What was it for?

No. 1977038

Unless you count wisdom teeth removal as surgery then no. I hope I never have to though, the thought of having to get an IV and having tubes sticking out of my hand or arm makes me want to faint

No. 1977191

I had one for endometriosis. My cyst had ruptured and they had to remove it. I was under spinal anesthesia. It was a weird and painful experience.

No. 1977235

File: 1713910185400.jpg (1.55 MB, 1600x2370, 1000019699.jpg)

Foot surgery, fucked up all of my fingers when I was like 12 years old, I was watching high school musical and playing with a soccer ball, dancing around the room, and then I kicked a very pointy end of some furniture.
My pinky toe was in another country and all of my toes broke, it hurt so much, and it was new year's day so it wasn't very nice.
I hated high school musical after that.
But the surgery was okay, I didn't wake up I'm the middle of it, it was a bit scary but it hurt too much for me to care about it, I just wanted the pain to be gone.

No. 1978351

File: 1713962606952.jpg (136.47 KB, 600x852, 1000019781.jpg)

What's something dumb or useless that you want even though it's dumb and useless? I want pic related, all of them are cute but I would be happy with just one, I would name it chipichipi.

No. 1978552

If a church-related group made a rip-off of Hazbin Hotel to satire it, what do you think a cartoon would look like/the plot be?
Because I'm fairly certain Hazbin Hotel's plot
>rehabilitating sinner in Hell
would be directly against the Abraham's religions concept of Hell being eternal. Or would it be about how it is final and you can't ask for forgiveness after the end and it's about the subtle terror of eternal Hell like that spider thread story from that other culture, like part of the suffering is a twist reveal that they can't escape at the end?

No. 1978554

Why do some anons complain about their shitty bfs. This is lolcow, we know the truth about moids evil nature and hate them. We should know better than to get with moids, especially shitty ones. I don't get it

No. 1978566

File: 1713971994574.jpg (88.17 KB, 736x736, 1000019801.jpg)

It really could be about how the sole idea of wanting to go to heaven as a sinner makes hell what it is, hell. Which is kind of like pic related tbh.
It honestly would be a very fun tragicomedy about sinners trying really really hard to change and then failing in the most retarded ways like:
>serial killer wants to go to heaven
>He's bored because he keeps killing other dammed souls but they come back perfectly fine the next day
>he tries to stop killing
>He's almost forgiven
>kills a mosquito
>sins go back to the previous huge ass number
>gives up

No. 1978590

Appendix ruptured, scary because emergency but I recovered fine. Later had a septoplasty because my sister yeeted a medicine ball in my face and broke my nose, got teased for "getting a nose job" by the sick cunt for years even though I was a mouthbreather with a fucked up nose so it deffo wasn't aesthetic. Hated the surgery because whatever they gave me made me dizzy and nauseous instead of just sleepy, when I woke up I had to be sedated due to tachycardia. Awful stuff all around.

No. 1978713

always ask for ketamine, they will give it to you

No. 1978938

What year did you start using lolcow and what brought you here?

I liked VenusAngelic as a kid, and in 2021, I decided to look her up, and her threads were the first thing to come up. Then I stayed for the milk, and interactions on the non milk boards

No. 1978949

I started on and off again using this site during the Vic Mignognia #KickVic legal drama because it was one of the only spaces were it was safe to discuss the case as a woman without feeling like there were moids breathing down your neck. Twitter was a shitfest. I started more actively posting around 2019, but picked up in 2020 thanks to the pandemic

No. 1993707

31 year old virgin, are there virgins older than me here?

No. 1993735

File: 1715082534825.jpg (665.37 KB, 1661x934, tumblr_static_tumblr_static_3v…)

Like 2017, I came here from PULL (which I found through Google images, I believe it was a picture of LilyMayMac that led me there. Or maybe it was Joji/the cancer crew? Idk) because I would see them mention lolcow. I stayed away from the site the first few visits because I didn't like the format. I wasn't familiar with imageboards at all and tbh I don't even know how I eventually figured out how to post. I also didn't like the more anti-PC vibe here but I still stayed.
This is OT but I love how PULL used to have cow summaries in the OP. Sooo many gossip forums don't do that and it makes it hard to get into threads. Snark reddits have that problem too, I can't read them unless it's general snark.

Anyway since we're asking when everyone came here, who was the first cow you guys consistently kept up with? I believe my favorite cows when I was a newfag were Momo and Micky.

No. 1993747

2018 where I had been reading pixie/Jill's PULL thread and they linked here to complain about LC users. Lurked a long time then slowly started posting.

No. 1993757

2018 someone posted my image here and a friend told me about it. Idk why I stayed tbh

No. 1994081

I am going to make this pic a banner

No. 1994087

2015, I was into jfashion though I never really wore it. I came here from /cgl/. I was already an early adult at that point

No. 1994158

2016 or maybe 17. I started following a small youtuber because of shared interests. Watching her slowly turned to hate watching. Then googling her name one day brought me to the munchie thread

No. 1994159

2019 holly brown thread because i wanted to read discussion on her.

No. 1994161

2021 by googling "women imageboard" and finding the thread where cc was created. I thought that /g/ was the only female-only board on lc for a while.

No. 1994176

Unironically 2020 from radblr kek

No. 1994179

I googled venus angelic or kotakoti, who knows when that was, not recent.

No. 1994188

Im so glad there's still some oldfags around. Lolcow feels so different these days.

No. 1994198

i've been here since stamina rose went down. 2015? it's been a long time!

No. 1994548

File: 1715129284499.jpg (5.92 KB, 340x397, FYF-ROSE-W.jpg)

What type and color of flower should I get for my best friend, who is spending her 1st Mother's Day without her mom this year?

No. 1994583

File: 1715131440619.webp (37.17 KB, 750x500, IMG_4664.webp)

Tulips are my favorite but maybe peony or ranunculi? I used to think those were ugly, but now I find them quite elegant. Or maybe lisianthus if you can find that (picrel)

No. 1994615

I think 2017/2018 with Taylor Nicole Dean, someone posted a link to here. I remember just reading the thread at the time, then closing the tab. I don't remember how I made my way back, probably went through my history. I didn't start posting until a couple years later, I liked just reading what anons had to say

No. 1994681

Oh that is gorgeous anon ty for the suggestion

No. 1994806

2016, found through 4chan mentioning it (I know, vomiting and cringing). I didn't realize at first that it was supposed to be an all-female board, and I remember thinking it was strange how much nicer in tone this site was compared to 4chan. I then realized it was because there was far less disgusting moid retardism afoot.

No. 1995614

Any decent and fairly simple games to play on mobile? Preferably no gacha shit(hard mode)

No. 1995615

File: 1715199117285.jpeg (434.87 KB, 1284x1385, D519B39B-7E78-4DF4-961A-9F53DD…)

does this guy have a thread?

No. 1995761

Wasn't he mentioned in the ebegging thread a few times? I don't think he has his own thread though. You're asking in general or because people are insulting him after his recent rant about some random girl's pictures after a diet?

No. 1995771

Genuine question, i don't care about the obesity, but how do these people wear these clothes? They look so uncomfortable on them.

No. 1995781

Would you rather swim with a moid or a dolphin?

No. 1995785

anyone who says moid should be banned. dolphins >>>

No. 1995790

Dolphins aren't too different from male humans though, they rape and kill for fun too. It's like choosing between having explosive diarrhea and intense constipation, at the end of the day, both are shit.

No. 1995802

A man. It's not like they can do much to you in water.

No. 1995905

Is it possible to become a good parent if your own upbringing wasn't great? My mom has trauma from her mom and I have trauma from my mom. I want kids but I don't know if I would treat them better, I want to but I don't know if I could. Is it better to break the cycle full stop and not have any kids?

No. 1995935

What is the best fruit to eat with cream; strawberries or peaches?

No. 1996014


No. 1996207

The fact that you’re aware you have trauma is a big part of breaking the cycle. It’s definitely possible, but will not be easy.

No. 1996332

You can break the cycle of intergenerational abuse if you can recognise what your parents did wrong and vow not to repeat the same mistakes. Both my sister and I have done this. For us it wasn't that hard because it was fairly basic like don't be a violent alcoholic, don't cheat on your partner and don't neglect your children. If the abuse and dysfunction was more subtle it may be more difficult.

No. 1998810

>or because people are insulting him after his recent rant about some random girl's pictures after a diet?
this, i forgot about him until i saw that post on twt

No. 2001014

is there a thread for hacking / programmer tips?

No. 2002440

File: 1715697632848.jpg (181.18 KB, 736x981, 3f957fd83772de7c84fd686a9bd447…)

What is your annual salary? Are you satisfied with what you earn?

No. 2002453

No. 2002455

No. 2002457

40k usd, no, I'm too old to be making this little and I used to make 2x as much for a little while. Sliding back in salary makes you feel cursed, it's similar to the doom of gaining back weight you've lost.

No. 2002462

I make 60k. Even living alone and being able to contribute into my savings I feel like I don't make enough, at least to meet the savings goals I have in mind comfortably. I still have to hold back when it comes to car repairs, so no. If I made 20k more, maybe I'll feel better, but we'll see if that does happen.

No. 2002519

I make around $40k, I’m 2 years out of college. I rent an apartment with a family member and purposefully chose the smaller room so it was a little cheaper and I’m very comfortable with my rent, and have no car note so my bills aren’t bad, I’m comfortable for my early 20s in a mcol area.

No. 2002528

File: 1715702982457.jpeg (88.44 KB, 600x592, 08B7F2D7-EF31-493E-8301-A40499…)

around 44k post taxes. i’m 24 (25) and i’m constantly being told it’s a good salary for this southern shithole and i grew up on far less but it feels like i’m making nothing basically. i want the price of food and rent to go down again

No. 2002529

speaking of taxes why the fuck do i have to get taxed like 12k. the roads in my state are such ass everywhere, even in rich areas. where is this money going kek

No. 2002619

$100K USD. It might sound like a lot, but I'm very underpaid for my experience and field, but my job is fairly comfy right now. I'm also in a very high cost of living area. Peers in my role and location can make $150K-$200K+.

No. 2002664

How much is your rent if you don’t mind me asking? I’m always very curious abt how far 6 figures goes in vhcol areas

No. 2003204

Ok I want to do a poll for other Amerinonnas cause it feels like I'm being gaslit or had false memories: did not a single one of you had school buses with seatbelts? none at all? Was my town really an outlier? The state I went to school to was in the northeast and in a suburban area. I genuinely thought the rest of the US was like my town this is messing with my head.

No. 2003216

I’m from a northern california suburb and we didn’t have seatbelts on our school buses

No. 2003219

Samefag I mean my town has them but everyone else on lc is acting like they don't exist at all in this country like what?

No. 2003224

yes you're a freak and should be excommunicated from society

No. 2003237

I'm from the PNW and only my preschool bus had seatbelts

No. 2003249

Southern anon here, no seatbelts at all and the only ones that would have them would be the short bus for the kids that had mobility issues

No. 2005455

Anyone else know someone who is shit at literally everything they do? Like, not even exaggerating child level skill at everything. I know this one girl who has autist level special interest in 2 hobbies that she does constantly and even is almost through school with them as her majors, but everything she does is horrific. Everything else she attempts she sucks at too. Even feeding herself.

No. 2005463

Me, I suck at everything I try to do and that makes me not even want to try doing new things.

No. 2005470

I do, it's me. It's like I gave a skill ceiling.

No. 2005509

me three. some people irl legitimately thought i was special needs.

No. 2005522

Do people dislike you for it? Or do you still have friends as normal? I avoid her as much as possible because she’s always trying to show off stuff she’s proud of it and it’s worse than that feeling for parents putting their kid’s dinosaur-coded cat drawing on the fridge.

No. 2005529

>Do people dislike you for it?
yeah. no friends, the last time i had friends was in elementary school.

No. 2005530

Damn, sorry nonny. She does have friends somehow.

No. 2005601

File: 1715887697061.jpeg (37.21 KB, 640x479, 7e24566w.jpeg)

Does anyone else not want to post about a topic you like anymore because some other anon was being retarded about it and you're afraid of other anons accusing you of being the same poster?

No. 2005615

Nta but I still somehow have friends, my best friend has the patience of a saint and tries to teach me how to do stuff like how you would teach a literal retard. Sometimes it works, sometimes my brain just doesn't understand and we silently agree to not talk about it anymore.

No. 2005627

Yeah, it’s weird. I don’t really understand it, maybe it’s like mild mental disability where they are ok enough to function at a basic level in life so no one clicks them as disabled, but when you look closer they’re clearly mentally stunted

No. 2005650

Do it nonna. You’ll get accused of samefagging no matter what you post, anyway.

No. 2005680

No. That’s stupid

No. 2005791

What’s your least favourite chore? For me it’s a toss up between hand washing dishes and folding laundry.

No. 2005797

Dishes definitely just because of the sheer frequency in which you do them. It's even worse when you cook a meal for multiple people and then have to wash 800 different plates, pots, and utensils.

No. 2005804

Dishes because it's too much work, and my shoulder blades hurt after it. And it actually started to age my hands.

No. 2005807

It's dishes and laundry for me too. Idk about anyone else, but when I do dishes I get water everywhere and I always end up needing to change my shirt

No. 2007906

You listed the two that I actually find therapeutic kek. I hate cleaning the bath/taking out the trash and COOKING god I hate cooking

No. 2011213

I hate dishes too nona. If you're worried about ageing your hands, try wearing rubber cleaning gloves. I do all my cleaning indoors with a pair of gloves on because the cleaning chemicals are super harsh.

No. 2011227

Are there any other notable people who have a similar body type to Florence Pugh? She and I have an almost identical body and I’m trying to figure out how to dress myself better but her styling is always so bad I can’t use her as a muse.

No. 2011753

Hayden Panettiere

No. 2011815

File: 1716277518285.jpg (20.9 KB, 273x373, 1000016847.jpg)

Do you scare people when you look them in the eyes or smile? Do normies ever just randomly dislike you? Does it make you feel bad, like you're actually some kind of witch? If you are, how do you cope with being unlikable?

No. 2011877

File: 1716283152552.jpg (71.08 KB, 736x729, Sayings.jpg)

I usually don't look at people's eyes when I'm walking on the street but I've noticed that a lot of middle aged and old men look straigh into my eyes even when I act like I am not paying attention. I used to look down or somewhere else but I've realised that since these men are beeing very rude and insist on looking at me I might look at them back until they look away. I have a resting bitch face so I know I'm making them uncomfortable because 100% of the time they look away first, I don't stop looking at them until they're out of my field of vision. Nonnie, it's a super power. You're not unlikable because of that, embrace you witch gaze, a piercing look makes you more intimidating it's actually really hot

No. 2011918

Yes to all, and I haven't found a way of coping yet, I guess besides looking down and not making eye contact anymore. I don't have the hot piercing gaze like the other anon described, mine looks drugged out like Steve Buscemi and people used to joke about how I'm going to become a school shooter when I was younger, and consistently moved their spot if I was sitting behind them. Most of the people I accidentally scared were other women (and once 2 kids) rather than men, it feels more guilty in that situation than powerful tbh…They either give a disgusted expression or look as if I'm about to attack them (in one of these situations some pair of women did that look and became still when I walked past, idgi)

No. 2011960

Ironing, I stopped doing it one summer because it was too hot and I haven't done it again since then. I kinda like folding laundry.

No. 2011961

so whats a realistic diet of a skinny girl? I've never been one and probably never will be but I'm also not friends with any skinny girls and I'm curious about what they actually eat.

No. 2012005

I've been told my eyes are unsettling a couple times but I always laugh and say thank you. I love my eyes.

No. 2012014

My sister has always been naturally very skinny: 16-16.5 bmi, no cellulite, no muscle mass, tiny waist, flat chest and tiny butt. I don't think she has an ed, she just doesn't have much of an appetite. She regularly skips breakfast or has a smaller portion of food for lunch and at night she also has a light dinner (yogurt with sugar and slices of fruit). She has never followed a diet, actually, she eats mostly carbs and fats (pasta, white bread, cheese, potato chips, roested nuts…) but she doesn't like sweet things like cakes and chocolate. So basically there's not such a thing as a diet for being skinny longterm, at least in her case, she just always eats very little. I think she has IBS because she uses the toilet right after lunch every day and believe me when I say she doesn't purge, that smell is quite distinctive. Calorie deficit + fast metabolism

No. 2012025

I still don't get what "negging" is supposed to achieve
If someone's being a dick, people can just ignore them?

No. 2012028

Negging only works on those with low self esteem. A scrote makes a shady comment to knock a woman's confidence down a peg or two and if she's insecure enough, she'll bite and try to "prove him wrong".

I have bpd friends that routinely fall for this.

No. 2012033

Moids think having a partner with low self esteem is a good thing when in reality all it accomplishes is making the woman more insecure = bad sex since she won't want to be touched or seen or if shes smart she ends up cheating or leaving with a guy who actually makes her feel attractive

No. 2012034

I had a contract for a year which supposedly gave me 32k€ but now I've been working 2 years for 7.2k€ a year

No. 2012037

This doesn’t matter to males because marital rape is legal in practice and it’s so much easier to manipulate self hating women into doing degenerate shit. Why would he care if she wants it or not?

No. 2012038

Sounds like she's allergic to something she eats or she takes laxatives. It's not really normal to eat THAT little, I say this as someone who's always been mildly underweight.

No. 2012053

Ayrt IBS is my main suspicion plus she's the kind of woman that gets diarrhea on her period while I'm more prone to constipation, and whenever I've bought laxatives she would very subtly criticise me and act all uppity about it, I don't think she uses them

No. 2013285

File: 1716340688290.jpeg (92.08 KB, 602x339, IMG_0946.jpeg)

Which Girls are you? I’m an uncreative Hannah with more of Shosh’s temperament

No. 2013404

Marnie at work Jessa at home

No. 2014122

What's it like to be highly caffeinated and drunk? Never been both at the same time since alcohol makes me tired.

No. 2014137

try mixing energy drink and vodka. when I drank I swore by it. made me feel like I was drunk on 2x speed.

No. 2014175

Nobody try this, there’s a good reason the original 4loko with caffeine was taken off the market.

No. 2014297

How do I convince a friend who's been chasing her ex for years at this point to stop doing that? She's been literally contacting him every other month and even called him a few times, even though he doesn't reciprocate in any way and only responds politely. She's in a relationship too, and wants to start dating him before dumping her current boyfriend. She won't give up even though it's obvious that he doesn't want to date her.

No. 2014309

Find TikTok’s of a similar vein, find them of all different groups (men, women, older, younger, black, white, etc) and start sharing them with her and saying “god isn’t this embarrassing/shameful/creep, what would you do if you knew someone doing this?” Or just straight up say “my relative/other friend/celebrity is doing [describe her behavior] and it’s [negative association] what do you think I should/would you tell her because he’s clearly not interest and she’s just wasting her time [describe the ways in which she’s embarrassing herself]” and see if that helps clue her in, sometimes people need to be confronted by what their behavior looks like from another side.

No. 2014318

Rag on her ex. Remind her of every single minute flaw he has. Make fun of his appearance. Make fun of his job. Make fun of his relationship with his mother. Turn him into a fucking joke. Be merciless. Be brutal. Godspeed.

No. 2014350

Idk, I think she might pick up on what I'm trying to do and get upset about it, maybe it'll work?
Everyone knows he's a complete piece of shit personality wise but the problem is he looks better than everyone anywhere and apparently he was really great in bed, which I guess is the main reason why she's so obsessed

No. 2014373

If she’s that self aware just ask questions, spell it out plainly. Why’s she want to be with this loser? What does she think about his loser behavior? How is he different to her current guy? How is he worse? How is he better? Sometimes all you have to do is confront people with the knowledge they already have, sometimes they’re not thinking, ask her where she sees her relationship going with this guy? Ask her why they’re no longer together? Why’s henot picking up what she’s putting down? Why can’t she walk away and let it go?

No. 2014382

Get one of those apps that show you what you’ll look like when you’re old and upload one of his pictures. He might look good now, but looks are ephemeral. One day he’ll be a loser and ugly.

No. 2015500

File: 1716430248655.jpg (117.36 KB, 1080x407, 1000002975.jpg)

fuck, marry, kill
i have to kno, nonnas

No. 2015513

fuck leon, marry link, kill cloud, easy.
I don't want to live in shitty zombie universe, and cloud is overrated.

No. 2015516

same as this anon >>2015513 because leon's the hottest and link would be a good husband

No. 2015546

No. 2015562

hell yea. same

No. 2015563

Same all the way

No. 2016010

Favorite color for a vehicle?

No. 2016020

baby blue or pink. total death to boring grey/white cars

No. 2016048


No. 2016084

Gun to the head fuck Leon, marry Cloud and kill Link but I don't like any of them.

No. 2016086

File: 1716462425135.png (571.78 KB, 741x494, 1141790.png)

No. 2016088

I can't believe you'd kill Link, he's a perfect moid he doesn't even speak.

No. 2016089

Fuck Leon, Marry Link, kill faggot Cloud

No. 2016090

She’s right ^

No. 2016098

I've always hated him as far as I remember, he always looked like a tard to me no matter his version, also I prefer my husbandos to be able to speak.

No. 2016102

File: 1716463205610.jpg (402.86 KB, 900x789, 85873.jpg)

Scandi or not, what are nonnies opinions of people living there and their culture?

No. 2016105

I respect your opinion even if it's wrong, nona. Who is your husbando?

No. 2016107

I wasn't expecting getting all these answers that are so different to my own taste, if I ever see a a woman driving a car or motorcycle in a really eye-catching color I'll think to myself ''oh, where is that nona going to??''
Great butter use in sweet gastronomy and beautiful talented women, would 100% let them come to my house, also Sweedish sounds beautiful

No. 2016127

Sorry I'm not talking about my husbandos outside of the designated threads on /g/, I'm too scared of the posters from the ugly man psyop thread.

No. 2016133

Nta but what did they even do to you?? Relax.

No. 2016141

No. 2017159

What did you have for breakfast today? I had two boiled eggs, a toast with homemade jam, and a banana, peanut butter, oat, and strawberry smoothie. 

No. 2017161

God I hate both leon and cloud. Marry Link, Fuck Cloud and kill Leon I guess

No. 2017223

If you could push a button right now that would simultaneously kill all world leaders, would you? What would the world look like if all governments suddenly imploded?

No. 2017225

Brötchen with egg and cheese, tomato, cucumber. A banana with peanut butter on it, and coffee.

No. 2017409

My own modified omurice. Used leftover smoked mandi rice, some beef from a leftover beef stew, and a homemade demi-glace sauce made from ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, and butter, and the runny scrambled omelet they add on top. Was delicious and filling and very satisfying after 13 hours sleep without food the previous day.

No. 2017516

File: 1716528678263.jpg (54.86 KB, 455x507, 3296557.jpg)

I totally would.

No. 2017652

How did you find LC? I saw this question come up in /meta/ and the variety of responses kind of surprised me. How did you all find this place? I know the oldfags are all from 4ch, but for the people that weren't around for StaminaRose, how did you find this site? For me, I was a PULLtard and learned about this place from there many years ago. I'm curious about where you all found out about this site.

No. 2017653

I was always interested in online/internet drama and I think I just typed an internet influencer name into google, went through the pages and found LC that way

No. 2017676

No. It'd probably ignite chaos and wars all over the globe in a scramble to get power and it'd probably cause a state of lawlessness. I don't know about you but I know I'm safer under my government than in a lawless state.

No. 2017686

Good slave.

No. 2017693

I sent an ex my nude photos when I was underage. I was told they still have those nudes, though I don't have proof. Can they go to jail for possessing those nudes? They're legally an adult now by the way.

No. 2017697

Technically yeah. If you have good reason for suspicion/a trusted source you can submit an anonymous tip that he has cp on his device. He is definitely not supposed to have kept that. Not even in the first place. The thing is, it depends on how motivated the feds/police you report to are. They might not even pursue him.

No. 2017698

Wouldn't that mean the cops will see those photos too?

No. 2017699

Yeah but that’s kind of their job. You just have to trust they will be professional about it, kind of like male gynecologists. How else would he get in trouble for it?

No. 2017705

I don't trust the scrote cops at all, maybe I could convince them to delete those pictures, by scaring them a little?

No. 2017706

About 99% of them have a system in place for what happens when the leader dies. Realistically not much would change.

No. 2017711

Yeah you could try confronting him first. Threaten to call the police and whatnot. Men are notorious for keeping nudes (and many share them with their friends) so if I were you I’d dig around a bit in my circles to confirm suspicions and move forward from there. Contacting the police is basically pursuing getting him on the SO registry. If he does have the pics tho, he would deserve it.

No. 2017714

Do you have a plan for hiding all of your embarrassing shit in the event of your untimely death? Or do you not care since you're dead anyway?

No. 2017716

I don’t have any major skeletons in my closet so I don’t really care tbh. So what if I die and my parents find out I was a yumefujo that owned a rose toy, had 30 pages of fanfiction bookmarked, played nsfw games, and had a hidden pinterest board for art of my husbandos. Embarrassing, sure, but I’d hope that me dying would overshadow the fact that I was a loser kek.

No. 2017718

I threw out all of my masturbation tools in case I die unexpectedly

No. 2017720

I feel so bad about the person (probably my brother) who would have to go through my doujinshi collection.

No. 2017738

I sort of want somebody to look at all my shitty drawings and read my diaries after I'm dead. So they can see my true self.

No. 2017749

why don't you share your true self in an appropriate thread here?

No. 2017800

I hopefully will not die while living in my shitty apartment. I wouldn't be at peace at all. The day I sort out my spare bedroom is the day people should worry that I'm on the way out. I'm sort of joking. If I haven't moved out of this shithole in 5 years I might just set it on fire in an emotional outburst

No. 2017872

Whats the most America Hell Yeah movie you have ever seen¿

No. 2017899

The Fast and the Furious movies or Independence Day 1996

No. 2018318

What's your favourite quick snack? Mine is lightly salted ridged potato chips with sour cream mixed with hot sauce as a dip.

No. 2018331

Sanshoku dango

No. 2018676

I do, but it's anonymous so it isn't the same.
If I die before my brothers I want them to actually look at my stuff. Not just immediately throw it away.

No. 2018790

File: 1716600429729.png (49.06 KB, 244x192, 1716485425556.png)

What level of terfiness do you have? Be real, no judgement.

No. 2018793

For me personally I don't like when people talk bad about Tifs but I don't give any grace to Tims. Non agp troons that at least try to not cause shit are more tolerable. I do play by people's pronouns though it's just something you unfortunately have to do in society nowadays. I'm more tolerant of they them women than men.

No. 2018795

i love hanging out with (most) terfs because they're cool and smart but i can't be assed to do actual campaigning or in depth research anymore because my personality is better suited for hands on, down to earth activities and small scale communities.

No. 2018797

Idk if i count as Terf, i like men, but i think transexuals and people that groom kids into transitioning deserve the death penality and a struggle session like back in the days

No. 2018804

tifs and tims are both garbage and should be bullied. A woman can only be someone born with XX chromosomes. A lesbian is a woman is only attracted to other women, aka someone else with XX chromosomes. Sex work is not real work, and we need to help these exploited women.

No. 2018818

terf azumarill my beloved ♥
Wouldn't call myself a TERF but I avoid using pronouns entirely when talking about trannies, honestly I avoid talking to/about TIMS as much as possible. I will straight up ignore them or be rude if I think I can get away with it socially but am mostly crypto. I have a couple friends who have completely de-centered men from their lives and I value them greatly. But I am pretty outspoken about being anti SW so I know a lot of people think I'm a prude kek
Also given the amount of themby women I know who are one pedo-troon interaction away from going full gender critical, I don't mind being friends with them. I hate how "terf" has become a catch-all term for anyone who hates trannies which is why I don't call myself one, but I've been trying to read up on other aspects of radical feminism and spend less of my time malding over ugly men in skirts

No. 2018854

File: 1716604895690.jpeg (292.69 KB, 828x726, IMG_3942.jpeg)

bless u terf marill
im pretty openly terfy with most ppl in my personal life. crypto with acouple old friends bc im not sure where they stand. i can only afford to be crypto in my professional life unfortunately. i've been reading theory so i have more arguments to peak people

No. 2018863

File: 1716605301108.png (254.87 KB, 690x835, 1716485512122.png)

No. 2019088

File: 1716617428600.jpg (761.46 KB, 642x680, 1000003693.jpg)

What movie is this? I'm nosy

No. 2019113